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Full text of "Maximes of Reason, Or, The Reason of the Common Law of England"

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Common Law 




late of Gr^es-Im,E^'i. 

L 3^D 3\C: 

Printed by R. 8 f^, L. for ^. Ue, A, Cmk, D. Pdmm, 
H. Tmferd, g. BedeB, T. Bring, J. Place, 

and are to be fold at their Shops. 

iMD cLriri, 




Am dctgnnitiedtheeotii* 
men Apologies (impor«* 
tunity of Friends , and 
written firft for my pri-o 
vat advantage ^ ) mall 
have no room in this let- 
ter i It is more agreeable 
fO my nature » to acknowledg that thefe 
leaves had their Principles and Origination 
from a meer defign of Pubtick good : if any 
thing Ihail appear gratefull , let thd intend^ 
on be incouraged j if there be defefts, let 
Humanity be confidered t If there be Er- 
rcff s,let frailty be pardcmed : If my Labours^ 
may be hints and incitements to perfons 
of larger abilities to expofe to the Worlds 
the Nobler prodU(£ls of their moretmpro« 
vedReafbn, indifcourfes of thisNatnrej I 

A J toll 

(hall efteem my felf recompenced above 
the damage of the iharpeft cenfiire. 

It will not be of concernment to oflFer 
here my refle£lions upon the firft Rudi- 
ments of all Q)frimpn-VFQakhs ,* being a- 
greed that fince 6^ Nature and the Powers 
of our Souf $ were degraded in .^fm ; diere 
is an abioliite ne^ity that our PaiEons, 
and Exorbitancies Ihould be d^pffifk^ and 
confin'd by Politick Combinations ,' Civil 
Appointments andx^wes ,• without thefe 
the World' ^HQul Joe. bkt an Arena SneCake, a 
great Bedlam,. . ^\ / ^ 

Tis without complement to my profeffi- 
on , when I affirm majt'this Nation was emi- 
nently bleffed witti' the choifeft Compo- 
furesj andhad^sgr^at a (hare of wildom in- 
filled into the Fiiridktiii^tar ahd^A*diW 
ted"onical principles, upon whidi^ our Go^ 
vernment is buijt, as any Society lihdbr 
Heaven can boaft of : Obferve the hatmoily 
betwixt the Lawes and the Gefiius of the 
people , The Religious ties and fadred coAi 
finemcnts of Royalty, theftridtGuardsfet 
upon propriety,theflouriftiing wealth, and. 
peacefiil fruitions of tliofe Eftates witfe 
which our own Virtue or Induftry , or th6 


beiiigmty of Prdvidence endo\^ed us , ail 
thek ^e to be reckoned as th^ amiable 
fruits of thok SanBions wMeh the wildom of 
<aUr For^^fathers tranfinitted to us/ 
' Now all Lawes that are Tuft an4_iPrudent, 
ov^ht to be viewed ^sKadii and Ej^x^j from 
the Eternal Wifilome , having their Exem- 
plar Caute and bright Lka in God himfelf: 
The mediate Author of thefe is human0 
Realiwi^ exalted and purified by Learning 
and Ekperience, and enlightnedby the Di- 
vine Spirit ,• Iprefume there is no fear of 
Sofiniansin Law, andthatatteinptstnaybe 
ffiade without danger, to difcoverhowthe 
Vaft multitude of Cafes, that Follies,or PaC 
fidns, orNeceflities of inen have obliged 
Us to be acquainted with j are all accounta^* 
bk and reducible to fome few Thefesj 
which being prime £m^atiot)s atid Grand 
Maiimes or Reafoii,gdVem and refolve the 
rtibdrdidateMifcellahie of queries,atid may 
ferve for iiGluCiiiidCopduft, ^through the 
us the labour of Chargci%QMMatti6tit$ 

with ^v^y |^i:ekuiar4i%hidL,i)a^ tf^M\jt i» 




T§tk Kmk. 
who fo^ioofly imends tx) become hisCkWi, 
i3)^ #rid feme iads&dioo in nodog the 
ibme K^y to open ib many Locks ; when he 
fees fuch a number of Cafes obeying , one 
ruling Axiome^atteiling its Supremacy, as 
tliey are ftrung upon the thread of the (aixie 
R^dbn : But whatever the fiiccefle be, if 
tny Lord P^»&iwlpcaks true, thatitdeferves 
praife tomake wiifaes that are notabfurd, it 
wiUe^Iybegtwted, that when fuch Wiib- 
^ are purfiied with endeavours , if they 
fherit liothingeUe, diey may certainly lay 




fepMOiip WiNCATE, 

, -"^f '■...' ... {;. 

.^ ^n A<l^otUeQ)eai( fo the Reader. 

to mead wUbth tf^ ^^^ nunitrs'^f 
ih^Biol{^ namely^ from ffiU$i:^^t 

tbtimfein tbofefoliqswiUhe lojhort. 


.; THE dRt)ER 

; V C)£ the Maximes of Reafoii • 

Or the Ktddti p[ th^ 


lti)mma fjth eji, qud ptoBtUii(mtf4cit. It li the ferghcft keafoi'tb^k jm>W-«*' 
IJ makesfor Religion, - M 4 -» 

mante tfwrs neterfacceed wcTT, where Diviiie Rites irea3gl«^fi6 ' 

Hf/ To fuchLaws ds hav^ Warrant in holy Striptmi^ our junwwLi 
. ttt.h credence, d^ e foirtr. . %| 

I^. ^ The. Juri fd«aion df tjfie Eccle(iafficall Lawr^ ot^ 10 bq (MfTjCded 
• by theComctton Lavs', - • •• _ 

V<Djei Vofxtimicuf^mvM eft jitriJicH/; . , ' ' t 

*« '^il^'*'' '^ divtHam^qusm retHfora)em liier^ mjtBsUt^ \' a 
J|il. The tawdi^avoUifth an E^coriimunicate p«c(bo. - <* 

words, and aathecooftigajoDoCt»em.i .W^ thpir iMtqife^'&sIlfc •^' 
. ^ Miat joynred wkh otliers, ^c ^ ' ' **, j 

X* ' WtShJsln^otfaruftron mufV be referred to tl|isi fleit Aoiw^nt 
. •fh^rethemitterit.feiedothnot hinderit. .:' / .; J| 

XJ; TheEi^irghtethinaptExpreffion^, . .. ,| 

^^^Nifminayhefcit^feritcogmtiote^^ ; . -id'- 

XV. Wz, interpreUtioficnda ep^UvsUHfrWfufik^m-& meckmMiem, ^ • 
, M^jHdtctMm fit illufomm^ . ^ , ' ^ 

^nr. N'tirtafiibtiUtaswlegeyeprobaiur^ 26 * 

?,#!** ^' 


^ pntecaufs^cejfdteffeam^ V. v • '2 

giemoto impediments, emetgtm&h^&ecMUr^ ' . ^ 

J. Tbiagsare conftraed according tothat which Wis the caa(e 

thereof 4^ 

XXII. CHJMseJidare^eJHsefidifpotitre 5? 

XXIII. Vltra fofe, non efi Efe, ^ viceverff . . - ^ . ^ 54 

XXIV. lieM0potefiplMfJiiritadaliiimtrampstireftmtff€k0bi^ . 56 

XXV.<?Goi[i(inicd according to that which was the beginning 
of them 62 

XXVI. DerivataPoteJlat, ttonpotffiejfemnijfrfrimitipa 46 
XXVIf . Vttdm quodfie Diffohitkr eo modo^fio toUigitum eft : Nihil tarn 

eoitveuiens nsturali aquitsti, utmnvptodfie dijfolvi eo H^amim ^ ligM^ 

»^ft ■ i \ ■ . , .; • t ^ 

XXV^II. Wmgsgrc^ded upon an evill vdid beginning, cannot have 
' good perfedion , 7^ 

XXIX. glHodnonbdhetTrineipiumiMonbtbetfinem 79 

XXX. He that claimethParamont a things fliall never ts^He benefit, 
nor hurt bjr it 7^ 

XXXI. things are to be CaoXltmKL pfcUnim [ubjeSam HMteriam 


XXXir. According to the End 91 

- - XXXm. Sfti adimit medium, dirimlt fnem ' 94 

■ XXXIV. According to the effcft * 9^' 

. . . XXXV. ||iethat canh6thave,or performe the effed: or coslequence 

of a thing, (hall not have the thing it feife IQ4; 

XXXVI. VoHoffimCondtUt^HifiJtquaturtffeSlHt toj 

KXXVII. ASta exteriord^indiCMnt iHteriora fecretd ip^ 

XXX VUI. Imttilis tabor, &fimfrM3A, non efi eft^HS Le^s, cJ* « ««fr. 

• XXXIX. Ltxnan?r£cipitiMHtit ■ Hji 

LX. ■DebikFutidamentumfaUitopui,<$'ecotttr: Hj. 

LXI. Thbgsincidentareadherenf to their Superiors or Principalis' 

LXn. £^d tdcite inlelkgitur, de ejfe non videtnr lyj 

LXIII. Things by reafon of another, are in the fameplight 141 

ttm ftrfmii LXtV. Perlbnall things, cannot be done by another ijp 

"««*. LXV. They cannot be granted, or transferred over « matters of 

pl^ure, eafe, truft, and authority i*;^ 

LXVI. They being once fafpetuled, or difcharged for a time^are for e- 

ver after Extinft . 154 

• LXVII. They dye with the <>etfon 155 

LXVIII. Things do enure direrfly according to the diverHry of the 

time ^ 157. 

LXIX. ^lod print e^tempvf^othttefijnre I $9 

h- According to the diverfity of the lame peribn 160' 

tT. According to the di vcrfity of feverall perfoas i6a 

ir. B^elation, is of great force in Law i6j 

tin. fcerbd pojieriora proffer certitudintm addita^ ,^d friers ., 


f»4 rertitndimi indigtttt^ fuMt refer fnda^ I £• 

LI/. Nomancandoan Aatohimfelfj i6t^ 

LV. TheLawfavourethpri]^ty, 174 

L VI. Equall thbgs cannot dromi one another, & e eoiOra^ 190 

LVIL Things are to be conftrued,/e<w«<iiftw atfuditaUm rMtimit^ 190 

LVIII. ftr ^ f$itdeliiiquit^ in eo deJMre, efi fnmenduf, aoi 

IaK, OmfieAfMJiu CamtMetinfemitmt. ao6 

LX. Addttia frobat mitufritatem, 31 j 

LXL Amatterofhighernaturedetermioeth a matter of lower nature 
tyt contra^ ^* 

LXII. The more worthy thing draweth unto it things of left worthi- 
neu, ^ 

\^^^* Aeetf^ariimfemutmTriucipalet 218 

LAV. A mans one word* are void, whei» the Lawfpeakethas muck oi* 
otherwiie, I * 

YS(},\^f''^^^'"*'M**^^**i»'fit»Uffit**^oferatur^ 45 

rvirMv ^^^V^'^^VteintegrantefuhUtJ, toUitwrMum, aaJ 

i'Q^lJ J Bx Ma materia, emergatSgfelHtU, aa8 

tit '''*"-^**'-^'*^'*^'"""'"^*«» ^MmmemprebeMdafit^p^^ 

J"^ ^"'c '*»««« cannot be fevered . al J 

LXXn. Gowiallsmuft go before, and the fpecMs muft ^ow afte/. 

Y^^^y^^ more worthy Ihall be fet Before the leffer worthy, 26^ ' 

IXXV. Stcianatnr4nomf4ei$faltM»,itamecLs» «"'«»y. a" 

TZSfrii ^*** ^'"'^ wquireth decency and order, ^S? 

LXXVn. VIcgAthComclHjiomis.efiErTirinUge fl 

T 55^™;, ^^® ^"^ refpcftcth the Bonds of Nature, a68 

LXXIX. UtiMfrafumitHr alteuam paJkrUatemfitafratniiJfe^ ,65 

''^re^d^urr^r'*^^"'^"'^^^ '^^'^^^^ '''"^tr^ ^^ 

^^^th thi^^^„°^ the Law looketh a; the Excellency of feme, and'ri- 
vcththem imgubr pnviledges above others, as to the Kinc OueS 
. Noble men, and Peers of the Realm,<^r ^ ^^^« 

5.3PCXII. The Law giveth greater priviledges to men, then td women* 

^^5';k'V'*^^^ '!:* ?*™^«^* ««*» *6bUity of othetjllfclSf* 
as of th^ft out of the Realme , Feme Cov«ts , E^u^S^k 

LXXXV. It^ftyqureth (bangers, that»ncither|wties, nor p^vfe,! 

^^^y^^"^' Nemo pMtititrpraalietut deling • PJ 

tXXXVlH. The Law fayoureth thingjj,done in anotbm right, * %9 

a i It 

LXXXIX. It disfavoureth other pcrfons, as Villains, Outlawed, Exiles, 

Aliens, and efpecially Aliens Enemies, 54j 

XG. How the Law tendreth Ages, ^ • 34» 

XCI The Law in things, fefpcdcth every thbg according to worthi- 

ncfs, 2i^ 

Tbt IdW. XCII. It refpcdethlife and liberty mod, and the perfon above the 

pofleffions, . . , /. . , 355 

XCin. it refpcfteth things in tht realty, taott ibctt ihofe in the perio- 

XCIV It refpeflttth Freehold and Inheritance mortthtti it doth Chat^ 

tels ^^^ 

XCV.* It refp?aeth matters of Record niOW then other traoraftions,:?«8 
XCVI. Itrefpefttth Conveyances by Livery, and whidhpifs Eftatesof 

thcland,then thdfe that pafs by Grant, or are bclodgfiig to,dt iflbing 

out of land, i?! 

XG Vn. It fiivourefih a matter in the right ftiore then a matter w poUei-. 

fion, „ 373- yei 

XCVIIL Itfevonrcthpoffeffioil where the right is equal], 575 

XCIX* ItreTpedeth matters of profit and Intereft largely, of plcifure, 

skill, truft,authority,arid limitation ftriaiy, 37^. and 

C. Therefore thcfe may be Goantermandants, fo cann6t thbfe, %%t 

CL It refpedeth matter of fubftance more thenmatterofdrCumftinci^ 

\ ^aydt 

CIL For memory and folemnity , fubftances arc to be expreft under cir- 

cat It refpedeth things executed and done morejthett Ejtt«itory;ahd» 

CIV. Poffibility of things, 4^3;. And 

€V. Therefore nothing to be vmd, which by poffibility mfty bettiade 

€ood, 406 

GVL tdeertMmeft^fudeerfmi^ reddifoteft, 40$ 

CVn. Res nmferft invictm^fedftr fecmiUm efiiMsntur^ & nomptcuma^ ^ 

"^i '411 

Tutawi CVin. It&vourethmutuallrecompence, 411 

CIX. DemimUMstim Cmrdt Lex, 41$ 

ex. hyeildethfiivourinadionswhen there is no daoiatgc of thena^r i. 

Neceffity, ^439 

CXI* ?. GonvwiieBcy , 439 

OCiL 3» Conformity, .1 W 

CXUL .4. Colour, 451 

CXiV. ItftizeththeAdsofOodandofthe Law,maretb'en thdfe done 
■ bytheparty, 43* 

CXV.Vfiqtte fbrH9r,eftdifptAUUglt,ftm-boMit$it^ . 44^ 

CXVL It rcput^th-t^ata matnNn^dbillbr Hi's oWb advadtige beft, 1 53 

and ' 

Ctjjlh Thtrifoic It beleWeth dgiinft the party whatfoever is to his pre- 

CXVIII. When feverall remedies lire given, the party to whom the Law; 
gi veth thcfB batb dedioo which he will take^ 473 

" CXIX. Citjm 

CXIX. Cupu efi di^jio , sUeriat e!i EkSie^ 47* 

OiX. NemofrobibcmrflKribiu deftffpMihututif 479 

CXXI. C^feufHstolUtErr&nm^ %* 

CXXn. Vokmtimmfit injuria, r . j n ^ 

CXXin. Syti^* M<^ rem^mcisrejuri, f& fe i»$roibiS^, ^ 

CXIV. Omms RatibMtio mro-trabitur, & mdndaieftH tieettltd s^tpsrmr^ 

C5CXV. Verne tenetur accttfare feipfMnt, 4£6 

C^Vhltec/ehtfortunUs.^peritiiliffXpomte, . 4?7 

CXXVir. Oflantenanecelitbingi done more in the tune of Peactf tbenm^^ 2^. 

tbetitncofWar, . . ^ j ^ • "♦?^ 

CXXVIlI. It coontenandctb things done m the day > more then in «he 

night, 488 

CXXIX. 1. Sometime* a Whole day is Efficient 481 ^^ ^^ 

CXXX. a. Sometimes a whole yeare, 4^9 *,;f,Vb/««^ 

CXXXI. 5, Sometimes to the laft part of the day, , a 490w*»<*' 
CXXXII. 4. When no time is limited, the Law appointeth the inoft con- JJJJ*"^ * 

venient time, 49* 

CXXXIII. The third Offence is efteemed moft heynons^ 494 

CiXXIV. The place ought to be convenient, 494 

CXXXV. theLawfavourethCharity^ 45*7 */^/^. 

QKXVI. De nutrtnis nil mtfi bomm, 498 rlifumi 

(dtXXVn. It hateth malice and opprefGoitf ^99Tk$L^nh 

QbDOX. IthatcthVicc, 499 

(XL. Jnterefi RtipMblics,htMakpiateaiafi6aiitimpllfilU4i 5ot ,. - 

fcar. ItfeVoutethJafticeandlU^ht^ jjea 

CXLlt.That which is not t6f;iou8 in it feIf,caniiot be tortiousito any, 508 
CKLIII. Jnterfi tUipubliu M Curt* Domirii tUg^s, dejjcertt injitjiitiai 545 
CXLIV. It fa voureth common Ridit, H? laiif. 

€XLV. It futfeteth things againft Pripciples of Law * rather then the 

party be without remedy, . 549 

CXLVL It hateth wrong, «o3 foas 

GXLVn. None fliall take benefit or adVantage«f their dwn wrong, 568 
CXLVlir. The Law of it felfprejudicathnoman, ^ 575 

C3SLIX. Efpeciallyfot things Which cannot be imputed to their own« 

folly or negled, 5^1 

CU Vemo debit rem fu/m fine f43l>,veldefe&u[uo amittere, $$4 

CU. Itdriveth not a mah f o fiiew, taike notice o^ or do that lybidiby 

iotendtbcitt he knows not, or ihould, or cannot do, 59$ 

CLIf . Nor to do that which were in.vain for him to do, 600 

CLUl. X&mlictt^^d dfpendiff licet, ^| 

CLIV. It favoureth troth, faith, and ce^ainty, ^ '^4X4«r ~ 

CLV. It disfavouTcth im^ffibilitics, .^o6 ' 

CLVL Nancag7tadlmfoJfibHia,(^ImpoietitiaexcHfatLegem^ . .'. .>6D^ 
CLVIT. It disfavoureth&lfehdod, fraud, and covin^ i ./>o 

CLVIU. ^/f&frMtyWMptam fobabitatft, . ..689 

CLIX. S^tnda aliijHidwpbihfiir fieri f ex direSoprobibetHr, & per cbliquum^ 

618 CLX. ReSum 

Tht Lim, 

Tbt Urn, 

CLX. SeStim efi Uukxfmi^ <f «^//>r, ^ 

CLm. Ic <fi$fiiv<Mireth liDprot>atnlide«9 ^to 

CLXIf. Icdisfcvoiucth Incerubdes, by the which the troth maybe 
toTdgbed, ^>i 

CLXII r. ImperfitulitM mm etmcbdU, mee ligtf^ 634 

CLXIV. GemerJe,mibU€ertiimftifMt, . 6^5 

CLXV. DfUfrnt verfgimrin gemrtlibut^ ^3^ 

CLXVr. i.Vamnce, ^ 

CLXVII. 2. Cootnricty and RepogBaDcy, 6^. and therefore 

CLXVQf. a It wiU ooc drivea man to iollifie or (hew that which he 
- gpeth about to defeat, or makes ^lunft him, ^4^ 

CLXIX, thm ftUfi dddmci exoftu tffdem ret, ajmfiUlmr difffM», 647 
CLXX. None fliall take exception to an Error, or Ad^ whidi opcnteth 
to his own advantage, $4^ 

CLXXr. VemctemeimrsrmMresdvtrfMr'.Mmfimmtmnrsfey ,66% 

CLJIXIL It£iyoorcth diligence, and therefore hatcth folly and negli- 
gence, 66$ 
CLXXIII. NegUgemtUfeafperksbaimfortmthmCemitem^ 669 
CLXXIV. VigiUmiibtft ntm Dwmientibwf Lrgts jiAvemUmt^ 672 
CLXXV. It fayoarethffMsedyiog of BKOs (Unites, 672 
CLXXVI. Itfaateth Defies, 674 
CLXX VII. Ithateth unnec^ryOiciunftances: AadFmffrs/itferfb- 
rd,^/^ fieri paufi per fattciors, ^< 
CLXXVm. ExpetUt EeipiAlicaMStfimis Litium ' ' ^ 
CtXXIX Circuit of Aflkm * '^ ' go 
CtXXX. Matter of Vexation ^ 
ClXXSL PemUmte Ute^MiUlmftevetm- 681 
CLXXXir. Unfitnefle, and multiplidty of Suits 63^ 
CLXXXHItf It coalbiieth things with equity and modera^oa 68$ 
CLXXXiy. It reftraineth a gencrall Ad, or Rule, and fometimes a pw 
tfcular Contrad,if it be mifchdvous or incooyedent 687 
ClXXXV. tiemobispimitiir^proeodemreUao ^5 
a.XXXVr. it flyeth. and preventith all occafions of Evill %$ 
a.XXXVII. It moderateth tbc ftrickncffc of the Law it (dfo Sa 

en? «!°"'"«*'* *™ng«^f cording to common posfibility or Ih- 

^5S? *''i'' fr^f^mptio denec ptohelwr in Cmtrtrium 7° j 

^^'Adedtpufrequeiamsdcciituui^jmrddddpstttm' i.^ 

^^l. rreq^eutis AOw mi$ltunn(perMtw^ ^l 

Sv^{S*5*^'^T«*'°"^'^°^'*'**»»°§^t«>^hebeft. 72J 

^S3'^'r^''°"''**P"^^'«^^ Commerce, i^J 

CXCIX. It lavourcth Honour aqd Order: ' * "^ 

CC Itfevoureth publick quiet ' ^^9 


tot Mhim WHtandafimt,^i cet^tamhabiieriia imafHtakmd^ 74SI 
coil. A Commmi otftrvantia, nmtfi recedemdum^ , . .754 

OaV, Ewnflu varhu resmvafiitfperhakt^ And thereforctf t luUh neir 
Inventions and ItinovatioDS, y^$ 

CCV, emnmmit Brror^ facitps, i^jg . 

OCVI. So doth a Cufloine which Is reafonible i uiireafonablo e eomr^ 


CCVil. Liett confuelMdoft mtgnit AutbmtMtit^ itinquamtMimtfMJwdicaf 

mMifefidveretati^ 76a 

CXIVIII. The Husband ind Wife ire one perfbn in taw, 7^53 ^./ ■ 

CCIX. The wife is of the fame condition with her husband, . 764 '^* - 
OCX. They cannot fueoDe^dthet', or make anydrant ooo tbano- 
• ther,orthelike, 76$ 

CCXI. Upon a joynt Purchafe during the Coverttir^ «tber of them 
takeththe whole, ^66 

CCXn. The husband is the womans heddl, 767 

,<OCXJIJ. All that (he hath is her husbands, 768 

'€CXIViHer will oaght to become his will,atid to be fubjed udtoi^ 



^' ' • 

' - ^ - - . \ 

... . - • ^ 

t^,* ^..■•;.-.i...*..-.^-.'/.- i *; A, .. -./..CV,..-;,. fc '. . >..• '^ a;, 'W .j,3J^- 

i.^- eV««.N;. 1=:' ■.•^- -v^ ' M-i K J!F^ ) 

•.,.-;: .':«.'! j;-:;:'.')3r.;ll J: . •. /•■- -• > . • ' '• V ' • •»"■••-' . .71 JO 






4 *■ . 

r. ■ 


Maximes of Reafdrij 


Common Law 

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0iM0 ate 9M»» M$ Kative am Pofvnci 

NatiTc art focli %uia}$B » at» fn lu «r 

t|tinfeltt0, anoatet^tefb^e iinc|atisei< 

Ue ant Ntt ti 1» abX8ateB:^l)eIie ate UU» 

MfttlMMay yiz* St^UtD of Nature Jin» 


SL|>e lalt tfNacure to t^t l.a1o,to^| CoJ.^.ia,i« 
V9Oatt|i»tttiieoft|^Cceatfoit0f^natiirt <^<^v»»cafe. 
o(manin(afeofiito|ti^ttfb}|ifey;fgr< DoAASomu 
IwtfonanD uktaim : Slito to ttjatiLato, ^•'•'''•'' 

tDlitel to CailtD Lex xttnoL o) tite Moral» , « awninKtetl cemmon p}in({pU0 of 0oet am eDfl> a0 Hut men 

fliould live peaceably tc^thcr ; That we Ihould not do that to anotherywhieh / 
we would not have another do to vtifimm citiqitritutreiThat Juftice /hould 

beduljr adminiftred to all, atiD ttJeUlte: M¥iHMaUtmn\fift(ttMn* 
tttatpWofoplma Original Juftice, 10|rtctl in Adams itmoiencto fnitf 
ti&n aitB Ugl)tfome> kit Slice i|to fat (betl in tifmfUft ano |to ft»fttrf< 
tie) tnocl oarlteneo ano liittimJli?eo tottip original Sime. K^ia to alto 
tliellafo, toheteof t^aint Paul makes mentton to (to •pftle to tie 

Romans > 1])|)ete(|efaftll> when die Gentiles> which have not the taw « 
dohy nature the things contained in the Law;Thefe, having not the taw> are **"'****^'*'' 
t Lavv unto th«mfeltc$ , whi^h (hew the work ot die law writttn in their 

* h*art», 

The Reafoii of 

heattS) their confcience alfo bearii^ wimefle^ and dieii thoughts in the m^an 
while accu&ig or excufit^ one anscner. 
SipeMtVOCReafoo feflntlAlD, lD|iC|«(WUt|CMClllftllfft»K 

Itmliiit Principles fcrcatfocfoatfon •itiCcmtftorCOtfiBnttoi, tDi^icI 
i»}itic{pltf ice Uxmtn lUiilf* o) Maximes oT lUafiiii^ 

PofttreMtgef acefitctl^teed, «f ace fctnut kft^ Mf^tf t|t 
ttoo ro»iiiec,te» t^ ceonUc 4W>ecHm e«t «ri(>i» rnttartac Cmiiiioo 
tMflltli; jaint<ieo(i}et^l.aiMf ace (iin»»paii»i(tiec« acmiing 
ft t^ liiiKcal cenftfUitifiif e( pacUcolac flacts a«i Comtcief; at ttte 
A)lfetti»CoiiuiionUw ofEog^, WfitlihelblHl^§^vH^A%*t» 
f(t^ iMfM> Mt ceceffrfns itiUslit (pMiic<palr) CcomttelUrta 
arReaTon, famaiif t<«ef atceaes anatantcanlet itt^ KideaaiiD 
Maxinjfstteceor ( 0titottt\ittt Maximes, CMKace talten ant Of Cn« 
tefgiie#ciett(es» at Theal(^iey.G(anmiar,Logiqae, Phyfiqaes, Moral 
Philofophy^oliticb aUD Oeconomioues jS|gcnl ace P^Oftt to tbe 14111 
it taty aa Law-conftmaioos a«iFiaioos in t«l8; 90, W^Ulf toil moM 

flainMf «FPMt bftle 9)e(ivt0 atoCiaiiiilM ticeafter (aatoii|g» 


4K£ax,i; the Common L^w. 

I Maximes of Reafon 

taken out of 


I Summa Ratio eft , quse pro KcUgioOe l4cic. ft U the hight 
Re^^cn that makes fdr EeUIJ^Ott, . , * 

sutdtetwhicii I \SJ^(^tv^\!sAf itxmxti bfnoe not tie Hifns) nnlette lebe CoJ.ii4,4/ 
>«iin!>> Aise- ^ 111 ($11 pattUoUrtr naaiftt; pet tie iitii0 is fncinoeo toftlfn in the c^it «| 
****"°^^'' ^k^^ tie general 10O)M «( n ^l ^°* ^^f^ p)o|ibit ^u Ec^jeiitawt 
ci«fii»caiii. IsSBslSl cldiafticalper(im0to ti|«k< trant0 ef tidr i.tttojje; ?. ,"?!•. . 
"^'i^ becaofc t|e parUamoit tolkl ma^etlat Utatntef aolitoceo foci ^i^S'ictU 
ZS^if* 0^<"*t^ <<> ^ ^"^^> *^ nilapioottone, «iti oeca; or fpkttsM UrnqM^ Ma c*k* 
mM, am WfftalitV' aiiD oC t|e nttec tatfeverUbmant af fiicceflbM , 3|ti« co, i,>.44.b^ 
tombents <n tie tune; tpleteavoii toovlo iiec(firfl|» MafD oecair intfacBifhop 
or tme Vleligfon, aiiD tie tftcMsit laM%mf' tK <Sh»t #$} ft fmt^t^* 
ti reco)oeo (n ^fto^p, t|at amoRgtt t|e ten ^ecftciitionf, le|<c| ^^* 
t|e |(}imUfw Clntci (iiffteet, tiete tnete tlna t|e meft fcteboof , t|e 
one nnoet nio|dletian^ ot|tc nnoec Jtilian t|e ^yatRte^tiettft ttnm* 
Donreo to oefttop at t|e |l»}<Mfo»0 ani |p>eae|ere oT tie HSoM of C«9 . 

(occidit omnes Presbyteros) Int notta^lft^nO^ t|at KeUgfOH ftfl 
flonrfflWH (fo) fanguis Martymincft leooen Ecdefijt) |fet tlat toao « 

ccietoas IpetCecotint: Sat t|e f^erCectition nnoec t|e ot|ec (viz. 
Julian) toao MQ^ moje 0Tie)NMii ans oanfecoMt becanCI (as t|f 

l^Sk»%P, foltl) occidit Presbyceriuin; in ft' COlbcO t|e C|nu|, ant 

Upofleo f|rirftnal pec(iim0 ottlefr cetenne0;0no tierenpon niloeo gr«at 
(gnoMncein1lleUgfon,anot|elinl)iceof ^>oo,an»n)ecefo)e great oe' 
Wf of tie Cl^fftfan pjoCeffton; fo) nonefpflianllfKmblfih o)|f« 
dflB^en, 0) anf otier commtttco to lie clacge, to tie ftnor of 9i< 
i»(nttp) tDlen after long aim |Mf nfM ftnop t|^ M liiiit m^Mis 19 
Ubenpon* See more in the Books at Urge, 
iskfiaftini a&|eiPee8mvleoCalMrtoiapo»tlUcac8sei»fiifrtobefRjElb^ c^xaSLvmt 
triop aiein anceianiit|fs1WMp>oMoeob;t|eywiM»n(»anQteflbMi oftleE-ato; jMitT 
ikraace. da) t|at t|e#arCMi attt Vicar labecucam anioaniubMO inere boonof 
to Ctf ebiate Divine Service , $m aominffter tie Saonpents , «wi t||re« 

tvi/t noaitef t|e tv»KtiS»% fbonto make a ttfc0titiotia«e to talte 

a % atenr 

The Reafon of ^Wiwbi 

ti^etebp^e ilioiilo be DeftltHteoCiiiafnteiuutceiiit))eineanMme« 
CoJbH 9 iDpon conSoeTAttoH of all t^ IDola of t^e s^atD, t^ time Eccfcfiafficsi 

fitp f« toefi obfetDeo bj? !^(t Edw.Gookc, tbat « *arton w miua tn ti« P«#»» ""- 
benefit of tbe €W%\h ano bie tlMttttoh fat fti fome cates ttAtm In ^^^""^ '''' 
IL«to to babe.a i^i» ftmpleqoatliifb ; IBot te M «n|? tbfng to tb'e }fit* 
jtioteeof b(s((iccefl^»^tn«ii^c>ft6tbel4ti«b|iiosetbb(iikt«ba^Ut * 
Braa.f.n^. e^Jfettlttlt att eftattfos lfft> Caulk £ccle<is puUbeis tudCn «jqaip«rantur) 

Brici4j. dcteriorcm nequaquam. ^<fc C«. /«/?. p«rr i, 2. ?. 4. 

Lktis utf 4 ^« JBUbbot, #>fo^ JBtibop, tt>«aii, aw!^Matori,|J»beno,lPar» Ecdefi.fticai 
ccinftparsi. fow, '«flff at , <»? otftec^fjle CojwjatiOB, tbat4? feiCdb it awcfr droit, f«<«»/««- 
io».i). camtoit ^ftWrH, iegta^ tbif »9« cailint iewtt utgtet , ttliicb <0 '«»"'*«^'»«>'- 

40 E.3.X7. • ttftjB At tbefr bonfe n Cftnwb t iFo j a« abbot and ^?lo? ban tbefc 
1e1 V, <^ CoirtentjtbelBlftopbteCbflptet, tbe f^atfon ano mm tbeit |98« 
ioE4 ».. ''^•" *""* ^^»*"«^P> a»btbeWlieofotbetfoIe Cojpojattona, tottboot 
ai H.7.>'c. tel^of^ attest tbep coalt pafle atoap no BJnbetft^ce. Urn tbe reafon of 
tbfa i3Hi8> bctmU tbe latfbome of tbe iLato teoolo nebec -foffec m^ 
folep^ontob^ttnteo toitbtbe ofl^oatfon of tbe Snieritattce of b<0 

bottfe ^ Cbat£[f» ^cdefis Jiiae coibditioneai oieliorem ^cete pdGTunc 
fine confccfu > cHterforem non ^oflunt fine conftnfu. Vide infra Max. 
178. PI, I. 
cou 49 b. . ^ )iBptbeCotiraio»iL«to tbece «igbt tobe Hi tbetp ^paHfb Perfona The pirfon « 

B0fweb CaCe. i<lonea tO fecbe tbt C HCe ; fO^foft appeat0 bptbe tPO^SOftbe Q.uare Vicarouf-hno 
Co.Inft.paist impcdit, auod pcrmiwaF Dtsient^jpc idoneam pcrfonain , Wbitb Epit^cw ^''^'/•»« 

344. a. idonea mciMea abffftfe w )it09fttoi anb outtlite , >onettp W ^'0 con» '^***- 
«D^8 «*ao *wfat<on , anb ofUgence in Itttf fkm«(im,' anb aft tbte to tottnMtlbt ' 
Mimi c f ' l^^opl^ of ^I^b fn ttae )Reltolon> am goon conimtatfon , ans to abolD 
s f, r ' tmtentiont anbtofbefntenttiKit be> iDbt M fo great a eb«r0»» 
Brad.»js. ma{»effe(tttailpanb'peac«lblp(nf«nb ft* tbeCoMmon Mto i;}«blDe0, 
s4o,t44,&c. tbat aftet Unftitiitlon betdal Mt l^ftiblett to tttfone , sub U neglett 
Ffi;i 8, W«bnfpbj»loa[nffbfetfw« iiifttttMRb btF«tftm«^f a.afo : anbtbere, „^. . 
cVr!ii,.;. «*>» («!»** Cim>irtn*ato) ff ftOimifiec bao p wtenteb bf0 'tfletke, ^^SSt"^ 
Brkt.1.*, anobela»b«enaw!tttiebanb<nft<tWebto««»iittb, tDbweofaiipfnb. taftta«ioabi 
>M >»4. Kct bai bon lafofnl fNtton> tbe Vatton M tbat diCe bab no otbet te« • conmni 
^ E 3.»«. mebfe to recotet bf< aobotofon , bnt b| a ta^tt of tfgbt of ;adDoWon p«fon, ■>« 
?»eV,^ tobercfti nebittbeleiatbeSlncumbeiitlbafnotltobetemobebt jEtnofo •^ t*"^ 
ijEiaJ: <t«»»a«b(attbtCrfmi>rtlLato)«an«totp!»tioh^b«n*bWiiponati ^^^"^ 
4fE.j.Quaic 3«fe«o*iiftiwrtt»e»ct,b<iWnjj«ij9obotofwb|^bertettt, ojupatite. ^* 
iai^dit.,!,. R«nt(o»ittb,«c,tbe3ln(ant>fi;mecebert, aMb'eHttbetebetdontoect 
iltl'^1'^'^^^^''^^^ *>ttoftfgbtof «bbdtorontfn(«ttbt CdmtfwnM,att»)<f 
«ppedir.i«*. tieC«wwbtwr»OH«e(Wi, tbe^lncnmbenttoalbnetbtreniobeo:jatt» 
plenart ? Stnetili^lKUi a gob plea fn a Qpare itnptdit , 9^ an jum^t of 
Darrein ptekmrnini t ^nb tbe teaf«n if M t\HB toa*, to tb$ intent 
tbat tbe 3fMiiit*etfCinfgbt«ttfettp fntens anlbapplp bfmfelf^ to bf« 
F.N.Br.3«.k. (IMtoalcbatceil^olifeeft (at tbe Common l^tu alto) tf«n»|ao n» 
&.«; E , , ^'*^^ "J^ *^ **"«' *«» Warpjefent* bab Wtn abmftteb, Inttltnttb, 
»«^3r.M.j. ano- tooaaeb Ctt> teftbrnt tmabfn tbe Cbnttb bab norb^n fiiB 
4 H.4.U. awint tbe muf^ '^ t^ itftijs m<sbt b«*r reteteeb bfn ft? Qsaw 
wn«tfic , aiib b«eii tetojeb f iH« ?>efe«Hatfi}tt j toj tbetefti be 
. wtba p}e«ej9attie» <<uod nuBto temfiw «cnrtit feegi; m^bertbeleSit 
(Jrttbat tafoalfo; becottlo notpjefknt, !bj t^tfewatti? battebbfttt 
of tbai^ ntH\^ twtib «e temobe If m an? .taiif bat b; SLt^ , to tb» 
•no tl» Cbatcb<Mi]|bt be tbe mo^e Qitlet f rl t1^ ttfeane t6fte/ ttefttec Mt 
bfo tie afflff tttmtWimaita fn bf« Quat^ impedlt at tie d^ornmoK 
*at»v »ttt new t|e iwatttte of Weftm. i. cap. j. bat! atteteb tbe 
<c;«»)iien »«HiM1|er< cafe#; Jnvlr t|8e)»t8t^ 


(j5Vf>f* !»' the' Cbifihirt Law, f 

Bkaiagaina ^ ^S&l^tCt 8 Juris utnim fj' b'joagljt a5«*nft fcterWl ttn81lt0 bp F.N.Br., 

iKtenaiu. ff jjstal fatniKond in t^e tD;{t> it map be tiktn againff me tdtant om< 

Ip > fo; t^ pjrcel ) fim aftec againd t^e ottiece ; bat it i0 Qt^tioire . •; 
irt air iff je of ?Sovel dHfcifm, ff it be not tn tome ttftial t,afe» .. 
lo I ($aTt 7 -jn a "Citfttt impcdii; ittbeglainlitf be rt»n-.taftaftet vjffirtfUt>t\tt ccinft pm » 
^p^^ * w^^noant <Mi mm title, ano tiate a tD^ft to ttte Bf Qipp; jmo nits i« > 39 •• 
J™* P"- petemj^o^ieto tlje ^laintiifi, ano HOtttti i^otfo ftatte In vdtfttt 
^^* Qjmrc imwdit^ ant^teatoHtftljis ts, fwttat itttbta laft tteiKfeiu 

Omt (in hvorcrt) Ectiefi:lk)b8tt) f|ie tSaiO tD}tt 1))^ fOl^eement tf t^ <!tOqtti 

jSrmtVere&lKttie 3int»mbent j tdat comets tn^t^ to^itoptin tacit 
inw>fttit,fttfiteDecbetemig1)»o> t||dtbetneaeatbatreaBrbtliat|i}e« 
IttttKtion; ^nttljeTinite l^kiosRO pn t^UmrtuXtmfX is'iircdre ot« 

ApnMi*c. s g|tea<4uateirtifedh ^gatnttttie JJffiwj^httiroiigoiifcpieatoal* ttojixyih, 

■?**_*;, Itbee>t|jattjepjer«i**wafetbltmatitkfnjxenct«,bntfe wgwttt «/«»/» c»ft. 

S^^joc" e)(p}ef0 WtWmt impattitutac > tecanCe it concerning i^e tare ot teal? 

Md. • i« tta'bettaue , tm tt^ntcttfy >noje tare am» tttcttwitneftiUt t at te o« 
(l^etltoite ro> t^ potting a cot*net xtat of %li otRcjK i m ttieie a gene* 

tal tdggeffioAiiltbl^tt^it, t^tb^itfperfona minus idonea, {seHOtigl^ 

ano not ttatJetOible. I0at t^ mtim i» , Vctdait tftis ii twt t|e Kecp- 
et^'tiie HoBes of t^e iCtilute > Y^ otiurt Ipiafd tt^ tare too guaio of 

Jj;^^^^ !? lEHttteatiitjeflltie ttmiiwrtftfetnffrt'tWWteB to be rtooceoto co.i.<.».b. ;» 

ndufe of i^ i't^O) a0«tpMtte» t^O^te* a Xfit Vikt > to; W^A tbep atCtUt tOt|pe BrMrrmcafr, 

fmi7riie foiebem!fit if ttiei^too , aniotot^^ t^cA Dt li^teaant, it the Hojo Cbinfi^vt*. 
^ pufi^aftpitt Of t0e UnO , m BM« tta^iti i4 t^tttbp e^tttid : I5at '49'*^ 

o>t^tftp> M t9 mltt^ ifto) i)itgfn veattS tds^oii Vat^eft f» 24 H.^ 
Br. tenures 5 ;) o^to 9n0 & pil^'i^C ftl mc<) ft'CVdUV ^ tol^^bioe 0>« 
,itiiment0 (atUt^ 4 ClKtrjUft (^titi tettateii W3iti- 6.6. Inlttcb 
cate, albeit Vt^ &o)» pntt^iife pAtt* lft% tbe intf te fttWe tj^maitiea, 

^*(^i°^ 'ttt ;ilf|^ittt4lpmOOi|lt|ibl)lp;OtedtOttouncUufiiknoluau8 lo Co.Infi^ 

p^ottft %imt b& Kotoftf %jHi tnkiftih VM t^it 8OOO0 ft^in tW i(i>i09 '3**'^ « 
inttrpo» am e^ettage^, ^e ae Sii^t. of ^^ ^ 

Mrikdge of ^11 H^gtiHt l^e mutate de articuliis deri cap. k $. ||e fl^t COntdbe tit C«il.ii.>9i»»' 

"'VK- ftlthtietoalbtnit tpM tbe p^Utftebgetf CUtgfe , tecanteiiecoalinot ^u*.f«i^im 

md1tet){0paiga(tttttj anoaltMtltleAtatttelteaUs onelfotab* <*<<• 

Int^ioit, ano ot aft :Rpl^;obe\; I pet He 3it0]te« (Id morem Cctle^z) «K* 

fl^ft todt dtttet'sottt^iita'dpoiitbe jSltatgheifteotof ftieolEinoetv 

rahesnet a- 1%- ifttel^junbii Ht <tbttt£| ptttcbalie « ^anttO) ttttbin ^io pati(b> 

dnftbjr unity jetfe, bptbt0 jiarcjate ano Unitp of pDBejt»» , lie j|pafmo),lif|ic| »««; i>y«4j.p.»i. 

•f HwBn* fft^Ue iK^Q^ - {); Yiffjgn ^^z non dccitnabHis , betatite |e catfttOt pajj 3« «.». 

, t^ta tb liMdetlfx lift if tle^^atCni male a teate of lU irarCMiage 
2(MJHeao}iet'(iji1liEtiiigiK; iAI^iscate^ tie lectin limtClfeftaVvap 
t1t|isof|f0 t|MiUto}fd tieiMty^)^ t|e1Kefto)ie, o^iftle tatbii 
tiirdlteteiiftteHtdrt!|e9^^V> t|efeofr&fta1ipa(ptft|e0'ti tie tuiU 
fb} leing featCon , becanCe titles cannot be eirtf Act Ip anp nnltp of poti 
tdOM aa tent dutaemap , Iplicb i0 iSaing oat of lanoi iNt titubate 
vSiV^ f|e tiilt 01 ^00 ex deWto ;to^ t|e triaAnUnce inb tillage of tie 
iKcnpier, in tolofoeoec laioe tie lane coinins )' niAtts ttVitt ^ VR^ 
. ,■ CtleVat^n |im(elfet flnotleteGD^e it tie mctenlet.p8tt ofli* 
.„ 4Meie URio ^% pea)^ o» life f efcttrfng tent > tielelbe t^al mp t|t 
. fnt«n[ttf|e9y%aiUi^fa»«^ of common 

> Nun- 


6 The Realqa of ^SKiasi.i^y 

% % Nun(|iuini profperd faccediiat resHutnonas , id>i negUgun- 

i^; tur Divinse. Hwiuute A^sirs never fofceedjfcBfiriierjf Dizine lUtes 

are negleSled. 

Cainft^ni i itac<)»9 ftnffl not p»finfc»8ii ^nfimttopofntoCoercentf fctnit LachnOitu 
*^-*''« <t (batt be aDlnoeeo in ^m ff lie p^efent not to « C||iitc|) toitMn 8r P^J'"'*'* *> 
monetlis ; Co; t^ieUto tefpetfeTd mo» t|ie p^ftOoee o( V^ ^nrc^ "^"'^ 
(tist t|ie Care map be CrcfM) tMn t^e p^Meoge (t 3|n(ancp. 
F.N Jr.uo. 1 ^» of ilcU0f on oogfit not to appeate at tbe fr^erif es tacnesr cie»r nxa 
^•<i' no) tlie icet of anp ot^et toftlpmt sceat caofe , ano ff tbep be irfSratneo nw M>j^n 

tocontetotbeintbepmaFbabe«tD)(toatoftbeCbanat9{6)tbeftoif> pvCMtichv 
cbarQeidH otbet derka altk toftbtn e^tecf (tbongb not beneScea) babe v^ 
, tbeUkep;MeofietSnBtbeTeafono(tbf»<0>totbeenbtbeplboitl&at* 
c«.Lii.7o4>. ^ I. s. b}(ns9 an attfonoCtebt againft I. Ketfoc ofT. in com. B. tbe a Paribn 
mutdg.ctA. iffenoantCattb) tbatbefo»tbeoapottbeto}it piiubafeo be btoeltat o««ht loiw 
M.10H ^ «. ^« "^ <=°™* ^* ^' nonallocatur ; fo} a ^Cm (bat be fntcnoss bp l^tD <»»wt' 
tobealtoipedteSoentaponbt«beneecefo»ttpecnteetfoiil0> tnbtebbe 
batbtbece , ano tbe patCon , liiw batb vnz of (onl0 ana fo a non«refi* 

bent ) non eft difpenfator fed dilHpacor » noD {peculator fed fpiculacori ;9nb 

tbetefo^e no (acb tbf tg flKB be p^efiinieb* 
F.NA,i7f. 4 fl^attbntotbeeno be map eft* bt0Cbntfnnal attenoance npon xbsVkt 
Ibat facteo futittton > f f cceo from aft pecfonal cbaeges > tbat mtg bin* 
bee b<m fit bto caling $ jltm tbeteOm be fbal not be tbol^ VafliCe, , 
H^be, Seaoie) o;otbetofficecfo}Uttibannti»eBtobi«Cbntcbi Jbi» 
jiKR t I oB tb^obp tbe contfo of tbe Common Mt»:fo» tbe (iiaietealon ft <0, . 
r.iN.Br.;4.i. tbat<f« f^atfon batea flattbnacet anoaftec lake anotber benetUe 
iottbont a bflpent^tion, tba Ctft beneSce i» bofi» ant tbe ^atcoii 
tbeteof maFpMfent ; fintbto abopaaneet^ taleiaCcffion, becantb 
tbe taking of tbe laft maltef Mm ntiSleit tbe ttt« 
F.NBr.i7f . 5 sCo tbe eno tbat Heligion ma; not be ntgteitei> but pttCetbeb mi '^'^ *^ 
Br. KfcwK Mftf incteafrt tbe Common i^tngibetb tbtbelMm (eftonmwn SSL"?* 
.tigbt) tbetentb of aft marniec ^ peatelp cncteafe , fnbic) ace c^ftft coMMorkhr 
pjfmes,o} Sitbefc tbe bne papmtnt IDbeteof tenietlb mttcb to tbe con«. 
«* tinHanceanDeftabU^mentoftbetto<){leligfott,aaBtbebiiftM)fliip 

Co.i.t^b. of <Do(i ; . janbtbetefb^ albeit a itieete lap man mtce pJtfttibe in mo»lo 
^'Sif*' dcciraandi, pet be cannot foooe in nondccimando; bccanCebefa botin 
^'"f*^ Quciai cafes capiHe of titbes at tbe* Common |Uilo ; ano tbecefo^ 
toitbont tpccial matter (betoen it Ibaft net be intcnoeb . tbat be batbi 
anp ittefKl DiCcbacge ; ilnb fo; tbi0 unXkia txamx of boip Cbnccb (aU 
tbougbft map babe utufnft commencement) tbtlaip toiftnot fMbc 
focbptef^tiption ill tbat c«(i(. no»patit totbe trial ofUpmen, V^ 
Ml perbapo ratber ft tain tbeic confciences CD tbetc p}f rate bene8t> « 
tban gitetbeCbarcbtb^ontieojtbatbdongtobec* Vule infra i8<f. iz.. 
- , ^ 6 Sbejnbabiuntdoe aCobm (toitbont any cnfteme) map make B7.Laiica. 

^Tb !',!'** a^inancee o}bP'Ut90fo;repacation Of tbe Cbnrcbv ano in tbat tOt 
«* *«* " tbe greatet part ibau bina aft t^ reft toitbont anp Cnf onLTheCbam- 
berlaui of Londons cafi. 


3 To fuch Lawes as have wartaot in holy Scripture^ our ta\y * 
givethcreclence)C^<0/!4r4. ■' 

Co.inft.pani I an tie caigneef fting Alfreil, anonntiftagaob to^e aftcrtbe ^as*^ 
to. b. Conqoeft no man conlb babe been eat*tiilpe» bnt fb^fUonie, anb tben f ^.^^, 
tbe ent4afu8 perton toaa faibto babe Caput Lupinum,becanfi» |e migbt '^' *'*'*^ 
hr piittobeatb byanpnuobaf aWol&tbitliititelbeaim^At; anbin 


q^<^.4>5« ^h? Coramon Liw. 

flace of Hit Coaat? 9i SxvmW tn^e tbep l9»rf kfllrB > tlf iHicti« 
fo Mlnf ttom tDM to |ft» « MyrV £» bf 9 yaf iiM t |^fvb?it f rt tli# 
tvainnfodoC ttHMtgncof ^. ^ itim« vfT^lt^br ttr |<?»|»0 (fe»a< 
Dofl>fiiKoCftilKim«nit<f anoelTndon of Cinft8nl»l»ii») tb4tft|^9 
not leUifvfal {ii;aiif m«i? , Mat t!»9^\mi9$9'^V (W9 tW pVWU^* 
fiill toanant ) to potto oeatb attf ontHatoi^ vsrfwf > t|iH>(^ tt iBerf 
(o)Ceion(e, (npata tofolfetwatli) as tn cade of kitting anotbet man* 

» Ittoao lalDftilfO>anp mafit^mtto w^H man attaipte^ of a Co.ibid.it9.i> 
Prxmunire , tecanCe f)f toas alto iDi^iont tie ftinco v^otection ) ano 
tWttnt tahizit to be oeCtopeo ao tbe IKinjtoontmp : mt tbio toao ta< 
ken atoai^ bptb^ loiCrwineof ffineen Ehz. am bet f^atliament (5 £1* 
I.) M a libictie «ot bBCMi<iiiaCb}<tfaiiC»i|im««1l««)tb» 

3 ICbtt«t»or Eosiuid (to t«iiioMii0of]unwcf C^^tPiH^u- 

profo amovendo ) ftom tlT (HkUt if IMH tO f»m W^lUf VUfelfl 
fOMMfO «VOR tbi laii or490l» tmi- 1 1. .Hs 4S> ^> Numb, S. I, 3. 

4 3liiChoiaKkysoa((iiitbe»B«p.fol,}P.Mimg retierlioii^riMtf . „ ., 
antsfoii anftfte totafle f<ii« frsnteito mr f» tbe Ufiroftbe tjK* roS»fr 
tiantintailf> ittaiiftte^ tmw iMttWUtie «bi» scant mmmve V*"*^'^'""^' 
uutWta; ftittwmin tmif mint >»i9a$mm <HRcoii»^ ^onk 

nnof ntet into YcitttMi * «n tbrn tb» emtit^ nm bftif tt tNttinc bi0 

iifttncaU liSr t birt AJtaf tbi» flMliep > tilKitlkicb lii|ierlt<tiow 

reMetow vjaMttm fb<dl wt ke VMfiHmft in bitR» 
Au«,«iDft 5 af « *t«tit$ he paM itoMpifiiiiif tii i.ifv 9f <!>« > w if it P«^- «^S"x'* 
cj«i»Toid. Ao«iibe»Mainfp, ii^tmtlmi9 9li»SHmf9Hnmi^ in vm»f* ''"p*** 

umiiMmi»tim$y o^tbeifte, liKbfttrtitfrwsbttob^fltjtWBet 

One fittimril 








IKmMW) miire votxtitradaBlm tmtmitl^ ttiMtMi, 4Miu Kin« Eccfct. 
t«ti»«»«iCa«MianbettirtMi>ttQ»t»tl^liiiifeA»|iict«f t||B afticaiuw. 
|l<llf»Pi«fos»cmrfirMi,IIKriiil^fNCS|Ritbto lMiltoii«»^«9tb^ 

4 The TimfdiAipfi of the' Kcdefiafttcal I.8W9 ought to be 
]>onDd(ed by the Cotntooo J<aw; 

I >%e*yMtaaLMi^0Bfteani0UttkQmfS«^.iS4$)«Befinb Ccbft-ptni 
itficleiffiMU Mkw mm ttamm kg m Uimtx tm mttim, ^^•,'; ^„ . 

ff«0gt«»fflff)Mflipilpatt)iitoa0iibifttbeftii(iil»fMcaif^ jitrifnaui,, 
3Realiie,«np<teipil«ctp>aMn>iliWtoAi(|«Mt«ftaftica^ Mipeotbe star.3;H.8.i9 
tf>iafMcie.aii»ilftflc4bcdMaaiifiiftinkfMiovMKtoinca^ sjH'h. 

lbe<v4:iiitaKi^ OBtfblaimifbMiPtiMC frjbanabift bpt|e||acietit s>"'*"* 

5 Dies DtmioiaK BOO eft JHrklicus. 

. a iiii«4bet(^t«cm.tjtelio)MNvifMtP^S|ivrid)c)ii,<»fbflt f;/«<^p>»> 

« #0itoitMi4rbrtmiQiiiadcnftPafch«, IHOMllltlf lilMptf F.N.B.i7.f. 
1tlt%¥mmp brtttftAai b» QvftinoqotwkmP P»fcb». 

3. «pon a tin letic»Mbfiail«natfoii0.atftibii|^ tbt Ittatnte F^h«i^7 
01 4M.7.«i. lf«i«Pf tiefitamatiovsbe «i«t4ii«be|ko)Wun?, pk*^' 
«d|»f9tMW«tani •icfOMttiMb |o>4» lHii»»iMViutft ovQn 


8 The Reafen of (^Vf^.^« 

t^ Ba^ , Bfif itft « XMf tnmfi ftom Uu^ ba0n»fe0 bf tl^e Common 
i,atDfio}t^foUmiitff of'ft; tott^e fntentt^atal people maig applif 
ttiembliies tliat tap to p)apec ami fett)fiic of <&ob. 
I El Dyet irt ' 31^" *"** "^ ^*" f»«"* •«** »f t*^ Common place beate Tcfte npott Enour. 

It e'.4.8. ^tl< 1^8 9VS->it i9 eTrOnr^becanfe it is not din dpminicus in Banco. 

4 ipo rale npont^ l.$?O0Dap ftal beffifDaCale ixi^xtktt overt saie. 

6 Gravius eft clivinaffl quam Teinpofalem Ixdere majeft*' 

Co.i.ii.i9.b. I sugntarlp, a man <ball (bpt^e Common lato) bat»fbebentft ciagt. 

ftfUtrscak. qC ciergfe Co; anp feitmie ; f^tobett « <f a felon be aUoan ^tetiqae, 
3|eb^ fearafen 0} 3nftoel> be Aail not babe ft. 

F.N.B.»^9.b. « l^eceae to an offenee commftteB agatnft tbe 9a|eSf e otetn bp a Henfie. 

Br.H«iefi« i. p^efinmptaoas oppnenfns of an 0ttfele of Jf aftbiO^ tbe Uke;fllno tbere« 

Coj.MS.a. ftfie (at tbe Common lato) tbto offence lDa0iMiniaieft bpamo^etec* 

stttts cafe, tf^tm gtiebons mal«t » tban an^ otbet felonp tnbatfoeber , (ami ia» 
oeeo tban Croat on ft (eue;) viz. tf Ste ami fa80ot x ^ntbeft, to oetet< 
mine > tnbat to l^effe '-> Cal0 not tottbin tbe Connfonce of temporal 
Coatt0f but to t^Ip left to tbe Cccletlaftf cal 3luri(biitton ; fo» ft ap* 
peat0bp tbe tii^ft de hxreticocooiburendo , tbat (at tbe Common late) 
before an f^etetiqne cotAo be commtttcs to tbe i^ap^poloec to be bntnt> 
be 1080 to be conbloeo <n a ^vmfntUA l^pnoo befoie tbe anbbffbop . 
>no bto Clet6to> amitben ff be BtBi ettb^ tefntetoabjatttbebeieec^ 
0} babf 110 abjuceo tty upon a relapte toet* comiiaet agaf n bp focb a t^jg* 
noo)of tbat o>anp otbet bereSe, belM0tbeniiel(tteteB totbettonlat 
pofnet to be puntfiieo bp ffce ano fas fOtj anb no iMmtnatf e centb pXbf* 

rrn^kua. ieo^e btm : f^bobett bp tbe l^tatnte of aH.4.i$. anp Sfftop ba» 
P^tvet to 00 avmncb toitbfnbia ltDteceaie)^anoff tbel»borHre tpete 
p}e(ientatbi0eonbicttoti) tbe1Slfli»pm%sbtbeUfeecbtmtotbe(^bectte 
tobebatnt, ami tbat brttboat tbe ftiil60botti but tbat fttatiitejxmi 
repealed bp 2; H. s. cap. 14. ano tbecebp tbat oiEence mane p;e(ientable 
at jS»bectfre« SCacne0:aiml'Crt0, ami.ftem tbence to be eectHleot» 
tbe iDiftimtttt tobic^ Statute ttie %$ H. 8. toaei alio repe4eD b|f 
I £.6.11. fcom iOtMt time nnttt i, i P.M. 6. (tDbii^rebf^eo 2 H.4. 
i^) anbetetiqae ioae pnniftabU at tbe Common !UitDa0 abobei0 

erp^elieB t but bp I £1. T. tbe flitatnte of I , a P. M. tin0 repealeo, aqo 
tben bp I El. tbe ttnitata commfSionet0 Cbetetofbje ealeo tbe Hlg& 
Comaii(rionCoun:)baDpo1iietto)a(0eofbeteie, bnttbeptoecetbere* 
bp alfo teftrafneo to ao^nbge notbtog-Hcrefie , bat lobat tMi0 lb aolntfi^ 
eo bp tbe bolp Scriptures , tbe fbnc Stft OPenecal Councils , i> tbe Parli- 
ament tnitbtbeaffem of tbeCletgie totbett Conbocatton t ^bgbett at 
tbto bap tbe Burffbiatonof Sifliopebefns talwnabKip, anBtbatdaore 
of I El cipealeB bp a later ifta, it (eemeo (at ptefiNtt) tbere to no late 

topanllb tbat offence* See more concerning heretics in the Sutiitesof 
$ K. 2. 5. 2 H. J. 7. $1 H.8. 14. and 34H. 8. i. being all repealed by 
1 E. 6, 12. See alfo ti. Intr, 264, apd 340.. Ratt, Ph. Jip. 10.H.7. 
fol. 17. and Do^. and Stiid. L x. cap. ap. ^Otobeft , Obrccbe> tbat tbt 

Cato <»tatute0 vum in tbe rai0tte0 of H, 4. anb H. 5. tDtre cbieflp^* r 
ten&ea againft fncb a0 BiB tben begin toBflicober tbe p>iBe> l^cre^ 
anB ecroMi of tbe Cbnccb of Rome^anB in biriSon tpere termeB Lollards, 
as poQ map teaB at large in tbe Book nf Martyrs anb elfblD^eftiBl' ne Kings 

tiet0Otberail(bO}0, a0Sleiden,Brightmln^. tauaand »- 

Star.n.S., . i ifl>nepxrt of tbe ^mtiti oatb l0,that they Hiallnotdeny right^chiMwh f^I^Jj^ 
Sut. j.t. it be by commaiKi from the King, tebfCl ff tbep bWike > t|^ I0i9 W bj O^fuiTcs, 


^KfaxJj. the Comm^m La^, ' 9 

fotMngiiafF L^rxMajeftatisdtvinae; jStltB tlbCT^ftf;t htfoc^ Caft t\t^ 

ooglc tatlitt to tmm fttt ftlitfis commains ttien tt^er^ inainMt)* 

tl^emtl^tt4e)(ni^« nris^ftetlieliettKt p^riteD ftomt|ii0tMincer} stat.t,c,^^ 
tl^ ifitntntt ofCnmer Hme0 Iiat|) o»atneo ottete X^«tto0 » tm^eb)? 
tl)e3l3llfces lafje ^tnetto p>oc«o , nottoitMatitfng anp commam sm.te.F.j.T. 
frotn tliefkfne to tip( pittratte , ttt, tlfonjAi It beatmet tfie <Dttat vet, 
ijl^'mk l»eal : jBlno «^ere(in» (f t|(e IKiis imfte td fl^ Ihtftle^ to y>»> 
to^*ttAfit;fce ) bMaa(!et|)eotfem»nt{0MI^0feti)ic0) ?etti)e9titf' f nb Tr3,ii. 
te9oa0^top?ocM, «inifottotea£ef»»ainftitct)Icttettfo Iflcetoffie* ' ' ' 
Inart Airtzet9el5(l|wccit{tt0lBaft«TO^,atttit|)e]llin04(«ttet<0re)it >9£.M4- 
totlejjnftfcM totme, Motttft tlie cettfUeate 1900 fnfpMoitfl, Hat« )*»)£«»«» "7 
iBftfrt8infnj^fDiH(ftleftett^l»t(6letl)e Affixfc ui»aftrrtMrO0, aiH)e' 
tt t^ C^mcetto} rHKUM tlie taltins of t^ Afltze fit tt^ Cnmc^t > be* 
canfe tlie)) tttep^D not f^e!^et , ;rt ttottoftfiftflttbftis tbot t^e Jnftfceo ■ 
08l)e SJinfetitrRt nt^ont^ Afltic^ ; jSUbtniiolQectbe ttmnt tMU cfrof< sa f.j.h, 
n»^ oM ^9tiac%t ««^ 0t>en yiA 'iMi^ m Itfitg tKiiM a imet ti» ep* Jt»)K««» >'; 
ftiletbe tettants 8p^««iitte, afl^jps rQ.<it fte tMio«t CaUisfn^fo 
fhtfte; ^M^ftQi^ltifttcinigatfttfQveQatiltoitibnti^mtfftttnot* 

wtb^'tMitjil t^tUltJHf^ ' 

norbrdtt '^ 'Ai^^Wi^ttJtfh fo^tiiMntMi)ff^tii}#tnmrt(b tbennv* 14F.J. 

«n^ tlotltCdnrtBoti|ttftic4^iH^ttQttdi)t(lftfrQttt|0iM«f;^i|t(Qn aiit*R«ums del 
Yttttm of t[folt0 tttteeb otttdi^atttottiHtoftjktitiirts an? tommano to v>i^«»,i/, 
tlet«AtAtpft6iAf|r»jii0, iMtiieiflitliltr^ttuQttttlie Uft«Mii6?i 
i^»^t(M);|f0iMHr^. itnt)jeiM^ t<!«^jM 14 &. ^ ti)«tN,del|« 
Mng «ttAin(i» ofiidtMllti'^'ttD VmAn ^tM f^cii^ ttent fe^tt) agafn^ 
bfmitdil^ M^tfifT) li(i4P%ettttitt», tb«t tot 9^ tab tettW^Q 9(01 bp 
lit}<t, t^at be \m patooneo tbe tcefytfft ano iiiip>ffioinneiit, commanQ* 
<n0b<in tbatbeflioalB oeSft> anotbattbecefbte bebao not eirecnt^ 
tbelo^ft; lPbeTeaimsfaitb^%> ttre1»}<t oitjMit ftct tebatjebttiv 
teat to Q0, tbat toe mi gbt babe (ommanBeo tbe frb^tff^ to ceaf^ > fb) 
V^hWMit oasbt not fo»anp tM% tnXtto bibe ceaCes t9 tecDetbf 
fixigt facias fDttbout commaniniient from tbe Came conrti out of tDbicb 
ft MneO) ant tbeteupon tbe l»berHFe tDa0 ametcieO) an* anotbec D^cnyo. 

Nor by tha Exigi hcus iflCneD oot : flDbe Cfcbeatp} alfb oagbt not to oeQlt ficom tbe i «c > Eiix. 

UiMaiw. frecntfon of b<0 ofnct> nottPitbtanoins an; tncb (ommaiiB to tbe 
contcarte from tbe iitns t ;Slro t|^e(b?e toe ibm (n i EI12. SLbat after 
tbe oeatb of tbe Hom Powcs « Mandamus beftiKOiteiteD totbe tfCcbeaf' 
to^of ^op to fiiu) tbe offset) betake0t^p}^imfnientoftbe liarpni 
yjpec , anQ aiBjoittne0 tbem otiec to anotbec oa? to take ft (n fianb* 
merit ano bp 3iiBentmre? betb^e tabftboai^ tbe fia^n (enw • Superfe- 
dea$attbettiftofoiieHerbeR«iiBbi0tBffr» 4naftto80abjiiO9eD, tbat 
tbe Cfcbeato) onfibt not to |sbe etase» tbat Superiedcitf . 

7 TheLawdi^vouretHanexcomuQicateperroa. 
itg,„,a„^ I 3ltf0agooDt|leafnabttenietttorabnttt0fi^,fbattbeP«fntHb i^Mter. 

odon, U(eiWOmiminftate.Doct,&Stud.l.I^ Cto.Inft.pani 

I«7. 1 SLbe oto»o1te»babe(aiD, tbatftn mmbe •KCMmumtoite, be £S^ ... , 

msbtnottoCMieofaSlncfe* ^^hi.i,m. 

\am 3 ^3etob0}ntoEngIaaat»ltW(^a3(elPb09ne8lfbfnEnglaad,tb» Co.ibidjiJ>. 

baebano toa0 contecteD to tbe Cb^fltian faftb, vnrcbafbt lano0, ant en* ^A"^;^:*, 
Ceoff^ anotber , ano ofeo, tbe tofCe b)oagbt > toMt erS>0toec , bnt bM0 ^ &.> jiom. 
baneotbeceof, anotbetea^ l»eclQfbintbeteco)0 i0tbf0> QitBTer6 
contra jullitiam eft > quod ipfa dotem petatTdL hdxat de tenemenco) quod 
fiiitviriliii) ezquo in comretiione fiia nohtit cutoeeadlixiere ,9( cume* 

« 4.a«» 


* The R^afon of 


4 3|nftoel0 «ce atCOalttta In l^ato to be perpetui inimici , tD(tl^>j|K)m Jnfiels. 

a Cb^^ian oncbt toliate no peace, but petpetaal.emnftle anii ))otti« 
IftlejaccojQtnQ to tbat oC tbe lapJltle, s Cor. 6, i ^.C^ux autem eoncordia 
Cjo.\.iAlA.\i. Chriftooim Belial ?autquxpotuofideU cum infidcli?j3ROtbel4lto^ 
in.C4/i>)Mcar« Judxo Cfiriftianum nullum ferviat mancipium , nefas enim eu gucm 
Cbciflusredemic 61alphemumChn(liinfervituusvinculis dctinere: RegilU 
283. Infidelcs funt Chrifti 8c Chriftianorum inimici , anO beretOitb a* 

0tdrtb tbe book in i r H. 8. fol.4. ipbere ft (« Mben > tbat a Jpu^an 
eamiot batieo} maintains anp aitlen at at; ano npm t^l< gtoano 
. tbeTef0'aDlt)ttfttfebetlD(enetbe.^bn((aelloC aConnttpofaCb^lSI* Thcp^twerof 
an|9}ince> ano Vst Conqneft oC a Coonttp of an 3lnfhel> (o» If « aCmqueiow, 
l^^fnce obtafnea Cb^fttlan Coanttp bp Conqaett , feeing tbat be batb 
vies scnecispoceftacem, b^ map at bl0 pieafttt( alter am cbange tbe 
l«tDe0of tbat i^atfon ; bntiintfll bt^oo maltt an alteration , tl^ ancl« 
ent iial08» tbereoC ftaft temiiin : ^oteoben if a Cb^lftlan |^}lnce 
ftonlo conqner a Conntrp of an ^nftsel , ano b>lng tbem nnoer fubjig* 
, pXm , tbete ipfo facto tbe IratDes «C tbe infio^ ate ab;osated ; fo> 
tbepbe noton^p agalnft Cb^ltlanftft > bat agalnft tbe i/ain of <IDoi» 
ano nature* eohtalneo <n tbe Decalogue : Inolntbat taOnxatin cer^ 
talnel«t0e0be eftaUKbeo amongfttbem, tbe|B}fneebpbln<ftU»e> 
fiicb Inigea a0 be flixft app^ > <balljn90e tHkm ano tbeir cauJPeo ac« 
. covins to natural eqaltp ano original 3altfct> in fat^ fo}t 80 f^inst 
fn ancient time olo toitbln tbeir ftingDome0 > be&» anp certaine mn< 
nieipal lUitmt toere eftaUIOieo : 19at tobece a fQ^ince, batb tbe <lDo* 
bemment of a jetton hg oeCcenti feeing tbat; bp tbe l«bK0 of 
tbe #at(on (« Mtb fnberft tbat SU(l^ttB% be cannot cbange tbe 
l,alne0 tbeceof Inftbonttbe (onCimt tttbe #<opUa8^mbl«B(n#at* 
Uament* h 




the Common Law.' 


A Lea (e with 
condition to 

acne of a 

mtdm . 

II Maxiies of Reafoii r 

taken from 


' * • ^ ■ • 

8 The ^ulej from Grammar arc infinite, in the Etymologic o 
WOTds , and m the Conftruftion of them > what their nature 
IS finale , what joyned withfothers, &c. 

f a man tnailte8 3.eafe foipeareo Co-inftpani 
terertfns a rent, tDtt() a conoUfon, »«3>«« 
tl^at it Vft xm be MinB , t^e HcO 
t9% iliaD tt'tvttzt, ano take t\)t p^o* ' 
fitd> nntin thereof l)e be fattsfiei}; fn 
t^i9 cafe tbe profits lliaB be ac« 
tompteo as pircet of tbe fatfafa* 
(tlon 7 anooatfng tljettoe tbatba 
fotaketb tbe profits ) beflbaO not 
bat)e an adian of Debt fo; tbe tent, 
fo; tbe fatf 0fiia<OH tobereof be fo ta. - 
ketbtbe )(itfttst but if tbe tovaxU 
tfon be > tbat be ftall ta&e tbe {i»« 
«ta, untm be be fatlafpea ano pato of tbe rent (ttttbpnt fep<ng thereof) 
01 to tbe Uke e<fe«,tbete tbe pjoits ft"* b? atcijniptpD no part of tbe ta* 
ttsfaHon , but ohelp to batten tbe Uttin to plij? tt , am nntlU be be fa< 
tlafteobcfliaB taketbepH<ltatobt8 otonenfe, ; 

' * |f alenfebc maitte. Habendum fibi a die fonfcctionis , tbe Bap Of Col.I.f .94. t, 
tbe making is erctdbeQ ; to% (a) vel (ab) ta diet Jo fignificativa primi termi- jn taiirickt 
ni aqiio, ficutdictioCulqHe) tcrpiiniad quero, ^(a) vel (ab) accipiturex- Cafe, 
cLifive. Videinfrarij.&Max. 54. ». . ' ."'^ ,■ .-' ' 

3 PoffelTio, 10 Betftje* a Pos ano fcdeo, becante be.tbaf (9 in poOieltion co.u. jr. b, 
mapfitooWnihtepoCe ami quiet.: fo alfo leifuia- is oetibeo i fedendo, in BniumuM 
foj ontill be batt feiOn al ia tabor, Dolor, & v«Mtio fpiritus j bat isDben , c«fe. 

||ebatbrct^n,be^ QtbOtDnanQteftt How/beit, Quatrc, vvhcther or 
no poffcflio be derived of. Poft ardCedeo , bccaoft he that hath pofTiflion fit* 
downc litt,and feifina fecrnes to he c^rivtd of the Ftcrich 'word (eifer, which 
f^nifics tolay hold.on. '. 

4 Tcmpus femeihe btinc fpofteit in tbe0neRtac nniiibet(a< appears in co.i.<.tf >. a. 
tbel©idionartea)iiinifictb]!>alf apeatojCri<»i*tb«jviz.fatbOrmo* w^"*** 
netb0>qui conficiuiit dfmi^iutA anni,(| tbete is a great Biberfitie in ont cs* ^''^* 
moit fp&tb bcttoeen a T^eIre-moneth(bein0 f) fiH^lat nambet )db in* 

C a (lnoi0« 

i3« The Rcafott of iKiax. 8. 

aioliole^ene acco^ufngtotl^e iidenQtt > ant twelve teoncdis (mr^e 
platal nntnbet) \^t\^ tbill be cprnpnteQ acco^odig to 2S Dapes f» t' 
tetp monetft, Vide ?i. 13. 
Co.1.8 8 j.b. ia J A. ftetoiCetIb to B. 1 00 %\fkii aito ten ]IBiiloc1»>an9 10 1. f fluf n0 amo ^ .• 
^^SSfr r P5P«We peatel? oat of W« lantt»; ijtce,ttjelatl (and) otnoptiest^ 
caic tentftomt!»«»^«p ana Salockes: 3tf» otijettoift; (f be b«9»et)f« 
Ceo tbem tbus, 1 00 ftbee^ ten l5itBocl(e0, am le 1. iiearete > fo> tben 
tbe (and) tonneretb tbem all togetbtt •> aim tben tbeif are al to be {ixf o 
Ifeatelp^aatACtbtlantff » 4 .. ^ «Bo»0; t»bicb patte anoet tbe name of i^rtfn, are-^ font fioteb Ratine words, 
ortwwcafe. tijgji^j ijgOTano concntoae l^ttnalobwo bpODjamnciami; ani 5«A«fj««d 
tbio (tD|tb<i|it (}oettoJi) i9l9ttb<R tbe Statute of ^^i^E. j.ij. tobfcb ''V*'/^^* 
oipa^nei, fbRt afl pltatf. fb4i bn entteb atto ettMe» in Latin, iDbe fe< 

Ciflm (o;t ate facb tOO^S a0 tbefe> MeiTuagiutn, Toftum, Gardinum, Bru- 

era, Jampna,&c. jBClet^ano tbeUke aze iAoioeo notonlip tn^leao, 
but alfo In original lo}ft0 ; fo> tbefe >te tacQ too^bs as are kno)one to 
tbe ^ages of tbe xeMh ana ace alio toiflfn tbe Atatnte of 36 E 3 . XatM 
tD0»8 as ate ci«ei> toojos of An > and ate Sequent alfo fn otbet jfrc j« 

SMfCes* a«anion8<tbeCiviliaos> RepriTalia, Feuda,Sh«f>a, Sollaria^c. 

tDbonfemanptime0toen>la(netbembpAi^lice,fc, 80 SoUaria angli- 
ce ^ate<boute0> 9Dbe)BbFttcten0 alfo nteBrothiumfo;b}ittb> *ns 
tbelfke: C6etbfcbfo}ti»fM(ieanii fneo»s«aen9Eatfn,<tbts%alla* 
batea» ojifsfnal bnlt« bat flPRS not make a 3tniieM tnft, coant> 
f leaBing, ei luosement bfeions (fa» i|Ui Hatln IIkiII fti Oicb cafes be a* 
menaea :) ^no tbetefeie (a fortiori) focb Irattaojfolfie tfnslilli fliall 
notatjofta gtanroio&e, tPbentbe intentfonof tbepattles mapap> 

M.j,&4. pcate, asinabflOJbonb, Octogcnta, Scptungema,Wiginti, Scwteenc, 
El. R. 1 3^0. 0} tbe Utte, (bafl be talien Cn Octo^U, Septugenta, Vigintl, ScftTcn- 

M.44, & 4f . tccne &c. nib toben tbece fs no latin fo» a y»m > as fo) a Stipip, vd- 

R.i«5i. veti^c. StrapLdia,Velyetuin^.mapbeuCei>,becaM&tbepbat}efi|peconn« 

« H , u teiiante of latin, fo allft Operimcntum fo> a ilns0e t !Bh)tBbeit> (n fncb 

» hIIj. Mffe, (foj crplanatton Jsiw) ft toffl be tt altb to hifett tbe Ipojo Anglic 

M.ii . Jac. ce, as Opcriinentum anglice a SUlSS^ , Duas viigatas vdveti , anglfte> of 

Telvct,&c. SDbe foattb ann Uft to;f are inC^nSUe Iooms , as in a aSz 
Ofa1&epi;et)tn> P.3^£l.Gawinscate,Vitriuinfo» Vicrum, (tiaflie: pet 
(fntb9tea(e>tbeCout|&ivtntlineonelptea9)aogett falft latin, be« 
caafeftbaufbe connteitance of latin, anotbe Contt.toas faepicientlp 
aftectafneb, tbat gUlIe V^0 meant bp ft. in ^ 3|f 1 g(^( j)OQ a q„^i^ Qf Igfoe , p^^ f|^ not batje tbe qnatt^pot, Pbrafe of 
T^rtr/rfx« j^jjjj fif^epoB an»ojjHeafl»ofttin», poa(li«Bb«t>etbe ^ogtbeab; fp^tk* 
&} tbe pbTaft oftbe Eancmage eni^efCetb tbe intent; fb 1 1 actes belong^ 
fng to a ^eibage biffl (olificfentlp Declare , tobfcb 1 1 acres are meant, 
altbongb lano is not piop«lp t^itt to belong to an bootK, bnt t|e 

C6.l.i.7».a. 8 iM^> in Docwtas'ca(ie,27 H. 8. \Z. a. in Littl. cap. conditions, 14. £1^ whereaft«3 
theLordc«». Dyer jii. 4. and j. P. M Dyer 1 5a, tbat tbis fBO}Q Proyifo makes 8 ^^"S^***. 

wft c»f«. (Bouitiotr t tfitt D^beik f be t^rottTo oepenbs npon^anotbet fcntent^, oi '*;SJ^'** 
Qatbtefettncetoanotbcc pattoftbetso, it nether makes a conoition, ' 

but a q^alfScationv)} (imttafiiM of tln^ fentenc^ o? pstt oftbe otfro, nn* ' 

tofvbfcb it tefertesrasfn'fEU 21. inter Eyre anb Orme, anotaUe 
car? : fo in 7 M. d^a legt^ toitbont impeacbment of toalt, provided, tbat 
be Otal )tof make bolnntatfe troft t 3|n Littl. Scct.3 so. ^ gtant of rent 
cb3rge,provided,ibat tbe grant^^ (bafl not cbatge Qis peclbnt Traming- 
tons cafe in tbe K. B. 5. 75. El. Rot. 27 J tbete a ^pwbfto tenofng to a 
qnaUif catfw , aii^tia erplaf ne a p^ceoent tentence ; makes not ffton« 
bitiotr: jElns 3,4. p;. M. 150. Pitrkerscare> afj^iobifo amonnts to a 
^otJenani tee i« H. g. Dyer. 1 3 b. . 

9 Sb^ee 

t^Ki&iti 9. 

the Gommon Law^ 






aent of a 



.^ 9 SCt)«e torn Kwiiwfti Jan oWf^patforrtfttis, Obligamus nos& utnim- D3wri,.ii4. 
que doftrum pei fc pro toto & in folrd." iC^ tfacttim toas, \Vlfit^tt 6% HQ »» *i-«. 

tbt8oUig3tfdntDi0fet)eT«l; iano one of ttje faggea toad ofbpfnion 
t^at tt tTO0 n8tfel)(ral;be(iMfe utrumquc j0 p^operlp of two , vjz. both j 
jatjn <t iftotrtlaftatjeb^nquemlibctnoftrum , &c. tD^ mojt fftianr ttod 
are baano j ^otubctt ft tttmti to ttje €o«rt tlwt <tie obUgattorr \oia 
C003 ana tmtal; Vide J 1. 1 2, 

10 jftbeottfetf* coniltnKtbefcftatBof fbe olfeffd?, fbowgb ft be^.,., 
bnt fo^ an boat be fliall babe a latofuE tttatt in fee ftmple fo> ebcr, quia * »"• 
cjoftmiarc dt firmntafaccrc. 

It 3|ftbeftfngo? a common pertongtant omiiiainamcffu^ia inte- Co.i.t.jj.a, 

nora Joluinni^Brownefcftuat. in Wells, ttbeteasilt ttotbfbep lititiD, clk^"" 

frrtWflfefe, becaufetbegtaittfagenetaiaimfBt^fftafneotoatertaWe 
ai>otDne , tlit IBatent^ tn <Pjant^ (baH not babe ani» lanos out of tbat 
S^otone, nnto tob^cbtbe gener^tie bf tbe grant teftrte0> anvtbfe 
cafe (0 tbe fttonget , betanfe of tbt ^^onne ills > fe; omxrh Ah 
mefluagia&c, maketbnetettjlrp reference 80 toell to tbe tdtDtte,-a0t0 
tbe tennte of I. B. ftttbatfteftbet firfle, tbe genetatf grant in bofB? 
fo7 lUa is not fati0fieb> nntfti tbe (eMencebe enbeo> anvilia g«be[n0 tbe 
iDbolefentencetotbefatpjfiit. Vide infra majt. to. cap. y. 
1 a JrtseattitM cif oenitfe toiere fngtialtoD beating «wte t$e i6 of May C"- J- ^'l: ";, 

Anno 2 y. Eht. to hi^e and cb hoW for three ycares frbrii henceforth an!) tbft ^^ ' 

litB entnree ioere biliijetett at 4 tfil^e dock in tbt ^etnone of tbe 20 

Bap of J urte Anno pradictd Eli2. |fi t|Hiiiafe,from htnceforth (bafl be a<i 

coi^nteQ from t|e time of tbe oelib^ it fbe3|rn^tiKte0> and rtot bf a* 
np Cdnfpitation from tb^ O^e, fo? from henceforth, i0 iNl mucb 80 to fap) 

ftom tb^ maisinfg, ci^.frmii ttie tii^tf tl^ beTib^tp of tbi^^oentiite^; 
0? acoiifectione ptcfeftthjfift; l^tit^e tje coftfetfiftfb* moKirig of tbe 
leatecoifnnentetb %ttheM*^ti fi*^ f^^fe ^M (t6m henceforth 
6% aifp tftiitt iai^i Htm WHOenWiikt Wot of #pl6i!ce o^effea flUitm 

tbetelftierp, C^uiatraditio fecit 16^ tatenr, VKfc'ftlp?sl2, 

.. • ^ . • . / ■ 

^ /» CdnjmBivit opmet utruni^'^ W dis^tinBlvif [t^tcit Mterani 6««.i»r 
partem eJJ'everam, ' ' !•.:.• '«>l.i».a. 

X 9ei8n»0be0ibe«int«fl^itileHjORbfticarifbatif tbe tenant alien Lini.^r/r.}<v 
infiK , fee taile , O) fojtecme. of Ufeic* 'ann* alfo if afl tbe iflue0 of 
tenant in tail Die Mtbont iine > tbB( tbrn ft jB^aB ^ {ato^B fo^ tbe 
ODnbiane bi^ befcerto te<^entnn<4iere) tberigbt^ tbe intaile map 
t|ii0l»af (after iiifiofitiHttance):be pjeferbeb t^ tbe iOtie in taile (ft 
anpbe) fbtb^t nponnitcp of tbeoono^ano |i0beir0 tb^ eiCNte^attc 
HiAnot H seCeatSB toti focb cenotti^n. ;Sno fst tn M mtit thi 
tenant te taile 09 9f0'beire0 mtle an? bifcontiijinance y fit in ttiete< 
beef ono» bi* beicett after tbe efate taile lieterniiittB (f^) beffiiitt «^ 
ifiie) vMt enter inter tbe tarni bp fb}ceof ,tbat comfif fori > aiii^ (ban 
net be pot b»bt*?^n^(^^i^ reverter. iM% tbi^^ere Littleton bpt6' 
l^tfnfeff maftefokxeiQf ^e^oftion in.tiwcow^Ve; i jiz^ tm 
tbe tenant iff taile%iil» alien) «c» andaB ^mmiiy^c^'txii.ui 
gMttatatte bemaseto-8^nianatntbebeice0ofbr»bobp, an^ftfidoie 
tDftbtitt be<re0 of b<0 bonf , tbattben tbe WflHi ana 1)f0 betre0 iHiair 
tei^nter ) tbie i0«rbo^.c«i»ftien ; ,fe; tobVi tbe i!lIne0Cfiile > tfie estate 
beCetntf nftb bp. ei^e<Ee Umftation ^ anb (conteqnentlp) tbe aooitta 
oCtbeeonbitlontoiBefMttbatT t0bieb-i0beterminieDbptb'e(imftafi^of . 
tbreflfitet i0bo^; ano fntbi0catei^to{6oCtbeQon&0ia1lbeen' '. 
Miiie%$. StotbeteCrie Littleton to maxe tbe consttiott gab, ab&eo/in , 
aHeMbfon, tDbicb«ni«nite»to«|-li»ons, anbrefl^aiiieb noftbi'atie* . 
MRtton onelp (ib} tb'eii p^foriu? np>ik tbe' alienMliA tIjeiioAoV, ^c;^ ' 

€ 3 migbt 

Co,Inft.pan t 

14 The Reafon of • <SKdax,^. 

mti^t tt-'tnttt ant oefeat t^e eSate taile) bat aBiwtb , and die without 
idue, tot^e«nBtI)at t^etigltit of V^ eftate mislfi. bt pjefemb > am 
not Defoatrabp tliecomiftion > bntmtetit be ucobeted acalris bptie 
f One f n tatte in a Forniedon. 
CoJba.tiy.«. a j^0te» tbatin a consitfon confiltfne of Ditettf part « , fn tbe copu- CsnjundiMi 
V'Z^l^''^ latiTc (aaabobB intbecate of Littleton) botbpatt« matt beperfojm* o»p«i«tiveaiui 
CafeT «5 i bat otbettofte ft ia , toften tbe conoftlon ta tatbe disjunctive ; fo> ^i*>mft «. 

in disjunctivis liifficit alteram efl'e verun, Isbat tben if tbe Conoftion 0} If< 

mitatton be botb in tbe copulative ano disjunctive » as <f a man make a 

Ua'fe to tbe baebana ano trife toi tbe tetme of ai peateo > f f tbe bat' 

bam <tDtfeo;ani?cb<I* bettoetne tb^nifeiongli^ejamfl^entbetDite 

ofetbtirttbOnt ifUty ibat tbe leafe continue ojoetermine outing tbe 

life of tbe baobano ^ SCbeanftoer ia , tbat it fiiatt contiaae i fo) tbe 

_ disjunctive tefttretb to tbe tobole J ana oiolopnetb «ot onelp tbe lattec 

n'V'^-' P«taato tbetbil*^ bat alto to tbe bacn ana feme; to as tbe fence i», 

Ctfc ' iftbebatmfeme,p>ani?cbilDlbafltoloH6lit)e» Iboifaaatebe lirai. 

tea to certaine pettons > nntiA A. fbaB come from bepona dea , ana | 

attainto bio full-age) o; aie ; bete , if be totb come ftom bepom fi»ea, ^ 

0) attaioe to bi0 foU age> tbe ufe ibafl ceate* 
^ ft*n['*'v 3 3" Avowry ei^ption toao tatoi to, tbe batte» becauf^ tobere N«r«oVe 
sarumSk '^ abotpant baa aiieaageftbp matter in fad , tbat tbe olTice (fo» tobicb r4^»nt. 
tbeannuitietDaoaae) baa biengtantea totucb perConot pettoneas i^ieaiing. 
pleatea tbe l^iflbop of Saram, ic« tbe aefemant in bis bacte baa pleaa* 
C3 ta tbe negative ) tbat tbe taia office bai> not been granted but fo) 
tbe Uf» of one> f c^ ana tberefo;etbe ^tiaant ougbt to babe conclaiea, 

9c hoc quzrit , ,quod inquitatur per patrianb tobereas be concluaeo aB biS 
plea.ipttb) & hoc paratus eft veri^care, &c. fed non allocatur jfo; tbe 

4boibaitt aBeaageanot tbat tbe taipi^off ice bao b&ne gtantea> fc, to 
oibers perfeqs , bi^ to tacb pe^op ^^crfons as pleafoa tbe ]l5ifl)op ; £c 

indisjiHKtivic CufCicK alteram efle.verum : C^tbat tfit tefomant Oia Not 

«.v< I trabettctobflttbe^lbotoanibaaallepBgea* *: 

SS;; r,fi. 4 SDbe »tatate of i El. i j. (Co; tbe papment of »nb0aies fo> S^et« nu,^. 

Ftgiigtsciie. jijgjrtjjj) isintbc disjunctive, viz. tbe tabfia.ienotpjio, o)tbeCcl« "^J'*^"'' 
Into} mt agrdea toitb : )Kna tberefa>e if eitbet of tbefe be aone tbe tn» 
tentoftbe|l»tatNteisperfo}meo» . 

PI ii,j«. 5 ^^ Statute of a<5 H.g.j. is tn tbe disjunctive, vi%. tbat eterp ^"i"»ftw«. 

'* "' ' |»afton, iKicar,<c. lobitb before tbep enter hpontbeit beneftteaoe 
not fotisfie, content o> pap , oj (omponm o^ agt& to pap to tbe 
HingtbeCttt'ftoitsVfc^ Qiafl;i)e tabita. as^iBtraaets ; jamtbete^ 
fo^e altbongb tbep oo mt pap •aoHn tbeftttt^ftnits immetiatelp , bat 
agree to pip tbem, o»(astb^Colltotiiifi(i0)8<be bomfo»tbeiii,ft 

Dyer 41 1> ^ ^ ^ettbantbabiRg papea cnttom fo} certain Clotbes^Aips tbem ChAow 

&c. JO kt. fo} bepom<tea,f in a tempeft tbe 9artiners(fb} tbetiifiegnara of tbern* ceaiej. 
telbes aha tbe^fbip) tsete Uitgn to Vfiom tbe €lotb» om ba^o, am 
cdmmfngbaclttotbeffimepoYtV tbepasbeatbeCoitomec ttbetbeto^ 

«• V 'no tbep migbt (batiing ^t misfeUnm) ttantpojt as manp moM 
ClotbestbitboatpapingCnttome, tbeCnftomettotatbembetboifSbt 
tbe^niigbt) tobicb tbep eia acco^ingip ; Weapon an JnGi^mation 

being^^odgbt , tbeilline ^opneafoas, QuodCuHomarium& Sdilidium 
nonmci^t lolut. nee cum CoUeciore coiKordat. Sedonmino conce]at*& 
llibilract; contra fornum ftatnt«,&c. ;3mit foas fOom bp tb* ()ifi prius 
at<DaHb<bafl>Quod.Cuftomarium&Subndium, See. nonconcelat. Ccfub- 
Ihac^ contra formam(fatuti, &c. ^m btte it bt8« tonbtea fobetb^ tb* 

beroiaJDas fo; oi agafnft tbe Hing; fio) tb» beraia bxo birne per* 

feet if it baa b^n> Quod non fiierant concelat. autfubftract. fftbt 3|n< 

tv.W. intemjta to.ftna fn tbe oefenoant; bat notp tbeir intent 

.'...'.'•• ■ - • . •' -- ■■-'■■■ (aj- 

iSMctxho. ' tte . Common Jjaw^ 15 


jt> Words in conftru^ioii irittft be rcftri«ed to* the nact antecc- ' , '. 
dent, where th? matter it felfc doth not hinder it,^ 

HoDaimleT i Jfs mattfiftjeoiallOtO ASfhsrcdibusdcforporcfuo, tietfWallt* *^*'J"*'P*"*' 

wbocgowlor ^ toEinforipapr»dicta, t^t tea 00^0 .dtftte toB. betaqC^ infoiriqa ***•**• 

**^ przdiaa 9otb IncUfoe tlie ot^et ; l^ut <( a man l^et^ lanntftv a» fo) Co,4bui.3tiJ>, 

ufc> t^etenMfitQettoB. ftttafl> t^ forma pr9:diaa> 
X\^^ laft temalmiet (0 l^ofo tO) tb» nncertafntfe i ^otDbeftif tteri* 
tnalnper ban been > tis vf magnet to C. in t^deiii f dfma > tl<«r|i9l> W (n 

a goob tSate tait^ (0>, 1<l:m lumper proximo ancecftieriu refenur. 
Rflcafv. 2 M.teleafet|p.toN.Omnini0da$ajSliouestini jcalei quim peifonales, Cp.1,«.ij;4Jj, 

fe£bs, 'qusielas , & detnanda quxfcupquc , nee noh toum dotem'luamac ^fr*«*5P»fc 
titalum & a«^ionem docis Hbi contingent, poO mortem JC, viri fill de alic 
quibus terris 8C t'eiiementis fuis in'^H?, qux vel qu^s ilia pr*fata ^. vcl exc- 

(ucprcsfuiverius ipiimi/^>|c; ^ere> tlb^li)Q^D09(il{lation(Qi>%vel 
quds) 00 Tet«tre..80 tneB to tiie ip^cfal Ivo^os Dowers, ifx,, as to'tlie si^ 
neraO 1dq}O0 Actions, 'See. anB Demands ; fo3 (t ioonlb be agaf nft rta* 
ron> tbat Vm CboalQtefert* to tbe genetal too^os > tobicb ate mm 
temote> ano nottot^ie tDOjosof qaaUi[catton> lobfcbste xiktzi imto 
Pretended ? jE^s statute of 3 1 H,s. 9' p^ot^iots ) tbat none fbaB bnp dgl^s p] <^o \%a. ib 
(%>»*• 0} tities^ in land) , otileffe fiicb pCT(on>«c f^aDe b^ne in pofC^on of it^ p^ri^jkcf oTt 

0} of tbe tei?eraon «} tentaimiet of it , o; bat>e talten tbe irents ano 
profits of it bp tbe fpace of one tobole peate nejrt before > ^ete, 

■ tftefe tDO>B» by the f^cc of one vifiolc yeare , (ball lie onelp tetetteO 

to tbe (entente nert beto;e ri^t tbe taitin^ «f tbe Tent« an^ p;o« 
. fits* ■ / • ■* ■ . 

A«KTUnd». i Jtbe tWatiite of 3 1 H. s. 1 3. ojoaines , tbat fatmets of jabbep pi co im «» 
Lcafe*. lano^i to^^cb bao tben Heates in beinc) tboutof en|op tbem fo} ai ruimtrhnt 
ftdtta ftoih tbe time of tbe malting of facbUafes, if (0 manppeatff ^f^f 
tsete tbefein limUeo ; p% ctfe tbe; fbonlo enjop tbem fo; (0 man; 
peares, as in fa(b leateo; ieatira toere erpjefleo* fotbat tbe fam^ 
leafe o> leafcs ei^ceoeo not %i ^ptati ; ^ere, tbis |aff fentence, fo thac> 
(Ctelates to tbe ^ante nentboins before it, am) not tgtbe fttft; 

A<i pi^oximum anteccdensfiat relatio,' 

Alieaatiooor 4 feit Th. Chcyncy iA i ElBettfetb, ft* to H. bid ttomp , anjto tbe $?•'•/•*!!•■' 
am cpcaiL j^fres male of bis booie, temainnet to Th, Cheyncy of D. an© tbe beftres 5~i;^i.r, 
mate of bis bo:jie upjn tomiitiow , tbat he oj diey o) any of tbetii ftaU '^'^ • » 
notbifcontijiaet Cbe qnefliontDas, tobetber 0} no H. tbe fonneloas 
tMlnoev tpitb^ tbefe tiK)}98 he 6} they ; and it toas t^folt^eo b; Wiay 
anni Anderibn after (onfetence baQ tnifb ttbet 3la»0es> tbat tbafe too^os 
fboalb not be refet r eo to tb^ gt^nt mave. t? H. tbe tmnf , bnt onel; t9 
Ibe grant mauetoTh.Ch, of D. ;. 
«^^ 5'©0»El.grant»<oI.S. Totamillamportiooemdccimaium^ftc, inL, Co,I,4,jf,i, 

incoffl.N.cumomnibD^aliisdecimis'luisqttibufcunquein L. in did):, com. Mt^maS^ 
N.nuncTelnuperin occupauonel.C. ^ete, tbefeUftiDO^tS nuncvei 

nupei', Sec. referfe to tbe tD^e fetttence > ano not to tbelater pirt of ' 
Iton^P) ^z- cum omnibus aliis , tec. i ISecanfe tb^ irf tDo^Ds are -' 

-Totam illani portidnem Decimahim^ 8cc. 1^0 tbat tbiS f^onoitne iUam 

Ibetaetb pUiinir> tbat tbete ongbt to be (oUeqaent Uioids f en^in,am> 

4cmiceft> into certainties iiibat p^ntonb; tbe intension of tbe l^n^maB 

iw td«rBi9 ^ 0ca»t9% Tiz. tbat tobicb tvas in tbe occni^jtiiH of I. C> ^m tb^e* 

«f jiui^ ln«^s ]r;ononn^ lUam isitot (atisSeo> mittlfen cpme to tbf (a| 

16 The R(aifon (tf iSMikAV 

m kH fl^eCmtirtttt : t S^ ttian^oAcHM cui* AtibibusaUis,«c» con* 
Vle0 t^t Uft 1P0}B« t»tt( tie fio»ii»t) «iiD IMftMi t|e fttWiqlieat 
l0o»s.te(ette to tlie lololefetiteiice. Vide fupta Max. 8 Cafe 1 1. 
brer4«.hb ^ gttinttitimnt (iyiiitfiitito aimiitt} t|at Elte.ftritinpacc^. iodia««n 

^3i>& 3*. quoufque A. Tir pic&ts Eliz. de D. in «oni,S. yeoman did kiB her, te i^M; 

^ (l}t|ieswtf{oiiyeoma»»lto(iieceftitp ttfmetoi|e1(iit(Ufftbe* 

ante 9 woman C8tltf»t be « yeoman : IBnt «n Unfatment , Qiioufque 
Alicii S. dfe D. ib codiit S. uxor 1 S. Sbirtfter,80c. is net goodkgain tiXkz S. 

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matt riiAft tetette to l.s.Mhft t1)e ■&]» atiti^tMtin> «(ttt fe tie live* 

.E <t ttianMft^aMftUn x UWUWk aikfiMfailtem asafnft i. s. feiriens 

9 .4«4«* j^ Y>. de D. in coi^j^. Ktidd. yeoman > <o iWt gOOO ; (11 fetvant is HO aOBf* 

oto,ah»yeot&in, t^c^ totl^ 9^aiti^> t0|tt|(B tie nertantec^t 

unt. . . . 

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** "•>• ittaf n^ec td I. S. in forma prxdiaa -, t|is flial itot ttCiftte to t|e eftate, 4ifi: 

tolf c| {is tie isict leMe, lot to t|ii ftttt MNte l^taat^ tiett lumto 

tie toojb heirettoadl^iiititolaWdfieftatetatte. 

DjrcriUd. g ^Mlft KUtiillll tO ftliOi m ii^SUXA HL I.S. lD|0ft1lHtrQ», t|at Rehtios •{ 

tieotte 'patt'{> 1(1^11 pap before Qtclafeaft i6U n t|e^9!|et> Motiat tine* 

StK tie of|et Hal Maltt |lm a telealie* fl^ imn (ben ftal not 
; retecti^ te t|e IMit, lot te t|i tfliie « parMtot e( tie mo* 

Dyeti>Id. 9 3|naCiuinvital}oag|tbpa(inB^t|e1n|ttl0>OiiipfaiaTiufua,C»wv^^^ 

contradicere nbn, i^'c. t|fd lOOtO fua Qadl nfOt Ife teftttd ad proximum 
atuecedens Viz. ip(a> Satlo'tleKKeiU 

xi tl^eltwddighceth inapt exprefliohs. 

Ca,inft.|iaiii t ilRA|MU(it)et « l^ohStdtatiMi bot| enlac0e n ^ anuiate of ammhIi: 
fo».a. anlenttance tleceontiit to be apt tpojoo (ao Littl erp}eSet| tleHi "^^ '^ 

Co.ibia. 2 jfaftflfeifo) biaki^iiilM& b»i<»i?c^uo,t|eoH(eirir iiii(;>cflitt< ^ ... 

t„. «. State j»atm « tlsCe jjeato , lot tlW tt flmft be hp ..pi HWOft ; U%^ P»nfinnawii. 
^ft nM cofiStme imtm^ denittMi t|e eftate o( ^ l^eS^ ; to) (ti 
k|at:ca{e(t|eag|{ttbtottII be bat ^ iA laifre) ftfefteetle oilt^ttb^ 
Xk. tm\z m e^ CUi fan Istie ft trk LioL Sect. 519 am 5^0.) am 
tUn'allbtieaMiitlloi) dTpatcelof tieterlfie tDitil»be¥epa$iiaht , tirtlfc 
iDiole tnete conttmeD beie^; bottle coiifitmatfon imit be ottii 
ItinfttDnitt of fi^tecine» 
cb.f.i«f.«. 3 inb0e0 o«0|t't6toioto t|e litteiftfoti oTtle fiatffeoblp cettiUliti m rw«s.*»a 
ia c<r»(a CNiBHe fooili, t[^U|a» aotiJtaMe anl conliNiaAt lb tie Glides ot uM«aib 
Cafe. ),^ i )^ l^eme It tatmbe ^ta bp beet to tfM , to |M)e aAo to w>ds; 

liBlD totfiem Schxredibus, 1^ftloftelo).t|eftCettffbafttafio ntticet* 
taftitv i Am albeft t|e^ ^ISfot kdaats ot Iwctatitif to t|em ano ti» 
vmwm > lib llall hot tfOile f|t Itft imm > folb^ ite aittet* 
tatoaimt»tt|oat(enb,tobeorto)ceaiiteKMliiUto, altloagllitt « 

intattap^eate; ft)|i0fmeiitoa0|tbeQecla»DVjr tBO]iB0 cei^^ 
f ffnfyhawt to fate^ 
Co.Ua«ja. 4 Hf one Clttl t^0 , Wfe anidilet > 1 do here dcmifc my himwnet 
Sbmt'Ctk, boufeforierrMofyourlile; ^If a^Olbegtortne, fftttttal i&»b« JST 

ihi^ u^ytlbMS^y ta ift leHiIie i^itttoiiw} i»(fc|tinf amoftitt to h 
mnci; bnt M^mvaecg o) &ic| tonoe > tbc| a bemifie aof^ «• 1 . 

' meant but to a lexfl at tt». Vide Thoroi^oods cafe *Co. 1. ^ f 

c»!tf.4<a .^ 3n.4k Anthony Nlildh»yescateittoa0obCiRbeo,t|atto<|e'^iib^^ 
" ^ ' i9tlece (to tefttaine tie tenant fn tail from altoi8tfon)fo«iio at latse **^ 


^axAii the Cotmnon taw^ %J 

bp t|!» f|iecei«l imote) tfine foet* MOM t^ »ttm&mo tooiM, ii^ 
( «0 (te one boolui) fv^ti tl^ tewifit in tafl lou teftcaf iico Ctf m tife* 
nation > tlicte Inece tmotc ttneltie iooxie $ Hcc fuic Candida iUius xtatis 

iides & limpi)citas> ^uae paucidis lineis omnia fidei firmamenca pofiRietuat: Co.Li6.jb.b< 
Bitmap be aKtoMecdeo •, tl)att^l»tatiite0niattt before tbe reign of s«t(mHo- 
H.8. toecefto^tant conctfe, butftont Itotlme (efpeclallp frointbt 'K'"'' 
tiDetitietl ifeate of lio ceisne) tbip ate vanOn iiio» p)oiti; am \sAvmi* 
nottO) tobereae l-atoes ano ^;ecept0 onebt to be(bo>t amagnttk 
cant , to tbe enD tbif. snap be »8tp NnBetfloA > amtbe' bottev iitabt* 
e» in tbe mamtuMt > aaojoifig to tbat of Etafmus (n bto telfgiono col< 
.laqaJexPrxftat paunaTtde difc^re » quata tnulta cum utdio dcrorare ; )3itB 
tbatoTHoraccj ... 

Quioquid pratdpiesefto Bt^viS) uc cit6 dicU|. 
Pctcipianc aaiai docilcs) .teneancqacfidfitet. 

ftucliife. ■e SL ^itfatpiim to have allwiU Swans ^ whichare fer« mtiux > and ^^ ].7.i8.«, 

Reli^ipiioa, not marked, nidifjcant. gigncnt. & fi^equeatant. within fucha Crcekc, to TheCtfc'of 
fUfoMMgnt; to^Motut^nfStftxiftim G»2a«R8nen, have s«ans« 
all Phelants and Partridges nidificaot. gigpcnt. &^equeocaQt. Wtfbin (iich a 

Maiinor, bat be ongbt to tav^ tbat^ batb Fre« ^-anen of tbem^toitbiii 
tbe^annoi; ft) albeit tbe; be nidificancu^ loitbftttbe Ij^nno), pet 
bexanttot bat» tbem Jure priTilegii bat tmifi,f (o long m tbep are taitlt* 
tatbat plate: 9<>tDbeit a §^^txiftim tbnc ateagcb <0 8O0b> viz. 
tbat tDitbin (neb a Creelie tbere batb b^n timeont of tnim>>«c. a 
same of toilo (tmino net matkeo^oidificant^v^ Sim tl^N to p^irfcribe, . 
tbat fncb an-^bbot ano al b<0 fvetattfbngi ft* ^e alfoasni nfeo to 
iMbe an take to tbeic olMe ullr fttM of tbe bio totlo {tofDambano tbeic 
nimtM IMUjta tbe f;ii» €xiaie > fkiib a pMtiRfption (31 (ap) io qooi; 
Ui albeit f»liMtif ate nopal foliil > pet tbia toap a man map pitUtHbc 
in tbeaii > becante tbat map bate latMnl besfnning, viz. bp tbe ftings 
grant; • < 

itAtt&ieU 7 SCbc fo?me of a ta)it of lebt fbal he fometimee in tbe debet ano P.N.Br,88.K 
w. xletinet, ant(ome((me0intbedetineton^> amitben be tbe de- F.N.B.ii^.b. 

bet it ftal abate: 3|t (ban be alfnaptf in tbe deb$t ans detinet>b»ben be tbat 
ma&eo tbe bargaine o} conttaa o; bonotrstbe monep) o) b^i to 
iDbom tbe obligation to maoe) brings an atflonagainft bim tbat to 
bonno, o) io pattp to tbe bargain contratf o» bo^rotoing) ano alTo 
iPlentbeattion iaiooagbt foimonep: IDntifaman (d^o iiaartcra 
of iDbeat fo} an bo)fe , bete if be b}ing a to^it of oebt fo) tbe bo^fe, tbe 
fn^it ftat be in tbe detinet «trtp \ jinn tbefliile of tbe Regifter io,»< 

quod in brevi de^itot dc catallis nunquam dicctur qpbd ei debet : jftlfo if a 

f0}it of bebt be b}o«gbt bp eyecato^g npoti a ontie one totbeir tefta* 

. - to) > ibetnit flltA lie » qu6$ eis detidct, antnot debet 8c detinet , becauTe 

tbep mere not yactie to tbe coatcaa t fo liltebvife if a to}it of oebt be 
biangbt againft evecnto^e bp tbe tmXm nyon a tntie bp tbeit tetta« 
40} 9 fibe lD}it fbA be quos ei dct^ncm, ant not ddpcot & detinent^albeit 
be temano monep> aa ze 1. m anp otbet fiim. 

A""^* <■ %. Una toiit of anmitie tbrfo)«,ii ^uem ei debet, loben anp'cf.g 

tbtng tbatb* netmonep iaoemanbeB. 3ti0otbe]c1»ifein anaaionof '^•'^'"•'' ' 

vnt^ftftm tebt>fQ) if itbefo^monep, tbeiemanft ftattbein tbe debet, bnt if it * 
befo) aiip tbiKg etfe > ft fbal be intbe dc^tt ano not in tb debet: • 
jSlno in oebt aUO if a man u mano monep ano ten qjaarteta ^ ttbeat) 
tben tbe fo^meof Ibe bl)it Ibal be> Precipe A..qu6d juft^ySec. reddat B. 
decern libias, &c. quasei debet, {E decern quarteria&omentifi^zeiinjuftc. . . .. 
detiaetiStc. • 

p SfanitRbetaitetiiiifKeuition bp.tbo )MW(if .o90R«c»»&. ano 

^ tbe 


i8 The Region of <S\daxd7ji^. 

Biveani Mfe f t)tt pjifoTtet) MRtt«t?tot«e MnAoteof 33H.6.10. yntnntu 

Mamngham on of wbtbjdoglrt fcptfte {^ftetW agaftiHt^oWaCT^ft teiwaptcw* 

'*'^* clntoil fo^ tbe obH0<t to tangj judgement k action y iMt lie oajg;^ to 

eonel(l90-t»it| nienc fon hit; Un t^ %t9ttttt WS^ , if an obl^atibii b e - 

taken in attdthec tormey thtfn isc'ontlin^ in that Snuite, that it fhall be 

roidywui ttit be \itii, ittNUi t»<9 ftom tbe be^lmiins > am tlecefots 
tWbttlK«ta»Ot Vide plus ubiluprt. ''' ■ 
p.N3r.i f i.g^ I o mijea a imft of CnHonte^ aM ffctbfas ff intlt ticV o»et|^ Cua(^ aai 
t|rentbe!t)«maimant CUtAxannt eC t|i»(MinoC:Mfl>4lMet«9> amttie f«vices. 
to^ft ft^betntbedebttonet?; bnttnlieiileMmwoffifoottmefiEJiif, 
tben tbe toMt (ban be tntbe debet & folet. 

Cd.infi.i.t9i< II 3|t A. be accountable to B. anb B. teteatrtbtfm «H b^s botieg, Acnrnpt. 

'* tbi0<0nob8TtefnaN«tionoCaccoiii|^t4(n«Rtit0»|!t»ibtotMng0cec< ^deafe. 

tain, ano lobat (ball Can out upon an accowjpt i» n«c»cta{n:0ni albeit 
tbe latin foo)o is debiu , fit Duties DO onelp erttitD to aft tbinss Dne, 
tob<cb be aUo certaine; ^nb VftttXm Di0cbK0ttb 3fim*Bwa9 in f ec< 
fonafi action«> anb ttiecntionf aUioi» 

F.N.Br.8^ 1 2 QQbere a (tvM ta enDoton tXpxccA of bflt S&otoet > am MniD Dower. 
nentanD tbe reft againt (betBme tenant ano in tbe tsme tolon; 3in tbis 
ca(ie>(6} tbe tfcobetptbecoCfbtibaft bate a tai^it *Cci0bto(B>ol»er,am 
not a to}it of IDotnet iaid£ nihU habet ; Sn tbe tqo)Ds of tbia loHt toill 
not Cecbe > becauft fbe batbatreaD? receitei pait of bet ^otoet ; Shot 
tberefo^e (be malt of necdiftfe taz a tD>if of ii0bt Df 9>otoer to tecobec 

Co.ui.f^a.4 i} jUnEjectiontfitmatig^ iiotof aCtoCr* aitb«i0bft batba <er' Bjtiihmff 

iatdwtrd tafnenatlke, affDoTCiXX Ciofe> coatoinitig three acres, botit trnfffftt* *'• 

lawes Mfc be Of fio ttian? acree> ane oogbt aKbto •etti attobatnatncetbiflr acieg 
ate* 80 i^«a,9eaDotD,9affttce, «Bood» ^» 8ifbfibecettaM|»onBbt 
to be cothp;ireD in tbe Contt , becante' be fMH Teeebec. tbe foilelRoii 
bp Habere faoaspoflciTionem, aiiDfbaft enfiie tbe fo}te Of otbec I»»it0 

of Itbe nature , as a Writ of ward o» Ejectment de guard , 0} tbe Ittx, 

Ibatt not be of a Clo(ie bp a cectata name , bot engbt to be bp tbe (ec« 
tafittpof acre»coiitetnitt0 biitbsft tbe ipAiUtF of tl^etoiU) m I^d, 
ij^eagob), yaCnte) WiBD) Uf 

II N$mi»4fiMfei/ petit etgmaremm, 

Co.Inft.i^8.b 1 |t((g^ 3nf erp^etatbme m Etymologies ate VUiSam fe>. Ad rect* EtyiBoIogtc 
docendum primum oportet nomina inquirer e,. quia tenitn cognitiodrenim 
nominibusdependet: ^nDbertblitb agteetb tbatbri^b^iliBiD, PritQ&' 
excutiecida e(l vetbi visfnefermonisritio obthuatur «iiatio^riTe lex fine wgu* 

Cc.Mi.SSK t I^ptbeEtyiBologieOf tbtUliO>D Soccagium^ Littleton Dedtietb tbi Socage^ ' 
ttatufeof tbt tenute , < Diffintuifbetb itftomluiig^ fetbice,b>beKebp 
ft ap^atetb tbat nameo of tbine»atebiUgetitlv tabe obbcbeo fb»i{< 
ftin(ti)>n(a)te,aitDtOat)Oi»(onfoion, Nomina riiperda^jcenidiftindio 

c«.i. u\ttA. J 3|„ L«„gs cafe in tbi^ !f . Repji teonttD ntaf beab i^}opetlp &KD f o ; • 
Veitetratfc ae abalet) quia penetroderivamt dt)>«nit^&.intrd. 

* i^Mdiihtvfti^iifietmiiHtiachtrtmt, 

C«.Inft.jMirsi. I C»itBlward'GoDkcobfetbe0,tlprtLittlSect4l3o: i||«0ta8t OTall AJouWe He. 

1^ b^ it].b -;$ttinift? etfiettoa fl^ebitb fo>tb» Diftbacteof tbe®Mito)0 aectai, gadre. 

fnitb Double i^esatibe? viz. nee aliquid in eo ipeciRcatum non AliquaU" 
tet feexcendat) 8^.%lce nee ailD non DO 6l 4 ^xaitataKflHtOilttttltiOH 

iSK£dx.i4i. th« Common Ltw. 



OocOSm in 
nto perfow. 


RecwTcry bjr 

tmonnttoanafntmatfM; fo}* N^atiodeRAiic faegsittoiierti, Scatiitora-; 
ciuncaffiaimcivum, fettjie iLiiiiitliatpiincipaSp tefj^itct^ fabSautt 
iiatIi|nO0et(ie|i}otrifotobe« il<Q«titieacu)iifnQto t|)e intent efttie 
l^attieS) anonataccQ^ofnsto<^>am»iaticalconftttKtion, to tt)e enn 
t^Pioitb maf takeeHiKt t Howbekobierve that in <D}ee!tand iTtentb 
a DonbU negative imketh.thc negatiW morci forcible; And therefore 
Clatlty fOj^etJiet l.ittleton being ^nuch acquainted with thelaw-ftench 
doth not exprefTe that Latin according to the French Phrafest 

% Falfa Orthographia aut grammatica non vkiat conceflionem/c fcmper iUe ^0,1.9 .4S.#j . 
numerus 8c fenfus abfeviationum accq)kndus eft) lit conceiTio non tic iitoiis: t» tt>e Earl «t 
ami VmtfVit if m fting gtant Tot. iU. D.&Ci ffitlw ^"^'^xms 

(in tmVli) bnt one ijpannot^ t^ev tliofe abMbiations tot. ill Maner. ibaH ^ '* . 
be taken in tbe ttngotat nnmbec fo^ Totumillud Manerium) bntff 
tbe?lwin tcotbttw ^(Una ^annotstbentbep liiall be taltenlatbe 
tibwal m wbet* fit% Tota ilia Maneria , fe) otbettoKe tbe grant toonto be 
tKrt&t 3n 31 E« 33'?' ascire ^ciai ti(bear(ietb > tbat a fine tea? lroi» 

eo de nianerii8B.&H. anstb^ condnfion toas Quare praedictum Ma* 
nerium de B8c H.ii^rcffus'elU ant it feM0 aD|u»8e&gD0O tottb Hbtt* 

meat, tbat B. ano M. tnere (tno^B^bnt «ne f^mn, 

$ l.ettet0^tent3niai>etoJd:aP(riont«noWiilim Took de officio CoA'tijf.ii 
unitts Auditonim coriz fux Wardorum/tPas aO^OOCCO gOOO ; fo} albeit tbe ^*^ ^'^ 

ftatnteenaittb tbattbereflialto.tiPOfcc(an0>lokicb dial be catlct ' 
;aniiito}0Of tbel^ams) u* (^aetbece 0MllbetU» perfons amtbep 
canes tfnt officets , fet it i0 botone office^ ano tbep ar^ botb bat 
unusofficiarius , ansfo t^el^tatote it tAft faitb> XbofettDO perfons 
Cities SlteMno Iball be ttSitMfljt fmrtbi officec oc tbat Ccntt ; Sim 

tbettf^^e tbe gtant de ofiicioiviM^ -Auditoris:, o) unius Auditotum is 

0000 enonsb t f^^ littf ^9 i0 aBjmigMMn 9 &• 4- 1 • upm tbe etant ' 

de offic>9 lioius Clcti&orgmde Corona in C«xellai;ia, 9(c> acCQ^OfalstO tbf 
IRnleMabgnininiaciaa^Q'. ° ^c 

4 an 3|nBi(tnnnt •» .Count ftaHmt be iptaflit tn avt i,atin^ co.i f. mm. 
(1I& iDJtboscapbie^ fo Ibat a p}Qpet Jkatin bmo wa? be itnotone i-M^iMfc, 
blf it) 80 PraefatOf Ke^i^f Mamiila-, piftuno^ difBokio^ Un Prxiatst^ 
Mammilla, I>«£inio,D«iuUo« ' 

14 ^h*retinUtter»hm'etinCmi(i,ViditV\tQo4 iop<b<&c« 

• I aitJipoa0bbptbCfio)D0or tbe litatateef Wefttn.a.eap44,inp«i a 
tecotKii'bpoefaaU againlt baron ano feme* i^quddei deforceac ^not 
alotaeotbem? becanCe tbr baton i0 not p2operlp tenant Co»liCe> bot 
()tifooanel|» intbeti0bt«( If0tvi&> aHDtbtfefo}e ontof tbe wmvH 
tbat l»tatnte; settbe(ntttarpb<tbbiiii«fbmaMt»fii» (o},tbel^lo 
cf England tefpetfetb tbe effnt anofobSiiiifXif t^mattec. ano«o|e* 
ber? nicitie ot fo^me 01 circowftance ) Afpices juris noq funt jura«f^ pft? • 

romdifiierunt, quaere concordant, c,:.,- - • 

s a man feiCeii e( lauM in tte t«bfe»«<ntto,t| linrtelfe 
ft^Uf^ ano a(ter to tHe^ioor bif l»i&> aim o( tbe biAfFs mal? of.ber 
bMie loi bim besatte»ft)< jlieK ]ointnte> ano ban iH^e aiali« ano aKec- 
lMtO0 b0 ano bto tiriSelebies a fine % Mferso a Comnioii tec«tetp>tbe 
bn0bano ano iDiCe Dieo,< tie ifltaetnaUantereo bp fo}cjt of tbe *tatntfs 
.oCii H.7.«o* tbifS !n«MiMifcontiMuai»tobarr» tb^iOnenial^bnt 
bid entif tM0 ao|no0|o4atii^t > tbi0 ca& i0 out of tbeiettec 
oC tbatl^atttte; to^Hie.neitber Ifbieo tbe fine, fc. b^ingf^U, no) 
1pitbanp-«t.iier after tai^biHibaiptit%<t i0be btt.C^ Wt^N. 
|in0oanO)tbiy^waoetbe,3ointiKe* -.r. '■ ' \ 

B a.manta.&i(^»('tanO0in,rifi|^'o(tf0l»^^^ an^tbfFttDoleti* 
aline, |M^^tbfKoiintei«gicant0ii^ rcnoer0 tbelatv^ t9 tbt ^eban^ 

JD » an'«» 

Co.Infi t.jf^. 




The Redbn of 


«tt9 toffis III fpectel tafle, tie t^imlfnur lo tie tfsIC Idrts of t|e 
toite > t|ei» latie tffne^ t|e|«edniiiD oli^tl > tie toife tahet^ anotlec 
laelnto , ana tlei^tlib Idrfe a tfne iii fie > ano tie ifne eittretl , t|ta 
in oltetflF tottKn tie letter of tie statute of n H. 7. 20. aao p«t ft is 
out of tie meaningtleifeof, lecanfe tie ftateof tie (hmi ntoteofeoBt 
tie tDlfe, fo M ft toad tie pdcclafe of t|e insAnu in kncr, ano net frt 




Co. 1. f.j.b. 
the Lord 

4 15? tie leccer of t|e frtatllte of Glocefter 6 B^ i. cap^ ^. fiite !<« Difcontinu-' 

lies If tie Idelano alone of t|e tuitte* iano Oiatt batte tie lefre^fo; ame. 
tie ftatute f«me» to tnteno ^ aljfeaatfauu ercept bp Bne , lecaoCe it 

a tlereOlftl * whereof no Ane is levied in che Kings Court ; ^otpleltl? 
tie meaning of t|at frtatote t|e lette ftallnot le larte»> eoi^faclx 
fine IvonUi tno^ke a fDjong to t|e Mfe. lot tie fine meant lif tie Ma* 
tote 10 a Sue lebfeo b; t|e inabanii am totfe togetlet » fo^ fbc| a ftie 
<0 latDfiitt ano too}ket| no tpjons , amt a flbie l^» t|e |nri»mi oNel|» 
toonta teoile t|e fame mifc|fefe^ fb^ tD|ic| t|e fettatnte 9;oafnes 
lemeoie, ano t|etefo?e Hall ntf bane t|e lelce, tlonglttle totti 
teatcantfe, nnUife t|e leire labeaCets bp Befcentt ifc. 

5 a>on(efn tatteia TeStalne»>bifa|iatttcnlatJl(t of fiacHameBl, ^ttnwtjav 

qu6d nbn faceret aliquid in nocumeBtuqijScc. hasred. &c. ntii pro juntur, baire. 
•*'*^^.'''*; uxor, 8&s.rcddcnd, TcnBft& antiquum itddit, 8a. ^|^e, ift|e antfent 
c^eiDatlon Uiatf e&jsolo> le-fannot tefecbe fitbec. If ttov fatmut 
tsete mcientl; let tb febei al teitent» Ifn teiecal tente » |e cannot 
lettlem boti to one ntanfb} one tntfce rent) no} lemifepucel of t|e 
finrme ren9}fn0 tent pro nu, nb> retettt^papalAe at tleo fedft0> 
lD|e;rfttoa0 before yainibleatrfont} !^lMieft; lemap refctteefoit 
iHilliei0of fBleat) fnSeab of iT qmitler teCrrbeb beGnr; fi(»t|^ate 
«l one to qaalitfe, balae,aKb4tiitme; 

6 SCleciangeoCtienaHieofatllnfieannot alter tie tUngttfdfe* R«fervatioa 
battlenebi name map be iiteob? tieobmec (n conbepancet, przci. of rent. 
pes, &c. tdttlontpiefnafce; jRiiotieirelb^efti ^ItMoileFiocbes cafe 
fntle 6. Rep. ft t0a» a0r&b, tM(-Ex£eter«|on(e fN t|e Sctand, ana 
potfebioufe in i^eec^iret |«Mng t|eti bPi^rtn t|}e i^eatee beCoje 
gaincB tlofe name0, mi 0|t be toeS enong|> In^ten to t|elt nefflboats 
hf tie fame names i ano BtttnaniHeo ftom aft otiet |oufe0, ano 
tliitf|t'aKi» bptiafe jiamee bebeidanoebiii pm:ipes>8t«. bkiK3 pvarci- 
peb;otig|tofa^anno}in com. Bedd. b|»t|e name of tlte^^nno^of 
A<f>l^»'l9|ecea0 ft'laobttneflMiieclp aMbbMittiftcaleb Afpleguife; 
Icte, tie tenant, aftet tie bfebi^Bemaimwt Jtrtgement of tie i»9if,. ' 
nntb Wii^ t|ebbW4nbant (alo > t|e ^vmm l^itt in bteto Inas tm 
fcnMm bj^tle^fiMie'be ArpU.;.«w> it toABSDlMbQeQ* ttatXacI a naare 
foften bpt|e.l(M«Blei8e4Ct|eCtattt^ fsfiitflceNt,ti)it|entt|ettiie changeof 
aotf VlOpec m»m m 9^^i.\j|U flMie ft Is tine ; De nomine proprio ""°«> 
no4«ft«uraiiduin, dum in fubl^antia nofi cnm») quia nomine muui}i!it= 
funt, resauccmimmobiles. 

r*afte»C3i»irail-, ofittelfe aiiD'e«vi'tJeriT^im,«u||t to be betfofpt c®'^* 
t\w^t0t bi|efi1l«iciinpl0) vmUm^ tof^d map be conmtitcebbp- 
oit^alone ? f^V^ fllall ai|iibsettp«if^|e matter , anbnocnpoii' 
tfl 1ft!|t,B^8lt^d:of tie blOJI; i^;Pkruti(^ dum proptistia verbortint*' 

afteH8iwr,(«ifiiS'vS^V]irum amittitur. ■ ■ * ' j: * «. J 

Sir MoUt F'tK- 

4t E.}.tSt 
Maine, de 

in MtritlTr^ 

in AleMndir 

»^'a>|e »i^fliei«f''aj H.«;i. CKk^aWCNsfefrom tieWoufe-HflofejwmSn. 
wWttvtfteSifWuteof I Bi^. H. glbe»t|e beiieft of Clerg» ttfat "«""«»«« 
feiott0, fiitw ^el^ fo> 0^}Mtt, jpo|Jfohttfe\'»«ir«larp, Iftrtbetfe,' 
^vtdiltttmii ,alb:9flcriftb6e> f» a0 Hbt^^^ming beii% ^iR' ^fe 
Statute cafuspmifTus, (iic|ifnoflRenBeHifinte(|'t|ereof tf^w aHotoeir- 
|f0 Clet0fe ; llebertldeffieili^wre^le S^attiteof '%; Hi f.^. iaite« 
uiokHtittSii (t6Mt|e Houfe^^e^ , tlNKtWietl iinite^'clitienietlr- 


^\d'^.tu the Comnvon Law^ ^^ 

abolie 2«,«Van^mtil not 9hr^(tip. albeit i<|e offence be commitfeb fit 
inotbet CoantftljentobeTe tbe offenbet i« txitfn flno Kketoffebn 
iMnre t^t l^tatiitl of '4. and ;. P.and M. 4. talte0 ateap >tlernfc ttom 
, tbe'acceOb^fea ef t$at offence ; ti (0 aolaot^eo , t^at atco^oing to tbc 

fnt(»tt{on of tbe Aiaftetsof tbe jWafote of t E* 6. Houfc-buming 
ia iHclvmt^ toitbln tbe fiieaning of tbat Sid) altbougb itisn pe< 
' natHalsamqalteWtoatoftbelettetoftbefftmejatf. 

Ixnersomii- f jjto 17 El.Dyer, $^i.i. %^i fout fitft lettet0 fn tbe name aro Cb.i.9.4<.>i 

ttJ. ftiU of H. 7. viz. H. R. A. F. ( fO> Henricus Rex Anglis, Francix, fife. The harl of 

torn left oat of bf£i H.ettet0 l»ateht« mtoe lo^ Simon Digby , pet ao^ shrtinuimtui 
iBOgeugMB; Simtnm jSH.d. j^* ;a count > in toWtb U toaaal* ciuiM 

iWDgeS, tbatTjW»refignaVit,iJCC.inflJanu$J.Epifcopi,&c. & Icti illius Lauiictk.' 

Ordit^f ii , Slwi ejrceptfoR ioas taKen > becaitfe tt toao not in manus 
JohannisEpifcopi, JTatogtbe l^etter J> HgnHleti netbtngt bdt;ettbi( 
Connt iM0 sDf tiQgeo so(A« 
w«ft» <o SCbe jktatote of Gloeeftcr cap; y. tDbUb'jjftes anattfort of featt c?.inft»i.t4.b 

•gafnft tbe i^eCRe fo^ Itfie o% peares ( lobicb la? not aeatnft tbem at tbe 
Common S.ato ) fj^ea&etb of onetbat bolost^ (o? tecme of pearea in 
tbe^ttttal minber^ anQ fti ft ai^p^atetb bp Lhdctou Sed>. 67. tbst tU 
tboitgb it be a penal iiatD, iubetebp treble oainages ano tbeplnce 
iDstet fbaflbe recobereo, pet a tenant fb; b^lfeapeare being ixutb* . 
fit tbe tame miftbiefe> (6^ttairobelintbifftbt^t^>neremc9te> altboucfO 
it be oirt of tbf letter o(t^ ilato» 

i II VidePl.Ccwioj.b.ecfequent. . '. 

I fadiament 'ii ^atfetatinf^Hnot qualbatt llnDittmfentoM^onnt ;'to;albe< 
ft un o^iginat tejit d^all abat e fo) folf^ IJuatin (as ft is boloen in 9 H. 7, 4. in i»«gi 
i6: tH.4. 8.44. E. 3,18. 10 E.J. lO fetr 3«»icial tDjits o> a fine "f*- 
lliaB not be fmpeacbes Ut (tiKe'latin, a0 is bfib in 5! E. i. SCbe fame 
l4lto of an 3|n0ictment a0 gE%^o-regtnff foi j^i&tje, aumiUafo} mam- 
mina, 'See. Vide iurai' 13,4. - - ' 

. .i- , ..- »* anfl^e i4«E'.t. tbe ftlnta ctante ucenceto fortn^in OxfoitJ, coi'.n; iw 
iPo!rtilleccal0fttbeHaUof the<iiKcnr SCteiJ'pJcienttaa Cbutcbbg **'*' 

t^ff'liijne ef ProToli;, JFcHowesand Scholars of the Collcdge of the Quecu 

iti:^e UBiverHck of Oxford : '*9Dbe IticaiKbetit tebifes tbe IRectOiiti 

tDHfltf-'tbetCOhltttte bp'tbenamepf ProToft, Fellowcs, and Scholars of 
MUaaaierofa ^^ l4U or Collcdge of thcQp^^Uiche Univtrfhie of Oxford: ^otUlitb^ 

Collcdge. 8)ihd(itst|ie^t)iariante0'^p}etbitMionanston|trmationarebot((8oo^^ 

fo»« fiiafl loniinct i0 hot to potpofe , if tbe oefcrfption be Cacb tbai 

.. Jto otbec can be intenoeo, 00 jaibbotRicherd ffrant0 bp tbe name e^ 

.>. i-.»v.«f " tiippfb»*t«iitt 0f .pH*«,t35 if a tiftlMto^tfticatflabfngone 
Ir^i^ bnttftce MtlMteif fuiie*(ttt(ita lB0}tbeiiB9l poont0 per annum 03 t>i|iitmfti 
^ '"''^^ a)nfis):tal(««iMbf<,>n*^^^<^^>i^<'»^itf tbe^ofiellfonof 

tb«:|iniB^ w dftfteft: fliat br tafi'; ISet^'; albtft tbe i^tatnte Uit^ 
likaMi^'lAiiitieid :tiid iiidiia«d|fft ff beWiMHp inftitutedfnto it,be (ball 
tofbtbe fitt'fettie ii>dHftaini;4M#s <0 to tl^s of fjie srtat in< 
cmmnfcnce; -tvir fMMb Jttiikie » if tbx tW benHlce fliotH* not be 
boit bp inffftntfotf to tbe (econo bp fb»» tt tie fait )itf > fo» tben 
.N-.ioii«iiM|»ltJMIMift«iMtto»i|iieittaiBitbcnre)t|egteat . 

;i.j DP 3 i |»fl 



Sir Andrew 
Corbet cafe* 

The Rca(bn of 

<^V/43tf 15. 

Urmna cafe. 

Htufteads caie 

Chtjatjes caft. 

ti H.^.4r. 

1 !»{( Andrew Corbet oet)f&t6 tMKe efb<0lail8<te Richard Corbet Derirc*fl>r» 

an09t&et£(,anttHSooLa)attbeUt)le9 aimtrceilse* tat of tbe p^flM ^»u»«>lca 
bfttJeihCbeSossanc^atQes) tobeimploi^eftfo; tbsj^eCetmftitaf^ ^™^* 
ttpo eangbtets Marg. ano Mary; Roieu Corbet fomu an» bette im* 
teals tl^c tDiS , entet0 titto tbe Unos^ ana en^oHes t^em ftiie festf 
ano Died, aCtec tobofeoeatb (t^toiB bttag oKcotmw9) Richard Corbet ^ 
tiitec0intott)elano9 anoratCetli64ol.ano iini^lo]pe0 t^iii afco^oinB 
tot^eiDtU; b:ttt^e qnettfon bete arfttng toao^trbttbet tbep}o8t0> 
taken bp Robert Corber^Dti^fcbtb^oet)f(((3infgbtHbetalttit,flial . 
be acjcounteo patcel of tbe (Umme of 8co C iJIno in tb^o cafe it Uki9 
refobea, tb3t albeit tbe \0(mi be^ until the Aunmeef 800 1. (Vail be 
levied , &c. pet ft i0 a0 taaVf, in Irate ao iX V^ tpo)b0 bat b«eir, 
/liall or may be levied : J^D it |Da0 al(o beltt in cafe Of a lea(^, 0} Itmi* 
tatiottof a&,untill I'ucha iumme (hallb: leviedjtbat tD.10 a0 mucbtO(a|» 
a0,untill fuch a fum may be levied, fO> Otberioife Qteat milicMof lOOHlO tn* 

fae> becaufo in a0 mncb as be in tebet0on o> temainoet ftaH not 
enter untiO tbe fum be lebie) > it IbalL be in tbe pjtnec of tbofe, tobo 
ate appdinte) tale\)ie it> to oefecce t^e lebping of it, ana fo toer* 
cluae b^tn in tbe ie\)er6on o> temainbec from tahins U^e p)o(lt0o( 
tbe land fo^etec iobicbtoonlabeincontienient^ 

i 3f alBaron tetatnesttooCbapiaino aoo^bingtotbe Ibtatuteof c:hapUiiu. 
21 H.g.17. ano tbep putcbate otfpenfation , ah« are aobancea ae* 
moingto tbe Statute; ^ete. if tbelSacon biftbarsfe one oftbtm 
from ^0 ferbiee ; %t tannot retatne anotber Oncing tbe life of tbe 
Cbeplain Dibbatgeo; £a» bp tbat meanes b< inai»aBl»ace a0maiip 
Cbaytaimi aobetDitt, ebenlDitboutnntnbet, bptobicb tbeibtatate 
tDoulo be aeftaabeb^ Si like cafe to tbi0 teas ablnbgeo in C, B. 2^ £U 
aiiB a&ec afftrmeo in B. R. in a iD^it of etto»» 

2 a feme (ole makeo a teate at U)itt» anb aftec fakeo jBaten; Tenant itwui 
l^ere^tbetDiflionot oeterminea bptbeinterautiager fo> albtit fibe 
feme bp taking tbe baron batb (obmittib bee felfe to tbe toift of Iter 

bndbanb ao bet beab ; pet in a0 mucb a0 it map be p^.e^icial to tbe 
basbanotobabetbe leafeoetetniine (K>»tbenbe fboiilb lofe tbc^rot 
payable at tbe nejt rent oapaftet tbe matiage) anbbetaafeitbMI. 
tatber teno to tbe beneftt> tban to tbe ^Ji\\x^z of tbe f^n;e> if tbt 
leafe ccntinne ; Sim alto Co) tbat it map be a great p2ejabi(e fo |n& 
bano0 li^o marie toomenf >. tb^t babe tenant0 at toitl > fi} tbe loile oC 
tbeir rente : fojtbefe caufeo it teas refolbeb, tbat toitboot ej^iocip: 
matter oone bp tbe buebano afte): tbe mai^tage to oetermine tbe Uh[|I» • 
ft OiaH not Determine. . ___. 

5 j»irTh.Cbeyney iEl.bel)itJetb»«c;toH. bia(<»nneanBtb«beiitftii"^^* 
mate of bio booie, tbe remainser to Th. Ch. of D. ano tbe beiteo male 

of b<0 boDie, lottb conoition> tbat be o) t^ o) anp of tbem flial 
not biCconttoae, ic* tbe qnition Ims tobetbtr T. Ch. tbeulD be r^f*' 
beoto p»obe bpfnitneffeo, tbat it 1na»-fb^intent4f'tb»bibi&»U»(n« 
clnoe bio fonne tnitbin tbefetrnDU he or they ; jinbitlww tef^beo 
bp Wrayanb Anderibnopoii pnfetttuie.lpitb tfbtt 9OQgt0> tbMbe 
(bafl net ; fo} tbe conftrqitipn of WtA tniSH to be uSMm tut of tbt ' 
tDo;D0oftbe toil in te^itinft ano tot bp coitttcal abetnmtt Ititbottt; 
becaufe tbat ftoalo befabjett to mncb inftnbenienct > (t at pncirtt ; 
it iBotilo not tben be poffible fb) anrttiui taltnoto bptbe toiMtrt^ 
tDo;D0 of tbe toitt , lob4t Cotiftctttion to make, 09 t»bat 89bi&« 
to gibe ,. iDHto lobatfoebet^afl be in t«ratcafttoae.aiapbe£«ntaU9 ' . 
bp collateral abetment0 opt tbe toil. . .. ,..:■,::. « ■- ' • 

6 9f a man i>e DiflTeifeb b^ tbpe ««$ t^eitfetb to mt M tbew , br TrmfiauudMt 
fbaHbolb W Companion. Wit;. bat ifttnatt l8».liC»be tiffeiliit ip ** «&««■• 
tbioanb beteleafet^ tooiie'tr tbem> t^ fiiwl t«NDr)t«fbtni Iwt^ '= 


SSd^Kiif. the Gommoii Lam i| 

iKleMrtt > am ttittttovt t}» rtfeaCe turmot emiteto bfm atime to Oolo 
ont V» €fimfmimi-, fo^ tlien fboitbtlis teleafe eoaie bp Uwp of jycktatt^. 
Mitcpanotitant o^bifl eftote, am (cmrftqaentli?) tbeDtSeiTo} to io(K>in 13 e4. 
tW<6t{dti9miMt fliiontD become tenant fo) life am tbe tcbtrCQiite* 
^eScBin tbel'e(la}>':li^icti ftrange tianCinatatfon aiw cbange tKt* 
tateii tn tlHfJS cafe tbe %'alD toil not fnffer^ 
tiKi ke. 7 3K a man grant tanoo to A. fit f»> upm condition tbat if be aii* ^i^d 710,711; 

eninf^ > b<9eSate ibA ceafie ans be ivoioe, anoQ^ iniineoiatrtF co.inft.i!377: 
ftomtbenc^o}tb tbeeffate oC tbe' latiD (bat remaine to B. ane %i» juOke Kicbtis 
befreei betetbe eltatetoA. iegooD) ansbe marlaiDtnBp aliennet* cafe, Temps 
toftltftanQiag tbe contitlon ; fo} b<0 eftate being an eftate of 3nbeci« ^•*' 
tance Ittbmt ant tenements > it cannot ce^e »» be bo6>e before it be 
Defeats bpcnttF 9 amrtben K tbtovemainoer fbotOobegooD it muft 
gitie «n enttp npjn Vjc alienee nnto btm tbat bao no rigbt beCb)e> 
tDbtcbfoontiibe incontnenient «noa(sainft tbe erp^eOe cole of l.alii> 
becwiCe an- entrp cannot begiben to a Ittangec to aboioea.boioable 
. atty M wfpaitzi bp Littlecon in bia Cbaptec of Comtitione* 
Aobfiino 8 Secante Littleton eaitb (Se6^»0 tbat tbe Cnacoian in &occage eoinftiSgB 
' «iiL fbalxenBecanaccoontof tbematiagemonepto tbebeireoibtoeices 

C(tto>si ^ete, fromtbis l8»» executors (erne babe colecteo > tbat an 
Sttitgnt eftbe age of 14 map malte a toitt ; bnt tbe meaning of Little- 
ton in tbat place is, tbat if after tbe mariajje be accompliCb tbe ageof 
18 p0are0 , be mnv tben maike a ibill ano conftitnte erecato^s to ao< 
miniiter bis goooa ano cb^ttels ; fo} at tbat age be batb joiner bp tbe 
l,ato to mSkt a tDiB> ano fbefe ttojos are to be tinsecftaio m tbe? map * 
ttano toitb HatD ano itleaCon^ 
,.,__., p SDbe l^tatute of Glocctter in ^ E. i ; cap. 3 . o)i>a{ne0 , tbat tobere 

£Sr°«. tbe tenant bp tbe Cartefe alietw K» ivibes IM^ance toitb toar. Co-'»»»A.4i 
«K»ied*by tantie , if afbt0 oetteno to tbeiieire > 1e flbal be bdireo fb» tbt Mine pj ^\]Tui 
Aetqakfcf Of tbe Jnttetitance fooefcenoeo > ano<f lanoe after ic(ice«)f tbat tbeu f'uim^m 
Anaer. tbe tenantftall recoter aeainft tbe beite of tbe leilin ef b<9 nitotber, cafe; 

viz. ont of tbe reSeae of b<0 motberij boiM to mncb vi tbe affets after* 
' loaros oetcenoeo fbaS amount unto; ^e> albeit at tbe malting of 
tbefaio Slct (being in 6 E. i.)tberet9ete noentaileolanoe {U% al 3|n< 
beritance load tbett (vizi before Wettai..a. being 1 9 E. I.) fite ttmple 
abtoUite 0^ conoitional) pet entaileo Umtte ate Snce taken to be tnitbin 
(be eqtiitieof tbeCaio jlttof Glocefter, batnottOTetaine,o) recover 
(as in cafe of fee Smple lanos) tbe lanoe entaileo> but onelp tbe lams 
tebicb fl)oulo fo befceno ; becanCe otbecUiitie tbere tooolt be occaion of 
netDfdtteano eoment{on> tobftbis'oalobeincenbenient; fn}if tbete^ 
nant after affets oefcenoeo mtgbt retaineo» tecobertbe lanos entai* 
leo ) tben if tbe affets teere alierteo, tbe iOnes fnbetitable x^tij^t* 
ftate taile migbt bp fn^it of Formedon fn a^efcenoet recobier tbe entafl* 
eolatioe againe, feb^cb foonlo begetanetofait ano no foap imfbtti^ 
tbe intention of tbe foio j3(t > being imi»^ a gooo pHtbMon fo% tk sm* 
plelanos , bnt not U% lanos entaileo bPitboot fitcb a Confttnitton be* 
' • eqnitpi asafb^efiiio; ;3notbereene fn cafe of entafleo lanosfb 1^ 

neo toitb loarrantie , fbe tenant Ibal b<(be a Scire ficias ont of tbe 
tplee of tbe SJidEices , before tt^iom f^ ftttt oei^me ,. to receber tbe 
lanos oefcenoeo acco^oing to tbe p)obiaon of tbe faio 5l(t of GIo- 
cefter , tobtcb pjetentd tbe afb;efo(b fnconbeiiitnce> ano in Inftanot 
p;opo;tiQnebie eqnitp agr&0 toitb tbe cate ^ ^k fimple tanos, 
ano ^t Kntention of tbe fame ;3l<t»- Vide infri 178. 22. ano 3S. 

y- ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■ ^ • 

lAier^rctaciM to Jf^o^tbe fiire auo ttneAtterpietation of aft tatntesfn general co r^> 
of ftacine*. (be tbep penal b> befiKftial , ttStfttibe o) inUt0tog of tbe Common Htjitwi car<L- 


H The Rea(bn of <S\d^ax^i6. 

IL«to)fottttlif)f0aatetobecoit6oeceDt i Wl^ftlie Common l^fn 
loas before tbe maitins of tbe l^tatnte $ % tttbattoastbemK^ier 
anDoe&tt, fb^fobtebtbe Common l^tv oio not p^oDfoe $ j WSi^tet 
temeote tlie pacUament batb tetotteo «i» a^^polntos to cote tbat oft* 
0afc of tbe Common«tBealfb.: 4 Sbe ttoe teaton of tbe temeofe: 
Sim tbew ft {8 alloa^es tbe oCEfce of t\» ^aoges to make facft (on« 
llntftfon, ao map tepittb tipe miCcbief « ano aotmnce tbe time»fe> an» 
alfoto foppjeOi^ focb taWLe intwntion0 ano <DaSon0, ao map tm- 
Unnt tffZ <'ai(t\iitSy & pro private commodo ; ant to stfbt fo?ce ami ItSt to 
tbecnteanoremeoie* acco^fngtotbetcoe intention of tbe maltec0 or 
tbe 0(t pro bono pubiicu : flno npon t^is eronns in Heydons cate in tbe 
Co.1.1.8. 9.3, 3 ftlepoU tie (tatnte of 3 1 H. 8. cap. i ^of Monafteries tMS bp al tbe 
]Baron0 of tbe (^ncQeqnec aDjaoseo (bp fbe ^eiiecal fwDbo tbeceof) to 
erttm to Copf |olo o» Cntomarie eftateo ; amffg tbem tbi0 Rule iDa0 
tben aUb agtteo , 3^^at tDben an ZA of f^atliament altecs tl^tiec* 
bice, tennce, tntereS of tbeUnb> o^otbettking in v^ejobiceof tbe 
%9Hiy o^of tbeCnftome of tbe s^anno} , 0} in pie)obfce of tbete< 
nant , tdere tbe senecal Ido}»0 of facb an fitt Aatt not ei;teitb to Co* . 
pibolM ; bat ftiben tbe 0ct i0 genetaftp maoe Un tbe common goon 
anQ no fitimttz map acctne bp reatjpn of tbe alteration of anp inte*, 
reft, terbice, tenure , 07 caftome of tbe ij^anno} ; %n facb cafe manp 
timeo Copibolo ano Cntomarie eftateo arebHtbintbe ceneral wtr* 

4 1 5 ^ties in verhis ntdUe^ andvguitaf^ ihi mBa expofitio contra 

CoAn&.t.x^j t 3|f a rent be granteb ont of tbe 9^mm of Dale , ono fbe gcanto^ Rent 
coirt^. 0^«ntober,tbatiftbBrentbebebinb,tbegrantce(ball]>if(rain»fo} 
i«ft'cVrc ' tbe fame in tbe ^araio) of Sale , tbisi0 nogramof rent, onlp bat ape* 
naltieintbe9anno}(tf Sale, (onerealbntbeteofi0, becanCetbelralo 
nftB0 not to make conftmtfion , tbat tbio fliaft amount to a grant of. 
a rent , fo} bere tbe rent it eyp^eUp grante* to be iOuinj^ont of tbe 
9anno} of Dale> anotbepartiQi babe erp;^ftp limiteo., oatof tobat 
lanb tbe rent fbaB ifbit, ano upon U^at lano ^ biftreOe Iball b»ta< 
iten , ano tbe l^ato inill not make an erpoCtion againft tbe erpjeflOr 
tDo?D0 ano intention of tbe parties , li^en tbi0 Inig ftanb0 biitb tbe 

Co|* J<-«- a A granto lano to B; Habcndam tcneuncnu pracdiaa from Cbiift<> °'*'« "fi** 
Buckiersck. mag iteptfoj life; ^erevtbi* gtant io boio, fojan eftateef frank* *^ 
tenement cannot commence in ^ro, ano tbe i,aiD foill make con* 
ftrnitiott (ipim fi|e tobole grant.; jSlno tberefo^e aUieit tbe lubendum 
be boio ano fo (in eSed!) i0 no habendum (ano tbemipon tbe eSatCi 
fimlo pafCe bptbe pjemilTeB a0 in cafe of repignancie o) tbe like)'pet 
berenocftdte fiiallpaiEebp implication of %ate againft tbe eKpieSe 
limitation of tbe partie; altbongb bio limitation be boio, ' 
C0.1.T.118. 1; Afeifeaof iLaH»inlfe,gcant0 a rent out of ftioitbcIaaCeof oi* Renu • 
Bdmbtsczk, iiteto toB. fojtbcWe ofC. ano bieo , tbebeite Iet0 tbe lano (tba» 

cbargeo) to D. fo} life, tbe remainoer to E. in fee, tbe rent i0 bebinb 
foi Oibec0peare0 in tbe life of D. tDboDie0)ano alfoC.B. oilttains 
ifim in tbe temainoer fo> aft tbe arrearageo incurred in tbe life of D. 
3ntbi0cafe, be in tbe remainoet (ban be cbargeo iDitb tbem bptbe 
laft b^ancb of tbe&tatnte of 33 H. 8,. 37. bp tobicb an action of oebt io 
gifeen to tlje tenant pu,r auter jric after tbe oeatb of Cefluy que vie a* 
gainft tbe-tenant in oemefne (inbo ougbt to babe paio tbe rent tobcn it 
tba/s firft Due) onb againft bt« smntm ano a9|tttoiftrato;0 ; ano alfo 

SK^axaSi.. the Coiritaoft liw- dj.. 

tb<^1^1blB dinnoiefor the fame «rt!earages t^on fudi lands, &c4 (Ait of 
which the laid reats,&c.' itre ifTuing in facb maoner and forme as hs -oi^hc 
or might have done if €t&V^t\ttt 1att had been alive , ^ttty Ofop) tbe 

Itttet pjtt of ttri0 bjotcti ootip cKineflp cKffcge iitm in ti)e teiwriitQet 
laaitlt ttie papment oC tt^e atrearaeee ; dm tbe t JBff^ '» t^ cafe fstth 
VatVttTg oitfAtnotto make aii|» Interjptetatfon aga<nll tlieerpttOie 
letter of tlie (l»tatute > fo? nott^inc can fo toefl eipjelb tlie fntent af t^ 
makers of an SLti na tlie airect toojoa t^mf^t»0 ( fo) index animi 
fermo) ano ft fofft be oangerous tif cite libettie to ma1(e confttntfim f h 
mv cafe a^ain tte tt)e erp;efle too^w , tn^n tl» intent of tbe maltet^ 
appeared not to tl^e conttarie, ano fotieniio incotitienience nn!i» tiappeti . 
upon it: J9nllf|icref0}e infaclica(e0) Avetbis legis non eft reccden- 

Dwifc. ^ ILanottai uttifett to A. fb? lift , f^e rematmiet to B. antifW Cej.^ 

|)eire3 of l^iS bOOie? tfieremainoettoC.and hiswiTe and afccr their dil- tyiUaciki 

' ccafc to their children, C.anD W0 tpifit |wt>ing tften ffliiea fonneamia 
Oaiialjtec : iSlno after tlie ttttjifo; Bi(!0> alfo A. otcs ans B. otej toitl!)^ 
oatilTue) C alfoano<)ifftDifeDfe,anotbef(inne fFQt^iffaeaoangljtec 
8(100^0; ^cre^ ttieqiieftiontiiaf, tnliettiertbettaustterof tt^fonnt 
ilioulo ^atje tfje tano, 9% no • :Etno it iiiao refobeo, t^at fbe flionio not, 
becauteint^facafeatt^e Comntoit ILato C. anobiff tDife^aB bat an 
eSate fo; life toitb remainnet to tbeir cbilo^en to? life , ano tben tb^ 
canfe o; reafon fob? tbe? bp tbe tuifl ftoalQ issH an Htate tatle is one* 
IpgroanbCBupsn tbe intent of tbe oibitb? : ^tftobeitj itinaerefolteoj 
fbat fucb an intent onoAt to be manifefl; ano cettaine*, and not obfcure 
ano oonbtfdB , tetanff it toift not fben ' asmit of wy: fitaine) con< 
Sruttion f attber tban tbe toe}O0 tbcmfMbe0 to import fep a p)opet ano 
HUKdiat interpmation <cco}OiR9to Vgt Ulntes of t-atD; 

fteriie« 5 ffHWwelanwtompfohrte Thomas to|oIotobima»B tbcbitte* C«.i.ib.«7 i 

male of W booiefo^ tbe terme of ;oo pearra, bhi Wtt fbal not u»»m4u.' 
bate tbem bat b<s tftmXffi > fo^ tbi0 ttrme i0 bnt a cbattel ami can* «» C'fe- 
notbeintaileo» anbfacbaoebif^ map alien tbe terme, ifbepleaCe : ^ul'^^*' 
flno Cook Chief Jufticc be|«ii\t|fit M « beWfe <; but an eftatefo* '""'* 
pears > becanfe it i0 fo in* erp;eSe too^os oebtfieo, ano tbat {H 
tbi0 caCe) againft eipieSe )ro}b0, no Infirrence o} interp}etation ftat 

Taks ^ ^^^'^^ **^ circumftamibus <baV not bi 0taiitebfn'an )3Mtffe bp tbe ^*-|:'|fJ''*''» 

l^tatute of 35 H. 8. <r. becaof^ bp tbe emette.twws of tbat aa tbe^ SS**^* 

ate ontlpgtamable in eberp tO^it of Habeas corpora 9% diftringas toitb 

Nifiprius, anonoeiqpoatfon tm imi^tO^ be maoe againfterpjeiK 

too 200 ; fo? y iperimaeft ifta expoHtio ^^ corrodit Ventreni textus. 

7 Kffeme tenant fb» life tafie bnaibanb> tobo ntabe0 ttfatt j ano c^M-ii-^- 
tbe feme biea ; ^ere, tbebo^bano U not punilbable fojtbat ti«fti f'^"" C"«*' 
becaaCe tb< &tatate of Gloce^^ 6'E. i. cap. 5. {0 tbn0 rectteo in tbe 

WaC tb^it of ioatf } Qtiarecum decdtnnuini,- &c. provifumnt, qii6d non lice- 

z% alieui yaftuffl,&:c. ^itere de teltis, 8cc. iibi dettiflis' ad terminum -vitz vel 
annorunv &c. ftitbattbo tonobejngnot oemifi^to tbt bnsbonb, bnt , 
^ bolQins it .onds69 W VS^ taking rfgbt y b^ibaB not be tlfK^u 
abletQi b»t after.tbe btafb ot tbr'tDife , 1^ tbt emelTe t»o)O0 of t^ 
a(t,a0^..f9r?citW|ntlJ^t.ttt>(t» , ^ 

i»bWil^ of IWttlltijiBis gowMtboirt Probata becanftt^ellta* D^«|}*.»*' 
tqt(t!(t(i1i0niurine0onelptb9tit ibalble <ntD}itin0> an* enlopnes no '^"" 
Pr6b^(ranotberefo?;it1t beinlviitinijam piofeeobptoftnefesj itfaf 
jjOobttttboatProbiti' ' ' • ! 

Tau tf th« ;^'iff 3f t^naht in jfait of tb^ cfft of f^ Xtntii;, t^ teb^ifoM €ot|e c^MAjgistt 
Kia«. sins en^ntantS jb'MTeiCro , anb tbe oilfeiroii lebie a 8ne > ano ftbd 373<-i> 

P«re0 paifo > tb» tbat batte tbe eftat faft , ttottoitblbiNOtng tb^ 

% ProySfo 


3|^ The! Rcafon of iS\dax,ifyi3^ 

t>}<ni!ifeiii|^iHMrtcs or<t|» 7%H. S.capi j<$. tNltttHrfttfr « COMe» 
MtlmeeiH^trtte'S^onvTtlfwtcilvftlF tMrtaitMe,'«iiDt|iea>on»Oifk 
iiert|i^tttanMWteto«fq(n>ttft»witeattp nmtttetle itfeot X1^ mt» 
t»iY tHi «ilftr'llf«AiUnv^t|ie; tenaiir in taite > festal m iooiM or 
X\0 ftlbtMXttttt hsi(t, iHoncjor fpflctedbf oragaiaift any inch tenant' 
^ irtuilfe'; jSAflf iirt^' 0»&!Driniotipacttt,.o} i^c to onp atfeft^ 
d(ftt&'tff fMferdtiby oy agliHll''9lM^' 

Co.Ua4.a. t tf||etf«dOf Cumberland O0mflie0 bom to Anne am to one AndK>> Dettiirct 
taUwiiuCtfc njKBaUwia ^ fotme SUB t» tt^t HtctdOf t^ CM» Anthony , Haben- 

dum to ttiemftomtYieutefio)99 psate^ ; ^e>.albeftheires wctmat*- 
tloneo iii tl^a pitmiSt»i fet to not tlia Habendum rapusnant onto 
titzm, }mtt^^t(\»&taeat eftatefb} peate0> Coi it cannot be cqiaj' 

nant as to Anthony , ano pet ffOOO to Anne : Viperiroa eft ifta ezpofitio, 
qus corrodic ventrem texcus. 2 ^iwsti to tilt l^inff. ate rettaineo hjg tf)e general loo})s of Grann » the- 

J^**^^"'* 15 El, 10. fai ttie fOO}D0 ate, toaay petfjh or petl'ons,bodie politique or Kmg «f 

SSiirie corporate, ano tlie*inBi» a pcrfott, aoitistBio ftt 10H.7.18. ano a S**^ ^ 
j^ing, bodie politique , as apfeatd to Plowd. fol. 21 3 & 134. jpu>to tbete&^e' *'^^* 

Stacij E1.X0. if t^ Sling bedo^telp indnne^intbe l^et, if lie fbatt be ercUtbeo 
oat of tbe SLdj it malt be bp confttaition of l«tD> an& (in tbi0 cafe), 
tbe catn iiiill mafte no dicb confteaftion ; fo; tQ» ^aim, l^oMie,. ann 
Commons, in^maoe tl^ jSa^ b*be ablnogea (as in tbep^eamUo 
apfeata) tM tot^s leaitto maB| ^ Cofteogeo* See ate anteafimaUe 
m»9^ttt&tuUtt (macbmo2»etta(e0 in fee ample,) 0notbe l^afo, 
tibicb is tbe yeitetfion of teaCMi , loia nebet erpoont tbe lDo»)» of tbat 
iitt a0«in|| rea(bn> f<>} ntalediOa ea expditio, &c. 

18 IfimU ftdtMietf h lege reprolstur, 
co.iftti.a. i (Stcepfiontrastaiten to an InDftfment, becaafe it Iptsf^iito inaiAncM. 

tfi^icafc. be taken coram W. S. Coronttore PominxRegins intra libertatem didae 
Dominxreginz yillxru£deCo{r^mprxdiA.fuper viTumcorporiSj&c. anb 

wii not alleaoge to totiat placertbe t^io libettie ootb ejrteno , o? lobe* 
tbet part o} an? of tbe totene of ColTatn be toitbin tbe libettte, ano l!e 
itoionotappesit; flat tbe Coronet babanp JatifBittion int<^ place> 
tnbetetbe inqaflTtfon ttias taben ? jfoitobere tbe mnroet aaetovxi 
mitte&, no^lsbete ti^beftbbo&fe tAjf> toi at is aneaoge^b? tbe in* 
Bitfment to be at CofTam t f^diDbei^tbe imrittment bias aojnosei^ titiiri* 
ctent. Mttoit%ttmiinii tW et^ption ; fo) altboujSb it be true (bptbe 
Hule of l.ati») tbat inoittments 'Qugbjf f o b^ cettaine , pet it is ta be 
obfeibeo, tbat tlnneate tb)ee fd^fl iiCc^i^int^es; i tDoacommoti 
intent, a Co uitflSinitaUvifix'tgAet^i 3 ^c^acettain intent to 
eacft particulat ; C^ tttff tttificetb In bilttes , fobkb ate to be^nti 
anoetcuCe tbepatiie; tbeftcom is teqniteoin inQi^ments^.^nnt^ 
tesu»tioifS4c* becante tbep ate to tfuat tui e^'atee tb^ l^sttie; tb^ 
tbitb ia te/e(te9 in %«fo , M tm nice ano cations , fo» Talis cercitudo 
certuudincm con&sdk: Om itt tbis ^uttsnt caTe tbe insiitmenf. ($ itt* 
taine enonsb in 8enetaf> viz. tbat CoiTam is toitbin tbe Ubettie ot 
Conaoi : bat to inuoine tbat tb^ libettie ma| eyteno out of tbe toUm> 
. . anb pet tbe toton ft fet^to be ont ef tbe lAettie> isacij^ionsmm 
fttaMe&intio&mentr to^btlwiUfDbotbnat atobir 



the Common Law^ 


MiGiomcr. 2 fit E contepaitce of latm0 f tt Kent certain lansd Ipiif g: fn Beamfion 
toere ej^tepten bp tide name of tfte^anno; of Beamfton, tvbereasft 
bat) (inoetd) fo^meripbeena^annoj but toae none attbattime, pet 
1oa0tt abluoseoto be toefl eiPcepteB : 0nii in tbe jSrgumentof tlifs 
{M)int ft )i3a0 tafb , tbat tbe Hats (abonra jiot abbantaged of mif^ 
naming > otbettnifo tben a0 tbe fidct rule of l^atii requires , no 
not in te}it0> Uibicb map be abateoanB netooned pnrcbafed) mncb 
leffe in grants o» otber conbepances, intebitb cafe tbep cannot babe 
nete ones ; 9im tberefo^e tf tioo be jopnes \n a loMt , tbe one (baB not 
pleabtbeMifnamer of tbe otber > as it is agreeb in 14H. 6. ^. Sjnan 
action againft baron ano feme, albeit tbep are one perfon tn l.atD> 
pet tbe one (baft not pleantbeMirnomcr of tbe otber » Coin trefpafCe 
in Hcldemeflc: at W. tbe sefenoant pleaos (in retpect of Miinomer) tbat 
tt toas neftbcr 9Doton) ^amlet 9 0} place l^noton > «c. tbe plaintiff re^ 
jripetb > it teas toitbont IbetDtng tn tertaine^ eitber tbat it fnas a 
SCotDn> b^mlet, 0; place linotDn> ^SnoaBtbisfn beteftation of nice 
aoiD Dilato^ie ej^ceptions^ 
Vice cottftm- 3 Cook Cbief Blufiice of tbe C PU in tbe CKarle of Ruclands cafe in 
&»o^ 8 Rep. 6 Jac. tomplaines togetber toitb tbe otber SJnOges of tbe Came 

Court, tbat tben of late time oibers nice anDftrafneDconSrnctions of 
letters f^atents b^b been maoe^ ano manpof tbem upon fligbt 
Sronnos bai^ been bjongbt in qneffion? toftb parpofe to fubbert tbe 
fo^ceano elTetfof tbem, iobicb practice (fain tbep) oib mucb tenoto 
tbe oiflbonour of tbe S^ing anb to?ong of t|^ tubjetf ano toas cleerlp a< 
gainff tbe true reafon ano ancient Unleof natB, asoiomanifeillp 
appeare in ajltbeir 1IBooKs> becanfefucb nice ano captions pretence 
of certaf ntp> confonnM true an^ le^al certatntp« 
UitneiK. 4 Bin Mackallies cafe in tbT? R^p* eiTception toas taken to tbe f nbict^ , 

ment, tnbiCbCail'' in Curia di6lipoD3ini Regis in compucatorio iuofci- 
cuaco in Parochia fan6ii Micbaelis in Wood-ttrcct London, and Xi^\!^ not 

fbeti) tx tDbat fBarbtbe taiolBarilb toas; bntit toas not allotoeb; 
fb> (as it toas bolbenfn eberpWXarb \xk London is as 
an bnnbiett <n tb* Conntrp , anb efeerp IBariOi ixk London as a 
toim in tb* bnnb)« 9 anb it <s not neceCbrie to beclare in iobat ^m^s 
f o:e» a tolon iBy neftbet pet in tobat VHarb a f^arilb is ; jEIno tberefb^e 
fncbnitetpistobeabofoebas n^blefle) Vide plus ibidcou 
iicepdoncoa 5 ^i^eption toas taiien againft tbe coatrmation of tbeCbarter 

Cbaiter^ ace. ^ Qpcens Col^ge fU Oxfoxd, ann. 8 Jac. becauTe it tiMS fub nomine 
AulsR^ginx , tObeceas tbe Cbartet it UXfZ fsas Aulas ScbolariumRe- 

gina; but not aBotoeb : |io in 17 E, 3. 48. one tM0 nameb Bui^enfis 
denovocaftroruperTinam, anb tbe exception IMS taken, tbat alSar« 
geSeongbtto beof aeertain SDotenanb notof aCaltie, bntit ioas 
notaflotoeb: Un tbe ancient S»ages of tbe l^ato bioaltoapes reject 
fncb niceties concerning aypeUations anbnames> lobentbe tbingint^ 
tenoeb m^bt Ik tiietebp toel enoiigli luioim anb Dtft togntft^ 

Sir MoyU 
Finches cafe; 

Maintcn. de 

The Earl of 
KHilandi cafe. 


& i».a« 
Doaor Ajftdji 

ExctftUnto it 


III. Max: 


III Maximes of Reafon: 

taken out of 


Hk Corpora' 
tiMr failing, 
die lu4 re- 
fcSiin the 


Wedlock cea' 
%, the Dow- 
er ctaiedu 

The tcflute 
mki, dwdV* 
ktb scafah. 

The temire 
ended, the e- 

19 CeJlffUitecMf4eeJfate§e3uf» 

^%am^wi<X l.s. begfbetifoatt Cojnf^.parsi 

teiet Ci»}p«Mt(M) 3in t^fe csCe ff 
^ HUMt iwtt ai tlje Cot^mt of ( fo 

t|tjroiio»flbal^<rt)eagafn0tl^elatm , 
ano not t^ l/0}tt bp €Kbeate; bt< 
iamttn ^uXtiXti htntt ttoHtfqae, 
t«e fift flinine fo l»ftfB in ^f r poU* 
tfiiae cai^ttp , ireatet bf t^e i^dtic? 
r tKmtmi ami t^rtfon tie i,alDtiot^ 
inntf a niaMm in l.alD to ebetp 
IIKI^ gift ant scant , tliat f f fncb boQfc 
IBolttiqae be bttMneo, t^ tiwm n 4D}anto» QMl re<entec > fo} t^at 
fbe caofe «f tb^ $<R m gtant %i<If«^ ; l^t no (n^ contfttoi to an« 
ne^t to tl^ etate to tk Oniple tofteo to an; man to jjia natnc al ce< 
aacftp , tot to cate tobete tbeB>ono» 0? #eoffioi retitc%et^ to btma 
tenmte^ anQtbentbelKatototKftt^ aconsitfiintolLafDbp ioapof 

1 Sbe iBl&flKil benooiMii Of 4|ie I«iid«, «. of %tt iNtiiaom, ff ttie Cc.ibui.ji.M 
mma^e eontfnne tto bto watb^ 4wttf tbe laibamano tPitebe o{« 
toxeo a-rinculo mactimoaii, atfto'tafeof pifcontcact? confangHfnft?, 
afftottpo^tbe Kite (but not imen&ftdioro ondf « a0 fo? aBaltecp) 
tbO-9>Ol0etC6aUt|9 f9h ubi mllum matrimoniuRi, ibi nuHa dos. See 
Dyer I?, a. ' 

i ^0% tbe tent one tbelaftoapof tlstetine, t^lfffo) c«tootoi< c«<!btd.47.t>4 
ftairie, becante tbe ittmt t» onsw ; am> tbet»fo?e tome uH tt teCetbe - 
tbeUri b«l&?e«te0 tent at tbefltat oC#t> John Baptift befo» tbe mt 
Of tbe tecme ; f a«, If tie tent be not tben f ato , be map iritcaf ne be* 
tbt&n tbat ano Michaelmas feioiitos^ 

4 af a man takea a (eaft f!»» ?eat0 of b{0 otm lano bpbaco to< eo.ibij.47 b 4 
•enteo, tbeefopel ootb not «onttoHe aftet: tbe tetmeenoet; fo^^ ».si.&3»/ 
malttog of tbeleate tbeeffopel ootb Stoto* ano confeqnenflp b? tbe £iu.ifM;«M 
en»flC tbe leafc tbe' ««<V«l Mtetmtoes ; anbtbat patt of tbe Jiwen* J?/^; .• , . 
tntetBbtcbbelnii|tototbei.c<kevOotb«fte€ tbetetmeenbcb, belong '^''''•♦•^*-**'* 

• to 

3e The Realbn of <SK£axViiji 

totlie l^ttti») tDlitoli ftoalo not fee> <f t|e eSopel contimiet^ Vide 

40. 3». 
Go.iby.7<^.i 5 3|f aftet t|pe iwtt liatft tfte toacBCbfp tf tftetoBfe aiwhiHD, t|» The seigm*^ 
ll«» Brtli teleafe tottje aiifant ||f0 rigftt <« tfte ^efgnfejp, o>t|je ?"".^.** 
&e(sn(o}p eeCtenoetl) to tlje inttmt , fpe fliaft be ont of toato boti) Ei>} wardOupcear 
tbe bo9; ano lam ? fo} be tDa0 (n foatoin tefpett be toae not able to 00 
tboCt Cnbfce0 tDbfcb f^ oaebt to to tobid Ho^, tobitbnottace tx» 

tftlCt, anllCe(rantecau^,ce&c caufatura; jblO Littleton (aftb > tbattS* 

mtteb? itiii0bt«liecbfce e^toetb rnito <t tBarti) matiage ^t* &o 80 
tbecenmffottiecelRtpbetteiiKcecontfiiiting : firoUketDtfoiftbeCo* "P''"^'t^'° 
nnfo^iiisl^tatate metcbant be tn eicectitioii an» bi0 Uitoalfo, am tu. lI j - 
tbetfotnifa(releafetobimalbebt0, tbi0lbailDffcbateetbee):ecatfon; ewcutiunb 
iFoitbe QebtfDa0 tbe aiaCeof;tbe»iccation, anoof tbe conttnaance aUb rciesftd. 
of ity m tbe Debt be tBtfioSeo . ario tbec^»e tbe olfcbatee of tbe 
Bebt, l9bte& i0 tbe tanfe, bUicbn^b tbt eicecatlon> tobUb to tbe 
£»MLi(,\>.i 6 3|f tbe tenant ma%e0 a Ceofteient in fee of Umb0 bolnen bp ftnf gbf 0* iht town per. 
Uttitt^ totbeufe of tbe fieoifeeanb bto beite0 ■> mrtin tbe feoffor pap fonaed^tbe 
nntotbe feoffco^bto beite0 an bnm^eQ ponnboat a time am place wardihipcc** 
limiteb; SCbefeoiTttDictb, bis twice toitbinace, tbe 1.0^ (ball babe ^'^ 
tbe tDatoOiip of tbe bob? am lanD0 of tbe liefteDf tbe feoffee> bat it 
IbaV be conoitionaVp ; fo) be cannot ^b«be a mtnn abfirtnte inteceft in - 
tbe iwicQlbip , tban tbe beice batb in tbe ten«||ie : Sbecefb^e if tbe 
feotro} pap tbe monep at tbe bap am plate > aqjlk^tcetb into tbe land, 
in tbi0 cate tbe bratolbtpbotb of tbe bobp ami'.iamx i0 oi^jetteb ; be* 
caQ(etbe9,o)0 batb noabfOlnte intetett in ett^i^ flj^ tbem, bnttbat 
inteceft, tobicb ^ batb f b«^ oepcm.npon t^^pecfo^m^hce o» not 
petfo^maneeoftbeconbition* : -^ , 

LictLs loj. 7 Littleton tet0 00 , tbatbftbe j^^tatnte of WeiL ucap. %z: 3f an The warda.;^ 
CoAi4^8>.4 belrefiemalebebiitbintbe age of i4peateB, vf^jm marcieo at tbe ofthebody 
t|me of tbebeatb ef bee aneeto), tbet tbe %tn» l^tt babe tbe tntcb ^V'"^ .^<»> 
«f tbelambolbenof bini> nntiUbetageof i<Jpeare«, tg.tle^toitb' S^hJwST 
<n tbofe tteo laft peat0 be map temec b^ coiuenient martiaget benefit of die 
l»et (intbi0cafe) if tbe 1^039 befoie tbe age of 14 ^cantetb osec tbe two yean a^a 
trntbCWp of tbe booie , tbe grantee tbeceof cannot en|op tbe benefit of 14- 
tbet1oopeate0, becanfebe cannot belb tbe lam obet> am tbei^oii^ 
tDbicbbatbtbetKitoaiip of tbelanbonelp, fbaHalCo loffe tbe benefit 
of tbe tloo peare0) becaaCe be b^ tbe lanb0 onelp > ano cannot tenoec 
nnp matiage; 9Dbecefo}e (intbi0 cate) tbe beice female ftaO enter 
into bee lanft at bee age of 14 peate0 : )bo if a tenant boloetb of one 
3lo»obp p»{o)itie, am of amtbecbrpoftecio?itp8nj>bietb> biobeice 
female tnttbtn tbe ageof 14 ptat0, tbe l^oMi bp foSeefotitp %tSk babe 
tbe lanb0 but nnttt bet age of 14 peate0 , becanCetbe matiage belong* 
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mage anceftreloiffolbeo«. 
Co ibid 104. 9 3lf ^mage be one to be bone bp tbe tenant , if tbe tenant ali< The Land be* 
•V. ' en tbe Una to anot^ > tN ;!llieno» camiot he com»le& to bo ^o* ^?|^«<i. . 

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ftreffe taken, tljeotoncr of tjje 6rt&eamwt tie* otft wine tlje*, an? ofc'fti^" 
f(tieoot&« tbc ot(inf.c of tl^e cattle nta^ tetcne t^> (6> tlie teafts v»wru 
yfrp,rrt-«- Watl^ be damage ft(aot tftftCttmrofthettfCttlg/ • CojbAK4A 

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joiiand re- precipe (^aQ l{e a{(a(Qft'%|p> QtttO tb/s (9 propter unXatem juris , Oef <1»e0 

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jopn: becattre(agto.t9atr'»n'*»f^).ttrf unitasjurisioTrtetfeo; fa» ncto> 
fe^ral iisbts Bctcsnoen to tbm fVcrtti (irbetaf jSlitceffo^i^ ; ano pet 
toben tbe? batie teteraVp tecob^^ , tbep at^ •c(pATcener0 aoaine^ 
anB ona precipe i|ictb&&ainft tbem, ado tcleafe viai»t b|^ one of tbim to 
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tipftby kcei- <CoaoUion> auQ eatretb foifbe'tConbttiofa b:^tiifr<t flial Benebet '^" 
nvtioa^ bolQ^i^ Wg bomage JSiftieftteH a^ * ^^ ^ ^^i > tfa Cop^oto efcbeat, 
ano tbelM^ mabitt a feoffment in ftb nwn CBtrbftion , ano entretb 
fottbe Mnbitiotib^ojien, ftibalt neter VK€ti^\t nplm becanfi^ 
(fn botb tbefe cafeo) tbe cnftome o}Y?efccf|tt(on'(1bb{cb flipt|o;teB, anb 
teas t^f anf^ of t^ tfj^nrt) i« intettapWi > ano tlj^at being once b}o« 
. ' litti,'lfl«com*cemcbflfir«» 
Qe]ap4 en- 17 j(g mQn fltant an annuftf f ppr urn acra tejrrtf; If t fte acre qf toiil be C6.iba.i64< 
H i(ie An. ^irtrtbn" **" ^^'^ tttl^? ^''^ anntiftg Anl c«ate 5 fo If <t be pw decimis, "*». 

Iki^iSe* «W;ft|^0cantecbebtftatb*O, OJ^roconfillo, ojquodpraftaretconfilium, 

friiiog, the ano ^ ccantee cefafe to gibe 'nanfa , tie atwnitp fbaB |n tbetetafeo 

i>Qd revcft*. c«afe $ ^l»^ifie> If a ipotnan glte tanbs to a man ans bf^ b^«9 cadk 
matrimduii pr«elocuti t In tbl0 c^fe If tbe man ttfuaXt. to mattptet, fSa 
4Hl||abetbelanB agalnetobecanobetbelces; Mtitisotbettiriftfn 
ca(eofa«an« * - it If 

ga The Realbn of S\dax.i^], 

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* ^* Vnt eiK, 9m after BflEeKe t]it DfTctntfiRtee , aim tfetl) feffeB , ttifs »(< ^"^ fctoo ae- 

ftentflial not lake ataap tiie enttf of tfteDifeifrs: jFeu^ otfcent ^«>' ">»>'«' 
oft()e jF^Otnple {0 l»ni0ieB and gone bp t|i« Hemfttet, iSho als> 
bett tbe iilne be to bp fo^eoC tbe eSate taAe, pet tbe IDon^ &{e» 
not fetfin oC tbat ettate, ans of neceftitp tbete tnnft be a bi^0 tef« 
co.ibi<i.ft39di. xp VQb^n tbe M6r^» ate paft (6 as a toaft otCntrp fn tbe Poft ootb a wru out of 
*• l|Xv4?et bp eDent it map be bwigbt Initbtn tbe «e0ctt0 a6aln> as ff tbe ti" <>cg(«e* 

Bifteffb) enfeoffe A. tobo enfeoffesB. IDboenfieoffeaC. w, VL tbeoff* "^yberedu- 
reifo} ofe (efteMnb tbe land BeTceiBf to A.anB from bim to B.aiiB from *^* 
b^m t9 C. ipotvate tbe oe0c»0 f aft,an» pet if C. jenteoffe A. 0} B. noto 
(0 ft b^oasbtlsit^in tbe oc0r(e0 again. 
c«.ibu.i4i^. 20 3f tbe elseft (bnne batb iftne anb bietb* ana aftet bis aeceate tbe ' Aieicent wiM 
!• ponngec tenne o^ bi0 b^itc entretb> anbrnaoip beficent0 caft inbi0 line; v^'«i of 

pet map tbe beicea of tbe eluft tome entet , in r^ct of tbe p^itiitp ^"^"^ ^^^^ 
of bloao, ana of tbe&me cUtme bp one title; Kntif tbe ponngec 
tonne make a feoffment in f& » ana tbe feoff ^ aiea teitea , tbat aiftent 
fbal take atoap tbe entvpof tbeelaeft > in tefpetf tbat tbe y}ii»itp of 
Co jbi<.iSf4. II 3f an action of fsaft be ^mo!^ bp 15aton anb feme f n remain* Dnib wUt 
^ aer in fpecial taile , ana (banging tbe lo^it ) tbe tniCe aietb toitbont the aaiM. 

ifbet tbe tD)it lb<tt abate ; becattte eberp kina of aition of ioaft mnS 

beadekh3eredatiooem.j - ',' 

Ce.ibi4.i9i.a. 22 3|ftbe boaieof taken in ei»catiott upon a Ca.£i.ana Refeafe of 
4. . tbe I^Uintiffe relsatetbfl a(tion0%pet,ftall^fttl temaine inepe* adxexcufedi 

Execucr. (otfon } bat if be rrteate^afta^bto > anti^ 0} joagemento , b^ i0 to be e»<w^ 
aifcbareea of tbe tipecation ; betaote tbe aebt , o» tbe antie , 0} tbe 
joDfetnent (fobicbis tbe, caate if fbe locution) i0 aiC^gea. 
CciUd jtta. tj ^B^ fleafontbat Lutlcton gftirtb of tbe aifCerence bette&na . ^ 
>• tent firtjice ana a nent«(i)arge i0 ^ fo) tbat \}X tent'ferbice tbe aaoiotp m^r^i^ 

fball alltMpe0 be wiaae nyin tbe^ etton ^ bat \xi. tent<cbatge neber np* oa the perfbo. 
on tbe perfsn , bat npon tbe iL4mp cbatgea ; i^to bete it map be taia, 
tbat tbi0 reafm is taken aUiap' bp tbe Ibtotnte of a i H. 8. i p. #0) bp 
tbat l»tatatetbe i,«}anaa0 notabbis fo) anp rent 0} fetbice apon 
anppetCon \vk ceitain^, anatben bp Littletons teafon tbete macaetb 
no p^itnitp to tbe attornment of a ([»eignio}p» fd; (tsp tbep) CefTante 

caufa & ratione legis , cefTat lex ; 00 at tbe Common ],ato no aioe lDa0 

fcantaUe of a fttanget to m SUvCavAz-y becanfir tbe l^botD^e tmus 
maae of a cettain^ l^etfim ; bat nols tbe iSbotP^ie being maae bp tbt 
faiajattof It H.S, ttppnno perfon; S^etefo>e tbe reafanof tbel^abi 
being cbangea, tbe i^ato it felfti0 aUb ^ang^ , ana conf^nenUp ^ 
an jlbotD}ie> accosting to tbat ^it , aia flial be gtantea of anp man, 
ana t|o Mke^in manp otbet cateo v fbbieb c«fe {0 gtantea to be geoa 
l4ito X »at aUM^'tbe Hoia (a04^b b^ (^fi>) >"«P t^^ benefit oC 
tbe9»tatute., pet m^ be atoto ttikatbio election npon tbepettonoC 
bi9 tenant; ana albeit tbe mannet of tbe £lbotmie be altet^* pet 
tbf pjibitp (tebitb iotbe true caofe of tbetdia biffettnce) temainetb 
ao to an attornment* 
Lini.$ ut. 24 nf tbe tebetfion of iLefflt for VSz be gtantea, ana iieiCee fn upM aUaw 
co.ibki.;i<.a. xify^ iififgne obet bio eltate , tbe l^eS^ cannot attome. bat tbe attom* »« dm 
^' ment of tbr ;ailigna» j0 goa > becante ( ao Lutleconfaitb) it bebobetb p"^ <**^ 

tbat tbe ten^ of tbe lana ao attome, ana aftet tbb aHignenient ^'"'^ 
tbete ionotenateor attenaancevv. bettoen fl^ ILeSft anbbiwin 
teDetSo? t to liketDite if I'eftae for life aftignetb obet bio eflftte npon 
conaitiur, be ba&tng notbing in bim bat a conaition fbal not attorney 
bat tbe AfCign^wap attorne,b<catite ^ \» tenant of tjbe lana. 

.3^ $Ccntiiit 

?«SS ': Vf «rii«»t in tafle aftw ^ibflit? dt m% eytliwt QaiH mi te c<^»^-3>^* 
Mftfljonib*! (omi^dliii to attpme, |io)ttie ixi\fii\!C^tt ^Vi^ii^ lam once irt^im; 
Urn. \txX Vfo a1K2n(lb'fii*ill lie coml^eleo fo attow^ , %ttaaXt tl^n IW 
pMiRtteD0e<dloll» l^^affisntt i^itiittsfii ^im «ntlp« ban eftate foi ' 

iffr:' ...•.■■■ , , 

leUeor . jtf QaxrcU ( Mii« tctftj^ii ijujrcndo) |^)9pettp toitcimct^ piti co.a>u.t9i: 
yarreii is le- fonal aal4n0, 0), jnfirt at 1^2 luiclidl i.fbitbe #laf^ur to tfitm te call^ **'* 
lafcafAft. x::{^u3:ren^;anB^tffjimant^leaIieaIqtiatret0ttti8aJi(bttiellc<aIa0aft 
Ba(oit0; to} op it at d<tfeii0boQ|tMl ant pettonal ati» teleafto; W<> 
^anG^ bp tbe releai^e «f aB quarrels aft axXta ofaaidiw txz nUntieo^ ab 
beit no a<tf on be tb^ bepenoing (i»; tbe fam^* 
wheretkee- V 3t t^ a 0enst«l tnU , tbatttb!^ (be fit^nt bpibieis.bif^fibl^ ci>i>u;siK 
ftnekdefeafi- tb^te tbe tenant (ban not be compeleb to atjto^ne ; ;S(a if an tofiant «.4; 
i)k,ifaeKiuiir biinsfWes or aremOoh) lebflKa Snetb^eoC, tbf0 to oeGtaSbU b» 3«H^>i4r 
aMeompei- ip^ftof ecto} Ottftoii^'bid niine}itt»> anotbetelioetotbto.caJit tbetf< 
rr*"*'' , naht (6.itt not be cim{>ileb (o attowe; (b UketofCe if betne t<|e 
l»tatilte0of 4 H. 7. 24. ana ?% H. S; jtf. a tenant to taftebab lebfes > 
Sne > tbe tenant conlQ not l^be Vtn comyelet to «tto}ne> becaott 
■ ft tDa0 oefeaabie bpfbe ifldeintatle ; iBnttbofe ^atntes labe (^ 
ben a fartbet itcengtb teftnes tol^ttetbe iOite totatte; anbtbere* 
f^jetbeteabnof tbfe ConiiMon l^attbMngtb^ibiftaften atP8F>tbe r«ik .i- 
tenant to tbis cafe IbaA b? coiiq^leit to attojne > » ft Ukw abjnbgeb to ^°*"^*3''*' 

Jufticp Windbams eafe« 

liifaatiNtt. aS Ai maKetb a gift to taOe ^o.B. iiAo ma&ctli a gift in tafle to C. to.tnft.ran i 
w Induced. C. malt^tb a feffoment in f* j anoiiiltb tnt^ontiOie , B. batb fftiie anb '*7"'* 
^\^\ tbe itttieof B. (bat enter r fiai> Albeit fpe feoffment of C. offt 
Sifcontintfe tbe retjet^on of tbe f^ Itmyle, tnbff^B. bab gainebni^* 
on tbe eflatb taUe maoe to C'lfet eotdbit notbflicontinne tbe t^ 
of eiitaf i, tobicb B. %m > f bat b^g bffimitiniiia befo)^t iSno tblt«EO)e 
tbben C. otes toitbt^at filiie> tbenbib'tbe ttfcontiQiiancboC tbeettsatc 
taa of B, (tt^b pai^b ^\f» VCotti) ceaCr, anb ionf^incntlp t<pe entt^ 
of f^eiftiie of B; fs latofal. 
Di^sdiMWMe tp SCenant to tafloma1ti0 aleaf^ fo^ibeU&of tbel,^6 > rnnia^ Vicd.uR.i^ 
tenaea, ^tec fclo tbo tet^ocOon to a flcangec^ tbe tenant f^}<life iki^ fbb c«jud.3ii; 
theiEieuitaU j|rant# of tberebetfion entettltotbi life of t^l tenant intaile, tbi0 *•** 
iMr enter. ^^^ bifcontfitante in tit , atib ^ere it tbie tenant to tail* niz , bi0 if* 
file cannot entec » bat is pnt to bis Formedon, beeaiite tbe eftate .liMui 
erecnteb in tbe gtontee of tbe tebetSon in tbe lifii of tbe tfnontte 
iaa % but in m^ cafe if tbe leibe ^fnVStlm (ctebibebtb^tenant in 
iaile , tbe entrp of tbe iXht bab b#n lattfMf ; Ifecanfie bp tbe b^ t/t 
tbfe IL eif ff tbe oifcontinnanc j toast beCectntoeb ) itol confeQoInd^ tbe 
. gxtm maaeof tbetebttlion^gaincft Rfoii f||MSiIieo(ita^ 
tieto alio, 
l«co»]hii- 3 o ^d^N eftaiea ot lanbo, t e» to|(|e|f lBO)lte bi&otottonanilsi ttt isttiijii^ 
mittevtdi bef^ea, tbe oifco'ntinnanees tbemfeCbefll ace oitiv oefiMttb iiSs ff Cojinsit: 
fbebMbanftbe (oK^of Ianstocta||t4f bi0 ti^ 
of f« ityon (onbiton, anbbfcv j&e\ if iReilBitb^ tie ^ite entec 
nllpn tbe Ceofree &> ^ conbition f iMten > tibi i^^ 
gekUe uildntbe^icf ; b^caofrbp tbeeiittt Of ill ^ffo) Ibecon* 
bition b}olten t^'Bi&ohtiiniancii0b<fe<it^» 
K^timiaoce ^ '^ i.'^ tenant in iaiit ntalte fi UaU tn UUi ioberebp ^ f<iiietb-9 ^hiii^jil 
V^ upon nekiTebecftoN, ff tenant fb;Ufi CBcnhbec>^'eiiate.(b»Ufe Wijns *^ 
""^^ bjobnm > tbe teberi|fl^ j|ainebyb|^.to)oiij( i& boniftcb anb g^ , an* 
]|ie f» tenoni in taQe again > nw^.. ^ ^fMtitt 6bicer of pQhingtotx 

MrMiw'ii. ;2 |r B.'pntcbal'e an aobofsC^ > anb toflfer^ban n&tyattoii «b» ^^<4^* 
«p«uon. .||^g,onetb« to pade , anb after tbe nfntp'ec gcantitb tbe Abbo«Pm& >v** 

B. 9101^ %tkta , B, tiftiti lti» Wtt ia not tt^iUti , himUW 

(b^ 8 tsmf ttet c«9 neDsf urate, .1»tt xt^m « tljArt retottecabte ftp «cti* 

Co.ibid.5 i6A J 3 3f a recoDeff ^aa tiien Im asatell teiiaitt tb? Ite bp BiliBtfijttlie^ ■^f*'" ^ 
'•- . t«;etlie Sitatate of Weft* ».c»p. 4. }» fD80 (at tfte Camrnon MtD) tt. f?J: . 

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of/i|)ont^ tiaDl#.bptiK^t) atrlibsii fftettalietr baebami) anottt 
ttwfetcf^Mtt tbejtiotfte totbe bam aim feint fo} tbefrtioottortf, 
ffftbf^cafetbetiwexoalBnotbabe bifentemmet, becaufebet ctfatt 
loureineoileO^ a0aC93C(^:K(itttQt9Sn»tbat &tattiUlbel(»al 
i' : <Ntb9fC3fe i«Tei|tft(0,b«caitti^tbe^itn)?.n9biteQaf)^ebereft8tebpa 
. ; Qu6d ei dcforccat , flfteit bj? tbat *tatnte : fb j tobm m^aot |lat!t 

ti^fitt o> a cultome 90tb attec tbe ^(at^ 07 caut^ of tbe ConraMtt ,»;tbCTebt?tbeCQttn)oril^tDftti^tf9alfoialtere5 : Ahera^a.eau- ' 

fa & ratione legis , altehtur Ce lex; & ceflancc caula & racionc Icgis, ccflat 

ti\cx. • ■ • ;' ...... 

c»».i. J4 A. ^(isciCM 6, HJttb laitraitt? r b«e A. ibalLbabe tbe tDjWnusi ]S[f||» «• 
fnr Topjow. irt,<(^(09ipjgjeiifcfji^jBatr4ttti», antrnotB.bwauft it fmpleaB* *^"* 
bTmJX f9 » a. map be Vivum } 1^ tf B;«fe toftbwt brfre , tbe twuimp 
cafe. mase to B. {0 banitbeo ,.anb A. itmm be bootbto ; fim tberefo^e ta 

tbta cafe tbe bi}it(itss belons to tWIUfifi bp et^beat^ 
Co.iv4.}9.)}.(. 3$ Iff cafe of commoti of Wiufim one conimonci. map f Rctofe a> Comann it 
ftr fv^r, in gaftftanfltbet ; fo^beibat batb fttraa common cannot pat bt'9 cattle v'<*>'8^ 
rtmn^am fntot&elanbof anoirb^, botbetM)S9lto pnttbem intobto otm laub 
£«w and Ktd ^^^ ^^^? babetotum^H^/mBlttbep trap <nto tbe otbec gtonno, %t {0 
mns cafe in nttkt^ of tTCfpatiry bp teafpirof f^e ancfent nfa^e > tRb<cbtbe Mis 
t.% 8toti«^t9tJ^eato^fitftcl,totft|)niiapar(fe,ifact<en0fiiaBbrb»o«0bt 

f9% et)Ctp' fucb \xtXtM y tsibcn tto feparatfon O) fndofnre io bettdirt 

t^e CotntnontTQ* ^0>,'Cc(fante caula, ccflat cffeftts. 

Co 1 4 ^i b t 3^ *^bcn « maH mAeo a leitefoi life oj peares * tbe XtHk bat( Tree hm ' 
Htruktndtns V«t a fprctol UHtxt^ o^i p^cffectp fH tbc Xxkn (tobfeb ate gteat timber) an ihe lef- 
Mfc: as tW nc0 amtere? t9 V^ lano , to tonca0 tbep ttmafre anncreo nnco <•». 

■ - ^ ' ft ; bat K tbe'lfff ^ OT anp Qt|ct fcber.bem ttbmtbe lanb , tbir'p$Ok 
pert* sxa inteteft oftO^ left* fa tberebportctrntnco, ano tie 4;eli 
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anB(frtBb<cbtbttttcTt<*oftbe.iLeff*teoeterntWto, -'^ 

I J 37 Hf tbe baifir <jf b^"^* a^of a bwfe , «t. Wii; tbcn» , tbe JBtefl? Tte wnterf 
co.».M}jn in (fj^ J» uenfT^ Atttott of ttefpatt ag airift btrt ; bet anf? bptbe f^* ■"? 
the coimtefs munffof twm, tbepipjlt^tittctetwhteo, tobftb refftaf netb tbe a<tf» *^e*«j«*«r 
S^^cfr* w«<^?nP^«<«OarJta|k. . ' 

c^TVi'iob* 3t 1(me«'e«*««k«Jt«ff,*niibefo?eanpwtfonbwtgbttepa»irei waae. 
in^ii4^ tltff!l9a;t9a9eD,anba(tett^llr#»;Mn6<ana(tfonofbMft,tbeiut6 
<«fci, bift«ttormafhtjrtiiab(^?tbjt5i|tttoi0wgbttor*tbetraft,iw5ccf- 

"• ] fan«ca%art.' , 7.' ,^^. ; / / V''"'.. ' » ^ " ' • ' '":• - • ' ' 

St ^rut Drih ' tit VKbeit fbc b'Nll^ftbf'f itl^ it^inab^ vnf gbv aCnhc tenbet of omr'* Fotftimre «f 

mfcafe.^)t9Ktaljtn(i%ifbO(ld)ht»b<^bef0pettDttbfRage, 1^ marisgdact 

co.u.74.b.4. jitetDfe)Mte>'m!ieilwl WP»ir^ ticbp pf,*^. 

ntalcltaBtf bmintisljlti M ontof fte'tvatb aiH»'CMic«leof t(e itojt; >'»V"*>^' 
, becanTe aftet be (0 funig^ , bi^ ^trt to be far jtaris , amt i9 im* 
'■ ' i^bfi)^t^tni!eat0^atmt0tot^efinotbeiH^ 

^ra-pMr f^iP^iW o( ntarfag^, tot be tbat aftde tefoCil ntaitfietb 
btmcAt|Bikc<ttir#|^(!'t9(» be<« tnteatsfUp t.'l^ottbeft tbeiloift 
iball-immeMatelp«mt b<0 itnigbtbvbbabeabB^tt dcTabrenaritagii, 
facb like cat^ji0 oieo to be ba9 aftec tbe ^icec fnt age tf «t 

<SKidxAf* the Common Law. 5^ 

Ko proteaion 40 |»f{t» f^t^tatote Of 12 E. I. tolUQ fltCOjpOWfCtft Wales jntO Lih'tii cz^<^\ 

lot Htus. England,. anomafew ft pawcl of ipngland in pofTeffton, no pjotectforr, Co.'i.y.n.b. 

Qiiia moratUr in Wallia, tDli noto Ipc : bwaufe Wales (0 hoto toitftfn tt)e ? * 
^eatm of England. 
Noiwrdftiip _^i i&ttEvcrardDigbybpaCtC1DECatEl»fl!6f0lfrecOntj0^O |)<3lanils *»'£*■« fafc, 

ttteraoaiadcr to tlje nft Of Wmfclf? foj life tpttlj oftjetfl wmfltnocts ot?et, ano tljen Co.i.8.i<;j.b: 
toaa attainteo ano txtivXtaUn t\it ^oiooet^Creardn ; CljequeSton p^. , • 
tx>as\a^Vm toamof ttieboopo^of t^e t^fropartof tibelanoa fboulti „."**' 
accnie to ttie l&tttg bp fo?ce of tl^e dtattiteo of fbe 3 2 ana h H. 8. 
;9no tt toae tefolDed; tbat tbetr conlo be ntit\iti toatolbip no? pri^ 
nierfeifm fntbat Cafe: becanfe tberecoiilQ be nobehre; fojaltbougb 
tbei^e map be iDan;(btp ano primer feifin, tnbete tbcre in no ueftent (ad 
fncafetDtM»tamair grante alibis lanos (boloen) bpoceQ erechteo in 
bto Ufe) pet tbete can be no toaroOitp <t% primer leifin , but toberj^ 
tbere f0anbcire> bp teafon of tobont alone tbofe rfsbtsqiccrueto tbe 

^iowet by 42 SOttTtng tbe nitno;ftp of tbe befre a tD?ft of SDotner Ipetb ngafnff Co.i ^.i^ .b.4. 
Goaidian. tbe ^nacsfa^ 0} be map ennotn tbe feme toitlpoat futt ; if be pleafe: >n^»M bc 

but after fun age, altbongbbebolo tbe lanooter fo?tbeDalueoftbt '''"ifi^idsaQ:. 

maifage, pet no tp^ft of JDotoet Ipetb agafnt btm> neitbet can b^ 

i^nooU) b^r ; becanfe aftet tbe full age of tbe belt be to no lonj^ec 


Nu&ncere- 43 3n AfTife de nufans, b? Quod t^crniittat proflemere, fc» itie Co.'.».Ty a.i: 

fcwcd. a gooB plea , tbat tbe |Blafnt«f pimfelfe, (ettbet bcfoje tbe tsjtt mBattm 
purcbafeS) 0? banging tbe tinit)batbabateo tbe nafance. ^'^f^- .. 

wi jifcttg 44 3f tjjete be tenant to tail to bim ano tbe beites males of bis bo* ^°i I^i,,tr 

uad dcTiftd. jp tbe temaimjet in f« to anotbet , of iano bolwn bp Unigbt'ferbice ofe. 
in Capit'e, ano tbat is aUio feitro of otbet lanos in foccage in fk , ano bp 
'^5 tDifl in iD^fttng be oebtt^tb an j)is tbccage lanos ano oies loitbont 
iiuemale; in tbts cafe tbeoebife is gooo f07 all tbe foccage iano ; fd% 
tbecftateof tbe Iano boloen oetetmines bp bisoeatb, fo tbat tbere 
toasnot anpcanfeof tsaro at tbe Common naUi, foitfs liltetoire) if tj^Dyni- ■ 
tbe effate of tbe Iano boloen be oeG^ateo to% a conoition broken after 

Wo<j,ortreei 45 jf I. grant tbe ipaimojof D. ewepttbe tomo, bptbts tbe foil Co.!.ii.4?b. 

***?•"• it felfe is eircepteo ; but if I. except all mp tt*s crototrtg upon Iano oj ^^ , .. . 
piftatt out of anplDooQ; tbere, bptbeerceptionof tbe tress tb^foil ^ 
ftfelfeisnotencepteo; iSntfufficient nutriment is referfeeo oat of tbe 
tano to fattaine tbe t)egetatit)e life of tbe trees : fo; tDftbont tbat tbe 
tt^s , tDbicb are ercepteo , cannpt fubSft : 15ut if tbt l^eib; cut 
tbem , ano bp tbe licence of tbe ItelT^ root tbem up > in tbts cafe tbe 

i^efTeettiall babe tbe foil; fojceflamemaufaceflratcfrecRus. 

A<«rpir<r<A 46 Bf a man be falfelp fnoi(t» of felbnie , ano after bp Sitt of par< P'R-i > i-i' 
^amifktcj, liameht a general paroon is granteo of felonies > fC« t^ere, tbepartp> 
Iballnotbatie a lo^itof confpiracie, altbougbbe toiU pleae to tbe in* 
oi(tment ano is acquit, anotoill net pleao tbe^ fl(t> %t, becanfe bis 
life teas neter piit in leoparbie (tobicb inoeeo ongbt to be tbecanfe ano 
grottno:of tbe action of confpfracie} tbef^onie being parooneobp tbe 

KoaaaiK. 47 jfaman recober outragionsoamagesbpberoirt) ano releafe Fitz.io7.B." 
parcel of tbe oamages before 3|nogement, ano batb onelp 3luoge« 
ment of tbe redone, tbe oefeneant (ball not babe attatot fo? tbofe oama* 
ges.tobtcb'are fo relea&B^ 

CooJibaaeJ. 48 ffanian babegooosoelibereonhtbbim tooeliber otetttianoi Fia.ij»iu* 
tber , ano afterlDaros a tD}it of oetinae is b^ougbt againff bim,bp bim, 
tbat batb tigbt to babe tbe gooos, (c, bete, if tbe eefenoant > banging 
toeatfion, belibertbegooos obectobim^ unto tobom tbe? toeregib^n 

if 2- - ' tV 



The Sheriff of 
t§ml$ns c^fc. 

Pbvrd* ibid* 
per Cbomtey. 


Sir Thomas 


The Rctfoti of 

to He oelitietet, ti){0 {^ a gpoQ Wtie «£ t|9t actfoiTt 

49 ;SUtet 8&()}b}ce tnaoe betioriFt vaioh amfeme) tQe CHneQatl 
batjeaioltof aetinoe tt^tlie gbooi gtt)i^ ipftb Iret fh matiase not 

$0 2Dl)e betceM be cbatseo bpa 1o}ftof anmiftptip6rtgc9ittof 
b{0 fatbetiC beba^i<(et0 1^ sefcent ; but ar; 0nltaf||» ttall itot bi» 
tnaintatnable asadifttte bf^tx in; 'ip^etcttpttoiti hetanUittMrniAVt 
ftit^ ion , foi^etbet be bab an^ ^(^g b^ befceiit ttoali tbe (iune an* 
cetto^ bplDboiti,tbeaniinttHbeca9r,4C» ,. ^ 

$1 ^(apitoati in iDpscnttoii in fudpate be.Cc|ffet^ to gaebettbl^ 
IBjioge into Surrey ^ tb.oogb'^ellia'be a Ksvet uittb biift ' 'v'ei tbat^isaiji 
etu^e ^. taiyptin^lt^ Sufny , tnbub (siA^ottier Conntp,beltfa0 Inftbottt 
0atB, anQ(ocoi^e4aeritl?(fnt6fp)ifon^c» , , 

,52 If a teman be ^atoen of tbe Fleet, anooAe fmi^;ti£onebtbere 
martetb tbevbman, ^hkliis Watbeh; tbtd Ibat ble jnopb tin i* 
tcape in t||e foomaU) onQ tbe.Ub; aelof g^ tbe piitonec to be at lacji^ 
JbecaoTe be cannot be ,^atbfattp fntp^tfoneb but onbet^a Waibi^ , jinD 
4^ cahtiot be pjo^etl^ conceit)^ ttnoec Vie toatb bt ijt« toffe V 0nb 
tbe^ tbat cafe tbe latr aombg^tb bint to be .^latge^ 9^0 If tbe 
^atben of t^e VU^t (WI39 if^^ Wa office , in f&) bie (eit^ bis tonnis 
and beire being tben piil^nec t^^e > inb ^ tittiu ^tUtma tipbft 
bim being in p)i(on; bete>tbe latptDiB ao^nbge l^im out of f?ifon> 
altbmtgb ^t batb f^tei^a oion (lis I|rgfs.> |e being tbentcitboiitBttcb, it 
being impjftible tbfijt be i&bnlo li^p bitittelfe in p}itbn» 

53 3if a Ijuftice of |^eace of one f ountB pnitbe bne into anotbet 
Count? fo} felony cbnittteo in tbe Coantp iopte^ fb Jnftice > ahb be 
tabes bim in ilfe ot^ft CToatitp ; 3|n t)) be & bi'0 piicut^ in tbe 
Countp iobere l}e tabett bin(;anb wtgMl^ce to Ve iniV^itbne^) am 
.be (annot leho o^tonbep/^im 10 tbe maol'ti tbeCbiintp lobetebe 
coniiiiitteQtbefelohF > foT^beisnot It's P^/tohet tbete> tot being out 
9f bi}pr'P<^i: c6untH'bis«ntbo}itp,-ceaictbaifito tbatotbet Cbiintp: 
|l»Qif tbe^attbal^olb pteabf atlilng bone but of tbe ]7ec^e> oi tbe 
09micaUf atbihgBohe intVe bobp of tbe (C', (ban be.bbib; 
foj tb^r au|bo?itp e)cteni}& t04 cec^ine ^lace > ano tDftbin a c^ttaiii 
p?e(iutt ) fiiio not, 'eltelobere { ano if be ibbicb tialte? 'istrnttmi^ 
goes but, anp man map taiiebinf; becaute'be batb l^ff bis i^^Ubi* 

54 3ir tbeil^nifteof a ttlecog^t^^nie.Caccoiofngtotltie ^^atnbof 
2^ H.8.5apu;)fc;flfetierari^r(0'^f bis'.lanbstp febetai teoff&0, te&c* 
ting alio pirt tbetebf to bimtelt^, if ereciitioti^e txttt agaihftbia 
part ■, ia an Audita quzrcla bf tball not tombel mtp'af tbe feoffss to 
£.oni;tibute> Sinn ilitttfoitpi^ t||ie fame ceaton tbe (uctb'ate of jpact 
bitbe i^t>i{ifafiikU notoi^c^fge jtbeerec'iitioni Ui tbe eitecntion of 
tbe Conif^ fiul oe Difclia^g^ ni cbtitii&etatibin tW be Ib&D be cbntci* 
botp^^if benwte ifeoiff^ ano'tiot ffon^ecVnotboiin as itmcbas 
jbefbat not.beconttibnto}];,'if^etvei:e^eott|sahDjnot;€^o^^^ b(s 
putcbafbof )^it mail hot oIKbatgetbeeicecntibn, bitng'CwiCee^quiji 

ceiTante caiifaj&c. 

55 3IS tbe)iing.baB gtbenU^jnt^atp an abbot, aub bis fUcceflbisto 
bjl ltinigbt«lb|;^,,tbi0 ban vcengno^^'ano^e abbot f^Mt 


PrUbners tn* 
larg^by mt^ 
r»ge,or dcf- 


No dlfchaiyie' 
by the Codu? 
of pare. 

tl)eret0a0 rioUmtoibfp tnitimz*6i6tminUb!ztA%^^^ 
to s pet if t^e Smbfn^ tpttli mi^ent oC liUT coieht ^ao cont^epeo tfje 
latn toapiataiilii^ ati^^^^ ahouUefe, aim 

'ot^ec iiitiDef((6 bi^r^KO of Miri^n rigtit to tbe tenure ; jStrmtqft 
Uj i(i^t^i^%Slt\)zl^^ am itommuhaltpattDtlieic 

ttifcelloMto be golden bp litflsbf^terttces'llrf t()f0 tafeUie'|Patent0^0 





the Cbhittloti Law^ 


Lad and VU- 



Oict, and 

Gnrdian in 



ttafl 00 ti6 ^oma(i;e, neUliet 16b11 tbeie H anp foat&ftfj^ tdttiittty 
onetp ttieif OmU fltto a man^c* o^ pap sUas^t x Bat If tiiep contep dtec 
tVs(ciano0 toanp natatal iiiah aiMlthttitta;. itotti^oma(;e, tmtii> 
matlase) teliile, ano6t|ietihc0)eht0 belong t^ieaitto; qiuiceflauce 
iatione.iegis ce^c ipfa lex. 
5^ ||C tfHinagebe ^Uatieo bp tl^e iLbjft in an action 3Cl0aI> ^Oi* 

Sal, d^mij^, ant It hi foutiotliat be te fto I^ffl8ine> t^lijtogingofa 
)iftotmoact0noenftanct|(tement^ betatite tbtrebp bi^i^t^ Defeat 
t^efo}tiieti«ib0eii»nt^ anbitin tbemean time tbe ylaintfffe o] «e« 
niamant b^ng an adion agatoft t^ iio;is b^ nceb mate no i»}etefta« 
tifoQ) (0 Ions 80 tbe reco;^ temaine0 in fbjte (Uisi t^t tiftie ^ 
if0 ftte ) but tbe Ho^ ftatt tie refto^eo to afl bp t^e tojtt of «(« 

$7 3if umosbe fi^tien to tlDO attotb tbeti^reoof oneoftbem,^ 
tIptM tbefe^ffim^le fbaflnptbatieanaafonoC teaft npon^be &t^« 
tote of Gloceaer agatnft t^e iopntenant 'fo» IfCe* Init bte b^ic INR 
^intaine an action cif toafte ajj^aind tfaii u^xi tbat Statute: &o 

tat (in tbi0 ca&) tbe Wi <bafl maintaine tbat attton, tobtcb tbe 

58 3if tbe bnsbatio tMinHia lam^y aotDtben tbetbife is attainted 
^ felonp , nolo i0 ibe. tlifableo, int if lite be pacDonea before tbe 
oeatb of tbe btts^'anb , fbe ibal be enootoea : iSifo if tbe fonne enooto 
bi0 iDife at bet a^9t 7 vines ex adenfu paci is , if. ibe befo^e^tj^ Deatb 
of bet b»0banii attaitie'to tbe age xi nine peatesy iSie ootoet i0 


5$) j^e king ftantetb ioonean>office.siteiU} amitenifil(tino0 
l^tlp tent mtting life pro officio illo : ine^ittbe ftingputbtm out 9f 
bt0 ofiEiee , tbe tent OiaS ceafvi 4- 

69 %\fi. erecuto} o^bnsbans ^ftet ttie oeatbof tbetvifie istjHtoi< 
ari in S^occage) (ban not retain ibe toatolbip > fb) tbe gnatotan b ttb It 
nottotiis-otone a&>'bnt fb^rtbe tenefit •f ttie^ice ^ano tbe e):e< 
catoJO) busbanb bp> common intendment btfite not 6tdb«Cfetfion to 
tbe Bjnfant •, a0 tbe t^itato^ o> ^0 t»ife oio > - Wbieb iM0 ^eau(ir,tbat 
tbe iato gate tbem tbe trntolbip. 

tfi sr atttoHebegiben tbefttttbapof May) anotbeliing #3tDon 
bim* tbe feeono oap of MayaU Celoiii^mto mifeemieano»0 > fibeyattp 
Cmitten oietbtbe tbitti sap of May, (oa0tbfo i0 no Celonp tin after 
tbeparoon ; pet i0tbe felonpf »9oneo ; io} tbe «fffiie«eano}0' being 
patooneo, all fbing0 pntfaing it are alto p^tooneDf 

%i Wvt iUng batb a ^>Sato pur caufe 4k. ^jird , ami after ntaltetb 
lliberp to tbe iril iSaro 7 ibe fecono fKiatb fOafl not^fae %\* 
t»etp» ^ 

>3 rSjf ttoo co^atteNertf* ntwte ateaCe tefevbing a tint , \ tbe^ifbaD 
labe tbi0 tent \!^ common ^ a0 tb*9 b«be tbe cebecStm ; mws. Mb after< 
tDatD0 tbep ttcKxt tbe rebeeibq,-enfFtiH0>lbe tentvtbepiibiilirbe 
from tbencefo^tb 3opntenant0 of tbe tent» 

04 it ii ntrpsiwipa^tfbaHengeto viw»%i tbbt-bebM9'bfaitll^Dtbe 

6% iratfoJIMEant tenant ^ tatte 'iffak0«a Cement fnfce ,*attbBie, 
bfiffinrntapetttet ; bat ifaftet tbe*eAlflKen^mltli0i)ebr actMntfvof 
Celonp >*«n»Dietb> tbe^ entrpo(<tbe-ifltife> i9 tftken alnap i fo)it|ji0«n< 
ttpi0net lafo^ \^ reflect of bi0 ettate onelp, but of bisbloobatfoj 
tBQicb^f0i»»ta^^> anD'tbetieCne'teKlstcaf^ t)et««}ff^ if|i0 For- 

medou. • ., . . , , 

6i Si Qofulief fenracopidata iit Itbero , 8e<3.partusin[bd)it hzredkacnn,- 8c 
mceroulkmdotem) quiimonuoTiro fuo liberojedit in priiliDum ftacum 



Cb.ibia >47 i>; 

Cc;Inft;pah i 




Finch 9. i 

i^ EI.40I. 
Finch ^. 

Finish 9. 


(! j 




The Rcafon of ^Kiax.7o. 

fervitutis, nifi hxrts ci dotcm fcccric dc gratia, Co* jlttt* ^U ifiaj* 

a. 2* 

Co,inft.par$i 6j ^f oitecepatcciiet maketft feoftment In ffe, am after ftet feof^ copanrcncrt. 

>74-a-4- to 15 f mpleauen , ano tjouclb^tft tfte feoffor , Ibz map Ijate afoe of Ijet 
CopaixeiT0ttoO0ta<gna inartantp pacamonnt ; butnel}erto recotet 
pro rata asafitft f^et bp fo^e of tbe toartantp fn HatD npon tbe partttt^ 
on ; fo}7 bp bet alietiattotr tbe unicas juris , tb^t tsas bettof rt tbcm, (0 
ret>ereo , aim (bebatb oifmiffed bet felfe to bat^e anp patt of tbe UMy 
as parcenet > attD ad pitcenet (be timff tecober pro rata apon tbe toat« 
tantp in la U^o; not at afl* 

Co.inft.parsi 68 Bjfait aUen putcb'ife laims^fe* upon an office fonno tbe lifng Alien. 

i.b.i. fijaB ijatje tbem^ pet being a spetcbant be map t^Ke anboufe> ano Merchant. 

kd^p tt fo long a0 be ufetb commerce 9 ano fo? tbat purpofe ; but toben 
belcat}edfotoD09 DfeS) o} oepartd tbe Slealm > tbe ttingQaB babe 

Dyc^r n.^r . #9 Jf a man ma!(e bl^ erecnto^d ano enter f nto reliston , ana after a Monk de- 

28 H. 8. f0 oerefgneo; Blttbl^ cafe befbaflbabe agafne a&bli3eooD0> to^fcb ^^^^^ 
bis ejrecuto J0 b^^^ not fpent ; fo?,ceifantc caufo, &c^ 

Dvcr t7.b.i. 70 Geftuy que ufe foj terme of Ufe (Cnce tbe f^tat* of R- ?.) maked a 

*^ "-^^ leafe foj tbe term of tbe life of tbe leltoj , ano Dies ; 31 n tbie cafe > tbe 

eftate of tbe HetTee 19 Detetmfneo, ano be is (after tbe oeatbofCeftuy ce^ujqutufi. 
que uft)onelp tenant at fufferance* SCbel^o* Zouchescafe* 

20 Remoto impcdiniento emergit adtio ^ & contra, 

co.inft. part I ^ f3f tbe oefenoant pleao an outlatorp in tbe fBlafntiffe, tn bifabflltp out lawry. 
ii8.b.i. of bta perfon y and tbe plaintiff after tbat plea pleaneo , pnrcbafea 

(barter of faaroon) becaafetbe^barter bN>tbreffo}eD bimto tbelato, 

tbe ^efenoant <baB anftocr: eo note, tbeolfabilttp abatetb not tbe 

^Ht, but alMnabletb tbefmalntiff , until be obtainetb a cbarter of * 

Co;ib'i(i.i33.b. 2 ^^communication map be pleaoeBlitBlfabtUtpof tbeperfon;pet Excommuni- 
3. If tbeoemanoant o} palntlff purcbafe letters of abfolutlon anofbeln cation. 

tbem to tbe Court > bemapbabe are^fummons o^re^attacbmentnpon 

bl^ original, accojoing to tbe nature of bl0 ^Ut^ 
9H;7.z7« i 3[f a DiHetfo) make a gift In talle, ano tbe oonee batbUBieano Entry icrirei. 

Coab;d.i38.b. Dietbreifeoi notola tbe entrpof tbeBtSelfae taken atnap: but If tbe 
^- Iffue Die tDltbout lOiie , (b m tbe effate tail tobicb oefcenbto Is fpent^ 

tbeentrpof tbebiaelf£el0rebli?eb> afibbe map enter upon bim fntbe 

ret^erSon ouemalnoer^ 
1 5 "•^•^'f ^- ? 3f tbere be gran^fatber f atber ano fanne olffeifetb one ano enfe* xhc like. 
^ ' ci'^^i ^*^*^ tbe granbfatber , tobo oletb felfea , ano tbe lano olfcenoetb to 
51 H ?u a tft^ f«t*^ > "^^ ^^ t^J^ ^"tJ^P of tbe Diffelfie taken atoap ; bat If tbe 
per curifM. * fatber oletb f^lCeo^ano tbe lam olfcenoetb to tbe (bmte > bete » I0 tbe 
Co.ibiii. entrpof tbeelOelfa^ reblbeo, ano be map enter upon tbe fonne, toba 

ibaB take no abbantage ot tbe btKent , becaute be bib tbe to^ong unta 

tbe bllTelfe^^ 
Co.ibid. ^ 4 3lfaDl(blfo}makeal.ea(ietoan3[nfiantfo} life ano bel0bllbl« Theiikej> 

(eo ano a oefcent call > tbe Bjnfant etitec0> tbe entrp of tbe DliEelfe^ to 

Co ibid a4i b s ^ t^e mulier entretbupoit tbe Baffaro , ano tbe IBaffaro recobe* Baaard mb- 
1/ ' tetbtbeUno Inan affile agalnff tbe mulier, note I0 tbe Interruption ^i^- 

aboioeo , ano If tbe SBaffaro ole Uittby tbl0 fbatt barre tbe mu- 

Licti.$407. <$ IKiamotSetbobpanlnGanttoltbltiage, tobo aliens to anocber Entry rerWcd. 
& 408. in fst y ano tbe alienee oles felfeo y ano tbe tenements oefceno > to bis 

€e^bi4.24«^ beire > t^ infant being ftA toitbin age j ftere, mp entrp I0 taken a^ 


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«<fiViin|;#mfe of tli$ WIpn > beittfl.ptt* at London ,. tto tcuu tmm 
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*' :t ^^L!tZ*^!lv^ v^ITt*^ anon bim tbeCtoton of England. 



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H/^.^'t the Common Law* 47 

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SiSr* »n*anco>W9irfeo before irwnttoitj trtiiBfJattlelMBfenftmtdeccprivi »»''•'<« «& 
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t^ facctofo of t^ cap. ad fatis&ft. exi^t, csf . utkg. riz. (A London, 3Jt 

tow re£)ttw9> t^att^e atffontiMtt toni hi?D to Notfblke , to^eiretiie 
Sjtnpjifnmient, t«e mMI trfiUe ti»oag> tnut, befns (fioftv) t|» 
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Vifeiod t J4 3|f vi^eafe be niaoeM oncCotmtp, aitirtbc biRO Iie^<n«ito< G«»3>i<i.iA 
Mkrfrightof tbcr. tbt atfftw of Unftilall be frjonsW tobete tbe lam Ifes, atiq »«^«»ft» 
bShth "'ttDbete tbel,eafe tBadtnaoe, altbonsbtbe tennebe ^8 ; (i»t^ '***•'•*• 
vh^che (am am bamage^? n namafeB onel? tn tbe twS , ttbfcb <0 (^Mt* 
bdib. fbattbe recotereo, anirate tbe jStottnt amtapte of tbefnft. fbtOi 

(b (If aV attiondteat, if an|» f(be ititt ufm tbe bum, o} iiranpaft^ *9^ %$- 
m 1 in tobicb tbe poffemon of tbe latm ? o) a tbftis local > o» tbatieb<ctr i' k'^*^' 
adtietbiifon tbe laim bp realion tbeteof , f0to be tetobeteb* all tbele Bteiestt ' 
4aB be bwigbt in tbe Contitp idfint tbe laitB lieo ; )SI« f n a 1o;it of ^ * ' 
dsbt of tiHicQof laho, 0}a toiftof fnCtafioitof 1otct»i tbe; ftal be 
b^onsbt in tbe ComrtF fDb«ce(be,)iaito Uetb> altbongbtbe tefntalo} 
tbe^sntnr Ivfitanofbet CooMt?: %Pfx1siiftin tttsnit of tisbtof 
ItNrco of tbe boop onelF , tliat l&iS be b)fltesbt in tbe Conntp tobere tb( 
tatm \ttsi fo) it it in tbe tfgbt aim (AtMnt* of tbe Uno $ iBttt tb^ » £.3.41. 
tnit of XalitQmentof toaco ftaS-beb^ongbt'tebete tbe flatiftment 3<l^3->^ 
1930, aim not tobett t^ lani to, bin^e tbe booiefi carets ;tn ? ;^'*''^* 
fbatattton if tooimes a^ tbe flaJMilpMim> ic, s^H. 6. 14. az R. 2; '° '^w* . 
Bre.937.a:i2Eliz.tiyer.3S9. ' " •' 

cMkian of ' 3 f 3f tb^s Cottimoflo' or tbeCotoir of A', anvof tbe Xotwi or B. ate C0J.7.T j>. u 
'«*»r' abfacent, aim oogbt to^af » C^mon promifcue tbe one Wtb tbe otbet f« *"r* f ••* 
becauQs of bfein^ge, anQ foftbtn tbe SCotm of A. tbere are fft2» atcteo of *^ ^^' 
Common, anb in tbe ffotmof B; toe atreo of Common ; 3ht tbi« 
eafotbellAbabitanto of tbe ICoton ^ A. eamtot yut mo}e cattle into 
tbeit Common of 50 acteo tban it tod inefl It^i^ tettboot an? reflpe<t 
ataOibjtbeCommoniiiitbintbeSfotDnofB. neciconrcrf^; fp^tl^o* 
cfginalcantkof tbio conoftionbpteatoitofticfnafit^tiMmnot fo) f2oft 
but to i^ebent Oiito in Cbampion Conntcie0fO} ^ cecip)ocal auptt 
of tbe ontffottHi into tbie otbec» 
^^■''■iM 3<$ In aft caf^o loben an (nteteAo> etate eMRKeiUDetb npona c*<i.u 
CoKOfttonpjeceoent, be tbe Contition o)0tt tote yetfbinmbp tbe tH'*^^^^ 
filaintife o) SDet^nbant n anp otbet , o} be tbe consitioK i» t^ at^t< 
mattbe 07 tbe negattte y tbere tbe ^ftHXU ongbt t» ftetoll fit |i0 
Count; tmoabette tf^petfo^nmnceofit; f»»tbf<<t|eitttetef o»e« 
itetgtommgncetbfab<ittbgttgpettbi m8nc< oftb»Con>Hion7 am ti» 
notiifbtiHttflltbe CoNOit^n-bc^ fiilniwifx tafitlif olbetfiifOFttbeif 
tbe infrtetr 01 eOatr i^afE^ fie&mff an» beCi^ M tbe (|taM*<, «w 
is to be befeatenbp watttft nt pcA faab ,- on CoiMiifftn |iiliH|Bent, fi» 
tbe Convitlon o} iSfd jo>e pet«n>"e«^ tlir )phiincMft n ftw fummn 
oi b|> aniS^4tQec., anoveti^'Conbitfitnin tbo afKtiMtlbe ^ f^utfit* 
titv.' tttercftbriBtaiRtttt; ma? cowit senetaiftDinMnti lltttins tbe' 
ynfnmantrof it ; ano itiliaft be pleabeft^ b|» biiribat tell take «tM 
tiintasB-of fbeConoittonoi inacter expoftfitaof Coo ebct? oc»0tiSbl 
to afteaose tbat^ ti^l^ makes tbibfnr > am^is m^bis MmiU^lM 

infra if. jo. • - - - 

rr SCbe %m of a Co^ibbtb 9'annct»r toilbin ttlbfttHbeCoyiboitettf co.i.8^i« 
Bccs. nrtsbtbraitonielopttlettnibectvisfneitobeei^ttb necefacpte* swtjiuscMia 


48 ;.Thc Rcafoti of <^^H 

fikt of (tttttSiiJi^ tnaltM a 2.<a& tliereof to A. fo» 2 1 i^mtd r erccj^^ 
. . . : fn0 1^ timber ttks; SI tfto^lo tenant ^trfng lani)0npen tOi^ilt 
tic^ timbtt $nrel0 > Dimnii;e» b<0 tftate l« anot|)er,lDbo tuu aomttteii 
b; A. tbelLeSae of t^ ^anno> r aho lopa tbe tt^0 fo) necefbc? upate 
tt CencM t ipotp tba ijaeSfon inad) tbj^ti^c tbe Copibolo tenant being 
aomitted b|» A. lobo bab na f nteteft of t\» tt«0 bp teafon of tbe evce< 

Co.1.4 It. i^jon ^ ^Q mtoecfo^lop tbem , becanie Nemo poceft plus juris ad aliura 
fofT*" * traiisfcrre, quim ipfcliabet : ^t^lt tsao tefolbebtbat b^ mifbt lalofiillp 

b cL,iL aiid ^ tbem, becaafe tbe eftate 01 a itoiiiboloec ia not oetibed oat of tbe 
peM^fatbe^s eSate 0} f nteteS of tbe 1.0}d of tbe 9anno}(fb» tb^ l^ojo to bot aa ft 
ca(«.&foLta4t tpetean Sn^tnment to conbeptbe grant of tbe CopQMo) bnt tbe 
t^**- . Caftonte of t^e ^nno) («fter f ^ crant is mabe) to tbatt Wt^ efta^ 
fS «fr* bWflietb antt wakealt ftrme to tbe <115jant& t feo tbat alibongb tbe 
' fitant be iieto , pet tbe title of tbe 4D<ptb6lBer to tbe pjoftt of tbe trte 

to ancient > ano to ancient ^ tbat bjp fo}ce of tbe Cuftome it m&vi tbe' | 

memo;? of man* Vide^^o. 4. Xi,'b.. TaVcmers cafe , & 28 k Wclticks 
..•:. cali.. .V)<lc3o. laiij. 

co^ifiiu 3S Gor& (tbe buabano of Agnes) being Sell'} Roper {be fatber af b mj iw 
U{Mi G»rit Agnes pjocnres andlcttoarf ofManin tbe 0pfttbecarp bs;tbeabt!i(ie munifcr, 
caic ot fl)o<toj Grey into t»b<cb Agups Jecretlp puta«*batte to poitoa •**°^i?« 

ier bu5bano, ano tbe 18 of M^^ aites put tbereof tober butbano* '"^"^'^ 
iBbo mttapM becameDerp ffcke. Roper alto anb anotber eatins part 
tbereof becanie ber^Cck ; atijJIMaruji (being taneofo; making tbiei 
Cietfnarifin tbat manner) tberiofl^^yftirreditjanDaUe ^9 part 
tbereof) ano oiea tiie neptoa; %' Zm it toaa refoibeo bpatt tbe SJiioges 
of England > t|)at tbif ^fifu mnroet in Agnes , ana t^t tbto cab oio not 

t*lowJ 474. ^^^ ^^ Sanders cafe- in ttt^Comme^taries > aftbOOIl^ Martin bp ftir* 

ring it mm tbe p4>ffon moje to»:ible ; to; tbe Sirring * u* toitboob^ 
patting intbe potfan (om1i» not be, tbe eai^e of bia oeatb ; ano tbe i.alD 
lopneatbe maroerona intention ifAgots in putting tbe pcittn in* 
to tbe €^t^^^ax]g to kill bar bnabano toitb tbe efeent, fobicb ittfueb 
tberejpon) viz. tbe oestbof M^itm; ta^lbe patting in of tbe poifon 
^jftbecan^, anotbe potfoning ai|oaeatb of Martin laaetbe ebent> 

Q.uid evcncus edquicx'caufa lequtcur, & dicuncur cventus , quidcxcauLs 
cv£niunt. f»i it A. BUta poifon (n^ foine toifb ah intention to kiB B. 
anaC. concci^ingttta be fu&ar, uirreait, t^inkait, anabita, tbia 
a muroer in A. Itfaetbectoii'eiDtereHatai'banaia lapatoiti an in< 
te.ffon to kiB rata, ana one takea it , eatatt ana oiea ; fo^tb^ie ioaa 

ttofalonionainteaM^ .. #:' . 

Qoj9Mi.»i . 39 Qllpon gcfitttof a ^nrnofj jftttojnement of an infant (teing Anioranc&al 
ctM«jcsak, tg,tjj,t a tbe fame ^aanoj) to goa , ana in a Per qiix icr^itia ^ainlt *> >»« fcrria^ 
aninflant) tbat bsfbtbe tenoncp-bpoefcent , be OaB ndtbatebia ate; '^^' 
becaaft atftcft tb^;.|l£>^aepactei}- lattb tbe lano in conOoeratfon t^at 
ttrcetiant flii^Blatioiaof bim, pecfoime (ibices, papapearelprent, 
<c» ana tbe ienant ia in Hatp caBea tenant paravaile, becaofe tbe 
l;4lop}efome9tli^tbeb*tbb!»i»^<i)ibabaileabobetbeC(tbicea tobicb- 
<ieiiptb»anatbe <ettt.1iMcb be papeata m^p/v^ i ^natbtoetote ft 
tosiMt tbe x$ifyn anb parpolk of tliBCceatioii of tbetennte> tb8t> 
iobc».ii(?.beire batb tbeienancp pmvaile bj^ aetcent > be fboqla not 
P40 tbe annnal rent» (C* tPbicb tMB reterb^ nfum tbe Creation of tbe 
tenanjtp :: jSni^tbiaiatbereafon^ tbat tbebeire of tbe tenant, ivba 
batbtb^tenanf p4)p a^ent , map be ailtreft^ea fo} tbe rent , f c^anere 
bacinrttiem<no:>(|Pxanofl)aB not tbarefo^e bate biaage.«Cv ;.. 
Ce.i.9.tt3.a. 4a #01 cii^rp Ut^ti^ of tbo >Cattle of a Granger upon a Commoii, Tidpais for 
MdTjet cafe, (be Commouec fbaB not babe an Aflife, ro) kaiM upon the cafe (aa bia coninwi , ^, 
cafelto0)b«t.tbe.ii|epa|pringOff]dbttohefocbfcrqti6dIeCommwter>^ '•^'f^ i 
Goitimoi^dcp^Hur^i(^fO}|lto4^t(le>1C«Iuberenoapotuit, fed^rbficium. . j 


^iax^tui^: the Cbmrtiori La^i 4^ 

fuumii^de per totum idem tempus ainifit; tfx. &0 tWttttJie tUtlttl&Uli^ 
to imietIM ^m\f tmmg lolte, battliatftfH tuflrtctntt ttnuiUiti 
Ul liimu!K9attaxt-ftti caltte ; tntf^at cafe tll^e CbtttMniD} lHaSiiot 
UH tMt Itotranpcs Cattle damage tel'anc , ntitliet tbaft ^e t>at)e ait|^ kaU 
mfaiitt bdt tde tenant oC t|ie CottiB ni9F<n t^ cafe baDean aitfmr. 
Jtoo if afefDant be teatim ^ t\it #aftec flial not bade :an attfoii m 
tbat battfip; ei;ce|it tOat b|? teaCan tbeceof be toTetb ma fettintt 
Cinrbtce ; bnt .tbe fttbant Ui ebet; ftfgbt battetr ms2 bxivan. aoftin; 
am, tbe xvnOzj/t tbte : lif betBtpts, tt^ tbst tbe ^aftwitircetbetb ne 68« 
lipase bp tbe pettonal battetj? <« ;t^<t»bsatt , b^ttp.tesafon Ht^ptt. 

iqiiod, 6e per qucKl ferTkiuon,&c.atni(iC} {birtbattbeo^ii^nal ;a(tf8JQottb^ 

taetr Of bf « otttoi) bottbrconTeqneit oipoit ft , viz. t|e loSfe oT b<*tec* 
bicis; anD ebe bme teatra bolot( in tbe c6Ce of a Coimtliii!^ 80 abote Ulo» 

Aiekareof 4i:^jui]do direrii defiderantur a^s adaliqaehrintum.petficielidain^ € 
"•^"^ plus ijefpick k^a^um'originakmv quiaiaijnfqticreiftonirtna parsetlpciit- ^-""/"^^"fc." 
timr, pKNf. ^y^, . jpij^ tbecefi»e if A. puSOt. otla jteafe C6» tbetetme ot$ 60 
1?eare0 bemfbtbtbe terme}life> tbetemafnoet toC.aia^be 
Wxttrtit bi> boi? , anrmaltee B. bidi emtnto} 7 «ao^te0 > ano 4f tejrS. 
toyofli^'or tbe %.e«&>. C. xsHtatet^ttt'B. aft b(« tisbt tn tbetetme; 
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^«f bpOjce of tbe Commiflian of Iklbecf tonttll of 4caali^9. K*iUkytsc».iii 
'^ I SCbe 4p«tetial ca9f^> iDbfcb i0- tbe InUiailtei %,SCbe ^ojmai 
canCe ^ aftotbat is tbe niannet)»il|odnbeRieiitciv€nmftan(e> .3 Cbe 
«B0Fic(ent(an&, anb t|ati0,tbeit antboHt)? acto)oingtotbeit Commfr* 
Hon; 4 JCbeilFinalxaufeanotbati«|>ro boi}o piiUico:, ecnunquamprq 
privatcCbe confintvatiaftlobeteof tDil bfc atf to manp ^eavmiatlut to Dt« 
teatbeConnniffifonet9betoitoiEtttcfintbeerecntioif)or.t|peitibaYfe, ^ 

ani|of» to ojoet ^ Ubectp tWi istftben tbem b|? tbe l^tatnte ot 

3J H,'9.'5-/Tiz. t» nukefuch OiMifiaOcei, &<. a<cpfding to their owne 
xvifedonaes anddifcroddos', tec. Kebtclr bVOlOS tite m<a|tt anO 4a{bt tO 
bt ittteCV^eteO} accoErdtng toXlvir and Juftke ,- Jfot SDetl 3tno0e 0? 
€QnmriiUlfr.Oiq|bttOb<lbe^i*o graUaHlil^ t^» townfapieociae:, n^ fie 
Vigf^mo, acalRiuoi cpiifckncix^ qe&diabiDh^ ; jaifb^OitctetfON U WK 
blftcibeo to be , fcire per legem quid fit jufttiin. 

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iN,*ndiiot cRf^me: of tbe:9amioi:tbe9 ongbt to fiefent) is notottlp iw^iXstiy 
Y^ bot OQcbt to babebftn atfeieonpoiKlem fitfeetalp ; (b»tbattbtcaaGr,= 
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of anotber ; ano tberefoie if (inne. of tbeift teCMieo , ano tbe tett 
lwtjB90(e to meCents onelf tliare tbattefiiti^ '«e to be ilneo; m. . 
'H. 31^ umiit taU bcal^s duqage jcfam , anot^ otbec oifets ttfri* tia..^^.^: 

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^o the Rcafon of ^asiti 

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tl^, atmmt (nt^takitis; mtbatt^c«afii«r tatingt^inn IkMf 

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malice agatefEbfaaabetbc; : tbelfltecngbtte beabfette&bip tbe^iU 

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tofUn?} vetitCieiiiea 1^ maptDeS maintaiiie tbat atffonagafsl^ tbti 

JDf&naant ; becanfe tbe eKCttatfontoplaf atotee; to not tbecaofb of 

tbe adiontbot tbe caSiiqs oC tbe Cdfie aictifCt bp ttbicb be teonne tbe n»« 


Fkz.io4J. 47 Ufa man aclcnolDleDee a fnatate Jbtaple, o> Matnte ^etcbant Ouks. 

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p^tfOnment taaa tbe canCs tbeceaC 

piowd.19.1. 4* M amanbp dumbe comp^bato fealea boDB> befbaSiboto !>»»,<»»•, 

F»g4atsa(e, u : f»ofC aman0 acmebe ojalone ^ compidfon, m^ltg tbat oc> tberconpiK. 

caSon tbe toeapon <n \fta bem MU anotbec, tbat is not lUonp; ^ 

l^fketDtfe if an inCmit nnieic tbe geatea of ottccetion , o» a wan de 

non fane memo)? MS a man, time ftaB be eimtfto, becanfo tbeit 

igno}ance> ano not anp fnfclea intention iMf tbe caalsibece* 

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If. 16.H.7.1S. 49 3lf one cetaine anotbec to ferbe a i^re (b) i* t. taagee 3 bMe> wiMfe • 

r«r XA^'* if tbefecbant aemanatbe aos. beoagbt tofbeto tbattbetime iapat, 7««"iOTiie. 

r'^^o , j^ viz. tbat tbeptaceis tfvicett, anibe ongbtto pieaa cettatn> becanCe 

bSmT i^t^ iution ia fiiten in refpht of tbe peace paft , ana of atbiil0Mne in 

■ .' time* anotbetimeiapaTcAor t^ canCeof tbeaeman»> amptecaaea 

tbeoemanSf * 

tumi.99,tt JO 3|ti oliten caiie ill tbe Conancntaries , tbofe tbat ttM bp ana ab# *« r^^*^ 

M««n«tuie ,1^^^ ^ ipntaeceta, toete aa ttei fUnttfOs^ aatbote tbatkiles '^ ^"^' 

bim; becanfetbe nnmbec af tbem tben p)efiuit, ana teaop to ttciU 

biM) ftal be aainacao tbe canfe af biatecco), anaof tbeabatement 

of biaconc80eT «no4n occaHon to mabe bim aefpaice af aefimiing 

bimfaue > ana bp conCevient tbat tecco» fnaa tbe canfe of ce* 

ceitring bia fDoonbcbana tbebnnnaatbecanfeofbiaBeatb* 

?kmi.9f.K 51 dmonglE tbenotteis of the Crovnie in tbe Commentaries , Bibeca Murder, 

i^^r, rf d.c ^^**«» Wrf«g a maliciona intenttai to nmcaec JDo(to> EUw, itilea ***8LiLi 
Cromt. ^ ^^'^^"^ nnto )»bom tbe? bace no fO>niet malice ; pet bMKit aa* S!!^£r 
ivmam 9tttDec, becanfe of tbeit nmtaecona iNtention> ttbtcb taaa * 

tbe caoCeof bia aeatb ; itia otbactoife liiben one babing w mOM*' 
ona intent, jopnea bimfUfie fnitbotbeca, tbat commit amncaac>fO> 
tbat ia bat ^pan4Uuigbtec in bim , tbat CO fiiaaenlp lopnea biit^ 

44E.}.i4.b. 5> JSman ntakea meCfaeate to Wns bfmmonep f» fincbaptaee» '^'"*>*''' 
i4AjQ; oulfiebe tDfH kiKme* 31 b}ing it accojaingtp, f|ieia USmt. 1H 
Fxichio. {f bemake me fliieat to tniaenaet me etatennta bim> ano3iba(ir 

aCtecbMCBft, tbia^taaoillieiin tome. 
llthl.' 1} ^^ impjifoneo tit be becontant to mae an ifHAigatiOn at a* xiie laie; 
t^mchio. „otber place* anoaftecbmafi be aotbfo,betagatlac0e; patbe^al 

aaoto it bp dures of imp^tCmment* ! 
i E.j.«4. .^4 ^tJntlatatp in treOpaftt ia no finteitnre of lana , aa Oatlatotp ^'J!^K 
Finch 10. Of Monp Ufi fn altbongb tbe not appeacing be tbe ciuiti af i)ntiaf»« SjjS * 


<&id[ax,tu die Common Lkwl yf 

tot9e^iii0iitiie(jsoet9eoffinue, tPliMDtotfie ^^fnc^cantieainfomi* 
Viiienage. 5 7 )3l msR aito a fieme f oie Iwbe a Mein, aim aftetttatiut etttet«iitat« Finch t<u 
tf , anotlie trfteiiteinitcl^tietlplaiit, t|iepibaltmt|iaDet|ielaimbpen» 
tfectietf, bntb? mofttes 3lo|»iitIp o} <ii Comfnoti > a^t^^ n^etft* 
tiadiMfor 5<^ 9K one ii»ttfiin ijtiM to anoti^t, aim aftet tl^ Saflo> trIeadDe itH.«>i. 
po4«b«i»i. tot|»lBaf(4» afla(Uwi0, t^lBaUleoto, inalmtteifDetiiiueb^oiiglt Co.i.i«.;i.b. 
aea<ii!f fito eitoiit«ui, ttiepllial not tafte aMMntae^ of tiat telealir; '•«**»«««• 
Gn tliat BeUttnineit bp ttie oeat^ of v^ jVaflte , aimtlie actton gfim(a< 
pitiS t|e eiscnto}* ff a nefv acUon (att^oi^ of f^ fame natttce) 
Sronimeft upon tliefe ofoti oetoiner. 
sicfiioA of an J7 3|(ii tent ^00 be gtanteo to A. ano B. aim tbeft beftei y A. of' Cowioft.pM« li 
SJy* « ttefiietl^ tbe Seaf g of t|e C)aiito», mbo tttetb a Replevin , A. a* »4*«»-»* 
^^ tiotDetii fo> btm&tfe aim maketb CoimfinKe fo» B. A. ofet^ aim B. 
fntliiljetb* ^|^B.llMl notafteetoanif babeatnit of 0nifnft?> fo^ 
tbe etettfon aim abotor^ (Oitbe tentof a. banetb B. of anp olotffon 
tomalu^ ttan atmnftp, albeit be alliniteo not to be ^ abobnp; bei> 
taiilefn tbatcatetbeatf of one loynotenant bamtbtbe otidet, anotbe 
ieletttoRta'keo bif tifiEftomtebecaicanfiw, riz. tbebum o»tbe pedOn; 
anotbetefojettben tbe riettton once ftf^ upon ^ lanO) ft cannot 
aftettpatos cbatge tbe iietfim $ 3|t itt otMrtCe ioben a man map 
babe-eletttento^tbefeberal teweofMCnatbtoe, tbat i»mltAt P^' 
lOnal vi- miettVi real (torn tbe begfnnfng : A0 if a man map babe an %% E.^.^sb, 
atftoi of; accompt , 0} an attfoi of odit at bfe ideafbte , ano be »r ^•349>. 
ii^ftisetb in an aition of accompt* ami appeatee to ft, ano after it 
iion«l4tft , ?et map be babe an attieii of «ebt aftetfnacM becante 
botb a<ttai0 ^Iwcge ^ vtOan : 9D|ie ttite I'ato fa of an 01R(e, 
o» of a tnft of Cnttp fn tbe natnce of an %WSt > an» tba 

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nepbptbe bsnb of anotbet fttbm fo» accompt lender (nnlefieftbebp cojnft.partt 
tbe banb0 of bfe Wtfe o» Commoigne ) tbe oit^imantibal nottMse >'*-'Jv ^ 
btoMto; becanb tbe»cef|it totbe stomoof tbe aition, lobfsbiretb *,y !^/. ' 
notfnpifbftp bettofft tbe piainttfe anb j^efienoant, bntintbenotfct „hmi. 
of atbftO{iec(ini) anofncbatece^ fi ttabetfddet & IBntinan attfon i H.M.b: 
of Bebt upon an acbtttament, atmfn anaitfonof IDetiRnebp die bail* sH.«.ii,ft& 
mentoC anotberobanO) tbe^tCenoanttbal iDRfiebfo I'Sto' becanCe 
tbeDebec anotbo Detinecif tbo gcomm of tbofea<tfon0> aimtbe con* 
ttad 0) bailment, tbonsb it be b; anotbet bano? if bnttbeconbcp* 
Mat » 5^ i.anoi«sibentoaman anobif Mt^ anotbe betoaof fbeitftBO u»U(m», 
^^*^>*eny ac jMoietf, anotbepbabeiHoeaoatisbtec , tbel»ifebief,tbebnabanDta1te« -^^ 
^Copar- anotbet toffe anb batb iftie anotbet oau0btec> aim oftcontinneo tbe 
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tbelanb 0Mloe(icen& tobotb tbeoansbtecf; bntpet tbep ate net Co* 
patcenete; becante tbep atein bpfMctal Citlef ? viz.^ebeSiete* 
mitteobp foKoof tbeintaileto tbeonemoitf > anbfbe otbet batb## 
fmple bp tosce of tbe beCcent ftom bet tatbet $ bat (n tbif ^^^ 
tbeetoeft ftalSmttbeponnget bp bee attioii of FoiBged(»u 
itnvcijh 6o 3|f tbe beit Of tbepattof tbemotbetof lamb iDbetenntoalDRt* CoJiift.jiittt 
*^ tantpieaniKfeb, iM implcaoeD anb boncb obec , ano luogciKnt fa ijai. 

HJOien a08intt bim> anb tn bfmto tecobec in balne , ai» Bfetb bt« Pix>>»9i.fif 
(b»e eiecotion, t bebejt of tbe |Mtt of tbe motbe ctbaB ftie eiecntioii 
tobabefnbsdne asaintt tbeboncb^; fb^ffibeeftot onjltto pmfne flu 
caiiCr^anb t^ tetomience IM enMe tbe W^ 

^z The JHeaiba of ^SM^ax. iC 

co.ibid^oi. ^1 il|^ ftiat ton tfifte s&tmitai^ tf ute*tttixtto^ wm ptyweattC i>eaamit 
^•i'- tent> tnnftmalie oamtpoC tHiefRtii? itpotitlie.Ii<nBi beciufietlie laio vpoBUKiuxi* 

f0t]^ pjiHctpal oebtQ} ; lCb> tile rent fflM out oif tlieUum, atminan 
atme tn tbr mit tlit tatiD ftaV be mK id view ; ano If ttie lam be . 
fitrfiteD bp a tttle tntamrant, tberent f0 aboioei>,,atiD after focb e« 
i}f (tton, tbe mxfm of tbe JFeof^ fba« not be cbatgeft ^»t(l|rttb > Coy 
fl^perfim of t^ fttiSk tooB onelp cbatgeo tottb tbe cent Hi xsSmA 
«f tbe ssmtm of tbe lantvfCt ^^sMt^ftnmef, o» an; oniec 
fVKWmiio)aire(ttfce,»tt(tbejt9nr tolbeiNRftntf tbeiio^o, anotbe 
co.]bid^ioA teiiaiitoiicbtbFtbeMloof cwDartence tot(ek.bit)i,iofnbmitbefi»« 
'• bfetiifttobeoone) Jnan; iilaar )nttbfn &»g^4n4« fo) tbat arai tbelfke 

ttxfiitti ate Doe aoo ^ io^t if tbe bno dt te^Kit of tbe pxtm 

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tbe.aitceSo} > pet tbe feme of tbe baton ftal be enbobwo; becaoGr 
tie tecoDet^ ttaa bao bpf o»ce of Ibofnatrontp maoe , anft not bp tea* 
jTpn of attp eigne titletot^lanii. 
^lul^'^^' ^^ ^^ lattBbecifien ia IFtonlt'twtcfase, fWD after tbe l9oa^« ate Dirace^H 
19 E !' alboMeb ^ tbe part? bp fobom mtt aaOt t£ tbe iDUmtt lm$ttStvm 
^^' t»», iballlofetbetanB; a0if tbe&mefncofinit, tbebaxmflnftbatie 

it,acecontra. Tatneaqime; fQ^Ottt bsitlaftbj ^tKtttbe lano UmA be 
9(]9toe0bettDftttb^. fcrFiuherbiert. 
F.N.B.isi.p. ($4 3tf a^ntanbe cottoennieDin ttefpatt^o) oditniMHi anoU^t^attab ctfyufnfK 
(fobecrbeoen^esb^iio^b) attbeOtitof ti^partie) anv afiterbetbat j0 
dmMmtujB ie talten bp Capiat pro (me at tbe f nit of Cbe HUiB) ant 
committeBtotb^^aole; bete> tf tbedDaoler tofier Vw toeftape* tbe 
partpjAall b^De an action of oebtaeatofttbe HBaaiir fntbtt conBear* 
tiatton; anopet lie lam not eommftteo to bfmat WUitt, bntat tie 
^oftof tbefttng: tMobeft^ fofllin tbepears after tbe conoemnatiQa 
^mitatsmeat cit)en,tbtofidt(o» tbe nine l)nft Ifedte a« loeii G»}tbe 
pattp 80 fo^ tbe !&in6 > becanfe tbe ft ing tuan entmeb to tt bp tbe |»r? 
ts> ro» bt0 Mt aobt inoseni^wt ipia« tbe canfe of tb» ftfns^ ftne: . 
3t(«rQtbertof& aflertbepeate) b^anfeiti»a be intenoeb tbepifirea« 
8r«o>, anotlientbc eattp i0 vat to b<« ^>te &cias,fc. 
co.inff;pin» 6f 3f alBaftattt eigncaftep tbe wceealie of tbefatbec entretb* ano BiftardJf«&f 
>4r.b4i. tiieftingfetfietbtbelanD fo^fome (Ontewpt fnpipD^ to becommftteii 
bp tbe 5l^ailatoF/aiio tbe l&aftato of^ , ano bteKbie fa upon bf« petW* 
ott rifo^eii to tbe i^inUEion . foitbat tbe (effntf tiM0 tottbont ca^ 
tbMtJcaft , tbe Mulicr io batceo foi ebrc ; fo»tbe poieftan of tbe ftto0> 
tobenl^e batb no caofe of (fctfirre > fliaft be aftlnogeo tbe vofbSion of 
bttti > foitnibot^ caoCe be(<l<(J» * Mnttf after tbe oeatbof tbe fatber 
t^ Mulier be fbnno bette ano trri^fn aee* aiitt tlmfkitfi (^ttetb; BJn 
^^ c«fe> tbe iiotMpon of tbi^ i^iiw to in tim of tbe Mulier, aus 
D<ftetbt])eadaat poibiion iotbe i^uU«r , fo) fbat Ibe fxmt tbe tavXt, . 
fl^t oiccafioneb tbe Ceifnre> ano (Mtfietiientlptbe Sataro eigne i0iti 
focb CR^ lo^r^tttloltD of anp tiobt f 0} ^ev 2:i»o ft 10 UkeiDilie, Ipbe^ 
»(n0/et(etb foY a (ootenift o» 9tbec ofmce of tbe fatber o> ans 
otberamego}; fo»ihtbff cafe al$9> iftbe iftne of tbe Kaltato eign« 
vim « vetiitoH bcrefto^eo, f«» tbat tbe (iNfine fmw foitboi* cfwi^ 
tiirMuiisrifnot Varreb., ffi» tbe ffaHamcOttlo netec enter ^ anocwio 
feqnentlp conlo eatee no eilate- in tbe iano > but tbe poirdion of tbc 
^Hisfbai be mvimti in tbe tm of tbe MuUer , anb tbe ratbetfo> 
tlpt.^latilKr o^otber aqceSo; of tbe Mulier bNui^ eaote tf tleliif^ 
tm* .:■■■. 

Dyeriooy^o : ^^ 3if tbe l|itW8C9Qt bmo bpCbattOT probis hoounibus rilte de' If- Ki«gsCh«nn 

I Mar. Ufigtpn^ tetm^ns tent i tbi0i0 a $00 am> pei^nat Cojpo^attai fO) 
tbat intejit , bnt if tbe ftfnste{eite«9 sib^tbetn tbe tent anDf*«^nBe> 


SKiOii^zJ the Common Law* 5} 

2 j^ jCujus eft.dare ejus eft diTponere* 

iftorifoitt- t A. btt^fttM 8tm teUt tiie #mitio)0 of D.(nnto ItMc^ «ii0o< Gf>WiJ>>* 
poma eoDdi- tottCbuh ttai ap|enMitt ) UrtH ^16 arvatttnancM onto B. an» iw« SlS* r 

"* lefte* , provided alwayes, t^t B. tegoilt ^ mWaOm to A. DR. «»*w»«Mes 

cfHK ii« lf& ; B. Dfe0, not ^atHiig ti^amttt tie JStDofpfim to ikl. ID^ 
etitrafij> tt)0 CotiBftfon 6}olttiit'^oce>MetM0 ittMUi amongtoi 
t|net|lnc0 oii|e(teD> t|att|if0 Provifocotdt not impoitaCoinfttai, 
Iftcan&tle IBarsairto^^fsoiulp^^aiMtiaiit Inltll tie 1B«tsafnd» > «m 
tietefejo t|e jBatsafnte Iboidt aUobenniMictffiB onelf to.Coleinitt 
tDftI tie IBargafno} ) atio (Ot|atProyifo|otieip to import a €tamuo»t 
atio not a Conoftim i Jt l»a^ tefott^p, t|^t ft l^ao t|e (nee oT a Con* 
ottfon; becaofe ftnia0 not'dnlitft d^'ttneqa^V tiat m Batgaftio) 
frotnlDlom tielano moDeo, ^onbanneK 1»|at Conettfon toebecle 
lieilfeo to t|e «t£te of tie latti^: fitt $3aju$ eft dare, 90;. 

Mnmn % Jf a man fetter of iaHD0 fHf# malkea Crolbiitiit to t|e nfe of c»j^.is.m. 

dmicota fiic|p«cfon atti peffonai, anaCtt ikici eftate am iMx^^ MleHal ^^^^^f^ . 

*''■'• aimotaf Ipitotntthiece^ Ipovcnti^n oe l^atotle nieteisiiitle ^^**^^ 

botoi) eno |efsie«effQ8 vqoaitftoi^, yiz. jmHA QeclatatfoK a» 

Untitation b^tiaae^ -aaojofus to |t0 potnec; Is <tfe 1p|iii a iRan 

tnaf»0 firatrticHt fo t|e«(e oC lift I9C lDfl> le te in t|e mean time 

. . teiCrt tat|eiAeoP|i«i(eifeanii|f0|Bfee0« 

i5?^"«- 5 Lcgi^ntia natutalis ma^ lo f ^yoctf fsfO tO le pw» 8c ittdefinita, Co.I.7.f>»4» 

X. ' ta«t l^iantia acquifita , map W tAnfteo accoiping to t^ tPil er tie t«^'w«»«' 
^^ »to0t|ae0canM<^ya0to4maUBn4ui»|f0|eiceft,o)to|fnian»t|e 
|e<ce0tff^0itolB><o}to|fm(o>Htttoiiei{i, Ottp^nCenMtifli^fc^iei 

Cujus eft dare, 8ec. 

ftfcMKrauir '4 3|C A.grant0tatitf0toB.fio9i«e > ilefemaitmet toC Co^lI(e>am '1«<^m>>4^ 
S«**»- « C. »«,lWttg'JB. tiKttlen t|es(1bat temato to D. fe>Ufe: |etc, SilLV*.«i 
^ '"^ altlongl ft I1M0 ob^tteo ,'t^t tie temafnoec to D. im teto , le. iS^abU. 
^^ eattfe Ifmftee to commewe ayon a Conottfon, IHeteof none can 34.M.* 

tale aotratitage Int •^ttiteo ; i»et It Joaft aoMweb goft ; iP^ t|at 
•o»|at| comtnitteo ah^foowlf t|fnfi0tot|eo9Dec«iD ofQ^oC wen; 
0oi#ittD|enani?iWt|r tatpCalii en|«9 (ncltlinfi) Icnuv owec o» 
cont)^ > ei gile t|e)ifl»|ece> tolon, anD |o1b |e i^lMfetl accowtas to 
IfoMettt ano'meaning , (Otiat Ifo intent le net againfl i^ate, a* 
sainlt^eatOK) o) teftignantt 0nBt|ere(e)e in t|i0 cati men t|t 
l^efb) ai>pojfnt0 tie temaiKoec tatle S^eCeneaNt Juc&pa, Ueintint 
i0 {[lahtip ottiHiieteo t|etel|f > anv teaCin teqntov t|at lie intent 
l|oaloleyecfo;tfiee/vit. t|att|eteniafneec iloalotaleeCMtin man^ 
net aiA&^me at^le |ai| appointe&i 
umreSren 5 IJ^ *^te le i,o», a«i*eBa«5 «n»||e»o»|olM IvsCavm, Piwrf**.*^; 
nthe toum o^aH €000, 0} ladC rent, I^Ofotio 9^)0ft«l<net<enB tetle lane '^mAmA 
ttpyfihkb aiiltaliea CayonVan^sge, o»'i»d. lefnsattete, altlonglleftnn **'^ 
keiriu. It dete^ tot tie onelp temeoie fe to »tttefn'(e» it ; ^Ntteit intlat 
cat^if^eSenantllatw ao Capone, aoe9ee0,o}3os.o(IMilet>it 
feiktlevoteetof t|e5ICenaiit to si«et|e l^ojotolici Capon, Cgg^ 
o^tliette pettce |e pieareHit ^otlat tie IflKc^ itnoc giian tot|e 
i^o)Otot<|K, IHiicloftlemletoiB; inttotleSCenant, tnloiitofa; 
fffjAainfrr' Vl^l'eaoicobefiant0jt|att|e1teiUeilal|a«elMHctait|^iese» Dyeriicii^ 
tTSmidtw loti^^ '1n»t|e aSisneaient or tie l^ao»0 SaWfet 9ete» itlMf »iha 
fiiai^^(be'6akWrb,aA»Finlierbert) t|at t|e 9^|»e Wiglt t4tS &«! 


54 The Realbn of (S\dax,Z}, 

Imt0tp tleCmmnoiiiiatD* tm^ntOm tlntlte mffi^ttite ttent 
tDfttpont aOfniietiieiit , becanfe ttfs no iiio)etlimi tM^attlie l^atn sftM 
tlie HelUe p^ffrfUtfie to bo : but Sbelle/ conori , becantfc it betog in tbe 
1«(IO}0 polwcto stant ^leaft npon iDliat teciiie0b« fleafieD, tbe 
E'tfi^ ftaflbe bontnlipit, attiett Vse (otenaiit befh tbe Affirnative 
anoondF on tbe HefO^o yaxt, ani» not to tbe NegariTc (lug to&y of 
Cotenant 09 ProTifo ) on tbe l^UeS Vact : iFo» Modus Sc coven- 
cio Tincunc legem, HOD t^e %t9» accepteD Of t|ie l«aCe iqpHI tlMiK 
tn;me0» QjieK. 
Dyeri}^. 7 jCbooIiMOf albieo»tecot)etpiiiai?beQfclateBbp3nBentatto>o« lUetofa&e' 
P1.17. tImMtc, a*lDdla(tet aoteSBie Oi^ One oitecobecF) ^to teAr* coreix. 

3>4>P>M. thur Baflets tftU 3)4* P.M. tbenCMiof a SUcoDer^tDece bp tie 3n< 
oent(ire0»cl8ceft (tant peati0 after tb< Hicobnp* tm belb sm << 
nOK8b> tin Cu jus eft due, tc» 

2} Ultra po0e non eft efTc) & ^^^ Pierfa, ' 

coj.«aa.4. I ;9 Itllgbt (iBftlpontanr eftate to #olMUon» llebeillono» ii0< Arightone. 
inira^Mw inainoet)Go^tDbfc()0«B»ntt8febpa(t^i80ft}en, fonottobteSemeb la^i^ 
<^«- AOets befote it b» ctcobeceo » aito tcbnceo into polbttom ^olilte* •« «"aii » ; 

toi(jcaneftate(a»tottnt<ltek,) ttbfclubcnDa, anofioifDbicbtbeteit *^ 
fiatbnorenicoio, ioaot Affets, aBtabeb>tb8R<n^(MSn; Gn,|D8tttor 
ti0bt < foant oCtiantfMence to ^ fome ciiaipase t ano ^»efo}e a aian 
Ibal not be remittal toaflislii^ tbati«renieDileie» asayyeareo to 
tbe ^atqneCi^ of Winchefters cade totbo^^trb ItepoU : fim in. M. ix. 
aiibi3.£l. betbtfft TerHng anoTtafiord it tMtf aojoOiseo, tbat tbe 
ItUberCon eiq^ntant 0900 an eSate taflo 1900 not AiTets i becaoft 
it Up in tbe Mil of tbe flCenant in S^Oe to ooclte anb batte 
it at bto i^leatoce , ano tbe 3Rcttertioiiec b>o no V^tner to v^ebent 
coj.7^.t:3. 2 3|n tbe Carle of Bedfordscafe in tbe yRepmrt) b^lpeii bei>baUe VoUaideLea-' 
Theeuieof i^afes, beiitsboiofb) atime, ibal be albM|>e0 abofoee, aiotoben fomikKMA 
»«*f#rAcafc. not,tbi»Dit»erlltFt«wtaltenan»refOlbeBb?tbe«oort>Ti».tDbentbe ^.■**W5' 
intereft of bitti) tbat makeo tbe abotDame, i« bnt fo» part of tbe ^"oUdbj« 
terme ; S^otbatitaiveareetbeceremaineopet areSbne, ansbibni ^ittwi* 
be, tmmii*» tbeaboiDance> aboioeoafttbe intecell> fotbat itap* * 
fieares no rotate can rematoet JElo to tbe principal caCetbere, bMivteb 
fiNi0 to tbio eftnt4lCenant to Cafl of lanof in Capke wakes Heateo not 
iDnrranto) bptbe li^tatate of jiH. 8. 28. anooieo, bi0 beire nnbec 
9^i |^e,tbefttostori0btof tbebeir map aboio tboCei«afiM on« 
rto0b<0 time onelp* ft}, after tbe inteteftiooetermineO) tbe beire i 

map make tbem 00ii aeainebp aoeptonceof tberent t ^0 it io alfi» 
ofaiNb^eit,tbatie^«tbian toCbtbalrpt aifoifalBMbopitoce 
*'^3-'- tbejktatnteof ijEl. ietboiiMUei^e8liManbBie,tbe»in0bartogtbe 

bacancp map aboio tbem; bat tbe SHiccelEn map maite tbem goon j 

iWiiiie bpacceptance of tberent t IBntif tbe IMttonof tbe Cbnmfe '. ; 

of I>* grant tbe neft aboibance to a»otbec>Ai&a(lter anb before tbe 
i&!tatnte of k; El tbel^arGm, |»atron ano ;l»binarp make aHeafb 
Co^peates renojtogrent, anotbe^arfon iies, tbe^Moiti^ fteCents 
Jbio Clerk, Isboio oomitteB, inftitnteb «n» ineniteb, amoieo t tbis 
lealetD80abUntelp Kbotoeeanbcoalonetflanogfibagainil tbeCrcoob 
<aecelfo>,(c» 1 

Co i.M>.b.ft. 3 3|f aman bsbtog bum intnbirb tb^toaCoIemtoe (tiotopen) ^«(«pdoB 
snuUrtctSc. ietftle fkme to anotler (b» terme of U(e o) pearee* if tbe i^eSfli uL/^^^^ 
grant onto anotberaB bie>intefet in tbe bnib cum omnibus profic.&4^ vofaL^ 
(ncepc Be &nipecie&nat, (ibiflc )}credibus fids toto1)encfic. & praik* Miner 


^a».z/^ tbc Coiiiihbb Law. ^^f 

Ai^U Cole Mtitt pcxdiSt. parcel terrx ac oomibusarberibus Xixrearii, &c. 

jEtito epcetrtfon Ui M» » a» bpi|e meiptimi Of 4e p)«ttt0 Of t^ij^ta* 
o» oC tlie ^ine tt fel& t^e lam U not eivepteo , ano tlien (bi» ^e* 
iment) 1^1)8^ efCfi^eBtlat} to^fclii^e cannot t)at>eo)taltet Seifa 
manafCigns otocliid tttme> eme^ tlie Cfmbet^tc&s gcotnliKiapon 
t|rlamt> int%t matl^ , o» t|ie dai? toftiitn, t|)e fjopno > tbte Q iv/dfn 
fn tie cannot except a^g, tp|itc|| oot<) notlv Hato belons^ nnto 
llfnif ■ •' 'i 

^Mia* 4 3lt tbo itacoH tpftlita a6» maliefeatinent infce ot W Vfiites toXUi-^u 
ttRfttaocKry UWO) anooto, |i0fiefteibtA not enter to atxtiae tliis (eo(^nent> be* «^<'>»)ir|i><i0if 
canlie notlitog oelicenoeiinntfl! iifm ttomtbelSafon; f^tift iLato^otd ^^'^' 
fiottefjpetftttateltate tie j2hueito> granted,. ooiiDfKiteltatt lieiiaD 
i»&i}e tfie grant > ana trtot rigbt o} title tiie jSLncetto} left to oefceno 
to tlk lieire t Simtlmibtyt tt an taCmt being tenant tn tatte ma)te 
CeoCnieiit tafkyuvn Die loft|ont iflne » bte col^tecal lieire cannot en* . 
tet to aDofoe t|at Ceoffmsnt ; fo) altboi^ bp ^feoffment be grant' 
n#^ ttwfle, i?et,fD||en|eDto»lottboat ijSbe, notbing oefcenBes to 
tbefie<re> fn tefpetf of tobteb |e m^bt enter '; ^o alfo If lanos be 
gttien to one ano tbe befrea (emaleodto boo9> ano be bttbiCCuea 
Conoe , ano niate0 Ceofment i|t tk\ ano oiee toidb^n age tott^ lOne; 
female > tbe Conne UmA not entecM tie Caio fofoncy , becanfe ho tf gbt 
fn tbat caCe oeCcenoeo unto bin» : f^ ittxMti if an infant be tenant 
pur autecyie, ano malte CMfntent fn f^, Ceftuyquz tie, %ii, neitbec 
tbefnf^no^bfsleitefbaletetenternpon t|e&o9^$batbe in tie 
ieoet8ono}temainoer,«» . ■ , 

tshusta. s ^n eftate taile cannot be oitcontinneo , bnt tobete be> tbat nuoe Cojna.pttt i 
tKx. tbe oifcontinnatice > $^»once fnfto bff f^^e of tbe taile <evcept it be 3 iS-^.^. 

b^ceaCmofloari^MlF^ <c,)acco»oing totbeilnte <n|abaob]tbp,Om., 
lus privatlo prefiipponic lubkum : fo> be cannot oificontiaae tbat<> fsb^ 
benebetbao. ipieitbercanapetfimoijicentinae tie JfttSmpleof bitf 
fPacfOnage; becanfUtle^inticef^ anotigbttber$ofbM0ne|erlnbinu 
Vide M. j3. Ex. 8. 
latuet at ^ 3lt 31 grantarentootof fl^lano, t|t tewafn^ fnfa > tbi0 re* Pi.c0n.i5.>* 
WToid. mafnoer itboioe, becaofefbe rent Inas netnip createo bptb^granti 

anb00t<nefleb|f6)e* IaColtb.anOBiTi(hainscal'e. , > 

Ittnot ex- 7 matt maltes a ideate tai te^me of life , ano aftettvatba fie ^^* 3i-a-"o 
^ %tfbi makes a l^eaCe of ^ U»m lano fb> ao stares » reno^lpg rent, 

tie ternte to begin after tie oeatl of Heite fo» li& , afrerlmnw 
%ttUf fo»Ufi(grant0 Usefate totle l^ell^, iolo onrftig tbeli& of; 
t|e tenant foiUfe makesfeofmenttoaSranger inl^, Wh^faftvofU 
nttflmtj aoo l^eCce fo» lift nitt > ano f9} t|e rent abots}; ti^0 maoe 
bp tbe recobero}0 , ano tbe qneftion tnas labetber o} no t|e tent Ipa0 
eftimt bptle Ctofment, ano tbe better oglnion fiemes to be, tutit' 
iNuinoteftfwr» lecanf^itbHUttiotm efleattbe timeof tbefeobnent 
maoe* .i 

iiKfcc^i& t Sf an jlbbot, |B)ioj, jBilbo9> o)otbet (Me COMOMtion lebfe a Co.inft.paRi 
£&*" ifteew«kiio|*e»getbeatfion(naPnccipequ6dreddatj.tbe*ncceli "?••''• 
wuiMflor. (J, J ^gn 1^ ^^^ p,^ tempore , bat |e ma? Isbe a 10}it of 9lig|t>«n» 

recotier tie lano : j^tsbeitftia Quo wamntoatlle (nftof tie Hitag 
agafnft an Abbot, Vitttop, o},«c» Un JFrambttto ano iKfliecties, if 
tie <abbot,<c, oifdaime in t|em, t|f0 flail bino t|e ^ncceffo); ^0 
KleiDift if an jabbet,<(« ackiiolBieogetle ActiMiina VK^itof annaf* 

tp , tbfe alto Hal binoet|e)^nMelie», becan& |e caiiiNt fiiUife ft' 
fn an |ig|er St^Aw^ Vide fupri M. i. cafe 4. 

.» > 

V «4' NCBBO 

^6 The Reaibn of <SMa9c.t^ 


S4 Kemopoteft plus juris ad alium transfetre qudm ipfe h»^ 

Ce.iBft.pan I I sDtiete 1s»iw tD^tct) ate commonip put into r eleafo0 , viz. (qus a ttieafe be: 

i6f.a.x. qudvis modo in futurom habere pocero) ate a0 t)Ote fit ItatD > fo7 110 rifgllt fore imerdl 

'•««i.«44*. pai&t^ bpa ttieafe bat tfte tigW, tsbtcb tfte IReleaftj (latb atttTf '~«'* 
tftne of tdetdeafetnaoe; ^ntttietetnetf tbeie be father ant foime, 
ano tbe fatber be oiOetfeo > am tbe tome littng (tbe fatbet) releaf£tb 
bp bid 0^0 to tbe oflleilb; an ^ tijsbt > tobttb be batb >n map ba«^ tit 
tie fame tenement0, tDttbont clanfe of Mattantp> it, ami after tb^ 
fatbet ofetb>(c» 9^ toin^ >»ap latntiillp emet nj^ott tbe pofleOlon of tbe 
DitCeffo} ; becatiCe be bao no ttgbt at all at tbe time of tbe teleafe m8D<> 
al tberigbt being tben in tbefatbet ; ano tberefb^ein tbiscate met 
tbeoeceafe of tbefatbet) tbe fonne map nttec into Vfi lano againft 
bis otone teleafe ; fo>. Nemo poteft plus juris, &c. 
co.bki.t7)jk. « 3lf SCenant inlFsilmpIe being Qiileifiea bpttvoreleat^tooneof Reieafersdi/: 
3. ^ia9iMto%9, betofDbomtbe teleaffcismaoe IbaH bolDontbict Com« reiftnemua* 

panion; becaafe tbe tifibt of tbe oilieifd^, am> tbe cftate gaineo bp onetyMOKof 
tbe ofifcitio} ate of eqaal jeicteiit t viz. botb in JTce Smple : bat if <>>«>• 
2Denant (m life be DiflieitiBO bp ttno j iino be teleafie to one of tbtto, tbis 
(baHdnnte to tbem bort).; becanfe SlTenantfo} liCebp bi0 relead^ can 
bnt cont)^ onto tbem bi0 ofan eitate : an& bp co'nfejinent %t , to iDQOm 
tbe teleafe is maoe > b^ttb a longer ettate tban be tbat releafietb > anD . 
tberefoje facb a teleafe cannot ennre to Jiim alone , to bolo mtW 
companion > $ot tben (boolt tff& rideafe abetre bp toap of entrp 
o}gtantofbieeftate,anoconliH|iien(lptbeDi)ieib}> tolDbomtbete* ' 
leaft i0 maoe* IbonlD become S^ehant fo} life ^notbe reterSon re* 
beSeti in tbe HetSoiy tobicbftrange ttanfnmtation anb cbange ofe« 
fiate0 in tbid cafe tbe l^'atD tpiB not fnffer/ 
Co.ibid.t7tf. 3 3lf ttDo 3lopn«tenant0 ia fit Smple be BiHeif^ bp ttDo, ano By joja^ 
a. J. one of tbe tifleifcB0 t^eaOsfibf^ one of tbe Dil[eifo?0 at bi0 tt&fiy ift ^^ s**««i 

Ibal not bolo oat Jfia companion ; becaafe ^e bao b^t potoer to teleafe '*'^'y^>»'- 
Go.ibid.309. 4 3f tbe €mUk of a Sne before anp atto^ment , bp dfto inuigi* nv URnts. 
^'*' eo ana intoBeo > batgainetb ano fettetb tbe i^eignio^p to anotbet ; 

bere tbe jBargainv fbaA not oiSreine , becdnfe tbe IBatgaino? corId 
C0.ibid.j14. 5 JftbetebeJiowanbSCenant.anDtbeSCenairtmakealLwrefo ASeigniorr 
a.}, aman fo^termeof bi0life? fabingtbe reberSon tdirimfeKie, anotbe fiiTpe^ed 

Lied. § 5^** jtmn grant tbe ^eignio^p to tb> tenant fo} life in ttt > amt lie in tbe 
reberaonatto^ne* 80beoagbt, %c. Jht tbi0 cBfc, fome tbinfc, tbat 
tbe iBDenant fo; life ctmtot grant tbe $l»eignio>p ober , becaafe }^ tok 
^£•3- it fof|ienb(b 9 ant itfDa0 neber In cite in l3im : bnt if tbe tenant malte 

Twonisciic. g j^jafj fgj ijjp j,j ^j pj„g jg ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^g ^ j^jij^ mapjjtant it 

obec ) becaufe tbe ^ignio^p tDa0 In efle in bimy wm tbe iFds CmpU 

of tbe$^eignio;pfiM« rfottnfjpemieo; batif tbe-lbOM> DilEetli tbescle* 

nant , vi tbe sDenant enfeoffe tbe Itojb npon Cbnoition , tbere 

tbe irbile elfate in tbe ^eignio;tp'f0 fufpenbi^ > ano tbetefo;e 

in tbat cafe be cawiot bating tbe f^nfpenfion ist^ant obet %i»f»iiz* 

ntojp. • 

L\Kif6i9. 6 afa^cnant in taile let tbte lanb to anolbet t&i peate0 > aho N«diiMai'. 

tnn!lTd(lT ^^^ Cranta tbe rcSberfion to« tbirtt perTon'm fw , anotbi«ienanf maim, 

law percMt- ^"^ ^^"^ attowe0 to tbe dPwnta ,- am^ tbe,terme f» erpireb w* i ring tbe life or tbeSCenant in tail, ttbereapon tbe <&%taatit entera, 

33x.b.4v an9 aftet (be Senant in tAile batb ittne ano 000 ; 3ln tbi0 cafe , tbi0 


^ax,t4^ the Coidmoh Law. ^j 

ttUint o( tbe tetecfioii makM no oibontiimatic^ , iiotfvftl^anO'Co.inft.pani 
iitg tlft scant i§ txttwteti in t^ Ufi of tte Sfl^ennnt in talle > be« J}*^^' 
caa(e at t(e tims of t|ie ileafo maoe fo) tetmeof peaces i no neto 
|F» fimidt tpas ceberfeo in tiie i^eflb) , bat onelp tlie ceDecfion Qf t])e 
eftatg taile cemaine»<n i^Un, Iniiltefo^ aait ofo iiefb^e tJit titafz 
f9»«Mm> y 3|f tliece be ttoo 3Npn«fintant0 , ano tbe one f of ftifl age ano tbe Co.ibM.3 j 7.1^ 
««<>*>*"*' litbec fBitbin age, ano botb tbe? matte a fiMfment in fs , ano b^of '• 
fits age Dietl > l^ece, tbe infant Ibatt not entecinto tbeio^ole, bt{t 
Ibal entetoibat^eadumfuitinfraxutem fio^tbemoitpontlF; becaaC? 
no mo}e conlo yaCe ftow bint bp tie (eofinent^ 
4>(flnr« . 8 Hf an eftcap baffen>itbin tbe Sfiaxum of tbe toi{e>if tbe bosbano . e « s to ^ 
bie before (tUmt, tbe&ifa apon Deilnce (baSbaijett ano not tbeer* H.^.ii.».' 
ecnto}0» becandetbe p}opectp(oal» notbeinfbe boabani> before fei« 
fitcetano t^etefoje tbe erecato»« covflo oectbe to tbemfelties no title in it coMi,)Si.h; 
tconitbtbnsbanD* *- 

Tkiieiraoc ^ %\fz}9eiteMi nebec be bonno fo anp e](p>efie iwccantpi but Lkti $734 
^ '»**'' tDbec^ tbe !Sincelto}i»a8 bonno b(f tbe liBttietDactantp,; fo;iftbe0iu co.ibi<i.3Sf;b.- 
^' (efto}toecenotbottni>> it cannot- oeCcenQ npontbe beice: Slnx^ tbece* 3. 
(bjeif flenant in taae teiCto of Ditri(ableUnD0> alien t^em in fee to 
b<0 b^o^iec , tebe aftectoacbe w\^% tbe fame lanb0 to anotbet toitb 
tpaccantp againfE bini am bi0 beiice0} anooieeteitboutiiTuei Sbift 
loaccant? ibal not batce tbebeice intaile ofbieForihedon; becaufe 
tbiofoaccantpoio not oeftenb totbeiltiteintatte> fojtbat tbemncle 
of tbe iibiein taile t»a0 not bimi^Ce bonnb t^ tbe toaccantp in bi0 
U& time , neitbec .i?et conlb ,be foaccant tbe Hanut in bie lift . 
iimt, in ae mticb ae tbe oebife conlo not take effect tiB aftec ^ 
oeatb t )3lniinolvbecaa(ietbeWneleinbi0li(etimetDaBnotbounb to • 
, tii)atcantp> Iticl toatranti; cannot befcens fcom bfm to tbe ittiie in 
tafl, «c» fm notbihg can betceito from an Simtibn to bfe beire* 
bnttbat, tnbicb toae Set in tbe ;^ncefto> : ^0 lifcetPOe if a man 
malte feoffment in fie, ano oinb bi0 beites to Iffiaccantp, tbto if 
boio ) 80 to tbe beic ; becanfe tbe »nct^ bimCel^ bM0 not bouno, f r^ 
Tow kiaii 10 ^e in tbe conaftme in tafte bacgainf ano kl» bi0 Uino,aho al bi0 Co.i.i.f i.b.^; 
owx fftat effate, ic» bp inoentnce inco^UfH k» to I. S ano bio |eic0 male^ ic. to l*-* *• . 
njamonder babeanobolo &»tbe li&of tbe tenant in jaile tbe cema^ec totfittn >!f "."^ r 
•«Ap. Eliz. fc*!&ece, tbe cemainoec^o tbe Queen i0 boio ;foj%ieh be in tbe 
amaifloec batb gtanteo aB lie effate to cannot limit anp fsctber 
remainoec of it to tbe Q^een ; becanCe a cemainoec ie bnt a remnant 
of tbeeffateoftbefC^nto}, ano tbe Queen camiot babe anpfniAtem* 
nant of eifate* fg^^iebaogcanteoatoapaB bieeffnte befa»toto I. 
S. jlrtOtbecefb7elPba0agtttOHilU35. Blithemanscafe, tbatif 
tenant in itaOe tnconfloetation of fetbeclp lobe cobenant bp B>6oto 
llano UiStti to tbe n& of bimfeiSB fe}4^0 otonelice > ano aflec bie oeatlr 
to tbe ate of bie eloefl tonneta taile, ano afiec tbie Cobenant, tbe 
Coi)enanf 0) taltef feme ano oief , in tbie cafe , tbe feme M beenir - 
Doteeo i Go> leben tenant intafle batb Vmittn^ nCe to bimCette fo» 
bis o\iirt lifie , b^ cannot limit anp cemainoec obec , becanCe ah t* 
ffate fo} bid oisn life ie ao long ^ a0 be bimtelfe can limit bp tbe 3LatDy 
ano tbecefoie tbe limitation of t|ecemaitioec is bolOiano bp eonfieqitml 
tbeSPobKcgajo>fc; ' 

t«r]rtake<ia. n %iit iBatoH tsifoo to t|e- nCi^r bimUlf ano its lolfe Gm ift^ to l> ^i^w 
jr&w iiiue ano tbe beices of tbe loop of tbe IBaton oies ; tbe illiiefn tbeli&of WiJ^coi-' 
"**^ m feme , tben SCenant of tbe irtank«tenement (foito tbe vieaoing icdgeofe. 
tnas} tobicb (ball be intenoj».bp oflGeiltn , foa no (ntcenoec •> (ia»(ei« 
tnre teae afteiogeo, 4 H.^. fatUx8 a common tecobecplDitbffngle 
boi^^7 bpagc^ment) tbattle tecobeco>0 lbain^to9el4tiifr ano 

% o^eu^ 

5^ The Reafon of ^ <SSda»c.z^i 

ti^itt* io mtttvSei i am tf^it t$e f^me ftal teieaft to tijtm IMtQ 
tKHatt«nt|» , triifc^ tiWBMttt ac(o»B(iiBlj» : it H. S.tHefinneofti^ af. 
tetftiat tfjefltoe ole9, am aftett99tMlifi»«aeint^ ftrftowgr^ en« 
tet« ; SC^e4IIellfontDas(^tnl^ett^clAatttaB•1M1taRtp fi^ 
fo}fl^tMoDec|» came not fitqnrttoi, becaii&b)^ tfie pteiMitgtt^ili 
beittttmeb, ntattfftiSmlmBtttttii b|?anot|^ sDttie tl^tlieintafte, 

aDftngeBHofQ b? t^l^tatnte tf n H.7. 10. •Kno^n t^tafe Htsaa 
tefoH»o, t^attlie iMttantpfiiall Mnst^ DewamXiit, atfDfo8«iTot 
tofb bp t^at fetatnfe; becattft Vlfm m 8tft Atoej to t^ tmmm 
mo^erpdiao agafitftbtorbp bf«itmaei&tt»nt) mmUfltnlflmme 
totakebentftt oT t^e (ojfeftnte stfaen bpt^e ^Mitate, after^fs Diath 
anottiet flbte cladnfifs from Ijhto ftaB not take bendtt «f ft ; fb»ff tte 
0iteeftoj, befits to eflfe at tbe tfme of tbe fojfWtnte, conlBttot en« 

tec , moti^ lelfe 0iafl anp lietfon* tPbfebtWUI IWt inremmnatura, hojf 

baotbe fmmeofate fttteteS. Cftle, tn linbecitaiice at tbetftneof tbe 
f ojftftnte , et»et enter o» take bwieit «if t^t .Stit x mib aftbonj* ttere 
tms erro^fn fiie recoberp^ pettbe VKartaittpof t|ie Crate ilMlbxcre 
tlieftrft fliae of ^gimtt m€xtn > becsnCr l» b^oton tut be bstbber' 
reB bfmfelfe rf tbeentrp , moi tbe »tat«te wefcrfte)^; ano tbe ttke 

tnmMtfOfUt ao|nO0eb in SirGeo.Brownescale-, tD^^ffine firtafl Co^'Ud.fiJb.i 

ftt tbe ttfe of b^0 motbet) babfnft tt|e rebeiSon in fer, febfe« a ine 
fDftbont )i}oclamiftfon0 ; fo^tbert t^eflfae ajjaftift b<»«fim ftneconib 
not enter,aItbottjBb ft toaf erroneow. 
copihodcu- la Cnttome batb to eftabifCbeb omr fhten tbe e«ate of tbe Copf* co.u»4bi 
^»'"'. bolber, tbat bptbe deberanceof tbe9ri|iedfanteoe tbeCo0&!r«n ^"^^ ' 
^ ^ tlie 9a|mo», tbe Conftold «( not ^^t^oceoi fnHiw mocb artbe ^''"^oic- 
'I'O^b btoiCrife cannot ont tbe Ciq^fboner* frir mojae tbaft atn> 
clatmftig mtoet b^ babepottet to Bo)t ; becaoffe Nemo potcft phis jurij 

£ifS?i ^ i^ lilt OAtMarfkall tow tefle ft^^ be6»*r Co.I.y.7o.h. 

anDcementjtbefnatnipe reteaurtb to MiirfhaM a&'a(t{oin^bntfe0 ano b**"^^^' 
oemanw, ano after JiiDgement Whsetwn aeatnff tbe IPefemiattf Cointpwi 
npon iobofe oefiittft Sent fecUs ffteobnt aga^ Matihall , tobo Pleatu **'*''*• 
tbefttouenejfalTeleafc t bntft twwaijhibjeo, tijat^releaJe^tPMnot 

conbftfonal, , viz. Si contigjt Defend, &«; nonfoiTcr*,8kc. tbett camtot ' • 
bebpjiebatfe anppjeCwttanDcertaftiebBtp, befojefnteementofben; 
fojb^t^, ftcannotbe knotont^ttbattnmmrttjeoebtanobama. 
jet to« amontft jn^ tebe, firat bafle», at 1|r« bowii»'teS^ 
certafne rammer batb<o tecogn««w hMnjj seni^i^ ft tbaltbetebn« 
aotoacettafntplwtbejttouenient; ^^ »w«»oereoB- 

Arekafenoi «4j»Jnn.4.E!.Rbf.i 207.10 Con».Banco,fttoSa«Ofni)Bebtbatbp a re« C0.ibM.71Jh 

good. M&of aa attfono, fnft*. ano qiiarre|«a cobenant befowtbe bsrakftts ^" J- 

rfft tt not releafito; becanCetbore io-iiot anp mat of aatonl tm ^*'''- 
- anpcert«ftwbiifpbefojelbeb?f«*lnfetl<evfC. ' ^n,jm 

Payment of 1 5 . A. oebffetb ten* lofi. fo> m wttg m iMttno^ or D. ano oetf « coj 6 <» j^ 

BnrWgt Je ternh bat aWet tbe term tbe l^e*ttnant tef nfet |> to pa^ 
rent, tobeffuiN[B.b»teg«8nijtlIlft} janotofbtocaffefttoaaabWOB* 
eo bp Coke and the odicr Juftkes of the C. PI. t|0ttbe papment i tbe 

X^*tSlL!SS2 *ILlS f^'y^ *!f tbrferre^tenaSt 

2J?i2l'^!?2J^T?^ ' **""^ C*^* Btyihologia & ri termini) be 

2i'*22ir*l!^.^T 8te »no!o>tbe*wie reatona PrxciJeiU 

i(^ s|o ICMMo). poieU tC « ^ to» ;o peare0 »eb^tb(t to M.M. 


i^a^.z^. the Common LaW* • 5P 

icceptiocea aftet t^twat^ Of |)t8tDife, iDlSwint^ tneane ttaiE toad tol^itette Co;u.9«.«.i. 

pAl tarit. occapatton of ft Ooting Ijet life » pa^tttg unto M. M. 7 1. per annum, ano M»mni^ t»fe 

%t mattes !^ts loffe bis evecatrip ano Dies , tbe tnife aominiteto, en« 
tet09 anopjpee t^etcnt : ^ext, Vft^tigmtt& of tt^rent \rgtf^tj»* 
(ottiv toas fnif ictent aflTent totfie lej^acp, ano t^en (berating gitien 
\^ affent to t^e flrfi: woitt , itlai» net in %et pmaet U batre Mnt> 
tbat toas to batie tbe fntars oetife ; Un (be coalo not tcansfetre mo^e 
to anotbet , tben fbe bao ter felfe ; becaufe aftec tbat (bp ^et affent) 
fte bao epc^nteo tbe fecono oetiife, fbe coutu not aftectoatos otbec* 
\ofSz nifp-iiz of it to oifcbatge otbct ^Legacies, SDebtej 01 tbe Ube> 

XcntUer ia 17 Jf A. poffieff of a tetuie foj 500 peates oebifetb it to B. fo> lile, ^"^f cafe. 

oaofakafc, j|jg jeiiiataoet toCanB t^ie beirea of bis boo?; in tbia tafeCou. ?/•"•♦/*'•* 

?"*"" ting tbe life of B. cannot grant tbe remainoec to anotbet; becaufe Ja/jJ/icafe. 

t^e tobole ternte is in B. ano C. batb bat an eicecato^p intereft> 

nepenofng opona poCibilttp, viz. en|op it after tbe oeatb of B. HSut 

bere> (B.beinge)rccato?)areleafeof bis inteceft tobimis gcn>» Yi- 

dedipri 21.41. 

M^«f« iS ^f tbe (Confftt of a statute o^ jRecognifance releafe to tbe>. 
{J** ** SCerte'tenant al bis tigbt in tbe lano; pet be fliaft fne execution i ^'mfetsc»k. 
3?""* betaofeat tbethne of tbereleatemaoe be bao nointereft in tbe tano; »7E.j-**««. 
, fo>tbattbc booptstbea)ebt0> ano not tftelano, i)nt in tefpetf of tbe l?j**: *piJ;J 
boop, anti tbelamitt not cbargeo toitb tbe nM before execution fa* yxjiitnmw 
ea; &o libetoilt a releaCe of tbe fonne to tbe vliSgttt>% of t^e fatbec TtftsctSti 
in tbe life of tue fattier it ntteidp tjoio; becaute tbe fonne batb no rigbt 
at ' t <n tbe Ufetif bivfatber. Vide fupra t. 
kpjt-teaaat ,^ 0lbeit So]?n«tenants are (bpLmkton) tafotobe feiCn per my CcWtpam 
bl^ & per tout , pet can tbep not Wglp oifpofe of woje , tben tbe part, tbat LmV:.. 
^* Inrtongb nnto tbem , as to eiiteoff^ , gibe , o) oemife , tn to forfeit o} ■ * 
Itf* ^aefaalt fn a Praecipe: ^0 Ubetoiftif mp tiiHeinanti anotbec 
patebafe lano0 to tbem ttro ans tbeir bekes , 3 can bnt;enter into tbe 
moitp ; ^no toberib afl tbe 3q?lt«tenanf0 jopn in a ftofment > «becp of 
tbem in llaogement of ILaU) ootb gibe but bi0re(peftit» part: |»o 
ff an Alien ano a ^nblett pnrcbafe lanw jopntlp* tbe Hing upon office 
< foanofliallbatiebntflmoitp* 
TKiike *° 3( ttBO 3opn<fenant0 mabeafeofment in fit upon Conoition, ^^^tf^^' 

ano ti)£t fo) b^eacb tbereef one of tbem ftali enter into tbe U)bQie> pet m^V jtm^^ 
b$ ftaB enter bnt'into a moitp, becaufe no mo^e in jo&gement of Mrfcaie. 
10bb patf» &om bi^; jKnotoit to atfo of a gift intait, o^a §Ltatt 
tm life , f c» %iiieiDfh , it ttto 3opn«tenant> mtfke a feofment in C^, 
anA oneof tbe /eoffo^e nieo, tbe fttUet cannot pitao a feofment 
from tbe S»nrbib^ of tbe fplrt*; becanfe eael^of tbemgabe but bi0 
Acoafinadon 3 > 3[f a man grant a tent cbatge iftring out of bfei lano to anotbec ^''<J- 1 ^**' 
tfaiattToM. fintermeof btolife, ans after be tontrnKabta eftatcfntbe faibtent, fT??^"' 
to babe anotoboW tobitn injt^ tafli»o»itt iF*0mpte, tbisconllr* ' '*" 
motion is boio^ aa to enUrge bto eSate; bccsnfe 9e, tbatconfltmes, bao 
not anp rebertton in tbe rient. 
ctafirmatioa 3% 3if tbefdarfott of « Cbnrb tbargetbe <C!lebe bpbi»o^D> am> ^"J'i*^'' 
^Patranand ifftt tbe i^tronano4>]Ofnarpcenflrme tbe fame grant; intbi«eafe> Ji't,**"'^ 
^'*»^- if tbe j^atron be ffenant «n iF# Ompl* , tbe grant is goo ; but if ' ' ''' 
be batb tbe ;8W)ott(bn oneip fo> life o» intaile, tben Iballtbe grant 
ftano no longec in f 0}ce , tban fo} bis life > ano tbe li& of tbe l^arfoii, 
tbat grmtfo it$ SUa in tbis cab if tbe IBilbop fe |^atron)be cannot con* 
. flrme alone, but tbe JiDeane ano Cbapter mutt conftrme alfo; iFo» 
^e jaobolBfon oi ^ttonage i» parcel of tbe pofTeftton of tbe l&iibo* 

I * »J A. 


^o • The Reafon of a^^ax^zAi 

• . . • 

3ooJ>^. C^nrc^, ampizttntB B.ti^ bptbeconCetitoC A. anotf^e £>}bfitatp 
grants a t^nt ctiacge out ot t^e 4^be > tf)(0 i» not gaoto make t|te 
tent tlmsi i petpetual tpit^at toe crttent of t|>e l^atcon of A. 

eo.iby.»^.a, 14 3|f t(|e JEJon* to tallc otrconttnue in Ut, am tie Dono} leicafe J^'««« •»7 
3. to t!ie flDtftontftttia ana ole , ano aftet tfte iObe tn taile oot^ wMt»et JS!'!^^ 

tlje lano agafnft tfte j^tfwntinwe > 3ln tlito cafo» mitkn tetaiU "^"""*^ 
ibaflleatje t^ecebetfion ftttlieaxfcontinntr; fe^t^ie ittatin taflecan 
tuifatt bat t()e eff ate tafle onetp , tDbtcb oefcenw i> unto bim (torn bio 
iPatb^) andtbeSDono} camtotbat)etbe leberfion agafme againlt bts ' 
otDn 0catit , ant tbnofo^ (bp con(^i|«eiit) it ftat be left to tie )3[>£r« 
continue. fc« 
co.ibiJ.8.a.x, 25 jf an Ulitu cometb tato England ano batb Wne tbw (iNii»0> ^«wi« ?»• 
3* tbefe ttoo fonnea aw indigent (knbjects bojne ; becanb tbep ai» bojiw. T??,f?,Sr 

iDftlin tbeVlealme : |^iDbeft,if oneof tbemfnttbafe lanO0 infift^ n»B^M«»- 
ant oietb tnitbont iSae , b<0 b;otb<t ftaB not be b<0 bsf» i f»% tb^o 
toaa nebet arptobedtaUe blono bettooeen tbe fatt^t ano tbeiii> ani^ 
l&beretbe fonne« can bpno poSibftttBbo beitetotbe Catbec , tbtone 
of tbrm fiat not be bcite to tbe otbet x Skii» tbecefoie tome babe 
boloen > tbat if a man , aftet be be attatnteb of Cteafon, n if e lonp, 
babetOietloofiomies, tbattbe «te of tbem cannot be beite to tbeo* 
tieri beconfietber coHtonotbebeire totbefatbei> $o>tbatt|e|r nebef 
bai aDf inbecltalile blaaQ in tbeW) f c«^ 
Co.infi.p«t I i6 3if ^tSm- Ui life make a JBt>«bof CMtoent , anb a l^ettec oT i«^2!T^ 
'•5> atte^nep to tbe l^ell^ to make Hiberf , ano tbe %«fi9» naket| %U ^^^ 

berf acco)o<n^F> NotfDitbCanftingtbeiUfe;ibaleRtecf^}tbefD}&i' "^"^r 
tnte,bBcatt& tbe %tSn Co7 life babaiftwrit^tenement iti|fm>tDbeceii|f 
« tbe I'iberf mitbt imfc; bat if 14C* (0) teacee make a feoffment in 
Uty ama ft.ittecef SItteine; tetbe1L«iP)tomak» I4ber;, an»be 
wake 9/ibecF accoioiiiglp) tbie llfteer ftal bim» tbe l^eio»,anb 
Ibaltiotbe «boioeDbpbim> fb» tbe l^tttn cannot (inibie cafe) make 
S4becp m 0tto9iiepto tbe %tiki becaoCe tbe i.cfUi bab no fttt* 
beib, feMneC te make i^fbecp, but al tie irt<e|olbbm« in tbeUe^ 

n . . t7 H man fetfib of beWttibie Unb befo» tbe fbtotnte of ures,make0 5"»^Sti 

mh t *^f^^ fe«ce0tenbiit« tent, anbtebiUlbifbat cent toaftcati* '*^* 

fee ano biei) tnttbe fttangec ie teifai oC tbi cent am oiee ; 3n 

tbie caCe, tbe efecntoi* , anb nettbebeitf ef tbe eebit^ttail babe 

tbe cent ; becanie tbe tent bNW bnt a Cbatte) in tbe iebi« 

DT«ttitj>j '* ^^ '^^ ^ ^*^ ""b itettr ) anb tbe HeOoi fa» al Me Tite* ibUbf 
^'^ ' tt^s irtotoing in (tocb a dote ; ^t, notbiog patfetb to tbe ;Kenb«i *^ Lcfoy 
ft} albeit tbe l^ein batba «(neta(|^}epect; in tbem, ipet tbe fiiecial 
VMpectptbeteof i0in tbeHeff*! becanHtbetoooDaaetceeeawfac* 
celof tbe a^eafie> tebefbaB brCim of bit Heafe babetbe ibaoeanb 
ftttft tbeteof,a0aUbtbeb]ancbes,an»lofping« (b»fiwIan»meMD< • 
ins 9t fencea , jSno tberefoje if tbe %tm fel treM baftbent tbe 
Iteence o} toil of tbe lefree? a goob aition of trefpaCe tpetb fo} t}» 
%tMk againt bimt j^liketoilein 5 H.4. 59- tbebeite in Cbibaira 
beMginlpatb, feBattitfeeintbela«oinlsatb>anbtbe<IBaatbianb»inB« 
tte^^aie «gainft<ifmi anb lie pleabf «|ie l^iel mattecin batten Sed 
non aUdcaoir pec cuoaBb fCt 


i"j. the Cottimctti Law* ^i 

a 5 7Wg5 ire etm^rtted dtcording ttttfjap i tfhkh v^as the ieginning of 
tbew.*^ Vide M<*x. ^3. j i . 

a£ I SCenaiits after pofliOriltt)? oC flTnc tninA > aftloitfiti upon t|ie mat* Co-i"^F*» < 
the ttclie te but a Cetuittt fm Viz > pet I^at^ fie 8 p^ifitieoges tocfnent to W '** 
clfate, tubfcli tteHatD alofnetlinot to a bate Cenantfo^Ufe; fitte« 
f^ o( tbe ivUmaitiaiist > laH^ mut once in btm j which priviledges you 

nay fee, Co. In. patt 1.38. a. X. 

ic > 3lf a iDOMian 9Denant in tafle genetaltaltetd an IwibBni^ani) bat|> 6o-*i>"i>3o^«< 

«te> tDb^cbiflnestet^T anotbotvifeofetfialOiiDtfbont aitpotbttfCne; 
tbrce,albeft tbeefate fotailbe oetetmineii) pettbal tbebariwn&be 
SCenant bp tlie CnrteSe; becatife be iDas intttten to be Cenant per 
Legem AnglizatflrS (upon bat)in0tbe HTne) before tbe ettateintailt 
l08»Qienti ^ainoattboacb to tbto cafe tijie eSate be not (onfnmmate 
nntfltbetttatl^of tbeiplfe> petitbatl^fatbabecinnins aftettttebaii 
totb* Itfe of (b» taffe > a« i« teCpecteo in i,a)i) fio oiftertt putpofiei; fo» 
1 jSlfiec ititi» laBbeftaftoo bomage alono, antUtbeceme SCenantto 
tbilrOit , «Mi» tbe^boto^^ Iballbe maoe onefp npon> tbe boBbanvta 
tbe UCeoC tbetDife; % 3iCa£tetilIite > tbebnaban»o(aiietbafeofiiient • me.!. 
tefce, anotbetDtfeoietb, tbefooftb (ball bob^ttonting tbe UCeof tbe ^'t«''^»n' 
IVudMno, anstbe b^iceof tftetoffe Hiafl not oortoff bi< Iffetecoberti cw'i»vtM>^. 
f»a for cvi io vka ; dn It eonl»»ot be s fo^fettnte j becanCe tbe ^Me> !« e.,.i,. 
at^ ttatoC tbe CMfment) tim»an eSateof tenancp bftbeCncteSt i>ycrxi. 
initiate, anonotconraninwte} anftttlfaBjuceolnsp £.;. tbattbie^-|<i* 
JEenant bp tb« Cnttete cannot clalme bp a }De%l(r , anft toaitoetbe **^>*7- 
cfiate of bli» tenancp kp tbe Cntteaei becatilfe ((altb tb< IBovk) 
tl^ J^tirM eonimencet in Vm befoH tbe j^ebttefo; tecnit fA%i» 

iVMM ' VBTben tifie King malcef ttoj^afe Vloptf Into Scotland to fnUwe tbe Co.a>M.7i.c; 

\g^ iMot^i t^ i^atoaccowptetl^tle b^ilnnlnsoC tbefb^tpMpestobe af« ^, 

tett^ ]||R0 enttsti IntotlefoKelgne i^atioN, (o^tbentbetKatta coiI<C7o.t.x 
besinnetb* anntA be come tfein, tpe •» Ifeloft aw fiili togato^ c»«. 
InatM tbe Wane, anonomflltarp Cetblcelsto beoone, tlltleftliig •.«. 
iitiftbl« bet come tblibec» vicKin&a 10. 

Tw» »c«- 4 ac one belbetljlan^of a cowtiwi peifon in gtofc a» of bto pet. f ^•^i*:- 
fr fm> 8n»nM rf •«? 9aniH9,fc* anfttble fiMlguloay tCcbeatetbtotbe ^^^'^'^^^ 
i^<t4KjpMbi«fliltlwl^attatoMeoffl;;tMiliw)bebeleetboftbeiierron Bnd««U4« 
«( tbe sing, b«t net in Capke ; becaoie tbe oXginai tenure toae net Brkc^y^i. 
(teatebbptbeftim. |E.3.3B.t«Mre«j>4. JoH.8.43. a8H.8. »♦ Fieai.,^.,. 
IIWrpj7,tc, . **-*-47- 

ivii«ciac4. T 3nca(rof Cof«teenerf,fimiftfneiit|e«elicenti(»inScirpes,vi2.t» 
£^,. meeltf anb Btlote , ano fewetiiNee in Capita to l^eaM; iSe If a nmn 
(latb UToettPO Bangbter«ano oietb^ tbiebefcent leinCapiuiviz. tb^ 
, eaebwagbtec IbaS inbeilt alflte) afllioieton (aitfc>Sed.)4i. Kntlt 

a man batb IKoe tiee oangbtef f , <ni> tte el«e$ wngbtet batb lw>e 
m*wngblcti,an»tbepoimgeibKeRSWi|ii|tft; ^tUlOtmi 
ftalinberit , but tbe aavgbteroC tbefwmgeH %1l babe 99 mncb af 
fbe Ibitt bimgbieM of tbe elbeft, Ranon* Stirpium, ia reflect of tben 
motbere efltate , from leblcb tbelte tolt beginning , anb not Rations 
CapioiiB; fo> in Jobgemeni «f lr«l» efmrv baof^ef btfl • (ebea« 
|»tockfi H^m, »Qlf a nmnbaA linettpobatiirteui^ anfttbeelbg 
latbllbie Bibete fonneit nv» bibecf wnglteti, «notie ponngeSbti^ 
{fine bibere baogbtete* tbe liQell fenqe of tbe elwit banglier'Oa* 
eneiplttbecit , anbaitbeoaogbtcceee tbepemigeft; fe»t^ial(ioien«t 

ia Capita , bnt in Stirpes ; anb-ln t^ie caff i^iMt (ipnne ie Copatce* 


6i The Rcafoti of Siffox.Z'^ 

ptt tolfli tl^ Mttel^!e» of Vje i^onngeft , ann Ibafl Wi t>m moitv, viz. 
^ia mot^eu patt : &<» t^t wen oercenQtngoC tMngl^eTS mpplie Co* 
pacteiterf, Sif toll a0 tDOinen> anmlbaU lopjttlg Impleao anti tf inofiaot' 

tb, f C, Vide z<5, 2. 

Lit<].$iyt. 6 die ILantMt fit iFtank^matfase tobepnt fnto Hotchpot , anot^ Fraoiqna-iagi 
co.a»id.i 78. i^aniw fn iP « fimpfe tolj'tti Mftenu , cug^ to mote from ohe am t^e Htubft, 
"•*• rameperlion; fojtf ttepraotjeo ftomfettttal jarweftow; tftep cannot 

be pat into ^otcftpot, «f ♦ 
Coibid,i87A 7 3f lanM be gftjen to a man anoa tDoman anotfeeic b^'rw be» l»«^» &»« 
^* „ . foje matteae , tfte bu jbano ano toffe batje moftfes btttDeen tbem t but f^^ "• 

« R » wJe ^f ** ** ^^^"^ matlasfe , cacb of Ujem taietb tbe tobole ; Sim tbctcfoje "^"^ 
^j, ' '^ ^' {ntbfislaftcafe)if tbeba0banobe attatnteoof SDreafon, o)feIletb a« 
u'.}). £.). toap tbe lanD, , after bet buibanoe oeatb , Ibe CbaB rtcot^et tbe tubol^ 

80 ft fell oat in tbe cafe of William Ode , tDbotDa0atta(ntei>fo?niut« 

tb^tfngjE. 2. Finch, ^r,>A. « 3na fpojtgace tbeactetwwt p^ecesert ougbtto giitoetbe pap* The coaaiiioB 
*. ment fubfequent , ano tbertfoje in wfe tbe feoffa Die > am ft to a* ^1!^'^*' 

J J „•* »'• gr *i» bettoan tbe feoffor an© tbe erecutoja of tbe fecff* , tbat at tbe fomed 
so E /account ^^ ^^ pl^c^ ^be tobole fam fban be pafD , ano tbat aftertnarofl tome 
?i.7o.' . part thereof (ball be ti^o;«) > tbfs fs no performance of tbe Conoftf» 

on ; 'for berebp tbe ftate fbaH not be oebetteo cut of tbe bef re , tobicbi* 
• atbiro petfon , foftbont a true ano cffodtfal pipment, ano not bps. 

C^.'.OOiD ano Cidoar of pp pment, Co.I. 5. pd.Goodalescafe. 
Cojbid.»48.i'. 9 Littleton faitb, tbataocfcent, tobfcbbafpeng npon tfee of(EefIO}» D«fi*«by«ii- 
I. entrfng fnto »el<Bfon , fbat not take atoap tbe^ntr? of tbe b«fre : p«t "^J^ *•»" 

Litti.5 4w. Qf s entr p fnto IReUgfon is not tbe canfe of tbe oefcent , but bf0 p?o* * 
H &f«fe "* fetffon ; fojalbeft b« inter fnto Relfgfon, pet before be be pjofeft,w 
"uiAs &C. bcfcent can bappen > IBatin tbf0C«re tbeBlato ootbretpecttbe o}f« 
'^ ' gfnalatt , ano tbat f0 \jintntif into Helfgionj tobicbtras bi<(«tDn 

a&y ano tnberenpon tbeprofeffion fofloboeO} bptDbicbprofelCiontb^ " 

OedcentbapneOi for, Cujufqiie reipotiflima ptrs, principium eft , 0110 ; 
againe , Origorei inipici debet} anotbeT«fore Littleton attribntctb^ 
tanCe of tbe offcent tatber4o t|ie oeiffeitoro entring fnto Vteligfonj 
tpbicb toa0 tbe trft act to p rocnre a otfoent) tban to bto p^oftSf on,tDbitb 
r«fcu*,ib »° JCoprebenttbebatrfng of aneffatetaflei febentbereterffentt A«*««|t«* 
^.BM.37 . . infb«»fng,accorofngtotbeSut.of 34H-«.i«.ft few««te5Ptbattb» S'SST 
T,ti E].!d the cfftate (taff (boulo be createo bp a itfng) ano not bp anp Object ? albeft ^' 
Court of tbe Stfng be bis l^efre to tbe teberOon ; ;!lno tberefore if tbe9>Hke 
watdr. ^f Uaciiht \fi9 maoe a gf ft f fi tafle , ano.tbe reberSon oettenoeo (• tlie 
Hin^y pet tpafniot tbat tftate reftrefneo bp tbat Statute > ano Co of 

tbeUkS» Co. 1. 5. 15, itf. iaWifemanscaff. Vide » 1. 8. 

3) Afi'j>i.7. II 3f atetoant (oepartisooaf of bi0 9after0fsrbice)kil bi0 9ater Maike in. 
uponamaliicetbatbebarebini) tDbi(tftbetiRi0bi0fircbant, tttopettf f^^'- 
atreafon. Finch 10. 
10 El. 12 A ere(t0 a^cp upon tbeiiin60 JFr^bolo, tbe fting grant0 Nopoir«%o 

i>j«tit6ij), tiDtiano to B. fnf& ; A. before entrp or feifnre of tbe ^bop bp tbe agamft -Jk < 
I&fng0 ^&tmk t continuetb t|e poSeffion ano oietb ftifco i Cbi0 ^■>& 
(0 no oefcent to- toft tbe |^«tent«0 entrp: jFor bp bi0 irft e* 
retting of tbe IHbopb^conlo gaine notbing againfttbe titing, Fimh 
II. , " 

Co.lib4i.jj. a. 13 31t tda0 taiO in Binghartscafc in the a Report , tbattObenOi1}ec0 The ordinal 

3' 8cctoent0 are reqaittte totbexonCummationof atbfng, tbe %a\o in 'f cotfidea* 

nw^Mf Mfe. j^^ cjf^ tefpett« tatbet tbe begfnnatg ano orfginal canfe , mn "'•- 
•''•'•****• anptbiOgeUe) ^«in 6E.3.41. ff a man y.efent to anolber t0an0 
Cbarcb in tbe time of tnacce ? ano tberegpon tbe pret^tii^ i» siomft* 
t«D, intitnteO) ano frtBtictev in time of peace -, ^ere , tbe ilatn gibeo 



^i£^i^ the Common Law^ S} 

HiMstts t}itttti}foK )'<lt|ioii|^ittw VNttfn tinitaf fMte> IMItt a* f> -i g 
MiieQ ; Una wvanmtimt tMlmlMS Shdleyi cafe mitHbttM fnm i£i&it$ie 

iI(eportfi>l. lotf. . 

2L"^!L ttJwlJWi^w ensettt^oi, «ii»t|>««ioaalinefii«Rs«t«tiimoii xtm ^!^„c. 

facaotgood. ^p^ j^g ^g, not Wt»t|» (ftatttaOt; ilioatMt in tltetolkt^ CoTJTA? 
9E«iion, ttbict ftfUted tue ttMms ArMMi t^ iFtm, t|tt tome mm^iJ'^u: 
natttWi (int|el^ftat»|M0S ifw tleofti asftfHtt ttiie tmcafc. 

^i^I' 'J Jf i'fow* l»8lt>e»waiwi«ii IfcHrttM to int Iv Itoouap tkd.§*A 

fihiiilie notMt* , fetcoofe tletMwn tr »iil8lt«1MKc» kffffM <nt^ 
foime , alto (|^ iPatliet •«vfn| Y)to U(ii|olM^bp d>occaee : )ito ^ con- 

IttMce Qutiiig Nft> aire tftit Mt wtMH In ^occsge ; ^l^ten lite' 
MTeftaliw itotaitto> bicatife tHMMitMpnyMt^ WRt^flC t^te* 

tas^ tegftia ftt ttie f omit^ 

wirrtiicjrtlMc - i6 3lf tilt tame i^mcitfrtblMVv am i«tMI»fl^tiimett|i(»fHl|ec Coj.4.37i, 

kpibrdif- fo^tenne or|fe8ce0}t|)eCRtlier etrtiMCiett maXtm in tk, ami UnM "^^hms 

u>^«^ooi ^fntTdleano t|lslieice0tolMttlMtr^Hiirt>^ tiU) XifW^t^Vi^ ^*^' 

tMtrantf oefcotoft tatl^ «lil»;.'l|4i ttaramtf ftiA art tatn t|» 

fonne front Iif« tiitt]!o> TMMiefb(r«to(ie,(c» l«ca«ref|tottaRa«tp 

|teSfn«f^«fi(Hln : iMfkr^bMNft «iti> invm Ktipicoa anti otm 

JElnccfto) be tefiaiit a tjWft ^ *|r|!'''^ ' *^ lUMnne #jte^t, oi 

^tatote^^taf^ei unu uMke' IliniieM- 1N[% liMcmit9'MitfnaCilfe)ifc«. 

^ut^ toaccantp fbfiti 4iMl iMtve-t MCaufi^ ft ^MMftif I9 sttWKii v fc^. 

SOieteid t^Came teatim IT <MAliMtt m ViKiitCMce, «»fn iMc^ 

ca;e, toiifct) matte fiiei ffOMeflt Ittf^ MctMiH^ ftioaMlf t|iBf» 

tiiet am fomre be 3k|li«teiMnii iw t« , aito t|Ktttt|lt make U)ilU 

menttiftbi»8ctaittr,ic*'iinB»(tir; lltefMlnitlflKO-tlpeinmrof^to 

mOttp,caafe<p«fiipri.' ..»-'. 

Caanionap- T^ t^\stts!t(aAn%^' timtim tSffmm 1MLf|e«Bt(eitt lAtolMW 37H.9.34. ^f/ 

5*«.«»oe mfljtemamieT; ti^tfieltntvirft IjNimoiMaenlMllamarKata* *«w"wim. 
JfJ''*"" Meteno w^o ofWm^Hi *8i6(ca#;va. peJrf«*tkfaifiSoc«<aftMrpftic|r *' "•••*• 
^ temiTeattbebesimitns,a«LittktonfMQi, iMt ) tbe^feNUka4oiaitiute- 

nendumr(;rvitiumSocz,tM0 tobabeCommonfittbe l'O}B0 mtBtmtn 
ta^ neteifatjf bet(1f0>'«0 lotfit MyMli tNo towp a li bto Unto; «tm 
ttierefoje fac^ CMiwnir ayj^eitotMC ff«M o( cmhimii tint , atniM* 
1^0 bp operation of 9.a«» , iMMQitMitar tfli|e; fotlMl nun mat 
pnti:ilbefttft> sffftftfbeMin^H.^ af aifnnllwrtOt « 
ft-loereacatiiftcomffiONtfi^. a«bl||ff (itlateaCiiivflatltKnm^ 
ipappenbant to aneleht ataHe laNb Hi<k am» GaineS an» anvi; la) 
i^oy(^0 ■> ^ftHCL-) iPirttitj aito^'b^P) itfiett^ ttHi tttstlia'fii^-'ta' 
fiQ ttelaniT) ttn^irttietto comyatoft; IkiQ^ccafQsetiif^galitfirtlpfe 
itatoreif fac^ ^tmmonfbbe a|ipeiiMiitto9tMNiilo» jBiiiRe,aii» 
n a matr tnfll p^efctfbe to|abe COMMoil biMlglivtM #nifi», ^w* 
soUi atio l^aitttte ^ t|fs cawtot be Common ayy e na an t 1 bat appntte« 
n«nt ; ttnieflebebiibfngCommin ayfeUbaHt WmtUKs tetim», b*tl^ 
(ittatetfmei^etaobentme battan^enfo affHi ft, am omertea ftNf 
9eaBotDanb ^^aftnre foi b<0 eottbeniliKte) mitii iMtir ama»c»^ 
inent of fKflage 3 ttbftb tMi0 tbe elfsfnoi cattt^oT tbiComami» iFa» 
<n tb(0 cate tbe Conmmt tema(ne0 aniemaitt , am 4ifbil be llitem* 
ia Arrefj^^or tbe fonttnmA nfiinor Ibe ^^rnuwm m Ovb iM«i»c4» 
fbatattge1iQsfttnhtraillM»nm; biftliiflia«iii9li anilitto^y^ 
f ctfbe to b'Sbeft appenoantt^ t(t l«m,iet 



The Reaibn of 



«/«(•« cafe. 

■Vihtndt ak, 
Severn per 

In the care of 
Stratd Mer- 
y». "Darcies 

4} £.«.}». 

it %llftW»tma§ orMonteagle fn(f»t tBte0Oi»«|M»te(»ilWOii»Cait- A^nwdt 
mel to be bor Ct«plein,«cco)Qfngtot<ie (Mat* oC ai H.g.Canmelbatb tlie fjl^'??^ 
iMtttSce oCClaycocton obotieS l^ier uinuiiijtlie JBvmtt^ takes ttfindiMuni lZ'J^^ " 
bun t^ %m Compcon, aiiQ aftettpanni0 Caranel bat)(ng obtatoeoa hoo^ 
MrpniMiQn1i>tt|i€oiiftttiutioii,«c» <0»«iftteft,ii4IUnteD,8im^fin)iut< 
eoto ttielrfcatage oC G. l^ttyVutcaU CaRtnel accepteo o( tb»t)fca« 
rase , is^ieii tde VstontSt fucut ttnaett IBaton , being matteD to we 
notninec ^oesc^ ot s jDateo (fnfn cateoC tn^ tnarlage a p;o« 
Mf»oCt||8tlbtattite(iibe8tbe p^MeogeoC affatonefe) tlv qn^tfon 
loae toDlietbec tbe fltt beneSce teas not boto : jSnott toae te(<Abe»» 
tbat Cartnel aftec tbe iHatiage m^Alt fncfot a ottpenbtlon > am tisxi* 
upon misbt tiabe anotbet ben^ce tDitboui banget oC le0ng tbe .fltt; 
fn altbongb a Vatonefie m»^ to a |»#te cannct oartog tbe 
Cobettnte tetaine a dwplain > |?et tSitn a l^toneie being a 
foiboato batb cctatneb one e> ttoo Cbaylaim acco}«|)e 9ta« 
tote, tbi« retainer is tbe y^incipal matter > toobicb at Art bao goft 
beginning , annfoloHg astbeJtaroittCe continRe0aj|Barone(lie> tbe 
Cbai^ine map toA accent tKpo benefices b|» tbe zxvWSt letter of fide 
atti Ui it (officetb tbat at tbe time o( tbe r^ainer tbe JBaroneCe 
loasa toioooto; becaofo, bptbat tbe en^Mfle loo^BS (being widdow) 
are CMiefteo. •• . . , 

19 Eden b}tags8 lioitof ec(beiiantagainft Blake ce> not rq^ring Aeettimt i 
anbonte > tbeS>eCeniant iiuM «cco»b bettoiyt bim anotbe jaiain* iuMtOkn 

ti&, anDeiVCationoCft in£^tiffiidione,8le.-decalu« reparacionumDrxdtd. good pica. 

nponiobicb tbe paintife beaatttes> %ere,.atl)eit it biis raletfeo; 
tbattbif aitionoC Cobenant being fomneb upon tbe S^eeO) contonot 
bebificbargcBfBitlient matter of 9«lligbm|me> viz.bp Sxeb » ane not 
bpanfacco}bt» matter in pats;; ^ itbHur reMbeb per totam Curiam, 
tbat tbe ytea of tbe ^eftnoant fnat goes x ^in tbere is a bibetOtf, 
iPbena wtjg accrues b; tbe X>i(9 in cettaiirt;? tempore cen£e<5iioius. 
icripti, as bp Cobenant* 1BiB,o»;flDbligattai to pie n mmmeoC monep; 
bere, Hiie certaine bntr takes bff eitence ;ano operation o^iginaBy 
anbonelp from tbe bniting : ami tbereCoie ongbt to be aboioeo b? 
matter of as bitfb in|prQ> vit.kf bating rbnt toben no certaine 
ontp accrnes bptbe Wmn» batu tmong o> oeGiult fnbteqaenttoge* 
tber toitbtbe 9>tt0 bo gibe atfton torecober oamages > tobicb ate one* 
(pintbepetConaitf , CoiliiicbtnHmgo>befiMU a(co;o toi^Catisfution 

10 jn ai caCeslDben an intereH o)^ eftate cemmencetb upon a CMdkiam 
Con&itionpieceDent, tbere tbe pbiint4£e ongbt to Oteto it in bi0connt> pKcedoKani 
aneabeue tbe performance of it; fo»tberetbeinterett or eftate com< fiibrc«iuinc) 
mencctbfn bimbp tbe performance of tbe Conoition, anbfs not in 
bfmtiltbe Consition beperfermeet ^tisotbertnife ttben tbeinte* 

reft or eftate palEetb preientlp bj; befting io tbe 0ram^ , anb is to be 
wfeatee^ matter: ex poft fado v or Conoition tubfequent; for tbere 
tbei|^l(linti&map count generalrtPitbont ftetotngtbe perfbrmancc 
Of :it ^ anb tbe Conoition or matter ex poft £»Ao OkA lie pleabtfk 
onetp Ve bim , Jtbat fbifl take aobantage of it* Vide fiipri »i. 
^6. . 

11 WSOitn tbe fting grants^anp |^ribileBges> i^iberties,irtan< FfMdiires' 
cbite^i «c* iDbicb toete (neb in bi0 obm banes , as parcel -of tbeflotD* ihau bm dk. 

ecsof JWS Croleite (fncbasare Bona& cattalla felonuns , fugitivoruiBf 
utk^tonnn^ 6cc. ^na & cattalla wayiau, extrahur'deodanda,^wreccum 

imrisvScc. toitbiR Oub p^Eeifons; ^re»if tbeCe come againe unto 
(be ittag , tftepare erolnneo in tbe Crobine, ano be batb f^m a« 
giiine in iuK Cavonx ; bnt tpben a IB ribfleoge , Hibertie , |Francbf(e> 
or Knrifeiction bras at tbe flitft erected ano createe bF tbe King , ano ^ 


^ait.2JS, the Cotamon Law* ^ 

isDa< ti^facl 4oibet bttnt in tie cE^arUM of tijt <^totDnS; |ete;b|» 
flie nuttOott of ttiem agabie to tl^e Ctotoit > tliep ave not eptftut , no? 
tlieain^nDSttce of tt^mbttereo firomtbe pcSetlfono t Sisftta^attz, 
98rltet , ^nojet « l.ttt, 1^at1i0, QQarren} otVft like ; ate ap« 
iKinamto jpamio}0,e)tnstoire, anoaftec tt^ei? coitteacaineto ttie 
litng ) t(ep rentable (80 1^ toett before) in efle net e^olpneo int^ 
, Ctotm ; (0% at fttll tbcp toete treatea, anb netdp oretfeo bp tbe 
iKing , ano tattz not in efle befoje, time ano nCage lati.'.s^ maoe tbem 

appemant: ^SlnOtbfif Oibetfitploas agt^O per totam Curiam^ iiH.4> 
5. iyE.4.'7. 4E. 3.42. lo. H,7. ai. - * 

ACiiitter to 13 Wi^ w snctoit 0tant to eenrtal , obfcare , o^ ambicnons > it Co.ibid.i8.a.3 
kiKopitted, fiMA not be notD itttetp^ctes , an a Cbattec mate at tbi« oap > but it 
^."^ iwA be tonltraei > a0 tbe lain ims taiten at tbe time « brben 
^ *" fncb anciM Cbattet toaf maoe, ano aceo^ttins to tbe ancient ai^ 

lOtDtince upon reco}* , 33 Hen. 6. 32. 10 .Hen.7. 1 3. & 14. 16 Hen. 7. 9. 
Z2Heni4.i2. 14 Hen. d. 1 2. 35Hen.6i54« $ Hen.7. n. 6^3.54 
8e 55. 7E. 3. 49. & 4ii 18 E. 3; Conifance jp; 34. Afl. 14.40. Afl. 

iaS? ";, af*,.t.«,« «.^««„, ™.«. «. ««.««„». m. c«..*p".< 

dbrtheocher aHQtbe )DiIiNfU( b^ingetb an jaffi& , 01 if tbe one Copatcenet^teconet gf^f;^, ' 
MRKn,(hai aytatrtS tbe otbet in a Nuper obiit, 0} a rationabili parte, it batbb&n fan foi jjj '^' 
Has be- ii^ (^me , tbat tbe Inogement ibal be^ tbat tbe SDemanoant ibafl reto« Brin.f. A t.a, 
"^ bee ano bolb in Cebetaltp : bat BriRon is to tbe contratp ; foj be taitb) £c ludv ide pari. 

fiafcuosdes parceners foic engecou diftutbe defeifinieper fesautrcs patce- author. 
ners ; Qn ou plufors , al diffieli vaudn aflife per ieverale pleynte fur fes parce- 
ners, Screcovehi; Mes venyatener enleveralty, tnesen comune, feloit 
ceoqueerant lefift; Et(i deux parceners oupluibisfoyet difieities per lesau- 
cres parceners, chefcun parcener avera (i affile en feverake,' tc recoverout 
atene entomune, Setbutiflin'tferra juge en toots autres brcfsde poiTeffioft 

enire parceaers, &c» ;9no tbio fcemetb tcajbnable ; Un fbe mtiit bate b^ 
'KubSement acco^ingto ber plapnt, aho tbat tnao of amoitp, ano 
not of anp tbing in feberaltp i ano ibe l»beriffe cannot bate anp 
ttSattant to malte anp partition in feberaltp ; 0; bp 9«te0> 07 
iEonnmt« • / 

jop-taunu 24 3lfone3opn>tenanto^9CenantinCommonDiSeiri^anotber,am> co.ina.pam 
ftiUdotbc tbeoiSeitfe b^ingbiK SUkSt ^ tbe moitp; in tbts tiXt^ tboogb tbe ^^J-*-** 
^ t^laintitie p)apetb it > pet no 3ttb$(entent flial be giben (obolo in rebe« 

taltp; fo^tbenat tbe Common i,aiD (before t^e^atnt^sof 31 H. 8. 
cap. I. ano 32 H. 8. cap: 32. bp iDbicbtbep are eompeftable to make 
partition) tbere migbt biabeMen bp compnlSon of Hato a partition 
betto&n 3|opn»tenant0 anolCenanto in Common ; but tbat conlb not 
be; becaofebp tIeSlnteof -i.afotbe^laintif^mnftb'befuoeement 
«ao)bin0 to bto tiaint anb beinanii , tobi^ toas if a m(Atp, anb not of 
Feoftr Feof- ^^ 3|f 8 ttsnmalte a fMment in fcenponConoition tbat tb» if eotftf co.Tnft.parsi 
Z*?f°°°' b^liNefncbaoapaal te^enfeotetbe iPeoifo}, anotbe ftt«ii taite »ib}. 

WUy enttetbinto tlelifiionatiD UfitMt, o^malte feofmentin fee, 
in al t^^ tttttt tbe JFtoflfo) imip eiitec pielentlf befo^ tbe oap* 
pea, albeit beCne fi|ie iMp tbetoife ttty tbe JFeoffi^ be qeraigneoo} 
take back tbe etate; f»}ina«tbcIiec8(iMtbttbiiaWlitp intbe Jfeoifdi 
i^tfiM to tbe iFeoffbi p^eCnif aobamace of rc*entrp; fo^tbe iFeofG» 
being once bifobUb to ebecbifiibleb t ^otObeit, (tis otberioiliein tbe 
caleof tbe iFeeflb) >' fo}if a man make a feofment in fee upon ^n« 
bition, tbat if tbe iPeofEoDO} bto betres papa fbmme of monep be* 
^ fo»e (neb a oap, anb tbe JfeoiEo) commita SteafOn , to attimtteb , an» 
emcoteb; note .to tbecea oiCsbilitpon tbe pactof tbeifeoitb}> fo^b* 
batbnobeire, bdtif tbebeire beretoieobefoie tbebap, be nu9per<. 

^ foimr 

C6 The Reafoii iof iSKifate^tii 

fyimt filie CotOttiMI , MB ft fMf uMan in sir Thoiftas WUts Mf( Tcin. 
1 8. Eliz. in C. B. f>t^toi& itt0« Uuh a fttfabttitp 1k» jmtone of 
t(ie tutt of tl^ iFe0C« c jawi tlbe teafon of tlbfe Mlrecfit; if > lecaiifr 
tiio etate cf tfje laaQ «{o o)<f^a!iv flolpfrom tto JFeoffn > «tn> tbect* 
fo^e neti tematos fttt ta litai an ^ftxf dg^ to Imtoe tlie lantt agate: 
ia^o it f0 aifo if tl^e iFeoilo} entet iiit» IRtiUfioa aim i« p»ofeft > ami be* 
fo}e tl!ie Dap it wtaignet , ^ map in t^ cafe aifo peifo^me titt €«Mi 

tion, caufa qui fupri. 

D7eri4^.n. z6 ;ifeofmenttDfl8imoietefo)etle INatots of z7H.8. to tUvKt Eftateto^*. 

},4 Ph.M. of a man ami a footnan ttmnarfeiMm« of V)6 Wtta tttbttt tiDO babies, l^ *^ ^«» 
ant> aftec tliep intecwatrif > anbafict mariafe, tliebwlMno bafgaiws >'y"'^*<><7. 
ano CAs tbe tofiote bmfiiif f# to one tf tlpe ftttlin , aas tiw Initli* 
oat iffae « ant aftet tbe Utatnto oC 27 H. 8. is want , tilio (imw daimcf 
tlie tobolf bp tbe fnttiitfnt > af Cemmt in tade aftot yotfWlitp , «c» 
ano per Curiam , tDitbont ar0nment > flie fbaft babe bnt • moitit > 
becaate tbe |5aton anb IFtme bab at f tft moitiea m f optt'te* • 
. nantft , 1^ teafon of tbe 3opn<tenamit nube beCoie matciafe^ 

7$ ui derived pcverc^nmt te greater than that, from jthi(^it is 
derived. t)crivata poteftas non potcft cfTe major primid- 

fjl'bt'^^ ' I 3^ tberebe l^o^b anb Cement > anbtbt tent if bobinb>4itbtbi ExecutoBflua 
%(iVx gtant atoapbif fedgnio^p anb Biotb> tbeetecntoif fb/Sk bane accRcdtanw 
no tentobie fo» tbcfi^ arteatajE^ea; becante tbe <IPMn|o]biniCelfe bao "^^^ . 
no remeoie fo» tbem , lobm be tm in te^it of bif fcant i ^nb tbe 
iDo^s of tbe fMatnte of ja H. 8. 37. (tobicb gibef temebie fo} tbe 

tetObrcp of arteataeee of rent) ant tbe&(m like manner as tbe Tefta. 
tor might or ought CO have done.) Etficdefimilibus. '* 

q<»maa€\a. s 3f a man batb iftte tbif bangiitecf > anb tbe dbet batb iKne tb^lti tc^imam 
4. oausbter jt , anb tbe ponnoet onelp one banebtet ; b«Te> at tbefe fbaft >»>»»« alike, 

inberit > b at tbe tb}^ utx&fizui of tbe elbeft (ball babe no moje , tban 
tbe bangbtet of tbe pomiset* viz . 1 moitp ; becanie tbep can enjop no 
mo}e , tban (be toafto babe* fbMngbtvbowtl^ claime» ano tbat if 
bttt a moitp* ie» Vu}e fupri 1 ^. 5. 
M"i§43f- I SCbe attoinep of one tbat if biieifeb caimot make claime off tiic AttoneT 
ftomtbelanb, iftbebiftif^biwfielfibncftbabeflonetetbf tato^ Finch cSnoc doiMit 

II. thenhislfla* 

J^J'y/'^'i 4 3if tbetebelojBaiib iCenant. anbtbe *o»b«w«tf bif*ei6ni» *['^' , 
co..b.d.3t,.b. ^jp ^pg„j ^^ j^t^^ jgj^, ||jte,t»itbo«t attowmwt notbinf paf. ^S^loi 

Sir MoiUFia. fetb ^ i^no. tbetefo^e in tbif cateif tbeCo«if«bieb(fb2eaf$e»nittKt> go^wkW 

cbescik. bisbeire (baft not b«beit; fo» tbe beire fiiabntt he in aitf better e* attonuaeni^. 

c«.«^8.b.5. Hate , tban %i& Slncello» tme , ftom t^bani be betibef bif titi» t *o 
aifo it if , if tbe Conifte of a tne be£m atta»iimitit batsaine aw (et 
tbe &eignio2i> bp 8>te imentee anewolab , tbe JBaifRJa* fbf t m|« 
tiiftcefa; becaaie tbe ffat6fltel»> fimm bibeil tbR MpiidJf mobct 
ban net)et atfnat poiMKon* ^ 

IS A(r.Pi.4. 5 CtietfflfliCo of a JMKum flat not for* , tbat tbt fiMntiCt ne* Pt. ^>^ 
tjet basi anp tbinc in tbe Ions ; eoj tbo i^et limfellP fbaft not i!Lu!lJi 
bate tbat plea .' becanfe be ia not Zienant of tbe #t*'bal>^ Fuicb S^£^ '^ 

t^Aie. <f SDi)OfetbaniftfUlbeeSotipebtobp,tbeiFto»bol»ifbif9aiit0i 

bPTecobeif«saiittbi»4M<ter, tbft»sbtbefecbantbini(eifebe«fttan« 
crer to it ; fo) belfeat not btinbetlev cenbitioKtban be , iniDbtfrti0bt 
b«dai»«tb» Fiiichu, 

7 A, 

^ax.i6, thi Common Law. 

Totnc in . 7 Ajfl Cenaittfit t«<I^ temaftnetto B. iatn&iy B.gtanf««iteht Co.iib.i.«i. 

tr^ew ^^ <^>ai^^ P( t^tfttt fliatt not liatie it ; bsstaaSt \ft caimot ttOOfts 
^ ^ tl^T«tmtp>tetngCnf&reD bpom t|iatcotil& not bfc c|jargaWe tottl^ 

t1^ xtat i totit B. fii tfie mnainMr cannot ttcrft i map Ittiz t|ie <&^n' . 
• ' t«9t|alclaii»iiiitt0fcB; . > 

^^'^ 8 3f.a tnanbp Cttbin ttifbtfetiie j[E>l{tontfmi& of aCenant in ta(I» i9H.».8.;er 
■^"^ iDi^ an intent to enCeoffe t|re ttnfc in taflt ^ teinf tottWn age, ali ^^ff^"- 
tlioagb tie anfaiit fM0 not conf(ion0 tf tleCottor «c« petAallie p°lV/»t 
not be tenUtteft> becanfe t|e Jlnfanti tljatis in b|?I)im> tD|o atfeO '^<^'"''^''"^' 
tlie CoDin, ftal be intfieCsme ^{^ loftb tiim> tl^^ i^tfo^wei} t^e 
cof»nett»8ct» ' 
ACtpihoU « 9 ^taltonie (atb Co.eilaUifiKii annftieeo tt^efiate of tbe Copt^olO' co:i.4^t4.b. 
faBdto. fi , tbat bp t|e boecance aK ttiein|ecitante of tiieCopiboli) from t^e Mumi and 
^tilllioi tbe Coi^tf it Crttfc ifl.not.oeiltopeD;. iFo}> inaitnmcbao smtbsc*k. 
tbe ik^l^imtdfir cannot ont tbe C^pibolBer , ntncb telle IbaB be > tbat 
ixoDnflai i« 3if tbe(onnebe %or^ an^ ^e fetbec Cenant bp cettdtne t^; coj.4^9*> 
■«*««««§«• tbetentiaatteate, tbeCenantsieo anatbe tenancie Beftenw totbe <»sw^">«- 
Conne; intfiia cafetf tbe fonne alCi) oteo , tbeei(ecnto30 of tbefonne 
^ ilbafl liot babe an action of bebt fo; tbe attearagea incutteo in tbe tonmi 
life ; becattlie tb^'fonne bimfetfe bp no nofUbiUtp conlb bate fncb an 
a«(0R j fo7 tbat tbe tennte to altogetbec in tbe realty, anb tbe 
tenant conlo not becbatgeoinanp i^etfonal action fn tboie atteiica« 
Be0» ^ 
TkUe/ IK 9{>^A,|atb nnttetbice o» tent datge in fte, o} fo> Itfe^ ano co.ibid.fQ.b.i^ 

tbetenti«acteate» «DaftecA'..gamt0oibectbe tenttoanotbec, ano ce.u.i».b.i. 
t^SCenant attoms j ano aftec A. ties > in tbis cafe > tbe eicecato^e of sa»dtrs cafe 
A ibaft not recobec tbe acuatagee bpfinceof tbe J^tnteof jaH. 8. 
ap'^' ifo}bp tbetstant) tbe otvcatteatagee toete loft, amtfvere 
nrt pae to tbe SCeftato^ at tbe time of bi« oea^ , ano tbe fbtatnte faitb,' 

de ei^tO}0 fbilM. TMObec tbem, tC* in as lai^ and ample manner 
as tkc laid TcHator might or ought to hayt recovered tJ^m,8Cc. 

wifiein a " A. tswif^ a loiSt to B. fo} ^wates ) tobeiein tbere it a Cole}.a. 
cokmiii^ jp(n»Notoyeneo; ^i0> ifB.opentbe 9fne, itiafoatt; janotbece* MaUentscaie. 

fojeif after tbe 9ine i0O{ienB.-a<igne.b<0tetmeto CanoCtabetb Co.inft.pani. 

tbe benefit of tbe t^ty C.alCo committetb to«ft> albeit tbe 9ine U\fi,,Ei 

1ma Opm before ; fai Deririta potcftas non poceft efl'e major primi- ineo'B,Rot; 
tiwi i ■ .■ . ' 4*0. 

Gdniof arc- z? .Jf fl( %tatt M USf o» ?eace be maoe tenoning rent, fc. ano owftjs c»rc; 
kSmok aftetfbetetetSon i0 0cantestoB.bpfine,am)be(ineafto}nm^B. 
Hwkfaout titdetteti 0} oat0 tbe Helte , aim enftoffea C. tbe i.efi» te«ent0c0, 
""^'^ tl^ jOnft not aiyittmtto an attornment in l^afo? tomaiief }tbitpto 
<p. ^iw fi» to enable^b<in to oiftcaine foi. tbe rent ; for be iball not be 
. 4t bi^leireftate tb^ bi0 JPeoffoi fpaB ; it i0 otbettoife , if tb* %tX' 
f^b«9^||^0KelpattOHiebtOtbeil^eolMe* Co. h 6.^8. Sir Moile Finches 
cafc^'*: ' • ... ■: ■ ■ " • '• ' " 

iMtciKTMf i4Jf*ifemeteif^oflan8».<h»ahtc viduiatcjiiiaitea ILeatefoj Qjj,,^^; . 
uvidnutt, igtau9, ano tXft^tMa (ote tbe Mm > ano aftettnatB^ tbe iFeme, Tundsc^c. 
tbett<ia«»^i,eafet takea Vaton.; ^txt, tbel,efl& ftaftnot babe 
ti^ecaine; fo» attboosbbifl eftatebe octermbiiobrtbeaaofaffnin* 
get, set be Aaltnok be in bettet nfej-tban bfe lUsMoi , from tobom be 
9etil)*intettft«i > •, . . „ . 

Tcnntm tail 15 3l tenant in tafle malte a Heafe^fior llbea accojoing to tbe ^*y'^Y' >' 
oMi imms titatnte of 31 Hen;9/98. ano aftet> aie toitboot Iftie , tbt0 tkeate y!Z^ 
li!?l*?A ieinfbet&eootttoC tbe eftate:ta«»il»fl not 4ontlmte longer tban *" ^* 
OKcft^bfis ^ ^jg l^ljj (agavft the Ppiniop ;in.Dyer , ^ 'Hen. g. fol ^.) 

^8 TheRealbnof fSiia^Xi% 

^i% , Ccfismtd ftatu prinSStivtr ccflat 8fi dtriyitmis. 

tUri? ^^^ strnttrnwat; mmgn 9e l)ftRHiCe »inr n« «ii» fi«| an. notSF 

o«*«uafc. ttcp mvltt parfne tllie matmet aito fojm of tijft fimiMitii a» MMtf !?!J[ t'''™* 
nc9?titii0 totfie Cnftontt , mtm Ctp^Mit iHMieilit oigit to6 ; 'a« »r '^ "^ 
<f tijeromnoft ciofrtto itt ooi* itgmimti 9iW^ vHr i|i#«} ^' 
fn Wf oHm mamtet , m Sbumkf oncH t<r mttmU tutinmm i 
f(n¥3 ptoec WH mttfckv mtmu it HeC^npaMM^ mtpm 

Co.i.ii.87.«4 i8 3|„t^e I , Report, onereaCm toljptlje grant of t^ MmmaHs or -n>e«a«of» 

MonopoKcs. ^^^Q ^^^^1 tomaketfiew; atwtlecofne, «iMt«|ir|tairtlff0Mei *«i<^ 

toirttf a>(9ittfe0> mutant taifiKt muiit wtfrnut m^mm 1 

httpftdy mfft^ <^ntk MMttK^lft ftNtfiRtt, ai» lii» t|j» |tMt 
t)oio 80 to l)im , ije lliai not make ani> SDepntp M nqilt |l» yia^ ^ ^, 
tanCt, <:^odperiiKRoap6fitta]bnee^ralniai. 

a; thihgs are diffolvedi a$ thty be cohtraiSttd, k^.umaUod' 
quf iiiffdvitt& h mdo , tjuo em^iUtm eA : Nihil tm twoJe" 
niens naturdi djiiiiiati). umm^ndgtu tii§m>i to Ugmuie ant U- 

y4>... *^ * «««»»«t» wmnwefow fMtdiit KiPiC oe.|>aiUaiini«H& ea^SW SSStSt 

w.»rfap.»4. ineofettpMljiDetttemaiipeallwu Btta«Ml$lw^w«tet^^^l^,Sumqu*- 
danl biTvia brmata m fuis caTibiis i at<|ucilaai de curfii > que telitilib totiuB 
regm tunc approbat*, quzquidem mutOtinon poffunt, iblqufecoiiiidcm 
coutraria voluntate , ftc; Co. 1. 8 48. *. John Webbw cafe. 

Co.inft.pan i 2 Jf aftoc s l^jotettfon i§ alo^seo bf lunoteicimus. thf iDtfentttit 

ni.a.4. tanplnf^eCoiintref toft^cHt ([•^St^m&tVHt^ttWtm^Mttt, *^?r^ 

ibid.scf more ta^Hrt , abjt* a tmvtttUnt time ttotbe ban mmSmZTZ^ "AMa.1. 

tftelojDCbaweioj, be«alce|»eate tlft^itittifam tntmmtbpA* 
mt\)et innotcicimus , but 8 ^^m^t^on 018ft not be aimtoeB bp a bare a* 

n«i«beau.tteDbpiiMttCfoft!«Wtfbliataw; ^^^wrown, . ^^jf j,^ matetba Mmem Uifkotm m ad feciwrfob, o»6. yn. u 

Iti ^''i?°' 0>«i "«?nt«on«^ «a^*<fi^nbbM<tprO|»4f«i«st|attbe iraWf* ST^- 


Brotv/thg ;.iiu ,p»-.i^«. »"'w»>»vv 

j«ffmcafc tn^f €irobpl0o»iteMDrtM», , 

ii '"'^'' K/feJ'^Er *?** «*^ ««^ ^^«'^ feC^firc^^S IS* «*•« 
eut o> *«af8 ftaiteafeo* ifeisrt,^ t^expjantwof t|e nitimM Zr^, «t 

"**W whwenw.' 


the Commoo Law. 




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f esft biefo^t an enttp ; lot if f |» lia& (lalb Btiett intt Co) Fearnt ; tlieice 
tlie <S}anteetitf{^ f^ntUikftt aoMntace oC t|e Uifce ^ottDtttoii'; 1tt» 
caafe Hic utafe fo} i^eanus ipfo fa<^Q bp. tbt iKtmfi bC tl^.C*i«i(t<iQii 
tottboutatipeitttp fsaatwlb;. fo»al^ea(K Ct^^aoM nia|?b«9tntQtib' 
omtCewmoti;, anofo map on ipittioittCttvmoi^?; but ait (|^« «C 
JTceebdixaQntttbec tegta tm titftfnttl^ Cmmonp, Cq.L 3. 44. 

b. 4. and 5f. a. I. Pennants cafe. 

T ftenttt} doiMil9lioiu»C9inittfotui, Xeb^ou^ JRimaifniettu am 
atctbettbftigit, tbatUt <n9taiit> atitbtB canoofbe scanted twbont' 
9)m, tolbaA tbc; not be Ciit»niiMt» fD^ttt S>eeQ» 

6 Sn^Hrtfgatton a^atbcr nattetto ts^ttfng cannot be QK(b«ffl;eD 
bp an asteement bp bmo« Finch 1 1 . Doa. and smd. \i. i . cap. 1 3. y>4e 


. 7 jbi an i^nmifte wcfiWn^ bp mefttiption rien arren fsi a s9d 
plea ; fo) (bin p^tctfpQon fs a inattibc in &u * bvt in an j^Untnftp 
vg a>ee9ft iif no 0o«o plea, loitbont ftetninfi an iSlMnittantet 

8 lEben a man aboioetf tbe ftinjios SCitle bpaa b<s%a mattei; of Ka* 
moa0tbe&in0 (iaitnetb» be map babe it bptoap 91 |^lea> tuitbont 
being D»itsn to bi^jpctitwi, tboacb tbe ItinCbif intitleb bpbonble 
matter of iaec9;ii iZB^mU attatnteb of SCreafon bp |^arli;^mcnt, 
ano an ofRce timi WVuM , ttbetebp tbe It^in^ teitsGt tbem « tbe pac 
tp map afteaojse veftitntion bp fpadiament > jnb a te|ea<e of tbe 
former JSct* Fifichi2,Co. 1. 4. 57. a. 4. In the Sadlus of London^ 
Cafe. . ^- ^ 

7 A- fip 3inbentiQi^ enfinffi) JBL df tioo aetea to tbe tiTeof A. fo; 
life, temalnoec fti faile toQ cematouet to D. in ti^e> liftbp^obifOi 
tbat if U' oie tpitbont ifatfr A. bp Sn&entnce ftal^ > fe* in tba vm* 
fenceof 4tDitAeiCd:mapi alrec.fbe ttfo«)«; A.^ one ac» enfiHiffie* 
F. ano f^i tbe otber acice K bp jnbentate xencnneiitb* taxvtm«t9t »• 
leufctbifc/onto B.Canb D.tbefaio fpoloec, ^^enoitto, fntboX* 
tp)9c. E.otestoftbontiilfte, 4<bv3tii>entttre retmkes tbe ||t<E miipff, 
an» limits betoonca t J^tnli Vna tefolbe&> tbai A.bsbbp tbetaift 
feofment an^teleafo batteb4)iinrelfe of limiting otbernTeft i fo^aa tbe 
Prorii'oano Ccjtl^ afnet^to btb comnttnce ^ B>(eD>To 1^ Wwt 
map tbep be amt^BieD ano oeftaten, humtt fn al ^ea tPbtftaiiplbinff 
ttetnto^pfs cteatebtp a JC*etb, tbe fame tbihs bptonfeatofaB pec* 
len«,iDbicbieereti^ttie9 1^ tbe (teation oCtt> map be againe 1^ 
tbefc fi>eeo knnuieo > :SitD tb^efi^e VMnaotieS) HljuogniDincei^ 
9lant«cbart|[e> ^nnnitiea, Cotananta , aleali^ In peataa, nteaat 
fbe il^ommon %h\i , anb ttf; iAi, map bp a J^ees of SDe&atEwca 
(tPitbtbe mnttiaitMiientoifaiLtbo& tbat Itaeiepattiealotbecteatioa 
«( tbem) be amttifleo sibbf ^gabtiOB befieateb ; fin it iwalb be ftiiBngr 
anDmtteafbnaWevtbatatbfkUy'lAtcbiaaeateDbptbe aft of tbe pas* 
lies, ibat motbe atafne)tp tp^l(a<tipitb tbefcmntaalcon&nt oObu 

t« jHtnte anb blon&4Rca.iibt b^aUe xbttttbctationa fo.jtetiaie 
(V^lMatateQf t;^ El. 5. ann tb^taCt^feit jieibatto iRMbteoto ftbe trtt* 
dApettona (toeati&fibeminaoJ^inconSwatfon of natncafatbttit 
on gittts all bia Cffioato Vs &nn^o)(O8n,<nttrf8calieUia0mncbaf 
tbe4»(bettbat 1^tbaitDae&^ii)> «(* tPbicb<v<tbihfaiiC balae, tbe 
intentionof tbeatttiBaa, tbattbf^enSpecaMo^ inlncbcalie Honlbba 
'tOntmi fn ^ditp tti|oitei,.tbatfiKba fift, tabicblM^ Mdatar 
tbeib Of tbeir one Debts, QafiJlNinpaH ai^wsb an aa g^f coiiiGKu 
tation, afttbofe otbts ate, iubiaiacelb to beJieCeataa* . , . 

ri ilBptbeKnieof tbeCoitimon ft«tD> arigbta» title, itabiebii' 
TtFtMtfbto anp %tim lo^Senementa d inbecitance o; irtanb*tene. 



Finch IS, 
4 U.7.fd>, 




*7^ \th» R.ealbn of{, <^^ax.irA 

<•-'" - "• - '•' ■ '1 

tteitticatmotteliatx^bp. acceptatictotaopmaiinetof collatersniaic I 

. tfsfotnim oi tecompmt > ^s (f A.Hamt B. 3Denant fo^ Ufe o; fit fe I 

iiittW^^nbiof Dale,ain)a{tnisti)tottie ^annojcf SaletoB.ano ' 

WWt9 in fall (atii^actlon of afl ti(0 tfolit In ttie S^&ntioi of t>alc^ 

tD^tc^B; accepts, petB. niap neDerttfele&ent^ intet^e j|lanno} of 

Dale , 0% tttitioix ft f n anp ted action : fo} t^e rfst^ of Bjnliecitance o^ 

if tanlt«tenentent tn^fc^ is ^tt^^eo ojfgfnallp to commence bp HfDe* 

tp> 4l)a1l hot be ttanffecceo tn beertfntt tDftl^nt (time Cecemonp, 

asilttt bpre^enttp tii^ti tbe^ffleftO}} at^ tben bpgftjfne Hfberp, 

H u - ' 0) bpt^ « tobfcb ootb cant amonnt , viz. bp relealie o^ confltmation to 

13 H.7.IJ.10. ijj^^ ^j ^^ tbetefoje ft f« commonlp.Cafo fn onr JBtblts, tbat 

acco^ foft^ Xatf0faitfpn> is 9 ftoo !^m fn petfotial jSlttfons , tobere 

B^amages oneip ih;e to be lecmreo. , but not fn Itleal J3(tf> 

'•ns. ■ - • ' • •• . • 

Co.1.4.; J.b. 1 2 3ln Pierce Partificlds cafie CftCD fn f be Catie of t^ SadUrs of ton- As •flB«fi 

f ^k'r.fcBf ^°" in tbk4RcpoK , fol. 55.b. ft iot» foana bg office b? fojce iuf a foribeKinj 
Sc5ta&in Diemchuficcttrctnuhi-afteit||eBeatbofonet*atbel8bonfe«i>ftSe»ing "XtoJ 
Ltndon. in London , tbst fbe SEenant Dfeo ttii^iont btit, tobereopon tbe Sting leaien, m 

29 Aa.3 1. stantS tbem to pierce P. fb^ if& > \Ofitfytt\i a tt}it to tb» Major) tapnt Midttcotd 

pifrce-partt' i)imintqpBae([ion j t^e Major retnmes, tbat tbe SCsoant mase bte »i>>E^ 

fields »ic, ^ jn j^j gate tbem to bfa iwfte fo; bet tftt , tobo tws pet in life , aho 

feifeo<tf tie taio bottfies togetbec Jo. Diglebectben bnsbano, 

P. P. onts Digle ano IH^. toife , tDbo tbetenpoti biing a Scue facjas a« 

sainft P. P. tDbP oNianBs f Nbeement of tbe C^^it ; becaaCe in as 

mncb as b^tsas but Cenant1b> life, "ano tbi^ tetetfibn'toAs in Oiz 

tiding , tljfzg oogbt to (ae tbe iUng > tobfcb tbep, cpn^ not bobnt bp 

: petition : ilnoit fnas atiiubQeo bpaB t^ Juftis^s aftemUeo in tbe 

Chancery tbat tb« tflHtit fbonto abate^ain&tbat Diele «to bislbife fbOilll 

fne bp (ef ition ; becaofe, fo} as mttclias tbe KingcfaDftte toad fonno bf 

fmiaeft of t>fffce ttpon oatb , tbe Sftle of tbe ^ nbj^ oasbt aUo to 

appear bp IRecojb of as bi6b*natate> yiz. \fB\ffii fnqneft of office npc 

on oatb )' ano not bp tetacn of t|e ^ifoi onelp ; foat albeit tbat te* 

torn be ttiattet of Vleco^b « pet is ft nn of 9 big^ ano gteat tMacb in 

tbe Commpon IL^atD as au office fbnnb bpjratv; 

co.i.4.f fa I ; ^i tbe Common Hato; tpbM tbe'^fitg toas feifes of ^np ^ate The ukc 

The Cafe of of Unbct itawe oj iPtant'tenWient op anp mattei; of Hiecoio , fnece 

f J "■" Ws JDftilljpmattetof !tUcojo fiiofcfal, asattafnoe^', w^ojmfnifte. 

Ltnaoa. tial, asoffice, o>bpco|tV!?pahcepf.»W>bJ>palIent'> as&ie, SDieo 

intofIeD,<c« o^bpntaftet in fact stnoto^bpofficb of Sleco^Doypon • 

oatff } as alienation fnt, ^o^ti^afne > ptncbat^ bp SOienk , tbe Stinfis 

biBeiti V e&beat bpoeatllrl0itbpot befte., |c* betbaT bab rfgbt coalo 

not babe anp tcaberl^ ;' ttl^npon De micbt allb li&be an Amoveas mn- 

mm , but toas altnapfS put to bf(f petition of ttabt to be refto;;^ to 

bis if T9ni(<>tenement 9t(b Jtibecitajue i l^olobeit be migbt babe bis 

iidpniWce de droit , aHQ tuas not, .tb^cjeD to W petition , tDbeit tbe 

: . Sin^ t»as intitleo bp otattet fn titf (ars tafBein > ^uiitinaine «' €U 

I ibcat* aiicn,<cO,f^iinpl>poffi»><DDbptbe(^me office tbe s£^Ie 

[ of tbe piirtp Dibalfjoai^j^are, ias if aSpiSeffojoioalieqi in Jl^onQiaiit. 

. onoani:ilfcn«, pytJ(tbe*in5sr^fBefne, ojbfbofeiDftbout beit^ 

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Tutvtrsi6. t!ic titans iftiefc> atn^:tbat cettafnefllanos oefcenoco to tbe (m» ' 

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al tlie ttntli of t^e cufe (viz.t^e 0ittz inatfiHkbp Iffs l^icetrce, tt* 
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tDft^> ana fa M. (Me bette; but bp atnara of all tbe Smses , all 
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not fotun bp anp iDffUe « but ondp tbat M. tnaa general 
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Charaacr indelcbilis t Sttt if a IGoman attain! i^bilifp bp mari* 
ajeCviz. ofaS>altey <tatle> IBaron, %t.) ano after tbeaeatbaf bet 
itft baabans take anotbet nnatctbe oegr&of i^abllitp, bptbislatt 
mariage iDitb on^, tbat fa ignoble, flie batb loll tbe oignftp, nnto 
ttbicbfte attained bpbet Stff mnpingoneoftbei^dbaitp; fo},eo. 

detn moclo quo <)uicqui<d conftituicur, dtUolyitar , jUnD Q.uando mulier 
nobilis nupferit igaobilb dcHnit efTe nobilis. 

17 3f ft be oeman&eD) inibat Canons, <ConflHtntfon8> jS^^Qinan' 
(ej> anafkpnooala piobineial ate til in (ia»e toitbtn tbiall^ealme, 
tbe anfloet la , tbat ft <« tafMbeb anb enaneo bp antbi»»itp of patUa* 
ment, Cbatfiicbaf tbem m bxbt b^n nlototb bp genetal eohfent 
anocntometaifbintlie flealme, ano ate not conttatiant t% tepag« 
nant to tbe Hatpea , l»tatntea ana Ciitowes of tbe Healme , no> 
totlie Damage 01 buttof tbeftinga 1^}e;ogatfbe ttlopal, atefiill in 
(oKOilDftbin tbialRealme) natbe fting0®ccleSaftical%4itQeaof tbe 
Came : ifbfn tbetefo^e aa confent ano cnftome batb aloloea tbofe 
Canona, (c, Ufa no Donbt %p tie genetal confant of tbe tPbole 
Kealme, anp of tbe Came map be cnteitea, iaiacge), eicplainea, 0) 
wndngan' i^ illtbetijBb 3lnoemttre0 being maae Un t^ oeclating of tbe n* 
adkdbyvti^i- {to of 8 fobCt^nent jpfne, Klecotetp a» of^ afatance to cettaine 
% yerfona , ana toity n » cettaineliime^ an» to cettaine nf ea* ate but bi« 

Te<to)p, ana bo not bint tbe altateo} fntetelt of tbelanO) pet if tbe 
jfftnt, Itleeobetp s o> otbet fOutance be pnifnea, acmaU^g to tbe 
Jnoentatei, no nakeo abetment Qatt be taben again!! tbofe 3lnDen« 
tittea, viK.t^taftet tbe mai^g of tb» Binoentntea ana beCi^e tbe 
aftidtance , it tvaaconctaDea an^ajgrto bp nmtnal confent of tbe pat* 
tiea , tbattbe aflntance Ibonlo be to otbet iiCea : i5ntif anpotb^e 
agtitment o» timitation of nCw be maoe bp tDjitfng » 0; bp anp otbet 
mattetaai b^ «)b4(bac; tbenlHA tbelaftastomtntOana^ fo}e« 
beip conttatt 01 agt^ment ongbtto be bifEidbn> bp matter of aabigb 
nature) aa tbat bp ttbif^ (tub agt^menttnw comtatteo; berandD 

N ihil tarn conveniens, &c. 

&id»wy IC-' i^ 4)He Eaton tmtfrtoitfeB inBvR. fo^tbe^tbofaman, tebetes< 

mkibftfuf nnon; an nfgerit 1M» atoatOeb into tbe Conntpof Lincolne , Eaton 

"^^^ niea 1 ana tM0 nebet eonbftt o> attafntea ; pet bia evecato;a being a 
Mft Of Error tatobetf^'f^ afMTO of tbe effjients ifo^in aa nmcb 




The Coiinti fs 
of RutUtid'i 

liv founded 


Co.!* ^ Pan I, 

Kin^s Eccltfisr^ 
{Ucai Law« 

The earlc of. 
KutUnds cafe* 



a0tteSiftfgfim«( entltU&i^ iteaHer «ffU(0}0, <toiigl»t t»beat»to<> 
Kf^MMfe io 3lf ttoo (Mm a0 betts to one wan of one anotbe fame l^anO) No twrerfe 

boloen of tbe ilOtg > ano one \a fotno bpoffite , tie otbet cannot tta« w>i»w office- 
ttetfe tdat office, tottbottt fitlE finoing anot^ec offfeo) tnbtclrflnut 

r 1 2 It b 4 *' ®*^ «tbattet of E. j; (Anno 1 1 Regni Tui) bp tobicb lanOS toete the Duchy of 

ThepriiKei atine^eBto tbe l^ttcbf of Comwal, beins paft b|?tbe content of tbe cvnmd, 
ckfe. il'O^oo ano Commons in ^acliament, tetaineo tbe fo»ce of an ;9ct 

of fBatttantent , ano tbecefo^e tb^ lanB0 cannot be Bffonnereo bnt bp 
Co i.^79.a.b. 22 3f a man be bonno in a ^Watnte to oo an; colatetafi j»(t ^ a^ to wridne dif- . 
it.H.4.13. maiteafeotaient) to teno^c attne accompt, o^tbeUbe: bereac(o)0 du^ by 
9H.7i4. toit^ ei»catton bp monep o^ anp otber tb&is, to not liittofiutfon to *''"^* 
iwer 'i ftc '^^^ '^^ fo^fiBtt^te Of tbe Conftttton ; fio» tbe conttstf beftig mane 
utt^ iaw ^ tomtnsto pecfoime fncb a colatetal %^ , tt cannot Xti tbat cafe be | 

eafe« aiteteo tDitbont tDjittog : jBat <f a man bp contract o^ AfTumpfit - 

(tottbont Dieo) be tooelitKc a bo}Iir> o} to bntto an bontie, o> to w a* 
n|»otbec coBatetatttbingi tbccemonep teaeii bepafo bpacco»> in fa< 
(attdfaition of (iicb Contcatt; fo» a« a conttact niion conSoetation map 
besiit fcp prol , fo bf acco^ bp parol fo> anp baltuAIe conSoecatfon ft 
mapbeotOidiMD/ , V<.b.4 2} mtej ano )9ofoec0 to contfnsencte anb polfibattp map be bp ", !!Mj?^ 
utnardu- niQtiiai alfont of tbe pacttoi rebiriteo ano betecmlnei); fo), as tbep J^ '*'•***> 
ivMcaTc. jj^j^ betafliai bp ^noentnte , $»o bp i^jobtfo o) Umftatton annera 
onto tbem in tbe Came Blnnentate , tbep map be eictlnsiiiibeb ano oe* 
. ItropeO) eitber before 0} aftectbeitbetog^ 
co.inft.par$i 34 ;91beft a man camtot paeCctfbe o} aleatse a Cnftome a* a pcdoiMiA 
Iff. a.}. gains a statute, becanffe it i» mattec of ilecoio being (fmi{eD)tbe (ned* 
bigbeft p^oofie ant matter of IRecoib in %al» > pet a man map ?»' 
f ccibe againft an M oC ^atliammt , tiben bi0 ^^eCcciption o> Cu« 
Home f < tiatwo m p^eCecbeB bp anobec jSId of l^atltament > i c» . . 
i^yerxf j>.i(o 2$ ilman i» bownbp Unoentnceto^papfi fnmme of monep , ano payment 06 
>< H.S. {n an a^n of odit apon tbat 9>(eb tbe B^eCemMnt faitb jfie be^b paib tbe pica wkbouc 
^ fumme, bat Ibetnetb no acquittance; In tbi0 caire> tbep(eai« not >» acquittance 
goon, fo} tbio Inoentote is Uke a Smple id>bUgation,.U)bere pap« 
ment if no plea foitbont an acquittance ; jt U^ otbeiiptfe tobete 
tbe jDUigation b<tb « Conbition> per Moimta^^ vide fupra. 

'Co.itift.pani. 26 iBptbeJ^tnteof 13 R« 3. i6. 3|f aftec a p;ote(tion if aHoto* Proteakm. 

tit.*.i. eo bpInnoteTcimus, tbe fittp flap in tbe Conotcp tDitboat goinftto .' 

tbe$9ecbice,fo}ti^icbbe tDafcetaineoiabotoaconiienienttimeaf.:' i 

tec bebatb fucb p>ot^(tion, 0} tepaire fcom tbe faiovecbice, tvoic 

infoimation tbeceof to tbe ^ovi Cban^Bo) , be fbaB repeal fticb p»« 

te<ion bpanotbec Innotei'cimus ; f^otobeitfacba protection fbi^itot \ 

be atieimeDbp abate atnecment of tbe. paKtp in tb«tca(e, becanti tbe j 

flec9» of 4e piote<tieti mnS be atneiDeo bp « matter of asb^a 

nature^ •:.;..,-•. ^ . I 

2 8 Things grounded upon an evil void be^poiag* cannot . have 
good perte6lion. 

• t ' "«i ^ Bt6>jetbefrfat«teof Wcft.'p,<ap. i. jaiienationbptbelDon^ Aiicnatio. ^ 

,0 E.T. <" taile after ifbie bao Birbanetbe Boxm of ¥» tebetflon? tot if be S!1*S^ . 

porm.€s. *«» atfewfo *efo» ifCoe bamanit bao after bub iffae^tbongb tbat aliena. bane » Ar 

Tcmi,5,Ri. tion toonlb babe batteb tjeiflne , becanC^be dafmeb a 0lk fl|»pie,pet <h»or. 


^sAax. i^- the C6riimort tawJ . 7J 

tM, fQ^ttiat^eaUeneabefojeanpfOite, at totiat tfme ^ ^ nopotP* e.». Foim.^t, 
«ttbaitetitalrat«tl»po«tbaitpofnrc|Dono}» co^tI? 

^ S^ftrantro) Ufeof aCdtteof lano . t\fitemflfin to flit fat^in Titli'sci'k. 
Braficn tx fk , tde toime. ano \ieht appatertt of t^ fattier eitbotoett) \ii» ta(fe pf Cwino.pats t 
.ifo/i* ftffrir, tl)t0'Cam; ti|f t^ affent of Vg» fat^et ^ Vft JCeuaitt fo^ Ufie bfetlb 3^m« 
|wsoo4. t()e|ing|)atn>otet!i; tjete^t^ teDetOoti toaoa tenunent fnt^e fatl|^r> 

am F^ tf)f is no geoo enootDitient ex afTenfu patris ; htcantz Vie f attet * 
I ' at t\)t tfnte of ttt^ afent> IM> bnt a ti^lhm eirj^ant upon aJFr&^IOi 

! tB^ineof be tooKi not Qatie entotteo bto oton Wfe ; ano albeit tbe Kt* 

' ^ nant fb) Ufe BietJitling tbe bOSbamb^ quod initio non ysdetstratSlu tcm- 

i ' p6ns hon convalcfcct.. '• . ' ' 

[Saway makes j ilt tSilletnattbtotiapjpacebaCetb an ^ototubmHifte) tl^eCbnrdb cojbid tto< 
dtePidcmui- becomeetMfD > tbei-irtotniocyl.Sftwnbp A.B. Cletke }f}ttttit»\ttm a.x» 
w, fcc. Toid.' j5 tbe Cbutcb , antt W €lttU fe aomftteo , f hftftirtett , ano toontteu, 
]»ettbf0salnetbnot tbe;8lot}oiDContotbel>o7D : fojbiftbe S»tatnteor 
p ttiep?efentatfon, abrnfffion > fnftftntton > ano fnontfton 
int^tcafe aTemaoeljofD, anonot onelpDotnable , ae t^i^toerel^e* 
foie tbe Statute t Slta Uitia alto If anf otber on tbe b^alfe of A. B. 
^ad ciiben o» contrActeo toftbtbe %m in cottSDeration of anp tenable 
tb^ng toi)}efent A. b. to tbe fiito C^oteb > aUbtft it bsB bdcn foftboV 
tb^ conlimt o» itnolideBse of A. B. f et <t ftoirio not ^t teSeo tbe 
^oDotofontntbeHo^OjcauTaqialupii. > 

Do^iment 4 3lf t^e toffe? aftec tbe bnsbano M sntteD into Itlelfgfon , alien) co.ibid.13a. 
wp»y»- tie lanB , tobieb ^^btr otott ifgbt , am aftct bee bnsbano to Qeteisnei)> i>.i. 
^^^ tbe'bnfbannniai? enter anoaboiotbieaKenation^ 

Maiteiof 5 it* ^^^ V^ ^ " feciitat ^eff bafttaftena tDtfe* anb bab ilbxt co.ibid.13tf. 
,kS^ ahob^* tbatiiuebwb^n UtbBftil anb ibonlD babe ittberiteo ait beire a.3. 
to bis fatbec; «e. iPo» > (astt loao tbe^t bolbeR>tbe mariase teas not 
bbiQ, batboiMblebf 9Hbo)ce) anoaftettbe oeatbof eitbet pntpno 
S>iboKe coalb babe b«|i ban ; 3?nt fn tbofe bares if a man bab mati^ 
eb a i^nne, o^ a j[^1te bsb ^tieo ; tbofe nt^tiases loere botoen 
bbio } tbe i^nnne anb tbe 9onlt^ being (as Littleton (aitb Seft 202.) 
beabj^fono inlrirtb, anbtbetefb>e tbeicifiie tonlb not babe inbe« 

rifeO/ 21 H. 7.^9. 19 H. 7, Baftardic^ 33» 5 E. ». Nonability 2«, 
47E; gieafuuhinio. ■ • ' . " 

. tdomlMr- ^ y^ *'^w bblttain tbciCenant fby rent befbieitbe bne , tbe cojbid.TM* 

u. Sonant maf inftifte to malte reCcono, anb^ ftaO not be ablabQeo bif* kj.r.ibid. 

(etan of tbe rent ; ^0 it is al(b of a tent cbaree» - PUtuihor. 

U.M Jt^ 7 3lf a iwfe fbt peatesbe tdabe to beBtn at Mkhaelimre, tbere* co.ibia4ir. 

ScmfM»' nminottobectoanetbttint^/'if itbelLetfb^nialt^l,iberpofti»iSnbe« ,.4. 

n,rMd, fb»e Micbaelma^, tbe Hibetp if boio ; becanfe IlibetP of fbOtn iwtft 
; A piSei f2tBm 5FT#*bolb> anb nbt &) fiiturb ; tbi if it ftonib tK^lie at aV, 
itmittaltetifetf p^tentl^, atibcanttot erpettt 

ttkafetD kc- t 3lf a manleltoanetbet bis h6ii^fb}tecm<of i^es » If tbe HC^ co.ibid»t78« 

(efot jcart ro» celcsfe onto ti^ l.e0« dV bis tiebt , 9C^ before tbe ^tSk tr.tec LicU- $ w- 

^ fiito|bera>M;t«n»%(b}ceof't|at'%^are,fiitNi teleafeisboibi be* 

(ante tbe ilelCee bab not poflemon in tbt lanb (but on^if; interefle tenni- 
n99btibetinit«f>tb9t»lca{ieiniib0$ JKis btbttitbifie, fftbe tfenant 
bHbMmiini^fiefHMi,^ iiicatt bf^ l»<QarCo» l(d« 

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Mduuwdie wbitqiBimitr Ib|^1bitb1|iminlbe8rant, o^oMfbnttbetennto^tbet ^.^ ... 

ckk b?|^»mbetK iLi(bitc9»o» ttabCeitiieiit B wU m m i ow t pet in tb<0 <^^> 
ff.t|ie|»alTtnli<jRitflCMUMiflitaao)(b»ll(b» o»f«ej0»bftiairpbe!^a< 
tna^tleebarseilMknotbepteveJEnal: fnint|e'0dl tOin^ tSai in 
taOe, tebetflionec, o^tenminbet flMlaboibit>anbinc|je otbeccaTf^ 
^■iHftcg <iriaw<trmtiO,<f tbe iD»imBi» mtMOnst'to ,-:,.: 

\ tbais* 


The Rcj^fcn of 


Co.Inft.pan i 


C0.ibi1l.3t}. ' 
b.4. , 

c^tfiei^ bum Ipittwt tlie conCintt of t6« Wem im Cdaptn t bat fHaft 
be atioioeei bp tbr%accd(o» «( tbe £)}Otti«tp* 

10 A. ^atCon of D.i0 i^sttoii oTtiK C^tttc| of $. ^sbdotifslns to W 
Ctwpsb^ «nB y^^isnt^B. tvlpobetlie coiilwt of A. attD of tbeii^Mii* 
naqf>8C(Mtt0 a tentxbAtae out of t^e <DIsl)e , t(ii0 i0 not goio to.tiial(jr 
tbe »nt tWfs^ Knrfotaal, iottlHat tbe aOtet 4)f tlie t^atr^t-or 


3lf tbe S^iflei^; vtalue a ^bact*c of fe^XamA tfiK^MOi^ « 



LictL5 f^o. 



Finchibid. > 

CoJ.».$f. , 


Uttctof atto)iifp , «inJbiefo» iufiwicp t<^ ]lb^(C« conScnift? ft)«e 
Hate of A. niliit SD»9 mape to A.|Mi¥ i# (jl«cl)? tioio , tboo0f) l^iDst s 

1 2 3f tbe tenant of tbe l^am , ont of tobfcb a tent tjan^ to it* 
talHS;* |ifptbet$iiM«ii t»^Miiea Ib^tbfiUi nosfajitt^fivtft, ano 
tbet<0btotiMet teUafe ^ btm t imt^mi»»fi^ > bec^bei^te* 
bp aftitilttetb btmfetfe t»be ottt 0^ v4^$iui : INt tf tbe IPetfsnt bao 
Qiiotn bi«i ani> tbins in name of atto^nni^ y atn» tb9 tt^U oWtt 
baDfe(M&> tb^rdeaCe ^bsn botb; ^u(fe an j3tt9Uie< 
went ioneip,can bentbtQielfinQf tbf^acent; (|ir« ttifx^bw intb9t (itfe 
tbe tel^ bait net ^09 footlns * ne» im^tw H ^iU* 

1 3 |f iFeme Snbmtdv baiie a platen nnbeip aee > tPbo bnrirra bb 
tM|ifi$e«lteii0tbe#eni$of Hato, ini0Oie0 ; Inlb^ ca^tbeifeaie 
mignmtt X ^ektobviteif ttwBNrn^^nwt^ nnvc 9&e mabe feot* 
ment in fee, atto one of tbeni biee, tbe 9|ujcbit»at mai? entet> 

14 |f Cenant in tall matu^fnunt in Ui to tbe talk 
fvitbin 80e> bp foKe tobeceof lie ie fi^idni , if tbe -Jlpenant in tail 
b/e, tbe iSne to <em(tteb> aim tbetel«e ivt^naffixit tbe ifinein 
taile* beiojp at faila0e>bat^ in tbe Uf^of tbeSC;enantcn taiie^gcant 
a teat (baicse iltRfn^ ont of tbejan^ t; a fftanger, am a^ tbe 
SCenant in taiu oie^r ^iilne <n toilf OaftboU t|e kuib aifiebats* 

1 5 3f t(i» Iftixt nmtm of tbeSDiae«e»,biiW& tbe WtlM»h im 
acant^tent s^m > <inb tbentlie ftiie.i(# biftjb> tbe<l?wnt9)'ilial 
bOlbitBi(i(batfeD.{ ^tbefeffo^tifbtof enttp iif(9nBctbn«rtab{ni» 
ani»tbeiefQ»eiK^i<teniitt^, annOiali aboi^tbi^ tl»t^^ ftolibebBtt^ 
a tbe jFatbec bifieifetbtbeCMnoCatbet, anostantetb ntent cjwtfie 
^xb B|^; noln i« tfeeentce of tbe (ftsanobtbec taben «1nap> ann 
b(<e> if tj!N» ^^anti&tl^i^ ni|tb, t^ i^oa^ ia senii^ tnb M «« 

16 %t. an infant^ ^tm (ob^ «k^¥ tbeic ipil , anb mbUH iU 
annaf^oi^offolai^ oi(fol|;) |etimiet»<B nothing tm)tb« i«£liz« 

<7 j^ |^||iift»^ or tbgff mtetfiffi D. t»M«$»||^ ni bto t^it iff a 
bie Unoe in D. auQ oelibi^tttbb HtUm ^ttfim to be odtbecao jobirto 
HK^^mt^ mV? j|>ii>%> taA^^§»K bef»M UAicb bap tbe WOkm 
niieitnbbiqpor anot9lK«i^veinP.anbni^ntiKigplt(i(eifliieIiMKeb •• 

(entlp, anoaftec makejm |^j|i^(ii> MKtoC^^ilbeiiffnt 9iBin«iiBc 

i^^'M^m^^mmtffifmimi^m i^ciinli<tenemiatfnnnot connteatn 
miitur<;k>.iiiiijtbfti tftejiMffainmitvt|AOrt.<tbMnr<£tec«iaiNnininr> 
<Il«Vi^tnwkiMliri«bV8iNte fafOv liUfMntllecBoSiniuauxi beinir 

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Agtaac oft 


Aroid nkaft 
of a ROC. 



A renc chaige 




teoge d^ content ¥t tlejEtaten t9 actototoleoce a fim to cectate emu 
fttcaimnbo in tbe (oiD Imentnte iiitntioneo/> ono aftettMms ttnt 
jiaron codenanto alfo bp BlMOMittite vitliont Vtt Itnotnleose of t||0 adtnotrOiitge a iFfne tootbecC^feesand v^tafn ttKitin* 
oentitteaKO mentioned x ano«ftectD«t!Ut&e IBaton ano iF<me, f opne 
<(iaftiteto t^e ConfCerft in tfer Sn&entnre of iije ifeme mentfoneo; 
^tohV^t I'fmftatfottianir fidedaratfons oC v^n in botd t|ie ^noen* 
tarMftcenoto, auDtlietaio $ix»^$ bp conHtuction of i^ajototiie 
nft 0f t«e JFtnie «iniliitJN»0t 9» (f no ufie; at at baQ ban oeelateo, 
fn> tbe If erne atone* albeit lliebe obmet oftbelano, pet beins Tub 
poteft»te viii,* cannot in teCpntof bet Cobettnte toitbont |»t jBaton, 
liniittbettle, anoontbeotbetfliiifr} tbelBaton? lobob^^b not anpe* 
ftatein bf0 otbntigbt) cantiot agiiiiill t|ir sooliMng of tbe ifeme 
limit anpnfe; becanlie bei»iiot stooetor fAe lanQ; (Otbat tbe onei« 
not I'ui juris anb batb tbe ettaievami^.otbet iefui juris, ana b9tb not 
fbeeftate; ;Slnotberef(»}BtDbentbepDitGRinUmitafion,aHtbepBonttiS 
naoeK-brboiQ* •<;-:'■- -..■":..• 
AfNidcd,br so jBQben a HMeiijfiatb tteo oettbecie« , if tbe petN at ^ fi^ le* CaXi^jiJi: 
""^ libetp|iii04!i»innr imo abflitpin Mto to cont^w ^ bnt conio not >«;» /*««»««ui 
feet it, nntittanimpeiiment Iboolbbetemobi^, befojetbeCeconftoe* £i^^i^ 
libetp >. ip.tbat citfii f tbe cotttnHtifltjjoob > as if tJhe JDiibitte make an Bakmvdt. 
Snoeotnte imtvo»tiil0al'eafefo» f^tes, am>>elibet ittoatcangec 
out of tiie lanD an^iftfonl} anb comniano i^ to entet into tbe lano^ 
;infttoaeUbet^t lifOQ tbelano 8«bi« S)^b to tbe ItefOe, bdbicb is 
bone acco^oin0s » QHo fi> a 900 i^eaie t 15at if tbe yecfon at tbe 
firtbAibecp|^iiot.i»1i>ec'0>abi|itp in iLatsto make tbe I'Oafe o) 
Conttattv aimbi^^ tbe ftcono Mifeetp be attains, to (ocb poteec, 
tbete tbe Hrjeate 0} contfatt isiiiot 9«b)b ; as if at tbe time of tbeecft oe* 
V^ottt tbe Heio^biananfant o» ifeme cobei{t» ano at tbe time of tbe 
fecono belitiKf . tbi® become of fnll ap o»{0(e > in botb tbeCe cafes t^ 
B>ttb ootb not binb ; .towofe at ^ time of tbe fMk oeliber)? tbep 
Ipece not pertons tbat b^babilttp in lUto to mafte a Contrait. 
atoU J0711. 21 3c tbelBaton majkefeofment in fde totbeitfeof bimCelfe fd^iife, co-UtM.' 
*" anb aftec totbe nfe of B. fo^bif life , ano aftet to tbe nCe of tbe if erne ^'^'" '^^ 

fi»» lite)f6} bee BJopntif^ , tbat is not toitbin tbe statute of ^^H. ». 
cap. le. to batte tbe if<pe of becj^toec , albeit B. oie> Itb^ns t||e 
JCaton : ^0 alio if tbe eliate be ,maiie to A. fO> life, ano after 
totbe $tmz fa»bec jopntate, neitbec is tbat teitbintbe iAd , al* 
tboneb A- bie before «be IBacon : fo> in tbefeano ^ liice caCes; 
i(t as mncb as at tbO: time of tbe limitation of tbe estates tbep Inece 
ont of tbe ait , ( Gq» tbat it fepas ; not tben cettairie, tbat tbe eilatii 
of tbe f en» fbonlb telte eiiett immeoiatclp aftec. tbe beatb of tbe 15aron> 
asit^&btto 00 bp tbefaiojglit) no fnbteqaente^entcanmaketbeni 
toitbin t^e j3tt ; ^o), ^^jiwl ab imtio non vakt , tn^u tempohs noo con- 
vak&^j & quar mab lunt iochioaca principio, vix eft uc boi^o peraguntur ezici)., 

& ttki oF 2s A^ teifeb of tbe ijNnno} of D. in tk baf» cot^immitoition ttitb B. coU.ii. 
^'^ of bemffing tbeiiiiB^^noittntobim* C.gite»it ont,tbat^ bab a iLlTI^ 
l^eatefoa^'popearfsintbe ^anno), tDbetenponB.osoltsftomtaJiinB 
die ^9mm^ bemifo , ano tbeceovon A. b^fttss an ation of flan« 
net againlt C. %m H tuas abibbseo tbat tb^e toojbs foonlo not 
beate it 9IU^ intbistate, tboimb it anteateo bptl^ 9e£eiiQants 
Jbatce,tbatbebao noJtitIeo»intetettin anffacbi^^ petbecanGetba 
mattec aBeabfeo in ^ Comit ito not maintaine tbe jioion > tic - 
Atnntofti- *«w»cwilonotm3keitj;©8, 

(kmmMoa ^? %£liz.bp l^ettecs patents IJCantS to 1. 1 toiam iUamporuboem oiU-iSAi 
\if nifitaiKt <Iccimanini & garoaiutft fuanun in L. in Com. K. cum omnibus aliis decimis i«^«Mt mki, 
•fihittBMt. fius quibufcun^ie in Il-indifto ConibN. tunc vel Bii^iA occupatione 

* » "■ ■■ L'C- 

7^ The Reafon of <SKiax.t^^ 

I. C.ano grants ratfl)ert<iatt||«fe l^ettets ipafetits fii«lbe oCfnce 
aitOelCeftagilinft ^(»Ui( atm ^t 4»aacfl6}«, Nonobaante oak no- 
minando. velmale recitanilo pnrdidt. portionein«lccimaroin,&c. Ecnou 
obftame aliquibus defeats in imte'recttahdo velnonnoounandoalicu juste- 
tientit (ive occupatoris,'fC» Sttio aS t|f0 ^Ipas fMnb in?.(^Mtnroi(ti 
aim belies ) tl^at i.e. netiei; t^aoanp %Witti ixil^fAW occnpatlw; 
. anntljetenpon one qaeftloittDa^v loliet^ltiewfiMtof milEaliing:if tiic 
JFacfttec tDa0 not rupplpeo 1^ l^ non obflame ; amt ft iMie «MtreD> 
tftat ft li»0 not ; JBecaufe tPlieii t^ tDotw tf t^ ftatit aienot fMR« 
cient exviKrmini topaffotH t^tof ^canted > bntt^fcantto nttetls 
t)OiB, 4^eieahon obiiante canHotwaitttiejcant gooo; fd^ttt^t|< 

Q^een gtanC j> Totam tikm poixionem, See. nupir intenuia I. C. ^ne t|0 

aMItontf I.e. f00f tfie QtbHiaNAof t|c gfant* anoin a« tmOit va 
l.CnAecl^flDtlfe portion <n Ifttoccttpatioii, (titBtaat niii#iiiKtebe 
Dol9 ex ?i tcmiini , ant ttftctSlf^Z t|e non UbHadte^ !CMmot make ft 

Co.i.4^».K4. * 34 3t 3 let tnplanD fo) life , ano after gifw tlie tr&0 , ani»ttftttt|ie Avoid grant 
HtruiitndtHs i.eaee%ie« , pet t^e SXm^ camiot tafce tlem \ betanfe at tfie tf me of ^ «^ 
^^''«* ttieiirant ) tiie HeS^ ^ t^ P^ofiertp <n t^em , a« amieittotte lam^ 

%i H. 6. 4$. d. per tocamCarikin. 

S°i>'7-3- 25 Hf a Counts (t^ bFtfje #tatafe Ma? tctiiftie tt»e Cliap* R«ciii« of a 
suc»/h sn la^ns jcapabfe of otfpelttattcind fo enlop tttiO'l»t]Mkft0)imfif(*te< c^t^ 
' ' "^ taineinB^, arfbafteeat|)iri>> q|ef!lNfrtafft<fthelptapliMe«rtlf^« ""^^ 
rations ; fo^tlie^ onelt» are liec C^plaMe «coo}tfh0tot^1Nift«ite, 
anMfie otljet at tte Cemrndn %att ;' Si,v» t|ere(i»»e (tttMiitdl^ ff tlie 
itDO firft olr ) pet 14 not ((^e otliet ica^Mcf ))f « D{l|i(nracioii ; liecaafe • 
ttt\it time of M0 r^afner ^e mad not capiUe: Co» |e ongl^ to be 
netolp retafttes a$aiirt« maluB IKnT tapaHe t^i^on JboUketirfreff 
t^^onani>6eft apparent oCaSanm retefii « CQitpllfipVARQ site 
unto I|tm 1)f0 i.etter0 nnter^fis MttB aifbfitel ,> ami ^atev IdM fstliec 
Ofe0, wcniW ^pUin pnrdiffmli aWpenfation, tife retainer am 
tbofe l^ettere tDfBDo^Nni no goo; becaafe tlep ieerenot a^aflabie 

att^ ftcli^ to malte bfm CepsUe , Et quod abintiio non varec, tradu tern- 

pdris hon conralefect. 

Co.l.4.io7.b. 25 ^ope^Urbane at tbe reqntff of Ralph SetOikOC Greyftock/oamKO A To'ul fmtuU 

^1j a ^ CoBeo^e of aJi|affer ano fir ^ jlrfft to be reSoent at Giey(iock, «tioaor«Cai* 
uZtTctk ano afffsne0 to e«b of tbe |Djfett0 lite marlitf per annum, beftoeetbeir ^^ 
H.<5.k7. ' ^^ "anirtbaniber yanoto tbe Mafter 40-1. per annum J 0110 npontbe 
E.<.Dycr8r. ^tt^tttte'of 1 E.'tf. i<}.~ft bM0cett(lfeBfir4be J$o«itof jFftS<frntt0ami 
ano*Bttntb0> Rcftdnam & Collegnnti de Greyftock :'JBvlt it tsae refdbeo 
m^ an tbe 3ialHce0 > tb^ittbfo vepntattbe^neBgelwe notsfbett to tbe 
Hfngbp t^ t&ifi )3(t, be^nfe ft b<n no iamOi besfmtftijs, iio}fi» 
nraeb as tbe countenance of aistoCiill be0<tmine ; fb^ tbe|tope ttnnot 
fouim 0} <nco}po;ate a CoHeogifttftbfn tbfe Idealme, no^afUjpeo) 
gfbeltftenteto afRcneanp tempo^l Ub<ns0 nntoft; bntit onj^to 
be Done bp tbe ttfnjs b(m(i»Ke» flrt» bp no otber^ ay '*i ai^pe^il'of Mayhem befMrt JoJm.Codwel ^laf Rtlfe > «nb A^^dPt^d, 

Ctdvt'sak. Thbmi^arker t^efenosnt , tbe parties QeCcenotoMbe, amrtbeSlna? 
Itmi0fo?tbe ^lafnfife, ano note ft tna0 mobeb fn arteft of Jnoge* 
ntent ,'tliatil)ere4oh5t8t<ance beliirfpt tbe fpihei of tbeVtnire &ci- 
'3s nm^z Diftringasj amrPoftca,4n tbe -flame of oneef t^ Jntf, 
tbat!ippi»tteiil8no gaiie tbe tieroM ; ft^tintlft ^t^and of tbe V«nire &- 
cfes ,• be tow naiheO -'Nlvts Cheale ,^|to» <nt^ DUtringas am fn tbrPo- 
ftea ft fnae Paulus Cheale :. jEhio becante tbe name of a 3nro» tn t^ Ve- 
nire facias toss 'lAHtafctn; tbe SJimeement tmurarrefbRi : IBnttf be 
bao boe^tT toeit nameo Hi fUz -f^neLitpon tbe V^re , ano mtfnameii 
in tbe'Diftcingiso} Poftea> npcDi epantfnatfoirft mfgbttiabe b*na« 


-sg^ifJciS. the Common Law.' 


Avoid Pfclco- 

^nt imptdit 



«r die Office 
rfdie Audi* 
on cf die 

ttienoet; becanfrtlje Tenire facias, aha ^anel ancetl(je tefifnitlnganii 
SrottnDof t!)eott)ectiib(i?qtteitt^}oce<t^. 

26 D.latasUitt^tfnSptinjmi tmto to^cb an aoDotofon toasap: Co.]< 
petroant) aitQOtes, tle^aittto^ocCcenDotoE.Rti 3J|nfiant, t(eC^arc|) s«A'(&carc. 
beconteJtw(9^ A-H^^'^nts unttngtl^nonageof E.tDboatfuftageeit* ^^^'i'^'«- 
feoffea F. of tije^anmn, am after tbeCbnrcl) becomes Doio agafne> 
amVi p^efents, tofberenpon tbej9ifsit^ of A.b^fnssn (^areimpe- 
dit ; anti it to«« aoiubses , tbat b? tbe feofinent of E toben be bao at« 
tatneti bto fdl age > tliie ^atimo} paftm to tbe jfeoffee , bat not tbe 0o< 
votpfbn: becanfe bp tben(terpatfon> t^ smSanttoas ont of pofbfKon 
of tbe ^otMtofon, ano be bao bat a tigbt in it* tbe afarpatton being one< 
IpDoioable hf action, fobicb coulb not be ttansGetrei) toa Stanger; 
SLm tbetefo^e , tbe ^tiotPCm being not at all gtanteo to F. betbal 
not gaine ft aftettoatus bp an n&irpation^ 

29 flia«n Eliz. in tbe n ^are of bet Kaigne gtantsnnto Walter co.i.u.ia,4i 

TookcanO Willtam Curie Officium dnius Auditorum Curiae fu2 Wardorun, Audirar curUt 
&c. habend. diftis Walter© & Williclmo & alteri corum conjunAim & Cafe* 
dirinni pro termino vitarum fuarum 8c corum alterius diuti(\s viventis, &c. 

* 0nb aftectDaros iiing James in tbe 4 i^eareof bit^efgn mating tbe 
UbeiSOf tbetaiO WakerTookeanb William Curie, gtant0tbe flebctfl* 
Off of tbe tai9 £>iFice to John Church-hill ano John Tooke : jSInO in 

t^i$td!tit iiing James ||i0 gtant toas aolnegeo bofb; becanfe tbat S>flitt 
being partlj? Jnoicial, ano paitip miniftetitd , coido net in tefpett of tbe 
Jtt^iciat part be granteo in flsttetSmi : fn iobicb tbe flnle ia , officia 

jud icialia non co ncedantur, antequam yacent ; )3n0 tbetef 0}e being tOiO at 

fitft , ittbtft not btma^c gooo aftetlDatb:fb^ albeit William Curie oneof 
tbe fMt (^^antees, ano John Cfaorch-bill one of tbe laft ^janteee 
liappenteoiev ftt^Hi not John Tooke ettjoptbf £>ffice bptettiteof 

fting James tjfo giant ; becanfe> quod ab initio noa valet, 8cc. 

\o John iBtfbop of Samm gjantiS tbt Office of 9»ttcbe;oat of tbe>i.b. 

^nno> of Sherborne untO Edward' Green anO John Green Gi>} tbeiC :}i _,. ^ 

titeotogetbec tortbtbe fee of 6.1. <?. s.4.d. p* annum, fcibeteaotbe, JJ^Sr^ 
office fo^meclp ufeo to be gtanteo oaAv to one > Edward Green oles) 40' 
alfo tbe IBifbop, tbe fee to bebino , aflo J ohn Green oittceins foi it , bnt 
coulo not maintain tbe iSwtilf , %can(ie tbe gtant toasboio bptbe 
Statute of I £112. not piint^ , ( tobitti tefftafnetb <Ccclefiaffical pet< 
fonfl ftom malting nmitasA gtant« > fc^ ) am in tbi0 cate > albeit Ed- 
ward Green being oeao, ano John Gr£en alohebaotbe office, tob^b^ 
oiftraineo, prt Hie grant being boio at fitff, OMVnotbenune gofOb? 
anpfablirQuent^tf, tbatbappeno aftet, tobinotbeltocceCGo^to pet« 

tO>ntt:» <<iiia qui malo lunt indioata principio,vix dt ui bono peiagcnte exi- 
tu,& t]uod initio non vdet,&c. 

^i Si dPjraut bptbe f^affet ano jFenotneo of a Coflcftge to Sttmn c«.i.ti.77.4ii 
loacidiedge. Eiiz. contcfltp to tbe l^tatote of 13 £1- 10- l>eing tbeteb? maoe boio, 
coifto not fiftertoatos be maoe gooo bp tbe fKatnte of 18 El 2. (fo^ 
ConfttmatlDns of dDjantf maoe unto bet ) liecaaG^ tbat can bp no 
meaneote maOe gooo> tobtcb toaa meettp boiti at tbe beginning,. 
Jteitlwcfbal tbi^genetiA tOQ3O0 of iSfil. ewible anppecCm tomaice 
unpcPRb^nce, t)0!|iiicbb|?tbe Common ILafb tvas BfllEibUO, aitffan 
J^anfbaocontjepeoiano^otJje^luecnbpiat^eeoinceBeB) o>liooiebfeft 
-a jFineto bet befi^»tbe Sitatnte of 18 EI. ano tbnitbae SUt ^ been 
jnaoe; j»et tbe ieAatea gtanteo bwnot been coriftmeo bptbat^tt; be< 
caii&lbeBinfam oatingbio nrtno}itp1m0 abfolntelpoiiaHtoto maU 
fncb a <D }ant ; ano tbeccf o» notloitbffanoing ^t (Statute, be mfgbt 
;ba1l»tebetfes tbe iFinebp a iB»it of Ctco), as it was adjudged M.3a 
and jj'Eliz.inB.R. by Wray and all the Court, inVaughans cafe. ^ 

liketnfbif aman feifeoof lanoinfee* b«bS«inteo tbe laiiD aftet b(0 


«f a Sunrcyor- 




7^ The Rcafon of 'igK£ax.zS. 

coj.ti.78.a.3 Be«t^, foftie Qjieea |iet fjtitw ato (acctfliK04 ^ Wo Itotnte j»f 
ine lame cafe Confttmatfon |)aD not maoc fucli a grant jsooD,>becaafe tt liMue a* 

SPafiUt t^e W-nteS of ila1n» ^S Hu$.j-3. The AbbelTeof Sionscafe, and 
the Earle o{ Leicefters cafe Plow. 400^ ice, Q^malo funt inchoata. 
Sec. • A jr ij 

Vkuiss.6. 32 0, p^etentment mtmhig a fttanget to anJIn^ofotoR) Ijol^lcl!) «» fentinu*^ 
appropriate to an 0bbep, i6 laobj t» tde p^ttetttment in tbe Abbots 
tfme o> oatfng tbe Dacatton; ano albeit tbe Gierke be aftectoatoe ao^^ 
mftt^tinttltateb, ano irioniteD, ^ tbat cannot iii^ke tbe p^fieiitment, 

loljlcb IlKUt boiO at itSty to take ef^ett.; il^o;, C^uod i»icio non valet, &c. 

3t itf otbetlDife if tbe abbot bim(el& piefont, <c»- 
co 1 1 1 «.b I 33a tenant toi life (temainoer in tail, temain&et in fee) bargaina a woU kcok- 
Sir ti^ikiam aHO tels tfte lan» infatoB.toboaftet tbe&fatotcof 32 H.j.cap.ju ^y*'^^ **'** 
'Pdbamcik. am befbjetbe ^tate of 14 EL «?. 8. fniCeveb a fecobetp, wetein A, ^^^ ""^ 
toagboncbeft) ano boncbeb ptiet, ic* aoo after JnosementtDas en< '. . ' 
treo ano eicecntion fues npontbattecobetp; pet teas tbe entrp of tbe 
tenant in tail aoju&eeo eon^eable ; fo) aOieit tbe tecoi»ri? toajet not bao 
immeniatelpagainft A. pet tDa0 it aolaoseo a f6ifeitnte,loitbin tbat 
^atate of ? 2 H. 8. ano tbra tbe fniEecins of tbe tecobetp beitm a fo}fei«> 
tnce>it conlo net aftettoatos be (aibeo bpentting 31nogement ano fatng 
eicecntiontbeteopon* I. ' ?4 S^ti'^^Atronscant tbenett 8bopoance)anoaftec|98t(on,^a< AToidpam 
4tf.a.4. tton>ano £)}Otiiatp b^oietijie Statute) baomaoealeatfe of tbe Ctelxe ofcicbc 
fo> peate£(} ano aftet tbe ^at^On oietb, ano tbe gtant^ of tbe neict atiop* 
oance baopref^eo a Cletk to tbe Cbnrcb , tobo is aomitteoinfti^ 
tateo,ano inoncteo> ano oietb toifbin tbe terme> tl^ l^atton p;eIiMt0 a 
netD Cletk > fobo ii alfo aomitteo ; inftitateo, ano inontfeo : bete aaw 
it> be contmetbinnnoec tbe |9atcoHt tbat foaa partp to ^i^eali^ 
anotoaa ^omitteclinltitnteO) and Snonaa* pet becaotie tbe HeaCe 
liaonouftobecinnins, bnttMs at)ofDeobptbe<!&;8ntee03lncambent, 
iDbobflO tbeti^le eftatein ^m, it Qaftnot be asainetebibeoi bnt 
fbaV be eitimtforebir, ano ftaB not be maintaineo apinff tbelatt 
'anwrnbent, • . 

coinft.parsi 35 3^ a man be sCeuaRt in fi^raltaile, ano take a fniCe anobatb TheUftfoDe 
3i.b.4. iOcie bp bet) ano (be oie0 , ano a(ttt ^ taketbanotbec foife ano bie0, nwcadoirMi. 
tbeiaft trite Owl be enootneo; oec^nft 0)e map babe ifiae, tobicl 
bppoSibilitp map inbetit : IBnt in tVl0 cafieif tbe bnsbano oaring 
%ia fttft teibet life alien tbelano in JFee, ano take0 an eSate back to 
b<m ano VitHaiiSB, ano tbe b^ireo of tbeir tlno booie0, ano tbe ioife 
oie0 , tbe! tiKono tDtfefbaft not be enoobi^ > becaofe oaring tbe Cober« 
tore ( Wben ber Citle of 9>oioer fiionlo take beginning) be fDa0 Ui* 
teo of an eilate tafte tpecial ; ano pet bere aUb tli« aOiie > tbat be map 
iNfibe bp tbel^ tpife, i0 itfteritablet 
cojbi«i9.a.i. s6 6.bat)ingoiber0 (bnne0ano oaagbtet0) A. gibetb lanos to 6. ^'*"^,^^ 
& libcris fuis , ano to their heires , tbe JFatber ano aft bi0 Cbfloren 00 S ^^ 
take a IFes ample lopntlp bpfo^ceof tbefetoo^otf, their hciies; bntif «mmC 
bebaonocbiloattbetimeef tbe iFeofment> tbe Cbttb o» C|^o;en> 
bojnaftertwro«aiallnottake» «.„ a. 

i>yer,j».a.4. 37 Ceftuy ^e ufc (after tbe fttafate of i R. 3. 1 . ano before tbe *fa« "J^ «"* •»*! 
35 H.8. (Q^ q|. ixfes) makes a ILeafe for peate0 > ano after onring tl^ tetme 
make0 ^eofment of tbe lanO) ano gibee %'ibetp, fc« ainlit(b ca(e> 
notbtng pail^o bp fn^ ifeofment , becaafe be (no notbinis inMU 
or ^ofleaion ) ano tben tbe litatnte of R. 3. fnoolo not afoe 

29 C^uod 

^i^S}i,}0^ the Commcio l4W* 75^ 

■'.'.' ' ' ■■ ' 'I 

ay Qpodnonhabctpiindpiutn, nonh^bctfinchi. 


Vkoe tkere X 3(f tilt VHOm^ ||Hm»* t!ie Qaare ii^e<»« , ^t ftal llflttt tf* Co.Ih(t. pan i 

i»««t^ 8&ett^ii|tbei^Mg9a|triFo)t|ieS$iaov«9»(ietitiiieQtWlfttrto(|tey 
'^'' fnas to be tl^tSrff Sep aito ii«0iitiil0,tbefc V^tnet oC yiefMittafi tn^ 

ft<lil»titf(rfttiMi? (f««l»|i«> mnfl H^TM alfo CidU «cctt)iii)t t%t<)e 

3Ka(e. ^iliodaonhwetprincipiuini no|ihabe(fin«Q)« 

ifk whfaouc » yi^aily X A tnw ftstt not 1m vrmttteB tt a mm ximaikttat co.m,u9ii. 

•fiioaiioie- (^t<i( ff/fffujf le (M |)a>e no atffon ; An tdnefott Littktoa mm. 4. 

«»,«•«•»- (Sca.<i^iO ttattte pfncipAiouit^ of aaem|tt«to> li<iei| tte «at 

^ ^t|iri»|«r(im(lmt|iittfelfe)i«am01iitoiiiY)ena9lnfit){f)f04Mfonj 

lq?toy(bit«M>peac«ni, tlRitl)«o«rtt toiMtDe Init cancitoC ;aiftf0a;fn 
tieftbei an SLum iomvt < Utettt im9 l&isbt Mttiont an ;9drfiNi 
can malte a Hentfttec ; a0 if JEleiiftit <n tail foffcr a €o>nmm %<» 
coteici? , 3n Ivljici) tDice in en9» , iit» jfttt m Km^ in till oHEef < 
fef ih tlw il^cotief 9», aii^ Qietix ; 1»n tIrKlItt in tfltt ^tli «tt attion > Tiz. 
9 W)it 9f Error ; but fo lens ag tlie 3(les«iief p temainetb ia {n$e> ' 
lie ))atb m IKsJity ^« tterfftM In ttst (aft qpqaot be TiaHt* 

Utwi J IC B. yttmliate an ;9li»t»l9fon, «np» Cnff^tstli .anaQrepatlon mnHr^ 

#onat{wt9 yafl^ , atiBtbe 9fmvtt: flpwt^ t(e jHAotnCni to B. ano b.j. 
m b^tMi-B-oMb) btobeite UinoljgtnMtta; betaaCt b<«!lli0btto 
tbe ;a(»l)9t»(on is^fxmt^lMh.* v$» « Xlfgbt.tnttbPat an »au 
■ on, "•;••• - ' 

4 VideinfiaM.381.1.7, Ml^I^Mp. » Co.lnft.p«r$* 

30 Heth*tetdimeib Paramptittatbf^^i ^fi>A$i^ver[uiie benefit, nor 

■tmit iti I If t^ere be (Qmy/^/^rSAW yfm *^> <*>^ Hie ^»nm« Co.inft.pan t 
irnnK ff x^f^^ to CefteDof tb» acteo of lano in,f# , 911^ takftb Wt^ aM 3*-^4. 
"*' ofetti, tbte Umo ottcennctb to i^#«tt»r, tabi)#<et^«(tbBti«fimo) 

aftetemts: noloi«tbe%a^4ftbe#a%cpo|9Ab|e, eetl^nilebfliK ' 

tbi^ t^tcbs but of tfqo a(cea ptfeis ),aM» t|e W^ ^ ^ ^^awjlittliBF 
I Ibaii bat^e fo» bet S^otoet tbe otbet acte <nt{ce:p ; becaitft tbe )i>QiDec 

I of tbe Ciwomotbev <9 jj^aramountoibo ffHlo of fSf if atbocf iol&^no 

tbetctSttof tbeir«tbet> &>bM)9eMaep toftlmiQ»<t<ii|MD «»ac^ 
tial) 10 seteateft ; am nolo ayon tbo mit^ t^ $t(i»m Iwnt^ttt 
)ll^Son ejcpeitaqt lipon a ftk^% ; ann |n tin* citfe po$ ik do., 
te pen non pocdi , attbonsb tbe<<l&)an9motimc o^> iibintf Ho JFaHittw 

. tDlft, ... ..•■.. 

DoMf •ccwrfs 2 3(r tbe fDffis be^nt^ko to babclNiipie of fM» attoji tf ^fcc^Ck CcioiLp^rii 
ai»di*im^ tegon^of tbi? MUe^tlpolbe nen^ pee »«n;«b tbelifeelv bt0i» <^'H- 
paved taJik. jtAftrsatmx&atsema^^^fiooftwetiaoli, vu.«fi^iK» looitbtm 
fboiwperAswu?! , t^ iDi&fta^bfibp im-Wftrnt vmi^ to tit 
()iMejitolu^/9«u<o^accoialn9to|be tMhiik lu<t<Da0lRbot|d« 
bsQDs time : ^0 It (jittUtei)oai» « «|o bofro <ni«Me i|o Mw iq» 
b0Uolnft:tbeiaN»iMdnU>|ftbot«lff^j(M|«i|Mv^ . 

t^eb^jK; Ib^tbeaalfiijit 1!^beeniw1qi9[ accowinji totbobalne 
m tttne jtf tbe afltoii ewn t , amwl atwWmto nwftee at tttw< 
fnb^x.bfMban^^tf^' ^^rmtb^feafanof At|i0|«,iecanb«tclataii 
yatamonttt tbe {mp^obement o» f mj^fng of (t , anb llt^ IKftK to tbt 

3 » 

So The Rcafoa of iKiax^o. 

co.inft.pari i 3 3(t JCciattt in fatte mafte a Heafie fo) i»eat«( lefeefrfns n s. tent, i^f«. •»7 «• 
4«^. J. ano aftw lake a tpffe ano ote inttfiont iOite ; ftete ae to %im in tlie te« "^ t^\ 
tjetOon, tIelLe&fe fe wftrtptwftt, becairteijfctlaimeepatartoiinttfte *^ 1 
Healt: btft if be enooto tbe loife of Cenant in tail of tbe lanQ (as 
fliewaf betbougl^ t^eftate taile be teteciiiineii) ndte fe tbe%eatje 
an to ttie flCenant Ui jDetoei; (t»bo ie f n> of tl^ eltate«f W Inebano) 
cetrftieo a0«ine, as asainS bee ; fo?> ae to bee , tbe eftate tafle gentian* 
etb> anotbeileafeifiiataiifoaiiibetJCitle/ « -. -l. 

Co Tnft wts I 4 3^ a »»"» Ch? t'^^ Cnftome) wflife tbat b<< efecofow fbitl m W ^j^ ""^ 
II j.«.3. * lan»9 > «c» an* Bietb»tbe lanoe in tbi0 cafe oefiteno to bis beir^e , ano *"*' 
LJtti. %i(9, t^ tjwom* bate no eftate in tbem , but mtet? a bate anb nakeb potD< 
. et ; nenettl^ddfe a feOfinent ftom t^m (balannnnt to analienation 
to teft tbelanB in tbeJFeolEB ; becaofe tbe j(tMMi2 tonlBcmtionef * 
l^atoHjaB be fei& to be in bp tbe &)it)fro} « anbuot bp tbe eijecoto^st 
|l>oiti6Ultei)Difev4f aman(bp)becnftome) bebttea tetecCeno^anp 
otbec tbins'y tbat i^etb bn ctantto be folb bpbi<(efe(nto}0,tbep map fel 
tbe fame tPitlKiat j^^b, cuifa qua lupnl. 
Coinftptrii. 5 JfHnoe begiben toaWlain an&totbe befe»of bfe tobie> tbe TheL«ri»&ie 
ii7.a.». l.o;Bniape«tet anbimteat t^ebflUin, anQf!)ebeiT0o(b<0tobp;eo;, ^If^JJ 
C^icquidacqukiairfenro, acquuritut domino : janbintbt* cafe tbe 1«» ^^ ^foj, 
X 08in0 vfk f mple ietetminable npon tbeoping of tbe miBain , fnitb* the kogt n 
oatiffaeof bisbooie anot^abtdnte /^Smpfetemainetbtilintbe that of aa^ 
S>ono^ lami if tbe %,9» entet, ano aftet enftancbtfe tbe Sconce , ano uen. > 
after tbe a>ond»b8tbi8ne> pertbnt iHoetbaft riebetbabe temeoieei* 
tbecbpFonoedoao)Cntrp, totftbbet tbiiflanb, bpfoiceof tbe9»ta« 
totededonis^ic j^o^.tbel'OjQfe inpatamoonttbeentaile, anbtbat 
statute fiibetb ondp temeoie to tbe iilnes of tbe j^on* . tbat batb ca< 
]iacitpanDpofoet to take an» tetalne tbe tfStx JInb tbe fl^itleoftlie 
3/0}9 remainee a« it oib at tbe Common ILaiv ; In tbe a>tatnte n* 
fttainetba(t0ooneoncls bp.tbeCenantintailet ^oitisaUbifiamw 
be siten toan Siuen/anb to tbe beires of bit bobp , opon office foans 
tbelansiefeifeft fo^tbeming, aftectoatbetbeiiins makeetbe SiMza . 
a E>eni{en , iDbo batb iCfoe ano oietb > tbe %ins fball oetaine tbe lano 
asainll tbe iiliie ; becaafetl^e Wma tfwi if ]Ba;amonfit tbe entail, 
v«t. bp trto pjerojalite* Vide infri^ir . x- ub - 

Co.inft.par» i » jfa man gtaWa tent cbati^btft,of tfno acres, anb aftet tbe tl^^^ 
uii>.i- e^ant^ teeobetetb one of tbe atces acainfttbe <&}twtn^ aSEitfe 
^rambun^itbeb»b<Aetentft«ft'f(Itte,ontof t^otbet acre^ 

SludiL-iJcapiy. •. . " . 

Co.inft.pan I 7 Hf ^matt ebCeoffctb B. of oine actein tknifon Conbition, anb '^'^ ^***- 
i48.b.j.- B.b^ ftffebof anotbet acteinf*, jcantetba tentont of botb tbe "»««p««- 
acres ta tbe IFeoffo} > iDboentcetbinto t^ one acre fbjtbe Conbition 
broken, tbetobole tehtfliaft itaeont of tbe otbet acre; becanfebit 
iBCitfe is paramoant tl»e 0tant 
Go.faft.paK I. s 3|f (^55 3|opn.tenants be WO^ of rni eftate in gk ftmiile^ anb SU"^ 
lihiuV it6 '• *** ^«* «"«*« * 1^ cbatgeto anotbet ont of W« iratt ; bete» tbe tent ISlK^'^ 
*: 'i ijrfOOD»tttfnftl)islife,bBt afteibiobeceafetbe J»atbibo»ftja»a. *"^' * 
toiB it ; becanfe tie comme^ in bp tbe fttft JFeoffo^ , anb not niniec ' ' 
bleconqpaniont jboliketoifetf a man bepolfeft of cettafne lanbsfo> 

_,- te«ittbf'peatesl*ib*ti8bt oftistoifeano gtantetbatentcbatge 

o>.znft.pani a,|K||e^ , t),el9ifis llHil 8boib tlecbatge: dnbfo^ tbe tame teafon 
" ' it ta-i tbat if a 9|a^eRant cbatfie tbe Ifm loitb common of fdaftnie, 
Satbatp ; etcawMs s> Uritb a Co^ie , o} loitb a foap obet tbe IaRb> 
09 .tbe like > tbif tb»l> not bim ^e ^nrbibont ; if o» , jus accrefcendi 
pnkmtotiKiiixvi4itlkA!^thtibx^^ VideM*i;* 

9}U4' ■•••:.•;.••■■• 

co.Tnft.parsi 9 ;^tie BlopHrfenaitt {nfiH^ftt^ialeafe fe» eieates «f afftansec sinik. 
x«j.a.». ; bp 

jM49e.}<^ the Goitundi Law^ 8t 

\tg JMn^ iiiiQittt) auD bfetf) y tljt fl^udiffMNit ftiA not lie bonm 
1^ tlK cttKlitf on ; liecaiifie U tiatitttn OMt tt , ano not ttnoec 

le 3|f ^te be ttoe ^f/ofthtftantt f n fie, ano tlie one mAfceQi a i^eaOe ce.iofi<]Mts i 
finvent»i cefeclrfng a tent ano otet(), tl)e (iirDftitag iFeoifet (ball i8j.a.>. 
batetlietetietCon, bntnot tlie tent; becante be clafmetb in bp tbe Finchij. 
ttlt iTeoffo) , iDbM) f0 patamonnt tbe tent { «»o ft (0 aUo oC tbe fofte, ^« >>'• 
lebete tbe bn<l«mbeins %t$it fn peate0 » tobet t(0bt? maketb a 
l.eate of jpatt of tbe tetme, tefettrfng a tent» inft. ^n i. 318. a. 

SNk / II 3f abnebano') foffie, anbatbftbveifon fntcbafelanui totbem <>-^pu* < 
ano tbeft beftet , ano tbe boebano betojetbe J^tatttte of 3 > H. 8. cap. i. ^^^'*' 
banaUen^ tbetoboU Uumtoafttangettof^, antufeotbe tstCeanb 
tbe otbet Jori'tenant tnete 3opn«t^nant8 of tbe tigbt , ano if tbe iutf^ 
boo iii«» » tie otbet 3opn*tenant-f)onlD babe ban tbe toboU vigbt bi» 
l^ntbiDoat ; fo^ tbat tbcp nttgbt babe Joi^neo fti a iojft of t<sbt > «n» 
intbiftafe tbe oitcontftinance bnnlo not bate batteotbeenttpoftbe 
f^ntbtooot becanfobeclaimeonotunoec tbe ofticontninance, bat bp 
Sttle patanionnt abobe tbe (antfo b|f tbeStft feofmeatf 
. gijugo 1 2 3lf a man be Uitn of lanoa ia^«t\in if ee tafle upon Conbf« co.inft.pan t 
MMuoca tionto tenoet cettafne ten^ , o} anp otbet Conoftfon; albeit Cncb 24o.a.b. 
iim. a SCenant oie (tiSs^h pet it tbe Conotion be b)oi(en in bto Ift^ i^r1-S39^ 
tiweo^aftet bi0 beceafe, tbfl^bercent iball nottalte atoaptbe enttp ^9*-. 
ef tbe if eoffo) o; Spono}, o) of tbeft beft0 > betanfe tbe tenancie lm» 
0}ilSinalf cbatseb toitb tbe Conoftion* tobftb to paiantonnt tbeoe* 
bent; fQ»tl^ConDttion tettiatoe0 fn defame cfience tbat ft tvas in * 
at tbe time of tbe cteatfon of ft , ano tbe eftate of tbe SCenant facon* 
Bitional , in tobof^banoa foem tbe tenancfe cornea, «. S»o it f« 
liltebiire ft (neb a lE^ani nyon Conbftion be oiSeiteo , ano tbe Jbittti* 
fo}bie tbeteof fet&o, ano tbe lano oefcenoo to tbebeite'of tbeSDif* 
XtUn ; in tbio cafe > albeft tbe enttp of tbe Xenant opon Conoftion 
tbattD38 otfEeifeo, ia talten atpap; ;etif tbe Cenoitfonbe b^ofceny 
tijienmaptbeifeofio^o) S>ono»> tbat mate tbe eftate npon Conofti* 
on, o> tbeitbeiceaentetjCau&quafuprd; ano alio fO}tbat aConofti* 
on cannot be oeiiefteb , o» pnt ont of. poflMfion , as llanoa ano ffene* . 

DDRtitii- I? Hf aSDiOeifoi oie ttiXea, ano bf0 beite entet, lobo enootoetb^ Co.tiift.^tti 
adcT* tbe if erne of t^e B>tf(eiro) of tbe tbico patt of tbe Senenient0,«€» Ho.b.4. 
3ntb<0cafe) aototbitftbito p8tt,fDbftb<0(O affisneo to tbe ifeme Licti,$393< 
in SDotoet, p»ctentlp aftet tbe if erne enttetb, Aim batb tbe poftefion 
' of tbe ifome t^ito part , tbe S^iffettee map tatofalp entet npon tbe pof* 
feCKon of tbe ifeme into tbe fame tbito patt.l'liecanie, albeft tbe 
beiteentteo, pettoben tbe tofte fe enootoeo, flie (bat not be tntp 
tbebeft, btit tmmebiatelp bp bet bnabanOx bein0 tbe jaDiSeifO), fo) 
bet Ift^> ano tbat, bpaffftle patamennt tbe oping feifeoano ofcent: 
0notberefe}e in labgement of )latD, tbe oefcent, aa to tbe iftee^ 
bolo ano fBofleffion tobftb tbe beite baa, istaMnatpap bptbeenboio« 
ment ; fo} tbat tbe Ulalo aoiuogetb no mean (effin betbieen tbe bof* 
bain ano tbe toiCe. 
...^ 14 A man mafiea a gift in taile tefetbftisttoentp tbiBfnjss tenti Co.iiift.p»r,i 
-(.ibT anooieo, tbe SDonee take0 fDife> ana bietb foitbont iOne, tbebefte **^*'^* 
'■Mriitie; ^^ tbe SDono) enttetb ano enootnetb fibe fvife , ^ete , tbe totfe ia not in 
bptbebeitof tbe S^ono}, bntbp title patamoant of tbe eftate ofbet- 
buebano ; j3no tberefo^ albeft. tbe eftate taflebe (pem , ano tbe tent 
xttttWi tbetenpon oefatnUneOf l^t aftet flbe to enootoeb , fbe IbaB ba 
attenoant to tbe beite, fti tefpeit of tbe fsfti tent«. 
IS 3lf tb^ebelLo^Q, 9e(ne, ano SCenant, ano fbt^efnegtantbp 

<P ifina 



Si Thetlcafcmof SSddsiLp. 

Ltai.s 58,. ^owwamonnt ; atrof«tljf» catfe» tf tUe tertfte« ottfte #«ftialtj» to J^*^^ 

H.*.,«. per ttete neew no attowetiwiit j fle tf , mt» be IL««ee to ttfl oC« 

no flttwttementof t*e jCenant* , »efciwft tie l*i«»te to ii|»«»tlt 

C6.inft.pir.i ^^^7Aammtmia»nt^Wa»m,tAu^ Ktp«Jpj- 

Jr anSet , Wbdalmeo bpSCftle fjatamohnt ttotelb* Mm* l"^^'^. 
tfiraance; a«fC laimii W been Btten tot^je ffuAatto an* tDtt, a» way che «? 
to a tWco petto" aim to tbefe beftw, anu tbe bnfbano «»'««»« of him dut 
iTeoftnent Sifee , tbW bab b»ft a Jffltomtotianteof t^eone moftp, ^a*^ 
iittaa>tte«lttof ibe otbet motts; Simitm b«*«n» bao ofeft ano p*«»««- 
then thetttfe b® b<eo, tbe »nt»ll»ottt fftoitlii HaUK e««w«»i«2,3« 
tobole ; foi be cUtme* not nA^et t|e flpttconttattance , bnt b|» »m» 
»atawoiint from t^ «ttt JFieoWJ; iBUtt t*l«g tie tfgbt bp *ato 
Mtb tocD<i» » t^ *a* b*tb «ft» ^m a tenwDte to take a^Dantage 
theteofbpenttpfti otbet temett'pfojtbatiiwftpbecoido not ba*e. 

Se Vnmaine, be «iaB bdo ft bffebatfienoT tbetettt; ldjtbee«t|» SjS 
' foitbe *o)tmatoe affitmetb tie aifenatfott to ^ettmatoe, vmtie 
iLo*JtlS»etbaiwecb<«^a««e t Bnt^ffoirtitfift IKeswwtatent 
ftif« > ano aftet enftofBe tlje ©jart* , jwotbe %i^ entet «•> t|e 
tajKtittKt, jbetenttt xemMn becaaJDetbe %z^% ootb tUimt abot» 

r Tnr>„.r.w if afTJcw*oIepoiiriDfcofa*ealefo»peate«talie0lBaton,lDft»€h«tt^ 
m'aj. wttfi^ttb?bfe«« o?B<f»oret6 notof ftat aftto|>t««fe«me, t(pc ]^*t 
iFewe, <f fliefnrtftw, ftalbatfe ttagatoe, becatifebet eftate f0 para- g^^j^f "* 
nrtwit tbe fntetcft oT tbe Cicecnto} ; Slnotliere is t^ fometeafon 
ofeilateo bp SHatnte 9e»bant, iKatate ^aple, Elegit, «Rato« 
mvn , ano otiiet Cbattelo teal to pofCeinon : fro IfltetDifelf tbe bns< 
7 H^.t. ifsi^ tiatge tbeCbattel teat of bto lDffe> ft ftal not btoo tbe toift ittut 

Curtftje WW) caufa qui fupra. 

Co Tnft part i ' 19 Hf laiw* be jfuett to ttoo bletlien to IF* ilnn«e , tmftb a toat* ^. , ^ 
jViT taiitp tot&eel»« anu b<«btttB«, tbe el&eft oietb Wtbont iSat, tbe iS/Sfo^ 

(l»att)ft)oitt albcft be bebefce tobfm> pet tiMl tre neftber toncb no» rhwiUp. . 

t^te , Ro^^be a Warrantia<a¥tx ; becatfte W %Wz to tbe Umo f« bp 

relBtfoN aboDetbe Cal of f\it «l[«ncantp> affl> be conmietb not nnwr 

tbeeO^eofliMt^oli^totbe tRBTattantpfoma^e, 
Co.i.i.<f8.a.i. in nt tbe**ft»te^1<fto>pea«» aftojne nponanp consttfon tob« Auocnawit 
rM^mcafc. dmuettt ^ tijecotojft** <« t)o«» 5 <&!« tfte tebctttbn o> rematottet be ptrtmMK« 

onteteteo , ft camtotl^ oeiiciriebbp anp conoftton annereoto tbe %%* ondkiM. 

to^rtetoent; <bec^fetbe <l&»antdrtbeceof ienot to bptbe l^effd^, bnt 

bpt!^<13;anto»; bntif one0tto»n ttpona conoft{onp;eceoent, tbete 

ftla'nojatto^H^miiit'Wetinet^conWtfonbeitetfwntett* * 
cojj.gj.a.j M 3|nuptonan»Baffc»cafeto3 5ItQJ0Jtfi?].83.fttDa«agtdfD,tbat ^/f!*^.^ 
vftjn and ftp ti^^common lUrfto ^fti^afe ntaoe bp ftauo ftall be awteo onelp S^ "* " 
jB./r^«cafc, in jjj^jj^ • ttrt'tjisft ii fo?wet Hfettt > JCttle > Jntereft , S>ebt , oj a)e* 
rmncs cafe. ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^ jj 14 <5, ^^j^e to market otert bp Cottn Ibal not 

bfltceatnojtahtttnt «WjSt, ihWtbet 0ial a totenotta <5)ant octeat 

aneyetntfon to xtt^tA of a fbjjttct jBOebt, a«ft to agt*o »» Afl^. 

7*: 1B«be %itbatb Wt^ a itrttt JWgbt r iCftle , 3lnteret , p>«W, 


I SMoie,'^. the Cohmidii LawJ S3 

TkCepihoi- ** tnttften a Ccgpt^olDn (atvttmttt to the ufc of anotl^et, nfnitljt co.i^u.b.t; 
^ft in br "i^tflfr avniHs Ijftv ; mitt |e CiMif to <b aDmmes -, is? in bp (lim tliat r^vrmiafe; 
i kiii,(h«fai*. matB tie fiiirtifi«tv|F« j'fli^ !Bla<iit in t^^natutt of a twtt « c<«J.«^?. 
! "*"»"<» Ewiy in teiper, |e «^l te Ittvpifieo in thcp&UfftMmi tmmnHtffe fZ'IZ'^' 
J*/'' *" aiftr«Mt ; miUl&flft^Mxyii ftnt an inttrtiinem'to make tis» tamit* Ts b , 
"^ ^nflUFy idft 9(> ^ flat te aomiKev, fbaS notbeftiDjto tdtliefi^eesiitiD H>>»ic(f cafe 
«i(IMik9»llte» 4^ tite ao)», m im tbe l;0>«lKii9 imtaxnttatatp 

fOUstt to malte anniittantet lecurdum formam8eeft Aunftfivfiilii redditiof^ 

-^ liis :. iltib tKteGniB^ «A»it tlie'ito)o 'srtftft tbe dano otec to anatbet bp 
C0^'/ iOm i»Mi0 toitOoQt H^nrtaitt^ ano tbe l>ir)o ma? notlifitliftaito* 

' 1K9 tbat, inai» awnittance acn^oing to t^e (nttenvet > antiit fiial be 
lE^ ,~7:3uai qua fupra. ji^ aUKi 4f tbt 11)9111 aftst ftfcb futtenoec etants 
tiff tun f C^uy qus ui)! ani> toa fttanget , dt lliall ennce to. Ceftuy 
.quae tii^ , »ii( beaomit Ceauy quse vfc opon conoftfon »' tbe conottionfe 
boio i iFo}, after tbe aomfttame be io in bi» bint tbat mane tbe fatten* 
'. . bttvaimbiPtbecaftoiM;, ttbf^i0int«ln^^ i 

• .v.idcxi.37. .. 

ikiike^ : ^^3^ a man ofttce a tetme to I. s: ano ^e-d^cntoMi Mitk ano Cojb!(i.i«.b. 
iaintt'i ibft I.S. am i. D. Aal unett , o^tbatliS. fbaS baOHtnpon '^ . . ^ ^ 
conoi(f«n, in^b eafea, i.Si twi babe tbe tetme IWelp ano abIo» »'<^«*^"f« 
Intefp ; fo} afttt ^ afftnt of itbtf xi^iocmojg be i0 in ^tbe oebiCe t 
l^ttietoiteittDi* tfiillnogeii in'fbe cateof one BuQtit)g,^tifaCo» Co.ib!d.t9.M 
pibotpet {nttenoet'lmotbe ltO9oiriianD0.t^tbe«frof anotbetfo> life, >^'«<«s' "fc. 
ano tbe H'OiDaomit ^m to bob tobim anob<obeite», petJbe, Isbitb 

. (0fbnotiiittio,b<itb>biitanelMti1d»ft(tebie«ifi:beiikfn(aftetaDmtt« . 

ttciitailkot 14. 3|nFont«d&n.indefrelnd«r if tbe&)atfanbant be bainteftb? tet< Co.I.<f.7.b.j. 

bnci out 0^ oemnrree * jeltbe fttde. in taiM ftat b«be aneto Fofoiedon in ^""^ "•'• 
i&ead»,'\tpmm cVKlHviamtt ^1»fatnte of Weft;4.cap. 2. fsfo 
alfoi^bebe barteo in a- Wntof Brror ; npm tbe tefeafrofib^o Sin* 
ceflto», btoiSaefllMA babeii nele li^it ot Error ; |Fo», bedaimea 
in y liotonel^ aiFl^ite * but p«r §6itla»m doni ano bj^tbe IHatate,ftibitb 
netaMmonntHie bcitOiit o» o^nnttet ; anb be AdT.notbe^batteo ftp 
tbe firtnt 0; faAfe yieaoins ot%i0 flncetfo^', fO Ions no tbe tisbt^f < 

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t^bej« A Wgetaim, tplirtel^^iloitoraoe, a0totbeWo. SS^ife 
aiao^Watafif J , f 14 1 aim tbetef^ paon fotilaetatioti ba&of tbe 43*. 

2*»J^^J^^iS» ?»»<«*<? ftW fc^'fii tbe7oiS ^'«^«»J- 
of ^minoii ]^0 I*, i^. fcl. rot. 436. ^t tie bmaatter tbe ace of 
14 veai^a «iM'bat» WAtitHM of aecoiikpt agafbC ^ Cnatofan M 
^cage, tD|ienbelDAat(iif0|leatote> jfu^ 

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ci^a/lbma jMe Hitimea , tbat'an ibbiit 0^ tbe age of wnSi 

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tetga MJ«?^f» «W«I Jfe age g i« ]>eate0» be map tban 

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^•»?2^?*? «*-5ft«?i»«?* Vid<^ 4ipr4 1 j. 21. 

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tec0of iL9tB, ^|l)f^B«ce ^^BJpigesor.t^eiUiD ; illo1)itli«ce&)e> 
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mattecaf |»tate.,.t^0|»Mt>r €m«l>'«c» < «t 

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iA $ii S^^vi tn a /eofment bg |D^t » tlie Ifdwc;. Qt tti» iFt^Miattt nr». 

Ibaa m\» from tte iielle.^ iWI»<ll)». StilieritatKe ftow llw . (• t<)e 

5 eijet? man M pleao^kwli (teas, m «re4Kctto«)t &» tite^'^**!^?" 

Secundum rubjeaam mafcriam ,. viz, |ICC«niiltS tO ^ fBalltf af ('Iff CaClBk 

<Cffate, 0) Bjnte^iKft^ .a«( ^^l^ffi^» 5Cetiaiit»> 3ncitmb«nl»i ;^k 
&fnat<£Mn&.ti)eMtte»- .. ; ij.c- .. , 

. 6 ^n^ <BCenant in ^,tmxcm- wmvsSuOU fiii^C^mpaiton , iwt m, 
it\vsi\t ; becanfe tbe JFt^l^oUi i«bf)atal3o?n'tenants^a|»t^lMl4 
bntnotenfeoffeibecante tb(iFta*boloitt |opnt t IBot Coparceners 
map botl^ enfeoffe arnt rdeaTe > betanf e tbeft CetSin to fome intents is 
jopiitV«a»tQf!nn«feberai» - ' j; *" 

7 aCdc iiwoa of tbe &ratnte of n H. 7. cap. ao. (toljicb p}Obibita a s«oite of 
i^eme to, alien V^, \3Xt^ of b«; Hfcettett insbano) are ttoft, tbat il!x^°--^ 

ttj 0iatt,nO)t jdiTconuwj^ , aliea , ^dcafc , or confirm tbem witH Wais. difewSiMfr 

nnty , ictjere- Wavra«^ sfeems ttiifi, jTiferreik to at^l>ifcoiium«^ o> ccs. 

Alieuati.od>a0 tOOl AS, t»cel«^e aH9,OD'9firn)attoa;fi»Ol|«t tC a fmt %Hn 

nant in f:peci4 taite (after tbe qoceaCe of ber bnAaiut) make a ' Heate 
fb}tb^M|[^<( (i^'lpgtcanteiibptba ^tatnteof tbe3»H.8.cap.28.) in tbe IRieberSon %% Sleiiiafnoer bp foKo of 
tbe taiQ.&U^ of 1 1 H. 7. .t|)a| npt. enter t but it fnaa aijiatigeo <« 
Sir Ueo:. £rownes cafiMO tbo 3 sl<w>t , tbat in tbat ^ b^ »ii0bt en< 
ter , ana tbat tbefie tqOj^a > wi^. Wnnranty , Ibaft be onelp teforreo to 
ilf leatea ano ccjiV^nutf ions yftB|i(^<ffftto bonot «Biiie a bifcontfnn* 
ance tnftjiont Matrantp (b» tbi (#0N^ O!^ tbe tain jSltf of i < H. 7. ioas 
Itot (metp top>oblbtti»tietpbaa:re»b^al(o eberp manner of offconti* 
nuance, lobteb migiit vat :tbe:bf^,.to \\a teal<ution > foberebp be 
migbt petbaps be iiiiRnberitim> o) at teaft flteatip «elapei» > 0ni» 
tbeiefoie iii regaro3Ilelea(te ^aiRi.fConSrmations bo not make ^* 
continaance'loitboat Matrantp, tbefe Hooxui, with' Warranty, are 
fO'be conftrneQ Secundum fd^jedam nateriam ,^ anO fbaftte r^rreb 
to tbem onelp > to make tbem eqoibalent t» ^b an cftafi^, li^b 
patbtbbpl'ttieq?, ano tabicbof tbftlCtfvftbont ^arcantpmabesa 
tjiftontinnante* , 

S SCbefrtatuteof 32H.8.cap.2;(f»bicb piobioes, tbatnoaeihal ix^z.u 
have an^ Avowry or Gondance for »9y rem fuic i orfcnricc, unUiTefeifin ineqpaed ' 
were had wuhm4o.years^foie tlveAv:f$wry^niadc)eKteiHMl ptOttO anpDull f^<^*"*^ 

3Rento>&erbic«, tDbicbbp.conimon po([|biiitp cannot bapi^no) be* 
come Due, tDitbin 60 peaces; asif tbo ^eigninp conftffs fiponf^i>< 
maseano ifealt? onelp^ fo^tbe Sieiiant map lOe 60 peates aftec 
be \si&% Done tbem \ ' ^0 alfo if tbel^erbice beto cober tbe I^V of tbe 
ILO)Ol> jojtfgo to^arre leitbbiin* Inbontbe mingmaketb Warre 
agafnftbis enemies > Dicb catual ^erbices, fsbicb bp commo|ipof« 
ftbUitp cannot bappm Ipitbin^ peare#> are nottottbintbfft 04><c* 
BLibetoife foiits of Elche^t , Ceflayit., o» Refcous are not teitbin tbofie 
b^ncbes of tbeliim^i»tatnte>.l»bicb limit tbeteiiin of lano > betantfe 
)ntD(0(e ^am tbe fefSn is nft tt«bec(^Ue> but tbe tennte , ano in 

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iKiax^^* th^Cbtiimott Li#: ^^ 


maim tottliin t^e tfme oC IHnitatioit p^eCcribeft b^ ttri Sltt^.^ti ^e 
jtotnte ootb not fo}ce tbem taatn? iitipofffWIftp, f c» 

9 %^e !LoM> Cromwell b9ftl00 Bit jSltiOll delcah^lo Tnaoftdbim up* ^° . 

jbKwnw. on m Statute of i R. ». cap.5. aoafnt' tB<cat Dclmyyfb^ Ipfaitftqs V^ ^*T , 

t|>etelD0|Mttllt0bh»;Youlikc6f thofcjfhatTOirittincfMlitionao^ Wewjwwcti . 

Queens proceedings , nttto tp^fcb t^e ^tttnwtA pitm» fftiiti tn* 
ftttcatfon ) t^at tl^ t^IafnttCe p^ocnteo ttoo to p^ea' b <r b^ 
ClwTcb, ttb^b entieis^ <n ttiett (bonmms agatnS tlie' jBalc «t Con- 
mo* Prayer, aiiDbecaafir tbeSDefenoantoioiAobibltttietn, llie|p(afit< 

tfftIiBl<Bt0tbeS>efetI08nf) Thouart afalfcVarfct, Ijifcenbt ofchce, tO 
tObom tbC jabefenoant fate , it is no marvel diough yim lilck not of me, 
for you like of thofe , (inuucndo tbC ttDO , tbat QOttlO bote ' p)MCbSO) 
tfcatmaintainc fedition (innuendo fcditio&m illamdodrinanO.againrt the '■ ' 
C^eenes proceedings. Sim ViiS toao ai>|aO0eD a goQ /idlffiicatten; 
iFo^) in cafe of ftanoet fnl9m9^ tbefe^ce of tbe toojoojsteto be 
taken , ano tbe ,fence of tbem ootb beft anttare bp tbe canfe ano oc« 
callonof fpeaMns tbem> acco^oing to tbe !ltloIe> Scnfusvefbotum eic 

caufa dicendi accipiendus ctt , 8c I'ermones femper a^ipiendi iiint fecun- 

dum fubjeaatn materiam : ;^tiB tb^retb^ln tbte cate 1^ ConncA of tbe 
SDefenoant toao (itftp-tobabe oone toett fn ibeMQgtbe fpetfttl nrattec> 
1oberebi»tbeieAce itrtbiolDOSD (f<dition) nrtsbt^iv^re upon tbe (o« 
beceme of al tbe timoo * Ut;tn t<(sctbet > y'n. tbat tbe SCsefenQant 
taeant tbe feoKfonff voct^ne aeainft tbe ^Ctnkns pToceeofnQs to tbe 
$l(tOf I Eliz. bp web tbe I^OOlt of Common Prayer tale eftaUtQieQ; 
ano tbat be «<9 Hj»tf^teno ah^fiicb trabUqneo) bfolcnt |leD(t(on> 09 
ioaeaneaoga bptbe piaintffe> aneao exvicerminiper fe, tbe toow 
it felfe bronlO fttipo^, |C» JSbib ft toas fate , Qaz ad Unum finem lo(}uuta 
funt , ribn detent ad aliuiji detoi'querj, fc« 

io,3f iiDoi|tmott,be,(lte to' be ap^ctainfog to a j^^eate, l.ano, ^o.u.^y.a.^i 
9eaoolii,'ami ^aSote^ tftneont of mtoortbat fbav be aojooj^eo t^]-*}-^ 
Cpmnton appurtenant i anb not Common a^enoant j m it is a» ^*J**£*«** 
satHltt^ natoreof CoQtnon.^SppenbAnt to be 0ppenoant fo ^tu» 
oofo 0; fiaftntei dno,tbetefo2e to tbat cafe tbe tobject matter ano tbe 
(ftcnmvarice tOb^ cafe ongbt to nittd tbe Contt to i^iDe 3|nbeement> 
tsbetbec tbe Cottttoon be ^ppenoant oj ;9ppactenant» 
' II 3ln jappealof jpntoec ajatoftA. aa.pjtoclpal, ano agafnff B.';*-**-^ ♦*" 
^"J^'T « aeacceOo^p befoje tbcfatf, A. toaa (Onno gntltpof iran^Oangbter, "*«*«"'«• 
""'^'^'^'"^ bntnotof $)»atoet; to fbto oifeB. toaeacqnitjbecante tbere cannot 
bean acceftatp bete)e^fBit.toj9Patt9aniy)tev ibbfcb afltoapes bap* 
pens npon a fnooatoe b^te o) effirap ; fb:^;if it be p^emeoftate , ft fiH 

toiot wamn- ^^ 3(i»tlpcfw6t tbepartiejiftaubpcontttmttonof l^atobefakett coj.f.yb.4: 
&S, or tvordM tofp^tftoelp I Cebetal^ acco^oing to tbe fobetal intecefts of ibe <pMn* it h.«.«},<4.- 
ttes ; as ODactantp maoe to tioo of certain lanoe, ibaft entict as febe< 
sal Mattantiee ; to cegatii tbep ate tetetallp feff eb > tbe one of pact • 
of tbelano, anotbeotbecof tbe ceStue in teberattp; Itooalfo a|opnt <E.i.CoVe- 
Cobenant taketib feberalp to jrefpeit jX tbe tebecal intetefts of tbe muu. Br.49. 

<Dotenaat«e« Vide i^Eliz. .537, 338^ Dyer inter Sir Anthony Cook, 

and Wefton , in Juftice Wibdhams cafeCp-l S- 7. I>. 4. fiometitttee al* Co.lbidjuftice 

folopnt VAm»9^ ^jantefiiall ennte Cebetalp, tocetj)e<tor tbe in* I'Mbtmteite: 
oapscitp o» iinpbiSibiiitp tS tbe ^ikntan to iaite ^opntl^ * as a l^eafie 
tnaoe to an l^bbot ano a tecnlac man ; o» to tfoo men o» tfjoo toomem 
ano to tbe bef res of tbeir ttoo bnies engenoteo > fo} to fbete flnotbe like 
cafeitbeinberitanceisfeberal^ Videiy. n t« 

S8 ITie Reafon of ij ^dx.fC 

co.i.;.ie|.«. I » In SDelit vjfoa an tMiaatim fnoti^ lit Hui^tte againil Mefe a jcnacthifi. 
HKggattsc^c anoSquvivto^reoC tj|)e Constttai teae to petfojnt^an jStbfttamatt t>on* 
HcttDirt ^ l^laintife on tte one ^attf ano tiie S$efienBant0 on t|pe 

OtIltC patt > Ita quod Arbitrium praedi^m fiat Be delibeixtur atriquc parti- 

um ptzdiStatum , befo»fitc|| a u^ , 0n& tde 9[>e^ant0 {AeaoeD , t(iat 
t(ie ^tWtramint fsao (taBtto) mane befne tlie oap agittd itffm » an» 
toaealfo odttwteonntotbo |plafnt<Ce, anonnto M<reone oC t^jB^e^s 
GenoantiEt , bttt not nnto Smith, tDterenpon tlie ^tottCe Bematreo. 
ansHosgementtDas gitienaeainfl t|ie plafntife; fb}, fnt^ caCe, 
<t tDa0 xeibUtto > tliat (bmetiifies t(^ toom uterque , it diicretive , ami 
Iviti) tl^e (|aalft|? oC tetecing , aiio fometimee colledlive , am m tte 
p)o|^l» of ^o^ning togett^tya^U^ tfDO o} t^}6 \» bonno tn an jDblf ga^ 

tfott> & utriimquc eerum lO^ia !9o;i> utruinqne , tnaltetf t\j» jDbttgation &* . 

' tetal ; bqt fit tbe abotcCaf D tab tt Cbal be taiten colleaive ; jSno tbe 
Rule alfeoapet to knots , in tobfcb of t|^. ttno Ceinces lit fbaV be 
taiten) is to (onftoet tbe Subje^ matter , atn> to .make conSinAfon 

Dyer 18. acWDtng tO t^t CongtOitf of IReafon, & ut evitctur abfurdun? ; a0 <n 

H.t.i9.b. tbe cafe oC Vi^t ^ 9 H. 6, 7. tbe Conottfon of an Obligation 1m% , Ci u- 

terque eorum j viz. tbe SMtfSU anS tbe iOblig^ Stcterit arbitrio Roberti 

Bozbm,&c. ^mit teas ablnogeo tbat eacbof tbem toatbonim pro 
parte fua , ano not tbe one Co) tbe otbet ; fn tbat lDoal» be abtnts ani» 
againff tbe congcnftpof HeaCon, ^nbin tbefaio cafe of Hungate, in 
M mncb »(botb tbe parties ioece eqnalp (nbjea to tbe penaltp and 
oanget , teaton teqaft^ , tbat^e ^tbtttament^ftoalo be Deliwres 
to botb tbe pactfe0 , to tbe enb tbe? nav perfojm it , am aboib tbt ' 
bangec of breaking it)ft» Vide fuprd 9,9« 
ce.u».a.i. 13 sCbetimefio; tbe ISiftop to collate bf tUpClint JTempusfemeftrc, m^ ;<«• 
Cattsbjts cafe. ^^ f^ ^^j^t , ac(o}Ding to tbe Kalender , anb i» 'luif to be acconntM firt. 

accojOing to 28 oapetf fO) ea^ 9inetb;fd} verba fum accipienda'fecundum 

lubjeaam imteriam ; ano tbetefote becifofiB^fe conttafatfon of moHetbs 
concerned tbofe of tbe Cbatcb , it ie. gteat teafon i tbat tbe compnta* 
tion (ball be acco^oing to tbe computation of tbe CbOftb > tDbereliiitb 
tbep ate bett acqaainteb» 8. 4. Vide. Dyer j 27. 7. . ' . . '}. 14 3|n tegato tbe Hfng (albeit be be Wit w»e petton, i?et)baH Aiiegiweo 
taivmak, ttooIWietal capacities in Wm tbeone natntal, atbe i0aman>i:beo* JJiktt^' 
tbeottiilt politique > fo cafleo, becanDe Itameo brtbe; polici> of man> ^^' 
if it be bemanoeo , to t»bicll 0f tbeCe capacitfeii ligeaic^ i0 one ; Sbc 
anftoet ii > tbat it ia oue to tbe natotal petfto of tbe Hing , (bi^icb is 
ebet accompanies fsitb tbe pMitiqne capacity ? ant tbe potttique > as it 
Ineteapp^op^e&totbe natntal capacity) amis not one tot^poU* 
tiqae'capacitp oriel? , tbat i0>toAi0C):o1iDneo}iiingooineoiftintf from 
bis natiiral capacity ; fpi etetp .(bnbjea ia p;efnmeb bp i^ato to be 
ftoo^ne to tbe iiihg , lobicb i» to bis natntal petCon « ano likefsife tbe 
IDing is ttoo^ne to bis fnbjett (as it appeatetb in Bra(f^on 1.3. de aftioni- 
buscap. p.foi. 107.) fDbfcb oatb be taketb in bis natntal petfon, be« 
tanfe tbe politique capacity isinbiSble ano immoitallvnap, tbat ca« 
pacitp batb no fbnl > being fcameo bp tbe policp of man ; 9no tbeie* 
foje iti aB ifaHtmtttta of SCteafon , tsben anp 00 inteno n compafCe 

mortem jSc de(lru£^ionem Domini Regis (tObiCb tnvH neeSSbe ttlDeC* 

' fiooBofbisnatncal boBp, bis boBppolitiquebeing immortal) ano.not 
fubjen to oeatb > tbe inoittnient conclniietb> «ontra ligeaiiciz fux debitum, 
bptobfcbit plainip appeares, tbatUgeaitceis one to tbe natntal boi« 
of tbe iiiit(( , tbat capacitg being (inoeco) tbe onelp f ab^ea mattet ca« 
pabletbereoC ... .*. 

Ce.i.8.s$.b.3. 15 Kf A. oebifetb to B. ten bollocks ano tenponnos ifEning ano TenBuiiocb, 
Sir Kicbafd papable ont of bis lanos ano tenements qnattecl? at tbe mot ntoal *^ «» po«»* 
/ p«fe«'«ft- iPe8as,fc» ^ece,tbefteintmospayable quarterly, onglit to bennoet. **"*• 


S\idx.}]. the Common Law^ ^9 

*ff 000 Sccum^am fubjeftam matcriam , RtntOtiatJC rbf ereitC^ tO VfiZtmU 

I foa ten b!iaoctee{ per annum cannot be selttjereo tpxntttXv^ 

ofcjof \6 sC^c j2)fFfceof©aiB of tlje ^^atlftalfliei? cannot be gfantco CoX^.^^h,^. 

osiipcifenai. foipjarccf; becaureft fean flDff fee of great ttutt ^mtereo totlje iftu SrGm^f 
forr, an^ cortcetaej ttje atjmfnfttT.atfan of 3lnfttceS ano tlje ttfedf t^i ^'^''^^ "^''• 

I iLato> tp!ifc!)l3 tobfi^ fuctja^are tttcreciitfori infelvagc aiftacuito- 

I dia, totlieenotbc)^ maptberoonet paptbm bebt? ; anotbfs trull (0 

fnol^faaUano ptrfoiial, anbfl^all not be tran^ferteo toeirtrntoja oj 
a^ntfntQr^tda^ ; Ui tbe l^ato fDfB not confine in perfons ttnlmotDn 

! foj tfte ojocring of mattets, tbljtcb coicerne tlje aoinfnfftratfon of 

I , 3aftfcet*c. 

I Boidcakcnby i? 3ri3ebtb>0Uttbt ^pDyvc flfrafnft Manii^gharnapoit an Oblfeatfon Plowd.efv.b.i. 

djcShcrtf. iof ^olf. "mxt]!^ conottfort to fart?e Dyve (bcfncc i^tn bf(^ fl^beriffeof tbe ^jfr/e apainfi 
Cott!tt(> of Bedford) ijarmeldre, fiito tobereaopat bf« commano 9 aa ^^^'^^ham. 
bfiJ true w^foner , ^c. tbe STefcns^nt plcaoe^f tbc &ti;tute of 1 ? H. 6. 
cap; 10. bp tiJbicb fucb bortw taken bp tbe S^b^t*iffe colore officii, arc 
^ maoe t?ofii , anu fartber faftb , tl^t one Thomas Palley pttrcbafeo a ' 
tibcrat i fac. ouf of a ret opnffance to b<m m?.Qe bp tbe fart IT efenbant, 
ana pzocurej ft to bebfrecteo totbefaio febertffeof Bedford tobefer:^ 
te) vinij certifleo ; anb ftetoeo fdrtbet, tbattbc fefng ban tent to tbe 

&berWfe3 Cf Lot don , Middlelcx anO Hertford , otb^t tDjftS fn fOjme ?:« 

fo^efatD) «no fb3it tbe fame ^}^nf{i rcturneo t^e toxtt fmo tbe 
Cbancctp > f c, 3|n tbis cafe -, one ercepttoh takfei to tbe a)e!etio:tnt5 
pleatda^, foj tl^t fbere toer^oiMr'^ ^b^r{ffe0 mmtt inity anOtit 
laff His fafO) tbattbe fame (^bettffe returned tbe to>ft> %t, U>btcb 
joas fart to be nticerf atne ; bnt ft toas ref olives to be certain enoii0b> 
anotbat it ftall be referrob to tbe &beriff of Bedford ; Jfoj, tbe re* . 
tntrre contatneo an eFte^it'Of laro in tat Countp of Bedford , Anb none 
coaloootbat^ but tbe f^bertflfe of Bedford, ano Ibe toibole fnmme of 
tleejrecutfon luaisreferreDto b'ui^ anbtbist court not befo, nnleCte 
tbe ftber We of Bedford bao mime tbe return, fti 
Heka&of a- ^* 3f antanbe outlatoeD-inanactrtn petf^nalbppwefle upon tbe Co.ina.pftrs 1 
toll. Oifgfnal D anb after baln0« bt0 *Xt of Error 5 *^e , iff be ^ at tobofe »?9-«-». 

litffbefta^outJateeb, tPrt pleao agafnt b<m a releafe of all gttrtn0 ^^"^-^^roj- 
perfonaU tbat reenter to be no plea; GQ^bp tbe fart action te (baflreco^ 
ter iiotbtng ht tbe per{\)naItF) but onetp to reberfe tbe ont«IatD}p; 
Ij^tobett, (ntbe fame cat^, a releaf^ of tbe \Diit of %ror f^a gooo » 

I pltn t jano fo note tbat, an actrtn realoa perfonal ootb fmplp are* 

I coterp of fcmetbf ^S itt tbe tialtp oj perfoniltp j oj * reSftutrtn ttx . 

tbe fame ; bat a to?f t tmplpetb neftber of tbem^tc. 
I Joint and &- 1 9 ^-auo b* 3 toffe bjtegs a jBlctfon of Cot?enant»acatnft B. npon co.i ?.is.b.4. 
I'ttticoYciMnc Cot^nant maoebpjnbentute tripartite, fntDb^tb B.Cotenant^tottb in'su^biW ' 
tbel^lainttfe^, ano toftbl* s. ano brt toife, baifignatisiliis , &cuib cafe, 
quohbct 8^ qualibet eorum , tbat be toaf fole feffett Of tbe lano, fc, jarni 
In alDjft of Error irt tbe Exchequer cwmber it jDao aotuosctt , tbat 
tbe ^aitn toftulft nit Ife; becaufe tbe otber Cotenattta^s ougbt to 
ftabe lopne^ toftb tfie otber fBlatntlfec ; aw> tbfs oittrtttp toa« agrao; 
bbenit appears^ bp tbe Couiit, tbat eacU of tbe Co^eiiaht^0 batbf 
o)ou0bt to bate a fei:terat interett n cffate^tberetbe Cot^enantbp 
tbefe luojM (cum quohbct torum) t0 federal; but toben tbep bate a 
jopntintereS, tbetetbetoo?os(cumquolibeceonim ar^ bort, anofig^ 
ti^fie notbtog: ; 00 tf a man tef blaclb acre to A. tobfte acre to B. ano 
%ie^n acre to C. an& Covenant tottb tbem , & quciibec eorum , tb^t be 
hirfgbt ttoner of tbem> it. Jn tbrt cate in xttifttx dl tbe fart feberai 
int«&^0> bp tbe fart too^us , & quolibec eorum , tbe Cobenant rt maoe 
feberal : IButif beocmtte tboft actefr to fbem lopntlpi, tben tbo()^ 
tD9?O0 cum quolibec ecrum , areboto ; fo} a man b|; |tt Cobenant (mi« 
: ^ leffc 

po The Rcafon of <S\dax.iU 

^ leOe itt titm of fe'<)etal inCec^fta) tdttnot Sell maie tfie Cotienant * 
inm , ano tften malte it fetetal bf t^ o> tf>e Uke too^M , cum quo- 
libct eonim; becaiife altett otbet0 vetfwi* map blt»t|Kmfelt«», & 
qutunlibec eonim , aito Co t<»e IDbUgatioti ftafi te |opnt o» Cet»tal at tl^e 
^tfioit «C x\fi SMi^k 4 i^et a man cannot bino bimCelfe to tb^ > ano 
toetetpoC tbem ti make<t lopnt o} fobetal* attbe eletttonoC febet^ 
perfonfl fo> one ano tbf tome wnfe ; fn tbat tbe Contt Wl bete 
wbt j roi toUcb oC tben tbep ftottlo s((be Unogement > lobteb tbe 
latnlniU not tsffet, astfto beloin 3}tbeTe one b)ln00« 
Replevin aQfftnll ttBoof one oiw , tsbo mate febetal aootoMeo > eacb 
of tbem bP bimfafe ta \ti9 oton tiQbt, ano tbete b? tbeaobf ce of al tOe 
||uake«bbtb tbe aootoMes oio abate fo}, b<0 fncontenlence> tbat if 
botbt^e iffuef Oioulo be fonno fo} tbe jElbotDanti} tbe Coutt coolo 
not ziw 3iiO0em«nt to tbtm tebecaBp of one ano tbe fame tbiH0> «» 

Vide II. • rt. ej^ 

c o u 9^ a =o mben ttoo oHIf mt matteta of )R.8co»o amonnt to an tmafom* wheo ts*r 
5:inSi.Gw.* timeatbweongbttobeaScircfaciasjbefo^e^HtneootbtettejjanofOme. JJ^fiS 
■7^,>iBis ctit, time not acmofng to tbe (eMcal ivbitft. matter ; J»f if ft be fonno bf 
jgDfftce , tbat tbe 98nno> of D. to boloen of tbe Ufnz > ano ft aplwatc 
aifo bp fine npon ileto>o > tbat tbe ^anne? ef D. to alfeneo in 9IM»» 
maine > in tbto cate tbete ongbt to be a Scire facias , in tsibfeb ft mill? 
appearebpatiettement tbat ft to aft one ano tbe tame 9anno)(fiD 
tbrp mai; be ttno (etietal #anno^ of one name) anO tbat be tbat «!<* 
eneo ft toae tbeteof feiteo ; becante botb tbete matters npon reco;o 
toitbont fncb aberremert tofll not fat tbe yattpto an(l»et > but teben 
tbetoentttp of tbe tbins ap|eate«to tbe Contt, ano tbat ft cannot 
be Divers ; tbere tbe ttw matteto fbaS tben alfo amonnt to an oflGice* 
ano tlH^ ft ing map (eife foftbont a Scire facias ^ Oo in tbe cafe of ^it 
John Savage , t^bO fPSO ^berftfe Of tbe Conntf of Woiecftcr fo}liGe 
bn H^etters patents nnoec tbe <P>eat (beai i fo» be being fntioeo of - 
ttoototKntatpefcapesof iFelowi, ft bw« boloen per Curiam in B. R. 
tbattbo(e1»o;oa amonntcotoan 0(fice> ano tbat fbe ftingtoasCei^ . 
teo tvitbont a Scire facias ; anotlerealOn toa^ , becanfeft apyeaieoto 
. tbe«(ontt,tbatt|erecottlobebtttoneS»I)etitetnoneCoantp>im0 
tberefo^e tbere toa* no neo of anp Scire facias in tbat caie, «> > 

, ^ . ii BIna Q.uare unpedit, tBHen tbe iXoboiofon ioiibelp ftocowe in Aatro«finFtf 

CoX-jM. in „„.||x^ «h»fniU Aflfl nhafp ^ nnleffo. thf. aOxtrimiie thettht taummt tnm» 

id.umons qaefiton » tbetoJtt (ball abate , nnleCe tbe pittonbe Herein 

^ butivbeiitbe 92e(emationonelptotobetecot«reoanonottbe)XM)olP* 

fon y neft^t pet tbe |Batron to be pnt out of poflGedion \ Intbat cafe tbe 
'^%ii ie aolnogeo gooo britbont namims tbe fatten, «» jHm 
25. 27 

12 Hf llelf»fo> life matte a tt)i»oof iFieCteent. ano a lUtter of v^n^^ 
atto^ncp to tbe %t€a> to make l^iimt > ano tbe a^eCO) mafcetb Htbr ^^*^* 
rp a(co)of nclp ? notiDitbftanoing aft tbat , be ibaft entet fo» tbe fb^fei* 
tote , but if Helfei f» peaces make a jfFeoCmentin J^^^ano alettet o( 
jitto^nep to tbe %tm to make Libetp , ano be maketb I'ibetp ac« 
(O^oingip; tbi^ ^iDerpfbaft bino tbe l.efiO», anolfeaftnot beaoiio* 
e» bp bim ; fo> tbe ^ttoi couio not make l^tberp as jSltto^nepto tbe 
l,e(((e;becanfebebaono iFr»bolo, lMb*teoftonmke%itecp> but tbe 
jfr«bolOio>8intbe1L'e9o?,<c» . 
23 3lf SCenantin taile make a neafefo^peates eC Uinos> nnoaf* ^'*^^J^ 
cciiWJ.i}i> tet leoieaine . tbie isa oiftontinnaRcr, fo>a ftne ioa feofmentoC tt^mwie. 
b.j. ^ecQ)o, ana tbe if reBbolOfMfetbtbut^jCenaiit in SDaile maketb a 

l,ea(efo>iii0ot9DKlife, ano after lebietftne^tbto ie no otfcoatinn* 
ante, becaote tbe rebetSon evpettant open a ^te of IFteeboko^ 
ttbi^b l^tb oneip ta statit> pifliitb tbecebp,«e. 
04 Vik^M.JiOl.Pl.'?. 

. ^5 » 

«»i»t. atttSve niaje , aitDtI|?.aatp ftno al gnftt? of .tljeCncflile e»tt|?, «itts ^'<> '^•**- 

o»igf Ml to^it be fntirelp b^ottgHt agafnlt at * ftt tbefj; IDalliatieatiB 
jattaiiitf8»tb»fiilfe titcsfttoponrtbefncflile enttp, atnA. ibalbaiK 
alwWjCTfijigieatttrtiitCwtiieillrmtiwrfttjewtateer,: • n»«.,« 

&«aa bva i« Sftt^wiit nukeftfl Wt, ttfil^i^ngtfte Mj»iB«of toateto«beirffe Jfg** 

pjpmoebt ; fet, antlK* ca&vselit l?etb «ot^aeaftlftt(le ferimtit, 
lait oMlpan flkMoninym.} fttatba^btof tbelj^ttciatik 
tj^Affumpfitrfrteftttwit* ....'........-;>;,-'.)!.; iC'^ti. 

r^u a? JCije <t iift9m&of.a ^amm in , tfpat tie 1.0W > tbe ft itti»p«,o» 27'p£ 

S£ W*wpatpm«?oemWl>ptop!»,lte*«6W«|ttnjaiitlwft^ 

maiiCkCiiiloataTytfMea fo> yarmeitt ot bto^Mbta, am ofedrlilier 
t^hiCimFMn tbiit ojbm naniM;^ am stant c«]ited!int«fietfioa. an^ 

Ipfl t(» t^ Xit9oin«y «)» IFems^iC t(e llo>» tftt<»M» oC t|i»«opiboioa 
4l9tsmtt'betjb(JiMi«4irrBp4n'ref«beT;oftbet[i^ . 

no) tn aootoet ; ;3m it teas iielo^tbat Oie Oonlo atwio tbe gtaneuiane- 
liflbt^ititoaingn^vliKafifellwctainefbpfl^letCl&olwr, to^cbii . 

. .. "i- '"ji. A<xor(!ingt6tlicen4. . • 

; J. I.' 

UttK-ferrke ^ Ctpt S>etiant In ]in<0irt4in<Wt^) f^ {it able f yetfinme tte cajbd. ptrs t 

dieJefeiiceof 9H!tXli!f^\\WlilXlZymt9WlBM:i$Aa»^fi\it^^^ ft bpa« 7oJ>.>* 

dc&eatai. notbet.a8.tiitlas|0t||r«<ett1l-,W«ii3ttGiAf/ 9)a€o9po7ation ag^' 
fif6*tear nHUiP) 9c> Cn-^pkiis faic^t a fine ^ aii6 tbe em of tQta 
i|e^irf»iffo»oeftitcebf t|)e HUaMfi^} 0itiit^eli)e(ffebeQoneb{? 
i(t»abtip; am taSicteit! maif >»am t9^tm t Ce»lD|te^ tbe Vato ib^att* 
<D ft , be Efreaea ^ ft istinlp {tftf^yimtt, aa ft Mg^ to b^»' 
Tofatothe * iSf tbo I'Ojo t<mec a iMioinaUe tnat<ate to ibe tefte Jfemale to.iiA.^ti t 
hcktnuic. tiHtbiiitbe tlm-pai*9 , ana ikn mttt^ dtet^e teftbin tboCe ttoo 7M*i« 
yMtei^»tbe%'4ifttitlliiotb>b0t|iKt)H&fttceaf'fb<iitattii0r> becaqfe 3f^-«>t>^ 
tbeonelpem. tobtcbtbe fetatoteof Weft, 8*^^V 
fearea', (3 (oytbe .%a>a to iilialv W t^Qct (Cd^ 1; <(. 714 a. The 
l^Tdparciescaiie) Q},Tatbetytbatb* iibooto-nat lofetbe aMantageoC 
tnaMiis Wa tenaetr , iSlmtbt bcnriir «l tboC^ tfeo itni» are liDen 
' nntq^Uii(aaft Imraefn Utn of>t|e(nMtate> ftitaretb^btft^femaU 
l&6itlB;t)»fnfBbiatemBc; fa^in^iiiafte tentectoftbftitbettDo fuw^t 
am tiie;ae(evt $bas fmt , am «nEiif» (uiifiettfltllf attet mkU^ file fi$ 
,Qiti^i;ftoatib , . '- 

-^ fi^j., ,3 af a«aiiagebeiMtoea*f HaMjB f»a« ac«w! rtrf> intitt> oi Co.feft.irMii 
STtS ?«rfonai, anoft(tofitimttaft1» iam VAafmy tbahlntftasofa 111*:*^^,. 
SJ'^ ^iUit^r eir«>T(lam iCMfoimbifratent; beonHfe tbe em ofbjwgtog »»*'^'*'"^^ 
tbWiW^ asai|if|i(e «iUtii«yla notto jcinftitence ai^^ 
agaHnft bim, bnt onelp>tftMf4st:t9>fo»fMes |atieement« 
V^: v*t3UCaft|e,Mtbiatiati(ttl»»t^tiecefaT||'iifefim(^ar^lR 

CtfkifeiJe^ #fi^m $oj(lM)(,'0|(:fmte €!ftpaticefHtai<l^«MRe mfgbt be ofbtoes. ,«(.m, 
*- ' bpCbamberaam Hooniea aajtlretlpoiiCiea^biijlKitpetf (b) tbattt {< Biaaj.>.foi. 
pro^onopttblicA ^pro defenflojie t^ijft fttil'mtte ofbiseu; tm aa 7«< 
omteftbi Pfppwf jw$ {ladtidif^iinoa {ibceft^ >Ati)taiT0tbet6i/tb> Pu$ ^1**^*'^^' 
U Jrou del cfchat ||ue iw foefteilviiSony en' Ittoonre ijue li force del ,J^ 

JBLj^e ne M^)^ par taut : :3Bfet<hiftleaiaibalRetilfi»>,anot^t tna, co[ibid.^i.M 
^^.^^babttatfeMifHiD p}<baieii(fe, am not fO^-'Ubi^ iiectlfotp oetence 
fir tbaiif a'me },a^ ta beinrleB bctfliAtr^^t^teenetta aa tn^l aa a* 
tbec bou(e0i anvtnitiaa ma; atfofte ttieseof tHMlMir > bot ca«not fe ot 
Caftle0&}wfence,f(» il » $ 11 


coj>M><t*. jf utii mifbmbem »fttttr^f-»i.H.».eapi9.. jaat, if the JJ25i;«»« 

». ' Ix}id(kdl:diftraiiKUt>oadiebni^and tenetnefits hpMen,&c. henaydKn ^|^[^^"^ 

- avow ) SK. upon tbe . £ittt liads , 6k. «s in lands, 8ec« within his Fee or 
Seignbrftfll^. without mnui^ any perfoncetcaine , and without making 
ATOWry upon any pcrfon certaine, iScc. !^tce, albdtt^ pncll&lp Of t^0 

l>t«pMiiDeti» of ttie iSlft to Ik taktii ; to t||etc6;e, ti|oii0<i <is 
nssnolto maltt |^ ftt)otD}|» ttimi anpfetCm certaine; fct fu^mutt 
alleaoge •efliiibp t^e^imooC fomeiiMaiit Incertafne iD(nitoCn< 
tf i»eafei ^ tot otiierlstt^^ tent) am «t^ annsai {Vpnienta ate not 
tecolKtable, Up tfie eKt^w'Umltation o( f^ (btatnte of 3 s H. 8. 

'■■ 'cap. '4; ; -. ^ ■ , ■ • , , •: •-<i 6 ^f ««>« <» Oltt*|alMe toa j^eitmal jBOfOII b|» ^^OCCfft nilOil Rdeafe of aU 

»M.b.i. t«e i©>«0ftial i anoMMsa Wiitor etto>, If |e, at toUote fait He !£;^^ 

L>td.s 503. ini0oiit4alnea, IbA pIcaQ againt Hfn ameleafe of al wannetof ^'^'^ ''^ 

jSitlonsi^ectonaUtQatMnnef tote noflea ; fMibptliat flttfonbeftsi 

tecotecnotbfns m fiK&iMltie; SnttbecttttOf tbeW}tt «( ^lE^tt 
onclptotei}etietbeont«lain?« ,»_ 

Co m.it9. 7 HC tbe ICenant in an fllMiiif an bonb bette tbe ^intideto ^"'^ 
a.). bine toitbb{m,tDbitbtbe|»lainti(^Botbacco}oitt8ip,anDfotbepbe 

piowd.Com. botb in tbe bonb tosetbec > (ans in trntb) onei^setenoetb one Sitle, 
TheP^rCan .f ""^ tbe^otbot anotbtt fl^itle ; fet tbe l^ato > in tbio cate , ft«i not ao* 
iSi2nTc^fc ^n^se tbe vofieflion in bfm, tN tigbtHatb; becanCe tbe l^laintifi^ 
coiM.3^9A camenoc tbitbetto daimebia ti^bt, bat oneli» to oine tbete at tbe 
4. i<ifi<(nceoftbeflDeMnt:$ aM9itfBoaibbetob<«1PM$iiblceff 

ibonio a»inO0e bim in vofttton, anD(«oitblteft)a5Bce^^|ean< 
not be; fo» tbatbe ^ane tbHbet bp^ tbeflSenanta isbfbittoa, 
c<ukid;3^.a. 8 J9 l^ealtft^Feate^toanotbectotbe fntcat tottie^flOtiefnait Aa<K«HK 
Ejeftionc irma, iiontoCtbe fltatnte Of 3»H.8. cip.9. labicbi^ Sfhrifc. 
bibito ^bii^0 ano lieiinaofpxtenceoftisbtao^fl^itleo; becanf^ b««i»ade, 
it ia oitetteoto a (atoM en», anoti in a um of Coatte of l^abi; 
bittff itbe maoeto agreat mati, otanf otbet, teitbpnrpof^tengaE 
o» cpnntenance tbetanf^tbat ia to betalen ftiitbfntbe fame l»tatnte> 
beiR0 (bieflp intenoeb .(b» tbe foffjcnon of facbabnCea intbe€onl« 
Co.inft.f.«i J, puAmltttuUm matt bewaoeof a&tatnte, tbattbeetni,(09 «t«t*fGht< 
38i.b.3. tDbicb^t two owiincb map be anaa^ea vadiieb , inimv^eflionof tbe ^'i- 
ntibb^eano abbancemetttof tbe temeo?, aabp tbia cafe itappeat< 
etb; AirtnelebieobptbebnabaiiooneieiatDftbiKtbelettecoftbe 
»tatateofGlocefter dE^i.eap.j.bottbemilicbfefeiMa, tbatfbebeite 
tmabatt^ of fl^e inbecttance af bit antlety bp tiie ttittantpof bia ^ 
CaniettoitbontAfleta, Onatbio^itintenbcfe toappipaVemeaie^tut, 
*b«' J*o«tonothatte, ""MetberebKce JUbto; anb tbetetoie tbe 
mt^bte^ia to bernpp»eaiBS.anotberenieppasbanceb» ^ 
31 E.J. toyn. 10 Cbe taoocb^ cometbinto tbe Cowt tobe niefrab, ana %e<ng vkw oi^mi 

il'^u' J^*«'J««»«f<i»l«ie;petbeftainotbeb«lbentoantteer,*^- 
FMichi,. ttlbecometatotbefiinieintenthpatbecpwcelte, 

•E.4-3. . ^' lOe »oatb# Upona Gtandcapejadvalentiam, CbAnotl0(bt|t Appacaiiee«C 
Fincb^t]. lanoa, ^!i«isb be cannot fobebiaoefiMtt; became tbe niocefb faonfelp touehw. 

to tbte enb, VIZ. tbtt b? Owito appeata. Finch I }. 
joAffPfc*.^ »» anwnf^tia tpamca bp fiiit to antbtet to a mattet, ftai n« (o>xU *» 
F«^h.ibi4. "ft 5^ »f *i;m t^«Jb«et {inp otbet mtffec tban it contaftieb in tbat |fe ••JT 
Jwir^iigfte ftins be partp; flaif bp cilice it be tbonb, tbat ^"««*«*«»P' 
janoa in €m^ ^Osmm to i,s. a loal natotai , ana tbat A. occii< 
Ijctb t^cra; tabttenpon* Scirefaciaa goetb ont aflainltA. toanftoet, 
cp or 1. s. upon ma^ Kmmm to «w i^lm» , tbat i. s. ubenbe 

W0 . 


£\iaic}U t(i^ Common Law. p) 

tsw of fMcfnt }iittno}P) nnhica ttl'.iti'U to one B. tol^o cnftofl&b A. 
S^ i0 6«» vtOnfSli ylifiMt fteipfns ant Keener of jaueiiattott to iia> 
t^tse ^firtf e fo} t^e tmrclKiftne ot i!Ni^ latms* 

Ifaewidb]^ . 1$ s:einiiit<ntaile general Qaiifngifbie a satigl^ter) letjtesaCneftt co.i.).5o.b.3i 

iiiiiiMiiiii Trinity jCerme, aim VOsia Auguft fototofne) t^ <ffite fmmesiatelp ri>/z«w»caic 
Ii9iitgf a Fonnedon , ano J^tigftts tl^ VCIjtt* Vnt fSjoclamatfoits are 
maoe; petifn ^rati^ t^tdne to Intreo ; fint^e ens of tnafitng ttje 
#)oaattiatfoti0 it not to twrre tiie entafle , becaafe tfiat to batreti 
. • befk^etot^ 'ilnei btit tie oneir eno of making t|e p^oclamatfono 
(b|; t|ie9tatnteo( 3% H. s.) fito Mtfngnffli tfie fine, t^ ibail featre 
tie eltcte tafle ? from a if fne at tie Common iUfD ; f 0} tie IFfne t|at 
Ibal bane f nd an efhite fba be leWeo acco^of ng to tie Statute of 

. iiH.7.viz.tDft$p}O(lamatfon0,«c» 

JT^^^ 14 Cle i^tatnteof jzH.S. cap. ^7. Eaf^, tiattle Insbapillal C6.ui:i.b.4 
*** bate an action ofs^fo) tie arrearageoiMieUiieie life tfme of |t«v?ife ^^w oj- 
onlof anpeftati, 10Kc| |e|elofn berrfisltt SLmma iotobenm "«^<*^«' 
berftooo ao toei of arrearages fine bef toe m after > martoge : fo> fti 
tiat&tatnte t|e eno of muting iieiFeme (wi(t) io onelpto oedare 
anooeficribetle condition oC t|eiFeme> anonottoimi^;) t|att|e ar« 
learagef odi^toincttr after tdlie (otxtetnre. 

^nierfe « wrft ' 5 &txt i» an aypannt oftttrStp bettoeen t Capks in p^ocelfe i tm co.i.;.9o.a.}< 

fcislKreniiia^ a Capiat ad fatisfacteadum i fo} if tie Capias in 1>melfe be not retnrneO, TrefVt El 

(d^aadwhete t|earreffi« toKiono; becanfe tlecetbeenoottlearrettic, tiattle ^tmtnk 
<x>^ yartpmaFapj^feaimcnClDerlle ytaftitffi^ t mat in aft mi^iai- 

eiecntion , t»|ett tie (tolerifCedbne ootl eKecnte tiem (as a Capias ad 
X fatis&ciendumyhabete fidU fefiMm 0^ fd&Sencftfay fteri 6cias^ibeiW)8cc.) 
IftleetetntfonbeMplKbeB, ili0r,goitt,)att|ottg| tie W^it be not 
rctnrneD ; (i0>t|eret|e#laintitt|at| t|een>iinticaettof |i0fnit,ano 
tlennotliiig aui» tobeione onlpif vart aftetfMrMt 3Bat in cafe 
of aitElegit, becaafe t|e eiteiit is to be naoe bp ia^oeC) ano not * 

brtleibleriffe alone* t|aten|||t tobe%etm:neD> otlerlnijOe it is no* 
CoiiatidaiM 16 3|f alPifbopcciate l»it|oat Citato a Clntcfenereiitable^ans coiU.;t>a.i; 
<Kiii>> lis <Clec1te is inMcm > fet tlis ib«i tmm tie tig|t patron m of "'^^ "<^- 
ttoOMnott ; fo) t|tt is not|fn)$ tlU but T pwiiton , to tie eno oioine • 
pecMcenmpbe ceiebtates , until tie fBatton i^icdmt i imttto no 
niois tian belongs to Hfs jMRce to 00. 
SMcTcntti- 17 Jf (|e|^l|piftrof an ^arlsbomrlatt Uetifntaileoto t|e|eiris Co.\.r:i4*.n 
MfiKftkc^ twrie, it migit babe b^ CnfMleo f»» Sreafon. mm t|e iMatnte '^<^«<<* 
2tf H. 8.cap. t j« bptiaCMiof afUcttt CbnoitioniH l^aip anneiebnn< 
to it r Cn Carles ate tteates fo) tfso vntpoCw, wui Ad confulendum 
k^t compote paciSytC ad dfcfendcBiilim Ktgaa ft patriam teaupbre bcUij 

W W t|iRe eCc>}fe tbeg Isrtta-Cil^of loiiBt anb a tRole* as tlej^aie 
CoiiiwS>0> aroat^gitbcftbrt^ atlMWi, tocei^)efiMtt|eni gUanl 
C|am)Moi»«iib€ab8lfers; jMf 1^. teleit fttc|. a yettw againg 
blsimtp;4iib f|e enb of lis bfi^ttP) conmits Seeafeu i^ainC tie 
liing , lis oignitp (tlougltnlaileb) is fiejCtitift bp t|at Conoitioii 

» L to*^W*t«w«eiebio|is«lati» Vide4a.7. 

1 >*aMLto lie is j^c»(^ anoenvof eietr nnttec is li^fncfinfty to be coni* "•co^Sii.T; 
. beceo, anoif titftcotfe imiieiibof tie matter be lUMes> tieniStle 't'ff^<*i& 
matter ftfi0fifc,am>t|l^im«ntt|tceofalfoaccompUtt»$ ;KnBt|ere» 
CODe in FonfTues cate in t|e Comrnentaries, bteaufe t|e fting lab 
teeanesof being intitie»to f|b Ciiiontt of «|e iBfiD> ▼itibpcau* 
Cngit fO be teeigieO) ano tie eno am pcope If tloMatnte being 
fnt|atcaref^i»0»niil> ||iliasnstts(i»attsf|e«Wfiifpofb}feitittg 
ip jColet«r»i<inetfn*j(tcn(ion0o«tUK0»ii9<iiloiib,ici«eFf . 



,p4 ' The IUtfp5i:o£:;, .«5W^-35^ 

Diw againft fo) tftat puwofe : tbatabofcWihifi b«H maci) pwttlfeftw WlwttRf 
««i»{b«». .fcj^,etj^„iaWnBoftt»atSBtattite» ^* 

ov.r^ 1. 5o Jf tJje »latotlfe tiiipo;tarie a Jojco* to app^are aim jpatte upon 

to^ i)» ^ inipanelleo , toa» to pjftlwtBea »w» wnWenco npm^t^ 
r 1 r «, , , *"»?*in Debt toben tje iBUIiii{fcftat|^ bai»-,«]wit«oti of tte fiDofen. E«eaw»iu 

S?ffoltJe"if«rtf«Vi^^^ '.:.. 

iLatofb a tati^tartion, a«^t04ii»oto Mntteneffe, tliete coijobebat 

lLato;btttefwatioiioft»jeboOB*jn«at»UiaWeej8eMttott, anatbw* 
foie tteffllaintfti aft«t^ a^cfenMW* watbinapbabe iieto»)»ca«f 

Etfinis rciactcndcSaSseft, JJcflncsmuidatorumDQmuuRcguperrefcriptt 
i"«a(t)iibrevia) diligcKcifimtpbfejryaiidi, . . • ; 

ai ;^cb» 8 MteotEflbmc?. .;•„.; • . 

1^; tJSS (w Uttit«mta^)tbe*o»teb» t^wiwtwEbpn rf tie 

*^''''- reffill of t^ 9» tt ftlfit (9 Aff; I5ft Mirr.<tps ». 9ca. tj. Bmu loS, 1 14. 

ccibi.. '*'• 3UiiiaHbeolftatbe8toiirt« anomatwte bfo y'«^J*S'J« ''''"*^ ' 




Braft i.i.i^. 

iK£ax.}^i the Coitwnoii Ld^. p^ 

tie Heftriitt^tt oN|e l^r« sS H« 8. Beudloes cntercvdTque de Londres & 
Hieron,Co. I. o. 50. 95, 96. 9^. ^* 

Efcape. 7 3t 9 <&jiiriei, ti)8t |at| « i>»tfonet Ai |i0 cnSoote n^oti cisctttion, Co.ibM.itfo. ' 
(nfferetlitifiti to go atlarge, l^m^ ftbe tetti al&eepet, IteteUaiOe ••]• 

to an efcape; fOj Ije ouellt to ll*f %im in laWa & arai cuftodia, to ''Jf'Ciift 

tlietm) Ire map tfir foonet p«|f tiio Debt» Cc. 1. 3. 4?. b. 4, 

{ufjr Reieafe 8 Wf^nt a tttaii maf enter , a releafe oC efl jactions ootl not vatte Co.infi.parsi. 

ofaUiaioiu. i^imof |t«tt0i^, he(anfel)ebat|anotl)ertemeDis, vii.toettteci IBut zK^.a^j- 

I»|tte|(0enttp isnot latofiil, tWt areleafeof aHaatona{0,bF con* ^%}•\J1^'^ 
taiwmiy abrtteot (10 rig|t, becante |e liatb rjelsafeo t|e nteantj l^^^^^^J^, 
felierebpbe tnigbt recoterlH* risbt ; Sla if tlye jb>ifleirffi'teleafe all 
iSafonsto tfie (eicoC tte S>tSeifO}, todUb ta to bp oefcenti bebatd 
noiemedieto recoDet t||ie lano; b^tftt be<)aii nootbec meaneoto 
cecobet ft, bat bp jStofon) ano of tbat be (0 batteo bp fjis IReleafe* ^.^ , ^ , 

ttATmb;!!. 9 Cobfnoecan j3Uen from getting into bio banM bpO^ift.SCtabe, cSeTfl 

MofTiaa«. «)«tbeflafilfiil meanes anp treaftite , o^otbecpecfonal goouttobat* 
foebet, aoattoanlonrefo^bionecetCKtpbobitation, anoconbenieHcie 
of traoing , ato from maintaining anp jSttion fo) tbe fame , toere in 
effect to oenie onto bim SDraoe ano flDtafftcit> fibftb io tbe liiie ano 
tvffin tut of eberp 3lftanD>tb mow tfj^foflp of tbio ftinsbome. 

liakcizn 10 SCbereafon, fob? a flele/ife of att jBDemanooootb barren man Co.i9.jut. 

'mnis. of al bio Higbt , S^itle , ano Jntereft in anp Hanbo , S^emrnento, 3«S'r^»«>'<< 
<&3mtSi Cbattelo, «, ia becanfe bpfncb a IRdeafe tbe meaner ano -***«*»"«. 
remeoieo of recoberingtbem are atteripjertintt,anb fo bp confeqttence, 
tbe iiisllfi ano 3f ntorett in tbe tbingo tbemtelteo. 

Hteccti 1 > 9( a man bp eretting a IBnilbinf o>tf Woil*pfttoe«^ Vof nv ^^M-^'f*- 

O»|lnoettbel^to(bi0n*i0bb6ar0bonre, «)if ttbnfioiiigan^igs ^""Mtwie. 
coi»«etb<0Kei(^oat0»bMfling<bMfebt«MebaNiiopc0 tbelnne, 0) 
iwkeotle aireinfeitioaa o)nnbolfome, anattiomiMi t|e utielBa 
Ueifioitber or tbeie cafto; fo) betebpbe bfnooto mn intertoft0 m 
lieaceableDtDelingof bio neigbbonr, fobicfi to t|e i^^incipaitni, fn 
libiclitbebonfe tD308f fitt ete4te»« 

ii^Mieof* It A.iiofeilofa%.ea&fo)5«ofeare0«ebi(etb<tt*»}Ufct|rere* 

"^ mainoectoCanobiftbeireo anoMM; bttealbeittbe W^oU tettiiebe 3* 

inB. oaoC.batb ftotbing bnta |ioflfMlitr o) ftCMnre IWetet, ano '^Z''^^^' 1 
tbitttue eannot gratat it obec ; pet in ao mncb aotbe l.egacie 0^ Wt* 
bifetoC. i0 ineffe {tnofuCmt' a iaibei e ftmrnap beoifi^geo, tbe 
3biterttal(o,^1o|pitb ff^ingsfrom tbeiiecacie, miipliitetiiife beoif* 

tbngHF i.foiiy Qui dithruic incdium , diltruic ftmm , iSnO tbeiefb^ if 

oneocbifir ttfamtberxoL iabenbecomeoiotiieaceof 24 peareo, ano 
oie, tbet^egatoxieafteetbeageef sipeaceomapreiearetbi0l,egacie 
ano oetrife? ano altbongb be aftertoaroo atta^ne to tlie age of 14 
peatei^belball bebaneoto recobtrit; ano pet in tHo cafe a IRelealie 
of «tt inito ano oemtMOO Iball not barrc |im» 

inwui. H A.i0iMnwtiB.tolt8nDt9t|e afmiroef Q A.befi9>etbeoap r.i«8^ 
•f gibing niptlie atoaio etfcbarjiitb C. to make onp atoaro i 3(n tbio iH^atje 
(ale , tbe Bono i0f «feit ; i^o) bote can A. itanr to tbe abMro » bi^ 
bprebobingtbe flntbolitp , tobicb bebao gibentdC be bitioero C. to. 
make tbe atmTO,ft« 

Wtmaffif. '4' 3Jf tbete be tbio 3op«*teiiant0 in Ut^ «n» one grant* a tent ^^ , . . , 
dwrge in f&, ano after celeafetbtobto^mpanion; 3|ntbi0ca(ie, aU fhcL^d'^ 
b0itbe»t»liboaft|e^eteaCetta0maBe,fiicbibetbeotber; petlkal .Abmitvtn-ni 
tienot aboioe tbe cbat ge ; becanfi^ be tobicb ttorbfbeo , bp tbe accep* cafe, 
toaceof ttoSeieato batb oeyMbeo btotfeUeoftbetoap anomeaneooT 
atMoiiigfbe(MociHKge;Ci9>jutaccrdcendi, tber)fbtoftUcbibour<!bip 
to ntietlf t«k0ii mm;^ tbe meafi. 

f^6 Th« Rcafon of (^l^f^.J^. 

l>yer i?6 b.i. 1 5 H. 8. In t^ 5 ? ftStt oC l|f« IR-elgne Wmttfetlj to <&<t Richard Demifcof 1 
.1 ai^t EL Cromwell tie ^0>Teft« of Wayoridgc atlO Sapley t«Com. Hunr. WVi *"""™- 

t&eappattenance»£a>8opeate« attbepeardp rewtof ttuentp ttoWM, 

tortbtl><5Xlatlfe, viz. tftat &lt Richard Cromwell ft<3 KrecotO^ atlO 

afffgne/ttjonte wrhig tte tetmematot-iine loo aKEtetljerejanft : 

tltcnoimmty (bottlDleato ti)ete at tlje eno of tf^ tetme,- j^otD ! 

tbe ^o}0 N orth tD^o l^ii tl^ i^ « ample of tl^e Uta f o^reffs , attemp* 
teo to take tbe ji>^t> aim gtte tawtratits tljete, but mcft oC tlie 
Su ige 3 « dec jeanu of botl^ Routes toere of opinfon be conlQ not oo tt; | 

fo> a!l tbe (Same toajt f nciuoeo in tbe \a9Vi ano n imc of tbe iFomft, I 

m tije bnnB^ei JODttic irere not tefertebto beti<!leo > o; ani^of tbenv> { 

beca^jfe tben ttie Ho^o North wonlo bav bebarteo tbe Hefte of tbe : 

meane 5 of p;efert)tng tbe <Same , alio (bp (onfeqnent) of pecfo}mfti0 
\tis Covenant , tbe eno of p^tfetving tbem being oneip fo) tbe main* 
tenance of tbe Came anu iFoitefta. ^ 

Dyer 140. 1 6 %ii bu<lo n nelD bonfe upon tbe QSlail o} (eberal gtonnos toitbfn ^'^ • 

4f.7Ei- a i'oueft in a ^utp^ettnre ano ipiufante to tbe <E>atne, ano tmMt '*'""°«* 
at tbe btfcrectonof tbe ^uftices of tbe i^o^teft to fuifer it to fttm-, 
0! o^betVDife tbep map oemolifll it at ttieit ^eafare: becaufe it is a p?e* 
jiDire to t^e fooa of tbe9>ar,f6) tbe p3«(tnation tobereof tbe ifo^ielt 


34 According to the effcd. 

'"♦*•♦• I jSlS^obeliternib^anlinfant, cannotbe oelibetebagaineatbid ^'<nr*f« 

' f^*>»>' fnllagc; fojit.tooktoaieeifett before , ana toaa but boioatte; «ata **"*•• 
jBDees btlibeced bp a iFemeCobert , 9% a IReieafe oeliberea to one tbat 
bat*) netbine in tbe lanD> map be oelivereo againe, viz. toben flie 
cpmmetb to be fde , o» tbe paitp to bave fomeittbat in tbe lano : if o^ 
tbe Stil belibttp toat meer Ip boio v ano took no effect at a9« 
Co.inft.part i 3 3|f a Icafe be ntioe bp Inoentnre bate 16 Maii.fc. to bolb when a icafe 
46.b-4. foj ^ , jgata from tbe bate, in? from f^ bag of tbe bate , it ^t begin *^ «»- 

c/iiii cafe •" t*"^ *7 wp of May: bot if tbe iteale beate bate tbe a< oap of May,tc^ °''^- 
tobclo from tbe maltincb<reof> o^ftom bencefb}tb)it (baft begin on 
tbe Dap in tobitb it toao oelitereD.; fo;. tbe tDo^te'of tbe SnoentaiY iire 
not (if anp effect tiB tbe Detiterp ^ ano tbeteVp , from the making , o» 

from henceforth , taketbeit fttft effett t &0 alto if tbe habendum befo} 

tte terme cf 21 peares toitboat mentioning loben it (ball begin, it 
fbatt bee in from tbe Bettberi» ; fo» tbere tbe tsoib? take eCEttt $ bnt if it 
tc n <iic confcaionis, tben it iball begin on t^ nert brgafter tbe oelibe« 

tp. Vide Max. 8. a. 

S*a "'^r" ' ^ ^^ a manbelftjct a a>«o of iFeofment upon tbe lanb in name of Lireiy of fci- 
ibid.7«.b 4 «»eifii of att tbe lano0 containeb in tbe l^«o y tbis is a gooo l^itet^^ fin. 
ThnsHi^bgctds tintif anisnonelp oeliber tbrS>eDof feofment npon tbe tantbtttb^ 
cafe. oat mer.ttonii g tbat it is in name of l^iberp > f(, tbis amonntis to no 

Hiterp vf tbe I tnb fo» it batb anotbec operation to take tSta as a SDieb* 

,Co. 1. 6. . 6. bha: ps caff . & 1. j.T 57. 

Cc.ibid.48.b.} 4 3if a mnn be oiffeifeb, ano make a SDttO of feofment , ano a lLet< Lhrety of rdga 

tet of jSltto^itp to enter anbtakepofiieaion; anb after to make ILibe* ^yARvnaey. 

Coi-j jj. tpfecurdjmto mamcartae, tb(oi0 agoo teoCment> albeit tie tnasoot 

jennitgi and of psffefften at tbe time of tbe Cbatter mabe ; fO) tbe jSlatbotitp ^ixita 

*Mjgf cBfc. bp tbe il-etter of 0tto»nep is eretntojp , anb notbing paJfeB bp tbe oe< 

itberp of tbe IDeco , tit Hitietp of Ji»eiSR toaiS. mabe ; dnb in andent 

Hettersof i^tto^nep potoer is gitento otbers to take poSeffion fo) 

tbe JFe^ffo^ V H&ntil a man be oifleifeb > ano make a fojiting of a 

S^eare fo» peare? , ant oeltber tbe JDetb , anbafttc^ beliber it npon tbe 


^Kd.ati^'i^ the Common Law, .j>7 

ikTMdLeafc. ptdniDf tl|>e Cecono Del{l»rpi0tx»(D> foit^ fitff oeUDetp tna&e ft a 

S>sn; ano in aamnci^ as tbe l/ea(iE fo^reates miift take effect bp ~> 

tl)e oeUtetp of t^e SOdtt, tl^efoje tbe S)sooeUt)errs \cfim l^e foafl 
out oC ^o(t?inon tDa0 i)0(oe : bat To ft te not of a Cbattet of iFeof< 
tnent; fo^ t^at takes eSetf bp tbe Hf \)erp aito toeifiti ; Uno fit tbe otbet 
cafe if tbe ILeSo> bati oelibereo it a0 a dctoWe to b» oelfoereb as bi0 
)l>tto nipon tbe stottnOjtbfd b«o ban goo^ 
viK. itr 5 ^min M iCCue a ^onne ano bfctb> aim tbe toffie bfetb alCo: Co.iaft.p«ni 
.Sifa " SCljeit latiBs ate letten fo> life , tbe temainoet to tbe bcites of tbe >}. «• »• 
^ ' tDtre> tbeS»onneDietb ioitbottt ilTae ; 3lntbia cafe tbebtices of tbe 
put of tbe /atber Aatt inbetit,ano not ^e beiteAof tbe pstt of tbe 9o« 
tber; becaufe it took effect ano beften in t||^ tootme as a patcbafer. 
. , f <$ 3f tbere be 1Lq;3> Feme mefne, Ato tenant, anb tbe merne co.ibM.38B. 
J^^* **^ binob^^^l^^ auDb^tbeireabpbetJEDttb totbe acquittal of tbe Ce< 3.1a. 
^'"''^* nant , tbe mefne takes b:ifAanb , tbe Cenant \it bis JBD&b stantetb to 
tbe b'4sbaini ano bis beire^^tbat be ano bis beices fbss not be bonno to 
ac'quital, tbebusbano ano tstfebabe iifne anobte, tbis ilitit beins 
bonno as b^ice tobi^ motbet , (baO not take benefit of tbefaib scant 
of oifcbatSK) fo> tbat ejpt^nos to tbi^b^ites of tbe pact of tbe fatbei;> 
ano not to tbebeires of tbe patt of tbs niotl^ , ano tbecetbje tbe beirt 
of tbe mttbets pact ioas bonno to tbe acqnital* 
«_ . . 7 3lf tbe busbano alien bis lano , ano tben tbe trife is atf ainteo of co n,u „ -V- 
wolaji if^»«P > "<'to<« Ibcolfableo, butif ibebeparooneb bcfbjetbe beatb ^•""•"- ** 
lureiower of tbe busbatio, fl)e 0)aD be enootDcb ; j^o if tbej^onneenooto bto 
•adwbacnot. ioifeattbs age Of 7 |»e;ite8» afleniii patris, if (be befo;e tbe oeatb of 
bet btDsbano attaine to tbe age of 9 peaces , tbe JDotoec is 6000 ; fo) 
in tDefe ttoo cafes t be tigbt of S[>otDec tooke effect in tbe life time of 
tbebn0<»n<> bpteaton of tbe capacity, tobicb tbe toibes baoto take 
it : IBnt otbertDife it ii of an original abfolnte oitbbtlitp; as if n 
man take an J9ia;n to toifej ano aftet tbe bttsbano alien tbe lano, 
anb aftet tbe iii maoe B>eni{en , tbe bnsbano oietb , Hie (bal not be 
. snootDeSj becaittebet capscttp anopoCtibilitp tobeenbotoeo.cameb? 
tbeSDeniption; otbettbifeit tneceif (be toete natucalijeobp jSct of 
9atliament;,fo» tbat makes bet as abfolnteip capable, as if ibe 
*■ . tDeteafttb)e(tbo2ne» ' . 

• & if tbe JFatbet coni)epbi«Ianbs bcJben bjlinigbt»fecbice eitbec co. iUd.7Sju' 

.vsdfliip. ^ tbeiiins o; of anp meine Ho^o, to bis mioole ftonne intaile> 3. 

tbetemainoec totbe poangeff ftonne in ifce, ano oietb, tbe eloett 14Ei.137.3ee. 
being toitbin a£e> ano tbe iiing o) Ho^ feije tbe boop togetbec 3M«r-D7i3^« 
teftb pact of tbe tano accojofng to tbe fi»tatate of.j x ano 34 of H. 8. in 
tbis cafe if tbe niioole b^otbet Die toitbowt iiltie, tbe Hing o> tbe 
1,0 JO flbaft not babe anp benefit of tbe Ifrtatnte againfl bi>^ tn remain* 
oec; fo» tbe Statute toas once fatisSen , ano tbe Statute .evtenoetb 

not to bim in tetnainoer^ Co.l.2.^J.P4. Blnghams cal'cj and North* 
COB cafe. Co. 1. 10.80. b. Loveycscafc.,. 

9 IBbenLitiietbnfaitb, tbat eber^ Centre fobicb if not Knight-fer- co.ii>i<i.>«.a; 
vice is Senute in Soccage, betbete fpeaketb of Ssccage as it is large* 3.&io«.b.i. 
Ip taken , ano fo caBeo ab cffcau , tbat is, al Cenntes , i^bicb batb ""••* «»•• 
ttie like effects ano incioents belonging to tbem, as Soccage batbi 
ace tetmeo SDenntes ia. Soccage, albeit ejiginaVp fetbice of tbe IBloagb 
foas not tefetbeo ; ail if o^tginaOp 9 Kofe , a paite of gilt ^pats , ft 
3tlent , 0} tbe liite locre tefetbeo , 0; tbat tbe fl^enant Ibonlo bolo 

tbelSnOStbbe Ul'coremlcel:ratorutncon4eranaton»n, vtaliofufpendiOfa- Q^ll^m\^^%,*» 
lios membrorutn detruncacione , vel aliis modis Juxta quantintein perpe« 
trati fceleris puniat , tbat iS. tO be a Hangman oi Executioner* 3|t fttmes 

f n ancient times fncb £>lf ices toere not moluntfecs, no) to be biteb fo} 
rn^te,btitbM^tobsbonnBt>)etenntobp^ennret , ^' 

^ 10 ^. 


^§ IrticRcafonol^ ^ax.^ 

^ b<et&,iM0^ktottW«a5e,t|)e»iftop either bctcjeo^.^^^ 

tfte SKawflib, tat W« JD&iatatow;, toy Albeit tijc .^'ft'^-Oatft tjfc .'. 

»0(gn{OJP cnautcr droit, jet t|)£ ifi^ftfp WtlQ ^^% «- Cbatteh J?. .. : • : ^ 

to4l» it iiMjteoiiittttfiW, ana ai^jiatt*!! cannot co^^^^ 
»^eCioi*ojatton»ttnUtoitlje4tttbKta£^ottlje»tn0t ., • ^ '*- -j- 
Li«i 5 «a. . H 3f Unt»J»e grant© tpii^ah foi tetm^of Rterwre? upon f on* A««fl«. ^ 
coItalVaKi Brftfo«Ttbat.« be pap totbe dPiautoj tnftWn tbetlw fittt PM«3 4« -«*on coadd^ 
ai(f. b. I. ic martorfbat tljen beAafl AaSytte^ojotbcjtoffebutfo^ tb8 tetme of fibj onto haTcH 
»i7.a.> Mawi,anDiit»c?af &JiailiKinawantob<mb?lojtt(»tbejw«r, 
!»tbf« catetbe ©jantabatb JFie limpid toirottlonal,^c. jimn bm 
■ Jwt pap ta tbe ©jarito* itbif 4» maiM WtDiit tbe jlrft ttoo peitcrf,. 
jtDwiaimwiateVp Mtettljofe tipo jjMte« palt,jtue jFj airoj^raifl^ 
tenant iianiidjia* Ij^aojaweo tatbe ©jantoi, «c, a«o tbetwjoti 
^f tbl3«fei» fitwHweo nponxbe effect^ tbattbcB^itsctp tosKeat fittt: 
to3-bptbc.«i|e.of a^atwa iLftet^jof jbetffnnwttpaffeapjefent ^tte* 
ifllp to (omei^a/ano cannot H^a$tii\iA\i infutufo, asitmrift 
Ibo in m» cats ,' It aftet HibiDtg of feciCn mace , tbt i!tifeb«D f.m a«« 
^etttanct ftiWlBJWt naffe puUxftl^ , bat ejpctf untifl tSe Consrttrti 
be pMo^meB ; Sim tbewfojef a ILeafetoj peaces be jjiaue-, to begti 
at Miehaelmas , fbe teinatnoec oter to anotbec in f« » if tbe %tw> 
inaIiel.itet»of »eilWbefoje MwhacWs, tbe H^itetg <«,uotiJe, be* \ ■ ♦ 
caufe if It JSooto ^foUtt at all , .tt nnift take cttett pjeieivtl? i ,ano 
Co.n)ia.ii7.l>. cannot ejtpetf j J^aB tbtte is a ttitjitBti? (In tbt cafc abote put)lJet^«« J 

»w a %ztiUmiiU> ana 4 *«afe foi ?earea i to? In cat? a |cafe mm . , j ^ 

iBlttjIutb a Conoitlflu to babe #& , tbe #« ftwte ipatWb M *f *1*\ ' >^^ 
tb6t»etfojm«nce of tbe Conaltlon, fojtbat .tbelliiiecp!ft«p',Knc«t* -^:-'< • 
lplDo>1tttpontbciFt«bote J Iwtotbecttlfelt l« Intbe cafeot a%eaj8 ; 

, to) peaxeis: mnt la alfo aaltietatp betto^n anbetltancej, tbat He 

thgwttt; anblinbeiltanciw tbatllelttl.lterp; tojitaman ctantan f 

.Skvifi^oiitoiiJie&xfit^am Conbltlon, tbat it m <Djant« mpj^ 

«c, tofibin tb'efet'me ,:ibat ttjert'be ftaii bate ir# , m(B»nt» flwii 

jBOtbaue iF« ontlilr tie iCwaWon be petfojm^i , » & dc fimihbu* : 

.t ::;. :: .r, jj^m-p^^^tttlteltlsV *>beMfterpof feellln Is teqnijite; Jtntttbwe* .. v; 1 1-:, 

„,..,,,.•;• twr If tlie ming tnaUe r«a4 Jteaft fo» peate0 .upon f(jcb a Conom* * ._ 

' tfttpiSlIBaOf* Vidc55-iqp-fej5»t v. ' * .. , 

Litti s »«. . 1 ^ 3|t a amn make a |P«ftOf,|reotwettt to anttbpt Wftbont «o?> ^ ^^ 

c"iwd:»".b. bition. ano ttbeli be 8lbe0.|.lv«:p.,.b6^ closa/lbe, erfate Itrftb a ^^^ 
J. »»»7.«>.4. Cofttfftiottj tntblsial^ m etatetak^i effect bp.fbe:irlbetpr ano not ^"^ 
bptb?!©«90tifeofiltfttt, ^no tbecefo;e flwtt' be fttblett; totbe Con* 
'bittoru • . . . 1 

c«jwa:»xia. 1 3 at a m&9 \» nmt an* uteb fti a fo*ralB«e »(n|jbbme ', oflamja ^ ^ 

% • , f^ * ^DitWll England, pet It ^IbetpanO ^earnbcntaoe, Secundum fonrnm f^J^^J 

.,;'*'; ; 'wtx^ letetewmail-paifc; to> tbe lano paffirtb>anB tbe grant takes effw ^^3!^ 

fip^tie?i'ib«E*«««inj«bptt)fD&b» * v - > "' 

Co ibid t^i k' ■ H ICbecetoaJdfteFlltijbettD&n a /eofmenf of lattD(at mauigm* ^ , ^' 

:?. ort^onflo^nce, oj.tofbc Intent topetfojwe bla iaa«a|m; anijaJf;R« acSS 

oCaient to tbe nC^of fncb l^eitOn ano pecfon^ , ^no of fncb ettat^ an*: yf^^?^ 

. ' elf atee , atf be Iball appoint bp W laft ^la : fo}>ln fb^ taft tare, fbe- - - 

^V4Vx34» ^^^ Coiiimon Law* 


fpsd though 
0B parctcular 
ij^ eftilc. 


t)tnfe byTc- 





Warranty of 
aoiofiukt To'ui 


operate dorfv 

b^tbofi^cAfes, tJ^eiTeoffeejet arefetfeo to t^ettfeof tl^e IFeoifoianD 
1^0 fl^ca in tl)e mean tfme. 

15 3f ti)e HeCCo} oHbffe A. i,.^f(ee fo? Iffe , ano nfaltea Heabto 
B. fo} t^ life of A. tlje remaf noet to C. in fee ; lint, albeit A. te<enteT> 
ano oefcat tlie effate to% life > pet ttie rematnoet to C. being otjce tieft* 
eQbprtooo Citle lliaB not be at)oiQeO: &o it is if a Ideate be maoe 
to ait Blnfant fo? lt(e , tbe temainoer in ^ee , tde Bjnfant at bf fuH a^e 
oiUBgf e^to tlbe eSate fo; life, pet is ^e remainoet gooo ; becaote it 
teas once tjtfto bpgoooSCitfe* 0nii tfcerefoje altboagb itbetegtilat< 
Iptnie,.tb<ittD^nt'je pnticttlat effate is oefeateo, tbeTemainoecoe« 
pennins tbetetipoaliiaVbealfobefeateD; pet tbat cnle failes ^ntljeCe 
ano tbelfbecaCrS : Wat in botb tbefe cafes tbete loasa patticdlac 
eftatsf at tbe time of tbe remainoet cceateo^ 

t6 3f tb? IL'O^s Qtantstbe fetl^es pf bisCenatit to a .man , ano Lhd.f f ^. . 
aftetbpa SDeeo beating a later oate, be grants tbe fame l&erbices Co.iiMd.3i0.a; 
to anotiiet , ano tbe SCenant attojnes to tbe tecono (C^antee ; biece, >' 
t!>elaft<Djanteeflial bat» tbe ^ettiices; ano albeit aftettoaros t|» 
O^enflnt \ofi atto^ne to tbe Srft (!?}antee,it is cleerlp ^io,|c. 

17 ^f aman(iBili»)of lanos in taiie? beijifetb tbem to anofber in Lkti.$<M. 
fee, anobie, ano tbe otfiec enter, it, t^isis no oifcontinuance* be< C0.aiid.3j4b. 
canfeRODifcontinnanre canbe m 70ebp2Denant in C^U, batfacbds 3. 

is maoc a '"italtetbeffea in bis life time. "■" , 

18 If ttoo?opn'tenants liritbinagemaliea iTeofmenf in iEeie)anbLitti.s<34. 
one of f^tn Dies, anotbeotbet fmibibes, in as mncb as botb tbe Sin* Co.ibid.3)7.a;^ 
font#n*''rtbai>ei«)pntlpentre6intbeirlibes, tbatrigbt iftatt Uri^oDp 3. 

acctae. to irm tbat furDitjes, am be (ball enter into tbe tnbole,ic. bat Co.i.8.43.«.3. 
iathi^ cafe if one. Of tbe Sjopmtenants baomaoea i^eofmentin JFee, 
anooieo, tbe^-igbt tDonlo not babefntbibeo;:becaafe tbe fe^^ecance 
of tbe Jopntnre took effect in botb tlieir tibes time* Whininghaois 

caie. '. ' ■ . ' 

19 3ii manp cafes a ISattantp aoaeb to a contepaiice fsliaitito co.a>u.33k.a. 
make aottcontinnnnceabeficau, tdtboagb betbat maoe tbe conbep^ 3. 

ante tDi^s never feifebbp fo^ce of tbe eftate tails; becanfeittafcefba* 9E.4d9.i>. 
tiDfif tbeentrpof bim ttwt rieibtbatb, asanificontinaiance wtb: il« £-4."."E» 
if Cenni in taile be ^ilfeifel%an!i bietb ' ano tbe iCtne in taile ri^afie «'''* 
totbeS>tfleifo} toitb Warrantp; 3ti t|is cafe tbe iffne toas neber 
feiteo bp fo»e of tbe taile, an»pet tbbs tntb ttie effect of a offcont(nn« 
ancebpreatoioftbeViarrantp. < ~ 

la if a man of fnOage aiDan infant make a JFeofnient in iFee Coibid^^y.^. 
toitb lESlarrantp, ti)i0 VXarrantp is not iwto in part, ano godo in 4< 
part > bnt it is gooo f 0} ti^e tobole againft tbe man of ful age > ano 
ooioagainfttbe Siifant: fo2, albeit tbe JFeof^pmtof an Unfantpaf' 
Ong bp Hibetr of f»eiSn he boteaUe, pet bis Wactantp> ttib^c^taltetti 
effetf onelp bp SE>eeD> is meerdp toio. 

tt 3lttfticr Richel in tbe tfmeof R.2. gabebfs lanos to bis doelt Liai.$.7zo, 
j&omie , npon Conoition tbat if be fiioalo alien tbem in gf^y «c» tbat 7**: 
tben bts eltate ftoolo ceafe ano be toio , ano tbat tbep ftotifo remaine Co.iiHd.3y8( 
totbefecono l^oime ano tbfbeires males of bis boop, (c. tbis foasa 'M^h.^. 
boio limitation ; becanfeif tbe doeft donne ftonlo alien tbe lanos in cVi isfw 
ifee, fc» tben is tbe iFraali«tenemetitano tbe iFee ample intbeiSli' cirbectaic. ' 
enee, anonraffcneeos fettle ano^take.effeit in blm ano noiie otber; 
ano tben boto can it remaine to tbe fecono lionne , «c. o^ boto can tbe 
CKono ^nne enter upon tbe ;aiienee , tnben be bao no. rigbt. before 
tbe ;aiienatioQ, neitber 6nce tbe jZUietiatftm coolo le poflUblp l^be 

iz 3lf a man Wfike a, %.eafe fo} life opon <Conoitibn> tbat If tl^ Ce.ibia.37t.b. 
iUffo}gtant oDertbe retWERon, tdKt tben fide l«flteibeiil babe JFee; 3« 

iD » betfc 



Tho Reafoii of <S\^ax:^. 

6tte,<f m%ttfi%fSttLvtm telwcSiHi bt 0int, tHI^etu WA not 
ftate fet ; fo> ip^n tlje iiine ttansfmetH tie /« to t|ie C«iaf«, 
tbitef ate fetb fetteo , ann talu« fiitli efEMt fit liim , tliat tfnttamt 
iFtnecannott0O3lt8ttHlatrbit|)e1.«CtetlCo; CnMteaitetiatiWMti* . 
not teft a(i eff ate o( oitt avo tl^e fame tatn to ttno fleiietal 9ecfon0 at 
one aM tbe {ftmeitme* 
c«.i.»..j.b.4. 33 «r*en tfehuf,tljat lie in Bt«tt, an»take tfteiteffemeaiw eSnt P«f^*4 
B^ww Mfc. bp tlie oeMtetp oC tlie SPeeo ipft^ntetjec CeteiiMiip, ate gtanteito «X^ *" 
one enoftteftelrefc Habendum fo> geared o>l«fe; tfteret|>e Habendnm »«"^* 
t»TetKi«nantanoijoAi: astf amanetanttent) Common, «(» ontof 
Wimnk^m piemttiwof tlie8>tfrotooneati«l^l)e<re8> Habendum 
fo^pearea o^ Uft> t^ Habendum httevnommt; fo) f» nto paieb; 
m pitmifUa bp tbe oelfterp tf tlie )l>«o > tm tiettto^etlie Habendum 
fODpeafeio^ fo) ttCifetioto t jSlQatoejif one bp jt^tofcantatentin 
cfl'e , 0} • f»e^fo}p in tbe ftemites tootie ans bfii beitsa » Habendum 
totbe^Mttteefeipeatesoi fo^lifei 9ete, aAett anofbet Ccremonp 
ii^trqaiiitt (m. |ltto»nemettt) beCoeotbe teUbecp eC tbeJDoeo, pet 
ill <A0 macb aa tbep ate tbiasa tbat Ue in gtant ana at tbe eitatetf 
VIZ. in #«, fo} peacea, oolite, ongbt to babe one ane tbe bmeCete* 
mtme to paib tbem , yik. ;9tto}nement ; fo> tb«t canTe tbe Habendum 
id in tlvitfafeaU0aQ|nO8ebt»io« 3. tnben lano ia titetibp j^to in 
ifeebptbe p)emi<Ito) Habendum to tbe lefkefo) life, ^lece alfotbe 
Habeodum if Mb ; becaofe tbe tame Ceremonp iare^miSte to bat^tbe 
eft«ta» > am it ftal be talun moC fofcibt? afainlt tbe IFeoSb}* 
4. pibentotbeefate timiteo bptbe^temife'ea Cetewonpia wmnU 
lit»totbe peitalioneC tberf^ate* anototbe etate iimttib bp tbe Ha- 
bendum netbins io teipifKeto tbepecretfiom ant eHence of it » bnt one* 
Ip tbe eelitecp of Vtt 9tn ; sm tbat cafe , aKb^ngb tbe Habemfann be 
of a letfe state tbettiamentioiiei} tntbe|^mi1IiM> gettbeHabendam 
flial itano > aa if lano begiuen to a man ano bie beitea Habendum (t% 
pe«tta ; beceto tbe fee finple Urniteo iieibe ^fwrnfttu ft i« ceqni* 
fitato babe Hiberp ami IMfii, ana until l.ibecp be bm notbiitis 
paOetbbat an efbite at toil (if tbeB>sca fboato sono fitctbet) bat b]; 
tbeHabtndumfi^^peaiea, tbeeftate takeaeflMr imineaiatelp npontbe 
bfliiiecp of tbe S>c8bia{tboncb l^ibetp oW^eilnbenetec fiiiien^ 
Co 1 ^.61 '4 iSliemaitoolamafcea al^eafe fo» UfietniDjfne rent, amafter taatSdk 
t^*ai bp bee IPeei gcanta tbe lUterflaii to anotbet « ano after ano before ARoamocu. 
MMr»^»cicare»jatto}nement maniea toitb tbe <ID}antee; bere> tbia wattage toaa 
>R.». tmtti- not a tonnttt'WanB of tbe jatto}nement> no mo)e tban if Ibe bao 
ncn{, ftc. xmixim iDitb anpetbet ttanger; becaitfe, intb8tcafe>1iiben tbeiFeme 
bpbec 9^a»realeo anD oattbereD baa gtantet tberetmOonto anofbet, 
tbatficam tmk (ittb eftct againU bet (elfe,f tbe Mulo notbp anp too)M, 
bibicblbecanlonfiK, cottntet'manoit befojeo) aftettbetfi!tii%of tbe 
C0.1 .4.7o.b.4. 3 5 y a man batgime ami fel lanoa to anotbet bp 9>eet inoenteB, fms and B«f 
fi\nd€i ctfc. nnQ alio let^ a fine of tbe Ibme lanoa mtto tb0 Satgainee , amMif< gainc ami 
tet tbe JDeeftia intoles aoo^ting to tbe j^tatiite ; Sjntbia caft , tbe sale. 
<i>)anteeibaB be in bp tbe fine, am not bp tbe laDeeo intoieo ; fO» 
toben t\t #ee flnqile pll bp tbe ;f fne to tbe ConnTee ano bia beitea, 
tbeintelement of tbe IPee* ineentea aftettoama cannot oebeft ana 
tMtne tbe eitate oitf of bim , tobicb toaa abfointetp el^aUifbeo in b<m 
bp tbe #inesfo} tban tabereaabe teaa in befO)e in tbe per,i)e fbal be nolo 
in tbe poll , teif cb cannot be; ana tnben tbe Common I,ato ana IMa« 
tuta llato contatte, tbe Common 3.ato 0nl be pjefetrea» 
Co. 1.4.89 b 4' 2<$ V^bena CountelbtetaineatlDoCbaplaina, tbofettooateeacb ACvaneflb 
Dr«mfcaic. ^ t^mcapaUeof aS>ifipntr«tion bpfoueof tbelfttatote of 11H.8. buin»efc»p 
S«5m Mft'' '*P- '^' •"»* ^f*^ •* ^^^ ^ iv^xom ttoo , tbe Jbtatnte ia imotea; '•'^ 



'ax»}4* tlic Common Ls^l ioi 

tetainet of a tlMn , in tiie life time of t^ tiro 8tS , cannot tebeft t6e 
eipacitp of H>irpenfat(on > UfMcl^ tm0 at fcft Hetn in tbem b[» 
tbeit mainec , t9 mate tie t||ic» capable of a aNffcnfation tiitl^tn t|ie 
l^t^tute; atbeftlie lf)oal» fnttitto boti) t^itit; becaoOetiie retainet 
baB ait ebit commencement to take benefit of tbe l^atnte , Uti al* 
tbongbaC^unteSemap bate asmanp Cbaplaino as tbe pleafetbat 
t^e Common llatO) pet Ibe can not b^be mo;etban ttoo capable of a 
X>ifpettrat{on,b? fo?ce e^be SHatnte. 

fkkoKcitft 17 V ttoo bate SEitle to pteTent hf tncne, ano tbe one piefentf CoLm**. 

tod lecoodia bf«Cler1te> li^oto Jlomitteo, fnltituteo, <f> anoaftec is oepaiteo mMfinnCc 
f < "*^ ';^^' fo9 ctime^o} betelEe) «c» ftt be Ibaft not ptefent aeatne > but tbio Ibaft 

t^ttS^ fwtiefo) bid tncne; ftoif bep>«fent mewkicus, fubicbHwa aomit* 
' teti«3lnitftute9,fc» altbongbbtbeoeclateobp fentencetobeimapa* 
ble > ano t^tefo^e toio ab initio , pet becaafe tie Cbotcb toao nA 
nnttU tbe fentence oeclacaf o}p came , tbat IbaB fem fo> bis tncne, bc^ 
canre it toas bat boioable > af in tbe cafe oC Littleton, if tbe l.o» macrp 
bi^ toaro toitbin age of content ^ ano aftet be ofCagrce nnto it , ano ft 
te80 no mariase ab initio , pet be (baft not matrp bin aftectnacbf; 1^ 
(27 H. 6. dpact III.) if tbe <l5nateian macri> bi« V7ato > ano afttc 
t^pareettojcetcauraprecontMiAtis, pet be ftal not bote tbe mati' 
age cf bim agaitiet IBnt toben tb» iSlbmilion ano 3lnftitntion ate 
meerip twio , tben toifbont ^notion tbat ftal not fect^ fo> a tunie; *3 Ej>?.Dyer. 
a«if bis!^»feMe» b^b been flomitteB, 3lntitntebano3nbntteo, bnt P'* ">""<'• 
baft notlubfltibeB to tbe JElcticleo^ 1 c» accowing to ^ Wtotnte 1 i El. 
bp lobicb in (ucbcafe tbe jElomiCion > ^nttitntion ano Bknnctionate 
altofo>9(» iitiietnffe Mbere ttoo tneteto p}ef^nt bpthtne, ano one 
,P>efente9 in E. 6. timebis Clccltt, loboin tf^neen Mariestime bm '^.f»>^ 
aepjiteb bp fentence > anb tbetltbe otbec p^eCenteb b<< ClecM, liibo ^''* '^'^^ 
in I Hitx.tnasairo oepjitebbp fentence* ano bp tbe time Gmtcncetbe 
8rt ^^efentee toao reiouB , an9 aftec oieo j in ^ cate tie f^atton 
of tbrfecond^jefenteeQal not footebif tncne; JFo^attbond^fbefie* 
cono 9)i^eNtce l9a«rpettMt Co} t^ time to «l pncpofeo , ano tbe 8cC 
j^^efentee onting tbe tcff bep^itation loae not BNtcnmbent, pet toben 
tbe fecono fentence came* tbe fifflt pjefentee bmui Jmnmbent a« 
prfne bp fo^e of bia StfE |B?tfentat4oR , flomifllon, «c« ano ^ece 
neeteononeto^p^elimtation) «c» ano tbea(o» toben tbi0 ftcffp^< 
tMftce bieo (tobo tons tben in contfe tbe laf Bincnmbent)- tbe ^atcoti 
•ftbefecono ^jefenteemnt netoo piOpait in tbe neit totne; bnt if 
tbefirff^^effnteebao oieBbefo}stbefecon» fientence, ojbaonotce* 
teriieo tbe f cS fentence , tben tbe ftatton of tbe Uit 9]^9itee bab en* 
Icpeo bis tnrne,ano conto not bate pjefenteo agaiRe» 

Tenaerof *8 ^ascoticeming tbetenoecofmonef npona <|^fage) Wmh coi<ii4i^ 

k>aiie7,8K. f c. ttpoN a cectaino oap tberein HnHteo , aRbongb tbe lat time of pap* wtdu'uk. 
mtnt of tbe monep bp ttfytt H tbe Conoition be fncb a contenient tima 
before fnn*fet, astbnt tb« monep map be tolDbsfo^etbe Iftanbefiet, 
pet if tenoer be mate nnto bim , tbatongbtto teceiteit, at tbe place 
qfiecifiroin tbe Conoition at anptimeof t|eeap> anobetefiifieittt^ 
Conoitionis tateofo> etet, anotbe 9P)t0a0ero> Cbligecneeenot 
tomalte tenoec of itagaine at tbe lat inftant of tbe oap > af aCnt* 
faio: fa;bi>tbe tVfidSt Icttet of tbe Conoition tbe monep to to be 
paio npon tbe oap inoefinitelp , ano tbe iMto attgnec tbe laft iniSant, 
tofl^e eno neitbec e( tbe patties fbonlo Mil tbeit taboncinattenoiiis 

iW of »M rji J9 jn all cafef toben a SDceo is onelp botoable at tbe timt oC tbe *t?:'; W 
w^SSm^L. g )9«<on bjcmgljt (as fojjnfanfp, ll>ntes> ojtbe Hte) tbeJMimMnt ^^S: 

Hp«««« f QQI^ tQ p]gaO Judgement fi AAi©n, am not « nen eft feOum (x H.y.x 5,) •"*• 


lOL The Reafon of «5\fi«.}4> 

S»o alfo isi^ tlie Wk^ia Wn b|; dtt of ^atlfomenf ie ottf^ tiof fa 
pleao non eft fi&um , but in cotmtmtion of %»to , t^ S>eeii <0 to be 
aboAttO bp fpecfal pleaofne r talcftie avbantage of tbe 0a of |Battta« 
menfTfo} albeit tbe Sift tattb tbe ^iiligation o^otbet W^ittne ibafl 
bebois, ^ettbe Haip fmpttcitip teqntres o^ber^ tnbic^ onsbt to be 
pntfneo bp tb^ iSDbUco} , tc* Jl« if an ^ligation be tnaoe totbe 
, f»beti8ea]S8intt t^ (btatateof 23 H. <. cap. 10. ojto one againft tbe 

^tatnteof Ufury, 1 3 Eliz. cap. 8. in tlioteattb tiielibe cafiM tbe^e* 
fcnoant ougbt toconclnoe) Judgement (i Adio'n anb cannot pleab noo 

eft h&vm ( 7 E. 4, 5, 7 E. 6. Br. non eft faftum 14.) againlt tfte opinion ,^tf. of Montague in DyTeanbManinghanis cabin tb^ Commentaries:. j3< 

gaine^ teben tbe fl>blig«tion 0} otbet W siting tooli at fitS eflTect, 
anQbMsonce revera bi0 S>eeQ , but aftetioatos befojie tl;e ;3cUon 
i»>onebt became no S>ftO > ae bp tature, aoDition, aitetation , b;eali* ; 

incof tbe&ealo^tbe like, intbtfe cate« albeit it toete (bmetimef 
Jiia S>so , pet map tbe jJDefenDant Cafeip pleab , non eft ia&um -, (0% 
Bonbtlefb , at t\» time of tbe plea (tebicb i0 in tbe pjefent tenntee) 
ittD8snotbiolI>eeb* 3|nDyer 3($H.8. $9. Biniiebt) tb^iDefenoant 
. ' pleaoes non eft h&umy anb.befo}e tbe oap of jaippatence of tbeSn* 
qoeft,' tbe mice bab eaten tbe l^abd, nntotobicb tbe feeal \oMti%ti, 
bp tbe nes^ijience of tbe €\txU , in toboffe caftobie it Idso kegti 
tebetenpon tbe Jofficea commanoeo tbe imrp, tbat> tf tbep foanb 
^ it toas bis fi>eeb atp time of ^ pleaf leabeb^tbep (boulo tben gibea fpe* 
cial taecoitt,1obicbtbepbioacco}0tni;tlp» If an Obligation be bdive* 
te9to anotber to tbe nfeof tbe JDbligs , ano tbe £>blisce tefatctb it 
npon ten«et > in tbie cafe tbe belibetp batb loft its fo)ce , anb tbe ji>b« 
ligt^cannebetaerlKtoitaf^tDatbo, anbtben alfo tbe jD^ligo^mep 
fiafelp pleab » non eft faaum , againft ^ opinion in Dyer, i £Uz. 1 6-j, 
l^oaUbif an£)bli0ation be maoe to a iFeme Robert, anb tbe 15a* 
tonbifagcfttoit) tbeiSHiligo^mapi^o non eft (n&uaii fo^bp tbete* 
fnraltbe jflDbligation lofMb itefoKe, atib becomes not)ab» And by 

thefe refoktions the Qjiarre in Dyer, a. Mar. 112. and the difagrceing opi- 
nions in 14H.S. 28. Dyve and Maninghams cafe ^tf. 1H.7. if. Dyer 
I Eliz; 167. and other places are well reconciled. 

?o A.g:enantfo}HfetbeTemainbect9B.inif& jopn inaHeaCeto whetea 

C. tbis immeoiatdp afteic tbe teliberp. takes eff e(t in tbis mannet,it is ^' <" 

C..1. (. I?, tbe *eafe of a. Mting bis lift , am» tbe Conlitmation of B. ano after 2lS!J2!2L 

Trtftrttcik. tije oeatb of. A. it is tbe l^eafe of B. anb tbe ConScmation of A. acco»« ^™™*'"' 

bingto ^ opinion of Dyer % Browo,M.d. and7Eliz.234,a35.anbtbetefoae 
in an Ejedione flnxia bloagbt bp C. if be count of a jopnt jEDemiCeftom 
A. ano B. bis connt is not goob. j3nb in ^t caft altboagb tbe l-eaCe 
bebpiaOsbinbentcb) petftalit notf»o?keanp concInQon ; fo} foben 
tbe a^ttb ennrea bp paOiNg of an inteceft (as in tbis caC^ it ootb) it fiiaS 
not be taken fo^anpconclnSon, no moje tijana iLeaft fo; peaiesof 
tbeSCenant foilift bp 9>(eB inbenteb 0iafl tean Cftoppel aftec bis 
De(>tb>becaare at tbe beginning it took cfGMt bp toap U paffing an 3|n< 
teceft,}. 31 QSbenCenant bpHnigbt li»ecbic» tteSfW^kt ioitbinage, Muriapaue 
Sic DriM Dru. pjcfjentlp tbe balue of bis mariage > as a Cbattel takes fncb etCeaano tothcLoo}.^ 
wMcafe. tafowftebintbelLojb (24E. 3, 25. v. N.Br. 27E. 3. )tbat albeit fticb ^^««*«» 
an befte teitbin age be maoe a Itinigbt ? anb to tbat patpoCe in Jabge* 
ment of i^ati is eftcemebof tbe faO age of 21 peatcs> pet 0iafltbe 
1^020 ba^e tbe balne of bis mariage , as toeft as t^ cnftobie of bis lano 
tttt bi'i age of 2 1 peares , tobicb laft to remobe all bonbt, 1am e^p^eOelp 

giben to tbe l-oJO bp Magna carca cap. 3. 

co.i.M7.b.;. 31 3lf Kitting batb a lAingbomebpsCitte Of beCcenttDbere tbe l^aiDS TbcKing 
C*hm cafe, ^abe taken goob effea ano rooting, in as mnci) as bg tbe H^los of tbat uniwcaiter 


• "'^^axM^'. the Q)ffimbi>X^wT 


*;l»fes with- 


jjome^e aotb titfterltit, tje.«nnbt.c^attgi firofe iialpitf of bJmfelfc, 

John bJfB glwn unto tljem fftringtmocx Jjfd obcateic*: anij. fiJlij^iiion) 
. t!)c ILataa of JE^^laJld,,Jo^t!J«^go6«;wwnf of. tJ)^t4CptiBtj^^ 
. . •. .i»gitm<M9monltKtr^famc1bl(Ww9tfwitt^itn . . \. \ ■ ■, .^ 
goi--^. ?; 2C!K©jaritWariritcJjdrgJ^i!wtfM^F0fJJ«^ 

.fcawchargeth; „ 5Rccagmfmicd>.anft'Mtt>;ipa3?8>iy*fiffi t^.5net«»tcriaijf, t^ ,&V:: 

Inle IP the 

. tije rcKt scf)M cr toe- trtiitetttnunoir >. a^^ra^f «oj^ t^ wa* ue nawc to 



tl^e- INn^^&.ati ;3Dt!fltofoo in jFa-..toiuci),is toia, f^nu pj „ ^6 
^iittl«rf.tljc at»iw«tfe'tiK li^tt^^ atnag tbfc aidtotofotiin i^cc, p.*.- --; 

, an; )3tet)o^foit ^.waJj^jof tjijEtJcm^otaittes of a l^jflj^ij'itc &;:to^ft!) n • , . ' , 
. wij awa.i«K4»|&e>«t»<i»pt^ ]ti»^-.|iifig Hffioicfi to t6c :)ia'tB)pp ttjc . » 

fljMfojfgia atoinance; tecauretftcpjEffntatJon toasii s^itfcl tofitcfi 
tettebiti|iioife?'fo)ebe«fto;n ttjc tcmpojaltfcfl ; ^Mitim l)Ci»t^«V-. 
, i,«Kr«/fi;oi»-.tti? Ilinjj^ anaDat&iti pettfic fiing OjaH p jcfcttt tb tgcj 
:.;9BtiofiiifonCftW^',iJoi0eDl»uans tbc.tinic, tftat t:;. Al^jotof?} .-i> • - •' 
Mftfed-SiBte tit flt^ 3ti(jp6&^am>.i i^utf qua .lu^ra.. ^flietstfe if a',p?n ffz - ' 

ibi&i»of'an';aouaiBfonin Jfg^ih'fftoffe, oJJippcnMnt .to a %a^no?, 
'ariDti)? }aDl)otiron,i)o|i)es("; tLmWt^^Tf^WMvit^Wa ftall iai?tth^ 




The VkeX 

. Ji}erentmto|i antmot t^^ehe ;. s%y&im\ 

'35 3Q)eCertrto9flwaMtt)e|>$e(lttt^t;on{W^ 
. tf^eteime , al^ftoatirig tj^e t^^in^ (li p^etft jfot tom gs1)ot0fon: 
f^Q if a tmiclicacB liappen to te Doid > anff tkfoje W ^fftfan rati^^pje* 
, ., ;(^nt{iei0jt^tpajiBiaop,4(, |?et|i»lliaftp)«f<ttttp^tlflt mickaise; be* 
■ ;jaafefttDa^.-a:<^fl]W:t»«tt«attW^^ .•.'.'. 
wMechp.. ..•^.«.lf,t^f€|;iatbiaH mattp tBeTjeireaffei.tlJ? i&« i4^eate8,antt Fic».i4xJi.^ 
<^rdiu<haUSin^tbes4i<ttf la tai(£h li? a itcafng^ , ^cit tt)i^.<$tmt])iati Ibatt not 
Mt h«««:- -ij^)^ ,^>if f f|t^£i(ffi|ijc|»t., MtMtzki Ijatlj Ijatt tie.iffjw of lifemati. 

'A Chattel 
rcRcdl" \'. ' 

^coffeeiii<^ ! 3^^ litige 'if:(bl^lt|i9ft ConoiUoRtie Bttfoifeo , atio aftet bfnt) bUti* 
•*^n,#u;«wf« filft^fttaTjffltflirRitc »fei^I«, b> J^iritftanl, dj In a RMOgntCsnce , 0; take *"•** 

A7 ^t'a.^mn.i^'S^^m)k.^^ Wtity altOoufib %i» 



.• toifo^ t\i»^ no oiOibiUtpin |tfm of .peitfo^minc tbe consitfon ; fo% tm> ■*■ 

, JMtctfie^'aiitiejIUt, m lattn £9.not cMrgeD tb^ttottb. neitget t0 tbelano 
. tnttebfimi^4f'^6»jpilc{(»jfi|ble-,fbeceant«; bKan^^ «%> 

;, . il»)Di(ii#«b;tb«CpmS»lea(itbe&tatate^ ./vt ^ v 

. aQ$i:t^'J^1|(ttit«(tiotb«rftejtibetnAppet&)metbeCom)it{onintbe^ta^ ;.•. -" 

icccffptanM }^ M|eejeian,fttWfeoi. Iieafe f«ipfo faao tofo b?a ,Con?»itiono> Co.iby.xifi> 
"'^"Tfe * ILhn(tat«ttj,.no.a^«iitam;e,of,tbe rent after can make tttobatje a contt. »• 0. 
J^"*'' nwB(e*IJtfterl9feftlji<faitet«teo>jLMfet»<oabiebpemrj;. .^ 


t^ The Rcafbn df ^\£axA4» 

55. He diat cannot have orperforme the efiPcd or confequence of 
a thii^ , {hall noc have the thing it felfe. 

Cte.iaft.pusi i 3|f amanbectiBe&bp W^ftto tibel^atHainentr ano tfie VSiiitia Noiw »• 
i*-i*-s- Bdftiereft nnto j^itn , ami ^t fit f n ^arUament b? fotce of tbat m lit, be i<i>« >^ &(• 

i0 fo} ctvc aftet a IBaron 0} paer of tbe ^atUatnent , ano tberebp bi0 
bloaD {0 eAnobltfi to b<m ami bt0 Html beites ; bnt tf bs ofe before be fits 
fo parliament , b^ faei no Vaim n ^ett neftbet (batt be o} bts teap an? 
beneftt of tbe VSiiit -, becaafe (befng p^etenteo bpoea^) be tamiot pet< 
fb}metbeeffe(t oiconttqnence of tbetHQ^ft* to!)Hb <0) petTonaliterin- 

tereffe cum R^ & cum Prelatis « magnatibusj&c. Soperarduistiui^entibus 
negotiis,8cc^on(iliamluiunimpenrunim,8cc.. ' 

C'e.ib'ui..8.b.i. * Sin UnfUnt tottbin ace , tbat i8 not ia tmtm of anotbec , cannot An in/am jtr 
Braft. 1. 1. fo. be Cnarotan in frotcase ; becante no1Sl;ft of acconnt can Ueaf^fnff cannot be 

SS> an3lnfant» jFo^^aftBraAoafaitb) Aliumregerenonpoteft, qaifeiplum Gwudiaa. , 

Fl«u l.ixap. rtgerc non novit : j^} 80 Fleu, Minor minorem cuftodirc non debet , alios 
* enim prefumiccr male rcgcrc^i feipfii regcrc nefcit: ^M b? ^ lilt reafonjfln 

man non compos mentis , a Unnatfck ) a man cxcus & mutus , 0} flirdus 

&mutus , oiajleperiemobes bpa ta^ft deleproroamovcudo cannot be 

towibid.8;Ar. 5 ^ <D«atofan toftoccage Aall not pjetent to a benefice in tbe AcJutrJi.. 

tisbt of tbe be<ce; becanfe be tannot be accomptable tberefbje, fo) canaoc 

tbatbecanmakeno benefit tbeceef; fo)tbel.atoootlrabbo) ^imonp? pcefemro 
' *i an? co}tnpt contnut fo) 15enefice<; ^notbecefo^e fntbatcaCetbe aBeoefice. 

liefte IbaB p}e&nt bHnrelfe^ 
r«iMi«a. •♦ sntDo 3ogn»tei!ant0 bittigaOTjitof ^^nc, anotbeonefefotn* o™. t«v««. 
r ' monett ano feberw, tbe otbet cannot foje»jai>8» tbespefne; ifojbe n«K<ir^oi 

ougbt to be attenoant to tbe io}D fBatamonnt^ as tbe ^efiietoaa, f«rejudge. 

ano tbatcanbe not be alone loitbont \tie companion: &o Itlo alfo If 

ibere be ttoo 3|opn>tenant0 ^etnes , ano iii a iSI^it of ^nt b^onebt a* 

galnfttbem, onemaltetbbeRiitIt, anBtbeotberappe8re0, tbete can be 

no foje>JuBgec» 
«;o.ibi(>.a. 5 3f SCehant In iFtank.almofgne bjlng a im%ii of j|>erneaga<nll NoDifckkw 
3. bt0 1.0}) , tbe ]L.t}Q cannot oKclalme tn tbe beignlo)? > becanfe be cibi* in Fnmkai- 

net boloofanpmantniFtank>almol0ne,bntolttbeSDono}anobl0b*lc0. moigpc. 

6 3inbe 1^0)0 mapblm bl0 tailalne} beCbaft be Intifcteb fo} It at m^.^^ 
... tbe !&tne0 fttlt : bnt be (ban not babe an iappeal tf mapb^ agatnt bjL^ka!^ 
Smlli'a bl0 1.010 , becanC^be cannot to tj^atcatie enjfoptbe bamasesrecobertDi gamfthisvii- 
4. ' " fo^tbat npontecotetp aoid erecntion fo^tbi oamaeeo, tbe )lo}bmap lasne. 

Immeotatelp take t|)em front blmagalne* Vide infra jt.i; ' 

7 3lna Ctuid juris damatb^ottfibt bp tloo ^recnto?0, tbe non>fltitef Noa*ftik«( 
^ ^j. . tbe one 10 tbe non>(ltlt of bbtb : becatttetb^ tenant cannot attolneacco^ eneeucunc 
co.a,«i.,3,... i^jngt^tbectant. : , . »»<>f««h. 

8 )aesnlaclp toben ani?,man tofll talie abbantage of a Comtl* jaioat c^ 
r 11 Q tion > If be ma? enter be ntnft enter > ano tobett be cannot en* acidwrenttr 

'' as it ioere to ntake foay fo} bl0 entri^ : 0ns tbe reafon of tbis l0> becaafe ccflary. 

a iFraebolD an& 31 nberitance fbaB not ceaCe toitbont entrp 0% ctaithet pet 
in fome cafes 1 tbfien be cannot enter bp reafon of fome p}elientin* 
intcrea, \oW\) t2)e ^nani batb to tbe lano, neitber (ball be tben 
malte bis claime > becanfe be cannot enf op tbe effeit of bis.claime, viz. 
tj enter into tbe lam) : j^ototbe cafe of Littleton Scft. 350. Jjf lanobe 
rrrnntco u a man fo^ 5 peares upon Conoitfon , tbat if be pap onto tbe 
9 lanto} iDitbin ttoo peare0 ^o marks , tbat tben 1st Hat babe ifce, o» 
•tberipife bnt fo} tbe terme of 5 peares , if to tbls caGi tbe ^aantee bo 


^a^. % the Common taw, ic^ 

not ^f onto ff)0 <ttiKemf^ 40 imtibf fnftlite t^ Sitttoo sta«e0i 
t^n{ttiai»totBrt> after ti)«&ttDai»eate0 pail > i^/deatn> ^tatilt<te* 
qment f in tlie (D)«ntO} iDftiioiit cntrp 0) claims> fCt Vide 34. 1 1, and 

J5. lop. . 

{liffiiijof . 9 3f an Ejcaionc finnal»i»oa# > attD t^jc tetme fnttttretH ftang* c.^'J >•<•« 
Kfi«w and fne tlie jactioii, ?ett^ ;^ton fbaft pweeo fo; oamages onelp > beiante >• 
; ^c- an Ejeaione Qott Ue aCtet tiie terme fo) oawagts onct? ; but it SCe«. 

I naii^ {HKauter vie > b^big an i^fffte, ano Celty que vie otiitl, banging tbc « 

iHl^it > albeit tbe QK>it loete toeV commenceD , eet tbe iRK^it l^at a« 
bate; becaule be cannot bai)e tbe eHiMt o( a tecotietp in. an Slfll&> 
1;oi)icb ie to batie as fuel tbe i^an»a« tbe jBDamage? , ano not {Danta* 
$00 one^} a0 in tbe cate of an Ejeaione firma. 
Moffiicof Ec* '^'^ V- %vcaxA in a real 0(tion r^eafe onto tbe S>enianDant after Co.ibu.a«^4. 
Mifterie- tecoterf ) aB bi0 rffibt in tbe lano , be ibat not aCterfmno batie a *• 
lot V&^tQi Crro); becaoCebe cannot babe tbe eCC^ct of ^96^ bibicb/'^'''^' ' 

f if to be telto)eo to tbe lano» 
» mine af- T I 3lf Debt 0; a>aniage0 be recdbeted in a pertonal 0<tion b|? f alfe Co.ibiii. 
Bieieafr. Deni(t> atto tbe j^eftnoanttdei^b nnto tbe ¥|laintife aH jhtiono *<"•'■ 3 •*»• 
jperConal, tbe 9I>e&noant fbaV not aftectoariMt take ani^ beneSt bg b)ing« ^^ ^ ^ V** 
ins a M}it of attaint ; becante be cannot babe tbe effett of tbat 9Q}^ 
tDstcb i0 to be reSo}eb to tbe S^ebt ano B>amace0 , iobicb be loft t 
atbe^ike %^% i% > tobere a Snogentent i0 gifeen npon a CaUe beroitf fii 
a real a<tion; Cn titiere alfo a releafe of all %^x» real> (oajsooD. . 
batre i{tanjaittaint>«c» fo}tbat(intberetinolaftje)nnipte0)botbtbs ' 
W^ft of <(tro}, ano tbe fiOljit Of jElttaint 00 infae tbe natnre of tbefio}* 
met 0[(ti9n,f c* 
NiiK&4 . . i» .^( tbe&»e(eniNnit <n« j^etCMsl iShtion ootb aftet Snofement C!o.b^< 
[ <f;^*<« entceoreleate wito-tbel^lafntifeal dtfiono^ctoialjbeOialnotaf' 
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.fiiit, lobi^ is to recober oamageo fo^ tbe trelpafTe committed; Ufk 
L intmeiriatd; after tbe Conieo come into tbe nei^boors Ukio , be map 

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°^. concerto tbe Kliuii^o} , anb tbe like; becanfe fi>> tbeti( iio'lhtiotriieo, UfmtitaSt, 
in Hibicb brents be aoncbero}Slebater» co.inft.pteif. 


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daflimooo fua refitentta damnatur. 
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Fol. 11,^4. N. >9 3IA atVlft of Hfgbt de radonabili parte hjg httZ Coparieiwra' VouclietUecli 
• i^afttS attotbtt 'tfoticbct Itttb nat; b^attfe tb^ jB^amaiRMitt caintat notmcopcrM. 

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nunmant fliaS not tetoDet (be piefetltment aj^ ttf« tE[?ft > bat tbt 

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^"^^ ^' * fbeieof) viz.totccotettbe amtaj^; f^)tb«t tbe; (bri^ato) belong 

not nnto fifin, but nnto tbe €mtrto». 

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4«.a.». kap^.atm II H. s.cap. 15.) foaa not dile bp tbeConnnott liaiD couUftKCdfi 
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iibaB<ea&; ^itt^MrealKtteunfatbp^acol is not « fr^eacd of tie 
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■roil ilis 9fOiiiioCv;in(i9a)lF)1o> tbat tbe taote of a JUafntiaiite' 
Di^t ii»t|tMiiMivA^ t^^s foiiiio$9 tioontiwio act > tobfcbbe JAaV 00 
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tiwhMt not to D<oftanc||ffo ^:&o lf1ieiBl&,fr|ie ftitettD o^ enoeatmit 
M f^tattWii tn eon^ite toftli otiiets to oo atip tWs asaf nS t|ie onte « 
ttnf of lifii ft Awiti} atiD to fl^ p}iE|noice of ^ Cotiiimoti'tD^t|^ of t|ie €U 
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to pnnflb <)f ni, m afojeufoi l»at not to tiidfcattcliffe Qf m i iFo>J>4oo ollicic 

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(tanc^ifiemeRt, oni^t to be fome aa tn odro tone > ant not a bate inoca* 
wxt n entetp}fte,tDbeteof be map tepent before tbeei^ecotion of ft, ann 
c>.5bid.b.j. 4 SCbofetW|itbbat)eo«ce0ofttnllanocon«Bence, ibal nbtfOifeft Jt^ff^ 
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date tbem bp tfpitSt imiWt except tbe 2it ft teife ht pot fn eiscntfon f fome ovm 

^90 ff Uie It^pet of a l^atk fbal tsP) I will kill all the Game within my cu- aft. 
ftodie , O^) I will cut downe fo many trees within the Park, &c. bUt fn t^ 

mean tfme kfUo none of He (Came , no; fei0 anp of tbe ttits, tbfo f« 
to. iua. b. 4. 5 Hf a JBfibop) 0tcb*beacon, f^atfon, %c*ttA ootone aA tbe ttiti, ic» Depnntioa 
tbfo f« a 0OO cattte of oep^fbatfon , aH0 fbftb tbf accoiw 2 H. 4. 3. |»i» ouimt be 
(f a ^}fo) dien tbe lano, trtdfcb |e liat( in jure domus (ux , ^fo f is s canCe «'i<i»« fix* 
of Dep;ft)atfon>a0 ftappeat0, 9 £4.34* ^0 IfkelvfCe if a ^%to%fvi!ibt of« ^'^•^ 
iapio8tfbn0,tbatf0afntricfentcaiifetoi>ep}fb^bfM, a0 ft toaabolBdi . 
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nocaateof oep)fbatf6n>f^^OIUtc(c«De0,Voluntasnon reputaturpro'^o. 

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'' <** anii tb^eats totbe tettont of anotbet : Sltat ff tb^ 0} fbot go to ittake 

a foicfble enttp, albeit one aOone nte tbe bf dente^V inre safltp Of fe^e : 
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fitaDp attemi on bfm, ft f a tO}cfbfe enttp. 
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•.4. anb be mffatetb ft,be Ibal be a ttefpafGnab initio ; wt tob^ enttp) an* ^7 > *f "»* 

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0} licence gften bp tbe t^ato > tbe l^ato Inogetb bp ^e atf ltib&(|iient, 
« qno animo, 0} to tobat f ntent be entteo > f^h A<fta exteriora,&c. bdt tvben 
tbe pattp cf beo antbo?ftp o» Ifcence bfmtielfe to 00 anp f bfng ) be can f o> 
no cante fnbfeiinent pnnifii tbat, bibfcb f0 Mhe bp|yl0 obme Ucence ami 
antbo^ftp : jSno tberefo^e tobert af tbe l^afi iittt» iitftbo^ftp to entet 
into an jnne o% SCatetn, to tbe Ho^a to oifttafne , tvtbe oloinst Of tbt 
foile to oiil tain bamage fefant* to tbe ilebetflon^> to f* libeCbet leat 
be contmitteD) to tbe Commonec to ejtttt ftito t|ie Iam> to (ee bf0 Cattel 
0^ tb^like ( vide 1 2 E.4.1 ^.b. 5 H.7.t t. 9 H^iifh,' 1 1 H.4. 

7;.b. 3H.7.15. ^ete^ifbetbatentetofntotbeHnneo) 
fllatetne commit ttetpafe, aa ff be catp anp tbfna atoap fcom tltf nee ; 
4}ff tbe %oWi tbat Qftta^e0 tnmtf nm omtet fo» bamage 

^^*'i% tlhife Common Lw. i^ 

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DO Imtt to itie Imitetf, o» ftaipa tl^ne aft tiii^ , 0} if t^ Cotnmotttc oit 
9otni8trtt}«c., 3lif tiiete am» t(^ Hke cato t|ie lUto tMB aotmef^tltaf 
^ entteo fo} ttat patpoTe ; ano tliei^bie In 80 timet m tlie OTcn ton^ 
tol^toli lie aot^j f < a xxs^ttey te Ibdl bfe aQlOQset a ttetpafOn ab initio, 
80 ft aiipeatf to aft tlieafojefafii JljBoto; 

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sg^. IMS CommffUon, tliat to laldfaft ; but iCIie (» tlieni in t^ 98t1$ttit|ieti 
to tl^e Srft takfos ofttem Colons , an^ toMii t^ 8cco}W,i t H«6.i9.b. 

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kacciaimeii bptinentniemaDe 15 of February ,fietlD6n lifmiaiRit(i» moi»xo}0U< 
''i°<^<''- mft0t6eitfes8ni>Dfe0tDovvniaD8tiBbi|itDf&i^tiaa0l!tiet8tn|^or 
Peter, &c. b}f nQ0 ait dffife 808itiff btob onto toUom tbe nCe.tMM ifmfteBi 
tat tonto not tecoDet , becanCe tbe (itbfieqttent 3btDetitnt| ofo tvSStitxA* 
Ip oeclate tbe f ntentf on of t^ patttes at tbe tfme of tbe ^eceoent reco* 
betp : too if Cenant in tatle batb tone ttoo b8nsbtn«> voMttt atmtbe 
idb^ f ntet into ^ tobol^ > aivk a^tn Qetsof iitafce .feofljnnit..]Mt( 
matrantp, tbto to Unealt toartant; fio^tbeone ntoftf > ann ciiUatt* 
tall fo} t^e otbeci tb} tbefeofnientfitbfei|tttntootbi>eclaiefbefnteii« 
tion of tbe seitetal enttp, viz. tbat ft ftm onefp Co».bet Celfie ,< o} ttbet* 
fnffe ft iqonlo. be faatrantB tobftb ibotdb be]^ ^ offliettn fo) tbeont 

i£iitb(bU niOftp;anOlDitbtbto agtee0 Litdecon, cap.Garr.f«l.i<o. 3|ft||ell09ll 

aihska come upon tbe tenancy ano take am inibeabKip an me, ff be fmpoami 

■rHc. < bim> tbe taKing of bim (baft be aojooeeb 80 fo} a offttefCe, but ft be Itftt 

' ]^fm> tbat fubfeqnem ait i>ectotetb iBbat bf0 <ntimtf on 1080 ^Miici(Sain» 

t^aft be be Dsme9 a tte();aliec, «£» 80 afouCaf) > ana toftb tbfisi astAtf 

taj, Mcjbe, ' $ ih^ete be I'Om, Sjpebie , and S^eiMnt> anb iSaz 9e(ilte pagpui |^ Coj.ji.u.b;3.^ 
■rrcoaot pent0 anoWtb bto in\Aipi bne to tbe l^o^o. j. 8n» pet tbe \m ^3A* ^« ^ ^^ 
*«» lltafntbea&nantpernMfljanbfntbtoaittlifittotbewiiiwfojrfbemj **••"*• 
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ind with this accords 1 3 E. 4. 6. ,, , ^ , 

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Martin, ano tbnt petaotenf (ire tbe Kftffng of ft bp Martin mfg^ malte ft 
Itaue rno^e fo^ceto ik A bfnt : JFo^ fn tbf0 (a& tbe l^ato jopn0 tbe mot* 
iieton0 f ntentf on of Agnes fn pnttfng tjjie popfon f nto tbe d&Iettnatp t^ 
Icfftbet bnsbantf > tmitb tbe etient , tobfrb enjCaeb^bete^pomviz.tbe 
\>eatb of Manin ; fortbe ^ttfns of tbe |!opton fnto tbe Clettna'tp f tbe 

canft. anDtbj^teatbOf Martin^ etent, Qui4 evemus eft, qui ex 
vaiila lequitur, & dicuntiir eveiini;^ quk ex caufis eveniunt : 0mi tbe Vx* 

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in bp Agnes, tDOuIo itdt babe cattfeb'bto beatb» 

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^puty otit anp tDO}b0 at a&l, toa 0011 oelfl^ip : iro> > in tradicionibus fcriptorum b.4. 

^ non quod diaum eft, fed quod geftum eft, iofpiciiui : %\ \§ ^dS^WSt fObett Thntuffil^ 

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teg lliiMlPOtn^This will ferret MbB.|)tfttitlf Qglfltetsftobet totde 
iObtfe^ Hi^ pffftRt } ffdff tM» o^mseta gam HAUsation > fe; A^a • -> 

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5Eiiz. MtbtntottHrtHMeCi»f*to^fcemtl^vet(eit,tatUk0tDffefat;)iai 
fti finite ofieatl ; and t|ttefe}e fn $ £liz. ti^e a tlMefe toke 40 '* 
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M»eii|^otiMt^pt|e •tatffe or 8 £liz. 4. €Utn (0 takon afvap ftoai 
iiif air «8Mwt ; fet ti)«t ^^tite befiig ait ait of ^cotttintiaiice, anil tie 
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flfi^tontiiHaRce ; but I; an )3<t aiaoe to 17 Cat teethe itithtt teMeft of 

his Mi^fcs Afdiie in thfe Noithenipatts , tbat Jftjt MO al ttHK fOti oC 
contlintiiince act to cdntiiitfe in fe>ce > nntfil (ome Ciattlet Att ot |B«clf' 
mtMtbeliiaM Covtbecotmnnatict o^mticentfrttfanKe of tbetante^ 

' '• liheirefore nothing canbegivenioainan, which he had 
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iitfttasrim;l|^{ntbatc^^a^natbai)l; an ai^^e o^^asbema* Theappiby 
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":*b ;*• * i^atM ; fdi tbat upon fcec^tetf ahb ejecntlon fojtbe oamajw , tbe PT ^ 
7- •». ^(iji, j„5p fmmcofatcli' ta1tei|etn|todi bW» dgaln* VidcTupra 1 5.5. *^"** 

2 ^11 ait action b^oii^t b^ a min 6i a ttdttttft , tbat ate ^oEelliBO in 
Qcfbiim. ,, ^^UfifonfRNonmndy^>aii|rotlttcifenet]!;nCoai»tp>fl|ieB>e&noant S!?**^ f*^ 
»•'.»*. n - .\ flrajl trot jflew) in titfabflftp tf tbett j^ton j lutaU t|at |)}ofemon SSS^ST 

.; , btRt toairt trpatl here in Eng^4 Vft f« o£|ectolK«tbci? tteti j^^of^liCa '■'***^ 
(nE.nglaiisf, fD^ t&at mf|(|$fie tr)»eb b^ tbe C^ilicate of tb^ ^ibf* 
tai*.';'r . ^ • . - ^ ,' 

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Co. ibid. iif. batb *irttc nt»o tons, * otetb DrtfiWlf anotbift acit of Jano of tbe'iiatace "* *^,*" 
a. J. ofSBoroiifibenBifai,artBlbefwlfiseV<fm|/l*aittO;^e,<lbeettbetoar. J^I2^ 

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t!)e one f s mxt to tl]c tsatrantr>anb tbe otbet 80 beiteto tbelanb ; iFo^ 
ff tie fboiilQ tioticb ttie elDtft foitttt oitli;> tben ftonlb be not babetbe nnft 
of bf tDnrcan t^, vj^e . a rec^Derf }it tattle , anb t|e stonngettionne otdi> 
be nmiiDC mucb, becaufe bb t0 itoT Jji^tt ^t tbe Cidimon ILalB , upon 
Srfbom itemarrajitp ceftenbetb* 

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bo:iJId.3o^ t9bi:reifntbe^ercnt]antf0an;a[tfo^)tieeD nottobeaf)eiteDjbataBo< Negatrre 
j;4. tberpieas^ntliEaffirmatfljeOtfBbttobeabetteD, ttln^t, Et hoc parat.cft pkaanotto 

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. brntoiberanre It toicumbMttttd abet ^m) In reaac».tt^ 

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ii^4x.i8. the G»fimon Law* in 

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. &mmi^ ^0 j^fl^f^ (9 tDstrnntp, «im tit, tttfb tfft» Inttafitp w(ctme npon tbe f& ^ 
wcuMc f^^ f ^1^ ^^^ ^ »ifcontfiitiaiice,(i9 t^t t()e fititt cannot'entcr ) b nt f s 

Ottt to ^isMim ; fb} ff tbe <0tte fn tatte tnfcbt enlet > tbe twictattti? 
i (ti^feb f0 Co nttrdb fiatKntro in l^ato) toonla Cem (!» no jpnrpofe. 

Ittit toottlo be irttetip teflro^ ; tebeteas befnj pot to b^e acttor > tb^ 
I' W>ilbt[oi ittap make nCe ot^ig tnartantp bs bjancbfng tbe iBat, mO^aa 

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i iinbe xo 6 %tign baftte tbfng to gibe tbat to a tnan> Inbfcb be b«n tefo» , be^ ^>«i- $ . <i7- 
I (ireaman ttoOt not^tiQ UM t/pcxtte t^tufm x jSifff laimbesfbetifntaUe, fa* Jr°; '^'*'* i^^' 
. ^ •«<' tt flg tin retJCTteit to tljt l^ono;, ann after tbe flCenant fti tafle b? W« * 
'^' &4ri fnfitotfo tbe Wmioi in fee ; tbfi^ ts no oitcontftmaNce of tbe tttatt . 
tafte; betanretbeTet»icfioni0netTttfcomimteo.butTettafn0(ntbe SDo< 
mtMlti»ngW(ntt ^0 if Cenant fo^ltfemafcea Icarefe^bi^etnne . 
tifo to tbe Heffo} , tbe temaimiec to^ tbe Helto? imb a ^ttanset to fte i 
3ntbi0ca&, tbjabmtcb as tbe limftation of tbe Ut fbonlDtoojItetbe 
iDTOng^ttenotetbtotbelteSb^ati u facienoec &i}t^ onenioftp> am . 
iirQ»teftttte,8S totbetemainoetof tbefttanset>*fO},becannotgftieto 
tbe Ik-eifoitbtit ttbfcb be bao Mna (c, ftoliltettiife , if tbne be tioo 
3[opntenant0, ano one of tbem enfeolG^ W t^anton ano a fttanger* 
anvmalteliberpto tbeftcahsec)tbf0ftatiiiBftenel7it|tbeftnm(«t,be< 
canfe tbe libetp camtot ennte to bf companfon^ tobo tnui before pomt 

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paj (oc fn tafle batgaino ant reft0 tbe lanth ans at bio ettate, (c» bp Knoentnte )• ^« "H^ 
itUtoiAc intOteb,«c«toi.s.toba«eCo»tbelf&:0fQieCeinntfntafie, anotobif ^^•^<'><«' 
rant in uu (eft male0> tbe tenaiuaer to tbe ^tttm> «c» ^e tbe tenain&et to tbe 
^ fineen i9bo^,becaalit tbe «}anteefo) tbe lite of tbe tenant in taa< 
take0notbin0 } fo» tbe ^wntee ftaltneDBt babe tmf beneCt tbeceb; : 
ami tbetemoinoec to tbe Sim ouo^totaie effea toben tbe yatticnlae 
eftateenw; bnt tbat babfnjs no begfnnfns can neftbet b«be entfns 
Qjiod non habec principkm nee habet (mem : )Sbn Vam eft ilU potentla^us 
nunqoattvetoicinadimi. '"*. 

viriiuptf t 3|nafb}ftortn[atotbeca(irtiia0tb(9$lKfo}etbetNatof 37H.S. vyttt^tn, 
•ifc amanen(bfr0i.s.ofiini0bt<ietbftetanDtetbente6(fbieiFeotGo)anfe e.;4.&c. 
Iii«beft0» after I. s. enfeoffs i.N. to tbe nib of tbe ITeofro} anQ bf* 
tDffi^anitbebefcsoftbeifeofro}, tbe JFeoffo} ofe0Ctfbfn8.tbe toff^) 
^Bbing a ronnt toitbfn 801 1 3n ^ ffiO^ tbe linnie fban be fn Waco in 
tbe life oftbeiFeme^ tbe i^tat of 4H. 7. as befteof Ceftu/ que ufe, 
tecanfl(tbeamfefitnfeQotbfMltemafnfntbe(wne> notteftbSan&iRs 
It be fn fonte tb}t attem fn tetipetf of fbe iTeniejft) be tbe iaft feofwent» 
tbeionnebaD no nio}e cotttnteD nponbfm tten^<iaibe(b2e, Ibas 
(nottottbttanDfngtbe laE^iTtofinent ) tbete ipas ItfB a tevetflon of ofe 
in tbe (onne, auQ not a n^ leuiafnbet ; becanOB a tbins cannft be 0f« 
ben to a mai^ tobicl) be bati^ aitea&p«. Viile plus ibidem ven 6ne. j^o Ce- 
fhiy que ufe of ttw ato0, oneboiten bp p)io3itp ) tbestbec tf poiterfoif* 
tp,malte0a/eoQnentofbofbto bis Qton tt(<»> tltfettialtesndevutiitf 

; Wrr. of tennce>becan& tbe ancient nlietDlite^ be ban befbj^* ftfl cemaitis; 

I ^*Mfc. , The Lord Roffes cafe. 

9 3lfimet(tobeta8atnffnieb;acommontecobee9»aimafiCec3itKli< ttrttft.i9i. 
oitetbeTecobeco>,belbaibetflIitffiAtonirnft: fo^betbalbeasino* »>H<e. 
fieb in bi» tbe msbetj?. an^n^ b? fbe i(eb(iftient. 

HZ The Rcaibn of fS\^ax.}^\ , 

' ^9 LexnottPrdcipitimtilU .-'VideAf.t'j'j,^, 

Co.inft.parsi. I ff flCetiaRt iti Uillt eiifiRiffeb<0 Vtult in fit , laHio aUeitstba watranty ^ 
)Syb.3. fttangrt toltl) tDatrantp, to li(4o t»%im am \fia l^feai , n to ||fit( lito ftrofcd. 
vm\s 74}- i^fres am afKgnes , ana tie tande aftettnatttf tafLe0 asafti an eftate • 
' ofti^Ianofnf&i fn tfflB tatel^ loatcantp fe oefttopeo, tecanCe ft 
tDf re nte&lefle fin t^e tBncIe to tnattant tlie lano to ttntfUGe > ano tie 
EatD fDfll not commanD 0) (infFet tt)lnB0t^8t are to tlieniCeltieo oGeUflie 
ami tmpiofltaUe* 
Co.M89.M- /2 lSl^nantanfifnt<)eciiftot(eoft|ie(^beiiffe1)P9)ocer«4Cl^rtm AprifiMMxia 
Fr»^ care ^^jj^ ^jj^^ anotljet want i$ MVmsn onto fifm to taitt t|ie booie of Vm otfiodfe m* 
t68tf«fototif0citSoi>le, tei0fmmeDfat8l|?(bp Jtiii6enientori.atB) ?**'^J°?^ 
tol)tocn0OQpb|;fo.}ce o( Oft lecono VS^, albett^emalienoactnaB 'ruraiM. 
atteSof bfm;fo}to1t^1^nq^f|onlQ()e attett^im^ Wb^ be toal* 

teai)^ f n bto CnllODit/ £t lex non praecipit inutilia , quia inotilis lalrac ftul- 
-,.,.. tus, 8cc. 

Gi^Mmcffe ^ «K|)ena9atrenf0auitttteo,{nltitiiteMnofnDmteDtoaCbin;cb, AniBciubeBc 
• anft ootb not reao t^e iixtlmB accojBfhg to tlje statute of 1 3 Ela. u. «»« "^ , 
ti)e Jpeneftce f0 tbeteopon twfo bi? fojce of tbat )btatate> Isftbont fiocw ^ ^^^ " 
tfns a fentente oedatatoip to oepiitte bfm ; fo} U loA be natdelb to ob* femnffT^ 
tafne focb a fentence, ttbiHt tbelt<t)ins fa alteop DopO} ano open , Co» 
tbel^attontop^entanotbei;* ' 

ce.i.8.<i.a.3. 4 Hit )nbfcfalp}ociHIe,tbepafnt{(Fell)a1l not beenfopneoto turn laa jo^icui 

r» i»^«^ i pleftOea de profequendo ; fo^fntb^t^ ptOCeOe^altbonsb tbe i^.latotiff be inkdiepla^ 

Tb l'amb,non(iilteD,o)tbat tbe «B;tt abate, pet (baft be not be ametcleb, £^*« 

beraaftfacbP)ocelleategtonnDeanfona jnogementanotecoui; Sim "^pMp> 
it to a neeoleflie anb baine tbfns to bfnoe tbe .^latotilFto ftnae pleoisef 
In fttcb cafeis , iob^e be cannot be ametcfeo. Vide fupia 35.20. 
Tbecafeaf if 3Cb<ittDbfcbameaf'0|aafttlptotbe€ottct, onsbtnot to beabet* iiMcwhidi 
the cky of „B (,p tbfe partp : 90 In tbe ttig of Londons cab » tbe Conftltntion *»?'• •»* 
UM(«)r. ^^^g jj„^ appeacfng to be agt^ble to, ano toattanteb bp tbefc Cbar« !S **^ 
tet> ntoeb not to be (b abetceo» ^0 altb no p^fce of monep, ftaB be er« 
paei id tbe VSift, becanfe ft appear of ft tdfe > 4^ E. 3. i tf. &<1te< 
, . t9ttipi2H.4.i7.9l^(imnetDiti|lfoaffeb}fns0an<eiff(fcofMoTdance- 

fter, be ongbt not to abet, tbat ft fo tiftbfn tf me of Umftatfott ; fo} ft ap« 
peat0* . .^7. 6 3ftiafpecialbet&f(tconcetnfn8aBatsafnanBS»ale, )K>emf(iB>o) neeadUe- 
Thtr.reof ^^^i^yi^ 3ln(o»0 fbaH not be tonSrafneb to 8noe tbe payment of tbe <*^ "^o 
the Church- *"<'"«^? » mentfones amongff tbe otbet confloetatlona ; fo> ft fta» be S™^*^ * 
warden of sc n&Diel(etoftnoetbat:lDbfcb<0«tfftnwotobealreabf paffo anorati0S« ''^* 
Si viour^ &c. ED fn tfuie btfy}t tlft €uait, anb t» a pecfonall tonOoetatfen alreaop 
tmkttjBb i jeinb tbf0 f0 tme, as IneB fn tbe Hfttgs ca&, as fn tbe cafeof 
a &nb)eit. 
F.N.B}8.i. 7 ^liere,fnato)ftoftf0btofi8obcfiCon,:fc«tbelDefienbantclafm0 P*rr«iiiiuM(> 
tbefamejaobolDrona0|tatfonfmpaTfon&, albett.tbetttlebefonnofb» <<»(« floa 
t^eE)efeRbant,petaaBbenotfntbatca&bat»aiB}tttotbeSiaiop, (l^^^V 

ad adnuttendum Clericam : If 0^ f n COHftnUtfon Of l^abh ^ te alieab? in (hop. 

tbeiPenellce» , 
F.N.B.iof, 8 3lf a man tecober fn a Precipe quod reddat agafnft a SCenant b|» Noamkiti*- 
K>"' falli^ VetDftf, tbe SCenant cannot babe an attafnt befox execution b^ foRexecMti«r 

bA« agafnH bf m > becanfe fn an jSttaint, tbe laogement f0, tbat be ftal 
be tefto}eD, (c« anb ft Inere fmp^opet anb ntthMt to gfbe fncb Jnbge* 
ment, loben tbe lEenant tf 1 retains tbe poUeirf on of tbe lanb* Note, 

that this is put as a quere in Fitz: but hce teemes rather to £ivour this opi* 

iVf^4^* ^^^ ComiAon LaWr ^^ 

iktcDims 9 3njtttatffQnt»mtbeft»iaffnfeofnH.8,9.86a(itlilwpfiiSbf^^^ p)<Co.87.b.;; 
to«tinot teiiKDSCmea^trtlelBlafntfffftetDefftbplifa (wnt, tijat ntfttjw t^je ^««^" 
!lS^ BDefeirtatit n6}«itfp of ^0 jSlncetta j», no? aitp ot^ bp tD^m l^ clahtitf, ' 
i**"^ * «c;tDere tn poCreSfon'of ibe Iatio,,<c- nt^ oCtbetetiet^on o» tematmiecj 

<c» tni} t^cef tin t^ rente o% puiflte, f c. bp tbe n^ace of a peare > 9c. SQie 

^latot(ff nteo not afire tbetMe to be p^enteo ; fo^ tbe It^tatnte it felfe 
I waltetb tbe t<sbt of bfm iibtcb batb n«t been to fn fd[eifon> to be im 

\ tenceft ; ano t^e(b}e to ater tltat > tti^tcb ayp^td plafnip bp tb« (>ta* 

tnte ft felfe ano tbe a>eclat8tton. << nerolefle ano tm^(nent ; Sro if ft 
Mieeaof beple{»3tB9tbat1^1leff& ftitteho)«o totb(^iant^oftbet^ec0on> 
"""^ tbere i9 no mfeo of j^eabfns af to^hntent ; fo) attornment to fnclobeo in 


' ^o Where th^ foundation f^iletb 1 allgoeth tothegrbund^ 

haeihau I 3f a man be flCenant to tk tafle eenecal) and makes a JfeoCmeitf co.ioft.part t 
mha4Mfi iafk, ano taitee batic an eftate to Mm ano bid beff es in fee , ano tbeqi ri^^ 
i'' V taitetf^lnlfie,anobatbiHliieanooie9,bfstDftell)«nnot be enootom ; fo» F.N.B.149C 
tb«f bettftleof JBi>eiiietf0 0tonnoeoiq)ontbe effate fn fk., WHidi bet 
f^ebKnobaoottdnstbe cooectnte; ilolB> tbat jffit4Lmplz Dandbco 
bptberemfttecoCtbebefreftitafle, ano tberefo^e b^ tme of IDofoet 
mntn«oioan(dbalfO:iFo},betfflaecba^n»t tbelano bp tbeoeftent 
of tbe fit'flmfit , bnt bp fojceof tbe tntaf le ; sCbete ie tbe fomio Utfa, 
. toliete tbe Cenant f n taOe offleifetb tbe off continnee, 9C* 
^Mfvffi, -x ta(benaoeeoofif<«ll6iientl9bo(oinftftn!^(fttberpbemaoeac* Co-3>hI.4I< 
to)o<ngtotbefo}meanoeilMoftbato#O)tbettoecpf0 auo oopo^ iEI« **''* 
4f A.bpDl^osibelart9 to3. tobabeahotoboloaftec tbe eeatb of A. to 
B.aiiob<obefc»;tbfof0abopoo^bec«a(e b^'cannot nCemtobfm* 
(iHGr a parttcoUir eftatMno f f Ubonibe maoe aceo»fn0 to tbat 0*0, tbe 
lioerp to UkeMfr bopo i becaAtiflbitlibetpteGnTetb to'a oeeo, tbat batb 
no etotf fn %-ato , ano tbetetbie caiMot ^mit» , Secun^m fornam & 

eflteauaiof^tO*0,«C» ...vtrij. 

Mmq «f ^ tacsnlarlp none QMA babt an attfon of Waft , nnlefl^ b^ btt^ tbe Ce. ^Miif. 
^f^ tmnteoiate eOiate of in^eiitance, ano tberefine (f liangfnB an aitfon of i>« 3* 

tna«ft,aneftatetalleoetormfn^> tnotbe^lafiitfttbecomeo JCenant 

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^og of . .4 3ltt ancfent time , amongt Wimt toapeo tbat tanos m^e&lpeat Ct^Mi^K 
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114 The RcAfon of „ ^Mac^^- 

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tiffe tnliiii t^ jSponno} to«lfeiw» tea S^ttonget, $2^oettoiiw 
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n6 TheReafimof ^^dasU^^ 

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• ^ Bttsts 

\M^iik¥^. the Commoft Law* tm j 

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Defeat tbe (barge ;becaafeb]»bfareiiHttet be w&ats tbe eltatc^ out of 
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batet ; foj tbat tbe ctatie fti taile, fo^enntolt toaa itnit, is tftnt t %t 
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De donis coodidonalibus;|Fo} t^eii botb tbe ]IDon A ^no ^eofEee bab a f s • 
fitnple t iim U> mm Soles t^ be iiitenoeb^A t|is ano tbe Ifite catnip 

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fo^, tben map tbe beite in taiie tiieft batie bia action of F crmedon, 1 1. be* 
canfe tbe toartantp is nefeateQ ^(ii ttb^n tbeelRlte, tabereantoa toat« 
rantp is annejreo^ia befeateo, (altbonsb it be b)» a mftt ftranjKer , as in 
tbe ca'feabobefaio ) tbe toarrantp it fei& is aflb b^fimtes : Suotato prin- 

I Linifca 741. <:'pa'» ^^'*"'' adjunitum, &e/ ^ Ciltetbifbif tbe ftiitcmttino^^ maitefecfr* 
ment in fee, tefetbing tent, ano npon wfiialt |c^ a te*enttp , f c» ana a 
coftatetai toartantp of an Simt00fi ime ttnfo t^e ftoHn npon con< 
oftion, fc« tabicb JElncetto> biea toftb^irt iHne 1 3|n tbis cf te alfo > (( tbe 
S)iftontinuee bp entrp fo} tbe Cemittion b}«Iten,oefeat tbe eftate of tbe 
i^eoifiee, tbe fDatrantp is alfo befeateb, ant tbe ilKie map bjiitg ^is Por- 

mcdon as l»fo?e, F inch 1 4. 

co.ib,joj.i. 1: 30 3if a tDomanSCsnant in tafle genctaitaketVinbnsbanftanbbatb Taunts 
Co. tib.s.34. iitae, tnbftb ilfae o{etb; iino tbe titifeofetb toflbbnt anp otbet ifliie , pet CourtefiZ. 
.T4i«ic^e. -^e bnsbanofSan be 9i:;enaRt bp tbe'CoarteSe , albeit t^ elfate taile 
bie Determines , bctaiifetje fcas ehtfttea to beCiettatit per legem Anglise, 
■befo^etiie eftatetaifa^afp^t/anQto^ tbattle i^mo tt fetf^ temain. 


JJVte.4^ the Gommon tk'^l Up 

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Ho (faina bietli tDitboat ifSaty t^t ioifs alCo oittl^ ; ?n tl!if0 cate , f l^e l^nabatm ftaa 
dacwiy, iwr b( jBCeoant iip t^ cotntslie oC m i&Mt ; fo) fj^t tbe iRsat netDir 
cs&d)e«>f s iv tfie ait of (Coo wtzttaifuah aoB na aftate ttteseaf unain* 
ft^ t ^^aiDbaltjtf a tnanlieC^s fa (U'Ctn l^tat, mt ntaltett a sift in 
taiie 0enat4ft t« a foQQi90> ftn taUtI) (ttabann, atm ^a^ fi&ie , m flttt^ 
Btetg, t^a toffe otet| teit^ anp ottiet fiitt» \it (baft be SCenant Ibp tljit 
<CoiiTtt«e eC t|t Utttt) tecatHpB t6e Eant cemaftiet^ f c* 
ibiafor 3x A.a^ef^t<ie1iiieotB.iiia&eaaieaCeFo}peaceabeo<eofitoeti* Co.inf.puii 
J» Jcteimi- jg5^ ,m; gfjg, ||ijc|)afet^ tftf t»ii«8<w tn f e« , B. titgOt J Kti tftfe cafc A. ^7- h. 4. 
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latio foi tbe Ufe oCBu/Otttaf iobicb tbe Iea& fo) pean^tvas Decttjeo ) be* 
toffoeteciiitnaa , tbe leafe to} ^ta tt &1& matt neeiia atta oetetmliie* 
Ida fei . $ 2 Ht a mantai^ a leaCe fo> v^W of b^a o^n fono bp teen fnoent* 
p^ eo, tbeeftmpelintbiacaCebQtb not conttnoeaCtec tbe termeeiioeoi<i.M.)i, 
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^fn^ 4Qentl9)b)}tbeeti&oCtbelea&4bt<l^QtW<Ii0DetecqtfiieD; iFo), ^lat ^ 
"""^ ' jpattattbe iDoentace. lobleb betake belonseo to tbe l^eOee , aotb after 
tbe teime emeb) belong to ^ %ttloi > tob^cb (boah not I» > if tbe 9* 
ftoppelCOnttooe^ 3«H^a4. 3oE.j.xi.Vidci94. o -uu • 

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1!"^ tbeConAitfoa^tebitebj? tbe. lU(&a bail Gee >atitbt0 cafe tbe toattan* 
Mkc^ tF daft eirteao, attv iiHteate aa«ia(«i&to tbe cSate; jEtooto ft is atta, 
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tbOi <N( not epteni;^ to t||f tee > be0ii&. tlit ScS . aSate.lmia bnt (b» 
l^eaii.. tobf^b taoAn^ tai^e of a fiutcantp » Sinn tottitytts maif 
tttiltt a leau fa) eeitt3.r tbiti teiiiaf nbec in foe, ana . to^^ 
toririapi^dit^a, 1^ in.tbe temafaoe; canned taKe bemflt of tba limtt^ 
becaitCebeianoti^tiptotba ^tov ^ ftmneaiatelp be camnt take, - 
{rbe1nei»paitSitat'4eveeB,becaii(ebfia nameaaftet tbe Habendum, 
aitBtl^ej^atefo»vaiiuitonotc8;pableot4.lDatcant;>9ic* ' 
kninder 34 ^. i& Idnaw til ta9e» tbt tesuiaaec to 6. in tafle,. B. gtanta a Co; is,a^t.b: 
puBRent itiittjidrjieatiiiiig^oftbelaniitoC.amxbiabe&arA. (affinaa ^.c^p^wofe. 
^▼o7«- tKaai;efat)ei:?ain^D^a,iBftbontMfoe^»|n$b(acafoC.(biainatbabat^ 
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2"*?^ ajTjitttaibl^u^bBiseniaieop. $.$(4liaiiieC.A.afe0> B.enfeol^D. b.4.w<reiwr^ 
?S« lDitJt|lii^8ntip^|at||{afa&,,b8 jtbe^^offment ortbe3Cenantfb)U&^ otfi^ panx^ 
liM^orra ibfti^^^claoewose) » C« eteiv contlMQent tettoatooec onobt to CwaUi 
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ci^Qia6t&eT>be once i^eKmlmft fnltieebio} in %s^* betake tba contln« 
0j^iijP^,> tber(^aD«& ft Ufa mttft nee 
ti0^^il|^:tbf(e^l4>!ini««b^a^^^ tbefeofinent of B. iMa aiUtefb)' 
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ta oelEnfpeQ 80 afojefafo , agafntt tlie optnf«ti of Gafcoigne , 7 H.4, 

3<$ A.0cant£ilan&toB..tot|»t<ielf&i>fC. t^temafno* Theuw. 
et to tlie lielttf male of C. t|ie tema^noer to ttie nei;t fieit0 of A. B.tnakea 
a feotbiient to C. ano tfo Wt9 ; ^ece> bp tliat feoffment , t^ eSate toi 
Utt 10 QeSroFeQ > ans bp confnineiit tbe temaiams tobfcb oepeno npon 
<t,ateoeftrop^atfo;ti»brtbeCeoamettt of tbeCmant fo) Uffeitftle . 
of <fcntrpiDa00n»nfint|ie eo2&ttitce> atm at tbattfnie be in tbe neyt 
(atnte tema(ntet |pa0 not in cfle to talte ft > ano tbetefose tbe temafn* < 

oet0 in (iituro bg tb<0 nattet ex poft faAo fpece nttetlp oeffropen « mane 
MffB t i^p ff JCenaitt Coi life be> tbe temaftner to tbe tfgbt be<t0 of I. s. 
3f in tbt0 cafetDenant fo} lif^ mai(e ftolfiiient in fee oocing tbe life ot 
I. S. ^ temainnec Ut ntittomi fnotbectoib tbecefbonlobea re* 
mainoetlDitbotit 8 patticnlac ellate, tPbicb cannot be* 

37 ;9 gift in tailefDa0ni9Oe to A. C. tbe tentainoet to tbe tigbtbeici iiteiike, 
of A.s.tbeSDoncemate0bairnienttoB.infee, ano after A.S. mt9% 
tbertgbtbeirofA.s.ibaltieterbatet<iatremain9er;fintbeetbiteoc , 
tlie IL^ano tou bp tbe feoifnient of tbe tenant in taft oe^etteD ano oif* 
continnem ano aft ^ettate0t)effeo in tbe iFeo(|ee> neitber toas tbere 

anp particalat <Sltate eitber ine^, o>in rigbt to fappejt tbe remainoec 

38 Ufa man make a gift in tafle, tbe remainDer in f«, be in t|iete< neifte. 
mainoet srant0 ^ remaim^ to anotbet fin life) tbe temainoer to tbe 

Sting in f^,npon conoition tbat if be pap 0; tenser 10 1 at tbe )iloB0^. 
tiiat tben tbe grant (ball be toio : 5Cbe tenant in taile talEnc^ a recoberp. 
tm tberebp wltroF0 if ot onelp tbe eitate taile ft fetfe , but liltetoif^ tbe 
re«airt«er in f^» ant) tbe eitatefo^ tifb granteobp bim in tberemainoer, 
ano to bp confiniaent tbe remainoer to tbe iiing , a0 alfo tbe conoition, 
tDbicbiiepeno npon tbe eltatefo;li&,«c» . 

i9 SCl)erei0atiit»rfitpbettDirtagrantmaoebptbeagr&mentoftbe Graatnuuk 
partie0,tDibitbffaooetbnottDitbtbertiU0oft.atD, fcanneberbpanp upoaagcwi 
rnblieqnent (ae bp literp 0} attornment) be maoe goo ; « a granttobicb e*"^ ^ 
l0 gtoo at tbe beginning,bti$ iB to Haoe bie confommatibnano periisitioR 'n^^ 
bpComeCetemanpfbbleqaent: |l0fncalieof8Cbarterofiieoffment,ff *'*'^* 
tbe iFeoffa^ enter before liOerp be f0 not a a>i8eiC9} ; Gn tbe Cbatter (0 
go)0>anotbeagr&mentoftbe pnttes i0accb)Oing tol^ato, ano tbat 
map \fz maoe gooo bp'jio^ of teftn (Mtieqaent: IBnt if lonoe in leaf^ 

fO}pear0teg(anteOtoC. Habendum teneinenta{>rdNliAa from Michael- 

nias^ert fbilife, anoafter Miclaelniastbe flCenant attmn0 i JUn tbi0 caft 
tbe grant to C. io oopS) ano cannot aftertoaros be nnoe gooo bp attorn* 
ment, anotbetefo;eifbeenter, lieio maoe a ^!>iStit»%ifot tbe i,atai 
tbifl make conftrnttion npon tbe tebole gram* ano an eftate of il!raniu 
tenement camnt commence in ifuturo .* ano tbercfore drflnte tneB tbe , , ' 
oifCrrence bettpiiet a goo beginning or foonoation capable of a (fratfmqt} 
ano an eoift one, tobicb bKime a fiomraatioh tabereoh tbe ftnurtire map 

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aforcionflorfeaSUeeftateorinfetett Mtita to tbe aition or entrpcf of«>c 
anotber, boloetb Coort^ ano maltetb anp tdantarp jprant npon t^ef< 
clieat or fbrfeitnre of a Copi^boLo > facbl)olantarp grant fiKiB not bint 
bim tbat rigfrt batb ; for toben after te'Contimiance of tbe ^itnor bp a< 
aion or entrp, be ibaH bate infeateb tbe title of tocb 9>il(iKfror) ic. be 
(baft alfo aoopo fncb Oolnntarp grante : 15at if (neb a l^oro , tbat ie in 
bp (bcD oefeaitble title? aOmtt anp of tbe Sename npon (nrrenoer maoe 
tatbe tite of anot^iec , or gioee aomittance to tbe befre npon oeCcent, - 
fncb aomittancee ate gooo > beninCe gronno^i npon tbe coftome of tbe 


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tpannoi, atib tl^erefoie tliti atte aire (a Wtii, nm qub^am rdodo jaofdau 


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iitki(ea. t^ 110}D9 banofl iiSt\je%mml)itti leaCe fo} pears ttteteof) o} fo? Iff;, 3 . FrM« W 
tabmb oiani?otliereitate|i>pDero oYtpft^ottt o^D,o}fa#etn(6etio)e ani» nets <^^'^' 
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Ifke ; ci ff tbe ^Feine of tbe ILo}D batie ft alUgttcfD mtio bet in ootner, ic« 

Sat( fl^te tntm atn tbe like , tbe caftome toibicb fofvoats tbe Copi« 
tennte being oefttopeo , tbe temite it felfr i9 am seitr OjMO, fo tbat 
it Ibal nebet after be granted bp Cqpie > 0} boloen bp Copie of Conrt 
tlol ; !^otobeit after it is Co (mtxHtn o;^ eftbeateo as afb^eTaio , tbe 
lto}D map liep it as long as be pleafe in bis Ifoma befb}e be makes anp 
bokintarp grant of it ; anD pet tbe Cnffome fball be pjetedTeo > becanfe 
it iB all tbat IDbfle demifed 0} denufablc , ano (0 (t oopt to be bp tbe Cn< 
llome,fc» ^. ■ 

i«k Toia ^2 j^ie lifngs patent* foj ptats affigns oitersparcels of tbe lanu co.i.j.m.».i. 
S^^** tsotberfet»eraIlperfons,llil referttng tobimfelfe part tbereof , ano '"^vcm, 
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otrttbinesClDastbefiirrenoer oCtbe olo !eafe (tobereof De bab atRgneD 
Dibers parcels to otbers, as afojefaio) flnu after 3 peairs of tbe lall lea(e 
toere tp/tcft^ in conSoeratitn of tbe fnrrenoer of tbe tame laft teafit, tbe 
Hing grants bim anotbcr of at tbe fame lano to; tb^Nt Ifbes : 3[n tl^is 
ea{ie,tbelaft grant of tbe leafe to% lft»s tras aofobgeo boib ; mantt 
ttib<n tbe ]Batemee took tbe fecono leafe, tbe conflienition tbereof tpas 
tlbe (m!Tenoer of tbe frit leitfe , tabicb conlo not be anp goob eonCoenU 
tlon f fo) tb^t •'e Ifan before aSfgneo oit^ers piaircels of tbe lano to otberc; 
tfmrtbito tbe King t»asoeceft)eiiia bi^i^^^ant, ant> (bpcpn|iefinent)tbe 
fJKMb tea(e UMf Doio ; i^oto tberefoje tbe fnrrenoer of ibe turn ItaSi 
(tDbicb teas boto) being tbe contoeration of granting tbe latleaCef^ 
liHesytbat laff leafe, being gramjeb upon a conSbecntisn tebit^ bRU not 
hfjiK' 4j 3lf«tKi)it<dtate lo»iMn«tennreofa«,tbellDemattTia|itfbalnoe Co.u.ioa^- 
•^ bette a neto loXt bp Journeys account$ ; becanfie tbetrlf fnit teas taken *'^*" *^ 
ont Initboitt caotie o> gronntf ( 3 3 H. <;.) bat a prxcipe of a ijMnno} being 
abateii fo> non*teniite of parcel^ tbe X>emaninnt Ittai baw a fO)it bp 
Joonieyes accounts^ becanffc tbe Senant is Senant of tbe reSone , to% 
ttb<^tbeW)i(isb}ongbt»an«fttoerebaroto fo?ce tbe Demantant, 
tooifWiert intobomtbeeliate sf eberf parcel of tift ([Mi^norlEanoei^ 

W^^ 44 laiieit twitfaHe leaCes,beingboiofS) a time > fbai be eber aficet c«.Lt. U.^. 
r 8bOioeb>anBttbenn(it,tbisMttremeistakell,viz.tDbentbeinteceSof '^Bui*^^ 

I • bfm tbat makes tbe abspuiice, is but fb» part of tbe terme, (9 tbat after »»/"»'*'<• 
bif intecefl flietermiiieb? a nlMie of tbe termenotb til remain; ami 
tpl^en be> tbat makes tbe abopMnce, f abopos tbe Ipbole intereft ,- tbat 
no pan of ^ternfe at al Mtb remain after fncb aboioanc^ i )Els if Se» 
ii8iitint«fleof).-anfestoCapiteffl8keleafefnotbKitranteBbptbeS»ta« ' 
tbongbtbe lifng itit^bt of tUbefc map abots t^e leates Un bb tim^ 
l^ffaftettbelMngs Mecet oet^cmineD, tbe beir accepts t^t tent, 
tbrp ftal betbercbp mass goo afain : Sot iftbef^atton of tbe Cbnrc^ 
ofD.gcanttbe fwochein«boiiMiu»toaiietber,anoafter(anobefio)etbe 
litatMteof M £Uz.) tbe l^arCnf* patron, an» iOmmt babmabSf 
leate tn pears tenoning tent , ano tbe pattbn ba« bieO) ant tbe ^Mn* 
V tk |aD|^»(initeb a Clerk, labo baH b^n atlmitteD> tntitnteb? «c» in fbit 
caft!, tbat leafe babbii^naMWiitelpMftfopciDt anD tbe futccttoi (al« 
t|gii0b t^ tlatron, tbat toas viftp to t|e leaff,f»ellBnt bfm) Ibal abofef 
%v* % ' 45 J* 

lit The Realbn of ^^ax.^o2 

Co.L t.4i.b< 4; jfllmati tei^et of cectamllanifli fn ds^t of 6t« tatfie* mAsetftoS* Defcafabk « 

4.iaff^uniig' tntiitbeDd((<iioentaofitto C8ttaiii|ietIiaii0it|>QncoitiKtfoti> t|istt|ep ^^* 

H ^ fbi IbaBtettbel^nD again onto tl»lBatonanoiF«att{9)tbeitUDe«,Mtti 

^ *'*'"' oit»utceiiiafiii>n»ofeecfnt8ae>t^teiiiaini>ettotl)edelltleit0oft|ie 

ISatott t aito after t^ IBaron B(0«> t^e iFsoffass kt tl|)e l,%ii& to tl^ 

ireuw £»} U&t t|t imnatoecs otec in taae , tlte mnafnoa to t^ liilH 

Wt)fii(V» $tmz, tfiftxiaBiHhomfia»t Mmtotlietic^teitBoCt^ 

IBaton i 3|n tliia catB, Mxn ^e ^ of fAe IBaton entcM f^ t|e coiioftf< 

on b}oKen,bf liUf ctttrp Q)e featttatat Vvat maot t^e nifcoHtinnance , in 

oe&ateD.anDfobpcanteqnence tbetiCcontinnanteftfelftoDeftatebd* 

(i(i,to tbat tbe f et|te ma( enter, ano ^1 be Ik a« of bee fo^met eftate* 

Co.i.8.7^«-3. ^ vaibenoneeffatetotofncieaf^ nponanotbet elfate bp foKeofa ,. -^ . ^ 

intbe Lord cottOftioH p)eceDent» tbefttfteCateoiifbttobepecmanent,.lnbicbinap cnkr 

sttftrds ctk. (^0 00 a gi^gif fbrniiMffoii* fnbereon to baito tie fatm e eftate > aob mt 

tttc^t duet teiHot)eaUsattbefoaoCtbe(&)ante}0}l^8ba:anotbeie(o}eifaman 

gtant ^tt iSobotDCon to anotber at tDiB, apon conoftion tbat <f be bo fiicb 

anatf,be<liaftbabef^;3^itbi0eafe^ tbe eftate at Mft is n»(iicbCoan« 

oation a« tbe^ %a1» uvdtia to foppojt tbe eneteab of an eftate of' 

jFtanktenement 0} 3|i4etftance;fo} tbe4^)anto}niai? betetmine b6t 

tDill before tbe pecfo^nauiceoftbeconottion, ano (0 abo6» V§ otane 

0rant> am a Ireafe at MA cannot rnppott a temainbec obec > !^o UU* 

fottJB tf a man istant an jSlobotoCon} IRent, «* fio) peace open conbft<0i^ 

ff tbe 1^^ tsltbtn a peate pap I o s. be Oaft babe fo} Itfe ; ano if be pap 

2os.tD{tb<nancitbetpeateaftetbefliaObabef«, ttie l.eSfl» pecfeimi 

bdtbeonoittou, fet (iNill be l^be bat fo} U& > fo} tbe eftate fo) Iffe at tbe 

tfmeoCtbe<^Mnt.jtoa«bat to contto0enep>tiibicb le nofennbattennp* 

on lobi(be0c^eti eftate map encteate ; besaote a poftftiUtp cannot 

encteaie npon apolttbaitpfanBtbeeSateof Jfee^SmiucanKeteneteiie 

npottt^ eftate fe) peace^fo^tbi^tfebfobNiebbptbeacceOieHof tfteeftau 

' C9.i%'i4u\>. 47 3(f«inui<Kitb^nb8*»w9taaQjimlnpedk,aiiObRtbaW)|tto .$»^ 
I. in'Doaor t^e SBttbop > ano tbe IBfflioprefiitetb to atmtt bfe Click ; ^ece tbe ^ , 
Drmiti a&. |MaMtC upMi tbto folitecal mattec of TeCniaU mn b«be a«r)<t of ^""* 
Qustfe aon admifuibnttftbejtoefenoaat tebet(e tbe g nage i wMt bp* 
iCiltofEnox, atib aftec tbe^Mnttf totbe Qittreltspcdich^tegf bte 
Qjfafciionadiiubc* dejMlRMtttnMppltaDneluchrecqrd, ansfebnc 
tbe tl^Iaintttlof b)in0lHa tbet WaUt ( Vide a6€. j. £91. 75. per Wilb^ and ExeciKioo. 
HUL ) 3nUhe manneclf A. be taken bp tb» fbbicWB tn efecatftnat tie Emwc. 
tttftefB. upon an enoneeiM 3hib0enient>aHDaftec aHiteaiie(i(ape> ani ^^cape* 
aftec tbe |nD0ement to cebetfeb bp « VR}tt of Enor , tbe anion npontbe 
ibia. dMnia. 4% 3|f tbe retntn^f an ExigcM beecconeeac* tbe DotUfncp lolfcb <• £Mpk end 
cipcUcfljie. 0(onnBeBtbecettp«i,i0etceneoM(aUe;bec<in(ie tbefiiitofEK^tii »«x»* i 
tbe1»attantbptobi(btbepp)oceeotetbeAit|«bD»p. VideProaocscaIr, ^ 

ibU.Mjb.t. 49 0netkatbflbc«nfeefp»<bileB9iinB«M9,i0acieftebint<>Qdoo, PdaUadge. 
}ttUA.9tiu anb&elibesiaSupeiledusiwtlMtbftsiibtogtDbicbitbemeceibflcgfbef^.'^etr^^ 

|Mi0enent>«nbbeietal(enineiBeeatien) anbtt t|ece«poBKeniobCb<« 
Banco bp a Corpus au»cau£i; )8taibece,becante after tbe Siipeifedeasgti 
Ubeieo,tbece tmi a iMftp Ui tbeptoceeMnf anniMftmatt) tie 
Cottct (tDitbont«B)ftof^n»))aiMcieb)tbiitbe IbMli benitlKfi 

_.. . eboftbe^iecnttaiyfc. 

J0M.i4].«.t. JO 3ftbiQ 3na0e«e«t0 are flfben^anDtbelaftoepiininieetlp open twojim^ 
' tbeftt«,ai npenbtofiMnnatiea, tbereif tie ftrft limeamenttllnboe' neats. , 
went le rebecto bp ittift of €rre» e> iBhtaintt tbe taft (tolici mm J^ift^ 
intbeiC«ca»tewpeKftnponit)«albecebec(ieiaife> affnAttfeani ^"^ 
Rcdit&ifin , foof a |ab0enient i«eM tbe o)ic<Na|, anb aaetbee IniBWtt 
' V -> <na Scire facias ;(io alb ofainacementagainft tbe SCenant, anb anotbec 

a9a(nftatllottcbee,anotbetilw,<[Ct $1 S|e 

'^4^* ^^ G)mmon Law« 113 

5t SC^€onnII»ofa(btatiitefrf8ttte;{iiatD)ttofDtcinue^t^foille ibid.t4i.b. 
frtatateapongatnffbmtnttecotertfbp trroneondlJiiSQementagRtoft rH.1i.441a' 
t^ (Dntntttf > an& M tl^ statute oelfDeren unto \iixn > t^ Cattrfrer 
b}tttg0atD)ttoCEnrdr, tamt\»€9mUtftm etttatim upon t^ef^ta* 
tote) atisfjafi!)ft)!^ece, albett tbeCC^atntfee teDerfe tlie (noctment, 
Tftt f nafmncb as tbe ^tatatt tsas eyecnteo , tbat ei;et ntfon (ball not be 
aMoeo b|» tbe tet«r(ial of tbe Inogemeitt , becaafe tbe f aogement foas 
jriteneot, onelp to b^t^i^ tbe dtatnte beUttttn, ano tbe Crecntion ttpon tlie (Ktattiilt 
Imibo. toatbtngersratett) not at aft Depending upon tbelabgement: dnoi^et 
in tbto cans (bptbe opinion o( CokeCbiefe 3utti»)t|e<I^Tnff»0)afl 
Uiiti;^M- bate tenteop upon tbe rebet&A of tbe luooement bp an Audita quan-ela ;• ' 

I *■ tumU tbe taaCe anb gtonnt oC tbe CoBaterai JSktion it Dffpjotieo, ano 
I . fumnleDbptbetrbecfaftoftbettrftlnogement) anstbe fttit |0(aintifF 
tcftojeb to W fitft Mtott, npon tobicb be map bate bis StS ano one te* 
Extant 52 I^recato20 babe Jnogemettt in account) anofo^tbeatreragee bate ibii,.. b *. 
VntoMitt- ^fiDeCemumtineiecntion, nm aftectoarbstbe sce&«tnent.toa0an« /><rcVWie< 
!!■ ^ noUeo, becanfe tbe iCeitato} inae an 3|9iot , ano* tbe fleco^Q fpf titaall h&ke. 
JiJ! *°' U«0 temobeD into tlie Cbancer? bp «ll»it, ann tben tient into tbe Hingii 
Sencb ) tDbete tbe 0ition toas b^ongbt i )3no berenpon tbe Defenoant 
Mtfut. i^oagbt an Audita quzrela , f 0} tbat tbe Seftament lam oifp ?.obeD, ano 
nk ft Inao tetOlbeo in tbe Exchequer Chamber (an. ; ; H. 8. ) tbat tbe Audiu 

quarrela troolo tDCt Ut* 

huAiiih f J 3t toao fonno bp Mandamus 2 Jac. tbat P. S. belo tbe 9anno} of Co.). 1. 1 a.K 
t^tm-'O.Ui l^oeeage oC flint Eiiz. ta of bet ipamio^ of N. 3ln 7 J ac. a Melius ?«)« stauib' 
*^ Inquirendum 1080 atDitwo (reciting tbe fojntet office) to enqnfce, *"f^*^^ 
f»betb»ttbe9amio} ofO.attbettmeoftbeoeatbofP.s. foajr-boloenof 
tbe liing in Capite,«c.ttbecenpon an olfice toao fonno , tliat at tbe time 
oftbebeatbofP.s.tbefiiio ^anno) of O. toat boloen ofdin:Eliz.bp 
Unigbt fecbice 80 of bet ^otmo) of N. ano tbat at tbe tailing of tbe in* 
qniStion it lout boloen of tbe l&ing) «c. jn tbis cafe tbe Melius toao re« 
l^gnant in it fiel(i») becmi& it lDa0 impolIiWe fo) tbe Jntp to ftnoe tbe 
l|^nno» boloen of Hing James nt tbe oeatb of P. s. ipbicli imt in tbe 
Conctb peat of Hux Eliz. fO^tben it nmft neeoo be boloen of tbe flineen> 
Jitngjapies being tbenftinjK of Scotland, 8tt. #otDtbete(Oie, albeit tbe 
3lntp bp tbe Unqniittion bab tigbtlp fOtMO tlje tennte of tbe 9tamh 
anotbat tbeic Snoing tbeceof tntbat refpett toae gooo, ano accoioing to 
tbottntboftbe cafe; pet becanie it fnao not foananteobptbe Melius^ 
, tBbicb trae tbe ffconnb of tbeic Inqnifition , aft toas aoinogeo infiiiFici* 

i ent ano boio, ano a neto Melius inquirendum foao afnaroM^ 

kubi OS. 54 amantbatiffonnoanioiot ftom bis natibitp bpofTice , map c© i .iib ^ 
N B eome into tbe Cbancetp ano p}ap to be etamineo, o} bp bio ftienoo be in lU cafe of 
f""^' WMB p)aip to be b}ongbt tbitbec, ano if it be fonno upon examination tbat d>e Abbot u 
, be i« no 3biot, tbe office tbeteof f^no, ano aft tbe eramination, tobf cb ^"^^ *^' 

I bKui bp fo;ce of tbe flR»it oi CommiSion , are uttetlp boio toitboat anp ** 

L ttaberile, monftrancede Droit, o> anp otbetfnit. 

frfi ^- ^5 )3n eveenttii; in conSoecation > t^at tbe fdtointiir foift fo^beate c»Mb.f^4.*^ 
r^ tfft Michaelmas to (be fo) a oebt One bp fi 9Celtato} to tbe l^iaintilf upon 4. »^. <«« 
lone, p2omi(etb to pap it at Michaelmas , am in an aaion npon tbe cafe ''*^' 
baongbt againft bet upon tbat p)omife , pleaoo non aflumpfit ,• ^ece, tbe 
I conftoecation of Coibeatance i0 goOo, becanIO altbongb it be no benefit 

t. totbep)omi(iR»peti0itO8niagetotbe!^l8intiir : ^no pet intbiscate 

; if (inreimiute)tbeodittDeteiiotoneo^, 0} tbe CtecnttiFbabnot 'frc»k*<i>iii 

^. allirt0attbet{meoftbepiomilie>fbemapgibetbatinebioenceyaiiolbas '"'^^ 

I betbetenpon apoeb ; fo) tben ( in tcntb) tbere laaat not anp confloecati* 

I on, npon iPbicb tbe afliimpfit migbt be gconnoeo ; becanfi to foMwct a 

lilt, bibicb teas not one, 0} tobetefvitb fbe fM< not cbitcgcable , eonlo 

Hi bf 


I t' 


114 The Realba of '^Wf^;4<^ 

be ntftfiet beutftt to t|e jDeCenMnt* tm ttmrase to f|o ^laintfK, 
C0.1.9.139. a. 56 l5atonaiiB JFeme being S^anto in ^cial taiie, ate QiboKCQ Anumige -^ 
3 .& i4t. M- (viz. bp ttidli a Ditmce) toliiib otlfoltieo tbe waniace ab initio > aab tbe ^^'^^»l 
■mttamntt ^^^^ g^ ^^^ 4 vinculo matrimonii) in tbio caft tbep b«te etet af* ™" 'S''* 
Si i "* t« bat an eilate fo>tieit Itl^o, becanfo tbe mattiaffo ( tobitb tw« tb« g^ 
•nelp meano toberebj? tbep ntigbt babe bao beito intietitaUe of tbe e« 
Itate taile) being oidiolteo, tbe eftate taile it felCt if tberebi^ aito oetec* 
Co. L 10.7 1. S7 VSben a Coott batb jntiCbitf ion of tbe can(e> ano fmiaut in- ^mo^ 
a.4. the cafe verTa ordioc, 01 enoneoofl? i Vnttt tto attion foil tie, eitbet againft tbe f^'°t 
of the Mar- pattptbat (be0 , 01 atiainft tbe iMRcec tbat eretntee tbei^ttcqptoi '^^^ 
AaUea. < gjocefie of tbB Contt t «tit tobeu tbe Cotttt bat^inot lotifbioion Of tbe 
canie , tbete dl tbe p>o(#tint <0 conn »<>« yadicc, ana aitions toil lie 
a0ainStbem.tPitbontan]»te9atooftbep}eceptoi fm^B^y tc* Coi ^ 

tale ie Judicium i non iiio jadice datum nullius eft momenti : S ee the booke 

C0.1. le. 9«.a. 58 sCenant in tafle, tbe temainoec in taile to A. tbe tebetSon in tit Dower <ien- 
iMBdw.sty- tol^imfeKe^batgainoanD lelo tbelanoto B. ani» bi«beit0;^ete, bp <°>>>*«i* 
T^a-'lt tbeD^ttinoentesan^ inteleo,fc.tbe«at0aftue batb an eSateoeben< 
ki'Sk oabletobiobetco, bat oetetminable open tbe oeatbof tbeSenantin 
taile> anB batb alio Vfz tebeiOon in Ut evpeitant opon tije eltate in te« 
ntainoet in taile, ano bete libetoife tbe #eitie of tbe Satcain* toil be 

enootoeo t but in tbis cafe if tbe jEDenant in taile oie, tbe ^otoet tObieb 
oepenoeo 01^ tbat eSate> ftal iietetmine aUO, 
0J.10. 9($. b. 59 flCenant tn taile> tbe temainoet in tafle to A. tbe tetedion in fit warramf ib- 
!.&<»: S9- tobindeif,bat0aineanoteU!ttbelanoto B. aim bie beite, ano aftet* mninei 
DMrmfc. ipg^Q, gifo ig^if^ a sn; t( B. n ^t beico toitb tDattantp»«e.3|nfl|i« cafe> 
albeit A.betbenettbeittotbeSCcnantinlalle, fotfbalnottbiobMt* 
tantp batbiiteniatnoet} iFoietet; bMttant?ougbttobe1uiitanoan« 
nepeo to an eftate, foitbatalMttantpbatbbioefbncebp oe^enoancr 
nponfome eftate ;j^lointbieca(eattbeti«ie If tbe tm lebpsOt tbe 
foanant)»|Ba0aNnei»»totbeiF*«imple OetecminaUo aftontbeoeatft 
oftbeSCenantintaitelpitbo«tiAie>anDalfiototbe tebeifion In fdi»,bne 
ootbnotettottfttotbeeftateof A.intbeteMaiM>et ; (b»tbat bM0 not 
oifpl8ceono}oebe8eO)bito^ftftlciiit<nnefnbtai> becanfe tbe 
time of tbe ftne lebpeo, ano .aitec loaf CeifiBO of bio temainoet ; jMo 

tbenif tbe toaitant* at tbe time of tbe cceation of it inete annei»o to all 
oftate,fbeCona(^bp bio iieyfttiiento) otbot «t tannot ettenoitfat« 
tbettbanitfnaoattbetimeoftbeettationofit -> ;3lno tbetefbie tobeN 
tbe eftate taile ( nnto tobici iift tMttantp toao anneteo) i< oetetmi* 
neobp tbe oeatbof tbe ICenont fii taile Isitboat i(b»t tbe bMttant; 

(tobftbbatb bie eOiince bp ifVOnoancr) it aUOoetetminei4 b«antetben 
tbeteio no eftate left t» btiiou it, <c» 
)o E. j. «4/»' 69 3ln AjTife befete Sto«i^ anootbeto iff tbe CMmttep y tbe fflenant ^ mui unk- 
mkim,miu»- pieaoofeoftmentoftbel^lafntiirto bfnbp 0*0 oftbelanoftiplei, to t^"^ 
If, p»j»« caie. ijaDc ana to bolo to bim ano bi«beftf , comv^ebenofttg a lettet of attoi»- • 
co.i.*i.»7.b. nfptooettbet*eian,«»(lnttatb)lbei[»lainti(ftDaoaIarnwnnof watraMT 
^' letteteo,anBtbeo(eol0itbtbetDa«tantoratto»noptMeteaoantobim TouLwit 

acmoing to tbe fo>»i of an fftate tail, ano npon tbe fame intent be &a« the dead. 
ieoanoBelitereotbe o<eo loitb tbt letiet of ;3ltto)nep in it tooeiibet 
$»eifin : Untbio caCe.tbe Ottooionnt WnoetbemananletteteB, battoat 
aojaogei boio : ;Elno tbetef^e, albeit tbe a*» ano tbe foatrant of atto;/ ' 
nep tDcretfDofebetaiaanreo,ani tbattbeCsio tMttant fnao teel ant 
trulp r$ao ante bim ; pet bocanfie tbe famelMttant bio Bepeho open tbe 
feoffment, ami bao telationantotbttftateiiite, tbflt1rattantof;at« 
to}ncp foae a^nogo boib^airo, ie» 

Max.r^C), the GDfflmoii Law^ il? 

firnmy dc- 6x %H ttiati witott tmsAW ttlattt 1oft|) ioatcaiif? b)» teeb , if tlie f«n.b. > 

^' jittuStz mtikt teo^ment «t)0r> aim take back an eftate in fee ; ^tK»-> X\» 
effate, onto ttbfcb tbe iDactanti? tnae amiCKea beine DeStopet>,tbe tear* . 
tantp it telfe is alTo TieiEtopeii> «na in tbi0 cafje b^ io^iH not babe a wat- 
rantia canae ; becaafeb^is in,of anotbec eitate. 
\ ^thiaaia 6i 3t^amanbatbtitIeofa(tfontotecobetIanB> ann after be entec<K> f.N;B.i. 
; ifuit, the f^ oiilieiretb tbe Cenant of tbe lani>, ans utetb tzi^tn, bp tnbtcb bis beic 
I '^ 'fj^ enters ; b^e, tbe beir is femitteo to tbe title tb>t bis Sinuftot bad} ano 
I Slat cd- tb^ iTstneof tbe JCaton tbat fo ttietb CeifemHiatt Ute ber oobDer i betanfe 
I kKi, tbat eitate tobi(b tbe l^aron baB> is tetermineo ; Co^ tbat ioas an etate 
of fee bp tort , ano tbe beire b^tb an cSate of fee, tDbicb )nas in bio )3nce« 

, ,„ llb^bptigbt,«c. 

Ki^tte" ^5 3famanmakeagiftinfaae,reCetl)inj5renttobiman5bi«beitrf> f.n.b.i^? 

mlbutof Atn ^^ <^ SDono} taketb JTetne, ano oietb > ano tbe flCenant in taile 

dKbd. alfo oie0 toitbont iffne : %ere> tbe JFeme of tbe l^ono^ dial not be en< 
ootneo of tbe rent becanletbe tent in eitinct ; fo^ it tsas ttXttWi upon 
an eSate tailej tobicb i£< betermineo : IBnt in tbi0 cafe, albeit tbe eSate 
taile of tbe rent is oetertninea , vtt ftoA tbe /entebe enooloeo of tbe 
lantt ; becanfe tbat bdtb SiD tontinne ? ano is not Determines, as is tbe 
. . rent, 

jiSmaii J"^ ^P ^^ tnleof tbe l^slo a retnainDec oagbt to babe apYeceofns puca^.a. 

(t^w fitt- i^ste to ftippoU it : Sim if tbat pweoing eSate faiie , tbe tewainoer ctitbrijb at 

fci% fails alto ; 0s if a leaCe fo^ Ufel^ao been maoetoa 9onk,tbereniaintiec 
infce>tbistemainoetbsbbeetit)oiD> becanlii tbe ^onkbao no ctq^itp 
to take tbe eSate fo) life, ano to tbe ellatc p^eceoing , tbe temainQet is 
Wiy ano tben (ex confe^iente) tbe remainoer is boio alt^ 

imriuioQ 6$ SL Cbntcb app;op>iateo to a fpiritaal CotpoMtion, becometb btf* > e.* .^^b, 

ttp>pri- app}op}{at^ iftbeCojpa^tion be oiColbet, Finch i^ 

. «• 66 jloifliefo} of Hatnwin ancient 8>eme{it» tbe ^'Otocontttms onto 49E.3.e. 

SiS^ bfm to bolo at tbe Common nafo, tbe jBDifleCee fe*entretb > i^oUi Otail 

miwoKd. t],g[a,to be ancient JDemebi again >f^ tbe cftatestobecenpon tbe colli 
firm$tfonAonloennre>(0oefeatebw Finch i4« .,- 

%mttti0^ 67 ISj^ pitbilebff of Ahtque la^ecicione vaiU is aiweKeOtO tbe ptM» Co.1 1 1 8;.b. 
2* «"- tp Of tbe estate, ( 5 E.^ . 44. per Shard and Stoyc) to tbat if tbe eSate, nn. t»i^ cafe. ■ 

toiBbicbtbatp}fbile&0isannei»o,be cbanseO) tbe aobaittase of tbat 
pjibUeoge is loS ( 5 H. $. 9. a.) flta tbeicfoM if a man make a lea(> 
ftaxt without impeachment of waft , atto after coidicms tbe bno to bim 
foi liCe,bs <ftafl ke eber aftec cbatgeable leitb fsafte, aS H. 8. Dyer i e.b. 
3[f a teate be maoeto onepw auter vie,tiritbotit impeacbment of fiiat,tbi 
temainoertobimfo^tbetermofbisoiDnliiei ^ofpiibepanifbableof 
toatt, fo^ tbe ilrff ettate> nnto tuliicb tbe aobantage of AhTque impetitione 
vafti fpas annepeOyis o^otoaett ano gone « ano tbereCo»e tbat p^ibileoee . 
is gone altb t Itoo it fs liketsiC^ of a Confttmatioti) fc« 

I fririiedge op ^ ft tD9S ao^Oj^eo fu tbe cafe of one Bwens , M. 28.8c 19 EUz. tbat c». ibU. 

I ^^ '^' iobece tbe S^cnant in taile after poOibiUtp of iOiie ei»iimt gcanteo obet 
Sui^ ' bfi^efl^tSi tbe<D)ant<efoasfo}ceoin8<^uidiuiisclamattoatto)a;be«. 

t canfe bp tbe aflTfinmeit tbat p^ibileoge toas loft ; j3in tbi0 iuocement 

tuas afElrmes in tbe ikins IBentb in a ^}it of Error j ano toiti^it atfo a' 

gtees 27 H. 6. tit. Aide in Scatham^ 

M» pnha>iti. g^ jEbe beite at tbe Common HatD ftaft bftbea piobibifien of imSt Co. i^, i 
I «tf waR by a^jifiiit scenant (n SD'otner i bnt if tbe b^re grant obec tbe tttmSMi> bis I 

Z hd^ (mantie fbalL not b^tbe it ; fo> tt appeats in tbe Regifter, (oi. 72. tbat i 

f amftKBant tittb an l^fTigtoee in an aition of WA&lt againft sCenant in JBt^ofoer fi»att 
. adwn. re«itetbe<&tattiteofG)dceftet;anotben(bpcontei)pent)beibaftnot :^ 
babe p^cfbibitfott of VBalE at tbd Common HaiD ,^9i tben be lboiili» not 
tticif e tbB ^tatttte* Yidc F J^Am* 14 H.4.3. j H.j.iy.b. 
i ~ :?<» Hf 

' ii6 The Reafbn of 'iSXtax4o. I 70 3lf a man bt ftl)e«iof isiiM a0 (efte of t<ie patt'of ^to iti«t|)et, atm j^"'*'^'^ 
«».b.4. maketbafeoiriiieittta&e, am tal»tlj back an tftate toWm anoi^to SdiiSi* 
I)eft0) t||{0 fa a neie pnrclfare : ano ff i)eofe toftljont fStie , tt^e |^(t0 o( 
t!^ pact of t^ fatl9tt ftal fttff fntiecft ; beeanfe tbe effate, nnto iDbfcfp 
tbe {bopertp of tebenoing to tbe befto of tbe patt of tbe motbet } be<ns 
bp tbe cbanse of tbe (ante eftate oettopn, tbat p?opectp ft felfo to al(> 
wfttopeo,frottkefoifeifamanfoCef{ei>maliftbafeoffmentfnfee) ce« 
, (MDfng a tent to btm ano to bf0 b»<t0> tbiftent ftal goe totbe befti of 
tbepart of tbe fatber,fc* 
Co.ii>id43. a. 71 %t tbere be i^nvi ano Cenant bp Cafflte'SnacK > ano tbe %9W» caftie-guaid 
1* , ... 6cantetboDecbi0^efQRO}ptoanotbet;3lntbf0eate>tbeCalfU'gttaro s**^'>y'«ii^ 
utHisczTe {«S»ne>becati&tbe<l&}anteebatbnottbeCame, tobfcb to tbe gronno ""^ 
of tbe tttWe : jfn tbe fame teaton ft ft, tbat ff one boloetb of me ao of 
mp jllanno) of D. bp feaitp ano fnft of C ontt , ff 3 scant oDec tbe fettof * 
tea oftbfJSCenam, tbe foft to gone > becanCe tbe <i&Mntttb8tbnottbe 
9anno> : IBot ff tbe Caftte be toboftp tnfmtteo, Si caftmm fit penitus di- 
luum , pet tbe tenure cemafnetb bp iinf0btfiectifce> anQ ft goetb <n be« 
neftt of tbe SDenant>a0 to tbe gnac&fng of tbe Caltle , mttfft ft be ce«e« 
eofSeo i bat ^aco ano maccf age belongetb nnto tbe %9Vi in tbe meane 
co.inft.pan i . 72 0f tec QETalte Bom, tbere it a Qiecfal tegacn to be ba* f o tbe contf « waft mUg 
»^'*- nnance of tbe retmlion f n tbe fiime ltate» tbat ft 11M0 fn at tbe tfme of ^iTpimUhahfe. 
tbe t&Tafte oone ; fbJ ff aftec tbe IRafalt eommftteo> tbe rebetfion grant* 
etbftotjer, tbougb be tabetb back tbetobole eftate agafn, pet f0 tbe 
Walt Dfrpnii«b)ble ; int IfkeUrffeff be gcant tb^ cetierflon to ^ ate of 
bfrnfelfeano^tstoiCs, ani»tobtobefc0, pet tbe Mall f0itffpnnfOiaWe> 
ano (0 of tbe like ; becanGe tbe eftate of tbe ceberftoh contf nnetb not, but 
(0 alteceo > ano confeqnentip tbe 0ltf fon of QKat in malt oone befb)e, 
(fobfcb con8ff0 fn p^ftiftp) fa gone aUio» 
Co.i.f x9.i.j . 7 J jEln €%etvA(H beCne probac map teleaCe an actfon , albeft befbje E«cuepr mj 
inMiddUftHs probat be cannot b?f og an atffon ; fojtbe cfgbt ofa(tfonf0fnbfnt:S»o «J«fe««fo« 
"''=• alto fftf0oe]»cnto)0p)oDe tbe a«ll,anotbetbltotefal]e, petbemap £j!££ 

. celeafe * lit fo otbecbifte of an Shimfnffttato} ; fo} ff A. celeaCe, ano af* Ik. 
tec take aomfniltcatf on> tbat Ibaft nit batce bf ni ; became tbe cf Sbt of 
aitf on IOJ0 not f n b<ni at tbe tf me of tbe teteato maw» 
Co.inft.pint j^ 3|f ^ff^^^ ),e 1/0)0 ano Senant, ano tbeflCenant maketb a f^ & condUMud 
'^''''^* offmentfnfdKof lUino0boloenbp Unfgbt IMifcetotbeafe of tbelFe* »»j|J>ip<i«r 
oir(eanobf»b((t0, ontfltbelFeofEnpapnntotbeifeoir^OYbfobefrf ^"^^ 
loe 1. ata tfme ano place If mfteo ; tbe jfemSk Dpetb,b<0 befre tDftbfn 
age; ^ere^tbe l-o^o fbaO bsbe tbe fnaro^fp of boop ano lano0 conoftfo* 
naliptiFo^if tbe iFeoiro>paptbemonep> ano entecfnto tbelano, tbe 
toacofbfp ii botb boop ano tiinoa f« ofbei»o» vide pro ibid. 
Draui.^U 7$ A.bp3noemnTeentoBeo<nCtKincerpfnconffoecatfonofmonep> ureupoQtt 
»• 4«5. P- M. bacgaf ns ano fel9 to 6. tbe 93nno) of D. to bate ano to bolo to B. ano ufe. 
bfo befc0> to tbe aft of A. Co} Hfe,tbe cemafnoec to tbe tt(e of B. fn tafle ; 
^ere, becaate tbe ftcft gcant to B. 10 an ate bp tbe 9»tatnte of 27 H. 8. 
ano one ufecannot be engeno^eo oat of anotbec , tbe ifmftatfon of tbe 
tiDO lalt ufee tDa0 aojnogeo bofo. 
Dyer i t^.i. j6 jSl m m (tf tjeo lano to tbM>)habendum eis pro termino vitz eorum , ft t^tinV* *A> 
», i Elia. corum altenus diutiiis viTCntis , ad ulutn A. B. pro termino vit« fu« , fjDftb* 

out mo»e anotbettDolefteoofe :3lntbf0ca(ie,ftfeemeototbeConct 
ofCommon Pleas tbat tbe eltatrtDa0 oetecmfneo> beeanfe tbe eltate 
upon tBbfcb tbe ate toat create ano caffeo toao gone , «c* Vat C^uzre, 
f f focb an eltate bao b&n mmebefoje tbe ^atnte of 27 H. 8. of uTes. 
Dyertor.7. 77 jafD)ftofertentlD80al»acoeofntbetfnieof^a&nMary,cetac« Ezmc 
3,4 Eiiz. naUe ^indena Martini^no tbe Wlft fo ei»cnteo fn tbe Itfe of tbe ffiat . 
bat before tbe cetacnibeoto0) ano pet ft tnas tetatneo, ano a libeme * 


j^4K»4^ f^c Cottuttdh Law. 1X7 

toae tJ^entMi gtanteo itt tiie time of ^uMn Eliz. C^uabre , fo<ii|t|^t 9% 
m tilt €tttut tmd tetomn ioWioat tmxsat, 

Vr. 7i 3nKMtll^e1ftiD0mrtittM0Tei)ecrcft,liecaitretten1i»«note^ D7eri}o.{8; 

tmt of HtmnTg entreQ, atiB ttite albett tfte «D»tt crenror Ims b^ottg^ < tuz. 
tlie fs«e ttxmty^ reccoo tenrntafng tfl fit t|e kjfafte of ttie ? ttlti(es> 
ano tfie |^Iaint<ff liao p^apeb entrp tt^fof : Note, tim Iwtl t^ Itct 0< 
Ofon am t!^V3}(t of Errour tone b^ong^ In Banco Regis. ' 

tdiT«ii 79 SCie #»Dott of Weh beine l^arfOn impatfonee of t^ ftaffmiace Dyer »} 9. 40: 
of WinTamjisafetltliBtfttesfo^flft? pesT0 tenDYfng tant) taftfel teas 7 ei»' 
airo(onffmeobptbeS>taiieaaoCtiapt(t) lot not bp t^^attonaiA 
£>)ftitntp, tbo I^Mboftfttp 1D80 bp ^arlAWMtt anfteo to tbe B>eanatp> 

cwnprimoTacarecontigerit. SCl^1P}0ttfttb<e«, tie B>a>lle acccyts l|a 

cent) pet t^laatefs not afltiiitt»bpfod||tccs|^nu, fo? t<ie)l)Obollt 
leaffc tnao DoiD bp btfl beatlh a0 ft h( of ft finfini 0) l^nbeno ; at 1M0 •« 
MiettBtfe of a JSHbop, 9>ean», abbot, <^« tobfcb tttte OMttt^ ano ( be* 
fo)e tbe Ittatnte of i Eliz. not iMrinted) miQbt mabe Btfcortthinante i but 
ff fi|KleAi»aboteb«bbtof6»Ufi») ft bao not been bofo before enttpt 
aifo tbe accevtance abo<» toao to no potpafe, fo) t)e rebtcSon luao be* 
tecmfties , am tbe natw of fi»ceifonaltem ; SU <f Sonant fn jDobBOc 
o» otbet pattfcttUtt fCenant make a ler.Ce am ofe, am boin tiA»Aon 09 
cemafmec accept tbe ceitt,tbf<fo no afftrmatfon, becanbtbecebedleii 

80 IflAt^ I o jDMtO} Ley add a0a(Rffc Tifilale. 

41 Things incident are adhaerentto chtifSupetiouts^ ot 
Pnncipals. • 

1 jiinanietlieBofl'anMfnftebatboA)ec«CbatteT«,)teeui,anb co.iiifi.patit< 
«»t>ettcfg, am maltetb n feoftmewt fn fee « < t|w: b ri tbo u i babttantp, o> «.a.&. 
tDitltwttantponeipafafntbfmamb{Bb(tt»;fntblocaCe»tbe9nr* i^eLori 
cbalbrfliaUbabealtbe 4^daeten,S>eeb«,a«bCbfttome0) asfncfoent 'ff<''''^^ 
totbeiam«,8ctiKwoetmc,toCbeen«^maptbobettetbeffemtbelttm ^!^;,i» ^ 
HfmfMf, bnbiNSitoloafcantptoreMfberfttbalnerfO^tbeebfiiencesntt ' ' 
(iofttienOtbefnelHOftbeiattb, am fb* JFeotfet beffisnocbonm 
to iMctmitp,fi8tbM vfi^of tbem t SntKfl^ Jleollo^ beboMtoto tnt* 
tantp, fo tbftt be f< bonm to tenoec fn balnO) tben fftbe beCence of tbe tfi 
Heat bfofccO; am tlettf^e tbe iFeoilee fn tiat cafe liMl b«beno oeejw 
tbatcompjebao bMRtantp) tobectoftl^e JFtoCO^ map take aofmntaee : 
jAICOleiialbKtefincbCbottetsasmilpfetDebfmto Betafcntbefoat* 
taitp patavMrnt l^fkefsfb lie flal ime tl jIDefbo amCbfbenct t, 
mbfcbatt mafttlilfiD tbe nMMbttanee of tbe tftle of tbe lano y btH 
otbec eMbenceo4ii|rfi%coiiceni f||tpalMion,am mttbe tHle of tbeitntb, 
u Contt floflo, ft* tbe #toibe 4MI b«bt tben^ M concomitantk it 

■ >■ - iacidentuttOtliepoMlom 

inaooihe * 3lfnnia«{rifiiBoliJUt&in»|eiceoftbepatt'of'H0 ^btt, ntd* co.ii>ft.{tttii. 

pmofthe IteHifeotwentintet, l»fi»blii0aYenltobfmamto bf«befc«» tbfo "•^'t- 

Mther. tent OialiototbettKisoftbofntt of Ibeiratbec (vide M.B^.70.) tot 
tfte48»Maie«ff(l<Rt«He* o^aM&fnHfe, telieclifns a rent, tbe 
fo,a0fncioenttberennto,ft8i pitietnftbft ; bnttbebefteof tbepart of 
ilie fINbotfinA ml take anNmtace or« comftfon amereo to tbe fame, 
taanfeit iiml^iBlwiit to lbo»b»ifon,mi» cm ptllbtbecetoitb« 

neiftefor ^ ^^^ ^"""^ ^^ ^" ^^^ ^^' 9amio; , a< bofte on tbe pait of tH)> co. ibia. 

fcnkt j Pt lbH » «Hi»fO ?ttbij HatWtt ot <^ia empiores tenanim biM> «aoe a 

AoAneiitAiibeof pmntt, to%ilb 0(%|M bp tent am fttbfcf ) mbeft 
tbep be nebilp cceateb, pet fn tipat tijgt Ate pacnl of tbe 9fmm^ tb^ 
tkriifnftbtbetetof tbel|Mni»>o((^cm totbebofto of tbe patt of tbe 



ttS the Rcafon of i^ax^U 

ipOtHt) quunuittftCranfeuntcumuniverfitate,cpueper(eii0ntranfeunt. 
Co: ibid. 4 3f«iiuiii||at^8ileiit>fockoCttepattof^9ofi|iec^ am tlie Se« Thiiikefot 

i»nt of tlie UitiB etantetf) « IDf fttdTe to f)tai ana bto IfettM , am t^ <i^&cfc< 
«}anteeo<et|i,tl)e ^fCrefbHiall go tDttlit^ rent to tlielie<t oftliepait 
of tiie 9ot1^> 80 taciwnt o» appnttttianttotlietent > fo^mtotot^ 
lleiit'fecit bf cornea Ulent^c^tse* 
Co. ibid.19. 5 Bp t()e Matnteof Weftm. a. ttetam to aa tt inece affjopUatn Theimdach 
l><}. (o}(nciBeiit)totY)eCenaiitfRtati9«to^|ieft0o(||tolMBp;anBt|pete(b}edeD^(oiU 

<faneftattbeiium»ettl)ecbefineo}<liicettel^ caunciacKi 
toamanamtlieiiefcdof bfoboop, ei^er totlie nb of attottec am <rt0 
■ I)eit0, o)totbea(ieof|itoifieKeamlM<liefe0, tbf« Umttatfon of nfefo 
uttfrii; toto ;fn tefo» ^fiifo fttatate of 27 H. 8. be codo not bate er* ecntestbeeftatetotbenfot SImfoft tMwaoimgeii fnan Ejeaionefic- 
B. R. tax bettoeen CooperpUrfntM^am Fnmklin,8Ec. jJCcfoiDaiit* 

r» hM X. <^ ^ po([fl)ttttp of btttiitg b0it0 to inbettt to fo tobtrent am fticf* ^ RUMinda 
5:^ ' • • oeiitto8inana0lonBa0belft)e0, tbatftcatmotbpatiFtttofbtobefe* *?hKij.. 

teres from blm onringbtottfe > ercept toben btoUoot to (o»tiiiit bg au iMiaOaa 
Tit Eii2 taimer) «c« jim ^efoie at tbto ujg, Snce tbe i^tatote of 27 H. 8. cap. binieife. 
iinwuk and lo. JfaimnfUfieooflameinfeemakeafeolfiiientfo tto, amoepart 
MUftrdsezfe. toitbbtoiPboieelfate, amUiiifttbettretobtobatqAterfo}lif^amaf« 
tetberoeteabtotbeti&oCbiefbiuieUitafleiamaftectotbe dsbtbeir0 
of tbe iFeoSoi t Utt tbto caf^ altbonob be oepartet tDttb tbe Ipbole jFee* 
Sm^bptbefeofftiient, amitautetno nte tobfanGeKe, pet batbbea 
• reterftoHifo) fnbenlioeter tbe iSlticeito) taliea an cftate Un ifCMmt after 
aUmftationtomaoetobtotigbtbBite) tberisbtbefeefliaSnot be pnr« 
(bafere: jSntbeve totbto cafie>tDbentbe ttmftation to to btofigbtbefce, 
am risbt befriiie cannot bateonrfng bto UCe ( fo), noa eft hxres viven- 
nf^ cometli in ci£e , am confe^nentlp tbe riflbl btfc0 cannot be nitcba» 
fere; iS(mtbecetom titRttp toben tbe Mfp cceate0 tbe etatefoi 
UffeamtBbentberactift amtf tbe Itorttatfon bas Urn to tbeoliiof 
b<nirelfefo»life,am after to tbeniie of anotbet Attaiie, amaftectotle 
n^of bf0 ofemrfgbtbetes^tberetecfon of tbef^ batb^fnbtai, be» 
caofe tbe njie of tie far contftwcb etec fn bfm i Alb tbe (Statute Dotb ep 
ec nte tbe polIieCioii to tbe nto ta tbe (ifime vU8bt> inaUt^ attb oe0U»> w 
ccinfipant 7 JKawannMlte agifttotafle) 0}aleafefo»U&, tbemmfnoecto void Rnab- 
>a.b^. bto obm riffbt befref , ^rtmafntec to toto, am be batb tbe reticf « ^^ 
4.i<n|iini} fintbeancefto}, wictog bto Uft»beatetb fnbtobooir (in 
jnosementofMI*) albtobebeianb tbeteCoie ft totmlpfato, tbat 
hxiescftparsantcccfloris: jB|m (bto amencctb <n a. common cato;Ci»(C 
Hantliesitento amanambf<beic0> «l btoteto ao (9 totalp fn 
bfm, tbat be map site tbeiam tombombe toOi* * fllbettSCenant<niFranfcniacctagei0 efEKmeftfn l^afna frittc* YnabuRi- 
nnre,t«ttefenctboecr*be9aft,pettbe JDoniM <n JFtankmarrttge ^; 
Aattimmeoiatelpmafcefiealtpibecanto ftaitp to inctoent to etetpte* ^'^' 
nnre (epceptiTranluamolfne^amcannotbebpacateBftemft* 
Co.ib.47.a.3. 9 3famanmaiteateafieto>9eac0, amtfttititarcnttob<mam(to RentinckkK 
<Crecator0,tberentfiialembpbtobeatb,becaaliet|ieb(teebitbtbere* »tfaeicva- 
teraon,amtberenttofnctoetttotbefttRfl«n^ ^^ 

coibtfsa.! 10 jFnitpto<nciKntto^^omase,becanIiefttoavattofmnia0e,Feai(r. 
' al tbetBO}M of iFcaltp betos compMbenben InftlHn Ipmnaue* Miaor 


Co. ib.^9.a.i. 1 1 iKofealtp to inctoent to homage) to|NMV> antHnfubt liRbfte Feaity.H*^ 
are fttctoent to Cficmi0i,anbbp tbe scant oCHnbiccf ^nage yafbtb b^>*»- 


Shidx.\ i. the Common LdW* \ 1 9 

viraibif o( 1 3 3lf Cenant hp ttnig^t ttt\iUe maltetf) a gift in tafie, ano tlie fi>o« c<r. ibid.77. a; 
AtDonecin- ns ituiket^ 8 it^eoffmetit in ftt, ano tftcffiJoitesutctft Wa fteirctottftm '•'" Sirrt.^ 
^ "> '^^ age,ttje ffi>ono? flwtt IjaDc tlje Matoftip of ttim ; becaafe Jj0 <« Ijta SCe* ^.^ ""^^ 
"*'• nant in ti&t : llBat tf tfte feoff* o(e,Wa ftclte tultbhi ajje, t^e E)ono» t. I's Eiiz ia 
iba^ not Ijate t^ OlaroOifp of trfs lietre, but ttie i 0}q patankonnt ; be< c. uptr cur. 
caufe be to S^enant m fait to Mm : 0tttlm ibafl tbe SDono} a^otp upon 
t^ iFeoff ft 03 bt0 b^fre, fo^ tbe ferbiceo one unto b<m ; bocaofe be malt 
in ]ji3Siwiaiv flieto tbe vtbtx^fi in fee to be out oC b(m bp tbe JF eoff > 
ment.anoconfeqaentlptbe fetfUes incioent totbe rei^etSon arealfo 
oat of bim , bnt be fbafl aboto upon tbe li>on^ ano b<s iVaz x Sinn tbos 
at0 au bolui tbat tern to be at bariance eitbec anf toeteo > o? teconciUo. 
Tcrare. I } JCbete can be no tenure toitbont fome fetbfce ; becattfe tbe (n* co ibiJ. it. 

bitfnialietbtbetennte,'anbi0intioentnntoiti b. i. 

AUieiTices 14 jS>t Uncioentstbecebe tloofoitf, viz.fiepatableanDinfepatable: co.ib. 9i.*.u 
\nMtfk- s»epacable> an tents incioent totetefaon0)(c* iobicbmcp betebecebt 
'"'^ Snfepatabte , as tealtp to a tebecSetroi tenure , fobicb cannot be fetS' 
reatiFo;, as all lanos ano tenements foitbin England areboUienof 
fome ILoib o; otbet , ant> eitbec meoiatel; o} immeoiatdp of tbe Stfngt i 
(0 to roerp tenure ( at tbe leaft ) fealtp is an nnfepatable incibent , fo 
long as tbe tenure remains, ano all otier^ Cerbices, except Gealtp , ate te« 
Wtnt te- 15 3Cbe tentf re in iFranltalmof gne is tm indnent to tbe inbetitaU^ c*- ^'9*. *. 
«"«i kc. wottb oCtbe <I&»anto» , ano cannot betramrfetreQ o> fo)feiteb to anp o< ^ 
tbet , no mo;e tban a fbnnoerfiiip of an bonfe o( IReiigion (Isbitll is in* 
ten&eb to be tn #tankalmoign> o} ^omage jan^eftcell , p} ^e lo^it ot 

contra foriiiamF:ofbincnti,0} tbe lP>it of con(iafoniianiColUtionM,01ranp ■ 

Otbet incioent to tbeie inbetitoble blono:bitt it is no intioent infepacable; 
fo>tbeilo}omaptelearetotbeaDenaiitin iFcantcalmoigne, ano tben 
tbe tenure is ertintf, ano be fbafi boU» of tbe ^o)o patamount bp feidtp> 
as in tbe cafe of Littleton, Sed. 1 39. 

wwfc inci- i6 3lf rent»fetbitebebeb'in8,tbc Hwb map biiitainfo) tbe atwate, Co. ibid, u*; 

tettfeaity. j,e ^af e fcaltp is intiowt to tcnt'CftWce , aHbtD|wt«ffealtp,fCti«jinti» *•*• 
«ent to tbe rent, t^e is a oifttefiEe alfo intfoent tbmcetmto* 

To iMfci Fe- 17 jn tbe cafe of a gift in taile,learefb* lite* o; peac0>tbe&aUF isan c*^ a>MMj. 

% Wcpa- (nciacnt infepatable to t\it rsbet fton, fo as tbe ]EDono» 0} ILtSm ctMWot *' '* 

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i^arabiy m- titE ; but tbe tent map be ercepteo , becanfe tbe tent altbongb it be in* 

tiim. (ibent to tbe ceberttom pet is it not inCepataUp iactoeiit* 

^ inci. 1 8 3f a man maketba gift in taile tpitboat anp te(ietbation,tbe X>o< <^o- inft. pan 

^ msfbaBbolboftbe STono^bp tbe fame retbice« tbat bebolBfobBtjbnt ^-^i*-** 
^berbrife it is of an eSate f6» life o) peatea ; fo} tliece if be tcferbftb ' 
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K(in6 of 19 3ftbete be 110)0 ano tenant bpfeaUpani»fent,amtbe l^oiobp caib.xfoa.3; 
t HT^ bis OttOteciting tbe tenure, telea(Mba|l|i0tigbt in tbeumo , fsfcing <( <• 

i «u>d tent. ^|g (^ jg ^^ . ||„ ^nijg cafe, tbe j^eigimrceinafne, ano be liial liabe tbe 
rent asa rent t^tbicei am alto tbe fealtp Incioent ante it ; (0} in (aping, 
thefftidrem, iti0a0mncba0ifbeb>H>(Mb, iieiTkc,iiri|iecetittto ' 

fealtp is incioent^ .. 

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f,,^^'^ ^ a>eno> grant tbe lecbicefl ta anotbet y ano tbe tfemoit attome , feme <>• '* 
babe (a{o,t^ rent (Ilia Ootpaf[e;b«can(etl)e tent caiatotpafe bnt as 
aremfet^e, being ftanteobp tbe name of fcivices: jUiotbeGealte 
cai^ot paHe ; becanfe it is an incieent iniiepacable to tlft tebecSon t jBnt 
it teemetb tbat tbe rent OiaB pafGe as a flent*tec1» ; becanlie at tbe time 
• of (be gtant it toae atent fetbice in tbe 9>anto>, ano ti^eceCne tbete be 
loo)Ofli(iif(iti^ to {KiSe. it to tlye ®}ant^ $ anb ft fe not of neteSitp, 

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Littl. §.i*r. 

The Reafon of iSK((ax4t> 

rt'»tltflialteaIte«!t»f«ttceliimijaii89oftfte«jant*,«t. ^ -^ 
Co lMd.148. ax 3f aman ma»etU aleafe toUfft of »Rck«te,aiii» ja^j^Scrt, J"™^^^ 
Kj tefectota8tt9iKbftW«S«twit, nponcotrntttonrtatd tUetLcfe wrtjtatlj l^'ff°^' 

an act it» t^at tlwn ^c Aalt ijjnwf « «» Wselt atte,fl)e*e(» pwt»»w 
tfte co.wfttw ; ^3te , alteft b? trtatfan D»^!» f^&'tmfle ab initio, 
pet fli« t^ reitt be a^wtiwifft, Co* «a* te tm¥<Iwn« one acre, 
to5etett«tom«nttiWf«^^^ ^.^^^^ .^^ 

«» Hf t^ete 1^0*0 am SDenant, an»tQ» jceiwnf boiwioipe^o?!* .^nctofcahy 
bp f cafti» an» certain tent, awt^ HaPstantfl t!ie teiit fcp ftto »«o t« ,^j ^^j ^» 
a»totljer» «t. t efetulng t^ftrttf, aw tlje JDewmt attojiw to t»e « jan. t^^g.. 
t« of tlie meat ; ^re , fnc> « rent to tijetjanoa of tie eiamee tonot 
«leirt.ftcWie , Iwt SlenMireite ; letaaft tfte foteet of oifttaWng tt* 
maim ffAl toftl) tlje lLo>». m an fnefemit to tbe f e<)if jf , tebki) b9 ^tb 
fefett»o,fe. Iboittomtttoift tD^etet^Cenatitbetoffb? (ioina«e> fe* 
Litti. $. *t«, WatiBffnt^amtliellofQ gtanti t!|e tent* tefertjInBtbe^magt, 
Co ibid «c b ft,%«tii»tW«l«irc»fe,if ffte>io»»8taRt »Hmptfie|^mafe,tai»JiBtt«fc 
eo.,b.u.ijc.D. ,3^jj,„ft,0,t|^fe,|ofti|efetlHcw, awtbeCenimtattojn, ic. 3l«t>to 
cafe, t|eSCeit«ittflb«nbolBti)sIa90oftb2^}iinttt, a«otbelto>oftaU 
bat)c t^ nenttbtit a« n «lent*feclt, awrfliaU not otttain Un it ; becanft 
t^ potaei of Btfttafntoe Bot| ( of eoimmn tim ) coaltRg tettb tbe 19«* 
o a .a -.<« mage ano i^ealtp> JTealtP Wng an tnfc pataWe Incloeitt to !&oinage) 
Q>,*4.*8.». ^^5D»te»t*0l«teto#«rit?,«c. ... 

Co. ibid. I ji. 1? liKidens in a f»(ng affectafnfne to , o) Wtotetej anotbet as « "^^^ 
b.i. ino?e*>ojttn»o»pjlm<i»tt. ^ ^ _^ ^ «««&»«. 

Lkti $.»»8. 14 M»a«»Wla«wt««iW^fo>termeo(l(fe,tefert<n8te«,ff J«*fJ|5j;. 
Go.ib. ifi.b. beetanttfietent, fc* Csbftis tbe retmlloii , «e. tbe ^DMntde baM) tbe f^,.bi7 »• 
3> 4. flent Ma !llfiit>fe«1i:,ft»lDW(%l^cat(ifot ttttaiit ; liecanfe tlie f^altp ddentwdie 

(mto lam%tlft»mtm «* (nclKnt>«otVllfll renHHn in fbe <B)iinto), [€*«&». 
iiamiin(i(rafaMeiifclBetttfotbtT««tt«oii;(0^ albeit tb* tent bealfo 
fncioent to tbe teteifton) )»t ft fefepatabltf fnt(oent> tDberem iFealt? is 
ItibyanftlpiRf^ntiiiKottifotbM attbongb* Wfm tbe tentiM0ftdl 
i«iefbeB,Hfia»«ttiif*CRb(ct,aiilT»bp conbqnentbdb IFrattp anobf* 
ftccffe incf bent Mito (t » pet beftig note bf tbe fitant ftbeteb from tbe 
InfepfltaMf abbett* fofbc iFealtf , «e. i^eiwrtbelelfejtn tbe faft» cafe , (f 
tbi ^»9$% itmn tie teberflenfby Hfe,«<. tbe tentfbaB pafetberetoitb 
94 fncfbtnttotbt itbetfloN y am tbe <tt$mk Ibal tben b«t(» it asa 
IRent'fertfce) lii^ertMit»]QNttefr»tefnciBentibecattfetttbenpe(retb1'P 
, tb* gtfnt of tbe TOberltoi , libritbfbetbpecfont 0} p)UKlpal> amtb>t 

^ .... lDltbi«tllilMtberilM)i*to(be0»ant,cumpertinfiTCUs,Sec. 

f^*i?t' *J ffHDo3opiiliinmtimi»o«l«iiefo»Mre, ttfetbfciuateiittoow J««n««>*««. 

a.3.K»i4.a . 4(t|^M; tbo teiif iK« MRttt* tbiM botb, bocaob tbe tetecfion te* 
maiito fit ilopntnre ; am tbere£o)e tbe cent> tobfcb <0 lticfl»ent to tbe fe> 
iMtttoiiibatalfientnefNfopitiiff, te. Mlefe tbe cefecbatfoa be bp 
D«b ftibiHCw ) lb>lboi> bt •»# to «ib«M ft fite(iN«ett> Ibal bcrte ft><e« 
foaifoaf^eM)erloontA«fffii«cetobotb» _ ... 

Litt' 34«. 24 nftberebeltibimCeMmt, aMtbe«e»«if«Milealeaf*Cw J;\'1'J*I°S! 

co..b.»i,.b,. ifltojrtBrtftiBtobfmanbbfibiftti an annml tent, f«» am aftet tbe "**'*'^ 
oceicbeat, «nvtbenntortbes:fiiiintfi»»lft^f«bebfiib>3Mtbf<c«r<^> ,^ 
tbo %9» br Cbboit maf bfirtftrCo> tbe Kent arreac, atbeft ft 1ms »cb**<* 
reCnbeb ta tbe l«f^ am b(« btffi s fo) botb JlfffMoo fn ]BtM > f At' 
ttsmts fn l4it»1lKni babe tie itnt ; becanfb tbe rent btfns tefbtbebof I 

tnlpetitaNctttbl«mbbtob«ft0> f0fnefbenttotbete«R8oH) amfio* 
etbbNtbtbeliame. ^ 

cibid. »|. «7 jUbeft (ai Litdeion fMt|, Sea. 362.) a ff cnaftt itt tafie maf b|» btmdbTM 

>> 4. f anaftfeii be banevtrom makfnji anp alfenatfon am lOeontfnmnce of «]itioa, ^ im 

bfif not* 


A/^#e.4t«o thcCommtxitml 131 

V» rtHHtSBtvatf tttte *titttte «f Wcfim. 3. ftt mbhoI tiat tltauU 
fo clogac* Mf 1^ ctn&fttoK,^! tM ftic<bent9 tot^tl ate tp i^to anttetct 
Mnto<t}-Wtp1»lMnrreS9}firi»fM»fiwiiift. jpote t^ tmiDents to ane* c<>.U4i.« t 
' fititHMiHt eU) I SCo te ftt^nffiiaUe of fnalle^ » S^ tbe ftmt vt sir i<»a)»»^ ' 
: tbtl^fnk ftal b»mii»|DtB» 3 SPjiat ttie IBatonof t|ie i^enie S^onat aiMaujtt 
(«fta«bw)tia|ke5C<inntl(t^Coiirtete. 4 Ifciiat tDeffetiatttto ^, f ^.H* 
tafle imp fiiC^ s.wmpei^mol«rp: 9ii04ie»fo}effatiianina}iea tJil^ptriS^ 
' 0i(t fn t«fts , nyM <9ii»lt(en to Mt%xtfi&4^ cftata ivm (taDlne anp of <««<£>]<. 
tlfff (nci9tttt0,tibeJto«tftfon.f£i tspngtiant^iib feo<o (11 l,al9 x 0tm fo} 
t|ifi.««ifii tt fo, tliai aColate? al ny MiitaU tDattantf tDltb afliet0 , to 
fc%c« o( tlvi rccompeiKf , to not. teHratote bp t(e statute of Donis 
qi^if^lSbiis Hoinow I0 « rooMwrn Ttfqiittp to r^pett ottte to 
M^«pqpc)Kt t Jim tittioti^D ^umi^Oi^ft^ggBX to »)ccitioe t^ common 

HCOtflB, fHftlr , Tkl ^Uenacioo -fc ^Ippikiqmn^e j Jopntog timtt tOjEC* 

ii^ifipij* i»> t.*f. jinmrtbatl»teComifaiwr«Caiipt<rfii8>ii)K9li<Hrt» Coi^^ co.ibi4L ur- 

«>'■«'**'• 4(Nf 9U 4iuJBai|iai»B»yetiwittft«^«m9a9 ; iFoi> an incittnt to a b.4. 
tMttii>(dbifa!>wvinbto0iiyoRint«tlmr» vkie.^^. 

siu.>i.H.t. »ji.|Bpf|e>tatntr«(»iH.s.c«p.«9.<ttoai«itfikS<iatlft<iello}b co.ibid.}<t. 

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.■tP)i(#1iMtMitn9.wtescf anp 9e«(jwiiitn«<tt«9 im isttlioat'nwiUng 
alKlMpnfona pirdHi certafn : ^z> Itteit t|t fnttrfctoaCtfitoait le 

jinfMli pet ai n« eitrp fnciBtttta atf to lie fM?*>« 9t<B t<|t M?t <im 
4nKif tie jBI<t to be tafct n ; 0nD tberefoM jlttmob ^ n^tt ifot to malte 
WflUVfrnit npon a perfcn tcfta<n^/pet|KnmftalleB9SJ»(eain bptlps 
iKmiiotfonie tenant cntain Ipitliln ft|}tptintiik«« 
utatftifS. ': 39^^3lf:*t|e» b«.l,|}» ant ffanant, «» tlw Setiant Ww ef ito Co. inft.Mis 
«^^i«JiM»bpl|t()etiKiieo(iPcaltp«n«iKi.^etit, ittbel.o)n bpttoJDAo t.sefj>»^ 
^TOf . taftttng tte etnt^oT Ms 9;fM|||ti»4Mlif«iif4 9}f^« Vt9Hft«e« 

t^nflsfMiftef , «Ri*al pup HRiaoi n«i|Nig^ilntl««t tocaw« 
p»iiinHftWat|» fawn aii fliin > i i> n t, Ji«iiimde<iMI<ft>»*»wiKt 
il^t»linnnei9«»» tfett tieSintBtlbal trtiawvanpsMenRt 
oHMffMireitrfit tDm i'i»t» , Han to wmt»inMm 9>*tii lMta< 
^ HettHnff » notMttiwiMnstlieiiMB tottftrntotton , tie timntt fltat 

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- Cbmtior ; betanfttboCe atefnifMntn tpitle tennc«i>liA<(|M til xt* 

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netai tD0}M of al anfettfyfertttee, ano ottnaniMb. : : 
^kriiie. , .31 ;3f a nMnl>t»0( ^iwfeleftiUlrttdinttoiilentHk 

leairtoiintni »r f (ibt m tie Mtiittir> cmtiUnf, tie Cenntelp 
liallgbtiftrMi^ o» confrnu^ltoi ei«Kio|ri0 fiCmel^ itnfgi^^ 
ondp , to>al naMOtfC fecticce, evf«(onn, anntenantt ; pet^m 
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mfio., M ,||0i«teffoii tonnmiev *. ann tMrffMWt attowm , tietent pate 
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Mitt u^mtM^ s tMiMMt fl not KfMMi t immmtitiitmmi ii« 

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co.u>|.a.i. »» ta»»(tgtMtat<wNtifr(<pr|l<i^pi<wm»»tf ilifciiil u PiaiBttiD« 
Bui ft iti{-'t«mtitrt4r««itiSM!(te9iRiM9> fn tltiMliitttor itm*ilmt ^^tt a cn>^ •£. 
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d!^ brn^ ^ rent or ft/||i^emiHnm»ltlct< tofojMtebiClifelftiil ^<><<»<'-'>''- 
iactthci fo}(Mtaft«Cild^acff,oj<9)Anacfei(o»al^tti|]^iiTeA<noiii ' 
«V7- amp 4|e fame Im^ i»et ebei? or ^lem te ffjtetalfiiolteii, lito to obft^ ii» 
tit» tttre <» a Csbetall conoftf^ ( as an fttdoent ) liiffiUcfttf |^ VMerH ' 
mmltjtiamht C^Qiftnce ^tm^ttkbt betio foftiftiiTe of mt^oct^l 
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F 4abiuii4<juKcottrueu:ii4otfaHft«^«,8«k«A.<Oiiniitt06]afiWto 

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■htaiai mH'^tb'tttm toaifefEe ano-sethaimltneo (^t«i(p>o»'titc( MricU ft ««»»(« >») . . 
|lfwtallf|ol«m;^o;; (f)e ffenant niap tUiilr%(r^%i&e1i&oAk <'<«^'<*<^' 
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rJM»gJb» 4laMi»,,ibrt«t A«ar)^IMntittl^o«(i 0^ fte€xige&t£rio»ti{a<t(% tB one '-^'i;^'' ■ 

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sioksiod- i« «»n|a«i|e(*it|»i»lo0):olil^tttiKi^ ^ttt«Mto oTCOter^ c«.U344.t. 
^»she- iiMMre]»^Mifi«b«exitton{t<m^orcouSR^ ^r« 1'^^ 

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teti^fnellappeatebptliejflosement in ^atUament, AnnVi4lS.l.V^. \ 

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SlinoteSence, MdwMMaMito:i»ltt 


i}4 The ResTon of ^MaxA^ 

^fe«, ft* t^0 to patceil fiC tie Miitniit> ano ertcnM t« m tvm^^^* 

on of tte ^tog wiirttett>aii»<i«i»fo» to q«»«<'«™-°>°^® *»<•«»* «**>««• 
ntreo to t^ lioitfea, wio Aalt bfnBt tte 9f{jsn*> sltlioaeb ^ b» not «K« 

ff leflv boano bp tlie (obeiiaiit i fSat it t^e cotenant be ,. to MlB a i»ick« 

tDoft npoh vavceU oC tbe laito umifet* o> tb« Ube> toMcb toa0 not in dTe 

attbe time ottbettmtfemaBfjbnt ti»0 tobeMittaftectoatw , tbtoco* 

Dtnatit ma? bome tbe Cobmantoi ^vSOXXy ano bte CrtctttoM o) a»< 


nettr annei; a cotenant to a tbing tobf cb batb not dbnce j <c» Jit is o» 

Co. ibid. b.}. t^ttB|(e,jctb(4i«benairto». fo) bfmCeUc ano b^ ;8Ci0naicobcn«ntto 

00 ft ; fo} tben tbt Hi^eo ate fFCcfol; naoieO) v* Cp. 5. 34. a. 4. The 

Deaneaii<l Chapter of Wintfoi's cafe. . 

Caibi^.i7.a. 44 3famanoMi<(to»9canttanDtoa|F^n|efo»l^M,anotbeiu& _^ ,. 
4- fo}(otenant0lQftbtb»l'Ctfeetofera{vetbebonreoo«Tfn0t|«tevnie,^^^ 

tb« #enie tafcin IBafon ano o<e0 > tbe Xaton iball babe ail attfon of < 
Cobenant, wMnpontbecobenantto %al»ti|»t0}ceoCtb(lirtDo)O0, 
Demise and grant, 110 atCo Hfon tbe.eipMfle covenant, becante fiicb a co« 
' i»nanttnn0Mtbtb0lano» anoi»iRcioentnntott:ILbenistbefiRnt 
l«tDO(ajEenantbp|ktatate9et(bant>o»^atiite jbtayte* £le- 
git,o) of a tecnie felo bp tmtz ^ an Cveratton ; fo}, <n tbat ttStm»y 
tbe liUno# oTtbe tcime ftaft babe an aaton oC Cobenant > a0 a tbtag 
tocioeat to tbt lano,aHttit altbefe c^me to tbetecme bp atfto l.ato> fc. 
jbo m*%m ffaman siant to bio I'Sfbe fo} eeare, tbat be ftal babe fo 
manfeftobete, a0ll)«l(iettetoTe|Mfiebtobonle,o)t»bimilo(t|fnbf0 
bonfe, 0; tb» H1te> o«tt0 tbe term ; tbto c^cnant <0 ae an intfocnt ano 
an«ttf nent, tbat tnnf toitb.tbe uuio. to tDbe(e banoe toebet ft M«. 
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an ftttfoent to tbe tebecfien x SEbete fetbefiwieftatDalfoeCatealb 

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cahmcMk. t^^f^^ftaluw XI SCbat tbe yatemebertfntet m «»«* •«»»<• ^«**' 
emeoftbeUfng* * SbattieitoeofbfebfttblieliDftbto tbeiifns* 
JDomfnfon t iSno ? S^tfne ofbfi bfitb fecbitip to be cemroetebj m 
be icannot be a l^jibleit Imneof taeJUnBoowei <btt foae bo)n tUmec 

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faie,j[t tbe Common Lat^. <}f 

<ii tf^ Iioare ; fif XW cafe i|ie CftoDerit are (hcOent anti am^f AMjnC 
totbebotire,an&lbalocfceimtott»e(ffitf oft|ie3£afMianD jFeMe : ft»9 
ItfceloiliE,' ff one imttran bonlie eit^ part of t^ Sj^otfier, am otte scant to 
htm ano ^fs ^fris totftpetent 1|oare4)ot to be fencnt in t(ie fameloafir ; 
^e, tlfott Cftotjers are f ttcfwent to tbe Iwtfe } aim ttmihit ^ atbetf 
tDattDio an^parc^e,petftaiairgoiDft|)t<vllottretQtbe<ieit«ift|« 
iprif lunene 5 * ®nto eDetp iFf ne f mpofeo <n Court, Bjmp^ifonmeat if mcilieiit ; C6^\.it.i9.i.f.- 

hUeiK t» a 5lni» VjemoH in at attion0> Qture vi & armiSy 8fl Reticous, trcfpaflc* vi & Mttcbert alt; 

Ek. armis, &c. it t^ VbOtmmt opon fni^enient eittenasainlt ^inivhet* 

nao be fliaB alto te imp^iTonea ; JFo^, tDben tlie f tAgeanent i«, qn^id de-. 

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fccerit, &c. 

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faiioiie- tem»^,aniitbellel^90tant0 tbe tetecSon ofontacte, ant »^ vaUt 
Kifai. ^ Ctnant afca^f) tte <6iant* fbafl bate i & d. veitt ; iN», tOttt tbart «<«• 
litiaa but one l«atf>, one cebetSon* ano one tenti pet tbat rent lietag imi* 
wnt to tbe ret«tlon,ttbid|rlM» deter Ale, ftsA tbecaSiuaftenB'nvan 
tlie reterOon, an» npon ^terp part of it> 
hokmw n tt(benalMBppeliti)|ne io inco^po^teo i»pp}e(ttiptionbpacec« co iit^io>y 
Dip)rack>ns. tainetiame,tbentoimpleao^ o^toboiiiipleaoeO) tograntanDpartb<Ki^, b 4. lie aft 

<ic«aretbln60inciwntnntQit» of sutfiu 

uots in. 54 3f tb9 l^anee in tsHe bolM oTtbt Wmn bp feaitp, am t|e 8>a* ^^f!^^- 
i^nbie^ no> b? oeto inroBeo grants tte feaitp to tbe fiing, tbat jjrant ia meerip f^* iJLVi£ 
iMio ; tetany (toltp t9 an inctsant infeparatteto tte rebecOaR , as ft claedteMft. 
toas bolwn 26 hi. Pi 66. f»o alToif tbe foomec of a Colaase* ic* foil 
SrantbiaJFonnterflMfrtvtbe tKitiB b; Mca inrialtVj tHat iateibibe< 
tanfe it fe inf^afabl»to tb» Moat, as it lBa0|otoan> Tempoce H.8.B.R. 
tit. ;S(liot^ef^effbafi»etbeMatateo(i8Ete,cap.2.(fa|ic|lsaflto Co.^<<-7»-«. 
inaltegoeo aft <9)atttf maaa ettbec bpo^to tiaffiittcii) uftoMlm ^ 
been n»B0 to tba Anasn of fMl^tnleparaUe inclaanta » m oC a f9mt» 
veriWp , 0; of fnc^ ferirf(B9of fi^onatin tafle, as aCotttaia, ti^iSlit 
lBoal»n«ft bate maw titcb 0ranta 0do», becaoft taOf tlintc an nat 
. ikm, ss Cflotertf etiMotgranfesrobetotntfittacb an boalb , flial so fyt^iti. 

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\ ^^ paraMpiaciaenttotbeotler. 
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bis feattp ; fbfs is bo(»,fia» ^aattpts tnctteNf to fj^nagc, Findi 1 5. 
^office. 57 jSn offoe afiAm mm gfUcmice , o» an ftannltf ine-ceacilio im- ueUz. jry. . 
poMiettdo, cannot baCosfeiteabpaftainBarairs^isaiiaff; Finch x$. 

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><ni bers to a ifaire : Am tberefoie one cannot fiaat tba $faam a» INta, daconii. 

te(bcbin^tb*(^€iMnta,Fiach 1^ 
ciftk guard. ^^ fiibat» oNo boisetb aca aom «»1mffe|iff Cattle , the %9iw can* 31 e< s. ACBfii^^ 

not grant bii»€iitl»*9ian, tttocblni Ks Catla, Findi i ^ 441. 

coraint in- 60 3|t ^tbtetiiavf 00009, tbat fsb^e tfao Copat canecs make aarti* Co.iaSLtMi 
^coibe ffonoflanD,anotbaonaaiaQeacoteiamtteil| tba atbac* toacqimber 3<4A».4. 
'^ anoberbait9oearnitt1iattfaiaontof^bBia,tbaCobetMnteealiea« 
eQ;3«tbiitca&,tbe'0fifiiaaftaftbabe ana<tian of Cobanam> albeit 
be toas a ftrangst tatbe Cotatiant > tocanfii tbeacqoitatt oio ran teit^ 
tbe lanb> ano imtt incioeat notait, in foboie banoatotec itftonla 

come, 41 E.^.per Fiacbden. 

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'uwiththe |»>io^iDit»tbealiiwtafbfa'Ca tt e «t c atenaBm» bgo«aa ittbentea laitb «» 

'^- A. anoM«tfeirstocelcl»atelVib(ael»ccbia in ^a Cbappal 1oaal(lF> 

' fo)tbtl«»»oftbtiifiio9i»woi>><n»|i»i«ciMitti><c» Bntbtecade^ 

1}^ The Reafon of <^^axl^\} 

!3i(8ne^0QaUQat)eanattionofCoi?enant, albdt x\ftf toete not na< 
' tii^Q > in tliat t\fi teme»|» bp Cotoenanrootf) rnti tuitft t^e lano , to gitje 
lwtiM0e« to tlie i«ttp gtfebes , atio to (as <t toete) incioent aito appac* 
tenaiit to t^e ^amtoi t 5But ft t^ Covenant Ijao been tottb a ftrangec 
to (deb^ate a>ibfne lietbfce in tl!e Cbappel oC A.. ani> bio befrs > tbete 
tbe flfignee fliafl not YfOMt an atf ion «f (Covenant ; fo) t\|e Cot^enant 
cannot be annereoto tbe ^anno?* becaafe t^e Covenantee teas not fe{« 
Ceooft^l^Anno>» ji 

f iN.B. t}8. 1. 61 %n Tome ca& tbe btite iliall babe an attion of Detinue fo) Cbat* a detmue ^\ 
tet0 , albeft be batb not tbe iano > as ft 31 be en&offeo tottb toatrantp, ch^rtei s. •^ 
anil i enCeoff anotbec tnitb toatrantp in f dr ; ^e, mp beite Oiall bat?e a 
WK^ of Detinue fo» tbe bdM», bp tobicb 3 Hhis enfeofEeo , to tbe eno be 
map babe tbe avbantage of tbe biattantp, %u 
Co. ).7;9.b. I. 6 1 %.{seance ano obeofence en tbe ftubjeas patt to W ^%im.t^ U an Lieeanceiit 
cabnts cafe. jnOn^naHf tecfoent to tbat potnetano p;otetffon toberebptbei^jince ?*'*^}r ^ 
mapcommanoj an» ougbt to oefiMQ bfo ftnbjeoti janotbiaiiiieance *'f""'' L 
ano obebience, tobfcb tbat patoec ana pjotection tbn« bjatoetb aftec I^^q 
tbent cannot l»loca1lo>conftneb to anpctctafn place ojUfngoom, bat 
foBotootbedttbleit tDbetbeifoebec be 8<)etb; 0nQ tberefoje it io tcalp 

(aiHf Qui abjurat regnunt) amittit regnuni) led non Regem , amictit patriam, 

4'c(inon patreinpatriz,&}notiDltbitaniiine tbe ab|iitation> be fkVk . 
oU>etb tbe It ing bi<i licceance > nm ftifk temainetii Mtbin bi« predion; 
beciofe tbe Sing, if be pUafc, map pacbon anb reO^ojebim ta jjis Coan« 
Lite]. §i6£. . 54- 3lf a man fciCeo of lanos in fee lets tbem fo> life tnttbout Been, a o^idkioa 
to.inft. pars tetf&j^B tent iDitb clanfe of te»entrp open non«pjipment of tbe tmt, incident c«u 
»• »»7. b. 4. lOfttmvm if tbe letto) enter , ana tbe icff* b}4ts«n Sm^t of Novel «*"« ^«' ^ 
Ditfeifin, tbe 3NIW0 mapfinoe ttie mattet at latgcb anotbe3ntto» 
ou(ibt to aaijabge it fo) tbe Cenant> albeit (reealarip) a conoition io itot 
bdib ttitboat beeo (betneo in Coutt> anb tbat tbe lleSa^ftebinobeeo; 
f 0} tWp tbat babe conitfjance of a tbing> are to bats connf ante alfo of att 
<n(ftertt0 ano oeptnosnce tberenpon , ano (in tbto caCe) tbe conoition i$ 
aninc{bentnecetrat(f{>Depcffliingnpontbe eftate f6» lift) tnbicb iww 
perfetfebbpltterp* VidefopraiS. , 

Drerk.T}>, 61 Emronabol03fo}1Rent'CbargegranteBtobinibpa9tanger>tDt)O K^ent&iani 
6H.S, fsaa Uite^ of tbe lanb, tnbere, fc, prd confilio impendendo, ttie |»laintiSe ""^^^ " 
pleabo in barre, tbat tbe JTefenbanttDasattainteo of Creafon anb com* 'r'"""* 
mftteb to tbe Cotoer, < pet tbe <D}antoi.baQ nso of^ottntel> ano coalb 
trot bat)eacce(Ce,«c» ano nponbenrariet tbe Jnbgment tBao* tbat tbe 
' ;3boU>ant ftonlo babe retncn > becanCe tbe tent being incioent to tbe 
perfonofEaiibn,cottlbnotbe gcanteo obec> o) G»}Ceiteo : S»o likebtfCe 
lanb gf^nbp tbe fling to a ^nbe to lJDppo}t bis bignitp> cannot be 
,6tantebober» ^eMax.45. 
Dy;r4r.^f. 66 STbe tiling canbpnotbapgtanto^fj^ttbeiMnceanb teignfojp Tenunino 
^ j». |o H. 8. In chiefc from tbe Ctotwi,fd» no ftab|«t can fake it of bi< gcant toitb ?«• 
fttcb a pmogatibe ; iSnb tbetefojeif t<v iitng mabe a teleab to bis SCe> 
itant in Capite to bolb bp a pennp , ano not in Qpitr , tbis is at^oio re< 
teafe, (In tbat tenure is. meetlp fncioent to tbe petfon ano CroUin of tbe 
ft f ng , ano batb fncb a pjetogatibe , tbat it cannot be bHo of anp dnb* 
■ tert, (16 tH STenant in iFtanbalmolgne cannot bob of anp otbet tban of 
tt;eS>ono;tanoof bfsperfom becaaCeitfsa^ciaUtemire:0lfo, iftbe 
^ingi at tbis oapmakaa gift in talle to bob of bimtn Capite > ano aftec 
i:c grsnt t!)e retterSon of tbat lano to anotbetin fee , neitbec tbe tenure 
tm fertff e pafTe to tbe 0}ant& > but remain in tbe fting , becaafe 
t!)ep arc not Inctoert to tbe teberfiotr, bat to tbe perfon of tt^ Sting, 
D't-ri^My. ^7 Sbbe Office of Exigcnter of Londdn being bOiO, aflOCokeCbiiefja* Ex'gemer 

,yx!i-.t. ■' ttlcs of t!)eC.B. being tben alfo ocao, ainwnMvyonring tbe bacation '•'«'•». 


Mdx.^^^ the Comition JLaw? i|7 , 

tX, Vifi faio pUues confetmt bp liet l^ettets fDatctits Vat itfiqgtittU tt* 
fice apon Colfnil) ano tl^en inane Brown Cl^teCe Jnff^re of tb«t Coutt: . 
IBat Brovrn cBfurcttk Colfhil > iimi aottiits %r<^ges thereunto : 0no in. 
t(|f9ca& ft t»!{<tr^lt0DbpaBtiie;nB9e« ano others ( fate tlieSJuSicci) < 

«( tt^ Common Bench ) tbat tbe faio oiRce ttto not appertain to ttic €i a. 
tp ctant , bnt oni^Ip in tl^e oiQ^e of tbe ClKefe Bfnftiee fai ttit time be< 
I in0>a0anto&paraMefncti»nttobt0petronanBptace, anQtbatbpre<(s 

U' Cm of common ntagetinop^fcciptfon^ 

oTDe- ^' ^ ^'^<^^ makes a leaCeoftte a>emefntftofa^anno^teni);ins Dy« »3).i»« 
^^ TMt,tbe ftf n0 after tbe Dfdoiotfon makea a leafe fo} peara of ttie i^an* i ^''^ 
tm ; )2lmi ft tras aD|iii»8tt)> t^at b? tbe naitte of tbe tfmaxm tb« rent 
ano teM^taon of t^ fibemefnetf pafteD» 
^ Tcft. 69 0ttiarofbtpfefltotbe3B.fllibpof Durham bp a tenure of \fimim Dyer 177.^7. 
^ Capite, tD^ofe^ before fetfttte, pet bi9O^iceMto>0fiKiB babe ft, ano not i«ei«. 

fide Hf ng o» l^atceSo}, fo; ft toatt f ncfoent to bf pecfon , ano a c^^ttel 
nelieo fn bfm before bf< oeatb* 

4» ^d tacit} fMtelligitttrfdefffem/tvuietut.V.S^i 11 > ' 

tMk I mbencnftomebatboncecrcateoCopQidOflof jnbecftance, ano co.i.4.»>.«. 

tiiatfbeUinoiballbeoefctnoable, tbentbei^ato ootb altoofretttbeoe* '*^ '"*'^ 1 

bent ac(o3Ofn0 to tbe ^ai^fmes ano mles of tbe Common flatp, 80 fn« ' | 

efoent« to ebetp eff ate oeCcemmble : fko ( 5 E. 4. 7.) ti^^ utta babe gaf « 
ttco tbe eepntatfon of 3lnberftanc»0BerfetiDable> tbe Common HatD . 
Ibaft«fteft tbe oebent of tbem , ano tbatil^e Oiall be PoiTeffio fratris of 
an nCr,a0 toell aa of otbet ^tlbetftamea at ^ Common iato^ 

CmSioi- 2 ^oetp comract erecnto?p fmpo^ta fnft ftlfo an a0kmip8t ; ifo> Co.u.9i.i. ^ 

mm if' tuben one ascfts to pap monepo^to oelfter anptbfnc .be ootliK tbtrebp 4. s/«<f« cafe. 

M. iSamt ano p»^f& to pap o» odfbet ft ; ano tbtt^e loien one f^ll« 
anp 00030 to an(itbet> anoagrtt0tooclfbectbemataeaptotolkie,anii 
tbe otber fn tonCoetatf on tbereof a0tife0 to pap f(r mncb monep at fa^ a 
' MP ; 3|ntbf0 cafe botb tbe pattfM map b«bean aitfon of1B>tbt, OMtt 
aitfon npon tbe cafe upon Aflinnpiit x jFoxtbe mutnateicwnto^paBree* 
mentofbot|)tbepattfe0fmpo)tf toftlidfi»> 80 loelA rtcfp}ocalaAfoH 
iipon tfie tab, 89 an atfton of oebt ; )8nD tDftb tbf0 agrftf tbe 3|nO0ment 
(nR.eadeanoNonhwoodscafe^Pl.Co;fol. ia8. •.} 

lUMfi kD. itn ebetp enbanse xifffme waoe > tbte Hntft Esanibium hnpott* C0J.4* »t.t. 
pnmrran- Oi ftfelte (ucitc) a conoftfon , anoaUiostDartantp, tbe ontto efoeve* 4. «<jt«nb 
22! * '**' eittrp, tbe otbec lOoacbec ami reeempence > ano lUL fn te^of tb^ te« ''''^- 
^ c^y>taltwiltoeratfon> tj^eoatlawi bel ii Bgf beiiteeffbai^ fOltbeo* 
i|^:bnttM<eenelp8Q^ltD«tcantp> fo) iqnn tBon^ brfew 
' tbeteof be fball not tecvberanp otbet Umofnbatne) bat tbatoHlptibfc^ 
tDaf(09fbenfne)»baniKr,fc llnoa0ftf0fncafeoftDatcantp>roi0fe 
8t(0 in C8& of tipe conoftton tPbfcb t4ia.alDfmplfe0opQn tbeevcl^fe > 
* fo» ff tbe ercbanse be bettpf]^ A.ano B. ano A.alfcn0bf0cycban0«> 
lano io another > if tbe tanp tiiiicb B« bao fn cic(biiqie> be ebftfesQ^m 
^ to an eigne tft|e X B. flii!Jl,^Brec npentbe al<enee«f A: ft« 
S&tf. 4 it 4mah make a (boffoieRt bptbf0tBO}o , Dedi^ inbfcb^fmplfef co. isUfi. 
f M* atoatrantp> tbe jSlflfsne of tbe iFaoflE^llialiiot iwic^ :biit ff a man 3. spautn 
^ *«> mskea leafe foipeareabp tbf0too9» Coneefll«} Demifi, lobftb<inp«>t< '^^ 
^'^ acobimant^fftbeflfifineeoftbel'CfGeebeebftt^belbaibabeatom 
of Cobenant ; #o» tbe I'CiiBe •> bf0 iMfsnee balb tbe peatlp p)ott0 ef 
tie latio > iDbf cb encreate bp labonv anoittMfep > ano ff be Qottlo lofi^ 
tielano, belMoat{<oloCebi0iaboot«nbcoft,nnUfiebe iBete lelpev 
^ «f » 5 3ttbe Ci»amte of a ta«tobe fmiieaieo , be ffeaibeocl tbe 0iani c<».i.M«.a.|. 
H to>}be(aiiretb<9tio>oGnDt, incafeoCt|efc9ntiCa4K«to (befnga ">"' 

% Cbatiel 


138 The Rtafon of tgM^^t* 

Cliatiel teaU) ftiitions M ft Telfe a fiiarrdi>tt>> f r. 
Coi<.3«.b.i. <5 A.bettBlleffeefo)^opear«ffljc,aMmlafo!oif5Hte, t>jcraP«i«oii leflfc frcn » 

Bi&op of In R. aiTO <H« Wm, B. gtaitt« a ie&te to C. Habendum ; cuin poft, five per ^^'^^ 
B/fffcMcafc. mortcm,fiirfumredditionein, vcl forisfatSbirsm prxditSli A. accidericvacare, ^^^^^ •*' 
&c. for <(o ycares ; SE^iB lafl: leafe teff et^ fi^tTtnttp (m C. <n pc(Rt rf 3[k« 
teuft ( ans totb not wixm io contiiif ciiq> ) to take effMt to paCcffion 
at tbe em of V» fitft ^rme, t( b; atiip ot t^ele accf sent* tlie firff Icafk 
aaB happen to be toto ; j 9}> in tbfs cafe, tbcfir 1oo}W ( tob<dt) of t^eai 
foet^et ftal Stft Ha^HH ) >i» implpo) <n ft^ain ; ano ^ leafs 10 not 
t»iDfo;tlpenncett«focp,iBbicb oftbew t»<a ba»|Mi Hift, neit!}ec^at| 
tie «.eiie elnatou to tboofe )i>ii<cl of tbem l)e |iieafet| ; a« if (be ftct 
l^eflee tatrenDet , tbe laft tetmc takot ^ce f mm^fatelp after Cncli ' 

fiirre»Kt,«f. ' ^ . . j. • ^ 

tb.L7.j4i«.4. 7 af tbc »*««? of tH«artw«eb?ilw8nema«i» to tbe b«<t« male, ^*'^r' 
Vn/i&ctfe. It iiitgbtMDeb0enfo}fett8!Bf»}5tTea(iM before tbe lNat» of itfH.S. cap. ;^f°^|^ 

1 3. bp teatbn of a feccet conoitfon in i^aln aimef en unto ft ; fo} (tacto ^^ h. z. ij. 

atecteatebfb)tlDO patpoCeS, vi2. Ad confulcndum regitempore pacis^S^ ad 
dcfcn4enduin Regep) ^ pacriatu tempore belli ; 9iit t|erefO)e tbep iBCat a 

Cap am> a lHobe, in token of Coanfel, and are (froeo luitb a fi»l»o;9,t(» 
teptefent tbeia satlant Cbaiiipioit9> ano C a«aaf ers t ilStoto tben tn'ijen 
(il(b a ptrfan asalnt bis iuitp,« tbe cud of bia bigm't? comntite SCreaton 
asainit tbe Kiiif > bi«bif liitF (tbengb entailer) fo forfeited bp tbat cmi* 
titim tscita mnef el to bi0 eftatc* Vide 3 2. 1 7. 

Co lib.7.40. S )amanbp3ii»eRtarebftl9*nbiManobi3toifeof one9att>b(0Ge<> Bioudkafuf. 

iidtbeik. coiib fon OH tbe fecflHl part, ami b<< ^otoKof tbe t|^rt» part, in rtnfi' ficicnc confi- 
Deration o( itftvrai aCntiwt, anb tb«t tbe lann niaf remainetNbfi ^"!^>>» » 
bbw,cig«nialtitoftaM»teire9totbeal^orbiRiCe{fefo}I{fi^ aftetfobts 'V^^*f 
jFeme fo) Itte. after oftt^ one moit? to one ton , anb of tbe otbet meltp ^^ ^ ^ 
totbeatberfUt.- 3kitbia cafe tbe oQe acctnei to tbe iFeme, aitbonsl ^ 
BotoUKblntbeeanawfatfonaoCtbeoeett ; becanfetbeerpiefeltm^* 
turn af tb» ttb ta bst (being br« tatfit) <mpi)ta in ft (ielfe a fn9f eient eoif« 
•teratioRiK^anB tbe t atbertttcaqfe ft i« not rcpnjsnqnt to tbe oe^b : f^a 
alGiif il ifllaiait > tbi* in coKKictatioN of fatbetlp lobe ano affedii^it 
tt w«iMt^» 9 infl ftano(ii(M t9t|e nieof mpelbeft tanfp^ life, 
«) itlpftrtaim afterto tbe nfii ef rni* feeono fon in taile, anb efttr to tb^ 
life to facb an one m? eonSn <ir fbe ; ^ert , aSiett tbe conSoerati^ t%* 
iScfnili iaaibs cefpcrt onetp tbt eHet foN , pet tbe condberatipn ap* 
paveM <a.tbKB^ in UMfting tbe n(e to mp t^conb fon , 0; to nt|» Con« 
41, ifl AiMi^ in l«bi ta r atCr an alb t Jtt ift» manner, if Bl ti?maHt 
UUni ftitota t«a nfeef mp brife, (bn, *% twOxh tbia fban ioel^ra^e 
aniiftiiitlinbaflp eqoeOt tsoibi^ira eonffaeration ^ fxn* in tbat (afe) 

tniieiant f«B|DtnftiM ap)liair»> «e. Co. lib. 1 14 15. a. Henry topers ' 


c*.t.s.j4.b. 9 j|trttet<^MbiRlUii,KUin9»9abiMng<bentoa1oomani af|bt9 Tcoambyii 
». P4i» cafe, tfceblicf ^b«: iHti , «nb fte^ttiAeR basbenb, anb|a» iQtoe^ atfii ti^e courtcfic. 
iSitf bitl!ilin>a)tbl||ti jlinnealib |eb^fiB»tBifbaat«(b*r iitie,bFte^^ 
tbeinberttMtt^cf tbabmaecbertbbtvf^e j^ano} ; 3(ntbi0eafe v pe t< 
titt^afifta iFttna^biia9t(iermtaeb,attO(iee tbe Ban«ii (ball bfCenaiit ^ ^ 
1W tbr<fiiMtfff|» sfniipat iaiacita Miplpea in tbeftah^/ 
'^ ,.g / 9n^^li«■1lo■n&teSi||pDl•eon•Alall.t•fan»t9anoabhlet|ea1Mflr whatis t^l^ 

l.t!:!'-:?:'''lofC.'«iv.i»i mm ae Aibt b|o«oltlfp B. againfl A.flje-fl^'cftjfi^snf P'«^«'«i5 »p« 
/piaB»itbatC.ina|ttn»ai»atq, tb»ipia<nti#eteaM , tbJit t^el^pen* ILJk^ 

/ Bituittiiife||litieb^.9C«'aiet|bieal»«|i»JNnbibrojlbit, a.nBtbej|^9in< 
, tiii(t#«tQttatft»tb«l(^.baftiHtlta¥tbe Canntermanb ; fa>,tftRtf?>- 

/ intpIpeOintbetoO}bSoftbe|^ea, RevocavitSc abrogavh omnema^H^ri' 

f «ucrt;4f<;« becattQil«lt|»itt:i»t(ccftlaiiafefbocaitf»n of tlje auib»}itp; 
(jMlrttrpeett^ ]f tbt»bi9Mth#ii natiw> tbeif ^^tf^nbaniinfsbt 



the Cbiiitnon LaW^. 15^ 

ffiHot taken ICtue^qitad Hon reTocaxit,&c. ant> if no wAitt toere gittnto C. . 
tt tnoQlQ l)ai» b^n fottnn fo^ ti^ a>f(enoant ; as if a man pleaoa , qvM . 

feoAtvic^dedit, oi dcmifit pro termino vitz, t^at implies liters ; f02 fDitb« 

(Kit lit)ecp it cbalb not it ftofFment, gift, 03 oemife fOi IKe.^m tterefo^e 
tliete is a Di\»r0tp^ tsi^en tiDo things are ttttattttt to tbe performance 
of an 8(t, ano botl^ tMngs ate to be bone b^ ti)e tame partp, as in tlje cafe 
of feoffment 0ift, oemife, tetiocation* conntetmanp, %t, ano luben ttoo 
V^iastt are reqttiSte to be pecfojmeo b^ (eteipal peitfons , as upon tbe 
grant ofatcbetfion, attornment is not iniplpeo in it, am pet toitbont 
attornment tbe grant batb not perfection -, but inafmncb as tbe grant ii 

I maoebpone, anotbe attornment is to be maoe bg anotber , it is not 

imi^Cieo in tbe pleasing of tbe grant j bat in tbe otber cafes botb tilings 

! . are to be ione bp one ano tbe fame pactp, ic* Bridges let: Bentleys caic, 2 i 

H. 6: 3. accord. 38 ii.6j6. & 6 H.7.10. . . _ 

To* i «a- n James Wagoner toas artettoo at tbe Ittit Of tbe Cb^mberUin of ^°' 'Ti.'*"?' 
mioniia- Londoij, ttpotttfte forfeiture of tbe paineof 5 1- for tb it benonexift- J^hJcJ "j 

"J*'*' * ens libera pcrfona, flee, ufas eft manuali occupacione dc Tallow-chandler-. &c. £.««</«« 

jEtnb opon tbe tetntn of tbe Habeas Corpus into tbe i&ings JlSencb > tbe 
Court tcBke aobifement ofon tbit part of ^ , ttberebp it toas abecteib 

tbatbe nonexiftensj 8cc. uTuseltm^nuaii occupacione de Tallow-chandler, 

Sec. ano (betoeb not tbtt bo tblo anp Canoles* u* IF or if bo maoe tbem ^ _^« 

for bi« obNie n(^, anofolo nonefor gaine>be niigbt toe! 00 it , as ebeci^ '^ '^"' 
one is permittto to bake or bretv, f e..for tbeir olvn ute> <t« bat it feemeai 
to be imiApet),b; tbe fame ati^rment, tbatitta^bistraoe, bptobicb 
fit f ot bio litting, viz. b^^ felling tbe commobities of tiis Crane , ano not 
tbat be mase tbem onelp for bio otim ufe; iFo^it is not properip faio, 
tbat one nCetb a inmnnl occopation , toben be oneip botb it (Or bimCeIte> 
as be tbat brelDS or babes for bis oton afe> cannot be j^operlp faio to ufe 
tbe occupation of IBr^toer or ]IBaker>(c*' ^ .u i 

*i«F»-^ li afoneWBaspinifterofjofticeinibeewiitfonotbiooifice, tbe ,^L^ 
J32^ 3lnBiamettt map toell be general, vit. tbat tbe' l?rifonec fclonic^,volun- ^ ^ 

tari^, Aeexmali^iaruaprxce^t{at3,aec.percuIsit,&c.tDitbOtltafteaoginga« 

np fpecial matter ; for tbe ebioencetDiV tDdl maintain ^e Bnoictinentj 
inafmncb as in tbio cafe tbe Mto i^tpUes malice prspeuce : |»oif a 
Cbiefe, iDbicb offces to to tob a true man> kils tbe't!Eue man , in cefUt* 
ingtbe SCbiefe, tbis is mutter of malfce pnepence ;. or iCorie bill aho* 
tbec toitbont anp probocation , or toittiont anp malice prspehce tbat can 
be^robeo, tbet>alD be nnttoec, ano implies malice; 
Una in botb tbefe caf^ tbep map be initfcteo genecallp , tbat tbep kiflea 
de malice pracpence ; Corwalice implieb bp tbe %alB , being giben in eii* 
tcnce , is fnfficient to maintains t^ genecail inoittment : latno to it 
teas aojoDgeo in MackaUeyes cafe ). for kiting PcUs a |ftetjeant.o( 
London; ' . . . • 

i^kifVes I i 3^* <*ian pleaO, tHat CtlCba gram nrnoe per lohannem nuper Epif- ^^?> f«J>.. 

tdttpafi. copino Sanim, <C» tDllSboil»>SCbefel0OrOS nuper Epifcepum, &c. imjfif hg^^^^ 

afnfntport,tbatnotobeionot1BtfljbpofSamm. cafe 

^ ^ 14 WOim a Conrt is probibiteb bp (Statute to bolo plea of certains co. 1. 
TL. tMvXu , if one bf tneo tbete contraep to tbat jktatttte, be map not onelp >. Tb* cafe of 
l^be a Superfcdeas ( in tbe nature of a probibition ) to caoCe tbe Sluige to ^°f MMrfiat- 
ctafe proceeoittg j bnt liketoifo flial babe an aaion upon tbat l»tatnte ' 
againft tbepartp, tbat fnes contrarp to tbe (ante frtatHtO> noffoitb* . 
fianoing tbat it it in conrfie of legal froceeotng, anb tbat ^ tooros oC 
flielitatnte 00 not efprefUp gibe anp fttcb action to tbe pattp ; for>tbat 
loap of celiefe it a benefit , tobicb ( as a contieqaettt ) is implieo in ebe* 
cpfitcb statute; 

IC i - is Vt 

t45 The Rcafon of ^SMasi^h, 

'Co.'lib.ii.7(J. 15 5lBg i^t^tatiatt of 18 Eliz. cap. 2. no COntCpaWCCS of iU S)o4« GooieonSM 

*.4. iiagdaUn gjg collftrmeB, tat facft 80 ate foj t^c fatlBfaa (on cf ocbt?, %c, ano cttet ^^^ ""'"* 
Cftiicdgecafe. g^jj confiMtatlot! 5 foj fo ft is tH t^e pjcamble , ana clftnipb ( good ) • 
is omittin tnt^t boQi? oCtbe d(t> pet ft is neccCCatil^ implFM, n«it oncl^ 
bp t^e comteicfon of t^c p.eamble to tbe puctoletD » bitt alTo bp tbis toojv 

( confideration ) \DbtCb ( aiS in 1 6 Eliz. Dyer ^^6.) isa cattfe o^ OCUfiOtl 

titerftoitous > Tequftftig a ntutaal tecompence in SDan o) in ilalo, 

Co.lib.ti.8<. i6 3|tappeat0bptbetaR}{t of Ad quod damnum ( in F.N.B. 21a.) Mooopoliei; 

S li ^'" "^' *^** ^^^8 SiW ^* 0t«nt •f t''^ *^^ttC batb ibis lonoition , tftian tvfi^t 

^FMoiwpo- ^j fntpUcftelp anne^eO onto it : Ita quod patria per donationon ilbm ma-. 
*"' gis folito non oneretur, ftu gravctur ; SLnt tbc«f0)« CtCtp fitaittt WaM iH 

0ii0taitcr, 0} p^ludice of tbe S»ub|etf, is boio. 
Co.i.ii^8.t. 17 ^^ere ijs a (onDftfon in Halo tacUe amieieb to tbe fratootiiBe) li* a Frcemof 
4./«»«B<rgj {^tpof8Citiferf,o;l5jr£d!Ee,tDbicbifbeb}eak,beihapbeD{C*inftan' aCorpwK. 
^^' cbife9> as ft be commft anp ad-, tobicb is acainK the outp Ann tcoff of bis 1 

ftteoome, am to tbe p»|ubics of tbe Citp tti )l5uctongb > «"d againft ! 

• fbe ;^atb tobicb be to>1te, tobtn Ijb toas maoe irta*aian, tbefe are can* 
iteyof biswmoijal. 
Fhz.N.B. 18 3|ftwaCeitamb4H>3of bislLojftbp l^ihajie SLmtdttl, amiB Hom»geAn- 
i$4.f. impleattea.i aibettbebatbrtotbarte&offt. pet iiban bebateaOTjftof ^;„„mT 
Warfantia Carcx'againft tt)e l^ojo , fo> tb^t tenuie itnpUes a VZ&u , '' 
tantp. ^ > . 

Fiti. ibid. g. 19 Hf a vXm toftboat oc«b mafcea a gift in taile , oj a leate fo) life watranty loh 
teno jing t ent> ano aitet be is impieaQeo in an adion , tobetein be (an< ^ ' 
netbet^ntbes > 3ntbat .fate be (b^Il b^be a ICljft of Wamncia cans 
aoainftt|eSDono>,o}lleffo}.«2bi)i.beice, tbst batb tbe re^taon>fo} 
tbe tetniHon, an& tbe rent reCer^t^sti maitee a Warrant p in %&)» hjg ibe 

t:' KM I, ^M'atiiteofBigamis,cap.ulcimo,albcftbeb^t^>"»b«b"*<*' 

nrz. Ibid. ft. 20 3f a mj>n grant lano bp t^fc too^na, Dcdi, conccisi , arc. be Cbal otS iaf to 

. be bsnn&to onatraiitp untins ((0 life ( but wA bis belts > unlelle be be a Mrtant^ 

. ^ettnto etpeciallp tb^rfieaibp,4wl <l3»nto>) fo} tbefe in^ws, Dcdf, 

. concefsi, $cc. jinptp 8 HQac'r aiiip • antt ft t^e jFeoffie be iin|4eai)iQ.> be 

fiiall bate a VDjft of Warraotia caitx agalhft tbe^^FeotFo} bpfo}(e of tb^e 

tt9?T>0 iirtbe oeeo, f c« 4> 

^« H \^'*7i* % t Ruifell b;ittcs ah atfiott itpon tjlie ca|e asainfl A. ttn taping tbst An afiioo «c 

^' "' '* Qe toaa afilfd Tbiefe, ano tbat (i^b a ntgbt be tiMalD babe robbed bim to (He cafe for 

• fiS OaniaSe> (C 9nb A. cbmes^ Et <(; tiendit van^ Bcc & quoad propalacioo ^*>'^ 
i^nn,&c.i^erensn6n(uitdamnuai^.in forma qua,&c.tO iDbicb plea tbe 

fMftintftf Qettiurreb in Hafo , ao^ JjoBgenient taae siiien fo} binr ; be* 
canfe (b; (wplitatfott^tbe tpoiotk ve confefliQO s ano no Damage can be 
nto;eSt(rtn!»s,t^t8{(tnj»Al»()if«n|ai|0soo».niinie} ano a Wiftef 
innttiri?t?asl8tpatDex '.» , 

»2 Videjj?a)r,ip;|?l.r. .. ! 

Dyer4i»«*c. jj 3|na Replevin tbe|^l8(ntiCi«no«*&itt» t»bennpen fiyr t>^fin* RepWSn. . 
J,** "• "• . , Dane ^as a Retumo habendo , bataboot tbe fame tinw tbe^alntiC. s«o"* ^««:! 

. jf38p3artffljitttffec6nddeliverancc,^nbaBft)an»botbtbe|^Mt«tPete »*"*«*• 

' in tbe l^beriffs banoa atone time nnfetoeo ; |»tbt0 eafe ) tbfl tfB>ft of 

" if tond dchycrancc f 9 a Supcrfedeas to tbe Retumo habend«, bf tPbti^ tt iS . 

.:'' ihtpl^t tbat tbe i»berftrott0bt not to Cert)e tbe Retumo habendo* 
' ^''V J- y* *'* ^"^ ^ ^"^ I'tipedit tbe IJMdintitf entitles Wmfelfe totbe neitt a» An admini. 
1,4 P.M. tjoptwnce*ptftegr8ntoftberi^ti?attoatoatr.anjet, fnbomaoetbw fttaiionin 
<&icecttto;s,.anboieo,anafo;ti)attte <Kcecnto}0 gcanteotbenettabois ^**' 

nance to binrj Et hoc abfqueu oaentioae litcrar^». v toftbOUt fbetD<R$ tb^ 

ttliamentef tb^firS<I^7aht^:ano intbis cafe ft Cams be nan net Aeto ' 
tbem, betann; iilbeit t^ Crecuto^s neterp^oDeo tbe tefts went, pet 
tbeft grant of tbe nept abopoance tnat goD, fo) tbat ft lma an asmini , 

fttationimplpeobpHatOt ' 

. »5 )* 

514*^x43^ the Commoh Law, 141, 

tenoM ng tent, t^z %tfioi enters ano make« feoffment » tfte Ixtleb te= * ^^'^ 
entec0, apotb; eent ancreate ttieiPeoffeB brings nebt) ai» abfaTtres 
maiittelnablei albeittbere^0nop}it)ttp>1^1»beit,tbenfpcsfli;oCtbe 
Heffe^ ta an attornment Ht l^alo . InljeTeapim <t (ieemea t|e l^ato ctt« 
ate« a p}it)it? t iFo},tntb(0 cafe, tbe rent toas not ertlnt, btttonrfp 
tafpenoeo, ontfil tbe Ctimo) bp ^s. regcelCe retlbeo tbe reVetSon* 

tttSine fir- ztf 3lnanEje£lioneFirinx,oCale8feofa flettO^P, tbS tBtOiCt polGBD Dyerjoi.ft: 

"• fortbe^laintifF, anD it fnas mobeQ in atrett of Snogmenntlotit '^^^'^■ 

to&s net fbetoeo tbat tbe ^arfon toaa tn lift ; ^taobef t , bccanfe it teas 
sbetteo \fg tmfitcatim ia tbe Codvt bi? t^efe tDO}O0 > Fuit & adhuc 
eft feifitus, ic» t^ plaintiff ban )tnsement» 
Ji»m imge- 37 fl Cbtttcb ioa0 boio bp tbe taking of a fecons 1Bene0ce 111^ tbe pyer 3^0. 7 
^- ^3tuteof2iH.8.t;.amila^i>eDoll)eDtQtbeQi[teen,tDf()op9e(ieiit«A. lomii^ ' ' 

ttbo toaw aomitteQ, inllftuteo, ano f tioaftn, ano aftecinatos tbe Queen 
pXfentsB. A.o(eMbe1^attonb}fa68a Quare impcdicasalnC B.ano 
conntfl of tbe abopbance ant> lapfe rupra,ano tbat tbe Q.ucen p}cfcntet a. 
lE0bo tDS« aomitten ano f nftftnteb , ano tb^t tbe Cbotc b to nobi Dofo bp 
tbe oeatb of A. latno ttye qneff ton toao, tobetbet o} no tbto toaai (MKKwt 
fvttbottt (aping indufted: ^no it feemeoittDas, becaoffe tbe)BtatittiC 
afleaoseo, tbit tbe Cbntcb toaa Doio bp tbe oeatb of A. t»])ic^ imfitoB \ 

lnduaion,anotbntitt030notteboeaUe» ' i 

38 Vide ^jb. ^ Gardiner againft Beliinghain. S. Yardly agailtft , 


4j Things by reafonofanocher are in the fame plight. 

i^fu' ^ 1 flibeittbeMazimeinl^afObe,Poffer$ibfratrisfacitlbroiciii eflc hx- Co.Inft.parsi 

*« redem , pet if tbe frit et oie, liMtg tbe 15}otbec « W ittaeAai inlyecit xi>^- «• 

before tbe brotbei of tbe batfe blooo^ beeanfe be petfonates ibe 9otbfc> 
ooD tberefore dial fncceeo tbe brotbet in tbe inbetitance^ 

jatpooce of , jCenant in taile maltetf a jeafe for fortp peatea » tefettrfng 9 ttnt, co. ibid* <*. 

^ to commence ten peats after tCenant in taile oiett, tbe idueentecffaiio b.t. 
enfeoiC A- tbe ten peare0 tfpixty tbe Heibe enteca ; if A. accepts tbe 
reitt>tbeleafeisgooo,forbeAaS|«betbe(&«eeleftion> t|at tbeilbie 
M taile b«o, eitbet to make it goob, 09 f aboto tt» ic» 

^^"""^ ; S^tbece be tbto Coparceners Of a reberiton^ ano Wafte Urtom* ccibid ». 
mitteo^anotbeoneoftbemoie, tbe jSnntano tbe i^ieceftatt^opnein b.4. 
an action of Wafte» 

Cbinetic. 4 n Cenant bp tbe Coattef e o> <n j^otoer, can Into ofnow bnt «C co. ibia. 54.a. 

£7'- tbe bt<te,iinobiabeh:«bpoe(^etlt$ ano tbereforeiftbep grant oboietboic <• 
ttboleetate, anotl^^rahteeootblKolte* pettbob^ flialbabean 
aftion of Waite againlt tbem , ano tecober tbe lano agdinlltbt $lf< 

'"'^ i Hf Cenantfo^ttfiBgfflntobM bis c<ato npon conoitfon, ano tbe Co.ib.54.«.i« 

i^uvth ootb ^afte > ano tbe <Draittor te<eittvetb for tbe confition 
broken, tbe action of Watt fQal f» br^nglit agaHnlt ^ <Drant^ * ano 
tbe place toafl^ recobereo, <(» n . 
Wat 6 3UtDomanmakeale«Iii8tlDilte(inDingatent>anotbentaketb co ibu <f. 

■kL ^ttabano,tbf0ioiiocottntermanoeftbeteafeattoit>btittbe9n0batio b.4. 

■^ <na nog <^Q, Hint bibe an aition of a>ebt fbr tbe rent $ 0no lb to ft if n Co. ub.$.i*. 

I ItarebemsoetoabMnnifiattoil, KifOrbiiigarent,anotbeliel[&ta* ''?^""'' 

Itt^^rtano^t^ioisiioconntecmanooffbeleatO, battbei^eSormtp ^''' 
baboan aaion of a>ebt)«no oiSrain tbem for tbe rent t »o if tbe ^* 
tnmo ano VQiCe makt ft leafe at bMI Of tbe totoes lano, rofiecbing a cent> 
ano tbe ^xAm* lift, pet tie ieate cotitiiinetb t 3lffUkemannec>if« 
leal^be maoebpttoo) tattoo of|e««i»toit> ano t(ie one «f tlioMbrs 



i^i tht Reafeh of ^dax4}. 

iiiAof the HtKiti sit , t|ie UaSn at loitt fe not oetevmiitto in iitW of 
Co. inft. fi{f 7 Cenaitt fefi i»eat<> Ceimnt b|^ fiitatate ^ec^danti dtapU) C legit, dmm> t^' 
1. 5». b. I. at ton, #ttatl><an In CbitialtF> 4[c. map be llo}O0 ot a caftomatp fl^att: <<«¥•»• 
iio)> as toell a« tftofi ttlat l^ate ftt ; Un albeft tliep be not pjopetls ftffes, 
bnt pol&tbB ) pet ate tbep Domini pro tempore , not onelp to make ao* 
mtttances^ bnt to grant tyolantatp copies of ancient CoplfjoloianiiOj 
tDbfcbcomeirito^e(tbanQsbpfo}feitnte, eCcbeat, 9% otbertotfe; 01fo 
&Mtf ttancM mstt bp ^itbit(H9i aibato^O) Sntrnseco. Cenant at (titCe^ 
cance, o^otbets tbat batii^ oefealible titles, ttano goo againft ttem tbat 
cigbt bsbe ; becanb it is a latDfaHait, ano tbop ate conipeftaUe to 00 it ; 
!^otDbeit tbep cannot make tohintarp gtants of Copies , as afojeCdio, 
to binoe tb^ ^iS»itk§y v* becanfo tbep come in bp UDong > ano bate e< 
Co. Ibid. 5». g 3|„ fjjujj tftcial care an eftate map be gcanteo bp Copie bp on^ cofhoUt 

ftat is m^tDominos pro tempore, no) tb^t bat!) an]»t^ing in tiltej^anno); granuUebj 

0siftbelL'O})ofa9anno}bpb{a«3aiB in to^iting, oebfliet^ tbat bis » Executor. 
<^ecato}s fiKll grant tbe cnSomacp Cenements of tbe 9Wnin> acco}« 
oingtotbecnftome> fc*CO>tbepapmentofbisbebts,«nDoietbY tbe^pk 
Bcnto^babittgttotbingintbe^iittno), ma« make gcantsacco)oingto 
.tb? cof^meof tbs i1^ann»}» 
Co. ibid.; 9. b. 9 3lf tbe 1^0)0 of tbe ^arnioj fo^ tbe time being be t-eine Un life, o) 7>tmiMMs fn 
3> fo; pests, il^nicbian, 09 anp^ tbat bitb a particular inteceff,o;SCcnant temptn, com- 

at loift of a ii^aitno} ( all tobicb ate accompteo in 1ls1o Domini pro tcm- pei>«bie n 
pore) 00 take a fnttenoer into bi^baniis> ano before aomittance tbe '*''°''' 
ILefle fo» life oietb) o} tbe pears , intecelt> o) cnltobie OMRO o> oeter* 
mine, o> tbe iSiiL is oetetmineo , tboagb tbe Ho^o tomt^ in abobe tte 
leafe tai life o> fo^ pears , tbe cnSooiei 01 anp otber patticnlar iiftereft 
o^tenancp at tDiB, pet ftal be be compeBeo t9 make aomittance acco}< 

Oing to tbe fiirrenoer t And io it was holdeo in the Earl of Anindch cafe, in 
1 7 Eliz. See more of this Coi 1. 4. in tbe Copihold cafes. He Trin. i^ Jac. In> 
ter ShtplMiid and KJd/ert in Rcpl. in Co. Ba. the cale of Guardian in I'occage 

t0.ib.7<.b.i. to Inmanpca&stbebeftetialbeinloato, albeit tbeCenant bi« ThcLoi^oai 
M not feifeO) uintnin tbe fNnage of tbe I'O^o : fls if tbe fiDenmt ma* have ward- 
ke^b afeolf ment ii| fire npon conoition , ano tbe iPeoffo) oietb) after bitf ^'''p^ <>»"«>> 
«atlrfbeconoitienisb;oken,tbebeirelnitbinage entretbfo^tbeco.i* V!^if'v t^ 
jiition b)bken ; in tbis cole tbe beire CbaS be in toaro, ano pet tbe i^ eof* ''- 
fo> bao no eilate 0; rij^ in tbe lano at tbe time of bis oeatb? but onelp 
« conbition) anb tobicb imt broken after bf0 oeceafe t bnt becante tbe 
tonoition tefto;etb tbe SDenant t» tbe lanb in natore of a oefcent ( fo> be 
OiaK be in bp oe(cent)l)p tbe fome rea(ON iball ft tsftoie tbe %-o)b to tbe 

]«lC0fitfP)9C« t , 

Cb.ib.S9.b.4. II Sjfaftrangetentretbintotbe lanos oftbe Slnfanttnitbinaceof Aftrai^r 
:i4pears, itaketbtbep>oetsoftbeGime) tbeSttfimtmapciiatiiebim GuardiMii 

as O^naroian iti^^cage x flno tbis QOtb toel agrit tnitb tbe totit of ac* ^"^^X^ 
«compt againlt a<9aaroian in (ofcogp ; lb>tbe tooibs be) Idem 3. prxfiito "'^(^'^^ 

A. rationabilem compotum fuum de exitibus petvenientibus de terris tc tene« 
insmis fuis in N.quxteneniur inlbccagio, ft cpiorum cuftodiam Idem B. 
habuit^ dum pr»di^^ A i infra ztatem fiiit, 8e dicitur ; ano ttne it iS. tbat iff 

lubgement of Hato be boo tbe cnftooie of tbe lanos, anv is cafteo Tutor 
alienus. tD^ereas tbe tiiAit ^naroian in (»occage iscalleo Tutor proprius; 
i^itberisitai^pleafo^bimtooenp, tbatbeis prochein amy^tatbe 
imtft anftoer to tbe taking of tbep)o8ts, as Littleton iaitb)S^A.x 2^4 , 
Co. Ibid, [i*^ 1 2 3|( onebolbetl^ lanb of a common pecfbn in of bis per* Tenure m 
*' ^' fott, ano not oCanp #anno>, <c» ano tbi0 ^eignie^i; eCcb^etb to tbe ctfUt, 

lii{ng,(p(atboogbiibebpattainoeteC 9^realiM)be beloetboftbe^er* 


^^Vf^/flp. 43* tbe Commoii Law* jt^a 

oftfteHSmffftiCapitc; becatife ti)0o;i0fiiattiMacelB;ta.notcitiite»b» 
tfte IWng J ait« t^c»fo}e ft toointtlF fail , tfjat a teitare oT tii^ mm 

Ca«e, ®a«tto>,tt. IBnt tol»en tbr Urn it Mien of tjjc ftfng m of fcid 

CtOllMI. Vide Dyer 44. 28. <|c. ?o H. 8. & Mag. Car. cap. 5 1 . Js 1 5. 4" 

Mwwfon.p- 1? fln a»fto%if«n (saptivMsnt to t|« jpatun; af Dak^ tc tobtod co ib ,»;i 
paa«. ^•Hiejtl»^«itiiojrfSakte|»iiin4i,fts^TOtta>ofhalc<f niaeSrcd ,. -'"-^ 

of ttje mmM% of Dale bp ttnp of (^fc|ent ; 3l«tW0 caft, t^ Zvbomat a 

ft« out !p appcnoaiit to t^e ^annoj of Dale. 
CiDtion ap- 14 3f Commoii aMettafiit beclafmea toa IjNnno) , m On lei veri- Cc a. ,. ' 
f^t. ^«)ftte«p|citta«ttot!>e»»iiiefi»s«iiortcttotteIfertl««;ai»ttete. 4. "' 

loje If a tortanif tMftat , tiie iLoitt flitft not lacreafo |te Common bp 

to Ajfefor 1 5 3f t>« ienam xame tMft !D»tcfre , anK aUtt ie ^mm of the r i * 

c.pj«nary 16 jf ono of ti)e ^rccfleco ta%e iSaron an« oie, tfeo IBaton betas ^ ^ 
r*'' , p:en«n^ bp tbe Conrttiie to compeiaWe hv a iBjft dc partiuon^ facSS ?i;,?- "^' "'' 
to mabe partttfen , aw OkA be (opoUp trnpleatea Wtbtbo otbet 4p2 • 
jareenet ; foj be ootb tont(nae tbe If ate of Coparcenarp , a« fbe otbet 

]»«rcenerootb,f<. IfeeHkefDireKtiiecebe t^BoCoparctneto, ant ont 
of tbem Botb mtn in for, ttie SlUtna ano tbe otbet Ccvarctmr ave Si»i 

tianto in common, anoret>eTaili>}(to of Precipe fiaii bis b^ongbtaaadtH ' 

mm , anb pet tie ^attenet map bat» a WJft of pittttfon agalnii tbe/ 
aifena at tbe Common Halo, bi1)ieb <f a ftrongec cafe , tban tbo citfb 
pittofJTonantbpfireCoartefe^ •»« 9* •«» 

TkbeiR ia 1 7 3( tbe l^oiHoo in iFrankraattji^ Me befoje tbe lanis be one into r • • « 
H=d^ H«Hcbp«i9ftbtbeot!l»tCopa«»net, tbeb»<woftbet)o«««nS"ipSI c" IV,?? 

BO ft. 

«oke»,«, l«eotf. s. ait9 tbe lleMrotetb, Iftrfng I. s. tl^o 9m not fi«» ifitStib «• J- 
"7. tntrpof tbe BMlBrtr* > btcanfe b« tlat died fofflo , b«o%ut a iTr *<bolB 

anbbeh«<iitNt cafe ttetr^watop^etjem an occnpaBtt ifoi airifre 
IT ^i5"^?^* "•* *^ *** ''2*' «•* «* ^* ^w «J««>s« to La«i*« isre, 

P.i»BIia.inCo,B3. . • , ' 

W»Wt,f- ift a|ftbca>«fc{f«ji>flfeffetbeb#rtei*tljefelfe»o>, «lbitt|e|«|b o^h,u4i 
k«WTcry. tecowttbolanoagalntttDeirourea*, l?«ilMamieabetb»P>oceeBfaM •»4. 

bi«rtfetbeb^»«W>ere<oMttbelaiioa{ja|i«^ pet ftatifc^em 
S tborigbtofJDobKrl»b«i. «*««iowwK 

,*»«»«. «>3Ke«bcttlr«>ait«oi.^«?«nt&ofafllb^pte,p^«,lf,j«^ 
' . temalftoe^ ft.ofe before attojnmert.tbeattnjnKJTSJK^S? 
, tetmiimMb ; )?»t8)beKibei^«ittraltiQ0^^t6Mib^ o> 9cm ^ h^ 
ftiit«t(^aNot#c,)*«tMtif be> tbat \m Ka eSate miec b^ 9mm A 
fl;taiit«9o»»ftailea«mo; 'a : . •^?*'' "^ T*r^ " 

««ftebotier)R«i(jDsmHlrA»)jft mate •ummmtiSSSSSmSSi 

iirfft If Mft foMffkft o«nri»^ an»«Urite ^wm ^ tbo a[egtott« 
on^i>naNo> aM«(tiiinf«R«^ mummapimm 

>44 Tte RBalbn of (^Vfcfttf.4}. 

Co. ibkL 3(6. ii ^ lakttm^ t^at commeiiui^ bp olflMOit to p)opetlp « In^ t(te wutaiur 
b.3. bfllie«intoooneiiiiti»otatelptQt|)e|ieto,tMttot0beboiiniliptt; am ^'.^^'' 

;etfft^iFat|ietbeflDenatitfo)Utl(,t<ie temainbecto t^ bmetoCeei '""'^- 
hfzfutw bp (9Mn aitD etmtent ttiaketir a leafe foi i»eat« > to tlieemi 
tbat tbe ILcitte ftafl make a feoffment fii fee , to IDbom tbefatbet Aal 
teleate fnftb tratcantp* wmtOit^ia mcatsx^ acco20f ndp , tbe Cstliet 
ofetb ; fttte,tbt0 foatcatit^ fbaft not bftnej albett tbe IDMHiin toao not 
' Bone{mmeiilatelptotbeCbn;6>}tbeteoffmentoCtbelte8ieetoaB(0ief6n 
totbeC8t)et)l0bofe paraceps criminis : fro ft <0 ff one Inotbet mafcea 
cfft In taf le to anotler * ^ni tbe tOncle olfbtte tbe S>onee ) ano enfieo^ 
»tb anotbet liriflf Iff tramp, tbe mmU ofetb, ano tbe fmttantp oeCicen* 
Defl^n9on£|^|rono>,attDtbeN fbe a>onee tfetb toftbont flbte: ^ete> 
albetttbea>lftefSntM0Oonetottie9>onee,anonotto tie 9>ono») pet 
tbe toanantp fball not bfnoe tbe Wmn : S»o Uiiefntf^ K tbe (atbec , tbe 
iOn^ anb a tbfto pecton be 3lopntenant« to fte^ tbe fttbK maketb a feott* 
ment to^ oCtbe l»l)ole Mtt) imrtantp , tino bietb ) tbe fon Metb > tbe 
tbin petf on fbal not onelp abofa tbe CeofFment &» bto oton part , bat 
aUOft^tbepartottbeliim, ano be fbaB aifo talteaobantage, tbatCto 
. tb<«(a(e) tbe isatrantp commenceo bp niteUtn, tboagbtbebttE^n 
lM0bonetO anotbeC) U* CoJL 5.79.5. Fitzherbens cafe. 
Caibia.37». 23 jVptbe&tatnteof tbe 3»H.8.cap.)6.aSnetDftbp»oclamatioMi FtmbafRtm 
••4. accojoteg to tbe fetatote of 4 H. 7. cap. 24. ftall batte tbe etate taU^ «^'' " ^ 

bntnotbfmtotbetetetSonoiTemainoer.ifbemaltetbbtodaime, anb ^^'^^ 
imtCne bio aAionl0ttbinStepeat0 after tbe eftatetafie Client, fc^^tn* . 
beftifagfttbemaoetofllpeeUieftfon, anototbebeit;e0ofbUiboop» tbe 

temafioettotbefatberanDtotbebeiregof MebooF» ^^ ^1^^ bietb, 

tbeelDeftronIet>tetbafineltDitbp}oc1amation0, «c. ano nietb toftbwt 
/ MTne, tKefbaBbactbefeconofon; fi>i> tberemafmieriieCcenoeototbe 

tifitft, ano ffsKufne Wj&t tbe fatbet mlgbt bate oone bp fo^ce of a fine 

tbe elDeS fon QaB <n tbto caf e alfo bo, <f c» 
Cm \lk.3A4. M 3lf tbe %tS9i enter fo> tbe conoftMi biolten , o)(f tbe i^effee to* ^^'Z 
The cafe^ renbetnntotbei.cfO};^e,tbeeftatcanoternie(0Oetecmtoeb, ano ^f*'™^' 

Fines. vet tiw iL«8ini ft«l liaiiean fliMan afn^itt Am. mm> «rrMn>fl«Mi nntt bftfrti* * °^^ 

Banc 2^2. 1nb<cb to not ILato ) ano tbis to to refpea of tbe contract be< 
- ttt^tbel^eto^anofbel/eiee. 
Co. lib } 1, >$ Si toan mapyMtrOe to a «8ratet>coniiieleaD<nstobto€l;ttf. ^p^^<^^ 
b.4.r<it^r/' mm,allwft<ttDa0oflatctfmetban0eDfromairntto0*mAtoa«)<a« >^«"t'«^ 
cafe. mfi;Etvicevei^becanfietbataIterattontonotoftbeOibfiattceoftbep)e' , 

fctiptf on, but tbe 9iD map be to oe(ictfl)eo> to fbeto tb« nature ano qaa< 
k Utpof fti^tmo(oonbaellie) at 8tft be mfgbt p»(inibe totbe VSater* 
*(0iitCebeb)iratip9^bMDBbttttt. } 

Co.i.4.87.a.i. ^6 3f anwtbabe^ftoberitiettlecbpsrant o^yxbtiptton beionetog Preia*irti«i( 
Lmreitetk. |o||<«t«tfMUbmib4i»«Itetanocban8etber«niB AnocbambeteoftbT CAoTen,»o 
Co. ibid. ^^^ ^ aftomaltetbe ^aa tobetbefdarlonr , ano tbe f^atlonr to be 
' . > V itilAi^t , anb liicb like alteratton of tbe qnalttp of tbe booCe, ano not of 
ibe bonfe tt iei&,ani>l»ttbont naktog anp neto Cbtonepa , inberebp 
ibe ottner of tbe tDoob-nnpItilEne ptelnoice, o^albeftbe makenefo 
^ij^toPDfffiO^antuotfotttotbeboafe^ pet l^penonone of tbe^llotieca 
.totb(i(et9toCbtoB»«0, n taLtberf«rtnetDlpaotto, ootbtononeof 

iDOttte be oef im?eo:: JCbete to tbeCanu Md of €oimnft0) a{attr*|)i|ie0i 
aootbellke:illfoif an»nbatie«nnictaittDtoDo1iDto bto ^ali ano 
after be conbett b<0 ^arto a l^arlonr 0} anp otbet nfe , petbtofltWr* 
Jiont tannot ifop tt » f(> be can p)eCttfbe to babe a Ugbt tofbcb a patt of 

%ijx4h thie Common Law; rijjj 

■litcdcD- yieCcdptfoHt atfo aftec tl^jg nu incoipwtt bpanotbet nanif > as if 
tndMui- tie? iDete 5B3<Uff0 ano lIBtitQefifef beCp^e, nolp tftep ate 9a|o) ans 
f"»'i««- Comfnaltp ; •> |J>loJ airo Cot)ent tefo je , ano after tljep are tranflatci 
toa]&eaneaiio.C^aitfer>fr» SUtffm&ttntlietttRtM, tii^ qttslttp anii 
name of tlftlt Cojpo^attorifs cbanses , tun efpetfallp in tlie tafe pf t^e 
^Itoi aimCoDent (fo» of IRe^itlaritD^fcl^ are oea& tNtrfons tn «t)e %i\o^ 
ttieg are maoe 9»ecidat ) pet tlie netp Co}PQ;ation flbaft tniop an tlje 
iFrancbttie«)|^Mt}fleoge3> ano l^cteoHaiiients ^it\i V^ttAn Co}|io}a>> 
tidtil^o , be it 1)F scant o) piftctipUm ; to) tto man can be pjejuoiceo 
- iq?<t,fc» . .^ . - ;^ ,v ; '. 

faoget 28 yn tebt asainft an £lftm(nttlratO} nt»n an £>blt0at(on > tbe fiDe< § °» d;^**' 
mitqracti- fmmant pleaB9,tbattbiBcnfiome Of London (0, tbat tbe 0om<niftrat4} ca'e 
^ ibal be bouno to pii? a&d)t upon a fimple contract , as upon an £)bl<6a« 
I tfon> f c» anb tbat be bat alteaop pap» i. S. u* SLm in tb(4 cafe it InaQ 

aof aogeD, tbat tbe plaintiff being a Sranfier , toad as toefl boaao bg 
I tbatcnitome) as if be baobsn a C{ti$en» Vide I E. 4. 6. accord. 

I tiAution 29 Winfor plaintiff b^tb an^obotofmi of ttbo parts , tbe a>efenQelnt co.i, f^ot, 
,*ii«jToir- jftjetbiro, tbejBlafntiffpjefentsone, tbe jncnmbent bies, tben in »'»/"«^«»re, 
! tbstimeofE.6.bep;tefenti(oneParr7,tDb3intbetimeof d^dttnMaiy 

I tD80i)ep:it>ei,quiaconjugatus,8cc. tDbereiqion tbe S)efenoant p^nts 

[ lfis€\tt\t', t»t)o I Eliz. toas alfa iiep^itto bpjuell ano otber ^igb 

CommiSioners, an^ tbe firff tentence aBioo^i^b boio , ano Parry ttfle* 
. Ceo , tbe Clerk of tbe SDefenoant oiej y Parry atfo oie!9> tbe &>efenoant 
pittznto y becanfe bi0 ^il^icrk to^s oc pjibo > tobereupon tbe plaintiff 
oemurres ; Snoin t\ii& Quare impedu inogmentin -s gitjen againit tb(;' 
|01aintiff ; fo) albeit tbe Cletk of t^e ja>efemuint tnas )9{irfpn fp) tbe 
time>to aB patpofei, ano oaring tbe ftrff oepiibation Pany ttas not Bn« 
cambent ; pet toben tbe fecono tentence caine * tben fnas Parry incnm* 
bent againe b? fb}ce of tbe Snt p;erentation> fnflitatipii) uno inoottion^ 
rnio tbere nvoeo no netn intitntioni f c« ilnb bp fmt of tbe teconofen* 
tencetbe|9;efent& O!ftbea>efimoantu>as temobeo, ano Parry teffo* 
I no : iSno tbetcfoK toben Parry opeo , fnbicb loas tl^ laft ^lOtntn of 

I tbe IBiaintitr, tbe SDefenoant fltaft pjefent as in bis tnm , ano bp fi»;cs 

of tbe CKono fentence Parry toas l^atfon in tbe tame pligbt < conoition 
tbflt be toas in upon bis ft(ft p^tentationj not^oitbttanotog tbe VitUnP 
^ niintoftbeotbetbptbejB6efenoant>fc» v , • 

mat JO «DlbenaiD}itPfri8btisoite(teototbel-o>oofa$|^8nno>» o>bi0 Co.ii.u.^V 

^ jBapliirs, 0) a lufttcies^ o} otl^t Wcontfel lB}itsattoiretteototbe Jatimtu 
f^beriffei «c« tbat Ibali not cbange tbe nature o}|tiiri(bi(tion of tbote c«fe' 
Contts, astomaketbel'Ojooii&betiffie (tottbom.tbofit VB»ftsat:e 
oitetteo ) to be SJitoges of tbptc Cotrrts tefpenitelp , tobicb twee not tp 
beep}e ; bnt tbe l»nto}S op till temaine Saoges tbeceof ; j^eitbet set 
0iaft tbe oicettion of tbote on^its to tbe i<o»o vn tIbeciSe , as afo»etaio 
( albeit tbep ate in tb^mteltes matter of mecojo ) opnttitnte tbe % 0:0 
o> SiberiiFe to be Jn*ges of )ileco}0) oiaConrtlBaton, |^o;eo 
<E;onrt,o>Connt(€ontt,tobeCoattsoflRe(OM>;iFp} npen a 3qog* 
ment giiien in anp of tbote Cptttt0 > a to^it of FaUe judgement lies , ano' 

» nOtatP>itOfErrour,<{C; . , 

w^y <7 j I VEben tbe Hing oemifes.bis Ctofmi to tbe mhpt linccefloi , np^n co. lib. i^i: 
^ofihe tbe genctaltetommonsbp tbe IbingsfoiitCtDbicb begins tboVtManda- b.4.Dircontt: 

y' mus vobis, quod ad le&xta noftram animumquc ligeorum populi nortri, tic.) """"^ *** .- 

tbeoiiginaft anO iflUt ( if anp be iopneoJ is teoioeo ; foi tbat isa faS H^}/^ 
tumfitm ongbt to be entreo > it is otbetloife of tbe pipceSe befi^ fCTne xonnt: 
iopnesjbon^, gatniftment9 ic« pft tbep fiaB be' attoteoibeo npon a 
(pecialtDiit, reciting aBtbefpecialp}Ocsoing$ flno it appearesbp tbe ' 
bskf of (Cntties^tit; Reatucbment, 499. tbat if tbe 3<Iae bg jppnfo. ^0 

» tbb 

I47 The Rcafon of ^4!ax.4^\ 

t)fi fltiir;ttfatttt») am a tvg efoen CP^ttpal , faefa^e Wtit up Q» 
'iifn0Ofe0, i^etbprpecialtefommondalKbaaiieTeblveo, (6» tlitln* 
rp tDaa tttntneo oC tec o)o, am ^e teco}0 t^emf tM0 maoeltill am fet* 
fetfjW. ^ ^ 

Co.iib.ii.<4. j2 3|t<0O?lMrflieBbpt^ fi^tatnteof iEliz.cap.2. SC^everypeifcxi Statutes f«c 
a. ». Doftwr ^jj ^gfj^ to Uieir Parifti Church , or ( upon let thereof) to feme other eve- ffi*H ~ 
Vifimafc. ^ Sunday and HoUday,&c. jambpt^jefbtatotepfi? Eliz.cap. i. C(|at ^''"*- 
every penon not repaiiii^ to Church according to i Eliz. 2. being thereof 
lawfully convid,(hall forfeit twenty sound for every moneth they fo make de^ 
fault y and that of the forfeitures atorefaid, the Queen, &c. mall have the 
two third parts, tf$» die one to her owneufe, the other for reliefe of the 
peote, See. and the other third part the profecutor Hiall and may recover by a- 

aionofdebt,8fc. ;aniibpt^l»tatate«Ct^29Eliz.ctp.<;.ft itenaoeh, 

%,jj0t CTcry fuch ofiender once convided , fhaU afterwards in Eafter and Mi- 
chaehnasTermeSjpayointo the Exchequer twenty pound for every moneth* 
abfence from Church, &c. and if default be thereof inade,8cc. the Queens 
Majeftic, &c. (hall and may by procclfc out of tbc Exchequer felzeall the of- 
l:ndersgoods,and two parts of his lands, &c. jSm lattlp, iHf t^ ^Btnf e oC 
3 5 Eliz. cap. I . Bit |0 O^Oailttlly <C».t^t for the more fpccdy recovering, 8cc, 
ttf the forfeitures, &c. payable to the Queen, 8cc. by vertuc of this Ad, and of 
ag Elizw 1. allandeveryfuchff»feitures,&c.fhaIlberecovercd,&c.bya&i- 
bn of debt, &c. in the Kings Bench, the Common Pkas, dr Exchequer, as 
other debts may be recovered, &c. ^tzMeit tt^ &tatltte0 Of t1)e 29 am 

35.te«l9toaltect^UiDe(t|ea^4nr0fpe(t of pact of tbe penai^sf* 
Den to tbe p^ofocoto; b? t^e 23. am befng afl of ft menttoteo , as %i\om 
totbe ^ntenfittbeotb^ttBotttbreqnentjaas: i^«t tbe SiatftfitJU 
tmtHMin full foitt'Stuvtbuj^Ui tbe tettonc of tbe Came, nottetlb* 
ttamfng ^ (af fnbfeqitent ;ade;bec8itfe tboCe tfuo Hne 00 not sittt tbe 
penaltp to trntntH^tm^ony bat to tbe (Jstne pecfon to iDbom tbe Itotatote 
oftbe %;. gfbetbft) viz.totbe ^Be»m «c. am tbepate but a<t0 of aotl< 
"tfon (erprciaBptbatoftbej^) to gibe a mm fpeeop remeop, njm 
%M0 Qtlienbptbat oftbe^j. tt, )S0^a VBf^ftof Mefne , tbepmeCedt 
tbe €9mnnn Mbi tDa« IDfOtfUz Mtnitt > am altboaeb «be IMattite 
dC wtiim. ». cap. p. 0ite0 a nm9 ttkttf f^ocelTe , am to tbe em a Fore- 
j<f <lger , pet tbe yiaitttiff map take fu^fcb |t3otelb be tuf v^ eftber at tbe 
Cotnmoii Hale, o> upon tbe Ciio Atatatei becattfe betb ace to tbe alGtoi 

tnatibe. Vide ibid, many authorities accordant, fC«. 

CKibM.44 . ^)^ ||ntitat^c8ft«tbei»ftsnatfoiior<iii^pectoiito«late;flUtef|^ac< Grant of 
NaniiNit,a)8B «ot ertlme anotbec perfoit tobfcb toat antbojffee fo 00 t|e watj; 
«i«ie tbtog b? on At pmewnt. 3t i« ptobfoeQ bp tbe dtatate of m 
. B H.4. cap. i5.tb«taetec«ffifce rodno>fc« betabicb&«nbbtm&lfe«cte< 
4»ft>mfgbt(t»ifi)totbeitioiietb)«fl«ctc«betfoi amtotaketbelame { 

«nol«neiiieNt0toCactn, «nDtbattbetttbeCbanc^ear,SCrea(iam,am j 

«fbet iDCRcet fib«fl oemfll tmto b<m to Cacme) antiH> f c» ( Vide 1 3 E. 4. 
8. ) anuiMitobF tbe l^tatnte oftbe i H. 8.cap. 16. f^e batbtib^pbp \ 

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one of ^ Ceunctl to tnalte a teate oftbe IKacos lams, 0} of an Ijbiotf, 
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f atwtbctt tbe fn^gement beftig te'.etrett. tlje tojft t^ attiroco gooa! 

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fue out ef tbat Contt f« natate of tbe pjotcffarton iitaoe f.T tije firtt • 

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t^e l^jtcantbiU ba^e art a(Kfe of Darrein >pieicmment upon tbe drft of» 
ftnrbattce bp J ounieys accompts agsinft tbe bette of tbe tt<autb£t : ano 

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true l^attton tuM babe an atCte dcrQarreiAprereutment npon tbe Otft of* 
i^ 37 3f ttDO Cop :wenet» make pittftfon to^jcfcitt bp turiw , aibeft f n b »a i 
j&firce- tbe one Coparcener nfatp npw tbe .btbet , am' pieftnt j in ber tarne ' ^ ^** 
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p^el Jbtcetbe &acceilb) ; but tbat at tbe neict abopnance of tbe tain 
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babe a Wiiit of JBDeceit, anb fbaU be teSo^eb. 

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^ tbat bitb tbe attion againff bint , tobe bjfnga tb« Wiiit Dc warrantia 
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Rtni. 41 Rotfe lDa0 boana in a »etogn<jance of 1 000 ^utU to Pope, ana 01 r« » 
tt. Cutfon^awo^aingtotbef^tatQteof tbe ^H.s.cap.d. ana after Roflb S/<ftPoW 
■>»« 9M- ana bto firib bp ftne gtbe to tbe Conif^e tbe eftb pact of tbe ^amto) of cafe. 

tB » Burton 


Bprton Conftabk nu) otlpet laHM Hi t|e Coiinti» tf Yprlce tn tk ; fit» 
9ttet l^ope ( fl0 ftintbftjo) ) fttM etecntfon of ttie tm Ikawtti^mu ftr 
London aQaftift Roffe, aiit I»f0 boof teas taken, tan ttit fafQ Rofltf , fn#( 
ioftns l|e faio ftne oC t^te UnostnflieCoiimFof YorketMolilttbe 
littWiti Urn 6t tW teco0niHince) b}f«8iitlin! Audita cpixiKh,tm* 
tainf rigtbe tolioU mattet , npon tg^teli W)tt amrl^eclatat<«ii Pope Oe< 
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uUoCtt^lano^t^atKoiTe^oattbe t<mt tftljerscopiftance attottrtv* 
leftfesi coalD oifclyaf gi t^ recosntfamc * feecanfe l<)e pisrqM HM ii)o« 
^mb t^ 4? ^ cnffome of CDatwnifnt i» net ciiailseii tboa($btlfi»«n> iS^ 

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ifE.^. Dyer bprMtdnoCtbelanSjiRmtl^ieto^f tnwfStballvapgfDitbtbeiRiiDtlBiit 
71. Fincb i^. otbettoife <t (9 oC tana to ancient 9>fiiie6ie, pecttMt aimngft tb* 
j^aUs ; fin tbeve tbe inltenie timnetb not tettb tbe lano 0ia|t? > bat bf 
teafon ot tbe ancient t^emtCne : fln» tbnefo^f bKcanfe tbe natntt df tb< 
lanD ie cbangeo bp tbe fine am» recobccp ff on ancient WvmtSm f o kano 
at tbe Common itato; tbe itiftMif cf {iaitiiit it ationft tbe 9atea i» 
alfo gone. « 

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to bini ) (0 fliaU all tbe fono of lanwin ^abAkino, 
4iE. }.^; 4$ S^tDoCtfpai cenec0 make yattition , an» one cottenaiftci toiff tbe parcenen. 
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i7i.a.s. on , anB aftet become oncqual bp anp imttcc fnbteiinent > <e bjr fac« 
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tiontoaibersMctiqilarnieftf^mticbeltbene^aobeMtfOlttltfbtjis '°^'^* 
in bittk iB%ti ancient nCt in point of Reverter > JO* if « man befeife* of 
tteo icti§, tbe one boloen bp ftnifib^Crf bk» jn ptfojrtp^ anvtbe otl^ bp 
tb^ tadt^ fintiice in peffetio»ftf < «n» nmitetl a &dffment ttiUt eCbbt^ 
efcceiet to t^ nfe of bimfeife ano %i§ beitt , tbe oit tfrcontimab in bim; 
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of tbe ^^tbet > fo» if one make »fi|ofN9Ht in fit of tbemtt^ oiie of 
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tbe j)D6tbinr,tDbicbcoal&notbe,ifitiBettii»ttbeol»n(ie , but n tbliid 
tii^ttl^ tteateb ; SCbe like lato of ianos , of tbe cnSome of SRnnronsb' 
f itx. ii. B. i; 48 gf aCenant bp IReceipfc opoirafelniM aC SCenant (b> Me ajppeate. Tenant by » 
i jtf.b. atto f } f^c^ibeo ano pleads, amaflec Wbnrbvationttfift > «t. I^et tbit cape. 
Ceaant fo} life map bftben^Q^ood eidefot«eat upon tbe l^tfltiits of Weft. 
2. cap. 4. fo^ tb'e mttf ement i^gtbeiiagainll bf m Un bis B^tfl 

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be (bait not lofe tbe rent ; fo} be map gibe comtCel ab uttt iir ffilblii^M at 

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ts ^.». fo)et|reS»tatntior«(e»jtotbisca^Cefluy(pieiift'(1iii|9noirfMt|rt«ft 



^ai(i4^^- tiie Comnlcin Law. . i4i^ 

tt^nMiM in poffeftidrt T ftiitl ^liitit iM matte ^Dotojp f6i ti^ tent) 
ttieinttt Mtojnment : 9i it iti Htbilf ^:r crstli^ea i itnt Uptfli cotiDttio'ni 
t^«^jmt«(Affctftfc *ta(tn*0«Wlotfat}c6orW(!)jtt)jfc6j«<t'(4n,m 

May, 51 %\ftxttit6ti9ltt^apaxtt«ttisli& ^irmai, rfrfi tl)6tfffe0jftmfff Dyer 30. lo,. 

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enfeoff ttie fiinc oC \H0ii0^ttim taitijont t^(tp\nxitnAtitte,^e^&i. ttm 
ttiatk i^t muxttit ; j^6% a msn mu^ V^ Watttin dj a i^^Qap in. 
a<i6t Jitff tonftt, per tot. Gur. 

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iheofc. tHS^«*enomitip<De^atatebf 43'H.8. 1 J. ftiwj'fuJgertlfftnttoteMtct *'''^ *' * 
IM0COS0, ano after tl^e tumn toas remot);3rfd6rtr^>i^'e 
plaintflf,'Miittianefnst|)at^> i^c 2I>efienDmn ^^iitt^ ffir attiim of 
SDIbf M C. £(. ni^n a ttiiA o^i^n&l > arro counts tifpVtt ttle ri^oiio 6f aft 
i,^ iktfon rf^on fiie Cafe : 3Lt(t tUi mstiit issitfvkiiiitxi ftv t^ H>ef^ndatft 
ih iW ttdititt , «c. i^tto ffje better opfftf on of tbe cotfrt taad , tiittt tW 
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■oipi. t|» i>taf ttteff df 2 « 3 edw. (^. iaji. 1 . 5 aSt 6 Edw. 6. tap. 1 . ahtr 1 Elfz. I. >5-b. *.. 

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ttitimt tibfrtt a/ettrfce (batt be tafitf ^ ttfleb^ateb, a0 firsH timeit 
Hat Be adrtln)}^^ bF^aiffatfiei^t ; ^a attbtrusi) tb«teYtttrrbe ( ai^Lic- 

'"• tlcton |Stl^ rt, Scft . 1 :? 7. ) A cha'Atcr art Meffc , fit. 6u a chanf <r urt placebo' 

& dirige , petif tbe 3Denant fae ^K^kUiiiUR^ i XiiMat i4 Ulijttillp 
autboaf )eo> it tattittVi 1 0no a0 iittletoit tattle > Sea. 1 1 9. to cafe of foc« 

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u^ertaftit^ aeaffif ft? ei;fem|M^f l^^iri^ettf ; f^^t ft^ms tfie ojlf^fital 
tentite ttas <rt FnhkAhnoignie, iMio ^e ebMtjK^ttis, aitb^ 1^ oitotaf 
c^\fieiH in fiarHa'tn^iiti v^enWtf ( «« iffTtfAme^) eberp tef fa 
p»f p, tbe f fnnr^ titHixi^ u ft toai^ at txt, 

Tacnents ^4 9CAllemeitt^ fA Lcntion M)/ra6i» e|» il^oM^, (Ome ftlitO H. 8. Dyer iff. »x. 

Nibble. Iiin30 bp ttie oiHoIntfoRlf Stof^ > aff^affet t^ %\n% gratit^tbtm to 4, i p. m, 

V»l9fit cb^^bpSrAfj^tf (totted; Bltttlrf^iate, a SDetiCe of t)e tobote 

fit ftit gA« asetiiift tlbe be^; Ai( qu±M, tni^lliec fi bi^ fira^f ntf tbe IriAs 

f 0; tttatsOHi^ 0? pi^Kiier r^ifin , bp teattrf of tbe f«rt)fitii; f it tbt 9»tattite of 

32 H. %. tap. I. 

vdiat re- 5 % Cbe Cletk oftbe asffe ma(r> nattDfttlffanMt^ f^ oeatH^ of bbtb Dyer i^j. {4. 

*>»'^ t^ fuSfcea of Ntfi prkis, belftwc fifCoarttbe iKecoaon 6f t(ie Qletbfaa 
t«!ie'n ber0» tWf^e fofftie* fjlVtbe'^ficaft, <<. 

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i^ibhianc. aitefteb bp tbe beatb of otte of tbe W^immUi tktt t\jft Wt contfim^ 
ante, bat flKfll be entieb a#ftift fbe (btitbfbo). 

htition. S7 3l«ptttenaiit<t anb jCertaitta itf Common cattttot flEnce tbe feta« Co. iib.<. u. 

tdte a(f 3 1 H. 8. 1 . mf(t vitf ftfoiif bi> Parol, no mo?e tbam ibep cealo be« *•««««» "&• 
iffiz, fojalfteftbptbat Vtatntetb'l^ifce compettabfe to make pattftf* 
on, i*et ft KK^vsnot t9t CMIMort 1.8iD ih t^t cafe. 

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t9«t1)e(Sj:ecii»>vWb»a«IW»VidePyerao7.ij. Dyer^.». 

19 « 

The RcafoM of 3PW^.44* 


byet ^9 a Venire facia$ tofft ProviFo tDaa tttarwaifwtjeu » aJio pat opaii f'ww /- 
4Eifei lfttfll«» anottDOftont^aftetaPluries \tenirc hcias , toWcft toMOftec* 
tDavQd pittrned bp e^z^Uiintitt iaas alCo teturitpa ano files , eacd <9ai:< 
tp alfoputtue tbelt Habeas Corpora, toWtft are Ukttotfe rctutJ M ; ^tD» 
ictt tfte ^UtotKf CaUeo of ftte J ur«t. cpiuinuaiwl. pet rtte toa« aof uneea 
Ao Qitcontirmance. becanfe tbe iwatimtaiue bp tbe. St^cCeniDant (afficeo> Di&oodm' 
K 6ra)tfaetei3rtoB<\3et0tpbptbeEmtpoftftc»!e,p>o£tfteotbit. «nce. 

Dyer«>.4>. • ^^ ;J JFemeOfeabtfoWKterp fuCO, pet ( III tW^caft) tbe »atO« Tentmby 

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t>yetx4i. yy. 6 J SflbrtebetbJiCopaKerteta, aiioo.sebftJjem aUen8b«tpart, '^'"'"^ 
B Eiiz. dnott):c of tbein bjf hg^ a to}tt of partition againft tije 3 Uence> ano tbe 

tbitQCopitcenetnpontl^e&tatttte; perCunam it ftaft abate > betanfe 

In tbf^ cafe a 1»ift of #attttid:i Ipetb «t tbe Common Hato , as it d<d 

befojetbe&tatttte. ', 
D/crjitf.j. . 6a 5i:bei8fta.toaefeife3ofWliadclpnC^in<Com»Sucks, nwj tbe vtmiujtaf 
wEik. iLojuGray tjoas iLieotcnant tbcre" inf*> ano be antt b<3 flnccftoj«, rifr«« /««■ 

anatbfctt »«pet0 bdD'-bp.pjefctip'fon ufeotobuntftrapaJateirttbe 
• i)imefnif J of the ifannoj of Saldai aB|opnt«B» a^J <« Futlcwcs , the 

»jnftoj'of S. comeii Wotbc SJa&ngbanoa , tobo ctaut j it to Fonef- 

cuc in f^-tofvb ft* Garret toitbin tlje JDemefneiS tbereof, lea quod nul- 

lus intrec ^n warrennatn -ilkm ad fugaiidum fine hccntia F. jSnO if \xiAi 

belo -, tbat tbe mUtp of po(Ce(tio|f{it tbe ^ueen of t^e Cbafe anotbe 
jpannij of s. 0(3 no.t ^jttnjoiflj.tbe.pu'lcw'* ana tbattbe clauteof Ita 
qi!6d, ictoaa not tJ. 1» fntcnoett agiiina tbe Qyecns !li«epeta, bat otbet 
dnb^ett x>neip : ^j t!)at) ttbereas Fortcfcues feitiant kiBea tbe recimnt 
of tbe iittpet fo>tbatlrgtbere« U toao not Inttiftable bp tbe Statute 
dc MalcfeAori|3us ji)pai<:iS& Warreunis. 

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Co inft Dtn 1 kcncle tf jpo jaf ion conCftin« of one petfon onel? map m $q> Co'P»r«J«« 
S*.J;,T ihaBeTMa'^i^lntifibtof bi««Bittop;itk, an Abbot o> |^>iom ^t"'*^ 
tlisbf (rfbi«^naaMPv«c» IBnjt no Cojpwation asgteeate of manp ^ * * 
petTons capable ( be t^Came CccleQaitical 0} fljempo^al ) canooe 
Coinage, 80 a Sbeane ano Cbapter> #ato;, ano Cominalt? « ano tbe 
like ; b^caiite ^omaoe mnS be oonie in pet(om % a Co^tation agfite* 
gate of ma'np cannefappeKe in p:r(On ; fo) albeit tbe bi»ie« natucaS, 
tobeieupontbe boop pjUtiqne conSSa, mas be teen, pettbebooppo' 
litiqf»9feoJ90}ateitfelfe cannot be teen, no^oosnpatf bntbpatto;' 
r.ep> ano bomage imiftetet be Done in [^tfon, fc, 
t.kti §. «u 2 Cbe feteUiato oi )l5aiUff of a ^anno) map take fealtpfo^tbe Ho^ot Homage per- 
Co ib. 68. a. but ^^oniage cannot be maoe , (^te uttto V^ iLo^o^imfeife in pecfon : ^<»»i- 

anOt|ferefO?e3raaon faitb (lib' 2«fol« ^o*) Sciendum eft, quod non per pro- 
£uratorcs, n'ec per literas fieri potent homagium , fed in propria pcj (ona cam 
, Domini, quani tenencijycapi acbet & fieri. 

c \ ibia. 1 04. 3 2Dbo JTetVice of ^^omage i« to h<edp anneireo to tbe petfon , as tocfl Momage peer 
<> 4- of t^e 16}<}3 aoe, as of tbe 3Cettant«. tbat tbe Cenam ongbt to (cektbe ^"^^^ 

^o;«,tbtbsenobe4n8i) 00 bim pontage, if tbe 1L020 be 1»itbin England: • 

jSlilO tljer^aje Biadon faitb (iib. 2, 8.) Ec Iciendum eft , quod illc qui ho- 
mzo lurh iuurn ficcrc debet, obtenui re vcrcntiae quam dcjin Domino iuo, adirc 
d.:bc; Pominum lUum, ijbicunque inventus fuerit in regno vel alibi,(i poflic 
cominouc adii k & non tcnctur Dominusqusrcrc fuum tcnentem, & lie debet 

- hVrt»i4ivuueifaccrcv&c- Stbcreia tbe fame lato Of |!=ealtp: at ia Otbet* 
tutte of tent , foj W ^'^ not pertonal , but map be paio ano receibeo bp 
a>iot'aer,o> teno^eo upon tbe lano, <c. 
T. lit $< tf ^. ^ ^.la to &>ei;jeincv i j.a (etoice to beioneto tberopal petfon of tbe cnrnd scrjb:| 
&ir7Co.i'b, i^tsig » ail) t!)ctefo;e cannot be petfo>meo bp a ^epatp, toitboni swy. 
ici.i.i, t^je 


4t«.44, the Common Law. i^t 

tiB m<ii0< ipetlil lUaut , oi to tomz fpecfal cafes > becaute tfiz ^fp^ 
am sttat oUtua > toi^eceof ttiat tenure totb foj^ t^e mofi part confift, 
ongllt to ke petfotiieo fit piopec perfon t |9et bet^atdoloetbtoteclje 
Mm (n bis fDatre> o; bp Coinage map make a xDepntr, f c» 
jsjn- 5 3f ttDO fopntstmnte loitbin age make feoffment (n f« , tb^ map Co. ib. }37. 
enter loptttlp fn tbeit lanw , o} map ^opne to a to)tt of xim > but tliep >• 4- 
uumot lopne to a Pum fuit infra secatem ; becanfe tbe nonage of tbe one 
to not tbe nonage of tbe otber* 

<nT' 5 9IC A. to to make a feoffment to B. anoC. anotbeitbeitstDitbont co.mft. pan . 

o^B, «i»A.n»ke0ltoerptoB.totbeabfienceofC.totbenameofbotb, i-4»-t>.3. 
ano to tbeit beits , tbis UDetp to bofs to C. becantfe a man betog abftnjt 
cannot takes IFc^te bp^a Uterp , bat bpbto ^aitto^ttep being latofiiflp 
aotbojiffb bp ttto toteceibe Iit?etpi mtlefliBtbe feoffment be maoebp 

{ i»fto, ano tbentbe Ut;etpto one to tbe n«[me of botb to goo* 

t>eai%of 7 3f anianoemife ibftp o^otfiet ftbck of Cattle , o> anp otbet perfo* Co.i.f .u b.4, 

H^ nail gooos f 0} a time^no tbe Hefftt cobeiianto fo} b<« «no bto affignes, ^^'^'^^ "<*'- 

> attbeen3oftbeti«ie,tootUbetfiicbIffcstattIeo2go>Ds, asgoooaotbe 
tbinpi>nni(e9lvcre)0itocb apjfcefojtbem, ano tbe l^ffs afftgnes 
tbe (bttp)O), fc» olm ; 9^to covenant Oiafi not binoe tbe ^ffljsn^ ; be« 
uutfe ft to but a ptctonal conttact , ano tbere toelhu tbat p»ibitp> tob^cb 

! to tettpf rt tbs iieflo} ano ll^efftt ano bto afKgnes of lano , in xitfta of 

tb^ teterffon > fo} to cafe of a leafe of petfonal g4B0} tbere ia not anp ^H* 

> t>ftp> no} anp reOKifion > bat merrlp a t'^tog to act ton in tbe perf onattr> 
I to^icb cannot bino anp bnt tbe cobenantoi btmHelfe, ano bis ^recatoto» 
' ano ;Siominifiteto}9 tobicb 00 repj^it bin tboitUf alTo, if a man oe« 

mi(p an bonle ano lano fo) peates toitb a ftock o) a'fum of monep > ren» 
&>iagtent, ano tbe %.eff« cobenants fo> bim, bis ^pecnto^s , aomini« 
ftiato}0,«nD Jftffignts to oeliber tbe ffock 0) Gnm of monep at tbe eno of 
tbe tecme , pet tbe jSWlgnet fiKd not be cbargeo toitb fbis cobenant j 
toi, olbett tbe rent n^cteo \Dt» increatfeo in refp^d: of tbe ffock o> tbe 
• fnm, pettberentiot|iiotif(iteei)t«ftbettocko}ftim, bot ont oftbo 
lano tnetp ; ano n$aXmy m to fbellock n turn, tbe cottenant is perto» 
naUanoibaft ontpUnotbe Cobni»ni>3,bteC{»ci«o}3,ano ;aotninifta« 

Ktma^on . d flHieretoiibfii»glttpiifibMi^^pnDi|t{onS' to<»<sl)areperronatanbto« Co.i.r.i3.a.i. 
mJ: imans 9{t)ional, arto cannot be petfoimeo bp anp ctber ; ano conoitions , tsbicb ^l'*^* 
£^P^ •renotfotetopa«ib»p«ww!PSOrtotbet>e«toi, but tbat tbep«a*beper. •*"• 
Cb}min»tp anp otbtt ; ao it toascefolbeo in tbe cato of Thomas B>ake of 
Norfolk (tobo to AnpBP 1 1 £lw.) ^ttepeo bis lano to tbe nfiei of ^mfelGe 
to} life, ano after tofbentoof Pb»Kp4^cle of AirvmielbtoeloeftfiQnneto 
taile, toitb oibecs oe|nainoet0jom>WttbProviro^bat if be Cbotilo be mto* 
oeo to alter ano rsooke tbe (iiio ntos, ano fighiae bto.mtooe to toiiting 
ttnoer bi0 otonrbanoatio toale > fnbfcribeo bp tb}» cteofble toitneSes, 
tbat^n,«c> AmaftertbetotolDiikefinisattainteoofl^igbCreatoff, 
4c^ 3n t^ o&t^ tbe f rovifo 0} conoition Uias not gitien to tbe ^nitn 
bp tbe )Sl(t of 3 3 H. 8. becanfe tbe perfoimame of it toas pictonal > ano 
intoparaUpanneieotoCbeverfbn,Tiz.toffgnifisbto minoe bpto)iting 
tinotc Ms oton bailo, tobicb ntneconto 00, but tbe ^nke bintlUto : 3|t to 
otber tDito of papntint of moiiep)Oeltoecp of a rtog » Q^cs of golo, 0) tbe 
tbe like ; toj tbep «ap *e paio, oirtibeteo, oj teno^eo bp otbers, «c» Vide 

4 Retraxit "o' ft Retraxit csmiot be e«trto, «nl««e tbe l^laintiffojJDemanoant co. \X j«.a. 

jBioaL be to COnrt to p»pet perton ; to» m eWrp to^ quid ouxrens m propria tttthtn cafe, 
peribna Aia Tcnitet dicit, quid ipfc pkcitum fuum pr«di<awn olienus profc- 
qui non vult , fed ab indc omnino fc retraxit, &c. jRnO tberofoje a Rettaxit 

cannot be acknotBteogeobp an jatto»n^P» . ^\. 

. ' 10 Sbsrs 


!^i Hie Rcafoti (ot ^sdax.^^\ 

<ete.n».^tr. ^o tl^ete fe a blt)ctOt)?bcttofKt a stoetaiatm abMntepotBecaim swicoJabf 
U4. c«»i» pxVumt, a« oiwtet of tl^e lam , ant) a patticnlat yofutt ans aatfio^ttp Aw«>e7- 
^^' l^<)imtM){c||)at6lMttapatttenlatfnteteftauaCov<lioti»cbe<it0otmiec 

of Vg» lano accojBing to tbe toff omi , ma^ fntt»ni»et ^0 CopflialQ lain - 
Ibp)8tt6}n^l»;bittff A.beSCenantfo>life, tlie tetliaiiiDet in tafle, «c. 
9im A. QatI) {Wtoer to mako leabv fo) zi peaceii 1 retni^lns tte ancfent 
Tfent^ <c. 1)0 cannot ntaiti a Itafo bp Utt^t of jSttoJnap b? fi9)ce of bte 
(lotoet i bicanCe be batb bnt a particolac poioet, tobfcl to annereit U bto 
I^Mim : ana fo ft foaa tetolbeo int\» l^p Greniams caft at tbe flStbs 
fn Suffolk, 34 Eliz. ^ Wny ino Anderfon €b(e& ^otitcf, ano 3lat(ce0 

. offlSifef^m 

t». i!b. 9. 7«r. II Hame tbf riM uxi Co int^ttailp annieiceo to tbe petTon of a man* yuieia; 

a. I . cimbe f^ ^^ cannot 00 Qem bp anotber , a0 tbe maiif ng of pontage ann jft* 

^^' alti» : &o ft f 9 boloe.i in tbe 3 3 Ei ^ tit; Trcfpafs 2 5 3. tbat tbe i,o}b map 

beate bta tniBein fn canfe o} toitboat canfe, ahft tbe QiSein flial bave 
no temtop ; bnt if tbe l/0}t comnranQ anotb^t to bi^ite bis Villein , tbe 
1llfleinfbalb3t» an action of iBatterpasainSbiintbatfo beats bim. 

Co. fjij. I J jf (|,j j^ j^5 ttflltaintbe Cattle of biJ ICenant , toben notWug is ^^j^lS^^ * 

bebino , tbe SCenant t%y tbe t et^a ano tetjetence lafHV) belongs to tbe '^'*^' 
Ho^b. flitll not babe an jSction of Trefpafs vi & armis agsitift tbe lo^o > 
bnt if tbe 1Lo:d in tbat cafe coinniano bis ilBaaiff 01 detbant to BttraOt 
bitn , ttJbett notbing is atteat, tbe Cenant (baB bibe an flttion of Tref- 
pafle vi ^ arriiis againt tbe £aiU<& o} Ibecbant, %u % H.4.4. 1 1 H.4.781 
iH.5.5. pH.7.14. 

I'hi.Ni.trc. ( ? ?t founts, tbat before t(e fetatates, ii^fcb ^ant tbat a than map Nd Attoincf 
makean jSltto^n^) fc* tbe SinCicej toonlo not faffer eitbet puintiffe •Howed i>i[ 
o> SDefenoant, S^emanoant 0} SCenant to make attojttcp ill anp fnft . 0} ^ ***°>°><' 
in anp Contt, f c, becatire tbe bM^os 1^ tbe QKlit commanb tbe srefen* *'* 
bant to appeac , fnbicb ongbt albiapes to be nnbetfloot in f ^pec per* 
ton ; an» at tbfs oap alto a mans teall (itit at a ^m-> o) l^b^ritrs tnrne> 
cantiot be bone bp iSttompj ttit onftbt alfBapi to be H ijiw^zc ^KtUa^ti 
^jbibeit befd}e tbofo jbtatntes tbe King bp bispmogatitemfj^ 
t)abe grante» to a man to make an ^Eltto^nep in extp ution 0} fntt , as 
ttetttotbeSenantoilDefenbant) as u tbetDemanoant o} fblaintiiri 
anb migbt babe bitetf^ bto to)it< 0) letters to t)e inltices fb) tbat pnc* 

FiN. B.if .4. 14 3t tbe Stienani fo) tixmi or Kte hi f nipleabeb fn a pnr^ipe quod No tece^fic 
reddat) be in ceterfion map p^ap to be teceibeo to oefenb bis ti jbt in be* t>y attwde^ 
fault of tbe Cenant, 0} npon btofaint pieabingj ; but in tbis cafe be can* 
not puip bp bis j3tto}nepto be teceibeo toitboat a VK^it out of tbe j 

Cbanterp bf renteb to tbe fnSices fo) tbat pntpote , npon fame canfe at* 
leabget in fbefAfbOl^it.fc* — - -i 

I i F. 4. > 4 ^ li ^ man camtot eircnfe biinfelft of a contempt ( a« of not Cnbfng Aufwer ari 
tmh u.' m sings p^eCTe , of refcning a fH^ifonet ftont tbe ft^ffe 0} otbtr contenpt fH 
i^mttn tn tbe like ) bp Stto^nep) bnt be ongbt to appeare tbetenpon ia ><x^'> 
pjcperpcrfon.fc* \ 

To ! <. <{i,^ *^ ^^* "^^^ *f ^rftal if tbe ^atflialfle cannot be grantebfo) The office o?i 
s;r aJri, ^arff;betanli>itisanOffteeofpteaittaftannejcebtotbep£tfon» icon, ^^fitf^f* 
Xijmu »r«. cctns t^ aonti.ifSration of 3h|ftice, ano tbe life of tbe l^aio. fobfcb is to 9^^"°*^ 
kfltpfiicba^areinerecntion infalva&araacuUodia, to tbeeno tbep 
m^p tbe foor: et pf p tbeit oebts ; ;Elno tbis trntt is itibibiotial ano petto* 
ii<^l,ano tberefo^e cannot be transftcreo to •recnto^s o} iSDatiniftca* 
to)8 ; for tbe l^ato loiB not cotiftoein perfons nnknolm > fe> tbe o}« 
oering of l)^atters> tobfcb toncetn tbeabminlSration of Sntice, «c. 
4 J.' 6/ 

»7 3* 

R<£rfx.'4'f» ^ the Common L^wr i^j 

«r,»p ter, S^otUr, «♦ to^ i^^o , o» ioben tbe SCMant to boano i^p ^0 te. f^ '•** ''•'^ 

JJSJed, ""*^> "^V convivandum Dominum Ivum & familiam fuam femcl in anno, '****"'*' 
^^ 0) ad xquicandutn cum Domino fuo> in Com. N, fompcibus fuis propriis ( » i - 

de loE. 3. t?. in John dcBromptons cafe ) bpalfisnatfOlt of parcel Qfti)« > 

taiiD, t^tiRDfcefbaDnotteappo^ttoneft o) multfplpeDi becaofe fuel; 

UtWfB ntt perfonaUmt dte to be peif onaBp perfo^meo b|» ong man witi 
«. «^ ''^ ^ ^tobeitimtcbafe of parcel bp tbe low (bag ertin^aiOi tbcm* 
i'^*^* 1 8 iiCb« o«Ke flf i^ flf jet Wtinof be eKtetneo upon a Statute , o> Elc over 7 h. 
f** git, albeft ft to a iftattlitenenwnt» fo> lDb(cb an ^SitUiB ipttb ; becaqfett *» ^- « «* 

is an offto of ttatt atto perfonalf 
*wj ton»» '9 «n tuttoa npontbe CatB toaubjonsbtip tiro , fo> tbat fbe fce. Dyer „. „i. 

»""' •"*" fntbant CaBrO tbem two falfe Knaves and 1 hicvcs ; ^txt , tbc atff on traf »« H. a. 
*^ not tDeB b3oti0bt lopittlp, &> tbot t(e to^oirg none to tbe one,tDas not tbe 

tojong oone to tbe otbn ; ana tb6refo;e tbc; oasbt to bate teberea ia 

aiKonSf 80 in cafe of fblte f mp^tfonmettt. 
tiK» «• >o ^tie t«>ton tpbp a tbing in fi(tip» cannot bottaiiiferreQ o» gcant* Drert«.a i«<« 
liaoooc eo ober to anotber^fs, tnanlie it^is foann^co to tbe petfon , tbat it can< xs H.8.& >t^. 
k nufa' not be ftottea ftom bf m, no} bp ^np nteanes pjofectitio bnt in bi« name, *' " ^^^ 
»i a0anfl)bligation , (fctatnte, tUcognijance, o}tboRlte:&oif aman ^^^-^'f 

liatb <fn )SlobolDfon,ano tDbeti ft is b6fo,tbe |Batron eranto proxinum no- '^ ^^ 

ininationem, Prcfcntationem, & Inilitutionem, cdm prim6 & prozim^ vacu- 

erint; 3(ntbtoc8re,'tbetil$}ant(b fljafl not bsbe tbat #;efentation, be* 
' caofie ft to a tbfnc in atfioiulnbfci) tbe ^tcni conlo not ttano&t> bat 
, t^neirt toft be aaVb^iPb<(!^totbe8cS tbat coalttbescanteo* 

4? They cannorbe grantcdor transferred ovcrj as matters of 
pleafure, e^fe, trufjl^ and autt^ority. 

Tokn,inr, X diicencetobnntinitipl^rlte* togo u Cbntcbobetnpgcomib, i»H,, , 
•ipxytu, focooteintenii^botifttoeatanBSJinltetvftbme, cannot bejjranteoo' r^^i*, 

%et t &o <tf a tMp gtanteb C» lif^ obei nip geptttni* Finch 17. 
Mniofi. s fl:bt1P«tont^fo»Ufieofan6iRceofttaS, astobe aCbsmbedain itE.4.i« 
"""^ ortbo^f^eqnetj^qniteor^ boor, fc« cannot be afii0nebobte,nn» 
lef»ttief|peciallpHniitebtebto|^atent>tbatbettiapt jlno tbe realbn, 
tPbp (resMarlp) be cannot aflicne it obet to anotbet^ Uh becantebe ouip 
scant ttto one in tiibom ^ ftins cannot confioe, o) tbat toil be t»0li* 

0nit,fC« Fiiicbjibid. - • 

"^rfdiii. I Cbe i^^erOMpof a f^atbe, frtetDatbOifp, Vailiioicb of ^noban* >> ^u^ 179' 

IDP, «c, fO» UGetannot be sranteo obec , becanfe tbep are oOiceo tbatte* 
. qnfceoltilanDftfligence* Finch, ibid. 

f*"- 4 A. licencetb B. to 00 an «t ; B. cannot erant tbis licence to anott^et* ^* ^i^a^c*. 

Finch, ibid. *^* 

l^*' 5 fA tpatcant of dttoHiep to maoe to one to oelibei (eiSn , be cannot uH. e. ». 
fCflRttbatant|o»ftpo«ectoanotber, Finch, ibid. 

6 fltbfttatoM cannot aSignetbeitpolDiet Obet; 5XnD tbetetb^e tbep Go.i*T.7t.«.i< 
oo^td m8i» (b certain an eno of tbe oiflEetence $ tbat tb^ map leabe ^^^ ^^ 
ttotbinfftobefncl^betetmineoettbetbptbe patties tbemfelbes, tuo* 
tbec0;fio}tbepbein03lnB0e0of tbecatej tbdt Inosement ongbC to be 

' 7 Sbcoflrfceof9artbaloftbe9afAal$ebe{nganofRceoftinC><c* Coi<9.»tf.b.«, 
cmmotbetraiMfecteDtoanotber, bnt oasbt altoapesto begtanteofo) 'S^^*^* 
Mr, anb to be etecnfeb bp none bnt tbe «)ant^ bimiette; flno tbeteCm "^'^ '^' 
« leafir ro> peateo of tbat office to boto, fo^tben ttmapfal intotbe 
taiDsof Cfecnto)0o> AbmlniflcatoMi; anbfnmattetsconcecninatbe 
no w i nilt t a tioii oC^nltice , tbe Eato tirfl not tepoft mUteence in yet* 
fPM nnknoton, u* Vide 44. 16, 

. i 8« 

1^4 The E^cafoa of S\dax.^6^ 

Dyer 7. b. S % jf^i\tliia0X.ttVjMR^}atmm»y ^HfiVdlp^fASlMMiSJt pfttOff FiUzec 

atwpetfdnal. Vide 44:1?. , .'. 

Hob. 1 3. Sir p S»|)etff& in maltiaj; |m tlllttQec«tbetHfe Dot^ imi^peiap gltte Jtifm $i>«xtfe. 
•r)«w utrttn p^iggj tij t^cute all tftc ojjjfttatp offfcee of tfte ^lietlff c IdttTelfe ; tinA 
and s>«MMi. jjjgp ^g ttawfetteo frp IL.nfe, aat^rtrfng of 1? jocdfe, <CKectit(oiui^Q} tibe 

Ifke i ^tDbef t,t^e tiAnoet<fli£tfffe cannot oeaU to a^nt^tt of |l;;di0£iCii, 
betaitfe fn tbat tbe &tietfff( f0 a Huose, no? in a 9(S(3^f aot^cftkliftete 
tbe fi»betWe iscomntanoe^ito jsoto tb place loAftco , Jtecai^rtb^e 
ate places of tt«ff,aitopeTfonal to tj^ejbbotifttjtlfntfelt \ 

Hob U4. 10 2Cbe patWnjBof^n jSppwrtfceto on? mail ratter tban to 9iiot|<;r, A««mkci 

Hfl«rfj>«<. Cftf«m«)t|iatfcufttannotbetwiw(etteoti)<t|jo«t.coiiteitt ofajjac* 

tiesinterefieD. :. . " 

45 They beiflg once fu]Jeridc<J, or difcharged for a tiqie* are 
for ever afifereKtinQ:. . . .,■. ;~^«.a.3. 1 <Wbeteti»eSpefenoantl0bncynrt^jfbrteijip(iAaiieicMiit ano Oncrn«>ec« 
p/^/xmTc. malteeanercape, ff>e!?lafnt«f(tja|nejjecaftfet.|iai)etemwie4i«ataft tio»enifrg»^ 
5 E.<;.Br. Ef- |fitia{jafn> batbngWtotate bis temeble tLt^XvSt fltel^rilfe: iFoo, Aaebtor,» 
capc4j. If a petftt!altb<ngbeonce1iifutpenci?,amjt|iep^aiiy « jmrn «lftbat< ^*«««^- 
C,eoofapertonalt|lnBfo>*tlme,tbrfSia^'Dffcbatgefi()j etec; asiftbe 

Spebt^ makfs t&e $E>^bto| ano auotlet) tobi^ r^cljitiwlbe SDebto}, U^ 
C;:ecnto>0, pet tbe fiebt f0 eirtlmtYo^ em, f c; . 

Dyer 140. Pi- 2 H tbln0.o} atffon petTotialWtn]! onttloQi^iuieii (tboajA^ fi4<n a perfomi 
49. boute )fi«Fthwtain)gonefo»etet) ttben ft iB bp tbeatt anb conen t chTigeeabft 

oftbeiwjctPblmfrlfekjMiioWl^ brf-fp-fa, 

Kent^cbatg^ oj tbe«Je,tPbWb wyiwftwl 0<Uw ».^ afitfnll com' 
mon tlgbt : ^o Wketoffe ff a Feme, jjDBfiffio?, o> imig^ matt j teftb f be 
pattp,ai)p dfte]ttbK?ate)t|tP}ceih^au%tiBc9ntnd«* , ilie srit' fa u* 

tfni^.adfttoralebin i;[ H.7.|»« tt^^^aii gc^ teWbi^)M 
cbarge of I o 1. tnifAt^Wim^X.tAtiAtyWixtxU^^miltm te bteWM 

yoi.mpfe«;tobWftpj^te«lfifiifi|g^^ . 

Dyer fo. J4o.itr4(]n0tobet6ebe(te( opteittr» tiwt boti tte imi»iigb 
petfonarefojetecsfterulfcbatgebtftereof; •^*»»w *"«*■• 

ijEiiz. POlnts,lftbefiIitebe|opneoapon{beb}eacbofonepolot,feMcbfef«micxdDa. 

Bgafnittbe)^Ulritar>iiriofobe»tipQn^i0lien«»,; fllbcftaltbeotbet 

pofnt« of tbetojiQitlon a]re b}olten> pet beflNi nvbevfee tieoblteatini 

Hob lo Fi^ 4 ^{lete tb«e tBete an iDUlg^ an» tfpo lO^fgoM , m JJHrtta* Debr .x^ I 
K,^ wawtbetolfeofoneoftbeflJbKgowbfoerecattlMtSofe^SB^ Debf««A; 
"'"'s'- cutrfr abmlnlftceii -, 3ji Ibto calie t\i aittai of 90^ affiHi^S otbet 

i8M)Hgo)i«(atleatt)(nrpepbe^anotbentbeKaleli^j9fle(fMM«t& i 

onoiveftif«inieo,<«fMetietaft«t«}ftfa<t» vidiinfri 54.3^. .. «J 

Hob. i|i. ^#- 5 UlI a Q^od pcwniitat preflcn^re quandfm dojuiia , ffut bP Itttac MufaoK ' 

««&j»4mf. ncipbpHt,blnBjetta«gbtoftb»ii««boiiftbp«b«i^MW||lHB;W ' 

jifoe aitb becoftf ft appeateb > tbat tiys ^ttma»i bn bnttttiMii 
bonfe upon^tbe olo fonnoatfoh of an bonCe lobftb bab b&n batttitoc8bs» 

fb?e, anabaoiM(npalle&iioletie(becaiifetiitemii»)^oiif,tlattea« ' 

tbett otntier of botb bonfe? : j9nD ftipao tbe opto<o»iof tba Cotfct» ttot 
tbe unftp or poflieaion «£ botfi ibad^ In onp Hum bib fiitemr tSt 
£aremgnt> rp u tbe Sp^fenbant cotdb not be clKitgei iNtb atwuiii£^ 
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tbeboafe«comeaffertoato«(ntofei?etaiiinM. ''"^*'»*'** ""^ 

47 ^fkcy 

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I . . - . 1. . . . . .. 

•47 They dye with the perfoa* 

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IbalL not ^nte an attfoh of Wa^e fo^ tAe tVETaffe none to tge Uf^ or tBe '' ^^' ^' *' 
Stttttttoh no» a IBipi^y ffiaStt of ^n ^of^if tal, ^aatfon, 0% t^e Ule , fo) 
Watte oone f n t^ tfme of t%e P%twteSo% : &o it %e&it fo; pearefli 
ootifmafteanftDpetfh anactfonofOSlaffelpetli notagafnlttdcC^retU' 

fc^ , toj^oj aB[mfcrtfttato>, fo> Watte Done befojettefttfme, It, 

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fbe^cCimiiant cannot imse W titctih ptfn tefpett oftlie pimtv of tbe 
inattets in accompt, ant t^ nirt^xse rettfng (n tfte linotDle&s^ of nie 
pattfestfterennto^anaafonofaccorrptlpetti neit^et agafnft tlitCre^ 
tifto}« oCtl^e jaccomptant, no; at t^t Common Haib toi t^e ($i;etnto;0 
brt)hn,tolpbomtl)ea(comptf0tobemaoe, hut tliat f0 l)olpen bp tfje 
l|btatateotWcft.a. cap. 23. anoftliatl|t&naftempte8<nJ9atUament Rot. Pari. f« 
to 0ff)e an aitfon of accompt agafnttt^e C|cecnLto»0 of a<iDnato{an in ^- ^' '>"• ^'^ 

4^ ,^ .3 9n annnftp <« a pearip. pajtajS^t of a cert am ftrm of money grant. Co.ib.t44.b.3- 

udttR. n to anotliec in fki (9% life n peat^?*, ano c|iats<ne tfte petfbn of tbe 
^^nio? one(? , but ootli not ei|are to tbe 0}ant« ondp ; fol bto befre, 
ano bf0 anQ tbefr <l&^ntdriliafl bate a tij^it.of jannnftp ; bnt if & IHent 
cbtitip^ be scanteb to a man am. bf beitea, be ibail not ^6e a to^it of 
simaftp agaftitt tbe Mteof tBe<!^}atito;, aibet't ^e tiatb aftets. itnlelfe 

_ ttjegtantbefojb'mano^alfefrit '/ ^ 

S 4 3^ a JDIfteffo} make a leatetoj life; t\j^ centafnoet in (k , anb tbo co ib wf b. 

^^ JWlfetf* teleafWft onto £^ tenant fojlffr at bWtfcW,tbfe teleafe (ban ». 
(nttceto bim ftttemafnoec > becaitfe ao to tJfia ano lOme otbec pncpo&s, 
tbep are bnt a0 one !l£lrnRnt to fUht ; !^iBbeft if ti» Wt^ie teleaCe 
aft a(tion0 to tbe a^nsnt (in lifie> aftnc tiie oeatfi «f tire ICenant fio» life> 
be {n tfie remainoer fbiA nok take benefit of tliiff i^eleatt J fo} it ertemuo 
•n^p to t^ ffenant fo}1ife> ^tnbeo tsitt bfi< iffe, 80 it tNU( aQjnos* 
ft to Edw: Altbams cafe, Co. I s.;t 48. >o airo,|i;f;^ JDifli^in make a 
leaCt Co) liiir, ano tlMIW^itft teleaffe ijfl. aiitiou to ^ 
tefb not to liim to tbe iceberffon><|tv ' . ■ . .' 

5 3lna fpjit of de^fiil^tbeyHtltlBb^ Va^ae,neit^ Co.i6.>^f. b. 
tnnt tm Demanbant Ibat i^ fbrttethmittit ; Imt tball Snoe eacb of 4- 
tbem aCbampioii toftgbt fo} tl|en!i ; mcante if etttret t<ie fiDemansant 
tn SCenant fbonlo bettato » no loogement conio be cinen Un tbe lantut 
ano tenemems to i|aeSfon:|lt ie otbetltoife in an appealjfo» bere t1^ 9>e< 
fimDanitbal ftsirt fo» bimfelft, ano^o Uraii tbe |01ainti(r aifo ; becaafe 
tbete, iftbe j^fenoant be llaine,%|^tottfft>atb tbe effeft of i^ia fnit, 
viz.t^beatboftbelDe&.nbant-«t» ^ 

6 Wfm ike scant of anp tbing, tt^ennto attornment te necefldrp, co. ibid, jof, 
I He of 88 of a ^ei0nio»p,Tent jreberaon,Temainoer , %c^ tbe attornment mutt »-a. 

' *^ -be mabe mtvingtbe litM botb of tbrC^antori ano alfo of tbe CDrantde : 
&» if eifbec of t^m ofe before attommient ^e scant is boto : Sim tbe 
reaton bereof i0,fo}^t eberp scant matt take effeit ( ao to tbefab« 
ftance tbeceof ) in tbe lifetime botb of tl^e Grantor, ano of tbe <^ntte 
lQbecea0 ( int||f«caft') if tbe Grantor oietb before attornment, tbe 
IiB^piforp,rent,cebetlhm, temainoec,. %t^ oeftenoo to bio beite , ano 
ttietefore after bfoHteceafo tbe attornment comeiib f» late;foiiketDi(ie 
fftbe<l?rantceof0tlr1ie(oreattomttmtt, an attornment to t^itetteift 
boio, for notbtos oeCcenoeo to bim ; ano if 1^ fbotdo take , tie iboalo 09 
ft M a pnrclMiror, tebecea^, heires toete atoeo bnt aa lams of Ifmitati* 
OH of tlie eltate) ano not to take tt» pnrcbaCore; t c« 

i^tf The Reifin ot o '^ SM^ax^A^ 

Co.ia>.>.3(.a. 7 3|f fiiii8tifi»»eiDBtotifioetatfdnbat0alii.(iel,«ino(iem{fearet>etC^ Eicaioo. 
Sir Rtwund qh of laiiBto t|ie nte of i;nottiR fo^f^rnr, lun 41|(. 0}aiita» o; Ceftuy 
Hnrvgrds ^^^ „(•( q{j^ |^;( attoMtneitt 0} eitiolmetii , tie gtant f0 in ti^ia cafe 
^^^ tjolQ 01 000 at tlie dettion ofCeftuy que uTe, i»(ft^ If taUnat t^Com* 

tnon l^atDbp lua); of gtant , buaofe t||fin tlisxt fxamta afta^mmnt* 
bitt60Q,b?tDai;of1B8csafnaiii>fra]e acmntna to fta l^tatntew^ 
teff, (17 H. 8. cap. 10.) ano tecaote tl^ (fttatnte of 27 H. 9. cap. i^. ( oC 
c^tolmenta ) eptenortli not onto ft > fo^ t^t no effateitf jf ranUena* 
ment p illetb> but ondF an eftate fo) pjtavea } Sim notfottl^ftaniiins tbe 
wat^of^<?}anto},ani»Ce(hiyqQeure (aftiietoitao^boUi) tlie Cca* 'i 

cato70 0; jSlQUilnftttatoia of Ccftuy que uie bate noloec (aatMiaii Cc^ - ' 
ftuy que ufe bfmMte) to cbooCfo bp tob&b fDB? tbe^.tbrn claimed. Ititietbet 
bp t»ap of scant at tbe Common ILafn, 0) bp tM| of ]&iigaia ano d^ 
acco>9(ff0totbieUfDlbtatateof tflUiMibecaareCeaayqueufe baoimine* ' 

olatelp npon tbe gcant a piefent tateceft to b^m, tnb^b be 0) ( to ca(iR||e 
bebao oteD )W €tt«xtxnB beGne eletfion mfgbt bate m^rm oteci 
; ano fb) tbat be (la(m0 one ano tbe fame tbing bp ttoo Cetejcal toapeoi f( 
being (n bf s 0} bf« <Cmato}0 poioetto cbetfe ti%Ub of tbem tbep vleaCe; 
3t ta otliettD((ie,ii^e tbe deaiortWtolcboCO one of ttoo liberal tbtnsfi* 
hv one ano tbe bime tnap o) tftle ;^1lr'^beti notbf ng paXktiiU&»t\f^t 
on 1 ano tbat eletffon mntt be maoe oaUPS tbe life oC tbe pwtka \ jSUa 
tbetefoie <f 3bate tbl^ bo^Cestano | site anto4poa oneof mp bo^G^ in 
nii cafe tbe elettlon oaflbt to be maoe in^lOt of tbepartlea : foi Inaa . 
mncb a0 none of tbe 1ioiSt$ ia giteii In ce^aln . tie cecuintf ( ano 
tberetOie tbe piopettp ) commenietbli? eUtfl^ : jtoo toltb tbif asitiM 
Suilocks cafe In tbe 10 of EUz.-38i^fl;^JBifbop oj^ ISar^m baMng a gteat 
iRSooo of xoqo acte« ( (alA. Bercwood ) en&pf^ anotbec oCan bo^ 
ano Of 1 7 a(te0 patciil of tbeCafotooo ^^iuio ma^ftet? In.tbebotiMi 
bete, notbing paflietb of tbe bioiivbefo^.fleafni) 4^ tbecefOia b6 be<ce 
eon!onotmak»eietflort,|c.^...^^ ... , • %\ 
Co 1.8.1^9. t.T. 9 srtbe JCifti^^te Cevtlp^j ano Ole iitmeft be cecelteo* tb» CenifiettcQi 
•m^c:Tr»K>ts cettfScatef0tDait|i^0jy^tog,)luttbe9i)uel(o».oit «Bia>o^ 

co.iiV9.S7.a. 9 ZnMionttWOiV^ti^fisiiiM contttut fo> w«i;a«£ 

4. pinftMt tbe eating ano oifniiing ottbiCeSato; >*Co]k tbnjiiaion oletb l»^ bfnir ^** 
^^^ becantelntbat cafe, tbe <l»citto^,dy^ Eseam*. 

HatoimtsbtbAtieBoike; (0)|ial neiiec .|k^ an attlonagafoft 
ei^tntow.tobeietbeSlellatoiniiii^'fnbfe Ufa if me late fpaseoH* 
l«aio,becaofe tbep cannot bate t|e.bentf tof lUm^fKisec, aa |e mlgbt 
bate bao, «t« X 5 £• 4' Vide infri I A» .. , 

Co. lib. ii.i. 10 iOf tbe (mUf of tie i^)o DcU vfw, t^te.^ (Gaaiiofatlet) D%nicr m 
pe uti j>t If atbec, ano »onne , tie ^pimmtc 3 H. s. idm (ommoneo to tbe ^^ n 
lairdnsctfi. ^aiUament bp fSSift , ano aftet tn'i 11. «. ItlpaacnaaeD , t|at t|e tiR* ^* ' 
t|et ftoolo be olfaUeoonclns bff U(i»ftom claiming am; olgnltf , bat 
Inas aftectonco0 bp ^at Eliz. caleo't^ t|e|tacUnnent, ano fate In tie 
^^Ceaaapuifne 110)0, ano oleo, aftec toloCe oeatbtle fotinefiieoin 
9adlamvnt to be uUom to file dace of Ha <]S)anwEn^ , viz. bi^ielit 
tbe 1^0)0 BerUey anotbe Il0)0 WiUoudiby of £rsby,qno ft toaa ipianteo 
bim i iFoi tiete toas a oitetStp taken oetWrt a oKifibaftp pecfonat am 
tempo^ait » ano aoilkblUtp ablUate aqo perpetiial t !it If a matt beat* 
tainteo of SCteatOn o> iFelonp > tbto I0 abfOlnte am fieipetnal olCablH* 
tpb^coicoptlonofJI^laO) anoMbanceanp ofltopolmftptoclalme 
anp leteoltament in JF^'SmpIe a« leftienmol^ ik)toan|» otifc )3Ut«- 
cefto) patamonnt |im t IBot telen a man I0 on^^olfobUo bp fMrlla* 
ment ( tDftbont mg attdlnoec ) to claime atq bl|^'fo» I1I0 life , tbia 
faapectonalottabllftrfblblellftonitp, ano W If fee aftec Haoeatti 
map claim a» belce to Urn o) to onp of Ha ;ariice«b»aabote|lm> fc» 


Max, 48; 

48; the Gcmmdti Lriw, ~ 157 

ttfbm9 to m plate In parliament oifgfit^l? fol6ns<ns t« tifi^il^a< 

mn^ • 

Mkf B»- 1 r **l*rt a leafe Hmnt to t^rl^ttoir ahw Ignite ft» tltme of Kfe t^w.8, {^, u 
ta, ot^are£;t1^ejFemellNllnotllei)nnfiletifo?iDaft^,cm 

15atoir«tettbe*3lco!W8cat!j» M. 74E.?. 
bxiT. f X IR&tiett a eo}pO}at fititt o} oaitiatpe fe tumete a tttam ae to beat <» h^ <. !«> 

JWnijfc. fftieo;f^l^3tt?beatent)l^t|)e4(t(onfscime» Finch 17. 
GMoiiiiiqr !}• fDS|el.ef(o7toinntattt9topaFitaft*tent0Otit(it{$ tlje tenne, aim i, xKM.m4* 
I*- Bfet^ J W» <tretiito»« dial not pap t^ i (oj ft tt 9 fetfonal cotjenanf '^*** '7* 

toliicQ wet^xoftl^tlte jpeinni* 

nkipinft 14 3|n oebt agatnff <C|«ciito^8 , Iq^o pleao fafl^ aomMffreQ , ano i^^t?- * **< 

P"*"" t*»l?5S«^»««Woetj«etot!)e3inip«ft,tljatt^tWB pa(qo<t)eMOtbt0ai>« **'"* '* 

i onconttattfl msQebf ^2CeSato;,ni^a9t^8 toft toas npon an ob< 

Iffstfon, tB^enpon t^ ^lafntitf Benracreo t 0no ft fsmeotot^ 

llaftices tDatttiere toaff no canft tooelapKf becanCet^ep toetenot 

comfvBable to pap facb oebto, (b^ tbat t^ep oie toftb t|)e pecfon, aito tire 

l^laintfff ban )aD0emeM<l«b6||is teftatoris. 

ajMrnts. I ^ %i^z i^iftai ctfistmnti HHt^ V^ l.efUe to pap ano beare an qntt« Dyer n 4^.<» 
rents, «c. net namf ne ^8 C^Kecnto^B o^ SLfUzmtt : |f tbe HeOii^t tiZj b(8 *> * ^- ^ 
€reMto}« ate not be(imK Acce^ehts to m opfnien of oftere %taitt8» 
cmuoiiiii- ' x4#flierefeeaieRantlb»l((l^femiHfni»t<»fdl»,aniiCenantro;Ute i>y"»t7>i}' 
pMaiuiex. wmtrefoi If pi8lte8ieiifiMe,leinteiiiaMiiet entete, ano tbe tetmo) ^"''' 
>^ tofn|S« <e«etuintitsa(«flt^ ^iuaitihail tbe %.e(li9 npon m l^mitz 
enelp, 1i|it(bt< but an fMtflpee cobenant ; ans ft IM0 a«f oosee ft teonlo 
net Uti '4dbefttbe leaTetoere bp 3in»enta«e , wilei^ ft ban b*n b^olten 
H f It tbe Iffe of tbe sC^tftam , ft fe otbettof fii aKe of an eirpjefCe cotienant t 
• tfiitan^nqripeicebemiMtfftpetlbMHl^ane bfeefBffb bfm. VideStat. )a 
,: ;U.8.ii|; Kote,tb«tfrtli*Wf(« en<tbetetmo> ortbefatbetycobenant 
Ueea$^it*iKmttpoiit|ebemifitfo)tbep»foftp« Vide Max. 55. 
i«Ket6re. 1 7 AiMm Mary Qtantftoonelfcentetoteft tfffnee bp tetafle t»ft( Dyer i,o.iif 
tstmo. a non bbftame, tbe ft^iMtl Of 7 6. <$. 9. ano ootb Kot Ifoift botv long, bat <<* ^^^ 
tberei^i commanwiieiii: in tbe9*tent totbe iMtfcete topecmftb^m 
toQeftbnrfiisbfirlfft t jitib ft teae b^o bp Dyer am» Sanders , tbat ft 
im§ AiMnte betw-fftae'ito onelp, Mtn Wt tbe ptenAtteBeteraif neo bp tbe 
boatbof t^e tilin<en)t^ commanbtneittieatea aUb bp iier beatb» 

MnoTdie *^ Whitacrcs b^ilfgs tfn aitfon Of &>ebt agafnt tbe t^OtO^g of t^ Dyer 3ai. tf/ 

htt, Warden of tbe Fket iipon ail fCcape in tbellEeoft^Cetato;, anoft irEio^. 
iDaeaolnDscofttDealbiietlff; betanfe tbe ocenceteae bnt tre^paSe, 
ttbfeb ofeb nrftbtbe petiDto ; jRne bptbe Common l^ato oebt efe not lie 
aflafnft tbe WardeHibilt an anfon ttpon tbe Catrt nntfl tbe ^tatoteof 
i R. 1. 1 >. ii»bfcb fiibNiiebt agaf nil tbe Warden , bat fpeake neftbet of 
^fteo9<ftie(nl*»t'3l<iM^tDf(i^t»^i;et(ierec«t)etpfs fn tbe Iff^ 
eftJeWardcn. /^ 

4S Tt^g» 4o ^iv€ 4iverfly accwdii^ to the diverfity of the 
time. ' 

hehife bT ' *^ 5?atffbfOtter»i 0> Inbabftantd, 0% probi homines xlc Dale , oi Co, Inft. paw 
Uikkaatt tbe Cbnccb«tDatpeneiaTe net capable to porcbafe lame (bnt fooee i«3<«.>. 

tbep are ) nnlefte ft toece in ancient tinie, tpben gcante toete alebMb to 


Oaottocom- i 0nancfentgtantbpfbei,o»MtotbeCommonet8fnrncbalaaSe, CaIU^ 
*««*• tbat a fmip leaoing to flieft Common iboolb not be ftraftneD,lDae 0OO& ; 

but ot^tuffeit fe of (iic%a stant atttrfe oap s jiliio (ii in ancient timea 


1^8 TheR^afoaof iSMax,4^/ 

eXSnt tttane to a JLOIft, & bomtnibus fuis tim liberis quim oativis , ■•} fl^ 
like, inaa 0ooft « tat t|ies ate not a( capacity to i^'u|)«(^ b? tat% a name 
-at t^ Dap, <c. 

C0.L9 i8.a. J. 3 ^1^ an ARctent grant tagenecal, obCcote, tn amUenoaftft fbal a dumriiH 
'u ^l^^ /^ *^^ ^^ "^^ tateip^eteD , as a Ctattet maoe at tMo oa; ; bat it fbal be ttiftmi, « 
£^7^ conSroeO) aa t^ l/at» toad taken at tbe time, toben facb andent Cbac< (he Law m 
mu<. *«t ftwe maoe > anb -aao^bins to tbe ancteit aUotoance upon mo;o» ^f «*» 

Videibid. many authorities in the point. Vide lupii,.2j;. 23. .,•"«. 

Co. loft, fan 4 3t tbe WOnO} site lanbOfnlibaummaritagiuni, terettrfngatent) Fnifauttri- 

I. »i. b. 3 . t^{0^ tefetbation (baft talte no elEetf tfll tbe Conrtb begt^ be paft, bat bCk ag^the fifth 
tec tbatffme tbe tent Hial be paio acco^bfns to tbe teCnbatlom LittL <><?«• 

Se^. i^.FinchiS. ■ > . . ; ' 

Co.ib.i47.b.i. 5 Ufa man etant a tent ont o( jBlacifacte to one anb to bto Wwh Renfrcinf 
ano gcatit to bini> tbat b» map btiltaiii to) UtiM ia tbe fame acte Cn term anJ fixk. 
of bi0Ufe,tbtoi0atentcbat0ef6>btolt&> ano atcnt(iwkalterlHtii0, 

Direrfis temparibus. Co. U 7. 24. b. 3 . Buts cafe. I 

Co.ib.i7i.a. .^ JudicisofHciumeft, utresitatemporareiuRi • • ^ 

f* Q^rere^qustiito tempore Cutuseris. ' 

Co,ib.i,8.a.4. 7 fll gift to JFtankmattfaBe bia« beei» tbe ^tetnte of Weft«. ,. t r^^,,^ 
$ ^ fimple, ano Sttce t||at Matnte> a |F^*ta<le ; 9o a« (t <• ttoe , tbat age out of nie. 
tbe eif (0 DO tonttone ( a0 Littleton (attb> Sea.-A7i . ) imtmt fbeeCatnr ; 
fo) tbe eftate fo cbanjEteo > a0 appeaieo <n tbe Cm» i9ntb0), Cap. Fee« 

taile : 0nO all^t Litdeton Uit^ ( Sed. 271. ) tbat (1Kb 0^0-^b«bO hkn 

altoapetf Once nffcoaiocontinncb; pet mtP tb^ ate almofttstolmi ont 
ofnte, ano fetbe note pitocfpalpeo»#at*ca(iM) ano<|aeftfon0telafH> 
tbattbetenpon toete fDonttottfie» 
Co. i.f .TT9. 8 aasben an obligation toas once « beea,. ano attec bedne «4ioir »«• a hsi 
Zu^..V"^' b9oagbtbecomeeneoeeD,eitbetbpta(cite,abOitfon,o»otbetaltetation, whaaaLd 
0} bp b»a&injs tbe Cnde* fc; 3ti !HN0 cafe, idtboagb it toece once a 060, was, and kao 
pet tbe 9>efenoant nmp fafelp 1^^ Non eft glaum : (o^fnitboat qnefti* dec4. 

on, at tbe time of ^ pleavlONcb <o to tbe pie&nt tenfiB > it fiM0 not bis 
0^0. 3 6 H. 8. Dyer 5p. in an aaton of JBDebt upon an oUigRtionagainC 
Hawood , tbe JEDefenoant pleaoe ^n eft fkaum, anobedtie tbeoapof 
appatanceoCtboHminell, tbe 9ice bao eat^ tbe %'abel,nntobi|^ 
Qe feale foaa Ht^y iq» tbe n^igfnce of tbe Clerks to foboCe cnltooetit 
N tDa»;|^e,tbe3liifti(e0cbaq;eotbe SntoM) tbatif tbepfOnnotbe . . 

oeeo to be o«o of tbe S^efenoant at tbe time of tbe 1^ pUaoeo , tbep 
ibonlo tben gibe a fpecial Mtoiit^ttbicb tbep oil acca;oinglp» • 
Co.Uif.a.i. 9 3fA.s;enantfo}l{(ie,anoB.totemaiiniei;tof(e,|opne inaleaCe Leafe uui j 
T«;»wcafe. toC, ammeoiatelpaftectbeoelibetpoftbeo^oitifttbe leafeofA-bn* «>nfim«i«>i. | 
tingbielifi^, anotbeconfttmationefB.ano a^tbeoea^of A. it ie 
tbe leate of B. ano tbe conllcmation of A. acco^oinffto tbe opinfonof Dy- 
er ano Brown, Mich. 6, & 7 Eliz. fol. 2 34, 235. 
C0.1. (.1%, I o 3f a nuin mactp an 3nbetittiK of lanoe boloen of tbe King in Ca- a <iat«bter in 
jmbrtfia Gtr- pite , ano b^tb iffne bp b« a iDangbtet, ano aftettontoa tbe JFeme ote, '^'j! *^ 
It, cafe. tbeaJangbtec««rato,becaaftlbef«i?etbeiteappBtaHtto n^* "^^ 
bee ifatbec ; HBnt if tbe IT atbet take anotbet VBife , ano batb itCne a ^^' 
&on , tben (baft tbe IDangbtet be in tMto to tbe King, becantie tbe ibon 
is note bi^ beite apparent, ano not tbe j^ngbtet x ;8lno no beire appa* 
tent (baft be in fpato Dating tbe life of tbe iFatber* 
Co. 1.7 i^a. II jC!|etimeof tbebiftbofamano^foomanio cbieilptobeconaoe* ;4MMMti ^ 
reo to make tbem a f»nbje(t boine, o} not* ano io (aa it toete) of tbe ef« t«a->i«*». 
fence of a dnb^ett bow t iFo^ a man cannot be a iiabiea to tbe Hing of 
Englan',nniefCeattbetimeofbia bictb beiiM»anoet tbeligeanceano 
obeoft^nce of tbelting of Enghod, albeittbe Hinfioome of tbe King nnoet 

Calvtm cafe. 

f^ax.4pi' the 'Gpiiimoti Lrw, t^^ 

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4ff J^f^f^ '^ imfsre , fmm r/ jure. Vide Max. 62, pl. 
10. 19. 

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fo(0tltleaft» Inter Unwel and Lodge, temps Eliz. ' > 

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tbeelBetfbnbpnopofKbftttp^miloconbeptbetftleoCtbelano tobfrnCeir 
♦ bp meanee of tbe ponngetitfntfn tbe fame cade ».<( tbe eUwt ton Dfe 
leftbontilltoofbff boDfe, tben tbe tnartamp H lineal to tbeifbieeof 
tbeboBpoftbeponngect jdna te tbe btartantp tbat teas colatecal t» 
feme pectMie , map become lineal to otbeca : %m tbettfoje « Cenant 
intaflebatbiflKtbseefNM) anDbft^ontinnetbetailefnfbe, anotbefb* 
conDtMitele8fetbbpbi« woto tbe IDit^ontinnee iBftb toatcantp , fc« 
, anb after tbe fl^enant in tafle Die. ano tbe CeconQ fon irietoftbontfffoe. 
tbif f» celatetal toactantp to tbe etoett fonne ; bat in cafe tbe elpeC fon 
• tie alfb tsftbont fflne, ft becemee a lineal tDattantp to tbe poanjieft, i c, 
S^- 1 1 9n d<t of #acliament o) tbe Common l^ato map mabean eitate Lfcti. $. yoc 
ife , bofb M to one petfon , ano gas as to anotbec perfen ; fn ev ampu , if €<».i.i.«r.h.i. 
' JF* ^^ lanos be eiten to tbe »at«n ans iFeme, ano to tbe beit» oC tbeit tS» bot C*fk»» «»»* 
Bfei> anotbe9aconiebpa8net9ftbp)ociamatfombainbatbii<te,am» 
Ble; tbiefbiebpfewe of tbefiMatnteof 3«H.8.<»p.j6. wal battbe ilte 
fntafle, bntitftalnotbinbtbe^eiiR> fb tbatin TefgnteC entitiia 

|P 1 0009 

1^4 The Reaibn of ^Adax^'^u 

S«» bnre, am iitrefj^ctt (fanot^ ft it w totn : f»o tttt fn a pnccipe, 
if Ode te tonclieD ; Hit tliat cafe, listing resaro t»ttc tDimaioant, tlie 
«oocfiee to Ceaaiit, ani)atetta(ietol^«fTanit^r)BDfmBnHii«togsaiL 
lMtt|iatringfe88tBt«affTatiger,||f tonotCenant. tam ttttufoie a te* 
leat» to |im ft om a Sraneet to not fiooo : HtltelPttit , tf one bo yoffeft of 
a tetme fo) ptat0 as Cietcnto}, ano ftirt enwc H ; lieu, at to one t efpeie 
r i,x , t!jet«nretontti«tf,anfca«toattottettefperttttoaiiti,«c» 
rnG;5£**' ^»* afaftwwUijMijwwmeteniautojwaiai^ 
cafe. trto , at to tlie Ctcoito} ftp tie enweHfe p»)««en of tdt fttatiite of 15 co«,cya«t 

Hiz. cap. $. knt ae to al o^iet yeffona it taaw 0000. 
C0.ub.678b. I? A;«nB.ate|oimtenantte»»li(e,ant»|uO0eniettti0 giften fo)C. AAupv/m 
The Lord of agaiitHA. inan a(tfonofE>ebt, A.nlea(kt|»teaittCi9eeKecatioK;tece> *^ ^^''^ 
.<*«r{«*«M»x aitert B. id nolo in bp tJje JLObm, ano not bp A. ano tbe eSate of A. aoto '*»>"*«««• 
^'■..i aftftt«n0et0,totctccniinco,petiittoCtP(ifli8t|tbeti»)smettt(lDbete' 
bptbemoitpof A.tM0 cbatgeo Mtbtbe emotion) tbe ettate of A. 
(ontinstbelifeof A. ) batlcontinaame: JButtacafe A. )ielieU}eei«« 
ecntion, B. ibal boto it oiftfwteeD, ic. 
Co. ibid. 7,...^ 14 3irtbeTeket1»o|opntenantf in (ite, ano tbe one scante a flenf* joTDteiiai.c 
(batjBe ia fk , ano aftec ttleafetb to tbe otbec ; 3in tbto care> alkeit to Kwchugu 
torn intent be, to tebom tbe releafe a maoe , io At bp tbe f tit IFeoto^ 

sno no oest^ to maoe bettDin tbem, pit So to tbe <!))8ntd( of tbe IRtnt* 
cbatfie , be to in ttnoet tbe jjopntenart tbat reteafetb , ano bo tbat fne < 
t)ibet!r fiaH not iboio it aftet t|e oeceate of bim tbat releafetb. Vide 

Co.ib;d. 1$ A.4inB.acrlMt*i«ntf fo^lilr, tIetetetfontoC. jnooent^nt '^^^- 

It gtfcen againft A. in an aoion of iDebt, A. releAfetl to 3. B. lieo , C. 

tmUBiPit, attobim tbatbatb tbe moeement, tbe ef ate of A. (t^ 

long ao A. l(t)etb)batb continuance. . . 

Co. ibid. 16 3f tb»«3Tonb<inf leifeo rf a Sftciht n Colninon in tk , teieafe xtoUfce tt 

to tie tano flDeiMnt^tbto tent it eirtintt , ^et baMng regatbtotbe iFeme i>«wer. 

itmtb cominuante ; fo> ii» fbaft be enootneo t|)lttof» See there many 

authorme# uiihe point7i8Bl»CoJ.7.j8. b.?. Lillii^oha cafe, 

co.i.<79.b.4. ^ »7^3lntgg«war!!B»onof4?.£lit,t|eiti3ittbtopfoTifo, tbttanp Qfcadg»t. 

Sir Edward CietR mtgbt make a Capus uciagatum at tbe^'taC tbelMaintiff aeaiml ^oo* 

■Fbmnsttk., onMattteoiietfoiiti tot|etiteACtocoilipilt|eJi>a(lwbanttoanftB«r,anD "''■ ' 

tbattbe^Ttpftalfiie a Scirefacias, tefejetbepattonte tbatbebalfe 

Oiall beaBotueo ; but t|it it bsbing c^gatototbe Waintiff; 

f^}attotbemin0;iti0«i«bfi»intepatoon}an9gcantof bitflooot, «. Lordamivu. 

totbattbefamntyaiii«baitoWttdoiab«getbeWn«^^ ^Si^ Wo. 

king , but not tomfcbatse bim agaititt tbepactp l»lainti«^^ 0t a tgui« 

im to bicaiuoagainlt lit llO)o,bttt not at to aiKtber; " * **" "^ 
Co.iib.«.4<. '* 3'«*«*^'^**wriooftortotinf*,anbmaiicfeo«menttbeteot »»««'<»• 
inittmgbam <nbafletoiel9itboiitiaiu$1lntbtoca(feif lilerptiretemaoebPtbe1Ba> f**®*"" 
cafe. ftacobimftKis in vecton, anofb tUfeo«nentemttteobP«mlSe, it '^'"^* 

ftaliilanbgoop;bntifliwrpft«emaoebpatto»nep,tbeta!H!tS « 


Cc.iib.8.i4y* ip A. bat| a VMofif, tmo mbicb a Vicarage it apeenoant , fbi cet« o«« ^Ae 
^v,n,ort, ftrtrtpe«retpetinbefrtg,anogtant0tbenertttop6an^twmS^^ «c«"l?.7Tf 
ttB ano after fnttenbett tie »e«o?p to bim in wberffonjjntbtoSS •^. 
albeit at to aft ftranjert , tbe eilate of tbeStetfon? ti oetetmin^ bp tbe 
^i;,^%Vttn0tomiBmtit,tmmtt awiortice oftbe WcLiJ 
ttbatbcontinnance> ano if tbe aboioancebappentoitbinfbe tetme tbe 

fSlSK?"*??*L'^*^?"'**^'*««^* of tbe«wint*, tbe termebati wgrtotrf* 
. (ontinnance ^albeit m retvcritaie it to betfrmined^ ««• 

«o 3(« 

top. 5^. the Common Law, i^f 

*9 fii )St»fMe, ft h not'iwceltotf to ftetoto t|ji |ftla(ttt{(f by co.i. j.zjb. 
toftattttle focli a ^raiwWte lada^mea; butti*«ia ^o W^rrwito tg '• J"!^*** 
bwortt »? tile Hftiir , eftc Hojtt of tbe Ifbetti^ oaoW to f^clp bts SS'^ 

title.. MerctlU. 

it 3lfiLan90beDenifreo tooPefeHtf0) cxccptisquercubus, uln>t<,& c«.i.iiro.* 

fraxinis adhunc crefcend : ultra crefeciuiara ai anraon»ir,&c. E^elLdfoj »KwbW 

mapfellt^e great fffmbet fo e]«epte»> an&tf>e»(S<^ionc)«ns^ as to ^#«'^«^' 
He^effce t^e 3Eree« ate utoiwit ftom t^ ftahlttenement ^ W- as to all 
ot^etf tbep ate psre^I of t^ Mittitamt of tbe l^effs^^ 
'ttm of 23 3|f 9renant.fn9CaflfellstbcSt,ee«toaitot^er;tl^fsa<t^t)att4 Ccibii, 
'^ f»t9e tmtbee. an^ 9(0 f^mnto^s <|^llMtt)etbem> am Ai (at^ oite 
! (fiAtohe juris) tljep ate flet^eten fcom tl^e latiQ; but if Senant In 

SDafl Me before numitt^onanttt aatotfftiSatlnKnh ttep are parcel 
If bis jlnberttance, ano flball 00 trif^ it neftbet map tb< menoee tben 
taltetbem;ain) p^t as to tbe scenant infC^U bfinliilf,tbep tcete Cei^ereo 
. • - fo^atfme. 

Xmw, i^ B unm maltesa IL^eafe of a ,j^anito» , enept an :9cre tbis Sere Is t !i.p.m. to** 
f^'^' no part of tbe ^nwt , as to tbie ttSoi , but as to bitn, tbat batb tf sJK F>Mfc. 1 8. 
"f" «"• to oedianb tbe ^ aimoj bp an cygnie title » ft remaf netb parcel, ano tberc» • 
foH be fliaU make no fo^ep^lte tbereof In b^ tpa }ft» 

51 Relation is of great force ia Law, 

'■^ .*?^ I 3E( a man maite a Ir^fe fo> life to one > tbe remaimiet to W €xt* Co.inftit.jiar* 
|}2»»**5 ento^s fo> st peats, tbe term fo> pears ftallbeft In Wm; f^ eben as «*4-b«w* 
I*"'2|r 5lncellowanDbeliE»««eConelatira,a8tolnberftanc«: (asifaneftate J ''•'*•'• 
^ ' fd> lifie bemaw to A. tbe remaftnet (0 B. m tall > tbe rematnBec to tbe 

«i8btbeiresof A.tbeiFfftwffetbltiA. asffftbaobdrn llmlteo toblW' 
miD blstMtM)eben fo are tbe iCeftatoMttiB tbe <t]cecato>0 Corielauva,«0 
t0am>Cbattelj flnbtberetinetf a Hea&fo^UfebemaoetotbeSPetato) 
tbe fCemalnoer to bl^^Wfito^s fo} vears> tbe Cbattel fliaU belt in 
tbe HettA blnliAf ; as loel as If ftb«o b^n Umftea to bim anb bis ^pe* 


"««»• t A. €n(te0M B. upon Conbftfon , tbatB. iball make an ettate fn ca ui^ttr 
^ ir nrnk^matrlaoeto C. tsttb one fucb as Is tbe oansbtet of tbe iFeoffoi; b.^ 
3ln tbis Caffc> B. cannot make an eSate fn ^rank'marrfase ; becsnCe 
tbeeftatemtiltmobefromtbe#eoffd(7 aao ttiere Is not oetinlict tbe 
^edfte aflb tbeBl^anfbtet of tbe^Feoffor tbe ndtr xelatlon of ^loob> 
Wbfcbfstei|nlteBbettDl0 tbe9>ono> anb tbe UmWonk in if rank* 
matrlBji^ ; fo» beretbe HDanfibtec fs not at aS ot tbe blooo of tbe Sf^d* 
. fit. 

hm&m i fn matters ^ft«te,&bjeftio, ano Proteaio are Iftelatlbes, attb co. 1.7.4 .b-fr 
i<sd>)eftt- fmmeolatelp upon tbeblitb of a fnblett tbat relation be0lns> ro}Il< ^«'«'" »<^- 

'^ tsltb « true (Ubleo, ano \j» olretb ft wft9 bl0 i^otsrelgii bp Uttb't^Sbt^To 
Mlb Is tbe 0eberal8N brand from tbat ter^ time to protect bis Inb jea x 

lin«^KeCb)eft<Stcalp(ialb> tbat Proteaio trahit lubjcaioDcm, &Sub- 

jcAio preceaionem : Ano tbIs Istbe rMfon , tbat llgeance cannot be le* >^ ^^•^^'* 

cd, 9% confnebMtblntbebottn»si(Ef)gUndoneip> fo» tvbereloeber 

tbe fttblett (s > tbere llkelDift is to be fonnb tbe fo^fCalu iftelatlon ; ^ 

JdnBtb^efO^e, Q^abjuracregnum^amittitregnuin^lednonregeia, amiccic 

pacmffl^ non Pacrem patrk : fo) , ttotto H b l gnolng tbe abjutattoi, be 
•toefl)tbe«Un(sbfsll8eance> an^bealforemfllnetbloftbl^ tb^l^fnss 
p»oteitloa:be<aiire tbe lilns(^bepleaSt)mapparaoQano»tto}e bim t» 
bis Cowfttpacafn. , Co.Lf.^o^, 

■vMuaad 4 ^o^ContliittaiKeoflJio^esttpoiibemfftof tbe»a«, tbere Ibsll »• di<cwu- 
haaoai fKbet be RdMnaons) 91 R«iccacfamcnt , bat tObece tbttt toas at flfft o«<K« « i**"^- 
w. Sum- •'*' 

i66 / TheRcafonof ^ox.^^ 

Summons am Attachment; fn tl^e t»ilclatf1)etf>«nD(Hl(||iettotC< 
CoA.tJHM. 5 3lf A.BettretoB. icLpcrannum totepirfovattedp, «|«iHiatB.»Ofee ud 

bMb cafe. ofKcium atD feodum ate Vlelatitie0) am Concomitatfia, atlO fft flitlUtKltie 

tlie Ifte eSate in tue #6, t(Kil <ie dam in tbe Office^ 
c«.!.io.i«4.b. 6 fl[ttl^tiiiie<gtaiitingt|jeT«lc$t|>«p>iiicipal Array waft ftaito; Q»J««i 
».^(^in fo^Talesate lDO}Mof 8iiiiIftnte>ami|Kn»«(eteiice toateCmiUatice, Taics,r«m. 
D<si<iMff cafe fn^j^ {(( fi^it tf 010 00]^ tO be ui eflejans tfftttfm ittlie Ariay be qna0h 
00 , 01 aB tbe 9OI0 cballenseo aim tcieo ont.tio Tales ftall be atDatoes: 
fo) at tbot time tbe[?ipetetiot Q^les^bot in tbat4[^ a netv Venire fa- 
cias man be alMtwo */ #«fDbeitir at tietime of granting tbe Tales tbe 
i)»iitd|Mi panneiDtftftanomnDaftecitf qoaOieD, ae afo}eC8io;pettbe Tales 
ibflaftano;fo}itfciiEicet|h tbattbepfDete^^HalesattbetimeoCgtantins 
tbe Tales ; anO tbi0 apyeaM ia 34 30. 
Co 1 1« 1 1^ 7 ^^ ^^ Damna io talten ia tbe I'afD in ttpo llgni(lcftion0, f be xhmMgaM 
b.4! xakpu- onep>ope«lranogenecallp,tbe otbet relative anBftrick;|nopetlp,ao ifacwtadg. 
foUttik. iObencoit0oCIttitatealtoinclaoebinit,8ec. Bat lobennel^laintffF '<<<<«, 

ftetpeti) tbe iniong wne onto bint to tbe wmage of Cncb a tarn, 
tbifl i« to be taken relative, fa> tbe t»>ons tobicb if paft beCoae tbe fCljit 

blOn$^/nn tbe? ^^ tben to be aflMCen occ^fionis tranigrelHonis prxdi<ftz, 

ano cannot ei^tenoto Coitg oCCnit , la^cb ate Gitnte ano of anotbet na« 

tare, viz. to erpences in l«tO) tubeteflC no certainty can tben be 

Co inft pars * ^^ eftate«tail cannot be bifcontinaeb , bat tobece be, tbat mate nitiJomAi*- 
i^'iijb!i tbe Dff continuance , tnas not once'teiteB bp fo)ceof tbe Sail (etcept it .ace. van 

be bpteafon of Wattantp, &c.) accoioins to tbe !R.aIe in Philofpphie,K»3. it f. 
Co.ibid.}4i. OmnispriTati9przfupponkhabitum;ibib^ cannot oifcontinoetbcteftate, 
b.j. fvbicbbenebetbab, JMtb^ S^Mna9atfoROttcontinae^iFfC« 

Co. ibid.3 i9' ttmple of bie pattona0e,becaa(e tbe intitejano ii^eo'tiebt tbeceoC imu ne« 
a4- bcttnbim* 

9 3lf a IFeoftnent be mane to ttDO,anD libetp la ntaw onelf to one of uttnm m» 

tbem, bttt ftt acco»in0 to tbe oeeb; 3n tbi« cafe, tbe tibeq^OiaU ennce cMuun 

tebotb;becaafet!)e«eeb,tDbrc(nntetbetil)etpcefietmb>i0^n8Betobttb> bodk ' 
, Verba relata hoc maximtSopemntiur per lefcrentiam, ut ioeisifleffeyideii' 

tur.{».>. 10 Wbete flent U tefttben to tepaib out of tbe nanb at Dale upon pbee or ptf. 
In j{fdvetties ^icbadma«oap,|if itbebdlMnb^oQa^afitetitbattbenitlbalbetato* neatoC&eai. 
nfe^ainii ffAfo^bt^ l'iB(I^tote«enttt;antbi8cafe,;ft oasbttobetenoceD atDale a 
"^ comienient time befb;e^n*tet noon tbe laftef^^bapesifo} albeit it 

. be not bp eiV?e(te too^oe , tljiat if die Rent be behind and unpaid at Dale ty 
the fpace of 40 dayes,&c. ftt it IbaUbabe IRoUOion to tbe place llcft 
names , ano Ci0 tbe l^atD Caitb > tbat tbe Hentiball bepaft at Dale tbe 
ialt of tbe 40 bailee, altbonsb it benotto erpMCGes bj? plain tww > Vide. 
131.5. ' . ' -^ 

Dyer 14 ^9. II SCb^ Cetmo»<cobenant0 Us inbentnte to bails an l^onf^ toitbeot Etwucors ^ 
aSHs.per fDo>D«of€tecato}Afbe2Cenneipitee4anbbebto0;3|ntbi0calie,tbeCre> chuenbib 
sbtUey and coto^s Ibal be cbatfieo ; foi tbep ate co*telatibeB toitbbim, tm cepte* withow 
Fox-btrbtrt. fg^^ ^f^ pcxSw^ is ofbetlMtie of tbebeitf anleOebete namett : at is fo a«B«g«^ 
likeloife of an jiDbiitpatfon, becanCe it ia a p)e(ent otiti^. See aUbDyer aa. | 

b.ijp.sSH.S.Percurian-f. . 

' 12 CiM babe a Seem a0<Ctecato>Mnb one Of tbem grants aft tbat Exenmn 

vytr ti.o. ^^^^ ^ j^ ILano;3lntbi0 care,ttie.tDbolel,eaf^ pafietb,becaafieeacb "odnif 

18 H. 8. etec^to^ rep>e(entin0 tbe petfon of tbe ffeftato» , bafb an 3lntite aa* p*'^^ 

tboiitp: ^ofbbeittb^l4itoisotbertDireofotbecBointenant«» 

DverKT '^ A.bp3noentttreintoUeboemifietl^tbe9anno»oCD.toB.anibisiienc 

PU9.4,/. ^^ires in fee farm cenbiing Kent toitb cianCrof biltteQe, «nb npon tinai 

P.M. nonfi"*' 

tby. 1 

taxif}^ the Gomnoa Law^ 1^7 

ta«afbinMa»8tc. «cc»}0<nito l^ftaiMtnfc > iitp«qt«ni«tttiiiii« 

f^ M^ a CMt» 8IC. liiiit^ IFftir tfi««lo te te tie oiiel)» «tiB, tateittfii^ 
MH, «iiBc«iiitt(Mtasrf9CiB> fB t|»fo9iaec3attntect> •mtomne 
ol|ier>«Bil<Mrf o(li9<iiitni0in«ettpMif|iefMiB inamtott iK<»)« 
MnglfkiniDlrttfr t||riNn»tM0alfi» ltMei,va. come eeoquxB-htbuiteii 
<tai<> A^rlrttl mwtea wfua Hy te»>Mii| to t»«gowCnf jf hm,tc; 
aw tWmtetmigntlwwBt •»!<<•» twg»e oi>gt|n Miuti tonnCi 
t|i iffmi^ HlttiMt#t|K Gt}anc3lMciitoce» 

t4 1ICiSlllt^t»Uti(1Mto»tOtlPt Irtetflft^ PUrintW Ol DciM« t>yer i7«.>7j 

wiit;t|f«l««iMiK<PrtC|iniii9i,fnal|^ieiCtl)ati)Bltfta ^^^ 

t^ nKj U^M my iiwtii ynmit .. 

K$ Si^f*mgm%mWe^fMtt ortQeidHiDtft fitting MAncft Dfet»4»>43i 
imti««i^Ml»i»lPRW» (ti8>olMB,i^Stntto»t(iM(>8cnitMm»«(* '^^ 
i^Biie0att<^!LaiiBcoiiip)iIiafti^lLe«& to A. atts cofienatits, tM 
Ipe^o not gone atn»a«t, Imt tdst tbe 0aK0n^ tnapenloj* ftagatall 
ebecpono, aim^iwaUiaiMifnBiriDIUsaifoitQvetCimii t|ie€oi)e« 
ii8iit$i;|lnt|if9ca(i^t^d>bl(0ationf0tiotfo»btt^tb;ttei»o»nK, buc 
dtaclHltieiUiatimi(»t|etoe)Mort||»i4fliBe, m. (kachekdinocdone 
any Aa, jBOiD au iMtitAMtite IM}9«, lii f rt^ jMftit* ttonlB en^ 
80afii#aRiiinf«. . '» ' t - ., 
•'-••. ^ '/■'•** '" - *"•• 


I jMf AdatbdeCfyd^^w »1I^S^«(|mK0 H praecipe quod reddat MaftlH <&|4iJ 
5ohnd(!CiydioW,aiafl(ieW9tt«mr$M^^)ftc«teddatflttiie^ CMUfi 
Wkomt>eyKduasa»^ttcxKaccumpcrtmeodismGtydj^ «i.inD^iMr 

jfcci^itfaydiw»t«»>iloittJ^mttg^ *«B«fe 

fnansffofVR^wtcijQ^^ipa^iii^iAtlotliJ^ attet ^jEotti^ 


i 3Pff wan gcant JlWt in nufneri* dcpwecipend. inC. Scttf Of C«.I.t.ir4. 

1iatmiMt(elort|)0CsiiusN^tDft|»ct8nftfl(tflfoeai(fnt|eC.jB^ b.». svj^ 
JtitWii^t^>Uiit«tAoiKii»4bieoiitoCt)eC.0co«; aimtlese* ^to»c«fe 

to tt^lUde ill Matgetv M<xOnieRiMl)]7E.3. folio. «.QpuMb ctid 
Icmtitaetgoierrfemcfai^tfiaU, pbAd|qi]ie defcehiUt ad verba ^cialia, qoc 
chidiii«g9ietali iiuic coiifi:ncanea } imapcetaada eft casta fecundum vofaa 
Tpeciaiia:. , .''-'' ^ . 

i araniBnctantlitiiC atmgomft^Rt^, tlefetmif Micttate cMua^ 
neftatttb^lf^i Iwt^tfie lubeiMinintcfip^ftitcm, ttPRtflwl^inMte 

4 3H^8inBtl£f1)0l^ailO9tOOIBailOllf0^Q^Sfce0) iMbendamtOl^dn VtO CsiUJ* 

Ibe^dt^ ortfo toqb>^lhiAtPM)rMtan€t8te<t8fl>«iioiio iP* t}^ 
fOt^ }l6»ttK)ubeDiitfm«aaU8Mt|ie0eiietd 1M 

I il Jfemeliat&tMeOfMlKtfnl/ailWfnWeibasheld, (Goafidd, CeJ««.tf4. 
<HDtdttttC6tOt1^ iR l H WClhMW. onmes aftione$,&c* fcAasqueteka, & •.4.&£M«« 
I)ea]^;qQaftninqae nee lion tatamdo<xaifaam,actituliii^ ^ti^'^f^ 

tis fibi contiiffieniJkc. de aliquibntenis' in Wedietsfidd^C. fl|ff If ailf||; 
J iW«ditO(%ei&Otm <n Wethenfidd> mioiiot fn GQ^ld« 

<$ 3^4 JlianiKinffe'^aini fojtM^ sbfigaeimpecinone'vafh, ^ 1^^ 
sttSCiflQii!lwtbtVtnUitt<tt£89<8noniirtnttticinto|^ i>.3.'x«wif 

jtte.ahfque impetitioneTaftiperaKquflJlffeve de y a&oi^ t|et cate^ t|e >*>'<i***«< 
JSktlOROtl^'VtAItt QHt^RliBSlI > anOlQlCf(ef)Op0(tg(llt^fl»fMS>iO 

t^mircC^fttctimfKftteliP^iiiavftftkttew^ 7 iP>» 


The Rcafcn of ^ax)i 

co.i4.8j.a.4 H i^^vdjKtfMltat ateio apiei^eiitcoiitffpntce tiiaebrfcfn»an» ^'il 

Tviats cafe, if^^ , ^ot |» tftftt (f 8 {HttcfKifiet ft» ttiotie; J otfttc talttablB cona&er ^^^^ 

titton; |Fo»attritHrt!je pwandrte of t^ {^tatnte of i JKL j/ittofttott*^^ 

For money or odier gobd confldoation > 8110 U1tttDtfi( fit C^ llOBte : tXtkt' t j ^ fi^. j. 
SiSy Fdr money or other good conAdeiauon ; f^et t||StiS.lDOai0, good.<pnfi-, 
deration , ate to be ametftooo oncft Of tjdnddr cmi1{iH«8ttaii «ii^ Qlig^ 
ap^c9iDelftbpfifiectaii(e,fo||U||C8nc*tn0 fffaiiuVliSt\»i»epBtmt9$w 
feocattoit ; fo} tliete ft is Cafo , Eoc iiooey or other .^od coqfidemioiiipaid 
or given , attD t(rf0 fOd)0, paid, f »tabe t^etteS tOjIBPHpyr «tnkgtR|(Ui^ ffl to 
goodconfideration given >. tBl)iC^fM||ltfe)rciaOe'8ltCMftOec<tfO<f4^<4lWI( 

tate*6CBni), 0} t^ iflite, ano atett be anoctCodo. Of f»tobleeMI|miti< 
on , todicb mas be fifton >im» tb^teimbttbat tnAl»9 tbepiMccbl^ 
tbe lano fO} baluable conSoecatfoit , te.tbe ond?. ytmbaftt loffWi^bafr 
Sttatate^jamtbislaft xlanCtoO^b tiieV ei9oa«9Cbete tPHiD^^ 
good <onfidetation , y mUCoittihbtf c»Mit tbe pwwib^ awi bo«ite<C|bal 

■ r.'- ' ''.-r* 'if"' ',f . ■.'■:;.' - in •', .^^ .. i'. 'i 
54 l^lomaoG^Ka«*ftai9t tojMliblt , -: :. 

Co. Inft. pars ^ ^ iF«««e ©Oatttlan, ifti f»ttm^ anUjH«16«M!t8 beirieVj^pe la Fe«,Dw, 

a. 4. toni;altb)M^)fo^t^sn^''B>tbe<<<toitbeliatD)anonot,^nlK||MU 

Co ib A>b T * ff A.bpDkogftelaiDstoB.tobaDeatw to bolo after tbe oeatb orantinA. 

** ' '" i)(A.t4B.aii9b(s6e^9%ti|)toM|^1]!#9#R4iK(^^^^«^!^^ '""^"^ 
bfmf^lfe a pattfcmat «ft<^ )4[|[n^^oti^ tbe 

Litci « i«t 3 SLtnof tmwA xtmHa^fmVit tf lanM, ^pjils 1oi^ittt|^s.tbe Bai« am 
^ c* ib'i i».a. Cotettnte, b«^e tjbej ^tt^mMt^ift taia,m a miUliam gwy*«K 

D»,aiMtftobh«Celfi^«(* j.'. ', , '" ;.:.;; .-i^ 

Lttth s. i». /:4. ;^ man cannot be luascfri bis f tone cautc .anb t^ercfo^ ffiman Na<ii(R&a 

Co.ib.i4i.a. fm p;tfcitbe> tbat if anp Cattle b^Damagc fcf^n^ upon tbe S^|tt^K0e0,O^ cepterukk. 

bf9 #ahno?, be map tictafnc tbj:iit,ant^l be l^ r^fsSct) fo; fl^^'&iag^ 
atbfs otbntoiU anopleatuEe ;t^t9,ctl1ti)me is t^jpuojiiant to r4tf(||r«;aj|ip 
9iig|( Jtdt to be aVolneo bp' tbe looses : ^oi ^ Malus ufus abolendus eft^ 
quia ^n conluctudimbus non diumrnicas teroporis, {e'd fohditaj^ •''''' 

--....' ;c'onfi%anda. , r . > ' '.. '.,.w .V*. r; ;'.;..■ V -i-^''^^ '■'" 

^iubW 5 i3rftneUbfrtbefo>^tb^lE<»iU»«^?a%fM8,m AFhfcVoa, 

''•'*' '*• ene af tbelBattltfa Iww jwrtpt^ilnei" (fepi^o deb^t <?ffe|5t<x ia 
propria caula; Nemo pote(l clCj^ji^cx, &c.^Jfifix:^.^H.4. C^'^ajp^'P^cgCf 

L!»i- s. 479> <^ Hftberebello^oamiSDenant, ano tbelLo^o releafietlifojBelCe* Eniagmi 
480. < mvt^ j&ef0itlp)p»t||i0 mnli tf tt^eflH? emit^fp Snag of.ejcf u^nfibi ment of- 
co.ib.»io.a. itieaiyifoj, tbe JCeiiaht ttamtHM^ febfttjU.betakea'offWrorrttfo rent, ki 
Lfni c'?/' neHberpetcanoh^anstbe (iame man be botbito^b aim 3C^|rit;$^4 
J41 '* "^' al(oifaiaent<cbatsebescamebontofUnDv8nDtb^(!&»am<e)Qitei^0 

eigfantetbtbecenttotMSCetteW(enant;int)^i[a(a&) tbete;ot i^^ ^'\ 

tind i tn a man cannot babe lano, attb alf6 iseat imins out of tbe i&tme 

iano,neitbecpetcanbe|Mptbeientlobfmblf|fsi)BDbeceiatbe^9i^tipi' . 

. ton of Common of i^affureteleafeb to tb^ SCeiiant of tbe la«tt i tn tbat ^' ■^'■] 

atrob)O}tiftanejrtin0i^iibment;becan(ieamantannotbsbelB<8fio>'8nb ' ' 

a Common of^afinreifbilng out of tbe Came Iario><c» * i 

Co.ik^4«.a.j. 7 If tberewl^oib ano SCehant bpJFealtp anb Stent > J(^ moi^ laereafioJ 

, jScaBtetbtbe&etjpifb2:pfb}i^ace0,ahot^e9C4Bnantatto»nei^,tbelio}t^ 

teleatetb bte ^e<gnio;i» to tbe SCehant fo> peats, ano ta tbe 'SCotant of :0>ff>v • J 

tH lahin senetaKp '; tl^ tobole &ef gn^o?? ii ei^imt} ano tbe eSate of tbe at 

|L,eff^ ftUo; but if tjde teleate ^B b6h to tbem anp tbeic befc0 >.tben tbe * 



the Gommon Lawr 






iHiBnni for 
I'Sbof die .te> 




lid. ■ 

I.e8&^te6t|ie<n^erftance aOfz one tlioiti>> aimtlie ot^moitp^o 
hitntttiatttSLwit^tTeafsmiitWni^etfitTsiey becanfe In^en ttie re* 
Jte^l0 ni8i»etmr8tt^> itcamratenareto t|ie Htftte longettWfo; 
lfGr>btcatifeJteranet|)bpt(npoC enlargement, ano beln0 mane totde 
Steiantoftl^IanD. ttennretl^bptpap ofertingnffi^ment, becanfe fie 
sflimot 00 (iRt)icete bfin((I((> «nii tben t^ete cannot temafnetn t^e 
^efenfo^apatttculateftstefo) life:lButtobent^ereIeafe 10 maseto 
tbem ano tl^tt beies , eacb one takea a moltp, tbe one bp tiia^ of emrea* 
fin^ «f t^cf eftate, ano ttie otber bp eftin0ttifimient« 

8 3f Qiete te Hojo ano Sertant , ano tin SD^ant lets tbeCene* 
tnent* to a JEeme fo% termoCbet lite, tbetentainoerotietinCs, tbe 
iFeiiieta1te0JBaton>anoaftettbe JL-o}o gtatrte m rertrfce0,9c«totbe 
;jDaton ano 1^0 ffUxa ; 3n tbfo cafe tbece can be no attornment tp parol, 
.<c. becanie tile jeatontbatongbt to attorn, cannot attorn tob(mfeIfe> 
bnt bte acceptance ot tbe stant o( tbe ^gn jorp amonntfl to an jSlttom* 

' 9 3f tbe l^oro grant bt0 (befenforp to.tbeSCenantof tbelano ano to 
a fttanpc > tbe Ccnant cannot pioiieclp ano fo^maflp attorn to btmMC^ 
but bfe acceptance of tbe stant tea sooo attornment fn Hatn toeptfn* 
Sftflb tbe one mottp, ano to Deft tbe otbec moltp in tbe fitanjjec. 

10 SftberebeiLoroanesCenant, anotbeSDenanttalte ^eme> ano 
aftet ^ I'oro scant tbe fetbicea to tbe iFeme ano bee b^ico : ^t can 
be no farmal attornment , becanfe tbe IBaron catinot attorn to bimlittfe 
ano bte tDtfe in bis toit^es tiebt : pet bis acceptance of tbe oao is a sooo 
attornment in HatD to beft tbe fintbices in tbe Stttat ano bet beir« ; bnt 
ontins ^ cobettnte tbep atefofipenoeO) u* 

11 ^f^etebel'COoanoSI^nant, anotbeSCenantmafce aleatetoa 
manfor tecme of biol«e> tsbins tbe cebecSon to bimfeifie ; ^ete , if tbe 
%.oro gtant tbe ^eisniorp to tbe SCenant Cor life in (it « aOieit as to at 
tbin00con(eniins tbe tisbt^llKwisniorpbatb lite befns (asiftlieSCe* 
nantoietoitbontbeice, tbe tenancp Hnl e&beat to tbe<l&rant^,«c«) 
(Ct as to tbe pofbflbm ontins tfirpatticnlat eftat^tbe <dwitit ftal take 
no benefit of tbe freisniore ; ano tbetefbre ontins tbat time be Oial babe 
noHent, fi»ecbice> fKatoOip, fldiefe, ^^ecfot,or tbeUke; becanfe 
tlfa^ onties belonstt tbe fofMifon , ano be cannot 00 or ))8p tbem to 

I a JDlie prittciptd canCe ^ iai^ aSCenant in tafle in nnnp cates is «e< 
jnitteo, te becanfe ( as Littleton f aitb ) tbere te no pecConi asainfl tobom 
be map foe bie Writ of FormedQn ; for none te Senant of tbe iFcanltte< 
nenient bnt biwMf) ano aeainfl bimieif be cannot fne, «c. Cbete te tbe 
tame teafOn aUO of otbet Slemittecs* Finch i^. C«.1.9 3^.3 . in the Maiq. 

. I ^ 3|f 8 manmafce a feofl^i»nt infee to A. bte l^e ano iS,1SsiftZ9> 
A. en&oiietb B. itifft,tiibo te*niCeolEetb or bte aflisnes (ban nebec 
.boocb; becanfe be cannot be bte oton jSlfligna > bnt if B. bao ntfeoffeo 
tikei^of A. bemisbtboncb <» Sifttisa^i ftn tbe betteof A.mapbe 
^emsii^ to A. inaOnncb as be claimed) not a»beite» 

14 3fCenant^taiienn4;e feoffment to bte Vncle, ano aftet tbe 
iRncle malte a feoffment in f & toitb toatrant?, u* i talte again an eftate 
tobim infee, ano tben enfeoff a fttangec biitbont ioarrantp > ano ote 
fnitbont iOae , ano tbe 9Deiiant in taile oie : f^ete tbe iHne in taile fliaft 
jMtbebatteobptbetiDarcantp nwoe to tbe Belt iFeofiee; becanfe tbat 
marcantp bp tbe Witlfs refunds an eftate in fee of tbe Uul0> te nttedp 
lefMeo; #or ifibe toattantp llionlobflbeftooo in force, tben Hionlo 
<be Itole bate tnatcanteo it to bfn<(ielfe> inbicb conioitot be, <c* 

I $ man csmiot pref ent bimfelfe to a IBeneftce > make bimfelte an 
iDfKcer,faebimil^>o}(itmmonbii»felfei ano tbeteforeifa |i>betifCe 

« fiiifec 

Littl. §.fj8. 
Co.ib.}ii. b. 


Co. Inft. pars 

Littl. $ 5^1^ 
Co^ib. ji4.a.t 

Littl. Seft. 


Littl. Mf. 




3.8c 3>oJk.<. 
Littl. Seft. 

Fmtb If. 
3 ELO/et lis 

170 The Reafbn of fSM^ax. '^4^ 

U0tt 8 (omMon umtte » it (0 ttno), btcanft lie caaint rnmnmi^fai*. 
Fiwd 19. t6 % man caiintt te lutge ami ptitti» <" > ^oft ; ^(R> f|ienfo}e f( « No judf;* of 

SktSitetftde Common ^lacebe maoea ^oltfce of tie ftftigo IBenclb »<> Baci>» 
fttiottirti ftbebothac vice )ft oetetmfiutl) Ijfo fNtrntfO^tlieCommoti ''*>°^ 
|DUKe;Co»<f4eflitalDbe3a06e ofbotft IBetutiea toi^rtl^> lie Omilft 
contriA ||ff otme jinogmento ; btcanfe if t\» Common |^tea0 etre> t^t 
eccoi iliiaA lie YeCo^mee in t1)e ftfttge SBencl^ 
r«tf i7Aa '7 3l(amanb^3mientatecotienanttollanolMWitot(enfeDf|Hm* Jt^.F«o<^ 
5 pirrrcifel felfetOjUft, t^ wmatowt to otlie» hi tafl, ft, an» alfo retortie unto "~*'SS^ 
. i)fm(id!fe polDec oC tefwatfon> an& ootfi retolte tte nCMacco2O(ii0lp) ' 
<mmeDtateli» upon fncli rctecation tte nllro fo ifmitet artnetecmbicQ 
toftlioatenttpo^datat; becaaCe lieWmfUfe tMoCenintfo^iffieof^ 
kina , ano lie cannot enter o» make dafm upon o} agahiltlptaifdfe, fc 
anotl^cero}e<t<fafreeo<nt|iesoE.4.i8,&i9. t^ffa j feognien t 
be maoe upon coBatetal conottfon i ano befne conottion petfotmeo, tbe 
iFeoif It oemOiBfli tbe Mno to tbe if eoflO)^ after tie J'foCoii perftom tbe 
conottio)i> ttie tano flwli be f mrneoMMf In tie iFee0o> inttbont eattf o> 
tMvn : becaafe \ft KmlUf e f o atreaop in poiURon tbereof t IH) Ifltetutfe 
if a tnf Sato patcbaCetb tent flfntag ont of tie l>o>oo lanB> tbat tent flial 
be f n ^ 1.0)9 lof tbont enttp o} daime, cauTa qua fuprd. 
CD.i.i.5i.b.i- 1 8 3t <« boloen to 7 E. :;. tbat <f tie jftobolpfm of tie Cbntdl of Dak hom aa 
Sir HHfji lie gtanteo to tbe ^rfon of Dak, ano to big j^nneSOM , tbto if boio ao prefem hia- 
cbiimityscz^e. ^ tbe^ |^ticcefO} > bccaofe t«e ftncceSo) can nettet take onp benttt fei^ 

tbereof bp twp of p}eCentation ; &> be cannot p)efent binifiilf>«t. 
C0.I4, jf fl.T . 19 3n aB caC^o at tbe Common lUto , bsben tbe Hing tea* (Oifta of no tmnfe 
Tbesadkn am^eftat^of 3nberftanceo}iFranbtt«ement bpanf matter of rococo, oradioaa- 
»'«• be tbat ti0bt bao conlo not bp tbe Common !bato babe mg tcabens , o» r<|^ <>>« 

reala(tion» npontobicb be migbtlnoe an AraoTtastDanBin>f09tbattbB '^>' 
IUn0bpbiiiOt9it conn net connmnmlifmfiilfe; bnt |e Imw pnt toKs 
pecicion of right ( in tbe wtnte Of He tell anion) toberctowbtobte 
jr8tthtcnfmantani3n|ecltaiKe> 34B.^3^lH.7.J. 4E.4. 

2 1 A £• ^A* K^ 

coi.a.^g.b.}. \o )f aviiopbimfen beflieb, ano be plMio in bittbOiiF oftbe Biihop,Ex- 

pb» Tros*pi partr,|?laintiif, cxcomMangetncnt bplimUf 0) |isConimilkrFai«» €««««»- 

"''■ i0 as bto a^epntp ) albeit it be fo; anotber canfe tban tbat in qneCioMi ^ 

Vtt tbat Ibal noloiCfibletbe^taintier; becaalb in tblo calttbB l»«op 

biotftUt i$ pattf ; ana toitb tbie agtdee i5 E. 3. Excom. f. 5 E.i. Excom 

>7. 5 E. '. 8. % E. ?. «^ i« E. 3, 58. 9H. 7. at. b. 10 H. 7,^. 

Co. 1. 8. Hi, 21 Cbe!P;efiMttanatbeelettoftbeCoiei0Of|l|i;atiaM inLon- juage aai 
a. i.Doaor don, ougbtnottobejuageoto eibe %ememe o» Soagemant, t^ini« P>^* 
Sdsbdmy caic. ^^^ ^ ,,,^1^^ fiimmons. ano pattiee to babe tbe moitp of tbefo^tnte ; 
albeittbepbaieaR0(tofl^t<iRmenttop;ote«tbem} viz.i4H.8.cap. 

^. ptfUy Nemo debet eik judex in propria caufa ; ii»6 iniqui«D eft aliquem 
iu«e ret eile judicem. 

co.ib.n8.b.i. » 3[fan)a«of|^at(iatNentctant fl anpto|olao;|abeconnfince Tiieiikc 
of aft manner of )Bleaa atffins befoM bim toitlin bia 4Nmno; of Dale» 
ret be (bail boia no plea, toberein bfwdrlfe ia pattp > iro» iniquum 
eft, &c. 

co.9.iij.b.4. ^3 9Df)eSmcbieofLancaft«r,befO»ittoaanjiiteototbeCto1an>toaa Dwbyof 

Aatheny boiocn of t^o Ifcing in Capice j but tobon ^ep temainea in one ana tbe LancaOcr. 

Urns ue. fame uetfon, tbe ancient teirareo oftbe Ctotonato flcep perpecuo ibnmo, 
becaufetbe lUag conlo not bola of bimfeir. 

F. N. B.ii.i. 24 3[» tbeComnmtfl^leaa, upon «rro> in )^;ecefb , o» in oefiialt of Errour in la 
tbe CltclM , tbe Jailieec tbere map rebecfe tbeir otone Inosemeat ( (0 »>< Rin9:f*>> 
itbeoonetbeCametemie) Wtbontftttoganp VS^itotetto^tjSnaifit c^ 
beoefimreo t(Banotbettetme> fetmaf itbeteberioabptbelMDSnasaa 


^dx.^4^ the Gommon Law? 171 

uftn a Wife of $tm t VtA ft it be ^tco» W lalo ( VtfiOiU tfft -oe« 
I Canit (t|^ Bjaftfces tbetiiMtwe ) tliat Coutt cannot tetietfe radd a 

|ttosment>nQ notbeaM^ftofCcco^i ifo», tl^atQ^tmfdtote tmer* 
Ceo'ta anotliet Coatt befbse ot|)^ jnftteei b^ «D}it of <^tto})tecaaCe tibe 
3itiSlc«gi of tb( Common ^1(00 ate not competent 3lMee0 of tbeftotime 

(id^. 25 fo)ft itf Conf^ftacp cannot p}operli^ipe againt one Qngleiett f.n.b. lu. 1< 

ton ; becante one fecfon cannot b^ (alD to conl^^fre tNtb bim(^lf» 
ifaKcaB be 26 3|f tbe <8atoen of tbe $IM , fobo batb bfo office fn fie , ote fe{« pi. c«.3t aj« 
#f"" reD>b<0 &on anol^eite being tben in p^tfon , ano tbe office nt&ttM mu The sheri^ 
'^ to bim being b in p^ifon ; an tbio cafe , tbe l.afq toitt as jnoge binrart of ^«'<<"» 
ofp»ifini,albeittbeiFettet»be upon bi«te00; fi»} camnMt&P ?'^ 
bimCdf in pjifoni aniitbetefb)e AaB be ao^migeo at l8tge» 
Hoteor to 27 If A. Ceifiro of lanoo in tet before tbe l&tatate of nCeo ( nHne Anno^ pi.Co. 19M4 
taaW. sen. 27 H. 8. ) boD gcantes tbe tame lamu to if eofCeea in tcoft to tbe nttor ''^'i^ >°^ 
yi^'- bimMfe ano biit to^ in tail) ano aftettoateo tbe jbtatntetsmaoe; Tttbtuata 
^ecei bp fo^e of tbat dtatnte> tbe poCCeflion beins conbepen to tbe ate 
tbe jFeoffoutate ^o» , ano mt A. ^0% it feemetb imp^opec ano re< 
pasnimt) tbat A. fboulo be SDmm t»bAtt(i^. 
M» of .28 3|f tbe ConiCn of a lUcoiptijance ( accojoing to tbe fttatote of f*ico.7i.i> j. 
udMiged 2;H.8.c«,anoalltan8ei; Rflf*y«»s 
~*'«^- ofanotberpatcd, anoce(ec«e9arceliobi8otonbano0;!^e,tbeCo» -j^^'^'' 
nifee (ball not babe erecntion againS tbe ftcanget : #0} if one#e(ifee ILr^'* 
of tbe Conitn ( lobete bis tano onelp ie pnt in eiecntion ) map babe an |i.n.b. 104,0; 
Audiaqiuerela,a0ainltaltbeotbei;^eoffree, to mtdtetbeic lamwatfe &iof.c 
to be pnt in eiscntion , ano to be conttibatatif to tbe intfre cbnse ; %t ^'^^ ^^^ 
tbe tame reaton, iftbeConit»bimtelfbe(meoftbeifeoff»0>tbelanO0 £,».?'3e- *»% 
in tbe banos of tbe otbec iFeoffees tbat- 0ot be cbaigeaWe iirftb tbe ere* "^' 
(tttieni fb» tbattbe Contfee biiltfUtcaHiiotbecQiittfbtttacptDitbtbeni 
(fb»b<0patt)totDatD«tbe(atitfpin0 of tibecbatge ; becantebecamnt 
conttibnte to btmtelf, neitbec can be be contcibntsrp fn a pectMal tifng 
one to bimteif ; #eitbec petfbal tbeCbatge be appo^tioneb, bntaB 
IbalbeeKtimtadafiainKt^otbetifeoffBei: iiolibeit agsinfltbeCo* 
iiifbi|^n(iKl{;tbe ConiCee m babe efeciition fn tbe pattei Itift temafn* 

I ["'•ijbe 29 lttbeCommonliatD>ifUmotfrabb#ntD(leofo befolobp€f< ^o- ^pm* 
wifbcctt- ecato)«,ybm1i^noebiteotoCrecato)0tobefolo, ffanpoCtbeinbai ''"i-^'* 
^ cefafeo, tbe reft coalonot babe tPty tbemt bnt n>te t ba t i0boipenJ>g 
tbe Ibtatnn of 2 1 H. 8. cap. 4. viz. ^ f^ft bp tbe ejrp^effe lw»O0 of fli^ 
$»tatate>.anotbeotbecbptbe«|nitpoCtbefame: ^Mbeff inneitbecot 
tbofecaf^0,tt(^fbeonecefnCrtb> can tbe otbecmalteCaletobim,tbBf 

to tefiifttb ; becaote be if pattp ano pMbp to tbe iaif toil) ano cemKnetb 

Hnper 30 SCbepomfgetb^otbecoiffNtetb tbe cloee,tobo<0bacreo in an 0t< Dyerf. i; 
Li^ fiUebpafalteoatb,'tbeponn0eccbatsetbtbelanO)anoo<e0toitboatit< >fas; 
^(Ua ^> anotbelanDoet(eno0totbeeloetbMbet > 3n tbia cate, tbeeloet 

b}otb^ ift tDitbont temeop, becantetbece ia none ( bat bimteif) againC 

ttbom be map b}in0 tbe attaint, ano tbenCbM be fbat Cil boio tbe lano 

tjiim. 3 1 3t ^ pacfon of a Cbnccb potcbate a 98nno> bMtbin bie l^atift } Dyer 4}. ii, 

^ete.bpt'biapnubateanonnitpofpoffeffiMi, tbe^anno}, mbtebtoaa 3«H.t. 

tptbeaUe bcfbje? i» nolo maoe non dccimabilis ,iiecante be cannot pap 


r«ft, 32 3lttDaaietolb«>intbeComme»Sencb,Ptrcb. lojac. tbatato(Cieco.Infi.ptni 

cannot bep^oonceoaaatoitneie, eitbeca0ainfto»C>» <^bttebano,be«tf.b.4. 
caofe tbep ace one petton in l^ato, Ouae animae in came ooa^mio 1^ cannot 
be a UHtneOiB to 01 fo» btnteU <n bi0 oton can(i(» 

2 z ii% 

\*jt The Realba of ^\41^, •;?• 

Dyer iw.. 14. 3? Jl teWgHl^nee to«« aclmollAeBgtO t« tWt Nicholas Bacon aim ^vogwhaa: 

5 Eiiz. tloo tl&ftx» telbje (^(t Nicholas trfttifHC 3 betoe t^eit t on> Itt&per , aim 
ft toas anjaogetttwrn agto Km,aim goo ^(^ tfee ot|iet«. 

Dyer ty,. ?4 ff^t Ctttf^M «C Yorke tMte tlttWpOWte bp R. 2. b^ tbC IWme of r»rt«Ckie. 

10, II Eiiz. 9a|«9,^ecfllii,«im Cftf^niA am clafmto befo btfo^e bp {i^efctfptf oit> 
am to babe a cnftom to feifl; SttM Conaf 0n bongbt> « foitalgn fol^si^oto 
> <n a fiitt as^fnS tbem Ufy CMitis facb 00000, tbe Venire &cias (fetieo to tbe 
jbbeciffe of tbe Counts', De vicinem Cathi Ebonitn, becatiCt .tttoas 
neKt'ao|aceiittotbeCtt<e;eo}ft foao'iiot ibottc^ft toofrettfttotbe 
fibetftCio} Coronets of Yorke, becaii(et^t»re€(tf{en0ampar< 

Dwf 104 <♦ 35 iCbmeKabOpOancett fitanteOtOtbi* » Habendum ii$ & uni eo- ^turt lm,f 

14EUX. rumconjunftiin8cdiTifini,tbe(h*p»efeiit0 tbe tWrti, HOjittia aootftteo, *^' 
, inCittfMiyaniXmiKteo, am atilmgrt goto ; !^otc>beft i ft tbe iBftbop 
baotetMieotoaiMnftbHiialom, bfo Qjiate impedi^^etaobenttitetooiilB 
bRbeCBtleo, tit bsbllHs a lopnt SJRteteft fn tbe abopunce, ano tbe Haben- 
dum being toto fit %.ali^ a0 ft (^010^ 

Hob i9.T*rer ^^ VktMiik maBefbel»(&ofoneoftbe5]Dblf]sowbfs<^retnttfr, Dcbc eniaa. 

»mi Giidridg. nno ofeB,tbe tDotnan CtkOcottficaowliitft teb) tbeti bee bnebam bef ng one 
of tbe d)bU6O}0, mme bet bto <lE^)cecntd r, am oieo, teat>f ng aftets to pap 
tbt ofbt» mmw 9feb,«m a ftraiieet took aomlnffhratfon of tbe j^oodo of 
tbe tihUsk nnamnfnfftceO) anb b^otqsbt bf a(tfon agafnft tbe facbftifng 
Mifsfir* bnt ft bMo solnoeeD per Curiam, tbat tbe action foonlQ mt lfe> 
beautfe bibeit one ofib^ j^fgO^o maoe tbe ^fuaM% of tbe OMinit 
Irto ^lecntcfr, am left aflets, 0ie coititt not file bet felft, bnt tbe nebt lDa0 
I^Cmtp CatteCeo f^ toai^of retainer, aim ( (onCetaenttp ) m m\o tation 
conlv beba»iS»»tbst wbt* Vide fupra.^^. 4. 

H«b.8fi D«)r }7 SdaioftbeCntonmioftiondontbaVnotbe bp Cemficate from cuftometof 

aaisavage, f|pKJpafoiam0UifeiiietiorevitCftfe(albefeftbebptbeft Hecojoet) ^•x'*** 
to.t40liipecfoiirCoiict0of3l&ftfce,'becanfet^*tannot be 3[mse0am 
9flttfe0» iBbeti tbefcCnltomM come ftrtltielf fon. 

5 J The-Bawiavotereth privity, f^ideMax,^j,i6, 

Cojnft pan t X Cemnt fn tafi afiter yoCfbaffp of fSne eirtfmt batb oibet0 p»fbf« Tenantincaa 
%t. a. »'. bB0e0aimei»D to bt«e0«te> tmftb a bare Cenanf fo» life batb not (fb» atterpoflsub- 
iDbfcb(^C<'*ii>^*P*'<i**7'l^)'"bbertbele6ie(fbegtantObetbt0ettate ^* 
t»aiiitber,bf»C9«iit(eflialnot|abetbems fo}bebttbtborep>fbfleB0< 
Mftiteljpeiioftbepifbttpofbfeelltte, amoftbefttberftantetbattDa0 
onceftt bin t jElm tbetcfine it nao aoimgeo f n tbe eafe of one Erf ns, 
Mich, at, & 29 Ellz. tbtt iDbece Sonant f n tail after poCibititp of iftne 
(ttiN«st«itteii(aictbf0eCatetomiotber, tbat tbe <Dumtk toao com* 
peBeo to attnrn in a Q^iid juris clamat, ua a bare Cemnt f 0} life, am fa <$<«' i***'" 
rotobe namcBfnibetD^ft; |Fo> bptbeafffsttment tbe p^fbitpof tbee« '^'"^ 
Itatebefns alteceo, tbe p^ibfleogetnaa gone ; anb tbia Inbgement ioaf 
( ' afnanfBinafinft.ofErrar: jim bevebBitb alto aiprdetb, 

St8tlBtn,.39E. J. i.b.Co.L ii.fei. 8;.b. Bowlescafe.yide infri 11^. 

Co. ib. ]<.t.i. > 3lf tbebnobam make fObftal feoffmento of Cebecal patcelo , ano Affignnem oi 
Dpetb: am one of tbe if eofC^a aflfgn oofnet to tbe bPtfe of a parcel of ^^^ ^y *^ 
Iamin(ttf06utfoitofaitbe fiDobiee, tobfcb <be ongbt to b«be in tbe f^T^^*^ 
lanoi of tbeotbec iFeotriiia ; 3ln tbie cam tbe otber iFeoffft* Ibal take ^ ''^* 
m bmsSt of tbat affiipiment ; becanle tbep are ftraneero tbere unto, ano 
• cannot pleao tbe tame : But in tbe Umt caft, if tl» bnebam tieo Cefim 
ofotbeciamm fn iNe«Bmple,am tbt tame Mfeenoeb to tbe beite , am 
^beireenoolnetbtbetiifftorcettafn of tbofi» larno fnfnniatiofaftfon 
of at tbe ootnec tbat fbe ongbt to babe, ae loel fntbe lano0 of tbe iFeof* 
fa», ao fn b^ ofon tanu» tbtoMKsnmsnt ft 0000, am tbefeberal 

. i^eolf^t 


'^^^•5:. the Gommon Law^ 173 

1RS}tt ottt>otoec Asafntt ati^ of QuMn , tfie^ map tmicb ttie i^te , an)) 
^ma^pUm tUt alUsitnttnt ii^tl) Ije UtatUiS datt maoe fn fofefpoC 
l^fnifi^ i left t^ep (bottln nteflatt in taltte againS l^f m ; S^o as t^tct tn a 
p;f t)<tp M t^f tcfpetc fftttsd^n ^e i^ef re atto V)t JFeofTttd , anti bp t^is 
it»an0 tlie affsmnent map be pleaoe^bp t^ beive ^t maoe iti. 
iMv to die ? 3l^a man let lattui fm peats , tbi vemabioet obet to another in &e> co. ib. 49.>.<f« 
tt foe j3[lbett Ifberp be not wttfSatt {o% tbe l^el&e 16} peats , pet becanTe tbe & mj . a. t. 
AitiiieBf8tepolbfRonbeloiYgetbtobfm,b(muft of neceffuptabetbelfbe* • 
tp ; .vH^ttDlCs tfo ettate can pail^ to^ifm In tem^fn&et i mh Ui?erp be< 
<ng^ECt^itfn]|pip matte ttnto b<tn i a ftal conbep tbeeltate to bim^n 
fematrtbtt:) bptealt^ of tbe jp}fbrepoftbDfeeffatefiriFo;,tbepaQrtfctH<u: 
ettate ano tbe temafnoets* tobfcb Bepen&o upon ft (tboni^ tbete be 
ttebec fo matip) od an mal^e in l^alD but'one effate ; ano tbetefo;e 
Ubetp to tbe %tSu. (o) veates fiiaft enote to bint In temalnut, tc» 
^T 4 Cbe abt)anta{^4f wf ngf n0 an atHon of ^afte conHfts In p^lbftp ; Co. ib. ii.h.3, 

fb^lfaftettbeZSSdtteDone^tbettleberttonetctantetb atoapblo ettate, ^ 
< albeit, bt afteclsarbstaketbbacii tie iDbole estate again* pet S3 tbe 
Matteoif^noltbable > &o llhebittb If be scant tbe teiserSon to tbe nfe of 
blmfelf ano bis tolfe > ano of bis belts , pet tlie WttStz i» oirpunlOiable, 
fCt becanie tbe eltateof tbe tebetSon ( btbeteln tbe p^fbftp istotbat 
patp9(e conaiteb ) contlnttetb not, but Is atteveb , f c. 3f an eftate taae 
i»etermlnes> banning tbe atfion of i9Safte, fo tbat tin )^lalntlff becomes 
SCenant in talle aftet polCfbllltp, «c* tbe aalon of tsaBatte is gone* ^f tbe 
ICrnant ootb QBlaffe , ano be in tbe tebetSon bletb ? tbe lifte ftaffl not 
babe an action of TOaSe fo} tbe QlSafte Done In tbe life of tbe iSncello^ ; 
RO} a ISitbop, 9atet of anl^ttal, |^8Tfbn> o}tbellbe>fi»i«lIaft 
sone In tbe time of tH PintiewH : 0no fo If lieflee fb; peats ootb 
Watte ano otttb , an action of lOUfle lietb not igalnS tbe C^fecnto} o) 
;eiimtlnlftfato},fioii Waate bone. befb^tbelt timet iSntlf tbete bettw 
Coparceners of airebettf on , ano VDaSe Is comntltteo , ansr tbe one of 
tbefflDle)tbe)Xnnt<notbei^tecelbaA^|opnin an aaionoftRRate, «c«. 

%. 5 Bjttbere be.tbio Coparcenets o^Kopntenants of a (^elgnlb2p> If tbe Co. ib.^7.b.t. 
fCenant ootb i^omase ano If ealtp to one of tbem , be AaB be ei^cnCeio a« 
gftlnit tbe otbet ; ano tbfs Is bp xeafon of tbe p^lbltp ano f nttcenelb of 
tbelteftate. ' 

tmpa. ^ $n bomag^ j^ncjeStel , cohtlnaance of Uooo on tbe lo}os Soe Is co,» b.». 

i& not altoaps neceOhi!^ ; f o> an Hbbot, ^iioh S^op > o> tb^ llbe , map , 
be 1/070 1^ pomade jSLnceftrel > but pet tbete ongbt to be pjibltp of f nc« 
^on time ont ofmlnoe m one atiotbe fame politlqae boop ; fio» if tbat 
boDp be onc< olfEolbetb tboogb a neto one be bonnoeo of tb( ttmt name, 
atio an tbe poftetions be gcanteb to tbem> pet tbe pomace jElncetltel Is 
tone i !^otpbettlfa^{o) ano Cobent be ttanllate) (Concurrentibus 
hiis, quz in jure requiruntur ) to an IJbbot ano Cobent , 0) to 9>eane ano 
Cbaptet;3ntbatca(ie> becan&tbep;lbftp Is p^elistbeo, tbe homage 
iSnceStrt oatb alio temain > fo; albet tbe name be cbangeD> pet tbe boop 
toas net)et oflGilte]), bnt tn effett teiltalnetb ftA, it^ 
7 3lf tbe SCenant tbat bobs bp ^mage ItoceHtel , aliens ¥» lane to Co.ib.io3.a.). 

*»p««» a- attotbet> tbe^Ueneelballnotbotoof tlje low bp f^omage Slncstttel, i.itt.sefta4r' 

^"^ became ^e p^lbftp of tbe ettate Is altereo , ano tbe continnance of It In 
tbe blono of t^ 2Cenant Is olftblbe!} : SLtm if tbe Sen^nt take againe an 
ettate In fee of tbe lano ftom tbe ailenee > be tben boioetb bp l^omage, 
bnt be ftaB not bolo bp ipomage jEIncefftel , caufa qua lupra : f»9 It Is allb 
If tbe Cenant male a feoffment In fee upon conoltlon, ano oletbi bis 
belte perfb^metb tbe conoltlon. ano te<enttetb ; ^e , tbe l^mage 0n« 
teftcellsoettrope}intetve(toftbeint$tniptlonoftbecontlnaanceoftbo • 


174 TheRcalbnof ^\dax. 

pifDftp aito eSate , tit tt fi»9 agr&B'in a ^a& betfoeentlie ]«o»l» Crom- 
wel, anb one Andrews , Mich. 1 4, 8c i ; Eliz. Bat (( t|^ SCeiunt walwt^ 
fttea&fo7t(ft>o}acmfti tafl, t^feisa contfnit8n» of tl^e p}(DftFaim 
eSatf fn tt^c SDenanf , In reject of t1)e ret)et8on t<iat ttmaitietli in^hm 
becatire fn tfi^t ca& t^ C^ to80 net)et out of frinb <c» Co.l.8.75 J>.3, the. 

Lord Staffords cafe. ' , 

„ . - 8 3e tlje %tmtA bp ^ontase ^nceftol alien (f lans, ant t^ dUe* The i&e; 
co.ib.ioj.i».». ndeteittipleaoea, anot)ont!ittjejatt«w, aB«ft(>ecomenifn(bpilitf. 
onof HatD > to man^pntpofesfn p^fMtp of (ifs fojmec eSate; ^ to 
tt)Ui pnrpoC^ be cannot come in , w SCena^t 1^ ^mage jancefttd,' tie* 
caaf^oftbeof(tontfnaanceortbeeftateanQp;tf)ttp> foitbat tt)etenati« 
t2 toaa not continneo in tbe blooD of tie SCi^nant : jSlnt> tbeteto^ Brit-. 

Brio, i/o.a. ton faitb* Et come afcun ibit vouche per homage 8c le Seigtiior cende'aiiveKrec 
^ueletensmentdountileftvouche, tiiic craniate hors del fankfi del primer 
purchafTour per feofbneiu , ou per afcune autre tratiflation ; en tiel cas , foit le 
tenant chaige de voucher Ton feoffor, ou fes heires, 8ec. ^Otobeft ft tbe lanQ* 

toete cecotieteo agaf nft tbe SCenant upon a taint title , anQ tbe SCenant 
cecotet tbe fame again in an attion of an biBber natnce ; ^ete tbe t^o« 
mage ;ancefttel temains ; becanfj^ in tbat cate > tbe tigbt toad a tnflficf* 
etit mean to pjefetue tbe p^it^itp ano continnance : >o ft 10 alC) if be baQ 

TCDetfei)ftiJlCtP;itofErrour. , . 

Co.a>.io}.a^ 9 3f Ccftuy que ufc aftw tbe fetafnte of I R. 3. i. anb befb^e tbe S»ta<: ceftuj <]iw 
tnteofUfes,(«e,npon£Qin>ftfoii> >>f^ 
ano entteQ fo} tbe comiitfon \ivi\^n> be fltonlb babe betaineb tbe lano a* 
gainll tbe ifeotr^d fo^ ebet ; fo^ tbat tbe eOate ano pitbitp tnan fb^ t(e 
time taken ont of tbe if eoff tes, anb tbeuibp biOblbeb to) eber* 

Co.>b.ii7.a.a. ^^ ^^ ^q^q fj^^ dot ^^ aobantage of an? obUsatfont c^betianf* Thiagtba; 
0} otb^ctbfng in attion mabe to tbe taiQein, becauK tbep lie inil)ib{t|p, ^^ 
ano cannot be ttan«Gecceo to otbece : j^bet (baft Vk l^o» babea 
tbinc in action bp Cttbeat ; fo} tbe tame teafon, Cd. I. to. 48. a. 3. Lam> 

Co. ibid. ' pets cafe : i^ttber s^ ibaV tbe Ho^b bp bottcbet. .0} btbetfoiCB taiie ab* , 

liantace of a toatcantp mabi to a min^in bis beftd anir alUsno , becanCe 
it i0 in tiett of an aof dtij anb conaite iti p^ibitp, f c. 

Co.inft. pars II ^lbeittbetlftoi|cbee}^enantbr..i:ef^)1^}apcein«foe,o}4p8tni* ArmtakB 
i.i3«j>.i. H)^ be no!Partie0tofbe?RI;it , pet before tbep appear , tL^iatmn '^ ^"'^^ 
map be caft foi tbem;ife^ure ttben tbe SDentanbantfltante tbe lOoncI^ "^* *^ 
0; refccit in lubgement of Halo , tbep ate mabep^ibie ; 0nb titboo0^ 
tbe JBDemanoant conntetpleab tbe Qtoncbec o> reCuit > pet if it be ao* 
Jaocesfo^tbem, ano fo tbep mabe p»ibp in l^atD. at^Mtetionmapbe 
caff fo} tbem > a« afoKfaio : ;SlHb to it {0 of tbe (Camifbd^ > a |9^eiti- 
on map be caff foi bim at tbe bap ^ tbe. retntn of tbe Scire &< 

ciasj&c, I"' 

co.ib. i4«.a. 1 3 3f a lRent«cbar0ebe granteo to A. anb 6; anb tbeit |^efte0 > A. joywenaao 
1 . of ff rainetb tbe beaffo of tbe O^anto^ , i be fnetf^a RcpIerin^.abotittfib in Afowiy. 

fo^bitnCeif) anomal(etbconnGBncefo}B.A.oietbmbB.rncbibetb; 3n 
tbf a cafe, B. fball not aftetteatbo babe a wn »it of anmiitp i becanfe tbe 
election anb 2t\)o\Btv tn tbe tent bp A.battetb B.of anp dection to ma%e 
it an annaitp,albeft be al&nteb not to tbe iSbOtocp, anbtbitf ie bp teafbii 
of tbe p^fbftp of tbeft effate, see. 
ca ib. i7o.b. I ^ ^usbanb anb ^ffie Cenante in fpecial Sail babe iSae a bangb* C«p*icc&e(h 
t. • ter , tbe Mife of etb , tbe l^aebano bp a teconb WKifetiatb tffoe ano^e 
oaasbter, botb tbe oanisbtettf enter (btbeve tbe eloeff is onelp inbeefta* 
ble) anb malte partition > bete, tbe eloeff bangbtet (s conclnoeo bntiiqi 
bet Ufe to intpeacb tbe pattition ^ o^ to tap tbat tbe ponngeff i» not $efr, 
ano pet tbe ponngeff i0 a fftanget to tbe Sailibnt in t efpett of p»ibitp of 
tbeit petfons, ^e partition (ball conclube ; fn apetition bettoeen meet 
^tangete in tb^t cafe i0 boio : l^olo^it tlie iltne oft^ elbeff4iaS aboiK 
* tbi0 partition, asiffdettiSCaa. 14I.S. 


'ax.^'). the Common Law. !7*f 

ifte. 14 I. s. ft(ft%of UMW m IFee f)af% fftettBOMtfl^ttvit , vit. Rofc Cojb.i9«.ii.i< 

baCacBdine, tm Anne mulier puifne SfiQ ViX^, KoTemb AtmeU en* 

ttt, 8tiQ mAe iMi«(tMt; 3n t|f « c«ft, Anne am W ^^Mt* ai« tmtldteft 

1 5 jSIn attion of Siaomvt mnS tie $teameo tMM^ 9^^^: n>9 ^9ft^° ^^'^ '''' '^**' 
oiit^)tti(tfiioflctttn0ratc«iiqftcatttemafM9m«»^Tiz.«R|et ^' 

Dttf» iimett bp tlie ciMeMt of tue |Mtt^ at ftkriic%«nattfMi agalnta 
Recetoer^ 9%9itm {t»^«Qainftaa[)ffirf(b>«>«t%ittiki^«netQ ^tm 
acconntftar^ Ue) e> « p»iMtp <it Hat) (ex ptovifiont legi$) jHtftt l]» UtilPj 
80 asaftifta ^nanfait fn CMMgevKc. 
bitioo of 16 3n copatcenatie , if one 9C t|t yatts lie etiMeii |bp an eigne tifle, co.ib.i73.b. 
torny '<n fie t^ tft loCetl |ec pittfliau etttet tiytn Uje teft to ^aije tecom^ *. , 1 <. 
F«»y. pence , &c. tecaatt j»et tie fJXWit?, tolft^ t»t lUtetreatetWtrtrt LKti.sea.x<». 
I tlem^oetl C A temafn^ ff one of tie patcenet* fl^ll let pst:t> ane V^ 

tie pactttAifcli tie ot^c patcenet %at|, f«eifte», &c» fti tiftt t«re , tie 
pattenec, tlatCetoSetHecpatttfleitwteiitet apw t|eflHeit&; tn 
t|at1>pt|eaUen8tiMit|epM|f fiOitMMBt fHv» t|etefo» « a rmn . -..t « ^t, 
liitl laM fa tafle, aito au» a0 ttntci fn |plk«tmpie > aAO |at| fffoe ttoo '* ' 
a>ausltet0, atmtie , «not|elDditilftes make partltfett , rot|at t^e 
etttaflealamftfallotteQtotle eloeft, ano t|e JTi^oEinple lanB to tie 
peiffi|p(t ; ^e^f tie FM»S^ IDniisit^ Mfen tie iFee4lmple lain to 
aiiot|ecffitit,aito|<it|ffnie, tnotfe, tie fltae iMf fuel entec fnto 
flieetitafleo latn , am ftaf |ol» ft fn p)epett|» loftl let anttt > i»et 
iiaB iwttieelfteCiftetemetfntolatroftlelaiKw fit JFee-Smple upon 
tie ifttfenee ; lecanie I? t|e attenathMi{|e p^fDitF of t|e etate tBas De« ^ .. . 
Croreiyfc. l^ttiaBUb>i(t|e?on(t0eft|I'ait8|tec|atiinai>ea gfflfn Co.ib.i7*.b« 
tafl;lecatt(irt|efeietSonefpe(Miit-iipiitaiieft«elaftf«8ritoaccotmt ^ 
in Irate ;(o)t|«t ft maple cut of If tleC^iiantfn tafl at Keplea< 
u^ {nte;3tfiet|etlB((^oC8iietateCi»ffll)O^f<*tt,fc»]itmtti|(itf0(iEiii» 
^' of patcenarp) fa alfo ttne Of erdange fn pMHt of eifttfon, fc^ 
t«,c_ t7 3|(anianiflJe«iiDoraCatleoClim If jnttfae? afttsfirifHI ^^\i'^*^ 
^^^' ana"WW«lWn«f»»f aimietCitle, aittlatlfAtetlBOiMMkitltees, co.ib.i73.h. 
, ano BfM, ano tie carle IpgoettfHe fin ttttfes to tieetlefl, ano tie 

ei|ectot|epomi|ef, wiioai«enei^ftto«niit|etfn fite, ano aitet tie 
9i«mt atfUl as e eiiteti t^on tie jSNinle » 3lrt f|f0 ca(l», tie poitftBeC 
M w tf ( H r»tt» efct«e»|et telf ftom IMf fls m Vatt of t|e Cam Ip 
MOOttUe i ftlttatip let ilHeiiMfoii t|e p^ftp IkIb wfttepeo : ^fel< 
fteftfrtlepomiget ttmsnot lafne tie emtp nT «|e infant |a» oitelp 
gcantei ft fo? peat«, qz KU, o) f n tail , ttCbbnQ t|e teleifon , t|ete pet* 
avoentMre ft teece icietfsffii ; btemi M t|at ecte tie p^fiftp (eitot at« 
tetlpoettopeo > f|e|atfnf rf(ieci«it*|et feift|eteiievtonafafee» 
tin 18 3nc«ptiecenaTP) fftK tlloie etate ftt petrt Ht tf^pntpftttf be Co.ib.i73>« 
ifttttvy. e^ien , ttatflaBaboiitlepactftfoHfn tie li^iele , beitof a #amie), 4 
Wifcl i» titttct, 0} of acttf or 0toiitn> o>t|e Ulte> flat leteberal $ fi»> fn 
c^ cafirt|ep»firftptenMfn% atf»t|ep«ttitioa fmplpenr ( fo>t|f8pi^* 
wifo ) boti a iwKiiantp ama coMMtfon fni^att , ant eftlev er tiem fa 
Mfte« ano t|etefo)e oot| gfw fir t|f# tare an entcp tm t|e Wnik t 
i»mU |at| <r been i!«Miee ( fn BtAn6s cate, Co. 1. 4. foi. 1 21 . ) boti fn 
t|e caft oC pKCttfon* ao alfo of an tv^ftkigt, I^evefslflefBifefle 
finne tcafiMi '■, Wm anp iiau oC iFtee^ i$ ebf (fe» ftom tie Copat* 
ccnee fnfii 01 putt oC Kr p^ppettp ; fo» 99m it IbtA be alfo avopbet fn 
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ortle rebitfon oC amclR ^^ettant npon an etate fo> RG? , attb |e trff* 
Ct«et|elMb8f»^li(k,ti|»na(iteiconifmial claim; A. ofetl fbffebor 
oTftatt «A»> Iflbfns tftl•lilttslter0^ partition f« nmoe, fo ao t|e one a* 
ere f0 alotteo to tie one? ano tie ot|et acre to tbe ot|er , tie l^elfee en* 
tec0> tie partition io abopoeo fo) t|e tD|ole, ano to Ultttoite toao it re« 
folbeB in tie cafe abobefaiB. Vide infri 100. 19 if ' 

1^6 The Rcafon of ^dax.*d 

coab,i8<.b. tf 3|ft|ievebettoo3loi»ntenaiit0oCa'n;9i>DoioGMi, aim t<^onep>e* Torntcaun] 
*' fotttetl) to tlje Clinccf) > am W €lttk is aomitted aito inltftateo, Vlttaf*''^'^ 

in tefRed o( t^e piiDttp fball not put tlie otliec out of poOeftton ; but if ^* 
tliat 3 oi>ntenant tiiat p>e&ntco> oietl), it iball tgx\» fo» a title in a Qpa- 
Felnipeditb}onQ^bptl^e£»att)f^;. . 
LittL sed* 20 3|C tbete be tint Bjopntenantci ani> one oC tbem t^ea&t|) to ano* joTrntaaius. 
304< tbet|Fbi«(comp8nion0albi0tic[^intbeIanoinitbOtttt&etDO}OHetrcs, Release. 

Co. lb. 193. b. ^|^g ^^n ^||„^ {Q fn^ companion ano k\9 l^tfwtt , to bolQ tbat patt in 
common lDitbtlf^ot|iet3loptitenant ; anotbio i0 bp reaton of tbep^ibitp 
of tbeit eftate> ano fo} ttwt be, to lobom tbe reteate 10 m8ii»> i0tei(eo per 
my & per cout) of tbe f ^ ano iM^itance* 
Co.iki9}j>.x. 21 3|f tbete be tino Copatcenec0> ano tbe one ib^tb ifEne ttoenfp coparctnen. , 
i)an0bter0,attDDietb)tbeotbetmaptelea(i»toanpone of tbe I»aa2btec0 K.eie«rf. 
bee tobole pact : jSlnb bece, albeit 0ie, to Ivbom tbe teleafe is mtnt, batb 
not an equal patt > ipebetttieMte, bp veafon of tbe p»ibit|» ano tbe ixitfte' 
neCe of tbe eflate tbe celeab ia goob , al^iongb it be maoe tottbont tbe 
)»o)0 Heircs : )Bnt if tbete be tfw 3opntenant0 of tUwntp acreo, an* tbe 
onemaketbafieoffmentofbioplKt ineigbt^n acteo. tbe otbet cannot loynKiuoa 
teleaffe bis imite patt, bat onelp in ttoo acte0 , becanCe tbe iopntenant '^^^^'■ 
. i0 (ebeteo f 0} tbe tefione^ 
LitcLseaL 32 3lfafeoffmentbem9Qein9o)t0asenponcono(tfon,tbattbeiFe' Ptiritybowia 
334- ottoi ibaft pai» jtucb a (timme at fncb a nap; albeit tbe ^eoflfo^ ois AnceOorand 

co.Md. »oj. befojetbeoap oif pipment, pet ma? tbe beite xeaam tbe #o«gace "«y'J«'^'« 
fc.4. «c »*,.a. jp j^^ papmeftt 0* tenwc of tbe monep ; do alio map tbe ^ttamn o» f^**^ 
jaomintittato} , 0; ( in tbeit wfaalt ) tbe ^»of natp ; altbongb tbete be a^^^T 
no mentionin tbe b^ of papment bp anp of tbem $ dnb all tbie bp tea* cor^ordiuir. 
fon of tbe p)it)itp beffpit^t tbe malSn am beic taibfcb i0> anb tbe SCefta^ 
to^anod^Yecoto) > anb^Sjntefiateanb jSDmtnifttato>,o» iDjbinatp ; 
fb} tbe beite i0 v^ in biono, ano tbe ^maUi} > ;8BminiftHito», ano 
iD^oinatp ate p;ii)ie0 in ti0bt» 
Lkd.Sea. 23 3lf a feoffment be maoenponconoition> tbat t^ IFeotUb flial FeoffeeDpu 
3 sf' pap^ 1. onto tbe if eoffo^ npon taOt a bap, «c. ano if papment be not ">^^ 

co,ib.io7. b. ttnioe, tbattbenitfbattbelafpfolfb»tbi(iFeol&}, «e* to te«entet* 3lf ""y"**- 
4.&ao8. >•>. tbei^eoiEeelielltbelanoto a-fttamsec, papment o^tenbetnuoebpei* 
tbet oCtbe iFeotf<ie0 fbaq be ef^tfnal to (imie.tbe state in tbe laft iPeo& 
fee ; fo> tbeHtft iFeoff » map bo it, betanfie be imt p>ibp to tbe conoitf* 
on; ano tbe laft map alCo oo ft* becanie|be{bM0p)ibp ineSate) an» 
in ^nbjBmentoCiialDbatbaheftateanbinteceft in tbcconbition fo> t|ie 
f^bation of bis tenancp» 
Co. ib. zo8.b. 34 gSbere ia a oiDetlitpbetl»fi»ff a conoition of an iWigation > •> a coodhioa 
3- cenbitionnponafeoirment,tDbe(f|bejaUttbati0loc«li0tobeoonetoa^'^ ^^i'<« 

fttanjset , ano tobeteto t(pe fl>bli0# j JFeoUn bimtelf t Ha if one mate " '^^^ 
a feoifment in f«, npon contition tbat tbe feoffs tuat infeoff a fttan* 
get,anonotimelimiteD, tbe JFeofTie Oial not babe time bating bi« 
liGe to maltetbe feoffment; fo) tben be fbonlQ take tbe p^oftta in tbe 
mean time to bis oton nfe, tnbfcf) tbe fttanget ongbt to babe , ano tbete 
i0nop;ibitpbetiDantbeireoff(eanotbe ^anget, ano tbetefb^e be 
■ oagbt to make tbe feoffment a0 foon as conbenientlp be map , ano (b ft 
i0 altb^tbe conoition of an ^DUigation t SBnt if tbe conoition be> tbat 
tbe if eoff ft fball te«enfeofr tbe if eoffo?, tbete tbe JFeoflfee batb time MH 
ting bis life > bpteafbn of tbe p^itoitpoftbe conoition, tbat iabettoeen 
„ tbem, nnlefCe tbe feoffee in tt)i0cate be baftneobpteqntfttfc*,.a.3 2j ifo>tbeteoemptionofaneftateinipo>tgage, tbe 9Ttsuin» o> Pdrteminr. 
bette hiap make tbe tenoet ; JFo} albeit tbe beite be a tbfto petfon , ptt 
i0benofttanget;batbe> ano tbe C|»cnto}taUi» ii»mfb<e0ini.aip, 
«C. Vid€Lita.Sca,J37. 


4^. 5^' 

the Cottimon Law, 


lilies itt 

I Ait-eniry 

I anaocbe 

•i, I: 

a deed 

26 3lt« tiian etit^off amt^tx upon contftfon > fdaf |e aiii> l^t» itetui Co. ib. nj.a.' 
Aailtennerantoaftcaiisecaptailpvent) fc. Cl^toto not cent (p}o< 4. . 
petip (^ caBtD ) antt tkt teCettratlon to meetip twfo, bccanfe tjt^ece toant0 '^'"'- ^* 3-tf * 
p}firitpt 1?ntfrA.liefei(eoofxectafnUmi£^> nm A-anoBjopnefna 
ftolf ment bi (ise tOetbini a unt to t|^m boti) ano tlidc Mc0 , ano tbe 
if eofEie grant, tbat tt lIiaB be lainful Co^ tl»m ano tb?ft lieits to oitratn 
,tvi t}» tent fo cefocDeo, tbto I0 a soon gtant of a tent to tbem bot^ } \»> - 
isKSx. B. to parte <u"l P^f^P to tlie oeeo, as ioeft as A. ano ttie daure of 
:Diftrel&^<rgrantoftberent to A. ano B. SBntfCB.i^aobeenaKran* 
ger to|{ie oieeo, tbeii B. bao talten notbins> <c» 

. ^TTIifaiieSatebemaoenponconoftfon, ano clanfe of re*»ittp, at LiRi.Scft. 
tbe Common Hats none ibafl take aotiantage of fncb te«enttp, bnt onlp 3 47- 
partfeso^piftfies; iSotf a manlet lanoto anotbec fo» term of Ufebp Co.ib.ti4b.«/ 
Hnoentnre, rermifng rent to tli^e ILeflo^ ano bto betes > ano Vn oefaatt of 
napment a re<entrp, %u 31f after tlie HelEo} grant tbe ceberSon to ano* 
Mr fn fee, ano tbe SDenant atto;n, \t. 3|n tbto cafe tbe awantage of 
'ti^entcF to gon^ foi eber ; iFo? albeit* tf tbe rent bappen to be arrear, tbe 
<&-»xCitt of tbe retjerSon ma; oUfrain fo; ft, becanfo ft f fnicfoent to tbe 
ie\)erlioif ; ;et tfaaH be not f o; tbat caute enter f nto tbe lano, ano out tbe 
jCenant ; fo} tbat tbe aobantage of r«<entrp ( at t|^ Common S'Stn ) b8« 
Jong0onelptotbelleiIo}bint&U^ati9ttntobto|>efre, 80 p^fopfn Uono 
tittto bf m > ano cannot bp grant of t^e reberSon be transferreo nnto a* 
mtber ; ndtbet pet can ft be left fn tbe HefEo} 0^ bf0 b^r«, becanfi^ be 
bdtb oeparteo fsf tb bf tnbole ellate f n tbe lano ; ]5ttt ff tbe ileOb} bao ^ 
ofeofefTeoof tbe ceberSon, bf0 befce ftonlobaoe taKen aobantageof 
Ciicb re<entrp > fo) tbat be to p;fbp fit blono nntobfm> ao afo^fit 9m 
tbecefo}efbetef0 aofberfitpbettoeentbe reCeroatiohof atent^'anoates 
snttp i&}arentcant(otbereterj»otatbebefreof ^ JFeofCoafy leabfng 
oat tb^ if eotfo) bfnii&^f '> but tbe befre map talteaobantage of a.Conoi* 
Xmy\^\ tbe JF^ofoibfrnfelf coqionebet 00 ;jai0 ff ^ eneHtfTanotbet 
m an iVit if gronno'> tipbn conoftfon, tbat f f mp bef r pap to tbe iFeotre». 
fc;.rKS' tbatbeano1^.befr0<bapt)e«enti;r>tbto.conoft(fnf0 gooo \ ano 
ff am mp oeceafe>1tip liifre pap tbe n( ^M flial re«enter $fo»be f«P)f* 

o,.aipfla|Sen|opt]ieUnoa0befcep|it9^»ei fifoaHEbffalBf* . .... 

b*tt>e<u;m»1par(ion;1^:ebeno , 0} aiip otbet boeie peUfbiae o» 
to|pi^!atv<CctirS^Kalo} Cemnojaivmabe a leafe> ic» ^tpon conoftfon^ 
jito (^tUTo^ ma^'etijtef fo; tHe conoftfon bioitni, ^ tb^ arep)fbto0 fn 
tf^i |Lf1iefDtd^iti^«i |)at)e 9lea(isfo}^jraac0 ,f i^no i^iemffe ^ 
tlietame'dpdrf cottoftfctti, 9c, ano of^ , 6f0 <Kvecato>0 0} ^omfnfftratoM 
flijift enter fo} tbe coniittfori bioKea > fov tbe^ ySieatlb fjfofes In ttgbt, , . ., 
jinOr^i^fenttbei^rroitoftbe'Di^.-./. *..:;,.. ;. . 

^xx^7^W^^' fi^^^mmit IlipM tie poitStfUlon of 
D#o.albe!teibaf OflMvpawgtebjrio^fis 4tteiFeoff«« j^ pot to ,.:..;. , 

be tsietteft; w*pBa9 %.r^. « w* w ■ , ,3,1 • ' • i 1- ^ ,. • 1 
iO«f MBQtr(()^a^.tO Wber > iobdrdeafetb to<ate of ^n 



npi/f^^Mfgatfk^'ii'bio&gt^'S^^aii liol 




lyS TheRcalbnof ^M^< 

teteareiballettii»80loelifo|)fma0totl^, itljit^pViftfifm^iU 

Lmi. §. jfg, 3 1 3Ka nnm firfto of itmw tn tk liatb flltit ttoo ton0 > ant QftlKtf^ Vmkf of 
Co*ib»4ta. >mtte?oitn0dftbiietitecabpalKiteiiient(ntotlielano,atm<i8^fti8(ttit Uauiuidil 
' Ble0n)eteorfe<foo» anotbe{lbietnter0{ntotbelano, ttlUiAaVnotbe ^^ ^ 

a oHicent to tai(e atpap tl^ entrpoT tl» eUvft (Mi» 02 o(^ (efr« : IttcanCe 
t|el«to{titetmetbt|iat tliepoittigeft ton tntteo dafmfitg tlie Umo W 
^oftetolrfeeRtliet, ahofbit^ttlbeelQeftfionciafmetbairo b[f t^ tniv 
title, tiz.a0<iefretobt0(atiyev;t^e(in( Irami iifo tie(C0 ma; iBCi 
tntn tq^t^ (ieconB fon aim |i<f tefte, <n tefipett of ttie ptitittp of blon^ 
betiiMbn t^em* atio of t^dafm hf oittanot(e(iRmetftIe: vitt(ntte 
fRtiiecafe> If aftet tlieCKti^f watt) fii^ doeft ton fw> tntrco « anii t^cn 
lla peNnsiHI fon liatt oflbttn t^ clodMno ^80 fileii (ipff](D ; tbtt tall ^^ 
a tefieent to talte afMF t|^ enttp oC t^ dodt 0) of lifa (eftr 9 : f ) t(at !M0 
aylafRBfi((Sn, atiottep»it)ttporblon9<lialnotMpttiatcar(,fc flto 
alfi»lB(ere1anMtoeteffi}oiitott)e|aisbaiQaini1iii(ie, ano t|K \ittt9 «r 
Hdttlpobooici) 8mt|pepfiaDtfiteaMa6tter>aiiDttet9ffeQ(eo»aii9 » 

tie to Aatn <KW Hbte lij? atiotlwc iDffo, fonv ron«> an9 oifQ> ano tbe elDit 
fm abates ano Meo fetfro ; ^to wfcent olDtake atoap tbe entiF of QJr 
■angltteci btcantettec e Uwi He iiyiftittg of tftle , fin tbat tbq? dafmto 
netbf oneanDtbefi(inietftlet0n»intbeftTftca(^) albeH tbedoeCfoo 
latbiAieaROBietb, anQ tbat after b(0 oeceafttbepotmgetfono^lfUi 
iefce entretb,ano nmnpttCcents be caff fti bi0 Ifne > l^et mai? me be(te« 
ortbeelwiEfonfntet,<ncet^ of tbepiftrfti? oftbe bloab, ano of t^a 
fame ctafmb^oivtttlet Sot <f tbe poanstft fnimalte a feoffment IP 

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l|o fvboieUono lobiffMbec ; ano tbetefo^e (f be enttetb ^ mtenvnt, 
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npoH tDiomttie{Ounge$fOn.enttetbanoo(8illMbbln(> ano Ofe ll^ffiHb 

t|ifa oeCcent flKil bftnie tbo i^toeft > Cc^ b^ enttn Iq^ 0fl|ic(9na ain not bj? lu 
batemenfew, • ^ 

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tnobttb<ftiettBotOnaanDoMnbtbeeloetlion,'b((o?eany eafrymabe Uwd «i# ii> 
bptbeponnceC, entretb (nto tbelano by abatement) ano o<etbf^|Cbo^ *^ 
fbfeflan^nottniteafOaptbe entipoftbepoattfieftb;9tbet, tn terpen of 
tbe pMtf of Mono betinfit tbon, (mtntffst tb()?clafml$onet{« 

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WGm, tb<ooercentfbaTi not taM atoap ^ entrg «t tb( efbef, cwi» 
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^eiW;fo»tbattbep^I^l9n(!Qiftbl;!iia#fb2)?tm i 

fpee^boIO'Hi'tbe'efoellfon; fc« 

c«.b.t4}.i:t. ' J4 3f ttoo Copatten^a nUtbt pai^tltion to pufent bp tncn^ ano onb ^^ ^^'^ 
oftbemnfotpintbe tnvn oftbeotbet, tbiirntncpatlon flail impnt tbe 
etb»coif.ofpoaellfon,be(aqceoftbep2fbtt0betti)frf;b»n% anofoi tbat 
tiarp^M tift fitottmiot otffiions in tbe tmttMittu 

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(O mrobef i te , tbe etoetlfao no temeole bp Q^ contuitel^alD } u^uit^ j 

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ca& Mt; «. ' ^^li*^ ^ IfcliMtK'NfttOEbate I02tftbM> lobMf smomt ft ibote ruiier ,. 

the Common Lmi i7p 

wOi Hg^ttiisifat boOf 3n(amlNnit0 ciaf « bp mtf am t^e tRme ^attorn 

ft»Fitz.N.B.4s. ,^ u .4 

iUtax- 37 Affila mortis antcccfforis non tenet inter conjuitAast>eTronA$, .ficilt Jr-p^'*'* 
li faxxoi & forore* , &c^ iF«» t^ate piitfg itt Ubno ; Imt ft IvtOt agafntt \'^^ ^^' 

ttfWf^ty ant tlieit oatnaees ate to te recoDeteo an^afnft a fttangetjVmt ^^* 
- iiot.a0B(nffiiUib}otl^» 

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u Ilia (>- t(e eUM^ entrcs fitto tlie tDMe , aim liati) fito ano ofea lie^^ 
k iftitetiterm am ^a^ alfo itat tm tiw retfet , am tie fecom f Cne en* 
tee«,&iicultrsi. petttieEPnn0eftoaocd!iteeo?liecflbie)a0to|ietinottF» 
nmp entet nyon in^iatfoetec fi&te tt t|ie elocft , nottoitliftanQinc fn^^ 
w((^becaaCet|ep Oafmf 1)|» tita ano ttie tametftta, ambpiea(ion ■ 
4(t(i^ P><t)ite tlieenttp oCtlieeUieft tbaB be accontttefrfn lata tbe eati? of 
I ibembo£li^.ff^lri»ltfntl» bmecaft^tfbotbtlieflSetabadentrebaftet 

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tiioofietreotbeeonneelloCbetmoftp, am babflto, am ofeD fefteoy 
I anstlielamsbaoQetonQeiitotbiMtoeoftlie sites ater^tlmcoani 

I not tbe ponhiBtt fittec no; bee belta babe enttet, (c« cau& qua Aipri : Sm 
aUo ff^ne Copatcetifr eittec dafaiing tbe lobole * am malte a Ceoff« 
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ambfefelteb ; tbfaaieftentflisltalteabMiptbeentcportbeotbet SSer* 
becanCebiftbeiFj^mentjttiepTibft]; of t|ie CopaccenatptDaaoeftcop* 
h-fim. 39 3lf lano0bes<bentotloo, am to tbe beftea oTone of tbto, be CA.ib.t47i>.}? 
»«, im'»7 tbat batb tbe 0k»fimffit ftai nat babe an attai of tttafieitpon m 
""^ |»tBtate ot Glocefter, agaftilt ^ g og uuiiam ft> tttie? bnt btebetee 
fbal maintain in action of Watte as^iibit bim npoit ^ fjinie ^tatnt^ 
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!U» cooib not t )EbiQ tbia ia in teflpett If tbev^fbftp bettiin tbe Slopn' 
tenante , am (i» tbit tbejp claim bp out am tbt fRinefitle ; tsbeteas iti* 
tettbebeceateoftbea o gn te wanttbatbabtbeflg, tbe!^nrbibo)claim< 
bi;«ne title, am tbe |ieirb[f«ialbec»viZ' tbe one tpfbe8tltl!nir« ^ 

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■^ oiaimet Co; life makecontinaal flOm kOtue tbetying Ceilinof tbe 9* 
liens, amaftet^jsnien^oieBkCeifiebf am tbeiibeintbefemainbtt 
Co; life biea before anp cntcf.nnnc bfbim; 3lntbfB(aft, be in t)e ee* 
niainoet mUtfb^ tM mbantage oCtbe contimmiclaim mabeb|>tbe 
SCenantintemainBetfo^liiit, anbivaf «itet npontbe beieeoftbea* 
lieik# } becaoli^ tbe tlUfiM. entey^ -MNcb tbe Canant fb) lib in te« 
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a^ 41 3lf tbw aiopntenanta bebittbiqtb; im tbe anr aftb^ maltea con* c«. ibil. 

^' tinnalclaimam&ietb)tbe9Mtbibo»lh«ftt<^bea4tt«f biecwtittml 

fUisi^inrefpectoftbefSibitpoftbeiiieilate. ^^ 
Kiihe. 4^ IfCenantiiiiail, tbe temabnec in fk IMb toattantp, |abe co.ftU. 

tnettate», - 

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Sff ftifi»; tiie0MnteeCp>ltfeoietb, le <ti tbe taaBrtnaet Ibaibabeapcr 
'^'^^ que faYiua, fo; |ic| URtli T^ t% tbt'<mB«im«> am i» yMbp in 

^Wt-r :' ■.-•■•■■■ 

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M -^iW ' 41 H* 

i8o TheR<afonof ^Vf^ftcf^j 

Co.ib.itff.b.4. 44 ||ii«pRcipe4iuoditd(ht> a ttleaC^ fimii t|e S>eiiiaiiMiit t« fl^ Ptiricy of 
Lied. scft. moncf)^ to 000 , KID pet tie «onc|)d( l^t^ not|)f ng f 8 4«e Iai» ; tat T«>che^ «k 
f^iib s to ttetea(ioif ort|i«t<0,tMfltifo1o^tf» tooncl)^ mxttft f«to tie ttsr< 
M 'Edmid tantpt f»e lienMetti iCetumt to tle^emtiiMiit > am maf tftiMt 
AUbam cafe, l^e iatio to ^w > tn ceft^ iC t^ fuMtv lwtf»erit tl»etn ; l^0Me> , 
Co. ib. iM.a. ft a ffcanoet cannot releaCe to t\tt Wm^ ■> becaoife in rei vnitaie %t it 
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the Common Law* 





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i8z The ReaCm of iSM^Wi 

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to 9temi* G). L i o. 9 J. a. 4. 

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Co.ib.iW. a. 


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'^.^f* the Common Ltwr iS^3}ii(e, imaeterto tlienteof ||K<We<ii f»is, tmtlefeiHiCifMic 4' 

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.184 The Rcafon of ^Max.'^ii 

oC tdt ItiStttu liiflGfcetfi in tetpett oC tlie ptM^ x jSM t^fftnt ft 
tlim te 9^0 am flCeaant 1^ lKm«0e>feattp ano tern , aio filie SCen^ 
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atto)net|i Clii0 <0 tNifo ; fnt tf lie tKit ficonteojmev lifs fri^e fi»cf]siifo}{», 
tllie atto^nttient im teen geoo; Aiofide teafbnof tUto Q(%etlttpte 
{i>;t^ttB]bieir t^ rentts scanteBoiietp > itpaOetliasateRtfedt) aim 
coitfi^aentlp fl^ -jaxfiefCcO) befn^ Terre-tenant, until attesnr : but 
lo||enti)e<iitfre^effii<o»p f»sc«iiteD> ttimti^ IDW^tfee Ufte))^or 
. tljei^jltftF map attajit, ft* 
' LioLs. 557. 63 3ie ti)ete Ve l^oiD aim 94nane> aimt^ 5lCenaiit tet|f« ^Sene* 
co.inft.pii:si. wfiKto.attettiet fo»ltfie> ti^eteinataDer <n jFee* aim ttttti^MAVk ^7^ 
3i>. a. I. ^^^^ fjf^ (tottof to aitot|ier,<^» aim tlje SCenant tfkMU attomef , Vr^F^^ 
tiifoi00o«eiion8li; fo)|iet|iatiap)tMe, aim tamieofatelp tCeitaiittii ^^ 
't(»eiLO}0,inoftatto)ii, aim t^t to, fnttM0M(iK>'tl)e tenant to; U&: 
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Co. ib. 317. a. tiptbec fn tetmt or life; wtecbing^ tbi §kjet^. a mtiKn tent be ^ tcfte <« 

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T00kmSk '^ attornment ata&o( tHe fl^enwt fn-m^, tsme^pett <(^9»frttr ''^'- 
betbD^ntbeSDeiunit-fMUfe aiiitbemta tlie ttunrion ; Jirttt|»«fb, 
albeit tbece ^ t<i><e o» me}e a|oenttn9flbi , rino entiOf^iem'M^ 
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at^inm ofi|i^.-ft bao^itet^ a&egc/^, wi)be» to-tobem tbi» cdettfejif ] 

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j)iOctb|cent,fo)^^t|i»»>^;^p)|lllf|9(^ ^ 

r^w. 5^. the Commob Law. 


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liicf»*nt|»3iipiitntiuittf ; IFt^anrailomniitftilXte uSStgu 
MVmmmniiapU^ Co. 1 s. ^. a. Took^ciie. 

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agateftatcainer, 11 wjt»Uiilem» noffftltr^ flmoClte^ataBf 
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ConnCitkcfoxaiip flcte)iimiiitwairta|reli|mtt, ast» fettu Wo 
9i%etMt «»ta enter Jatit|iiiaiiDa.«> tenmenttaC iittnc»,«>if« 
t^MM teltftti^ o)t»eniev fo:^ an fflfenatfon oC Stnant ft> Hb •» 
lSStt£if ^^^^ JWatnteipew^ant , fttapie,o»emift, t9|fi 

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tami, an»ifitt, «*t|» •Mfli* aCfK tetciiPM cntui in t^lid 
ar tliflfinnnttetas, iAnafttc t(elC(nantln4aa«icis lnt|ff cab* 
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we t f atn gftaainni ♦ mtdfa aiecntante Ha tttettnia, tUflrnw^ 
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menmtet tit itiMtn tatit nbar anantt, ant|i0|tfi»«<(. ill 





M The Rcafon of ^^asCi ^ 

Co!b,i<i.M. 7» SfatDomangtantatetintoliet otoii afevtamvtifwmi>«i(i Acniftgocdi 

«> a *. wU viz. oogW to blmwlttt^pwtiea s amtoeeelne CtBsnMnp; «»»»' 

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tf«iWtHitt>*tBBtvtie 3flwii«fliiit «f a »eiiete> aw aflwci iiiit 
t«nitiinMtb|»«ftini»tir,o;1«t|er^) ftai mttM) ignivlf as« J 

-??%««Mwfrt al>olrf8tOatioil^ H|0Wl«tiDllt» F.r « aJ 

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fMtb{flt«4MiMiiftl^»onte« it«iajsa<iiltt|»retMetft ivMgivtt t<* 
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tmiHfmfmti!asB^1»in» > flawtQe^ceciMBef ilrts fllielKiiQr itfle 
«a»hmlfem»4 Utte, tUft jftm teiiHtitairtttetlipfew»oft*e 
{M»lerffc^> «HOtl)0ll«t|e SSt«iiruM».iFega»i>aitt ioatcKieKc* 3ktf»> 

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tinueattbetimeoftbea(t{onb?oii0bt« St to UketDfte to be iWMMB) 
tfrAM«tattiMi«rii)ri»e«l}fl«iiei«Jb»^MlCl»W J 

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be ^•)*rtttMrfHr< ^!t ft»^ tbt | M i»t « ii ito tb>aito»«wa<i'IMiKtt» ^ 

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tort i Me (biiu fitue flqwniiii|g> t>at t»tiat«^t»oiiwniBtfio»i»B<t' 
fimms^fbrit tiic t){ff«f(Ut %iiimii)i|0toi*sotl|ic«ivaatttflMifl^toiKiwn^ 
WRt^Wereaifo ^^iMica (IHi«tt;«c41l0tt#llf>f6«tttiSDt|fntlia3» 


rjl«»» . ♦• V» 


tdxiffi the Commdn Law, l8^ 

^^ralMt t^ QiCMn fn[|0 tone to ^ lionet i ano not to tbe tt^onoj^ 
fetflefD«rT«iitp Aalnot WimdfiN; to»tt(iatfM0Boiw, intlifs cttftjto 
t^ Donee, ooi^to be atlnssb oone to tlie pwtii betati&alittttlie 
toete i^)fliteo fn Motio> fc* 
e- 77 3lf t^< Ik Cenatit e»} Ifft > tfie teitiaiinec f n fee bp lalolal atttt co ib.j^.b,i,' 
<^2^ l«tttiae,|)e(atiieteiiMfineriiMt»oU86tatnsottbep>eteticei>f^ 
tftleo(anp1lnmipK« ano AkA not tberebptacnttetbepenaitfeaoftbe 
lbtatnteoft(e33H.8.cap.9. maqeagafnft baling (toed tftU«^ ilecanCe 
titpactfoilaretafeanottieremafnoet ate in i^afo accompteo an (^ 
elMte>4n teflpett qV tbe i^}(MtF tbat <« fOmn> bettoeen t^^ 

<ijMM» -7^ j^nianflHllbabeatD^ttOfContnfonmmcollationis, but onel? Co.ib.384.b;k 

tbeiFeoffo} anobiobefctf, 1oboatep)ftq»to tbe oeeo > ano p^irtes in 
n«r ' 79 -Hf A »"'" enGeotf A. ami B. tobabe ann to bolo to tbem ano tbe<t cejb.384.b.3. 

mfeU, toft^raclenbortoatnintp, PrzdiAi$A.&B,&eorain hxredibus 

<^ a(%natis ) in tbf II cafe* ff A. oieOK tiltoo B. {itrbf betb> ano otetb, and tbe 
beftofB.en&oeretbC.beftalboacbaf jEURgnee, ano pet bete bnttbe 

JURgnM o( tbe beite oC one of tbeni ; fo} f t| inoeement of I'dtD ( ano fn 

cefve« «C tbe p»fDttp ) tbe ;9fi^ of tbo beit W tbe lacfgnee of tbe jStt' 

ceCo}, ano fotbe j^ifgneeof Oe )9ifgnei( tbaB bonc^in iqfinitum, fDftb< 
(n fbefe tWOO ( his Al%nes. )^ 

8o 3fa»ianenfeotfetb'A.tobMofbbhKbto bofto ano SaUsmu, A. C0.ib.3t4.b4. 
en(ieo(btbB.anobi^beft«) B.9iM<ii9ott tbe beft ofB.fbaBboncbajBt 
SLmm^ to A. to b<o befts of flCfane0#ni»anBRe«of jUIigneo, ano af« 

gffliegofbefeg(fnte^oftbewbftg)a»tom y>e bei iD eu toW ntbete 
•* fDomt ( his Afliaics ) fobBi wiiUB to be a;'i9tieflNon fn Bnaons 

time } ;9nD tbe 0ii^^ tt«A not otttlpboacb » M alfobabe a Wananti^ 

inata- Si Sjf a «an witb tDattwf lanoio anHber tottbont tbfo Amo coljbU. 
rfhoac ;( Heires) b<ibe(c0(kalnotboiic|i t iSiii, eegautfle. (fa manloattant 
■^ Uiioto«nianaimbf»b#ci>li(tbo«iianiMJs'jeatt0nefibte<^^ 
btobefU) tbetUbecenf^oCMbtbt'HlM fan «ift%iMttantp anooM^ 
^ece,(nTcfve«t of fbe nMtp,tiiel^tt gtbetbtofbelbn abwntaoe of tbe 
lDatcantpiiiaietotbeCRtbec;aniitbetaibet, becanCebp aa <ni.afDtbe 
ipattantpbetiDiKt tbeffetbeic aiibtbe(^f« ertftut 

-9* 3lfaniaiiattbf0WpbeeMf|MtootMtbbHrrtantptob(mjb<«befc» CoAjsyuuii 
aotoafi^ieO) anbbe make a gfft f n taO> tbe rentafnoet (n f^) ano tb<! 
Wont nkateo a UottmMk in Ut ; l^te) tbat ftnHtit ftal not boncba« 
0ilj|ff^; becaaCenomanfiiaBboocb ao attsnA;, bntb^tbatcometbto, 
<nf)<bftpof«Sate;botbennittmicb'bfK #eofro>, ano fbat JFeoifo) 
<liabottCba0)afi0nd»;l^otDMtra(banaffisn6inaptebntf* ^ ^.^ 

83 ||fatMtcantpbeni8»etoilnninanibb<i bettoiottboilttbfe'lmtt ^*^^*^ 
r^" ( Arigaes) begcantoobectbelanbtoanotbetfnfs, bte i9W|^<( Ibal 
notbopcb > bat tbe iSURsn^ o» ani^ otbet SCnatit of tbe lanomapte^ 
lHmt)anftalbeftno nian Ibal botebo) babe a Wanatuia carts, eftbec tut 
pattp,^»o»aftt8n^bnt(n i^Xbttp of eftate ; pot anp^t io ftiof a* 
I m^ereltate, beitbpoMUBn,abatenient,.fntnilion,nfiirpatfon> o)o< 

I ■ (^erfDilii>ftaltebQttbp(inceoftbelMttantp,a0afbfn0an^ 
I • |imOv1obMl(iniKtfM»0lM»oonbttB8moii0tbefl»a0^ofoacl«lii» 
kfe o(a - H HI** B<"> beooMibMOfn a i^etdsrail action, tc* anob^fngebfti Co.iat.fuHi 
ftfEoour. t0}ftof<ttm;(f<ie,atbKiofO(ii(tbetM«onMafDeo,to(li^U!aoa^<nft as^.a**. 
tfm a foleaft of al aitiono iietfonal ^ tb<f tiJtin< to be no plea ; btcanlit 
ilf tbe bto a«(on be flbal fOcobec no^Nns <n tbe (etbnaltp , but onelp f» 
fffintette jDotlabDp t !|^tobeii<iitbi|( oifi, a itleafi^of lbrlP)i(if Er- 

1B k » . MJIt. 

touic <» a (^ yUa { IFi^allKft t^lNafRtlff In t|ei»»iU(Enrour ^»fff$» 
coDee» 4} be xt&vm ti>wt0^^vMt i\» pKrt|f4 iltt#afnipc|r^ 
tl)e^t(i{iitlfftntlie4o}nttc«(tfiiiif pfh)p to tfpef^m^" t^lNle^Cc 
DD^ttotErroDrto^fe fMRcfetit t» jwunce tie |^iM(ittfii« tHtuftW' 
Enour of tte (nit flwi tW|«tlOII bp tb^ Ca^ to^ft of Eirouc.: .< - ..c- , 
Co. ■b.48. •.4. 85 3lf t^t be oitietfi Jf^eofFdes , am tbe jTeogo^iii^fctrr IfteigiCiiiiite umy m <« 
&49.b.3- tootie«Ctbema(co>o^iVtot|eoeejtr3H;tlK<icati9)'tie.lanty«fet^-to joj^cauuit 
q«,ib.f4.a.i. tbewalLUittq?ertoft|^P»<«tpoftWtjWate,tc. i^oMk»Wfey#;t|^ goodiob9i^ 
betloo|6|?nte«aabsoeaQ0iai3ii,aM>«}e.'0t<beino9 tvaSe* bo^iiai 
annBecfo»4t,£oit<wC«Hnecea(Otir- V . ■ . .j; - 

€o.jb.M.a.i> 85 jatpDenantb^tltCoiittefi^Vitt )I>oiBetrCaiiboi»ofiioi|eb|^«(' waH apioi 
tbe^leite, aim bi0 bMcf bp Qe(CKntif^>t|ecero?o Vi^^iaaMttm Viftltt «•» <" 
;.-, iDbole.e<Ute,aiiDtbe<0meeootbtwUle, pettbebeftiliaiiDfjm ^*^*^ 

ao/on of tpaffe agalnlt tt^em* 9110 tocat^c tbo lam afatitft tie TOfkgKii ^^^'om 

bntittbe\)btteltbetbetb3ietbea|[tgnmentb>0]pcantea, o}aQerCbi(«0' I 

lljpin»nt9otbiP»wt^et^iocSoiio]ifc»:t|eilttai^ 4 

' onQtln9(^easainttt|e^l«sne<ibecaii(etben<nbotbcaClp9tbep^«)ftr 

G.ibid.a.». feM^tPP?8» w. ( y^feJnfti J4' ) MifM t»at0,b6p«iebp««w«eri 

tbeFilwtfaitftDecto*.tt,ffr r ,j. ,, . 

co.i.t.M.b.4. 97JD^escettaw-3^teiiantftfo^U(i»i^tet)|»cSoiiec0E^^ AnonuDnr«i 
Thoktnctk. ||{0eSAte.iHCBe»«ii^oC4^3loiatei<aii!^^ t|to<iiaf«» <^ 7o^ 

Co.ib^7.a.i. p^fbffp kno iittttenete of tbett eitate, <c» % if tbo Helios flfi&tti^ ^ 
..•;': •: tta)olLcaee0fo>Ufe,anQeHfeoff«9«t^ejltaBD.onf/oCib<iMEerate<en# 
tct, tlji j art of one of tticm f g an a(to»nment i$ ll.a\Q fo) botb ? ^ 9ii» 
3otntCJiutit Qim ttiim af mit.tbatOianbhiire ^lisfioamtimt 10 his 
azt£t9ini»H.6,i. )£alea(ebeimaOQtot)Mv|iM«aectbe4riiioc^ 
fs gt^nteo to one dt tf^? ano be affcepta jtbt DeeQ> lbi0 i» boteengii^fli* '. 

tOjnn«nt(nll.ltDfojb«tfF, Baldwin sS H.S.DRer^j^ij, ■■ ■ , f, ... . 

^ L 3.».a.4. 88 Albeit bp tbe genecal lawM of tbe ut of attalnoer of aft rigbto, ^k^ fif*^ 
S^^' f^ dP*?ilF?*WW>tefV* W«IP Wifl^m i^3#i{*Ioa:i*<n tbt »8 H.8. « ^ fc;^ 

^nto tecobc;i;lfnatilfi»«to tB#N^ 0tii»M| Ipp»m oTtb* Um 
MA ( uV;}^t0 <itc|lAiM^otjCftl|?4NMt qtma^ 
uailUUi^^ rimom^i^ tleffflftlfiwt^votefKf^ butbpaitlfiftjtii^ 
Ig, to tecobec tbelano,fe.a KiiH^' tql}^ ffunOllK- on^i? in ])2<bf^4 «i» 
IOIMc<i<annpt «C(|«it,o^iwfi«^«|^4!«iinnoii Hatp : Htf tWn (ott 

ace ^ ti^t of Foifinefloii ia defce^ciec, tb» Cttbt OfACtiOK opott a UtttUHl^ 
tmftkfterc^ caf^ anp»t|elHt^; C;e<l^.M*a<4-ia ^e£eildscar«* : - 

Co. ib.4.1.3,4. % - W« |aogement.^Mi 80igr|ft^lCeiiant fo» iife> «; agaMI fi^N a reretfio 

Itapt <4 tOtt ( i|lKe ^litatMte dc doMScanditionalibus )lfttiltl» VHtU^ ^ l>™g 

iton 0? temaf wier mK¥^^ te>ft of,£n»ur> a^eit|efpaeiiotvattp.t« ^''<>>v>^ 
p»itiith^9!iA^}gn,\>omJivK,ntKtf^i BntbecwOotiotititi^teafe i 

^}iiVtil^#i»ittaa(tertbe|Mctfeiaaccftat(^OBte»rineb;f^««i^^ ^ 

|e4mWPtratt»9)iivtetbefi;llceco)olip<aio ewec, boac|er> e>fle« 
$eipt» ftoenanfsbtbebtrt* a t»>it^Ern>ur,f^Mfoiid|; dittos t|ie!|ifir«e 

tbe|[;efWftintafloHi«iiieafii»tba( be fMc<ntlKi^^ 
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Co. 1 3. «. a. pQ asiacpn an» JTMie acefiMfebrOf^MM to t^«|e of fteac^ «iiDt*r upon fioei 
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fo ions Mfft t^^38 M^haOO^^rt tbetn, «>; Vide Pyer 4. b.i« 

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tetna|nri|li<o^ttiet;$Htt^on|la!0>b^^e tbe'JMtat, of C^uk emptor^ 
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ibti^llli(1!^%^mi)^§f^ alf^ff aftet 


.i5>^ . The Rcafon of ^JVf ^aoc; f f^ 

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V»f toitp of cotttcact, 80 to t|ie atfloii of JMit Mm onel; lietfp*n ttn l,t& 
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cntoMt > fb} tlie p>ttrftp conSfts onelp betHmm t|K l.«ft>) an« %xU 

Co. ib.b. 3. 94 3lf S^enatit <n {Dofget « o» Sonant bp tte Conctdto af^neobet oowr q* 
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fotliatlie IbaA (aDe an aafonof Watte ajsatefttl^nrf^^iaaCeMiie *«, 

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pjifrftj? of t^ jStfiott if wfttoi»»,anD tibe <0)ant» cannot <iat»anp atif 
on of Matte Cstieoneii? againfttteiBURgnee i tecaaftbetineen tteni 
taecef0i^»fti«p^ottate;lnitliettoeentbee)antce,«nBt|eSenant<n J 

JDotoet, 0) Senant bg tbe C^qtteSe t||fcei« nop»ftrttpat 9l > Vide . 1 

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l^Ob? dial bat» an action of S>ebt Cn tbe arteacasei one b(fiD» tbe (otN 
oitionb)oiten>o}tbe(cKcenQecmaoe, w appeam fap F.N. B. 1x0,122. 

30 E. 3. 7. 5 H. 7.. 3. b. ( againft tbe b»k of 3 » Edw. 3. Tit. Barre atfa. 

iDbfcbif not lata )'jeUio tWo isinid^ of^pMtitpof tbeConttaa, 
tblMcb ttil remains bettoeen tbe ilcttb) ano tbe ILefbe»<c, 
co.ibu. r^f f« HftbeHefliee fo^pearii atffiti obotbif fnterett, anbtbel^elfo) Thciife. 
lUti Ghvm broeeoinBtnt0»«n9^oUeo^acco;Ding to tbe matatO) bargain anoiea 
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lt|yde(?>8ftertbeaaignment, tbe ilreifo)bin|^fmidrt||8bean action of 
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cohtinne, a0lon0a0t|KlLeiformain0tbBr«berillon:^liiitDibff . -, 

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ox^fr/Mand SDebtlpetbHotasainffbimeo^lUntDoe after tbe afl^pramt : jSUtoff 
sydbMis cafe, ^^og^ui^ pe»0afIisneot)e«bi»intetettanobie, tbeCiecnto^ttialnot 
becbatsetfo^tberentoneafttcbiabeatb: iFo^bpi^wat|oCtbe i^ef< 

feetbe pertaial piibitpof tbe contract a0 to tbe^ action oC |t>ebt ( ill betb 
tbeCe ca(e0 ) lDa0 oetetmineQ, 
Co- ibid. 97 A.let0toC. 

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bio intereft but f^ part, % temainspoSeaieD of t|^iettoae> not onelp V^ 
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action ofJiDebtfin tbe itttire tent asainfttbe IL'Cl6e>becaa(ietberefiM0 
not oneir P^ibitp of contta«, bnt aUbpMbitp in ettate ano contract to* 

cetber ; ano tbecefo»e in tbie cafe, tbe anion rtin0 toitb ^ ettate : !N 
alfo at tbe Common latpbefinetbefitat. of quia entpioRstenanim, if 

tbeSCenant b«o maoeteottincntin feeof pattof tbe tenance; Bintbat 
car^tberetKtt no apportionment, bat tbe 1^30 oi b^ <(i«nteellMa 
afwto opon tbe iFeoflb^ te^tbat be remaina Senant iitf efpect of tbe re* 

lloae $ ^tPbeit, if be bn maoe feolfmentof aUytben tbe ^^wnteeof tbe 
1,0^0 fbaU not abotD upon bim, fc« 

Co. ibid. 98 3|n oebt ^ntt tfgo aominittrato»s npona leaGtmaoe totbeir TheBke. 

i^w'.gi ffeftBt«»tjbe)BWenwm0pleao,tb«tbefowtberentatw^ 

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mentj ano before ^tem notoiemaiioeb tpas one : 9ere^npon tbe 


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Iritp to (ucli onelp a0 ate ptixiieMifmi^K^tm^mil^^ sm 

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i|to4pqttar iinpit«M9ti»iRtf^lN«ttiba ^MnNifiniiiiiifr. 
not compeHaMe to accept l)(s tent bp tbe laitM of tbe Vmi99i 



Go. L 4.111.^. 



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i^^t The ReaCm of iS\da9if^ 

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jidtjViiff cafe: ^iue;t||t 4Mmiii« In v>«^ai» figttflC ile^^ 

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t|(biw«fftiVlic1i; fO t|it tte <tanil«i tatli mci^^ai^ 

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thecalii<Ct|e'eiMta<iiii,|efMlib«fOt|elcifo> MtoWiotnniiiteat 
«nrt»;lRrtftalifPCffMl«M»t|eli<(c flC tit tMton «t Ito M 

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t|ejiibnt|liiittlr«»|it|titf , lelii09>llit0lnliMn, mttn^cifo 
lAtMCifttit^OMninifffMip In tlilt,ic» 

Co.l.7^3.t.i. tot Thomas MtotCNorfolk, In Anno ft EUz. C«m»{Cft|it UWIt Power .fie. 

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t|}tecttifliletiiitnciK^t|«tt|en« «c. antafbRimtf t|cblt]^lte 

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taiproonfti^^EUnotnidrtiileabtt, asttela9ttefffiEato»biiiiitiel&* imsb»dm*fd 
1^0 7 Eiiz. E>yer, 201 npoti tbe Statute or i? H. 8. VKecatoui ftafl iabe rwmwcafe. 
anjSlttaint tf, Crecoto^a fbal'babe ttttftntUn upon 
tbe Ifrtatute of u. H. 8. 0iro XamfitfftratoMi Jial bsbea «Er»ft or 
Error aqpoH ^ ii Ma. ks H fSdi i^0m fti ii mi. in^ io)if Mer. 

dantsca&lntbe Exchequer Chamber; |»ett||e(ittbl<elall(Matilte0^k 

oittip of jlie Initio , iuio not tf bto ei»ciito90 $) jKimftii^^ 
I 2gAff. PI.7. iiE. 3.&f?cut6r$27. . . :, * 

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but a i^o8{bflft? ■■> im cf HK^efis, «c; l^otobeft note bp tt^e ^tatnt^oC 

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co.iaft.pmi. 1 30 jB$ettDe^ )t0Uttmti t^et^Wa ttBo*foib'p):f«(tF> ylk. m esate^ pr},ity of*^ 
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Viz.tiiedi^fnVettomtinDfnfot^n* ; ; . ;./.'. 

c«.iiid.|Mn I ' 131 fl%ete f« a (Ii07dlt2,tr>^(ta xonoft <on conc^nj^ X tr9nato»i> T<;Mkc«£n»!i^ 
.ios.b.j. o3;localt(ifr}'afiitetob^pettc/;)tt^tqtb<lifi^olf^0iBl?blfs^,ani)t^^ 

jtf<€o'i(i(^o}nteat<)'JS^(^"S^^ > ^*^f^'^ b0n.notQ,6. to patjo}* to e<^* 
C. l^cr e A. ttn^ C;ano be TeQifet^ i 3ii tbfd ^ <t)e IBonoig fi»u 
feft, bt taafc tbete fi no pifbtt? betlDlit tbem > anb' A^attqot conqiH c. 
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tostifcoff B. an9lievcifnr0t^':^£iC^tQt obligation f0fo}{iDtt,fo} tbefl)b< 
iHi^oi 17nt^, anoe'tftkoi'to enftoJff B.'«nn t^e toant0<ir^(bftp betl»(irt %im 
atiD B. I3tit t. t\ttttdtfitnt t^iob^ntobe mao^totbe;C>blfg& ^fmtelf; 

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toit!j tonoftton t^ v.ibM sxttttOlt-^n ti^o ctIp, If C. tenoeC) ano D. 

refiift, \\}t obiigatton mm^ ; oiitfi iDfe f ntenoeo tbat tjie fecHfment 

(bouh br mcioe fo}f[it%ncftt oit^e ;|DUtgee, f^ 
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* fljc nfc of tb? MuliW If 'not}«ooo^tbont tbrMulicrs content tbetsanto liereany. | 

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Dyeri9i.i94 1 34 Ceiiflntd fh Common caitHot mate pHrtftlm^^^ 
at H, 1. Cop^tcenetfi map, becrofe l^ep arci pitWe0, ani '«« one Itehr , atio ( bp 
confequent )|[«teatl)we^MBp>h)ftp^ viz. to eftate> pertow, 8^ pbc« 

fefffoit, Viclciupratjo. 

ijj Vide Max. 114. c. 58^. 5c Hob. 130; Oates anO Frith. 

. 5 6 Equal things cannot 5rown one anotha, & t^mrk. I 

>7j.b.5. t 31 a mart mafti; a leafeCo^ ten ^eat«> tin remanoet fa% 20 peanB, be a iticife or 

<ntbeTemafnoecteleafetbaBbf0tfjbttbtbei.eiIee fo^ ten futa ; 3n i^flee for 

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tbstf ^* iannot oiofwi anotbet , neftbet pet can peate? be confnmeo fci ^ J'**^ 

?«««»"■■■ ■;•"■ : ■• 

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)ix,^6r the Cotottiort Lm. t^t 

lihcc Mile , 3|f4 g(ftiwnij»etonjeeIwfttoi» «n»t0ft»Wr0«f|toba», t^ c*ibi,k. i. 

• Itlie eloeft fon letjfetft a line tottli |^)«laiiiat<on«, atip ^tetli l^ritlmttSaf, co u <t • ia 

tMs dial ipamtlet^cotK bit.; tecanfetlieeat^t, Me tte remMnfec wifc^cd^^. 
1080 in tMm, mfgiit bp ls«pfng a sne |)at)e barreo tbe jfoitngeff fon of ta< - 
kUig impbeneet b; ft'; ano tberafo;^ tefien tbe reiiiaf mier oefceiios to 
tl» eioeft foiT,8 fine letpeo bp fflm ftan alfo be of fifce f o^ce f o gar p poniti 
sett } ftn tbat ait cltate tifl can nattber ojobm > no be eptfinr ; 6ecau6 
fiicli4di fftate tlM0 ir»«am|(e at tbe C^ntnton I^aUi, ano map 6p htm* 
Wlitpettbnte&ieMr, • 

*^'l ^ afa«wnlettetbiaiiMtoanofbetfo)Uffe,tbetemafnDettoWmfo* c«.inft;pni8f. 
SrSr. *»>««'» bebatb b«beftate0 ftt Wm tottfftfnalp, 80 be map gram "'''•*•' ' 
amap eftbec^tb^at ; tn a greater euate map n]iMo ii tdte fn tbe t&me 
licrfto, but iwt i cowerfb ; ano tiM-efore ff a man make a leatt to oni' 
fo}' 21 pear0itbe ttmafnoec to b^mfoitecm of ^ tffe, tbeieal^fiof} P(<it0 
IMmhuIt 4 jS|||t«nte&t«pleo»obMBattaiifti«»trtretbeteo&i0btit atipbUga* Ctf. 
luSn t<fl"ttt«)»*»a««>«««W<fi«ffon»«»ftoftewD,o^itotofre«ji»,cannot wwwc'fc 
If**^ ojdimt anotber oUt0st(on : bfit (nrillftfl batb a oebt bp Smple rontiait> 
; «tm be t8lte0 an 8blt(jat(on fo^-tbe fame oebt , 0} aiip part tbereof > tb£ 
eonttatf is oetermfneo ( ^ H. 4. 17. 1 1 H. 4. 9 C. 3 . ;P> ; i , ) j&o foi^n 
a manb^tba oebtnifon anobllgatfeni, anb bp o^pfoarp conrfe of Itatv 
t^tb $a9gejiienttIfec^pon,tb*(Ontr6abpf)^Mtp>tob<cbf0 of a meair* 
er natnte, f bp ttiogement of i,atB Qjoioneo ano cbaogeo into a matter 
orriKe»o> tDbfcb <0 of «K bfgber nlf&re> Hct VJEJe 61 . 7, s. 
jMi. 5 y tbelLojobe'CBfarijfartottbelaift, o% ff tbe jCenant ntakefba Co.inft.pttir 
™, leaCetotbello^Bfo^peaw; •^fffbeCojobe.sCemint tbweof bp^^ta* 3«7»-3. 
"^f^- tntg 9ercbant^ frfatnto fttaple, o» Ekgit , aito nniltetb febffmentte 
f<Boftbelanotoatt«nser, bo botb bi^rebpertftigtiffbbfa MoHnii 
bec4nfebpb{0ottRi a(t bebatbbeSeo tbe JK fsnfo»p «no Senancpfmo 
one bano , bp tobfcb meano tbe tenancp {0 i)9otmieo> ipbfcb be(b»e 

bat fnCnfpence : «»o<Ctbere beJUijtt ano ^^toantbgtbaitp aim rent,aim ro 1 4 ,b ..< 
tbe 1^090 Bflfelfe tbe Ceitant o^tb0i8R9i ano mfHtl^maitnUtUZ t sk itf%'* 
iHtb(r)be(iebptb0lbtfCMfo»P<0ei!Hi«r*- ■^\" Fktbesctk, 

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tbitetbewe of t^ bafbiF*'8iiilil«,<Pettbe3optttnte coittfSiNi;^ SSSSt* 

11^ <t*»aBbatoneetatecreatebattbefii*iettme , anotberefbietbe |r^'''^'""^'^ 

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tbBvomaMoer fnf& ; bat Wben } are |opmenant0 ft} Ufi^^anD after one 

Qffbem pnrclsretb tbe ree> 9% tbe r#tibenb0 upon bfm , tbere (be fit* 

Smpie mergetb tbe eftate fo> Iffi^ , Isno febernb tbe lopntnre ; (o) 

t^ etateCnlife tmu ftt eile be(o30 } ano map be meri^ 0} ftitrenbieot 
tat fo camiot tbe eftate fo) Ilde f n tbe flrft raft, f c, vide Pi. ibid. 

7 l'anotMObelbeftbeiakcbbfaop)<cltbpiittfcbt'CBrbfce,anointbe i>»«ri,4.«t - 

tfm00rE.3.tbf0ianblD90gfbeHbp8netooneStrangwayesfnt8a,tbettI 4/f^H> ' 

wafnbecin ftt to E.^ tbe temmtln tafl 0fe0 Af0 Hfoe tottbfn aptjn tb(0 
ufy ( bp Sanders ano otber0 ) if tbe iifiig tM accept of tbe remataber 

tbe iCneftal bolo of none, no» be <o toaro toanp ; becanft tbe tennre anb 
Inblce are gone aae eyt<n<t bp tbe %fn00 iF^>8mple. 

ttr«f£M- 8 )aiftectbea>aclK!e(La»caftercameftttotbe%tng0b8no0>aIbefttbt n. 
!►• tebemiO toere kept feberal , pet per nomcn Regit nomen J>ucis dimerei- tsL**'* **' 

batar;(b)becoiilQnotbeilNber8fgnamif^iib|e(ttoo. VidesH.4. }«»«• 

i a- 

I>d 57Tlaiigt 

I ».i- 

1^1 The Reason of f^iax.^ 

,ij Things are to be conftnied, Secniubm *fitilk»tmrd' | 

Ftii^M. ' SCiiiisRule fn i/atofiiipoYt0aIoff(alt»ttii»» aicftn 9f «iMtf » tt 

Brafi.I.ix.]. Bradoucalct^tt,lD||Kete aWt, iEqukas eft tenna convenienda> quie 

p^rSnis 'incauHs paria jura ddid^t » & omnia bene cot(|uipint. Et <Ucitur 

squitaS) <^i xqualitas i toM^ natOte <« tO S«t|pUfe> MVCtf, atA Ott t» 


» Eiiz.coj. a mi^n aiecogn||aiKea()tm%rt«»fSfDlqrtlie jOiiuto), o»H» |«»8»« Equal i« 
3. 1, . Sir ma. went in an adion o( vebt gftien agafnlt ^m > 3lf lie »fe Gsffiee «r tlw a* '^'^ ^ 

niLj.u.b. Dau0^et0t f»^<imaItevattltfoiii;p» ff teote tott|oiitMtt> tn^tvib? 
part of ||{0 lant Dtfteaoctli to t^ lied 9CIH0 tatlwci pfct> am yatt to t|a 
Iiefce.^h t^ vartoC^o motbet : flnal ttibcal^ffontoiiolpte dpt* 
p^i Ht fbit Ud0 (ontttbatf on agafntt ^ etfior » fto» t^r ii» in i>^9>^i^ 
jiinr, Frrich 20. Co.l.2.25.b.4. The cafe of Banker. 

»« Afl;pi.j7. , .3 .,3KtiDo>tOnT,o>nio)on»nbiafaif (^MtalFMtincCUiRW. fifiifna Ei|«ftie«(i 

■'■/"; ;t^(oi^dBincfc>afttlieklain»iimftlre«(|ttalr»ftBttOto»Fi^ ' 

Fiodi/iba '4 CQf3Slaleootf)(^ieflB<b^«(nA^(o)tl|ttiitffnt^frpoitfa|i Cxp>fi^ 

on^tatntes , bF<i;tonDUi0 tbftigo t|p»rc pioMoiD to taOOiMt in tdo UItt saont*. 

Fincb,ibid. $ SCbis iRjtUtd fUoof gteatqCpCo^ snWn0t|t,ftotin!Hi anomap CFounJi «r 
im&oft^nQif^'l0t%mHf.fUttutt»W9iHt/»tm^ti$idt^ ^^* 

tnort lialM, , r . . ,-.■♦,■ 

%i H. 8. Fitz. 6 mts Bttfiz Cottnrioii iiaf^ isKn^wntWfi^v^ <n time saintoji u&s itgirM 

greater rfsatD to be tmpateoapoiigftflnlietttanceo) ace notDDcniean« **''^^ 
..u:.r.a. 'e«aitot1]£ir3nt)crfta»c(»«ttt)oComa|oa9rato;foa0po(l'eiriofratriig|aft 
^ *" ' br of tt}em , I of uirtDs in, ]l5o?oneli <lK«aUfb > tl)« nfe AaS ooCcen^to t|ic 
I'o uiigrft To ii : <n no ^iot» filti) Ote^ n(^ >eing tntneo tnto eINtf f > Ibat 
be fiem^AttcQ In aO TCt^o, ao eSateK fti'90ieffion»i Finch 20. 

r f \ 4 7 *CtT)Cii cuttomc cr«ateij^Kn!iectta«e ii| €m*W>^ UaM> an» nu' SSSr * 

V.O. J. 4. »»• ijjt^ t^j ja^jg acfccuaatje , tben fiiap tiK iralo ottut tlio ooCnntf tu> ""'"^ 
., .; . Jto}T>fj;ti;ctJt^c ^ac(iniManoptlef>friU(irConniioni,ato» tolwfio afof-: 
..,:/..\ 1. {-^(f,^ f^^^^j^;^ g„g ^ lilte r^nt noQo colUitenLtlilii!Bf,a«tiinmrlVtlii 

Coort^,SDoiiut>Qe(t«nt|otA,an(ntfp. Finch 20. . 

Oijat^Mk f 9 wuie Id a conllcii(tion mate Jj^f f(ie Slnogei » t^t caf^ onC tftlft f?!^*!!! 

*4.feu:i^ c . lettet bf it^tatntfe vet being toit|^nio (am mfftW^ o> cantt or nn^ rSrLS. 
kftttitd^l^toe* 0iaUWf6ttM«t|«(^ocennb<e,^Mt6ef»taiattB)o« "''^''^ 
tinet^ \ jAnD tl^ tea^ \tBx$st !«• f^feat tlw nato^nialtec («ol» notfoC* 
fiU)P' fetl>)»tlf it all CJPlC^ .ili en|)OffipiflN«|f i £tpiaa eft ponvt^eoda leraoi, 
qoa; curl^a coze^uiji^rijc^^^.quatifi papil^f satioaibuS' paria jore 4e(idcnit. 
Slfi6a0afn, ^qiut^'eltp«ti«daqiue(|Mn ratio, qitr-iu>rcri|Kuiniintieipi«* | 

utotSf^Aitndit.^ hiflUircrlpntracpaipKlKpla, fcdfokininvetantionecai^ 
{iftent. i£qQlt»selV,^pfi»qiialit(wi. Bonus juikxfeoutduin trquam it bo- 

C«;il^:iE|-M.' 'rm^ {uJiqaCilk xqultatem Ori^o juri paCerc Et jus reifpicit xqaiutCOV jil|»- 

' tfiefm^e; ti^ cal1(ft fiet ooton in ttie Statute of yi^dm, t, ate tlm$ 

imt.d^if To> tFatnolea^of eftatoo'tafle » oenetal ant ]|Kfial,nn« 

not to i^);dn])toti)ei; eftateo tailej. Mn* ExempU illifftrait* non m- 

fttingiihtt^etn. Jlni^tlMo«lWMC0i»e^tro}Woft)ietantt 1^* Ami: 

■i .<tfc " '• %. it.CsirbdhQlsCarf , '} 3 £4. B'^aik S>3 E»nj2. t8 AJ8.PI.5. i9^i^» 
-' =^ fMa.lDy.^iJ.ThaLordBaiikkyscafe. .Pl.C0.a51, •, . 

Ce.ib.f3.b.j. 9 )3ne^tlie!&tat'tiieoCC>locefter, iD^ici) p)obii»t(i temeop aeainft w«ft and a 
toall, rpeaKett) not of tfte erile of tSilteins, pettdat aICo i«coni|»e« <^^ <« 
tienoeiitMooctdesenetal foo^o of fiM^e> to tii«tei^Uo}oefttnctiOnoC ▼«<>»'c. 
tflllfM^^9Ceiiant0atiDiU>o)maIciftst|iem poo), tuliete t^ toeie 
xiilf, toben t)ie tenant came in, tobewbp tbep oepatt ftom tbeit temttes 

ita^if. the Go(dm(Jrt Xaw: i^j 

. H t9 h$tmti«m^ toafte i^fn tDetSemto »llTii(t<on IntfjuH Infsn Unit 
ate iBojBrMinDertfble, <f ; . , . 
^•f _ to ^lit)eT?eflatm0oittoft^lli(ng0^B0f0inti^nattiteor«te« Co.!b.7z;a.4* 
iamtd. ftttntioif i tD|feb to tote iaium fat^oncal)^ ; jFo) fCliliMtpjbe maoe of .a 
[ 9«ilil0»cumpeitinemi%ttelieApil)aVt()erebF bate an ;&ot)Oii^Rai|« 

/ pati»mtjt^jtoi»ttftl0ot<rectDfCelnstani9bpl'ettet0|»atent0^ . 
Kilo. ' ^ Vptlie ffrtatttttof 2 E* 6. cap. 8. it to enatteo, %^t taOt perfotis Co.!b.77.b.t. 
ksapie, a0^Bfe>^inoC|?eat»> o»%coptoofContt*ton, o> balij^ anp ten(» 
£ &a common, b}'p)oftt apprender ont of an? lanos fonno in mg 9tEUty tDbere* 
E>e^4. iiiptdelMiifs toentftUulP tt^toato<b<pof tiiefame lamw, o}totl)e fo^ * 
r ' CettnTeocianodaponattafiiMcoftiealon^felon^, prxomnire, oianpo* 
• tfm iMmtt, mat^ii»^.ft9ifh enlop, andfecceite. t^fc (eDoral eftateo, 
(merest^ ano p;olIto^ attbongb ^ bo not fiaano fn tbe office i |^re, 
^beit tbofe ttDi> eUatoo oi^j? are CatieB i^tbe lettev of ttio ra(o jift > |9«t 
It befog ^beneftcial l>ato) tbe efttfeof S^enant bp ^tatnte9»taple, 
#eccbantK Elegit, ano of CKOcotoMirtbat bolo lanoo fotpapmentoC 
bebttf, «(» atetafcentobe toitbintbe b^eSt of t^ Oaafe : tDbicbtM0 

||0libt«lftM4.El. Dyer 919; 

jtBiliitc- 12 9iabeteano(QcetofotinDbptbeftf9»>Dao}tbeHItei <juod dequo, C9Jb.jf.h.}i 

kSnoA, vel de quihus teneinenta fixdiSti cenentur / juratores praedifti ignorant > o) 
^**' V^at tbe UUOfSMt boloen of tbe ftf ng, fed per quz leiritia ^ratores igtiO- 

rant^ ne^t^tif tbefe (ban be talten fo) an Immeof ate tennte of tbe Htng 
in ci^f ; iNit in Cncb cattjt a i^tius inquirendum iball be afnatoeo, a^ bstb 
hkn accnCtomeo of olo tf me t $n» tbie p^obtflon to nuRK bp tbe fttatnte 
of 2 B. 6.czf. 8. ano bete, albeit tbat j^jtatnte <iBitb no mo)e ; pet ( b; 
fibe rqnftp of tbe fame dtafnte ) if tbe fLitt ofRce Sno a tenure fm tbe 

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Br.II^ or tbe iDoHHt tt tbe fttatntes of tbe }» and h H. 8. of mm ; iFo> ««»»«• 
tbenbe tbaWo p}e)uDlce tbe otbec ttno Hoviti but bg a fatwncaUe 
ans equal confttnaion oC tbe taio totatate0, be batbvoloDectoDei»tte 
onelpttD) ftxUtf eacb9anno>i ^otbateqnaUtpamonii&tbemfbaB 
4E. 3. tit. Air. vs 9^e 1'0» of a 4^aiino> IbaB not appjote ft al> albeit be leate 
178 Co. iui. fnffident «Common lit tbe lano9 of otbet I'O^ui > accoiolns to tbe Slta« 

tnteof Merton.cap.4. * ' 

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J, tbe fame <;ountp ; efecntlon (ball be bao aoafnft one onelj? ; buital Oowcr. 

fbal be eqaalp tl^tseb* 29 E. 3. 39. there is ihdike cale. Co. 1. 5. 1 3. a. 

•' . 3. Sir Wiliam Herberts cafe. 

n \i,7»A '7 J'oatmentoett bonnofna Slecosnttance of bebf to A.anoaf* a««^-i 
in^THiUii^m ^^ ^9 o( tbe €mm9 «ies > Ittnoinz W belt l»f tbin see > tbe Cono' f,^^ a, 
H<r»m>cafe. t(e bjlngfl a Scire facias againft tbe tb}s fl^ntbiboof s tob3bee](ectttfon> uiioocdk 
tot i^is Sir l9bo pUao, tbat tbe beit of tbe Cot^ut^} > lobe fsan oeao , toao inttMn 
ftbHUHftrds ace* anofu asmucb ai oat(ns bio mfne)it^, be conlo notbe cbac* 
p M C^* ""* tbe 0ncb<boart bnjAt not to be cbargeo onelp , tbep oemant 
>9 •}•)*' BaOQement , 9C» ^nobecaoTe A.coolt notoatnetapit: tbeX^outt a* 
toatneo, tbat tbe^aroU fbonlo fta|»; anbVbts SubjS^nicnt bKU «(tcc« 

If-irog (OnSrnteO in tbe Kings Bench bjf a fo>ft of lirror. 

Cojbid b } ^ ^ ^ ludcement be gfben agatnlt ttno &>f IbOma In an StSISt fa ja^QBcat 
' *'* tbelano ano oama|e0 an9 ne ot tbe JBDitfelfo^o oie > tbe eficntlon IbaB gaSt t»o 
not beatoamb againft tbe (utblbftis E ifletfb) ; tbat toae pact? to tbe Difieitbisa 
tolong,battbe beit 29 teen aetbe S^llfoifo^lbal be e 4naBp (bat£eb ly £. «nc 4iB. 


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'^ fo} tbe oebt of a Common petf^n > bat ondp bp fbwe of cettalne dta* chvpabk 
tmeo maoe fonbatputfote; ^tbe Jnoffea ans frames of tbe lLa)» withdebt. 
^aisealVMpes erpoanoeo cenetal ^tatotef of tbat natnte acco^Dlns 
^^tbesinleof tbeCommon i.ato (tobicb to aUoapcf scomneb npon 
.^epctfettionof tcalon) anonot acce}ofngtoanpp}lbateaff& tuD&en 
toirMt anoopfafon: 0no tbetefotefn «fl mocbae tbe bio (Matntca 
^tefniteaebaniano lanbtoan eicecation fo} bl« Debt , tbe 300000 
»no ^agen. of tbe li^aUi babe conHoettt tbe tnle auQ teaton bf tbe 
Common ii;4tD in cafe of tbe belt of an ^bllgo); In WM^ cafe tbe 
iano tnas tn\ilta to an erccutlon fn bcbt b; tbe Common l^att ;an& ac* 
xo»lnQl|f 00 aojuBjce ano relotte tbe cafee , ttfblcb atllle upon tbe btb 

c«.ib. i4.a.T. 40 %f ttoo mej^, alien lanb toftb loateantp > tbe lano of tbe one IbaB Land t^ 
notbeonelp renojeDlnbatne; neltbetpet, Ifoneof tbemoie,tbelana >ba«gc«i. 
of tbe &atbn»nct[^ be onelp rentjeo In balue; bat tbe cbatee Cbafl be 
UfocqniBpnpon tbem: iFoiaJopntbbno tbat blmut tbe lano fbaB 
not fjtblbe, o^Ue on^p npon tbe l»ncblbonti Mtn caieof a jopnt 
tnatrantp) tDberetloo fO) tbem ano tbelt belts tMttam tbe. lanb U 
Ka^Ojgt anobl0.belt9> tbe^^mbitmitlbaBnetbe CoMptMracben; ne<« 
tbet pet map tfie&liedlCe o^tbec tbe lano to tbe one 0} tbe otbet at 
l^onlearntei fo^ln eteentlone , ttblcb<<>iunnetbeteattp. anocbarge 
tbe lano , tbe l^betlffe cannot make epecntlon of tbe lano to one one* . 

1^; ^oaifolf t^ ate bonob to lMttantp> ano botb b(e> botb tbe I 

%'j. the CkHnmod Law! ipp 

W€9. •Nstt to be mwljfii , an» lutfr ^ VsmvufHHt to te etnaip 

jpHdicy of 41 WUbm Baraerdi jtftO IHs IN^. Mn0 fefCn Of t^ ^1010} Of Hin- Co.I.;.j ». a.4, 

• d p*n. ton tntail , being tbe toftjw logntwe > ana bolMit tn Capite ; ^m W. ?**'"' *"** "- 
"*?« B. biNns altb reifeo of jlmns to Fobing, botb toWcb amounteD to tbe fnV *'" "'" 
A'^aui. ^^^ vait of an bfo laito^ ; ^no w. B. befng uktWXe fefCeo of tbe 
laacwTc #anno»of Thpby (bolDen alfotnCafiK) tobicbamonnteo totipotMro 
}4 H. 8. pHtt0)ic w. B. oebffiek to#( lolfe tbe il^mm% of Th. upon tomitu 
on , tbat ilie Hmtto inalbe bet fo;mec )opntnte, <c» W. B. oie0 , tbe 
iDlfe tn pais tefofetb bnfo>mer . losnttnet 3|n tbie cate > W. B. coalo 
not he tb^frtatnteo of mi»8 ( 52 & 34 H. s. ) oebife tbe Inbole #an< 
no^of Thoby ; b^anfe tbe ^anno^^of H. am tbe ianbo in F. tnere not 
atJMKbpatt of tbe cl^er yearly value of al b<0 laniis« aa tbcF on0btto 
be acco^bing to tbe p^obiSon of tbe. fato dtatotM : fb^tbattbe clett 
title aiQ fitttnt pofietBottof tbe%iQino?of H. tD|»bntin pofUbttitp, 
ano bfVenoeb mieiAV upon tbe torn ano pleafute of tbe tDifir : amr flie 
(oolonotbpa bate tefufal in pais Be])e|lber title to tbe lopnturet HBat 
in tbat cafe , w. B. bao oneli? potoet bg tb^fe ^tatntea to bebtfe tUo 
tbiio pattaof tbe 9Mxm of H. ano alto mo tbito pact0 of tbe ult of 
Irfalanoit; fotbeeno tbat tbe ltii|tjE(iniQ||t babe an^qaalano p}opo}> 
tfotiable tbito patt api^teftebtoitb like accioeiits ano cftcnmllNuicee, 
tbat tbe otbec ttoo tbttos patttf tp.^te , aipco^ng to tbe trne intent urn 
tneaningof tbe bme fttatntet, 

iAtoefer 41 Jlf aJFemeCenwtintaileacteiUtaftile Sur;conifancededroitco-'Co.l.].;i.b.i. 

Ileus widiiD one ceo, 8cc. ano ^tebp ootb iSicant am tqnocV tbe lano fo} looo peare, » sir cttrg^t 
»eswaic«f pjetenatng tbat tbisifi! not tpitbintbetoojiwof tbefctatoteof 11H.7. »mmnk. 
UH.7.S0. c^p.^ Ig^ p)Obibit0 oi&ontitinancf , aliemtion, teieali^ ft. fiet 
tbat i0 alienation teitbin tbe intenti^i of tbe tarn act ; becante toitbin 
t|^foniemiflcbiefie,iff* ^ 

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Aetefcof aftettotbenteof bislDifeeo;bet lifefb^tbe iopntine of tbe toifie> tbis ^rnuMcafc 
if^ 1 10. dtat; ^ temainoet i0 tpi^bt tbe intent of tbe (Matnte of 17 H. S. cap. 
'S^kt. ^^ iFo) albeit tbat dtatnte Dotboiu^ erp}eiletbelie^8befo)ni0» viz. 
Lnfduc * I SotbelBatoqano iFeme> anstotbebeita of tbeS5aron> 2 9:0 tbe 
Vm. jBatonanbiFenieano.totbebeitooftbeiTtbioboDiee: glCotbtlBaton 

anoiFenie>atiDtotbe|»it0oftbebooieofo)ieoftbeni; 49Cotbe SBaton 
anb SttratUn tbtit libeo ; 5 9Do tbe IBaton ano i^eme fo; tbe life of tbe 
featt pet wmf otbet eitateo, not tbete patticnlatlif eKP»il,ace loitbin 
tbat tutifoi ^ faio pattiuilaTfo^nu ate but put tbeve fo} epatnplecsano 
not to erdooe anp otbec eliate , ti^cb it to tbe Itite effect > ano actojos 
toitb tb'e intent of tbe mabeto of tbe (ante 0tf ; ^0 libeteife an eftate 
to JFee Cmple conbepeo to t^ JFeme Un bet ^opntbte , ano in fati0fa« co ibid « b 1/ 
(tionbf bet ft>olDet h afopntnte loitbin tbe e^nitp of tbe faio Sitt; fer'i>yaik 
fQlti^ is a competent libelfboo totbei^eme o( an efiateof JFtanb' yiukntad 
tenement, tota1»eiCe(tp»ientl|f aCtettbe oeatb oC tbcSi'aron fo^aH «<fMwm 
tbe life of tbe if erne ano moje: anofoit ta tefoltieo in Sir Morricc p ^J-V. 
Dcuniscafe8.Eliz.Dycr 248. j9bio tbetefo^e tbe caCeof 5E.6..Dower •«**-*^- 
Br. 69. (tiri^it iefaiOitbitt anetate in JFeefimple contepeo to tbe 
JFemefo^betloi^ntuteienot toiQiin tbe &tat» of 27H. 8.) isnUfre* 
po?te6, anoonebttobe intenoeo tbatlitcban efiateitf nottoitbintbe 
^tat^te of II H. 7. cap. 20. tp^ teStainee tbe attenations of 
lUfrattent 44 3t is f rcquent tu Ottt bolta, tWwSid maoeof latettimeflnH 
Biceinar ^ takcH iDitbin tbe eqnitp of an Sid maoe lone befo»: ^otbe ^ta* co. ^a. 
taken w'ltb- tutcof Malbridge, tp^icli fDat maoe Anno 52K.3.gibe0 tbe toatoof 
k tq^tf. i\fi beit e( tbe tenant tbat bolO0 b; Unigbt ikwcbice> nottoitbflanoine a 

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anomow, viz. antm flje fefattrtf of 4 H. 7. cap. 17. (tojl^iwile fj^"^"^ 

fBsrQ ; lana pet « fe Woen ^n 27 "• «• ?• « ^^^ *»"« "^^ f «^* !?» 
&tat«ec9f4H.7.iiwl«feoftiie»tmt*bpC«i«««to«ftwwtlie 2 

.oi,.J 4.i.4. j.g^tlmtoattant? *ftlieJCewi«tteta«t»lt|i»tt> leftHteulWWn - .| 

"^ tfteci|iiftpoft»efet«t«fiofGlonceftercap.5. iiig»«E.i.a«ftw|»elB 

1 1 E. 2. tit. garramy Swth. & j8 E. j.H. JfW a Pormedon in defc€nder 
toaa ei»n ta tfen «r a Monaanccfter : l^ftoWfiet^fttttiitf «! WtUm. 
a^cap. I?, maw I J E. 1. gHwa Cwtflf«te, bat ItfHM m aBjotftn« 
thent ; ^ ADbeft atfonrnmeitf to taken bp tbe jqtiftp tf At attsute 

OfMagnaGafci cap.ri.ilwBepH. ?.a0ftt«bel»"H.4.^. »tH»ftiftu 

tate S 7 R. ». cap. !•. fiitef on aflte fb> tent ia confimo Gb»itatus, 
an« ftenffletftti (« alfo taken in ciife of tent b;» m eqoftp «r tb<i'ftra« 

tate ef Merton cap. 3. ttune *o H. j. Vide 1 E. ?. «5. b. |M in Djer 

1 1'Eiit. 289. PI. 60. iCbe »«lw *^ ^o™*<"? *•*«« omttm VBb 

Cow!iti«{9ne;d bpfo»e«f tbetlHotnteoC lEiiz.cap.i. t»»ttaiift«e» 

to tb: iatci) l^HbopHclt «f Yorke, i»et M* ant||0>it; (nott»ft«ltano< 

trtg tijat pnGetmetit temrine? bpf owe ef tlje Statute rf i 

S»o airo , albeit lansilcete net«e«(t«fble tft tbe ;% H. 8. pet If » nian 

oetjife laniMt to 9 tDomtm Co} tecme eC HcM^') o^ <n tafl^ic^ fo»|Kt 

lopntate, am> in fiittif«Hott if bte JI»obier , tbat fe a jopntove MtWht 

t^ )S(t ot tbe 27 H. 8. IFo) 80 an eiate f») Ulb ni««e to a iPeniefo} 

becfopntotebefeie nMctlage, iDbenlbeftnotbtotofft? tebKCbtotiie 

eaattp oiT tbat leift , He an eftatetio) Mfe Bettfen te« ^tme fe» bee Itfe, 

tabk(itake0 efttaftec btoMatblBbMi4be mattiaie to BHMM», if 

alto tpft&in tbe e^aitp tfi tbe t&m »^ i becante Tmb aneftate ItanM 

c^iUd, tsel tDiftbtbe intent of ^emabei^of t^fiinieattef s7H.s.anointe« 

f bL oytr w. tofde tait]| tbe natote of tbe Jopntnte fnten»ett t^etebp t aii»1berefo}e 

mtbecouttof (fanianfeJfettof tettaftielawie fnftebolwiftilkeceace, anQcTotber 

**• lani) m tatt b^wn <« Capitc, 9tam^ bto «Ml<n *>lttogtbe fWto part 

ofallttfflanwtobto liriCetntetonipenceoebctB^lBet) an»»ie0, ano 

tftetrift entetlnto tbe tbto patt of fb^ lantte bolwn f« $fk Smpfe. 

tftattbilibesljatreof b«ta>otoetbpfo»«e«f tbef«<b)Mol»7H,t. 3t . 

tootbettDite, ti^re a man oetttfet^ Untio bf^tD^e fn tetmee^^ 

co.ibid.4.«.}. |<fp ^ ,c^ gcnetallp ; ft>t!jat cannot be atwnres to UhiW J^pitfnte, 

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Gardtrm. ' bznetwIejTce ; neftbejpet cananp a^jecment betaken entof tlje «afll, 

nnltfl^ it p^opedf atfM» *»>? be coletfeo ent o( tbe tDO»b$ centafntd in 

tbe fame mfll, w* Vide j-i . 

Co.i.4.y7-».3- 45 avbefttbe fetatofe of ^6 E. ^ cap. 1 j. gfbes ttabetff anb Mdn- Equity ofthe , 

imhecafeof .{^nmcc tic droit firom l,ans9 fefjDw tttto tbe ilnge bonoa iq? offices svit.of3<E.i 

the Sadlew, „{„t„jB oi»lp ttttO tbe Chancery ; pet bf eqottp Of tb«t *tafttle ^ <f M J. 

^' tfte officee be retatnea tnto tbe Exchequer , am not Wo tbe Chancery 

ibete alfo tbe ftnbjetf mippnt in bto»ft«jt)etfe,o? Monftrance dc droh : aa 
afP3ate)bp apjeQoent in Q^. Eliz. time, bettoecn^efaioflinftnanb- 

Oiie Collins anb Howrtead. 
r,.J 4.«.«.4. 46 aitbOUgb t^ fttrt. of Wcftm. 2. cap. 18. tbbfcb 6««« tbe Elegit, Eqakyortbe 

iR FWwMrf* Ka,„gj o„5ip t^ l^berifrtoetecate (t ; pet fcp eqoitp of tbeCame Jbtat. st«<>f EiegSj 
**^*' tbe •«t|cantoftbe9piace in London, o>anpotbeelmmebftrtejD«(cetto w,x.i». 

anp 0! tbe ttings CooTtf of Slecojo map epecnte tbe fame IDl^ft in tbeit 
fc^eta!tti^itttt(t?on«,fc, ^ , , F«.i««fA 

Co. 1. 4 ic^b, 47 Slibeitbptbe &tat»of tb^ i E, 6.<ap. 14. onelpfncb eftate ( ciben siTtrfsupc 
, . ^<idm an<{ (^ (npetttitf ou } ufee ) aa ate to babe contf nnance foi ebei , f <irm to be 6i« ftitk>as u^ 

LmkmcAk. - ^ ben iE.#.M. 

r^jft^y- ^^^ Coinmctti Law, it)! 

lamtt f ^Bfm) ; pet oCiiev tt$i,tg§ of tefb conHiiaartte , as tMviii in 
taflfefo}lt&,«c* hnplop^ fnn fncliiiCiMi) att alCdigftien totbeftfttg > bF - 
t^e equftpof tl^ (iame iht : i9nD tt^ xtLVm* beoufir OnuK najui conti> 
net in fe Illinois. - , < ■ . 

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qnaltMdne, tun o(B0>t|^tidteiioafMt|i$iPeineaft<ietbico acre, ant af« 1^ laBifiardi 
ter tlie iFeme fe impUtmn Iff mt tlrat tiatft tftie tutamoant , ano (be <are. 
innebetl) t<^ lichc ; i^ece flie fbas not t^otet In tmlne atcojotag to liet 
loffe ) bnt onelp t\» t^ftvpatt of tfoomtea tan^ conafti ; fi9» bptlie 
3lat9fl^eont$t to (aDe imt tlie tIMnipatt of tliat la/^ ^ bttsbano 
mfslit keep ano enjop bp 0OOQ tftle, f(« Vide plus, ib. 
_ . 49 9^ CommttHonew of feetoetu npbntbe i^ttttc9 of tf H. 6. cap. co. 1. j.„.i». 
_b7 re«- ;.&i3H.8.c3p.T. atenotoiielptoci)8TcetboCetbatbat»UDtt0aD|ofti« 4-ms«*ifcs 
>} A8.5. tosnpontbelBanlw, a>ftcbe0,<!&ttttec0>tc.taitU!tetolbalotbeMtlN: ^'*^* 
ate fo anp oansec^} fMl reccfte anp p^ofttbp f > fiWcb to to be oone in 
tbat poTtfcalac > tenecefti tbe faio Commflttonenr bate antbo}ltp to p)Os 
ceeB acco)itins to tbefe oflicretion ; fsbfcb netiertli^MEe {0 to be Unrtten 
anb boonaeo inttb tbe tnle of l^afV) an& Heafon tjfn bttinetfon ie a ftu 
encBo^anoetttanbfngtooifceTn bettirfrt fatfboott anb tratb> bettirtrt 
tnone ano dsbf » betMrt firaoototf ans fnbSanfe , bettofrt eqnttp ano 
coloocaUegleSejranb pretences ) anbnottop;oceeDacco;b{nstQainan« 
Ottn tefH ano p^ttmtt afCeatoW > becaolje Tdis dilcrcdo difctetionem con- 
fundit,&c. , ' . 

Comonof 5° 3^ ^ Coowiowj Of tbs SCofPH Of A.anboftbeffofonoCB. a» co.!.y.-j.b.3; 
ficittge. aolacentjanotbattbeoneoasbttobabe'commonlDftbt^otberbecanffc sicjtfUn c*r-^ 
«f bfcfnaoe, ans tn tbe aCofwiof A.^iereate5o actts of Common, bttsnk. 
anQintbeSDotpn of B. looanesoCConmon; antbtocaf^ tbe JNbaM* 
twttf^tbeCotin of A. onmetpnt mt^eCattleftttbefc Comnmi of $o 
«m0, tban tbat foil fftb , Hrftboot babftig jnrn^ to tbe Common 
tnftbto tbe Sirtbn o( B« Qcc fc .cotnreifo;$o» tbe9)l0fna| canfb of tbfe Com* 
mnfincaiK^ofbicinagefiMUinot^plott ; bntfb»tbep>ebetttta8or 
Ihiftelna Cbampfan Conutcif 4 bg|nfintbCtbetecip)ocal efbipcs oat 
oftle one SCottm into tbe otbee >d«t'tbetBb)eif tbe Common of tbe 
Sobrnof A.tttlbepaftnte yoCatfie, ann tbatof tbe SCobmofB. 100 
Catne, itcanb«iiop)eMiototo4btone:o7to tbeotber, ff tbe Cattle 
•f tbe one tCetrnino .tedp}ocali» eCcap^anb b^ftnce ont of tbe one 
jCobtetntotbeotbec; iFe» if al tbtit Cattle o^^nre p^omiftnonflp 

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"Aeiiyor ftafinoftbeCommonl^alD $ iFe»i»teaniple> attbeCemmonl4iiD, if in j<i<M»r 

At, dhrofi- one baobcnilUin in a sCobm in tbe •ap>ttme, m. tPbiletbecetKwcet c*i«> 
IT. tMlteHi0bt)eiB>tbe9an4bisecb8beftapeo,^eCotimbnutl^Te(ine 

anutcieB>anb trff ieb^een in tbe 21 E.j. Coronx 238. Dum quis felooi- 

ci occiiitt&ic pefdioiiy nifi fdo ca^s-fui^ toca Tillata ilia oneretur. j(nD 

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]nicfiebiibb«ncoimi<tteDintbettigbt, tbe Sotmiiboalb not tben babe 
MMtteieccica bp tfjn Common l^ata ; becanfe tben in tMlie conlo be imr 
pnteototbe^nbabitanteoftbelCotDn fio» letting bim efcape, 9c. if«) 
tb^ fl^'Cfiptnte UMh The day is oidatDed (et man to labour in, a)id tbe ni^t Pftl. io«» 
to talR bis reft : ^tnb tbe Poet foitb , Ut ji^knt homines, fuiigunt de noOe 
koojca: anbficomtbi0tefiolntionoftbeCommonl4ito,tbefi»<tate» 
. oC Wincbefter i3£>ifo) 
albeit tw time be (|»ciflte&intboie»6itnte0, tabeiitbenbbecpllwilobe 
commifteb/fo» ttbfcb oamagee are to be anOeeiebbptbel^wmeB; 
net it i0 aoloDgeb ttt2 9 Eliz. in tbecaltbettteen Milbom , anntbe^n* 
i)M of Donmow in EfTex, tbat Co) a Kobbeq; tone befb)e bai? , tbe ^nn« 

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to «line£Ma ) tie 3lii|iMtanta to gnat fMBiw iBete n^ 
to ) idteft ^e .^anfftapet eftapcO) tD^en ttia jj^ntt^ec a^ ff^omtcioa 
iMft comnrtttfft in tta flfSlit ; |iet at tt«i oap, ftM t^taftMat* 
of Wiiicliefkr , bp laKcH ft f9 noNUt , t^ ta CWm, ant fittat 
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Smn^cffn^mrt mtnrtni^ Jpali t<ye 9i(|aMtanta at tol Cfttea ant * | 
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tbet o»#o«ftiBr(Kq)j^totecmimiittaafK tba n(0|it > aa laell an tf tt 
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num^is» Acdifiau legit radone, twmur 8c lex ) /a) attbtComnmi 
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ra}e)tbe»tDasii«faiaftolie4mpirtaat»tbt Ctfieo>flMMi)bBtno|a ^ 

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ttfbannctia tff^Hoec KCcaj^, tboi it ctaCanlt ana luclfseiiU ta tbent ;■ 
ana tbtt aic#s tattbflebnlt fn 3 E.?. CocAnc 9^ labl^lcftf altoto Co» 
pro.utinniargtnc. VideJ4^.jy. " . 

Co. ].7.3t. $1 aaqOmiebaat^iUiigfabaaiiabptba flltat DedoniscoBdkioiu- sat D(i<««fc 

The cafe of a iibus , a» It <» aalNtgea <n tie i^>a Bark/& tM» , in PlXt>. 340. ftp >>»^^ King 

&>e/<rir^«;. tgKcb0<ttbeliinB<avefttaitiealtom <d«»nat<M (tHfttsyjobtaeabp h|!ta£l^ 
tbeCtime;Sl(t, <^uod finis ipfo jure fit nuUus) atteafon teqnfrea, d^at t|» fitor4H « » 
ilUd8<AUtaitabiaeit4BftbejlUta«t4H.7. «n»93H.8. tufcsufinbu 3>h.V 
t|Mttt|BJUi«flWtaitabi«aHatan]»aitt att^Mtsb be Itt Mtiunnfe 
(nH.7'At. itH;i|;^«PLCowotiiiapri)0ii»fttMi|»bebaa»fftbe 
Ikinebeiins «&it«ittfl)«ca0tftiiabe]»t|rftab)«t*» IbonlbbctiitaetaB 
caMttieiitbaiitf|e||MietiatiifiiB<; "'^' •■ ' 

!,rf '''*'" tipeiamtwr aflii woaiat Aai, adfetnnirtiRia ^ aaaufbf^ ^^^^ f« 
tbeaHat $aUi fB^yeatamtbeMMilar^atttR vntatacte, mm <'«<^»^ 
oabHktb«a<»Ltob(i9aw0>r.CbiMi3 SiiMitalb« inaa teftHaPv 
tbat iiialMKb ai tbt aM«iitMwit4)iilaM(i( laai fvl IriQita iba^ 
G0.1. 10.84... titeer<i7H^«- w*1wp«««tT<bia»abt»>a«aift»ptleaiient4f«i 
4.£««Mri£*. cbflOMa; «iiDfo»tbat tbe aptatMLtf tbatthMata«aib yiiiMfpaiir 
vwcde. taltaalMbitbewi^Hartbeii{N)pt«iiiaiitr|N»t|Ktca«fl^albett1|» 
Btatetf tbc jFemabat^tbcfjaciBtiuvrfet tbefUagkilfraiMirftat 
betaken eqnallpontof botbtbofo balfie>ana not ant of tbebalf toMiiitfe 
OKtlf« giiitoft tBBa nlf ffnftW a/ M;4iiSe4« Elou latip&a Kemnig- 
tonnaiaSjiTage , an»]|||& 23 £liz.«rDPti]%iestaf4 lii»a(reMratf»Mlt 
tlacaaaMiiarpiafcncaaftbatfaKliliWjinb; : . 
Co. Lyf.M. ff ina ta3(t ar)U(«ietbr Parol ibalMII^Kia9.t|amiiaiiio(flfte in amkof. 
c<m;f cafe. |^faiintMF{ fi»»ft tonotttaCiMi) tbat («» ]ltffnt «at ba aflbatacBeB> i^e&e the fti 
tbeftai*e0ortbaM«rne,aHt(nebfaNMiasfe(id||c|inDeaabecaMiota« ~' **" ?« 
bofa >iaibtbatiiatb8t«?ttiiieBptttbisOtB.age; bnttoafttacb M lite f^^ '"^^''^^ 
Nimgerjf tbe Halaatfoln tb« cafe> 8(ttMta«naffta|hn aoctmHiiM 
•eBe»ae» . -•' 'vj.'. ■ . .,.••' 

co.i.fri».%.} !;9 A.Miieaof GxfcUdMliaiia»boiabitte (accage ori.$. ana efanai EmaUcr or 
Mmb.Mtvts taMtMi*ii<nC«piie,iitbifi»pitt«atailtaB.tbeitteitOBiieflrbfi d» tWdptii 
^'^- fiBn(Mii9itaB) afwHa talt te ^ainiMnmnw, Mbotai, B^tehu adcendiiis. 

t»ffbfa«iat9ntbiaoaft>itfttutBfioibea> tbat tbaiUiit llai |af»bia 
fiaHllHtQAlVIMaiieaOlbefarfit a»lp; vide 35U,«.Qr. Teft»a.J9£« 
3. Afl^ 278. a*,ac.t2!B)ix.:)tf&i3wi!tycr. 


the Commoti LaW^ 







. . -1 

56 3ICaitnibebmiminHfttttiitt9ecit«nt, am tXttt mtkf afe< 
otmntaCiparcelofllKtsiiostoonetiianii aim ofaiiDttec inntl of lis 
t4tiB3 to umtW mtat, aim tlie Hocosatf 4k faoo eistifHoN npon ^ lEita« 
tots, anotntl)ei;ecaUonapjnftoneoftlieiFoofr*0>^ine,, tfeat JFe* 
oOre AMI bo^an A*ul^ta quvreU agafnt tM t^lgtt jfttdn, tofteto 
cairtttDUp tlpo Kecof nffirt watimtlpsw ertcntfoti agalnft t^ ftmw of 
tint ot^ ifaoffet, 00 ttatt as agafnft t|^ tanw WIMcli <^ latl, <c» 

57 SClie iHatnte Ijterctiaiie ( maw i? Ba . ) Mnta at t^ laiiM of tte 
Coiif(b> t» tl^ tioortfon, aimp»oMM0> t|iatt|t!f ftalliooeliteteBto 
t^ f^fTee n)^ tcadnatte ovtmt > bnt f^^s not a ioojt > tl^ t^p 
Ibal te iMmtn totle ^irtotiM?«) fticarottiapeiAenstiiaiKte^lKg^ j 
ipettlep Aailbegolftoreoto n^r tftetnors bptlecqnftpof tHl»tatnte 

of ti&on Burnel mate before ( viz. Anno 1 1 E. i. ) tD^ fattil , t^t t|e 

0OOMt»ap(!e9tool^6^fbfll6ewl(l»c8OCof4»|B)ffrec0 t^emfeltos at 
tbt tate tiieji Ut tfiem> fc» (Vide 44.) dtm pet t(io l»tattite ^otc^nt te 

58 3( a man b^fng anaitfoit of BMit upon an iOUfsatten , ano l^ ia 
bansD bp )ao0e|nent) to long aa tl^at laosamont tan»t fn fo^ce, be eait« 
not bate a nefo iution ; pari ncione , tOfm ^ b>tl^ |ttts<m»nt fn an attf < 
onnpofftbefomoiDbttgatfon. Colons as tbat )n«stment lemajna fn 
fnttiH ftdl'nol b>be a nefo attfon^ 

$9 3irtbefinoaorCopibolaet»ofa 9aimo9 b* nnmtafn, tbe l'0}b 
cannot oeniaAo o> eiaa ejrctftttie o^anteafonaUe ftm0;bnt If bo oo,^ €0* 

?ii)tim ma;ta(tt(Otopaf tboftno) anntbetreatonaMomiitbeceof fli^ll 
etetetmfnesbi? tbO Sjnftfcta, fC. Qgim mionabilisjebeteire finis nen 
definicur, fed omnibus cireumAsiotiic infpeAis pendei ex jtAiciarioiura dif- 
CT^one ; iSnO fO ft ttao ai^niseb fit C. B. bottO^n ScaQon Hm Biady, Vi 
9. Jac. Ro*. 1 845* Vide Co. 1. 4. 47. h. 

«o 9naBbof9fimQe(<6enwtotiio Copatcenetai one of tbem befns 
loftbinagejanii in tmn, tbe<0iiatBfan martin WHt tbe oloet, t^e 
€%mafi0We%iliif<^MtaUinp'nkmsin tba name orbetbtbelUEent, 
miQ tbe Cbmcl fa tofe «fi4fn fgpben tbe poonget flftev cornea to fnl a$(e i 
3Jft t^uky a fkwtm AuSt llial babe tl^^^eCmtatfoR, fr tbe pomi« 
tectfeicltfftlnotfopNfiritlbec, fo) t^fa ftsi be Ibfo tbeeefmmeitte< 
inentoftbe'Catn> becanCe tbe i^»efiMtment I1M0 before fnbotil^tbefv 
names V QMsm tamen, Voeattfe ft map be fntifofeQ to 1^ fdBg of tbe 6a« 
ton) Vtf6 toonla not p»eftnt4tt bfit ano bfa tefDea nante> toben be ia» fnta 
potoer to 90 ft,accotofftstoM*x. ity. 

61 #( a Unn? eate»i|iitfi before t(ieff m^timtnt atibefc otm coffif> 
tbat ofrenie fs Snablftbiif <f ff%eat tb^ eottapr eftbet part^, ft fjt eaoQ? of 
€nontfntbe fMiQeifttnt tl^atpaOUt^npon fwb aljeebftt , becanfo ft fttr* 
plfeaarfeftionattftrWpfrtoh* i 

6i Vide Mai. 178.21. 

63 3lf a l^atCon of a C^qrcbatib A. beSCenaats fn Common of a 
fBlooD,aii»A. enoealMinato mm OKaKe^ tbel^^lMi (b) tbepjefettM* 
tfonoftbetfmbec tckt ftall batie a p^obfbftfon agafntt bfm, tbat be 
IbaV tatt mafce iSAnftt ; cmfbe leafon ti^eof fa faf» to be, fe^ ^t ff tbe 
pixtoit ^a Cburcb t»fll Iwiffe t(e fnbeTftame of bf Cbntel^ to bf P2<* 
iHte n(^ f n f ^f ng tbe tt ^) tbe fatten map babe a p?obf bf tf on agafnft 
ifin ; f olt^e l^ttTfoit fs fiffOQ as fn xi0t ot (fs Cbnteb > anb tbe (0lebe 
ts ^ Dower of bf 4ptn>tctKfo} tbeteof ft fs fsfo to be enbotoeo , athitiai 
Uv manpancfent tnoTOS } tint) tt^efo^e^afnmcl ae^a p}obibftfonlp« 
etii ajia^ 1)^ ^ teafon reqofces tbat bH ibafl ^^abe Ifltecemeop agafntt 
MM^ttQaf^ltiistrit^^itit-fntoflnn !&lrNltel0fte'vt>iinpri> a notable 
caCejtDb^ntbelBlflni^of DureCme iS itl^Orim fo commit Watte fn 
tte iKSooOa belong^ tojjtfi iBttM^ittk, at af^arl^ment bolotnat 
Carlifle fntQe 33 E. t.'bp^tbe*o}itfnatp^emei>feattbe-€ommon S^atobp 
p;^ftf on 9«t oft^ Cbancetp, %^ Vide F. N« B. 49. ^ # 49 ^ 

Pl.Co.7». Rtf- 
fts cafe. 8c Co; 
i;3.u.b.4. Sk 
trill. HeHiertf 

Strangt and 

Co. lib.<.4^.a.' 
». in R^giss 


€«>!• 1 1.44.0^ 
4. in T^chard 
Goiftep cafe. 


Byerf f. loV 
34& jj H.ej 

Co.L IK 49>« 
a. in iUck«n< 

204 The ReafoD of ^Kf-Ooc. «^S 

iiH.7.i>.b. ^4 AiiianMnB0|iftiiCeUieatti)|rf0<ieft«<nanoH({tatteRt«btas^lc0 l^umIsmii 
amite8trfii0UinMbot||oft<iepattoft|iefatiiecanoo(t!)»motti«c; 3ln ducged. 
t6fscaffe>bot^tt»()e<t0fiMBi»p;opo}tloiiaU|?c^tg»o. Co 1.2. 25. b. 
4. In the cafe of Bankrupts. 

Dyer 1M.A. 65 JD^ f^tatote of I M.7. o^wUies > tliat al iFfnu, tift ettu yo u Fomk. 

1 Eiiz. p}oclaiiiirtfoii0 ate not onelp maDe > bp teaton of V^t atloncnwent oCa« 
tip tenn bp Qnift , Ibal be as got > ae <f tbat tecme bao bi^n brtoen 
fromtbe begfmiitigto tbe etio, aim pMclawatfoiie tbecetn maoe ac* 
co^^gto^fl^tatnteoC 4H.7.a4. S^tafo ^tatoteof i M. (twata 
. oC tbe attjonrimtent of tbe ttbole^ tecme, pet ff part or tbeterme be 
onelp ai>|oacneB> tbat is taltcn to be trttblto tbe eipitp or tbe fiime 
&tatate, asft bapnebitia ElU. tBben iiiTr.T. tbete tocce bnt ttM 

Oapendiesjundici. ^ 

Dyer xr; St. 66 ^ j^ecbaut mates abil> teflH^g tbe bapfng oT tpace to tbe Conn«&if 
«Eii«, nbof bto^Atet , atrntbistoftbontteal , to tobtebbe Mnoo bimfUfeto '"▼»«> 
paptbebebt; 3[titbf0cafie> odit Ipetli not agafailt tbe JbectMnt,bnt 
a(tfonnp(^itbocafe; fb^ttto tbeb^ortbe9altec>anBtbeA(ruinpfitQC 
tberectwnt» Mfordscaft* 

Hob.91 the ^7 3ntbeSuiTe-CbaiiberfRacan(iebctb>6lltbel^)b WilliamHQW- Toaar x^ 

uirMwittds ard fpiaUitff > anb Bell aob otbecf JDefennanlf , 3lt tMs M^en ^ 

cafe. 14 jac. Cokeaab Hobert, tbattbe tenants of a 9amto> ctafnrtng scenant 
t(gbt (tDbtebtbe^latotite betog l^oio oT tbe 9amio> fiippoCeo to be 
bofo to I'aiv) migbt at |opne togetbec to a peaceable manner, to 
beCenbtbeuob, betog common to tbem A ; ant tberefoie , tbwgb 
tbmepartfcidar perfbne toerefn^ , pet tbe reft mfglit oefenb tbe tntt 
upon tbeir common cbarge: anntbereafonfMOifo^fbatj^tttlebe* 
. Ing one agatoft ei , fl^brn tww to effeit bat one tefimce , am one IDe* 
fenbant, tn tbe tvfalof one mans caCe ttfebal ; Ano tbereto^tbe 

I Coart0 of Sjaltfce boeberp bap benptbem tobe tDttnifiw one Co2a« 

notbertofiicb geneval cafes > as to cafes of Common* Modus deci- 
mandi, anoQietflte, tDberetnidfbitis manpttoies o)berM fb»abofa* 
' tog of mnltfpUcltp oT faftS) tbat atrtal be bao toone mans cafefb) 
aft ; i^ot9tberefo;eas tb^ace aclmolDleog^ parties to tbefcp)e|i^ 
bice in oefence y Co Uitetoffe reafon reqnlres , tbat tb^ ibonib be to 
Uke manner aBotoebtobe patties fo»tbeirabbantage: janbfOittsas 
faio, it bsb b^n rntoi to tbat Conrt before to ^cafoof tbei^oHi 
Grey of Groby ; pet tbs l«)b C6atfteUo» fcemeb to be oC a conttaiy 
minO) anb cftes a fpwSbent to tt^t porpo^ to S £liz. 

Hab. no. 68 VHnt l.8tD ootb not aBoto anp man to Stilte to piibate cebenge ^^^^ ^ 
onntBO^Ds, jElnot^rea(Onoft)ietDi(bomof tbel4d»totbatcafb<ii^ biowt*. 
becaa(iet<)eeeisnop)opoUionbettod»nlDO}Os«nbUotoes> bnt^etbatfs 
tfrnckenmap Itrikeagato, perHobento t^ l«)b D&rcics jcafitof tbe 
i^O^^ptoft Gerrafi; Markham. 

53. l» quo ^isdelifi^ti into tie jmrfi efifwueoik^ i. z 3I( aHeepot of a^adte 1tf& anp a>d^r tioftboat loarrant, o) Ca o> a Parkcffa 
>js«k.>. cntanpffrffSjWoos, o^HBtooerbrabs, anoconbert tbemtolMsofDn fuohi* ofl 
nfo> ftisa fo}feltare of (is office > fo^tbebeStwtionof vert it^ bpa ^^"-^ 
mean,9efltmtion of Tcnifon; ^ it is alto if be poft bobm plo9ge> oi anp 
bonfetnitbin tbe Sprite « b:;|ierein.bapisnii»tobepntfO} f^bingoftbe 
SDetr 0} tbe like , it is ajfoifeitote of ^is iDffice i fo), in quo quis delb- 

quit, in code jure eft puoieodus. 

co.i.j.ii.b.4. 2 at tbe Commonl>alo, ifacommonpecfon bab liieb a ilecogni* goo«u uau 
sntnium umt, 0) Jjnogment Co) oebt O) b8mages> lieconib not bate ba& tbe fortkb* n 
jiflr»flttcaie. boBpojlanbsof tbe a>eftertbant to eiecntion; but to fiic^cale fliOBlb "^^^ 
babe tpab etecntion bntlp of ^ gobs anb C!i8ttxU , o) of gr«fne , o» ^^£ 

tbme *'**''^ 

Mdk. ^ft. 

the ComiQon IawI tc^ 

tom^tOin p%atnt p»o8i , te^f c| scetu upon tin lam ; t»% to^f cb pm* 
VtSctfit Common l4i!n f3«<r.t<^ 9(rctffe vtioet » ettf^ bp a Levari 
facias, to lettt t^em upon bto %tiuw anb Chattels , o> bp a Fieri facias, 
MfiMlfs #a»0 am ci^atttU ; fo^ teas imcb a* be WU» to (attofia 
tb« «bt ano vimtqg§ bp bio <&•» sm CbatMi} ot ^ Hbit an»p)«f td 
af ^lam, tnCOittAiiiicn, tflpalfirronelpllltalobetabantaer^it' - 
tfoifi} omttotbif .bo«po}'lam0; tfntb^otbecfiQa* fC am4n commit 
an^finft; U%9tmm ao^baofiaicbiaC a«ant tbetoin , tbe^Com* 
monl.al0ootb tbenfitbiott bf0 boop to taqpjfConment, fi^fcb te tbe 
ilgbMlefectitton, tDbotsbpboMMbbfa Iflwctp tmtil b>tvd!bbotbf«< 
tMleufbe psctp V am maw line to tbe ftta0 i Min tbafeCo^e U (0 a tola 
fii Itato , fbat in at attioiia quare vt ae amms aC»(»i(u Uetb» am bPbetn 
aCapiasUeQitoy^oceCf, tbrre (aftec fmsimeiit) a Capias afiMisfaci- 
cnauttilpetb) amitbect atfotbelifiiS fliallbatiatCapNtspio (flC} 0110 
tt^ tbf* a8r4»t U.5.9. 3 $ H^.d. az E.4.z}.j«o€.|.» 5. 49 ij<3.s. am 
nmni^ ofbec baka $ ^atobeft bp tbr^tatnttaaf. Mttlbvi^secap. 13. ano 
Weftm. t.cap. II. t Capias tBaigftantawmiVl (lo}«ttbe Common 
%itia tbe ymeCa-ln accompt faae olSiafe tefttiitt) am afbic bP itbe i^ti* 
bote If -S5 £• ^ cap. < 7- i^ncb i^acelb bma cfivtufniebt* at if aciampt> 
(c» flnoao concetnfiqs tbeotbec idnbctaia iS^fta. aC erection » viz. 
aLevan (acias,ama{i«ri facias, tbepMObttobeftaBtoitlfii tbepiae a(' 
tet tbe amsement > oi- tbe VlccogaffBOce «ck«ai9toi9^D r eijietlvtfe 
«t<bi -Common I'iin tbefBlatotffie a) C«ntfiitlBMi wtbanto bto lotit 
«f«bt} ^l0baftRnibptbeftatiitrofW(^in.2««4pi45.a6<irei'aciasf9 
gltien, ano bp tbe ffattfte o( Weft, i.of .iS. Cum ^ebitum ^m recupe> 
«tttum,a£c, tbe®l«(itt (6sft«n Co» amottpaf tbe turn^. biWcbiaaa 
' t«ettff0a,tb«tfUb^A«olamfiotb*e9aitfQna(a3[B9aam»nto» 
•f aficeoenttatee, WHU^iMimHif MtmaoC.a SmBaamH CF.N.B. 
»tf5.g.) flmbptbtf(btatiiteoCi|:E..i.DcattK»toribtiH37B.j..Qip.9. 
•rttjH. ntiona Matotd 9arcbant , 09 Afeifte, altbe lentil 
tabfcltbeComtln botbattbetfmaaf tbe Coonfima, fbatbt «neii* 
beo. fnttbt(ebanB0toal9acf«apflfttrtMcaiMmB4it« %«toba<tiiiofbt 
: •BaMt tbe be(t ufori atDibUsatbn mate bp tba ancetoi » t\» fBlaln* 
tffiebp tbe Common l^atoflbstbrne aft tbe lam >)ibkbbe(ceaoannto - 
%Hii I to ematton againft btai > am ptt .^ Ibaft mt babe aivcotipn of 
ampfatt tbereof aoaiaft tbaftfbetbimfriet.: bat itbeteafbn bet««r fa, 
»aca«& otbCTb«b tbe IPtaitttif^ ivralo be tDitfiont tttneMe; 1^ 
Common Hatogfbao as atffni «r oebtafaiiift tba beft, amtben if 
be migbt mt bafe eiacntion ot^beiam asataftttbe beir , be Aonlp 
caapmffnttbpbtoacitMi; becaitfbtbeCbattslaaCtbeoebto^balongtp 
t|aCpecato?0nStoniMttcatae0,ic ^ 

Muo 3 5Cbe statute if ) } E. i. (calefttbe Statute amchanc) bbll)f»aB tbe pi. Co.8i.b.}. 

E<ppny lanoaoC tbe ConUoi to tbe emutfon, ano-f totmaa > Ibattbrp fbdl mTtrtiidgt 
*'*'*^ Ivea^fbeteDto tbo^Conttiir npantea{iaiiablaavte«,.«mfi;ealietbnot8 vmstrui, 
p^'«iF*y- fDfjvaCtbeaeinjattos tbewtotb^t|temio»,tnaii;etbepe«ten&tbem «n^^«<«'- 
toobf^; fettbep(baftbe oalfteceo totbe eictemo]a(, tntb«tc«(ie» bp 
tb«e(|aftf «r tbesKatnte at MftonBurnelmane |Rf»)e(vic.uifto n B. 
I. ) lobfeblMtb > tbat tbe goaa p>apte« too bisb fbaft be oeUteceo to 
(be #}«vro)»tbemtiMiM j^tbo tata tbep fct tbem> iN» Ttafon rai|nite8> 
tbtttbepfbodlo bepMittiieabptbaCRimmaaiiea, tbattbtpiMtenoeato 
tOfntMbotbetO. vide Max. 57- 44' a"** 57- 
Ij^j. . 4 (^uumautemfugerat Adonibezek, petTecuci funt eum (I&aelitx) 9c L.^.eap.x. 
'^^^* • prekcodentes earn , aoiplittiiiaic peUices omiuiaB cjui , U pediipa ejus , turn w. *,j, 
^xit Adoaibezek I'cpoiaginta Rce , tp«l%ilMis eaannuni fuaium , 8c pedum fu- 
•ommamputtcis; colligetont<UpiaeiAaK»«.ymi»dmodMinftci>iicrynd« 
ai9iidcu8)&c. ■■':■■., 

_ jp Omm 


to6 .The Redon of iS^dasi^fii 

59 OmielM]mcMtinetin^entims, 

c*.inft Mnt * dWeitbp tHe fl»tatiiteoC i j El cap. lo. ecdeSaftfcal pectMUt^ce q,,^ ^ 
4«b. I. fti cKfiieCfe tetin« ttttttHatn (com tmkins aii|» «flate0 of tde Uuibs, ckfiaftkai 
tD(|tc(f t^ ^olb to tfeUt of tDeft SMiMi^teto , Coieogef , €\iau^ty pcdbof. 
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Itto0 oT tl^etn , ?<t imptliei? nndte Itaies Co}le<iK terme 09 Geisot 

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'M/M^^'^R^ the Coi^ndn Law. 107 

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Jj"*' ' . ti iftbcte tbe »tat» of ? i H. g. c^p. 9. ( xtoM for t^e fnppreffifon of co » if«> « 
''^ ' t^afiitehance )p;obib{tetb buping. tdlfng, «c« ot aiip pretence) rigbta 4. vide infti' 
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W, Vide 3. 

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npll^t effate tt^n for' terms of life ; |0et ff a oetiire be maoe infdi$> 
anb tbe fl^ebff^ claim bat for life, tbtoebffrf0gooD» Finch zt. 
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i^itHmti lano, a oeblfir of tbe tobole bao b^n gooo for tbio parto, al« Dyer 1 50. b. 
fboncb tbe »tat, of explanations ( j4 & ? 5 H. 8. cap. f . ) bao not b&n 

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H.g.'iT'orifaniBSate for lite be a competent IlbeUbooo for b£t, mncb 

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tb<ti1C. Dowries cafe. 

t '»• - 22 %\iji^ tDoro (Attaint Of mnrtber ) In tbe flMatnte of 3 H. 7. cap. i : co.i.4.4(>.4. 
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ca.i.;. pws I. 24 3f bi> t^s prOTifb of I Elizs cap) 2. tlft <l^c(Iettattical |ar{(^f(t|fiMi( The u^ 
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Co. 1. r.^.b.i. a; Clre 1m}W of tifi flKafafe of i Eliz. concecn^a letfti ^^ i^<«s ^ <>» 
SS^i^t *** *? *iHW»» «. «e t*eC^ «%' then for the tcrnie of a 1 yeare^ , or f k»W. 
«fc . ^'"^^ J"f°« ( Wwwf fiBlitefc M under jt SHD (et 8 leafe fow li|l^l(,^ <« 

0000 : %tim Ut ^, tge tsme en^ion of t^e fttat, of toe i^ EiQ^. cap. 
10. <(p|iet«tf^%e toom ( 80 to ttat poftt$ ) are ^ fanu; t. 
C0.1. M9.b. 2<^ 3n Ponce* ca&> itltbe 5 B.ep. itfofti (aio, tfiat ^ traa « iMMiSAia Adnioimti- 

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canfe be batb tbe cnSoofe of tbe betT> (c«. 

C« * 114 b » ^ ♦ jatbett a man tannot p^eCcvfbe to b«be bona & catalla proditorum, fie- 2^<*» 

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tolt; IBot taito <«A» not be ai^enoant Q^aypnctenant to lano > Sinrt 
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Caanft } gt^ta tbatf ab aUd-« t^cr UM ;EUBiio(b lie at tbo Common 

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lea Jusduplicatiiiii,o}DroK,Drdit: iFo^^rsmple, ifamanbebilbifitbof 
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fcfBonic, anb^f tbe^fflUteTeleafbto tbe a>ifli»iro», b^^tben batb jw pro- 
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^ax,6z. , the Gjrtmon Law. ,^^7 

^ett, {f tbe Ibeire o£ tire SDHTeifountcr, be HiaB Detain tl^c faino fo; et^ t 

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ofdsbt> fc* i^notbe Title to knotO) toben tbe potcfffon QaBoiaiotbe 

tigbt of tbe lano to ft > and toben not, to tbi0;tDbentbet)ofEettion fo 

ficft? ans tben a ciebt cometb tbecrunto, tbe entcir of bimtbat batb 

tbe rtgbt to tbe pof^ilfon, fi)^n gafn alto tbe tfgbt , bbfcb (as ap' 

peare^ in tbofe cafoo before put ) foUolnetb tbe poflefifon , ano tbe t<gbt 

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ano tben tbe podeCEtoncometb totbettgbt, albeit tbe poScflicn be oe« Litti $ ^s^. 

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lano againft tbe 9)i(bifff in an Aifiie of NovcrDiircifiti , 0} in a to;it of 

Entry in tbe nature of an Airue ; ^e^ (batt t'je a>f(rdte( aftetto.irQS te« 

cotKv tbe lano acain from tbe beire in a lo^it of Euiry eo le per , of tbe 

tittiVln iniw nnto bim bp bis IFatber > 0; otberiiife in a fotit of Right ; 

becaufe tbe mat tigbt of tbelan9 0toftiBtcmaineiittbea)iJfcjf«, «♦ ^**-'''' ****• 

froffabDoman, tbat batb rigbt of SOoioft, Difteiretbebcite, anQbes^' 

tecotier tbelanQ asainft bet, pet IbaB be leai>e tbe tigbtof ootpet in ber, 

it, IBecaute toben tbe nabeo rigbt ii pjeccDcrt before tbe acqniation of 

pofEefCfon upon tbe ocfeaCblc effate , tben ( in tonSLitttation of 3.alD ) is 

tbe tit^t mo}e too^tbp tban tbe potCeffion, bnt loben jf poITeSion is beto;r 

tbe tigbt* ^en i0tbe pofleSton mo;e tno^tbp, tc accojoing to m 9lnle> 

(^od prius eft tempore, pocius eft jure, ano tbis lifceioife bolDdtrne> 

tPbmtbemtettffibtisfabfeqnent, anottansfmttbp act in iLatB, fb} 
tbece <4&) tXMt tbe poSefCion be tecontinuso, pet.tbat (ban not o^alo tb< 
imftentifibt toitb it, but Iball leabe it in bim : ;St0 if tbe beire of tbe 
9>ilIMCnlwirifIiei(ieB> ano tbe S^iibiro} enfeoff f be beire apparent of t|e 
JDifbiUc ) being of fan age > anb tben tbe SDiSeifie oietb ,. ano tbe na> 
ItCD tigbt Defcenw to tbe beir, ano tbe beire of tbe SDiibiro; recober« tbe 
lano againft bim , pet ootb be leat)e tbe nalteii r igbt in tbe ittke of tbe 
ji>iffotttt I fto if tbe a>i(icontinnes of 9Cenant in taile enfeoif tbe SSiie in 
taile of fbl age > ant) tbe SCenant in taile Die, ano tben tbe fit>i(tonttnn« 
tecobers tbe lanft againft bim , pet ootb be leaDe tbe nakes rigbt in tbe 
Jfint X fn in Vstit cafe« alfo, as before , tbe rigbt altbongb it Utmg to 
betab&qaenttotbepodefCion, pet i^ it inoeeo before it, in refpea of 
tbe pjibitp , viz. ( in tbe fitft rate ; of blouo bttioeai tbe fatber ano fon, 
aim( intbeotbetca(e)ofeftatebpfo;ceof tbegtftintaile; becadfetbe 
Ti^oftfieCitberis(lq»conftra(tionoflato>tberigi)toftbefon> anotbe 
tigbt or tbe ancefto} is tbe rigbt of tbe iifne in tbe tatU» i o. 
tft fMt : 20 sbbe eartb i« mote timtib? tban tbe otber eiement0> becaafe it toas ^**- '»<tp*>" * 
^ »/f } a ojtMiiieft to) ti^ babitation of man > ano tbevefo^e it batb in Halo a great ^' '* '* 
eftentoptPatDSynotonelpoftoatec, bat of aire, and all otber tbings 

ebetl np to beal»en ; foj, cujus eft folum,e jus eft ufquc ad calum, %t, 

M>aof a I 3Cbe pwJ«t Of a J^embet of fearliament is ftas from atteifs , be. ^,' ^ , ^ 

^liunem. caa(e tbe %Uig«no 8U bi8 ^ealm batje an intetceft in bis per fon pro bo- ' 
no publico, aiiDtbetefb)etbep}it»te commooftpof anp particular man 
is Biotmieo in it, ano 0ia« not be regaroea, fc 

afeofan a» i* lealfe foj pear0 of an bonfetoitb oiv?ets3!«t»pIementirenojinp i^ j„ j^. 

1^ wkh tent, tbe l^eSoi enters ano makett feoffment, tbe %tSk re*entet0) 4ei;z. 

*hKm*. : anb (0) rent arreate tbe if eoiftt b^ingit oebt , ano aojnogeo mafntafti* 
able, albeit tbere foas no p^iDitp , ano tbis per ; Henry. 7. tobere 
tbe irebifffi b;ings S>ebt i 9no tbere tbe rent Uias not ertintt, bnt 
ondpfuQienDea) nntiB tbefl^rmo} bpbi» regreflieretiibeo tberetierft* 
an ; i^eitbec pet ( in tbi0 cafe ) ftaft tbere bf an apportionment of tbe 
rent fo^ tbe 31niplementer> becauCe Magisdignumti^tic ad fe minus di^-, 
num. Vide Dyer 361. 15. ioEl«. \ ^ 

©gi 43 jCb» 

2i8 Ths Kt3£m ot ^Max.^j^ 

Dyer tif.ii. 2 ^ |^ frtatute of I Mar. oitfolteftie Centt^ jao^etUMIta^ni^ Of Kccciveis oi^ 
^ ^''''- t$i0 nre tecefDers ofCtce of t9e fato ^l^outt tiM# alfo iHAl«tt. fr<t- Ro- ^• 

bcrc Chedcrs ca& t ^^otbbttt t^e f te coMMiteb b|^ a PtovUbM t^fMis 

^3 ^cc^aramSeqt(itar Fri/tcipate. 

Co inft Pirs I I 3(<i^ (i«af»07 lattii belongto art tfNTfcr, bir ti)e graitt^rt^ flMRce Ao office « 
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if aii()oureo;clKnnbecMon0toaCo?ooir, b?t|lr|rvanloft«l^Co;Mft, «'>^"»i- 

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t9el.c1Id;ptit||fmofit,tteiffQ( flr^B not baVetfye grate; bet|iif»t|s 
gtaffo betas tb« itatatal p^oBt of tQe eSctf) ^ wm to Hfo^ ttftltts 
is fr fa alfo ) iXbttt be totoe« ^^t^^ft^o > an» tbettb^ ahcreaMMP 
gta<&,fCv , ^ 

Co.ih.iit.a.s. 3 31 a jj^IUO) te bftlWI tettSttlt COj^ti^IlM-, MbfbtVlf'dlllbilfr AnadTowfia 

8 iiatt ^twf ^anno»tMfboatfaif&ig art? tbiag << t|e flo! Mi| < n i r«wrH* after pankioa 
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tittmr, fttoappMttRitttdfbattiatf, toljftb tbepba1»^ i^ft (NaaUk« <**''^ 
tijie? i^te(«iipcStfoi(toip}i&nCagainftcokmiioHt(0bl, t»4iwmtm 

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{(apttiertto^tifdonfvo^gebtbrbM otbtioi} USm m bbHir, iill|iwill :«to«fiiftp«M, 
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!MW.tff the Coimnoa Law* 2tp 

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zio The Reafon of ^Kiax. 

htc imceria in Roculo Sandu Mich ^ H. 9. iticota.'Notf. de Tho. Bndolf) 

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oarnaQe* ; but be cannot bsbe Itneement fo) tbeiMmages > am ttleaft 
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the Conuaoh L^w. 




a draw 

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V2.1 The Rcafon ol - r' ' ^Kfop^ 

t!)eiif oite^manttifne «l tl^iiiMtotteiikffbp tlfel^tii. oi x E 6* 

cap. 1 4. bat onelp tlie ram anniiiteD to t^e fapecSMoaa nfir , laWiHf toflfli 

' emt^lope)) foft^tn Ittc v»w tefbu'tle maltfiiiB «f 'fbat Matnte: bnt If 

«{ni4ft|^i^e8 oe)ieoo opon tbeotter ) tl)0» nietnoirts ofnep^fiK^it 

0} ani^ I^Tt t^ccC lliaB cf^ all t|« lano to tKe % (nd t jEUt if laiift be g{* 

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..',., , , itpohllj^dK)it;ios.fli«B be bfllttbattttanD employes to t^e^»itt> am 

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rojn>.f f I. ai|,||t]t||g;t»ic 1»a« foi Ibeltfne; atio tlie offence (hmi tbeKfiiR ttiiBbt </kDi^^ 
ntas etw. |^v^ jQ|)^j,^||i!ien tteuotiire loa^oiMe 10a^; «(«>' bamafieb efven- to K.n|i c»ni;« 
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bp cotiGmaent neftbet of bamageo, tobfcb ate bat lAtiXn^if i 5C|m (0 
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iae«<M'i^ cn&Mirtatbef^tttte^ cobenant« tt{(^ B. Sbatlf^. papnlit»A.b<f «ccciibn» 
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Wards. iiQjftp of ^(0 ton, anb tben biea, bto fion tnttbto acce 1 3n tbta cafe tbe qne< 
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, f|alt<t»«* Vkk Dyer J08. 7;. Winters cafe. 
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entrpfiwBfinDefo>tbeloDboli: fro tfone oflbtfemeof oneacreatone 
tfnife antt after nXStttz me oC lutotber acre ta tbe Csme Connt; at anotbec 
tfme^ ta tb<0 cafe mi; enttp (Hto one of tbem in tbe name of botlUsfiooD; 
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fber tf me 3t enfeoff tbe Ctme man of anotber acre in tbe tame Cftim^ 
npon conoitionaUiO) anombptbeconiiftfonear^bjeitcn, ansentqf into 
one acre inname of botb is not (MHcient ; m tbat 31 b*be no tifbt t« tbe 
lanB> tioia(tfontotecot)ertbetame,bnt« bare title, anBtberefl»)tli(« 
Detal entries mnft be mane into tbe liime, to r^lfeit of tbe tetena onof* 
tions 1 9at an entrp into one par t of tbe lano in tbe name of aft ^ lami 
fitbleit to one consttion is 0OOB, altboniA tbe pnmts be fetieral , ant in 
teberallColwis $ jBtoofo note a Qfbedttp bette^fiefbetal rijsbtsof entrs^ 
ano fewral tttles of entrp, bp fo^ of a conoition* 
Ohib.3S74L4. 19 3lf ffenntt in iFeMlmpIe, tbat batb a tearrantp fnf^ life , eitbet b[» wanaiKr. 
an tPfi/fl^ bmrrantp, o> bp Dedi, be impleaw»> ano twncb, b^ QiaB race* 
ber a JF^'ttmple in balae ; albeft bi0 tnarrantp toere bot fo) term of 
life i becaniie tbe teanantp eftenoeo in tbat cafeto tbe tnibole etate of 
tbe iFeoife to if *«ample ; 0nt if ffenant in taite make a leate fa} lift, 
tberemainBerinfa,<c jSnuacolateral SnceSo) confirms tbeeHate 
of tbeSenantfo»lifi»t»ftbfBarrantFfo)termof li&jOf tte Senantfb) 
Ute,anoBies ;3ln tbiscale, if tbeflCenant foMiiiB be inqpleaDeo ano 
Doncb , be ibaft recoDer to tialne bnt an eftate Ui life , becante tbe toar* 
ramp 00^ erteno to tbat eftate onelp* 
Co. loft, put 20 Sfamanmakeagifttotaile teit^linrrantp, tbis fnarrant? is AUacedU 
i.39».b.4. alCoentaflen; ;9ni>tberefb}e a releafip mabe bpCenant to tafle of tbe ^ aneflMe 
. tDarrantpflwlnotbatretbeiUnei nomotetlian ^releetefbaSbarre <^.{««k>>' 
tbe iSne to b»ta0 an attaint upon a iOXt bertitt, o; a iKft of Errour apon aVthe'^ 
an erroneous Inoiiementfiitenaoainlt tbe Eatber ; JMtberprt canlMi reif« 
]SiftbarretbeiCiteoftbeo^,tbatcteateo tbe effatetaile, no» of anf 
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tm tnm ^ ^^ pjefcribe tobate Common in 100 acres oftsate belongiiqi to tbe poitiQiMibfe 

9anno} of Dale, fo} aft tbe cattle leMntanocoftCHant-ttpon tbe lain tlM* \ 

toaee ano 40 acres 1 3ln tbis cafe , if be deft ftbe nawh patcel of tbe(09« 
tp ( timber tbs^onunon Isere appetttant o> apptttteliant > tbe jEUien^ 
'fiaftenlop a p}ope}tionaUe part of ^Common, a» bdonstag to-tbs 
Caio ftbe acres t ifoi albeit at tbe bejjfnnins, tbete tAMnt one^om* 



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tbe l.e(tee OiaB Ijat^e ebmilioii fo^lM0 l»?ilft«l»lWHt WH O tt» wHi » «c; 
i»fe- , ii, S;ant»iito,f9M9liXn0r(UK«i<tiito( Cajwnsmraqnrtnt-ii/lvmpCjP^ cp'l-U*^!^ •{ 
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hmioiatibunijt^toimfit MfntttaftieiKftf fc; ' r.n'ii. . r. - r . ,: : 

33 fl i.o}0 of a Hftt caniiit.«fft«ftifi9 st^ctttiiiKlH talMlf iiqC^k<*44^ 
t»BfiwJbitt);«ie^N)e«Pil«Miac(te,dlft>k(1b««i«tbafe ^%!£-<' 

calnft common ttgAt > ano onelp fn l!ti» p^tbate iptfn oT tbe »q}0 , Mi^ 

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to take a conaGince of mattns mattimonial am tdtamenbiiv « lniMt 
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fatten anDatreSel^8lrat|)e^?fncf|ul is aci|nft;t|etclvt^iate«fit^ . 

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"^ ' ; not afe. 

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tnXx^x-A (Me««e(t||i»reAt)»,iaiif«rta1tw(tt^iiafine«rt9BiatiD,aimt^1i^ : 

Mfe. i0 Cittlit«ib^t0f»at ftMtal pipment*^ foi t^ if ftiaclp pettooA, 

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nattt to 18nD,af (io9 1^ lam ft car, fc« 
F. N.lVo^si «9^ 3ir«|Bacfimtiatfi a Ct^atipel ainAffeiito]^ jj^tfenage* totolitc^ oid^ 
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faiwiS*** <w*«^> becaaftltiibiitowlifMreitwftattj Sot IT a man make a J^. 
cafe. fti.i«. l(«(i0*'1<tiO0ti»}8t«i^r«,teim}ftt0eac|»tpeate^oLtHct<n;caftora 
i>s.i>.3.ia ttiSe«ftanQf«}^cft ttepene^RretetU, ano t^ tanDanotti|f}»i 
Omu caft. fttaittptrtoftemaUt $ fliotlieisfojf die vjmt Mng teiwraM* as im as . 
t1irlaiio,'|c« f^ftaB^stean attl0tionDfl«(^}«ac|||?eac > «c asfttsas 
atlifllgini^M > S E. ?;8. C«.Inft«pan i^7..b. 
c«j.>. M.b.4. : |i ;sciiece«ct tfw 3lq>ntetttnttf fo> Kfir, tie i - i Det tmtt gmntf oMT Amnaoit 
"J"^ |rf»«ftatf<nfi,ai>cefl^3lopiitinaiitsiwtI?QoQ)Mt«m>tlktotea80«i7«oe>^ 
"^ stt«aMieiitaCM|tomtunicmcrft«i1n tl)ee)ant« ;tecaiifii t|r » •»»( fit*- 

fiiita«|«f«t liftoff (mite (f0cMrp3ltpntciftmtf0fiefrieDperaiiiyft '**^ 
per tout )aMilqfcanfin|i«mt^Tenci0aR> li||ic| if uienwnt anstp 
.4.»f.ii.LDy0«iiiit«|^ra(Oaicllatc>isiiiti»aU)MK; '- .^. 

Ce^««A< i9»!ft«HK attioBi fi»BQl0 mi 4iatntt4»rtleft , lB|Kmit)(rn»/^«^ 
'-'^l^^'' "'8CMNBII>>«f t|» tO}ft«aC«tt«l)rvJlttainty ,St:ire Facias, attBt^ 

*' »*» • -^ • * "••• ■* • • ,- : 

£^^' ::r3;Str #(m>*ftnM|aN)f li^ateif t|tti«R» Ci» t|»»at|4r^£^ 
M mm caK t^np,^ . imton^to |«pttM,t6i»bi Wl t»ar|pe, In ant ni^tli ^SZ 
€•«» ; fiB}» tit mHcnifc 0} Mfttb if ditlif MIC V ri oaglit tit Wsit itt 
Coniit tait ant «U)>'t Amtltat^ idife l^tot an ateala «r ocat|«« 
fl Bte» t l t» n « awtirtl bntoiiftmaktMttnlf>Mtt|ipirtntitf«iialyttr 
b)6i0|«iimit,aiibIikieiMfl tttconnt againt al, ic« 

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ivjuvMait. t|„co„tt^,nCMfri titConiUt arturccl of tK tanft> o^fonanBtmr^S 
.V :<. '! : ..pami^tlclaiaiint^Km, a)t|eirft4iii9itofp8»elt|mo(wficiiiM MK«i]ie 
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tlfciRita^aiainlllMtaiitt Unto, tie lanftloasde fiia6c|at0eo> an 
ftli«cMiKtelt»», an»iipt|e(Mrm«iit,{«ttenMt, o»Offteii|,t|ebHi 
lM»alto«ific|at0c^liixaateaiiflit|atee'«(pfttcir8 tMngtn nKotioRii 
««ib|iv8eoral,leftlif8a«rtiefattP)iiibpactofl4ilD; fo» tie onty 
befn0pcfiMmlaimintice, t|eei!ecatton(a0acceffirpt|eremito)iffa« 
?hl^*2i ^ 5 ^5^ « »ifl<rw otiec Piffcec Hf tie Kfnsf 9a»no)foflto MTto »> •aoed- 
a£ inttme apon anp patcd oC tie jrewerned , fo t|at notltng fi annnvrta "'*°*- 

'^ a»it in pattfcQlar nhtii lie Hiiir* Int onelf tieancient lent M^^tie ' • \ 
#attno},fr« iMtiat|Mtcct(i>iinfafB«Bnponi fbal noCittEaielefitfft 
tolesonceateD, no»faielfanpite|iiame iff anpfitant eCftftototle 
iifng ; fvt» tie ^anno} it Wf befng in clargfe ant acconq^ , bp confix 
•^ i.rt / / l|nent#berppattf|CtiNJfif feilKtt;«itttTiupiseftpats,qusnonconTeiw 

Co.iaft. |HM jtf actfpoaiopnteitaiitf foftlinajtemAettefmmitinfft, ticvnnp a!2ii*^^] 
>w.«> cmevfopmtf int|ei«l(ii«9, o>|epn«iaii}ft oftlglt, lecanrfeentif o> SSLf'*' 

. ai»}itortig|tMotDt|ert8tnceoC^elliite; lD|{c|i0|opnt;latt|cf\ 
.t.xii K.! . : AclMitf^fitaDumfiiitihHsRateni; becanfetlatfoloiwtleiiato { 

w. . ^f|Mi'ft!KtalvetfiMf,fD|ic»(lnt|afcare)aret|ep»fn(i^^^^^ 


\l^^ax. 6'ii 

the Coitmion Law! 


Dyer y. b. u 
16 H, 9. 


8 eti& 

Dyer 3 ji. If. 

tu nona^t of ttte one fonot tlie twnaetof tt^ otiier , v* 
Haicitembie 17 3«l&aDel1tfinUnobeletfO7i?e8r0teno^gtent,f(ietenti0parf< 
te the im4. aUe 80 m lano ; it T^nu to be vGittlaiti of a )Retit<c^ge gtante^ 

oat of tlie Um , becanfo^ tlmt fo cdltttevxt to tHe lam , artD f ntfte x per 

Fitz-heibcrti . • " . ~ 

frincipai sai jg ^ttf Sanders iB80 Acceitidr? to t^t matttec Of bet bnobano » am) 
^^'y. becao(ettlM0battniirtbet<ntbei)^c<DaItbatMBeQbfm, ftconltttot 
bit pettpCteafon {n bfe ^ft ; 3t fa otbettDift, tobetr tbe tDffe con()pite0 
iDftb bet WtMxA to MB bet butfbatn ^ ivbo-ootb it fit tbe abfence of tbe 
fDifo, pet tbf (0 pettp Creafon (n tbt to(G»> beftig bat aueftarp, becaaft- 
pettp aCteafoii <« tbfc fetbant* * 

6^ A oiang own words are void , when the Law fpeaketh as 
much, or otherwife. r/V<f Af.+i, 63 7>P* 

Mew inycntei ^ 3I( 14089 ate sibert to a man to babe ano to bolbtob(niant>bf0 c*.iBft.pmi. 

fakuMK* befr0ontbepatfofbf09otber,petitbebe(c0of tbeiMctoftbeiFatber i3>->- 

rcSi. fliai {iibetft ; fin no man can inft<tate a netn {(too of Jnb^ance » not 

alolnett bptbe i^tO) amt tbe tDO}O0, On the part of his Mocher are t)oto t 
bo if Iano0 ate 0iben to a man, ano to bfo beit0 male > % tain teletfetb 
- tbia tboib, Male ; becanfetbere i0 no UaWkUat of inbeiitanee, 9c» . 

Mb ezccucion 2 ISftbeC^tatateof Weftm. 2«cap. I. tbe lano is 80 tttoeteapp^o* CoAi^.b.}. 

«E ibecfiace to p^feBto tbe flDenant in taa> ano to tbe beits of b<0 boop, anb tberefose 

^'^' if an ef£ate be 0iaoe,eMetAcfo}e oiflnce tbe statute of 27 H. 8. cap. 10. 
( of ntes ) to a man ano tbe beiro of bio biffp, eitbet to tbe nfe of anotbit 
8n9bf0beir04 o^totbenfeofbimfelfanobiabeirO) tbi0 limitation of 
ate i0 atteili?t)o6> ; ifo}iiefO}etbe tafo Watute of 17 Hi 8. be couio not 
. babe eiwcateo tbe eftate totbe tie x fUmU it loaoaoinbseo in an Eje- 
aionfe Finn^^ bettDon Joba Cooper ^lafntifF, ami Thomas Franklin, anb 
otber0a>cfinibant0» P.t4.Ja.inB.K.:: :'. : 

lamu faei'rs ? 3f a man malte a gift tn tail, 0^ a leafe fo; Iffe, tbe remainoet t»bi0 co. ib.ii. b.^: . 
n-him ofon T<j(bt boits , tbif timiiinoet i» boiQ ,^ano be batb tbe tebetSon in »iHi>^ 
bilft^i(a9tbc;ance(t)«);«lttfn(|^bi0l(fie. beatetbiob<0bOBie (in|aDge< 5^^^^^^ 
ment^Satt )an bt0blbaf;4inotbeiefiii}eit i0ttnlpfaiD , t^t HxreseiV &i;;'^i;;«;^ 
pars anteceiToris t jloQ tbio dfb aniearitb in a common cafe ; fo» if lano ' cafe. T.31 ei. 
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bema^fiibetbetanbtotPbambelDiSiftoitieairo.ifa'ntanbefeiCeoor^w* f'^r.^ib \ 
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common Irsm^nottoiBtffaffBfnis tbe eep)elb fvo^o^of a remainoer, ana 
tbe SMatntrof nCee , 27 H. 8. cap. f e. ^ be batb ftiB a retettton bat in 
natote tin temafnoet, anoint ^ iFeoffo^batb tbe eftate tail eiecnteo 
in bim bp ^ Came Sitatatet 

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f0naitecetitbj|otHUbe(>aO(rb) ami ttaoition i0.onelp teqaiflte: ami 

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' Max. 6*^. 

tbe CotiuiiOn Law. 


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■nt, void. 

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aftet t^ fiit^t Bfe0> «c«tl»(iM map Uito6ilp Mitet opon t^e pofliElKon of 

Uam in t\» life of fito fat(itr> Intt n* tigbt: oebenotD onto 1)^ aftet t^ 
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W. dccorporibuseoiuin legitime procreacis (b|?tD||fob t|)ep|)ao a lopntcftate '"* Corbtts 

fvtmi am (ettal in^ctftairctf) aw tlie a)o«oj fntenoing, tijat "'"*•. .^ 
ne<t|ier of tliem fboolQ b^eak tbe lopntnui tot t^t tiie featlrft)o} flioato { a£ pTnV 

liatie al per jus accrel'cendi, aOQCB t|rf0 Claafe> fub hac forma, qu6dilla, 
^uac llUrum duicius vixerit ,. tenebit' teiiram illam integram, &c. 15ltt ill 80 ' 

' mtttft M Qto f ntent lama coitttatp to l4l» > fo) t^at canfo, if tbe lopntaco 
lDere(iemcobpllnetet)feO) tbe i»tnbfim Oiall not babe tbe pattfofe* 
1»ceD,bpreafon oftliefifitoclaiife^ lobfcbbeirf&fttrettof^ieolmi conceit 
aiib imasinatfon repugnant to latD ano teaCMi} fc*. 

16 JFo^tbeconftraitlonof Wits , tbf0 rale foas taken bp tbe Jufti- Co.i. 
cesfn tbe atgamentofCorbets caCe fn tbe Set Report, tbat an eftate» ^-^cvrittM 
ti^bbptbettilfaof tbe Common 4lai» cannot tiecenbepeD bpa(tere< ^^^• 
cttte) til tbe life of tbe iDettifo) bp aobice of CoanM teatneo in tbe 
l.ato > cannot be oebiCeo bp bf« laft MTiB , be befng f ntenoeo at tbat 
timetobeindpsconiiui : Sit if a mn oebiCHianD toanotbec fo^ebec, 
tbet» tbe a>ebifce batbf^ > becaafe focb an euate map be conbepeb fig 
aa eiscoteb) ic. But if beoebffefattber , tbat if tbe S>ebffd^iHrtb mt 
fiicbanatf, tbat anotbevfliat babe tbe lano to bim ansJbfdbeiTf , tbi0 
fpere boi3 ; becan(ie fticb a Umitattoivif it tnece bj? Alt eirecates, iDoalo be 

Al tuthorkf 17 3I(> man be boant itt an tf>Uisation , to Hand » , abide , obfetye, coj. s. st. « 

n«M)>k tc<..<;henile,arbicceiDent»acc.{«tbemap(onntetmanbit;(io}8mancan« z.mFMgwr* 
. notH? W tut make an anfb«}(tp , yofnee , o) toaccant to lie nncomi* "^^ 
tecnunmable i lib&lr b; tbe irain > an» of itn obm natace ie conntec* 
inanMA(e> iSleif BImskeaMtec ef Attovntg to make i^ibecp, o»fo 
ftif an iiitfon fnmp name , .9} if S fliiene Stto(to»0 to take an accomi^ 
0) make a iPatto? , o> fnbmit mp teUe to an airbitcement , albeit tbeCe 
«re nmoe bp fpo:ii0 efp)elM» iticbocnUe^ 0; if 31 0tant, 0) am bornio, tbat 
•StbetetliaBffanDiccebQcablib pettbef mapbefebokebt&oifliniake 
mp tetament ictebocaUe) setmap SItebokeit ; fo) mp act o} m^.iDo^w 
cmni9t attettbe Inogement of tbe Mtt, anb make tbat icveVocaUe, 
tobicb of bis oton nature <ecebocaUe,fc, ianbtbetefb^eif abeboono 
bp alHigatian to fUm to tbe atparb of I. S. albeit if 31 offcbarge tbat 
atWtrement, 31 flml foiMt mp bons ; 9et ie mp fnbmiOfon in tbat cate 
: tibiKaUe;anb(bietbeb0lkin 5E.4.3.b.iBbicbf«m0 toftecontrat^ 
fn tbit point, lea cetoncileo, «c« 

htam to It X^ Cbmter of tbe 3lnco)p9atfon of Simons l^ttpttak reSnmn CoJ^.}«jk4. 

teife,TOU. fipem to alien o)«emite, bnt in a certain fo}nie>tbieieonelp a precept fatbecureft 
anbO}binanceteCilpinstbeiiinss«ctce^ bntirinoenot in i«tf t l^o f^*** Ho- 
ItketgOiB fn anotbet part oCtbefame Cbattec > tbe exemption of tie iti' vmi* 
bfnariee Inrifiritfon ie bnt a clanie oeclacatotp ; gm being s l«p>so}* 
potation , it neitbectan* o^ooj^ to be DiSteb, (c» 

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luic- ^bat0BBbptbe!^totiABtolia«efriBCacb«, <c contrarp totbep^ibi* iJodKcaftot 
leegepantflitotbeMBiBlaiotiCbpli^ettceeViatems of Q.u.E}iz. «c» M«nepoi>» 
pnCf in tbie barre, tbat tbe ^MtpmrX^Qdon ifl an ancient Citp, an» tilt 
IMtbinit,ttnieontof:minMc4|ip»batbbfenaIOcietpof ^bec9after0> 

deiiKkcateiUa',ufiis.imtlCcoi^&tcri|ccnicre,Tcoderc8c libeii nfir^iaadnare 
tfOiiKQ) rem ft oinfltQs;res Marchaiiditabiles infia bocregnum^gliB dt 
4^Bociui^r tclsobifciwpie poiioms;, Sec. «tO,^abCb (atl|^ > tiftt 

i « a , Ii 

Z34 The Reafeb of r SMax.^^ 

IttDffV Ctvu ft 13i«r bodiode eracateScfociewft ili»jmiyt|^^ 
iii0 CatW) fe« MtKBUMmtn ¥vi tti»»fc IMttie Juftices ^f no 
neato to nito V«tts> tecnieft ims «o «a)e t^tt toi^ tlit ConraiM 
llafotDoit!tili«tefa<», aftDttmnoriii^lwrttoilat ttfttom* outitto 

I)ai}e.b(ena1least0; iFO), in his> q«)X,<lejot«caitiinuniomnibiisconcedun> - 
tur> Coflfuetudo alicuJM pttrix vel kcinop eft alleganda , 8IIDMtI)t|)isaC< 
n,,rT«Jv C«JW8E.4,5.8£c. 

iV? 18 H 8 20 SDe 1480} coMtantf, dot tit lefte flial tateMRcWit ||leB«« lefire mf . 
' ' lpmii;t])oa(ttgniimitor|ff]^«ftW}3iittfeart)^,fi(>;asiiuc|««t^ t^«>>^^ 
(ottcnant f4 tn t^ gSkmstm , nn flatoetli fromtle l.ei»? > ami ff m |!>'«m)w at. 
'nio» tl>a« toftit H« i-ato qltiatam %tfUt pUbf leneo to w , per Baldwm "w*"*^ 
anoFiohcftxR, t|» i,ef* miiv lake ^soeibot toftioat afigiMtnir* 

Ta)n«n quzrej fo} Shdie/ (f of SNO^tr OpfnlOHt btcaoCe Cujus eft dare ejus j 

<ftdifponet«f KModot fe cofireiitio vincanc legem, anotfie i«<8ftatfo | 

teems to be bonmi he t^ acceftanct of ttw leaCe iiyo» ttioCe termtt , Ideo 
quxit. ^otDb«tt,tf31tttDOiiet1»o8CTO«Qf9e«t>olo, am fbat it Hal 
be laMkil flntbe l-efik t0 cut tbe scaie b|» tbe afftf mmnt oftlit l.a89» I 
»i a'lnantMlminf^oriaiioafn BurroughEngUOiancetbe^tttMt BttriMviiEik. 

Feh^"'^^' ^*9 ^-^ maMnafiMffmontfnfii tntbe iitieofbfmMr> imtbelefts guoi. 
mated Ot W bOOf (Itgnnipi , Seciuidum curfum cooimunis legis > am af* 
mtleifefCioaccojMnglp, b<bins (teetfoo fone; Hit tKe cafe, tbt 
pDmi0tft(ia*i»fiialbabetbelaiia, nottoitiSanWnv t|pilD0)MlM(6}f. 

Dyer tjo. ff. ftx Mo 1^0)9 bp %9t^tii^t» veleafiitb tiA coflfcnw tatbc Xt* Tmn. 

*^^'^' nattttobotBbpajkpitcte;3liitb<0care>tbeiietDrefiett»tloii<fbo(»fffeii 
tb( cftate bt(^ cctates ; ^tobefttb* tMoifbFfMtf tA minrtno, 

Dytx t}!. }«. 13 iBl Coitner« 3m|iHltli»<<if a man of iiitirtbec>& qubd fugtm ftcit, cmmm b' 

rEite. aimtpowblgarta«8wm»iitbg<»m»tft, a w baim i| eif > wmiiHni ,uto* T*a. 
potcet) miD ft I0ft0 attufbino, tb«t bt Bfbioe ife y fotli HM iMtielt bit 
f«Mi;fb»tii>iiibia«RafipmiiitMfK*talimip»t(Blt ftol nollit itf» 
ttm(nc|atgef bec«ilbf|t|>tbeceliKb}efb}fettii bp m €0}0Ret93|ii« 

Hob. ^ cr«ir : S4 ||fiQeMii|mr«iiail%atfP«iCtfoU (b)f|i yapaiM or 31^1. 1*9. TrUiaAr- 
taiedwarif. acc^cooy, f8(iel»Mttflten,tbtltbrflra»piBt«p«(batCovffiti7^ am re«B'c«a«f 
f«tbr MttfeiitofpaftfeMmapspeeSbileof Ca«tt> tba Ifteloa* ttf* 
' ftat Laid<Mi, aiib (bnttb (b> tbe#Mni<ff> aiw imgimeiit gtben } l^liN 
left , iqwi a in»(t t( ibrour b}oifs|t fit tbt Evbequer Cbambit tb» 
^tement tt«» «mt(M> foi ttnfiMt eC prctiea ftmiet cbaitff^^ 
^: '^ ^^ If 3ta ftb«r<«l»li hmU an Vmet'ttotnr, piretkied ibat |e 4b«i $>>«}««. 
^If cii^*^ not f(m®Ktciitfoit«abot)o lo i brftbantKf Qiaclaitoatntat, tbf« pro. 
uMstmmtf.^ tir()tetof!hask(nsapftt«ij|»anna[pi«cetiro)fltbfK|enMpcfitb 
Wtt»ma1tean«iiitt^(|RMratalv nammMt^/tmrnW^tf^yft^ 
toti«mei»»intPbotpy »t teaawot iw b » bftitan tftXMbetW, <wy 
pff abiMBtfbfo ]»fm, na m»?st|atti%e lUiv nM[)^ In tail if t|i^ 
llbtttff«illfttf; Vi4ei<7.5». 
Hob. no. 20 0lbeUaSCenantlnCoittnMicMMi(itvt|ftDbi(«) amtMlKI Taoanoin 

s«<i ai97rfip/fet|«caiinbttbotsbpQtt|Bni»b(Mompanfon:^tbi9«IM* <:«»»»• 
*^^ (ionoCKmtbatfB«icei«,lotORaR|attm, w}BmM»nfmH^mtm 
' • aaaftot-, loao tbetetono pfaMRonattetn bplM^ claMr, ans tbmn 
Mic«i(mtBftbMtttO}o can nmt cbanietboi^olMtion , am ttftimi 
ircban^at yaSefRiif ( tIKcbtltMttrptMiii ) ft-MWafm af b«IMi< 
anb tberoGi^ea Coyatctrery 3l«^Mnam> oyffenant in common cannp 
%erb»b<ttkatobpbtftAl«lB> butftpanatMrtOuftet: iFo^tbffamoi^ 
Itnit (0 , tbat tf a tfttiartt in Cammmioo atom bjNirs an aofon orml» 
lilb agifa1lnii«m8iv,^« a«|)m4|pal b«abil», «Vfltm(Da Iftml^ 

' nant 


i$x^^6, the CottMtton Law, 155 

mntiti Common iottliaiiotiier } aibott liij(oittt|?:tot)^ matx semcdl^ 
atn cfp^ettp f nCoaO , tUtfcl #)*fie0 ttot t^ nttr? oe«i8 fif (itiLfo» m 
fo»8i(iett)(pc)eatBii8t|osa<n«ti««ionofti3ifipaiivf : ; .:? • >- . 

• ... I • • ii-'. .' .' ^ 

Jthe Qtf . i^ -C^uecn Eliz. itti fn IgcitA tott^inf ttttt , tfafalU m ti».,iiMli|rttf Co. 1. 4. 7 1. 
Kfihe ' t^EtchequeratWeftn).Saia4nani«ifaaiiVQrai»,Ttdfccep(^mm,£(l;«Wi[) Btrou^ht aki 
ibn, 4e- tomittai to belM»f» Cb) mrmvipmeittt 3fc. tbe ^eeuomitfl t^fttffll' 
■ niftbe .on fnf^ ; ^^^ttjtiioiKMiatn oCtl^ tent o»(^ tuttPto be since vptnxkt 
f "^ lano : iFo) in ^ ^ftiu ca& , tbe ifiitttlJis oC tbe i>ii)>ii»n((«f tlifcdMtt 
r at Hftttaipt tt tbe Exchequer, «} to tbB QSMOtf if f^e ll^JtiiK4;«C(dNtO 

iti'i»e,tb8ntbe iiato taouloliate o}oetea , UmpXattsn p8x(9»* 
b«niume»in<be|B«tent: ^0 tist fMb a loirtlsttoi <<iitile.ffiii^0 
catt ) opecateonotbins; SLtfn tiierefoae tnben tbe ^ui^n^eattimiii 
I teterffontoa^nbiect) it fo tben ao if no Umitatlon at a& bao ban 

maoe, tQbm;, 0} to l»boiK tie rem (bonla be !«£> ; anft t)en tlyi l^ptnent 
on{d^ to be apon tbe lana , tnb^cb i» tbe principal b^bto) > ana To .bMon< 
i feqaentotisbttbe9ein«libalfO)<c» Iixpicflrtaednini,.<iiuBflBicki;ii)ii|iti ni- ; .^ , j ., , 

I hilopeintur, 8cezprefianonproilmc,q«ziionexprei&prqdttiirKji . ce. ■< >; • 

|iin{mxof t 9fanianftatt.tbe#anno)«COf)kfe)fat3taanotltr,!iq(cl|IJ^ co.K{.it;»3i< 
H, the ijp,^ gnQ attoec^BsoD srotDiite a«9 betas vpontbe Ml Ipanmui tbife '»> '«<* <:*>^'* 
SJT*^ IDOIM ( growing ati4beu)g) arefsoist oCahoRiunice ; becaii|»'firitbeat 
tnem tbe lUbi ma f impl? a« mud^ ; Co} bp tbe oenife oC lDob«(ni(ttH> 
wttDttbapontbe9anne>*itteim|iU«o , tbat tbei aregcoiDta$:ji Om 
^etefote to oemifk al Q^ bioo apen tbe 9iiN»u,anb aH tbe too»ftebM 
fug apon tbe i9«mo),todione,<c» 
onmotMw- i 3(tbemiiiftaeiitifietb»1^eibaseaiibpafi«qieei(« |»8t1tto A^ te) coa8.f«.i>.i: 
uphRTCf itfe,anfta(tir0nttttbeftbeiS«»»if{|,tDtt|oatil|f* inihcEniof 
!» <{|§qu9iaicit6tbefcftBemifiePeriii«nen, furfian r(<idxianein, feris&au- ll«t/<»A oCc" 

tan^'vel aliqito alia modo qupcunqueapiiarerMbftic^ <|bt tbif cafe > tbeteia 

m nntfttafnte tnsbeiaft mnfb, tektitftftiltaiee t«e«mf«fftaien ; 
iOTacfatt teHtQiiAbe^l9bMtbe«tftot«f(bi»et«ettiln8i«.bataa|](:GeiMft40 
rfaiifeiare- |iiipieMta«4rtDtAiibl|Mee?etftberirti9> tecMifitbBlaiioeiici^ 
[^<*^ tiie9anno>eCOtleto»btol(fie>0rantBrtbelUa#amii>t»s.lo»tifottfr» \ 

3^1 tbto c«fe> tbe1Ultolnq^s,t«lttbe&oia9.lcMtibaMallfrelaafe^»' 
-mt tlMatncmMBtliiiaettietcll fnmt; tbate iit attmilm (ame tArmBa 
fAfAitaflftO^aflORKtiiiGiCvfc . ....::.'.: t.:-. ..o 

thuofthe , 4 A,fodMICe3:tr.'fMC0o(t|rHlMtB;if.oC&dr,.iinla ttlKb^a^Maf* Co.i. s nf «. 
^ V*^' tageloaB appcniMiie. snateiia piiock:io4boi«uit»aCtbe Kluie^to *- '" ^!v<«- 
J|J^'"''°S* B.irklh^becoine,TM(l(ittriiigth<!iaidcemie, tee. ?<«»; B i e» >mt>l la, .b<a '"''^<^"«- 

i)Ihwiliilttato>tio»tiBics tbe^ilifiai? tO'^^ 
Me»t!ieeTpftat(«ro(i|af«<ft W4>lai»tbe Wekege beanitttfb»iv;)9n 
tbianik « nectKittbSiM<i&fbe4«a><agce*itts» itlVrA |a«e 4bt 3t#Kt:a* 
< Mpiaaae itetauthtbelimttififMfitfNieMa, if iedtaM bBo»ine^ti«u.,'jaQc. 
4iRpoM»noim}e>tban tDbattbet<attimiio.<ibtt»fatolCftlMd^bem D' 
mttteo ; JTo) tf ffenantto) [feataigcanta tUtt nept uMiptan^ , ^ '%'afo 

■tSllliimfHlgfm% a Italftattal, if.thtChureh %«tt brcoaoe raid during die 
I 'tenMe;;||nbtt|erafnt)&preffioe<3TumqaxtacitdinfuncnibiiopeKic^^ 

|iie«rafi»r' 1 fl^tbtfttatttlaof »^ £liz.o»{>.i.itl»|^)0bl»e99 ThaceveiyperTon' coj.ii. ;8.t. 
|r<i«M)i£b d)ftftK>U£iyornngMaire, tec. ilttU&i&itthefuiQaie of 2CO tmr|s« sni) i.inDoaot 
pkwGiqcie; that he, which wiUu^l]^ hears Matfe, fball forfeit loo marks, 6rc. ttMbont P«^«rfcafe. 

I Uaittins to Wpm vm fatUtntea JOiai accnte ; aho tben mm* tbe 

ciaafecftbieittdi^tftLameaetbtaliba QjKcn,amiitaftet i«l. a nbnetb 
Ui it«pin0a #£bM(«Mftecf fc. Utec tibicb folottJ tbe Uaafe eC ibeot* 

t(tbtltionoCtbafo9(WtttteS>'viz.Thatallfoifeiture>ofaQy furmnes of mo- 
ney Umiied bjibtt AA Auttbe divkl»l inco three equal parts , &c. ^o4n 



ij6 The Reafon of S\4aic, 

l^othlfbRmaitin tl^ n Report, ft1i»0ob)eites,f6att|)f«laaclattre 
oC MftcflMtloti ofo oneMr tjAam to t|ie Cr{» fo}ft<tutee of ioo tan loo 
i^8tk0) «(» totrfdi iPtte not cftwn to anp portion to certain > bnt f tntft* 
nfttlp aim senecaBp , tliat tlicf (l»onlQ be Uttttft , tottfjoitt namtos to 
fplont ; ano t^ttfy^t vk OUi clanto of oiftcflMttoi iUb mOgttUxtz to 
tfteill;bitt ^ n I per tneafem/olltoifaiKp tD8« tpfi^t Ott»n to tbe Qo: 
ant 10 IBM not aii|» oC tfie otbov fo»(intotes : flntt tbmfo^e tiKrt cUinfie b^ 
vfllvtbntfoR ftaS not tKtono onto tbat, tobtcfi tbad befO?o gttientot^ 
Clncen, bntnntotboCepenaltioo onelp> tPbfcb toete left' towftiifteip, 
anb0ibentonone:^tpbeft<ttDa0antteem) ano teIOlbeo> tbat tb» 
fiitob}ancbofotftt(bnt<onliMilei;tenoa0l0olltotbecl8iifooCtbe penal* 
tpfb»fiecnCnK|?) a«totbectantOof(artoso>be«ttos ^j^aOLtbecaafe 

ftffal one to fop, h: ftull foifeit ( generalp ) o; he fliall foiieit to Che 

QyeAi ; <b} tb» €loini IbaA babe tbem to botb tbefe taUSy ano Exprdlio 
eoitufi) quae tacit^ inl^t nihil opentur. 

6t Parte qwurnqMintegrmtef^atOitcBmr mum,- 

Go.1 }.4i.«. I MttV tx iFMimplefbal ebet oefccno to tbe bttreof tbe ii^idc Biouimn^ 
). 'mtificsffs bloo> anbnebectotbebefeeo(tb*baUe*bloao; JFo^to im nmtb ao tbe ^cdflnuu^ 
«^«- UonikbibftbtobettD^ntbebetoan»btoBncefto>,totb«tSobfcb makes '"''^ 4 

b<itebt^e(t(iilt»ttbontbIonDnontcan<i4ietft) ittocrreatteaCon, t^ * 

be^ tebfcb bAtb tbe fiiBano (ntfce Uoao, tbatt toberttbsfo^e anotber. 
lDb<^b>tbbnt9V8rtoftbeblOn9oftiiie;Elnc(fto»;becauft, Oidinena- ' 
nurseytoniai prxfenur tinkaique paiti : iRnb tbetefo)e BratSon laftlk Propter '' ' 
- jiis fftngumis dnplicacum , um ex parte patris, qudm ex parte macris, dicicur 
hzres propinquior Ibror, qusbn firater de alia uxore j jliRl Britton faitb > tbat 
. • c . : . . Right ofbbud in that cafe makes tbeiemale exclude the iiule>adCO}lto0 to tbe 
' IpBt^mB, PoCefliofraais&citfororemefle hxredem : jMlb ^ Of Arifie- 
tle, litnto^icoiura, farce qincunqne integrants fiiblatur, tofliturtotnnt; 
. quod teruln tft , fi accipias parton int^iame pro parte neceflaria, fot cffenti- 

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> b«itotie<atfcetobetif(KHjEbi«Q, an» botb ortbeni8cenecefkt|»anoer* 

ltoKialtOtbe|i}oa»aK0nofinbefC> iatoQtbetef02e> Deficiente uno> non 
, poteft (:fie hzres : jElntt nymfKo ttafiM , ft tiemo to Britton, cap. 5. Jf « 

man be attitteo of felonpbp|nbsnR<nt>tb<tt tbe befra begotten aftec 
ti^ attkinbet ate erdnofo fcom dl mannet of liicciflon of bevttap , a« 
tdrtontbepattoftbemotbetiaoontbepaTtoftbeettbet ;( tb^QMflMi 
tbetooCfo,beainCetbetOnbefiotttnifttr tbe inbsemenf baonotttooto> 
betttsUebla«)otobi« ; #0), attbettoieoCbto gwcratton tbebtono of 

tbefattec tOaO CO^npt ; am tbOn, Ex leproTo parcnte , leprofus generaiur 

fiiiiis : 0nB fBbcn tbe fktbet to attatotob «f iFiioar, tbe bioQoon bfo 9«ct 
betoBM^tnpteo, tbefOnnr(a0ttttnKOtobtoi) batbbatbalfetbeft^ 
tftaUe b|0B to btoi Mtbottt co^nvtfon, viz . tbe Mono of t|e motbot, ant 
tbe»fio»ebebolo0, tbatfiubafOHne-flbalnot bt tabccttnbie, no not to 

- bto nlQ^C : ;Elkt0l9ttbtbto aSClM Bradon , lib. j.cap. 13. Noi) Talebit 
fidoiiis^neratio , necadhei]editaten)pateinam,felmatemain j Si auiem an- 
te fclonfiUQ gcneratione'm.^cric , talis generatib fuccedit in hxrcditattm pa- 
tris, rel matris, > a qu6 non fiierit fclonia perpctrata i^becanTe at tbe ttoie tf 

• b<«birtb^ebabttookitQtol.bloniwcomnii]ceo tobtot, tobicb (ditto not 
be»iTtt^obptbeattatonecrnb&qaent,:baf:onelpa0tobtoitbatof* { 

'ftnMa; .See mote of thu matter. Co. loft* pars 1.8^.: . . < 

Co.l.( 1. 3«. a. • 1. 1)1 ail actfoirof Acc«tnpt (itwn.tbetolQenientjquod Computet) bCfbte No wiit ofd 

4. in i)^crct//»t(),ftiia4^Bj(0||||3i^^ettto» tbe aEretaoeo ant Damages atojftof<lKr« '*/*f*°fJ 
""*• rojipetft iiot \ fo> to tbat IxJjtt tbefe 1»0)0« » Si -tudiciuni indttedditum J^*,^{2 

(it, &ci are xiueant not OnelP dc principalj judicio , bnt aHOde imegro judi • piea«d. 

tio ,>iz. TOben an t|)c jsiattgt tDit3j<n tfje o?(B<nal to wtermtoen ? as 

litnu 6% the CcooiBQis JL^^* %|? 

in 34 H. ^. tS. in Humphrey Sobuns tatt in a C^uare tiiipedit HodQlbt m 
np0n tD^cJii confiefDotr) fnosement fit gfD^n , aim lie agafitft tsliom tfie 


f^ z ^ l^ti^TlMI^ («^t|ft%Qa^MtffMQn^<a» ll^Ca^U UUtt , »* ca. '.bib, b; .. 
, gwi9«^M»ISI#ii#>clli^ > Ba tilts caCe. ti^ 

ttaa.rafittAMlihltoMMMiMVmoillc wf f ffirv^tiliiit tfctCanrt latilii 
fb3t tn HifillftM. ftfthi Hftm wWlliiihaMlW VUtMUkmU^ut laarriiiit. s 

xno cawnt te tWTt am tlitct t0> fc« 

•.-„■ -.•«•*■* , 


ij8 ThcRcafcnbf SKdt^iUt^i 

6t ^9C tota materia eniergatRefoluti0.. 

CoXi-nMu I ttiMlSfi offfce of « 0000 CrpoSto} oC an act of |latlfament to 
inLincoia iim1tecoiitra(t<niotat^patt0toget|)et , atiDtiotoCoiiepatt aUmebi? 

Ctolk^ cafe. It d^^ ;Nemo cnitn aliquam partem tt&i intcUigerc poffit , antequim cotum 
iterum atque itetuni perlegerit:For eiample^fteft Vft ttft UVUIti Of j^ frtat^ 

Of 1 1 H.7.c>zo. nraltM ^e offcontf itttance. aUenatfon, tMtnbtt; , atn T<< 
cotKtp maoe bp t|ie tsife of tl^ 3ti|ievftance of \m o^ceateo ^sbatio to 
be nttetlp t)oio aim of noiti^ effed > 9tt tbe clanfe f olofBtoQ tetoc|o|»iieft 

. to tbe fllrft) fDitb tbto con jtnutfte > And that it (hall be lawful for any per- 
fon. SO:, to whom the laid InheritanceyScc. fitall appertain, to enter, fiec intft 

tiMv enrntno tbe genetalftp of tbe tno^ost of tbo p^oeeoent \wmlrSm 
tbmfo}e tbe (iotlii of botb toi^biR f «, tbat tbop llial be 1)0(0 ano «f nm^^ 
eilnt, bp f bs entte of btoi, tmto tsbom tbe totetell > title o} ^nbetftahce 
aftet tbe beceate of fbe i^t me ootb nvfttHin ; !^tobelt tbep fbaB not be 
bofo> biitllanDinfoKebettDe»itbepattte0tbem(eibe0,8noacafnffal* 
otbete « fabe onel? «saf nff fiicb m ba«e tftie, «c* anb tbe? ondp b«be 
potoee to ntalte tbem botii apQ of none ete^ b|» tbeft entrf >' ao tMbtefiift ; 
|Fo», ettate0 of jFtanUeRement o> Jhbedtance cannot be Defeated 
tDftbont enttp, ano tbetefO^e bp enttp tbep ongbt to be maoe boio. 
Co.i^.4Mi}« 2 Sincb an Civofttfon of a ^fto mult be maoe , tbat al^ tbe patts An aumii 
iB stretfwis tbetecf ma; toel llano togetber, ano tbat toitbaB ft map ftano lottb tbe good, wkhmn 

'"^ • ' tale of l^atBi do if lamm be Slben tb the ufe of Aden , and of theheirs oienduaiE^ «< 
male of the &id A.den lawfiilly b^otten'* and for de&ult of I'uch ifliie , to the ^^^y ^^ 
• ■ tik of divers others in remainder, 8Cc. ^l^ttti albeit Qiete tOantO tbe S^*""* 

HioiBf C «f the bodie ) |»et 10 ttlo a 90b limitatlen of an eSate talle r iFo;/ 
• V otbeitDflbttHmilobe agafntt tbe Intent of tbe SDono), ano al tbere« 
wainber0obectBonlbbebolo>anbfftbefe l0O}O0ll)onlo be tatneoltittr 
iLatlne^-tbeponiBbttobetenD^eOtbns* Ethanedum maTculonmideprx. 
&te Adenp- Ibgitiml prOcrest. OHO IVOt hteedumma&ulorum przftlttAde-*- 

tii, lDblcbfocldevt|fP)oteobptbeIiib(iM|aeiii clanie, and for de&ult^ 
ftteh ii&e, &e. Jf 0? line cantiotbe of Adm> tiMMfe tbel^ 
De dido Adeno , «no jp^ In t||l0 caCe tbe One clanfo lo loeli eicpomibeo b^' 
ibeotbevr<c» ' - 

Col«.>j.«;i. 3 3nRepIeTintbelt>e{^nMntab0t»ffo}damage fefantjtbe IMalntiff ThePlakirA 

mFi>«M«f pieao0lnlBarre, tbat tbe fiiiBlanoftoere bolben In ftecaget ai^tbat pica iai»nc<' 
l's;belngtbeteoffelfeblnftfbpbf0l^tt^ll>BebireBtbem nntobto <>eftm7c4,a^ 
foiUlftgihitlty ifbeil)OQlofolongllbe>^c, mntofoblcbtbeSTefenbanf yctiecems. 
yieabo, tbat It two tcne, tbete loao focb < oeblie maoe, bntaftet 
tbe tain wtittt i. s. entiMfftB cectame pecfono tbereef to tbe nfe of 
ibe fKaliitlir fo) Si^ ;eari , if bse'ltioalo fo lonjs tine > «c. tobece* ■ '. 

upon tbe |»laintier oemnc0 $ iSno in iW cafe It tKW refolbeo> ibiii 
altbonsb itai^peaceb, tbat tbe title >'.bptDbicb tlie ^^talntllf claimed 
In bio barre to tbe Slbofonr y toati nttetlif tefftopeo ( f^) tbe |Naiittfir 
tlalmo^tbe Wfaotl.$.bri!)lcbVBrillMpi»ar0to be atterbwroit^ico^* 
tecmanoeobrtbefieolAnent', fnblcb tbe^bobMint'aftetlDatoo lAeaoe, 
. anb iPblcb^be l^laintlff confefetb bpbfo oemamr ) pet fliatt tbe |9laln)< 
tHr babe inogemehtsbecaate bio C6mtil00tto> 9no tbe J^botaiitt in 
bl0 cepUcatlen to tbebam of bl0 0bobi}^i» bat^i bone ttoo tbingo ; fn 
< ftft^bo batbbeflh:o|?eo tbetitle>tbb<cl^tbe91aintiirmabrbp tbe Vtim 
• anoagaln j bebtitb0fbentotbeiblalntHranotbettliie,Tiz.tobiibeti)e 
Ianofo»6opeat0bpfo?ceoftbeufe0beclateoapontt^teo1l^ment{ ;9nb 
tbereCbie fti hi mncb ad npontbe tobole tecom ( acco}oing to lubitb ^ 
Count ottfibt to inbge) H pUtfnlp appeat0, tbaf tbeJMalntlffbatliii 
latofal tetme in tbe Hanbff) ano tbat tbe SMenoant bai> taben bi0 Ci^ 
tfl fO)ongfaBs ) tn t^t mXt iwsitmvX I91M njtitn asalnft tbe A* 


taec 6S, . the Commoii L^wr . m^ ^ 

^i< 4 2i[;()e htH €)^to} of ^ettitf fSdtinttf, ami Zd» of l^arltameiif > co. i. ti.i lUt 
(mdAds 8tet1ieiLettet£i#ateiii0^amit||e0(t0offE(arHamentt6enifetlie«jbptt^ ^inDoaoi 
i«SS- «^^w*<«»wtiionfeteiiceofa^nlepatt0togetljtr; Optima Hatuti ini iikbd»ia&: 

kTtheni- * W'^P"t*^ri* eft (omnjbuS paiticulis ejufdem infpfit^is) ipfum ftatutuinJEt 
iniu(f um cff^ nifi coca lege ihlpefla, \ibi aliijua ejus panicula propbHta /udicare 
Vel lerpondcrci 

! count i in l!DO(tO»Bo«hdtniClt(i^ in t^^f(|)tQ Report; alHlinSIl ttinMaB' Co.i.t.iioM: 

legood far inltteo,t)iait^^aimififTeplfc8t{onip80tHtt material, am tl^e 9i* i.inDoat^ 

tbiiTc, ih<! fenMttiilltjBiit)einuti»6tttitapon;petfna0 macH at t^c SDefenoatta tMamiaki 

7 2^ ^^ coitfdbQ totQe barte > tbat tiiej^lMB trnp^fftineii tbe ^latntfiriDfn)' 

["^^^ oat cante > tb^l^lafntiff liaD ttmtmtA t jano t^io fiitbe odwffttptbtee 

talteit, tbat tnbtn tbe|aiafittffftc|/Ife8) anobp li{0 replicattoh It ap* 

< lieaw, tbat be batb no caufe of aoiOH j fbere tit mi nebet bate )nO0e« 

I mentibttttDbentbebattoinfiitRcfettt^niiiattec, oiiimditnt»to8con< 

^ firSion of tbe pofnt in bebate , ano tbe fdlaintftr r^e0 ano ftefos tb^ 

trittbofbi0nuitte(toenfo]Eceb<0tafe, anotn iobeemtotof m^alolf f0 

not tiiatetfal ; fit fn tb«t cafe fbal tbe f^lafntf ft babe ^usjiiment : foi 

' 'tt» ttne> tbat (ometfniM tbe Connt fbaft be mane 6oi»^ tbe fcttte, ami 

tom^lnie0tbebattebf ^Tjqrt(t(rt<on> ano fion^tfntef tl» teplfcatfon 

he tbe celop mter , f c* ^tobeft tbe nibettf t; f 4 > tbat ttben tbe Coan^ 

iBant0 timet {lace> o} otbec tUttmitttlnct, tbat map be mase gooo bp !b# 

' kiire, to it io alfo of ^ bat,te0ttation, f £« nt 8|||ieat0 in i8 E.> ii$. b. 

JlButtDben tbe Count bKmt0fintoance, no barre ftai tiftn malie it! 

toob } to Ifltetoite of a bacte, teptitatfoiTj tf . lUo toitb tbl0«6ta0 6 ^. ^' 

4. Bone casjSfnota ibidem diAum Choke ; Videi^E. 3,34.8. 44 E. 3.7V 

a..i2E.4.d. < lyH.-y.j-Jtti H.4^»4,6tc* iBnt li:^ tbtf 

. I^UUntffr nHiltC0 rei^Ucatfon, fiit*te|opnBei» <c. ano tbetAp ft apw 

beat0 1 tbat npon tbe ioMe teco^b tbe fUafntfit ba» no cmtie 

ofiittfon, be<balnet)etbabeMB0(nienr, aibeft tbe b8fte>'re|opnui^' . 

(f« beinfafffciiittfnmsttec i fo> tbe Contt m^ to make It^bgement 

.' flpontbeboMetemb* ano ebet{» ^t fbal b^^enveo to maketbcf 

lieftofbibrobnicali^tVBfe Riegew»yi cafe in At third Rep5rt» it. And 
thefe di^eriities were afib refohrcd and adjjodged between Kendal end Helier 
M. i5)& 2tf Ebz^ iiiB.R^andM.)9yB(: 3o.inthe'fameCo«Rbetv>reefiGaU- 
Us and Burbry^ 
ilkte^ 6 01be<ttbere|^ic«tfoiftl<itfit<inc^/?^l^tbeba|b8iro 

[ ifent <" matter, mrni tbettbo1emo?o tbe t^lafntiff tbal bate InBge* *?> ^'*''^ 

> iftentilitfsotbecMfie, loiben b|» tblE teilicaHonr it^ppeat0, tbat tb» *' 

^lafntftfbatbnocanCe oCaitloQ > fo) tbecb. tbe t^Iaftttftr ftti nebee 
' ba^fiiQ6|nnrm,al(bbiigbtbebatc^(efnfntftefenttJa0<nDeb(tipoa8n 

jDMisation toifbconQftionto petfonn cobenantii fn an Unoenttice y fbif 
IDetinnant pleao0 \to^imamt of at tbe Cobenanto cenecaip ^ fbberi 
^tmeacttotbeconttj tbatofb^oftb^ate in tbene]iatfbt«>b<t« 
|anaibe« ftnofb tbe flea iii tbe geilmrf aflHtmatfbe inMHcient ; fiet 
(f tbe plaintiff reilF) anofbetirabjeac^of one oftbeCobemmttfy W^i\i> 
hg}Hi*tm t^Wni f0no b»ifcb ( inon tpbfed Vfel^iltimmtmnt > 
l0Dgememfbalbesften80afnlltbe9Urfntfff;biRailfe npon fbelobolf^ 
ieco}b{tan»at0, tbat tbe ^tafhtif b«tb no eanfeof wtfoiisiFbUbe 
jDbUcatioili0^nob)fie»iD(t|rcenottlbntopttfD)m CobMu(nt0>to tba^ 
tbe#lafntiffbatbnocan^Qfacttar> anftt fliere'be a b^eacb ofCobe» 
tHint, ano b;^ tbe' Atbrfns of ^'fjAaintflr bfmOlf titff* Utmmg 
iieo^nf ictent in t.atD to gibe bfni cattCe^aitfon > mn tt foUfiMiM 
Menoeo, tbat ebetB one iDiB (bete tbe Mtt of bCfctfb, cc^ j0nt vm 
Hilt batte of tbe jE^efctmaM'ie infnfficfentin fobSittce, Mb m pafii* 
m ffplfts aimi^dos tbcttntb ^bficalie, «P|mbrlc ^^toMMet^nor 
-••••■ -iHi •■ MatlM 


140 The Rtiafon of ' ^idax. 6i 

tnatt^caisafttftQftti&If ibut msimT; eiciimttat:!^ > oi {iet.iolientat» mt 
, mamial , ttisn Vgt ConctHiall )n&fi» upon tlfiiifliolt nco;9, atm ( ttie 
<lt:aattt being gooo ) fo) totufftcietup of tQe %Sian tofttjont am? resato to 
tberepUcatfoa, fneenunt (ball be gflyett fo} tbe ^lafntiff t fls ffa 
man pleao a gtant bp Letters fpateittd fit Sar^e, to^c^ ate not Itifncf< 
ent, tbe ipuintfff fa$ cnA^ation ftetoetb anotbei; cUnre f n tuefafo l^et*. 
tet0 ^at^nt0 ; tobicb claafe ia h«t matetla[,tbe a>efenQamDeinitceT8 tn 
fUlB> B|atbt0ca(ejfttQ0enient flia1lb»6fi)enasalr.ftt(ejl>efeni)ant) & 


co.i4.U3.a. 7 simotmtbemffpjifionfltemeDfleOc bp tbe fl»tatttte0 maoe fo^tbt Mifprifioitt 
3. in£/M- 9msitomeatofceu}Os,tMai0otK»t^albefttdet)etD{(ta9Ottiffaetrp< ckxks. 
amors cak. edbegiMafo^tbel^Iafiitiff, pet if upon tb£ lobole reco;Q (t apiis4C0 

tot()e«toact>tbatt^l3{afnttff^bno coafe oC jSctfon, belliatittetiec 

babe judgement, an» ti) (t batb baen oClen aslu&jsiKi* 
Co. 1. 9. f }. f. 3 in oebt ofmi an iDUfgatton , tbit S^efenoant pUflM v reteafe of a rekaie 
a. inHw^«i«rf tbeipuinttdc.toliicbbiaeiatbts manner. A. doth acknowledge him- pi«de^ wm 

"'*' feltc fatisfied and dilcbafged of all bondsL debts, &c. made by B. ( the Defen-: «««P««»"- 

danc ) .aad ic is agreed , that A . ihaU deliver aU I'uch bond& as he hat!i yet un- 
deltTereq^toB. except one bopd of 4^ojL not yetduC) wherein B.atidC. 
iiand bound to A. &c. %)t^plidnUfS'tiaiiiti , t&at f^t oblfgatidn itttp*^ 
|e^ s-">ft tb< obttgaUon in Curia prolata asecneaitotberaine, toCete* 
QlpMi tbe SDefenoanlt oetnttctes t »t» in tW cafe (t la^i rttonti , 1^ 
tlie.eR(jBpt<^ cj^entca to aB tbe ^imiSea ; becaoreafl tbe idojds ber«;a 
9ia|(> bat tmt'iv^u G^tttence, ano tbe one bepenoi npou t)e otbet > jf 0) 
H. <# reafon, pnAy^tuKoimaxt l^ififieo,tbat vks Qonlb Uiaa^, 

tin i tafi ezceptio iempcr ultim^ ponetida eft ; 3(t tona SttO teaCon, tbat t|is 

bOHOi'oC^e I UimX^v^ il>ttftk% be(i|plirit loas not oaeli^en tbe releatt « ^^«>^Jac.iMotiaiii6t{onalt^i5/ttre ft Itoo tirfolbieb, tlaf kti Boodakeo 

3.111 SMir/«- (i(|l|J^'|ti|,tQ^^«||•ciSt|pon«Fteri&cias» fbl fbepaputettt ortbemo* bytbeacriC 

f« cfe. rtgp<»;c«ffi,f«, lw« liotboii Ih? tbe dutnteor » j H. 5. cap. 10. JFoi °;^ ^^'^ 
^8fttb»«ncbo(tbatMat»te<d> tbat t^e (ban let Uh&Ut bp tSIDftoi !7h?^ 
I5il> .«c tvbicbbe cpulo not to bcto;e , af appiat07 19 H. tf.^j. jCb^ ^ 
Dicont mm tlx (oitn of t^e bow ,. ^, Cbe tbico^ contafno a penaltjp, 
t|atiClbli^be(<fftafceanobl(^f(onfnanpotbet(o)iii>ic,tbant0tbe(e I 

p}ercc(beo,tbatft(baB be bopii> to tbat npon cohflDtration cfat fbi 
. h}mftW tO0etbtt » a|iR ipp^n tbeic c^ioofie ano Oepenaanu bni opoit 
■■■ anodV^r, <t|pli(iilpappfiatf»(batt(|elia/(>jl»tatat^ botfi crteno qiftl; to 
' ^'ISftti<)ti3 oC tatk M a»..t(il^ itieit cn^tft ati& ctiQoap , ansmt 0* 
tpefiffit^ . . •/ - // 

Col iciti. • >° ^toai?i8,rttcb/owtiitffctto|fl»'U -_^^ 

b I ina^^rr t«e9^lb!^»<ttP«ttt<K»otii»pasf4iaplib,t^ue,''8i» tbal air tM^ ^S^ 

JdHtsente. ltail^ll<fHte^tb'tt|i(» '.- r . ' ■ 

CO.L II. 44.". • :» ?;ji3bfil*ia<«^ aifilUft% fir J)^^ of CopjJjWbeto n^Atbt bne copibow 

Gtdjrt}is»&, dffinuiir^,. Md onnibu»fiicunUiamus3i^A^^ 

aet«9Qe f j|«» (Oit.lMtff ^Mttiji^ti^oiiitnaiu Baiico l»tec Sut}6ii Viaiti' 
tA««rl9rarfyJ?cfca^.K<^>c:44v,Rot. ' . ' ; . . 

Co.i.j.7,j,. MiJ«si«tJ?iW^»«l;fei«aiii>fiy>ob(«tonn*inibl«iteapitttentiil wamunr 
in FMvi>er. fitftf. bp (9tiHi sw agr^WlDt oettiMf!^ ^ ,< ano'A> aiSio B. to tbt I&tcot ifa« eooa 
i<r»cai«. tO:iMcsQlM(l(iw«fbffJlim^nifK\ipacQliateca]ilbatuu^ •ethbyd 

^nvm iA t^is^m^im wmim ^ i^to £.to ^om tbe faibeir cknr« ^ 
U^t \iiWl^m%vmH^mf»%Wv^ WP^^ anocontenlbet\9i)caBirji(t^ 
t<«iktP mtfiVmtjam^m \ fXHm ^ t^ratbei^ ofi^.wbtbeW^ 
teBtf^pMofwitbofiimtti bdnf tliittoitaftafle tlR»(6l^^ 
carMm»rUNbtb<il*||f9i|||^ltftlii!)(fi«et^fonne; becanfe H^MT* 
tiwit «f tbe'HeKce fo) peats f%:biltewn> «no ti^'e fatbec b(>AM^l0 


kfa9i6^ A^ Commit JLas^r Mt 

toftalwiMnitamfiitiiCkvt^ llsto tpA-^iDftote 
iBtf) Mftii«fc^(»if H*g.i7.: ff a ttkiif feMIi#«noit*r^<"* 
tint to mUMhmt Hrft^lMtftvtp , alteft Ofe make tfie CiofriiiMit 
tlwU few n iad j H t^ tMeMN , ytt t|t l^to toit aoitiftge ui^on t^ 
mMc a<r > am tin iMCettn ana tiariMntp iUH jbc coapUtt (ogetiicr 
acctjMNs t«Hie MMtff tie fattte^f aii»t|e»fo» In futb cafe tke laUi 
tail aiHifetlieteacraiitrtotegfo \fjf pitii^n , atbelt jtbep ate.maoe at 
Wmtl timt§ : watf a wan watea lea^ eC lanM <ii itoo fetecat Conn* 
tfef , re(eit<i«aii Mfre rent , abett tlie U^vg be. maoe at tettera! 
timef ( 9xM NatteCfmtf»aiiD tlieit <ii«nj»t||et ) pet tiie rent ia (ffofn$ 
ovt f^tlekaiilf IniNtiCMiitttf I Siollftef»i(iei(a man make acbartet 
aCftaf HMtjoCiittaiiitaiiB^latttlqarraitti), am oeifMr t\tt 9st9 , ano 
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^dx,jQ4. the Common: Law. i4f 

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144 TheReafonof ^Kiax.^ 

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tone befebeiai, am fbe Cowbfe (« pemiMi > am ttie stantAaa be fa* 
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ia» ifta cale tttU ABlaBSab p. 27 £1. KoC t^S- inter BiiglMttan aM 

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tKi > The Rcafim of . &4^^7f^ 

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<n point of m^ange )ff* dere to tDe tame Itatp alTo ot a |NtttH«t , 
as ft toaarfeD in 13 6,4. 3. f. u-. 42. Afl*. pi. is. intlie Catte-oii;em^ 

brooks' C«ir» -• .< • . 

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&])r|p«nno)oCSale, ttjeKatontiti, ttft Jfmtmtn 
into tte Sanno} ot Dale ; 3la tbtocafe B. mas te*antet fntot^ 9ai^ 
of Salei'fo^ aflsbea tbe fstiole vitata in pattiactifteo^ attttper* 
c|»an0a toMUeft ,' Co bare ) Wicn t^ie^ftata of tlie if cank'tenant tn 
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afo)e«(aiB, after tbat tbe iPame entttaanB jeBittatbeCltate fojiifr, 
ftc* B. itiap Mxentei; into tbe tobole 9anno} of Sale , lobfeb ttarafo gi* 
beii in mba^i^; iiecaate tbe Conaition in l^atntanneiEeBtotbeer* 
cbanjje ) being bjolien fo> part of tbe Cffate > to Befeateo foiA } f c» 
»o WuWSt if beiii tbe tetetBBn fniFae Biibifetb bto i^eittt fB^'life,^ 
anb tbeiigiDedtbatLartBineKcban'getoanotbftfbl otbeti^anttana 
after tbe I'CSe^fo) (Hieenteta ; 3ntbat (ate alfo tbe otber »iapre*entec 
mto (^at^ano again* anaberebp wfeat tbe toboleercbange; becsnCs 
tbe JfmplieB fonBition to in bit natnre nn'feterabie atiBfotftr. 

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^n^.a'ftec'A.ieta laB;tba9>nne? fo; 30 ipeatea from tbe expiration 

of tbi iratinec taft of 30 leaieS} tbe fttft 36 ^acea erpire, ttit Heftdrent 

nie'ttefa', tbt fL.tKo} b)lnga anHaian of toaft } 0nB3nB9eifient iieag 

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tntomx foliketoitoiftbe t'eOsfb^zopeatea aceept aleaftfoHbiet 
Teatea to begin ttn featea after > tbia to a pielient rnrc»Bi^«rtbe 
loliole term ; f o^ tbe laft ten f catea cannot be fntrenBieB i mn tbe Vdl 
ten ItiB remain in ciTe , becauTe fbat bMolB mabe fmtiona, at tbe 
term , lobicb to in fta nature inttre x i^itber can be , tbat M.tba'^fe 
^tiomttB fnrrenBer tbe lalttensearea bpani^ei^tle forrlttwt) 
facing HBto bim tike ftrS ten eMrea> (C 
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t>.t.&;6«.<. f^OttietfO) 2b.s. pet annum, tOitt) proTifo, tbat if tbe taio 'iKent of dkkw. 

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',':':, , l^^tfa'AftettoaroiBretcbeate to tbe iiing, tDbo after grante tbat, npon 
tDbfcl^ rtbe i o.,s per. apnum is refetteB , to I. s. tbe Hent tbeteof to - 
atreate; Kntbiacat^, tbe)datent& cannot enter fb} tbe ConBition 
!i!^n>, lieca^ aibi^ftbe ttenta iDere(eBeral> ftt m€kwHtMt 
loaainfire bp'tlje eKpieUe teCerBation, ana gitea in intirere*ehti|^inta 
aSforBefanlt of pipment of anppartof tbe.Ilent; ana tbcreG^eb^ 
tbatoterante of any patt of tbe rebecflonal tbe conBftion (af to aft com* 
Moin^tiCMM^tobiB^roseBi^tDliifftbetDbototenBition reniitiieBin; 

'^ax,jc>. the Common taw. i^^ 



rrij^ea of ^ f}eiO0aJWtox«c, 

(1 %\H%ttUtfVittflttB b^fl^safle^eftidneftrme, t|^ iDlfiDMIIt Co. lib. r.74. 

If. b; (Rocntitrt kirofleft iirftlifti ft% wmttfn , untmbr It «D«t (iKM> ^"^* 
Hntfs tKtdfa bp nir l«ff«^ , ts^ let t(ie mm , «c» tfi* ftefntM^ 
tieattsttattfie bmSKtnt,fc* tM« npoii C«tltrirtMt> tobMi iM«b>«^ 
ten ,ic« fbsSDe&nsam «emtivre«» «ra IktieM^ mst wtaumtns to 
tbe!btfttit««T». IBsMttCettielPlafntiffftetDeo not fo;tbtte Snout- 
tore tftdeConQttioR; itn«fntttf0 cafe jnosemiittiMisiwnJin tie 
^lafntife ; becantfe luffitt twf teeo U ftetoeo f fi^^oilrt , tH* dm b|^ . 
jmsenimt of %nio taiMine« inCenTt at tbe term * fn tUfcl itf« 
IlKloeo ; but at flie ^ «( tbe tetmff tfie Meo H a«t MnfeB , tHR tie 
latDaPlobsetbftfnfbe Cnftooieortbe fattfe, to libom ft Belongs ; 
fo»aBtbeiecm(nl.8iDt0bntoneB«;: 8nbtbetifo}et|eBteb ftaibe 
IMetib^ toremaine U Coitttattbt tecme, inW<^ ft KOttBeb ; 
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Conoftfon (owpiffeii in tbeveeo ft^UM lintb bi»tbe V>efeMaiitbfm* 
teire , tP be 00 f t (n tbttame temt-, 09 a(o)»<l!iif o/f e^ 

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rit de B.infrsl Bunim ic refluxura noiris , Mb mttW iMtttU IttreUttng ^ ^ '■> ||^^ 
Aiper acjuas marisYcflucnc ex arenis ejardein Manerii iufri flunun, Ak. 5Bba (i^ c^ 
patent* of tbt ^unntn anO JF* of WbUemeflt in Com. Ebof . intnfft ^^ 
anaaion of SDretlpate agafnftbfmf t^fefCtotbem to tb» ttfUirtbt 
i.o;o Admiral: ^ftnorfbe Stttff alKlM MnMfef intfedF Bnal; 3ii 
tbiscafe fnosemtnl tra« giben aeafnt tbe )piliHitRfc; btohifi tbe 
^ooBf fo fiotfng apen tbe «Katec?( uCixti Fiodam ) Mi iwi of tfgbt 
btlonsto bfw , bntto tt(e ^nt Admiial ; ^EbmtbetKie^e tn mMUt be« 
fns fntfte > ( tiz. glt)ento> botb ) awto ttie bamaget of t|e mMtt be« 
ingtbereb^jaaoenn'tebetabtefrom tbofb' oftbe Fiot&tn, t^^Ufntife 
eonlb talie notbfng b( bf0 bmt^ '^ in %tt!tfiitt( ti H. -^. 34. b. ) tbe 
E)ef^noaitt Jnttttee f^ 98tt ) am fleaoi not snftf [^ fe> tie teiMtt , tie 
liar? Iff<|ufte of one of t|e tlfnge > ane tar bamagee intftelif ; bete > 
tie toboU Contt ( agafnft Fineux ) aojaeteb it not goeb) a> B.Dier .3^9.- 
■WJb,.- M. 14 8c ly El', in Trcfpas bp Pody fb) b<f ftetiant beaten / 
ambf'Clote b:o!ten, anp fate not, p«r i^uod Tertitium amifit, apm 
non cblp. tbe 3ntF affctleo oamagee fntittip > anb it frne ablobgee not , 9. H.7.?.M.30,& 31 ELinter Moore & Bedk in Allunif<it,l0bere 

tbe ipiaf ntiir iHf es tilio bieacbee , tDiecref one ttme {nfaflttelent , npon 
non afsumpnc tbe 3 Q^P afTeflCeii Bantages intftelf ; Stm tn tlie cafe t^t 
^e ttuQ tefolatfoHda i 3|t ibaB b^ intenbeb , t|at t|ep gabe bftna* 
ireefoibotb; a Vecaofe tie l^lafnttfe bae nocaitfeR»oaeofl|eat« 
n hn- lecatfond , tbe lobgement foae to be rebecfeo in tbe Exchequer CUm- 


57 dntcentinsfntfrefliecbicee, anbbvlete tie? maf be appottiotu^ li < «> 

fb, anbtDbefenot. TeeBmcttons Caft,pertout, i; arte John ^'Smtm 
Ttlbot$Ca(einrt|e8^.Rep.fol-ioS. c«fe. 

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but tbal nlimtt eftbet intirel? temafne , o^ be imitcl; annutteb ;ano 9^' •''* *^* 
fletefo^e > if tiece be tipo llerMename toitl fWattantfe , ano vetftion '^!*^ 
in mmt bettocen tbent \jg jabsement , f n a teait de panitione &cienda ,> ** 
^fojceof tbe i^atate of n H. g.c3p. t. intlfe caib, tlefiacrantfe 
9al tematne to eacb of tbemintfrdcv becanCfc upon tbe i^fn^Rbo^ 
tlep are compeBabie.bp tbe Statute (onto ivIiebebeTpbttelefattie) i 

tbma1»|Kitt(tioti> atibfe tie Rattle peffnbiB lif vemeeie accejiins 


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bp aeeo , b; confoit ( ftace tHe falfr iStf , ) aUieit tMp tone cotiir»>able 
1i{>.tD)it to makepattfttotii P^ <na0 mncbm tbepoio not yotrae tfie- 
^titttteto maketbevattitfon beto^tt, fo» tbat caaf^ Tocb pattftfon 
nmatoM an ft toaft befne at tbe Coattmn l«to> aim ( bpconCe* 
fliaent) tbe VBtortantfe to 0«ne> (as it to«« aori^Mi 29 EL?, tic Gsrr.) 
becanfetbe WsfUMtkis fnoiirtSble, am cannot be pacteo w tbe l^an» 
map* '■ 
cojiint. tj. • 59 flSbe^atcvufle ofWiiKhefter bptDa(a0lttoaefnnMi^)be* ^ «iu e 
TheMatqu.«t bflieD Bibetff liatiO0>, JelpefaK ,<c. iCo b<0 r^eo f»onnee> atmalfo uads, 1 
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^''*^' pMtofprtfbe.CowFty fl (ametfon teao frameojo tbe name o( tbe v>o^ w 

jj^atfaefe bio j^onne ano befvito batea prohibition oat of 1^ mtngg *'°*."?' 
Snub., fnppoSttfitbatbe toao not oCfanx memoriae «ttbet<nieoCtbe*^'°^ 
' makfngottbetoAf ttbf^b tofto ploatn <n tbe ^i^tftiul Court, fn 
jartfUoftbeprabatoftbetDttt, ano tbetenpon^ motion fBanmaoe fn 
tbe Hinco )5encb to bai»e piohibitioA g eneralp to Itap aB tbe y)o« ! 

ceeoineofntbe<(ccleCa1ticalCon(t,Tii. aotoeSfoitbel^egaciefant 
btqaeltK in tbe petConalt; , ao Co» .tbe Mjmt ; anb tberealOn am 
gcouM of tbat motion tMO ; to}tb8t tbe toil concernins tbe l^anoo, 
ano tbe fl»eltaniettt concecningtbe 00800, being aBmfreotocetber fR . 
one intiteloiB , ff tbofe in tbe <|(cclcfUlticaA Conrt Ibonlo p^oceet 
totumfan tbe Steffament of tbeisooBo, tbat toonlo p^eDent ano p^e jo* ' 

bice tbe ttidi in tbe ftings l&encjb ; to? if be tat$ of fanx memorix at 
tbe nuiiiiv eCtbe.fl^^meit-^ot'tbe soooo,, be conlo not be 
of nof iaoae mcmociK at tbe tf me oC tbe maUng of tbe toiB of tbe 
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