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Full text of "McElroy's Philadelphia city directory"

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Qhe^er Qounty ^i^orical Society 


TKoebe "Vhillips Trime 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

V 'l>\ 

..a^ ^ 











♦ n«:r*OB v*ux, 


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Penn Township. 

Northern Liberties. 
















North Mulberry Ward. 

Upper Delaware Ward. 

Race or 

Sassafras Street. 

South Mulberry Ward. 

Lower Delaware Ward. 

Arch or 

Mulberry Street. 

North Ward. 

High Street Ward. 

Market or 

High Street. 

Middle Ward. 

Chestnut Ward. 



South Ward. 

Walnut Ward. 



Locust Ward. 

Dock Ward. 



Cedar Ward. 

Pine Ward. 

Pine Street. 

New Market Ward. 

South or 

Cedar Street. 




X Southwark. 


NORTH, - - - One, One, 

SOUTH, - . - - Two, Two, 

EAST, - - - - Three, Three, 

WEST - - - * I' OUT, rour, 

NORTH-EAST, - - One, three, 
NORTH-WEST, - - One, four, 

SOUTH-EAST, - • Two, three, 
SOUTH-WEST, ■ - Two, four, 




One, three. 
One, four. 
Two, three. 
Two, four. 


























January. . . 
































































August. . . 





















































26 27 



March. . - . 


























































23 2425 


















October. . . 






































2122 23 








2829 30 













4 5 6 






















































2, 3 






































22 23 24 

25 20 







28 29 30 31 






- 3,310 



Armstrong, - 

- 1,510 

Beaver, - 



- 2,290 

Berks, - 



- 2,219 

Bucks, - 


Butler, - - - 

- 1,700 




- 1,467 

Chester, - 


Clearfield, - 




Columbia, - 

- 1,088 



Dauphin, - . - 

- 2,843 




- 2,747 




- 2,564 

Green, - 



- 3,687 





Juniata, - 


Lancaster, - 

- 8,558 



Lehigh, - 

- 2,349 



Lycoming, - 

- 1,565 

M'Kean, - 



. 2,435 

Mifflin, - 







- 2,566 





Philadelphia city and county. 




Potter, - 


Schuylkill, - 

- 1,508 




- 1,264 

Tioga, - 


Union, - - 

- 2,268 





Wayne, - 



- 2,315 

York, - 


Venango, . - - 
Porter's ma- 75495 
jority, 5 ' 





- 4,505 

- 1,931 

- 7,101 

- 4,553 



. 4,527 


- 2,304 

- 2,743 

- 1,263 

- 2,788 

- 1,849 

- 1,262 


- 1,049 

- 1,553 

- 3,132 

- 219 

- 1,177 

- 6,558 

- 2,144 

- 8,041 


- 276 

- 883 

- 1,448 

- 3,461 


. 1,062 


- 4,193 


NoTx. — ^The return of the six judges was accepted by the Senate, as the kgal return fd 
Pluladelphia county. 





Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor, av avenue, 
bel below, bet between, (B H) Bush Hill, b h boarding- house, c. h. (counting house,) 
c corner, ct court, E East, F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (F V) Francisville, gent, gentleman, 
gentw. gentlewoman, G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, M Moy- 
amensing, manuf. manufacturer and manufactory, mer. merchant, mers. merchants, mr maker, 
n near, N North, NL Northern Liberties, O Y Old York, F Passyunk, P T Penn Township, 
R Ridge, S South, Sch. Schuylkill, W West, whf whaif or wharves, wid widow, (WP) West 


Abbatt John, nailer, 71 Budd. 
Abbett Ann, milliner, 325 Vine. 
Abbett Lydia, tavern, S E Sch 

Abbey Charles, gold-beater, 22 Pear. 
Abbey R., machinist, 82 N 4th. 
Abbott Abdin, waterman, 64 Oak. 
Abbott Charles H., merchant, 16 N 4th, h 60 

S 6th. 
Abbott C. H. & G., hardware, 16 N 4th 
Abbott David, collector, 19 Cresson's al 
Abbott Edmund, brewer, 1 Pear, h 71 Spruce. 
Abbott Ehzabeth, 155 St. John. 
Abbott George, mer., 16 N 4th, h 183 Mulbeny. 
Abbott James, mer., 127 High, h 17 S 10th. 
Abbott James, brewer, 86 N 2nd, h 55 New. 
Abbott John, gent, Marshall u Spring Garden. 
Abbott Joseph, hatter, 200 Christian. 
Abbott Joseph, flour & feed, 39 Cedar. 
Abbott Moorehouse, ship carp.. Mechanic ct. 
Abbott & Newlin, brewers, 86 N 2nd, to 11 

Abbott Redman, mer., 153 High. 
Abbott Samuel, brewer, 1 Pear, h 140 Mulberry. 
Abbott Samuel, mer., 20 Chestnut. 
Abbott Samuel, mer., 255 High. 
Abbott Thos., carter, 552 N 3rd. 
Abbott Timothy, gent., office 60 S 6th. 
Abbott William, hardware, 67 High, h 152 N 2d. 
Abbott William, brewer, 1 Pear, h 71 Spruce. 
Abbott William, leather-dealer, 24 High, h 212 

Abbott. Wm. H., grocer, N E firoad & Sassafras, 

h Marshall bel Spring Garden. 


lAbel Amacy, painter, 71 Carpenter, (S.) 

Abel Anthony, shoemaker, 21 Rachel. 
Beach and | Abel Charles, clerk, 202 Noble. 

Abel George, deputy coroner, h 170 S 5th 

Abel Hetty, trimmings, 292 S Front. 

Abel Isaac, book-binder, 3 Minor, h 197 Noble. 

Abel John, stone-cutter, 13 Logan. 

Abel John, cordwainer, 21 New Julianna. 

Abel Harriet, 39 Sheaff's al. 

Abel Peter, cordwainer. Prince n Hanover. 

Abel & Pomroy, book-binders, 3 Minor. 

Abel Robert K., watchmr., 418 N 4th. 

Abel Samuel W., brassfounder, 7 York ct. 

Abel Wm. W., brassfounder, 13 Rose al. 

Abeling Dorothea, doctress, 6 Castle. 

Abelshauser Leonard, cordwainer, 5th ab Jef- 

Able Catharine, gentw., 10 Brown. 

Able Isaac, book-binder, 197 Noble. 

Able John jr., fish dealer, Queen n Marlborougb. 

Able Joseph, cordwainer. Poplar ab St. John. 

Able Mary, marker, Queen ab Shaekamaxon(K) 

Abercrombie C Mrs., 5 Shields' al. 

Abercrombie James, D. D., 9'2 Union. 

Abercrombie John D., jeweller, 141 S 6th. 

Abernethy Chas. B., grocer, N W 2d & German. 

Abraham David, tavern, N E O Y road and 

Abrahams A., waterman, 342 S 2nd. 

Abrahams James, tailor, 21 S 7th. 

Abrahams Joseph, atty,, rear 15 Noble. 

Abrahams Isaac, victualler, 18 Beaver. 

Abram Joseph, 4th ab Thompson. 

A,bram8 Isaac, gent., 2nd n Beaver, (K) 



Abrams John, Fiont bel Phxnix, (K.) 
Abrams Joseph, i^tt'y & coun., 161 Sassafras. 
Abrams Moses, broker, 97 Coates. 
Abrams Moses, Jr., broker, 91 Coates. 
Abricht F. W., b h, 14 Filbert. 

I Adams Richard, coal, Shackamaxon ab Queen. 

Adams Robert, flour-, N W Sch. 8th & High. 
Adams Robert, mariner, 10 Swanson. 
Adams Robert, porter, 16 Poplar. 

Aburnathy Jno., shoemr., Sch. 4th n Chestnut. Adams Robert & Co., wines & liq'rs, 13 Walnut. 
Accoo Jesse, waiter, 24 Watson's al. j Adams Robert, mer. 13 Walnut, h 182 Chestnut. 

Adams Saml., clerk K. Bank, h Shackamaxon 
ab Bedford. 

Adams Sarah Ann, dressmaker, 179 Lombard. 

Acheson Charles, mer., 387 High. 
Acheson George, lab, Jones al ab Sch. 5th. 
Ackerman J., map colourer, N E 7th &. High. 
Ackerman John S-, cordwainer, GT roadn, 

2nd, (K) 
Ackerman Peter, auctioneer, 10 W. North. 
Ackerman W. C, mer., 41 N whfs., h 88^ N 

AckhuflT James, turner, rear 168 Marshall. 
Ackley Elizabeth, R. road & Francis, (F V) 
Ackley John, carter, 240 St. John. 
Ackley Sarah, tailoress, 185 Coates. 
Ackley Thomas, mer. 24 N 4th, h 83 Lombard. 
Ackl€;y William, paper box-maker, 616 N 2nd. 
Acroid Henry, victualler, Brown n 12th. 
Adair Ann, tavern, 287 S 4th. 
Adair Maria, Callowhill bel Sch. 8th. 
Adair Robert, carter, 7 Union ct. 
Adair Robert Rev., 364 S 4th. 
Adam Richard, tavern, cor Shackamaxon & 

Adams Abagail, 3 Rachel Row. 
Adams Alexander, brushes, 438 N 2d, h 232 

Adams Alexander, druggist, Sch. 8th ab Sassa- 

Adams Andrew W., mer, 45 High, h 163 N 9th 
Adams & Brothers, crockery manufacturers. 111 

N Front. 
Adams & Co., card printers, 20 S 4th. 
Adams Charles, cabmr, 12 Combs' al. 
Adams Charles, mer. 214 High, h 15 Franklin 
Adams C. L., printer, 2 Courtlin place. 
Adams Daniel, carter, Kessler's al. 
Adams David, grocer, S E 2nd & Poplar. 
Adams Eli, acct., 26 O Y road. 
Adams Elizabeth, sock-mr. 256 N Front. 
Adams Elizabeth Mrs., 62 Garden. 

Adams George, carpenter, rear 132 Coates. 

Adams George, cordwainer. Mechanic ct. 

Adams Jacob, mer. 73 S Wharves, h 94 Union. 

Adams James, miller, Pearl n Sch. 

Adams James W., machinist. Nectarine bel 11th. 

Adams Jane, tavern, 121 N Water. 

Adams John, fisherman. Palmer ab Beach. 

Adams John, blacksmith, Locust c Juniper. 

Adams John, kb. Stranahan's ct. 

Adams Flora, 1 Buck's ct. 

Adams John, sexton, Logan bel Coates. 

Adams John, collector, 11 SpafFord. 

Adams Joseph, shoemr, N W. Dean & Centre. 

Adams & Knight, hardware, 214 High. 

Adams Mary Ann, b h 319 Chestnut & 9 S 11th. 

Adams Mary Mrs., Beach bel Shackamaxon 

Adams Mary, seamstress, 37 Marion. 

Adams Mary Mrs., 67 Christian. 

Adams Mrs. Robt., gentw., 182 Chestnut. 

Adams Martha, 23 McKean's ct. 

Adams Susan, gentw, O'Niel n Howard, (K.) 
Adams Thomas, tobac, N W 3rd & Sassafras. 
Adams Thomas F., printer, card maker, Stc, 20 

S 4th, h 26 Jacoby. 
Adams Timothy, machinist, Mellon ab 9th. 
Adams Thomas, cordw., Bedford ab Shacka- 
maxon, (K.) 
Adams Thomas, weaver. Phoenix ab 2nd. 
Adams William, carpenter, 6 SchaflTer's ct. 
Adams William, collector, 26 Old York Road. 
Adams William, fisherman. Palmer n Queen. 
Adams William, coi-dwainer, Rawle n Apple. 
Adams Wm. H., hardware, 303 High. 
Adams Wm. M., gi'ocer, 427 N Front. 
Adamson H., carpenter 129 Pine, h Washington 

ab 11th. 
Adamson James, carpet- weaver, 143 N 6th. 
Adamson John, grocer, N E 5th & Poplar. 
Adaulph John, carp., 176 St. John's. 
Adaulph G., carp. 181 St. John's. 
Addicks John E., mer., h 386 N 6th. 
Addicks, Van Dusen & Smith, mer's., 167 High. 
Addrain George, saddler, 14 Commerce. 
Addleton Rob., carp., 45 Catherine, 
AechteiTiacht F. A., tailor, 114 Sassafras. 
Aertsen J. M., mer., 136 High, h 10th bel Ce» 

Aertsen John P., mer., h George n 13th. 
Aertsen, Maccoun & Ritchie, mers., 186 High. 
Aflferbaugh EUzabeth, gentw., G Troad ab 4th. 
Afflawbanch Thos., wheelwright, G T road n 

Afflick Morris E., bricklayer, 290 N 7th. 
Agar William, ship-carpenter, 110 F Road. (K) 
Agar Wm., wheelwright, 6 Garrigues ct. 
Ager Mary, Mrs., 135 Cherry. 
Agin Isaac, currier, 5 Fetter Lane. 
Agnew Andrew, hatter, 115 W High. 
Agnew & Co., fancy dry goods, 26 S 2nd. 
Agnew David, weaver, rear 557 N 4th. 
Agnew David, stone-cutter, Sch. Washington 

n Callowhill. 
Agnew Henry O., blacksmith, 269 Sassafras, h 

Agnew's ct. 
Agnew John, Franklin works, 340 Vine, h 

12 Morgan. 
Agnew John, lab., Fitzwater ab 13th. 
Agnew J. H. Rev., young ladies' seminary, 220 

Agnew, Macurdys & Brown, dry g'ds, 32 N 4th. 
Agnew Isabella, dry goods, 463 High. 
Agnew Samuel, 41 N 8th. 
Agnew William, mer., 26 S 2nd. 
Agnew William E., teacher, 154 Marshall. 
Ahem Daniel, hotel, 23 S 3rd. 



A'lkin Caroline, Randall's ct. 

Aikins Alexander, drayman, 42 P road. 

Akins Joanna, Wood ab Sch. 7th. 

Akins John, gent, h 80 Gaskill. 

Aikins John, cordwainer. Mulberry n Sch. 3rd. 

Aikman John, hat block -maker, 7 Dock, h 203. 

Ailes Catherine, shoemaker, S 5th bel Queen. 
Airey John, soapboiler, 228 N Front. 
Airey Joseph C, tailor, 166 N 2d, h 17 Wood. 
Airey Richard, gent, 17 Wood. 
Airgood Ann, 92 Prime. 

Aitkin Charles C, boot & shoe manuf. 19 Ed- 
ward. (K) 

Aitkin Joseph, mer., 16 Commerce, h Front ab 

Aitkin Thos P., tailor, St John bel Beaver, (K) 

Aitkin Wm. P., mer., 16 Commerce, h 91 Ger. 
T Road. 

Aitkin & Brother, boots & shoes, 16 Commerce. 

Aitkin William, teacher on Piano, 29 Perry. 

Aitkins Eliza, Cresson's alley. 

Aken Joseph, cabihetmr., 19 Dock, h Green 
& Franklin. 

Akens David, drayman, 238 S 3rd. 

Akers John, tailor, Wood near Sch. 8th. 

Akers Chas., lab., Griswold's alley. 

Akers John, lab.. Wood n Sch. 8t"h. 

Akers John, grocer, 18 Laurel. 

Akers Thomas, China 8c queensware, 317 High. 

Akin John, lab., 121 Plum. 

Akins .Tames, designer, 51 Brown. 

Akins Rosanna, gentlew., 238 S 3d. 

Akins James, grocer, 162 Shippen. 

Alberger Misses, teachers, 125 M Road. 

Albers Harmon, chemist. Wood ab Sch. 8th, 

Albert Miles, lab.. Prosperous alley. 

Albert John, shop 4th ab Thompson, (K.) 

Alberti Mrs., A. M. 32 Palmyra Row. 

Albertie George, cupper, &c.Clairbel Carpenter 

Albertson Benjamin, mer., 19 High, h45N6th 

Albertson David, shoemaker, Stout's ct. 

Albertson Davis, grocer, N E 2d & Mary. 

Albertson Eliza, b h, 15 Harmony. 

Albertson Elizabeth, shoes, Shackamaxon bel 

Albertson Gilbert, gent, 103 Swanson. 

Albei-tson Gilbert, lab., Workman's ct 

Albertson Hannah, 40 Beck's al. 

Albertson Isaac, stoves, 153 N 3rd, h 90 New. 

Albertson Joseph, shoes. Queen bel Marlborouprh. 

Albertson Marmaduke, shipwright, Marlborough 
bel Prince. (K) 

Albertson Thos. clerk, 32 German. 

Albertson & Roberts, dry goods, 19 High. 

Albertson Timothy, shipwright, Shackamaxon 
bel Bedford. (K) 

Albertson AVm., shocmr, Shackamaxon n Bed- 
ford, (K.) 

Albrecht C. F. L., piano forte manuf., 144 S 3rd. 

Albrecht Ciiarles, gent., 134 Vine. 

Albright C. collector, 18 S 3rd. 

Albriglrt Jacob, constable, 52 Dtike. 


Albright Jacob, packer, James ab Charles. 
Albright Jacob, labourer, 80 German. 
Albright John, carter, 460 O Y Road. 
Albright John, tailor, 331 S. 3rd. 
Albright Margaret Mrs. 81 Brown. 
Albright Peter, constable, 22 Callowhill. 
Albright Thomas F., clock & watchmr, 268 High. 
Allbright William, teacher of drawing, 21 S 5th. 
Alburger Abraham, painter, Cadwalader n 

Phcenix. (K) 
Alburger Abraham, victualler, 281 Callowhill. 
Alburger Ann Mrs., Cadwalader ab Little Green. 
Alburger Christian, victualler, Olive n 12th. 
Alburger Edward, bookbinder, 496 S. 2nd. 
Alburger Henry, victualler. Pleasant bel 10th. 
Alburger Jacob, saddler, 69 Chestnut, h 21 

Elfreth's alley. 
Alburger Jacob J., vict, 85 Biittonwood. 
Alburger John, victualler, 259 Callowhill. 
Alburger J. P., harness & trunks, 69 Chestnut, 

h 21 Elfreth's alley. 
Alburger John G., victualler, 59 Franklin. 
Alburger J., wheelwright, rear 317 N 3d. 
Alburger Wm. M., plumber, N E Marshall & 

Willow, h 68 Mars":-, all. 
Alburtus Mary, b h, 50 Filbert. 
Alcock Wm., print cutter, 134 Budd. 
Alcock Wm. C., portrait painter, 134 Budd. 
Alcorn Robert, mariner, 52 Penn. 
Alcorn Samuel, carter, Ann n Sch. 8th. 
Alcorn Sarah, 1 Myers's ct. 
Alcorn Wm., carpet- weaver, Sch. 5th ab High. 
Alcot Elizabeth, gentw., 70 Brown. 
Alden D. P., musical academy, 351 High. 
Alden C. H. Rev., high school for young ladies, 

6 Portico Square. 
Alden Jonathan, cashier Kensington Savings In. 

stitution, N 2d ab Coates, h 165 Spruce. 
Alderman Joel, labourer, back 17 Willow. 
Alderman Jos. engraver, Allen bel Palmer, (K) 
Aldred George, tavern, 218 Cedar. 
Aldrich Cynthia, b h, 124 Pine. 
Aldridge, Lowerie &. Co., variety store, 135 High. 
Aldridge Samuel H., mer., 135 High. 
Alexander Andrew, stone-cutter. Filbert ab 

Sch. 5th. 
Alexander Ann Mrs., 88 S 12th. 
Alexander Ann, widow of Richard, 24 Plum. 
Alexander Benj., car. manuf. Elizabeth n Poplar 
Alexander Catharine Mrs., 14 Tammany. 
Alexander Charles, printer, Athenian buildings 
Alexander Eleanor, 35 Shippen. 
Alexander Geo., watchman, 13 Swanson. 
Alexander George, printer, 56 Plum. 
Alexander George, grocer, N E 3rd & Coatea. 
Alexander Hugh, mer., 209 High, h 100 N 5th. 
Alexander James, weaver, Filbert n Sch. 7th. 
Alexander Jesse, car-mr., Carlton n 2nd. 
Alexander Jolm, labourer, 4 Hunter. 
Alexander J. & H., dry goods. 209 High. 
Alexander Joseph, printer, 44 German. 
Alexander Margaret, Jones's al above Sch. 4th. 
Alexander Martin W., conveyancer, S W 6th 

& Wood, h 46 Marshall. 
Alexander Mrs. M., mantuamaker, 26 S 13th. 



Alexander M. S., mer., h Filbert n Sch. 6th. 
Alexander Sam., oysters, Callowhill n William. 
Alexander Samuel, dry g-oods, 28 S 2nd. 
Alexander Samuel D., brushmr. Catherine bel 

Alexander Susan, b h, 201 Spruce. 
Alexander Susanna, washer, 5 Providence ct. 
Alexander Theodore, cordw,, rear 262 S 5th 
Alexander William, cordwainer, 117 M road- 
Alexander William, teamster. Wood bel Broad. 
Alexander Wm., classical academy, 400 High. 
Alexander William, bi'ickmaker, 10 Jones's al 
Alexander William, painter, 15 Coombs' alley 
Alexander William, gent., 15 Jefferson Row. 
Alexander W. G., mer., h 74 Swanson. 
Algeo John H., cooper, Sch. 3d ab Filbert. 
Algor Rebecca, rear Sch. 8th bel High. 
Allanesse John, clothier, 473 High, h 38 

Allanesse Robert, waiter, Watson's alley. 
Allar Joseph, mariner, 3 Little Pine. 
Allchin George, backgammon board maker, 

163 Vine. 
Allen Albertus, carpenter, 524 S 2nd. 
A!l;;n Andrew, moulder. Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Alien Ann, b h, 42 S 6th. 
Allen Ann, beer house, 125 Swanson. 
Allen Cairns, silver plater, Shuster's ct rear of 

198 N 8th. 
Allen Charles, gent., 146 Pine. 
Allen Charles, coachmaker, h 12th ab Wash 

Allen Clayton, tailor, 53^ Chestnut, h 88 Mul 

Allen Edward, watchman, 21 Barron. 
Allen Elizabeth, 18 Sti'awberry. 

Allen Eleanor, shop, 21 Strawberry. 

\Uen Ehzabeth, gentw., 6 City Row. 

Allen Elizabeth, 23 Frankhn. 

Allen Enoch, tailor, 53^ Chestnut & Water, 

h 4 Elfreth's alley. 
Allen Ephraim, cordwainer, 114 N. 12th. 

Alletv E. Miss, prof, piano, 187 Pine. 

Allen F., tailor, Lagrange place. 

Allen George, boots & shoes, 324 High. 

Allen Geo. W., M. D., 45 N 8th, h 77 Wood. 

Allen Harriet, w. of Benj. 16 Jefferson Row. 

Allen James, plasterer, 216 CheiTy. 

Allen James, porter, 11th ab Lombard. 

Allen James, tavern, S W c Front & Shippen. 

Allen James M., real estate broker, office 79 
Mulberry, h 4 Julianna. 

Allen Jane, druggibt, 202 S 3rd. 

Allen John, waiter, 29 Elizabeth. (C) 

Allen John, dry goods, 24 S 2d. 

Allen John, ladies' shoemaker, 429 S 2nd. 

Allen John, bricklayer, 23 Lombard. 

Allen John, stonefinisher, 4 Cherry. 

Allen John, teacher, 274 N 7th. 

Allen John, stonecutter, Barker ab Sch. 6th. 

Allen John, lab., near 10 Cypress alley. 

Allen John, wheelwright, rear 15 Noble 

Allen John B. A., mer., 9 S whfs. h 166 N 5th 

Allen John C, druggist, 180 S 2d. 

Allen Joseph Capt., 384^ S Front. 

Allen Joseph, labourer, 3 Myers* ct- 
Allen Joseph, Willow 2nd door ab 5tb. 

Allen Joseph, druggist, 202 S 3d. 
Allen Joseph W., Dock n Front. 
Allen Lewis, mer., 1 S 4th h 95 S 3rd. 

Allen Mary, druggist, 383 Sassafras. 

Allen Mary, 3 Hickory ct. 

Allen Marv, prof, of harp, 187 Pine. 

Allen Mary, b h, 8 E North. 

Allen Peter, labourer, 5 Giles' alley. 

Allen Petei", labourer, Rihl's ct. 

Allen Richard S., clerk, 280 N 2d. 

Allen Rachel, Grear's ct. 

Allen Robert, mer., 140^ High. 

Allen Robert, distiller, S W 3d & Plum. 

Allen Robert, grocer, Queen ab Bishop. 

Allen Solomon, ex-broker, 9^8 3rd, h 306 Mul- 

Allen Thomas, cordwainer, 10 Shield's ct. 

Allen Thomas, rigger, rear 338 N 2d. 

Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead alley. 

Allen Thomas G. Rev., genl. agt. City mission, h 
14 Jefferson Row. 

Allen Thomas H., collector, 200 S 4th. 

Allen Thomas P., combmaker. Christian ab 7th. 

Allen William, carpenter, 14 Concord. 

Allen William, baker, 246 N Front. 

Allen William, machinist, 8 Wells' Row. 

Allen Wm. sailmaker, S 2d bel Queen. 

Allen William, mer., 65 S Front h 106 S 4th. 

Allen WiUiam, hair dresser, 6 S 9th, h Eliza- 
beth bel 7th. 

Allen William G., weighmaster, 25 S whfs. h 9 
Jefferson Row. 

Allen William M., tailor, 336 S 4th. 

Allen William W., tailor, 16 S 8th, h S E 11th 
& Sassafras. 

Allen, Wilson &. Co., mers., 140^ High. 

Alleson Samuel, atty & coun., 24 George. 

Allett Catharine, shop, 19 Spafford. 

Allfort F. Jr., cordwainer. Wood ab Queen. (K) 

AUibone Samuel A., mer., 17 S whfs. h 75 S 4th. 

Allibone Sarah, b h 75 S 4th. 

Allibone Thomas, mer., 8 S whfs. h 61 Spruce. 

Allibone & Troubat, merchants, 8 S whfs, 

Alliburn Jacob, doctor, 186 Poplar, 

Alice Christian, cabmr, Lewis W Sch. 6th, 

Allingham Wm., carpenter, Jones' al n Sch. 5th. 

Allington Aaron, dealer, 95 Apple. 

Allison Andrew J., stone cutter, c Wood 8c 11th. 

Allison George, bootmaker, 4 Black's ct. 

AUison Henry D., blacksmith, 60 Tammany. 

AUison J. J., M. D., 8 S 12th h 72 N 11th. 

Alhson Margaretta, grocer, 170 Spruce. 

Allison Mary, shop, George n 11th. 

Allison P. &. W. C, wheelwrights. Broad n Vine. 

Allison Richard, stone cuttei-, c 11th & Wood 
h 165 N 11th. 

Allison Rebecca, gentlewoman, 123 Swanson, 

Allison Eliza, 22 Plum. 

Allison Walter, carpenter, 31 Montgomery. 

Allison Wm. C, car builder, 177 N 13th. " 

Allman Thomas, carpenter, Gales' ct. 

Allman Thomas, bricklayer, 225 Spruce. 

AUmedinger Charles, baker, 130 N 4th. 

A MM / 

Allmending'er William, baker, 111 Wood. 

Almond Mukes, carpenter, 16 Barron, h Car- 
penter bel P road. 

Almond Wm., mer., 39 N Front, h 4 S Penn sq. 

Alrich Peter, gilder, 124 Coates 

Alrich & Son, smithery, Beach ab Palmer (K.) 

Alsop Richard, mer., 18 & 19 Exchange, h 93 
S 4th. 

Alsop Robert, 445 N 6th. 

Alsop Samuel, teacher, 200 Noble. 

Alsop William J., lumber mer., (see Amos 
Jeanes & Co.) 

Alloway Isaac, tavern, c O Y R & Buttonwood. 

AUoway Lewis, fireman, 416 N. Front. 

Alston Edmund, gent., 258 Filbert. 

Alston Isaac, dealer, 210 S 5th. 

Altemus Benjamin C, tailor, 38 Mulberry. 

Altemus James, wheelwright, 529 N 2d. 

Altemus Margaret, b h 77 N 7th. 

Altemus Maiy, 145 N 10th. 

Altemus Mary, milliner, 529 N 2d. 

Altemus Samuel, auctioneer, 40 Budd. 

Altemus Susan, 172 German town road. 

Altemus Thomas, Philadelphia bank. 

Altemus Wm., wheelwright, Gray's ct. (N. L.) 

Altemus William, gilder, Orchard n Rawle. 

Alter Charles, corder, 18 Shippen. 

Alter Jacob, gi-ocer, h N W Marshall & Spring 

Alter Solomon, mer., 247 High, h 328 N 6th. 
Alter Wm., goldbeater, 66 Noble. 
Alvord Christopher, spring bed mr., 1 Lagrange. 
Ambers John, bricklayer. Wood ab Schuyl. 8th. 
Ambler Henry, cabinetmaker, 97 Green. 
Ambler J. G., dentist. Beach, n Maiden. (K) 
Ambler Thomas, tinplate worker, cor 11th & 

Ambler Thomas, tinsmith, S W Spring Garden 

& Nectarine. 
Ambrose Charlotte, hair dresser, 236J S 7th. 
Ambrose Nelson B., hair dresser, 254 S 6th. 
Amer & Crawford, hatters, 535 W High. 
Amer Joseph, machinist, Sch. 7th, n Vine. 
Amer William, morocco dresser, c Willow and 

Dillwyn, h Willow, n 4th. 
Ames James B., ship master, 10 Christian. 
Amies Joseph, acct., 45 High. 
Amie John, carpenter. Mansion, (W P.) 
Amies Richard, mer., h 19 Fitzwater 
Amies Susan, Mrs., 68 S. 5th. 


Amon Christian, baker, S 4th bel Queen^, 
Amos Charles F., stoves, 197 N 2d, h 31Wood. 
Amos Elizabeth, 78 Budd. 
Amos George, shoemaker. Harmony ct. 
Amos George, labourer, 26 Sassafras alley. 
Amos Jacob, carpenter, 22 Coates alley, h 11 

Amos Jonathan, tailor, 223 S 5th. 
Amos Hobfi-t, cordwainer, Hopkins' ct. 
Amos William .Ir., carpenter. Culvert n 3d. 
Ammidon Otis, gent., 171 S 3d. 
Ammidou S., gcntwo., 115 Filbert. 
Ancess Wm., planet reader, 165 Pine. 
Ancora Peter, drawing master, 145 Pine. 
Anders J., bootmaker, 310 Suijsafras. 

Anderson Alex., lab., S Penn sq. n Sch. 8th. 

Anderson Alexander, marble polisher, Sch. 7th 
n Vine. 

Anderson Alexander D., carter, 3 Mark's lane. 

Anderson Andrew, carpr.. Wood, n Sch. 7th. 

Anderson Ann, 90 Bedford. 

Anderson Ann, mantuamaker, 21 Morris. 

Anderson Ann, washer. Middle alley n. 6th. 

Anderson Ann, gentwo., 3 Jefferson Row. 

Anderson Ann, 31 Beck. 

Anderson Ceciha, 290 Cedar. 

Anderson Christian, watchman, 2 Lombard ct. 

Anderson Christiana, 3 Lawrence. 

Anderson David, plasterer, 61 Garden. 

Anderson Elizabeth, 281 Poplar. 

Anderson Elizabeth, b h. 90 Crown. (C) 

Anderson Elizabeth, confectioner, 321 Pine. 

Anderson Ellen, washer, 203 Cedar. 

Anderson Flora Mrs., Bedford, ab 12th. 

Anderson George, labourer, 5 Robb's ct. 

Anderson George R., cabinet maker, 1 South- 
ampton ct. 

Anderson Henry B., eating house, c Spruce and 
Water, h 14 Gaskill. 

Anderson Isaac, tav., 4 S 7th. 

Anderson James, weaver, 118 S 12th. 

Anderson James, lab., G. T. road n. 6th. 

Anderson James, carter, High ab. Sch. 3d. 
Anderson James, cabinetmaker, 25 N 7th. 
Anderson Jane, 4 Lebanon. 
Anderson John, carter, 53 Noble. 
Anderson John, lab., Schuyl. Washington above 

Anderson John, lab.. Barker. 
Anderson John, tailor, 10 Spruce. 
Anderson Joseph, tailor, 115 N 5th. 
Anderson J. W., hair dresser, 273^ N Front. 
Anderson Lydia Ann, Vine ab. 12th. 
Anderson Margaret, oysters, Callowhill n Wil- 
Anderson Martin, labourer, 35 Marion. 
Anderson Margaret, 95 S 12th. 
Anderson Mary, dress maker. Vine ab 12th. 
Anderson M., M. D., S 6th n Spruce. 
Anderson Martha, b h., 50 Zane. 
Anderson Michael, lab., 33 Bedford. 
Anderson M. L., dry goods, N E 8th & Sansom. 
Anderson Nicholas, dealer, Marlboro' ab Prince. 
Anderson Philip P., waiter, Catharine bel 9th. 
Anderson Robert, lab.. High ab Sch. Front. 
Anderson S., tailor, 179^ Poplar. 
Anderson Samuel, labourer, 7 St. John. 
Anderson Samuel, plasterer, 2 Miller's ct. 
Anderson Samuel, caprnr., R road n Gate. 
Anderson Sam!., weaver, Steward bel Fitzwater. 
Anderson Sarah, trimming-s, 6th ab Green. 
Anderson Sarah, gentwo., Marlborough n Frank- 
lin. (K) 
Anderson Sarah, dry goods, 182 Pine. 
Anderson Sarah, w. of Samuel V., 152 N Front. 
Anderson Thomas, cordw., 21 Rachel. 
Andei-son Thomas, labourer, 4 Elizabeth. (NL) 
Anderson Thomas W., tailor, 50 Laurel. 
Anderson William E., chainmaker, 335 S 3d. 
Anderson Wm., coachman, Riispberry al. 




Andetson William V., mer., 21 & 23 N Water, h 
242 Spruce. 

Anderson William V. & Co., mers., 21 & 23 N 

Anderson Isaac, Kensington Foundry. 

Andi'ade Joseph, mer., 28 Walnut, h Spruce 
bel 5th. 

Andre David, weaver, Hopkin's ct. n William. 

Andi'ess Charles, coachmaker, 6 Mustin's ct. 

Andress John W., actor, 21 Morgan. 

Andress Joseph, watchman, 3 Duke. 

Apdress Michael, bricklayer, 20 Noble. 

Andress Michael, jr. bricklayer, 1 1 York ct. 

Andrews Alexander, drayman, Sch. 8th n Sassa- 

Andrews Ann, corsets, 32 N 13th. 

Andrews Benjamin, saddler, 48 High, h24 Sas- 

Andrews Charles, labourer, 5 Sugar al. 

Andrews David, ship carp., Penn ab Maiden. (K) 

Andrews E. W., com. mer., 10 Commerce. 

Andrews Jacob, clothing, 324 Cedar. 

Andrews Jacob, tobacconist, Jackson av. (K) 

Andrews James, lumber mer., S E Pine and 8th, 
h 365 Cedar. 

Andrews John, assist, cashier B. U. S., h Library 

Andrews John, baker, 7 Pratt's ct. 

Andrews John, cordwainer, 8 Federal. 

Andrews John, skindresser, St. John bel Beaver. 

Andrews John, cabinetmaker, 335 S 2d. 

Andrews J. &. J B., lumber, S E 8th and Pine. 

Andrews Joshua, bricklayer, 12th bel Lombard. 

Andrews Joseph B., lumber mer., S E 8th and 

Andrews Lyon, dealer, 250 Cedar. 

Andrews Mary Ann, Bedford bel 13th. 

Andrews Robert, dry goods, 469 Chestnut. 

Andrews Robert, lab., Sch. 3d ab Callowhill. 

Andrews Robert, gent., 8 Portico square. 

Andrews Robert, labourer, 5 Myer's ct. 

Andrews Sarah Ann, 3 Acorn alley. 

Anfort Fred'k jr., fisher. Wood ab Queen. (K) 

Angel Adam, labourer, 58 Federal. 

Angel Chas., web factory, S W 4th & Poplar. 

Angel John, ex. broker, 40 Carpenter, h 78 But- 

Angelo John, sugar refiner, 1 Haas' ct. 

Angue John jr., mer., 30 N 3rd. 

Angue M. B., cordials, 30 N 3d. 

Anker John, shoemaker, 216 Noble. 

Annadown Thomas, 209 N Front. 

Annelly William, harness-maker, 287 S 5th. 

Anners Henry F., mer., 148 Chestnut. 

Anning John B., clerk, Catharine ab 6th. 

Annin John, jeweller, rear 115 Chestnut, h 217 
S 5th. 

Annin & Dreer, jewellers, rear 115 Chestnut. 

Ansbey George, silver-plater, 5 Kenworthy's ct. 

Ansley David, carpenter, 47 S Juniper. 

Ansley Isabella, dressmaker, 3 Perry. 

Ansley Wm., plasterer, 3 Perry. 

Anspach John, mer., 216 N 2nd, h 287 N 6th. 

Anstice William, trimming store, 287 N 2nd. 
Antelo A. J., mer., 18 S Front, h 33 Lombard. 

Anthony Christian, porter, 3 Prune. 

Anthony George, plasterer, 19 Elizabeth. 

Anthony George W., Drinker's al ab Front. 

Anthony Joseph, blindmaker, 383 S 3rd. 

Anthony Mary, Prosperous al. 

Anthony Robert, blacksmith, Drinker's alley. 

Anthony Samuel, cordwainer, Paulin's ct. 

Anthony William, waiter, 22 Sassafras alley. 

Anthony William, shoes. Queen n Shack'n. (K) 

Antrim Charles W., watchmaker, 366 Coates. 

Antrim Ehza, trimmings, 17 Fitzwater. 

Apker Henry, carter, 5th n Buttonwood. 

Apkey Henry, ropemr.. Ma riott bel 6th. 

App George, pumpmaker, F R n Prince. (K) 

App George, baker, Hanover n Duke (K) 

App George, jr. pumpmr., 100 F road. (K) 

App .lacob, cabinetmaker, Lilly al ab Green. 

App Samuel, watchmaker, F R u Queen (K) 

Apple Elizabeth, N 4th c Brown. 

Apple Henry, ganger and cooper, 59 S Water, 
h 5 Lodge al. 

Apple Henry, locksmith, 283 Callowhill. 

Apple Jacob, paper-stainer, Sch Front ab Mulb. 

Apple Jacob, constable, 88 Crown. 

Apple M. Mrs., fancy store, 10 N 12th. 

Applegate Francis, oysterman, 1 Catherine. 

Applegate John, carter, 574 S 2nd. 

Applegate Sarah, 8 Chancery lane. 

Appleton Jane, wid. of Christopher, 167 N 4th. 

Appleton D., cordw., c Sheafif's al and Madison. 

Appleton Wm. M., printer, Sch. av. 

Apt Jacob, cabmr, Lilly al. 

Arbuckle Samuel, auctioneer, N W 2nd and Ta- 
many, h 603 N 2nd. 

Arbuckle Thomas, lab., Queen n Palmer. (K) 

Archer Abel, carter, Sarah n Queen. (K) 

Archer Adam, carter, c Washington and Pearl 

Archer Benjamin, carter, Highstwhf, h 11 El- 
freth's al. 

Archer Ellis S., mer., 67 High, h 362 N Front. 

Archer & Abbott, hardware, 67 High. 

Archer Isaac, drayman, Shackamaxon n Frank- 
lin. (K) 

Archer Isaac, drayman, Sarah near Queen. (K.) 

Archer James, lab., 2d ab Phoenix. 

Archer John, drayman, 460 Callowhill. 

Archer Joseph, gent., office 36 N Front, h 195 

Archer Maria, shop. Front ab Franklin (K) 

Archer Pearce, carter. Poplar n 10th. 

Archer Sarah, tailoress, 3 Beck's ct. 

Ardis George, waterman, 119 Swanson. 

Ardis John W., carp., 69 Carpenter, (S.) 

Ardley Alex'r, druggist, 76 S 2nd, h 63 S 51h. 

Ardley Charles, Western Bank, h 62 S 5th. 

Arentrue Francis, U S Navy, h Vine ab Sch 7th. 

Arentrue John, store, 2 Orange. 

Arentrue Wm. jr., h 131 N 13th. 

Arey E. Mrs., 153 S 9th. 

Arey Henry W., atty & coun., 62 S 5th. 

Arey John, paper-hanger, 14 Franklin. 

Arey Peter, lab.. Beach n Maiden, (K.) 

Arick John, comb-mr., Phrenix n G T road. (_K) 

Arison Napoleon, tailor, 10th ab Green. 



Armbnist Charles, baker, 104 N 13th. 
Armbruster Joseph, carter, N 5th ab Button- 
Armbruster Sophia, washer, Sch. 8th n Rittenh. 
Armbruster Peter, brushmaker, 220 N 3rd, h 

280 N 7th. 
Arment Mr. varnlsher, 12th bel Coates. 
Armitage John, painter, n Sch. 7th & Coates. 
Armitage Robert, shoemaker, 1 R road. 
Armitage Thomas, blacksmith. Vine n 12th, h 

Carlton ab 12th. 
Armour Alex'r, carp., 13th ab Spring Garden. 
Armour Wm., gent., 267 Coates. 
Armrod Thomas, weaver. Front ab Bedford. 
Armstrong Alexander, stonemason, S 13th bel 

Armstrong Andrew, grocer, 104 N 4th. 
Armstrong Andrew, com. mer., 20 Bonsall. 
Armstrong Andrew, mariner, 5 Mead al. 
Armstrong EdWard, att'y and coun., 106 S 4th. 
Armstrong Elizabeth, 11 Rachel. 
Armstrong Francis, manuf., 137 G T road. 
Armstrong George W., grocer, F road opposite 

Queen. (K) 
Armstrong Jacob, carter. Wood ab 12th. 
Armstrong James, weaver,Hope ab Phoenix, (K.) 
Armstrong Jas., weaver, Edward n School, (K.) 
Armstrong James, labourer, Carlton, n Sch 2nd 
Armstrong James, carter, 1 Orchard. 
Armstrong James, manuf., 302 S 10th. 
Armstrong James, lab. 3 Kelley. 
Armstrong John, shoemaker, 61 Currant al. 
Armstrong John, sawyer, 353 Lombard. 
Armstrong John, grocer, Broad bel Cedar. 
Armstrong Joshua, cordw., 462 N 5th. 
Armstrong Kennedy, clothes dealer, 5 Lebanon. 
Armstrong Lydia, shoebinder, 4 L Dock. 
Armstrong Martha, rear 22 Charlotte. 
Annstrong McKimmey, dealer, 50 N 2nd. 
Armstrong Robert, 13th ab Shippen. 
Annstrong Saml., cordwainer, F R ab Bedford. 
Armstrong Stephen, 247 S 7th. 
Armstrong Thomas, att'y and coun., 106 S 4th. 
Annstrong Thomas, weaver, rear 100 G T road. 
Armstrong Thomas, mariner, 22 Duke. 
Armstrong Thos., engineer, 185 G T road. 
Armstrong William, M. D., 88 S. 5th. 
Armstrong Wm., weaver, rear N Front n Master 
Armstrong William, tailor, 343 N Front, 
Annstrong William, weaver, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Armstrong William, victualler, Willow n 8th. 
Armstrong Wm. G., engraver, 60 Walnut. 
Arney Mrs. Elizabeth, 127 Sassafras ab Sch. 8th 
Arnold Aza, machinist, 7 Powell. 
Arnold, Cauffman & Wolf, mers., 60 N. 3d. 
Arnold E. & L., dry goods, 34^ N 2d. 
Arnold Ferdinand, fur men, 49 S 3rd. 
Arnold Frederick, baker, 46 Apple. 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 258 N Front. 
Arnold John W., cordwainer, rear 39 Chester. 
Arnold L., dry goods, 34^ N 2nd, h 25 Branch. 
Arnold Mager, mer. h 276 N 6th. 
Arnold Michael, drover, 49 Buttonwood. 
Arnold Moms, dry goods, 113 Vine. 
Arnold Thomas G., drygoods, 63 Cedar. 

Arnold William, shoemaker, c 10th &, Cedar. 
Arnold William, surg. inst. mr., S W 4th h Cal- 

Arnold William G., bookbinder, 224 N 10th. 
Arnot David, shoemaker, 13th bel Fitzwatei'. 
Arrett Dr., 47 N 8th. 

Arrison Henry D., blacksmith, 77 Dlllwyn, 
Arrison John P., sashmr, 117 N Juniper. 
Amson John, George ab Sch 7th. 
An-ison Mathew, George ab W Sch 8th. 
Arrott James, jr., atty & coun., 108 S 4tli. 
Arrott James, mer., N W 12th and Chestnut. 
Arrowsmith E., capt., 110 N 6th. 
Arensfeld Henry, whitesmith and bellhanger, 

19 Norris' al. 
Arensfeld H., gent., 14 Carter's al. 
Art Ann, 8 Almond. 
Arthur James, bookbinder, 1 Boyd's av. 
Arthur James, grocer, 157 N Water. 
Arthur Joseph, waterman, Penn n Cedar. 
Arthur Samuel, agent Girard's Buildings, R road 

ab George, (F V.) 
Arundel R. J., att'y and coun., 89 Sassafras, h 

122 S 10th. 
Asay Abraham M., tailor, 210 Callowhill. 
Asbury Sam., mer., 85 S Front. 
Asch Joseph M., dry goods, 103 and 105 Spruce. 
Asch Isaac, dry goods, 144 Spruce. 
Ascoughs John, blacksm., 14, and h 11 Laurel, 

Ash Benjamin M., mer., 303 Arch. 
Ash Caleb, clerk, 146 S. Front. 
Ash Charles, victualler, 7 Flower's al. 
Ash Elizabeth, Mrs., c. 5th & rail rd. Willow st. 
Ash George, goldbeater, 10 Hubbell. (M) 
Ash George W., treasurer of Girard Life Ins. and 

Trust Co., 159 Chestnut, h N W. 10th and 

Ash George W., carp., R road bel Sp Garden. 
Ash James, agent, 4 Library 
Ash James, tavern, 38 Pine. 
Ash James, trunkmaker, N E Hurst and Cedar. 
Ash John M., 25 Minor, h 108 Walnut. 
Ash John T., carpenter, c 13th and Pine. 
Ash Joseph, porter, 220 S 7th. 
Ash Joseph, gent., 442 S. Front. 
Ash J., constable, Ann near Sch 7th. 
Ash Margaret, milliner, 487 N 2d. 
Ash Michael W., navy agent 8c attorney, h 1 city 

row, office 4 Library. 
Ash Morgan, mer., 40 S Front. 
Ash Robert, carpenter, 101 Buttonwood. 
Ash Sarah, gentwo., 10th bel Cedar. 
Ash Samuel, labourer, N W George and Plum. 
Ash Thomas, carpenter, c 13th and Pine. 
Ash William, acc't, 50 Duke. 
Ashbridge George, Murray ab Sch 3d. 
Ashbridge S., gentwo., 18 Madison. 
Ashbridge Thomazin Mrs., 321 Mulberry. 
Ashbridge William, mer., 143 High, h 321 Mul. 

Ashbrook Joseph, sailmaker. Federal ab 2nd. 
Ashbrook Thomas C, tailor, 1 Wood. 
Ashburner Benjamin, gent., Rittenhouse below 

Sch 5th. 





Ashburn James C, jeweller, Whitehead's ct. 
Ashburner John, g-ent., 321 N 2nd. 
Ashburner John, jeweller, 16 Laurel. 
Ashburner Lydia, variety store, N W 3rd and 

Ashcraft John, grocer, 90 S Water, h 173 S 2d. 
Ashcraft Wm. B., tavern, S. E. Vernon & Cedar. 
Ashcroft John, carter, 55 M road. 
Ashcroft Josiah, carter, 51 M road. 
Ashdown John, 9th ab Buttonwood. 
Ashenfelter Sarah, St. John n Georg'e. 
Ashfbrd Stephen, brassfounder, 10 Sug'ar al. 
Ashhurst John, mer., 80 Hig'h, h 309 Chesnut 
Ashhurst Lewis R., mer., 80 High, h Walnut W 

Ashhurst Richard, mer., 80 Hig-h, h 263 Mul- 
Ashhurst Richard & Sons, dry goods, 80 High. 
Ashhurst W. H., mer., 80 High, h 15 Girard. 
Ashley Thomas, rigger, 469 S 2nd. 
Ashly Albert, stevedore, 2 Swanson ct. 
Ashman Cathai'ine, rear 366 N 6th. 
Ashman James, silverplater, 292 S 6th. 
Ashman Peter, brickmaker, Ann bel Sch 3rd. 
Ashman Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 157 S 11th. 
Ashman William, tailor, 311 N 3rd. 
Ashmead Charles J., conveyancer, 42 Prune. 
Ashmead & Croskey, lumber mei-s., c Mulberry 

and Sch 5th. 
Ashmead George L., att'y & coun., 222 Spruce. 
Ashmead Isaac, printer, rear 146 Chestnut, h 85 

Ashmead Isaac 8c Co., printers, rear 146 Chest- 
Ashmead John, auctioneer, 185 S 3rd. 
Ashmead John B., cabinetmaker, 85 N 4th. 
Ashmead John W., att'y and coun., 74 S 5th. 
Ashmead Samuel, finding store, 61 Walnut, 
Ashmead Thomas E., salesman, S E Sch 8th and 

Ashmead Thomas, acct, custom house, h 322 

Ashmead William, carpenter, 27 Filbert. 
Ashmead William, M. D., 42 Mulberry. 
Ashmead William E., druggist, c 12th and Pine. 
Ashmead Wm. L., Rail road agent, 368 High, 

h S W 13th & Mulberry. 
Ashmen James J., silver plater, 20 Library, h 

292 S 6th. 
Ashmorc Abraham V., broker, 25 Chestnut, h 

49 Plum. 
Ashmore John, cutler, 50 N 2d. 
Ashton Ann, 11 Randall's ct. 
Ashton A. & H., dressmakers, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Ashton & Browning, aitists' paints, &c., 204 

Ashton Daniel R., young ladies' institute, 46 N 

Ashton George S., mer,, 23 Laurel. 
Ashton Isaac M., hats and caps, 200 High, h 6 

Ashton James, mariner. Workman's ct. 
Ashton John, tailor, 1 6 High, h Jacoby n Cherry. 
Ashton John R., 132 Catharine. 
Ashton John, waiter, 5 Little Oak. 

Ashton John jr., tailor, 16 High. 

Ashton & Pearson, carpenters, 20 Vernon. 

Ashton Samuel, carpenter, 13 Wood. 

Ashton Susan, James ab Charles. 

Ashton Sarah, 370 S 4th. 

Ashton Thos,, lumber mer., 145 N 3rd, h 26 Ann. 

Askins John, shoe store, 148 and 156 S 6th. 

Asians Ann, 298 S Front. 

Aspinwall Geo. W., mer., 55 S wlifs, h N W 
10th and Mulberry. 

Asterlin Ann, Mi-s., 244 Cedar. 

Astie Peter, victualler, G T road n 2d. 

Astley Sarah H., gentw., S W 9th and Walnut. 

Atherly John, fish dealer, Otter n Marlborough. 

Atherton Amos, brickmaker, 270 Lombard. 

Atherton Henry, att'y and coun., 325 Chestnut- 

Atherton Matthew, watchmaker, 26 Perry. 

Atherton Nathan, watchmaker, 26 Peny. 

Atkins Benjamin, carder, Murray ab Sch 3rd. 

Atkins Charles H., 28 Blackberry al. 

Atkins Juliana, 9 Marlon. 

Atkinson Amos, brickmr, 270 Lombard. 

Atkinson A., weaver, rear G. S. road n Master. 

Atkinson Charles, grocer, Cedar st whf, h 70 

Atkinson Charles, grocer, S E 2nd & Mulberry. 

A.tkinson Eliza, stock store, 68 N 8th. 

Atkinson James, tanner, 520 N 2nd. 

Atkinson Jas., skin dresser, G T road n Master. 

Atkinson Joel, Cherry W of 10th. 

Atkinson John, baker, Washington, (W P.) 

Atkinson Joseph, grocer. Cedar st ferry, h 260 
S Front. 

Atkinson Joseph L., bricklayer, 413 S 2nd. 

Atkinson Joseph, weaver. Brown n 13th. 

Atkinson Josiah S., umbrella-maker, 77 Cedar. 

Atkinson Marshall B., dealer. Chancellor st. 

Atkinson Saml., ropemaker, Hanover bel Prince. 
Atkinson Saml., M. D., infirmary, &c., 437 N 3rd, 
Atkinson Saml. C, 39 Carter's alley, h 21 

Atkinson William, painter, 2 Lilly al n Green. 
Atkinson William, weaver, N E Catharine and 

Atlee Margaret C, 6 Carlton square. 
Attis John, labourer, G T R ab Thompson. 
Atmore Frederick, grocer, 131 Buttonwood. 
Atmore Isaac, carpenter, Filbert n Broad. 
Atmore R. jr., grocer, N W 10th & Buttonwood. 
Attmore Caleb, carpenter, 13th n Willow. 
Attmore John, carpenter, G T R R bel Coates, 
Attmore Wm. P., carp.. Wood n Sch. 3rd. 
Atwater, Chas., mer., 118 Water, h Pine ab, 9th. 
Atwood A. Rev., 95 Butterwood. 
Atwood & Co., mers., 74 High. 
Atwood James, mer., 74 High, h Y road n 

Atwood John M., mer., 74 High, h 362 Walnut. 
Atwood William N., dry goods, 154 N 8th. 
Auble Wilham, painter, 10th bel Coates. 
Aubury Geo., blacksmith, 139 S 6th. 
Auchenleck Alexander, captain, 4 Turner'.s ct. 
Auchey Sarah, 128 Dilwyn. 
Augustin Peter, confectioner, 123 S 3rd. 
Augustin Joseph, stevedore, 37 Christian. 



Aug-iistin Rosanna, gentw., 29 Franklin. 
Augustine Charles, gent., 137 Christian. 
Augustine John, mariner, Gamphh-e's ct. 
Augustine Lewis, tinplate-worker, 88 N 11th. 
Augustus Edward, musician, 7 Little Pine. 
Augustus George, oyster house, 242 S 7th. 
Augustus Thomas, porter. Cedar ab 10th. 
Aulbach John A., tavern, 93 New Market. 
Aull Wm., marblepolisher, Vine n Sch. 8th. 
Auner Charles H., stationer, h 79 Cherry. 
Auner Joseph G., bookseller, 343 High, h 362 

Austermell Lewis, macliinist, 148 N 3rd, h 21 

Sterling al. 
Austie Henry, mer., 147 High, h 33 N 10th. 
Austin Alexander, gent., 35 Shippen. 
Austin Alvah, tinsmith, Callowhill ab 13th. 
Austin Charles, carter, 13 Poplar. 
Austin Collins, jr., 220 Callowhill. 
Austin Collins, tinsmith, 222 Callowhill. 
Austin C. B., agent Un. glass manuf., Wood. (K) 
Austin Hosea, dealer, 146 Swanson. 
Austin James, mer., h 53 Wood. 
Austin Lewis L., waterman, Sch. 2d ab Vine. 
Austin Margaret, confectioner, 364 S 2nd. 
Austin Seth, tavern, NE Beach & Marsh. (K) 
Austin Wilhs R., mer., 198 High. 
Austin Wm., grocer, S E Flower &. Fitzwater. 
Austin William K., carpenter, 324 Sassafras. 
Auze A., gentw., 370 Chestnut. 
Averley Jacob, machinist, Hope ab Otter. (K) 
Avery Isaac, fancy milliner, 46 S 2nd. 
Avey Ludwick, labourer, George n Shippen. 
Awl Ann C, 21 Ann. 

Awl Charles, potter, c Sassafras and Front. 
Axe Joseph, combmuker, Hanover n ¥ R. (K) 
Axford E. J., mer. tailor, 304 Chestnut. 
Axson Samuel, tavern, 5 Cherry. 
Ayars Ann, 88 Poplar. 
Ayars Lemuel, toys, &c., 131 N 11th. 
Ayars Zebulon, harness-maker. State si. 
Ayers Sarah, b h., 144 N Front. 
Ayers Samuel W., tobacconist, c 2nd and Union, 

h 333 S 5th. 
Ayers & Stierley, tobacconists, 14 Arcade and N 

E 2nd and Union. 
Ayers Walker, tobacconist, h 333 S 5th. 
Aylesbury A. S., milliner, K W Budd & Green. 
Ayre Franklin, shipwr.. Cherry ab Queen. (K.) 
Ayres Henry, labourer. Pearl ab 13th. 
Ayres Henry, printer, 22 Brown. 
Ayres Hiram, 40 Palmyra square. 
Ayers Mary Ann, Knoodle. 
Ayres Robert B., taiior, 163 Lombard. 
Ayres Wilham, carter, rear Coates bet 11th & 

Azdrown Emmanuel, pumpmr., Wood below 

Azpell Thon)as S., teacher, 35 Spruce. 

Babb Samuel, cordwainer, 205 Sassafras. 
Raijb 'I'liomas, cordwainer, 205 Sassafnis. 
Jiabb William H., cordwainer, 5 Gribbles' ct. 

Babbit William W., h 2C Madison. 

Babe George, hattei-, 303 N 2nd. 

Babe John, hatter, 107 N 2nd. 

Babe Luke, cabniet-maker, 143 S 2nd. 

Babe Richai'd, hatter, 452 N 2nd. 

Babner David, tavern, 139 S Watt-]'. 

Babington John, brushniaker, 163 Christian. 

Bach Lewis, lab., rear of 97 BudcL 

Bach Philip, tailor, 14 Green. 

Bachar J D., bakei-, 51 N 6th. 

Bache Alexander U., President Girard College, 
h 502 Chestnut. 

Bache Franklin, M. D., S WJuniper & Spruce. 

Bache Frederick, carpenter, Kesslei*'s ct. 

Bache Hartman, U. S. A., h 5 Dungan's row. 

Bachelder George "^V., cordwainer, 4tli above 

Bachelder Mrs. H., widow. Rose al ab Green. 

Bachelder John, tobacconist, Rose alley above 

Bachman Charles, carpenter, 68 Tammany. 

Bachman Jacob, car]3cntcr, Sansorn's al, h 47 

Backus E. F., gent., 161 Walnut. 

Bacon Allyn, paper-box-maker, 20 Spruce, h 
45 Shippen. 

Bacon Benj R., cabinetmaker. Queen n Marlbo- 
rough. (K) 

Bacon Benj. Curtis, agent, 138 Mulberry. 

Bacon Charles W., coal mer., oifice 74 S 3rd, 
yard Cedar st whf., Schuylkill, h 106 N 4th. 

Bacon Charles W., gent., 263 Green. 

Bacon Uavid, carpenter, 192 N Front. 
I Bacon Dennis, labourer, 2 Eagle ct. 

Bacon Elizabeth, 190 N Front. 
Bacon Franklin, mer., 19 S Front, h 101 Chest- 
Bacon G. V., acct., 74 S 3rd, h 85 N 7th. 
Bacon Hosea H., iron founder. Poplar near Eli- 
Bacon James C, dry goods, 400 N 2nd. 
Bacon Jas. W., mer., 136 High, h Spruce ab 7th. 
Bacon Job, Secretary American Fire Insurance 

Company, 101 Chestnut. 
Bacon John, gent., 117 Sassafras. 
Bacon Josiah, 230 N 4th. 

Bacon Richard, salt measurer, c Queen and Ha- 
nover. (K) 
Bacon Richard W., mer., 191 High. 
Bacon & Seaver, mers., 19 S Front. 
Bacon Thomas, cabinetmaker, 3 Plum. 
Bacon Uriah, cabinetmaker. Shields' al. 
Badger Bela, mer., 117 N 2nd, h 204 N 4th. 
Badger Edmund, Marshall House, 207 Chestnut. 
Badger Henry, inspector of whiskey, 4 Julianna. 
Badger M., widow, stock maker, 145 Chestnut. 
Badger Maria, dress maker, 1 Hummel's row. 
Badger Samuel, alderman, office c George and 

Swanwick, h c 6th and George. 
Badger William, att'y and coun., office and h 44 

S 6th. 
Badlum Joseph, soap boiler, 8 Vernon. 
Baeder Charles, glue manuf, 750 N 5th. 
Baer Charles, coaclnnakcr. Vine bel Sch. 7th. 
Bafford William, mariner, 7 Queen. (S) 




Bagley Sarah, Cedar bel Broad. 
Bagnell William, house painter, Vine bel 13th. 
Bagster C. Birch, importer, 113 Chestnut. 
Bagster & Marshall, importers of books, 113 

Baggs James, engineer, 9th n Brown. 
Baggs James B., tailor, 138 Chestnut, h 11th ab 

Bail Miss, b h., 102 Chestnut. 
Bailey Amos N., grocer, N W Sch Beach and 

Bailey Asbury, tailor, 209 Cedar. 
Bailey Catharine, gentwo.,9th bel Lombard. 
Bailey Evan, carpenter, 188 N 13th. 
Bailey E., brickmaker, 6 Truxton. 
Bailey James, waterman, 155 S Water. 
Bailey John, carpenter, Ogden n 9th. (S G) 
Bailey John, wool dealer, 440 N Front. 
Bailey John, carpenter, 87 St. John. 
Bailey John, waiter, 166 Locust. 
Bailey John, weaver, 194 Lombard. 
Bailey John, lab., 11 Cox. 
Bailey Jonathan, carp., 3 Franklin Row, Coates 

Bailey J P., jeweller, 136 Chestnut, h 11 S 13th. 
Bailey k. Kitchen, jewellers and silversmiths, 

136 Chestnut. 
Bailey Lemuel, furrier, Carlton bel 5th. 
Bailey Lydia R., printer, 26 N 5th. 
Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 33 N 5th. 
Bjuley Peter, labourer, 56 Quince. (K) 
Bailey Richard, labourer, 26 Quince. (K) 
Bailey Richard, lab., 13 Sassafras. 
Bailey Robert, waterman, 63 Catharine. 
Bailey Samuel, cordw., 122 N 4th. 
Bailey Samuel B., chairmaker, 132 S 6th, t 

Whitaker's ct. 
Bdlie James, wine mer., 81 Dock, h 50 S 6th. 
Bailleul N. C, painter, 8 S 5th, h rear 81 N 5th. 
Baily David, carpenter, Carlton between 12th 

and 13th. 
B^ly L. &, S. L., dry goods, 477 High, h 3 East 

Penn square. 
Baily William, watchmaker, 357 High. 
Bain James, printer, 280 Chestnut. 
Bain M. Mrs., milliner, 280 Chestnut. 
Bain Sarah Mrs., 87 Gaskell. 
Bainbridge Susan, 320 Walnut. 
Baird Alexander, printer, 9 Little George. 
Baird George, carpenter, 10 Barker. 
Baird James, watchman, Say st. 
Baird James, waterman. Say st. 
Baird James, carman, Sch 5th ab High. 
Baird John, grocer, c Otter and School. 
Baird John, ostler, Lilly al ab Tammany. 
Baird John, tavern, 517 N 2nd. 
Baird John, brushmaker, 340 N 2nd. 
Baird John F., brushmaker, G T R n Maiden. 
Baird Joseph, sem., S E Lombard and Sch 6th. 
Baird Thomas, lab., Sch 2nd n High. 
Baird Thomas, grocer, Edward n School. (K) 
Baird Thomas R., brushmaker, 124 N 3rd. 
Baird Wm., carter, Say street. 
Baird Wm., manuf., c William & Edward. ( K) 
Baird William M., grocer, 6 S whf, h 19 Pine. 

Baitzel George, printer, Green's ct. 
Bakeoven Elizabeth, Queen n Wood. (K) 
Bakeoven John, waterman, Queen bel Wood.(K) 
Bakeoven Jno. jr., wat'm'n, Queen belWood.(K) 
Bakeoven Mary, Union n Bedford. (K) 
Bakeoven Peter, wat'm'n. Queen bel Wood. (K) 
Bakeoven Wm., waterman, Vienna ii Queen. (K) 
Baker Abigail, 217 Swanson. 
Baker Abraham, mer., S W 5th & High. 
Baker Allen, box-maker, 45 Shippen. 
Baker Ann, shopkeeper, G T R ab Master. 
Baker Ann Sophia, 10 Hunter. 
Baker Bartholomew, chairmr., rear 109 Dilwyn, 

h 2 Green's al. 
Baker Benjamin, lum. mer., h 226 N 4th. 
Baker Catharine, washer, 10 Callowhill. 
Baker Chalkley, Brig. Inspector, 31 S Juniper. 
Baker Charles, cabinetmaker, 201 Sassafras. 
Baker Charles, fireman, Haydock n Canal. 
Baker Charles, trunkmr., 47 Budd. 
Baker Charles, ci'ipple, Irish tract lane below 

Baker Christian, cooper, 17 Penn. 
Baker Christiana, huckster, 236 St John. 
Baker C. H., President Philadelphia Insurance 

Company, h 310 Mulberry. 
Baker Conrad, waterman. Queen bel Wood. (K) 
Baker Conrad, waterman, Queen n Vienna. (K) 
Baker Conrad, waterman. Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Baker Cornelius, combmaker, Lee's ct. (N L.) 
Baker Daniel, currier, 4 Hause's ct. 
Baker Daniel, milk, Otter bel Front. 
Baker Daniel, combmr., Otter and Front. (K) 
Baker David, gent., Filbert ab Schuylkill 4th. 
Baker E. Mrs., milliner, 5 N 7th. 

Baker Edward, lampmaker, 8th ab Buttonwood. 

Baker Edwin G. A., Jewell., rear 118 Chestnut. 

Baker Eliza, dry goods, 165 Cedar. 

Baker Elizabeth, rear Rachel n Laurel. 

Baker Emlen, labourer, 34 Blackberry al. 

Baker Enich, carp., rear of Rugan ab Callowhill. 

Baker Frederick, flour-store, 439 S Front. 

Baker George N., lumber mer., h 106 Marshall. 

Baker George, wheelwright, 123 Budd. 

Baker George, brassfounder, 121 Budd. 

Baker George, victualler, 122 Budd. 

Baker G. N. & B., lumber, S W 5th & Brown. 

Baker George M., jeweller, 10th ab Catherine. 

Baker Hannah, 7 Rachel. 

Baker Henrietta, Eagle ct. 

Baker Henry, carpenter, Rugan n James. 

Baker Henry, Brown n 7th. 

Baker Henry, stonecutter, Lemon ab 10th. 

Baker Henry S., mer., Spruce ab Sch 8tb. 

Baker Isaac, currier, 158 Wood ab R Road. 

Baker Isaac F., lamp manuf., h 183 Cherry. 

Baker Jacob, lab., 2nd n Master. 

Baker Jacob, victualler, 32 Brown. 

Baker Jacob, boatbuilder, 11 York ct. 

Baker Jacob, cord., 9 Coombs' al. 

Baker James, waterman, 55 Catherine. 

Baker James, coachman. Rose al ab Locust. 

Baker Jesse, bandbox-maker, 3 Allen's ct. 

Baker John, ropemaker. Prince ab Hanover. (K) 

Baker John, glasscutter. Cherry n Prince. (K) 




Sakei- John, hatter, 272 N 7th, 

Baker John, tailor, 10 Sassafras alley. 

Baker John, tailor, Harrignes' ct. 

Baker John G., trader, 2 Boehm's ct. 

Baker John H., 344 S 4th. 

Baker John H., inteUigence office, S E Chestnut 

and 3rd, up stairs. 
Baker John J., cabinet-maker, 2 Miller's ct. 
Baker John L., conveyancer, Pine bel Sch 6th. 
Baker John M. S., painter, 328 S Front. 
Baker John R., mer., 166 High, h 310 MulbeiTy. 
Baker Joseph, brassfounder, 179 G T road. 
Baker Joseph, carpenter, rear of 159 Poplar. 
Baker Joseph, glassblw'r., Hanover n F rd. (K) 
Baker Joseph, tavern, 264 Sassafras. 
Baker Joseph F., comb manuf., 457 N 3rd. 
Baker Joshua, pattern-maker, 5 N 7th. 
Baker Josiah, mer., 127 High. 
Baker Margaret, 272 N 7th. 
Baker Mary, 36 Mead. 
Baker Mary A., 3 Kirkpatrick's ct. 
Baker Michael, rifle-makei-, Hopkins' ct. (K) 
Baker Michael, gent., 74 Brown. 
Baker Michael, gent., 166 Mulberry. 
Baker M., gentw., 24 N 11th. 
Baker M. V., mer., 215 High, h 166 Mulberry. 
Baker & Moss, hardware, 215 High. 
Baker Peter, auctioneer, 272 N 7th. 
Baker Rebecca, 49 Mead. 
Baker Robert, rigger, 95 German. 
Baker Saml., waterman, Queen ab Palmer. (K) 
Baker & Sclu-iver, jewellers, rear 118 Chestnut. 
Baker Thomas W., printer, rear 380 S 2nd. 
Baker 1. Truman,. 18 S 2nd. 
Baker Susannah, 18 S 2nd. 
Baker Susan, gentwo., Fraley's ct. 
Baker Susan, gentwo., 1 8 S 2nd. 
Baker Weaver, carter, F road bel Oxford. 
Baker WiUiam, cordwalner, 8 J. Baker's ct. 
Baker William, hatter, 3 Pleasant Retreat. 
Baker W. D., att'y & coun., 131 Vine. 
Baker William G., wadding manuf., Charlotte ab 

Baker William H., tailor, 70 Oak. 
Baker William J., acct., h 3 Carlton square. 
Bald R.. engraver, Exch. building, h 4 S 10th. 
Baldt William, carter, Hanover ab Prince. (K) 
Bales John, agent. Walnut ab Sch Beach. 
Baldwin David, blacksmith, 190 N 10th. 
Baldwin Elizabeth, b h 385 N 4th. 
Baldwin Elizabeth, baker, rear 45 Cedar. 
Baldwin George, stables, 89 N 4th. 
Baldwin Joseph, chair painter, 94 S 12th. 
Baldwin Joseph B., cordw., 72 Oak. 
Baldwin Joseph T., mer., 157 High. 
Baldwin J. P., brushmr., 3 Sterling al. 
Baldwin Levi, stone-mason, 140 N Juniper. 
Baldwin Lydia M., Sch 4th n Chestnut. • 
Baldwin M. W., machinist. Broad & Hamilton, 

h 160 S 10th. 
Baldwin Phcebe, gentwo., 71 S 6th. 
Baldwin Samuel, bookkeeper, 116 Chestnut. 
Baldwin Stephen, mer., S W Front & Walnut, 

h 258 Walnut. 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, rear 49 N 7th. 

Baldwin, Vale & Hufty, machinists, cor Broad 

& Hamilton. 
Baleling Jacob, tailor, 11 Wagner's alley. 
Bales Peyton, driver, Jackson's ct. 
Balfe Joseph Rev., N E Sch 5th & Sassafras. 
Balles James, carpenter, St. John ab Beaver. 
Ball Frederick, clerk, 43 Vine. 
Ball George, cabinetmaker, 514 N Front. 
Ball George, books & stationery, 422 N 2nd. 
Ball George H., queensware, 111 N. Front. 
Ball George W. gent., 234 N 4th. 
Ball Henry, queensware, 111 N Front, h 163 

Ball & Hays, carpenters, 10 Filbert. 
Ball Israel R., shoe store, 372 S 2nd. 
Ball Jesse, cabinetmaker, 98 Spruce. 
Ball John, carpenter, Sch. 7th n Sassafras. 
Ball John R., carpenter, 2 Turner's ct. 
Ball Maria, 17 Fei'eral. 
Ball Matthias, cord., 23 Callowhill. 
Ball Sarah, seamstress, 141 Shippen. 
Ball William, mariner, 59 Federal. 
Ball William, stabler, 12 Knight's ct. 
Ballantine Thos., boot & shoemk'r., 8 Lebanon. 
Ballard Hager, S E Locust &. Quince. 
Ballard Mary, rear 98 Bedford. 
Ballenger Benjamin, mariner, 2nd bel Federal. 
Ballenger Jacob, 70 N 9th. 
Ballenger Thomas, plasterer, 383 S 6th. 
Ballenger William, baker, 10 Fearis' ct. 
Ballentine Christiana, shop, 411 Brown. 
Ballin J. F., baker, 7th bel Cedar. 
BalUnger Thomas, skindresser, 335 Callowhill 
Ballman Harman, 179 N Front. 
Balser Ludwick, cordwainer, 25 Laurel. 
Bait Frederick, cordwainer, 262 St. John 
Bah William, Crown n F Road. 
Bamber Nath'l., coachm., 35 Garden. 
Balmforth Christopher, mer., 27 N Front. 
Bamford Henry, confectioner, 53 N 8th. 
Bamford John, queensware, 352 N 2nd. 
Banbaun Wm., carpenter, Apple n Creek. 
Bance J. Mrs. 262 S 6th. 
Bancker Charies N., Prest. Franklin Fire Ins. 

Comp., 163 i Chestnut. 
Bancker Charles G., Sec'y Franklin Fire Ins. 

Comp, 163 1 Chestnut. 
Bancker Evert J., att'y & coun., 79 S 3d, h 163^ 

Bancker Wm. W., mer., 2i Chestnut. 
Bancker James A., clerk, 163| Chestnut. 
Bancroft Daniel, sea captain, 130 Christian. 
Bancroft Gedion, blacksmith, Christian bel 3rd. 
Bancroft James, sea capt., 364 N Front. 
Bancroft John, waterman. Christian bel 3rd. 
Bancroft John, dyer, 395 Callowhill. 
Bancroft John, jr., soap St candle man., 19 Wood, 

h 24 Ann. 
Bancroft Maria, 264 S Front. 
Bancroft M., tailor, 100 Cherry. 
Bancroft Reuben F. , blacksmith, h Federal ab 

2nd, shop 13 Decatur. 
Bancroft 1". H., painter & glazier, 9 J N 8th, h 

Filbert n Sch. 7th. 
Baner Mark, carter, 226 Green. 




Baner William, corclwaiiier, N 12th ab Viae. 

Banes Ann C, grocer, 31 Newmarket. 

Banes Charles, carp., 468 N 4th. 

Banes .Fames, cordwainer, Peach. 

Banes James, carp., 10 Poplar lane. 

Banes John, carp., 48J N 2cl. 

Banes John C, lab., 480 N 2d. 

Banes Mahlon, cordwainer, Poplar n St. John. 

Banes Thomas, bhicksmith, 132 Budd, h 23 

Elton bel Budd. 
Banfield Martha, Orchard n Rawle. 
Banford James, tavern, 195 S 6th. 
Banford Samuel, eng-ineer, 51 Charlotte. 
Bang-er T., accountant, 15 N 12th. 
Banister Edward, carpet warehouse, 380 Hig-h. 
Banks Cornelius, musician, 110 N 8th. 
Banks Evaline, 168 Buttonwood. 
Banks John, M. I)., 165 Chestnut. 
Banks M., liubicam House, 165 Chestnut. 
Banks P., tavern, 14 Cherry. 
Banks William G., carpenter, 1 Hudson alley. 
Bankson Lloyd, gilder. Barker n Sch. 6tl). 
Jiannen Daniel H., carpenter, 21 Castle. 
Bannen Jolin, carpenter. Cherry n Sch. 8th. 
Banner Paul, carpenter, 352 Coates. 
Banner W. R., carpenter, 21 Castle. 
Bannister Z., dry g'oods 16 N 2nd. 
Bany John, lab., 7 Mechanic's ct. (N L) 
Baptist Eugene, cabmr., 210 S 7th. 
Baratet A., dressmr., 13 Union row. 
Barbazette Sophia, 308 S 4th. 
Barbe Francis, tobacconist, 140^ Chestnut. 
Barber Alexander, cordwainer, 4 N 12th. 
Barber G. W., hairdresser, 95 N 2nd. 
Barber Hannah, 117 Lombard. 
Barber James, grocer, S W Schuylkill Bank and 

Lombard. . 
Barber James, stationer/, N W 5th & Noble. 
Barber John, blacksmith. Brown's ct. 
Barber Joseph, cordw., Hamilton n Sch. John. 
Barber Joseph, labourer, Sch. 8th n Callowhill. 
Barber Rob. B., bricklayer, Fraly ct. 
Barber Edward, paint. & glaz., S E7th & Green. 
Barber Samuel, bricklayei', 3 Benezet. 
Barbelin Rev. I. J., St. Joseph's church, 
Barbin Amos, tailor, 137 Budd. 
Barclay Andrew C, mer., 40 N Wharves, h 147 

Barclay A. C. & Co., mers., 40 N Whfs & 81 N 

Barclay C. B., packet office, 9 N Whfs. 
Barclay George, paver, c Sch. 7th & Spring. 
Barclay James J., atty. & coun. 208 Walnut, h 

221 Spruce. 
Barclay John M., gent., 14 Portico sq. 
Barclay John, men, N W 3rd & Callowhill. 
Barclay J. L. & J. M., grocers, 230, 232 N 3rd. 
Barclay Robert cordwainer, G T Road n 2nd. 
Barclay Richard, suspender-weaver, 13th bel 

Barcrofc John, mer., 163 Hig-h, h Swan Hotel 
BarcrofL Tunis Q., grocer, cor Tammany 8c Old 

York road. 
Barcroft S. B., merchant, 163 Hig'h, h 359 Sas- 

Barcus John, boatman, Schuylkill Front above 

Barcus Stephen, labourer, Sch. 7th n Mulbeiry. 
Bard Conrad, silversmith, h 21 Chester. 
Bardon Nicholas, grocer, 298 S 4th. 
Barg-er Christiana, gentw,, 421 N 4th. 
Barger E., milliner, 183 S 2nd. 
Barger Geo., biickmaker, Buttonwood bel 6th. 
Barger Joseph, painter, 6 Monmoutli ct. 
Barger Joseph, g-ent,, 421 N 4th. 
Barger Thomas, printer, 99 S 2nd. 
Barger William, painter & glazer, 149 N 11th. 
Barg'er John, labourer, 485 Rachel st. 
Barger Jacob Jr., cooper. Front ab Otter. 
Barger Jacob, cooper, G T Road bel Master. 
Barger Samuel, brickmaker, 418 N 4th. 
Barker Calvin H., hatter, 176 High, h Shack- 

amaxon ab Queen. 
Barker Catharine, grocer, 86 Plum. 
Barker F., tailor, Penn. (K) 
Barker James, tailor, 353 N 6th. 
Barker Joseph, stonecutter, Sch. 4th n Girard 

Barker Joshua, conveyancer, office 91 Walnut. 
Barker Peter, hatter, 24 Margaretta. 
Barker Peter, saddler, 510 N 2nd. 
Barker Priscilla, 381 Spruce. 
Barker Richard, accountant, 320 S 4th. 
Barker Sarah, gentw.. Christian n I' road. 
Barker William, tobacconist, St-mley bel 4th. 
Barkman Jane, Lombard ab Sch. 7th. 
Barley Isaac, shipcarpenter, WaiTcn bel Queen. 

Barlow Joseph, grocer, Ann n R road (F F) 
Barlow Henry, victualler, rear 297 Callowhill. 
Barlow Thomas, 545 N Front. 
Barlow Thomas, blacksmith, Fraley's ct. 
Barman John, shop, Olive n 13th, 
Barnard Edmund, trunkmaker, 3 Relief al. 
Barnard Robert W., printer, 82 Christian. 
Barnard Thomas, hatter, 405 N 7th. 
Barndollar Daniel, cooper, 146 Laurel. 
Barncastle John, bootmaker, 88 Walnut, h 

Catharine ab 11th. 
Barnet Robert, paintei-, 82 Christian. 
Barnes Albert Rev., 123 S 8th. 
Barnes & CaiToll, Notary Public, Ship and Ins. 

Bro. Office, 119 S 2d. 
Barnes & Co., oil and lamps, N W 4th and Mul- 
Barnes Catharine, grocer, 132 Brown. 
Barnes Charles, bricklayer, 70 George st. 
Barnes Eliza, 141 Locust. 

Barnes Edward (;., clerk, Sch. 8th bel. Locust. 
Barnes George, coachpainter, 1 McManemy's ct. 
Barnes George, printer, 557 N 3rd. 
Barnes Hannah, oil and lamps, 274 N 3d. 
Barnes Henry, band box maker, 33 Jones' alley 

h 2 Ranstead ct. 
Barnes Henry W., brewer, 324 Vine. 
Barnes James, moulder, 5 Scott's ct. 
Barnes James, watchcasemak, rear 101 Dillwyn. 
Barnes Jane, 64 George. (S) 
Barnes J. Harbeson, Notary Public and Insur. 

office, 119 S 2d, h 102 S 5th. 




BaiMies John, Turner's ct. 

Barnes Job, 10 Warren. 

Barnes John, tavern, 308 Cedar. 

Barnes Joseph, carpenter, Lewis W Sch. 6th. 

Barnes Joseph K., M. D., 481 Mulberry. 

Barnes Merrick, band box maiif., 16^ Bread. 

Barnes R., gentw., 165 Walnut. 

Barnes Robert, waterman, 7 Parham. 

Barnes Rufus L., map mounter, S W 4th and 

Apple tree alley, h 140 N lOtli. 
Barnes Sanford, blacksnuth, Mechanic's ct. 
Barnes Sarah., 370 Vine. 

Barnes Thomas, g-ent.. Smith's alley n Green. 
Barnes Thomas, lab., Sch. 8th ab Vine. 
Barnes Wm., gi-ocer, c Apple & Cidvert. 
Barnes William, grocer, N E Green and 5th. 
Bsfrnes William Rev., 175 Catharine. 
Barnes William, comb maker, 9 Rachel st. 
Barnes Wm. C, grocer. Queen n Crown, (K.) 
Barnes Wm. D., atty., 481 Mulberry. 
Barnes William W., printer, 5th bel Marriott. 
Barnett John, lab., back 11 Dorotliy. 
Barney John, butcher, Cedar bel lOtli. 
Barney Joshua, 166 S 10th. 
Barnhart Andrew, lab., rear 114 Cherry. 
Barnliolt Geo., victualler, CallowhiU ab Sch. 8th. 
Barnholt George, butcher, Pearl ab Sch. 8tii. 
Barnliolt Elizabeth, gentw., 237 St. John. 
ISarnholt William, victualler, James bel 10th. 
Barnhurst Joseph, brass founder, Francis n Sch. 

5th. (F V) 
Barnhurst Joseph Jr., umbrella furnitiu'e manf., 

Francis near Sell. 5th. (F V) 
Barns Aljraham, drayman, 5th ab Poplar. 
Barns Benjamin, engineer, Marble ab Bedford. 
Barns Joseph, confectioner, 83 Buttonwood. 
Barns Mary C, dry goods, S E Callowhill and 

Barns Paul, cooper, 293 S Front. 
Barns R., wheelwright, 3 Goldsmith's ct. 
Barns Margaret, c 9th and Willow. 
Barns William, painter & glaz., h 276 N 7th. 
Barns William W., baker, 390 S 2d. 
Ban- Ann, dress malcer, 2 Holm's alley. 
Barr Charles, tailor, 124 Sassafras. 
Barr Daniel, tavei-n, 139 N Front, h 136 N 

BaiT Daniel, mariner, Walter's ct. 
Barr Hugh, oyster house, 97 N 3d. 
Barr James, clerk, 4 York ct. 
Barr James, oyster house, 95 N 4th. 
Barr .lolin, carter. Poplar n (3 Y road. 
]5aiT John, carman, 32 Perry. 
Barr .Folui, Labourer, 5 Kelly's ct. 
Barr John, ca!)inetmaker, Parrish n 7tli. 
JJarr Mary Ann, Rose alley. 
Ban- .Michael, tavern, 149 Sassafras. 
Ban* Owen, tavern, 141 N 2nd. 
Barr liobcrt, labourer, rear 109 Coates. 
Barr Susan, widow, 52 Fitzwater. 
Barr Thomas, tobacconist, W High above Sell. 

Barr William, bricklayei-, Rose alley. 
Barran Fienjamin, pilot, Mai-lborougii n liedford. 
Harrass Eliza, Noble 1 door ab 7tli. 

Barras John, shoemaker, Callowhill n F M. 

Barras John B., tailor, 220 High, h Franklin 
bel Green. 

Barras Joseph J., jeweller, 20 Franklin place. 

Barras Wilhelmina D., dry goods, 154 Callow- 

Barratt E. T., miniature painter, 136 Chestnut. 

Barrett C. B., printer, 222 CheiTy. 

Barrett Elijah, porter, 18 Parham. 

Barrett G. B., cabinetmaker, rear 71 N 8th. 

Barrett Jacob, porter, h 3 EmeHne. 

Barrett Monte, Giles' alley bel 5th. 

Barrett James, brushmaker, 8 Wagner's ct. 

Barrett James, mariner, Little Oak. 

Barrett James, com. mer., 86 S wlif., h 63 Pine. 

Barrett Joseph, coachmaker, 73 Queen. 

Barrett Riley, Shoemaker's ct. 

Barrett Robert, carp. 125 Plum. 

Barrett Robert, bricklayei-, 493 Vine. 

Barrett AVilliam, saddler, rear 365 High. 

Barringer Jacob, smith, 4 Winter's ct. 

Barris Asa, car manuf., G T road n 2d, 

Barrington Catharine, 102 Carpenter. (S) 

Ban-ington Charles, jr., real estate bro., 56 Wal- 
nut, h 12th ab Cherry. 

Barrington Edmond, printer, Dean n Walnut. 

Barrington Ellen, Sch. 6th u High. 

Barrington John, corder, 308 S Front. 

Barrington Martha, Sch. 7th n Filbert. 

Barrington Saml., M. D., U S navy, h 3 Jacoby. 

Barrou Edward Rev., 116 S 4th. ' 

Barron George, mer., 174 N 3d, h 167 N 4th. 

Barron Mary, 296 St. John. 

Barron Pliilip, stone cutter, rear 143 Lawrence. 

Barron William, blacksmith, 310 S 2d. 

Barrows Ehzabeth, gentw., 38 Chester. 

Barry John, cedar cooper, 91 Apple. 

Barry John, weaver, 4th bel G T road. 

Barry Joseph, cabinetmr., 11 N 8th, h 10th bel 

Barry Louisa, gentw., Coates n 11th. 

Barry Mary, teacher, 277 S F'ront. 

Barry Mary, milliner, 1 Emeline. 

Barry Patrick, grocer, 191 N Front and 186 N 

Barry Samuel, police officer, 2 Starr alley. 

Barry Saml., lab., Chestnut bel Sch. 4th. 

Barry Thomas, gov'nt. contractor, 15 Brown. 

Barry William, tobacconist, 285 S 4th. 

Barter George, collier, rear 55 Apple. 

Barth Anna, Nectarine bel 10th. 

Bartli Gottlieb & Jacob, 23 Oak. 

Barlii John F., pat. bal. manuf., 7 Drinker's al. 

Bartli Mary, washer, 159 Lombard. 

Barthe Frederick, lab., back 9 Pratt's ct. 

Bartholomew Austin, acct., 143 N Juniper. 

Bartholomew Clis., lampmr, 6 Hummers row. 

Bartholomew Elizabeth, 116 Apple. 

Bartholomew Frederick, tobac'nst., Wiley's ct. 

Bartliolo new Jacob, carpr., 4 ab German, h 43 

Bartholomew Margaret, 5 Wells' Row. 

BarUioloniew Wilhelmina, rear 5 Tows' alley. 

Bartle Ann, 1 Allen's ct. 

Bartlc Henry, cordw., c ScJu 8lh & Callowhill, 




Bartle Jesse, cooper, Coates n 13th. 

Bartle Jacob, cooper, Mellon n 13th. 

Bartle Rudolph H., tavern, Coates n Fairmount. 

Bartle Thos. H., lab., F R bel Franklin. 

Ba tie Wm., blockmr., Sarah bel Queen. 

Bartleson Elijah, carpenter, 11th ab Cedar. 

Bartleson Amelia, teacher, 88 Buttonvvood. 

Bartleson Elizabeth, b h, 107 Spruce. 

Bartleman John W., accountant, 128 Catharine. 

Bartlett George, clerk, 23 Green. 

Bartlett Job, bricklayer, 7 Montg-omery. 

Bartlett Mrs. Margaretta, 23 Green. 

Bartley Henr)^ gro., N W Sch. Water & Cedar. 

Bai-tley Richard, suspender weaver, 13th bel 

Bartling Charles, mariner, 180 Marshall. 
Bartman Jacob, carpt., c G T road & Jefferson. 
Bai'ton E., acct., Custom House. 
Barton E. M., gentw., 429 Chestnut. 
Barton George, hatter, 46 George. (S) 
Barton George, wheelwright, 14 Budd. 
Barton G. W., attorney general, 21 Prune. 
Barton Henry, gent., 3 Pleasant avenue. 
Barton Isaac, grocer, S E 2nd & Sassafras. 
Barton Isaac & Co., dry goods, 27 S 2nd. 
Barton I., painter, 453 S Front. 
Barton J., b h 45 N 8th. 
Barton Jolin, hatter, 4 Price's ct. 
Barton & Poulterer, mers., N E 3rd &. Mulberry. 
Barton John W., chemist, 4th bel G T road. 
Barton John W., Queen ab Shackamaxon. (K) 
Barton Lee, drayman, rear 529 N 5th. 
Barton M., hatter, 29 German. 
Barton Mary, hatter, 28 George. (S) 
Barton Rebecca, N E c 3rd & Spruce. 
Barton Samuel, grocer, 243 N 2nd, h 30 Ann. 
Barton Thomas, printer, 187 Noble. 
Barton Thomas I., tailor, 187 Noble. 
Barton Thomas P., gent., 318 Chestnut. 
Barton William, cabinet-maker, 10 Carter's al. 
Barton William C, 305 S 10th. 
Barton Wm P. C, M.D., S E Chestnut & Broad. 
Bartram Ann, 241 Vine. 

Bartram David, exchange office, 29 Lombard. 
Bartram George, alderman, 126 Walnut. 
Bartram Isaac jr., hardware, 99 High, h58 New. 
Bartram Isaac, senr., gent., 58 New. 
Barti-am Itebecca S., 280 Sassafras. 
BaruU Saml., blacksmith, 2il n Edwai-d, (K.) 
Barvvell Jane, gentw., 387 Sassafras. 
Bascon liosarnio, mariner, 37 Mead. 
Baseber John, vict, 12th n Brown. 
Baskeetcr John, tavern, N E Broad 8c Cedar. 
Basler David, grocer, 243 N Front. 
Basley John, wharf-builder. Crown n Queen. (K) 

Basley Robert, tinman, rear 122 N4th. 

Bassett Archibald, carter, 3 Brooks' ct. 

BassettB., intelligence office, 184 Pine. 

Bassett Daniel, shoemaker. Christian bel 9th. 

Bassett & Haugherty, tailors, 268 N 4th. 

Basset Maria, 81 Green. 

Basit Nicholas, waterman, back of 7 Pegg st. 

Bass Margaret, Yeager's ct., Bedford bel 8th. 

Bass Samuel, hairdresser, 15 High, h 180 Spruce, 

Bassford Michael S., cutter, 18 Prune. 

Basso Ann, 28 Fitzwater. 

Bastian Anthy., paperstain., Brinton al bel 11th, 

Bastian Barbara, Carlton n Sch. 3d. 

Bastian Charles, skindresser, Charlotte bel 

Bastian George, gent., S E c 7th & Spruce. 
Bastian John, potter, 13th bel Rose. 
Bastian Joseph, gi'ocer, 474 S Front. 
Bastian Joseph, barber, S 7th ab Cedar. 
Bastian Joseph, seaman, 7 Prime. 
Batchelder Alexander S., messenger, 86 Spruce. 
Bateman Joel B., waterman, 82 Budd. 
Bateman Robert, eatinghouse, 18 High, h 7 

Blackhorse al. 
Bates Charles, George ab Sch. 6th. 
Bates Charles, butcher, 4th bel Master, (K-) 
Bates Daniel, tailor, 4 Short ct. 
Bates David, mer., 198 High, h 272 N 7th. 
Bates D. & Co., boots h. shoes, 198 High. 
Bates Elizabeth, 27 Palmyra row. 
Bates Elizabeth, c Orchard and Rawle. 
Bates George, foundry, Penn n Maiden. 
Bates & Ghegan, stoves, 146 N 3rd. 
Bates Jacob, cordw., 25 Beaver. 
Bates James, tailor, 282 High, h 357 Cedar. 
Bates James A., cabinetmaker, 2 Carberry ct. 
Bates Joel, machinist, 13 Drinker's alley, h 

21 New. 
Bates John, carpenter, 6th ab Poplar. 
Bates John, cordwainer, 14 Budd. 
Bates M. A., Orchard n Rawle. 
Bates Robert, shoemaker, 80 Locust. 
Bates William, dyer, G T road ab Camac. 
Baton Augustus, jew'ler, 5 Bank al., h 344 S 4th. 
Baton Mrs., coffeehouse, 14 Dock. 
Batt Adam, drayman. School n Edward. 
Batt David, labourer, Hamilton n Bush Hill. 
Batt Elijah, cordwainer, 5 Cresson's al. 
Batt John, cooper, William n Rose, (K.) 
Battel] EUzabeth Mrs., silkdyer, 90 Spruce- 
Battell F., agent, 1 Minor. 
Battell Patrick, provisions, 235 Shippen. 
Batten Joseph, gas inspector, 332 N 3rd. 
Batters Susan, 3 Drinker's al. 
Battis John, waterman, 72 Christian- 
Batton Mary, 7 Richard. 
Batturs Richard, mer., h 4 Colonnade row, 
Bauchard Mde., music teacher, 101 Filbert. 
Bauer &, Frick, cabinetmakers, 211 N 3rd. 
Bauer J. A., tavern, 28 Cedar. 
Bauer William, cabinetmaker, 3rd ab Noble. 
Bauersachs John N., importer, 260 & 126 High. 
Baugh Daniel, M. D., S W 10th & Wood. 
Baugh Harman, turner, 10 Elfreth's al. 
Baugli Samuel, plasterer, h 177 Wood ab 9th. 
Baugher G. A., hairdresser, 11th n Lombard. 
Bauman Augusta, florist. Sell. 4th ab Vine. 
Bauman G. F., black & whitesmith, 3 Bread. 
Bauman John, baker, 203 Vine. 
Baumblebebum Yost, skindresser, 3rdn Cohock- 

sink creek. 
Baumeister Jacob, shoestore, 494^ S 2nd. 
Baush George, tailor, 272 N 5th. " 
Baxter Charles, mariner, 28 Mead. 
Baxter Charles, 38 Crabbe. 




Baxter Edward, tavern, Sch. Front & Hig-h. 
Baxter Isaac B., mer., 244 S 2nd. 
Baxter Isaac B. & Son, hardware, 244 S 2nd. 
Baxter James C, carpenter, Culvert n Parrish. 
Baxter Jane, tailor, bet Concord and Catharine. 
Bayard George, tinman, 304 S 3rd. 
Bayard James, atty. & coun. 159 Walnut. 
Bayle Joseph, blacksmith, Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 
Bayley A. M. A., teacher, Sch. Washington n 

Bayley Robert., machinist, ct. bet. Callowhill & 

William, ab 11th. 
Bayley Caroline, Cherry ab 13th. 
Baylis John, hardware, 184 High, h P R bel 

Baylis Joseph, mer., h Spruce bel 13th. 
Baylis William, carpenter, N E 9th & Wood. 
Baymore James, mariner, 18 Mead. 
Baymore Joseph, carpenter, 54 Almond. 
Bayne Catharine, widow, 4 Shippen. 
Bayne James, bookbinder. Workman's ct. 
Bayne Joseph, i-ule-manuf., 89 Gaskill. 
Bayne Samuel, cordwainer, 198 S 2nd. 
Bavnon N. E., currier, S E 3rd 8c Vine, h 79 

Beach Waldron, machinist, 8 Ellett's av. 
Beach William, agriculture warehouse, 424 

High, h 108 N 11th. 
Beachlet John, lab., Washington ab 13th. 
Beachlett Geo., papermr., c Lydia & School. (K) 
Beagle Henry, blacksmith, c Willow & Magnolia, 

h 226 N 5th. 
Bealair Lewis D., alderm, 376 N 3d. 
Beale Charles, grocer, 5th ab Jefferson. 
Beale Jacob, sugar-refiner, 41 Shippen, h Penn 

ab Cedar. 
Beale Joseph, gent., 236 Spruce. 
Beale Matthias, clerk, 148 Christian. 
Bealei-te Margaret, 52 Lombard. 
Beam Catharine, Lisle bel Shippen. 
Beam Henrietta, dressmaker, Boehm's ct. 
Beam Jacob C, agent, 59 S 13th. 
Beam John, cordw., 256 N 3rd. 
Beam Samuel, carter, Cadwalader bel Phoenix. 
Beamer G. H., Doctor, Cedar bet 2nd & 3rd. 
Beamish Arthur, painter, Prime ab Palmer. 
Beamish Charles, grocer, N W 2nd & Poplar. 
Beamish John, clerk. Prime ab Palmer. 
Bean Elijah, hardware, h Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Bean Enos, blindmaker, 443 N 2nd. 

Bean Joshua C, carpenter. Pearl bel 13th. 

Bean Rebecca, 135 N Water. 

Bean Saml. H., silk agency office, c 3d & Dock, 
h 11 Pearl ab Schuylkill 8th. 

Beans Matthew, saddler, S W Callowhill &, 10th, 
h 288 Lombard. 

Beans Matthew & Son, saddlers & harness manuf. 
S W Callowhill & 10th. 

Beans Wm., trader, 1 Weaver's row. 

Beard Ann, widow, Nonnater's ct. 

Beard George, carpenter, 10 Barker. 

Beard James, labourer. Vine n Schuyl. river. 

Beard James, mariner, 2 Union. 

Beard James, painter, 91 S 12th. 

Beard James, weaver, 197 Water. 

Beard Nicholas, victualler, 34 Charlotte. 
Beard William, labourer, 14 Eagle ct. 
Bearrs Catharine, 2 Turner. 
Dearth David, weaver, Stewart ab Catharine. 
Beasha William, victualler, 5th ab Master. 
Beath Robert, cotton manuf., 13th bel Brinton. 
Beattie F. S., M. D., N E 12th & Filbert. 
Beates Frederick, scrivener, 90 N 3rd. 
Beaty Ellen, Vine, 3rd door below 13th. 
Beaty John, papermanufac, 118 Chestnut, h83 

Beaty Robert, labourer, F road n Bedford. 
Beaty Samuel, labourer, 96 Swanson. 
Beatty William, labourer, Charlotte n George. 
Beatty Arthur, weaver, 21 Lebanon. 
Beatty A. &. I., manufs., 353 Pine. 
Beatty George, labourer, R road n toll gate. 
Beatty George, labourer, Brasier ab Lloyd. 
Beatty Hannah, 81 German. 
Beatty James, clerk, 37 Jones' alley. 
Beatty James, manufacturer, Cadwalader ab 

Beatty James, weaver, 578 N 3d. 
Beatty John, stonesetter, 2nd ab Master. 
Beatty Robert, manufacturer, 355 Pine. 
Beatty Rowland, tavern, 26 Carter's al. 
Beatty Samuel, manufacturer, 353 Pine. 
Beatty Samuel, baker, 91 Cedar. 
Beatty William, skindresser, 11 Franklin. (K) 
Beaumeister Jacob, cordw., 397 N 3rd. 
Beaumont William, bricklayer, Carlton below 

Beaver Thomas, weaver, MoitIs row. 
Beaver Robert, weaver, Phillip. (K) 
Beaver Thomas, mer., 163 High, h 260 N 4th. 
Bebe R. W., blacksmith, 27 Beaver. (K) 
BechU Gabriel, tailor, 235 S 6th. 
Bechtel Catharine, b h., 43 Almond. 
Bechtel C. G., baker, 108 N 12th. 
Bechtel Fred'k, stone mason, Saunders' ct. (K) 
Bechtel George, agent Rail road, Callowhill n 

Sch 2nd. 
Bechtel George, cordw., 57 Coates. 
Bechtel George, paper-maker, Rachel n Laurel. 
Bechtel Jacob, tavern, c Vine and Sch 2nd. 
Bechtel John, boots and shoes, 74 S 2nd. 
Bechtel John, gent., 74 S 2nd. 
Bechtel Samuel, carter. Vine n Sch. 
Bechtel William F., baker, 3 Exchange st. 
Bechter Anthony, brewer, N E 7th and Coates. 
Becktold G. C, baker, 9 Elfreth's al. 
Beck Ander, tavern, 219 St John. 
Beck Ann, sempstress, 1 Providence ct. 
Beck Catharine P., dressmaker, 35 Union. 
Beck Chas, tobacconist, 290 High, h 22 Bonsall. 
Beck Charles F., M. D., gent., 310 Chestnut. 
Beck Daniel, painter, 197 Callowhill, house 35 

Beck Esther, tailoress, 44 Spruce. 
Beck George, tailor, 35 Union. 
Beck Gotlieb, skindresser, 622 N 3rd. 
Beck & Griffin, lumberyard, N E R. R. & Green. 
Beck Harvey, N W Juniper and Walnut. 
Beck Henry, gent., 310 Chestnut. 
Beck Henry A., lumber mer., 135 Sp Garden 




Beck Henry Paul, g-ent., 310 Chestnut. 

Beck Tg-natius, sweep, 198j} S 5tli. 

Beck James, pump and block maker, 275 N 5th. 

Beck Jacob, carp.. Green ab 11th, h 275 N 7th. 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 5 Comptroller. 

Beck Jacob, sig-n-painter, N E Budd ik. Coates. 

Beck Jacob, turner, 518 S 2nd. 

Beck Jacob S., carp., 14 Laurel, h 31 Duke. 

Beck John, cook, Truxton n Adams. 

Beck Jolm, watchman, 6 Harmony ct. 

Beck J. William, crockery ware, 125 Locust. 

Beck Lawrence, blacksmith, St John n Beaver. 

Beck Levi, tobacconist, 290 Hig-h. 

Beck L. & C. & Burns, tobacconists, 290 Hig-h. 

Beck Lewis, victualler, Buttonwood ab lOth. 

Beck Lewis D., g'ent.. Beach and Shackamaxon. 

Beck Maria, Willow ct. 

Beck Mary, seamstress, 1 Providence ct. 

Beck Mary, tailoress, rear of 171 Coates. 

Beck Paul jr., mer., 4 Filbert, h 315 Hig'h. 

Beck Peter, cabinet-maker, 69 S 2nd. 

Beck Peter, victualler, S W 10th & Buttonwood. 

Beck Thomas, carman, 157 N Fi'ont. 

Beck Thomas, ferryman. Vine st wliarf 

Beck William, carter, 26 P'itzwater. 

Beck William, cooper, 373 Coates. 

Beckel Godfrey, variety stoi-e, 83 N 2nd. 

Beckel J. C, professor of music, 154 Wood ab 

Beckenbaugh John, cordw., 64 Coates. 

Beckenbaugh John, g-rocer, 142 F road. 

Beckenbaugh Robert, boot and shoe maker, 171 
St John. 

Becker George, 178 S 11th. 

Becker Philip, saddles & harness, 116 N 3d. 

Beckerton Mrs. Mary, 25 Parham. 

Beckett Christian, cooper, 17 Penn. (C) 

Beckett Henry, British Consul, 316 Chestnut. 

Beckett Henry, mariner, 214 S 7th. 

Beckett Isaac, labourer, 56 Quince. 

Beckett Isaac, labourer. Lemon W of Sch 6th. 

Beckett T. J., janitor, M. F. Hall, 70 Locust. 

Beckett William, c High and Water, h c 6th & 

Beckhorne Mary, shop, 428 S Front. 

Beckler John, baker, 78 Spruce. 

Beckley Nath'l, merchant, 14 Commerce, h 200 

Beckley & Shipman, com. mer., 14 Commerce. 

Beckman Joseph, grocer, 13 Cheny. 

Beckman Thomas, planemaker, 555 N 3rd. 

Becroft Alexander, .stockmaker, 193 S 2nd. 

Bedell Mrs., widow of Rev. G. T., 377 Spruce. 

Bedford Isaac, alderman, Callowhill n Sch Front. 

Bedford Benjamin W., painter, rear 114 Dilwyn. 

Bedford Isaac T., bricklayer, 218 Coates. 

Bedford Thomas, cooper, rear 111 Uilwyn. 

Bedlock William J., collector, 6 Library. 

Bedlow Thomas, eating-house, 27 Chestnut. 

Bedwell John, druggist, F road n Crown. 

Beebe & Haines, blk. & wh. smiths, 93 St. John. 

Beebe Lewis, printer, 155 Vine. 

Beebe Richard W., blacksmith, 85 St John. 

Beehler Tobias, sugar refiner, 37 Ann, h Mar- 
shall bel Green. 

Beeney Henry, cord., 5 Ewing's ct. 
Beenken John, baker, 165 Vine. 
Beere Rachel, Mrs., 1 Concord. 
Beers H., French and Eng-lish sem., 108 Union. 
Beers Robert, feed, Lombard n 12th. 
Beeslcy Edward, victualler, 6th ab Poplar. 
Beesley Edward, waterman, 273 St John. 
Beesley James, cordwainer, 24 Bread. 
Beesley John, ship-carp., Queen ab Marlbor'h. 
Beesley John, whfbuil.. Crown ab Queen. 
Beesley Theoph. E., M. D., N E 10th & Mulb'y. 
Beesleyhaven John, jeweller, 286 Lon^bard. 
Beeton Mary, milliner, 145^ S 10th. 
Beg-ley William, lastmaker, Mary's ct. 
Begley Tiiomas, lastmaker, 57 Walnut. 
Behncke J. C, tavern, Penn ab Shippen. 
Behrlng- John G., innkeeper, G T Road n 5t]i. 
Beideman Daniel S., guns and fish tackle, 134 

N 2nd, h 53 Vine. 
Beideman Daniel, grocer, 275 Green. 
Beidelman Abraham, clerk, 157 Green. 
Beidelman Charles, stove-finisher, 11 Nectarine. 
Beidelman Henry, g'ent., 8 Oldham's ct. 
Beidelman Reid, mer., 159 High, h 278 N 7th. 
Beisel James, bricklayer, 5 Fa3^ettc. 
Beisel Simon, gunsmith, G T R, n 5th. 
Beish Joseph, cordw., 13th ab Coates. 
Beitcl Jacob, baker, 114 N 8th. 
Beitler Adam, tavern, 123 W llig'h. 
Belbford George, lab'rer., Phffinix below Front. 

Belch Mary, gentwo., 11 Castle. 

Beldan Mary P., 128 S Juniper. 

Beldin Elisha, tavern, 468 Sassafras. 

Belfield Henry, brassfounder, Washington ab. 

12th, foundry Green ab 12th. 
Belfield Thomas, mer., 479 High. 
Belhai-t William, gunsmith, 32 Carter's allej^ 
Belford James, teacher, 85 W High, h AV High 

bet 3rd & 4th. 
Belknap Stephen, jeweller, 214 N 5th. 
Beluer Wilson, seamstress, 24 Budd. 
Bell Chas., bookbinder, 416 High, h 148 S 4th. 
Bell Charles jr., printer, 51 S 3rd, h 148 S 4th. 
Bell David H., cabinet-maker, 20 Barker. 
Bell Ehza, 16 Flower. 
Bell F. & Brother, auctioneers, 358 High. 
Bell Francis, gardener, Shippen ab 12th. 
Bell Hannali, dry goods, N W 4th and CheiTy. 
Bell Hannah, gentw., 9 Powell. 
Bell Harriet, tailoress, c James' ct. & Hope. 
Bell Hester, 3 Type al. 
Bell Hezekiah, labourer, McKean's ct. 
Bell Isaiah, flour & feed, 326 N Front, h 4 Noble. 
Bell Isaiah, carter, N Sch 8th n Vine. 
Bell James, sexton, 143 Queen. 
Bell James, weaver, 13th bel Rose. 
Bell James, manuf., Front ab PhcBnix. 
Bell James, labourer. Barker's ct. 
Bell James & John, distillers, N W 6th & Cedar. 
Bell James F., acct, 9 Powell. 
Bell Jeremiah, labourer. Wood ab Sch 7th. 
Bell John, distiller, h 217 CedaJ-. 
Bell John, planemr., pillow ab 2nd, h 19 Duke. 
Bell John, stonesawyer. Barker ab Sch 6th. 




Bell John, weaver, 58 German. 

Bell John, M. D., 227 Spruce. 

Bell John, Chestnut 1 door ab Sch. 8th. 

Bell J. K., mer., Ill Hig-h, h 155 N 9th. 

Bell L. K., clerk Custom House. 

Bell Mary, trimming-s, 262 Sassafras. 

Bell M., g-entwo., Washington square. 

Bell Mary, 80 Lombard. 

Bell Robert, cooper, 37 Penn. 

Bell Robert, g^ent., 23 Morgan. 

Bell Robert, porter. Front n Phoenix. 

Bell Robert, 109 S 4th. 

Bell Robt. R., 1 Townsend ct. 

Bell Sarah, shopkeeper, Sch 4th and Hig-h. 

Bell Shepherd, lab., Nugent's ct. 

Bell Solomon, plasterer, Carlton ab Sch 8th. 

Bell Thomas, g-rocer, 2nd n Edward. 

Bell Thomas, waterman, rear of 33 Christian. 

Bell Thomas, com. mer., 34 S whfs., h 77 Filbert. 

Bell Thomas, gent, Steward c Catharine. 

Bell Thomas, cordw., Spruce ab Sch. 8th, 

Bell William, labourer, Quany row. 

Bell William, labourer, rear 6 Locust. 

Bell William, cordwainer, Orchard n Rachel. 

Bell William, hairdresser, G T road n Phcenix. 

Bell William R., gent., 73 St. John. 

Bellamy William, carpenter, 5o Franklin. 

Bellangee Isaac, bricklayer, 134 Green. 

Bellanger Benjamin, stevedore, 5 Elmslie's al. 

Bellas Jas., com. & frwn'g. mer. Central Block 

Bellas John, 146 St John, 
Bellas Thomas, com. and forwarding mer., h 3 

Central Block, Broad. 
Bellenger Morris, bricklayer, 19 G:-een. 
Bellerjeau Henry, brushmaker, N E Callowhill 

and 3d, h 175 N 4th. 
Bellerjeau H. & Co., brush manuf., N E 3d and 

Bellerjeau Samuel, cabinetmaker. Beach ab 

Marsh. (K) 
Bellsterling Henry, 1 Greble's ct. 
Belling John A., combmaker, Apple n George. 
BeUing John, combmaker, Apple n George. 
Bellows Martin, boot manuf., 15 Edward. 
Bellows Wm. K., printer, 50 Charlotte. 
Bellrose Louis, paper hangings, 82 Chestnut. 
Bellrose John, paper hangings, 82 Chestnut. 
Bellrose & Son, paper hangings, 82 Chestnut. 
Bellsford Wm., plasterer, rear 639 n 2d. 
Bellstrong John, combs, 497 N 2d. 
Bellville Samuel J., carp., rear 299 Callowhill. 
Bellville William, carp., Ogden n 9th. 
Belzinger S., shop 6 Galbraith's ct. 
Bement John Jr., h 14 Marshall. 
Bencke Elizabeth, Lewis n Broad. 
Benckert George F., grocer, S E 3d & German. 
Bender C. W., Star Hotel, 71 Dock. 
Bender Francis, St. John n George. 
Bender John, carpenter, 24 Tammany. 
Bender Margaret, druggist, c 2d and Beaver. 
Bender Michael, grocer, c Noble and 4th. 
Bender W. H., tailor, 8^ S 7th. 
Benedict John, ladies shoemaker, Morris ab Sch 
7th, h Hamilton n Bush Hill. 

Benedict J., ship master, 86 Union. 

Beneke M., wash, woman, Broad bel Sassafras. 

Beneker Fredk., confectionei-, 369 N 3d. 

Benesole Charles, hair dresser, 216 N 6th. 

Benjamin A., clothing, 86 Cedar. 

Benjamin Charles D., gent., 23 Magnolia. 

Benjamin EUzabeth, 124 N 13th. 

Benezet John, U. S. mint, h 256 Filbert. 

Benfer John, tailor, 379 N Front. 

Benfer J. C., tailor, 353 N Front h 14 Coates. 

Benkert C, shoestore, 273 N 3d. 

Benkevt Leonard, boots and shoes, c Maiden 

and Beach. (K) 
Benbard Charles, cooper, 74 Catherine. 
Bennard Chas., baker. Becks' ct. rear 7 Pegg 

Bennard Samuel, labourer, Wood bel Sch. 6th. 
Benner Adam, laboui-er, G T road ab Jefferson. 
Benner Albert J, blacksmith, R. R. above Green. 
Benner Andrew, carter, Sch. 8th ab Locust. 
Benner Chs., cooper, Zane bel 8th h 30 R road. 
Benner Charles, chemist, 51 Gaskill. 
Benner Emily, 8 Madison. 
Benner Ehzabeth, Lombard ab 12th. 
Benner George, carpenter, Linden bel Green. 
Benner George, bricklayer, Duken Palmer. (K) 
Benner Henry, carter, Knoodle bel Walnut. 
Benner Henry, copperpJ. pr., 39 Carter's alley 

h 23 Dean. 
Benner Heniy, grocer and deputy salt-measurer, 

N E Locust and 13th. 
Benner Henry, collector, 17 Beaver, (K.) 
Benner Henry L., earthen manuf., 409 S Front 

and 39 German. 
Benner Isaac, cooper, 118 Brown. 
Benner Isaac, cordw., 107 Poplar. 
Benner John, bi'ickmaker, 205 Locust. 
Benner John, baker, 98 Oak. 
Benner Lewis, carpet weaver, 295 Callowhill. 
Benner Margaret, milliner, 271 S 2d. 
Benner Ralston, carpenter, Jackson's ct. 
Benner Sarah, Spruce ab 13th. 
Benner Sarah, 11th ab Pine. 
Benner Seth, mason, 480 N 4th. 
Benner Thomas, lab., G T road ab Jefferson. 
Benner WiUiam, blindmaker, 11 Rihl's ct. 
Benners, Badger & Co., wines & hq., 117 N2d. 
Benners Geo., wine mer., 117 N 2d h 219 Coates. 
Benners Jas., wine mer., 117 N 2d h 211 Coates. 
Benners Joseph, carpr., 9 Wagner's alley. 
Benners Margaret, gentw., 57 New. 
Benners William J., distiller, h 72 Vine. 
Bennett Abraham, dry goods. 111 Cedar. 
Bennett Alfred, diy goods, 230 S 2d. 
Bennett Abel, waterm.. Queen ab Warren. (K) 
Bennett Abel, waterm.. Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Bennett C. W., mer., 188 Chestnut, h 31 NlOth. 
Bennett Christopher L., gent., 284 Walnut. 
Bennett D., waterm.. Queen op. Warren. (K) 
Bennett Frances, 7 Crabb. 
Bennett Henry, mariner, 411 S Front. 
Bennett Hiram, cordwainer, Maria bel 5th. 
Bennett Isaac, labourer, 243 St. John. 
Bennett Jacob, waterm., Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Bennett Jacob, silversm., 18 Minor h 53 S 5th. 




Bennett Jacob, mariner, 137 S Water. 
Bennett Jas. M., mer., 112 Chesnut, h 185 S 7th. 
Bennett Jer., ship mast.. Christian ab 2d. 
Bennett John, painter, 59 S 2d. 
Bennett John, painter, rear 196 Cherry. 
Bennett John, shoemaker, 87 Shippen. 
Bennett John, sign & banner painter, 318 Vine 
Bennett John M., tailor. Queen ab Maiden, (K.) 
Bennett Mary W., stock &. hnen man., 32 N 3d. 
Bennett Rach., shopk., N W 5th & Buttonwood. 
Bennett Salena, hair mamif., 281 S 2d. 
Bennett Samuel, thermometer maker, 281 S 2d, 
Bennett Stephen D., printer, German ab 5th. 
Bennett Thomas, glassblower. Cherry ab Queen 
Bennett Titus, books & sta., 21 N Front, h 137 

N 10th. 
Bennett Wm., shipcarp.. Marble bel Bedford. 
Bennett Wm., glass blower, c Queen & Vienna. 
Beimett Wm., carpenter, 558 N 3d. 
Bennett William, glass cutter. Queen bel 

Bennett Wm. H., pain., Penn ab Maiden, (K.) 
Bennett Wm. H., cortJwainer, 6 Oldham's ct. 
Benninghove Ann, 19 Carter's alley. 
Bennis Henry, hatter, rear 121 Mulberry. 
Bennison Joseph, carter, Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 
Bennison Saml., stone mason, 13th ab Shippen. 
Bensell & Allen, weigh master, 25 S wharves. 
Bensell E. H., weigh master, 25 S wharves, h 

50 N 13th. 
Benson Alex. & Co., stock &. exc. bro., 2 S 3d. 
Benson Alex., broker, 2 S 3d, h 103 S 8th. 
Benson Henry, waiter, 18 Bird's ct. ^ 
Benson George, tailor, 29 Beck. ~ 

Benson G. S., broker, 2 S 3d, h 5 Virginia row. 
Benson Mrs. Isabella, 23 Parham. 
Benson John, carter, 45 Mechanic. 
Benson John, plasterer, rear 109 Christian. 
Benson Major, labourer, 12 Swanson. 
Benson Richard, gent., 5 Virginia row. 
Benson 8aml., stonemason, c 13th and Bedford. 
Benson Sylvia, gentw., 9 Gaskill. 
Benson Thomas, carpenter, 68 George. (S) 
Benstead John M., cabmr., 39 Coates alley. 
Benstead and Tatem, cabmrs., 114 n Front. 
Benthall John, Lieut. U. S. navy, 220 S Juniper. 
Bentland Margaret, storek., F road ab Queen. 
Bentley David, coppersmith, 162 N 3d. 
Bentley Ann, gentw., 176 Locust. 
Beresford Robert H., printer, 164 S 10th. 
Beresford Robert, printer, 6 Carter's alley. 
Berd Samuel, jeweller, 4 Starr alley. 
Berg Christian, boot & shoemaker, 87 S 3d. 
Berg Gotleib, baker, 38 P Road. 
Berg Henry, tobacconist, Lee's ct. N L. 
Berg & Ganns, tailors, 82 Cedar. 
Berg Joseph F. Rev., 39 N 4th. 
Berg L., 56 George. 

Berger Frederick, store, c Otter & G T road. 
Berger Jonathan, tavern, 228 N 2d. 
Berger Lewis, carpenter, 4 Farr. 
Berger & Schober, hardware, 229 High. 
Bergfeld Arnold, barber, O Y road n Coates. 
Berghauser Jacob, clerk, Julianna above But 

Bergman Henry A., dealer, cor St. John and 

Bergman Sarah, findings, 301 N 2d. 
Bering James, hosieiy, 8 S 8th. 
Berkeley C. N., M.D., 10 Girard. 
Berlin Jacob, mer.. Broad ab Sassafras, h 151 

Bernadou J. B., mer., 83 S Front, h 263 S Front. 
Bernard Capt. John, S. E. 5th &. Catharine. 
Bernard Phoebe, 75 Catharine. 
Bernard W. H., mer., 169 High, h 477 Chestnut. 
Bernhard B., M. D., 9 Cherry. 
Bernhard Deck, tavern, 45 CaUowhill. 
Berrell Hannah W., b h 368 Coates. 
Berrell Henry, tavern, N W 9th and Green. 
Berrell Wm. S., tav., N W Green & O Y road. 
Berrett Elizabeth, 12 Chester. 
Berriman Matthew W., undertaker, 270 S 7th. 
BeiTiman Robert, coachmaker, Swanson bel 

Beriy Benj. S., letter carrier, 366 S 5th. 
Berry Abraham, carp., 255 Catherine. 
Berry Charles, watchman, 24 Jones' alley. 
Berry Eleanor, tavern, S W Swanson & Cedar. 
Berry Eleanor, b h 73 Penn. 
Berry James, bookbinder. Miller's ct. 
Berry James, weaver, G. T. road bel. 4th. 
Berry James, musician, Gamphire's ct. 
Berry Josiah, lab., Sch. 4th n High. 
Ben-y Mary Mrs., 7 Relief alley. 
Berry M., waiter, 161 Lombard. 
Berry Olive;-, bootmaker, 36 Mulberry. 
Berry Robert, dyer, G T road ab Master. 
Berry Samuel, carter, 680 N Front. 
Berry Richard, 7th bel Cedar. 
Berry Samuel, hatter, 18 Catharine. 
Berry Susan, 401 S Front. 
Berry Thomas, dyer, Cadwalader ab Phoenix. 
Berry Wm., carp., 35 Plumb. 
Berry Wm., carp., 9 Little Water. 
Berry Wm., manuf., G T R ab Master. 
Berry Wm. B., chair manuf, 53 N 6th. 
Berrybill A., druggist, 25 S 8th. 
Berryman Matthew, tavern, 316 Cedar. 
Berryman Sophia, rear Cedar betw 7th & 8th. 
Berthou Hubert, Wood n Schl 2d 
BesselieveiTe John, jeweller, 286 Lombard. 
Bessun Jacob, cabinetmaker, Streper's ct. 
Besson L. & Son, dry goods, 52 S 2d. 
Besson Louisa, mer., 52 S 2d. 
Besson John M., mer., 52 S 2d. 
Best Ellen, stock maker, 81 N 6th. 
Best Fleming, weaver, 3 Rollins' row. 
Best John, cordwainer, c Sch. 8th & Willow. 
Best J., cupper and bleeder, Shippen bel Broad 
Bethell J., collector. Beach n Maiden. (K) 
Bethell J. P., M. D., 304 N 3d. 
Bethell William, ll-S Sch. 7th. 
Bethune George W. Rev., Mulberry n Sch. 5tii 
Betterton G. W., sexton, Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 
Bettle J. Rebecca, 131 N 9th. 
Bettle S. Jr., mer., 26 S Front, h 73 N 10th. 
BetUe Samuel Senr., 14 S 3d, h 73 N lOth. 
Bettle Wm., importer, 14 S 3d, h 244 N 6th. 
Betts Godfrey, tavern, 147 St. John. 




Betts James, dmggist, 120 N 2nd. 

Betts R. K., carpenter, 22 N Sch. 8th n Ann. 

Betts William C, carpenter, 43 Cherry. 

Betz William, tavern, 95 N 3rd. 

Betzold C. F., cabinetmaker, 348 S Front. 

Betzold Gotleib, fur skindresser, 131 Poplar. 

Beusse John H., 7th n Poplar. 

Beverlin Sheridan, hairdresser, 426 S Front. 

Bevan D., gent, 7 Jefferson row. 

Bevan Henr)', painter, 22 Catharine. 

Bevan & Humphreys, mers., 5 Walnut. 

Bevan John, painter & glazier, 206 S Front, h 

204 S 2nd. 
Bevan Matthew L., mer., 5 Walnut, h 349 

Beverlin Thomas, mariner, 8 Pleasant avenue. 
Bevins John, mariner, 308 S Front. 
Bewley Ann, 43 N Sch. 8th. 
Bewley Hannah, b h, 9th bel Coates. 
Bewley Joseph, currier, 154 S 6th. 
Bewley J. P., clerk Mayor's ct., h 1 New Crown. 
Beyer "g. T., machinist', Sch. 6th &. S Garden, 

h Sch. 7th bel Sassafras. 
Beylard John jr., importer, 92 S 4th. 
Bhart John, cordw., 9 Quany. 
Bias J. J. G., cupper, 2 Acorn al. 
Bibbins John, shoemaker, Osborn's ct. 
Bibbins Jno., oysters, 168 High, h 23 Sassafras al. 
Bibbins Samuel, waiter, 5 Salem al. 
Biibbins Thomas, oysters, 18 x\corn al. 
Bibighaus Charles H., M. D., 94 Green. 
Bibighaus Henry, D. D., 88 Dillwyn. 
Bibighaus S. H., hardware, 214 N 2d. 
Bible Francis, shoemaker, 153 S Water. 
Bickom Rosina Mrs., b h Callowhill ab Broad. 
Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 5 Fries' ct. 
Bickerton Sarah, drj'goods, 165 Cedar. 
Bickerton Sarah, Sassafras, n Sch. 7th. 
Bickerton Thomas, cooper, 57 S Water, h 36 

Bickham Jane, b h, 109 S 9th. 
Bickham Jno. C, clerk F M Bank, h 254 S Front. 
Bicking Charles, printer, 4 Wood. 
Bicking George H., mer., 221 High, h 231 Vine. 
Bickley Abigal, 30 Callowhill. 
Bickley Henry, carter. Locust bel Sch. 5th. 
Bickley Sarah, 16 Mulberry. 
Bickley Susan, 51 Franklin. 
Bicknel Robert, brush maker, 24 O Y road. 
Bicknel Malinda, gentw, h 1 Collonade row. 
BickneU John, mariner. Harmony bel 4th. 
Blddle Abagail, widow, 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Biddle Charles, trader, Apple n George. 
Biddle Clement jr., atty. &, coun. office 197 Wal 

nut, h 276 Chestnut. 
Biddle Clement C, pres. Saving Fund, h Spruce 

ab 11th. 
Biddle Clement, gent., 164 Mulberry. 
Biddle Daniel, book agent, 33 Federal. 
Biddle Edward C, publisher, 3 Minor, h 5 

Montgomciy sq. 
Biddle Elizabeth, S W Sch. 8th & Locust. 
Biddle George, atty. 8c coun., 57 S 3rd. 
Bifldle Henry J., civil engineer, 276 Chestnut. 
Biddle James, commo. U S navy, Naval Asylum. 

Biddle John B., M. D., Spruce ab 11th. 
Biddle John B., carrier, 5 Courtland pi. 
Biddle John, mer., 10 Chestnut, h 5 Montgo- 
mery sq. 

Biddle Mar}' A., gentw., N E 8th & Locust. 
Biddle Margaret, 19 Sergeant. 
Biddle Nicholas, gent., 215 Spruce. 
Biddle Owen, tavern, 10 S 5th. 
Biddle Robert, mer., 29 High, h 164 Mulberry. 
Biddle R. & W. C, hardware, 29 High. 
Biddle Sarah, widow of James C, S W Juniper 

and Spruce. 
Biddle Thomas, exch. broker, 50 S 3rd, h 276 

Biddle Thomas A., exch. broker, 50 S 3rd, h 

276 Chestnut. 
Biddle Thomas k, Co., exchange brokers, 50 

S. 3rd. 
Biddle William C, 29 High, h 158 N 5th. 
Biddle Wm., druggist, N W 11th & Mulberry. 
Bideman Peter, tailor, 305 S 5th. 
Bidwell Walter Rev., Clinton ab 9th. 
Bierkle Peter, watchman, 8 Oak. 
Bierly John, shipcarp., Queen n Hanover. (K) 
Biernsen Thormod, clock & watchmr., 49 S 10th. 
Bigelow Thomas, carpenter, 7 Lawrence. 
Biggard John, oysterhouse, 506 N 2nd. 
Biggard Samuel, carter, Hopkin's ct n School. 
Bigger Aai-on, bootmaker, R R. bel Coates. 
Biggins John, blacksmith, 215 N Front. 
Biggins Thomas, cooper 215 N Front. 
Biggs E. H., mer, 58 N 3rd. 
Biggs Rachel J., dressmaker. Tiller's ct. 
Bigler David Rev., 74 Sassafras. 
Bigler George, skindresser, 546 N 3rd. 
Bigler Jacob, sailmaker, 7 N Whan-es, h 546 

N 3rd. 
Bignell John, hatter, 15 Pennsylvania avenue. 
Bi^nell Thomas G., painter, 120 New Market. 
Bilborough Sarah, George n 9th. 
Bilborough Sarah, 26 Castle. 
Bigonet Jacob, druggist, 158 Lombard, h N W 

9th & Bonsall. 
Biles Israel C, painter, Morris bel Fitzwater. 
Biles Joseph T., carpenter, h 10 Gebhard. 
Biles Nathaniel, lab, Budd & Laurel. 
Biles Thomas J., steam drug mill, Schuylkill & 

Jones's al. 
Biles Wilham, paint. & glaz., Margaret bel 13th. 
Bilderback CaroUne, dressmaker, 117 N lOtli. 
Bilger Isaac, gi'ocer, 142 N 2nd. 
Bilger & McGowen, grocers, 142 N 2nd. 
Bill David, hatter, Sch. 2nd n Callowhill. 
BillH., teacher, 403 Sassafras. 
Bille de Steen, charge de affairs from Denmark, 

h 9 Collonade row. 
Billing John, collector, Kunckle ct. 
Billingford Thomas, carp., Gebhard ab Cherry. 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, 185 N 8th. 
Billings Ann, Brinton's alley n 11th. 
Bilhngs M., port, painter, 142 Chestnut. 
Billingsby Joseph, drayman, Jones' al ab W 5th. 
Bills Jeremiah, shipcarpenter, Marion ab 2nd. 
Billmeyer Charles G., merchant, 71 High. 
Billmeyer William M., printer, 540 N 2nd. 




Binder Daniel, cabinetmaker, 173 St. John. 
Binder George, carpenter, 268 Coates. 
Binder J. & P. R., hatters, 286 N Front. 
Binder Peter, M. D., N W 2nd & Christian. 
N Binder VVilhani, sen., hatter, 286 N Front. 
Bilyew Aaron P., bricklayer, 277 N 5th. 
Bingainan Susan, 26 Watson's al. 
Bing-ass Jacob, lab., Charlotte n Master. 
Bingham Amos Kev., Wood ab 11th. 
Bingham &, Brothers, forwarding mers, 276 High. 
Bingham Eliz., Wood n Sch. 6th. 
Bingha.n Jas., stonecut., Sch. 3rd ab Callowhill. 
Bingham James, mer., 276 High, h Filbert n 

Sch. 6th. 
Bingham John, acct., 278 Wood ab 13th. 
Bingham John, forwarding mei-., 137 Filbert. 
Bingham Thomas, trunkmaker, 475 Sassafras. 
Binker John, blacksmith. Say n Sch. 8th. 
liinley John, tavern, S W Callowhill & Water. 
Binney Charlotte, gentw. 178 Vine. 
Blnney Horace, coun., office 85, h 83 S 4th. 
Binney Horace jr., atty. & coun., 213 Spruce. 
Binney John, typefoundry, N W 9th Ss. Cedar. 
Binney J., locksmith, 13 S 5tii. 
Binns Benj. F., sec. Pliila. Ice Comp., 1 S 6th, 

h George ab Sch. 6th. 
Binns B. P., plumber, 332 N 3rd. 
Binns John, alderman, 36 S 6th. 
Binns John P., atty. & coun., 89 Lombard. 
Binns Moses, carpenter, 147 N Juniper. 
Binns Sarah, 131 Plum. 
Bioret Charles, cabinetmaker, N W 3rd and 

Birch David, shoemr.. High ab Sch. 4th. 
Birch Elizabeth, carpet weaver, Linden n Sch 

Birch John, clothes cellar, c 3rd &, New. 
Birch Jos., labourer, Stranahan's ct. 
Birch Michael, labourer. Union ab Franklin. 
Birch Thomas jr., auctioneer, 84 S 2nd, h 87 

Birch Thomas, marine painter, 22 Prune. 
Birchall Thos. W., stonecutter, c 13th 8t Cherry. 
Bird Albert G., engraver, 100 Union. 
Bird Charles, gent., 181 S 3rd. 
Bird Charles, plasterer, 76 New 
Bird David, morocco dresser, 29 Margaretta. 
Bird Francis, plasterer, 3 Elizabeth. (N L) 
Bird George, tailor, Davis's ct. 
Bird Hemy, gent., N W 9th & Clinton. 
Bird James M., teacher, 23 German. 
Bird James, shoemaker, 252 S 7th. 
Bird John G., confectioner, 6 Peach. 
Bird Julianna, tavern, 127 S Water. 
Bird Mary, 28 Julianna. 
Bird Matliias, carter, 308 Callowhill. 
Bird Capt. Saml., Rachel n Poplar. 
Bird Thomas, tailor, 24 S 6th, h 35 S Sch. 6th. 
Bird Thomas, gent., 11th ab Pine. 
Bird William, bootmaker, 30 S 6th, h Ather- 

ton n Marriott. 
Bird William, tooth-brushmaker, h rear 123 

Bireley Jacob, labourer, Coates ab 8th. 
\ Birkey John, dentist, 99 S 5th. 

Birkey John, dry goods, 67 S 5th. 

Birkey Nicholas, cordwainer, Cedar ab 12th. 

Birkey William J. A., M. D., dentist, S E 8th & 

Birmingham Benjamin W., ivor3'carver & turner, 

Poplar ab 7th. 
Birmingham Samuel, shoemaker, RaspbeiTy al 

ab Spruce, cellar 301 N 2nd. 
Birmingham Sarah, grocer, N E 7th & Poplar. 
Birnbaum Charles, baker, 316 Pine. 
Birnbaum George W., machinist, 24 Cherry, h 

28 Tammany. 
Birnbaum J. H., gent., 78 New. 
Birns Chai'les, stonesawyer, Callowhill N 13th. 
Bioren B. T., stock & exch. broker, 62 Dock. 
Bioren Geo. W., stock &. exch. broker, 9 Bank al. 
Bisbee A., boots, shoes & combs, 197 G T road. 
Bisbing Geo., cooper, 200 N 5th, h 189 Noble. 
Bisbing Jacob, carpenter, Sch. 6th n Sassafras. 
Bisbing Peter, labourer, 4th bel Jefferson. 
Bisbing Samuel, Ume burner. Chestnut, (W P.) 
Bishop Angelica, portrait -painter, 213 Cherry. 
Bishop Charles, hatter, 92 N 2nd. 
Bishop Elizabeth, b h, 3 Clover. 
Bishop Gotleib, tailor, 11 Sassafras al. 
Bishop Joaquiam, chemical instrument maker, h 

213 Chen-y. 
Bishop John R., 3rd bel Queen. 
Bishop Jos. J., hatter, 110 N 2nd, h 25 Coates' al. 
Bishop Mary, Juniper bel Walnut. 
Bishop Martha, tailoress, S 4th n Spruce. 
Bishop Mary, Sch. 5th n High. 
Bishop Nathaniel, oysters, 6 WaiTen. 
Bishop Silvia, dry goods, 214 Spruce. 
Bishop Samuel C. & Co., shoes, 115 High, h 145 

N 7th. 
Bishop Susan M., milliner, 158 N 8th. 
Bishop Thomas, painter, 213 Cherry. 
Bishop U. C, furniture, 119 W High. 
Bishop Victor, importer of jewellery, 22 S 5th. 
Bishop William, bricklayer, 12 Dorothy. 
Bishop William, tavern, 101 Coates. 
Bishop Wilham, printer, Parrish n 6th. 
Bispham Daniel, tailor. Queen n F road. (K) 
Bispham Erwin, hotel, c 6th & Parrish. 
Bispham Harriet, shopkeeper, 139 Cherry. 
Bispham J., auctioneer, 34 S Front, h 13 Girard. 
Bispham Samuel, grocer, 261 High, h 171 N 6th. 
Bissekumer Martin, tavern, 84 Green. 
Bissel George, labourer, rear 398 N 4th. 
Bisser J., ladies' shoemr., Washington, (W P.) 
Bittel Charles, morocco-dresser, Hanover ab 

Bitter Benjamin, barber, 45 Penn. (S) 
Bitters Henry, tailor, 169 N Front. 
Bitters L. C, cordw., 12th ab Mulberry. 
Bitting Hiram, gent., 78 Coates. 
Bitting Knight, blacksmith. Nectarine ab 10th. 
Bitting Lewis, tailor, 89 Apple. 
Biting Lewis W., grocer, 78 Green. 
Bitting & Snyder, grocers, 182 Callowhill. 
Bitting Walter, blacksmith, Poplar n 10th. 
Bixstein Frederick, baker, 284 Coates. 
Blacher Z., labourer, 242 St. John. 
Black Arthur, waiter, 21 Prosperous al. 




Black Catharine, Vine ab 12th. 

Black David, shipcarp. Beach n Marlboroug-h. 

Black E., dealer, 39 Chestnut, h 14 Elizabeth. 

Black Ellen, 14 Federal. 

Black Francis, painter, 306 S 2nd. 

Black Frederick, tailor, Front ab Phoenix. 

Black George, cabinetmaker, 90 George. 

Black Isaac, stonecutter, Dean ab Locust. 

Black James, blacksmith, rear 30 Cheny. 

Black James, painter, 311 S 6th. 

Black John, watchmaker, 64 Cedar. 

Black John, blacksmith, 21 Brinton. 

Black John, cordvvainer, 253 Catharine. 

Black John H., ag-ent, 33 S Sch. 6th. 

Black Joseph, labourer, 12 S Sch. 6th. 

Black Joseph, Jr., painter, 306 S 2nd. 

Black Joseph, dealer, 84 Swanson. 

Black Mary, 3 Brj'an's ct. 

Black Prince, waiter, 50 Quince. 

Black Rebecca, drygoods, 401 Sassafras. 

Black Rebecca, trimmings store, 207 N 9th. 

Black Robert, shoemaker, 12th ab Shippen. 

Black Robt., carpenter, rear 298 S 4th. 

Black Samuel, alderman, 194 S 4th.. 

Black Samuel W., teacher, 325 N 6th. 

Black Thompson, grocer, N E 10th & Chestnut. 

Black Thomas, hatter, 167 N 3rd, h 11 Middle al. 

Black & Tombleson, block & pump nu-,, 91 

Swanson opposite Mead. 
Black Wm., weaver, 4 Wagner's al. 
Black Wm., marble mason, R R bel Toll Gate. 
Black William V., grocer, c 10th & Shippen. 
Blackburne C. J., mer,, 24 Church al. 
Blackburne Daniel, engineer, F Mount Works. 
Blackburne Francis, mer., 24 Church al, h 

Spi'uce n Sch. 7th 
Blackburne John, tin plate worker. High ab 

Sch. 8th, h Sch. 7th n Pine. 
Blackburne & Muir, manuf., High W of Sch. 8th. 
Blackburne AVilliam, Juniper, 2 drs bel Spruce. 
Blackburne Wm. & Co., importers, 24 Cliurch al. 
Blackburne William, mer,, 24 Church al, h n 

Holmesburg, Pa. 
Blackburn Thomas, blacksmith, 334 N Front. 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 358 Pine. 
Blackman Robert, cordwainer. Poplar ab 4th. 
Blackvvell Danl., engineer, F. M. Waterworks. 
Blackwood Benjamin W. teaclier, 270 N 7th. 
Blackwood Joseph, carpets, 111 Chestnut. 
Blackwood Sylvester H., 38 Palm} ra sq. 
Bladen Aaron, dyer, 22 S 8th, h 6 Biddle's al. 
Bladen Martha, 334 Vi)ie. 
Bladen W. E. & A., bakers, 165 N Water, h 96 

N Front. 
Blaikie George D., mer., h 471 Mulberry. 
Blaikie John, shipjoiner. Beach, (K.) 
Blaine Sarah, gentw., 357 \Valiuit. 
Blair Eliza, Lomliard ab 12tli. 
Blair Frances Ann, Cedar bel 13th, 
Blair Henry C, druggist, S W 8th & Walnut 
Blair Hugh, l':0 G T road. 
Blair James, gent., G. T. R. ab 3rd, 
Blair James, carpenter, 31 Montgomery, 
Blair Mailha, dressmaker, F road ab Queen. 
Mlair Mary, Jackson n Apple. 

Blair Steward, gent., 7 Vernon, 

Blair Samuel, gent., 9 Lodge Place. 

Blaisse George, grocer, 14 Mulberry al. 

Blake Andrew, blacking manuf- 340 Pine. 

Blake Charles, M. D., 354 Cedar. 

Blake Charles, agent, 58 N 6th, 

Blake George, lab., Burns' ct. 

Blake George E,, music store, 13 S 5th. 

Blake Hannah, tavern, 182 S 6th. 

Blake Henry, Wood n Sch. Front. 

Blake H. G.", clothes, 324 Cedar. 

Blake James, rear 142 S 4th. 

Blake J, R., bootmaker, 256 Mulbeny. 

Blake John, iron founder. Palmer n Prince. (K) 

Blake Levin, cordwainer, 219 Shippen. 

Blake Mary, Wood ab 13th. 

Blake Mary C, milliner, 115 Green. 

Blake Robert, Sch. 4th bel Rittenhouse, 

Blake T. E., shop keeper, 110 Swanson. 

Blakemore Henry, japanner, rear 141 Green, 

Blaker Ulj'sses, carter, rear Marshall ab Brown- 

Blaker John, saddler, 212 N 2nd, 

Blakey John, joiner. Palmer n Prime, 

Blame Joseph, 5 N 5th, 

Blakiston John R., mer. Washington, (W. P.) 

Blukiston Mrs. John, Darby road, (W, P.) 

Blanchard Ann, 83 Franklin. 

Blanchard H. B., upholsterer, 44 S 4tb. 

Blanchard Isaac W., gent, Marshall ab Green, 

Blanchard James, mariner, 12 Truxton. 

Blanchard John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen. 

Blanchard Sarah, 379 S Front. 

Blanchard Wm. A. bookseller, S E Chestnut & 

4th, h20N 11th. 
Blanck Wm., carpenter. Rose al, h 99 German. 
Blanding William, M. D., 232 N 5th. 
Blanekenheim Fred., tavern, N E 4th & Coales. 
Blanken Jno., skinner, Gurther's ct. (N L.) 
Blankford William, watchman, rear 86 Locust. 
Blankman A. M., 293 Walnut. 
Blankman George, painter h glazier, 233 Cedar. 
Blankman George A., painter, 3 N 7th., h 51 

Blankman Hannah, 15 Queen. 
Blankman Henry G. A., dentist, 15 Quince. 
Blasser George, bootmr., rear 135 Coates. 
Blatchford Thomas, labourer, China Row. 
Blatt John, clock dealer, 651 N 2nd. 
P,!attners R., waddingmanf., Coates n 10th. 
Blantchor, prof, guitar &. singing, 31 Cartei-'sal. 
Blayncy Willis H., 117^ Filbert. 
Blaylock Nathl., lab., 10 Dorothy. 
Blaze John, upholsterer, 8 Adams. (M) 
Klecker Henry, cedar cooper, 13th & N E Vine. 
Blecker Mrs. Ann, Smith's al. 
Blee Catharine, Ann n Sch. 3d. 
Blee Francis, brickmr., Sch. 3d ab George. 
Blee George, brickmr.. Spruce bel Sch. 4th. 
Blee J., brick mr., S W Sch. 5th & Rittenhouse. 
Bleight Mrs. Mary, 13th ab Chestnut. 
Bleight John D.,'att'y. &. coun., 36 S 5th, h 13 

ab Chestnut. 
Bleil Frederick, baker, 85 Sassafras. 
Blennerhassett Wm. W., bookbinder, 65 Cherry. 
Bless Ph'dip, tavern, c Green 8t St John. 




Bletterman Michael, tailor, rear 38 Ann. 

Bleyler John, dry goods, 491 N 4th. 

Bleyler Thomas, dealer, 62 Plum. 

Blidengruir Samuel, lab., Barker n 5th. 

Blight Charles, gent, c Sch. 7th & Chestnut. 

Blight J'redk., morocco dresser, 22 Franklin. 

Blight John, caulker, rear 27 Callowbill. 

Blight Joseph W., brush mr., 27 CaUowhill. 

Blight Maria gentw. 351 Chestnut. 

Blinn Jacob, carp., N W Charlotte & Culvert 

Block Henry b h., 28 N 3rd. 

Blood Caleb, cordw., 11 Elmes' al. 

Blood John, carter, Jones' al. n Sch. 4th. 

Blood Rowland, cordwainer, 10 Mechanic. 

Bloodgood J. B., Walnut St. House, 2 Walnut. 

Bloom George, baker, 9 Morris. 

Bloom Jacob, hair dresser, 349 CaUowhill. 

Bloomer Arnold, frame mr., 9th bel Lombard. 

Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 25 Lebanon. 

Blow AVm., oysters, 92 High, h 3 Franklin pi. 

Bloxom Henry, clerk, 349 S 3rd. 

Bloxom Peter, sawyer, 28 Sassafras al. 

Bloxom Pleasant, Smith's ct. 

Bloxon Woodman, mariner, 30 Beck's al. 

Blum B., dry goods, 162, h 314 N 2d. 

Blum &, Sinison, dry goods, 162 N 2d. 

Blume John, gent., 403 N 7th. 

Blumer Wm., lab.. Pleasant ct. 

Blumner Chai-les E., tobacconist, 133 N 3rd, h 
105 nilwyn. 

Blumner Henry C., engine manuf., 128 Vine, h 
3 Sterling al. 

Blunchard John, ship wright, Hanover ab Queen. 

Blunden James, carpet weaver, ^17 S 3rd. 

Blunden W., keeper, E. penitentiary, h oppo- 

Blundin Amy, Mrs., R road ab Francis. 

Blundin John, keeper, New Penitentiary, h 
Powell St. (F. V.) 

Blust Francis, cigar mr., rear 14 Margaretta. 

Blydenburgh & Giles, mathl. inst. makers, 130 
S Front. 

Blye H. & W., mers., 152 N 2d. 

Blye John H., mer., 152 N 2nd. 

Blynn Henry, hatter, 7 Franklin place. 

Boah Mary A., b. h., 11 N 11th. 

Boaler John, lab., rear 79 Swanson. 

Boardley Eliza, washer, Freytag's al. 

Boardley R., washer, 10 Pleasant av. 

Boai-dman F. H., acct., 6 Chancery lane. 

Boardman Henry A., U. I)., 375 Spruce. 

Boardman R., cabinet mr., Scott's al. 

Boate George, clerk, 89 CaUowhill. 

Boate Dorah, sempstress, 3 Clawg-es' ct. 

Boate M., b. h., 88 S 5th. 

Bock Frederick, carpenter, 19 Logan. 

Hockius Aaron, carp. U. S. Arsenol. 

Bockius Caspar, cabmr., G T road ab 3d. 

Bockius Henry J., carpenter 213 S 9th. 

Bockius Saml. R., mer., 80 High h 205 Noble. 

Bockius Wm., carppenter. Pine ab lOtli, h 217 
S 9th. 

Bockius Wm., stonecutter, 639 N 2d, (K.) 

Bode Mary V., 57 Shippen. 

Boden Joseph, cabinet mr., Lilly al. n Green. 

Boden Josiah, cedar cooper, Shippen's ct. 
Bodine J. J. clerk, h 6 Jacoby. 
Bodine Jesse, labourer, c P. road & Catharine. 
Bodine Samuel T., corder. Maiden st whf., h 93 

G T road. 
Bodine Wm., mariner, 76 German. 
Boehm A. W., mer., 58 S whf., h 214 Pine. 
Boer Joseph, lab., rear 125 Callowhill. 
Boetticher Julius, printer, 110 Crown. 
Bofenger Frederick, beerhouse, 449 N Front. 
Boger John, tavern, N W James &. Chai-les. 
Boget David, carpenter, Odgen n 10th. (S G) 
Boggs Ann, 13 Friends' Almshouse. 
Boggs David, piano mr., c Crown & Bedford. (K) 
Boggs David, piano maker, 146 S 13th. 
Boggs Geo., chair mr., 153 N 2d. 
Boggs James, mer., S E 11th & Mulberry. 
Boggs James, ship carp., Allen. (K) 
Boggs Margaret, upholsterer, 328 Pine. 
Boggs Samuel, ship carp., F road n Otter. 
Boggs & Stevens, saddlers, S W 2nd & Queen. 
Boggs Wm. M., saddler, S W 2nd & Queen, h N 

W 2nd & Queen. 
Boggs William, bricklayer, F R n Prince. 
Boggs Wm., bricklayer, F R ab Bedford. 
Bogia Angelo, innkeepei', S E Pine & Front. 
Bogue Thomas, haircutter, 141 Chestnut. 
Bohlen Henry, mer., 67 S 4th. 
Bohlen John, mer., 67 S 4th, h 238 Walnut. 
Bohler John J., grocer, N W 10th & Coates. 
Bohn Phihp, tailor, 127 Swanson. 
Bohrer Henrietta, 208 N 4th. 
Boikman Wm., cabmr., rear 44 Budd. 
Boile John, blacksmith, 273 St. John. 
Boileau Isaac, alderman, 538 N 2nd. 
Boileau Isaac Jr., collector, 133 G T road. 
Boissier Anthony L., millinery, 149 Walnut. 
Bok Frederick, tailor, 43 Gaskill. 
Bok John, tailor, 91 S 3rd, h 20 Pear. 
Boker Aaron, 96 S Front. 
Boker C. S., 110 S 3i-d. 

Boker Frederick, baker, N E Christian &, 8th. 
Boker Joseph, mer., o2 High. 
Boker W. C, mer., 82 High, h 195 N 9th. 
Boland John, bootmaker, 175 N Front. 
Bolden James, labourer, Callowhill n William. 
Boldin George, mer., 139 High, h 8 N 9th. 
Bolenius A. W., importer, 142 High. 
Bolen Frederick, cutler, 548 N 3rd. 
Boley Frederick, cooper, 280 N 3rd, 
Bolland Henry, mer., 359 N 2d. 
BoUby Thos., mer., 104 S 4th. 
Boiler Catliarine, gentw., 21 New Market. » 
Boiler H. J. mer., 73 S. Front, h 479 Mulberry. 
Boiler William, acct., 26 Jacoby. 
Bolt John, carp., 156 Sassafras, h 126 N Juniper. 
Boltenhouse G. W., shoemaker, 5 Wiley's ct. 
Bolton Catharine, dealer, 250 S 4th. 
Bolton Si Co., com. & forwarding warehouse &c. 

Willow & Front & n Upper bridge Sch. 
Bolton E. & B., dressmakers. Mulberry ab 4th. 
Bolton Jas. M., coal mer., h Coates n F Mount. 
Bolton John, labourer, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 
Bolton John, dealer, c 4th & Catharine. 
Bolton Jos. R., mer., 153 High, h 70 Franklin. 




Bolton John R., U S Mint, h 7 Temperance. 

Bolton & Philing', bleechers, 29 N Front. 

Bolton Wm. P., carver, 59 N 8th. 

Bom Chrisn., coppersmith, Queen n Palmer (K) 

Bombarger F., machinist, Washington bel 13th. 

Bomeisler Lewis, mer., R road n Buttonwood. 

Bomeisler T., 358 Coates. 

Bonart Jos., baker, F. road, opp. Marlbrough (K) 

Bond Ann,. Gray's ct. 

Bond Cathai-ine, 8 Hickory ct. 

Bond Charles, coachman, 6 Eag-le ct. 

Bond Elizabeth, Sarah n Queen. (K) 

Bond Eliza, 183 N 8th. 

Bond H., M. D., 1 N 9th, 3rd door bel Filbert. 

Bond Lewis, watchman. Rose al ab Tammany. 

Bond Jacob, saddler, 163 N 2nd. 

Bond James, drug-gist, S E 10th & Locust. 

Bond James, g-ent., Jones' al. bel.2nd. 

Bond James F., cabinetmaker, 91 Tammany. 

Bond Joseph, carpenter, 377 Sassafras. 

Bond Joseph, blacksmith, 69 S 12th, h 44 Quince 

Bond Josiah, cai-p.. Orange ab Washington. 

Bond Maria, Lisle bel Shippen. 

Bond Mary, gentwo., Wood ab Prince. 

Bond Richard L., carpenter, 27 W North. 

Bond Robert, ropem'r.. Wood bel Prince. 

Bond Thos., mer., 2^ Chestnut, h 359 N 6th. 

Bond Thomas, weaver, 21 Lebanon. 

Bond Thomas, looking glass frames. Smith's ct, 

h rear 96 CheiTy. 
Bond Thomas, plasterer, 163 Cedar. 
Bond Thomas, dealer, Hope ab Phoenix. 
Bonfield G., artist, N 10th bel Spring Garden. 
Bonfie IdRobert, stone cutter, Phoenix n G T rd. 
Bongard Margaret, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Bongard William B., 387 N Front. 
Bonine Catliarine, dressmaker. Locust bel 13th. 
BonnafFon E., trimmings, 79 N 8th. 
Bonnay P., baskets, 142 High. 
Bonnell Samuel & Co., hardware, 214 N 2nd. 
Bonnell S., mer., 214 N 2nd, h 32 New Market. 
Bonner Daniel, labourer, 6 Dorothy. 
Bonner Sarah, Nectarine bel 9th. 
Bonner Sarah, Juniper opp Clark's ct. 
Bonnin George P., auctioneer, 75 Gaskill. 
Bonsall & Castle, conveyancers, 48 S 4th. 
Bonsall C. S., turner, 13 Sterling alley. 
Bonsall E. Mrs., 84| N 5th. 
Bonsall Edward C, jeweller, 63 Gaskill. 
Bonsall E. H., conveyancer, 1 Carpenter's ct, h 

38 Madison. 
Bonsall & Jane, hat bleachers, 120 N 13th. 
Bonsall James S., printer, 11 Raspberry. 
Bonsall John, conveyancer, office 48 S 4t.h, h 504 

Bonsall Parker, hat bleacher, 120 N 13th. 
Bonsall Richard, blacksmith. Lodge al ab 8th, h 

Traquair ct. 
Bonsall T. L., bookseller, 33^ High. 
Bonsall William, printer, 43 German. 
Bonster John, carp., 463 S Front. 
Bontemps Mrs. Hannah, gentw., 141 Spruce. 
Book C, boots &, shoes, 116 High, h 467 N 4th. 
Book John H., gent., 141 Green. 
Book Mary A., b h N E 11th & Hunter. 

Booker John, blacksmith, 18 Lebanon. 
Bookhammer J. H., carter, 3 Jefferson place. 
Boon Charles, hatter, 9 Arcade, h 60 Zane. 
Boon George, blacksmith, Welling al n Cherry, 

h Sch. Front ab Mulberry. 
Boon Horace, 4 Bird's ct. 
Boon Michael, jeweller, 342 S 2nd. 
Boon Morris, whf. builder. Otter n G T road 
Boon Peter, mariner. Queen n Marlborough. (^K) 
Boon Peter C, trader, Marlboro', bel Queen. (K) 
Boon Rebecca, 394 Vine 
Boon Robert, clerk, 4 Burchill ct. 
Boon Robert, clerk, 96 Christian. 
Boon Samuel, cordw.. Concord ab 2nd. 
Boon Thomas, corder, 10th ab Catharine. 
Boon William, waterman, rear 326 N Front. 
Boon Wm. jr., waterman, c Sch. 3rd & Spruce. 
Boon William, tavern, S E Sch. 8th & George. 
Boone William F., attorney at law, 181 Pine. 
Booth Benjamin, chairmaker, 287 N 2nd. 
Booth Edwin, mer., 46 N 2nd, h 67 N 10th. 
Booth Edwin & Co., mers., 46 N 2d. 
Booth F. E., printer, 84 N 5th. 
Booth George, weaver, 2 Say ct. (K) 
Booth Isaac, stone cutter. Noble n Garden. 
Booth John, turner, Justus' ct. 
Booth James, weaver, Shippen ab Lloyd. 
Booth James C, chemist, 303 Spruce, office 

Old Mint. 
Booth James H., public waiter, 14 Crabb. 
Booth 1. R., furniture, 439 High. 
Booth Keziah, shopkeeper, 2d bel Franklin. 
Booth Rachel, 141 N 11th. 
Boraef Ann Cherry ab 13th. 
Boraef Henry, victualler, 346 N 6th. 
Borbridge Thomas, mer., Vine n Sch. 7th. 
Borden Samuel, mer. 23 S 4th. 
Borgess Rev. Otho H., N W 6th & Spruce. 
Borhek Charles G., watchmaker, 38 Cedar, h 52 

Borhek Edward, jeweller, 52 Chestnut, h N W 

2d and Pine. 
Borhek John, gent., 52 Gaskill. 
Borie A. E., mercht., 69 S 4th, h Spruce above 

Currant alley. 
Borie Charles L., mer., 69 S 4th. 
Borie, Bohlen & Co., mers., 69 S 4th. 
Borie J. S., Fitzwater bel 9th. 
Borie Sophia, 97 S 4th. 

Borland David, shoemr.. Walnut bel Sch. 3rd. 
Borland Wm., shoemaker. High ab Sch. 4th. 
Borman John Jr., victualler, 5th bel Master. 
Bomman Jolin Sv., vict, O Y road n Franklin. 
Bornman John, victual., Hanover n Prince. (K) 
Bornan Robert, weaver, c 13th & Rose. 
Bose Herman, clerk, 13 Short ct. 
Boshardt P'rederick, jeweller, rear 74 Shippen. 
Boshart Geo., hair sieve manuf., 1 Sheppard's al. 
Boshart John, cooper, 101 Crown. 
Boskirk B., chairmaker, 250 Sassafras. 
Bosler Joseph, brass founder, 475 Vine. 
Bosler John, labourer, 6th n Poplar. 
Bosler John, victualler, 602 N 2d. 
Boss Frederick, gent., 191 N 8th. 
Bos^ert Charles, pianomaker, h 126 Cherry. 




Bossert Henry, framemaker, 412 Coates. 

Bossert Joseph F., baker, 431 Vine. 

Bossert Sarah, tavern, 150 N 4th n Vine. 

Bossert & Schomacher, pianoforte mr., S7 N 8th 

Bosthv/ick Robert, cabinetmaker, 147" Catharine 

Bostick Charles, cook. Middle alley ab 6th. 

Bostick George, porter, 303 S Tth. 

Bostick Maria, 10 Green's ct. 

Boston Ann, Brinton's alley n 11th. 

Boston Elizabeth, 49 Currant alle}-. 

Boston James G., painter, Carlton ab 12th. 

Boston John, carter, Beach n Marsh. (K) 

Boston Michael, morocco dresser, Streper's ct. 

Boston Nicholas, waiter, 44 Currant alley. 

Boswell Charles A., card printer, 28 Union. 

Boswell George, tinsmith, 19 Tammany. 

Boswell Jas. J., dry goods, 89 High, h 175 Pine. 

Boswell Wm. R., printer, 1 Campbell's ct. 

Botham James, mariner, Traquair's ct. 

Bothner John H., rigger, 255 N Front. 

Bothwell Ann, tavern, S W Beach and Clay. 

Botier Wm., plasterer, 397^ S od. 

Botsey John, drayman. Cherry bel West. (K) 

Botsford Aiwa, stonecutter, Sch 4th bel Arch. 

Bottom Henry, machinist, 1 Lodge st. 

Botts John, labourer, Jones' al. bel Sch. 5th. 

Boudendishel Urbon, tailor, 12 Collins' ct. 

Bouens Jacob, labourer, 1 Boyle's ct. 

Bouffare Mrs. and Miss, di'essmaker, 89 Locust. 

Boulden William S., coal mer., office 79 Dock, 
h Sch. 7th n Filbert. 

Boulter Charles J., potter, 2 Scliriver's ct. 

Boulter Heniy C, hair dressei-, 459 Vine. 

Boulter John B., coi-dw., 135 N 2nd. 

Boulu Adelaide, 51 Chester. 

Bourgingon Philip, tinsmith, Middleton ct. 

Bourgois Peter, gent., 5 York ct. 

Bourgois Sarah, shop, 182 N 8th. 

Bourier Ehzabeth, b h., 22 Dock. 

Bournos J. T., gent., "il S IGth. 

Bournonville A., M. D., 96 Sassafras. 

Boustead James, currier, S W 5th and Noble. 

Boustead John, mer., 31 Church alley. 

Boustead & Shoemaker, shoe manf., 31 Church 

Boutard Jos., 34 German. 
Bouton Jenette, teacher, 14 Branch. 
Bouvier John, judge crim. ct., office 46 N 5th, 

h 433 Sassafras. 
Bouvier Michael, mahogany and marble, 91 and 

93 S 2d, h 80 S Front. 
Bouvier Peter, victualler, 109 M road. 
Bouvier Philip, victualler, 5c> Federal. 
Bovard WilUam, tailor. Magnolia ab Noble. 
Bowdenhaffer Joseph, varnish manuf, 89 Coates. 
Bowdle Tristram, acct., 135 N 11th. 
Bowen Aaron, porter, 36 Paschal's alley. 
Bowen Ann., gentwo., Morris st. ab Christian. 
Bowen Ann, shop, 52 Sassafras. 
Bowen Annalias, cabinetmaker, 51 Mead 
Bowen, Bokee & Co., mers., 8 N 4th. 
Bowen Chai'les, seaman, 172 S 5th. 
Bowen Daniel, 15 N 2nd. 
Bowen David H., cabinetmaker, 19 Dock, h 444 
S Front. 

Bowen E., hatter, 49 Chestnut, h 134 N 12th. 
Bowen Ehza, whitewasher, 36 Paschal's alley. 
Bowen J. T., hthogr., 94 Walnut, h 96 Walnut. 
Bowen John, cooper, Kean's ct c N Market. 
Bowen Jos. E., tailor, N E Beach and Caldwell. 
Bowen Joseph, porter. Shoemaker's ct. 

Bowen Martha, 389 Spruce. 

Bowen N., waiter, 11 Buckley. 

Bowen Thomas, fancy goods, 10th &. Chestnut, 

Bowen Wm., cabinetmr., Beaver ab Charlotte. . 

Bowen William, labourer, Warren street. 

Bowen William E., merchant. Broad ab Locust. 

Bowen Wm. M., U. S. mint, h 243 Wood. 

Bowen William M., printer, 91 Noble. 

Bower Abraham, bootmaker, 6 Sassafras alley, 

Bower Charles P., butcher, Francis n R R (FV) 

Bower F., baker, 3 Ltetitia ct. 

Bower George, druggist, c Phoenix & G T rd. 

Bower George, carpenter, 206 G T road. 

Bower George, brickmaker. Cedar bel Broad. 

Bower Henry A., druggist, N W 7th & Green. 

Bower John, Beach. (K) 

Bower John A., cabinetmaker, 28 Cedar. 

Bower Mary, Penn n Maiden. (K) 

Bower Samuel, barber, 51 M road. 

Bowers C. F., Queen n Warren. 

Bowers David, Fairview n Bush Hill. 

Bowers George B., patternmaker, rear391 N3rd. 

Bowers George P., carver, 147 N 6th. 

Bowers Jacob, labourer, 2 Brooks' ct. 

Bowers Jesse, labourer, 60 W Lombard. 

Bowers John, combmr., Marlboro', n Duke. (K) 

Bowers Jos. T., combmr.. Union ab Prince. (K) 

Bowei's John, labourer, rear 175 Coates. 

Bowers J., clothes deal., 37 S 3d, h c>7 Middle al. 

Bowers John C, clothes, 71 S 2d. 

Bowers Mary, c 7th and Brown. 
Bowers Peter G., chairmaker, 402 N 3d. 
Bowers R., combmaker, Shackamaxon ab Bed- 
Bowers John R., mer., 165 High, h 99 Pine. 
Bowers William, weaver, 4th ab Master. 
Bowers William, combm'kr, Elizabeth n Parrish. 
Bowie James A., mer., 282 S 2d, 
Bowl Wm., weaver, Cadwalader ab Master. (K) 
Bowland Robert, waiter, 250 S 7th. 
Bowlby E., mer., 69 High, h 178 S 3d. 
Bowlby E. Jr., mer., 69 High, h 36 Wood. 
Bowlby E. & Co., hardware, 69 High. 
Bowlby Margaret, gentw., 273 Sassafras. 
Bowler & Co., skindressers, Schieismau's alley, 
Bowles Elizabeth, variety store, 50 Cedar. 
Bowles James, stone cutter, Haines ab 6th. 
Bowman Abraham, printer, rear 128 Sassafras. 
Bowman Charles, watchman, 17 Mead. 
Bowman Elizabeth, 87 Budd. 
Bowman Frederick, locksmith, 14 MulbeiTyal. 
Bowman Frederick, mariner, rear 113 Shippen. 
Bowman Isaac, mariner, 44 Mead. 
Bowman Jacob, labourer. Stout's alley. 
Bowman John, g'lassblower. Queen n Hanover. 
Bowman John, hatter, 24 Combes' alley. 
Bowman Jonas, grocer, 110 St. John. 
Bowman Jonathan, flour store, O Y R ab Green. 
Bowman Jos., brassfr., F rd., opp Shackamaxon. 




Bowman Jos., drayman, Apple n George. 

Bowman Martha, 25 Dean. 

Bowman Michael, tavern, G T road n 4th. 

Bowman .Samuel, printer, 460 S Front. 

Bowman Sarah, milliner & mantuamr., 51 New, 

Bowman Mrs. S., Stanley bel 4th. 

Bowman Thomas, com. mer., 7i N Front, h 32 

Bowman Thomas, grocer, 12 Mifflin. 
Bowman Wm., lab., rear 212 N 8th. 
Bown Abraham, hatter, 383 N Front. 
Bown Benj., var. store, N W George &. Shippen. 
Bows Jacob, chairmaker, Orchard n Rawle. 
Bows Martin, carter, 10 Dill's ct. 
Bowser Jas., porter, Shippen lane ab Fitzwater. 
Bowser James, sawyer, Centre bel 13th. 
Bowser Jeremiah, oyster cellar, h 177 N 4th. 
Bowstead Thomas, weaver, 25 Lebanon. 
Bowyer Jar., carp, weaver, Buttonwood ab 12th. 
Boxall James, hotel, Callowhill n Bridge. 
Boyce Ann, 154 Sassafras. 
Boyce Henry, labourer, 119 Prime. 
Boyce John E., tavern, 504 N 2nd. 
Boyce Mary, milliner, 81 N 8th. 
Boyce Sarah, 12 Gray's alley. 
Boyce Thomas, labourer, 25 Prime. 
Boyce WilUam H., tavern, N E 10th & Sassafras. 
Boyd Andrew, labourer. Emerald bel Sch. 6th. 
Boyd Catharine, 219 Christian. 
Boyd Catharine, tavern, 222 Cedar. 
Boyd Charles, stone cutter, 7 Callowhill. 
Boyd Charlotte C. 98 S 5th. 
Boyd & Cummins, dry goods, 103 High. 
Boyd David, tailor, 39 N 4th. 
Boyd Ehza, Sch. 2nd n Vine. 
Boyd Elizabeth, 6 Terr's ct. 
Boyd Emelia S., upholsterer, 119 N 5th. 
Boyd E. Mrs., b h, 162 S 4th. 
Boyd Eliza, 2 Ellet's av. 
Boyd Elizabeth, 67 S Front, 
Boyd Francis, lab., 231 S 5th. 
Boyd George Rev., F road n Toll gate. 
Boyd George, grocer, S W 8th and Green. 
Boyd James, dyer, Shippen ab 13th. 
Boyd James, labourer, Jones' al. ab Sch. 5th. 
Boyd James, lab., W High ab Sch. 2d. 
Boyd Jane, gentw.. Front bel Master, (K.) 
Boyd Jane, Shippen bel. 9th. 
Boyd John, lab., Quan-y Row, F. M. 
Boyd John, rope mr., 10 Prime. 
Boyd John, tailor, 150 N Water, h 41 Coates' al. 
Boyd John J., stone cutter, Geo. ab Sch. 3rd 
Boyd John S., merchant, 197 High. 
Boyd & I'axon, hardware, S E 2d and Coates. 
Boyd Oliver John, merch. 103 High. 
Boyd Rebecca, A., Portland Place n 7th. 
Boyd R., sand paper manuf., George b Sch. 6th. 
Boyd Sarah, Sch. Front n Mulberry. 
Boyd Sophia, 30 Logan. 
Boyd Susan, gentw., 7 Wood ab 4th. 
Boyd Thomas, silk dyer. Queen n Crown. 
Boyd Thomas, clerk, 29 Madison. 
Boyd Thomas, locksmith, Sch. 4th ab Chestnut. 
Boyd William, chandler, 121 N 5th. 
Boyd William, grocer, 408 High. 

Boyd William, Pearl bel Broad. 

Boyd William H., tavern, 11 Decatur. 

Boyd Wm. S., grocer, 7 & 9 S Water, h 1 98 S 3rd. 

Boyer Abraham, cabinetmr, Callowhill bel 13th. 

Boyer C. R., M. D., 158 N 9th. 

Boyer D. S., ex. bro., 30 S 3rd, h 172 N 4th. 

Boyer Evan, ship carp., Prime ab Swanson. 

Boyer George, tavern. Willow bel Spruce Sch. 

Boyer Henry, hardware, 96 N 2nd, h N E 2nd 

& Quan-y. 
Boyer Jacob, commr. of S G, Wallace ab R road. 
Boyer Jacob, carpenter, Hilliard's ct. 
Boyer James Jr., carpenter, 4 Wood. 
Boyer J., carp.. Orchard ab George, h 4 Wood. 
Boyer Richard, lab., 468 N 5th. 
Boyer Sarah, 12 Schriver's ct. 
Boyer Sarah, 12 Gray's al. 
Boyer Wm., house furnisher, 338 High, h 135 

Boyer Wm., cordwainer. Orchard n Rachel. 
Boyle Charles, lab., Geo. bel Sch. 6th. 
Boyle Edward, labourer, Loyd bel Shippen. 
Boyle Edward, founder, Fraley's ct. 
Boyle Ehzabeth, 9 Mechanic. (F M) 
Boyle H., tailor, 59 Shippen. 
Boyle Henry, stone cutter, 8 Fearris' ct. 
Boyle James, carter, rear Sch. 3rd, n Walnut. 
Boyle Jefferson, dyer, Charlotte ab Thompson. 
Boyle John, clerk, Sansom's al. 
Boyle John C, coachmaker, 332 S 4th. 
Boyle John, printer, S E 2d & Brown. 
Boyle John Rev., 27 Wharton. 
Boyle John, bootmaker. Sassafras n Sch. 7th. 
Boyle Patrick, cooper, bel Sch. 3d & bet Spruce 

& Locust. 
Boyle Robert, drover, R road bel Coates. 
Boyle Sarah, 82 Swanson. 
Boyle Samuel, carp., 7 Strahan's ct. 
Boyle Thomas J., dyer, 3d n Fraukhn, (K.) 
Boyle Thomas, dry goods, S W 11th & Cherry, 
Boyle WiUiam, cooper, 11 Knight's ct. 
Boyle William V., grocer, 90 & 92 W High. 
Boyles J., bookbinder, 9 George, li 49 N 11th. 
Boys George, confectioner, S W 12th &, Spruce. 
Boys William, dry goods, 451 N 2nd. 
Bozorth Wm., U. S. inspect., office 45 S Wharfs, 

h 56 Gaskill. 
Bozorth Richard, boatman, Callowhill n F M. 
Boze Catharine, 224 Cedar. 
Brabant Francis, variety store, 5 N 7th. 
Brace Charles, lab., 5 Caroline Place. 
Brace Jacob jr., editor N. American, h 8 Clinton. 
Brace Thomas, tinman, 2 Oldham's ct. 
Braceland Bridget M., upholsterer, 153 Walnut. 
Braceland J., tobacconist, 162 S 6th, h James st. 
Bracken Ann, 33 Bread. 
Bracken James, labourer, 116 N Water. 
Bracken Henry, cabinetmaker, 16 Marion. 
Brackenbridge, carter, 60 P road. 
Brackenridge Hugh, lab, rear .52 P road. 
Brackney Chas., lab., 10 Shippen. 
Bracy Thos., lab., 3 Gale's ct. 
Braddock Benj., carp., Logan bel Coates. 
Braddock L., printer, 334 Sassafras. 
Bradel George, baker, 105 G T road. 




Braden Sarali, Say st. 

Braden William, lab., South Avenue. 

Bradey Wm., painter, Boyd's av. 

Bradfield Alf., cordwaiiier, Nectarine bel lOtli. 

Bradfield Benj., shop, Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 

Bradfield Georg-e W., brass founder, rear 71 N 
8th, h 43 Chester. 

Bradlck Ann, Freytag's al. \ 

Bradford Cornelius 1., acct., 135 N 11th. 

Bradford James, M. D., 347 Walnut. 

Bradford John, porter. Christian bel 9th. 

Bradford Saml., treas. L Sch. N R R & Coal Co. 
53 S 3rd, h 10 Belmont place. 

Bradford Samuel, clerk, 8 Duke. 

Bradford Thomas, Jr., att'y & couri., 5 Sansom. 

Bradford Thos., soap & candle manuf , 473 N 2nd. 

Bradford Walter, teacher, 139 S 11th. 

Bradford Wm., atty. & coun., 5 Sansom. 

Bradley Bernard, tavern, Vine n Sch. river, 

Bradley Catharine, 138 Budd. 

Bradley Christiana, gentw., 288 N 7th. 

Bradley David, victualler, 79 Christian. 

Bradley Dominick, labourer, 11 Prosperous al. 

Bradley D., merch., 81 S Water. 

Bradley Elizabeth, 88 Tammany. 

Bradley Fanny, 161 Christian. 

Bradley George, corder, 245 Christian. 

Bradley G., b. h., 13 Prune. 

Bradley Mary A., matron orphan's asylum, N E 
Sch. 5th & Cherry. 

Bradley James, baker, 407 High. 

Bradley James, oysterman, rear 16 Emhn's ct. 

Bradley James, peddler, Shippen ab 12th. 

Bradley James, weaver, 13 bel Shippen. 

Bradley John, tavern, 229 S 5th. 

Bradley John tailor, 295 S 3rd. 

Bradley John E., bookbinder, 88 Tammany. 

Bradley Nathl., carter, Lombard ab 11th. 

Bradley Patrick, bottler, Spaflbrd ab Fitz water. 

Bradley Samuel, machinist. Chestnut. (W P) 

Bradley Tim., lab.. Vine n William. 

Bradley Wm. C, super, orph. asylum, N E Sch. 
5th & Cheny. 

Bradley Wm. B., gent,, 79 German. 

Bradley Dr. Wm., S W Sch. 5th & George. 

Bradshaw Edmund, 65 S 11th. 

Bradshaw James, lab.. Steward ab Catharine. 

Bradshaw N., Marlborough n Bedford. 

Bradshaw S., 65 S 11th. 

Bradshaw Robert, cordwainer, 77 Lombard. 

Bradshaw Wm. A., painter & gla.,rear 176 Mar- 

Bradstreet A. G., gent., N E Sch. 6th & Locust. 

Bradway Isaac, confectioner, 220 Callowhill. 

Brady Catharine, 9 Cox st. 

Brady Ellen, gentw.. Prospect ct. 

Brady Edward, 3 Beaver ct. 

Brady Fran. E., manuf., c Jefferson & G T road. 

Brady Hannah, gentw, 4 George W of Sch. 7th. 

Brady James, grocer, c Sch. 4th & Lombard. 

Brady James, cabm., 185 Noble. 

Brady James, shop keeper, 9 Elbow lane. 

Brady James, tallowchandler, 110 S 12th. 

Brady James, L., cordw., rear 14 Budd. 

Brady Jane, b h, 30 Prune. 

Brady John, tavern, 29 Prune. 
Brady John, labourer, rear 116 German. 
Brady Joseph, milkman, 10 Annab Sch. 8th. 
Brady Martha, gentw., 127 Budd. 
Brady Lawrence, 168 N Water. 
Brady M. labourer. Cedar n Sch. Water. 
Brady Mary, Traquair's ct. 
Brady P., mer., 26 N Front, h 397 Mulberry. 
Brady Patrick, manuf., G T road ab Master. 
Brady Patrick, lab., W High ab Sch. 5th. 
Brady Rosanna, G T road ab Master. 
Brady Thomas, weaver, 4th bel. G T road. 
Brady Thomas, tailor, 357 N 2nd. 
Brady Wm., gold beater, rear 10 S 5th. 
Brady Wm., lab., Ann n R road, (F V.) 
Brady Wilham, laceweaver, 10 Elder al. 
Braentigam Catharine, 201 Noble. 
Bragden Thomas, lab., Sch. 3rd ab High. 
Braiger Rudolph, carpetweaver, 43 Pegg. 
Brainard Matthew, blacksmith, 107 Poplar. 
Brainei'd Thomas Rev., 209 Pine. 
Braithwaite Thos., tavern, S E Water 8c Vine.' 
Brakman Barnet, jeweller, Sch. 2d ab High. 
Bramall Benjamin, shop keeper Otter n F road. 
Braman Samuel, plasterer, c M road & Federal. 
Bramsley Wm., cooper, 55 Federal. 
Bramble James, tavern, S E 9th & Vine. 
Branagan Daniel, labourer, 8 Abbot's ct. 
Branagan Edward, weaver, 4th bel G T road. 
Brand George, tinman, 85 Buttonwood. 
Branden James, labourer, 87 German. 
Brandreth Benjamin, M- D., 8 N 8th. 
Brandstetter Hester, rear 45 Callowhill. 
Brandstreeter Whilhelmina, 505 N 4th. 
Brandt James, carp.. Front ab Phoenix, (K.) 
Brandt John, baker, rear 120 Swanson. 
Brandt Matthew, cordw., 239 N Front. 
Brandt Thomas, bricklayer. Front ab Master. 
Brannan Barnet, jeweller, Sch. 2d ab High. 
Brannan Edward, umbrellamaker, 231 N 2nd 
Brannan John, drayman, 15 Fayette. 
Branner Frederick, gent., Olive n Budd. 
Bi-annin Thomas, weaver. Master n 4th. 
Brano Joseph, natural curiosities, 13 Barker. 
Branson & Atkinson, lime yard, 272 Lombard. 
Branson Elizabeth, 130 S 12th. 
Branson John, cordwainer, Apple n Brown. 
Branson Rebecca, milliner, 115 Sassafraa. 
Branson Samuel, mer. 59 High. 
Branson Samuel, cordw., 145 Budd. 
Branson T., 26 Bonsall. 
Branson Ware, sailmaker, S Wharfs n Shippen, 

h 618 S 2nd. 
Brant T., bricklayer, 130 Beach ab Maiden. 
Branyan Wm., 1 Mechanic's ct. 
Brashears S., attorney & counsellor, 97 Walnut. 
Brashears Z. D., teacher, 229 Wood. 
Brasier Amable, gent., 117 S 3rd. 
Brasington John, brassfounder, 641 N 2nd. 
Bratton Thomas, printer, c Perry & Lambert. 
Bray Aaron, furniture, 175 N 3rd. 
Bray, Barcroft & Co., drygoods, 163 High. 
Bray Charles, tavern, 246 S 7th. 
Bray Daniel, mer., 163 High, h 217 Vine. 
Bray Elkanah, shipmaster, 81 Christian. 




Bray Elkanah jr., shipmaster, 110 Catharine. 
Bray Job F. painter, 244 S 3rd. 
Bray John, grocer, S W Frankhn & Coates. 
Bray John W., merchant, 163 Hig-h. 
Braynard J. D., broker, 45 Chestnut, h 20 Union. 
Brazdo Joseph, shoemaker, 61 Mead. 
Brazier Christopher, baker, 8 Plymhmmon pi. 
Brazier John, blacksmith, 171 Green. 
Bready J. Hall, atty. & counsellor, 212 Walnut. 
Bready Thomas P., mer., 39 S Front. 
Breamer John, lab G T road n 5th. 
Brearley John, watchman, 6 Chester. 
Breban John J., mer., 56 Walnut, h 23 S 10th. 
Brechemin Lewis, jeweller, 120 S 2nd. 
Breck Samuel, g"ent.. Mulberry ab Broad. 
Breed Samuel D., boots & shoes, 532 High. 
Breeding James, painter, 578 S 2nd. 
Breen James, cordwainer, 25 Harmony. 
Breen J. F., carp., 39 N Sch. 8th. 
Breen Peter, distiller, 143 S 10th. 
Breidenhart E, gentw., 117 S Front. 
Breinig J., cabinetmaker, 302 N Front. 
Breintnall David, gent., 287 Walnut. 
Breintnall Rev. Thos., 10th ab Lemon. 
Breish Joshua, victualler, S W Poplar & Apple. 
Breish Joshua, Jr., butcher, 2d ab Frankhn. 
Breish John, butcher, 2d ab Frankhn. 
Brelsford & Bond, blacksmith, 69 S 12th. 
Brelsfoi'd Francis, cordwainer, 11 Dean. 
Bi-elsford John, cabinetmaker, 1^ Blackhorse al 
Brelsford Joseph, blacksmitla, 69 S 12th, h 2 

Lyndall's al. 
Brelsford Mary, R road bel toll gate. 
Brelsford WJUiam, plasterer, 2nd ab Franklin. 
Brelsford William D., carpenter, 8 Truxton. 
Bremer Lewis, tobacconist, 190 N 3d. 
Bremond J. hatter, 64 Chestnut. 
Bremond P. & Co., hatters, 176 High. 
Bremond P., hats, 176 Hig-h, h 48 Lombai-d. 
Brenan Margaret, 1 Little Oak. 
Brenan Martha, 75 Locust. 
Brendlinger & Kressler, mers., 188 N 3rd. 
Brendlinger John, mer., 188 N 3d, h 53 Wood. 
Brenner John, machinist, lOtli ab James. 
Brenner John G., mer., 69 High, h Cherry ab 10th. 
Brenizer Amos E., tinsmith, Catherine ab 6th. 
Bresling Sarah, Barker n Sch. 6th. 
Bressel Ciiristoplier, cordwainer, Charlotte bel 

Brett Timothy, morocco dresser, 7 Franklin. (K) 
Brett J., mer., h 163 N 11th. 
Bretz Jacob, gent., 357 Sassafras. 
Breuill C. F., custom house, h 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Breunig Francis, tavern, 332 Callowhill. 
Brevoor John, mariner, 53 Carpenter. (S) 
Brewer Ann, 4 Friends' Alms House. 
Brewer John, tavern, c Marlborough & Franklin. 
Brewer John M., M. D., 74 S 6th. 
Brewer Robert, chairmaker, 95 Budd. 
Brewer Samuel, oruauientul ])ainter, 93 N 3rd. 
Brewer Thos. A., watchmaker, 199 Callowhill. 
Iti'cwster Benjiiniiii H., atty. & coun., 7 George. 
Mrcwster Daniel, tuiloi-, 7 Elfrctli's al. 
l5;-cws(er J''rancis Vl., atty. & coun. 32 S 6th, 
h 183 S 7th. 

Brewster Joseph S., atty. 8c coun., 91 N 6th. 
Brewster Lucinda, 466 Sassafras. 
Brewster M. H., b h, 153 S 10th. 
Brewton Ann, b h, 121 Mulberry. 
Brewton Daniel, mariner, 103 Christian. 
Brewton Miles, carpenter, rear 103 Christian. 
Brian William, tailor, 346 High, h 12 Franklin. 
Brick John R., liides & leather, 35 Chestnut. 
Brick Samuel R., bricklayer, 14 Kunckle. 
Brick William W., morocco dresser, 360 S 2nd. 
Brickman George, baker, Sch 7th n George. 
Bride James, labourer, rear Cherry W Sch. 6th. 
Bridge J. C, gent, 476 Vine. 
Bridges Mary, gentw., 203 S 7th. 
Bridges N. W., U. S. hotel, 151 Chestnut. 
Bridges Wihiam C, broker, N K Dock & 3rd, 

h 29 S 13th. 
Bridget James, printer, 4 Richardson's ct. 
Brien Wilham, labourer, 573 S 2nd. 
Brierly Thomas, carpenter, 8th bel Shippen. 
Briggs Andrew, machinist, Wood n Sch. 2nd. 
Briggs & Ferguson, carpenters, 13th bel Cedar. 
Briggs G. W., currier, Haus' ct. 
Briggs John, bleeder, 47 IN 7th. 
Briggs John, shoemaker, ct Vine n 13th. 
Briggs Moses, paint. & glaz., & trimming- store, 

S E 4th & Spruce. 
Briggs Robert, 3 Adams. 

Briggs Thos., wheelwright, Stewart n Christian. 
Bi-iggs William, carpenter, 13th bel Shippen. 
Brigham Elijah A., broker, 1 Lodge, h 131 Wood. 
Brigham George, gent., 12 Clinton square. 
Bright Alfred, porter, 36 Blackberry al. 
Briglit E., artificial flowermaker, 62 Mulberry. 
Brightley Henry, printer, Coates n 12th. 
Brightwell Sarah, shopkeeper, 46 Budd. 
Brill George, turner, Shackamaxon n Bedford. 
Brim Mary, gentw., G T road n 2nd. 
Brindel John F., gunsmith, Sarah bel Bedfoi-d. 
Brlndle John H., gunsmith, Sarah n Bedford. 
Brindle Mrs., widow, F road n Bedford. 
Brindley Jacob, piano maker, rear of 365 High, 

h 6 Elliott's av. 
Brinckle T. R., M. D., 126 Mulberry. 
Brinckle J. R., mer., 15 S Front, h 375 Mulberry. 
Brinckle AVilliam D., M. D., 375 Mulberry. 
Bringhurst John, drugg-ist & chemist,' S E 

10th & Chestnut. 
Bringhurst John K., printer, Lawrence 1 door 

from Wallace. 
Bringliurst Robert R., undertaker, 239 Mulberry. 
Brinckley R. C, waiter, Currant al n Spruce. 
Brinley Edward L., auctioneer, 22 & 24 N 2d, 

h 335 Chestnut. 
Brinton Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 122 Chestnut, 
Brinton R. B., mer., 143 High. 
Brlnion S., gentw., 361 Walnut. 
Brintzinghoflcr Chas., brush finisher, 190 Noble. 
Briscoe James H., dentist, 171 Walnut ab 7th. 
Bj'iscoe William, dentist, 30 Union. 
Briscol L., 30 Sassafras al. 
Brister Charles, labourer, Portland bel 7th. 
Bristol Abraham, painter & .glaz., 37 Coates'al. 
Bristol Augustus, dealer, 229 S 4th. 
Bristol James, labourer, 187 Catharuie. 




Bvitlin Jacob, tobacconist, Beach n Maiden. 
Brittingham James, mariner, 405 S Front. 
Briton Charles, acct., 14 Chester. 
Britton Ann, 296 St. John. 
Britton Austin G., provisions, 202 N 8th. 
Britton Albert, ropemaker, 296 St. John. 
Britton Clawges, labourer. Filbert 8s. Sch. 3rd. 
Britton Elletta, Mrs., 3 Brown's ct. 
Britton Hester, refectory, 10 I.actitia ct. 
Britton H., fortune teller, 13th bel Rose al. 
Britton James B., refreshments, 11 West. 
Britton Joseph, gent., 10 Prime. 
Britton .lulla, gentw., 6 CoUonade row. 
Britton Thomas, U. S. mint, h 34 Jacoby. 
Britton Thomas H., carpenter, Queen n Marl- 
Britton Wm., saddler, 9 Mercer. 
Broad W., 2 Chester. 
Broadbeck C, M, D., 19 Cherry. 
Broadbent B., mer., 42 N Front, h N 10th ab 

Broa Ibent Daniel W., bottler, 408 N Front. 
Broa'lhead Daniel M., lumber mer.. Spruce and 

Sch. 7th, h Spruce n 11th. 
Broiulhead James, dyer, 13th bel Buttonwood. 
Brobson Joseph, acct., 12 Castle. 
Brobst John, hthograph engraver, 21 Vernon. 
Brock Charles, grocer, 226 N 2d, h 50 Ann. 
Brock John, tailor, rear 22 Elfreth's alley. 
Brock John, grocer, 222 N 2d, h 149 N 4th. 
Brock John & Co., grocers, 222 & 226 N 2d. 
Brock Samuel Z., mer., h 50 Ann. 
Brock Thomas, tavern, S W lOth and Mulberry. 
Brock William, cabinetmaker, 69 P road. 
Brockelhurst Robert, blacksmith, c N E 11th & 

Brocksop Robert, engineer, Beach ab Shacka- 

Brockheimer Charles, rear 408 N 4th. 
Brockway Phillip, weaver, Queen n Palmer. 
Brodie Elizabeth, seamstress, c Peach & Coates. 
Brodie Rachael, milhner, 73 Cedar. 
Broes Peter, druggist, 176 S 11th. 
Brogan Patrick, morocco di-esser, Peach. 
Brognard & Delacroix, mer., 31 N Front. 
Brognard J. S., mer., 31 N Front, h 188 Spruce. 
Brokeman Charles, locksmith, 201 Sassafj'as. 
Brokier Jacob, grocer, 238 N Front. 
Brolasky J. H., tailor, 47 S 8th, h 475 Chestnut. 
Brolasky S., dry goods, 264 High, h 419 Chest- 
Brollay Thomas, shoemaker, 294 N Front 
Bromley Henry, furrier, S E 3rd & High, up 

stairs, h 26 Rittenhpuse. 
Brong Daniel, b h., 320 N 8th. 
Brouholtz Joseph, carter, G T road n 3rd. 
Brouson Jolin, fishing tackle, 32 Cedar. 
Bronstrap Fred., blacksm., Callowhill ab 13th. 
Brook Ciiarles W., atty. & coun., 199 Walnut. 
Brook James, brewer, 119 Cedar. 
Brook Mrs. Jane, Walnut below Broad. 
Brook. Joseph, combmaker, Crown bel Bedford 
Brook S. H., mer., 199 Walnut. 
Brook Richard, oyster house, 261 Callowhill. 
Brook Thos., blacksm., Penn a Shackamaxon. 

Brookbanks & Lewry, gasfitters, Willow bel 3d. 
Brookbanks Wm., gatfitter, 5 Beck's ct. 
Brooke Alex., carbuilder. Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Brooke Alex. H,, shipmaster, 175 Queen. 
Brooke C. L., seminary, 21 S Sch. 7th. 
Brooke Ignatius, machine maker, 293 N 3d. 
Brooke James, grocer, S W Sch. 7th & Pine. 
Brooke Jonas, tavern, Walnut n 9th. 
Brooke & Longmire, brewers, 60 Shippen. 
Brooke S. H., mer., 140 High, h 199 Walnut. 
Brooker Benjamin, 114 Catharine. 
Brocker Chas., mach.'nist, N 11th bel Callowhill. 
Brooker Elizabeth, pawn broker, 186 Cedar. 
Brookfield Joseph, M. D., c Juniper 8c Filbert. 
Brookfield, Wm., Walnut ab Sch. Beach. 
Brookfield, Wm., stone cutter, 2 W North, h 

Buttonwood & R road. 
Brooks C. Mrs., 22 S 7th n Walnut. 
Brooks Charles, tavern. Broad ab Vine. 
Brooks David, watchman, 28 Perry. 
Brooks Elias S., printer, 68 S 2d. 
Brooks Ellen, Jones's al ab Sch. 5th. 
Brooks Elizabeth, gentw., 5 Norris' alley. 
Brooks Isaac, grocer, Sch. 8th & George. 
Brooks Isaac Jr., brickmr., Sch. Ann ab Scli. 6th, 
Brooks James, hatter, Catharine bel 10th. 
Brooks Jas., Bridgewater iron wks., n Franford. 
Brooks John, carpenter, 281 N 7th. 
Brooks John cooper, 75 S Water, h 9 Norris al 
Brooks John, acct., 179 Callowhill. 
Brooks J. H., grocer, 24 Washington Merket pi. 
Brooks Joseph H., druggist, Beach ab Maiden. 
Brooks & Heilman, china raers., 206 N 3d. 

Brooks J. S. E., china mer., 206 N 3d. 

Brooks John W., carpenter, c Budd & Brown. 

Brooks Margaret, 71 Green. 

Brooks Margaret, grocer, 140 Carpenter. (S) 

Brooks Oliver, hats and caps, 56 High, h 180 
S 9th. 

Brooks Samuel, mer., 7 S whfs., h 228 Walnut. 

Brooks Seth S., acct., 164 Cherry. 

Brooks Stephen, tinman, Willow ab 3d, h 
136 Franklin, bel Coates. 

Brooks Susanna, milliner, 5 Strawberry. 

Brooks S. B. Thomas, clerk, 218 S 5th. 

Brooks Thomas, carpenter, 25 Green. 

Brooks Wm., druggist, 87 Shippen. 

Brooks W. K. & J. H., grocers, SEP road and 

Brooks W. K., grocer, SEP road and Shippen, 
h 28 Washington Market Place. 

Brooks Wm. L., stationer, S W 3d and Green. 

Brooks William A., 71 Green. 

Brooks William A., St. John n Beaver. 

Brooks William T. D., druggist, S W 2nd and 

Broom, Ann, matron, Christ Ch. Hos., 8 Cheriy. 

Broom G. L. & Co., sugar refiners, 13 Bread. 

Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, h 
O Y road bel Green. 

Broom James M., atty and coun,, 79 S 6th. 

Broom Thomas, fancy case makei", 42 Chestnut. 

Broom Thomas, ship carpenter, 101 Prime. 

Broome Mary, corset store, S E 3rd & Union. 

Broome Wm., trimming store, S E 3rd & Union. 




Brooten Edward, plumber, 46 Mead. 

Brommel Benj. C, sailmaker, 28 Elfreth's al. 

Brommell Jacob, porter, Pearl bet 12th & 13th. 

Bronce William, cordw., 4th n Master. 

Broslin^ Daniel, 385 S Front. 

Bross Edmund R., cordwainer, 1 Lemon. 

Brossean John, sugar boiler, 4 Penna. av. 

Brothers Charles, hatter, 137 N 6th. 

Brothers George, carp., rear 160 Lombard. 

Brothers George, cordwainer, 69 Green. 

Brothers H., corset maker, 137 N 6th. 

Brothers Terrins, dealer, Apple ab George. 

Brotherton Hugh, dry goods, 136 N 13th. 

Browers Christian, Red Lion Hotel, 200 High. 

Brown Alexander, waterman, Woodab Sch. 7th. 

Brown Alexander, lab., N W Barker & Sch. 4th. 

Brown Alexander, silversmith, 396 Sassafras. 

Brown Andrew, 85 CheiTy. 

Brown Andrew, iron founder. Pearl bel Broad. 

Brown Andrew, tavern, 34 Cedar. 

Brown Ann, bookbinder, 9 Union. 

Brown Ann, 142 Chestnut. 

Brown Ann, shopkeeper, St. John ab Brown. 

Brown Anthony, cordwainer, rear 77 Swanson. 

Brown Anthony, gardener, 10 Adams. 

Brown A. Z., gunsmith, 515 N 3d. 

Brown B., barber, 31 Penn (C.) 

Brown Benjamin, tavern, 538 N 4th. 

Brown Benjamin, conveyancer, 250 N 2d. 

Brown Bernard, hackman, M'Kean's al. 

Brown B. F., hatter, 43 Pegg, h 101 St. John. 

Brown B. S., tavern, 15 Swanson. 

Brown Caral, lab., 97 Gaskill. 

Brown Catharine, dressmaker, 100 S 5th. 

Brown Charles, cordwainer, I'ear 11 Bonsall. 

Brown Charles, clerk, 535 N 5th. 

Brown Charles D., dentist, S E 5th and Pine. 

Brown Charles, blacksmith. Front n Bedford. 

Brown Chris. D., paper sta.. Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 

Brown Cornelius, lab., Wagner's al. 

Brown C, mer.. Cedar st whf., h 9th bel Cedar. 

Brown Daniel H., tavern, Hanover n F road. 

Brown David, painter, Pearl bel Broad. 

Brown David, weaver, c 13th and Rose. 

Brown David, runner health office, h 28 Bonsall. 

Brown David, blacksmith, rear 373 S Front. 

Brown David Capt., 332 S P'x-ont. 

Brown David Paul, atty. and coun., 73 S 6th. 

Brown David S., com. mer., 38 S Front, h 274 

Brown Deborah, doctress, 155 S 6th. 
Brown Edmund, cap manuf , Franklin place, h 

94 Buttonwood. 
Brown Edward, printer, h 6 Marshall. 
Brown Edward, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Brown Edward, mer., 19 Chestnut. 
Brown Edward, stonecutter, Powell. (F. V.) 
Brown Ellas, marble mas., c Sch. 6th & George. 
Brown Elijah, gent., 51 S 5th. 
Brown Eli^>hu, carpenter, 17 Mnria. 
r.rown F^lizabcth, b h 150 Chestnut. 
Brown Mrs. E., b h 92 S 8th. 
Brown &. Ellison, boots and shoes, 156 High. 
Brown Ephraim, lampmuker, 11 Road below S 

Brown Francis, engineer, 3d below G T road. 
Brown Frederick, druggist, N E Chestnut and 

5th, h 70 S 5th. 
Brown Frederick, blacksmith, Olive n Brown. 
Brown George, coachman, 10 Rose al. (C) 
Brown George, lab., 1 Baker. 
Brown George, carpenter, 81 N 9th. 
Brown George, boot fitter, 7 Elizabeth. (N L) 
Brown George W., grocer, S E 9th &. Locust, h 

84 LocHSt. 
Brown George W., carpenter, 5 Carlton. 
Brown Geo. T., mer., 4 Commerce, h 78 N 11th. 
Brown Gotleib, baker. Maiden n Front (N L.) 
Brown Ha nnah, 250 N 2d. 
Brown Hans, wafer manuf., 127 Vine. 
Brown Henrietta, 15 (Rollins' al. 
Brown Henry, labourer, 26 Quince. 
Brown Henry, carp., R r ab Francis. (F V) 
Brown Henry, lab.. Eagle al. 
Brown Henry, hominy seller, 26 Prosperous al. 
Brown Henry A., printer, 36 Prune. 
Brown H. F., teacher, 52 O Y road. 
Brown Capt. Henry S., 81 Green. 
Brown Isaac, carp., 5th n G T road. 
Brown Jacob, cord., cor 12th & Pearl. 
Brown Jacob, grocer, 22 Charlotte. 
Brown Jacob, porter, Emiline. 
Brown Jacob, tailor, 9 Pleasant retreat. 
Brown Jacob, carp., rear 198 N 2d. 
Brown James, paper mr., c Sch Front and 

Brown James D., bonnet manuf 351 N 2d. 
Brown James, bricklayer, 30 Harmony. 
Brown Jas., oysterman, Farkei''s al n Catharine. 
Brown James, weaver, rear N 2nd n Master. 
Brown James, combmr., 165 Coates. 
Brown Jas. E., saddler, 6 S 4th, h 100 Walnut. 
Brown J., mer., 103 High, h 110 Mulberry. 
Brown J. & Son, carpenters, 4 Carter's al. 
Brown James, cordwainer, 249 Shippen. 
Brown James, baker, 7 Hannony. 
Brown James, tailor, 15 High, h 15 Elfreth's al. 
Bi-own James, stevedore, rear 300 Pine. 
Brown James, blacksmith, 25 North. 
Brown James, wheelwright, 108 Queen. (S) 
Brown Jas., millwright, 8 Ann n Sch 8th. 
Brown James, coachman, 14 Bonsall. 

Brown James, cooper, Carlton n Sch 3d. 

Brown James, lab., Ann n Sch 7th. 

Brown James C, mariner, 95 Lombard. 

Brown James M., mer., 32 N 4th, h S E 10th and 

Brown Jas. R., bellhanger, 304 S 3d. 

Brown John, shopkr., Sliackamaxon bl Franklin. 

Brown John, grocei-, N W 5th and Shippen. 

Brown John, grocer, 388 High, h 109 N 13th. 

Brown John, paint. & glaz., 318 Pine. 

Brown John, wool sorter, Murray ab Sch. 3rd. 

Brown John, 28 Watson's al. 

Brown Jobn, com mer., 175 N 4th. 

Brown John, stevedore, 38 Queen. 

Brown John, gent., 21 Green. 

Brown John, cordw., Callowhill ab sch 2d. 

Brown John, weaver, N E Fitzwater and Shippen 




Brown John, weaver, 1 Brinton. 
Brown John, labourer. Brazier ab Lloyd. 
Brown J. A., mer., 14 Chestnut, h 324 Chestnut 
Brown John A., porter, 18 Jones al. 
Brown John C, Master bel Front. 
Brown John D., printer, 69 Gaskill. 
Brown John D., stevedore, 162 Swanson. 
Brown John E., g-rocer, 145 Lombard. 
Brown John F., clerk, 261 N 5th. 
Brown John G., drug-g-ist, h 20 Duke. 
Brown John H., gas fitter, 6 S 7th, h 37 Chester. 
Brown John L., firepi-oof chest manuf., 21 Dock. 
Brown John M., rigg-er, 14 Noble. 
Brown John M., seaman, 142 Swanson. 
Brown John P. waiter, 1 2 foot al. 
Brown John T., brushmaker, 1 Piper's ct. 
Brown Joseph M., stationery, 26 N 8th. 
' Brown Joseph, watchman, 29 Greenleafs ct. 
Brown Joseph, mer., 11 Bank, h 16 Carter's al. 
Brown Joseph, mer., 73 S whfs., h 262 S Front. 
Brown Joseph, labourer, 9 Sassafras al. 
Brown Joseph, cordw., 4Burchell's ct. 
Brown Joseph D., g'ent., office 13 Minor, h 165 

Brown J., clothes, 99 S 2nd, h 20 Lombard. 
Brown Juby, labourer. Filbert ab Sch 8th. 
Brown & Kester, tavern, 38 Carter's al. 
Brown Lewis, butcher, G T !l n 4th. 
Brown Lewis, victualler, G T road n Camac 
Brown Lewis, coachman, rear 150 Spruce. 
Brown Lewis, dry g-oods, 146 Hig-h h S E 6th 

and Vine. 
Brown Lewis, victualler, 8 Jones' alley. 
Brown Rev. M., Queen ab 4th. 
Brown Macus, labourer, 3 Lebanon. 
Brown Marcus, cartel", 7 Clymer, 
Brown Mary, dressmaker. Cedar below Broad. 
Brown Margaret, washerwoman. Acorn al. 
Brown Mary, Brown's ct. 
Brown Matilda, whitewasher, 1 Crabb. 
Brown Matthew, lab., 1 Beaver ct. 
Brown M'atthew, watchman, Marriott ab 4th. 
Brown M., b. h., 376 Chestnut. 
Brown Michael, pedlar, Ross' ct. 
Brown Michael, rigg-er, 8 Marg^aretta. 
Brown Miller, tailor, 29 Elfreth's al. 
Brown Minus, poi-ter, 1 Washington. 
Brown Morris, Bishop of African M E C, 241 

Brown Moses, mer., 20 N 4th, h 108 Mulberry. 
Brown M. & J. L., shoemakers, 359 Cedai-. 
Brown Nathaniel, macliinist, Shackamaxon ab 

Queen, (K.) 
Brown N. H. & E., mer., 19 Chestnut, h78 n Uth 
Brown Nathan, drayman, AVilliam n Hopkin's 

Brown Nicholas, labourer, 16 Jones' al. 
Brown Nicholas, teacher, 15 Elizabeth. 
Brown Nicliolas, undertaker, 273 St John. 
Brown, Newbold &. Co., mers., 103 Hig'h & 32 

Church al. 
Brown Patrick, lab., Sch. 4th ab Chestnut. 
Brown Paul S., mer., h 178 S 9th. 
Brown Perry, labourer, Apple ab Brown. 
Brown Patrick, labourer, 1 Sassafras al. 

Brown Peter, moulder, Palmer ab Prince. (K) '■ 

Brown Peter, 127 Callowhill. 

Brown R. S, oysters, 216 High, h Carter's al. 

Brown Mrs. Rebecca, 4 Lombard ct. 

Brown Rebecca, dressmr. &. milhner, 137 Wood. 

Brown Richard, flour mer., Vine ab 12th. 

Brown Robert, carp., Richard ab Sch. 6th. 

Brown Robert, tailor, 246 S 5th. 

Brown Robert, carp., Sch. 6th n Pine, h George 
n Sch. 6th. 

Brown Robert, bar keeper Mansion house, h 10 

Brown Robert, labourer, 54 Bedford. 

Brown Robert, white washer, 149 Locust. 

Brown Robert, lab., John's ct. 

Brown Robert, haircutter, 41 S 8th. 

Brown Rog-ers, distiller N W Scii 5th & High. 

Brown Samuel, gent., 238 Spruce. 

Brown Samuel marble lab., Shippen ab 12th. 

Brown Samuel, bellhanger, 80 N 7th. 

Brown Samuel, stock'gframemr, 487 N 2d. 

Brown Samuel, labourer, 97 Gaskill. 

Brown Samuel, mer, h 232 N 4th. 

Brown Samuel C, paint. &. glaz., h 36 Bread. 

Brown Samuel R., wheelwright, 28 Vine. 

Brown Sarah P., dressmaker, 315 S 2d. 

Brown Susan B., gentw., 350 Chestnut. 
Brown Susannah, tailoress, rear 228 N 6th. 

Brown Stansbury, carter, Paschall's al. 

Brown Thomas, trimmings, 80 Sassafras. 
Brown Thomas, labourer, George ab Sch. 6th. 
Brown Thomas, waterman, 68 Catharine, 
Bi'own Thomas, oysterman, 80 Tammany. 
Brown Thomas, boots & shoes, 156 High, h 

Marshall ab Brown. 
Brown Thomas, tavern, Sch. 3rd ab High. 
Brown Thomas, grocer, N W Spmce & Dean. 
Brown Thomas, cordw., 196 S 2d. 
Brown Thomas, mariner, rear 27 Quince. 
Brown Thos., gro., c Callowhill & Washington. 
BrownThos. C, com mer., 35 Chestnut, h c 8th 

& Spruce. 
Brown Thomas C, dealer, 169 Cedar. 
Brown Mrs. T., gentw. S W. 13th and Spruce. 
Brown Thoma W., cabinetmaker, 6 Portei-'s ct. 
Brown Valentine W., glassblower, Allen below 

Brown Washington, com. mer., 41 N Fi'ont, h 

135 Mulberry. 
Brown William, carter, N E Sch. 6th &. Locust. 
Brown William, 77 George. 
Brown William, carpenter, h 5 Mint ct. 
Brown Wilham, cabinetmr, Sch 8th bel Cherr3\ 
Brown William, printer, 3rd ab Mulberry, h 6 

Brown William, carter, Cadwallader ab Master. 
Brown William, blacksmith, Edward n 2nd. 
Brown William, coi-dwainer, 142 Lombard. 
Brown William, waterman, 96 Queen. 
Brown William, gent. 295 Chestnut. 
Brown William, tailor, 296 High, h 10 Julianna. 
Brown William, s])ooler, c Sch. 5th & Spx'uce. 
Brown William, acct., N 7th ab Wood. 
Brown Wm., boatman, 141 M road. 
Brown William, hosier, 4 Rule's ct. 




Brown William, oilcloth manf., Sarah ab Queen, 

Brown William, grocer, 388 High, h Sch. 8th 

ab Chestnut. 
Brown Wm. & John, grocers, 388 High. 
Brown William H. & Co., mers., 20 N 4th. 
Brown William H., mer., 20 N 4th, h 148 S 9th. 
Brown Wm. H., marble yard, Broad bel Cedar. 
Brown W. L., fruiterer, O Y road ab Poplar. 
Brown Wm. L., att'y & coun., 208 Pine 
Browne Augusta, prof, of music, 29 S 10th. 
Browne Alexander, acct., 13 Wagner's ct. 
Browne Aquilla, att'y & coun., 307 Walnut. 
Browne David S., musical academy, 29 S 10th. 
Browne Elizabeth, b. h, 242 High. 
Browne Joseph, boot tree mr., 71 Sassafras. 
Browne Louis Henri, piano manuf , 29 S 10th. 
Browne Peter, ship chandler. Beach ab Warren. 
Browne Peter, gent., 90 Mai'shall. 
Browne Peter A., gent., 492 Chestnut. 
Brownell Edmund, currier, 2 Haines. 
Browney Barney, contractor, Cadwalader above 

Master. (K) 
Browney John, di-ayman, Cadwalader n Master. 

Browney Wm., carter, Cadwalader ab Master. 

Browns & Bowen, importers, 14 Chestnut. 
Browing & Brothers, druggists 33 ,High. 
Browing Geo. W., mer., 63 S Front. 
Browing John F., mer. tailor, S W 4th & Chest- 
nut, h 120 N 10th. 
Browing Saml., tavern, c Marsh & Penn. (E K) 
Bruce Ann, milliner, 35^ Cedar. 
Bruce George, carpenter, Front bel Wharton. 
Bruce Isaac, engineer, 502 Callowhill. 
Bruce Jane, b. h., 30 Cedar. 
Bruce Luke, waiter, 6 Ehzabeth. 
Bruce Susan 15 Willow. 
Bruce William, baker, 15 Wharton. 
Bruce Wilham, grocer, 178 Pine. 
Bruen James, gent., 499 Chestnut bel Sch. 7th 
Bruff John M., tailor, 3 E wing's ct. 
BrufF Robert, shoes, S W 4th & Vine, house 48 
: Callowhill. 

j Brujamin Jacob, baker, 78 Penn. 
; Brulte Alexander, mariner, 54 Almond. 
Brulte Peter, fancy store, 202 N 2nd. 
Brumaker Margaret, Buttonwood ab 10th. 
Brunell Andrew, rigger, Marlborough n Duke. 
Brunker Robert, labourer. Orchard n Jackson. 
Bruna John, furrier. Wood bel Crown. 
Bruner Ann W., shoes, 122 N 2nd. 
Bruner Daniel, carpenter. Poplar ab 7th. 
Bruner & Hallowbush, mers., 23 N Front. 
Bruner Isaac, sugar refiner, 10 Lyndall's al. 
Bruner James P., wool dealer, 24 Green. 
Bruner John, grocer, 8 Wallace. 
Bruner Manassa, mer., 398 Coates. 
Bruner Mary, New Market bel Green. 
Bruner & Montague, ladies' shoes, 122 N 2nd. 
Bruner Wm., skin dr'ssr., 4 Pegg, shop 7 Willow. 
Bruner William, mer., 23 N Front, h 8 Wallace. 
Bruner William M., skin dresser & wool dealer 

12 Margaretta, h 72 Noble. 

Brunet John, confectioner, 24 Franklin place. 

Brunner George, carpenter, Marshall n Brown. 

Brunner John K., U S Mint, h 18 Logan. 

Brunner Philip, cordwainer. Orchard n Jackson. 

Brunson Charles, grocer, 20 Bread. 

Brunt Wm., tailor, Shippen ab Shippen lane. 

Brunton Ann, Mrs., Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Brurien Charles, tailor, 129 Vine. 

Bruster Charles, gi-ocer, 453 High. 

Bruster John, ship carp., Allen bel Marlborough. 

Bruster Sarah, Marlborough ab Queen. 

Bruster Thomas, cordwainer. Beach ab Maiden. 

Bi'uswell John, cordw., Whitehead's ct. 

Bruton Geo., weaver,G T road, opp. 4th. 

Brutsche J., milliner, 214 Walnut. 

Bryan Aaron, waterman. Court alley. 

Bryan Daniel, porter, 6 Biddle's alley. 

Bryan Geo. S., mer., 154 High, h Cherry ab 10th. 

Bryan Guy, mer., h 429 Sassafras. 

Bryan Jacob, coachman, 134 S 10th. 

Bryan James, M. D., 28 N 8th. 

Bryan John, cabinetmaker, 71 N 6th. 

Biyan John, cordw., 3 Smith's al. 

Bryan Maria H., 401 Mulben-y. 

Bryan Mary, tavern, 13 Buttonwood. 

Bryan Matthew, currier, 6 Monmouth court. 

Bryan, Rodman & Heylin, drygoods, 143 High. 

Br) an Thomas, varnish manuf., 541 N 5th. 

Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, rear 103^ Christian. 

Bryan T. M., mer., 143 High, h 403 Mulberry. 

Bryan William, tailor, Franklin. 

Bryant A. H., 84 Callowhill. 

Bryant Benjamin, clerk, 265 Cherry. 

Bryant George W., painter, Cedar ab 11th. 

Bryant Isaac, mer., 143 N 2nd. 

Bryant John, gent., Buttonwood bel 10th. 

Bryant John H., att'y & coun., S W Schuylkill 

7th & Vine. 
Bryant Mordecai, alderman, office 84 Callowhill. 
Bryant M. Y., tailor, 83 Brown. 
Bryant Peter T., trader, Sch 2nd & Callowhill. 
Bryant Thomas, weaver, Hanover ab Queen. 
Bryant Tiberius J., alderman, h N W Sch. 2nd & 

Bryant William, carpetweaver, 213 Christian. 
Bryant William, labourer, Lewis ab Sch. 3rd. 
Bryant William, seminary, 1 N lltli. 
Brynan John, mer., 219 S 2nd. 
Bryson Emma, mantuamaker, 1 Hause's ct. 
Bryson Samuel, distiller, Sch Front n Vine. 
Buchanan A., upholsterer, c F road & Maiden. 
Buchanan Catharine, Vine n Sch 7tli. 
Buchanan Edw., city watch, Lombard n Sch. 7th. 
Buchanan George, clerk, 90 Union. 
Buchanan George, lab., Sch 3rd ab Spruce. 
Buchanan Hannah, Mulberry n Schuylkill 8th. 
Buchanan Henry, mariner, 20 Mead, 
Buchanan Isaac, florist, Sch. 5th n Spruce. 
Buchanan James, brickmaker, Mifflin n 13th. 
Buchanan James, brickmr, bet Sch Front & 2nd, 

Spruce & Locust. 
Buchanan John, labourer, Lombard n Sch. 8th. 
Buchanan Letitia, gentw., 125 S 9th. 
Buchanan Lewis, upholsterer, 282 Wood. 
Buchanan Philip, hominymaker, 88 Bedford^ 




Buchanan Richard, grocer, 168 S 2nd. 

Buchanan Thomas, labourer. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Buchanan William, lab., I^ombard ab Sch. 7th. 

Buchanan William, dyer, 13 Perry. 

Buchey Mrs., seminar^', 240 Spruce. 

Buck Adam, weaver, 12 Rachel. 

Buck Augustus, labourer, 30 Wood. 

Buck Chauncey, tinplate-worker, 447 High. 

Buck C. N., consul general of Hamburg, Sch. 

7th ab Chestnut. 
Buck C. N., jr., com. mer., 83 S Front, h Sch. 

7th ab Chestnut. 
Buck Ephraim, M. D., 44 Coates. 
Buck Francis N., mer., 109 High, h 333 N 6th. 
Buck Frederick, engineer, Fi-ont n Master. 
Buck Frederick, leadworker, F road n Oxford. 
Buck George, cooper, 6 Perkenpine's ct. 
Buck Hugh, blacksmith, 174 Shippen. 
Buck James, carter, S 11th ab Pine. 
Buck Jasper, tinsmith, 70 N Juniper. 
Buck Jeremiah, mer., 97 High & 483| High. 
Buck Jeremiah M., mer., 97 High. 
Buck Joseph, porter, c Buttonwood Si Julianna. 
Buck Lott, tailor, 4 Kelly's ct. 
Buck William L., Pearl ab 11th. 
Buck Nicholas, baker, 89 German. 
Buck & Potter, silks, 109 High. 
Buck Samuel C, Mount Vernon House. 
Buck Thomas, hod-carrier, 12 Burd's ct. 
Buck Wm., butclier, rear 2d ab Edward. (K) 
Buck Wm., car driver, 2 Willow. 
Buck Wm. J., clerk. Sergeant. 
Buckingham Maiy, rear 248 Shippen. 
Buckingham Isaiah, car-builder, 13th bel Wood. 
Buckish Wm., skindresser, Beaver n Charlotte. 
Buckiss Mary Ann, Chnton ct. 
Buckiss William, stonecutter, 2nd n Phoenix. 
Buckiss William, carpenter, 20 Flower. (M) 
Buckius John, carpenter, rear 13 Fetter lane, 

h 34 Bread. 
Buckius Ann C. Mrs., 269 N 6th. 
Buckle Joseph, watchman, 40 Mechanic. 
Buckley A. M., mer., 112 S Front, h 192 Spruce. 
Buckley Brooke, gent., N W 10th & Clinton. 
Buckley Catharine, Brooks n Brown. 
Buckley Clement A., gent., 276 Walnut. 
Buckley Cornelius, carpenter, 5 Benton av. (M) 
Buckley James, labourer, 144 N Water. 
Buckley James, engineer, Sch. 2nd n Callowhill. 
Buckley John, carpenter, NE M Road & Prime. 
Buckley John, labourer, 187 N Front. 
Buckley Joseph, machinist. Reeves n Sch. 2nd. 
Buckley Thomas, tinman, 12 Providence ct. 
Buckman Benjamin, hatter, 255 S 2nd, h 78 

Buckman Louis, grocei-, &c. West & Palmer. (K) 
Buckman Mary, b h, 79 Mulberry. 
Buckminster Charles, trunkmaker. Orchard. 
Bucknell William jr., gent., 139 N 5th. 
Bucknor A. J., mer., 41 N Water, h 374 N Front. 
Buckwater Jacob, millwright, 26 Marion. 
Budd Henry, mer., 50 Coates. 
Budd Isaac, bricklayer, 5 Butler's av. 
Budd J. B., com. mer., 39 Dock, h 278 Walnut. 
Budd Susan, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 

Budd Thomas A., atty. & coun., 39 S 4th. 

Budd William, gi'ocer, 6 High. 

Budd WiUiam A., exch. bro., 32 S 3d, h 39 S 4th. 

Budds John, combmaker. Culvert n Mechanic. 

Buddy John, baker, 24 Walnut. 

Buddy Lewis, baker, 18 Mulberry. 

Buddy Peter, bark inspector, 258 Green. 

Buddwine Peter, labourer, rear 380 S 2nd. 

Buehler Martin, mer., 9 N 5th, h Cherry ab 10th. 

Buehler William, mer., 98 High, h 212 Cherry. 

Buel Nicholas, carpenter, 33 Vine. 

Buffington Isaac, cabinetmaker, 89 S 6th. 

Buffington Lee W., M. D., 45 S 5th. 

Buist R., florist, S 12th bel Lombard, nursery 

Shippen bet 11th & 12th. 
Bujac P. J., importer, 223 High, h 130 Pine. 
Bulah Wilhemina, milliner &. dressmaker, 263 


Bulkley C, hatter, 130 Chestnut, h 44 Prune. 
Bulkley Chauncey, atty. & coun., 44 Prune. 
Bulkley C. & James H., hatters, 130 Chestnut. 
Bulkley Elizabeth, gentw., 44 Prune. 
Bulkley James H., hatter, 130 Chestnut, h 424 


Bulkley Marcus tobacconist. Green bel 9th. 
Bull Abigal, b h, 39 N 5th. 
Bull Francis T., porter, 30 Bird's ct. 
Bull John, oysterman, 17 Parham. 
Bull Marcus, goldbeater, 22 Pear. 
Bullard Edwin C, diygoods, 83 N 5th. 
Bullock Benjamin, manuf., 32 N 3rd. 
Bullock Davis & Co., wool mers., manuf. & iron 

founders, store 32 N 3rd, foundry Franklin 

St. (K) wool-warehouse 473 N Front. 
Bullock, David, tailor, 9 Relief al. 
Bullock J., M. D., 15 Sansom. 
Bullock Jonathan, carpenter, 17 Sergeant. 
Bullock Sophia, b h, 96 S 8th. 
Bult Christopher, tavern, S W 4th & Cedar. 
Buly Gabriel, labourer, Green ab 3rd. 
Bumbach Chas. A. M., paint. & glaz., 18 Lilly al. 
Bumbach Martin, blacksmith, 331 N 3rd. 
Bumgard John, cordw., F road opp Queen. (K) 
Bumm Charles, blacksmith, 112 F road. 
Bumm George, contractor, Knoodle bel Walnut. 
Bumm John, carpenter, 36 Quince. 
Bumm John, silverplater, Marlborough below 

Bumm Richard, caulker. Cherry ab Queen. 
Bumm Samuel, whipmaker, Marlborough ab 

Bumm William, carpenter, 5 Tiller's ct. 
Bumm WiUiam, whipmaker, Marlborough bel 

j Bun Alexander J., exch. broker, 103 N 3rd, h 

438 N 4th. 
|Bunce Wm J., copperplate printer, 13 Gray's al. 
iBundick J. S., shoestore, 311 S 2nd. 
Bundick Zerubbabel, mariner, 15 Parham. 
Bundick Joshua, labourer. Pearl ab 13th. 
Bundy Ephraim, waiter, 59 Currant al. 
Bundy H., milliner, 239 Lombard. 
Bunker Charles, confectioner, 145 Coates. 
Bunker E., 371 Walnut. 
Bunn R., fancy -milliner, 495 N 3rd, 




Bunting' Charles W., silks, h 92 Marshall. 

Bunting, Clark & Co., com. mers., 26 S Wharves 
& Coates' street wharf Sch. 

Bunting- Elizabeth, 287 S 3rd. 

Bunting' Jacob T., mer., 15 S Wharves, h 65 Pine. 

Bunting John H., gent., 61 Pine. 

Bunting Joshua, mer., 28 S Wharves, h 53 

Bunting Lydia, 139 Catharine. 

Bunting Patrick, watchman, 3 Miller's ct. 

Bunting Samuel C, mer., Front & Chestnut, h 
232 Sassafras. 

Bunting Thomas, M. D., 77 N 7th, h N E 7th. 
& Cherry. 

Bunting Thomas H., mer., 52 High. 

Burbank William, waterman, 116 Oak. 

Burch Jacob G., bricklayer, 367 N Front. 

Burchard Jabez, U S dep. marshall,243 Christian. 

Burkhardt Ridley, mer., 91 S Front, h 159 Pine. 

Burkhardt, Ridley & Co., mers., 91 S Front. 

Burd Daniel, labourer, Shippen bel Broad. 

Burd S., gentw., 231 Chestnut. 

Burden Jesse R., President Fire & Inland Navi- 
gation Insurance Co., h N 12th ab Mulberry, 

Burden Joseph, alderman, 1 York ct, h 184 S 

Burden J. C, Madison House, 39 N 2nd. 

Burger Charles, baker, 220 Coates. 

Burger Jacob, clerk, c 5th & Rawle. 

Burgerson Israel, watchman, Division. (F V) 

Burgess Amasa, buttonmaker, 2 Hubbell. 

Burgess G. W., cane mr., Washington, (W P) 

Burgess Robert, gent., 9 S Penn sq. 

Burgess William, stonecutter, rear 3 Mechanic 

Burgi A., stovemaker, 227 S 3rd. 

Burgin & Allen, real estate brokers, office 79 

Burgin George H., M. D., 79 Mulberry, h 175 

S 5th. 
Burk Eli, bricklayer. New Crown ab Tammany. 
Burk George W., coachtrimmer, 20 Webb's al. 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 5 Stewart, (M) 
Burk James, mer.. High, h N W 9th & Pine. 
Burk Michael, carpenter, Ann ab Sch. 8th. 
Burk Peter, dealer, rear 135 Coates. 
Burk Rachel, 244 Lombard. 
Burk Thomas, grocer, c 2nd & Edward. 
Burk Thomas, painter, Allen. (K) 
Burk William, clerk, 2 St. Stephen's pi. 
Burk Wm., inkmanuf., Peach ab Green. 
Burk Wm., labourer, Twelve Foot al. 
Burk Wm., labourer, 2 Warner's ct. 
Burk AVm., mer.. High, h N W 9th & Pine. 
Burk William A., mer., 77 High, h Sch. 5th bel 

Burk William C, druggist, 244 Lombard. 
Burkart Frederick, cordw., 5 Washington pi. 
Burkart Valentine, clerk, 163 Mulberry. 
Burke A., milliner, 7th ab Cedar. 
Burke J. & J. B., paper-warehouse, 161 N 3rd, 

h 523 N Front. 
Burke Lucas E., mer., 6 N 2nd. 
Burke Rebecca, George ab Sch. 3rd. ' 
Burke Redman, tailor, 244 S 6th. 
Burke Thomas, drygoods, 6 N 2nd. 


Burkhard & Smith, chalrmakers, 61 N Front. 

Burkhard Thomas F., silver plater, 21 N 7th, h 
12 Gebhard. 

Burkhardt George, carpenter, Logan ab Green. 

Burkhart A., turner. Brown n 7tli. 

Burkhart Eleanor, teacher, Marshall bel Green. 

Burkhart Elizabeth, 7 Tammany. 

Burkhart Henry, baker, c Green & Logan. 

Burkhart Peter, hairdi-esser, 57 N Water. 

Burkhart Robert, dentist, 72 N Front. 

Burkhart Samuel, brushmaker, 85 N 2nd, h 23 

Burkitt William, carpenter, reai- 124 Queen. (S) 

Burkley John, porter, Julianna & Willow. 

Burklow Elizabeth, gentw., 12 Brown. 

Burling B. S., mer., N Wharves ab Mulberry, h 
S E 11th & Cherry. 

Burman Elizabeth, G T road n Master. 

Burman John, victualler, Hanover n Pi-ince. 

Burman John, victualler, 5th n Master. 

Burman William, victualler, Apple n Master. 

Burn Farmar, co. commissioner, 244 N Front. 

Burn Joseph, 244 N Front. 

Burn Joseph, grocer, 244 Callowhill. 

Burnbaum John, rear 381 Sassafras. 

Burnes James, whitewasher, 8th bel Lombard. 

Burnet George, mer., 3 Bank, h 10th bel Cedar. 

Burnet J. A., tailor, 10th bel Cedar. 

Burnet J. W., com. broker, 3 Library. 

Burnet L. W., teacher, 109 N 5th. 

Burnet Samuel, cordwainer. Otter n G T road. 

Burnet & Withers, drygoods, 211 High. 

Burnett E. S., trimmings, li S 4th. 

Burnett J. S., mer., 211 High, h 324 N 6th. 

Burnidge Edward, weaver, Wood n Sch. 6th. 

Burns Abraham, brickmr.. Cooper ab Sch. 3rd. 

Burns A. O., 7 Ranstead ct. 

Burns Arthur, labourer, 192 N Water. 

Burns C. M., mer., 11th ab Shippen. 

Burns Elizabeth, Lombard ab 11th. 

Burns Felix, weaver. Phoenix n Cadwalader. 

Burns Hugh, waterman. Say's al. 

Bums Hugh, grocer, 62 Coates. 

Burns James, brushmaker, 24 S 3rd. 

Burns James, tavern, Cedar n Sch. 

Burns John M., bootmaker, 54 S 4tli. 

Bums John, blacksmith, Hamilton ab Sch. 7th. 

Burns John, clerk, 262 N 2nd. 

Bums John, ironfounder, Carlton, n Sch. 3rd. 

Burns John, labourer, 260 N Water. 

Bums John, labourer, Duke n F road. (K) 

Bums John, porter, 15 Coates al. 

Burns John, tavern, 182 N Water. 

Burns Lewis, agent, F R bel Shackamaxon. (K) 

Burns Margaret, 1 1 Randall's ct. 

Burns Maria, c 11th & Shippen. 

Burns Maria, dry goods, 162^ S 2nd. 

Burns Misses, variety store, 78 S 4th. 

Bums Nicholas, grocer, S W 7th & Sansom. 

Burns Penellassy, cabmr.. Combs' ct. 

Burns Rebecca, Marlborough n Queen. 

Burns Sarah, 292 S 7th. 

Bums Sarah, 45 Plum. 

Barns Stephen, sawyer, 237 S 6th. 

Burns Thomas, labourei-, Sch. 7th ab Wood. 




Bussinger George, waiter, 21 Carter's alley. 

Bussinger Jacob, blacksmith, 5 Porter's ct. 

Burns William, mariner, 16 Vine. 

Burns William, labourer, 305 S 6th. 

Burns William, tailor, Marion ab 2nd. 

Bums William, tobacconist. Linden n Sch 6th 

Burns Wm., tavern, Washington. (W P) 

Burnson Ellen, Logan ab Wallace. 

Burnt Riley, cordwainer, rear 534 N 2nd. 

Burr Benjamin, bricklayer. Culvert n 4th. 

Burr & Brothers, tailors, 19 S 5th. 

Burr G. W., bookbinder, 243 Green. 

Burr Elizabeth, dressmaker, 86 Walnut. 

Burr George H., mer., 23 N Front. 

Burr Henry C, tailor, 19 S 5th. 

Burr Hudson, High st. ferry. 

Burr Hudson S., dentist, 135 Walnut. 

Burr Israel R., bricklayer, 402 Coates. 

Burr John P., barber, 113 S 5th. 

Burr Joseph, h 187 N 7th. 

Burr Joseph, gent, 505 S 8th. 

Burr Joshua, mer., 52 N 3d, h 198 Noble. 

Burr Marmaduke L., livery stable, Bedford, h 

303 S 8th. 
Bun* Mary & Martha, 200 Mulberry. 
Burr Nicholas, baker, 46 Vine. 
Burr P. R., milliner, 65 Mulberry. 
Burr P. W., b h., 130 S 8th. 
Burr Thomas E., tailor, 19 S 5th. 
Burr Wm. & Delaplaine, carp., 200 Mulberry. 
Burr William R., tailor, 19 S 5th, h 40 Marshall. 
Bun-ill Daniel, mer., 146 S 4th. 
Burroughs Abel, trader, Vine n Broad. 
Burroughs Hannah, seamstress, 181 St John. 
Burroughs H. N., mer. 73 High. 
Burroughs Jane, dressmaker, 145 Wood. 
Burroughs James, preacher, Mercer bel Locust. 
Burroughs John, mer., 193 Walnut. 
Burroughs John, corder, Maiden st wharf, h c 
Marlborough and Beach. 

Burroughs Jos., tailor, 11 Pleasant Retreat. 
Burroughs John, tailor, 14 Poplar lane. 

Burroughs Thomas, carter, rear 167 Coates. 

Burrows Ann, widow, 174 S 9th. 

Burrows Mrs. A., gentw., rear 38 Catharine. 

Burrows E. J., clerk Union Transpn. line, foot 
of Chestnut. 

Burrows Benjn., lab., 4 Gray's ct. 

Burrows James, U. S. mint, h 446 Vine. 

BuiTOWs J. W., seeds, 65 Chestnut, h 203 Noble. 

Burrows Jesse, carpenter, 5 John's ct. 

Burrows John, labourer, 9 Barker. 

Burrows John, tailor, 522 W High. 

Burrows J. T., bell hang. &. locksm., 287 Vine. 

Burrows Joseph, coal mer., 16 Quince. 

Burrows Samuel, shipmaster, 80 Catharine. 

Burrows Sarah L., tailoress, 20 Budd. 

Burrows William, tailor, 4 Diamond. 

Burrows Wm., watchman, R R bel Coates. 

Burson John, lumber inspector, 171 S 3d. 

Burt E. R., trimmings, 205 S 2d. 

Burt Nathaniel, N W 12th and Walnut. 

Burt Nathaniel, M D, N W 12th & Walnut. 

Burt Wm., bookbinder, 240 Wood ab 12th. 

Burtis Aaron H., plasterer, 107 Filbert. 

Burtis Edward T., bricklayer, 8 Barker. 
Burtis John, manxif.. Beach ab Maiden. 
Burtis Joseph K., saddlery hardware, 19 S 4th, 

h Beach ab Maiden. 
Burton Amos, painter, 152 S 4th, h 460 Vine. 
Burton A. M., gentw., 107 Wood. 
Burton B., M. D., 198 S 4th. 
Burton David, waiter, 18 Raspberry alley. 
Burton Daniel, carter, Ohio E of 12th. 
Burton Edward, intelligence office, S E 3d and 

Burton E. P., grocer, 3 Pine, h 67 Pine. 
Burton George, sawyer, 6 Blackberry al. 
Burton Gideon, mer., 96^ High, h 32 Girard. 
Burton Harriet, 2 Green's alley. 
Burton James, coachman, 59 Currant alley. 
Burton John, turner, 514 S 2d bel Prime. 
Burton John, M. D., 256 N 7th. 
Burton Lowden, stevedore, 46 Prosperous al. 
Burton Mrs. Rhoda, 2 Flower's ct. 
Burton Richd., hardware, S E 7th and Wood. 
Burton Richd. F., carp., 6 Little Green. 
Burton Richard, waiter, c Bedford and 8th. 
Burton Robert, porter, 32 Currant alley. 
Burton Robeit, mer., 62 Pine. 
Burton Samuel W., printer, 14 Hubbell. 
Burton Samuel, confectioner, 194 Lombard. 
Burton Wm., acct., 92 Callowhill. 
Burton William, M. D., 85 N 5th. 
Burton William Evans, 100 N 9th, office cor 

Bank al and Dock. 
Burts John, cordw., 13 Mulberry al. 
Burwell Robert, hatter, Beaver court, house 55 

Burwick Mrs. Hannah, Peach n Green. 
Bury John, gent., 228 N 4th. 
Bussai'd Conrad, carpenter, Hanover n Prince. 
Busby Thomas,' weaver, 13th 5 drs. bel Brinton. 
Busby William, painter, 5 Howard's ct. 
Busch J., collector and agent, 86 Lombard. 
Busch Miers, mer., 20 N3d, h 54 Pine. 
Bush Bernard, wheelwright, Sch 3rd below 

Bush & Ollis, turners, 149 S Front. 
Bush Henry, tavern, 35 Spring Garden. 
Bush Jacob, t&vem, 234 N 3d. 
Bush Peter, b h., Green bel 9th. 
Busha George, umbrelmr., 10 Fetter lane. 
Bushart Casper, lab,. Orchard n Rawle. 
Busher James, cooper, c 9th and Coates. 
Busher Mrs. Rebecca, Coates bel 9th. 
Bushnell John A., flour, G T R n 2d. 
Rushnell Saml. J., waterman, 4 Courtlin pi. 
Busman John, dentist, 167 Green. 
Busseir F. V., tinman, 241 & 321 S 2d. 

Bustill David, plasterer, 152 Callowhill. 
Bussier Catharine, gentw., 140 Pine. 
Bussier D. P., mer., 29 S whfs., h 154 N 9th. 
Bussier Elizabeth, 91 Christian. 
Bussier Ehz., shop 387 S Front. | 

Bussier Eliz., dry goods, S W 8th & Lombard, j 
Bussier Joseph, confectioner, 286 High. 
Bussier Solomon, inkmaker, 298 S 3d. 1 

Bussinger Frederick, carpet weaver, Sch 3d nl 
Walnut. I 




Bussing-er John, labourer, Spruce bel Beach. 
Bustai'd George, lab., Bedford ab Shippen lane. 
Butcher Amos W., mer., h 74 N Front. 
Butcher & Harris, stove and grate manufrs., 455 

Butcher Catharine, tailoress, 21 Mercer. 
Butchei' Jos., wheelw., 14 Budd, h 6 Brown's ct. 
Butcher John, watchman. Say st. 
Butcher Martha, sempstress, N Market ab Duke. 

Butcher Saml., cordwainer, Orchard n Jack- 

Butcher Thos. P., cordw., 65 Budd. 

Butcher T. B., diygoods, S W 5th & Pine. 

Butcher Thos. T., mer., 49 N Water, h 103 N 

Butcher T. T. & W., com. mers., 49 N Water. 

Butcher Theo. B., drygoods, 330 High. 

Butcher Wm., stove & grate manuf., 455 High, 
h Sch 8th n Cherry. 

Butcher William, boot and shoe maker. Wal- 
nut bel 5th. 

Bute Charles, sugar refiner, c Willow & Crown, 
h O Y road n Noble. 

Butler Andrew, acct., h c 5th and North. 

Butler Catharine, mangier, 7 Plynlimmon pi. 

Butler Charity, cook, 33 Plumb. 

Butler Curtis, labourer, 207 Shippen. 

Butler E., stockmaker, 47 S 3d 

Butler Eliza, gentw.. Walnut bel Sch. 8th. 

Butler Esther, shoebinder, Rugan above Callow- 

Butler E. H., bookseller, 271 High, 

Butler George, labourer, 146 Brown. 

Butler G. W., bottler, 228 S 3d, rear 275 S 3d. 

Butler Hannah, gentw., 182 Marshall. 

Butler Henry, silversmith, 83 Tammany. 

Butler John, gent., Walnut ab Sch. 7th. 

Butler Judith, 6 Blackhorse al. 

Butler John, oysterman, Ball alley n Cedar. 

Butler John, cordwainer, 116 Dillwyn. 

Butler John M., copperplt. printer, 161 N 13th. 

Butler John M. 8c A., copperplate printers, 
S W George and Swanwick. 

Butler Joseph, acct., rear 161 N 13th. 

Butler Joshua M., cooper, 63 N Water, h 74 

Butler Joseph, lab., Bead ab Wallace. 

Butler Joseph, tailor, 9th, 2d door bel James. 

Butler Patrick, porter, 5 Portland lane. 

Butler Pierce, gent., Chestnut ab 8th. 

Futler Richard, ysterm., Baker W of Sch 7th. 

Butler Saml., tailor, 14 Sugar al. 

Butler Samuel G., painter, 136 S 9th. 

Butler Saml., sawyer. Wood ab Sch 7th. 

Butler Thos, hairdresser, N E High and Juniper. 

Butler Thomas, tinplate worker, 216 S 2d, h 11 
Stamper's alley. 

Butler Wallace, labourer, 16 Bird's ct. 

Butler Wm., weav., William n Callowhill. (F M) 

Butler William, carter, S E Shippen and 11th. 

Butler, W. C, agent, 138 S 5th. 

Butt William, painter, S W 4th and Christian. 

Butt Wm., printer, 379 S Front. 

Miitterfield Benjamin, diy jfoods, c; Froad and 

Butterfield Jesse J., ornamental painter, F road 

ab Master. 
Butterfield Jesse, painter, 395 N 3d. 
Butterworth John, tinplate worker, 90 High, h 

444 N 2d. 
Butterworth John, carp., 37 Apple. 
Butterworth Henry W., 492 N 3d. 
Butterworth Wm., carp., 37 Apple. 
Butz George, tavern, 300 N 2d. 
Buzby Benjamin C, hardware, 17 N 4th, h 451 

Buzby Frances W., 451 Mulberry. 
Buzby Harmer B., marble yard, Vine n 11th, h 

State n Sch 8th. 
Buzby Hezekiah, flour and com. mer., Broad n 

Cherry, h W Penn sq. n Filbert. 
Buzby J ohn W., stone cuiter. Broad n Walnut, 

h N E Schriver's ct. and Sheppard's alley. 
Buzby J. W., brickl., Rittenhouse bel Sch. 5th. 
Buzby Wm. N., mer., 349 High. 
Buzby Wm., asst., messenger, custom house. 
Buzby Wm., cordw., Orchard n Poplar. 
Byard John W., lab., Marshall ab Poplar. 
Byard Samuel, waiter, 10 Buckley. 
Bye Samuel K., carpenter, c 11th and Peirl. 
Byer Susan, 35 N 12th. 
Byer John, baker, rear 275 S 3d. 
Byers Andrew, chairmaker, 291 N 3d. 
Byers Hanse M. H., grocer, N E Swanson and 

Byers Harriet, Rawle n 5th. 
Byers John, plasterer, Carlton n Sch. 6th. 
Byers Saml., cai-p., 5 Fayette. 
Byerly Ann, genlw., c MulbeiTy and Juniper. 
Byerly David D., mer., 28 Church al. 
Byerly John S., carp.. Queen n Hanover. (K) 
Byerly Maiy, widow, 17 Swanson. 
Byerly Mahlon, mer., 28 Church al., h 20N 8th. 
Byerly S. M. & Co., com. mers , 28 Church al. 
Byerly Stephen, mer., 28 Church alley, h 75 

Byerly Susan, gentw.. Mulberry bel Broad. 
Byram James, manuf., Murray ab Sch 2d. 
Byrne Catharine Mrs., 349 S Front. 
Byrne James, tavern, Cathai'ine street whsu-f. 
Byrne James, labourer, 190 S 5th. 
Byrne J as., lab., lear 266 S 3d. 
Byrne Thomas, constable, 6 Concord. 
Byrne N. Mrs., dressmr., 54 Chester. 
Byrne Stephen M., gi'ocer, N W 7th & Lombard. 
Byrne Timothy, gi-ocer, 264 N 7th. 
Byrne Wm., chairmr., 336 S 2d, h 72 Catharine. 
Byrne William, cordwainer, 305 S 2d. 
Bywater Morris, bookbinder, 86 Mulberry. 
Bywater S., b h., 86 MulbeiTy. 
By waters William, ladies shoemaker, 214 N 8th. 

Cabot Joseph, mer., 5 Walnut, h Spruce n 11th. 
Cadbury Joel, mer., 33 N Front, h 119 Sassafras. 
Cade David, tailor, mechanic, n George. 
Cade Wm. M., mer., 6 Church al. 
Cadmus Jasper, boots & shoeii, S W 3rd and 
High, h 28 North. 




Cadmus Jeremiah, shoes, 322 High. 

Cadwalader Charles, temp, grocer, 390 High. 

Cadwalader George gent., 299 Chestnut. 

Cadwalader .John, att'y ik, coun., 114 S 4th. 

Cadwalader T. Gen., coun., S E 9th & Mulben-y. 

Cadwalader Thomas Jr., gent., 353 Chestnut, 

Caffery James, weaver, 7 Gay's ct. (K.) 

Caffrey Wm., constable, rear 82 G T R, (K) 

(3ahan Jas., hostler, c Biddle al &. Elbow Lane. 

(^ahoun John, drayman, Sch. 6th ab Wood. 

Cahill Daniel, labourer, c Perry &. Lambert. 

Cahill James, weaver, 4th ab Master. 

Cahill Thomas, contractor, c Carbon & Pine. 

Cain John, porter, 232 Lombard. 

Cain TJioinas, labourer, 6 Jones' al. 

Cain Robert, machhiist, Chester ct. 

Cairns John, lab., Carlton bel Sch. 5th. 

Cike Elizabeth, widow, Juliamiaab Buttonwood. 

Cake Joseph, 110 N 2nd. 

Caldcleugii Jane J., gentw., 13 Clinton Square. 

Caldcieugh Robert A., gent., 13 CHnton Square, 

Caldcleugh Robert, M. 1)., 13 Clinton square. 

Caldcieugh R. A., 13 Clinton Square. 

Calder G., kitchen range warehse, 113 Walnut. 

CalderPeterY., 3 Rachel. 

Calder Peter, tailor, 3 Rachel. 

Caldwell A. D., carp.. Brown n High bridge, 

Caldweil Ann, Mrs., Wood n Sch. 

Caldwell Ann, 44^ Penn. 

Caldwell Chas.P., whip & canemanuf. l^N3rd. 

Caldwell C. W., agent, 194 S 4th, 

Caldwell David Wallace, agent, 147 N 10th. 

Caldwell David, dyer, Shippen bel Broad. 

Caldwell E. H., widow, 105 S 10th, 

Caldwell Edmund B., mer., S W 2nd & High, h 

130 Walnut. 
Caldwell J. A., mer., 77 High, h 4 Church al. 
Caldwell James E., watchmaker, 163 Chestnut 
Caldwell James, fish dealer, 13 Strawberry. 
Caldwell James, dealer, 2 Tiller's ct. 
Caldwell James S., gent., 164 N 9th. 
Caldwell Jane, widow, 270 S 2nd. 
Caldwell John, currier, 358 S 2nd. 
Caldwell John, weaver, 12th ab Cedar. 
• Caldwell John, gent., 87 S 6th. 
Caldwell John, grocer N W 3rd & Plum. 
Caldwell John, gent., 4 Church al. 
Caldwell Jonathan, painter, 81 M Road. 
Caldwell J. F., of Virginia, dentist, 270 Mulb'y 
Caldwell Margaret J., 98 Wood. 
Caldwell Robert, stone mason, Brasier ab Loyd. 
Caldwell S., mer., 147 High, h 435 Chestnut. 
Caldwell Samiiel W., cashier N L bank, h 4 

Caldwell Thos., coal mer., Sch. 2nd n Callowhill 
Caldwell T., waiter, Washington ab 11th. 
Caldwell William D., gent., 8 Serg-eant. 
Caldwell William, cordw., Francis n Sch. 5th. 
Caldwell Wm, B., smith, Callowhill n Washing. 

ton. I, Sch.) 
Caleb Philip, paper stainer, 11 Ogden. 
Calhoun David, lab., 13th bet Cedar & Bedford 
Calhoun David, tavern, 265 S 4th. 
Calhoun Ezra, tobacconist 247 Cedar. 
Calhoun James, dyer, 13th ab Cedar, 

Calhoun Joseph, cordwainer, 306 S Front. 

Call Joseph, gi-ocer, c 2nd & Phanix, (K.) 

Callaghan George, capmaker, 610 N 2d. 

Callahan And., watchman, Sch. 5th ab Filbert. 

Callahan Charles, Spruce ab lltli. 

Callahan Edward, grocer, S W Front & Prime, 

Callahan John, lab., rear 84 Plum. 

Callahan John T., tailor, 521 N 4th. 

Callahan Michael, lab., Murry ab Sch. 3rd. 

Callahan William, blacksmith, 1 Scott's ct. 

Callahan William, tailor, 27 Wallace. 

Callan Elizabeth, 50 Bedford. 

Callan Wm., stone mason, c Morris & Catharitie. 

Callanan George, R road agent, Sch, 5th ab 

Callbreath James F,, ladies shoes, 58 N 8th. 

Callehem David, carpetweaver, Callowhill n 
Washington, (Sch.") 

Callender Benj., tavern, c 13th & Ridge road. 

Callender Thomas, gent.. Cedar ab 11th. 

Calver James, clerk, G T road bel Master. 

Calver William G., gilder, G T road bel Master. 

Calvely John, pewterer, Parrish n 6th, 

Calverly Wilham, tinsmith, S E 10th & Coates. 

Calvert Rachael, cupper h. leecher, 48 N 8th, 

Calwell Chew, confectioner. Bread. (K) 

Camac Isaac, carter, Portland lane ab 6th. 

Camblin Mary, gentw.. Cherry bel Prince. 

Camblos Charles, mer., 107^ High, h 408 Vine. 

Cameron Angus, joiner, 245 Green. 

Cameron Elizabeth, 6 Miller's ct. 

Cameron Eli, blacksmith, 186 N 12th, 

Cameron James, dentist, 72 Brown, 

Cameron Robert, grocer, S W c 10th & Vine. 

Cameron Robert, gas fitter, 4 Maple. 

Camm Wm,, fur mer,, 24 N 3rd, h 356 Mul- 

Cammer Wm., sllverplater, Prince beiow Pal- 

Campbell Aaron, brickmaker, G T road n 6th. 

Campbell Abigail, Rllil's ct, 

Campbell Alex,, gent., 4 Boston Row. 

Campbell Ann, widow, 197 N 4th. 

Campbell Andrew, silver plater, 32 Crown. 

Campbell Ann, widow, shop keeper, 11 Black- 
berry al. 

Campbell Ann, widow, 197 N 8th. 

Campbell Ann, 19 Shippen. 

Campbell Ann, b. h., 4 Penn. 

Campbell Anthony, gent, 290 S 3rd. 

Campbell Anthony, shoemaker, Milton bel 11th. 

Campbell Archibald, mer., 94 High, h N E 
Sch. 5th & Spruce. 

Campbell Archibald, dry goods, 447 N 2d. 

Campbell Archer, brickmaker, 3rd bel Phoenix. 

Campbell B., cordv/ainer, 199 Shippen. 

Campbell B. A. Mrs., S E Fitzwater & Morris. 

Campbell Catharine, 14 P road. 

Campbell Catharine, tailoress, 23 Quince. 

Campbell Chas. O. B., mer., S W Broad and 
Vine, h 129 N 10th. 

Campbell & Co., mers., 164 High, 

Campbell C. U., waiter, Bedford bel 12th, 

Campbell Daniel, manuf., Hopkin's ctn School. 

Campbell Daniel, cordwainer, 1 Little Dock. 




Campbell Edward, labourer, rear 14 Quarry. 
Campbell Elizabeth, 22 Parham. 
Campbell Elizabeth, rear 4 Webb's al. 
Campbell Elizabeth, Humphrey's ct. 
Campbell Francis, labourer, 10 Marble. 
Campbell Francis, ostler, 12 S 10th. 
Campbell George, b. lu, 199 Green. 
Campbell George, att'y & coun., 203 Mulberry. 
Campbell Henry R., engineer, Green ab IGth, 

h S W 12th & Cherry. 
Campbell H & A. & Co., dry goods, 94 High. 
Campbell Hugh, weaver. Cedar ab Sch. 2nd. 
Campbell Hugh, mer., 94 High, h S E 13th & 

Campbell Hugh, weaver, Jefferson n 2nd. 
Campbell Hugh, plumber, 11 Kenworthy's ct. 
Campbell Jas. A., carp., N W 8th & Fitzwater. 
Campbell James, b. h., 26 Smith's ct. 
Campbell James, stock & exchange broker, 4 

Exchange place, h 65 S 5th. 
Campbell James, att'y & coun. 73^ Dock, h 290 

S 3rd. 
Campbell James, mason, 138 Coates. 
Campbell James, lab., 7 Prosperous al. 
Campbell Jas. M., mer., N W Sch. 8th &. Lo- 
Campbell James, lab., c Chestnut & Sch. Front. 
Campbell Jane, Mrs., 156 S 10th. 
Campbell John, labourer, Workman's ct. 
Campbell John, mason, 138 Coates. 
Campbell John, tallow chandler, 12 Almond. 
Campbell John, brickmi*.. Spruce bel Sch 4th. 
Campbell John H., att'y & coun., 203 N 6th. 
Campbell John, tailor, 161 S Front, h 3 Town- 

send's ct. 
Campbell John, S W. Penn & Cedar. 
Campbell John, weaver, Carlton n Sch. 2d. 
Campbell John, weaver, Ann ab Sch 8th. 
Campbell John & Neal, tailors 161 S Front. 
Campbell Joseph, tailor, 214 Green. 
Campbell Joshua E., tailor, 237 S 7th. 
Campbell Lydia, trimming- store, 199 Green. 
Campbell Mary, Rihles' ct. 
Campbell Matthew, weaver, 3 Wagner's al. 
Campbell Neal, tailor, 161 S Front. 
Campbell Patrick, grocer, 4th ab Master. 
Campbell Patrick, hackman, c 4th Sc Master. 
Campbell Patrick, tailor, 295 S 4th. 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, Cedar ab Sch. 2nd. 
Campbell Peter, cooper, Washington above 

Campbell Rachael, spooler, 10 Rihl's al. 
Campbell Samuel, weaver, 2 Barker. 
Campbell Samuel, v/eaver, 18 Helmuth. 
Campbell Sarah W., b h 183 Coates. 
Campbell St. George T., att'y & coun. 70 S 6th, 
Campbell Thomas, dry goods, 81 Cedar. 
Campbell Thomas, mason, 138 Coates. 
Campbell Tristram 8c Son, tailors, 341 N Front, 

h 119 Budd. 
Campbell William, gi-ocer, NE 8th & Cherry, h 

155 Cherry. 
Campbell William, dry goods, N E 3rd &, Cedar. 
Campbell William, carpenter, Callowhill ab llth. 
Campbell William S., mer., 117 S 4th. 

Campbell Quintin, gent., 124 S 8th. 
Campbell Zephina, carter, 2nd n G T road. 
Camp David, carter, 17 Franklin. 
Camp John B., waterman, 121 Prime. 
Camp Nathan, labourer, 121 Prime. 
Camp Solomon, cordwainer, 147 S llth. 
Campion Francis, weigh master, 91 S Front, h 

129 N 10th. 
Campion John, hair dresser, 21 N 6th. 
Campion Joseph H., cabinet naker, 64 Spruce. 
Campion N. Field, mer., 129 S Front, h 5th ab 

Campion Thomas, coffee roaster, 24 Branch. 
Canavan James, wool dealer, c 4th & Skinner. 
Canby Caleb H., plumber, 115 Mulberiy, h 63 

Candley John, brickmaker, G T road n 6th. 
Candy Thomas D., machinist, 4 North st. 
Cane Francis, labourer, 305 S 7th. 
Caner M., coachmaker, 205 S 7th. 
Caney C. Mrs., 93 Pine. 

Canfield N., broker, 43 S 3rd, h 116 Chestnut. 
Canfield Patrick, labourer. Spruce n Sch. Front. 
Canon John, tinsmith, 188 Callowhill, h 137 

Cann Augustus, pattern maker, 3 Clair's alley. 
Cann Conrad, coach painter, 407 N 3rd. 
Canner John, shoemaker, 3 Kirkpatrick's ct. 
Cannon Ann, 3 Whitmer's alley. 
Cannon Daniel B., gent., 75 Pine. 
Cannon George, 3 Marble alley. 
Cannon George W., tinsmith, 3^ N 8th. 
Cannon Hugh, marble mason, 6 College av. 
Cannon James, labourer, Mun-ay ab Sch 2rd. 
Cannon Jane, washer, 21 Sassafras alley. 
Cannon Jane C, corselmaker, N W loth ^and 

Cannon John M., alderman, 418 N 2nd. 
Cans Joseph, drayman, Sch 3rd n Chestnut. 
Cansler Wm. W., paperhanger, 469 Vine. 
Canter Amelia, gentw., 80 Noble. 
Cantrel John A., S W 2nd 8c John. (S) 
Capehart Henry, brickmaker, Grim's ct. 
Capehart Israel, cordwainer, Palmer n Duke. 
Capewell John, agent, 11 Minor, h Queen. (K^ 
Capie Joseph, mariner, 65 Mead. 
Caple James, glass blower, Palmer n Prince. 
Caple John, clerk Queen n Hanover. 
Capp John C, 148 N 12th. 
Capper John, weaver, rear 208 F road. 
Cappy Alex., tailor, rear 198 Cedar. 
Caracourt Hemy, turner, 2 Miller's court. 
Caraghan James, lab., Spaffoixl ab Fitzwater. 
Caraher Thomas, watchman, 28 George. 
Carberry William, gent., 230 Catharine. 
Carbin Elizabeth, tavern, 173 S 5th. 
Carbon William, gent., 2 N Phoenix. (K) 
Cardwell H. B., mer., 87 S Front. 
Cardwell Thomas, gent., 160 S 4th. 
Cardwell Tlios. C, mer., 22 N Front, h Camden. 
Cardwell Wm. C, mer., 22 N Front, h Camden. 
Care Miss S., b. h., 212 Chestnut. 
Care Rachel, 10 Friends' Aims-House. 
Care William, curriei-. Green bel 13th. 
Carels Mary, widow, 173 Cherry. 




Cai-els Elizabeth, 108 Wood. 

Carels Samuel, M. D., 152 Catharine. 

Carels Wm. Bolivar house, 201 & 203 Chestnut. 

Carey E. L., bookseller, S E 4th & Chestnut. 

Carey & Hart, booksellers, S E 4th 5c Chestnut. 

Carey Edward, gent., 290 Walnut. 

Carey Henry C, 114 Walnut. 

Carey James, waiter, Georg-e ab 10th 

Carey Mary Mrs., 10 Wood. 

Carey Robert, saddle & harness mr,, 31 S 4th, 

h64 Gaskill. 
Carey Thomas, cordwainer. Orchard n Rawle. 
Carey William, tavern, Beacli ab Hanover. (K) 
Carhart Samuel, cordwainer, N W Little Dock, 

& Spruce, h 38 Almond. 
Carhart Samuel, oysters, 246 High. 
Carhart Samuel, oysters, 139 N 6th. 
Carhill James, trader, G T road ab Jefferson. 
Carie John, oyster cellar, 334 High. 
Caril L. S., cabinetmr., court E 29 New Market. 
Carl Jacob, cordwainer, 4 Clawge's ct. 
Carl WiUiam, weaver, 118 Plum. 
Carle C, bookbinder, 24 Buckley. 
Carle George, stevedore, rear 132 S 4th. 
Carles George, gent, 11th bel Spring Garden. 
Carlton Ann, gentw., 145 Spruce. 
Carleton & Fisher, tailors, 4 S 8th. 
Carleton John, tailor, 4 S 8th, h 190 Cherry. 
Carleton Samuel, carpenter, 190 Cherry. 
Carleton Thomas, carpenter, shop Sugar al bel 

7th, h 190 Cherry. 
Carlin A. B., portrait & min. painter, Shacka- 

jnaxon n Queen. 
Carlin Hugh, tavei-n, S W Vine & Water. 
Carlin Michael, tavern, c Water & Dock. 
Carlin Mrs. M., gentw., Marlborough bel Queen. 

Carlin Patrick, labourer, 241 S 6th. 
Carlin Philip, labourer, 257 N Front. 
Carlin Philip, feed, 288 Carpenter. (S) 
Carlin William, cordwainer, 91 Swanson. 
Carlisle A., clerk, 227 Coates. 
Carlisle David, carter, 369 N 6th. 
Carlisle Henry, combmaker, 7 Bryant's ct, h 

Locust n Rittenhouse sq. 
Carlisle J. J., auc. &, com. mer., 208 & 210 High, 

h 149 N 12th. 
Carlisle Mary A., gentw., 375 S Front, (back) 
Carlisle Purnell, lab., Cochran, ab Fitzwater. 
Carlisle Ralph H., barnessmaker, 9th ab Green. 
Carhsle Wm. B., shoemaker, 9th ab Green. 
Carlisle Wm. Jr., mer.. Walnut st whf. Sch., h 

Wood n Sch. 7th. 
Carlisle Wm., machinist. Wood n Sch. 7th. 
Carlisle Wm., paper warehouse, h 109 St. John. 
Carlon Charles, tavern, 153 S Front. 
Carlon Charles, tailor, 36 Middle al. 
Carman Charles, bootmaker, 648 N 2nd. 
Carman Charles, cabinetmaker, 600 G T road. 
Carman Charles, stonemason, G T I'oad n Otter. 
Carman D. C, 218 Sassafras, 
Carman George, paper carrier, 294 Green. 
Carman Hudson, mer., 273 High. 
Carman James, 218 Sassafras. 
Carman John, carpenter, 93 German. 

Carman J. M., 204 Mulberry. 

Carman Mary, 18 Green's ct. 

Carman Stephen, lockmaker, 22 N 8th. 

Carman S., gentw., 204 MulbeiTy. 

Carman Wm., painter, G T road ab Thompson. 

Carman AVm., carpenter, Montgomery n Front. 

Carman Wm., grocer, 239 & 241 High, h 218 

Carmick Mrs., widow, 125 Lombard. 

Carmine Wm., labourer, Workman's ct. 

Carnahan John, tailor, 30 Sheaff 's al. 

Carnell Wm., coachmaker, G T road & 5th. 

Carnes George, tinplatewr., 19^ Cresson's al. 

Carnes John, hatter, 34 Sheafs al. 

Carnes J., 485 High. 

Cams Edward, labourer, 241 S 6th. 

Carney B. L., hatter, 278 S 4th, h 272 S 6th. 

Carney Frances, widow, 20 Cypress al. 

Carney J., lab., Washington & Callowhilln Sch. 

Carney John, weaver, Howard n Franklin. 

Carney Michael, labourer, rear 248 Shippen. 

Carney Patrick, tavern. Front bel Phoenix. (K) 

Carney Thomas, cahco-printer, ct Vine n Sch. 

Carolus Jacob, ladies shoemaker, 25 Mechanic. 

Caron Henry, dry goods, 266 S 2nd. 

Caron Michael, ship carp.. Wood ab Queen. (K) 

Caroon Eliza, 444 Vine. 

Carpenter Ann, 30 Coates' al. 

Carpenter A. & M. Stevenson, confecs., 333 Vine. 

Carpenter Benjamin E., 215 Coates. 

Carpenter Chas., morocco dresser, 229 St John. 

Carpenter Conrad, vict., N 8lh n Buttonwood. 

Carpenter D. H., surg. ins. mr., 433 N Front. 

Carpenter Erasmus, oyslers, 9th bel Coates. 

Carpenter Francis, tailor, 64 Walnut, h 82 Union. 

Carpenter George, carpenter, 23 Perry. 

Carpenter George, clerk, reai- 196 CheiTy. 

Carpenter Geo. W., drug., 301 High, h 130 N 9th. 

Carpenter Henry M., cordwainer, 265 S 2d. 

Carpenter James B., tailor, 150 S 4th. 

Carpenter John, tailor, 82 Union. 

Carpenter John, cooper, c Powell & Ann. (F V) 

Carpenter Joshua, painter, 3rd bel Pine, h Juni- 
per bel Spruce. 

Carpenter Miles, lab.. Noble n O Y road. 

Carpenter Miles, carter, rear 70 Otter n F road. 

Carpenter Miles N., gent, 81 Wood. 

Carpenter Mrs., widow, 339 S 2nd. 

Carpenter Powell, brickmaker, 89 Tammany. 

Carpenter Rebecca, dealer, 187 Cedar. 

Carpenter Saml., bookbr., 5th bel Walnut, h 47 

Carpenter Samuel H., 5 Bank pi., h 44 S 13th. 

Carpenter Sarah, dres^mr., 13 i Poplar. 

Carpenter Sarah, 64 S 12th. 

Carpenter Sarah C, milliner, 15 S 2nd. 

Carpenter Stephen, carpenter, 3 Carlisle's ct. 

Carpenter S. D., teacher of di'awing, 284 S 5tli. 

Carpenter Wilham, cordwainer, 9 Shippen. 

Carpenter William, hatter, 5 Chancery lane. 

Carpenter William, carter, 92 Bedford. 

Carpenter Wm., tailor, 64 Walnut, h 86 Union. 

Carpenter W. & F., tailors, 64 Walnut. 

Carpenter Wm. T., tailor, 5 N 8th, h 172^ S 2d. 

Carpentier I. C, mer., 21 S Front, h 72 S 6th. 




Carpentier Lewis D., gent., 324 Walnut. 

Carpet Richard, springmaker, 9th bel Lombard. 

Carr Archibald, tailor, 258 S 5th. 

Carr Charles, lamp manuf., 160 S 3rd. 

Carr & Co., dry goods, N W 4th & Poplar. 

Carr Daniel, carter. Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 

Carr Daniel, gi'ocer, 310 S 7th. 

Carr Edward, gent., 374 Cedar. 

Carr Elizab., gentw., Franklin ab Buttonwood. 

Carr Jacob, lab., Mellon ab 9th. 

Carr James, waterman. Waller's ct. 

Carr James, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter. 

Carr James, plumber, 109 CheiTy. 

Carr Jane, 9 North ab 10th. 

Carr John, cabinetmaker, 5 Lawrence ct. 

Carr John, fishdealer, 13 Strawberry. 

Carr Joseph, blacksmith, Pearlab 11th. 

Carr & Keim, com. mers., 33 Commerce. 

Carr Lewis, sawyer, 61 Currant al. 

Carr Lydia Mrs., Beach. (K) 

Carr Maria, 52 Lombard, 

Carr Michael, waiter, 8 Vaux's ct. 

Can- M. Mrs., milliner, 305 Walnut. 

Carr Morgan, grocer, S W 3d and Cypress, h 
135 S 3d. 

Carr Patrick, grocer, 131 Locust. 

Carr Robert, coaldealer, Sarali ab Queen. 

Carr Samuel, lab., Sch. 7th bel Pine. 

Carr Samuel, shoemaker, 10th bel Catharine. 

Can- Samuel, blacksmith, Apple ab George. 

Carr Sarah, dressmaker, Wood ab 11th. 

Carr Susannah, gentw., 1 Duncan's ct. 

Can- Thomas, prof, of music, 201 N 6th. 

Can- William H., mer., 33 Commerce, h 9 Mont- 
gomery sq. 

Carr William, labourer, 9th bel Coates. 

Carr William, mer., 73 S whfs., h 135 S 3d. 

Carrall R., gent., Marshall row. 

Carrel Biddy, gentw.,Phoenixn Cadwalader. (K) 

Carrell John, tavern, S W Beck and Swanson. 

Carrell Timothy, watchman, John's ct. 

Carrig John, watchman. Filbert ab Sch 3rd. 

Carrigan Jacob Senr., carpenter, 204 Cherry. 

Carrigan J. Jr., saddlery hardware, 21 N 3d, h 
c 5th and Buttonwood. 

Carroll Clitworthy, weaver, 13th bel Shippen. 

Carroll Daniell, b h., 92 N Water. 

Carroll D. L. Rev., 264 N 6th. 

Carroll Elijah A., 119 S 2d, h 114 Catharine. 

Carrol] H., gentw.. Chestnut, opp. U. S. mint. 

Carroll James, labourer, 12 Marble. 

Carroll James, stone cutter, S E Broad & Lom- 
bard, h 10th ab Catharine. 

Carroll John, malster, 2d ab Phoenix. 

Carroll Nicholas, labourer. Clay n Beach. 

Carroll Patrick, tailor, 14 Jones' alley. 

Carroll Patrick, carpenter, rear 20 Marion'. 

Carroll Peter, blacksmith, 15 Prosperous alley. 

CaiToll Thomas, weaver, Shippen lane above 

Carroll Thomas, weaver, G T road ab Phoenix 

Carroll Walter, gi-ocer, 216 S 7th. 

Carron Michael, city watch, 31 Perry. 

Carrow I., jeweller, N W 3d and Chestnut, h 
N W 5th and Queen. 

Carslow James, carp., Stewart bel Catherine. 

Carson Ann, 24 Blackberry. 

Carson Catharine, 125 New. 

Carson Elizabeth, 345 Pine. 

Carson George, watchman, Lombard ab 13th. 

Carson George C, mer., 51 S whar., h 13th bel 

Carson H. L., mer., 30 N Front, h 358 Chestnut. 
Carson John, bricklayer, Sch. 8th ab Callowhill. 
Carson John, carter, 13 Harmony. 
Carson Joseph, M. D., 27 S 13th. 
Carson J. H.,68 Gaskill. 
Carson Matthew, weaver, G T road n 5th. 
Carson & Newbold, mers., 51 S wharves. 
Carson Oliver, weaver, 574 N 3d. 
Carson Rachel, gentw., 87 S 12th. 
Carson Samuel, crockery, N W 2d & Shippen. 
Carson Thomas, grocer, c 12th and Wood. 
Carson Thomas, grocer, G T road n Phoenix. 
Carson Thomas B., shoe store, 252 N 2nd. 
Carson Thomas, jr., mer., 197 High. 
Carson William, shipcarpenter. Union n Prince. 
Cai-son WiUiam, waterman, 72 Swanson. 
Carstairs James, mer., 1st wharf ab Cedar, h 31 

Carswell Samuel, lab., rear 175 Catherine. 
Carter Ann, 16 Prune. 

Carter & Brother, coal, Chestnut st. Whf. Sch. 
Carter Charlotte, gentw., 114 N 4th. 
Carter Charles Ignatius Rev., 116 S 4th. 
Carter Daniel, labourer, 51 Currant alley. 
Carter Dennis D., coloui-er, 166 Locust. 
Carter Durden B., mer., 26 Chestnut, h 2 Du- 

gan's row. 
Carter Ehzabeth, undertaker, 133 N 6th. 
Carter George, tobacconist, 90 N 5th. 
Carter J., cooper, 10 Commerce, h 170 N 13th. 
Carter James, cooper, 411 S Front. 
Cai-ter John, dealer, Ross ab Shippen lane. 
Carter John, chem., 14 Minor, h 96 S 12th. 
Carter John, lab., 55 Baker. 
Carter John T., coal mer.. Chestnut st wharf, 

Sch., h 37 N Sch. 8th. 
Carter John, wheelwright. Rose alley n Coates. 
Carter Joseph, carpenter. Carpenter n 11th. 
Carter Josiah S., hatter, 19 Mechanic. 
Carter J. C. & Wm., silk dyers, 114 N4th. 
Carter Margaret, 45 Sassafras. 
Carter Mai-garet Mrs., 14 N 12th. 
Carter Mary, 100 Swanson. 
Cai-ter Mary, milhner, 231 Cedar. 
Carter Robert T., clerk, 19 Vernon. 
Carter Sam-ael H., combmaker, 31 N 4th. 
Carter & Scattergood, chemists, 14 Minor. 
Carter Sharon, collector, 105 Buttonwood. 
Carter Simeon, carter, 9th bel Spring Garden. 
Carter William, hackman. Green ab 3d. 
Carter Wm. T., liv. stable.s. Prune n 6th, h S W 

9th & Pine. 
Carter Wm. T. & Co., stables, Prune n 6th. 
Carteret Emily, widow, 109 Lombard. 
Carteret J. W. Jr., tobacconists, 399 S Front. 
Carteret Wm. M., commission merchant, h S E 

4th & Catherine. 
Cartledge Joseph, stone cutter, 1 Hunter. 




Cartlidg'e Aaron, labourer, Pearl ab 13th. 

Cartman Danl., weav., Marlboroug-h n.West. (K) 

Cartner Joseph, cabinetmaker, 60J^ Penn. 

Cartney Rosanna, 40 Bedford. 

Cartwright Joseph, cabinetmaker, 399 S Front. 

Cartwright Mary, 44^ George. 

Cartwright Matthew, tinworker, 456 N 3d. 

Carty Charles, captain, 24 Mead. 

Carty Sumpter, cordwr., 32 JSorth. 

Carruthers John, coachmaker, N W 5th andBut- 

Carvalho David N., marble paper manuf., N W 

Sheppard's alley and Schriver's ct. 
Carvell William, weaver, 4th n G T road. 
Carver Alexander B., conveyr., 16 N 9th, h 51 

Carver Jacob, currier, Marion and Front. 
Carver Isaac, turner, 12 Dock, h 321 S 6th. 
Carver John E., builder, 158 S 5th. 
Carver John R., carpenter, 6 Rittenhouse. 
Casain John, lumber mer., 10th ab Lemon. 
Case William, labourer. Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 
Casey James, iron mer., 33 and 35 N Water, h 

352 Chestnut. 
Casey James, lab.. Smith's al., n Green. 
Casey John, grocei-, 116 N 10th. 
Casey Mary, grocer, 85 N Water. 
Casey Michael, cordwainer, 24 Crown. 
Cash Andrew D., conveyancer, 51 N 6th, h 6th 

bel Walnut. 
Cash John S., coll. Col. railroad, h Washington 

bel 11th. 
Cash Thomas, gent., 185 N 6th. 
Cashion Bridget, 99 Crown. 
Caskey Ann, dry goods, 144 S 8th. 
Caskey James, carter, 7 Lilly al. 
Caskey John, weaver, 9 Pearl. 
Caskey Joseph, groceries & floui", 446 High. 
Caskey Samuel, lab., 10 Morgan's ct. bel I2th. 
Casly Alexander, carpenter, 4th bel Carpenter. 
Casner Catharine, tailoress, 16 Brown. 
Casner Samuel, mer.. Spruce n Water, h 269 S 

Casner John, waiter, 12 Green's ct. 
Casner Susannah, dressmaker, 88 Poplar. 
Casperson Samuel, waterman, 325 S 4th. 
Cassady Ann, 30 Mead. 
Cassaday Francis, rear 31 Buck's al. 
Cassady Francis, weaver, G T road n Jefferson. 
Cassady Francis, grocer, G T road n Master. 
Cassady Hugh, pawn broker, 196 Cedar. 
Cassady Henry, segar maker, 303 S 4th. 
Cassady James, window bhnd maker & painter, 

23 N 6th. 
Cassady James, victualler, rear 20 P road. 
Cassady John, baker, 262 Mulberry. 
Cassady John B., combmaker, Bi-own n Oak. 
Cassady Michael, porter, 8 Elmslie's al. 
Cassady Park H., baker, 25 N 9th. 
Cassady William, tailor, 36 StrawbeiTy. 
Cassan Ann, shopkeeper, 170 Christian. 
Casseday Bridget, shop, 69 Bedford bel 7th. 
Casseday Jas., mer., 121 S Water, h 176 S Front. 
Casseday Patrick, watchman, 18 Helmuth. 
Casseday Samuel E., measurer, 43 Lombard. 

Cassedy Andrew, silversmith, rear 31 Beck's ct, 

Cassedy James, cooper, rear 31 Beck's ct. 

Cassedy Thomas, mastmr., rear 31 Beck's ct. 

Cassidy Dennis, hackman, 214 S 5th. 

Cassidy Dennis, painter, 129 N 6th. 

Cassiday A. M., M. D., 33 S 4th. 

Cassiday & Rohrer, druggists, 33 S 5th. 

Cassey Joseph, gent., 113 Lombard. 

Casson John, clerk, 158 S 4th. 

Caster Noah, seaman, 1 Lisle st. 

Caster WiUiam, cordwainer, Orchard n Rawle. 

Casteldine Ann, 307 S Front. 

Castels WiUiam, printer, 3 Benezet. 

Castledine Richard, chairmaker, 252 S Front. 

Castle George, teacher, rear 39 N 4tli. 

Castle James H., atty. & coun., office 48 S 4th. 

Castle William, confectioner, 136 Mulberry. 

Castles James, grocer, S E 2nd &, Catharine. 

Castner Charles, grocer, F road ab Stone Bridge. 

Castner Enoch, gent., 21 Lombard. 

Caster George, farmer, court rear 25 Garden. 

Caster Jesse Y., atty. & coun., office 572 N 2nd. 

Castor Samuel, rear 9 Mai-ia. 

Caswell Gertrude, b h, 41 Cherry. 

Caswell Wm. R., 304 High. 

Catlicart Alexander, cordwainer, 247 Christian. 

Cathcart Andrew, millwright, 6 Pennsylvania av. 

Cathcart John, labourer, 1 Sch. Water. 

Cathcart John M., guager 8c cooper, 59 N Water, 

h 3 Drinker's al. 
Cathcart John E., lab., c Sch 2nd & Lombard. 
Catherall Benj., paperhang., N 2nd ab Franklin 
Catherall Charles E., Cherry ab Sch. 7th. 
Catherall George, paperhanger, 68 Coates. 
Catherall Jane, Adams n 13th, 
Catherall William, lab., S Front ab Christian. 
Catherwood Hugh, S W 13th & High, h 425 

Catherwood & Craig, distillers, S W 13th & 

Cathran John, carpenter, 4 China. 
Cates Wm., lab., S Front ab Christian. 
Cateland Charles, Bedford ab Shippen lane. 
Catlin George, musical instrument -mr., 49 Prune. 
Catlin Sarah, 36 Coates' al. 
Cattell David, blacksmith, 266 S Front, (S.) 
CaufTman Lawrence, mer., 27 N 3rd, h 125 

N 9th. 
Cauffman Marcus, diygoods, 60 N 3rd, h 41 

O Y road. 
Cauffman R. S., mer., 27 N 3rd. 
Caulk Oliver, 10th n Washington. (S G) 
Cavanaugh Edward W., grocer, Almond st whf. 
Cavanaugh Hugh, corder, 43 Swanson. 
Cavanaugh John, clerk. Almond st. whai-f. 
Cavanaugh Jno., 82 Wood. 
Cavanaugh Larey, stonec'r, Lombard n Bank. 
Cavanaugh Michael, tavern, S E c Queen & 2nd. 
Cave Flenry, millwright, Sch. 6th ab Wood. 
Cave Jonathan J., agent, Vine bel 13th. 
Cave Joseph, sexton, 12 Lagrange pi. 
Cave fV. Schaffer, druggists, N E 6th & High. 
Cave Thomas, druggist, N E 6th & High, h 

Walnut n Sch. 7th. 
Cavender Corneha, 25 S 5th. 




Cavender Curtis H., mer., 243 N 7th. 
Cavender E. M., 264 Lombard. 
Cavender John H., conveyancer, 348 N 5th. 
Cavett Ann Maria, trimmings, 330 S 4th. 
Cavner Owen, lab.. Pine n Willow. 
Cavner Sarah, cig-armaker, rear 7 Kunckle. 
Cavro William, plasterer, Willow ab Charles 
Chacon Don Pablo, consul general of Spain, 2B' 


Chadwick Henry W., teacher. Front ab maiden 
Chadwick Nathaniel, machinist, 3rd n Oxford. 
Chadwick T. B., confectioner, 69 S 12th. 
Chaffin Forten, oysters, c Penn & Cedar. 
Chain Leah, washer, 26 Paschal's al. 
Chainnier Mary, gentw.. Christian ab 9th, (M.) 
Chamberlain C. R., dentist, S E 5th & Pine. 
Chamberlain E S., bootfitter, 10 Kelly's ct. 
Chamberlain Geo., cordw., 12 Pleasant Retreat. 
Chamberlain John senr., guager, 32 Ridge road. 
Chamberlain Taylor, carp., Carlton n Sch. 2nd. 
Chamberlain Zipporah, Mrs., rear 216 N 8th. 
Chamberlen Britton E., teacher, c 10th & 

Button wood, h 66 N 8th. 
Chamberlen Chs. H., carpr.. Nectarine ab 10th. 
Chamberlin Ehzabeth, gentw., 279 N 7th. 
Chamberlin John, carpenter, 41 Kunkle. 
Chamberlin Joseph, carpenter, 29 Cresson's al. 
Chamberlin Lewis, watchmaker, 49 N Fourth. 
Chambers Abbey, tavern, N W Swanson & 

Chambers Alexander, Cliina mer., 245 High, h 

43 O Y road. 
Chambers Andrew R., leather mer., 67 Chestnut, 

h 505 Chestnut. 
Chambers & Co., tur'pentine. Maiden bel Front. 
Chambers Ezra, tavern, 138 Sassafras. 
Chambers Edward, oysterman, 119 Swanson. 
Chambers G. W.,M. D., S 5th bel Catharine. 
Chambers & Hendry, leather, 67 Chestnut. 
Chambers Hercules, porter, 14 Bird's ct. 
Chambers H. M., milhner, 116 N 12th. 
Chambers James, stone cutter, 292 Cherry. 
Chambers James, painter, 274 Callowhill. 
Chambers James, labourer. Court al. 
Chambers J. C, grocer, S E 2nd and Mulberry, 

h 87 Wood. 
Chambers John M., carpenter. Peach. 
Chambers John, labourer. Corn bel Wharton. 
Chambers John, variety st., W High n Sch. 6th 
Chambers John Rev,, 360 Mulberry. 
Chambers Joseph, bricklayer, rear 352 S 2nd. 
Chambers Joseph, boxmaker, 42 Bread. 
Chambers Louisa, 5 Watson's al. ' 

Chambers Mary, milliner, 172 Chestnut. 
Chambers Maria B,, rear 14 Emlin's ct. 
Chambers Matthew, clerk, 149 Spring Garden. 
Cliambers Montgomery, M. D., 92 S 5th. 
Chambers N., eatinghouse, rear 305 Walnut. 
Chambers Peter, confec, c Willow & Magnolia. 
Chambers Robert, labourer. Acorn al. 
Chambers Robert, captain, 2 Silva's ct. 
Chambers Samuel, carter. Green's ct. (N L.) 
Chambers Walter, porter, rear 483 N 3rd. 
Chambers William, China mer., 250 S 6th. 
Chambers William C, M. D., 119 S 5th. 

Chambers Wm. B., gro., N W 4th 8c Walnut. 
Chambers William, 1 1 Brook's st. 
Chambley B., coachman, 10 N 10th. 
Champion Charles, tavern, N W Mulberry and 

N Whaif. 
Champion Samuel, blacksmith. Division n Ann, 

Champion Wilham, tavern, S Wharves n Cedar 
Chance George, waterman, 119 Swanson. 
Chance Mary, Church bel Christian. 
Chance J. C, mer., 187 High. 
Chance Spencer, waterman, Lancaster bel 

Chance William, blacksmith, Marlborough & F 

Chancellor Hannah, gentw., 271 Chestnut. 
Chancellor Henry, gent.. Walnut ab Broad. 
Chandler Abraham, waiter, M'MuUen's ct. 
Chandler Elizabeth, b h, 16 N 9th. 
Chandler George Rev., Queen n Palmer. (K) 
CbanJIer George, carpenter, 5 Madison. 
Charmer Isaac, Helmuth ab Sch. 6th. 
Chanller John, carter, Marshall ab Poplar, rear. 
Chandler John, grocer, 159 S 6th. 
Chandler Joseph R., editor & proprietor U S 

Gazette, 66 Dock, h 105 N 10th. 
Chandler Samuel W., com. mer., 17 Commerce, 

h 267 N 7th. 
Chandler William, porter, Mary's ct. 
Chandler AVilliam A., cordwainer, 4 Hank's ct. 
Channell Isaac, Helmuth ab Sch. 6th. 
Channell Powell, Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Chapin Emma, confectioner, 441 S 2nd. 
Chapman Ann, 4 QuaiTy. 
Chapman C. C, exch. office, N W 2nd and 

Chestnut, h 138 S 2d. 
Chapman Edward B., shoestore, 131 Mulberry, 

and currier, N W 11 th & Vine. 
Chapman Ehzabeth, 146 S 10th. 
Chapman Enos, carpenter, 22 Marion. 
Chapman James S., cordwainer, 5 Kelly's ct. 
Chapman John, lab., 4 R R court. 
Chapman Jonathan, engineer, N'lOth n Button- 


Chapman Joseph, k'pr. penitentiary, Ann. (F V) 
Chapman Julia, gentw., 11 Christian. 
Chapman Mahlon, labourer, c Coates 8c 11th. 
Chapman Mary, 99 Wood. 
Chapman Nathaniel, M. D., 332 Chestnut. 
Chapman Richard, M, D., Queen n Shacka- 

maxon. (K) 
Chapman Richard, papermaker, 521 N Front. 

Chapman , cigarmaker, 308 St. John. 

Chapman Theodore, bricklayer, Buttonwood 


Chapman Thomas, carp., George bel Sch. 6th. 
Chapman Thos. B., machinist, Beach ab Hanover 

h Queen n Hanover. 
Chapman Thomas E,, bookbinder, N W 5th Sc 

Cherry, store 74 N 4th. 
Chapman Wm., bricklayer, S W Franklin and 

Chapron John M., mer., 185 High, li 75 Spruce 
Charles Edmund, exch. broker, 44 Arcade. 
Charles Sarah, 104 German. 




Charles Thomas, captain, 249 S 6th. 
Charlton Benjamin, tailor, 447 S 2nd. 
Charlton Martha, tavern, c 8th & Zane. 
Charlton Robert, labourer, 106 Vine. 
Charlton Thomas, watchman, 8 Nixon. 
Charlton W. M., clothing-, 246 Cedar. 
Charnley William S., stock & exch. broker, 9 S 

3rd, h Pine ab 9th. 
Charnley & Whelen, stock & ex. brokers, 9 S 3rd. 
Chamock Thomas, cabinetmaker, rear 72 Pine, 

h 26 Bonsall. 
Charrier F., Madame, fancy dressmr., 112 N 8th. 
Charter Geo., furniture car. Baker bel Sch. 6th 
Charters Samuel, boot & shoemaker, R road ab 

Francis, (F V.) 
Chassam Georg-e, seaman, 229 Christian. 
Chase Ann, b h, 9 Maria. 
Chase Benjamin, 12 CuiTant al. 
Chase Ebenezer, cordwainer, 25 Lebanon. 
Chase Ezra, 2 Elmsly's al. 
Chase Heber, M. D., Ill S 9th. :■. 

Chase Henry, labourer, 63 Currant al. * 
Chase J., stonecutter, Ann n Powell, (F V.) 
Chase Lloyd, waiter, Wood ab Sch. 7th. 
Chase Philip B., com. men, 20 Chestnut, h 4 

W Penn sq. 
Chase Robert, lab.. Paschal's al. 
Chase Stephen G., shoemaker, 19 Harmony st 
Chase Thomas G., library & music store, 120 

Chase W. B., mer., 42 S Front, h Filbert ab 

Sch. 7th. 
Chase William, shoemr., Atherton bel M lane. 
Chase William, labourer, 41 Currant al. 
Chasten ey Jane, teacher, Sch. 6th n George. 
Chatham Ann, widow, 281 S 4th. 
Chatham John, cordwainer. Front bel Wharton. 
Chatham Joseph, grocer, 76 Locust. 
Chatham Robert F., ladies' shoemr., 53 S 12th. 
Chatham Wm., carpetmanuf., G T R n 5th. 
Chattam Rebecca, tailoress, Streeper's ct. 
Chatterson Joseph, carver, Nonnater's ct. 
Chauncey Charles, counsellor, office 85, h 87 

Chauncey & Chester, counsellors, office 85 

Chauncey Elihu, Pres. P & RRRCc, 59 SSrd, 

(up stairs,) h 157 Walnut. 
Chauncey Natlianiel, atty. & coun., 231 Pine. 
Chauvers Jesse, shoemaker, 119 N 10th. 
Chaux Miss E., Indian doctress, FR bel Phoenix. 
Chauvenet W. M., grocer, S W 3d & Cedar. 
Cheatle R., hatter, 316 N Front. 
Cheeks Henry, carter, Grear ab 11th. 
Cheeks Wm., M. D., N E Sassafras & Bache. 
Cheeks Wm., jr., mer., h N E Sassafras and 

Cherry David, teacher, c George & Charlotte. 
Chesebrough C, groceries, 16 S Whfs. 
Cheesman Joseph, wagoner, cor 10th & James. 
Cheesman Richard, oysterman, Combs' ct. 
Chesney Jane, dressmr., George bel Sch 6th. 
Chesnut & Gravel, groceries, S W. 12th and 

Chesnut John P., gent., 7 Ann ab Sch. 8th. 

Chesnut John, blacksmith, 402 High, h 89 N 

Chesnut Mary, b h, 60 Zane. 

Chesnut Nathaniel, car agent. Pearl ab Say. 

Chesnut Samuel, clerk, 47 Wood. 

Chesnut Sarah, 25 Vernon. 

Chesnut Wm., gTocer, S W 12th and Marion, h 
47 Wood. 

Chester Alpin, clerk, 2 Baxter's avenue. 

Chester Elizabeth, 639 N 2nd 

Chester Henry, atty. & coun., office 85 Walnut. 

Chester Hiram, shoes. Queen n Shackamaxon. 

Chester Hiram, bootmaker, F road n Queen. 

Chester Leonard, machinist, Hanover ab Prince. 

Chesterman John, boot crimper, rear 132 S 4th. 

Chesterfield Amanda, 9th ab Green. 

Chevalier J. B., lithographer, 70 Dock, h 56 S 

Chevalier Wm., tinman, 468 N 5th. 

Chevens P., boat builder, Court al. 

Chew F. & J. hairdressers &. wigmrs., 36 S 4th. 

Chew H. S., tavern, c Cedar & Vernon. 

Chew James, hatter, 357 S 2d. 

Chew Jeffrey, bottler, Catharine bel 7th. 

Chew Jeffrey, mariner, 22 Mead. 

Chew Jonathan, cordwainer, 281 S 5th. 

Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 204 Chestnut. 

Chew Maria, 286 Walnut. 

Chew Samuel, atty. & coun., 80 Walnut. 

Chew Totten, carter, rear 298 S 4th. 

Chew Westley, cordwainer, 328 S 4th. 

Chew William, clothes, N E 2nd & Walnut, h 
36 S 4th. 

Chichester John, lab., 68 Almond. 

Chidester Ann, dressmr., 92 Callowhill. 

Chirdel Ann, 216 S 3rd. 

Child Henry T., watchmaker, 290 N 3d. 

Child John, clock & watchmr., 452 N 2nd. 

Child Stephen, victualler, N W Catharine and 

Childs C. G., editor Com. List, 75 Dock, h 365 

Childs George K., silversmith, 8 Laurel. 

Childs John, blacksmith, St. John bel Tammany, 
h cor Dillwyn and Tammany. 

Childs Sarah, teacher, 54 Wood. 

Chiles B. B., dentist, 90 Walnut. 

Chisman Timothy, wine mer., 131 S Front h 
210 N 13th. 

Chittick Gerrard, weaver, 17 Brinton. 

Chitty John, plaster Paris manuf , 41 Union. 

Choate David L., bootmaker, 9 Abbott's ct. 

Choogrove Bridget, Mulberry n Sch 8th. 

Chri.slinker Jacob, butcher, Charlotte bel Thomp- 

Christ Joseph, caulker. Prince bel Palmer. 

Christ Christopher, lab., West bel Palmer. 

Christern Fred., machinist, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 

Christian John, 67 Catharine. 

Christian John, cordw., Washington ab Front. 

Christian Peter, alderman, 87 N 3rd. 

Christie Margaret, upholsterer, 143 Chesnut. 

Christine J. H., dentist, Marlborough ab Frank- 

Christine Thos., carpenter, O Y road bel Georg-e. 




Christine Wm. W., cordw., Marlboroug-h above 

Christler L., 3 Callowhill. 

Christman Edward, fancy store, 5 S 3d, h 1 

Christman Henry, boots & shoes, S E 2nd & Vine. 

Chi'istman Joseph, clerk, 20 Howai'd. 

Christman M., wid. of Henry, 427 Sassafras. 

Christopher Michael, drayman, 361 Coates. 

Christy James, g-rocer, S 12th n Lombard. 

Christy Mary, S W 13th & Fitzw;iter. 

Christy Marg-aret, 266 N 7th. 

Christy Robert F., clerk of Orphans' Coui-t, h 
88 S Front. 

Christy Samuel, brushmaker, Clay ab Willow. 

Christy Stewart, drayman, Hig-h ab Sch 4th. 
I Christy & Stewart, bottling' cellar, c 12th and 

Christy William, cordwainer, 40 Cedar. 

Christy William, tobacconist, Harrison ct. (K) 

Christy Wm., umbrella maker, 334 N 3d. 

Chrystler William, g-ent., 3 N 3rd. 

Chubb Samuel, dry g-oods, 235 S 2nd. 

Chur A. T., mer., 53 High, h 13 Serg-eant. 

Chur Jacob, gent., 13 Sergeant. 

Church Frederick H., mer., 101 N 2d, h S 10th 

bel Shippen. 
Church Julius, confectioner, 411 N 2nd. 
Church Mary Ann, 24 Almond. 
Church Rebecca, tailoress, 33 Penn. 
Church, Stanley & Co., stove manufs., 101 N 2nd. 
Churcher John, boot & shoemaker, 220 8 4th. 
Churchill John, cordwainer, 15 Lombard. 
Churchman Charles W., mer., 19 Chestnut, h 

190 Pine. 
Churchman Saml., mer., h 7th n Parish. 
Clackston Nathaniel, painter, 27 Cox st. 
Claghorn John W., auctioneer, 43 High, h 383 

Claghom William C, mer., 34 N Front, h 323 

Clair Charles, cabinetmaker, 151 Cedar. 
Clair William, furniture, 127 Cedar. 
Clair Wm., brushmaker, ^V^illiam n Hopins' ct. 
Clammar Mary, 483 N 3rd. 
Clampitt Hannah, tailoress, 77 Mulberry. 
Clancy Timothy, tavern, 212 N Water. 
Clancey Thomas F., cabinetmaker. La Grange pi. 
Claphamson Samuel, baker, 94 N 9th. 
Clapherson S. P., baker, 422 N 4th. 
Clapp Allen, steward, Pennyslvania Hospital. 
Claranan James, marble yard, Sassafras n Broad, 

h 1 Lybrund, 
Clarey Thomas, lab., 4 Jackson's ct. 
Claridge William R., druggist, N E Hanover & 

Queen. (K) 
Clark Alfred M., engineer, 9 Queen n F road 

Clark Alexander, lampmaker. Nectarine n 11th. 
Clark Ambrose, huxter, 7 Black Horse al. 
Clark Benjamin, watchmaker, 1 S Front, h 115 

Clark Benjamin, painter, Spruce E of Sch Front. 
(;lark B. &. E., watchmakers, S E Front & High. 
Clark &, Cadmus, shoes, S AV 3rd & High. 

Clark Calvin, printer, 108 Crown. 

Clark Charles, carpenter, N 4th n Master. 

ClarK; Charles, tailor, 22 Queen. 

Clark Charles E., agent, 13 Branch. 

Clark Charles, coachman. Prune n 5th. 

Clark & Carpentier, com. mers., 21 S Front. 

Clark Clement, cordwainer, 312 S Front. 

Clark Daniel, painter. Little Pine bel 7th. 

Clark Daniel, blacksmith, 449 N 3rd, h 452 
N 3rd. 

Clark David, bookseller, 178 N 3rd. 

Clark David W., carp., N iOth ab Buttonwood. 

Clark Eliza, 347 S 2nd. 

Clark Elizabeth, 73 Catharine. 

Clark Elizabeth, b h. Queen n Shackamaxon (K.) 

Clark Elizabeth H., 19 Howard. 

Clark Eliz.abeth, 10 Pennsylvania av. 

Clark Ellis, watchmaker, 32 Branch. 

Clark Ellis, jr., 32 Branch. 

Clark & Elhott, stationers 8c bookbinders, 152 

S Front. 
Clark Enoch W., exch. broker, 25 S 3rd. 
Clark E., tailor, c Orchard and Jackson. 
Clark E. W. & Co., exch. brokers, 25 S 3rd. 
Clark Ephraim, gent., 3 S 9th. 
Clark Ephraim, mer., 21 S Front, h 378 Chestnut. 
Clark Ephraim, drygoods, N W 4th Sc Vine, h 

104 Marshall. 
Clark F., tailoress, 12 Hyde's ct. 
Clark George, victualler. Christian n Sch. 
Clark George, oj^sterman, 24 Barley. 
Clark George, blacksmith, N E 13th & Olive. 
Clark George G., painter, 8 Hamilton ct. 
Clark & Hartley, watchmakers, 11 S 4th. 
Clark Hugh, alderman, N 4th n Master. 
Clark Hugh, teacher, 112 Queen. 
Clark H., cabinetmaker, 43 Dock. 
Clark Isaac, carpenter, Mustin's ct, h Wood ab 

Clark Isaac, carter, Shackamaxon bel Bedford, 

Clark Jacob M., painter, 5 first court Vine ab 

Clark Jacob R., Nectarine bel 11th. 
Clark Jacob W., plumber, 162 N 4th, !i S E 

Logan & Coates. 
Clark Jacobinia, 81 Callowhill. 
Clark James G., gent, office, 132 Mulberry. 
Clark James, auctioneer & com. mer., S W 5th 

& Cedai'. 
Clark James, tavern, 5th bel Cedar. 
Clark James, lab., Nixon ab Callowhill. 
Clark James, gent., Shackamaxon ab Bedford. 

Clark James, blacksmith, c Sch. 4th & High. 
Clark James, tailor, 508 N 2nd. 
Clark James, weaver, 1 Shippen lane. 
Clark James, jr., carpenter 7th ab S Garden. 
Clark Jane, gentw., 227 S Front. 
Clark Jane, nurse, rear 38 Ann. 
Clark Jane, 38 N 5th. 
Clark Jeremiah, cordwainer, 431 S 2nd. 
Clark John, tobacconist, rear 299 Callowhill. 
Clark John, cordw., 510 N Front. 
Clark John, labourer, Clair bel Carpenter. 




Clark John, weaver, G T R ab 5tb. 

Clark John, silverplater. Dean bel Franklin, (K.) 

Clark John, carpet weaver, 8th n S Garden. 

Clark John, cordwainer, 170 Shippen. 

Clark John, grocer, S E 5th & Prune. 

Clark John A. Rev., 33 Sansom. 

Clark John C, printer &. stationer, 60 Dock, h 

83 Locust. 
Clark John C, seaman. Federal ab 2d. 
Clark John S., clerk, 85 Franklin. 
Clark John W., S E Logan and Coates. 
Clark Joseph, 14 Mulbeny. 
Clark Joseph C, tavern, 1 Branch al. 
Clark .Fosiah H., blacksmith. Vine ab Broad. 
Clark J., clerk, Gvear ab 12th. 
Clark L. B., gent., 78 N Front. 
Clark Marsh B, piinter, 269 S 3d. 
Clark Mitiy, 42 German. . 
Clark Mary, 15 Morris. 
Clark Mary, Cooper bel Sch od. 
Clark Mary, shop, 162 S Water. 
Clark Mansfield, tailor, 5 Nonnater's ct. 
Clark Michael, bricklayer, 22 Plumb. 
Clark Michael F., mer., 90 High, h 157 Mulberry. 
Clark Moses, cabinetmaker, 5 Harmony ct. 
Clark Nicholas, cordwainer, 660 N 2nd. 
Clark Owen, labourer, 29 Zane. 
Clark N. W., Sch 3d & High. 
Clark Patrick, tavern, c N 4th & Master. 
Clark Patrick, labourer. Cooper ab Sch. 3rd. 
(;lark Rebecca Mrs., 3 Diamond. 
Clark Rachel, 8 Cresson's alley. 
Clark Rachel, Sch. 2nd ab Vine. 
Clark Robert, lumb. mer., 154 Christian, h Car- 
penter ab 3rd. (S) 
Clark Robert, boot & shoemr., 78 George. 
Clark Robert, stove finisher, 7 Coxe's al. 
Clark Robert Jr., mer., 45 Carpenter. 
Clark Robt. & Wm., lumberyard, 154 Christian. 
Clark Robert S., gent., 8 City row. 
Clark S. Mrs., b b, 104 Filbert. 
Clark Samuel, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 

Clark Sarah W., Sch. 4th n Chestnut. 

Clark Silas, cooper, 110 Pearl. 

Clark Susan, 296 N 7th. 

Clark Stephen, carter, 4 M 'Bride's ct. 

Clark Thos., bookbind'r., 19 St. James, h 64 Zane. 

Clark Thomas, 1 Fetter lane. 

Clark Thomas, cabinetmaker. Vine n 12th. 

Clark Thomas, carpenter, 475 N 2nd. 

Clark Thomas, carter. Carpenter ab 6th. 

Clark Thomas, foundry, Jackson's court. (N L) 

Clark Thomas, weaver, Filbert ab Sch 8th. 

Clark Thomas C, 56 S 12th. 

Clark Thomas D., cordwainer, Christian bel 3rd. 

Clark Thomas W., watchmaker, 11 S 4th. 

Clark Timothy, tailor, 492 S 2nd. 

Clark Wesley, baker, Lawrence ab Green. 

Clark AVilliam, engineer, Grear bel 13th. 

Clark Wilham, carter, N 4tli n Jefferson. 

Clark Wm., chairmaker. Dean bel Franklin. (K) 

Clark William, lumb. mer., 154 Christian, h 49 

Clark William, bookeeper Penn. Bank. 

Clark Wm. E., seaman, Church bel Christian. 

Clark William H., dentist, 33 Spruce. 

Clark Wm. & Son, mathematical instr. maker, 

122 S Front. 
Clark W. W., druggist, 16 N 5th. 
Clark Willis Gay lord, ed. Phila. Gazette, 97 S 2d. 
Clarke Caleb F., tailor, S E 4th & High, h 155 

Clarke Eliza, 19 Howard. 
Clarke John, 8 N 9th. 
Clarke Thomas C, publisher, 56 S 12th. 
Clarke William M., mer., 73 High, h 67 Vine. 
(Jlarke & Porter, grocers, N E 6th and Button- 
Clarkson Belinda, 167 Pine. 
Clarkson Charles, mer., 87 Chesnut, h S 10th n 

Clarkson Elizabeth, Sassafras n Sch 8th. | 

Clarkson George, mer., 27 S whfs., h 226 Pine. 
Clarkson Jacob, mer., 183 High, h S 10th below 

Clarkson John, 4 Juniper alley. 
Clarkson J. G., att'y & coun., 130 Walnut, h 

226 Pine. 
Clarkson Robert, coal yard, Callowhill n Upper 

Bridge, h Sch 7th n Sassafras. 
Clarkson Solomon, teacher, 155 Lombard. 
Class Peter, copperplate printer, 33 Sugar al. 
Clatt John, pilot, 120 Prime. 
Clause John H., grocer, N W Pine & 11th. 
Clausen C, bookbinder, 3 Warren's ct. 
Clausen John G., harnessmr., S E 2nd & Laurel. 
Clausen & Maull, tobacconists 8c platers, S E 

2nd & Dock. 
Clausen W. & Co., hatters, 23^ N 3rd. 
Clautice Wm., coachmaker, Sch. avab 11th. 
Clavey Jacob, shoemaker, Concord ab 2nd. 
Clavey John, labourer, 21 Cox. 
Clawges Elizabeth, gentw., 167 Coates, 
Clawges Jacob, painter, Charlotte n Poplar. 
Clawges John J., 21 George bel Sch. 7th. 
Clawson Henry, goldbeater, 58 Green. 
Clawson Josiah, carpenter, 58 Green. 
Claxton John, gent., 71 Crown. 
Clay George F., drayman, O Y road bel George. 
Clay George, bookkeeper Penn Bank, h 409 

Clay George, machinist, Callowhill bel 13th. 
Clay Jehu C. Rev., Swanson bel Christian. 
Clay John, plasterer, 140 S 10th. 
Clay Joseph A., att'y &. coun., 147 Walnut, h 

141 N 9th. 
Clayfelt G., labourer, rear 265 St. John. 
dayman Augustus, victualler. Front n Master. 
Claypool David C, gent., S 12th ab Walnut. 
Claypool George W., stonecutter, 35 Carlton. 
Claypool John, cordw.. Crown ab Queen. 
Clayton Charles, gent., 3 Filbert. 
Clayton Curtis, shoemaker, Sch. 2nd & Vine. 
Clayton Edward, constable, 5 Hyde's ct. 
Clayton George, bricklayer, Locust ab Sch. 3rd. 
Clayton Henry M., printer, Benezet bel 11th. 
Clayton James, brickmaker, Pine ab Beach. 
Clayton James A. B., shoemaker, 2 Raspberry la. 
Clayton Jemima, Parrish n 6th. 
Clayton John, shoemaker, 5 Plumb. 




Clayton Joseph, shoemaker, 6 Clymer st. 
Clayton Margaret, widow of Henry, 8 Straham's 

court. (M) 
Clayton Mary A., teacher, F. M. School. 
Clayton R., packer, 9 Fayette. 
Clayton S. Mrs., intelligence office, 47 N 8th. 
Clayton Samuel, Queen bel 6th. 
Clayton William, grocer, S E Lisle &. Shippen. 
Cleag Francis, weaver, Marlborough bel West. 
Cleavenger Wm. S., teacher. Darby road. (AV P) 
Cleaver Elizabeth, 103 St. John. 
Cleaver Marj', 215 N 8th. 
Cleckner Mary, huxster, 215 Christian. 
Cleeton G., carpet weaver, 24 Perry. 
Cleeton Wm., cedar cooper, 190 Callowhill. 
Clegg Alex., tailor, Quince n Pine. 
Clegg Cynthia, shop, Sch. 8th & Wagner's ct. 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 77 German. 
Clegg Isaac, manuf., G T R ab Master, 
('legg Joseph, Plough tavern, 16 N 3rd. 
Clegg Nathaniel, manuf., G T road n Jefferson. 
Clegg Sam'l, groceries, c Weymer's ct & Sch. 8th. 
Cleggit T. T., 292 S 10th. 
Clein Elizabeth, N W 9th & Sassafras. 
Clein Jacob, grocer, N W Sassafras ^ 9th, h 

161 N 10th. 
Clemens & Bancroft, blacksmiths, 13 Decatur. 
Clemens Benjamin S., musical ins. mr., Buckley 

ab 5th. 
Clemens George S., druggist, 187 N ord, h 100 

Clemens Jacob, gent., 156 Marshall. 
Clemens John, labourer, George bel Sch. 6th. 
Clemens Joseph, skin di'esser. Otter n F road. 
Clemens Michael, blacksmith, 13 Decatur, h 11 

Clement Charles, bricklayer, 11th ab Cedar. 
Clement Henry A., pianoforte mr., 14 Perry. 
Clement Jacob B., com. mer., 149 S Front, h 

272 Walnut. 
Clement & Newman, com. mer. 81 S whfs. 
Clement N. T., hatter, 158 N 2nd. 
Clement Robert, Barker n Sch. 4th. 
Clement Samuel, gent., 170 S 9th. 
Clement Samuel L., conveyancer, 207 N 6th. 
Clements Benjamin, tavern, 7o N Front. 
Clements Samuel W., tavern, S whfs n Cedar. 
Clements William, seed store, Callowhill above 

Sch. WiUiam. 
Clements William, porter, rear 7 Quany. 
Clements William S., hatter, 48 S 3rd. ' 
Clemson John B. Rev., 11th bel Lombard. 
Clendaniel John, dry goods, 203 f S 2d. 
Clendenin Lawrence, tailor, 322 N 3rd. 
Clendenin Phebe, widow, 114 Plumb. 
Clendenin Saml., teacher, c Coates & Franklin. 
Clendenin Sarah, gentw.. Filbert n Sch. 7th. 
Cleney William, tavern, 85 Shippen. 
Cleveland C. D., young ladies' school, 8 Franklin 

Cleveland Henry, 18 Quince. 
Cleveland S. C. American silk agent, 169 S 5th. 
Clew Elizabeth, shop keeper, CheiTy bet Sch. 

7th and 8th. 
Clew Peter, brickmaker. Cherry bel Sch. 8th. 

Clew William, 12 George. 

Clift Susan, milliner, 83^ Cedar. 

Clifton Francis, stock & susp. nar., 135 Chestnut, 

h 97 Chestnut. 
Clifton Isaac, hatter, 8 Wood. 
Clifton Jenet, gentw., 323 S 2nd. 
Chfton & Kenny, tailors, 183 S 2nd. 
Clifton Matthias, tailor, Higgin's ct. 
Chfton Robt., tailor, 183 S 2nd, h 151 Catharine. 
Chfton Thos., baker, N W Catharine & Lebanon. 
Chfford C. shop, 135^ Cherry. 
Chncher Adams, porter, 10 Fothergill. 
Cline Barbara, 4 Salem al. 
Cline Charles, silver plater, c Rose & School. 
Cline David, labourer, rear 200 Coates. 
Cline David, milkman, Duke n Hanover. 
Cline Elizabeth, 12 Kenworthy's ct. 
Cline Francis, musician. Filbert ab 9th. 
Cline Francis, combmaker. Prince bel Palmer. 
Chne George, tailor, 90 N 9th. 
Cline Geo., carpenter, 13th ab Spring Garden. 
Cline Hannah, 134 Poplar. 
Chne Herr, gent., S 10th ab Shippen. 
Cline James, cordwainer, Orchai'd n Jackson. 
Cline John, blacksmith, 1 FUckwir's ct. 
Cline Lewis J, tailor, c 13th & Carlton. 
Chne Mary, 354 N Front. 
Cline Philip, silver plater, 294 Sassafras. 
Cline & Shillingsford,bl'cksmiths, 134 Lombard. 
Cline Wm., Spruce bel Sch 5th. 
dinger Jacob B., saddler, 183 N 3rd. 
dinger Jacob C, clerk, 4 Gebhard. 
Clingman John, Ven. blindmr., 5 Weaver's ct. 
Clinton Francis, carpenter, 1 Paynter's ct. 
Chnton Francis, soapboiler, 254 S 5th. 
Clinton G. C, acct., 16 Perry. 
Clinton James, ship carp.. Beach n Maiden. 
Clinton John, shoemaker, 284 S 6th. 
Chnton John, letter carrier, 33 Chester. 
Clinton Joseph J., hairdresser, 1 N 10th. 
Clinton Paynter, carpenter, 314 S 4th. 
Clinton Robert, acct.. Otter n G road. 
Clinton William, carpenter, Dean bel Franklin. 
Chnton Wm., clerk, 157 S 3rd. 
Clinton William, shipwright, Rachel n Laurel. 
Cloak Daniel, engineer, rear 96 N 13th. 
Cloak Ebenezer, watchman, 112 N Juniper. 

Cloak Wm., lab., Carpenter bel Atherton. 

Clohesey Thomas, painter, 30 Chester. 

(Jlomaley Christopher, saddler, 58 Kunkle. 

Cloney Margaret, shop. Broad ab Filbert. 

Clopp John Jr., constable, 35 Crown. 

Clopp .lolin, gent., 174 N4th. 

Clopp Sarah, gentw., 10 Stout's alley. 

Close Edward, weaver, N Front n Phoenix. 

Close Henrj', gent., 169 Coates. 

Close Rachel, 12 Parham. 

Closin Thos., weaver, Marlborough n West. 

Clotheir Caleb, bricklayer, 45 Cherry. 

Clothin Jacob, grocer, c Hanover & Prince, h 
Union bel Prince. 

Clothier Elizabeth, Loxley's ct, r. 115 Mulberry. 

Clothier Nanc}', Bedford n Union. 

Clothier Saml., bricklayer, Hanover ab Prince. 

Clothier Samuel, brickmaker, I'raley's ct. 




Clothier Wm., grocer, Bedford bel Hanover. (K) 

Cloud Isaac, plasterer, Perkenpine's ct. 

Cloud John L., combmr, Marlboroug-h n Prince 

Clouden Francis, moulder, c Poplar & G T rd. 

Clouden Jacob, victualler, Hope n Phoenix. 

Clough Daniel, baker, 6 Myers' ct. 

Clouse Jacob, tailor, Otter bel G T road. 

Clowney James, b h 179 S 6th. 

Cluley Henrietta, chair wareroom, 81 S 5th. 

Cluley Sarah, b h 9 Cherry. 

Cluley Wm., tinpl. worker, 81 N 9th, h 9 Cherry. 

Clumell Maria, 518 S 2nd. 

Clun David, ship carp.. Union, n Bedford. 

Clusey Peter, carpentei-, 1 8 Brenner's al. 

Clutch C. R., cordwainer. Federal ab 2nd. 

Clyde Thomas W., engineer, Ogden n 10th. 

Clymer Andrew, currier, Marriott ab 5th. 

Clymer Archibald, tailor, 317 S 4th. 

Clymer Georg-e, inspector, 230 Spruce. 

Clymer Jacob, carp., 141 Franklin. 

Clymer M., M. D., 230 Spruce. 

Coad Patrick, 145 Catharine. 

Coalsher Peter, grocer. Front n Master. 

Coane Robert, cakebaker, 91 S 6th. 

Coash Andrew, porter, 173 S 11th. 

Coates A., currier, 229 Coates. 

Coates Benj. H., M. D., N W 7th and Walnut. 

Coates E. H., tailor, 90 N 6th. 

Coates George M., seed store, 49 High, h 210 

Coates George M. Jr., mer., 4 N 2nd. 
Coates Henr}^, M. D., 189 Lombard. 
Coates Isaac, shipcarpenter, Beach n Warren. 
Coates Isaac L., shoemaker. Orange ab Wallace. 
Coates Jacob B., cumer, 29 New Market. 
Coates James, Montgomery house, S E 9th and 

Coates John W., mariner, 31 Catharine. 
Coates John, musician, 308 S Front. 
Coates Josiah, seedsman, 49 High, h 60 N 3d. 
Coates Mary, 60 N 3d. 
Coates Matthias, accountant, 24 Castle. 
Coates Rebecca, teacher, rear 13 N 7th. 
Coates Robert, labourer, 185 N Front. 
Coates Sophia, 26 S 12th. 
Coates William, shipcarpenter, 158 Swanson. 
Coates W. C, mer., 26 Church al., h 367 Sassafras 
Coats John Jr., printer, 80 Cedar. 
Coats Thomas, alderman, office 3d bel Green, 

li 230 Noble. 
Cobb Ebenezer, victualler, N Front ab Oxford. 
Cobb Samuel, carpenter, Crown ab Queen, 
Cobb Wm., carpenter, 43 Palmyra sq. ab 10th. 
Cobb Wm. Jr., carp., S W Marshall & Brown. 
Cobui'n Aaron, confectioner, 11 Blackberry al. 
Coburn C, combmaker, Parrish n 8th. 
Coburn M. A., b h., 89 S 3d. 
Coburn Robert, gent., 259 Pine. 
Cochran Andrew, tavern, S E 3d and Shippen. 

Cochran Joshua, weaver, Bedford bel 13th. 
Cochran Mrs., tavern. Quince & Spruce. 
Cochran Mrs., gentw., Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Cochran Margaret, 314 S 7th. 
Cochran Maria, segar maker, 4 Myers's ct. 
Cochran Michael, furniture, 135 Cedar. 
Cochran & Perry, lumber merchants. Broad bel 

Cochran Patrick, painter, 8 Budden's al. 
Cochran Richard, 152 S Juniper. 
Cochran Samuel, 331 Vine. 
Cochran Wilham, paper carrier, Catherine bel 

Cochran Wilham G., wine mer., 57 S 3d, h 415 

Cochhn Daniel, lab.. Filbert n Sch. 2nd. 
Cockburn James Jr., manuf., Dillwyn ab Willow, 

h 138 Dillwyn. 
Cockburn Rebecca, gentw., 131 Franklin. 
Cockey John Z., sheet iron stoves, S W High & 

Cocking John, victualler, 135 Locust, h 20 Cur- 
rant alley. 
Cocking John, weaver. Front n Oxford. 
Cockrell^ames, clothing, 66 N 6th. 
Coddington Jemima, b h., 11 Carlton sq. 
Cody Daniel, watchman, Jeaney's ct. 
Cody James, ropemaker, Barker's ct bel Crown. 
Cody Mary, milliner, 83 Gaskill. 
Cody Sarah, huckster. Carpenter ab 5th. 
Coe Ann A., 151 N 10th. 
Coe Richard, mer., 34 N 4th, h 326 N 6th. 
Coffee Geo. F., sprig & brad mer., 16 German. 
Coffee John, waterman. Queen n F road. 
Coffee Jona., sup. mers. exch., h 14 Pear n 3d. 
Coffee Mary Mrs., 467 Vine. 
Coffee William F., clerk, 4 Southampton ct. 
Coffin Albert Jr., tavern, 270 S 6th. 
Coffin Arthur G., Sec. Ins. Comp. N. America, h. 

133 Walnut. 
Coffin 8c Chfton, stock & suspender makers, 135 

Coffin Francis, M. D., 47*5 S 2d. 
Coffin James A., eating house, 381 O Y road. 
Coffin John P., stone cutter. Front bel Master. 
Coffin John P., stone cutter, F road bel West. 

Coffin Joshua, 8 Shoemaker. 
Coffin & Landell, oil manufs., 22 N Water and 

Penn ab Maiden. (K) 
Coffin L. B., stock & suspender manufacturer, 

135 Chestnut, h 26 Pear. 
Coffin Mary, gentw., 10th bel Cedar. 
Coffin T. M., mer., 22 N Water h, Mulberry n 

Coffin William, g-ent., 16 Christian. 
Coffin William C, lapidarj-, 5 Bank alley, h 16 

Coffman Andrew, painter, 187 Poplar. 

Cochran Andrew, lumber merchant. Broad bel Coffman William, jeweller, 10 Knight's ct. 

Lombard, h 146 Juniper. 
Cochran Charles, labourer. Noble ab 8th. 
Cochran John, carpenter, 310 Carpenter. (S) 
Cochran John, weaver, 46 Cedar fr Sch. 
Cocliran John, typefounder, 132 Cfdlowhill. 

Cogill Catharine, widow, Peach n Green. 
Cogle James, porter, 32 Portland lane. 
Coggins Abigail M., shop, Shackamaxon above 

Franklin. (K) 
Coggins David, steam mill, 207, &. h 209 N 10th. 




Coggiris Jonathan, printer, 8 Boyd's av. 
Coggins William, lab., Rugan be! Willow. 
Cohen A. M., druggist, 80 N Front. 
Cohen Barnet, undertaker, 270 S 7th. 
Cohen Barnet, cabinetmaker, 146^ S 5th. 
Cohen David, furrier & cap manuf., 285 N 2d. 
Cohen H. & Co., impor. stationery, 3 S 4th. 
Cohen Joseph S., atty & coun., 80 N Front. 
Cohen M. A., jeweler, 172 Shippen. 
Cohen Sarah, 24 S 12th. 
Cohen Timothy, labourer, 8 Kelly. 
Cohill Charles, portrait painter, 175 N 2d. 
Cohill George, cabinetmaker, 314 S 6tli. 
Coil Rachel, 66 Noble. 
Coin Jeremiah, carpenter, 3 Clover. 
Colbert Mary A., washer, 3 Salem al. 
Colbert William, clerk, Raspbeny lane. 
Colcher David, coachman. Sassafras n Sch. 3rd. 
Colcher Peter, blacksmith, 31 Laurel. 
Colcord Edwin, broker, 24 S 5th. 
Colcord Enoch L., broker, 24 S 5th, h 5 Colon- 
nade row. 
Colcord John P., letter carrier, 99 Catharine. 
Colden Scotland, 3 Biddle's ct. 
Coldwater Ann, 11th n Spring Garden. 
Coldwater Margaret, 147 N 5th. 
Cole Antliony, grocer, c Cadwalader & Phoe- 
nix. (Kensington) 
Cole Clarissa, washer, Serjeant n 10th. 
Cole Elizabeth, 53 Currant alley. 
Cole Francis, tavern. Beach n Maiden. 
Cole Francis, tavern, 186 Callowhill. 
Cole Frederick, lab.. Orchard n Poplar. 
Cole George, labourer, Cadwalader bel Phoe- 
nix. (Kensington) 
Cole Jacob, gent., 2nd n Master. 
Cole James H., U. S. inspector, 45 S Wharves, 

h 371 Sassafras. 
Cole John, blacksmith, Fraley's ct. 
Cole John, dry goods, 25 S 2d. 
Cole John G., tailor, 36 Chester. 
Cole Joseph, porter, 10 Barclay. 
Cole Nelson, collector, 58 Wood. 
Cole Thomas, bootmaker, rear 199 Christian. 
Cole Thomas, cordwainer, Palmer ab Prince. 
Coles Edward, gent., 54 S 13th. 
Coles Ehzabeth, rear 199 Christian. 
Coles Keziah, gentw., rear 141 Green, 
Coles Mary Ann, sempstress, 3 Fromberger's ct, 
Coles P. B. Mrs., b h., S W 5th and Minor. 
Colesberry Isaac, mer., 205 S 4th. 
Colesbury John, saddler, 248 N 7th. 
Colgan John, china packer, 128 Callowhill. 
Colgate John, porter, Bonsall bel lOth. 
Coleman Ann, milliner, 131 N 2nd. 
Coleman Daniel, carpenter, 9 Benton av. 
Coleman Edward, 381 Mulberry. 
Coleman Grace, 120 Locust. 
Coleman G. W., dry goods, 477 N 2d. 
Coleman Harriet, gentw., 9 Clinton square. 
Coleman Henr}', carpenter, 13th bel Brinton. 
Coleman Jacob, dry goods, 419 N 2d. 
Coleman James, shoes, 70 N 2d, & 38 N 3d, h 

34 Mulberry. 
Coleman John Rev., 146 Queen. 

Coleman John M., teacher, 458 N 3d. 

Coleman Nathan, carter. Willow ab 12th. 

Coleman Nicholas, wheelwright. School above 
Lydia. (K) 

Coleman Patrick, currier, R r ab Ann. (F V) 

Coleman Phihp, carpenter, 65 Coates. 

Coleman Philip, glue maker, 22 Noble. 

Coleman P., labourer, 417 N Front. 

Coleman P., labourer, 8 Filbert avenue. 

Coleman Solomon, cap maker, 288 St. John. 

Coleman William, grocer, 127 Plum. 

Coleman W. M., cordw., F r bel Master. (K) 

Colhoun Gustavus, gent., 265 Chestnut. 

Colhoun J. B., M. D., 265 Chestnut. 

Colhoun Samuel, M. D., 15 S 7th. 

Colhoun Wm. H., broker, 44 Walnut, h 415 High, 

Colket T. C, contractor, 93 Marshall. 

Coloumb Charles, teacher, 306 Carpenter. (S) 

Colladay Charles, mer., 15 Commerce. 

Colladay Hannah, widow, 9 Jacoby. 

Colladay Joseph S., carpenter, 4 Rittenhouse. 

Colladay J. Walter, brush manuf., 284 Hig-h. h 
133 N 8th. 

Colladay Mary, 135 N 8th. 

Colladay Samuel R., dry goods, S E 11th and 
Sassafras, h 9 Jacoby. 

Colladay Sarah W., b h., 108 N 10th. 

Colladay Theodore, carpenter, 10 Madison. 

Colladay Thomas S., carpenter, Colladay's ct. 

Colladay WilUam, carpenter, 7 Jacoby. 

Collar Jacob, sand mer., c Queen & Cheriy. (K) 

Collar John, gent, 81 Beach n Maiden. 

Collar Michael, fisherman. Queen n Cherry. (K) 

Colley Daniel, cordwainer, Pearl ab 13th. 

Collier John, labourer, 533 Chestnut. 

CoUier Rebecca, tailoress, 117 Swanson. 

Colligan Bernard, lab., 82 George. 

CoUingbourne Wm. D., corned., 7 Flower. (M) 

CoUings John H., waterman, c Brown &, Front. 

Collins Albert, rigger, 38 Union al. 

Collins Alexander, weaver, 11 Gay's ct. (K) 

Collins A., Penn, Dispensary, 123 Cedar. 

Collins & Brother, hardware, 50 Commerce. 
CoUins Bernard, labourer, 22 Mary. 
Colhns Bernard, tavern, 150 Shippen. 
Colhns Catherine, Sch. 8th bel Callowhill. 
Colhns Charles, bootfitter, 534 S 2nd. 
Colhns Charles & Son, tailors, 326 High. 
Collins Charlotte, 9 Tammany. 
Collins David, lab., 5th n G T road. 
Collins Edward, cordwainer, 72 N 3d. 
Collins Edward E., tavern, 8 Strawberry. 
Collins Francis, weaver, 1 Robin's row. 
Collins Frederick, mariner, 325 S 3d. 
Collins George, painter, 6 Lebanon. 
Colhns George, painter. Queen bel Warren. 
Collins Isaac, 129 Filbert. 
Collins Jacob, mer., 207 S 2nd, h George bel 

Collins Jeremiah, labourer, Thomas's ct. 
Collins Jeremiah, locksmith, 104 Mulberry, h 

Prospect al. 
Collins John, dry goods, 7i S 2nd. 
Collins John, labourer, 40 Currant alley. 
CoUins John, lithographer, 7^ S 2nd. 




Collins John, ropemaker, Hanover n Prince. j 

Collins John, clerk, 360 S 3d. 

Collins G. A., barber, 100 N 4th. 

Collins John, waterman, rear 348 S Front. 

Collins John, carp., Shippen lane ab Fitzwater. 

Collins Jonathan, cordwainer, 75 Catherine. 

Collins Joseph, ropemaker, Prince ab Palmer. 

Collins Lewis, waiter, 6 Pryor's ct. 

Collins Lucinda, washer, 339 Sassafras. 

Collins Mrs., nurse, rear 294 S 10th. 

Collins Margaret, tavern, 184 N 2d. 

Collins Penrose, druggist, c 5th and Minor. 

Collins P. G., printer, Lodge al., h 101 Cherry. 

Collins Robert, weaver, Marlborough n Duke. 

Collins Robert, tavern, 504 N 2nd. 

Collins Robert, painter. Queen ab Palmer. (K) 

Collins Samuel, pump & blockmaker, Spruce st 

wharf, h 57 Almond. 
Collins Samuel, 20 Swanson. 
Collins Sarah, sempstress, Stout's alley. 
Collins Samuel, block Sc mast maker, Penn. (K) 
Collins Thomas, carter,; Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 
Collins T. K., printer, 1 Lodge al., h 159 N 13th. 
Collins Thomas, teacher, h 185 Christian. 
Collins T. K. & P. G., pi-inters, 1 Lodge 
Collins William, carpenter, 3 Helmuth. 
Collins William, labourer, Sarah n Bedford. 
Collins William, tailor, 326 High. 
Collins Wilham, gent., 112 Mulberry. 
CoUins William, hatter, G T road n 5th. 
Collins William, tobacconist, 220 N 6th. 
Collins William M., paper warehouse, 58 N 3d, 

h 74 N 10th. 
Collison Sarah, 187 S 9th. 
CoUom Clement, carp., 203 G T road. 
CoUom Jesse, carpenter, Sch. 7th n Pine. 
CoUom Jonathan, gent., 132 Coates. 
CoUom Judah, carp., William op Hopkins's ct. 

Colloms Wm., carp., St. John opp. Globe Mill. 
Collyer Robt., gent., 394 Coates. 
Colquhoun A., b h, 85 Chestnut. 

Colsberry Sarah, gentw., 21 Catherine. 
Colsher William, wheelwright, 2 R road, h 10th 
ab Buttonwood. 

Colson Deborah, milliner, 9 Strawberry, 

Colson Samuel, turner, 543 N 5th. 

Colston Sarah Ann, 9 Madison, 

Colston Mary, 66 Tammany, 

Colter Charles, city watch, 33 Washington. 

Colter John, super, pavers, Washington ab 11th, 

Colton Charles, tavern, 207 Shippen. 

Colton David, planemaker, h Ann n Sch. 7th. 

Colton George, 30 Perry. 

Colton Irinda, dry goods 379 High. 

Colton John, 25 S 3rd. 

Colton John, planemr., 379 High, h 52 Filbert, 

Colton O., brass f'dr., 22 Library, h 1 Union row 

Colton Sabin W., grocer, 244 High. 

Colver Jacob, gent. Orange bel F road. (K) 

Co] well C, confectioner. Beach. (K) 

Colwell Charles P., whipmaker, Coate*! n 10th, 

Colwell Stephen, 351 Mulberry. 

Colwell Thomas, clerk, Sch. 2nd ab High. 

Combs George, venitian blindmaker, 75 S 11th 

Combs Henry, labourer, Clu-istian n 8th. 

Combs Mary, widow, G T road n Phoenix. 

Combs Sarah, 1 Warren's ct. 

Combs William, currier, 124 S 5th. 

Combs Wilham, druggist, 51 Prime. 

Combes John R., grocer, Oak ab Willow, h 382 

Comerford John, stone cutter, Coates n Sch. 7th. 
Comfort Aaron, Tliomsonian Medicines, 295 

High, h 10 N 11th. 
Comfort Cyrus, framemaker, Elizabeth n Poplar. 
Comfort John W., M. D., 2 S 10th. 
Comfort Joseph, carpenter, 3 Elizabeth. 
Comfort S., exchange broker, 5 Bank alley. 
Comfort William, farmer, Burchill's ct. 
Comegys Cornelius, gent., 42 N 8th. 
Comly Allen, merchant, 163 High. 
Comly David, carpenter, 345 Sassafras. 
Comly Ethan, dry goods, 199 N 2d. 
Comly Frankhn A., mer., 236 N 3d. 
Comly George, tobacconist, rear 115 Dillwyn. 
Comly Samuel, mer., 95 & 97 N Water. 
Comly Thomas J., printer, 8 Coombes' alley. 
Comley Martin, shoemr, 6 Scattergood's ct. 
Commer Catharine, 9 Salem alley. 
Commer George, lumb. deal., rear 1 Beck's ct. 
Compton Benjamin, lab., 412 N 3rd. 
Comstock Andrew, M. D., 100 Mulbeny. 
Conard Abraham, N E 4th and Beaver. 
Conard Charles, carpenter, 86 Dillwyn.- 
Conard Joseph, farmer & toll collector, Callow- 
hill n Fairmount. 
Conard Paul, machinist, Lilly al. ab Tammany. 
Conard Thomas, labourer. Front ab P hoeni x 
Conarroe & Dixon, gi-ocers, 281 N 2nd. 
Conarrol Richard R., grocer, 24 Callowhill. 
Conde Frances, M'idow of Charles, 114 N 5th. 
Condell Abraham, queensware, 215 S 3d. 
Condell Thomas, queenswai'e, 210 S 2d. 
Condcn Thomas, blacksmith, Hope ab Otter. 

Conden Thomas, blacksmith, 2 Liberty ct. 

Condie D. F., M. D., 134 Catharine. 

Condie J., piano forte manuf., 1 Mechanic's av, 

Condie Thomas, cordw., Catharine ab 7th, 

Condon Sarah, Beach n Shackamaxon. 

Condy Thomas, weav., Cadwalader ab Lloyd's ct. 

Cone A. M. & M., trimmings, 70 S 8th. 

Congar Charles, cordwainer, 77 Budd, 

Congar W., cordwainer, 98 Budd. 

Congar Wm, H., cordw.. Goldsmith's ct. (N L.) 

Congee John, bootmaker, 249 Green. 

Congo John, labourer, 26 Bird's ct. 

Conkle Henry, toymaker, 84 N 7th. 

Conkle Henry coi-d manufactory, 2 S 3rd, h 4^ 

Conklin Garrison, 4 Smith's ct. 

Conley Catharine, N 5tk ab Buttonwood. 

Conlin Dennis, weaver, 56 Fitzwater. 

Conlin Felix, weaver, 46 Fitzwater, 

Conlin Hugh, labourer, c 12th and Willow, 

Conlin Thomas, machinist, 2^ Rittenhouse. 

Conn James, trader, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

Connal John, alderman, 44 Budd. 

Connar Thomas, lab., 1 Paschall'sal. 

Connarroe G, W., portrait painter, 194 Chestnut, 
h 392 Vine, 




Conn Thomas, farmer, Fi-ont ab Phoenix. 
Conndly Henry, gent, Sch. 7th bel Locust. 
Connell Jane, widow, 21 Mifflin. 
Connell John, mer., Chestnut, 1 door bel Broad 
Connell John H., conveyancer, 43 Buttonwood, 
Connell Robert, pat. maker, Queen ab Hanover. 
Connell Sarah, huckster, Catharine bel 8th. 
Connell Thos., pewterer, 144 High, h 55 N 6th 
Connelly Arthur, baker, 13th ab Cedar. 
Connelly George, gent., 381 Callowhill. 
Connelly Horace L., Rev., S 8th ab Fitzwater. 
Connelly James, cordw., Cadwalader n Phoenix. 
Connelly R., fancy goods. Chestnut ab 12th 
Connelly Mary, 43 Shippen. 
Conner Bernard, Murray ab Sch. 2nd. 
Conner David, Capt. U. S. Navy, N W 11th and 

Conner Edward, manufactr, G T road and 4th. 
Conner Henry, weaver, 11 Myers' ct. 
Conner James, cordwainer, 68 Shippen. 
Conner James, tailor, 10th ab Christian. 
Conner John, shoemaker, 287 S 3rd. 
Conner Joshua, shoemaker, 575 S 2d. 
Conner Michael, framemaker, 387 Callowhill. 
Conner O., bootmr., R road n toll gate Francis- 

Conner Richd. O., tavern, R R bel toll gate (F V) 
Conner Thomas, labourer, Singler's Row. 
Conner Thomas G., cooper, 17 Little Water, h 

43 Penn. 
Connolly John, acct., N W Green & Marshall. 
Conover Ann T., 50 Wood bel 11th. 
Conover Chai'les, bricklr., 6th bel Carpenter. 
Conover J. B., mer., 190 High, h 153 Pine. 
Conover Jacob, combmr., Phosnix n G T road 
Conover John T., coach trimmer, 84 S 11th. 
Conover Jos. B., mer., 153 Pine. 
Conover Lewis T., cordwainer, 114 S 10th. 
Conover P., mer., 190 High, h 212 S 4th. 
Conover Ferdinand, carp., 412 N 9th. 
Conover William, cabinetmaker, Green ab R 

Conover WiUiam, tailor, 3 Winter's ct. 
Conover William B., boot 8c shoemaker, 72 S 2d, 

h 245 Christian. 
Conover William P., 190 High, 245 Christian. 
Conrad Elizabeth, Front n Maiden. 
Conrad Elizabeth, 104 Mulbeiry. 
Conrad Elizabeth, Hamilton n John. (F M) 
Conrad George, die sinker, 170 N 4th. 
Conrad Harry, mer., 127 N 3d, h 178 N 4th. 
Conrad Isaiah, plasterer, Coates n Sch. 6th. 
Conrad Jas. M., hardw., 309 High, h 248 Filbert. 
Conrad John, apothecary, Penna. Hospital. 
Conrad John, mayor of N L, h 169 Callowhill. 
Conrad Matthew, mer., 60 High, h 25 Mulberry. 
Conrad M. &. Co., mers., 60 High. 
Conrad Peter, paper carrier, 5 Gray. (M) 
Conrad Peter, clerk market. Cherry n Sch. 6th. 
Conrad Peter, cordw., 168 S 5th. 
Conrad Robert T., judge. Green ab Franklin. 
Conrad & Roberts, hardware mers., 127 N 3rd. 
Conrad Samuel, carpenter, 16 Rachel. 
Conrad Samuel, engineer, 2 Melon. 
Conrad William D., bricklayer, 382 S 3rd. 

Conrad William C, mer., 60 High. 

Conrow Ellis, painter. Orchard n Jackson. 

Conrow Wm. G., bricklayer, 93 Buttonwood. 

Conroy John 8c William, tavern, c Phoenix and 
F road. 

Conser Jacob, ropemr., Shackamaxon n Prince. 

Constable R., gunsm., 88 S 2d, h 1 Harmony ct. 

Constable Wm., shoemr., N W Callowhill and 

Conveiy P., shoes, 160 S 6th. 

Conaway Samuel, tailor, 466^ N 2d. 

Conway Andrew, clerk, 31 German st. 

Conway Barnard, 550 N 2nd. 

Conway Charles, tailor, 13 Stamper's alley. 

Conway Edward, brewer, 264 S 3d. 

Conway John, brass founder, 4th n Culvert. 

Conway John, lab., rear 315 S 6th. 

Conway Miles, weaver, 200 Shippen. 

Conway P., weaver, Shippen ab Broad. 

Conway Patrick, tavern, 113 N Water. 

Conway Patrick, shoemr, Locust ab Jumper. 

Conway Petrus J. O., dentist, 123 9 2nd. 

Conwell Rt. Rev Bishop, Willing's al. 

Conyer John, cordw., 539 High. 

Conyers James, 60 New 

Conyers John, lum. mer., c High and Sck. Sth, 
h Cherry ab Sch. 6th 

Conyers J. C, bootmr., 38 S 3rd. 

Conyers Thomas, combmr.. Crown ab Queen, 

Conyers W., gent., 183 Spruce 

Cooes Chloe W., Currant al. 

Cook Abraham, letter carrier, 208 N 6th. . 

Cook Alexander, labourer, 11th bel 8. Garden. 

Cook Archibald, rear Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Cook Asher, bricklayer, 14 Helmuth. 
Cook Barton, gent., 142 Wood ab Sth. 
Cook Charies L., tailor, 300 Vine. 
Cook Christopher, tailor, Apple n C creek. 
Cook David, cordwainer, 30 Sugar al. 
Cook Edward, cabinetmaker, 6 Cypress al. 
Cook Elisha W., Swanson nN. Yard, h 118 Pine- 
Cook Elias, chandler, Say n Sch. 7th. 
Cook Elizabeth, washer. Vine ab 12th. 
Cook Eliza, b h, 7th n Parrisli. 
Cook Eliza, 56 Tammany. 
Cook Frederick, cordwr., 10 Sassafras al. 
Cook, Fairchild 8c Cook, merchants, 11 Com- 
Cook Frederick, baker, 146 Budd. 
Cook George, com. mer., 11 Commerce. 
Cook James S., bookbinder, S E 13th 8t Ma- 
rion, h 12 Jackson's ct. 
Cook Jane, tavern, 95 S Water. 
Cook Jasper C, clerk, 11 Montgomery. 
Cook Jeremiah, carter, rear 32 Plum, 
Cook Joel, tailor, 189 Chestnut. 
Cook John, carpet weaver, 13 M. road. 
Cook John, cordwainer, Morris ab Catharine. 
Cook John, grocer, N E Locust and Broad. 
Cook John, gent., 298 Chestnut. 
Cook John, collector, 11th bel Spring Garden. 
Cook John, weaver, 6 Spring Mill ct. (F M) 
Cook Joseph, printer, Spafford ab Fitzwater. 
Cook Lewis, baker. Pine n Carbon, 




Cook Lewis, tailor, 2nd n Master. 
Cook Margaret, R road n James. 
Cook Maria, g^entiy. 82 Brown. 
Cook Mary, Pearl ab 13th. 
Cook Matthew, cordwainer, 78 German. 
Cook Michael, cordwainer, 78 German. 
Cook Patrick, lab., Sch. 2nd ab High. 
Cook Robert, labourer, 30 North ab 10th. 
Cook Ruth, gentw., Beaver n St. John. 
Cook Samuel, letter carrier, 30 New Market. 
' Cook Saml. A., railroad agent, 259 N 3d, h 7th 

bel Callowhill. 
Cook Samuel, oysters, 284 High. 
Cook Samuel, brushmaker, 533 High. 
Cook Solomon, clothing, 75 Green. 
Cook Thomas R., carver &. gilder, 35 Plum. 
Cook Thomas, Cherry ab 10th. 
Cook WiUiam, blacksmith, Carlton n Sch. 2nd. 
Cook William, cordwainer, 79^ Cedar. 
Cook William, carpenter, 15 Wood ab 4th. 
Cook Wm., mer., 11 Commerce, h94 Marshall. 
Cook William, tobacconist, 4 N Front. 
Cook William, labourer, 55 Catharine bel 2d. 
Cook W. Wallace, c Front and Walnut, h 298 

Cook Wm., cordwainer, 24 Parham. 
Cooke Jay, 25 S 3rd. 

Cooke John, mer., 133 High, h 372 Mulberry. 
Cooke Mary, dressmaker, 96 Union. 
Cooke Saml., tobac, 5 Mulberry,h Brown bel 5th 
Cookebeack Nathan, tavern, c Oak and Brown. 
Cooker George W., labourer, M lane ab 4th. 
Cooker Jacob, shoemaker, 4th ab Washington. 
Cooker John, shoemaker, 4th ab Washington. 
Cooker Martin, shoemaker, 4th ab Washington. 
Cookinbach Lewis, N W 6th and Poplar. 
Cooley Joseph, hatter, 52 Cedar. 
Cooley John, labourer, 484 N 3d ab Poplar. 
Cooley L., gent., 5 S 7th. 

Coolidge Edwin, mer., 181 High, h 66 Franklin. 
Coolidge & Wyeth, shoes, &c., 181 High. 
Coombs Benjamin, carp., 3 Wagner's al. 
Coombs Henry, labourer, Christian ab 8th. 
Coombs Pennell, Rev., 2 George W Sch. 7th. 
Coombs Rachel, 313 S 3rd. 
Coombs William, porter. Prime bel Church. 
Coon John, trader. Hay dockn Canal. (N L) 
Cooper Ann, 17 New. 
Cooper Ann D., 22 Cypress al. 
Cooper Ann V., 21 Mulberry, 
Cooper B. C. k S. C, tailors, c 3rd & High. 
Cooper B. C, tailor, S E 3rd & High, h 134 

Cooper Brittain, Pres., Western Bk., 122 N 9th. 
Cooper Charles B., bricklayer. High ab Sch. 
Cooper Collin, mer., 35 N Front, h 125 Pine. 
Cooper David, cordwainer. Sergeant. 
Cooper Deborah, 7 Virginia row. Walnut. 
Cooper Elizabeth, b h., 13 Filbert. 
Cooper Elizabeth, b. h., 28 Cherry. 
Cooper Elizabeth, 112 Vine. 
Cooper Francis H., grocer, 81 Shippen. 
Cooper Francis, tobacconist, 341 High. 
Cooper Francis L., 4 Di-inker's al. 
Cooper Geo., grate & fender manuf., 84 N 2nd. 

Cooper, Green & Cooper, mers., 49 High. 

Cooper George B., mer., 49 High. 

Cooper George, painter, 136 St. John.' 

Cooper Hiram T., dry goods, 393 High. 

Cooper Isaac, gent., 225 Vine. 

Cooper James, cooper, 204, & h 203 S Front. 

Cooper Jerry & James, weavers, Hamilton n 

William, (F M) 
Cooper John, mer., 51 High, h 320 MulbeiTy. 
Cooper John, printer, 237 S 6th. 
Cooper John P., printer, 434 N 4th. 
Cooper John, carter, c. Say and Moores' al. 
Cooper John, carp., G T road n St. John, (K) 
Cooper Joseph T., hatter, 83 Swanson. 
Cooper Joshua, carter. Sassafras n Sch. 7th. 
Cooper Lawrence, ladies shoe mr. 256 Callowhill 
Cooper Levin, mariner. Currant al. n Spruce. 
Cooper Levit, cojichman, 47 Mechanic. 
Cooper Lewis, dry goods, 27 S 2nd, h 96 N 8th. 
Cooper Michael, collector, 13 Fitzwater. 
Cooper Nathaniel D. blacksmith, 100 Locust, h 

Pine bel 12th. 
Cooper Robert, vlct.. Nectarine ab 10th. 
Cooper Samuel, lab., 2 Spring Mill ct. (F M) 
Cooper Sarah, Mi-s., 326 Walnut. 
Cooper Samuel B., watchmaker, 260 S 5th. 
Cooper S. C, tailor, S E 3rd & High, h 37^ 

Cooper Thos., brushes, brooms, &c., 3 N Front. 

h 210 Cherry. 
Cooper & Walter, snuff mill, 11th bel Coates. 
Cooper Wm. B., mer., 49 High, h 88 N Front. 
Cooper Wm. C, grocer, N W 12th &. Sassafi'as. 
Cooper Wm. C, gi-ocer, S E Budd & Coates. 
Cooper Wm. F., cordwainer, 30 Castle. 
Cooper Wm. M., cooper, 200 S Water. 
Cooper Wm., watchman, 19^ Stamper's al. 
Cooper Wm., tavern, 172 Lombard. 
Coopler George, carter, Carlton n Sch 3d. 
Coots Reuben, shoemaker, 84 S 12th. 
Cope Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut, h 177 S 5th 
Cope Caleb, mer., 165 High, h c Walnut and 

Cope Caleb & Co., mers., 165 High. 
Cope Charles S., att'y & coun., 22 N 7th. 
Cope Charles, victualler, 87 M road. 
Cope George, di-ayman, 69 Noble. 
Cope Hannah, widow, 87 M road. 
Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h 102 S 4th. 
Cope Henry, victualler, Marion bel M road. 
Cope Herman, asst. cashier Bank U S, h 355 

Cope H. & A., mers., 1 Walnut. 
Cope Israel, gent., 186 Mulberry. 
Cope 1. 1., 1st teller Commer. Bank, 335 N 6th. 
Cope Jasper, gent, 391 Mulberry. 
Cope John, mason, 129 N 4th. 
Cope Marmaduke C, 286 Mulberry. 
Cope Philip, cooper, 31 Christian. 
Cope Thomas, cabmr., G T R & 2d. 
Cope Thomas P., 272 Spruce. 
Cope William, carter, rear 123 Catharine. 
Copely Rob., agent, G T R ab Master. 
Copes Charles, U S service, 17 Marion. 
Copes George, waterman, 27 Queen. 




Copia Jacob, g'ent., 213 Pine. 

Copeland Georg-e, mason, Mark's lane. 

Copeland John, carp., Gmvel ct. 

Copeland Samuel, carp., 39 N Sch 8th. 

Copeland & Schaffer, mers., 213^ High. 

Copeland Thomas, drayman, 46 Bread. 

Copeland Wm., segarmr., 241 S 4th. 

Copeland William, hack driver, 208 S 6th. 

Copper Jas. C, clerk, 213^ High, h324 Coates. 

Copper John C, engraver, 18 Minor, h 324 

Coppuck Jos. C, mer., 43 N Front, h 202 S 

Corbin Horace W., turner, rear 109 Dillwyn. 

Corbit Abraham, umbrella maker, 85 W High. 

Corbit Alfred, broker, 6 Littleboy's ct. 

Corbit Davis & Co., com. mers., S E 2d and 
High, (up stairs) 

Corbit Ellen, dressmr., 170 Mai-shall. 

Corbit Henry C, mer., S E 2d and High. 

Corbit John, gent., Littleboy's ct. 

Corbit Isaac, umbrella maker, 262 Cedar. 

Corbit Israel, carpenter, 9 Magnolia. 

Corbit Joseph, sug. refin.. Church al, h228 Mul- 

Corbit Richard H. spring maker, Catharine bel 

Corbon Charles, printer, rear 36 Ann. 

Cordis Wm. H,, carpenter, Sch. Washington n 

Cordon Danl., weaver, 18 Franklin. 

Cordofa George W., waiter, 20 Bird's ct. 

Corey Edwin F., clerk, Cherry ab Sch 8th. 

Corfield Edward, circulating library, 276 N3d. 

Corfield E D., alderman, 320 N 3d, h 98 Dill- 

Corgee Comfort, 417 S Front. 

Corgee Thoma^, carpenter, Washington above 
Front, h Front bel Catharine. 

Corgin Rebecca, gentw., 114 Carpenter. (S) 

Cork Isaac, portei", 9 Little Pine. 

Cork Lewis, lab., 28 Sassafras al. 

Corkrey William, ship smith, 176 Swanson, h 5 

Corkrin Ann H., dry goods, S E 4tli and Gas- 

Corlier J., shoemr., R road n Wood. 

Corlies Britton, bricklayer. Locust ab Sell. 8th. 

Corlies Daniel, blacksmith, rear 125 Charlotte. 

Corlies Jacob W. & Co., mers., 22 Church al. 

Corlies Jacob W., mer., 22 Church al, h 18 
Montgomery sq. 

Corman Margaret, Wood bel 10th. 

Cormick Henry, cordw., 4 Crocket's ct. 

Cormick James G., tailor, Sycamore ab Locust. 

Cormley John, carp., Carpenter n 8th. (S) 

Cornbrook Wm. H., machinist, 4 Dorothy. 

Corndaff er Jacob, grocer, 445 S 2d. 

Cornell Mary, b ii 7 Plumb. 

Cornell Maiy, 72 New. 

Corneau J. B. T., grocer, 2 Orleans. 

Cornelius C, lamp and chandelier manuf., 179 

Cornelius Philip, lab., Pearl bel Broad. 

Cornelius R., lamps, 176 Chestnat. 

Cornelius & Co., lamps, 181 Cheny and 176 

Cornell John, grocer, F road /'c Shackamaxon. 
Cornell William, dry goods, 511 High. 
Cornett Agustus, coach trimmer, N W 3d and 

Cornett Jane, widow, shop, 383 S 2d. 
Corney Joseph, victualler, 9th &. Buttonwood. 
Cornish Henry, druggist, h 131 N 5th. 
Cornish H. C, shoemaker, rear St. Mary n 7th. 
Cornish Marie, washer, Vine n Sch 8th. 
Cornish M., whitewasher, 230 Lombard. 
Cornish Scipio, lab.. Mechanic n George. 
Cornish William, bridle bit maker, 12 Wiley's 


Cornish Y. K., 26 Chestnut. 
Cornman Adam, collector, 4 Mercer. 
Cornman Oliver P., painter, 8th n Mulberry, h 

Carlton ab 12th. 
Cornog David A., mer., 1 Clover. 
Cornville Wm. E. Rev., 11 Ellen st. (N. L.) 
Cornwell Ann, 185 S Front. 
Cornwell James, carp., Dyott n AVood. (K) 
Cornwall Joseph, brickmr., Sch 4th & Ann. 
Corrie Henry, organ manuf., Sch 3d bel Lo- 
Corrie George J., organ manuf., Sch 3d bel 


Corrigori Charles, weaver, Brasier ab Lloyd. 
Corinth Frederick, mariner, cor Duke 5c New 


Corson Franklin, shoemr., 5 Townsend's ct. 
Corson Jacob, ladies shoemr, 4 Lebanon row. 
Corson Wm., ship carp., 4 Reckless ct. 
Corson Wm., lab., 84 Maiden. 
Corvaizier J., bootmaker, 49 S 4th. 
Coi-vatt Chas., carp., Dean bel Franklin, (K.) 
Cory Steward, blacksmith, rear 295 Callowhill. 
Coryell Henry, measurer, Sch 6th ab Sassafras. 
Cosfeldt F., locksmith, 44 Dock, h 8 Carter'sal. 
Cosgrave Daniel, morocco dresser, 77 S 5th. 
Cosgrove J., tobacconist, 284 N Front c Willow. 
Coss Mai-tin, baker, 14 Poplar. 
Cossart Mary, huxter, 561 N 3rd. 
Cossart Wm., cedar coopeir, Charlotte n Poplar. 
Coste Raymond, chandler, 45 Lombard. 
Costello Cornelius, cablnetnir., 11th ab Shippen. 
Costello .lohn, 11th ab Shippen. 
Costello Michael, tavern, N E Locust & Quince. 
Costello Reuben, lab., 19 Prosperous alley. 
Costill O. II., M. D., 407 Mulberry. 
Coster Stephen, East of 25 New Market. 
Cotteny Isaac, weaver, rear Philad. institute. 
Cotter, James, tailor, 104 N 5th. 
Cotter James, shoemr., 12 Morgan's ct. 
Cotterall R., sexton, rear 40 Pine. 
Cottrel James, waterman, 3 Courtlin's pi. 
Cottrlnger John, clerk, 64 Queen. 
Cottringer J. F., mer., 99 S Front. 
Cottingham James, mariner, 22 Parham. 
Coubreck George, sadler, 85 New Market. 
Couch Franklin, coppersmith, Grear ab 12th. 
Coughlin Ann, 103 New Market. 
Coulston Ann, c 5th &. O Y road. 
Coulston Ann, 253 N 8th. 




Coulston Nathan L., morocco dresser, 484 N 

Coulter Andrew, carter, Callowhill n William. 

Coulter Catherine, 9th and Spring Garden, 

Coulter John, tavern, 359 N Front. 

Coulter John, waitei', Watson's al. 

Coulter Joshua H., carp., 394 N 9th. 

Coulter Mary, dressmaker, 224 N 13th. 

Coulter Sarali, gentw., 344 S 3d. 

Coulter Sarah, b h 89 Sassafras. 

Council Jos., bricklayer, Shippen ab Shippen 

Countiss John S., oystemian, 476 S 2nd. 

Countiss William, ship carpenter, 549 S 2nd, 

Countryman Elizabeth, 213 Queen. (K) 

Coupland Wm., Tammany Hall, 308 N 2d. 

Coursalt G. A., dry goods, 154 Cedar. 

Coursalt Leopold P., 9 Harmony. (S.) 

Coursalt Mrs. M., 9 Harmony. (S.) 

Coursey Eliza, 4th ab Christian. 

Court Edward, shoe store, 97 S 2d. 

Court M., dressmaker, 93 S 12th ab Ohio, 

Courter Peter, coachsmith, Freeman's ct. 

Courtney J., tavern, Washington. (W P) 

Courtney Joseph, carpenter, 8 Sugar al. 

Courtney Samuel P., Queen n Marlborough. 

Courtwright Isaac, lab., 120 Swanson. 

Couse Catharine, dressmr., 1 Short's ct. 

Couety Joshua, grocer, 78 S 2nd, 

Cousty Jolm, gi-ocer, N E Callowhill & Garden, 

Covert Isaac Jr., ivory turner, 8 Fayette, 

Coverdill Mary, tailoress, 1 Catharine. 

Covington Isaac, 29 Cresson's al. 

Corran Mrs,, widow, 9 Gaskill, 

Cowan Josejjh U., clerk, rear 35 Mulberry, 

Coward Charles, tmnkmr., 12 Mechanic, 

Coward Elizabeth, tailoress, 66 N 5th. 

Coward James, eating house, 448 N Front, 

Coward John, cordw., 7 St. Stephen pi. 

Coward Joseph, tailor, 23 Federal. 

Coward Polly, sempstress, 24 Budd, 

Coward Samuel, patternmr., Washington. (W P) 

Coward William, ti-ader. Willow n 6th. 

Cowder Cath Mrs., 306 Cedar. 

Cowder Jas, P,, dealer, 306 Cedar. 

Cowdrick. Charles IL, plater, 61 Tammany. 

Cowell John V., mer., S W Chestiut & 7th, h 
128 S 8th. 

Cowell Sc Evans, dry goods, SW 7th & Chestnut. 

Cowley Wm., waterman, 155 Swanson. 

Cowperthwaite E., upholsterer, 15 S 5th. 

Cowperthwaite H., mer., 253 High, h 12 Mar- 

Cowperthwaite Joseph, cashier Bank U S, h 

383 Walnut. 
Cowperthwaite Joshua, gent., 214 S 4th. 
Cowperthwaite Margaret, 4 Carrolton sq. 
Cowperthwaite J. C, surgeon dentist, 312 Pine. 
Cowperthwaite Sarali, gentw., 204 N Front. 
Cowhngs George, brewer, 7 Tillei-'s ct, 
Cowpland Ann, milhner, 160 S 4th. 
Cowpland Ann, gentw., 76 Union. 
Cowpland Charles, 306 N 8th. 
Cowpland & Cressons, hardware, 14 N 4th. 
Cowpland J., mer., 14 N4th. 

Cox Ann, b. h., 100 Spruce. 

Cox Benjamin, carp., 17 Linden. 

Cox Charles, carter, State. 

Cox Catharine, 226 High. 

Cox Clement, coachman, 24 Portland. 

Cox Daniel, painter, rear 454 S Front. 

Cox David, brickmr., G T R ab 5tli. 

Cox Eliza, N E Cherry & Gebhard. 

Cox Elizabeth, c 7th and Sassafras. 

Cox George S., grocer, Cal'owhill n William, 

Cox George W., cordwainer, rear 2 Apple. 

Cox George S., ship joiner, F road ab Otter. 

Cox Gideon, wooden & variety store, 335 High 

and diy goods N W 8th &. High. 
Cox Henry, cordwainer, George n 3rd. (N L) 
Cox Hugh, 2nd hand goods, c Oak & Cooper 

Cox Isaac, cordwainer, 365 N 3rd. 

Cox James, mariner, 2 Plynhmmon pi. 

Cox James, gent., Walnut n Sch 6th, 

Cox James, labourer, 31 Cox. 

Cox James, lab., 2 Leydon's ct. 

Cox John, shop keeper, 3 Cresson's al. 

Cox John, carter, Vine n Sch 2nd. 

Cox John, marble poliaher, 6 Prospect al. 

Cox John, tavern, N E 6th h Bedford. 

Cox John C, mer., 177i High, h 64 N 11th. 

Cox Joseph, combmaker, 4 Nicholson. 

Cox LaAvrence, Locust bel Broad. 

Cox Lydia, trimming store, 116 S 10th. 

Cox Margaret, milliner, 314 Pine. 

Cox Mary Ann, sempstress, 18 Vaux'a ct. 

Cox Kichard, boatman, 25 Walnut. 

Cox R. P., tailor, 524 High, h 107 N 10th. 

Cox Samuel, gent., 10th bel Shippen. 

Cox Samuel, potter, G T road ab Camac. 

Cox Sarah, 496 Sassafras. 

Cox Sarah, teacher, 1 St James. 

Cox Thomas, cordw., rtar 123 Sassafras. 

Cox Wm., paver, c AVilham & Lydia. 

Cox Wm., coachmaker, N 3rd ab Thompson. 

Cox Wm., bookbinder, 7 Flower. (M) 

Cox Wm. L., bricklayer, 12 Jacoby. 

Coxe Charles S., judge dig. court, h 354 Walnut. 

Coxe C. W., acct., 44 Marshall. 

Coxe E. S., att'y & coun., 48 S 6th. 

Coxe Daniel W., gent, 233 Chestnut. 

Coxe John, lieut. U S Navy, 21 Sansom. 

Coxe J. E., 42 Marshall. 

Coxe John R., M. D., c Pine &, Broad. 

Coxe Wm., blacksmith, 568 S Front. 

Coxhead Mrs. S'., 24 K road. 

Coxey Elizabetii, teacher, 179 N 4th. 

Coxey William, carpejiter, 557 N 3rd. 

Coxey Thomas, superintendent of penitentiary, 
Sch. 5th n Bush Hill. 

Coyle Alex., bootmaker, 52 New, h 102 Crown. 

Coyle Charles, japaner, 199 Noble. 

Coyle Daniel, tallow chandler, 102 Crown, 

Coyle Edward, carpenter, Sch. 4th n Chestnut. 

Coyle Edward, japaner, Ellen bel Budd, 

Coyle James, High ab Sch 3rd, 

Coyle James, labourer, Bank n Pine, 

Coyle James, labourer, 21 Helmuth. 

Coyle John, labourer. Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 

Coyle John, bl'cksmth, N E Sch. 8th & Mulberry. 




Cozens Delia, dressmr., S W 11th & Chestnut. 

Cozens Elizabeth, shopkeeper, N E 2nd and 

Cozens H., gentw. Catharine bel 7th. 

Coren Henry D., bricklayer, 7 Lisle. 

Cozens John, carpenter, 134 Brown. 

Cozens Rachel, b. h., 60 N 2nd. 

Cozens Samuel H., plumber, 391 N3rd, h 132 

Cozins John, superintendent dyeing & manu- 
facturing", CO. prison, h Fitzwater ab 8th. 

Crabb WiUiara, gent., 441 High. 

Crabbe H. S., secretary Navy Yard, h 613 Chest- 

Crabbe J, T., mer., 89 S Front, h 154 Chestnut, 

Craft James W., cordwainer, 7 Lombard ct. 

Craft Jeremiah, blacksmith, rear 488 N 3d. 

Craft William, punipmaker, vineyard ab Rroad 

Crafte Elizabeth, rear 221 Callowhill. 

Cragg Dennis, gent., 509 N 3rd. 

Cragg G., dyer and scourer, 519 N 3d. 

Cragg Wm., sexton and undei-taker, 10 College 
av., and 11 Watson's alley. 

Craig Andrew, carpenter, 8 Hubbell. 

Craig Andrew, stone cutter, Ann ab Division. 
(F. V.) 

Craig Andi-ew, weaver, Perry bel Pine. 

Craig Andrew C, mer., S W 13th and High, h 
425 Walnut. 

Craig, Bellas & Co., com. & for. mers., 3 & 4 
Central Block, Broad bel Sassafras. 

Craig David, cordwainer, rear 7 Clymer. 

Craig David, plasterer, 30 Rittenhouse. 

Ci'aig Elias, machinist, 12 Cedar. 

Craig Emor, police officer, 176 Lombard. 

Craig George, lookingglass fr. mr. Gray's ct. 

Craig G. W. H., waiter, 12 N 6th. 

Craig Hannah, tavern, 136 I^ocust. 

Craig Hugh, mer., 3 Central Block, Broad. 

Craig Hugh, grocer, 106 Plum. 

Craig Jacob, porter, 19 Perry. 

Craig James, carpenter, 17 Sugar alley. 

Craig James, labourer, 114 N Water. 

Craig James, 153 S 11th. 

Craig Jane, 113 Spruce. 

Cniig Jared, engineer, Sch. 6th ab Willow. 

Craig Jared, printer, 13 Meixer. 

Craig John, typefounder, 321 Spruce. 

Craig John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master. 

Craig Lewis, labourer, Gales' ct. 

Craig Margaret, William n Callowhill. (F M) 

Craig Mar}'^, Acorn alley. 

Craig Matthew, weaver, William n Edward. (K) 

Craig Patrick, labourer, 60 George (S) 

Craig Robert, manuf, Lynn st. (F M) 

Craig Robert, ropemaker, 93 Prime. 

Craig Robert, weaver, GT road n Phoenix. 

Craig Robert, labourer, 618 N 2d. 

Craig Robert, Penn. (K) 

Craig Samuel, farrier, 5 Raspbeny alley. 

Craig & Sargeant, com. mers., 9 N wharves. 

Craig Stephen, porter, 205 Lombard. 

Craig Thomas, drayman, 5 Wagner's ct. 

Craig Wm. J., bookbr., G T road ab Thompson. 

Craig Wm., Pres. Am. Ins. Co., N E c Pliilada. 

Exchange, h Spruce ab 12th. 
Craig William, mer., 9 N wharves. 
Craig WiUiam, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 
Craig W. S., milliner & dressmaker, 191 S 7th. 
Craige Eliza, 184 N 4th. 
Craige Geo. S., mer., 184 N 4th. 
Craige, Holmes & Co., mers., 110 High. 
Craige Robt., weaver, G T road opp. Globe Mill. 
Craige Seth, mer., 110 High, h 364 Mulberry. 
Craige Thomas H., mer., 110 High, h G T R 8t 

Globe Mill. 
Craige Thomas H., spinner, N 3d ab Frankhn. 
Craige Thomas, stablekeeperandharnessmaker, 

537, h 520 N Front. 
Cram Samuel, clerk. Chancellor bel Sch. 6th. 
Cramer David, carp., Sarah bel Bedford. (K) 
Cramer Isaac, moulder, 2nd ab Franklin. 
Cramer John, brushmaker, Sarah. (K) 
Cramer Patrick, waterman, Pauhn's ct. 
Crammell Mary, 45 M road. 
Crammer John L., brushr., Sarah n Bedford. (K) 
Crammon WilHam, 539 Chestnut. 
Cramond Henry, atty. and conn., 149 Walnut. 
Cramp George, ship carpenter, Marlborough n 

Bedford. (K) 
Cramp Jacob, fisherman. Queen n Wood. (K) 
Cramp John, fisherman, Cheriy n Queen. CK) 
Cramp John, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen. (K) 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., Vienna n Queen. (K) 
Cramp Wm., ship carpenter, Vienna ab Queen. 
Cramuel Patrick, waterman, Queen n F road. 
Crane Eleanor, 28 Queen. (S) 
Crane Solomon, manuf., Poplar ab St. John. 
Crane Wm. H., cordw., Callowhill ab Sch. 2nd. 
Crangle Catharine Mrs., 17 P road. 
Crangle George, weaver, 17 P road. 
Crankshew Richard, tavern, 193 S Front. 
Cranmer Jonathan, cordwainer. High n Sch. 6th, 
Cranmer J. S., ladies shoemaker, 66^ S 4th. 
Crans Peter, cordwainer, 52 Federal. 
Crans Peter Jr., atty. and coun., 290 S 5th, 
Crans William J., clerk, 331 S 5th. 
Crap George M., tinworker, 134 German. 
Crath Alexander, Locust ab 13th. 
Craven Aaron, engineei-, St. Joseph's avenue. 
Craven David Capt., 271 S Front. 
Craven James C, tinplate worker, 4 N 7th. 
Craven Ishi, Filbert bel Sch. 6th. 
Craven AVilliam, labourer, 430 N Front. 
Craven William Jr., 430 N Front. 
Crawford Benjamin, boat builder, 81 Budd. 
Crawford Benj'n., tailor, 240 High, h 169 N 7tb. 
Crawford David, weaver, Cochran ab Fitzwater. 
Crawford Elizabeth, 308 S Front. 
Crawford Henry H., printer, Wilt's ct. 
Crawford Henry M., leather dealer, 233 N 2d, h 

13 Noble. 
Crawford Jacob Capt., 2 Pratt's ct. 
Crawford James, constable, 2 Wager's ct. 
Crawford James, carp., Catharine ab 2d, h 187 

Crawford John, blacksmith, 28 George n Sch 6tlt. 
Crawford John, drayman, 9 S Sell. 5th. 
Crawford John, hatter, Thompson ab CharlottCt 




Crawford John, draj'man, 181 Coates. 
Crawford Mar_v, shop, Centre n 13th. 
Crawford Nelson I., hah'dres'r., N 10th ab James. 
Crawford Nelson J., hair dresser, 299 S 7th. 
Crawford Peter, fun-ier. Carpenter n 5th. (S) 

Cresson Caleb, druggist, 261 Mulberr}'. 
Cresson Clement, druggist, 54 High, h 30 San- 
«, som. 

Cresson Deborah, 197 Sassafras. 
Cresson James H., mer., 197 Sassafras. 

Crawford Robert, carpet weav., Rroadab Spring! Cresson John C, superin. gas works. Filbert n 

Garden. Sch. 6th. 

Crawford Robert, carter, c Sch Front & Spruce. .Cresson John H., sec'ry. & treas. M. H. & Sch. 
Crawford Samuel W. Rev., 3 Colonnade row. Haven R. R. Co., 314 N 6th. 

Crawford Samuel W., tailor. Harmony ct. (K) Cresson Joseph, 363 Sassafras. 
Crawford Thomas, labourer. Carpenter bel 8th. Cresson Joshua, acct=, 18 Chester. 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, c 13th & Bedford. J Cresson J. B., dmggist, N W Broad &; "Vine. 
Crawford Thomas, labourer. Spruce n Sch. 4th. Cresson M. Mrs., gentw., 30 Sansom. 

Ci'awford Tobias, cordwr, 4 Pleasant Retreat 
Crawford William, watchman, 4 Kelly's court. 
Crawford William, engineer, 7 Robb's ct. 
Crawford William H., tanner, 41 Franklin. 
Crawlejf Abraham, card manuf , S W 3d and 

High, h 18 Magnolia. 
Craycroft Benjamin, sea captain, 478 S 2d. 
Craycroft Benjamin Jr., clerk, 478 S 2d. 
Craycroft Joseph, coi'dwainer, 471 S 2d. 
Crayton Alexander, labourer, Sch. 8th n Vine. 
Crayton John, manuf., 2nd n Cadwalader. 
Crayton Robert, gent., 120 Pine. 
Creagmile Thomas, labourer, 5th n Coates. 
Cream Christiana, rear 214 N 8th. 
Creamer Elenor, 208 St John. 
Creamer James, weaver, Shackamaxon below 

Bedford. (K) 
Creamer Matthias, shipcarpr., Marlborough n 

Creamer Michael, carpenter, 104 Apple. 
Crean Elizabeth Mrs., gentw., 94 S 8th. 

Crean WiUiam, 94 S 8th. 

Crease William G., tailor, 117 N 3d. . 

Creasey Wm., patternmr., Wharton bel 5th. 

Creauthers Peter V., trimmings, 379 S 2nd. 

Creely Jacob, joiner. Palmer bel Prince. (K) 

Creely John S., conveyancer, 313 High, h 23 

Creely Michael, lab'r., Marlboro' bel Bedford. 

Crees Mrs. D., milliner, 106 Cedar. 

Cregar Samuel, cordwulner, 141 Vine. 

Creighton Garrett, slioes, 455 W High. 

fjreighton Robert, mer., 10 S Front, h 120 

Creighton & Wilson, mers., 10 S Front. 

Creps James S., labourer, U. S. Arsenal. 

Cress Geo., mer., 51 S Water, h 59 Buttonwood. 

Cress James, bricklayer, 99 Dillwyn. 

Cres.'J John, coacli painter. Brown n 13th. 

Cress John M. &. Co., mers., 51 S Water. 

Cress John M., mer., 51 S Water, h Buttonwood 
bel 8th. 

Crfss Rachel, Carlton ab Schuyl. 7th. 

Cress Samuel S., bricklayer, N W Noble and 

Cressie Aaron V., tavern, 92 Swanson. 

Cressman Elizabeth, 625 N 2d. 

Cressmfm Henrj , furrier, 24 Rittenhouse. 

Cressman Henry, military capmaker, 1 James. 

fJressman Phihp, cooper, Sch. 5th ab Spruce. 

Cressman William, military cap, &c. manuf., 134 
N 8th. 

Cresson Sarah E., 261 Mulbeny. 
Cresson Walter, mer., 14 N 4th, h 314 N 6th. 
Cresson William, mer., 14 N4th, h 314 N 6th. 
Cresson William P., mer., 194^ High, h Chest- 
nut ab Sch. 7th. 
Cresswell S. J., German silver manuf, 44 N 7th. 
Cressey O., carp., Callowhill n V/ashington. 
Creth Wm., distiller, N W Juniper & Sassafras. 
Cretion John, manuf., 170 G T road. 
Criblier Peter, confectioner, 231 S 2nd. 
Cribs Mary, shopkeeper, 90 Callowhill. 
Crider George, cordwainer, 101 Vine. 
Crider Gtorge, shipwright, Allen. (K) 
Crider George, tobacconist, 16 Rachel. 
Crilly Daniel, tavern, 2^ S 7th. 
Crilly Ehas, drayman. Culvert n 3rd. 
Crilly Henry, grocer, N W 3d & Thompson. 
Crilly John, mor. dresser. Phoenix n G Troad. 
Crilly Michael, labourer, 7 Winter's court. 
Crilly Michael, lab., Marlborough n Bedford. 
Crilly Thomas, tavern, 13^ N 6th. 
Crim Mrs., b h., 108 Walnut. 
Crippin Leah, 34 Bird's ct. 

Cripps Rich., grocer, S W Pleasant av. 8c 10th. 

Crispenn David D., Callowhill bel 5th. 

Crispin Robeil, bricklajrer. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Crissy Catharine, 12 Mechanic. 

Crissy James, printer and publisher, 4 Minor, h 
12 Montgomery sq. 

Crist Charles, tailor, 23 Mulberry al. 

Crist C, victualler, Duke n Palmer. 

Crist George, cordw., 24Budd. 

Crist John, supt.. Palmer n West. 

Crist Joseph, caulker. Prince n Palmer. 

Criswell J. A., hardwai-e, 88 N 2nd. 

Critesinger Jacob, stone mason, Charlotte bel 

Cristiana S. Mrs., 8 Shelden's row. 

Croasdale Ever, cordwainer. Poplar bel 6th. 

Crock Peter, planemaker, 3d ab Franklin. (K) 

Crockett Maria, 78 Christian. 

Crockett Henry, hackman, rear 161 Coates. 

Croes John, lab.. Filbert n Sch. 3rd. 

Croft Henry, morocco di-esser, 7 Cadwalader. 

Croft Samuel, mer., 19 Church alley. 

Croft AVm., weaver, 516 N Front. 

Croley David, teacher, 8 Perkenpine's ct. 

Ci-oll Christian, tailor, 149 Chestnut, h Green 
ab 9th. 

CroU Mary, tavern, 1 Mulberry alley. 

Croll M. J. & Co., tailors, 149 Chestnut. 




Croll M. J., tailor, 149 Chestnut, h 7th above 

Spring Garden. 
Croomberger M., dry goods, c 11th & George. 
Croman John, carp., 430 S Front. 
Cromllen George W., importer, 165 S Water, h 

126 Pine. 
Cromlien George W., jr., mer., 423 S Front. 
Cromehn Wasliington, upholsterer, 136 Pine & 

N W 4th & Spruce. 
Cromlay Daniel, cordwainer, 1 J N 8th. 
Cromley Hugh, shoemaker, 9 Willlng's al. 
Cromly C. Mrs., 31 N 7th. 
Crommelin George, mustard & chocolate manuf., 

50 Marshall. 
Crommie Andrew J., tailor, 45 S 8th. 
Crommie Ed. H., cord, Lombai-d n Sch. 6th. 
Cromwell Jas. S., bricklayer, Sch. 7th n Cherry. 
Cromwell John, sailmaker, 30 P road. 
Cromwell John jr., bricklayer, 64 N Juniper. 
Cromwell H. Mrs., 20 Schriver's ct. 
Crone Caroline, gentw.. Crown ab Queen, (K) 
Cronins Edward, grocer, S W 5th & Spruce. 
Crooks Catharine, 148 S Front. 
Crooks Miss H., stock manuf., 6 Exchange row. 
Crooks Thomas, lab., 187 N Front. 
Crooks William, spin., Hamilton ab Callowhill. 
Crookshanks John, founder, Hopkins above 

Cropper Ebenezer, wood corder, Shippen street 

wharf, h 403 S Front. 
Cropper Samuel, carpenter, 350 Pine. 
Crosby Elizabeth, Pahnyra row. Vine ab 11th. 
Crosby L. B., carp., 13th ab Spring Garden. 
Crosby Magnus, stonecutter, 1 Howard. 
Crosby Mrs., Quince n Lombard. 
Crosby William, carpenter, 3 Juniper lane. 
Crosdale William, acct., 146 High. 
Crosier Andrew, teacher, 65 Christian. 
Croskey Eliza, gentw., 73 Filbert. 
Croskey Henry, lumber mer., 75 Filbert. 
Cross Anna, teacher, N W 6th &. Callowliill. 
Cross Benjamin, teacher music, 31 Filbert. 
Cross Benjamin C, teacher music, 12 Powell. 
Cross George, blacksmith, 346 S Front. 
Cross George W., iron chests, 83 Dock. 
Cross Robert, cabinet maker, 3 Clymer. 
Crossin John, saddler, 10 Dean. 
Crossin Misses, 10 Dean. 
Crossin Wm., weaver, 12 Brinton. 
Grossman Elizabeth, 30 Stamper's al. 
Grossman Henry, cordw., 5 Linden ct. 
Grossman J. M., mer., 121 High, h 96^ N 9th. 
Grossman T. J., M. D., eye infirmary, 25 S 7th. 
Crothers Matilda, gentw., 389 MulbeiTy, 
Crotto E. Mrs., 32 Sugar al. 
Crouch C. W., shoemaker, 183 N 4th, h 3 

Quervelle's ct. 
Crouch Enoch, cord., Queen n Crown. (K) 
Crouch Isaac, engineer, F road opp Queen. 
Crouch Thomas, barber, 16 Arcade. 
Crouch Thomas C, shoes. Queen n Marlbo- 
Grouse Caspar, carter, 155 Coates. 
Crouse Catharine, 8tli bel Buttonwood. 
Crouse Henry Hamilton, N Sch. 8th. 

Grouse John, tavern, 2 N 11th. 

Crouse Mary, Apple ab Culvei-t. 

Crouse Samuel, weaver, William ab Hopkins' ct. 

Crouse Thomas, chemist, Palmer n Prince. (K) 

Grouser Gotlieb, tailor, 4 Roney's ct. 

Grout J. & A., cabinetmakers, 360 N 6th. 

Grout Joseph, cabinetmaker, 358 N 6th. 

Crover Mathias, hairbarber, 5th n Jefferson. 

Crow James, lab.. Filbert bet Sch. 3rd &. 4th. 

Crow & Tevis, mers., 14 Church al. 

Crow Wm., dry goods, 41 N 4th. 

Crowell E. B., 178 S 11th. 

Crowell James, teacher, 117 Lombard. 

Crowell Maria, 115 Green. 

Crowell Page, sea captain, 238 Catharine. 

Crowell Smith, shipping master & sailors' home, 

5 E Union & Front. 

Crowell Thomas, painter, 145 Poplar. 
Crowell Thomas, gent., 5 Church al. 
Crowell Thomas E., atty., 91 Walnut, h 334 S 

Crowley John, shoemaker, rear 289 S 3rd. 
Crowley Robert, mer., 144 High. 
Crowley William & Son, mers., 144 High. 
Crozet Earnest, printing office, 151 S 6th. 
Crozer James G., mer., 65 S Front. 
Crozier Benjamin, cordwainer, 3 Elmslie's al. 
Crozier Robert, cordwainer, 117 G T road. 
Crutcher Foster G., mer., 12 N4th,h21 Girard. 
Crumback Godfrey, bricklayer, court. Vine n 

Crumback Mary, tavern, 155 Swanson. 
Crumback Phihp, fisherm.. Type al n Sch. river. 
Crumey James, weaver, F road n Master. 
Crumley John, lab., S'JS S 4th, 
Crump William, editor Courier & Enquirer, 

419 N 6lh. 
Crummy James, weaver. Front bel Master. 
Crundwell Joseph, carpenter, 556 N 3rd. 
Cruthers Samuel, chairmaker. Goldsmith's ct. 
Cruthers Samuel lab., Callowhill ab Sch. 7th. 
Cubler Catharine, S 6th bel Carpenter. 
Cue Patrick, weaver, Shirker's al. 
Cuesta Esto, mer., 101 S Front, h 87 S 4th. 
Cuesta J. E., gentw., 87 S 4th. 
Cuddy James, painter, c 11th & Hunter, h 376 

Culbert Joseph, weaver, 1 Brinton. 
Culberson WiUiam, carter, 313 S 6th. 
Culbertson Allen, labourer, Coates n Sch. 7th. 
Culbertson Jas., grocer, c Shippen & Shippen 

Culbertson Joseph, shopkeeper, bet Sch. 6th 

6 7th n Coates. 

Culbertson John, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 
Culbertson John, labourer. Brazier ab Lloyd. 
Culbertson Robert, labourer, R road below loll 

Culbertson Samuel, clerk, Arrlson's ct. 
Culbertson Wm., innkeeper, 2iid & G T road. 
Culin George, bookbinder, 69 Noble. 
Culin George, tailor, 44 High. 
CuHn John, tailor, 14 High. 
Culin John, wheelwright, Chestnut. (W P) 
Cuhn John, jr., grocery, S E 6th & Green. 




Culin John N-, cordwainer, Mellon ab 9th. 

Culin Margaret, Sch. 3rd bel Locust. 

Culin Samuel, shoemaker, 34 Plum. 

CuUen Eliza, 88 Vine. 

Cullen Lawrence, drayrtian, 107 German. 

CuUen Thomas, g'ate keeper E Penitentiary, 

c Willow & Penn. R road. 
Cullen Wm., porter, 24 Peg-g-. 
Cullln Abaig'ail, 40 Beck's al. 
Cullin Peter, soap manufactory. Cedar bet 7th 

& 8th. 
CuUin Walter P., tavern, N W Vine & Water. 
Cullnan Margaret, 1 Washington Market Place 
Culp Clark, dentist, 220 Spruce. 
Culp Jacob, gent., 65 Vine. 
Culp Peter, engine builder, Schleisman's al. 
Culp Peter, Lee's ct. (N L) 
Culp T., saddlery hardware, 5 S 3rd. 
Culver Richard, engraver, 143 Spruce. 
Culyan Charles, tailor, Linn st n William. 
Cumming Lydia, 451 N 6th. 
Cummings A. B., office Columbia R road W of 

Cummings Alexander, mer.. 79 High, h 221 

Cummings Andrew, machinist, 2 Osborn ct. 
Cummings Catharine, 167 S 2nd. 
Cummings Charles, glue manuf., 39 N 3rd, b c 

6th & Poplar. 
Cummings David, shoemaker, Franklin pi, h 

George ab Broad. 
Cummings Dennis, tailor, S E Vine & Front. 
Cummings D. & C, funuers, 39 N Srd. 
Cummings Khzabfeth, N W Budd & 12th. 
Cummings Henry, cordwainer, 33 Mechanic. 
Cummings Isaac, porter, 72 Queen. 
Cummings J. A., mer., 189 High, h 292 N 6th. 
Cummings J. C. & J., comb & variety, 39 N 3rd. 
Cummings John, carpenter, Marshall n Brown, 

h270 Coates. 
Cummings Joseph, carter. Type al n Sch. 
Cummings Jno S., clerk cus. house, h 429 Vine. 
Cummings Matthew, blacksmitli, N W 9th & 

Cummings Rachel, 6 Howard's ct. 
Cummings, Reeves & Peterson, drygoods, 79 

Cummings Richard, hardware, 276 N 2nd, h 

220 N 4th. 
Cummings Robert, 2nd ab Master. 
Cummings William, grocer, 75 S Wharves, h 

178 S Front. 
Cummings William, gunsmith, 4 Brook's ct. 
Cummins Dan. B., mer., 103 High, h 8 N 7th. 
Cummins Edward, labourer, 8 Elder al. 
Cummins Isaac, bricklayer, 89 Christian. 
Cummins Jane, grocer, N W 3rd & Brown. 
Cummins Lawrence, porter, 5 Northampton ct. 
Cummins Patrick, iron dealer, 143 N Front. 
Cummiskey Eugene, publisher & bookseller, 

130 S 6th. 
Cumpton Cungdaffer, carter, Duke n Palmer. 
Cunecum John, weaver, 4 Spring Mill ct. (F M) 
Cunitz Jacob, bricklayer. Marker bel M road. 
Cunius Jacob, shoemaker, 2 Mark's lane. 

Cunningham Alexander, labourer, Newton bel 

Cunningham Alexander, Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 
Cunningham Archibald, carpenter, Lombard n 

Sch. 7th. 
Cunningham & Crawley, mach. card manuf. 2 

Cunningham Elizabeth, 183 N 8th. 
Cunningham James, labourer, rear 42 Garden. 
Cunningham James, engineer, 4 Swanson's ct. 
Cunningham John, carter. Filbert ab Sch. 5th. 
Cunningham John, labourer, SpafFord bel Ship- 
Cunningham John & Son, shoes, 324^ High. 
Cunningham John, shoes, 324^ High. 
Cunningham Mary, Acorn al. 
Cunningham Michael, shoes, 324^ High. 
Cunningham Patrick, spi-Ingmr., 1 Liberty ct. 
Cimningham Samuel H., carpenter, 3 Orleans. 
Cunningham Sarah, Vine ab Broad. 
Cunningham Thomas, bootmaker, 579 N 3rd 
Cunningham William, tavern, Schl. 3rd and 

Cunningham William, card manuf., 2 S Srd. 
Cunningham Wm., weaver, Shippen bel 13th. 
Cunningham Wm., lab., 203 N Front. 
Cunningham Winthrop, mer., 30 S Wharves, h 

199 Pine. 
Curby Michael, cooper, 91 S Water, h 295 

S Front. 
Cure Jule F., watchmr. & jeweller, 149 9 6th. 
Curies J. mariner, rear 283 S Srd. 
Curlet Hugh, cordwainer, 19 Poplar sq. 
Curley James, carter. Pearl ab Say. 
Curran Andrew, lumber mer., 32 Christian. 
Curran A. D., tavern, 1 Green. 
Curran John C, mer.. Broad ab Sassafras, h 

High bel 7th. 
Cm-ran William, teacher. College av, h N 9th 

ab High. 
Curren Ellen, vai-iety store, 48 N 4th. 
Curren John, blacksmith, c Sch 8th &. Willow. 
Curren M. Mrs., b h. Queen ab Hanover. 
Curren William, gent., 23 Prune. 
Currenbough J., tailor, Bond's ct. 
Currenbough P., tailor. Bond's ct. 
Curry Abagail, nurse, 8 Coomb's al. 
Curry Eliza, 8th bel Christian. 
Curry Enoch, turner, St John n Green. 
Curry James, labourer, 25 Filbert. 
Curry Jane, b h 224 Callowhill. 
Cuny John, cordwainer, 11 Federal. 
Curry John, labourer, Thompson n Srd. 
Curry John, silversmith, 76 Chestnut. 
Curry Jos. R., upholsterer, Elizabeth n Poplar. 
Curry Mary, 25 Mead. 
Curry William, paperhanging manuf. Sch. Front 

n Vine, h Vine n Sch 2d. 
Curry William, carpenter. Wood bel 11th. 
Curry Wm., bricklayer, Logan bel Coates. 
Curtain John, weaver, 563 N 3d. 
Curten Daniel, 20 Frankhn. (K) 
Curtis Ann, 8 Mechanic court, (N L.) 
Curtis Ann, teacher, 17 Elfreth's al. 
Curtis Anthony, waiter, 62 Gaskill. 




Curtis B. T., mer., 41 & 43 Commerce, h Fil 

bert n Sch 6th. 
Curtis Cephas, combmaker, 148 Budd. 
Curtis Charles C, barber, 269 Sassafras. 
Curtis Eli, shipmaster, 5 Wharton. 
Curtis & Hand, com. mers., 41 & 43 Commerce. 
Curtis Henry W., potter, 370 N 4th. 
Curtis James, brassfounder, Barclay n 10th, h 

304 Pine. 
Curtis John H., trimming- and variety, c 8th and 

Curtis John W., musician, 58 Quince. 
Curtis Kezia, milliner, ^5 Franklin. 
Curtis Marg-aretta, b h, 4 Chancery lane. 
Curtis Misses, milliners, 123 S 2nd. 
Curtis Samuel J., conveyancer, 161 Mulberry, h 

117 Pine. 
Curtis Sarah J., shopkeeper, 121 N4th. 
Curtis Thos. F., ag-ent, 75 Gaskill st. 
Curtis William, collector, 108 Coates. 
Curtis & Rapp, turpentine distillers, (K.) and 

50 N 4th. 
Cusack John, lab., 212 Vine. 
Cusack Thomas L., 342 S 5th, h P road n Car- 
Cusack William, baker, Sch. 3rd & Hig-h. 
Cushman tiideon, shoemr., 354 Callowhill. 
Cushman Robert W., A. M., prin. col. ins. for 
young ladies, rear 229 & 231 Mulberry, h 
cor 6th and Wood. 
Cuskaden Geo., cabinetmaker, rear 118 Gei-man. 
Custer Christian, millwright, R r ab S Garden 
Custer Nathaniel, black & whitesm., 159 Poplar, 

h 17 Ehzabeth. 
Custes John, blacksmith. State. 
Custin William, paint. & glaz., c Cedar & Carbon 
Custis Bridget, 20 Bird's court. 
Custis George, waiter, 43 Currant al. 
Custis Thomas, porter, rear 18 Barley. 
Cuthbert Allen, mer., 19 Montgomery square. 
Cuthbert Eliz. Mrs., 204 S 3d. 
Cuthbert Mary, wid. of Anthony, 19 Montgo- 
mery square. 
Cuthbert Sarah, 205 S 9th. 
Cutherel Willis, tailor, 205 Shippen. 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist, 302 S Front. 
Cutler Mary, 31 Fitzwater. 
Cutler Thomas, mariner, 9 Fitzwater. 
Cutter William, shoemr., Garden ab Willow. 
Cuyler Cornelius C. Rev., 160 N 8th. 
Cjmamon James, carpenter. Queen bel 5th. 

Da Costa J. C, mer., 37 N wharves, h Front and 

Dager Lydia, 274 S 3d. 
Dager Mary, tailoress, 12 Short ct. 
Dagin Daniel, labourer. Beach, Sch. 
Dagin Danl., tailor, 12 Rachel. 
Dagnon John, weaver, G T road ab Thompson. 
Daken Charles, cordwainer. Queen bel 5th. 
Daiker Solomon, clothes, 186 Shippen. 
Dailey Barney, type-founder, 43 Bedford. 
Dailey David, Allen's ct. 


j Davy Patrick, cordwainer, 323 Vine 
Dainty John, copperplate jM-lnter, Carter's al. 
I Dainty Sarah Ann, 103 Wood. 
Daisy Aaron, mariner, 582 S 2nd. 
Daix E., hair manufacturer, 28 S 4th. 
Dalb}^ Shaw, grocer, 148 Brown. 
Dale Benjn., lab., Burns' ct. 
Dale Edmund C, gent., 383 Spruce. 
Dale James, sailmr., S E Marshall & Willow. 
Dale John M., U. S. Navy, 7 Dugan's row. 
Dale, Remington & Ross, mers., 70 High. 
Dale Richard C, mer., 70 High, h 127 Lombard. 
Daley John, baker, 240 Cedar. 
Dallam John, U. S. insp. office, 45 S wharves, 

h 41 Sassafras. 
Dallas George M., att'y. and coun., 259 Walnut. 
Dallas Jacob, weaver, 2nd n Master. (K) 
Dallas John, weaver, 2nd n Master. 
Dallas Mathew, weaver, 13th bel Shippen. 
Dallett Brothers, merch., 105 S Front. 
Dallett Elijah Jr., c 10th & Callowhill. 
Dallett Elijah Jr. & Co., soap & candles, N E 

10th & Callowhill, 36 & 491 High. 
Dallett Elijah, Senr., Marshall bet Buttonwood 

and Noble. 
Dallett Henry C, mer., 105 S Front, h 92 Locust. 
Dallett John, mer., 105 S Front, h 239 Pine. 
Dallett T. Mrs., gentw., 199 S 7th. 
Dalling James, dealer, S E 8th & Chestnut, h 

437 Chestnut. 
Dalman Martin, pumpmaker, c Ridge R and 

Daly Hannah, 174 N 12th. 
Daly James, tavern, N E Front 8c Almond. 
Daly John, shoemr.. Division n Vineyard, (R V) 
Daly John, hosier, 96 Cedar. 
Daly John, cordw., 325 Vine. 
Daly Martha, Prosperous al. 
Daly Neil, weaver, Charlotte n George. 
Daly Owen, cordwainer, 666 N 2nd. 
Daly Peter, labourer, rear 126 S 6th. 
Daly Philip, blacksmith, 9 Maiden. 
Daly Thomas, brewer, Callowhill n F M. 
Daley Edward, tavern, c Poplar & Beach. 
Daley Eliza, gentw., 32 Harmony. 
Daley John, labourer, c Broad & Locust. 
Daley Joseph, lab., Vine ab Broad. 
Dalrymple Evan, cordwainer, 10 P road. 
Dalton Morris, labourer. Pine n Willow. ( 
Dalton Patrick, trader, 243 Cedar. 
Dalton Wm., lab.. Pine bel Beach. 
Dalton Wm., labourer, Pine ab Sch Willow. 
Dalzell Charles, baker, Carberry's ct. 
Dalzell Elizabeth, 238 Shippen. 
Dalzell James, clerk, 24 Pine. 
Dalzell John, mer., 39 N Water & 16 N whfs., 

h 189 Mulberry. 
Dalzell John & Co., com. mers., 39 N Water & 

16 N whfs. 
Dalzell Mary, milliner, 201 S 2d. 
Dalzell William, gent., 24 Pine. 
Dalzell Wm., tavern, 54 Cedar. 
Damai Edward, hatter, 51 Mulberry. 
Damman R., importer, 68 S 3rfl, h 7 City row. 
Dampman John, carpenter, 7 Goodwill ct. 
Danby James, spinner, William n Hamilton. 




Dando Joseph, acct., S E 5tli & Walnut, h S 

11th ab Pine. 
Danehower Charles R., tobacconist, 396 N 2nd. 
Danehower J. W., acct., Kessler's ct. 
Danes Thomas, baker. Workman's ct. 
Danfield Conrad, tailor, 7 Howard's ct. 
Danforth J as. B., mer., 23 S wharves, h 10th ab 

Danforth & Hildeburn, com. mers., 57 South 

Danforth 8c Hildeburn, com. mers., 35 S Water 

and 23 S Wharves. 
Danforth Jas. N., mer., 63 S Front. 
Danguy Canelle, hair dr. &. worker, 56 S 4th. 
Daniel Aaron, clerk, 3 New Market. 
Daniel Joseph, bricklayer, Nectarine ab 10th. 
Daniels Ann, 123 Budd. 
Daniels Georg'c, builder. Poplar n 5th. 
Daniels John, bricklayer, 302 Carpenter. (S) 
Daniels John R., tailor, 318 High. 
Daniels Joshua, jeweller, 443 S Front. 
Daniels Thomas, eating house, 27 Chestnut, h 

545 S 2d. 
Daniels Wm., boat builder, 28 Brown. 
Dankel Henry, coach trim., 4th ab Washington. 
Danilly Henry, cordw., 124 Dillwyn. 
Dantz Philip, fancy goods, 487 N 2d. 
Danul James H., jeweller, 297 Walnut. 
Dannaker Christian A., cuiTier, 135 N 3rd, h 

137 N 3d. 
Dannaker George, inspector & tavern, N E Al- 
mond and Swanson. 
Dannaker Susan, Vine bel 13th. 
Daphin Cecelia, grocery, 214 S7th. 
Darby Samuel, 14 York ct. 
Darden James D. B., N W 8th and Filbert. 
Dardine James, carp., 43 Coates. 
Dardis Francis, blacksmith, Marion bel 2nd. 
Dare & Airy, tailors, 166 N 2d. 
Dare Christian, baker, 20 N Sch 8th. 
Dare Ephraim, corder, Cedar st whf, h 11 

Dare James, lab., 5 Mechanic's ct. (N L) 
Dare Jas. B., blacksm., 141 St. John, h366 N 3d. 
Dare Mary, gentw., Sutherland n Queen. 
Dare Nathan S., tailor, 166 N 2nd, h 17 Wood. 
Darkies James, victualler, George n Apple. 
Dakworth John, saddler. Nectarine ab 10th. 
Darley E. H., port, painter, 309 Walnut. 
Darley W. H. W., 309 Walnut. 
Darling John, carp., Shackamaxon bel Bedford, 
Darlington Francis M., clerk, 46 N Fronts 
Darhngton Joseph, chandler, 117 W High, h 

Sch 7th ab High. 
Darnbach Bernard, shop, 25 Castle. 
Darnell Henry Y., grain measurer, h 252 Chris- 

Darnell Wm. S., measurer, 303 S 10th. 
Darnill Rachel, Rush's ct. 
Darr John C, baker, 44 Wood. 
Darr Mary, 5 Winter's ct. 
Darrach William, M. D., 268 Mulberry. 
Darragh John, builder, 209 S 7th. 
Darragh John, weaver, 13th ab Catharine. 
Dairagh John, coachman, 36 Perry. 

Darragh Patrick, shoemaker, Broad bel Vine. 
Darragh Tilman, refectory 128 Filbert. 
Darrieux John, mer., 34 Lombard. 
Dart James, shop, G T R ab Jefferson, (K.) 
Datz Mary Ann, seamstress. Pearl ab 11th. 
Dary George, labourer, rear 199 Christian. 
Dasher Abraham, drayman, F road n Master. 
Daugherty Edward, eating house, 4 Laetitia ct. 
Daugherty Wm., messenger, 33 Elfreth's al. 
DaveUn Mary, shop, 97 S 12th. 
Davenport George, comedian, 372 Cedar. 
Davenport James, collector, 461 S 2nd. 
Davenport Robert W., hardware, 212 S 2nd. 
Davenport William, carter, Moore's al. 
Daveall P., drayman, 6th ab Poplar. 
Davey Anthony, carpenter, 15 Stamper's al. 
David E. W., att'y & coun., 426 Coates. 
David G., clerk, 13 N Water, h 166 Swanson. 
David Henry, mer., 39 S 2d, h 42 Sassafras. 
David Jacob, gent., 100 N 7th. 
David Lewis, tavern, 20 Dock. 
David Lewis A., silversmitli, 158 Carpenter, 
Davjd Wm. K., perfumer, 39 S 2nd. 
Davids Benjamin, gent., 103 S 4th. 
Davidson Alex., currier, 291 Vine. 
Davidson Joseph A., acct., 137 N 11th. 
Davidson N., agent, 455 Mulberry. 
Davidson Robt. B., ex. br., 79 Dock, h 6 Sansom. 
Davidson W. &. Son, ex. brokers, 79 Dock. 
Davidson WUliam, mer., 38 S 2nd. 
Davidson WiUiam, ex. broker, 79 Dock, h 268 

Davies H., dressmaker, 12 N 10th. 
Davies John, broker, 252 Callowhill. 
Davies Saml. N., auctioneer, 42 N Front, h 49 

Davies, Stevenson & Co., auctioneers, 42 & 44 

N Front. 
Davies William, pillmaker, 265 S 3d. 
Davies A. H., cabinetmaker, 301 S 5th. 
Davis & Acheson, flour, 387 High. 
Davis Abner, gent., 16 Palmyra Sqr. 
Davis Abraham, furniture, 82 Green. 
Davis A. G., brickmakei', Marshall row 8th ab 

Davis Allen, plasterer, 53 Chester. 
Davis Alexander, grocer, F road opp. Hanover, 

Davis Amos, machinist, 5 Lybrand's ct. 
Davis Andi-ew, mariner, 19 Catharine. 
Davis Ann, 13 Quince. 
Davis Mrs. Ann, Locust ab Sch 3d. 
Davis Ann, 5 Lemon. 
Davis Ann, 24 N Sch. 8th. 
Davis Anthony, steam engine &. boiler manufy., 
(peoples' works) Franklin 8c Front, (K), h 
471 N Front. 
Davis Armon, flour mer., 387 High. 
Davis Aron, tanner and cuiTier, Smith al N of! 
Green. \ 

Davis Ashton Jr., cordwainer, 645 N 2nd. 
Davis Beaulah A., 1 Furlong's ct. 
Davis Behnda, washer, 339 Sassafras. 
Davis Benjamin, dry goods, 38 N 2nd, h 176 




Davis Benj. H., brickmaker, 1 Elizabeth. 

Davis, Broadbent & Co. com. mers., 38 N Front. 

Davis Catharine, 50 Crown. 

Davis Charles, porter, Wharton ab 2nd. 

Davis Charles, 70 Gaskill. 

Davis Charles, mer., 120 High, h 368 Walnut. 

Davis Charles, oysters, S E 3rd & Chestnu^ h 
68 Gaskill. 

Davis Charlotte, rear 107 Apple. 

Davis Collin K., sea captain, 109 Catharine. 

Davis Daniel, waiter, 30 Paschal's al. 

Davis Daniel, combmaker, Charlotte ab Beaver. 

Davis Daniel, tailor, 1 Richard. 

Davis Daniel S., broker, 100 Walnut. 

Davis David, carpenter, 9th n Poplar. 

Davis David, blacksmith, Washington. (W P) 

Davis David, agent, 144 Christian. 

Davis David A., mer., 63 S 2nd, h 59 Gaskill. 

Davis Dorothy, 14 Jacoby. 

Davis Ed., C, painter & glaz., 7 Quervelle's ct. 

Davis Edward M., S W 2nd & High, h 7 Mont- 
gomery sq. 

Davis Edwin, baker, 277 S 4th. 

Davis Eli, grocer, S W Sassafras al. and Mulber- 
ry al. 

Davis Elijah, mariner, rear 321 S 3rd. 

Davis Elijali, white lead manufactory. Queen 
ab Shackamaxon. 

Davis Elizabeth, b. h., 10 Sansom. 

Davis Ellwood, mer., 42 N Front. 

Davis Esther, milliner, 71 Mulberry. 

Davis E. S., sashmaker, 379 High, h Type al. 

Davis Francis P., brick'r, F road opp. Duke (K) 

Davis Frederick, chandler. Broad n Sassafras. 

Davis Garrett B., blacksmith, 120 New. 

Davis Hannah, Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 

Davis Harrison, tobacconist, 12 Querville's ct. 

Davis Henry R., stock & ex. broker, IS Dock, 
h 79 Pine. 

Davis Henry, cordw., Hanover ab Beach. 

Davis Henry, tailor, 24 Strawberry. 

Davis Henry, currier, c Willow and Marshall, h 
18 Buttonwood. 

Davis Isaac, gent., 48 Marshall. 

Davis Isaac R., mer., S W 2nd and High, h 66 

Davis Isaac, seaman, 5 Shippen. 

Davis Isaac, gent, 242 N 5th. 

Davis James, carter, Sch. Washington n Vine. 

Davis James S., Mulberry ab 11th. 

Davis James, suspender maker, 10 Arcade, h S 
E Marshall and Coates. 

Davis James, 254 N 7th. 

Davis J as., police officer, Callowhillab Sch. 3rd. 

iJavis James, ropemaker, G T R ab 5th. 

Davis James M., Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Davis Jane H., shop, 12 Ann. 

Davis Jeremiah S., chairmaker, 165 N Front, h 
40 Sassafras. 

Davis Jerusha, sliop. High ab Sch. 4th. 

Davis Job, marin r, Walters' ct. 

Davis John, cordwainer, N E Fitz water & 13th. 

Davis John, bookseller & binder, 449 High. 

Davis John, mer., N W 11th & Callowhill, h 48 

Davis John, coal mer., 223 N 6th. 

Davis John, cordwainer, 168 Shippen. 

Davis John, gent., 205 Pine. 

Davis John, saddler, h 1 Dllk's ct. 

Davis John, dry goods, 526 High. 

Davis John, carp., 20 Parham. 

Davis John, mer., 41 Dock, h S W 3d and 

Willing's al. 
Davis John, coachmaker, rear 297 Callowhill. 
Davis John, paper hanger, 222 N 5th. 
Davis John, lab., 5 Stoy's ct. (K) 
Davis John C, plasterer, Apple & Cohocksink 

Davis John H., carpenter, 131 Queen. 
Davis John H., tailor, N E 13th & High. 
Davis John J., carpenter, Sassafras W of Broad. 
Davis John R., cordwr., 181 N 4th, h463 Vine. 
Davis Joseph, ship wright. Crown ab Prince. 
Davis Joseph, tavern, 48 Penn. (C) 
Davis Joseph P., mer., 42 N Front. 
Davis Joseph S., pilot, 11 Catharine. 
Davis Jos., blacksmith, S E Sch. 3rd & Dorothy. 
Davis Levin, porter, Shippen bel Russell. 
Davis Lewis Capt., 13 New. 
Davis Margaret, nurse, 22 Christian. 
Davis Margaret, b h 137 Lombard. 
Davis Maria, rear 19 Sterling al. 
Davis Martha, 94 Fitzwater. 
Davis Mary, Jefferson bel Harrison. 
Davis Mary, b h 42 Prune. 
Davis Mary, b. h., 29 Carter's al. 
Davis Mary, 18 Boyd's av. 
Davis Mary, washer, Barker n Sch. 8th. 
Davis Mary H., 210 S 4th. 
Davis Mary M., milliner, 337 Vine. 
Davis Moses, clotliier, 2nd n Church al., h 26 

LiUy al. 

Davis Moses, lab., 32 Sassafras al. 
Davis Nehemiah, tailor, Atherton bel Marriott. 
Davis Peter, seaman, 5 Rose al. 
Davis R., tavern, 11 S 7th. 
Davis Rebecca, 133 S 4th. 
Davis Robert, carter, 38 Paschall's al. 
Davis Sanil., g-ent., 256 Chestnut. 
Davis Saml., corder, 179 Coates. 
Davis Saml., coachmr., 299 Callowhill. 
Davis Saml., att'y & coun., 98 Walnut. 
Davis Saml. H., lum. mer., 413 N Front. 
Davis Saml. L., grocer. 111 N 3rd, h 87 Sassafras. 
Davis Sarah, washer, 122 N lltli. 
Davis Sarah, Sch. 7th n Cherry. 
Davis Sargent, ladies shoemaker, 322 Sassafras. 
Davis Susannah, wid. of Jacob, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Davis Thomas, ship carpenter, 512 S 2nd. 
Davis Thos., wheelwright, rear 277 Callowhill. 
Dav ).«- Thomas, cabinetmaker 40 Plum. 
Davis Thomas, shoemaker, Wood ab 13th. 
Davis Thomas, weaver, N W 7th and Willow. 
Davis Thomas, mer., 171 High, h N E Marshall 

& Wood. 
Davis Thomas, hatter, N E 12th and High. 
Davis Thomas, provn. dealer, 225 N 6th. 
Davis Thos., stone cutter, Powell n Ann (F V) 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmaker, 4 Weaver's ct. 
Davis T. W., mer., 77 High, h 16 Julianna. 




Davis Wm., tailor, Washing-ton. (W P) 

Davis William, cai'ter, 1 Jackson. 

Davis William, carpenter, 7th n Brown. 

Davis William, turner, 17 Nectarine ab 9th. 

Davis Wm., carp., 1 Crockett's ct., h 241 Cedar. 

Davis William, baker, 106 Christian. 

Davis "W^illiam, suspender weaver, 226 N Front, 

Davis William, 138 N 12tli. 

Davis William, sug^ar i-efiner, 1 Quince. 

Davis William, labourer, 480 Sassafras. 

Davis W. A., drugg-ist, S E 3rd & Race, h 22 

Davis William Jr., tailor, 305 A^ine. 
Davis William H., shoes, 266 Hig^h. 
Davis William J., dry g^oods, 403 High. 
Davis Wm. M., carp.', 17 Serg^eant, h 1 Richard 
Davis Z. A., wine mer., 3rd ab Arcli, h 71 Union. 
Davisson Charles, acct., 112 Carpenter. (S) 
Davisson Jesse C, 152 S Water, h 114 Carpen 

ter (S) 
Davi.ssoii Theodore, paper dealer, 181 High. 
Davison John B., labourer, 25 Prime. 
Davison Robert, dry goods, 61 Plum. 
Davison S & E., awning & sacking makers, 29 

5 Front. 
Davison William, b h, S W 12th and Vine. 
Davison W., carpenter 92 S 12th. 
Davy Eliza, b h, 163 Chestnut. 
Davy James, weaver. Pearl ab 11th. 
Davy John, lab., rear 30 Plum. 
Dawson Hannah, 240 High. 
Dawson James, glasspaper manuf.. Broad & 

Paper al. 
Dawson Job, clerk, 173 Pine. 
Dawson Josiah, 318 Mulberry. 
Dawson M. L., brewer, 332 Mulberry, 
Dawson M. L. & Co., brews., N W 10th & Filbert, 
Day Ann, huxter, Peach ab Green. 
Day Charles H., cordwainer, 178 G T road. 
Day Edward, cordwainer, 33 O Y road. 
Day George, carpenter, Marlborough n Queen. 
Day George, carpenter, Queen n Hanover. (K) 
Day George, labourer, Carpenter bel 8th. 
Day & Gerrish, mers., 101 N Water & S E Water 

6 Sassafras. 
Day Heni-y, dry goods, 160^ S 2nd. 
Day Isaac, lab., 12 Juniper al. 
Day Jacob, carpenter, 7 Holmes' al. 
Day James, weaver. Pearl ab 11th. 
Day Joseph, shipcarpenter, 18 Beck's al. 
Day Mary, b h, 107 Coates. 
Day Michael, gent., Marlborough n Queen. 
Day Mrs. Rebecca, 1 Fearris' ct. 
Day Peter, glass blower, 1 Wood. (K) 
Day Richard, g'unsmith, 68 Maiden. 
Day Samuel, tailor, 17 N 13th. 
Day Samuel W., mer., 47 Tammany. 
Day Stephen, bitmaker, 30 Apple. 
Day William, cordwainer. Queen n Vienna. 
Day &. Wilson, tailors, 80 N 3rd. 
Days Adin, shop, 253 Cedar bel 7th. 
Days Peter, blacksmith, 13th ab Coates. 
Daymon John D., tailor, 7 Marks' lane. 
Dayton Charles, cliairmaker, 211 Christian, 
De Angle Jiacintho, confec, 23 N I3th. 

Deacon Edmund, 27 N 5th, h 10 W North. 
Deacon Ephraim T., hatter, 3 N 4th. 
Deacon Israel, tailor, 7 Mechanic. 
Deacon James, cabinetmaker, 331 S 4th. 
Deacon John C, blacksm., Dean bel Franklin. 
Deal Abraham, watchman. Orchard n Rawlc. 
Deal Ann, Garden bel William. 
Deal Charles, teller Manuf. &. Mechanic's bank, 

h 12 North ab 10th. 
Deal Christian, brass fitter, rear 529 N 4th. 
Deal Daniel, white washer, 19 Sassafras al. 
Deal Daniel & Co., dry goods, S W 6th & High, 
Deal Daniel, mer., S W 6th & High, h Marshall 

ab Buttonwood. 
Deal David, cordw ainer. Orchard n Jackson, 
Deal Ehzabeth, Sch. 8th n Vine. 
Deal George, blacksmith, 64 Garden. 
Deal Jacob, victualler, G T road n Fitler. 
Deal Jane F., shop. Queen ab Shackamaxon (K) 
Deal Margaret, gent., c G T road and Otter. 
Deal Michael, currier, Sansom al. 
Deal Michael, cabinetmr., c Queen & Hanover. 
Deal John, brushmaker, rear 178 Marshall. 
Deal John F., baker, Carlisle's ct. bel Coates. 
Deal John F., baker, 184 Sassafras. 
Deal John G., baker, 362 N 6th. 
Deal Petei', carp., Shackamaxon bel F road. 
Deal Peter, brickmr., G T road ab Montgomery. 
Deal Reuben, cordw., 20 Montgomery. 
Deal Samuel, carman, 277 St. John. 
Deal Sophia, Crown bel Bedford. 
Deal William, tailor, 399 N 3rd. 
Deal & Folwell, tailors, 399 N 3rd, 
Deahs James, finding store, 70 Shippen- 
Deamer Christiana, shop, 372 S 3rd. 
Deamer Henry, saddler, 418 High, h 7 Howard. 
Dean E. Mrs., fancy goods, N E 11th & Chestnut. 
Dean James, grocer, S E Franklin & Wood. 
Dean John, 7& N 5th. 
Dean Joseph A., carpenter, 13th n Wood. 
Dean Marg-aret, 2 Myers' ct. 
Dean Martha, teacher, 5th ab Buckley. 
Dean Sarah, milliner, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Dean W. H., druggist, N E Cedar & 5th, h 

Buckley bel 5th. 
Dearie Richard, coal mer., Sch. Front n Vine, 
Dearry James, manuf,, Callowhill n F M, 
Dearie John & G., manufs., Callowhill n Sch. 
Dean-y Thomas, carpenter, Dugan n Spruce. 
Dearry Z. B., tailor, '3,^7 N 5th. 
Deas Catharine, Brown's ct. 
Deas James H., machinist, 70 N 6th, h Green n 

Deaves Jacob, carpenter, 4 Kessler's ct. 
Deaves Mary, 7th n P road. 
Deaves Susan, 316 S 3rd. 
Deaves William, Poplar n Beach(K) 
Deaves William, chau-maker, 421 N 6th. 
De Barry John, tailor, 18 S 5th, h 214 S 3rd, 
DeBeust Chas., chairmaker. Lisle bel Shippen. 
De Beust Hannah, 14 S 12th. 
De Beust Wm. R., blacksmith. Centre bel 13th, 
De Binder Amy, M road bel Carpenter. 
De Binder Joseph, ship carpenter, 6 Marion, 
Deblin Bernard, shoemaker, lOKenworthy'sct. 
Deboise James, silkdyer, 21 Perry. 




De Bone Andrew, blacksm., rear 215 St. John. 
Debozear Lewis, brass & bell founder, reai- 11 

Bread, h 9 Bread. 
De Bree & Co., wines & liquors, 12 S 7th. 
De Bree William T., mer., 12 S 7th, h 69 Cherry, 
De Brott Mrs. Adelia, 143 S 9th. 
De Bruin Morris J., dealer, 185 Cedar. 
Decatur John, coach trimmer, Sch. 7th n Vine, 
Decamp Sidney, bookbinder, 7 Hyde's ct. 
Deckett Christian, tailor, Thomas's alley. 
Decker Christopher, morocco dresser, Elizabeth 

n Poplar. 
Decker Elizabeth, shop, 15 Laurel. 
Decker Francis D., corder, Coates st wharf. 
Decker John, hair dresser, 345 N Front. 
Decker Peter, gent., 327 S 5th. 
Decker William, tailor, 232 Catherine. 
Decklyne A. M., milliner, 392 N Front. 
Decklyne Theodore, pump and blockmaker, 64 

Oak, h 392 N Front. 
De Coursey Jacob, cordwainer, 344 N 2nd. 
De Coursey, Lafourcade & Co., mers., 77 Hig-h. 
De Coursey Samuel W., mer., 77 Hig-h, h 353 

Decrome Phillip, printer, 45 Zane. 
Dedaker Adam, labourer, Marlborough n Duke. 
Deddam Peter, labourer. Green's ct. 
Dedrick Hannah, Schaeffer's ct. (N L) 
Deemer John, morocco dresser, Cadwalader n 

Phoenix. (K) 
De Estimauville Frederick, Kessler's ct. 
Deforest John, victualler, Ann. (Francisville) 
De Franca Manuel J., port, paint., 218 Walnut. 
De France Caroline, gentw., 307 Spruce. 
De Freitas John H., barber, 15 S 4th. 
De Groot James, coach painter, 326 S 4tli. 
Degenay John, weaver, G T road ab 3rd. 
Deemer Catharine, tavern, Coates bel 5th. 
Deemer John, butcher, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Deemer Mary, Phoenix n Cadwalader. 
Deets George, 217 N 8th. 
Degan John, cedar cooper, 218 S 2d, h 235 

Degan Patrick, labourer, 1 Carlisle ct. 
Degen F., cooper, P road ab Carpenter. 
Degorgue Lewis, cooper, Sch. 7th & Helmuth 
De Hauterive, Frencli consul, 120 S 4th. 
Dehaven Abram R., clerk, 2 Rittenhouse. 
Dehaven George, vict., Montgomery n Front. 
Dehaven H., teller Philadelphia Bank. 
Dehaven Holstein, carp., 155 N lltli n Vine. 
Deiiaven John R., carpenter, Court alley. 
Dehaven Mary, Broad n George. 
Dehaven William, victuallez', 9 Dorothy. 
De Homergue John, broker, 73 Dock, h S E 

12th & Filbert. 
Deich John, coppersmith, Union ab Franklin. 
Deidlebach F., baker. Palmer ab Prince. (K) 
Deighton, Thomas, pianomr.. Cherry n Sch. 7th. 
Deimling John C, 32 O Y road. 
Deimling Mrs. Mary, 35 Wood. 
Deininger John 11., cordw., Beach n March. (K) 
Deitz George, turner, 7 Kunckle. 
Deitz Henry, carpenter, 5 Lombard ct. 
Deitz John, cordw., 154 St. John. 
Deitz Sarah, rear 203 N 3d. 

Deitz William, cordwainer, 27 Cox. 

Deitze Frederick, ship carpenter, Marlborough 
n Bedford. (K) 

Deitze Michael, gent., Olive n 12th. 

Delacroix C. J., prof, of languages, 47 S 4th. 

Delacroix Louisa, 145 St. John. 

Delameter John, bookbr.. Sassafras ab Sch. 8th. 

D eland Thorndike, 40 S wharves, h Walnut ab 

Delancey Michael, cordw., Callowhill n Sch. 

Delancey William, carpet weaver, Queen n 

Delane Caroline, 31 Elizabeth. 

Delaney Daniel, gent., 16 Carpenter. (S) 

Delaney John, miller, F road n Master. 

Delaney John, labourer, 31 Palmyra sq. 

Delany Charles H., carp., Allen n Shackamaxon. 

Delany H., gent., Queen ab Shackamaxon. 

Delany James M., carp., Brown ab Marshall. 

Delany Patrick, saddler, 91 Gaskill. 

Delany Patrick, labourer, Filoert ab Sch. 7th, 

Delany Wilham, farmer, 232 N Water. 

Delany William, atty. & cou.n.,50 S 6tli. 

Delany William, gilder, 318 S 6th. 

Delany WiUiam, pohce officer, 82 Gaskill, 

Delany William, cordw., 196 Lombard. 

De Lap Barbara, 16 Pennsylvania avenue. 

Delas Maria, 58 Almond. 

Delavaux John, brushmaker, 248 N 4th. 

Delisa Samuel, trader, 20 Branch. 

Dellaway George W., stone cutter, 345 S Front. 
Dellmore Richard, weaver, 4th bel G T road. 
Delmas Jane, Weaver st. 
Delorenzie Andrew, 7 Elfreth's alley. 
Delouhary Patrick, lab.. Mulberry & Sch. 2nd. 
Delp Joseph R., tavern, 241 N 3d. 
Delstatius David, boxmaker, 1 Mint ct. 
Demby Samuel, labourer, Mellon bel 12th, 
Demby Wm., lab., 8 Peach ab Green. 
Demme C. R., D. D., 41 N 4th. 
Demery Wm., grocer and flour and feed, N W 

R road and Callowhill. 
Demmons Catherine, gentw., F road n Marlboro'. 
Dempsey John, brewer, 3 Scattergood ct. 
Dempsey Lydia, 116 Cherry. 
Dempsey Matthew, labourer. Prosperous al. 
Dempsey Thomas, cordwainer, 278 S Front. 
Dempsey William, shoemaker, 59 Bedford. 
Demur Mary, milliner, 83 Cedar. 
Demur William, shop, 189 S 6th. 
Denan John P., caulker, 52 Mead s.]\ey. 
Denckla Mrs., widow of A. H., Mulberry & 

Denckla P., gent., 7 S 8th. 
Denegree Joseph, carpenter, 21 Montgomery. 
Denham J. J., hatter, Elmes's ct. Vine n Sch. 
Denman Aaron, mer., 421 High. 
Denman M. B., mer., S E lOtli & Clinton. 
Denn William, labourer, Grim's ct. (N L) 
Denning Robei-t, oysterman, 26 Harmony. 
Denninger Jacob, tailor, 119 Coates. 
Dennis Elizabetli, 73 CJiristian. 
Dennis Matthew J., gro., N E 11th & Vine, h 

Rugan ab Callowfiill. 
Dennis N. F. H., chem. lab., Vine n Sch. 8th. 




Dennis Robert, labourer, S W Pine & Sch. 7th. 
Dennison Andrew, grocer, N W lOtli and Sas- 

Dennison Martha, teacher, 147 S 10th. 
Dennison Ruth Ann, Rroad bel Spring- Garden. 
Denniston Georg-e, carpenter, 6 Gray's ct. 
Denny James, oysterman, 17 Concord. 
Denny James, chair painter, 227 S 7th. 
Denny John, mariner, 6 Carpenter. 
Denny Palmer, victualler, Fisher's ct. 
Denny Robert, saddler, 7 Prune. 
Dentler Lewis, lab., Bai-ker n Sch. 6th. 
Depass Emanuel, cordwainei", 258 Catherine. 
Depau Francis A., gent., 30 Girard. 
Depee Nathaniel W., tailor, 234 Cedar. 
Deperven Henry, cabinetmaker, 312 Callowhill. 
Depestre Edmund, gent.. Spruce ab 11th. 
Depoe Catherine, 4 Boyd's av. 
Depuy J. Stewart, teacher, 18 Bread. 
Dupuy Jonathan V., dry goods, 25 N 8th. 

Derbyshire A. J., mer., 65 N Water, h 15 New. 
Derbyshire Ann, 15 New. 

Derham John, carter, 359 Lombard. 

Derham John, tavern, Sch. Front & Filbert. 

Derham Michael, baker, 3 Dorothy. 

Dermont H. M., tobacconist, 312 S 2d. 

De Ro Charles & Co., mers., 53 S Water. 

Derouse G., boot crimper, 26 Washington 
Market place. 

Derr George L., combmr., OY road ab Poplar. 

Derr John, silver plater, Riehl's ct. 

Derr John, baker, 18 Mulberry. 

Derr John, blacksmith, 125 N 8th. 

Derr John, cordwainer, rear 126 Dillwyn. 

Derr John, tailor, G Troad n Phoenix. 

Derr John, watchman, 35 Perry. 

Derr Martin, police officer, 133 N Juniper. 

Derr William, combmaker, 83 Brown. 

Derrick William, ship joiner, 544 S Front. 

Derrickson Nathaniel, millwright, Carlton ab 
Sch. 8th. 

Den'ickson Samuel, U. S. mint, h 8 Gebhard. 

Derrickson, William, mariner, 586 S 2d. 

Derringer Henry, rifle manuf., 370 N Front. 

Derringer T. T., gunsmith, 8 Coates. 

Derrum Margaret, 98 Gaskill. 

Derry George, machinist, 6 Grear's ct. 

Desabaye Lewis, painter, 129 ButtOnwood. 

Desabaye Wm., painter, James ab Charles. 

Dessale John, grocer, Hanover n F road. 

Desanno Frederick, machinist, N E Noble and 

Desilver R. Wilson, bookseller & binder, 4 S 4th, 

h 213 S 4th. 
Desilver Thos. Sr., mer., 255 High, h 128 N 9th. 
Desmond Daniel J., atty. and coun., 99 Spruce. 
Desmond James T., mer., 99 Spruce. 
Despass Antonett, 6 Kenworth's ct 
Desperven Catherine, 1 Nectarine. 
Dessalet Alexander, cordw., 141 N 4th. 
Dessue Abraham, trader, 336 N 3d. 

Destouet Brother, importer, 23 Church al. 

Destouet J. E., mer., 23 Church alley, h 42 Pine. 

Destouet S., mer., 23 Church al., h 292 Chestnut. 

Dettere E., milliner, 27 Wood. 

Detters Robert, combmr., 2 Brown's ct. 

Detwiler Abraham, segarmr., 556 N 3d. 

Devany John, innkeeper, Callowhill and Sch. 

Devar John, clerk, 382 Coates. 

Devaraux John, tailor, 7 Logan. 

Devaraux Philip, tavern, S ElOth & Pleasant. 

Devenny Charles D., alderman, 96 F road. 

Devenny Thomas, grocer, 23 Elizabeth. 

Devenport A., skindresser, 13 Charles st. 

Devenport Anna, gentw., G T road n 3rd. 

Develin Bernard, labourer, Jones ab Sch. 4th. 

Deviney George, chairmaker, Oxford n F road. 

Deviney Mary, tavern, c Front & Mud lane. (K) 

Devier Michael, grocer, 264 Cedar. 

Dever Edward, gent.. Broad ab Shippen. 

Dever Michael, shop, 264 Cedar. 

Devers Elizabeth, sempstress, 5 Winter's ct. 

Devereux James, sea capt., 89 Pine. 

Devereux John, mer., 79 S wharves, h 89 Pine. 

Devereux John James, atty. 8c coun. for Maine 
&. Massachusetts, office 62 S 6th. 

Devine Ann, variety store, 50 Spruce. 

Devine George, cabinetmr., Hanover n West. 

Devine Hugh, tavern, 179 S Front. 

Devine James, grocer, c 11th & Cherry. 

Devine John, weaver, 6 Wagner's alley. 

Devine John, grocer, 10 Wagner's alley. 

Devine John, grocer, S W Sch. 8th and High. 

Devine Mark, grocer, 381 N 2d. 

Devine Martha, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 

Devine Mrs., Jones's alley n Sch. 8th. 

Devine Patrick, tavern, 48 Spruce. 

Devine Patrick, grocer, Callowhill n Sch. Wash- 

Devine Wm., cordw., S W Sch. 8th & Filbert. 

Deviney Ann, 3 Clymer's court. 

Deviney Mary Ann, Jones's alley ab Sch. 5th. 

Devir Edward, tailor, 236 S 3rd. 

Desauque Charles L., wine mer., 299 High, h; Devir Grace, Sch 2nd ab High. 

• 142 N 10th. iDevitt T., baker, Cedar ab 11th. 

Des Coendres Jesse, oyster eel., 186 Callowhill. Devlin John, lab., Wagner's al bel Brinton. 

Deschamps & Cauet, sugar refiners, rear 87 N 2d. 
Deschamps Mai-y, Beach n Marsh. (K) 
Deschnur Augustus, baker, 50 Penn. (C) 
Desenburg Henry, sugar boiler, 20 Lilly alley. 
Deshiers Fanny, 19 Watson's alley. 
Desgranges S. A., mer., 165 High, h 140 S 9th. 
Desilver Charles, mer., 286 N 6th. 
Desilver Mary, gentw., 13 N 10th. 
Desilver Robert P., bookseller & stationer, 255 
High, h 297 Chestnut. 

Devlyn Andrew, labourer, 9 Ann. 
Devlyn Edward, weav., Jefferson n Cadwalader, 
Uevlyn Edward, tailor, Shippen ab Shippen la. 
Devlyn F., labourer, Jones' alley n Sch. 5th. 
Devlyn John, shipcarp., Vienna bel Prince. (K) 
Devlyn John, labourer, Edward n School. (K) 
Devlyn Michael, blacksmith, 6 Sugar al. 
Devlyn M., skindresser, Chai-lotte n Thompson. 

Devlyn Patrick, clerk, 3 Richard st. 


Devlyn Patrick, labourer, Cadwalader n Phoe- 
nix. (Kensington) 

Devoo Wm. L., mer., 444 N Front. 

Devoux J., oyster house, 69 Wood. 

Devour Anna, dressmaker, 178 Shippen. 

Devow James, capt. steamboat, 22 Oak. 

De Waele Jas. M., dry goods, N E 2d & Pine. 

Dewall F., tavern, 207 St. John. 

Dewees Abraham, tailor, rear 39 Coates' al. 

Dewees C, gilder, 385 S 2nd. 

Dewees Charles, lastmaker, 171 Poplar. 

Dewees E., dry goods, 2 N 8th. 

Dewees Henry, piper, 277 S 5th. 

Dewees Jane, b h., 128 N Front. 

Dewees Joseph, blacksmith, Francis ab R road. 

Dewees Mary, tailoress, 20 Magnolia. 

Dewees Peter, lastmaker, 74 Callowhill. 

Dewees Samuel, lastmaker, 95 Sassafras. 

Dewett Sarah A., washerwoman, 18 Middle al. 

Dewey George W., accountant, 135 S 4th. 

Dewey Mary, dry goods, 398 N 2d. 

Dewey William, coal mer., 2d wharf bel Walnut, 
Sch., h 40 S 13th. 

Dewier Cornelius, carpenter, rear 212 Vine. 

Dewitt Henry, limeburner. Pine n Beach. 

De Wolf B., 150 Sassafras. 

Dey Sarah H., 7 Coates. 

De Young & Brothers, liquors, 30 Chestnut. 

De Young Isaac, fancy goods, 123 Chestnut. 

De Young J. R., mer., 30 Chestnut, h 122 Ca- 

De Young M. H., mer., 30 Chesnut, h 3d bel 

Dialogue G. & W., fire hose manuf , 24 E North. 

Dialogue J. & G., china ware, 292 N 2d. 

Dialogue Wm., fire hOsemaker, 24 E North. 

Diamond Alexander, distiller, 205 Cedar. 

Diamond Hugh, cordwainer, 98 Cedar. 

Diamond John, gent, 204 S Front. 

Diamond John, rectifier. Cedar ab 4th. 

Diamond J. & J., liquors, S W Cedar & S whfs. 

Diamond Margaret, milliner, 89 Cedar. 

Dice Daniel, brassfounder, 2nd ab Phoenix (K) 

Dick Abel, turner, 3 Joseph's alley. 

Dick Charles, tailor, 46 Cedar. 

Dick Daniel D. & Co., sign writers, &c., Wheeler's 
court, St. James' street. 

Dick D. D., japaner. Union Square, George. 

Dick Elizabeth, 5 Budd. (C) 

Dick Francis B., locksmith, S W 9th & Locust. 

Dick Fred., ship carp., Marlborough n Bedford. 

Dick Frederick, Janitor at University, h S E 
11th and Locust. 

Dick George, weaver. Front bel Master. 

Dick Hannah, 6 Monroe place. 

Dick Henry, tailor, 153 S 2d, h 4 Carpenter. (S) 

Dick James, cabinetmaker, 53 M.road. 

Dick James, porter, Lombard ab 12th. 

Dick James, tavern, 108 Shippen. 

Dick John, boot & shoemr., N E 13th 8c Filbert. 

Dick John, coppersmith, Hanover n Prince. 

Dick John, florist. Weaver row. 

Dick John B., clothes dealer, 145 S 2nd. 

Dick Peter, tailor, 50 M road. 

Dick Phihp, japaner, h Sch 6th bel Cherry. 

63 DIG 

Dick v., cordwainer, 6 N 13th. 
Dick William, clerk, Sch. 8th bel Locust. 
Dick William, labourer, Lombard n 12th. 
Dick W. B., optician, 48 Chestnut, h 2 Lodge. 

Dickens Ellas, manuf., 15 Coates. 

Dickens Fowler, gunsmith, 375 N 2d. 

Dickens Richard, gunsmith, 1 1 Tamarind. 

Dickerman Lemuel, boots & shoes, 30 High. 

Dickes Saml., undertak., F rd. ab Marlborough 

Dickes William, carpenter, rear 7& F road. 

Dickenson E., gent., 350 S 4th. 

Dickenson Wm,, plaster., 4th ab Thompson. (K) 

Dickenstreet Ann, Liberty alley. 

Dickenstreet Anthony, tanner, 120 Charlotte. 

Dickerson Adelia, 138 Locust. 

Dickerson Ann, b h Hamilton n Fairmount. 

Dickerson Charles A., painter, 69 S 12th. 

Dickerson Eliza, dry goods, 83 Buttonwood. 

Dickerson Jesse, gent., 83 Buttonwood. 

Dickerson Louisa, 50 Mechanic. 

Dickerson Wm., waterman. Oak ab Noble. 

Dickerson Wm., waterman, 3 Kensley's ct. 

Dickes Daniel, carpenter, F R ab Master. (K) 

Dickey James, tavern, Penn. (K) 

Dickey John M., collector, 11th bel Cedar. 

Dickey N., math, instrument mr., 31 N 13th. 

Dickey Thomas, printer, 3 Rule's ct. 

Dickie David, upholsterer, 20 Stamper's alley. 

Dicks James, tavern, 53 M road. 

Dickinson Daniel, morocco dresser, 23 N 6th. 

Dickinson Daniel, poi-trait painter, 169 Chest- 
nut, h 222 Noble. 

Dickinson E'dwin, printer, Sch. 7th n Vine. 

Dickinson John, diamond setter, 26 Sansom. 

Dickinson John, hatter, 2 S 2nd. 

Dickinson John, merchant, 387 High. 

Dickinson John, printer, 160 Swanson. 

Dickinson Margaret, gentw. 355 High. 

Dickinson Mary, Sycamore ab Locust. 

Dickinson Martha, feed, 534 N Front. 

Dickinson Richard, grocer, N E 10th & Lombard. 

Dickinson Samuel, drayman, 283 St. John. 

Dickinson Sarah N., gentw. 114^ Mulberry. 

Dickinson T. H., carpet weaver, 461 High. 

Dickinson William, architect, 150 Christian. 

Dickinson William, machinist, State st. 

Dicks Nancy, shop, S 8th bel Shippen. 

Dickson & Co., importers, N W 5th & Commerce. 

Dickson David, drayman. Phoenix n G T road. 

Dickson Elizabeth, dry goods, Cedar ab 10th. 

Dickson George, 570 N 3d. 

Dickson George, confectioner. Beach. (K) 

Dickson Haniiah, 72 N 9th. 

Dickson Hugh, gent. 27 N 13th. 

Dickson James, manuf.. Front ab Master 

Dickson Jas. N., mer. 152 High, h Spruce ab 11th. 

Dickson James N. & Co., mers., 152 High. 

Dickson James R., mer., 47 S 13th. 

Dickson John, boot & shoe mr., 396 N Front. 

Dickson John, cooper. Vine n 12th. 

Dickson John, manuf. 572 N 3rd. 

Dickson John, mer. 7 S Water, h Walnut ab 

Dickson John, tavern, N W 2nd 8c Plum. 

Dickson Joseph R., mer. 333 N 2nd. 




Dickson Levi, merchant, 152 High, h S W 9th 

Sc Georg-e. 
Dickson Robert, acct., 396 N Front. 
Dickson Robert, labourer, Brasier ab Loyd. 
Dickson Thomas, carpenter, 581 N 3rd. 
Dickson Thomas, labourer, 25 Brinton. 
Dickson Thos. H. 137 Hig-h, h 29 N 13th. 
Dickson Wilham, baker, 175 Catharine. 
Dickson Wm., boot & shoemaker, 396 N Front 
Dickson William, bricklayer, 11 Marion. 
Dickson Wm., drug-g-ist, 23 Sassafras. 
Dickson William, weaver, 9 Clymer. 
Diedricks Henry, stoves, 148 N 3rd, h 86 Vine. 
Diegel Martin, carpet weaver, 66 Garden. 
Diehl Ann, rear 21 Fitz water. 
Diehl & Co., mers., city stores. 
Diehl Georg"e M., mer., city stores, h 182 S 3rd. 
Diehl John, city commissioner, 224 Pine. 
Diehl John, tavern, S W Front & Catharine. 
Diehl John H., mer., city stores, h 165 S 3rd. 
Diehl Peter, carpenter, Shackamaxon, n Froad. 
Diehl Thomas, clerk, 163 Catharine. 
Diehl Thomas, mer. 53 S Front, h 15 N 10th. 
Diehl William, oil & lamps, N W 4th & Mul- 
berry, h 94 S 5th. 
Diehr Philip, silver plater, 341 N 6th. 
Diemer Michael, tavern, R Road ab Vineyard. 
Diesing-er Joseph, bootmaker, 93 S 5tli. 
Dierker Augustus, shoemaker, 26 Garden. 
Dieninger John, bl'cksmith, Buttonwood ab 12th. 
Dieterach M., porter, 8 Willow. 
Dietrich Henry, M, D., 159 N 10th. 
Dietrick John, baker, 191 N 4th. 
Dietz Adam, hairdresser, 92 Green. 
Dietz Joseph, artist, 4 Lawrence ct. 
Dietz Peter, combmaker. Rose ab Green. 
Difer William, saw maker, 34 Sug'ar al. 
Dig-gins James R., machinist, 7 Smith's alley. 
Dig-gs Joseph, labourer, 41 N Juniper. 
Dilford John, carp., 4th ab Thompson. (K) 
Dilge George, cabinetmaker. Porter's ct. (N L) 
Dilhorn B. C, dentist, 332 Pine. 
Dilks George, carpenter, 395 N 6th. 
Dilks Hannah, tailoring, 45 Almond. 
Dill Robert, labourer. Eagle ct. 
Dillard Thos., M. D., U. S. Navy, 493 Chestnut. 
Diller Isaac R. assist, sec'y- of criminal court. 
Dillin Daniel, cordw. Corn bel Wharton. 
DiUin Elizabeth, 379 S Front. 
Dillin Hannah 8c Mercy, dry goods, 205 Cherry. 
Dillin Thomas, blacksmith. Christian bel 7th, h 

31 Harmony. 
Dillin William, blacksmith. Green's ct, h 67 

Dillinger David, gent. 13 West. 
Dillingham Simeon, dentist, 120 Mulberry, h 93 

N 6th. 
Dillman Christopher, bleeder, 437 N 2nd. 
Dillman Francis, barber, 310 S 6th. 
Dillmore Andrew, labourer. Prime bel Church. 
Dillmore Jacob, gardener. Broad bel Fitzvvater. 
Dillon Enos, labourer, 3 S Sch 4th. 
Dillon James, gent., Carpenter bel 5th. (S) 
Dillon James, labourer, Sch. 8th & Filbert. 
Dillon John, carter. Carpenter bel 5th. 

Dilsaver Nahun, carpenter, Clair bel Carpenter, 
Dilts Cavener, coachmr. rear 1 Buttonwood. 
Dilworth Chas., mer., 14 N 4th, h 503 Chestnut. 
Dilworth & Branson, hardware, 59 High. 
Dilworth John, turner, 10 Norris' al. 
Dilworth Wm., mer., 59 High, h 141 Mulberry. 
Dingee Charles H., drug-gist, 264 S 4tli. 
Dingee Daniel, collector, Marshall n Parish. 
Dingee John H., druggist, 250 S 2nd. 
Dingee J. H., gent., S W 4th & Gaskill. 
Dingis Sarah, 3rd bel Phoenix. 
Dinglar Christopher, carter, 228 Vine. 
Dingle Heintzelman, h.air oil, 35 N 6th. 
Dingle Johnson, waiter, Carpenter ab 9th. 
Dingier Elizabeth, 12 Green. 
Dinning John, tav., N E Willow & Factor}'. 
DinmoreW. R. treas. Ches. st Theatre, 191 S 9th. 
D'Invilliers & Co., ex-brokers, 22 S 3rd. 
Dinwiddle James L. Rev., 260 Coates. 
Dippell John, baker, 192 N 13th. 
Dippoldt John, gent., 17 Sergeant. 
Disberry David, hai'dware, Washington. (W P) 
Dlsher Wilham, brickmaker, Rittenhouse, bel 

Sch 5th. 
Dithmer Charles, beer house, 453 N 3rd. 
Dithmar Charles, beer house, 99 Green. 
Dithmar Fred'k., brewer, 520 N 3rd, h 525 N 3d. 
Ditmars & Beoraft, cabinetmakers, 157 S 2nd. 
Ditmars J. V. H., cabinetmaker, 129 S 2nd. 
Ditterley Charles, blacksmith, 3 Stokes' ct. 
Dito Sherry, grocer, 77 Locust. 
Dlton John, tanner, c Culvert & Mechanic. 
Ditterline Catharine, George n 4th. (N L) 
Ditterline Sarah, George n 4th. (N L) 
Dittis Elizabeth, gentw., 19 Budd. 
Dittis John, cordwainer, 19 Budd. 
Ditz William, frame mr. 4th ab Master. 
Diver John, labourer, IMorris ab Catharine. 
Diver Joseph, gent. 208 Mulben-y. 
Diver J. Paul, grocer, S W 8th & Filbert, h 185 

Divin John, tav. 83 S 5th. 
Divine Mary, dry goods. Queen. (K) 
Divine Philip, labourer. Barker's alley. 
Divoux John, oysters, 169 Chestnut. 
Dixey Isaiah, pumpmr., Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Dixey Mary, Fitzwater ab 7th. 
Dixey WiUiam, car-driver, Wood n Schuyl. 
Dix Charles, Mark's lane. 
Dixie Charles, carp., Chestnut. (W P) 
Dixie Isaiah, carp., Chestnut. (W P) 
Dixie Jonathan, carp., Chestnut. (W P) 
Dixie Joshua, carp., Mansion. (W P) 
Dixon David, hatter, CallowhlU ab Sch. WiUiam. 
Dixon James, manuf.. Front n Master, h 525 N 

Dixon James & Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead's ct. 
Dixon James N., painter, 35 N 8th, h 398 Sas- 
Dixon John, farmer. Front n Master. 
Dixon John, grocer, S W 2nd & Willow, h Mar- 
shall ab Spring- Garden. 
Dixon Ruth J., Marshall ab Spring Garden. 
Dlzler P'rederick, spooler, rear 95 St. John. | 

Doak David, blacksmith, Shippen ab 12th. | 




Doak John, cabinet maker, 352 S 2nd. 

Doan George W., carpenter, 1 Penezet. 

Doan Jonathan, cai'penter, Georg-e ab Sch 8th 

Doan Sarah, 6 Linden ct. 

Doane David, carpenter, 319 S 6th. 

Dobbins John, oil cloth painter, Germantown rd. 

n Jefferson. 
Dobbins Zebedee, carpenter, 457 N 2nd. 
Dobbyn William, gent. 16 Girard. 
Dobelbower Charles, books &. paper, 332 S 2nd. 
Dobelbower John C, printer, 313 Callowhill. 
Dobelbower John H., cliair painter, Elizabeth 

n Poplar. 
Dobelbower Lewis, printer. Perry ab Lombard. 
Dobelbower Lewis H., collector, 16 Green's 

Dobelman Frederick, machinist, Madison. 
DobinmjTe Frederick, lab.. Pearl n Sch 4th, 
Dobler Louisa, 314 Pine. 
Dobs Abraham, labourer. Cedar n Sch Front. 
Dobson Jonathan, cordwainer, Walter's ct. 
Dobson Judah, bookseller, 108 Chestnut. 
Dobson Robert, grocer, c Lemon & Chester. 
Dobson William, shoemr. Cherry ab Queen. (K) 
Dobleman J. C, fringe mr., 86 N 2nd. 
Dobman Christian, baker, Palmer ab Prince. 
Dockendoff Solomon, sea capt., 561 S 2d. 
Dodamead Thomas, brass founder, 25 W North. 
Dodelbower Louis H., collector, 34 Catharine. 
Dodd Abel J., millwright, 4th bel Christian. 
Dodd Ann, tailoress, Brown n 10th 
Dodd Elizabeth, Scott's ct. 
Dodd George, 30 Spruce. 
Dodd Richard, confectioner, 527 High. 
Dodd Stephen, cabmr., 7 John's ct. 
Dodge Catharine E., gentw. 65 S 12th. 
Dodge C. Mrs., gentw., 181 Walnut. 
Dodge Edward, broker, 25 S 3rd, h 146 S 4th. 
Dodge Henry S., cordw., S W Carpenter & M rd. 
Dodge Nathan, carver, 367 High, h 27 Montgo- 
Dodge Rev Danl., 372 N Front, 
Dodson Richard W., engraver, 25 Minor. 
Dodson R. B., att'y &. coun., 64 Coates. 
Dodsworth John, carp.. Pearl ab Sch 8th. 
Doerr Henry, baker, Charles bel Buttonwood. 
Dohan Daniel, tem grocer, N W 7th & Noble. 
Doherty Wilhaui, mer. 331 N2nd. 
Dohneit George W., bookbinder, 2 Frank's ct, 
Dohnert John H., marb. paper manuf. Green ab 

Franklin and 21 St. James. 
Dohnert Maria, gentw., 6 Branch. 
Dohnert William, tavern, c 5th and Sassafras. 
Dolby John, carp., 4 Holmes' al. 
Dolby John, acct,, 7 Maiden. 
Dole Christian, baker, rear 227 St. John, 
Dole Levi, lab. Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 
Doll George, fancy goods, 103 Race. 
iJollman Francis, tobacconist, 30 Peg. 
Dollar M., tavern, S W Front and Mary. 
Dolphin George, confectionaries, 35 Strawberry, 
Dolphin James, lab.. Baker ab 7th. 
Dolton John, weaver, Parker's al. 
Doman Ehzabeth, c 3rd & Franklin. 
Doman Isaac, skin dresser, 10 Franklin. 

Doman J. M., carpenter, 352 S 4th. 

Doman Sary, 49 Currant al. 

Doman Thomas, skindresser, 598 N 3d. 

Dominique Charles, grocer, S E Logan & Green, 

Domsler Sarah, 175 Germantown road. 

Donagan John, cordw. 50 P road. 

Donagan Thomas, gent, 134 Marshall. 

Donegan Cornelius, sizer, G T road n Phoenix. 

Donaghue Charles, blacksmith, 31 Franklin. 

Donaghey James, coalagt.. Willow ab Pine. 

Donaghey William, manuf. 358 S 5th. 

Donahew Ann, b h 9 S 8th. 

Donahue Abraham, paper stainer, 14 Orleans. 

Donahue Jane, hairdi-esser and fancy store, 117 

Donahow John, stonecutter. Filbert ab Sch 4th. 
Donahow Samuel, ladies shoemr., 214 S 2nd. 
Donahower Christiana, 4 Franklin. (K) 
Donahy John, lab., Sch Beach ab Spruce. 
Donaldson Andrew, gent. Penn ab Maiden. (K) 
Donaldson & Brother, mast yard, 1st whf bel 

Donaldson David L., por. painter, 583 S 2nd. 
Donaldson & Evans, queensware, 307 S 2nd. 
Donaldson Hugh, gent. 475 Vine. 
Donaldson Hugh, carp., Maria N 5th. 
Donaldson Isaac, porter, 19 Mifflin. 
Donaldson Isaac M., hatter, rear 196 Ciierry. 
Donaldson Jacob P., spar maker, 435 N Front. 
Donaldson John P., spar maker, 17 Catharine. 
Donaldson Joseph, hatter, 72 N 2nd. 
Donaldson Mary, 4 Penn. (K) 
Dojialdson Rebecca, 21 Fitzwater. 
Donaldson Weston C, whf builder, 116 S 3rd. 
Donaldson William, carpenter, Marion bel 5th. 
Donaldson William T., mast maker 76 Penn, 

Donnaldson Geo. O., carpenter, Lewis n Sch 

Donnaldson John, secretary Delaware Ins. Co. 

h 162 S 9th. 
Donnaldson Sarah, teacher, 21/5 Walnut. 
Donnaldson The Misses, teachers, 216 Walnut. 
Donath James A., att'y & poun. 76 S 12th. 
Donath Joseph, merchant. 111 Spruce, 
Donlan Thos., perfumer, 130 N 5th, 
Donley Edward, lab., 6 Juniper al, 
Donley Chas,, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwalader, 
Donley James, supt.. Vine bel Sch 7th. 
Donley Joseph P., seminary, Cantrell's ct. 
Donley Mary, cor Adams and Clymer. 
Donley Patrick, b. h. 9 Chestnut. 
Donley Thomas, labourer, 11 Salem al. 
Donlon Edwd., Murray ab Sch 2d. 
Donlon James, lab., Jones ab Sch 4th. 
Donnagha E. Mrs., fringemr., 189 S 5th. 
Donnahue John, grocer, Beach n Maiden. (K) 
Donnahue John S., china, 513 N 2nd. 
Donnahue Matthew, chandler, Ellett's avenue. 
Donnahue Matthew, ct n Walnut & Sch 3d. 
Donnahue Richard, lab. rear 113 German. 
Donnally Matthew, clerk, 48 Tammany. 
Donnell John, carver. Say st. 
Donnell John, skindresser and wool dealer, cor 

Charlotte and Phoenix. 




Donnell Joseph, lab,, 49 Perry. 
Donnell L. F. Capt., c Queen &c Swanson. 
Donnell Robert, grocer, 3 S 6th, h 100 N 11th. 
Donnell William, carter, 21 Greswold's al. 
Donnelly Charles, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwala 

der. (K) 
Donnelly Chas., victualler, R road ab Callow 

Donnelly Catharine, washer, 3 Salem's al. 
Donnelly Danl., shop, 40 Strawberry. 
Donnelly Frederick, victualler, 6th ab Poplar 1. 
Donnelly James, weaver, Murray ab Sch 2d. 
Donnelly John, strop maker, 105 Catharine. 
Donnelly John, stone cutter, Budd bel Juniper 
Donnelly John, carpenter, Dugan n Spruce. 
Donelly Jos. P., pawnbroker, 352 Cedar. 
Donnelly John, tavern, 44 Cedar. 
Donnelly Mary, sempstress, corner Adams and 

Donnelly Mark, carter, 47 Christian. 
Donnelly Michael, tailor, 63 S 5th. 
Donnelly Patrick, baker, Crabb n Cedar. 
Donnelly Phillip, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwal- 

lader, (K.) 
Donnelly Phoenix, Jefferson n Cadwalader. 
Donnelly Phillip C, gent., 352 Cedar. 
Donnelly Thomas, dealer, 9 Salem al. 
Donnelly Wm., lab., 5 Diamond, 
Donnelly Ulum, painter, 14 Mechanic. 
Donahoo Philip, cooper. High ab Sch 3d. 
Donocho Thomas, dry goods, 3^ S 2nd. 
Donoghoe John, variety store, 10 Strawberry. 

Donoho B. M., bricklayer, 108 Filbert. 
Donoho John, lab., 326 S 3d. 
Donohu Patrick, tavern, N W 3d and Coates. 
Donohu James, Catholic priest, 2d ab Master. 
Donoghue Charles, grocer, 345 High. 

Donohue George W., bookseller, 22 S 4th. 

Donohue James, weaver, Carlton ab Sch 8th. 

Donohue Saml., cordw., 411 S 2d. 

Donohue Thoiraas, lab., Division n Ann. 

Donovan Danl., kbourer, 6 Franklin pi. 

Donovan Hosea, btot maker, Simmon's ct. 

Dooers William, tailor, 13 Magnolia. 

Doolittle John L., auc"uoneer, 95Chesnut, h 103 

Doran Chas., 11 Queen, F R. (K.) 

Doran Edward, ironfounder, Sch 8th ab Sassa- 

Doran George, skin dresser, Crovfn ab Prince. 

Doran Hugh, flirrier, S W Sch 8th & Sassafras. 

Doran John, weaver, 33 Lebanon. 

Doran Joseph M., att'y. & coun. 245 S 3rd. 

Doran William, tailor. Ridge road and Wood, h 
235 Wood. 

Dorence Wm., clothing, 187 Shippen. 

Dorey Mary, 55 M road. 

Dorell Richd., carter, 546 N Front. 

Dorff Albert, tin smith, 1 Skerrett's ct. 

Dorff Patrick, tin smith. Sassafras ab Broad. 

Dorian John, carpenter, 74 Frankford road. 

Dorman Howell, clerk, S E 6th & Buttonwood. 

Dorna Robert, weaver, 11 Lebanon. 

Dooly Susan, rear 123 Plum. 

Dome Henry, weaver, 13th bel Rose. 

Dorney & Anspach, dry goods, 216 N 2nd. 
Dorney Philip, mei-. 216 N 2nd, h Franklin n 

Dorr Benjamin, D. D. Ill Mulberry. 
Dorr Jacob, baker, 32 Strawberry. 
Dorrance David, U. S. Hotel, 151 Chestnut, h 

Spruce ab Sch 8th. 
Dorrough Rob., weaver, Wagner's al. 
Dorry H., 12th n Mifflin. 
Dorsey Augustus, clothes, 170 Pine. 
Dorsey Benedict &, Son, queens ware, 132 N 

Dorsey Benedict, mer. 132 N 2nd. 
Dorsey John, stone cutter, 4 Kelly. 
Dorsey Mary, 32 N 9th. 
Dorsey Nicholas, clothes, 4 Pleasant avenue. 
Dorsey Peter, polisher, 13 Myers' ct. 
Dorsey Staughton, mer. 132 N 2nd. 
Dorsey Thomas, cordwainer, Ogden n 11th. 
Dorsey Thos., writer, 2 Osborn's ct. 
Dorsey WiUiam, mer. 132 N 2nd, h 34 New 

Dorsey Wm. C, flour and feed. Vine ab Sch 

Dorson George, cordw., 286 St John. 
Dorson Richard, carter. Filbert bel Sch 5th 
Doster Miclil., spicemanuf., 299 N 2d. 
Dossett Richd., furniture, 208 S 6th. 
Dotter T., silk dyer, 389 N Front. 
Dotterer Adam, currier, 12 Coates. 
Dotterer Charles, currier, 15 Tamarind. 
Dotterer Jacob, labourer, 21 Franklin. (K) 
Dottei-er James, currier, 15 Tamarind. 
Doud John, lab., Court al. 
Dougherty Alexander, lab. Cooper ab Sch 3rd. 
Dougherty Alexander E., cashier M. & T. Loan 

Co., 16 S 6th 
Dougherty Andrew, lab.. Pine n Ashton. 
Dougherty Chas., waiter. Mulberry n Sch Front, 
Dougherty C, lab., Sch Front n Spruce. 
Dougherty Daniel, labourer, Prime ab Front. 
Dougherty Elizabeth, di-y goods, N E 13th & 

Dougherty Elizabeth, gentw., Littleboy's ct. 
Dougherty Eliza, 1 & 2 Portland p . 
Dougherty F., tavern, 414 High. 
Dougherty Geo., engineer, Ashton bel Walnut. 
Dougherty Henry, engineer, 316 Vine, 
Dougherty Hugh, labourer, 267 South 4th, 
Dougherty Hugh, tailor, 253 S 5th, 
Dougherty Hugh, rigger. Little Water ab Cedar. 
Dougherty James, coachman, Arrison's ct. 
Dougherty James, labourer, 226 Shippen. 
Dougherty James, clerk, 13 P road. 
Dougherty John, c Vine and Washington, 
Dougherty John, tavern, N 3rd ab Thompson, 
Douglierty John, lab,. Filbert ab Sch 4th, 
Dougherty John, brickmaker, 11 Pegg, 
Dougherty John, labourer, 3 Harmony. 
Dougherty John, shoemr., Wood n Sch. 
Dougherty John, labourer, Ohio bel 12th. 
Dougherty John, grave dig,, 286 Carpenter, (S) 
Dougherty John A,, distiller, S W 2nd & Poplar. 
Dougherty Joseph, messenger, 22 Washington 

Market Place. (S) 




Dougherty Lewis, bricklayer, 19 Maria. 
Dougherty Michael, labourer, 189 S Front. 
Dougherty Margaret, gentw., rear 1 12 Plum. 
Dougherty Mary, Vine ab Broad. 
Dougherty Mary, di-y goods, 433 N 2nd. 
Dougherty Neal, tavern, 6 Stamper's al. 
Dougherty Patrick, labourer, 122 Plum. 
Dougherty Daniel, tavern, N E 4th & Shlppen. 
Dougherty Philip, undertaker, 146 S 5th. 
Dougherty Rebecca, washer, 294 S 10th. 
Dougherty Robert, labourer, 28 Budd. 
Dougherty Robert, tavern, N W 10th & R road. 
Dougherty Robert, clothes dealer, 194 Cedar. 
Dougherty Rosanna, tavern, S E 2d & Lombard. 
Dougherty Susan, gentw., 105 Filbert. 
Dougherty William, tavern, 289 Vine. 
Dougherty Wm., umbrella. Prince ab Hanover. 
Dougherty William, Dyott's ct. (K) 
Dougherty William, brick mr. 3 Richard. 
Dougherty William, police officer, N W 10th 

& R road. 
Dougherty William, blacksmith, rear 106 N 2d. 
Dought Valentine, tinman, 1 Haas' ct. 
Doughty Lewis, baker, Stanly bel 4th. 
Douglas William, hommony, 15 Pearl. 
Douglass Abigail, dry goods, Callowhill n 5th. 
Douglass B., spring maker. Marble ab 10th. 
Douglass E., mer. 277 High, h 152 Pine. 
Douglass Henry, labourer, 1st ct in Vine ab 

Douglass Jacob, druggist, S E 10th & Button- 
Douglass Jacob M. Rev., 128 Marshall. 
Douglass Jacob M. Capt., 61 New. 
Douglass James, hotel, 46 N 6th. 
Douglass James, confec, Marlboro' ab Bedford. 
Douglass James, briishmr., 10th & Buttonwood. 
Douglass John, sr., 36 George. (S) 
Douglass John, shop, Hanover ab Prince. 
Douglass John, cordwainer, 35 Perry. 
Douglass John, silversmith, 128 Sassafras. 
Douglass John C, cordwainer, 131 S 11th. 
Douglass John J. N., constable, 59 Mead. 
Douglass John, jr., salt measurer, 121 Cedar. 
Douglass Wm., coachman, George bel Sch. 6th. 
Douglass Mrs., 58 Almond. 
Douglass Mrs. Fanny, Pearl ab 13th. 
Douglass Peter, brush mr. S E 10th & Button- 
Douglass Robert, sr. hair dresser, 54 Mulberry. 
Douglass Sarah, b. h. 359 High. 

Douglass Samuel C, sail mr. 546 S Front. 

Douglass Wm. Rev., 32 Powell. 

Douglass W. E., carpenter, Sch Water bel 

Douglass William, lab., 13 Pearl. 

Douglass Wm., hominy, 15 Pearl. 

Doule Thomas D., coal agent, 272 Coates. 

DouU James, watch mr. S E 4th 2c Spruce. 

Dounton Wm., ropemaker, Powell n Ann (F V) 

Doush Jacob, boot maker, 2 Exchange pi, h 
rear 7 Quarry. 

Dout Henry, sugar refiner, 25 Church al. 

Doutherty Thomas, tavern, Maiden n Beach. (K) 

Dove Christian, drayman. Front n Master. 

Dove John S., tailor, S E 2nd &. Spruce, h 14 

Dove & Bishop, tailors, S E 2d and Spruce. 
Dover Eliza, trimmings store, 142 F Road. 
Dow Dr., medicines, 6 Little George. 
Dow John, painter, 29 N 7th. 
Dowden Miss M., gentw., S 10th ab Christian. 
Dowdrick William, cordwainer, 373 S Front. 
Dowell Lydia, 294 Mulberry. 
Dowler EUza, S E 11th and Coates. 
Dowler J., fire brick manuf., S E 11th & Coates. 
Dowley Joseph, combmr., rear 397 N 3rd. 
Dovvling John, labourer, 4th bel Christian. 
Dowling John, plasterer, Jefferson. 
Dowling John, pawn broker, 288 S 6th. 
Dowling Matthew, carter. Factory ab Willow. 
Downer Wm., tavern, c Sch. 3rd and Chestnut. 
Downey George, potter, Sch 8th ab Callowhill. 
Downey John A., gilder, 1 St. Joseph's av. 
Downey Maria, 19 Little Water. 
Downey Patrick, engineer, 83 S 12th. 
Downey Robt., lab., Sch Washington ab Callow. 
Downey Sarah, 322 S 4th. 
Downie David, cordw., 1 Hamilton's ct. 
Downie Sarah, 1 Nicholson. 
Downie William, carp., 549 N 3rd. 
Downing Isaac, Charlotte n George. 
Downing James, carp. 25 Montgomer}'. 
Downing John, variety store, 3 Ehzabeth. ' 

Downing John W., merchant, 21 Chestnut, h 

251 Spruce. 
Downing Levi, waiter, 57 Currant al. 
Downling John, 131 S 2nd. 
Downs Hawkins, labourer, Carpenter ab 8th. 
Downs John, bottler, 89 Crown. 
Downs Thomas, shoes, 24 N 13th. 
Doyer George, cabmr., 33 Dock. 
Doyer J. H., haii- dresser, 177 Cedar. 
Doyle Charles, tavern, S W 12th & Pine. 
Doyle Eliza, milliner, N E 9th and Locust. 
Doyle U., 345 Mulberry. 
Doyle James, hatter, 138 Cedar. 
Doyle James, Shippen Lane ab Catharine. 
Doyle John, grocer, S W 10th & High. 
Doyle John W., mason, 199 N 6th. 
Doyle John C, clerk, 9 Prune. 
Doyle &. McNeely, leather mers., 35 N 3rd. 
Drake Margaret, Passmore. 
Doyle Michael, hatter, 28 Plum. 
Doyle Robert, watchman, John's ct. 
Doyle Thomas, acct, 51 S Juniper. 
Doyle Wm., stone mason, 350 O Y road. 
Drais Hester, milliner, 614 N 2nd. 
Drake Alfred, M. D., 248 Spruce. 
Drake James, saw filer. Stiles' ct. 
Drake John, lime burner, Sch. 7th & Coates, 
Drake John C, clerk, 40 Julianna. 
Drake Misses, teachers, 248 Spnice. 
Drake R. Dillon, alty & coun., 248 Spinace. 
Drake Timothy, cordwainer, 176 Marshall. 
Drake Saml., cordwainer, 2 Passmore Place. 
Drake Zacha., lab., Wood bet. Sch. 2nd ik 3rd 
Drane Ephraim, slater, Paulin's ct. 
Drane Patrick, lab., c Sch. Front &. Chestnut. 
IJrune Wm. L., printer, 32 German. 




Draper A. W., M. D., dentist, 127 S 9th. 
Draper Charles, lab., Pearl bel 13th. 
Draper E., math. & opt. ins. mr.. Pear n 3rd. 
Draper, Toppan & Co., bank note engravers, 5 

Bank place Chestnut. 
Draw Hug-li, lab., Cadwalader ab Washington. 
Drayton Daniel, shipcarpenter, 2 .Stiles' ct. 
Dr.-v'yton Edward, shipcarpenter, 4 Stiles' ct. 
Drayton William, coin., 13 Portico sq. 
Dreby C, cooper, 319 High and 244 N 2nd. 
Dredger Catharine, 77 S Water. 
Driesbach Henry, stonecutter, 31 Crown. 
Dreer Ferdinand J., jeweller, 172 S 4th. 
Dreer Frederick, 152 S 4th. 
Dreer Henry A., mer., 97 Chestnut, h 152 S 

Dresler (ieorge, gent., 119 Christian. 
Dreves Fred., confec, N W 6th & Buttonwood. 
Drew Ann, 54 Queen. 
Drew John, weaver, 10 Ann st. 
Drew Henry, tavern. Cedar ab 13th. 
Drew Owen, G T road n Jefferson. 
Drew Nathaniel, trimmings, 4N 13th. 
Drew Samuel, weaver, N E Shippen lane and 

Fitz water. 
Drexel Francis M., broker, 34 S 3rd, h 15 S 13th. 
Drinker Hesther, b h, 116 Mulberry. 
Drinker Joseph D., broker, 46 Walnut, h 5 S 

Sch. 7th. 
Drinkhouse George, tinsmith, 6 Hyde's ct. 
Drinkhouse Jacob, tinsmith, 235 High. 
Drinkhouse William, tinsmith, 58 Cedar, h 477 

S Front. 
Drinkhouse WiUiam, tinsmith, 58 Cedar. 
Dripps David, oil cloth, 23 S 2nd, manufactory, 

Coates n Broad. 
Dripps Margaret, Pearl ab 13th. 
Driver Joshua, carpenter, 143 N 11th. 
Drosdorff C. A., 11th bel Cedar. 
Drosdorff Margaret, 11th bel Cedar. 
Drown Thomas P., acct., 43 Marshall. 
Drown Wm. A., umbrellas, 86 High. 
Droz Charles A., watchmaker, 118 Walnut. 
Drum Conrad, victualler. Nectarine ab 10th. 
Drum John, victualler, Buttonwood ab 9th. 
Drum John, victualler, 300 N 8th. 
Drum William, victualler, 302 N 8th. 
Drummond Ann Maria, 10 Shield's al. 
Drummond Lewis, shoemaker, 20 S 4th, h 40 

Currant al. 
Drummond Mary, gentw., 164 S 3rd. 

Druran Constantine, lab., Loxley's ct. 

Druiy Sophia, grocer. Queen n Hanover (K) 

Dryburg A., florist, S W Sch. 5th & Sassafras. 

Drysdale William, watches & jewellery, 8 S 5th, 
h 31 Powell. 

Dua Andrew P., mariner, 21 Mead. 

Duane William, att'y ik coun., 138 Walnut, h 27 

Duane Wm. J. Jr., att'y &. coun., 138 Walnut, 
h 27 Girard. 

Dubs Samuel R., M. D., 148 N 10th. 

Dubbs Martin Senr., mer., 10 Mmor, h 341 Vme. 

Dubassv Sarah, S E 8th & Christian. 

Duberre Paul J., 2 Washington sq. 

Dubois Alex., combmaker, 126 Charlotte. 
Dubois Benj., carpenter, 159 Marshall. 
Dubois Ehzabeth, confectioner., 306^ N 2nd. 
Dubois George H., clerk, 134 S 4th. 
Dubois John, shoemaker, N W Corn 8c Wharton. 
Dubois Joseph, upholsterer, Sansom's al. 
Dubois John, lab., 2 Gideon's ct. 
Dubois Lewis, mariner, 11 Mead. 
Dubois Maria, milliner, 157 S 2nd. 
Dubois Samuel, bootmaker, 144 S 5th. 
Dubois Samuel, combmr. Culvert n 3td. 
Dubois Thomas, oyster cellar, 260 N 3rd, h 247 

N Front. 
Duboq Mary, 19 Lombard. 
Dubosq, Baton & Co., jewellers, 5 Bank al. 
Dubosq & Carrow, jewellers, N W 3rd and 

Dubosq Francis P., jeweller, N W 3rd and 

Chestnut, h 184 Queen. (S) 
Dubosq Henry, jeweller, 124 Catharine. 
Dubosq PhiUp L., jeweller, 3rd ab Catharine. 
Dubosq Theo., jeweller, 7 Bankal., h 155 Pine. 
Dubosq Wm. A., grocer, S W 5th & Catharine. 
Du Bouchet C. Auguste, French teacher, 72 

Dubree John, carter, 16 Lilly al. 
Dubree Mary, Barker n 6th Sch. 

Ducachet W. H., M. D., 8 Girard. 
Ducachet Henry W., D. D., 8 Girard. 
Ducass Francis, tobac, 3rd bel G T road. (K) 
Ducassle Rosanna, gentw., 2 Roney's ct. 
Duck Jacob, R R agent, 274 High, h 115 Fil- 
Duckes Thomas, cordw., 16 Budd. 

Duckett Abrm., elk. West. Bk., h33 S Juniper. 

Duckett John B., paper dealer, 4 Carlton sq. 

Di;ckett Joseph, paper dealer, 384 N 4th. 

Duckworth Mary, 16 Laurel. 

Ducoing John, Sch 8th opp Baker. 

Ducomb Catharine, dressmaker, 45 Zane. 

Ducommun H., clock & watchmaker, 29 S 4th. 

Duddy B., type founder, 199 Locust. 

Du Douchet Charles, silk manuf , 72 Almond. 

Dudgeon John, cordw., 128 N 13th. 

Dudgeon Margaret, 128 N 13th. 

Dudley Margaret, 13th ab Cedar. 

Dudrean Jacob., lab., 6 Mechanic. 

Dudreau John, 14 Greswold's al. 

Duerker Henr_v, carp., Callowhill bel 13th. 

Duerr John, Spruce ab Willow. 

Duff Edward, mer., 28 N 4th, h City Hotel. 

Duff Eliza, gentw., 54 N 5th. 

Duff John L., clerk, 2 Gebhard. 

Duff Wilham, carpenter, 178 Lombard. 

Duffee Francis, broker & com. mer., 3 Exchange 
pi & 21 Walnut. 

Duffee John, lab., 31 Bedford. 

Duffee Margaret, 8 Harmony ct. 

Duffee W. J., M. D., 307 S 8th. 

Duffee William, copperplate printer, Catharine 
ab Lebanon. 

DufReld Hannah, Schlessman's al. 

Duffield Henry, carpenter, Hanover n Prince. 

DuflSeld Mercy Ann, 16 Emlen's ct. 

Duffield William B., M. D., 178 Spruce. 




Duger John, wheelwrig-ht, Callowhill n Sch. 

Duffins John, coachman, 355 Lombard. 
Duffy Bernard, U S service, S E 2d & Federal. 
Duffy Charles, tavern, 2nd ab Phoenix. 
Duffy Charles, clerk, 10 Juniper la. 
Duffy Edward, tallow chandler, 100 Filbert. 
Duffy Francis, livery stable. Locust ab 11th, h 

180 Locust. 
Duffy George W., acct., 161 High. 
Duffy John, carter, Sch. 8th n Mulberry. 
Duffy Michael, porter, 19 Jones' al. 
Duffy Patrick, tailor, 5 Kelly's ct. 
Duffy Patrick, labourer, Mulberry n Sch. Front. 
Duffy Patrick, labourer. Baker bel 7th. 
Duffy Sarah, 30 Lebanon. 
Duffy Thomas, labourer. Prosperous al. 
Duffy Wm., painter, 30 Lebanon. 
Duffy William, porter, 12 Juniper la. 
Duey William, hatter, Vine ab 12th. 
Dug-an Ann, 359 S 2nd. 
Dug-an James, b. h., 11 Chestnut. 
Dugan Joseph, gent., 10 Portico sq. 
Dugan Margaret, 8 Myers's ct. 
Dugan Mary A., shop, N E Marple & Mechanic. 
Dugan Mrs. Mary, 36 Ann. 
Dugan Mrs. Mary, 2 McBride's ct. 
Dugan Matthew, weaver, G T road n Master. 
Dugan Miciiael, labourer, 16 Sassafras al. 
Dugan Peter, gent., 43 S 13th. 
Dugan Thomas, labourer, 4 Myer's ct. 
Dug'an William, carpenter, Pink ab Master. 
Duiiamel John, tailor, 125 Spruce. 
Duhring George, M. D., 134^ Midberry. 
Duhring Henry, coach lace &c., 22 N 4th, h 6th 

bel Vine. 
Duke Anthony G., shoemaker, rear 9 Coates. 
Duke Bernard, wine dealer, 64 Dock. 
Duke Eliz. Mrs., 59 Penn. 
Dukeman Daniel D., grocer, 236 N Front. 
Dukeman Thomas, tavern, 16 Cedar. 
Duler H. M., shop, 145 Locust. 
Dull Charles, paper warehouse, 8 & 10 Decatur, 

Mantua village. 
Dull Christian, drayman. Front bel Master. 
Dull Gabriel, carter, 6th ab Poplar. 
Dull George, tavern, 440 N 2nd. 
Dull James, drayman, Cadwalader ab Lloyd's. 
Dull Jesse, stove finisher, rear 3 Smith's al. 
Dull Valentine, portei-, Cadwalader ab Lloyd's 

Dulles E., b. h., 295 Walnut. 
Dulles Joseph H., gent., 151 Walnut. 
Dulty William, mer., 100 High, h 69 N lOtli. 
Dumac John, cabinetmr., 4 Garrigues' ct. 
Dumas Abigail, 92 Wood. 
Uumoiitet Jane, gentw., 102 N 11th. 
Dumphey Margaret, tavern, c W^ishington and 

Dunbar Alexander, lab., Marriott bel 6th 
Dunbar, Brooke & Dunning, mers., 140 High. 
Dunbar Elon, mer., 140 High, h 104 S 9th. 
Dunbar Mojtis, carpenter, 13th bel Buttonwood. 
Duncan Benjamin, 26 Union. 
Duncan George W., hardware, G T road n 5th. 

Duncan James J., & Co., merchants, 184 High, h 

Buttonwood bel 6th. 
Duncan Jolin, dealer, Washington ab 9th. 
Duncan John, high constable, 126 S 5th. 
Duncan Joseph, drayman, Sch. 5th &. P'ilbert. 
Duncan M. Mrs., tavern, 481 High. 
Duncan T., carpenter, High n Sch. 5th. 
Duncan AVm., gent., 3 Marshall. 
Duncan Wm., marble polisher, 315 Cherry. 
Duncan Wm. M., men, 184 High, h 358 Chestnut. 
Duncan W. T. H., merchant, 40 S Front, h 479 

Dundas James, paver. Front bel Master. 
Dundas James, president commercial bank, h 

112 N Front. 
Dunfoy Thomas, lab., S W Sch. 8th & Filbert. 
Dungan C. B., clerk, N E 12th & Wood. 
Dungan John, tavern, 216 N 3rd. 
Dungan J. A., seminary, 116 G T road. 
Dungan Mahlon, gent., G T road ab Otter. 
Duiigan Robert, druggist, 15 Penn. 
Dungan Thomas, carpenter, Stiltz's ct. (N L) 
Dunglison Kobely, M. D., 9 Girard. 
Dunham Albert, mer., 17 S Front, h 100 Law- 
Dunham John, ship master, 144 Queen. (S) 
Dunham Thomas, rear 7 Maria. 
Dunham Watson, cordw., 4 Well's row. 
Dunham Wm., cordw., Orchard n Rawle. 
Dunhope Robert, weaver, Dickson's ct. 
Dunkerly Ann, dressmaker, 10th ab Willow. 
Dunkin Jane, washerwoman, 351 N 3rd. 
Dunlap Alexander, hatter, Shippen ab Lloyd. 
Dunlap & Ci-ossman, silk mers., 121 High. 
Dunlap Emma, 16 Pennsylvania av. 
Dunlap James, weaver, Cadwalader n Jefferson. 
Dunlap James & Co., merchants, 55 N 2nd, h 

16 N 10th. 
Dunlap James, carpenter, James ab Charles. 
Dunlap James, labourer, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras. 
Dunlap John, stone cutter, opp 54 Bedford. 
Dunlap John, teacher, 467 S 2nd. 
Dunlap Martha, Wood n Sch. Front. 
Dunlap Priscilla, 22 S 12th. 
Dunlap R., hardware & books, 6 N 5th, h 262 

N 5th. 
Dunhip R. W., City Hotel, 41 N 3rd. 
Dunlap S., mer., 55 N 2nd. 
Dunlap Sarah, 245 S 6th. 

Dunlap Thos., pres. B U States, h 393 Walnut. 
Dunlap Thomas, weaver, F road bel Master. 
Dunlap Thomas, weaver, 8 Myer's ct. 
Dunlap William H., mer., 121 High, h 186 N 4th, 
Dunlevy George, labourer, 103 Shippen. 
Dunlevy Robert Jr., silver smith, 7 Lodge al, h 

8 St. Stephen's pi. 
Dunlevy Sarah, 85 M road. 
Dunn Andrew, blacksmith, 4 Lisle. 
Dunn C, shoes & trunks, 362 Hig-h. 
Dunn Denton, gent., 194 N 12th. 
Dunn Edward P., bookbinder, 482 N 4th. 
Dunn .lames, printer. Orange ab Washington. 
Dunn James H., gent., Julianna ab Buttonwood. 
Dunn John, cordwainei-, 25 Ffd(U'al. 
Dunn John, oarmaker, 22 Christian. 




Dunn John, blacksmith, Vine n Sch. 8th. 

Dunn John, blacksmith. Filbert ab Sch. 8th. 

Dunn Joseph, clerk. Filbert ab Sch. 8th. 

Dunn Matthew, labourer, 315 S 6th. 

Dunn Nathan, gent., 3 Portico sq. 

Dunn Patrick, shoemaker, 5 McKean's ct. 

Dunn Rachael, S E 4th & Tammany. 

Dunn Robert, blacksmith, 10th bel Catharine. 

Dunn Robert, blacksmith, 112 S 12th, h c 12th 
& Adam. 

Dunn Samuel, grocer, S W 3rd &, McDuffie. 

Dunn Thos., labourer, Sch. 7th opp Chancellor. 

Dunn Wm., cordw., 161 Carpenter. (S) 

Dunn William, weaver, Washington n Master. 

Dunn William B., collector, 13 Wood ab Crown. 

Dunnet Peter, 141 N 7th. 

Dunnicliffe Abraham, weaver, 19 Brinton. 

Dunnigan Margaret, tavern, 57 George. 

Dunning R. D., merchant, 140 High, h 102 

Dunott Charles, carpenter, 114 Dillwyn. 

Dunott Justus, M. D., 114 Lombard. 

Dunsford Joseph, grocer, 392 Sassafras. 

Dunsmoo Samuel, tailor, 82 Catherine. 

Dunsmoor Sarah, milliner, 82 Catharine. 

Dunsmore John, carter, 244 Carpenter. (S) 

Dunton George, captain, 30 Green. 

Dunton & Gemmill, dry goods, 83 High. 

Dunton Isaac, mer., 83 High, h 172 N Front. 

Dunton Jacob Jr., queensware, N E 5th and 
. Commerce, h 90 New. 

Dunton Jacob, ship chandler, 7 S whfs, h 58 

Dunton John L., captain, 62 Tammany. 

Dunton William, carpenter, 3 Myers' ct. 

Dunwoody Ruth, 163 Sassafras. 

Duplaine R. C, mer., 12 N 3rd, h 202 N 4th. 

Dupong Emmanuel, tavern, S E 4th & Marriott 

Du Ponceau Peter S., councellor, 15 S 6th, h 
199 Chestnut. 

Durand E., druggist, S W 6th & Chestnut. 

Durand J. M., stoves, 133 N 2nd. 

Durang Charles, actor, 37 R road. 

Durant Thomas, printing ink manuf., S E Lom- 
bard & 10th. 

Durar Enoch, Exchange Coffee House, Mer- 
chant's Exchange. 

Durboi'ow Hugh, weaver, William n Edward. 

Durborow Mary, 86| N 9th. 

Durborrow Wm., labourer, 125 Callo\vhill. 

Durdine John L., cordw., Grim's ct. (N L) 

Durell Samuel, painter, 44 Budd. 

Durell Thomas, stove manuf., 76 N 6th. 

Durell William M., painter, 8 Pleasant Retreat. 

Dui'fer Francis, carpenter, 1 Pleasant retreat. 

Durfer George, carpenter, 17 Fayette. 

Durfor William, carpenter, 75 Buttonwood. 

Durham Anna M^ bleeder, S 7th ab Cedar. 

Durham E., oysterman, 3 Davis's ct. 

Durham Jeremiah, carter, 6 Barley. 

Durham John, coachman, 239 Lombard. 

Durham John, woodsawyer, 82 Plum. 

Durham Josiah, labourer, Prosperous al. 

Durham Mary, 15 Parham. 

Durham Vincent, labourer, rear 73 Plum. 

Durkee Z., omnibus proprietor, Hamilton and 
Sch. 5th, Bushhill, h Sch. 8th & Vine. 

Durnell Henry, plasterer. Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 

Durney Paul, acct, 231 S 3rd. 

Durney Tobias M., confectioner, 278 S 2nd. 

Durr Alexander, tailor, 8 Sassafras al. 

Durr Jacob, driver, Charlotte n George. 

Durrah Hugh, plasterer, Callowhill ab 13th. 

Duross William, labourer, 1 Blackhorse al. 

Durst Peter, wadding maker, 414 Coates. 

Dusar Madame, 6 Watson's alley. 

Dusar F., secretary American Insurance Co., and 
mer., h 162^5 2d. 

Dusbrow T., cord, W Cherry ab 13th. 

Du Solle John S., publisher, N W 3rd & Chest- 
nut, h 146 Catharine. 

Dutch Alexander, cordw., S E 10th & Sergeant. 

Dutilh Charles, gent, 497 Mulberry. 

Dutilh Edmund G., mer.. Broad n Mulberry, h 
Spruce ab 12th. 

Dutilh E. G. & Co., forwd. & com. mers.. Broad 
n Mulberry. 

Dutton A., porter, rear 107 N 10th. 

Dutton Isaac, carpenter, h 178 Queen. 

Dutton John I., barber, N E 2nd 8c Walnut. 

Dutton John S., tailor, S W 3rd & Chestnut, h 
358 S 3rd. 

Dutton Samuel, mer., 7 Commerce. 

Dutton William, currier, 25 Sassafras. 

Duttwiler Abram, segar maker, 556 N 3rd. 

Duvall Catherine, 4 Liberty ct. 

Duval P. S., lithogr., 7 Bank al, h c 2nd & Cox. 

Duy L., cloth mer., 34 N Front, h Clinton ab lOth^ 

Duv, Stavers & Claght)rn, mers., 34 N Front. 

Dyball Carohne, 385 Callowhill. 

Dyball Robert, printer, 210 N 9th. 

Dych Michael, cordw., Jones's ct. (K) 

Dye John, plater, 266 N 4th. 

Dye Sarah, 521 N 3rd. 

Dye & Morris, tailors. Queen n F road. (K) 

Dye William, cordw.. Crown ab Prince. (K) 

Dyer John, painter, rear 279 S .5th. 

Dyer John, weaver. Mechanic n Culvert. 

Dyer Milton, clerk, 3 Ann. 

Dver Sarah, 97 Green. 

Dyott Mrs. M. B., b h, 78 N 2nd. 

Dyke John, barber, 8 Spruce. 

Dyke Phineas B., teacher, 29 Montgomery. 

Dyre James W., mer., 180 N 8th. 

Dvre Timothy S., brass founder, 224 Vine, h 
144 N 8th. 

Dwyer Peter, Wood ab 13th. 

F.adire James, tavern, 417 S 2nd. 

Eadline James, tailor, 71 G T road. 

Eagle Domin^k, 107^ High, h 47 N 11th. 

Eagle Stephen, acct., 38 Wood. 

Eagle, Wescott & Gambles, dry g'ds, 107^ High. 

F.akin C. M., Chestnut n Sch. 6th. 

Ealer Lewis W., gunsmith, 120 Dilwyn. 

Eall J no., cordw., 98 Budd. 

Earl Mary, 22 Coombes' al. 

Earle James senr., carver, 169 Cliestnat. 




Earle James, lab., Hopkin's ct n School. (K). 
Earle James S., carver & g-ilder, 216 Chestnut, 
Earle John H., tailor, 60 Walnut, h 551^ N 2nd. 
Earle Harrison, gent., 249 Pine. 
Earle Thomas, atty. & coun., 243 N 3rd. 

Earle, M. D., 167 S 10th. 

Earles Henry, plumbei", 5 Humphrey's ct. 

Earley Alfred M., 12 Sch Ann. 

Earley Jas. W., carter, 35 Almond. 

Earley John H., pianomr., 1 Pearl st. 

Earley Mary, 463 Hig-h. 

Earley Mrs. Ellen, 24 Shippen. 

Early Jeptha, cardriver, 24 Shippen. 

Early John, labourer, 98 German. 

Early S., cordwainer, Filbert n Sch. 3rd, 

Early WilUam, mer., 12 High, h 227 N 6th. 

Earnest David, tailor, 90 Walnut, h 24 Powell. 

Earnest Mrs. Esther, 87 S 3d. 

Earnest William S., shoes, 324 N 2nd. 

Earnhart Mary, tavern, c Oak & Green. 

Earns A., sup. of liighways, George ah Sch. 8th. 

Earp George, mer., 213 High, h302 Mulberry. 

Earp Philip, carman, Apple n George. 

Earp Robt., mer., 213 High, h 17 Montgomery 

Earp Thos., mer., 213 High, h 16 Montgomery 

Earps, M'Main, Haven & West, mers., 213 High. 
Easby Catharine, N Sch. Front n Mulberry. 
Easby John, cooper, 55 S Water, h 182 S Fi-ont. 
Easby William, cooper, 55 S Water, h 182 S 

Easier William, combmaker, 69 Coates. 
Eastburn Chas., att'y and coun., 88 Mulberry 
Eastbiu-n Francis, T?., teacher, 56 Y road. 
Eastburn John, sailmr., N E George & Shippen. 
Eastburn J. R., atty. & coun., 71 S 8th. 
Eastlack A., bootmaker, 183 Walnut, hi Orange. 
Eastlack Clark, painter, rear 70 Noble. 
Eastlack Hannah E., capmaker, 81 N 5th. 
Eastlack Richard W., carter, rear 216 Noble. 
Eastlack Thomas, 529 Chestnut. 
Eastman &. Alvord, spring bed makers, 1 La- 
grange St. 
Eastman Benj., Lagrange pi, h 207 Pine. 
Easton Eliza, 228 Sassafras. 
Eastwick Andw. M., machinist, Buttonwood ab 

Eastwick John, plasterer, 79 Swanson. 
Eastwick & Harrison, engine builders, cor 12th 

and Willow. 
Eastwick ^Margaret, gentw., 3 Buckley. 
Eastward Ellen, washerwoman, Middleton ct. 
Eastwood Samuel, malster, 225 Christian. 
Eaton Abagail R., milliner, 18 N 8th. 
Eaton Ananias, cordwainer, Front n Phoenix. 
Eaton Elijah, cordwainer, Front n Franklin. 
Eaton James, stockmaker, 47 Carpenter. 
Eaton James V., granite yard, Kensington. 
Eaton Sarah, gentw., St John n Beaver. (K) 
Eaton Wm., clerk, 76 S 5th. 
Eaves Thomas, lab., Vienna bel Prince. 
Eayre Charles, bricklayer, Catharine bel 9th. 
Eberle Wm., grocer, Wallace ab 7th. 
Eberline John, cordw., 13th ab Green. 

Eberbach J. C, baker, 82 S 11th. 

Eberly David, comedian, 124 CheiTy. 

Eberly Daniel, currier, 56 St. John, shop 33 

Eberly Jacob, blacksmith, Hope ab Otter. 
Ebert James L., hair dresser, 107 Sassafras. 
Ebert Saml., carp., Pasch^U's al. 
Ebert Peter, dentist, 71 Coates. 
Eberth Sarah, gentw., 143 Vine. 
Eberth Sarah, 143 Vine. 
Ebling Robert, cordwainer, 2nd n George. 
Ebner Jacob, shop, c Allen & Marlborough. (K) 
Eccles Elizabeth, 4 West ab Walnut. 
Echeven-ea John, carp.. Wall & P road. (M) 
Echternacht H. W., tavern, N E Spruce and 

EckAnn318 S Front. 
Eck Joseph, clerk, 316 Shippen. 
Eckard F., M. D., 68 S 8th. 
Eckard Geo., brushmaker, Juniper bel Walnut. 
Eckel Andw., silv. pL, Chancellor bel Sch. 6th. 
Eckel Andrew, tobacconist, 192 S 5th. 
Eckel Burner J., skindresser, 8 Franklin. 
Eckel H., tobacconist, c Sch 7th and Lewis. 
Eckel John, mer., 128 N 3rd, h 189 N 7th. 
Eckel, Spangler & Raiguel, dry goods, 128 N 3d 
Eckendorf M., bleeder, 22 N 9th. 
Ecker Adam, brush-handle maker, Marshall n 

Ecker Chi'istian, grocer, 213 Coates. 
Ecker Henry, sawyer, c Orchard £c Green's ct. 
Ecker Lewis, cordwainer, Logan ab Wallace. 
Eckerd George, segarmaker, 16 St. Joseph's av 

above Sch 6th. 
Eckert A., labourer, 34 Brown. 
Eckert Frederick, weaver, Thome's ct. (N L) 
Eckert George, printer. Noble n Garden. 
Eckert George, mer., 148 High, h 214 Cherry 
Eckert Mary, wid. of John, 4 Brannin's al. 
Eckert Sarah, b h, 205 High. 
Eckert Sarah, sempstress, 3 Perry. 
Eckert Simon, hair curler. Cherry n Sch. 6th. 
Eckert, Snider, 8t Fraizer, dry goods, 148 High. 
Eckert Wilham, mer., 148 High, h 2 Sansom. 
Eckfeldt Adam, chief coiner U S Mint, h 156 

N Juniper. 
Eckfeldt Catharine, 130 N 13th. 
Eckfeldt Charles, silver plater, 130 N 13th. 
Eckfeldt George, machinist, 120 N Juniper. 
Eckfeldt Jacob R., assayer U S Mint, h 154 N 

Eckfeldt William, firehose manuf , 9 Perry, h 

130 N 13th. 
Eckhardt Charles H., chandler, 326 N 2nd. 
Eckhardt Henr)', soap manuf, c Shackamaxon 

& Prince. (K) 
Eckhardt AVilliam G., baker, 130 Callowhill. 
Eckley Wm., carter, Conrad's ct. 
Ecklin Saml., typefounder, h 76 Crown. 
Eckroyd Mary, dry goods, 288 N 2nd. 
Eckstein & Goldsmith, dry goods, 270 N 2d. 
Eckstein Jacob, books & stationery, 118 N 4th, 
Eckstein John, brushes, 36 N 3rd. 
Eckstein Samuel, paper, 200 &. h 204 N 3rd. 
Eckstein Solomon, storekr, 5 Calbraith's ct. 




Ecky John, Sec. & treas. Beaver Meadow Coal 

Co., office 75 Dock, h 180 S 9th. 
Eddicks Levi, labourer, William n Fair Mount. 
Eddy Jasan, lab., rear 3 Chancery lane. 
Edding-er Jonas, drug-gist, rear 7 Maria. 
Eddy Joshua B. P., hair dresser, 1^ N 11th, h 

' 87 Bedford. 
Eddy Sarah, dealer, 169 S 6th. 
Eddis Isaac, combmaker, c Franklin & Union. 
Edel Ann, shop, F road ab Howard. (K.) 
Edel Joseph, tavei-n, 5th and G T Road. 
Edel Margaret, Lilly al n Green. 
Edel William, labourer, 19 Charlotte. 
Edels Josiah, dry goods, 285 N 2nd. 
Edelman George W., bookkeeper U S Mint, h 

14 Madison. 
Edelman Isaac, carpenter, 22 Madison. 
Edenborn J., grocer, 155 & h 144 N 13th. 
Edenborn J. & S., grocers, 155 N 13th. 
Edenborn Peter, tobacconist, 99 N 4th. 
Edenborn Saml., gro., 155 & h 144N 13th. 
Edgar Hannah, 44 N 13th. 
Edgar James, tinman, 44 N 13th. 
Edgar Jas. senr., messenger, U. States Mint, h 1 

Edgar John, bookbinder, 96 Cherry, h 40 

Edgar John, printer, ^7S Callowhill. 
Edgar Juhn E., machinist, 9 Union. 
Edgar J. k R.. bookbinders, 96 Cheny. 
Edgar Robert, bookbinder, 96 Cherrj', h 48 

Edgar Samuel, bookbinder, 96 Cherry, h 160 

Edgar William, black & whitesmith, S E Willow 

& Factory. 
Edgar WiUiam, carpenter, 8th below Button 

Edgar Wm., carter, 154 Poplar. 
Edler John C, engraver, 88 Sassafras. 
Edler Simon, 19 Sterling's al. 
Edmonds Franklin, clerk, 171 Catharine. 
Edmonds Nathl., 4th ab Thompson. (K.) 
Edmonds S. Mrs., seminary, 51 Sansom. 
Edmonston Archibald, printer, rear ^I'S) Plum. 
Edmonston Neely St Co., publishers of the 

Standard, 83 Dock. 
Edmundson Francis, chimney sweep, rear 277 

Edson S. D., mer., 152 N 5th. 
Edwards A. F. W., mer., 9 S Front h Sch 7th 

bel Locust. 
Edwards Cliarles, tavern, 270 N Fitjut. 
Edwards Chas. C, gent., 206 N Front. 
Edwards & Co., c mers., 9 S Front. 
Edwards Edward &: Son, flour mer., 221 and 

h 206 N Front. 
Edwards Mrs. G., milliner, 86 Walnut. 
Edwards G. W., broker, 60^ Dock, h 609 Chest- 

Edwards Henry, cabinetmaker, 309 S 6th, 
Edwards James G., mer., 9 S Front, h Sch 7th 

bel Locust. 
Edwards John & Son, coopers, 1 Bank. 
Edwards John, painter, 13 S 8th, h 328 Cedar. 

Edwards Matthew, bi'assfounder, 9 Lilly al. 
Edwards Owen, Walnut bel 13th. 
Edwards Richard, upholsterer, S 10th ab Bonsall. 
Edwards Samuel H. &. Co., silks, 131 High, h 78 

Edwards Samuel, labourei-, c Coates &. Penn. 

R. road. 
Edwards Samuel, porter, 6 Biddle's al. 

Edwards Sarah, 1 Drinker's al. 

Edwards Sarah Ann, 8 Quince. 

Edwards Sarah Mrs., 61 Penn st. 

Edwards Thomas A., Sch 7th bel Locust. 

Edwards William, labourer, 108 Oak. 

Edwards William H., painter, N7th bel Coates, 
h O Y Road and Callowhill. 

Edwards William, pilot, 14 Christian. 

Edwards WiUiam, Mihtary Hall, 10 Library. 

Edwards Wm. B., bookbinder. Wall ab P road. 

Edwards William L., 47 Mulberry. 

Edwin David, engraver, 32 Madison. 

Egdell Ann, rear 5 Lisle. 

Eg-gleton Jonathan, blacksmith, Marlborough ab 

Eggleton John, teamster. Beach n Hanover. 

Eggleston M., ship stores, 87 S Wharves. 

Egner Charles, groceries, 10 N 3rd, h 92 New. 

Egner Conrad, carter, 2 AVarner's ct. 

ligner Samuel, brickmaker, Highab Sch 2d. 

Ehorn John, clerk, 1 Henderson's ct. 

Ehret Elias, boot & shoemaker, 466 Vine. 

Ehret Jacob, cordw., Say n Sch 8th. 

Ehret Michael, carpenter, 27 Apple. 

Ehret Michael, cordwainer, Apple bel Poplar. 

Ehringliaus J., gent.. Cedar ab 11th. 

Ehrenzeller H., Pine ab Sch 7th. 

Eichert Adam, bakei-, Marlborough n Queen. 

Eichholtz E. B., druggist, N E 7th& Cherry. 

Eichholtz Jacob, portrait painter, 40 Sansom. 

Eidenpense Augustus, vict., Callowhill n 4th. 

Einwechter George, carpenter, Apple nCohock- 

Einwechter Wm., carp., Apple n Cohocksink 

Eisen Daniel, soap & candle manuf., 90 Green. 
Eisele George Philip, baker, Sch. 8th bel 

Eisenbrey John jr., mer.. Pine ab 9th. 
Eisenbrey John, coachm., h 113 Wood. 
Eisenbrey P., coach painter. Shoemaker, h 37 

Eisenhut John D., coppersmith. Vine n Sch. 7th. 
Eisentree Wm., bricklayer, St. John n Beaver. 
Eisenwing John, skin dresser, 44 Green. 
Eiserman George, painter & glazier, 7 N 7th. 
Elberson Francis, pilot, 29 Reckless. 
Elbert Catharine M., 13th bel Locust. 
Elder William T., gent., 7th n Poplar. 
Eldredge Stillwell, tailor, 234 High, h 255 N 7th. 
Eldridge Benjamin, hides & leather, 85 S 2nd. 
Eldridge Burroughs, watch'n, High ab Sch. 2d. 
Eldridge & Conard, hardware, 309 High. 
Eldridge Danl. W., mer., 309 High, h 205 Spruce. 
Eldridge Eli, seaman, 30 Federal. 
Eldridge Eh, cabmr., 251 N Front. 
Eldridge Enoch, watchman, "2)5 Quince. 




Eklridge Eleanor, widow, 101 N 13th. 
Eldridg-e Ephralm, bookbinder, 192 Sassafras. 
Eldridge Georg^e, carter, F R bel Shackamaxon. 
Eldridg-e Griffith M., hides & leather, 168 N 3rd, 

h 49 Vine. 
Eldridgfe Isaac B., last maker, 268 N 5th. 
Eldridge Jeremiah, grocer, G T Road n 5th. 
Eldridge Jos., tailor, 122 Walnut, h 14 Chester. 
Eldridg-e Joseph M., mer., 85 S 2nd, h 94 S 

Eldridg-e Lemuel, grocer, N W 3d &. Carpenter, 

Eldridge Leri, carpets & floor cloth, 2 Bank 

pi. Chestnut, h S^ S 7th. 
Eldrige Isaiah, sea captain, 79 Christian. 
Eleman Phihp, tavern, 165 Shippen. 
Elfeldt Simon, grocer, Tammany ab 4th. 
Elfelt S., mer., 166 N 3d, h Noble ab 4th. 
Elfree Ann, 167 N 13th. 
Elfreth Jacob R., accountant, 84 Wood. 
Elfreth Samuel D., coachsmith, Weccacoe bel 

Elfrey George, planemaker, 279 Coates. 
Elfry Samuel, c Poplar & Elizabeth. 
Elias Henry, mer., 143 N 10th. 
Eiing Thomas, cordw,, Filbert bel 3rd. 
Elison & Levis, shoes, 156 High, and 228 N 3d 
Elison Wm. C, mer., Ill High, h 40 Mulberry. 
Elkan Edward, 88 Vine. 
Elkin Abm., gent., 12th ab Cherry. 
Elkin Lewis, gent., 12th ab Cherry. 
Elkin Solomon, gent., 393 Callowhill. 
Elkins Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 114 S 8th. 
Elkinton George M., gent., 49 Vine. 
Elkinton Joseph, soap & candlemr., 377 S 2nd. 
Elkinton John A., M. D., port physician, office 

106 Sassafras, h c 5th &. Green. 
Elkinton Jos. P., M. D., Coates bel 10th. 
Ella John, mer., 4 N 5th, h 51 S 13th. 
Ella Rachel W., gentw., 20 S 13th. 
Ellet Charles, gen., 1 N 13th. 
Ellet Stephen, lab., ct. George n Sch. 
Ellick & Lamarzelle, cap manufs., N W 12th & 

Elhcot Ely, scale manuf., 356 Coates. 
Ellicot Thomas & Sons, scale manuf., 354 Coates. 
Elhcott Thomas jr., scale manuf., 360 Coates. 
EUindor William, painter, Adam n 13th. 
Elliot Chas. A., printer, 51 Chestnut, h 4 Clover. 
Elliot Charles, engineer, 190 Pine. 
Elliot Mrs. John, 107 Mulberry. 
Elliott Alexander, tavern, c 7th & Shippen. 
ElUott Caroline W., drygoods, 283 N 2nd. 
Elliott Charles, dry goods, 431 N 2nd. 
Elliott Charles C, Broad bel Cedar. 
Elliott Edward, grocer, c Juniper 8c George, h 

Chestnut n Sch. 6th. 
Elliott Edward, engraver, 25 P road. 
Elliott George, carter, George n Beach. 
Elliott George, tinsmith, 471 High. 
Elliott George F., victualler, 23 Sugar al. 
Elliott George, lab., Pearl bel 13th. 
Elliott Isabella, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Elhott Isaac, conveyancer, 81 Chestnut, h N 
Penn sq. 


Elliott James L., druggist, S E 10th & Mulbenrju 

Elliott John, mer., 181 High. 

Elliott John, clerk, 4 Benezet. 

Elliott John, gent., 10 N 9th. 

Elliott John, gent., 2nd ab Phcenix. 

Elliott John, clerk, 5 Lyndall al. 

Elliott John, drayman, Sch. 7th n Vine. 

Elliott Joseph S., weaver, 1 Pearl. 

Elliott Margaret, b h, 7 Fayette. 

Elliott Mary, 4 Benezet. 

Elliott Matthew, cordwainer, 11th, 1st ct ab 

Elliott Phoebe, Ellett's av. 
Elliott 8c Robinson, conveyancers, 81 Chestnut. 
Elliott Robert, weaver. Arch n Sch. Front. 
Elliott Robert, manuf., 612 N 2nd. 
Elliott Robert, cordwainer, 26 Lebanon. 
Elliott Robert, cordw.. Willow bel Spruce. 
Elliott Robert, lab., 44 P road. 
Elliott R. P., trimming store, 362 N 2nd. 
Elliott 8c Stephens, cork manuf., Callowhill bel 

Sch. 8th. 
Elliott Stewart, pawnbroker, 267 S 7th. 
Elliott Thomas, cordw., Piper's ct. 
Elhott William, tin 8c coppersmith, 1 Type al. 
Elliott William H., sign painter, 96J Sassafras. 
Elhott WilUam, cordw., Smith's ct. 
Ellis Amos, brickmaker, 7th n Sp. Garden. 
Elhs Ann, 236 High. 
Elhs 8c Allen, tailors, 16 S 8th. 
Ellis Carohne, 91 P road. 
Ellis Catharine, Callowhill ab 13th. 
EUis Charles, boat builder, 50 Oak. 
Elhs Charles, druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th 
Ellis Charles 8c Co., druggist, 56 Chestnut. 
Ellis Charles R., tailor, 16 S 8th. 
Ellis Daniel C, ironmonger and agent for real 

estate, c R road and Callowhill. 
Ellis David, gent., Lawrence ab Green. 
Ellis G. D., dentist, 2 Vaux's ct. 
Elhs Jacob, dry goods, 10 S 2nd, h 32 Madison. 
Ellis Jacob M., mer., 7 N 2nd, h 118 Crown. 
Ellis James, lab., F road bel Bedford. 
Elhs John P., accountant, 103 Wood. 
Ellis Joseph, blacksmith, William n Hop kin's ct. 
Elhs Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 156 S 5th. 
Elli'S 8c Longstreth, lumber yard, Marshall n 

Ellis Nathan W., N 7th N Poplar. 
Ellis P. H., mer., 47 N 2nd, h 146 N 12th. 
Elhs Robert, lab., Jones ct. bet Sch. 4th 8c 5th. 
Ellis Thomas B., tailor, 19 S 3rd, h 7th bel 

Ellis Thomas, clerk, 3 Vaux's ct. 
EUis William, tavern, 290 N Front. 
EUis WiUiam, druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th. 
Ellis William, coach lamp maker, 13 S 6th, h 

10 Chester. 
EUis WUliam H. 8c Co., lum. mers., N 7th ab 

EUis Zaphiner, Cadwalader n 2nd. 
Ellison John, innkeeper, c 6th 8c Poplar. 
Ellison John B., mer., S E 2nd 8c High, h 40 

EUison John B., 8c Co., cloths, S E 2nd 8c Hig-h. 




Ellison & Levis, cttrriers, 228 N 3rd. 
Ellison Wm., shoes, 156 High, h Brown ab 6th. 
Ellison & Moore, hardware, 111 High. 
Ellmaker H., wid. of Levi, N E Mulberry & 11th. 
EUmaker Horace, mer., 303 Arch. 
Ellmaker, Dunn 8t Co., grocers, 227 High. 
Ellmaker Peter, mer., 227 High. 
Ells Edwai-d, b h., 6 Penn. 
Ells Hugh, tailor, 1 Marble. 
Elmes Abner, hatter, 196 High, h 489 Chestnut. 
Eimes Charles, mariner, rear 11 Mead. 
Elmes Lazell, 38 N 4th, h 171 Pine. 
Elmes Thos., mer., 104 High, h 9 Portico sq. 
Elmes Thomas & Sons, hatters, 104 High. 
Elmes Thos. & Co., hats 85. furs, 114 Chestnut. 
Elmes Thomas Jr., hatter, 104 High. 
Elmore Geo., carman, Beaver ab Chai-lotte. 
Elmore Patrick, carter, 119 N Water. 
Elmore Robert, patternmr., Beaver ab Charlotte. 
Elmore William, beamer. Locust bel Sch. 3rd 
Elmslie Alexander, gent., 232 S Front. 
Elsben'y Charles, porter, Stanley ab 3rd. 
Elsessor John, baker, 269 S 5th. 
ElsmuUer H., carpet weaver, 143 N 5th. 
Elsegood M., bootmaker, 36 N 8th. 
Elsegood W. H. & Son, bootmaker, 38 S 6th. 
Elton Anthony, 11 Hubbell. 
Elton Anthony, tobacco merchant, 34 S whfs., h 

Clinton n 10th. 
Elton Eliza, 561 N 3rd. 
Elton Joseph, printer, 11 Emlen's ct. 
Elton Thomas H., carpenter, 121 Buttonwood. 
Eltonhead George, stove finisher, 38 Queen. (K) 
Eltonhead Wm. D., spect. mr., 304 Callowhill 
Elwanger Everhart, butcher, 598 N 3rd. 
Elwell Daniel, blacksmith, S 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Elwell Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 47 Mead. 
Elwell Henry, blacksm., 8 Mead, h 380 S Front. 
Elwell Samuel, shipsmith, 124 Catharine. 
Elwell S. S., dealer, N E 10th &, Buttonwood. 
Elwell Thomas, blacksmith, 10th ab Catharine. 
Elwine Catharine, c Vine and Wood. 
Elwyn Alfred, M. D., 306 Chestnut. 
Ely Ann, 185 Green. 
Ely Clayton P., blacksmitli, Short's ct. 
Ely Eli, porter, Shippen la bel Shippen. 
Ely John, gent., 6 Portico sq. <• • 

Ely John Jr., gent., 166 Portico sq. 
Ely Joseph, gent, 188 Mulberry. 
Ely Sarah M., 321 N 6th. 
Ely Thomas, porter, 27 Prosperous al. 
Emanuels M., M. D., Spruce ri Sch. 3rd. 
Embry Richard, milkman, rear Cherry W of 

Sch. 6th. 
Emerick A., hardware, 377 High, h 57 N 11th 
Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker, 72 S~ 8th. 
Emerick Daniel B., tinsmith, 72 S 8th. 
Emerick David, constable. Palmer ab West. 
Emerick Fred., shipcarpenter. Palmer ab West. 
Emerick George, com. 8c trans, mer.. Broad, h 

5 Montgomery. 
Emerick Henry, cordwainer, 14 Pratt's ct 
Emerick Jacob, crockery, 215 N 3rd. 
Emerick Mary, 2 Pratt's ct 

Emerick William B., superintendent city rsul 
road, 22 Rittenhouse. 

Emerson Gouverneur, M. D., 51 S 5th. 

Emerson Sarah, 2 Pryor's ct. 

Emery Abraham, tavern, 546 Front. 

Emery Conrad, 546 N Front. 

Emery Daniel, tavern, 100 New. 

Emery Elizabeth, b. h., 23 S 2nd. 

Emery Franklin, carter, 546 N Front. 

Emery John, grocer, Edward n School (K) 

Emery William, waiter, 129 Locust. 

Emlen George, gent., 105 Locust. 

Emlen George Jr., att'y 8t coun., 149 Walnut. 

Emlen Joshua, pres. Del. ins. co., h 75 S 12th. 

Emlen William F., broker, 1 Phil. Exchange. 

Emmet William, labourer. Poplar n 9th, rear. 

Emmett Hannah, Elizabeth n Poplar. 

Emmick John, carter, 5 Rogers' ct. 

Emory Peter, wharf builder, 474 S 2nd. 

Endmire Michael, gent., 2nd n Master. 

Eneu James, Senr., c P road 8c Federal. 

Eneu James Jr., alderman, and elk. Quar. Ses. 8t 
Ct. O. 84 T., 13 State House, h 167 Shippen. 

Eneu Rebecca, 159 Christian. 

England Lemuel, shoemaker, 20 Plum, 

England Lindlay M., clerk, 180 S 2nd. 

Engard Jacob, mason, 520 N 2nd. 

Engard Jesse, carpenter. Noble ab O Y road. 

Engard John, carter, 161 Coates. 

Engard Samuel, watch maker, c Front & Green. 

Engard Thomas, carter, Walter's ct. 

Engard William H., carter, 372 Coates. 

Engelman D. W., clerk county commis's office, 
h 7 Rittenhouse. 

Engle Aaron, dry goods, 393 N 2nd. 

Engle Lewis, flour 8i feed. High ab Sch. 6th. 

Engle Richard, tanner, 527 N Front. 

Englebert Cornelius, ladies shoemaker, Chest- 
nut ab lOtli. 

Englebert J., ladies shoemaker, 74 S 4th. 

Englebert L., gent., 12 Powell. 

Engles Joseph P., academy, George ab 11th, h 
71 Filbert. 

Engles Lewis, dry goods, 222 Callowhill. 

Engles Wm. M. Rev., ed. Presb., 385 Mulberry. 

English Abm., shoes. High ab 2nd, h 21 Duke. 

English C, 31 Pine. 

English Charles, mdze. broker, 91 S Front. 

English Edward C, wheelwright, 14 Hai-mony. 

English Elizabeth M., 31 Pine. 

English Ellen, 22 Kunckle. 

English 81 Ellis, tailors, 19 S 3rd. 

English George, labourer, Pine n 12th. 

English G. B., mer., 37 High, h S E 6th and 

English G. B. k J. B., importers, 37 High. 

English H., dry goods, 42 N 6th. 

English Hugh, blacksm., 38 Cherry, h 42 N 6th. 

English James, blacksmith, Zane St 125 S 6th, 
h 25 Filbert. 

English John, 184 N 11th. 

English John E., tailor, 19 S 3rd, h 47 Button- 
English J. B., mer., 37 High, h S E 6th &: Vine. 

Emerick Peter K., china, 210 N 2nd, h 100 Vine. English Launcelot, tea- warehouse, 39 Lombard 




English Lewis A., painter, c Sch. 6th h Coates. 

English Mizel, paper hanger, 165 S 3rd- 

English Nathan, plasterer, 7 Boyd's av. 

English Samuel, gent., 314 Walnut. 

Engstrom A. B., academy, 16 S 7th. 

Ennis John, paper hanger, 10th bel Green. 

Ennis James, dealer, 113 Swanson. 

Ennis Joshua, bootmaker, 4 Hammell's ct. 

Ennis Robert, umbrellamaker, 24 N 12th. 

Ennis William A., umbrellamaker, 10 S 4th, h 
Mantua Village. 

Enochs Elizabeth, Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 

Enon John, labourer, Prospect ct. 

Enos D. C, mer., Madison n Vine. 

Enos William U., shoemaker, 57 M road. 

Ensley & Jones, trim'g store, S E 5th & Spruce. 

Ensor William, cordwainer, 10 Pleasant retreat. 

Enthwhistle John, susp. wr., Prince n Cheny. (K) 

Enlhwhistle Thos., weaver, Prince below Pal- 
mer. (K) 

Entricken William, grocer, c Fitzwater & Lisle. 

Eplee Daniel, gent., 55 Spruce. 

Eppelsheimer Edward, sugar refiner, 68 N 5th. 

Eppelsheimer Lewis, gent., 141 N 5th. 

Eppsgood Lewis, cabinetmaker, 4 Haas' ct. 

Epsten Elias, tailor, 93 Noble. 

Epstein Josiah, tailor, 161 N 4th. 

Erben Henry I., diniggist, S AV 12th & Vine. 

Erdell John, painter, rear 95 St. John. 

Erdman D. 11., carpenter, Ann n R road. (F) 

Erdman Frederick, carpenter, N E Sassafras & 
Sch. 8th. 

Erdmann Henry, manuf., 2nd bel Master. 

Erdmann Jacob, carpenter, c 12th & Wood. 

Erety George, 313 N 5th. 

Erhardt Nicholas, labourer, 7 Bidde's al. 

Erkins William, butcher, 7 Kepler's ct. 

Ernst Jacob, baker, S E Front & Washington. 

Ernst Michael, tailor, 5 Ellett's avenue. 

En'ickson Errich S., coachtrimmer. Walker's ct. 

Errickson M., carpenter, 68 Queen. 

Errickson M. C, carp., 11th ab Washington 

Erringer Frederick, 81 Cheny. 

Erringer Livingston I., 81 Cheny. , 

Eninger Mary Ann, 10 Tnixton. ^ 

Erringer Phili'p, mer., 240 N 2d, h 91 Callowhilf 

Erskine Joseph, cordwainer, 27 Flower. 

Erskine Martin, cordwainer, rear 4 Webb's al. 

Erskine Rufus M., boot & shoemr., 4 Webb's al. 

Erwin Alex'r., weaver, Ciidw.ilader n Phoenix. 

Erwin Deborah, milliner, N E 10th k. Vine. 

Erwin Casper, tavern, 229 Callowhill. 

Erwin George, labourer, Sch 2d ab High. 

Erwin Henry, carter, Sch. 5th n Chestnut. 

Erwin Henry, watchmaker, 167 Chestnut, h 301 

Erwin James, labourer. Pleasant bel 10th. 

Erwin James, cordw.. Orchard n Rawle. 

Erwin John, flour store, 451 S Front. 

Erwin Jolm, waiter, 8 Raspberry al. 

Erwin Margaret, Green's ct. (N L) 

Erwin Mrs., gcntw., 340 Mulberry. 

Erwin Steward, labourer. Vine n Schuyl. river. 

Escandel Anthony, tailor, 79 Shippen. 

Escnwein Charles 8c Co., mors., 58 S whfs. 

Esenwein Charles, mer., S E 2nd & Callowhill. 

Esenwein Mary, 55 Noble. 

Esher C. S., gi-ocer, 64 & 66 N 4th & N E Race 
& 5th, h 171 N 4th. 

Esher Conrad M., bricklayer, Ashton bel Spnice. 

Esher Charles, pianoforte maker, 54 Brown. 

Esher George, saddler, 1 Nectarine. 

Esher Jacob, grocer, 64 & 66 N 4th & N E cor 
5th & Sassafras, h 209 N 6th. 

Esher Jacob U., tailor, 3rd ab Franklin. 

Esher John W., tailor, G T road n 3d. 

Esher J. & W. & Co., grocers, 64 & 66 N 4th. 

Esher Jane, doctress, cor Crabb & Cedar. 

Esher Wm., grocer, 64 & 66 N 4th & N E Sas- 
safras k 5th, h 221 N 6th. 

Esherick George, mer., 166^ High, h 3 Lodge. 

Esherick, Hansell & Co., dry goods, 166^ High. 

Esherick Joseph, mer., 166^ High. 

Eskridge Ann, 8 Mechanic ct. 

Esler Benjamin, machinist, 21 N 13th. 

Esler George, carpenter, 348 S 2nd. 

Esler John K., baker, 7 Parham. 

Esler Martha, 458 S Front. 

Esler Wm., tavern, S W 4th & Carpenter. (S) 

Esling Joseph, coal-mcr., 51 Filbert. 

Esling Nicholas, gent., 57 Buttonwood.. 

Espey Ehzabeth, Noble, 2 doors bel 6th. 

Espy George, broker, 5 Bank al., h 21 S Sch. 6th. 

Essick Alice, gentw.. Court alley. 

Essig Andrew, cord., Newmarket ab Willow. 

Essig Jefferson H., fireman, 19 Nectarine. 

Essig Sebastian, tavern, 381 Sassafras. 

Estell R., milliner, 42 N 5th. 

Estess Samuel, baker. Front ab Noble, 

Estlack Thomas, 529 Chestnut. 

Estlin John, grate & tender manuf., 87 N 5th 

Estlow Charles, framemaker, 74 Almond. 

Esworthy Nathan, machinist, 5 Howard. 

Ethell & Cuddy, h. painters, 11 N 11th. 

Etley Wm., butcher. Wood n Sch. Front. 

Etris James, blacksmith, 5 Holme's alley. 

Etris Robert, 626 N Front. (K) 

Etriss David, machinist, 387 O Y road. 

Etriss George, potter, 36 Mead, 
itriss Samuel Jr., cabinetmaker, 91 Prime, 
iss Samuel, cabinetmr., 44^, & h416 S Front. 
Pavld, painter, 4th ab Carpenter. 

Etter beprge, jeweller, 470 S 2d. 

Etter Phili ', toymaker, 106 Apple. 

Etting Benj., mer., 71 N Water, h 95 Locust. 

Etting Edward J., iron mer., 69 8t 71 N Water, 
h Jjocust, 2nd door AV of Broad. 

Etting E. J. & Brothers, com. mers., 69 and 71 
N Water. 

Etting Gratz, Locust, 2nd door AV of Broad. 

Etting Henry, U. S Navy, Locust, 2nd door W of 

Ettmg Horatio, mer., 17 AValnut, h 301 AValnut. 

Etting Reuben, gent., Locust, 2d dr. AV of Broad. 

Ettinger William, bricklayer, 26 Julianna. 

Ettinger William, oysterhouse, 410 N 2d. 

Eugcn Amelia, trimmings, 134 S 4th. 

Eustace S.irah, shop, 2nd n Beaver. (K) 

Euston James, painter, 68 Chestnut, h 10 Jefler- 
8on row. 




Euston & Weir, painters, 68 Chestnut. 

Evans Abagail, 98 George. 

Evans Amelia, gentw., 13th ab Coates. 

Evans Andrew, labourer, 121 Swanson. 

Evans Andrew D. Capt., Shippen n 2d. 

Evans Ann, baker, 13 S 10th. 

Evans Ann, 13 Fayette. 

Evans Benjamin, currier, 10 Franklin place, h 
Baxter's a v. 

Evans Benjamin, hatter, 141 Poplar. 

Evans Benjamin M., grocer, 276 Cedar. 

Evans Cadwalader, gent., 417 Mulberry. 

Evans Charles, ladies' cordw., High ab Sch. 4th. 

Evans Charles, machinist, c Quarry and Bread, 
h 73 Sassafras. 

Evans Charles, cordwainer, 161 Green. 

Evans Charles, M. D., 201 Mulberry. 

Evans Charles, 3 Providence ct. 

Evans David, lumber mer., 219 N Water, h 90 

Evans David, hoisting machines, 76 S 2nd. 

Evans David R., lumber, 12tli k. Callowhill, h 
331 N 6th. 

Evans D., mer., 12 N Front, h 3 Green. 

Evans & Davis, lumber mers., 219 N Water. 

Evans Edward, carpenter, 45 Wood ab 10th. 

Evans Edward, slater, 9 Hickoiy ct. 

Evans Edm., paint., 28 N 12th, h 17 Montgomery. 

Evans Edmund C, M. D., 62 S 11th. 

Evans Elizabeth, Coates n 10th. 

Evans Elizabeth, 2 Plynlimmon place. 

Evans Ellen, 64 Tammany. 

Evans Ellen, milliner, 33 N 11th. 

Evans Ellis, shoemaker, 290 S 6th. 

Evans Edward, paper mr., Queen ab 4th. 

Evans E. A., dressmaker, 184 Chestnut. 

Evans Euphemia, gentw., 98 Swanson. 

Evans Francis, labourer, 121 Swanson. 

Evans Griffith, gent., 163 Walnut. 

Evans H., M. D., 163 Walnut. 

Evans Hannah, 481 Vine. 

Evans Hannah, 2 Wood. 

Evans Henry F., carter, 131 N Juniper. 

Evans Jacob, currier, 88 Cherry. 

Evans James D.> cordwainer, Beaver adj. Creek 

Evans Jane C, artificial flower maker, 27 S 

Evans Joel, grocer, 210 & h 208 N 3d. 

Evans John, inspec. of lumber, 269 St. 

Evans J. N., teacher, 21TPeiigy., 

Evans John, metal sashmr.,43 S 8th, h 61 N 7th. 

Evans John, gent., 331 N 6th. 

Evans John C, builder, 41 N 11th. 

Evans John Jr., carpenter, 151 Marshall. 

Evans Jonathan, apoth., N E 3d and Spruce. 

Evans Joseph, variety store, 221 S 2d. 

Evans Joseph Jr., hats, 10 Franklin place, h. 

207 S 2d. 
Evans Joseph, shoes, 258 High, h 20 Marshall. 
Evans Joseph, turner, 2 Kelly's ct. 
Evans Joseph R., mer., 31 S whar., h 103 Pine. 
Evans Jos. R. Jr., mer., 31 S whar., h 101 Pine. 
Evans Joshua, bk. acct., 55 Vine. 
Evans Josiah I., harness maker, Sch. 3rd above 

Evans Mary, Mechanic ab Culbert. 

Evans Mary, paper store, 454 N 2nd. . 

Evans M. J. Mrs., b h., 8 Commerce. 

Evans Nathaniel, carpenter, Shafer's ct. 

Evans Oliver, Sch. Beach n George. 

Evans Oliver, carp., 74 S Front, h 47 Almond, 

Evans Randolph W., paint factory, 447 N Front, 
h 247 N 7th. 

Evans Richard, mor. finisher, Lewis W Sch. 6th. 

Evans Richard, weavei', William n Rose. 

Evans Robert T., 178 N 9th. 

Evans Rowland C., carpenter, 9th bel Noble. 

Evans Rowland E., atty. & coun., 43 S 10th, h 
417 Mulberry. 

Evans Rudolph H., druggist, 376 High. 

Evans R. AV., turp. distiller, N 7th ab Green. 

Evans Samuel, stone mason, 408 N 9th. 

Evans Seth, 39 New Market. 

Evans Spence, tailor. Poplar n 7th. 

Evans Thomas, gai-dener. Front n Master. 

Evans Thomas, gent., 129 S 3d. 

Evans Thomas & William R., boots & shoes, 129 
High, h 7th bel Spruce. 

Evans Thomas, hatter, 201 High, h 115 N 7th. 

Evans Thomas & Co., hats, 201 High. 

Evans Thomas, tavei'n, 3 k. 5 George. 

Evans Thomas, dry goods, 134 N 4th. 

Evans Thomas, tailor, 14 Boyd's av. 

Evans Thomas, labourer, 14 Fearris's ct. 

Evans Thomas, hai'ness maker, 6 Dilk's ct. 

Evans T. W., dentist, 88 N 9th. 

E\ans & Thorn, painters, 28 & 30 N 12th. 

Evans Wm., druggist, 134 S Front, h 102 Union. 

Evans William, paintstore, 5 Dock. 

Evans Wm. E., mer., 70 S 2d, h 2 Buttonwood. 

Evans Wm., H., mer., 34 N 2d, h 12 Ann. 

Evans William M., watchmaker, Washington. 

Evans Wm. R., h Filbert between Sch. 6th & 

Evans Wm. S., Girard Bk., h 306 Coates. 
Evans & Wistar, lumber mers., N W 12th and 

Evanshire Abel', pedlai', 239 St. John. 
Eveland Daniel, mor. dress., St. John n Beaver, 
(erham John, cordwainer. Baker's ct. 
erham Vvm., wheelwright, 345 Callowhill. 
verhardt M., painter, Burd's ct. 
Everhardt Jane, Bond's ct. 
Evefhiu-t Margaret, baker, 53 Brown. 
Everett Charles, tailor, N W 4th & Chestnut, h 

65 Marshall. 
Everett C D., M. D., dentist, N E 9th and Sas- 
Everett George, labourer, Sunderland n Queen. 
Everett Michael, dry goods, 218 N 3d. 
Everingham Hannah, 28 Apple. 
Everitt, Geo. W., bookbr., 8 Nectarine. 
Everitt John, R road bel Green. 
Everitt John, harnessmaker, 41 Lilly al. 
Everitt Jonathan, harnessmaker, 8 Torr's al. 
Everitt Samuel, harness maker, 51 S 3rd, h 140 

S 2nd. 
Everitt William, teacher, 325 Sassafras. 
Everly Adam, gent., 354 Mulberry. 
Everly George M., mariner, 24 Almond, 




Everly M. N., button manuf., 130 S 5th, factory 
5 Harmony, h 286 S 5th. 

Everly W. A., mer., 225 Hig'h, h Mulberry ab 

Everly Wm. H., painter, 66 Christian. 

Evert Frederick, painter, 510 N Front. 

Evert Stephen, baker, 17 Quince. 

Everton Wm. S., lab., 23 Parham. 

Eves Elizabeth, b h., 250 High. 

Eves Rebecca, b h., 360 O Y road. 

Eves Thomas, g-asfitter, 332 N 3rd. 

Evett Joseph, labourer, 112 Swanson. 

Ewell Solomon, labourer, 68 Catherine. 

Ewen Jedediah, dry goods, 332 High. 

Ewen Joseph, dry goods, S W 2d and Cedar. 

Ewing Alexander, lab., n Sch. Beach & George 

Ewing Arthur, clerk, Sch. PYont n Spruce. 

Ewing George H., labourer, 453 S Front. 

Ewing Henry, city watchman, rear 126 S 6th. 

Ewing Jacob O., plumber & manuf. of lead pipe, 
23 S 8th, h 115 S 8th. 

Ewing James, N E Sch. Beach & Spruce. 

Ewing James, moulder, Green ab 12th. 

Ewing John, lab., West ab Walnut. 

Ewing Robert com. mer., 27 Minor, h 75 S 4th. 

Ewing Robert, mer., 24 Chestnut, h S W Wal- 
nut and Sch. 8th. 

Ewing William, accountant, 31 Washington. 

Exley John, blacksmith, c Wood and Kunclde, 
h 92 Vine. 

Exley John, blacksmith, 92 Vine. 

Eyra John, carter, 435 S 2nd. 

Eyre Abraham, wharf build., Allen ab Hanover. 

Eyre Andrew, grocer. Queen n Crown. 

Eyre Benjamin J., agent, office 2 Ranstead ct. 

Eyre Franklin, shipwright. Cherry n Queen. 

Eyre Franklin, lead manuf.. Beach bel Palmer. 

Eyre Geoi-ge L., mer., 421 S Front. 

Eyre J. R., carpenter, 87 O Y road. 

Eyre & Landell, mers., S W 4th 8c Mulberry. 

Eyre Mary, Sch. 8th ab Spruce. 

Eyre & Massey, mers., 28 S wharves. 

Eyre Manuel, mer., 28 S whar., h 278 Chestnut. 

Eyre Thomas, dry goods, c 12th and Vine. 

Eyre Wm., carpenter. Barker ab Sch. 6th, h 27 
N Sch. 8th. 

Eyres John, gent., S E 4tli and George. (N L) 

Eytinge Bernhardt, mer., 49 N Front, h 99 N 2d. 

Eytinge David, profess, of languages, 115 S 5th. 

Faber Sarah, tailoress, 137 Lombard. 
Faber WiUiam, silversmith, 124 N 5th. 
Fabian Charles, cord, 19 Nectarine. 
Fable Barbara, 76 Tammany. 
Fable Eliz., doctress, 153 Green. 
Fackler Charles, baker, 107 N 3rd. 
Fackler Frederick, baker, 316 N 2d. 
Facknay John, dry goods, 180 N 2iid. 
P'acon Thomas, clerk, 160 Pine. 
Faddis E. W., cordwainer, 203 N 3rd. 
Fagan Hugh, grocer, S E 8th and Bedford. 
Fagan James, Labourer, 236 N Water. 
P'agan Jolin, labourer, 194 N Water. 

Fagan John, stereotvpe foundry, c Crown and 

Callowhill, h 311 N 6th. 
Fagan Michael, labourer, Callowhill bel Sch. 7th. 
Fagan Patrick, weaver, 50 P'itzwater. 
Fagan P. A., grocer, S E 8th and Lombard. 
Fagioli Francis, cordwainer, 2 Scott's ct. (N L) 
Fagg George, grocery & dry goods, Washington. 

Fahnestock H. C, mer., 1 S 4th. 
Fair J., carpenter, shoemaker, h 6 Kelly. 
Fair J. W., tailor, G T road bel 6th. 
Fairbairn John, saddler, 21 Commerce, h 138 

Fairbank Henry F., merchant, 16 Decatur, h 

Fairchild E. R., home missionary society, 140 

Fairchild W. B., R road bel Buttonwood. 
Fairfield J., M. D., 10th ab Shippen. 
Fairfield S. L., gentleman, 10th bel Shippen. 
Fairlamb Jonas P., carpenter, High n Sch. 6th. 
Fairman G. W., clerk Bk. U. S., h c Spruce and 

FaiiTTian Hannah, 358 N 3d. 
Fairmount & Bridge, confectioners, 254 N 3rd. 
Faires J. W., seminar,v, 47 S 8th, h 123 S Juniper. 
Fales George, mer., 6 S Front, h 131 Sassafras. 
Fales, Lothrop & Co., mers., 6 S Front. 
Fallbright John, cordw., Mechanic n George. 
Fallin Ann, 14 John. (S) 
Fallo Magdalen, miUiner, 76 Sassafras. 
Fallon Christopher, atty. & coun., 116 Walnut. 
Fallon P. J., sexton, 140 Spruce. 
Fallon Redmond, stonecutter, Callowhill ab Sch. 

Falls John, chandler, 341 S Front. 
Falty Knorr, barber, 405 N 4th. 
Fancam Henr}', hatter, 72 Coates. 
Fanning John, ropemr., Cadwaladerab Phoenix. 
Fanning Rachel, dry goods, 178 S 5th. 
Fanton Mary, Ann R road ab P'rances. (F V) 
P'areira John, hatter, 357 S 2d. 
P'areira Joseph, hatter, Buckley ab 5th, h Pine" 

ab 10th. 
Faries Saml., weaver, c Hopkin's ct & William, 
p'aries Wm., city commissioner, 362 Vine. 
P'aris Edward, barber, 13 Exchange place. 
Farlan P"rancis, weaver, P'ront n Oxfoi-d. 
Farley Ann, tavern, 5U8 High. 
P'arley Edward, lab., Powell n Girard college. 
P\u-ley Francis, weaver, P'ront ah Phoenix. 
P'arley James, labourer, o7J S 2nd. 
Farley John, cordwainer, S E Jefierson and Cad- 


Farley Thomas, stone cutter, rear 42 Shippen. 
Farley Thomas, labourer. Filbert bel Sch. 3d. 
Farley Wilson J., N AV 4th & Catherine. 
P'arlin Samuel, weaver, P'ront n Master. 
P'armer Heniy, painter, 389 High. 
Farmer James S., Bank U. S., h 130 Catharine. 
Farmer Richard, waiter, 9 Barley st. 
Farnham B. A., mer., 8 S P'ront, li 3 Virginia row. 
Farnum G. VV'., mer., 8 S P'lont, h 116 Mulberry. 
Farnum Henry, mer., 40 N Front, h 24 Mont- 
gomery sq. 




Tarnum Henry &. Co., mers., 40 N Front. 
I'arnum James A., clerk, 24 Montgomery sq. 
Farnum John, mer., 26 S Front, h 116 Mulberry. 
Farnum Newhall & Bettle, mers., 26 S Front. 
Farnum Paul, men, 8 S Front. 
Farnum Paul & Co., mers., 8 S Front. 
i"arough Edward, blacksmith, 95 Budd. 
Farr George, labourer, 298 St. Jolui. 
Farr George W., tailor, N W 3d and Chestnut, 

h 15 Branch. 
Farr John, gent., 151 N 6th. 
Farr John C, mer., 112 Chestnut, h 171 S 5th. 
Farr John C. & Co., v/atches and jewelry, 112 

Farr Rebecca, Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 
Farrady James, lab., c Cadwalader 8c Phoenix. 
Farrady James, siu-g. inst. maker, 1 Cherry. 
Farrall James, hat tip manuf., 309 Cherry. 
I"arrall, Wm., blacksm., rear Cherry bel Broad. 
Farran Hugh, tavern, 208 Shippen. 
Fari'an John, labourer, 9 Pearl 
Farran Mary, silk dyer, 135 Spruce. 
Farran Michael, labourer, 217 N Front. 
Farran Samuel, weaver. Front ab Master. 
Farran Thomas, lab., c Sch. Front & Chestnut. 
FaiTand Daniel, tavern, 293 S 7th. 
Farrand Daniel W., dentist, 92 Buttonwood. 
Farrand James H., confectioner, 229 Mulberry. 
Farrell Barney, labourer, Sch. 7th ab Wood. 
Farrell Christopher, labourer. Cooper ab Sch. 3d. 
Farrell Francis, weaver, Front bel Jefferson. 
Farrell Jacob, mariner, 42 Catharine. 
Farrell Rosina, teacher, George bel Sch. 8th. 
Farrell Wm., mer., 13th n Olive. 
F'arrelly James A., bon. presser, 9 Stamper's al. 
FaiT-en Mary, 105 German. 
Farren Michael, distiller, N E 2d & Franklin. 
Farren Neal, dealer, 39 Plum. 
Farren Wm., tavern, c Walnut & Ashton. 
Farrenholtz Joseph, labourer, 28 Wood. 
Farries Alexander, tobacconist, 25 Concord. 
Fams Mrs. Eliz., Sch. 7th ab Cherry. 
Farrow Wm., painter & glazier, Franklin bel 

Fiirry Michael, labourer, Hamilton n Fail-mount. 
Farson Wm., carpenter, 17 Norris's alley, h 23 

Farthing John, victualler, c 4th &c Franklin. 
Farwell Mrs. Rebecca, 233 Mulbeny. 
F'assltt Alfred, mer., 48 High, h 245 Pine. 
Fassitt E. C, atty. h coun., h 329 Mulberry. 
Fassitt Jas., mer., 48 & 50 High, h 329 Mulberry. 
Fassitt James, mariner, 13 Cox. 
Fassitt James Sc Co., dry goods, 48 High ab 2d. 
Fassitt Jas. W., mer., 50 High, h329 Mulberry. 
J'assitt Se. Langstroth, hardware, 50 High ab 2d. 
I'assitt, Mrs., widow of Thomas, 327 Mulberry. 
Fassitt 'I'iieo., mer., 48 High, h329 Mulberry. 
F'assitt T. S. R., gent., 433 Mulberry. 
Fassitt Wallace, mer., 50 High, h 329 Mulberry. 
I'asy John IL, cordwainer, Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Fatton & Co., watchmakers, 125 Chestnut. 
Faulce Jacob, baker, 71 Apple. (N L) 
Pauley James, labourer, Sch. 8th Sc Myer's ct. 
Faulkner Henry, tailor, Noble ab 7th. 

Faulkner J. H., painter, 316 S 2d. 
Faulkner Samuel, weaver, 75 Filbert. 
Faulkner Thomas, tailor, 6 Cresson's al. 
Faulkner Wm., cordw., Grear ab 13th. 
Faulkner Wm., carter, Grear ab 13th. 
Faunce Christian, fisherm.. Queen ab Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Christian, fisherm.. Queen bel M'^ood. (K) 
Faunce Conrad, fisherm., c Vienna & Queen. (K) 
Faunce Daniel, fisherm.. Queen ab Vienna. (K) 
Faunce Geo., drayman, George ab Charlotte. (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherm., Queen ab Vienna. (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce Henry, glass blower, Woodn Duke. (K) 
Faunce Henry, bookbinder, N W 3d & Chestnut, 

h 21 Garden. 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman, Queen ab Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman. Queen n Wari'en. (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman. Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Faunce Jacob fisherman. Cherry n Prince. (K) 
P'aunce Jacob H., fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce John, carter, Sch. 7th opp. Chancellor. 
Faunce Michael, fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce Michael, fisherm., c Queen &. Wood. (K) 
Faunce Serick, combmr., Wood n Prince. (K) 
Favmce Susan, Palmer. (K) 
Fausbury Mary, 18 Juniper lane. 
Faussett Franklin, plumber, 163 Coates, 
Faussett James, gent., 91 Crown. 
Faussett John, mer., 159 High, h 173 Walnut. 
Faussett Kelly & Co., diy goods, 159 High. 
Faust Daniel, shoemr., 13th ab Fitzwater. 
Faust David, Franklin ab Buttonwood. 
Faust David, mer., 177^ High. 
Fauster Walter, moroccodresser. Rose al above 

Fawcett Wm., acct., 75 Cherry. 
Fay Eveline, dressmaker, 358 Vine. 
Fay James, book-keeper, 135 Catharine. 
Fay Newell, gent., 358 Vine. 
Fay Thomas, grocer, S E 6th & Powell. 
Fayette Lewis, cabinetmaker, 356 S 2d. 
Fayssoux E. S., store keeper, U. S. Arsenal. 
Fazelle Thomas, ship carpenter, Stoys' ct. (K) 
Feadley John, lab., 2 Franklin (K) 
Fealer John, carter, G T R ab Jefferson (K) 
Fealer Wm., cotton spinner, G T R ab Jefferson. 
Fearer Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 312 Sassafras. 
J'earis Ellen, gentw., 10 Powell. 
Fearon James, soapmaker, 49 Union, h 47 Union. 
Fearon & Maul, blacksmiths, S W Spruce and 

Fearon Patrick, blacksmith, c Spruce & Pratt, 

h Knoodle bel Walnut. 
Feasky Stephen M., lookingglass framemakcr, 

O Y road ab Poplar. 
Feaster Maria, 1 Linden ct. 
Federy George, fisherman, Wood bel West. (K) 
Feeny James, tailor, 1 Shippen lane. 
Fecny Jolin, tailor, 46 Gaskill. 
Feeney John, tailor, Bedford bel Broad. 
Fees John L., tavern, 85 Brown. 
Fees Tencnce, labourer, 256 Shippen. 
Fegan John, tavern, 520 High. 
Feganbusli D., cordwainer, 429 N2d. 
Feg.mbush J., shoe store, 446 N 2d. < 




Felld John, ironfounder 8 Providence ct. 

Feinour Joseph & Son, tin & iron pi. workers, 
215 S Front. 

Feinour Joseph, 180 S Front. 

Feinour & Thomson, coopers, 69 S Water. 

Feinour Wm., cooper, 69 S Water, h 13 Dock. 

Feitig Philip, carp., 27 Coates' al. 

Felch Hannah, 438 N 9th. 

Fell C. J. & Brother, choc, manuf., 64 S Front. 

Fell Franklin, mer., 64 S Front, h 277 N 6th. 

Fell & Kensler, curriers, 384 N Front. 

Fell Penrose, tailor, 62 Chestnut, h 15 La- 
grange place. 

Fell Reese D., tailor, 62 Chestnut. 

Fell Reese D. & Brother, tailors, 62 Chestnut. 

Fell Townsend, M. D., c 5th and Wood. 

Fellerman L. M., tailor, 68 Cedar. 

Fellerman J. L., tailor, S W George and Cedar. 

Fellerman Moses L., clothing store, 214 Cedar. 

Fellison Christian, skindresser, 5th ab Franklin. 

Fellow? C, gent, 38 Girard. 

Feloony James, weaver, c 13th and Shippen. 

Fehx Edward, tinsmith, 150 Locust. 

Felt John, ship carpenter, 102 Prime. 

Felthousen Jacob, printer, 22 Branner's alley. 

Felten Henry, picture frame maker, 498 Coates 
ab 13th, 

Feltus & Howell, mers., S W Front &. Chestnut. 

Feltus Henrj-, mer., S W Front & Chestnut, h 
521 Chestnut. 

Feltwell Benjamin M., bricklr., 3 Rlttenhouse. 

Felty Charles, bricklr., Orleans ab Lombard. 

Felty Samuel, shuttlemr., 511 N 3rd. 

Felty Wm., blacksmith. Filbert n Sch. 4th. 

Fenderson Boston H., barber, Shippen bel Rus- 

Fenimore Amey, milliner, 69 Mulberry. 

Fenimore Jason, Bank Penns., h 21 S Sch. 7th. 

Fenimore Marion, 13 Elfreth's alley. 

Fenlin John, tavern, 150 N 3rd. 

Fenn Titus, shoemaker, 19 Strawberry. 

Fennell Chas. G., looking glass mr., Loxley's ct. 

Fennell Wm., register gas works, 121 S 9th 

Fennemore Benjamin, carp., Millon bel 13th 

Fenner Eliza, tobacconist, 93 N 4th. 

Fenner, H. P., tobacconist, 342 Callowhill. 

Fenner John F., tobacconist, 213 N Front. 

Fenner R., agent Morrison's pills, 1 S 2d. 

Fenner Thomas, guns & fishing tackle, 134 N 
3rd, h 31 Ann. 

Fennimore Valen., ship carp., Queen ab Wood. 

Fennimore Wm., ladies shoemaker, 79 S 2d. 
Fenton Andrew, sail maker, S E Spruce and 

wharf, h 232 N Front. 
Fenton Elizabeth, book folder, 140 Sassafras. 
Fenton Joseph, carpenter. Chancellor bel Sch 

Fenton Thomas, gent., 35 New. 
Ferdon Joseph, victualler, c Rugan & Willow. 
Ferguson Alexander, cordwainer, 12 BrJnton. 
Ferguson Alexander, mer. 96 High, h 20 Girard. 
Ferguson A. & Co., dry goods, 96 High. 
Ferguson Alexander S., cordwainer, 157 Cherry. 
Ferguson C. B., M. D., 86 Callowliill. 
Ferguson Charles, carpenter, 556 S Front. 

Ferguson David, drayman, Poplar n 4th. 
Ferguson Franklin, printer, rear 108 N 2nd. 
Ferguson Henry, carpenter, 10 N Sch. 5th. 
Ferguson Jas., grocer, N W 13th & CallowhiH. 
Ferguson James, chairmr., 201 Callowhill. 
Ferguson James, mariner, 121 S 6th. 
Ferguson John, tailor, Watman's ct. 
Ferguson John, weaver, 13th bel Brinton. 
Ferguson John, undertaker, Cedar ab 13th. 
Ferguson John A., tailor, 369 N 4th. 
Ferguson John L. Capt., 304 S Front. 
Ferguson John P., carpenter, Vine n Sch 7th. 
Ferguson Mrs. M., 107 W High. 
Ferg\ison P. L., mer., 96 High, h 20 Gii-ard. 
P'erguson Rebecca, 18 Elfreth's al. 
Ferguson Robert, cordwainer, 66 Maiden. 
Ferguson Robert, carp., 1 Wallace. 
Ferguson WiUiam, baker, 13th ab Fitzwater. 
Feringer Margaret, S W 9th and Vine. 
Ferkland Heniy, baker, N E Fitzwater and 

Ferley Francis, weaver. Front ab Phoenix. 
Ferman Robert, 24 Prune. 

Fernandos Francis, oysterman, 24 Union 
Fernel Stephen, lab., 19 Sassafras al. 

Fernley James, 204 Green. 

Fernon John, collector, 599 N 2nd. 

Fernon Thomas S., sign writer, 34 S 7th. 

Fernsler John M., feed. High ab Sch 6th. 

Femsler William, feed. High ab Sch 6th. 

Ferre Soloman, cabmr., S E 9th & Callowhill. 

FeiTell Ferman, mahogany sawyer, Swanson bel 

Ferrell Margaret, shop, S E Lombard &. Hurst. 

FeiTell Samuel, shoemr. Ill S 5th. 

Ferrey Wm., cordwr., 23S S 4th. 

Ferris Adam, lampmaker, 12 Prime. 

Ferris Daniel, bonnets, 10 N 2nd. 

Ferris James, bricklayer, 12 Prime. 

Ferris J osiah, cordwainer, 35 Mechanic. 

Feser Christian, stonecutter, 341 Callowhil). 

Fess William, baker, 241 St. John. 

Fessenden Chas. B., mer., 81 S Front, h 79 S 

Fest Christopher, tailor, 13 Charlotte. 

Fetherston H., b. h. 150 S 2nd. 

Fetters James, drayman, 128 St John. 

Fetters Jacob R., 5 Elfreth's al. 

Fetters John P., tailor, 355 N 3rd. 

Fetters John, icehouse, h 7 George W Sch. 7th. 

Fetters J. R. & J., ice, N W Sch 6th & Chestnut. 

Fetters Matilda, 35 German. 

Fetters William, carman, James' ct. n Front (K) 

Fettinger Henry, plasterer. State. 

Feun-ing William, pianoforte manuf. S E 8th 8c 

Feyhl William H., hairdresser, 39 Chestnut. 

Fick Frederick, ropemr., G T Road ab Master. 

Fidler Jacob, morocco dresser, Beaver bel Char- 

Fiedler John A., baker, 165 Cathariue. 

Flegel Charles, gate keeper, Pei-manent bridge. 

Field A., Sch Willow ab Spruce. 

Field Charles, plater, 80 N 2nd, h Noble ab 7th 

Field Charles, mer. 71 S front, h 200 S Front. 




Field Charles & Son, merchants, 71 S Front 
Field, Fobes & Co., dry goods, 183 High 8c 18 

Field Georg-e, basketmaker, 9th bel Christian 
Field Georg-e, carpet weaver, G T road ab 

Field Georg-e, jeweller. Quarry. 
Field Isaac, carpenter, 220 N 5th. 
Field Isaac C, mer., 7 N Front, h 204 Chesnut 
Field James, mer. 183 Hig-h, h 21 Montg'y sq. 
Field .lames, upholsterer, 122 S 2nd. 
Field Jeremiah, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th, 
Field Joel, oystcrman, 30 Duke. 
Field John, sailmaker, 494 S 2nd. 
Field John, brickmr. Sch 4th n Pine. 
Field Josepla, mariner. Crown n Queen. (K) 
Field Levi, labourer, Eag-le ct. 
Field Mary, 483 S 2nd. 
Field Morris, dealer, S W Front & Queen. 
Field M. Mrs., b. h. 204 Chestnut. 
J'ield Mrs., teach, of dress cutting-, 210 Walnut. 
Field Oliver W., turner, 210 Walnut. 
Field Pet., painter, 101 Mulberiy, h 95 Sassafras. 
Field Peter, carpenter, 3 Lawrence ct. 
Field Samuel, bootmr. 7 Strawberry. 
Field & Sheller, basketmrs., 268 Hig-h. 
Field & Trexler, tobacconists, 251 N 3rd. 
Field Thos., blacksmith, 190 Lombard. 
Field Thomas, hatter, 382 Hig-h. 
Field Thomas S. & Co., mers., 36 N Front, h 

132 N 2nd. 
Field ik Zane, upholsterers, 122 S 2nd. 
Fielding E., gentw. 6 Benezet. 
Fielding Jei-eh., coffee roaster, 8th & Catharine. 
Fields David, gardener, G T road ab Master. 
Fields Dr., 15 Lebanon. 

Fields Geo., stove finisher, Hanover ab Beach. 
Fields George, spinner, Edward n School. (K) 
Fields James, grocer, R road ab Francis (F V) 
Fields John, cordwr., 6 Scattergood's ct. 
Fields Thomas, dyer, 240 N Water. 
Fietig Philip, boxmr. 21 Jones' al. 
Fiets Christian, turner, 8 Jackson. 
Fife James, reedmr. S E 10th & College av. 
Fife Matthew, labourer, 2 Watman's ct. 
Fife Matthew, boxmr., Biddle's al. 
Fife William, teacher, 67 Locust. 
Fifield & Matthews, com. mers. and grocers, 58 

Figgins Daniel, typefounder, 3 Flower 
FlgnerAndrew, 24 O Y road. 
Figro Francis, lab., Parker's al. 
File Jacob, cordwainer, Cadwalader n Phoenix. 
File John, labourer, S W Budd & Laurel. 
File John, lab., Pauhn'sct. (N L) 
File Peter, labourer, George ab Charlotte. 
Filler George, Bank Penns., 11th bel Lombard. 
Filley Harvey, tin plate worker, 434 High. 
Filson Han., Sch. House, Chestnut & Beach, Sch. 
Fimple John, brushmaker, 21 Budd. 
Finch Ann, 41 Duke. 
Finch James, cordw., 2 James' ct. 
Finch Richard, coachmr. Ogden n 10th. (S G) 
Findlay William, treasurer U. S Mint, 
Fink Daniel, painter, 4th n Jefferson row. 

Fink George, weaver. Phoenix n G T road. 

Fink Elizabeth, 3 Tiller's ct. 

Fink Jacob, baker, 356 N 3rd. 

Finlaw Low, labourer, 31 Cresson's al. 

Finley E., dry goods, 274 N 2nd. 

Finley & Co., upholsterers, 43 Walnut. 

Finley James G., merchant, 13 N 2nd. 

Finley James, merchant, 193 High. 

Finley, Pollard & Graff, dry goods, 193 High. 

Finley Thomas, baker, c Shippen and Bedford. 

Finley William, upholsterer, 43 Walnut. 

Finn James, tailor, 12 Boyd's av. 

Finn James, weaver. School n William (K) 

Finn John, paper hanger, 179 Mulben-v. 

Finn John G., mer. 147 High, h 49 Callowhill. 

Finnagan John, labourer, Sch. Front & High. 

Finnessy James, eatinghouse, 132 S Water. 

Finney C. Mrs., gentw., 350 Chestnut. 

Finney Henry, tailor. Perry's ct. 

Finney Joseph, bricklayer. Queen ab Hanover. 

Finney William, lab., rear 30 Chester. 

Firchauks Henry, gent., 2nd ab Edward. 

Fiot Augustus, importer of music, 196 Chestnut. 

Fireing Sophia, variety store, 125 Green. 

Firth Thompson, elk, Sch 7th ab Locust. 

Fish Israel L., plasterer, 13th bel Buttonwood. 

Fish Jacob S., plasterer, 10th bel Coates. 

Fish Thomas H., tailor, Carlton bet Sch 7th & 

Fisher Albert G., clerk, 4 Filbert av. 

Fisher Ann, widow, rear 84 Plumb. 

Fisher Ann, seamstress. Sassafras ab Sch 8th. 

Fisher Charles H., gent., 325 Chestnut. 

Fisher Charles M., rigger, rear 75 Christian. 

Fisher Christopher, baker, 371 Coates. 

Fisher David, waiter, 8 Elizabeth. 

Fisher David & Sons, painters & glaziers, 25 
N 5th. 

Fisher David, musician, 13 Morris. 

Fisher EUza, b h Ogden n 10th. 

Fisher Erasmus D., M. D., 35 Palmyra sq. 

Fisher F., morocco dresser, 88 St John. 

Fisher Francis A., mer., 31 Chestnut, h 88 S 

Fisher Frederick, constable, Cadwalader above 
Master. (K.) 

Fisher Frederick, upholsterer, 188 N 2nd. 
Fisher Frederick, baker, 352 Callowhill. 
Fisher Frederick S., letter carrier, F R opposite 

Fisher George, labourer, rear 107 Apple. 
Fisher George, printer, 352 N Front. 
Fisher George, drover, 5th n Camac. 
Fisher George R., tailor, 24 S 4th. 
Fisher Henry, 3 Goodwill's ct. 
Fisher Henry G., painter, 28 N 5th, h 14 Ras- 

Fisher Henry, umbrellamr.. Willow bel 8th. 
Fisher Jacob, cordwainer, Shackamaxon below 

Fisher James, clerk, 5 Willow ab 3d. 
Fisher James, shoemaker, 168 S lllh. 
Fisher John, cordwainer, 2 Webb's al. 
Fisher John, cabinetmaker, 185 G T road. 
Fisher John, victualler, F road n Master. 





Fisher John, victualler, Marlboro' n Duke. 

Fisher John, blacksmith, 8 S Sch 4th. 

Fisher John, tavern, S W 8th & Noble. 

Fisher J. C, att'y & coun., 122 S 3d. 

Fisher J. C, gent. 277 Chestnut. 

Fisher John D., painter, 25 N 5th, h 151 But- 

Fisher John M., cutler, 16 P road. 

Fisher John N., gent., S W 7th & Buttonwood. 

Fisher John & Philip, cabinetmrs., 496 N 2nd. 

Fisher Jonathan, manuf., Lombard n 12th. 

Fisher Joshua, att'y & coun. 170 Cestnut. 

Fisher Joseph, mer., 9 Church al. 

Fisher Lewis, labourer, 18 Franklin. (K) 

Fisher Louis, grocer, 2 Cherry. 

Fisher Mary Mrs., g-entw. 312 Chestnut. 

Fisher Mary A., gentw.. Palmer bel Prince. 

Fisher Mary, 22 E North. 

Fisher Mary L., 8 Blackberry al. 

Fisher Margaret, gentw., G T road ab Phoenix. 

Fisher Mercy, sempstress, 251 N Front. 

Fisher Michael, lab., Charlotte ab Thompson. 

Fisher Noah, labourer, rear Thomas' ct. 

Fisher Philip, collarmr., O Y road bel George. 

Fisher Philip, cabinetmaker, 187 G T road. 

Fisher Patrick, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master. 

Fisher Peter, victualler, Shackamaxon n Prince. 

Fisher Pc;ter, victualler. Queen bel 5th. 

Fisher Richard, shopkeeper, 91 O Y road. 

Fisher Rachael, b. h. 70 S 2nd. 

Fisher Rodney, accountant, 151 N 7th. 

Fisher Robert Y., mariner, 2 Lodge pi. 

Fisher Samuel, carter, rear 152 Brown. 

Fisher Samuel, carter. Say st. 

Fisher Samuel, bricklayer, Fisher's ct. (N L) 

Fisher Saml. A., baker, 239 S 6th. 

Fisher Samuel H., N E 2nd and Duke. 

Fisher Samuel W., 290 Chestnut. 

Fisher Sarah, trimmings, 276 S Front. 

Fisher Sarah, dressmr., 133 G T road. 

Fisher Sidney G., att'y & coun., 57 S 7th. 

Fisher Thomas, mariner, N W Federal and M 

Fisher Thos., mer., 147 S Front, h 110 S Front. 

Fisher Thomas R., oil factory, Penn ab Maiden. 

Fisher William, umbrellamaker. Rose al below 

Fisher William, brickmr., Gebhard ab Cherry. 

Fisher, William, carp., Marlboro' n Bedford. 

Fisher William, att'y and coun., 3 York Build- 

Fisher William B., tailor, 4 S 8th, h 23 S 3rd. 

Fisher M. D., 15 Relief al. 

Fishers & Robinson, importers, 28 N Front. 

Fisler Jacob H., inspec. Hoge's wharf, h 12 

FIss David, shop, G T R n Master. (K.) 

Fiss George, cordw., 6 York ct. 

FIss George W., carpenter, Sch Beach. 

Fiss George, butcher, 2 Stoke's ct. 

Fiss Henry, carp., Olive n 13th. 

Fiss Jacob, tobacconist, 10 Brannin's al. 

Fiss John, carp.. Wood n Sch 8th. 

Fiss Moses, printer, Brlnton's al n 11th. 

Fitzone Lewis, cordwainer, 3 Kessler's al. 

Fiss Rachel, washer, Brinton. 

J'Issel Thomas, ship carpenter, Shackmaxon n 

Fitch Joshua, combmr., 7 Filbert av. 
Fitch Thomas, 387 Mulberry. 
Fitchett John S., hardware, UN 4th. 
Fitchner Frederick, victualler, Garden ab Noble. 
Fite George, tobacconist, 18 Bonsall. 
Flte Saml., stone cutter, 51 Garden. 
Fithlan Aaron B., cordw., 411 N 2nd. 
Fithian Eleanor, nurse, 127 Green. 
Fithlan George, tailor, 246 High, h 93 N 9th. 
Fithian George R., lab., S 3rd bel Queen. 
Fithlan & Jones, tailors, 246 High. 
Fithian Matthias, printer &. booksr., 61 N 2nd. 
Fithian Wm. B., collector, 157 N 4th. 
Fltler Alfred, conveyancer, 47 S 4th, h 2d and 

Fltler Daniel, sheriff, office State h row, h G T 

road n Fetter lane. 
Fltler Jacob, agent guardians of the poor, h 

35 N Sch. 8th. 
Fitler Jacob H., elk, Shffs. office, h G T road n 

Fetter 1. 
Fltler John, butcher. Front bel Wharton. 
Fitler Joseph, M. D., c 2nd & Otter. 
Fitman Thomas, saddler, 3^ Lagrange pi. 
Fitton John, baker, 479 N 2nd. 
Fitzgerald Adam, farmer, M road bel Marker. 
Fitzgerald & Donlan, perfumers, 130 N 5th. 
Fitzgerald Elizabeth, b h 6 Laurel. 
Fitzgerald, Fry & Co., dry goods, 80 High. 
Fitzgerald Jesse jr., mer., 80 High, h O Y road 

bel Noble. 
Fitzgerald John, mason, c 4th & Master. 
Fitzgerald John, shoemaker, 9 QuaiTy. ^ 
Fitzgerald John R., cooper, 5 Franklin pi, h 26 

E North. 
Fitzgerald John R., coopar, 26 E North. 
Fitzgerald K., clerk, 317 S 2nd. 
Fitzgerald Patrick, perfumer, 130 N 5th. 
Fitzgerald Wm. L., grocer, Sch 7th & Ann. 
Fitz^bbons John H., saddler, 174 S 5th. 
Fitzpatrick Ellen, Arrlson's ct. 
Fitzpatrlck James, mariner, 26 S Water. 
Fitzpatrick James, carter, c 4th & G T road. 
Fitzpatrick John, police constable. Crown ab 

Queen. (K) 
Fitzpatrick John, lab,, Scotts' ct. 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, tavern. Commerce ab 5th, 
Fitzpatrick Nicholas, F road ab Queen. 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, flour store, S W Front and 

Dock, h 81 Union. 
Fitzpatrick Philip, gent., 25 Franklin. (K) 
Fitzpatrick Richard, carpenter, 6 Type al. 
Fitzpatrick Susan, grocer, S W Sch. 7th & 

Fitzpatrick William, drayman, 79 Gaskill. 
Fitzsimmons B. C, mer., 79 Christian. 
Fltzsimmons John, 175 N 13th. 
Fitzsimmons John, bootmaker, 31 S 8th, h 13th 

ab Sassafras. 
Fitzsimmons Thomas, teacher, G T road n 

Fisher John, victualler, Crcwn n Duke. (K) 




Fltzwater Thomas, carpenter, 17 N Sch. 6th n 

Fitzwalter William, shoemaker, Wallace ab R 

Fiz Catharine, gentw., Sarah bel Bedford. 
Fizell Edward, paper hanger, 134 N 8th. 
Fizone Ann, rear 17 Sterling's al. 
Fizone John, labourer, Julianna &. Willow. 
Fizone Matilda, 4 Wiley's ct. 
Flaher Meyer, pedler, Justice's ct. 
Flaherty Ann, silk dyer, 50 Lombard. 
Flaherty Edward, labourer, 2 Brook's ct. 
Flaherty John, tailor, 303 S 5th. 
Flaig Edward, liai? dresser, 372 Vine, h 5 Union 

Flake George, gent., 198 Mulberry. 
Flake Thomas, cordw., Queen n Palmer. (K) 
Flakeler E., 27 E North. 
Flamer Michl., cordw.. Steward ab Catharine. 
Flanagan Edward, carter. Wood ab 13th. 
Flanagan Edward, plasterer, 7 Sheaff's al. 
Flanagan James, tavern. Beach ab Hanover. (K) 
F'lanagan James, lab., 167 N Front. 
Flanagan John, carter, S W Shippen & Lloyd. 
Flanagan Joseph R., grocer, c Walnut 8s, Sch 

Flanagan Luke, carpenter. Broad n Vine. 
Flanagan Phillip, N E 13th and Centre. 
Flanagan R., tavern, 112 N 6th. 
Flanagan Robert L., plumber, 327 S 2nd, h 8th 
ab Fitzwater. 

Flanagan William C, hatter, 45 George. 
Flanagan William G., plumber, 49 S Wharves, 

h 446 S Front. 
Flanagin John, mer., 5 S Water, h 347 N 6th. 
Flandus Andrew, waterman, Prince bel Palmer. 

Flefel John G., dry goods, 445 N 2nd. 

Fleming Aaron, cabinetmr., Marlborough below 

Fleming Andrew, clerk, 3 Mechanic. (F M) 

Fleming Bridget, 4 Little Oak. 

Fleming Chai-les, carter. Prosperous al. 

Fleming James, bottler, Sch. 5th & Jones' ct. 

Fleming John, machinist, 2 Mechanic. (F M) 

Fleming John, grocer, 410 N Front. 

Fleming Joseph, mer., 82 S Front, h Filbert n 
Sch 7th. 

Fleming Joseph, manuf., c Hamilton & William, 
h c Lynn & William. 

Flemdng Mark, weaver, 24 Brinton. 

Fleming Richai'd, dyer, 10 Mchanic. (F M) 

Fleming Robert, gent., 10 S Penn square. 

Fleming Sarah, 57 Duke. 

Fleming Saml., lab., 3 Spring Mill ct. (F M) 

Fleming Thomas, carp., 1 Warren's ct. 

Fleming Thomas, mer., h327 Walnut. 

Fleming Thos., grocer, Shippen bel 9th. 

Fleming William, captain, 44 Lombard. 

Fleming W. R., mer., 18 N 4th. 

Flemington Thomas, gent.. Christian ab 9th. 

Flenai'd William, tailor, 4 Magnoha. 

Flenner Lewis, tailor, 150 Chestnut, h 160 Mar 

Fleshour Samuel, carpenter, 419 N 4tli. 

Fletcher Ann, 6 Little Pine. 

Fletcher Catharine, baker, 190 Sassafras, 
Fletcher Daniel, gent., 428 Sassafras. 
Fletcher Eliza, book folder, 213 Lombard. 
Fletcher George, macliinist, 44 Pi-une, h 151 

S 10th. 
Fletcher James W., printer, Steward above 

Fletcher James, lab., 1st ct Vine ab Broad. 
Fletcher John, cordwainer, 99 St. John. 
Fletcher John, upholsterer, 10 North. 
Fletcher Joshua S., coach trimmer. Christian 

ab 9th. 
Fletcher Lot, porter, 8 Barley. 
Fletcher Lucy, shop keeper, 80 Cherry. 
Fletcher Rebecca, 119 N 9th. 
Fletcher Thomas, jeweller, 188 Chestnut, h 

27 S 10th. 
Fletcher Thomas, pewtersmith, 22 Tegg. 
Fletcher Thomas S., tanner, 103^ Christian. 
Fletcher Wm., blacksmith, c PeiTy & Lambert. 
Flew Charles, printer, 85 Apple. 
Flick Andi-ew, currier, 136 N 3rd, h 51 Wood. 
Flick Fred'k, ropemaker, G T rd. n Jefferson. 
Flick Lewis, baker, i-ear 166 N 2nd. 
Flick Sarah, b h, 147 N Front. 
Fllckinger Isaac, dry goods, 172 N 3rd, h 149 

Flickwir H. W., carpenter, 163 S 3rd. 
Flickwir Joseph W., cai-penter, 24 German. 
Fling Barnabas, silk dyer, 3 Caladonia ct. 
Fling Howell, painter, 62 Noble. 
Fling James, cordw., 363 N 2nd. 

Fling Susan, Sch 8th bel George. 

Fling Thomas, printer, 62 Noble. 

Fling W. B., gent., Broad bel Walnut. 

Flinn Miss Ann, milhner, 218 S 4th. 

Flinn Benjamin, labourer. Rose al n Green. 

Flinn James, tailor, 2 Lodge. 

Flinn Michl., min. water manuf, 64 Penn 

Flinn Patrick, shopkeeper. Rose al bel Green. 

Flinn Robert, plasterer, 4th bel Master. 

Flint A., tract depository, 13 N 7th. 

Flint Ann, b h, 28 Bread. 

Flint James, machinist, N Front bel Franklin. 

Flint Thomas, cordwainer, 14 Providence ct. 

Fllnton Christiana, rear of 65 St John. 

Flitcraft , carter, Court alley. 

Flohr Ernest, artist, George ab 13th. 

Flood Edward, b h 234 N Vater. 

Flood Francis, dealer, Cadwalader bel Phoenix. 

Flood Geo., engineer, S E 12th & Buttonwood. 

Flood Isaac, cordwainer, 6 Carter's al. 

Flood John, labourer. Mud 1 ab F road. 

Flood Mary, tavern, 4 Franklin pi. 

Flood Peter, weaver, F road n Bedford. 

Flood William, chalrmaker, 179 N Front. 

Flood William, cordwainer, 1 Logan. 

Florence Sarali, artificial flowermr., 95 Mulberry. 

Florence Jane, sempstress, 102 Swanson. 

Florence Thomas B., hatter, 48 S 3rd, h 48 

Florin Mary, 325 S 5th. 

Flounders William, cordw., 370 N 6th. 

Flowerday Eliza, gentw., 242 F road. 

Flowers Catharine, 83 N 8th. 




Flowers George jr., hay mer., c 6th & Coates, 
h 2 Henderson's ct. 

Flowers Robert, painter, rear 317 N 3rd. 

Flowers Thomas, gent., 7 Vine. 

Floyd Elijah, packer, rear 4 Perry's ct. 

Floyd Henry, grocer, S E Broad &. Bedford. 

Floyd James, gi'ocer, c 9th & Catharine. 

Floyd Jas., manuf., c 2d &. Jefferson, h 731 N 2d. 

Floyd John, mer., 265 S 3rd. 

Floyd John jr., grocer, 309 S 4th. 

Flum Blastus, wheelwright, James bel 10th. 

Fobes G. W., mer., 183 High, h 23 Montgo- 
mery sq. 

Focer Franklin, grocer, 526 N 2nd. 

Fodell John, carp., Waterman's ct, 149 Green. 

Foering Abraham, P. keeper, h 57 Carpenter. (S) 

Foering Frederick, stove mer., 97 N 2nd, h 
2 Crown. 

Foering George W., coal office, 17 Arcade. 

Foering James, labourer, 104 Biidd. 

Foering Saml., gent., 57 Carpenter. (S) 

Foering William, clerk, 529 N 4th. 

Fogerty Mary, trader, 180 Swanson. 

Fogg Aaron, bricklayer, 5 North n 10th. 

Fogg Jeremiah, waterman, 56 Oak. 

Fogg Sam'l., bi'icklayer, cor Clair's al 5c Perry. 

Fogle Catharine, Reeves n Sch 2nd. 

Folder Matthias, labom-er, 517 N 3rd. 

Fohl Frederick, baker, 1 Chancery lane. 

Foley Uavid, saddler, 2 Howard's ct. 

Foley James, blacksmith, 18 Plum. 

P'oley James, labourer, Sch. Front n Spruce. 

Foley John, bootmaker, 10 Cypress al. 

Foley John F., tailor, rear 352 S 2nd. 

Foley Owen, labourer, 14 Elder alley. 

Foley Patrick, plumber, 216 N 8th. 

Foley Rebecca, Wood ab 1 1th. 

Folk Fi-ederick, victualler, Nectarine ab lOtk. 

Folk Miranda, tailoress, 450 S Front. 

Folks Charles, mariner, 47 Mead. 

Folkrod Elizabeth, 296 Vine. 

Folkrod Ellen, 55 Chester. 

Folkrod Mahlon, skin dresser, Orchard n Jackson. 

Follansbee John, 16 Spruce. 

Follin G. h Esto Cuesta, mers., 101 S Front. 

Follin George mer., 101 S Front, h 87 S 4th. 

Folwell C. F., tailor, 26 N 6th. 

Folwell C. S., Bank U. S., h 37 Marshall. 

Folwell Edward, Bank U. S., h27 N 11th. 

p'olwell James, N. A. Bank, h 4 Jacoby. 

Folwell Job, cordwainer, 510 N oi-d. 

Folwell John, clerk, 297 Sassafras. 

Folwell Joshua W., tailor, 19 Boyd's avenue. 

Folwell Robert, mer., 79 Dock, h S E 7th and 

Fonsburg Maiy, 18 Juniper lane. 

Fontain Mary, dry goods, c Queen & Shacka- 

Fontanell Maria, 499 N 3rd. 

Fontanges P. F., gent., 508 Chestnut. 

Foquet Charles, butcher, Powell n G college. 

Foot Margaret, Gideon's ct. 

Foote Eli/abcth, 27 Mead. 

Foote Skilton, shoemr., c Mud lane & 6th. 

Foote Willicmina, Vine ab 12th, 

Fopless Andrew, watchman, 3 Harmony ct. 
Forbes Hugh, shoemaker, 49 W Cedar. 
Forbes James, labourer, 2 Pennsylvania av. 
Forbes John, weaver, Hopkins' ct n William. 
Forbes Richard, weaver, Hopkins' ct n William. 
Force James R., clerk, 9 Lybrand. 
Ford A., custom house officer, h Vine ab 12th. 
Ford David, ivory turner, 82 Sassafras. 
Ford Edward, cordwainer, rear 198 N 8th. 
Ford Edwin, umbrella manuf, N W 4th & High, 

h 4 Bread. 

Ford & Hollingshead, dry goods, 183 Callowhill. 
Ford Isaac, mer., 24 N Front, h 8 Crown. 
Ford Jacob, porter, 209 Locust. 
P'ord James, shoemr., Hamilton n John. (F M) 
Ford John, com. mer., 212 High. 
Ford John, corder, Vine st whf., h 13 Vine. 
Foi'd John, iron founder, ION 13th. 
Ford John M., plated saddlery, 32 N 3rd, h 169 

N 4th. 
Ford John, gent., c Sch. 4th & Filbert. 
Ford John, blacksmith. Say st. 
Ford Mary, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Ford Mary, gentw., Lagrange place. 
Ford Matthias, tailor, 198 N 8th. 
Ford Philip, cordwainer, Filbert bel Sch 3rd. 
Ford Phoebe D., tailoress, 105 Christian. 
Ford Kitty, 24 Sassafras alley. 
Ford Robert, gent., 44 Gaskill. 
Ford Samuel C, mer., 24 N Front, h N E Sch. 

7th & Walnut. 
Ford S. C. & L, mers., 24 N Front. 
Ford Solomon, cordwainer, 37 N 12th. 
P'ord Thomas, cotton manuf, Callowhill above 

Sch. Washington. 
Ford Thomas, currier, 69 Noble. 
Ford Tliomas, labourer. Mulberry bel Broad. 
Ford William, clerk, 152 St. John. 
Ford William, bricklayer, 281 Coates. 
Ford Wm., saddlery, 7 N4th, h 368 Mulberry. 
Ford William, constable, 12th ab Sassafras. 
Forde Gustavus S., carpenter, 15 Wagner's al. 
Forde Mary, 16 Wagner's al. 
Fordham Richard, ship carpenter, Chetry ab 

Queen. (K) 
Fordney Henry, gunsmith, 2 Deringer's ct. 
Forebaugh Solomon, tobacconist, 11 Farr. 
Forehand Sam'l., printe , Catharine bel Sch 7th. 
Foreman Henry, machinist, 293 S 4th. 
Foreman Samuel, blacksmith, 5 Liberty ct. 
Forepaugh Christopher, machinist, 1 Gray's ct. 
Forepaugh George E., saddler, 218 Green. 
Forepaugh John F., currier, 25 Bank, h 167 

N 5th. 
Forepaugh Mary, 265 N 3rd. 
Forepaugh W. F., currier, 61 Chestnut, h 6 

Forker Hurden, cordw., 6 Culvert. 
Forker John W., cordw., 6 Culvert. 
Forker Theodisia, 6 Culvert. 
Forman Isaac, 9 Montgomery. 
P'orrest Charles, stonecutter, 87 N 13th. 
Forrest Edwin, tragedian, 144 N 10th. 
Forrest George, cordw.. Rose al ab Green. 
Forrest Jacol), copijcrsmitii, 23 Emleu's ct. 




Forrest Jis., bricklayer, Jefferson bel Harrison 

Forrest Rebecca, 144 N 10th. 

Forrest William, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 

Forrester Ann, b. h., 63 Chestnut. 

Forrester John, tailor, 19 Beaver. 

Forrester Peter, carter, 248 S 6th. 

Forley Owen, labourer, 2 Elder al. 

Forman Peter, shovel mr., 4 Warder pi. 

Forsburg' Lydia, 4 Orleans. 

Forsburg Mary, 18 Juniper lane. 

Forst Frederick, upholsterer, Harmony ct., h 16 

Rasberry al. 
Forsyth David, morocco dres., 14 Franklin. (K) 
Forsyth Elizabeth, 64 S 6th. 
Forsyth Presley B., plumber, 52 S 11th. 
Forsyth Thomas H., carpenter, 11th ab Coates 
Fort Jacob, carpenter, 3 Clover. 
Fort Levi, cordwainer, 13 Gaskill. 
Forten James, sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h 92 

Forten James Jr., sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h 92 

Forten James & Sons, sailmakers, 95 S Wharfs. 
Forten R. B., sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h 12 Jef- 
ferson row. 
Forten Samuel, hosier, S E 2nd & Queen. (S) 
Forten Theophilus, cordw., S 3rd bel Queen. 
Fortescue Joseph, carpenter, 330 S Front. 
Fortescue Thomas, carpenter, 146 Christian. 
Fortner E., waterman, Marlboro' n Queen. (K) 
Fortner Ichabod, corder, Marlborough above 

Fortnum William, chandler, 57 Sassafras. 
Fortune Joanna, Sassafi-as n Sch. 8th. 
Fossard Adolph, confec, N E 7th & Walnut. 
Fossard & Williams, mers., 29 N Front. 
Foss Thomas, capmaker. Wood ab Sch. 6th, 
Fossitt Aaron P., waiter, 327 Lombard. 
Fossitt Edward, labourer. Prosperous al. 
Foster Adam S., coal agent. Walnut st whf Sch., 

h 188 Chestnut. 
Foster Alfred, carp., Shackamaxon ab Bedford 
Foster Ann, 3 Little Oak. 
Foster Charles, weaver, N E Charlotte and 

Foster Charles, mariner, 122 Swanson. 
Foster Charlotte, dressmaker, 18 Hlackberr)' al. 
Foster Conrad, gardener, Duke ab Palmer. 
Foster & Co., importers, 10 Chestnut. 
Foster Edward, ship carpenter, 456 S Front. 
Foster Edward F., tailor, 40 CheiTy. 
Foster Elizabeth, 29 New. 
Foster E. B., engraver, 264 N 3rd. 
Foster Jacob, printer, 51 S 3rd. 
Foster James, collector, St Joseph's av., Sch 6th 
Foster James, drayman. Spring mill ct. 
Foster John, caulker, Hanover ab Queen. 
Foster John, caulker. Crown ab Bedford. 
Foster John, ship carpenter, Duke n Palmer. 
Foster John G., tobacconist, 460 N 2nd. 
Foster Leonard, brassfounder, 4 Heyberger ct. 
Foster Mary, Baxter's ct. 
Foster M. S., dentist, 154 MulbeiTy. 
Foster Rachael, 1 Moore's ct. 
Foster Robert, M. D., Callowhill ab Sch. Front, 

Foster Saml., carp., Fraley's ct. 

Foster Sarah, gentw., 322 S 7th. 

Foster Sarah, shop keeper, F road n Allen. 

Foster Soloman, whipmaker, S E 4th & High. 

Foster Strickland, M. D., 156 F road. 

Foster Thos., engineer, Buttonwood, bel 13th. 

Foster Thomas, manuf , G T road bel Master. 

Foster Thomas, shoes, 409 S 2nd. 

Foster Thomas, weaver, Front ab Master. 

Foster Thomas G., painter, Rachael n Laurel. 

Foster Thomas S., mer., 163 High & 72 S 4th. 

Foster Wm., mer., 10 Chestnut, h 304 Mulberry. 

Foster Wm., hair dresser, 239 S 2nd. 

Foster Wm. H., exchange office, 1 Library. 

Fotterall S. G., gent., 2 Portico sq. 

Fotterall Mrs. Stephen E., gentw., 152 S 3rd. 

Fotterall Wm. F., gent., N W 13th & Chestnut. 

Fouche Wm. W., dentist, 182 Sassafras, h 143 

Fougeray Augustus P., stoves, N W 4th & Cal- 

lowhill, h 52,7 N 5th. 
Fougeray H. J., stoves, 111 N 2nd. 
Fougeray J. Rene, stoves, 258 N 2nd, h 101 

New Market. 
Fouladoux C, wigmaker, 129 Chestnut. 
Foulcroud Emanuel, cordwainer, 102 Poplar. 
Foulds Robert, tavern, S E 5th &, Carpenter. 
Foulhouze James, teacher, 148 Pine. 
Foulk Charles, b. h., 49 Sansom. 
Foulk Enos, sawyer. Baker. 
Foulk George, captain, 1 Sergeant. 
Foulke Isaac, cordwainer, 136 Swanson. 
Foulke Rowland, tailor, 105 Noble. 
Foulke William, druggist, N W Sch. 7th and 

Foulk W. Parker, attorney, 18 S 8th. 
Foulkrod John, cordwainer, Hanck's ct. 
Fountain Andrew, waterman, 457 S 2nd. 
Fountain A., ship carpenter, Hanover n Prince. 
Fouse E., teacher, 631 N 2nd. 
Fouse Ezekiel, teacher, 7th ab Callowhill. 
Fouse ilatthias, cord., 631 N 2nd. 
Foust George N., stone cutter, 172 N 8th. 
Foust Henry, cordwainer, 7 Maria. 
Foust James, tinman, 598 N 3rd. 
Fow George, butcb., Marlborough bel Franklin. 
Fowler Francis, labourer, 410 Coates. 
Fowler George, painter, rear 73 Gentian. 
Fowler George, painter, Campbell's ct. 
Fowler Hannah, Charlotte n Brown. 
Fowler John, 99 Poplar lane. 
Fowler John, painter, Wood bel 12th. 
Fowler Josiah, tinsmith, 60 Coates. 
Fowler Margaretta, 20 Charlotte. 
Fowler Mary, 300 St John. 
Fowler Mayland, tailor, 314 & h 362 N 2nd. 
Fowler Natiianiel, blacksmith, 1 Moore's ct. 
Fowler O. S., phrenologist, 210 Chestnut. 
Fowler Sarah, 15 Charlolte. 
Fowler Silas, carter, 15 Charlotte. 
Fowler & Skinner, tin and iron smiths, 126 N 2d 
Fowler Susannah, 3 Fearris' ct. 
Fowler & Swain, tailors, 314 N 2nd. 
Fowler William, carpenter, 493 N 4th. 
Fowler William, plasterer, George n Sch. 6th. 




Fowler William H., tinsmith, 126 N 2nd. 

Fox Ann, 308 S 7th. 

Fox Anthony, trader, G T road n Camac. (K) 

Fox Charles, brickmaker, 464 Sassafras. 

Fox Charlotte, huckster, Jackson n Apple. 

Fox Christian, cordwainer, 138 Brown. 

Fox Christian, weaver, 113 Green. 

Fox C. B., gent., 274 Chestnut. 

Fox Edward, hatter, 14 Harris's ct. 

Fox Edward J., Sch. 8th ab Vine. 

Fox Elizabeth, g-entw.. Front n Master. (K) 

Fox Evan, carpenter, Green ab 7th. 

Fox Frances, mantuamaker, Caledonia ct. 

Fox Frederick, gi-ocer, Marlborough n Duke. 

P'ox George, M. D., 491 Chestnut. 

Fox Geoi'ge, dealer, 125 Cedar. 

P'ox George, carter, Front n Oxford. 

Fox George, tin plate worker, Callowhill n 

Fox George, sailmaker, 4 James. 

Fox George, labourer, West n Cherry. (K) 

Fox Jacob, cordwainer, 141 Budd. 

Fox James, upholsterer, 396 High, h Cherry ab 

Fox James, tailor. Spruce n Sch. 4th. 

Fox John, lamp black manuf., 105 Budd. 

Fox John, wheelwright, Jones's al ab Sch. 5th, 
h High ab Sch. 5th. 

Fox John, corder. Poplar st whf , h 418 N 2nd. 

Fox John D., cooper, 392 High. 

Fox John, jr., currier, 105 Budd. 

Fox J., corder. Marsh & Penn. (K) 

Fox Joseph, surveyor &, conveyor. Spring Gar- 
den ab 12th, office 16 Filbert. 

Fox Joseph M., gent.. Broad n Chestnut. 

Fox Joseph, cordwainer, N E 8th & Callowhill 

Fox Justus, currier, 105 Budd. 

Fox Michael, victualler, 4th ab Tliompson. 

.Fox Nathaniel, sail maker, 7 Little Pine. 

Fox Nicholas, pawnbroker, 210 Cedar. 

Fox Samuel, cabinetmaker, 14 Shippen. 

Fox Samuel, brickmaker, 40 Filbert. 

Fox Samuel B., carpenter, c R road & Spring 

Fox S. M., brickmaker, 99 Filbert. 

Fox Thomas, tailor, 4 Buckley. 

Fox William, carp., G T road ab Phoenix. (K) 

Fox William, tailor, 196 N 2nd. 

Fox WilLam L., for. mer.. Broad n Vine, h 367 

Foxhill Mary Ann, 6 Sergeant. 

Foy Margaret, Pine bel Juniper. 

Foy Maiy, 64 Sassafras. 

Foy John Murty, Carlton ab 12th. 

Foyle Edward, grocer. Sassafras al & Mulberry. 

Fradonfol Charles, cabinetmr, 4th bel Christian. 

Frain Hannah, nurse, 3 Richardson's ct. 

Fraizer Joshua, mer., 148 High. 

Fraley, Brother & Co., c. mej-s., 39 S Front. 

Fraley Charles, glassblower, 2 McBride's ct. (K) 

Fraley Edward L., mer., 39 S Front, h 333 Sas- 

Fraley Frederick, mer., 177^ High, h 333 Sas- 

Fraley Frederick, gard., West bel Wood. (K) 

Fraley George R., baker, 2 Howard. 
Fraley John, weaver, West bel Wood. (K) 
Fraley John U. Jr., mer., 39 S Front, h 79 N 

Fraley John U., senr., 79 N 10th. 
Fraley Martha, 365 N 6th. 
Fraley Rosanna, c 7th & Pine. 
Fraley Wendell W., grocer. Beach n Marsh. 
Fraley Wm., bricklayer, 365 N 6th. 
Frame Festus, labourer, 10 Acorn al. 
Frame John, baker, 47 Brown. 
Frame Nathan, captain, 382 S Front. 
Frame Robert, waiter, 5 Juniper lane. 
France Jacob, carp.. Orchard bel Jackson. 
Francis Ann, 161 S 9th. 
Francis Benjamin, segar maker, 12 Dorothy. 
Francis C, gent, 9 Sansom. 
Francis Charles, ice 44 Shippen, h 126 S 5th. 
Francis Charles, tinsmith, 440 Sassafras. 
Francis Eliz., huckster, 5 Southampton ct. 
Francis, Field & Francis, tinmen japan & platers, 

80 N 2nd. 
Francis Henry, tinman, 80 N 2nd, h 67 Wood. 
Francis James W., potter. Filbert n Sch. 7th. 
Francis John, cooper, Ann n Sch. 8th. 
Francis Joseph, black & white smith, 26 Dock, 

h 39 Union. 
Francis J. F., portrait painter, 2 Library. 
Francis Lawrence, chemical ins. mr., 12 Fetter 

Francis Lewis, locksmith, 1 Buyd's av. 
Francis Thomas W., gent. Spruce ab 12th. 
Fi-ancis Wm., saddler, Fisher's ct bel Catharine. 
Francks William, silver plater. Lemon ab 10th. 
Frank Christian, gent., 479 Sassafras. 
Frank Elizabeth, 330 N 5th. 
Frank Henry, tailor, 100 S 3rd. 
Frank Jacob, coachmaker, 9 Hind's ct. 
Frank Jacob A., carpenter, 247 Green. 
Frank Julia, 247 N 6th. 
Frank P., shoemaker, 306 N Front. 
Frankland William, piano manuf. Joint al. 
Frankleberry Rebecca, sempstress, Plynlim- 

mon pi. 
Franklin Benjamin, wheelwright, 24 Dock, h 

18 Dock. 
Franklin Edward, shoes h bonnets, S E 10th & 

Franklin Geo., whf build., Queen n Wood. (K) 
Franklin James E., M. D., 467 Vine. 
Franklin John G., painter, 13 Laurel. 
Franklin Lemuel, gent., Cherry ab Sch. 7th. 
Franklin Luke, labourer, Coates n Sch. 7th. 
Franklin Margaret, rear 35 Plum. 
Franklin Ruth, N E Budd & Poplar. 
Franklin Townsend U., coal mer., 2nd whf bel 

Chestnut, Sch. 
Franks A., dry goods, 190 Sassafras. 
Franks & Co., coopers, 71 St. John 
Franks Catharine, confectioner, 96 N 5th. 
Franks Henry, tobacconist, 372 N 4th. 
P'ranks John, senr., 179 Poplar. 
Franks John, jr., cigarniaker, 179 Poplar. 
Franks Jolin, bnisli maker, 2 Ocsson's al. 
P'rascr Charles, umbrella maker, 106 Locust. 




Fraser James, blacksmith, 2 Linden ct. 

Fraser James, stone cutter, c 8th & Noble. 
Fi-aser James, collector, 61 Pine. 
Fraser John, furniture, 61 Pine. 
Fraser Margaret, Brinton's ct. 
Frasier John, acct., Brinton n 13th. 
Frazier Anthony, carpenter, Pine ab 13th. 
Frazier Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Budd. 
Frazier Gurney, blacksmith, 6 Roble's ct. 
Frazier Joseph, stevedore, 55 Mead. 
Frazier Nalbro, mer., 354 Chestnut. 
Frazier Robert, trunkmr., (Carpenter n P road. 
Frazier William, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 
Freas & Co., g-rocers, N E 5th & Sassafras. 
Freas Jacob, grocer, N E 5th & Sassafras 
Freas Henry, cupper & bleeder, 13 Queen. (K) 
Fi-ecall James, di-ayman, Shackamaxon ab Bed- 
Freck Abraham, tailor, 32 Castle. 
Frederick Jacob, fisherman. Palmer ab West. 

Fredei'ick John, fisheiTn., Wood & "Vienna. (K) 

Frederick John, baker, 112 Apple. 
Frederick John, victualler, St. John n Beaver. 
Frederick John, currier, 167 N 5th. 
Frederick John H., jewellei-, 59 Cherry. 

Frederick John L., engr.,53 S 4th, h 5 City row. 

Frederick Mary, dressmaker, 9th ab Callowhill. 

Frederick Wm. S., grocei-, 348 Callowhill. 

Fredericks Isaac, cordwainer, 21 Norris's alley, 
h 271 S 5th. 

Frederickson Wm., mariner, rear 60 Brown. 

Free Benjamin, gent., c Green and Logan. 

Free Benjamin, livei-y stable. Cherry bel 5th, h 
20 Appletree alley. 

Free Edward, livery stable. Drinker's alley, h 
106 N Front. 

Free Joseph, carpenter, 17 Sergeant, h Wood 
bel 11th. 

Free Joseph, sailmaker, rear 35 Beck's al. 

Free Martin, carpet weaver, 422 N 3d. 

F'reeborn Hugh, lab.. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

F)-eeborn Mrs. Christiana, High ab Sch. 3rd. 

Freeborn Noble, labourer. Say. 

Freebrothers C, g'cnt., S 3rd bel Queen. 

Freed David, carpenter, S W Linden & Green, 

Freed David, mer., 448 High, h 308 N 6th. 

Freed D. & Sous, flour, 448 High. 

Freed Georg-e, looking glass silverer, 327 N 3rd. 

Freed Isaac, broker, 15 N 9th, h S W linden & 

Freed John, labourer, 3 Stearlcy's ct. 

Freed Joseph M., mer., 448 High. 

Freed Samuel L., mer., 448 High. 

Freedly Samuel, M. D., S E Green & Marshall. 

Freeland David S., hats., 22 High, h 26 Sassafras. 

Freeland John, cordwainer, 63 Plum. 

Freeland Natlian S., hatter, 116 N 4th. 

Freeler George, coi'dwr., 4th bel G T road. 

Freeman Amanda, feather manuf., 90 N 4th. 

Freeman A. & E. W., milliners, 70 Mulbeny. 

Freeman Caroline, 26 Bird's ct. 

Freeman Charles, labourer. Smith's ct. 

Freeman Charles M., bootmaker, 163 Pine. 

Freeman Eliza, 481 S 2d. 

Freeman H. G., notary pubhc 8c atty., 6 Library, 

h 34 Ciirurd. 
Freeman John, labourer. Eagle ct. 
Freeman Moses, b h 35 Vine. 
Freeman Peter, ven. blind mr., 83 8c 143^ S 


Freeman Thomas, blind maker, 386 N 2d. 
Freeman T. B., mer., 6 Library, h 42 S 8th. 
Freeman T. W. L., auctioneer, 50 N 6th, h 236 


Freeman Wm., silversm.. Brown n 6th. 
Freeman W. S., agent U. Trans, line for N. Y., 

Chestnut st. wharf, h 159 Chestnut. 
Freeman Wm. R., blind maker, Lilly al n Green. 
Freese Wm., corder, 338 Vine. 
Freesburger Peter, hatter, S W Juniper and 


Freesion Wm., keeper M. prison, h 486 S 2d. 
Freidenburg Peter, tailor, c Front 8c Noble. 
Freitas Andrew, tinsmith, 248 S 3rd. 
Frenaye Mark A., clerk, 185 High. 
Frenaye P., professor, 59 S 11th. 
French Elizabeth, S.AViley's ct. 
French George, rigger, 30 Mead. 
French Mary D., 177 Lombard. 
French Marshall, gent., 197 S 9th. 
French Richard, machinist, 402 N 9th. 
French Samuel, gent., Y road ab Poplar. 
French Samuel, com. mer., 6 Willow. 
French Wm., brushmaker, 325 N 8th. 
French Wm. H., plasterer. Locust ab Sch. 6th* 
Frendenthall J. D., liquormer., 436 N Front. 
Frescolm Leonard, bootmr., Marriott bel 3d. 
Freyberger A., umbrella maker, 307 Callowhill. 
Freymuth Benj. E., collector, 102 German. 
Freytag Christianna, 198 S 5th. 
Freytag G., mer., 66 S Front, h S 2d n Spruce. 
Freytag M. Mrs., china store, 299 Walnut. 
Freund Joseph, confectioner, 282 N 3d. 
Frick Christian, cabinetmaker. Willow bel 4th. 
Frick C. F., printer, 87 S 11th. 
Frick Edwin P., grocer, N W 11th and High, h 

c Marshall and Buttonwood. 
Frick E. P. 8c J. H., grocers, 279 High. 
Frick Jacob, cashier P T Bank, hl90 N. 6th. 
Frick Jacob, grocer, c Wood and Garden 
Frick Jacob, brass foundrj^ 364 N 3d. 
Frick John H., editor Amer. Sentinel, 35 Wal- 
nut, h 190 N 6th. 
Fricke VAizix, gentw., 3 Morgan. 
Fricke Henry, saddlery hardware, 14N3d, h3 

Fricke Susanna, gentw., 209 St. John. 
Fricker Catliarine, 2d n Master. 
Fricker Michael, lab.. Rose al bel Green. 
Fricker John, gent., 2nd n Master. 
Fridenburg M., clothing store, 321 High, h 306 

N Front. 
Fridenburg, Pharez 8c Co., clothing store, 321 

Fridenburg More, tailor, 306 N Front. 
Friedauf Lewis, tavern, 76 N Water. 
Friedline John L., jeweller, 67 George. 
Friedline Sarah, b h., Logan bel Wallace. 
Friedman George, screw manuf, 8 Rachel. 




Friend Andrew B., blacksmith, 4 Juniper al. 
Friend John, corder, Oak 2d h ab Green. 
Fries John W., blacksmith, Front bel Federal. 
Fries Hng-h, clerk, Sch. Front ab Filbert. 
Fries John, watchmaker, 160 N 2d. 
Fries P., watchmaker, 311^ N 2d. 
Fries Philip, coach trimmer, 208 Noble. 
Freyschlag- Herman, milliner, 1 Sheldon's Row 
Frieze A. M., 3 Fillaert avenue. 
Friesz Samuel H., labourer, 110 Wood. 
Frighenthaul John, laboratory. Palmer n Prince. 
Frinth James, silversmith, 6th ab Jefferson. 
Frisby Charles, cabinetmaker, 162 Lombard. 
Frisby Mrs. Mary, Pearl bet 12th and 13th. 
Frischknak John, tavern, R road n Ann (F V) 
Frishmuth Charles, tobacconist, 187 N 2d. 
Frishmuth J. & Son, tobacconists, 246 N 3d. 
Frishmuth Michael, cedar coop., 227 Callovvhill, 
Frishmuth Sarah, shop keeper, 488 S 2d. 
Frishmuth Wm., tobacconist, 246 N 3d. 
Fritz Catharine, drygoods, 29 N 9th. 
Fritz Conrad, clerk, 114 Green. 
Fritz Frederick, cordwr., rear 366N 6th. 
Fritz Frederick, Callowhill ab Broad. 
Fritz Georg-e, blacksmith, Hope n Otter. 
Fritz Henry C, morocco dresser, 259 Coates. 
Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker, 267 Mulberry, h 22 

N 9th. 
Fritz Jacob, brushmaker, 208 N 3d. 
Fritz John, grocer, S E 7th and Christian. 
Fritz John, labourer, rear 366 N 6th. 
Fritz John, dyer, 3 Warder Place. 
Fritz John, g-ent., 291 N 6th. 
Fritz John S., cabinetmaker, 3 Schriver's ct. 
Fritz Joseph, whipmaker, 4 N 4th, h c 4th and 

Fritz Mary, Thompson n 4th. 

Fritz Peter, marble mason, yard 226 Sassafras, 
h 214 Sassafras. 

Fritz Wm., cabinetmaker, F road opp. Queen. 

Fritz Wilham, shoemaker, 7 Margaretta, h 6 

Fritz William, tinsmith, 412 High. 

Frobonas John, cordwr., 45 New Market. 

Fromberger Ann M., 147 N 9th. 

Fromberg-er Margaret, 1 Fromberger's ct. 

Frost John, professor Phila. High School, h 14 

Frost Silas, brass founder, 74 & 69 S Front. 

Frost William, gardener, 1 Adam. 

Frowert C. Mrs., 20 Cresson's alley. 

Frowert Charles, bricklayer, 8 Gray's ct. 

Frowert Daniel, sui-g-. instr. maker, 88 N 4th 

Frowert Isaac, boot & shoemaker, 70 N 5th. 

Frowert J., gent., Wood bel 9th. 

Frowert Lewis, cordwainer, 304 S 10th. 

Frowert Mrs. H., artf flow, mr., 78 Sassafras. 

Fry Ann W., 270 N 8th. 

Frj' Edmond, cooper, 10 Filbert. 

Fry Elizabeth, Mrs., 15 Vernon st. 

Fiy Jacob, mer., 80 High, h City Hotel. 

Fry John, pumpmaker, 119^ N Water, h 34 
Elfreth's alK-.y. 

Fry John J., buker, 122 Dillwyn. 

Fry Mary L., gent., 16 New Market. 

Fry Mrs. Catharine, rear 182 St. John. 

Fry Samuel, mer., 80 High, h 32 Buttonwood. 

Fry Sarah, 13 Mark's lane. 

Fry Thomas & William, confectioners, 201 N 3d. 

Fry Wm., proprietor National Gazette, 96 S2d. 

h 67 Spruce. 
Fry Wm. C, confectioner, 95 Dillwyn. 
Fry Wm. W., plainmr., 3 Henderson's ct. 
Fryburg Sarali, 219 N 8th. 
FiyhofF Frederick, rear 12 Rachel. 
Fryer & Anderson, fancy dry goods, 50 S 2d. 
Fryer John, tailor, 206 Sassafras, h 8 Nicholson. 
Fryer Saml. G., hairdresser, G T road ab Phoenix. 
Fryer Wm., mer., 50 S 2d. 
Fryer Wm. M., piano maker, 5 Randall's ct. 
Fubb Peter, confectioner, 12 Sterling's al. 
Fuguet S., mer., 75 S Front, h 55 s'5th. 
Fuhr Wm., basketmr., Rose al ab Green. 
Fulham Thomas, tailor, 3 Maple. 
Fullaway Charles, trunkmaker, 23 Shippen. 
Fullen Henry H. K., painter, 38 Zane. 
Fuller Archibald, cart., N E M road & Wharton. 
Fuller Daniel, teacher, 260 N 3d, h 103 N 5th. 
Fuller Oliver, mer., 112 High, h 421 ^ Mulberry. 
Fuller Zelotes Rev., 217 Coates. 
Fullertin Edward, shoemaker, 497 Vine. 
Fullerton Aaron, ship car., Hanover ab Bedford. 
FuUerton A., g-ent., Spruce ab 7th, S s. 
Fullerton Alexr., druggist, 174 High, h Spruce 

ab 7th, S s. 
Fullerton Calh., huckster, St. John ab Beaver. 
Fullerton C. J., mer., 14 S Front, h 50 S 6th. 
Fullerton David, tavern, c 7th & Shippen. 
Fullerton Ely, turner, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
P'ullerton Heni-y, bookbinder, Carlton ab 12th. 
Fullerton & Hall, mers., 14 S Front. 
Fullerton Hannah, bookfolder, 10 Liberty ct. 
Fullerton Jacob, coachmr., Sch. 5th n B Hill. 
Fullerton John, constable. Union n Bedford. 
Fullerton John, bricklayer, Hanover n Prince. 
Fullerton Stephen B., plasterer, 19 Montgomery. 
Fullman Edward, waiter, 5 Poplar ct. 
Pullman Rebecca, 307 S 7th. 
Fulmer Casper, carp.. Otter n GT road. 
Fulmer Frederick, cooper, rear 19 Maria. 
Fullmer Ilenrj^, lab., rear 300 S 3rd. 
Fulmer Jacob, combmaker, rear 115 Brown. 
Fulmer John, cordwainer, G T road n 2d. 
Fulmer Matthew W., cordwainer, 614 N 2d. 
Fulmer Nicholas, farmer, Fulmer's la n Eastern 

Fulmer Wm., drayman. School n William. 
Fulmer Wm. W., gent., 152 N 2d. 
Fulton John, turner, rear 91 S 2d, h 65 Walnut. 
Fulton J. D., gardener, c Lane's ct. & Lombard. 
Fulton Robert, tailor, 42 Queen, h N E Catha- 
rine and Front. 
Fulton Sarah, sempstress. Cedar n 9th. 
Fulton Samuel, weaver, Rose al ab 13th. 
Fulton Wm., carpenter, 53 S Juniper. 
Fulweiler John, carpenter, 9 Wagner's ct. 
Funk Charles F., cabinetmaker, 581 N 3d. 
Fimk J. J., watchman, Ogden n lOlh. (S G) 
Funk Jno., cu7-p., 18 Elizabeth. 
Funk Mary, G T road n Laurel. 




Furber Wm. W., hair dresser, 85 S 12th. 

Furby Clement, lab., 6 Warner's ct. 

Furey Jane, toy shop, 123 S 5th. 

Fiirey Margaret, variety store, 101 Spruce. 

Furey Michael, tavern, 235 S 4th. 

Furlong- James, grocer, N W 7th k. Cherry. 

Furlong Miss S. M., artificial flower maker, 127 

Fui-man & Appleton, tailors, 222 N 6th. 
Furnian E. Mrs., grocer, 8 Ann. 
Furman John, waiter, Apple n George. 
Furman Elijah, chairnu-., 95 Budd. 
Furman Robert, labourer, 26 Prime. 
Furman Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Union ct. 
Furness Jasmes T., auctioneer, 22 N 2d, h Pine 

ab Broad. 
Furness Wm. H. Rev., Pine ab Broad. 
Furney Wm., ladies shoemaker, 2 Assembly 

Furphy T^ios., weaver, 13 bel Fitzwater. 
Furter Ann, Buttonwood ab 10th. 
Futcher William, bootmaker, 314 Sassafras. 
Futcherer Jno., butcher, 554 N 3rd. 

Gabel George, trader, 6th n Poplar. 

Gubel G. T., plumber, 20 N 12th. 

Gabel Peter jr., carpenter, 3 Brown. 

Gabel Peter senr., gent, 9 Brown. 

Gabel Thomas, tobacconist, 23 Emlen's ct. 

Gable Henry, machinist. Green ab 12th. 

Gable Joseph, painter, 420 N Front. 

Gablott Saunders, engineer, Fraley's ct. 

Gabriel John, lab., Mulberi'y n Sch. 3rd. 

Gade Daniel, li^bourer, Pearl bel Broad. 

Gahn Thomas, 124 Locust. 

Gaff Thomas, distiller, foot of Christian. 

Gaffney Bridget, grocer, N W 4th & Master. 

Gaffney Eliza, b h, 39 Filbert. 

Gaffney James, porter, 13 S 6th. 

Gaffney Jolm, bottler, 15 Mercer. 

Gaffney Michael, tavern, 499 Vine. 

Gaffney Mary, George bel Sch. 6th. 

Gaffrey Bernard, weaver, 56 Fitzwater. 

Gaillard E., baker, 24 Franklin pi. 

Gakler Jacob, butcher, Hanover n F road. (K) 

Galbraith James, carp.. Linden n Sch. 6th. 

Galbraith James, lab.. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Galbraith Jas., marble polisher, c 12th & Short. 

Galbraith John, bookbinder, 4 Norris's ct. 

Galbraith Robert, lab., R road bel Ann. (F V) 

Galbraith Robert, lab.. Linden n Sch. 6th. 

Gale Jas., hair dresser, 39 S 8th, h 5 Little Pine. 

Gale Malachi, 83 P road. 

Gale Richard, porter, Osborn's ct. 

Gale Sarah, dressmaker, 39 N 12th. 

Gale Thomas S., acct., 225 Wood. 

Galen William, teacher, 529 S Front. 

Galer Philip, tailor, 105 Callowhill. 

Gall Phillip, lab., 447 S Front 

Gallager Peter, labourer, Callowhill & William 

Gallager William, mer.. Queen n F road. 

Gallagher Andrew, carter, 8 Penn. 

Gallagher Ann, 11 Jacoby. 

Gallagher C, baker, 343 Pine. 

Gallagher Dennis, weaver, c Ashton 8t Pine. 

Gallagher George, lab., Sch. 2nd ab High. 

Gallagher James, baker, 16 Fitzwater. 

Gallagher James, gardener, 8 Dorothy. 

Gallagher James, lab., 5 Swanson ct. 

Gallagher John, labourer, Lombard n Sch. 7th. 

Gallagher John Capt., 28 Almond. 

Gallagher Petei", tailor, 2 N Juniper. 

Gallagher Patrick, lab., Mulbeny n Sch. Front. 

Gallagher Richard, labourer. Type al n Sch. 

Gallagher Robert, N W Sch. 7th and High. 

Gallagher Wm. D. clerk, 28 N 4th. 

Gallagher William, M. D., 77 Spruce. 

Gallaway Benjamin, silk dyer, 10 Hunter. 

Gallaway Isaac, boot black, 17 S 7th, h 22 Wat- 
son's al. 

Gallaway James, dealer, 164 N Water. 

Gallaway James, teacher, 2nd bel Queen, h 
China ab Front. 

Gallaway John L., hatter, 276 S 5th. 

Gallaway Wm., mariner, 24 Mead al. 

Gallaway Wm., bricklayer, Poplar. 

Gallaway Z., waiter, 6 Gales's ct. 

Gallen Charles, tavern, 46 Prune. 

Gallen Hugh, tavern, 101 Shippen. 

Gallen John, coachman, rear Budden's al bel 

Gallette Auguste, wig maker, 38 S 4th. 

GaUiard James, painter. High ab Sch. 3rd, h 
Ann ab Sch. 4th. 

Gallimore Josiah, cordwainer, 17 Sergeant. 

Galloway James, sail maker, rear 81 S Wharves. 

Galloway Margaret, tavern, N Wharves bel Sas- 

Gamble Charles S., shoemaker. Christian bel 

Gamble Elizabeth, tailoress, 6th bel Fitzwater. 

Gamble George N., morocco dresser, 15 & h 13 

Gamble James, 265 N Front. 

Gamble James, gent., High n Sch. 7th. 

Gamble John, labourer, 13 Budd. 

Gamble John, weaver, Shippen bel Bixiad. 

Gamble John, gent, 32 Callowhill. 

Gamble Joseph, tobacconist, 11 Quarry. 

Gamble Louisa, 102 S Front. 

Gamble Samuel, coachman, Centre ab 12tli. 

Gamble William, cordwainer, 261 Green. 
Gambling William, cabinetmaker, rear 70 Noble. 
Gampher John, cooper, S 5th bel Queen. 
Gampher Michael, cooper, 214 S 2nd, h 5th ab 

Gandy Sheppard, gent., 14 Plumb. 
Ganges Sarah, 115 Christian. 
Ganning John, carpenter, 186 S Water. 
Gannon Gilbert, porter, 85 P road. 
Gannt David, button maker, 21 German. 
Gano John, clerk, 28 E North. 
Gans Lewis, bell-founder, S W Coates & John. 
Ganser John, shoes, 469 N 2nd. 
Ganshorn Godfrey, labourer. Palmer ab Prince. 
Ganstert Michael, shoemaker, 42 Coates. 
Gants Mary A., huckster, 1 Flower. 
Gantt S. A. Miss, b. h., 27 Sansom. 




Gantzert Frederick, prof, music, 6th ab Fitz- 

Garbanati F. C, gilder, 151 S 3rd. 
Garber John, labourer, 8 Farr. 
Garden Alexander, mason, rear 342 S Front. 
Garden William, printer, 18 Fayette. 
Gardette E. B., dentist, 246 Walnut. 
Gardette Jane, widow, S E Fitzwater & Lebanon, 
Gardiner A. S., clerk, Sch. 7th n Pine. 
Gardiner H. S., cooper, 115 S Front. 
Gardiner Mary, 341 S 2d. 
Gardner Alexander, carpenter, Schaffer's ct. 
Gardner Archibald, dealer, c 11th & Sassafras. 
Gardner, Catharine, 17 Coates' al. 
Gardner Charles, labourer. Poplar n Charlotte. 
Gardner Charles, shop, 239 S 7th. 
Gardner Edward, brush maker, Torr's ct. 
Gardner George, coach maker, 17 Nectarine. 
Gardner Hannah, furniture, 82 N 7th. 
Gardner Hannah M., dry goods, 82 N 2nd. 
Gardner Henry, grocer, S E 13th & Shippen. 
Gardner Jacob, visiter poor, 293 Vine. 
Gardner Jacob H., skin dresser, 311, & h 312 Vine. 
Gardner Jacob, waiter, McMuUen's ct. 
Gardner James, collector, 139 Lombard. 
Gardner John, labourer, 47 Franklin. 
Gardner John, umbrella maker, 297 N 3rd. 
Gardner Johp, ship caulker, rear 2d ab Edward. 
Gardner John, lab.. Pearl bel 13th. 
Crardner John, cordw., 98 Budd. 
Gardner John, lab., 12 Dilk's ct. 
Gardner John, weaver, Master n G T road. 
Gardner M. N., shoemaker, 2 Truxton. 
Gardner Peter, botanic physician, 6 Locust. 
Gardner Richard, M. D., 85 Catharine. 
Gardner Thomas W., tailor, Carlton ab 12th. 
Gardner William, skin dresser, 29 Logan. 
Gardom George, drugs 8c colours, 13 S 7th. 
Gardy John, cordw., Hanover ab Bedford. (K) 
Gardy John C, collector, Hanover ab Bedford, 

Gardy Jos., carpenter, Morris ab Hanover. (K) 
Garesche G., office 58^ Walnut. 
Garland James, cordwainer, 13th bel Wood. 
Garlanger Henry, bricklayer, 257 N 7th. 
Garlanger Jacob, bricklr., Beach ab Warren. (K) 
Garman Charles, 8th bel Noble. 
Garman David, lab., Rawle n Apple. 
Garner Eliza, shop, Charlotte ab Master. 
Garner Henry, labourer, 22 Mechanic (N L) 
Games Jane, milliner, 73 Cedar. 
Garnet Ann, 35 Currant al. 
Garnett Michael, carpenter, 49 Wood. 
Garragon Patrick, grocer, c Sch. 2nd & Wood. 
Garren Edward L., printer, 4 Piper's ct. 
G^arret Thomas C, importer 8t watch case mr., 

21 Franklin pi, h 15 N 11th. 
Garrets Moses, dealer, 238 Cedar. 
Garretson Aaron, grocer, N W 2nd & Queen. 
Garretson Hugh, trader, 35 Union al. 
Garretson Jonathan, shop, 470 S Front. 
Garretson Lydia, dry goods, 98 N 11th. 
Gan-etson Mary Ann, 457 N 2nd. 
Garretson Samuel, dealer, 28 Hannony st. 
Garretson Samuel, gent., 52 Catharine. 

Garrett Andrew, grocer, 395 High, h 20 Hunter. 

Garrett Ann W., 7 Lyndall's al. 

Garrett Elizabeth, 247^ N 2nd. 

Garrett Ehzabeth, washer. Say n Sch. 7th. 

Garrett Ezra T., tailor, S E 5th & Sassafras. 

Garrett George, waiter, 8 Bird's ct. 

Garrett G. H., 8 Washington sq. 

Garrett & Haydock, watch case makers, 21 

Franklin pi. 
Garrett Henry, mer., 68 High, h 150 N 5th. 
Garrett L, auctioneer, 13th n Willow. 
Garrett John, grocer, 186 & h 200 High. 
Garrett Jonathan, agent, c Willow & 13th. 
Garrett Levi & Sons, tobacconists, 128 S Front. 
Garrett Lydia, Sch. 2nd n Wood. 
[Garrett Margaret, gentw., 253 Spruce. 
Garrett Philip, coal dealer, 119 Oak, h Noble n 

Garrett Philip, machinist. Chestnut. (W P) 
Garrett William, freestone yard, S E Mulberry 

& Broad. 
Gan-ett William, U S mint, h 136 N Juniper. 
Garrett W. E., tobacconist, 198 Spruce. 
Garrett &. Yard, mers., 68 High. 
Garrigues & Brother, hardware, 237 N 3rd. 
Garrigues Edw.B., mer., 153 High, h 185 N 7th. 
Garrigues Isaac B., marble mason, c 5th and 

Buttonwood, h 181 N 7th. 
Garrigues James, tobacconist, 3 Smith's ct. 
Garrigues James R., clerk, 278 N 7th. 
Garrigues M., gent., 235 Mulberry. 
Garrigues Wm., stone cutr, Barker ab Sch. 6th. 
Garrigues Wm. A., teacher, S W 12th & Fil- 
bert, h 63 N 7th. 
Garrison Charlotte, 500 S 2nd. 
Garrison Clement, carpenter, 31 Carlton. 
Garrison Eli, lumber mer.. Queen n Crown. (K) 
Garrison Elizabeth, 17 Parham. 
Garrison Israel, 130 Budd. 
Garrison James, potter, 13 Cadwalader. (K) 
Garrison Jno., mer., 52 S Front, h 366 Mulbeny. 
Garrison Robert C, teacher, 1 Jones's al. 
Garrison William, bootmaker, 10 S 10th. 
Garrity Mary, upholstress, 186 S 11th. 
Garsed Joshua, flax manufacturer, 3 S 3rd. 
Garside Enoch, engineer, Cadwalader n Phoe- 
nix, (Kensington) 
Garside Joseph, millright, 5 Maiden. 
Garson Philhp, fisheraian. Wood bel West. 
Garson Thomas E., ready made linen, 28 &. 29 

Garth Mrs., Beach. (K) 
Gartland B. & A., teachers, 20 Prune. 
Gartland F. X. Rev., St. John's church, S 13th. 
Gartland Mary, tavern, 233 S 4th. 
Gartley John H., clerk, 12 Castle. 
Garton David, tailor, 1 Burchill's ct. 
Garton Henry, oysters, Washington. (W P) 
Garvey James, tavern, 10 S 8th. 
Garvin John, lab., Dugan bel Spruce. 
Garvin John 1., 'captain, 153 Catharine. 
Garvin Patrick, gent., Sch. 2nd bel Callowhill. 
Garvin Mrs. Sarah, Lombard n Sch. 8th. 
Garwick Lewis, keeper M. Prison, h 55 Carpen- 
ter. (S) 




Garwood Benjamin, tavern, 416 N 2nd. 

Garwood Charles, spinner, 3rd ab Franklin 

Garwood George M. Capt., 81 S Front, h 12 

Garwood 8c Godfrey, milliners, 56 N 4th. 

Garwood John, cordwainer, Clair bel Carpenter. 

Garwood John, victualler, 120 Brown. 

Garwood R., dry goods, 66 S 2nd. 

Gaskell John, stone cutter, 1 Elder al. 

Gaskell Peter Penn, merchant, 106 High, h 523 

Gaskill Aaron W., plasterer, 10th bel Coates. 

Gaskill B., bookbinder, 42 S 5th, h 216 Mulberry. 

Gaskill Benj., engraver, 18 Minor, h Cherry Ji 
Sch. 7th. 

Gaskill & Boggs, chair makers, 153 N 2nd. 

Gaskill & Co., bookbinders, 42 S 5th. 

Gaskill & Copper, book binders' tool cutters and 
engravers, 18 Minor. 

Gaskill Edmund, ladies shoemaker, 76 S 8th. 

GaskiU Peter, manufacturer, Duke n F road. 

Gaskill Thomas, tailor, 4 Mary. (S) 

Gasman Martha M., shop, 226 N Front. 

Gasner Esaac, clothing store, 340 N Front. 

Gatchell George, drugs, 42 Filbert. 

Gatchell John, builder, N W 5th & Lombard. 

Gatchell Joseph, messenger, city treasurer's of- 
fice, h 42 Filbert. 

Gatchell Joseph, jr., com mer., 42 Filbert. 

Gatchell Sarah, 56 Currant al. 

Gates John, carter, Ann bel Sch 4th. 

Gates Nathaniel, carpenter, 580 S Front. 

Gatier Stephen, card maker, 5 Franklin row. 

Gatty James, cooper, Washington ab Callowhill. 

Gatzmar Alex. C, clerk, Camd. & Amboy II road 
office. Chestnut st wharf. 

Gatzmer Wm. H., acct. Camd. & Amboy R road 
office, h 8 Comptroller. 

Gaubert Madame, milliner, 142 Chestnut & 27 

5 5th. 
Gaughan John H., carp., Marlborough ab Queen 

Gaughan Michael, tavern, N E Sch. Cedar and 

Gaul Christian, baker, 435 N 3rd. 
Gaul Frederick, brewer, 358 Mulberry. 
Gaul Frederick & Sons, brewers, rear 147 High 

6 c New Market & Callowhill. 
Gaul John F., carp., 2 McManamy's ct. 
Gaul John F., carpenter, 130 Coates. 
Gaul Martin, brewer, rear 147 High, h 191 N 5th. 
Gaul Wm. H., brushmaker, 224 Catharine. 
Gault Elizabeth, 219 Callowhill. 
Gault Francis, lab., 224 Shippen. 
Gault W. C. A., tailor, 337 N 3rd. 
Gaulton Salome, Stanley bel 4th. 
Gaunnt Charles, U S Navy, 194 Locust. 
Gause Gotleib, sword maker, 5 Bryant's ct. 
Gauss Jacob F., baker. Vine ab 12th. 
Gavin Michael, brass-founder, 238 S 5th. 
Gavitt N., machinist. Broad & Filbert, h 132 N 

Gaw Chambers, 119 New. 
Gaw Gilbert, tailor, 5 Magnolia. 
Gaw H. L., acct. 50 S 3rd, h 351 S 3rd. 

Gaw James, dry goods, 234 S 2nd. 

Gaw James, weaver, G T road n Master. 

Gaw John, stove manuf 235 & 252 Cedar. 

Gaw Martha, Budd bel Juniper. 

Gaw Robert, ornamenter, 234 S 3rd. 

Gaw Robert M., engraver, 37 Perry. 

Gaw Susannah, dressmaker, 74 Vine. 

Gaw William, stove manuf 393 & h 395 S 2nd. 

Gaw William P., acct. 34 Callowhill. 

Gawn John, blacksmith, F road bel Otter. (K) 

Gay David, porter, Sch. 7th bel Pine. 

Gay Jarhes, mer. c 3rd & G T road. 

Gayley James, carp., Watman's ct. 

Gear Ephraim, lab.. Reeves n Sch. 2nd. 

Gear M., shoemaker, China ab Front. 

Geary Edward, N E 2d & Poplar. 

Gearhardt Matthias, lab., N 2d ab Phoenix. 

Geary Benjamin, labourer, c Front & Sassafras. 

Geasler Henry, moi'occo dresser, Hummel's ct. 

Gebhard Charles, baker, G T road n 6th. (K) 

Gebhard Lewis P., M. D., 216 Sassafras. 

Gebhard Ludwick, G T road ab Jefferson. 

Gebhart Adam, baker, 101 Catharine. 

Gerhart A. L., agent, N Sch. 8th. ab Sassafras. 

Geddes W. F., printer, rear 112 Chestnut, h 386 

S 3rd. 

Gee John, ropemaker, 2nd n Master. 
Gee Joseph, shoemaker, John's ct. 
Gees S. C, milliner, 89 N 2d. 
Gegan John, M. D., druggist, S E Front & 

Gegan Thomas, druggist, S E 9th & Cedar. 
Gegenheimer Conrad, cordw., 4 Thorn's ct. 
Gegenheimer John, cooper, 420 N 4th. 
Geibler Lewis, tailor, Rachel n Poplar. 
Geiger Hannah, S W Charlotte & Beaver. 
Geiger Joseph, capmaker, 26 Cherry. 
Geiger Martin, machinist, S W Charlotte and 

Geisler Chai'les, victualler, Front n Oxford. 
Geisse Charles, mer. 60 S Front. 
Geisse Christiana, gentw., 3 Humplirey's ct. 
Geisse George W. & Co., mers. 134 N Front, h 

139 Y road. 
Geisse & Korckhauss, mer. 60 S Front. 
Geisse Lewis, mer. 134 N Front, h 5th n Green, 
Geisse Mrs., gentw., 316 Mulberry. 
Geisse Philip, mer., 60 S Front. 
Geisse WiUiam, merchant, 60 S Front. 
Geisse Wm. 8c Sons, mers., 60 S Front. 
Geissert Charles, currier, 189 Poplar. 
Geissert Henry, tobacconist, 20 Green. 
Geissinger George, carpenter, 178 Coates. 
Gelbert Wm., baker, 91 Mulberry. 
Gemeny A. R., grocer, S E 9th 8c Lombard. 
Gemmill James R., merchant, 83 High, h 120 


Gemreek, Adam, locksmith, 92 Crown. 
Gemrig J. 8t A., cutlers, 143 N 4th. 
Gendell Jacob, lab., 5 Grear's ct. 
GendellJohn A., carpenter, 103 N 7th, h 6 


Genther George, wateraian. Bishop bel Queen. * 
Gentler Mary, rear 17 Willow. 
George Anthony, gent. 25 Plum. 




George Anthony, pewterer, 7 Pennsylvania av. 

George Charles, printer, 197 N 9th. 

George D. H. & A., paint, varnish & ink man. 

50 N 4th. 
George James C, ship & insurance broker, 121 

S 2nd. 
George John, gent., 398 N 4th. 
George John & Co, hairseating manufacturers, 

59 Dock, h Cherry E of Sch 6th. 
George John, chairmaker. Peach ab Green. 
George John D., ship & insurance brokei*, 121 

5 2nd, opp. custom house 
George Margaret, 174 N 13th. 
George N. P., paintei-, 54 N 6th, h 4th & Turner. 
George Peter G., tailor, 13 Mulberry al. 
George Richard, bookseller, 297 S 10th. 
George Samuel, labourer, 40 Currant al. 
George Thos. & Edmund, iron mers. N E 12th 

6 High. 
George Wdliam, waterman, 14 Parham. 
Georgi Sidney, porter, 292 S 7th. 
Gercke Helvenish, baker. Sassafras n Sch 7th. 
Gerger Henry, painter, F road ab Marlborough. 

Gerhard Benjamin, atty. & coun., 61 S 4th, h 113 

5 9th. 
Gerhard Jacob, 8 Callowhill. 
Gerhard W. W., M. D., 18 S 9th. 
Gerker H., curled hair manuf 5th n G T road. 
German David, cooper, 240 F road. 
Germon John, printer, 4 Elmslie's al. 
Gerrish John C, mer, 101 N Water & S E Water 

6 Sassafras, h 92 Poplar. 

Gerry Robert Rev., 6 Crown. 

Gerstner George, porter, 4 Lagrange pi. 

Gesmyer George, tailor, 2 Boyle's ct. 

Gessler Wm., cord., 14 F road. (K) 

Gesner G. L., baker, 217 Callowhill. 

Gest Andrew, gent.. Orange n F road. (K) 

Gest George W., cir. library, S W 7th &. Sassa- 

Gest John, mer., NW 10th and High, h 174 

S 11th. 
Gethen John, 112 Spruce. 
Getler Andrew, cordwainer, 29 Mechanic. 
Getman Jacob, carpenter, 15 Rachel. 
Getman Nicholas, tobacconist. Nectarine ab 10th 
Getman Nicholas, tobacconist. Shoemaker's ct. 
Getty Francis, merchant, 22 S 2nd. 
Getty M. Mrs., 21 George n Sch 6th. 
Getz Bernard, labourer, Palmer ab West. 
Getz Christian, cordwainer, 534 N 3rd. 
Getz George, brass founder, 488 N 8th. 
Getz George A., victualler, 156 St John. 
Getz Joseph, furrier, 100 N 2nd. 
Getz William, cordwainer, Culvert n Apple. 
Getze F. A., teacher of music, 5 Benezet. 
Geuerd Henry, dealer, 2 Russell. 
Gevins James, spinner, 170 G T road. 
Geydt John, tanner, rear 297 CaUowhill. 
Geyer Catharine R., 139 Dilwyn. 
Geyer P^lizabeth, tailoress, c Vine & Robeson's 

Geyer George C, grocer, S W Noble 8c Garden. 
Geyer George S., clerk, 139 Dillwyn. 

Geyer Isaac, victualler, 10th ab James. 

Geyer Ruth, sempstress, Smith's al n Green. 

Geyer Wm. B., leather dealer, c 3rd & Lombard, 
h 74 Lombard. 

Gheen & Cheyney, tavern, 218 High. 

Ghegan Elizabeth, miUiner, 70 Maiden. 

Ghegan George, stove manuf 146 N 3rd, h 
Phoenix n G T road. 

Ghegan Lewis, labourer. Willow ct. 

Ghegan Maria, tailor, 70 Maiden. 

Ghriskey L. Mrs., b. h. 265 High. 

Gibb D., painter, 209 Sassafras. 

Gibb David, refectory, under Arcade. 

Gibbons Charles, att'y & coun., 122 S 3rd. 

Gibbons George W., conveyancer, 51 Wood. 

Gibbons Harriet, Blackberry ab Locust. 

Gibbons James, cordwainer, 5 Lemon. 

Gibbons James, carpenter, 163 Pine. 

Gibbons John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson. 

Gibbons Misses, school, 149 S 10th. 

Gibbons Mrs., shop, Pine bel Beach. 

Gibbons Wm. A., 134 S Front. 

Gibbs Ann, 10th ab Carpenter. 

Gibbs Geo., grocer, Franklin ab Marlboro'. (K) 

Gibbs H., 2 AVagner's al. 

Gibbs Hamet, washer, 3 Leyden's ct. 

Gibbs Henry, collector, 211 Mulberry. 

Gibbs Isaac, carpenter, 525 N 5th. 

Gibbs Isabella, dry goods, 3 Sheldon row. 

Gibbs Job R., carpenter, 249 N 7th. 

Gibbs John, gent., 280 Lombard. 

Gibbs John M., grocer, c Marlboro' &, Prince. 

Gibbs J. W., mer., N E 4th & Mulberry. 

Gibbs John W., printer, Gaskill ab 3d. 

Gibbs Joseph, coachman, 27 Quince. 

Gibbs Margaret, George bel Sch 6th. 

Gibbs Mary, b. h. 11th S Sch 5th. 

Gibbs Peter, carpenter, Marshall ab Green, h O 

Y road n George. 
Gibbs Rebecca, widow, 7 Twelve Feet al. 
Gibbs Richard, box maker, 7 Quarry, h 94 

Gibbs Thomas, white washer, 18 Prosperous al. 
Gibbs Walter, bookbr, 12 Pear, h c>7 Almond. 
Giberson James, spinner, 161 G T road. 
Giberson Mary, 294 Cherry. 
Giberson Thomas, millwright, 95 Budd. 
Gibson Archibald, clerk, 186 S 5th. 
Gibson Charles B., M. D., office 278 Chestnut. 
Gibson Henry, bookbinder, 33 Castle. 
Gibson Horatio, labourer, M'Dermott's ct. 
Gibson Jacob, harnessmr. George n Sch 6th. 
Gibson James, city watch, Centre bel 13th. 
Gibson James, gent. S E 8th & Spruce. 
Gibson James, tinsmith, 10 Shippen. 
Gibson James, weaver, G T road n 4th. 
Gibson James G., clerk, 25 Logan. 
Gibson John, blacksmith, 67 St. John, h 40 Ann 
Gibson John, oysterman. Concord ab 2nd. 
Gibson John, painter, 3 Assembly Buildings. 
Gibson John, shoemaker, 227 Christian. 
Gibson John, shoemaker, 259 Clierry. 
Gibson John J., carter, Sch 7th bel High 
Gibson Joseph, cordwainer, Davis' ct. 
Gibson Joseph, dry goods, 155 Cedar. 




Gibson L3'd)a, rear 119 N 11th. 

Gibson Matthew, painter, Beach n Marsh. (K) 

Gibson Mary, 265 S .^th. 

Gibson Mary, Smith's al. 

Gibson Nice, waiter, 15 Paschal's al. 

Gibson Eobt., weaver, Shippen 1. ab Fitzwater. 

Gibson Thos., mer., 8 N 2nd, h Mulberry ab 6th. 

Gibson Wm., M. D., N W Sch 7th & Chestnut. 

Gibson William, dry g'oods, c 6th & CaUowhiU. 

Gicter William B.,"flour& feed, c 7th & Cedar, 

h 10 Lebanon. 
Gideon George, Noble n Garden. 
Giersh Joseph, lock filer, rear 137 Green. 
Giffar Peter, brickmuker, Georg-e ab Sch 4th. 
Gifford A. B., shipmaster, 39 Union. 
GiflTord Bethuel, cabinetmaker, Schleisman's al. 
Gifford Eliza, trimmings, 323 S 2nd. 
Gifford Mary, dryg-oods, S W 5th & Carpenter.(S) 
Gihon & Co., mers., 38 N Front, h 18 Lagrange 

Gihon David, bookbinder, 6 Powell. 
Gihon D. & Co., book binders, S W George and 

Gihon James, book binder, Athenian Buildings, 

h 4 Knight's ct. 
Gihon James L., clerk, 6 Powell. 
Gihon John H., printer, S W George & Swan- 
wick, h 6 Powell. 
Gihon John H. &. Co., printers, S W George and 

Gihon Mary, bookbinder, 2 Fetter lane. 
Gilbert Alexander, cordwainer. Rose al. (N L) 
Gilbert A., gluemaker, Apple n George. 
Gilbert Benjamin S., cordwr., rear 246 N 2nd. 
Gilbert Charles, stove finisher, 11 Quervelle's ct. 
Gilbert Charles M., cabinetmr., 363 N 3rd. 
Gilbert Christopher, shoemaker, 156 S 11th. 
Gilbert David, 3 Poplar ct. 
Gilbert David, machinist, 32 PeiTy. 
Gilbert Eliza Jane, stockmaker, 10 Fearris' ct 
Gilbert George, grocer, 173 & 175 S Front 
Gilbert George, engraver, 146 Chestnut, h 434 

N 5th. 
Gilbert Hart, manuf., Shackamaxon & F R. (K) 
Gilbert Henry W., potter, 120 Charlotte. 
Gilbert Isaac M., cai-penter, c 12th & Willow, h 

12th n Vine. 
Gilbert Jacob, hotel, Coates n 9th. 
Gilbert Jacob, carpenter, 92 N 5th. 
Gilbert James, Sch 7th bel Pine. 
Gilbert John, druggist, 179 N 3d, h 98 Vine. 
Gilbert John, bricklayer, 6 Kessler's ct. 
Gilbert John, millwright, F road ab Bedford. 
Gilbert John, carpenter, F road ab Stone bridge. 
Gilbert John & Co., druggists, 179 N 3rd. 
Gilbert Joseph, cordw., Penn n Maiden. (K) 
Gilbert Joseph, tailor, 1 Loxley's ct.. Mulberry. 
Gilbert Mahlon, c 8th & Cedar. 
Gilbert Mary Ann, Shaffer's ct. 
Gilbert Margaret, gentw., G T road ab 5th. 
Gilbert Matthias, trader, 7 Fan*. 
Gilbert N., tavern, 247 N 2nd. 
Gilbert Peter, cordwainer, 7 Hummel's row. 
Gilbert Rosanna, b. h., Green bel 10th. 
Gilbert R. S., engr'vr., 32 North, h 25 Franklin. 
Gilbert Samuel, tavern, 124 N 4th. 

Gilbert Susan, 395 MulbeiTy. 
Gilbert Susan, gentw., 296 Carpenter. (S) 
Gilbert Thomas, cordw., 87 Carpenter. (S) 
Gilbert Thomas, carman, 2 Richardson's ct. 
Gilbert William, tavern, c 9th & Poplar sq. 
Gilbert William, tinman, 481 N 2nd. 
Gilbert William, weaver, Sch 7th n Vine. 
Gllbreth Andrew, carp., Murray ab Sch 3rd. 
Gllbreth Andrew, weaver, 99 N 6th. 
Gllby Margaret, 15 Union. 
Gllby William, mariner, 16 Union. 
Gilchrist William, labourer, 92 Maiden. 
Gildenpenny Henry, baker, 126 S 12th. 
Gilder & Co., druggists, 552 High. 
Gilder John, carpenter, 7 Belmont row. 
Gilder &, Monroe, druggists, 1 & 3 Commerce. 
Gilder Reuben, tavern, N E Front and Wash- 
Gilder William H., druggist, 1 & 3 Commerce, 

h 552 High. 
Glldner Charles, frame maker, rear 525 N 4th. 
Gildner John, cabinetmaker, Lilly al. 
Giles E. G., acct., Woodland. (W P) 
Gile Enoch E., cordw., 16 Coombs' alley, & 119 

Giles George, silk dyer, 21 Shippen. 
Giles Lewis, labourer. Spruce ab Sch 7th. 
Giles Thomas, sawyer. Pearl bel Broad. 
Gilfillin John, carter, 19 Barley. 
Gilfry Catharine, 129 Budd." 
Gilkeson Samuel, hvery stable, Charlotte ab 

Gilkey Elizabeth, 47 Fitzwater. 
Gill Ehza, hair worker, 138 S 2nd, 
Gill George, watchman, rear Sch 8th bel High. 
Gill John, cordwainer. Carpenter bel Atherton. 
Gill Lawrence E., saddler, 448 Vine. 
Gill Mary, gentw., 290 Coates. 
Gill Patrick, labourer, 8 Dorothy. 
Gill Robert, gent., Sch 8th bel George. 
Gill WlUiam, gent., 55 S 12th. 
Gillam William, waterman, 236 N Water. 
Gllland Garrett, cordw.. Phoenix n G T road. 
Giilbreck George, stlrrupmr. Union n Bedford, 

h Hanover ab Prince. 
Glllen Mary, Stanley bel 4th. 
GiUer John U., mer., 95 High. 
Gillespie Daniel, lab., Cadwalader n Phoenix. 
Gillespie Eliza, Magnolia ab Noble. 
Gillespie Hannah, 62 Almond. 
Gillespie James, cabinetmaker, 257 Catharine. 
Gillespie James, spinner, Washington & Cal- 

lowhill, Sch. 
Gillespie James, tanner, Front ab Phoenix. (K) 
Gillespie James, weaver, Shippen ab Fitzwater. 
Gillespie Jas. H„ mln. piinter, rear 10 S 5th. 
Gillespie John, grocer, S W 11th & High, h 

247 Callowhill. 
Gillespie John, grocer, 652 N 2nd. 
Gillespie John, saddler, Shippen ab 8th. 
Gillespie &. Jones, grocers, 23 N 5th. 
Gillespie Letltia, Pine ab 13th. 
Gillespie Margaret, Marble ab 10th. 
Gillespie Robert, labourer, 4 Stoy's ct. 
Gillespie Samuel, grocer, 23 N 5th, h c 12th & 





Gillespie Thomas, drover, 389 Callowhill. 

Gillespie Thomas, grocer, 89 P road. 

Gillespie William, g-rocer, S W 11th 8c High, 

h 247 Callowhill. 
Gillespie W. & J., grocers, S W 11th & High. 
Gillet L. M., mer. 51 S Front, h 137 N 12th. 
Gillet William, labourer, Fairview n Sch 7th. 
Gillett Smith, tinman, 170 S 13th. 
Gillett William, labourer, 158 Christian. 
Gilliams & Burr, dentists, 35 Mulberry.. 
Gilliams Linnseus R., druggist, 32 N 2nd. 
Gilliams Jacob, dentist, 35 Mulberry. 
GiUig I. W., baker, 144 Coates. 
GiUin John, cordwainer, 4 Webb's al. 
Gillin John, drayman, 319 S 6th. 
Gilhn Patrick, watchman. Factory ab Willow. 
GiUin Robert, mason, 13th ab Wood. 
Gillin Robert, weaver, 15 Brinton. 
Gillin William, grocer, Sch 6th & Lombard. 
Gillingham Edward, engraver, 171 N 13th. 
Gillingham & Ford, umbrella manufs. & ivory 

turners, N W 4th & High, 119 High, and 1 

Gillingham G. W., hatter, 200 S 2nd. 
Gillingham G. W. & H. B., hatters, 200 S 2nd 

& 65 Cedar. 
Gillingham Henry B., hatter, 200 S 2nd, h 65 

Gillingham Jonathan, iron mer., 279 N 2nd, h 

123 Callowhill. 
Gillingham Lewis H., cot. and hides, Hudson's al 
Gillingham Lewis, hattei', 28 Beck's al. 
Gillingham Lucas, umbrellas, N W 4th & High, 

h 137 Vine. 
Gillingham Mahlon, mer., 27 N Front, h 281 

Gillingham & Middleton, iron mers., 279 N 2d. 
GiUingham Samuel H., lumber mer.. Beach n 

Gillingham Sarah, 13 Relief al. 
Gillingham Thomas, coal agent, 119 Oak, h 393 

N Front. 
Gillingham William H., M. D., N W 7th & 

Gillingham Y. C, superin. coal whf., 119 Oak, h 

3 Coates. 
GiUies Theodore, combmaker, 81 N 5th. 
Gillies Theodore, Jr., combmaker, 179 N 2nd. 
Gillis Jenny, Pearl ab 13th. 
GiUis John, coachman, 94 Plum. 
Gillis Robert, cordw., 97 Pine. 
Gillroy Henry, shoe & corsetmaker, 58 S 4th. 
Gilman Daniel, blacksmith, Shackamaxon bel 

Gillmer Milcah W. M., 101 S 5th. 
Gilmore Arthur, lab., Mulberry n Sch. Front. 
Gilmore Andrew, grocer, N W 13th & Vine. 
Gilmore Eliza, Orchard n Poplar. 
Gilmore Isaac, grocer, N W 13th & Wood. 
Gilmore Isaac, waiter, 27 Prosperous al. 
Gilmore John, labourer, Spruce bel Sch. Front. 
Gilmore J., musician, 206 Lombard. 
Gilmore Ruth, eating-house, Harris' ct. 
Gilmore Robert, carpenter, 81 Sassafras, h 271 

S 3rd. 
Gilmore William, shoemaker, 6 Ewing's ct. 

Gilpin Charles, atty. & coun., 37 S 5th. 

Gilpin John, L., baker, 127 Sassafras. 

Gilpin John F., broker, 67 Dock, h 165 Pine. 

Gilpin Joseph C, 71 Pine. 

Gilpin Mary Ann, 46 Wood. 

Gilpin Nathl., cordw., 17 Edward. 

Gilpin &, Taylor, jewellers, Sober's al. 

Gilpin Tliomas, sash maker. Pine ab 10th, h 300 

Gilpin Vincent, broker, 67 Dock, h 138 Pine. 
Gilpin Vincent C, jeweUer, h 8th bel Shippen. 
Gilpin V. & J. F., brokers, 67 Dock. 
Gilpin Wm., carter, c Marlborough & Bedford. 
Ginal Henry Rev., 15 Cherry. 
Ginder W. A., packet agent, 22 N Wharves, h 

120 Catharine. 
Ginger Daniel, carpenter. Queen bel 5th. 
Gink John, umbrella maker, Brasier ab Lloyd, 

h 69 Green. 
Ginn Littleton, sweep. Baker ab 7th. 
Ginneback Frederick, saddler, 217 S 2nd. 
Ginnings H. Mrs., b h. Beach ab Maiden. (K) 
Ginther David, provisions, 1 Baker's ct, 
Ginther George, victualler, St. John ab Beaver. 
Gintrey Robert, picture frame maker, Sarah. (K) 
Gion David, glass cutter. Cherry ab Queen. 
Gipson Charles, lab., rear 1 Torr's ct. 
Girst Jacob, basketmr., 3 Moore's ct. 
Githans Alexander N., ladies shoemaker. Locust 

ab 12tli. 
Githens Charles, cooper, 134 Coates. 
Githens Clemens, blacksmith, Olive n 13th. 
Githens F., cabinetmaker, 50 Hubbell. (M) 
Githens James, cordw.. Carpenter n 8th. (S) 
Githens John H., dentist, 171 N 4th. 
Githens Rebecca, dressmr., 130 S 12th. 
Githens Wm. M., ladies shoemaker, 76 N 7th. 
Givans Wm., mason. Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 
Given Andw., carp, weav., Hamilton n Sch. 6th. 
Given Christianna, 336 S Front. 
Given John, carpenter, 7 Lebanon. 
Given Robert senr., Brasier ab Lloyd. 
Given Robert, grocer, SEP. road & Carpenter. 
Given William, stone mason, Shippen ab Lloyd, 
Givin Joseph, drayman, 125 N Water. 
Glackin Daniel, hatter, 312 S 6th. 
Glackin John, clerk, 17 Christian. 
Gladen John, cooper, 461 S Front. 
Glading David, labourer, 1 Benton's av. 
Glading Elizabeth, shop, 193 St. John. 
Glading George, hair dresser, 488 N 2nd. 
Glading John, cooper, o75 S Front. 
Gladding John, books & stationery, 507 High. 
Glading Joseph, tinsmith, 438 N 2nd. 
Gladding William, cooper, 151 S Water. 
Gland James, ship carp. Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Glandon James, chairmaker, 4 Brown's ct. 
Glandon John, dyer, 19 Lebanon. 
Glasgow Jesse, porter, 2 Washington. 
Glasgow Rachel, 8 Hickory ct. 
Glasgow William, plasterer. Cedar ab 11th. 
Glase Jolm, cordw., 16 Mechanic's ct. 
Glass Alex, F., agent, 280 High, h 45 Cherry. 
Glass Francis, cordwainer 2 Mannll's ct. 
Glasser Joseph, baker, G Troad ab Thompson. 
' Glasspell*^osiah, carter. Tamarind. 




Glause Jacob, carpenter, 300 S 10th. 

Glause Samuel, carpenter, 300 S 10th. 

Glazier Catharine, 191 St. John. 

Gleason Dennis, labourer. Carpenter ab 10th. 

Gleason Francis, mer., 251 High. 

Gleason Jonas, mer., 8 N 6th, h 9 St. James. 

Gleeson Patrick, labourer, N W Sch. 4th & 

Gleeson Rosanna, c Ann and Sch. 4th (F V) 

Glenat Joseph, omnibus proprietor. Beach ab 

Glendenen Robert, auctioneer, 276 Lombard. 

Glendinning & Cameron, c. mers., 32 High. 

Glenn & Duke, tools & hardware, 155^ S 2nd. 

Glenn James, lab., Ashton bel Sassafras. 

Glenn Joseph, cordwainer. Steam Mill al. 

Glenn L. W., perfumer, 84 S 3rd, h 115 S 9th. 

Glenn Lewis, b h, 511 High. 

Glenn Michael, stone cutter, Jones ab Sch. 4th' 

Glenn Maria, 289 S 3rd. 

Glenn Ralph, carp., 7 Skeirett's ct. 

Glenn Robert, ship carpenter, Marlborough bel 

Glenn Thomas, carp.. Vine n Sch. 
Glenn Thomas, papermaker, 2 Skerrett's ct. 
Glenn William B., tools & hardware, 155^ S 2nd. 
Glentworth George, dniggist, 287 Sassafras, 
Glentworth G. P., elk. F. & M. Bk., 31 N Sch. 8th. 
Glentworth James, 98 Chestnut, h 91 S 3rd. 
Glessner Oliver P., printer, 334 S 4th. 
Gloinger Elizabeth, 15 Mulberry. 
Gloucester Stephen, shop, Lombard ab 5th. 
Glover Joseph, machine maker. Court al. 
Glover R., M. D., 6 S 8th. 
Glutsberger Charles, lab., Harrigue's ct. 
Gmelin Charles, doctor, 124 St. John. 
Gobrecht Christian, engraver, 220 Walnut. 
Goddard Paul, M. D., 7 S. 9th. 
Godey Louis A., pubhsher Lady's Book, 211 

Chestnut, h 336 N 6th. 
Godfrey Darius W., cordw., c 8th & Sassafras. 
Godfrey Ellen, gentw., 145 S 11th. 
Godfrey Joshua, labourer,, Stewart ab Catharine. 
Godfrey M. Mrs., State n Sch. 8th. 
Godfrey Sarah, gentw., 143 Carpenter. (S) 
Godley Jesse, mer., 53 High, h 237 Mulberry. 
Godley Jesse & Co., mers., 53 High. 
Godman Angelica, 150 S 13th. 
Godshall Andrew, tinman, 340 S 2nd. 
Godshall George, tavern, 239 S 5th. 
Godsh.ill Frederick, clerk, h 32 Plum. 
Godt Christian, silent watchman, Coates' al. 
Godwin L. B., clerk market, h 112 S 10th. 
Goebel &. Hogan, hair dressers and wig manufs., 

68 S 4th. 
Goekeler Godfrey, baker, 96 Crown. 
Goekg Conrad, stocking weaver, Callowhill ab 

Sch. 2nd. 
Goekler Frederick, grocer, S W 4th & Culvert. 
Goeller Philip, baker, 322 S 2nd. 
Goft" Jacob W., mer., 7 N 4th, h 276 N 7th. 
GoffJohn, butcher, 14 Wharton. 
Goff Michael, victualler, 18 Wharton. 
Goft" & Peterson, hardware, 7 N 4th. 
Gohen Peter, blacksmith, rear 2 PraJJ's ct. 
Gohl Christian, baker, 109 S 5tli. 

Goines G. W., hair dresser, 8 Exchange pi. 
Gold J., stoverar., 72 N 2nd. 
Gold Theodore, labourer. Front ab Phoenix. 
Golden Thomas, tavern, 162 N Water. 
Golden William, hod carrier. Pearl ab 12th. 
Colder Robert, paper hangings, 115 Chestnut. 

h 41 Spruce. 
Goldey Charles, chair gilder, 511 N 3rd. 
Goldey Jacob, Kensington Exchange, Beach. 
Goldey Jacob, shoemaker, 268 N 8th. 
Goldey James, shoemaker, 201 N Front. 
Goldey James, shoeijir., 282 N 2nd. 
Goldey John, weaver, c 13th & Brinton. 
Goldey Joseph, boots & shoes, S E 10th & 

Sassafras, h 268 N 8th. 
Goldey Samuel, mer., 17 N 4th, h Madison. 
Goldman David, shoes, c 4th & High, h 109 

Goldsmith & English, paper hang., 495 N 2nd. 
Goldsmith George, planemaker, 38 Laurel. 
Goldsmith H. S., paper hanger, 38 Fiaurel. 
Goldsmith John S., blacksmith, 38 Laurel. 
Goldsmith John, carpenter. Goldsmith's ct. 
Goldsmith Samuel, shipmaster, 86 Tammany. 
Goldsmith- Samuel, printer, 118 N 11th. 
Goldsmith Thos. Oliver, M. D., Beach n Man- 

Goldsmith Wm., planemaker, 5 Goldsmith's ct, 

h c Budd & Green. 
Goldtrap Thos. W., tailor, 254 High, h Perry ct. 
Gollagly John, labourer, 120 Plum. 
Gollocker James, gas fitter. Filbert bel Sch. 3d. 
Golon Jeremiali, porter, 22 Buckley. 
Gommger Catharine, 83 Callowhill. 
Gominger James, ship carpenter. Union n 

Bedford. (K) 
Gominger Joseph, drayman. Crown n Bedford. 
Goimson Benjn. D., lab., Marlborough bel Duke. 
Gone Henry, clerk, 440 N Front. 
Gongon James, shipcarp., Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Gonter W. D., broker, 35 S 4th, h 118 N 10th. 
Good Cyrus J., mer., 138 High, h 93 Filbert. 
Good David, wines & liq., 224 & h 214 N Front. 
Good George, baker. Queen n Palmer (K) 
Good James, gent., 93 Filbert. 
Good John, cooper, Sch. 5th ab Spruce. 
Good John, undertaker, 115 Spruce. 
Good William, lab., High ab Sch. 2nd. 
Goodbred David, gro., c Dlllwyif & Tammany. 
Goodfellow Georg'e, mason, 4th ab Master (K) 
Goodburn Joseph, mer., 1 S 2nd, (up stairs.) 
Goodall John, moulder, George ab Sch. 8th. 
Goodfellow Elizabeth, confectioner, 91 S 6th. 
Goodfellow E. & Son, confectioners, 91 S 6th. 
Goodfellow James,' teacher, 10 Union sq. 
Goodfellow John, cabinetmr.. Green's ct. 
Goodfellow Mrs., Wood ab 11th. 
Goodheart John, hatter, 324 High, h 20 Chester. 
Goodman Charles, dyer, 38 Bread. 
Goodman David, tavern, N W 2nd & Catharine. 
Goodman James, cordw., Apple n George. 
Goodman James, atiy. & coun., 256 N 3rd. 
Goodman John, notary public, 87 Callowhill. 
Goodman John, carpenter, 12 Kunckle. 
Goodman William, shoemr., c 13th & Carlton. 
Goodrich John, printer, 26 R road. 




Goodrick Eliza, stockmr., 10 Exchange row. 
Goodridge William, hairdresser, 24 S 7th. 
Goods George, baker. Queen n Palmer. 
Goodsell Jos., gardener, M road ab Greenwich. 
Goodwin Algernon M., brushmr.. Pearl ab 12th 
Goodwin James, cooper, rear 16 Washington 

Market Place. 
Goodwin James, cordwainer, Charlotte n George. 
Goodwin John, tailor, 87 j^ Cherry, h N E 6th h 

Goodwin John, cordwainer, 514 N 2nd. 
Goodwin John D., 117 Brown. 
Goodwin John, tailor, 4 Ellet's av. 
Goodwin Susan, umbrella maker, Maria bel 5th. 
Goodwin Thomas, cooper, 118 Cedar. 
Goodwin Thomas P., letter carrier, 174 S 9th. 
Goodwin William, hatter, 313 N 2nd. 
Goodwin William, tailor, 87 CheiTy. 
Goold Payne, paper warehouse, 138 N 4th. 
Gorbut Robert, carver, 24 Lebanon. 
Gorden Robert, labourer, 12 McDuffie. 
Goorley Robert, suspender manuf., McDufRe ab 

Sch. 2nd. 
Gordon Charles, porter, 6 Eagle ct. 
Gordon & Carr, com. mers., 73 S Wharves. 
Gordon Charles D., mer., h 118 N Juniper. 
Gordon David, carpenter, 108 German. 
Gordon George, plasterer, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Gordon George & Son, stone cutter, 73 N 8th. 
Gordon H., tavern, N W Sch. 4th & Cedar. 
Gordon Henry, clothes seller, 1 Eagle ct. 
Gordon James R., hair dresser, N E 4th & Chest- 
nut, & 239 N 2nd, h 171 S 11th. 
Gordon James, marble polisher, c Pine and 

Gordon Joel, tailor, 4 Mechanic's av. 
Gordon John B., varnisher, 18 Carter's al. 
Gordon John, weaver, S E 13th 8c Brinton. 
Gordon Joseph A., mer., 73 S Wharves, h 22 

Gordon Lewis, soap boiler. Beach n Marsh. (K) 
Gordon Mary, tailoress, rear 154 Sassafras. 
Gordon M. K., dressmaker, 131 N 6th. 
Gordon M. L., drug & plaster mill, 12 S Penn sq, 

h Sch. 6th bel Mulberry. 
Gordon Nathaniel, manuf., c 13th & Pine. 
Gordon Robert C. jr., shoemaker, 171 S 11th. 
Gordon Robert C. senr., bottler, 57 Pine. 
Gordon R. T., U. S. Navy, 23 Sansom. 
Gordon Samuel, weaver, 230 Shippen. 
Gordon Samuel, whitewasher, 6 Burd's ct. 
Gordon Thomas F., gent., 129 Lombard. 
Gordon Victor L., asst. purser. Navy Yard, h 23 

Gordon Wm., pocketbk. maker, 24 Marion. 
Gordon Wm. B., cordwainer, 9 Townsend's ct. 
Gordon William S., hair dresser, 99 Callowhill. 
Gore James E., stone cutter, 72 Tammany. 
Gore Susan, 5 Maple, 
^orgas E. W., woodwhf.. Beach ab Marlborough. 

Gorgas George, lumber mer., 225 N Water, h 

144 N Front. 
Gorgas George, tobacconist, 150 Poplar. 
Gorgas George jr., coal mer., Oak ab Willow. 

Gorgas Joseph, lumber mer., c 7th & Button- 
wood, h 316 N 6th. 

Gorgas Peter, lumber, mer., c 7th & Button- 
wood, h 310 N 6th. 

Gorgas Samuel jr., broker, 4 S 3rd. 

Gorgas Samuel, hatter, 201 Marshall. 

Gorgas Wm., barber, N 2nd bel Mulberry. 

Gorman Anthony, tailor, 8 Randall's ct. 

Gorman Archibald, bootmaker, 55 Fitzwater. 

Gorman Edward, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 

Gorman Felix, weaver, G T road, ab Phoenix. 

Gorman Jacob, brickmr., 7 Ogden. 

Gorman John L., tavern, 15 S Sch. 8th. 

Gorman Michael, cordwainer, Man*iott bel 5th. 

Gorman Patrick, porter, 2 Northampton ct. 

Gorman William T., 128 N Water. 

Gormandy Patrick, gentw.. Cedar ab 13th. 

Gormley John, accountant, 3 Lyndall's al. 

Gormley William, tavern, N W Sch. Beach & 

GorreU Ralph G., Aveaver, N W 7th & Fitzwater. 

Gorsuch Lydia, Spring Garden, bel 10th. 

Gotleib Frederick, machinist, Nectarine ab 10th. 

Gorton Geo. W., bookseller, 56 N 3rd, h 
100 New. 

Gosline Jacob, morocco dresser, 2 Franklin. 

Gosline John, mariner, St. John n Beaver. 

GosUne William, cordwainer, 71 Logan. 

Goss Jacob, lab., Charlotte n Master. (K) 

Gosser Jacob, waterman, Wood ab Queen. (K) 

Gosser Phihp, fisherman. Wood ab Prince. 

Gossler John, brassfounder, 158 N 11th. 

Gossman John, skin dresser, Wood bel 12th. 

Gossman John, broker, 127 Buttonwood. 

Gossman Michael, lab., Sch. Beach ab Spruce. 

Gossner J., earthenware manuf., 398 Coates. 

Goucher Mary, b h, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras. 

Goucher Thomas, carpenter, State st. 

Gouge John, druggist, 302 Sassafras. 

Goujon Lewis, screw maker, 6th ab Poplar. 

Gould John, silversmith, Olive n l3th. 

Gould Susan, Mercer bel Locust. 

Gouldey Henry, Juniper ab Locust. 

Gouldey Saml., stone cutter. Say n Sch 7th. 

Gouldy Edward, lab., rear 142 Brown. 

Gouldy Lydia, gentw., 2 Baker's ct, 

Gouliart John, tavern, 102 Cherry. 

Gourlay P., teacher, 20 S 7th. 

Gouley Abraham, printer, 19 Crown. 

Gourley James, porter, 4 Richardson's ct. 

Gourley Sarah, shop, 88 W High. 

Gourdley Susan, 28 Union. 

Gouse Jacob, labourer, 464 N 5th. 

Gousha Joseph, victualler, 14 Rachel. 

Goutier John, painter, 206 S 6th. 

Gover Daniel, toys, G T road ab Phoenix. 

Govett George, accountant, 244 Filbert. 

Govett Joseph, carpenter, 9 Bonsall. 

Govett R. A., carpenter, 367 Cedar. 

Govett Wm., disct. clerk Penna. bank, h 12th 
ab Cherry. 

Gowen Edward, cooper, Washington ab Vine. 

Gowen Daniel, grocer, 275 N 2nd. 

Gowen, Jacobs'Sc Co., wine mers., 81 Dock. 

Gowen James, wine mer., 81 Dock. 




Gowen Margaret, 20 Boyd's av. 
Gowen Michael, brassfounder, 238 S 5th. 
Gowen Mrs., widow, S W Front and Vine. 
Grabey Matthias, cordwainei-, Marlborough bel 

Grace Catharine, gentw., 244 St. John. 
Grace Edward, labourer, 185 N Front. 
Grace Edward R., printer, 7 Shield's al. 
Grace George, cabinetmaker, 2 Porter's ct 
Grace John, victualler, Coates ab 11th. 
Grace Samuel, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th. 
Gracey James, tailor, 344 N 3d. 
Gracey S., b h, 56 Filbert. 
Gradgent F., labourer, 368 N 6th. 
Graeff Daniel, mer., 175 High, h 28 Appletree al 
Graeff Joseph, tavern, S E Water & Callowhill 
GrafF Ann, N W R road & Buttonwood. 
GrafFB., baker, 156 N 13th. 
Graff Charles, gent, 265 Mulberry. 
Graff Charles jr., mer., 193 High, h 62 S 12th. 
Graff Charles, 128 Budd. 
Graff Christopher, druggist, 351 S 2nd. 
Graff Frederick, superintend, water works, 200 

Cherry, h N W 10th & Cherry. 
Graff George, bricklayer, Mechanic n George. 
Graff Henry, bricklayer. Mechanic n George. 
Graff Henry, butcher, 5th n G T road. 
Graff John, sign painter, Spafford ab Fltzwater. 
Graff John M., watchman, 128 Budd. 
Graff Michael, lab., rear 370 N 6th. 
Graff Samuel, packer, 3d n Poplar. 
GrafRn Robert, variety store, 273 S 5th. 
Graham Abigail, George ab Sch. 6th. 
Graham Abraham, labourer. Perry ab Pine. 
Graham A. W., engraver, 47 S 8th. 

Graham M'Cartney, carpenter, rear 298 S 4th. 

Graham Eliza, trimmings, c 7th & Wallace. 

Graham Francis, tailor, 77 P road. 

Graham George A., atty. & coun., 50 N 7th. 

Graham George R., att'y at law, 204 N 6th. 

Graham Henry Y., machinist, 3 Moore's ct. 

Graham Isaac, lampmaker, 13 Wiley's ct. 

Graham James, clerk, 137 S 9th. 

Graham James, weaver, 14 Brinton. 

Graham James, tailor, 43 Carpenter. 

Graham James, grocer. Cedar ab 12th. 

Graham James, watchman. Pine ab Qmnce. 

Graham James, weaver, 4 Rollins' row. 

Graham Jane, shop, 194 Callowhill. 

Graham John, carpenter, 47 Penn. 

Graham John, chaser, 16 Plum. 

Graham John, chairmaker, 182 S 11th. 

Graham John, clerk, 25 Madison. 

Graham John, labourer, James bel R road. 

Graham John, M. D., 489 S 2nd. 

Gratiam John K. & Son, grocers, 294 High. 

Graham Margaret, 280 S Front. 

Graham Mark, laboiu-er, Marriott ab 5th. 

Graham Noble, watchman, Lombard ab 12th. 

Graham N. H., mer., 294 High. 

Graham Peter, tailor, 13 Cresson's al. 

Graham Peter, mer., 34 Chestnut, h 190 Spruce. 

Graham Redman, furniture, 136 Cedar. 

Graham Richard, soap boiler, 8 Union ct. 

Graham Richard, sheriff's office, h 8 Dilk's ct 

Graham Robert, labourer, Vine ab 12th. 

Graham Robert, shoemaker. Cherry n Sch. 8th. 

Graham Susan, P road bel Washington. 

Graham Thomas, tailor, 90 Union. 

Graham Thomas, gent., 35 Girard. 

Graham Thomas, pump & blockmaker, 91 S 

Wharves, h 171 Queen. (S) 
Graham Thomas, labourer, Wood n Sch 3d. 
Graham Thomas, carp., 76 F road. 
Graham William, di-ayman. Orchard n Poplar. 
Graham William, tavern, 274 S 2nd. 
Graham WilUam C, clerk, 170 N 8th. 
Grambo Heniy, acct., 322 Coates. 
Grandom Hart, N W 7th & Sansom. 
Granello Francis, confectioner, 251 N 2nd. 
Grannet Henry, tailor, 5 Strahan's ct.| 
Grange William, crockery, 443 N 2nd. 
Granger Hem-y, oysterseller, 125 Callowhill. 
Gransback George, bootmaker, 33 Coates. 
Grantlin Samuel, lab., Swanson bel Queen. (S) 
Grant Denny, labourer, Sch. Washington. 
Grant Edward, carpenter. State st. 
Grant John L. Rev., 390 Vine. 
Grant John, papermr., Lydia n School. (K) 
Grant John, baker, 247i N 2nd. 
Grant Louisa, fancy goods, 2, 3 &. 4 Arcade. 
Grant Samuel, mer., 12 S Whfs., h 44 Pine. 
Grant & Stone, com. mers., 12 S Whfs. 

Grant Theodore, painter, 65 N 6th. 

Grant Wm., pump & blockmaker, 62 Christian. 

Grant WilHam,^ labourer, 4 Gale's ct. 

Grasby H., 51 S 13th. 

Grass Lawrence, tailor, 234 S 4th. 

Grattan Edward, printer, 25 Morgan. 

Gratz David, mer., 2 S 7th, h 14 Girard. 

Gratz Edward, mer., 2 S 7th, h 14 Girard. 

Gratz Edward & D., mers., 2 S 7th. 

Gratz H., prest. Penns. Ins. Co. on Lives, h 2 
Boston row. 

Gratz Jacob, mer., 2 Boston row. 

Gratz Jos., mer., 125^ S Front, h 2 Boston row. 

Graul John, blacksmith, Thomas' al. 

Graul John, baker, 334 N 2nd. 

Graurer John, suspender weaver, 4th & Frank- 
lin, (K) 

Gravat George, carp., Marriott bel 3d. 

Gravel Henry, carpenter, 220 Vine. 

Gravel Henry, jr., grocer, 220 Vine. 

Gravel John, carpenter, 377 Callowhill. 

Graver John, shopkeeper, 7 Franklin. (K) 

Gravener John, coachman, rear 143 Coates. 

Graver Andrew M., cabinetmaker, 356 S Front. 

Graver Mary, gentw., 150 F road. 

Graves Henry, hatter, rear 10 Green's al. 

Graves James, turner, SZ Federal. 

Graves James, wheelwright, G T road n 2nd. 

Graves John, turner, 547 S 2nd. 

Graves Matthew, moulder, F road n Queen. 

Graves Sarah, Federal ab 2nd. 

Graves Wm., tavern, 15 Queen. (K) 

Gray Ann, 368 Vine. 

Gray Catharine, art. flower maker, 73 Mulberry. 

Gray Elizabeth, 13 Poplar. 

Gray Henry M., seaman, 402 N 3d. 

Gray Hester, Vine n Sch. 




Gravilla Matthew, carp., 14 Jones' al. 

Gray H. J., b. h., S E Front & Almond. 

Gray James, stove finisher, rear 11 Dorothy. 

Gray James, lab., Gamphire's ct. 

Gray Jane, variety store, 397 S 2nd. 

Gray Jarvis, waiter, 34 Prosperous al. 

Gray Jolui, tavern, N W 13th & Wood. 

Gray John, lab., 20 Perry. 

Gray John, labourer, Paschal's al. 

Gray Joseph, blacksmith, c James & R road. 

Gray Maria, b h, S W 11th & Vine. 

Gray Martha, b. h. 11 Powell. 

Gray Mary, S E Centre & Dean. 

Gray Peter, stone cutter, Charlotte n Creek. 

Gray Richard, mariner, 206 St John. 

Gray Randolph, lab.. Barker's al. 

Gray Robert A., labourer, Hemphill's ct. 

Gray Robert E., brewer, 24 S 6th, h N W 9th 

and ]\Iulberry. 
Gray R. W., mer, 76 S Front. 
Gray Samuel, cordwainer, Shackamaxon near 

Gray Samuel, coachman, 12 Middle al. 
Gray Stephen, cabinetmr., rear 95 O Y road. 
Gray Wm., chairmaker, 17 Vernon. 
Gray Wm., cordwainer, 2 N Sch. 7th. 
Gray Wm., labourer, Ann ab Sch 8th. 
Gray Wm., gi-ocer, N W Cedar & Fox's ct. 
Gray Wm., grocer, c 3rd & Franklin. 
Gray Wm., bottler, S W 2nd & Chestnut. 
Grayson Wm., carpenter. Baker bel 7th. 
Grear Georg'e, victualler, Buttonwwood ab R 

Grear John F., victualler, 302 Callowhill. 
Grear Samuel, victualler 221 N 8th. 
Grear Sophia victualler, 224 N 8th. 
Greaves Alexander Jr., plumber, 63 N otli, 

354 S 4th. 
Greaves Mary, 376 S Front. 
Greaves &, Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead's ct. 
Greaves Wm., manuf., 8 Orleans. 
Greble Edwin, marble mason, N W P road and 

Chiistian, h 5th bel Gaskill. 
Greble Sarah, tavern, 90 N Water. 
Green Aaron, carpenter, rear 195 Noble. 
Green Alex. B., mer., 49 High, h 67 New. 
Green Alpliins, ropemaker, Marlborough above 

Green Anna, gentw., 329 N 6th. 
Green Anthony, mer., 41 High, h 63 Marshall. 
Green Ashbel, D. D., 150 Pine. 
Green Ashbel Jr., att'y & coun. & commissioner 
of deeds for New Jersey, 79 S 3rd, h 150 
Green Bernard, weaver, Charlotte n Master. 

Green Catharine, 16 Pen-y. 
Green Chai-les, coal mer., 12 Adams. 
Green Charles, waterman, 285 St. John. 
Green Cliarles Wm., 16 Chester. 
Green Dennis, white washer, 6 Portland la. 
Green Edward C, boat builder, c Sch Front 

and Mulberry. 
Green Edward, tavern, 248 Shippen. 
Green Edward, engineer, 2nd al> Phoenix. (K) 

Green Edward, cabmr., 10th ab Buttonwood. 

Green Elizabeth, 39 Currant al. 

Green Ehzabeth, Queen ab 2nd. 

Green Frances, c 5th & Mulberry. 

Green F., druggist, S W 7th & Cedar. 

Green George, hattei-, G T Road n 2nd. 

Green George, carpenter, 7 Nectarine. 

Green Henry, labourer, 7th n P road. 

Green Henrj', moulder, 3 Weccacoe. 

Green Jacob, M. D., 26 S 12th. 

Green Jacob, paper stainer, Sch Front n Cherry. 

Green Jacob, bootmr., 14Budd. 

Green James, fisherman, 135 Green. « 

Green James, cordwainer, 125 Catliarine. 

Green Jesse, clerk, 21 Prime. 

Green John, tobacconist, Shippen ab 13th. 

Green John, china ware, F road c Otter. 

Green John, saddler, 9 Farr st. 

Green John, di'ayman, 280 S 6th. 

Green Jonas, M. D., homeopathist, 206 Pine. 

Green Joseph, moulder, Atherton bel Marriott. 

Green Joseph, cordwainer, 29 Swanson. 

Green Joseph, cordwainer, 30 Magnolia. 

Green Joseph, dry goods, 272 N 2nd. 

Green Joseph B., cai-p., N E 12th and SheafT's 

Green Joseph, waterman, 6 Peach. 
Green Julia, b. h., 9 Wood. 
Green Lewis, cordwainer, 3 Dugan's av. 
Green Lydia, Wallace ab 9th. 
Green Maiy, 128 Dillwyn. 
Green Maiy, gentw., 8 Jones' al. 
Green Matthew, founder, rear 78 F road. 
Green Patrick, drayman, 2 Norris' al. 
Green Philip P., mer., 109 S Front. 
Green Rhoda, 22 Bird's ct. 
Green Richard W., teacher, 42 S 13th. 
Green Robert, waiter. Eagle ct. 
Green Robert, cordwainer, 321 Lombard. 
Green Solomon, porter, Little Oak. 
Green Samuel, jr., cabinetmr., 284 S Front, h 

32 Almond. 
Green Sanuiel, dry goods, 378 S 2nd. 
Green Sarah, Little Oak. 
Green Silas, shoemr., rear 1 Buttonwood. 
Green Stephen, tavern, c Coates & O Y roaa. 
Green Stephen, cordwainer, 21 Rachel. 
Green Stephen, lab., Mellon bel 12th. 
Green S. Mi's., milliner, 229 Lombard. 
Green Thomas, wheelwright, Oi-chardn Green's 

Green Wm., tool maker. Cedar bel 13th. 
Green Wm., pawnbroker, 216 S 5th. 
Green Wm., plasterer, 32 Apple. 
Green Wm., labourer, 15 Sassafras' al. 
Green Wm., labourer, Ann ab Scli. 8tli. 
Green Wm., labourer, 39 Currant al. 
Green Wm. M., carp., N E 13th & Montgomery. 
Green W. Mrs., Rittenhouse bel Sch 5th. 
Greenage D., oysterman, 2 Davis' ct. 
Greene Daniel,' tavern c Water & Walnut. 
Greene Wm., jeweller, 4 N 5th, h 327 N 6th. 
Greenhalgh Edward, pearl ornament manuf., 

N E Sch. 5th & Barker, h 16 Barker. 
Greenfield Elizabeth, 371 Mulberry. 




Greenfield Reuben, jobber, Vine n Sch 7th. 
Greenleaf Hudson, blacksmith, Pearl bel Sch 

Greenleaf John, trader, c 9th and Brown. 
Greenman H. & J., paper hangers, 374 N 2nd. 
Greenman James, paper hanger, 374 N 2nd. 
Greenman John, comb maker, 341 N 3rd. 
Greenman Wm., paper hanger. Green ab 8th. 
Greening Richard, shoes, Spring Garden above 

Greenlee James, cordw., James bel R road. 
Greenough F. VV., pubhsher, 3 Minor, h 100 S 

Greer Alexander, goldbeater, 11 Pennsylvania 

Greer James, dentist, George bel Sch 6th. 
Greer James, carver, 45 Coates al. 
Greer John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Greer Margaretta, 20 Morgan. 
Greer Mary Ann, 36 Chester. 
Greer Mordecai W., machinist, 1 Lodge al, h 

Greer M. W. & T., machinists, 1 Lodge al. 
Greer Robert, silk dyer. Cedar ab 12Ui. 
Greer Robert, manuf., c 12th & Ann. 
Greer Wm., weaver, 138 S 12th. 
Greeves Alexander, grocer, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Gregory Corneliu.s, oysterman, 453 S 3rd. 
Gregory Cornelius, porter. Cherry above Sch 

Gregory James, 298 S 5th. 
Gregory Mary, teacher, 8 Callowhill. 
Gregory Nathaniel, turner, 7th ab Poplar. \ 
Gregory Wm., tanner, 277 Callowhill. 
Gregory Wm., cordwainer. Crown bel Green. 
Gregory Wilson, boot and shoe manuf., 22 La- 
grange, h rear 211 St John. 
Gregg Sarah, 33 New. 
Gregg Wm., M. D., 32 Sassafras. 
Greham E. & N., milliners. Cedar bet Sch 2nd 

and 3rd. 
Greiner Christopher, portrait painter, 126 St. 

Greiner Frederick, lab., c Sch. 8th & Callowhill. 

Greiner George, treas. Phil, saving fund soc'yj 
h 206 N 6th. 
■ Greiner Lewis, toymaker, 8th n S Garden. 

Greiner Wm. S., mer., 5 N Wharves, h 38 Wood. 

Grelaud D., female seminary, 120 S 3rd. 

Grelaud M. H., gentw., 27 S Sch 7th. 

Grenhart John, baker, cor 10th & Bonsall. 

Gresimer Jonah, tailor, 284 N 2nd. 

Greswold Thomas E., 9th & Catharine. 

Grew Wm. C, constable. Rose al ab Green. 

Greves Andrew, lab., Jones ab Sch 5th. 

Grevner Josepli, weaver, Brazier ab Lloyd. 

Greu Henry Rev., 69 Lombard. 

Greu Elizabeth, 1 Chew's ct. 

Grice Samuel, ship carpenter, Penn above 

Grier James, bootmaker, 131 W High. 

Grier James, grocer. High, W Sch. 7th. 

Grier Jonathan B., carpenter, 378 Coates. 

Grier Matthew Jr., bootmaker, 99 Cedar. 

Griely Michl., weaver, ith n G T road. 

Griesemer L. S. & P. S., grocers, 499 N 2d. 

GrifTee Ann Maria, art. flowers, 48 Mulberry &■ 
'l5 S 3d. 

GriflTee John, cordwainer, 6 Union ct. 

Griffee Peter, bookbinder, 73 Logan. 

Griffenburg Christian G., blacksmith, 12 South 

GriiRn Ann, b h., 7 Chancery lane. 

Griffin B., hackman, 12 Helmuth. 

Griffin E., M. D., 292 Coates. 

Griffin John, tavern, 89 S wharves. 

Griffin Peter, labourer, Ann ab Sch. 8th. 

Griffin Susan M., 27 N 5th. 

Griffin William, mer., 241 Pine. 

Griffing Daniel, lum. mer., Franklin ab Green 

Griffing Mary, trimming store, 128 N 4th. 

Griffith Abel, whip mr., Charlotte ab Culvert. 

Griffith Amos, stove manuf., S W 2d 8c Vine. 

Griffith Catharine, dry goods, 181 N 3d. 

Griffith E., dry goods, S E 11th & Chestnut. 

Griffith J., painter. Vine n Sch. 7th. 

Grifiith Isaac, gent, 138 Dillwyn. 

Griffith Isaac, dentist, 31 S Sch. 7th. 

Griffith John, band boxmaker, 22 Bank. 

Griffith John T., cooper, 6 Lawrence. 

Griffith Lewis, carpenter, 126 N 11th. 

Griffith Lewis, cordw.. Orchard c Rawle. 

Griffith Matthew, gent., Lawrence ab Green. 

Griffith O. B,, grocer, N W 6th &. Pine. 

Griffith Peter, lab., 87 German. 

Griffith Seth, laboiu-er. Queen n Shackamaxon. 

Griffith & Simon, booksellers, 384 N 2d. 

Griffith Wm., upholsterer, 176 Sassafras. 

Griffith Wm., carpenter, S E 9th & Coates 

Griffith Wm., broker, 144 S 13th. 

Griffith Wm., mer., George ab 9th. 

Griffith Wm., surveyor, rear 175 Brown. 

Griffith Wm., coal mer., Sch 3rd ab Filbert. 

Griffith Wm. B., cabinetmaker, 17 Barker. 

Griffiths A. W. M. D., 188 Coates. 

Griffiths C. M., M. D., 349 N 6th. 

Griffiths Elijah L., M. D., c Brown & O Y road. 

Griffiths Elijah 1,., druggist, N E 4th & Green 

Griffiths Eliza, 283 N 6th. 

Griffiths J. W., att'y & coun., 99 Coates. 

Griffiths W. C, carp., 14 Helmuth. 

Griffitts E. E., teacher, N E Broad and Chest- 

Griffitts Mary, 141 S 9th. 

Griffitts S. P. Jr., druggist, N W 9th and Chest- 
nut, h 41 S 8th. 

Griffitts William F., mer., 15 Church alley. 

Grigg George, mer., 13 North. 

Grigg &. Elliott, booksellers, 9 N 4th. 

Grigg John, booksr., 9 N 4th, h 298 Mulberry. 

Grigg Mark, corder, 444 S Front. 

Grigg & Merideth, com. mers., 2nd wharf bel 

Griggs Anthony, printer, 2 Carlton sq. 
Griggs A., printer, St. James bel 7th. 
Griggs & Co., printers, 19 St. James. 
Grillet H. F., civil engineer, 9th n Poplar. 
Grim Daniel K., dry goods, 148 N 4th, h 105 O 

Y road. 
Grim John, brickmaker, Charlotte c Poplar. 




Grim John, labourer, rear 79 G T road. 
Grim Nicholas, brickmr., Charlotte ab Poplar. 
Grim Peter, brickmaker, 480 N 3d. 
Grim William, brickmaker, 5th n Poplar. 
Grimes James, porter, rear 10 Gray's alley. 
Grimes Thomas, blacksmith, Christian n Proud. 
Grimes William, clerk, 34 Coates' alley. 
Grimstone John, waterman, 3 Mead. 
Grimshaw William, rigg-er, 96 German. 
Griner Isaac, plasterer, 48 Perry. 
Griner Joseph, painter, 16 Aftorn alley. 
Griner Stephen, painter, 65 S 4th. 
Grinnell William, atty. &. coun., 122 Walnut. 
Griscom George, atty. & coun., 16 Sansom. 
Griscom John, M. D., N E 6th & Vine. 
Grissom Caspar, ship carpenter, cor West and 

Cherry. (K) 
Gritsinger Leonard, butcher, Palmer ab Prince 
Groaty Charles, cabinetmaker, 256 Christian. 
Grocewilder Jacob, tailor, Seiser's ct. 
Grodin James, weaver, 4th n G T road. 
Grodin John, store k'pr., Queen ab Wood. (K) 
GrofFAnn Maria, gentw., rear 123 Green. 
Groizinger John, morocco dresser, Haydock n 

Groscup Levi, cai-penter, real- 557 N 4th. 
Grosholz Louis, Schiller Hotel, 86 Sassafras. 
Gross George L, mer., 87 High. 
Gross Jacob, shoemaker, 51 S 12th. 
Gross Jacob, tailor, 19 Mulberry alley. 
Gross John, victualler, 131 Buttonwood. 
Gross, Myers & Moore, mers., 87 High. 
Grotjan Peter A., lOth bel Shippcn. 
Grouger James, weaver, 4th bel G T rd. (K) 
Grouse Gotleib, lab.. Palmer ab Prince. (K) 
Grouse Sebastian, lockmaker. Prince ab Palmer. 

Grove Conrad, coal dealer, whf. Coates st. Sch., 

h 10th ab Green. 
Grove D. B., piano forte manuf., 338 High. 
Grove Heniy, grocer, 141 N 3d, h c Crown & 

Grove John, oyster house, 147 Poplar. 
Grover Abigail, gentw., 5 Lombard. 
Grover Christopher, labourer, 76 Plumb. 
Grover Hugh, wharf builder, 21 Christian. 
Grover Thomas D., wharf builder, 12 Federal. 
Grover William, carpenter, 21 Rachel. 
Groves Anthony, gent., 133 Filbert. 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer, 156 N 9th. 
Groves James, bootmaker. Pine n Beach. 
Groves James, dealer, 246 N 2d. 
Groves Michael F., M. D., druggist, N E 9th & 

Fitz water. 
Groves Nicholas, mariner. Wall ab P road. 
Groves Thomas, wheelw., G T road ab Maiden. 
Grow Jane, nurse, 12 German. 
Grow John W., agent of rail road, 388 Coates. 
Grow Mattlftw, sail maker, 
Grow Nicholas, carp., 26 Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Grubb Edward B., com. mer., S E Water and 

Sassafras, h 391 Walnut. 
Grubb Frederick, cordwainer, Clinton ct. 
Grubb Harriet A., gentw., 391 Walnut. 
Grubb Joseph, suspender mikcr, 12 Carter's a1. 

Grubb Joseph C, hardware mer, 76 High, h 30 

N 5th. 
Grubb Mrs. M., b h, 97 Chestnut. 
Grubb Samuel, mer., c Phoenix and Cadwala- 

Grubb William, gent.. Cherry ab 12th. 

Gruber John, blacksmith, 130 St. John. 
Grubs Michael, oysterman, Kessler's alley. 

Grugan Charles, mer., h 107 N Juniper. 

Grugan Florence, tailor, 64 N 8th, h 4 Ran- 
dall's ct. 

Grugan & Kis^ick, tailors, 64 N 8th. 

Gruis Christ., fancy goods, N E Budd & Laurel. 

Grum John H., potter, 87 W High. 

Grundy Edmund, merchant, 16 Church alley, h 
43 New. 

Grussmeyer Nicholas, baker, 206 Queen. (S) 

Gubert t. E., grocer, N W 8th & Mulberry, h 
59 N 8th. 

Gudknecht John, grain measurer, 120 Budd. 

Guenat Margaret, gentw. 230 Walnut. 

Guenther Isaac, baker. Poplar ab O Y road. 

Guenther John, baker, 10th ab Washington. 

Guerard Peter, gent. 10th bel Shippen. 

Guerin Pharon, hairdi-esser, 1 Buckley. 

Guest George, mer., 97 S Front, h Chestnut n 
Sch 6th. 

Guhring John, razor grinder, 116 Crown. 

Guier George, U. S. weighmaster, 10 Minor, h 
361 Sassafras. 

Guiest Ellis, 8 Rachel. 

Guiger George, tobacco, S W 13th & Sassafras 

Guiger Henry, tobacc'nst. Spruce E of Sch 4th 

Guilberry J. B., tailor, 147 Locust. 

Guild Ann, 124 S 4th. 

Guilkey M. M., milliner, 197 S 2nd. 

Guillou Constant, att'y 8c notarj', 97 Walnut, h 
193 N 7th. 

Guillou Rene, 186 Chestnut, h 5 Portico sq. 

Guillou Victor, teacher, 5 Portico sq. 

Guinup John, carpenter. Orchard n Jackson. 

Guion F. A., coal mer. 13 Arcade, h 611 Chest- 

Guion George L., 25 New. 

Guiss John, mariner, 22 Mead alley. 

Gulayer Christian, shipmaster, 20 Coates. 

Guminey Jacob S., brickmaker, 35 Apple. 

Guminger Joseph, drayman. Crown n Queen. 

Gumpert B. Barton, druggist, S W 7th & But- 

Gumphert Susan, tavern, c Queen & F road. 

Gummey John M., dry goods, 366 Vine. 

Gunderlach Gotlieb, tavern, 4th ab George. 

Gum Patrick, weaver, Chai'lotte above Thomp- 

Gunn Thomas, weaver, c Cadwalader and Jef- 
ferson. (K) 

Gunn William, tavern, c 2nd & Master. 

Gunnington J., M. D., 477 S 2d. 

Guptill Nathaniel, salesman, 28 N 4th. 

Gurley George, coachman, 290 Vine. 

Gurley James, porter, 4 Richardson's ct. 

Gurney Mrs., S W Front & Lombard. 

Guth Anthony, tailor, 5 Exchange pi. 




Guthbrocl Fredci-ick, 9 Sheild's al. 

Giitlirie Eliza, 163 S lOtli. 

Gutlirie James, hatter, Elmes' ct. 

Gittiirie James, labourer, Wood ab Sch Front. 

Guthrie James, weaver, 2 Wag-ner's alley. 

Guthrie John, weaver, 13th bel Brinton. 

Gutlirie Joseph, gent, 8th ab Fitzwater. 

Guy Alexander, labourer, 31 Quince. 

Guy llobert, manuf. Sch P'ront bel Spruce. 

Guy William, oystermun, 122 Swanson. 

Gayer Benjamin, watchman, 29 Jones al. 

Guyer (Jodfrey H., carp., Carlton' ab Sch 8th. 

Guyer William, dep. surveyor, 12th ab Button- 

Gtiyg'er George, hatter, 44 dueen. (S) 

Guyger James, tailor. Black horse al, h S W 11th 
& Vine. 

Gwin William, carter, 162 Christian. 

Gwinn Andrew, tavern, 26 Pine ct. 

Gwimi Wm., ornamental paint. 45 Coates al. 

Gyson John, suspender weaver, 4th ab Thomp- 

Gyunt John, Crawford's ct. 

Haaman Frederick, clerk, Sch. 6th bel Cherry 

Haas Charles, carpenter, 10th bel Spring- Gar- 

Haas Conrad, g-ent., 38 Mechanic. 

Haas Chas. &. CJias. J., carp'rs, 13 Emlen's ct. 

Haas Edward, bricklayer, 239 N Front. 

Haas F. J., sug-ar refiner, Nicholson. 

Haas Frederick, hosier, 361 N3rd. 

Haas Frederick, jr., carp. 10th bel Spring- Gar- 

Haas Georg-e, tobacconist, 139 Locust. 

Haas George, carpenter, 10th ab Spring Garden. 

Haas Jacob, victualler, James ab 10th. 

Haas Jacob, lab.. Barker's ct. bel Crown. 

Haas John, paintei-, rear 291 Coates. 

Haas John, sugar refiner, 155 Sassafras, h 218 

Haas John, cooper, rear 389 N 3rd. 

Haas John, grocer, c 2nd & Noble, h 361 N 

Haas John & Co., sugar refiners, 155 Sassa- 

, fras. 

Haas J. & W., dry goods, 262 N 2nd. 

Hass John E., apothecary, 102 Vine. 

Haas Mary, 289 S 3rd. 

Haas Michael, baker, Coates n 10th. 

Haas Nicliolas, gunsmith, 152 Wood. 

Haas & VVoolfe, sugar refiners, Nicholson. 

Haber John, shoes, S E Noble & Franklin. 

Habermehl Henry, case maker, 24 Lagrange, h 
131 S 6th. 

Haberstick .facob, weiwer, St John ab Beaver. 

Haberstick Rudolph, tobacconist, 407 N 2nd. 

Haberstick , gas fitter, 178 St. John. 

Hacatree James, tailor, rear 15 Budd. 

Hackenburg J. L., mer. 35 High. 

Hacker George, su'pt. watering com. 398 N 3rd. 

Hacker George W., China, 398 N 3rd. 

Hacker Isaiah, mer. 32 Chestnut, h 112 S 3rd. 

riacker Jeremiah, merchant, 32 Chestnut, h 128 

Hacker Joseph, silverplater, rear 99 Mulberry, 
h 2 Pegg. 

Hacker, Lea & Co., mers. 32 Chestnut. 

Hacker Wm. P., china ware, 62 N 2nd, h 135 

Hacker Wilham E., mer. 32 Cliestnut, h 128A 

riackett Hope, stockmaker, 5 Lombard ct. 

Hackett John, corflwainer, 5 Jefferson row. 

Hackett John, feed, 124 Plum. 

Hackett Mary, stockmaker, 3 Lombard ct. 

Hackett Matthew, carter. Carpenter bel 9th. 

Hackert Mrs. Catharine, 20 North. 

Hackman Charles, saddler, O Y road ab Poplar. 

Hadaway T. H., comedian, 81 S 11th. 

Hadden John, carter, 4 Meyers' ct. 

Hadder William, watchman, 99 N 9th, 

Haddleson Thomas, grocer, S W 6th & Fitz- 

Haddock Daniel, jr., mer. 10 S whfs, h 134 S 

Haddock & Haseltine, mers., 10 S wharves. 

Haddock James, weaver, Cadwalader n Master. 

Hadel Frederick, druggist, 29 New Market. 

Hadfield Mrs., milliner, 154 Cedar st. 

Haegele Noah W., baker, 140 S Juniper. 

Haffelfinger M. Mrs., milliner, 435 Chestnut. 

Haffernen John, waiter, Pierpoint's ct. 

Haffey Henry L., merchant, 6 N 2nd. 

Haffey Peter, grocer, 44 Qj^k. 

Hagaman Geo. W., hatter, 62 Laurel. 

Hagan Charles, bookseller, 256 S 4th. 

Hagan P. F., stone factory, 69 N 2nd. 

Hagedorn C. F., Bavarian consul, 101, & h 60 
S 5th. 

Hiiger Christian, dry goods, 344 Callowhill. 

Hager John, shoemr., 1 Mechanic. 

Hager Daniel, cordwainer, 52 Oak. 

Hagerman John, cordw., 30 Apple. 

Hagerman John, porter, 36 Bird's ct. 

Hagerman Mary Ann, 536 N 2nd. 

Hager & Lewis, shoes, 6 N 5th. 

Hagert J. E., brushmaker, 8 N 3rd, h 66 New. 

Hagerty Charles, cordw., 123 Swanson. 

Hagerty James, livery stable, 211 Christian. 

Hagert}' James, shop, c Wood and Sch. Wash- 

Hagerty Patrick, labourer, 1^ Ellet's av. 

Hagerty Thomas, labourer. Spring Garden, 

Hagey JoJm, confectioner, 64, & h 413 High. 

Hagey & Nice, confectioners, 64 High. 

Hagin Michael, shoemaker, 112 Cherry. 

Hagin Peter, lab.. Smith's ct. 

Hagins Alexander, lab., Fairmount av. «• 

Hagner Benjamin F., merchant, 304 High, h 162 

Hagner Charles V., drug mill, Beaver ct., h 
Marshall ab Noble. 

Hagstoz Jacob, sugar refiner, 74 Crown. 

Hagstoz Thos., sugar refin., S E Crown & Vine, 
h 56 Chester. 

Hague Andrew, bricklayer, Hanover ab Bedford. 




Hague Henry, caulker, Hanover n Bedford. 

Hag'uc James, caulker, 11 Swanson. 

Hague John, bricklayer, Hanover n Queen. 

Hague John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen. 

Hague Jacob, tavern, 11 Swanson. 

Hague Thomas, planet reader, S7 S 13th. 

Uagy Joseph, dry goods, 266 N 2nd. 

Hagy William, dry goods, 254 N 2nd. 

Hahn Christian, baker, 148 N 5th. 

Hahn G., baker, 28 Garden. 

Hahn Henry, baker, 433 .S Front. 

Hahn Jacob, baker, 85 New. 

Hahn John, hotel, 318 N 3rd. 

Hahnlen Jacob, potter, 120 N 2nd. 

Haig James & Thomas, fire brick manuf. 456, 

458 & 460 N 4tli. 
Haight Cornelius, painter, 114 S 12th. 
Haight James O., fjlacksmith, 167 Vine. 
Hailer George F., cordwainer, 295 Vine. 
Haines Abraham, men, 367 High, h 36 Madison. 
Haines Abraham W. Jr., carp., 291 Coates. 
Haines Abraham, carpenter, 384 N 6th. 
Haines A. & B., glass & colours, 367 High. 
Haines Addison, carpenter, Poplar n 9tli. 
Haines Benjamin, 367 Higli, h 254 Filbert. 
Haines Caleb, carpciiter, n Jackson & Apple. 
Haines Chalkley, grocer, Fitzwater ab 8th. 
Haines Clayton, bricklayer, 12th ab Vine. 
Haines & Child, carpenters, T2> Dillwyn. 
Haines Elizabeth, 3 Montgomery. 
Haines Klwood, carpenter, George n Sch 6th. 
Haines Ephraim, gent. 174 N Front. 
Haines James, Krider's al. 
Haines John, carpet weaver, 3 Marion. 
Haines John, brewer, 4 Caledonia ct. 
Haines John, collector, 620 N 2nd. 
Haines Josepli, mer. 23 Palmyra sq. 
Haines Joseph, cordwainer, rear 48 Green. 
Haines Joshua L., combair., 1 Hallowell's ct. 
Haines Josiah, carp., lOtii ab Coates. 
Haines John, shipcarp.. Barker's ctbel Bedford. 
Haines J. B., Wasliington. (W P) 
Haines l-indley, mer. 13 & 13^ S 2nd. 
Haines Le onard, 4 Winters' ct. 
Haines Mary, 12 Farr. 
Haines Mary, 363 N 6th. 
Haines Moses W., tinsmith, 4 Short ct. 
Haines Rachel, j5 Currant al. 
Haines Reuben, carp. 40 Carpenter, (C) h 9th 

bel Coates. 
Haines Samuel, butcher, rear 620 N2nd. 
Haines Samuel, whip platter, Crown n Queen. 
Haines Sarah Ann, ladies' shoes, 209 Chestnut. 
Haines Sophia, huckster, c Wood and Duke. 
Haines AViUiam, carter, 2nd bel Franklin. 
Hains Jacob, baker, 123 Filbert. 
Hains James, butcher, c 4th & Marriott. 
Hains Samuel, city surveyor, 317 Mulberry. 
l^akc Frederick C, baker, S E Sch 3rd & 

Halbach George, gent. 6 Virginia row. 
Halberstadt Jani;-s, carpenter, 142 (iei-man. 
H;dbert Ebeiic/.er, lal)oiirer, 3 Federal. 
Halbert Wesley, shoemr. 4th bel Carpenter. 
Haider Ulrick, mac))inist, Nectarine n lltli. 

Haldorn Thomas, grocer, S E 9th and Carpen- 

Hale Charles W., waterman, 50 Mead. 

Hale George C, coal mer. 4th whf bel Perma- 
nent Bridge, office 81 Dock, h W. Philada. 

Hale Henry C, oysters, 262 High. 

Hale Moses, agent, Sch. bel Fitzwater. 

Hale Ruth, dealer, 111 S Front. 

Hale Samuel, cordwainer, S W 12th & Locust. 

Hale Thomas, jr., stock 8c ex. broker, S E Wal- 
nut and Dock. 

Hale Thomas, paper hanger, 6 Filbert avenue. 

Hale Thomas S., fumer, 32 Rittenhouse. 

Hale William, tailor, 378 High, h 5 Castle. 

Hales William, grocer, N E Front & Christian. 

Haley Dennis, morocco dresser, 13 Little Green. 

Haley Edward, boxmaker, 4 Raspberry lane. 

Haley Peter, dry goods, 524 N 2nd. 

Haley William W., att'y & coun. 72 S 6th. 

Halfman D., tailor, 133 S Front. 

Halfman Wm., blacksmith, 12 Sugar al. 

Halfpenny Catharine, 4 Marion. 

Halfpenny John, machinist, Sch 5th &, Hamilton. 

Hall Alexander, captain, 33 Cox. 

Hall A., washer, 71 George. 

Hall, Andrews & Co., mers. 10 & 12 Com4jnerce. 

Hall Caleb, waterman, 52 Queen. (S) 

Hall Charles, mer., 14 S Front, h Sch. 7th bel 

Hall Charles, livery stable, 12 Raspberry al., h 
Marble ab 10th. 

Hall Charles, carpenter, 5& Nectarine. 

Hall Charles B., mer. 10 Commerce, h Marshall 
bel Spring Garden. 

Hall Charles, machinist, 12 Nectarine. 

Hall Charles, cordw., 247-4 N 2nd. 

Hall & Cutter, shoemrs., 70 N 2d. 

Hall David, lab., Apple n C. Creek. 

Hall E. C, chair ornamenter, 4 Lytle's ct. 

H^all Ebenezer, waiter, 5 Rose al. 

Hall Eleanor, 387 S Front. 

Hall Eleano:- F., 118 S 10th. 

Hall Ehzabeth, 10 Magnolia. 

Hall Elizabeth, 236 S Front. 

Hall Emery, coachman, 30 Pearl. 

Hall Enocli, carter, Paschal'.? al. 

Hall Ephraim, Capt., 17 Pine. 

Hall George, tobacconist, 23 N 9th. 

Hall Geo., blacksm., Shackamaxon bel Franklin. 

Hall Harrison, stationer, 72 S 4tb, h 10th ab 

Hall Henry, machinist, S E Sch 3rd & Pine. 

Hall H. B., mer., 10 Commerce. 

Hall Isaac, lab., Lloyd bel Shippen. 

Hall James, weaver, c 13th and Shippen. 

Hall James, tavern, 101 Swanson. ' 

Hall James, organ builder, 8 College av. h S W 
Montgomery and Jacoby. 

Haly John, variety store, 160 Shippen. 

Hall James, furniture car, 3 Ag-new's ct. 

Hall Jane, Pearle bel Broad. 

Hall John, Chestnut ab Sol) 7th. 

Flail .lohn, watchmaker, 59 Dock. 

Hall John 15., cordwainer. Mechanic n Poplar; 

Hall Joseph, basketmaker, Webb's al. 




Hall Joseph, proprietor 3rd St. Hall, c 3rd & 

Hall Joseph W., grocer, 572 N 2nd. 
Hall John, weaver, Shippen 1. bel Fitzwater. 
Hall John C, 5 Juniper al. 
Hall John G., baker, 29 Powell. 
Hall Lewis, glassworker. Queen near Marlbo- 

Hall Marguretta, 146 S 7th. 
Hall Marv, 155 Cherr^-. 
Hal! Mary Ann, 119 S 8th. 
Hall Morris, coachman, 26 Sassafras al. 
Hall Nathan, shoes, 75 Cedar. 
Hall Patrick, eng-ineer, Wm. n Hopkins' ct. 
Hall Kicliard D. Rev., 210 N 6th. 
Hall Robert, flour mer., c Cherr}- & Juniper. 
Hall Samuel, soapmr. Madison c Sheaff's al. 
Hall Samuel S., cooper, 8 Norris' ct. 
Hall Sarah, shop, M road bel Wharton. 
Hall Sarah, washer. Smith's ct. 
Hall Susan, 229 S 6th. 
Hall W., porti-ait painter, S E 5th & AValnut, h 

65 S Sth. 
Hall Wilfred, acct., 171 N 13th. 
Hall William, blacksmith, 118 New Market. 
Hall William, lab., 52 Coates. 
Hall William, oysterman, 27 Queen. (S) 
Hall William, carpenter, rear 175 Coates. 
Hall William, carpenter. Prince ab Hanover. 
Hall William F., silkmer., 11 Flower. 
Hallett Richai'd, shoemr., 1 Webster's ct. 
Halliday Abig-ail, 157 Queen. (S) 
Halliday Samuel L., saddler, 26 Hig-h. 
Hallman Ann, tailoress, 1 Ellis av. 
Hallman Jacob, grocer, Sch 2nd & Wood. 
Hallman Maria, teacher, 24 Strawberry. 
Hallman William, clerk, 6tli bel Carpenter. 
Halloway Seth P., clerk, 56 Franklin. 
Halloway Wilham, carp. St. John ab Beaver. 
Hallowell Abel, bleeder & barber, 479 N 2nd. 
Hallowell Ann, 107 New. 

Hallowell A. H., confectioner, 8 Julianna. 

Hallowell Caleb W., mer., 7 S 4th. 
Hallowell Edward, jr., M. D., Marshall above 

Hallowell Eli, coachmi-., R road n Willow. 

Hallowell George, bootmr., 12th bel Coates. 

Hallowell G. W., confectioner, 8 Julianna. 

Hallowell Hiram L., tailor, 70 Coates. 

Hallowell Jesse, bricklayer, 123 Catharine. 

Hallowell Jolin, bvickmr. 170 Coates. 

Hallowell Jonah, leather, 227 N 2nd, h 111 N 

Hallowell Joel, carter, Stout's ct. 

Hallowell Joseph, shop. High ab Sch 7th. 

Hallowell Mattliew, g.;nt., Hope n Franklin. 

Hallowell M. L., mer. 143 High, h 240 N 6th. 

Hallowell Rachel, 7 Noble. 

Hallowell Samuel \V., teacher, 225 N 6tli. 

Hallowell Sarah, gentw., 112 Filbert. 

Hallowell Tiiomas, engineer, 117 Budd. 

Hallowell Thomas, currier, rear 150 St. John. 

Hallowell, Walton & Co., mers. 143 Hisrh. 

Hallowell William, mer. 168 N 2nd, h 306 N 

Hallowell William, gent. 197 N 3rd. 
Hallowell William J., gent. 45 S 5th. 
Hallowell W. S. & Co., hardware, 168 N 2nd. 
Hallowell W^m. S., mer., 168 N 2d, h 306 N 6tli. 
Hallsted John, carpet warehouse, 193 Chestnut, 

h 48 N 7th. 

Halpmen Robert, skindresser, Goldsmith's ct. 
Halsted Geo. W., coal mer. Chestnut st whf, 

Sch, h 10 Sch Cherry. 
Halsted John, mer., 48 N 7tli. 
Halsted Mary, di-ess maker, 12 Orleans. 
Halzel Philip, cliairmaker, 515 N Front. 
Halzel Samuel, 39 Coates. 
Hambly WiUiam, millwright, 13 Wiley's ct. 
Hambright Henry, hatter, 298 S 10th. 
Hamel Christian, vict.. Garden n Buttonwood. 
Hamel Mary, milliner, 316 Vine. 
Hamelin Joseph P., 303 S 2nd. 
Hamer Jacob & Sons, tailors, 38 N 6th. 
Hamersly S. S., M. D., c 13th & George. 
Hamill Elizabeth, tavern, N W 6th & Brown. 
Hamill James, tavern & farrier, 11^ S 6tli. 
Hamill John, paper hanger, 206 S 5th. 
Hamill Samuel, grocer, Front n Jefferson. 
Hammilt Thomas, porter, Marlborough n Duke. 
Hamilton Alexander, gent., 8th bel Fitzwater. 
Hamilton Andi'ew, porter, 3 Whittaker's ct. 
Hamilton Arthur, cordwnr, St. John n George. 
Hamilton Cathai-ine, milliner, 109 G T road. 
Hamilton Columbus, painter, 484 N 3rd. 
Hamilton David, cordwainer, 18 Swanson. 
Hamilton & Esling, coal mers., Sch. n Cedar. 

Hamilton George, teller K. Bank, h Marlboro' 
n Queen. 

Hamilton George W., collector, 7 North. 

Hamilton Georg-e, grocer, S E 12th &. Coates. 

Hamilton Jacob, lab. Filbert ab Sch 3rd. 

Hamilton Jacob A., waiter, 1 Osborn. 

Hamilton James, seaman, 31 Union al. 

Hamilton James, cailer, Shippen lane bel Rose. 

Hamilton James, watchman, Lewis n Sch. 6th. 

Hamilton James, drayman, Sch. 5th ab High. 

Hamilton James, carpets, 72 Chestnut. 

Hamilton James, labourer, Annn Sch 7th. 

Hamilton James E., gi'ocer. High ab Sch. 6th, 
h Bai-ker ab Sch. 4th. 

Hamilton James, artist, 7 Duke. 

Hamilton Jane, Front ab Phoenix. 

Hamilton Jane, 4 Helmuth. 

Hamilton John A., mer. 16 S 4th, h 47 Old Y 

Hamilton J. B. W., builder. Wood ab 12th, h 
172 N 12th. 

Hamilton John M., civil engineer, 28 N 11th. 

Hamilton John T., tailor, 20 Ogden. 

Hamilton & Jones, grocers, High ab Sch. 6th. 

Hamilton J., teacher of drawing, 5 Sheldon row. 

Hamilton Lydia, 152 Locust. 

Hamilton Margaret, 8 Powell. 

Hamilton JLary Amelia, 4 Assembly Buildings. 

Hamilton Mary, 141 N 6th. 

Hamilton ilary, dress maker, 157 Catharine. 

Hamilton Mary, Laurel n Rachel. 

Hamilton Mary, gentw., 316 Chestnut. 

Hamilton k Raphun, hatters, 255 N 2d. 




Hamilton Robert, lab., Pine n Willow. 

Hamilton Robert, carter, Apple n George. 

Hamilton Robert, ccrdwainer, N E 8th & Mul- 
berry, h. rear 19 Garden. 

Hamilton Rosanna, shop. Front ab Phoenix. 

Hamilton R. J., watchmaker, 231 Hig'h. 

Hamilton Samuel, watchman, rear 47 Cedar. 

Hamilton Sarah, 168 Locust. 

Hamilton Sarah, tailoress, 33 Apple. 

Hamilton & "U'atts, dry goods, 85 &. 87 Cedar. 

Hamilton William, labourer, Sch. 3d ab High. 

Hamilton William, actuan" Franklin Institute, h 
28 N 11th. 

Hamilton Wm., carter. Barker bel Sch. 4th. 

Hamilton William, cordwainer, N E 8th & Mul- 
berry, h 34 Garden. 

Hamilton Wm., ornamental carver, 174 Cherrj^ 

Hamilton WiEiam, chandler, 4 Plum. 

Hamilton William, elk., Marlborough bel AJlen. 

Hamilton Wm., clerk, 356 Cedar. 

Hamilton William H., dry goods, 20 S 2d. 

Hamilton AV. k R., bootmakers, N E 8th and 

Hamlin Adelia, 74 Vine. 

Hamlin Margaret ilrs., rear 117 Callowhill. 

Hamm H., coachmaker, 321 S 3d. 

Hamm James, corabmaker, 272 S 5th. 

Hamm Joseph W., mer., 4 S Water. 

Hamm P. E., asst. city treas., c 5th & Chestnut, 
h 28 N 9th. 

Hamma Godfrey, grocer, c Green & St. John. 

Hamman John, clerk. Button wood ab 8th. 

Hamman Phihp, gent., 31 Logan. 

Hammar Adam, cordwainer, 95 Wood. 

Hammar Ann, Morris ab Catharine. 

Han^mar Ann, 97 GT road. 

Hammar Joseph, 12 Logan. 

Hammar WiUiam, tailor, 58 Tammany. 

Hammar William, comb maker, Front n 3/Iaster. 

HammeU James, gent., 196 S Front. 

Hampshear Jacob, gent., Sch. 4th n Girard Col- 
Hampton Benjamin, tobacconist, 9 N 10th. 
Hampton Elizabeth, 2 Reed's ct. 
Hampton Ely, tanner, c 10th & Green. 
Kanipton Jacob, carter, 1 Warner's ct. 
Hampton Lewis W., blacksm.. Green bel Budd, 

h 22 Budd. 
Hamrick Paul, packer, G T road ab Master. 
Hanbest T. P., office, 180 Spruce. 
Hanabery Tliomas, sailmaker, Hank's ct. 
Hanar David, wheelwright, Concord ct. (N L) 
Hance & Crozer, High Bridge and Beach. (K) 
Hance David E., 134 Beach. (K) 
Hance Jeremiah, grocer, 90 Budd, h N W Tth 

and Poplar. 
Hance John, teacher, 55 Pine. 
Hance Joseph S., carpenter, 7th ic Poplar. 
Hance Samuel, glassblower. Queen ab Palmer. 
Hance Wm. Jr., bricklayer, 21 Cherry. 
Hancker Abraham, copperpl. print., i X 8th, h 

Howard opp. 21. 
Hancock B., mer., S W 3d and Walnut, h 130 

Hancock Biddle, bricklr., 11th n Buttonwood. 
Hancock George, painter, Queen. (K) 
Hancock John, painter, 190 Vine. 
Hancock John & Co., upholsterers, S W 3d and 

Hancock J. B., mer., S W 3d and Walnut, h 144 

Hancock Joseph 1.., 79 Tammany. 
Hancock Joseph M,, carp., X W I2th & Cherry. 
Hancock Xathan, corder, Pine st wharf, Sch. 
Hancock Robert, gent., 93 Vine. 
Hancock Robert, sUk dyer, 93 Tine, h 6 New 

Hancock Samuel, corder. Cedar st wharf" Sch. 

h 33 X Sch. Sth. 
Hancock Thomas, cordw., Orchard n Rawle. 

HammeU Lewis A., tailor, 22 S 6th, h 9 Rasp-! Hancock T., pressman, Froad n Bedtbrd- 

berry alley. i Hancock Wm. C, carpr., X W 12th S; Cherry. 

HammeU Thos., draym., Marlborough n Prince. 'Hand Caleb, clerk, 190 Vine. 

Hammer Charles, combmaker, Reid's ct. 
Hammer Deborah, 5 RacheU's row. 
Hammer Hiram, confectioner, 257 X 2d. 
Hammerick Henry, bricklayer, 152 F road. 
Hammerick John, bricklayer, 152 F road. 
Hammersely George, mer., 85 S Front. 
Hammerstadt Caspar, tailor, 87 Shippen. 
Hammett &. HUes, coppersmiths, 151 Sassafras. 
Hammett John K., shipwright, Penn n Shacka- 

maxon. (K) 
Hanunett Mrs., b h., X W 2d & Cedar. 
Hanunett Thomas, coppersmith, 84 Mew. 
Hammitt Ann Mrs., Cedar ab 2d. 

Hand Eleazer, sheriff's bailiff, 139 S 4th. 
Hand George, machinist, P road ab Carpenter. 
Hand Harvey, coUector, 15 York ct. 
Hand James, mer., 5S^ S wharves, h 356 S 4th. 
Hand James & Co., mers., 53i S wharves. 
Hand Jas. C, mer., 41 Commerce, h Vine n 6th. 
Hand Jeremiah, 13 CaUowhiU. 
Hand Joseph, ship mas., 7 X whfs.. h 52 Pine. 
Hand Joseph S. K., jewtUer, S E 3d and Chest- 
nut, h 4 Wallace. 
Hand >Liry, 47 Vine. 

Hand Smith, cordwainer, Elizabeth n Parrish. 
Hand Thomas, grocer. Chestnut. (W P) 

Hammitt Eliza, gentw., Marlborough ub Frank-] Hand Thomas C, mer., 161 High. 


Hammitt John, carter. Wood ab Queen. 
Hammitt Matthew, caulker, Crown ab Duke. 
Hammond S. Mrs., Pine bel 12th. 
Hammond Samuel, refector\-, 1 Decatur, h 

Hammond Samuel, 13th bel Fltzwater. 
Harapsey John, shoes. High ab Sch. 7th. 

I Hand Thomas H., seaman, 26 Union al. 

Hand Wm. S., cordwainer, 70 George. (S) 
[ Handlan John, cutler, 268 S 4th. 
j Handrahan Mary, Harmony bel 5tli. 
4' Handv George, gent.. Portico Square n 10th. 

Handy George Sc Co., hardware, 98 High 

Hane'Ehzabetli Mrs., Pearl ab I2th. 

Hanes John, pedler, 99 Poplar. 




Haney Benjamin, waterman, 3 Catharine. 
Haney John, 11 Franklin place. 
Hanhauser Anthony, cork maker, 95 S 5th. 

Hank David C, cabtnir., Carlton bel Sch. 7th. 
Hankey John, tailor, 9 Ellet's av. 

Hankins A. L. B., teacher, N E Sch. 7th and 

Hankins C. G., drug-gist, S E 9tli & Shippen. 

Hankins E. B., N E Sch. 7th & Cherry. 

Hankinson William, hatter, Laurel n 2d. 

Hanlan Margaret, 3 Pratt's ct. 

Hanlen Jacob, hatter, c Bread & Quarry. 

Hanley Moses, labourer. Carpenter bel 9lh. 

Hanley Wm., druggist, S E 7th & Lombard. 

Hanly John, dry goods, S W P road & Wall. 

Hann Jolin, lab., Sch. 2d ab High. 

Hanna James, attv. &. coun., Adelphi Hall, h329 
S 3d. ' 

Hanna James, baker, 10th bel Christian. 

Hanna John, tailor, 140-J Chestnut, h 177 Cath- 

Hanna John, watennan, 336 S 3d. 

Hanna John, weaver, Bedford bel Broad, 

Hanna Richard, weaver. Front n Oxford. 

Hanna Robert, weaver, 1 Wagner's alley. 

Hanna Thomas, weaver, Howard n Franklin. 

Hanna Wm. P., mer., 63 S Front, h 20 Catha- 

Hannings Henry, combmaker, 29 Franklin. 

Hannings Wm. Senr., cordwainer, 27 Logan. 

Hannis Francis, tavern, R road ab Ann. (¥ V) 

Hannis William, cooper, Justice ct. 

Hannold Geo. C, tailor, 2 N Water, h 23 Coates' 

Hannold John, blacksmith, rear 125 Charlotte. 

Hannold Mrs. M. C, 559 S 2d. 

Hannum Wm. Tl., keeper of E. penitentiarj'. 

Hansberry James, hair dresser, Highn Sch. 7th. 

Hansberry Mrs. Jane, Pearl ab 12th. 

Hansben-y Margaretta, confectioner, 145 But- 

Hansbury, Jer., plasterer, Sch. 7th & Spring. 

Hanse John, gent., 235 S 9th. 

Hanse Reuben, 32 Ann. 

Hanse Wm., doctor, 2 Twelve foot alley. 

Hansell Ann, widow of Morris, 10 Perry. 

Hansel! Barbary Mrs., Wood bel Sch. 7th. 

Hansell Geo. W., grocer, Washington. (W P) 

Hansell Henry H., 109 S 3d. 

Hansell Jacob, coach maker, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 

Hansell James, watch maker, 236 High, h 76 
N 11th. 

Hansell James S., turner. Barley ab 10th, h 
Lombard bel 13th. 

Hansell Martha II., cP road and Christian. 

Hansell Mary H., dry gds., S W 9th & Sassafras 

Hansell Thos., turner, N W 13th & Budden's al. 

Hansell Wm., U. S. mint, h 147 Cherry. 

Hansell Wra., grocer, N W 4th & Lombard. 

Hansell Wm. F., silk dyer, 14 Fayette. 

Hansell Wm. F., saddler, 28 High, h 109 S 3d. 

Hansell W. M., mer., 166^ High, h 70 S 11th. 

Hansell Wm. S., saddler, 28 High, h 109 S 3d. 

Hansell Wm. S. & Son, saddlers, 28 High. 

Hanson Ann, cook. Dean's alley. 

Hanson A. F., salesman, 38 S Front, h 92 S 8th. 

Hanson Elizabeth, rear 41 Beck's al. 

Hanson Elizabeth, teacher, 165 S 11th. 

Hanson Elizabeth, rear 9 Crown. 

Hanson George, porter, rear 55 Sassafras. 

Hanson James, 4 Harmony ct. 

Hanson John, mer., 31 N Water, h 1 14 Mulberry 

Hanson J. B., mer., 153 N 9th. 

Hanson Lorenzo B., lab., 13 Budd. 

Hanson William, baker, Simmon's cl. 
Hanson Wm., hatter, Type al n Sch. 
Harbach Horatio, Tontine House, c 7th & Car- 
Harberger Heniy, tin sm., N W Sch. 6th & High. 
Harberger Joseph, bricklayer. Noble bel 8th» 

Harberger Susan, 132 S 11th. 

Harbert Charles, lumber mer., 10th & Callow- 
hill, h 143 N 13th. 

Harbert & Davis, lumber mers., c 10th and Cal- 

Harbert Isaac, gent. 146 N 10th, 

Harbert Mary, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

Harbert Wm., bricklayer, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

}[arbert Z. & Son, dentists, 20 N 9th. 

Harbeson George, weaver, 17 Brinton. 

Harbeson John, weaver, G T road n.lefferson. 

Harbeson Hugh, coal mer.. Chestnut st wharf 
Sell., h 5 Union square. 

Harbeson William, clerk, 355 Cedar. 

Harbon Ann, 261 Catharine. 

Harbord Richard, Decatur coffee h., 6 Decatur. 

Harburn Wm., carpenter, 2 Birchall's ct. 

Hardaker George professor of mu.sic, 9th bel 

Hardenberg J. B. Rev., 77 N 5th, 

Harden William, tobacconist, 434 N 2d. 

Harden AVm., grocer, G T road ab 5th. 

Harder John G., furrier, 104 S 3d. 

Hai'der Susan, 31 Budd. 

Hardie James G., hardware mer., 166 Spruce. 

Hardie Mary, 166 Spruce. 

Harding H., ship master, 85 Pine. 

Harding Isaac, carpenter. Vine bel Sch. 7th. 

Harding Jesper, prop. Penn. Inquirer, 74 S 2d. 

Harding John jr., mer., 17 S Water, h 98 S P'l-ont. 

Harding John L., port, painter, 281 Walnut. 

Harding Joseph, carter, Culvert n Mechanic. 

Harding Michael, carp., Wilts' ct. 

Harding William A., 131 Spruce. 

Hardman Elizabeth, machinist, Rawle. 

Hardman Fi'ederick, cabinetmr., 20 Cypress al. 

Hardman Richard, lab.. Front bel Master. 

Hardwick Wm., clerk, 6 Whitaker's ct. 

Hardy Ann, 278 S 4th. 

Hard}" Francis A., grocer, 27 Al road. 

Hardv Jacob, waiter, 2 Burd's ct. 

Hardy John D., N W 4th and Plum. 

Hardy John, lab., Spafford ab Fitzwater. 

Hardy John, lace weav., (^ T road ab Jefferson. 

Hardy J. C, 362 S 2d. 

Hardy Mai-shall, porter, Shippen bel Russell. 

Hardy Mary Mi's., 166 Spruce. 

Hardy Mary, 1 Relief alley. 

Hardy Tiiomas, acct., N W 4th & Plum. 

Hare Abigail, 65 Noble. 

Hare Abraham, Beach ab Hanover. 




Hare Adam, gi-ocer, S W Sd and Christian. 

Hare Andrew, grocer, Queen n Crown. (K) 

Hare Cathai'ine Mrs., Wood n Sch Front. 

Hare Charles B., U. S. mint, h 34 Perry. 

Hare Cyrus, cordw., 338 Vine. 

Hare C. W. Mrs., CUnton ab 10th. 

Hare Jane, 34 Chester. 

Hare John, weaver, 3 Brinton. 

Hare John J., storekeeper, 76 New. 

Hare Mrs., Beach ab Hanover. 

Hare Nathan Wm., umbrellamaker. Beach n 

Hare Nicholas, manuf., 3d bel Phoenix. 
Hare Patrick, hatter, 278 N Front. 
Hare Robert, M. D., 291 Chestnut. 
Hare Robert, jr., att'y & coun., under Athe- 
naeum c 5th and Chestnut. 
Hare Silas H., hattei-, 161 Chestnut, h 65 Noble. 
Hare Thomas, seaman, Church bel Christian. 
Hargadon Timothy, baker, S E 5th & Gaskill. 
Hargan Jane, N E Marshall and Coates. 
Hargis H. W., collector. High st Bridge. 
Hargrave John, dyer, G T road ab 5th. 
Hargrave John, grocer, c Rroad & George. (F) 
Hargrave Thomas, stone cutter, c Powell and 

Francis. (F V) 
Hargreaves John, acct.. Woodland (W P) 
Harker A. W., mer., S W 2d and High, h 130 

Harker Evan, seaman, 21 Prime. 
Harker George, dealer, rear 45 Coates. 
Harker John, M. D., N W Green & St John. 
Harker J. G., druggist, 45 Mulberry. 
Harker J. M., livery stable, rear Madison house, 

h 337 N 6th. 
Harker Rebecca, nurse, 121 N 6th. 
Harker & Shivers, di-uggists, 45 Mulberry. 
Harkins James, jeweller, 6 Paynter's ct. 
Harkins Neal, shop, 250 S 4th. 
Harkins William, carp., Carpenter bel 8th. (S) 
Harkness Chas., wholesale clothinsr store, 32 

High, h 18 Kunckle. 
Harlan Alice, matron Widow's Asylum, Cherry, 

E Sch. 5th. 
Harlan Charles, conveyancer, 6th bel Walnut, h 

Clinton n 11th. 
Harlan EUis, blacksmith, 4th n G T road. 
Harlan Elizabeth, Sch 6th bel Locust. 
Harlan S. E., grocer, N E 6th & Cherry. 
Harland John, gent., 140 Mulberry. 
Harley B. F., mer., 95 S Front. 
Harley David, labourer, Watman's ct. 
Harley Edward, grocer. High ab Sch 5th. 
Harley Francis, coppersm., 78 & h 112 S Front, 
Harley Francis, tavern, F road n Prince. 
Harley George, coppersmith, 95 S Front, h 167 

S 3d. 
Harley James, clerk, 2 Comptroller. 
Harley John, skin dresser, 624 N Front. 
Harley John skin dresser, Haydock n Canal. 
Harley George, jr., plumber, 47 S Wharves, 

16 Beck. 
Harley Jno., J., skin dresser, rear 135 Coates 
Harley Rudolph, tanner, Haydock n Camac. 
Harley Rudolph K., gent., 624 N front. 

Harman Francis, blacksmith, 462 Vine. "^ 

Harman Fredk., vict., Charles bel Buttonwood.^ 
Harman Jacob, 40 N 4th. ' 

Harmon .lacob, grocer, S W 2d and Brown, h 

42 Coates. 
Harman Jacob, gent., Hanover bel F Road. 
Harman Jesse, ship carpenter. Union ab Frank- 

Un. (K) 
Harman John, chainuaker, Schleisman's al. 
Harman John, variety store, 519 Callowhill. 
Harman John, cordw., 1 Scattergood's ct. 
Harman Joseph, cordwainer, Crown ab Queen. 
Harman Mary, layer out of dead, 5 Willow. 
Harman Samuel, lab., Cadwaluderab Jefferson. 
Harman Samuel, joiner, Allen ab F road. 
Harman Sarah, dressmaker, 220 Cherry. 
Harman Sarah, James' ct. (K) 
Harman Timothy, coachman, 7 Poplar ct. 
Harman William, poi-ter, 33 Prosperous al. 
Harman William, lab., 52 Coates. 
Harman Charles P., 4 Rogers' ct. 
Harmen Jas., ship joinei'. Dean bel Franklin. (K) 
Harnier Justice, car conductor. Pearl ab Sell 

Harmer R., cornucopia, 44 N 3d. 
Harmes S. Mrs., 31 Palmyi-a square 
Harraich Julius, cabinetmr., S 8th ab Christian. 
Harmstead Charles, carpenter. Chancellor bel 

Sch. 6th. 
Harmstead Edward, brickl., Sch. 5th bel Spruce. 
Harmstead George, carpenter, Lombard n 13th. 
Harmstead Henry, marble mason. Chestnut ab 

Broad, h 148 S 13th. 
Harmstead Jas., agent Meth. S. S. U. 38J N4th, 

h 263 Green. 
Harmstead Martin, gent., 21 Wood. 
Harmstead Samuel, carp., 130 S Juniper. 
Harmstead Sarah, 148 S 13th. 
JHarned & Elliott, tin smiths, 471 High. 

Harned John, tin smith, 412 High, h Wood ab 

Harned Jno. B., engraver, 37 S 3rd. 

Harned J. E., M. D., Sch. 3rd n Filbert. 

Harned Nathan, tobacco warehouse, 4 Decatur, 
h 55 S 11th. 

Harned Wm., tinsmith, 471 High, h 107 N 13th. 

Harp Jacob, tailor, Madison n Sheaff 's al. 

Harp Mary, 4 Madison. 

Harpel David, tailor, 300 Sassafras. 

Harpel John, watchman, 4 Quervelle's ct. 

Harpel Jonas, tailor, 265 Coates. 

Harper Alex., druggist. 451 High. 

Harper Alex., J., bri<;kmaker, 285 Walnut. 

Harper Ann Mrs., 194 N 12th. 

Harper Christoplier, gent., 12 Cypress al. 

Harper Claudius, 8 S 7th, h 445 Chestnut. 

Harper Elizabeth, 445 Chestnut. 

Harper Elizabeth, b. h., 148 S 7th. 

Harper Elizabeth, b. h., 85 S 3rd. 

Harper E. J., acct., 112 Franklin. 

Harper George, trader, Froad bel Wc^st. 

Harper Hannah, 5 W Penn sq. 

Harper Henry, baker, 189 N Front. 

Harper James, flour mer., 443 High, h 19 RiUen- 




Harper John, bootmaker, Cedar bel Shippen la. 

Harper John, labourer, Sch. 4th ab Chestnut. 

Harper John, stoves, 196 and h 193 Lombard. 

Harper John M., 215 S 5th. 

Harper Joseph, clerk. Corn bel Marion. 

Harper J., flour mer., 443 High. 

Harper Mark, blacksmith, Green ab R road. 

Harper Nathan, mer., 5 Dock st whf. 

Harper Robt., drayman, 2 Mechanics' av. 

Harper Wra., printer, 60 Almond. 

Harper Wm., cordwainer, 30 Bread. 

Harper Wm. sec'y Penn. In. Co., h P road c Mar- 

Harper Wm., jr., bricklayer, 13 Pear, h cor 
Passyunk road and Mariott st. 

Harpur Wm. E., chronometer & watchmaker, 
52 Chestnut. 

Harraden J., for. & com. mer.. Vine st whf, Sch., 
h Vine ab Sch. 2nd. 

Harraden Patrick, labourer, 317 N 2nd. 

Harrar Georg-e, rule maker, 3 Apple. 

Harrar John, carpenter, China ab Front, 

Harrazel Mary, nurse, 53 Mead al. 

Harrington &. Barret, refectory, N W 5th and 

Harrington D., dentist, 120 Mulberry. 

Harring-ton Dennis, provisions, 227 S 5th. 

Harrington Dennis, labourer, 228 Shippen. 

Harrington Enoch, cardriver, 119 Plumb. 

Harrington John, tavern, 28 Penn. 

Harrington John, labourer, Knoodle bel Walnut. 

Harrington J. W., mer., S E 3d and High. 

Harrington Robt., coachman, 2 Sugar al. 

Harrington Richd., comedian, 24 Bonsall. 

Harrington Samuel, varnisher, 8 Powell. 

Harres Gebhard, cab. maker, 5 S Front, h 353 
S 3rd. 

Harris Ann, sempstress, 143 Poplar. 

Harris Ann C, b h, 6 Bread. 

Harris Catharine, Powell. (F V) 

Harris Edw. G., acct., 107 Catharine. 

Harris Ehzabeth, rear 2(52 S 5th. 

Harris George, distiller, Christian ab 8th. 

Hai-ris George W. for. mer., 13 S 3d, h 20 S 7th. 

Harris James M., dentist, 161 S 10th. 

Harris James W., broker, 29 S 3rd. 

Harris JesseF., cooper, Callowhill ab Sch Front 

Harris John, brickmr., Broad ab Fitzwater. 

Harris John, cordw.. Front ab Phoenix. 

Harris J. C, broker, 55^ Walnut. 

Harris J. S., tailor, 178 Chestnut, h 7th ab Vine. 

Harris Joseph, labourer, 207 N 8th. 

Harris Joseph, carpenter, Catharine ab Lebanon. 

Harris Joseph, waiter, 2 Leyden's ct. 

Harris Linsey, drayman, 22 Gebhard. 

Harris Mary, 2 Quarry, 
Harris Miss, milliner, 218 S3d. 

Harris Michael, brassfounder, 1 Thorn's ct. 

Harris Moses, porter, Paschal's al. 

Harris Nathl. S. Rev., Library 1 dr W of U S Bk. 

Harris Nicholas, livery stable. Prune, h 145 S 6th. 

Harris Nicholas, flour mer., 35 Lombard. 

Harris Rachel, 46 Ann. 

Harris Richard, shoemaker, Townsend's ct. 

Harris R. W., bonnets, 4 N 7th. 

Harris Theophilus Rev., 162 N 9th. 
Harris Thomas, silk printer, 110 Filbert. 
Harris Thomas, waterman, rear 68 Catharine;,:; 
Harris Thomas, M, D., 166 S 9th. .1 

Harris Washington, stove manuf., 18 Ritten- 


Harris William, essence manuf., 355 Cherry. 
Harris William, labourer, Type al ab 13th. 
Harris William, hosier, 264 N 4th. 
Harris William, M. D., S. E. 12th & Walnut. 
Harris Wm., printer, 2 Shephard's al. 
Harris William P., plumber. Wood ab 9th. 
Harrison Catharine, 20 Federal. 
Harrison & Carter, buttons & whipsj 11 N 3rd. 
HaiTison Charles, labourer, Hope n Otter. 
Harrison David, waiter, Norman's al. 
Harrison George, gent., 156 Chestnut. 
Harrison George L., mer., F road & Harrison. 
Harrison Henry C , currier, 13 Ellen. 
Harrison Hugh, painter, 37 Sheaff 's al. 
Harrison 5c Brother, white lead manufs., cor 2d 

Harrison, h 51 Chestnut. 
Harrison Joseph, pewterer, 10 Perkenpine's ct. 
Harrison Joseph, clerk, 361 N 6th. 
Harrison Joseph, weaver, Lombard ab 12th. 
Harrison Joseph Jr., machinist, N W 12th and 

James, h S Garden bel 11th. 
Harrison Maria, 148 N 10th. 
Harrison Mary, b. h., 296 High. 
Harrison Mary, 54 N 8th. 
Harrison Milton F., engraver, 154 Wood. 
Harrison M. L., chemist, 51 Chestnut, h corner 

Hart's lane & Frankford road. 
Harrison Peter, carter. Front ab Otter. 
Harrison Rebecca Mrs., gentw., 117 S 5th. 
Harrison Richard G., engraver, 154 Wood. 
Harrison Sarah, Sch. 7th ab Mulberry. 
Harrison Thomas, chemist, 51 Chestnut, h cor 

F road & Harrison. 
Harrison Virgil F., engraver, 154 Wood. 
Harrison V. F. & M. F., engravers, 27 S 8th. : 
Harrison William F., hay packer, Penn abova 

Maiden, h G T road ab Otter. 
Harrold A., mer., 17 Commerce. 
Harrold William & Sons, mers., 17 Commerce. 
Harrod Jane, layer out of dead, 28 Almond. 
Harron Catharine, 274 S 6th. 
Harron Patrick, shoemaker. High ab Sch. 4th, 
Harron Rebecca 0., Pearl ab 13th. 
Harron Robert, 1 Whitaker's ct. 
Harron William I., carp.. High n Sch 5th. 
Harrott Henry A., uianf. marb. paper, 96 Cher- 
ry, h 288 Vine. 
Harry Eli, blacksmith, 457 N 2d. 
Hart A., bookseller, S E 4th & Chestnut, h 126 

S 4th. 
Hart A., labom'er, 1 Kneass' ct. 
Hart Alexander C, M. D., 180 N 4th. 
Hart A. L., mer., 28 Walnut, h 148 Spruce. 
Hart E. & Co., fancy goods, 32 S 6th, h 120 

Hart, Cummings & Hart, mers., 189 High. 
Hart Eliza, Pine ab 13th. 
Hart Elizabeth, tailoress, 32 Plumb. 
Hart Esther, 148 Spruce. 




Hart & Flanag-an, plumbers & manuf. of lead 

pipe, 49 S whfs. 
Hart Francis, mer., 189 High, h 219 Vine. 
Hart Georg-e H., U S Gazette office, h 18 Pear, 
Hart Henry, boxmaker, Parrish n 7th. 
Hart H. M. & B. B., mers., 28 Walnut. 
Hart James H., mer., 231 N 3rd, h 221 Vine. 
Hart James M., mer., 49 N 3rd, h 323 N 6th. 
Hai-t John, mariner, 1 Cox. (S) 
Hart John, carpenter, Kesler's al. 
Hart John Jr., bootmaker, 10th ab James. 
Hart John D., basket maker, 369 N 3rd. 
Hart John L., porter, 4 Gray's alley. 
Hart John M., cooper, 83 S Water, h 46 Union. 
Hart John V., mer., 189 High, h 180 N 4th. 
Hart Joseph II., att'y &*coun., 207 N 6th, h 323 

N 6th. 
Hart Lawrence, gardener, Filbert n 13th. 
Hart Mary, dry goods, 421 N 2nd. 
Hart Mordecai, letter carr.. Poplar ab Marshall. 
Hart S. Mrs. & Son, fancy goods, 120 Chestnut. 
Hart Samuel, Proth'y- Common Pleas, 9 State 

h 14 Palmyra square 
Hart Samuel C, druggist, 18 S 2nd. 
Hart Sophia, dry goods, 40^ N 4th. 
Hart Susanna, 37 Quince. 
Hart Thomas & Co., grocers, 231 N3rd. 
Hart Thomas, grocer, 231 N 3rd, h 219 Vine. 
Hart William, rope maker, 70 F road. 
Hart William, druggist, 52 N 8th. 
Hart William, cooper, 83 S Water, h 92 S Front. 
Hart William B., grocer, 231 N 3rd, h 165 N 6th. 
Hart William, mer., 49 N 3rd, h 166 N 9th. 
Hart William H., gent., 106 Mulberry. 
Hart AVilliam H.,* plumber, 49 S Wharves, h 50 

Hartel Asher D., shoemaker, rear 171 Green. 
Harthey Henry, w'vr, Cadwalader ab Jefferson. 
Hartle John, stonecutter, 26 Callowhill. 
Hartley Charles, shoemaker, AVilliam n Otter. 
Hartley Christopher, 7 Benton's av. 
Hartley Deborah, shop, 290 Vine. 
Hartley Jeremiah, watchmaker, 11 S 4th. 
Hartley Joseph, bedding warehouse, 152 S 2nd. 
Hartley J. D., upholst., 43 Walnut, h 65 Locust 
Hartley & Knight, upholsterers, 152 S 2d. 
Hartley Mary Mrs., 29 New. 
Hartley Matthias A., wheelwright. School near 

Hartley M., cordwainer. Orchard n Rawle. 
Hartley Samuel, silversmith, 4 Boyle's ct. 
Hartley T., collector, 48 N 5th. 
Hartley William, sashmaker, 15 Castle. 
Hartman George, tavern, 125 N 6th. 
Hartman Henry, baker, 189 N Front. 
Hartman, Jacob, G T road ab Thompson. 
Hartman John, bleeder, 277 S 2nd. 
Hartman John, store, Rugan bel Willow. 
Hartman John, tavern, c Sch. Willow & Spruce. 
Hartman John, baker, 91 S Wharves, h 9 Penn. 
Hartman Matthias, baker, 433 S 2nd. 
Hartman Philip, hosier, 116 Sassafras. 
Hartman Sarah, gentw., James' ct. 
Hartman Wentzell, tavern, S E Sch. Beach and 

Hartnack Christian, brick maker, 507 N 3rd. 
Hartneck Charles, Brown n lOtb. 
Hartnett Prichett, shop, 211 Cedar. 
Hartnett Thomas, contractor, 3 Crockett's ct. 
Hartnett William H., collector, 266 Cedar. 
Hartong Sarah, 2 Steel's ct. 
Hartranft Daniel, labourer, Marriott ab 4th. 
Hartranft Michael, carpenter, 12th ab Wood. 
HartsgTove James, carter, 121 Queen. (S) 
Hartshorne Joseph, M. D. 272 Mulberry. 
Hartshorne Lawrence, mer., 47 N Front, h 

96 S 5th. 
Hartshorne Wm. M., engine builder, c 13th and 

Willow st Railroad 
Hartwell Hiram J., livery stable, 24 Bank, h 52 

Harvey & Atwater, com. mers., 11 S Water. 
Harvey Charles, acct, 182 S 9th. 
Harvey Charles, porter, rear 290 S 7th. 
Harvey D. Carroll, M. D., Walnut ab Sch 7th. 
Harvey David, 2nd ab Oxford. 
Harvey David, locksmith, 11 Dilk's ct. 
Harvey Elizabeth, 33 Mamott. 
Harvey Frederick, lab., Cochran ab Fitzwater. 
Harvey Gabriel, tailor, 108 Wood. 
Harvey George, confectioner, 199 Callowhill. 
Harvey George, labourer, 29 Franklin. (K) 
Harvey George N., broker, Exchange, h 4th ab 

Harvey Henry D., mer., 11 S Water, h c 11th 

&. Washington. 
Harvey Isaac, gent., 320 Chestnut. 
Harvey James, bootmaker, 50 N 8lh. 
Harvey James, carter, c Federal & M road. 
Harvey James, labourer, rear 302 S 4th. 
Harvey James, labourer, c Broad & Vine. 
Harvey James, moulder, Marriott bel 5th 
Harvey James G., acct.. Queen ab 4th. 
Harvey John, weaver, 16 Brinton. 
Harvey John, cordwainer, 3 Abbott's ct. 
Harvey John C, 436 N 2d. 
Harvey Joseph, 195 High. 
Harvey Joseph, cai'penter, 25 S Sch 8th. 
Harvey Joseph, weaver, Philip ab Master. 
Harvey Maria, gentw.. School ab Otter. 
Harvey Mary, 21 Middle alley. 
Harvey Richard, shop, F road ab Stone bridge. 
Harvey Richard Jr., wheelwright, F road above 

Stone bridge. 
Harvey Robert, stone cutter, Bedford n Union. 
Harvey Sarah, 169 Catharine. 
Harvey S. D., gent.. Walnut n Sch 6th. 
Harvey William, dry goods, 542 N 2nd. 
Harwood Clement, labourer, 4 Bonsall. 
Harwood E. B., labourer, Lewis n Sck 6th. 
Harwood Jeremiah, gent, 196 S 4th. 
Hai-vvood L., mer., 108 High, h Mulberrv n ScL 

Harwood Wm., blacksmith, 16 Boyd's av, 
Hasel Ferdinand, furrier, 3 Quarry. 
Haseltine John, mer., 10 S Wharves, h Spruce 

ab 7th. 
Haseltine Ward B., merchant, 10 S Wharves, h 

Monroe place. 
Hasher George, tailor, 60 Cedar. 




Haskell Colston, mer., 10 N 7th. 
Haskell Ebenezei-, coach maker, 38 Prune. 
Haskell John C, shoemaker, 22 Kunckle. 
Haskell L. S., drug-g-ist, 209 High, h 3 Belmont 

Haskell ik Merrick, wholesale dr'gsts, 209 Hi,?h. 
Haslam .Tames, weaver, Marlborough bel Duke. 
Haslam James R., printer, c Cresson & Starr al. 
Haslam John, teacher, 47 S 8th. 
Haslam Peter, spinner, rear 506 N Front. 
Haslam R. H., corder, 14 Duke. 
Haslam Thomas, dealer, 150 St. Tohn. 
Haslam Thomas, tavern, c Front & Mud la. 
Haslam \Vm., machinist. State n Sch 8th. 
Haslem James, machinist, 3 Northampton ct. 
Haslet Samuel, bootmaker. Prospect ct. 
Haslett Wm., manuf., Front bel Phoenix. 
Haslett Wm. D., potter, Brown n High bridge. 
Haslin Francis, blacksmith, Otter n F road. 
Hassall .lohn Jr., cordwainer, 181 N 2d. 
Hassall John Senr., cordwainer, 181 N 2d. 
Hassan John, labourer, 8th bel Carpenter. 
Hasse Charles, chemist, G T road ab Camac. 
Hassall Charles, silver plater, Wiley's ct. 
Hassell Margaret, 33 O Y road. 
Hassenpat C. R., hatter, 44 Tammany. 
Hasset I., labourer. High ab Sch 4th. 
Hassinger Jane, 12th ab Vine. 
Hassinger John, carp., Vine n 12th, h 382 Vine 
Hassinger J. K., mer., 6 Commerce. 
Hasson John, carpenter, 116 N Juniper. 
Hastings John, gold beater, 120 N 5th. 
Hastings John, 111 Chesnut, h 1 S 11th. 
Hastings Robert, gold beater, 56 & h 120 N 5th. 
Hastings S. D., merchant, 20 Commerce, h 91 

Hastings Saml. D. & Co., glassw., 20 Commerce. 
Hastings Simon P., salesman, Sch. 7th n Pine. 
Haswell, Barrington & Haswell, printers &. book- 
sellers, 293 High, and 21 St. James. 
Haswell Charles F., compositor, Grim's ct. 
Haswell G. D., printer, 293 High, h 44 Chester. 
Hatch Charlotte Mrs., 2 Perry. 
Hatch Edward, real estate broker, Wood ab 4th. 
Hatch Josiah, carpenter, 1 Acorn al. 
Hatcher Thomas, cordwainer, 6 Loxley's ct 
Hatfield Adam, mer. tailor, 84 Vine. 
Hatfield Caroline, 11 Logan. 
Hatfield Catharine Mrs., 9th bel Coates. 
Hatfield Ezra, cordwainer, 405 N 3rd. 
Hatfield Nathan T.., M. D., 7th bel Callowhill. 
Hathaway E. A. & Co., coal dealers. Cedar st. 

whf" & Schuyl., office N E 3rd & Dock. 
Hathaway Ephraim A., coal mer., N E 3rd and 

Dock, h 293 Spruce. 
Hatkins Elizabeth, 512 N Front. 
Hatkins Thomas, skindresser, 512 N Front. 
Hatton James, labourer, Hope ab Master. 
Haueisen Charles I., hatter, 199 Green. 
Hauel Jules, fancy goods, 46 S 3rd. 
Haughawout J., Golden Swan, 69 N 3rd. 
Haughey Edwai-d, N E Sch. 2d and Cedar. 
Haughton Robert, carp, and tavern, 83 Plumb. 
Haughney Patrick, labourer, Vine n 13th. 
Haulings John, M. D., N E Uth & Chestnut. 

Hauptman Henry, plaster., 10th ab Buttonwood. 
Haury George, grocer and flour, N E 2nd and 

Hause Charles W., acct., 11 Gebhard. 
Hause George, locomotive turner, Rugan (back) 
Hause Henry, painter, 5th n George. 
Hause Jesse, bar keeper. Chestnut n Sch Beach. 
Hause John, carpenter, 193 Cherry. 
Hause Wm., gent.. Filbert ab Sch. 6th. 
Hauser Matthias, turner, 32 Chester. 
Hausman C. F., Saxon Consul, 110 Chestnut, h 

Filbert ab Sch. 7th. 
Hausman C. F. & Co., publishei's, 110 Chestnut. 
Hauze Christian, combmr., S E St John & Brown. 
Haven Albert T., mer., 11 Bank, h 197 Walnut. 
Haven C. C, mer., 34 Ohurch alley, h Chestnut 

ab Sch. 6th. 
Haven Charles E., mer.. Mulberry bel Broad. 
Haven L P., mer., 188 Chestnut. 
Haven Wm. Augustus, waterman, Sch 2d ab 

Haverman P. Rev., St. Joseph's church Willing's 

Haverstick Charles, clerk, 4 Hummel's row. 
Haverstick George M., mercht., 68 N 3d, h 154 

N 10th. 
Haverstick George, carp., Beck's ct. 
Haverstick J. S., mer., 126 Mulberry. 
Haverstick William, carter, 1 Stiles' ct. 
Haverstick Wilham, gent., 154 N 10th. 
Haverstick William Jr., 154 N 10th. 
Haverstick Wm. E., shoes, 18 N 4th, h 77 New. 
Haverstick Wm. M., mer., 154 N 10th. 
Haviland Cornelius, cordwainer, 268 Cedar. 
Haviland Grace, shop, 242 S 7th. 
Haviland John, architect, 196 Spruce. 
Haviland John, cordwainer, Federal ab 2d. 
Haviland John, plasterer, 242 S 7th. 
Havister Jamas, carp., 3 Campbell's ct. 
Haw Richard, High ab Sch. 2d. 
Hawes & Baker, stoves, 69 N 2d. 
Hawk Charles, carter. Orchard n Poplai*. 
Hawk Thomas, gunsmith, rear 31 Green. 
Hawk John, cordwainer, 341 N 6th. 
Hawke Rachel, ready made linen, 20 S 6th. 
Hawkes George, copperplate printer, 90 Gas- 
Hawkes Julia, teacher, 287 Chestnut. 
Hawkins Ehzabeth, 24 Ehzabeth. 
Hawkins E. L., cake baker, 9 Lsetitia ct. 
Hawkins George, lab., Marriott ab 4tli. 
Hawkins George, carter, Juniper al. 
Hawkins- George, Phil. Bank, h 206 Walnut. , 
Hawkins Wm., saddler, 98 Wood ab 7th. 
Hawkins Wm., tailor, 91 N 3d, h 23 O Yroad. 
Hawkins Wm., cordwainer, 59 German. 
Hawks WiUiam, 14 Powell. 
Hawm Daniel, victualler, Apple ab George. 
Hawn John, victualler, V/illow ab 13th. 
Haworth Stephen, chairmaker, 150 N Front, h 

105 N 9th. 
Haworth Susannah, 9 Vine. 
Haworth Wm., 124 S Front. 
Haws George, tobacconist, 75 N 3d, 
Haws Mary, sempstress, Noble bel 6th. 




Hawthorn Marg-aret, gentw., rear 206 St. John, j Hazel John M., leather, 171 N 3d, h 80 Vine. 

Hay James, carpenter, 8 Castle. 

Hay Jane, b h., 100 S 3d. 

Hay John, cooper. Beach bel Marlborough. 

Hay Maria G., 134 N 10th. 

Hay Peter, alderman, 35 Walnut, h 52 S 5th. 

Hay Peter & Co., publishers Am. Sentinel, 35 

Hay Phebe, rear St. Stephen's church. 
Haydock Eden, watch case mr., 21 Franklin pi. 
Haydock Edwai-d, M. D., Maria n 5th 
Haydock Robert, 149 Catharine. 
Haydock Samuel, plumber, 39 Strawberry, h 4 

Hayes Ann, w. of Samuel, milliner, N E 2d and 

Hayes David, R road ab Green. 
Hayes Hannah, rear 30 Cherry. 
Hayes Henry, porter, 22 Buckley. 
Huyes Hugh, porter, 7 Myer's ct. 
Hayes John, weaver, Shippen la ab Catharine. 
Hayes Michael, labourer, 158 N Water. 
Hayes Morris, labourer, 180 N Water. 
Hayes Patrick, mer., 10 Franklin row. 
Hayes Robert, gent., 4 N 11th. 
Hayes Samuel, grocer, N V/ 11th & Walnut. 
Hayes Thomas, 7 S 5th, h 78 S 12th. 
Hayes Wm., gi-ocer, S E Sch. 6th Lombard. 
Hayes William, labourer, Lombard above Sch. 

Hayes Wm., tavern, Shippen ab 13th. 
Hayhurst John, tavein, 123 S Water. 
Haynes David, shoemaker, 16 Carpenter. (S) 
Haynes Francis, shop, 41 Garden. 
Haynes Godfrey, saddler, 24 High, h 78 Crown. 
Haynes & Watson, saddlers, 24 High. 
Hays, Elliott, I,yons & Gash, mers, 12 N 3rd. 
Hays Henry, merchant, 78 S Front, h c Dean & 

Hays Henry, grocer, S E Brinton & Wagner's al. 
Hays Henry, victualler, James bel 10th. 
Hays Henry, fisherman. Palmer ab Prince. 
Hays Isaac, M. D., 3 Boston row. 
Hays James, labourer, Apple ab Culvert. 
Hays John, lab., 484 N 3rd. 
Hays John L., saddler, 2 Lawrence ct. 
Hays Morris, druggist. High n Sch. 3d. 
Hays Nathan, coachsmith, 12th bel Coates. 
Hays Robeit, carpenter, 114 N Juniper. 
Hays Wm., waterman, 64 Catharine. 
Hayter James, rop'emaker, 618 N Front. 
Hayward E. H., dry goods, 29 S 8th. 
Hay ward Joel W., teacher music, 43 Prune. 
Hayward Richard, chairmaker, c Isew Market 

& Green. 
Hayward Robert B., chinaware, 54 N 4th. 
Hazard Erskine, gent., 266 Spruce. 
Hazard Isaac, seaman, Parker's al. 
Hazard John, tobacconist, 279 S 5th. 
Hazarrl Philip H., Odd Fellow's Hall, h 1 Mon- 
roe place. 
Hazard Samuel, editor & U. S. commer. & stat. 

register, 79 Dock, li Spruce n Broad 
Hazel David, tailor, 127 S 11th. 
Hazel J., bootmaker, 315 Walnut. 

Hazel John, shoes, 246 S 6th. 
Hazel Joseph, bricklayer, 13 Juniper lane. 
Hazeley Wm., weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la. 
Hazlehurst Isaac, atty. & coun., 13 Washington 

Hazlehurst John, mer.. Spruce ab Broad. 
Hazlehurst Julianna, 10th bel Shippen. 
Hazlehurst Samuel, gent.. Spruce ab Broad. 
Hazlett William, machinist, Grear bel 13th. 
Hazleton Charles, milkman, 176 Coates. 
Hazleton Isaiah, trunkmaker, 49 Budd. 
Hazleton Peter M., Jones's ct ab Green. 
Hazleton Peter, mariner, Lilly al. 
Hazzard Ebenezer, watchman, 465 S 2d. 
Hazzard Ellen, washer, 31 Mechanic. 
Hazzard Isaac, musician, 265 Spruce. 
Hazzard Joseph, cabinetmaker, 8 Parham. 
Hazzard Misses, 136 S 10th. 
Hazzard P., tavern, 53 Fitzwater. 
Hazzard Richard, M. D., 227 Shippen. 
Hazzard WiUiam, oyster house, 402 N Front. 
Head Joseph, Mansion House, 122^ S 3d. 
Headman Ann Maria, milliner, 36 N 7th. 
Headman David, potter, 19 & h 17 S 8th. George, coach trimmer, 3 Nectarine. 
Headman Jacob, coachmaker, 119 Buttonwood. 
Headman William, potter, 36 N 7th. 
Headman William, potter, 78 George. 
Heal William, locksmith, 258 Shippen. 
Heald, Woodward & Company, merchants, 41 

N Water. 
Healy Joseph, agent Pennsylvania Freeman, 31 

N 5th, h 72 N 7th. 
Heap John, suspender manuf., 26 Bread. 
Hearklshimer Ann, 35 German. 
Hearn Michael, agent, 1 Richardson's ct. 
Heartle Mary Mrs., gentw., 311 Mulbeny. 
Heath Charles E., hardware agent, 198 High, h 

5 N 13th. 
Heath C. P., conveyancer, h5N 13th. 
Heaton John, labourer, Rose alley ab Green. 
Heaton Joseph, carter, 142 Marshall. 
Heaton Thomas, Rose al ab Tammany. 
Heaton Wm., brush and cotton mer., 8 S 4th, h 

6th ab Camac. 
Heavelo Mrs. Anna, 10 Little Water. 
Heazlitt Hannah, grocer, S E 6th & Christian. 
Heazlitt James, dry goods, 236 S 2d. 
Heberton & Abbott,- mers., 18 N Front. 
Heberton Ann, widow of Doctor, 77 N 9th. 
Heberton G. 1)., mer., 18 N Front. 
Heberton, Hieskells &. Hoskins, mers., N W 5th 

and High. 
Heberton Henry F., mer., N W 5th & High, h 

342 Mulberry. 
Heberton & Hibler, mers., 187 High. 
Heberton Robert, mer., 187, and h 411 High. 
Heberton William Y., mer., 207 S 4th. 
Hebrews Lemuel, labourer, 13th ab Fitzwater. 
Hecht Jolm pedler, 456 N 4th. 
Heck Sarah, sempstress, 40 Vine. 
Heckman Archimedes, silver plater & jeweller, 

79 N 2d. 
i Heckman George, blacksmith, 2 Hopple ct. 




Heckman John J., innkr., c F road & Manderson. 
' Heckman John, gun st. sawyer, rear 18 Cherry. 
Hedinger Hannah Mrs., Perry ab Sassafras. 
Hedderly Edwin, bookbinder, 90 Cherry. 
Hedderly Henry, cordw., 97 Prime. 
Heddleson James, grocer, 73 P road. 
Hedg-es Benjamin, bailiff, Poplar ab 7th. 
Hedg-es Edward, Venetian blind mr., 125 S 2d. 
Hedg-es E. & Co., cabinetmakers, J 15 S 2d. 
Hedly Heni-y R., dyer, G T road n 5th. 
Hedrick Robert, 2 Lilly alley. 
Heffline John, brickmaker, 38 Garden. 
Heg-elle Gotleib, tavern, 414 N Front. 
Hegen Georg-e, weaver, 2 Weaver's ct. 
Heicheimer Henry, pedler, rear 7 Lilly al. 
Heideann Edward, cabinetmaker. Brown's ct. 
Heileg- John, watchmaker, 5 R road. 
Heilman Wm., mer., 206 N 3d, h 133 Dillwyn. 
Heim Anthony, labourer, Charlotte ab Phoenix. 
Heim Frederick, tailor, 595 N 3rd. 
Heim Martin, printer, Charlotte ab Phoenix. 
Heim Valentine, blacksmith, 327 N 3d. 
Heimberg-er Washington, guager, 10 West. 
Heimer Christina Mrs., 306 Vine. 
Heimer & Field, carpenters, rear 306 Vine. 
Heimer John, victualler, S W 13th & Willow. 
Heimer Joshua, carpenter, 13 Nectarine. 
Heimer Maria, 3 Maria. 
Heiner Anna M., b h., 35 Cherry. 
Heinold Samuel, tailor, 138 Callowhill. 
Heins George L., blacksmith. Willow ab Broad, 

h 239 St. John. 
Heins Jacob, brickmaker, Ogden n 9th. 
Heins John, tobacconist. Sassafras ab Broad. 
Heintzelman & Dingle, perfumers, 35 N 6th. 
Heintzelman John J., M. D., 38 Marshall. 
Heintzelman Samuel, coroner, 39^ N 5th. 
Heiser Henry, tobaccon't, St. John n Globe Mill. 
Heiser Henry, tavern, F road n Hanover. 
Heiss .Fames, grocer, Front ab Phoenix. 
Heiss John S., dentist, 604 N Front. 
Heiss John T., 2 Rudolph's ct. 
Heiss Joseph, cordw., 604 N Front. 
Heiss Wm., gent., 206 N 4th. 
Heiss Wm, Jr., coppersmith, 213 N 2d. 
Heiss Wm., cordwainer, Hope ab Phoenix. 
Helffenstein Abm., M. D., Beach ab Maiden. 
Helffenstein E., att'y & coun. office, S E 6th & 

Helffricht Henry, bootmaker, Carlton ab 12th. 
Hclffricht Wm., math, instr. mr., 25 S Front, h 

54 Vine. 
Hellam Maria, 4 Smith's al. (N L) 
Heller Henry, coppersmith, Marlborough ab 

Heller Jacob, silv. pla., Marlborough ab Prince. 
Hellerman William, shoes, 230 N 2d. 
Hellings Elizabetli, 74 Vine. 
Hellings John, weaver, Vienna bel Prince. 
Helhngs J. P., painter, 123 N 4th, h Marshall n 

Hellings Letitia, gentw., 184 Coates. 
Hellings Wm , combmaker, 184 Co.ates. 
Helm Thomas, watch case maker, 147 Spring 

Helmes John, bricklayer, 178 Marshall. 
Helmes Marris, brushmaker, rear 211 St. John. 
Helmes Thomas, tailor. Magnolia ab Noble. 
Helmbold Alfred, paper warehouse, 183 S Front, 

h 118 Catharine. 
Helmbold Edward, millwright, St, Joseph's av. 

ab Sch. 6th. 
Helmbold Frank, livery stables, rear 404 High, 

h Filbert n Sch. 3d. 
Helmbold Frederick, tavern. Black horse al. 
HelmboKl George, West. Bank, h 407 Sassafras. 
Helmbold George W., paper dealer, 41 Straw- 
Helmbold Joseph K., paper manuf., 289 Cedar. 
Helmuth Henry, atty. &, coun., 128 Walnut, h 

Spruce ab 12th. 
Helmuth John H., mer.chant, 185 High, h 74 

S 12th. 
Helmuth Wm. S., M. D., 235 Pine. 
Helpen Robert, morocco dresser, 84 Brown. 
Helt Daniel, cordwainer, Jackson ct. n Maiden. 
Helt Lewis, cordwainer, 51 Duke. 
Helt Mary Mrs., Pearl ab 12th. 
Helverson Nicholas, coffin warehouse, 93 Coates. 
Hembel William, gent., 17 N Front. 
Hemmenway James, barber, 51 Pine. 
Hemmenway Jesse, blacksmith, 123 Budd. 
Hemphill Ann, 10 Perry. 
Hemphill John, mer., 114 S 3rd. 
Hemphill Joseph, judge, 255 Walnut. 
Hemphill Mary Ann, dry goods, Callowhill bel 

Hemphill Samuel, tavern, 181 S Front. 
Hemphill Samuel, ornamental painter, 3 Sheaff 's 

Hemphill Thomas, cordwainer, 58 Zane. 
Hemphill Thos. J., watchmaker, 150 S 6th. 
Hemple Charles, tobacconist, 166 Sassafras. 
Hemple Samuel, tobacconist, 47 N 4th. 
Hempshire Adam, pumpmaker, G T road bel 

Hempshire Casper, blacksmith, Wood below 

Hempshire Frederick^ cooper, Reed's ct. 
Hempshire John, pumpmaker, Powell N Fran- 
cis. (F V) 
Hemston Robt, mer., 35 N 10th. 
Henchman Adam, Sch 2d n High. 
t[enchman Catharine, 178 Sassafras. 
Hend Henry, tailor. Division row bel 12th. 
Hendel Anna Maria, shop, 116 German. 
Henderson Charles, hatter, 1^ S 4th. 
Henderson David, ironfounder, 78 F road. 
Henderson Edward, labourer. Wood bel Sch 

Henderson Elizabeth, 87 N Juniper. 
Henderson Geo., hatter, 19 N 3rd., h S E 10th 

and Filbert. 
Henderson George W., machinist, 11 Bread, h' 

16 Branch. 
Henderson Guy, g'ent., 265 Green. 
Henderson Hannah, Nectarine bel 10th. 
Henderson James, carter, 546 N Fi'ont. 
Henderson James, atty. & coun., N E 4th & 
Cypress alley. 




Henderson James, huckster, 3 Osborn's ct. 

Henderson James, lab.. Reeves n Sch. 2nd. 

Henderson James, lab., Carpenter n 8th. (S) 

Henderson John, grocer. High ab Sch. 3d. 

Henderson Joseph, gent., 262 N 7th. 

Henderson Joseph, lab., Smith's ct. 

Henderson L. N., M. D., 212 High, h 134 N 10th. 

Henderson Mary, shop, N Sch. 3rd, n Filbert. 

Henderson Mary, 106 Gaskill. 

Henderson Mary, 4 Warner's ct. 

Henderson Mrs., gentw., 18 N 7th. 

Henderson Robert, 19 N3rd., h 153 N 13th. 

Henderson Robert, hatler, 163 N 5th. 

Henderson Robert H., dentist, 381 Sassafras. 

Henderson Samuel J., atty. &, coun., 16 N 7th. 

Henderson Thomas, brickmr., Tidmarsh n 11th. 

Henderson Wm., agent, 2 Carolina pi. 

Henderson William, cordwainer, 122 Swanson. 

Hendley Gotlieb, tailor, Beaver ab 3rd. 

Hendley John, boots & shoes, 369 N 2d. 

Hendricks Anthony, labourer, Hope n Master. 

Hendricks & Smiths, morocco manuf., Schless- 
man's al, store c 2d & Callowhill. 

Hendrickson Charles J., mer., 87 Chestnut, h 
3 Monroe place. 

Hendrickson, Clarkson, & Co., carpet ware- 
house, 87 Chestnut. 

Hendry John A., leather dealer, &7 Chestnut. 

Hendry Wm. W., leather dealer, &7 Chestnut. 

Henheffer Elhs, weaver, Charlotte ab Thompson. 

HenheiflPer Albanus, suspender maker, Marlbo- 
rough ab Franklin. 

Henesy George, 1 Farmer's Row. 

Henesy James L., trimmings, 256^ N 2nd. 

Heney James, lab ., Clay n Willow. 

Heney Peter, lab.. Clay n Beach. 

Henk Caroline, confectioner and baker, 475 

Henk George D., shoes, 483 N 2nd. 

Henley Elizabeth Sc Co., mers., 31 S 2nd. 

Henlock Jane, milliner, 92 Cedar. 

Henne William, boot maker, 82 S 4th. 

Hennessey James, mer. 31 N Front, h3 Elfreth's 

Hennicks Joseph & David, grocers, N E Sch. 
6th & High, h Jones' al ab Sch 6th. 

Hennien Ruth, 21 Mead al. 

Hennig Hannah Mrs., 133 N 5th. 

Henning WilUam, tailor, 129 Brown. 

Henniss John, real estate broker. Vine n Sch 7th. 

Henrick John C, baker, 161 St. John. 

Henrion S., importer, 118 High, h 26 Powell. 

Henry Alexander, contractor, 353 Cherry. 

Henry Alexander, mer., 27 Minor, h 254 Mul 

Henry Alexander, mer., N W 9th &. High, h 219 
S 9th. 

Henry A. Capt, 183 S 9th. 

Henry Bernard, gent., 11 Poilico sq. 

Henry & Brother, hardware, N W 9th &. High 

Henry Christopher, milkman, 536 N 3d. 

Henry Dennis, weaver, 13th bel Fitzwater. 

Henry Gabriel, carpenter, 4th ab Thompson. 

Henry George, lab., 297 S 7th. 

Henry George P., stationer, 123 S 6th. 

Henry George W., clerk, 1 N 11th. 

Henry George W., dealer, 174 Locust. 

Henry George W., N W 9th & High, h 289 

Henry H., captain U. S. N., 33 S 13th. 
Henry Hugh, agent, Cai-lton ab Sch 6th. 
Henry Isaac, mer., 152 High. 
Henry James, saddler, 40 Zane. 
Henry James, painter, Carlton square bel 12th. 
Henry James, sawyer, 202 Lombard. 
Henry Jane, 157 N 12th. 
Henry Jane, heddlemaker, Bedford ab 12th. 
Henry John, cordwainer, Orchard n Green's ct. 
Henry John, chandler, 42 Garden. 
Henry John, lab., 291 S 7th. 
Henry John, teamster, Carlton ab Sch 6th. 
Henry John C, tinsmith, 216 N 5th. 
Henry John, weaver, Washington bel Jefferson. 


Henry Joseph, hackman, 10 Raspberry alley. 

Henry Mary, 26 Shippen. 

Heni-y Matilda P., gentw., 191 Catharine. 

Henry Patrick, quill manuf., 288 S 4th. 

Henry Robert shoemr., 3 Prosperous al. 

Henry Robert, weaver, 13 Brinton. 

Henry Samuel, gent.. Juniper n Spruce. 

Henry Samuel, carpenter. Willow ab Charles. 

Henry Samuel C, collector, S W 4th & Tam- 

Henry William, potter, Schuyl. 8th below Cal- 

Henry William, M. D., N E 8th & Baker. 

Henry Wm., lab., 3 Beaver. 

Henry William & Son, mers., 289 High. 

Henschen E., mer., 4 Chestnut. 

Hensel John G., baker, 187 Callowhill. 

Hensell John, combmr., 5 Jackson's ct. 

Henszey C. Mrs., corseimr., 121 Chestnut. 

Henszey Joshua, clerk, 46 Sassafras. 

Henszey Marshall, bricklayer, 69 Crown. 

Henszey S. C, hardware, 46 Sassafras. 

Henszey Samuel C, clerk, 8 Marshall. 

Henzey Catharine, tailoress, 10 Laurel. 

Henzey William C, di-uggist, 46 Sassafras. 

Heny J. H., cordw., Sch Front ab Filbert. 

Henson Elizabeth, washer, 1 Leyden's ct. 

Henson John, importer of zink and roof manuf., 
211 Mulberry, h S W Ashton and Lombard. 

Hent Valentine, dentist, 27 Castle. 

Hent William, brass founder, 119 Callowhill. 

Henwood Abraham, coi'der, 66 Plum. 

Hentz Jacob, inspector, 252 N 7th. 

Hentz John, Custom House, h 10th bel Spring 

Hepburn John, cordw., 2 Adams. 

Heppard John, painter, 93 S Front, h 7 Penn. 

Heppard Thomas, carter, Shafer's ct. 

Hepburn Chas. W., ex. broker, 28 & h300 S 3d. 

Hepburn Eliza, 2 Lodge alley. 

Herbert Casper, whitesmith. Orange n F road. 

Herbert Lawrence, tobacconist, 35 S 8th. 

Herbert Mrs., ornamental hair, 48 Mulberry. 

Herbert Thomas, cordw., 3 Haas' ct. 

Hergesheimer Samuel, blacksmith, M road c 
Washington, h S E 2d & Mary. 




Herig-es John J., tobacconist, 471 N 2d. 
Herig-es Joseph, tobacconist, N E 4th & Lom- 
Herkness B. L., clerk, 77 S 11th. 
Herkness E. Mrs., 77 S 11th. 
Herkness Walter, stone cutter, Lombard n Sch. 

Herman John, druggist, 154 N 4th. 
Hermstad Joseph, bookbmder, 7 Elbow lane. 
Hern Ellen, 7 Lagrange. 
Hern Michael, agent, 1 Richardson's ct. 
Herils Mrs., boarding house, 100 S Front. 
Hering C, M. D., 132 Spruce. 
Heringer, Charles, storekeeper, 126 N 4th. 
Herrigel Gotlieb, tailor, 3 Trotter's alley. 
Herriges Joseph, tobacconist, 226 Cedar. 
Herring Henry, steam mill, Cedar n Broad. 
Herring John, shoemr., rear 70 Shippen, 
Herring John, lab., G T road n 6th. 
Herring' Langford, 68 N 4th. 
Herring L. Mrs., 184 Coates. 
Herring Thomas J., exchange broker, 68 N 4th. 
Herring &. Tatem, steam-mill. Cedar bel Broad. 
Herring W. N., fruiterer, 109 N 3d., house 68 

N 4th. 
Herrington Mary Mrs., 61 Garden. 
Herrington Richard, cordwainer, 62 German. 
Heron John, gent, 282 S 5th. 
Herron John, clerk, 5 Noble. 
Heron Mary, carpet weaver, 304 S 6th. 
Herse George P., bookbinder, 253 High, h 149 


Herse Mary, 10th bel Christian. 
Hertig Frederick; gun sm.. Front ab Franklin. 
Hertz Andrew, weaver. Prince ab. Palmer, 
Hertzell Philip, shop, 30 Kunckle. 

Hertzog Peter, gent, 296 Mulberry. 

Hetzell Joseph, lab.. Whitehead's ct. 

Heslip Susan, dry goods, S W 11th &. Locust 

Hess Abraham, Sassafras N ISth. 

Hess Caroline, 197 St. John. 

Hess Ehsha M., tinsmith, 378 N 2d. 

Hess Felix, tavern, N W Front & Chestnut. 

Hess George, cooper, 2 Kensley's court. 

Hess George, blacksmith, 381 Sassafras, h N E 
12th and Sassafras. 

Hess Godfrey, baker, 9 Marshall. 

Hess Gotleib, dealer, 11th & Buttonwood. 

Hess Jacob, watennan, 6 Swanson's ct. 

Hess Jacob, tinsmith, 34 Kunckle. 

Hess James, mariner, M'Coy's ct. 

Hess James, mariner, 31 Prime. 

Hess John, baker, 340 S Front. 

Hess John, coachmaker, 12th & Type alley. 

Hess John, waterman, 45 Mead. 

Hess John, carpenter, Shippen ab 12th. 

Hess John C, toys, 126 Sassafras. 

Hess John L, gent, 237 N 2d. 

Hess Joseph, comedian, 8 Gi-ay's ct. 

Hess Joseph, cordwainer, 3 Plynlimmon place, 

Hess Joseph, clerk, William ab Rose. 

Hess Margaret, boarding house, 154 Pine. 

Hess Margaretta, gentw., 59 Green. 

Hess Mary, Lilly alley. 

Hess Mary, Wood ab R road. ^ 

Hess Mary, dressmr., Vine bel Sch 8th. 

Hess Nicholas, blacksmith, 9 Poplar. 

Hess Philip, tinsmith, 252 N 2d., h rear 246. 

Hess Pierce, hairdresser, 367 N 3rd. 

Hess Samuel M., grocer, S E Sch. 8th & Vine. 

Hess Sarah, Vine n Sch 8th. 

Hess William, cooper, William & Rose. 

Hesser Chas. H., stone cutter. Filbert bel Broad. 

Hesser Daniel, stone cutter. Spring Garden bel 


Hesser George, victualler, G T R ab Jefferson. 
Hesser John, stone cutter, S Garden bel 10th. 
Hesser Sai'ah, R road ab Wood. 
Hesser William, tailor, 49 Gaskill 
Hessington William, stonecutter, 2 Concord. 
Hesslepoth Henry, tavern, N E 3d & Poplar. 
Hesslepoth John, carpenter, 250 St. John. 
Hesslepoth Washington, planemr,, 154 Poiplar. 
Hestor Conrad, clerk, 73 Crown. 
Heston Edward, millwright. Bush Hill, h 158 

Heston Hannah, b. h. 121 Sassafras. 
Heston Isaiah, 26 Green. 
Heston R. Mrs., shop, 21 N 9th. 
Hetzell John, baker, 378 N Front. 
Hewes James, 56 N 8th. 
Hewes Henry, machinist. Filbert n Sch 3rd. 
Flewghin Lewis, manufacturer, G T Road near 

Hewitt Alex., gent., R road bel Buttonwood. 
Hewitt Andrew C, shoemr., Queen ab Shacka- 

Hewitt Eliza, 315 Pine. 

Hewitt Flavins, carp., Hopkins' ct. n School. 
Hewitt George W. & Co., music, 70 S 3rd. 
Hewitt Henry, tanner, Haydock bel Front. 
Hewitt Ira, labourer. Queen bel 5th. 
Hewitt John, gent., R road bel Buttonwood. 
Hewitt Lucetta, 15 Laurel. 
Hewitt Margaretta, 135 N 5th. 
Hewitt Mary, teacher, 148 S 4th. 
Hewitt Thomas, sugar refiner, Zane ab 7th, h 

11 Sansom. 
Hewhngs A. M., b. h. 289 Chestnut. 
Hewly John, lab., 70 Christian. 
Hewson Thomas M., M. D., 243 Walnut. 
Hewstead Webster, cordw., Fraley's ct. 
Hewston John, carter, 6 Perry. 
Heyberger Jacob, 76 Vine. 
Heyberger George W., civ. eng., 48 N 4th. 
Heyde Charles, jeweller, 310 Coates. 
Heyer Frederick H., baker. Palmer ab Prince. 
Heyer Lawrence, morocco dresser, Franklin. 
Hey Moses, woollen yarn, 77 & 78 Arcade. 
Heyl D. S., mer., 17 S Front, h Sch. 8th bel 

Heyl Francis, mer., 195 High. 
Heyl George, gent., 3 Mary ct. 
Heyl George, notary public, 3 Exchange pi. 
Heyl John, ir., brushmr. 273 N 6th. 
Heyl John, 'l06N 2nd. 
Heyl Mary, 173 Green. 
Heyl T. C, mer. 195 High. 
Heyl Wm. G., salesman, 51 High, h 118 N 8th. 
Heylin R., M. D., N W 10th & Vine. 




Heyser William H., dentist, 310 S 4th. 
Heysham Robert, clerk, Customhouse. 
Heysham Wm. Sayre, N W 5th & Commerce. 
Heywald Charles, stove manuf. 189 N 2nd. 
Hibberd Ann, 128 N 10th. 
Hibberd George, clerk, 10 Duke. 
Hibbert John, dyer, c Jefferson &, GT road. 
Hlbbert Joseph, hosier, 351 N 6th. 
Hibbert Mary, florist, 13th n Lombard. 
Hibbert Septimus, cutler. Front ab Otter. 
Hibbs John, Carp., R road bel Coates. 
Hibbs Joseph G., hardware, 102 N 2nd. 
Hibbs Mahlon, stone cutter. Brown bel 12th. 
Hibler John, wine mer., 56 N 3rd. 
Hibler Samuel P., mer. 187 High, h 69 N 9th. 
Hickey Alexander L., cap & trunk manuf. 142 

Chestnut, h Traquair's ct. 
Hickey C. Mrs., dressmr. 16 Union sq. 
Hickey E. & E., dry goods, S E Sch 7th & Vine. 
Hickey James, grocer, 124, h 126 Locust. 
Hickey James, watchman, 10 Harmony ct. 
Hickey John, stone cutter, 3 Tiller's ct. 
Hickey John, collector, 2 Locust. 
Hickey William, stone cutter, 74 Apple. 
Hickling C, brok., 9 Bank al., h 138 N lOth. 
Hickley Charles, cordwr. Wood bel Sch 2nd. 
Hickman Adam, labourer, Maria ab 4th. 
Hickman &. Brother, mers., 42 N 3rd. 
Hickman C. & Co., mers., 6 S Wharfs. 
Hickman Cheyney, mer. 6 S whfs, h 118 S 4th. 
Hickman George, blacksmith, Sch 5th bel 

Hickman Harbeson, mer., 42 N 3rd. 
Hickman Isaac, labourer, Franklin ab 2nd. 
Hickman James, acct. Cherry n Sch 8th. 
Hickman Isaac, cordwainer, 194 Swanson. 
Hickman John, plasterer, 159 Carpenter (S) 
Hickman John W., clerk, 3 Ellen. 
Hickman N. W., mer., 42 N 3rd. 
Hicks A. M., dressmr., 33 Wallace. ' 
Hicks Ann, shop, 9 Currant al. 
Hicks Benjamin commissioner, 20 Pegg. 
Hicks Charles, measurer, 155 Marshall. 
Hicks Isaac, labourer, Pearl ab 13th. 
Hicks Isaac, carpenter. Oak op Stiles' whf, h 

155 N Front. 
Hicks John, carpenter, Centre, h 17 Dean. 
Hicks Phebe, 189 N 9th. 
Hicks Seth S., carpenter, Rittenhouse. 
Hicks Willit, carpenter, 18 Wallace. 
Hides William D. Rev., 4 Belmont place. 
Hiegham William, dry goods, G T road ab 

Hieghgate Wm., clerk,, 24 Currant al. 
Hieskell Colson, mer. N W 5th &. High, h 10 

N 7th. 
Hieskell Ferdinand, mer. N W 5th 8c High, h 

N W Filbert & llth. 
Hieskell Frances, gentw. 426 Sassafras. 
Hieskell H. M., mer. N W 5th &. High, h 426 

Hieskell Thomas, gent. 426 Sassafras. 
Hieskell Wm. B., att'y &. coun. 46 S 6th, h 426 

Higbee R. Mrs., milliner, 166 S 12th. 

Higbee H. H., M. D,, 37 N 5th. 

Higbee John, carpenter. Barley n 10th, h 10th 

bel Pine. 
Higginbottom Lydnah, Nolile ab St. John. 
Higginbottom Wilham, hatter, 8 Meyers' ct. 
Higgin Elizabeth, Beach n Marsh. 
Higgins Ann, 324 S 3d. 
Higgins Edward, druggist, 224 Callowhill. 
Higgins Elizabeth, Lombard bel Broad. 
Higgins George, Rev., 127 Christian. 
Higgins John, dyer. Raspberry al, ab Spruce. 
Higgins Margaret, tavern, 109 S Wharfs. 
Higgins Solomon Rev. ,'5 Sergeant. 
Higgins Solomon, enameler, 13 Franklin Place. 
Higham Isaac, lab., Coates bel 9th. 
Higginson John, 30 Union al. 
Higgs Chilim, flour & feed, Parrish n Elizabeth. 
Higgs Mahlon, military cap mr., 31 S 3rd, h 

10th n Green. 
Higgs Richard, blacksmith, Barker bel Sch 4th. 
High Catharine, 91 N 3rd. 
High David, tavern, 121 Vine. 
High John, grocer, 98 New. 
High Samuel, cabinetmr. 173 N 3d. 
Highall Joseph, plasterer, 5th ab Master. 
Highfield Thomas, hatter, 5 Baker's ct. 
Highlands Findley, marble mason, 12th ab Sas- 
Highs William, tailor, rear 137 Christian. 
Hight Adam, victualler, R R bel Buttonwood. 
Hight Amelia, washer, Paschall's al. 
Hight David, bonnet presser, rear 95 O Y road 
Hight Frederick, victualler, 70 Garden. 
Higman Charles, waterman, rear 484 N 3d. 
Hllburn Esther Mrs., wheelwright, 283 Callow- 
hill, h N W 8th & Willow. 
Hilburn Mary, shop, 513 N 3rd. 
Hilburn Samuel, skin dresser, 513 N 3rd. 
Hildebrandt A., baskets, 156 High, h 103 But- 
Hildeburn John M., com. mer., 35 S AVater, h 

367 Walnut. 
Hildeburn Joseph H., mer., 72 High, h 367 

Hildeburn Samuel, mer. 72 High, h 367 Walnut. 
Hiles Alexander, coppersm., 3 Williamson's ct. 
Hiles John, hatter, 1 67 S 2nd. 
Hill Adam, shipwright. Beach n Marlborough. 
Hill Allen, fisherman. Beach n Warren. 
Hill Anthony, lab., 73 Plum. 
Hill Ann, 5 Wood. 

Hill Artemen, mer. 95 Walnut, h 345 N 6th. 
Hill Champion, shoemr.. Eagle ct. 
Hill Charles, bricklayer, 6 Knight's ct. 
Hill Charles, tailor, S W Water & Mulberry, h 

N W Front & Vine. 
Hill Charles, dyer, Charlotte ab Franklin, h 

rear 620 N 3d. 
Hill David, mer., 95 Walnut, h S Penn sq. 
Hill David, weaver, Shippen ab Shippen lane. 
Hill Edwin J., painter, 86 N 7th. 
Hill Eliza, teacher, 153 Vine. 
Hill Elizabeth Mrs., 1 Wallace. 
Hill, Fitchelt & Co., liardware, 11 N 4th. 
Hill George, acct, 142 S Juniper. 




Hill Giles, sawyer, 1st ct. 11th ab Sassafras. 

Hill Henry, Type al ab 13th. 

Hill Henry, mer., 11 N 4th. 

Hill Jacob, ship carpenter. Beach bel Marlboro'. 

Hill Jacob, caulker, Chei-ry bel. West (K) 

Hill James, hatter, 207 Callowhill. 

Hill James, cordwainer, 533 Chestnut. 

Hill James, cordwainer. Bond ct (N L) 

Hill Jane, gentw., 129 S 4th. 

Hill U. K., teach, music, N E Sch. 6th 8c Hig-h. 

Hill & Janney, druggists, 13 N.4th. 

Hill lohn, Lagrang-e place. 

Hill John, distiller, 129 S 12th. 

Hill John, weaver, Phoenix bel Front. 

Hill John, lab., 6 Parham. 

Hill John H., M. D., 100 N 8th. 

Hill John, ship carp., Marlboroug-h bel P'rankhn. 

Hill John, carpenter. Linden bel Green. 

Hill John, bricklayer, 2 Branch al. 

Hill Joseph, pearl buttonmr.. Vine n Sch. 7th. 

Hill Joseph, bootmaker, 61 S 5th. 

Hill Joseph, tailor, 42 High. 

Hill Marshall, mer., 158 High, h 10 Palmyra sq. 

Hill Mary, Clinton ct. • 

Hill Mary, confectioner, 318 Pine. 

Hill Mary, milliner, 86 N 7th. 

Hill Mayhew, waher, Raspberry al n Spruce. 

Hill Peter, porter, 88 Gaskill. 

Hill Peter, mer., 58 Filbert. 

Hill Richard, sexton. Vineyard n Sch. 4th (F V) 

Hill Robert, waiter, 35 Prosperous al. 

Hill Robert F., undertaker, rear St. Andrew's 
church, h 74 Locust. 

Hill R. W., grocer, 538 N Front. 

Hill Samuel, tavern, 181 S Front. 

Hill Samuel, buttonmr., 7 Hubbell. 

Hill Thomas, weaver, 312 Carpenter (S) 

Hill Thomas, mer., 15 S Whfs., h 18 Union. 

Hill Thomas, tavern, S E 9th & Green. 

Hill William, bookbinder, 1 Julianna. 

Hill William, shoemr., 176 S 2nd. 

Hill William F., cordwainer, 48 Oak. 

Hill William B., clerk, 24 S Front, h 193 S 9th. 

Hillborn Charles, combmaker, Beaver n Char- 

Hillborn Cyrus, mer., 34 High, h 19 Filbert. 

Hillborn Joseph T., bookseller, 253 High. 

Hillegas Charles, tobacconist, James' ct n Hope. 

Hillegas Frederick, Hope n Master. 

Hiller A., blacksmith. Juniper bel High, h Kel- 

Hilles & Maule, curriers, 277 N 2nd. 

Hillgarton Philip, b. h. 287 Cedar. 

Hilliard Tovvnsend, carpenter, Poplar sq. 

Hillier Joseph & Co., gilders, 80 Mulberry, h 
Nectarine bel 9th. 

Hillison Francis, rigger, 35 Catharine. - 

Hillman Allen, carpenter, rear 121 Catharine. 

Hillman Louisa, confec. & cake bak., 108 N 4th. 

Hillman Mary, teacher, 198 N 6th. 

Hillman Richard S., painter, Vine n Sch 7th. 

Hillsee Jas. M,, tailor, 162 S 2nd, h 141 S Front. 

Hillyer John, tanner, 21 Margaretta. 

Hilsee Joel C, tailor, 84 S Water, h 113 S 

Hilsee Joseph, tailor, 140 S Water, h 141 S 

Hilsee William, tailor, 314 N Front. 

Hilt Ernest, chairmr.. Garden n Noble. 

Hilt George, drayman, 5 Scattergood ct. 

Hilt Isaac, cordw., G T road n Otter. 

Hilt Joseph D., tavern, 48 Coates. 

Hilt Lewis, cordwainer, rear 306 St. John. 

Hilt Mary Ann Mrs., 5 Wood. 

Hilt Samuel R., tailor, 16 Bonsall. 

Hiltner Joseph, lab., Wallace ab R road, 

Hiltner Wm., lab., Mellon ab 13th. 

Hilton Ann Eliza, dressmr., 471 High. 

Hilton George, barber, 172 Pine, h 13 Brad- 
ford's al. 

Himes Andrew, waterman, Allen bel Palmer. 

Himes John, carter, 12 Cox. 

Himes Martin, mariner, Lombard ab Sch 2nd. 

Himes Rosanna, sempstress, Sch. 3dab Spruce. 

Himmelwright C. S., tailor, 5th ab Callowhill, h 
11 Wagner's ct. 

Himmelwright Wm., ^oper. Say. 

Hinchman B. M., gent., 212 Chestnut. 

Hinchman George, confectioner, 2 Warren's ct. 

Hinchman Isaac, lab., 66 Catharine. 

Hinchman Joseph B., b h., S E 12th & Button- 

Hinchman J. S., mer., Callowhill n Sch Front. 

Hinchman J. S. & Co., coal & ford, mers., Cal- 
lowhill st whf, Sch. 

Hinchman Moses, clerk Penn T bank, h 73 

Hinckle Frederica, confec, 189 Callowhill. 

Hinckle John, blacksmith, 146 N 13th 

Hinckle William, cashier, P.nn Township Sav- 
ings Institution, 1 Sprin;^ Garden. 

Hinckley Robert H., jeweller, 74 N 2d. 

Hindemire Michael, carpenter, 2d n Phoenix. 

Hindman Elizabeth, 91 Buttonwood. 

Hindman Francis W., protho. Sup. Court, E D, 
7 State House, h 3 S Sch 2d. 

Hindman James, grocer, 327 High, h 24 Morgan. 

Hindman John, gent., 66 Vine. 

Hinds James, carpet weaver, 275 S 7th. 

Hineback Charity, 114 Oak. 

Hines Addison, grocery, S W Front & Green. 

Hines Frederick, lab., Coates ab 13th. 

Hines Hepzibah, dressmaker, rear 14 Poplar. 

Hines James L., cordwainer, 282 St. John. 

Hines John, grocer. School n William. 

Hines John M., carver, 4 Harmony ct., h 44 

Hines Stephen, glassblower. Prince ab Palmer. 

Hines & Towson, carvers, 4 Harmony. 

Hink Benjamin, cordw.. Crown ab Queen. (K) 

Hink Henry, confectioner, 387 N 3d. 

Hinkel Adam H., ship chandler, 38 S wharves, 
h 41 New. 

Hinkel Henry, carpenter, Nectarine ab 8th. 

Hinkle Aaron, saddle-tree mr., 10 China. 

Hinkle Adam, jr., victualler, 57 Franklin. 

Hinkle Adam, sr., victualler, S E Callowhill & 

Hinkle Ann, 151 St. John. 

Hinkle Benjamin, jeweller, 100 Cedar. 

HOB 115 

Hinkle Charles, R road agent, 3rd and Willow, 

hill Noble. 
Hinkle Charles, harnessmaker, 280 Green. 
Hinkle H., c Toor's ct & R road. 
Hinkle Henry J., blacksmith, 172 N 4th. 
Hinkle John, victualler, N E 12th & Coates. 

Hinkle Tacy, tavern, Callowhill ab William. 

Hinkle Peter, victualler, James bel 10th. 

Hinkle Peter, g-rocer, 27 Tammany. 

Hinkle Peter, sr., victualler, 269 Callowhill. 

Hinkle Sarah, huxter, rear 161 Christian. 

Hinkle Sarah, doctress, 35 R road. 

Hinkle W. S., Garden ab 6th. 

HInman D. B., mer. 7 Commerce, h 194 Mul- 

Hinman D. B. & Co., com. mers., 7 Commerce. 

Hinman & Button, map publishers, 7 Commerce. 

Hinman Wm., g^ent., 13th ab Callowhil'. 

Hinning Philip, bricklayer, 527 N 4lh. 

Hinphy Edward, weaver, G T road n Master. 

Hinsay Wm., currier. New Market bel Green. 

Hinson Henrietta, 18 Budd's ct. 

Hinton F. A., hair dresser, N E 5th & Chestnut, 
his Powell. 

Hippie Peter S., drj" goods, 350 Sassafras. 

Hires George, grocer, S W Juniper & Cherry. 

Hirgeson Bridget, rear Sch. 8th n Market. 

Hirigoyen Peter, lamp maker, 64 Dock. 

Hirkman John J., tavern, c F road & Mander- 

Hirneisen S. Mrs., teacher, 46 S 13th. 

Hirst David, cordwainer, 122 Charlotte. 

Hirst & Dreer, seedsmen, 97 Chestnut. 

Hirst Henry B., mer. 97 Chestnut, h 63 S 7th. 

Hirst John, cooper. Crown n Bedford. 

Hirst Mary, carpet weaver, 484 N 2d. 

Hirst Philip, cordw., 10 Ellet's av. 

Hirst William L., tailor, S E 2nd & Almond, h 
163 S 3rd. 

Hirst William L., att'y & coun., 63 S 7th. 

Hishley Christopher, victualler. Christian n Sch. 

Hishley Jacob, victualler. Christian n Sch. 

Hisleman Abraham, moulder, Duke n Palmer. 

Hitchcock Charles, tailor, Marlborough above 

Hitchcock I. Irvine, teacher, 202 S Front. 

Hitchens James, corder, Washington ab Callow- 

Hitchens John, tanner, Buttonwood ab 6th. 

Hitc Rosanna Mrs., Paschall's al. 

Hitner A. M., dressmaker, 49 S Juniper. 

Hitner George, printer, 49 S Juniper. 

Hittel Sellers, hatter, 149 N 2d, h 5 Lagrange. 

Hoag Cornehus, carter, rear Rachel n Laurel. 

Hobart G & E., mers., 80 S 2nd. 

Ilobart George, mer., 80 S 2d, h 425 N 6th. 

Hobart J. A., music teacher, 202 S Front. 

Hobbs James, coal dealer. Mulberry st whf Sch., 
h 295 S 10th. 

Hobbs Mis., b li, Beach. (K) 

Hobbs & Pinney, coal dealers. Mulberry st whf 

Hobson Benjamin, tailor, 7 N 6th, h Wood bel 

Hobson E., stationery, 194 Chestnut. 



Hobson Ehzabeth Mrs., 47 Gaskill. 

Hobson Hannah, layer out of dead. Green bel 

Hobson James, carp. 3 Nicholson. 
Hobson J. & B., tailors, 7 N 6th. 
Hobson John, tailor, 7 N 6th, h 18 Madison. 
Hobson Sarah, 49 O Y road. 
Hobson, Sons & Co., merchants, 48 Walnut (ab 

Hochstrasser H., bell hanger, 131 N 6th. 
Hocker Charles, tobacconist, G T road n 5th. 
Hocker George, tavern, 2 Franklin pi. 
Hocker George, thermometer mr., 58 Chestnut. 
Hocker James, porter, 4 Kneass' ct. 
Hocker Sarah, 59 Budd. (N L) 
Hocker Sarah, rear 484 N 3d. 
Hocker Wm., carter 410 N 4th. 
Hockley John, teller, B. N. A., h Sch 8th n 

Hockney Jonathan, paper stainer, G T road n 

Hodel John, grocer, G T road ab 5th. 
Hodgdan Alexander, gent, 121 Spruce. 
Hodge H. L., M. D., N W 9th & Walnut. 
Hodge John'L., mer. 99 S Front, h 102 S 8th. 
Hodge Richard, ship carpenter, 108 F road. 
Hodge AVm., chairmaker, F road ab Bedford. 
Hodges Edward, shoemr., 14 German. 
Hodges Frederick, carp., rear Washington n 

Hodges John, bosoms & collars, 408 N 6th. 
Hodges John, morocco dresser, 108 F road. 
Hodges John C, carpenter, Adams ab Perry. 
Hodges Jane, 133 Locust. 
Hodges Thomas, carter, 16 Little Pine. 
Hodgson Ann Mrs., Queen n Marlborough. 
Hodgson M. S., barkeeper, Merchants' hotel, 

h 10 Lodge place. 
Hodgson William, tailor. Maiden n Front. 
Hodgson William Jr., druggist, N E 6th & Mul- 
berry, h 160 Mulberry. 
Hodg-son William Sr., mer., 121 Wood. 
Hoe John, glass cutter. Cherry ab Queen. 
Hosckley C. F., county commissioner, h 159 S 

Hceckley Jacob F., scrivener, 248 N 3d, h 275 

N 6th. 
Hoeflich Catharine Mrs., Brooke ct. 
Hoeflich Rudolph, acct., Brooke ct. 
Hosffer Jacob G., tailor, 136 Sassafras. 
HcEhling Adolphus A., cabinetmaker, 196 Pine, 

h S W 5th and ^Valnut. 
Hocth Charles, dry goods, 172 N 2d. 
Hoff" George, furrier, Washington ab 12th. 
HofF George, bricklayer, Washington bet 12th 

and 13th. 
Hoff Henry, agent, 13th ab Willow. 
Hoff John, gent., 340 N 6th. 
Hoff M. M., 215 N 6th. 
Hoffar A. M., dentist, 165 Sassafras. 
Hoffendahl Charles, M. D., 185 Callowhill. 
Hoffman Adam, glass lilower. Wood ab Prince. 
Hoffman Adam, sugar refiner, h 34 Ann. 
Hoffman Andrew, labourer, Watman's ct. 
Hoffman Ann C, Willow bel 8th. 




Hoffman Baltis, 347 N 6th. 
Mort'man Catharine Mrs., 50 Fcderah 
Hoffman Charles, cordwainer. Wood ab Prince 
Hoffman Edward, mast maker, 219 Swanson. 
Hoffman Ethelbert, 226 S 3d. 
Hoffman Francis P., grocer, 241 N 2d. 
Hoffman Frederick, silversmith, Catharine ab 

Hoffman Jacob, tailor, 380 N 2d. 
Hoffman Jacob, cordwainer, c Callowhill & Fair- 
Hoffman Jacob, lab., 5 Stoy's ct. 
Hoffman Jacob, whf. build., Union n Fi'anklin av. 
Hoffman Jacob, fisherman, Queen n Wood. (K) 
Hoffman John, sliipwright, Hanover n Bedford. 
Hoffman John, cabinetmaker, Wood n Prince. 
Hoffman John C, tailor, Marlborough above 

Hoffman John C, segar maker, S E 10th and 

Sergeant, h Willow ab Franklin. 
Hoffman Joseph, wharf-builder, Union above 

Hoffman Mar)', b h., 5 Wood. 
Hoffman Maiy Ann, Davis' ct. 
Hoffman P., baker, Bryan's ct. 
Hoffman Samuel, shipwright, Marlborough n 

Hoffman Samuel D., tavern, c Brown & Oak. 
Hoffman Samuel T., mast maker, 15 Christian. 
Hoffman Sarah, Wood ab Queen. (K) 
Hoffman William, labourer. Brook n Brown. 
'Hoffmann William, saddler, rear 365 High. 
Hoffmaster Frederick, mus. instr. maker, 188 

S 5th. 
Hoffner Chas. P., paper stainer, Powell. (F V) 
Hoffner Frederick, senr., labourer, Coates & Sch. 

Hoffner Frederick, furrier, 7 Kessler's al. 
Hoffner Henry, machinist, 2d n William. 
Hoffner John, constable, 253 S 6th. 
Hoffy A., artist & lithographer, 41 Chestnut. 
Hogan Barcus, porter, 7 Little Oak. 

Hogan James, stationer, 30 N 4th, h 2 Monroe 

Hogan James, tavern, 138 S 4th. 

Hogan Patrick, paper ruler, 214 N 7th. 

Hogan & Thompson, booksellers 8c stationers., 
30 N 4th. 

Hogan & Thompson, stationers, 77 Chestnut. 

Hogarth Joseph, blacksmith, Front ab Phoenix. 

Hoge James, mer., 4 N 5th. 

Hoge Thomas TJev., ^7 Girard. 

Hoge Thomas H., merchant, 181 High, h 17 

Hogerbets Peter, combmaker. Queen n Shack- 

Hogg Charles, gi-ocer, Callowhill bel William. 

Hogg Michael, confectioner, 163 Cedar. 

Hoguet Francis, cabinetmaker, 32 Beck's al. 

Hoguet Mary, fancy goods, 80 S 4th. 

Hohenfels & Jacob, dry goods, 256 N 2d. 

Holahan Amos, 45 S 10th. 

Holahan Jacob, tavern, N W 10th and Locust. 

Holahan Jacob, hotel, 195 Chestnut. 

Holbert E., lab., 3 Federal. 

Holbrook Benjamin,"master warden, 33 Walnut, 

h 362 S Front. 
Holbrook Charles N., druggist, S W 3rd and 

Holcomb Chauncey P., attorney & counsellor 91 

Holdcraft David, seaman, 3 Beekman's ct. 
Holden Ezra, 70 Dock, h 3 Comptroller. 
Holden H. W., hatter. High n Sch. Front. 
Holden Isaac, architect, 33 Filbert. 
Holden Thomas, 139 N 7th n Willow. 
Holderness Lucy, shop, S E 4th and Queen. 
Holdzkom Andrew, saddler, 364 High. 
Holgate Samuel, cordwainer, 389 S P'ront. 
HoUahan John, coachmaker, 4 Shoemaker, h c 

8th and Zane. 
Holland Abel, tailor, 163 N3d. 
Holland Ann E. Mrs., 328 Walnut. 
Holland Caroline, 3rd n George. 
Holland Barney, carter, rear 100 Plum. 
Holland Edward, dealer, P road n 7th. 
Holland Lawrence, carp.. Locust ab Sch. 3d. 
Holland Mary, 29 Flower. 
Holland Nathaniel, collector, 3 Library, h 43 

Holland Shadrack, waiter. Poplar ct. 
HoUaway John T., capmaker, 60 Dock, h 281 

S Front. 
Hollaway Mrs., milliner, 281 S Front. 
Hollaway Thomas, machinist and steam engine 

builder, 117 Budd. 
HoUemback B. M., painter, c Willow & Marshall, 

h 72 Nectarine. 
Holley Abraham, carpenter, 13th ab Fitzwater. 
HoUiday Adam, tavern, 417 S 2d. 
Hollinger A., dealer, 33 Christian. 
Hollingshead Elizabeth Mrs., shoebinder, 30 

HoUingshead Charles E., mer., S E High and 

HoUingshead C. F., mer., 239 High, h 79 S 12th. 
Holhngshead H. F., mer., 43 N Water, h 112 

Hollingshead H. F. & Co., mers., 43 N Water. 
HoUingshead H. H., mer.. UN Front, h 58 S 

HoUingshead, Piatt & Co., mers., N wharves n 

HoUingsworth E., machinist, 274 Wood. 
Holling-sworth George, carp.. Sugar albel 7th. 
HoUingsworth Henry, cashier B. N. A., h Wal- 
nut bel Sch. 8th. 
HoUingsworth L., atty. & coun., 53 S 5th, h Wal- 
nut n Sch. 8th. 
HoUingsworth Samuel, mer., 15 Walnut, h 52 

S 13th. 
HoUingsworth T. G., stock and exchange bro- 
ker, 5o Walnut, h 136 S 2d. 
HoUins James B., chinaware, 366 High. 
HoUins John, china ware, 371 High. 
HoUinshead B. M., dry goods, 14 N 6th. 
HoUinshead Mary & Sarah, bonnets, 14 N 6th. 
HoUinshead & Son, mers., 80 High, ab stairs. 
HoUis A. Mrs., milliner, 311 AValnut. 
HoUis Charles, engraver, 48 S 3d, h 311 Walnut. 




Hollis Cordelia, 68 N Juniper. 

Hollis Edward, grocer, S W 2d & Sassafras. 

Hollis John, grocer, N W Pine &. Perry. 

Hollis P. L., broker, 78 S Front. 

Hollowfield Wilson, dentist, 94 German. 

Holloway Edward, mariner, 14 Mead al. 

Holloway John, clerk of E Penn, h Callowhill 
ab Sch Front. 

HoUowell E., cordw., Cadvvaladar ab Phoenix. 

Hollwarth John M., cabinetmr., 370 N 3d. 

Holman S. B., linen store, 142 Chestnut. 

Holmes Alexander V., Hansell's ct. 

Holmes A. G., broker. Exchange building. 

Holmes Elias, lab.. Green's ct. 

Holmes E. A., mer., 183 High, h 11 N 10th. 

Holmes E. M. Mrs., teacher, 178 N 4th. 

Holmes G. H., lapidary, 5 Bank al, h 55 Walnut. 

Holmes Geo. W., teacher of drawg., 134 N 11th. 

Holmes Henry, pa.bro., 90 Cedar, & 83 Shippen. 

Holmes Henry, tailor, 2 Hammel's row. 

Holmes James, chandler, 43 Plum. 

Holmes James, porter, c Front and Phoenix. 

Holmes James, porter, 16 Juniper lane. 

Holmes John, M. D., 353 Mulberry. 

Holmes John, mer., 110 High, h 353 Mulberry. 

Holmes John, weavei', Washington bel Jeffer- 
son. (K) 

Holmes Philip, waiter, Centre ab 12th. 

Holmes, Porter, & Co., ex-brokers, 3 S 3d. 

Holmes Robert, weavei', 2d ab Edward. 

Holmes Robert, mariner, 442 S Front. 

Holmes Robert, labr., c Gebhard & Sassafras. 

Holmes Roswell, broker, 3 S 3rd, h 439 Chest- 

Holmes R. S., M. U., 123 S 9th. 

Holmes, Sturgeon & Co., dry goods, 183 High. 

Holmes Wm., cordwalner, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras. 

Holmes Wm. & Co., Kensington Foundry. 

Holson Hannah, 334 S 3d. 

Holston Anna, Sherkcr's al. 

Holt James, labourer, 17 Gaskill. 

Holt John, painter, Morris ab Catharine. 

Holt John, cordw., Hope n Otter. 

Holt Robert W., cooper, Sch 7th n Vine. 

Holt Seth, grocer, 361 N 2d. 

Holtsworth Lewis, sugar refiner, rear 388 N 

Homan & Dearr, undertakers, 332 Sassafras. 
Homan John, cooper, Wood n Sch. 
Homer Benjamin & Son, brass founders, 7 

Hood James, cordwr., Carlton ab Sch 8th. 

Hood John M., gent., 16 Sassafras. 

Hood Lambert, ladies' shoemr., Washington 

Hood Matilda, milliner, S W 7th and Pine. 
Hood Matthew, gent., 11 Cherry n Sch. 7th. 
Hood M. R. G., b h., 14 N 9th. 
Hood Nathaniel P., acct., 319 N 6th. 
Hood Samuel, mer., 207 High, h 150 N 12th. 
Hood Samuel, atty. &, coun., 214 Walnut. 
Hood Thomas, cordwainer. Cherry ab 11th. 
Hood Wm., labourer, c 11th & R road. 
Hood Wm., painter & glazier, 93, & h 80 N 3d. 
Hoodless Thomas, carpenter, S W 10th and 

Hook John, collector, 15 Marion. 
Hook Peter, coachman, 21 Pryor's ct. 
Hook William, gent, 288 S 5th. 
Hooke Francis, cabinetmaker, 28 N 10th. 

Hooker Herman, bookseller and stationer, N W 
5th & Chestnut. 

Hookey Anthony, cabmr, rear 295 N 3d. 

Hooley Benjamin, silk spinner, 6 Hubbell. 

Hoon John, bnckmr.. Broad ab Fitzwater. 

Hooper Hannah, milliner, 247^ S 2d. 

Hooper Jane, dressmr., 227 Lombard. 

Hooper John, mer., 113 High, h 313 Mulberry. 

Hooper John, lab., 22 Elizabeth. 

Hooper, Martin & Smith, hardware, 113 High. 

Hooper Ruth, 18 Watson's alley. 

Hooper Thomas, tavern. Pine ab Carbon. 

Hoopes Bernard, com. mer., 63 S Front. 

Hoopes David, iron mer., Washington. (W. P.) 

Hoopes James, carpenter, 13th bel Willow. 

Hoopes Joseph, dry goods, N E 11th St High. 

Hoopes Pierce, him. mer., 369 Cedar. 

Hoopes Thomas P., mer., S W 5th & High. 

Hoopes Thomas C, carp., 34 Jacoby. 

Hoopes, Wolfe & Baker, hardware, S W 5th & 

Hoot & Adamson, grocers, N E 5th & Poplar. 

Hooton Andrew, alderman, 221^, & h 264 S 6th. 

Hooven Albert, bricklayer, Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 

Hooven Benj., brickl., Sch. 8th bel Callowhill. 

Hooven James, lime dealer, S E 9th and Spring 

Hooven Horatio, blacksmith, Hamilton bel Fair- 

Hooven Morris, skinner. Vine n Sch. 

Hoover Adrian, lab., 3 Roney'sct. 

Hoover Andrew, cordw., 198 N 6th. 

Homer & Blakemore, japanners, rear 7 Apple-iHoover Catharine, R road ab Callowhill. 

tree alley. j Hoover Jacob, brickmaker, Apple ab George. 

Homer Henry, brassfr. Mulberry al ab Sch 5th. [Hoover Jacob, trader, F road ab Otter. 
Homer James, rear 7 Appletree alley, h 92 Hoover Jacob, baker, rear 38 Ann. 


Homer Matthias, variety store, 10 Strawberry. 
Homer Timothy, pocket bookmanuf, 17 Cliest- 

Homer William, brass founder, 115N Front. 
Hommann J. C, prof, of music, 127 N 9th. 
Hover Joseph E., silversmith, rear 1 Bread, h 

New Market ab Noble. 
Hood George, variety store, 130 S 12tl). 
Hood Hugh, engineer, c Lombard &. I'erry. 

Hoover John, brickmr., Coates ah 13th. 
Hoover Samuel, painter, 187 Poplar. 
Hoover Wm., shoemr., Broad ab Wallace. 
Hoover Wm., brickmaker, George ab Apple. 
Hoover Wm., upholsterer, 329 Sassafras. 
Hope Susanna Mrs., 357 N 3rd. 
Hopes Jacob, weaver, 18 Budd. 
Hopewell George W., clothing, 90 S 2d. 
Hopewell Sarah, b h., 14 E North. 
Hopkins Ehzabeth, 70 Almond. 




Hopkins Hetty, milliner, 138 S 5th. 
Hopkins Howell, atty. & coun., 12 Prune. 
Hopkins Jacob, cordwainer, 3 Castle. 
Hopkins Jas., drug-g'ist, N E Broad & Chestnut. 
Hopkins John, lab., Mulbei-ry bel Broad. 
Hopkins John C, clerk. New Crown. 
Hopkins Johns, g'ent., 53 Pine. 
Hopkins Jos., ladies shoemr., 67 Buttonwood. 
Hopkins M. Capt., 4 Townsend's ct. 
Hopkins Mary C, 48 Kunckle. 
Hopkins N., mer., 15 Walnut, h 33 Girard. 
Hopkins R. Mrs., 321 Chestnut. 
Hopkins Samuel, carpenter, Washington (W P) 
Hopkins S. Mrs., b h., 230 Mulberry. 
Hopkins Thomas, cabinet maker, Adelphi av. 
Hopkins Thomas, carpenter, Melon ab 13th. 
Hopkins Thomas, clerk, custom house, h 130 

Hopkinson Francis, clerk Dist. Coui-t U. S., h 

Chestnut opp. mint. 
Hopkinson & IngersoU, mers., 54^ S wharves. 
Hopkinson James, mer., 54^ S wharves, h 366 

Hopkinson Joseph, judg-e Dist. Court U, S., h 

366 Walnut. 
Hopkinson Oliver, atty. & coun., 7th ab Walnut, 

h 366 Walnut. 
Hoppel Georg-e, gent., 110 Coates. 
Hoppel John, cordwainer, P road bel Christian. 
Hoppel John, combmaker, 177 Poplar. 
Hoppel Wm., frame maker, Hose al. ab Green. 
Hopper David, shoemr., 4 Peach. 
Hopper D. G., imdertaker, 227 Mulberry. 
Hopper Edwai-d, att'y & coun., 45i^ S 5th. 
Hopper Jehu, carpenter, Parker's alley. 
Hopper Jeremiah, carpenter, 12th ab Spruce, h 

198 Locust. 
Hoppy Henry, 255 S 6th. 
Hopson Benjamin, tailor. Wood bel 12th. 
Hopson Jeremiah, shoemaker, 144 S 11th. 
Horace Wm., waiter, 11 Green's ct. 
Horey John, watchman, 5 Farr. 
Horn Eliza, gentw., 4 Sergeant. 
Horn Frederick, tobacconist, 195 Green. 
Horn Gotleib, shop, William n Edward. 
Horn Heray, mer., 215^ High, h 7 Sansom. 
Horn James H., atty. &, coun., 214 Walnut, h 17 

Horn John, naval officer, 109 S 9th. 
Horn John, druggist, N E 3d and Brown. 
Horn Joseph, bricklayer. Division n Ann. (F V) 
Horn & Kneass, .saddlery, 215-^ High. 
Horn Philip, druggist, N W 4th and Poplar. 
Horn Pearson, gent., 18 Brown. 
Horn W & H., mers., 203^ S 2d, h 17 Sansom. 
Hornberger Wm., tailor, 2d and Shippen. 
Hornby Wm., boot & shoemaker, N W Carpen- 
ter and Decatur, h 5 Lodge place, 
liorne Henry H., Black Bear tavern, rear 3 S 

Home Mar}-, teacher, 81 Tammany. 
Horner Benjamin, hardware, 12 N 5th. 
Home]' David, tailor, llittenhouse al) Sell 6th. 
Horner Edwin J., blacksmith. Filbert ab 10th, 

h c Wood & 12th. 

Horner George, cotton spinner, G T road n St 

Horner George, waterman, 7 Mechanic's ct. 

Horner G. R. B., M. D., 66 S 12th. 

Horner H. B., wheelwright, 41 Brown. 

Horner Jacob, cotton spinner, Callowhill n Wil- 

Horner & Smith, refectory, 9 High. 

Horner J. T., mer.. Ill High, h 88 New. 

Homer Mary, huxter, real* 296 St. John. 

Horner Michael, carp., Wilts' ct. 

Horner Richard, cardriver, rear 1 Lytle's ct. 

Horner Samuel M., grocer, N W 2d & Cedar. 

Horner Wm. E., M. D., 263 Chestnut. 

Hornor & Cresson, drug-gists, 6 N 3d. 

Hornor B. C, druggist, 6 N 3rd. 

Hornor J. P., mer., 47 High, h 29 Mulberiy. 

Hornor J. P. & Son, mers., 47 High. 

Hornor John W., mer., 47 High, h 29 Mulberry. 

Hornor & Overman, hardware, 198 High. 

Hornor Samuel S., mer., 198 High, h 12th ab 

Horseback W., rear 264 S 3d. 

Horsey Jos., bookbind., S E 7th & High, h 222 

Horstmann Wm. H., military store, 51 N 3d, h 
68 Mulberry. 

Hoiter George, dry goods, N W 8th & Sassafipas. 

Horter George, vict., G T road ab Thompson. 

Horter John, tavern, 2 & 4 Bank. 

Horter I. W., exchang-e office, 133 Vine. 

Horter J. W., provisions, S E 12th & Graff. 

Horton Daniel, blacksmith, Wood ab loth. 

Horton Jas., carver, 29 S 10th, h 2 Sheldon row. 
Horton James, saw filer, 4 Little Dock. 

Horton John, bricklayer, 20 Greenleaf 's ct. 
Horton Mary, corset maker, 2 Sheldon row. 
Hortz Peter, gent., 270 S 5th. 
Hosack Joseph, tavern, NW 9th & Cherry. 
Hosche Elizabeth, shoemaker, 137 Buttonwood. 
Hoskins Ann, 406 Coates. 
Hoskins E. A., druggist, 249 Hig'h. 
Hoskins Elizabetli, 48 Sassafras. 
HoskiriS Francis, mer., N W 5th & High, h Mul- 
berry n Sch. 7th. 
Hoskins J., dentist, 3 Montgomery sq. 
Hosier Jane Mrs., Arrison's ct. 
Hossey Patrick, grocer, 10th ab Catharine. 
Hoster Joseph, blacksmith, rear 285 Vine. 
Hotchkiss T. I., dr'gists, S E Queen & Hanover. 
Hotc Stephen, stevedore, rear 142 S 4th. 
Hotman Ann, huckster, c Sch 8th 8c Say. 
Hotz Charles, bricklayer, 212 N 9th. 
Hotz Daniel, gent, 9th ab Noble. 
Hotz Daniel Jr., gent, 212 N 9th. 
Hotz Mary Mrs., N E 7th & Wood. 
Hotz Petci-, ship master, 484 S 2d. 
Hotz P., stonecutter, 212 N 9th. 
Houck Christian, labourer, Rachel n Poplai'. 
Houck Joseph, 491 N 2d. 
Houfenden Ralph, N W Spruce & Willow. 
Hough Benjamin M., 14 Dean. 
Hough Goslin, Rush's ct. 

Hough Jolin, mer., 441 High, h 321 Sassafras. 
Hough Jolm & Co., flour mers., 441 High. 




Hough John Senr., Sassafras ab 9th. 
Houg-h J. T., tailor, 2 S 5th, h 188 N 5th. 
Houg-h Rebecca, 142 S 10th. 
Houg'h Silas, contractor, 365 Coates. 
Houg"hton Andrew, needle maker, N W 7th & 

Houg-h ton John, brassfounder, G T road n 5th. 
Houg-hton Luther, brass nail manuf., 354 Cal- 
Houlding- Maria, 372 S Fi-ont. 
Houpt Catharine, sempstress, 17 Coates' al. 
Houpt C. J., dentist & manuf. of mineral teeth, 

246 Sassafras. 
Houpt Mary, g-entw., 10th ab Coates. 
Hourlot Daniel H., ship joiner, 286 St. John. 
Housekeeper Benjamin, teacher, Buck lane, h 

268 S 6th. 
Housekeeper C. H., att'y & coun., 96 Dillwj'n. 
Housekeeper John, segar mr., 7 Heyberg-er's ct. 
Houseman James, cordwainer, c Perry & Pine. 
Houseman John S., carp., Apple n Cohocksink. 
Houser Marg-aret, 5 Fitzwater. 
Houston C, mer., 58 S Front. 
Houston C. & Co., mers., 58 S Front. 
Houston J. M., 1st teller M. bank, h Cherry n 

Hovey Eliza, milliner, NW 13th & Sassafras. 
How Benjamin, labourer, Pearl bel 13th. 
How Elizabeth, Sch. Front ab Mulberry. 
How Elizabeth, 46 Constitution row, Franklin. 
How Hannah, 211 N 9th. 
How George, shoemaker, 132 N 13th. 
How George M., hatter, 367 N 4th. 
How Joseph, dealer, Shippen bel Clifton. 
Howard Charles, 206 Locust. 
Howard Daniel, teacher, 20 Jacoby. 
Howard Daniel, blacksmith, 319 Sassafras, h 10 

Short's ct. 
Howard Edward Capt., 12 German. 
Howard Ellen Mrs., 144 Wood. 
Howard George, gent.. Broad ab Shippen. 
Howard George, labourer, Swede's ct. 
Howard James, tavern, Fairview, Bush hill. 
Howard James, 139 Wood. 
Howard John, oak cooper, 6 Rogers' ct. 
Howard John, labourer, 27 Union. 
Howard J. G. & Co., silk dyers, 50 Lombard. 
Howard Lewis, labourer, Sherker's al. 
Howard M. Mrs., Seminary, 19 N 13th. 
Howard Mary, cap maker, 86 N 3rd. 
Howard P. R., stock & ex. broker, N E 3d and 

Dock, h N W 3d and Willing's al. 
Howard Robert, cook, 92 Gaskill. 
Howard Robert, dealer, Kessler's al. 
Howard Sarah, 192 Spruce. 
Howard Sarah, 8 Middle al. 
How craft Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 3 Shippen. 
Howe Frances, gentw., 152 Sassafras. 
Howe James F., ex. broker, 12 Exchange, h 

179 N 6th. 
Howe John, N E 2d 8c Shippen. 
Howe William, bootmaker, 55^ N 8th, h 153 

Howell A. H., mer., S W Front & Chestnut, h 

Sch 7th bel Walnut. 

Howell Ashur, mer., 150 S 9th. 

Howell Benjamin P., M. D., 150 S 3rd. 

Howell & Brothers, pap. hangings, 80 Chestnut. 

Howell C. W., gent., 53 Pine. 

Howell Daniel, tavern, 17 Church al. 

Howell Eleanor, 20 Cherry. 

Howell Eliza, Brown n 7th. 

Howell Elizabeth, tavern, N W 6th Sc Poplar. 

Howell Elizabeth B., milliner, 304 Sassafras. 

Howell Ezekiel C, confectioner, 147 N 2d. 

Howell E. Y., M. D., 7th n Parrish. 

Howell George, mer., 80 Chestnut. 

Howell George & Co., dry goods, 268 N 2d. 

Howell George W., carpenter, 4 Reid's ct. 

Howell Frances, 41 Wood. 

Howell J., mer., 88 Chestnut, h 217 Spruce. 

Howell J. & Co., hides & leather, 88 Chestnut. 

Howell James, gent., 302 N 3d. 

Howell John, labourer. Mulberry n Sch Front. 

Howell John A., mer., 80 Chestnut, h George 
bel Sch. 5th. 

Howell John C, chair maker, 56 Duke. 

Howell Joseph, carter. Noble ab 4th. 

Howell Joseph B., elk custom house, 263 N 7th. 

Howell Lemuel, agent, 94 Dilwyn. 

Howell Levi, stage proprietor, 22 Bread. 

Howell Lewis, blacksmith, c 8th & Coates. 

Howell Matilda, rear 9 Crown. 

Howell Matthias, blacksmith, Mellon ab 12th. 

Howell Mrs., wid. of Doct. Abm., 63 N 8th. 

Howell P. S., blacksmith, Penn ab Maiden. 

Howell R., mer, 88 Chestnut. 

Howell Richaz'd, oysters, 6 Locust. 

Howell Richard L., assist, deputy collector, cus- 
tom house, h Walnut ab Broad. 

Howell S. Mrs., Morris House, 188 Chestnut. 

Howell William, paper hanger, 133 Mulberry. 

Howell William, wheelwright. Beach n Maiden. 

Howell Wm. Jr., mer,, 15 N 2d;-' h 14 Sassafras. 

Howell Wilham T., mer., 196 High, h 319 Sas- 

Howell William T. k Co., hardware, 196 High. 

Howell Zachariah, carpenter, 4 Poplar. 

Howell Z. C, paper hanger, N E 7th and Mul- 

Howey William, blacksmith, 6 Almond. 

Howorth Catharine, furniture, 80 & 82 N 7th. 

Howorth Gershorn, lo'kng glasses, 172 Sassafras. 

Howshall John, Cypress al. 

Howwood Lstitia, 14 Mead al. 

Hoxhemer William, cabinetmaker. Turner's ct. 

Hoy John, painter, 4th bel Carpenter. 

Hoy R. Mrs., milliner, Queen ab Marlborough. 

Hoy Thomas, huckster, reanlie Dillwyn. 

Hoyland WiUiam, file makef-, 181 S 5th. 

Hozey W. B., shoes, 266 S 3d. 

Hubb Mary, Apple & Cohocksink. 

Hubbard Betsey, b h. Drinker's al. 

Hubbard Charles, painter, 34 N 10th, house 36 
Sheaff's al. 

Hubbard E. H., seminary, 31 Margaretta, h 269 

Hubbard Jacob, gent., S W 13th & Pine, 

Hubbard John, dravman, Shackamaxon above 




Hubbard M. Mrs., b. h., 121 S 5th. 
Hubbard Wm., grave dig-ger, Wood n Sch 5th. 
Hubbell F. W., att'y & coun., 94 &. h 118 S 3d. 
Hubbell H., att'y & coun., 24 Swanwick, h 10th 

ab Shippen. 
Hubbell Saml., carpenter, 79 M road. 
Hubbell Truman M., gent., Fitz water bel 9th. 
Hubbert John, oysterman, rear 238 Catharine. 
Hubbert John, starch manuf., 2d ab Oxford. 
Hubbert Martha, 110 N 12th. 
Hubbert Mary A., dressmaker, 494 N 2d. 
Hubbert William, starcli manuf., 2d ab Oxford. 
Hubble Mrs., gentw., 18 Fayette. 
Hubbs Margaret, tailoress, 13th bel Centre. 
Hubbs Paul K., treasurer Mulha\)sen Manuf. Co., 

h 541 S Front. 
Hubeli Jacob, flour mer., 97 N 4th. 
Huber Alexander, hose maker, Say bet Sch. 

7th & 8th. 
Huber Andrew, distiller, St. John ab George. 
Huber G. F., leather, c 3d and Church al, h 182 

Huber F. A., mer., 269 High, h 48 N 7th. 
Huber F., painter, 236 S 4th. 
Huber H. & F. A., hardware, 269 High. 
Huber H. Jr., mer., 269 High, h 7 Morgan. 
Huber H. S., mer., 269 High, h N W 12th and 

Huber Rudolph, tinsmith, Shafer's ct. 
Huber Tobias, chand., 21 Coates' al, h 182 Vine 
Huber Tobias & Co., hardware, 229 N 3d. 
Hubert Solomon, porter, 216 Lombard. 
Hubley Francis S., gent., 10th ab Green. 
Hublitz Elizabeth Mrs., rear 123 Green. 
Huckle F., chair maker, S E 5th & Lombard. 
Huckle Jacob, dentist, 16 I>ombard. 
Huddell Joseph lumber mer., 314 S Front. 
Huddell Robert, commls. mercht., 21 Penn, h40 

Huddell Washington, clerk, 3 Sutherland. 
Hudders John R., carpenter, 34 Wood. 
Huddleston C. A., miUiner, 16 S 2d. 
Huddy Benjamin F., distiller, 60 and h 58 O Y rd. 
Huddy & Duval, publishei-s, 7 Bank alley. 
Huddy Wilham W., editor of U. S. Military Ma- 
gazine, 84 Noble. 
Hudsbeth William, cordw., rear 157 Coates. 
Hudson Edward, dentist, 283 Chestnut. 
Hudson James, labourer, rear 163 Coates. 
Hudson John, gymnasium, 274 High. 
Hudson John, dealer, Jones ab Sch. 5th. 
Hudson Joseph, clerk, 4th bel Jefferson. 
Hudson Robert M., carpenter, 24 Library, h 

Vine n Sch. 7^. 
Hudson Samuel, hatter, 216 Callowhill. 
Hudson Thomas, haircloth manuf, Jones' al ab 

Sch 5th. 
Hudson William, weaver, Lewis ab Sch. 6th. 
Huest Flavier, William n Hopkins' ct. 
Huester Esther, milliner, 2d opp George. 
Huet A. Dr., 71 Chestnut. 
Huet John, carter, 362 N 5th. 
Huey John, cordwainer. Filbert ab Sch 4tb. 
Huey Spencer, morocco dresser, 17 Ellen. 
Huff George, mason, Vienna bel Prince. 

Huff & Husted, shoemanuf., 131 High. 

Huff John, flour mer., 321 Sassafras. 

Huff John, shoe manuf., 131 High, h 186 N 13th. 

Huff John B., waterman, Sch 2d bel Wood. 

Huff Michael, cordwainer. Orchard n Jackson. 

Huff Solomon, carpenter, 5 Carlton. 

Huffman James, blacksmith Sherker's al. 

Huffman William, carter, Jefferson st. 

Huffnagle Adam, Poplar n Marshall. 

Huffnagle John, mer., 21 High. 

Hufty George W., machinist, 13th bel Green. 

Hufty Joseph, engraver, 13 S 4th. 

Hufty Samuel, engraver, exchange building, h 

203 S 9th. 
Hugg Barzillia, porter, 63 Currant al. 
Hugg Benj. F., copperplate printer, 42 Shippen. 
Hugg Mary, 9 Shields' ct. 
Hugg William, tailor, Charlotte bel Franklin. 
Huggins Elizabeth, widow of Samuel, 396 N 3d. 
Huggins Rebecca, Ann ab Sch. 4th. 
Huggs William, waiter, 31 Prosperous al. 

Hughes Albert, plumber, c Juniper & Mulberry, 
h 18 Gebhard. 

Hughes Ann, shop, c Perry & Norman's al. 

Hughes Benj. F., grazier, rear 33 Plumb. 

Hughes, Brothers & Co., mers., 77 High. 

Hughes C. Mrs., shop, 6 S 12th. 

Hughes Caroline, dealer, 235 Lombard. 

Hughes Chas., printer and stationer, 49 Walnut. 

Hughes David W., blacksmith, Wood n Sch. 

Hughes Edward, mariner, 3 Plumber's ct. 

Hughes Edward, mariner, 131 Catharine. 

Hughes Edward, lab., 125 N Water. 

Hughes Edward D., grazier, 464 S 2d. 

Hughes Emma, 130 Locust. 

Hughes Francis, weaver, 6th 1st ct Vine ab 

Hughes George, pianoforte manuf., 337 S 3i'd. 

Hughes George, soap boiler, 125 Plum. 

Hughes Hazael, clothing, 120 N 2d, h 186 S 

Hughes James, mariner, 56 Penn. 

Hughes James T., 151 Wood. 

Hughes Jane, gentw., Cherr}' ab Queen (K) 

Hughes John, cordwainer, 31 Franklin (K) 

Hughes John, manuf., Sch. 2nd bel Callowhill. 

Hug'hes John, mer., Fitzwater, ab 7th. 

Hughes John labourer, Powell n Ann. 

Hughes John, 158 Wood. 

Hughes John, leather manuf., 240 S 4th. 

Hughes John M., nautical store, 130 S Front. 

Hughes John C, innkeeper, F road & Allen. 

Hughes John, lab., Sch. 2nd ab High. 

Hughes Joseph, labourer, 3 Warner's ct. 

Hughes Joseph, shoemr., 13th ab Catharine. 

Hughes Marchand, lab.. Mulberry bel Sch. 2nd. 

Hughes xMaiy, Emlen's al. 

Hughes Rebecca, 8th ab Christian. 

Hughes R. Mrs., tavern, 7th & Bedford. 

Hughes Saml., carpenter, Callowhill bel Broad. 

Hughes Terrence W., tav., S W 8th & Shippen. 

Hughes Thomas, printer, 10th ab Buttonwood. 

Hughes Thomas, teacher, 91 S 8th. 

Hughes Thomas M., undertaker, 126 N 10th. ■ 




Hughes Wm., undertaker 8c ven. blind manuf., 

102 N 8th. 
Hughes William, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Hugfhes William, flour and feed, M road & 2d, 

h 479 S 2d. 
Hughes Wm., tavern. Chestnut (W P) 
Hughes W., 391 S Front. 
Huhn Charles, brickmakei-, 17 Union sq. 
Huhn Daniel, brickmaker, 343 Sassafras. 
Huhn Eleanor, George ab Sch. 3rd. 
Huhn George, M. D., 13th & Wood. 
Huhn Henry, tailor, 59 N 2d. 
Huhn John D., brickmaker, Sch. 8th & Vine. 
Huitt Andrew, boot maker, Queen. (K) 
Hulfish Ewen, tailor, 188 Sassafras. 
Hulfish Obadiah, cordwainer, 116 Brown. 
Huling Hannah, 68 Plum. 
Hulings Michael, paperstainer, 44 Pegg. 
Hulings W. E., M. D., 264 Chestnut. 
Hull George W., labourer. Wood n Sch. 
Hull Jefferson, carter. Palmer n F road. 
Hull John, baker. Spruce ab Sch. Front. 
Hulme Thomas, 325 Walnut. 
Hulseman John, bootmr., 2 S 8th. 
Hulsert James, cordwainer, Peach. 
Hulterman Lewis, victualler, 4th & George. 
Hamburg Peter, druggist, S W 9th & Callow 

Humes George, mastmr., Fraley's ct. 
Humes James, laboiu'er, Sycamore ab Spruce. 
Humes John, cordwainer, 348 N Front. 
Humes Thomas, labourer. Broad bel Vine. 
Humes William, dealer, 278 S 7th. 
Humes William M., paints & varnish, N W Budd 

& Brown. 
Humes William, lab.. Walnut n Sch. 3rd. 
Hummel Caspar, tailor. Oak n Green. 
Hummel Jacob, dealer, 102 Coates. 
Hummel Jacob, hair dresser, 332 N 3d, h 102 

Hummel Jacob, mer., 13 N 3d, h 529 N 3d. 
Hummel Jacob, brassfounder, 102 Coates. 
Hummel M., tavern, 320 N Front. 
Hummel, Jacob & Son, leather dealers, 13 N 3d. 
Hummel Matthias, bootmr., 71 Garden. 
Hummell John, cordw., 17 Jones' al. 
Humphert John, ropemr., F R bel Shackamaxon. 
Humphrey Charles, hatter, 79 Callowhill. 
Humphrey Gideon, M. D., 188 Pine. 
Humphreyville Joshua, machinist, Apple bel 

Humphreys A., mer., 222 Mulberry. 
Humphreys Charles, for. &c. mer., Walnut St. 

wharf Sch., h Sch. 7th ab Spruce. 
Humphreys, Dutilh & Co., for. & com. mers.. 

Broad ab Mulberry. 
Humphreys Elizabeth, b h., 4 Madison. 
Humphreys James Y., card manuf., 5 Commerce, 

h 125 Pine. 
Humphreys John, confectioner, 48 N Front, h 

21 Sassafras. 
Humphreys R. Mrs., 32 Sansom. 
Humphreys S., mer., 5 Walnut, h 222 Mulberry. 
Humphreys Solomon, gent., 3 Rittenhouse. 
Humphreys Wm., bricklayer, 1 Rittenhouse. 

Humphreys William, boot maker, 33 S 8th, h 

311 Cherry. 
Humphreys Wm., brewer, S 5th bel Christian. 
Huncker Francis, gardener, S E Rose & Sliip- 

pen lane. 
Hundredmark Matthias, cab. mr., 104 Vine. 
Huneker John, chair manuf., 56 Brown. 
Huneker Joseph, chair painter, 619 N 2d. 
Hungary Henry, ship carp., Marlboro n Prince. 
Hungerford Elizabeth, gentw., Marlborough 

bel Bedford. 
Hungerford James, mariner, Hanover n Queen. 
Hungerford Saml., ship carpenter, Marlborough 

bel Bedford. 
Hunn E., mer., 18 N 4th, h W Penn sq. 
Hunn & Remington, silks, 18 N 4th. 
Hunsberry John, gent., rear 215 St. John. 
Hunsberry John, jr., lab., 215 St. John. 
Hunt Christian, machinist, 176 N 8th, 
Hunt Benjamin, dry goods, 9 S 2d. 
Hunt George, lab., G T road bel 5th. 
Hunt Humphreys, cabinet mr., Pine bel 12th. 
Hunt James, cashier Manuf. & Mechanic's Bank, 

h 297 N 6th. 
Hunt James, gent., S E 6th & Buttonwood. 
Hunt John, victualler, St. John n Beaver. 
Hunt Jos., currier, 12 Washington Market pi. 
Hunt Meyer, clothing, 263 S 7th. 
Hunt Nathan Y., variety store, 183 N 3rd, h S 
Garden ab 10th. 

Hunt Philip &, Co., granite yard, Queen & 

Hunt Robert, pianofortemanuf., 272 S Front. 

Hunt Rebecca, boarding house, 88 S 8th. 

Hunt Samuel, lab., Sch. 4th ab Chester. 

Hunt Samuel, clothing, 198 Shippen. 

Hunt Sarah, gentw., 235 S 9th. 

Hunt Sarah, 21 Currant al. 

Hunt Uriah, stationer, 101 High, h O Y road n 

Hunter Abraham, grocer, N E 8th &. Shippen. 

Hunter Albert J., organ builder, 15 Morgan. 

Hunter Alfred, hatter, 3 S 3rd. 

Hunter Amelia, 6 Stralian's court. 

Hunter Andrew, grocer, N E 13th & Shippen. 

Hunter Ann, dry goods, 214 Callowhill. 

Hunter Ann, Schleisman's ct. 

Hunter Brown, blacksmith, F road n Duke. 

Hunter David, grocer, Lombard ab Sch. 6th. 

Hunter David, tailor, 1 Howard's court. 

Hunter David, weaver, Helmuth ab Sch. 6th. 

Hunter E., gentw., 376 Lombard. 

Hunter Jacob, teamster, Pine n Beach. 

Hunter James, weaver, Cadwalader n Phoenix. 

Hunter John, labourer, Sch. 7th ab Wood. 

Hunter John, plasterer, 334 Pine. 

Hunter John, weaver. Cedar ab 12th. 

Hunter John, lab., 14 Perry. 

Hunter John C, gasfitter, 14 &. h 15 S 8th. 

Hunter R., dressmaker, Sch. 8th & Filbert. 

Hunter Robert, labourer, 68 Bedford. 

Hunter Robt., spinner, William st. (F M) 
Hunter Samuel, weaver, Sch. 2d ab Spruce. 
Hunter Samuel, dentist, 112 Green. 
Hunter William, lab., Brasier ab Lloyd. 




Hanter William, cordwainer, N W Juniper & 

Hunter William A., tailor, 75 N 6lh. 

Hunter William M., carp., Mulberry n Sch. 7th. 

Hunter William, lab., Burns' ct. 

Hunter William, lab., 187 N Front. 

Hunterson Adam, ropemr., Cherry ab Queen(K) 

Hunterson John, shoemaker, 2 Chew's court. 

Hunterson John, wheelwright, rear 41 Brown. 

Hunting-don Thomas, gent., 10th bel Cedar. 

Huntly Robert, blacksmith, 10th bel Fitzwater. 

Huntt C. S., clerk. Spruce bel 12th. 

Huntt Sarah A., Spruce bel I2th. 

Hupfield C. F., prof, music, 49 Filbert. 

Hupplits William, cordwainer, 122 Brown. 

Huquenele Elizabeth, 29 Filbert. 

Huquenele John H., mer., 29 Filbert. 

Hurlbut M. L., academy, S W 10th & Walnut. 

Hurley Aaron E., bricklayer, 350 S 3rd. 

Hurley Colin, lab., Lombard n Willow. 

Hurley George, watchman U. S. Bank, h 318 

Hurley John, lab., 154 N Water. 

Hurley Michael, weaver, 5 Pratt's ct. 

Hurley Thomas, confectioner, 14 Castle. 

Hurlick William, collector, 3 Short ct. 

Hurligen Julianna, 97 Budd. 

Hurst Anna, 210 Shippen. 

Hurst Edward, att'y & notary, 38 Walnut 

Hurst Jacob, cordwainer, 48 Cedar. 

Hui-st John, frame maker, Apple & Rawle. 

Hurst Stephen, oil presser. Barker's ct. 

Hurstman T., skin dresser, 69 German. 

Hurt John, jeweller, 22 Strawberry. 

Hurtt James H., ven. blind mr. 104 Lombard. 

Husband J. J., carpenter, 528 High. 

Huselbock John, carpenter, 153 St. John. 

Hushburg Ann, Centre ab 12th. 

Huss John, confectioner, 207 S Front. 

Hussey Alexander, weaver. Front n Oxford. 

Husted Dayton, shoemr., 131 High, h 12 Em- 
len's court. 

Huston Alexander, carpenter, 7 Marion. 

Huston Elizabeth, tavern Sch. 8th ab Sassafras. 

Huston John, dyer, G T road n 3rd. 

Huston Joshua, waiter, 24 Currant alley. 

Huston R. M., M. D., 1 Girard. 

Huston Samuel, shoemr. Hanover n Beach. 

Huston William, coach painter, 34 Chester. 

Hutchings Amos, tailor, 213 N 10th. 

Hutchins Daniel, tailor, 4 Townsend's ct. 

Hutching Gilbert, gent., 20 Rittenhouse. 

Hutchins Henry J., clerk, 47 Spruce. 

Hutchins Joseph, cotton spinner, S W Green & 
Cadwalader (K) 

Hutchins S. C, clothing, 34 S 2d, h 256 Lom- 

Hutchinson Andrew, coachman, 3 Tiller's ct. 

Hutchinson Ann, 16 Short court. 

Hutchinson Ann, milliner, I3th bel Spruce. 

Hutchinson Benjamin, alderman. Front & Mas- 
ter, h 730 N 2d. 

Hutchinson Benj. P., 2 Exchange, h 113 Pine. 

Hutchinson Charles coffee roaster, 168 N 4th, 
h 37 O Y road. 

Hutchinson D. L., mer., 107 High, h Mulberry 

ab 13th. 
Hutchinson F., acct., 14 S 10th. 
Hutchinson James, measurer, 58 S 12th. 
Hutchinson Jas. H., tavern, S E 12th & Locust. 
Hutchinson Jane, 19 Mercer. , li 

Hutchinson John, lab.. Filbert ab Sch 4th. 
Hutchinson John, carp., 6 Juniper la. 
Hutchinson John, weaver, 11 Mechanic. (F M) 
Hutchinson Jos., blacksmith, Ashton bel Sassa- 
Hutchinson Joseph, carpenter, 225 S 9th. 
Hutchinson J. P., gent., Clinton ab 10th. 
Hutchinson M., gent.. Mulberry ab 13th. 
Hutchinson & McMuUin, stock & ex. brokei-s, 

2 Exchange. 
Hutchinson Pearson, tavern, c O Y road and 

Hutchinson Raridel, attorney, 10th bel Fitz- 
Hutchinson R., currier, 27 Powell. 
Hutchinson Sarah, Poplar ct. 
Hutchinson Sarah, 52 S 12th. 
Hutchinson Thomas, carpenter. Sycamore ah 

Spruce, h 2 Orange. 
Hutchinson Thomas, collector, 17 St. Joseph's 

Hutchinson William, 67 Buttonwood. 
Hute Catharine, shop, 11 Duke. (N L) 
Huter Henry, coppersmith, Coates bel 12th. 
Hutlock Michael, stone cutter, Coates n Broad. 
Hutman H. C, mer., 4 N 5th. 
Hutman & Hoge, dry goods, 4 N 5th. 
Huttelson P., mariner, 33 Cox. 
Huttner Frederick, M. D., 217 Chestnut, h 239 

Hutton Mary, sempstress, c Poplar & Mechanic. 
Hutton Moses, clerk, N. L. Bank, h 125 Dill- 

Hutton Samuel, packer, 71 German. 
Hutton William, coppersmith, 49 German. 
Huxham Richard, blacksmith, Wagner's al. 
Hyatt Edward T., corder. Green st whf., h 124 

New Market. 
Hyatt James, cordw., 34 Laurel. > 

Hyatt Samuel, corder, 216 N Front. { 

Hyatt William E., corder. Noble st wharf, h 11 

Hyde Ann, Hamilton bel John. 
Hyde Lawson, flour inspector. Cedar ab 10th. 
Hyde Robert, currier. Nectarine ab lOth. 
Hyer Elizabeth, teacher, rear 323 S 2d. 
Hylton John S., carp., George n Sch 6th. 
Hymess Samuel, umbrellamaker. Orange n F 

Hyneman Charles, custom house, h Green ab 

Hyneman Elias, 67 Noble. 
Hyneman John, dry goods, 265 N 2d. 
Hyneman & Getman, tobacconists, 267 N 2nd. 
Hyneman Leon, 29 Y road. 
Hyneman Moses, clothier, 223 N 2nd. 
Hynson Ann, 3 Weaver's ct. 
Hynson Jane, 1 Harmony ct. 
Hyres Eliza, 3 Richardson's ct. 




Hyzer James, tanner, 236 N 5th. 
Hyzer Samuel, g-unsmith, Demng-er's ct. 

lading's C. P., teller Bank U. S., h 268 N 6th. 

Iddings R. J., men, UN Front. 

Ide Rev. Mr., N E 6th and Noble. 

Idler Jacob, S W 6th and Green. 

Idler Wm., cotton g'in manuf.. Willow n 6th, h 
163 N 7th. 

Ig-o Rebecca, b h 290 Wood bel Broad. 

Ikhle John G., tailor, 349 N 6th. 

lUias Charles, mer., S W Sch 7th and Ritner. 

lUingworth Peter, manuf., Hanover n West. 

Imbrie Margaret, 328 Sassafras. 

Imbrie James, mer., 433 Chestnut, 

Imley Richard, car builder, N W Callowhill & 
Sch 5th. 

Immel Jacob & Co., mers., 76 N 3d. 

ImmendrerfFer C. F., druggist, 118 Sassafras. 

Ince Georg-e, grocer, 498 S P'ront. 

Ingard Benj., carp., 180 St John. 

Ingard John, cordvvainer. Otter bel G T road. 

Ingard Rachel, 180 St John. 

Ingersoll Benjamin, waterman, 342 S Front. 

Tngersoll B. W., mer., 54^ S wharves, h 18 

Ingersoll Catharine, gentw., 49 S 13th. 

Ingersoll Charles, atty. & coun., 136 Walnut. 

Ingersoll Charles J., atty. & coun., 18 Girard. 

Ingersoll David, collector, 132 F road. 

Ingersoll Edward, att'y & coun., 66 S 6th. 

Ingersoll H., lievitenant U. S. Navy, 250 Chest- 

Ingersoll Joseph R., atty. & coun., 77 S 4th. 
Ingle Adam, victualler, N E Franklin and Cal- 
Ingle Francis, comb maker. Pine n Ashton. 
Ingles Mrs., 302 S 2d. 
Inglehart Charles, jeweller. Baker's ct rear 25 

N Market. 
Ingoldsby Thos., weaver, 5 Clymer. 
Ingraham A., mer., Sch. 5th n Locust. 
Ingraham Anthony, corset bone mr., Brinton's 

Ingraham E. D., atty. & coun., 6 York Build- 
Ingraham John, cordvv., Marriott bel 6th. 
Ingraham J. H., bookbinder, 2 Woglam's ct. 
Ingram Archibald, labourer, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Ingram C. L., confectioner, 9th ab Noble. 
Ingram Charles W., manuf. of bridle bits, 17 

Ingram George, blacksmith, 4 Haas' ct. 
Ingram James, cordw., 3 Apple. 
Ingram Mary, tailoress, 358 S Front. (S) 
Ingram Sarah, sempstress, 358 S Front. 
Ingram Thomas, dentist, 72 Sassafras. 
Ingram Tiiomas, watchman, 372 Vine. 
Ingram Robert, bookbinder, 99 N 9th. 
Ingram Zadoc, carp., 254 Wood ab 12th. 
Inman George, tailor, rear 373 Race. 
Inis Samuel, potter, F road n Queen. 

Inman Samuel, grocer. Vine n Sch river. 

Inman Samuel, labourer, Carlton n Sch. Front. 

Innes John, boxmaker, 56 Crown, h 24 Sassa- 

Innes & Opie, mers., 12 S 4th. 

Inskeep Abigal, gentw., 233 Spruce. 

Inskeep Ann, 233 Spruce. 

Inskeep John H., carpenter. Pearl ab Sch 8th. 

Inskeep Samuel, tailor, 315 S 2d. 

Inskeep Sarah F., b h, 8§ S 5th. 

Inslee J. A., real estate broker, 95 Walnut. 

Inslee J. A. & Son, real estate brokers, 95 

Ipright Merrit, waterman, 53 Queen. 

Ireland Eli, labourer, 15 Eagle ct. 

Ireland Ehzabeth, 11 Providence ct. 

Ireland George & Son, vinegar, 50 Brown. 

Ireland George, 50 and h 48 Brown. 

Ireland James, police officer, 5 Shield's ct. 

Ireland John, sea captain, 6 Duke. 

Ireland William, blacksmith, rear 29 Catharine. 

Ireland William F., 50 and h 19 Brown. 

Irvin F., morocco dresser, 576 N 3d. 

Irvin George, lab., AV Cedar opp Sch Beach. 

Irvin James, copperplate printer, Knoodle. 

Irvin Jane, dealer, 241 S 5th. 

Irvin M., storekeeper, Beach n Marsh. (K) 

Irvin Robt., cordw., 3 Lagrange. 

Iiwin Thomas, brickmr., 514 N 3d. 

Irvine A. Mrs., b h., 81 Chestnut. 

Irvine Callender, commis. general, 431 High. 

frving Gerrard, carp., 9 Kelly's ct. 

Irving Hester, 330 S 3d. 

Irving J., carpenter, 9 Kelly. 
Irving Joseph, distiller, 352 High. 

Irwin Andrew, painter, 20 Raspberry al. 
Irwin A. M., milliner, 170 S 2d. 

Irwin B. Dr., 9 Exchange place. 

Irwin Francis, weaver, Wagner's al. 

Irwin H. W., dentist, 8 Lombard. 

Irwin James, printer, 580 N 3d. 

Irwin John W., 115 Lombard. 

Irwin Maria, dressmr., 129 N 6th. 

Irwin Margaret, 121 German. 

Irwin Mary, 78 Plum. 

Irwin Mrs. M. b h, 8 Lombard. 

Irwin Nathan, tinman, 31 Helmuth. 

Irwin Robert, watchman, Ann ab 12th. 

Irwin Samuel, tobacconist, 352 N 3d. 

Irwin Samuel, cooper, 15 Collins' alley. 

Irwin Samuel, combmaker, 58 George. (S) 

Irwin SamueJ, carter, Spafford ab Fitzwater. 

Irwin William, lab., Plnen 12th. 

Isaacs Aaron, cloth mer., 511 N2d. 

Isaacs Ellen, pawnbroker, S E 7th and Cedar. 

Isaacs George, clothing store, 304 N Front. 

Isaacs H. & Co., mers., 3 S 4th. 

Isaacs Jane, 263 Cathai'ine. 

Isaacs Joshua, refectory, S E 6th & Chestnut, 

20 Powell. 
Isaacs Solomon, clothing, 347 N Front. 
Isard Charles, acct., 1 Butler's avenue. 
Isphordeng Anthony, grocer, S W Coates & St 

Israel Abraham, clothing, 201 Shippen. 




Israel Hannah, 358 "Walnut. 
Israel Israel, grocer, N W Franklin and Button- 
Israel Mar)-, b h., 91 S 3d. 
Israel Wm. P., coal office, S W Pine &. Front. 
Ivins Isaiah, carpenter, 3 Chancery lane. 
Izzard Eleazar, seaman, 70 Penn. 

Jack C. J., atty. & coun., 12 N 7th. 

Jack John, compositor, 325 Vine. 

Jack John N., tailor, Carlton ab Sch 8th. 

Jack Mary, shop, 12th ab Shippen. 

Jack William, patternmaker, Ann ab Sch. 8th. 

Jack William, coachmaker, 49 Prune. 

Jackson Alexr., manufacturer. Front ab Phoe 

nix. (K) 
Jackson Alexr., waterman, 19 Poplar. 
Jackson A. C, tmnkmr., Paschal's al. 
Jackson Benjamin, labourer, 29 Paschal. 
Jackson Benjamin, wheelwrig'ht, 84 Penn, 1 

229 Christian. 
Jackson Benjamin, com. mer., 18 N P'ront. 
Jackson B. Franklin, printer, Powell and Vine- 
yard. (F V) 
Jackson & Capner, livery stables, 43 S 4th. 
Jackson Catharine, Juniper bel Sassafras. 
Jackson Charles, flour and feed, Charlotte, 3 

doors ab Brown. 
Jackson Charles C, tailor, N E 5th and Mulber- 
ry, h 216 Cherry. 
Jackson Charles C. & Co., tailors, N E 5th & 

Jackson Charles S., U. S. marker, lower district, 

S wharves n Cedar h Belmont place. 
Jackson David D., cabinetmr.. Filbert ab 13th. 
Jackson David, coachman, 164 S 11th. 
Jackson E. W., Sch. 7th ab Spruce. 
Jackson Edmund G., saddler, 363 N 4th. 
Jackson Edward F., mer., 41 High, h 118 Chris- 
Jackson Ellis, shuttlemr, Charlotte n Poplar. 
Jackson Emma, b h., 20 Barley. 
Jackson Enoch, pilot, Beck n Front. 
Jackson Ephraim, combmaker, 20 Julianna ab 

Jackson Ezekiel, carp., Buttonwood n 12th. 
Jackson E. Mrs., shop. Beach n Maiden. 
Jackson George, victualler, 5th n Camac. 
Jackson George, watchman, 2 Clymer. 
Jackson George F., carpenter, Dugan ab Pine. 
Jackson George W., carp., c 10th & Nectarine. 
Jackson, Green &. Co., dry goods, 41 High. 
Jackson Isaac, carpenter, 265 N 7th. 
Jackson Isaac, attorney. Walnut ab Broad. 
Jackson Isaac, sand paper maker, 250 Shippen, 
Jackson Isaiah, labourer. New Bedford. 
Jackson Jacob, car-driver, 73 Cherry. 
Jackson Jacob, stevedore, 23 Christian. 
Jackson Jacob B., trunkmaker. Paschal ab 4th 
Jackson James, labourer, 3 Baker. (M) 
Jackson James M., coal gratemaker, 122 N 5th. 
Jackson John, hosier, 38 Appletree alley. 
Jackson John, clothing, 128 Cedar. 
Jackson John, bootmaker, 11 Pearl. 

Jackson John, well-digger, 2 Strahan's ct. (M) 
Jackson John D., loan office, 243 S 3d. 
Jackson John G., acct.. Locust n Broad. 
Jackson John, machinist, 509 N 4th. 
Jackson Joseph, gent., 245 N Front. 
Jackson Joseph, carpenter, h 17 S Sch. 6th. 
Jackson Joseph, refectory, 38 High. 
Jackson Joseph, carp., Atherton n Marriott. 
Jackson J. R., atty. &. coun., office 49 S 5th. 
Jackson Mary, ladies' seminary, 306 S 10th. 
Jackson Mary, trimmings, Queen n Wood. (K) 
Jackson Mary A., washer, 14 Middle alley. 
Jackson Mary Ann, Parker's alley. 
Jackson Mayland, lab., Lloyd bel Shippen. 
Jackson M. A., milhner, 12 Federal. 
Jackson Millford, carter, Paschall's al. 
Jackson Nathaniel, 10 Boyd's av. 
Jackson Rachel, Lombard bel 11th. 
Jackson Randolph, waiter, 20 Eagle ct. 
Jackson Richard, gent., Marlborough ab Frank- 
lin. (Kensington) 
Jackson Samuel, bootmaker, 13 Flower. 
Jackson Samuel, plasterer, rear 524 N 2d. 
Jackson Samuel, machinist, 622 N 2d. 
Jackson Samuel, labourer. Brazier ab Lloyd. 
Jackson Samuel, M. D., 172 Mulberry. 
Jackson Saml., tanner, Charlotte bel Thompson. 
Jackson Samuel, M. D., professor, 108 S 8th. 
Jackson Sarah, N W 5th and Mulberry. 
Jackson Sarah, teacher, 545 N 3d. 
Jackson Sarah, 336 Pine. 
Jackson, Todd & Co., mers., 20 S Front. 
Jackson Thomas, baker, 194 St. John. 
Jackson Thomas, warden's office, h3 Laurel. 

Jackson T., boot & shoemaker, 292 S 3rd. 

Jackson Washington, machinist, N E 9th and 

Jackson Washington, mer., 20 S Front, h 288 

Jackson William, broker, S E Dock & Walnut, 
h Sch. 7th n Spruce. 

Jackson Wm., mer., 62 New. 

Jackson William, rigger, 23 Cox. 

Jackson Wm. B., cordwainer, Noble bel 8th. 

Jackson Wm. H., combmaker, 20 Julianna. 

Jackson Wm. P., tailor, 50 N 5th. 

Jacob Celestin, imp. of watches, 45 Chestnut. 

Jacob David, clothing, 253 Cedar. 

Jacobs Benjamin, watchman, 8 Cresson's alley. 

Jacobs Brinton, com mer., Chestnut st wharf, 
Sch., h Chestnut n Sch. 5th. 

Jacobs Charles, U. S. mint, h 26 N Sch. 8th. 

Jacobs Charlotte, St. John n Globe Mills. 

Jacobs & Cushman, dry goods, 44 N 2d. 

Jacobs Elizabeth, 6 Providence. 

Jacobs Emma, Bryan's ct. 

Jacobs Francis, stage driver. Perry ab Sassafras. 

Jacobs Frederick, tailor, James bel R road. 

Jacobs John, last maker, 71 Sassafras. 

Jacobs Joseph, shoemaker, c Rachel & Poplar. 

Jacobs Martha, washer. Wood ab 12th. 

Jacobs M., Pleasant ab 10th. 

Jacobs Richard, band boxmr, rear 123 Sassafras. 

Jacobs Peter, morocco dresser, Oldham ct. 

Jacobs Saml., dry goods, 44 N 2d, h 65 N 11th. 




Jacobs Thomas H., mer., 81 Dock, h 167 S 3d. 
Jacobus Edward, cordw., Front ab Mud lane. 
Jacobus Henry, gardener, F r bel Phoenix. (K) 
Jacoby Charles, cabinetmaker, 176 Sassafras. 
Jacoby Henry, cigarmr., G T road n Jeffei-son. 
Jacoby Michael, tavern, Beach n Shackamaion. 
Jacoby Martin, carpenter, 89 Budd. 
Jaggers Abraham, 7 Cresson's alley. 
Jaggers John, engineer, 588 S 2d. 
Jaggers William, collector, 52 Green. 
Jahns S. & M., fancy store, 285 Chestnut. 
Jahraus Adolph & Jacob, bakers, 18 Christian. 
Jahraus Henry, baker, 264 N 8th. 
James Abel M., cordwainer, 199 O Y road. 
James Albert, cordw., N E Parrish & Elizabeth 
James Charles, button manuf., Sch. 4th & Ha- 
James Ebenezer, ladies shoemaker, 145 S 8th. 
James Elizabeth, sempstress, 2 Harmony ct. 
James Francis, bookbinder, 12 Branner^s ct. 
James George, carter, Ann n Sch. 7th. 
James George, boat builder, N wharves n Sas- 
safras, h 116 N Front. 
James Hannah, gentw., 1 Virginia row. 

James Isaac W., hotel, 140 N 2d. 

James Israel E., varnish manuf., 17 Branch. 

James Jer., tailor, 109 Chestnut, h 39 Sansom 

James John, shoes, Pamsh n Elizabeth. 

James John, carpenter. Queen ab Marlborough. 

James John F., actuary Girard I^ife Ins. & Trust 
Co., h 141 Mulberry. 

James John R., combmr., 5 N 4th, h 205 High. 

James Josiah, lab., Marlborough bel Bedford. 

James Lewis, blacksmith, F road bel Otter. 

James Mary, 201 Pine. 

James Marshall, clerk, S W Sassafras & Juniper. 

James Mason, stone mason, G T rd. n Jefferson. 

James M. & E., milliners, 8 Sheldon's row. 

James Richard, lab.. Wood bet Sch. 6th & 7th. 

James R. P., brushmaker, 18 Greenleaf 's al. 

James Samuel M., bricklayer. 33 Dean. 

James Samuel N., druggist, S W 4th & Wood. 

James Senecca, cordw.. Orchard n Rawle. 

James Simeon, boxmaker, G T road n Jefferson. 

James Thomas, cordw., Parrish n 5th. 

James Thomas, shoemaker, Gray's ct. (N L) 

James Thomas, lab., William n Vine, Sch. 

James Thomas C., mer., 135 S Front, h 1 Vir- 
ginia row. 

James Thomas D., teacher, S W 11th &, High. 

James Thomas P., druggist, S W 4th & Wood. 

James Toliver, labourer, Carlton bel Sch. 6th. 

James William, Liberty alley. 

James & West, hotel, N W 6th & Carjjenter. 

James Wm. H., forw'g and com. mers., S E 
Broad & Sassafras. 

Jameson James, labourer, 251 Catherine. 

Jameson William, hatter, Randell's ct. 

Jamey Catharine, Queen ab Bishop. (K) 

Jamison Alexander, mariner, 3 Shield's ct. 
Jamison D., cordw., W Lombard n Sch 2d. 
Jamison J., cabinetmaker, 121 Walnut. 
Jamison Martha, 251 N Front. 
Janeau Margaret, gentw., 7 Commerce. 
Janaey Benjamin S., M. D., 334 N 6th. 

Janney Elizabeth, teacher, rear 123 Dillwyn. 

Janney Israel, gent., 7th ab Noble. 

Janney O. S., druggist, 13 N 4th, h 72 N 11th. 

Jaquett Catharine, 6 Spring Garden. 

Jardella Amanda B., mantua maker, 3 Quince. 

Jardella Mary Ann, 142 Christian. 

Jarden Charles, cordwainer, 385 Sassafras. 

Jarden Jacob, gent., 10th ab Green. 

Jarden John, marble yard, 226 S Front, and c 

Sassafras and 11th, h 53 N 11th 
Jarden Robert, mer., 10 City row. 
Jarden Samuel, gent., 10 City row. 
Jarden Thomas, shoemaker, Pearl ab 11th. 
Jarden William, brickmaker, 10th ab Green. 
Jardine George, carter, Hamilton n Fairmount. 
Jarman Ezekiel, bricklayer, 62 Budd. 
Jarman Elford E., 406 High, h 13 Howard. 
Jarman Ruben, collector, c Budd & Green. 
Jarrett M., milliner, 42 S 4th. 
Jarvis C, teacher of music, 101 Filbert. 
Jarvis Wm., bricklayer, 3 Norris's al. 
Jauden Mary, Front ab Mud lane. 

Jaudon A. G., mer., 7 S 5th, h 335 Walnut. 
Jaudon Alexander H., 7 S 5th. 

Jauretche, Pohl & Co., commission merchants, 
39 S wharves. 

Jaynes Charles, carp., 22 Montgomery. 

Jayne David, M. D., druggist, 20 S 3rd. 

Jeanes Amos & Co., coal & wood. High street 
bridge, & lumber mers, Sch. Front and 

Jeanes Amos, lumber mer.. Filbert ab Sch. 6th. 

Jeanes Isaac, confectioner, 308 High. 

Jeanes Isaiah, gent, 208 N Front. 

Jeanes Jacob, M. D., 208 N Front. 

Jeanes J. T., mer., 85 High, h 208 N Front. 

Jeanes J. T. & S., dry goods, 85 High. 

Jeanes S., mer., 85 High, h 208 N Front. 

Jeans James, cordwainer, F road ab Ottei". 

Jefferis Thomas, cordwainer, 20 Vine. 

Jeffers Alexander, watchman, 119 N Juniper. 

Jeffers David, oyster cellar, 219 Shippen. 

Jeffers Jane, Sch. 4th n Mulbeny. 

Jefferson Edmond, labourer, Watman's ct. 

Jefferson James, carp.. Wood ab 1 1th. 

Jeffery John, corset maker, 5 S 6th. 

Jeffeiy Saml., victualler, 530 N 4th. 

Jeffras Daniel, gentleman, 486 N 4th. 

Jeffras John, shoemaker, 106 Coates. 

Jeffrey Elizabeth, huckster, 7 Poplar. 

Jeffre) John, weaver, Barker ab Sch. 6th. 

Jeffrey Wm., blacksmith. Nectarine ab 10th. 

Jeffries Benjamin M., coach maker. Prime ab 
5tli, h 18 Prune. 

Jeffries George, coach & harness maker, c York 
& Laurel, h 31 Sjiruce. 

Jeffries James, coach spring maker. Lodge ab 
8th, h 167 S 11th. 

Jeffries James, skin dresser, G T road below 

Jeffries James, lab., Gamphire ct. 

Jeffries John, victualler, 260 N 8th. 

Jeffries J. F., carpenter, 11 Charlotte. 

Jeffries Joshua P., Washington house, 223 




Jeffries Joseph, drayman, 7 Helmuth. 
Jeffries Maria, sempstress, 3 Little Dock. 
Jeffries William, carpenter, 13 Perry. 
Jeffries William, porter, 40 Gaskill. 
Jeffries William, labourer, 135 Bonsall. 
Jeney Edward, tobacconist, 144 S 6th. 
Jenkins Daniel, seaman, 15 Little Water. 
Jenkins Edward, shoemaker, 2 Kubbell. 
Jenkins Edward, spice factor, 3 Bonsall. 
Jenkins Ebenezer, blacksmith, 269 Catharine. 
Jenkins Henrietta, 22 Burd's ct. 
Jenkins Holliday, merchant, 150 High, h 164 

N 5th. 
Jenkins Jacob, plasterer, Morris ab Christian. 
Jenkins Jacob, baker, rear 3 Paschall's al. 
Jenkins James, acct., Penn's al. 
Jenkins John G., bookbinder, 11 Serg-eant. 
Jenkins Mary, b. h., 144 Vine. 
Jenkins Nicholas, furn. car, 32 Coates^ al. 
Jenkins R. W. Mrs., nurse, 318 Cedar. 
Jenkins Samuel, fire hose mr., 14 Gebhard. 
Jenkins Samuel, blacksmith, c Sch. Beach and 

Locust, h George ab Sch. 3d. 
Jenkins Trusty, barber, 357 Cedar. 
Jenks & Derbyshire, flour, 65 N Water. 
Jenks Edmund, blacksmith. Coombs' ct. 
Jenks Joseph R., gent., 5 Vine. 
Jenks Watson, mer., 65 N Water, h N E Vine 

and 7th. 
Jenkson Jos., shoemaker, 1 Clymer ab Adams. 
Jennens Thomas, brass founder, 47 Prune. 
Jennings Amelia, 54 S 12th. 
Jennings David potter. Front ab Franklin. 
Jennings John D., turner, 27 Mead. 
Jennings Mary, Colliday's ct. 
Jennings Nathan, glass cutter. Wood ab Prince. 
Jennings Richard, beds & feathers, 276 S 2d. 
Jentry Rob., I^. glass framemr., Sarah ab Queen. 
Jerquett Hannah, Beaver n Marshall. 
Jervis George, actor, 11 Filbert av. 
Jervis Henry, teamster, Callowhill n F Mount. 
Jesse Ruth Mrs., 1 Church al. 
Jessop James, lab., Charlotte n Thompson. 
Jestor & Collins, drygoods, 207 S 2nd. 
Jestor Elias, dry goods, N E 5th 8c Callowhill. 
Jestor Outer, mer., George bel Shippen. 
Jewell Anson, Brandethian office, 8 N 8th. 
Jewell George, bootmaker, 1 Sycamore. 
Jewell J. B., paint & glaz., 4 S 5th, h328 Vine. 
Jewell James, cordw., 9 Gay's ct. (K) 
Jewell Kenneth, gent., 264 Coates. 
Jewell Leonard, mer., 2 S 3rd, h 145 N 9th. 
Jewell Presley B., paint. & glaz., 4 S 5th, h 470 

Jewell Wilson, M. D., 296 N 3d. 
Jewett Eliza, 295 Spruce. ■ 
Jile Geovge, cabinetmr., 593 N 3rd, 
Jimison Robert, drayman, Filbert ab Sch. 8th. 
Jileeson Joseph, carter, 63 Coates. 
Jobs Isaac B., brass nailmr., Ann n Sch. 4th 

(F V) 
Jobson Joseph, gent., 131 Frankhn. 
Jobson Mary, 57 Gi-een. 
Jobson Sarah, 23 N 4th. 
Jolmes Margaret, gexitw., 76 Wood. 

Johns Daniel, painter, S W 12th & Scheaff. 

Johns James, watchman, 422 S Front. 

Johns Joseph, measurer, 147 Marshall. 

Johns Michael, drove yard, R road n Coates. 

Johns M. S., mer., 2 Palmyra row. 

Johns Mr. Rev., Woodland. (W P) 

Johns Thomas, seaman, 4 Union al. 

Johns William T., 19 S Wharves, h 103 N 13th. 

Johns William, measurei-. Pine n Broad. 

Johnsen Jonathan, county com., h Vine n Sch. 

Johnson A. J., 489 N 3rd. 

Johnson Abraham, 21 Tammany. 

Johnson Abraham, baker, Pryor's ct. 

Johnson Adam, brickmr.. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Johnson Mary, 33 Duke. 

Johnson Alexander, dentist, 212 Noble. 

Johnson Andrew, weaver, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 

Johnson Ann, 5th & Button wood. 

Johnson Ann, Penn ab Maiden (K) 

Johnson Arthur, Sch. 3rd bel High. 

Johnson Au.gustus W., brass founder, 637 N 2d. 

Johnson B., tailor, 172 Christian. 

Johnson Benjamin, mer., 118 Mulberry. 

Johnson Benjamin, plumber. Christian ab 4th. 

Johnson C, broker. West Penn sq. 

Johnson Catharine, layer out of dead, Plynlim- 
mon pi. 

Johnson Chas. Jr., ink maker, 21 Jefferson row. 

Johnson Charles, cooper, 13T.h bel Coates. 

Johnson Charles Mrs., 104 S 4th. 

Johnson David, tavern, 202 S AVater. 

Johnson David, cordwainer, 28 Margaretta. 

Johnson D., oak cooper, rear 80 Cedar. 

Johnson D., planet-reader, rear 263 S 7th, 

Johnson & Duplaine, boots & shoes, 12 N 3rd. 

Johnson & Durant, printing ink makers, S £ 
10th and Lombard. 

Johnson Diana, rear 331 S 2nd. 

Johnson Elijah, saddler, 13th bel Shippen. 

Johnson Edward, labourer, Atherton n Carpen- 

Johnson Edward, lab., rear 56 P road. 

Johnson Edward, turner, 5 Littleboy's ct. 

Johnson Edward, labourer, Emehne. 

Johnson Edward, baker, 5 Callowhill. 

Johnson Edward, tavern, 404 N 2nd. 

Johnson Edward, gent., Spruce bel Broad. 

Johnson Elizabeth, sempstress, c Culbert and 

Johnson Elizabeth, 20 Cedar. 

Jolmson Elizabeth, 5^ Mark's la. 

Johnson Elizabeth, Tammany n St. John. 

Johnson Elizabeth, 252 S 5th. 

Johnson Elizabeth, Bedford bel 13th. 

Johnson Elizabeth, dressmaker, 195 St. John. 

Johnson E. R., mer.. Wood bel 6th. 

Johnson & Engleman, coal mers., Callowhill op 

Johnson Frances, 20 Carter's alley. 

Johnson Francis S., cabinetmaker, 343 S Front, 
h 26 Almond. 

Johnson Frederick, carpenter, rear 15 Noble. 

Johnson George, coal mer., Callowhill n Fair- 




Johnson George, carp., Orchard n Jackson. 
Johnson George, waiter, 23 Currant al. 
Johnson Geo., cordwainer, Mechanic n George. 

Johnson George M., dj'er, 138 S 11th. 
Johnson George P., mer., 233 S 2d. 
Johnson George R., tinsmith, 214 High. 
Johnson Hannah T., 225 N 4th. 
Johnson Hamet, 13th ab Fitzwater. 
Johnson Henrietta, 218 Shippin. 
Johnson Henry, 304 S 7th. 
Johnson Isaac, labourer, Vine n Sch. 8th. 
Johnson Israel H., com. mer., 86 N Front, h 

132 N 2nd. 
Johnson J., chandler, 3 Juniper al. 
Johnson Jacob, wheelwright, 5 Stiles' ct. 
Johnson Jacob & John, wheelwrights, c 6th and 

P road. 
Johnson James, weaver, G T road n Jefferson. 
Johnson James, labourer. High ab Sch. 3d. 
Johnson James, cabinetmaker, 143 Lombard. 
Johnson James, clothes dealer, 6 Washington. 
Johnson James, carpenter, 22 Peg'g. 
Johnson James, blacksmith, Penn n Maiden. 
Johnson James, lab., rear 291 S 7th. 
Johnson James, painter, 265 Spruce. 
Johnson James, manuf., 4th ab Thompson. 
Johnson James, machinist, 14 Perry 
Johnson James P., victualler, 253 S 7th. 
Johnson James, gent., 18 N 8th. 
Johnson James, gent., rear 22 Catharine. 
Johnson Jane, 106 George. 
Johnson Jane, wid. of Benj., 19 Sansom. 
Johnson & Corsault, cabinetmakers, 112 S 3d. 
Johnson John, shoemaker, 115 N 3d. 
Johnson John, lab., rear 167 Coates. 
Johnson John, grocer, 46 P road. 
Johnson John, wheelwright, 414 N 9th. 
Johnson John D., chairmr., 60 Wood. 
Johnson John, alderman, 63 Shippen. 
Johnson John, fisherman, Bishop ab Queen. 
Johnson John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master. 
Johnson John, lab., Barker bel Sch. 4th. 
Johnson John, livery stables, rear 447 N 3d, h 

O Y road bel Coates. 
Johnson John, spooler, F road n Queen. 
Johnson John, stone cutter, Middleton's ct. 
Johnson John D., tobacconist, 380 S 2d. 
Johnson John F., 83 New, 
Johnson J. Lindley, machinist, 211 Commerce, 

h 225 N 4th. 
Johnson John P., mariner, 17 Cox. 
Johnson John T.,carpt., 7 Castle. 
Johnson John, lab., 2 Torr's ct. 
Johnson John, carman, Rose al ab Tammany. 
Johnson Jonathan, watchman, 16 Helmuth. 
Johnson Jonathan T., bricklayer, Dugan bet 

Pine 8c Spruce. 
Johnson Joseph, mer., 77 S whfs. 
Johnson Joseph, machinist. Green bel 13th. 
Johnson Joseph, weaver, Fitzwater. 
Johnson Joseph, merchant, 184 Chestnut. 
Johnson Joseph, 24 Pearl. 
Johnson Joseph, grocer, 390 & 231 High. 
Johnson Joseph, cordw., Fraley's ct. 

Johnson Joseph, engineer, Shack, bel Bedford. 

Johnson Joshua, letter carrier, 460 Vine. 

Johnson Joshua, labourer, 37 Prosperous al. 

Johnson J. Warner, law bookseller, 5 Minor, h 
225 N 4th. 

Johnson L., 18 Elizabeth. 

Johnson L., stereotype founder, 6 George, h 
Pine ab 9th. 

Johnson L. P., rear 375 S Front. 

Johnson Martin, lab., 510 N Front. 

Johnson Mary, 95 N 5th. 

Johnson M., gent., 244 S Front. 

Johnson Mary, rear 56 Passyunk road. 

Johnson Major, shop, 12 Bonsall. 

Johnson Margaret, washer, Filbert n Sch. 8th. 

Johnson Margaret, tailoress, 31 North. 

Johnson Matthew, weaver. Prosperous al. 

Johnson Misses, milliners, 206 Chestnut. 

Johnson Moses, mer., 179 High, h 220 Mulberry. 

Johnson Nancy, 5 Wagner's al. 

Johnson Philip, flour. Wood bel 13th. 

Johnson Peter, clothes dealer, 159 Pine, h 33 
Prosperous al. 

Johnson Peter, 269 Cherry. 

Johnson Peter, carpenter, Samson's al. 

Johnson Peter, labourer, 64 German. 

Johnson Peter, M. D., 19 Plum. 

Johnson Richard, N E 8th & Schriver. 

Johnson R., grocer, 8 N wharves, h 6 Comp- 

Johnson Rachael, washer, MaiTiott ab 4th. 

Johnson Richard, hackman, 33 Quince. 

Johnson Richard B., turner, 63 Walnut. 

Johnson Richard H., druggist, 169 N 2d. 

Johnson Robt., waiter, 98 Kagle ct. 

Johnson Robert, waiter, Paschal's al. 

Johnson Robert C, turner, 63 Walnut, h 13 
Franklin pi. 

Johnson Robert E., dentist, 13th ab Cedar. 

Johnson Robert S., ironmer., 50 & 52 N Front, 
h 170 N Front. 

Johnson Rosetia, 30 Sassafras al. 

Johnson Ruben, gent., Marlborough &. Allen(K) 

Johnson Samuel, drayman, Pearl. 

Johnson Samuel, lab., Warner's ct. 

Johnson Samuel, flour mer., 446 Sassafras- 
Johnson Samuel, wire worker, 60 Plum. 

Johnson Samuel, shoemr., 167 Catharine. 

Johnson Sarah, 178 Mulberry. 

Johnson Sarah, rear 14 German. 

Johnson Sarah, 164 S 11th. 

Johnson & Smith, type founders, 6 George. 

Johnson Seely, Dean's alley. 

Johnson Susan P., 5 Lisle. 

Johnson Theophilus, 50 P road. 

Johnson Thomas, drayman, 360 N 5th. 

Johnson Thomas, cordwainer, 12 Alorgan's ct. 

Johnson Thomas, baker, 139 S 10th. 

Johnson Thomas, coachman, Rose al. 

Johnson Thomas, cordw.. High ab Sch 4th. 

Johnson Thomas, porter, 3 Washing-ton. 

Johnson Thomas S., cabinetmr., 293 N 7th. 

Johnson T. & J. W., law booksellers, 5 Minor. 

Johnson & Tingley, mers., 179 High. 

Jolmson Toplifli law bookseller, 5 Minor. 




Johnson Walter, drayman, 8 Helmuth. 
Johnson Walter R., professor, S Broad bel 

Johnson Willard, bookseller and printer, 141 

Johnson William, Washington bel 12th. 
Johnson William, blacksmith, rear 86 N 6th. 
Johnson William, labourer, Paschall's al. 
Johnson William, labourer, 11 Grisw old's al. 
Johnson William, shoemr., 60 N 5th. 
Johnson William, house carp., 19^ Carter's al. 
Johnson William, weaver, 9 Brinton. 
Johnson William, store porter. Poplar al. 
Johnson William, b. h. 9 Lombard. 
Johnson William, labourer, rear 3 Pratt's ct. 
Johnson William, carter, Sch Vine bel Wash- 
Johnson William, clerk, 1 Littleboy's ct. 
Johnson William, tavern, c G T road &. Master. 
Johnson William, shoemr., 5 Lodge pi. 
Johnson William, trunkmr., 181 N Front. 
Johnson William, weaver, 6 Wagner's al. 
Johnson William & Chas., sawmrs., 17 Church al. 
Johnson William P., gent., 81 Lombard. 
Johnson W. Poyntell, M. D., office 41 S 10th. 
Johnston Adam, curb setter, 467" Sassafras. 
Johnston B. K., acct., 370 Cedar. 
Johnston, Burk & Davis, dry goods, 77 High. 
Johnston Elizabeth & Mary, milliners, 169 Green. 
Johnston E. R., merchant, 77 High, h Wood n 

Johnston Hannah, sempstress, Mechanic n Vine. 
Johnston I. & T., carpenters, 3 Bread. 
Johnston James, tallow chandler, 13th above 

Johnston Jos., shoemr., c Sch Front & Spruce. 
Johnston & Lewis, watchmrs., 132 S Front. 
Johnston Maria, dry goods, 167 Green. 

Johnston Mary Ann, milliner, 467 Race. 
Johnston Patrick, waiter, 24 Quince. 

Johnston Robert, chandler, 13 Morgan's ct. 

Johnston Robert, ex. bro., 43 S 3d, h 110 N 7th. 

Johnston Robert M., tobacconist, 8 Branch. 

Johnston Robert, watchmr.,. 132 S Front, h 120 

Johnston Thomas, stoves, 327 S 2d, h 280 S 

Johnston Thomas B., clerk, 199 Spruce. 

Johnston Thos, B., music store, 272 Chestnut, h 
6 St Stephen's place. 

Johnston Violet, 80 F road. (K) 

Johnston William, bootmr., Pearl bel 12th. 

Johnston William, grocer, S W 11th & Lombard. 

Johnston Wm., tavern, N E Crabb & Shippen. 

Johnston Wm., cordwr., Penn ab Maiden. (K) 

Johnston Wm., shoemr., c Sch Front & Spruce. 

Johnston William clerk, 169 Green. 

Joline William, Carp., Pine ab Carbon. 

Jolly Samuel, fancy goods, 58 Plum. 

Jones Abel, labourer, Morris ab Catharine. 

Jones Abraham, cordwainer, 12 Cresson's al 

Jones Abraham, trader, 7 Hind's ct. 

Jones Abraham, turner, 88 Callowhill, h 59 

Jones Alice, Poplar alley. 

Jones Amy, 251 S 6th. 

Jones Andrew M., mer., 17 S wharves, h 500 

Jones Andrew M. & Brother, mers., 17 S whfs. 
Jones Ann, dry goods, 112 W High. 
Jones Ann, 2 Dorothy. 
Jones Ann, Charlotte ab Poplar. 
Jones Benjamin, grazier, 7 Cedar. 
Jones Benjamin, cabinetmr., 302 S 3d. 
Jones Benjamin, engraver, 9th ab Wood. 
Jones Benjamin, merchant, 17 S wharves, h 267 

Jones Benjamin, omnibus driver. Master n 4th. 
Jones Benjamin, jr., Girard Trust Office, h 234 

S Front. 
Jones Benezet, cordwainer, 2 Gray's ct. 
Jones Benjamin, carter, Haydoc n Canal. 
Jones & Boker, bonnets & shoes, 82 High. 
Jones B. M., grocer, 23 N 5th, h 465 Mulberry. 
Jones Catharine, 1 Harmony ct. 
Jones Catharine, Callowhill n Fairmount. 
Jones Catharine, shop, c Queen & Marlborough. 
Jones Catharine, 127 Locust. 
Jones Charles, distiller, c 12th & Cedar. 
Jones Charles, waiter, 228 S 7th. 
Jones Cecilia, teacher, 137 S 10th. 
Jones Caleb, mer., 128 Franklin. 
Jones Carder, dress maker, 184 Locust. 
Jones Charity, b h. School ab Otter. 
Jones Charles Thomson, att'y. and coun., 147 

Jones Cornelius, tailor, 485 N 2d. 
Jones C. H., dry goods, 127 Locust. 
Jones C. T., cordwainer. Orchard n Rawle. 
Jones D., carp., 21 Dock, h 168 Chi-istian. 
Jones Daniel K., manuf.. Spring Garden n 10th. 
Jones David, cordw., Apple n Creek. 
Jones David P., hatter, 42 S 4th. 
Jones D. P. & W. F., hatters, 42 S 4th. 
Jones David, 3 Lagrange place. 
Jones Douglass, victualler, 7 Wells' row. 

Jones E., mantuamr., 8 S 12th. 

Jones Edmund, wheelwright, 320 S 3rd, h 1 
Burd's al. 

Jones Edward, brass founder, 22 Library. 

Jones Edward, grocer, c Shippen la & Cedar. 

Jones Edward, stay maker, 14 Swanwick. 

Jones Edward P., acct., 286 Green. 

Jones Edward P., slater, 116 Catharine. 

Jones Edward R., printer, 381 S Front. 

Jones Eliza, gentw., 225 S Front. 

Jones Elijah, bricklayer, 123 Lombai'd. 

Jones Elijah, carp., Sycamore ab Locust. 

Jones Elizabeth, 212 Pine. 

Jones Elizabeth, G T road ab 3d. 

Jones Elizabeth, livery stable, 106 S 10th. 

Jones Emlen, coachman. Acorn al. 

Jones Emeline, Bryan's ct. 

Jones E. A., teacher, 119 W High. 

Jones Ephraim, chairmr., 95 Budd. 

Jones Evans, gent., 151 Swanson. 

Jones Evans, Franklin house, 141 Walnut. 

Jones Franklin C„ mer., 20 Church al. 

Jones George, bricklayer, Lombard n Quince. 

Jones George B., auctioneer, 34 S Front. 




Jone3 Georg-e D., cabinetmaker, 62 S 4th. 
Jones Georg-e F., mer., 45 N Front, h 19 S Sch 

Jones G. Mrs., 12 Portico square. 
Jones Georg-e W., plater, 13 Julianna. 
Jones George "W., merchant, 40 Almond. 
Jones G W., clerk, 169 Cherry. 
Jones Hannah, Spruce ah 12th. 
Jones Henry, brass founder, rear 93 Mulberry, h 

4 Loxley's ct. 
Jones Henry, waiter, 39 Quince. 
Jones Hester, washer, 53 Mechanic. 
Jones Horatio G., carpenter, 106 Apple. 
Jones & Hoppin, com. mers. 45 N Front. 
Jones T. L., grocer, High ab Sch 5th, h High bel 

Jones Isaac, cabinetmaker, 77 & h 75 N Front. 
Jones Isaac, cordw., Shippen ct. 
Jones Isaac C, mer., 84 High, h 230 Sassafras. 
Jones Isaac C. Jr., mer., 20N 4th, h 230 Sassafras 
Jones Isaac T., mer., 15 N 2nd. 
Jones Isabella, 7 Ohio. 
Jones Israel, carpenter, 26 Barker. 
Jones Jacob, mariner, 76 German. 
Jones Jacob P., mer., S W Sch. 7th & High, h 

491 Arch. 
Jones J. Comly, mer., 82 High, h 159 Sassafras. 
Jones J. H., Spruce ab 12th. 
Jones J. M., 20 S 8th. 

Jones James, brass founder, rear 93 Mulberry. 
Jones James, labourer, 9 South avenue. 
Jones Jane, gentw., 100 George. 
Jones Jehu, 184 Locust. 
Jones Jeremiah, horse market, c Juniper and 

Jones Joel, carpenter, 121 Charlotte. 
Jones John, bricklayer. Cherry ab Queen. (K) 
Jones John, carter. Prospect ct. 
Jones John, cordwainer, 151 S Front. 
Jones John, messenger, Queen ab S 4th. 
Jones John, pawn broker, S E 5th & Cedar. 
Jones John, silk dyer, 28 N 5th. 
Jones John A., Union Hotel, 152 Chestnut. 
Jones John C, collector, Marriott & M road. 
Jones John D., baker. Queen n Wood. (K) 
Jones John E., stair rod manuf. 22 Library, h c 

4th & Queen. 
Jones John J., watchman, 40 Christian. 
Jones John M., upholsterer, 2 Whitacar's al. 
Jones John M., cordw., Sch. 8th n Callowhill. 
Jones John S., fancy goods, 18 N 2d, & 1 & 2 

Church al. 
Jones John S., broker, 41 N 6th. 
Jones John T., plane maker, 402 N 2d. 
Jones J. & T., clothing store, 274 High. 
Jones John W., shoes, S W 5th & Vine. 
Jones John & William, silk dyers, 272 N Front. 
Jones Joseph, att'y &, coun., 13 N 11th. 
Jones Joseph, gardener, 9 Boyd's avenue. 
Jones Joseph, mer., 160 High, h 22 N 11th. 
Jones Joseph, labourer, 4th n Jefferson. 
Jones Joseph, looking glass frame maker, Mas- 
ter n G T road. (K) 
Jones Joseph, plasterer, c Culbert & Mechanic. 
Jones Joseph S., turner, 71 Locust. 

Jones Joseph W., variety store, 18 N 4th 8c 420 

Jones Joel, judge, 429 High. 
Jones Joshua B., piano maker, 485 High. 
Jones Justus P., mer., 11 N 2d. 
Jones Justice P. & Co., dry goods, 11 N 2d. 
Jones Leonard, labourer, 38 Middle al. 
Jones Letitia, eating house, S W Sch 8th and 

Jones Lewis, waterman, Walter's ct. 
Jones Louisa, 30 Federal. 
Jones Lloyd, paper maker, 299 Sassafras. 
Jones L., sempstress, 117 Green. 
Jones L. T., 20 Lebanon. 
Jones Margaret, Clymer. 
Jones Margaret, gentw., S 10th ab Christian. 
Jones Mark T., tailor, 73 N 3d. 
Jones Martha W., 127 N 2d. 
Jones Martin, waiter, 1 Davis' ct. 
Jones Maiy, b. h., 238 High. 
Jones Mary, b h, 330 Sassafras. 
Jones Mary, Liberty al. 
Jones Mary, 82 Spruce. 
Jones M'Murdock, stevedore, N W Catharine & 

Jones Nathan, hosier, N W 2d & Chestnut, h 83 

Jones Mrs. Noble, 337 Chestnut. 
Jones Owen, tailor, 3 S 12th. 
Jones Patrick, labourer, 152 N Water. 
Jones Paul T., mer., UN whfs., h Mulberry ab 

Jones Peter, porter, Paschall's al. 
Jones Philip, gent., 119 W High. 
Jones Rachel, b. h.. Oak n Brown. 
Jones Richard, blacksmith, Braiser's ct. 
Jones Richard, coal dealer, 9 York. 
Jones Richard H., saddler, 5 Madison. 
Jones Robert, labourer. Harmony ct bel 4th. 
Jones Robert, hair dresser, Frankford road n 

Jones Rosanna, G T road ab Thompson. 
Jones Sally H., 381 S Front. 
Jones Samuel, cordwainer. Rose ab School. 
Jones Samuel, shoemaker, 301 N 5th. 
Jones Samuel, teacher, N E 7th & Carpenter. 
Jones Samuel P., bookbinder, 19 Boyd's av. 
Jones Samuel W., men, 103 N Front, h 154 N 

Jones S. H., b h, 146 Sassafras. 
Jones Sarah, nurse, 117 Green. 
Jones Sarah, 303 S Front. 
Jones Sarah W., corset maker, 265 Catharine. 
Jones, Scott & Co., dry goods, 166 High. 
Jones Susannah, b. h., Apple ab Poplar. 
Jones Thomas, cordwainer, 20 Poplar. 
Jones Thomas, bookbinder, Willow ab 4th. 
Jones Thomas, collector, 144 Swanson. 
Jones Thomas, tailor, 246 High, h 13 Perry. 
Jones Thomas, grocery &. feed, 269 Spruce. 
Jones Thomas C, collector, 43 Noble. 
Jones Timothy, ladies shoe maker, 4 N 8th. 
Jones William, tobacconist, 42 N 4th. 
Jones William, cabinetmaker, 38 Lebanon. 
Jones William, shoemaker, 260 S 5th. 




Jones William, shipwright, Hanover b el Queen. 

Jones William, oyster cellar, 481 High. 

Jones William, mer., 6 N Front, h 326 Mulberry. 

Jones William, dry goods, 8 N 5th, h 40 N 5th. 

Jones William, dial maker, 20 Strawberry. 

Jones William, mariner, rear 382 S Front. 

Jones Wilham J., grocer. Queen n F road. (K) 

Jones William D., mer., 15 N 2d. 

Jones William F., com. mer., 20 Church alley, 
h 230 Sassafras. 

Jones William F., hatter, 42 S 4th. 

Jones Wilham H., printer, 1 Juhanna ab But- 

Jordan! Frederick, brass founder, 507 N 4th. 

Jordan & Brother, grocers, 121 N 3d. 

Jordan Edward, grocer, 121 &. h 123 N 3d. 

Jordan Francis, grocer, 121 N 3d, h 26 Wood 
ab 5th. 

Jordan James E., shoemakei-, 3 Lytle's ct. 

Jordan John, gent., 123 N 3d. 

Jordan John G., shoemaker, 110 Christian. 

Jordan Richard, collector, 93 S 6th. 

Jordan William, shoe mer., 232 High, h Wood 
ab 9th. 

Jorden John, bath house, 124 S 2d. 

Jordon Alexander, labourer, rear 23 Paschall's 

Jordon Ann, washer, George bel Schl 6th. 

Jordon Burd, 73 Plum. 

Jordon Matthew, labourer, Sch. 3d & Filbert. 

Jordon Patrick, labourer, 1 Linden. 

Jordon Peter U., cordwainer, 9 Franklin. (K) 

Jordon Samuel, labourer, 198 Cherry. 

Jordon William, cordwainer, rear 499 Vine. 

Joret Francis, 60 German. 

Jostlen Ambrose, postmaker, 9th ab Button- 

Joseph Harmon, shoe store, F Road ab Marlbo- 

Joseph Jane, Paschall's al. 

Josiah Elizabeth, 156 S 4th. 

Joy Cyrus, Texian Consul, office 110^ S Front, 
h Carrolton Square 

Joyce Ettweine, blacksmith, 97 Cherry, h 120 

Joyce John J., blacksmith, 90 Cherry, h 98 

Joyce Thomas R., tailor, 4 L Dock. 

Juel Joseph, variety, 10 S 2d. 

Judson Alex., gent,, 7 Clinton Square. 

Judson Ann, 35 Pine. 

Juhan A., music, 86^ N 2d. 

Juchan A. Louis, clerk, Jones' ct. 

Julian A. H., mer., 197 High, h 327 Sassafras. 

Julian Edward, cabinetmaker, 42 Dock. 

Julian Cadmus, jewellei-. Christian ab 7th. 

Julias James, coachman, 21 Sassafras al. 

Julias Theodore, sea captain, 20 German. 

Jump H., printer, CathaAne ab S 9th. 

Justice Alfred B., mer., 149 High. 

Justice C, M tailor, 155 Green. 

Justice Charles senior, 474 Sassafras. 

Justice George, carpenter, 125 Buttonwood. 

Justice George, gent., 443 N 2nd. 

Justice Geo. M., mer., 149 High, h 260 N 4th. 

Justice G. M. &. G. R. &. Co., hardware, 149 High- 
Justice George R., mer., 149 High, h 249 Vine 
Justice G. W., Clerk, 27 Jullanna. 
Justice Esther, 155 Green. 
Justice Jacob, gent., 249 Vine. 
Justice John M., mariner, 86 Lombai'd. 
Justice Joseph, plasterei-, 155 Green. 
Justice Joseph, potter, 314 N 2d. 
Justice Mrs. Mary Ann, 86 Lombard. 
Justice Sarah, rear 1 Buttonwood. 
Justice Samuel, gent., 285 N 7th. 
Justice William, whip maker, 189 Green. 
Justus James C, grocer, 35 S wharves, h 348 S 

Justus Philip, surveyor, 24 Wood. 
Juvenal Jacob, gent., 2 Franklin row, c 10th & 


Kaagen Terrence, carter, E N P Road & German. 

Kaesananberger J., clothing, 111 Poplar. 

Kaighn & ColUns, dry goods, 7^ S 2d. 

Kaighn & Co., dry goods, 211 N 2d. 

Kajghn James E., mer., 7i S 2d. 

Kail George, labourer, Charlotte n George. 

Kail Joshua, tobacconist, Charlotte n George. 

Kaine John, tailor, 10 Dorothy. 

Kain Catherine, gentw., 45 Crabb. 

Kain John, lab., Washington n Sch Wood. 

Kain Wm., mer., 80 George. (S) 

Kalbach Daniel, potter, 31 Chester. 

Kalbach David, plumber, 31 Chester. 

Kalbach John, painter, 31 Chester. 

Kallahan Janette, Sch Beach ab Spruce. 

Kalbach Mary, 31 Chester. 

Kalbach Michael, st. cutter, Ann. (F V) 

Kale Christopher, carpenter, Say ab Sch 8th. 

Kale Jacob, cigarmaker, Culvert n Charlotte. 

Kale Jacob, brass foun., c Culvert & Mechanic. 

Kale Margaret, nurse, 117 Buttonwood. 

Kale John, shoemaker, 457 N 2d. 

Kale Stephen, cordw., 1 Gay's ct. (K) 

Kale Wm., cigarmr., N E Charlotte & Culvert. 

Kamerly J. J., baker, 56 Plum. 

Kames John, cordwainer, 11 Wiley's ct. 

Kane Anthony, 84 Plum. 

Kane George, tobacco inspector, city store, h 

58 Penn. 
Kane G., gent,, 54 Penn. 
Kane James, paper stainer, 42 Perry. 
Kane John, labourer, 215 S 6th. 
Kane John, labourer, 6 Kelly's ct. 
Kane John, labourer, 219 S 6th. 
Kane John, tailor, 16 N 8th. 
Kane John, carpenter, 6 Benton's Avenue. 
Kane J. C. M., M.D., N W Front & Christian. 
Kane John K., atty, & coun., 100 S 4th. 
Kane Owen, labourer, 5 Adam. 
Kane Thomas, lab., Washington, (W P) 
Kantz Charles, tailor, 26 Callowhill. 
Kanked David, box maker, 3 Young's al. 
Kanyon John, labourer, R road ab Green. 
Kappenger John, carter, 487 N 3d. 
Kappler & Gras;, hotel, 442 N 2d. 




Kappes G., musician, Blackbeny al. ab Locust. 

Karagan John, currier, 8 York ct. 

Karbough Joseph, combmaker, 147 N 5th. 

Karnaghan Eliz., 216 Shippen. 

Karcher Jacob, cordwainer, George's n 3d. 

Karnes Andrew, agent, 31 Franklin. (K) 

Karon Sai'ah, 4 Humphrey's ct. 

Kartsher John C, ropemaker & ship chandler, 
77 S wharves, h 54 Lombard. 

Katcham Jared, mail contractor, Sch 3d ab 

Kates Jacob J., bookbin., 12 Filbert, h 75 N 9th. 

Kates Jacob, watchman, rear 210 Cherry. 

Kates M., bell hanger, 28 and 30 N 7th. 

Kates Samuel, chairmaker, 8 Webb's alley. 

Kates k Sharp, carpenters, 347 S Front. 

Kattenhorn Martin, b h, 4 Lagrange Place. 

Kating Edward, morocco dresser, 4 Franklin. 

Katz Jacob, ag'ent for Evans's pills, 19 N 8th. 

Katz Lydia, 28 Vine. 

Katz William, acct., 248 N Front. 

Kauck Charles D., whipmr., Brinton al. n 11th. 

Kauman T., dry goods, 137 S 6th. 

Kavnaugh Mary Ann, dress maker, 118 N 11th. 

Kawson Jeremiah, shoemakei", rear 15 Budd. 

Kaupp Jacob, lab., 4 Jones' al. 

Kay Charles R., atty. & coun., 35 Dock, h 135 
O Y road. 

Kay Elizabeth, shop, Callowhill bel Sch. 7th. 

Kay Hannah D., 300 Coates. 

Kay Job B., S W Front & Vine. 

Kay James Jr. & Brother, booksellers, 122 Chest- 
nut, printers & bookbinders, Sassafras ab 4th 

Kay James Jr., 122 Chestnut, h 42 Crown. 

Kay Jas. Hutchinson, clerk, 139 High. 

Kay John I., booksr., 122 Chestnut, h 119 Wood. 

Kay Sarah H., 135 O Y road. 

Kayser Solomon, tailor, 46 Cedar. 

Keagy Ellen, b h., 81 Chestnut. 

Keal Martin, baker, 290 St John. 

Kean Ely., cordwainer, 204 St John. 

Kean Jane, dry goods, 74 S 11th. 

Kean John W., jeweller, 108 S 10th 

Keare Henry, cabinetm. & undertr., 146 S 9th. 

Kearnen Edwai-d, labourer, Vine n Sch. 

Kearney & Brothers, cordwainers, 140 S 5th. 

Keating Catherine, 290 S 4th. 

Keating John, labourer, 289 S 4th. 

Keating John, 111 S 4th 

Keating Wm., painter & glazier, 284 S 4th. 

Keating Wm H., att'y & coun , 117 S 4th 

Keatting Lambert, whi. house, 1 Greenleaf s ct. 

Keating Lambei-t Jr., wutchcasemr., 26 Green- 
leaf ct. 

Keech John, bricklayer, Oak, (W P) 

Kechum John, carp., 122 N 9th. 

Keck Jacob H., mer., 313 High, h 106 NlOth ab 

Keck Unity, gentw., Kepler's ct. 

Keddy A. Mrs., b h., 345 High. 

Kee Wm., carpenter, Melon ab 13th. 

Keech Baldwin, engineer, 7 Ellen. 

Kefier Jolin, lab., Hurrigue's ct. (N L) 

Keef Edward, carter, Mark's lane. 

Keef Michael, weaver, Phoenix n G T road. 

Keefe C. J. O., tavern, 48 S 8th. 

Keefe James, collector, 7 Federal. 

Keefe John, U S inspector, h 9 Federal. 

Keefe Michael, stonecuttei-, 35 Franklin. (K) 

Keefer Andrew, pianomr., Traquair's ct. 

Keehmle Margaret, chinawai'e, 79 N 3d. 

Keel C, Mrs., 154 Coates. 

Keel Mary, gentw., 195 Green. 

Keel Peter, cordwainer, Sch 6th ab Pine. 

Keel Johh, cordw., S W 10th & Spring Garden. 

Keeler Wm., carman, 46 Oak. 

Keeler Isaac, blacksmith, c 9th & Vine, h Mar- 
shall's row N 8th. 

Keeler Mary, b. h., 54 N 5th. 

Keeley Isaac, grocer, 112 N 3d c Sassafras. 

Keeley Jacob B., tavern, N E 3d & Green. 

Keeley J. & W., grocers, 52 N 13th. 

Keeley Patrick, Dean n Spruce. 

Keeling Westwood, confectioner, N E 4th and 
Chestnut, and N W 4th and Lombard. 

Keemle Saml., atty. & coim., N E 4th & Cherry. 

Keemley Isaac, scrivener, 1 Norris' ct. 

Keen Adam, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen. (K) 

Keen Andrew, ship joiner, Shackamaxou ab 
Qeen. (K) 

Keen Charles, bootmaker, 54 Mulberry. 

Keen Charles, drayman, 21 Callowhill. 

Keen Charles, cashier Kensington Bank, h N W 
Front & Ellen. 

Keen Clement, joiner. Queen n Crown. (K) 

Keen & Coats, tannery, 475 N Front. 

Keen George L., cordw., 2 Garretson's ct. 

Keen H., tailor, 132 Marshall. 

Keen Jacob, joiner, Queen ab Crown. 

Keen Jas., ship joiner, Shackamaxon ab Queen. 

Keen James, tavern, S E P'ront and Master. 

Keen James B., clerk, 4 Ranstead ct. 

Keen James C, cordwainer, 60 Vine. 

Keen John C, cordwainer, rear 159 Mai'shall. 

Keen Wm. L., gl. cutter, Penn & Shackamaxon. 

Keen Joseph, currier, 61 Chestnut, h 27 New 

Keen Joseph S., coal mer., Bridgewater, (W P) 

Keen Moses, labourer. Palmer ab West. (K) 

Keen Rebecca, dressmaker, 200 S 5th. 

Keen Sarah, gentw., N W 10th and Chestnut 

Keen Sarah, b h., 331 Pine. 

Keen Sarah, gentw., 147 S 9th. 

Keen W. W., currier, 61 Chestnut, h 106 S 3d. 

Keen William W. & Co., curriers, 61 Chestnut. 

Keenan Edward, manuf , G T road ab Master. 

Keenan Ellen, 230 N Water. 

Keenan Michael, manuf., G T road ab Master. 

Keese Elizabeth, shop, 27 J^nes al. 

Keesey William, tailor, 7 Baker's ct. 

Keetch John Z., cordw., 84 F road. (K) 

Keever George, hat & cap manuf.. Poplar ab 3d. 

Keffer Catherine, M2 Vine. 

Kehoe Dominick, grocer, 337 Hig-h. 

Kehr Andrew J., fringe &, tasselmr., 132 N 4ih. 

Kehrum W., gent., 205 S Front. 

Keiciiline George victualler, Brown n 12th. 

Keicliline James, victualler, rear Coates n 12th. 

Keichline John, gent., 12 Duke. 

Kcichline Mary, li road ab Vineyard. (F V) 




Keigler M., gentw., 43 Zane. 

Keig-hn John, gent., 5 S 7ih. 

Keigher Adam, coachman, 3 Poplar ct. 

Keighline G. P., M. D., 66 Coates, 

Keigler Thomas, cordw., Swanson bel Queen. 

Keil John, carpet weaver, 152 Brown. 

Keim D. M., hardware, 241 High, h 143 N 12th. 

Kelm Jacob, steel and copperplate maker, 2 

Hause's ct, h 187 Cherry. 
Keim John, turner, 123 and h 127 N 4th. 
Keim Joseph, turner, 160 Marshall. 
Keim Josiah, copperplate maker, 6 Gebhard. 
Keim Rebecca, Buttonwood bel 6th. 
Keim Wm. S., plumber, 125 N 4th, h 256 N 7th. 
Keisey Joseph, carpenter, 2d ab Franklin. (K) 
KeislerJohn, drover, 117 OY road. 
Keith Ann, 2 Richardson's ct. 
Keith Anna, 21 Currant al. 
Keith Elizabeth, c Tammany and St. John. 
Keith How, saddle tree maker, F road ab Otter. 
Keith J., gent., rear 252 S Front. 
Kfith Saml., gent., 231 S Front. 
Keith S. A., dressmr., Phoenix ab Cadwaladar. 
Kcth Wilham, M. D., office N W 3d & Spruce, 

h 231 S Front. 
Kelch Catherine, 266 S 5th. 
Kelch George, bootmaker, 9 Chancery lane. 
Kelch Wm., gilder & look. gl. manuf., 156 N 2d. 
Kelcher John, lead factory. Locust ab Sch 2d 
Kellner Daniel, grocer, S E 3d & Coates. 
Keller Adam, undertaker, 118 & 132 N 5th. 
Keller Caspar, cordwainer, 44 New Market. 
Keller Christian, tailor, 316 Callowhill. 
Keller Conrad, turner, 215 N 10th. 
Keller Elizabeth, teacher 101 Vine. 
Keller Fred., lab., William ab Callowhill. (F M) 
Keller Jacob, tailor, F road ab stonebridge. (K) 
Keller H. & Co., Venetian blind, 122 N 4th. 
Keller H., blinds, 122 N 4th, h rear 93 O Y road, 
Keller John, combmaker. 111 Juniper. 
Keller Lydia, 58 Lombard. 
Keller Mary, 101 Vine. 
Keller Michael, baker, 100 St John. 
Keller Martin, mariner, Walter ct. 
Keller Michael, shoemr.. Brown's ct, Carlton n 


Keller Susanna, gt., Charlotte bel Franklin. (K) 
Keller Samuel, labourer, 301 N 5tli. 
Kelley James, shop, N E 3d and Queen. 
Kelley William, dry goods 89 Lawrence. 
Kelley Edward, currier, 2 Rachel's Row. 
Kelley George, ropemaker, Marion bel 2d. 
Kelley John, boilermaker, James ct n Front. 
Kelley Johnson, tavern, N W 13th and Cedar. 
Kelley Philip, me^, 159 High, h 311^ Chestnut 
Kelley Pasmore, plasterer, Master n 4th. (K) 
Kelley William, tavern, 9 Christian. 
Kelley Wm. D., acct., 101 Walnut. 
Kellinger John V., brassfr., G T R n 5th. (K) 
Kelly Agnes, 68 George. 

Kelly Alexander, cabinetmr., c Vine & Perry. 
Kelly Andrew, labourer, 8 Dorothy. 
Kelly Ann, tailoress, rear 381 Sassafras. 
Kelly Ann, gentw., 56 Shippen. 
Kelly Ann, tailoress, Adams bel 13tli. 

Kelly Barney, tavern & store, 19 Hurst. 

Kelly Catherine, 297 S 5th. 

Kelly Charles, cordwainer, 56 Shippen. 

Kelly Daniel, weaver, Shippen la bel Fitzwater. 

Kelly Daniel, cordwainer, 3 Washington Place. 

Kellv Edward, carpenter, Little Pine bel 7th, 
'h 189 Christian. 

Kelly Edward, tavern, 168 S 6th. 

Kelly Elizabeth, gentw., rear 4 Lisle. 

Kelly Elizabeth, b. h., 49 N 8th. 

Kelly Erasmus, plasterer, G T road ab Master. 

Kelly George, bricklayer, 31 Coates. 

Kelly George, paper hanger, 297 S 5th. 

Kelly George, drayman, Apple n C. Creek. 

Kelly Hannah, 21 Fitzwater. 

Kelly J., grocer, Washington, (WP) 

Kelly James, carpenter, Sch 2d ab High. 

Kelly James, tailor, George n Sch. 6th. 

Kelly James, tavern, c Palmer and Prince. 

Kelly James, drayman. Prince n Hanover. 

Kelly James, blacksm., 424 High, h 4 Gray's ct. 

Kelly James, carter, 71 Plum. 

Kelly James, tavern, 319 Lombard. 

Kelly James, teacher, Ann ab Sch. 4th. 

Kelly Jane, 2 Myers ct. 

Kelly John, labourer, 113 Juniper. 

Kelly James, ashman, Middleton ct. 

Kelly James, tailor, 6 S 3d, h 12th ab Sassafras. 

Kelly John, tailor, 293 S 5th. 

Kelly John, collector, 297 S 5th. 

Kelly John, Lieut. U. S. Navy, 98 Union. 

Kelly James M., tailor, 33 N 6th. 

Kell}^ John S. 1 Boston row. 

Kelly J. W., mer., 60 High, h 133 O Y road. 

Kelly J. & W., gi-ocers, N E 2d and Brown. 

Kelly Lawrence, trunkmr., 179 AVater. 

Kelly M., shop, 341 High. 

Kelly Mary, 75 P road. 

Kelly Mary, tavern, 91 Shippen. 

Kelly Michael, livery stable, 1 New Market, h 
209 N 2nd. 

Kelly Michael, shop, 105 N Juniper. 

Kelly P., M. D., office 61 Brown. 

Kelly Patrick, carter, Shippen ab 8th. 

Kelly Jidianna, Callowhill n Sch. Front. 

Kelly I'atrick, labourer, 51 Fitzwater. 

Kelly Patrick, tailor, 127 Catharine 

Kelly Patrick, labourer, 63 P road. 

Kelly Patrick H., tailor, 165 Chestnut, h Catha- 
rine bel 4th. 

Kelly Patrick, 50 Currant al. 

Kelly Patrick, soapboiler, rear 266 S 3rd. 

Kelly Peter, marble imitator, 13 Willing's al. 

Kelly Peter, labourer, Thompson n 3d. 

Kelly Peter, lab., S W Sch. 8th & Filbert. 

Kelly Philip, labourer, Spafford ab Fitzwater. 

Kelly Philip, printer, rear 126 Plum. 

Kelly Philip, lab., rear 267 S 5th. 

Kelly Richard, oysters. Beach n Marsh (K) 

Kelly Samuel S., tailor, S W 9th & Fitzwater. 

Kelly Tague, lab., 332 S 6th. 

Kelly Thomas, gent., 303 Chestnut. 

Kelly Thomas, tailor, 7 Elfreth's al. 

Kelly Timothy, lab., Swanson n Washington. 

Kelly William, cordwainer, 312 S 3d. 




Kelly William, lab., 8 Hind's ct. 

Kelly William, lab., 3 Dorothy. 

Kelly William, cordw., 18 Almond. 

Kellogg Hosea, grocei-, 3 N Water, h 39 Wood. 

Kellogg Reuben, gro., S E Lawrence & Wallace. 

Kellpin Wm,. chinapr., 403 N 2nd, h 3 Kunckle. 

Kelsey Humphrey, tailor, 351 Pine. 

Kelsh James, saddle, harness & trunkmaker, S 

W 5th & Prune. 
Kelter David, combmaker, 140 Cedai-. 
Kemb Edward, cordw. Callowhill and Crown. 
Kembel Edward, shop, 4th bel Green. 
Kembell Blanchard, drayman, Shackamaxon bel 

Kembell Samuel, blacksm., rear 246 Sassafras. 
Kemble Charles, gent., 41 N 6th. 
Kemble Charles, store keeper, 161 N 4th. 
Kemble Charles, bookbinder, 68 Noble. 
Kemble George, saddler, 11 Crown. 
Kemble Rebecca, Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Kemp George, boot fitter, Baker bel 8th. 
Kempton & Coppuck, mers., 43 N Front. 
Kempton Moses, mer., 43 N Front, h 188 N 4th. 
Kendall Joseph, labourer, 3 Ridgeway's row. 
Kendall Valeria, 140 N 12th. 
Kendall WiUiam, tailor. Pine bel Juniper. 
Kendell G. R., tinsmith, &c., 135 N 2d, h 23 

Elfreth's alley. 
Kenderdine Charles, 11 Wallace. 
Kenderdine C. & J. R., hardware, 200 Callowhill. 
Kenderdine Jacob, carpenter, 314 N 3d. 
Kenderdine Joseph R., carpenter, 11 Wallace. 
Kenderdine Thomas B., carpenter, 314 N 3d. 

Kenedy J. F., grocer, 107 Budd. 

Kennard Joseph H. Rev., 210 N 4th. 

Kennard Manning, mer., 40 N Front, h 197 

Kenneday Ann, 13th n Pine. 
Kennedy Andrew, carter, 3 Callowhill. 
Kennedy Charles E., U. S. service, 563 S 2d 

Kennedy Dennis, mason, 7 Dorothy. 
Kennedy D. J., ticket clerk, R Road depot, 9th 
and Garden. 

Kennedy E., Weaver, Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Kennedy Edward, mason, 3 South av. 

Kennedy Eliza, Schleisman's al (N L) 

Kennedy Elizabeth, b h., 75 N 8th. 

Kennedy George, tailor, 19 Cresson's al. 

Kennedy H., tailor, 61 S 2d. 

Kennedy Hannah, 9th bel Fitzwater. 

I\gnnedy Hugh, watchmaker, 6 Norris' ct. 

Kennedy H. P., upholsterer, 76 Walnut, h 76 

Kennedy James, coach lace mr., rear 30 Cherry. 

Kennedy James M., mer., 197 High. 

Kennedy James, dyer, 5 Mechanic (F M) 

Kennedy Jane, tavern, N E od and German. 

Kenned}' John H., spectacle mr., 2 N 8th. 

Kennedy John, Rev., 77 Cherry. 

Kennedy Joseph, teacher of flute, 17i S 5th, h 
8th ab Christian. 

Kennedy Joseph, baker, Fitzwater bel 10th. 

Kennedy & Julian, mers., 197 High. 

Kennedy J. M., mer., 40 N Wharves, h 211 N 4th. 

Kennedy M. J., dress maker, 107 Budd. 

Kennedy Moses, weaver, Hopkins' ct. (K) 
Kennedy Mrs. A., 12 Swanson. 
Kennedy Mrs. Margaret, Rose ab Shippen 1. 
Kennedy Nathaniel, Sch. 8th bel George. 
Kennedy Patrick, labourer, 188 N Water. 
Kennedy Rachel, 2 N 8th. 

Kennedy & Riat, upholsterers and cabinet ma- 
nufacturers, h 76 Walnut. 
Kennedy Robert, naval store-kr., 476 S Front. 
Kennedy Robert, gent., 133 N 13th. 
Kennedy Robert, weaver, 11 Myers' ct. 
Kennedy Samuel, carter, Lombard ab 12th. 
Kennedy Thomas, boot mr., 3 Broadbent's ct. 
Kennedy Thomas, lab., 5 Jackson's ct. 
Kennedy William, weaver, 487 N 3d. 
Kennedy William, stone mason, 107 Budd. 
Kennedy William jr., boot maker, 144 S Front. 
Kennedy William, weaver, Lloyd's ct. 
Kennedy William, cordw., 2 Kirkpatrick's ct. 
Kenney Barnard, weaver, China Row. 
Kenney Edward, brewer, 96 Filbert. 
Kenney Edwd. J., tailor, h 2nd& Carpenter (S) 
Kenney Joseph, blacksmith, 8 Morgan's ct. 
Kenney John, morocco-dresser, 123 G T road. 
Kenney John, 5 Kneass' ct. 
Kendrick Geo. W., tavern, 8 S 10th. 
Kendrick Rachel, 290 Lombard. 
Kendrick William S., printer, 5 Dorothy. 
Kenney Mary, gentw., 50 Catharine. 
Kenney William, cigar mr., 51 Charlotte. 
Kenny William, cabinetmr., 98 Budd. 
Kenrick Francis Patrick D. D., St. John's, 13th. 
Kensel Catharine, Brown's court. 
Kensel Hannah, 31 Castle. 
Kensel John, plasterer, Allen. (K) 
Kensel John, shipjoiner, Allen n F road. 
Kensel Lewis, spinr., N E Poplar & St. John. 
Kensell Benjamin J., silk dyer, 329 Vine. 
Kensell Charles & Rowland, tailors, Emlen's ct. 
Kensell Rowland, tailor, 25 Emlen's court. 
Kensell Sarah, St. John n the Creek. 
Kensil George, plasterer, Fraley's ct. 
Kensil John, cordw., George & Charlotte. 
Kensil William, cordwainer, 19 Budd. 
Kensill Lewis, carter, Schleisman's alley. 
Kensler Joseph, distiller, 2 Bedver. 
Kent R. Adolphus, clerk, 29 Vine. 
Kent Frederick, button maker, 4 Lisle. 
Kent Henry, button maker, St. John n Tammany. 
Kenton Anna B., 32 Jacoby. 
Kenton Augustus, white washer, 188 S 4th. 
Kenton Eliza C, cli'ess maker, 131 N 8th. 
Kenton George W., black & whitesmith, R road 

bel Coates. 
Kenton Joseph, mer., 61 German. 
Kenton Levi, hatter, 176 High, h S 2d bel Dock. 
Kenworthy J., gardener, Sch. 3d & Callowhill. 
Kenworthy John, house painter, 5 S 7th. 
Kenworthy & Farruw, painters & gla., 5 S 7th. 
Kepferle Charles, skinnei", 5 Harrigue's court. 
Keppele Catharine, 262 Walnut. 
Kepper Samuel, stovemr., 206 St. John. 
Ker M., Sch. 7th n Sassafras. 
Ker Sarah, b h, 212 Chestnut. 
iKer Wm., ship-chandler, S W Dock 8c S wharfs. 




Kerbaugh Opman, labourer, Lombard ab Sch. 2d. 
Kerbaug'h William, stone mason. Bond's court. 

Kerboug-h Susan, rear 123 Dillwyn. 
Kerchburg' & Hessenburg-, guns & pistols, 25 S 

Kercherman Godfried, 9 Kesler. 
Kereven Patrick, g-ardener, Sch. 5th n George. 
Kerk Charles H., machinist, 5 Appletree alley, 

h 69 N 8th. 
Kern Daniel, carpenter, St. John ab George. 
Kern George, U. S. Mint, h George ab Sch. 8th. 
Kern H. G., surgical inst. mr., 7 N 8th. 
Kern & Harris, tailors, 178 Chestnut. 
Kern J. B., tobacconist, 378 N 3d. 
Kern John, dep. col. customs, 37 Crown. 
Kern Peter, flourmill, Coates' st whf. Sch. 
Kern Wm. H., tailor, 178 Chestnut, h 97 S 11th. 
Kernan WiUiam, carpenter, 78 Cedar. 
Kernace William, 11 Willing's al. 
Kerney D., oysters, 50 N 2nd, h 38 Coates' al. 
Kerney Debrise, refec, 50 N 2d, h 38 Coates' al. 
Kerney H., painter, Parrish n 6th. 
Kerney Philip, weaver, 4th ab Master (K) 
Kerney Rachel, 22 Washington Market place. 
Kerns Abraham, cordwainer, Poplar n Marshall. 
Kerns Bruner, plasterer, 3 Kesler's ct. 
Kerns George, plasterer, 392 N 6th. 
Kerns James, tavern. Broad ab Sassafras 
Kerns James, lab., 5 Scott's ct. 
Kerns Michael, lab.. Pine & Ashton. 
Kerons John, labourer, Ewing's court. 
Kerns John, cordw., 98 Budd. 
Kerper Edward, cooper, 98 Apple. 
Kerper Joseph, cooper, F R ab Hanover (K) 
Kerr James, dry goods, 121 Buttonwood. 
Kerr James, gent., 252 Walnut. 
Kerr James, collector,' 4 PeiTy. 
Kerr J no. D., china, 457 High, h 13th & Filbert. 
Kerr Joseph, China Hall, 191 Chestnut, h 132 S 

Kerr M., copper smith, 56 S 10th. 
Kerr Martha, 1 Marion. 
Kerr Robert, labourer, Sarah n Queen. 
Kerr Sarah, 119 Mulberry. 
Kerr Thomas, cabinet mr., 174 S 2d. 
KeiT Thomas, store, Helmuth ab Sch. 6th. 
Kerr T., grocery, 12th & Cedar. 
Kerr William, saddler, UN 5th, h 1 12 Lawrence. 
Kerrick Barbara, Ann bel Sch. 4th. 
Kerrick George, brickmr., Sch. 4th bel Ritten- 

Kerrick John, Wood n Sch. Front. 
Kerrison T. E. J., 124 N Juniper. 
Kerthl<art David, manuf., G T R ab Jefferson. 
Kesler Daniel, comb mr.. Brown bel 2d, h 371 

N 4th. 
Kesler Henry, wheehvright, Cherry n Queen. 
Kesler Ruthj O'Neal n Howard. 
Kesler Samuel, brickmr.. Juniper n Locust. 
Kessler John, jr., gent., 106 Coates. 
Kessler John jr., grocer, S W 4th & Coates. 
Kessler John, gent., 382 N 4th. 
Kessler Leonard, cumer, 414 N 4th. 
Kessler Sarah, St. John ab Green. 

Kester J. W., mer., 25 N Front. 
Kester & Stiles, mers., 25 N Front. 
Kester William, commission mer., 6 Green. 
Ketchart Wm., labourer, William & Callowhill. 
Ketchum Samuel, shoemaker, S W 12th & 

Sheaf's al. 
Ketler Adam, blacksmith, Sch. 3d n CallowhllL 
Ketler Margaret, 270 & h 272 S 3rd. 
Keuzey Henry, hair dresser, 155 Locust. 
Kerwin Patrick, lab., Sch. 2nd ab High. 
Kew George, watchmr., 15 Budd. 
Key Jefferson, copper smith, 110 Vine. 
Key Joseph, clerk, Phoenix bel G T road. 
Key Susanna, Phoenix n G T road. 
Key Wm., copper smith, 110 Vine. 
Keyes Charles B., 85 Catharine. 
Keyes Robt., blacksmith, Jones' al. ab Sch. 5th. 
Keypart Henry, cordwainer, Hanover ab Prince. 
Keys Edward, grocer, N E 11th & Tidmarsh. 
Keys Jacob J., printer, rear 154 Sassafras. 
Keys Jane, gentw., Sch. 7th & Mulberry. 
Keys William, mason, 6 Dorothy. 
Keys William, rear 114 Swanson. 
Keyser Aaron, hatter, 519 N 2d. 
Keyser Adeline, 40 Wood. 
Keyser Andrew, dry goods, 243 S 2d. 
Keyser Ann, 12 Elfreth's al. 
Keyser Chs., teacher, 28 Palmyra Row ab Vine. 
Keyser Christopher, ostler, Paschall's al. 
Keyser E, W., lumber mer.. Green & 10th, h 

144 N 9th. 
Keyser h Gorgas, lumber mers., 225 N Front. 
Keyser Henrv, baker, Charlotte n George. (N L) 
Kejser Jacob, 19 S Sch. 6th. 
Keyser Jacob, grocer, 193 N 2d. 
Keyser John, grocer and tavern, 8 High, h 12 

Elfreth's al. 
Keyser John, chair maker, Coates ab 6th. 
Keyser John & Co., mers. 10 High. 
Keyser John J., victualler, Master n 5th. 
Keyser & Longsti-eth, lumber mers., S W 10th & 

Keyser Louden, stevedore, 53 Mechanic. 
Keyser M., hair dresser, N W 7th & Zane. 
Keyser Matthias, gent.. Master n 5th. 
Keyser N. L., lumber mer., 323 N Front, h 20 

Keyser Peter A., lumber mer., 225 N Front, h 

35 Callowhill. 
Keyser Susan, 34 Vine. 
Keyser William, blacksmith, 2 Rose court. 
Keyser William, gun smith, George n 5th. 
Keyser William, teacher, 66 Coates. 
Keyser William, cooper, Haydock n G T road. 
Kiarnan James, cordwainer, G T road ab Master. 
Kibby Charles & Co., biscuit bakers, 198 and 200 

N Front. 
Kibler Joseph, 25 Callowhill. 
Kidd John C, salesman, ct E New Market. 
Kidd Samuel, cordw., rear 16 Logan. 
Kiderlen W. L. J. & Co., booksellers, 64 S 4th. 
Kiehl John, dry goods, 48 S 2d. 
Kientzley Gotleib, 46 Green. 
Kiker Peter, curbstone setter, State st. 
Kiker Samuel, watchman, Rittenhouse. 




Kllbure Uriah, stone cutter, c Walnut & West. 
Kilduffe Robert M. D., S E 6th and Shippen. 
Killchrist William, lab.. Sycamore ab Locust. 
Kile Joseph, port, painter, 8th and Chestnut, h 

Cedar ab 11th. 
Kille A. F., clerk, 369 S 3d. 
Kille Eliza, gentw., 228 N 5th. 
Kille John G., cordwainer, 10 W High. 
Kille AV. H., clerk, 89 Franklin. 
Killen Joseph, weaver, rear Shippen bel Broad. 
Killg'ore & Hudders, carpenters, Franklin place. 
Killgore John, carpenter, 36 Wood. 
Killingsworth E., painter, 96 Chestnut, h 64 

Killon Elizabeth, box maker, 137 N 9th. 
Killion F., grocer, 3 High, h 368 N Front. 
Killion John, grocer, 331 High. 
Killion John, lab., Sch. 4th bel Mulberry. 
Killpatrick Francis, tallow chandler, 322 Cal 

Kilpatrick Andrew, Christian ab P road. 
Kilpatrick George, trunkmr., 318 S 7th. 
Kilpatrick James, lab., 27 Mechanic. 
Kilpatrick John, carter, 245 Woodab 12th. 
Kilpatrick Robert, c Catharine St Shippen la. 
Kilpatrick Samuel, 300 S 7th. 
Kilpatrick Thomas, watchman, 16 Spafford. 
Kimball Caroline, dress maker, 8 Mver's ct. 
Kimball Chs. B., 45 High, h 161 N 4th. 
Kimball Collin, labourer, c Stiles' ct 8i Oak. 
Kimball F. S., 25 S 3rd. 

Kimball John, cordwainer. Prince n Hanover. 
Kimball L., sec'ry Wash. Ins. Co., 48 Walnut, h 

449 Chestnut. 
Kimball Nathan, machinist, rear 130 F road, (K) 
Kimball Wm., drayman, F road bel Master. (K) 
Kimber Emmor, jr., hatter, 124 High, h 97 O 

Y road. 
Kimber & Sharpless, booksellers, 8 S 4th. 
Kimber Thomas, bookseller, 8 S 4th, h 374 

Kimble Edward, cordwainer, Kessler's al & 4th. 
Kimber George, drayman, 154 F road. 
Kimble Nathan, machinist, F road ab Bedford. 
Kimley Michael, labourer, 117 Swanson. 
Kimmel Jacob, tailor, 97 Plum. 
Kimmel Joseph, tailor, Harigue's ct. (N L) 
Kimmel S. H., mer., 406 N 6th. 
Kimmey Edward D., waterman, 107 Cherry. 
Kine Bernard, suspender maker, 11 Ellet's av. 
King Abigail Mrs., 588 S 2d. 
King A lexander, 17 Laurel. 
King Ann, trimmings, 272 S 6th. 
King & Baird, printers, 9 George. 
King Charles, carter, Union ab Bedford. 
King Charles, mer., 19 S wharves, h 229 Pine. 
King C. & Co., mers., 19 S wharves. 
King Edmund, cordw.. Nectarine ab 10th. 
King Edward, gold beater, 9 Pear. 
King Edward, President Judge Court Common 

Pleas, h Spruce ab Broad. 
King Edwin, dry goods, 249 S 2d. 
King Elizabeth, Rachel n Laurel. 
King Francis, gent., 30 Sassafras. 
King H., tailor, 9 Huaunel's row. 

King Hannah, Rawle n 5th. 
King Henry, blacksmith, 40 Palmyra sq. 
King H. G. Rev., Queen n Marlborough. 
King James, tavei'n, c Front 5t Maiden. 
King Jane, 105 Christian. 
King John, cord.. Front ab Otter. (K) 
King John, china manuf., Haydock n the Canal. 
King John, gold beater, 9 Pear, h 22 Powell. 
King John, tailor, 13th bel Shippen. 
King John, waterman, Rachel n Laurel. 
King J. B., gent., 109 N 7th. 
King Joseph, weaver, Brasier ab Lloyd. 
King Levi R., carpenter, 26 Raspberry al, h 82 

King M. F., M. D., 62 Spruce. 

King Mary, 413 High. 

King Mary, gentw., Clymer. 

King Rebecca, gentw., West n Palmer. (K) 

King Robert, potter, 8th bel Christian. 

King Robei-t, blacksmith, 13 Wharton. 

King R. P., printer, 9 George, h 46^ Walnut. 

King Samuel G., brushmr., 277^ N 2d. 

King Saml., gardener, Olive n Broad. 

King Sarah, 330 S Front. 

King Stephen, coal mer., Penn n Maiden. (K) 

King Susannah, 390 Sassafras. 

King Thomas, carpenter, Jones's al ab Sch. 7th. 

King Thomas, cabinetmr.. Workman's ct. 

King Thomas, brewer, 121 Green, h 235 Vine. 

King Thomas, M. D., Cedar ab 11th, S side. 

King Wesley, clerk, 332 S 3rd. 

King William, carpenter, George n Sch 6th. 

King William, clerk Moyamen. bank, h 186 S 

King Wm., alderman, 58 S 13th. 

King William, 69 N 3d, h 117 Sassafras. 

King William, brushmr., Howell's ct. 

King William L., cooper. Weaver ct 

Kingman Hannah, 177 S 7th. 

Kingsland Jacob, shipjoiner, Concord ab 2d. 

Eingsley George, teacher of music, 10th *b 

Kingston John, cabinetmr., 49 M road 

Kingston Stephen B., acct., 288 N 6th. 

Kinkade David, labourer, 3 Sheaf's al. 

Kinkade John, labourer, 27 Mechanic. 

Kinkner Jesse, oyster house, c Oak & Brown, 

Kinker John, bricklayer, 80 Apple. 

Kinklin Frederick, baker, Paschall's al. 

Kinley Hugh, manuf., c Perry & Adams. 

Kinnard Jacob, carpenter, Callowhill n Sch. 3d. 

Kinnel Robert, weaver, 2 Dorothy. 

KinnifF Cornelius, dealer, 246 Shippen. 

Kinsey Edward, coal dealer, 35 Chestnut. 

Kinsey, Taylor & Co., morocco & leather, N E 
3d & Sassafras. 

Kinsinger Catharine, milliner, 63 Mulberry. 

Kinsler George M., currier, 384, & h 376 N 

Kinsler John, cordwainer, 127 N 5th. 

Kinsley Daniel, brickmr.. Juniper ab Locust. 

Kinsley Elizabeth, washer. Cherry ab Sch. 7th. 

Kinsley Elizabeth, washer, Sch. 3d ab Filbert. 

Kinsley John, grocer, 388 N Front. 

Kinslon Michael, fireman, Linden n Sch. 6th. 




Kinsman Israel, merchant, 2 Franktin pi., h 359 

Kinsman Michael, mer., 2 Franklin pi. 
Kintzing Abraham, mercht., 46 S wharves, h 360 

Kintzing A. & Wm. F., mers., 46 S wharves. 
Kintzing M., gentlw., 360 Chestnut. 
Kintzing William F., mer., 46 S wharves, h 360 

Kinzey George, b h, 343 High. 
Kipel Jacob, 15 Quervelle's ct. 
Kippen Mary, b. h. 7 Julianna. 
Kirball Jacob, lime. Bank n Pine, Sch. 
Kirbey Samuel, stove finisher, 181 S 2d. 
Kirby Ann, milliner, 343 N 2d. ■ 
Kirby Eliz. Mrs., 76 Almond. 
Kirby Jacob, shoemr., 166^ S 6th. 
Kirby Michael, cooper, 295 S Front. 
Kirby Wm., cordw., 6th & P road. (M) 
Kirchberg William, gun manuf., 96 N 3d. 
Kirchoff Henry, tobacconist, 394 N 3d. 
Kirk Abram. W., cordw., 70 Almond. 
Kirk Eliza, milliner, S E 13lh & Vine. 
Kirk E., anthracite ware, 37 S 8th, h High ab 

Sch 5th. 
Kirk E. & S., stockmrs., 14 S 2d. 
Kirk George, pedler, 99 Poplar lane. 
Kirk George R., agent. Master n 4th. 
Kirk George W., dep. weigh master, 138 Ca- 
Kirk James, gent.. Orchard ii Jackson. 
Kirk J. W., stove manuf., 414 High, h Filbert n 

Sch 6tli. 
Kirk Margaretta, 303 Noble. 
Kirk Nathaniel, blacksmith, 183 N 13th. 
Kirk Prior, blacksmith, 34 O Y road. 
Kirk Susan, nurse, 3 Baker's ct. 
Kirk Susan Mrs., 38 Fitzwater. 
Kirk S. L., grocer, Wallace ab 7th. 
Kirk Thomas, overseer, 5 Pegg. 
Kirk W., barber and bleeder, F road above 

Kirk William, blacksmith, n High Bridge, Ro- 

bison's ct. 
Kirk William, brickmaker, yard c Ashton and 

Spruce, h 2 Colonnade row. 
Kirkbride Job, lime mer., Franklin n Green. 
Kirkbride John P., gent, 14 N 9th. 
Kirkbride Thomas S., M. D., 94 Mulberry. 
Kirkham Charles, att'y and coun., 121 Walnut. 
Kirkham William M., 127 Filbert. 
Kirkpatrick D., leather dealer, 21 S 3d, h 191 

Kirkpatrick D. &. Son, hides and leather, 21 S 3d, 
Kirkpatrick George, gent., 243 S 6th. 
Kirkpatrick James, cai-ter, Lewis ab Sch 6th. 
Kirkpatrick James & Co., distillers, 389 High, 

S W Knoodle and Walnut. 
Kirkpatrick James, carp., 11 Sch. Ann. 
Kirkpatrick James, bootmr., 1 Kirkpatrick's 

Kirkpatrick John, carp.. Dean bel Walnut. 
Kirkpatrick J. T. & Co., hides & leather, 213 

Kirkpatrick Rachel, 106 Crown. 

Kirkpatrick Robert B., mer., 213 N 3d, h240N 

Kirkpatrick Robert B., mer., 21 S 3d, h 191 

Kirkpatrick Samuel, clerk, 28 Wood. 
Kirkpatrick Thomas, pedler, Lombard ab 13th. 
Kirkschenmann Michael, wooden spring maker, 

rear 25 Garden. 
Kirshner Henry, tavern, R road ab Poplar. (F V) 
Kirshner Seth, machinist, c William &. Hopkin's 

Kissick James W., tailor, 64 N 8th. 
Kissick John, engineer, Fairmount Waterworks. 
Kisterbock J., stoves k. grate manuf., 467 High. 
Kitchen A. B., 136 Chestnut, h 339 N 6th. 
Kitchen E., milliner, Lombard n Sch. 4th. 
Kitchen James, M. D., 39 Spruce. 
Kitchen Jane, milliner, 67 S 12th. 
Kitchen Uriah, teacher, 67 S 12th. 
Kitchingham Jas., carpet weav., Maiden n Canal. 
Kiteincame Henry, whipmr., rear 19 Sterling's 

Kite John L., M.D., 195 N 5th. 
Kite Edmund, tailor, 198 N 10th. 
Kite James, cabinetmaker, 129 & h 83 Walnut. 
Kite Joseph, printer, 265 N 5th. 
Kite Joseph S., rail road manager, c 9th St Green . 
Kite Joseph & William, printers, N E 7th and 

Kite Nathan, bookseller, 50 N 4th. 
Kite Paschal, carpenter, 6 Hamilton ct. 
Kite Thomas, 32 N 5th. 
Kite Wm., printer, 29 Filbert. 
Kiter Martha, shop, 416 N 4th. 
Kithcart James, lab.. Filbert ab Sch 4th. 
Kithcart James, manuf, G T road n 2d. 
Kithcart John, watchman, 4 S Sch 8th. 
Kitler John A., eating house, 7 S 7th. 
Kitson Thomas, tavern, 145 S Front. 
Kittendrink Peter, lab., 2 China row. 
Kittenger A. E., milliner, 222 N 4th. 
Kittera Ann, gentw., 10th bel Spruce. 
Kitterle Christian, lab., 391 N Front 
Kittinger L., tavern, N 2d and Quarry. 
Kitts Hannah P., gentw., 188 Coates. 
Klage Christian, shop, 9 Young's al. 
Klapp Jos., jr., M. D., Sch 8th ab Fitzwater. 
Klapp Joseph, M. D., 290 S 2d. 
Klapp William H. M. D., 402 S 2d. 
Klengensteine? George, tavern 87 New Market. 
Klein Christian, tailor, 69 N 5th. 
Klein John, watchmaker, 197 N 3d, h 1 West. 
Klemm Frederick, stove manuf, 338 N Front. 
KlemmF A., importer, 287^ High, h 3 City 

Klemm Jacob, victualler, Frankford road ab 

Stone bridge. 
Klemm & Brothers, imp. of musical inst,'s, 287^ 

Klett Frederick, druggist, N E 2d & Callowhill. 
Klett Gotlieb, 1 Rachel. 
Klett Mary, 246 St. John. 
Klimer George, cordw., 2 Mary's ct. 
Kline Christian, baker, 185 S 5th. 
Kline Damarias, Riehl's ct. (N L) 




Kline Francis, combmr., Steai-ley's ct. 

Kline Frederick, turner, 391 N 5th. 

Kline George, watchman, Mechanic n 5th. 

Kline Isaac, M. D., 183 G T road. 

Kline Isaac, cordwainer, 61 N 8th. 

Kline Jacob R., corder, 492 N 3rd. 

liJine Mary, Coates bel 6th. 

Kline Mary, c Franklin & Thorn's ct. (N L) 

Kline Michael, ex. broker, 45 N 4th, h Button- 
wood and Franklin 

Kline Peter, jr., insp. of customs, 345 N 6th. 

Kline Peter, gent., 374 N 3d. 

Kline Peter, carter, 492 N 3d. 

Kline Sarah, 107 Noble. 

Kline Wm., stovefinisher, 4th n Thompson. (K) 

Kline Wm. O., clerk, Crim. court, h 651 N 2d. 

Klingle George F., M. D., 286 N 3d. 

Kloss Wm., cabmr., 2 Clawges' ct. 

Klosser S. Mrs., 296 Chestnut. 

Klosterman Hermann, tinsmith, 412 High. 

Kloz Charles, teacher, 18 Branch. 

Kloz L., cloak, dress, & habitmr., 18 Branch. 

Klufley John, whitesmith, Marlboro' ab Prince. 

Klufklee John, bitmr., Marlborough ab Frank- 
lin. (K) 

Knappe Philip, jeweller, 161 Cedar. 

Knauff Henrj^ organ builder, 167 Vine. 

Knause Ephraim, tobacconist, 2d n G T road. 

Kneass C, mer., 215^ High, h 81 S 6th. 

Kneass C. F., hatter, 16 Decatur, ab stairs, h 14 

Kneass Horn R., att'y & coun., 81 S 6th. 

Kneass Hanson, brushmaker, 509 High, h 245 

Kneass J., dry goods, 245 Cedar. 

Kneass & Naylor, brushmrs., 509 High. 

Kneass Samuel H., civil engineer, 393 Spruce. 

Kneass William, engi-aver, 6 Jefferson row. 

Knebler Martin, cooper, 26 Callowhill. 

Knecht Gabriel, drover, 263 N 8th. 

Knecht George Jr., Willow ab 5th. 

Kneedaker Christian, tailor, St John n Beaver. 

Kneedler George, lab., 8 Jones' aJ. 
Kneedler Jacob, gent., 205 Green. 
Kneedler J. S., mer., 70 N 3d. 
Kneedler Magdalen, 42 Chester. 
Kneeland Amelia J., stock maker, 96 Green. 
Knely Michael, ship carp., Duke n Palmer. 
Knerr Henry, gent., 89 Sassafras n 3d. 
Knerr Peter, cigar maker. Corn bel Wharton. 
Knight Bushrod W. bricklayer, 87 Fitzwater. 
Knight Clayton, flour, 32 Laurel. 
Knight Daniel R., carp., 202 Mulberry. 
Knight Edward, tailor, 3 Brook's ct. 
Knight E. C, weaver, c 5th & Rawle. 
Knight E. Mrs., b h., 81 N 5th. 
Knight EUzabeth, shop, 298 Vine. 
Knight E. C, grocer, 300 S 2d. 
Knight James, paver, Sch 3d n Mulberry. 
Knight John, tailor, 59 Pine. 
Knight Jonathan, prest. N L bank, h 305 N 2d. 
Knight Joseph, iron & coal mer., 203 N 2d. 
Knight Reeve L, upholsterer, 152 S 2nd 
Knight Robert B., att'y & coun,, 105 N 3rd. 

j Knight Robert T., carpenter, 196 Cherry. 
Knight Saml., hardware, 16 S 4th, h 10 Church 

Knight William L., M. D., 56 S 13th. 
Knight William W., hardware, 214 High, h 

Cherry bel 9th S side. 
Knight Wm., carp., 79 New. 
Knipe Christian, shoemaker, Orchard n Rawle. 
Knipe Conrad, grocer, S E 5th and Vine. 
Knipe Thomas, brick maker, 488 N 3d. 
Knisell E., 231 N 6th. 

Knoss Harman, sugar refiner, rear 188 St John. 
Knorr C. C, painter, 3 Orleans. 
Knorr George, gent, 14 New Market. 
Knorr George, printer, 120 S 10th. 
Knorr Fredk., professor of languages, 481 N 4th. 
Knorr James, printer, 175 S 11th. 
Knorr John K., M. D., N E 2d and Coates. 
Knorr Joseph, sign painter, 89 S 2nd. 
Knorr L. B., painter & glazier, 148 N Front. 
Knorr PhiUp, coach smith, Pan-ish n 6th. 
Knous Benjamin, blacksmith, 3d n George. 
Knous Mary, 29 Crown. 
Knousley Robert, tailor, 2 Rule's ct. 
Knowles Abraham, grocer. Queen n Palmer. 

Knowles Austin, coach maker, 286 Sassafras. 
Knowles Henry, cordw.. Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 
Knowles James A., Smith's al ab Green. 
Knowles Jane, 40 N 4th. 
Knowles Jane, b h. Peach ab Maiden. (K) 
Knowles Levi, hatter. Queen n F road. (K) 
Knowles Levi, teller. West bank, h 73 Filbert. 
Knowles Levi, hatter, 486 N 2d, h 463 Callow- 
Knowles Nathaniel, acct. West Bank, h 472 

Knowles R. H., 472 Callowhill. 
Knowles Thomas, hair seating manuf.. Cherry n 

Sch. 6th. 
Knowles Wm., hat store, 9 N 6th. 
Knox Ann, 4 Howard's ct. 
Knox David, mer., Cedar ab 11th. 
Knox Elizabeth, gentw., 301 S 3d. 
Knox Jacob, confectioner, S E 6th and Pine. 
Knox James L., tailor, 27 Harmony. 
Knox John, mer., Walnut n Sch. 7th. 
Knox John, dry goods, 425 l>Bf d. 
Knox Joseph, math. ins. maker, 40 Catharine. 
Knox Lewis, cordwainer, 557 S 2d. 
Knox William, weaver, 2 Union. 
Kobel John, barber, 30 Pegg. 
Koch Edward & Co., cabinetmakers, 72 Walnut 
Koch Otto, tailor, N E New Market and Pegg. 
Kochersperger Charles, blacksmith, 233 Wood 

ab 12th. 
Kochersperger Daniel, c Powell & Fi-ancis. 

Kochersperger John, sexton, rear 39 N 4th. 
Koehler Maria, 4 Friendship ct. 
Koehler Sarah, S W Marriott & Atherton 
Koehler Thomas, coach painter, Marriott bel 6th. 
Kogin Charles, cordw., 3 Liberty ct. 
Kohlenkamp N., tinman, 78 N 4th. 
Kohler Gotleib, printer, 15 Cresson'sal. 




Koliler John, hardware, 328 N 2d. 

Kohler John B., stove finisher, 4 Seiser's ct. 

Kohler John J., hatter, 190 N 2d. 

Kohne E. Mrs'., Chestnut ab 10th. 

Kohrssen VViUiam, dealer, rear 153 Green. 

Kollepath Emanuel, oyster cellar, 332 Callow- 

KoUock David H., cabinetmaker, 304 S 2d. 

Kollock Sarah, 22 Beck's al. 

Konigmacker Elizabeth, 221 N 4th. 

Konigmacher Chas., mer., 141 High. 

Konigmacher Thos., mer., 141 High. 

Kone Rebecca, George n Sch 6th. 

Konn John, carp., 11 Barley. 

Koockogey Elizabeth, rear 216 Noble. 

Koockogey John, whip maker, 3 N 3d, h 85 

Koockogey & Stout, whip & cane manufs. 3 

Kooker Geo. C, tailor, 133 Buttonwood. 

KookerWm., shoemr., 15 Budd. 

Koombs Michael, tailor, R road ab Buttonwood. 

Kooney Christopher, lab., 9 Truxton. 

Koons Charles N., c 4th and Noble. 

Koons F., clerk. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Koons Isaac, grocer, 239 & 241 N 3d, h 54 O Y 

Koons Isaac & Co., grocers, 239 & 241 N 3d. 

Koons Michael, grocer, 239 & 241 N 3d, h 230 
N 4th. 

Koplin Nathaniel, dep. flour ins., 81 Franklin. 

Korckhauss A., mer., 60 S Front, h 218 N 4th. 

Korkhauss Henry, furs, 55 N 3d, h 96 New. 

Korn Deborah W., b. h., 70 Brown. 

Korn Henry, military goods, 22 N 3d. 

Kraft August, hotel, 110 Sassafras. 

Kraft George, cabinetmaker, 94 N 7th. 

Kraft Henry, shoemaker, 110 S 2d. 

Kraft Henry A., shoemaker, 6 N 12th. 

Kraft John, rope maker, P road ab Federal. 

Kraft John H., cotton mer., Marshall ab Noble. 

Kraft Rosanna, nurse, 100 Coates. 

Kramer A., machinist. Nectarine n 11th. 

Kramer F., turner, 9th n Ogden. 

Kramer Henry, carp., 5 Pearl. 

Kramer Henry, wharf builder, Hanovern Beach. 

Kramer Jacob, tailor, 89 N 3d. 

Kramer John, bajjer, Budd n Coates. 

Kramer John, via|aaller, Cadwalader ab Master. 

Kramer Philip, carpenter, Jones ab Sch. 5th. 

Kramer William, tavern, 318 N 2d. 

Kramm O. L., mer., h 6 Bread. 

Kramm O. L. & Co., mers., 42 N 2d. 

Krauch Christian, brewer, 19 Cherry. 

Kreamer Catharine, 262 Cherry. 

Kreamer Eliza, band box maker, 262 Cherry. 

Kreamer John, blind maker, c 9th & Button- 
wood, h 21 Nectarine. 

Kreamer Mary, 13 Wells' row. 

Kreeger Jane, 68 N 11th, 

Kreider Henry, mer., 217 Coates. 
Kreiger Jacob, carp., 2 Pleasant retreat. 
Kreir Henry, engineer, Ann n B road. (F V) 
Kreker Margaret, baker, 601 N 2d. 
Kremer Frederick, baker, 129 Sassafras. 

Krepplinger Christian, 239 N Front. 

Krerner Francis, turner, 440 9th. 

Kressler David K., mer., 188 N 3d, h 37 Kunc- 

Kreuser Charles, scale factory, 109 Poplar. 

Krewson Mordecai, carpenter, Callowhill bel 
Sch. 7th. 

Kreymborg J. B. Mrs., quill manuf., 95 S 2d. 

Krick John, bakei*, 52 Catharine. 

Krickbaum H., agent carman, 388 Coates. 

Krickbaum J., cabinetmaker, UN 8tli. 

Krickbaum Mary, 129 N 2d. 

Krider Harriet, Krider's al. 

Krider John, gunsmith, 101 &. 103 S 2dab Wal- 

Krider John J., baker, 70 Swanson. 

Krider Joseph, lab., Charlotte n Thompson. (K) 

Krider Wm., carpet manuf.. Queen ab 4th. 

Kridler Thomas, tailor, Traquair's court. 

Krieger George, cordwainer, 95 New Market. 

Krim Hannah, Federal ab 2d. 

Kriner Henry, wharf builder, Hanover ab Beach. 

. (^) 
Krips Margaret W., crockery, 464 N 2d. 

Krite Jonathan, pattern mr.. Otter n G T road. 

Krodel Frederick, tobacconist, 218 N 9th. 

KroU Catharine, 30 Branch. 

Kroll Earnest, acct., 343 Vine. 

Kromer Emanuel G., tailor, 150 Chestnut, h 91 

Kromer & Flenner, tailors, 150 Chestnut 
Kromm Henry, drover, James ab Charles. 
Kroplin John F., mariner, 21 Union. 
Krouse Leonard, saddler, 117 Poplar lane. 
Krouse Jesse, saddler, 12 Wallace. 
Krouse John, brewer, 169 N 4th. 
Krouseman Joseph, Charlotte n Thompson. (K) 
Krug & CoUaday, com. mers., 15 Commerce. 
Krug F. v., mer., 15 Commerce, h 66 N 11th. 
Krug Henry R., clerk, 11 Commerce and 66 N 

Krumb Jacob, tailor, 87 Coates. 
Krumbarr Alexander, Sec. Spring Garden Ins. 

Co., N W 6th and Wood. 
Krupp Eli, grocer, S E 12th and Graff. 
Krupp John, spigot turner, 100 Tammany. 
Kucher Christopher J., book binder, 11 Boyd's 

Kuemmerle C, confectioner, 145 N 6th. 
Kuemmerlen John, baker, G T road n 3d and 2 

N 11th. 
(vuert John, lace weaver, rear 153 Green. 
Kugler Elizabeth, 45 P road. 
Kugler Margaret, hosiery, 70 N 4tli. 
KugleTr Thomas, printer, 329 S 4th. 
Kugley Elizabeth, 1 Montgomeiy. 
Kuhl Henry, gent, 493 Chestnut. 
Kulilmann Gerhard, cordwainer, 168 S 5th. 
Kuhn Charles, gent., 251 Walnut. 
Kuhn George, clerk, 21 Magnolia. 
Kuhn George W., cordwainer, 19 Beaver. (K) 
Kuhn H., gent., 314 Chestnut. 
Kuhn John, hatter, 297 N 2d. 
Kuhn Misses, S W 9th and Filbert. 
Kulan P. & H., bakers, 105 G T road. 




Kuhne Lewis, tavern, 464 Vine. 

Kuhnle John D., shoemaker, 7 Peg-g. 

Kulp Charles, carpenter, 103 Poplar. 

Kiilp John, baker, 135 Biittonwood. 

Kummer William F., superintendent of Masonic 

Hall, Chestnut. 
Kunitz Lewis, painter, 17 Greswold's al. 
Kunitz Lewis, blind maker, 6 Carberry's court. 
Kunkle Christian, victualler, James ab 10th. 
Kunkle John, vict., R road ab Vineyard. (F V) 
Kunkle Mary, James bel R road. 
Kuntz Jacoli gun smith, G T road ab Phoenix. 
Kunzi A., chemist, 186 Coates. 
Kunzmann F. P., baker, 86 Jones' al. 
Kurbunson Turbinson, watchman, 21 Cedar. 
Kurlbaum Charles, chemist, 22 Chestnut and 

Front n Oxford. 
Kurlbaum & Co., chemists, 22 Chestnut and 

Front n Oxford. 
Kurtz Christian, cordwainer, 389 N Front. 
Kurtz Richard Montgomery, copperplate printer, 

Morris bel Fitzwater. 
Kyle Alexander, weaver, Sch. Front n Spruce. 
Kyle David, labourer. Cedar opp Beach. 
Kyle Joseph, portrait painter, 1 Pleasant place. 
Kyle Robert, weaver, Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 
Kyle Samuel, labourer, 10 Lawrence. 
Kyle Thomas Rev., 49 Crown. 
Kyfor William, carpenter, Lilly al ab Green. 

Labere Mary, b h, Penn. (K) 

Labonles L., tailor, 250 Christian. 

Labbee Sarah, High n Sch. Front. 

Labbree John H., cabinet mr., Queen n F road, 

Lacey WiUiam N., saddler, 12 S 5th. 

Lachasselle Camle, carpet manuf., 28 N 2d. 

Lachlan Rob., spinner, 5 Spring Mill ct. (F M) 

Lackey A. M. & S., dry goods, S E 8th & Mul- 
berry, h 51 N 8th. 

Lackey Mary, gentw., F M avenue, Sch. 

Lackman Ferdinand, cabinetmr., 243 N Front. 

Lacy John, drayman, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 

Lacy Myers, clei'k, 504 Vine. 

Lacy Paul, tailor, 364 S Front. 

Lacy Parnell, Sch 4th and High. 

Lacy Return, labourer, Chestnut ab 3d. 

Ladenter Wm., custom house officer, rear 383 
S 2d. 

Ladd Mrs., Filbert ab Sch. 8th. 

Ladorff Philip, 105 St. John. 

Ladreyt C, teacher languages, 280 Chestnut. 

Lafaver Philip, cordwainer, 108 Cherry. 

LafFerty Archibald, cordwainer, rear 517 N 2d. 

Lafferty Chas., carter, N W Sch. 2d & Lombard. 

Lafferty John, weaver, G T road ab Master. 

LafFerty Pat., weaver, Cadwalader ab Thomp- 

Lafferty Peter, labourer, 37 Franklin. (K) 

Lafitte Antliony, interpreter and professor lan- 
guages, 166 S 3d. 

Lafitte .John L., wine mer., 100 S Front. 

Laf'ore A., oniumental hair nianuf., 32 S 4th. 

Laforgue L., nicr., 138 High, h 8 S 12th. 

La Forrest Charles, comedian, 292 Pine. 
Lafourcade Edward, mer., 17 High. 
Lafourcade James, exc. broker, T2> Dock, h 353 

N 6th. 
Lafourcade Marcelin, mer., 77 High. 
Lagan Henry, confectioner, N E 12th & Spruce. 
Lafourcade Peter M., gent., 100 Crown. 
Laguerenne E., mer., 12 and h 286 Chestnut. 
Laguerenne P. L. & E., importers, 12 Chestnut. 
Laguerenne P. L., mer., 12 & h 286 Chestnut. 
Laher Joseph, baker, 92 Cherry. 
Lahey Dennis, tavern, 169 S Front. 
Lahman George, cordw., 12th bel Coates. 
Laib Frederick, boot & shoe mr., 51 S 4th. 
Laing Alve E., hatter, 120 High and 1 Straw- 

berry, h 33 Mulberry. 
Laing Charles W., machinist & engraver, 272 

Laing Robert, paper store, 530 N 2d. 
Laird F., stone mason, Dorothy n Sch. 3d. 
Laird Robert, drover, N E 11th & Callowhill. 
Laird Thomas, dyer, Cadwalader ab Master (K) 
Laird William, chandler, 49 George. 
Laird William, tobacconist, 102 N 3d. 
Lajus Paul, mer., 99 S 4t;h. 
Lake Andrew, carter, Charles & Buttonwood. 
Lake Beason, waterman, Fraley's ct. (K) 
Lake David, sexton and undertaker, 118 New. 
Lake Francis, tavern, Callowhill n 13th. 
Lakey Lewis, carpenter, Sch. 9th n Vine. 
Lakey William, labourer, 34 PeiTy. 
Lalanne J. P., furniture, 7S Lombard. 
Lamarzella John F., cap manuf, 44 Duke. 
Lamarzella Peter, hair dresser, 44 Duke. 
Lamb Clayton B., acct., 269 Coates. 
Lamb C. Biddle, mer., 31 N 3rd, h 269 Coates. 
Lamb Henry, dry goods, 467 N 2nd. 
Lamb John, brickmr.. Culvert bel 4th. 
Laijib James, grocer, S E Crabb and Cedar. 
Lamb James, weaver, 5 Brinton. 
Lamb John, brickmr.. Culvert bel 4th. 
Lamb Joseph, cordwainer, 10 Bread. 
Lamb Lemuel, pres. Mechanic's Bank, h 347 

Lamb Mary, 10 Bread. 
Lamb Peter, mariner, 24 Catherine. 
Lamb Rebecca, shop. Filbert n Sch. 3rd. 
Lamb William jr., carpentejr, George n 3rd. 

(N L) 
Lamback George, victualler, Paschall's alley. 
Lambdin J. R., portrait painter, 136 Chestnut, h 

237 S 9th. 
Lambdin Thomas W., hatter, 22 Mead. 
Lambert Ann, 19 Plum. 
Lambert Ann, b h 4 N 9th. 
Lambert Edward C, mer., 4 N 9th. 
Lambert Elias, cordwainer, Jones' al n Sch. 8th. 
Lambert G. W., gent., 258 N 7th. 
l-ambert John, Turner's la. and \\ road. 
Lambert Hiram, 14 Lombard ct, h 248 Catharine. 
Lambert Joseph, mil. cap mr.. Vine ab 12^1. 
Lambert Louisa, 4 Warren. 
Lambert Mary W., Weaver. 
Lambert Wilham P., dentist, 4 N 9th. 
Lanibcrti Jo.sepli, furii'jr, 02 Dock. 




Lambertson Danl., lab., 1 Dickson's al. 
Lamberton Robert, grocer, Sch. 7th and High 
Lambsblack John, carter, 4 Kessler's ct. 
Lame Joseph, cordwainer, 93 Christian. 
Lame Joseph, cabinet mr., 28 Marion. 
Lamenter James, tavern, 245 S 4th. 
Lamer John, brickmr.. Linden n Sch. 6th. 
Lammey F., cordw., Cedar ab 12th. 
Lamon George, carpets, 60 Beach n Maiden. 
Lamon Robert, weaver. Phoenix n F R (K) 
Lamorelle Eliza, 61 Lombard. 
Lamparter Heniy, Frankfort Hotel, 211 N Front. 
Lampas Philip, printer, 236 Wood ab 12th. 
Landry John, carpenter, 59 Coates. 
Lampln Anthony, G T road n 6th. 
Lampin Margaret, 4 Riddle's alley. 
Lamplug John, cordw., Smith's al n Green. 
Lamplugh Isaac, dentist, 349 S 2nd. 
Lampport Joseph, tobacconist, 139 N 6th. 
Lancaster Catherine, 4 Derringer's court. 
Lancaster Charles, mer., h Sch. 6th 

n George. 
Lancaster Jacob B., grain and feed. Spruce St. 

wharf, h 116 Lombard. 
Lancaster Jacob jr., lab., 3 Russell. 
Lancaster John, weaver, 377 S 2nd. 
Lancaster J no., carter, Marshall ab Poplar. 
Lancaster Joseph, porter, 100 Gaskill. 
Lancaster Levi, carpenter, 32 Garden. 
Lancaster Mary R., 3rd and G T road (K) 
Lancaster Margaret, shop, 32 Garden. 
Lancaster Moses, oilcloth factory, 329 N 2nd, 

h 270 N 4th. 
Lancaster Thomas, grain mer., 114 Lombard. 
Lancaster Wm., carpet weaver, 424 S Front. 
Lancaster WiUiam, wire worker, 312 S 4th. 
Lance James, morocco dr., rear 308 St. John. 
Land Michael, lab., 73 Green. 
Land Samuel, painter, 7 Ellet's av. 
Landell G. A., mer., 22 N Water, h Beach. "(K) 
Landell John, lumber mer., 2d ab Oxford. 
Landell 8c Son, lum. mers., Beach ab K Market. 
Landell John, Shackamaxon n Queen. (K) 
Landell J. Washn, mer., S W 4th & Mulberry. 
Landerkin John, lab., 305 Church. 
Landers Richard, dealer, 4th and Jefferson. 
Landers Joseph, turner, 2nd ab Phrenix. 
Landis Catherine, 101 Cherry. 
Landon George, dyer, S E Fitzwater & 10th. 
Landon Jolin, dyer, 17 Lebanon. 
Landon Samuel, dyer, Steward bel Fitzwater. 
Landoway Abel, shoemr.. Eagle ct. 
Landreth 1). & Co., seedsmen, 65 Chestnut. 
Landreth D., seedsman, 65 Chestnut, h 5th bel 

Landreth Thomas, seedsman, 65 Chestnut, Nur^ 

sery n Arsenal. 
Landry James, grocer, 402 N 2nd. 
Landsdown J. P., sailniaker, 4 Fisher's court. 
Lane Alex. H., 106 Carpenter. 
Lane Anthony, labourer, Murray ab Sch. 2nd. 
I,ane Alfred, 'SG^' N 8th. 
Lane Edward, labourer, Lewis n Sch. 6th. 
Lane Henry, lab.. Clay n Beach. 
Lane John, carpenter, Jones, h 3 Howard. 

Lane Margaret, Walnut bel Sch. 3rd. 
Lane Susan, tavern, N W Front and Cox 
Lane Washington L., cordwainer, 106 German 
Lane William M., blacksmith, 21 Lilly alley 
Laney Thomas, Hanulton and John, Fairmount 
Lang, Andora & Dorotha, mantuamrs, 258 Mul- 
Lang Benjamin, lab.. Barker bel Sch. 7th. 
Lang Jane, dry goods, 35 & h 37 N 8th 
Lang John sen., mastmr., N W Lombard & Front 
Lang John jr., wharf builder, 427 S Front 
Lang Lewis, portrait painter, 216 Chestnut 
Lang WiUiam, sugar refiner, 39 Sliippen. 
Langan Wm., tavern, St. Mary bet 7th Sc 8th. 
Langbartel Augustus, grocer, c Beaver and St. 

Langbartel Elizabeth, 495 N 4th. 
Langbartel Isaac, shoes, 427 N 3d. 
Langden WilUam B., dry goods, c Queen and 

Langden Elias, carver, 2 Howard's ct. 
Lange Susannah, gentw., 31 Vine. 
Langebartel Abraham, shoes, 304 N 2nd. 
LangendorfFer Madam, teach, music, 17 Powell. 
Langenstein Christopher, baker, 264 Shippen. 
Langenstein John, hair manuf., c Otter and G 

r road. 
Langer A. B. Mrs., Shackamaxon n Queen. 
Langer Joseph, superintendent, Shackamaxon 

ab Bedford. 
Langerere Theodore, printer, 24 Pear. 
Langford James, barber, 228 Vine. 
Langolf George, M. D., 102 Callowhill. 
Langstreth Thomas, mer., 50 High. 
Langstroth C S., lum. mer., 142 N 9th, yard c 

10th & Green. 
Langstroth Thomas F., mer, 50 High. 
Lanigan Matthias, tailor, 84 George. 
Laning Hannah, dry goods. Front n Phoenix. 
Laning J. F., rear 36 Cherry. 
Laning R. G., sign painter, N W Margaretta & 

New Market, h 58 New Market. 
Laning William, cordw., 40 P road. 
Lankford Arthur, waiter, 31 Mechanic. 
Lanning Wm. C, cordw., S W 2nd & Marion. 
Lantz Mi's. Elizabeth, rear 41 New Market. 
Lanyan Thomas, saddler, 60 St. Jolin. 
Lapice P. M., S W Juniper & Chestnut. 
Lapp Abraham, comb maker, Hummell's ct. 
Lapp Isaac, butcher, Hummel's ct. 
Lapp John, morocco finisher, Hummel's ct. 
Lapparte Adolph., ladies' shoemr., Coates n 9th. 
Lapsley Catharine, 260 Lombard. 
Lapsley David, gent., 1 Portico sq. 
Lapsley John, exch. broker. Pine ab 9th. 
Lapsley J. B., gent., 168 Spruce. 
Lapsley Moses, 54 P road. 
Lapsley WilUam, trader, 2nd ab Master (K) 
Larason William, currier, 154 St. John. 
Larcombe Thomas Rev., 390 Coates 
Lardner James L., U S navy, 21 Girard. 
Lare Elizabeth, Mulberry ab lOth. 
Lare Henry, brickmaker, Walnut ab Sch. 3d. 
Lare John, brickmaker, George n Sch. 3d. 
Lare Joseph, shipwright, 51 Green. 




I^are Peter, brickmaker, Walnut ab Sch. 3d. 
Largay Henry, paper stainer, c Carlton & Sch 2d. 
Large Ann, gentw., 181 G T road (K) 
Large David, cabinetmaker, 37 Union. 
Large Daniel, machinist, 117 Poplar. 
Larkey Eugene, gent.. Phoenix &. G T R (K) 
Larkins Michael, distiller, 44 Bread. 
Larkins Patrick, baker, 2 Juniper la, 
Larned Henry Wm., salesman, 26 S Front. 
La Roche Peter F., seaman, 20 Union al. 
La Roche R., M. D., 11 Locust. 
Larrama Sarah, shoe binder, 270 N 2nd. 
Larrentree A., tavern, 118 N 3rd. 
I^arrison Charles, shoemr., 1 Hoppel's ct. 
Larrison Jacob, cordwainer, 7 Pleasant retreat. 
Larry Joseph, barber, 83 W High. 
Larsin Edward, watchman, 7 German. 
Larue Moses, carp., 8th ab Wallace. 
Larzelere John, gent., 53 N 2nd. 
Larzelere Samuel, oak cooper, Vine n Sch. 
Larzelere William, dry goods 53 N 2nd. 
Laschot Henry, sugar ref., 74 Shippen. 
Laskey Abigail, Francis n Sch. 4th (F V) 
Laskey John, 2 Loxley's ct. 
Lassalle Stephen B., clerk, 16 Federal. 

Lasserree , tailor, 37 Spruce. 

Lassell Zenas, carpenter, Willow ab 2nd, h 270 

N 2nd. 
La Serre Charles, deputy elk., 9 Providence ct. 
Latham Wm., engineer. Vine & Robinson's ct, 
Lathbury James A., baker, 163 Shippen. 
Lathbury James, baker, 227 S 4th. 

Lathrop L. W., mer., 46 N 2nd, h 110 N 10th. 

Latimer Elizabeth, b. h., 274 S Front. 

Latimer Henry, labourer, Fitzwater ab 12th. 

Latimer James, stock & ex. broker, 65 Walnut, 
h 501 Chestnut. 

Latimer Misses, gentw., 6 Dugan's Row. 

Latimer Thomas, bookseller and clerk custom- 
house, 102 S 3d. 

I^atour Amedee, ship master, 55 Lombard 

Latour John, mer., 261 S Front 

Latta A., watchman, High ab Sch. 5th. 

Latta James M., com. mer., 9 Commerce, h Vine 
n 12th. 

Latta John C, commission mer., George bel 
Sch. 8th. 

Latting Margaret, Townsend's ct. 

Laty Lewis, oyster house, 153 Locust. 

Lauck William, tavern, c 9th & Melon. 

Laudenslager Jacob, saddler, 39 Cherry. 

Laudenstine Wm., blacksmith, Rachel n Poplar 

Lauderdale Edward, bootmaker, 11 S 8th. 

Lauen Jolm, carp., 29 Federal. 

Laughead James, blacksmith, Olive n 13th. 

Laiighlin Patrick, weaver, 2d n Cadwalader (K) 

Laughlin Robert, distiller, 448 N Front. 

l^aureiit & Jirothers, clothing store, 44 N 2nd, 

I^aurenty ?"rancis, tailor, 350 High. 

Laussat Sophia, gentw., 302 Pine. 

Lausaerae Peter, sashmr., 13 Callowhill. 

Lauton Jolm, tavern, Hamilton n F M. 

Laval John, bookseller, 118 Chestnut, h 210 

Laverry John, tavern. Master n G T road. 

Laverty Mrs. Hannah, rear 35 Plum. 

Laverty Samuel, weaver, Cadwalader ab Wash- 

Lavery John, carp., Randall's ct. 

Lavis David, printer, 31 German. 

Law Andrew, mer., 49 N 3rd. 

Law E. E., att'y &. coun., 143 Walnut, h 186 

Law Matthew, weaver, Hope ab Master. 

Law Robert, cabinetmaker, 301 Vine. 

Law S & A., mers., 49 N 3rd. 

Law Smith, mer., 49 N 3rd. 

Law William, jeweller, 142 Cedar. 

Law Wilham, watchmaker, 13th ab Shippen. 

Lawler Elizabeth, b h 87 Budd. 

Lawn Michael, tavern. Beach bel Walnut. 

Lawn Thomas, carter, 4 Dorothy. 

Lawn William, bell hanger, 36 S 8th. 

Lawrence Adam, porter, 21 Sassafras. 

Lawrence Alfred, lab.. Prosperous al. 

Lawrence Ann Ehza, 203 St. John. 

Lawrence C. B., clerk, Bank Penn Township, 
h 298 Sassafras 

Lawrence Christian, victualler, James bel 10th 

Lawrence Ehza, gentw,, 60 Filbert 

Lawrence Francis, blacksmith, 7 Townsend's ct 

Lawrence George W., U S Mint, h93 N 13th. 
Lawrence Hamilton, comb maker, 8 Stamper's 

Lawrence Henry, victualler. Nectarine bel 11th 
Lawrence Jacob & Son, corders, 3d whf bel 

Almond, h 510 S 2d. 
Lawrence Jacob, carpenter, 569 S 2d 
Lawrence James, cordwainer, 9 Rihl's ct 
Lawrence James S. Jr., 88 N 2d 
Lawrence James S. Jr. & Co., trimg's., 88 N 2d 
Lawrence Jane, Prosperous al 
Lawrence John, 19 Shippen 
Lawrence John, carpenter, 3 Gray's ct. 
Lawrence John, tavern, c Penn & Maiden (K) 
Lawrence Joseph R., clerk B. U, S,, h 289 

Lawrence Joseph, labourer, 32 Prosperous al 
Lawrence L., skin dresser, 118 Charlotte 
Lawrence & Monell, tailors, 7 S 8th 
Lawrence Margaret, 304 St, John 
Lawrence Maria, tavern, 14 Strawberry. 
Lawrence Mary E,, 4 Virginia row 
Lawrence Peter A,, oysters, 20 Branner's ct. 
Lawrence Rachel, 24 Burd's ct 
Lawrence Rebecca, 28 Shippen 
Lawrence Richard, tailor, 7 S 8th 
Lawrence Samuel, baker, 44 Sassafras 
Lawrence Thomas, 14 S 7th 
Lawrence Thomas, painter, 10th bel Catharine 
Lawrence William, cabinetmaker, Ann n Ridge 

road, Francisville. 
Lawrence Wm., labourer, Jones' al ab Sch 5th 
Lawri Robert, silversmitli, Willow ab 5th 
Laws Anthony, baker, 141 Carpenter 
Laws Daniel, druggist, 206 N 9th 
Laws E., carpet and bedding, 295 High, h 229 

Laws George, tanner, 149 N Tth 
Laws Isaac Jr., soap boiler, 149 St. John 




Laws James, leather &. hides, 7th ab Willow, h 

157 N 7th 
Laws James, mariner, 567 S Front 
Laws Jeremiah, coachman, Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Laws John, alderman, 74 Green 
Laws Martin, Almond st wharf 
Laws Outten, g-rocer, N E 7th and Callowhill 
Laws William, coachman. Acorn al 
Laws William, seaman, c Hirst & Cedar 
Laws Z., Gamphire's ct 
Lawson A., engraver, 95 George. 
Lawson Jacob, saddler, 2d bel Tammany, h 53 

Lawson John, weaver, F road n Master. 
Lawson John, paper hanger, 283 S 3d 
Lawson Oliver, livery stable. Raspberry al, h 21 

Watson's al 
Lawton Daniel, bricklayer, 454 S Front 
Lawton Dennis, weaver, S W Front & Pratt's ct 
Lawton Harman, corder, Sch. Willow ab Spruce 
Lawton James, weaver, Shippen lane ab Fitz- 

water (K) 
Laycock John Jr., bookbinder, 9 N 13th 
Laycock John, Sen., b h, 106 N Juniper 
Laycock Mary, fancy goods, 59 Chestnut 
Layman F., ship master. Union n Front 
Layton Elias, cordw., G T road n 4th 
Layton William, flour and feed, G T road ab 

Lazarus Abraham, clothing, 66 Callowhill 
Lazarus C, dry goods, 345 N 2d 
Lea, Bunker & Co., com. mers., 78 S whfs 
Lea Catharine, gentw., Marlborough n Duke (K) 
Lea & Blanchard, book publishers, c 4th and 

Lea Isaac, bookseller & publisher, c 4th and 

Chestnut, h 360 Walnut 
Lea Robeson, com. mer., 78 S whfs., h 1 Du- 

gan's row 
Lea Thomas T., com. mer., 32 Chestnut, h 12th 

n Walnut 
Leaboum Sarah, rear 16 Washington market pi 
Leach Abraham, tavern, c School and Howard 
Leach Ann, Guthrie's ct (N L) 
Leach John, blacksmith, 114 Budd 
Leach Mary, dressmr., c 9th & Sassafras 
Leach Puchard, tailor, 437 S 2d 
Leach Samuel, raaciiinist, 114 Budd. 
Leacock William, tin & coppersmith, 8 Wash- 
ington place 
Leadbeater Ann, trimmings, 120 S 5th 
Leadbeater, John Jr., lamp maker, 93 Walnut 
Leadbeater John, lamp maker, 93 Walnut, h 

Spruce ab 13th 
Leadbeater J. & Son, lamp manuf., 93 Walnut 
Leadbeater Jos., machinist, 3d bel Franklin (K) 
Leak Thomas, painter, 24 Lombard. 
Leake J. Mrs., Id. h., 22 Sansora 
Learning F., M. D., 352 Walnut 
Learning J. F., mer., 28 S Front, h 247 Walnut 
Leamy Mrs. Elizabeth, gentw., 5 York buildings 
Leamy Lorenzo, tailor, Cedar bel Shippen lane 
Leamy W. J., plumber, 391 N 3d 
Leard Joseph, machinist, Crown ab Prince. 
Leary Felix, tavern, 88 N Water. 

Leary Sarah, Poplar ct. 
Leary William A., bookseller, 144 N 2d. 
Leathern James, tavern, c 13th and Adams. 
Leatherberry Abel, cordwainer, 298 St. John. 
Leatherberry John, cordw'r., Allen ab Marlbo- 
Leatherberry Sarah, 154 Poplar. 
Leatherberry Wm., cordw.. Queen ab Shacka- 

Leatherby Joseph, trunkmaker, 37 Filbert. 
Leatherman John, wheelw.. Locust bel Broad. 
Leatherman John, brickl., Sch. 7th ab Cherry. 
Leavitt Horatio, 135 N Front. 
Le BaiTon E., gent., 236 Catharine. 
Lebo Daniel, tanner, c Orchard & Green's ct. 
Le Brun Adelaide Mrs., seminary, 59 N 7th. 
Le Brun Charles, professor and teacher of lan- 
guages, 59 N 7th. 
Lechampain Elizabeth, 342 N Front. 
Lechevallier A. F., merchant, 41^ Dock, h 28 

Lechevallier Miss M. A. R., trimming store, 28 

Lechler Adam, 1 Black's ct. 
Lechler George, victualler, 6th ab Poplar. 
Lechler Henry Jr., gunsmith, 133 N Front. 
Lechler Hester A., gentw.. Brooks' ct. 
Lechler Joseph, cooper, 544 N 3d. 
Lechler Wm., victualler, 6th ab Poplar. 
Leckie David, bookbinder, 3 Skerrett's ct. 
Leckler J., gunsmith, Torr's ct & R road. 
Lecony M. Mrs., milliner, 138 Chestnut. 
Lecount Isaiah, 4 Lemon. 
Lecount James, tavern, 98 N 2d. 
Lecount Joseph, labourer, 30 Bonsall. 
Lecroix Job, 6 George n Sch 7th. 
Lecture William, cordw., S 3d ab Christian. 
L'Ecuyer T. B., 30 N9th. 
Leddy John, distiller, 4th ab Thompson. (K) 
Ledyard E. D., gent., 9th ab Willow. 
Lee Benjamin, feed, Coates n Broad, h 11th bel 

Lee Caroline, chairmaker, 237 N Front. 
Lee David, carpet manuf., 106 N 3d. 
Lee Dennis, soapmaker, 292 S 4th. 
Lee D., gent., 164 Pine. 
Lee E. H., plumber, 137 High. 
Lee Franklin, bricklayer and corder. Maiden st 

wharf, h N W 3d and Tammany. 
Lee Franklin & Son, bricklayers and corders, 

Coates st wharf. 
Lee George, rigger, Marlborough bel Queen. 
Lee George F., bricklayer, 38 Coates. 
Lee George W., cupper & bleeder, 278 N 3d. 
Lee Hiram W., labourer, F road n Queen. (K) 
Lee Joseph, tailor, 49 N 6th 
Lee J. C, M. D., dentist, 128 S 4th. 
Lee Mary, F road ab Otter. 
Lee M. & E., dry goods, 83 N 7th. 
Lee Matthew, labourer, Knoodle. 
Lee Matthew H., tailor, 17 Wallace. 
Lee Rachel C, tailoress, 3 Boyle's ct. 
Lee Richard, skin dresser, James bel 10th. 
Lee Richartl, morocco dresser, 556 N 3d. 
Lee Robert M., atty. & coun., 49 N 6th. 




Lee Thomas, g"ent., Chestnut ab Sch. 6th. 
Lee Thomas D., grate & fendermr., 16 N 12th. 
Lee T. M. K., saihnaker, 8 N wharves, h 185 

Lee Wetherell, mer., 163 High & 107 N 5Ui. 
Lee WilUam, blacksmith, 236 N Water. 
Lee William, cabinetmaker, 92 N 11th. 
Lee William Jr., carpenter, 10 Hamilton's ct. 
Lee William, ice dealer, N W Chestnut and 

Sch. 5th. 
Lee William, porter, 10th bel Fltzwater. 
Lee William, rigger, 33 Union. 
Lee Wm. A., teacher, 77 G T road. 
Lee Yarmuth, labourer, Parker's al. 
Leech Charles, tailor, 368 N 2d. 
Leech Charles, packer, 3 Wagner's ct. 
Leech D. & Co., forw'dg. mers. & canal line, 13 

Leech D. & Co., transportation line, N W Broad 

and Cherry. 
Leech Elizabeth, gentw., 53 Coates. 
Leech Henry, pres. West Philad. R R Co., 62 

Walnut, h West Philada. 
Leech John, cordwainer, James' ct. 
Leech Sarah Ann, 55 Chester. 
Leech Wm., tavern, S E Pine & Bank, Sch. 
Leedom Benjamin J., 413 Mulberry. 
Leedom Jonathan, iron mer., 211 S Front and 

216 S Water, h 29 Pine. 
Leeds Ann, 5 Duke. 
Leeds Benjamin S., shoes, 186 N 2d. 
Leeds Charles F., tailor, 138 Chestnut, >h 295 

Leeds Edward Jr., tailor, 14 S 5th. 
Leeds Gideon, shoemaker, 236 N 2d. 
Leeds Gurdon, mahogany dealer, 29 N 4th, h c 

9th & Morgan. 
Leeds Howard G., watchmaker, 2 N 6th. 
Leeds Japeth, shoes, 391 N 2d. 
Leeds Joseph, silk agency, 2 Franklin place, h 

Franklin ab Green. 
Leeds Theodore, guager, 130 Mulberry. 
Leek Catharine, 6 Callowhill. 
Lees & Birchall, marble-workers, c Cherry and 

Lees C, washer, rear 303 Walnut. 
Lees Henry, butcher, 6th n G T road. 
Lees Henry, victualler, George n Apple, 
Lees Jacob, brickmaker, 3 Oldham's ct. (N L) 
Lees Joseph, weaver, G T road n 5th. (K) 
Lees Peter, tailor, 107 Vine. 
Lees Shedrach, carp, manuf., 4th ab Thompson 
Lees William, brushmaker, 107 Vine. 
Leese William, stone cutter, 3 Elder alley. 
Leeser Isaac, reader Jewish language, Cherry st, 

h S W 11th and Chestnut. 
Leet Lewis, grocer, S W Broad and Penn sq 
Leetham James, cordw., 8 Skerett's ct. 
Lefaucheur M. A., dry goods, 125 N 2d. 
Le Fevre James, gent., 38 Sassafras. 
Le Fevre Mary, cake baker, 157 Cedar. 
Leffman Henry, hatter, rear 29 Elfreth's alley. 
L.t^^ Daniel B., straw bonnets, 30 N 2d. 
Legg Isabella, milliner, Callowhill bel 13th. 
Lehman Catharine, shop, 310 N Front. 

Lehman Charles, sec. & treas. Manuf. Sc Mecha- 
nic's S. Institution, h 346 N 2d 

Lehman Charles, tinman, rear 348 S 2d. 

Lehman David, cord manuf., 183 St. John 

Lehman Elizabeth, 296 N Front 

Lehman George, lab., Otter n G T road. (K) 

Lehman Henry, co^-d\v., 174 N 5th. 

Lehman J., M. D.^ Washington. (W P) 

Lehman Jacob, carter, 4 Wag-ner's ct. 

Lehman Jacp^.jS-) tailor. Barley. 

Lehman Mary,oiressmaker, 172 Cherry 

Lehman Petqi'^tj^uggist, 320 High. 

Lehman Samjupl^ b h, 13 Crown. 

Lehman Sars^hf^ghoebinder, Fraley's ct. 

Lehman SamijpjiL., combmr., 158 St. John. 

Lehman William E., gent, 85 Lombard 

Lehr Philip, tailor, 397 N Front 

Lehr Samuel, grocer, 288 N Front 

Lehr WiUiam, grocer, 288 N Front, 

Lehr WilUam & Samuel, grocers, 288 N Front. 

Lehular David, baker, 546 N 3d. 

Le Hurray Nicholas J., watchmaker & jeweller, 
170 N 2d. 

Leib Ernst. L., vict., 79 Budd. 

Leib George C, M. D., 8 Colonnade row. 

Leib Henry F., M. D., 8 Colonnade row. 

Leib Thomas J., Lieut. U. S. Navy, 434 S Front. 

Leibert Peter & Co., lumber mers.. Beach ab 

Leibfried John, mor. dresser. Front ab Otter. 

Leibrandt Charles A., hairdresser, 48^ N 6th. 

Leibrandt Frederick, stove manuf., 235 N 2nd. 

Leibrandt John, Weaver's row. 

Leibrandt John, skindresser, 239 St. John. 

Leibrandt W. C, sldn dresser, 490 N 2d, h 239 
St. John. 

Leibrant Lewis, skin dresser, 60 Laurel. 

Leiderer Charles, cabinetmr.. Brown's ct. 

Leidigh A. N., clerk, Ulrick's al. 

Leidigh Jonathan, gent., 380 N 4th. 

Leidigh Levi N., gent., Ulrick's al. 

Leidy Conrad, bootmr., 160 N 3d. 

Leidy Jacob, sexton, Arrison's ct. 

Leidv N. B., M. D. & druggist, 191 N 2d. 

Leidy Philip, hatter, 180 N 3d. 

Leidy S. S., writing room, N W 5th & Noble, h 
193 Noble. 

Leidy William B., copperplate printer, 11th 
bel Cedar. 

Leighton James, printer, 36 Lebanon 

Leighton John, carp., 2 Jacoby. 

Leighton Moses, tailor, 123 G T road. 

Leighton Thomas, carter, 10 St. Joseph's av. 

Leinau Andrew, gent., 302 N 6th. 

Leinau George A., hatter &. furrier, 60 N 4th. 

Leinhardt Benjamin, flour mer., 41 Chester. 

Leiper Thomas & Sons, tobacconists, 319 High, 

Leiper William J., stone mer., 319 High. 

Leips Jacob, baker. Chestnut ab Broad. 

Leirde Michael, candlemaker, 240 Catharine. 

Leisenring Daniel M., 462 N 4th. 

Leist Jacob C, machinist, Marriott ab 5th. 

Leister Abraham, painter, Marshall's al. 

Leitch Thomas, bookbinder, 280 Coates. 

Leitch &. White, blank book manuf., 51 S 3d, 




Leitman Henry, mer., 271 Coates. 

Le Jambre A., upholsterer, 301 Chestnut. 

Lejee John R., dry goods, 162 S 2d. 

Leland Amos, mer., 84 Hig-h. 

Leland Benjamin L., hatter, 159 Wood. 

Leland Charles, gent., 367 Walnnt. 

Lelar Henry, mer., 87 S Front, h 131 Lombard. 

Lelar Henry, Jun., coalmer., 87 S Front, h 119 

Lemarke John, lab.. Crown & Bedford. (K) 

Lemmon Thomas, porter, rear 10 Quince. 

Lemon G. W., F road opp Bedford. 

Lemon Hugh, weaver. Front ab Phoenix. (K) 

Lemon James, rear 172 G T road. (K) 

Lemon James, tavern, High n Sch. 3rd. 

Lemon John, bottler, 31 Eagle ct. 

Lemon Mary, Sch. 7th & Coates. 

Lemon Robert, lab., 182 G T road. 

Lemon Robert, manuf., rear 172 G T road. (K) 

Lemon Robert, weaver, F road ab Phoenix. 

Lemon Robert, lab., 10th ab Buttonwood. 

Lemont Dennis, combmr., Hanover n Prince, 

Lenard Joseph, mastmr., 6 Green 

Lenci A & Co., plaster formers, 37 Chestnut. 

Lendour John, lab., Buttonwood bel 10th. 

Lendor Samuel, cordw., Budd ab Green. 

Leneker Sarah, gentw., 277 S 5th. 

Lenhart John H., cabinetmr., 4 Budd. 

Lennehan John, porter, 376 Vine 

Lennerd William H., lab.. Pearl bel Sch 6th. 

Lennig Charles, druggist, 56 S Front, h Chest- 
nut ab Sch. 7th. 

Lennig N. Mrs., N W Filbert & Juniper. 

Lennig ¥:, mer., 56 S Front, h 483 Mulberry 

Lennig N. & Co., druggists, 56 S Front 

Lennox Murphy, weaver, G T road ab Jeffer- 
son. (Kensington) 

Lennox Samuel, weaver, Shippen la ab Fitz- 

Lenoir Charles, cordw., 3 Weaver's ct. 

Lenon A., tavern, S E 6th & Cherry 

Lenox Charles, weaver, Thompson ab 3d 

Lenox John, lab., 5 Marion 

Lenox Thomas, weaver, G T road ab Phoenix. 

Lensette Louis, carp., 2 Mechanic. 

Lenthall John, constructor. Navy Yard, h 316 S 

Lentner Ann, dry goods, 227 S 6th. 

Lentner Mrs. Ura, c 4th & Cherry. 

Lenton Mary, gentw., Fairmount av. Sch. 

Lentz George, clerk, 55 Franklin. 

Lentz George, blacksmith, N E Bedford and 
F road. 

Lentz Henry, mer., 240 & 242 N 3d, h 4 York 

Lentz Jacob, M. D., 18 Sassafras 

Lentz John, looking gla«s manuf., 442 N 3d 

Lentz Joseph A., 29 Wallace 

Lentz Samuel R., S E Sassafras & Jacoby 

Lentz William D., grocer, S W P road and 

Leo Wolf Morris, M. D., 210 Wabiut. 

Leon Ann, variety goods, 56 Cedar 

Leon Joseph, M. D., 13th ab Pine. 

Leonard Catharine, shop, Catharine ab 4th. 

Leonard Charles, weaver, Shippen la ab Fitz; 

Leonard Jacob, carp., Bedford ab Shackamaxon. 
Leonard John, sawyer, 1 Bell's ct. 
Leonard John S., cooper. Culvert n Mechanic 
Leonard Margaret, nurse, 13 Liberty ct. 
Leonard Martha, 8th ab Chi'istian. 
Leonard Michael, tavern, 252 N Front 
Leonard Moses, brooms, 142 Franklin. 
Leonard Robert, stone mason, 6 Shield's al 
Leonard & Rowe, brooms & variety, 71 N 3d. 
Leonard Susan, Pleasant bel 10th. 
Leonard Stephen B., lumber mer., 32 S I3th 
Lepage James, cordw., 4 Concord. 
Lepage Peter, hairdresser, 311 Chestnut 
Lepean A. A., agent, 25 Commerce. 
Leppien J., mer., 54 S Front, h 18 Sansom. 
Lescure Edward P., jeweller, S E 3d & High, h 

64 Union 
Lescure John, tin plate worker, S E Almond &; 

Lescure J. M. G., custom house, h 334 S 2d. 
Lesher Catharine, 241 Christian 
Lesley Joseph, clerk, 22 Wood 
Lesley Peter, Sec. Chesapeake and Delaware 

Canal Co., 121 Walnut, h 185 Vine. 
Lesley Robert, hardware, 243 High, h 22 Wood 
Leslie James, carp., c Sch 4th & Spruce, h 200 

Leslie Thomas, spectaclemr., 13 Commerce 
Lessenger Mrs. E., gentw., Catharine ab Wec- 

Lesser Christian, tobacconist, 139 Cedar 
Letchworth John, china, 44 N 4th 
Letchworth Robert, dry goods, 84 Mulberry 
Letford John H., confectioner, 107^ N 2d 
Letford William, bootmr., 59 Mulberry 
Levan Jacob, cabinetmr., 67 Franklin. 
Levan William, grocer, 195 N 3d, h 217 N 6th 
Leveck Charles H., porter, 40 Blackberry al. 
Levely Mary, b. h. 78 Walnut 
Levering Charles, currier, 3 Fetter la 
Levering Charles, morocco dresser, 596 N 3d 
Levering Ehzabeth, 478 Sassafras 
Levering Jacob & Son, mers., 9 N Water, h 224 


Levering Mark, carp., Sch 7th ab Hamilton. 
Levering Michael, tobacconist, 478 N 3d 
Levering Nathan, cabinetmr.. Culvert ab 3d 
Levering Nathan, tailor, c 2d & Union 
Levey Garretson, watchmaker, 38 Cedar. 
Levi Eddy, barber, 272 N 8th. 
Levi Esther, clothing, 208 Cedar. 
Levi Lanes, glassmr., 200 Cedar 
Levick Ebenezer & Co., N W 2d and Callow- 
hill, and 240 N 3d 
Levick Ebenezer, currier, 240, & h 242 N 3d 
Levick E. D. Mrs., b. h. 32 Mulberry 
Levick & Jenkins, shoes and leather, 150 High 
Levick Robert R., mer., 150 High, h 156 N5th 
Leviestine H. E., mer., 14 Greenleaf's ct., h7r 

f.evine David, furrier, 79 Chestnut. 
Levine Lawrence, lab.. Clay ab Beach. 
Levine Simon, suspender and moccason manuf., 

112 Sassafras 




1 evis Edmund, oil & leather mer., 242 Filbert 

r *"vis Hosea J., 153 Walnut. 

Levis Mahlon M., M. D., 236 N 6th 

Levis William, oil and leather, 228 N 3d & 156 

Hig-h, h 242 Filbert 
Levis Wm., clerk cust. house, S 2d bel Dock. 
Levison David, bootmaker, 1 Hummell's row 
Levistian S. A., gent, Callowhill bel 13th. 
Levy Abraham, asst. ourser Navy Yard, h 444 S 

Levy A., dentist, 444 S Front. 
Levy Aaron, mer., 31 New- 
Levy Benjamin, mer., 31 New. 
Levy L J., com. mer., 25 Powell 
Levy John P., sea captain. Fries' ct 
Levy .Toseph, pedler, 22 Elfreth's alley 
Levy Kute Mrs., embroidery, 71^ N 6th. 
Levy Lewis, c Front & Maiden. 
Levy Lewis, 29 Perry. 
Levy L. J., fancy dry g-oods, 1 40 Chestnut 
Levy Patrick, distiller. High ab Sch. 4th 
Lewallen Daniel, wheelw., St. John n Globe Mill 
Lewallen John, hatter, 84 Gaskill. 
Lewan William, framemaker, 5th ab Poplar 
Lewis Adam, cooper, 4th n Cohocksink creek. 
Lewis Augustus, fisherman. Queen n Warren. 
Lewis A., clothing. High n Sch. Front 
Lewis Austin, carp., 30 Apple. 
Lewis A. J., mer., 20 N Front, h 292 Walnut 
Lewis Barbara, rear 217 N 6th. 
Lewis Benjamin N., teacher, German n 3d. 
Lewis .Charles, coachman, 3 Miles' alley 
Lewis Charles, printer, Poplar ab St. John 
Lewis Charles S., mer., 103 S whai'., h 33 Pine 
Lewis & Co., com. mers., 20 N Front 
Lewis David, pres. Phoenix Ins. Co. h 146 S 2d 
Lewis David, coachman, 54 Quince 
Lewis David Jr., mer., 127 S Front, h 107 Pine 
Lewis David P., carpenter, 28 Franklin. 
Lewis Domingus, cordw., Apple n George. 
Lewis Edward C, dry goods, N W Garden and 

Lewis Edward E. & Co., stock manufacturers, 

16 N 3d. 
Lewis Edwin M., mer., S E Front and Walnut, 

h 29 Spruce 
Lewis Edwin M. & Co., mers., S E Front and 

Lewis Eliza, gentw., 13 Pine 
Lewis Elizabeth, dressmaker, c 8th & Vine 
Lewis Elizabeth, gentw., 13 Pine. 
Lewis Enos, gent., Washington n 13th 
Lewis Esch., butcher, Washington ab 10th. 
Lewis Francis, hatter. Poplar n 7th. 
Lewis Franklin, carter, 9 Perkenpine's ct 
Lewis F. Mortimer, mer., S E Front & Walnut, 

h 148 S 2d 
Lewis George, brickmaker, 148 N 13th 
Lewis George, secty. Union Insurance Co., 6 

Lewis George, cigarmr., Sch. 8th ab Callowhill 
Lewis George, porter, 27 Currant alley 
Lewis George A., mer.. Walnut ab Broad 
Lewis George F., copperplate printer, 10 S 5th, 
h 6 Carrollton sq 


Lewis George F. & Co., copperpl. prs., 10 S 5th 
Lewis George T., mer., 135 S Front, h 33^ 

Lewis G. T. & J. T., merchs., 135 S Front 
Lewis Hector, tailor, M lane bel 5th 
Lewis Henry, cabmr., 5 Ann ab Sch 8th. 
Lewis Jacob, brickmr., Lombard bel Sch. 2d 
Lewis Jacob Jr., tobacconist. High bel 13th, h 

33 Rroad 
Lewis .lacob, acct, h 292 Wood bel Broad. 
Lewis J. M. & G., grocers, Beach ab Maiden. 

Lewis James, Adam ab Perry 
Lewis James, hatter, 47 Duke. 
Lewis James, 167 Swanson 
Lewis & James, mers., 135 S Front 
Lewis Jas. S., mer.. Broad n Vine, h Girard row. 
Lewis Job, trader, 197 Christian 
Lewis John, boatman, Willow bel Spruce. 
Lewis John, cabmr.. Culvert n 4th. 
Lewis John, cooper, 58 and 115 N Water, h 

Brooke's ct 
Lewis John, jeweller, 132 S Front 
Lewis John, vict., Wood bet Garden and 9th 
Lewis John, waterman, 159 N Water. 
Lewis John, 18 Jefferson row. 
Lewis John F., mer,, S E Front and AValnut, h 

148 S 2d 
Lewis John T., mer., 135 S Front, h 333 Chest- 
Lewis Joseph, carter. Crown ab Bedford 
Lewis Joseph, skinner. 550 N 3d. 
Lewis Joseph, brickmr., Lombard bel Sch. 2d 
Lewis Joseph S. Jr. & Co., transportation office 

Broad n Vine 
Lewis J. Smith, supt. factory, h c Sch 6th and 

Lewis L., tobacconist, 372 High, h Sch. 7th n 

Lewis Lawrence, gent., 345 Chestnut 
Lewis Levis, tavern, S E Sch. 8th and High 
Lewis Lucy, washerwoman, 5 Watson's alley 
Lewis M., mer., 135 S Front, h Chestnut n s'ch. 

Lewis Mary, 550 N 3d. 
Lewis Mary, 146 St. John 
Lewis Mary, 4 St. Joseph's avenue 
Lewis Mary Ann, S W Fitz water & Parker's al. 
Lewis Malvina, milliner, 337 N 2d 
Lewis Minty, 15 Sassafras alley 
Lewis Michael, pilot, 53 Mead al^ey 
Lewis M. D., mer., 103 High, h Chestnut ab 12th 
Lewis Mordecai, white lead manuf., 135 S Front, 

h 497 Chestnut 
Lewis M. & S. N., wh. lead manuf., 135 S Fi*ont 

and S W Pine and Sch. 8th 
Lewis Olive, cordw., 30 Apple. 
Lewis Peter, clothing, 322 Cedar 
Lewis Peter, gent, 536 N 3d. 
Lewis & Phillips, mers., 127 S Front. 
Lewis Robert M., mer., 266 Walnut 
Lewis Rowland, oyster house, 75 George 
Lewis Samuel, teacher, 195 Noble 
Lewis Samuel, agent coal mer., Cedar st wharf, 
Sch., h Filbert n Sch 7th. 




Lewis Samuel A., mer., 103 S wharves, h 179 

Lewis Saml. A. & Brother, mers., 103 S wharves 

Lewis S. A., cotton yarn, 214 N 3d, h 294 N 6th 

Lewis S. N., mer., 135 S Front, h 333 Chestnut 

Lewis Sarah, dressmr., 187 N 8th 

Lewis Saunders, atty. & coun., 46^ Walnut 

Lewis Sidney Ann, 94 N 5th, h N W Vine and 
N Market. 

Lewis Susanna, sempstress, 30 Apple 

Lewis Thomas, mariner, 78 Plum 

Lewis W., gent., 204 Spruce 

Lewis William D., cashier Girard Bank, h 360 
Spruce ab 10th 

Lewis William G., acct., 3 Zane. 

Lewis William, 25 S 13th. 

Lewis William W., 10 Coombe's alley 

Lewis Xavier, weaver, Charlotte n Thompson 

Lewry Joseph, diy goods, 339 N 2d 

Lewry Stephen, brass founder. Rose bet Green 
and Coates 

Lewton John, carter, Paschall's alley 

Lex Adam Porter, 16 Logan 

Lex Andrew, victualler, 57 Garden. 

Lex Andrew, victualler, Rugan n Noble 

Lex Charles, stone cutter. Noble n Garden 

Lex Charles E., atty. & coun., 51 N 6th 

Lex C. F., gent., 283 High 

Lex & Bowers, carvers, 147 N 6th 

Lex Elizabeth, carver & trimming store, 147 N 

Lex Elizabeth Mrs., gentw., 283 High 

Lex George, victualler, 16 Logan. 

Lex Henry, vict., S W Buttonwood & Charles 

Lex Jacob, grocer, 283 High, house 352 Mul- 

Lex Jacob & Son, grocers, 283 High 

Lex John D., sugar refiner, Charles ab Willow 

Lex L. Mrs., victualler, 393 Budd. 

Lex Wm., tavern, 94 N Water 

Leyden Margaret, Spruce n Sch Front 

Leypolt Laetitia, corsetmr., 41 N5th. 

Lhulier John, musician, 360 Vine 

Lhulier Lewis, Jewell., Franklin pi., h90 S 5th. 

Liautier Thomas, tailor, S 2d n Catharine 

Libby John, publication office, 87 N 2nd, h 321 

Libe Henry, carpenter, 211 N 10th. 
Lichtel Jacob, gent., 133 Coates 
Liebrich Conrad, lock and white smith and bell 

hanger, 46 S 8th 
Lielick Conrad, lab., 13 CoUins' al. 
Liddle Hester, washerwoman, rear 16 Grier's 

Liggett Elizabeth D., music teacher, 256 Cherry 
Liggett George, tailor, 140 Christian 
Liggett John, conveyancer, 256 Cherry 
Liggins T., sinker maker, c Edward and 2d 
Light Charles, blacksmith. Union n Bedford 
Light Geo., bootmr., 4 Hamilton's ct 
Lightcap Henry, porter, 39 Crown. 
Lightcap Henry, carter, 110 Apple 
Likes Jacob, tavern, 337 N Front 
LiUey John, carp., F road n Palmer. (K) 
Lilley John, lab., 10 Meyers' ct. 

Lilley John, cordwainer. Baker bel 8th. 
Lilley John M., stationer, 324 S 4th 
Lilley W. G., cordwainer, 216 S 6th 
Lillibrldge Charlotte, gentw., 121 New 
Limcott Sarah, gentw., 136 N 4th 
Llmeburner John, tavern, Queen ab Wood 
Limeburner John, tobacconist, 171 Sassafras 
Limeburner P., trunkmaker, c New Market and 

Willow, h 145 Dillwyn 
Liming Ann, dressmaker, 86 Locust 
Liming William, mariner, 86 Locust 
Linard John, baker, N E 5th and Lombard 
Linbarger W., chairmaker, St Joseph's av. 
Linch Thos., weaver, Shackamaxon bel F road 
Linck George, carp., c Buttonwood and 11th, 

h S W 10th and Cherry 
Linck Mary, tailoress, rear 148 Sassafras 
Linck Jacob, shoemaker, John's ct 
Linck Matthew, lab.. Bond's ct. (N L) 
Lincoln Abel, grocer, 196 and 198 Callowhill 
Lincoln E., mer., 33 S wharves, h 180 S 3d 
Lincoln John, cordw., 377 N 4th 
Lincoln L. P., music academy, 413 High 
Lincoln & Ryerss, mers., 33 S wharves 
Lincoln Thos. B., mer., 198 High, h Sch 6th n 

Lind Mary, 209 N 9th. 
Linden Henry, weaver, 2d ab Franklin. (K) 
Lindon Hugh, cordw., Filbert bel Sch 3d 
Linder C. Augustus, mer., 129 S Front. 
Linder Margaret, soap and candlemr., 9 Poplar 
Lindhorst Charles, baker, 306 Callowhill 
Lindner Geo., silver ware manuf., 4th ab Master 
Lindsay Ann, tavern, N E Lombard & Sch. 6th 
Lindsay Benjamin, labourer, St. Joseph's av 
Lindsay Edwin, grocer. N E P road and Ca- 
Lindsay Elizabeth, 26 P road 
Lindsay Hugh, 223 Callowhill 
Lindsay H. H., hatter, 54 Chestnut 
Lindsay J. M., bookbinder, 253 Green 
Lindsay John, gent. 111 S 10th 
Lindsay John, combmaker, 162 S 3d 
Lindsay J., carp., 8c pres. Southern Loan Co., h 

Belmont pi 
Lindsay M., b h., 5 St. James 
Lindsay Robert, bookbinder, 253 High, h 315 

Lindsay Robert G., tailor, 6 Myers' ct 
Lindsay Robert & Co., bookbinders, 253 High 
Lindsay Samuel, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
Lindsay Thomas, blacksmith, 207 N 9th. 
Lindsay V/m., painter, Mmt's ct 
Lindsey Jeremiah, tavern, c Callowhill and Sch 

Lindsey Joseph, mer., 13 and 13^ S 2d, h 117 

Lindsey Martha, mantuamaker, 101 Cedar 
Lindsey & Righter, hotel. High ab Sch 6th 
Lindsey Robt., carp., 9 Perry 
Linerd Jos. B., mastmr., c Oak & Noble 
Linerd John, mastmaker, 24 Callowhill 
Liness Arthur, tavern, F road ab Phoenix 
Lingen George, M. U., 5 S 9th 
Lingo Levi, pilot, 6 Christian. 




Link Frederick, cordw., rear 261 N 8th 
Linkens Tho3., mer., Sch 6th n Filbert 
Linker Christian, lastmr., G T road & 4th 
Linker Henry, potter, rear 217 St. John 
Linker John, visiter of the poor, Marlborough 

ab Queen 
Linker Wm., grain measurer, Allen. (K) 
Linn A. P., mer., 140^ High 
Linn Elizabeth, 6 Madison 
Linn Henry, waterman, 6 German 
Linn John K., 224 Green 
Linn John H., mer., 79 S Front, h 10th bel 

Linn Lewis D., mercht., 148 Catharine 
Linn William, manuf., Sch. Front n Vine. 
Linnard James M., lumber mer., S W 11th and 

Pine, h Spruce bel 13th 
Linnard T. M. & J. M., lumber mer., S W 11th 

and Pine 
Linnard T. M., lum. mer., S W llth and Pine, h 

Snruce n loth 
Linnard Wm. T., hardware, 432 High 
Linnet Chas., mer., h Chestnut ab Sch 7th 
Linnet James, bellowsmr., John's ct 
Linton Benjn., 103 Dillwyn 
Linton Elizabeth, gentw., 34 Mead 
Linton James, gi'ocer, 204 Shippen 
Linton John, tobacconist, 299 N 3d 
Linton John, cordwainer, N W llth and Cedai' 
Linton John, carter, S W Sch 8th and Filbert 
Linton Robert, labourer, 20 Vaux's ct 
Linton Robert, city watch, Washington ab llth 
Linton Samuel, watchman, Lombard ab 13th 
Lipman Henry, trader, 188 Shippen 
Lipman Jacob, dealer, 265 S 7th 
Lipman Lewis, gent., 10 Montgomery square 
Lipman Solomon, clothing, 204 Cedar 
Lipp Christian, baker, 115 N 9th 
Lipp M. E., milliner, 205 S 2d 
Lippan Mary, dressmr., 174 Marshall 
Lippard Mary, dry goods, 73 S llth 
Lippencoat A. C. Rev., G T R n 5th 
Lippincott Aaron S., mer., 31 & h 29 N 2d 
Lippincott Aaron S & Co., dry goods, 31 N2d 
Lippincott Agnes S., bonnet mr., 86 N 5th 
Lippincott Chas., Palmyra row 
Lippincott &, Co., mers., 70 and 72 S Front 
Lippincott Collins P., tailor, 524 N Front. 
Lippincott Eliz., shoebinder, rear 92 Crown 
Lippincott George E., carpenter, 288 Coates 
Lippincott Hannah, dry goods, 9 S 2d 
Lippincott Isaac, tailor, 16 Wallace 
Lippincott John, tanner. New Market and Mar- 

garetta, h 84 Marshall 
Lippincott John S. & B., grocers, N W Mulberiy 

& Front, h 18 Marshall. 
Lippincott Joshua jr., mer., 70 and 72 S Front, 

h 9 Clinton square 
Lippincott Joshua, jr., 57 N 2d, h 92 Dillwyn 
Lippincott Joshua, sen., gent., 10 Clinton sq 
Lippincott Joshua, sen., gent., 184 N 4th 
Lippincott Joshua B., bookseller, S W 4th and 

Sassafras, h 136 N 4th 
Lippincott J oshuaB. &Co., booksellers, S W4th 
and Sassafras 

Lippincott & Parry, cloth store, 57 N 2d. 
Lippincott Robert, waterman, 3 Catharine 
Lippincott Sarah, 136 N 4th 
Lippincott S. W., mer., 70 and 72 S Front, h 9 

Clinton square 
Lippincott Tyler, shop, 4 Harmony court, h 375 

Lippincott Wallace, gent., 174 Spruce 
Lippincott W., men, 70 and 72 S Front 
Lippincott Wm B., weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Lips John, brewer, 2d and G T road 
Lips John, labourer, 153 St John 
Lipsey Thomas, labourer. Cedar ab 12th 
Lipsey William, manuf., 330 Pine 
l,isby Isaac, porter, 23 Prosperous al 
Lish Henry, cordwainer, 188 Cherry 
Lisle Ehzabeth, gentwo., 127 S 2d 
Lisle Jane Mrs., 6 Shields' ct 
Lister Robert, carpenter, 377 N 3d 
Lister Thomas S., livery stable, 300 S 4th 
Lister Wm., carpenter, 2 Lybrand 
Lister Wm., carpenter, 5 Bread 
Litchfield Samuel, cordwainer, 5 Dilk's ct 
Lithgow Robt., labourer. Mulberry n Sch Front 
Lithgow Robt., paper carrier, rear 22 Fitzwater 
Lits Elizabeth, 4 Hickory court 
Litell Robert, labourer, Robinson's ct 
Littell E. & Co., publishers, 297 Chestnut 
Littell E., 297 Chestnut, h Sch. 8th bel George 
Littell John S., law bookseller and publisher, 23 

Littell Squire M. D., 117 N 9th 
Little Ann, 19 Federal 

Little Archibald, watchmr, 21 Franklin Place 
Little Caroline, ready made linen. Arcade 
Little Charles, cooper, Swanson bel Cedar, h 

Front bel Christian 
Little & Drummond, hairdressers, 104 S 10th 
Little Eleanor, dressmaker, George ab Sch 8th. 
Little Elizabeth, 163 N Front 
Little George, suspender mr., 145 G T road 
Little G. P., broker, 11 Bank alley, h 126 Ca- 
Little Hannah L., milliner, 497^ N 2d 
Little Heniy, carpenter. Filbert n Sch. 6th 
Little John, counterpaine manuf., 143 G T road 
Little John, captain, 45 Christian 
Little John C, weaver, 416 N Front 
Little John L., fancy store, 497^ N 2d 
Little Joseph, cordwainer, 4 Pratt's court 
Little Rebecca, store, Spruce bel Cun-ant al 
Little Robert, 11 Mercer 
Little Stacy, carter, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Little Susan, 56 Kunckle. 
Little Susan, gentw., Singler's Row (K) 
Little Thos., grocer, Hopkins' ct & School (K) 
Little Thomas, worker in metal, rear 22 Duke 
Little William, metal worker, 7th bel Brown 
Litzenberg Chas., blacksmith, 11 Carberry's ct 
Litzenberg George, brassfounder, 2 Madison 
Litzenberg John, blacksmith, 360 Vine 
Litzenberg J. P., grocer, Washington (W P) 
Livars James, cordwainer, 5 Short's court 
Livensetter John, collector, 88 Mulberry 
Livezey Jonathan, carter, Callowhill bel llth 




Livezey Joseph, boots and shoes, N E 4th and 

Hig-b, h 137 O Y road 
Livezey J., mer., 251 S 2d 
Livezey S., slices, 310 Hig^h 
Livezey Wm., furniture, 225i S 3d 
Livingston & Lyman, mers, 32 Commerce 
Living-ston Walter C, mer., 32 Commerce, h 3 

W Penn Square 
Livins Wm., labourer, Lombard n Sch 2d 
Llewellen Abraham, blacksm., Shackamaxon n 

Llewellen Thomas, U. S. mint, h 11 Perry 
Llewellen Thomas, coal mer., Vine ab 12th 
Llewellen Thomas, 129 N 11th 
Lloyd Alice, gentvv., G T road n 3d 
Lloyd William, manuf., 780 N 2d 
Lloyd Bateman, stock and exc. broker, 11 Ex 

Lloyd Danl., chandler, G T road ab Thompson 
Lloyd Edith, boarding house, 167 Mulberry 
Lloyd H. P., mer., 9 N 2d 
Lloyd Horatio, grocer, Allen and F road (K) 
Lloyd Isaac, mer., 5S S wharves, h 88 Union 
Lloyd Isaac jr., mer., 53 S wharves, h 38 Ann 
Lloyd Isaac S., 79 Dock, h c Scli 5th & Summer 
Lloyd James, manuf., 668 N 2d 
Llovd John, tobacconist, 74 Chestnut 
Lloyd John, mer., 107 High, h 150 N 10th 
Lloyd Joseph, carpenter, 220 N 9th 
Lloyd Marv, 148 N 8th 
Lloyd Mtu-shall, 240 Filbert 
Lloyd, McGrath & Co., hardware, 107 High 
Lloyd Nicodemus, g-ent., S 10th bel Cedar 
Lloyd Richard L., U S inspector, 45 S whai-ves, 

h 201 N 4th 
Lloyd & Son, mer., 53 S wharves 
Lloyd Samuel, Olmstead stove store, 406 High, 

h 92 N 7th 
Lloyd Thomas, 153 Filbert 
Lloyd Thomas, gent., 236 Filbert 
Lloyd Thomas, cordwainer, N W Benton ave- 
nue and Flower 
Lloyd Tliomas, sliip carp., Marriott bel 5th 
I^loyd William, 2 Bickham's court. 
Lloyd Wood & Son, brokers, 85 S 3d, h 70 Lom- 
Loan Rosanna Mrs., Cedar ab 12th 
Loaner John, mariner, Hannony bel 4th 
Loan James, cordwainer, 302 S 6th 
Loag David, saddler, S ¥j 4th and Queen 
Lobdell Stetson, gent, N W 8th and Cherry 
Lochran James, carter, Shippen ab 8th 
Lockhart Nicholas, ship carp., 44 Catharine 
Lochrey John jr., tavern, 25 Strawberry 
Lock Samuel, tavern, Beach n Hanover 
Lock William, tailor, 98 Filbert 
Lockary Peter, mechanist, Hope ab Otter (K) 
Lockary Daniel, bottler, Hubbell ab Catherine 
Lockary Peter, machinist, Hope ab Otter (K) 
Lockhart Frances, 115 Swanson 
Lockhart John, labourer, 31 Helmuth 
Lockhart William, accoimtant, 17 Rittenhouse 
Lockhart William, tavern. High ab Sch. 8th 
Lockhart William, boot mr., George ab Sch. 7th 
Locke E., distiller, 352 High 

Locke James C, labourer, 3 St. Stephen's pi 

Locke Rebecca, 4 Kenworthy court 

Locke Zebulon, distiller, 352 High 

Locke Z & E., distillers, 5 Marble & 352 High 

Locken James, bookbinder, 17 Chester 

Lockhart John, carp., 7 Mechanic (Fairmt.) 

Locken John, bookbinder, 1 Lodge alley, h 17 

Lockerman Mary A., Shaker's al 
Lockerman R. W., harnessmr, 14 Rittenhouse 
Lockerman R. W., saddler, 327^ High 
Lockerty Andrew, weaver, Hopkins' ct. n Wil- 
Lockridge Abraham, Sassafras W of Sch Front 
Lockwood Daniel C, 53 High, h Franklin bel 

Lockwood Wakeman, combmr., 102 N 13th 
Lockworth Catharine, 89 Buttonwood 
Locton Mary, 150 S Front 
Loder Alfred, hatter, 133 Lombard 
Loder Benjamin, turner, 315 Sassafras 
Loder Maria, 133 Lombard 
Loder John, gent., 133 Lombard 
Lodge James, gent.. Chestnut ab Sch 7th 
Lodge S. G., cabinet mr., 155 S 2d, h 14 Union 
Loefer Jacob, bricklayer, 364 Coates 
Loercher Ulrich, tailor, 173 N Front 
Loesch John H., grocer, 128 N 5th 
Loeser Christian, tavern, 184 Callowhill 
Loewig G., importer, 13 Commerce 
Loffman Thomas, shipwright, Marlborough bel 

Bedford (K) 
Lofland James, grocer, S E 6th and Mamott 
Lofty Owen, labourer, 19 Marion 
Logan Charles O., silk printer and dyer, 17 Fil- 

Logan Elizabeth, boarding house, 77 Mulberry 
Logan & Fuguet, mers., 75 S Front 
Logan Hannah tavern, 575 N 3d 
Logan James, carter. Mulberry n Sch. 4th 
Logan Jane, 245 N Front 
Logan John, carter, George ab Beach 
Logan John, watchman. Filbert ab Sch 4th 
Logan John, carter, Budd bel Juniper 
Logan John, weaver. Pine bel Juniper 
Logan John W., stone cutter, 310 Coates 
Logan Luke, stone mason, 3 Hoffman's alley 
Logan Mary, Sch 8th bet Sassafras and Vine 
Logan Mary, gentw., rear 126 S 6th 
Logan Peter, mer., 75 S Front, h 351 S 3d 
Logan P., toy store, 366 High, h Scott's alley 
Logan P., gent., 198 S 4th 
Logan Patrick, tavern, S W 8th and Cherry 
Logan Robert, weaver, Quince n Lombard 
Logan Sarah W., gentwo,, 115 S 4th 
Logan & Tanguy, dry goods, 369 High 
Logan Thos. M., mer., 483 N 4th, & 52 Kunckle 
Logan William &. Co., silk printers and dyers, 17 


Logan Z., dry goods, 369 High 
Logon Bridget, shop, Jones ab Sch 4th 
Logue John, morocco dresser, N E Front and 

Phoenix (K) 
Logue Daniel, lab., Phoenix bel Front (K) 
Logue William, watchman. Sassafras n Sch. 7tk 




Lohman William, barber, 54 New, h 31 Powell 

LoUer Hannah, dry goods, 232 N Front 

Lomax Eliza, baker, 90 Locust 

Lomax James, tailor, 11 N 13th 

Lombaert Charles, li 11 Belmont pi 

Lombad John, labourer, 6 Monmouth ct 

Lombad Timothy, 2 Monmouth ct 

Lonabough Augustus, lab., 5th n G T road (K) 

London Jas., tin and iron smith 142 Sassafras 

London James, labourer, Vine n Sch 

Long- Abraham, varnisher, h 16 Quarry 

Lonergen Thomas, tailor, 1 Elmslie's al 

Long Adam, victualler, G T road ab Otter 

Long Alex., cordwainer, Front n Oxford 

Long Alfred, copperplate printer, 24 Budd 

Long Andrew, carter, Lombard ab Sch. 6th 

Long Andrew K., silversmith, 182 Christian 

Long Christian, biscuit baker, 4-3 New Mai'ket 

Long David, carpenter, 11 Fitzwater 

Long Henry, cordwainer, 405 Sassafi-as 

Long Jacob, carpenter, 203 Marshall ab Brown 

Long Jacob, tanner, St John n Beaver (K) 

Long James, musical inst. mr., 183 Christian 

Long James, labourer. Smith's court 

Long Jane, Singler's Row 

Long John, carter, N W Spruce & Sch. 5th 

Long John, gent., S E 6th & Wood 

Long John, labourer, 7 RaspbeiTy lane 

Long John, weaver, Grim's ct (N L) 

Long John H., labourer, rear 95 St John 

Long Joseph, tailor, 45 Plum (S) 

Long Mary, shopkeeper. Raspberry alley 

Long Mary, Ann n Powell (Francisville) 

Long Peter B., tobacconist, 140 Locust 

Long Richard carp.. Reeves n Sch. 2d. 

Long Samuel, tavern, c 11th & Cedar 

Long Wm, P., painter, N 8th n High, house 52 

N 8tli 
Long William, U. S. Mint, h Carlton ab 13th 
J>ong William, carpenter, 27 Blackberry alley 
Long William, Phila. Bank, li 135 Lombard 
Long Wm., carpenter, 532 S 2d 
Long AVilliam, victualler, Sch. 8th bel High 
Long Wm. L., tobacconist, 47 Cedar 
Longacre James B., publisher National Portrait 

Galleiy, 25 Minor, and engraver, 60 Walnut, 

h S. Garden ab 12th 
Longan William, morocco dresser, 4th bel 

Longenecker J., clerk, 43 Filbert 
Longmire Emanuel, cabinetmr., S 3d ab Chris- 
Longmire F. B., brewer, 60 Siiippen, h 48 

George, (S) 
Longmire George, carpenter, 11th al) Olive 
Longmire N., mer., 30 Bank st, h 20 Cyprus al 
Longrum John, acct., 127 Wood 
Longstreth Benjamin, grocer, Logan ab Green 
Longstreth &. Boldin, hardware, 139 High 
Longstreth Esther, b. h., 409 High. 
Longslretii Charles, paper hanging manuf, 7 

N 3d, factory Hartung's al, ii 3 Church al. 
Longstreth IJaniel, clerk, Marshall n Brown. 
Long.^treth Elizabeth, gentw., 37 N 10th 
Longstreth Henry, teaclier, 3 N lltli 

Longstreth Joshua, mer., 12 Church al, h 185 

Longstreth John R., c Callowhill & 11th. 

Longstreth J ohn, curled hair manuf, G T road 
n Otter. 

Longstreth Thomas B., bricklayer, 272 N 3d 

Longstreth Thomas M., papermr., 9 N 2d. 

Longstreth Wm. W., mer., 139 High, h 194 Mul- 

Longthorn John, chinaware, 49 S 10th 

Longworth Henry, trimming store, 267 S 5th. 

Loom Wm., framemaker, rear 125 Charlotte. 

Loomis G. N., bookseller, 56 N 3d 

Looney Robert, plumber, 9 S 7th 

Loos Christian, baker, rear 527 N 2d. 

Loos Christian, carp.. Court al 

Loos Susannah, fancy milliner, 527 N 2d 

Loper David, carter, rear 326 N Front 

Loper R. F., 6 S wharves, h 19 Pine 

Loper Mary, 296 St. John. 

Lopez A., mer., Filbert bet Sch 6th & 7th. 

Lorch B., b. h., 15 Vine 

Lord & Carlisle, auc. & com. mers^ 208 & 210 

Lord G. W., auc. & com. mer., 208 & 210 High, 
h 8 S Penn sq 

Lord Joseph, gent., 18 Howard. 

Lore S., sea captain, 192 S 9th 

Lore Wm., corder. Spruce st whf, h 12 Spruce 

Lorentz Gotleib, tavern, 500 Coates. 

Lorrilliere Julius, cabinetmr., rear 375 S Front 

Lorringer ]\Iary, 296 S 6th 

Lort Mary, 16 Cherry 

Loss A. L. Mrs., 25 Sansom. 

Lothrop Z., mer., 6 S Front, h 19 S 10th 

Lott George W., carp., rear 86 Locust 

Lotte Lorenzo, manuf. plaster paris images, 87^ 

S 2d 
Loud & Co., piano manufrs., 174 Chestnut 
Loud I. E., piano manuf., 174 C^hestnut 
Loud Thomas, music & insts^ 20 Jefferson row 
Loud Thomas C, pianomr., 176 High, h 10th 

and Shippen. 
Louden Thomas, shoemr., 262 S 5th 
Loudenslager A. S. & H., milliners, 157 Vine 
Loudenslager George A., victualler, 118 But- 


Loudenslager John, distiller, 62 Dillwyn 
Loudenslager Christian F,, cabinetmr., 8 Bing- 
ham's court. 
Loudenslager Christopher H., butcher, S E 

Garden and Noble. 
Loudenslager George, prov., 336 Sassafras 
Louder Mary, Pearl opp Morgan's court. 
Louderback B., jeweller, 11th bel Cedar 
Louderback Davis, tobacconist, 329 N3d i 

Louderback Harris, bricklayer, 7 Burr's ct. 
Louderback Henry, ship joiner, 10 Parham 
Louderback Elizabeth, 16 Well's row 
Louderback E., collarmaker, Green's ct. 
Louderback Frederick, cjnfectioner, 60 N 8th 
Louderback' Joseph, bricklayer, N W 9th and 

Louderback Lewis, baskctmakcr, Prime bel 




Louderback Mary, 20 Rose al 
Louderback Mary, 1 Mary, (S) 
Louderback M. L, milliner, 142 S 5th 
Louderback Mary Ann, b. h. 176 N 5th 
Louderback Matthias, tobacconist, 20 Rose al. 
Louderback Sarah, milliner, 83 Mulberry. 
Louderback William, cordwainer. Nectarine ab 

Louderback William, saddler, rear 336 S 5th 
Loughbridge Abraham, tavern, c Sassafras and 

Loughead James, cooper, 4 Walnut. 
Loughead John, 1 Helmuth 
Loughead Mary, Wheat ab Wharton 
Loughead Robert L., alderman, 215 S 6th, h 

229 S 9th 
Loughead Robert A., clerk, 54 Green 
Loughead Thomas, sea capt., 54 Green 
Loughin D., tavern, cor. 12th and Cedar. 
Loughlin David, turner, c 12th and Cedar 
LoughUn Mary, di-essmr., George bel Sch 8th 
Loughhn Wilham, iron dealer, 213 S 6th 
Loughren Peter, lab., Hope ab Otter 
Louinger Frederick, lab., Vernon n 11th 
Louiset A. D. & Co., dyers, 433 N 3d 
Loupas Philip, musician, 448 Vine. 
Lourd Louisa, dressmaker, Cedar ab 11th. 
Lourd Michael, M. D., Cedar ab 11th. 
Louther John, weaver, 11th bel Cedar. 
Lovatt George, carp., 103 Cedar 
Lovatt Wilham, tavern, 316 N 3d 
Love Ann, Edward n William 
Love Giles, conveyancer. Walnut bel Sch 6th 
Love John I., inspector c. h., h 7 Lybrand. 
Love James, lab., Ann bet 12th and 13th 
Love James, packer, Lilly al 
Love John C, carpt., Sch 6th bet Cherry and 

Love Margaret, 7 Madison. 
Love Margaret, Lombard bel Sch 7th 
Love Mary, rear 114 Charlotte. 
Love Robert, shoemr., 606 N 3d 
Love Samuel, cordwainer, 11 Cedar n Sch 
Love Thomas, weaver. Fox's ct ab 12th 
Love William, coi'dwainer, 486 n 3d 
Love William, weaver, Sliippen lane ab Fitz- 

Love William H., mer., 11 S 3d, h 348 N 6th. 
Loveless John, umbrellamr., rear 118 German 
Lovell Asa R., gent., 3 Young's pi 
Lovenberg Lewis, cabinetmr., 32 Union 
Loveridge Mary, 181 Catliarine 
Loveridge W., blacksmith, 18 Sugar al 
Lovering I. S. & Co., steam sugar refiners, 27 

Churcli al 
Lovei'ing L S., steam sugar refiner, 27 Church 

al, li 340 Chestnut 
l>overing William, papermaker, 29 Wood. 
Lovett Aaron, printer, 310 N 10th 
Lovett & Bennett, coachmrs., 332 S 6th 
Lovett Catharine, tobacconist, 339 N 2d 
Lovett Dorothy, 45 Charlotte 
Lovett Elisha, carp., George ab Charlotte 
Lovett John R., grocer, Marlborough n Duke 
Lovett John, lab-. Fine ab Ashton 

Lovett Richard O. R., teacher, 30^ S 5th 

Lovett Robert, seal engraver, 11 S 6th. 

Lovett Rodman, carp., George n 4th 

Lovett Rodman, Jr., carp., George n 4th. 

Lovett Wilham, tobacconist, 32 S 5th 

Low Bennett, hatter. Harmony bel 4th 

Low David, saddle & har. mr., S E 4th &. Queen 

Low James H., sink cleaner. Wood ab Sch. 7th 

Low Thomas, hatter, Wharton n 2d 

Lowber Bowers, shoes, 209 N 2d, h 219 N 4th. 

Lowber Daniel, currier, 294 N 3d. 

liOwber Daniel, tanner & currier, c Willow and 

St. John, h 288 N 3d 
Lowber Edward, gent., 81 Pine 
Lowber Fanny, gentw., 104 S 8th 
Lowber Louisa, dressmaker, rear 24 Chester, 
Lowber William, currier, 46 Crown, h 288 N 

Lowber William & Daniel, curriers, S W Wil- 
low and St. John, h 236 N 5th. 
Lowber & Wilmer, dye stuffs, 144 N 3d 
Lowber W. T., merchant, h N W Walnut and 

Lowdin Andrew, carpenter, 4 Ann. 
Lewder Mary, 254 N Water. 
Lower Abraham, cabinetmr., 392 N 9th. 
Lower & Barron, hardware, 174 N 3d 
Lower Catharine, milliner. Front n Otter 
Lower Elizabeth A., teacher, 67 Coates. 
Lower Jacob, silversmith, 1 Lawrence 
Lower James, sen., weaver, 2d n Master 
Lower John, tavern, S W 5th and Queen. 
Lower John, wheelwright, 1 Rodgers' court. 
Lower Joseph, lab., 4th n Jefferson 
Lower Samuel, brush finisher, 60 Green 
Lower William S., 271 N 3d. 
Lovverie Benjamin H., storekeeper, 16 Noble. 
Lowery B., rear 41 Beck 
Lowery Henrietta Mrs., getw., 91 Locust. 
Lowery James, shoemr., Christian ab 9th. 
Lowery Justus, lumber yard, 2dwhf bel Christ- 
Lowery John, furniture. Beach. (K) 
Lowery Lewis, vict., Vine bel 10th 
Lowery Mary, gentw., G T road ab Master. (K) 
Lowery Thomas, 107 N 7th. 
Lowery Thomas, weaver, F road bel Master. (K) 
Lownds J. J., pencilmr., 20 Franklin pi 
Lownes Mary, 121 Callowhill 
Lownsbury George, waterman, Walter's ct 
Lownsburv Christian, waterman, 5 Warder's pi 
t.owry Abigail, 29 Callowhill. 
Lowry Andrew, victualler, 25 Garden 
Lowry Benjamin, flour mer.. Almond st whf, h 

25 German 
Lowry Chai-les, 2 Lowr)' ct 
Lowry Elizabeth, gentw., rear 123 Plum 
Lowry Emanuel P., vict., cor 13th and Wood. 
Lowry George, saddle and harnessmaker., rear 

Commissioners' Hall, N L 
Lowry George, millwright, 86 Apple 
Lowry Isaac, flour and gi-ain, N side Almond st 

whf, h 2d ab Greenwich 
Lowry James, labourer, 85. German. 
Lowry Peter, vict., Ann n R road. (F V) 




Lowry Philip, victualler, Washington (W P) 

Lowry R., hatter, N E 13th & High 

Lowry Robert, weaver, Brasier ab Lloyd. 

Lowrv Thomas J., bricklayer, Kessler n Coatcs. 

Lowry Sarah Mi"s., Johnston's court. 

Loxley Benj. R. Rev., 21 S 4th, h Loxley's ct. 

Loxley G. W., gent., Loxley's ct 

Loxley Richard, currier, 117 Mulberry 

Lucas Eleanor, 137 N 9th 

Lucas Francis, wheelwright, 395 S Front 

Lucas James, trader, 172 G T road 

Lucas John, shoemr., 150 Spruce 

Lucas Joseph V., grocer, 31 High, house 196 

N Front 
Lucas Martha, gentw., 196 N Front 
Lucas & Sharp, mers., 31 High 
Luciani A. R., car owner, Coates n Fairmount 
Luciani Mrs,, wid. of John, shells, 17 S 2d 
Lucy Mrs. Sarah, rear Vine ab Sch. 8th. 
Ludington A., teacher, 126 Pine 
Ludlow John, Rev., 124 N 9th 
Ludwick Jacob, cordw.. Orchard. 
Ludwig Adam, shop, 10 Franklin place. 
Ludwig &. Kneedler, dry goods, 70 N 3d 
Ludwig Henry, tailor, 72 Coates. 
Ludwig William C, mer., 70 N 3d, h 293 N 6th 
Ludy Adam, baker, 63 Fltz water 
Ludy Jacob, sugar baker, rear 13 Margaretta. 
Ludy Jacob, carp., Kessler's court. 
LufF Peter, porter, Marshall n Poplar. 
Luff Jane W., washerwoman, Leydin's court. 
Luffberry Andrew, boat builder, Wood ab 

Queen, (K) 
Luffberry John, Baker's court. 
Lugar George, dyer, St. John n Beaver, (back) 
Lugar John, combmaker, 526 N2d. (K) 
Luke Wm. C, sugar refiner, 178 G T road. (K) 
Lukens Abraham, watchman, N L Bank, h 

Brown ab 4th 
Lukens Andrew, flour mer., 448 N 2d, h 283 St. 

Lukens Andrew, carp.. Pearl bel 13th. 
Lukens Benjamin, clerk, Apple ab Culvert 
Lukens Charles, mer., 370 N 2d, h 93 Apple. 
Lukens Charles, M. D., 326 Mulberry 
Lukens Chllion, cabinetmr., 140 Brown 
Lukens Edward, mer., 105 High, h 193 Spruce. 
Lukens Elizabeth, shop, 79 Callowhill 
Lukens Elizabeth, 181 Green 
Lukens Isaac, stonemason, 231 Wood 
Lukens Israel, flour mer., 239 N Front 
Lukens Jacob, tailor, 165 Chestnut, h Marshall 

Lukens Jacob, flour store, Naglee's ct. (N L) 
Lukens Jacob, huckster, Lilly al 
Lukens James, min. water manuf., 156 N 8th 
Lukens John, cordwnr.. Weaver's row, G T 

Lukens Jonathan, gent., 113 S 3d 
Lukens Joseph, liv. stable, 3 N 9th 
Lukens & Kelly, tailors, 165 Chestnut 
Lukens Mr., watchman, 13th ab Spring Garden 
Lukens M. I., saddlery, 102 High, h 113 S 3d 
Lukens Seneka, watchman, 20 Rachel 
Lukens Silas, mason, 366 Coates 

Lukens Thomas, flour mer., c O Y road & No- 
ble, h 7 Crown. 
Lukens William, stone mason, Poplar bel 7th 
Lukens Wm., umbrellamr., 183 St. John. 
Lukins Reuben, flour, N W 3d and Noble, h 212 

N 4th. 
Lumb Anna, Pearl ab 13th. 
Lumka John H., gardener, 353 Lombard. 
Lundburg John P., seaman, 53 Federal 
Lunn Leah, b, h. 18 N 8th 
Lunny John, engineer, George ab Charlotte (K) 
Lunny Patrick, lab., Carlton ab Sch. 7th. 
Lush John, printer. Carpenter bel 10th 
Lusher Elizabeth, 252 Christian. 
Luther Diller, M. D., druggi t, 212 High. 
Luther Robt., bricklayer, Jefferson bel Harrison 
Lutts Frederick, tobacconist, 505 Mulberry. 
Lutts Henry, cedar cooper 8c variety, 432 N 2d 
Lutz Charles, cordwainer, 25 Paschall's al 
Lutz Charles, huckster, c Rose and 13th. 
Lutz Frederick, vict.. Nectarine bel 10th. 
Lutz Frederick, shop, c Queen & Marlborough 
Lutz George, sailmaker, Duke n Hanover. 
Lutz Geo., shipwright, Shackamaxon n Prince 
Lutz Jacob, victualler, Lowry's ct 
Lutz Jacob, brickmaker. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Lutz Jacob, tobacconist. Sassafras n Sch 4th 
Lutz John, wheelwright. Wood n Sch. 6th 
Lutz Margaret, shop, 149 Cherry 
Lutz Margaret, Sch. 7th n Race. 
Lutz Martin, saddler, court. Vine n 13th 
Lutz Philip, victualler, Pleasant n Charles 
Lutz Samuel, dry goods, 238 N 3d. 
Lutz Samuel, variety store, 429 N 6th. 
Luzenberg Joseph, saddler, c 7th & P road, h 

82 Christian 
Lybrand C. D., brickmaker, h 38 Filbert 
Lybrand Henry, harnessmaker, Shackamaxon n 

Bedford. (K) 
Lybrand M. Mrs , gent., 39 N 8th 
Lybrand Margaret, gentw., 135 N 9th. 
Lybrand William G., brickmaker, 38 Filbert 

Lybrandt John, tinsmith, 412 High. 

Lye E. Mrs., medicines, 385 High 

Lye Henry, shoe blacking, 385 High 

Lylburn John, clerk, 58 Sassafras 

Lylburn James, accountant, 58 Mulberry. 

Lyle Henry, labourer, 15 Maria 

Lyle James P., clerk, Girard Bank, h 354 S 3d 

Lyle James M., printer, 4 Beck's court. 

Lyle John, gent., Washington sq bel Locust 

Lyle Thomas, shipmaster, 448 S Front 

Lynch D., tavern, S W 2d &. Lombai-d 

Lynch David, labourer, rear 212 Vine. 

Lynch Guy, labourer, Brasier ab Lloyd. 

Lynch James, carter. Mulberry n Sch. Front. 

Lynch John, labourer, Lloyd bel Shippen. 

Lynch John, clerk, G T road ab Master 

Lynch John, gent, 159 Pine. 

Lynch Thomas, clerk, Mechanics' Bank, h 129 

Lynch Urban, case maker, 4 Prune 

Lynch William, gent., 4 Portico sq 

Lynd, Caldwell & Co., dry goods, S W 2d and 




Lynd James Jr., mer., S W 2cl Sc Hiph, h 316 N 

Lynd James Senr., 316 N 6th 
Lyndall James, chair maker, 3 Tammany, h rear 

278 N 3d. 
Lyndall Robert, cabinet maker, 201 Sc 203 S 4th 
Lyndall Mary, 345 S 2d 
Lynmire Ellison, sea captain, Tamarind 
Lynn James, carman, 9 Helmath. 
Lynn Prudence, 2 Sassafras al 
Lynn Samuel M., conveyancer, 122 N 4th, h 139 

Lj'on John, baker, 354 S 2d 
Lyons A. S., quill manuf., 50 Chestnut, h 19 S 

Lyons Edward, clerk, 25 Blackberry al. 
Lyons Francis, blacksmith, 227 S 9th, shop 

Shippen bel 9th. 
Lyons Hiram, baker, 31 Swanson. 
Lyons John, machinist, Carlton between 5th & 

Lyons Mordecai, mer., 50 Chestnut & S E 3d & 

High, h 8th n Fitzwater 
I^yons M. & Co., quill manufs., and stationers, 50 

Chestnut & S E 3d and High 
Lyons Patrick, labourer, 8 Lawrence ab 12th 
Lyons Philip, tailor, 10 Randall's ct 
Lyons Samuel, dry goods, 19 S 2d 
Lyons Thomas, gent.. Broad ab Shippen. 
Lysle Mary, gentw., 46 Almond. 
Lyster William, carp., Passmore's place. 

M'Adam .lames, tavern, S E Vernon and Cedar 
M'Adam John, clerk custom house, S 2d bel 

M'Adam Thomas, dealer, 12 City Row 
M'Adoo Maria, 176 N 13th. 
M'AfFee John, weaver, Shippen bel 13th 
M'Afee John, carter. Filbert n Sch. 8th. 
M'Afee^John, weaver, Lombard n Sch. 7th. 
M'Afee John, collector, Ashton bel Spruce. 
M'Afee Michael, dealer, 1 P road. 
M'Afee Michael, tavern, N W 6th and Lombard. 
M'Afee Robert, grocer, 198 Cedar 
M'Afee W^m., stone cutter, Shippen bel Broad. 
M'AUeer Charles, labourer, 6 Richard. 
M'Aleer John, confectioner, 147^ S 2d 
IM'Aleer Matthew, grocer, 6 Little Dock. 
M'Aleer Patrick, weaver, Shippen ab Broad. 
M'Aleer Peter, manuf., G T road bel Master 
M'Aleer Wm., shop, S W Ashton and Walnut. 
M'Allister A., labourer. Front ab Phoenix. 
M'Allister Andrew, labourer. Baker street. 
M'Allister & Co., opticians and cane manuf., 48 

M'Allister Enos, shoemr., 39 Crabb, 
M'Allister H., Shakespeare reading room, N W 

6th and Chestnut 
M'Allister James, jeweller, 1 Crane's court. 
M'Allister James, manuf., Lombard ab Quince. 
M'Allister John jr., optician, 48 Chestnut, h W 

Penn square 
]>I'Alhster John, grocer, S W 8th and Sassafras 

M'Allister J. W. C, shoemaker, Mary's court. 
M'Allister Margaret, dry goods, 105 N 9th 
M'Allister Handle, painter, 19 Mercer 
M'Allister Robert, weaver, Hope n Master 
M'Allister Robert, labourer, 59 Mead. 
M'Allister W. Y., optician, 48 Chestnut 
M'Alpin J., gent., 126 S 8th 
M'Alwee Andrew, gi-ocer, c 13th and Cedar 
M'Analey Michael, grocer, 306 S 4th 
M'Analy Edward, gi'ocer, N W Sch. 8th & Rose. 
M'Analy James, labourer. Vine n Schuylkill. 
M'Anall James, shopkeeper, 132 S lOtli 
M'Anan William, weaver, 301 S 7th 
M'Anemy William, 5 Poplar court. 
M'Aninny Henry, lab., Brasier ab Lloyd 
M'Anulty H., tavern, 416 High 
M'Anulty Patrick, lab., Emlin's allej^ 
M'Anulty Patrick, lab., Shippen ab 7th 
M'Arann John, Horticultural Hotel, I'ilbcrt bet 

Sch. 5th and 6th 
M'Aray James, weaver, 4th bel G T road 
M' Arthur Elizabeth, tailoress, 3 Woglam's ct 
M'Arthur John, sawmr., 28 Lebanon 
M'Arthur John, carp., S W lOth and Pine, h 8 

Jefferson Row 
M'Arthur Patrick, weaver, Philip st. (K) 
M'Arthur Peter, dyer, 63 New 
M'Atee Thomas, grocer, G T road ab Phoenix 
M'Auley James, grocer, 13th and Fitzwater 
M'Avoy Francis, tavern, 233 S 6th 
M'Avoy James, tavern, N W Budd and Laurel 
M'Avoy John, weaver, Lombard n Sch Front 
M'Avoy Richard, grocer, N W Budd and Laurel 
M'Beth John, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
M'Bride Alexander, lab., Pine ab Ashton 
M'Bride Andrew, distiller, G T road and 2d 
M'Bride Charles, lab., 11 Greswold's alley 
M'Bride Daniel, tailor, 22 N 12th 
M'Bride Francis, distiller, c Shippen la and Ship- 
M'Bride John, lab., Miyray ab Sch 3d 
M'Bride John, carter, G T road ab Thompson 
M'Bride John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
M'Bride John, tavern, N AV Water and Pine 
M'Bride Nathaniel, blacksmith, 448 S Front 
M'Bride Patrick, gent., 535 N 4th 
M'Bride Patrick, weaver, 8 W Cedar 
M'Bride Patrick, weavei', S W Sch. 2d and Lom- 
M'Bride Patrick, lab.. Factory ab Willow 
M'Bride Robert, weaver. Front bel Master 
M'Bride Sam'l., manuf., Hamilton n John (F M) 
M'Bride Thomas, manuf., F road n Oxford 
M'Bride William, grocer, N Front and Master 
M'Bride William, dry goods, 595 N 2d 
M'Bride Wm., cordw.. Front n Prime 
M'Bride Wm., gardener, Sch 4th n High 
M'Brine Elizabeth, Vine ab Broad 
M'Burney Samuel, manuf., Lombard ab Quince 
M'Cabe Bernard, lab., 3 Dorothy 
M'Cabe John tavern, 1 Lsetitia court 
M'Cabe Michael, lab., Shippen lane ab Catharine 
M'Cabe Patrick, Caldwell 
M'Cabe Philip, shop, Pearl bel Sch 7th 
M'Cabe Thomas, cai-ter, Lombard n Sch 6th 




M'Cabe William, mason, Barker bel Sch. 3d 
M'Cafterty A., New York house, 17 Chestnut 
M'CafFerty Matthew, watchman, G Bank, h 125 

M'CafFrey Hugh, victualler, c Shippen and Ship- 
pen lane 
M'CafFrey James, lab., 149 Poplar 
M'CafFrey Patrick, 39 Commerce 
M'Caffrey P. M., tavern, Bush Hill 
M'Caffrey William, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
M'Cahen John, letter carrier, 398 N 6th 
M'Cahey Patrick, coal office, 78 N 3d, wharf 

Spruce Sch 
M'Cahey Samuel, weaver, 606 N 2d 
M'Cain Catharine, Quervelle's court 
M'Cain Josiah, goldbeater, 13 Quervelle's ct 
M'Cain Mercy Mrs., Chester's ct 
M'Cain Robert, weaver, 207 G T road 
M'Cain Samuel, weaver, 54 W Cedar 
M'Call Archibald, gent. Spruce ab 12th 
M'Call Ellen Mrs., 496 S Front 
M'Call G C, gent., 323 Chestnut 
M'Call Hamilton, Jones' al n Sch 8th 
M'Call H., gentwo., 323 Chestnut 
M'Call Hugh, beamsman, 15 Coates' alley 
M'Call John, grocer, S E Front and Catharine 
M'Call John, grocer, c 5th and Marriott 
M'Call John, drayman and gTOcer, N W Sch 8th 

and Filbert 
M'Call Joseph, carpenter, 12th n Lombard 
M'Call Mary Mrs., l6 Lebanon 
M'Call Owen, engineer, 18 Budd 
M'Call P., att'y & coun., 98^ S 4th 
M'Calla Alex., gent., Marshall bel Spring Garden 
M'Calla Andrew, hatter, 252 High, h 177 N 7th 
M'Calla Charles, clerk, 94 N 6th 
M'Calla & Co., hatters, 252 High 
M'Calla Edward, labourer, 41 Crabb 
M'Calla E., mer, 51 N 2d, h 82 Vine 
M'Calla, F. L., N. W. 10th and George 
M'Calla Isaiah H., accountant, 63 S 11th 
M'Calla James, foreman in coal yard, 5 South 

M'Calla James S., printer, 4th bel Carpenter, 

office 12 Pear 
M'Calla Lawrence, lab., Chai'lotte bel Phoenix 
M'Calla Robert P., 356 S 3d 
M'Calla Saml. W., brickmr., Lewis ab Sch 3d 
M'Calla William, collector, 5 N 11th 
M'Calla William, com. mer., 5 N 11th 
M'Calla William L. Rev., 10th bel Shippen 
M'Callar Michael, trunk mr., 1 Warder pi 
M'Calley John, city watch, Lombard ab Sch. 7th 
M'Calley Mary, 45 Fitzwater 
M'Calley Robert, hatter, 3 Wells' row 
M'Callin Owen, 73 George 
M'Callister Catharine, 43 P road 
M'Callmont George, manuf., 2 Ranstead court 
M'Calvey & Cann, hoisting machinemakers, 82 N 

M'Calvey Jas., hoisting machine mr., 82 N 6th, 

h Sch. 7th n Vine 
M'Calvey James, trader. Brown n Front 
M'Calvey, James, waterman, F road ab Stone 

M'Calvey Patrick, mariner, Stanley ab 3d 
M'Cambridge John, lab., c F road & Otter 
M'Camm Eleanor, cake baker, 241^ S 2d 
M'Cammon Samuel, drover, Highjiel Sch 2d 
M'Canige Waniel, polisher, 9 Dean 
M'Canles John, grocer, 43 N 4tli 
M'Cann Aaron, tanner, St. John ab Beaver 
M'Cann Catharine, 2 Ban-ington's court 
M'Cann Edward, grocer, 198 Christian 
M'Cann Eliza, 241^ S 2d 
M'Cann Henry, tavern, 242 S 4th 
M'Cann Isabella, tavern, G T road ab Phoenix 
M'Cann James, collector, 161 Shippen 
M'Cann Jane, Sycamore ab Locust 
M'Cann Matthew, chandler, 33 Garden 
M'Cann Mary, 29 Crabb ^ 

M'Cann M., j eweller, 1 Stamper's alley 
M'Cann Wm., blacksmith, 541 N Front 
M'Cann Wm. G., gent., 36 Franklin 
M'Canna John, baker, G T road ab Phoenix 
M'Canner Rose Mrs., 2 Brook's ct 
M'Cannon Mary, tavern 295 S 7th 
M'Cannon Neal, grocer, 260 Cedar 
M'Cannon Owen, weaver, 2d bel Master 
M'Cannon Patrick, labourer, 21 Crabb 
M'Cannon Wm., weaver, Cedar bel Broad 
M'Caraher Alexander, mer., 295 N 6tli 
M'Caraher Charles, mer., 295 N 6th 
M'Carer Sarah, upholsterer, 129 New 
M'Carley Patrick, trunkmaker, Duke and New 

M'Carney John, labourer, Lombard ab Sch. 7th 
M'Carney Margaret Mrs., Lagrange place 
M'Carren Elizat^h, bottler, 150 N 13th 
M'Carren John,Wbourer, Broad ab Sassafras 
M'CaiTen John, labourer, Lombard n Sch 7th 
M'Carren Robt, messenger, C. H., 8 Elmslie'sal 
M'Carren Wm., labourer, Sassafras bet Sch 7th 

& 8th 
M'Carren Wesley L., bottler, 150 N 13th 
M'Carroll Robert, watchm.. Chestnut ab Sch. 3d 
M'Carry James, tavern, 157 S Front 
M'Cart Mary, Say st 

M'Carter Alexander, carp., 13th ab Shippen 
M'Carter James, carter, c Sch. Front &, Carlton 
M'Carter Rachel, 80 N 6th 
M'Cartey John, dealer, 178 N Water 
M'Cartey Wm.,[stone cutter, Ann n R road (FV) 
M'Carthe J., gent., 3 Lagrange 
M'Carthran Wm., grocer. Carpenter bel 5th 
M'Cartney Henry, tavern. Vine ab Broad 
M'Cartney James, weaver, Sch 3d n Lombard 
M'Cartney James, weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
M'Cartney Pati-ick, 6th bel Cedar 
M'Carty Aaron, tavern, c Maiden & Beach 
M'Carty Callaghan, weaver, 13th bel Rose 
M'Carty Charles, weaver, 5 Gray's ct. (K) 
M'Carty Charles, weaver, 11 Pratt's ct 
M'Carty & Davis, stationers, 171 High 
M'Carty James, lab., 18 Helmuth 
M'Carty Mary, Centre bel 13th 
M'Carty Owen, stone cutter, R road ab Ann, 

M'Carty Owen, weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
M'Carty Patrick, labourer, 12 Jones' alley 




M'Carty Timothy, labourer, 8 Northampton 
M'Carty Thomas, lab., N E Adams 8c Clymer 
M'Carty Wm. L., tailor, 20 Cypress al 
M'Catharine A., provision dealer, Shippen la n 

M'Cathery Edward, weaver. Cedar n 13th 
M'Carthy Daniel, shopkeeper, 88 Swanson 
M'Caskey A. Rev., 475 S 2d 

M'Castney Patrick, tavern, 183 Shippen 

M'Caul John, tailor, 260 N 3d 

M'Cauley Chas. S., Commodore U. S. Navy, h 

Filbert n Sch 7th 
M'Cauley James, brickmr., Cooper ab Sch. 3d 
M'Cauley John, stock and exch. broker, 5 Com- 
merce, h 152 S 10th 
M'Cauley John, labourer, Sliippen bel Broad 
M'Cauley John, mer., 417 Chestnut 
M'Cauley John, lab., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
M'Cauley J., dry ,^oods, 534 N 2d 
M'Cauley Mary, shop, 144 Lombard 
M'Cauley Neal, weaver, 2d ab Edward. (K) 
M'Cauley Patrick, drayman, 30 Gaskill 
M'Cauley Rebecca, furniture store, 41 Cedar 
M'Cauley Sang-ford, collector, 204 CheiTy 
M'Cauley Thomas, tinsmith, 21 High, h 3 Ham- 
ilton's ct. 
M'CauUey Cornelius, moroc, dresser, 174 Cedar, 

h 186 S 5th 
M'Causland Alexander, books and grocery, 183 

and 185 S 6th 
M'Causland Alexander, engineer and machinist, 

162 N 12th 
M'Causland Margaret, Sch. 4^ab Chestnut 
M'Caw M., clothes dealer, 2#'s 3d 
M'Cay Alexander, real est. broker, 185 Spruce 
M'Chaghan James, distiller. Vine n Sch 
M'Chrystal Francis, dealer, 181 Cedar 
M'Clain Hugh, carpenter, 8 Juniper lane 
M'Clain John, blacksmith, Scott's ct 
M'Clain Margaret, 3 N Juniper 
M'Clane Joseph, grocer, N W Sch 8th and 

M'Clane Michl., weav., Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
M'Clane Mrs., 221 Callowhill 
M'Clane Robert, spin., Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
M'Claney William, tavern, 85 Shippen 
M'Claranan George, tailor, 9 Wiley's ct 
M'Clary John, shoemr., 53 Federal 
M'Clary John, shop, 89 W High 
M'Clary John, chaii-mr., 6 Baker's ct 
M'Clary Joseph, bricklayer, 6 Baker's ct 
M'Clary Julianna, b h, 6 Baker's ct 
M'Clary Patrick, weaver, Camac n 5th 
M'Clary William, plasterer, 6 Baker's ct 
M'Claskey Edward, dealer, 196 Shippen 
M'Claskey James, butcher, Marriott bel 4th 
M'Claskey L. F. Mrs., b h., 132 S 2d 
M'Claskey Mary, huckster, c 2d & Washington 
M'Claskey Richard, shoemr., St John n George. 
M'Clatchey Robert, collector, S E 8th & Cedar 
M'Clatchey Robert, magistrate, 23J S 6th 
M'Clay Armer, coachman. New Crown 
M'Clay Andrew, marble polisher, Truxton n 

M'Clay Jame-s, tavern, Callowhill n WiUiam 
M'Clean David, late constable, Cedar ab lOth 
M'Clean John, tavern, S W Almond & Swanson. 
M'Clean John, cordw., 405 S Front. 
M'Clean John, labourer, Sch. 2d bel Lombard 
M'Clean Timothy, labourer, 259 Catharine 
M'Clean Thomas, blacksmith, 236 S 4th, h 16 

W. Market pi 
M'Cleary Andrew, tinner, 198 Cherry. 
M'Cleary Anna Maria, 8 Magnolia 
M'Cleary Hugh, weaver, Philip n Master. 
M'Cleary John, labourer, Murray ab Sch. 2d. 
M'Clees James, cordwainer, 37 Apple 
M'Clellan George, M. D., 248 Walnut 
M'Clellan John, dry goods, c 12th and Montgo- 
M'Clellan Joseph, labourer. Brown's ct. 
M'Clellan Samuel, M. D., 189 Walnut. 
M'Clellan Wm., trunkmaker, 440 High, h 13th 

bel Fitzwater. 
M'Clellan Wm., shoemaker, 6 Trotter's alley, h 

397^ S 2d 
M'Clellan Wm., watchman, Shippen lane ab 

M'Clelland G. W., gent., h 214 Mulberry. 
M'Clelland Samuel, labourer. Linden bel Green 
M'Clements Aaron, gent., 21 Filbert. 
M'Clements John, saddler, Stanley ab 3d. 
M'Clintock Harriett, 129 N 11th. 
M'Clintock James, M. D., 6 N 9th. 
M'Clintock Jane, dry goods, 12 & h 91 N 2d 
M'Clintock John, trea. and secr'y Beaver Mea- 
dow Coal Co., 75 Dock, h 91 N 2d. 
M'Clintock Robert, lab.. Pearl ab 12th. 
M'Clintock Samuel, carpenter. Vine bel Sch. 2d 
M'Closky Ann, 52 Zane. 
M'Closky Henry, cordw., Ann n Sch. 7th. 
M'Closky James, carpenter, 332^Cedar 
M'Closky James, curb setter, 20 Castle 
M'Closky Michael, labourer, 9 Greswold's alley 
M'Closky Michael, gent., 477 Sassafras. 
M'Cloud John, hatler, 46 High 
M'Clow George, porter, Paschall's alley. 
M'Clune George, boot and shoemaker, 363 S 2d 
M'Clung John, stove finisher & pattern maker, 

72 N 6th, h 70 Tammany. 
M'Clung John, carter. Filbert ab Sch. 8th 
M'Clung John & Wm., grocers, S W 2d & Pine 
M'Clung WiUiam, grocer, S W 2d and Pine, h 

25 Spruce 
M'Clure & Abbott, grocers, N E Broad & Sas- 
M'Clure David, 109 Filbert. 
M'Clure G. W., hatter. Green bel 9th. 
M'Clure James, lab., Shippen lane ab Shippen. 
M'Clure James, acct.. Ill N Water, h 134 N 9th 
M'Clure John, carpenter. Vine & Sch. 8th, h 

194 Cherry. 
M'Clure John, lab., Pearl n Sch. 
M'Clure John, shoemaker, Lombard bel Sch. 7th 
M'Clure Joseph, mer., 347 High, h 97 N 9th 
M'Clure Robert, N E Broad & Sassafras, h N W 

12th & Carlton. 
M'Clure Samuel, carpenter, 134 S 9th 
M'Clure Samuel, carpenter, rear 196 Cherry 




M'Clurg- Alexander, mei-., 105^ Chesnut, h Mul- 
berry n Sch. 7th 
M'Clurg Mrs., 154 N 3d 
M'Clurg' Mrs., 8 Swanson. 
M'Clurg- Patrick, Lombard n Bank. 
M'Cluskey Francis, shopkeeper, 290 S 7th 
M'CIuskey John, drover, R road bel Coates 
M'Cluskey Patrick, labourer, G T road ab Master 
M'Clusky Wm., cabinetmr., 170 Cherry. 
M'Cologan Charles, currier, c Budd & I aurel. 
M'Cologan Mark, tanner, 131 Budd. 
M'Colgan Michael, saddler, 7 Kelly. 
M'Colg-er Hugh, lab., Fairmount av, Sch. 
M'Collin Allen, tailor, 203 Cherry. 
M'Collin John, clerk, 58 Mulberry 
M'Collin Thomas, acct., 13th bel Green 
M'Collom George, carter, 234 Catharine. 
M'Colt John, weaver, Cadwalader n Phoenix. 
M'Comb David, lab., 6 Mechanic. (F M) 
M'Comb J. Mrs., 36 Sugar alley 
M'Comb John, labourer, Shippen bel Broad 
M'Combs John, dealer. Spruce ab Sch. 5th 
M'Conell Fergus, gi-ocer, 1 10 Cherry . 
M'Confell Edward, weaver, 4th bel G T road. 
M'Conless John, weaver, Sch. 8th bel Vine. 
M'Conn James, dealer, Washington n Master 
M'Connell Alexander, tavern, 122 Callowhill 
M'Connell James, cordw., N W 12th & Lombard 
M'Connell John, lab., 94 Catharine 
M'Connell Mary, 46 Vine. 
M'Connell Matthew, spectaclemr., 6 Julianna 

M'Connell , grocer, 187 S 6th. 

M'Connell Matthew, pavier, 12th ab Shippen. 
M'Connell Patrick, brickmaker, 4 Barker. 
M'Connell M. & Co., milliners, 283 Chestnut 
M'Connell William, carpenter, 102 N 12th 
M'Connell William, labourer, Prospect ct. 
M'Connell Wm., mer., 57 High, h 52 Marshall. 
M'Connell Wm., mer., 151 Dillwyn. 
M'Connomay Samuel, lab., Lombard n Sch. 2d 
M'Cool Daniel, combmaker, 126 Brown 
M'Cool Samuel, boot & shoemaker, 404 N 3rd. 
M'Cool Wm., lab., 124 Brown. 
M'Cord George, printer. Harmony E of 4th. 
M'Cord G. W., printer, 6 Bank al. 
M'Cord Joseph, glass cutter, 44 Prune and 85 

N 6tli 
M'Cord Wilham, carpenter. Juniper and Pine 
M'Corkle A., blacksmith. Prospect ct. 
M'Corkle Maria Mrs., N E 11th & Vine. 
M'Corkle & Page, mers., 203 High 
M'Corkle Thomas, mer., 203 High, h 102 N 5th 
M'Cormick Benj., ropemr., Poplar n Phoenix. 
M'Cormick & Crommie, mer. tailors, 45 S 8th. 
M'Cormick Ellen, spooler, Cadwalader ab Phoe- 
M'Cormick Elizabeth, 133 CheiTy 
M'Cormick F. S., senr., tobacconist, 19 N 9th 
M'Cormick P". jr., bookbinder, Beaver ct, h 199 

M'Cormick David, cordw., 285 S 5th. 
M'Cormick (ieorge, weaver, Bedford be) Broad 
M'Cormick Hugh, tailor, 45 S 8th. 
M'Cormick Jas., weaver, Sch Bank n W. Cedar, 
M'Cormick James, printer, Schuylkill av. 

M'Cormick James, mer., 74 Cedar, h 39 Almond 
M'Coi-mick James & Co., liquor mers., 74 Cedar 
M'Cormick John, stone cutter, 381 N 4th. 
M'Cormick John, tavern, 9 N 11th. 
M'Cormick John, cordwainer, Walter's court 
M'Cormick Margaret, dressmr, 13th ab Cedar. 
M'Cormick Margery, 263 Cherry 
M'Cormick Margery, 4 Fi-anklin row. 
M'Cormick Mary, Sch. Beach ab Spruce. 
M'Cormick Patrick, shoemr., rear 214 Shippen 
M'Cormick Philip, cordwainer, 96 Plum 
M'Cormick Rosanna, Vine ab Broad. 
M'Cormick Samuel, shopkr., G T road n 2d 
M'Cormick Samuel, stone cutter, 609 N 2d. 
M'Cormick Steward, shoemr., rear 114 Plumb. 
M'Cormick Thos. B., cabinet maker, 118 Car- 
M'Cornn James, labourer, 35 W Cedai- 
M'Corrin Michael, lab.. Orchard n Rawle. 
M'Corrin Samuel, labourer, MilHin ab Perry , 
M'Cosker Patrick, dealer, 6 Barker. 
M'Cosker Thomas, stovemr., 283 Cedar 
M'Coughan Alexander, tailor, 2d ab Otter. 
M 'Court John, weaver, Cadwalader n Phcenix 
M'Court William, tavern, 23 N 8th 
M'Cousker Michael, stone mason, 103 Bedford 
M'Cowan William, carpet manuf., 4 Cox (S) 
M'Cowen Charles, tobacconist, 5 N 6th 
M'Coy Adam, lab., William n Edward. 
M'Coy Benjamin, sawyer, 17 Pearl. 
M'Coy Dennis, dra3Tnan, 54 Fitzwater. 
M'Coy Dennis, labourer, Sch. 3d n George. 
M'Coy ELzabeth, b h, Wood n Sch. 7th 

M'Coy Elizabeth, dry goods, S W 8th & Lombard 

M'Coy Elizabeth, milliner, Sch Bank n W Cedar 
M'Coy Ephraim, carpenter, Marriott ab 4th 
VI 'Coy George W., watch mr., 410 N 2d, h 7 

M'Coy James, tavern, 323 High 
»l'Coy James, weaver, 308 S 6th 

M'Coy Jane, Ann ab Sch. 8th 

M'Coy John, cordw., 234 Shippen. 

M'Coy John, lab., Adam st. 

M'Coy John, lab., Lombard ab 13th. 

M'Coy John, dyer, Sch. Bank n W Lombard 

M'Coy John, grocer, N E Mead and Front 

M'Coy Joseph, carpenter, 181 Cedar 

M'Coy Michael, lab., Ann n Sch. 4th. 

M'Coy Patrick, Sch. 2d n Cedar. 

M'Coy Sarah, dry goods, 137 S 2d 

M'Coy Thomas, grocer, S W 4th and Catharine 

M'Coy Wm., carpenter, 260 Shippen. 

M 'Coy AVilliam labourer, 42 Quince 

M'Coy Wilham, mason, Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

M'Crea Ann, dry goods, 3 N 12th 

M'Crea Catharine, Wood ab Crown. 

M'Crea James, M. D., N E Broad & Walnut. 

M'Crea John, mer,, Lombard St. wharf, h 381 

M'Crea Joseph, plasterer, F road opp Bedford 
M'Crea J. Mrs., 13th ab Spruce. 
M'Crea Thomas, starchmr., 602 N Front 
M'Crea Wm., livery stables, 21 Crown, h Juli 

anna n Callowhill. 
M'Creary Philip, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 




M'Credy Bernard, mer., 30 Church al, h 411 1 M'Curdy Jane, washer, rear 30 Chester. 

^Nl'Credy Ellen, ^ocer, c Cedar and Chflon 
M'Credy Francis, tavern, S E Pine &, Water. 
M'Credy Joseph, machinist, rear 84 N 6th. 
M'Credy Dennis & Son, mers., 7 N Water 
M'Credy Dennis, mer., 7 N Watei-, h 6 Wash- 
ington square 
M'Credy Dennis A., mer., 7 N Water, h 20 

Washini^lon sq 
M'Credy Wm., tavern, S E Pine and Penn 
M'Cree William, labourer, Hamilton ab Sch. 6th 
M'Creery Henry, oyster cellar, 9 S 6th. 
M'Creig'ht Robt., nianui'., School n Rose. 
M'Crellish A., soap and candle manuf., 267 N 3d 
M'Crellish Esther, tavern, AVagner's al 
M'Cristol Dennis, carter, 4th bel JefFerson 
M'Cristol Francis, weaver, Cadwalader n Phoe- 
' M'Cristol Michael, weaver, c Master & Charlotte 
M'Cristy John, lab., G T road & Jefferson. 
M'Crossin John, lab., 8 Elder al. 
M'Croy Catharine, shop, 624 N 3d. 
M'Croy J., tobacconist, 240 S 7th 
M'Crudden Hugh, carter, 5 Roger's ct. 
M'Crummel James, confectioner, 349 Callowhill 
M'Crummel James, hair dresser & dentist, 262 

M'Cry Thomas, carter, 5 Roger's ct. 
M'Cubbin Henry, shoe mr., rear 8 Cresson's al 
M'Cudy William, 17 Prosperous al. 
M'Cue Philip, lab., Wagner's al bel Brinton. 
M'Culiffe Patrick, accountant, 6 Diamond 
■ M'CuUagh Charles, lab., 187 N Front. 
M'CuUagh Michael, lab., Jones's al ab Sch. 5th. 
M'Cullagh Owen, weaver, G T road ab Master 
M'CuUagh Patrick, lab.. High ab Sch. 5th. 
M'Cullagh Robert P., clerk, 2*8 Walnut 
M'CuUen Jas., weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la 
M'CuUen John, weaver, Bedford ab 12th. 
M'Cullen Thomas, lab., Shippen ab Shippen la 
M'Culley Andrew, blacksmith. Filbert n Sch. 8th 
M'CuUey George H., watch mr., 216 S 2d 
M'Culley James, labourer, Lombard ab 11th 
M'Culley John, ship smith, 5 Mead. 
M'Culley John, paper canner, Lombard ab 12th 
M'Culley Joseph, blacksmith, Wharton bel 5th 
M'Culley Mary, 257 S 3d 
M'Culley Samuel, ship carp., 99 Prime. 
M'Culley Thomas, carpenter, 42 George (S) 
M'Culloch Ann, gentwo., 214 Spruce 
M'CuUough Robert, carrier, 59 Carpenter. (S) 
M'Cullum Samuel, stone cutter, 13th bel Sassa- 
M'Cully M^m., victualler, 540 S 2d. 
M'Cane Clement, manuf., 13th ab Callowhill 
M'Cune George, gi'ocer, c Sch. 6th & George. 
M'Cune Margaret, Rittenhouse bel Sch. 5th 
M'Cune M.ary, b h, 23 Powell. 
M'Cune Michael, labourer, 322 S 3d 
M'Cunny R., acct., 2 Clover 
M'Curdy Daniel & Son, conveyancers, 10 S 12th 
M'Curdy Jacob W., conveyancer, 10 S 12th, h 

11 Howard. 
M'Curdy James, printer, rear 30 Chester. 

M'Curdy John, labourer, 19 W Cedar 
M'Curdy J., boot and shoemr.. Ill Walnut 
M'Curdy John, printer, rear 295 Callowhill. 
M'Cvu-dy J. K., bootmaker. 111 Walnut 
M'Curdy J. W., ladies shoemr., 90 S 4th 
M'Cusker James, block maker, 397 S Front. 
M'C<isker John, oyster cellar, S E 2d and Lom- 
bard, h rear Shield's court 
M'Cusker Michael, shop, 257 Cedar. 
M'Cutch James, lab., Sch. 2d n Lombard 
M'Cutch John, lab., Sch. 2d n Lombard 
M'Cutchin Robert, lab., 15 Brinton. 
M'Cutten Wm., lab., 2 Meyer's ct. 
M'Daniel Benjamin, millwright, 9 Gebhard. 
M'Daniel Benjamin, carter, Moore's alley. 
M'Daniel Dennis, waterman, Carlton ab Sch 2d 
M'Daniel John, jr., stone cutter, Ann n Powell. 
M'Daniel John, senr., keeper M. prison, h 9th bel 

Fitz water. 
M'Daniel John, coach spring mr., 102 Filbert, h 

7 N 11th 
M'Daniel Joseph, carp.. Orchard n Rawle. 
M'Daniel Maria, 5th bel Marriott 
M'Daniel Wm., plane mr., Elizabeth n Parrish 
M'Dermond George, cabinetmr., Lagrange pi. 
M'Dermot John, stevedore, 21 Gaskill. 
M'Dermot Michael, tavern, 247 Shippen 
M'Dermot Patrick, stevedore, 65 Gaskill 
M'Dermott Catharine, teacher. Juniper & Mul- 
M'Dermott Catharine, Parker's al. 
M'Dermott Edward, gent., 186 Spruce 
M'Dermott Edward, stevedore, 69 Union 
M'Dermott Hugh, labourer, 36 Plum 
M'Dermott James, cordwainer, 156 N Water 
M'Dermott John, labourer, 21 Gaskill 
M'Dermott Patrick, distiUer, c Front & Brown 
M'Dermott Thomas, labourer. Wood n Sch 2d 
M'Dermott William, tavern, c 13th and Centre 
M'Devitt Burnet, chairmr., rear 131 St. John 
M'Devitt Catharine, grocer, N E Spruce and 

S wharves 
M'Devitt George, labourer, 130 Plum 
M'Devitt Hugh, suspender mr., 215 N Front 
M'Devitt Hugh, weaver, 23 M'Duffie 
M'Devitt James, suspen. and carpet manuf and 

variety store, 43 N 2d 
M'Devitt James, lab., Vine n Sch 
M'Devitt James, tavern, 117 Plum 
M'Devitt John, curb setter, S W 5th and Catha- 
M'Devitt John, variety. High ab Sch. 5th 
M'Devitt John, weaver, 273 N Front 
M'Devitt John, carpenter, George bel Sch. 6th 
M'Devitt Mary, shopkeeper, G T road n 5th 
M'Devitt Patrick, lab., Lombard ab Sch. 6th 
M'Devitt Patrick, tailor, 95 German 
M'Devitt Patrick, lab., Hamilton n F M 
M'Devitt Wm., laboiu'er. Pine ab Willow 
M'Devitt William, tavern, 275 N Front 
M'Devitt William, yeoman, Wood ab 13th 
M'Dole Andrew, tobacconist, 319 High, h 38 

M'Dole & Lewis, tobacconists, 319 Hig-h 




M«Donald Abigal, 476 S 2d 

McDonald Aaron, car builder, Carlton n Sch. 2d 

M'Donald Andrew, brickmr., Camac n 5th 

M'Donald Ann, Mlddleton court 

M'Donald Ann, gentwo., Sassafras n Sch 2d 

M'Donald Ann, c Sch. 8th and Miller's alley 

M'Donald Archibald, plasterer, Carlton ab Sch. 

Front • 
M'Donald Catharine, School n Otter 
M'Donald Catharine, dressmr., 4 College avenue 
M'Donald Charles, 6 Plynlimmon Place 
M'Donald Hugh, carter, 7th bel Catharine 
M'Donald Hugh, grocer, c Barron and Gaskill 
M'Donald James, coachman, 9 Prosperous al. 
M'Donald James, cooper, 4 Pleasant ct 
M'Donald James, fruiterer, Cadwalader bel 

Lloyd's ct 
M'Donald James, weaver, c 7th & Christian 
M'Donald James, ^'•ent., 316 N 8th 
M'Donald Jeremiah, lab., 119 Swanson 
M'Donald John, teacher, 211 S 2d 
M'Donald John, cooper, St John bel Beaver 
M'Donald John, oak cooper, Type al n Sch 
M'Donald John, livery stable. Marble ab 10th 
M'Donald Louisa, b. h., 135 Vine 
M'Donald Mary, 31 Bonsall 
M'Donald Mary Ann, M'Namany's ct 
M'Donald Michael, labourer, 1 China Row 
M'Donald Patrick, weaver, Sch 3d n Cedar 
M'Donald Philip, weaver, Sch 4th n Lombard 
M'Donald Rennal, morocco dyer, (^hai'lotte ab 

M'Donald Rodger, gi-ocer, S E Caldwell and 

Sch Beach 
M'Donald Sarah, circulating library, 151 S 11th 
M'Donald William, blacksmith &. wheelwright, 

c 2d and Wharton, h 576 S 2d 
M'Donald William, pearl turner, 2 Kunkle's ct 
M'Donald William, tavern, 87 Plum 
M'Donald Wm., tavem, 4th ab Cedar 
M'Donald William, tailor. Beach n Maiden 
M'Donald William, cordw., Shippen ab Broad 
M'Donnah Charles, clothing store, 216 Cedar 
M'Donnahue Patrick, baker 
M'Donnell Charles, tinsmith, 342 N 2d 
M'Donnell Hannah, c Orchard & Rawle's ct 
M'Donnell Hugh, c Gaskill and Barron 
M'Donnell James, carpenter, 2 Shield's ct 
M'Donnell Lucy, Cedar bel l2th 
M'Donnell Philips, grocer, 183 N 2d 
M'Donnell Sarah, gentw., 608 N 3d 
M'Donough Abraham, chairmr., Ill S 2d 
M'Donough Charles A., tailor, 192 Cedur 
M'Donough James, tailor, 49 N 7tli 
M'Donough Margaret, b. h. 114 N Water 
M'Donough Margaret, grocer, S W 4tli and 

M'Donough Michael, gilder, 102 Budd 
M'Donough Pati-ick, labourer, 12 Hyde's ct 
M'Donough R., b. h., 138 S 5th 

M'Dowell Ebenezer, carp., 137 N 8th 
M'Dowell John, lab.. Mulberry bel Sch Front 
M'Dowell John, D. D., 126 N 9th 
M'Dowell John, carp., 16 Elizabeth (N L) 
M'Dowell John, cordwainer. Walker's ct 
M'Dowell Joseph, stationer, 37 High, h 14 Ann 
M'Dowell Lydia, diy goods, S W 6th & Locust 
M'Dowell Thomas, acc't., 403 N 3d 
M'Dowell William H., men, 23 S Water, h 11th 

bel Cedar 
M'Dowell William A., D. D., 451^ Mulberry 
M'Dougal Robert, tailor, 131 Spruce 
M'Dudy Michael, carpenter. High ab Sch 8th 
M'Elhone Charles, weaver, Perry n Franklin 
M'Ellwee W Mrs., c 13th and Budd 
M'Elray Daniel, lab.. Mansion n Oak (W P) 
M'Elray Wm., weaver, Filbert ab Sch 5th 
M'Elree Samuel, manuf., 152 S 13th 
M'Ehoy A., publisher new Directory, h 3 Ser- 
M'Elroy Adam, carp., S W 4th & Brown, h 

Crown bel Green 
M'Elroy Alexander, grain measurer, 301 S 3d 
M'Elroy Archibald, tax collector, W Moyam. 

S E Broad and Shippen 
M'Elroy Catharine, shopki'., 3d bel Phoenix 
M'Elroy David, weaver, 21 Brinton. 
M'Elroy Hannah, gentw., 186 S 4th 
M'Elroy Herbert, seaman, 109 N Juniper 
M'Elroy Jane, shopkeeper, 3 Burd's ct 
M'Elroy John Rev., Willing's al 
M'Elroy John, mer., 47 High, h 29 Catherine 
M'Eli'oy John, acct., 82 Crown 
M'Elroy John, labourer, 28 W Cedar 
M'Elroy Peter, tailor, 15 Stamper's al 
M'Elroy Robert, weaver, 11 Vernon 
M'Elvane Wm., mer., 38 Jacoby 
M'Elwee John, weaver, 14 Brinton 
M'llroy Archibald, shoemaker, 168 S 11th 
M'Ewen Ann, Walnut ab Sch 2d 
M'Ewen & Brother, gassfitters, 105 Chestnut 
M'Ewen Charles, gent, S W Locust and 8th 
M'E^wen Elizabeth, 127 N Juniper 
M'Ewen James, stables, O Y road ab Noble, h 

269 N 5th 
M'Ewen James, weaver, Bedford bel Bi'oad 
M'Ewen James, lab., Jones ab Sch 4th 
M'Ewen John, gent., R road bel Buttonwood 
M'Ewen John, weaver, 34 W Cedar 
M'Ewen Matthew, block printer, Adams bel 13th 
M'Ewen M. H., grocer, 146 N 4th, h 252 Mul- 
M'Ewen Peter, gasfitter. Lodge al ab 8th 
M'Ewen Rachae'l, 29 Castle 
M'Ewen Robert, carp., Murray ab Sch 2d 
M'Ewen Thomas, M. D., 298 Walnut 
M'Ewen Thomas, lab., Lombard bel Sch Bank 
M'Ewen William, engineer, 96 Catherine 
M'J'adden Andrew, pedler, c Dean and Locust 
M'Fadden Douglass, carp., 5 Boyle's ct 
M'Fadden D., labourer, S:;h Front ab Filbert 

M'Donough Thomas, b. h., 351 Lombard 

M'Donough Wm., brickm., Marlborough n Duke I M'Fadden .lames, lab., 1 Vaux's ct 

M'Dowell Anthony, weaver, Shlppr.-n Lane bel M'Fadden Margaretta, shop, S W Dean and 

Fitzwater Lyndall's al 

M'Dowell, Day & Co., dry jfoods, 46 N 2d M'Fadden Samuel, carp., 44 Quervelle's ct 




M'Fadden Sarah, George ab 13tli 
M'Fadden Susanna, Ashton bel Spruce 
M'Fadden Thomas, weaver, 32 W Cedar 
M'Fadden Thomas, weaver, 27 Spafford 
M'Fadden William, cordwnr., Vaux's ct 
M'Fadden AVilliam, stonecutter, Bedford ab 12th 
M'Fadden William, turner, 5 Sterling- al 
M'Fall Henry, tavern, 287 Cedar 
M'Fall William, 278 St John 
M'Falls John, grocer, c Sch 3d and Cedar, 
M'Farlan James, bootmkr., Simmons' ct 
M'Farlan James, cordwainer, 212 Shippen 
M'Farlan James, carter, 12th n Cedar 
M'Farlan John, weaver, 224 F road 
M'Farland Ann, Arrison's ct 
M'Farland Daniel, stonecr., Jones' al n Sch 4th 
M'J'arland Daniel, st. cutter^ c 12th and Bed- 
M'Farland David, grocer, Lombard n Sch 2d 
M'Farland F. Rev., 36 Sansom 
M'Farland George, lab., Washington ab Vine 
M'Farland Jane, Bedford bel 13th 
M'Farland J. B., mer., 105 High 
M'Farland John, carter, Callowhill bel Sch 7th 
M'Farland John,' lab., c Beach and Clay 
M'Farland Mary, 6 N 7th 
M'Farland Samuel, cordw., Callowhill bel Sch 

M'Farland S ami., machinist, Carlton bel Sch 8th 
M'Farland Thomas, carter, Sch 8th ab Vine 
M'Farland Walter, mariner, 308 S Front 
M'Farland William, caulker, School n Brown 
M'Farland Wm., shoemaker, 6th bel Fitzwater 
M'Farland William, Quince ab Pine 
M'Farlin Margaret, b. h. 10 W Cedar 
M'Farlin Solomon, carpenter, 48 Duke 
M'Farren Patrick, tavern, 298 S 6th 
M'Fate James, lab., Wasliington n Callowhill 
M'Fate Samuel, 37 Coates 
M'Fawn James, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
M'Fee John, carpet manuf., 516 High 
M'Fen'an John, cordwainer, 125 Catharine 
M'Feters John, lab., Sch 6th n Lombard 
M'Feters John, tinsmith, 44 Cedar 
M'Fetric Samuel, shoemr., 181 Shippen 
M'Fetteridge James, drayman, 3 Mechanic's av 
M'Fetteridge Samuel, weaver, 19 Lebanon 
M'Fetteridge Samuel, weaver, 30 W Cedar 
M'FiUin James, tailor, 240 Shippen 
M'Fittrish John, N W 11th and Locust 
M'Guky James, painter, rear 2 W Market pi 
M'Garagle D., tailor, 250 Lombard 
M'Garey Mary Mrs., 2 Collins' al 
M'Gargee Daniel, drayman, 462 N 5tli 
M'Garrugh Alexander, teacher, Sch 8th n Vine 
^I'Garrah James, carpenter, 8 Adams 
M'Garrity James, drayman, c Sch 8th and Cal- 
M'Garry Abraham, trader, 213 S 6th 
M'Garry Alexander, carter, Ashton bel Sassafras 
M'Garr}' Daniel, tavern, 11th and Cedar 
M'Garry, M.chacl, labourer, 2 Hunter 
M'GaiTy Siu-ab, grocer, Cedar ab Clifton 
M'Garvey A., shoemr., Sch Bank u Pine 
M'Garvey Edward, carter, Lombard n Sch 6th 

M'Garvey James, weavej, G T road n Master 
M'Garvey Patrick, lab., 39 W Cedar 
M'Garvey Samuel, nurse. Marine Hospital, h 

Lombard ab Sch 7th 
M'Garvey William, lab., Lombard ab Sch 6th 
M'Gaughy Charles, lab.. Pine ab Ashton 
M'Gaughy Moses, porter, Sch 8th n Vine 
M'Gauley Lydia, tavern, S W Water and Sassa- 
M'Gaw James, weaver, Orange n F road 
M'Gaw Joseph, cordw., Shackamaxon n Prince 
M'Gee Barnard, dra)'man, 23 Flower 
M'Gee B. B., grocer. Willow n Lombard, Sch 
M'Gee Francis, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
M'Gee George, 2 Jackson's ct 
M'Gee Henry, tailor, Lombard ab Sch 7th 
M'Gee James, foreman of factory B. Hili, h 

M'Gee James, tavern, S W 8th & Shippen 
M'Gee James, bookbinder, 36 Kunkle 
M'Gee John, grocer, N W 2d & Union 
M'Gee John, weaver, 166 N Water 
M'Gee John, weaver, 37 W Cedar 
M'Gee Julia, 50 Charlotte 
M'Gee Patrick, pedler, Washington ab Master 
M'Gee Robert, st cutter, Marlborough ab Beach 
M'Gee Robert, carp., Poplar n 10th 
M'Gee Samuel, weaver, Hope n Master 
M'Gee William, 5 Linden 
M'Gee William, lab., 24 Bedford 
M'Gee William, tavern, 314 Cedai- 
M'Geehan John, tavern, N W 10th & Walnut 
M'Geehan Peter, cordw., Shippen bel Broad 
M'Gegan Hugh, weav., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
M'Gegan Miles, lab.. Vine n Sch 
M'Geoy Michael, tavern 9 Walnut 
M'Gettigan-John, baker, Shippen and Broad 
M'Gettigan James, baker, 73 Lombard 
M'Gill James, tailor, 200 N 8th 
M'Gill James, cooper, 39 S Water, h 258 

S Front 
M'Gill Matthias, sexton St. Paul's ch, h 6 Pear 
M'Gill Michael, corder, Coates st whaj-f, h 17 

M'Gill Robert, skin dresser, c Parrish and Eli 

M'Gill William, mer., 68 New 
M'Gilton Adam, carpenter, N E Wagner's al and 

M'Ginley Daniel, paper maker, 150 Coates 
M'Ginley Edward, grocer, Sch 3d bel Locust 
M'Ginle}^ Hugh, tavern, Swanson n Prime 
M'Ginley James, tanner, N W 7th and Willow 
M'Ginle}' James, lamp stamper, 2 Knight's ct 
M'Ginley John, store, Sch Front ab Filbert 
M'Ginley AVilliam, 203 Cherry 
M'Ginn Francis, victualler. Pine n Ashton 
M'Ginnis Benjamin, cai'penter, 87 Apple 
M'Ginnis Charles, tavern, 129 S Water 
M'Ginnis Daniel, teacher, 144 S Juniper 
M'Ginnis David, plasterer, c G T road & St John 
M'Ginnis Edward, tavern, c 13th and Adams 
M'Ginnis George, blacksmith,Sch 4th n Chestnut 
M'Ginnis James, tailor, 177 S 2d 
M'Ginnis John, carter, 38 Fitzwater 




M'Ginnis Patrick, store, Mulberry n Sch Front 
M'Ginnis Patrick, lab., Lombard bel Sch Bank 
M'Ginnis Timothy, watchman, 87 Apple 
M'Ginnis Thomas, lab., Rugan n Callowhill 
M'Ginnity Barnet, labourer, 32 Elizabeth 
M'Ginnity Georg-e, tavern, 133 N Water 
M'Ginnity H. W., central exchange, S E 6th & 

M'GiiT Mary, b. h. 77 S 12th 
M'^jirr Owen, grocer, 16 StrawbeiTy 
M'Girr Patrick, 2 N Juniper. 
M'Gittingen Daniel, drayman, 290 S 7th 
M'Gittingen Thomas, dry goods, 69 Cedar 
M'Givany John, cordwarner, M'Nameny's ct 
M'Glathery C, grocer. Front n Bedford 
M'Clathery Charles, labourer, Gray's al (N L) 
M'Glather}-^ Isaac, carpenter, 67 N 5th 
M'Glathery Jas., carp., 13 Pear, h 160 Christian 
M'Glathery John, currier, 321 S 4th 
M'Glathery Levi, carp., 13th bel Callowhill 
M'Clathery Mordecai, grocer, 114 F road. 
M'Glathery Richard, dry goods, S E 10th & Pine 
M'Glauglin Edward, mason, Sch 2d ab High 
M'Glaughlin James, shoemr., Shippen bel 13th 
M'Glaughlin John, coachman, 126 New 
M'Glaughlin Margaret Mrs., 530 S 2d 
M'Glauglin Samuel, carter, Sch 6th n Lombard 
M'Glensey Ann, 90 Lombard 
M'Glensey James, labourer. Spruce bel Sch. 5th 
M'Glensey John, groc, Sch Beacli n Chestnut. 
M'Glensey Mrs., widow of William, 83 Pine 
M'Glensey Rebecca, gentw., 173 S 3d 
M'Glensey Wm., grocer, S E Broad & Shippen 
M'Glinn Eliza, rear 212 Vine 
M'Glogan John, labourer, Budden's al bel 13th 
M'Glone Daniel, cordw., Shippen bel Broad 
M'Glue Luke, coach trimmer, 174 Lombard 
M'Goffin John, miniature painter, 2 Filbert 
M'Qoldrack James, lab.. Barker bel Sch. 6th 
M'Golrick John, tavern, 240 Christian 
M'Gonegal George H., carpenter, 195 Christian 
M'Gonegal William, tavern, S E 8th & Shippen 
M'Gonigal Catharine, St Joseph's av 
M'Gonigal Furgerson, tav., Callowhill n William 
M'Gonigal John, tavern, 222 Cedar 
M'Gonigal John, hack drivei", 53 Bedford 
M'Gonigal Thomas, cabinetmaker, 247 S 6th 
M'Gonigal William, shopkeep., Poplar n O Y rd 
M'Gonigal Wm., collar maker, R road ab Green 
M'Gorley Andi-ew, lab., c Sch 7th & Wood 
M'Gorren Edward, lab.. Clay ab Sch. Willow 
M'Govern Edward, china mer., 319^ High 
M'Gowan Samuel, umbrella mr., 10 Wagner's ct 
M'Gowen Edward, printer, 18 Flower 
M'Gowen Elizabeth, 115 Plum 
M'Gowen James, tailor, 1 Miller's ct 
M'Gowen James, tailor, S W Dock and Water, h 

118 S Front 
M'Gowen John, grocer, 142 N 2d, h S W 6th & 

M'Gowen Martin, tailor, 197 N Front 
M'Gowen Mary, 48 Gaskill 
M'Gowen Patrick, gent., 122 Mulberry 
M'Gowen Peter, gi-ocer, c Pine and Perry 
M'Gowen Sarah, 11 Gaskill 

M'Gowen William & Co., grocers, S W 6th and 

M'Gowen Wm., machinist, Crammond (W P) 
M'Gowen Wm., weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la 
M'Granagan Patrick, dealer, 94 Plum 
M'Granagan Susanna, Sycamore ab Locust 
M'Grann Rosetta Mrs., Linn, F Mount 
M'Grath Andrew, tavern, S W 5th & Bedford 
M'Gi-ath Jas., brickly'r., N E 10th & Buttonwood 
M'Grath Jane, tavern, 442 High 
M'Grath Jane, b h, 6 S 8th 
M'Grath J., grate maker, 6 and 32 N 6th, h 110 

N 8th 
M'Grath Jolin, dry goods, 209 S 2d 
M'Gratli John, tailor, 16 S 3d, h 24 Union 
M'Grath John W., mer., 107 High, h 200 High 
M'Grath Michael, weaver, 6 St. Mary 
M'Grath Michael, labourer, 142 N Water 
M'Grath R., dentist, 98 Mulberry 
M'Grath Samuel, tailor, 84 Ches'tnut 
M'Grath Thomas, tailoi-, 173 Callowhill 
M'Grath Thomas, watchman. Wood n Sch. Front 
M'Grath William, collector, 191 Christian 
M'Graw David, weaver, 11 St Mary 
M'Graw Henri*, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwalader 
M'Graw Hugh, lab., Cadv/alader ab Jefferson 
M'Graw John, gardener, S W Sch 8th and Sas- 
I safras 

M'Graw John, lab., 11 St Mary 
M'Graw Josepli, tailor, 11 Lagrange place 
M'Graw Lawrence, labourer, 184 Shippen 
M'Graw William, labourer, St. Mary bel 7th 
M'Gregor John, taUor, ct rear 25 Garden 
M'Gregor John, mer., 170 High, h 89 S 3d 
M'Gregor John, flax dresser, Sch. 5th ab Cedar 
M'Gregor Robert, mer., 170 High, h 310 AValnut 
M'Gregor Robert & Co., mers., 170 High 
M'Guckey John, weaver, 13th ab Fltzwater. 
M'Guckey Patrick, weav., G T road bel Phoenix 
M'Guigan Ann, fancy store, 146 S 11th 
M'Guigan Bernard, tobacconist, 16 Wallace 
M'Guigan John, collector, 19 Powell 
M'Guigan Owen, weaver, Stewart ab Catharine 
M'Guigan Thomas, importer, 2 Strawberry 
M'Guigan William, naturalist, 16 Swanwick 
M'Guire Edmund, collector, 70 Plum 
M'Guire Ezekiel, shoemr., 3d n Christian 
M'Guire Francis, stevedore, 8 Little Oak 
M'Guire Hugh, weaver. Phoenix n 2d 
M'Guire James, weaver, G T road ab Master 
M'Guire John, lab., G T road ab 5th 
M'Guire Mary, 29 Union 
M'Guire Michael, laboui-er, Cuskaden's ct 
M'Guire Patrick, Charlotte bel Master 
M'Guire Patrick, labourer, 242 Shippen 
M'Guire Patrick, lab., c Black horse al & Small 
M'Guire Patrick, manuf., Cadwalader above Jef- 
M'Guire Patrick, store, c Bedford and 7th 
M'Guire Patrick, tavern, Beach ab George (Sch) 
M'Guire Thomas, Cooper ab Sch 3d 
M'Guire Thomas, labourer, Division n Ann 
M'Guire William, tailor, 114 N 6th 
M'GuUigan Willie, lab., F Mount n Schuyl 
M'Gurk A., Cadwalader n Little Green 




M'Gurr Phoenix, shop, 5 Flower 
M'Ham Ruth, g-entw., 131 Christian 
M'Hattie Wm., blacksmitli, F road ab Bedford 
M'Henry A. R., mer., 16 S Front, h Sch. 8th ab 

M'Henry A. R. &, J., mars., 16 S Front 
M'Henry Charles, weaver, Sch 5th Sc Cedar 
M'Henry Dennis, weaver, Sch. 5th n Cedar 
M'Henry James, M. D., S W 8th and Lodge 
M'Henry James, lab., rear 52 P road 
M'Henry Margaret, 39 P road 
M'Henry Mark, g-rocer, Sch. 5th n Cedar 
M'Henry Matthew, soap boiler, 4 Ewing's ct 
M'Hug'h Dominick, foreman, Jefferson n G T rd 
M'Hugh James, labourer, 42 Gaskill 
M'llhenney Alex., weaver, Lombard bel Sch. 7th 
M'llhenney James, weaver, 6 Pratt's ct 
M'llhenney John, dry goods, 111 Buttonwood 
M'llhenney Joseph E., dentist, 124 Mulberry 
M'llhenney Samuel, acct., 228 Green 
M'llhenney Samuel, Vine n Sch. 
M'llhenney William, sec'y. Philad'a. Atheneum 

and consul for Venezuela, office S W 5th & 

M'llhenney Wm. H., clerk, N E Marshall and 

M'llvain Hug'h, lumber mer.. Washing-ton (W P) 
M'llvain Humphrey, gent., Chesnut (W P) 
Mllvain James & Co., lum. mers., Washinglon 

M'llvain J. H., mer.. Chestnut (W P) 
M'llvain Margai-et, 74 S 8th 
Mllvain Richai-d, g^ent., Washington (W P) 
Mllvaine George T.,' printer, 337 Race 
M'llvaine Henry, att'y. & coun., 75 Dock, h 10 

M'llvaine John, iron mer., 399 High, h Vine n 

Sch. 7th 
M'llvaine Joseph, weaver, G T road n 3d 
M'llvaine J. B., mer. 61 S Front,h 351 Walnut 
M'llvaine J. B. & Son, mers., 61 S Front 
M'llvaine Mary, 10 Jackson's ct 
M'llvaine Michael, 4 Penn 
M'llvaine Neal, weaver, Lombard n Sch 6th 
M'llwaine Robert, grocer, Carpenter ab 8th 
M'llwain George, printer, 59 Federal 
Mllwain J. K., trimmings, 42 S 2d 
M'lnenny James, watchman, rear Schuyl 8th n 

M'lnenny John, carter, Cai-penter bel 8th 
M'lntire Archibald, gent.. Walnut ab Sch 8th 
M'Intire Ann, 79 Budd 
M'lntire Daniel, broker, 40 Chestnut, h 206 

M'lntire Elizabeth, 160 S Front 
M'lntire Eunice, 12 Dorothy 
M'lntire George, lab., Carlton n Sch 2d 
M'lntire Isaiah, shoemaker, 133 S Front 
M'lntire James, lab.. Cedar bel Clifton 
M'lntire James, silversmith, 215 Lombard. 
M'lntire J. S., superintend, city, 9 Union row 
M'lntire John, lab., Marlborough n Queen 
M'lntire John F., blacksmith, Rachel n Laurel 
M'lntire John, carpet weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
Mintire Sarah, gentw., Marlborough bel Allen 

M'lntire Wm., weaver, Front n Master 
M'lntire Wm., carpenter, 42 Fitzwater 
M'lntire Wm., carpenter, 60 George. (S) 
M'Intosh James, cordwainer, Riehl's ct 
M'lntosh Margaret, George ab Sch 7th 
M'Intosh Sarah Mrs., 338 S 3d 
M'Intosh William, saddler, S E 6th 8c Fitzwater 
M'Intosh William, shoemanuf., 20 Lagrange 
M'Intosh Wm. C, distiller, c 4th & Carpenter, 

h 75 Carpenter 
M'Intyre Charles, carp., 18 Gray's al, h 160 S 

M'Intyre James, M. D., 118 Lombard 
M'Kage Ann, Riehl's ct 
M'Kage Robert, tobacconist, 36 Crown 
M'Kahen Wm., weaver, c William and Lydia 
M'Kahin Samuel, weaver, 606 N 2d 
M'Kanna Anthony, girth webmr., 4 Law's ct 
M'Kanna Bridget, 10th ab Wood 
M'Kanna Thomas, drayman, Budden's alley 
M'Karaher C, fancy store, 27 N 2d 
M'Karalier David, lab., Danford's ct 
M'Kay Adam, brewer, 365 S Front 
M'Kay Jeremiah, tavern, c G T road and Rose 
M'Kay John, cordwainer, 61 Carpenter 
M'Kay John, printer, 126 Catharine 
M'Keague John, flour and feed. Spruce bel 

Sch. 4th 
M'Keague Lawrence, lab.. Vine n Sch 
M'Kean Hannah, gentw., 235 Spruce 
M'Kean H. Pratt, mer., c 2d & Dock, h Spruce 

ab 10th 
M'Kean 11. Pratt & Co., mers., c 2d and Dock 
M'Kean James, lab., 15 Spafford 
M'Kean John, stone mason. Reeves n Sch 2d 
M'Kean John, labourer, 4 Jackson 
M'Kean John, tavern, S W 3d & German 
M'Kean Mary F. Mrs., 104 Wood 
M'Kean Mary Mrs., 17 Franklin 
M'Kean Patrick, cordwainer, 19 Greswold's al 
M'Kean Susan Miss, 172 S 11th 
M'Kean Thomas, gent.. Spruce ab 10th 
M'Kean Wm., bookseller. New Orleans, h 41 

M'Kean Wm. W., Lieut. U. S. Navy, 198 S 9th 
M'Kee Ann, huddle maker, 99 Bedford 
M'Kee Imlah, 18 Arcade, h 5 Elder alley 
M'Kee James, weaver, 154 S 13th 
M'Kee James, carpenter, 71 Coates 
M'Kee John, tailor, c 8th and Shippen ^ 

M'Kee John H., mer., 102 High 
M'Kee Patrick, weaver, G T road ab Master 
M'Kee Robert, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
M'Kee WiUiam, importer, h 335 Chestnut , 
M'Kee Wm. & Co., importers, li? Chestnut 
M'Kee Wm., mer., 154 High, h 327 Sassafras 
M'Kee Wm., weaver, 3d n Phoenix 
M'Kee Wm. A., com. mer. & agent for Albanj^ 

and Troy packets, 22 N whfs 
M'Keen Henry, watchmaker, 142 High, h 13 

Greenleaf's ct 
M'Keever Arthur, lab., Sch. Water ab Cedar 
M'Keever Elizabeth, 9 Franklin (K) 
M'Keever James, jeweller, 43 Chestnut, h Queen 

bel 4th 




M'Keever John, clerk, 213 S 4th 
M'Keever John B., mer., 46 N Front, h 191 Pine 
M'Keever Peter, ropemaker, 101 Carpenter 
M'Kendrick Jos., labourer, Sch 4th n Chestnut 
M'Kendry John, shop keeper, 266 S 4th 
M'Kenna Charles, g-rocer, 186 Sassafras 
M'Kenna Patrick, grocer, 182 Shippen 
M'Kenna Mary A., Juniper opp Clark 
M'Kennan Thomas, b h, Sch 7th n Filbert 
M'Kenney Hannah, b h., Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
M'Kenty Daniel, weaver, 5th n Jefferson 
M'Kenty John, weaver, 5th ab Jefferson 
M'Kenzie Ann Mrs., 164 Christian 
M'Keoa Henry, bookseller, St. Joseph's, Wil 

ling's alley 
M'Keown George, tavern, 227 S 2d 
M'Kernan P., tavern, G T road ab Thompson 
M'Kibbin John, printer, Paynter's ct 
M'Kibbin John, salesman, Sch 6th & Wood 
M'Kibbin William, Sch 5th ab Chestnut. 
M'Kinley Archibald, 140 Budd 
M'Kinley Benjamin B., teacher. Deaf and Dumb 

Asylum, h George n Sch 6th 
M'Kinley Daniel, carpenter, rear 122 N 4th 
M'Kinley John, teacher, 40 N 4th 
M'Kinley Lydia, book folder 3 Budd. 
M'Kinley Samuel, blacksmith, Olive n 12th. 
M'Kinley William, grocer, 3 S 5th, h 4 Sansom 
M'Kinley William Jr., grocer, 307 High 
M'Kinley William, watchman, 131 W High. 
M'Kinney Bridget, 223 Christian 
M'Kinney Elizabeth, tavern, Spafford street. 
M'Kinney F. Mrs., Lombard ab Sch. 7th 
M'Kinney Hugh, grocer, S E 13th and Pine 
M'Kinney Hugh, weaver, Sliippen bel 13th. 
M'Kinney Jas., watchm., c Marlborough & West 
M'Kinney James, milkman, Christian n 5th. 
M'Kinney James, tavern, c Front and Maiden. 
M'Kinney John, chandler, 118 German 
M'Kinney John, cordw., 149 Poplar. 
M'Kinney Mary, gentw., Singler's row. 
M'Kinney Mary, Wood bel 9th 
M'Kinney Owen, labourer, 226 N Water. 
M'Kinney Patrick, labourer, 28 M'Duffie 
M'Kinney Robert, labourer, 36 P road 
M'Kinney Thomas, hatter, 254 Cedar 
M'Kinney Wm., blacksmith, Sch. 4th n Chest- 

M'Kinsie Ann, 56 Queen 
M'Kinstry Harrison, blacksmith, S W 11th and 

M'Kintey John, weaver, F road bel Master. 
M'Kisslck Hannah, 179 S 11th 
M'Knight Andrew, watchman, S E Sch. 6th and 

M'Knight C, labourer, Lombard n Sch. 7th 
M'Knight James, Vine ab 12th 
M'Knight Jeremiah, mariner, 63 Federal 
M'Knight John Rev., 10th n Shippen 
M'Knight Prudence, 113 N Juniper 
M'Knight Robert, labourer, Wood ab Sch. 8th 
M'Knight Thomas, Broad n Vine. 
M'Knight Wm., stone cutter. Vine ab 12th 
M'Knight Wm., coach trimmer. Willow ab Mar- 



M'Koy Robert, brand and stamp cutter, c Tam- 
many and Lilly alley 
M'Lanahan J. & Co., mers., 14 Chestnut 
M'Lanahan Thomas, teacher, 15 S 7th 
M'Lane John, tailor, 3 Randall's ct 
M'Lane J., railroad contractor, 83 Budd, 
M'Lane John, wiremr, 76 Locust. 
M'Lane Matthias, ladies' shoemr.. Crown n Vine 
M'Lane Nathan, labourer, R road n Toll Gate. 
M'Lane Thomas, blacksmith, 234 S 4th. 
M'Lardn Ann, 172 N 13th 
M'Laughlin Bernard, tailor, 180 Lombard 
M'Laughlin Barnett, shoemaker, 339 S Front 
M'Laughlin Caleb, bookbinder, 4 Boyd's av. 
M'Laughlin Constantine, tavern, S W Lebanon 

and Fitzwater 
M'Laughlin George, weaver, 232 F road 
M'Laughlin George, di-ayman, Sch. 3d below 

M'Laughlin George, weaver. Cedar ab 7th. 
M'Laughlin H., 119 GTroad 
M'Laughlin J., blacksmith, 7 Juniper lane. 
M'Laughlin James, shoemaker, Sch. 7th n Vine 
M'Laughlin James, labourer, 7 Mechanic 
M'Laughlin James, tavern, 34 P road 
M'Laughlin John, labourer. Middle al ab 6th 
M Laughlin John, grocer, S E 12th and High 
M'Laughlin John, livery stable, 14 and h 25 

M'Laughlin John, printer, 98 Christian 
M'Laughlin John, labourer, 130 German 
M'Laughlin Margaret, 2d bel Federal 
M'Laughlin Margaret Mrs., S W 13th and Fitz- 
M'Laughlin Martha, Wagner's al ab Fitzwater 
M'Laughlin Mary, 144 Lombard 
M'Laughlin Mary, Carlton bel 13th. 
M'Laughlin Maiy, tailoress, Front bel Master. 
M'LaughUn Mary, Shippen la bel Cedar 
M'Laughlin Miller, N of Willow bel 9th. 
M'Laughlin Michael, grocer, S E Shippen and 

Shippen lane 
M'Laughlin & M'Devitt, grocers, S W 7th and 

M'Laughlin Nellis, labourer. Pearl ab 12th. 
M'Laughlin P., cordw., N W Sch. 4th and High, 

h High ab Sch. 3d. 
M'Laughhn Peter, cordw., Shippen ab 7th. 
M'Laughlin Rachel, 323 S 6th 
M'Laughlin William, lab., 16 Barker 
M'Laughlin Wm., lab., Shippen la ab Cathai'ine. 
M'Laughlin Wm., tailor, Otter ab School. 
M'Laughlin AVm. C, grocer. Front ab Phoenix 
M'Lean Archibald, shop. Currant al. 
M'Lean James, tailor, 350 N 3d 
M'Lean John, constable, 3 Gaskill. 
M'Lean J. D., tavern, 232 S 3d 
M'Lear John, manuf., G T road n Master. 
M 'Lear Michael, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master, 
M'Lear Peter, manuf., G T road n Master, 
M'Learn Samuel, tailor, 41 P road. 
M'Leary Joseph, lab., Lombard ab Sch. 7th 
M'Lellan C. I., stew'dmer. hotel, h90 Tammany. 
M'Leod George, treas. and secretary of the Del. 
and Sch, canal company, 62 Walnut, 




M'Leod James, clerk, 252 S 2d 
M'Leod Malcom, carpenter, 153 St. John 
M'Leod Thomas C, dry goods, 252 S 2d. 
M'Leran James B., book keeper, M B, h N W 

10th and Wood. 
M'Leveen Miles, 2 New Market 
M'Lone John, cordw., N E Sch. 6th and Jones. 
M'Mackin James, tailor, 3 Noble 
M'Mackin Michael, manuf., N W Dugan & Pine 
M'Mackin Samuel, weaver, Ann ab 12th 
M'Mackin S., milliner, 266 Sassafras. 
M'Mackin William, tailor, S W 2d and Chestnut, 

h 224 N 5th 
M'Mahon Jas., grocer, Callowhill n Washington 
M'Mahon John W., carp., Callowhill bel 13th. 
M'Mahon Margaret, Baker (M) 
M'Mahon William, gardener, 12 S 10th 
M'Main, Ellmaker & Ash, com.& produce mars., 

57 S wharves. 
M'Main J. West, mer., 57 S wharves, h 203 N 

M'Main John, brickmr., G T road n 5th. 
M'Main John, weaver, 580 N 3d. 
M'Main Thomas, sawmaker, Cherry bel Broad 
M'Main W. W., mer., 213 High, h 199 Walnut 
M'Makin Andrew, 70 Dock, h 410 Vine. 
M'Makin Benjamin, Franklin ab Buttonwood. 
M'Makin & Holden, proprietors Saturday Cou- 
rier, 70 Dock 
M'Makin J. & B., Bath Coffee House, 32 S 

M'Makin John, Jr., N. L. F. A. news room 213 

M'Makin Joseph, h 213 N 3d. 
M'Manemy Samuel, gi-ocer, 226 S 5th 
M'Manemy Wm., bootmr., 3 Sti-ahan's court. 
M'Manomy Wm., lab., Filbert n Sch. 3d. 
M'Manus Catharine, 17'2 N Water 
M'Manus Constantine, lab.. High ab Sch. Front 
M'Manus Francis, oysters, 9th bel Green 
M'Manus Henr}^, watchman, Ann n Sch. 7th 
M'Manus James, tailor, 80 Buttonwood. 
M'Manus John, cabinetmr. and undertaker, 159 

M'Manus John, watchmr., Pearpont's court. 
M'Manus Owen, 16 Cypress alley 
M'Manus Philip, clerk, 80 Buttonwood. 
M'Manus Thomas, tavern^ Broad ab Vine 
M'Manus Thomas, tailor, 121 Catharine. 
M'Master M., fancy dressmr., 20 N Sch. 8th. 
M'Masters Hugh A., watchmr., 334 S 2d 
M'Masters John, collector, 80 Union 
M'Manamy Wm., lab., Catharine ab 13th. 
M'Manemy James, shoemaker, 23 Plum. 
M'Menamin Margaret, 3 Middle alley 
M'Menamin Thomas, tailor, 248 Lombard 
M'Menamy Andrew, moroc. dresser, 600 N 3d. 
M'Menamy Edward, tailor, N E 13th & Brinton. 
M'Menany Pat., morocco dresser, 3 Linden ct. 
M'Meneman Jas., tailor, Shippen ab Sliippen la 
M'Meneman John, lab., 2 Vaux's court. 
M'Menoman Hugh, lab., Sch. Front ab Filbert. 
M'Mennomy Henry, tailor and tavern. Broad ab 

M'Meny Samuel, grocer, 316 S 6th. 

M'Michael Hugh, br'ickmr., c G T road and 4th 
M'Michael Jas., boot manuf.. Front ab Phoenix 
M'Michael John, mer., h 55 Wood 
M'Michael Morton, alderman, 202 N 6th 
M'Millin Chas. jr., brass founder. Gay's ct (N L) 
M'Millin Charles, brass founder, 16 Elizabeth. 


M'Millin Ellen F., milliner, 379 N 2d 
M'Millin Mary, milliner, 13th ab Locust 
M'Millin William, grocer, N E 6th and Cedar 
M'Minn E., milliner and dressmr., 11 S 2d 
M'Minn George W., carpentei*. Queen ab Sliack- 

M'Minn Henry, boot tree mr., 37 Walnut 
M'Minn James, shoe findings, 96 N 7th 
M'Minn Mar)-, 18 Perry 
M'Minn Mary, 70 S 6th 
M'Mullen Alex., grocer, S W Christian and 

M'Mullen Archibald, gent., 286 S 7th 
M'Mullen B., c AVilliam and Hopkin's court 
M'Mullen Hugh, marble polislier, 11 Truxton 
M'Mullen Hugh, lab., Sch. 4th ab Chestnut. 
M'Mullen James, shoemr., 78 Brown 
M'Mullen John, cordw., 298 St. John 
M'Mullen John, cordwainer, 15 Pratt's court 
M'Mullen John, clerk, 8 Kenworthy's court 
M'Mullen John, chocolate manuf, 64^ N Front. 
M'MuUen Joseph, grocer, 15 N Water, h N E 

Swanson and Almond 
M'Mullen Joseph & Sons, grocers, 15 N Water 
M'Mullen' J. S., accountant, 179 Pine 
M'Mullen Joseph T., 127 N 6th 
M'Mullen Margaret, 242 St John 
M'Mullen M., gentwo., 62 Swanson 
M'Mullen Marion, dressmr., 1 Mechanic, 
M'Mullen Mai-y, bding house, 15 Franklin place 
M'Mullen Patrick, labourer, 10 Hyde's court 
M'Mullen Patrick, lab.. Mulberry bel Sch. Front 
M'Mullen Sarah, 5 Lyndall's court. 
M'Mullen Sarah, teacher, 5 Lyndall's court. 
M'Mullen Sutton, bricklayer, 13th ab Coates. 
M'Mullen Wm., blacksmith, Allen ab Marlboro' 
M'MuUen W"m., dry goods, Callowhill ab Wash- 
ington, Sch. 
M'MuUin J. R., 52 George. (S) 
M'Mullin James, corder. South st wharf, h 3 

M'Mullin J. A., mer., 8 N Front. 
M'Mullin & Okie, com. mers., 8 N Front. 
M'Mullin R., broker, 2 Exchange, h 115 Pine 
M'Mullin William, Brown n Oak. 
M'Murphy John, weaver, 4 Gray's court. 
M'Murry Robert, gent., 2d ab Master. 
M'Murtrie Elizabetli, gentw., 131 S 3d 
M'Murtrie Henry, M. D., 9 Palmyra Row 
M'Murtrie John, combmr., 231 Christian. 
M'Nabb John, weaver, Ann ab Sch. 8th 
M'Nair A. H., M. D., 260 Mulberry 
M'Nakle Laetitia, Pearl bel Broad 
M'Nalla A. Mrs., dressmaker, 21 Prune. 
M'Nally Bernard, tobacconist, 184 S 2d 
M'Nally Edward, brass founder, 129 G T road 
M'Nally Edward, cotton spinner, rear 209 G T 






M'Nally John, printer, Nonnater's court 

M'Nally Patrick, lab., 83 St. John. 

M'Nally Patrick, weaver, Cadwalader n Master 

M'Namara Henry, sawyer, 585 S 2d 

M'Namara John, labourer, 103 Prime 

M'Namara Michael, lab., 105 N Juniper. 

M'Namara Patrick, mason. Pine ab Willow 

M'Namee Anna M., Mun-ay ab Sch 2d. 

M'Namee Hug-h, cordw., Filbert n Sch. 8th. 

M'Namee James, hack driver, 20 Buckley. 

M'Namee James, cordw., 218 S 2d. 

M'Namee John, lab., 22 Sugar al. 

M'Namee John, carpenter, Jirown n 7th. 

M'Namee John, tavern. Broad ab Cedar 

M'Namee Mary, Washington bel Callowhill. 

M'Namee Morris, black and white smith. Ship- 
pen ab 3d, h 216 S 4th 

M'Namee Moses, carp., Broad bel Cedar 

M'Namee N., shoemr., Logan ab Green. 

M'Namee Patrick, weaver, c 12th and Shippen 
M'Namee Samuel, millwright, c Sch. 8th and 

M'Neal Charles, tinplateworker, 405 High 
M'Neal Cornelius, gluemr.. Phoenix n F road. 
M'Neal Isaac, bookbinder. Rose al bel Coates 
M'Neal Peter, oysterman, 12 Middle alley 
M'Neal R., stone cutter, 15 Short's court. 
M'Nearney Simon, grocer, 154 S lltli. 
M'Neely George, lab., 7 South avenue. 
M'Neely W. T., leather mer., 35 N 3d, h 608 N 

M'Neice John, weaver, 5th ab Jefferson 
M'Neil B., M. D., 139 S 5th 
M'Neil Wm., grocer, N W 12th and Pine. 
M'Neill Arch., grocer, N E 6th and Shippen 
M'Neill Archibald, gi-ocer, c Swanson and Wash- 
M'Neill Catharine, 81 Plum 
M'Neill Malcom, dry goods, N W 4th & Cedar 
M'Neille & Brother, mers., 15 N 3d. 
M'Neille P. R., dry goods, 15 N 3d, h 10th bel 

M'Neils Cornelius, loom and shuttle mr.. Phoenix 

ab F road 
M'Neir Catharine, mantua mr., 4 Hoffman's al 
M'Nelly John, stone mason, c 9th and Coates 
M'Nevin E., boarding house, 14 Walnut. 
M'Nichol Charles, bootmr., 92 Walnut 
M'Nichols E. & J., boxmrs., 1 Crockett's ct, h 5 

Wager's ct. 
M'Nichol Wm., weaver, Wagnei-'s al. (M) 
M'Nickle Alex., shoemr., 1 Abbot's court. 
M'Niew Neil, lab., LewjS n Broad. 
M'Nolen M., ii'onfounder, Spring Garden ab 10th 
M'Noiton Rebecca, 232 S 4th. 
M'Nutt Archibald, lab., George n Sch. 
M'Nutt Francis, lab., ct n Sch. Front & Spruce 
M'Nutt Samuel, weaver, Shippen 4 drs ab 12th 
M'Nutt Sarah, gcntsv., 33 Filbert. 
M'Nutt Wm., lab., 13th bel I-'itzwater. 
M'Pbail VVilliani, gilder, 35 Plum 
M'Pherson Angus, blacksmith, 9 Parker. 
M'Pherson .lohn, shoes Ik. boots, 257 Sassafras, h 

128 N 9th. 
M'Pherson Joseph, bricklayer, Vine n 13th. 

M'Pherson Robei't, watchmr., 14 German 
M'Pherson Robert, weaver, Charlotte n George 
M'Pherson Robert, ship carp., 5 Parham 
M'Pherson Robert, silversmith, 129 Plum. 
M'Pherson William, lab.. Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 
M'Phiel Daniel, lab., rear 14 Cherry. 
M'Qua John, blacksm., rear Charlotte n Beam 
M'Quaid Felix, soap &. candle manuf., N E Noble 

and O Y road 
M'Quaid James, tailor, 98 Plum 
M'Quail Owen, Dean opp 37 
M'Quay Mrs., tavern, Shippen ab 8th. 
M'Quiggin Henry, weaver, rear 143 Coates. 
M'Quiggin Hugh, weaver, G T road ab Jefferson 
M'Quiikin William, clerk, 606 N 3d 
M'QuiUin Thomas, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d 
M'Quin Martha, 338 S 2d 
M'Raith WiUiam, tailor, 52 Mulberry. 
M'Reynolds A., chemist, M'Duffie ab Sch. 2d 
M'Shane Daniel, baker, 9 Lebanon. 
M'Shea AVilliam, cordw,, 18 Shippen. 
M'Sorley Alex., beer house, Sch. 2nd ab High. 
M'Sorley William, weaver, 294 S 7th 
M'Stay John, lab., Sch. 8th n Sassafras 
M'Stocker Francis, watcii mr., 150 Cedar 
M'Swiggins John, lab., Robinson's court 
M'Tague George, painter, 158 S 2nd. 
M'Vaugh Silas, carpenter, 1 Smith's court. 
M'Vey Elizabeth, High n Sch. 4th 
M'Vey Heniy, shoemr., Sch. 3rd bel Chestnut. 
M'Vey John, blacksmith, 12 Mechanic. 
M'Vey Lavinia, carpet weaver, 238 Christian 
M'Vinn William, 115 N Juniper. i 

M'Vey William, spinner, 3 Lynn (F M) 
M'Wiiliam Jane Mrs., 14 Lebanon. 
M'Williams D., printer, 3 Fisher's ct. 
M 'Williams Mary, crockery, 83 N 5th 
Maag Adam, tavern and bottler, S E 8th and 

Maag M. Mrs., gentw., 1 Prospect al 
Maas Jacob, engi-aver, 23 Perry 
Maas Sarah, 300 S 6th 
Maberry, Giller & AVatkin, mers., 95 High 
MaberryJohn, grocer, 55 Bedford 
Maberry T. C, mer.,' 95 High, h 10th ab Green 
Macalester Ann, 142 Mulberry 
Macalester Charles, stock and ex. bro., 77 Dock, 

h 155 Walnut 
Macane John, stone-cutter, 2 Black's ct. 
Macarty James, coachman, 130 Vine. 
Macaulev Isaac, floor cloth manuf., 103 Chest- 
nut,' h Bush Hill 
Macauley I. & Son, floor cloth a d carpet ma- 

nufs.. Bush Hill, store 103 Chestnut 
Macauley J. F., att'y. and coun., 30 S 5th, h 96 

S 3rd. 
^Maccoun R. J., mer., 186 High. 
Maccoun Robert, gent.. Spruce n Sch. 8th. 
Macdonald David, victualler, rear 121 O Y road 
Macdonald James, cabinelmr., 135 S 2d 
Mucferran Mary, gentw., 424 N 2d 
Macferran William, gent., 424 N 2d 
Macgregor Daniel, men, 32 N Front. 
Macgrcgor James II., tavern, 397 High. 
Macliancy Conrad, weaver, 2ud bel Phoenix, 




Machaney James, weaver, 2nd bel Phoenix. 

Machetta J. B., druggist, S E 9th & Sassafras 

Machette Susan, gentw., 34 Palmyra sq 

Mack Christian, farmer, c Wood & West. 

Mack C, watchman, Ann ab Sch 8th 

Mack Emanuel, carp., N W 9th & Wood. 

Mack John, city watch, 10 Bonsall 

Mack John, plasterer, rear 1 Nectarine. 

Mack Mrs. 6 Willow bel Wood. 

Mack Samuel, tailor, 119 N Water. 

Macken Thomas, shoe maker, c 4th and G T 

Mackentice John, shoemaker, rear 211 Chris- 

Mackenzie & Buchanan, florists, Spruce n Sch 

Mackenzie Peter, florist, Sch 5th n Spruce 

Mackey C. C, auctioneer, 29 N 3d,h 138 Chest- 

Mackey Elizabeth, rear, 484 N 3d 

Mackey Elizabeth, b h 122 N 4th. 

Mackey George, painter, George ab Sch. 7th. 

Mackey John, porter, rear 10 Quince. 

]*Lickey John, lab., 123 N Water. 

M<-ckey John, lab., Washington n Callowhill 
(F M) 

Mackey Mary, 3 Gray's ct. 

Mackey Mary, huckster, Harris' ct 

Mackey Richard, waterman, 7 Buck's ct. 

Mackey William, carpet weaver, 312 S 7th 

Mackie A. J., acc't, 406 N 5th 

Mackie Matthew, foreman, 4 Mechanic, (F M) 

Mackie Sarah, 3d bel Phoenix 

Macklear Bryan, lab., Singler's row. 

Macklin Alexander Rev., 10 Clinton. 

Macklin Isaac, lab., Pearl ab 13th. 

Macklin Moses, lab.. Harmony bel 4th 

Macknet G., dentist, 21 N 8th 

Maconnell Mather, pavier, 12th ab Shippen 
Macoon Larry, lab.. Melon bel 12th. 

Macpherson A., mer., 17 S Front, h 30 S 13th. 

Macurdy Hugh, gent., 128 N 12th 

Macune Barney, lab.. Division n Ann (F V) 

Madeira George, carter, c Rugan and James 

Madeii'a Isaac, carpenter, loth bel Pine 

Madeira Joseph, lab., 1 Hank's ct. 

Madeira Pugh, surg. inst. maker, 22 S 7th, 

283 N 6th. 
Madden John, morocco dresser, 19 Beaver. 
Madden Patrick, lab., Lynn, Fair Mount 
Maddock David, clerk, 7 Julianna 
Maddock Edward F., printer, 54 Federal 
Maddock Thomas, carpenter, 112 St. John. 
Maddock Wilham L., grocer, 55 and h 128 S 

Madison Burns, waiter, 26Helmuth. 
Madison Mary, nui'se, 1 Weaver's ct. 
Maer Conrad, lab., 121 Swanson. 
Magan Mary, variety store, 71 S 5th 
Magar Ni-cholas, ship carp., Hanover n Bedford 
Magardy Charles, barber, 105 Coates 
Magarge Benjamin, carter, G T road ab Jeflfer 

Macarge Charles, mer.j 52 Commerce, h 359 N 

Magarge C. & W. H., paper warehouse, 52 Com- 
Magarge Jonathan, inspector, Gebhard 
Magarge Samuel, mer., 52 Commerce, h 357 N 

Magarge Wm. H., mer., 52 Commerce, h 357 N 

Magargel Allen, currier, 85 Budd 
Magee Eliza, Buttonwood bel 6th 
Magee H. S., cooper, 146 and h 132 Vine 
Magee James, saddler, 18 Decatur, h 85 S 6th 
Magee, Taber & Co., saddlers, 18 Decatur 
Magee James H., bottler, 118 &, h 91 Vine 
Magee Mary Mrs., rear 212 N 8th 
Magee Wm. S., dry goods, 174 Sassafras 
Magee William S., ganger, office N 3d n Sassa- 
Magee William A., mariner, 8 Shippen 
Magge Anthony, tobacconist., 217 S 7th, h 112 

Magill David, gent., 147 Dillwyn 
Magill Mary, b. h. 312 High 
Maglor Patrick, lab., Adelphi al rear 43 Pegg 
Magrath John, lab., 31 Prune. 
Magrath Michael, gent., 489 Mulberry 
Maguire A. Mrs., teacher, 17 Federal 
Maguire Bernard, U. S. Ins. h Walnut St. House 
Maguire Bernard, tavern, S W Front and Laurel 
Maguire Charles F., acc't., 266 Coates 
Maguire Hugh, weaver, Phoenix n Cadwalader 
Maguire Isaac L., blacksmitli, Carlton ab Sch 

Maguire James, lab., G T road n Master 
Maguire John, grocer, S E 4th and Callowhill 
Maguire John, tavern, N W 6th and Elizabeth 
Maguire John, manuf., Lombard bel 12th 
Maguire J. V., gent., 49 Carpenter 
Maguire Rebecca, shop keeper, 50 New 
Maguire Robert, caj-penter, 372 S 4th 
Maguire Stephen, cordwnr., 206 Green 
Maguire William, tailor, 548 High 
Magwood John, sawyer, China bel 2nd 
Magwood Thomas, lab., 5 Federal 
Mahan F., publisher Philadelphia fashions, 215 

Mager James, blacksmith, Jones ab Sch 6th 
Mahany John, lab.. Mulberry n Sch 3rd 
Mahany John, lab., Shippen ab 10th 
Mailer John, clerk, 150 Catharine 
Maher Catharine, b h rear 76 Sassafras. 
Mahew Samuel, tailor, Cline's ct 
Mahlke Lewis, bootmr., S E Walnut & 8th 
Mahlon Ann, tavern, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Mahony Timothy, mariner, 8 Shippen 
Mahon Morris, 143 Spruce 
Mahony William, tailor, 1 Brooke's ct 
Mahoney Daniel, tavern, S W 13th and Vine 
Mahoney Daniel, oystercellar. High ab 10th 
Mahoney James, bellowsmr., 131 G T road 
Mahoney M. B., mer., 20 S Front, h Catharine 

ab 2nd 
Mahony Wm. A., jeweller, 480 S 2d 
Main Charles, machinist, Reeves n Sch 2nd 
lyiain & Muir, blindmrs., 129 S 2nd 
Mainon J. & Bonnay, baskets, 142 High 




Mair James, lab., 14 Barker 

Maison Peter, mer., 87 N "Water, h 161 N 

Maitland John, distiller, 159 Lombard 
Maitland William J., distiller, 172 Cedar, h 191 

Maitland & Young, distiller, 172 Cedar 
Major Alexander, inspector, 3 Gribble's ct 
Major Benjamin, carp., Carlton ab 12th 
Major Susan, 488 N 2nd 
Major William, lab., Naylor's ct 
Maker Joseph, shoemr., 21 Harmony 
Makin Edward, clerk, Hamilton n F M 
Makin William, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
Makins James N., sailmr.. Spruce st whf, h 180 

S Front 
Malcomoon Hug-h, carpet weaver, 14 Perry 
Maldinger Tobias, tailor, 21 Beaver 
Malcolm Isabella, Callowhill bel Sch 7th 
Malcomson Joseph, carpet weaver, 268 Sassa- 
Male William, tailor, 351 N Front 
Maley Alexander, weaver, 5 Perry 
Maley John & Co., saddle Ss. harnessmrs., S W 

Broad and Wood 
Malin John, weaver, Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
Mallery Daniel, 10th ab Christian 
Mallery Garrick, att'y and coun. 56 S 6th 
Mallet Augustus, druggist, 60 Union, (K) 
Mallison John, grocer, c West and Marlborough 
Malloch Alex., marble mason. High bel Sch 5th 

h Barker n Sch 6th 
Malloch Wm., marble mason, h Barker n Sch 6th 
Mallon Lewis W., 273 S 2nd 
Mallon Rosy, Hamilton n F M 
Malone John, warper. Master n G T road 
Malone Michael, M. D., 61 New 
Malone Nicholas B., clerk, N E 5th and Wood 
Malone Wm., wheelwright. Crown ab Prince 
Maloney Catharine, 335 S 5th 
Maloney Matthew, fruiterer, 485 High 
Malony Robert, printer, 22 Fitzwater 
Malseed John, cordwainer, 432 S 2d 
Maltman Wm., boatbuilder, 1 South av 
Malumby John, Sycamore ab Locust 
Manahan Daniel, tavern, 24 S Water 
Manard Ciiarles, tanner, St. John ab Beaver 
Manaware Jacob, Beach n Maiden 
Mancourt M. A., linen store, 32 & 33 Arcade 
Mandei-iield Henry, alderman, 243 S 4th, h 485 

Manderfield John, constable, 180 S 4th 
Manderson Andrew, gent.. Beach n Shacka- 

Manderson Andrew, jr. & Co., lumber mers. 

Beach n Marlborough 
Manderson James, mer.. Beach n Marlborough, 

h Queen n Marlborough 
Manderson Jolm, tailor, 369 N Front 
Manderson Thomas, gent., 18 Coates 
Mandeville David, gent., 6 Carlton .sq 
Mandry John, livery stable, 306 8c h 308 Sassa- 
Mangan J. John, blacksmith, 20 Quince 
Mange Samuel, mer., 28 Chestnut, h 55 Union 

Manget Victor, French teacher, 72 Almond 

Manlay Samuel, 16 Watson's al 

Manley Chas., broker, 22 S 3d, h Spruce n 

Sch 4th 
Manley D., iron dealer. Broad bel Sassafras 
Manlev George, ex-broker, N W 3d &. Chestnut, 

h'w P 
Manley Robert, chair maker, 91 N Front 
Manley R., stock and ex. broker, N W 3d and 

Chestnut, h W P 
Manley R. & G., ex. brokers, N W 3d & Chestnut 
Manlove Matthew, clerk, 71 Cedar 
Manly Henry, printer, 45 Chestnut, h 13 

Manly & Orr, printers, 45 Chestnut 
Mann Charles, cordw., 17 Ogden 
Mann Daniel, gent., 43 Sassafras 
Mann Ebenezer, lab., 3 Freytag's al 
Mann Horatio, gent., 9 Penn sq, Marshall 
Mann James M., tailor, 35 Perry 
Mann John, collector, 263 S 3d 
Mann John, machinist. Mansion. (W P) 
Mann Peter, carpenter, 121 Poplar n 2d 
Mann Thomas, boots and shoes, 1 N 4th, h 25 

Greenleaf ct 
Mann Thomas, bootmr., 27 Carter's al 
Mann Thomas, labourer, 8 Gray's al 
Mann William, saw repairer. Oak bel Green 
Mann William, clerk, 17 Ogden 
Mann Wm., att'y, 369 N 6tti 
Mann Wm. B., att'y, 397 Marshall 
Mann Wilham M., ex. office, 23 S 7th, h 10 

Manna James, weaver, c 2d and Phoenix 
Manna John, manuf., 2d n Master 
Manning Charles, cabinetmaker, 473 S 2d 
Manning Joseph S., cordwainer, 91 German 
Manning Joseph S., carp., S W 1 1th and Brown 
Manning J. H., exchange coffee room, h 3 Rasp 

berry ct 
Manning Napoleon B., printer, 48 N 3d 
Manning T. S., printer, 7 S 6th 
Maples Mary, 27 Ehzabeth 
Mansfield Charles F., paper hanger, 275 S 2d 
Mansfield John, carter, 241 N Front 
Mansfield John, ship carpenter, 2 Callowhill 
Mansfield John, baker, 197 N Water 
Mansfield Joseph, victualler, 4 Callowhill 
Mansfield Mary A., 18 Racbael 
Mansfield Thomas, com. mer. and curb setter, 

477 Race 
Manson Mary Ann, confectioner, 431 Chestnut 
Mansure Robert, carpenter, 98 Carpenter 
Mantel Conrad, baker, 340 N Front 
Mantel C, hair cutter, Callowhill ab Sch Front 
Manuel Albert, gent., 294 Coates 
Manuel A., baker, 87 Brown 
Manuel J. E., carpenter. Filbert bel 12th 
Manuel Thomas, lab., 23 Noble 
Manypenny Lois, tailoress, G6 Noble 
Mara Thomas, plasterer, Green ab 11th 
Marcelus Wm. E., cordw., 299 S Frout 
Marche Elizabeth Mrs., 125 N 5th 
Marbacker Hannah, iMcrvine 
Marchmcnt Stephen, ladies shoemaker, 379 N 3d 




Marenback John, carter, Shackamaxon n Prince 

Marg-erum William, dyer, Hopkin's ct n School 

Margetts John, oysters, 134 liig-h, h 6 Decatur 

Mariner Andrew, waterman, 40 Coates 

Mariner Daniel, waterman, 511 N 3d 

Mariner J. Jno., boat builder, Court al 

Mariner Mary A., 3 York ct 

Mariner Maria Mrs , 1 Weaver's ct 

Maris Georg-e G., mer., 19 N 2d 

Maris John M., drug-g-ist, 117 High, h 49 Spruce 

Maris Richard, M. D., 107 S 8th 

Mark John, acct., 13 Powell 

Mai'k Moses, clothing- store, 231 Shippen 

Markes Moses, clothes, 205 Shippen 

Markesworth Christiana, shop, 388 N 3d 

Marker Conrad, rope maker, 2d bel Greenwich 

Marker George, carter, Marker n M road 

Marker Jacob, rope maker, 2d bel Greenwich 

Marker J. D., acct, 6 Magnolia 

Marker Margai-et, 24 Federal 

Markland John H., att'y, 79 S 6th 

Markland John, buttonmr., 1 Lilly al 

Markland Thomas, pearl button maker, 8th bel 

Markle Jacob, cabmr., 103 Coates 
Markle Jacob, carpenter, 96 Tammany 
Markley A. H. Mrs., gentw,, 24 Girard 
Markley Edward C, bookbinder, 13 Madison 
Markley George W., cloth store, 5^ N 2d 
Markley John, baker, 2d bel Wharton 
Markley Margaret, Paschall's al 
Markoe J. Mrs., 293 Chestnut 
Marks Charles, b h, 153 Cherry 
Marks Christopher, lab., c Poplar and Concord 


Marks Hester, Willow bel 4th 

Marks James, ship master 348 S 4th 

Marks JohnF., cordw.. Vine n 9th 

Marks John, g-lue manuf., F road ab Orange 

Marks John, mariner, Cai-penter bel P road 

Marks John, painter, 3 Sniith's al 

Marks John, cordwainer, 61 Mead 

Marks Samuel P., clerk, 19 M road 

Markward Robert F., eating house, Sch. Beach 

n Walnut 
Markward Edith, 50 New 
Markward Samuel, 7 Providence ct 
Markward Samuel, sawmr., 7 Branner's al 
Marley Sarah, 5 Meyers' ct 
Marley Richard, cordw., 4 Master's ct 
Marley Rosanna, 110 Union 

Marley William, cordwainer. Rose al ab Tam- 
Marlin John, tavern, 69 R road ab Poplar 
Marhn Samuel, drayman, F road n Bedford 
Marlin Thomas, oysters, c Front and Laurel, h 

125 Budd 
Marlin William, drayman, Sarah (K) 
Marlow John, weaver, Stewart bel Fitzwater 
Marine John P., carpenter, 26 Union (K) 
Maro J. A., painter, Mary's ct 
Marot VVm., bookbinder, St. James, h 173 Vine 
Marotte, Mrs., miUincr, 128 S 2d 
Marple Jacob, cabinetmaker, Sarah n Queen 
Marple John, plasterer, Greai- ab 12th 

Marple Jane, gentw., F road bel Bedford 
Marple Joseph, watchman, ElmsUe's al 
Marple R. L., bookbinder, 29^ Kunckle 
Marple Sanner, clerk. Nectarine ab 10th 
Marpole Jacob, cabmr., Sarah n Allen 
Marr Robert, exchange office, 154 N 3d 
Marrin Hillary, weaver, Fitzwater ab 13th 
Marriner W. W., hardware, 493 High, h Filbert 

ab Sch. 6th 
Marriott AVilliam, teacher, 36 N Sch. 8th 
Marritt Hannah, miUiner and mantuamaker, 30 

N 13th 
Marsden H., soap manuf., 419 N Front 
Marseilles Peter, gent., 147 Pine 
Marselis J. N., M. D., N E 2d & Catharine 
Marsh Catharine Mrs., 120 Coates 
Marsh Jacob, lab., Charlotte n Thompson 
Marsh James, manuf. & mer., 36 Commerce, h 

290 N 6th 
Marsh John, cordw., Wood bel Prince 
Marsh Joseph, printer, Stanley bel 4th 
Marsh Rebecca, grocery, c Green & Linden 
Marsh Thomas, labourer, Lombard n Broad 
Marshs & Shepperd, manufs. & mers., 56 Com- 
merce ab 5th 
Marshall A., acct., 368 Shippen 
Marshall Abraham, frame maker, 375 Sassafras 
Marshall Alexander, labourer, 214 Shippen 
Marshall A. B., dry goods, 175 Chestnut. 
Mai-shall Benjamin, mer., 151 High, h 176 Vine 
Marshall & Brothers, druggists, 312 High 
Mai'shall Charles, cooper, Ann ab Sch 8th 
Marshall Christopher, di'Ug., N E 7th and Spruce 
Mai-shall C. S., mer,, 113 Chestnut, h 113 S 9th 
Marshall & Co., brush manufs., 64 N Front 
Marshall Edward, cabinetmaker, 55 M road 
Marshall Edwin C, druggist, 176 Vine 
Marshall E. A., Sch 7th ab Cherry 
Marshall Harriett, Wood bel IGth 
Marshall Isaac, morocco di-esser, 3d bel Phoenix 
Marshall James, labourer, Rugan n Callow hill 
Marshall James, frame maker, 1 W North 
Marshall James, labourer, 3 Myer's ct 
Marshall James, ladies' shoes, 95 Plum 
Marshall James, grocer, 122 German 
Marshall John Rev., Lemon n Sch 7th 
Marshall John, feed, 22 P road 
Marshall John, carver & gilder, 375 Race, h 172 

S 2d 
Marshall Joseph, jewel., 87 S 2d, h 89 Catherine 
Marshall Joseph, manuf., McDuffie ab Sch. 2d 
Marshall J. Y., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
Marshall & Kellogg, grocers, 3 N Water 
Marshall Mary Ann, 191 Spruce 
Marshall Moses D., cordwainer, Ann ab Sch. 4th 
Marshall M. Mrs., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
Marshall M. & J. Y., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
Marshall M., dressmr., Queen n Marlborough 
Mai'shall Preston, wool dealer, c Front and Pop- 
lar, h 513 Fi-ont 
Marshall Rebecca T., milliner, 375 Sassafras 
Marshall Robert, grocer, c 13th and Cedar 
Marshall Robert, waiter, 19 Helmuth 
Marshall Samuel, engine maker, Pearl ab Sch 




Mai-shall Solomon, drayman, Ohio bel 12tli 
Marshall & Tempest, jewellers, 87 S 2d 
Marshall Thomas, machinist, St. Johnab Beaver 
Marshall Thomas, patternmr., 1 George n Sch 

Marshall William, mer., N W 7th and Hig-h, h 

113 S 9th 
Marshall Wilham & Co., publishers and booksell- 
ers, N W 7th & High 
Marshall William, mer., 24 Shippen 
Marshall William, coachman, 4 Prospect al 
Marshall W., drugg'ist, 312 High 
Marshall Wm, A., mer., 82 S Front, h Filbert n 

Sch 7th 
Marshall W. G,, bmsh maker, 93 Catharine 
Marshall W. G., 4th ward hotel, c Spring Garden 

and Logan 
Marshall W. H., grocer, 3 N Water, h 104 N 

Marshman Charles P., mariner, Marriott n M 

Marsteller Thompson, carpenter, 1 Williamson's 

Marston Catharine, Poplar n 7th 
Marston John, lieut. U. S. navy, 9 City row 
Marston Oliver Capt., 25 M road 
Marston Thomas, painter, Phila. bazaar, 38 and 

40 Dock, h Poplar n 7th 
Marston Thomas, tailor, 36 Cedar 
Marston William, plasterer. Poplar n 7th 
Martel Charles, hair dresser and whig maker, 

137 Chestnut 
Martien Elizabeth, gentw., 38 Church al 
Martien J. W., mer., 5 S Front, h Madison 
Martien William S., printer and publisher of 

Presbyterian, S E 7th and George, h 24 N 3d 
Martin Abraham, clerk custom house, 2nd bel 

Martin Alexander, grocer, N E Vine and Wash- 
Martin Alexander, brass founder, 57 Mechanic 
Martin Alfred, tailor, 246 Christian 
Martin Ambrose, jeweller, 4 Fetter lane 
Martin Mrs. Ann, 7^ Penn 
Martin Benjamin, gent., 463 S 2d 
Martin Benjamin Jr., 13 M road 
Martin Benjamin, shoemaker, 230 S 3d 
Martin Catharine, 25 Wood ab 4th 
Martin Danl., distiller, 7th ab Cedar 
Martin David, weaver, Shippen lane bel Rose 
Martin D., Tremont House, 116 Chestnut 
Martin Edward D., brickmaker, 17 Budd 
Martin Frederick, chairmr., 200 Marshall 
Martin George, dry goods, 277 N 3d 
Martin G. H., mer., 113 High 
Martin Hannah, 95 Shippen 
Martin Hannah, 516 S 2d 

Martin Henrj', rope maker, Washington bel 6th 
Martin Isaac J., apothecary & chemist, c 6th 

and Spring Garden 
Martin Jacob, com. mer., Willow st whf., h 287 

Martin James, hay dealer, 13th n Brown 
Martin James K., att'y, 17 Budd 
Martin James, lab., Carlton ab Sch 8th 

Martin James, flour and feed, S W 2d 8c Wash- 

Martin James, manuf., 193 G T road 

Martin James, cordwainer, 5 Mechanic 

Martin James, watchman, 127 M road 

Martin James, com. mer., 10 N Front, h 181 

Martin James, gunsmith, 35 Coates alley 

Martin James, tavern, S W Svvanson & South 

Martin James, chandler. Noble be) Garden 

Martin James S., mer., 10 N 4th, h 169 N 6th 

Martin James W., umlsrella mr., Harmony ct 

Martin John, weaver, Hopkins' ct bel William 

Mailin John, soap boiler, 4 Harrigue's ct 

Martin John Capt., 222 S Front 

Martin John, collector, New Market ab Noble. 

Martin John, cordw., 10th ab James. 

Martin John, lab., Pine n Willow. 

Martin John, sexton, 1 Mai-ble 

Martin John, clerk, 112 Filbert. 

Martin John, grocer, Sch. Front n Vine. 

Martin John C, merchant, 319 Spruce 

Martin John H., mer., 94 High^ 

Martin Joseph, gunsmith, rear 179 Coates. 

Martin Joseph, pattern maker. Wood ab Gar- 

Martin J. G., tavern, 2 N Front 

Martin J. G., druggist, N W 4th & Shippen. 

Martin Joseph W., clerk. Manufacturers & Me- » 
chanics' Bank, h 30 Madison. 

Martin Joshua, warper, F road bel Oxford. 

Martin Margaret, tailoress, 172 Spruce 

Martin Martin, weaver, 6 Wagner's alley. (M) 

Martin Michael, bricklayer, Jones ab Sch. 8th. 

Martin Oliver, mer., 26 S 4th, h Marshall ab 

Martin Patrick, watchmaker, 22 Harmony. 

Martin Patrick, labourer, 27 M'Duffie 

Martin Patrick, waiter, 3 Helmuth 

Martin Patrick, storekeeper, 30 Elizabeth. 

Martin Peter, tailor, 6 Quervelle's ct. 

Martin Peter, chairmaker, 87 and 89 N Front, h 
286 N 3d 

Martin Phoebe, Poplar n 2d 

Martin Rachel, tailoress, 483 S 2d 

Martin Richard, baker, Walter's ct 

Martin Robert, weaver, F road n Oxford. 

Martin Robert, coachmaker, 310 S 4th 

Martin Robert, whipmaker, 29 Poplar. 

Martin Robert B., umbrella maker, 128 S 6th. 

Martin R. C, gent. Juniper n Filbert 

Martin Samuel, drover, 452 Sassafras 

Martin Samuel, mer., 72^ High. 

Martin Samuel, bricklayer, 493 S 2d 

Martin Sarah, b h., 72 S 5th 

Martin Sylvester, grocer, N W 10th & Carpenter 

Martin Thomas, drayman, G T road ab Master 

Martin Thomas, labourer, 185 N Front 

Mai'tin & Thomas, earthenware, 26 S 4th. 

Martin Thomas, hatter, 235 Lombard 

Martin Thomas, house and sign painter, 124 S 
10th, h 102 Fitzwater. 

Martin Thomas, tavern, c 6tli and Shippen 

Martin Thomas G., mer., 4 S 6th 

Martin William, gent., 101 Noble 




Martin William, machinist, 79 Vine 

Martin William, 20 Bonsall 

Martin William, labourer, 5 Mark's lane 

Martin William, clerk, 44^ Penn 

Martin William, b h, 68 N Uth. 

Martin William, sec. Del. Co. Insurance Co., 36 
Walnut, h 240 Filbert. 

Martin William A., distiller, 44 Plum 

Martin William J., moulder, Beach n Maiden 

Marvel Elizabeth, Church bel Christian 

Masley Wm., lab., 2 Gale's ct. 

Maslin & Pepper, hardware, 4 N 3d 

Maslin M. M., hardware, 4 N 3d, h 168 Mulberry 

Mason A., philosophical instrument maker, 89 
S 5th. 

Mason Ann, g-entw., 5 Wood 

Mason Charles, cooper, 5 Hause's ct 

Mason Christopher, carpenter. Wood bel 12th 

Mason Ebenezer, merchant, 12 Pine, h 126 

Mason Georg-e, labourer, 186 Lombard 

Mason George, carpenter, 340 Sassafras. 

Mason Georg-eij^., mer., 27 Franklin. 

Mason Harriet, oysters, c 8th and I^ociist 

Mason &, Huhn, milhners, 59 N 2d 

Mason Isaac, g-ent., 135 S 11th 

Mason Isaac, cigar maker, Madison n Sassafras 

Mason Isaac, 22 Buckley. 

Mason Jacob, tavern, 317 Callowhill. 

Mason James, carpenter, 4th ab Franklin. (K) 

Mason James, painter, Crown bel Bedford. 

Mason James, glass bender. Crown ab Green. (K) 

Mason James, carpentei-. Broad bel Sassafras. 

Mason James A., baker, 108 S 12th 

Mason James S., blacking manuf., 192 N 3rd & 
56 New Market. 

Mason John, weaver, 35 S Juniper 

Mason John, cordwainer, 17 Rachel 

Mason John, 25 Vernon 

Mason John, jr., brickmaker, c 6th & Poplar. 

Mason Joseph, hatter, 52 Almond 

Mason Mary, 3 Julianna. 

Mason M. S., mer., 12 Pine. 

Mason Parthenia, trimmings, 62 N 5th. 

Mason Peter, biscuit baker, 161 N Front 

Mason Robert, gent., 157 Pine 

Mason Robert A., wine and liquor, N E 6th and 

Mason R. W. & Co., nail store, 7 S 5th 

Mason Samuel Jr., B. U. S., h 68 N 7th 

Mason Tanton, baker, 82 Mulberry 

Mason T. A., gent., 73 Carpenter. 

Mason T. T., salesman, 30 E North 

Mason William, cooper, St. James, h 158 Cherry 

Mason William, carter, rear 16 Noble. 

Mason William, tavern, N W Water and Callow- 

Mason William, engraver, S E 11th & Filbert. 

Mason William Jr., ganger, 59 N 2d 

Mason William G., engraver, 46 Chestnut 

Mason W. R., fancy store, 5 High, h 5 Brown 

Massey Andrew, sawyer, 5 Burr's ct. 

Massey & Boate, printers, 48 N 3d 

Massey Charles, oysterman, rear 1 Nectarine. 

Massey Charles P. & Co., mers., 27 S wharves 

Massey Charles Jr., mer., 28 S wharves, h 170 

Massey Eliza, 3 North 
Massey EUzabeth, 161 N 12th. 
Massey Jane S., 80 S 2d. 
Massey Joseph R., mer., 28 S wharves, h 170 

Massey Richard, weaver, 18 Brlnton 
Massey R. V., leather store, 244 N 3d, h 205 N 

Massey Samuel, store, N W 4th & Marriott. 
Massey Thomas, carpenter, Julianna ab Button- 
Massey Thomas, tailor, S W Uth & Vine, h c 

13th and Marion. 
Masson A., carpenter, 268 N 7th 
Masson Charles A., jeweller, 198 Sassafras 
Master Benjamin, carpenter, 145 Vine 
Master Elizabeth, dry goods, 68 Spruce 
Master Joseph, bricklayer, 145 Vine 
Master Wilham, shoemaker, 145 Vine 
Masters George, lab.. Barker ab Sch. 6th. 
Masters Samuel, boat builder, 22 Oak. 
Mastin James, porter. Harmony bel 4th 
Mastin John, blacksmith, Filbert n Sch 3d. 
Matchin George W., carpenter, 109 W Filbert. 
Mather Edwin M., gardener, 306 Pine 
Mather Henry, clerk, Sch. Beach bel Walnut. 
Mather Joseph T., mer., 7 S 4th, h Chestnut ab 

Mather, Walton & Hallowell, mers., 7 S 4th. 
Mathers James, clerk, Green n 7th. 
Mathers Mary, b h, 159 N Uth. 
Matheys C. T., mer., 198 High, h 85 S Uth. 
Matheys John, carbuilder. Broad ab Vine. 
Matheys R. E-, clerk, 9th ab Catharine. 
Mathieu A., upholsteress, 16 Hubbell. 
Mathieu D. & A., bottlers, S W 7th and Cedar 
Mathieu Duffin M., wine bottler, ,2 Benton's av. 
Matthieu James A., shoemaker, Morris above 

Mathieu J. E., gent., 194 S 9th. 
Mathieu Peter, silver plater, 9 Flower. 
Mathieu Philbert, stove manuf., 187 S 2d. 
Matison Mary, sempstress, 46 N 7th. 
Matlack C. F., M. D., 148 Mulberry 
Matlack Ellwood, tailor, 306 High 
Matlack F. E., cordw., 337 N 6th 
Matlack I. R., M. D., 289 Sassafras 
Matlack John, shoe maker, 226 N 6th. 
Matlack Joseph, b h., 155 S 9th 
Matlack Joseph B., bricklayer, 146 Marshall. 
Matlack Mason, carpenter, 40 Sheaf's al. 
Matlack Mrs., nurse, 31 Vine. 
Matlack Sarah, mantua maker, 103 Mulberry 
Matlack Thomas, lime burner, 479 Vine 
Matlack Wilham, tobacconist, 39 R road 
Matsinger Adam, blacksmith, 448 Sassafras, h 

15 Montgomery. 
Matson H., tailor, 202 Chestnut. 
Matson James, carter. Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Matson Mary, Sch. 3d n Mulbeny. 
Matthes Henry W., turner, 109 Dillwyn 
Matthews Alex,, city watch, Orleans ab Lombard 
Matthews Ann Mrs., Moore's ct. 




Matthews A., cordw., Parrlsh n 8th. 
Matthews A., gent., 526 N 2d. 
Matthews Barnaby, rig-ger, Shackamaxon n F r. 
Matthews Caleb, M. D., 138 N Front 
Matthews Catharine, S E Coates and Frank- 
Matthews Charles, labourer, Marlboroug-h n 

Matthews David, weaver. Cedar bel Broad 
Matthews Elizabeth, tailoress, 397 High. 
Matthews Esther, teacher, 441 S Front 
Matthews E., 182 S 9th 
Matthews Francis, labourer. Pine ab Willow 
Matthews George, waterman. Brown n H Bridge 
Matthews George, shoemaker, G T road n 6th. 
Matthews George, shoemaker, rear 27 N Mar- 
Matthews Hannah, 39 Middle alley. 
Matthews Henry, porter, 1 Biddle's al. 
Matthews H., blacksmith, 7 Filbert avenue. 
Matthews Isaac, captain, 18 Duke 
Matthews James, cordwainer, 6^ Poplar 
Matthews James C, hair dresser. Barley bel 

Matthews John, tinman, 5 Lemon 
Matthews John, Queen bel Shackamaxon 
Matthews John, waiter, 20 Sassafras alley. 
Matthews John, piano finisher, 416 Sassafras. 
Matthews John, lab., 102 Gaskill. 
Matthews John H., tailor. Queen n Shacka- 
Matthews Joseph, carpenter, 1 Dorothy. 
Matthews Lawrence, leather dresser, G T road 

ab Thompson 
Matthews Mary Ann, Cedar bel Broad 
Matthews M., paper maker, 391 High. 
Matthews Mrs., 2 Little Oak. 
Matthews Patrick, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Matthews Peter, oysters, 195 S 7th. 
Matthews Philip, c Clay & Beach. 
Matthews Samuel, shoemakei-, 7 Bank, h 220 

Matthews Samuel, sup. E Penitentiary, 1 Fran- 
cis al ab Ridge road. 
Matthews Sarah Mrs., Shirker's al. 
Matthews Thomas, lab., Hopkin's ct n School 
Matthews Uriah Senr., cordwainer, Weaver's ct. 
Matthews Uriah Jr., cordwainer, 220 Green 
Matthews William, ironmonger, 31 Carlton ab 

Matthews William, combmaker, Gay's ct. 
Matthews Wm. H., baker, 28 and 40 S 3d 
Matthews Wm. H., baker, 30 George. (S) 
Matthias Abel, carpenter, 94 St. John 
Matthias Benjamin, editor Saturday Chronicle, 

h 352 Vine. 
Matthias Isaiah, cordwainer, S E Noble and San- 

som's alley 
Matthias Joseph J., umbrella maker, 373 N 2d 
Matthias & Taylor, pub. Saturday Clironicle, 84 

Matthias Wm., G T road ab Master. 
Matthias Wm. M., moulder, Penn ab Maiden. 
Mattingley L., shoemaker, rear 4 Lisle. 
Mattis Jacob, carpenter, 140 V road. 

Mauck J. H., mer., 63 High, h 196 N4tli 
Maugar Frederick, lime burner. Wood n Sch. 
Maule Caleb, lumber mer., S W Sch. 5th and 

Spruce, h S E 13th and Spruce 
Maule Wm., lumber mer., c High and Sc'i 7th, 

li N W Spruce & Currant al. 
Maull Frederick, ropemaker, 230 F road 
Maull James, laboiu-er, Ohio bel 12th 
Maull James, sail maker. Spruce st wharf, h 

83 Pine 
Maull James, jr., c mer., 87 S Front. 
Maull Jolin, b h, 3 Lagrange ph 
Maull John, tailor, 41 Cedar 
Maull Joseph, sliip carpenter, 25 Federal 
Maull Joseph E., tobacconist, S E 2d & Dock, 

h 192 Queen 
Maull J. Troubat, att'y & coun., 35 Dock, h 83 

Maull Mary, 19 Christian 
Maull Samuel, blacksmith, Pratt bel Spruce 
Maull Wm.., hat presser, 16 Lag-rang-e place 
Maulsby Elwood, mer., 105 High 
Maupey Edward, seed store, 5 S 5th 
Mauricks Jacob, lab.. Concord ct. 
Mawson Matilda, dry g'opds, 174 S 6th 
Maxfield Joseph, & Wm. R., gents., 4th st 2 cb-s 

bel Willow 
Maxwell Amelia, F road ab Stone Bridge 
Maxwell Andrew, carpenter, 23 Jones' al, h State 
Maxwell David, tinsmith, 451 S 2d 
Maxwell E. Mrs., 21 Coates 
Maxwell H. Mrs., b h., 133 Walnut 
Maxwell Jacob G., cooper, 196 S Water, h 170 

Maxwell James, carter, 217 Shippen 
Maxwell James, manuf.. Cedar ab 12th 
Maxwell James, flour and feed, 338 N 2d, h 77 

Maxwell John, saddler, Kessler's al 
Maxwell John, blacksmith, 66 P. Road 
Maxwell John, agent, 46 Wood ab 10th 
Maxwell John, grocer, 139 S 9th 
Maxwell L. E. & Co. exch brokers, S W 3d and 

Maxwell Mary, gentw., 467 Mulberry 
Maxwell Robt., teacher, F road ab Stone Bridge 
Maxwell Sarah, te©;her, 33 Plum 
Maxwell Stephen, lab., Spafford 
Maxwell Thomas, gardener, Wagner's alley ab 

Fitz water 
Maxwell T. J., com. mer., N E Broad and Vine, 

h 477 Vine 
Maxwell Wm. Rev., 528 N 2d 
Maxwell L. E., broker, S E 3d and Dock 
May Elisha, cabmr., Jackson n Apple 
May Esther, 24 Parham 
May Francis, 64 Vine 
May Henry, 85 N 10th 
May Isaac, pedler, Rose al ab Tammany 
May John, pianoforte makei', 143 Wood 
May John M., cabinetmaker, 27 R road 
May Lewis, carpenter. Pearl bel 13tli 
May Maria, iViiniature painter, 164 S Front 
May Philip, baker, 244 Shippen 
May Wendall,auctioneer, 8 Fetter Lane 




May William, rear 41 Chester 

Mayben Alexander, manuf., 608 N 2d 

Mayben James, manuf., 608 N 2d 

Maybery Martha, Adams bel 13th 

Maybin E. Mrs., gentw., 404 Coates 

Mayburry William, hatter, rear Barley Sheaf 

tav., h Budd n Green 
Mayer Andrew, painter, S E Walnut & 5th, h 

543 N 3d 
Mayer Ellen, gentw., Otter ab Front 
Mayer Frederick P., coach maker, 223 St. John, 

h 96 Budd 
Mayer Jacob F., refectory, 193 Chestnut, h 24 

Swan wick 
Mayer P. F., D. D., 20 Montgomery sq 
Mayers John, baker, Shippen ab 13th 
Mayger Henry, mer., 7 Bank, h 19 Wood 
Mayhew G., bookbinder, Parrish n Elizabeth 
Mayhew E., comb maker, 79 Cedar 
Mayhew H., comb maker, 5 G T Road 
Mayhew Stanford, comb maker. Mechanic 
Mayland Jacob, jr., tobacconist, N W 3d & Race, 

h 5 n Willow 
Mayland Jacob & Co., tobacconists, N W 3d and 

Mayland Jacob, tobacconist, N W 3d and Sassa- 

fi-as, h 153 N 6th 
Maynard Henry, turner, 54 Coates 
Maynard James, turner, and silk and worsted 

tassel manuf., 100 Poplar 
Mayne James, shoemaker, 288 S 7th 
Mayne Thomas, shoemaker, 15 Poplar 
Mayo David L., clerk, Rittenhouse ab Sch. 6th 
Mays John, brick maker, Beaver ab 3d 
Maysey Jane, dry goods, 359 High, h 4 Hun- 
ter's ct 
Mayweg J. I., M. D., 553 N 4th 
Mayweg Wm., gunsmith, Poplar bel 3d, h 216 

N 7th 
Maywood Robt. C, 80 S 12th 
Maze C, Elizabeth n Poplar 
Mead EUzabeth, 291 S 3d 
Mead Hamet, 5 Washington 

Mead James, lab., Callowhill st. whf , Sch. 

Mead Joseph, tailor, 291 S 3d 

Mead Lewis, hair dresser, 473 High 

Mead Patrick, lab., 6 John'a^t 

Mead Peter, variety store, 33 N 2d 

Meade Edward, superint. Will's Hospital, S W 
Sch. 5th and Sassafras 

Meade Samuel R., teacher of languages, 21 New 

Meader Edward M., pubhsher, N W 3d and 
Chestnut, h 5 Townsend's ct 

Mealy Dennis, tavern, 2 S 4th 

Mealy Patrick, tavern, 2 S 4th 

Mealy Patrick S., weaver, Sch 4th bel Lombard 

Meaney John, gent., 2 Franklin row 

Meaney Ellen, 319 Spruce 
■ Means James, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 

Means Robert, carter, Brazier ab Lloyd 

Mears Benjamin, M. D., 300 N 3d 

Mears E. & J. T., pencil manuf.. Nectarine N 9th 

Meares E., 8th n Green 

Mears J. T., pencil manuf, 87 Buttonwood 

Mears George, waiter, 6 Buck's ct. 

Mears Henry H., acct., 278 High, h Sch. 6tli & 

Mears Jonathan, waterman, 22 Union al. 
Mears Samuel, hatter, 68 S 2d, h 30 N 10th 
Mease James, M. D., Sch. 7th n Spruce 
Measey Benj., cordwainer, 324 N 8th 
Meazick John, shop, F Road bel Master 
Mechen Edward, carter, Sch 6th ab Pine 
Mecke George, cabinetmaker, 350 N 2d 
Mecke Geo. H., mer., 54 S Front, h 27 Powell 
Mecke George H., cake baker, 58 N 4th, h S 

10th bel Spruce 
Mecke Henry, cabinetmaker, 371 N 2d 
Mecke Jacob, cabmr., 211 St. John 
Mecke John, watch mr., 359^ N 2d, h 58 Duke 
Mecke, Plate, & Co., mers., 54 S Front 
Meckester Jacob, ship carp.. Queen ab Hanover 
Medad Stephen, cordw., Washington ab 11th 
Medara Joseph S., 44^ N 4th, h 58 Franklin 
Medary Charles, blacksmith. Front n Otter 
Medary Martin gent., 447 N Front 
Medlam John, grocer, c Wood & Queen (K) 
Mee John, mustard manuf., 43 S Water, h 139 

N 13th 
Meeke Rebecca, tailoress, 16 Shoi't's ct 
Meeker Stephen, ladies shoemaker, 33 Carlton 
Meeser Christian, upholsterer, 17 I-ogan 
Meeser Henry, carver &, gildex, 14 Branner's al 
Meeser Philip, japanner, 209 Green 
Meeteir George, oil cloth manuf, N W 3d & 

Megaray Dilworth, shoemaker, 2d n Otter 
Megargy Samuel, lum. mer.. High bridge (K) . 
Meg ear T. J., watch maker, 20 N 2d 
Megee George, coppersmith. Vine ab 12th 
Megee Geo., weaver, Sch 2d bel Lombard 
Megee John, book binder, 2 Fromberger's ct 
Megee Mary Mrs., 14 Almond 
Megee Wm., victualler, 10 Wells' Row 
Meggs John G., bootmaker, 17 S 5th, h Sch. 

8th ab Pine 
Megonegal & Hubbard, painters, 34 N lOth 
Megonegal Michael, carter, Nectarine n 9th 
Megonegal John, type caster, 10 Centre 
Megoneeal James, type caster, 12 Centre 
Megonegal Mrs., 5 Prosperous al 
Megonegal Roswell, teacher, 129 Cedar 
MehafFey John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Meignen L., music and piano store, 217 Chest- 
nut, h 239 Spruce 
Meignen L. Sc Co., importers of music and mu- 
sical instruments, 217 Chestnut 
Meigs Charles D. jr., mer., 177^ High 
Meigs C. D., M. D., 284 Chestnut 
Mein Andrew, acct, 9th n Coates 
Melcher Adam, brickmaker, 478 N 4th 
Melcher Charles, brickmaker, 488 N 4th 
Melcher John Jr., cooper, c 4th and Culvert 
Melcher John J., cooper. Culvert ab 4th 
Melcher & Son, coopers, 13 Sugar al 
Melcher Wm., cooper, 478 N 4th 
Melizett John M., mer., 112 S whfs, h 95 Spruce 
Melizett Lydia, gentw., 219 S 5th 
Mellon Daniel, laboui'er, 3 Brinton 
Mellon John, weaver, Washington n Jefferson 




Mellon Thomas, tavern, N E Water & Walnut 

Mellon Thomas, gent., 270 Spruce 

Mellor Austin, veterinary surg., 52 Zane, h 19 

Schriver's ct 
Mellor George, druggist, N E 4th and Walnut 
Mellor Thomas, importer, 99 Mulberry 
Mellor Charles H., pattern mr., 11th ab Button- 
Melsheimer Wm., stove and tinware, 52 Spruce 
Meloy Thos,, 1 Buckham ct 
Melven Louisa, Sch 7th n High 
Menaugh William, tailor, 7 Kessler's ct 
Mench George C, cabinetmaker, 83 Tammany 
Mench John O., cabinetmaker, 163 S 2d 
Mench Sarah, 133 Budd 
Mendenhall B. Franklin, 22 Mulberry 
Mendenhall John, 9 Juniper alley 
Mendenhall Philip, acct., 90 N Front 
Mendenhall Thomas, captain, 90 N. Front 
Mengle Christian, vict., Hanover ^b Prince 
Mengle George, victualler, Hanover bel Prince 
Menns John, vic^ualler, James ab Charles 
Menus Joseph, victualler, c Charles & Pleasant 
Mensing Wm. D., ladies shoemaker, Simmons' ct 
Mentz Charles, painter, 9 Emlen's ct 
Mentz George, shoemaker, c Garden and Cal- 

Mentz George W., stationer, 53 N 3d, h 84 Dill- 

Mentz George W. &. Son, stationers, 53 N 3d 
Mentz Joseph, manuf., 5th and G T Road 
Mentz Wm. G., stationer, 55 N 3d, h 165 N 9th 
Menzies John, watch maker, S W Front and 

Spruce, h 142 S Front 
Mercer Bernard, gent., 36 Catharine 
Mercer Brothers & Co., mers, 18 S Front 
Mercer Dorothy, 36 Burd's ct 
Mercer George P., corder, Istwhf ab Catharine, 

h 12 Catharine 
Mercer G. & J., corders, 1st whf ab Catharine 
Mercer Hall W., mer., 18 S Front, h N E Sch. 

8th and Walnut 
Mercer Jane, gentw., N E Sch. 8th and Walnut 
Mercer J. C, mer., 18 S Front, h N E Sch, 8th 

and Walnut 
Mercer Robert J., mer., 1st whf bel Swede's 

Mercer Robert, gent., 229 Cedar ab 6th 
Mercer Robert, cordwainer, AVorkman's ct 
Mercer Samuel, waiter, 10 Burd's ct 
Mercer Singleton, 51 S Wharves, h 33 Queen 
Mercer Singleton A., mer., 18 S Front, h Sch. 

7th ab Spruce 
Mercer & Smith, mers., 1st whf bel Swede's 

Mercer Thomas, gent., 33 Queen 
Mercer Thomas, stone mason, Sch. 7th ab Vine 
Merchant Robert, stone cutter, Ann n Powell 
Mercier Charles, lum. mer., 21 Christian 
Mercier Charles, confectioner, 111 S 3d 
Meredith Edwin, dnjggist, 212 High, h 98 

Meredith P^liz., milhner, 71 Cedar 
Meredith, Henderson & Co., druggists, 212 High 
Meredith James S., mariner, Loxlcy's ct 

Meredith John, coppersmith, 5 Fearris's ct 

Meredith John, mer.. Almond st whf, h 71 Cedar 

Meredith Joseph D., gent., Belmont Place 

Meredith Prudence Mrs., 98 Crown 

Meredith Samuel, drayman, 132 F road 

Meredith William, gent., S W 7th and Washing- 
ton sq 

Meredith William M., att'y & coun., 9 York 

Merembeck Margaret, c North and Boyd's av 

Merino Felix, teacher, 7th be! Green 

Merkel Henry, iron foundry, Vine ab Sch. 8th. 

Merkel Solomon B., engineer, S E 10th and Nec- 

Merkle Charles, painter, 140 Cherry 

Merkle Conrad, bootmaker, 84^ N 5th, h 8 
Franklin row 

Merkle Perry, silver plater, 27 Emlen's court. 

Mermies Frederick, labourer, Baxter's court. 

Men*efield John G., dry goods, 459 N 2d, h 266 
N 4th. 

Merrick Elizabeth, gentw., 4 China row. 

Meri-ick Samuel B., drayman, Carlton bel .Sch. 

Merrick Samuel, mer., 28 Walnut, h 52 Pine 

MeiTick Saml, dry goods, S W 10th and Castle. 

Merrick Saml. V., engine manuf., h W Penn 

Merrick Thomas B., 219 Spruce. 

Merrick Thomas, waterman, Allen bel Palmer. 

Merrick & Towne, steam engine builders and 
machinists. Prime bel 5th, office 32 Walnut 

Merriemack John, carter, Shackamaxon bel F 

Merrihew K. E., cabinetmaker, 5 N 8th, h 11 
Carter's al 

Merrihew S. E., printer, 7 Carter's al, h 50 Mul- 

Men-ihew & Thompson, printers, 7 Carter's al 

MeiTihew & Thompson, cabinetmakers, 5 N 8th 

Merrill B. R., pie and cake baker, 264 High, h 
431 Vine. 

Merrill George, com. mer., 3 S wharves, h 148 
S Juniper 

Merrill Richard, clothes, 189 Shippen. 

MeiTill Wilham O. B., carp., S E 4th & Culvert 

Merriman Eliza Mrs., 45 Catharine. 

Merrin Edward, weaver, 16 Brinton 

Men-itt Abraham, car builder, c Sch. 5th and 
Callowhill, h 34 Rittenhouse 

Merritt Abraham, bricklayer, 3 Littleboy's ct. 

Merritt Adam, lab., 12 Mulberry al 

Merritt Ehzabeth, milliner, 67 Mulberry 

Men-itt George, bhicksmith. Beach ab Maiden 

Merritt Thomas, glass cutter, Shackamaxon ab 

Merritt Wm., ship carp,, Beach ab Hanover. 

Merritt William, ship carpenter, Marlborough 
bel Allen 

Merritt William, cordw., Marlboi-ough n Beach 

Merry Michael, gent., 127 S 6th 

Mershon James, seaman, 56 Federal. 

Mervin Isaac, blacksmith, 330 N Front. 

Mervin Samuel, blacksmitli, Walter's ct 

Mervine Thomas, stone cutter, 450 Callowhill. 




Merwin S. C, M. D. 409 Chestnut 

Meskill .lames, labourer, Ann bel Sch. 3d 

Messcliart H., g-ent., 15 N 8th 

Messeng-er Allen B. blacksmith, "Palmer below 

Messenger Jacob, distiller, 261 St. .Fohn 
Messenger Sarah, Wheat ab Wharton 
Metcalf Albert W. & Co., mers., 17 Commerce, 

h 134 N 8th 
Metcalf Georg-e, carp., Wood ab Sch. 6th. 
Metcalfe Jos, printer, office ]'ear 110 Walnut, 

h 147 G T road 
Metcalfe Mary, 178 Sassafras 
Metcalfe Richard, machinist, Linn. (F M) 
Metcalfe Thomas, watchman. High ab Sch. 5th 
Metcalfe William, printei', 3d n Phoenix 
Metchett John, carp., George bel Sch. 6th. 
Meter Calvin, seaman, 49 Penn 
Metier Lydia, b h., 130 Green 
Metier Samuel, alderman, S W New Market and 

Metsler Samuel, cordw., 9th bel Coates. 
Mettaurer E. Mrs., 26 Elizabeth 
Mettenheimer Henry, tailor, 162 Vine 
Metz George, baker, M road bel Wharton 
Metz George, locksmith, Callowhill ab Sell. 

Metz George W., brush maker, 317 High, h 40 

Metz George, carp., Juhanna ab Buttonwood 
Metz Jacob, baker, 35 Coates. 
Metz Susan, dressmr., 137 N Jumper. 
Metz Tliomas, sea capt., 77 M road. 
Metzer Samuel, stone mason, N E M road and 

Metziger Godfrey, stirrup maker. Prince ab Ha- 
Metzger Jacob, ship carp.. Queen ab Hanover 
Metzger John, ag'cnt, 14 Pennsylvania av 
Metzger John, carpet weaver, 387 N Front 
Metzker George, grocer, G T road ab Master 
Metzler George, lab., 8 South avenue. 
Meurer Frederick W., dyer, 136 Brown 
Mexter Godfrey, silver plater. Prince bel Palmer 
Mextuckard John, carp.. Phoenix ab F road 
Meyer Conrad, piano forte maker, 52 S 4th. 
Meyer C. H., master mechanic. Blind Institution 
Meyer Henr}-, blacksmith, 6 Ellet's avenue 
Meyer Henry, baker. To German. 
Meyers & Battens, gTocers, 3u2 N 2d 
Meyers Catharine, c Mechanic and George 
Meyers Christopher, tailoi-, 261 St. John 
Meyers Frederick, baker, 300 N Front. 
Meyers Frederick, basketmr., c Hope and Phoe- 

Meyers Frederick, sockmr., 5 Culvert 

Meyers Henry, lanipmr., 3 Logan. 

Meyers Jacob, vict., c Lancaster and Marion. 

Meyers Jacob, St. John bel Beaver. 

Meyers John P., weaver, 22 Castle 

Meyers Mra-tin, boxmr., 81 New. 

Meyers Mulure, tavern, Callowhill ab 12th. 

Meyers Rachel, dealer, 212 S 7th. 

Meyers Sophia, shopkeeper, 240 F road 

Meyraw Samuel, cordw., rear 152 Brown 

Mezles Jeremiah, waterman, 79 Oak. 
Mic Mary, 7 St. Maiy 

Michael Capanth, S E Front and Lombard. 
Michael James, dyer, 6 Ann 
Michael John, paper stainer, 53 M road 
Michael Samuel, bleeder, Marlborough n Queen 
Mitchen Patrick, lab., 246 Shippen. 
Michener Allen C, h Logan ab Green 
Mick Wm. K., tailor, 22 Webb's al." 
Mickles Anthony, captain, 352 S Front 
Mickley James, cooper. Crown ab Queen. 
Midcap Ann, washer, 21 Middle al. 
Midcap Richard, well-cleaner, 8 Little Oak 
Middleton Aaron, oak cooper, 26 Union 
Middleton Ann, washer, 17 Paschall's al. 
Middleton Catharine, 13 German 
Middleton Elizabeth, 22 Union al. 
Middleton Ellis, dentist, 165 N 4th 
Middleton Elisha, bank note printer, 353 S 2d. 
Middleton Francis, porter, Freytag'sal. 
Middleton Gabriel, gent., 214 N 4th 
Middleton George, mariner, 89 Swanson 
Middleton Henry, gent., 292 S 5th. 
Middleton John, carter, F road bel Master. 
Middleton John Jr., gilder & looking glass mr., 

6th ab Commerce 
Middleton John W., iron mer., 279 N 2d, h 222 

N 4th. 
Middleton Joshua, box maker. Commerce ab 5th, 

h 147 N 7th 
Middleton Mai-tha, 4 Federal 
Middleton Mary, 6 Mustin's cf 
Middleton Nathan, bricklayer, 7th n Poplar 
Middleton Pheaniv, Rachel n Laurel. 
Middleton Rachael, washer, Allen's ct 
Middleton Rebecca, 17 Willow. 
Middleton Samuel, blacksmith, Mervine. 
Middleton Thomas B., grocer, N E 4th and No- 
Middleton Thomas K., bootmaker, 119 Cedar 
Middleton William, shoemaker 31 Sheaf's al 
Middleton Wm., plumber, Russell above Fitz- 

Middleton Wm., weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Midlen Caroline, 34 Union. 
Midlen Wm., sea capt., 39 Carpenter. 
Mids John, carpenter, 36 N Sch. 8th 
Midwinter John, dealer, 148^ Cedar 
Miercken Anna E., S"!! Shippen 
Miercken Henry F., captain. Spruce ab 12th 
Miercken John, captain, 78 Lombard 
Miesegaes & Unkart, mers., 16 N Front 
Mifflin Ann, gentw., 226 Spruce 
M.fflin Benjamin, Pennsvlvanian, 99 S 2d, h 144 

S 10th 
Mifflin Charles, M. D., 419 Chestnut 
Mifflin Clementina, gentw., 226 Walnut 
Mifflin Elizabeth, 324 Walr.ut 
Mifflin Henry J., att'y & coun., 12 Prune 
Mifflin James, brush maker, 524 N2d 
Mifflin Jas. L., mer., 338 Chestnut 
Mifflin Lloyd, gent., 252 Spruce 
Mifflin & Pan-y, proprietors & publishers Penn- 

sylvanian," 99 S 2d 
Mifflin S. L., gentw., 338 Chestnut. 





Mifflin Thomas, mer., h 3.38 Chestnut. 
Mig-eod John M., saddler, N E 4th and High, h 

78 Noble. 
Mignard F., inlllinei-, 118 Lombard. 
Milburn Matilda, Rawle n 5th. 
Milby Georg'e, labourer, 6 Prosperous al. 
Milby John, cig-ar store, 165^ S 3d 
Miles Catharine, dry goods, 429 N 3d 
Miles Edward H., mer., 10^ Chestnut. 
Miles George, clerk post office, h 551 N 3d 
Miles Jacob, bootmaker, 25 S 4th, h N E 7th & 

Miles John, att'y & coun., 2 York Building. 
jyiiles John, carp., 11 Sch. Ann. 
Miles Marmaduke, gent., 12 Stamper's al. 
Miles J. & Son, bootmrs., 25 S 4th. 
Miles Joseph, china store, 353 N 2d. 
Miles & Pleasants, mers., 10 i Chestnut. 
Miles Robert, plater, 102 S lOth 
Miles Sarah, 3 Boyd's avenue. 
Miles Sarah, Locust 5 doors ab 12th 
Miles Thomas, bootmr,, 25 S 4t]i, h 68 S 5th. 
Miles Wm., brush mr., c New Market & Noble 
Miles Wm., china store, 353 N 2d 
Miles Wm. G., trunk mr., 98 Apple. 
Miles Wm. H., machinist, Beaver n 3d 
Miley Catharine, shopkr., c Cherry & Gebhard 
Miley B. Mrs., 91 N Juniper 
Miley Frederick, labourer, Sch. 8th ab Callowhill 
Miley Fredk., constable, Sch. 8th ab Callowhill 
Miley George, watchman, Sassafras bel Sch. 3d 
Miley Jacob, victualler, 5th n Jeflerson. 
Miley John, victualler, 4th ab Thompson 
Miley John, silver plater, 5 Carlisle's ci 
Jilillar Mary, 27 Elizabeth 
Millard Wm., C-ibinetmr., 32 P road. 
Millard James, ship carp., Haydock n Canal. 
Millard C, carver, c Penn and Maiden. 
Miller A., tailor, 102 Cedar 
Miller A., 9 Laurel. 
■ Miller Abraham, potter, 11 Zane 
Miller Adam, plane maker, 2 Union court. 
Miller Adam, lab., rear 76 F road 
Miller Alexander, painter, Sliippen ab Shippen 

Miller Andrew, lab., 8 Fothei'gill 
Miller Andrew, bottler and grocer, NE 6th and 

Miller Ann B., teacher, 46 Perry 
Miller Augustus J., mer., 161 Higli, h 330 N 6th 
Miller &. Alexander, car builders, Rail Road n 

Miller Austin, farrier, 19 Schriver's couit. 
Miller A. H., tavern, 174 S Water. 
Miller Barbara, Wood bel 6t]i ^^ 

Miller Benjamin, M. D., S E Lombard and Sch. 

Bank " 
Miller Benjamin, clothier, George ab Sch. 7tii 
Miller Benjamin, tailor, 303 N 5th 
Miller, Bowman & Co., grocers, 240 N 2d. 
Miller & Hrotber, mers,, 142 N 3d. 
Miller Caroline, 133 S 9tli 
Miller Catliarine, lltli bel Spruce. 
Miller Catharine, 13th bel Shippen 
Miller Catharine, Pearl ab 12th. 

Miller Catharine, sempstress, 262 N 4th. 

Miller Charles, baker, 156 S Front 

Miier Charle.s, coal dealer. Pine st whf. Sch., h 

Marshall ab Buttonwood. 
Miller Charles, tailor, Beaver n 3d 
Miller Charles, varnish boiler, 90 Budd. 
Miller Charles, furniture, 52 Callowhill 
Miller Charles, piano maker, c Mifflin & Orleans 
Miller Charles G., 16 Dean. 
Miller Charles M., clerk, 108 St. John 
Miller Charles P., mer., 51 High, h 234 Mul- 
Miller Christian, baker. Federal ab 2d 
Miller Christian, baker, 86 N 11th 
Miller Christian A., baker, 27 N 6th 
Miller Christopher, mer., h 309 S 2d. 
Miller Clayton, clothes, 43 Chestnut, h 14 Cur- 
rant al 
Miller Clements S., att'y & coun., 93 S 3d 
Miller & Cooper, mers., 51 High 
Miller Cyrus B., hair dresser, 44 N 4th 
Miller Daniel, combmaker, Front ab Oxford 
Miller Daniel K., inspector, Hoge's wharf, h 127 

Miller David, tavern, 163 Locust 
Miller David, ship master, 11 M road 
Miller David, barber, 397i High, h Ohio 
Miller David, carp., Townsend's court. 
Miller David, 28 Raspberry alley 
Miller David, Indian Queen, 15 S 4th 
Miller D. Sutter, mer., 153 N 3d, h 95 New. 
Miller Deborah, 11th bel Spring Garden 
Miller D. L., mer., 51, h 37 Mulberry 
Miller D. S., mer., 152 N 3d 
Miller Edward, clerk, 1 Cadwell row 
Miller Edward, waiter. Eagle ct 
Miller Edward, civ. engineer, 433 Chestnut 
Miller Edward W., bookbinder, George ab 6th5 

h 12 Rittenhouse 
Miller EleanOr, 50 Shippen 
Miller Elizabeth, 37 Lilly alley 
Miller Enoch, carp., 38 Sheaf's alley 
Miller Esther Ann, 108 Gaskill 
Miller Frederick, rigger, Marion ab 2d 
Miller Frederick, baker, F road bel Otter 
Miller Frederick, carpet weaver, 146 Coates 
Miller Frederick, plane maker, 70 Noble 
Miller Francis, tavern, 54 Callowhill 
Miller George, vict., Charles bel Buttonwood 
Miller George, tailor, Hanover ab Prince 
Miller George & Co., drv goods, 194 N 3d, h 

51 Callowhill 
Miller George, carp., 24 Magnolia 
Miller George, cordw., 264 St. John 
Miller Georg'e, confectioner, 222 Hig-h 
Miller George, drayman, 213 Shippen 
Miller Georg'e, drayman, 56 Almond 
Miller George, lab., 30 Helmuth 
Miller Geo. J., coachmr.. Cedar bel 12th 
Miller George W., tailor, 8 N 12th 
Miller & Green, mers., 109 S Front 
Miller Gideon, waiter. Cedar bel 8th 
Miller Hannah teacher, N W 9tli and Wood 
Miller Harriet, gentw., 126 Callowhill 
Miller Henrietta, gent., rear 5th bol Queen 




Miller Henry, hairdresser, 22 Portland pi 
Miller Henry, saw filer, 26 Vine 
Miller Henry, victiialler, 262 N 8th ' 

Miller Henry, car builder, Rail road n William, h 

Sch rth n Vine 
Miller Henry, hair dresser, 16 Little Pine 
Miller Henry, sawyer, 7 Hurst 
Miller Henry, dyer, 199 N 6th 
Miller Henry, ccnbrnr., 12 Bread 
Miller Hester, shop, Broad n Sassafras 
Miller Hiram, carp., Callowhll N 13th, h 7 Carl- 
Miller H., stock and exch. broker, 5 Exchang-e 

pi., h 191 N :th 
Miller Hester A., 1U8 Gaskill 
Miller Hugh, lab., 4 Truxton 
Miller H. S., hat body maker, 94 Crown 
Miller Jacob S., mer., Coates bet 7th & 8th 
Miller Jacob, baker, 10 Perry 
Miller Jacob, carp., 3 Frank's ct 
Miller Jacob, ship carp., Hanover n Bedford 
Miller Jacob, victualler, Hanover ab Prince 
Miller Jacob, combmaker, 3 Mechanic 
Miller Jacob, lab.. Sergeant 
Miller Jacob, manuf , George n 3d 
Miller Jacob, gent, 27 Dean 
Miller Jacob, tavern, 127 W High 
Miller James, ship carver, 3 Haydock 
Miller James, shoemr., Cadwalader n L Green 
Miller James Rev., St. John's, S 13th 
Miller James, tailor, Fisher's ct 
Miller James, lab., Mulberiy n Sch. 8th 
Miller James, porter, 3 Pleasant av 
Miller James, clothes, c Dock and Walnut 
Miller James, cooper, 88 N 6th 
Miller James B., teamster, Jones ab Sch 6th 
Miller James B., carp., 10 M'Duffie 
Miller James F., captain, 11 German 
Miller James H., painter and glazier, 137 N Ja 

MiUer James J., lab., 30 Blackberry al. 
Miller Jane, fancy store, 260 Sassafras 
Miller Jane, milhner, 14 GaskiU 
Miller Jane, miUiner, 215 S 2d 
Miller John, carp., 227 St John. 
MiUer John, clerk, 354 S 3d 
MiUer John, mariner, 8 Barley 
Miller John, brickl., c Palmer and Prince 
MiUer John, lab., Brown n Front 
MiUer John, ropemaker, F road n Master 
MiUer John, baker, 81 Christian 
MiUer John, tobacconist, 350 and h 348 N 3d 
MiUer John, combmaker, 412 N 2d 
MiUer John, drajnnan, 6 Brook 
MiUer John, tailor, 31 N 6th 
MiUer John, lab., 102 Budd 
MiUer John, carter, Jones n Sch. 4th 
■ MiUer John, measurer, Sd Vine 
MiUer John, lab., 17 Myers' ct 
MiUer John, TattersaU hotel, 306 Sassafras 
MiUer John Jr., coachmaker, Cedar bel 12th 
Miller John, letter carrier, 50 I'ammany 
MiUer John, blacksmith, 153 S 5th 
MiUer John, stevedore, 118 Swanson 
MUler John, carp., rear 260 Sassafras 

Miller John, porter, 13 Gray's al 

Miller John, tavern, 40 Pegg 

Miller John, coachman, 12 Elizabeth 

MiUer John C, mariner, 112 Plum 

Miller John D., gunsmith, 10 Gray's ct 

MiUer John F., baker, 474 N 2d 

Miller John G., music and pianos, 35 N 4th 

MiUer John G. & Son, music and piano store, 35 

N 4th 
Miller John G., morocco dresser, 1 Recliel's 

Miller John H., victuaUer, 6th ab Poplar 
Miller John L., carter, 9 Laurel 
MiUer John P., carp., Pan-ish n Elizabeth 
MiUer John T., M. D., 32 Chester 
Miller Jonah, blacksmith, 165 Shippen 
Miller Jonathan, labourer. Pearl ab 13th 
Miller Joseph, gent., 306 Coates 
Miller Joseph, weaver, 13 Mechanic. (F M) 
Miller Joseph, gent., 422 N 2d 
Miller Joseph, tailor, 247 Christian 
Miller Joseph, gent., 145 N Juniper 
Miller J. A., hatter, 226J N 3d 
Miller J. B., edge tool mr., N E Sch. 5th and 

Barker, h 2 Union square 
Miller Joseph D., tailor, 2 Fisher's ct 
Miller Joseph W., mer., 152 N 3d, h93 New 
Miller J. T., painter, c 7th and Mulberry 
Miller Lydia Mrs., 2 Steel's ct 
Miller Mahlon, oysterman, Sherker's al 
Miller Margaret, 348 N 3d 
Miller Mary Ann, 10 Portland place 
Miller Mary Mrs., tailoress, 36 S 5th 
Miller Mary Mrs., Shippen ab 8th 
Miller Mary Mrs., 3 Duncan's ct 
MiUer Mary, gentw., 177 Green 
Miller Mary, tailoress, 84 Budd 
Miller Matthias, grocer, 344 S 4th 
Miller Matthew T., exchange broker, 76 S 3d, h 

15 S Sch 7th 
Miller Matthew, refectory, 324 High 
Miller Moses, shoemr., 218 N 5th 
Miller M. Mrs., gentw., N W 7th & Walnut 
Miller Nicholas, blacksmith, 274 S 3d 
Miller Paul N., plasterer. Pleasant bel 10th 
Miller Peter, M. D., 93 N 6th 
Miller Peter grocer, 340 N 5th 
Miller Philip, tavern, c F road and Hanover 
Miller P., baker, George n Apple 
Miller Ralph, cellar digger, Pearl ab 13th 
Miller Rebecca, Brown's court 
MiUer Robert, cordw., rear 304 St John 
Miller Robert, porter, Pearl bel 13th 
Miller Robert, deputy sheriff, h Lewis n Sch 8th 
Miller Robert, waterman, 11 Baker's ct 
MiUer Samuel jr., att'y & coun., 45^ S 5th, h 98 

S 3d 

Miller Samuel, oysters, S E 2d and John (S) 
Miller Samuel, victualler, Shackamaxon n Prince 
Miller Samuel, carp., Marshall ab Brown, h 420 

N 9th 
Miller Samuel, tavern, S E 13th and Sassafras 
Miller Samuel, carp., 50 Shippen 
Miller Samuel B., carpenter, 146 Lawrence 
Miller Sarah, b h 25 Walnut 




Miller Sarah, Queen n Vienna j Mills Lewis, Sch ice office, 7 Beach. (K) 

Miller Susannah, gentwo., Franklin n Spring- Mills Martha, rear 122 N 11th 

Garden j Mills Richard, lab., rear 2 Torr's ct 

Miller S. A., carp., Callowhill n 13th, h 7 Carl- j Mills Rosanna, 69 George 

Miller Theobold, baker, Coates n Sch 7th 
MiUer Thomas, reed mr., N W 12th & Shippen 
Miller Thomas, watchmr., 97 Mulberry 
Miller Thomas, rear 324 Callowhill 
Miller William Rev., 258 N 7th 
Miller William, mariner, S W Front and Keefe 
Miller William, stone cutter, Jones ct n Sch. 5th 
Miller William, gunsmith, 370 Coates 
Miller William, silversmith, 76 N 2d 
Miller William, gent., 194 Spruce 
Miller William, drayman, 2 Rittenhouse 
Miller William, chair mr., 99 G T road 
Miller William, tanner, 163 N 4th 
Miller William, dyer, 1 Helmuth 
Miller William, lab., 5 Boyle's ct 
Miller Wm., weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Miller Wm., master navy yard, h 566 S Front 
Miller Wm., gardener, F road below Marlbo- 
Miller Wm., mariner, rear 166 Shippen 
Miller William C, cooper, 7 Harmony court 
Miller William H., silk dyer, 65 N 7th 
Miller William T., tavern, N W Sch. 7th and 

Miller William T., tobacconist, 43 Coates' alley 
Millet George, coffee roaster, 449 N 4th 
Millette Joseph, type founder, 88 Cedar 
Millette Joseph, tavern, N E P road & Queen 
Millette Thos., teacher, N W 13th and Sassafras, 

h 112 N 12th 
Millick Eliza Mrs., c Rugan and Noble 
Millick John, victualler. Pleasant bel 10th 
Milligan Francis, mer., S W 6th and High, h 97 

Milligan Geo. Andrew, elk., 11 Bonsall 
Milligan Patrick, pawnbroker, 236 Cedar 
Milligan Patrick, 205 Shippen 
Milligan P. W., social hall, 38 Carter's al 
Milligan Wm., confectioner. Poplar n 5th 
Milligan Wm., tailor, Catharine n 5th 
Milligan Wm., tailor, 7 Gaskill 
Milligan William, tailor, 30 Federal 
Milligan William, lab., rear 4 Smith's alley 
Milliken William, 199 Pine 
Millikin Samuel, furniture cars, 202 Sassafras 
MiUiman John, collector, 17 Carter's alley 
Millis Nehemiah, cabinet mr., 95 Noble 
Millis William, umbrella mr., 16A N 2d 
Millman Peter, cordw., 284 St John 
Millman Thomas, cordw., 284 St John 
Millman Wm., cordw., 284 St John 
Mills Catharine, boarding house, 109 "Viae 
Mills Charles P., ex. broker, 52 Carpenter 
Mills George E., hair dresser, S W 9th ik Cal 

Mills John, grocer, c Bedford and Crown 
Mills John, weaver, Marlborough n Pi'ince 
Mills John, cordwainer, 611 N 2d 
Mills John F., cordw., 18 Sassafras al 
Mills J. F., shoemr., rear 4 Rogers' ct 

I Mills Sarah, 3 Culvert 
Mills Thomas, acct., 86 S llth 
Mills William, hair dresser, 211 N 9th 
Mills William, weaver, F road bel Otter 
Mills WilUam, hatter, 147 N 3d 
Mills Wm., lab., Frayley's ct 
Mills William F., hair dresser, 468 N 3d 
Mills William P., druggist, N E 7th & Chestnut 
Milman James K., carpenter, 28 Jacoby 
Milne David, mer., 21 and h 7 Church alloy 
Milne David & Son, com. mers., 21 Church al 
Milner Beulah, boarding house, 22 S 3d 
Milner William B., clerk, 40 Tammany 
Milnor George, plane mr., rear 79 Poplar 
Milnor Isaac B., acct.. Chestnut st wharf 
Milnor Joseph S., grocer, G T road n 4tli 
Milnor Larken, tobacconist, 386 S Front 
Milnor Nathan, blacksmith, 153 Marshall 
Milnor R. L. Mrs., 22 Mulberry 
Milnor Wm., alderman, oiBce 88 and h 189 S 3d 
Milnor Wm., jr., att'y and coun., 25 N 7th 
Minch Adam, tavern. Oak ab Noble 
Minehan Michael, cabmr., 4 Lyndall's ct 
Miner Elizabeth, dealer, 14 Stamper's al 
Minford Thomas, grocer, 63 S 2d 
Minford Wm. J. & T., grocers, 63 S 2d 
Mingle & Budd, grocers, 6 High 
Mingle John, machinist, 108 and h 65 N 8th 
Mingle John jr., machinist, 108 N 8th, h 80 Mar- 
Mingle John & Son machinists & brass founders, 

108 N 8th 
Mingle Phihp B., mer., 6 High, h 184 N Front 
Mingle Wm., mariner, Marshall ab Callowhill 
Mingus P. P., blacksm., 44 Prune, h Cherry ab 

Mingy Lewis, tavern, c Beach and Maiden 
Minhinnick Wm., gas fitter, 1 Crocket's ct, h 5 

Filbert av 
Mini John, lamp black manuf., 6th ab Poplar 
Mink Anthony, sugar baker, 7 Bingham's ct 
Mink John, lab., Marker bel M road 
Minneace Edward, weaver. Front n Master 
Minnick Joseph, coffee roaster, 150 Callowhill 
Minner James, Pink ab Master 
Minshall Mrs., boarding house, 112 Walnut 
Minster N. D., 3 Lemon 
Mint John, lab., Pearl ab 12th 
Mintes Elizabeth, b h, 11 Gray's al 
Minton Henry, waiter, Washington ab llth 
Minton Robert, barber, 61 N 5th 
Mintzer Adam, collector 275 St. John 
Mintzer Adam, carter, 321 N 3d 
Mintzer Deborah, 148 St. John 
Mintzer Frances, 19 Ellen 
Mintzer Francis, shoe mr., Prime ab Front 
Mintzer Francis, shoemaker, 164 Swanson 
Mintzer Geo., gent., 78 S 4th 
Mintzer John, variety store, 226 N 3d, h 97 Cal- 

1 Mintzer John P., victualler, 5th n Camac 




Mlntzer Joseph, victualler, 19 Gaskill 
Mintzer Wm., victualler, Poplar n 5th 
Mintzer Wm. G. & Co, fly nets & coach lace, 83 

Mintzer Wm. L., cedar cooper, 193 N 3d 
Mintus James, currier, Raspberry al ab Spruce 
Mirkil John, paper can-ier, 13 Coates 
Mirtieus Salome, g-rocer, 34 Christian 
Mish John, corclwainei-, Palmer ab Prince 
Miskey A., 6th bel Poplar 
Miskey Wm. F., clerk, 31 Wallace 
Mitchell Abel, tavern, 113 G T road 
Mitchell Abijah, lab., 2 Jefferson Place 
Mitchell Alex. W., M. D , Walnut ab Broad- 
Mitchell Alfred, mer., 57 High, h 52 Vine 
Mitchell Ann, grocer, 36 Cedar 
Mitchell Ann, Mechanic's ct 
Mitchell Archibald, mathematical teacher, 22 

Mitchell A. & W. G. & Co., import., 6 Chestnut 
Mitchell B. G., conveyancer, office 50 S 4th, h 

61 S 7th 
Mitchell & Brog'nard, mers., 91 High 
Mitchell Charles, shoe mr., 98 N 5th 
Mitchell Ebenezei', mer., h Sch. 3d ab Chestjj 

Mitchell Edward W., iiatter, Wagner's ct 
Mitchell Edwin, mer., 91 Hig-h 
Mitchell Elijah, mer., S W 2d and High, h S E 

Marshall and Spring Garden 
Mitchell F., Wood bel 12th 
Mitchell & Fitler, surveyors and draftsmen, 47 

S 4th 
Mitchell George, U S mint, h Wood bel 12th 
Mitchell George, hairdresser, Marlborough ab 

Mitchell Georg'e, ship carp., 6 Wharton 
Mitchell George, shoe mi-., 256 S 7th 
Mtchell George H., fancy chair mr., 83 S 3d, h 

83 Mulberry 
Mitchell Georg'e W., surveyor and draftsman, 47 

S 4th, h 8 O Y road 
Mitchell Henry K,, George n 9th 
Mitchell Hannah, gentw., 262 Coates 
Mitchell H. P., paymaster sergeant, S E 5tli & 

Mitchell J., gunsmith. Front bel Franklin (K) 
Mitchell Jacob D., salesman, 18 Morgan 
Mitchell Jacob, mahogany mer., N E 4th and 

Mitchell James, manut.. Phoenix ab Cadwalader 
Mitchell James, 111 Christian 
Mitchell James, chair mr., 119 and h 168 Spruce 
Mitchell James, M D., 157 S 5th 
Mitchell James & Son grindstones Slc, 12 and h 

8 O Y road 
Mitchell James H., coal, N. E. 3d and Dock, h 

98 S 4th 
Mitchell John, baker, 472 X 4th 
Mitchell John, labourer, 110 Prime 
Mitchell John, baker, 98 W High 
Mitchell John, tailor, 7 Jackson's court 
Mitchell John, tailor, Green bel 7th 
Mitchell John C, att'y and coun., 6tli below 

Mitchell John K., M. D., 288 Walnut 
Mitchell Joseph E., 8 and 12 O Y road 
Mitchell Joseph, furniture, 260 S 7th 
Mitchell Joseph, M. D. & druggist, N W 3d & 

Mitchell Joseph, gunsmith, 591 N Front 
Mitchell Joseph B., cash. Mech's Bank, h 145 N 

Mitchell Joshua, clerk of market, 17 N 6th 
Mitchell Margaret, 2 Abbot's ct 
Mitchell Margaret, 107 N 5th 
Mitchell, M'Connell & Co., mers., 57 High 
Mitchell M. & H., milliners, 60 Mulberry 
Mitchell M. P., com. mer., 36 Chestnut, h N W 

Sch. 8th and George 
Mitchell Robert, plasterer, Crabb bel Cedar 
Mitchell Robert, drayman. High ab Sch. 4th 
Mitchell Sinclair, mariner, 9 Pleasant avenue 
Mitchell Susan, drygoods, N E 4th & Cedar < 
Mitchell Samuel, gent., 138 N 9t]i 
Mitchell Thomas, conveyancer, 50 S 4th, h 

Walnut ab Broad 
Mitchell T. M., conveyancer, 79 Dock, h Mar- 
shall ab J'ari-ish 
Mitchell T. & Son, conveyancers, 50 S 4th 
Mitchell Wm., labourer, Sch. 4th n Chestnut 
Mitchell Wm. F., collector, 39 Green 
Mitchell Wm. S., cigar mr., 27 Coates 
Mitchel Mrs., 10th ab Catharine 
Mitchener Frances, b h, S E 4th & Branch 
Mitcliener Joseph, mail carrier, 503 High 
Mitcheson Robert, Coates bet 11th & 12th 
Mitchson John, weaver, 4 Little Green 
Mitz Eawrence, cordwainer, 5 Helmuth 
Mix George C, coach mr., 12 Librarj' 
Mix Eliza, rear 177 Poplar 
Mixsell D. W., clerk Cus. House, 2d bel Dock 
Moak Valentine, shoemaker, Beaver n St. John 
Mode James, lab., 2 Roberts' ct 
Mock Catharine, 522 N 3d 
Moffett Eliza, dress mr. Linn, (F M) 
MoehringG., M. D., 126 S 11th 
Moffett Elizabeth, 35 Mechanic 
Moffett William, warper, Quany Row, (F M) 
Moffett Robert, weaver, Sch. 4th n Chestnut 
Moffitt A., plasterer, 24 W Cedar 
Moffitt Adam, gi'ocer. Beach ab Maiden 
Moffitt Archibald, weaver, Callowhill n Wash- 
ington, (F M) 
Moffitt Casper, constable, 71 Lombard 
Moffit Richard, grocer, 138 N 2d 
Moffit Thomas, grocer, 605 N 2d 
Mogridge, Bousted & Co., tanners and curriers, 

129 N 3d 
Mogridge Thomas, currier, 129 N 3d, h 22 N 5th 
Molan Peter, mer., 44 S 2d 
Molden Elizabeth, 23 Middle al 
Moland Wm., engi-aver S W 4th and Libraiy 
Molony James, g'ent., N V/ 7th and Vine 
Molony John D., 75 Union 
Moloy Michael, trader, 111 S Front 
Moloy Peter, tavern, 62 Cedar 
Monachesi N., portrait painter, 156 Pine 
Monaghan Daniel, lab., c Sch Front & Chestnut 
Monaghan Henry, lab.. Baker bel 7th 




Monag'han John, hatter, 85 S 5th 
Monaghan John, lab., Catharine ab 13th 
Monag'han Patrick, blacksm., 95 O Y Road 
Monaghan Patrick, weaver, 17 W Cedar 
Monaghan Peter, weaver. Lemon n Sch. 6th 
Monaghan Peter, weaver, 1 Adams st 
Monaghan Peter, lab., 20 Perry 
Monaghan Philip, tallow chandler, Lombard ab 

Monaghan Sarah Mrs., Brasier ab Lloyd 
Monaghan Terence, weaver, 44 Fitzwater 
Monaghan & Kerns, blacksmith, O Y Road n 

Monclark John G., combmaker, 5 Beaver 
Mondozer Joanna, 215 Shippen 
Monease Edward, weaver, Hope bel Phoenix 
Monell John J., U S mint, h 7 Carrolton sq 
Money Ann Mrs., 24 Fitzwater 
Money Edward, glassblower, 49 S 2d 
Money Joseph, corder, Catharine St wharf, h 

S W Queen and Swanson 
Monges A., agent, Clinton ab 10th 
Monham Jacob, reflector mr., 179 St. John 
Monk John, tinsmith, 186 S 6th 
Monk Mary, crockeiy, 166 S 6th 
Monkman Mathers, gold refiner, 9 Franklin pi 
Monnier Daniel, watch mr., 240 S 2d 
Monroe Charles, glue manuf., Apple n C creek 
Monroe E., 12 Filbert avenue 
Monroe E., fancy milliner, 215 Chestnut 
Monroe James, bonnets and shoes, 138 High, h 

136 N 4th 
Monroe James, brickmr., c Washington and Jef- 
Monroe John N., brickmr., Cadwalader ab L 

Monroe Samuel, druggist, 1 & 3 Commerce, h 

163 N 7th 
Monrose A. F. Ott, importer, UN 5th 
Montague Ellen P., ladies shoes, 122 N 2d 
Montague Sarah B., b h., 122 N 2d 
Monteith John, drayman, Sch. 7th n Sassafras 
Monteith Sarah, Juniper ab Locust 
Monteith Wm., drayman, 4 Richardson's court 
Montelius & Fuller, mers., 112 High 
Montehus M. & Co., tobacconists, 270 High 
Montelius Marcus, tobacconist, 270 High, h S E 

10th & Cherry 
Montelius Wm., mer., 270 High 
Montelius Wm., mer., 112 High, h 9 S 9th 
Montgomery A., weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
Montgomery A., weaver, Shippen la bel Fitz- 
Montgomery Alexander, N 9th ab Willow 
Montgomery Allen, lab., 13 W Cedar | 

Montgomery Andrew, teacher, rear 129 Cedar 
Montgomery Anne Mrs., 22 Mifflin 
Montgomery A. D., china store, 129 Cedar 
Montgomery A U., paint. & glaz., 23 N 6th 
Montgomery Chas., cordw.. Phoenix n G T road 
Montgomery George, weaver, 13th ab Shippen 
Montgomery George E., attorney, 9th ab Willow 
Montgomery H., watchman, Ann ab Sch. 8th 
Montgomery James, weaver, Lombard ab 12th 
Montgomery James, Beach ab Maiden 

23 I 

[Montgomery Jane, shop, 363 Coates 
Montgomery Jolin, weaver, lltli bel Christian 
Montgomery John, carp., Palmer n F Road 
Montgomery John, brickl., Lombard n Sch. 6th 
Montgomery John, lab.. Rose ab Shippen la 
Montgomery John, weaver, 316 S 3d 
Montgomery John, stone mason, 252 S 6th 
Montgomery John C, Pres. Little Sch. and Sus. 

RR Co. ofiice 7 S 5th, h 233 Pine 
Montgomery Joseph, carp., Hamilton bet Sch. 

3d & 4th 
Montgomery Joseph, com. mer., 41 S Water, h 

344 Mulberry 
Montgomery Robert, ex. broker, S E 3d & High, 

h 17 Lombard 
Montgomery Robert, dealer, 220 Shippen 
Montgomery Samuel, weaver, Lombard n Sch. 

Montgomery, Shackford & Ham, mers., 41 S 

Montgomery Thomas, weaver, Irish Track be 

Montgomery Wm., variety store. Willow bel 

Montgomery Wm., manuf, 604 N 2d 
Montgomery Wm. J., dry goods, 110 W High 
Montier Frank, waiter, Bedford n 11th 
Montjer Solomon, cordwainer, 9 N 10th, h 50 

Webb's al 
Monyer Christian, gent., 4th bel Master 
Monyer Christopher, victualler, Cline's ct 
Monyer John, victualler, Shackamaxon n Frank- 
Mood John, fisherman. Wood ab Queen 
Mood Mary, Wood ab Queen 
Mood Wm. & Geo., fishermen. Wood ab Queen 
Moody David, constable, 8 Lagrange place 
Moody Paul, mer., 203 High, h 143 S 6tli 
Moody Wm., waiter, 1 Washington 
Moon Job, stone cutter. State n Sch 7tli 
Moon John, grocer, 15 Fitzwater 
Mooney Dennis, blacksmith, 92 Dillwy^i 
Mooney Edward, blacksniith, 6 Tilled court 
Mooney H., bottler & tavern, S E llth & George 
Mooney Hugh, cigar mr., 268 S 4th 
Mooney Jane, JIummel's ct 
Mooney John, looking-glass nanuf., 16 N 6ih 
Mooney John, teacher, 36 Vine, h 18 Oak 
Mooney John, lab., Chailo^ce n Master 
Mooney Mary Ann, taycrn, 12 S 6th, h 11 S 

Mooney Patrick, lab., R road 8c Vineyard, (F V) 
I Mooney Wm., moulder, 352 N 3d 
Moore Abednegq, wire mr., 126 Budd 
Moore A. D. K., h 199 S 9th 
Moore Alfred, mariner, Shippen ab 7th 
Moore Allen, weaver. Spruce E of Sch. Front 
Moore Alexander, weaver, 7 Spring Mill ct. 

Moore Alexander, oyster house, c R road and 

Moore Amos A., plasterer, 525 High 
Moore Andrew, weaver, Bedford ab 13th 
Moore Andrew, weaver, R road n Toll gate 
Moore Andrew, brush mr., 85 N 3d 




Moore Ann, Christian ab P road 

Moore Anthony, cordwainer, rear 65 Budd 

Moore Archibald, weaver, 6 Dorothy 

Moore Archibald, box mr.. Prosperous alley 

Moore A. P., printer, 5 Ann 

Moore Benjamin, siu'veyor, 597 N 2d 

Moore Benjamin, agent, 71 Gaskill 

Moore Benjamin E., tailor, 102 Chestnut, h 352 

Moore B. A., builder, 180 N 11th 
Moore C, bleeder, 18 S 12th 
Moore & Campion, cabinet makers, 161 S 2d 
Moore Carlton, mer., 87 High. 
Moore Charles, drayman, 4th below George 

Moore Charles, carp., 259 Green. 
Moore Charles, cooper, Parrish n 8th. 
Moore Charles, victualler, 265 N 8th. 
Moore Charles, surg. instrument manufacturer, 

Linden bel Green. 
Moore C. Irwin, acct., 266 Lombard. 
Moore C. M., diy goods, 34 Arcade, h 14 Union 

Moore D., fancy store, 40 N 6th. 
Moore Daniel, carter, Rose al ab Green. 
Moore David, 163 N Front. 
Moore David B., mariner & b h, 33 Spruce. 
Moore David P., undertaker, 19 S 7th, h 181 

Moore Edward, lab.. Clay n Willow. 
Moore Eli, machinist, Carlton ab Sch. 8th 
Moore Elizabeth, clothes, 15 Spruce 
Moore Elizabeth, gentw., 2 Black's ct. 
Moore Esther, dressmr.. Queen n Crown. 
Moore Evans B., acct., 266 Lombard. 
Mooi-e F., tailor. Providence ct. 
Moore Francis C, tailor, 150 Locust 
Moore Francis C, shoemr., rear 26 N 6th 
Moore Francis J., tailor, 100 Locust. 
Moore Gabriel, paper manufactm-er, Edward n 

Moore tieorge, cooper, c Washington and Cal- 

Moore George, blacksmith, O Y road n Coates. 
Moore George^ cooper, Coates ab 13th. 
Moore George, ship carp., 263 S 4th 
Moore George, skjn dresser, Coates ab 9th 
Moore Gideon, car^ ., Logan ab Green. 
Moore G. B., Howell? ct. 
Moore Green, sweep inaster, 211 Shippen 
Moore Green, sweep, 23 Bonsall. 
Moore &. Harper, commission mer., 5 Dock St. 

Moore Henry, morocco dresser, 442 N 4th, shop 

Willow bel 2d. 
Moore, Heyl & Co., hardware, 195 High 
Moore Horatio, 167 Catharine 
Moore Horatio E., plasterer, 31 Apple. 
Moore Hugh, locksmith & bellhanger, 4 Lo- 
Moore Isaac, ship carp.. Beach n Warren 
Moore Jacob, carter. Pearl bel 13th. 
Moore James, brewer, Shippen ab 13th 
Moore James, printer, Stanley bel 4th 
Mooi-e James, cordwsuner, 27 Beck 

Moore James Rev., 72 Wood 
Moore James, hatter. Nectarine bel 11th 
Moore James M., broker, 13 N 6th, h 206 Sassa- 
Moore James M., ship carp., 472 S Front 
Moore James S., furniture car, 4 Mint court 
Moore Jane, Penn bel Cedar 
Moore Jeremiah, shoe mr., 20 Sugar al 
Moore Jesse, tavern, 222 N Front. 
Moore Jesse tavern, 427 High 
Moore John, dry goods, 248 N 2d 
Moore John, plasterer, rear Poplar n Mai-shall 
Moore John, sail maker, 252 Lombard 
Moore John, carter, 4 Gribble's ct. 
Moore John, store keeper at Alms House, h 24 

J ohn. 
Moore John, machinist, Ann n Sch. 7th 
Moore John, tavern, 32 N 7th 
Moore John, stone cutter. Poplar ab R road 
Moore John, carpenter, 118 Dillwyn 
Moore John jr., carp., rear 118 Dillwyn 
Moore John G., bricklayer, 129 N 13th 
Moore John D., hair cutter, 40 Prune. 
Moore John L., clothes, 110 S 2d 
Moore John W., mer., 15 Minor, h 367 N 

Moore John W., M. D.. 63 Spruce 
Moore Joseph, carpenter, c Truxton and Budd 
Moore Joseph, city watch, 3 Butler's av 
Moore Joseph D., grate maker, Wharton bel 

Moore Joseph J., tailor, 128 Christian 
Moore Justus E., dentist, 49 S 5th. 
Moore J. D., hair cutter, 215 Chestnut, h 40 

Moore Leaming, mer.. Ill High. 
Moore Lydia, 2 Jefferson row 
Moore Marmaduke, merchant, 195 High, h 122 

N 10th. 
Moore Mary, groceries, 67 Race. 
Moore Mary, nurse, 10 German. 
Moore Mary Mrs., 192 Cherry. 
Moore Mary, c Sch. 2d & Wood. 
Moore Mary, 2 Green's alley. 
Moore Mary, b h, 345 Lombard. 
Moore Mary, shop. Queen ab Warren. (K) 
Moore M. M., jr., tavern, 329 High. 
Moore Patrick, 78 N Water 
Moore Philip, grocer, S E Sch. 8th and Cherry 
Moore P. Mrs., washer, 15 Hoffman's al 
Moore Rachel, 7 Shepherd's al 
Moore Rachel, 10 Carlton sq 
Moore Reuben, shoemaker, 1 Dickson's al 
Moore Richard, shoemaker, 210 S 7th, h 211 

Moore Robert, M. D., 152^ S 4th 
Moore Robert, morocco dresser, 237 S 6th 
Moore Robert, jeweller, 1 Elmslie's al 
Moore Robert M., merchant, 183 High, h 4 Pal- 
myra sq. 
Moore Robeson, mer., 5 Dock st wharf, h 217 

Moore Robinson R, inspector, 266 Lombard 
Moore R. S., mer., 7 S 11th 
Moore Samuel, bootmaker, Adams ab Peiry 




Moore Samuel, pres. Hazelton Coal Co., office S' 

B Walnut & 2d, h 65 Spruce. 
Moore Samuel, shoemaker, rear 56 P road 
Moore Samuel, boatman, Sch. Front n Spruce. 
Moore Samuel, clerk, 128 N 3d 
Moore Samuel, bookbinder, N W 5th & Cherry 
Moore Samuel J., dentist, 105 S 9th 
Moore Sarah, 5 Quince 
Moore Sarah, b h., Marshall n Brown 
Moore Sarah Mrs., 13 Belmont place. 
Moore Slater, blacksmith, c Sch. 5th and 

Moore Stephen, porter, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Moore Theodore M., 230 Pine. 
Moore Thomas, mer., 26 S whai-ves, h 22 New 

Moore Thomas, shoemaker, 20 Sugar al 
Moore Thomas, carp.. Wood ab Sch. 2d 
Moore Thomas, dyer and scourer, 136 Cherry 
Moore Thomas M., marble mason, Clifton 
Moore WUliam, piano maker, 65 Tammany 
Moore William, boot maker. Cherry ab Sch, 

Moore William, plasterer, 13th bel Rose. 
Moore William, cedar cooper, Dugan below 

Moore William, weaver, 616 N 2d. 
Moore William, grocer, 27 Plum 
Moore WiUiam Rev., 5 Pleasant av 
Moore William, weaver, Duke ab F road. 
Moore William, labourer, 18 Stamper's al 
Moore William, weaver, 13th bel Rose 
Moore William, lab., c Sch. 2d and Filbert 
Moore William, saddler, 4 Atherton. 
Moore William morocco dresser, 100 Green 
Moore WiUiam, carp., rear 118 Dillwyn 
Moore William A., cordwainer, 13 Ogden, h 21 

Moore William H., furnishing' undertaker, 181 

Moore William R., painter, 105 Sassafi-as, 
Moore WiUiam S., varnisher, 22 Duke. 
Moore WiUiam W., druggist, N W 2nd and 

Moorehead J. 8c J., grocers, 200 S 3d 
Moorehead Joseph, grocer, S W 6th and Spring 

Moorhouse Samuel, mariner, S7 M road. 

Moran Edward, labourer, 4 Sheaf's al 

Moran Margaret, 6 Skerrett's al. 

Moran Thomas, grocer, c Jefierson and G T 

Moran WiUiam, labourer, 81 Bedford 

Moran William C, manufacturer, 6 Lagrange. 

Morehead Turner, forwarding and com, mer., 14| 
Minor, h 260 N 7th. 

Moreliead Turner & Son, forwarding and com. 
mers, \^-^ Minor 

Moreland Jabez, labourer, Vine ab Broad 

Morgan Barbara, shopkeeper, G T road bel 

Morgan Bennet, labourer, 6 Rudolph's ct 

Morgan, Buck & Co., niers., 97 High. 

Morgan H. W., lab., U. S. Arsenal. 

Morgan Cauiariiic, b h, 97 N 2d, 

Morgan Catharine Mrs., 11 Mead. 
Morgan, Crutcher & Co., mers., 12 N 4th 
Morgan David, coachman, 10 Little Pine 
Morgan David B., grocer, S W Sch 6th & 

Morgan Delilah, 12 German 
Morgan D. J., grocer. Queen ab Marlborough. 
Morgan Elizabeth, 262 N 4th 
Morgan Elizabeth, gentw., 183 S 5th. 
Morgan Elizabeth, 33 Palmyra square 
Morgan Franklin H, merchant, 12 N 4th, h 60 

Morgan George, shoemaker, 99 Prime 
Morgan James, upholsterer, 57 Chestnut, h 164 

Morgan James, watchman, 18 Fitzwater 
Morgan J. N., capmaker, 159 S 11th. 
Morgan James F., carp., 17 Uittenhouse. 
Morgan Joel, razor strop maker, S E 4th and 

Morgan John, bookbinder, Wood n Garden 
Morgan Joseph, tailor, 2 Providence ct 
Morgan Lewis R., carpenter. Barker ab Sch. 

Morgan Maria, trimmings, 390 N 3d 
Morgan Martha, Sch. 2d ab Vine. 
Morgan Mary Mrs., Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Morgan Mary Mrs., b h, 181 N 6th. 
Morgan Nicholas, sail maker, 31 Prime, h 65 

Morgan P., confectioner, N E 13th & High. 
Morgan R. H., 157 N Front. 
Morgan Sarah, cook, 5 Acorn alley 
Morgan Thomas, boot & shoemr., 26 Budd. 
Morgan Thomas, mer., 42 Pine 
Morgan Thomas, 137 N 11th. 
Morgan Thomas P., painter, 92 Cedar 
Morgan T. W., merchant, 9 S wharves, h 80 S 


Morgan T. W. & Co., mers., 9 S wharves 
Morgan William, carter, Jones ab Sch. 5th. 
Morgan WiUiam, poller, 2 Pegg al. 
Morgan William, skin dresser, S W 9th and 

Morgan W^illlam C, mer., 97 High, h O Y road 

bel Green 
MorgandoUar Philip, 2 Parham. 
Morgridge John, teacher, S W 5th & Mulberry, 

h Green ab 11th. 
Moriarty Patrick U. G., D. D., St. Augustine's 

church, h Crown ab Sassafras. 
Morin Alexander C, die sinker and chaser, 170 

Morley Thomas W., mer., 24 Commerce. 
Morley Wm., jr., stocking weaver, 81 P road. 
Morony Matthew, clerk, 438 Sassafras. 
Morony William, tavern, 5!7 Dock 
Morozzi Angelo, jeweller, 279 S 2d 
Morrell Abraham, mariner, 359^ N 2d. 
MoiTcll Adeline, mantua maker, 168 S 3d. 
Morrell Charles, sliopkeeper, 226 S 5th. 
Morrell & Co., carpenters, Crockett's ct 
Morrell Charles U., acct., 63 S 11th 
Moirel! David, merchant, 28 N 4th, h 16 W 





Morrell David, carp., rear 475 Vine. 
Morrell Elizabeth, gentw., 110 S 8th 
MoiTell Colder, confectioner. Prosperous al. 
Mon-ell James, sec'ry Pliila. and T. R. Co., h 96 

Morrell John L., acct., 63 S 11th 
MorrellJohn AV, acct, 63 S 11th 
Morrell L. A., mer., 16 North. 
Morrell Robert E., conveyancer, 303 Sassafras 
MoiTcU Robert F., carpenter, 303 Sassafras 
Morrell Robert B., g-rinder, c Otter and Hope 
Morrell T., g-ent., 56 S 11th 
MoiTell Wm. B., carpenter. Crocket's ct, h 208 

Morris Aaron, carter. Queen n F road. 
Mon-is Abigail, 12th bel Cherry 
Morris A. P., real estate broker, 72 Dock, h 287 

Morris Ann Maria, milliner, 65 Sassafras 
Morris Ann Mrs., gentw., 93 S 8th. 
Morris Bartholomew, bootmaker, 60 Sassafras 
Morris Benjamin, cordwainer, 31 Coates 
Morris Benjamin, porter, 21 Helmuth 
Monis Catharine W., 56 N 4th 
Mollis C. M., merchant, 39 N Front, h 250 

Mon-is C. W., M. D., 356 Chestnut. 
MoiTis David, weaver, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Moi'ris David, cordwainer, Front ab Otter 
Moms Diana Mrs., Warner's ct. 
MoiTis Edmund, 292 Pine. 
[Morris Eliza, school, 314 Vine 
Morris Frederick, g-lue manuf., G T road n 5th 
Morris G. W., brushmr., 18 N 3d, h 125 N 12th 
Morris Hannah, Eagle alley 
Morris Henry, coal grate manuf., 70 S 3d, h 207 

Morris Henry, agent, Sch 7th ab Filbert 
Mon-is, Hollingshead & Co., commis. mers., 11 N 

Morris Isaac, cordw., S W Elizabeth & Poplar 
Morris Isaac P., iron founder, 144 S 4th 
Morris Isaac W., carpenter, 261 N 7th 
Mcms Israel, iron mer., S W Sch. 7th and High, 

h 280 Filbert 
Morrip Jacob P., 18 Acorn al 
Morris James, cordwainer, 42 German 
Morris John, brushmaker, 2 Roney's ct 
Morris John, carpenter, Washington ab 9th 
Monis John, 1st teller Far. & Mec. Bank, h 192 

Morris John, grocer, N E 7th and Green 
Monis John, machinist, ] 1 Mechanic 
Morris John, painter, 76 Noble 
Morris & Jones, iron mers., S W Sch. 7th and 

Morris Joseph, measurer, N W 12th and Cheny 
Monis Joseph, hatter, 12 Chancery lane 
Morris Joseph M., black and whitesmith, 121 N 

10th, h 10 Castle 
Morris Julia, washer, 29 Barron 
Morris Levi, iron founder, 2 Clinton sq 
Morris Levi & Co., iron founders and steam en- 
gine manuf., c High & Sch 7th 
Morris Lewis S., stevedore, 26 Union 

Morris Littleton, sawyer, 3 Dickson's al 

Morris Margaret, shop, 205 Shippen 

Morris Mary, gentw., 4th ab Master 

Monis Maiy Mrs., gentw., 205 Spruce 

Morris Morris, painter, Dugan bel Spruce 

Morris Patrick, tavern, 144 Cedar 

Morris Reese, gent., G T road n 6th 

Monis Robert, M. D., 301 Spmce 

Morris Robert, editor Pennsylvania Inquirer, h 

354 Vine 
Monis Robert, house and sign painter, 202 N 

Front, h Coates ab 13th 
Monis Robert G., mer., UN Front 
Morris Samuel B., wheelwright, P road bel Car- 
penter, h c P road and Christian 
Monis Sarah, sempstress, 1 State ct 
Morris Seneca, grocer, N W 6th & Coates 
Morris Simon, dealer, 5 N Front, h 236 Christian 
Monis Stephen P., S E 3d and Walnut, h N E 

8th and Spruce 
Morris, Tasker & Monis, manuf coal grates and 

welded iron pipes, and iron founders, S E 

3d and Walnut 
Morris Thomas, confect., Carpenter bel P road 
Monis Thomas, carpenter, 26 Tammany 
Morris Thomas W., attorney, 281 Spruce 
Monis AVarder, druggist, 45 N 3d 
Monis William, watchmaker, 61 Gaskill 
Morris William, cabinetmaker, 361 Cedar 
Morris William, weaver, Lombard ab 12th 
Morris William, turner, 23 Cox 
Monis William, cordwainer, 8 Budd 
Morris William, acct., 65 Sassafras 
Monis William, mer., 31 S 2d 
Morris Wm. & R. G., dyers, UN Front 
Morris William, cabinetmaker, h 10th bel Cedar 
Morris William H., 30 N Front, h 185 S 9th 
Morris Wistar, S E 3d and Walnut 
Monison Andrew, constable, 4 Garden 
Monison Ann, Allen's ct 
Morrison Anthony, lab.. Pine n Ashton 
Morrison Daniel, earthenware, Shippen above 

Monison Edw'd. W., mer., 143 High, h 271 N 7th 
Morrison Elizabeth, teacher, 144 S 9th 
Morrison George, gunsmith, Lynn (F M) 
Monison Harriet, b h, 12 Buckley 
Morrison James, lab.. Wood n Sch 2d 
Morrison James, weaver, George bel Sch. 7th 
Morrison John, weaver, 10 South av 
Morrison James, labourer. Front ab Otter 
Morrison John, stonecutter, Ann n Powell (F V) 
Monison Join, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Monison John W., carpenter, 112 Crown 
Morrison Margaret, 232 S 3d 
Morrison Michael, lab., rear 315 S 6th 
Monison Rachel, 2 Budd's alley 
Morrison Thomas, grocer, 120 Swanson 
Morrison Thomas, labourer, 136 S 12th 
Morrison William, brewer, 300 Mulberry 
Monison William, lab., Hamilton ab Sch 7th 
Monison William, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
Morrissey John, tavern, N W Water and Sassafras 
Morrow Adam, manuf., 2d bel P'ranklin 
Morrow Isaac, wea^ er, 13th bel Rose 




Mon-ow James, shoemaker, 4 Abbott's ct 
Morrow James, gent, 2d n Franklin 
Morrow James, weaver, Shippen ab Shippenla 
' Morrow John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Morrow Mary, c Cherry & Juniper 
Morse Geo. W., card manuf., 224 Noble 
Morse William, 28 N Sch 8th 
Morss Thomas H., carpenter, 15 Coombes' al 
Morton Abraham, lab., Morris ab Christian 
Morton Alexander, spinner, 15 Mechanic (F M) 
Morton Benjamin, carpenter, 328 S 2d 
Morton Charles, acct., Lewis n Sch. 7th 
Morton Charles, Crown n Queen (K) 
Morton David, carpenter. Cherry n Sch. 6th 
Morton Elliott, mariner, 19 Union 
Morton Francis, M. D., 366 N Front 
Morton George, silver plater, 13 Myers' ct 
Morton Henry J. Rev., 58 Filbert 
Morton H. M., barber, 29 S 3d 
Morton John, labourer, rear 264 S 3d 
Morton James, 1 79 Christian 
Morton John H., wheelwright, 7 Garden 
Morton Joshua, ship carp.. Beach (K) 
Morton Mark, cabinetmaker, Lombard ab 13th 
Morton M. Miss, b. h., Spruce bel 12th 
Morton Robert, M. D., 99 N 10th 
Morton Samuel C, mer., 70 S wharves, h 19 

Morton Sarah, 49 Catharine 
Morton Samuel G., M. D., 431 Mulberry 
Morton 8c Shivers, carpenters, 282 S 3d 
Morton Thomas, confectioner, 1 Assembly Build- 
Morton Thomas, harness maker, 133 N 8th 
]\Iorton Thomas, shoemaker, 463 Vine 
Morton Thomas R., iron founder, 526 N Front 
Morton Walter, hosiery, 291 ^ N 2d, h 57 Al- 
Morton Walter, stocking store, 291 N 2d 
Morton William, gent., George n Sch. 6th 
Mosely George, cabinetmaker, 105 Cedar 
]^losely Isaac, waiter, 57 Bonsall 
Mosely William, dealer, 145 Cedar 
Moser Charlotte, gentw., 254 N 7th 
Moser Elizabeth, milliner, 192 Chestnut 
Closer Jacob, victualler. Queen n Palmer 
Moses E., porter, rear 236 Catharine. 
Moses John, clothing vender, 231 Cedar 
Moses Moses, b h, 45 Lilly al 
Moses Solomon, mer., h 204 Locust 
Mosley George, furniture. Cedar ab 3d 
Mosley Isaac, waiter, 37 Bonsall 
Mosley Samuel, cabinetmaker, 278 Cedar 
Mosley Samuel, trader, 130 Cedar 
Mosley William, cage maker, 147 Cedar 
Mosminster Ann, 181 N 8th 
Moss Catharine, 126 Catharine 
Moss Edward, labourer, 6 Wiley's ct 
Moss K. L., mer., 215 High, h 22 Washington 

Moss Hugh, weaver, rear 32 Plum 
Moss Isaac, mer., li 92 German 
Moss Isaac M., quill manuf., 44 S 3d, 
Moss James P., upholsterer, 70 .S 4th 
Moss John, gen':., 189 Spruco 

Moss John, tailor, 133 Cedar 

Moss John, tailor, 77 Gaskill 

Moss Joseph L., mer., 52 S Front, h370 Walnut 

Moss Joseph M., c R road and Turner's lane 

Moss Michael, stove finisher, Wiley's ct 

Moss Samuel & Son, mers., Gray's al 

Moss Susanna B., 11 Short's ct 

Moss William, broker, c 5th and Callowhill 

Mossop Jolm, bootmaker, o5 N 4th 

Most Eleanor Mrs., 308 S Front 

Most Henry, gunsmith, 2 p'riendship ct 

Most William P., broker, h 39 Palmyra sq 

Motier William, plasterer, 347 S 3d 

Mott Aaron, dyer, 129 N 12th 

Moti Benjamin, cordwainer, Naylor's ct 

Mott Edward, mer., 47 N 3d, h 233 Coates 

Mott Henry, baker. Vineyard ab R road (F V) 

Mott James, wool mer., 36 Church alley, h 136 

Mott John, ship joiner. Crown ab Bedford 
Mott & Schober, china and glass, 47 N 3d 
Mott William B., alderman. Front ab Otter 
Mouille Charles, mer.. Broad bel Cedar 
Mouille M., mer.. Locust bel Broad 
Moulder Esther, dry goods, 3 N 7th 
Moulder Joseph, ship carp., Front n Federal 
Moulder Margaret, 24 Pear 
Moulder Martha, 11 Sassafras 
Moulder William, box maker, 11 Sassafras 
Moulson John, loco foco match manuf, 160 S 2d 
Moult Arthur A., hardware, 228 S 2d 
Moult Henry, hardware, 206 S 2d, h Lombard 

bel 13th 

Moult William, hardware, 228 S 2d 
Moult William, cotton mer., 268 N 3d 
Moulton John M., comb maker, G T road ab 


Moulton Samuel, carp., 4th bel Franklin (K) 
Mount C. Mrs., b h, 10 Locust 
Mount E., cabinetmaker. Christian bel 6th 
Mount Edward, mariner, 1 Ross' ct 
Mount Edward, mariner, 15 Federal 
Mount Joseph, Vine bel Sch 7th 
Mount Sarah, whitewasher, 247 S 7tli 
Mount W. F., tobacconist, 65 N 6th 
Mountain Joseph, clerk, 328 S 3d 
Mower Francis D., victualler. Wood n Sch 2d 
Mowery Andrew, victualler, 293 Callowhill 
Mowry Rachel, Pleasant ab 10th 
Moxey Stephen, High n Sch 3d 
Moxley Margaret, baker, 96 N 13th 
Mover Charles, mer., 174 High 
Moyer Isaac, currier, 55 Brown 
Moyer Jacob, trunk and collar maker, 11 Bread, 

h Shackamaxon ab Beach 
Moyer John, victualler, Shackamaxon n Prince 
Moyer & Scott, trunk and collar manufs., 11 

Moyer Tliomas &, Son, saddle and harness makers, 

' 38 & 250 High, h W Penn sq 
Moyes Mary, gentw., 119 Pine 
Moyn William, bootmaker, 98 S 3d 
Mozer Matthias, huckster, 77 George (S) 
Much Adam, ship carp., S E 2d and Marion 
Mudge S., variety store, 156 and h 246 High 




Muhlenberg D., iron founder, office N E 9th & 

Vine, h 295 Sassafras 
Muir Alexander, carpenter, N E 4th & Lombard 
Muir Alexander F., S 4th ab Lombard 
Muir Andrew, hatter, 3 S 2d, h 132 S Front 
Muir James S., quill manuf , 96 Spruce 
Muir Thomas, grate maker, Sch. 7th n Pine 
Mulcary David, wheelwright, John's ct 
Muldoon Ann Mrs., Wallace ab R road 
Muldoon Edward, tavern, c Beach & Palmer 
Muldoon Susanna, weaver, 23 Lebanon 
Mulford & Alter, grocers, 247 High 
MulfordCatliarine, 55 Catharine 
Mulford Geo. J., brickla3'er. Nectarine bel 9th 
Mulford James M., mer., 75 High 
Mulford John, grocer, 247 High, h 16 Marshall 
Mulford Jonathan, mer., 15 High, h Buttonwood 

bel 8th 
Mulford Maria, b. h., 346 High 
Mulford Wm. T., mer., 75 High 
Mulgeaw Patrick, tavern, c Clay and Beach 
Mulholland George Jr , for. and com. mers., Mul- 

beiTy st whf. Sch., h High bel 10th. 
Mulholland Robert, lab., 18 Elizabeth (N L) 
Mulholland John, gent., Belmont place. 
Mulholland James, skin dresser, 69 German. 
Mulholland Michael, lab., Cooper bel Sch. 2d. 
Mulholland William, jeweller, 116 Budd 
Mull George, cordw.. Rose al bel Green. 
MuUan Richard, tavern, 135 S 10th. 
Mullen A. & Son, tobacco, 5 S Water 
Mullen Ambrose, mer., 5 S Water, h 207 S 9th 
Mullen Charles, labourer, 4 Gebhard 
Mullen Dennis, skin dresser, Green ab 11th. 
Mullen Edward, china mer., 133 N 9th 
Mullen Frederick, grocer, 197 S 7th 
Mullen Isaac, grocer, S E 2d and Master. 
Mullen Patrick, bootmr., 135 N 6th. 
Mullen Samuel & Sons, tailor, 318 Callowhill 
Mullen Terence, weaver, G T road ab Jefferson 
Mullen Thomas, mer., 5 S Water, h 207 S 9th. 
Mullen Thomas, cordwainer, 6 Logan 
Mullen William, shoemaker, 302 S 2d 
Mullen William C, bricklayer, 10th ab Green 
Mullen Wm., grocer, Washington. (W P) 
Mullen Zephaniah, cap maker, 13 Boyd's av 

Muller Charles, carp., Washington. (W P) 

MuUigan Wm., locksmith, 86 S Water 

Mulliken Madaline, b. h., 182 Sassafras 

Mullikin Hillarv, coach maker, c 7th & George, 
h 112 N 8th 

Mullikin Samuel N., tobacconist, 348 N 2d 

MuUin Arthur, b. h., 13 Chestnut. 

MuUin B., tailor, 1 Strahan's ct. 

Mulhn David, labourer, 6 John's ct. 

Mullin Dennis, labourer, 16 Juniper al 

MuUin Isaac K., c 2d and Master 

Mullin James, tailor, 13th ab Locust. 

Mullin James, tailor, 23 Gaskill 

Mullin J. A., weaver, 12 W Cedar. 

Mullin John, grocer, S W 7th and Lombard 

Mullin John, tavern, 10 Hurst. 

Mullin M., milliner, 47 S 2d. 

Mullin Thomas, coach spring maker, Sch. 8th 
ab Callowhill 

Mullin Wm., morocco dresser, 2 Goldsmith's ct 
Mullins Edwin, printer, N E 4th and Marriott. 
MuUinson Leonard, bricklayer, Brasier's ct 
Mullison William, bricklayer, 63 Tammany 
Mulock Geo., currier, G T road ab Thompson 
Mulock George, stone cutter, 65 Franklin. 
Mulock L., b. h., 316 High 
Mulock Sarah, Parrish n Elizabeth 
Mumford Charles, acct., 221 Wood ab 12th 
Mumford Thomas H., engraver, 28 Perry. 
Munachere M., 6th ab Poplar. 
Mundall Deborah H., teacher, 101 S 5th 
Mundall Matilda, confectioner, 220 S 5th 
Mundy William, cordwainer, 123 New 
Mungan Mary, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 
Munholland Charles, tobacconist. Baker's ct. 
Munn James, lab., rear 114 Plumb. 
Munn John O., hatter, Elmes' ct. 
Munn Patrick, lab., rear 114 Plum. 
Munsig William., gas fitter, Lodge bel 8th, h 1 

Lodge al. 
Murch Catharine, b. h., 165 S 5th 
Murden Edward G., printer, rear 228 Catharine 
Murdock Alexander, boot and shoem., Cochran 

ab Fitzwater. « 

Murdock James E., comedian, 372 Cedar 
Murdock J. T. Jr., fruit store, 269 N 2d 
Murdock Thomas, bookbindei, 275 N 3d 
Mui'dy James, weaver, 10 Gray's ct (K) 
Murfin Mary, dressmaker, 161 S 11th 
Murgatroid John, cloth Pnisher, 6 Federal 
Murgitroyde R., tavern, S W Knoodle &. Walnut 
Murphey S., M. D., N W 12th and Mulberry 
Murphrey Abigal, 218 N 7th 
Murphy A., constable, 222 Shippen 
Murphy A., brickla)'^er, c Sch. 6th and Ann 
Murphy Alexander, gi-ocer, 80 Plum 
Murphy Ann, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Murphy Charles, grocer, 606 S 2d 
Murphy D., coal grate maker, 34 N 6th 
Murphy Daniel, dry goods, F road n Allen 
Murphy Daniel R., tinware, 41 Almond. 
Murphy David, comb maker, 1 Broadbent's ct 
Murphy Dennis, weaver, Ann n Powell. (F V) 
Murphy Dominie, weaver, 4 Gay's ct (K) 
Murphy Ehza, shop, 162 S 5th. 
Murphy G., distiller. High n Sch. 4th 
Murphy Henry, cooper, Apple n C creek. 
Murphy Hugh, skin dresser, Hope ab Otter 
Murphy J., grocer, 48 Fitzwater. 
Murphy Jacob, carp., Hanover n Prince 
Murphy James, carter, Emerald bel Sch. 6th 
Murphy James, cabinetmaker, 30 and h 32 S 5th 
Murphy James, gi-ocer, S W Adams and Fitz- 
Murphy John, mer., 489 High 
Murphy John, harness maker, 310 S 2d. 
Murphy John, 46 Gaskill 
Murphy John, manuf., 75 Locust. 
Murphy John, labourer. Cooper ab Sch. 3d 
Murphy Jolin, lab.. Filbert ab Sell. 4th. 
Murpliy John, lab., Hope bel Franklin. 
Murphy John, moulder. Queen ab Hanover. 
Murphy John, labourer, 126 Plum 
Murpiiy John, watchman, rear 15 N 13th 




Murphy John, blacksmith, Broad bel Vine, h 

Vine bel Broad. 
Murphy John, drayman. Marble ab 10th 
Murphy John A., mer., 338 High, h 250 Filbert 
Murphy John, g-rocers, S W 6th and Fitzwater. 
Murphy John K., constable, 21 Dean 
Murphy Martha, weaver, Marriott bel 6th. 
Mui'phy Martin, morocco and leather, 87 S 5th. 
Murphy Mary, gentw., F road n West. 
Murphy Michael, bricklayer. Pearl ab 12th. 
Murphy Micliael, springmr., 5 Lemon. 
Murphy Miles, tailor, 19 Magnoha. 
Murphy Morris, cordw , Shackamaxon n Bedford. 
Murphy Moses, weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la. 
Murphy Patrick, soap and candle mr., 384 N 3rd. 
Murphy Philip J., labourer. Smith's ct. 
Murphy Robert, inst. maker, 124 N Front. 
Murphy Rose, washer, 16 Mifflin. 
Murphy Sarah, sempstress, 77 Swanson. 
Murphy Sarah, shop keeper. Queen ab Cherry. 
Murphy Sarah, Queen n Vienna. 
Murphy Sarah, gentw., Stout's al. 
Murphy Sarah A. Mrs., Baxtei*'s ct. 

Murphy Susan E., 114 Cherry. 

Murphy Thomas, surg. inst. maker, 60 N 6th. 

Murphy Thomas, locksmith, 306 S 6th. 

Murphy Thomas, carter, Pearl bel Broad. 
Murphy Thomas D., machinist, 7 Nicholson's ct., 
h97 CheiTy. 

Murphy William, ship carp., Hanover n Bedford. 

Murphy William F., book binder, 169 Wood 

Murphy WilUam N., sacking bottom mr., 11 S 
Front, h 59 Pine. 

Murphy William P., grocer, 20 P road. 

Murray A., tavern, 410 High. 

Murray Alex., comb manuf., F road ab Queen. 

Murray Ann, 60 Spruce. 

Murray Ann, dry goods, G T road n 3d. 

Murray Ann, 198 N Water. 

Murray Catharine, 17 Noble. 

Murray Cornelius, tailor, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras 

Murray Charles W., stereotyper, 11 Perry. 

Murray Daniel, carpenter, rear 155 N 11th. 

Murray Edward, coachmah, Budden's al. 

Murray Edward, tavern, 109 S Wharves. 

Murray E. H., painter, 69^ Sassafras 

Murray Flora, Bedford ab Shippen la 

Murray John, blacksmith, 42 Spruce, h 5 Little 

Murray John, tavern, S W Penn and Pine 
Murray Joseph, boot manuf., 53 S 3d 
Murray Margaret, Lewis n Sch. 6th 
Murray Mary, 328 S 6th 
Murray Mary, whitevvasher, 33 Bedford 
Murray Michael, tavern, 140 N Water. 
Murray Owen, dealer, 210 N Water 
Murray Patrick, clerk, Thompson ab 3d 
Murray P. & .1., livery stables, 9 Marshall's ct 
Murray Peter, lab., rear 302 S 4th. 
Murray R. W., comb maker, 375 S 2d ^ 
Mun-ay Samuel, waiter, 25 Currant al 
Murray Samuel A., spectacle mr., 9 Ellen's ct 
Murray Susan, shop keeper, 389 Sassafras 
Murray Thomas, labourer, Jones ab Sch. 4th. 
Murray Thomas, tailor, Caliowhill ab William. 
Murray Thomas, carp,, High ab Sch. 4th. 
MuiTay Wm., clerk, 17 Boyd's avenue. 
Murrell Harriet, 8th ab Fitzwater 
Murrow Thomas, agent, 19 Jefferson Row 
Murry Ann, diy goods, G T road ab Thompson 
Murry John, grocer, Caliowhill n Fair Mount st 
Murta James, weaver, 4 Baker. 
Murtha Thomas, skin dresser, Apple n Cohock- 

Murtha William, merchant, 34 S 2d 
Murtland Robert, tavern, 252 Sassafras. 
Muschart Charles J., tobacconist, 360 N 3d. 
Muschart Frederick, bricklayer, Haydock n 

Muschart John, waterman, Peach 
Muschart John, brushmr., Peach st. 
Muschart Margaret, Haydock n Canal 
Musgrave Alex., machinist, Linn n William. 
Musgrave Edward G., att'y at law, 18 Castle 
Musgrave James & Son, stock and ex. bro., S E 
' 3d and Chestnut, h 234 Spruce 
I Musgrave J. P., mer., 142 Pine 
Musgrave J. P., Jr., M D, 142 Pine 
j Musgrave William, mer., 175 High, h 317 Spruce 
Musgrove M., looking glass store, 147 S 2d. 
Muskett George, trader. High n Sch. Front, 
Music Aaron, plane mr., John's ct. 
Musselman Isaac, M. D., 552 High 
Musselman S., grocer, c 5th and Parrish. 

Murray Francis, grocer, N W Swanson & Catha- Musser William & Co., hides and leather, 263 

rine High 

Murray George, weaver, Ann ab 12th Musser William, mer., 263 High, h 9 N 7th 

Murray Henry, confectioner, 137 Locust Mustard William, manuf., Hopkins ct n William 

Murray Hugh W., comb maker, 79 Cedar Mustin A., trim, and variety store, 206 Chestnut 

Murray Isaac, Pearl ab 13th Mustin Ebenezer, trimmings, 171 N 2d 

Murray James, book binder, 8th n Buttonwood. Mustin & Evans, trimmings, 34 N 2d 
Murray James, 23 Blackberry al. Mustin George, mer., 34 and h 171 N2d. 

Murray John, manuf., 3d below Thompson Mustin John & Co., trimmings, S E 7th & Mul- 

Murray John, waiter, 59 George berry 

Murray John, chemist, Cedar ab 12th Mustin John Sen., Washington ab 10th 

Murray John, hvery stables, Marshall ct, h 70 Mustin John Jr., 51 N 7th. 

Lombard Mustin k Richards, trimmings, 7 N 5th. 

Murray John, labourer, 7 Spafford |Mutter Thomas D., M. D., 306 Walnut 

Murray John, visiter of the poor, 123 Catharine Muxley Wm., weaver, Grim's ct. 

Murray John, weaver, 3 Clymer 

Murray John, weaver, G T road n Jefferson 

Murray John, lab-, G T road ab Master. 

Muzzey Wm. M., New Eng. glass agency, 17 & 

19 Minor, h 130 S 8th. 
Myer Ann, baker, 72 crown 




Myer Charles, cabinet mr., Crown n Prince 
Myer Lewis, cabinet mr., Crown n Prince 
Myerle Frederick, dry goods, 192 S 2d 
Myers Abraham, c R road and Callowhill 
Myers Abraham, paper warehouse, 143 N 3d, h 

44 Ann. 
Myers Abram, Military Hall, 340 N 3d. 
Myers & Afflick, milliners, 49 N 2d 
Myers Abram, tailor. Poplar n 4th. 
Myers Arnold, gent., 126 Marshall. 
Myers B. Mrs., 20 Maria 
Myers ^tharine, Christian ab 8th 
Myers CTarles, cordwainer, G T road n Phcenlx 
Myers Christian, shoe maker, 108 N 7th 
Myers Christopher, carpenter, 2 Schriver's ct 
Myers & Claghorn, auctioneers, 43 Hig-h 
Myers C. & H., dry goods, 92 N 9th. 
Myers Edward B., mer., 87 High, h 118 Spruce. 
Myers Elizabeth, 3 Thorn's ct 
Myers Elizabeth, 45 Catharine 
Myers Enoch, grocer, 435 N 2d. 
Myers Frederick, bricklayer, 379 Callowhill 
Myers Frederick, basket mr., c Phoenix & Hope 
Myers Frederick, scalemr., 492 N 2d. 
Myers George, frame maker, 4th ab George 
Myers George, blacksmith, c Russell & Shippen 
Myers George, grate mr., 207 Sassafras 
Myers George O., tavern, 129 Green 
Myers George W., paper stainer, 284 Lombard 
Myers George W., lab., 2d bel P'ranklin 
Myers Henry, tailor, S E 12th and Brown. 

Myers Mary, shop keeper, 37 New Market 

Myers Isabella, gentw., 181 Spruce. 

Myers Isaac, gent., 7th n Pine 

Myers Jacob, coi'dwainer, 292 Vine 

Myers Jacob, baker, 37 Pine 

Myers James, painter, 344 Sassafras. 

Myers Jane, Cherry ab Sch. 7th 

Myers John, carpenter, 17 Jefferson. 

Myers John, carp., Baker n 8th. 

Myers John, gent., 13th ab Pine. 

Myers John, vict.. Pearl ab 11th. 

Myers John, paper & rags, High ab Sch. 7th. 

Myers John, lab., 25 Cox. 

Myers John, cordwainer. Orchard n Green's ct 

Myers John, blacksmith, F road n Master 

Myers John, rope mr., Palmer ab Queen. (K) 

Myers John, tanner, Warren n Beach 

Myers John, painter, 5th bel Queen. 

Myers John, printer Baker n 8th 

Myers John B., auct., 43 High, h 149 N 6th 

Myers John D., moulder, Washington ab 10th. 

Myers John H., tavern, 137 S 11th. 

Mvers John M., moulder, 1 Nectarine. 

Myers Margaret, 2d n Phoenix 

Myers Margaret, gentw., 4 Haas' ct. 

Myers Martha, widow of Benjamin, 399 Pine 

Myers Martin, boxmr., 81 New. 

Myers Mary, N E 10th and Wood 

Myers Mary, stock maker, 60 Budd 

Myers Matthias, blindmr., Schleisman's ai. 

Myers Michael, st. mason, Rose al ab Tammany. 

Myers Michael, cooper, 99 New Market 

Myers Michael, labourer, 482 N 3d 

Myers Moses, mariner. Church bel Christian 

Myers Peter, cordwainer, 4 Thorn's ct 

Myers Peter, tobacconist. Beach n Marsh 

Myers Peter, 26 Howard & 22 Minor. 

Myers P. D., acct., 169 Vine 

Myers S., dry goods, 31 Margaretta. 

Myers Samuel, clerk, 11 Coates 

Myers Samuel S., blacksmith, G T roadn Master 

Myers Sarah W., M road bel Reed 

Myers & Shee, paper warehouse, 143 N 3d 

Myers Solomon, trader, 190 Sassafras 

Myers Sophia, shop, F road bel Master. 

Myers Thomas, chair painter, c 10th and Wood 

Myers Warnet, broker, 102 N 5th. 

Myers William, ship smith, 38 Lombard 

Myers William, labourer, 9 Passmore's pi 

Myers William, carpenter, Palmer n Duke 

Myers William, carter, 434 Coates 

Myers William, victualler. Filbert ab Sch. 8th 

Myers William, bleeder and hair dresser, c Sch. 

8th and Vine. 
Myers William, victualler, 155 Buttonwood 
Myers Wm. H., sea capt., 10th ab Lemon. 
Myhoft Jacob, lab., c Poplar and Concord ct. 
Myrick John, U. S. service. Rye bel Wharton 
Myrtetus Benjamin, ship cai-p., 184 Swanson 
Myrtetus Benjamin, ship carp., 487 S Front 
Myrtetus Charles, ship carp., 446 S Front 
Myrtetus Christopher, cooper, 43 Christian. 
Mytinger F. A., acct., 24 Madison. 

Nace Jacob, nail manuf , 163 St. John 

Nace Samuel, combmaker, S E Ehzabeth and 

Nack Joseph, morocco dresser, 35 Franklin (K) 
Nacoll Alexander, carpenter, 23 Wood 
Nagel Jacob, button maker, G T road n Fitler 
Nagle Elizabeth, Juniper bel W alnut 
Nagle Elizabeth, Plynlimmon place 
Nagle George P., silver smith, 192 Noble 
Nagle George, brickmr., 643 N 3rd 
Nagle George L., dentist, 270 N 7th. 

Myers John R., currier, Warren bel Queen. (K) Nagle John, porter, N E 11th & Lombard 

Myers John S., saddler, 621 N 2d, 

Myers Joseph, clothing store, 369^ N 3d 

Myers Joseph, shoemr., 138 Coates. 

Myers Joseph, carter, O Y road n Franklin 

Myers Joseph G., tailor. Cedar ab 4th. 

Myers Joseph S., block & pump maker, 52 S 

Wharves and 47 Swanson, h 62 Queen 
Myers Lawrence & Co., iron founders, Broad ab 

Myers Loda, labourer, 107 Apple 


Nagle Henry, gauger, 44 N Water, h 

N Front. 

Nagle Philip, labourer, Hanover n F road 
Nagle & W illiams, coopers, 44 N Water 
Naglee Benjamin, lumb. mer.. High Bridge (K) 

h 140 Green 
Naglee Ellen, 128 Green 
Naglee John, lumber mer.. High Bridge (K), h 

Front and Brown 
Naglee Martha, sempstress, Marion bel Com 




Nag-lee Maiy E., 69 G T road 
Nagues Saco, lab., 13 Collins' vA 

Nalis Georg-e, barkeeper, 320 S 3i'd. 

Nancrede Joseph G., M. D., S E 10th & Walnut 

Nancrede Nicholas, M. D., 102 Lombard. 

Nang-le Mary, 43 Cedar 

Napheys Abraham, carpenter, 23 Castle, shop 
Brinton n 11th 

Napheys Georg-e, cai'p.. Division ct n 12th 

Napheys Sarah, W ood ab 10th 

Napier John, chairmaker, 123 Sassafras 

Nash Charles, labourer, 45 Quince 

Nassau Eliza, gentw., 120 N 7th 

Nassau James, g-ent., 281 Hig-h 

Nassau William, Senr., gent., 281 High 

Nassau William jr., tobacconists, 281 High 

Nathans Jacob, 30 Margaretta 

Nathans Jacob, broker, 307 S 5th 

Nathans Nathan, atty. and coun., 89 S 3d 

Nathans Samuel, loan office, N W 6th & Cal- 
lovvhill, h 30 Margaretta 

Natt Thomas J., looking glasses, 134 High, h 
15 Palmyra square 

Natt Thomas & Son, looking glasses, 192 Chest- 
nut, h 64 S 13th 

Naudain Andrew, provisions, 25 and 27 N Water, 
h Sassafras n 10th 

Naulty James, currier, 215 Lombard 

Naulty Thomas, carrier, 51 Walnut 

Naurbaur David, cordw., Hopkin's ct n School 

Naves Benjamin H., mariner, 25 Catharine 

Naylor Benjamin, teacher, 155 Poplar 

Naylor Charles, atty. and coun., 284 N 3d 

Naylor Eliza, 2 Juhanna n Green 

Naylor, Hutchinson, Vickers & Co., mers., 8 

Franklin place 
Na}lor John, blacksmith, rear 39 New Market 
Naylor John G., shoemaker, 23 Maria 
Naylor Mason, hatter, 15 Carter's al 
Naylor Nelson, carpenter, 509 High 
Naylor Sampson, carp., Jefferson ab Sch. 6th 
Naylor Sarah, dressmr., 1 Noble 
Naylor Thomas, plasterer. Union ab Franklin 
Naylor Wilham, miller, S E Charles and Willow 
Neaal Robert, tailor. Pearl 3 doors ab 11th 
Nead James, watchman, Sch. Front and Cal- 

Neafie Jacob, engineer, Oxford n Front 
Neagle J. B., engraver, 12 S 12th 
Neagle John, portrait painter, 282 Chestnut 
Neal Benjamin T. Rev., 333 Pine 
Neal C, Union Circulating Library, 16 S 7th 
Neal Ebenezer, chemist, S W Perry and Pine 
Neal James, tavern, 333 N Front 
Neal John, capt., 160 Wood 
Neal Martha, 16 Mercer 
Neal Samuel, carp., Prime bel Front 
Neal Thomas, carpenter, Washington ab 12th 
Neal William, mc-r., 7th n Coates 
Neal William, sailmaker, Sarah n Queen 
Neal William & Co., hardware, 203 Callowhlll 
Neale John, carpenter, 9th l)el Christian 
Neales George, tavern, 20 S Wharves 
Nealis James, grocer, 268 S 7th 
Nealis Timotlij', blacksmitli, Sch. 7tli £<. Spring 

h 25 


Neall & Barrett, mers., 86 S Wharves 
Neall Daniel Jr., dentist, 325 Mulberry, h But- 
ton wood ab 12th 
Neall Daniel & Son, dentists, 325 Mulbeny 
Neall E. M., dentist, 127 S 9th 
Neall James, clerk, 492 Sassafras 
Neall Jon.,, 325 Mulberry, h 15 Peny 
Neall Jonathan R., grocer, 2d and G T road 
Neall Samuel, mer., 86 S Whan-es, h 208 S 3d 
Neall Samuel W., dentist, 35 O Y I'oad 
Nealy Francis, weaver, I3th bel Fitzwater 
NearL. L., M. D., 119 S 5th 
Neath George, mariner, 13 Plum > 

Neauber Valentine, cordwainer, Crown n Bed- 
ford (K) 
Nebinger Andrew, dentist, 482 S 2d 
Nece Heniy, tailor, 206 Sassafras 
Nece Henry Jr., saddler, James bel 10th 
Needham James, hair dresser, 3^ S 7th, 

Needles Edward, druggist, S W 12th 

Needles Joseph A., wire worker, 54 and h 130 

N Front 
Needles Tristram, drug'gist, 492 Sassafras 
Neel Charles, lab., Hope bel Franklin 
Neel Jas., tailor, 4 Furlong's ct 
Neel John W., organ builder, 17 Jefferson 
Neel Robert, carpenter, 277 N 7th 
Neeld James, carp., 13th ab Coates 
Neeley Elick, lab., 8 N 13th 
Neely James, weaver, Sch. 4th ab Cliestnut 
Neely John, weaver, Sch. 2d ab Vine 
Neely John, engineer, Sch. 6th bel High 
Neely Matthew, weaver, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Neely Robert, weaver, vShippen ab Lloyd 
Neely Robert, carter, Moore's al 
Neely Samuel C, tavern, Wagner's ct 
Neely William, tavern, c Sch. 7th and Sassafi-as 

Neely William, weaver, Shippen ab Lloyd 

Neff Charles, grocer, N E 11th and Locust, h 
179 Wood 

Neff Charles, butcher, 143 Carpenter 

Neff Chri.stiana, 206 N 8th 

Neff H., hair dresser, 30 Strawbei-ry 

Neff Jacob, tailor, 30 Strawberry 

Neff John, grocer, h Barker ab Sch. 6th 

Neff John, broker, 63 Lombard 

Neff John D., baker, 207 S 6th 

Neff John R., mer., 37 N Water, h 124 Spruce 

Neff Mary, 24 Rose al 

Neff R., dry goods, 42 S 2d 

Neff Robert K., com. mer., 25 S Wharves, h 
126 Catharine 

Neff Rudolph, grocer, N W 8th and Vine 

Neff Samuel, brushmaker, 1 Nortliampton ct 

Neff William P., tinsmith, S E 8th and Vine 

Negley Elizabeth, g'eiitw., 5 Cox 

Negley James R., tailor, 5 Cox 

Negley James R., agt. for Dr. Brandretli, 43 

Negus J. Engle, mer., 182 High, li 22 Girard 

Negus S. W., mer., 13 S Water, h 64 S 5t]i 

Neidhard C, M. D., 239 Spruce 

Neil George, blacksiuilli, 101 N Juniper 




Neil Hannah, N 5th ab Buttonwood 

Neil William, cordw., 306 S 7tli 

Neild John, spinner, Linn (F M) 

Neiler James L., Broad St. House, Broad ab 

Neill Archibald, tailor, S W Water 8c Walnut, 

& 159^ S 2nd, h 4 Norris' al 
Neill Henry, M. D., 140 S 4th 
Neill John, ladies shoemaker, 6 N 8th 
Neill John, ship carpenter, 51 Mead 
Neill John L., shipwright. Marine Railway, h 

20 Christian 
Neill John W., tailor, 251 Green 
Neill Thomas J., cabinetmaker, 51 Spruce 
Neill WiUiam N., tailor, 334 High, h Hunter 

bel 10th 
Neill William N., tailor, Traquair's ct 
Neilson Elizabeth, dressmr., 3 N 10th 
Neilson Jane, 71 N 5th 
Neilson Janet, gentw., 3 N 10th 
Neilson Robert," gent., N E Sch 7th & Walnut 
Neilson William S., gent.. Walnut ab Sch 8th 
Neily Robert H., carpenter, 43 Lawrence 
Neiser Jacob, potter, 2d ab Cadwalader 
Neiser Jacob, potter, 125 Charlotte 
Neiser Jos., cigarmr., 125 Charlotte 
Neiser William, blacksmith, 125 Charlotte 
Nele Miss M., 162 N 8th 
Nelick Philip, stove finisher, Riehl's ct 
Nell .Fesse, carpenter, 150 Queen (S) 
Nell Joseph, victualler, 5th near Jefferson 
Nelson Ambrose, grocer, S E 6th and Mamott 
Nelson A. K., gent,, Sch 6th bel Cherry 
Nelson Daniel, shoemaker, 97 Poplar 
Nelson Elizabeth, Poplar n 2d 
Nelson George W., clerk, 41 Plum 
Nelson Henry, sailmaker, 75 Christian 
Nelson James, engineer, 8 Margaretta 
Nelson James M., coachmaker, 1 Kelly's av 
Nelson James, labourer, 30 Plum 
Nelson James F., shoemaker, c Church and 

Nelson James, manuf., 618 N 3rd 
Nelson John, cordwainer, 260 Shippen 
Nelson John & Co., curriers, 112 G T road 
Nelson Matthew, blacksmith, rear 3 Perry's ct 
Nelson Mary, gentw., 94 German 
Nelson Mary, Chestnut ab Sch 3rd 
Nelson Mrs. Mary, 15 Harmony 
Nelson Peter, oysterhouse, 241 Shippen 
Nelson Rachel F., 32 Duke 
Nelson Rebecca, G T road ab Master 
Nelson Robert, distiller, Sch. Front n Vine 
Nelson Samuel, waterman. Court al 
Nelson Thomas, glass and china, 273 N 2rd 
Nelson Wm., victualler. Garden bel Buttonwood 
Nelson William, carpenter, 97 Poplar, 
Neman Caspar, black and whitesmith, h 285 N 

3d, h 327 N 3rd 
Nesbit Thomas, printer, 88 Carpenter 
Nesbitt J. W., acct., 128 Catharine 
Neswinger Edgar, lab., Grear ab 11th 
Neuby R. Mrr., 195 S 9th 
Neuman Mrs. Anna W., 214 N 6th 
Neuman Edward, carpenter, 214 N 6th 

Neuman Ehzabeth, Gernian tav., Ill Sassafras 
Nevil Joseph, morocco dresser, 23 Beaver (K) 
Nevill John, oysterman, N E 8th 8c Chestnut, h 

85 St. John 
Nevinger A., druggist, S E 2nd 8c Mary (S) 
Nevins Christopher, lab.. Pearl bel Broad 
Nevins James, ex. broker, 74 S 3d, h 142 S 2d 
Nevins Sc Robinson, stock and exchange brokers, 

New John, cordw., Fraley's ct 
New William, tin smi\h, 388 N Front, h Heyber- 

ger's ct 
Newberry J. B., painter and glazier, 104 N 8th, 

h 3 Schriver's ct. 
Newberry James W., watchman, 18 F road 
Newbold Caleb, Prest. Ches. and Del. Canal Co., 

h 309 Spruce 
Newbold Charles, mer., 51 S whfs., h 309 Spruce 
Newbold Clayton, dry goods, 28 8c h 224 N 4th 
Newbold 8c Haverstick, mers., 3 N Wharves 
Newbold John L., atty. and coun., 58 S 6th 
Newbold Joseph H., mer., 57 S 3d 
Newbold Josiah H., currier, c 6th and Master, 

h 145 Lawrence 
Newbold J. S., mer., 103 High, h 115 N 4th 
Newbold M., gent, 333 Walnut 
Newbold R. S., com. mer., 3 N wharves 
Newbold T. R. office, 63 Dock, h 309 Spruce 
Newbold William F., 207 N 4th 
Newbold William H., mer., 183 High, h 132 

Newbold William L., 56 Walnut, h 4th 8c Wit- 
ling's al. 
Newbrand Jacob, stone cutter, 5th ab Jefferson 
Newburn A., 271 N 5th 
Newburn Catharine, tailoress, Harris' ct 
Newburn Deborah, shop, 89 O Y road 
Newburn Jacob, stone cutter, 5th n Jefferson 
Newbury James, cordw., R road below Callow- 
Newcomb B., atty. and coun., 38 S 5th 
Newcomb Hezekiah, currier, N E 4th and Sas- 
safras, h Sassafras ab 5th 
Newcomb William, painter, 110 Lombard 
Newell Ann, 23 Filbert 
Newell Ann, 100 Wood 
Newell Daniel, cordw., Marlborough n Princfe 
Newell M. Mrs., 23 Filbert 
Newell M. Mrs., High ab Sch. 5th 
Newell Samuel, mer., 3 S Water, h 159 N 7th 
Newell Samuel, corker. Front bel Bedford 
Newell William, mer., 3 S Water, h 223 Vine 
Newell Wm. 8c Samuel, grocers, 3 S Water 
Newgent Mrs., b h 165 Sassafras 
Newhall P. W., mer., 26 S Front, h 192 Pine 
Newhall Thomas, mer., Pine ab 9th 
Newhall T. A., mer., 81 S Front, h Pine ab 9th 
Newhall Wm., carter. Beach (K) 
Newhart Michael, lab., 25 Sassafras al 
Newhouse Jacob W., cupper and bleeder, 156 

Newhouse John, cordwainer, 8 Jackson's ct 
Newhouser Jacob, wheelw., S W Sch. Beach 8c 

INewitt Alexander, tailor, 8 Shields' ct 


• 187 


Newkerpe L. F., turner, 2 Chester 

Newkirk GaiTett, mer., 75 High, h 333 Mulberiy 

Newkirk Matthew, gent., 48 S 4th, h S W 13th 

and Mulberry 
Newkirk Rebecca, tailoress, 128 Cherry 
Newkirk S. S., mer., 75 High, h 333 MulbeiTy 
Newkirk Victor M., tailor, 226 Noble 
Newkirks, Mulfords & Tyson, mers., 75 High 
Newland Edward, gilder, 120 Filbert 
Newland Francis, paper hanger, 306 Chestnut, 

factory c 12th and Grear 
Newland E. & Co., looking glasses, 218 N 2nd 
Newland William, 322 High & 122 Filbert 
Newhn & AUibone, mers., 17 S whfs 
Newlin Edward, carter, 4th bel Jefferson 
Newlin John S. & Co., cloth dealers, N E 2d & 

High,h 212 Mulberry 
Newlin Mai-tin, hatter. Willow n 6th 
NewUn N., dry goods, 316 High 
Newlin Robert, Jr., brewer, 86 N 2d, h 28 Sas- 
Newlin Thomas S., mer., 151 High, h 254 N 4th 
Newlin Thos. R., cedarware, 116 and h 118 

Newhn Wm. Pai-ker, mer., 17 S whfs, h 60 S 

Newman Charles, patent lamp manuf., St John 

n Willow, h Charlotte n Poplar 
Newman Charles G., plasterer, 12 Centre 
Newman Daniel, tavern, 261 N 8th 
Newman Henry, shoemaker. Wood bel 13th 
Newman J. A., jeweller, 27 Franklin place, h 

8 Julianna. 
Newman Jacob, carter, 9lh bel Green. 
Newman James, white washer, 6 Acorn al 
Newman James L., mer., 78 S whfs., h 312 Wal- 
Newman John B. jr., mer., 81 S whfs., h 18 

Washington sq 
Newman Joseph, carter, Sch Common n 2d. 
Newman Richard, lamp maker, 75 St John, h 

85 Tammany 
Newnam Rebecca, 197 Locust. 
Newport Ann, 217 N 4th 
Newport James, clerk, Wood ab 11th. 
Newport Jesse W., mer., 187 Green 
Newscherager John, tavern, L Water n Lom 

Newsam Thomas, shoemaker, S W Front and 

Newsom Nathan, bricklayer, 136 Apple 
Newton A. B., com. mer., 1st whf. ab Sassafras, 

h 133 N 3d 
Newton Elizabeth, F road and Marlborough 
Newton Isaac, tailor, 10 College av. 
Newton John, grocer, Bedford & Marlborough. 
Newton John, victualler, Charles bel Button- 
Newton John S., bookbinder, S W Culvert & 

Newton Joseph, trader, 370 N 4th 
Newton R. & B., stock & ready made linen, 38 

Newton Thomas W., plumber, c High and 

Newton William, tavern, S W 8th and Button- 

Neybour William, locksmith, R road ab Button- 

Niblick William, bricklayer, 4 Myers' ct 
Nice Charles, lab., 13 Mead. 
Nice John, cabinet and chair maker, 2 New 

Nice John, whitesmith, Shackamaxon bel F road 
Nice John, lab., 34 Laurel. (N L) 
Nice Jonas, lab., rear 410 Coates. 
Nice Levi, machinist, 88 Noble 
Nice Mary, 166 Shippen 
Nice William, currier, 129 Coates 
Njchol Alexander, weaver, Adams bel 13th 
Nichol Archibald, watchman, Lombard below 

Nichol George, tinman, Lombard n Sch. 7th. 
Nichol John, weaver, Cochran ab Fitzwater. 
Nichol Mary, gentw., G T road ab Master 
Nichol Rachel, Linn 

Nicholas Caspar, oysters, S E High and Juniper 
Nicholas Ehza, 6 Washington place. 
Nicholas George, stove maker, St. John ab 

Nicholas Samuel, shop, c Charlotte and Brown 
Nicholas Samuel, gent, 185 Walnut 
Nichols Ann, shop. Cedar ab 11th. 
Nichols Charles, com. mer., 79 High, h 108 

Nichols Daniel, cabinet maker, 93 Apple. 
Nichols David W., blsmith, Warren ab Beach. 
Nichols Ebenezer, painter, 2 S 8th 
Nichols Gem AV., tinplate worker, 11 Shippen. 
Nichols Joseph, saw maker, 26 Walnut. 
Nichols Margaretta, dealer, G T road n Jefferson 
Nichols Margaret, 24 Swanson 
Nichols William, carpenter, lo7 Vine. 
Nichols William, cabinetmr., 93 Apple. 
Nichols William, cordw., 97 Prime. 
Nichols WiUiam C, watchman, 294 S Front 
Nicholson Barbara, Moiris bel Fitzwater. 
Nicholson Eliza, dress maker, 118 N 7th 
Nicholson John M., spinner. Green n G T road, 

Nicholson John Rev., 492 Callowhill. 
Nicholson Joseph, grocer, S W Front and Sas- 
Nicholson L., gent., 24 S 12th 
Nicholson Mary, 487 N 2d. 
Nicholson M. B., milliner, 462 S 2d. 
Nicholson S. B., carpenter, 4 Richard 
Nicholson Thomas, inspector of gasfittings, 

Franklin Institute, h 97 N i3tli 
Nicholson Thomas, S W 10th and Shippen 
Nichuals Robert, tailor, Carlton bel 13th. 
Nickel Ellen, 4th ab Master 
Nickel Jane, Say 

Nickerson &, Bishop, hatters, 41 N 2d 
Nickins William C, barber, 107 N 9th 
Nickleys Samuel, clothing, 87^ S 2d, h Shippen 

bel Russell 
Nicklin P. H., mer., 348 Chestnut. 
Nidelet S F., silk & fancy goods, 18 S 4th, h 161 

S 5th. 



NiellLiike, cordw., Hamilton. (F M) 

Niemaii Henry, cordw., rear 44 Budd. 

NJetscke Eliz. Mrs., 16 Vernon. 

Nlg-ht Jolin, g-rocer, 8 N IStli. 

Nii^'-htling-er Samuel, carp., Oak. (W P) 

Niles Daniel, shoe finding's, 97 Mulberry 

Ninesteel John D., victualler, S Gai-den bel 11th 

Nippes Abraham, g'unsmith, 111 Dillwyn 

Nippes Anna M., )oO Dillwyn 

Nippes Daniel, g'unsmith, 32 Julianna. 

Nippes John C, atty. and coun., 183 Coates 

Nippes William, gi'ocer, 163 Green 

Nisbet Michael, broker, 79 Dock, h 11 Girard 

Niskey Charles, cordwainer, 50 German 

Nixon A. G., coachmaker, Fitzwater ab Btli. 

Nixon Charles C, painter, 15 Orleans 

Nixon Francis, lab., 24 Upion al. 

Nixon George, blacksraitli, 3 Grear's ct. 

Nixon Henry, Prest. Bank N. A., h 94 S 4tli 

Nixon Hugh, tavern, 4 S 9th. 

Nixon James, printer, 10 Orleans. 

Nixon James B., chairmr., rear 338 S 2d. 

Nixon John, spooler, rear 557 N 4tli 

Nixon John, gilder, 2 Campbell's ct 

Nixon M. A., hatter, 104 High. 

Nixon William, lab., Apple n Brown 

Noad Francis, trader. Crown bel Bedford. 

Noble Anthony, tavern, St. John n Beaver. 

Noble Catharine, b h, 166 Cherry. 

Noble Charles, M. D., 270 N 3d 

Noble Charles, lab., 2 Webster's ct. 

Noble Ellen, dry goods, 381 S 2d 

Noble Hiram A., coachmr., ct opp 26 Garden. 

Noble Isaac, lab., 18 Centre 

Noble James, copper smith, 28 Logan. 

Noble James, machinist, Chestnut. (W P) 

Noble John, lab., Carlton ab Sch. 7th. 

Noble John G., saddler, rear 1 Buttonvvood 

Noble Joseph, locksmith, High bel Sch. 5th 

Noble Maria, tailoress, 58 Apple 

Noble Mordecai, oysterman, 103 German. 

Noble Samuel, g'ent, 268 N 3d 

Noble & Spence, wood wharf. Beach ab Shack- 

Noble William, printer. Wood bel 12th. 
Noblet S. Mrs., dressnu-., 7 Ellet's av. 
Noblit Culin, carpenter, 160 Wood 
Noblit Stephen, cabmr., N E 10th & Morgan 
Noblit Thomas, gent., Hamilton n William. F M 
Nock Joseph, locksmith, 157 N 3d 
Nodwell Andrew', Bird's ct bel Locust. 
Noerr John, baker, 188 St. John. 
Noerr John, baker, 47 Raspberry al ab Green. 
Nolen Spencer, looking glasses, 78 Chestnut. 
Nolen B., milliner, 218 Callowhill 
Nolen William C, tavern, S E 5th and Queen 
Nolens Oliver G., furniture, 384 High, h 218 

Nollan Miles Capt., 44 Almond 
Nonemaker George, confectioner, 50 M road 
Noney Thomas, machinist, 139 Buttonwood. 
Noonan B., gTOcer, 12 Strawberry 
Noonan Timothy, tailor, 14 Jones's alley. 
Norbre Joseph Capt., 383 S Front 
Noi'bury Joseph, watchman, 16 Perry 

Norbury Joseph B., alderman, 71 Wood 

Norbury Susan, 10 Franklin. 

Norcross Isaac, cordwainer, Orchard n Jackson 

Nordine Andrew, mer., 335 Sassafras 

Norfleet David, labourer, 29 Eagle ct. 

Norgrove J. Capt., 282 S Front 

Norie James, carpenter, 124 F road. (K) 

Norlit Thomas, gent., Hamilton, Fairmount 

Norman Alpheus, hatter, Elmes' ct. Vine n Sch. 

Norman Catharine, b h, 119 Sassafras 

Norman Ezekiel, blacksmith, Sch. 6th ab Wood 

Norman Henry, cordw., rear 152 Brown. 

Norman Henry R., bricklayer, 468 Callowhill 

Norman Jemima, b. h., 18 S 8tli 

Norman John, pilot, 290 S Front. 

Norman John, coachman, 52 Currant al 

Norman Jos., shoemaker, 55 N 8th. 

NoiTis Charles, gent. 216 S Front. 

Norris E., fancy dry goods, 58 S 2d. 

Norris G. W., M. D., 443 Chestnut 

Norris Isaac, att'y and coun., 147 and h 242 

Norris Isaac W., ship chandler, 143 N Water, h 

218 N Front 
Norris James, cordw., 22 Jones's al. 
Norris Joseph, shipwright. Beach bel Marlbo- 
Norris J. P. prest. Bank of Pennsylvania, h 307 

Norris J. P. Jr., gent. Filbert ab Sch. 6th 
Norris Matthew, tailor. Pine ab Carbon 
Norris R. W., 210 N Front 
Norris Samuel, waterman, 21 Plum 
Norris Sarah, 159 Green 
Norris Sarah, 17 Sergeant. 
Norris T. & Co., tailors, 8 Franklin place 
Norris Thaddeus, tailor, 61 N 1 1th 
Norris Thomas, cabinetmr., Shippen ab 8th. 
Norris William, locomotive engine builder, Bush 

Hill, h Turner's la ab R road 
Norris William, shoemaker, 283 S 5th. 
North Abel, druggist, N W 12th and Spruce 
North John, teacher, c Dillwyn & Green, h Ju- 
lianna bel Green 
North Joseph, buttonmaker, Callowhill ab Sch. 

North Lydia, 66 Sassafras 
North r'., gent., 45 S 8th. 
North Thos R., carpenter, 368 S 13tli. 
Northey Joseph, gTocer, c Shackamaxon and 

Northrop Ann, 68 S 4th 
Northrop John, carpenter, Walnut ab Broad 
Norton Fargus, watchman, Lewis n Sch. 7th. 
Norton George, deputy sheriff, h S E 3rd and 

Norton Margaret, rear 130 Sassafras 
Norton Patrick, carter, Christian ab 5th 
Nothardt John, stone cutter, Franklin ab How- 
Nortliardt John, tavern, c Franklin & Rose. 
Notman John, carpenter, Centre, h 184 S 11th. 
Notnagale L., 231 Spruce 
Notson John, printer, 314 S 3d 
Notson Wilham, teacher, 311 S 4th 




Novvlan Michael, moulder, Willow n l3th, h 
Spring Garden ab 10th 
. Nowland Ann, b. h., 167 Spruce. 

Noyes Charles W., waterman, 7 Catharine. 

Nudd Joseph & Daniel, sash makers, Willow 
bel 10th, h Green bel 10th. 

Nugent John, caulker, Church bel Christian 

Nugent Peter, lab., Nugent's ct. 

Nugent Richard, labourer, 14 Washington Mar- 
ket place 

Nugent Thomas, shop, Sch. 3d & Callowhill. 

Null Anthony, shoe store, 260 N 2d. 

Null Marj', rear 47 Tammany. 

Nullett Jacob, beerhouse, New Market ab Wil- 

Nulty E., teacher of mathematics, 238 Filbert 

Nunes A. J., teacher, 115 Loipbard. 

Nunnelly Martha, widow, 121 S 5tli. 

Nuskey John, tavern, F road n Bedford 

Nutt A. M., broker, 7 Exchange place, h 141 
N 10th. 

Nutt John, tailor, 170 N Water 

Nutt William, shoemaker, Carlton ab 13th 

Nutt William L., tobacconist, 522 N 2d. 

Nuttell William, tailor, Morris ab Catharine. 

Nutter Margaret, 54 Centre. 

Nuttle Robert E., coach and harness maker, 197 
S 5th, h 121 Lombard 

Nutz Ebenezer, clerk, 174 Vine 

Nutz Elizabeth, Magnolia ab Noble. 

Nutz George N., currier, 138 S 9th 

Nutz Louisa, Magnolia ab Noble. 

O'Erady Anthony, labourer, Beach st, Sch. 
O'Brian J. G., chemist and perfumer 1 Hoff- 
man's ct 
O'Brien Catharine, shop, 262 Cedar 
O'Brien C, weaver, ^Vna ab Sch. 8th 
O'Brien Daniel, labourer, c Sch. 4th and Rit- 

O'Brien James, weaver, Ann ab Sch. 8th 
O'Brien James, tavern, N W Sch. William & 

O'Brien James P., watchman, Juniper bel Wal- 
O'Brien James, lab., 1 Mechanic. (F M) 
O'Brien John, mer., 20 Shippen 
O'Brien John, gTocer, c Beach & George, Sch. 
O'Brien Martin, tavern, Fair Viev/, Bush liill 
O'Brien Mary Jane, 161 N Water 
O'Brien Mary, shop, Mulberry n Sell Front 
O'Brien Matthew, labourer, 195 Lombard 
O'Brien Matthew, lab., 6 Monmonth :d 
O'Brien Michael, gent., 195 Lombard 
O'Brien Patrick, labourer. Mulberry n Sch. 3d 
O'Brien Patj'ick, baker, Sjirucc ab Sell. 5th 
O'Brien Richard, weaver. Cedar ab Sch. 2d 
O'Brien Thomas, lab.. Pine ii Willow 
O'Bi-ien Wiiliam, tavern, N E 6th & Cluistian 
O'Bryou Benjamin F., coppersmith, Clicny ab 

4th, li li; St. John 
O'Cailaglian Corns., clerk, 204 S 41 li 
O'Conncll Ciiarles, carter, P road bel M lane 

O'Connell John, labourer, 9 Mark's lane 
O'Connell Margaret, shopkeeper, 179 S 3d 
O'Conner Georg-e, cabinetmaker, 409 N 4th 
O'Conner Jeremiah, chemist, 19 Perry 
O'Conner Jas., mer., 280 High, h 374 Chestnut 
O'Conner James & Co., fordwarding and com. 

mers., 278 and 280 High 
O'Conner Michael, dentist, 251 S 5th 
O'Conner Michael, tailor, 8 N 13th 
O'Conner Thomas D., tavern, 22 Chestnut 
O'Connor Jas., stonemason, 13th ab Shippen 
O'Connor Neill, shop, Murray ab Sch 2d 
O'Connor Rev. Michl. D. D., N E Sch 5th and 

O'Conner W. Mrs., 15 Mead 
O'Daniel Allen, cordw., G T road ab 5th 
O'Daniel Cyrus, brickmr., 4th ab Thompson 
O'Daniel Edward, carter, Bedford bel Broad 
O'Daniel Peter, senr., gent., 19 Castle 
O'Daniel P., watchmaker 226 High, h 19 Castle 
O'Donald George, grate maker, Elizabeth near 

O'Donald Henry, engineer, Elizabeth n Parrish 
O'Donnell Bartholomew, carter, S E Shippen 

and Lloyd 
O'Donnell Catharine, grocer, 87 P road 
O'Donnell Charles, lab., 197 N Front 
O'Donnell Daniel, 12 Quince 
O'Donnell Hugh, distiller, 392 S 2d 
O'Donnell James, lab., 187 N Front 
O'Donnell John, air fur. maker, 5 N 9th 
O'Donnell John, cordwainer, 28 Strawberry 
O'Donnell John, weaver. High n Sch Front 
O'Donnell Mary, milliner, 33 Prune 
O'Donnell MicliaeJ, bootmr., 8 Benton's ct 
O'Donnell Richard, carpenter. Cedar n 13th 
O'Farrell Hugh, weaver, 3 W Cedar 
O'Freil Barnard, lab.. Filbert n Sch 3d 
O'Hara Edward, carter, 13th ab Cedai- 
O'Hara Henry, labourer, 27 M'Duffie 
O'Hara John, labourer, Cooper ab Sch. 3d 
O'Hara & Ogden, tailors, 46 N 4th 
O'Hara P., tavern, 412 High 
O'Hara Thomas, carpenter, 24 Hurst 
O'Hara Thos., tavern, 26 Hurst 
O'Hara Wm., lab.. High ab Sch 4th 
O'Kane Andrew, tailor, S E 4th and Lombard 
O'Kane David, tavern, 246 S 4th 
O'Kane Patrick, tavern, 177 S Front 
O'Keefe C. J., tavern, 48 S 8th 
O'Meara Mary, teaclier, 6 Howard 
O'Morran William, tavern, N E ICth and Cedar 
O'Neal Arthur, labourer, rear 195 Noble 
O'Neal Catharine, Sch Front ab (Callowhill 
O'Neal Edward, cordw., Pleasant ct 
O'JNeal George, labourer, St. Joseph's av 
O'Neal Henry, tavern, N W Front and Phoenix 
O'Neal Hugh, weaver, 2 Baker 
O'Neal James, lab., Shippen ab 7th 
O'Neal John, milknum, 644 N 2d 
O'Neal John K., blacksmith, 426 O Y road 
O'Neal Owen, weaver, GT road n Jefferson 
O'Neal Susan, washer, 9 Mark's lane 
O'Neil Ann, 79 Union 
O'Neil Bernard, tavern. Pine bel Willow 




O'Neil Daniel, tailor, 177 N Front 
O'Neil George, g-ent., Howard n Franklin 
O'Neil John, dealer, 51 Lombard 
O'Neil Lewis, 317 Pine 
O'Neil M. &. R., coppersmiths, 86 High 
O'Neil Thomas, jeweller, Carlton ab 12th 
O'Neil William, wooden ware, 8 S 9th 
O'Neill Arthur, labourer, 241 S 4th 
O'Neill Arthur, distiller, 17 N 10th ab Button- 
O'Neill Charlotte, 12 Elder al 
O'Neill C. B. F., att'y & coun., 11 Little George, 

h Howard n Franklin 
O'Neill Daniel, weaver, Cadwalader n 2d 
O'Neill Edw., waiter, 81 Gaskill 
O'Neill Henry, kb.. Filbert n Sch. 5th 
O'Neill James, furniture store, 146 Cedar 
O'Neill James, grocer, Lombard, ab Sch. 6th 
O'Neill James, tavern, N E 2d and F road 
O'Neill John, cordw.. High bel Sch Front 
O'Neill Mrs. Rebecca, 5 S Penn sq 
O'Neill Presley B., carp., 306 Cedar, h 5 S 

Pi-nn sq 
O'Neill Robert, carpenter, 306 Cedar, h 6 S 

Penn sq 
O'Reilly John, grocer, N W 2d and Coates 
O'Reilly Owen, hatter, 15 Rehef al 
O'Rourke James, drayman, 6 Perry 
O'Rourke John, drayman, 6 Perry 
O'Rourke Patrick, b h & tavern, 142 S Water 
O'Rourke William, waiter, 152 S 5th 
Oakford A. C. Mrs., 362 Chestnut 
Oakford Charles, hatter, 210 S 2d & 78 S 3d 
Oakford John, exch. broker, 3d ab Chestnut, h 

43 George. (S) 
Oakford Jno., lab., Parrish n Elizabeth 
Oakford Parsey, att'y &. coun., N W 4th and 

Oakford Richard, mer., 87 High, h 308 Mul 

Oakford W. L., mer., 87 High, h 24 Jacoby 
Oakford Wm. L., jr., mer., 87 High, h 24 Jacoby 
Oakman E. P., shoes, 139 S 6th 
Oakman Jolm, mer., 36 S Front 
Oat Charles, clerk, 135 Franklin 
Oat George H., acct., Washington ab 9th 
Oat Joseph, coppersm., 12 Quarry, h 30 Wood 
Oat Richard L., brush maker, 28^ N 3d 
Oertell C. E., jeweller, 401 N 2d 
Obdyke Gershon, cordw.. Pearl bel 8th 
Ober Sarah, g-entw., 157 Locust 
Oberteufler Jolin C, acct., 1 Kunckle 
Oberteuffer J. H., mer., 66 S Front, h N W 

Front and Pine 
Odeatch John J., barber, Kessler's al 
Odell John, blacksmith, 6 Hickory ct 
Odenatt Wm., machinist ct., Vine ab Sch 7th 
Odenett Wm., machinist, Knoodle ab Locust 
Odenheimer Jacob U., gent., 267 Catharine 
Odenheimer John ^L, mer., 93 High, h 31 

Odenheimer John W., mer,. 9ii High, h 88 S 

Odenheimer & Tennent, dry goods, 93 High 
Odenwelder Joshua L., mer., 31 N 2d 

Oehlschlager Jas. C, teacher, 64 S 4th 
Oellers James P., U. S. Navy, h 167 Pine 
Off Bernard, grocer, N E Sch 3d and Ann 
Off Geo., labourer. Willow n Sch 7th 
Off Henry, baker, Callowhill n William 
Offerman Frederick, dentist, 15 Duke 
Ogborn Aaron, frame maker. Rose al ab Green 
Ogden B. M., tavern. Harmony court 
Ogden Catharine, 95 Coates 
Ogden Elizabeth, Sheaf's al 
Ogden Jesse, mer., N W 4th and Sassafras 
Ogden John M., surveyor, 4 Penn sq Marshall 
Ogden Jonathan, tailor, 110 Chestnut, h S 7th ab 

Ogden Maria, Brown's ct 
Ogden Mary B., sempstress, 15 Short ct 
Ogden Saml., engineer, 502 Callowhill 
Ogden Saml., tinsmith. High ab 12th 
Ogden & Son, grocers, S E Front & Queen 
Ogilby Joshua, machinist, 20 Maria 
Ogle & Bullock, carp., 17 Sergeant 
Ogle J. F., carpr., 17 Sergeant, h Vine n 13th 
Ogle & Watson, coachmakers, 9 S 6th 
Ogle Williams, coachmr., 9 S 6th, h 3 St. James 
Ohara James, blacksmith, 9th ab Washington 
Ohara John, brass founder, 24 Perry 
Ohe Ferdinand, lab.. Culvert n 4th 
Ohl John F., mer., 100 S wharves, h 259 S Front 
Ohl Sebastian, brewer, 13 PeiTy 
Okerbauk, gunsmith, 95 Budd 
Okie Ehza, mantua maker, 241 S 7th 
Okie J. B., mer., 8 N Front, h 5 Franklin row 
Okief Ann, dressmr., 61 Union 
Olden David B., engineer, 13th ab Coates 
Olden Isaac, weaver, Duke bel Palmer 
Olden John, clerk, 30 Crown 
Oldenburgh Daniel, hatter, 90 N 2d 
Oldershaw Thomas, coal dealer, c Front and 

Willow, h 6 Noble 
Oldfield C, Streper's ct. (N L) 
Oldfield Robert, oyster house, Callowhill bel 

Oldham Alexander, hatter, Vine below 13th 
Oldwine H., clock h watch mr., R road above 

Oliphant Joseph, saddler, Arrison's ct 
Oliphant Mary, 25 Jones' al 
Oliver Ann, Peach ab Green 
Oliver Chas. H., carp., Buttonwood ab R road 
Ohver Eliza, 43 Spruce 

Oliver George H., mer., 7^ N Front, h 43 Spinice 
Oliver George L., mer., 191 High, h 90 Wood 
Oliver John, tobacconist, 191 Cedar 
Oliver Jas. N., hair dresser, N E 8th & Sassafras 
Oliver J. C, shoes, 159 High, h 246 N 5th 
Oliver Jno. W., mer., R road n 11th 
Oliver John J., box maker, Elbow lane, h 128 

Oliver Jordan H., hat store. Beach n Marsh. (K) 
Oliver Joseph, carpenter, 327 S 3d 
O'iver Margaret, 392 Coates 
Oliver Margaretta, dry goods, 153 Cedar 
Oliver Paul G., di-aggist, S W lOtli and Sassafras 
Oliver Thomas, druggist, N E 10th and Walnut 
Oliver Thomas, tailor, 322 High 




Oliver William, com. mer. and broker, 42 Wal- 
nut, h 3 S Penn square 
Ollis S. & J., machinists, 149 S Front 
Olmsted Anthony, jr., gent., 47 George 
Olmsted Edward, atty. and coun., office 52 S 

5th, h Chestnut bel Broad 
Olmsted Henry, mer., 181 High, h 514 Chestnut 
Olmsted Henry & Co., mers., 181 High 
Olmsted Sarah, b h., 98 S 4th 
Olmsted William, cordwainer, 266 S 6th 
Olney Elizabeth, rear 214 N 8th 
Olwine A. Wayne, dry goods, 351 High 
Omensetter John, cordw., Brasier's ct 
Omensetter Winnard, coachlacemr., 1^ Chester 
Omes Gotleib, lab., 104 Budd 
Ommerle John, baker. Queen n Vienna 
Onderdonk H. U., D. D., Bishop, 13th n Spruce 
Onkle Fredk., morocco dresser, 597 N 3d 
Opie P. v., mer., 12 S 4th 
Opp & Kline, variety store, 183 N 3d 
Opp Morgan, mer., 183 N 3d 
Oppell John, whipmr., Logan ab Green 
Oram Elizabeth, Phoenix bel Front 
Oram James, carp., 200 Cherry, h 168 N Water 
Oram John F., ladies' shoemaker, 79 Race, h 104 

N Front 
Oram WiUiam, carter, S E 4th and Beaver 
Orchard Saml., cordw., 11 Carlton 
Ord George, gent., 354 S Front 
Ord John, teacher, 57 Tammany, and shoe store 

145 Sassafras 
Ord Joseph B., artist, 354 S Front 
Ore Caleb A., bootmaker, 37 S 8th 
Orem Charles, carter, Riehl's ct. (N L) 
Orman Henry, tailor, 492 N 2d 
Onne George, George n 13th 
Orme James, umbrella maker, 8th bel Shippen 
Ormsby Henry, watchmaker, 366 N 2d 
Orne Benjamin, mer., 172 High, h 132 Pine 
Orne Herman, cashier Moyamensing Bank, h 

8th ab Wallace 
Orne James, mer., 172 High, h 132 Pine 
Orne J. & B., carpet warehouse, 172 High 

Orne Wm., clerk, 29 Julianna 

Omet Debby, huckster, 7 Poplar 

Orr Anna, confectioner, 157 S 9th 

Orr Catharine, gentw., 197 N 12th 

Orr David, pilot, 32 Almond 

Orr Hector, printer, 45 Chestnut 

On- James W., drayman, 93 S Front 

Orr John, carp., 28 Shippen 

Orr John, lab., 5 Richard 

OiT John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 

Orr Mary, 9 Castle 

Orr Samuel, cordw., 32 N 10th, h 6 Prospect al 

Orr Samuel, weaver, Cochran ab Fitzwater 

Orr Robert, gent., Poplar n Sch. 5th. (F V) 

Orr Robert M. H., currier, Gaskill 

On- Robert R., spinner, 18 W Cedar 

Orr Thomas, acct., 5 Jacoby 

Orr William, manuf , 644 N 2d 

Orr Wm. H., tin plate worker, 344 High 

OrreU Ann, 502 N 2d 

Orrick Samuel D., mer., N E Water and Sassa- 
fras, h 19 Palmyra square 

Orrick, Grubbs & Parker, mer., N E Water and 

Orrick Wm. P., com. mer. Wood st wharf Sch., 

h Penn. R Rn William 
Orsborn Lydia, washer., 5 Gray's ct 
Ortlip C, b h., 292 High 
Ortlip Israel, lab., Scutfel Village 
Orthp Mahlon, dealer, Callowhill ab Sch. Front 
Orum Charles, machinist, 134 N 3d 
Orum Davis, dry goods, 52 N 4th 
Osborn A., clothing, 40 N 4th, h Cherry ab 10th 
Osborn Peter, upholsterer, 81 N 2d 
Osborn Randolph, cordw., rear 17 Wagner's al 
Osborn Richard, cabinetmaker, 205 N 2d 
Osborn Wm., watchman, 26 Prosperous al 
Osborn Wm., saddler, 68 N 2d 
Osborne George W., manuf. water colours, N E 

6th and Mulberry, h 1 Jacoby 
Osborne Margaretta, 16 Querville's ct 
Osborne Peter, tavern. Bull's head, 6th & Willow 
Osbourn Alexander, mer., N W 2d &. Mulberry, 

h 69 Vine 
Osbourn Elenezer, carp., 183 Pine 
Osbourn Jeremiah, carp., 69 S 6th 
Osbourn E., carp., 14 Vernon 
Osbourn J. G., music saloon, 30 S 4tli 
Osburn John, cordw., 4 Chew's ct 
Osbum Susan, Washington n Callowhill Sch 
Osier Hugh, mer., 331 S 2d 
Osterheldt Frederick, vict., Charles ab Noble 
Ostrander John, caster, 6 South av 
Otis B., portrait painter, 118 Spruce 
Otis Isaac, stock and exch. broker. Exchange 

buildings, h 29 N 11th 
Otis James, cordwainer, Sch. 8th n Callowhill 
Otley Thomas Pennel, blacksm., Reeves n Sch 2d 
Ott Catharine, 48 Shippen 
Ott Francis, brushmaker, S E Pine and Quince 
Ott George, sockmaker, 13th bel Rose 
Ott Henry, c G T road and Rose 
Ott Jesse, tobacconist, 478 N 2d 
Ott Martha, Middleton's ct 
Otten Henry, shop, G T Road n Rose (K) 
Ottenklrk John, Mansion House Hotel, S E 11th 

and High 
Ottinger Eliza, 7 Miller's ct 
Ottinger Joseph, labourer, 1 Lagrange 
Ottinger Samuel, carter, Apple n George 
Otto & Buzby, hardware, 17 N 4th 
Otto James N., N E 8th and Green 
Otto John C, M.D., 139 Mulberry 
Otto John T., combmaker, 4th bel Jefferson 
Otton J. Hare, carver, 82 S 5th 
Otty Esther, N W 4th 8c Plum 
Ouram WiUlam, blacksmith, 310 Pine 
Ourrocker Joseph, oysters, Baker's al 
Ourt Chai-les, comb manuf, Haydock n Front 
Ourt Lewis Jr., whitesmith, 102 N Juniper 
Ourt Lewis, blacksmith, 102 N Juniper 
Over Wm., bricklayer, 4 Fries' ct 
Ovens Thomas, watchman, George n Sch. 6th 
Ovenshine Henry, clerk. State n Sch. 8th 
Overholt Christian, brickmr., G T Road n 6th 
Overman Maria M., 98 N 8th 
Overman Wm. W., mer., 198 High, h 11th n 




Overman, Wm., mer., 124 N 10th 

Overn John, triinkmaker, 125 N Juniper 

Overn Samuel, clerk, 125 N Juniper 

Ovington Phcsbe, g-entvv.. Prince ab Hanover 

Ovington T., bricklayer, 2 Lebanon row 

Ovitt Sophia, 5 Mej'er's ct 

Owen Ann, 167 N 2cl 

Owen Jacob, Penn ab Maiden 

Owen Jesse, spect. mr., 149 Poplar 

Owen J. & Co., jewellers, 167 N 2(1 

Owen Mary, gentw.. Smith's alley n Green 

Owen Mary, 6 Raspberry al 

Owen M. M., teacher pia. forte, 8th ab Fitzwater 

Owen Rebecca, b h., 160 Cherry 

Owen Patrick, lab.. Poplar n Marshall 

Owen T., distiller, 159 Vine, h rear 42 Shippen 

Owen Wilham, tinsmith, 536 N 2d 

Owens Ann, 10 Branch 

Owens Esther, dressmaker, 10 Branch 

Owens James, hackman, rear 303 Walnut 

Owens Jane, 12 Little Water 

Owens John, lab., 1 Robeson's ct 

Owens John, tavern, 226 S 6th 

Owens John P., att'y & coun., 83 S 6th 

Owens O. G., shoes, Callowhill n Washington 

Owens P., clothing, 255 Cedar 
Owens Sarah, trim, store, 26 N 12th 
Owens Reuben, bricklayer, 6 Miller's ct 
Ozeas E., gent, 41 Zane 

Packard Frederick A., Am. S S. U., 146 Chest- 
nut, h 9th n Pine 

Packer Amos, carp., 173 N 4th 

Packer Hannah, 6 Castle 

Packer James E., machinist, 2 Castle 

Packer John, liverj' stables, 335 and h 324 S 2d 

Packer John A., mer., Mustin's ct 

Packer Rachel, dressmr., 13th ab Coates 

Padelford E., mer., N W Chestnut & 13th 

Padan Thos., lab., 275 S 4th 

Paden Wm., lab., Sch. Washington n Vine 

Page Anna, 7 Vine 

Page Ambrose, grocer, S E 4th & Christian 

Page Charles, tailor, 29 Wood 

Pag'e Charles M., att'y, agent and conveyancer 
3 N 6th, h 56 Marshall 

Page Charles F., mer., 203 High, h 39 N 2d 

Page Elizabeth, 25 Girai-d 

Page Emanuel, furrier, 119 Green 

Page Frederick A., boots & shoes, 214 High, h 
33 N3d 

Page G. W., 101 Walnut 

Page James, Postmaster, h 101 V/alnut 

Page John, gardener, R road (F V) 

Page John, leather dresser, 1 Franklin (K) 

Page John, carter, 46 Sliippen 

Pag-e Jos. T., seaman, 2 1 Vernon 

Page Maria, Sch. 8th ab Vine 

Page Randolph, cordwainer, 54 Apple 

Page Susan, gTocery, James bel 10th 

Page & Westcott, High ab 4th 

Paget Thomas A., distiller, N E 3d and Noble 

Paine Mary, 9 Short's ct 

Painter Abraham C, bookbinder, 42 Garden 

Painter Adam, cooper, Rose al bet Coates and 

Painter Charles V., bookbinder. Nectarine ab 8th 
Painter & Eldredge, clothing, 234 High 
Painter George, caulker, Mai-lborough ab Albe- 
marle (K) 
Painter George, brickmaker. Poplar n 2d 
Painter George VV., brewer, 106 Filbert 
Painter Henry, tavern, S W St. John & Beaver 
Painter Isaac, silver plater, 10th bel Buttomvood 
Painter Isaac, collector, 38 Garden 
Painter Jacob, tailor. Phoenix n G T Road 
Painter John, victualler, 147 Button wood 
Painter John, bricklayer. Poplar n St. John 
Painter, J., mer. tailor, 234 High, h Franklin ab 

Painter John S., silversmith, 125 GTroad 
Painter Maria, tailoreSs, 34 Garden 
Painter Mary, 488 N 3d 
Painter Moses, carter, Gamphire's ct 
Painter Philip, cordwainer, Brown n Oak 
Painter Samuel, ship carp.. Prince bel Palmer 
Painter Wm., carp., 6 Wood 
Paisley Elizabeth, b h., 108 S 4th 
Paisley John, tavern, 221 S 6th 
Palte George, founder, 6 Gray's ct 
Paleske Hannah, 4 Dug-an row 
Palethorp John H., pewterer, 144 High, h 133 

Palethorp John H. & Co., pewterers, 144 High 
Palm C. H., shop, 337 N Front 
Palmer Amos, gent., George ab Sch. 6tli 
Palmer Amos, grocer, N W 6th & Pairish 
Palmer Chai-les R., upholsterer, 66 S 4th 
Palmer Eliza, milliner, 165 Spruce 
Palmer Edward, attorney, 128 Walnut 
Palmer Edward, ropemaker, F road n Bedford 
Palmer George, gunsmith, 65 Shippen 
Palmer George, cabmr., 193 St. John 
Palmer George W., cordw., Elizal^eth n Poplar 
Palmer Haley, c Britton's al and Bedford 
Palmer Henry, labourer. Otter ab Front 
Palmer John S., bookbinder. Shield's al 
Palmer Jonathan, mer., High st wharf, h 169 

Palmer & Co., High st Wharf 
Palmer Jonathan Jr., conveyancer, 46 N 5t]i 
Palmer James, distiller, Queen n Palmer (K) 
Palmer Mary, b h., 289 Sassafras 
Palmer Mary, 93 Plum 
Palmer Mary, 89 Gaskill 
Palmer Mehaley H., Warner's ct 
Palmer Richard, alderman, 64 Shippen 
Palmer Robert, bootmaker, 182 S 2d 
Palmer Samuel, gent., office 28 Bank, h Walnut 

nb Broad 
Palmer Samuel C, clerk, 345 S 4th 
Palmer Samuel L., collector, 7 N IStli 
Palmer Thomas, variety store, 321 High & 73 N 


Palmer Thomas H., clerk, 313 S 2d 
Palmer William H., silverplater, 74 N 6th, h 
51 Tammany 




Pancoast Aai'on, tailor, 96 Walnut I Parker James, porter, Lombard ab 9th 

Pancoast Eliakim, grocer, S W 10th andCoates Parker J. A., 21 Powell 
Pancoast Eliza & Sarah Marshall, milliners, 172 

Pancoast Joseph, M. D., 300 Chestnut 
Pancoast Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 329 

Pancoast Samuel S., 396 Coates, h S E Coates 

& St. Jolin 
Pancoast Sigmond, druggist, N W 2d & High 
Pancoast Stephen, shoes, 208 S 2d 
Pancoast, Trotter & Haines, hai-dware, 26 N 4th 
Pandee James, waterman. Vine n Sch. 7th 
Panorma Alex., Point House Hotel, opp. Glou- 
cester Point 
Parcoler Mary, 212 N 8th 

Pardow Robert, & Co., importers, 9 Commerce 
Pardy Elizabeth, sempstress, 6 Sassafras al 
Parham John, carpenter, 8 Union sq 
Parham Robert, cabinetmakei', 39 Noble 
Park David, gardener, M road bel Marker 
Park Ingram, grocer, 465 High 
Park Isaac, tavern, c Swanson and Shippen 
Park J. D. & Son, shoes, 364 High 
Park James, labourer, Front ab Phoenix 
Park James, 52 S 10th 
Park Jane, 16 Blackberry al 
Park James, cordw., 456 Callowhill 
Park John, carpenter, 8 Warren 
Park Robert J., printer, 31 Dean 
Park Rich., weaver, 13th bel Rose 
Park Roswell, M. D., h 160 S 9th 
Park Samuel W., tavern, 155 S Water 
Park & Tiers, iron founds.. Beach n Maiden (K) 
Park William D., printer, 181 S 11th 
Parke A. M., shoes, 286 High 
Parke Charles B., brass founder, 164 N Front 
Parke Francis, exchange broker, 9^ S 4th 
Parke James P., 99 Locust 
Parke John,, 9^ S 4th 
Parke John, gent., Spring Garden ab 10th 
Parke Joseph G. Sc Co., exch. brokers, 9^ S 4th 
Parke Thos. B., contracter, 15 Morgan 
Parker A. & H., milliners, 64 N 5th 
Parker Ann, 63 N 10th 
Parker Anna M., dress maker, 17 Elfreth's al 
Parker Caleb, coal mer., 27 S 5th, h 135 Filbert 
Parker Charles, trader, N W Callowhill and 

Parker Charles, dry goods, N E 4th and Callow- 
hill, h 3 West 
Parker Charles W., confectioner, 246^ Chestnut 
Parker Daniel, weaver, Morris ab Christian 
Parker Daniel, 16 Bread 

Parker Edward, boot and shoemaker, 223 S 4th 
Parker Edward, broker, 48^ N 3d, h 458 Cal- 
Parker Elisha, watchman, rear 365 High 
Parker Eliza H., teacher, 141 Catharine 
Parker Elam, bootmr., 1 Buckley, h 163 Pine. 
Parker George, plasterer, Allen bel Palmer. (K) 
Parker George, cutler, 6 Lagrange 
Parker George H., cabinetmaker, 2 Paynter's ct 
Parker & Iddings, com. mers., UN Front 
Parker Isaac, watchmr., 81 N 3d, h 20 Swanwick 

Parker Jane, gi-ocery, c Sheaf's al and Madison 
Parker John, mer., 241 Higii, h N W Kimckle & 

Parker John, gent., 121 N 9th 
Parker John B., acct., 6 Lybrand 
Parker Joseph, 86 Wood 

Parker Joseph, blacksm., Hamilton ab Sch. 7th 
Parker John S., oysters, S E Walnut & Sch. 8tli, 

h Wood bel 6th. 
Parker Joseph, cordw., Lombard ab Sch. Bank 
Parker Joseph, clothes dealer, 92 S 2d 
Parker Joseph Jr., acct., h 86 Wood. 
Parker Joseph, G T road n Master. (K) 
Parker Joseph E., dentist, 61 N 7th 
Parker Joshua B., cabinetmr., 10th ab Christian. 
Parker, Keim & Shewell, hardware, 241 High 
Parker Maria, 14 Fitz^^ater. 
Parker Mary, whitewasher, 28 Bird's ct. 
Parker M. J., Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Parker M. S., artist, 1 S 8th 
Parker Martha, 253 Cedar 
Parker Peter, hatter, 249 N 2d. 
Parker Phoebe, 27 Perry 
Parker Rachel, shop, 188 S 6th 
Parker Robert, cordw., Carlton ab 12th. 
Parker Richard, gent., S E 8th and Sansom 
Parker Richard, boot black, 43 S 3d 
Parker Richard, labourer, Cedar bel 12th 
Parker Saml., groc, 11 N Water, h 110^ N Front 
Parker Saml., saw smith, Carpenter ab 8th (M) 
Parker Sarah, library. Beach ab Manderson (K) 
Parker S. E., teacher, 53 Filbert 
Parker Thomas S., 29 N 9th 
Parker Thomas, carriage driver, rear 41 New 

Parker Thomas, mer., 4th and Callowhill 
Parker Thomas B., car builder. Broad st house. 
Parker T. & C, dry goods, N W 4th Sc Callowhill 
Parker Ann G., milliner, 242 Wood ab 12th 
Parker Thomas H., shoemaker. Christian n 4th 
Parker T. J., typefounder, 3 Deal's ct. 
Parker Thomas P., clothes, 97 S 2d 
Parker W., painter, 18 S 10th 
Parker William, gent, 348 Mulberry 
Parker William, labourer, Acorn al n Spruce 
Parker William, clerk, 493 High 
Parker William, cashier Philada. City Savings 

Inst., 183 N 13th 
Parker William A., mer., UN Front 
Parker Wm. B., com. mer., N E Water & Sas- 

safras, h 19 Palmyra sq. 
Parker William C, boots and shoes, 87 N 6th 
Parker William T., oysters, c 6th and Carpenter 
Parkerson F., optician, 147 S 8th 
Parkhill Joseph, coachmr., 2 Elder al. 
Parkhurst Russell, M. D., 1 N 9th 
Parkin David, marble finisher, Sheaf's ct 
Parkin Richard, cabinetmaker, 134 S 2d 
Parkinson George, gent., 222 Walnut. 
Parkinson Harmar, carter. Carpenter ab 8th 
Parkinson Joseph, tobacconist, 91 N 9th 
Parkinson Peter, boot crimper, 6 Hause's ct 
Parkinson Robert, shoemr., Atherton bel M la 




Paikinson R. B. & J. W., confectioners, 180 

Parks John, bootmaker, 10 Gray's al 
Parks Wm., watchman, 56 Perry. 
Parmalee Jesse C, tobacconist, 100 Sassafras 
Parman John, ship carpenter, Otter bel F road 
Parmentier Charles T., ag-ent, 20 Parker 
Parr Benjamin, cordwainer, Elizabeth n Parish. 
Parris Gabriel, 7 llandall's ct 
Parris & Dutton, tailors, S W 3d and Chestnut 
Parris Samuel C, tailor, 3 Magnolia 
Parrish Dillwyn, drugg-ist, S W 8th & Mvdberrt 
Parrish Isaac, M. D., 102 Mulberry 
Parrish & Johnson, iron founders & machinist^ 

W Phila., office 24 Commerce 
Parrish Joseph, M. D., 109 Mulberry 
Parrish Mary, shop, 243 Shippen 
Parrish Robert A., gent., 308 Walnut. 
Parrish R. A., mer., 53 N Water. 
Parrish S. A., 489 N 3d. 
Parrish William D., machinist and iron founder, 

24 Commerce, h Franklin ab Wood 
Parrott Joseph, watchmaker, c Vine and 13th 
Parrott Robert, carpenter, Coates bel 6th 
Parrott Maiy, milliner, 46 N 7th. 
Parry Albert, carp., Rose al bel Green. 
Parry Isaac, plasterer, Weaver. 
Parry M. Mrs., library, 276*Mulberry 
Parry Oliver, lumber mer., S E 5th and Brown, h 

33 Marshall 
Parry & Randolph, lum. mers., S E 5th & Brow* 
Parry R. Mrs., b h., N W 5th and E North 
Parry Samuel, cloth store, 57 N 2d, h 78 Dill- 
Parry Samuel, grocer, 5 Hummel's row 
Parry Thomas F., lea. dealer, 229 N 2d, h 140 

Parry W. F., coal mer., 31 S 5th 
Parshall, Beebe & Co., specie brokers, 17 S 3d 
Parsells Samuel, drayman. Noble bel 3d 
Parselles Wm., chairmr., Elizabeth n Parrish. 
Parsley John, fisherman, Vienna bel Prince. 
Parsloe Charles, play actor, 15 Flower. 
Parsons, Canning & Co., mers., 63 High 
Parsons H. R., watchmaker, 9 S 8th. 
Parsons Leonora, Ann ab Sch. 4th 
Parsons Rosewell, cordw.. Mechanic n Poplar 
Partenheimer Philip, upholsterer, 100 N 3d 
Partridge Maria, 34 Castle 
Partridge Maria, Fisher st 
Partrullo P. M., mer., 397 Spruce 
Parvin H., M.D., 126 Pine 
Parvin William, shingle maker, Apple n Poplar 
Parvis James, carp., Charlotte n Culvert. 
Pascal John, tavern, S W 10th and Carpenter 
Paschall Benjamin, waiter, 251 S 6th 
Paschall Thomas, clerk, 4 Powell. 
Pasco Albert, carpenter, 552 N 2d 
Pasco Henry, plasterer, 13 Providence ct 
Passey Jane, 122 M road 

Passmore Rachel, teacher, c 4th & Vine, h Mar- 
shall above Buttonwood 
Passmore Samuel, cabinetmr., Sch. 5th ab Chest 

Patchell Rachel, Lombard n Sch. 7th 

Pastorius Charlotte, teacher, c Green 8t Logaii. 
Pastorius Daniel, grocer, 348 High 
Pastorius John Capt., 273 N 5th 
Pastorius Washington, mer., 77 High. 
Patch Wm., broker, 2^ N 10th. 
Paterson Hester, gentw., 219 Spruce. 
Paterson, John, mechanic, Scott's ct 
Paterson Robert, lab., 23 Brinton. 
Paton Elizabeth, dressmr., 7 N 10th. 
Patrick Ann, milliner, 14 Spruce 
Patrick J. Y., atty. at law, 211 N 6th 
Patrick Nimrod, grate mr., S W Marshall and 

Patrick William A., clerk. Queen ab Palmer 
Patrick William A., Cedar bel 13th 
Patten Ann, corset mr., S E 6th and Mulberry 
Patten Edward, lab., N E Sch. 3d and Filbert. 
Patten E. Mrs., 1^ N 10th 
Patten James S., trader, 4th ab Master. (K) 
Patten John W. leather and hides, S W 3d and 

Vine, h 244 N 5th 
Patten Mrs., b. h., 12 Lombard. 
Patten Samuel, lab., 2 Humphrey's ct 
Patten Miss Elizabeth, 87 N 9th. 
Patten William, optician, S E 6th and Mulberry 
Patten Wm. Jr., shoes, 50 High, h 17 Lombard 

Patterson Abner, grocer, 112 Oak 

Patterson Ann, Cooper ab Sch. 3d 

Patterson Ann Mrs. Rush's ct. ' - 

Patterson & Co., grocers, 21 N 2d. 

Patterson David, cooper, Sch. Front n Vine. 

Patterson Daniel, gas fitter, 2 Richard 

Patterson David J., teacher, Callowhill bel 13th 

Patterson Eliza, Centre bel 13th. 

Patterson E., tavern, 254 Lombard 

Patterson F., machinist, Carlton n Georg«. 

Patterson George, carver, 51 Spruce. 

Patterson George W., M. D., 335 N 3d. 

Patterson Henry, lab., 37 Davis' ct 

Patterson H. S., M. D., 61 N 4th 

Patterson H. & W., grocers, S W 12th & High 

Patterson Hiram, grocer, S W 12th and High 

Patterson James, brick mr.. Spruce ab Sch. 5th 

Patterson James, lab.. Pine ab Sch. Willow 

Patterson Hugh, weaver, Hopkin's ct ab School 

Patterson Jane, shop. High ab Sch. 2d. 

Patterson Jeremiah, shoe mr., 149 G T road 

Patterson John, lab.. High ab Sch. 2d. 

Patterson John B., carp., Shackamaxon bel Bed- 

Patterson John, paper hanger, 335 N 3d 

Patterson John, mer., S E 4th and Sassafras, h 
61 N 4th 

Patterson John, city watch, Lombard ab 13th 

Patterson J ohn, lab., St. Joseph's av. 

Patterson John, lab., Ann ab Sch. 8th 

Patterson John, grocer, 21 N 2d. 

Patterson John R., tailor, 112 N 10th 

Patterson J. T., grocer, 35 Marshall. 

Patterson John & Son, grocers, S E 4th and" 

Patterson Jonathan, first teller Bank U. S., h 5 

Patterson Jos., grocer, 21 N 2d, h 194 N Front 




Patterson Joseph, gent., 385 Walnut 

Patterson Joseph, mer., 25 N Front, h 30 S 13th 

Patterson Joseph, carter, Keen's ct, E New Mar- 

Patterson Mary, teacher, 76 Spruce 

Patterson Margaret, 21 Middle al 

Patterson Morris & Co., grocers, 251 High. 

Patterson Rachel, 16 Madison 

Patterson & Read, carvers, over 55 N 8th. 

Patterson Robert, provisions, 274 S 7th 

Patterson Robert, manuf., George ab Sch. 6th 

Patterson Robert & Co., grocers, 182 High 

Patterson Robert grocer, 182 High, h S W Lo- 
cust and 13th. 

Patterson Robert M., Pres. U. S. Mint, h N W 
Locust and Knoodle. 

Patterson Samuel, waiter. Wood ab Sch. 7th. 

Patterson Samuel D., U. S. Marshall Eastern 
District, office State house, up stairs, h 
Front bel Franklin. 

Patterson Sarah, 282 N 6th. 

Patterson & Son, grocers, c 10th and Milton. 

Patterson T., weaver, 616 N 2d. (K) 

Patterson Thomas, teacher, Phoenix bel G T 

Patterson Thomas, tavern, c Callowhill and Sch. 

Patterson Waltei-, grocer, S W 12th and High. 

Patterson Watson, weaver, Hope bel Franklin 

Patterson William, grocer, 3 and 7 Mulberry, h 
84 N Front. 

Patterson Wm., weaver, Sch. 4th ab Chestnut. 

Patterson Wm., weaver, 39 W Cedar 

Patterson Wm., weaver, Hope ab Otter. 

Patterson Wm., grocer, Sch. 3d & Cedar. 

Patterson William & Co., grocers, 3 Mulberry 

Patterson Wm. C, mer., 182 High, h Locust ab 

Patterson Zegle, lab., Pine n Beach 

Patteson Edward, grocer, 62 S Front, h 124 

Patton Armer, mer., 48 S whfs., h Walnut St. H 

Patton &. Fareira, hatters, 53 Chestnut & 202 S 

Patton Henry, baker, Cedar ab 7th 

Patton James, mer., 1 Sassafras wharf, h 293 Sas- 

Patton James M., planing machine 1st wharf ab 
Noble, h 104 N 9th 

Patton James &. Son, mers., 1 Sassafi'as wharf 

Patton John, mariner, 41 Catharine 

Patton John, trimming, 174 Pine 

Patton Mary, milliner, 75 Mulberry 

Patton Matthew, iron founder, 4 Barker 

Patton Matthew, lab., 19 Helmuth 

Patton Michael, baker, 164 Locust 

Patton Mrs. W., 3 Lebanon Row 

Patton Price J., hatter, 53 Chestnut, h 202 S 2d 

Patton John Rev., Filbert ab Sch 6th 

Patton Robert, superintendent, 6 Union sq 

Patton Robert A., custom house, h 5 Powell 

Patton Robert, carp , High ab Sch. 5th 

Patton Samuei, grocer, 138 S Water, h 139 S 

Patton Thomas W., mer., 1 Sassafras wharf, h 

13th & Leiper 
Patton William, Jr., cashier Farmers and Me- 
chanic's bank, h 179 S 5th 
Patton William M., packer, N 5th St, Buttonwood 
Patton W. H , papef hanger, 13 Marion 
Paul A., weaver, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Paul Abraham H., vict., Ann ab Rroad (F V) 
Paul Benjamin M. R., grocer, 428 N Front 
Paul Bettle, mer., 16 N Front, h 155 O Y road 
Paul David, carp., 3 Pennsylvania av 
Paul David S., bricklayer, 3 Baxter's av 
Paul E. Mrs., china, 19 Coates 
Paul Francis, carter. Leech's ct 
Paul George W., carp., 3 Pennsylvania av 
Paul Jacob, lum. mer., c 11th and R road, h 190 


Paul Jacob A., bookbinder, 466 N 4th 
Paul James W., atty. and coun., 48 S 4th, h 331 

Paul John, gent, 162 N 5th 
Paul John, cabinet mr., 4 Carberry's ct 
Paul John, mate, 9 Swanson 
Paul John T., cabinet mr., 103 Coates 
Paul J. Marshall, M. D., 10th and Pine 
Paul Jonathan, sawmr., 2 Carlisle's ct 
Paul Joseph, victualler, F road n Phoenix 
Paul Joseph, gent, 190 Mulberry. 
Paul Joseph S., mer., c Mulberrv and Water, h 

96 S 5th 
Paul Joseph R., teller Moyamensing bank, h 400 

O Y road 
Paul J. R., M. D., 57 Pine 
Paul J. W., M. D., 190 Mulberry 
Paul Margaretta, Prosperous al 
Paul Philip, watch case mr., 16 Bank 
Paul Samuel, hatter, 89 Sassafras 
Paul Samuel W., conveyancer, 52 N 6th, h 190 

Paul Simon, watch case mr., 16 Bank 
Paul S. & P., watch case mrs., 16 Bank 
Paul William, carp., 17 Wagner's al 
Paul William, acct., 58 Penn 
Paul William, weaver, Shippen bel 13th 
Paul William R., 97 Dillwyn 
Paul William S., steamboat ferry house, 1 Cal- 
Paulding T., mer., 179 High, h 141 N 13th 
Paulin Daniel, waterman, 65 G T road 
Paulin J., tailor, 124 Cedar 
Paulin Martha, 45 N Sch. 8th 
Pauling Nathan, bridle bitmr., Portland pi 
PauUin Stephen 8c Co., tobacconists, 42 Noble 
Paulson Joseph R., broker, 43 S 3d, h c 5th and 

Pavonai-ius John, cooper, 2 Sugar al 
Pawling A., whitesmith, 17 N 9th 
Pawson James, book binder, 279 N 5th 
Paxon Elizabeth, gentw., 8 N 11th 
Paxon Sam., agent. Beach n Shackamaxon (K) 
Paxon William H., letter carrier, 27 Powell 
Paxson W. W., West Chester Hotel, Broad n 

Paxson Benjamin, mer., 18 Church al, h 5 Palmy- 
ra Row 




Paxson Benjamin T., clerk, 22 Barker 
Paxson Edwd., attorney at law, 158 N Front 
Paxson Elizabeth, b h., 97 Noble 
Paxson James, ship carp., 12 Marion 
Paxson John, 7 Cheny 

Paxson Joseph, lum. mer., "fe E 4th & Thomp- 
son (K) h 400 N 6th 
Paxson Joseph S., mer., 3 Decatur, h 47 Marshall 
Paxson, Ritchie & Co., hardware, 3 Decatur 
Paxson Richard, mer., 3 Decatur, h 11 N 7th 
Paxson Willett, flour & feed, 7th n Poplar. 
Paxson & VVrigley, mers., 18 Church al 
Payn G. W., ag-ent. Queen n Shackamaxon 
Payne Edwin W., tailor, 12 N 12th 
Payne Hester, 71 Union 
Payne James, watchman, 19 Cedai- 
Payne Martha, milliner, 19 Cedar 
Payne Mary, 164 S 5th 
Payne Mary Ann, g-entw., 2 Fries' ct 
Paynter John, pumprar., 105 Prime 
Paynter Lemuel, g"ent., 117 German 
Paynter Lemuel Jr., carp., 3 Paynter's ct 
Paynter Mary, milliner, 153 Mulberry 
Paynter Peter, pilot, 3 Parham 
Payran & Linn, conveyancers, 122 N 4th 
Payran Stephen Jr., conveyancer, 122 N 4th, h 

N 8th ab Green 
Payran Elizabeth, sempstress, 10th ab Lemon 
Payren William, painter, Juniper ab Locust 
Paysant Rebecca, N E 12th and Pine 
Paj-ton Julius, waiter, Miles' al 
Peabody E. G., mer., 159 Hig-h 
Peabodv Georg-e F., 82 S 12th 
Peace Mrs. A. M., g-entw., 78 S 6th 
Peace Edward, M. D., 109 S 10th 
Peace Joseph, M. D., 143 Walnut, h 78 S 6th 
Peace Mrs. G., b h, 37 Girard 
Peacock James, patternmr., Shackamaxon ab 

Queen (Iv) 
Peacock Martha, Ann ab Sch. 4th 
Peak Elias, tavern, S E M road and Federal 
Peak Elizabeth, g-entw, 35 Jones' al 
Peak Elizabeth, tavern, Bank n Lombard Sch 
Peak John, bricklayer, 60 N Juniper 
Peake Amelia, Pleasant ab 10th 
Peake Daniel, plater, Sarah n Queen 
Peake Daniel, jr , plater. Brown n Bedford (K) 
Peake Edward, shipwrig-ht. Queen ab Sarah (K) 
Peake Edward, plater, Queen ab Sarah (K) 
Peale Franklin, U. S. Mint, h 31 Girard 
Peale James, acct., 272 Lombard 
Peale Robert, tavern, c 2d and Oxford 
Peale Robert, stove manf., N W Coates & Front 
Peale St. Georg^e, saddler, rear 35 German 
Peale R., naturalist, Philadelphia Museum, h 210 

Pearce John, carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Pearce John S.. plumber and g-as fitter, 110 Wal- 
nut, h N W 12tli & Filbert 
Pearce Julia, Little Oak 
"earce Marv, dress maker, 84 Crown 
Pearce Mary, b h, 76 S 4th 
Pearl John, carp., 7 Hickory ct 
Pearman Murray, 13 Wells' Row 
Pearsall Elizabeth, 12th bel Cherry | 

Pearsall Robert, g'ent., 12th ab Mulberry 
Pearsall Thomas, carpet weaver, S E 5th and 

Hamilton (Bush hill) 
Pearse Samuel T., mer., 5 Commerce 
Pearson Catharine, 276 N 8th 
Pearson Davis, coal mer., Mulberry &. Ashton, h 

23 Branch 
Pearson Elizabeth, 254 N 5th 
Pearson Elizabeth, 56 Swanson 
Pearson Elizabeth, lab., 166 Swanson 
Pearson Georg-e, carp., 399 S 2d 
Pearson James S., ship joiner, N E Queen and 

Swanson, h 138 Swanson 
Pearson James B., Irish tract lane bel Fitz water 
Pearson Jane, shop, 34 Marion 
Pearson John, tavern, N 4th ab Wood 
Pearson John, whip mr., 8^ N 3d, h 396 N 6th 
Pearson John, Pres. N. Am. coal company, 8 S 

Pearson John M., wheelrig-ht, Queen bel 5th 
Pearson John, 173 O Y road 
Pearson Jos., whf. builder. Goldsmith's ct (N L) 
Pearson Mary, g-entw., Buttonwood opp Logan 
Pearson Mary, nurse, 1 Knight's ct 
Pearson & M'Cully, ship sms., Swanson n Prime 
Pearson Morris, whip mr., O Y road & Green 
Pearson & Sallada, whip mrs., 92 High & 8^ N 

Pearson Samuel, teller P. T. Bank, h Noble ab 

Pearson Samuel, ship smith, Swanson n Prime, 

h 8 Marion 
Pearson Thomas, bookbinder, 14 Franklin pi 
Pearson Wm. T., hotel, foot High St. whf. N side 
Peart Abraham, cabinet mr., 51 Queen 
Pease J. J., engraver, S W 7th and Sansom 
Pease J. Oliver, accountant, 23 Chestnut, h 161 

S 9th 
Pease C. Mrs., b h, 72 S 4th 
Peberdy John, ornamental hair, Marlborough 

bel Bedford 
Pechin John, gent., 157 S 10th 
Pechin John C, clerk Cust. House, h 183 N 6th 
Pechin Robert W., currier, 37 Lombard, h 157 

S 10th 
Pechin William, tanner, S W Welling and Sch. 

Peck B. G., bookbinder, 309 High 
Peck James, carp., Jackson n Apple 
Peck Joseph, bar keeper, Walters' ct 
Peck J. B., agent, B. Trans, line, Broad ab Mul- 
Pedan William, caster, 104 Plum 
Redder James, 12th ab Mulberry 
Peddle William A , N E 7th & Pine, h N E 8th 

and Vine 
Pedrick Elihu, grocer, 47 S Water, h 42 New 

Pedrick John, carp., George n 5th 
Pedrick John, paper stainer, 484 N 3rd 
Pedrick Silas, sea captain, 65 N 8th 
Pedrick Thomas, whip maker, 6 Wallace 
Peeker Edward, labourer, 37 Elizabeth 
Peel Eliza, tailoress, 531 S Front 
Peet Abijah, fur cutter, Wood n Sch Front 


i9r ■ 


Pegg Joseph, mer., 59 High 

Peifer Charles, butcher, Say n Sch. 7th 

Peirce Caleb, 75 N Tth 

Peirce Charles, gent., 366 Chestnut 

Peirce James L., M. D., 144 Green 

Peirce John R., stationer, 4 Sheldon's row 

Peirce Lydia B., dry goods, 41 N 4th 

Peirce Samuel Capt., 8 Logan 

Peirce Samuel, carter, 53 Duke 

Peirce Thomas, carter, 51 Cvirrant al 

Peirce Thomas, painter, Oniel bel Franklin (K) 

Peirsol M. Mrs., b. h., 82 S 8th 

Peirsol William, register of wills, St. House, h 

201 N 9th 
Pelxotto A C, dry goods, 164 S 2d 
Pekin Rebecca, hatbinder, rear 38 Ann 
Pelaux Peter, gunsmith, 60 Cedar, h c 5th and 

Pell Elizabeth, fancy store, 24 N 6th 
Pellitier W., tavern, 26 Spruce 
Pellon Matthias, stockingweaver, 12 Budd 
Pelouze Lewis, type founder, 14 Myers' ct 
Pelton Joseph, trader, i-ear Washington ab 12th 
Peltz Philip, gent, 457 S Pront 
Peltz S., Mrs., dry goods, 23 N 2d 
Pembers Benjamin, rope maker, Shackamaxon 

n Prince 
Pemberton Henry, gent., 10 Marshall 
Penant Lewis, varnish er, 13 Buckley. 
Pen-Gaskell Eliza, gentw., 535 Chestnut 
Pen-GaskeU Peter, mer., 106 High, h 523 Chest- 
Pendergast Catharine, 22 Perry 
Pendergast Elizabeth, shop. Mulberry below 

Pendleton William S., mer., 213 ^ High, h 153 N 

Peneveyre Charles, mer., 151 High, h 175 Sas 

Penington E. Mrs., milliner, Beach ab Maiden 
Penington Edward, treas. Phil, contributionship 

96 S 4th 
Penington H., att'y & coon., 55 S 5th, h Spruce 

ab 12th. 
Penington Helena L., Spruce ab 12th 
Penington John, acct., bank U S, h 46 Lombard 
Penington Samuel, dentist, 107 Goates. 
Peim Charles, barber, 25 Callowhill. 
Penn John B., mer., 166^ High 
Pennebaker Amos, M. D., 91 N 4t]i 
Pennebaker Benjamin, gent., 91 N 4th 
Pennell E. Edward, plane maker, 193 Green. 
PenneviUe U., blacksmith, Bedford ab 12th. 
Penney Mary, b h., 14 N 10th. 
Pennington Eliza, store, R road and Vv'allace. 
Pennington M., milliner, 27 N 9th 
Pennington William, moulder, 10 George 
Pennington W. R., skin dresser, 468 N 4th 
Pennock Abraham L., mer , 231 Higli, h 4 S 12th 
Pennock Caspar W., M. D,, 484 Chestnut 
Pennock George, mer., 231 High, h 13 City Row 
Pennock Horatio B., mer., 157 N 6tli 
Pennock Martlui, 139 N 10th 
Pennock Sarah, 336 Mulbeiry 
Peitro«e Charles, gent., S E Shippcn & Penn 

Penrose James, carp., 178 Coates. 

Penrose John, carpenter. State st 

Penrose J. R., S E 3d and Pine 

Penrose Margaretta A , 132 S 9th 

Penrose Thomas N., boatman, Ann ab Sch. 4th 

Pentland Margaret, dry goods, F road bel Otter 

Pentridge Richard, weaver, G T road n Camac 

Penwell Mrs., tailoress, S W Sch. 8th & Filbert 

People David, boat maker, 4 Kirkpatrick's ct. 

Peoples David, grocer, S E 10th and Spring 

Peoples James, watchman, 7 Kelly's av 
Pepper Amos, nail cutter, 18 Almond. 
Pepper David, brewer, c 5th & Minor, h 240 

Pepper Francis, painter, 35 North 
Pepper Frederick S., mer., 4 N 3d. 
Pepper George, gent., 225 Chestnut 
Pepper George I., mer., 19 S Wharves 
Pepper Henry, 225 Chestnut 
Pepper H. J., watch maker, 66 Chestnut 
Pepper Jacob, brushmr., G T road bel 5th. 
Pepper James, lab., 195 N Front. 
Pepper J., bottler, 99 Cherry 
Pepper John B., bricklayer, Sch. 7th opp Chan- 
Pepper Joseph, printei", 79 S Water. 
Pepper M. Miss, 36 S 13th 
Pepper Michael, carp., 42 Lombard 
Pepper, Smith & Seckel, brewers, N W 5th and 

Pepper William, M. D., 236 Walnut 
Percival A. C, M. D., Broad and Locust. 
Percival Benjamin, druggist, 162 Sassafras 
Percival David, blacksmith. Harmony bel 4th. 
Percival George P'., dry goods, 160 Sassafras 
Percival J. & Son, mers., 82 S Front 
Percival Thomas C, mer., 82 S Front, h Broad 

and Locust. 
Percival Wm., carpenter, 100 Carpenter 
Pereira Felix, cordwainer, 53^ N 8th 
Percy Wm. E., carman, 11 Fearris'sct. 
Pereyra Henry, ex. broker, 84 N 6th 
Peries A., mer., 33 Walnut 
Ferine Daniel, bricklayer. Wood bel 11th 
Perit John W., mer., 123 S Front, h 264 Walnut 
Perkin Margaret, 113 Noble 
Perkinpine David, skin dr., Hay Dock bel Front 
Perkinpine George, cooper, 271 High 
Perkinpine John, skin dresser, N W 9th and 

Perkins Abraham R., diw goods, 1 S 9th, h 

102 S 9th 
Perkins Anna, b. h., 130 N Juniper. 
Perkins Amelia, washerwoman, Baker. 
Perkins Henry, blacksmith, h 3 Hummel's Row 
Perkins Henry, bookseller, 134 Cheatnut, h 126 

Perkins Isaac, cooper. Poplar ab 4th 
Perkins & Larzelere, mers., 53 N 2d 
Perkins Margaret, washer, 17 Puschall'."* al 
Perkins Paul, cordwainer, i-ear 116 German. 
Perkins Samuel H., att'y and coun., office 141| 

and h 143 Walnut, 4 doors M of 5th 
Perkins Sai-ah, 17 Cherry. 




Perkins Thomas, labourer, 19 Parham. 
Perkins T. J. & A. R., dry goods, 1 S 9th. 
Perkins T. J., mer., 1 S 9th, h 3 Franklin Row 
Perkins William, carp., Wood ab 13th 
Perkins William B., keeper M prison, h 9th bel 

Perkins William L., ivory turner, Logan above 

Perlasco Ellen, 5 Miller's ct 
Perle Prudence, 330 S 2d 
Pernel Israel, lab., 124 N 11th. 
Pernier John, lab., rear 125 Plumb. 
Pernon Mrs. Menty, Pearl bel Broad. 
Perot Charles, mer., 44 Walnut h 297 High 
Perot C. & J., mers., 44 Walnut 
Perot Francis, brewer, 120 Vine, h 101 New 
Perot F. & W. S., brewers, 120 Vine to 107 New 
Perot John, gent., 297 High 
Perot Joseph, mer., 44 Walnut, h 111 S 8th 
Perot Sansom, gent., 59 S 7th 
Perot William S., brewer, 120 Vine h 99 New 
Perpignan Stephen, tailor, 88 Fitzwater. 
Perret Charles, dyer, 187 Pine 
Perrine William, brushmr., 32 Duke. 
Perrine William W., M. D., N E 7th and Noble 
Perrins Wm., weaver, Sch. 5th n Fair View. 
Perry George, cordw., 12 Hubbell. 
Perry J., gent., 1 Bonsall. 
Perry Jane, dressmaker, N E 5th & Spruce 
Perry John, cordwainer, 9 Middle al 
Perry John, manuf., N W Perry and Lombard 
Perry John, printer, S E 2d and High. 
Perry John B., bookbinder & stat., 88^ N 2d 
Perry Robert, baker. Cedar n Perry's ct 
Peny Robert, carter, court opp 26 Garden. 
Perry Sarah, dyer, 143 Locust 
Perry Thomas, watchman, 5 Mercer 
Perry WiUiam, lum. mer., S W 13th and Pine, h 

Cedar n 13th 
Persee Enoch, lab., 1 Murray's ct 
Peso Phila, Noble bel 9th 
Pesoa David, saddler, Willow bel 4th. 
Peterlow Michael, seaman. Carpenter bel 9th 
Peterman Conrad, lab., Jackson's ct. (N L) 
Peterman George, labourer, Mulberry n Sch. 3d 
Peterman Henry, Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Peterman George, grocer, Sch 8th & Cherry. 
Peterman Jacob, lum. insp., G T road ab Maiden 
Peterman Lewis C, gunsmith, rear 209 G T 

road. (K) 
Peters Abraham, bookbinder, 13 Rachel 
Peters Amos, hatter, 194 N 10th. 
Peters Ann, b. h., 168 Chestnut 
Peters, Campion & Linder, mers., 129 S Front. 
Peters Catharine, gentw., F road ab Marlbo- 
rough. (K) 
Peters Charles, bookbinder, 50 N 4th, h 132 N 

Peters Christiana, huckster, 266 St. John 
Peters Francis, mer., 129 S Front. 
Peters George, lab., 5 Goodwill ct. 
Peters George S., stove and pattern maker, 72 N 

6th, h 152 N 8th 
Peters Henry, hair dresser. Beach n Maiden 
Peters Jacob, labourer, 166 G T road 

Peters Jacob, stage proprietor, 108 and h 102 

Peters James & Co., spectacle and thimble ma- 
nuf., 105 N 2d 
Peters John, bookbinder, 158 N 13th 
Peters John, hair dresser, 12 S 6th, h 128 Locust 
Peters Joseph, printer, 73 N Water 
Peters Joseph, shoemaker, 118 Prime 
Peters Lee, whitewasher, 205 N 9th. 
Peters John, mariner, 51 P road. 
Peters Nicholas, oysterman, 3 Rachel. 
Peters & McClung, stove finishers and pattern 

makers, 72 N 6th 
Peters Richard, att'y and coun., 349 Chestnut 
Peters Sarah L., milliner, 99 Mulberry bel 3d 
Peters Wm. C., coach painter, 4 N Juniper. 
Peters William S., silver plater, 5 Garden 
Peterson Alex., 445 N Front 
Peterson A. & J., tanners. Front ab Brown 
Peterson A. L. Mrs., 220 Pine 
Peterson Alpheus, boot fitter, 98 Apple 
Peterson Charles B., acct., 33 Plum 
Peterson Charles J., atty. at law, 204 N 6th. 
Peterson Daniel, clothier, 218 and h 172 S 6th 
Peterson George, mer., 194^ High, h 18 N 11th 
Peterson George, oysters, 296 Front 

Peterson George, Son & Co., mers., 194^ High 

Peterson James, labourer. Palmer n Duke 

Peterson J., tanner, 130 Marshall 

Peterson James, flour and feed, S E Water and 
Mulberry, h S W Marshall and S Garden. 

Peterson John, 331 Mulberry 

Peterson Jonathan, blacksmith, 48 Mead. 

Peterson J. W., account., oflace Camden Bank, 
12 Cliurch al 

Peterson Lawrence, mer., 79 High, h 138 Frank- 

Peterson Maria, 19 Acorn al. 

Peterson Peter, boot cleaner, 40 S 8th. 

Peterson Robert, coachman, 36 Currant al 

Peterson R. E., mer., 194^ High, h 431 Sassafras 

Peterson Thomas, drayman, 28 R road 

Peterson Thomas K., mer., 7 N 4th 

Peterson William, tanner, 30 Sassafras. 

Petit Emile, dancing master, 1 Munroe pi. 

Petit A. Mrs., artif. flowermaker, 70 Chestnut. 

Petry C, shoemaker, 8 Assembly buildings. 

Pettibone Daniels tinman, c James & 10th. 

Pettit Albert, cordwainer, Carlton bel 13th. 

PettitAnn, 133 Wood 

Pettit Benj., tavern, c G Troad and Jefferson 

Pettit Charles, collector, 242 Catherine 

Pettit Jonathan, bricklayer, 251 N 7th 

Pettit Martin, engine maker, Green ab 9th. 

Pettit Martin, enginemr.. Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 

Pettit Misses, 85 Locust 

Pettit Mary Ann, shop, 54 Kunckle 

Pettit Nathaniel, dry goods, 103 N 2d 

Pettit Nicholas, 119 N 2d 

Pettit Richard, mer., 48 S Wharves, h 139 N 

Pettit Thomas M., pres. judge District Court, 
h Clinton ab 10th 

Pettit Wm. v.. Pro. D. Court, office State 
House, h 108 Walnut. 




Pew Ezekiel, bleeder, 282 S 4th 

Pew Stephen, wheelwright, F road bel Franklin 

Peze Lewis, framemaker, Crown n Prince (K) 

Peye George, vict., N Sch. 8th n Vine. 

Pfaff Augxistus, clockmaker, 505 N 3d 

Pfaff Jacob, mus. instrumentmaker, 42 Kunckle 

Pfander John, baker, S7 Lombard 

Pfeiffer G. S. F., M. D., 39 Vine 

Pfeil Ann, 302 Green 

Pfizinmaer Jacob, 121 Carpenter 

Pfreimd Christian, baker, 145 N 11th 

Pfrommer Gotlieb, brewer. Cedar bel 10th 

Pharries Jos., drayman, James' ct n Front. (K) 

Pharo Allen R., bricklayer. Wood ab 11th 

Pharo Archelaus R., 29 Palmyra sq 

Phelps Eliakim Rev., 134 Chestnut, h 279 S 10th 

Phelps Wm., cordw., 12 Ogden. 

Phiesth Phillip, pianofortemr., Traquair's ct. 

Philler Andi-ew, bootmaker, 269 S 2d 

Philler George, accountant, 11th bel Lombard 

Phillibert F., dyer, 178 Pine, h 63 Christian 

Phillips A. L., mer., 67 N 2d 

Phillips Ann, 4 Butler's av. 

Phillips Ann L. fancy store, N W 8th & Locust 

Phillips Ann, Scott's ct. 

Phillips &; B ussier, mer., 29 S Wharves 

Phillips Charles, cordwainer, 37 Cherry 

Phillips Clement S., 127 S Front 
Phillips Elizabeth, dressmr., 260 S 3d. 
Phillips George, tailor, 167 Cedar 

Phillips Henry, carter, 4th bel Christian 

Phillips Henrietta, Gurther's ct. (N L) 

Phillips H. M., atty. and coun., 48 S 6th, h 111 

Phillips Isaac, gent., 377 Walnut. 

PhiDips I. A., atty. and coun., 104 Walnut 

Phillips Isaac J., tailor, 202 Spruce. 

Phillips Jacob E., trader, 372 N 3rd 

Phillips James, lab., Charlotte n Thompson, (K) 

Phillips John, cordw., G T Road bel 5th 

Phillips John, tailor, 123 N 11th 

Phillips John, mer., 29 S Wharves, h 327 N 6th 

Phillips John, saddle-tree maker, Federal, h 
Front ab Greenwich 

Phillips Joseph, lab., Prince ab Hanover, (K) 

Phillips Joseph, cooper, 10th bel Coates. 

Phillips J. J ., mer., N W 3d and Mulberry, h 202 

Phillips Lambert A., pawn broker, 336 S 6th 

Phillips Leah, 143 S 5th 

Phillips Lydia, gentw., 15 Powell 

Phillips Mary, nurse. Centre bel 13th 

Phillips Mary, sempstress, 1 Catharine 

Phillips Mary, 97 German 

Phillips Mary Ann, Beck's al 

Phillips Nathaniel, waterman, 11 Lombard 

Phillips Richard, store, S E 7th &. Bedford 

Phillips Sarah, 137 Mulberry 

Phillips Samuel, coachmaker, Wood ab Sch. 8th 

Phillips S. Mrs., b h, 104 S Front 

Phillips Samuel, lab.,N E St. John and Willow 

Phillips Stephen D., confectioner, 286 High, h 

122 Garden 
Phillips S. D. & Co., confectioners, 286 High 
Phillips Thomas, glove maker, 20 Branch 

Phillips William, lastmaker, 55 Walnut 

Phillips William, gent., S E 11th and Spruce 

Phillips William, shoemaker, 214 S 6th 

Phillips Wm. H., tailor, 2 Richard 

Phillips W. S., S E 11th and Spruce 

Philpot Wm., mason, 7 Jackson's ct 

Philson Matthew, druggist. Juniper bel Spruce 

Philson R. A., teacher. Green ab 6th 

Phlpps Charles, mer., 52 N 3d 

Phipps Chas., 4 Jefferson Row 

Phipps G. W., mer., 17 Walnut, h 13th bel 

Phipps Henry, shoemaker, 254 S 4th 
Phipps Mary, 10th bel Catharine 
Phipps Sarah, 13th bel Buttonwood 
Phipps Stephen, hardware, 236 N 3d, h Marshall 

n Spring Garden 
Phister Benjamin, flour mer., 164 Vine, h 139 

Phister & Raabe, flour mers., 164 Vine 
Physic Abigail, gentw., 69 New 
Physic Philip, gent., 389 Walnut 
Piccot James, carp., Apple n Calvert 
Piccot Xaver, cabinetmaker, 112 N 7th 
Pickands Samuel, currier, 87 Franklin 
Pickel Caspar, gent., 12th ab CheiTy 
Pickel Maria, 86 German 
Pickens Thos., lab., Sch. 3d ab High 
Pickering Catharine, 244 Shippen 
Pickering Elihu, scrivener, 270 N 6th 
Pickering George, tailor, 25 N 6th 
Pickering John, machinist, 100 Catharine 
Pickering John, bottler, 199| Lombard 
Pickering John, watchman, 219 Swanson 
Pickering Jos. S., att'y & counsellor, 88 Mul- 
berry, h 118 Marshall 
Pickering Rebecca, washer., 4 Salem al 
Pickering Thomas, mariner, 81 Swanson 
Pickett John C, japanner. Sugar al bel 7th 
Picket Edward, ship joiner, Shackamaxon ab 

Pickford John, grocer, G T road ab Phoenix 
Picot Charles, seminary and vice consul Roman 

States, 14 and 15 Washington sq 
Pidgeon David, collector, 411 Sassafras 
Pidgeon & Hoffman, mast makers, Swanson bel 

Pidgeon James, tavern, c P road and Washington 
Pidgeon John, brassfounder, 11th ab Button- 
Pidgeon Robert, carpenter, 468 S 2d 
pidgeon Samuel, cordw., Orchard n Rawle 
Pidgeon Wm. W., mast maker, 404 S 2d 
Piehl John, musician, 10 Filbert avenue 
pierce E. J., umbrella maker, 115 High 
Pierce George, carp., Arrison's ct 
Pierce Jacob, carter, 7 Brown's ct 
Pierce John, carpenter, Weaver 
Pierce & Lockwood, patent kitchen range, 113 

Walnut bel 4th 
Pierce Oliver, gent., 10th bel Clinton 
Pierce Peter, ivory turner, 297 S 4th 
Pierce Richard, waiter, 13 Truxton 
Pierce Thomas M., blacksmith, 148 Shippen, h 
German ab 5th 




Pierce Timothy, cordwainer, 37 Noble 

Pierie Charles, coachmaker, 37 Dean 

Pierie John G., mer., 86 S Wharves, h 90 S Front 

Pierie Wm., gent., 384 N Front 

Pierie Wm. S., com. mer., 83 S Wharves, h 53 

Pierpont R., silk dyer, 69 Filbert 
Piers Joseph, mer., 157 N 13th 
Pierson George W., hatter, 59^ N 2d 
Pierson Henry, tailor, 244 S 5th 
Pierson Hiram, printer, 160 Swanson 
Pierson Linus, hatter, Elme's ct. Vine n Sch. 
Pierson Mary, Christian bel 2d 
Pifu Georg-e, lab., 13 Parham's ct 
Pifer Henry, drayman, Apple n George (N L) 
PifFu Catharine, c Rachel & Laurel 
Piffer Mary, b h, 78 N 9th 

Piggott John & T., mers., 102 High, h 3 Har- 
Pigott John, surgical inst. maker, Shippen bel 

Pike David, weaver, c Mechanic and Lynn 

Pike M. W., gent., c 6th and E North 
Pike Samuel cooper, 12 Charlotte 
Pike &. Stetson, Tattersall, Filbert bel 13th 
Pike Thos., carp., Marion n 12th 
Pike W. R., Mark's Lane 
Pile Morgan G., carpenter, h 403 S 2nd 
Pile Wilson H., teacher, 9 Noble 
Pile William H., printer, 166 N 2d 
Pilkington James, painter, Sch. 2d n Wood 
Pilkington T. W., carp., 12 Union sq 
Pilling, Wm., carpet weaver, 5th & O Y Road 
Pilson Thos., overseer Del. Coal Co., h Chestnut 

n Sch. Beach 
Pinchin Eliza, gentw., 10 Abbott's ct 
Pinchin Jane, 9 Randall's ct 
Pinchin William, manuf. military and fancy art. 

Jacoby, h 12th ab Cheriy 
Pine Joseph, carter, 10 Marion 
Pine Samuel, keeper Preston Retreat, hrear of 

Preston Retreat 
Pinkerton James, painter, 34 R road 
Pinkerton Matthew, weaver, George n Sch. 6th 
Pinkerton Samuel, grocer, 100 W High 
Pinkney Jane, 390 Sassafras 
Pinney George, coal dealer, Mulberry st Wharf 

Sch., h 119 S 4th 
Pintard C. Mad., milliner, '218 Chestnut 
Pinyard Ann, rear 38 Ann 
Piper Augusta, carp., S E 13th & Filbert 
Piper Charles, mer., 370 N 2d 
Piper George, tailor. Brown n High Bridge 
Piper James, labourer, 13 Watson's al 
Piper John, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th 
Piper John, machinist, 24 Kunckle 
Pippitt Mar}--, confectioner, 114 Spruce 
Piquet Joseph, jeweller 29 Beck 
Pirie Eliza, 419 S Front 
Pisanell Francis, 247 S 4th 
Pitcher Amanda, fancy goods, 67 Cedar 
Pitfield Robert L., President N L Bank, h 317 

N 6th 
Pitfield Wm. F., 13 WaUace 

Pitman Jacob J., bricklayer, 272 N 3d 
Pitt Thomas H., watchman, Budden's al bel 13th 
Pitt William R., millwright, Penn ab Maiden 
Pizini Andrew, confectioner, c 8th and High, h 

2 Clover 
Place John, gent., 5 Church al 
Plank John, oak cooper, 277 N Water 
Plankinton Joseph, clerk County Commissioners, 

h Coates n 11th 
Plankinton Robbins, mer., 250 N 7th 
Plant Elizabeth, 103 Lombard 
Plantou Gustavus, A., dentist, 142 Spruce 
Piatt Franklin, mer., 43 N Water, h 20 Mulberry 
Piatt George, manuf., 2d ab Master 
Piatt G., 126 Spruce 
Piatt Henry, mer., 464 Callowhill 
Piatt Henr)^ stone cutter. Vineyard (F V) 
Piatt William, mer., 43 N Water, h 343 Chestnut 
Piatt William, hatter, 20 Sergeant 
Piatt William, mariner, 1 Plynlimmon pi 
Platz Dr. G., 28 Prune 
Pleasants Ann, 5^ S 11th 
Pleasants C. E. & Co., di-ug-gists, 117 High, h c 

5th & Powell 
Pleasants H., M. D., Chestnut, (W P) 
Pleasants J. P., stock and exch. broker, 464 

Pleasants M. T. Mrs., widow of Joseph, 26 N 

Pleasants Peter, shoemaker, 12 Pearl ab 13th 
Pleasonton A. J., att'y and coun., 172 Chestnut 

h 10 Portico sq 
Pleis, Foering & Thudium, stoves and castings, 

97 and 99 N 2d 
Pleis John M., di-uggist, S W 3d and Poplar 
Pleis Matthia.s, dry goods, 461 N 2d 
Plish Andrew, cordw., Green ct, (N L) 
Plitt Catharine, b. h., 68 N 9th 
Plott George, blacksmith, 1 Federal 
Plowman John, piano maker, 113 W High 
Plowman Thomas L., china mer., 190 Callowhill 
Pluck Chas., hay dealer, 427 N 6th 
Pluck Peter, hay dealer, 427 N 6th 
Plucker, Jacob J., screen painter, 120 Coates 
Plum Benjamin, cai-p.. Green bel lOtli 
Plum Susan- sempstress. Nectarine bel 10th 
Plumley Nathan, blacksmith. Mechanic bel Vine 
Plummer E. H., mer., 137 High, h George n Sch. 

Plummer E. H. & F. A., shoe mers., 137 High, h 

George n Sch. 6th 
Plummer F. A., mer., 137 High, h George n Sch. 

Plummer Frederick Elder, Shippen bel Vernon 
Plummer M. Mi-s., George n Sch. 6th 
Plunket Alex., shoemaker, 281 S 3d 
Plunkett Mary, Caldwell ct 
Plunkett John, cordw., 367 N 3d 
Plympton Charles, straw bonnets, N E 3d and 

Pcdesta John, confec, 14 Coomb's al 
Pochin Jacob, oyster house, 325 S Front 
Poessell Christian, cordw., Charlotte below 

Pogue William, grocer, N W 6 & Fitzwater 




Pohl Ellas, gent, 86 S 5tii 

Pohl Paul, com. mer., 39 S Wharves, h 86 S 5tli 

Poinier Catharine, b h, 131 N 6th 

Poinset Thos., piano maker, 38 Perry 

Pointe V. Mrs., b. h., 163 Spruce 

Pole Ann, Wood n Sch. 2d 

Pole I. F. v., carp., 32 Lebanon 

Pole Thomas, stone cutter, Carlton n Sch. 2d 

Polk Ann L., b h, 154 S 9th 

Polk Jeffries, lab., 28 Sassafras al 

Polk Robert, labourer, 13th bel Coates 

Pollard John, cordwainer, 120 Carpenter 

Pollard J. O., mer., 193 Hig-h, h 391 N 6th 

Pollett David, g-rocer, 293 S 10th 

Pollin Marg-aret, g-entw., 6 Prune 

Pollock David, carter, N E Sch. 5th and Chestnut 

Pollock Edward, w^eaver, 13th ab Cedar. 

Pollock James, lab., Sch. 7th ab Lombard 

Pollock James, weaver, 121 N Juniper. 

Pollock John, carp., Sch. 8th ab Vine. 

Pollock John H., com. mer., 7 S Front, h 289 S 

Pollock Joseph, drayman, Sch. 8th bel Sassafras. 

Pope D.N., mer., 55 S wharves, hN W 4th and 

Pope Joseph, Spruce st Flouse, N W L Dock Si 

Pope Henry, teacher, Stearley's ct. 
Pope Richard, victualler. Weaver's ct. 
Poppall George, vict., 178 Cedar 
Porch M. A., stockmr., 88 N 5th. 
Porter Addison, ex. broker, 3 S 3d, h c 10th and 

Porter Anna, shoes, 23 S 4th, h 131 Cedar. 
Porter Archibald, U. S. mint, h 103 N Juniper 
Porter Charles S., comedian, 52 Chester 
Porter Frederick W., sec'y Am. S. S. Union 146 

Chestnut, h 433 Walnut 
Porter George, carp.. Poplar n 7th. 
Porter Isaac, tinner, 375 N 2d. 
Porter James, music printer, Crockitt's ct, h 1 04 

Porter James, tailor, 41 Filbert 
Porter John, o)'sters, 6 Harmony ct. 
Porter John, blacksmith, 263 Catharine. 
Porter John, grocer, 25 N 11th 

Pollock J. R., pubhsher, 205 Chestnut, h George Porter John F., grocer, S W Apple & Culvert. 

ab Broad 
Pollock Mary, 1 Adams 
Pollock Nathaniel H., weaver, 124 S 12th. 
Pollock Richard, grocer. Cedar bel Shippen la 
Pollock Robert, mer., 5 S 2d 
Pollock Robert, lab., 6 Myers' ct 
Pollock Samuel, drayman, 14 Dilk's ct. 
Pollock Wm., tailor, 287 N 7th 
Polvill John, coachman, Camac n 5th. (K) 
Pomeroy & Ashman, tailors, 311 N 3d. 
Pomer Gotleib, baker, 154 S 4th 
Pomeroy Elizabeth, whip maker, 52 Laurel 
Pomeroy Israel, cordwainer, N 4th n George 
Pomeroy Louisa, 6 Elizabeth 
Pomeroy Margaret, Norris' ct 

Pomeroy R. W., bookbinder, 3 Minor, h 123 

Pomeroy Wm., tailor, 52 Laurel 

Pomeroy Wm., tinman, rear 116 Charlotte. 

Pomroy Valentine, tinsmith. High n Front, h 
136 Callowhill 

Pond Daniel, mer., 147 High 

Pond Hannah, b. h., 154 S 5th 

Pond Joseph, comb maker, 147 High, h 341 N 

Pontzler Lewis, carter, 1 Brown's ct 

Pool Aaron, bricklayer, Bawle 

Pool Ann, 9 Liberty ct 

Pool Catharine, 23 Quince. 

Pool Ellen, milliner, Locust ab 12th. 

Pool George, cordw., Beaver n St. J ohn. 

Pool Henry, lab.. Lemon n Sch. 6th. 

Pool James, pearl button maker, 10 Hubbell. 

Pool Samuel L., tailor, 2 Plumber's ct. 

Poole Catharine, blacksand, 3 Powell. 

Poole John, grocer, S W 2nd and Dock. 

Poole Wm., suspender maker, 160 S 13th 

Poole Wm. .Ir., dry goods N E 13th and Budd 

Poor Nathaniel P., 10th bel Cedar. 

Pope & Aspinwall, merchants, 55 and 56 


Porter Jos. C, shoes, 23 S 4th, h 131 Cedar. 
[Porter Joseph C. & Co., shoes, 23 S 4th, ab stairs. 
Porter Joseph R., mariner, Mercer. 
Porter Levin L.,lab., rear 246 N 2d. 
Porter Martha, variety store, 37 N 8th 
Porter M. A., Mrs., dealer, 10 Fayette 
Porter, Nicholas, lab., Budd n Juniper 
Porter Robert, gent., 28 Walnut. 
Porter Robert, tailor. Cedar ab lllh 
Porter Robt. R., U S Mint, h Sassafras n Sch. 8th 
Porter Samuel, tin plate worker, N W 13th and 

Filbert, h Walnut n Broad 
Porter Samuel, blacksmith, 25 and 27 N 10th 
Porter Thomas, boot polisher, 1 Prospect al 
Porter Thomas, broker, 21 Arcade, h 154 Wood. 
Porter Wm., vict,, Pleasant bel James 
Porter Wm., tavern, N E 5th and Plum 
Porter Wm., lab., Ann n Girard College 
Porter Wm., mer., 18^ Walnut, h 231 Coates 
Porterfield William L., cord., Lebanon ab Chris- 
Post Henry, carp.. Spring Garden ab 10th 
Post John, comb maker, i-ear 517 N 2d 
Pote Charles, fisherman. Orange n F road. 
Pote Henry, fisherman. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Pote John, fisherman. Queen n Wood 
Pote Matthias, shipwright, Hewson n Prince 
Pote Peter, fisherman. Wood ab Queen 
Pote Wm., fisherman. Bishop bel Queen 
Potter Caroline, 2 Lemon. 
Potter Harriet, gentw., S W Chestnut & Broad. 
Potter Hester, b h, 62 Spruce. 
Potter James, weaver. Steward ab Catharine. 
Potter Mary, Shoemaker's ct. 
Potter Matthias R., lab., 469 S 2d 
Potter & McKeever, mers., 46 N Front 
Potter Mrs., Plumber's ct. 
Potter Phineas, Ven. blind maker, 77 N 6th 
Potter Robert, painter and glaz.. Pine n 12th 
Potter Robei-t, gent., 339 Lombard. 
Potter R. B., mer., 109 High, h 79 N 6th. 




Potter Sarah, Cherry ab Sch. 8th 
Potter Thomas, waitei-, 32 Paschall's al. 
Potter Thomas, oil cloth manuf,, Phoenix n Cad- 

walader. (K) 
Potter Thomas E., catholicon, Buttonwood bel 

Potter Thomas G., hatter, Sch. 2d ab Wood 
Potter \Vm., 76 George. 

Potter Wm. A., mer., 46 N Front, h 271 N 6th 
Potts Benjamin B., bricklayer, 11 George n Sch. 

Potts Charles, engineer, 359 N 6th. 
Potts Daniel, wheelwright, John's ct 
Potts D. &. H., dry goods, 35 N 2d. ' 
Potts EUzabeth, gent., 27 O Y road 
Potts & Garwood, mers., 81 S Front 
Potts Isaac W., 65 Walnut, ab stairs. 
Potts James, victualler, Coates n 12th. 
Potts James, guager and cooper, 107 N Front &. 

96 N Water 
Potts John, victualler, c Corn and Marion 
Potts John, baker, Lewis n Broad. 
Potts Joseph, grocer, S W 6th and Spruce 
Potts Joseph K., acct., 40 Madison 
Potts Mary, sempstress, rear 29 E New Market. 
Potts Nathaniel, 25 N Water, h 26 N7th 
Potts Nathan R., att'y & coun., N E 7th &. Spring 

Garden, h 304 N 6th 
Potts R. Mrs., b h., 73 N 7th. 
Potts Richard J., bricklayer, Sch. 8th ab Vine. 
Potts S. Mrs., circulating library, 279 Walnut 
Potts Sarah, 10th ab Green. 
Potts Samuel, acct., 57 S 11th 
Potts Thomas J., 39 New. 
Potts William, button maker, 367 N 2d 
Potts William B., flour mer., 67 N Water, h 189 

N 6th, 
Potts William F., iron, 455 High, h 10th ab 

Potts William L. & Son, ii-on, 151 N 2nd, h 78 

Poulson Charles A., 482 Chestnut 
Poulson John, 2,7 S 4th 
Poulson Wm. S., 37 S 4th. 
Poulson Wm. C, tailor, S E 2d and Pine 
Poulson Z., 106 Chestnut 
Poulterer Stephen, auctioneer, 445 High, h9 

Poulterer Thomas J. & Jones William H., auc- 
tioneers, 446 High 
Poulterer Wm., mer., 3d & Arch, h 6 Union. 
Poultney James, gent., 150 S 7th 
Poulton Charles, cordwainer, Phoenix near G T 

Poulton Seba, cordw., 2d bel Franklin. (K) 
Pounder Thomas, printer. Vine ab 12th 
Powell Abraham, carpenter, 3 Wharton 
Powell Anna, 40 Jacoby. 
Powell George, tailor, 36 Nectarine 
Powell George, wheelwright, St. John n Globe 

Powell George, waterman, 155 Swanson 
Powell George, cooper, 249 S 5th 
Powell Harrison, porter, Pearl bel 13th. 
Powell Howell, clerk, Prince ab Hanover. 

Powell Jacob, matchmaker. Phoenix n Frank- 
Powell John, livery stable, 86 S 11th, h 86 

S 11th 
Powell John H., gent., Mulberry bel Jimiper 
Powell John H., brickmaker, 81 Apple 
Powell M. S., seeds, 8 Walnut. 
Powell Martin, dry goods, 40 Jacoby 
Powell Peter, N E 8th and Pine 
Powell Richard, cabinetmaker, 95 N Front, h 3 

Elfreth's al 
Powell Samuel, tinsmith, 206 S 2d 
Powell Thomas, biscuit baker, 2 Logan. 
[Powell Wm., cordwainer, GT road bel 2d 
Powell Wm. H., clerk, 116 N 9th 
Powell Wm. M., druggist, 258 S 3d 
Power John F., shoemaker, 104 Spruce. 
Power Julianna, 3 Fearris' ct. 
Powers Ann, rear 217 N 6th 
Powers John, lab., Type al n Sch. 
Powers Philhp, seaman, 166 S 5th. 
Powers Thomas, plumber, 518 N 2d 
Powers Thomas H., chemist, N W 9th & Brown, 

h 90 Buttonwood. 
Poynell Frederick, blacksmith, 9 Pratt's ct. 
Poyner, Francis,