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Full text of "McElroy's Philadelphia city directory"

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A. M^ELllOY'S 

VDELPHTA I^TK i^ir^'" :iY^ 

■ -/ 


J^,' V^' 

® Oi' 'f^HR !NnAP.lT\N'i' !, 'Hf-MR OCCUPATIONS, 

^GES Oi^ : ■ ' "' '■ I-HOUSES; • 


HE 3tHE:^JT:^. ■J-y.VES.. ALLEYS, .v 

'?r?(9f ffiN Boo],. 


.J &OUTH sr 

•^^i^ "t^ 



Qhe^er Qounty '^i^orical Society 


Thoehe T/iiHips l^rime 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 













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I— < 

Penn Township. 

Northern Liberties. 


North Mulberry Ward. 

Race or 


Upper Delaware Ward. 

South Mulberry Ward. 

Arch or 

North Ward. 

Market or 

Middle Ward. 


South Ward. 


Locust Ward. 


Cedar Ward. 

South or 

Sassafras Street. 

Lower Delaware Ward. 

Mulberry Street. 

High Street Ward. 

High Street. 

Chestnut Ward. 


Walnut Ward. 


Dock Ward. 


Pine Ward. 

Pine Street. 

New Market Ward. 

Cedar Street. 














- Two, 



EAST, - 




WEST, - 

. Four, 




One, three, 

One, three. 


- One, four. 

One, four. 


Two, three 

Two, three 


- Two, four. 

Two, four. 








I JUI^J!. 




















4 5 
25 26 

1 2 

8 9 


22 23 

29 30 



































August. . . 


October. . 









I ''' 













THE PUBLIC LEDGER, (Penny paper) S W Third and Chestnut 

THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, (Penny) N W Third and Chestnut 


THE DAILY CHRONICLE, (Penny) 6 Franklin Place 




THE PRESBYTERIAN, S E rth and George 
EPISCOPAL RECORDER, 12 Pear below Third 

COLONIZATION HERALD, (1st and 3d Saturdays of each month,) 27 Sansom 
THE FRIEND, corner Fourth and Appletree alley 

79 Dock 


LADY'S BOOK, 211 Chestnut 


LITTELL'S MUSEUM, 297 Chestnut 









GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, S W Third and Chestnut 



FOR I'lTE YEAR 1841. 


Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and coun. attorney and coinisellor, av avenue, 
bel below, bet between, (B H) Bush Hill, b h boarding- house, c. h. (counting house,) 
c corner, ct court, E East, F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (F V) Francisvllle, g-ent. g-entleman, 
gentw. gentlewoman, G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, M Moy- 
amensing, manuf. manufacturer and manufactory, mer. merchant, mers. merchants, mr maker 
n near, N North, NL Northern Liberties, O Y Old York, P Passyunk, P T Penn Township, 
U Ridge, S South, Sch. Schuylkill, W AVest, whf wharf or wharves, wid widow, (\V P) M'^esl 


Abbatt John, nailer, 71 Budd. 

Abbett Lydia, tavern, S R Sch. Beach and 

Abbey Charles, gold-beater, 22 Pear. 

Abbey R., machinist, 131 N Second. 

Abbott Abdin, waterman, 64 Oak. 

Abbott & Brothers, mers., 255 High. 

Abbott Charles H., merchant, 16 N 4th, h 60 
' S 6th. 

Abbott C. H. & G., hardware, 16 N 4th. 

Abbott David, collector, 19 Cresson's ab 

Abbott Edmund, brewer, 1 Pear, h 71 Spruce. 

Abbott Edward O., silk factory, 21 Stamper's al- 
ley, h 11 N. 10th. 

Abbott Ezekiel, hatter, 14 Beach (K) 

Abbott George, men, 16 N 4th, h 183 Mulberry. 

Abbott James, mer., 127 High, h 245 Walnut. 

Abbott James, brewer, 86 N 2nd, h 55 New. 

Abbott James G., mer., S E 2d and Coates. 

Abbott James P., gilder, 98 N 13th. 

Abbott Joel, butclier. Church, bel Christian. 

Abbott Jolin, gent., Marshall n Spring Garden. 

Abbott John, Budd bel Poplar. 

Abbott Joseph, flour and feed, 39 Cedar. 

Abbott Miller, 1 Myers' court. 

Abbott & Newlin, brewers, 86 N 2nd, to 11 

Abbott Redman, mer., 255 High. 

Abbott Samuel, brewer, 1 Pear, h 140 Mulberry. 

Abbott Samuel, exchange broker, 7 S 3d, h 140 

Abbott Samuel, mer., 18 N Front h Locust n 
Sch. 6th. 

Abbott Samuel A., mer., S E. 2d and Coates. 


Abbott Samuel W., mer., 255 High. 

Abbott Thos,, carter, 625 N 2d. 

Abbott Timothy, gent, office 16 N 4th, h 60 S 6th 

Abbott William, hardware, 67 High, h 152 N 2d. 

Abbott William, bi-ewer, 1 Pear, h 71 Spruce. 

Abbott William, leather-dealer, 212 S 3rd. 

Abbott Wm. H., grocer, N E Broad Sc Sassafras, 

h Marshall bel Spring Garden. 
Abbott Wm. L., mer , 255 High. 
Abel Amacy, painter, 71 Carpenter, (S.) 
Abel Anthony, shoemaker, 21 Rachel. 
Abel Charles, clerk, 202 Noble. 
Abel Charles, tinsmith, 450 N 4th. 
Abel Hetty, trimmings, 292 S Front. 
Abel Isaac, book-binder, 3 Minor, h 197 Noble 
Abel John, stone-cutter, 13 Logan. 
Abel John, cordwainer, 19 Rachel 
Abel Joseph, cooper, 6 Powell's Row. 
Abel Harriet, 39 Sheaft's al. 
Abel Peter, livery stable, 48 Cherry. 
Abel Peter, cordwainer, Prince n Hanover. 
Abel & Pomroy, book-binders, 3 Minor. 
Abel Robert K., watchmr., Schlelsman's alley. 
Abel Samuel W., brassfounder, 7 York ct. 
Abel Wm. W., brassfounder, 13 Rose al. 
Abellng Dorothea, doctress, 6 Castle. 
Abercrombie James, D. D., 92 Union. 
Abercrombie John D-, jeweller, 141 S 6th. 
Abernethy Charles B., grocer, N W 2d and 

Abernethy John, bootmr., George ab Sch. 7th. 
Abernethy Sarah, Omnibus proprs., .\llen ab 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Abiogalt Job, miller, R road ab 13th. 



Able Catharine, gentw., 10 Brown. 
Able John jr., fish dealer, Queen n Marlborough 
Able Joseph, cordwainer. Poplar ub St. John. 
AbleMarv, marker. Queen ab Shackamaxon. 

(K)" ■ 

Able, Wilson & Co., Lehigh Trans. Co., Brooks' 

wharf, Delaware av. 
Abraham David, tavern, N E O Y road and 

Abraham John, inspector of prov. and salt, 63 

N Water, h 2d n Beaver 
Abrahams A., waterman, 9 Catharine. 
Abrahams James, tailor, 21 S 7th. 
Abrahams Joseph, atty., rear 15 Noble. 
Abrahams Isaac, victualler, 18 Beaver ab 3d. 
Abrahams Isaac, drover, rear 519 N 2d. 
Abrahams Isaac, victualler, Apple n George. 
Abrahams & Vandegrift, tailors, 21 S 7th. 
Abram Joseph, vict., 4tli ab Thompson. 
Abrams Isaac, gent., 528 2d n Beaver, (K) 
Abi-ams Joseph, att'y &. coun., 161 Sassafras. 
Abrams Moses, broker, 97 Coates, 
Abrams Moses, Jr., broker, 91 Coates, & cloth- 
ing 109 Poplar. 
Abrams Rebecca, gentlew., 27 Palmyra square. 
Abicht F. W., b h, 14 Filbert. 
Accoo Jesse, waiter, Caroline ct. 
Acheson Charles, mer., 387 High. 
Achey Frederick, saddler, 145 Sassafras. 
Ackerman John D., grocer, c 3d and York ct. 
Ackerman John G, cordwainer, G T road n 

2nd, (K) 
Ackerman Peter, 13 Liberty ct. 
Ackerman W. C, mer., 41 N whfs., h 88^ N 

Ackersley John, weaver, William ab Callowhill. 
AckhufF James, turner, rear 168 Marshall. 
Ackley Benjamin, gent., rear 264 S. 3d 
Ackley Elizabeth, R. road &. Francis, (F V) 
Ackley John N., stove finisher, Mar.'.hall's alley. 
Ackley Lorenzo, cordw., 8 Salem ct. 
Ackley Norman, shoemaker, Maria. 
Ackley Sarah, tailoress, 185 Coates. 
Ackley Thomas, mer. 24 N 4th, h 83 Lombard. 
Ackley William, paper box-maker, 616 N 2nd. 
Adair Ann, tavern, 287 S 4th. 
Adair Maria, Callowhill bel Sch. 8th. 
Adair Robert, carter, 6 Union ct. 
Adair Robert Rev., 152 Queen. 
Adair \Vm. J., carp., William ab Callowhill. 
Adams Abagail, Gray's com-t. 
Adams Alexander, brushes, 438 N 2il, li 232 

Adams Amos, cordw., Tomlin's ct. 
Adams Andrew W., mer, 45 High, h 163 N 9th. 
/Vdams ?<. Brothers, crockery maiuifacturers. 111 

N Front. 
Adams Charles, mer. 195 High, h 15 Franklin. 
Adams C. L., printer, 2 Courtlin place. 
Adams Daniel, cartel", Kessler's al. 
Adams David, grocer, S E 2nd &. Poplar. 
Adams Eli, acct., 26 O Y road. 
Adams Eliza W., inilliner, 174 S 9lh. 
Adams Elizabeth, sock-mr. 45 New. 
Adams Elizabeth Mrs., 62 Garden. 

Adams Jacob, mer. 73 S Wharves, h 94 Union. 
Adams James, miller, Pearl n Sch. 

\dams James B., mer., 244 High, h 174 S 9th. 

Adams James W., machinist. Nectarine bel 11th. 

Adams Jane, tavern, 173 N Front. * 

Adams John, o.ak cooper, 444 S Front. 

Adams John, fisherman. Palmer ab Beach. 

.\dams John, blacksmith, Locust c Juniper. 

Adams John, carman, 73 Penn. 

Adams Joseph, teacher. Poplar bel 6th. 

.\dams Joseph, shoemaker, N W Dean and 

Adams J. C, carp., William ab Callowhill. 

Adams &. Knight, hardware, 195 High. 

Adams & Lukens, grocers, 244 High. 

Adams Mary Ann, b h 319 Cliestnut &. 9 S 11th. 

\dams Mary Mrs., Beach bel Shackamaxon. 

Adams Mary, sempstress, 37 Marlon. 

Adams Margaret Mrs., 67 Christian. 

Adams Mrs. Robt., gentw., 182 Cliestnut. 

Adams Robert, packer. Rose ab School. 

Adams Robert, flour, N W Sch. 8th & High- 

Adams Robert, mariner, 6 Shippen. 

Adams Robert, porter, 16 Poplar. 

Adams Robert &. Co., mers., 13 Walnut- 
Adams Robert, mer. 13 M'alnut, h 182 Chestnut. 

Adams Saml, clerk K. Bank, h Beach ab Ken- 
sington Market. 

.\dams Samuel cabinetmr., 72 Walnut, h Cherry 
ab 8th. 

Adams Samuel, cabinetmr., 171 Ciierry. 

Adams Samuel C, Sch. 7th ab Chestnut. 

Adams Sarah Ann, dressmaker, 179 Lombard. 

Adams Stacy, waterman, Keefe ab Front. 

Adams Susan, gentw, O'Nlel n Howai'd, (K.) 

Adams I'homas, mer., N W 3rd & Sassafras. 

Adams Thomas F., printer, card maker, Stc, 20 
S 4th, h 18 Jacoby. 

Adams Tliomas, cordw., Bedford ab Shacka- 
maxon, (K.) 

Adams Thomas, weaver, Phffinlx ab 2nd. 

Adams Timothy, machinist. Melon ab 10th. 

Adams William, carpenter, 6 Nectarine. 

Adams Wm., gas fitter, 6 Grape ct. 

.■Vdams Vk'm., carp.. Amber ab Phoenix. 

Adams William, collector, 26 Old Yoik Road. 

Ad:ims A\'iHiuni, fislierman, Palmer n Queen. 

Adams William, drayman, F road ab Muster. (K) 

Adams Wm., sen., gent., 71 Locust. 

Adams Wm., cic-rk, Say st. 

Adams Wm., lab., St. John n Green. 

Adams Wm. I)., tobacconist, 19 Jidianna. 

Adams Wm. H., combs and variety, N 3d, 
li 71 Locust. 

Adams Wm. M., grocer, 427 N Front. 

Adamsoii H., carpenter 129 Pine, h Washington 
ab 11th. 

Adamson James, carpet-weaver, 143 N 6th. 

Adaiilj)!! Jolin, cai-p., 176 St John's. 

Adaulph (4., carp. 181 St. Joiui's. 

Adcock Wm., dyer, c Broad and Paper alley. 

Adcock Wm., g'cnt., 298 Coates. 

AdJams Jolin, painter, Logvn n Green. 

Addicks John E., mer., 167 High, h 16 Branch. 

Addlcks, A'an Dusen il Smith, mers., 167 Hl?-h 



Addis Charles, bricknir., Sliippcn la. bcl Cedar. 

Addis John, hlacksmitli, 3 Saunder's ct. (K) 

Addis Joseph, wheelwright, Gray's ct. (N I.,) 

Aeb Georg-e, ba,sketmr., Front bel Franklin. (K) 

Aeebaug-h A., washer, Sch. Bank and Pine. 

Aechternacht F. A., tailor, 114 Sas,safras. 

Aertsen J. M., mer., 122 Hig-h. 

Aertsen John P., mer., h George n 13th. 

Affelbach Henry, carter, Union ab Prince. (K) 

Afflebach Wm., 614 N 2d. 

Airerbaug'h Elizabeth, g-entw., G T road ab 4th. 

Afflick Morris E., bricklayer, 290 N 7th. 

Ag-ar William, ship-carpenter, 110 F Koad. (K) 

Ag-ar Wm., wheelwrig-ht, Division Row. 

Agen Thomas, Cox-n and Square. 

Ag'cr Mary, Mrs., 135 Cheriy. 

Ag-in Isaac, currier, 5 Fetter Lane. 

Ag-new Andrew, hatter, 115 W High. 
Ag-new & Co., fancy dry g-oods, 26 8 2nd. 

Agnew David, weaver, 4th ab Master. 

Agnew David, stone-cutter, Sch. William n 

Agnew Heiu-y O., blacksmith, 269 Sassafras, h 

Agnew's ct. 
Agnew John, Franklin works, 340 Vine, li 

12 Morgan. 
Agnew John, lab., Fitzwater ab 13th. 
Agnew J. H. Rev., young ladies' seminary, 485 

Agnew Isabella, dry goods, 463 High. 
Agnew Samuel, 41 N8th. 
Agnew Wm., carpenter, Gribble's cl. 
Agnew William, mer., 26 S 2nd. 
Agnew William E., teacher, 154 Marshall. 
Ahern Daniel, grocer, N W 4th and Shippen. 
Ahem Ellen, shop, 7 Lagrange. 
Ahern Patrick, tavern, 4 Franklin place. 
Ahern Wm., labourer, Bush Hill. 
Aikin Caroline, Randall's ct. 
Aikin Wm., victualler, Kessler bel Browne. 
Aikins Elizabeth, milliner, 27 Cresson's alley. 
Aikins John, cordwainer, Mulberry n Sch. 3rd. 
Aikman John, hat block-maker, 7 Dock, h 203 

Ailes Catherine, shoemaker, S 5th bel Queen. 
Ainscow Thos, weaver, Duke ab Hanover, (K.) 
Airey John, soapboiler, 228 N Front. 
Airey Joseph C, tailor, 166 N 2d, h 17 Wood. 
Airey Richard, gent., 17 Wood. 
.\irgood Ann, 92 Prime. 
Airheart Nicholas, 128 N Fifth. 
Aitkin & Brothei', boots and shoes, 19 Edward. 

Aitkin Charles C, boot & shoe manuf. 19 Ed- 
ward, (K) 
Aitkin Joseph, manuf., 19 Edward, h Front ab 

Aitkin Thos. P., tailor, St. John bel Beaver, (K) 
Aitkin William, teacher on Piano, 29 PerrJ^ 
Aitkin Wm. P., auctioneer, 179 N 3rd, h 91 

Ger. T Road. 
Aken Joseph, cabinetmr., 19 Dock, h Green 

8t Franklin. 
Akers Chas., lab., Griswold's alley. 
Akers H., lab.. Wood n Sch. 8th. ' 

Akcr.s John, grocer, 18 Laurel, (N. I>.) 

Akers Thomas, China &c f)ueensware, 317 High, 

Akin John, lab-, 121 Plum. 

Akin .lames, designer, 51 lirowii. 

Akins l^aniel, tavern, 242 8 .3i-d. 

Akins James, grocer, 162 Shippen. 

Akins James, moulders, 76 Hiidd. 

Akins Joanna, Wood ab Scli. 7lh. 

Akins John, shocmakci-, 80 Gaskill. 

Akins Saml., jeweller, Clueen ab l»almcr, (K.) 

Akroid Henry, vict., c 12th &, Olive. 

Alberger Misses, teachers, 125 M Road. 

Albert Henry, skin dres.ser 332 N 2d. 

Albert Michkel, lab., 599 S Front. 

AlbertieGeore:e,cupp6r,&.c. Clair bel Carpenter. 

Albertson Aaron, mariner. Wheat n Keefe. 

Albertson Benjamin, mer., 19 High, h45N 6th. 

Albertson Davis, grocer, N E 2d &. Mary. 

Albertson Elizabeth, shoes, Shackama.\on bel 

Albertson El well, g-ai-dener, 9th ab Carpenter. 
Albertson Eliza, b h, 15 Harmony. 
Albertson Elizabeth, Shackamaxon bel Bed- 
ford. (K) 
Albertson Gilbert, gent., 103 Swanson. 
Albertson Gilbert, lab.. Workman's ct. 
Albertson Isaac, stoves, 153 N3rd, h 90 New. 
Albertson James, saddler, 393 S 6th. 
Albertson James, shipwright, Marlborough bel 

Prince. (K) 
Albertson Joseph, shoes. Queen bel Marlborough. 

Albertson Marmaduke, shipwt.. Beach ab Marl- 
borough, (K.) , 
Albertson & Roberts, dry goods, 19 High. 
Albertson Thos. clerk, 32 German. 
Albertson Wm., blacksmith, 497 S 2d. 
Albertson Wm., shoemr, Shackamaxon n Bed- 
ford, (K.) 
Albrecht C. F. L., piano forte manuf, 144 S 3rd. 
Albrecht Charles, g'ent., 134 Vine. 
Albrecht J. F., shoemaker, 297 Mulberry. 
Albright C. collector, 18 S 3rd. 
Albright Jacob, constable, 52 Duke. 
Albright Jacob, plasterer, 11th bel Cedar. 
Albright Jacob, cartel-, 460 O Y Road. 
Albright Jacob, packer, James ab Charles. 
Albright Jacob, labourer, 80 German. 
Albright John, carter, 460 O Y Road. 
Albright Jno^ tailor, 16 S 3rd, h. 130 Catharine. 
Albright John W. & Co., tailors, 16 S 3rd. 
Albright Margaret Mrs. 81 Biow-n. 
Albright Peter, constable, 22 Callowhill. 
Albright Samuel, carpt. Franklin bel Wallace. 
Albright Thomas F., wock & watchmr, 268 High 
Allbright William teacher of drawing, 21 S 5th. 
Alburger Abr?-'iam, painter, 651 N 2d. 
Alburger AH'^-^am, victualler, 281 Callowhill. 
Alburger -^^^ Mrs., Cadwalader ab Little Green 
Alburg^i* Christian, victualler, Olive n 12th. 
Alb''»"g'er Edward, bookbinder, 496 S. 2nd. 
jV/burger Heniy, victualler, Pleasant bel 10th. 
Alburger John, victualler, 259 Callowhill. 
Alburger J., wheelwright, 213 N 8th. 
Alburger John G., victualler, 59 Franklin. 



Alburger AVm. M., plumber, N E Marshall & 

Willow, h 68 Marshall. 
Alburtus Mary, b h, 50 Filbert. 
Alcock Wm., print cutler, 134 Biuld. 
Alcock Wm. C, portrait painter, 134 Bucld. 
Alcol Wm., lab., Lombard n Scli. 7th. 
Alcorn Andi-e\v, Weaver, Sch. bel Filbert. 
Alcorn George W., 1 Myers' ct. 
Alcorn Robert, mariner, 52 Penn. 
Alcorn Samuel, carter, Ann n Sch. 8th. 
Alcorn Thomas R., provisions, 108 N 9t]i. 
Alden D. P., musical academy, 351 High. 
Alden C. H. Rev., high school for young ladies, 

6 Portico Square. 
Alden Jonathan, cashier Kensington Savings In- 
stitution, N 2d ab Coates, h 445 N 6th. 
Alderman Joel, labourer, 228 N P'ront. 
Alderman Jos. eng., Allen bel Palmer, (K ) 
Aldrich Cynthia, b h, 124 Pine. 
Aldridge George, carter, Dunton ab Otter, (K.) 
Aldridge, Lowerre & Co., variety store, 135 High. 
Aldridge Samuel H., mer., 135 High. 
Alesbury Angeline, milliner, 352 N 3rd. 
Alexander Andrew, stone-cutter, Filbert ab 

Sch. 5th. 
Alexander Ann, grocer, 132 S 12tl). 
Alexander Ann Mrs., 424 Sassafras. 
Alexander Ann, widow of Richard, 24 Plum. 
Alexander Benj., eating house, 161 S 6lh. 
Alexander Catharine Mrs., 14 Tammany. 
Alexander Charles, pi-inter, editor and proprie- 
tor of the Daily Chronicle and Weekly 
Messenger, Athenian building,^. 
Alexander Cornelius, carpt., Church bel Chris 

Alexander Eleanor, 35 Shippen. 
Alexander Geo., watchman, 13 Swanson. 
Alexander George, printer, 56 Plum. 
Alexander George, grocer, N E 3rd &. Coatefl. 
Alexander Hugh, mer., 109 High, h 60 S 12th 
Alexander James, weaver. Filbert n Sch. 8th. 
Alexander Jesse, car-mr., Carlton n Sch. 2nd. 
Alexander John, mer., 109 High, h 53 S 13th. 
Alexander John, painter, 43 M road. 
Alexander John, bootmaker, 181 Lombard. 
Alexander John, butcher, Marion ab Corn. 
Alexander John, labourer, 4 Hunter. 
Alexander John, tavern, Coates n Fair Mount. 
Alexander J. & H., dry goods, 109 High. 
Alexander Joseph, lab.. Reed bel Church. 
Alexander Jos<, printer, 44 German. 
Alexander Margj^ret, Jones's al above Sch. 4th 
Alexander Martin \v., conveyancer, 60^ Wal- 
nut, h 46 Marshall. 
Alexander Mrs. M., man\.,amaker, 26 S 13th. 
Alexander M. S., mer., 7 n 4th, h Filbert n 

Sch. 6th. 
Alexander Robert, weaver, 43 \v Cedar 
Alexander Sam., oysters, CallowhiliTi WilUam. 
Alexander Samuel, diy goods, 28 S i^d. 
Alexander Samuel D., bioishmi-. Morris b°l Ca- 
Alexander & Scott, publishers of Daily Chroni- 
cle, 6 Franklin Place. 
Alexander Susan, b h, 201 Spruce. 

Alexander Susanna, washer, 5 Providence ct. 
Alexander William, cordwainer, 117 M road. 
Alexander William, teamster. Wood bel Broad. 
Alexander Wm., classical academy, 400 High. 
Alexander William, ])ainter, 15 Coombs' alley. 
Alexander William, gent., 15 Jcflerson Row. 
Alexander W. G., mer., h 74 Swanson. 
Algeo John H., cooper, Sch. 3d ab Filbert. 
Alger John H- cooper, 13 Dorothy. 
AUbach Hannah, washer, Steitz ct. 
AUchin George, backgammon board maker, 

163 Vine. 
Allen Abertus, carpenter, 524 S 2nd. 
Allen Andrew, moulder, Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Allen Ann, gentle w., 273 N 5tli. 
Allen Aim, beer house, 125 Swanson. 
Allen B., 8th ab Shippen. 
Allen B. A., milliner, 56 Mulberry. 
Allen Charles, gent., 146 Pine. 
Allen Charles, coachmaker, h 12th ab 

Allen Clayton, tailor, 53i Chestnut, h 33 Bread. 
Allen 8c Co., Druggists, N E 13th and Lombard. 
Allen Elizabeth, 18 Strawberry. 

Allen Eleanor, shop, 21 Strawberry. 

Allen Elizabeth, gentw., 6 City Row. 

Allen Elizabeth, 23 Frankhn. 

Allen Enoch, tailor, 53i Chestnut, h 4 El- 

freth's alley. 
Allen Ephraim, cordwainer, 114 N. 12th. 

Allen E. Miss, prof, piano, 187 Pine. 

Allen George, boots &. shoes, 324 High, h 1 St. 
Stephen's Place. 

Allen George, engineer, 17 Mifflin. 

Allen G. F., druggist, N E 13th and Lombard. 

Allen Geo. W., M. D., 45 N 8th, h 11 Wood. 

Allen Harriet, w. of Benj. N E 13th and Lom- 

Allen Israel, sexton, 394 S 6th. 

Allen James, plasterer, 216 Cheny. 

Allen James, weaver, Ann n 13th. 

Allen James, tavern, S W Front & Shippen. 

Allen John, waiter, 29 Ehzabeth. (C) 

Allen John, dry goods, 24 S 2d. 

Allen John, ladies' shoemaker, 429 S 2iid. 

Allen John, bricklayer, 23 Lombard. 

Allen John, sexton, 89 N 6th. 

Allen John, teacher, 274 N 7th. 

Allen John, tinsmith, 11 M'Duffie. 

Allen John, wheelwright, j-ear 15 Noble 

Allen John B. A., mer., 9 S whfs. h 100 N Uth. 

Allen John C, druggist, 180 S 2d. 

Allen John M., M. D., N E 13th and Lombard. 

Allen Jonathan M., M. D., 8 N 9th. 

Allen Joseph, labourer, 3 Myers' ct. 

Allen Joseph, gilder, 9 Kunckle. 

Allen Joseph, dioiggist, 202 S 3d. 

Allen Joseph C, Dock & Front. 

Allen Lawrence, baker, 69 Shippen. 

Allen Lewis, mer., 1 S 4th, h 131 S 3rd. 

Allen Maria C. b h, 8 N 9th. 

Allen Mary, druggist, 383 Sassafras. 

Allen Mary, 3 Hickory ct. 

Allen Mary, b h, 116 Cherry. 

Allen Nathaniel, hatter. Christian ab P road. 



Allen M. S., varnish manuf., Front and Heed 
Allen Richard S., clerk, 280 N 2d. 
Allen Rebecca, ccinfectioner, 119 W High. 
Allen Robert, waiter, 232 Lombard. 
Allen Robert, mer., 140^ High, 
Allen Itobert, distiller, S W ;3d & Plum. 
Allen Robert, grocer, Queen ab Bishop. 
Allen Samuel, 140 S 11th. 
Allen Samuel, clerk, 89 Franklin, 
Allen Solomon, ex-broker, 9^8 3rd, h 306 Mul- 
Allen Theodore, blacksmith, Wharton n Corn. 
Allen Thomas, carpenter, Marshall ab Parrish. 
Allen Thomas, rigger, rear 338 N 2d. 
Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead alley. 
Allen Thomas G. Rev., genl. agt. City mission, h 

14 Jefferson Row. 
Allen Thomas H., collector, 162 S 2nd. 
Allen Thomas P., combmaker, Hallowcll. 
Allen Walter, weaver, Bedford bel Broad. 
Allen William, carpenter, 14 Concoi'd. 
Allen William, baker, 254 N Front. 
Allen William, machinist, 8 Wells' Row. 
Allen Wm., sailmaker, S 3d bel Queen. 

Allen Wm., inspector, 36 Lombard. 

Allen Wilham, mer., 65 S Front, h 19 Prune. 

Allen William, hair dresser, 6 S 9th, h 29 Eliza- 

Allen William G., weighmaster, 25 S whfs. h 36 

Allen William M., tailor, 336 S 4th. 

Allen William N., clerk, 4th bel Wharton. 

Allen William W., tailor, 16 S 8th. 

Allen, Wilson &. Co., mers., 140^ High. 

Allender George, oysters. Cedar n 7th. 

Aller Joseph L., cai'penter, 20 Clair. 

Alleson Hannah, gentlew., 24 George. 

Allett Catharine, shop, 19 Spafford. 

Allez H., painter, 226 Callowhill. 

Allfort ¥. Jr., cordwainer, Wood ab Queen, (K) 

Allibone Samuel A., mer., 17 S wharves, h 144 

Allibone Thomas, b h, rear 367 N 3d. 

Allibone Thomas, mer., 8 S whfs. h 61 Spruce. 

Allibone 8c Troubat, merchants, 8 S whfs. 

Alliburn Jacob, doctor, 553 N 4th. 

AHingham Wm., carpenter, Jones' al n Sch. 5th 

AUington Aaron, dealer, 95 Apple. 

Allison Andrew, lab.. Perry ct. 

Allison Andrew, pewtei'er, 123 Swanson, 

Allison Eliza, 5 Type alley 

Allison Eliza, gentlew., 22 Plum. 

Allison George, bootmakei-, 184 N 8th, 1: 
Haines' ct. 

Allison James, painter, 15 Short ct. 

Allison John, weaver, Higham's ct. (K) 

Allison Margaretta, grocer, 170 Spruce. 

Allison Mary, George h 11th. 

Alhson James, tailor, c Water and Mulberry, h 
170 Spruce. 

Allison P. & W. C, wheelwrights. Broad n Vine 

Allison Peter, wheelwright, Bi-oad n Vine, h 12 

Allison Rebecca, gentlewoman, 12S Swanson. 
Allison Thomas, tailor, 4 Orleans. 

Allison Walter, carpenter, 31 .Montgomery. 
Allison Wm. C., car builder, 106 N Juniper. 
Allman Joseph, hatter, 257 Sassafras. 
Allman Maria, teacher, 24 Strawberry. 
Allman Thomas, carpenter, Gales' ct. 
Allman Tiiomas, bricklayer, R roadab (irear. 
Allmedinger Charles, baker, 130 N 4th. 
Allmendinger Charles, baker, 109 Noble. 
Allmendinger William, baker. 111 Wood. 
AlmafT M. Mrs., confectioner, .324 Cedar. 
Almond Wm., mer., 39 N Front, h 4 S Penn sq. 
Alp David, cordw., c Phoenix &. Hope. 
Alrich Saml., blacksmith. Beach ab Palmer. (K) 
Alrich & Son, smithery, Beach ab Palmer (K.) 
Alshne Catharine, shop. Queen ab Chen-y. (K) 
Alsop Richard, mer., 18 & 19 Exchange, h 93 

S 4th. 
Alsop Thos., labourer, Bedford bel 13tli. 
Alsop Samuel, teacher, 200 Noble. 
Alsop William J., coal mer., c Schuylkill Beach 

and High. 
Alloway Isaac, cordw., St. John ab George. 
Alloway Isaac, tavern, c O Y R & Buttonwood. 
Alloway Wm., drayman. Crown ab Duke. (K) 
Alston Isaac, dealer, 210 S 5th. 
Altemus Benjamin C., tailor, 38 Mulberry. 
Altemus James, wheelwright, 529 N 2d. 
Altemus Margaret, b h, 227 Vine ab 12th. 
A.ltemus Samuel T., mer., 43 High 
Altemus Thomas, Philadelphia bank. 
Altemus Wm., wheelwright, Culveii; n 3rd. 
Altemus Wilham, gilder. Orchard n Rawle. 
Alter Jacob, grocer, h N W Marshall & Spring 

Alter Solomon, mer., 247 High, h 328 N 6th. 
Alvord C. C, spring bed mr., N. E. c 3rd and 

Church alley, h 187 Pine. 
Alwine John, brickmaker, McDufRe n Sch. 2d. 
Ambers John, bricklayer. Magnolia ab Noble. 
Ambler Henry W., cabinetmaker, 197 Green and 

S W 3rd and Walnut. 
Ambler J. G., dentist. Beach n Maiden. (K) 
Ambler Thomas, tinplate worker, cor 11th & 

Ambler Thomas, tinsmith, S W Spring Garden 

8c Nectarine. 
Ambler Ellen, shop, 195 Green. 
Ambleton David, coachman, 2 Little Pine. 
Ambrose Charlotte, hair di'esser, 32 St. Marv. 
Ambrose J. A., seaman, rear 55 Chestnut. 
Amer Ann, Schuylkill 7th near Vine. 
Amer Si Crawford, hatters, 20 Lagrange. 
Amer 8c Fritz, morocco di'essers, c Willow and 

Amer 8c McCumsey, machinist, 18 Minor. 
Amer Michael, sugar baker, 4 Lagrange Place. 
Amer John, hatter, 20 Lagrange, h Noble bel 6th. 
Amer John, hatter, rear 16 Noble. 
Amer Joseph H., machinist, 18 Minor, h Sch. 

7th n Vine. 
Amer William, morocco dresser, c Willow and 

Dillwyn, h W^illow n 4th. 
Ames James B., ship master, 10 Christian, 
Amie E. foundrj% Elizabeth n Poplar. 
Amie Oris, plaster, 31 Charlotte. 



Amies Riclurd, mer., h 19 Fitzwater. 

Amies Susan, Mrs., 68 S. 5th. 

Ammidon Otis, Treasurer Lehigli coal and Na- 
vigation Co., 72 S 2nd, h 171 S 3d. 

Ammidon S., gentw., 115 Filbert. 

Amon Christian, baker, S 4th bel Queen. 

Amor Thomas, weaver, 9th bel Christian. 

Amos Ditzler, stoves, 197 N 2d, h 78 Budd. 

Amos Elizabeth, 78 Budd. 

Amos George, labourer, 26 Sassafras alley. 

Amos Jacob, carpenter, 22 Coates' alley, li 1 1 

Amos Henry, wateiman, Decatur and Corn. 

Amos Jonathan, tailor, 223 S 5th. 

Amos Margaret, grocer, 48 Bedford. 

Amos Robert, cordw.. Otter ab G T road. 

Amos William Jr., carpenter, 2 Porter's ct. 

Ancora Peter, drawing master, 145 Pine. 

Anders J., bootmaker, 310 Sassafras. 

Anderson Alex., lab., S Penn sq. n Sch. 8tli. 

Andei-son Alexander, mai-ble polisher, Sch. 7th 
n Vine. 

Anderson Alexander D., carter, 3 Mark's lane. 

Anderson Andrew, carpr.. Wood, n Sch. 7th. 

Anderson Ann, 90 Bedford. 

Anderson Ann, gentw., 167 Buttonvvood. 

Anderson Ann, washer, Cline's ct. 

Anderson Ann, gentw., 3 Jefferson Row. 

Anderson Ann, 31 Beck. 

Anderson Benedict, night wk., 36 Prosperous al. 

Anderson Cecilia, 290 Cedar. 

Anderson Charles, constable, M road bel Prince 

Anderson Christian, watchman, 2 Lombard ct. 

Anderson David, plasterer, 61 Garden. 

Anderson Edward, mason, 3 Gray's ct. 

Anderson Elizabeth, b h. 90 Crown. (C) 

Anderson George R., cabinet maker, 1 South- 
ampton ct. 

Anderson Hannah, washer, 12 Barley. 

Anderson Henry B., labourer, h 14 Gaskill. 

Anderson Isabella, rear 210 Cherry. 

Anderson James, sawyer, 11 Hurst. 

Anderson James, engineer, 2 Roger's ct. 

Anderson James, weaver, Shippen lane ab Fitz- 

Anderson James, lab., G. T. road n. 6th. 

Anderson James, carter, High ab. Sch. 3d. 

Anderson James A., cabinetmaker, 25 N 7th. 

Anderson Jane, 4 Lebanon. 

Anderson John, corder. Crown ab Duke. (K) 

Anderson John, carter, 53 Noble. 

Anderson John, lab., Schuyl, Washington above 

Anderson John, labourer, 14 Mechanic. (FM) 

Anderson John D., clerk. Prime ab Front. 

Anderson Joseph, blacksmith, 9 Pearl. 

Anderson Joseph, tailor, 115 N 5th. 

Anderson Joseph, mer., 36 N 2nd. 

Anderson J. W., hair dresser, 224 N P'ront. 

Anderson Lydia Ann, Vine ab. 12th. 

Anderson Levi, coachti'immer, 50 Allen. (K) 

Anderson L. W., carp., Cherry ab Queen. (K) 

Anderson Margaret, oysters, Callowhill n Wil- 

Anderson Martin, labourer, 35 MarioH. 

Anderson Mary, Spaflbrd ab Shippen. 

Anderson Mary, dress maker, Vine ab 12th. 

Anderson Mary, Schuylkill 8lh ab Callowhill. 

Anderson Mrs., milliner, 127 Green. 

Anderson M., M. D., S E 5th and Pine. 

Anderson Martha, b h., 50 Zane. 

Anderson Michael, lab., 33 Bedford. 

Anderson Samuel, gent., 320 Pine. 

Anderson Samuel, labourer, 7 St. John. 

Anderson Samuel, bootmr., AVashington. (WP) 

Anderson Samuel, capmr., R road n Gate. 

Anderson Saml., weaver. Steward bel Fitzwater. 

Anderson Sarah, trimmings, 6th ab Green. 

Anderson Sarah, gentwo., Marlborough n Frank- 
lin. (K) 

Anderson Sarah, dry goods, 182 Pine. 

Anderson Sarah H., w. of Saml. V., 152 N Front. 

Anderson Thomas, labourer, 4 Elizabeth. (NL) 

Anderson Wesley, tobacconist, 259 S 6th. 

Anderson Wm., grocer, 11th and Milton. 

Anderson AVm., blindmr., F road ab Bridge. 

Anderson Wm. C, cab mr.. Linden ab Sch. 7th. 

Anderson Wm. E., chainmaker, 126 Catharine. 

Anderson William V., mer., 21 & 23 N Water, h 
242 Spruce. 

Anderson William V. & Co., mers., 21 &, 23 N 

Andrade Joseph, mer., 28 Walnut, h Spruce 
bel 5th. 

Andress Joseph, watchman, 3 Duke. 

Andress Michael, bricklayer, 20 Noble. 

Andi'ess Michael, ji*. bricklayer, 11 York ct. 

Andrews Alice, b h, 119 Walnut. 

Andrews Alexander, di'ayman, Sch. 8th n Sassa- 

Andrews Ann, corsets, 32 N 13th. 

Andrews Benjamin, saddler, 48 High, h24 Sas- 

Andi'ews Conrad B., bricklayer, 60 Apple. 

Andrews Daniel, labourer, N 4th n Creek. 

Andrews David, ship carp., Penn bel Maiden. 

Andrews David, weaver, Hopkin's ct. (K) 
Andrews E. W., com. mer., 10 Commerce, h 141 

N 12th. 
Andrews Jacob, clothing, 324 Cedar. 
Andrews Jacob, tobacconist. Union bel West. 

Andrews James, grate worker, Greenwich bel 

M road. 
Andrews James B., printer, 6 Concord. 
Andrews Jesse, oysterman, rear 292 S 4th. 
Andrews John, gent., 22 Swanwick. 
Andrews John, baker, 7 Pi-att's ct. 
Andrews John. M. D., 200 S 4th. 
Andrews John, cordwainer, 8 Federal. 
Andrews John, skindresser, St. John bel Beaver. 
Andrews John, lab., George n Schuyl. 6th. 
Andrews J. & J B., lumber, S E 8th and Pine. 
Andrews Joshua, bricklayer, 12th bel Lombard. 
Andrews Joseph B., lumber mer., S E 8th and 

Andrews Lyon, dealer, 250 Cedar. 
Andrews Mary Ann, Bedford bel 13th. 
Andrews Michael, labourer, rear 5 Poplar. 



Andrews Robert, dry g'oods, 469 Chestnut. 
Andi-ews Robert, lab., Callowhill n Sch. 2(1. 
Andrews Robert, labourer, Peai'l ab 13th. 
Andrews Robert, labourer, 5 Myers' ct. 
Andrews Saml. R., bricklayer, 50 S 11th, h N E 

12th and Washhiglon. 
Andi'ews Thomas, clerk, 678 N 2d. 
Angel Adam, labourer, 58 Federal. 
Angel Chas., web factory, S W 4th & Poplar. 
Angel John, ex. broker, 40 Carpenter, h 78 But- 

Angelo Rebecca, 378 S 3rd. 
Angrave Clifton, agent, 89 Higli. 
Angue ,Tohn jr., mer., 30 N 3rcl. 
Angue J. P., "cordials, 30 N 3d. 
Anker John, shoemaker, 101 Callowhill. 
Annadown Thomas, 209 N Front. 
Annelly William, harness-makei-, 287 S 5th. 
Anners Henry F., mer., 148 Chestnut, h Brown 

ab 6th. 
Annin John, jeweller, rear 115 Chestnut, h FiL 

bert n Schuylkill 6th. 
Annin &. Dreer, jewellers, rear 115 Chestnut. 
Anning John B., clerk, Catharine ab 6th. 
Ansbey George, silvei'-plater, 5 Kenworthy's ct. 
Ansley David, carpenter, 47 S Juniper. 
Ansley Isabella, dressmaker, 3 Perry. 
Anson Samuel, plasterer, 10th ab Buttonwood. 
Anspach John, mer., 216 N 2nd, h 287 N 6th. 
Anspach J. & W. & Co., dry goods, 216 N 2ud. 
Anstice William, trimming store, 287 N 2nd. 
Antelo A. J., mer., 21 S whfs., h 33 Lombard. 
Antliony Charles, 115 Christian. 
Anthony Frederick, 32 Budd. 
Anthony Geo. W., seam.. Drinker's al ab Front 
Anthony John, mariner, 8 Little Water. 
Anthony Joseph, machinist, 4 Wharton. 
Anthony Joseph, blindmaker, 383 S 3rd. 
Anthony Joseph, carp., Sarah n Bedford. (K) 
Anthony Mary, Prosperous al. 
Anthony Mary, sempstress, 224 Lombard. 
Anthony Peter, carp., Fraley's ct. (K) 
Anthony Samuel, cordwainer, Scott's ct. 
Anthony Simon, watchman, 18 Cliarlotte. 
Anthony William, waiter, 15 Little Pine. 
Anthony William, shoes. Queen n Shack'a. (K) 
Antonia Joseph, combmr., 11 Turner. 
Antrim EUza, trimmings, 17 Fitzw.ater. 
Antrim John, carp., Ogden ab 10th. 
Apkey Henry, carter, Bagges' ct. 
App George, pumpmaker, F R n Prince. (K) 
App George, baker, Hanover n Duke (K) 
App George, pumpmr., 46 F road. (K) 
App .lacob, cabinetmaker, Lilly al ab Green. 
App Samuel, watchmaker, F R n Queen (K) 
Apple Henry, cooper, Garretson's Row. 
Apple Henry, ganger and cooper, 59 S \\'ater, 

h 94 S. Front." 
Apple Henry, locksmith, 283 Callowlull. 
Apple Jacob, paper-stainer, Sch Fi-ont ab Mulb. 
Apple Jacob, constable, 88 Crown. 
Apple John, constable, 179 Brown. 
Apple M. Mrs., fancy store, 10 N 12th. 
Applegate Daniel T., bricklayer, Greenwich 
bel M road. 

Applegate Francis, oysterman, 1 Catherine. 
Applegate Firman, carter, Sch. 4th and Spruce. 
Applegate John S., carter, Clair. 
Applegate John, carter, 574 S 2n(l. 
Applegate Sarah, 8 Chancery lane. 
Appleton Jane, wid. of (jhristopher, 167 N 4th. 
Appleton D., cordw., c Sheaff's al and Madison. 
Appleton George W., tailor, 87 Tammany. 
Appleton Wm. M., printei-, Sch. av. 
Apt Charles, harnessmaker, 15 Willow. 
Arbuckle Joseph, 39 Meclianic. 
Arbuckle Samuel, a>jctlone<-r, N W 2nd and 

Tammany, h 603 N 2ikI. 
Arbuckle 'I'homas, lab.. Queen n Palmer. (K) 
Arclier Abel, carter, Sarah n Queen. (K) 
Archer Adam, carter, c Washington and Pearl, 

Archer Benjamin, carter, Highstwhf, h 11 El- 

freth's al. 
Arclur Charles, carter, Bedford bel Prince. (K) 
Archer &. Cramer, briishmanf., 50 Queen. (K) 
Archer Ellis S., mer., 67 High, h 362 N Front. 
Archer & Abbott, liavdware. 67 High. 
Archer Isaac, di'ayman, Sarah ab Queen. (K) 
Arclier Isaac, drayman, Sarah n Bedford. (K) 
Arclier James, weaver, Jeft'erson ab 2d. 
\rcher Job, brushmr., 50 Queen, h Shackamax- 

on bel Prince. (K) 
Archer .loseph, gent., office 36 N Front. 
Archer Maria, shop, Front ub Franklin (K) 
Archer Pearce, carter. Poplar n 10th. 
Archer Sarah, tailoress, 3 Beck's ct. 
.\rchibald John, trader, Mud Lane opp. Hope. 

Ardis D., blacksmith. Lisle bel Shippen. 
Ardis Georg'e, waterman, 119 Swanson. 
Ardis John W., carp., 69 Carpenter, (S.) 
Ardis Wm. C, shoemr., 10 Lagrange place. 
Ardley Alexander, druggist, 76 S 2nd, h 62 S 

Ardley Charles, "N^'estern Bank, h 62 S 5th. 
Arensfelt Henry, blacksmith, 19 Korris alley, h 

14 Carters' alley. 
Arentrue John, store, 2 Orange. 
Arentnie Wm. jr., h Spring Gurden bel 11th. 
jVretis Wni., watchman, Rve ab Wharton. 
Arey E. Mrs., 153 S 9th. 
Arey Henry W., atty & coun., 153 S 9th. 
Arey John, paper-hanger, 14 FrankUn. 
Arick John, combmr., Phoenix n G T road. ;^K) 
Armbrust Charles, baker, 19 Helmuth. 
Armbruster Joseph, carter, 3 Brinton's al 
Armbruster Peter, brushmaker, 220 N 3rd, h 

280 N 7ih. 
Arming John, cook, Burchall ct. 
Armitag-e Robert, shoemr., 1 K road, h Carlton 

n 13th. 
Armitage Hiomas, blackflmlth. Vine n 12th, h 

CaVlton .ab 12th. 
Armitage Thos. J. cab. mr., 4 Somer's ct. 
Armour Alex'r, carp., 13th ab Spring Garden. 
Armour Wm., gent., 267 Coates. 
Armstead Chas. carpt. C Sch. 6th & Chancellor, 
Armstrong Alexander, stonemason, S 13th bel 

Fitz water. 




Armstrong- Aiulrew, clerk, helper's ct 
Armstrong- Angustus, 107 Spruce, 
Armstrong- Andrew, grocer, 104 N 4tli. 
Armstrong Edward, att'y and conn., 106 S 4th. 
Armstrong- Elizabeth, 11 llachel. 
Armstrong- Francis, manuf., 137 G T road. 
Armstrong G. H. gent. 159 N 7th. 
Armstrong George W., grocer, F road opposite 

Queen. (K) 
Armstrong Henry, 534 High. 
Armstrong James, lab. rear 392 Sassafras. 
Armstrong Jas., weaver, Edward n School, (K.) 
Armstrong James, labourer, Carlton n Sch. 2nd. 
Armstrong James, carter, 1 Orchard. 
Armstrongf James, manuf., 302 S 10th. 
Armstrong James, lab. 3 Kelley. 
Armstrong James, comb mr., Reid's ct. 
Armstrong Joshua, cordw., 504 N 2nd. 
Armstrong McKimmey, clothing, 50 N 2nd. h 5 

Armstrong Robert, 13th ab Shippen. 
Armstrong Saml., cordwainer, F R ab Bedford. 
Armstrong- StepJien, porter, 247 S 7th. 
Armstrong Thomas, att'y and coun., 106 S 4th. 
Armstrong, weaver, rear 100 G T road. 
Armstrong Thomas, mariner, 22 Duke. 
Armstrong William, clerk 107 Spruce. 
Armstrong Wnu, weaver, rear N Front n Master 
Armstrong William, tailor, 343 N Front. 
Armstrong William, weaver, 13th bel Fitzwater. 
Armstrong Wm. G., engraver, 60 Walnut, hi 07 

Arney Mrs. Elizabeth, 353 Cherry. 
Arnell Maria, Somer's ct. 
Arnnell Wm. J. mariner, rear 386 S 2nd. 
Arnold Aza, machinist, 1 Lodge, h 7 Powell. 
Arnold Catherine, gentlw. 30 Union. 

Arnold, CauflTman &. Wolf, mers., 60 N. 3d. 

Arnold E. & L., dry goods, 34^ N 2d. 

Arnold E. mer. 34^ N 2nd, h 261 N 5th 

Arnold Ferdinand, fur mer., 49 S 3rd. 

Arnold Frederick, baker, 461 Vine. 

Arnold Jacob, baker, 258 N Front. 

Arnold James, gent, 164 S 13th. 

Arnold John II., bookbinder, 24 N 6th. 

Arnold L., dry goods, 34^ N 2nd, h 25 Branch. 

Arnold Mayer, mer. 60 N 3d, h 276 N 6th. 

Arnold Michael, drover, 49 Buttonwood. 

Arnold Morris, dry goods, 113 Vine. 

Arnold Thomas G., drygoods, 63 Cedar. 

Arnold WiUiam, shoemaker, 298 S 10th. 

Arnold William, surg. instru. maker, Ogden n 

Arnold William G., bookbinder, 54 N 4th. 

Arrett Dr., c 9th & Walnut. 

Arrison Henry D., blacksmith, 77 Dillwyn, 

Arrison John P., sashmr, 117 N Juniper. 

AitIsou John, George ab Sch 7th. 

Arrison Samuel, painter 13 School. 

Arrott James, mer., N W 12th and Chestnut. 

Arrowsmith E,, capt., 110 N 6tli. 

Ai't James, shipwriglit, 563 S Front. 

Arthur Constant, 4 Rudolph's ct. 

Arthur James, bookbinder, 1 Boyd's av. 

Arthur James, grocer, 157 N Water. 

Arthur Joseph, waterman, Penn n Cedar. 
Arthur Samuel, agent Girard's Buildings, R road 

ab George, (F V.) 
Artless George, lab. 24 StrawbeiTy. 
Arundel R. J., att'y and coun., 89 Sassafi-as, h 

122 S 10th. 
Asay Abraham M., tailor, 210 Callowhill. 
Asay John, shoes, 248 Callowhill. 
Asbury Sam., mer., 85 S Front. 
Asch Joseph M., dry goods, 103 and 105 Spruce. 
Asch Isaac, M. dry goods, 144 Spruce. 
Ascoughs John, bkcksm., 14, and h 4 Laurel, 

Ash lienjamin M., mer., 57 S whfs. h Pine n 9th. 
Ash Caleb, clerk, 146 S. Front. 
Ash Charles, victualler, 7 Flower's al. 
Ash Elizabeth, gentw. 186 N 12t]i. 
Ash George, goldbeater, 3 Hubbell. (M) 
Ash George W., 4 Library, h 67 Wood. 
Ash George W., carpenter, R road bel Spring 

Ash James, tavern, 38 Pine. 
Ash Jacob, carter, 5 Siller's ct. 
Ash John M., 25 Minor, h 108 Walnut. 
Ash Joseph, porter, 220 S 7th. 
Ash Penrose, grazier, 442 S. Front. 
Ash J., Ann near Sch 7th. 
Ash Margaret, mdliner, 1^ N lOth. 
Ash Michael W., attorney, office 4 Library. 
Ash Morgan, mer., 40 Walnut. 
Ash Robert, carpenter, 101 Buttonwood. 
Ash Sarah, gentwo., 10th bel Cedar. 
Ash Thomas, carpenter, c 13th and Pine. 
Ash Wm., baker, 10th ab Carpenter, (M.) 
Ash William, acc't, 50 Duke. 
Ashbridge George, Murray ab Sch 3d. 
Ashbridge S., gentwo., 18 Madison. 
Ashbridge Thomazin Mrs., 321 Mulberry. 
Ashbridge William, mer., h 321 Mulberry. 
Ashbrook James, cooper, Mai-y. 
Ashbrook Joseph, sailmaker. Federal ab 2nd. 
Ashbrook Thomas C, tailor, 1 Wood. 
Ashburn James C, jeweller, 21 Franklin Place, 
Ashburn & Shannon, jewellers, 21 Franklin 

Ashburner Benjamin, gent., Rittenhouse below 

Sch 5th. 
Ashburner Jacob, Jr., Marshall row. 
Ashburner John, jeweller, 21 Franklin Place. 
Ashburner Lydia, 172 Christian. 
Ashby Franklin, salesman, 141 N 7th. 
Ashcraft John, grocer, 2^ Walnut, h 173 S 2d. 
Ashcraft R. M., milliner, 172^ S 2nd. 
Ashcraft & West, grocers, 2^ Walnut. 
Ashcraft William B., tavern, S. E. Vernon and 

Ashcroft Hugh, baker, Bedford bel Hanover. (K) 
Ashcroft Josiah, carter, 51 M road. 
Ashdown John, 2 Querville's ct. 
Ashenfelter Sarah, St. John n George. 
Ashford John, 44 Noble. 

Ashford Stephen, brassfounder, 2 Warner's ct. 
Ashhurst John, mer., 80 High, h 309 Chestnut. 
Aslihurst Lewis R., mer., 80 High, h Walnut W 




Ashhiirst Richard, mer., 80 High, h 263 Mul- 
Ashhvirst Richard & Sons, dry goods, 80 High. 
Ashhurst W. H., mer., 80 Higli, h 15 Girard. 
Ashley Thomas, rigger, 469 S 2nd. 
Ashman James, silverplater, 292 S 6th. 
Ashman John, lab., G T road bel Master. 
Ashman Peter, brickmaker, Ann bel Sch 3rd. 
Ashman Susanna, 115 N 2nd. 
Ashman Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 157 S 11th. 
Ashman William, tailor, 350 N 3rd. 
Ashmead George L., att'y & coun., 222 Spruce. 
Ashmead Isaac, printer, rear 146 Chestnut, h 85 

Ashmead Isaac St Co., printers, rear 146 Chestnut. 
Ashmead John, auctioneer, 185 S 3rd. 
Ashmead John J5., cabinetmaker, 65 N 4th. 
Ashmead John W., att'y and coun., 101 S 5th. 
Ashmead Samuel, finding- store, 61 Walnut. 
Ashmead Thomas E., mer. 24 N Front, h S E 

Sch. 8th and Chestnut. 
Ashmead Thomas, acct., custom house, h 322 


Ashmead William, carpentei', c 11th & Callow- 
hill, h 27 Filbert. 
Ashmead William, M, D., 147 Mulberry. 
Ashmead William E., di-uggist, c 12tli and Pine. 
Ashmead Wm. L., Rail road agent, 368 High, 

h 52 N 13th. 
Ashmen James J., silver plater, 20 Library, h 

292 S 6th. 
Ashmore Abraham V., broker, 25 Chestnut, h 

49 Plum. 
Ashmore John, cutler, 50 N 2d. 
Ashton Albert B., 473 S 2nd. 
Ashton Ann, 6 Randall's ct. 
Ashton & Browning, artists' paints, &c., 204 

Ashton Chas. H. &. Co., tailors, 18 High. 
Ashton Daniel R., young ladles' institute, 46 N 

Ashton George, druggist, 58 Union. 
Ashton George S., mer., 23 Laurel. 
Ashton Isaac M., hats and caps, 200 High, h 6 

W North. 
Ashton Isaac S., carpt., 29 Vernon, h 473 S 2nd. 
Ashton James, maiiner. Workman's ct. 
Ashton John, tailor, 16 High, h Jacoby n Cherry. 
Ashton John, waiter, 5 Little Oak. 
Ashton J. grocer N W Front & Reed. 
Ashton John jr., tailor, 16 & 18 High. 
Ashton John R., 132 Catharine. 
Ashton, Joseph, mer., AVood n 8th. 
Ashton S., 473 S 2nd. 
Ashton Samuel, carpenter, 13 Wood. 
Ashton Susan, Jamet ao Charles. 
Ashton Sarah, 370 S 4th. 

Ashton Thos., lumber mer., 145N5rd, h 26 Ann. 
Ashton Thos., riier, 204 Chestnut. 
Askins John, shoe store, 148 and 156 S 6th. 
Askings Ann, 298 S Front. 
Aspin John, carter, 78 Plum. 
Aspinall Wm., warper, 9th ab. Carpenter, (M.)' 
Aspinwall Geo. W., mer., 55 S whfs, h N W 

10th and Mulberry. 

Assan Thos., lab. Lombard n Sch. 7th 
Assan Thos. lab., Ann n 13th. 
Astley Sarah H., gentw., S W 9th and Walnut. 
Atchinson George, Jones. W Sch. 5th. 
Atchison IJebecca, tailoress, Lemon ab. 10th. 
Atherly John, fish dealer. Otter n Marlborough. 
Atheilon Amos, brickmaker, 270 Lombard. 
Atherton Ann, gentw, 29 Apple. 
Atherton Henry, att'y and coun., 325 Chestnut. 
Atherton Nathan, watchmaker, 26 Perry. 
Atkins Benjamin, carder, Murray ab Sch Srd. 
Atkins Elizabeth, shop. Crown ab Duke, (K.) 
Atkins Robert, plasterer, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Atkins Julianna, 9 Marion. 
Atkinson Amos, brickmr, 270 Lombard. 
Atkinson Arch'd., carter. Crown ab. Duke, (K.) 
Atkinson Charles, grocer, S E 2nd & Mulberry 
Atkinson Eliza, stock store, 68 N 8th. 
Atkinson Elizabeth, gentw., 3 Drinker's al. 
Atkinson James, tanner, 520 N 2nd. 
Atkinson Joel, Cheny W of 10th. 
Atkinson John, baker, Washington, (W P.) 
Atkinson Joseph, grocer. Cedar st ferrj', h 260 

S Front. 
Atkinson Joseph, weaver. Brown n 13th. 
Atkinson Joseph L., bricklayer, 413 S 2nd. 
Atkinson Josiah S., umbrella-maker, 77 Cedar. 
Atkinson Saml., ropemaker, Hanover bel Prince. 
Atkinson Saml., M. D., infirmary, &c., 457 N3rd. 
Atkinson T., tavern, 146 S Front. 
Atkinson William, painter, 2 Lilly al n Green. 
Atkinson William, weaver, N E Catharine and 

Atmore Frederick, grocer, 131 Buttonwood. 
Atmore L. H., milliner, R. road ab. 13th. 
Atmore Marshall, druggist, N W 6th & High, h 

5th & Mulberry 
Atmore R. jr., grocer, N W 10th & Buttonwood. 
Atness Thos. manuf. 237 Pine. 
Attle Geo. lab. Mud Lane, n Front, (K.) 
Attmore Caleb, carpenter, loth n Willow. 
Attmore Wm. P., carp., Wood n Sch. 3rd. 
Atwood A. Rev., 95 Buttonwood. 
Atwood &, Co., mers., 74 High. 
Atwood James, mer., 74 High, h O Y road ii 

Atwood Jesse, port painter, 10 Buttonwood, 
Atwood John M., merchant, 74 High, h 362 

Atwood William N., dry goods, 154 N 8th. 
Auble William, painter, 10th bel Coates. 
Auber Andrew, lab., Rooney ct. (K) 
Aubrey Christopher, butcher. Front n Wharton, 
Auchenleck Alexander, captain, Concord. 
Auchinlek Mary, 218^ S 4th. 
Auffbrt Frederick, cordw., wood ab. Queen (K.) 
Auffort Geo.. Fisherman, AVood ab. Queen, (K.) 
August Anthony, lab., 12 Dyott's ct. (K.) 
Augustin Peter, confectioner, 123 S 3rd. 
Augustin Joseph, stevedore, 37 Christian. 
Augustine Charles, mer., 384 N 3d. 
Augustine John, porter, 119 N 10th. 
Augustine Lewis, tinplate-worker, 88 N 11th. 
Augustus Edward, musician, 7 Little Pine. 
Augustus F. M., confectioner, c 3d and AVillow. 




Augustus George, oyster liouse, 242 S 7th. 
Augustus Man-, ice cream, 9 Goodwater al. 
Augustus Richard, lab., Barker n Sch. 5th. 
Augustus George, barljcr, 139 S 11th. 
Auibach Jolui A., tavern. Do New Market. 
Auld Andrew, weaver, Bedford bel Broad. 
Aiuier ChiU-les H., stationer, ii 79 Cherry. 
Auncr G. A., carpenter. Union, h 29 N 13th. 
Auner Joseph G., bookseller, 343 Higli, h 362 

Auner Wni., baker, 13th n Sassafras. 
Austermell Lewis, machinist, 21 Sterling al. 
Austie Henry, mer., 211 High, h 427A^'alnMt. 
Austin Alexander, gent., 35 Shippen. 
Austin Alvah, tinsmith, Callowhill ab I3th. 
Austin Collins, tinsmith, 222 Callowhill. 
Austin C. B. Mrs., c Wood & West, (K.) 
Austin James A., mer., c Chester and Vine. 
Austin J. B., clerk, 35 Shippen. 
Austin Margaret, confectioner, 364 S 2nd. 
Austin Mary, Hope ab Phoenix. 
Austin Seth, tavern, NE Beach & Marsh. (K) 
Austin Wm., tinsmith, 498 Callowhill. 
Austin Wm., grocer, S E Flower &, I'itzwater. 
Austin Wilhs R., mer., 198 High. 
Autz Adam, weaver, Cadwalader ab Oxford. 
Auze A., gentw., 370 Chestnut. 
Avery Isaac, straw manuf., 46 S 2nd. 
Awenius Henry, grocer, 27 Apple. 
Awl Ann C, 21 Ann. 
Awl Charles, potter, 183 N Front. 
Axe Joseph, combmaker, 2 Thomas' ct. 
Axford E. J., mer. tailor, 304 Chestnut. 
Axson Samuel, tavern, 5 Cherry. 
Ayars Abijah, cordw., Shippen bel 13th. 
Ayars Ann, 88 Poplar. 
Avars Mrs., toys, &.c., 131 N 11th. 
Ayars Robert 13., harnessmaker, 32 Garden. 
Ayars Zebulon, harnessmaker. Wood n Sch. 7th. 
Ayers Lewis, carpenter, 15 W North. 
Ayers Sarah, b h., 144 N Front. 
Ayers Samuel W., tobacconist, c 2nd and Union, 

li 333 S 5th. 
Ayers & Stierley, tobacconists, N E 2nd and 

Aylwin Matthew Wharram, Lombard n Sch 2nd. 
Ayres Henry R., trimmings, 53 N 8th. 
Ayres Hiram, 40 Palmyra square. 
Ayres Robert B., tailor, 163 Lombard. 
Ayres William, carter, rear Coates bet 11th & 

Azert Charles, oysters, 168 High. 
Azpell Thomas S., teacher, 35 Spruce. 

Babb Pliilip, grinder, 523 N 4th. 
Babb Samuel, cordwainer, 205 Sassafras. 
Babb Tliomas, cordwainer. Sassafras ct. 
Babbit William W., h 26 Madison. 
Babe George, hatter, 303 N 2nd. 
Balje John, hatter, 107 N 2ik1. 
Babe Luke, cabmet-makcr, 143 S 2nd. 
Babe Richard, hatter, 432 N 2nd. 
Babner David, tavern, 139 S AVater. 

Babington John, brushmaker, 163 Christian. 

Baby George, Sch. 7th n Spruce. 

Bach Lewis, lab., rear of 97 Budd. 

Bachar J D., baker, 51 N 6th. 

Bachc Alexander D., President Girard College, 
h 502 Chestnut. 

Bachc Franklin, M. D., S WJuniper 8t. Spruce. 

Bache Hartman, U. S. A., h 5 Dugan's row. 

Bacliman Jacob, carpenter, Sansom's al, h 47 

Backius Christopher, leather manuf., 27 Mar- 

Backus &. Brother, oil and lamps, 86A N 2d. 

Backus E. F., gent., 161 AValnut. 

Backus John, grocer, 556 N 3rd. 

Bacon Allyn, paper-box-maker, 20 Spruce, h 
45 Shippen. 

Bacon Benj R., cabinetmaker. Queen n Marlbo- 
rough. (K) 

Bacon Benj. Curtis, agent, 138 Mulberry. 

Bacon Charles, bricklayer, 20 Coates. 

Bacon Charles, waterman, Union bel AVcst. (K) 

Bacon Charles AV., coal mer., office 74 S 3rd, 
yard Cedar st whf., Schuyl., h 117 Sassafras. 

Bacon Charles W., gent., 263 Green. 

Bacon David, carpenter, 192 N Front. 

Bacon Elizabeth, 190 N Front. 

Bacon E. P., grocer, S W 4th & Callowhill. 

Bacon Franklin, mer., 19 S Front. 

Bacon G. V., acct., 74 S 3rd, h 117 Sassafras. 

Bacon Hosea H., iron founder, Poplai' near Eli- 

Bacon James, 8 Sheldon Row. 

Bacon Jas. W., mer., 122 High, h 262 Spruce. 

Bacon Job, 101 Chestnut. 

Bacon John, gent., 117 Sassafras. 

Bacon Josiah, 230 N 4th. 

Bacon Richard, salt measurer, c Queen and Ha- 
nover. (K) 

Bacon Richard W., mer., 191 High. 

Bacon Risdon, clothing, Caroline Place. 

Bacon & Seaver, mers., 33 S Front. 

Bacon Samuel, 269 Green. 

Bacon Thomas, cabinetmaker, 3 Plum. 

Bacon Wm., waiter, 78 George. 

Badger Bela, mer., 117 N 2nd, h 204 N 4th. 

Badger Edmund, Marshall House, 207 Chestnut. 

Badger Henry, inspector of whiskey, 4 Julianna 

Badger Samuel, Marshall House, h 1 Franklin 

Badger WilUam, att'y andcoun., office 44 S 6th, 
h 226 Walnut. 

Badgers & Bridges, Marshall House, 207 Chest- 

Badlum Joseph, soap boiler, 8 Vernon. 

Baeder Charles, glue manuf., 750 N 5th. 

Baeer Charles, taven, N 6th bel Parrish. 

Baehmer John, musician, 133 Christian. 

Bagge Elizabeth, 7 John. 

Baggs James B., tailor, 138 Chestnut, h 117^ 

Bagnell Edward, bricklayer, Swede's ct. 

Bagnell William, house painter, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

Bail Miss, b h, 102 Chestnut. 

Bailer Anthony, 6tii bel Cedar. 




Bailey Amanda teacher, h 145 N Jmiipcr. 
liailcy Amos N., grocer, N W Scli Beach and 

Bailey Abl)ury, tailor, 209 Cedar. 
Bailey Benjamin, carter, rear 116 Catherine, 
liuiley Catharine, g-entwo., 9th bel Lombard. 
Bailey Elizabeth, washer, 6 Caroline pi. 
Bailey fieoi-g-e, blacksmith. Rye bel Mackey. 
Bailey John, carpenter, 139 N Front. 
Bailey .John, carpenter, 55 Duke. 
Bailey Jolni, waiter, Barley n 11th. 
Bailey John, weaver, 194 I^ombard. 
Bailey Jonathan, carp., 3 P'ranklin Kow, Coates 

Bailey Joseph, stonecntter. Reeves n Sch. 2nd. 
Bailey J T., jeweller, 136, & h 441 Ciiestnnt. 
Bailey & Kitchen, jewellers and silversmiths, 

136 Chestnut. 
Bailey Lydia R., printer, 26 N 5th. 
Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 33 N 5th. 
Bailey Richard, lab., 3 Torr's ct. 
Bailey Samuel, cordw., 70 Noble. 
Bailey Samuel B., chairmaker, 132 S 6th, h 

Whitaker's ct. 
Bailie James, winemer., 81 Dock, h N E Jullanna 

& Vine. 
Bailieu George, printer, 6 Flickwir's ct. 
Bailleul N. C, painter, 8 S 5th, h rear 81 N 5th. 
Bally Daniel, brickmr., 6th ab Master. 
Baily David, carpenter, Carlton between 12th 

and 13th. 
Baily L. & S. L., dry goods, 477 Hig-h. 
Baily Phoebe, washer, 339 Sassafras. 
Baily William, watchmaker, 357 Hig-h. 
Bain Ann, b h, High n Sch. 8th. 
Bain James, printer, 280 Chestnut. 
Bain M. Mrs., milhner, 280 Chestnut. 
Bainbridge Jane, sempstress, 17 Parham. 
Bainbridge Susan, 320 Walnut. 
Baird Alexander, printer, 9 George, h 10th bel 

Baird George, carpenter, 10 Barker. 
Baird John, grocer, c Otter and School. 
Baii'd John, tavern, 517 N 2nd. 
Baird John, collector, 13 Laurel. (NL) 
Bau-d Joseph, sem., S E Lombard and Seh 6th. 
Baird Matthew, coppersmith, 296 Wood. 
Baird Thomas, stonecutter. Sch 4th & Lombard. 
Baird Thomas R., brushmaker, 124 N 3rd. 
Baird Wm., carter, Say street. 
Baird Wm., manuf., c William & Edward. (K) 
Baird William M., grocer, 6 S whf, h 19 Pine. 
Bakeoven Elizabeth, Queen n Wood. (K) 
Bakeoven John, waterman, Queen bel Wood.(K) 
Bakeoven Jno. jr., waterman, Queen bel Wood. 

Bakeoven Mary, Union n Bedford. (K) 
Bakeoven Peter, wat'm'n, Queen bel Wood. (K) 
Bakeoven Wm., waterman, Vienna u Queen. (K) 
Baker Abigail, 217 Swanson. 
Baker Abraham, mer., S W 5th & High. 
Baker Ann Ehza, gentlew., Brown bel 7th. 
Baker Ann Sophia, 10 Hunter. 
Baker Benjamin, lum. mer., h 226 N 4th. 
Baker Catharine, washer, 10 Callowhill. 

Baker Catharine, rear 47 Bndd. 

Baker f^lialkley. Brig. Inspectoi', 31 S Juniper. 

liaker Charles, cordw., Chen-y bel Prince. (K) 

Baker f;harles, fii-eman, Haydock n Canal. 

Baker Charles S., M. D., 131 Vine. 

Baker Charles, cripple, Irish tract lane below 

Baker Conrad, waterman. Queen bel Wood. (K) 
Baker Conrad, Queen n Vienna. (K) 
Baker Conrad,, Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Baker Cornelius, combmaker, Lee's ct. (N L.) 
Baker Daniel, cun-ier, 4 Hause's ct. 
Baker Daniel, combmr., Otter anrl Front. (K) 
Baker David, gent., Filbert ah Schuylkill 4tli. 
Baker E. Mrs., 5 N 7tli. 

Baker Edward, lampmaker, 8th ab Buttonwood. 
Baker E. D., grocer, N E 9th & Fitzwater. 
Baker Edwin G. A., jewell., rear 118 Chestnut, 

h 16 Cherry. 
Baker Elizabeth, milliner, 165 Cedar. 
Baker Elizabeth, rear Rachel n Laurel. 
Baker Fi'ederick Jacob, sllkdyer, Oldham ct. 
Baker T-'rederick, flour-store, 16 Queen. 
Baker George, coachmaker, 457 N 4th. 
Baker George, fisherman. Wood bel Queen. (K) 
Baker George, fisher. Queen bel CherrJ^ (K) 
Baker George, brassfounder, 470 N Front, h 121 

Baker George, victualler, 122 Budd. 
Baker George A., jeweller, 8 John. 
Baker G. N. & B., lumber, S W 5th & Brown. 
Baker George N., lumber mer., 106 Marshall. 
Baker Hannah, gentlw., 72 N 5th. 
Baker Hannah, 7 Rachel. 
Baker Henry, lab., Murray ab Sch. 3rd. 
Baker Henry, Brown n 7th. 
Baker Henry A., stonecutter, R road ab Fran 

cis. (F V) 
Baker Henry S., mer., 40 S Front, h Spruce & 

Sch. 8tb. 
Baker Isaac, currier, 158 Wood ab R Road. 
Baker Isaac F , lamp manuf., h 183 Cherry. 
Baker .Jacob, lab., 672 2nd n Master. 
Baker Jacob, victuallei", 32 Brown. 
Baker Jacob, boatbuilder, 11 York ct. 
Baker Jacob, shoemr., 5 Northampton ct. 
Baker James, seaman, 49 Mead. 
Baker James, coachman, Rose al ab Locust. 
Baker Jane, gentlew., 47 Budd. 
Baker Jesse, bandboxmr, 22 Bank, h 59 New. 
Baker John, ropemaker. Prince ab Hanover. (K) 
Baker John, glasscutter. Queen bel Palmer. (K) 
Baker John, druggist, 187 N 3rd. 
Baker John, di-uggist, h 74 Dilhvyn. 
Baker John, tailor, c Juniper and Sassafras. 
Baker John, suspendermaker, 17 Spruce. 
Baker John, sea captain, 79 Penn. 
Baker John, waterman, 245 N Front. 
Baker John G., carpenter, rear 45 Green. 
Baker John H., h 342 S 4th. 
Baker John H., InteUlgence office, S E Chestnut 

and 3rd, ab stairs. 
Baker John J., accountant, 2 Miller's ct. 
Baker John L., convevancer, Pine bel Sch 6th. 
Baker John R., mer., i66High, h 310 Mulberry 




Baker Josepli, brassfounder, 179 G T road. 

Baker Joseph Mrs., Hanover n F nl. (K) 

Baker Joseph, tavern, 264 Sassafras. 

Baker Joseph E., comb in;invif., 457 N 3rd. 

Baker Lawrence, lab., Vienna bel Duke. (K) 

Baker Lewis, blacksm., N W Apple and Culvert 

Baker Margaret, 272 N 7th. 

Baker Mary, 36 Mead. 

Baker Mary Ann, cby goods, 230 S 2d. 

Baker Mary A., 3 Kirkpatrick's ct. 

Baker Michael, rope-maker, Hopkins' ct.(K) 

Baker Michael, cordw., 11th ab Tidmarsh. 

Baker Michael, gent., 74 Brown. 

Baker Mtchael, gent., 166 Mulbeny. 

Baker M., gentw., 24 N 11th. 

Baker M. V., merchant, 215 High, h 166 Mul- 

Baker Peter, currier, 228 N 3d. 

Baker Rachel, sempstress, 49 Mead. 

Baker Uehecca, 49 Mead. 

Baker Robert, rigger, 95 German. 

Baker Samuel, shoemaker. Smith's al. 

Baker Saml., watei-man, Queen ab Palmer. (K) 

Baker & Schrlver, jewellers, rear 118 Chestnut. 

Baker Thomas U., printer, h 382 S 2d. 

Baker Valentine, tailor, 2 Flickwir's ct. 

Baker William, cordwainer, 8 J. Baker's ct. 

Baker WiUiam, seaman, 49 Mead. 

Baker William G., wadding manuf., Charlotte ab 

Baker William H., tailor, 70 Oak. 

Baker William J., acct., h 3 Carlton square. 

Bald R.. engraver, Exch. building, h 4 S 10th. 

Baldt William, carter, Hanover ab Prince. (K) 

Baldt Heni-v, whipmr., Hanover bel Franklin 

Baldwin Adam, carpenter, 36 Vienna. (K) 
Baldwin Ann, Wood ab Sch. 6th. 
Baldwin David, blacksmith, 190 N 10th. 
Baldwin Elizabeth, b h 385 N 4th. 
Baldwin Joseph B., cordw., 72 Oak. 
Baldwin J. P., brushmr., 31 Wood. 
Baldwin Levi, stone-mason, 140 N Jumper. 
Baldwin M. W., machinist, Broad & Hamilton, 

h 160 S 10th. 
Baldwin Phoebe, gentwo.. Juniper n Filbert. 
Baldwin Stephen, mer., S W Front & Walnut, 

h 258 Walnut. 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, rear 49 N 7th. 
Baldwin, Vale & Hufty, machinists, cor Broad 

& Hamilton. 
Bales John, agent, George bel Sch. West. 
Bales Peyton, driver, Jackson's ct. 
Balfe Sarah, gentlewoman, 2 Pearl. 
Balfe Thomas, bootmaker, 38 S 3d. 
Ball Ann, 12 Knight's ct. 
Ball Elizabeth, washer, Salem alley. 
Ball Frederick, clerk, 36Callowhlll. 
Ball George, cabinetmaker, 514 N Front. 
Ball George, books 8t stationery, 422 N 2nd. 
Ball George H., queensware. 111 N. Front. 
Ball George W. gent., 234 N 4th. 
Ball Henry, queensware, 111 N Front, h 163 

Ball Israel R., shoe store, 372 S 2nd. 

Ball J. Mrs., dressmaker, 98 Spruce. 

Ball John, collector, 9 Mercer. 

Ball John, carpenter, 10 Filbert, h Sch. 7th n 

Ball John R., carpenter, 1 Carpenter's ct. 
Ball Lxtitia, 338 Vine. 

Ball Maurar, Serjeant U. S.Navy, h 17 Federal. 
Ball Richard, blacksmith. Wall ab P road. 
Ball Saral), sempstress, 141 Shippen. 
Ball Thomas, boxmaker, ab Cherry. 
Ball William, mariner, 57 Federal. 
Ballard Hager, S E Locust & Quince. 
Ballard James, carp., 204 Lombard. 
Ballenger Benj., mariner, P road bel Christian. 
Ballenger Jacob, blacksmith, 4 Winter's ct. 
Ballenger Jacob, 70 N 9th. 
Ballenger John, shoemaker, 308 S Front. 
Ballenger Samuel, 134 Green. 
Ballenger Thomas, plasterer, Washington n 6th. 
Ballenger Wesley, carp., 4 Knight's ct. 
Ballentlne Christiana, shop, 411 N4th. 
Ballentine Elizabeth, 1 Jackson. 
Ballentlne Sarah, washer, German ab 3d. 
Balller John Frederick, baker, 253 S 7th. 
Balllnger Thomas, skindresser, 335 Callowhill 
Bailor Mary, gentlewoman, 7 Richard. 
Balmforth Christopher, mer., 27 N Front. 
Balser George, cordw., 25 Laurel. (N L) 
Balser Ludwlck, cordwainer, 25 Laurel. (N L) 
Balsinger S., 6 Galbraith's ct. 
Bait Frederick, gent., Hanover ab Prince. ( K 
Bait Winiam, Crown bel West. (K) 
Bait Wm., carp., Hanover ab Prince. (K) 
Bamber Nath'l., coachm., 35 Garden. 
Bamford Henry, confectioner, 53 N 8th. 
Bamford John, queensware, 352 N 2nd. 
Bance J. Mrs., 262 S 6th. 
Bancker Charles N., Prest. Franklin Fire Ins. 

Comp., 163 i Chestnut. 
Bancker Charles G., Sec'y Franklin Fire Ins. 

Comp., 163^ Chestnut. 
Bancker James A., clerk, 163^ Chestnut. 
Bancker Wm. W., mer., 2^ Chestnut. 
Bancroft Daniel, sea captain, 130 Christian. 
Bancroft Gideon, blacksmith, c 2d and Marion. 
Bancroft James, sea capt., 364 N Front. 
Bancroft John, w-aterman, Christian bel 3rd. 
Bancroft John, dyer, 395 Callowhill. 
Bancroft John, jr., soap & candle man., 19 Wood, 

h 24 Ann. 
Bancroft Maria, 264 S Front. 
Bancroft M., tailor, 100 Cherry. 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksmith, 13 Decatur, 

h 133 Queen. 
Bancroft T. H., painter & glazier. Assembly 

Buildings, h Filbert n Sch. 7th. 
Baner Mark, carter, 226 Green. 
Baner William, cordwainer, N 12th ab Vine. 
Banes Ann C, grocer, 31 Newmarket. 
Banes John, coachman, 9th bel Lombard 
Banes Mahlon, cordwainer. Poplar n St. John. 
Banes Thomas, coach spring maker, 132 Budd, 

h 23 Elton bel Budd. 
Banfield Martha, Jackson. 
Banford James, tavern, 195 S 6th. 




Banger T., accountant, 15 N 12tli. 

Banister Edward, carpet warehouse, 380 High. 

Banks Cornelius, musician, 110 N 8tli. 

Banks Eveline, 168 Buttonwood. 

Banks Mary, b h, 6 Bread. 

Banks M., Rubicam House, 165 Chestnut. 

Banks P., Walnut n Sch. 

Banks Wm., watchman, 56 Perry. 

Bankson Lloyd, gilder, 39 N 8th. 

Bannen John, carpenter, 2 Wagner's alley. 

Banner Paul, carpenter, 352 Coates. 

Bannister & Sutton, dry g-oods, 15 S 2d. 

Bannister Z., dry goods, 15 S 2d, h 42 Coates. 

Bai-atet A., dressmr., 313 Chestnut. 

Barbazette Sophia, 308 S 4th. 

Barbe Francis, tobacconist, 140^ Chestnut. 

Barbelin Rev. 1. J., St. Joseph's churcli. 

Barber Alexander, cordwainer, 4 N 12th. 

Barber Archibald, spinner, Front ab Phoenix. (K) 

Barber Edward, paint. & glaz., S E 7th & Green. 

Barber G. W., hairdresser, 95 N 2nd. 

Barber James, giocer, N E Carlton and Pine. 

Barber James, bricklayer, State n Sch. 7th. 

Barber James, stationery, Callowhill ab 6th. 

Barber John, blacksmith. Brown's ct. 

Barber Joseph, cordw., Hanover ab Duke. (K) 

Barber Joseph, labourer, Sch. 8th n Callowhill. 

Barber Joseph, engineer. Brown's ct. 

Barbere Stephen, jeweller, 14 Juniper lane. 

Barbier Stephen P., jeweller, 127 Buttonwood. 

Barbin Amos, tailor, 103 Budd. 

Barclay Andrew C, mer., 40 N Wharves, h 147 

Barclay A. C. & Co., mers., 40 N Whfs & 81 N 

Barclay C. B., N. O. packet office, 9 N Whfs. 
Barclay Elizabeth, gentlew., Cox n 2d. 
Barclay George, paver, c Sch. 7th & Spring. 
Barclay George M., Cedar ab 11th. 
Barclay James J., atty. & coun. 208 Walnut, h 

221 Spruce. 
Barclay John, bootmaker. Federal bel M. road. 
Barclay John M., gent., 14 Portico sq. 
Barclay John Mrs., N W 3rd &, Callowhill. 
Barclay J, M. & Co., grocers, 230, & 232 N 3rd. 
Barclay O., hair dresser, 167 Lombard. 
Barclay Robert cordwainer, G T Road n 2nd. 
Barclay Wm., weaver, Wood n Sch. river 
Barclay Wm., manuf., J'ront bel Master. 
Barcroft John, mer., 163 High, h Swan Hotel. 
Barcroft Tunis Q., grocer, cor Tammany & Old 

York road. 

Barcroft S. B., mer., 163 High, h 359 Sassafras. 
Barcus Stephen, labourer, Sch. 7th n Mulberry 
Bard Conrad, silversmith, 205 Mulberry. 
Bard & Lamont, silvei-smiths, 205 Mulberry. 
Barder Amelia, gentlew., 432 N 5th. 
Bardon Nicholas, grocer, 298 S 4th. 
Bardsley John, 3 Hermitage place. 
Barford Wm., shipmaster, 3 Young's place. 
Barger Abel, 163 Shippen. 
Barger Benj., cooper, 1 Lloyd's ct. 
Barger Charles, cordw., St John ab George. 
Barger Benjamin, ladies' shoemr., 345 Sassafras, 

h Wood ab 12th. 

Barger E., tailoress, 285 S 3d. 

Barger John C, tobacconist, 163 Shippen, h 
7th bel Shippen. 

Barger Josepli, Ijrickmakcr, 421 N 4th. 

Barger Timothy, clerk U. S. Arsenal. 

Barger .lacob, cooper, G T Road bel Master. 

Barger Jacob Jr., cooper, Frontab Phoenix. (K) 

Barger William, painter Sc glazer, 149 N 11th. 

Barger Wm., brickmaker, 421 N 4th. 

Barker Calvin H., liatter, Shackamaxon ab 

Barker Catharine, grocer, 86 Plum. 

Barker F., tailor, Penn. (K) 

Barker James, tailor, R road and Spring Ganlen. 

Barker Jolin, waterman, rear 83 Swanson. 

Barker Joseph, tailor, 415 S 6th. 

Barker Joshua, conveyancer, office 91 Walnut. 

Barker Peter, saddler, 510 N 2nd. 

Barker Sarah, gentw., Christian n P road. 

Barker William, tobacconist, Stanley bel 4th. 

Barkman Jane, Lombard ab Sch. 7th. 

Barley Mary, tavern, 20 Little Water. 

Barlow Ann, rear 527 N 2nd. 

Barlow Joseph, grocer, Ann n R road (F Y) 

Barlow Thomas, plasterer, 1 Brinton's alley. 

Barlow Thomas, 571 N Front. 

Barlow Thomas, blacksmith, Fraley's ct. (K) 

Barnaby Nathan, Shackamaxon ab Bedford. (K) 

Barnard Jacob, sea captain, 163 Catharine. 

Barnard Robert W., printer, S 2d n Christian. 

Barnard S. E., dressmaker, 7tli ab Coates. 

Barnard Thomas, hatter, 405 N 7th. 

BarndoUar Daniel, cooper, 146 Laurel. (N L) 

Barncastle John, bootmaker, 215 Chestnut, h 
Catharine ab 4th. 

Barnes Abraham, drayman, 5th n George. (N L) 

Barnes Albert Rev., 123 S 8th. 

Barnes Andrew J., carp., rear 198 N 8th. 

Barnes Ann, tailoress, 12 Chancery lane. 

Barnes A. S. & Co., publishers 8c booksellers, 21 

Barnes & Carroll, Notary Public, Ship and Ins. 
Bro. Office, 119 S 2d. 

Barnes & Co., oil and lamps, N W 4th and Mul- 

Barnes Charles, carp.. Reeve n Sch. 2d. 

Barnes Charles, black and whitesmith, Char- 
lotte n Creek. (NL) 

Barnes Charles, bricklayer, 70 George st. 

Barnes Eliza, 141 Locust. 

Barnes Edward C, clerk, Sch. 8th bel. Locust. 

Barnes George, printer, 557 N 3i"d. 

Barnes Geo. W., ship carp., Marion bel M road. 

Barnes Hannah, oil and lamps, 274 N 3d. 

Bames Henry, band box maker, 33 Jones' alley 
h 2 Ranstead place. 

Barnes Henry W., brewer, 324 Vine. 

Barnes James, shoemaker, 14 Peach. 

Barnes James, moidder, 5 Scott's ct. 

Bames James, coach trimmer, 70 M road. 

Barnes James, watchcasemak, 139 N6th. 

Barnes James H., Marion bel. M road. 

Barnes Jane, b. h., 4 John. (S) 

Barnes J. Harbeson, Notarv Public and Insur. 
office, 1 19 S 2d, h 103 "s 5th. 




Barnes Jane, 64 Geoi'g'e (S.) 

Barnes John, carp., 4th ab Jefferson. 

Barnes John, tavern, 308 Cedar. 

Barnes J osepli, cQnfcctioner, 81 Buttonwood. 

Barnes Josepli, carpenter, Lewis W Sch. 6th. 

Barnes Joseph, boat builder, I'rinic n Front. 

Barnes Lvdia, nurse, 9 (,'ooinbes' al. 

Barnes Maria, I, isle bcl. Shippen. 

Barnes Merrick, band box manf., 16^ Bread. 

Barnes M. C. Sc Co, dry goods, S E Marshall & 

Barnes Paul, oak cooper, 293 S Front. 
Barnes II., g-ent\v., 165 Walnut. 
Barnes Robert, waterman, 22 Little Water. 
Barnes Rufus L., map mounter, S W 4th and 

Appletrec alley, h 140 N 10th. 
Barnes Samuel, hatter. Wood ab. Sch. 8tli. 
Barnes Sanford, blacksmith. Mechanic's ct. 
Barnes Thomas, gent., Smith's alley n Green. 
Barnes Thomas, lab., Sch. 8th ab Vine. 
Barnes Wm., grocer, c Apple & Culvert. 
Barnes William, comb maker, 9 Rachel st. 
B:irnes William, painter h glaz., 269 N 3d, h 276 

Barnes Wm. C, grocer. Queen n Crown, (K) 
Barnes Wm. D.,atty., office 79 S 3d, h 110 S 8th. 
Barnes Wm. D. Mrs. gentw. 5 Julianna. 
Barnes William W., printer, Man-iott, ab. 3d. 
Barnet Isabella, Carlton, n Sch. 3d. 
Barnett Jacob rear 98 Carpenter, (S) 
Barnett John, lab., back 11 Dorothy. 
Barnett Thomas, tinsmith, 28 Filbert. 
Barnett Thomas, starch manuf. P road bel. Wash- 
Barnett Thomas, saddler, 12 Parker, 
Barnett W^m. lab. Washington, (W P) 
Barney Alonzo, tailor, 10 ab. Spruce. 
Barney James weaver, 13th bel. Shippen. 
Barney John, butcher. Cedar bel 10th. 
Barney Martin, typefounder, 10 Pear. 
Barney Richard, porter, rear 294 Pine. 
Barniiolt Geo., victualler, Callowhill ab Sch. 8th. 
Barnholt Elizabeth, gentw., 237 St. John. 
Barnholt William, victualler, James bel 10th. 
Barnhurst Joseph, brass founder, Francis n Sch. 

5th. (F V) 
Barnhurst Joseph Jr., umbrella furniture manf., 

Francis near Sch. 5th. (F V) 
Barns Priscilla port, painter, 167 S 2nd. 
Barns Reading, wheelwright, 3 Goldsmitli's ct. 
Barns William W., baker, N W P road & Cath. 
Baroux Ehzabeth, b h, 18 Budd. 
Barr Ann, dress maker, 2 Holmes' alley. 
Ban- Daniel, tavern, 139 N Front, &. 136 N 

Barr Hugh, oyster house, 97 N 3d. 
Barr James, carter, 45 Perry. 
Barr James, clerk, 4 York ct. 
Barr James, oyster house, 95 N 4th. 
Barr John, gi'ocer, 48 New. 
BaiT John, labourer, 5 Kelly 
Barr John, cabinetmaker, 7th. ab. Coates. 
Barr Mary Ann, Rose alky. 
Barr Michael, clothier, 2nd n Sassafras. 
Barr Owen, taveni, 141 N 2nd. 

Barr Philip, 5 Harmony ct. 

Barr Robert, labourer, rear 109 Coates. 

Barr Samuel, lab. Wood n Washington. 

Barr Thomas, tobacconist, 96 W High. 

Barras John, shoemaker, Callowhill n F M. 

Uarras John B., tailor, 220 High, h Franklin 
bel Green. 

Barras Joseph J., jeweller, 20 Franklin place. 

Barrass Eliza, Noble 1 door ab 7th. 

Barratt E. Thomas, miniature painter, 136 Chest- 

Barratt Saml. H. barber, 67 N Front. 

Barrett C. B., printer, 223 Cherrj% 

Barrett Elijah, porter, 18 Parham. 

Ban-ett Jacob, porter, h 3 Emeline. 

Barrett James, brushmaker, 8 Wagner's ct. 

Barrett James, com. mer., 86 S whf., h 63 Pine. 

Barrett Joseph, coachmaker, 73 Queen. 

Barrett Riley, oysterman. Shoemaker's ct. 

Barrett Robert, carp. 85 Budd. 

Barrett Robert, bricklayer, 493 Vine. 

Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium. Arcade. 

Barrett Thomas 88 Fitzwater, 

BaiTett & Thrasher, printers, 33 Carter's al. 

Barrett William, saddler, rear 365 High. 

Barrett Wm., stone cutter, Ann & R road. (F V) 

Barrington Catharine, 102 Carpenter. '(S) 

Barrington Charles, jr., real estate bro., 56 Wal- 
nut, h 12th ab Cheny. 

Barrington Edmond, printer, 293 High, h Sch. 
6th n George. 

Barrington Ellen, 31 S Sch. 6th. 

BaiTington Martha, Sch. 7th n Filbert. 

Barrington & Ruddach, mers. c 10th & Coates. 

Barrington Saml., M. D., U S navy, h 3 Jacoby. 

Barron Benj. M., pilot, Marlboro bel. Bedfd, (K) 

Ban-on Edward Rev., 116 S 4th. 

Barron George, mer., 174 N 3d, h 167 N 4th. 

Barron John, carp.. School bel Franklin. 

Barron Michael, refectory, 502 Callowhill. 

Barrow Nathaniel, comb mr. 179 Brown. 

Barry John, weaver, 4th bel G T road. 

Barry J. B., conveyancer, 112 Walnut. 

Barry John Q., cedar cooper, 91 Apple. 

Barry Joseph, cabinetmr., 95 Walnut. 

Barry Louisa, gentw., Coates n 11th. 

Barry Mar)", milliner, 1 Emeline. 

Barry Patrick, grocer, 191 N Front and 186 N 

Barry Samuel, paper carrier, 148 Sasssafras. 

Barry Saml., lab., Chestnut bel Sch. 4th. 

Bari-y Thomas, gov'nt. contractor, 15 Brown. 

Barry William, tobacconist, 285 S 4th. 

Barth Anna, Nectarine bel 10th. 

Barth G M., machinist, 13th ab. Coates. 

Barth Jacob, tavern, 23 Oak. 

Barth John F., pat. bal. manuf., 7 Drinker's al. 

Barth Joseph, watchman. Furlong ct. 

Barthe Robert, macliinist, c Sch. 2nd &. Wood. 

Bartho Elizabeth, shop, 159 J^ombai'd. 

Bartholomew Austin, acct., 146 N Juniper. 

Bartholomew Chs., lampmr, 6 Hummel's row. 

Bartholomew Edward, mer. 420 High, h 298 

Bartholomew Elizabeth, 116 Apple. 




Bartholomew Frederick, tobacconist, Division 

IJurtliolomew CTCorge, lab. 11th IjoI Coatcs. 
Bartholomew 8c Ilydc, flour mer.s. 420 llig'ii. 
Bartle Henry, cordw., c Sch. 8th & Callowhill. 
Bartle Jesse, cooper, Coates n 13th. 
Bartle Jacob, cooper, Mellon n 13ti». 
Bartle liudolph H., tavern, Coates n Fairmount. 
Bartle Thos. II., lab., F It bel Franklin. 
Bartle Wm., blockmr., Sarah bel Queen. 
Bartleman John W., accountant, 128 Catharine. 
Bartleson Amelia, teacher, 88 Buttonwood. 
Bartleson Elizabeth, b h, 107 Spruce. 
Bartlett Elijah, lab. 27 Beach bel. Palmer, (K.) 
Bartlett Job, bricklayer, 7 Montg-omcry. 
Bartlett Marg-aretta, 23 Green. 
Bartlett Thomas, ship carpt. Higg-in's ct. 
Bartlett William, cordw. 39 Christian. 
Bartley Henry, g'ro., N W Sch. AVater & Cedar. 
Bartley Jane, Fairview, n B hill. 
Bartley Richard, suspender weaver, 13tli bel 

Bartley S. silversmith, Paschal's al. 
Bartley Wm., weaver. Bush hill. 
Bartling Charles, mariner, 180 Marshall. 
Bartman Jacob, carpt., c G T road & Jefferson. 
Barton E. M., g-entw., 429 Chestnut. 
Barton George, hatter, 46 George. (S) 
Barton George W., wheelwright, h Allen's ct. 
Barton G., hatter, 29 Gei-man. 
Ballon G. W., judge, Sch. 8th n Spruce. 
Barton Isaac, mer. 29 & h 27 S 2nd. 
Barton Isaac, gi'ocer, S E 2nd & Sassafras. 
Barton Isaac & Co., dry goods, 29 S 2nd. 
Barton John, b h 45 N 8th. 
Barton James, smith, wood n Sch. river. 

Barton James, lab. George n 11th. 

Barton John, mer, 58 N 3rd, h 45 O Y road. 

Barton John W., chemist, 4th beJ,,G T road. 

Barton Joseph, hatter, 46 Gemian. 

Barton Lariy, lab. 1 Humphi'ey's ct. 

Barton Mary, hatter, 28 George. (S) 

Barton Samuel, grocer, 243 N 2nd, h 30 Ann. 

Barton Thomas I., tailor, 187 Noble. 

Barton Thomas P., gent, 318 Chestnut. 

Barton Wm., grocer, S W 2nd & Shippen. 

Barton William, cabinetmaker, 10 Carter's al. 

Barton William C, acct, 305 S 10th. 

Barton Wm P. C, M.D., S E Chestnut & Broad. 

Bartram Ann, 241 Vine. 

Bartram David, exchange office, 29 Lombard. 

Bartram Isaac jr., h 58 New. 

Bartram James, locksmith, 86 N 6th, h 98 Ch'r'y. 

Bartram Kebecca S., 280 Sassafras. 

Barvvell Jane, gentw., 387 Sassafras. 

Bascon Joseph, ship carpt. 37 Mead. 

Bascon Rosarnio, mariner, 37 Mead. 

Basit Nicholas, waterman, back of 7 Pegg st. 

Baskeeter John, tavern, N E Broad 84 Cedar. 

Easier David, grocer, 243 N Front. 

Bason Mary, dry goods, 3 N 7th. 

Bass Margaret, Yeager's ct., Bedford bel 8th. 

Bass Mary, c Sch 8th h Locust. 

Bass Samuel, hairdresser, 15 High, h 180 Sprufe 

Bassard Henry, frame mr. 412 Coates. 

Bassett Arcliibald, carter, 3 Brooks' ct. 

IJassfrtt Daniel, shoemaker. Christian bel 9th. 

IJassctt ,1., tailo)', Ann ah. Sch 4th. 

Bassett .losiali, gent., 23 (Jnion. 

Bassett l'',liza, confectioner, 184 Pine. 

l$assett Henry, shi|jwright, Brown & Vienna, 

Massett Maria, Ml Green. 

Bassett Shadracli, 412 S 2nd. 

Bassford Mictiael R., pub., of^ fashions, 62 Wal- 
nut, h 43 (iaHkill. 

Hasso Ann, 28 Fitzwater. 

Bastian Antliy., paperstain., Bi'lnton al bel 11th. 

Bastian Cliarlcs, skin dress., Charlotte n Thomp- 

Bastian George, gent., S E c 7th & Spruce. 

Bastian Joseph, barber, 196 Lombard. 

Bastian Josejih, seaman, 7 Prime. 

Hatcheklcr Alexander S., messenger, 135 S 4th. 

Batchclder John, carver, Atherton. 

Batchclor Elizabeth, dealer, 102 Plum. 

Batchler Hester, 181 Poplar. 

Bateman Joel B., waterman, rear 33 Green. 

Bateman John, carpt. Ogden ab. 10th. 

Bateman Wm. 246 S Front. 

Bates Benjamin, tobacconist, Elizabeth n Parrish 

Bates Charles, George ab Sch. 7th. 

Bates Charles, butcher, 4th bel Master (K) 

Bates Daniel, tailor, 4 Filbert av. 

Bates David, mer., 198 High, h 272 N 7th. 

Bates Elizabeth, 27 Palmyra row. 

Bates George, foundry, Penn n Maiden. 

Bates &. Ghegan, stoves, 146 N 3rd. 

Bates Isaiah, stovemaker, 7 Browne. 

Bates Jacob, cordw., 25 Beaver. 

Bates James, tailor, 156 High, h 43 Marshall. 

Bates Joel, machinist, 13 Drinker's alley, h 
21 New. 

Bates John, carpenter, 6th ab Poplar. 

Bates John, lab., 4 Dorothy. 

Bates Joseph, cabinet mr. 7 Baird. 

Bates Joseph Wm., importer, 3 S. 4th. 

Bates M. 8t A., hosiery, 72 N 4th. 

Bates Richard, teacher, 150 Cedar. 

Bates Robert, shoemaker, 80 Locust. 

Bates Wm. comb mr. 6th ab. Poplar. 

Bates Wm., malster, George ab Sch. 7th. 

Bath Charles, finisher, Callowhill ab. Sch. 2nd. 

Bath James R., tavern, 8th bel. Fitzwater. 

Bath Joseph, barber, Spafford 8c Shippen. 

Bath Martha, White row. Bush hill.- 

Baton Augustus, jew'ler, 5 Bank al., h 344 S 4th. 

Baton Mrs., coffeehouse, 14 Dock. 

Batson Mary, tailoress, 7th ab. Christian. 

Batson Ricliard, 258 Filbert. 

Batt Adam, drayman. School n Rose.. 

Batt David, labourer, Hamilton n Bush Hill. 

Batt Elijah, cordwainer. Beach, ab. JIarsh, (R.) 

Batt John, cooper. School n Rose, (K.) 

Battell F., agent, 1 Minor. 

Batten Joseph, g-as inspector, 50 Laurel, (N L.) 

Battin Samuel, grocer, 304 N 2nd. 

Battis Elijah, shoe mr., 445 S 2nd. 

Battis John, waterman, 72 Christian. 
Battner R., wadding manf, Coates n 10th. 




Batturs Richaitl, mer., h Filbert n Sch. 7ih. 

Batzhalcl Gotlelb, carpet., nianf. 131 Poplar. 

Bauer C. L. 165 Cathaiine. 

Bauer &. Triok, cabinetmakers, 211 N 3rd. 

Bauer William, cabiiietmakci-, 3rd ab Noble. 

Baucrsachs John N., importer, 260 Hig-h. 

Baug-h Daniel, >I. D., S W 10th &. AVood. 

Baug'h Harman, turner, 10 Elfreth's al. 

Baug-h Samuel, leather, 85 S 2nd, h 35 Chestnut. 

Baugh Samuel, plasterer, h 177 AVood ab 9th. 

Bauman Frederick, black & whitesmith, 56 New. 

Bauman John, baker, 203 Vine. 

Baumeister Jacob, shoestore, 379 N 3d. 

Baumg-ard John, cordw. 56 F road, (K.) 

Baush George, tailor, 272 N 5th. 

Bavis Zelia, tailoress, 93 P road. 

Baxter Charles, mariner, 28 Mead. 

Baxter Edward, tavern, Sch. Front &, High. 

Baxter Elizabeth, gentw., 9 Combes' alley. 

Baxter Isaac, 5th n Washington. 

Baxter Isaac B., mer., 244 S 2nd. 

Baxter Isaac B. & Son, hardware, 244 S 2nd. 

Baxter James C, carpenter. Culvert n Apple. 

Baxter Jane, tailoress, bet Concord and Cath'e. 

Baxter Thomas E., hardware, 244 S 2nd. 

Baxter Wm., tailor, Allen and F road. (K) 

Baxter William, rear 125 Plum. 

Bayai-d Charles P., saddler, P road bel 6th. 

Bayard George, tinman, 304 S 3i-d. 

Bayard James, atty. & coun. 159 Walnut. 

Bayley Caroline, Cherry ab 13th. 

Bayley James, l^ricklayer, 145 Spruce. 

Bayley Robert, clerk, 8th ab Green. 

Bayley Samuel, cabinetmaker, 51 Spi-uce. 

Baylis John, hardware, 184 High, h 290 S 5th. 

Baylis Joseph, mer., h Spruce bel 13th. 

Baylis William, carpenter, N E 9th & Wood. 

Baymont C, coachiinisher, Baldwin's ct. 

■Kaymore James, mariner, 350 S Front. 

Baymore Joseph, sea captain, 54 Almond. 

Baynard Jacob, labourer, 3 Shippen. 

Bayne James, bookbinder, 20 S 4tli, h Work- 
man's ct. 

Bayne Joseph, rule-manuf., 89 Gaskill. 

Bayne Nathaniel, turner, 4 E North, h 4 Lom- 
bard ct. 
Bayne Samuel, cordwalner, 198 S 2nd. 

Baynon N. E., currier, S E 3rd & Vine, h 79 

-Bazier Augustus, cutler, Vine bel 13th. 
Beach Elizabeth, 3 Myers' ct. 
Beach Major, 5 Dugan's row. 
Beach Waldron, machinist, 8 Ellett's av. 
Beach William, agriculture warehouse, 424 

High, h 108 N lllh. 
Beagle Henry, blacksmith, c Willow 8c Magnolia, 

h 224 N 5th. 
Beale Charles, grocer, N W Poplar and Marshall, 
t^eale Edward, tailor, 4th ab Jefferson. 
JJeale Jacob, sugar-refiner, Penn ab Cedar, h 41 

Beale Jacob, jr., stone cutter. Cherry ab 11th. 
Beale Joshua, carter. Prince ab Palmer. (K) 
Beale Joseph, gent., 236 Spruce. 
Beale Matthias, clerk, 148 Christian. 

Beale Wm. L., weaver, 7 Weaver's Row. 

Heall Benjamin, c Plum and 4th. 

Beam Catharine, Lisle bel Shippen. 

Beam Jacob C, agent, 59 S 13th. 

Beam John, cordw., 256 N 3rd. 

Beam Samuel, carter, Cadwalader n Phoenix. 

Beamish Arthur, painter, Prince. (K) 

Beamish Charles, grocer, N W 2nd & Poplar. 

Beamish John, clerk. Prince. (K) 

Bean Charles, flour. Queen ab Crown. (K) 

Bean Elijah, hardware, h Wood ab 13th. 

Bean Enos, bhndmaker, 433 N 2nd. 

Bean Rebecca, 135 N Water. 

Bean Saml. H., silk agency, h 13th & Greer. 

Beans Matthew, saddler, S WCallowhill &. lOtli. 

Beans Matthew & Son, saddlers &. harness manuf. 

S W Callowhill 8t 10th. 
Bear Jacob, barber, 30 Pegg. 
Bear John M., Revd., c 13th and Mullen. 
Bearbrewer Francis, grocer, Maiden N Front. 
Beard Andrew, clerk, Carlton ab Schuyl. Bth. 
Beard Ann, widow, Nonnater's ct. 
Beard David A., dentist, 59 Lombard, h S W 

12th and Carpenter. (M) 
Beard Eliza, sempstress, 18 Tammany. 
Beard James, mariner, 2 Union. 
Beard James, painter, 58 Perry. 
Beard James, weaver, John. (FM) 
Beard Thos., starch manuf., Edward n School. 
Beard & Mui-ray, dentists, 59 Lombard. 
Beard Thomas, carpenter, 13 Parker. 
Beard Nicholas, victuall(;i, 5th ab Jeffrson. 
Beard AVilliam, victualler, 36 Charlotte. 
Bearth David, weaver, Stewart ab Catharine. 
Beasha Wm., victualler, 5th ab Master. 
Beates Frederick, scrivener, 90 N 3rd. 
Beath Robert, cotton manuf., 13th bel Brinton. 
Beatty A. &. I., manufs., 353 Pine. 
Beatty Hannah, 81 German. 
Beatty James* clerk, 37 Jones' alley. 
Beatty James, manufacturer, Cadwalader ab 

Beatty James, weaver, 580 N 3d. 
Beatty John, stonesetter, 720 2nd ab Master. 
Beatty Robert, manufacturer, 355 Pine. 
Beatty Samuel, baker, 91 Cedar. 
Beatty William, skindress,. 3d bel Franklin. (K) 
Beaty Elizabeth, 247 S 5th. 
Beaty John, papermanufac, 118 Chestnut, h 94 


Beaty Robert, labourer, F road ab Franklin. (K) 
Beaty Samuel, labourer, 96 Swanson. 
Beaty William, ship c.irpenter, 64 Swanson. 
Beaujeu Madame, academy. Assembly Buildings. 
Beaumont William, bricklayer. Green ab 12th. 
Beaver Henry, grocer, O Y road ab Tammany. 
Beaver Robert, weaver, PliiUip. (K) 
Beaver S. & Co., flour merchants, 443 High. 
Beaver Thomas, mer., 163 High, h 260 N 5th. 
Bebe Boyd C, painter, 1 Fetter lane. 
Bebe R. W., blacksmith, 27 Beaver. (K) 
Becher Joseph, saddler, 4th ab JeflTerson. 
Bechli Gabriel, tailor, 235 S 6th. 
Bechtel Catharine, b h., 132 S 2nd. 
Bechtel C. G., baker, 108 N 12th. 




Bechfel Georg-e, cordw., 51 Coates. 

Bechtel Georg-e, paper mr., c School St Lydia. 

Beclitel Jacob, tavern, c Vine and Sch 2iid. 

Bechtel John, machinist, c Orange and Wash- 

Bechtel John, boots and shoes, 74 S 2nd. 

Bechtel John, g-ent., 74 S 2nd. 

Bechtel Joseph, paper manufacturer, Rachael n 
Laurel. (,NL) 

Bechtel Samuel, carter, Vine u Sch. 

Bechtel Thomas, victualler, Vernon ab 10th. 

Bechtel William, labourer, 6th n Calvert. 

Bechtel William Y., baker, 3 Exchange place. 

Bechtel Anthony, brewer, N E 7th and Coates. 

Kecktold G. C, baker, 9 Elfreth's al. 

Beck Ander, cabinetmr., 586 N 3rd. 

Beck Ann, sempstress, 1 Providence ct. 

Beck Catharine P., dressmaker, 35 Union. 

Beck Chas, tobacconist, 290 High, h 345 Pine. 

Beck Daniel, painter, 197 Callowhill, house 35 

Beck Edward, chairmaker, Reed ab 2nd. 

Beck George, machinist, 13th ab Coates. 

Beck Gotlieb, skindi-csser, 622 N 3rd. 

Beck & Griffin, lumberyard, N E R. R. & Green. 

Beck Harvey, N W Juniper and Walnut. 

Beck Henry, corder, Bethesda row. 

Beck Henry, combmaker, Ogden ab 10th. 

Beck Henry A., lumber mcr., 135 Sp Garden 

Beck James, pump and block maker, 275 N 5th. 

Beck Jacob, labourer, 3rd bel Carpenter. (S) 

Beck Jacob, cai-p., Green ab 11th, h 275 N 7th 

Beck Jacob, hatter, Stoy's ct bel Queen. (K) 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 5 Compti'oller. 

Beck Jacob, turner, 518 S 2nd. 

Beck Jacob S., carp., 4th ab Brown, h 31 Duke 

Beck John, carpenter, 6 New Crown. 

Beck John, cook, Truxton n Adams. 

Beck John, watchman, 6 Hai-mony ct. 

Beck Jacob Wm., crockery wai-e, 125 Locust. 

Beck John A., dentist, P road and 6th. 

Beck Joseph P., actoj-, 10 Nonnater's ct. 

Beck Lawrence, blacksmith, St John n Beavei'. 

Beck Levi, tobacconist, 290 High. 

Beck L. &. C. & Burns, tobacconists, 290 High. 

Beck Lewis, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th. 

Beck Lewis D., gent.. Beach bel Shackamaxon 

Beck Paul jr., mer., 4 Filbert, h 315 High. 

Beck Peter, cabinet-maker, 69 S 2nd. 

Beck Peter, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th. 

Beck Thomas, carman, 157 N Front. 

Beck AVilliam, carter, 26 Fitzwater. 

Beckel Ann, gentw., 159 Wood. 

Beckel Godfrey, variety store, 83 N 2nd. 

Beckel J. C, professor of music, 154 AVood ab 

Beckenbaugh John, cordw., 64 Coates. 

Beckenbaugh Robert, boot and shoe maker, 171 

Becker Philip, saddles & harness, 116 N 3d. 

Beckett Henry, British Consul, 316 Chestnut. 

Beckett Henry, mariner, 214 S 7th. 

Beckett Isaac j labourer. Lemon W of Sch 6th. 

Beckett John, shinglemr., Union ab West. (K.) 

Beckett J. T., blacksmith, 13 Somer's ct. 

Beckett T. J., janitor, M. Y. Hall, 70 Locust. 

Bcckhorne Mary, shop, 428 S Front. 

Beckler John, baker, 78 Spruce. 

Bcckley CjathariMC, Saiindr-rs' ct. 

Bcckley H. V., mer., 14 Commerce, ii Wallace 
n 8th. 

Beckley Joseph, tavern, Callowhill ab Sch. 4th. 

Beckley Nath'l, merchant, 14 Commerce, h 200 
N (5th. 

Bcckley £c Shipman, com. mer., 14 Commerce. 

Beckmun Daniel, carrier, rear George ab 3rd. 

Beckman Henry, tailor, 88 Green. 

Beck man Jose|jh, grocer, 13 Cherry. 

Beckman Thomas, planemaker, George n ord. 

Beckncr Sarah, tailorcis, 7 Callowhill. 

Beddinger Catharine, washerwoman, Pine al. 

Bedell Mrs., widow of Rev. G. T., 377 Spruce. 

Bedford Benjamin AV., painter, rear 114 Dilwyn. 

Bedford Francis, teacher, 426 N 4th. 

Bedford Isaac, collector, Callowhill n Sch Front. 

Bedford Isaac T., bricklayer, 218 Coates. 

Bedine George, carter, Queen ab Crown. (K) 

Bedlock William J., collectoF, 6 Library. 

Bedwell John, druggist, rear 15 Budd. 

Beebe Geo. W., exchange broker, 17 S 3rd, h 
Schuylkill 7th above Spruce. 

Beebe Lewis, printer, 155 Vine. 

Beebe WiUiam, oysters, 397 High. 

Beehler Charles H., carter, P road and Marriott. 

Beehler Tobias, sugar refiner, 37 Ann, h Mar- 
shall bel Green. 

Beenken John, baker, 165 Vine. 

Beere Rachel, grocer, S E 6th and Lombard. 

Beerley & Wiher, tailors, 411 S 2nd. 

Beers H., Fi-ench and English sem., 108 Union. 

Beers Robert, feed, Lombard n 12th. 

Beesley Edward, peg maker, 273 StJohn. 

Beesley James, cordwainer, 24 Bread. 

Beesley Theoph. E., M. D., N E 10th & Mulby 

Begley Wilham, lastmaker, Grubb. 

Begley Thomas, lastmaker, 57 Walnut. 

Behring Casper, labourer, Ogden ab 10th. 

Behringer John G., innkeeper, G T Road n 5th. 

Beideman Daniel S., guns and fish tackle, 134 
N 2nd, h 5o Vine. 

Beidelman Daniel, grocer, 273 High, h 6 Ser- 

Beidelman Charles, stove-finisher, 11 Nectarine. 

Beidelman Henrv, gent., 8 Oldham's ct. 

Beidelman Reid A., 159 High, h 292 N 7th. 

Beisel Simon, brick press mr., G T R, n 5th. 

Beish Joseph, cordw., 13th ab Coates. 

Beitel Jacob, baker, 114 N 8th. 

Beitel James, morocco dresser, 1 Ellen. (NL) 

Beiterman F. S., mer., 194 N. 3rd. 

Beitler Abraham, tavern, 123 W High. 

Belch Marv, gentwo., 11 Castle. 

Beldan Mar}- P., 21 Wallace. 

Belfield Henrv, bi-assfounder, Washington ab. 
12th, foundn,' Green ab 12th. 

Belfield Thomas,' dry goods, 479 High. 

Belfield William, mer., 12th bel Sp. Gai-den. 

Belford James, teacher, Washington. CWP) 
Belford Michael, labourer, Marriott bel 5tli. 




Belin^elt Thomas, carpenter. 5 Gebhard. 

Belknap Stephen, jeweller, 2U N 5tli. 

Bell Chas., 14 Arcade, h 13 Union square. 

Bell Charles jr., 14 Arcade. 

Bell David H., cabinet-maker, 20 Barker. 

Bell Elijah, coachm.iker, 191 S Front. 

Bell Eliza, 16 Flower. 

Bell Elizabeth, 317 8 3rd. 

Bell Francis, gardener, Shippen ab 12th. 

Bell Hannah, dry goods, N W 4th and Cherry. 

Bell Harriet, tailoress, Jones' ct and Hope. 

Bell Hester, 3 Type a!. 

Bell Isaiah, grocer, 429 N 3th. 

Bell Isaiah, flour &. feed, 326 N Front, h 8 Noble 

Bell Isaiah, carter, N Sch 8th n Vine. 

Bell James, distiller, N W 6th and Cedar. 

Bell James, sexton, 143 Queen. 

Bell James, 184 Spruce. 

Bell James, manuf., Front ab Piioenix. (K) 

Bell James, boots and shoes, W Penn square 

and High. 
Bell James & John, distillers, N W 6th &. Cedar. 
Bell James F., acct., 9 Powell. 
Bell James S., plasterer, 143 Queen. 
Bell John, planemr., "Willow ab 2nd, h 19 Duke. 
Bell John, weaver, 312 S 3rd. 
Bell John, M. D., 227 Spruce. 
Bell Lewis M., ship-carpt., Mary bel 2nd. 
Bell Mary, trimmings, 262 Sassafras. 
Bell M., gentwo., AVashington square. 
Bell Robert, cooper, 37 Penn. 
Bell Robert, 109 S 4th. 
Bell Robert F., cooper, 37 Penn. 
Bell Robt. R., 1 Townsend's ct. 
Bell Samuel, tailor. Queen ab 3rd. 
Bell Sarah, shopkeeper, Sch 4tli and High. 
Bell Solomon, plasterer, Carlton ab Sch 8th. 
Bell & Spencer, com. mers., 41 S water. 
Bell Thos., grocer, 2nd n Edward. 
Bell Thomas, waterman, rear of 33 Christian. 
Bell Thomas, com. mer., 41 S whfs., h Montgo- 
mery Square ab 10th. 
Bell William, bricklayer. Steward bel Catharine. 

Belling John, combmaker, Apple n George. 
Bellows J., ladies' shoemr., 175 Green. 
Bellows Martin, boot manuf., 104 Noble. 
Bellville Samuel, carp., rear 299 Callowhill. 
Bellville AVilHam, carp., Ogden n 9th. 
Belrose John, paper hangings, 82 Chestnut. 
Belrose Louis, paper hangings, 82 Chestnut. 
Belrose, Son, &. Blanchard, paper hangings, 82 

Bement John Jr., h 14 Marshall. 
Benckert Jane, grocer, S E 3d & German. 
Bender Charles, cordw., Grim's ct. 
Bender C. W., Star Hotel, 71 Dock. 

Bender John, ship carp.. Crown ab Bedford.(K) 

Bender John A., carp., O Y road ab Tammany. 

Bender John A., bricklayer, Bagges' ct. 

Bender Margaret, druggist, c 2d and Beaver. 

Bendernagle Philip, baker, 264 N 8th. 

Benedict Eastburn, ship master, 97 Catharine. 

Benedict Nathan, M. D., 72 S 12th. 

Beneke Elizabeth, washer, Lewis ab Sch. 8th. 

Beneke M., washer. Broad bel Sassafras. 

Benesole Charles, hair dresser, 216 N 6th. 

Beneson Nathaniel, carp., Mulberry n Broad, h 
Clover n 12th. 

Benezet John, 256 Filbert. 

Benford Ruth, F road ab Phcenlx. (K) 

Benfer John, grocer, Sch. 2nd n Callowhill. 

Benfer J. C, tailor, 353 N Front h 14 Coatcs. 

Benjamin Charles D., gent., 23 Magnolia. 

Benjamin Elizabeth, 124 N 13th. 

Benkert C, shoestore, 273 N 3d. 

Benkert Leonard, boots and shoes, c Maiden 
and Beach. (K) 

Bennard James, tailor. Otter n G T road. 

Benner Adam, lab., G T road ab Jefferson. 

Benner Andrew, carter, Sch. 8th ab Locust. 

Benner Charles, biscuit baker. Beck's ct. 

Benner Chs., cooper, Zane bel 8th, h 125 But- 

Benner Elias, umbrellamr., rear 355 N 3rd. 

Benner Frederick, c 13th St Olive. 

Benner George, carpenter, Linden bel Green. 

Bell William, labourer, Quarry row. 
Bell William, labourer, rear 6 Locust. 
Bell William, hairdresser, 205 G T road. 
Bell William R., gent., 73 St. John. 
Bell Wm. 8c S., flour and feed, 338 N 2nd. 
Bellamy William, carpenter, 53 Frankhn. 
Bellanger Benjamin, stevedore, 5 Elmslie's al. 
Bellas Jas., com. &. forwn'g. mer. Cherry n Sch. 

Bellas John, cordw., St John n George 
Bellas Thomas, com. and forwarding mer., Broad 

& Cherrj', h Sch. 8th &. Cherr}'. 
Bellerjeau Henry, brushmaker, N E Callowhill 

and 3d, h 176 Poplar. 
Bellerjeau H. h Co., brxish manuf., N E 3d and 

Bellerjeau Samuel, cabinetmaker. Beach ab 

Marsh. (K) 
Bellies George, clerk. Beach ab Marsh. (K) 
Bellshaw Margaret, M'Duffie n Sch 2nd. 
Bellsterling John, combmr., 497 N 2nd. 
Belling John A., combmaker, Appl« n George. 

Benner George, bricklayer, Duken Palmer. (K) 
Benner Henry, copperpl. pr., 39 Carter's alley 

h 23 Dean. 
Benner Henry, gi-ocer and deputy salt-measurer, 

nth ab Tidmarsh. 
Benner Henry, collect., c St John &. Beaver, (K) 
Benner Henry C, carter, Vaughan bel Walnut, 
Benner Henry L., earthen manuf., 409 S Front 

and 39 German. 
Benner Isaac, cooper, 118 Brown. 
Benner Jacob, lab.. Beach ab K Market. 
Benner John, brickmaker, 205 Locust. 
Benner John, baker, 98 Oak. 
Benner Lewis, carpet, Garden bel Buttonwood. 
Benner Margaret, milliner, 269 S 2d. 
Benner Mary, 8 Madison. 
Benner Sai-ah, 11th bel Pine. 
Benner Seth, mason, 480 N 4th. 
Benner Wm., brickmr., 40 W Cedar. 
Benner William, blindmaker, 11 Rihl's ct. 
Benners, Badger 8c Co., wines 8c liq., 117 N2d. 
Benners Geo., wine mer., 117 N 2d h 219 Coates. 




Benners .las., wine mer., 117 N 2cl li 211 Coates. 
Benners Margaret, gentw., 57 New. 
Benners William J., distiller, h 72 Vine. 
Benneth Elizabeth, dry g'oods, German ab .5th. 
Bennett Abel, waterm.. Queen & Ciierry. (K) 
Bennett Abel, waterm.. Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Bennett Abraham, pilot, 127 Christian. 
Bennett Alfred, lamps, 125 Chestnut, h 333 

Bennett Ann, 62 Dillwyn. 
Bennett C. W., mer., N VV 8th &. Chestnut, li 31 

N 10th. 
Bennett Christopher L., gent., 372 Chestnut. 
Bennett Cornelia, gentlew., Green's ct. 
Bennett David, lab., William bel Rose. 
Bennett Eliza, sempstress, Milton ab 10th. 
Bennett Henry, mariner, 7 Parham. 
Bennett Henry, mer., S E Walnut and Water, h 

4 Sergeant. 
Bennett Hiram, cordwainer, Maria bel 5th. 
Bennett Isaac, laboui-er, 243 St. John. 
Bennett J.icob, waterm., Queen bel Bishop. (K) 
Bennett Jacob, silversm., 18 Minor h 53 S 5th. 
Bennett Jacob, mariner, 137 S Water. 
Bennett Jas. M.,mer., 112 Chestnut, h 169S 5th. 
Bennett Jer., ship mast., Ciiristian ab 2d. 
Bennett John, lab., Cadwalader bel Oxford. 
Bennett John, waterman, Square ab Rye. 
Bennett John, shoemaker, 87 Shippen. 
Bennett John, sign & banner painter, 318 Vine. 
Bennett Joseph M., tailor, Queen ab Hanover. 

Bennett Joseph, carp., Crown & Bedford. (K) 

Bennett Lewis, oysters, 4 Mechanic's ct. 

Bennett Nathan, turner, Fraley's ct. (K) 

Bennett Mary, teacher, 4 Beck. 

Bennett Mary W., stock & linen man., 32 N 3d. 

Bennett Rach., shopk., N W 5th & Buttonwood. 

Bennett Purnell, jeweller, 72 Swanson. 

Bennett Rebecca, house cleanr., 23 Crabb. 

Bennett & Richardson, painters, 5 Penn ab Mai- 
den. (K) 

Bennett Samuel, lab.. Wood n Sch. 6th. 

Bennett Sarah, 66 S 4th. 

Bennett Stephen D., pilot. Girls' ct. 

Bennett Stephen D., printer, 17 Reckless. 

Bennett Thomas, glassblower, Warren ab Beach. 

Bennett Titus, books &, sta., h 4 Sergeant. 

Bennett Wm., shlpcarp., Marlboro bel Bedford. 

Bennett William, Union Glass Works, Queen bel 

Bennett William, carp.. Perry bel Master. 

Bennett Wm. H., pain., Penn ab Maiden, (K.) 

Bennett Wm. H., cordwainer, 6 Oldham's ct. 

Bennew Jane, gentw., Filbert n Sch. 3rd. 

Benning' John, cooper, 12 Barley. 

Bennis Henry, hatter, rear 121 Mulberry. 

Bennis M., clerk, 15 Julianna. 

Bennison Joseph, carter, Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 

Bennison Saml., stone mason, 13th ab Shippen. 

Bensell & Allen, weigh master, 25 S wharves. 

Bensell E. S., weigh master, 25 S wharves, h 
7 S llth. 

Benshouse Peter, cabmr.. Wood ab Prince, (K) 

Benson Alex. & Co., stock & exc. bro., 2 S 3d. 

Benson Alex., broker, 2 S 3(1, h 103 S 8th. 

Benson George, tailor, 29 Beck. 

Benson G. S., broker, 2 S 3d, h 113 S 4th. 

Benson John, carter, 45 Mechanic. 

Benson Richard, gent., 5 Virginia ross . 

Benson Saml., stonemason, c 13th and Bedford 

Benson Stewart, stonecutter, 168 S 9th. 

Benson Thomas, carpenter, 68 George. (S) 

Benstead John M., cabmr., 32 Coates' alley. 

Benston Dennis, porter, c Broad and Paper al. 

Benthall John, Lieut. U.S. navy, 220 S Juniper. 

Bentley David, coppersmith, 162 N 3d. 

Bentley Ann Eliza, 54 S 10th. 

Bentley John, coppersmith, Shackamaxon ab 
Queen. (K) 

Benlon Albert, lumber mer., M road bel Car- 
penter. (S) 

Benyard Hugh G., jeweller, 200 Queen. 

Bera Ferdinand, jeweller, 4 Stxirr al. 

Berdin M., Blacksmith, Beach n Poplar. (K) 

Bei'esford Robert H., printer, 164 S 10th. 

Beresford Robert, printer, 6 Carter's alley. 

Berg Christian, boot & shoemaker, 87 S 3d. 

Berg Henry, tobacconist, Lee's ct. N L. 

Berg Joseph F. Rev., 39 N 4th. 

Berg L., 56 George. (S) 

Berger C, min. & port, painter, 142 Chestnut. 

Berger Frederick, store, c Otter and G T road. 

Berger Jonathan, tavern, 228 N 2d. 

Berger Lewis, carpenter, Hause's ct. 

Berger & Schober, hardware, 229 High. 

Berger Wm., mer., 229 High, h 228 N 2nd. 

Bergfeld Arnold, barber, O Y road n Coates. 

Bei'ghauscr Jacob, clerk, Julianna above But- 

Bergman Sarah, findings, 301 N 2J. 

Bering James, hosiery, 8 S 8th. 

Bering John, ship master, 404 S 3rd. 

Berkeley C. N., M. D., 10 Girard. 

Berkley Nicholas, cordw., Cedar ab 12th. 

Berks John, grocer, c Poplar & Apple. 

Bernadou J. B., mer., 83 S Front, h 263 S Front. 

Bernard Phoebe, 75 Catharine. 

Bernard W. H., mer., 169 High, h 477 Chestnut. 

Bernardo M. A., dressmr., 61 N 7th. 

Beringer Wm., manuf. of teeth, 26 Charlotte. 

Bernd Peter, cabmr., 618 N 3rd. 

Bernhard Andrew, lab., rear 114 Cherry. 

Bernhard J. A., bootmr.. Brown ab 3rd. 

Berrell George R., refectory, 3i5 High. 

Berrell Hannah W., b h, 368 Coates. 

Berrell Henry, tavern, N W 9th and Green. 

Berrell Wm. S., Baltimore and Washington 
House, c Dock and Front. 

Berrett Elizabeth, 12 Chester. 

BeiTlman James, blacksmith, 7 Powell's row. 

Berry Benj., carter, Dunton bel Franklin. (K) 

Berrj- Benj. L., letter carrier, 366 S 4th. 

Berry Charles, watchman, 24 Jones' alley. 

Berry Edward S., blacksmith, 3 Elizabeth ct. 

Berry Eleanor, b h 73 Penn. 

Berry James, bookbinder, Miller's ct. 

Berry James, weaver, G. T. i-oad bel. 4th. 

Berry John, hatter, 166 Christian. 

Berry Josiah, lab., Sch. 4th n High. 




Beny Oliver, bootmuker, 30 Mulberry. 

Berry Richard, provisions, 8th bel Cedar. 

Berry Robert, dyer, G T road ab Master. 

Berry Samuel, carter, 680 N Front. 

Berry Susan, 4 Jones' ct. 

Berry Samuel, hatter, 164 Christian. 

BeiTy Susan, 401 S Front. 

Berry Thomas, weaver, St John bel George. 

Berry Wm., carp., 154 S 5th. 

Berry Wm., mannf., 5th ab Jefferson. 

Berry Wm. B., chair manuf., 53 N 6th. 

Berry man Matthew, cabinetmr., 26 Parker. 

Berryman Robert, coachmr., 217 Swanson. 

Bersch Henry, baker, P road bel Marriott. 

Bessan & Huplet, cabmrs., Beach ab Shacka- 

maxon. (K) 
Bessan Georg-e, caljmr., c Palmer & Duke. (K) 
Besselievrre John A., jeweller, 286 Lombard. 
Besson John M., mer., 52 S 2d. 
Besson Louisa, mer., 52 S 2d. 
Besson L. & Son, dry goods, 52 S 2d. 
Best John, cordwainer, c Sch. 8tli 8c Willow. 
Best J., cupper and bleeder, Shippen bel Broad. 
Bethell John, lab., 423 N 3rd. 
Bethell J., collector, Beach n Maiden. (K) 
Bethell Wm. R., drug-gist, 176 Vine. 
Bethune George W. Rev., 10th bel Spruce. 
Betson Robt. W., cordw., Law's ct. 
Betterton G. W., sexton, Sch. 8th n Sassafras 
Bettle J. Rebecca, 131 N 9th. 
Bettle S. Jr., mer., 26 S Front, h 73 N 10th. 
Bettle Samuel Senr., 14 S 3d. 
Bettle AVm., importer, 14 S 3d, h 244 N 6th. 
Betts Godfrey, tavern, 147 St. John. 
Betts James, draggist, 296 N 3d. 
Betts R. K., carpenter, 22 N Sell. 8th 
Betts Sarah, instrumentmaker, 296 N 3d. 
Betts Smith, piano manuf, c 9th and Carpenter. 

Betts William C, carpenter, 43 Cherry. 
Betz William, tavern, 95 N 3rd. 
Betzold C. F., cabinetmaker, 348 S Front. 
Beusse John H., 7th n Poplar. 
Bevan Charles, stone cutter, M road and Prime. 
Bevan D., painter, 12 N 6th, h 286 Lombard. 
Bevan Henry, painter, 22 Catharine. 
Bevan & Humphreys, mers., 5 Walnut. 
Bevan John, whipmaker, Hauses" ct. 
Bevan John, pain. & glaz., 233 & h 206 S Front 
Bevan Joseph, carp., 22 Gebhard. 
Bevan Matthew L., mer., 5 Walnut, h 349 

Beverlin Sheridan, hairdresser, 426 S Front. 
Bewley Ann, 43 N Sch. 8th. 
Bewley C. W., grocer, 208 S 2d. 
Bewley Isaac, grocer, Sch. 7tli and Chestnut. 
Bewley Isaac H., clerk, Sch. 6th n Mulbeny. 
Bewley Joseph, currier, 440 N 4th. 
Bewley J. P., clerk Mayor's ct., h 212 Green. 
Bey Hugh, blacksmith, Hamilton ab Nixon. 
Beyer G. T., machinist, Scli. 7th bel Sassafras. 
Beyer Martha, 8 Dilks' ct. 
Beylard John jr., importer, 92 S 4th. 
Bhend Henry, tailor, 12 Wagner's ct. 
Bias J. J. G., cupper, N E 8th and Bedford. 

Bibens Jno., 23 .Sassafras al. 

Bibens Thos., oysters, 296 High, h 18 Acorn al. 

Bibigliaus Charles H., M. D., 94 Green. 

Bibighaus Henry, D. D., 88 DiUwyn. 

Bibighaus S. H.," hardware, 214 N 2d. 

BibTe Francis, shoemaker, 153 S Water. 

Bickerton Benjamin, clerk, 70 Queen. 

Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 146 S 13th. 

Bickerton Mary, sempstress, 25 Parham. 

Bickerton Sarah, Sassafras, n Sch. 7th. 

Bickerton Thomas, cooper, 57 S Water, h 36 

Bickham Jno. C, clerk F M Bank, h 178 Queen. 

Bickham Wm., carter, 358 Callowliill. 

Bicking Charles R., printer, 56 N3d, h 4 Wood. 

Bicking George H., mer., 221 High, h 231 Vine. 

Bickley Abigail, 30 Callowliill. 

Bickley Henry, carter, Locust bel Sch. 5th. 

Mickley Jos., carter, c Spruce and Sch. Front. 

Bickley Sarah, 18 Sansom. 

Bickley Susan, 51 Franklin. 

Bicknel Robert, brush maker, 21 O Y road. 

Bicknel Malinda, gentw, h 1 Colonnade row. 

Bicknell Rufus, M. D., Washington, W. P. 

Bidding, sailmaker, c Green and Lilly ai. 

Biddle Abigail, widow, 10th bel P'itzwater. 

Biddle Charles, trader, Apple n George. 

Biddle Clement jr., atty. & coun. office 197 Wal- 
nut, h 276 Chestnut. 

Biddle Clement C, pres. Saving Fund, h Spruce 
ab 11th. 

Biddle Clement, gent, 164 Mulberry. 

Biddle Daniel, book agent, 33 Federal. 

Biddle Edward C, publishei-, 5 Minor, h 11 
S 13th. 

Biddle Elizabeth, S W Sch. 8th & Locust. 

Biddle George W., atty. & coun., 47 S 5th. 

Biddle Henry J., civil engineer, 276 Chestnut. 

Biddle James, commo. U S navy. Naval Asylum. 

Biddle John B., M. D., Spruce ab Uth. 

Biddle John W., carrier, 5 Courtland p!. 

Biddle John, mer., 103 S Front. 

Biddle Mary A., gentw., N E 8tli & Locust. 

Biddle Margaret, 19 Sergeant. 

Biddle Nicholas, gent., 215 Spnice. 

Biddle Owen, tavern, 10 S 5th. 

Biddle Robert, merchant, 29 High, h 164 Mul- 

Biddle R. & W. C, hardware, 29 High. 

Biddle Sarah, widow of James C, S W Juniper 
and Spruce. 

Biddle Thomas, exch. broker, 50 S 3rd, h 276 

Biddle Thomas A., exch. broker, 50 S 3rd, h 
276 Chestnut. 

Riddle Tliomas &. Co., exchange brokers, 50 
S. 3rd. 

Biddle Wm., druggist, N W 11th &. Mulberry. 

Biddle Wm., lab., George ab Charlotte. 

Biddle William C, 29 High, h 158 N 5th. 

Bideman Peter, tailor, 305 S 5th. 

Bidwell Walter Rev., Clinton ab 9th. 

Bierly John, shipcarp.. Queen n Hanover. (K) 

Biernsen Thos., clock & watclimr., 49 S 10th. 

Bigby Sarah, shop, Cedar bel Broad. 




liigelow Tlioma.s, ciirpeiilcr, 7 Lawrence. 
Big'gurd John,, 506 N 2iid. 
liigg-arcl Sainiiel, carter, 10 Nicholson's ct. 
Bigg-ard Wni., inastmakcr, I'edcral bclMroad 
Bigg'ins John, blacksmith, 215 N Front. 
Big-g'ins Thomas, cooijcr, 215 N Front. 
Bigg's Henry, shoemakei-, Centre n 13th. 
Biggs Rachel J., dressmaker, Tiller's ct. 
Bigler David Rev., 74 Sassafras. 
Biglcy P., copal varnish mannf., Sassafras n 

Sch. 2d. 
Bigler Jacob, sailmaker, 7 N Wharves, h 5'IG 

N ord. 
Bigler James, labourer, MlUigan's ct. 
Bignell John, hatter, 15 Pennsylvania avenue. 
Bignell Thomas CI., painter, 120 New Market. 
Blgpnet Jacob, druggist, 158 Lombard, h N W 

9th & Bonsall."' 
Biles Samuel, carpenter. Steward ab Catharine. 
Biles Thomas J., steam drug mill, Sch. 7th and 

Jones's al. 
Bilger Isaac, grocer, 142 N 2nd. 
Bilger & McGowen, grocers, 142 N 2nd. 
Bill David, hatter, Carlton n Sch. 2nd. 
BiUH., teacher, 130 S 8th. 
Bille de Steen, charg-e de affairs from Denmark, 

h 9 Colonnade row. 
Billing John, collector, 3 Kunckle's ct. 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, 196 Pine. 
Billings M., port, painter, 142 Chestnut. 
Billingsby Joseph, drayman, Jones n Sch. 5t]i. 
Billington Henry, printer, 5 Montgomery sq. 
Billmeyer Charles G., merchant, 71 High. 
Billmeyer Wm. M,, printer, 540 N 2nd. 
Bills Jeremiah, shipcarpenter, Marion ab 2nd. 
Bllyew Aaron P., bricklayer, 277 N 5th. 
Bilyew Henry P., bricklayer, 55 Duke. 
Binder Daniel, cabinetmaker, 173 St. John. 
Binder George, carpenter, 268 Coates. 
Binder J. & P. R., hatters, 286 N P'ront. 
Binder Peter, M. D., N W 2nd & Christian. 
Binder William, sen., hatter, 286 N Front. 
Bingham And., moulder, rear Penn n Maiden. (K) 
Bingham Amos Rev., Wood ab llth. 
Bingham & Brothers, forwarding mers, 276 High. 
Bingham Jas., stonecut., Sch. 3rd ab Callowhill. 
Bingham James, jeweller, 112 Chestnut. 
Bingham James, mer., 276 High, h 10 N 9th. 
Bingham John, forwarding mer., 276 High, h 

12th ab Cherry. 
Bingham Thomas, trunkmr., c 7th & Sassafras 
Bingham Wm., turner, 25 P road. 
Binker John, lab., Duke ab Palmer. (K) 
Binley John, tavern, S W Callowhill &. Water. 
Binney Charlotte, gentw. N W 9th and Cedar. 
Binney Horace, coun., office 85, h 83 S 4th. 
Binney Horace jr., atty. & coun., 6th ab Prune. 
Binney John, typefoundi-y, c 2d & Dock. 
Binney J., locksmith, 73 S 5th, h 57 Union. 
Binns Benj. F., sec. Phila. Ice Company, S E 

George & Swanwick, h George ab Sch. 6th. 
Binns B. P., plumber, 332 N 3rd. 
Binns John, alderman, 36 S 6th. 
Binns John P., atty. & coun., 89 Lombard. 
Binns Moses, carpenter, 147 N Juniper. 

Binns Sai-ali, 131 I'luiii. 

Bioren Hannah, gentlevv., 157 N Ufli. 

Hlrch David, shocnu-., Iligli :il) Srii. /Hii, h St. 

Joseph's av. 
Hirch Kiizahcth, St .losepli's av. al) 
fiirch (icorgc, variety store, 84 S. 2d. 
Hireh .fames W., chalrmaker, Marriott bel5tli. 
Itlrch .lohn, cordwainer, 11 Marriott. 
Itirch Jos. a., bricklayer, 165 (Jai^jenter. (S) 
Hirch 'I'homas jr., auctioneer, 84 S 2nd, h 87 

Birch Thomas, marine painter, 22 Prune. 
Birchall Thos. W., stonecutter, c 13th &. Cherry. 
Bird Albert G., engraver, 100 Union. 
Uird Brother-s, hatter, 106 Chestnut. 
Bird Charles, gent., 181 S .3r(l. 
Bird Cliarles, plasterer, 426 N 5th 
Bird David, morocco dresser, 29 Margaretta. 
Bird Francis, plasterer, 3 F.lizabeth. (N F^) 
Bird George, tailor, c O.xford and Front. (K) 
Bird Henry, gent., N W 9th & Clinton. 
Bird James, shoemaker, 252 S 7th. 
Bird James M., teacher, S W 2d and Cedar. 
Bird James, wire lapper, 13 Brown. 
Bird John G., confectioner, Hutchinson ct. (K) 
Bird Julianna, tavern, 127 S Water. 
Bird Mary, 28 Julianna. 
Bird Mathias, carter, 308 Callowhill. 
Bird Saml. Capt., Rachel n Poplar. 
Bird Thomas, tailor, 24 S 6th, h 35 S Sch. 6th. 
Bird Thomas, gent., llth ab Pine. 
Bird William, bootmr., 30 S 6th, h 17 Powell. 
Bird William, tooth-bruslimaker, 17 Powell. 
Blrdsall Mahlon, carpenter, 10 Marble place. 
Birkett D., washer, 9 Hurst. 
Birkett Wm., waiter, 5 Hurst. 
Birke)' Edward, lab., Catharine and Lebanon. 
Birkey Joiin, dentist, 99 S 5th. 
Birkey John, dry goods, 67 S 5th. 
Birkey William J. A., M. D., dentist, S E 8th & 

Birmingham Benjamin W., ivory carver &. turner, 

Poplar ab 7th. 
Birmingham Samuel, 337 Sassafras. 
Birmingham Sarah, grocer, N E 7th & Poplar. 
Birnbaum Charles, baker, 316 Pine. 
Birnbaum Peter, baker, P road bel Christian. 
Bisbing Daniel, tailor, 21 Queen. (K) 
Bisbing Geo., cooper, 26 AVood. 
Bisbing Jacob, carpenter, Sch. 2d n Callowhill. 
Bisbing Samuel, lime burner, Chestnut, (W P.) 
Bishel A., boots, shoes & combs, 197 G T road. 
Bishop Angelica, portrait-painter, 213 Cherry. 
Bishop Catharine, Grim's ct. 
Bishop George W., gas fitter, 6 Grape ct. 
Bishop Elizabeth, b h, 3 Clover. 
Bishop J., machinist, Laurel n York ct. 
Bishop Joaquiam, chemical instrument maker, h 

24 German. 
Bishop John R., tailor, 78 George. (S) 
Bishop Jos, J., hatter, 149 Walnut. 
Bishop 3Iaiy, Juniper bel Walnut. 
Bishop Monroe, trunkmaker, 122 Budd. 
Bishop Perrigan, clothing, 165 Lombard. 
Bishop Robert, carter, rear 525 N 2nd. 




Bishop Samuel C, shoes, 115 High, h 145 N 7th. 

Bishop Susan M., milliner, 158 N 8tli. 

Bishop U. C, furniture, N E Sch. 6th and High, 

h 109 W High. 
Bishop AVm., noariner, 62 M road. 
Bishop William, tavern, 101 Coates. 
Bishop WiUiam, printer, Green's ct. 
Bispham Daniel, tailor, 23 Queen n F road. (K) 
Bispham Erwin, hotel, c 6th & Parrish. 
Bispham Harriet, shopkeeper, 139 Cherry. 
Bispham J., auctioneer, o4 S Front, h 13 Girard. 
Bispham Samuel, grocer, 261 High, h 171 N 6th. 
Bissekumer Martin, tavern, 84 Green. 
Bissell Ann, fancy store, 397 S 2d. 
Bissell James, bricklayer, S 11th bel Cedar. 
Bissex H., ladies' shoemr., Washington. (W P.) 
Bittel Charles, mor'co-dr's'r, Hanover c Bedford. 
Bittel Samuel, labourer. Gales' ct. 
Bitter Bernhart, barber, 45 Penn. (S) 
Bitters Henry, tailor, 169 N Front. 
Bitting Andrew, tailor, 5th n Poplar. 
Bitting Knight, blacksmith. Nectarine ab 10th. 
Bitting Lewis W., grocer, 78 Green. 
Bitting Simon, tailor, rear 79 Poplar. 
Bitting & Snyder, grocers, 182 Callowhill. 
Bitting Walter, blacksmith. Poplar n 10th. 
Bixstein Frederick, baker, 284 Coates. 
Blacher Z., labourer, 242 St. John. 
Black Amor, bricklayer, 60 P road. 
Black Arthur, waiter, 21 Prosperous al. 
Black Catharine, Vine ab 12th. 
Black Cyrus, clothing, 128 N 2nd, h 172 Pine 
Black C. H., milliner, 115 Green. 
Black E., dealer, 39 Chestnut, h 14 Elizabeth. 
Black Hannah, 1 Liberty ct. 
Black HaiTiett C, dress mr. 99 Mulberr}'. 
Black Isaac, stonecutter. Dean ab Locust. 
Black James weaver, Brinton bel. 13th. 
Black James, blacksmith, rear 30 Cherry. 
Black James, painter, 311 S 6th. 
Black John, watchmaker, 64 Cedar. 
Black John, lab. George, n Sch. river. 
Black John, blacksmith, 21 Brinton. 
Black John, pump mr., 2nd bel Wharton. 
Black John, cordwainer, 5 Little Willow. 
Black John H., agent, 33 S Sch. 6th. 
Black Joseph, labourer, 12 S Sch. 6th. 
Black Joseph, lab., Sch. 4th n Chestnut. 
Black Joseph, Jr., painter, 306 S 2nd. 
Black Joseph, dealer, 84 Swanson. 
Black Maria, b h, 61 S 11th. 
Black Margaret, sempstress, 3 H imphrey's ct. 
Black Mary, 1 Parries' ct. 
Black Mitchell, lab. 12th ab. Shippen. 
Black Mrs., Federal ab. Front. 
Black Patrick, tailor. Front ab Phoenix. 
Black Prince, waiter, 50 Quince. 
Black Rebecca, drygoods, 401 Sassafras. 
Black Robert, shoemaker, 12th ab Shippen. 
Black Robt, carpenter, Marriott ab. 6th. 
Black Robert, blacksmith, 71 P road. 
Black Samuel, gent. 194 S 4th. 
Black Samuel W., teacher, 32^, N 6th. 
Black Thompson, grocer, N E lOth & Chestnut. 

and N W Broad & Chestnut. 

Black Thomas, lab., rear 408 N Front. 
Black Wm., weaver. Steward ab. Catharine. 
Black William V., grocer, c 10th & Shippen. 
Blackburn Thomas, blacksmith, 20 E North. 
Blackburne C. J., mer., 24 Church al. 
Blackburne Francis, mer., 24 Church al, h 

Spruce n Sch. 7th 
Blackburne John, tin plate worker, High ab 

Sch. 8th, h Sch. 7th n Pine. 
Blackburne Mary, F road ab Phoenix, (K) 
Blackburne William, Juniper, 2 drs bel Spruce. 
Blackburne Wm. & Co., importers, 24 Church al. 
Blackburne Wm. & F. & Co., dry goods, S W 

2nd & High. 
Blackburne WiUiam, mer., 24 Church al, h n 

Holmcsburg, Pa. 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 42 Chester. 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 358 Pine. 
Blackman Robert, cordwainer. Poplar ab 4th. 
Blackstone Geo. W., waiter, Geo. at Sch. 7th. 
Blackstone Thomas, gent., 168 N 11th. 
Black well Danl., engineer, F. M. Waterworks. 
Blackwood Benjamin W., teacher, 270 N 7th. 
Blackwood Joseph, carpets, 111 Chestnut. 
Bladen Aaron, dyer, 22 S 8th. 
Bladen Martha, 334 Vine. 
Bladen W. E. & A., bakers, 165 N Water, h 96 

N Front. 
Bladen Wm., cooper, 170 S Front. 
Blaikie George D., mer., h 471 Mulberry. 
Blaikie James, grocer, N E Front & Queen. 
Blaikie John, shipjolner, 129 Beach, (K.) 
Blaine Sarah, gentw., 357 Walnut. 
Blaln Edward, gent., 312 Sassafras. 
Blair & Co., coachmakers, 288 & 290 Sassafras. 
Blair Eliza, Lombard ab 12lh. 
Blair Henry C, druggist, S W 8th h Walnut. 
Blair James, carpenter, 31 Montg'omery. 
Blair James, manuf , c 2d and G T road. 
Blair John, coachmaker, 290 Sasssafras. 
Blair John, lab., rear 446 S 2nd. 
Blair Joseph, tailor. Lodge ab. 8th. 
Blair Martha, dressmaker, F road ab Queen. 
Blair Samuel, gent., 9 Lodge Place. 
Blalsse George, boat maker, rear 133 Coates. 
Blake Andrew, blacking manuf 340 Pine. 
Blake Caroline, b h, 182 S 6th. 
Blake Charles, agent, 58 N 6th. 
Blake George, lab.. Pearl ab. 13th. 
Blake George E., music store, 13 S 5th. 
Blake Henry, Wood n Sch. Front. 
Blake H. G., clothes, 261 Cedar. 
Blake J. R., bootmaker, 218 & h 253 S 2nd. 
Blake John, coachman, 71 George. 
Blake Levin, cordwainer, 219 Shippen. 
Blake Mary, Wood ab 13th. 
Blake Robert, carpt., Charlotte ab Poplar. 
Blake T. E., shop keeper, 110 Swanson. 
Blake Wm. H. lab.. Beach ab. Marsh. (K) 
Blakey T. W. 23 Allen. (K) 
Blakemore Henry, japanner, rear 141 Green, 
Blakie John, joiner, Palmer n Prince. 
Blakie Robert, carter Sch 4th nRittenhouse sq. 
Blakiston John R., mer. Washington, (W. P.) 
Blakiston Mrs. John, Darby road, (W. P.) 




Blame Joseph, 5 N 5th. 

Blanchard Ann, 83 Franklin. 

Blanchard Benj., mer., 49 Sansom 

Blanchard Barbara, dress maker, 162 Marshall. 

Blanchard, PMwin, 42 Commerce, h 297 Ches't. 

Blanchard II. B., upholsterer, 44 S 4tl(. 

Blanchard Isaac W., mer., 82 Chestnut, h Mar- 
shall ab Green. 

Blanchard James, mariner, 12 Truxton. 

Blanchard John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen. 

Blanchard Wni. A., bo'okseller, S E Chestnut & 
4th, h20N 11th. 

Blanchorn Irenaus, pro. music, N E 7th & Mul- 

Bland B., tailor 119 S 3d. 

Blanding- William, M. D., 232 N 5th. 

Blanekenheim Fred., tavern, N E 4th & Coates. 

Blaney James, coachman, 2 Schriver's ct. 

Blaney Mary, 22 Queen. 

Blanford William, watchman, Sch.4th n Locust. 

Blankman M. A., 293 Walnut. 

Blankman B. J., M. D., 293 Walnnt. 

Blankman George A., painter, 3 N 7t,h., h 51 
Fitz water. 

Blankman Henry G. A., dentist, 15 Quince. 

Blass Catharine, gentw., 5 Querville's ct. 

Blasser George, bootmr., rear 135 Coates. 

Blatchford Stephen, real estate office, 122 N 4th, 
h Marshall n Poplar. 

Blatchford Thomas, labourer, rear 125 Charlotte, 

Blatchford & Walton, real estate office, 122 N 

Blatt John, clock dealer, 651 N 2nd. 

Blayney Willis H., 364 S 4th. 

Blaze John, upholsterer, 8 Adams. (M) 

Blecker Henry, cedar cooper, N E 13th & Vine. 

Blee Francis, brickmr., Sch. 3d ab George. 

Blee George, brickmr., 41 Ann. (C) 

Blee J., brick mr., S W Sch. 5th & Rittenhouse. 

Bleight John, mor. dresser, Gay's ct. (N L) 

Bleight Mrs. Mary, 13th ab Chestnut. 

Bleight John D., att'y. & coun., 36 S 5th, h 13th 
ab Chestnut. 

Bleil Frederick, baker, 85 Sassafras. 

Bfeist F. B., tobacconist, 422 N 4th. 

Blendenhiesser Wm., smith, 2nd n Franklin, 

Blennerhassett Wm. W., bookbinder, 65 Cherry. 

Bless Philip, tavern, c Green & St John. 

Bleuitt Levin, lab., Lombard ab 13th. 

Blevler John, clerk, 50 Charlotte. 

Bleyler John M., 225 N 3d. 

Bleyler Thomas, dealer, 62 Plum. 

Blight Frederick E., morocco dress., 22 Frank- 
lin. (K) 

Blight Joseph W., brush mr., 27 Callowhill. 

Blight Maria, gentw. 351 Chestnut. 

Blinn Henry, carp., N W Charlotte & Culvert 

Blinns Jacob, carp., 2nd bel Phoenix. 

Bliss Robert, mer., 16 Spruce. 

Block Henry, b h, 28 N 3rd. 

Blon & Jasne, clothing, 148 Cedar. 

Blood Caleb, cordw., 4 Elmes' al. 

Blood John, carter, Jones' al. n Sch. 4th. 

Blood Rowland, cordwainer, 10 Mechanic ct. 

Bloodgood J. B., Walnut St. House, 2 "Walnut. 

Bloom George, baker, Morris. 

Bloom Jacob, hair dresser, 349 Callowhill. 

Bloomer Arnold, frame mr., 9th bel Lombard. 

Bloomer Wm., lab., 2 Pleasant ct. 

Bloomfield Joseph, blacksmith, 182 St. John. 

Blow AVm., oysters, S E 3d &. Chestnut, h 3 
Franklin place. 

Bloxom Henry, clerk, 349 S 3rd. 

Bloxon Woodman, muriner, 30 Beck's al. 

Bluff berrv Andrew, boat builder, Wood above 
Queen (K) 

Blum B., dry goods, 162, N 2d. 

Blum & Sinison, diy goods, 162 N 2d. 

Blume Charles, turner, Schrader's ct. 

Blume John, gent., 403 N 7th. 

Blumner Charles E., tobacconist, 133 N 3rd, h 
105 Dillwyn. 

Blumner Henry C, engine manuf, 128 Vine, h 
3 Sterling al. 

Blunden James, carpet weaver, 317 S 3rd. 

Blunden Jonathan, coachman, 18 Pearl. 

Blunden W., keeper E. penitentiary, h oppo- 

Blnndin Amy Mrs., R road ab Francis. (F. V.) 

Blundin John, keeper New PenitentiarA', h 
Francis (F. V.) 

Blust Francis, cigar mr., 469 N 3d. 

Blydenburgh &. Giles, mathl. inst. makers, 130 

5 Front. 

Blye W. & J., mers., 254 N 2d. 

Blye John H., mer., 152 N 2nd. 

Blynn Henry, hatter, 40 Chester. 

Blythe John, lab. William & Hamilton (F M) 

Boak James, weaver. Front n Jefferson, (K) 

Boak Robert, weaver, Hanover ab Uuke. (K) 

Boardley Eliza, washer, Frey tag's al. 

Boardley George, 50 N 2nd, h 10 Pleasant av. 

Boardley R., washer, 10 Pleasant av. 

Boardman F. H., agent, 6 Chancery lane. 

Boardman Hemy A., D. D., 375 Spruce. 

Boardman R., cabinet mr., Scott's al. 

Boas Stephen, blacksmith, rear 295 S 5th. 

Boate George, clerk, 89 Callowhill. 

Boate M., b. h., 88 S 5th. 

Bobare Raymond, barber, Beach n Chestnut, h 

Jones' ct. 
Bobb Peter, brick mr., 12th ab Spruce. 
Bock Frederick, carpenter, 19 Logan. 
Bocking Adolph, conveyancer, 44 N 5th. 
Bockius Aaron, carp. U. S. Arsenal. 
Bockius Henry J., cai-penter 213 S 9th. 
Bockius Jacob, grocer, 204 N 2nd. 
Bockius Jaoob W., Commerce, h Wallace n 8th. 
Bockius Saml. R., mer., 80 High h 21 Branch. 
Bodder lr\an, whip maker, 69 N 2nd. 
Boden Josiah, cedar cooper. Smith's ct. 
Boden Mary, weaver, 76 German, 
Boden William, seaman, 76 German. 
Bodenhoffer Joseph, varnish manf., N E Coates 

6 St. John. 

Bodette Permelia, tavern, Catharine & P road. 
Bodey Mary Y., 57 Shippen. 
Bodine Budd, clerk, 75 G T road. 
Bodine J. E., clerk, h 6 Jacoby. 
Bodine Jesse E., grocer, 20 Bread. 




Bodine Samuel T., corder, Maiden st whf., h 93 

G T road. 
Boehm A. W., mei-., 58 S whf., h 2U Pine. 
Boehn Henrietta, 208 St John. 
Boetticher Julius, printer, 158 Sassafrass, h 110 

Bofeng-er Frederick, beerhouse, 449 N Front. 
Bogen Walter, cordw. 47 Franklin. 
Bog-er John, tavern, N W James & Charles. 
Bog-et David, carpenter, Odgen n 10th. (S G) 
Bug'gs David, piano maker, 326 Vine. 
Boggs Geo., chair mr.. Crown St. Bedfoi'd, (K) 
Bog-gs James, mer., S E 11th &. Mulberry. 
Bog-g's James, chair mr.. Queen ab Marlb'o, (K.) 
Boggs John, lab. Greai" bel 13th. 
Boggs Margaret, upholsterer, 328 Pine. 
Bog-gs Samuel, ship carp., F road n Otter. 
Bog-gs Samuel, wheelwright, 208 St. John. 
Bogg-s William, clerk, Mark's Lane, n 11th. 
Boggs Wm., bricklayer, F R ab Bedford. 
Bog-gs Wm. H., 25 Blackberry al. 
Bog-ia Angelo, innkeeper, S E Pine & Front. 
Bogia Francis, cordwainer, 10th bel. Catharine. 
Bog-ia Peter, eng-ineer. Flower n Christian 
Bogle Amelia, sempstress, 9 Barley. 
Bogue Thomas, haircutter, 141 Chestnut. 
Bohlen Frederick, cutler, 313 N 2d. 
Bohlen Henrv, mer., 69 S 4th. 
Bohlen Jolm," mer., 67 S 4th, h 238 Walnut. 
Bohler John J., c 2nd and Mud Lane. 
Bohn Philip, tailor, N E Swanson &. Catharine. 
Bohnert, A., cordwainer, 239 N Front. 
Bohrer Henrietta, 208 N 4th. 
Boileau Isa,ac, alderman, 538 N 2nd. 
Boileau Isaac Jr., collectoi-, 133 G T road. 
Bok John, tailor, 110 S 3rd, h 20 Pear. 
Boker Albert, mer., 12 Commerce., 
Boker C. S. Presid't. Girard b'k., h 110 S 3d. 
Boker Joseph, mer., 82 Hig-h, h 92 New. 
Boker W. C, mer., 82 High, h 87 Mulberry. 
Boland John, bootmaker, 175 N Front. 
Bolden Robert, waiter, 250 S 7th. 
Boldin George, mer., 8 Commerce, h 97 N 9th. 
Bolenius A. W., importer, 142 High, (ab. stairs.) 
Boley Frederick, cooper, 280 N 3rd. 
Bolland Henry, mer., 359 N 2d. 
Boiler Catliarine, g-entw., 21 New Market. 
Boiler H. J. mer., 73 S. Front, h 479 IMulberry. 
Boiler John, lab., near 79 Swanson. 
Boiler William, acct., 26 Jacoby. 
Bolt John, carp., 156 Sassafras, h 126 N Juniper. 
Boltenhouse G. W., shoemaker, 5 Wiley's ct. 
Bolton Catharine, dealer, 250 S 4th. 
Bolton Edward C, druggist, 286 High. 
Bolton E. &. B., dressmakers, 86 MulbeiT)'. 
Bolton Jas. M., com. mer., h Coates n F Mount. 
Bolton John, labourer, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 
Bolton John, dealer, c 4th & Catharine. 
Bolton Jos. R., mer., 153 High, h 70 Franklin. 
Bolton S. FJ., teacher, 86 Mulberry. 
Bolton Wm. P., carver, 55 N 8th, h 18 Poplar. 
Bomeisler Lewis, mer., Rroad n Buttonwood. 
Bomeisler 'P., 358 Coates. 
Bonam Letitia, washer, Linn. (P'M.) 
Bonart Jos., baker, F. road, opp Marlbrough. (K) 

Bond Alex., exchang-e office, h 439 N 4th. 

Bona Ann, Gray's ct. 

Bond & Bailey, Orang-e ab 12th. 

Bond Benjamin F., saddler, Bladen's ct. 

Bond Catharine, 8 Hickory ct. 

Bond Elizabeth, Sarah n Queen. (K) 

Bond Ezra, mer., h 149 Marshall. 

Bond H., M. D., 1 N 9tl:, 3rd door bel Filbert. 

Bond Jacob, saddler, 163 N 2nd. 

Bond James, druggist, S E 10th & Locust. 

Bond James F., cabinetmaker, 119 N Front. 

Bond John, cordw., 125 N 8th. 

Bond John B., Jackson's ct. 

Bond Joseph, carpenter, 377 Sassafras. 

Bond Joseph, blacksmith, 69 S 12th, h 12th n 

Bond Joseph, fisherman, 16 Dyott's ct. 
Bond Josiah, carp., Orang'e ab Washingi.on. 
Bond Mary, gentwo., Woodab Prince. 
Bond Richard L., carpenter, 27 W North. 
Bond Robert, ropem'r.. Wood bel Prince. 
Bond Thos., mer., 2^ Chestnut, h 359 N 6th. 
Bond Thomas, weaver, 21 Lebanon. 
Bond Thomas, dealer, Hope ab Phoenix. (K) 
Bondfield Baker, stone mason, B hill. 
Bonfield G., artist, N 10th bel Spring- Garden. 
Bonfield James, plasterer, 4th ab Thompson. 
Bongard Marg-aret, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Bonine Catharine, dressmaker, Locust bel 13th. 
Bonnaffon E., trimmings, 37 Spruce. 
Bonnell Samuel & Co., hardware, 214 N 2nd. 
Bonnell S., mer., 214 N 2nd, h 32 New Market. 
Bonner David, labourer, 3 Schuylkill West. 
Bonner Sarah, Nectarine bel 9th. 
Bonner William, labourer, Linn. (FM) 
Bonnin George P., auction., Christian bel Morris. 
Bonnin Geo. W., attorney and counsellor, 16 

Prune, h 102 N 5th. 
Bonnin Harriet, shop, 188 S 6th. 
Bonsall & Castle, conveyancers, 48 S 4th. 
Bonsall C. S., turner, 13 Sterling alley. 
Bonsall E. H., conveyancer, 1 Carpenter's ct, h 

38 Madison. 
Bonsall James S., printer, 11 Raspberr}'. 
Bonsall John, conveyancer, office 48 S 4t.h, h 504 

Bonsall Lewis, hatter, 16 Budd. 
Bonsall Mary W., dj-essmr., 304 High. 
Bonsall Richard, blacksmith. Lodge al ab 8th, h 

Traquair's ct. 
Bonsall Sarah, b li, rear 4 Fetter lane. 
Bonsall T. I.,., bookseller, 33^ High. 
Bonsall William, printer, 43 German. 
Bonsall Wm., Rialto house, Christian bel 8th. 
Bonsall William, labourer, 25 McDuffie. 
Bonsler Lewis, sawyer, rear 19 Budd. 
Bontemps Mrs. Hannah, gentw., 141 Spruce. 
Book George, huckster, 5 Howard's ct. 
Book Mary A., b h N E Uth & Hunter. 
Book Joseph, weaver, G T road ab Camac. 
Bookhammer J. H., carter, 3 Jefferson place. 
Boon Charles, hatter, 37 Arcade, h 60 Zane. 
Boon George, blacksmith, Welling al n Cherry, 

h Sch. Front ab Mulberry. 
Boon Horace, 4 Bird's ct. 




Boon Morris, wharf builder, Otter ii GT road 

Boon Peter, mariner, Marlborong-li n Queen. {K) 

Boon Rebecca, 394 Vine 

Boon Robert, clerk, 96 Christian. 

Boon Samuel, cordw., Hig-gins' ct. 

Boon VVm., waterman, Crawford's ct ab Noble. 

Boon William, tavern, S E Sch. 8th &. Georg'c. 

Boone William F., attorney at law, 181 Pine. 

Booth Benjamin, saddler, 188 Callowhill. 

Booth Benjamin, cbairmaker, 291 ^ N 2nd. 

Booth Edward, tobacconist, Wheat n Marion. 

Booth Edwin, mer., 46 N 2nd, h 3 W North 

Booth Edwin & Co., mers., 46 N 2d. 

Booth F. E., printer, 84 N 5th. 

Booth H., spinner, John ab Callowhill. 

Booth Isaac, stone cutter. Noble n Garden. 

Booth Isaac, cooper, Sutherland. 

Booth James, weaver. Harmony ct. (K) 

Booth John, turner, Justus' ct. 

Booth James C, chemist, 303 Spruce, office 

Old Mint. 
Booth James H., public waiter, 14 Crabb. 
Booth I. R., furniture, 439 Hig-h. 
Booth Keziah, shopkeeper, Mackey. 
Booth Margaret, b h. Wheat below Marion. 
Booth Rachel, 141 N 11th. 
Booth Thomas, silver plater, 21 N 7th. 
Booth Thomas L., brushmaker, 58 Wood. 
Bootman Mary, nurse, 107 Christian. 
Boraef Henry, victualler, 13th n Green. 
Borbidge Thomas, mer.. Vine n Sch. 7th. 
Borden Samuel, mer. 23 S 4th. 
Bordman Robert, weaver, Hanover ab Prince 
Borhek FMward, jeweller, 52 Chestnut. 
■ Borhek John, gent., 52 Gaskill. 
Borie A. E., mercht., 69 S 4th, h Spruce above 

Currant alle3^ 
Borie Charles L., mer., 69 S 4th. 
Borie, Bohlen & Co., mers., 69 S 4th. 
Borie Francis, machinist, 18 FothergiU, h 9th 

bel Fitzwater. 
Borie J. S., 9th bel Fitzwater. 
Borie J. J., 97 S 4th. 
Borie Mrs., b h, 37 Dock. 
Borland David, shoemr.. Walnut bel Sch. 3rd. 
Borland Wm., shoemaker. High ab Sch. 4tli. 
Borman John Jr., victualler, 5th bel Master. 
Born Ludwig, weav., Shack'n bel Prince. (K) 
Bornman Henry, victualler, O Y rd n Franklin. 
Bornman JoJin Sr., vict., O Y road n Franklin. 
Bornman Jolin, victual., Hanover n Prince. (K) 
Borth Robert, 147 Catharine. 
Bose Herman, clerk, 13 Short ct. 
Boshart Geo., hair sieve manuf., 1 Sheppard'sal. 
Boshart John, cooper, 101 Crown. 
Bosler George, brickmr., Apple ab George. 
Bosler John, vict., 602 N 2d. 
Bosler John, brickmr.. Broad ab Chestnut. 
Bosler Joseph, brass founder, 475 Vine. 
Boss Frederick, gent, 191 N 8th. 
Bossert Charles, pianomaker, h 126 Cherry. 
Bossert Joseph F., baker, N W 11th and Vine. 
Bossert Sarah, tavern, 150 N 4th n Vine. 
Bossert & Schomacher, pianoforte mr., 57 N 8th. 
Boston James G., painter, Carlton ab I2th. 

Bo.ston John, carter, Hear li n Marsh. (K) 
Boston Michael, morocco drcs.ser, Strcper's ct. 
Uoswell A. J., sign painter, 46 N Btii. 
noswell (ieoige, tinsmith, 19 'I'annnany. 
Boswell Jas. J., dry goods, 89 High, b 152 Pine. 
IJoswell Mary, Coin bel Wliarloii. 
Boswell Samuel, cfjrdniakcr, rear 71 (ici-nian. 
Boswell Wm. R., printer, 1 Campbell's ct. 
Bothner John H., rigger, 255 N Front. 
Bothner Wm., printer, 15 Querville's ct. 
Bothwell James, weaver, McDuffie n Sch. 2nd. 
Botsford Aiwa, stonecutter, Sch 4th bel Arch. 
Boucher Joseph, wheelwright, 187 Coates. 
Bouden Joseph, cabmr., Lilly alley. 
Bouens Jacob, labourer, 1 Boyle's ct. 
Bouffard Mrs., scourer, 148 Pine. 
Bouflare Mrs. and Mis.s, dressmaker, 89 Locust. 
Boulter Henry C, hair dresser, 459 Vine. 
Boulter Jolin R., cordw., 135 N 2nd. 
Boulu Adelaide, 51 Chester. 
Bourke Micbael, clerk, 291 S P'ront. 
Bournonville A., M. D., 96 Sassafras. 
Bourquin Mrs., dressmaker, 14 N 8th. 
Boustead James, currier, S W 5th and Noble. 
Boustead John, mer., 31 Church alley. 
Boustead & Shoemaker, shoe manf , 3 1 Church al 
Boutard Jos., S* German. 
Bouton Jenette, teacher, 14 Branch. 
Bouvier Frederick, mariner, 71 Queen. 
Bouvier John, office 46 N 5th, h 433 Sassafras. 
Bouvier Michael, mahogany and marble, 91 and 

93 S 2d, h 80 S Front! 
Bouvier Peter, victualler, 109 M road. 
Bouvier Peter, victualler, Church bel Christian. 
Bovard William, tailor, 179 N 8th. 
Bowdle Tristram, acct., 83 Buttonwood. 
Bowen Ann, 52 Sassafras. 
Bowen Annalias, cabinetmaker. 23 Cox 
Bowen David H., cabinetmaker, 2nd n Queen, 

h 444 S Front. 
Bowen E., hatter, 49 Chestnut, h 134 N 12th. 
Bowen J. T., litbogr., 94 Walnut, h 96 Walnut. 
Bowen John, cooper, Kean's ct c N Market. 
Bowen Jos. E., tailor, N E Beach and Caldwell. 
Bowen Joseph, porter. Shoemaker's ct. 
Bowen Maria, b h, 15 Strawberry. 
Bowen Martha, 389 Spruce. 
Bowen Matthias A. carp., Carlton ab Sch. 6th. 
Bowen N., waiter, 1 1 Buckley. 
Bowen Philip, cabinet maker, 275 N 3rd. 
Bowen Samuel, waterman, 42 Oak. 
Bowen S. R., mer., 42 N Front. 
Bowen Wm., cabinetmr., F rd bel Franklin. (K; 
Bowen M'illiam, druggist, Budd and Brown. 
Bowen William E., merchant, 14 Chestnut, h 

Broad ab Locust. 
Bowen AVm. M., U. S. mint, h 33 Ridge road. 
Bower Abraham, bootmaker, 6 Sassafras alley, 
Bower Charles P., butclier, Francis n R It (FV) 
Bower F., baker, 3 La?titia ct. 
Bower Frederick, confectioner, 130 Sassafras. 
Bower Geo. C, druggist, c Phoenix & G T rd. 
Bower George, carpenter, 206 G T road. 
Bower Henry A., druggist, N W 7tl) & Green. 
Bower John, sash maker, 4 Union square. 




Bower John D., Bush hill hotel. 
Bower Mary, Penn n Maiden. (K) 
Bower Samuel, barber, 51 M road. 
Bower S. D., ship carp., 450 N Front ab Otter. 
Bowers C. F., Queen n Warren. 
Bowers David, wheelw., 3 Penn ab Maiden. (K) 
Bowers David, Fairview n Busli H;ll. 
Bowers Elizh., g-entw., Beach bel Marlboro'. (K) 
Bowers George, lab., Shippen lane bel Cedar. 
Bowers Georg-e P., carver, 147 N 6th. 
Bowers Henry, shoemaker, Callowhill bel 5th. 
Bowers John, combmi-., F road ab Cherry. (K) 
Bowers John, labourer, rear 175 Coates. 
Bowers J., clothes deal., 37 S 3d, h 37 Middle al. 
Bowers John C, clothes, 71 S 2d. 
Bowers John R., 165 High, h 214 Pine. 
Bowers Jos. T., combmr., Union ab Prince. (K) 
Bowers Mary, c 7th and Brown. 
Bowers Peter G., chairmaker, 402 N 3d. 
Bowers Rebecca, tailoress, 113 German. 
Bowers R., combmr., Shackamaxon ab Bedford. 
Bowers Richard, bricklayer, F rd ab Cherry. (K) 
Bowers Sarah, George ab Schuylkill 7th. 
Bowers S. A., milliner, 402 N 3rd. 
Bowers Wm., weaver, 6 China row. (K) 
Bowers William, combm'kr, Elizabeth n Parrish. 
Bowie James A., men, 282 S 2d. 
Bowlby E., mer., 69 Higli, h 178 S 3d. 
Bowlby E. jr., mer., 69 High, h Schuyl. 6th bel 

Bowlby E. & Co., hardware, 69 High. 
Bowlby James, lab., Ridgway's row Callowhill. 
Bowlby Margaret, gentvv., 161 Mulberry. 

Bowlby Thomas, mer., 104 S 4th. 

Bowler & Co., skindressers, Schleisman's alley. 

Bowler Wm., skin dresser, Beaver ab 3rd. 

Bowles Elizabeth, variety store, 50 Cedar. 

Bowles James, stone cutter, Haines ab 6th. 

Bowles John, stonecut'r, Queen ab Crown. (K) 

Bowman Abraham, printer, rear 128 Sassafras. 

Bowman Catharine, shop, c 13th and Olive. 

Bowman Charles, watchman, 17 Mead. 

Bowman Chas. A., tobac't, Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 

Bowman Chris., lampmf., F road ab Franklin (K) 

Bowman David W., clerk, 2dab Jefferson. 

Bowman Franklin, mach't. Queen ab Allen. (K) 

Bowman Frederick, locksmith, 2 Kessler's ct. 

Bowman Geo. W., cordw., Washington bel 3rd. 

Bowman Isaac, mariner, 44 Mead. 

Bowman James, grocer, Dugan bel Spruce. 

Bowman John, lab., c 13th and Oliver. 

Bowman John, glassblower, Queen n Hanover. 

Bowman John, hatter, 24 Combes' alley. 

Bowman Jonas, grocer, 110 St. John. 

Bowman Jonathan, flour store, O Y Rab Green. 

Bowman Martha, 25 Dean. 

Bowman Michael, tavern, G T road n 4th. 

Bowman Samuel, printer, 460 S Front. 

Bowman Sarah, milliner & mantuamr., 51 New. 

Bowman Thomas, com. mer., 7^ N Front, h 32 

Bowman Wm., lab., Wiley's ct. 

Bown Abraham, batter, 383 N Front. 

Bown Benj., var. store, N W George & Shippen. 

Bown Benj. S.. baskets & var., N W 2d & Shippen 

Bown Charles, shoemaker, 257 S 6th. 
Bows Martin, carter, 10 Dilk's ct. 
Bowser Jeremiah, oyster cellar, h 177 N 4th. 
Bowstead Thomas, weaver, 25 Lebanon. 
Bowyer Jer., carp, weaver, 24 Nixon. 
Boyce Ann, 154 Sassafras. 
Boyce Benj., gent., 81 N 8th. 
Boyce Henry, labourer, 119 Prime. 
Boyce John E., machinist, 271 St. John. 
Boyce Sarah, 12 Gray's alley. 
Boyce Wilham H., tavern, N E 10th & Sassafras. 
Boyd Andrew, bookbinder, 12th n Pine. 
Boyd Andrew, labourer, Emerald bel Sch. 6th. 
Boyd Catharijie, 219 Christian. 
Boyd Charles, stone cutter, 7 Callowhill. 
Boyd Charlotte C. 98 S 5th. 
Boyd & Chick, tailors, 39 N 4th. 
Boyd & Cummins, dry goods, 103 High. 
Bovd David, stone cutter, 32 N 10th. 
Boyd David, tailor, 39 N 4th bel Cherry. 
Boyd Edward, carp., 6th n C Creek. 
Boyd Eliza, 5 Farr's ct. 
Boyd Ehzabeth, 6 Torr's ct. 
Boyd Emelia S., upholsterer, 119 N 5th. 
Boyd Eliza, Sch. 2d n Callowhill. 
Boyd Elizabeth, 67 S Front. 
Boyd Francis, machinist, 2 Watson's alley. 
Boyd George Rev., F road n Toll gate. 
Boyd George, grocer, S W 8th and Green. 
Boyd Hugh, manuf., Sch. 3d n Lombard. 
Boyd James, dyer, Shippen ab 13th. 
Boyd James, gardener, Jones' al. ab Sch. 5th. 
Boyd James, collector, 6 Boyd's av. 
Boyd James C, lab., W High ab Sch. 2d. 
Boyd Jane, Shippen bel. 9th. 
Boyd John, moulder, Bethesda row. 
Boyd John, gent.. Front n Master. 
Boyd John, at;countant, 236 N 5th. 
Boyd John, rope mr., 10 Prime. 
Boyd John, labourer, 2 S 13th. 
Boyd John, tailor, 150 N Water, h 41 Coates' al. 
Boyd John, labourer, Marlboro' ab Beach. (K) 
Boyd John J., stone cutter, Geo. ab Sch. 3rd 
Boyd John Oliver, merch., 103 High, h 8 Mont- 
gomery sq. 
Boyd R., sand paper manuf, George b Sch. 6th. 
Boyd Samuel, tailor, 2 N Water. 
Boyd S., cordw., Lombard n Sch. 7th. 
Boyd Sophia, 30 Logan. 
Boyd Susan, gentw., 7 Wood ab 4th. 
Boyd Thomas, clerk, 29 Madison. 
Boyd William, chandler, 121 N 5th. 
Boyd William, grocer, 408 High. 
Boyd WiUiam, Pearl bel Broad. 
Boyd William H., tavern, 11 Decatur. 
Boyd Wm. S., grocer, 7 &. 9 S Water, h 1 98 S 3rd. 
Boyer C. R., M. D., 158 N 9th. 
Boyer D. S., ex. brc, 30 S 3rd. 
Boyer Evan, ship carp.. Prime ab Swanson. 
Boyer Henry, hardware, 170 N 2nd, h 39 Vine. 
Boyer Jacob, commr. of S G, Wallace ab R road. 
Boyer Jacob, carpenter, Hilliard's ct. 
Boyer James Jr., carpenter, 4 Wood. 
Boyer J., carp., Orchard ab George, h 4 Wood. 
Boyer John, cordw., 21 Mulberrv al. 


Boyer Joshua, carpet weav., Sch. 6th bel High 

Boyer Lydia, 506 Callowhill. 

Boyer Richard, lab., 468 N 5th. 

Boyer Wm., house furnisher, 338 High, h 194 

N 12th. 
Boyle Charles, agent R road, 522 S Front. 
Boyle Charles, lab., George bel Sch. 6th. 
Boyle Daniel, weaver. Crown bel Duke. (K) 
Boyle Edward, labourer, Loyd bel Shippen. 
Boyle Edward, gent., 232 Catharine. 
Boyle Edward, founder, Fraley's ct. (K) 
Boyle Ehzabeth, 9 Mechanic. (FM) 
Boyle Elizabeth, b h, 230 Pine. 
Boyle H., tailor, 59 Shippen. 
Boyle Henry, stone cutter, 8 Fearris'ct. 
Boyle Hugh, tailor, 27 Merchant, h S W 9th & 

Fitz water. 
Boyle Hugh & Co., tailors, 27 Merchant 
Boyle Hugh, lab., Cooper n Sch. 2d. 
Boyle James, bookbinder, 74 Spring Garden. 
Boyle Jefferson, dyer, c 3d & Franklin. (K) 
Boyle John, printer, Apple n Poplar. 
Boyle John, tailor, 276 S 5th. 
Boyle John, printer, S E 2d & Brown. 
Jioyle John, blacksmith, c Sch. 8th & Wood. 
Boyle John, lab., Sch. Front and Cedar. 
Boyle John, bootmaker, Sassafras n Sch. 7th. 
Boyle John C, coachmaker, 332 S 4th. 
Boyle Michael, chandler, 583 N 3d. 
Boyle Patrick, shop, 27 Hurst. 
Boyle Patrick, lab.. Reed ab 2d. 
Boyle Robert, tailor, 59 Dock. 
Boyle Robert, Western Exch. High n Sch. 8th. 
Boyle Robert, lab., F road ab Queen. (K) 
■ Boyle Sarah, 82 Swanson. 
Boyle Thomas, cordw., 126 Beach. (K) 
Boj'le Thomas, dyer, 3d n Frankhn, (K.) 
Boyle Thos., lab., S E Parker & Carpenter. (S) 
Boyle Thomas, dry goods, S W 11th & Cherry. 
Boyle Wellington, grocer, S E Parker & Car- 
Boyle Wm., 77 P road. 
Boyle William, cooper, 11 Knight's ct. 
Boyle William V., grocer, 13 S Water, h 9 S 

Penn sq. 
Boyles J., bookbinder, 9 George, h 7th bel S 

Boyles Joseph T., carp., 10 Gebhard. 
Boys George, confectioner, S W 12th &. Spruce. 
Boys William, dry goods, 451 N 2nd. 
Uovton Charles, harnessmaker, Marlboro' ab 

Duke. (K) 
Bozark John, engineer. Palmer bel Queen. (K) 
Bozorth Richard, boatman, Sch. 2d n Mulberry. 
Bozorth Wm., U. S. inspect, office 45 S Wharfs, 

h 56 Gaskill. 
Bowes Catharine, 224 Cedar. 
Braband Fi-ancis, vai-iety store, 281 S 2d. 
Brace Charles, lab., 5 Caroline Place. 
Brace Joel Jr., Clinton ab 9th. 
Brace S. C, 100 S 3d. 

Braceland Bridget M., upholsterer, 153 Walnut 
Braceland J., tobacconist, 162 S 6th, h James st. 
Bracken Janaes, marble polisher, 116 S 10th. 
Bracken James, b h, 116 N Water. 

ar BRA 

Bracken Henry, cabinetmaker, Lemon ab 10th. 
Bracken Thos., printer, S W Perry &. Lambert. 
Hrackenbridge John, carter, Columbia road. 
Hrackney Isaac, tailor, 124 Filbert. 
Bracy Chas., lab., 5 Caroline place. 
Bracy Thos., lab., 3 Gales' ct. 
Bradbiu-y N. P., atty & coun., 152 Walnut. 
Braddock Benj., carp., Logan bel Coatcs. 
Braddock Joseph, cordw., 275 St. John. 
Braddock L., painter, 334 Sassafras. 
Bradel George, baker, 105 G T road. 
Bradel Gcorjg-e A., baker, 377 N 4th. 
Bradey Mary Ann, b h, 131 Catharine. 
Bradfield George W., brass founder, rear 71 N 

8th, \\ 20 Marion. 
Bradick Ann, Freytag's al. 
Bradford Cornelius 1., acct., 135 N 11th. 
Bradford Eliza, 24 S 13th. 
Bradford Eliza, eating house, 491 High. 
Bradford James, M. D., 347 Walnut. 
Bradford James, shoemaker, 509 High. 
Bradford John, porter, Christian bel 9th. 
Bradford John, blacksmith, 5 Paschal's al. 
Bradford Samuel, Treas. Phila. and Reading R R 

Co., and L Sch. N R R & Coal Co. 59 S 3d, 

h 10 Belmont place. 
Bradford Samuel, clerk, 8 Duke. 
Bradford Sarah Ann, b li, 48 W Cedar. 
Bradford Thomas, att'y & coun., 5 Sansom. 
Bradford Thomas, tavern, 26 Carter's al. 
Bradford Thos., soap & candle manuf , 473 N 2nd. 
Bradford Walter, teacher, 139 S 11th. 
Bradford Wm., atty. & coun., 5 Sansom. 
Bradhurst James, dyer, Fairmount. 
Bradley Bernard, tavern. Vine n Sch. river. 
Bradley Catharine, shop, 138 Budd. 
Bradley Christiana, gentw., 288 N 7th. 
Bradley David, victualler, 79 Christian. 
Bradley Dominick, labourer, 11 Prosperous al. 
Bradley Edward, lab., rear 84 N 11th. 
Bradley Francis, lab.. Shoemaker's al. 
Bradley George, corder, 246 Christian. 
Bradley Heniy N., lab., Ann n 13th. 
Bi-adley Mary A., matron orphan's asylum, N E 

Sch. 5th & Cheny. 
Bi*adley James, baker, 407 High. 
Bradley James, oysterman, rear 16 Emlin's ct. 
Bradley James, pedler, Shippen ab 12th. 
Bradley James, varnisher, Lyndall n 13th. 
Bradley Jeremiah, lab., 1 Grape ct. 
Bradley Joshua, machinist, 286 Wood. 
Bradley John, tavern, 229 S 5th. 
Bradley John tailor, 295 S 3rd. 
Bradley John E., bookbinder, 2 Tammany. 
Bradley John O., cordwr., 3 Clare. 
Bradley Mary, Beach bel Hanover. (K) 
Bradley Sally, Catharine ab 9th. 
Bradley Tim'., lab.. Vine n Sch. Wilham. 
Bradley Wm., M. D., 1 Franklin row. 
Bradley Wm. B., dentist, 88 Spruce. 
Bradlev Wm. C, super, orph. asylum, N E Sch. 

5th & Cherry. 
Bradnick Wm., victualler, 304 Carpenter. 
Bradshaw George, seaman, McKoy's ct. 
Bradshaw James, lab.. Steward ab Catbarinc. 




Bradshaw N., const., Marlboro' n Bedford. (K) 

Bradshaw S., 65 S 11th. 

Bradahaw Robert, cordwainer, 77 Lombard. 

Bradshaw Tliomas, mariner, Ross' ct- 

Bradshaw Wni. K.-, mariner, Lewis' ct- 

Bradway Isaac, confectioner, 220 Callowhill. 

Bi-adway L. & S., seiuinary, 220 Callowhill. 

Brady A. '1'., confectioner, 317 S 6th. 

Brady Fran. E., manuf., c Jefferson & GT road. 

Brady l-'rederick, coachmaker, 170 Christian. 

Brady Hannah, g-entw, S W 8tli & Cedar. 

Brady Hug-li, grocer, R road and Mellon. 

Brady Hugh, lab., Sell. 3d n Lombard. 

Brady James, grocer, c Sch. 4th & Lombard. 

Brady James, cabm., 185 Noble. 

Brady James, blacksmith, S 6th & P road. 

Brady James, tallowchandler, 110 S 12th. 

Brady Jane, b h, 30 Prune. 

Brady Jolin, tavern, 29 Prune. 

Brady John, labourer, rear 116 German. 

Brad)' Joseph, milkman, 10 Annal) Sch. 8th. 

Brady Martha, gentw., 127 Budd. 

Brady Lawrence, 168 N Water. 

Brady Matthew, carp., 127 Budd. 

Brady Mary, Traquair's ct. 

Brady P., mer., 26 N Front, h 397 Mulberry. 

Brady Patrick, manuf., G T road ab Master. 

Brady Patrick, lab., W High ab Sch. 5th. 

Brady Rosanna, G T road ab Master. 

Brady Susan, 3 Beaver ct. 

Brady Thomas, weaver, 4th bel G T road. 

Brady Thomas, mer., 193 High, h 106 Walnut. 

Brady Thomas, tailor, 357 N 2nd. 

Brady Wm., gold beater, rear 10 S 5th, li 196 S 

Brady William, laceweaver, 10 Elder al. 
Braeutigan Catharine, 132 Buttonwood. 
Bragden Thomas, lab., Sch. 3rd ab High. 
Braieged John, carpets, 10th bel Milton. 
Braiger Rudolph, carpetweaver, 43 Pegg. 
Brainerd Joseph, dealer, 11th ab Coates. 
Brainerd John, engineer, Wilson's ct. 
Brainerd Thomas Rev., 209 Pine. 
Braithwaite Henry, victualler, Marriott bel 5th. 
Braithwaite Thos., tavern, S E Water & Vine. 
Bramall Ellen, shop. Cedar n 7th. 

Bramall Benjamin, dyer, Warren ab Beach. (K) 

Braman Samuel, plasterer, Grover. 

Bramble Jos., cabinetmr., Cherry ab Queen. (K) 
Bramble James, tavern, S E 9th & Vine. 

Bramljle Wm., 4 Comptroller. 

Branagan Daniel, labourer, 8 Abbott's ct. 

Branagan Edward, weaver, 4th bel G T road. 

Hrand George, tinman, N E 3d and High, h 85 

Brand John, gent., Buttonwood n 10th. 

Brand Martin, cordw., 239 N Front. 

Branden James, labourer, 87 Gei-man. 

Brandfield James, locksmith, Madison av. 

Brandon Thomas, lab., 16 Barker. 

Brandreth Benjamin, M. D., 8 N 8th. 

Brandt James, carp.. Front ab Phoenix, (K.) 

Brandt Henry, seaman, AVamer's ct. 

Brandt John, baker, rear 120 Swanson. 

Brandt Thomas, bricklayer, Front bel Phoenix. 

Brannan Edward, lunbrellamaker, 231 N 2nd 
Braiman John, drayman, 15 Fayette. 
Brannin John, carter, 14 Parker 
Brannin Matthew, 10 Wiley's ct. 
Brannin Patrick, weaver, Hope bel Master. 
Brannin Thomas, weaver. Master n 4th. 
Brannin Thomas, lab., 12th bel Carpenter. (M) 
Branson John, cordwr, 4 Washington row. (N L) 
Branson Rebecca, milliner, 115 Sassafras. 
Branson Samuel, mer. 59 High. 
Branson Samuel, cordw., 145 Budd. 
Branson Ware, sailmakcr, S Wharfs n Shippen, 

h 618 S 2nd. 
Brant T., bricklayer, 130 Beach ab Maiden. 
Branyan Mrs., milliner, 112 Green. 
Branyan Wm., cedar cooper. Prosperous al. 
Brasan Margaret, trimmings. Green ab 7th. 
Brashears S., attorney & counsellor, 97 Walnut. 
Brashears Z. D., teacher, 4 Cherry ab Sch. 7th. 
Brasier Amable, gent., 117 S 3rd. 
Brassington John, brassfounder, 641 N 2d. 
Bratton Isaac, carp., Elizabeth n Parrish. 
Bray Aaron, furniture, 175 N 3i'd. 
Bray, Barcroft & Co., drygoods, 163 High. 
Bray Charles, tavern, 246 S 7th. 
Bray Daniel, mer., 163 High, h 217 Vine. 
Bray Elkar.ah, shipmaster, 81 Christian. 
Bray Elkanah jr., shipmaster, 110 Catharine. 
Bray Jas. H., glass cut., Allen bel Marlborough. 

Bray Job F. pamter, 228 S 3rd. 
Bray John, grocer, S W Franklin & Coates. 
Bray John W., merchant, 163 High. 
Brayman Amy, Conrad's ct. 
Braynard J. D., broker, 45 Chestnut, h 233 S 9th. 
Brazier Christopher, alderman, 69 N 5th. 
Brazier John, blacksmith, 171 Green. 
Bready J. Hall, atty. & counsellor, 212 Walnut. 
Brearley John, watchman, 6 Chester. 
Brearly John, sawmr.. Turner. 
Breban Jolin J., mer., 56 Walnut, h Spruce n 

Brechemin Lewis, jeweller, 120 S 2nd. 
Breck Peter, waiter, rear 5 Coombe's al. 
Breck Samuel, gent.. Mulberry ab Broad. 
Breed Samuel D., boots & shoes, 532 High. 
Breeding James, painter, Wheat bel Reed. 
Breeld Sullivan, 112 Catharine. 
Breen James, cordwainer, 25 Harmony. 
Breen Peter, lab., 116 N Water. 
Brcen Peter, distiller, 143 S 10th. 
Breidenliart E, gentw., 117 S Front. 
Breidenhart George A., liquors, 115 S Front. 
Breintnall David, gent., 287 Walnut. 
Breish John, butcher. Front ab Franklin. 
Breish Joshua, tavern, S W Poplar & Apple. 
Breish Joshua J., butcher, 3d ab Plioenix. 
Breish Wm., grocer, N W Poplar & Apple. 
Brelsford & Bond, blacksmiths, 69 S 12th. 
Brelsford Francis, cordwainer, 11 Dean. 
Brelsford John, cabinetmaker, 34 Almond. 
Brelsford Joseph, blacksmith, 69 S 12th, h 2 

Lyndall's al. 
Brelsford William D., cai-penter, 8 Truxton. 
Bremer Lewis, tobacconist, 190 N 3d. 




Bvemond J. hatter, 64 Chestnut. 

Jireiiati Martlia, 75 Locust. 

Brcndling'er John, mer., 53 Wood. 

Brenizer Amos E., tinsmith, Catliarine ab 6th. 

Brennan Hugh, eating house, 144 S Front. 

Brenner John, macliinist, 10th ab James. 

Brenner John G., mer., 69 riigh,h Cherry ab 10th. 

Brenner Thomas, b h, 154 Ship])en. 

BrensthalFredk., baker, P road & (Jarpenter (S) 

Breshvn M. & Boyle M., dressmrs., 12 N 8th. 

Breshng Sarah, Linden ab Sch. fth. 

Breson Neil, bootmr., Carpenter bel 8th. 

Bressel Christ., cordw., Charlotte ab Thompson 

BrethofF Henry, mariner, 1 John. (S) 

Brett Timothy, morocco dresser, 3 Kepler's ct. 

Bretz Jacob, gent., 357 Sassafras. 

Breuill C. F., custom house, h 10th bel Fitzwater. 

Breuill Mrs., gentw., 10th bel Fitzwater. 

Breunig Francis, tavern, 332 Callowhill. 

Brevoor John, mariner, 53 Carpenter. (S) 

Bi'ewer John, tavern, c Marlborough & Frankhn. 

Brewer John M., M. D., 74 S 6th. 

Brewer Samuel, ornamental painter, 93 N ord. 

Brewer Thos. A., watchmaker, 199 Callowhill. 

Brewer Wm., waterman, Decatur ab Rye. 

Bi-ewster Benjamin H., atty. & coun., 7 George, 

h 153 S 10th. 
Brewster Daniel, tailor, 27 Elfreth's al. 
Brewster Edmond, port, paint., Wharton &. Rye. 
Brewster Francis E., atty. &. coun. 32 S 6th, 

h 183 S 7th. 
Brewster Job, cordw., 48 M road. 
Brewster Joseph S., atty., & coun., 2 George. 
Brewster Lucinda, 466 Sassafras. 
Brewster M. H., 153 S 10th. 
Brewton Ann, b h, 121 Mulberry. 
Brewton Daniel, mariner, 103 Christian. 
Brewton Edward, plumber, 46 Mead. 
Brewton Miles, carpenter, rear 103 Christian. 
Brian William, tailor, 12 Franklin. 
Brick John R., hides & leather, 35 Chestnut. 
Brick Samuel R., bricklayer, 14 Kunckle. 
Brick WiUiam W., morocco dresser, 360 S 2nd. 
Brickman George, baker, Sch 7th n George. 
Bride James, labourer, rear Cherry W Sch. 6th. 
Bridge C, trader, 3d ab Thompson. 
Bridge J. C, gent., 456 Vine. 
Bridges E. N., Marshall House, 207 Chestnut. 
Bridges Mary, gentw., 203 S 7th. 
Bridges N. W., U. S. hotel, 151 Chestnut. 
Bridges Robert, M. D., 29 S 13th. 
Bridges Wm. C, broker, 62 Dock, h 29 S 13th. 
Bridget James, printer, 4 Richardson's ct. 
Brien William, labourer, 573 S 2nd. 
Brierly Benj., spinner, Fraley's ct. (K) 
Brierly Thomas, carpenter, 8th bel Shippen. 
Briggs Andrew, machinist, Wood n Sch. 2nd. 
Brig-gs & Ferguson, carpenters, 13th bel Cedar. 
Briggs G. W., currier, Hause's ct. 
Briggs John, bleeder, 47 N 7th. 
liriggs John, shoemaker, 5 Boyd's ct. 
Briggs Joseph, cai'p., 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Briggs Moses, paint. & glaz., & trimming- store, 

S E 4th & Spruce. 
Briggs Robert, 3 Adams. 

Briggs Tlios., wlifclwright, Stewart n Cliristlan 
Uriggs William, carpcntci-, 13tli Ijcl Hhippcii. 
lirighatii (jluu'lts, pj-intcr, 3 AVillow ct. 
Mrigiiam Elijah A., broker, 1 Lodgo, h 131 Wood 
Hrigiiam George, gent., 12 (Clinton scjnare. 
Hright E., artificial flowermaker, 62 Mulberry. 
IJright Wm. S.& Beale S. T., dentists, 4 N lltii. 
lirighthy (jharlcs II., gass filter, 44 VValnut. 
Brightley F. C, atty. &. coun., 90 Walnut, ii Og- 

den'ab lOtii. 
Bi-iglitley Heni-y, printer, 10th bel Ogden. 
Brightley J. H., engraver, 159 Wood. 
Brightwell Sarah, shopkeeper, 46 Budd. 
Brill George, tvu-ner, Shackamaxon n Bedford(K) 
Brindel John F., gunsmith, Sarah bel Bedford. (K) 
Brindle Mrs., w'dow, F i-oad n Bedford. (K) 
Brindley Edward, mer., 24 N 2nd, h Chestnut 

- AV Sch. 8th. 
Brincklc T. R., M. D., 126 Mulberry. 
Brinckle J. R., mer., 15 S Front, h 375 Mulberry 
Brinckle WiUiam D., M. D., 375 Mulberry. 
Brinckley R. C, waiter, Currant al n Spruce. 
Brine Mrs., milliner, 153 S 2nd. 
Briner Martin, drayman, 263 N Front. 
Bringhurst John, drugg^ist &. chemist, S E 

lOth & Chestnut. 
Bringhurst John K., printer, Franklin 1 door 

from Wallace. 
Bringhurst Robert R., undertaker, 239 Mulberrv. 
Brinley Edwai-d L., auctioneer, 22 & 24 N 2d. 
Brinner Job, gent., 68 Apple. 
Brinnhaltz Henry, whf. bull., Lancaster ab Reed. 
Brlntley Mary Ann, o5 Apple. 
Brinton Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 122 Chestnut, 
Brinton John, 361 Walnut, h 12 Clinton sq. 
Brinton R. B., mer., 143 High. 
Brinton S., gentw., 361 Walnut. 
Brintzinghoffer Chas!, 3 N 5rd, h 190 Noble. 
Briscoe James II., dentist, 171 AValnut ab 7th, 
Briscoe William, dentist, 12 Filbert. 
Brlson Jame,«, lab., 45 Crabb. 
Bristol C, clothes dealer, 131 S 2d. 
Brister Charles, labourer, Portland bel 7th. 
Bristol Abraham, painter & glaz., o7 Coates' al. 
Bristol Augustus, dealer, 146 Cedar. 
Bristol James, labourer, 187 Catharine. 
Britner Michael, tailor, 6th n C Creek. 
Britt Patrick, lab.. Beach ab Hanover, (K) 
Brlttin Jacob, tobacconist. Beach n Maiden, (K) 
Brlttingham James, mariner, rear 375 S Front. 
Brltton Austin G., provisions, 202 N 8th. 
Britton Clawges, labourer. Filbert & Sch. 3rd. 
Brltton Edmund, cordw., Hanover ab Duke, (K) 
Britton Hester, refectory, 10 Lsetitia ct. 
Brltton H., fortune teller, loth bel Rose al. 
Britton James B., refreshments, 11 West. 
Britton J. Blodget, atty. &. convey., 115 S 6th. 
Britton Julia, gentw., VValnut n Sch. 8th. 
Brltton Thomas, U. S. mint, h 34 Jacoby. 
Brltton Wm., gent., Washington, (W P) 
Britton Wm., saddler, Lewis AV Sch. 6th. 
Britts George, tobacconist, 4 Mechanic. 
Broad John, whipmr., 50 Crown. 
Broad AV., 2 Chester. 
Broad AVm., oysters, S E 8th & AValnut. 




Broaclbeck John, baker, 71 F road. 
Broadbent B., mer., 16 S Front, h N 10th ab 

Broadbent Daniel W., bottler, 408 N Front. 
Broadbent Hirani-, mould., Beach ab Poplar.(K) 
Broadhead Daniel M., lumber mer.. Spruce and 

Sch. 7th, h N W Sch. 7th and Walnut. 
Broadley James, drayman, N W Lombard and 

Brobson Joseph, acct.. Chestnut n Sch. 
Brock Benj., waterman. Crown bel Duke. (K) 
Brock Charles, g-rocer, 226 N 2d, h 50 Ann. 
Brock Charles N., machinist, rear 29 N 9th. 
Brock Joiin, g-roccr, 222 N 2d, h 149 N 4th. 
Brock John, Sons &. Co., grocers, 222 & 226 N 2d 
Brock Thomas, tavern, S W lOth and Mulberry. 
Brock William, cabinetmaker, 69 P road. 
Brockelhurst Robert, blacksmith, Hunter ab 

10th, h Scott's ct. 
Brocklehurst, Levi, machin., Coates n F mount. 
Brocksop Robert, eng-inecr, Marlboroug-h bel 

Prince. (K.) 
Brockway Phillip, weaver. Queen n Palmer.(K) 
Brodbcck C, M. D., 19 Cheriy. 
Brodie Elizabeth, sempstress, c Peach & Coates. 
Brodie Rachael, milliner, 463 Vine. 
Brogan Patrick, morocco dresser, 19 P road. 
Brog-nard J. S., mer., 188 Spruce. 
Brognard L. N., mer., 91 High. 
Brolasky J. H., tailor, 190 and h 475 Chestnut. 
Brolasky S., dry goods, 264 Higli, h 419 Chestnut 
Brollay Thomas, shoemaker, 294 N Front. 
Brolley James, ostler, 7 Arrison's ct. 
Bromer John, cooper, 260 St. John. 
Bromley Henry, fur & cap manuf., c Sch. 6th 

& Vine, &, 12 N 4th, up stairs, h 4 Ritten- 

Brommel Benj. C, sailmaleer, 28 Elfreth's al. 
Brommel Ellen, sempstress, Bedford bel Broad. 
Brommell John, baker. Beach ab Maiden, (K) 
Brong Daniel, b h., 320 N 8th. 
Bronson John, fishing tackle, 32 Cedar. 
Brook Charles W., atty. & coun., 199 Walnut. 
Brook Mrs. Jane, Walnut below Broad. 
Brook Richard, oyster house, 261 Callowhill. 
Brookbanks & Lewiy, gasfitters. Willow bel 3d. 
Brookbanks Wm., gasfitter, 5 Beck's ct. 
Brooke Alex., carbuilder. Wood ab Sch. 8tli. 
Brooke Alex. H., shipmaster, 175 Queen. 
Brooke Ignatius, machine maker, 293 N 3d. 
Brooke James, grocer, S W Sch. 7th & Pine. 
Brooke Jonas, tavern, 227 Walnut. 
Brooke Lewis P,. mer., 64 N 3rd. 
Brooke Sc Longmire, brewers, 60 Shippen. 
Brooke S. H., mer., 140 High, h 34 N 9th. 
Brooke, Tyson & Rhen, mers., 140 High 
Brooker Benjamin, 114 Catharine. 
Brocker Clias., hatter, 186 Cedar. 
Brooker Elizabeth, pawn broker, 186 Cedar. 
Brooker John, cordw., 32 Queen. 
Brookfelder Fredk., lab., Warren belQueen(K) 
Brookfield Joseph, M. D., c Juniper & Filbert. 
Brookfield, Wm., N E Manderson & F road.(K) 
Brookfield, Wm., stone cutter, 2 W North, h 

Buttonwood & R road. 

Brooks C. Mrs., 22 S 7th n Walnut. 
Brooks David, lab., Broad n Sassafras. 
Brooks Elias S., printer, 68 S 2d. 
Brooks Elizabeth, gentw., 5 Norris' alley. 
Brooks George, agent, 296 High. 
Brooks Isaac, grocer, Sch. 8th & George. 
Brooks Isaac Jr., grocer, Scl>. 7th u Cherry. 
Brooks James, liatter, Catharine bel 10th. 
Brooks James, hatter, Weccacoe. 
Brooks Jas., Bridgewater iron works., n Frank- 
Brooks James, carp., 6 Maiden. (K) 
Brooks Jeremiah N., mer., 15 N 9th. 
Brooks John, carpenter, 281 N 7th. 
Brooks John cooper, 75 S Water, h 9 Norris' al. 
Brooks J. H., grocer, 24 Washington Market pi. 
Brooks Joseph H., druggist, Beach ab Maiden. 
Brooks & Heilman, china mers., 206 N 3d, and 

forwarding mers.. Willow and St. John 
Brooks James E., china mer., 206 N 3d. 
Brooks John W., carpenter, 470 N Front. 
Brooks Margaret, 71 Green. 
Brooks Margaret, grocer, 145 Carpenter. (S) 
Brooks Matthew, carpet manuf., 86 N 3rd. 
Brooks Ohver, hats & caps, 56 High, h 180 S 9tk. 
Brooks Rose, b h, 28 N 8th. 
Brooks Samuel, mer., 7 S whfs., h 228 Walnut. 
Brooks Seth S., acct., 164 Cherry. 
Brooks Stephen, tinman. Willow ab 3d, h 

136 Franklin, bel Coates. 
Brooks Samuel, oysterman, N E Sch 8th and 

Brooks S. B., clerk, N. A. Bank, h Sch. 8th n 

Brooks Thomas, carpenter, 25 Green. 
Brooks Thomas E., c Shippen and 5th. 
Brooks Wm., button manf., St. John n Beaver. 
Brooks Wm., druggist, 189 Lombard. 
Brooks Wm., weaver, Beach ab Maiden. (K) 
Brooks William D., M. D., 477 S 2nd. 
Brooks W. K., grocer, S E Shippen and 5th, h 

28 Washington Market Place. 
Brooks Wm. L., stationer, S W 3d and Green. 
Broom, Ann, matron, Christ Ch. Hos., 8 Cherry. 
Broom Edward, glass blower, 111 AV High. 
Broom G. L. & Co., sugar refiners, 13 Bread. 
Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, b 

O Y road bel Green. 
Broom James M., atty and coun., 79 S 6th. 
Broom Jacob P., gent, 30 N Sch. 8th. 
Broom John L., tavern, 10th n Catharine. 
Bi'oom John, plasterer, 10th ab Catharine. 
Broom Thomas, ship carpenter, 101 Prime. 
Broomall Sarah, nurse, 49 N 2nd. 
Broome Wm., trimming store, S E 3rd & Union. 
Broome Thomas, fancy case maker, 42 Chestnut, 

h 4 Cypress al. 
Bross Edmund R., cordwainer, 1 Lemon. 
Brothers George, carp., 160 Lombard. 
Brothers Terrins, dealer, Elizabeth ab Poplar. 
Brotherton Hugh, dry goods, 136 N 13th. 
Brower Christian, Red Lion Hotel, 200 High. 
Brower George, clerk, 100 Apple. 
Brower Jacob, potterj', 3 Brooks. 
Brown Alexander, lab., N W Barker & Sch. 4th. 




Brown Alexander, silversmith, 396 Sassafras. 

Brown Andrew, gardener, 12 Adams. 

Brown Andrew, 119 New. 

Brown Andrew, iron founder, Pearl bel Broad. 

Brown Andrew, tavern, 34 Cedar. 

Brown Ann, shop, St. John ab Beaver. 

Brown Ann, boot binder, 42 Beck. 

Brown Ann, 8 Hubbell. 

Brown Ann, store, c Dean & Centre. 

Brown Ann, doctress, 156 S 6th. 

Brown Anthony, cordwainer, 38 Queen. 

Brown A. J., hatter, 18 Lagrange. 

Brown A. Z., gunsmith, 515 N 3d. 

Brown B., barber, 31 Penn (C.) 

Brown Benjamin, agent, George ab Sch. 6th. 

Brown Benjamin, brickmaker, 335 S 3d. 

Brown Benjamin, conveyancer, 250 N 2d. 

Brown Bernard, lab. Lewis ab Sch. 6th. 

Brown, Bicking & Guilbert, printers, 56 N 3d. 

Brown B. F., hatter, 43 Pegg, h 101 St. John. 

Brown B. S., tavern, 15 Swanson. 

Brown Catharine, tailoress, Freestone's ct. 

Brown Catharine, dressmaker, 100 S 5th. 

Brown Charles, Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 

Brown Charles H., clerk, 535 N 5th. 

Brown Charles, carpenter, 125 N 8th. 

Brown Chris. D.. paper sta.. Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 

Brown Comfort, Juniper ab Spruce. 

Brown Cornelius, lab., Wagner's al. 

Brown C. Mrs., 470 S. Front, 

Brown C, mer.. Cedar st whf., h 9th bel Cedar. 

Brown Daniel H., tavern, Hanover n F road. 

Brown David, painter, Pearl bel Broad. 

Brown David, weaver, c 13th and Rose. 

Brown David, blacksmith, R. roadab 13th. 

Brown W., hotel, 38 Carter's alley. 

Brown David Paul, atty. and coun., 11 Wash- 
ington sqr. 

Brown David S., com. mer., 38 S Front, h 274 

Brown David S. & Co., com. mers., 38 S Front 

Brown Deborah, doctress, 155 S 6th. 

Brown Ebenezerj gent., 108 N 8th. 

Brown Edmund, cap manuf., Franklin place, h 
Green ab 9th. 

Brown Edward, printer, 56 N 3d, h 6 Marshall. 

Brown Manuel, grocer, 217 N 10th. 

Brown Ehas, marble mas., High ab Sch. 7th c 
Sch. 6th & George. 

Brown Elijah, gent., 51 S 5th. 

Brown Eliza, washr., 191 S 4th., 

Brown Elizabeth, F road ab. Bridge (K) 

Brown Mrs. E., b h 92 S 8th. 

Brown & Ehson, boots and shoes, 156 High. 

Brown Ephr., lampm.r, R Road below S Garden 

Brown Francis, engineer, 3d below G T road. 

Brown Frederick, druggist, N E Chestnut and 
5th, h 70 S 5th. 

Brown Frederick, blacksmith, Olive n Brown. 

Brown George, carp. 7 McDuffie. 

Brown George, seaman, 35 Mead. 

Brown George J., oak cooper, 10 Collins' al. 

Brown George, chair mr. Wheat ab Read. 

Brown Geo. T.,mer., 4 Commerce, h 3 Clint, sqr. 

Brown Geo. W., gro., c9th & Locust, h 84 Locust 

Brown &. Godwin, com. mers, 73 S whfs. 

Brown Gotleib, baker. Maiden ii Front (N L.) 

Brown Godleib, shoe mr. S E Apple & Culvert. 

Brown Gowen A., cordw. 16 Jolm. 

Brown Hannah, 250 N 2d. 

Brown Hans, wafer manuf., 127 Vine. 

Brown Hannah, 116 Pine. 

Brown Henry, l)oot mr., Fulton ab 12th. 

Brown Henry, cabinet mr., I^emoii n 12th., 

Brown Henry, ccdur cooj)er, 40 Julianna. 

Brown Henry A., printer, 36 Prune. 

Brown H. J., teacher, 14 Jacoby. 

Brown Henry S. Capt., 81 Green. 

Brown Hubert, lab., Jones W Scli. 4th. 

Brown Isaac, carp., 5tli n G T road. 

Brown Jacob, grocer, 22 Charlotte. 

Brown Jacob, carp., N E Sch. 6th 8c Lewis. 

Brown James, p't'r & glazier, 11th bel. Loc'st. 

Brown James, waiter, 23 Green's ct. 

Brown James, hatter, Lewis n Sch. 7th. 

Brown Jas., oysterman, Parker's al n Catharine. 

Brown James, weaver, F road ab Phcenix (K) 

Brown James, drover, 7 Harmony. 

Brown James, combmr.. Poplar n 10th., 

Brown J., mer., 103 High, h 110 Mulberry. 

Brown James, waiter, 3 Salem al. 

Brown James, drayman, 6 Fries' ct. 

Brown James, tailor, 15 High, h 15 Elfreth's aJ. 

Brown James, Nat. saloon, 234 Chestnut. 

Brown James, blacksmith, 25 E North. 

Brown James, wheelwright, 7 Mary, 

Brown Jas., grocer, S W 5th & Catharine. 

Brown James, coachman, 14 Bonsall. 

Brown James, cordw., G T road ab Master. 

Brown James C, mariner, 95 Lombard. 

Brown James D., bonnet manf., 351 N 2d. 

Brown Jas. E., saddler, 6 S 4th, h 6 Lodge. 

BroM'n James M., mer., S W Broad & Vine, h 

135 Filbert. 
Brown Jas. W., mer., 136 High 
Brown Jane, tailoress, Turner. 
Brown John, grocer, 277 High, ii 109 N 13th. 
Brown John, paint. & glaz., 318 Pine. 
Brown John, hatter, 3 Washington. 
Brown John, com mer., 175 N 4th. 
Brown John, shoes, 378 S 2nd. 
Brown John, gent., 21 Green. 
Brown John, blacksmith. 

Brown John, w'ver, N E Fitzw'r 8c Shippen lane. 
Brown John cordw., Wood n Sch. 2nd. 
Brown John, blacksmith, Sch. 2nd ab Wood. 
Brown John, 41 N 11th. 

Brown John, coachman, George ab Sch. 7th. 
Brown John, stevedore, 392 S 6th. 
Brown John, weaver, steward bel. Catharine. 
Brown John, labourer. Brazier ab Llovd. 
Bi-own J. A., mer., 14 Chestnut, h 324 Chestnut. 
Brown John A., porter, 18 Jones' al.' 
Brown John C, segar mr. F opp mers. (K) 
Brown John D., printer, 69 Gaskill. 
Brown John D., stevedore, 162 Swanson. 
Brown John E., grocer. Cedar bel 8th. 
Brown John G., druggist, h 20 Duke. 
Brown John H., gas fitter, 46 Carpenter, (C) 
Brown John H. & Co.. dry goods, 136 High 




Brown John L., fireproof chest manuf., 21 Dock. 
Brown .1. M., & G. W. ford. &. com mers. S W 

Broad & Vine. 
Brown John M., shoe nianf., 19 F,dwurd, (K) h 

14 Noble. 
Brown John M., rigger, 135 High, h 14 Noble. 
Brown John M., sciiniaii, 3 Reckless. 
Brown John T., brushmaker, 1 Piper's ct. 
Brown John W., corder, 133 Poplar. 
Brown Joseph, watchman, 29 Merchant 
Brown Joseph, ship wrt., Pearson's ct. (K) 
Brown Joseph, mer., 11 Bank, h 16 Carter's al. 
Brown Joseph, mer., 291 S 10th. 
Brown Joseph, mer., 73 S whfs., h 262 S Front. 
Brown Joseph stevedore, 7 Barley. 
Brown Joseph, labourer, 9 Sassafras al. 
Brown Joseph, cordw., 2 Grebble's ct. 
Brown Joseph D., gent., office 13 Minor, h 165 

Brown Joseph M., stationery, 26 N 8th. 
Brown J., clothes, 99 S 2nd, h 217 Lombard. 
Brown Juby, labourer. Filbert ah Sch 8th. 
Brown Lewis, butcher, G T K n 4th. 
Brown Lewis, victualler, G T road n Camac. 
Brown Lewis, dry goods, 146 High h S E 6th 

and Vino. 
Brown Lewis, victuallei', 8 Jones' alley. 
Brown AL Rev., Queen ab 4th. 
Brown Marcus, labourer, 3 Lebanon. 
Brown Mary Ann L., 97 Lombard, 
Brown Mary, b h, 106 Walnut. 
Brown Mary, dressmaker, N W 8th £<. Locust. 
Brown -Mary, grocer, Sch 2nd bel. 11th. 
Brown Mary, Budd n Green. 
Brown Mary, Brown's ct. 
Brown M., boot mr., Shippen ab 7th. 
Brown Matthew, lab., 1 Beaver ct. 
Brown Matthew, watchman, Mamott ab 4th. 
Brown M., b. h., 376 Chestnut. Michael, Milton bel. 11th. 
Brown Michael, pedler, Ross' ct. 
Brown Michael, rigger, 4 Margaretta. 
Brown Miller, tailor, 220 Noble. 
Brown Minus, porter, 1 Washington. 
Brown Morris, engineer, N E 12th & Cherry. 
Brown Moses, mer., 20 N 4th, h 108 Mulbeny. 
Brown M., shoemaker, 359 Cedar. 
Brown Mrs., 33 Mary. 
Brown Nathan, drayman, 99 G T road. 
Brown N. H. & E., mer., 34 Ch'rch al, h41 N Uth 
Brown Nicholas, labourer, 16 Jones' al. 
Brown N'cholas, teacher, 15 Elizabeth. 
Brown, Newbold &. Co., mers., 103 High &. 32 

Church al. 
Brown Patrick, labourer, 85 Sliippen. 
Brown Patrick, lab., Sch. 4lh ab Chestnut. 
Brown Patrick, lab., Sch. 4tli n Hig-h. 
Brown P.atrick, labourer, 7 Lagi-ange. 
Brown Peter, moulder, Allen bel. Palmer. (K) 
Brown Philip, silver plater, 294 Sassafras. 
Brown Uachael, sem])stress, rear 106 N 2nd. 
I'>rown Peter, 127 Callowliill. 
l?rown Rebecca, 4 Lombard ct. 
Brown Richard, flour mer., 12tl\ & Vine. 
Brown Robert, carp., Helmuth n Sch. 

'Brown Robert, tailor, 246 S 5th. 
! Brown Robert, carp., Sch. 6th n Pine, h George 
I n Sch. 6th. 

Brown Robt., bar kr. Mans, house, h 10 Buckley 
Brown Ifobert, labourer, McDuffie. 
Bi-ow n Robert, white washer, 149 Locust. 
Brown Robert, lab., 5 Deal's ct. 
Brown Robert, h'r cutr., 41 S 8th, h 159 S 11th. 
Brown Roger, distiller, N W Sch 5th & High, h 

Jones W Sch. 7th. • 
Brown Rosanna, washer, Lombard bel. 11th. 
Brown Samuel, gent., 238 Spruce. 
Brown Samuel lab., 4 Hallowell. 
Brown Samuel, bellhanger, 80 N 7th. 
Brown Samuel, waitei*, 6 Little Pine. 
Brown Samuel, labourer, 97 Gaskill. 
Brown Samuel, mer, h Pine bel. 10th. 
Brown Samuel C, paint. 84 glaz., h 36 Bread. 
Brown Samuel R., wheelwright, 28 Vine. 
Brown Sarah, c 13th 8c Washington. 
Brown Sarah P., dressmaker, 315 S 2d. 
Brown Susan B., g-entw., 350 Chestnut. 
Brown Susannah, tailoress, rear 228 N 6th. 
Brown Thomas, trimmings, 80 Sassafras. 
Brown Thomas, labourer, George ab Sch. 6th. 
Brown Thomas, waterman. Market ab. Front. 
Brown 'I'homas, carp., 78 N Water. 
Brown Thomas, boots 8t shoes, 156 High, h 

Marshall ab Brown. 
Brown Thomas, tavern, Sch. 3rd 8i High. 
Brown Thomas, grocer, N W Spruce 8t Dean. 
Brown Thomas, cordw., 196 S 2d. 
Brown Thomas, sawyer. Crown bel. Duke. (K) 
Brown Thos., gro., c Callowliill 81 Washington. 
BrownThos. C, com mer., 85 S 2nd, h N E 9th 

8c Filbert. 
Brown Mrs. T., gentw. S VV. 13th and Spruce. 
Brown Thomas W., cabinetmaker, 6 Porter's ct. 
Brown Valentine W., glassblower, Allen below 

Brown Walter, shoe mr., St Jo's av. n Sch. 5th. 
Brown Washington, com. mer., 41 N Front, h 

135 Mulberry. 
Brown Washington, carp., c 13th 8c Washington. 
Brown William, carter, N E Sch. 6th 8c Locust 
Brown William, 77 George. 
Brown WiUiam, waiter. Bell's ct. 
Brown WiUiam, cabinetmr, 211 Cherry. 
Brown W.m, print., 3d ab Mulberry, h 6 Marshall 
Brown AVilliam, cap manf., Spr. Gard. ab Broad. 
Brown William, carter, 10 Lawrence. 
Brown William, cordw., Charlotte ab Poplar. 
Brown William, corder, 12 Jackson. 
Brown William, cordwainer, 142 Lombard. 
Brown William, waterman, 11 Burd. 
Brown AVilliam, gent. 295 Chestnut. 
Brown William, tailor, 296 High, h 10 Julianna. 
Brown William, carp, 15 Elizabeth. (N L) 
Brown William, waiter, Pearl ab 13th. 
Brown Wm., boatman, 141 M road. 
Brown Wm., blacksmith, Edward n 2d. 
Brown William, hosier, 304 S 3d. 
Brown William, grocer, 277 High, h Sch. 8th 

ab Chestnut. 
Brown Wm. 8c John, grocers, 277 High. 




Brown William II. & (>., niers., 20 N 4th. 

Brown Wm. H., carp., Mar.shall n Poplar. 

Brown William II., mcr., 20 N 4tli, h 148 R 9t!) 

Brown Wm. II., marble yard, Hroad hel O.dar. 

Brown Wm. II., artisit, c Sclmyl. 7tli and Ann. 

Brown W. L., rig-j^er, 491 N 

Brown Wm. Linn, att'y & conn., 208 Fine 

Brown Zebulon, labourer, 153 Lombartl. 

Browne Augusta, prof, of music, 29 S 10th. 

Browne Alexander, acct., 13 Wagner's ct. 

Browne Aquila A., atl'y & coun., 307 Walnut. 

Browne David S., musical academy, 29 S 10th. 

Browne Elizabeth, b. h , 75 S 4th. 

Browne Hannah, g-entw., 90 Marshall. 

Browne Jos., boot tree & last maker, 71 Sassa- 

Browne JLouis lienri. piano manuf., 29 S 10th. 

Browne Peter, ship ciiandler. Beach ab Warren. 

Biowne Peter A., g-ent., 492 Chestnut. 

Browne & Robb, tailors, N W 6th and Chestnut. 

Browne Samuel, music teacher, 29 S 10th. 

Browne Samuel, tailor, N W 6tli and Chestnut, 
h Pine bcl 10th. 

Brownell Wm., agent, 2 Ranstead place. 
Browney John, drayman, Cadwakder n Master. 

Browney Wm., carter, Cadwalader ab Master. 

Brownhill Daniel, clothier, 229 Cedar. 
Browning & Brothers, druggists, 33 High. 
Browning Charles, merchant, 33 High. 
Browning G., merchant, 33 High. 
Browning Geo. W., mer.,,204 Chestnut. 
Browning John F., mer. tailor, S W 4th &. Chest- 
nut, h 120 N 10th. 
Browning Maurice, drug., 33 High, h 25 Spruce. 
Browning Saml., tavern, c Marsh & Penn. (E K) 
Browns & IJowen, importers, 14 Chestnut. 
Bruce Charles, 384 S 3rd. 
Bruce George, carpenter, Front bel Wharton. 
Bruce John, sugar refiner, 4 Penn avenue. 
Bruce Isaac, engineer, 502 Callowhill. 
Bruce Jane, b. h., 30 Cedar. 
Bruce Luke, waiter, 6 Elizabeth. 
Bruce Matthew, carpenter, Maxwell's court. 
Bruce William, baker, 15 Wharton. 
Bruce William, grocer, 178 Pine. 
Bruce William W., machinist, Marshall ab Par- 

Bruen James, gent., 499 Chestnut bel Sch. 7th. 
BruflT John M., tailor, 3 Ewing's ct. 
Bruff Robert^ Hanover ab Bedford. (K) 
Brujamin Jacob, baker, 78 Penn. 
Bruker Jacob, grocer, 232 N Front. 
Brulte Peter, fancy store, 202 N 2nd. 
Brumaker Andrew, constable, R road n Spring 

Brummel Buehla, washer, Pearl above 12th. 
Brumley Edwin, blacksmith, 5 Kelley's avenue. 
Brunell Andrew, rigger, Marlborough n Duke. 
Bruner John, grocer, 8 Wallace. 
Bruner Manassa, mer., 137 N 3rd. 
Bruner Mary, New Market bel Green. 
Bruner & Montague, ladies' shoes, 122 N 2nd. " 
Bruner Wm., skin dr'esr., 4 Pegg, shop 7 Willow. 


Riuncr William, mcr., 8 Wallace. 

Brunei .John, confectioner, 24 Franklin place. 

Hi'i nker Robei-t, labourer. Orchard n Jackson. ] 

Hrurnur Al)rali-im, walciunan, Oi;'d'-n ab 10th. 

Bruiinei- ficorgf, l^lacksmith, Mariihall n Mrown. 

nnitmtr Jolin K., U S Mint, h 18 Logan. 

Brunt .Fohn, lab., Cy.ivKow ab Schuylkill 8th. 

Brunt Wm., tailor, Shii)pen ab Shippcn lane. 

BrusJi (ieorge, 89 H .3rd. 

Brusheart Caspci', labourer, 4 Orchard. 

Brustcr Charles, b h, 453 High. 

Hruster John, ship carp., Shack'n bel Allen. (K) 

Bruster .lohn, ship carp.. Beach n Shack'n. (K) 

Brustcr Sam'l, cabmr. Beach bel Crown. (K) 

Bru.ster Sarah, Marlborough ab Queen. (K) 

Bruster Tliomas. cordw., Beach ab Maiden. (K) 

Brutsche ,1., miHiner, 214 Walnut. 

Bruton Gcoi-ge, weaver, (i T road opp. 4th. 

Bryan Aaron, waterman, Court alley. 

Bryan Amelia, b h, 66 Lombard. 

Bryan Geo. S., mer., 154 High, h Cherry ab 10th. 

Bi-yan Guy, mer., h 429 Sassafras. 

Bryan James, M. D., 28 N 8th. 

Bryan John, cabinetmaker, 71 N 6th. 

Bryan Maria H., 401 MulbeiTy. 

Biyan Mary, tavern, 70 Vine. 

Bryan, Rodman & Hejlin, drygoods, 143 High. 

Br} an Thomas, labourer, 2 Atherton. 

Bryan Thomas, shoemaker, rear 103^ Christian 

Bryan T. M., mer., 143 High, h 403 Mulberry 

Bryan William, dentist, 28 N 8th. 

Bryant A. H., mer., 263 High, h 104 N 9th. 

Bryant Isaac, mer., 143 N 2nd. 

Bryant John H., att'y &. coun., S W SchuylkiU 

7th & Vine. 
Bryant Mordecai Y., alder., office 84 Callowhill. 
Biyant M. H., tailor, 83 Brown. 
Bryant William, carpetweaver, 213 Christian. 
Bryant William, labourer, Lewis ab Sch. 3rd. 
Bryant William, seminary, 1 N 11th. 
Bryant Wm. M., painter, S E 3rd and Shippen. 
Bryden 8c Beneson, carps., Mulberry n Broad. 
Br3man John, mer., 219 S 2nd. 
Brynum Frederick, stovemr., 269 St. John. 
Bryson Emma, mantuamaker, 1 Hause's ct. 
Buchanan Edw., city watch, Lombard n Sch. 7th 
Buchanan George, clerk, 17 Mercer. 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterer, 180 Queen. 
Buchanan Henry, mai-iner, Reid's ct. 
Buchanan Isaac, florist, Schuyl. 5th n Spruce. 
Buchanan James, brickmaker, Mifflin n 13th. 
Buchanan John, weaver, Lombard n Sch. Fron 
Buchanan John, lab., Sch. Beach n Chestnut. 
Buchanan John, labourer, Lombard n Sch. 8th. 
Buchanan Letitia, gentw., 125 S 9th. 
Buchanan Lewis, upholsterer, 282 Wood. 
Buchanan Philip, hominymaker, 88 Bedford. 
Buchanan Richaixi, grocer, 168 S 2nd. 
Buchanan Thomas, weaver. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 
Buchanan Wilham, lab., Lombard ab Sch. 7th 
Buchey Mrs., seminary. 240 Spruce. 
Buck Adam, weaver, 12 Rachel. 
Buck Augustus, labourer, 30 Wood. 
Buck Catharine, shop, 270 Sassafras. 
Buck Chauncey, tinplate-worker, 417 High. 




Buck Christian, shoemaker, 46/ N Uh. 

Buck C. N., president of Columbia Insurance 
Co. aiul consul general of Hamburg, 72 S 
rid, h 13 S Sch. 7th ab Chestnut. 

Buck C. N., jr., com. mer., 15 Walnut, h Sch. 
7th ab Chestnut. 

Buck Erhearl, cabinetmr., 302 N Front. 

Buck Francis N., mer., 116 Hig-h, h 333 N 6th. 

Buck Frederick, carpenter, 19 Logan. 

Buck Frederick, engineer, Front n Master. 

Buck George, cooper, Duke n Hanover. (K) 

Buck Hugh, blacksmith, 174 Shippen. 

Buck Isaac, mariner, 369 S 3rd. 

Buck James, carter, S 11th ab Pine. 

Buck Jasper, tinsmith, 483^ High, h 70 N Ju- 

Buck Jeremiah, mer., 97 High. 

Buck Jeremiah M., mei-., 97 High. 

Buck John, labourer, Newton. 

Buck John, 10th ab Sassafras. 

Buck John, cabr.. Ridge road. (FV) 

Buck Joseph, porter, c Buttonwood & Jul'anna. 

Buck Joseph, gardener, Mary's ct. 

Buck Joseph, vict., Rose n William. 

Buck Lott, tailor, Morris bel Catharine. 

Buck Mary, Pearl above 11th. 

Buck Nicholas, baker, 89 German. 

Buck & Potter, silks, 116 High. 

Buck Robert, Farris' court. 

Buck William, lab., Ridge road ab Buttonwood. 

Buck William, moulder, Woodland. (WP) 

Buck Wm., butcher, rear 2d ab Edward. 

Buck Wm. J., clerk, 158 Wood. 

Buckingham Edward, gent., 402 N 6th. 

Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 40 Cherry. 

Buckingham Isaiah, car-builder, 13th bel Wood. 

Buckiss Mary Ann, Clinton ct. 

Buckiss William, carpenter, 20 Flower. (M) 

Buckius Ann C. Mrs., 269 N 6th. 

Buckius John, carpt'r, 7 Quarry, h 34 Bread. 

Buckley A. M., mer., 77 S Front, h 192 Spruce. 

Buckley Ann, 76 N 10th. 

Buckley Brooke M., gent., N W 10th &. Clinton. 

Buckley Catharine, Brooks n Brown. 

Buckley Clement A., gent., 276 Walnut. 

Buckley Cornelius, carpenter, 5 Benton av. (M) 

Buckley James, labourer, 144 N Water. 

Buckley James, engineer, Sch. 2nd n Callowhill. 

Buckley John, carpenter, N E M Road & Prime. 

Buckley John, dealer, Joint alley. 

Buckley Joseph, machinist, Reeves n Sch. 2nd. 

Buckley Matthew, gent.. Spruce ab 13th. 

Buckley Thomas, tinman, 12 Providence ct. 

Buckley Wm. S., tobacconist, Green bel 9th. 

Buckman Benj., hatter, 255 S 2d, h Prime n 2d. 

Buckman Morris, 485 N 4th. 

Buckman Mary, b h, 79 Mulberry. 

Bucknell William jr., gent., 139 N 5th. 

Bucknor A. J., mer,, 41 N Water, h 374 N Front. 

Buckwalter Uavid, mer., 188 N 3rd, h255 N 7th 

Buckwalter Jacob, millwright, 26 Marlon. 

Budd Henry, mer., 51 N Water. 

Budd Isaac, bricklayer, 355 Cedar. 

Budd J. B., com. mer., 39 Dock, h 278 Walnut 

Budd Susan, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 

Budd Susan, genlw., 105 Pme. 

Budd Thomas A., atty. &. coun., 39 S 4th. 

Budd William, bricklayer, 355 Cedar. 

Budd William A., exch. bro., 32 S 3d, h 39 S 4th. 

Budds John, combmaker. Culvert n Mechanic. 

Buddy John, baker, 24 Walnut. 

Buddy Lewis, baker, 10 Perry. 

Buddy Peter, bark inspector, 139 Sp Garden. 

Buehler John, weaver, St. John n G T road. 

Buehler Martin, mer., 9 N 5th, h 12 Buttonwood. 

Buehler P. N., spice.s, 50 N 4th. 

Buehler William, mer., 98 High, h 212 Cherry. 

Buel Ann, 33 Vine. 

Bulhngton Isaac, cabinetmaker, 89 S 6th. 

Buffington Jonathan, plasterer, Juniper below 

Buffington Lee W., M. D., 4.5 S 5th. 
Buist R., florist, S 12th bel Lombard, nursery 

Shippen bet 11th & 12th. 
Bujac P. J., importer, 223 High, h 130 Pine. 
Bulkley Chauncey, atty. &. coun., 44 Prune. 
Bulkley Charles, hatter, 129 Chestnut. 
Bulkley Elizabeth, gentw., 44 Prune. 
Bulkley James H., hatter, h 424 Sassafras. 
Bull Abigal, b h, 39 N 5th. 
Bull Ephraim, labourer, Baird. 
Bull James H., att'y & coun., 65 S 7th. 
Bull Marcus, goldbeater, 22 Pear. 
Bullard Catharine, S W Wood and Julianna. 
Bullaus Jane. Carpenter bel Broad. 
Bullock Benjamin, manuf., 32 N 3rd. 
Bullock, Davis &. Co., wool mers., manuf. &iron 

founders, store 32 N 3rd, foundry Franklin 

St. (K) wool-warehouse 473 N Front. 
Bullock J., M. D., 15 Sansom. 
Bullock Jonathan, carpenter, 101 O Y road. 
Bullock Sophia, b h, 96 S 8th. 
Bulmer Wm., weaver. Clay n Willow. 
Bulz Jacob, basket maker, 46 Vine. 
Bumbach Chas. A. M., paint. & glaz., 18 Lilly al. 
Bumbach Martin, blacksmith, 331 N 3rd. 
Bumer Joseph, drayman, Apple n George. 
Bumgard John, cordw., F road opp Queen. (K) 
Bumm Charles, blacksmith, 112 F road. (K) 
Bumm George, watchman, Richard n Sch. 6th. 
Bumm Geo., contractor, Vaughan bel Walnut. 
Bumm John, carpenter, 12th bel AValnut. 
Bumm John, silverplater, Marlborough below 

Bumm Richard, caulker. Cherry ab Queen. 
Bumm Samuel, whipmaker, Marlboroujrh ab 

Bumm Samuel, whf. builder. Union ab Bedford 

Bumm William, carpenter. Sycamore. 
Bumm William, whipmaker, Marlborough bel 

Bunce Mary A., 19 Carter's alley. 
Bundick J. S., shoestore, 311 S 2nd. 
Bundick Sarah, washer, c Broad and Paper al. 
Bundick Joshua, labourer. Pearl ab 13th. 
Bundick Zerubbabel, mariner, rear 15 Parham. 
Bundy Thomas, 168 Pine. 
Bunhart William, carter, rear 84 Oak. 
Bunker Charles, confectioner, 145 Coates. 




Bunker F,., 371 Wulniit. 

Bunn Alexander J., excli. broker, 103 N 3rcl, li 
438 N 4tli. 

Bunn A. (;., 495 N 3r<i. 

Bunn R,, fancy-milliner, 495 N 3r(!. 

Bunting- Charles W., lamps, N W 4th and Mul- 
berry, h 92 Marshall. 

Bunting- Daniel, watchman, rear 22 Browne. 

Bunting- Elizabeth, tailoress, 287 S 3rd. 

Bunting- Jacob T., mer., 14 S Wharves, h G5 Pine. 

Bunting- John H., g'ent., 61 Pine. 

Bunting- Joshua, mer., 30 S Wharves, h 53 

Bunting Richard, ship join.. Otter ab F road.(K) 

Bunting- Samuel C, mer.. Front & Chestnut, h 
232 Sassafras. 

Bunting- Thomas, M. D., 77 N 7th, h N E 7th. 
& Cherry. 

Bunting- Thomas H., mer., 52 Hig-h. 

Buoynyparte John, 8th ab Christian. 

Biu'ch John, clothing-, 3rd n Vine, h 22 Sassa- 
fras al. 

Burchall Henry, plasterer, Burchall's ct. 

Burchard Jabez,U S dep.marshall,243 Christian. 

Burchman Wm., carp., S E Apple and Culvert. 

Burd S., g-entw., 231 Chestnut. 

Burdeck Jacob, carp., 4 Holmes' al. 

Burden Jesse R., President Fire & Inland Navi- 
gation Insurance Co., h Broad ab Pine. 

Burden Joseph, alderman, 1 York ct, h 184 S 9th 

Burden J. C, Madison House, 39 N 2nd. 

Burden Richard, waterman, Allen ab F road.(K) 

Burden Thomas D., moulder, 12 Allen. (K) 

Bureau Peter F., oysterman, Little Pine. 

Burett Charles, cabmr., N W 3rd & Lon bard. 

Burg-er Charles, baker, 220 Coates. 

Burg-erson Israel, watchman, Division. (F V) 

Burg-es Cornelius N., printer, 3 Boyd's av. 
Burg-ess G. W., cane mr., 40 S 3rd, h Washing- 
ton, (WP) 
Burgess John, lab., 8^ Hurst. 
Burg-ess Georg-e W. & Co., variety store, 40 S 3d. 
Burgess Robert, gent., Walnut ab Broad. 
Burgess Wesley, saddler, Filbert W Sch. 4th. 
Burgess Wm., stonecutter, N E Budd & Poplar 
Burgess Wm. F., agent, 31 S 3rd. 
Burgin George H., M. D., 175 S 5th. 
Burk Antliony, lab., 10 Marion. 
Burk Eli, bricklayer, New Crown ab Tammany. 
Burk Georg-e W., coachtrimmer, 20 Webb's al. 
Burk James, bootmr., 15 Juniper lane. 
Burk James, mer., 8 S 3rd, h lOth ah Pine. 
Bui-k Joseph, Shippen la. and Bedford. 
Burk Joseph M., agent, Sch. 2nd ab Callowhlll. 
Burk Michael, lab.. High n Sch. 4th. 
Burk Moses, lab., Clay n Sch. Willow. 
Burk Michael, carpenter, Ann ab Sch. 8th. , 
Burk Peter, saddler, 6 Monmo\ith ct. 
Burk Samuel, lab., 117 Shippen. 
Burk Thomas, coach trimmer, Clair al. 
Burk Thomas, grocer, c 2d and Edward. 
Burk William, clerk, 2 St. Stephen's pi. 
Burk Wm., inkmanuf.. Peach ab Green. 
Burk Wm., labourer, I'welve Foot al. 
Burk Wm., labourer, 2 Warner's ct. 

Burk William A., mer, 77 High, h Sch.5thbel 

!{iii-k William (;., druggist, 244 Lombard. 
Burkai-t Frederick, cordw., 5 Washington pi. 
Burkart Valentine, clerk, 1G3 .Mulberry. 
Burke J. & J. H.,, 161 N 3rd, 

h 523 N Front. 
Burke Thomas, drygoods, 6 N 2nd. 
Burkhard Ann, gentw., 91 N 5th. 
Burkhard M. W., chairmr., 37 and 61 N front. 
Burkhard &. Smith, chairmakers, 37 &. 61 N Front. 
Burkhard Thomas F., silver plater, 21 N 7th, li 

12 Gebhard. 
Burkhardt George, carpenter, Logan ab Green. 
Burkhardt Henry, gent., N W Franklin & Green. 
Burkhart Adam, turner, c Marshall & Parrish, h 

Brown ab 7th. 
Burkhart Eleanor, teacher, Marshall bel Green. 
Burkhart Peter, 283 Sassafras. 
Burkhart Robert, dentist, 72 N Front. 
Burkhart Samuel, brushmr.. 85 N 2d, h 23 Noble 
Burkhart Turdpert, clockmr., 168 N 4th. 
Burkhimer Mary, gentw., 126 New. 
Burkitt Robert, carpt., 2 Williamson's ct. 
Burkitt Joseph, bootmr., 9 Juniper al. 
Burkitt Joseph, carp., Cantrell's ct. 
Burkley John, porter, Julianna & W^illow. 
Burklow Elizabeth, gentw., 12 Brown. 
Burleigh Chas., ed. Penna. Freeman, 31 N5th 
BurhngB. S., mer., N Wharves ab Mulberry, h 

S E 11th & Cherry. 
Burman Henry, saddle tree maker, Duke bel 

Vienna. (K) 
Burman John, vict., 5th n Master. 
Burman Wm., vict., Master ab G T road 
Burn Farmar, co. commissioner, 244 N Front, 
Burn Joseph, 244 N Front. 
Burnbaum John, variety store, 387 Sassafi-as. 
Burnbaum John, 78 New. 

Burnet George, mer., 3 Bank, h lOth bel Cedar. 
Burnet J. A., tailor, 384 S 3rd. 
Burnet L. W., teacher, 109 N 5th. 
Burnet Mary, huckster, Jones W Sch. 8th. 
Burnet Samuel, cordwainer, Otter n G T road. 
Burnett, Withers &. Co., drygoods, 120 High. 
Burnett E. S., trimmings, 3 S 4th. 
Burnett J. S., mer., 120 High, h 324 N 6th. 
Burns Abraham, brickmr., .Murray ab Sch. 3rd. 
Burns A. O., 7 Ranstead pi. 
Burns Amariah, book binder, 4 Sciiriver's ct. 
Burns B. Miss, 22 S 13th. 

Burns Charles, stonecutter, Carlton n Sch. 2nd. 
Burns Edward, dra\iiian, c Sch. 3rd & Cheri-j-. 
Burns Felix, weaver, Phcenlx n Cadwalader. 
Burns Hugh, waterman. Say's al. 
Burns Hugh, grocer, 62 Coates. 
Burns Isabella, 5 Kelley. 
Burns James, brushmaker, 24 S 3rd. 
Burns James, constable, 463 S Front. 
Burns Jane, teacher, Ann. (F V) 
Burns John, clerk, 262 N 2nd. 
Burns John, mariner, 3 'i'ruxtoii. 
Burns Jolin labourer. Reeve. 
Burns John, tavern, 182 N ^^'ater. 
Burns John M., bootmaker, 54 S 4th. 



Burns Margaret, Duke n F road. (K) 

Burns Maria, dry goods, 161 S 2nd. 

Burns M. &. E., variety store, 78 S 4tli. 

Burns Nicholas, grQcer, S W 7tli Jk Sansom. 

Burns Kobcrt, liatter, 182 Poplar. 

Burns Sarah, 45 Plum. 

Burns Tlioinas, labourer, Sch. 8th ab Vine. 

Burns Thomas, lab., Sch 7th bcl Callow hill. 

Burns Wm., carp., 124 Filbert. 

Burns AVilliam, mariner, 16 Vine. 

Burns William, carter, Fitzwater & 6th. 

Burns William, tailor, Marion ab 2iul. 

Burns William, tobac, 290 High, h 5 Carlton. 

Burns Wm., tavern, Washington. (W P) 

Burnson Ellen, Logan ab Wallace. 

Burr Alexander, painter, V^ine n Sch. 8th. 

Burr &. Brothers, tailors, 150 Chestnut. 

Burr Elizabeth, dressmaker, 88 Mulberry. 

Bun' G. W., bookbinder, 243 Green. 

Burr George H., mer., 23 N Front. 

Burr Henry C, tailor, 150 Chestnut, h 81 Wood. 

Burr Hudson, High st. ferry. 

Burr Hudson S., dentist, 135 Walnut. 

Bun- Israel H., bricklayer, 402 Coates. 

Burr John P., barber," 113 S 5th. 

Burr Joseph, gent., 305 S 8th. 

Burr Mary & Martha, 200 Mulberry. 

Burr Nicholas, baker, 46 Vine. 

Burr P. K., milliner, 65 Mulberry. 

Burr Thomas E., tailor, 150 Ches'tnut, h 32 Pal 

myra sq. 
Bun- William, carpet weaver, h 8th bel Cedar. 
Burr William R., tailor, 150 Chestnut, h 40 Mar- 
Burroughs Catharine, huckstei", rear 116 Catha- 
Burroughs Hannah, sempstress, 181 St John. 
Burroughs H. N., mer. 7S High. 
Burroughs Jane, dressmaker, 145 Wood. 
Burroughs J., bricklayer, 8th n Parrish. 
Burroughs .lohn, mer., 193 Walnut. 
Burroughs, cordcr, Maiden st wharf, h 52 

Al'len. (K) 
Burroughs Jos., tailor, 11 Pleasant Retreat. 

Burroughs John L. Rev., 139 ^^'ood. 

Burroughs Martha, variety store. Vine n 13th. 

Burroughs M., dressmr., 59 Green. 

Burroughs Sarah, diy goods, 50 S 2nd. 

Burroughs Thomas, carter, Apple n George. 

Burrows Ann, Caufl'man's ct. 

Burrows Benjn., lab., 4 Gray's ct. 

Burrows James, U. S. mint, h Sch. 8th ab Sas- 

Bun-ows J. W., seeds, 65 Chestnut, li 203 Noble. 

Burrows Jesse, carpenter, Littleboy's ct., h 18 

Burrows John, tailor, 522 W Higli. 

Burrows J. T., bell hanger and locksmith, 287 

Burrows Joseph, coal mer., Sch. Beach & Lom- 

Burrows Robert W., grocer, S E Franklin and 

Burrows AVilliam, 73 Noble. 

Burrows William, tailor, 4 Diamond 

Burrows Wm., watchman, Marshall ab Parrish. 
Burson John, lumber inspector, 171 S 3d. 
Burt K. R., trinuiiings, 205 S 2tl. 
Burt Nathaniel, N W 12th and Walnut. 

lUu-t Tliomas, paintei-, Allen ab F road. (K) 

Burt William W., shop, 31 Ann. )C) 

Burtis Aaron H., plasterer, 107 Filbert. 

Hurtis Edward T., bricklayer, 8 Barker. 

Burtis John, manuf., Beach ab Maiden. 

Burtis Joseph K., saddlery hardware, 19 S 4th, 
h Beach ab Maiden. 

Burton Amos, paint., 87 n 7th, h Sch. 7th n Vine. 

Burton Benj. C, shipwright, 15 Beach. (K) 

Burton Daniel, carter, Ohio E of 12th. 

Burton Edward, intelligence office, S E 3d and 

Burton Edward, paper hanger, 11th bel Locust. 

Burton E. P., grocer, 3 and h 67 Pine. 

Burton Francis, carp.. Green ab Cadwalader (K) 

Burton George, seaman, 5 Little Pine. 

Burton George, tobaccon., S E Apple &, George. 

Burton Gideon, mer., 96^ High, h 32 Girard. 

Burton James, porter, rear 294 Pine. 

Burton John, turner, 514 S 2d bel Prime. 

Burton John, M. D., 256 N 7th. 

Biu'ton Joshua, shoemr., c Broad &. Paper al. 

Burton Marian, gentlw., 179 Wood. 

Burton Moses, poi-ter, 58 Steel's ct. 

Burton Rhoda, 2 Flower's ct. 

Burton Peter, porter. Barley n 11th. 

Burton Richd., hardware, S E 7th and Wood. 

Burton Robert, mer., 1 Dock, h 62 Pine. 

Burton Samuel, confectioner, 194 Lombard. 

Burton Samuel W., printer, 14 Hubbell. 

Burton & Thorn, painters, 87 N 7th. 

Burton Wm., acct., 92 Callowhill. 

Burton Wm., ship carp., 11 Allen. (K) 

Burton William, M. D., 48 N 6th, h 85 N 5th. 

Burton William Evans, 100 N 9th, office Chest- 
nut n 9th. 

Burton Woolsey, shlpwrig'ht, Marlborough ab 
Bedford. (K) 

Burwell Robert, hatter, Beaver court, li 55 Sas- 

Burwell Sarah, Vine n Sch. River. 

Burwell William, shoenu-., 103 German. 

BuiyJohn, gent., 228 N 4th. 

Busbbyan William, 11th ab Tidmarsh. 

Busch John, hatter, 118 Christian. 

Busch Miers, mer., 20 N3d, h 54 Pine. 

Bush Bernard, wheelwright, Sch 3rd below 

Bush Henry, tavern, 35 Spring Garden. 

Bush Samuel H., tavern, 234 N 3<\. 

Bush Petei', b h.. Green bel 9th. 

Busha George, umbrelmr., 10 Fetter lane. 

Busher James, cooper, c 9lh and Coates. 

Bushnell Edward, 24 O V road. 

Bushnell H. C, architect, c 3d and Walnut. 

Bushner Samuel, waterman, 4 Courtland pi. 

Busman John, dentist, 167 Gi-een. 

Busman Peter, boat build., 5 York ct. (N L) 

Busseir F. V., tinman, 241 S 2d. 

Bussarec Frederick, jeweller, Shippen ab 3rd. 

Bussard Conrad, carpenter, Hanover n Prince. 




Bussiei- Ann, teacher, 140 Pine. 

Bussier Catharine, gentw., 140 Pine. 

Bussier 1). P., mer., 29 S whfs., 1» 1.'54 N 9tli, 

Bussier Elizabeth, 91 Christian. 

Bussier Ehz., shop, 387 S Front. 

Bussier EHz., dry poods, 387 S Front. 

Bussier Jacob, flour, 13th bel Vine. 

Bussier Mary, 8 Green ct. 

Bussier Bartliolomew, inkmaker, 298 S 3d. 

Bussinger Frederick, carpet weaver, Sch 3d n 

Bussinger Georg'e, 21 Carter's al. 

Bussing-er Jacob, blacksmith, 5 Porter's ct. 

Bussing-er John, labourer. Beach bel Spruce. 

Bustard George, lab., Bedford ab 13th. 

Biistill David, plasterer, 152 Callowhill. 

Butclier Catharine, sempstress, Locust n 13th. . 

Butcher Joseph, wheelwright, 378 N Front, h 6 
Brown's ct. 

Butclier John, watchman. Say st. 

Butcher Martha, sempstress, N Market ab Duke. 

Butcher Saml., cordwainer. Brown's ct. 

Butclier Thos. T., mer., 49 N Water, h 103 N 

Butcher T. T. & W., com. mers., 49 N Water. 

Butcher Theo. B., drygoods, 330 High. 

Butcher Wm., stove & grate manuf., S E 1 1th & 
High, h Sch 8th n Cheny. 

Butcher William, boot and shoemr., 151 Wal- 
nut bel 5th. 

Bute Charles L., sugar refiner, c Willow and 
Crown, h O Y road n Noble. 

Butland Samuel, 132 Callowhill. 

Butler Andrew, Secretary' of Fire Association, 
c 5th and North. 

Butler Catharine, mangier, 7 Pljmlimmon pi. 

Butler E., stockmaker, 47 S 3d 

Butler Eliza, gentw.. Walnut bel Sch. 8th. 

Butler Eliza, washer, rear 17 P road. 

Butler Esther, shoebinder, Rugan above Callow- 

Butler E. H., bookseller, 271 High, 

Butler G. W., bottler, 228 S 3d,"rear 275 S 3d. 

Butler Hannah, gentw., 182 Marshall. 

Butler Henry, printer, 27 Mary. 

Butler Henry, silversmith, 83 Tammany. 

Butler James, bootmaker, 6 Monmouth ct. 

Buller John, gent.. Walnut ab Sch. 7th. 

Butler Judith, 6 Blackhorse al. 

Butler John, cordwainer, 116 Dillw3'n. 

Butler John M., copperplate printer, 161 N 

B.utler Joseph, acct., 16 Carlton. 

Butler Joseph, lab.. Bead ab Wallace. 

Bi,itler Joseph, tailor, 9th, 2d door bel James. 

Butler Joshua M., cooper, 63 N Water, h 74 

Butler Mrs., milliner, c 8th and Green. 

Butler Mrs., b h, 23 Lombard. 

Butler & Norval, tinsmiths, 55 N 8th. 
Butler Patrick, porter, 5 Portland lane. 

Butler Pierce, gent.. Chestnut ab 8th. 

Butler Saml., tailor, 14 Sugar al. 

Butler Samuel G., painter, 136 S 9th. 

Butler Tho8., hairdresser, 69 Buttonwood. 

Butler Thomas, tinplate worker, 210 S 2d, Ii 61 

Butler Wm., livery stable, Sch. 7ll) and High, 
h 76 George. 

ButUr Wm., weav., William n Callowhill. (F M) 

Butler William, carter, S E Shippen and 11th. 

Hutt Wm,, sawyer, 3 Passmore's place. 

Butt William, painter, S W 4th and Cliristian. 

Butt Wm., furniture, 82 Sassafras. 

Butterfiek! Benjamin, gunsmith,, c F road and 

Butterfield Je.sse S., ornamental painter, F road 
ab Jefferson. (K) 

Butterworth John, tiiiplatc worker, 90 High, h 
444 N 2d. 

Butterworth Henry W.,tinpl. worker, 492 N 3d. 

Butterworth Jacob, carp., 37 Apple. 

Butterworth -Rachel, shop, 6th bel Carpenter, 

Butz George, tavern, 300 N 2d. 

Buzby Benjamin C, hardware, 17 N 4th, h 4 
S 12th. 

Buzby Hanner B., marble yard, c 13th & Wash- 
ington, h State n Sch. 8th. 

Buzby Hezekiah, flour and com. mer., Broad n 
Cherry, h W Penn sq. n Filbert. 

Buzby J. "\V., brickl., Rittenhouse bel Sch. 5th. 

Buzby Sarah C, tavern, N W 6th and Coates. 

Buzby Thomas, baker, 13th bel Brinton. 

Buzby Wm., painter & glazier. Pine al. 

Buzby Wm., cord\<-., St. John ab Beaver. 

Buzby Wm. N., mer., 349 High. 

Byard John W., lab., Marshall ab Poplar. 

Byard Samuel, waiter, 10 Buckley. 

Bye Samuel K., carpenter, c lllh and Pearl. 

Byer George, shoemaker, Cherry bel Juniper. 

B\ er Harriet, 261 Cherry. 

Byer Susan, 35 N 12th. 

Byer John, baker, rear 9 Lebanon. 

Byera Samuel, waiter, Milton ab 10th. 

Byerel George, waiter, Shippen ab 11th. 

Byers Andrew, chairmaker, 425 N 4th. 

Byers Hanse M. H., grocer, N E Swanson and 

Byers John, plasterer, Carlton n Sob. 6th. 

Byers Santl., carp.. Marble ct. 

Byerly Ann, genlw., c Mulberry and Juniper. 

Byorly David D., mer., 28 Church al. 

Byerly Isaac, carp., AA'airen ab Beach. (K) 

Byerly Jacob, lab., Thome's ct. 

Byerly John S., carp.. Queen n Hanover. (K) 

Byerly Mary, widow, 17 Swanson. 

Byerly Malilon, men, 28 Church al., h 20 N 8th. 

Byerly S. & M. & Co., com. mers., 28 Church al. 

Bjerly Stephen, mer., 28 Churcli alley, h 37 
N 5th. 

Byerly, gentw., 128 N 9th. 

Byerly Theodore, ship carp., Hanover ab Bed- 
ford. (K) 

Byerly Wm., watchman, 290 S 4th. 

Bynns James, blacksmith, 2 Howard's ct. 

Byrne James, labourer, 190 S 5th. 

Byrne Mary, Cherry n Sch. 6tli. 

B}Tne Thomas, constable, 114 Swanson. 

Byrne N. Mrs., dressmr., 242 Callowhill. 




Byrne Stephen M., grocer, N W 7th & Lombard. 

B} rue Timothy, grocer, 264 N 7th. 

Byrne Wm., cliairmr., 336 .S 2d, h 72 Catliarlne. 

Byrne William, cordwainer, 305 3 2d. 

Bywater S., b h., 86 Mulberry. 

Bywatei-s William, ladies' shoemaker, 214N8lh. 

Cabot Joseph, mer., 5 Walnut, h Spruce n llth. 
Cadbury Joel, mer., 32 S Front, h 9 Franklin 
Cade Jonathan, waterman, rear 45 Green. 
Cade Samuel, tobacconist, 152 Wood. 
Cadis John, coach trimmer, Catharine bel 10th. 
Cadmus Jasper, boots & shoes, S W 3rd and 

Hig-h,h 28 North. 
Cadmus Jeremiah, shoes, 322 High. 
Cadwalader Charles, temp, grocer, 390 High. 
Cadwalader Geoi-ge, gent., 299 Chestnut. 
Cadwalader John, att'y & coun., 114 S 4th. 
Cadwalader T. Gen., coun., S E 9th & Mulberry 
Cadwalader Thomas Jr., gent., 353 Chestnut. 
Cady John C, baker, 330 Sassafras. 
CafFrey Wm., constable, rear 82 G T R, (K) 
Cahart Samuel, shoemaker, c Dock &. Spruce. 
Cahill James, weaver, 4th ab Master. 
Cahill Thomas, conti-actor, 25 W Cedar. 
Cahoun John, drayman, Sch. 6th ab Wood. 
Cailon James, baker, 107 N3d. 
Cain Anthony, seaman, 84 Plum. 
Cain Thomas, labourer, 6 Jones' al. 
Cain Robert, machinist, Jackson's ct. 
Caines Oscar, super, of Blockley Hospital, 26 

Cairns John, paper carrier. Pearl bel 12th. 
Cairnes Andrew, bookseller, 8 Gray's ct. (K) 
Cake Elizabeth, widow, Julianna ab Buttonwood. 
Cake Jacob, mer., 86^ N 9th. 
Cake Joseph, 47 Sassafras. 
Calahan Patrick, blacksmith, 330 S 4th. 
Caldcleugh James I., engineer, 13 Clinton sq. 
Caldcleugh Robert A., gent., 13 Clinton Squai-e, 
Caldcleugh Robert, M. D., 13 Clinton square. 
Calder G., kitch. range warehouse, 113 Walnut, 

h 35 S 4th. 
Calder Peter Y., Front Si Otter. (K) 
Calder Peter, tailor, 2 Kunkle's ct. 
Calderhead Alex., carpet weaver. Barker ab 

Sch. 7tb. 
Caldwell A. D., carp.. Brown & Front. 
Caldwell Ann Mrs., Wood n Sch. 
Caldwell Chas. P., whip & cane manuf. l^NSrd, 

h Coates ab 9lh. 
Caldwell C. W., agent, 194 S 4lh. 
Caldwell David, dyer, Shippen bel Broad. 
Caldwell E. H. Mrs., 1U5 S 10th. 
Caldwell Edmund B., mer., S W 2nd & High, h 

130 Walnut. 
Caldwell Henr)', carp., Shippen ab 12th. 
Caldwell James E., watcltmaker, 163 Chestnut 
Caldwell James, fish dealei', 16 Strawberry. 
Caldwell James, dealer, 2 'I'iller's ct. 
Caldwell James, gent., 333 N 3d. 
Caldwell James S., gent., 164 N 9tli. 
Caldwell John, currier, 358 S 2nd. 

Caldwell John, watchman, 12th ab Cedar. 

Caldwell John, grocer N W 3rd St Plum. 

Caldwell John, b h, 15 N 8th. 

Caldwell John, mer., 86 Union. 

Caldwell Jonathan, painter, 81 M Road. 

Caldwell J. F., of Virginia, dentist, 218 Mulb'y. 

Caldwell Marg-aret J., 98 Wood. 

Caldwell Matthew, earp., Wagner's al. 

Caldwell Robert, stone mason, Reeve n Sch. 2d. 

Caldwell S., mer., 147 High, h Chestnut ab Mint. 

Caldwell Samuel, mer., 20 S Front. 

Caldwell Samuel W., cashier N L bank. 

Caldwell Thomas, carter, Jett'erson n Harrison. 

Caldw ell 'I'homas, acct,, 35 Pine. 

Caldwell Thos., coal mer., Scb. 2nd n Callowhill. 

Caldwell Thos., carp., 13th n Lombard. 

Caldwell William D., gent., 8 Sergeant. 

Caldwell William, cordwr., Francis n Sch. 5th. 

Caleby Thomas, weaver, 3d ab Franklin. 

Caleby Edward L., weaver, George ab St. John. 

Calgin Robert, bootmaker, 12 Fayette. 
Calhoun David, lab., Lombard n Sch. 7lh. 
Calhoun David, tavern, 265 S 4th. 
Calhoun Ezra, tobacconist, 247 Cedar. 
Calhoun James, Powell n Ann. (F V) 
Calhoun Joseph, cordwainer, 306 S Front. 
Calic Patrick, pedler, 9 Pegg. 
Calkers Morris A., M. D., 180 Shippen. 
Call Isaac, painter, rear 33 Apple, 
('all Lawrence, hatter, 108 Wood. 
Call Mary Ann, washerwoman, 16 Lebanon. 
Callaghan George, capmaker, 610 N 2d. 
Callahan And., watchman, Sch. 5th ab Filbert. 
Callahan Charles, Spruce ab llth. 
Callahan Edward, grocer, S W Front &. Prime. 
Callahan Francis, lab., High W Sch. Bth. 
Callahan Jennet, Sch. 3d & Walnut. 
Callahan Micliael, lab., Murray ab Sch. 3rd. 
Callahan William, tailor. Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Callan Wm., stone mason, c Morris 8c Catharine. 
Callanan Lawrence, tavern, William n James. 
Callanhan Alex., shop, 216 Shippen. 
Callbreath James F., ladies shoes, 58 N 8th. 
Callender Benj., tavern, c 13th &. Ridge road. 
Callingham James, mariner. Beck's ct. 
Calloway Margaret, Decatur ab Corn. 
Calver James, clerk, G T road bel Master. 
Calver William G., gilder, G T road bel Master. 
Calvert Rachael, cupper & leccher, 48 N 8th. 
Calvery John, pewterer, Orange ab Washington. 
Calvery Susan, shop, Orange ab Washington. 
Calverly William, tinsm.. Spring- Garden bel 8th. 
Calvert Thomas, chairmaker, Marshall's ct. 
Calvin Owen, 16 Green. 
Camac Samuel, brickmaker, 18 McDuffie 
Camac Isaac, carter, Portland lane ab 6tli. 
Camac Thomas, 2d and Jefferson. 
Camac Wm. M., gent., 293 Chestnut. 
Camble James, coachman, 261 Cherry. 
Camblos Charles, mer., 107^ High, h 408 Vine. 
Camel Elizabeth, 189 S 6th. 
Cameron Angus, joinei-, 245 Green. 
Cameron David, carp., 9 Logan. 
Cameron Eli, blacksmith, 186 N 12th. 




Cameion James, deiitiht, /2 Brown. 

Cameron James, mer., 12 Chestnut. 

('ameron James, shoemaker, Webb'.s al. 

Cameron John, drayman, ,S 13th bel Rose. 

Cameron Jonathan, waterman, St. Jolni n G T 

Cameron Robert, gas fitter, 4 Maple. 

Cameron & Wyle, 12 Chestnut. 

Camm Wm., lur mer., 24 N 3rd, h 356 Mul- 

Cammer Wm., silverplater, Prince below Pal- 

Camp Benjamin, porter, Prime bel 2nd. 

Camp David, lab.. Phoenix ab 4th. 

Camp Eli, brush maker, Kline's ct. 

Camp John, sawyer, Prime ab 2nd. 

Camp Solomon, cordwainer, 147 S 11th. 

Campbell Abig-ail, 10 Rihl's ct. 

Campbell Alex., gent, 4 Boston Row. 

Campbell Alex., paver, Sch. 7th bel Sassafras. 

Campbell Alex., prison keeper, h 474 S 4th. 

Campbell Ann, 197 N 4th. 

Campbell Andrew, silver plater, 32 Crown. 

Campbell Ann, shop keeper, 11 Blackberry al. 

Campbell Ann, b. h., 4 Penn. 

Campbell Anthony, gent., 290 S 3rd. 

Campbell Anthony, lab., F road ab Queen. (K) 

Campbell Archibald, Carpenter bel S 9th. 

Campbell Archibald, mer., 94 High, h N E 
Sch. 5th & Spruce. 

Campbell Archibald, manuf., Edward ab School. 

Campbell Archibald, dry goods, 447 N 2d. 

Campbell A. H., oil manuf., Screw Dock, (K) 
Penn ab Maiden, h 140 Marshall. 

Campbell B., cordwainer, 199 Shippen. 

Campbell Barney, lab.. Marble ab 10th. 

Campbell B. A. Mrs., S E Fitzwater & 9th. 

Campbell Catharine, 128 Catharine. 

Campbell Catharine, tailoress, 23 Quince. 

Campbell Catharine, 189 N Front. 

Campbell Chas. O. B., mer., S W Broad and 
Sassafras, h 129 N 10th. 

Campbell & Co., mers., 164 High. 

Campbell C. U., waiter, Bedford bel 12th. 

Campbell Daniel, cordwainer, 1 Little Dock. 

Campbell Edward, labourer, Ohio n Quince. 

Campbell Elizabeth, 22 Parham. 

Campbell Francis, labourer, James AV Sch. 3d. 

Campbell Francis, ostler, 12 S 10th. 

Campbell George, att'y & coun., 203 Mulberry. 

Campbell Henry R., engineer. Green ab lOtli, 
h 9th bel Fitzwater. 

Campbell H & A. & Co., dry goods, 94 High 

Campbell Hugh, weaver, 21 McDuffie. 

Campbell Hugh, mer., 94 High, h S E 13th & 

Campbell Hugh, weaver, Jefferson n 2nd. 

Campbell Jas., spinner, William ab Callowhill 

Campbell James, stock &. exchange broker, 5 
Exchange place, h 65 S 5th. 

Campbell James, att'y &. coun. T-^i Dock, h 290 
S 3rd. 

Campbell James, carter, rear 25 Little Pine. 

Campbell James, lab., 7 Prosperous al. 

Campbell Jas. M., mer., Sch. 8th bel Spruce. 

Campbell Jane Mrs., 1.56 S 10th. 
Campbell John, weaver, 2 Bakr>*. 
Campbell John, labourer. Workman's rf 
Campbell John, lab., Jones W Sch. 3d. 
Campbell John, tailor. Maxwell's ct. 
Campbell .lohn, biscuit baker, 16 Budd. 
Campbell John, tallow ciiandler, 12 Almond. 
Campbell John, bricknir.. Spruce bel Scli 4th. 
Campbell John H., att'y & coun., 203 N 6th. 
Campbell John, tailor, 161 S Front, h 3 Town- 

send's ct. 
Campbell John, gent., 122 [-ombard. 
Campbell John, tavern, S W. Penn &. Cedar. 
Campbell John, grocer, M road and Marion. 
Campbell John, weaver, Ann ab Sch 8tli. 
Campbell John & Neal, tailors 161 S Front. 
Campbell Jonathan, carp., 416 N 5lh. 
Campbell Joseph, miller, 25 Mary. 
Campbell Joseph, ostler, 233 S 4th. 
Campbell Joshua E., tailor, 237 S 7th. 
Campbell J. G., mer., 164 High. 
Campbell Matthew, weaver, 3 Wagner's al. 
Campbell Michael B., shoemr., Littleboy's ct. 
Campbell Neal, tailor, 161 S Front, h 61 Gaskill. 
Campbell Patrick, hackman, c 4th & Master. 
Campbell Patrick, tailor, 295 S 4th. 
Campbell Patrick, dry goods, 51 Chestnut 
Campbell Peter, cooper, Washington above 

Campbell Richard, waterman, 295 N 7th. 
Campbell Robert, drayman, Barker n Sch. 3d. 
Campbell Robert, weaver, Fairmount n James. 
Campbell Robt., weaver, Hopkin's ct. n WiUiam 
Campbell Samuel, weav., 4 Richard n Sch. 6th. 
Campbell Sarah W., b h, 120 Coates. 
Campbell St. George T., att'y & coun. 115 S 6th 

bel Walnut. 
Campbell Thomas, dry goods, 81 Cedar. 
Campbell Thomas, trader, 506 S 2d. 
Campbell Tristram, tailors, 341 N Front, h 119 

Campbell WiUiam, grocer, N E 8th & Cherrv, h 

116 N 8th. 
Campbell William, dry goods, N E 3rd & Cedar. 
Campbell William, carpenter, Callowhill ab 11th. 
Campbell Wm., lab., Filbert W Sch. 4th. 
Campbell William S., nier., 164 High, h 117 

S 4th. 
Campbell Quintin, gent., 124 S 8th. 
Campbell Zephina, carter, 2nd n G T road. 
Campion Francis, weigh master, 91 S Front h 

129 N 10th. 
Campion John, hair dresser, 21 N 6th. 
Campion Joseph H., cabinetmaker, 64 Spruce. 
Campion N. Field, mer., 36 Chestnut. 
Campion Thomas, coffee roaster, 24 Branch. 
Campion T. & W., coffee roasters, 24 Branch. 
Campion Wm., 27 Montgomer}-. 
Canaday James, papermr., Shippen lane below 

Canase Wm., blacksmith, marlboro' bel F road, 

Canavan James, wool dealer, c 4th &. Franklin. 
Canby Caleb H., plumber, 115 Mulberry, h 63 





Canby Henry, N W 10th and W North. 

Candiey John, alderman, G T road n 6t)i. 

Candy Thomas D., machinist, Stale. 

Caneil Wm., mer., 356 Chestnut. 

Caner M., coachmaker, 205 S 7th. 

Caney C. Mrs., 93 Pine. 

Canlield N., broker, 43 S 3rd, h 116 Chestnut. 

Cann Augustus, pattern maker, 101 N 13th. 

Cann Conrad, coach painter, '2>77 Coates. 

Cannady Andrew, carter, 5 Callowhill. 

Cannan James, tinsmith, rear 488 N 3rd. 

Canner John, slioemaker, 3 Kirkpatrick's ct. 

Canning George, messenger, Jefterson n Hari'n. 

Canning Matthew, marble pohsher, 13th n Cal- 

Canning Wm., stone cutter, Leiper. 

Cannon Daniel B., gent., 75 Pine. 

Cannon Dennis, lab., Jones W Sch. 3rd. 

Cannon Elijah, lab., Brown ab 4th. 

Cannon Hugh, marble mason, Jones W Sch. 8th. 

Cannon James, labourer, Murray ab Sch 3rd. 

Cannon John, waterman, 24 Dyott's ct. 

Cannon John, carp, rear 120 German. 

Cannon John M., alderman, 418 N 2nd. 

Cannon Maiy, tailoress, 2 Scott's ct. 

Cannon Thomas, stone cutter, 2 Williams' ct. 

Canon &. Brother, tinsmiths, 319^ High. 

Canon George, tinsmith, 319^ High, h 309 Sas- 

Canon James, tinsmith, 3 19i High, h 309 Sas- 

Canon John, tinsmith, 188 Callowhill, h 137 

Cans J., drayman, Sch 3rd n Chestnut. 

Cansler Wm. W., paperhanger, 495 High. 

Canter Mary Ann, gentw., 80 Noble. 

Cantrel John A., druggist, S W 2ud & John. (S) 

Cany Edward, mer., 42 N Front. 

Cany H. D., wines, 3 S 6th. 

Capehart Henry, cordw., Hanover bel Duke. 

Capehart Israel, cordwainer. Palmer n Duke. 

Capell Christopher, 14 Gray's alley. 

Capewell John, agent, 11 Minor, h Queen below 
Palmer. (K) 

Capie Joseph, mariner, 23 Reckless. 

Caple James, glass blower. Palmer n Prince. 

Caple John, clerk Queen n Hanover. 

Capp John C, 148 N 12th. 

Capper John, weaver, rear 208 F road. (K) 

Cappy Alex., tailor, 4 Elizabeth ct. 

Capshart Sophia, gentw., Poplar n St. John. 

Capuano, D., teacher of music, 28 N 3rd. 

Caraghan James, lab., Spafford ab Fitzwater. 

Carbin Elizabeth, b h, 4 Powell. 

Carbon Mar}', rear 29 Green. 

Cardwell A. W., broker, 42 Walnut, h Coates n 
Ridge road. 

Cardwell Thomas, gent., 160 S 4th. 

Cardwell Tbos. C, mer., 22 N Front. 

Cardwell Wm. C, mer., 22 N Front. 

Care Elizabeth, 440 N 3rd. 

Care Miss S., b. h., 212 Chestnut. 

Carp William, currier. Green bel 13th. 

Carels Samuel, M. D., 14 N 9th. 

Carels V>m., Bolivar house, 201 & 203 Chestnut. 

Caren Robert, weaver, William. (FM) 

Carey E. L., bookseller, S E 4th & Chestnut, h 

290 Walnut. 
Carey & Hart, booksellers, S E 4th h. Chestnut. 
(;arey Edward, butcher, 2nd bel Wiiarton. 
Carey Ezra, grocer, 453 High, h Juniper below 

Carey Henry C, 114 Walnut. 
Carey James, waiter, George ab lOtli 
Carey John, lab., 2nd and Market. 
Carey Sarah Mrs., 10 Wood. 
Carey Robert, saddle St harness mr., 31 S 4th, 

h 64 Gaskill. 
Carey William, tavern. Beach ab Hanover. (K) 
Carfrey Wm. R., cordw., 2 Dungan's av. 
Carhart Samuel, cordwainer, N W Little Dock, 

& Spruce, h 38 Almond. 
Carie John, oyster cellar, 334 High. 
Card L. S., cabinetmr., court E 29 New Market. 
Carl Jacob, cordwainer, 4 Clawges' ct. 
Carl Wm., music teacher, Schriver's ct. 
Carlaw John, weaver, 10th bel Catharine. 
Carle Nicholas lab., Cla}' n Sch. Beach. 
Carles John W., framemr., 2 Knight's ct. 
Carleton &. Fisher, tailors, 4 S 8th. 
Carleton John, tailor, 4 S 8th, h 190 Cherry. 
Carleton Samuel, carpenter, Sugar alley, h 190 

Carleton Samuel, jr., bricklayer, 190 Cheny. 
Carleton Thomas, carpenter, shop Sugar al bel 

7th, h 190 Cherry. 
Cariile J. J., com. mer., 208 High, h 7th n 

Carlin Charles, tavern. Front n Spruce. 
Carlin Hugh, tavern, S W Vine & Water. 
Carlin Jonathan, sawyer, S W Apple & George. 

Carlin Michael, tavern, c Water & Dock. 
Carlin Patrick, shop, 224 Shippen. 
Carlin Philip, feed, 288 Carpenter. (S) 
Carlin William, cordwainer, 91 Swanson. 
Carlisle A., clerk, 227 Coates. 
Carlisle David, carter, 369 N 6th. 
Carlisle D. & Co., bur. stones, 199 N 3rd. 
Carlisle Henry, combmaker, 7 Bryant's ct. 
Carlisle Margaret, gentw., 34 Marshall. 
Carlisle Mary A., gentw., 375 S Front, (back) 
Carlisle Wm. Jr., mer.. Wood n Sch. 7th. 
Carlisle Wm., machinist. Wood n Sch. 7th. 
Carlisle William, paper warehouse, h 109 St. 

Carlon Charles, tailor, 36 Middle al. 
Carlton Francis, weaver. Harmony ct. (K) 
Carman Charles, bootmaker, 648 N 2nd. 
Carman Charles, stonemason, G T road n Otter. 
Carman Hudson, mer., 273 High. 
Carman James, 218 Sassafrai. 
Carman James H., saddletreemr., 11 Collins' ct. 
Carman John, carpenter, 93 German. 
Carman Mary, 18 Green's ct. 
Carman Mary, gentw., 132 S 4th. 
Carman S., gentw., 204 Mulberry. 
Carman Wilson, varnish manuf. Wharton below 





Cannaii AVm., grocci-, 239 Ilig-h, li 218 Sa.ssafias.jCarr Rariicy, weaver, JtiVcvHou al> 2iid. 

Carmick Ia-wis, g-eiit., 125 lAJinljard. 
Carmick Mrs., wiilow, 125 I.oiTibai-d. 
Carniine Win., laljoiii'cr, i-ear 373 H Front. 
(Janialian D. H. Miss, teacher, 177 Coatts. 
Carnaliaii John, tailor, Lewis ah Soli. Gth. 
Carne.s Georg'e, tinphitevvr., 19^ Crcsson's al 
Carnes Henry, cordw., lieacli ah Marsli. (K) 
Carnes James, eiigineei', Carlton ah Sch. Gth. 
Carnes J., hatter, 485 Higli, h Madison bel Vine. 

Carnes Robert, victualler, Gtli n C Creek. 

Carney B. L., hatter, 209 Ship|jen. 

Carney &, Bernard, tavern, 278 S 4th. 

Carney Edward, oysters, 50 N 2nd. 

Carney J., lab., Washing-ton &, Callowhilla Sch. 

Carney James, hatter, 38 Coates. 

Carney I.ydia B., tailoress, 141 S 4th. 

Carney Marg'aret, shop, c Jefferson & Cliarlotte. 

Carney Nicholas, weaver, Brasier ab Lloyd. 

Carney Wm., sailmr., Carlton ab Sch. 4th. 

Cams Charles W., brickmr., Lombard n Sch 3d. 

Cams Edward, labourer, 241 S Gth. 

Carolus Jacob, ladies' shoemaker, 25 Meclianic. 

Caron Eliza Ann, dry goods, 266 S 2nd. 

Caron Michael, ship carp., Wood ab Queen. (K) 

Carpenter Ann, 30 Coates' al. 

Carpenter A. & M. Stevenson, confecs., 333 Vine. 

Carpenter Benjamin E., 215 Coates. 

Carpenter Chas., moz-occo dresser, 229 St John. 

Carpenter Charles, blacksmith, 337 S 2nd. 

Carpenter Conrad, vict., N 8ih n Buttonwood. 
Carpenter D. H., siirg. ins. mr., 433 N Front. 
Carpenter Francis, tailor, 48 S 3rd, h 82 Union. 
Carpenter George, carpenter, 23 Perry. 
Carpenter George, carpr. 430 N 5th. 
Carpenter George, clerk, rear 196 Cherry. 
Carpenter Geo. W., drug.,301 High,h 130 N 9th. 
Carpenter Henry M., cordwainer, 265 S 2d. 
Carpenter Jacob, waiter, 7 Hurst. 
Carpenter John, blacksmith, 144 Apple. 
Carpenter John, tailor, 159 Pine. 
Carpenter John, cooper, c Powell & Ann. (F V) 
Carpenter Joshua, painter, 3rd bel Pine, h Juni- 
per bel Spruce. 
Carpenter Miles,, lab., Noble n O Y road. 
Carpenter Miles N., gent., 25 Palmyra square. 
Carpenter Mrs., widow, 209 Spruce. 
Carpenter Peter, carter, Washington. (WP) 
Carpenter Powell, ice house, 89 Tammany. 
Carpenter Saml., bookbr., 5th bel Walnut, h 47 

Carpenter Samuel H., 5 Bank pi., h 44 S 13th. 
Carpenter Sarah, 64 S 12th. 
Cai'penter Sarah C, milliner, 17 S 2nd. 
Carpenter Stephen, carpenter, 3 Carlisle's ct. 
Carpenter W^illiam, cordwainer, 9 Shippen. 
Carpenter William, hatter, 5 Chancery lane. 
(Carpenter AVilliam, labourer, 92 Bedford. 
Carpenter Wm., tailor, 48 S 3rd, h 135 Pine. 
Carpenter W. &. F., tailors, 48 S 3rd. 
Carpenter Wm. T. P., mer., 17 S 2nd. 
Carpentier I. C, nier., 17 S Front, h324 Walnut. 
Carpentier Lewis D., gent., 324 Walnut. 
Carr Alexander, grocer, c William & Hamilton. 
CaiT Ann, white washer, Baldwin's ct. 

(/'air (.'harles, lamp inanuf., 160 8 3rd. 

Carr & Co., dry goo<ls, N W 4th 8c Poplar. 

Cai'r Daniel, carter. Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 

Carr Daniel, grocer, 310 S 7th. 

Carr David, engin'r, Washington bel Callowbill. 

Carr Edward, mer., 12 S 4th, h 374 Cedar. 

Carr Eliza Ann, Wood ab 13th. 

Carr Eliza, trimming.s, 2nd ab Keed. 

Carr Elizab., gentw., Franklin ab Buttonwood. 

Carr E. W., comb manuf., 440 N 4th. 

Carr George, watchman, 15 Budd. 

Carr & Hall, mers., 12 S 4th 

Carr James, vict., Hanover ab Franklin. (K) 

Carr James, boatman. Beach ab Walnut. 

Carr James, plumber, 109 (Jherry. 

Carr James M., mer., 144 S 3rd. 

Carr James, lab., Charlotte n Franklin. 

Carr Jane, 9 Nortli ab 10th. 

Can- Joseph, mer., 91 Chestnut, h 132 S 8th. 

Carr & Keim, com. mers., 33 Commerce. 

Carr Livingston, coachman, 230 S 7th. 

Carr Maria, 52 Lombard. 

Carr Michael, weaver, Cadwalader bel Master. 
Carr Mich '.el, waiter, 10 Vaux's ct. 
Can- M.Mrs., milliner, 305 Walnut. 
Carr Patrick, grocer, 131 Locust. 
Carr Patrick, grocer, c 3rd and Thompson. 
CaiT Robert, lab., 27 W Cedar. 
Carr Robert, coaldealer, Sarah ab Queen. 
Carr Samuel, lab., 11 Helmuth. 
Carr Samuel R., 12 Dilk's ct. 
Carr Samuel, blacksmith, Apple ab George. 
Carr Thomas, prof, of music, 201 N 6th. 
Carr Wm., tailor, Sch. 4th bel High. 
Carr William H., mer., 33 Commerce, h 9 Mont- 
gomery sq. 
Carr William, machinist, 9th bel Coates. 
Carr William, mer., Sch. 8th bel Spruce. 
Carraher Thomas, watchman, 14 Juniper lane. 
Carrall R., gent., Green ab Franklin. 
Carrel Henry, seaman, c S Pine and Ball. 
Carrell Bidd}^, gentw., 5 Cadwalader. (K) 
Carrell John, tavern, S W Beck and Swanson. 
Carrell John, tavern, 2nd bel Master. 
Carrell Timothy, watchman, John's ct. 
Carrick & Bi-own, blacksmiths, Callowbill near 

Carrick James, gro., Washington bel CallowhiJl. 
Carrick Thos., blacksm., Sch. 2nd n Callowbill. 
Carrig John, watchman, Filbert ab Sch 3rd. 
Carrigan J. Jr., saddlery hardware, 21 N 3d, h 

c 5th and Buttonwood. 
Carrigan William, lab., Lewis ab Sch. 6th. 
Carrigill Thomas, dealer, Jones \V Sch. 4th. 
Carroll Clitworthy, weaver, 13th bel Shippen. 
Carroll Daniel, b h., 92 N Water. 
Can-oil D. L. Rev., 264 N 6th. 
Carroll Elijah A., 119 S 2d, h 114 Catharine. 
Carroll George, hatter, 440 High. 
Carroll H., gentw.. Chestnut, opp. U. S. mint. 
Carroll James, grocer, N E 12th and Ohio. 
Carroll James, labourer, 1 Little Pine. 
Carroll James, stone cutter, S E Broad & Lom- 
bard, h 10th ab Catharine. 




CaiToll John W., caqx, Coates ab 9Ui. I Carteret Emily, widow, 109 Lombard. 

Carroll Patrick, tailor, 14 Jones' alley. Carteret Wm. M., com. mer., h 13G Catharine. 

Carroll Thomas, weaver, Shippen lane above Cartledge Joseph, stone cutler, 1 Hunter. 

Carroll Walter, grocer, 216 S 7th. 
Carroll Wm., weaver, 118 Plum. 
Carron Sarah, 4 Humphrey's ct. 
Carron Thos., weaver, Cochran bel Rrinton. 
Carrow I., jeweller, N W 3d and Chestnut, 1 

N W 5th and Queen. 
Carrutliers John, coachmaker, N W 5th and But 

Carson Ann, dress mr., 8th bel. Lombard. 
Carson Catharine, Cadwalader bel Master. 
Carson Catharine, 125 New. 
Cai-son Eliza, grocer. Vine bel. 13th. 
Carson George, lab., Lombard ab 13th. 

Carson George C, mer., 51 S whar., h 13th bel 

Carson Henry, produce broker, 51 N Front. 

Carson H. L., mer., 30 N Front, h 358 Chestnut. 

Carson John, carter, 13 Harmony. 

Carson Joseph, M. 1)., 27 S 13lh. 

Carson J. H., 68 Gaskill. 

Carson & Newbold, mers., 51 S wharves. 

Carson Oliver, weaver, 574 N 3d. 

Carson Robert, Broad & paper al. 

Carson Rachel, gentw., 87 S 12th. 

Carson Thomas, grocer, N W 12th and Wood. 

Carson Thomas B., shoe store, 252 N 2nd. 

Carson William, shipcarpenter, 4 Reckless. 

Carstairs James, mer., 1st wharf ab Cedar, h 31 

Carter Abraham, carp., rear 70 S 2nd. 

Carter Ann, 16 Prune. 

Carter Charles Ignatius Rev., 116 S 4th 

Carter Dennis D., colourer, 166 Locust 

Carter Durden B., mer., 26 Cliestnut, h 2 Du- 
gan row 

Carter Edward, 32 Marion. 
• Carter Elizabeth, undertaker, 133 N 6th. 

Carter George, tobac, 30 S 6tli, Ii 90 N 5th. 

Carter J. G., cooper, 10 Com'rce, h 170 N 13th 

Carter James, labourer, Filbert n Sch. 3d. 

Carter James, cooper, 155 Swanson. 

Carter John, shoemaker, 254 N Front. 

Carter John, chem., 14 Minor, h 96 S 12th. 

Carter John, ship carp.. Queen & Stay's ct. (K) 

Carter James T., coal mer., h 37 N Sch. 8th. 

Carter J. C. silk dyer, 28 N 5th. 

Carter Noah, waiter, Lisle. 

Carter Margaret, 45 Sassafras. 

Carter Margaret Mrs., dry goods, 379 High, h 9 

Carter Maiy, 100 Swanson. 

Carter Richard, carp. Hamilton ab Nixon. 

Carter R., mer., UN 3d, h 45 Sassafi-as. * 

Carter Robert T., clerk, 19 Vernon. 

Carter Samuel H., combmaker, 31 N 4th. 

Carter & Scattergood, chemists, 14 Minor. 

Carter Simeon, carter, R road bel Spr. Garden 

Carter WiUiam, silk dyer, 114 N 4th. 

Carter Wm. T., li.v. stables, Prune n 6th, h S W 
9th & Pine. 

Carter Wm. T. & Co., stables, Prune n 6th 

Cartridge Aaron, labourer. Pearl ab 13th. 

Cartwrigl\t Mary, 44^ George. 

Cartwright Matthew, tinworker, 456 N 3d. 

Carty Charles, captain, 13 Queen. 

Carty Elizabeth, tailoress. 

Carty R., 16 Short ct. 

Carty Josiah S., hatter, 19 Mechanic. 

Carty Sumpter, cordwr., 32 North. 

Carvalho David N., marlile paper manuf., N W 

Sheppard's alley and Schriver's ct. 
Carvell William, weaver, 664 N 2nd. 
Carver Alexander B., conveyr., 16 N 9th, h 179 

Carver Jacob, currier, Marion and Front. 
Carver Jacob W., gent.. Palmer ab West. (K) 
Carver Isaac, turner, 12 Dock, h 321 S 6tii. 
Carver John E., arch't, 128Mul'ry., ii 158 S 5th 
Carver John R., carpenter, 6 Rittenhoiise. 
Cary Ephraim, blacking, Marion ab 13th. 
Casain John, shoe mr., 6 North. 
Case WlUiam, labourer. Pearl bel Sch. 7tl>. 
Casey Catharine, map colorer, 186 Callowhill. 

Casey James, iron mer., 33 and 35 N Water, h 
382 Mulberry. 

Casey James, weaver, Linn's row. (p M) 

Casey James D., glass cutter, Vienna bel Prince 

Casey John, grocer, c Phoenix &. Cadwalader. 

Casey Mary, grocer, 85 N Water. 

Casey Michael, cordwainer, 24 Crown. 

Cash Andrew D., conveyancer, 51 N 6tli, h Gi- 
rard's av. n Broad. 

Cash Thomas, gent., 191 N 6th. 

Caskey Ann, dry goods, 144 S 8tli. 

Caskey John, weaver, Linn n Fairmount. 

Caskey Joseph, groceries &. flour, 446 High. 

Caskey Samuel, lab., 10 Morgan's ct. bel 12th. 

Casly Alexander, carpenter, 4th bel Carpentei-. 

Casner Catharine, tailoress, 16 Brown. 

Casner Jacob, segar mr., St. John n Beaver. 

Casner Susannah, dressnjaker, 88 Poplar. 

Cassaday Francis, rear 31 Beck's al. 

Cassady Francis, weaver, G T road n Jefferson. 

Cassady Francis, grocer, G T road n Master. 

Cassady Francis, painter, 40 Queen. 

Cassady Henry, fisherman, rear 84 Oak. 

Cassady Henry, segar maker, 303 S 4th. 

Cassady James, victualler. Carpenter ab 8th. 

Cassady James, dealer, 83 Shippen. 

Cassady James W., confect'iy.,N W 3d & I'ine. 

Cassady Jolm, baker, 262 Mulberry. 

Cassady John, lab., Hamilton n Nixon. 

Cassady Park H., baker, 25 N 9th. 

Cassady William, tailor, 36 Strawberry. 

Cassamajor P. Jr., gent., 8 Portico sqr. 

Cassan Ann, sliopkceper, 46 German. 

Casseday Jas., mer., 121 S Water, h 176 S Front. 

Casseday John, cordw., Washington, bel 2nd. 

Casseday Samuel E., straw hat flnis'r., 7 Cherry. 

Cassell Frederick, 1 George. 

Cassey Joseph, gent., 113 Lombard. 

Cassidy Deiuiis, hackman, 214 S 5th. 




Cassidy Dennis, painter, Furlong's ct. 

Cassin John, acct., 212 S 4111. 

Cast Georg-e, cooper, Uunton al) Otter. (K) 

Casteldine Aim, 307 S Front. 

Casterlow Jolin, lab. IScacli n George. 

Castels William, printer, I'racjuair's ct. 

Castle James II., att}'. St coun., olFicc 48 S 4tli. 

Castle William, confectioner, 136 Mulberry. 

Castles James, grocer, S E 2nd 8t Catharine. 

Castner Charles, grocer, F road ah Stone Briilge. 

Castner & Christian, com. mers., 76 S whfs. 

Castner Enoch, mer. 5 Spruce, h 21 Lombard. 

Castner S. & E., grocers, 5 Spruce. 

Castner, Samuel, mer., 5 Spruce, h 299 S Front. 

Castor Samuel, rear 9 Maria. 

Caswell Arabella, b h, 304 High. 

Cately Joseph, bookseller, 5 Marble place. 

Caterson Wm., lab., 7 Gamble's ct. 

Cathcart Alexandei-, cordwainer, 247 Christian. 

Cathcart Andrew, millwright, Ogden ab 10th. 

Cathcart John M., guager & cooper, 59 N Water, 

h 3 Drinker's al. 
Cathcart Wm., lab., Hamilton n Nixon. 
Cathcart Wm., cooper, 492 S 2nd. 
Cathell Charles, mariner, 8 Reed's ct. 
Cathell Joseph, hatter, Paynter's ct. 
Catherall George, papei'hanger, 68 Coates. 
Catherall Jane, Adams n 13th. 
Catherwood Hugh, S W 13th & High, h 425 

Catherwood .& Craig, distillers, S W 13th & 

Cathrall John, 273 S 4th. 
Cathran John, carpenter, Turner. 
Catlin George, musical instrument-mr., 49 Prune. 
Catlin John, waterman. Front ab Prime. 
Cattell David, blacksmith, 266 S Front, (S.) h 

rear 13 Mead. 
Cattell Peterson, blacksmith, 266 S Front. 
Catz Michael, carpenter, 12th bel. Coates. 
CaufFman Andrew, painter, 525 N 5th. 
CauflTman Catharine, b h, c Front & Franklin. (K) 
Cauffman Lawrence, mer., 27 N 3rd, h 125 

CaufFman Marcus, drygoods, 60 N 3rd, h 24 New. 
CaufFman R. S., mer., 27 N 3rd. 
CaufFman R. S., & Co., crockery, 27 N 3d. 
Caulk Oliver, 10th n Washington. (S G) 
CauUett Sarah, 19 Reckless. 
Caust George, painter, 303 N 5th. 
Caut Armaud, sug. ref. 87 N 2nd, h 13 Efreth s al. 
Cavanaugh Edward W., grocer. Almond st whf. 
Cavanaugh Hugh, corder, 43 Swanson. 
Cavanaugh John, 82 Wood. 
Cavanaugh Larey, stonec'r, Lombard n Bank. 
Cavanaugh Michael, tavern, S E 2nd & Queen. 
Cavanaugh Owen, lab., Pine n Sch. Beach. 
Cave Jonathan J., agent. Vine bel 13th. 
Cave Joseph, sexton, Lagrange pi. 
Cave Ik Schaffer, druggists, N E 6th & High. 
Cave Thomai., druggist, N E 6th & Hiffh, h 

Walnut n Sch. 7th. 
Cavender Cordelia, gentw., 243 N 7th. 
Cavender Curtis H., hosiery, 25 S 5th, h 243 N 


Cavender John H., c<jiiveyanccr, .348 N 5tli. 
Cavctt Ann Maria, bonnet mr., 80 Mulberry, 

330 S 4fli. 
Cavro William, plasterer. Willow ah (Charles 
Centerlin Jacob, iishern)an, 16 Charlotte. 
Cerns Joseph, drayman. Sch. 3d bel. (;l)eslnut. 
Chacon Don Pablo, con.sul general of Spain, 28 

Chadwick George, 37 Almond. 
Chadwick Henry W., teaclier. Front ab Maiden. 
Chadwick T. B., confectioner, 69 S 12tl). 
('hafman William, rear 23 ]$eck. 
ChalonerA. D., M. D., 121N12tIi. 
Chaloner Daniel, druggist, 3d bel. Carpenter. 
Chamberlain Daniel, cordw., Girl's ct. 
Chamberlain C. U., dr'g'ds, N E7th &. Swanson. 
Chamberlain E S.,bootfitter, Hanover ab. Duke. 

Chamberlain Geo., cordw., 12 Plca.sant Retreat. 
Chamberlain Lewis, watch nu-, S E 8th &, Sas'frs. 
Chamberlain Taylor, carp., Callo'h'l. &. Sch. 2nd. 
Chamberlen Britton E., teacher, c 11th &. 

Buttonwood, h 66 N 8th. 
Chamberhn Ehzabeth, gentw., 279 N 7th. 
Chamberlin Isaac, waterman, 28 Parham. 
Chamberlin Joseph, tailor, 13th & Washington. 
Chambers Alexander, china mer., 245 High, h 

43 O Y road. 
Chambers Andrew R., leather mer., 67 & h 505 

Chambers & Co., turpentine, Maiden bel Front. 
Chambers Ezra, 7th bel. Browne. 
Chambers Edward, oysterman, 119 Swanson. 
Chambers Elizabeth, tavern, 148 Swanson. 
Chambers George K. gr'cr,N. W. 10th & Castle. 
Chambers George T., Sch. 7th bel. Walnut. 
Chambers G. W., M. D., S 5th bel Catharine. 
Chambei-s 8c Hendry, leather, 67 Chestnut. 
Chambers H. M., miUlner, 116 N 12th. 
Chambers James, stone cutter, 292 Cherry. 
Chambers James, waterman, 24 Mead. 
Chambers James, painter, 274 Callowhill. 
Chambers James, carp., 17 Queen. (K) 
Chambers James, labourer. Linden ab. Sch 7th 
Chambers James, weaver, F road bel Master.(K) 
Chambers John, labourer, Corn bel Wharton. 
Chambers John, variety st., W High n Sch. 6th 
Chambers J9hn, m'ble pol'er Brown bel Cheny. 
Chambers John Rev., 360 Mulberiy. 
Chambers John, carter, St Joseph's av. 
Chambers J. C, grocer, N E 2nd and Mulberry, 

h 87 Wood. 
Chambers John M., carpenter. Peach. 
Chambers Joseph, bricklayer, rear 352 S 2nd. 
Chambers Joseph, boxmaker, 42 Bread. 
Chambers J., Maiden n Front, h 119 S 5th. 
Chambers Mary, miUiner, c Blackberry al. & 


Chambers Maria, eating h.. Commerce ab 5th. 
Chambers Maria B., rear 14 Emlin's ct. 
Chambers Matthew, clerk, 7th ab Parrish. 
Chambers Montgomerv", M. D., 92 S 5tli. 
Chambers N., real- 305 Walnut. 
Chambers Peter, confec, c Willow & Magnoli 
Chambers Samuel, stone cutter, 292 Cherry. 




("harlton Benjamin, tailor, 447 S 2nd. 

Charlton Jolm, boot fitter. School st. 

Charlton Martha, tavern, c 8th &. Zane. 

Charlton Thoinas, watchman, 8 Nixon. 

Charlton W. M., clothing-, 246 Cedar. 

Charmin Joseph, shoemr., 24 Strawberry- 
Champion Charles, tavern, N W Mulberry andjcharnlcy William S.. stock &. cxch. broker, 9 S 

N "Wharf. 3rd, h Pine ab 9th. 

Champion Samuel, blacksmith, Division n Ann. Charnley & Whelen, stock & ex. brokers, 9 S 5rd. 

chambers Samuel, carter, Crccn's ct. (N L.) 
Chambers Walter, porter, rear 483 N 3rd. 
Chambers William, China mer., 250 S 6lh. 
Chambers William C, M. D., 119 S 5tli. 
Chambers Wm. ,B., gro., N W 4th &. Walnut. 
Chamblev B., coachman, 10 N 10th 

Champanion J., colourer, Cedar bel 12th. 
Champion William, tavern, S Wharves n Cedar 
Chance John, waterman, 119 Swanson. 
Chance Walter, 181 N YronU 
Chance William, blacksmith, Mai-lboroug-h &. F 

Chancellor Flannah, gentw., 271 Chestnut. 
Chancellor Henry, gent.. Walnut ab Broad. 
Chandler Edwin, ag. repository, 196 High, h 

149 N Juniper. 
Chandler Elizabeth, b li, 16 N 9th. 
Chandler George Rev., Q,ueen n Palmer. (K) 
Chandler George, cai'penter, 5 Madison. 
Chandler John, grocer, 159 S 6th. 
Chandler Joseph R., editor & proprietor U S 

Gazette, 66 Dock, h 105 N 10th. 
Chandler Mrs., rear 71 S 2nd. 
Chandler Samuel W., mer., 414 High, h 267" 

N 7th. 
Chandler William, porter, Mary's ct. 
Chanty A. W., tailor, 129 Vine. 
Chapin Emma, confectioner, 441 S 2nd. 
Chapman Ann, 28 Branch. 

Chapman Chas., coachma»\, George ab Sch. 7th. 
Chapman C. C, exch. office, N W 2nd and 

Chestnut, h 138 S 2d. 
Chapman Edward B., shoestore & carrier, N W 
11th & Vine. 

Chapman Elizabeth, 146 S 10th. 

Chapman Enos, carpenter, Lambert &. N 13th. 
Chapman James S., cordwainer, 165 N 13th. 

Chapman Janet, 3 N lOlh. 

Chapman Jonathan, engineer, N 10th n Button- 

Chapman Joseph, k'pr. penitentiary, Ann. (F V) 

Chapman Julia, gentw., 11 Christian. 

Chapman Mahlon, labourer, c & 11th Coales. 

Chapman Mary, 99 Wood. 

Chapman Nathaniel, M. D., 332 Chestnut. 

Chapman Richard, M. D., 86 F road. 

Chapman Richard, papermaker, 521 N Front. 

Chapman Susan, cig-armaker, 308 St. John. 

Chapman Theodore, bricklayer, 55 Franklin. 

Chapman Thomas, carp., George bel Sch. 6th. 

Chapman Thos. B., machinist. Beach ab Hanover 
h Queen n Hanover. 

Chapman Thomas E., bookbinder, N W 5th &. 
Cherry, store 74 N 4th. 

Chapman Wm., bricklayer, S W Franklin and 

Chapron John M., mer., 185 High, li 75 Spruce. 

Charles George,^combmr., Beaver bel Charlotte. 

Charles Henry, gilder, rear 194 Christian. 

Charles Sarah, 104 German. 

Charles Thos, weaver, 5th and G T road. 

Charnock Thomas, cabinetmaker, rear 72 Pine, 

h 26 Bon sail. 
Charter Geo., furniture car. Barker bel Sch. 6th. 
Chai-ter Jerome, variety store, 144 N 2nd. 
Charters Samuel, boot &, shoemaker, K road ab 

Francis, (F V.) 
Chase Ann, b h, 9 Maria. 
Chase B. W., 7 Colonnade Row. 
Chase Directory, rear 93 Christian. 
Chase Ebenezer, cordwainer, Russel. 
Chase Ezra, 2 Elmsly's al. 
Chase George C., Ogden ab 10th. 
Ciiase Heber, M. D., Ill S 9tli. 
Chase John, shoemr., 19 Harmony. 
Chase J., stonecutter, Ann n Powell, (F V.) 
Chase Lloyd, waiter, AVood ab Sch. 7th. 
Chase Philip B., com. mer., 20 Chestnut, h 4 

W Penn sq. 
Chase Stephen G., shoemakei-, 19 Harmony st. 
Chase Thomas G., library h music store, 120 

Chase William, labourer, 41 Currant al. 
Chasteney Jane, teacher, 37 S Sch. 6th, 
Chatham John, cordwainer, Front bel Wharton. 
Chatham Joseph, grocer, 76 Locust. 
Chatham Robert ¥., ladies' shoemr., 53 S 12th. 
Chatham Wm., carpetmanuf., G T R n 5th. 
Chattam Rebecca, tailoress, Streeper's ct. 
Chatterson Joseph, carver, Catharine bel lOtli. 
Chauncey Charles, counsellor, office 85, h 87 

Chauncey &. Chester, counsellors, office 85 

Chauncey Ehhu, Pres. P & RRRCo., 59 S 3rd, 
(ab stairs,) h 157 Walnut. 

Chauncey Hannah, gentw., 271 Chestnut. 

Chauncey Nathaniel, atty. &. coun., 231 Pine. 

Chauvenet William, clerk, c 3rd & Cedar. 

Chauvenet W. M., grocer, S W 3d & Cedar. 

Chaux Miss E., Indian doctress, F Rbel Phoenix. 

Cheatte R., hatter, rear 452 N Front. (K.) 

Cheeks Wvn., ornamenter, 33 Charlotte. 

Cheeks Wm., M. D., N E Sassafras & Bache. 

Cheeks Wm., jv., mer., h N E Sassafras and 

Cheesman Richard, oysterm.\n, 203 Lombard. 

Cheetham James, hatter, Elmes' ct. 

Cheriy David, teacher, c George & Charlotte. 

Chesebrough C, groceries, 16 S Whfs, h 98 S 

Chesline Mrs., 4th bel Christian. 

Chesney Jane, dressmr.. Sassafras h. Perry. 

Cliesnut Sc Gravel, groceries, S W. 12th and 

Chesnut John P., gent., 7 Ann ab Sch. 8th. 

Chesnut John, dyer, 16 M'Duffie. 




r.hesniit John, blacksmith, 402 High, h 80 N Christian John, b7 Catharine 

Chesnul Mary, b h, 60 Zanc. 
Chesnvit Nathaniel, car agent, I'cail ah Say. 
Chesiiut Samuel, clerk, 47 Wood. 
Chesnut Wm., gTOcer, S W 12tk and Marion, h 

47 Wood. 
Chester Henry, atty. 8c coun., office 85 Walnut. 
Chester Hiram, bootmaker, F road n Queen. 
Chester Leonard, scrivener, Hanover ab Prince. 
Chesterman Elizabeth, 308 S Front. 
Chesterman John, boot crimp., rear SweeneyVs ct. 
Cliesterman Washington, 308 S Front. 
Chevalier J. B., lithographer, 70 Dock, h 56 S 

Chevalier Wm., tinman, 468 N 5th. 
Chevens Henry, boat builder, Court al. 
Chew F. & J. hairdressers h. wigmrs., 36 S 4th. 
Chew Jeffrey, bottler, Catharine bel 7th. 
Chew Jonathan, cordwainer, 281 S 5th. 
Chew Joseph, 156 Carpenter. 
Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 204 Chestnut, 

h 13th bel Fine. 
Chew Henrietta, 286 Walnut. 
Chew Samuel, atty. & coun., 80 Walnut. 
Chew Totten, carter, rear 298 S 4th. 
Chew Westley, cordwainer, 328 S 4th. 
Chew William, clothes, N E 2nd & Walnut, h 

36 S 4th. 
Chewman Mrs., b h, 92 Spruce. 
Cheyney Rufus J., tavern, 218 High. 
Chichester John, lab., 22 Hallowell. 
Chierdel Ann, 216 S 3rd. 
Child Henry T., watchmaker, 290 N 3d. 
Child John, clock & watchmr., 452 N 2nd. 
Child Richard S., carp., 231 N 2nd. 
Child Stephen, victualler, N W Catharine and 

Childs C. G., proprietor Com. List, 7^ &. 63 Dock, 
h 365 Mulberry. 

Childs George K., silversmith, 1 Laurel. 

Childs Isaac, clerk. Palmer ab Duke. (K) 

Childs John, blacksmith, St. John bel Tammany, 
h cor Dilhvyn and Tammany. 

Chiles B. B., dentist, 90 Walnut. 

Chillman John, tobacconist, 213 N 10th. 

Chillman & Brother, bookbinders, 416 High. 

Chillingworth George, baker, Sch. 5th n Cedar. 

Chiquoin Servell, pilot, Shackamaxon &. Prince. 

Chisman Timothy, wine mer., 131 S Front h 
9th bel Fitz water. 

Chisman George, weaver, 12 M'Duffie. 

Cbittick Gerrard, weaver, 17 Brinton. 

Chitty John, plaster Paris manuf., 58 German. 

Chnitezel John, shoemr., 9 Willow. 

Choate David L., bootmaker, 9 Abbott's ct, 

Choate John, saddler, G T road ab 2nd. 

Chomber David, bricklayer, Catharine ab 7th. 

Chriskey L., b h, 265 High. 

Christ Joseph, caulker. Prince bel Palmer. 

Christern Fred., machinist, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 

Christfield Henry, waiter, rear 27 Bonsall. 

Christian Charles, 245 N Front. 

Christian Isaac, porter, rear 3 Gray's al. 

C/liristian .(ohn, cordvv., Washington ab Front. 
Christian Fetf:r, alderman, 87 >.' 3rd, 
(jiwistic Margaret, upholsterc)-, 143 (Jlicsnut. 
Christie Robert, shoemr., Filbert n Sch 3rd. 
Christine J. H., dentist, Marlborough ab Frank- 
Christine Thos., carpenter, 464 O Y road. 
Christman Edward, fancy store, 177 Chestnut. 
Christman Henry, hoots &. shoes, S E 2nd £t Vine. 
Christman Joseph, clerk, 155 N 13th. 
Christman M., wid. of Henry, 427 Sassafras. 
Christman Wm., 16 Filbert, h 427 Sassafras. 
Christopher Jesse M., acct., 363 S 6th. 
Christopher Michael, drayman, 361 Coates. 
Christy Elizabeth, mantuamr., rear 8 Cresson's al. 
Christy James, grocer, S 12th n Lombard. 
Christy James, glass blow., CheiTy ab l)uke.(K) 
Christy John, ship carp., rear 124 Apple. 
Christy Mary, S W 13th & Fitzwater. 
Christy Margaret, 266 N 7th. 
Christy Robert F., clerk of Orphans' Court, h 

88 S Front. 
Christy William, cordwainer, 40 Cedar. 
Chubb Samuel, dry goods, 235 S 2nd. 
Chur A. T., mer., 53 High. 
Chur Jacob, gent., 13 Sergeant. 
Church Frederick H., mer., 101 N 2d, h S 10th 

bel Shippen. 
Church Juhus, confectioner, 411 N 2nd. 
Church Rebecca, tailoress, 33 Penn. 

Church Richard, seaman, 81 Swanson. 

Churcher John, boot & shoemaker, 220 S 4th. 

Churchill John, cordwainer, 15 Lombard. 

Churchman Charles W., mer., 30 S Front. 

Churchman Saml., mer.. Walnut & Front, h 7th 
n Parrish. 

Cills George, oysters, h Commerce bel 6th. 

Civil John, lab., Sweed's ct. 

Claghorn John W., auctioneer, 43 High, h 383 

Claghorn William C, mer., 34 N Front, h 323 

Clair Charles, cabinetmaker, 151 Cedar. 

Clair William, furniture, 127 Cedar. 

Clair Wm., brushmr., WiUiam n Hopkins' ct. 

Clammar Mary, 483 N 3rd. 

Clampitt John, pilot, 6 Somer's ct. 

Clampitt Hannah, tailoress, 15 Cherr>'. 

Clampffer William, hatter, 11 New. 

Clancy Timothy, tavern, 212 N Water. 

Clancey Thomas F., cabinetmr, 15 ^loyamensing. 

Clane Francis, mariner, rear 146 Cedar. 

Claphamson Samuel, baker, 94 N 9th. 

Clapherson S. P., baker, 422 N 4th. 

Clapier Mary, S Front n Lombard. 

Clapp Allen, steward, Pennyslvania Hospital. 

Clapp Jonathan, manuf., Marlborough bel West. 

Clare Margaret, Decatur bel Corn. 
Clare Robert, lab., FHckwir's ct. 
Clare Thomas, oysters. Front &. Reed. 
Clare Wm.,carte'r, 421 S 6th. 
Clarey Thomas, lab., 4 Jackson's ct. 
Claridge AVilliam R., druggist, 633 N 2nd. 




Clark Alfred M., engineer, 9 Queen n F road 

Clark Alexander, lampmaker, Nectarine n 11th. 

Clark Anna Maria, g'entlw., Lombard N 13th. 

Clark A. G., painter, 68 S Water. 

Clark Archibald, carp., Edward n 2nd. 

Clark Benj., watchmr., 1 S Front, h 115 Vine. 

Clark Benj., cabinetmr., Dock n 2nd. 

Clark Benjamin, painter, Spmce E of Sch Front. 

Clark, Cadmus &. Co., shoes, S W 3rd &. High. 

Clark Calvin, printer, 108 Crown. 

Clark Chai-les, carpenter, N 4th n Master. 

Clark: Charles, tailor, 60 Moyamensing road. 

Clark Clement, cordwainer, 312 S Front. 

Clark Daniel, porter, 6 Little Pine. 

Clark Daniel, blacksmith, 449 N 3rd, h 452 

N 3rd, and Maiden n Front. 
Clark David, bookseller, 178 N 3rd. 
Clark David W., carp., N 10th ab Buttonwood. 
Clark Dinah, whitewasher, rear 29 Lombard. 
Clark Eliza, 347 S 2nd. 
Clark Eliza, Pearl ab 13th. 
Clark Elizabeth, Queen n Shackamaxon (K.) 
Clark Elizabeth, sempstress, 321 Pine. 
Clark Elizabeth IL, 19 Howard. 
Clark Elizabeth, 10 Pennsylvania av. 
Clark Ellis, watchmaker, 142 High, 32 Branch. 
Clark Ellis, jr., 32 Branch. 
Clark & Elliott, stationers &. bookbinders, 152 

5 Front. 

Clark Enoch W., exch. broker, 25 S 3rd, h Pine 

ab 9th. 
Clark E. W. & Co., exch. broker.s, 25 S 3rd. 
Clark Ephraim, gent., 3 S 9th. 
Clark Ephraim J unr.,mer., 21 S Front, li 378 

Clark Ephraim, drygoods, N W 4th & Vine, h 

104 Marshall. 
Clark F., tailoress, 12 Hyde's ct. 
Clark George, butcher, Sch. Beach n Locust. 
Clark George, machinist, Wood n Sch. 7th. 
Clark George, carp., 12 Jones' ct. (K) 
Clark George, oysterman, 24 Barley. 
Clark George, blacksmith, N E 13th &. Olive. 
Clark George 13., clerk, 14 Mulberiy. 
Clark George G., painter, 8 Hamilton ct. 
Clark & Hartley, watchmakers, 11 S 4th. 
Clark Hugh, alderman, N 4th n Master. 
Clark Hugh, teacher, 112 Queen. 
Clark H., cabinetmaker, 43 Dock. 
Clark Isaac, gent., 85 Franklin. 
Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, Shackamaxon bel 

Bedford. (K.) 
Clark Jacob R., Nectarine bel 11th. 
Clark Jacob W., plumber, 162 N 4th, h S E 

Logan & Coates. 
Clark James, auctioneer & com. mer., S W 5th 

6 Cedar. 

Clark James, tavern, 5th bel Cedar. 

Clai-k James, bookseller, 208 N 3d. 

Clark James, blacksmith, c Sch. 4th & High. 

Clark James, weaver, 1 Sliippen lane. 

Clark James, tailor, 508 N 2nd. 

Clark James, jr., carpenter, bel 11th, S Garden. 

Clark James G., gent., office, 132 Mulberry, 

Clark Jane, gentw., 227 S Front. 

Clark Jane, 38 N 5th. 

Clark Jeremiah, cordwainer, 431 S 2nd. 

Clark Jehu, blacksmith, Wheat ab Reed. 

Clark John, baker, 277 S 4th. 

Clark John, labourer, Clair bel Carpenter. 

Clark John, lab., rear 31 S 2d. 

Clark John, cordwainer, 170 Shippen. 

Clai-k John, grocer, S E 5th &. Prune. 

Clark John A. Rev., 33 Sansom. 

Clark John C, printer &. stationer, 60 Dock, h 
83 Locust. 

Clark John G., combmr., 3 Beaver. 

Clark John T., gilder, 313 High, h 105 Wood. 

Clark John W., plumber, S E Logan and Coates. 

Clark Josephus, agent, 163 N 11th. 

Clark L. B., gent., 78 N Front. 

Clark Lewis T., mer., S W 3d and High, h 157 

Clark Maria, 1 Beaver. 

Clark Marsh B., printer, 269 S 3d. 

Clark Mansfield, tailor, 5 Nonnatcr's ct. 

Clark Matthew, tailor, 18 Julianna. 

Clark Michael, shoes, c Market &. 3d, h 22 Plum. 

Clark Michael F., mer., 90 High, h 157 Mulbeny. 

Clark Moses, cabinetmaker, 113 Queen. 

Clark Nicholas, cordw., 620 N 2nd. 

Clark Owen, labourer, 35 Zane. 

Clark Owen, tailor. Beach ab Walnut. 

Clark Patrick, lab., Sch. 3d and High. 

Clark Patrick, labourer, Sch. 2d and Chestnut. 

Clark Patrick, tanner, c 4th and Master. 

Clark Phebe, 14 Vine. 

(;lark Rebecca Mrs., 3 Diamond. 

Clark Rachel, 8 Cresson's alley. 

Clark Robert, moulder, Fraley's ct. (K) 

Clark Robert, lumb. mer., 154 Christian, h Car- 
penter ab 3rd. (S) 

Clark Robert, boot & shoemaker, Rugan ab Cal- 

Clark Robert, stove finisher, 7 Coxe's al. 

Clark Robert Jr., mer., 45 Carpenter. 

Clark Robert C. Rev., 423 Sassafras. 

Clark Robt. & AVm., lumberyard, 154 Christian. 

Clark Robert S., gent., 8 City row. 

Clark S. Mrs., b h, 104 Filbert. 

Clark Samuel, tailor, 29 John. 

Clark Samuel, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 

Clark Sarah W., Sch. 4th n Chestnut. 

Clark Stephen, cordw., 5 McBride's ct. 

Clark Stephen, carter, 4 M 'Bride's ct. 

Clark Thos., bookbind'r., 19 St. James, h 64 Zane, 

Clark Thomas, wright, 32 Branch. 

Clark Thomas, cordw., 1 Fetter lane. 

Clark Thomas, cabinetmaker. Vine n 12th. 

Clark Thomas, carter, Christian bel 9th. 

Claik Thomas, foundry, Jackson's court. (N L) 

Clai'k Thomas D., cordwainer, Vicker's ct. 

Clark Thomas W., watchmaker, 11 S 4th. 

Clark Timothy, lab.. Beach ab Walnut. 

Clark Timothy, tailor, 492 S 2nd. 

Clark Wesley, baker, Franklin ab Green. 

Clark William, carter, N 4th n Jefferson. 

Clark William, boatman, 21 W Cedar. 

Clark William, engineer, 16 Parker. 




Clark WiTi., chairmiiker, Dean bcl Franklin. (K)|Clay James P., clothing-, 473 Hig-li, h I/indetialj 
<Ti„..i- ■nr;ii:..«„ i..».u ica ^ii.„:..j: u..i. >r<i. 

Clark William, lumb. mer., Ii54 Christian 

Clark Wm., lab., Wasliing-ton. (WP) 

Clark William, bookeeper Penn. Dank. 

Clark Wm. E., seaman. Church bel (Jhristian. 

Clark William H., dentist, 33 Spruce. 

Clark Wm. P., shoes, 409 S 2d. 

Clark Wm. 8t Son, mathematical instr. maker, 

122 S Front. 
Clark W. W., drug-gist, 16 N 5th. 
Clark Willis Gaylord, ed. & prop. Phila. Gazette, 

and Commissioner for New York, 97 S 2d. 
Clarke Calel) F., tailor, S K 4th and High, h 3 

New Market. 
Clarke C. F. 8t Co., tailors, S E4th & Hii^h. 
Clarke John, 8 N 9th. 
Clarke Michael, lab., 14 Short ct. 
Clarke William M., mer., 73 High, h 67 Vine. 
Clarkson Charles, mer., 87 Chesnut, h S lOLli n 

Clarkson Elizabeth, Sassafras n Sch 8th. 
Clarkson George, mer., 27 S whfs., h 22G Pine. 
Clarkson Jacob, mer., 183 High, h S 10th below 

Clarkson John, 4 Juniper alley 
Clarkson J. G., att'y & coun., 130 Walnut, h 

226 Pine. 
Clarkson Maria, widow, 370 N 5th. 
Clarkson Robert, coal yard. Vine st. wharf, Sch 

office 17 S 7th, h Scii 7th n Sassafras. 
Clarkson Solomon, teacher, 155 Lombard. 
Clarkey Geo., lab., Shippen la. bel Cedar. 
Class Peter, coppeii^late printer, 33 Sugar al. 
Claty Frederick, carter, Beach n Marsh. (K) 

Clause John H., grocer, N W 11th & Pine. 

Clausen C., bookbinder, 3 Little Willow. 

Clausen John G., harnessmaker., S R 2nd & 

Clausen & Maull, tobacconists & platers, S E 
2nd & Dock. 

Clausen Thomas, weaver, Marlborough bel F 
road. (K) 

Clausen W., hatter, 23^ N 2d, h 63 Gaskill. 

Clausen W. & Co., hatters, 23^ N 3d. 

Clautice Wm., coachmaker, Sch. avab lltli. 

(Jlavey Jacob, shoemaker, China &. Front. 

Clavey John, labourer, 21 Cox. 

Clawges Elizabeth, gentw., 167 Coates. 

Clawges Jacob, bricklayer, c Poplar & Apple. 

Clawges Jacob, painter, Charlotte n Poplar. 

Clawges John, 21 George bel Sch. 7th. 

C;lawges Philip, exch. broker, 24 Carter's al,, h 
361 S 6th. 

Clawrey James, tavern, 179 S 6th. 

Clawson Henry, goldbeater, 58 Green. 

Clawson Josiah, carpenter, 58 Green. 

Claxton Edmund, mer., 226^ N 3d, h 178 Vine 

Claxton Hannah, Cox bel 2d. 

Claxton John, gent., 71 Crown. 

Clay Andrew, lab., Richard n Sch. 6tli. 

Clay Armon, coachman, 9 New Crown. 

Clay George F., drayman, O Y road bel George. 

Clay George, bookkeeper Penn Bank, h 409 

Clay George, machinist, Callowhill bel 13th. 

Sch. 7th. 
Clay Jehu C. Rev., Swanson i>cl Christian. 
Clay Jolin, plasterer, 140 S lOtli. 
Clay John, engineer. Prime bel Front. 
Clay Joseph A., att'y & coun., 147 Walnut, ii 

Sch. 8th bcl Spruce, 
dayman Augustu.t, victualler. Front n Master. 
Claypool David C., gent., S 12lli ab Walnut. 
(J lay pool George, cabmr., Rickard's ct. ^K) 
Claypool George W., stonecutter, 35 Carlton. 
Claypool John, cordw.. Crown ab Qiu;en. 
Clayton Curtis, shoemaker, Sch. 2nd &t Vine. 
Clayton Edward, collector, 5 Hyde's ct. 
Clayton Eleanor, 3 FilJjert. 

Clayton George, bricklayer, Locust ab Sch. 3rd. 
Clayton Henry, carp., 16 Maiden. (K) 
Chtyton Henry M., printer, rear 148 Sassafra.s. 
Clayton James, brickinr.. Pine ab Sch. Beach. 
Clayton JamesA. B., slioemaker, 2 Kaspberry la. 
Clayton Jeremiah, lab., Sch. 7th n Walnut. 
Clayton John, shoemaker, 5 Phmib. 
Clayton John, atty & coun., 47 N 8th. 
Clayton Joseph, mariner, 3 John. 
Clayton Rebecca, slioebinder, 125 Swanson. 
Clayton Richard T. P., dry goods, 207 S 2d. 
Clayton R., packer, 9 Fayette. 
Clayton S. Mrs., intelligence office, 47 N 8th. 
Cl.ayton William, grocer, S E Lisle & Shippen. 
Clear Michael, sailing master, U. S. Navy, M 

road bel Marion. 
Cleavenger Wm. S., teacher, A\'oodland. (W P) 

Cleaver Elizabeth, 103 St. John. 

Cleaver Jolin, lab., Lombard n Sch. 7tl). 

Cleaver John, tinman, Prime ab 2d. 

Cleaver Mary, 215 N Stii. 

Cleckner Mary, huxster, 215 Ciu-Istian. 

(Jleeman Gustavus, 37 S 13th. 

Cleeton G., carpet weaver, 24 Perry. 

Cleeton Wm., cedar cooper, 190 Callowhill. 

Clegg Cynthia, shop, Sch. 8th & Wagner's ct. 

Clegg Isaac, manuf., G T R ab Master. 

Clegg Joseph, Plough tavern, 16 N 3vd. 

Clein Jacob, grocer, N W Sassafras & 9th. 

Clemens &, Bancroft, blacksmiths, 13 Decatur. 

Clemens Benjamin S., mus., 10 Madison. 

Clemens George S., druggist, 187 N 3rd, h 13 

Clemens Jacob, gent., 156 Marshall. 

Clemens John, labourer, George bel Sch. 6th. 

Clemens John, carter, Hope ab Phoenix. 

Clemens Joseph, skin dresser. Otter n F road. 

Clemens Michael, blacksmith, 13 Decatur, h 11 

Clement Charles, bricklayer, 11th ab Cedar. 

Clement E. S., mantuama'ker, 234 St. John. 

Clement Henry A., pianoforte mr., 29 Hai-mony. 

Clement Jacob B., com. mer., 149 S Front, h 
272 Walnut. 

Clement J.ames W., tavern, c 5th and Queen. 

Clement & Newman, com. mer. 81 S whfs. 

Clement & Baker, driigg-ists, 187 N 3d. 

Clement N. T., hatter, 190 N 2nd. 

Clement Robert, carp., Filbert W Sch. 8th. 

Clement Samuel, gent., I'O S 9th, 




Clement Samuel L., conveyuncer, 207 N 6t!i, h 
10 Sj'/i'ing- Garden. 

Clements Benjamin, tavern, 73 N Front. 

Clements Samuel W., tavern, S whfs n Cedar 

Clements William, seed store, Callowhill above 
Sell. William. 

Clemson John IJ. Rev., 11th bel Lombard. 

Clendaniel John, provisions, 84 S wharves, h 
203 i S 2d. 

Clendaniel J., dry goods, 203^ S 2d. 

Clendenin Phebe, widow, 114 Plum. 

Clendenon Sarah, g-entw.. Filbert n Sch. 7t]i. 

Cleney William, tavern, US Shippen. 

Cleveland C. D., young- ladies' school, 8 Franklin 

Cleveland Henry, 12th n Locust. 

Clew Peter, brickmaker. Cherry ab Sch. 8th. 

Clew Jeremiah, brickmr., Sassafras ab Sch. 8th. 

Clew William, 12 Georg'e. 

Clickener C. V., Brand, pills, 8 N 8th. 

Clifford C. shop, 135^ Cherry. 

Clifford Robert, cellar dig'g'er, 13th ab Olive. 

Clifford R., dyer, 5 Paschal's al. 

Clifton Fi-ancis F., stock & susp. mr., 135 Chest- 
nut, h 97 Chestnut. 

Clifton Isaac, hatter, 8 Wood. 

Clifton John, brushmaker, 5 Jones' ct. 

Chfton & Kenny, tailors, 183 S 2nd. 

Clifton Mattliias, tailor, Higg'in's ct. 

Clifton Robert, tailor, 183 S 2nd, h Catharine ab 

Clifton Thomas, tavern, 53 Moyamensing. 

Clifton Thos., baker, N W Catharine &, Lebanon. 

Clinch John, tailor, 23 Turner. 

Clincher Adams, porter, 10 Fotherg'ill. 

Cline Andrew, lab., Uuke ab Hanover. (K) 

Cline Charles, silver plater, c Rose & School. 

Cline Francis, musician, 9 Filbert av. 

Cline Francis, combmaker, Smith's al. 

Chne Fred., lab.. Cherry bel F road. (K) 

Cline Georg'e, tailor, 93 N 9th. 

Chne Hannah, 134 Poplar. 

Cline Herr, gent., S 10th ab Shippen. 

Cline Jacob, lab.. Palmer ab Duke. (K) 

Cline Jacob, buttonmr., Vienna bel Duke. (K) 

Cline James, cordwainer. Orchard n Jackson. 

Cline John, blacksmith, 1 Flickwir's ct. 

Cline Lewis J., tailor, c 13th & Carlton. 

Cline Peter jr., custom house, h 345 N 6th. 

Cline Philip", cooper, 42 Green. 

Cline & Shillingsford,brcksmiths, 134 Lombard. 

Cline Wm., stove finisher, S' hool bel Franklin. 

Cline Wm. S., hatter, Elmcs' ct. 

Cling Christopher, tailoi-, 1 Library. 

dinger Jacob B., saddler, 183 N 3rd. 

Clinton Francis, carpenter, 1 Paynter's ct. 

Clinton G. C, acct., 16 Perry. 

Clinton John, shoemaker, 284 S 6th. 

Clinton John, letter carrier, 33 Chester. 

Chnton Joseph J., hairdresser, 1 N 10th. 

Clinton Robert, acct., Otter n G T road. 

Clinton William, carpenter, Dean bel Franklin. 

Clinton Wm., clerk, 157 S 3rd. 

Clinton William, weaver, Filbert AV Sch. 4th. 

Chnton William, shipwright, Rooney's ct. 

Clishold Jolin, cordw.. Cherry ab Prince. (K) 

Cloak Daniel, engineer, Clare al. 

Cloak Ebenezer, watchman, 112 N Juniper. 

Cloak Wm., lab.. Carpenter bel Atherton. 

Clohesey Thomas, painter. Front bel Wharton. 

Clopp Jacob, blindmaker, 2 Orchard. 

Clopp John Jr., constable, 35 Crown. 

Clopp John, gent., 174 N4th. 

Clopper D., mariner, Freeston pi. 

Close Chai-les, car])., 12 Parham. 

Close Edward, weaver, N Front n Phoenix. 

Close Henry, gent., 169 Coates. 

Close Rachel, 12 Parham. 

Close Wm., waterman, Hamilton ab Nixon. 

Clotheir Caleb, bricklayer, back 45 Cherry. 

Clothier Jacob, grocer, c Hanover & Prince, h 
Union bel Prince. 

Clothier Elizabeth, Loxley's ct, r. 115 Mulberry. 

Clothier Nancy, Bedford n Union. 

Clothier Saml., bricklayer, Hanover ab Prince. 

Clothier Susan, Beach ab K Market. 

Clothier Wm., brickmr., Jackson. 

Clothier Wm. & J., grocers, Bedford hA Hano- 
ver. (K) 

Clotworthy & Babnews, carpenters, 21 Dock. 

(Jloud Isaac, plasterer, Perkenpine's ct. 

Clouden Jacob, victualler, Hope n Phoenix. 

Clouds John, alderman, Marlborough n Prince. 

Clouren Charles, bricklayer, 383 Sassafras. 

Cluley A. M., dressmaker, 81 S 5th. 

Cluley Wm., tinpl. work., 81 N 9th, h 366 Cedar. 

Clun David, ship carp., Union, n Bedford. 

Clune George, white & blacksm., 27 Sliippen. 

Clunet Anne Maria, 2d bel Prime. 

Clungeon Wm., boat build., Allen bel Palmer.(K) 

Clutch Rebecca, 255 High. 

Clyde Thomas W., engineer, Ogden n 10th. 

Clynier Andrew, currier, Marriott ab 5th. 

Clymer Archibald, tailor, SITS 4th. 

Clymer George, tailor, rear 164 Clierry. 

Clymer Jacob, carp., 141 Franklin. 

Clymer M., M. I)., 230 Spruce. 

Clymer Robert, carp., 141 Franklin. 

Coad John D., c.abinetmr., 78 N 7tii. 

Coad Patrick, 145 Catharine. 

Coane Robert, cakebaker, 91 S 6di. 

Coates A., tanner, 509 N Front, h 229 Coates. 

Coates k. Austie, mers., 211 High 

Coates Benj., dry goods, 211 High 

Coates Benj. H.,' M. D., N W 7th and Walnut. 

Coates Caleb, M. D., dentist, 13 N 11th. 

Coates George M., seed store, 49 High, h 210 

Coates & Gilbert, printers, c 2d & Cedar. 

Coates Geo. Morrison, mer., 4 N 2nd, h 115 N 7th 

Coates Isaac, shipcarpenter, Beach n Warren. 

Coates James, Montgomery house, S E 9th and 

Coates John, M. D., dentist, 13 N 11th. 

Coates John, printer, 92 German. 

Coates John, musician, 308 S ?'ront. 

Coates Josiah, seeilsman, 49 Hig-h, h 60 N 3d. 

Coates Matthias, accountant, 24 Castle. 

Coates Rebecca, teacher, rear 13 N 7th. 

Coates Sophia, 26 S 12th. 





Coatcs William, shipcarp enter, 158 Swanson. 

Coates W. C, mer., 26 Church al., li 367 Sassafras. 

Coats & Duff, painters & glaziers, 55 Dock. 

Coats Heniy, vict., Marion ab Corn. 

Coats Jacob, capt.. Washing-ton. (W P) 

Coats Thomas, 230 Noble. 

Cobb Ebenezer, victualler, Duke & Palmer. (K) 

Cobb Isaac, cai-p., Sarah & Queen. (K) 

Cobb Wm., carpenter, 43 Palmyra sq. ab 10th. 

Cobb Wm. .Jr., carp., S W Marshall 8c Brown. 

Coburn Aaron, confectioner, 1 1 Blackberry al. 

Coburn M. A., b h., 89 S 3cl. 

Coburn Robert, gent., 259 Pine. 

CochHn Daniel, lab., P^ilbert n Sch. 3d. 

Cochran Andrew, tavern, S E 3d and Shippen. 

Cochran Andi-evv, lumber merchant. Broad bel 
Lombard, h 146 Juniper. I 

Cochran Ann H., dry goods, S E 4th & Gaskill. 

Cochran Daniel J., clerk, 123 Lombard. 

Cochran Francis, weaver, 2 Brinton. 

Cochran Hannah, mantuamaker, 136 German. 

Cochran James, lab., 5 Fox's ct. 

Cochran John, blacksmith, rear 250 High. 

Cochran John, weaver, Catharine bel 10th. 

Cochran John, typefounder, 132 Callowhill. 

Cochran Joshua, weaver, Bedford bel 13th. 

Cochran Louis, pawnbroker, 196 Cedar. 

Cochran Mrs., tavern, Quince & Spruce. 

Cochran Margaret, 314 S 7th. 

Cochran &, Peny, lum. mers, Broad bel Lombard 

Cochran Patrick, painter, 8 Budden's al. 

Cocliran William, paper carrier, Catharine bel 

Cochran Wm. A., plasterer, Mai'shall n Poplar. 

Cochran William G., wine mer., 113 and h 415 

Cockey John Z., sheet iron stoves, S W High 8c 

Cocking John, victualler, 135 Locust, h 20 Cur- 
rant alley. 

Cocking John, weaver. Front n Oxford. 

Cockreil James, clothing, 312 Callowhill. 

Coddington Jemima, b h., 11 Carlton sq. 

Code Theopiiilus, meter maker, 22 Library. 

Cody Daniel, watchman, Jeaney's ct. 

Cody James, ropemaker, Barker's ct bel Crown. 

Cody Mary, milliner, 83 Gaskill. 

Cody Sarah, huckster. Carpenter ab 5th. 

Coe Ann A., 151 N 10th. 

Coe Richard, mer., 34 N 4th, h 326 N 6th. 

Coffee Edward, lab., 12th bel Carpenter. 

Coffee Geo. F., sprig 8c brad mer., 16 German. 

Coffee Geo. W., eng. builder, 13th bel Carlton. 

Coffee James, Washington. (WP) 

Coffee Jeremiah, lab., c Sassafras & Ashton. 

Coffee John, grocer, 184 Shippen. 

Coffee John, waterman. Queen n F road. 

Coffee Mary Mrs., 467 Vine. 

Coffee Thomas, nailmaker, 16 German. 

Coffee William F., printer, Littlebo3''s ct. 

Coffin Albert, shop, 465 S 2d. 

Coffin Albert Jr., tavern, 270 S 6th. 

Coffin Arthur G., Sec. Ins. Comp. N. America, h 

Sch. 8th n Asylum. 
Coffin h Clifton, stock & susp. mrs., 144 S 2d. 

Coffin James A., eating house, 381 O Y road. 

Coffin John P., stone cutter, GT road bel 5th. 

Coffin Joshua, 6 Shoemaker. 

Coffin 8c Landell, oil manufs., 22 N Water and 
Penn ab Maiden. (K) 

Coffin L. B., .stock 8c suspender manufacturer, 
135 Chestnut, h 476 S 2d. 

Coffin Mary, gentw., 10th bel Cedar. 

Coffin T. M., mer., 22 N Water, h 1 MulbeiT}-. 

Coffin William Jr., mer., 19 Minor, h 74 N 5th. 

Coffin Wm. C, lapid., 5 Bank al, h 16 Christian 

Coffin Wm M., tavern, 157 Swanson. 

Coffin Wm. Jr. 8c Hay, glass manuf., 19 Minor. 

Cofiman Andrew, painter, N W 4th 8c Green. 

Coffman Samuel, coachman. Sell. 6tU 8c Jones. 

Coffman William, jeweller, 2 Shepherd's al. 

Coggins Charles, lab.. Noble ab 8th. 

Coggins David, steam mill, 207, 8c h 209 N 10th. 

Coggins Jonathan, painter, 220 Vine. 

Coggins William, lab., Rugan bel Willow. 

Cogle James, porter, 32 Poilland lane. 

Cohen A. M., druggist, 80 N Front. 

Cohen Barnet, undertaker, 270 S 7th. 

Cohen Barnet, cabinetmaker, 146^ S 5th. 

Cohen David, furrier 8c cap manuf., 3 Coates. 

Cohen D. I., stock 8c exch. broker, 8 S 3d. 

Cohen Emanuel, steward, Morris 8c Catharine. 

Cohen H. 8c Co., impor. stationeiy, 3 S 4th. 

Cohen Joseph S., atty 8c coun., 8c Pro. Supreme 
court, E. D., 7 State house, h 80 N Front. 

Cohen M. A., jeweler, 172 Shippen. 

Cohen Timothy, labourer, 8 Kelly. 

Cohill Charles, portrait painter, 175 N 2d. 

Cohill George, cabinetmaker, 314 S 6th. 

Coile Michael, clerk. Knight's ct. 

Colbert William, clerk, Raspbeny lane. 

Colcher Petei-, blacksm., c Front &. Oxford. (K) 

Colcord Edwin, broker, 24 S 5th, h 5 Colonnade 

Colcord Enoch L., broker, 24 S 5th, h 5 Colon- 
nade row. 

Colcord John P., letter carrier, 99 Catliarine. 

Coldwater Ann, 11th n Spring Garden. 

Coldwater Margaret, 147 N 5th. 

Colderhead Wm., manuf., Edward ab School, 

Cole Ann, tailoress, Fraley's ct. 

Cole Clarissa, washer, Sergeant n 10th 

Cole David, tailor, George ab 2d. 

Cole Elizabeth, 53 Cuirant alley. 

Cole Francis, tipstave, 186 Callowhill. 

Cole Frederick, lab., Orchard n Poplar. 

Cole Jacob, gent., 2d n Master. 

Cole James, waiter, N E 7th 8c St. Marv- 

Cole James H., U. S. inspector, 45 S Wharves, 
h 371 Sassafras. 

Cole John, blacksmitli, 14 Allen. (K) 

Cole John, dry goods, 25 S 2d. 

Cole John G., tailor, 36 Chester. 

Cole Joseph, porter, 10 Barclay. 

Cole Samuel, carter, Fraley's ct. (K) 

Cole Sarah, sempstress, 28 Fedei-al 

Cole Thomas, bootmaker, rear 199 Chi'istian. 

Cole Thomas, cordwainer. Palmer ab Prince. 

Cole Wm., lab., Ann n Sch. 7th. 

Cole Wm., driver, Hooter's row, Bush Hill. 




Coles Edward, gent., 54 S loUi. 

Coles EliKiibeth, rem* 199 Christiiui. 

Coles Keziah, gentw., rear 141 Green. 

Coles P. B. \L-s., 1} h., S W 5th and Minor. 

Colesberry Isaac G., mcr., 205 S 4tli. 

Colesbuiy John, saddler, 201 Marsliall. 

Coleman Daniel, carpenter, 56 Gaskill. 

Coleman Edward, 381 Mulberry. 

Coleman Grace, 120 Locust. 

Coleman G. W., dry goods, 477 N 2d. 

Coleman Harriet, gentw., 9 Clinton square. 

Coleman Henry, carpenter, 13th bel Brinton. 

Coleman Jacob, currier, 6 Cherry ab Sch. 7th. 

Coleman Jacob, dry goods, 419 N 2d. 

Coleman Jacob, machinist, 14 Mulberry al. 

Coleman James, 34 Mulber^}^ 

Coleman John Rev., 146 Queen. 

Coleman John M., teacher, 5th n Poplar. 

Coleman Margaret, 65 Coates. 

Coleman Nathan, carter, Willow ab 12th. 

Coleman Nicholas, wheelw.. School abLydia(K) 

Coleman Patrick, currier, R r ab Ann. (F V) 

Coleman Philip, glue maker, 22 Noble. 

Coleman Patrick, b h, 8 Filbert avenue. 

Coleman William, lab., Marion ab 13th. 

Coleman William, grocer, 127 Plum. 

Coleman A¥., cordw., Beach bel Maiden. (K) 

Colgate John, porter, 32 Bonsall 

Colhoun Gustavus, gent., 265 Chestnut. 

Colhoun Mary M., 415 High. 

Colhoun J. B., M. D., 265 Chestnut. 

Colhoun Samuel, carter, 1 M'Duffie. 
Colhoun Samuel, M. D., 15 S 7th. 
Colhoun T. B., M. D., 10th n Spruce. 
Colhoun Wm. H., broker, 44 Walnut, h 415 High. 
Colhoun Wm. &. Hugh, mers., 4 Walnut. 
Colladay & Brother, com. mers., 140 High. 
CoUaday Charles, mer., 140 High. 
Colladay E. H., & C. D., tailors, S E 10th & Vine. 
Colladay Edward H., tailor, 10th and Vine, h 

Vine bel Sch 7th. 
Colladay Hannah, widow, 9 Jacoby. 
Colladay Joseph S., carpenter. Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Colladay J. W., carp., A^ine bel Sch. 7th. 
Colladay Mary, 135 N 8th. 

Colladay Samuel R., mer., 140 High, h9 Jacoby. 
Colladay Sarah W., b h., 108 N 10th. 
Colladay Theodore, carpenter, 403 Sassafras. 
Colladay Thomas S., carpenter, Colladay's ct. 
Colladay William, carpenter, 7 Jacoby. 
Collam Jonathan, teacher, 133 Coates. 
Collar Jacob, sand mer., c Queen & CheiTy. (K) 
Collar John, gent., 81 Beach n Maiden. 
Collar Michael, fisherman. Queen n Cherry. (K) 
Colleege Conrad, shop, Callowhil bel Sch. 2nd. 
Collingbourne Wm. D., comed., 7 Flower. (M) 
Collings John H., waterman, c Brown & Front. 
Collins Albert, rigger, 14 John. 
Collins Alfred M., mer., 50 Commerce h 129 

Collins A., Penn. Dispensary, 45 Pine. 
Collins Ann Maria, 334 Vine. 
Collins Bernard, tavern, 150 Shippen. 
Colhns Charles, bootfitter, Wallace's ct. 
Collins Charles, tailor, 234 and h 330 High. 

Collins Charles &. Son, tailors, 234 High. 
Collins David, lab., 5th n G T road. 
Collins Edward, soap boiler, 211 N 10th. 
Collins Edward E., coachmr.. Vine ab Sch. 8th. 
Collins & Ferguson, pump, block and mast mrs., 

Penn ab Marsh. (K) 
Collins Frederick, mariner, 325 S 3d. 
Collins George, eating house. Spruce n Wliarf. 
Collins Isaac, 50 Commerce, h 129 Filbert. 
Collins Jacob, druggist, c Catharine and F-ront. 
Colhns James, packer, 114 Cheny. 
Collins James, milliner, 75 Catharine. 
Collins James, carpenter, 405 S F'ront. 
Collins John, diy goods, 431 High. 
Collins John, labourer, 40 Currant alley. 
Collins John, ropemaker. Cherry and Prince. 
Colhns John, clerk, 360 S 3d. 
Colhns John, carp., Charlotte h Thompson. 
Collins G. A., barber, 100 N 4th. 
Collins John, shop, 241 N Front. 
Collins Joseph, lab., rear Penn bel Maiden. (K) 
Collins Joseph, brass founder, rear 1 Mechanic. 
Collins Mrs., nurse, rear 294 S 10th. 
Collins Mary, N E Sch. 6t,h and High. 
Collins Michael, weaver, rear 419 N Front. 
Collins P. G., printer, 1 Lodge, al., h 101 Cherry. 
Collins Phebe, sempstress, N W 7th and Zane. 
Collins Robert, carp., Helmuth n Sch. 7th. 
Collins Samuel, pump & blockmaker. Spruce st 

wharf, h 61 S 3rd. 
Colhns Sarah, sempstress, rear 122 Brown. 
Collins Samuel, block & mast maker, Penn. (K) 
Collins Thomas, carter. Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 
Collins T. K., printer, 1 Lodge al., h 159 N 13tli. 
Collins Thomas, teacher, h 185 Christian. 
Collins T. K. & P. G., printers, 1 Lodge 
Collins William, labourer, Sarah n Bedford. 
Collins William, gent., 112 Mulberry. 
Collins AVilliam, tobacconist, 122 Brown. 
Collins Wm. M., pa. wareh., 58 N 3d, h 74 N 10th 
Collins William S., tailor, 234 High. 
Collins & Wistar, com. hardware mers, 50 Com- 
Colhson Joseph, 187 S 9th. 
Collom Clement, carp.. Front ab Phoenix. 
Collom Jesse, carpenter, Sch. 7th n Pine. 
Collom Judah, carp., William opp. Hopkin's ct. 
Collons John, boatman, 31 Catharine. 
Colly Daniel, lab., Sch. 8th n James. 
Collyer John, trader, 553 Chestnut. 
Coloumb Charles, teacher, 306 Carpenter. (S) 
Colquhoun A., b h, 85 Chestnut. 
Colsberry Sarah, gentw., 21 Catherine. 
Colsher WiUiam, wheelwright, 2 R road, h 10th 

ab Buttonwood. 
Colson Deborah, milliner, 9 Strawbeny. 
Colson Jane, dressmr., 2 Richardson's ct. 
Colton Charles, tavern, 207 Shippen. 
Colton & Code, meter makers, 22 Library. 
Colton David, planemaker, h Ann n Sch. 7th. 
Colton George, 30 Periy, 
Colton John, planemr.,^379 High, h Jones n Sch. 

Colton O., brass Pdr., 22 Library, h 1 Union sq. 
Colton Sabin W., grocer, 1 1 Jefferson row. 




Colton Simon, N E 10th and Chestnut. 
ColvinJ. L., hatter, IJall bel (Jcclur. 

Colvvell C, confectioner, Keacii ah I'ojilur. (K) 

Colwell Stephen, 351 Mulberry. 

Colwell William, bookseller, 288 Pine. 

Combes J. 1{., grocer, Oak ab Willow, h 382 N Oth 

Combs Benj., 50 German. 

Combs Georg-e, Venetian blindmaker, 75 S 11th. 

Combs Gilbert, teacher. Spring- Garden n 8th. 

Combs Mary, widow, G T road n Phoenix. 

Combs Thomas, lab., Sch. Front &. Tilbert. 

Combs William, currier, 124 S 5lh. 

Combs William, druggist, 51 I'rime. 

Comegys Cornelius, gent., 42 N 8th. 

Comfort Aaron, Thomsonian Medicines, 295 
High, h ION 11th. 

Comfort John W., M. D., 2 S 10th. 

Comfort Jo.seph, carpenter, 3 Elizabeth. 

Comfort Lydia, b h, 124 Midberry. 

Comfort S., exchange broker, 5 Bank allej'. 

Comfort William, farmer, Burchill's ct. 

Comley Martin, shoemr, 114 Oak. 

Comly David, carpenter, 345 Sassafras. 

Comly Ethan, dry goods, 199 N 2d. 

Comly Franklin A., mer., Third Street Hall. 

Comly George, tobacconist, rear 115 Dillwyn. 

Comly Saniuel, mer., 44 N Front. 

Comly Thomas J., printer, 8 Coombes' alley. 

Compton Anna, miUiner, Washington W P. 

Compton Ehzabeth, gentlw., 16 Jefferson Row. 

Compton John Jr., confect., S W 9th and High, 
h 3 Lodg-e pi. 

Compton Mary S., 81 Wood. 

Comstock Andrew, M. D., 100 Mulberry. 

Conard Abraham, N E 4th and Beaver. 

Conard Charles, carpenter, 86 Dillwyn. 

Conard Edward, coi'dw., 5 Elizabeth's ct. 

Conard Jacob G., flour store, 49 Apple. 

Conarrol Richard R., grocer, 24 Callowhill. 

CoUde Frances, widow of Charles, 114 N 5th. 

Condell Abel, queensware, 215 S 3d. 

Condell Thomas, queensware, 210 S 2d. 

Condie D. F., M. D., 134 Catharine. 

Condon Sarah, 269 N 2nd. 

Condy Thos., weaver, Cadwalader ab Lloyd's ct 

Cone A. M. & M., trimmings, 70 S 8th. 

Cone Wm. H., shoemr., 2 Marble. 

Congar W., cordwainer, 98 Budd. 

Congar Wm. H., cordw., 30 Laurel. (N L.) 

Congden John, basketmr.. Chandler's ct. (K) 

Congee John, bootmaker, 249 Green. 

Conkle Henry, toymaker, 84 N 7th. 

Conkle Hen., cord manf., 2 S 3d, h 4 Buttonwood 

Conldin Garrison, carter, 4 Smith's ct. 

Conley Francis, ship carp.. Prime bel Front. 

Conley James, ship carp., 9 Federal. 

Conley Josiah, mer., 80 N Water, h 50 Vine. 

Conlin Dennis, weaver, 56 Fltzwater. 

Conlln Felix, weaver, 46 Fltzwater. 

Conlin Hugh, labourer, c 12th and Willow. 

Conloge Patrick, lab., 3 Northampton ct. 

Conn James, trader, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

Conn John, Barley n 10th. 

Connal Jolin, teacher, Sch. Washington ab Cal- 

Conncll John, mer., Chestnut, 1 door bel Broad. 
Connall Jolin, lab., Mark's lane ab llth. 
Connarroe G. W., i)ortrait painter, 194 Chestnut, 

h 392 Vine. 
Conndly Henry, gent., Sch. 7th bel Locust. 
Connell Henry, sawyer, 6th bel Fltzwater. 
Connell .Folin H., conveyancer, Coates bel llth, 
Connell Mary, Sch. 7tii n Sassafras. 
Connell Hobert, pat. makei'. Queen ab Hanover. 
Conncll Samuel, lab., Lombard n Sch 2nd. 
Connell Thos., surg. iiist. maker, 15 N 5th, h 55 

N 6th. 
Connelly Arthur, baker, 197 Christian. 
Connelly Dennis, cabmr., 7th ab F^oplar. 
Connelly (Jeorge, gent., 381 Callowhill. 
Connelly Herv:-y, 3 S 6tli, h Sch 7th n Spruce. 
Connelly James, tailor, Zanc n 8th. 
Connelly John, carp., Carlton n 13th. 
Connelly Mary, 43 Shippcn. 
Connelly Michael, lab., 24 Strawberry. 
Conner & Bell, oak coopers, 17 Little Pine. 
Conner Charles, oysterman, Prime bel Mroad. 
Conner David, agent, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Conner James, cordwainer, 68 Shippen. 
Conner James, tailor, 10th ab Chri.stian. 
Conner James, stonecutter, Helmuth n Sch. 6th. 
Conner John, engineer, Sch. AVashington ab 

Conner Joshua, shoemaker, 575 S 2d. 
Conner Mary, 258 S 5th. 
Conner Michael, framemaker, 245 Callowhill. 
Conner Rachael, washer, 5 Burr's ct. 
Conner Richd. O., tavern, R R bel toll gate (F V) 
Conner Stephen, lab., 1 Grape ct. 
Conner Thomas G., cooper, 17 Little Water, h 

43 Penn. 
Conner William, lab., 258 S 5th. 
Connolly John, acct., N W Green & Marshall. 
Conover J. B., mer., 190 High, h 216 Pine. 
Conover Jacob, bricklayer, 7th ab Green. 
Conover Jacob, combmr.. Pollard. 
Conover J. B. & Wm. P., : hawls and bonnets, 

190 High. 
Conover John T., coach trimmer, 84 S llth. 
Conover Lewis T., cordwainer, 114 S 10th. 
Conover Michael, painter, 9 Harmonv. 
Conover P., mer., 190 High, h 212 s"4th. 
Conover William, cabinetmaker, 139 Juniper. 
Conover William, tailor, 3 Winter's ct. 
Conover William B., boot &. shoemaker, 72 S 2d, 

h 5 Loxley's ct. 
Conover William P., 190 High, 368 S 4th. 
Com-ad D., tavern, c 4th and Brown. 
Conrad Elizabeth, Front n Maiden. 
Conrad Elizabeth, 104 Mulberry. 
Conrad Elizabeth, Vine n Sch. Klver. 
Conrad George, die sinker, 170 N 4th. 
Conrad Harry, mer., 127 N 3d, h 178 N 4tli. 
Conrad Jas. M., hardw., 309 High, h 248 Filbert. 
Conrad John, apothecary, Penna. Hospital. 
Conrad John, alderman, 208 N3rd, h N W Vine 

and Juhanna. 
Conrad Joseph, bricklayer, rear 22 Plum. 
Conrad Matthew, mer., '60 Higli, h 25 Mulberry. 
Conrad M. & Co., mers., 60 High. 




Conrad Osborn, watchmukor, 319 CallowUill. 
Conrad Peter, paper carrier, 5 Gray's al. 
Conrad Peter, clerk market. Cherry n Sell. 6th. 
Conrad Peter, cordw., 168 S 5th. 
Conrad KobertT., judge, N W Vine & Julianna. 
Conrad & Roberts, hard\^•are mers., 127 N 3rd. 
Conrad Samuel, engineer, 2 Melon. 
Conrad William C, mer., 60 High. 
Conrad William D., bricklayer, 382 S 3rd. 
Conrow EUis, painter, 151 Green. 
Conrow Wm. G., bricklayer, 93 Buttonwood. 
Conroy John & Wm., tav., c Phoenix &. F road 
Conroy Patrick, tav., George & Juniper Lane. 
Conroy Robert, tailor. High n Sch. Front. 
Constable R., gunsm., 88 S 2d, h Dock. - 
Constable Wm., shoemr., N W Callowhill and 

Convery Daniel, carp., Locust n Broad. 
Converse A. Rev., editor Christ. Observer, 136 

Chestnut, h 12 Union sqr. 
Conway Henry, 7 Faries' ct. 
Conway Edward, brewer, 264 S 3d. 
Conway James, bl'ksmith, Charlotte ab Poplar. 
Conway John, brass founder, 4th n Culvert. 
Conway John, shoes, 133 S 2nd. 
Conway John, brick mr., c Bedford & Broad. 
Conway John, tailor, 467 N 2nd. 
Conway Joseph, lab., 7 Little Pine. 
Conway Miles, weaver, 200 Shippen. 
Conway Patrick, lab., 8 Hunter. 
Conway Patrick, tavern, 113 N Water. 
Conway Patrick, shoemr, Locust ab Juniper. 
Conway Phebe, washr. Brown ab Cheny. 
Conwell Ann, trimmings, 185 S Front. 
Conwell Rt. Rev. Bishop, Willing's al. 
Conyer Christopher, lab., 17 Willow. 
Conyers James, 60 New 
Conyers John, lum. mer., c High and Sch. 5th, 

h Cherry ab Sch. 6th 
Conyers Walter, druggist, 120 N 2d. 
Conyers W., gent., 183 Spruce 
Cook Abraham, letter earner, 208 N 6th. 
Cook Ann, dress mr., 178 Pine. 
Cook Archibald, rear Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Cook Charles, umbrella mr. 405 N 4th. 
Cook Charles L., clerk, 24 Carter's al. 
Cook Christopher, tailor, Apple n C creek. 
Cook David, cordwainer, c Dean & Locust. 
Cook Elisha W., Sch. 6th bel. Mulberry 
Cook Eliza, b h, 7tli n Parrish. 
Cook Eliza, 103 Wood. 
Cook Frederick, cordwr., 10th ab Tidmars. 
Cook, Fairchild 8c Cook, mers., 11 Commerce. 
Cook Frederick, baker, 146 Budd. 
Cook George, com. mer., 11 Commerce. 
Cook Henry, lab.. Beach n George. 
Cook Hull, coachman, rear 314 Pine. 
Cook Isaac, cordwainer, 365 N 3d. 
Cook James, mariner, rear 37 Swanson. 
Cook Jane, shop. Cedar ab 12th. 
Cook Jasper C, clerk, 11 Montgomery. 
Cook Joel, alderman, 189 Chestnut. 
Cook John, carpet weaver, 13 M. road. 
Cook John, police off., 36 Sheaff 's al. 
Cook John, cordwainer, Morris ab Catharine. 

Cook John, grocer, N E Locust and Broad. 

Cook John, trader. Cherry bel. F road. 

Cook John, gent., 290 Chestnut. 

Cook John, col., 34 N3d,hllth bel S Garden 

Cook John, cooper, rear 120 German. 

Cook Joseph, printer, Spafford ab Fitzwater. 

Cook Joseph S., bookbinder, 12 Jackson ct. 

Cook Lewis, t.ailor, 672 N 2d. 

Cook Lewis, baker, 10th bel Fitzwater. 

Cook Lewis, tailor, 7S Green. 

Cook Mary, Pearl ab 13th. 

Cook Mary, biu-nisher, Brooke's ct. 

Cook Mary, dress mr., 162 Pine. 

Cook Mary, 16 Watson's al. 

Cook Matthew, cordwainer, 78 German. 

Cook Michael, cordwainer, 78 German. 

Cook Moses, comb mr. rear 519 N 3d. 

Cook Patrick, lab.. Beach ab Walnut. 

Cook Robert, lab., 30 North ab 10th. 

Cook Robert, lab., 16 Watson's al. 

Cook Ruth, gentw., Beaver n St. John. 

Cook Peter cordw., 273 S 5th. 

Cook Samuel, bnishmaker, 53" High. 

Cook Thomas, botanic doctor, 83 N 5th. 

Cook Thomas, gent., 16 Pine. 

Cook WiUiam, blacksmith, Carlton n Sch. 2nd 

Cook Wm., mer., 11 Commerce, h94 Marshall. 

Cook WiUiam, labourer, 55 Catharine bel 2d. 

Cook Wm., cordwainer, 24 Parham. 

Cook William K., carpenter, 15 Wood ab 4th. 

Cook Wm. W., Williams' ct. 

Cooke William, tobacconist, 4 N Front. 

Cooke William, cordwainer, 79^ Cedar. 

Cooke Mary, dressmaker, 96 Union. 

Cooke Saml., tobac, 5 Mulberry,h 556 N 3d. 

Cooker Jacob, shoemaker, 4th ab Washington. 

Cooker John, shoemaker, 4th ab Washington. 

Cooker Martin, shoemaker, 4th ab Washington. 

Cooker Wm., shoe mr., 15 Budd. 

Cookinbach Lewis, oysterman, Beaver n 4th. 

Cooley Doct., 102 S Front. 

Cooley Joseph, hatter, 52 Cedar. 

Cooley John, whip mr., 23 Franklin place. 

Coolidge Edwin, mer., 181 High, h 66 J'ranklin. 

Coolidge & Wyeth, shoes, &.C., 181 High. 

Coomb Pennell, Rev., 2 George W Sch. 7th. 

Cooper Ann, 17 New. 

Cooper Ann V., 21 Mulberry. 

Cooper Benj. C, 8 Pearl ab.'Sch. 8th. 

Cooper B. C. & S. C, tailors, 130 Chestnut 

Cooper B. C, tailor, 130 Chestnut, h 130 Mul- 

Cooper Brittain, Pres., Western Bk., 77 Filbert. 

Cooper Campbell C, att'y & coun., 21 Mulberry 

Cooper Charles, tobacco., High ab Sch. 7th. 

Cooper CoUin, 125 Pine. 

Cooper Conrad, cordw., 6th ab Poplar. 

Cooper David, cordwainer. Sergeant. 

Cooper David, ship wrt.. Queen bel. Hanover. 

Cooper Elizabeth, b h., 13 Filbert. 

Cooper Elizabeth, b. h., 28 Cherry. 

Cooper Francis, tobacconist, 341 High. 

Cooper Francis L., 4 Drinker's al. 

Cooper Geo., grate & fender manuf., 84 N 2nd. 

Cooper, Green & Cooper, mers., 49 High, 




Cooper George B., mcr., 49 Hig'li. 
Cooper Henry, hatter, 3 Portland lane. 
Cooper Hannah, g-entw., 66 Marshall. 
Cooper Hiram T., dry g'oods, 39.3 High. 
Cooper Isaac, gent., 225 Vine. 
Cooper Isaac, clothes dealer, (irccn's ct. 
Cooper James, cooper, 204, & h 203 S Front. 
Cooper James, police off., Cherry ab Sch. 8th 
Cooper John, mer., 51 Hig'h, h 320 Mulbeny. 
Cooper John, printer, 237 S 6th. 
Cooper Jonathan, tailor, 7 Maple." 
Cooper John, cai-ter, c. Say and Moore's al. 
Cooper John, weaver. Vine n Sch. river. 
Cooper Joseph T., hatter, 83 Swanson. 
Cooper Joshua, carter, Sassafras n Sch. 7th. 
Cooper Lawrence, ladies shoe mr. 256 Callowhill 
Cooper Lewis, dry g^oods, 27 S 2nd, h 96 N 8th. 
Cooper Michael, collector, 13 Fitzvvater. 
Cooper Nathaniel D. blacksmith, 100 Locust, h 

Pine bel 12th. 
Cooper Samuel, lab., 2 Spring- Mill ct. (F M) 
Cooper Sarah, Mrs., 326 Walnut. 
Cooper Sarah, teacher, c Pearl &. Broad. 
Cooper Samuel B., waterman, c 5th 8c German. 
Cooper S. C, tailor, 130 Chestnut, h 373 Mul- 
Cooper Thos., brushes, brooms, &c., 3 N Front. 

h 210 Cherry. 
Cooper Whelan, blacksmith, 100 Locust. 
Cooper William, stonecutter. Vineyard, F V. 
Cooper Wm., painter, 203 G T road. 
Cooper Wm., watchman, 19^ Stamper's al. 

Cooper William Rev., Catharine ab 6th. 

Cooper Wm., tavern, 172 Lombard. 
• Cooper Wm. B., mer., 49 High, h 88 N Front. 

Cooper Wm. C, grocer, N W 12th & Sassafras. 

Cooper Wm. F., cordwainer, N. W. 11th &. Vine. 

Cooper Wm. M., cooper, 200 S Water. 

Coots Robert, shoemaker, 84 S 12th. 

Cope Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut, h 177 S 5th 

Cope Caleb, mer., 165 High, h c Walnut and 

Cope Caleb & Co., mers., 165 High. 

Cope Charles, ship join.. Church bel. Christian. 

Cope Charles, victualler, 87 M road. 

Cope Charles S., att'y & coun., 22 N 7th. 

Cope George, drayman, 69 Noble. 

Cope Hannah, widow, 87 M road. 

Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h 102 S 4th. 

Cope Hemy, victualler, Marion bel M road. 

Cope Herman, asst. cash. B. U. S., h 355 Walnut 

Cope H. & A., mers., 1 Walnut. 

Cope Israel, gent., 186 Mulberry. 

Cope I. I., 1st teller Commer. Bank, 335 N 6th. 

Cope Jasper, gent, 391 Mulbeny. 

Cope John, 29 Queen. 

Cope John, mason, 129 N 4th. 

Cope John cai-p., Church bel Christian. 

Cope John D., tobacconist, 82 Brown. 

Cope Marmaduke C, Filbert n Juniper. 

Cope Maria, 82 Brown. 

Cope Philip, cooper, 31 Christian. 

Cope Thos., cabinetmr., 2d and G T road. 

Cope Thomas P., 272 Spruce. 

Cope William, carter, rear 123 Catharine. 

Copes Charlrs, U S service, 17 Marion. 
Copcland Asa, ship joinf-r, c carp. &. Atherton. 
Copoland Margaret, '200 S 5tli. 
Copeiaud Margaret, Meek. 
Copcland Samuel, carp., Sch. Gtli n Filbert. 
Copcland &. SchaHcr, mers., 120 High, ab stairs 
Copcland Tlios., lab., G T road ab Master. 
Copcland Thomas, shoe mr., Coates n Broad. 
Copeland Wm., t.avcrn, 271 S 4th 
Copeland William, carp., 398 S 3d. 
Copia Jacob, gent., 213 Pine. 
Copper Jas. C, clerk, 91 Wood. 
Copper John C, eng., 18 Minor, h 91 Wood 
Coppingcr John, weaver, Sch. 6th &. Hclmuth. 
Coppuck Jos. C, mer., 57 High, h 202 S 4th. 
Coram Joseph, cordwainei-, Oliver place. 
Corbin Horace W., turner, 405 N 3d. 
Corbin Michael, weaver, 2d and Phoenix. 
Cbrbit Abraham, umbrella maker, 85 W High. 
Corbit Davis & Co., com. mers., S K 2d and 

High . (ab stairs) 
Corbit Ellen, dressmr., 170 Marshall. 
Corbit Henrv C, mer., S E 2d and High,h 153 

Corbit John, gent., 7 Stmwberry. 

Corbit Isaac, umbrel. mr., 3 N 8th, h 262 Cedar. 

Corbit Joseph, sug. refiner, 27 Church al, h 228 

Corbit Richard H. springmr.. Mud la bel Front 

Corbit Wm., carpenter, Catharine bel 7th. 

Cordis Wm. H., carpenter, Sch. Front &. Vine. 

Cordner Catharine, 257 S 3rd. 

Cordofa George W., waiter, 20 Bird's ct. 

Coregon Hugh, Shippen lane bel Cedar. 

Corfield Edward, circulating library, 276 N3d. 

Corfield E U., alderman, h 98 Dillwyn. 

Corgee Comfort, 417 S Front. 

Corgee Thomas, carpenter, Washington above 
Front, h Front bel Catharine. 

Corgie Rebecca, gentw., 114 Carpenter. (S) 

Cork Henrietta, washr., 9 Little Pine. 

Corkrey Wm., shipmas., 176 Swanson, h 5 Union 

Corksey John, carp., 310 Carpenter. 

CorliesBritton, bricklayer. Locust ab Sch. 8th. 

Corlies Daniel, gun smith, 623 N 2d. 

Corliss David, drayman, F road & Oxford. 

Corliss John, gunsmith, Oxford bel 10th. 

Corman Margaret, Wood beLlOth. 

Cormick James G., tailor, Sycamore ab Locust 

Cormick Wm., carp., Lombard n Sch. 6th. 

Cormley Wm., tailor, cSch Beach & Spruce. 

Cormonary John, carp., 4th bel Wharton. 

Corn John, carter McDuffie n Sch. 2nd. 

Cornbrook Wm. H., machinist, 5 Dorothv. 

Corndaffer Jacob, grocer, 445 S 2d. 

Corndaffer, Nicholas, carter. Cherry bel F road. 

Corndaffer Samuel, carter, Duke ab Cherry. 

Cornell Mary, 72 New'. 

Corneau J. B. T., grocer, 2 Orleans. 

Cornelius C, lamp and chandelier manuf., 179 

Cornelius Philip, lab.. Pearl bel Broad. 

Cornelius & Co., lamps, 181 Cherry and 176 

Cornelius Margaret, huckster. Queen ab Bishop. 

COU 54 

Cornelius H., lamps, 176 Chestimt. 
Cornell William, dry g-oods, 511 Ilig-h. 
Cornett Jane, widov, ,^shop, 383 S 2d. 
Corney Joseph, victualler, 9th & Buttoiuvood. 
Cornish Aiuja, Bedford, bcl 8th. 
Cornish Eliza, waSher, 186 Lombard. 
Cornish Henry, drug-g-ist, h 131 N 5th. 
Cornish H. C.,' shoemaker, N K 7th and Mary. 
Cornish James, shoemr., 81 Plum. 
Cornish James, sailmr., Marriott ab 5th. 
Cornish M., whitewasher, 11 Hurst. 
Cornman Adam, collector, 74 Locust. 
Cornman Oliver P., painter, 46 N 8th, li 10 Carl- 
Cornog- David A., mer., 1 Clover. 
Corn villa Wm. E. Rev., 21 Edward 
Cornwell Charles, carp.. Wood ab Queen. (K) 
Cornwell Emil)', nurse, Stanley bel 4th. 
Cornwell James, carp., Huston bel Prince. (K) 
Cornwell Josepli, brickmr., Sch 4th & Ann. 
Cornwell Robert, carp., 23 Dyott's ct. (K) 
Cornwell Ruth Ann, P road n Carpenter. 
Cornwell Wm., shipwrig'ht, Huston bel Prince. 
Corr Joseph, g-rocer, c 2d and Phcenix 
Corrall Leah, 116 Vine. 
Correll Nicholas, cooper, 5 Swanson's ct. 
Correy James, cashier Bank N. America. 
Carrie Henry, org-an manuf., 110 Filbert, h Sch 

3rd bel Locust. 
Corson Jacob, ladies shoemr, 4 Lebanon row. 
Corson James, shoes, 6th and Queen. 
Corvaizier J., bootmaker, 49 S 4th. 
Coryell Henry, measurer, Sch 6th ab Sassafras. 
Cosfeldt F., locksmith, 44 Dock, h 8 Carter's al. 
Cosgrave Daniel, morocco dresser, 77 S 5th. 
Cosgi-ove J., tobacconist, 287 N Front. 
Cosgrove William, gardener, 252 S 5th. 
Cossart Mary, huckster, 561 N 3rd. 
Cossart Wm., cedar cooper, Charlotte n Poplar. 
Coste Raymond, chandler, 45 Lombard. 
Costello John, 11th ab Shippen. 
Costello Michael, tavern, N E Locust & Quince. 
Costello Margaret, huckster, 4 Monmouth ct. 
Coster Stephen, East of 25 New Market. 
Costill O. H., M. D., 407 MulbeiTy. 
^ Coston Benton, carpenter, 478 N 4th. 
f^ Coston Ezekiel, capt.. Court alley. 
■^..Coston Lebin, cab't maker, 482 N 4th. 
fcotteny Isaac, janitor, rear Philad. institute. 
Colter, James, tailor, 85 N 6th. 
Cotter James, shoemr., 12 Morgan's ct. 
Cotterall R., sexton, rear 40 Pine. 
Cottlngham James, mariner, 22 Parham. 
Cotton Ann, 349 S 5th. 
Cottrel James, waterman, 3 Courtlin's pi. 
Cottringcr John, clerk, 64 Queen. 
Couch Franklin, coppersmith, Grear ab 12th 
Coughlin Edward, tailor, 103 New Market. 
Coughlin George, ship carp., 2nd bel Prime. 
Coulgan Charles, tailor, 1 Linn. (FM) 
CouUton Ann, c 5t!i & O Y road. 
Coulston Ann, 258 N 8lh. 

Coulston Nathan I,., morocco dre.sscr, 484 N 4th 
Coulston Samuel, turner, 543 N 5th. 
Coulter Andrew, carter, Callowliill n William. 


Coulter Charles, waterman, 33 Washington. 
Coulter John, tavern, 359 N Front. 
Coulter John, supcrintend't, Wash'n n 11th. 
Coulter Joseph, marble polisher, 13th ab Cal- 

Coulter Joshua H., carp., 394 N 9th. 
Coulter Rogers, 232 N Water. 
Coulter Sarah, gentw., 373 S 2nd. 
Coulter Sarah, b h, 89 Sassafras. 
Coulter Sarah T., trimmings, 378 S 2nd. 
Council Jos., bricklayer, Shippen ab Shippen la. 
Council Thomas, hatter, 38 Julianna. 
Countiss John B., carp., 3 St. Stephen's place. 
Countiss William, ship carpenter, 549 S 2nd. 
Countryman John, painter, 11 Union. 
Countryman Wm., cigar maker, 113 Queen. 
Coupland George, bricklayer, Marks' lane ab 

Coupland Wm., 18 Dock. 
Coursalt G. A., dry goods, 154 Cedar. 
Coursalt Leopold "p., cabinetmr., 119 S 6th. 
Course John, lab., 126 Penn. (K) 
Coursey Eliza, 4th ab Cln-istian. 
Coursey Jacob, waiter, 3 Gray's alley. 
Court Edward, clothing, 97 S 2d. 
Court Margaret, dressmaker, 238 S Tth, h 93 S 

12tli ab Ohio. 
Courtney Joseph, carpenter, 8 Sugar al. 
Courtney Patrick, drayman, 263 N Front. 
Courtney Samuel P., Queen n Marlborough. 
Courtney Thomas, trader, Washington. (W P) 
Couse Catharine, dressmr., 1 Short's ct. 
Cousty John, grocer, N E Callowliill & Garden. 
Cousty Joshua, grocer, 78 S 2nd. 
Couts John W., ship master, Washington above 

Coverdale Levi, ship master, 8 Somer's ct. 
Covert Isaac Jr., ivory turner, 8 Fayette. 
Covington Edw., coach trim'r, Stanley bel 4th. 
Covington Isaac, 29 Cresson's al. 
Covington Samuel, sailmaker, 35 Plum. 
Covington Wm., sailmaker, 20 Almond. 
Cowan John, tailor, Lewis' ct. 
Coward Charles, trunkmr., 12 Mechanic. 
Coward Elizabeth, tailoress, 66 N 5th. 
Coward John, cordw., 7 St. Stephen's pi. 
Coward Samuel, patternmr., Washington. (W P) 
Coward William, trader. Willow n 6th. 
Cowden Cath Mrs., 306 Cedar. 
Cowdin David, umbrellamr., 101 German. 
Cowdrick Charles H., plater, 61 Tammany. • 
Cowdrick Edward, bricklr., Elizabeth n Parrlsh 
Cowell Charles P., brickmr., Coates ab 9th. 
Cowell John V., mer., S W Chesnut & 7th, h 

128 S 8th. 
Cowell & Evans, dry goods, S W 7th and Chest- 
Cowgill Arnold, cordw., Beach ab Warren. 
Cowpcrthwaite E., upholsterer, 15 S 5th, h Fitz- 

vvater ab 8th. 
Cowpcrthwaite H., mer., 253 High, h 12 Mar- 
Cowperthwaite Joshua, gent., 214 S 4th. 
Cowpcrthwaite J. C, surgeon dentist, 312 Pine. 
(Jowperthwaite Margaret, 4 Carrolton sq. 




Cowperthwaitc Samuel, g'ent, 204 N Froiil. 

Cowperthwaite Wm., jjlasterer, 312 Pine 

Cowling-s Gcorg'c, brewer, 7 Tiller's e(. 

Cowpland Ann, milliner, 160 S 4tli. 

Cowpland Ellen, 306 N 8th. 

Cowpland & Cressons, hardware, 14 N 4tli. 

Cowpland J., mei-., 14 N 4th, h Mantvia villag-e. 

Cox Aaron, printer, 98 Green. 

Cox Ann, c Lancaster and Reed. 

Cox Ann, 368 Chestnut. 

Cox Ann, b. h., 100 Spruce. 

Cox Byei-ly, 7 N 9th. 

Cox Catharine, 226 High. 

(3ox Charles, acct., 44 Marshall. 

Cox Charles, carter. State. 

Cox Clement, coachman, 24 Portland. 

Cox Daniel, painter, rear 454 S Front. 

Cox David, brickmr., G T road ab 5th 

Cox Elizabeth, 49 S Juniper. 

Cox Eliza, N E Cherry & Gebhard. 

Cox Elizabeth, c 7th and Sassafras. 

Cox George S., ship joiner, F road ab Otter. 

Cox Gideon, wooden & variety store, 335 High 

and dry goods N W 8th & High. 
Cox Hugh, 2nd hand goods, c Oak & Cooper 
Cox Jacob, cordw., St. John ab Beaver 
Cox James, U. S. Court, h 12 College avenue. 
Cox James, mariner, 2 Plynlimmon pi. 
Cox James, gent.. Walnut n Sch 7th. 
Cox John, shop keeper, 3 Cresson's al. 
Cox John, carter, Vine n Schuylkill 2nd. 
Cox John, Sch. 7th above Wood. 
Cox John, labourer, Baldwin's court. 
Cox John, tavern, N E 6th & Bedford. 
Cox John C, mer., 1771 High, h Clinton ab 9th. 
Cox Joseph, combmaker, 124 Cherry. 
Cox J. D. Mrs., gentw., 283 Spruce. 
Cox Joseph, stone cutter, c 5th and Lombard. 
Cox Jos. H., gent., 44 Marshall, h 42 Marshall. 
Cox Lydia, trimming store, 116 S 10th. 
Cox Margaret, milliner, 314 Pine. 
Cox Mary Ann, trims., 325 S 2nd, h 15 Mead. 
Cox Samuel, gent., 10th bel Shippen. 
Cox Sarah, 496 Sassafras. 
Cox Sarah Ann, teacher, 1 St James. 
Cox Wm., coachmr., N 3d ab Thompson 
Cox Wm., dyer, Hamilton and Fairmount. 
Cox Wm., ship joiner, Reed above Front. 
Cox Wm., blacksmith. Reed below Front. 
Cox Wm. L., bricklayer, 8 Jacoby. 
Coxe Charles S., judge dis. court, h 354 Walnut. 
Coxe Daniel W., gent, 233 Chestnut. 
Coxe John R., M. D., c Pine & Broad. 
Coxe Mary Ann, b h, 343 S 3rd. 
Coxey James, grocer, Washington. (W P) 
Coxey William, carpenter, Elizabeth (N L) ab 

Coxey Thomas, superintendent of penitentiary, 

Sch. 5th n Bush Hill. 
Coxhead Mrs. S., 24 R road. 
Coxhead William, tailor, 78 Locust. 
Coyle Alex., bootmaker, 52 New, h 102 Crown. 
Coyle Charles, japanner, 199 Noble. 
Coyle Edward, japanner, 3 Querville's ct. 
Coyle James, labourer. Bank n Pine. 

Coylo John, blacksmilli, Broud &. Mulberry. 

(Joyic Mary, 169 Loinbard. 

Coyle Mattlicw, bJacksniitii, 496 S 2nd. 

(Jozcns Arcbiljald, collcctrjr, 74 Ctuecn. 

Cozens Delia, gentw.. Locust bel 8tli. 

Cozens Elizabeth, shopkeeper, N E 2nd and 

Cozens John, carpenter, 134 Brown. 
Cozens Rachel, b. h., 60 N 2nd. 
Cozens Samuel H., plumber, 458 N 3rd. 
Cozens William, merchant, I^ocust n 8ti). 
Cozens Wm. D., gentw. Catharine bel 7tli. 
(^ozins John, superintendent dyeing &c manu- 
facturing, CO. prison, h Fitzwater ab 8th. 
Crabbe H. S., sec. Navy Yard, h 613 Chestnut. 
Craft Gersliom, printer, 60^ Union. 
Craft James W., cordwainer, 282 S 6th. 
Oaft Jeremiah, blacksm.. Rose ab School 
Cragg Dennis, gent., 509 N 3rd. 
Cragg G., dyer and scourer, 519 N 3d. 
Cragg Wm., sexton and undertaker, 10 College 

av., and 11 AVatson's alley. 
Cragher James, 62 P road. 
Craig Andrew, carpenter, 8 Hubbell. 
Craig Andi-ew, stone cutter, Ann ab Division. 

(F. V.) 
Craig Andrew C, mer., S W 13tli and High, h 

Western Exchange. 
Craig, Bellas & Co., com. & forw. mers., N W 

Cheny and Broad. 
Craig David, blacksmith, rear 7 Clymer. 
Craig Emor, police officer, 176 Lombard. 
Craig George, lookingglass fr. mr. Gray's ct. 
Craig G. W. H., waiter, 12 N 6tii. 
Craig Hannah, tavern, 136 Locust. 
Craig Hugh, mer., Cherrj' and Broad. 
Craig Hugh, gi-ocer, 106 Plum. 
Craig James, 03'stcrman, Sch. 6th bel High. 
Craig James, carpenter, 17 Sugar alley. 
Craig James, watchman, 194 Lombard. 
Craig James, pedler, Lombard n 12th. 
Craig Jane, 113 Spruce. 
Craig Jared, printer, 13 Mercer. 
Craig John, typefounder, 321 Spruce. 
Craig John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Craig Lewis, labourer, Gales' ct. 
Craig Margaret, William n Callowhill. (F M) 
Craig Patrick, labourer, 60 George (S) 
Craig Robert, ropemaker, 93 Prime. 
Craig Robert, weaver, G T road n Phoenix. 
Craig Robert, Penn be! Maiden. (K) 
Craig Samuel, weaver, McKinley's ct. 
Craig Samuel, farrier, 5 Raspbeny al]e\'. 
Craig & Sargeant, com. mers., 9 N whanes. 
Craig Thomas, drayman, 5 Wagner's ct. 
Craig \¥m., Pres. Am. Ins. Co., N E c Philada. 

Exchange, h Spruce ab 12th. 
Craig William, mer., 9 N wharves. 
Craig W. S., milliner & dressmaker, 191 S 7th. 
Craige Geo. S., mer., 184 N 4th. 
Ci-aige, Holmes & Co., mers., 110 High. 
Craige Robert, weaver, 182 G T road 
Craige Seth, mer., 110 High, h 364 Mulberrv". 
Craige Thomas H., mer., 110 High, h G T r' & 

Globe Mill. 




Craige Thomas, stablekeeperand harnessmaker, 

537 and h 520 N Front and 4th ab Wood. 
Craige Thos. H., spinner, N 3d ab Frankhn 
Craig-e Wm., Bull's Head, 235 N 3d. 
Cram Catharine, huckster. Queen ab "Wood. 
Cram Samuel, clerk. Chancellor bel Sch. 6th. 
Cramer David, carp., Sarah bcl Bedford. (K) 
Cramer Isaac, moulder, Beach ab Franklin. 
Cramer Jas., cot. spin., Shackamaxon bel Prince 
Cramer Patrick, waterman, 422 N Front. 
Cramer Zedock, engineer, 14 Keefe 
Crannell Barney, coach trimmer, 14 Mary. 
Crammer John L., brushr., Sarah n Bedford. (K) 
Cramond Henry, atty. and coun., 149 Walnut. 
Cramond William, 539 Chestnut. 
Ci'amp George, ship carpenter, Mai'lborough n 

Bedford. (K) 
Cramp & Humphries, boat builders. Beach ab 

Cramp Jacob, fisherman. Queen n Wood. (K) 
Cramp John, fisherman, Cheny ab Queen. (K) 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., A'^ienna n Queen. (K) 
Cramp Wm., ship carpenter, Vienna ab Queen. 

Crane Eleanor, 28 Queen. (S) 

Crane Solomon, nianuf., Poplar ab St. John. 

Crane Wm., 94 S 8th. 

Crane Wm. H., cordw., Callowhill ab Sch. 2nd 

Crangle Catharine Mrs., 17 P road. 

Crangle George, weaver, 17 P road. 

Crankshew Richard, tavern, 193 S Front. 

Cranmer Jonathan, cordwainer, High n Sch. 6th. 

Cranmer J. S., ladies' shoemaker, 66f S 4th 

Crans Peter, cordwainer, 52 Federal. 

Crans Peter Jr., att}^ and coun., 300 S 5th. 

Crans William J., clerk, 331 S 5th. 

Crap George M., tinworker, 134 German. 

Cravanna Mary Jane, gentw.. Green's ct. 

Craven Aaron, blacksm., Sch. 6th ab Chestnut. 

Craven James C, tinplate worker, 305 High. 

Craven Ishi, 81 Chestnut. 

Craven Thomas, agent, 271 S Penn. 

Craven William, labourer, 430 N Front. 

Craven William Jr., 430 N Front. 

Crawford Benj., boat build., Hanover bel Queen 

Crawford Benjamin, tailor, 240 High, h 169 N 

Crawford Charles, tailor, Ann n 13th. 

Crawford David, blacksm., George n Sch. 6th. 

Crawford David, weaver, Cochran ab Fitzwater, 

Crawford Daniel, carp., 267 Catharine. 

Crawford E., dressmaker, 15 Mifflin. 

Crawford E. & C, milliners, 181 Coates. 

Crawford Hannah, nurse, 126 Coates. 

Crawford Henry M., leather dealer, 233 N 2d, h 
13 Noble. 

Crawford Jacob Capt., 2 Pratt's ct. 

Crawford James, constable, 2 Wager's ct. 

Crawford James, carp., Catharine ab 2d, h 187 

Crawford John, blacksmith, George ab Broad, h 
I>ewis ab Sch 8th. 

Crawford Jolin, hatter, 20 Logan, h Thompson 

ab Charlotte. 
Crawford John, whipmr., Crown ab Bedford. 
Crawford John, drayman, 9 S Sch. 5th 

Crawford Mary, shop, Cedar ab 12th. 
Crawford Matthew, combmr.. Poplar n 4tli. 
Crawford & Mooney, blacksm, George ab Broad 
Ci-awford Peter, furrier. Carpenter n 6th. (S)^ 
Crawford Robert, car. weav., R road ab S Garden 
Crawford Samuel W. Rev., 3 Colonnade row. . 
Crawford Thomas, labourer. Carpenter bel 8th. 
Crawford Thomas, weaver. Amber ab Phccnix. 
Crawford Thomas, labourer, Spruce n Sch. 4th. 
Crawford William, watchman, 7 Winter's ct. 
Crawford William, lab., Wallace ct. (F V) 
Crawford William H., tanner, 41 Fr.anklin. 
Crawley Abraham, card manuf , S W 3d and 

High, h 18 MagnoUa. 
Crawley John, shoemaker, 289 S 3d. 
Crawshaw James, hair seating manuf., Marlboro' 

bel Duke. 
Craycroft Benjamin, sea captain, 478 S 2d. 
Craycroft Benjamin Jr., clerk, 478 S 2d. 
Craycroft Joseph, cordwainer, 471 S 2d. 
Craycroft Joseph Jr., cordw., 471 S 2d. 
Crayton Alexander, labourer, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

Creagmile Thomas, labourer, 5th n Coates. 
Cream Christiana, rear 214 N 8th. 
Creamer Elenor, 208 St John. 
Creamer James, weaver, Shackamaxon below 
Bedford. (K) 

Creamer Matthias, shipcar., Marlboro' n Queen 

Creamer Mary, 8th ab Spring Garden. 

Ci-eamer Michael, carpenter, 104 Apple. 

Creery Wm., cooper, Jones n Sch. 4th. 

Crease M., 19 Union 

Crease William G., tailor, 117 N 3d. 

Creasey Wm., patternmr.. Front ab Reed. 

Creauthers Peter V., trimmings, 379 S 2nd. 

Creely Jacob, joiner. Palmer bel Prince. (K) 

Creely John S., 23 Madison 

Creely Michael, ship carp.. Palmer ab Duke. 

Creely Michael, lab., Marlboro' bel Bedford. 

Creery Watkins, hatter, 12 Brown. 

Cregar Charles, cordw., 141 Vine. 

Cregar P. A., teach., 162 Pine, h 111 Lombard. 

Cregar Samuel, cordwainer, 141 Vine. 

Creighton Garrett, .shoes, 544 W High. 

Creighton Robert, mer., 10 S Front, 

Creighton &. Wilson, mers., 10 S Front. 

Creithers Samuel, lab., Callowhill bel Sch. 7th. 

Creps James S., labourer, U. S. Arsenal. 

Cress John M., merchant, house 59 Button- 

Cress James, bricklayer, 99 Dillwyn. 

Cress Samuel S., bricklayer, 390 Coates. 

Cressey O., carp., Carlton ab Sch. 2d. 

Cressie Aaron V., tavern, 92 Swanson. 

Cressie George, turner, 92 Swanson. 

Cressman Elizabeth, 625 N 2d 

Cressman Henry, furrier, 24 Rlttenhouse. 

Cressman Henry, militai-y capmaker, 1 James. 

Cressman Philip, cooper, Sch. 5th ab Spruce. 

Cressman Wm, military cap, &c. manuf., 134 N 

Cresson Caleb, drug., 6 N 3d, h 261 Mulberry 

Cresson Clement, druggist, 54 High, h 30 San- 

Crasson Deborah, 236 Filbert. 


Ci-esson Elliott, 30 Sansom. 

Cresson Emlon, N W 8tli Z% Spnice. 

Cresson John C, siiperin. ('■as works, Filbert n 

Sch. 6th. 
Cresson John II., sec'ry. & treas. M. H. & Sch. 

Haven K. It. Co., 314 N 6th. 
Cresson Joseph, 363 Sassafra.s. 
Cresson Joshua, acct, 18 Chester. 
Cresson J. B., drug-gist, N W Broad and Vine, h 

471 Vine. 
Cres.son M. Mrs., geutw., 30 Sansom. 
Cresson Sarah E., 261 Mulberry. 
Cresson Walter, mer., 14 N 4th, h 314 N 6th. 
Cresson William, mer., 14 N 4th, li 314 N 6th. 
Cresson William P., rner., 17 Commerce, h 

Chestnut ab Sch. 7tli. 
Creswell Sarah Mrs., S E c Cedar & 9th. 
Cresv/ell S. J., brassfounder, 44 N 7th. 
Creth Alex., tailor, 6th bel Cedar. 
Creth Wm., distiller, N W Juniper & Sassafras 
Crew V/m. C, constable, 44 Rose al. 
Criblier Peter, confectioner, 231 S 2nd. 
Cribs Mary, shopkeeper, 90 Callowhili. 
Crider George, cordwainer, 101 Vine. 
Crilla Morris, varnisher, rear 300 S 3d. 
Crilly Daniel, tavern, 2^ S 7th. 
Crilly Elias, drayman, Culvert n 3rd. 
Crilly Henry, grocer, N W 3d 8c Thompson. 
Crilly John, mor. dresser, Phoenix nGTroad. 
Crilly Michael, labourer, 68 Zane. 
Crilly Thomas, tavern, 9 N 6th. 
Crim Mrs., b h., 108 Walnut. 
Crippin Abraham, 202 Lombard, h 8 Bird's ct. 
Cripps Charles, lab., St. John n George 
Cripps Rich., grocer, 10th & S W Pleasant av. 
Crispen John, cordw., Penn bel Maiden 
Crispenn David D., Callowhili bel 5th. 
Crispenn Maiy, 23 Wood. 

Crispenn Robeil, bricklayer. Locust n Sch. 3d. 
Crissy Catharine, 12 Mechanic. 
Crissy James, printer and publisher, 4 Minor, h 

12 Montgomery sq. 
Crist C, victualler. West bel Palmer. 
Crist George, bill paster, 24 Budd. 
Crist John, supt., Palmer n West. 
Crist Joseph, caulker. Prince n Palmer. 
Crist Nicholas, caulker, Hanover bel Prince. 
Crist Samuel, vict.. West n Hanover. 
Cristy Sarah, diy goods, 486 N 4th. 
Criswell J. A., hardware, 58 N 2nd. 
Crock Peter, planemr., 3d ab Franklin. (K) 
Crockett Maria, 78 Christian. 
Crockett Henry, hackman, rear 161 Coates. 
Crockett Wm., carp., 9 Turner. 
Ci'oft Henry, mor. dresser, 7 Cadwalader. (K) 
Croft Samuel, mer., 19 Chui'ch alley. 
Crolius & Gladding, bookbinders, 416 High. 
Crolius J. D., bookb., 416 High, h 188 Poplar. 
CroU Christian, tailor, 149 Chestnut, h Franklin 

ab Green. 
Croll Mary, tavern, 1 Mulberry alley. 
Croll M. J. & Co., tailofs, 149 Chestnut. 
Croll M. J., tailor, 149 Chestnut. 
Crombarger Charles, waiter. Pine ab 11th. 
Crombargar M., dry goods, c 11th & George. 


Crome Samuel, weaver, William ab Hopkins 
Crornelin Wasliington, upholsterer, 126 Pine 8c 

N W 4th & Spruce. 
Cromlay Daniel, cordwainer, IJ N8th. 
Cromlf-y CJeo., tav., N W Front afid Greenwich. 
CromUy Hugh, shoemaker, 9 Willi?ig's al. 
Cromley James, lab., 297 S 4th. 
Cromlien George W., importer, 126 Pine. 
Cronily C. Mrs., 31 N 7th. 
Crommelin George, mustard &. chocolate n)anu£, 

50 Marshall. 
Crommie Andrew J., tailor, 45 S 8th. 
Crommie Ed. H., cordw., Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Crommie James, weaver. Front bel Master. 
Cromwell Charles, cordw., St. John n G T road 
Cromwell Jas. S., bricklayer, Sch. 7th n Cherry. 
Cromwell John, sailmaker, :30 P road. 
Cromwell John jr., bricklayer, 64 N Juniper. 
Crone Caroline, gcntw., Crown ab Queen. (K) 
Cronins Edward, grocer, S W 5th & S])ruce. 
Crook John, Monument Cemetery, 9th n Poplar. 
Crooks Catharine, 148 S Front. 
Crooks Frederick, silversmith, 6 Liberty al. 
Crooks Miss H., stock manuf., 6 ?"xchange pi. 
Crookshanks John, founder, Hopkins ab School 
Croome, Meignelle & Minot, engravers on wood, 

steel and copper, 20 S 4th 
Cropper Ebenezer, wood corder, Shippen street 

wharf, h 403 S Front. 
Cropper Edward, porter, Caroline pi. 
Cropper Joseph, cooper, F road and Harrison. 
Cropper Samuel P., lumber mer.. Almond bel 

Front, h 361 S Front. 
Cropper Samuel, lab., rear 106 Plum. 
Crosby David, Cauffrnan's ct. 
Crosby Dinah, washer, 6 Little Pine. 
Crosby Elizabeth, 12th ab Spruce. 
Crosby John, dealer, G T road bel Master 
Crosby L. B., carp., 13th ab Spring Garden. 
Crosby Magnus, stonecutter. Prospect al. bel 

Crosby Mrs., Quince n Lombard. 
Crosby Thomas, bootmr., 126 N 4th. 
Crosby William, carpenter, 3 Juniper lane, 
Crosden E., leather cutter, Poplar n 6th. 
Croskey Alfred, Filbert n Broad. 
Croskey Henry, S W Sch. 5th & Cherry. 
Cross Benjamin, teacher music, 31 Filbert. 
Cross Benjamin C, teacher music, 23 Morgan. 
Cross George AV., iron chests, 83 Dock. 
Crossin John, saddler, 10 Dean. 
Crossley Thomas, bricklayer, 6 Littlebov's ct. 
Grossman Elizabeth, milliner, 217 S 2d." 
Grossman Henry, cordw., 6 Bi-ook 
Grossman J. M., mer., 121 High, h 107 Pine. 
Grossman T. J., M. D., eye infirmary, 25 S 7th. 
Crothers Matilda, gentw., 389 Mulberry 
Crotto E. Mrs., 32 Sugar al. 
Crouch C. W., shoemaker, 222 N 4th. 
Crouch Enoch, cord., Queen n Crown. (K) 
Crouch Isaac, engineer, F road opp Queen. 
Crouch Richard, porter. Palmer ab Prince. (K) 
Crouch Thos., barber, 16 Arcade, h 20 Buckley. 
Crouch Thomas C, shoes, Queen n Marlbo- 




Crouse Catliarine, 8lh bel i;.!lton\vood. 

Grouse John, tavern, 2 N lltli. 

Crouse Mary, Apple ab Culvert. 

Crouse Miciiuel, lab., White row, Bush hill. 

Crouse 'I'homas, chemist. Crown ab Puke. 

Crout J. & A., cabinetmakers, 360 N 6th. 

Crout Joseph, cabinetmaker, 358 N 6th. 

Crow James, lab., Filbert bet Sell. 3rcl & 4th 

Crow John, cng-ineer, Filbert n Sch. 3rcl. 

Crow Joseph, weaver, Filbert n Sch. 3d. 

Crow Mary, Filbert n Sch. oil. 

Crow, Tevis & McCreery, mers., 14 Church al. 

Crow Wni., dry ^oods, 41 N 4th. 

Crowell E. B., 178 S 11th. 

Crowell James, teacher, 117 Lombard. 

Crowell Maria, Parrish ab. 5th. 

Crowell Page, sea captain, 238 Catharine. 

Crowell Smith, tailor, 8 Stamper's al. 

Crowell Thomas, painler, 145 Poplar. 
Crowell Thomas E., atty., 91 Walnut, h 334 S 

Crowitt Lancelot, weaver, 2 Fox's ct. 

Crowley David, teacher, Perkenpine's ct. 

Crowley Michael, lab., 41 Penn. 

Crowlev Robert, mci-., 144 High. 

Crowley William & Son, mers., 144 High. 

Crowther John, turner, Beaver ab St. John 

Crozer James G., mer., 65 S Front. 

Crozer Joseph, coal mer.. High bridge & Beach 

Crozet Earnest, prmting office, 151 S 6Ui. 
Crozier Andrew, teacher, 65 Christian. 
Crozier Benjamin, cordwainer, 3 Elmslie's al. 
Crozier Robert, Broad st. House ab Vine. 
Crozier Robert, cordw., 117 G T road 
Crucy Peter, carp., 7 Dilk's ct. 
Crutcher Foster G., mer., 12 N 4th, h 21 Girard. 
Crum John, blacksmith, 78 Plum. 
Crumback Godfrey, bricklayer, court, Vine n 

Crumback Philip, fisherm.. Type al n Sch. river. 
Crumback Thomas, cordwainer, 23 Beck. 
Crummer Thomas, cab. mr., N E 8th & Filbert. 
Crump William, editor Courier & Enquirer, 

419 N 6th. 
Crundwell Joseph, carpenter, 12 Penna. av. 

Cruise John, rigger, Brown ab 3d. 

Cruthers Samuel, chairmaker, Goldsmith's ct. 

Cubler George, carter. Vine n Sch 2nd. 

Cubler John, lab.. Wood n Sch. Front. 

Cublerson James, weaver, Shippen la ab Fitzw'r. 

Cuchman John, cordw.. Prince ab Union. (K) 

Cuddy James, painter, c 11th & Hunter, h Bud- 
den's al. 

Cuesta Esto, mer., 101 S Front, h 87 S 4th. 

Cuesta J. E., gentw., 87 S 4th. 

Culagan Bernard, carter, 82 George. 

Culberson William, carter, 313 S 6th. 

Culbert Joseph, weaver, 1 Brinton. 

Culbertson J as., grocer, c Shippen &, Shippen 

Culbertson Culbert weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 

Culbertson Robert, labourer, R road below toll 

Culbertson Samuel, clerk, 1 Arrison's ct. 

Culbertson Wm., tavern, 2d and G T road 

Culin George, bookbinder, 69 Noble. 

Culin George, tailor, 44 High. 

Culin Jacob, waterman, Mellon, n 10th. 

Cuhn John, tailor, 14 High. 

Culin John, wheelwright, Chestnut. (W P) 

Cuhn John, jr., grocery, S E 6t!i & Green. 

Culin John N., cordwainer, Mellon ab 9th. 

Culin Samuel, shoemaker, 34 Plum. 

Culin Eliza, 88 Vine. 

Cullen George, grocer, 3 S 13th. 

Cullen Lawrence, drayman, 107 German. 

Cullen Thomas, gate keeper E Penitentiarj-, 

c \^'illow & Penn. R road. 
Cullen Thomas, porter, 12 Mulberry. 
Cullen Wm., porter, 24 Pegg. 
Culler T., cooper, Coates n (F M.) 
CuUigan John, labourer, 8 Webb's al. 
Cullin Edward, chandler, 225 Shippen. 
CuUin Peter, soap manufactory, Cedar bet 7th 

& 8th. 
Cullin Walter P., tavern, N W Vine &, Water. 
Cullnan Margaret, 1 Washington Market Place. 
Culp Charles, carpt., 103 Poplar. 
Culp Clark, dentist, 220 Spruce. 
Culp Jacob, gent., 65 Vine. 
Gulp John, carter, rear 134 Brown. 
Culp John, cooper, Kline's ct. 
Culp T., saddlery hardware, 5 S 3rd. 
Cummings Jonathan, mer., 39 N 3d. 
Cummings Alexander, mer., 79 High, h 221 

Cummings A. B., office Columbia R road W of 

Cummings Catharine, 167 S 2nd. 
Cummings Charles, glue manuf., 39 N 3rd, h c 

6th n Poplar. 
Cummings David, shoemaker, Franklin pi, h 

7 Norris' al. 
Cummings Dennis, tailor, S E Vine & Front. 
Cummings Elizabeth, N W Budd & 12th. 
Cummings Henry, cordwainer, 33 Mechanic. 
Cummings Isaac, porter, 89 Christian. 
Cummings Jacob, seaman. 6 Torr's al. 
Gumming James, manuf.. Crown ab Prince. 
Cummings J. A., mer., 189 High, h 292 N 6th. 
Cummings J. C. & J., comb &, variety, 39 N 3d. 
Cummings Jno S., clerk cus. house, h 157 North. 
Cumming-s Matthew, blacksmith, N W 9th & 

Cummings Rachel, 6 Howai-d's ct. 
Cummings, Reeves & Peterson, drygoods, 79 

Cummings Richard, hardware, 276 N 2nd, h 

220 N 4th. 
Cummings Robert, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Cummings Susan, widow of Wm., 26 Plum. 
Cummings Wm., jeweller, 5 Torr's ct. 
Cummings William, grocer, 75 S Wharves, h 

178 S Front. 
Cummings William, gunsmith, 4 Brook's ct. 
Cummins Dan. B., mer., 103 High, h 8 N 7th. 
Cummins Edward, labourer, 8 Elder al. 
Cummins James, weaver, McDuffie, n Sch. 2d. 
Cummins Matthias, books, 309 S 2nd. 




Cummins Jane, grocer, N W Sid Sc Brown. 
Cummins Patrick, iron dealci-, 143 N Ti-ont. 
Cummiskey Eugene, ])Vib)islicr & boolvscllcr, 

130 S 6th. ' 
Cunliflfc Jumcs, carp., Froad opp. Marlljoroiigh. 
Ciinning-ham Alexandei", lalj., Mairiot bei. Gth. 
Cunning-bam Ann, tailorcss, 263 N Front. 
Cunningham Anthony, lab., Heach n Ceorge. 
Cunningham Arcliiljald, carpenter, Lomljard n 

1 flower. 
Cunningham &. Crawley, mach. card manuf. 2 

S 3rd. 
Cunningham Elisha, cai-p., Sch. Wash., (F M) 
Cunningham James, morocco dr., 120 N Water. 
Cunning-liam James, lab., IGO N Water. 
Cunning-ham James, labourer, rear 42 Garden. 
Cunningham James, engineer, 4 Swanson's ct. 
Cunningham John, carter. Filbert n Sch. 4th. 
Cuiniingham John, labourer, Spaflfbrd bel Ship- 
Cunningham John & Son, shoes, 324^ High. 
Cunningham John, shoes, 324| High. 
Cunning'ham Lawrence, lab., 580 S 2nd. 
Cunningham Michael, shoes, 324J High. 
Cunningham Samuel, cordw., Allen. (K) 
Cunningham Samuel H., carpenter, 3 Orleans. 
Cunning-ham Sarah, Vine ab Broad. 
Cunningham Tliomas, tavern, Shackamaxon and 

Prince. (K) 
Cunningham Thomas, bootmaker, 579 N ord 
Cunningham William, tavern, Scld. 3rd and 

Cunningham William, card manuf., 2 S 3rd. 
Cunningham Wm., cordw., 2 W Cedar. 
Cunningham Winthrop, mer., 34 S Wharves, 1 

199 Pine. 
Curan Peter, steam mill, Coates n F M. 
Curby Michael, cooper, 91 S AVater, h 295 

S Front. 
Curl John, blacksmith. Union bel West. 
Curl Thomas, tailor, Columbia Row. 
Curies Hannah, Locust n Sch 8th. 
Curlet Hugh, cordwainer, 19 Poplar sq. 
Curper Joseph, cooper, F road and Hari-ison. 
Curran A. U., tavern, 1 Green. 
Curran John C, mer., Boadab Sassafras, h 117^ 

Curran Patrick, tailor. Beach ab Walnut. 
Curran William, teacher, College av, h S W 

11th Cliestnut. 
Curren F-llen, variet)' store. Spruce n 10th. 
Curren M. Mrs., b h, Queen ab Hanover. 
Curren Wdliam, gent., 23 Prune. 
Currenbough J., tailor, Townsend's ct. 
Currey Robert I.., carp.. Broad bel Mulben-y, 

h Sch. 6th ab Wood. 
Curry Abagail, nurse, 8 Coomb's al. 
Curry Eliza, 8th bel Christian. 
Curry Elizabeth, corsetmr., 45 Spruce. 
Curry Enoch, turner, St John n Green. 
Curry James, labourer, 25 Filbert. 
Curry Jane, b h, 224 Callowhill. 
Curry John, combmr., 453 N 4th. 
Curry John, cordwainer, 11 Federal. 
Curry John, silversmith, 76 Spruce. 

Curry John, lab., Thomijson n 3d 
Curry Jos. If., upholsterer, Elizabeth n Poplar. 
Curry Lewis V., tobacconist, 228 ChcHtnut, h 
20 S 8th. 

Cun-y Maishall, weaver, 29 W Cedar. 

Curry Peter B., visiter of the poor, 105 N 5lli. 

CujTy Robt., carp., Sch. 6th ab Wood. 

Curry Samuel, weaver, Bedford and Shippen. 

Curry William, paperlianging manuf Sch. Front 
n Vine, h Vine n Sch 2d. 

Curry William, carpentei-. Pearl ab Sch 8th. 

Curry Wm., bricklayer, Logan bel Coate.s. 

Curry Wm., lab.. High AV Sch. 7th. 

Curtain John, weaver, 563 N 3d. 

Curteii Daniel, weaver, 20 Franklin. (K) 

Curtis Ann, teacher, 17 Elfreth's a!. 

Curtis Anthony, waiter, G2 (iaskill. 

Curtis B. T., mer., 41 &. 43 Commerce, h Fil- 
bert n Sch 6th. 

Curtis Cephas, combmaker, 148 Budd. 

Curtis Charles C, barber, 269 Sassafras. 

Curtis Eli, shipmaster, 5 Wharton. 

Curtis & Hand, com. mers., 41 & 43 Commerce. 

Curtis Henr}', grocer, S E 4th and Brown, 

Curtis Hemy W., potter, 370 N 4th. 

Curtis James, brassfounder, Barclay n 10th, h 
304 Pine. 

Curtis John H., trimming and variety, c 8tli and 

Cm-tis John W., musician, 58 Quince. 

Curtis Kezia, milliner, 35 Franklin. 

Curtis L. B., stage driver, 71 F road. (K) 

Cm-tis Margaretta, 4 Chancery lane. 

Curtis Misses, milliners, 123 S 2nd. 

Curtis Samuel J., convc\ancer, 161 Mulbern', h 
8th ab Parrish. 

Curtis Sarah J., shopkeeper, 121 N4lh. 

Curtis Thos. F., agent, 75 Gaskill st. 

Curtis T. W., Southern House, 34 Walnut. 

Curtis William, collector, 108 Coates. 

Curtis William, 123 S 2d. 

Curtis Wm., musician, rear 303 Walnut. 

Cusack John, lab., 212 Vine. 

Cusack AVilliam, baker, Sch. 3rd Sc Hig-h. 

Gushing- AVm. F., grocer. Spruce st whf., h 6 

Cushman Robt. W., mer., 155 Hig-h 

Cushman Robert W., A. r>!., prin. col. ins. for 
young ladies, rear 229 &: 231 MulbeiTv. 

Cuskaden Geo., cabinetmaker, rear 118 German. 

Custer Christian, millwright, R rab S Garden. 

Custer Daniel, carp., 33 Apple. 

Custer Nathaniel, black Sc whitesm., 159 and h 
157 T'oplar. 

Custes John, blacksmith. State. 

Custin William, paint. & glaz., c Cedar & Carbon. 
Custis Thomas, porter, rear 18 Barley. 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist, 302 S Front. 
Cutchinson Wm., tailor, 83 Green. 
Cuthbert Allen, mer., 19 Montgomery square. 
Cuthbert George, mer., 76 S 2d, h 19 Montgo 

merv sq. 
Cuthbert Eliz. Mrs., 204 S 3d. 
Cuthbert Mary, wid. of Anthon}', 19 Montgo- 
mery square. 




Cuthbert Samuel, grocer, S W 8lh and Filbert 

h 19 Montgomerv sq. 
Cuthbert Saruli, 205 S 9th. 
Cuthbert Wni., clerk, 573 N Front. 
Culhbertson John, turner. Melon and Broad. 
Cutherel Willis, Uiilor, 205 Shippen. 
Cutler Thomas, mariner, 9 Fitz water. 
Cutter Benj. K., shoemr., 70 N 2nd, h N 2nd bel 

Cutter Peter, tavern, 12;> Brown. 
Cutter William, shoemr.. Garden ab Willow. 
Cutting Eli K., shoemr., 37'^ S Front. 
Cutz Martin, baker, Washington. (W F) 
Ciivler Cornidlus C. Rev., 160 N 8th. 

Dace John, machinist, Sch. 8th ab Callowhill. 
Da Costa J. C, mer., 37 N wharves, h Front and 

Dager Lydia, rear 45 Green. 
Dager Mary, tailoress, 12 Short ct. 
Dailey Cbarles, 187 N Front. 
Dailey Dav'.d, drayman, Allen's ct. 
Daily Sarah, shop, Crabb ab Shippen. 
Daily Wm., 1 Pemberton's ct. 
Daines Thomas J., Workman's ct. 
Daisy Aaron, mariner, 582 S 2nd. 
Daix E., hair manufacturer, 76 Chestnut. 
Dalbow John, shoemr., Mulberry ab Sch. 5th. 
Dalby Elizabeth, grocer, 224 N 8th. 
Dale Edmund C, gent., 383 Spruce. 
Dale James, sailmr., S E Marshall & Willow. 
Dale James W. Rev., agent Pa. Bible Society, 

144 Chestnut. 
Dale John M., U. S. Navy, 7 Dugan's row. 
Dale Peter, lab., Marriott n 4th. 
Dale, Remington & Ross, mers., 70 High. 
Dale Richard C, mer., 70 High, h 127 Lombard. 
Dalell James, weaver, Milton ab 10th. 
Daley Fdward, tnvprn, c Poplar &. Beacli. 
Daley Eliza, gentw., 32 Harmony. 
Daley James, vict.. Front bel Phoenix. 
Daley John, mariner, 70 Queen. 
Daley John, baker, 240 Cedar. 
Daley Owen, cordw., 2d bel Master 
Dallam John, U. S. insp. office, 45 S wharves, 

h 41 Sassafras. 
Dallas George M., att'y. and coun., 259 AValnut. 
Dallas Jacob, weaver, Cadwalader n Jefferson 
Dallas Jacob, weaver, 2d n Master. (K) 
Dallas John, weaver, Philip ab Master 
Dallas Robert, weaver, 674 N 2d 
Dallas Joseph, ship carp., 1 Elizabeth's ct. 
Dallett, Brothers, merch.. 105 S Front. 
Dallett Elijah, Jr., c 10th & Callowhill. 
Dallett Elijah & Co., soap & candles, N E 

10th & Callowhill, 36 & 491 High. 
Dallett Elijah, Senr., 59 Marshall. 
Dallett Henry, bricklayer, Newton. 
Dallett Henry C, mer.,' 105 S Front, h 10th ab 

Dallett John, mer., 105 S Front, h 239 Pine. 
Dalling James, dealer, S E 8th & Chestnut, h 

437 Chestnut. 

Dally JaiTies, finding store, 70 Shippen. 

Dally Thomas, assessor, 17 Parker. 

Dalman Martin, pumpmr., c Ridge R and Wood 

Dalrymple Evan, cordwainer, 218 S 5th. 

Dalton Edwin, cutler, 14 Carter's al. 

Dalton Patrick, trader, 243 Cedar. 

Dalton AVm., lab.. Pine bel Sch. Beach. 

Dalton Wm., labourer, Pine ab Sch Willow. 

Daly Barnet, Bedford ab 6lh. 

Daly Hannah, 174 N 12th. 

Daly John, shoemr.. Division n Vineyard, (R V) 

Daly Joiin, bricklayer, Front bel Phcenix. 

Ualv John, hosier, 96 Cedar. 

Daly John, cordw., 30 S 7th, h Short ct. 

Daly Martha, Prosperous al. 

Daly Susan, tavern, NE Front &. Almond. 

Daly Thomas, brewer, Callowhill n F M. 

Daly Thomas, lab.. Orchard. 

Dalzell Charles, baker, Carberrv's cl. 

Dalzell Ehzabelh, 242 Shippen. 

Dalzell John, mer., 22 S wharves and 33 S 

Water, h 189 Mvdberry. 
Dalzell John & Co., com. mers., 22 S wharves 

and 33 S Water. 
Dalzell Mary, milliner, 201 S 2d. 
Damai Edward, hatter, 51 Mulberry, and 207 

Damman R., importer, 68 S 3rd, h 7 City row. 
Dampman John, carpenter, 475 Sassafras. 
Danby James, spinner, William n Hamilton. 
Danda Gregory, confectioner, 227 Walnut. 
Dandier I.,ewis, carter, 12 Barker 
Dando Joseph, acct., S E 5th & Walnut, h S 

11th ab Pine. 
Dandt Henry, sugar baker, 25 Church al. 12 

State House. 
Danehower Abraham, pa. car., Orleans n Mifflin 
Danehower Charles R., tobacconist, 396 N 2d. 
Danehower Wm., mer., 8th ab Green. 
Danfield Conrad, tailor. Sassafras n Jiniiper, h 

7 Howard's ct. 
Danforth &. Hildeburn, com. mers., 35 S Water 

and 23 S Whai-ves. 
Danforth & Hoopes, mers., 33 N Front. 
Danforth Jas. B., mer., 23 S wharves, h 10th ab 

Danforth Jas. M., mer., 33 N Front. 
Danguy Canelle, hair dr. & worker, 56 S 4th. 
Daniel Aaron, clerk, 23 Julianna. 
Daniel James H., jeweller, 297 Walnut. 
Daniels Ann, 123'Budd. 
Daniels Anthony, waterman, Bladen's ct. 
Daniels John, bricklayer, 302 Carpenter. (S) 
Daniels John R., tailor, 2 S Water, h N E 4th 

and Catharine. 
Daniels Joshua, jeweller, 443 S Front. 
Daniels Mark, boatmr., 6th bel Washington. 
Daniels Wm., blacksmith, Cherry ab Duke. 
Daniels Wm., corder, Coates st. wliaif. 
Danlley Wm., cordw., 95 Brown. 
Danllly Henry, cordw., 124 Dillwyn. 
Dankel Hemy, couch trim., Washington ab 3d. 
Dannaker Austin, shoemr., 26 Garden. 
Dannaker Christian A., currier, 135 N 3rd, h 

137 N 3d. 




Danniiker (Icorge, inHpecloi- & t;iv( rn, N K Al- 
mond and Swunson. 
Dannukei' Siisun, H road a]) (ircar. 
Danth C. W., stove manuf., .WS N 2d 
Dantz Philip, fan. goods, 163 N 3d, 1. 175 N 4th. 
Daphin i;ecc'lia, grocery, 214 S7th. 
Darden James D. B., 544 VV High. 
Uardine James, carp., 43 Coates. 
Dare &, Airy, tailors, 1G6 N 2d. 
Dare Elizabeth, corsetmr., Crabh ah Shippen. 
Dare Ephr., corder, Brown stwlif., h 11 Laurel 
Dare Jas. B., blacksm., 141 St. John, h 655 N 2d. 
Dare Mary Ann, 12 Brook's ct. 
Darkies James, victualler, George n Apple. 
Darland Mary, 39 Chester. 
Darley VV. H. W., prof, of music, 417 Higli. 
Darling John, carp., Shackamaxon bel Bedford. 
Darnell Henry Y., grain measurer, h 460 S 4th. 
Darnell Wm. S., measurer, 303 S 10th. 
Darr .lacob, baker, 32 Strawberry. 
Darr John C, baker, 44 Wood ab 10th. 
Darrach Ellen A., teacher, 131 S 2d. 
Darrach William, M. D., 268 Mulberry. 
Darragh Bridget, washer, MifBin n 13th. 
Darragh John, lab., 12 Mark's la. 
Darragh John, builder, 209 S 7th. 
Darragh John, weaver, 13th ab Catharine. 
Darragh John, coachman, 36 Perry. 
Darragh Patrick, shoemaker, Broad bel Vine. 
Darragh Robert, weaver, Wagner's al. 
Darrieux John, mer., 34 Lombard. 
Dasher Abraham, drayman, 7 Elfreth's al. 
Dast John A., carter, 4 Laurel. 
Daton Pat., stevedore, 16 l^ittle Water. 
Daubmaid Christian, lab., Palmer ab Prince. 
Daugherty Edward, eating house, 4 Laet.itia ct. 
Daugherty Wm., messenger, 33 Elfreth's al. 
Dave Susan, washerwoman, 318 S 3d. 
Daveall P., drayman, 6th ab Poplar. 
Davelin Michael, blacksmith, 6 Sugar al. 
Davenport Augusta, gentw., 7th & Fitzwater. 
Davenport D. L., 142 Wood. 
Davenport James, collector, 461 S 2nd. 
Davenport Robert W., hardware, 212 S 2nd. 
Davenport Susan, 55 Catharine. 
David E. W., att'y & coun., 426 Co.ates. 
David G., clerk, i3 N Water, h 166 Swanson. 
David Henry, mer., 39 S 2d, h28 Buttonwood. 
David Jacob, gent., 100 N 7th. 
David Christianna, 158 Carpenter. 
David Wm. K., perfumer, 39 S 2nd. 
Davids Benjamin, gent., 103 S 4th. 
Davidson Alex., watchm., M road bel Wharton. 
Davidson Alex., currier, 291 Vine. 
Davidson Andrew, lab., Sch. 7th and Lombard 
Davidson John, carp., 20 Parham. 
Davidson Joseph A., acct., 137 N 11th. 
Davidson Julius, variety store, 151 N 12th. 
Davidson N., agent, 455 Mulberry. 
Davidson Robt. B., ex. br., 79 Dock, h 6 Sansom. 
Davidson T., weaver, Marlborough and VVest. 
Davidson Wm. J., 413 High. 
Davidson William, mer., 38 S 2nd. 
Davidson William, ex. broker, 79 Dock, h 268 

Davidson W. Ik Son, ex. brokers, 79 Dock. 
Davies Alex., grocer, K road ojjp. Hanover. (K) 
Davies H., dressmaker, 12 N lOtti. 
Davies John, blacking rnanuf, Buttonwood, 2d 

door bel 12th. 
Davies ,(ohn, Idacking manuf., 48 Filbert. 
Davies Saml. N., auctioneer, 4 Church al., h 29 

Davies, Stevenson 8c Co., auc'rs., 4 Church al. 
Davis Aaron, tanner and currier, Smith al N of 

Davis Abner, gent., 16 I'almyra Sqi'. 
Davis Abraham, furniture, 82 Green. 
Davis & Acheson, floin-, 387 High. 
Davis A. G., brickmakcr, 388 N 6tii. 
Davis Allen, plasterei-, 53 Ciicstei-. 
Davis Amos,, 5 Lybj-and's ct. 
Davis Andrew, sea captain, 19 Catharine. 
Davis Ann, sempstress, 2 Yellow ct. 
Davis Ann, cook, Clifton and Cedar. 
Davis Anthony, steam engine St. boiler manufy., 

(peoples' works) Franklin & Front, (K), h 

471 N Front. 
Davis Armon, alderman, 12 S 7th, h 350 High. 
Davis Ashton Jr., cordw., 645 N 2d 
Davis Benj., brlckmr., 7tli ab S Garden. 
Davis Benjamin, dry goods, 29 N 2nd, h 176 

Davis Benj. H., brickmaker, 1 Elizabeth. 
Davis, Broadbent &. Co. com. mers., 16 S P'ront. 
Davis Catharine, 50 Crown. 
Davis Charles, vict., Hanover alj Franklin. 
Davis Charles, mer., 120 High, h 368 Walnut. 
Davis Collin K., sea captain, 109 Catharine. 
Davis Daniel, combmaker, rea)'595 N 2d 
Davis Daniel, tailor, 1 Richard. 
Davis David, shoemr., 38 N 3d, h 34^ S 3d. 
Davis David, carpenter, 9th n Poplar. 
Davis David, blacksmith, Washington. (W P) 
Davis David, agent. Queen ab Shackamaxon. 
Davis David A., mer., 63 S 2nd, h 59 GaskiU. 
Davis David J., carp., Wallace's ct. 
Davis Doct., 8th ab Green. 
Davis Dorothy, 23 S 10th. 
Davis Ebenezer, trader, 40 Sassafras. 
Davis Edward M., S W 2nd &. High, h 7 Mont- 
gomery sq. 
Davis Edwin, baker, 227 S 4th. 
Davis Eli, baker, Washington. (W P) 
Davis Elijah & Co., white lead manuf. Beach 

bel Palmer. 
Davis Elijah, white lead manufactory. Queen 

ab Shackamaxon. 
Davis Eliza, Shoemaker's ct. 
Davis Elizabeth, widow, 42 Charlotte. 
Davis Elizabeth, b. h., 10 Sansom. 
Davis Ellwood, mer., 16 S Front. 
Davis Elnathan, engineer, Pearson's ct. (K) 
Davis Esther, milliner, 71 Mvilben-y. 
Davis E. S., sashn.aker, 424 High, h Pearl ab 

Davis Gainer, b h, 1 Drinker's al. 
Davis Garrett B., blacksmith, N 10th ab Sassa- 
Davis George, saddler. Vine bel 13th. 




Davis Georg^e, clothing', h Pearl n rJioad. 

Davis George, mariner, Church bel Christian. 

Davis Harrison, tobacconist, 10 Qucrville's ct. 

Davis Henry R., stock & ex. broker, 75 Dock, 
h 79 Pine. ■ 

Davis Henry, cordw.. Chandler's ct. (K) 

Davis Henry, tailor, 24 Strawberry. 

Davis Isaac, grocer, N E 2d and Mary. 

Davis Isaac, mer., 32 N 4tli, li 48 Marshall. 

Davis Isaac R., mer., S W 2nd and Hig-li, h 6G 

Davis Isaac, seaman, 5 Shippen. 

Davis Isaac, gent., 242 N 5th. 
Davis James, vict.. Baker n 8lh. 
Davis J. Mrs., washer, 4 Pleasant av. 
Davis .lames, lab., 46 W Cedar. 

Davis James, bootmaker, 35 Prune. 

Davis James, suspender maker, 10 Arcade. 

Davis James, lumber mc r., 254 N 7th. 

Davis Jas., police officer, Callowhill ab Sch. 3rd. 

Davis James, clerk, 12 Fitzwater. 

Davis James M., bookb.. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Davis James M. &. Co., forw. n>ers., 365 High. 
Davis James P., stone cutter, Shackamaxon and 

F road. 
Davis James S., S W 4th and Mulberry. 
Davis Jane H., shop, 12 Ann. 
Davis Jeremiali S., cliairmaker, 179 N Front. 
Davis John, wheelw., R road n Coates. 
Davis John, 25 Coates. 
Davis Jolin, Catharine bel 10th. 
Davis John, cordwainer, N F- Fitzwater & loth. 
Davis John, furs, 38 N 2d.' 
Davis John, bookseller & binder, 449 High 
Da\is John, clothing, 12 N 2d. 
Davis John, gent., 278 Sassafras. 
Davis Jolin, coal mer., 223 N 6th. 
Davis John, cordwainer, 168 Shippen. 
Davis Jolm, gent., 205 Pine. 
Davis John, Fitzwater and Lebanon. 
Davis John, dry g'oods, 526 Higli. 
Davis John, mer., 41 Dock, h S W 3d and 

WlUing's al. 
Davis John, coachmaker, 194 N 10th. 
Davis Jolm, paper hang-er, 222 N 5th. 
Davis .lohn, lab., 5 Stoy's ct. (K) 
Davis John C, plasterer, Apple & Cohocksink 

Davis Jolm C, lumber mer., S W 10th and Cal 

lowhill, h 104 Mulberry. 
Davis John H., carpenter, 131 Queen. 
Davis John H., tailor. Vine bel 13th. 
Davis John J., carpenter, Sassafi'as W of Broad. 
Davis John M., manuf.. Union ct. ab Bedford. (Iv) 
Davis Joseph, tavern, 48 Penn. (C) 
Davis Joseph P., mer., 16 S Front. 
Davis Julianna, gentw., 1 Furlong's ct. 
Davis Lawreice, ropemr., Washington ab 2d. 
Davis Levin, mariner. Pine n 12th. 
Davis Lewis Capt., 13 New. 
Davis Lewis, Hermitage House, 20 Dock. 
Davis Margaret, b h, 137 Lombard. 
Davis Martha, 6th ab Catharine. 
Davis Mary, b h, 33 Spnice. 
Davis Mary, b. h., 29 Carter's al. 

Davis Mary, dressmr., 18 Boyd's av. 

Davis Mary, washer. Baker n 8th. 

Davis Mary M., milliner, 337 Vine. 

Davis Moses, clothier, 17 S 2d. 

D.avis Naylor C, engineer, rear 23 Catliarine. 

Davis Nelicmiah, tailor, rear 145 Carpenter. 

Davis Oliver, shoe store, 228 S 4th. 

Davis Pardon, teacher, 52 Clierry. 

Davis Peter, shoemaker, 34 S 3(1. 

Davis R., tavern, US 7tli. 

Davis Rebecca, ci55 N 3d. 

Davis Richard, carter, 11 Hurst. 

Davis Sanil., gent., 256 Chestnut. 

Davis Saml., corder, 179 Coates. 

Davis Saml., coachmr., 299 Callowhill. 

Davis Saml., att'y & coun., 98 Walnut. 

Davis Saml., plasterer, rear 355 N 3d. 

Davis Saml., car]).. Cherry bel Prince. 

Davis Samuel B., jeweller, Sutherland. 

Davis Saml. H., lum. mer., 413 N Front. 

Davis Saml. L., grocer. 111 N3rd, h 87 Sassafras, 

Davis Saml. L., blacksm., c James and R road. 

Davis Sargent, ladies' shoemaker, 322 Sassafras. 

Davis Susannah, wid. of Jacob, Vine ab Sch. 8th. 

Davis Thomas, ship carpenter, 512 S 2nd. 

Davis Thos., agent, 10th bel Ogden. 

Davis rhomas, cabinetmaker 40 Plum. 

Davis Thomas, shoemaker. Wood ab I3th. 

Davis Thomas, weaver, N W 7t]i and Willow. 

Davis Thomas, mer., 171 High, h N E Marshall 

& Wood. 
Davis Thomas, tailor, Parrish n Gth. 
Davis Thos., prov. dealer, sliop Vine bel 12tli, 

h 225 N 6th. 
Davis Thos., stone cuttei-, Powell n Ann (F V) 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmaker, 234 S 3d. 
Davis Thomas G., mariner, 21 Clirlstian. 
Davis Thomas M., hattei", 413 Higli. 
Davis &. Williams, lumb. mer., c 13th &. R road. 

Davis Wm., blacksmith, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 
Davis Wm., tailor, AVasJiington. (W P) 
Davis William, carter, 1 Jackson. 
Davis William, carpenter, 7th n Brown. 
Davis Wm., ])lasterer and g-rocei', Lombard n 

Schuylkill 4th. 
Davis William, turner, 17 Nectarine ab 9th. 
Davis Wm., carp., 1 Crockett's ct., h 241 Cedar. 
Davis William, baker, 106 Clwistlan. 
Davis William, h-.b., c Broad and Mulberry. 
Davis William, 138 N 12tli. 
Davis William, o)sterman, Burd. 
Davis William, carjjenter, Richard. 
Davis W. A., druggist, S E 3rd &. Race, h 22 

Davis Wm. B., chairmr., 9 Lactltia ct. 
Davis William H., shoes, 266 High. 
Davis Wm. II., painter, 14 Carpentei-. 
Davis J., dry goods, 403 High. 
Davis William Jr., tailor, 302 Vine. 
Davis Z. A., wine mer., 3rd ab Ai'ch, h 77 Union. 
Davison Edward, 29 S Fi'ont, h 45 Apple. 
Davison Edward, sail maker, 45 Apple. 
Davison .lames, clerk, 3 Turner. 
Davison John, watchman, Quarry row. 
Davison John, glass blower, Vleima ab Queen. 




Davison S Ji E., awning & Hackinj;- makers, 29 

S Front. 
Davison William, b li, 317 N 2ncl. 
Davison Wm., book stand, Callqwiiill n V M. 
Davison William, carpenter 92 S 12th. 
Davison Wm., weaver, Linn row. 
Davisson Charles, acct., 112 Carpenter. (S) 
Davisson Jesse C, 152 S Water, h 116 Carpen- 
ter (S) 
Davisson Theodore, Stationer's Hall, 20 S 4tli. 
Davlin Maiy Ann, 2 Goodwill ct. 
Davy Anthony, la!>., 16 Stamper's alley. 
Davy Eliza, b h, 16.'! (Chestnut. 
Daws ThomaS; lab., Corn ab Keed. 
Dawson Hannah, 240 High. 
Dawson Isaac, lab., Fairview n Sell. 6th. 
Dawson James, glasspaper manuf.. Broad & 

Paper al. 
Dawson M. L., brewer, 332 Mulbei-ry. 
Dawson M. L. & Co., brews., N W 10th & Filbert. 
Dawson Richard, carter, Filbert n Sch. 4th. 
Dawson Wm., carp., Cherry ab 8th. 
Day Aaron R., 46 N 2nd, h 182 N 9th. 
Day Charles H., cordw., 178 G T road 
Day Edward, cordwainer, 33 O Y road. 
Day Georg-e, carpenter, Queen n Hanover. (K) 
Day & Gerrish, mers., 101 N Water & S E Water 

& Sassafras. 
Day James, dry goods, 160^ S 2nd. 
Day Isaac, lab., 12 Juniper al. 
Day Jacob H., carpenter, 7 Holmes' al. 
Day Jane, gentw., 282 S 2nd. 
Day Joseph, shipcarpenter, 18 Beck's al. 
.Day Michael, gent., Marlborough n Queen. 
Day Richard, gunsmith, 68 Maiden. 
Day Samuel, tailor, 17 N 13th. 
Day Samuel W., mer., 47 Tammany. 
Day Thomas, store, 292 S 5th. 
Day William, cordwainer, Queen n Vienna. 
Dayly Edward, Shippen lane ab Bedford. 
Daymen John D., tailor, 227 S 3rd. 
Daywalt Catharine, widow, rear 463 N 4th. 
De Awgeh G., confec, 23 N 13th. 
Deacon Christian, tailor, rear 417 N P'ront. 
Deacon Edmund, looking-glasses, 187 High, h 

390 N 6th. 
Deacon Eph. T., hatter, 3 N 4th, h 64 Tammany 
Deacon Israel, tailor, 7 Mechanic. 
Deacon James, cabinetmaker, 331 S 4th. 
Deacon John, waiter, 16 Juniper lane. 
Deacon John C, blacksm., Dean ab Bedford. 
Deacon & Peterson, mers., 187 High. 
Deal Abraham, drayman, Hope bel Master 
Deal Cathai'ine, shop, Marlboro' ab Prince. 
Deal Charles, teller Manuf. & Mechanic's bank, 

h 12 North ab 10th. 
Deal Christian, brass fitter, rear 529 N 4th. 
Deal Daniel & Co., dry goods, S W 6th & High. 
Deal Daniel, mer., S W 6th & High, h Marshall 

ab Buttonwood. 
Deal David, cordwainer, 61 Ap])le. 
Deal Jacob, vict., G T road n Fitler 
Deal Elizabeth, baker, 184 Sassafras. 
Deal Jane F., shop. Queen ab Shackamiaxon (K) 
Deal Michael, carter. Rye ab W^harton. 

Deal Michael, currier, Sansom al. 

Deal Michael, cabinetmr., c Queen 6c Hanover, 

Deal John, shi|) master, 165 S 3r(l. 

Deal John, butcher, Garden bel William. 

Deal Peter, carp., F roatl ab Franklin. 

Deal I'eter, brickmr., (j T road ab Montgomery. 

Deal Reuben, cordw., Joseph's alley. 

Deal Samuel, baker, 164 Sassafras. 

Deal Sophia, Crown bel Bedford. 

Deal William, contractoi-. Queen ab Crown. 

Deal William, tailor, 399 N 3rd. 

Deal William, Cedar ab Sch. 4th. 

Deamer Christiana, shop, 372 S 3rd. 

Deamer Christian, carter, Hanover bel Duke. 

Deamer Henry, saddler, 418 High, h 7 Howard. 

Deamer Joseph, grocer, c 2nd and Wharton. 

Deamer Mary, milliner, 83 Cedar. 

Dean Charles, blacksmith, 84 Penn. 

Dean E. Mrs., fancy goods, N E 11th 8t Chestnut. 

Dean George, lab., F road bel Phoenix. 

Dean James, grocer, S E Franklin & Wood. 

Dean John, 76 N 5th. 

Dean Joseph A., C'tyCommis., 13th n Wood. 

Dean Margaret, 2 Myers' ct. 

Dean Martha, teacher, Buckley bel 6th. 

Dean Sarah, milliner, Sch. 7th n Vine. 

Dean Sylvia, Cauffman's ct. 

Dean W. H., druggist, N E Cedar & 5th, h 

Buckley bel 6th. 
Deancass Francis, tobac't, rear 308 St. John. 
Deaner Henry, lab.. Brown ab Cherry. 
Dearie J. J., manuf., Callowhjll n Sch. 
Dearie Richard, coal mer., Sch. Front n Vine. 
Dearie Richard, hotel, 42 N 2nd. 
Dearry James, manuf., Callowhill n F M. 
Dearry Z. B., tailor, N 5th ab Noble. 
Deas James H., machimst, 70 N 6th, h Green a 

Deaves William, Poplar n Beach. (K) 

De Barry John, dry goods, 425 N 2nd. 

De Beust Chas., chairmaker, 183 Lombard. 

De Beust Hannah, 14 S 12th. 

De Beust Wm. R., blacksmith, 6 S 12th. 

De Binder Joseph, ship carpenter, 6 Marion. 

Debozear Lewis, brass & bell founder, rear 11 
Bread, h 9 Bread. 

De Bree William T., mer., 12 S 7th, h 69 Cherry. 

De Brott Mis. Adeha, 143 S 9th. 

De Bruin Morris J., dealer, 185 Cedar. 

Decatur John, coach trimmer, S6li. 7th n Vine, 

Decamp Sidney, bookbinder, 2 Hyde's ct. 

Decan James, ship master, 90 Christian. 

De Charms Rich'd Rev., 10th bel Locust. 

Decker Elizabeth, shop. Court al. 

Decker Francis, corder, Coates st wharf. 

Decker Henry, collector, n U. S. Arsenal. 

Decker John, hair dresser, 345 N Front. 

Decker Peter, gent., 327 S 5th. 

Decker Solomon, dealer, 188 Shippen. 

Decker William D., corder, Coates st. wharf, h 
320 Coates. 

Decklyne A. M., milliner, 392 N Front. 

Decklyne Theodore, pump and blockmaker, 64 
0"ak, h 392 N Front. 

Deckman Charles, cordw., 4th n c Creek. 




De Coursey Jacob, cordwainer, 344 N 2iid. 
Ue Coursey, Lafourcade & Co., mers., 77 High. 
De Coursev Samuel W., mer., 77 High, h Z5c> 

N 6th.' 
Dedaker Adam, hibourer, Marlborough n Duke. 
Deemer F. B., brass founder, 1 Jefferson place. 
Deemer John, butcher, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Deemer John, moroc. dress. Green ab Cadwalader 
Deemer Mary, Phoenix n Cadwalader. 
Deets George, butcher, 217 N 8th. 
Deft' John L., clerk, 2 Gebhard. 
Deforest John, victualler, Ann. (Francisville) 
De Forrest Samuel, sea capt., 118 Swanson. 
De Foria J no., ladies' shoemr., 10th bel Locust. 
Defox M. Mrs., milliner, 30^ N 11th. 
De Franca Manuel J., port, paint., 218 Walnut. 
De France Caroline, gentw., 307 Spruce. 
De Freitas John H., barber, 15 S 4th. 
Degan Daniel, lab., Pine bel Beach. 
Degan John, cedar cooper, 218 S 2d, h 235 

Degan Patrick, labourer, 1 Carlisle ct. 
Degenay John, weaver, G T road ab 3rd. 
Degorgue Lewis, carpt'r, Sch. 7th & Helmuth. 
De Groot James, pilot, Strahan's ct. 
De Groot James, coach painter, 6 Lebanon. 
Dehai-t John F., basketmr., 450 N 3rd. 
De Hauterive, French consul, 120 S 4tb. 
Dehaven Abram R., clerk, George ab Sch. 6th. 
Dehaven George, vict., Montgomery n Front. 
Dehaven H., teller Philadelphia Bank. 
Dehaven Holstein, carp., 155 N 11th n Vine. 
Dehaven Isaiah, skin dresser, 51 Apple. 
Dehaven J. W., trader, 6 Townsend's ct. 
Dehaven Mary, Broad n George. 
Dehaven William, victualler, 10 Dorothy. 
Deimhng John C, 32 O Y road. 
Deimling Mrs. Mary, 35 Wood. 
Deininger John H., cordw.. Beach n March. (K) 
Deitz Adam, baker, 87 Coates. 
Deitz Henry, carpenter, 5 Lombard ct. 
Deitz Peter, comb maker, Rose alley. 
Deitz Sarah, rear 203 N 3d. 
Deitz Wm., cordw., 203 N 3rd. 
Deitz William, cordwainer, 27 Cox. 
Deitze Frederick, ship carpenter, Mariborough 

n Bedford. (K) 
Deitze Michael, carp., Olive n 12th. 
Dejough James, artists materials, 16 S 5th. 
Delacroix C. J., prof, of languages, 47 S 4th. 
Delacroix Louisa, 145 St. John. 
Delameter John, bookbr., Sassafras ab Sch. 8th. 

Delancey Michael, cordw., Callowhill n Sch, 

Delancey William, carpet weaver. Queen n 

Deland Enos, labourer, Sch. 6th n High. 
Deland Thorndike, 40 S wharves, h Walnut ab 
Delaney Daniel, gent., 14 Mary. (S) 
Delaney John, miller, G T road ab 2d. 
Delaney John, gilder, 34 Palmyra sq. 
Delaney Wm., mai'ine Rendezvous, 152 Ship'n. 
Delano James, turner, 17 Nectarine. 
Delany Charles H., carp.. Queen n Shackam'n. 

Delany Kavln, lab., 248 Dombard. 

Delany H., blacksm.. Queen ab Shackamaxon. 

Delany James M., carp.. Brown ab Marshall. 

Delany Patrick^^ tailor, Lewis n Sch. 8th. 

Delany Patrick, saddler, 91 Gaskill. 

Delany Patrick, labourer, Filoert ab Sch. 8th. 

Delany William, farmer, 232 N Water. 

Delany William, atty. & coun.,48 S 6tli. 

Delany William, gilder, 318 S 6th. 

Delany William, police officei-, 11 Lombard ct. 

Delany William, cordw., 196 Lombard. 

De Lap John, teacher, 452 S 4th. 

Delar Peter, rear 35 Plum. 

Delas Mary Ann, rear 35 Plum. 

Delavau James L., chairmr., rear 4 Webb's al. 

Delisa Samuel, trader, 20 Branch. 

Dellaway George W., stone cutter, 345 S Front. 

Delmas Jane, Weaver st. 

Delmount Frederick, dentist, 39 Pegg. 

Delp Joseph R., tavern, 241 N 3d. 

Delstatius David, boxmaker, 1 Mint ct. 

Demery Wm., grocer and flour and feed, N W 

R road and Callowhill. 
Demme C. R., D. D., 41 N 4th. 
Demmons Catherine, gentw., F road n Marlboro'. 
Dempsey John, brewer, 3 Scattergood ct. 
Dempsey John, cordw., Marriott ab 6th. 
Dempsey John, plasterer, Bedford ab Shippen. 
Dempsey Stephen, vict.. Phoenix ab 2d 
Dempsey Thomas, cordwainer, 278 S Front. 
Dempsey William, shoemaker. Small ab 8th. 
Denan John P., caulker, 52 Mead 
Denan Lewis R., cabmr., 52 Mead. 
Denby Edward, waiter, 4 Juniper al. 
Denckla Mrs., wid. of A. H., Mulberry & Juniper 
Denegree Joseph, carpenter, 21 Montgomery, 
Denham John, watchman, 70 Penn. 
Denham J. J., hatter, Elmes's ct. Vine n Sch. 
Denight Samuel, ship joiner, 75 Beach. (K) 
Denman M. B., mer., 39 S Front, h S E 10th 8t 

Denn Wm., cordw., G T road ab 5th 
Denney Asa, cordwr., 7 Point Pleasant av. (K) 
Denney James, watei-man. Concord ab 2nd. 
Denney Thomas, wheelwt., 60 Laurel. (N L) 
Dennis Elizabeth, 73 Christian. 
Dennis John, alderman, 4 Carpenter. 
Dennis Margaret, washer, Greswold's al. 
Dennis Matthew J., gro., N E 11th & Vine, h 

Rugan ab Callowhill. 
Dennis Middleton, lab., 3 Joint alley. 
Dennis N. F. H., chem. lab.. Vine n Sch. 8th. 
Dennis Parkers, lab., Lombard ab 7th. 
Dennis Robert, labourer, S W Sch. 7th &. Pine. 
Dennison Andrew, grocer, N W 10th and Sas- 

Dennison Ed. F., acct., 550 N Front 
Dennison Louisa, gent., 554 N Front. 
Dennison Martha, teacher, 147 S lOlh. 
Denniston George, carp., 550 N Front 
Deno Daniel, tavern, S W 2nd and Christian. 
Denny Christian, carter, Marriott ab 4th. 
Denny David, combmr., Oxford bel Front. 
Denny John, gent, Hanover and West. 
Denny John, mariner, 6 Carpenter. 




Denny Risdon, mariner, 12 John. (S) 

Uenny Robert, saddler, 7 I'rune. 

Denny VVm., carp, 17 W Cedar. 

Dentry Robert, constable. Christian bel 9tli. 

Depau Francis A., g'ent., 30 Girard. 

Depee Nathaniel W., tailor, 2.54 Cedar. 

Deperven Henry, cabinetmaker, 312 Callowhill 

Depeva Margaret, g-entvv., Nectarine bel lOtli. 

Depoe Catherine, Dean n Centre. 

Dupiiy Jonathan V., dry goods, 25 N 8th. 

Depuy J. Stewart, mer., 333 N 2nd. 

Derbyshire A. J., mer., 65 N Water, h 15 New. 

Derby.shire Ann, 15 New. 

Derham Ezekiel, oysters, rear 72 Plum. 

Derham John, lab., 82 Plum. 

Derham Mary, 15 Parham. 

Derks Rudolph, cabinetmr., Hemphill's ct. 

Uerley Capt., Buttonwood ab Franklin. 
Dermont H. M., tobacconist, 312 S 2d. 
De Ro Charles & Co., mers., 15^ S Water. 
Derouse G., boot crimper, 26 Washinglon 

Market place. 
Derr Christian, baker, rear 378 N Front. 
Derr George L., combmr., O Y road ab Poplar. 
Derr Henry, stonecutter, Chestnut N Sch. 8th, 

h Sch. 8th n Vine. 
Derr Jacob, victualler, 12 Passmore's pi. 
Derr John, silver plater, Riehl's ct. 
Derr John, baker, 18 Mulberry. 
Derr John, tailor, G Troad n Phoenix. 
Derr John, cabmr., 590 N 3rd. 
Derr William, combmaker, 83 Brown. 
Derrickson Lemuel, AVoodland, W P. 
Derrick3onNathaniel,millwt., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Derrickson Samuel, U. S. mint, h 8 Gebhard. 
Derrickson, William, mariner, 15 Mary. 
Derringer Henrj', rifle manuf., 370 N Front. 
Derringer T. T., gunsmith, 8 Coates. 
Derrum Margaret, 98 Gaskill. 
Derry George, machinist, 6 Grear's ct. 
Derry John, waiter, 8th bel Cedar. 
Derry Thomas, carp., Dugan bel Spruce. 
Desabaye Lewis, painter, 129 Buttonwood. 
D^sabaye Wm., painter, James ab Charles. 
Desanno Frederick, machinist, N E Noble and 

Desauque Charles L., wine mer., 299 High, h 

142 N 10th. 
Deschamps & Cauet, sugar refiners, rear 87 N 2d. 
Deschamps Edward, sugar ref., rear 87 N 2nd, k 

Beach n Maiden. (K) 
Deschamps Mar}', Beach n Marsh. (K) 
Deschnur Augustus, baker, 50 Penn. (C) 
Desgranges S. A., mer., 165 High, h 140 S 9th. 
Desher Wm., combmr., 511 St. John. 
De Shay John, 39 Union. 
Desilver Charles, mer., 253 High, 286 N 6th. 
Desilver Mary, gentw., 13 N 10th. 
Desilver R.Wilson, 152 Spruce. 
Desilver Thos. Sr., mer., 83 Wood. 
Desmond Daniel J., atty. and coun., vice consul 

for Austria and Portugal, 99 Spruce. 
Desmond James T., mer., 99 Spruce. 
Desmond John, dealer, rear 264 S 3rd. 
Desny Robert, cordw., Marlboro' bel Allen. (K) 

Dcssalet Alexander, cordw., 163 N Front. 
Dessalet John, grocer, Hanover n F road. 
Dcssue Abraham, trader, 336 N 3d. 
Destouet, Brothers, importer, 23 Church al 
Destouet J. E., mer., 23 Church alley, h 42 Pine. 
Destouet S., mer., 23 Church al., h 292 Chestnut. 
Deterline Charles, blacksmith, 13tli ab Olive. 
Detis John, -shoerrmker, 19 Budd. 
Detre Christian, carp., Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Dettere E., milliner, 27 Wood. 
Detterer Isaac, M. D., 80 N 3rd. 
Detterline Henry, weaver, 186 GT road 
Detwiler Jane, shop, St. Mary n 7th. 
Devany John, innkeeper, Callowhill and Sch. 

Devar John, clerk, CJharles and Willow. 
Devai'aux John, tailor, 7 Logan. 
D_evelin Bernard, lab., Marlborough bel Duke. 
Devclin Wm., coachman, Jones W Sch 3rd. 
Devenny Charles D., alderman, 96 F road. 
Devenny Mary Ann, 6 Dorothy. 
Devenny Patrick, lab., Sch. 2d n Lombard. 
Devenport Anna, gentw., G T road n 3rd. 
Devenport Robert, lab., 3 Salem al. 
Dever Edward, gent., Broad ab Shippen. 
Dever Michael, shop, 264 Cedar. 
Deveraux Philip, c 10th and Pleasant. 
Devereux James, sea capt., 89 Pine. 
Devereux John, mer., 79 S wharves, h 89 Pine. 
Devereux John James, atty. & coun. for Maine 

& Massachusetts, office 62 S 6th. 
Devlne Edward, lab., Sch. Front ab Filbert. 
Devine J.imes, grocer, c 11th & Cheriy. 
Devine John, cartel-, 12 Juniper lane. 
Devine John, weaver, 6 AVagner's alley. 
Devine John, grocer, 10 Wagner's alley. 
Devine John, grocer, S W Sch. 8th and High, h 

Jones ab Sch Sth. 
Devine Mark, grocer, 381 N 2d. 
Devine Martha, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Devine Mary, dry goods. Queen ab Shacka- 

maxon. (K) 
Devine Rose Mrs., Jones n Sch. 8th. 
Devine Pati-ick, Washington, (W P) 
Devine Patrick, tavern, 48 Spruce. 
Devine Patrick, lab., Marker. (S) 
Devine Patrick, grocer, Callowhill n Sch. Wash 

Devine Robert, gardener. (W P) 
Devine Wm., ostler. Linden ab Sch. 7th. 
Devine Wm., dealer, Jones A\' Sch 4th. 
Devine Wm., cordw., 38 W Cedar. 
Deviney George, chairmaker, Oxford n F road. 
Deviney Mary, tavern, c Front & Mud lane. (K) 
Deviney Thomas, grocer, 23 Elizabeth. 
Devlnev Wm., potter, rear 303 1 Christian. 
Devir Edward, tailor, 236 S 3rd. 
Uevitt Daniel Rev., Spruce ab Sch 4th. 
Devitt T., baker, Cedaj-ab 11th. 
Devitt Patrick, 217 S 6th. 
Devlin Archibald, weaver, 4 Lloyd's ct. (K) 
Devlin Bernard, shoemr., 10 Kenworthy's ct. 
Devlin Bernard, lab., Jones W Sch 4th. 
Devlin Peter, weaver, Shippen lane and Rose. 
Devlvn Andrew, labourer, 9 Ann. 




Devlyn Edward, weav., Jefferson n Cadwalader. 

Devlyn Edward, tailor, Sliippen ab Shippen la. 

Devlyn Patrick, weaver, G T rt)ad n Jetterson 

Devoo Andrew, blacksmith, rear 215 St. John. 

Devoo James, silk dyer, 10th ab Melon. 

Devoo Wm. L., mer., 444 N Front. 

Devoiix J., eating house, 60 Wood. 

Devow James, capt. steamboat, 22 Oak. 

De Waele Jas. M., dry goods, N E 2d & Pine. 

Dewall F., tavern, 207 St. John. 

Dewees C., gilder, 385 S 2nd. 

Dewees Charles, lastmaker, 171 Poplar. 

Dewees E., dry goods, 2 N 8th. 

Dewees Henry, piper, 277 S 5th. 

Dewees Jane, b h., 128 N Front. 

Dewees Mary, tailoress, 20 Magnolia. 

Dewees Peter, lastmaker, 74 Callowhill. 

Dewees Samuel, lastmaker, 95 Sassafras. 

Deweese Samuel, bootmr., Washington. (W P) 

Dewey George W., accountant, 135 S 4th. 

Dewey Mary, dry goods, 398 N 2d. 

Dewev William, coal mer., 2d wharf bel Walnut, 
Sch., h4G S 13th. 

Dewey Wm., hatter. Vine bel 13th. 

Dewing Samuel, bootmr., 4 James' ct. (K) 

Dexter Sarah, gentw., 53 Duke. 

Dey John, black and white smith, 366 N 4th. 

Dey Sarah H., 7 Coates. 

Dey Stephen, bellmr., Charlotte bel Poplar. 

De Young Benj., varnisher, 37 Union. 

De Young & Brother, liquors, 30 Chestnut. 

De Young Isaac, fancy goods, 123 Chestnut. 

De Young J. R., mer., 30 Cliestnut, h 122 Ca- 

De Young M. H., mer., 30 Chesnut, h 3d bel 

Dialogue G. & W., fire hose manuf., 24 E North. 

Dialogue J. & G., china ware, 292 N 2d. 

Diamond Andrew, 221 Shippen. 

Diamond Hugh, cordwainer, 98 Cedar. 

Diamond John, gent., 204 S Front. 

Diamond John, distiller. Cedar ab 4th. 

Diamond J. &. J., liquors, S W Cedar &. S whfs. 

Diamond Margaret, milliner, 89 Cedar. 

Dick Abel, machinist, 7 Gebhard. 

Dick Bernhard, tavern, 45 Callowhill. 

Dick Charles, tailor, 257 S 2nd. 

Dick Daniel D. & Co., japanners, Wheeler's ct, 
St. James' street. 

Dick D. D., japanner, ii Sch. 6th n Cherry. 

Dick Francis B., locksmith, Locust n 9tli. 

Dick Fred., ship carp., Marlboroug'h n Bedford 

D'.ck Frederick, Janitor at University, li S E 
11th and Locust. 

Dick George, cordw., Oliver pi. 

Dick Hannah, 6 Monroe place. 

Dick Henry, tailor, 4 Carpenter. (S) 

Dick Jame.s, tavern, M road, 9tl) &. Washinf^ton. 

Dick James, porter, Lombaid ab 12Lh. 

Dick James, tavein, 108 Shippen. 

Dick John, boot and shoemaker, N F, 13th and 

Dick John B., clothes dealer, 145 S 2nd. 

Dick Phlhp, japanner, h Sch 6th bel Cherry. 

Dick v., cordwainer, 6 N 13th. 

Dick William, clerk, Sch. 8th bel Locust. 

Dick William, labourer, Lombard n I2th. 

Dick W. B., optician, 48 Chestnut, h 2 Lodge. 

Dickel Henry, cabmr., 8 Kenworthy's ct. 

Dickens Elias, manuf., 15 Coates. 

Dickens Fowler, gunsmith, 375 N 2d. 

Dickens Richard, gvmsmith, 1 1 Tamarind. 

Dlckenstreet Anthony, tanner, 120 Charlotte. 

Dickerman Lemuel, boots & shoes, 17 N 4th, 
h 115 N Front. 

Dickerson Adelia, 138 Locust. 

Dickerson Ann, b h Hamilton n Fairmount. 

Dickerson Christopher, tanner, Elizabeth n 

Dickerson David E., carpenter, Sch. 4th and 

Dickerson Eliza, dry goods, c 9th & Buttonwood. 

Dickerson George, confect., 13th ab Coates. 

Dickerson John, lab., 11 Brook. 

Dickerson John, hatter, 2 S 2d, h 24 Elfreth's al. 

Dickerson Louisa, 50 Mechanic. 

Dickerson Wm., waterman, Oak ab Noble. 

Dickerson Wm., waterman, 464 N 4th. 

Dickes Catharine, Hanover ab Queen. 

Dickes Daniel, carpenter, F R ab Jefferson. (K) 

Dickes Isaac, cordw.. Crown ab Duke. 

Dickes Peter, whitesmith, Queen bel Marlboro'. 

Dickes William, carpenter, Hanover ab Duke. 

Dickey EHzabeth, 31 N 13th. 

Dickey James, 21 Penn. (K) 

Dickey N., math, instrument mr., 31 N 13th. 

Dickie David, upholsterer, 19 Stamper's alley. 

Dickinson A., gunsmith, Gray's ct. 

Dickinson A. & C, painters, 12th bel Locust. 

Dickinson Daniel, portrait painter, 169 Chest- 

Dickinson Edwin, printer, Sch. 7th n Vine. 

Dickinson John, diamond setter, 38 Sansom. 

Dickinson John, merchant, 11 Madison. 

Dickinson John, printer, 160 Swanson. 

Dickinson Margaret, b h, 355 High. 

Dickinson Mary, rear 284 N 7th. 

Dickinson Mary, Sycamore ab Locust. 

Dickinson Morris, carp., 152 Marshall. 

Dickinson Richard, grocer, N E 10th &. Lombard. 

Dickinson Samuel, flour &. feed, 561 N Front. 

Dickin.TOn Samuel, drayman, 283 St. John. 

Dickinson Sarah, George ab Sch 7th. 

Dickinson Sarah N., g-entw. 114^ Mulberry. 

Dickinson T. H., carpet weaver, 461 High. 

Dickinson AVm., lab., Pine n Beach. 

Dickinson William, architect, 150 Christian. 

Dickinson William, plasterer. Lemon ab 10th. 

Dickl.son John A., seaman, Washington. (W P) 

Dickson &. Co., Importers, N W 5th &. Commerce. 

Dickson Elizabeth, dry goods, Cedar ab 10th. 

Dickson Georg-c, 570 N 3d. 

Dickson Hannah, 72 N 9th. 

Dick.s.ji Harriet, shop, Manderson ab Beach (K) 

Dickson Jas. N., mer. 152 Hlgh.h Spruceab 11th. 

Dickson James N. & Co., niers., 152 High. 

Dickson James K., mer., 12 S 4th, h 207 S 2d. 

Dickson John, clerk, 10 Providence ct. 

Dickson John, cooper, Vine n 12th. 

Dickson John, manuf 572 N 3rd. 




Dickson John, mer. S E Water & Cliestnut, h 

N W 5th and Commprce. 
Dickson John, tavern, N W 2nrl 8c. Plum. 
Dickson Levi, merchant, 132 High, h 13th bel 

Dickson Lydia, c 7th and Cherry. 
Dickson Robert, cordw., Shackamaxon and F 

road. (K) 
Dickson R. L., teacher, N W 8th and Filbert, h 

323 Vine. 
Dickson Samuel, gent., 424 N 5th. 
Dickson Saml. R., currier, 220 S 5th. 
Dickson Thomas, carpenter, 581 N 3rd. 
Dickson Thos. H., mer., 12 S 4th, h 369 Cedar. 
Dickson & Tiers, gro's, S E Chestnut & Water. 
Dickson William, baker, 17'5 Catharine. 
Dickson Wm., druggist, 25 Coates' alley. 
Dickson Wm., shoemaker, Duke bel F road. 
Dickson William, liricklayer, 11 Marion. 
Dickson Wm., fancy store, 42 Cedar. 
Dick-son William, weaver, 9 Clymer. 
Dickson Wm. C, clerk, Charlotte bel Beaver. 
Didlebaugh Mary, Greenwich bel M road. 
Diedrich Henry, stoves, 148 N 3rd, h 86 Vine. 
Diehl & Co., mers., city stores, Front street. 
Diehl George M., mer., city stores. Dock and 

Diehl John, city commissioner, 224 Pine. 
Diehl John, tavern, S W Front & Catharine. 
Diehl John H., mer., city stores. Dock &. Front. 
Diehl Peter, carpenter, Shackamaxon, n F road. 
Diehl Thomas, jr., clerk, 292 S 5th. 
Diehl Thomas, mer., Front and Chestnut, h 15 

N 10th. 
Diehl William, grocer, 165 S 5th. 
Diehr Philip, silver plater, 341 N 6th. 
Diemer Catharine, Coates bel 5th. 
Diemer Michael, tavern, R Road ab Vineyard. 
Dierker Augustus, shoemaker, 26 Garden. 
Dierkes Wm., tailor, rear 71 German. 
Diesinger Joseph, bootmaker, 93 S 5th. 
Dieninger John, bl'cksmith, Buttonwood ab 12th. 
Dieterach M., porter, 8 Willow. 
Dietrich Henry, M. D., 159 N 10th. 
Dietrick John, baker, 191 N 4th. 
Dietz Adam, hair dresser. Walnut !c Front, h 87 

Dietz Christian, glass cutter. Prince ab Palmer. 
Difer William, saw maker, 34 Sugar al. 
Dilge Mary, cabinetmaker. Porter's ct. (N L) 
Dilhorn B. C, dentist, 332 Pine. 
Dilkes C. S., dressmaker, 29 N 9th. 
Dilkes Joseph C, shoemr., Price's ct. 
Dilks George, carpenter, 395 N 6th. 
Dilks Jacob, cordwr., Hallowell. 
Dill Emory, musician. Little Pine. 
Dillard Thos., M. D., U. S. Navy, 493 Chestnut. 
Diller Adam, mer., 35 Marshall. 
Dilley Joseph S., mariner, 74 Queen. 
Dillin Eli, plasterer, Grear ab 12th. 
DilHn Hannah & Mercy, 205 Cherry. 
Dillin Thomas, blacksmith, Christian bel 7th, h 

31 Harmony. 
Dillin William, blacksmith. Green's ct, h 67 


Dilliiigcr David, gent. ].J West. 

Dillingham Simeon, dentist, 161 (;iicbtntit. 

Dillman Christopher, bleeder, 437 N 2nd. 

Diliman Francis, barlKT, 310 S 6th. 

Dillman Mary, widow, 236 St. John. 

Dillmore Andrew, labourer. Prime bel Church. 

Dillmore Jacob, gardener. Broad bcl Fitz water. 

Dillon James, gent, Carpenter bel 5th. (S) 

Dillon James, labourer, 131 Plum. 

Dillon John, carter, Carpenter bel 5tli. 

Dillon John, porter, 12 Lagrange place. 

Dillworlh John, lab., 45 W Cedar. 

Dilsaver Nahun, carpr., Washington ab Front. 

Dilworth Chas., mer., 14 N 4th, h 503 Chestnut. 

Dilworth & Branson, hardware, 59 Fligh. 

Dilworth John, turner, 10 Norris' al. 

Dilworth Wm., mer., 59 High, h 141 Mulberry. 

Dingee Edmund, brickmr., c Marshal! &. Parrish. 

Dlngee John H., gent., S W 4th & Gaskill. 

Dingis Sarah, 3d bel Phoenix. (K) 

Dinglar Christopher, carter, 22 Vine. 

Dingle J. B., perfumer, N E 6th and North. 

Dingier F.hzabeth, 12 Green. 

Dinkworth John, saddler, Nectarine ab 10th. 

Dinmore W. R. trea. Ches. st Theatre, h 191 S 9th 

Dinn Wm., lab., Grim's ct. 

Dinneford Wm., Amer. Theatre, h 105 N 7th. 

Dinnin Catharine, tailoress, S E 5th &. Lombard. 

Dinning Jacob, tailor. Court alley. 

Dinning John, tav., N E Willow & Factory. 

Dinsmore Saml., lab., Richard n Sch. 6th. 

DTnvilliers C. & Co., ex-brokers, 22 S 3rd. 

Dioten Ehzabeth, Penn bel Maiden. (K) 

Dippell George, baker, 29 M road. 

Dippell John, baker, 192 N 13th. 

Dippoldt John, gent., 17 Sergeant. 

Disberry David, hardware, Washington. (W P) 

Disert John, tavern, N E Sch. 6th & Lombard. 

Disher William, brickmaker, Rittenhouse, bel 

Sch 5th. 
Dithmar Charles, beer house, 99Green. 
Dithmar Fred'k., brewer, 520 & h 525 N 3d. 
Dithmer Jacob, beer house, 453 N 3rd. 
Ditmars J. V. H., steam sawmill, 3 Harmony ct. 
Dito Henry, grocer, 77 Locust. 
Dito Sherry, grocer, 30 S whfs., h 77 Locust. 
Diton John, tanner, c Cvdvert & Mechanic. 
Diton Thos., pianomr., 222 S Juniper. 
Dittis Jacob, baker, 117 N 10th. 
Dittis Robert, combmr., 2 Brown's ct. 
Ditts Joseph, fisherman, 19 Dyott's ct. (K) 
Ditz Philip, blacksmith, Maiden bcl Front. 
Ditzler John, combmr., 6 n C Creek. 
Diver Joseph, gent. 208 Mulberry. 
Diver J. Paul, grocer, 100 Wood. 
Divers J., tinsmith, 148 Poplar. 
Divin John, tavern, 83 S 5th. 
Divine James, sailor, Russell. 
Divine Wm., manuf., 35 W Cedar. 
Divoux John, oysters, 169 Chestnut. 
Dix Charles, paper hanger, 134 N 4th, h 29 

Dixey Francis, tailor, 8 Ridge road. 
Dixey Isaiah, pumpmr., Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Dixey Mary, Fitzwater ab 7th. 




Dixey William, car-driver, AVcod n Sclmyl. 
Dixie Charles, carp., Chestnut. (W P) 
Dixie Isaiah, carp., Chestnut. (W P) 
Dixie Jonathan, carp.. Chestnut. (W P) 
Dixie Joshua, carp.. Mansion. (W P) 
Dixon David, hatter, 10 Kessler's ct. 
Dixon Eliza, milliner, 318 Pine. 
Dixon James, agent, 70 N 4th. 
Dixon James & Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead's pi. 
Dixon James N., painter, 55 N 8th, h 398 Sas- 
Dixon John, paper, 318 Pine. 
Dixon John \V., grocer, Marshall ab Sp. Garden. 
Dixon Ruth J., Marshall ab Spring Garden. 
Dizler Frederick, spooler, rear 95 St. John. 
Doak David, blacksmith, Shippen ab 12th. 
Doak John, cabinet maker, 352 S 2nd. 
Doal Jesse, mason, 4 Fox's ct. 
Doan Aaron, carp., Lewis ab Sch. 8th. 
Doan Geo. W. & Aaron, carpenters, Lewis ab 

Schuylkill 8th. 
Doan George W., carpenter, 3 Union square. 
Doan Jonathan, carpenter, George ab Sch 8th. 
Doan Sarah, 6 Linden ct. 
Doane David, carpenter, 319 S 6th. 
Dobbin James, grocer, High W Schuylkill 4th. 
Dobbins Elizabeth, Juniper ab Locust. 
Dobbins John, oil cloth painter, Germantown rd. 
n Jefferson. 

Dobbins Leonard, painter, 67 Logan. 

Dobelbower Charles, bookbinder, 10 Franklin 
place, and books & paper, 332 S 2nd. 

Dobelbower John C, printer, 238 Callowhill. 

Dobelbower Lewis, printer, Perry ab Lombard. 

Dobelbower Lewis H., collector, 16 Green's 

Dobleman J. C, fringe mr., 86 N 2nd. 

Dobler Louisa, 314 Pine. 

Dobson Judah, bookseller, 106 Chestnut. 

Dobson Richard, waiter, Emeline. 

Dobson Robert, gi-ocer, c Lemon & Chester. 

Dobson Samuel, millw.. Perry ab Franklin. (K) 

Dobson William, shoemr.. Brown ab Cherry. (K) 

Dockendoff Solomon, sea capt., 561 S 2d. 

Dodamead Thomas, brass founder, 25 W North. 

Dodd George, carriages, 30 Spruce. 

Dodd Hiram S., cordwainer, Law's court. 

Dodd Richard, undertaker, 527 High. 

Dodelbower Louis H., collector, 34 Catharine. 

Dodge C. Mrs., gentw., 181 Walnut. 

Dodge Edward, broker, 25 S 3rd, h 146 S 4th. 

Dodge Henry S., cordw., S W Carpenter & M rd. 

Dodge Nathan, carver, 298 Wood, h 20 Ritten- 

Dodge Rev Danl., 372 N Front. 

Dodson Richard W., engraver, 27 Minor. 

Dodson R. B., att'y & coun., 64 Coales. 

Dodson Thomas, cabinet maker, 1 17 W High, h 
Washington and Orange. 

Dodswoilh John, cabinetmr., '4 Southampton ct. 

Dodsworth John, carp.. Pearl ab Sch 8th. 

Doen* Charles, baker, 60 Union. 

Doen- D., baker, 546 N 3rd. 

Dosrr Henrv, baker, Charles bel Buttonwood. 

Dogle Wineford, shop, 1 S 13th. 

Dohan Daniel, temp, grocer, N W 7th & Noble. 
Dohei-ty William, mer. 331 N 2nd. 
Dohnert George W., bookbinder, 2 Frank's ct. 
Dohnert John H., marb. i)aper manuf. Green ab 

Franklin and 21 St. James. 
Dohnert Maria, gentw., 6 Branch. 
Dohnert William, tavern, c 5th and Sassafras. 
Doily John, lab., 5 Sch. Water. 
Dolan M., tavern, S W Front and Mary. 
Dolbow John, mariner, rear 29 Green. 
Dolby John, acc't, 7 Maiden. 
Dolda Christian, carpet weaver, 173 Coates. 
Dole Levi, lab. Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 
Doll Andrew, machinist, R road ab Green. 
Doll Frederick, skin di-esser, St. John n Bridge 
Doll George, turner, 103 Race. 
Dollman John M., gent., Sch. 3rd & Mulben-y. 
Dolphin Geo. F., confectionaries, 35 Strawberrj'. 
Dolphin Rebecca, 3 Riddle's alley. 
Doman Elizabeth, 4th ab Phojnix 
Doman Isaac, skin dresser, 10 Franklin. (K) 
Doman J. M., carpenter, 131 Christian. 
Doman Thomas, skin dresser, 4th ab Phoenix 
Dominique Charles, grocer, S E Logan & Green. 
Domsler Sarah, 175 Germantown road. 
Donagan Catharine, shop, 11th and Walnut. 
Donagan Cornelius, sizer, G T road n Phoenix 
Donagan John, cordw., 275 S 5th. 
Donagan John, porter, 125 N 6th. 
Donagan John, cordw. 50 P road. 
Donagan Thomas, gent., 134 Marshall. 
Donaghey William, manuf. 358 S 5th. 

Donaghy John, lab., Sch Beach ab Spruce. 

Donahow Samuel, ladies shoemr., 214 S 2nd. 

Donahower Christiana, 4 Franklin. (K) 

Donahower Thomas, planemr.. Barber's ct (K) 

Donahue Hugh, machinist, 3d ab Franklin. (K) 

Donahue Henry, drayman, Carpenter ab 10th. 

Donahue Jane, hairdresser and fancy store, 117 

Donnahue Patrick, weaver, Cadwalader ab 

Donahue Philip, cooper, High n Sch. 3rd. 

Donahue Wm., lab., Sch. 4th and Rittenhouse. 

Donald John, painter and glazier, 12th n Pine. 

Donaldson &. Brother, mast yard, 1st whf bel 
Almond, (S) and Penn ab Maiden. (K) 

Donaldson David L., por. painter, 583 S 2nd. 

Donaldson Hugh, gent. 475 Vine. 

Donaldson Isaac, porter, 19 Mifflin. 

Donaldson Isaac M., hatter, rear 196 Cherry. 

Donaldson Jacob P., spar maker, Beach below 
Shackamaxon. h 435 N Front 

Donaldson John P., spar maker, 17 Catharine. 

Donaldson Joseph, hatter, 72 N2nd. 

Donaldson Mary, 4 Penn. (K) 

Donaldson Rebecca, 21 Fitzwater. 

Donaldson Rosanna, trimmings, 244 S 6th. 

Donaldson Weston C, whf builder, Schuyl. 7th 
below Locust. 

Donaldson William, lab., George n Schuyl. 6th. 

Donaldson William T., mast maker, 76 Penn, 

Donally Charles O., carpenter, 5 Sugar alley. 

Donath James A., att'y & coun. 76 S 12tb, 




Donath Josrph, mercliant, 111 Spnirc. 

Djnavan Thomas, 194 N Water. 

Donbcry George, dealer, 103 Shippen. 

Done Robert M., carp., 25 Cox. 

Doner Owen, Carlton ab Schuylkill 6th. 

Donfay Thomas, la!)., William n F M. 

Dongan Saml. H., hatter, Penii ab Maiden. 

Donlan Thos., perfumer, 130 N 5th. 

Donlevy Mary, 23 Cox. 

Donley Charles, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwa- 

Donley Cliarles, butcher, R road ab Callowhill. 
Donley James, supt. Vine bel Sch 7th. 
Donley John, weaver, Washington bel Jefferson 
Donley Joseph P., mariner, 101 Catharine. 
Donley Wm., cooper, rear 378 S 2nd. 
Donnagan Ann, 113 German. 
Donnagha E. Mrs., fringemr., 8 Shoemaker. 
Donnahue John, hatter, Washington. (W P) 
Donnahue John, grocer. Beach n Maiden. (K) 
Donnahue John, lab., 324 S 3rd. 
Donnahue John S., china, 513 N 2nd. 
Donnahue Matthew, chandler, Ellett's avenue 
Donnahue Mary, huckster, 108 Filbert. 
Donnahue Thomas, Division. (F V) 
Donnaker James, clerk, Sch. Willow n Clay. 
Donnaldson John, secretary Delaware Ins. Co. 

h 162 S 9th. 
Donnaldson The Misses, teachers, 216 Walnut. 
Donnally John, painter, 191 Brown. 
Donnally Matthew, clerk, 40 Crown. 
Donnell Francis, lab., 12 Wheeler's ct. 
Donnell James, blacksmith, rear 46 N 7th. 
Donnell James C, mer., 14 S Front, h 124 Mul- 
Donnell John, skindresser and wool dealer, cor 

Charlotte and Phoenix. 
Donnell Joseph, lab., 49 Perry. 
Donnell L. F. Capt., c Queen & Svvanson. 
Donnell Robert, grocer, N W 8th and Walnut. 
Donnell William, carter, 21 Greswold's al. 
Donnelly Charles, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwala- 
der. (K) 

Donnelly Catharine, washer, 5 Salem's al. 

Donnelly Danl., rear 31 S 2d. 

Donnelly Edward, coachman. Marble ct. 

Donnelly Francis, lab.. Beach ab Warren. 

Donnelly Fredei'ick, victualler, 6th ab Poplar 1. 

Donnelly Hugh, shoemr., 86 Plum. 

Donnelly James, combmr., 62 Apple. 

Donnelly James, weaver, Murray ab Sch 2d. 

Donnelly James, lab.. Beach ab Walnut. 

Donnelly John, strop maker, 105 Catharine. 

Donnelly John, stone cutter, Budd bel Juniper 

Donnelly John, lab., 483 S Front. 

Donnelly John, carpenter, 11 Dorothy. 

Donnelly John, tavern, 44 Cedar. 

Donnelly Jos. P., pawnbroker, 352 Cedar. 

Donnelly Maiy, Broad ab Spruce. 

Donnelly Mark, carter, 47 Christian. 

Donnelly Michael, lab.. Clay n Sch. Beach. 

Donnelly Michael, tailor, 63 S 5th. 

Donnelly Patrick, 16 Prune. 

Donnelly Patrick, b h, 9 Chestnut. 

Donnelly Phillip, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwal- 
lader, (K.) 

Donnelly Phillip C, M. I)., 352 Cedar. 

Donnelly Thomas, dealer, 6 Salem al. 

Donnelly Wni., lab., 5 Diainonfl. 

Donnelly Ulum, |)ainler, 14 Mechanic. 

Donocho Thomas, dry goods, 19 S 2nfl. 

Donoghoe T. J. Rev., c 2d and JelT'crson. (K) 

Donoghue Charles, grocer, 345 High. 

Donohew Ann, b h, 15 S 8th. 

Donolioe John, cordw., Beach & Miles' ct. 

Donohue Charles, 31 Franklin. 

Donohue James, weaver, Carlton ab Sch Slli. 

Donohue Michael, shoemr., 4 t^wing's ct. 

Donovan Cornelius, lab., 8 Kelly. 

Donovan Danl., labourer, 6 P'ranklin pi. 

Donovan Hosea, boot maker, Simmons' ct. 

Donovan Timothy, weaver, 112 N Water. 

Dooerr Mary, Allen's ct. 

D.ooers William, tailor, 13 Magnolia. 

Doolittle John L., auctioneer, 24 N 4th, h 103 

Doran Chas., tailor, 11 Queen. (K.) 
Doran Edward, ironfounder, Sch 8th ab Sassa- 
Doran George, skin dresser. Crown ab Prince. 
Doran Hugh, furrier, S W Sch 8th & Sassafras, 
Doran James A., 106 Callowhill. 
Doran John, weaver, 37 Lebanon. 
Doran Joseph M., judge, 245 S 3rd. 
Doran Mary, widow, R road ab Ann. (F V) 
Doran Michael, lab., 33 W Cedar. 
Doran Peter, shoemr., 69 Noble. 
Doran Wm. C, tailor, Ridge road and AVood, h 

235 Wood. 
Dorey Mary, 55 M road 
Dorff Albert, tin smith, 1 Skerrett's ct. 
Dorff Patrick, tin smith, 6 S 6th, h Sassafras ab 

Doi'gan D., cabinetmr., rear 106 S 3d. 
Doriss James G., carpenter, Fi'ies' ct., h 184 N 

Doi'man Henry, cordw., Marriott ab 5th. 
Dorman Howell, clerk, 7 Julianna. 
Dorman John, paper stainer. Broad ab Shippen. 
Dorna Robert, weaver, 11 Lebanon. 
Dornblaser Benj., carter, rear Beach n Marsh. 
Dorney E. M., mer. 216 N 2nd, h Franklin n 

Doron Thomas, collector, 17 N 6th. 
Doit Benjamin Rev., D. D. Ill Mulberrj'. 
Dorrance David, U. S. Hotel, 151 Chestnut, h 

Spruce ab Sch 8th. 
Dorschiemer George L., baker, c Logan and 

Dorsey A. & C, clothing, 30 N 2d. 
Dorsey Augustus, clothes, 30 N 2d, h 170 Pine. 
Dorsey Benedict & Son, queens ware, 132 N 

Dorsey Benedict, mer. 132 N 2nd. 
Dorsey Charles, clothing, 30 N 2d. 
Dorsey Edward, printer, 12 Library. 
Dorsey Eliza, washer, 4 Pleasant av. 
Dorsey George, cordw., 286 St. John. 
Dorsey Henrietta, sempstress, 128 S 12th. 
Dorsey Henry, lab., Stanley ab 3d. 
Dorsey John, stone cutter, 4 Kelly. 




Dorsey Mary, 32 N 9th. 

Dorsey Samuel, stone cutter, 40 Queen. (K) 

Dorsey Stanton, mer. 132 N 2d. 

Dorsey Thomas, cordw., Carlton bel Sch. 2d. 

Dorsey William, mer. 132 N 2nd, h 34 New 

Dorsey Wm., flour and feed. Vine ab Sch. 8th. 
Dorsey Wm., lab., Sch. 5th n Lombard. 
Dorson Job, S W 5th and Pine. 
Dos Santos, gent., 161 Pine. 
Doster Michael, jew. & spec, manf., 299 N 2d 
Dothard James, cordw., rear 118 Cedar. 
Dott Jacob, baker, G T road ab 4th 
Dottei-er Jas., tobacconist, S E Front &. Brown. 
Dotterer Mary, widow, 56 Apple. 
Dotts Mar)', washer, 22 Pearl ab 1 Ith. 
Dougherty Ale.-?., caster, George W Sch. 3d. 
Dougherty Alex. E., 44 Walnut, h 13 S 13th. 
Dougherty Andrew, lab.. Pine n Ashton. 
Dougherty Bridget, 248 S 4th. 
Dougherty Daniel, labourer, c Vine and Sch. 

Dougherty Dominick, lab., c Sch. Front and 

Dougherty Ehzabeth, dry goods, N E 13th & 

Dougherty F., tavern, 414 High. 
Dougherty Geo., engineer, Ashton bel Walnut. 
Dougherty George, tavern, 316 Cedar. 
Dougherty Hugh, labourer, 267 South 4th. 
Dougherty Hugh, tailor, 253 S 5th. 
Dougherty James, tavern, S W 6th 8c St. Mary. 
Dougherty Jas., brickmr., McDuffie n Sch. 3d. 
Dougherty James, coachman, 8 Arrison's ct. 
Dougherty James, 43 P road. 
Dougherty James, labourer, 226 Shippen. 
Dougherty James, clerk, 13 P road. 
Dougherty Jane, Morris bel Catharine. 
Dougherty John, turner. Beach bel Palmer. 
Dougherty John, lab., Filbert ab Sch 4th. 
Dougherty John, brickmaker, Apple ab George. 
Dougherty John, grocer, 325 High. 
Dougherty John, lab., 120 N Water. 
Dougherty John, labourer, 3 Harmony. 
Dougherty John, tavern, N 3d ab Thompson 
Dougherty John, shoemr.. Wood n Sch. 
Dougherty John, labourer, Ohio bel 12th. 
Dougherty John, grave dig., 286 Carpenter. (S) 
Dougherty John A., distiller, S W 2nd & Poplar. 
Dougherty Joseph, messenger, 22 Washington 

Market Place. (S) 
Dougherty Lewis, bricklayer, 19 Maria. 
Dougherty Michael, labourer, 7 Mechanic ct. 

Dougherty Mary, Broad n Carpenter. (S) 
Dougherty Mary, dry goods, 433 N 2nd. 
Dougherty Neal, tavern, 6 Stamper's al. 
Dougherty Patrick, tavern, c Shippen and 4th. 
Dougherty Patrick, lab., Willow n Lombard. 
Dougherty Rachel, grocer, Mark's la. ab 11th. 
Dougherty Rebecca, sempstress, 294 S 10th. 
Dougherty Robert, tavern, N W 10th & R road. 
Dougherty Robert, clothes dealer, 194 Cedar. 
Dougherty Rosanna, tavern, S E 2d & Lombard. 
Dougherty Susan, gentw., 105 Filbert. 

Dougherty Wm., c Vine and Washington. 
Dougherty Wm., hatter. Filbert n Sch. .Sd. 

Dougherty William, tavern, 289 Vine. 

Dougherty Wm., grocer, 325 High, h 10th and 
R road. 

Dougherty Wm., umbrella. Prince ab Hanover. 

Dougherty Wm., weaver, 6 Mechanic. 

Dougherty William, 52 Zane. 

Dougherty Wm., cordw.. Girl's ct. 

Dougherty AVilliam, brick mr. 3 Richard. 

Dougherty William, springmr., 72 Shippen. 

Dougherty William, brand &. stamp cutter, rear 
106 N 2d. 

Dougherty W. & J., grocers, 325 High. 

Doughty John, 370 Cedar. 

Douglass Abigail, dry goods, Callowhill n 5th. 

Douglass Ann, spooler, 14 Barker. 

Douglass Benj., coach springmr., 143 S 10th. 

Douglass Charles, cordw., c Swanson &. Mead. 

Douglass E., mer. 299 High. 

Douglass Edward D., grocer, 121 Cedar. 

Douglass Jacob, dmggist, S E 10th & Button- 
wood, h Green ab 9th. 

Douglass Jacob M. Rev., Coates bel 10th. 

Douglass Jacob M. Capt., 61 New. 

Douglass James, hotel, 46 N 6th. 

Douglass James, confec, Marlboro' ab Bedford. 

Douglass James, blacksm., Madison av. 

Douglass John, shop, Hanover ab Prince. 

Douglass John, cordwainer, 35 Perry. 

Douglass John, silversmith, 128 Sassafras. 

Douglass John, salt measurer, 121 Cedar. 

Douglass John C, cordwainer, 131 S 11th. 

Douglass John J., marble mason, 12 Christian. 

Douglass John J. N., 59 Mead. 

Douglass Josiah, mariner, Freeston's pi. 

Douglass Wm. & E. R., tobacconists, 9 N 6th. 

Douglass Mary, teacher, 28 Duke. 

Douglass Peter, brush mr. S E 10th & Button- 
wood, h Green ab 0th. 

Douglass Robert, sr. hair dresser, 54 Mulberry. 

Douglass Samuel L., 8th ab Christian. 

Douglass Sarah, b. h., 359 High. 

Douglass Sarah M., teacher, rear 49 N 7th. 

Douglass Wm. Rev., 32 Powell. 

Douglass William, lab., 13 Pearl. 

Douglass Wm., hominy, 15 Pearl. 

Douglass W. E., carpenter and b h, Sch Water 
bel Lombard. 

Doule Thomas D., coal agent, 272 Coates. 

Dounton Christopher, rope maker., R road ab 

Dounton Wm., ropemaker, R road ab Green. 

Douredoure B. &. Co., chandlers, 25 N 6th. 

Doush Jacob, boot maker, 140 Chestnut, h 28 

Douvenor Wm., tav., S W Sch. 3d & Chestnut. 

Dove John S., tailor, 173 S 2d, h 14 Spruce. 

Dow John, painter, 29 N 7th. 

Dowden Miss M., gentw., S 10th ab Christian. 

Dowdrick Wilham, cordwainer, 373 S Front. 

Dowdy Amy, Stanly ab 3d. 

Dowell Catharine, gentw.. Crown ab Duke. 

Dowell Lydia, 294 Mulberry. 

Dowler Eliza, S E 11th and Coates. 




Dowler J., fire brick manuf., S E UthSt Coates. 
Uowley Matthew, carter, Factory ah Willow. 
Dowling Edward, plasterer, Fit/water ab 12th. 
Dowhn}-- John, pawn broker, 28« S 6th. 
Dowhng- K., bonnets, 131 S 2d. 
Downes 8c Haven, auction & com. mers., 34 

Church al. 
Downey George, potter, Sch 8th ab Callowhlll. 
Downey John A., g'ilder, Shcaff's al., Race n 

Downey Patrick, lab., 13th bel High. 
Downey Robt., lab., Sch Wasliinglon ab Callow. 
Downey Sarah, 325 S 4th. 
Downie David, cordw., 1 Hamilton's ct. 
Downie Sarah, 1 Nicholson. 
Downie Walter, mariner, 22 Little Water. 
Downie Wm., carp.. Front ab Otter 
Downing- Charles H., saddler, 162 N 12th. 
Downing- Isaac, Charlotte n George. 
Downing John, dyer, 135 G T road 
Downing James, carp. Sch. 8th n Vine. 
Downing John, plasterer, Sch. 6th & Jefferson. 
Downing John, variety store, 3 Elizabeth. 
Downing John, painter, 3 Nectarine 
Downing John W., coal wharf, Spruce st. Sch. 

office 21 Chestnut, h 251 Spruce. 
Downing Patrick, grocer, c P road and German 
Downing S. G., b h. 244 High. 
Downs George, b h, 6 Penn. 
Downs James, dealer, 161 Cedar. 
Downs John, bottler, 89 Crown. 
Downs Thomas, shoes, 24 N 13th. 
Dowson Wm., carp., 175 Cherry. 
. Doyle Charles, tavern, S W 12th & Pine. 
Doyle Ehza, milliner, N E 9th and Locust. 
Doyle Francis, drayman, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Doyle Hugh, mer.,"35 N 3d, h 137 N 10th. 
Doyle James, furniture, 126 Cedar. 
Doyle John, rear 132 Cedar. 
Doyle John, grocer, S W 10th & High. 
Doyle John, custom house, 3d bel Carpenter. 
Doyle Juhn C, clerk, 160 Wood. 
Doyle Joseph, chairmr., Fraley's ct. (K) 
Doyle &. McNeely, leather mers., 35 N 3rd, fac- 
tory 4th and Franklin. 
Doyle Michael, dealer, 100 Plum. 
Doyle Michael, hatter, c P road and Plum. 
Doyle Peter, lab., 580 S Front. 
Doyle Robert, watchman, 2 John's ct. 
Doyle Thomas, ucct., 51 S Juniper. 
Drais Hester, milliner, 184 Poplar. 
Drake Hester, rear 450 Sassafras. 
Drake James, saw filer, Brown and Beach. 
Drake John, manuf., Sch. 4th ii Lombard, 
Di-ake John C, clerk, 40 Julianna. 
Drake Misses, teachers, 248 Spruce. 
Drake Samuel, cordw., Benfer's ct. 
Drake Thomas, manuf., 26 W Cedar. 
Drake Timothy, cordwainer, 176 Marshall. 
Drane Patrick, lab., c Sch. Front & Chestnut. 
Drane Samuel, slater, Shackamaxon ab Queen. 
Drane Wm. L., printer, 32 German. 
Draper Charles, lab., Pearl bel 13th. 
Draper David, waiter, George ab Sch. 7th. 
Draper E., math. & opt. ins. mr.. Pear n 3rd. 

Draper John, cordw., Shippen la. bel Bedford. 
Draper, Toppan Ik (^o., bank note engravers, 5 

Bank place (Chestnut. 
Drayton Edward, waterman, rear 112 Oak. 
Drayton William, coin., 13 Poilico sq. 
Drean Henry, dry goods, 421 High. 
Dreby C, cooper, 207 High and 244 N 2nd. 
Dredger Catharine, 77 S Water. 
Drescher Charles, florist, Wood n Sch. 8th. 
Dreer Ferdinand J., jeweller, rear 115 Chest- 
nut, h 172 S 4th. 
Dreer Frederick, 152 S 4th. 
Dreer Henry A., seedsman, 97 Chestnut, h 172 

S 4th. 
Dressier F. J., trimmings, 185 S Front. 
Dreves Fred., confec, N W 6th & Buttonwood. 
Drew Ann, 54 Queen. 
Drew Arthur P., gent., State n Sch. 8th. 
Drew John, Ellet's av. 
Drew Henry, tavern. Cedar ab 13th. 
Drew Owen, hackler, G T road n Jefferson. 
Drew Nathaniel, trimmings, 4N 13th. 
Drew Patrick, driver. Cedar ab 3d. 
Drexel Francis M., broker, 34 S 3rd, h Chestnut 

ab Sch. 6th. 
Drlesbach Henry, stonecutter, 31 Crown. 
Drinker Barton T., atty & coun., 73 S 4th 
Drinker Esther, b h, 116 Mulberry. 
Drinker Joseph D., broker, 46 Walnut, h 5 S 

Sch. 7th. 
Drinkhouse Aaron, driver, rear 6 (Joodwill ct. 
Drinkhouse George, tinsmith, 6 Hyde's ct. 
Drinkhouse Jacob, tinsmith, 235 High. 
Drinkhouse Wm., tinsm, 58 Cedar, h 480 S Front 
Drips David, oil cloth, 23 S 2nd, manufactory, 

Coates n Broad. 
Drips Margaret, Pearl ab 13th. 
Driscol Dennis, lab., Jones W Sch. 3d. 
Driver Joshua, carpenter, 143 N 11th. 
Drojisie Ann, pawnbroker, 455 N 3d. 
Dropsie A. M., watchman, 443 N 2d. 
Drosdorff C. A., 11th and Shippen. 
Drown Thomas P., acct., 83 Locust. 
Drown Wm. A., umbrellas, 86 High. 
Droz Charles A., watchmaker, 118 Walnut. 
Drucker M. J., mer., 154 N 3d. 
Drum John, victualler, Buttonwood ab 9th. 
Drum John, victualler, 300 N 8lh. 
Drum William, victualler, 302 N 8th. 
Drumel Philip, cordw., Hyte's ct. 
Drummond Lewis, shoemaker, 13 S 6lh, h 40 

Currant al. 
Drummond Mary, gentw., 164 S 3rd. 
Drimimond James, reedmr.. Crown ab Duke. 
Drury Sophia, g-rocer. Queen n Hanover and 

Cherry ab Queen. (K) 
Dryburgh A., florist, S W Sch. 4th & Sassafras. 
Dr\ sdale William, watches &. jewellcrv, 8 S 5th, 

" h 31 Powell. 
Dua Andrew P., mariner, 21 Mead. 
Duane William, att'y & coun., 138 Walnut, h 27 

Duane Wm. J. Jr., att'y & coun., 138 Walnut, 

h 27 Girard, 
Dubarre John, carter, Lilly al. 




Duberry John, 20 Union. 

Dubois Alex., combmaker, 126 Charlotte. 
Dubois E., watchman, 11 School. 
Dubois Elizabeth, confectioner, 306^ N 2nd. 
Dubois George H., clerk, 134 S 4tii. 
Dubois George, jeweller, 6th bel Christian. 
Dubois James, com. nier., 19 Mulberry. 
Dubois Joseph, upholsterer, Sansom's al. 
Dubois John, potter. Farmer ah Whai-ton. 
Dubois Lewis, mariner, 11 Mead. 
Dubois Maria, milliner, 157 S 2nd. 
Dubois Peter, jeweller, 66 Queen. 
Dubois Samuel, bootmaker, 144 S 5th. 
Dubois Samuel, combmr. Culvert n 3rd. 
Dubois Thomas, oyster cellar, 260 N 3rd, h 247 

N Front. 
Dubois Wni., lab., 4th and Carpenter. 
Dubois Z., combmr., 554 N 3d. 
Duboq Mary, 19 Lombard. 
Dubosq 8c Baton, jewellers, 5 Bank al. 
Dubosq & CaiTow, jewellers, N W 3rd and 

Dubosq Francis P., jeweller, N W 3rd and 

Chestnut, h 184 Queen. (S) 
Dubosq Henry, jeweller, 5 Bank al., h 124 Ca- 
Dubosq Philip L., jeweller, 3rd ab Catharine. 
Dubosq 'Iheo., jeweller, 7& N 2d. 
Dubosq Wm. A., pencilmr., 5 Bank al.,h Queen 

ab 5th. 
Du Bouchet C. Auguste, French teacher, 34 

Dubs Saml. R., M.D, 386 Vine, h 24 Buttonwood 
Dubs Martin Senr., mer., 10 Minor, h Sassafras n 
Ducachet W. H., M. D., 8 Girard. 
Ducachet Henry W., D. D., 8 Girard. 
Duck Jacob, K R agent, 274 High, h Cherry ab 

Duckes Thomas, cordw., 37 O Y road. 
Duckett Abrm., elk. West. Bk., h 33 S Juniper. 
Duckett Joseph, paper dealer, 384 N 4th. 
Ducomb Catharine, dressnu-., S E 6th and Pine. 
Ducommun H., clock & watchmaker, 63 Chest- 
nut, h 127 N 3il 
Duddy B., type founder, 199 I-ocust. 
Dudgeon John, cordw., 128 N 13th. 
Dudichum Christian, carp., 309 St. John. 
Dudley George, carpets, 109 Chestnut, h 450 N 

4th, and manuf. ab George. (N L) 
Dudley Margaret. 14 Helmutli. 
Du Douchet Charles, silk manuf, Franklin ab 

Dudreau John, 14 Greswold's al. 
Duembach Rernhard, huckster, 25 Castle 
Dufi' Christopher, carter, rear 294 Pine. 
Duff" David, bootmr., Broad ab Shippen. 
Duff Edward, mer., 28 N 4th, h City Hotel. 
Duff John B., carp., Dunton ab Otter. 
Duffee Stabler, 180 Locust. 
Duffee Francis, broker & com. mer., 3 Exchange 

pi & 21 Walnut. 
Duffee Francis H., conveA'ancer, 85 Dock, h 409 

S Front. 
Duffee Hugh, 8 Harmony ct 

Duffee W. J., M. D., 307 S 8th. 

Duffee Wm, copperpl. pr, Catharine ab Lebanon 

Duffel James, 65 N 5th. 

Duffey James, carter, Sch. 2d n Cedar 

Duffey Rogers, gent., 46 Broad 

Duffield Edward, lab., Sch. Beach &: Spruce. 

Duffield Hannah, Sciileisman's al. 

Duffield Henry, carpenter. Union ab Prince 

Duffield Luke, cordw., 5 Somei-s* ct 

Duffield T. W., atty & coun., 574 N 2d 

Duffield William B., M. D., 178 Spruce. 

Duffins John, coachman, 355 Lombard. 

Duffle Ablgal, rear 120 German 

Duffy Arthur, lab., rear 125 Plum 

Duffy Bernard, lab., c Ashton & Walnut 

Duffy Charles, clerk, 10 Juniper la. 

Duffy Edward, tallow chandler, lOJ Filbert. 

Duffy Edward, lab.. Mulberry ab Sch. 8th 

Duffy George W., hatter, 145 Chestnut 

Duffy Hugh, glassblo'ver, Vienna opp. Brown 

Duffy James, coachman, 6 Kessler's al 

Duffy James, 117 Shippen 

Duffy John, lab., Sch. Front ab Filbert 

Duffy John, carp., Chestnut n Sch 

Duffy John, carter, Sch. 8th n .Mulberry. 

Duffy Mary, Caroline place 

Duffy Michael, porter, 19 Jones' al. 

Duffy Patrick, tailor, 5 Kelly's ct. 

Duffy Patrick, labourer, 3 Lowry's ct 

Duffy Patrick, labourer, Sch. 2d bel Filbert 

Duffy Sarah, 30 Lebanon. 

Duffy William, porter, 16 Juniper la. 

Dufrene T. W., artist, S W 10th & Chestnut - 

Dugan James, b. h., 11 Chestnut. 

Dugan John, bootmaker, Abbott's ct 

Dugan Joseph, gent., 10 Portico sq. 

Dugan Matthew, weaver, G T road n Master 

Dugan Mrs. Mary, 36 Ann. 

Dugan Peter, gent., 43 S 13th. 

Dugan Sarah, s]ilnster, Shippen ab 12th 

Dugan Thomas, furniture, 117 N 6th 

Dug-an Wm., carp.. Pink ab Master 

Dug'le Jolin, wheelw., Callouhlll ab Washington 

Duhamel John, tailor, 125 Spruce. 

Duhring George, M. D., 134^ Mulberry. 

Duhring- Henry, coach lace, &.c. 22 N 4th, h 6th 

bel Vine. 
Duke Anthony G., shoemaker, rear 9 Coates. 
Duke Bernard, wine dealer, 64 Dock. 
Dukeman Daniel D., grocer, 236 N Front. 
Duler H. M., shop, 145 Locust. 
Dull Charles, paper warehouse, 8 &. 10 Decatur, 

h Mantua village. 
Dull George, tavern, 440 N 2nd. 
Dull James, drayman, Cadwalader ab Lloyd's ct 
Dull Mary, b h, 295 Walnut 
Dulles Joseph H., gent., 151 Walnut 
Dulling Thomas, sea captain, 386 S 3d 
Dulty William, mer., 100 Higli, h 69 N 10th. 
Dumac Jolin, cabinetmr., 4 Garrigues' ct. 
Dumas Abigail, 7th ab Parrish 
Dumoutet Jane, gentw., 102 N 11th. 
Dumphey Margaret, tavern, c Washington and 

Dunbar Alexander, lab., Marriott bel 6th 




Dunbar Elon, mer., 140 High, h 104 S 9th. 
Dunbar Morris, carpenter, 1.3th bel Butlonwood. 
Dunbar Wm., blacksmith, 5 Union 
Duncan Alex., cabinetmr.. Locust n 13th 
Duncan Hester, 1* road bel 6th. 
Duncan James J., 8c Co., merchants, 184 High 
Duncan M. Mrs., tavern, 481 High. 
Duncan T., carpenter, High n Sch. 5th. 
Duncan Wm., marble pohslier, 315 Cherry. 
Duncan Wm. M., mer., 184 High, li 358 Chestnut. 
Duncan W. T. H., mercliant, 40 S Front, h 479 

Dundas James, paver, F road ab Phoenix 
Dundas James, president comTiiercial bank, h 

N E Broad and Wahiut 
Dungan C. B., register and sec. N L Gas Work.s, 

h N W Ellen and Franklin 
Dungan John, tavern, 216 N 3rd 
Dungan John, clerk, 353 N 6th 
Dungan Robert, druggist, S W Front and Mul 

berry, h 15 Penn 
Dungan Thomas, carpenter, .Stilz's ct. (N L) 
Dungan Thomas, cordw., 167 Coates 
Dungey Wm., shop, Pearl and Little Willow 
Dunglison Robely, M. D., 9 Girard. 
Dunham Albert, mer., 17 S Front, h Fi-anklin 

ab Green 
Dunham John, ship master, 144 Queen. (S) 
Dunham Thomas, tobacconist, 131 S 4th 
Dunkerly Ann, dressmaker, 10th ab Willow. 
Dunlap &, Grossman, silk mers., 121 High. 
Dunlap James, weaver, Cadwalader n Jefferson 
Dunlap James, mer., 31 N Front, h 16 N 10th 
Dunlap James, carpenter, James ab Charles 
Dunlap John, stone cutter, Alton ct 
Dunlap Mai-y, huckster, 201 Callowhill 
Dunlap Martha, Wood n Sch. Front. 
Dunlap Misses, fancy milliners, 16 N 10th 
Dunlap Priscilla, 22 S 12th. 
Dunlap R., hardware & books, 6 N 5th, h 262 

N 5th. 
Dunlap R. W., City Hotel, 41 N 3rd. 
Dunlap Silas, mer., 30 Wood 
Dunlap Thos., pres. B U States, h 393 Walnut. 
Dunlap Thomas, weaver, Hanover ab Duke 
Dunlap Thomas, weaver, 8 Myers' ct. 
Dunlap AVilliam H., mer., 121 High, h 186 N 4th. 
Dunlevy John, weaver, 4 Linn 
Dunlevy Robert Jr., silver smith, 7 Lodge al, h 

8 St. Stephen's pi. 
Dunlevy Sarah, 85 M road. 
Dunn C, shoes & trunks, 362 High 
Dunn Charles C, mer., 227 High 
Dunn Dr. Rev., 116 S 4th 
Dunn Edward P., bookbinder, 482 N 4th. 
Dunn George W., tavern, 55 N Broad 
Dunn James, printer. Orange ab Washington. 
Dunn James H., gent., Julianna ab Buttonwood. 
Dunn John, oysterman. Willow ab 3d 
Dunn John, oarmaker, 22 Christian. 
Dunn John, blacksmith. Vine n Sch. 8th. 
Dunn John, blacksmith. Filbert ab Sch. 8tli. 
Dunn Matthew, labourer, 315 S 6th. 
Dunn Nathan, gent., Chinese Collection 
Dunn Patrick, shoemaker, 5 McKean's ct, 

Dunn Robert, weaver, .Fack.son's ct. 

Dunn Fiobert, blacksmith, 10th bel Cathariix^. 

Dunn Robert, blacksmilli, 1 12 S 12th, h c 12th 
&. Adam. 

Dunn Robert, cordw., Mechanic. 

Dunn Samuel, grocer, S W 3rd &. McDuflic. 

Dunn Thos., labourer, Sch. 7th opp Clianccllor. 

Dunn William H., collector, 13 Wood ab Crown. 

Dunnell Albert S., 43 Coates. 

Dunnet John, carp. Poplar n 7tli. 

Dunnet Peter, 141 N 7th. 

Dunniclifi'e Abraliam, weaver, 19 Rrinton. 

Dunning R. D., mercliant, 140 High, h 72 S 4th. 

Dunott Justus, M. 1)., 114 I^ombard. 

Dunsford Joseph, grocer, 505 S 2nd. 

Dunsmoor Sarah, milliner, 82 Catharine. 

Dunton George, captain, 30 Green. 

Dunton & Gemmill, dry goods, 83 High. 

Dunton Isaac, mer., 83 High, h 172 N Front. 

Dunton Jacob jr., queensw., 219 Higii, h 90 New 

Dunton Jacob, ship chand., 7 S whfs, h 58 Pine 

Dunton William, carpenter, 3 Myer.s' ct. 

Dunwoody Ruth, 163 Sassafras. 

Dupee Conrad, plasterer, 43 N Sch. 8th. 

Dupee Thomas, shoemr., 308 S 4th. 

Duplaine B. C, mer., 12 N 3rd, h 202 N 4tli. 

Dupong Emmanuel, tavern, S E 4th & Marriott. 

Du Ponceau Peter S., councellor, 15 S 6th, h 
199 Chestnut. 

Dural Samuel, painter, 44 Budd. 
Durand & Co., bank note engrav., 136 Chestnut? 
Durand E., druggist, S W 6th & Chestnut. 
Durand J. M., stoves, 133 N 2nd. 
Durang Charles, actor, 37 R road. 
Durant Thomas, printing ink manuf., S E Lom- 
bard & 10th. 
Durar Enoch, Exchange Coffee House, Mer- 
chant's Exchange, h 47 Gaskill. 
Durborow Mary, 86| N 9th. 
Durell Thomas, stove manuf., 76 N 6th. 
Durfor George, carpenter, 17 Fayette. 
Durfor William, carpenter, 73 Buttonwood. 
Durham Anna M., bleeder, 4 Crabb. 
Durham James, porter, 23 Little Pine. 
Durham Jeremiah, carter, 6 Barley. 
Durham John, tavern, Sch Front &. Filbert 
Durham Michael, baker. Filbert W Sch 4th 
Durham Samuel, carter, 2 Bonsall. 
Durkee Z., omnibus proprietor, Hamilton and 

Sch. 5th, Bushhill, h Sch. 8th & Vine. 
Durnell Francis, paper hanger. Front ab Reed. 
Durnell James, blacksmith, 156 Sassafras 
Durney Paul, acct., 231 S 3rd. 
Durney Tobias M., confectioner, 278 S 2nd. 
Duross Patrick, tavern, 2nd bel Wharton. 
Duross William, labourer. John's ct. 
Durr Alexander, tailor, 8 Sassafras al. 
Durr John, coachmr., Williamson's ct. 
Durrah Hugh, plasterei-, 476 Callowhill. 
Durst Peter, bl.icksmith, 414 Coates. 
Durst P. & W., blacksmiths, 414 Coates. 
Dusar Madame, 6 Watson's alley. 
Dusenberg Francis, lab., 5 Reckless ct. 
Du SoUe John S., publisher, N W 3rd & Chest- 
nut, h 146 Catharine. 




Dutch Alexander, cordw., S K lOili k Sergeant. 
Duterte &. Co., carpenters, 154 Lombard. 
Duterte Francis A., carp., 154 Lombard, h 58 

P road. 
Dutilh Charles, \;eni., 497 Mulberry. 
Dutilh Edmund G., mer., rear 147 Hig-h, h 

Spruce ab 12th. 
Dutilh E. G. &. Co., forwd. &. com. mers., rear 

147 High. 
Du Tomme, tailor, 6ll) n Shippen. 
Dutton Henj., tailor, 45 Coates. 
Button Isaac, carpenter, 466 S 4tli. 
Dutton John G., barber, N E 2nd 8c Walnut. 
Dutton Jolm S., tailor, 65 3rd, h 358 S 3rd. 
Dutton Joseph L., carp., 25 Pine. 
Dutton Levi, lab., 28 Sassafras al. 
Dutton Samuel, mer., 7 Commerce. 
Dutton Samuel P., carp., 24 Parker. 
Dutton AVilliam, currier, 25 Sassafras. 
Dutrille John, waiter, Warren ab Mercer. 
Duval P. S., lithog-r., 7 Bank al, h c 2nd &. Cox. 
Duvall Samuel, carter, 18 Allen. (K) 
Duy L., cloth mer... 18 S Front, h Clinton ab lOtli. 
Dwyer Daniel, fisherman. Wood ab Prince (K) 
Dwyer Peter, Wood ab 13th. 
Dyball Caroline, 385 Callowhill. 
Dyball Robert, printer, 210 N 9th. 
Dych Daniel, cordw., 484 N 2nd. 
Dych Frederick, ship wright, Marlboroug'h ab 

Queen. (K) 
Dych John, coppersmith, Union ab Prince. (K) 
Dych Michael, cordw., Prince bel Marlboi'o'. (K) 
Dye Sarah, shop, 521 N 3rd. 
Dye & Moi'ris, tailors. Queen n F road. (K) 
Dye William, cordw.. Crown ab Prince. (K) 
Dyer Joseph R., tailor, 23 Queen, li 3 Dungan's 

av (K) 
Dyer Michael, Newton. 
Dyer Milton, book binder, 91 New. 
Dyer Philip, carter. Lemon ab 10th. 
Dyer Sarah, 97 Green. 
Dyott Mrs. M. B., b h, 108 S 4th. 
Dyke John, clerk, 6 Southampton ct. 
Dyke Phineas B., teacher, 29 Montgomery. 
Dyncan Thomas, weaver. West n F road (K) 
Dyott John, druggist, Cedar ab 11th. 
Dyott T. W. Jr., druggist, 86^ N 2nd. 
Dyre James W., mer., 180 N 8th. 
Dyre Timothy J., brass founder, 100 S Front 

and c Washington &. Church 
Dytch Daniel, chair maker, Lilly al. 

Eachus W. F., 1 Shield's ct. 

Eadie James, tavern, 417 S 2nd. 

Eadline James, tailor, Front ab Green. 

Eagle Dominick, 107^ High, h 47 N 11th. 

Eagle Stephen, acct., 38 Wood. 

Eagle, Westcott & Camblos, dry g'ds, 107^ High 

Eagle Wm., cigar mr., 19 Charlotte. 

F^akin C. M., Chestnut n Sch. 6th. 

F:aler Lewis W., gunsmith, 120 Dillwyn. 

Earl Elizabeth, 393 N Front 

Earl Martin, cooper, Murray n Sch 2nd 

Earl Mary, 22 Coombes' al. 

Earle Henr}', lab., 5 Humphrey's ct. 

Earle James, lab.. Rose n Franklin. (K) 

Earle James, lab., Rose n Franklin. (K) 

Eai"le James senr., carver, 169 Chestnut. 

Earle James S., cai-ver &. gilder, 216 Chestnut. 

Earle John, butcher, High W Sch. 4th. 

Earle John H., tailor, 60 Walnut, h 55^ N 2nd. 

Earle Harrison, gent., 249 Pine. 

Earle Thomas, atty. & coun., 243 N 3rd. 

Earle Edward, M."d., 62 S 6th. 

Earley J as. W., carter, 328 S Front. 

Earley John H., pianomr., 1 Pearl st. 

Earls Hugii, tailor, 1 Marble. 

Early Louisa, fancy goods, 2, 3, &, 4 Arcade. 

Early Jeptha, clerk, 360 S Front. 

Karly John, labourer, 98 German. 

Early S., cordwainer. Filbert n Sch. 3rd. 

Early Samuel, drayman. Dun ton bel Franklin. 

Early William, mer., 12 High, h 227 N 6lh. 

Early Wm., lab., Sch 2nd and Walnut. 

Earnest John, bricklayer, S 12th n Lombard. 

Earnest David, tailor, 96 Walnut, h 24 Powell. 

Eai-nest Mrs. Esther, 87 S 3d. 

Earnest William S., shoes, 324 N 2nd. 

Earnhart Mary, tavern, c Oak & Gi'een. 

Earns A., sup. of highways, George ab Sch. 8th. 

Earp & Brothers, mers., 34 Commerce. 

Earp George, mer., 213 High, h302 Mulberiy. 

Earp George, baker, 7 Charlotte. 

Earp Philip, carman, Apple n George. 

Earp Robt., mer., 213 High, h 17 Montgomery 

Earp Thos., mer., 213 High, h 16 Montgomery 

Earps Haven &. West, mers., 213 High. 
Easby Catharine, N Sch. F'ront n Mulberry. 
Easby John, cooper, 55 S Water, h 182 S Front. 
Easby Wm., cooper, 55 S Water, h 35 Almond. 
Easier William, combmaker, 41 Cedar. 
Eastburn Chas., att'y and coun., N E 5th and 

Eastburn Francis R., teacher, 56 O Y road. 
Eastburn John, sailmr., 49 Almond. 
Eastlack A., bootmaker, 183 Walnut, h 1 Orange. 
Eastlack Richard W., carter, rear 216 Noble. 
Eastland Wm., 136 S 9th. 
Eastman h Alvord, spring bed makers, N E 

3d and Church al. 
Eastman Benj., manuf. of sj)ring beds, 3rd and 

Church al, h 52 N 8th. 
Eastwick Andw. M., machinist, Buttonwood ab 

Eastwick John, plasterer, 79 Swanson. 
Eastwick & Harrison, engine builders, cor 12th 

and Willow. 
Eastwick Stephen, plasterer. Union ab I'rince. 
Eastwood Mary Ann, dressmr., George ab 11th. 
Eastwood Samuel, malster, 225 Christian. 
Eaton Abagail R., milliner, 18 N 8th. 
Eaton Ananias, cordwainer. Front n Phoenix. 
Eaton James, baker, 17 Willow. 
Eaton James, stockmaker, 47 Carpenter. 
Eaton Lewis, ship carp., 254 N Front. 
Eaton Nathaniel, paper warehouse, 43 N Front 
Eaton Wm., b h, 110 Chestnut. 




Eaton Francis, bleacher, 9 Cox. 

Eaton Sarah, g-entw., St. .lolin n Reaver. (K) 

Eaton Setli, lab., Chiircli hel Christian. 

Eavenson Lydia, confect., 107 N 7th. 

Eayr Ann, 35 Phim. 

Eberbach .J. C, baker, 82 S 11th. 

Eberle VVm., agt. Pitts. Trans. Line, h 111 N 5th 

Eberly David, comedian, 128 Cherry. 

Ebert Frederick, paint. & g-hiz., 510 N Front. 

Ebert James L., iiair dresser, 107 Sassafras. 

Ebert Saml., carp., Pascliall's al. 

Ebert Peter, dentist, 71 Coates. 

Eberth Sarah, g-cntw., 143 Vine. 

Ebling- liobert, cordw., 570 N 2d 

Ebner Jacob, shop, c Allen & Marlborough. (K) 

Echternacht 11. W., tavern, N E Spruce and 

Eck Ann, 318 S Front, 49 Almond. 
Eckard F., M. D., 68 S 8th. 
Eckard Geo., brushmaker, Juniper bel Walnut. 
Eckel George, printer, 101 Cedar. 
Eckel John, mer., 128 N 3rd, h 189 N 7th. 
Eckel Samuel, custom house, 457 S Front. 
Eckel, Spangler & Raig-uel, dry goods, 1 28 N 3d 
Eckels Wm., salesman, N E Sch. and Lewis 
Eckendorf M., bleeder, 20 N 9th. 
Ecker Adam, brush-han. mr., Marshall n Poplar 
Ecker Christian, grocer, 213 Coates. 
Eckerd Georg'e, segarmaker, 16 St. Joseph's av 
Eckersly James, manut',, Marlboro' bel VVest. 
Eckert A., labourer, 34 Brown. 
Eckert Adam, lab., 3 Rranner's al. 
Eckert Frederick, weaver, Thome's ct. (N L) 
Eckert George, printer. Noble n Garden. 
Eckert George, mer., 148 High, h 214 Cherry 
Eckert John, carman. Reeves n Sch 2nd. 
Eckert Mary, wid. of Joiin, 4 Brannin's al. 
Eckert Peter, rigger, 41 Coates. 
Eckert Sarah, bh, 205 High. 
Eckert Sarah, sempstress, 3 Perrj'. 
Eckert Simon, hair curler, Cherry n Sch. 6th. 
Eckert, Snider, & Fraizer, dry goods, 148 High. 
Eckert William, mer., 148 High, h 2 Sansom. 
Eckfeldt Adam, chief coiner U S Mint, h 156 

N Juniper. 
Eckffldt Catliarine, 130 N 13th. 
Eckff kit Charles, silver plater, 130 N 13th. 
Eckfeldt George, machinist, 120 N Juniper. 
Eckfeldt .lacob R., assayer U S Mint, h 154 N 

Eckfeldt William, firehose manuf , 9 Perry, h 

130 N 13th. 
Eckhardt Charles H., chandler, 326 N 2nd. 
Eckhardt Henry, soap manuf., c Shackamaxon 

&, Prince. (K) 
Eckhardt William G., baker, 130 Callowhill. 
Eckhart Frederick, gent, I/dly al. 
Eckhart Henry, bootmr., 5 Kessler's ct. 
Eckhart Lewis, shoemaker, 65 Logan. 
Ecklers Peter, mariner, 325 Lombard. 
Eckley Wm., carter, Conrad's ct. 
Ecklln Saml., type founder, h 76 Crown. 
Eckroyd Mar}', dry goods, 288 N 2nd. 
Eckstein Jacob, books & stationery, 118 N 4th. 
Eckstein John, brushes, 36 N 3rd. 

Eckstein Samuel, paper, 200 & li 204 N 3rd. 

Eckstein Solomon, storekr, 5 I^inden ct. 

Ecky John, mer., 180 H 9lh. 

Kddicks Loyd, sawyer, Fitzwater h 7tli. 

Eddis Isaac, combmaker, rear 79 Poplar. 

Kddy Jasan, lab., 19 Wagner's ai. 

Eddy J., hair dresser, 460 Race. 

Eddy Joshua B. P., hair dresser, 1^ N lltli, h 

87 Bedford. 
Eddy Sarah, dealer, 169 S 6th. 
Edel Ann, shop, F road ab Howard. (K.) 
Edel Joseph, tavern, 5th and (i T road 
Edel Mathias, weaver, Bedford ab Marlborough 
Edelman George W., bookkeeper U S Mint, h 

14 Madison. 
Edelman Isaac, carpenter, 22 Madison. 
Edelman Sarah, tailorcss, c Wagnci-'sal StCherrj' 
Edel William, oysterman, 22 Almond. 
Edels Josiah, dry goods, 321 N 2nd. 
Eden Robert, lab., 33 M'Duffie. 
Edenborn J., grocer, 155 & h 144 N 13th. 
Edenborn J. & S., grocers, 155 N 13th. 
Edenborn Peter, tobacconist, 99 N 4lh. 
Edenborn Saml., gro., 155 &. h 144 N 13th. 
Edgar Hannah, 44 N 13th. 
Edgar Jas. senr., messenger, U. States Mint, h 1 

Edgar John, bookbinder, 96 Cherry, h 40 

Edgar John, printer, 375 Callowhill. 
Edgar John, carpenter, 113 N 6th. 
Edgar John E., machinist, 9 Union. 
Edgar J. & R., bookbinders, 96 Cherry. 
Edgar Margaret, mu'se, 112 Swanson. 
Edgar Robert, bookbinder, 96 Cherry, h 48 

Edgar Samuel, bookbinder, 131 N 6th. 
Edgar William, black & whitesmitli, S E Willow 

& Factory. 
Edgar Wm., carter, 154 Poplar. 
Edixon Garrett, hair dresser, c 2d & G T road 
Edler John C, engraver, 88 Sassafras. 
Edmonds Franklin, clerk, 171 Catharine. 
Edmonds Nathl., 39 Zane. 
Edmonds S. Mrs., seminary, 51 George. 
Edmonston Archibald, printer, rear 33 Phmi. 
Edson Nathan, cabmr., Mary (W P) 
Edwards A. F. W., mer., 43 S Front h Sch 7th 

bel Locust. 
Edwards &. Borden, tailors, 109 Sassafras 
Edwards Charles, tavern, 270 N Front. 
Edwarils Chas. C, gent., 206 N Front. 
Edwards & Co., c mers., 43 S Front 
Edwards Edwai'd & Son, flour mer., 221 and 

h 206 N Front. 
Edwards George, cooper, 1 Bank. 
Edwards Mrs. G., milliner, 86 Walnut. 
Edwards G. W., broker, 60^ Dock, h W Penn sq 
Edwards Jacob, Green Street House, 27 Green 
Edwards Henry, cabinetmaker, 309 S 6th, 
Edwards James, cordw.. Front n Jefferson 
Edwards James G., mer., 43 S Front, h Sch 7tli 

bel Locust. 
Edwards James T., 3 Williamson's ct. 
Edwards John, cooper, 1 Bank. 




Edwai'ds John St Son, coopers, 1 liunk. 
Edwards John, painter, 13 S 8th, h 19 Jefferson 

Edwards Joseph, b h, 128 N 2nd 
Edwards Joseph, mar., 184 and h 206 N Front 
Edwards Luther C, painter, 41 Chestnut. 
Edwards Matthew, brassfounder, 9 Lilly al. 
Edwards Owen, hatter, Green ab 13th 
Edwards Peter, waiter. Little Pine 
Edwards Richd L., upholsterer, S 10th ab Bonsall 
Edwards Robert, cooper. Girl's ct 
Edwards Samuel H., silks, 131 Hig-h, h 78 Wood 
Edwards Samuel, porter, 6 Uiddle's al. 
Edwards Sai-ah Ann, 8 Quince 
Edwards Sarah, b h, 44 Filbert 
Edwards Thomas A., Sch 7th bel Locust. 
Edwards William, labourer, 108 Oak. 
Edwards William, lab., Crabb bel Cedar 
Edwards Wm., Bank Coffee House, 10 Library 
Edwards Wm., combmr., 24 Charlotte 
Edwards Wm. C, mer., 91 S Front, h 25 Mul- 

Edwards Wm. C, upholsterer, 5th n Prune, h 

76 Spruce 
Edwards William H., painter, O Y Road and 

Callowhill, h N 7th bel Coates, 
Edwards Wm. H., captain, 14 Christian. 
Edwards Wm. B., bookbinder. Wall ab P road. 
Edwai-ds William L., 47 Mulberry. 
Edwin David, engraver, 32 Madison. 
Efflebach Henry, cordw., rear 595 N 3d 
Eg-an John, lab., Sch. 4th n High 
Egan John, lab., Beach n George 
Egan Mary P., seminary, 185 Coates 
Egan Michael, lab., Sch. Front ab Filbert 
Eggeton Jonathan, blacksm.. Dean ab Bedford 
Eggleston M., ship stores, 87 S Wharves, h 141 

Eggleton Albert, lab.. Queen ab Warren. (K) 
Eggleton John, teamster, Shackamaxon bel F 

Egly Jacob, blacksmith^ rear 492 N 3d 
Egner Chrs., wines & liq., 10 N 3rd, h 128 Pine 
Egner Samuel, brickmaker. High ab Sch 2d. 
Ehret Ellas, boot & shoemaker, 466 Vine. 
Ehret Jacob, cordw.. Say n Sch 8tli. 
Ehret Micliael, carpenter, 27 Apple. 
Ehret Micliael, cordwainer, Apple bel Poplar. 
Ehrman Jacob, 462 Vine 
Eible Ferdinand, tailor, 2 Furlong's ct 
Elch John, clerk, rear 284 N 7th 
Eiciicrt Adam, baker, Marlborough n Queen 
Eichholtz Jacob, portrait painter, 40 Sansom 
Eichorn Frederick, lab., 43 Biidd 
Eikelbaener D., sklndresser, 598 N 3d 
Fllnmechter Wm., bricklayer, St. John n Beaver 
Einwechter George, carp., Apple n Cohocksink. 
Elnwechter Wm., carp., Apple n Cohocksink 

Eisele George Philip, baker, Sch. 8th bel 

Eisen Daniel, soap &. candle manuf., 90 Green. 
Eisenbrey John jr., mer.. Pine ab 9th. 
Eisenbrey John, coachm., h 113 Wood. 
Eisenbrey P., coach pai.. Shoemaker, h 37 Zane 

Elsenbrown G., shoemr.. Poplar ab 3d 

Eisenhut John D., coppersmith, Carlton ab 12th 

Eiserman George, painter & glazier, 7 N 7th. 

Eisler Philip, baker, 650 N 2d 

Elberson Francis, pilot, 29 Reckless. 

Elbert Catharine M., 13th bel Locust. 

Elder Henry L., mer., 493 High 

Elder & Marsh, hardware, 493 High 

Elder Wm., watchmr., 473 N 3d 

Elder William T., gent., 7th n Poplar. 

f:idredge Stilhvell, tailor, 228 High, h Franklin 

n Green 
Eldrldge Benjamin, hides & leather, 85 S 2nd. 
Eldrldge Burroughs, lab., High ab Sch. 2d 
Eldridge & Conard, hardware, 309 High. 
Eldridge Danl. W., mer., 309 High, h 205 Spruce. 
Eldridge George, carter, F R bel Shackamaxon. 
Eldridge Isaac B., last maker, 268 N 5th. 
Eldridge Jeremiah, grocer, G T road n 5th 
Eldridge James, grocer, N W 3d &c Carpenter 
Eldridge Jane, gentw., 131 Carpenter 
Eldridge Joseph M., mer., 85 S 2d 
Eldridge Lemuel, bookbinder, 10 Pear 
Eldridge Levi, carpets & floor cloth, 2 Bank 

pi. Chestnut, h 187 S 7th 
Eldrige Isaiah, sea captain, 79 Christian. 
Eleman Philip, tavern, 165 Shlppen. 
Elfelt S., mer., 166 N 3d, h Noble ab 4th. 
Elfree Ann, 167 N 13th. 
Elfree Samuel, gent., Poplair n 6th 
Elfreth Jacob R., accountant, 84 Wood. 
Elfreth Samuel D., coachsmlth, Weccacoe bel 

Elfrey George, planemaker, 279 Coates. 
Elfrey Philip, cooper, 5th ab George 
Elfrith Isaac C, gent., N E 13th & Chestnut 
Ellas Christian, cabinetmr., Lewis ab Sch. 6th 
Elias Henry, gent., 143 N 10th 
Elison & Levis, shoes, 31 N 3d 
Ellson Wm., mer., 31 N 3d, h 203 Callowhill 
Elkln Abm., gent., 12th ab Cherry. 
Elkin Solomon, gent., 251 Callowhill. 
Elkins Thomas, ladles' shoemaker, 114 S 8th. 
Elkinton George M., gent., 49 Vine. 
Elkinton Joseph, soap & candlemr., 377 S 2nd. 
Elkinton John A., M. D., S E 5th &. Green 
Ella John, mer., 42 Commerce, h 51 S 13th 
Ella Rachel W., gentw., 4U9 Sassafras 
Ellcock J., grocer, Maiden n Front 
Ellender Wm., painter, 3 Gahell's ct 
Ellet Charles, gent.. Chestnut ab Sch. 5th 
Ellet Charles Junr., civil engineer. Chestnut W 

Sch. 5th 
Elllck Clement, mer., 10 Franklin pi., h Hano- 
ver n Duke 
Ellicot Ely, scale manuf., 356 Coates. 
Elllcot Thomas & Sons, scale manuf, 354 Coates. 
Elllcott Tliomas jr., scale manuf, 360 Coates. 
Ellles Jane, gentw., 535 Chestnut 
Elllndor William, painter, Adam n 13th. 
Elllngham Lewis, pedler, Logan n Green 
Elliott A., iron founder, 32 Rlttenhouse, h 22 

Elliott Andrew, carver, 355 Cedar 
Elliott Alexander, taveni, c 7th 8t Sliippen. 




Elliott &, Co., trimming's, 362 N 2d 
Elliott Caroline W., drygoocls, 283 N 2na. 
Elliott Charles, dry goods, 431 N 2nd. 
Elliott Chas. A., printer, 51 Chestnut, h 5 Clover 
Elliott Edward R., grocer, c Jimiper & George 
Elliott George, stone cutter, R road ab George. 

. (FV) 
Elliott George, carter, George n Beach 
Elliott George, tinplate worker, 471 High 
Elliott George F., tavern, c Crabb &. Sliippcn 
Elliott Hugh, bookseller, 9 N 4th 
Elliott Isaac, conveyancer, 81 Chestnut, h N 

Penn sq. 
Elliott .lames I.., druggist, S E 10th &. Mulberry 
Elliott Jane, trimmings, 196 N 5th 
Elliott John, manuf., 598 N 3d 
Elliott John, gent., 242 Sassafras 
Elliott John, sashmr., Lemon ab 10th 
Elliott John, mer., 181 High, h 223 High 
Elliott John, carp., 149 Poplar 
Elliott John, mer., 12 N 3d, h 337 N 6th 
Elliott John, lab., George ab Beach 
Elliott John, lab.. High ab Sch. 2d 
Elliott John, carp., George n Sch. 6th 
Elliott John, gent., 2nd ab Phoenix 
Elliott John, clerk, Pine n Broad 
Elliott John, drayman, Sch. 7th n Vine 
Elliott Joseph, carp., 171 Catharine 
Elliott Joseph S., weaver, 1 Pearl. 
Elliott Margaret, b h, 7 Fayette. 
Elliott Margaret, 246 Wood 
Elliott Mary, 4 Benezet. 
Elliott Mary, 65 New 
Elliott Matthew, cordwainer, 3 Marion 
Elliott Phoebe, Ellett's av. 
Elliott Richard, lab., Bethesda row 
Elliott 8c Robinson, conveyancers, 81 Chestnut. 
Elliott Robert, weaver. Arch n Sch. Front. 
Elliott Robert, manuf., 612 N 2nd. 
Elliott Robertj cordwainer, 2d ab Marion 
Elliott Robert, cordw.. Willow bel Spruce. 
Elliott R. P., trimming store, 362 N 2nd. 
Elliott Samuel, saddler, R road n Broad 
Elliott & Stephens, cork manuf., CallowhlU bel 

Sch. 8th. 
Elliott Stephen, lab., AVest ab George 
Elliott Stewart, pawnbroker, 267 S 7th. 
Elliott Thomas, cordw.. Otter n William. (K) 
Elliott Thomas, shop, 248 Lombard 
Elliott William, cordw., 10 Perry 
Elliott William H., sign painter, 96^ Sassafras. 
Elliott &. Wright, carpenters. Chestnut ab Sch 

Ellis Amos, brickmaker, 7th n Sp. Garden. 
Ellis Ann, 236 High. 
Ellis Catharine, Pearl ab 11th 
Ellis Charles, boat builder, 50 Oak. 
Ellis Charles, druggisi, 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th 
Ellis Charles & Co., druggist, 56 Chestnut. 
Ellis Charles R., tailor, 16 S 8th. 
Ellis Daniel C, ironmonger and agent for real 

estate, c R road and Callowhill. 
Ellis David, g'ent., Franklin ab Green 
Ellis George, stevedore. Workman's ct 
Ellis George, gent., 5th n Poplar 

Ellis TI., printer, 69 S Fjoiit 

Ellis Jacob, dry goods, 10 S 2ii<i, h 32 Madison. 

Ellis Jacob M., mer., 7 N 2n(l, h 118 Crown. 

Ellis James, lab., V road bel Bedford. 

F.llis James P., conveyancer, Green ab 7th 

Ellis Jane, b h, 2 Pegg 

Ellis Jesse, coach lampmr., Faries' ct 

Ellis John, livery stahjr s, Sliicld's al 

Ellis Joseph, blacksmith. Goldsmith's ct. (N I-) 

Ellis Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 156 S 5th 

Ellis Maria, 65 Walnut 

Ellis Nathan W., N 7th n Poplar. 

Ellis P. H., mer., 47 N 2nd,h Marshall row 

Ellis Robert, lab., Jones ct. bet Sch. 4lh & .5th. 

Ellis Thomas B., tailor, 19 S 3rd, h 7th bel 

Ellis Thomas, clerk, 3 Vaux's ct. 
Ellis Thos., morocco dresser, 4 Point Pleasant 

av. (K) 
Ellis William, druggist, 56 Chestnut 
Ellis William, coach lamp maker, 13 S 6th, k 

10 Chester. 
Ellison John, innkeeper, c 6th &. Poplar. 
Ellison John B., mer., S E 2nd &, High, h 40 

Ellison John B., &. Co., cloths, S E 2nd &. High. 
Ellison & Moore, hardware. 111 High. 
Ellison Samuel, sea captain. Court al 
Ellison Wm. C, mer.. Ill High, h 40 Mulberry 
Ellmaker, Dunn & Co., grocers, 227 High. 
Ellmaker H., wid. of Levi, N E Mulberry & 11th 
Ellmaker Horace, mer., 57 S wharves, h 303 

Ellmaker Frederick S., mer., 227 High 
Ellmaker Peter C, mer., 227 High 
Elmer Hudson, japanner, 5 Kelly's ct 
Elmes Abner, hatter, 196 High, h33 Girard 
Elmes Belinda, Atherton 
Elmes Charles, mariner, rear 11 Mead. 
Elmes Lazell, 38 N 4th, h 171 Pine. 
Elmes Thomas, watch casemr., 10th ab Wash- 
Elmes Thos., mer., 104 Hig-h, h 9 Portico sq. 
Elmes Thomas & Sons, hatters, 104 Hig-h. 
Elmes Thos. & Co., hats & furs, 114 Chestnut. 
Elmes Thos. Jr., hatter, 104 High, h Clinton bel 

Elmore Geo., carman, Beaver ab Charlotte. 
Elmore Robert, patternmr., Beaver ab Charlotte. 
Elmore William, beamer, Ann bel Sch. 3d 
Elmore Yohe, b h, 80 Green 
Elmslie Alexander, gent., 232 S Front. 
Elsberry Charles, porter, Stanley ab 3rd. 
Elsessor John, baker, 269 S 5th. 
F.lsegood M., bootmaker, 36 N 8th 
Elsegood Wm. A., bootmr., 38 S 6th 
Elsegood W. H., bootmaker, 38 S 6th, h 215 

Elsegood W. H. & Son, bootmakers, 38 S 6th 
Elston Elizabeth, dry goods, Marlborough bel 

Elston Maria, shop. Wood ab Queen 
Elton Anthony, 1 1 Hubbell. 
Elton Anthonv, tobacco merchant, 34 S whfs., U 

Chnton n 10th. 




Elton Hannah, 53 Chester 

Elton Joseph, printer, 11 Emlen's ct. 

Elton Thomas H., carpenter, 123 Bnttonwood 

Eltonhead George, stove finisher, 38 Queen. (K) 

Eltonhead John, stove finisher, Uean skb Bedford 

Eltonhead Wm. D., spect. mr., 304 Callowhill. 

Ehvanger Everhart, butcher, Charlotte n Creek. 

Elwell Alexander, blacksm.. Concord ab 2d 
Elwell Daniel, blacksmith, S 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Ehvell Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 47 Mead. 
Ellwell Evan, tavern, rear 58 High 
Ehvell Henry, blacksm., 8 Mead, 'h380 S Front. 
Elwell Samuel, shipsmith, 124 Catharine. 
Elwell S. S., dealer, N E 10th & Buttonwood. 
Elwell Thomas, blacksmith, 10th ab Catharine. 
Elwell Uriah, mariner, Wallace ct 
Elwyn Elizab. Lang-don, gentw., 310 Chestnut 
EKlyn Alfred, M. U., 306 Chestnut 
Ely Caroline, rear 44 Budd 
Ely John, gent., 6 Portico sq. 
Ely John Jr., gent., 6 Portico sq. 
Ely Joseph, gent., 188 Mulbe^rJ^ 
Ely Sarah M., 321 N 6th. 
Emanuel Jacob, lab.. Beach bel Maiden 
Emanuels M., M. D., Spruce n Sch. 3rd. 
Embry Richard, milkman, rear Cherry W of 

Sch. 6lh. 
Emerdeck John, carter, 5 Rogers' ct 
Emerick A., hardware, 377 High, h 57 N 11th 
Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker, 72 S 8th. 
Emerick Daniel B., tinsmith, 72 S 8th. 
Emerick David, constable. Palmer ab West. 
Emei-ick Fred., shipcarpenter, Palmer ab West 
Emerick George, carp., Palmer ab West 
Emerick George, com. St trans, mer.. Broad, h 

5 Montgomery. 
Emerick Henry, cordwainer, 14 Pratt's ct. 
Emerick Jacob, crockerj% 215 N 3rd. 
Emerick John, ladies' shoemr., 14 Pratt's ct 
Emerick Peter K., china, 210 N 2nd, h 100 Vine 
Emerick William B., superintendent city rail 

road, 22 Rittenhouse. 
Emerson Govivcrneur, M. D.,167 Walnut 
Emerson M. M., mer., Wallace n 8th 
Emerson Mary, gentw., 37 Charlotte 
Emery Abraham, G T road and Haydock 
Emery Benj., dealer, Sch. Beach n George 
Emery Daniel, tavern, 6th and Poplar 
Emery Geo., whipmr.. Crown ab Bedford. (K) 
Emei-y G., gent., Apple ab Brown 
Emery Geo. W., tav., S W 4th & George (N L) 
Emery Henry, grocer, 220 & 226 N 2d 
Emery Henry, coachman, 203 N 3d 
Emery John, grocer, Edward n School (K) 
Emery Maria, tailoress, Boyle's ct 
Fernery William, waiter, 129 f.ocust. 
Emily S. B., 109 N 2d 

Emily R. M., sempstress, S E 5th and Spruce 
Emlen George, gent., 105 Locust. 
Emlen George Jr., att'y & coun., 149 Walnut, 

h N E Sch. 7th and Spruce 
Emlen Joshua, pres. Del. ins. co., h 79 S 12th. 
Emlen William F., broker, 1 Phil. Exchange, h 

Chestnut ab 10th 

Emmett Hannah, Gray's ct 
Emmet Thomas, cordw.. Beach ab Poplar. (K) 
Emmons Tliomas, lab.. Ball ab Shippen 
Emmons Wm., blacksmith, Madison av 
Emons George K., cordw., Washington ab Cal- 
Emory Peter, wharf builder, 474 S 2nd 
Endress Charles C, coachmr., 7 Elder al. 
Eneu James Jr., elk. Quar. Ses. & Ct. O. 8s. T., 

13 State House, h 167 Shippen. 
Eneu Joseph, clerk, 167 Shippen 
Eneu Rebecca, 159 Chi-istian. 
Engard Adam, carp., 410 N 5th 
Eng-ard Magdalena, Noble ab O Y road 
Engard Samuel, watch maker, 367 N Front 
Engard William H., carter, 372 Coates. 
Engelman D. W., confectioner, 7 Rittenhouse 
Enger Margaretta, shop, Sch. 8th n Callowhill 
England Benj., carp., 180 St. John 
England Lindlay M., clerk, 180 S 2nd, h 215 

England I,emuel, shoemaker, 20 Plum. 
England James B., acct.. Walnut n 8th 
Engle Aaron, dry goods, 393 N 2nd. 
Engle Albert, planemr., Hanover ab Prince (K) 
Engle Edwin, flour & feed, High ab Sch. 6th 
Engle Richard, tanner, 527 N Front. 
Englebert Cornelius, ladies' shoemaker. Chest- 
nut ab 10th. 
Englebert J., ladies shoemaker, 74 S 4th. 
Englebert L., gent., 12 Powell. 
Englehart C. M.. 1 Brown's ct 
Englehart Wm. ¥., fireman, 3 Gribble's ct 
Engleman Elias Jr., stocks, 31 S 8th 
Engleman Frederick, liquors, 248 N Front 
Eugles George, cai-p., c Otter & School. (K) 
Engles Joseph P., academy, George ab 11th, h 

71 Filbert. 
Engles Lewis, dry goods, 222 Callowhill and 61 

N 3d 
Engles Wm. M. Rev., ed. Presb., 385 A[idberry. 
Eng'lish Abm., shoes, 83 High, ub stairs, h 21 

Eng'lish Edward, stevedore, 22 Almond 
English Elizabeth M., 31 Pine. 
English & Ellis, tailors, 19 S 3rd. 
English G. B., mer., 37 Higii, h 314 Walnut 
English G. B. & J. B., importers, 37 High. 
EnglisJi H., dry goods, 42 N 6th. 
English Hugh, blacksm., 38 Cherry, h 42 N 6th 
English H. N., tailor, 33 S 4th 
English James, blacksmith, Zane &. 125 S 6th, 

h 25 Filbert. 
English James C, paper hanger, 495 N 2d 
English John, Oak ab Willow 
English John, 184 N 11th. John, watchman, William n Sch. 5th 
English J. E., tailor, 19 S 3rd, h 47 Buttonwood 
English J. B , mer., 37 High, h 314 Walnut 
English Launcelot, tea-warehouse, 39 Lombard. 
Englisli James, paper hangings, 495 N 2d 
English & Mintzer, ladies' shoes, 83 High above 

English Mizel, paper hanger, 165 S 3rd. 
English Nathan, plasterer, 7 Boyd's av. 




Eni^lish Robert, blacksm., Ferry ct 

Eiig-lish Samuel, genl., 314 Walnut. 

English Stephen, teacher, Callowhill ab Sch. .3d 

Eng-jish Thomas D., M. U., Walnut n Sch. 

English Tyler, drayman, 462 O Y road 

English Wm., custom house, h 165 Queen 

Engstrom A. IJ., academy, 16 S 7th. 

Ennis .John, carp., 11th n Callowhill 

Ennis John, paper hanger, 10th bel Green. 

Ennis James, dealer, 113 Svvanson. 

Ennis Joshua, bootmaker, 4 Hammell's ct. 

Ennis Robert H., umbiellamaker, 24 N 12th. 

Ennis Thos. L., mer., 202 N 2d 

Eiuiis William A., umbrellamaker, 128 High, 

h Green bel 9th 
Enochs Elizabeth, Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 
Enokc Jame.s, patternmr., 16 Webb's al 
Enos D. C, mer., (W P) 
Ensign George, mer., 22 Church al., h 75 But- 

Ensign & Little, paper wareh., 22 Church al 
Ensor William, cordwainer, 10 Pleasant retreat 
Enthorn Rachel, shop, Bedford &. Shippen la 
Enthwhistle Thos., weav., Prince ab Palmer. (K) 
Entricken William, grocer, c Fitzwater & Lisle 
Entriken Henry, plasterer, 360 S Front 
Enyard Charles, cordw., Hanover ab Bedford 
Enyard Isaac, cordw., 520 N 2d 
Enyard Jacob, mason, 520 N 2d 
Eplee Daniel, gent., 55 Spruce. 
Eppelsheimer Edward, sugar refiner, 141 N 5th 
Eppelsheimer Lewis, gent., 141 N 5th. 
Eppelsheimer Wm. jr. & L., sug. reh., 170 N 5th 
Eppwright Rudolph, oysters, Front bel Reed 
Epsten Elias, tailoi', 93 Noble. 
Epstein Josiah, tailor, 25 & 161 N 4th. 
Erben Henry G., druggist, S W 12th & Vine 
Erdman D. I?., carpenter, Ann n R road. (F) 
Erdman Fredk., carpentei", NE Sassafras St Sch. 

Erdman Flenr)', manuf., 680 N 2d 
Erety George, alderman, 288 N 3d 
Ernhart Charles, gunsm., Charlotte ab Beaver 
Ernst Jacob, baker, S E Front & Washington. 
Ernst Michael, tailor, 5 EUett's avenue. 
Errickson Errich S., coachtrimmer, Walker's ct. 
Errickson Hannah, milliner, 153 S 6th 
Errickson Hester, c Catharine &. Swanson 
Errickson Michael, carp., 11th ab Washington 
Erringer Frederick, 81 Cheny. 
Erringer J. Livingston, mer., 22 N Front 
Erringer 8c Pease, com. mers., 22 N Front 
Erringer Philip, mer., 240 N 2d, h 91 Callowhill 
Erskine Joseph, cordwainer, 27 P'lower. 
Erskine Martin, cordwainer, rear 4 Webb's al. 
Erskine Rufus M., boot & shoemr., 4 Webb's al. 
Erwin Casper, tavern, 229 Callowhill. 
Erwin Deborah, milliner, N E 10th &. Vine. 
Erwin Elizabeth, dressmr., 21 Julianna 
Erwin Edward, lab., F road ab Phoenix 
Erwin Ezra, gent.. Beach n Marsh 
Erwin Francis, weaver, Wagner's al 
Erwin Henry, carter, Sch. ■'5th 5 Chestnut. 
Erwin Henry, watchmaker, 167 Chestnut, h 301 

Erwin James, labourer, Pleasant bel 10th. 1 

Erwin James, U. S. Ar.scnal 

Erwin .lolui, flour slmc, 451 S Front. 

Erwin Jos. E., distiller, 5 Marble, h 352 High 

Erwin Margaret, 25 i* road 

Erwin Marmarlukc, lab., Beach ab 

Erwin Patrick, lab., Sch. 3d & Filbert 

Erwin Robert, grocer. High ab Sch. 2d 

Erwin Samuel, shop, SpalFord ab Shippen 

Erwin Steward, labourer. Wood ab Sch. 6th 

Erwin Susan Mrs., gentw., 340 Mulbcny 

Escandel Anthony, tailor, 79 Shippen. 

E.senwcin Charles & Co., mers., 58 S whfs. 

Esenwein Charles, mer., 58 S wharves, h S E 2d 

and Callowhill. 
Esher C. S., grocer, 64 & 66 N 4th & N E Race 

& 5th, h 171 N 4lh. 
Esher Conrad M., brickhiyer, Ashton bel Spnice. 
Esher Jacob, grocer, 64 & 66 N 4lh & N E cov 

5th & Sassafras, h 209 N 6tli. 
Esher Jacob U., tailor, 3d ab Franklin. (K) 
Esher John W., tailor, 188 G T road 
Esher J. &. W^ & Co., grocers, 64 & 66 N 4th. 
Esher Phoebe, Crabb bel Cedar 
Esher Wm., grocer, 64 & 66 N 4th & N E Sa.s- 

safras Sc 5th, h 221 N 6th. 
Esherick George, mer., 166^ High, h 3 Lodge. 
Esherick, Hansell & Co., dry goods, 166^ High. 
Esherick Joseph, mer., 166^ High. 
Eskridge Ann, 8 Mechanic ct. 
Esler Benjamin, machinist, 109 N Juniper 
Esler George, carp., 348 S 2d, h 117 Christian 
Esler George, jr., acct., 117 Christian 
Esler Isaiah, S 5th bel Carpenter. (S) 
Esier John K., baker, 192 Christian 
Esler Wm., tavern, S W 4th & Carpenter. (S) 
Eshng Joseph, coal-mer., 51 Filbert. 
Esling Nicholas, gent., 57 Buttonwood. 
Espy George, broker, 4 Bank al., h 239 Pine 
Espy Mills B., broker, 36 S 3d 
Essig Christian, turner, Pearson's ct. (K) 
Essig Jefferson II., fireman, 19 Nectarine. 
Estell Daniel, 42 N 5th 
Esterlon Ann, widow, 244 Cedar 
Estess Samuel, baker, Front ab Noble. 
Estine Mary, gentw., 161 N 4th 
Estlack George, bricklayer, 10 S Sch. 8th 
Estlack Thomas, 529 Chestimt. 
Estlin John, grate & tender manuf., 87 N 5th 
Estlow Charles, framemaker, 74 Almond. 
Esti-eicher Frederick, feed, F road ab Master 
Ethell & Cuddy, h. painters. Front ab Mulberry 

and 11 N 11th 
Ethell John, painter, Front ab Mulbeiry and 

11 N 11th 
Etley Wm., butcher, W'ood n Sch. Front. 
Etris James, blacksmith, 5 Holmes' alley. 
Etriss Samuel Jr., cabinetmaker, 91 Prime. 
Etriss Samuel, cabinetmr., 44A, & h416 S Fronts 
Etter David, painter, 4tli ab Carpenter. 
Etter George, jeweller, 470 S 2d. 
Etter Philip, toymaker, 106 Apple. 
Etting Benj., mer., 71 N Water, h 95 Locust. 
Etting Edward J., iron mer., 69 & 71 N Water, 

h S W Sch. 8th and Spruce 




Etting' E. J. & Brother, com. nicrs., 69 and 71 

N Water. 
Etting Henry, U. S Navy, Locust, 2nd door W of 

Etting Horatio, mer., 17 Walnut, h oOl Walnut. 
Etting Reuben, gent., Locust, 2d dr. W of Broad. 
Ettinger Junius, shoemr., 51 Rose al 
Ettinger William, bricklayer, 26 Julianna. 
Ettinger William, oysterhouse, 410 N 2d. 
Ettling Louis, mer., 293 N 3d 
Etzell Gotleib, lab., Rihl's ct 
Eustace Sarah, shop, 521 N 2d 
Euston James, painter, 68 Chestnut, h 10 Jefler- 

son row. 
Euston & Weir, painters, 68 Chestnut. 
Evans Aaron, carp., 90 Cherry, h 11th ab Coates 
Evans Abag'ail, 98 George. 
Evans Andrew D. Capt, 31 Queen 
Evans Ann, baker, 13 S 10th. 
Evans Ann, 13 Fa3'ette. 

Evans Ann, washer, 4th ab George. (N L) 

Evans & Bell, finding store, W Penn sq. and 

High, and High ab Sch. 4th 
Evans Benjamin, hatter. Pearl n Sch. river 
Evans Benjamin M., grocer, 276 Cedar. 

Evans Cadwalader, gent., 417 MulbeiTy. 

Evans Charles, ladies* cordw.. High ab Sch. 4th. 

Evans Charles, machinist, c Quarry and Bread, 
h 73 Sassafras. 

Evans Charles, cordwainer 161 Green. 

Evans Charles, M. D., 201 Mulberry. 

Evans Charles, bricklayer, 10th bel Pai-rish 

Evans Clotworthy, carp.. Front bel Master. (K) 

Evans Daniel, blacksmith, 107 Cedar 

Evans David, painter, 385 Sassafras 

Evans David, lumber mer., 219 N Water, h 90 

Evans David, hoisting machines, 76 S 2nd. 

Evans David R., lumber, 12th £i Callowhill, h 
331 N 6th. 

Evans D., mer., 12 N Front, h 7 Green. 

Evans & Davis, lumber mers., 219 N Water. 

Evans Edward, carpenter. Barker n Sch. 6th 

Evans Edvvai'd, slater, 9 Hickory ct. 

Evans Edm., paint., 28 N 12th, h 17 Montg'omeiy 

Evans Edmund C, M. D., 29 N 13th 

Evans Eliza, washerw., Swanson ab Almojid 

Evans Elizabeth, b h, N W 8th and Filbert 

Evans Elizabeth, Coates n 10th. 

Evans Ellen, milliner, 33 N 11th. 

Evans Ellis, shoemaker, 290 S 6th. 

Evans E. A., dressmaker, 184 Chestnut. 

Evans Griffith, gent., 163 Walnut. 

Evans H., M. D., 163 Walnut. 

Evans Hannah, 29 Apple 

Evans Hannah, 481 Vine. 

Evans Hannah, 2 Wood. 

Evans Henry F., carter, 131 N Juniper. 

Evans Isaiah, Broad ab Spruce 

Evans Israel, grocer, 20 Cedar 

Evans Jacob, currier, 88 Cherry. 

Evans James D., cordwainer, Beaver adj. Creek. 
Evans Jane C, arti. flower maker, 71 Chestnut 
Evans Joel, grocer, 210 & h 208 N 3d. 
Evans John, inspec. of lumber, 269 St, John. 

Evans J. N., teacher, 21 Perry. 

Evans John, tailor, 14 Dyott's ct. (K) 

Evans John, gent., 331 N 6th. 

Evans John Jr., carpenter, R road n Broad 

Evans Jonathan, apoth., N E 3d and Spruce. 

Evans Joseph, variety store, 221 S 2d. 

Evans Joseph Jr., hats, 29Chestnut, h207 S 2d 

Evans Joseph, shoes, 258 High, h 20 Marshall. 

Evans Joseph Jr., com. mer., 25 Dock 

Evans J. Ogden, gent., 10th n S Garden 

Evans Joseph R., mer., 31 S whar., h 103 Pine. 

Evans Jos. R. Jr., mer., 31 S whar., h 101 Pine. 

Evans Josliua, bk. acct., 55 Vine. 

Evans Josiah, bricklayer, 71 Chestnut 

Evans Josiah J., harness maker, Sch. 3rd above 

Evans Margaret, 3 Providence ct. 
Evans Martha, washer, Caroline pi. 
Evans M. J. Mrs., b h., 8 Commerce. 
Evans & Miles, carpenters, 90 Cherry ab 6th. 
Evans Nathaniel, carpenter, Shafer's ct. 
Evans Oliver, Sch. Beach n George. 
Evans Ohver, carp., 74 S Front, h 47 Almond. 
Evans Randolph W., paint factory, 447 N Front. 
Evans Richard, weaver, William n Rose. (K) 
Evans Robert, teacher, Sch. 5th n Pine. 
Evans Robert T., 178 N 9th. 
Evans Rowland C, carpenter, 9th bel Noble. 
Evans Rowland E., atty. & coun., 152 Walnut, h 

417 Mulberry. 
Evans Rudolph H., di'uggist, 376 High. 
Evans R, W., turp. distiller, Poplar and Front 
Evans R. W., bricklayer, Coates n 12th. 
Evans Samuel, stone mason, 408 N 9th. 
Evans Sarah, Lyndall bel Dean. 
Evans Seth, 39 New Market. 
Evans Stephen, c mer., 23 Dock. 
Evans Theodore, librarian of dist. court, Cherry 

and 3rd. 
Evans Thomas, gardener, Front n Master. 
Evans Thomas, gent., 129 S 3d. 
Evans Thomas & William R., boots &. shoes, 129 

Evans Thomas, hatter, 201 High, h 75 Filbert. 
Evans Thomas & Co., hats, 201 High. 
Evans Thomas, tavern, 3 & 5 George. 
Evans Thomas, dry goods, 9 N 2nd. 
Evans Thomas, tailor, 14 Boyd's av. 
Evans Thomas, mer., 129 High, h 7th bel Spruce 
Evans T. W., dentist, 88 N 9th. 
Evans T. Wallis, mer., S W 7th and Chestnut, 

h 123 Walnut. 
E\ans & Thorn, painters, 28 &. 30 N 12th. 
Evans Wm., druggist, 134 S Front, h 102 Union. 
Evans Wm., cordw., Shackamaxon bel Prince 
Evans William, paintstore, 5 Dock. 
Evans Wm., printer, 198 N 10th. 
Evans Wm. E., segars, 113 Walnut. 
Evans Wm., H., mei-., 34 N 2d, h 12 Ann. 
Evans Wm. M., watchmr., Washington. (W P) 
Evans Wm. R., mer., 129 High, h Filbert be- 

ween Sch. 6th & 7th. 
Evans Wm. S., Girard Bk., h 134^ Mulberry. 
Evans 8t Wistar, lumber mers., N W 12th and 





Eveland Daniel, mor. dress., c St. John & Rea- 
ver, h 296 Vine 

Everett Charles, merchant, GIN '.Id, li G.) Mar- 

Everett C D., M. I)., dentist, N K 9th and Sas- 

Everett & Engles, dry g-oods, 61 N 3d. 

Everett Michael, dry g-oods, 218 N 3d. 

Everett Mrs., b h, 12th ab Sp Garden. 

Everett T. S., harness mr., 4 Dilk's ct. 

Everham Win., wheelwright, 9th and R road, 
h 345 Callowhill. 

Everhart John, coi'dw., St John n (i. Mills 

Everhart Wm. P., carpet manuf., S E 2nd and 

Everitt, Geo. W., bookbr., 8 Nectarine. 

Everitt Jonathan, harnessmaker, 8 Torr's al. 

Everitt Samuel, harnessmaker, 51 S 3rd, h 140 
S 2nd. 

Everitt William, teacher, 5 St James 

Everlack, Jacob, baker, 52 Swanson. 

Everly Adam, g-ent., 354 Mulberry. 

Everly George M., mariner, 24 Almond. 

Everly John, lab., 70 Christian. 

Everly Martha Jane, 297 S Front. 

Everly M. N., button manuf., 130 S 5th, factory 
5 Harmony, h 286 S 5th. 

Everly W. A., mer., 225 High, h Mulberry ab 

Everly Wm. H., painter, 66 Christian. 

Evers Thomas, lab., 34 Vienna (K) 

Everson Thomas M.. coach trim.. Cedar ab 9th 

Everson Wm. K., tailor. Cedar ab 9th. 

Eves Elizabeth, b h., 250 High. 

Eves Philip, boatman, Sch Front ab Filbert. 

Eves Rebecca, stock store, 133 Mulberry. 

Evil John, gent, Church bel Christian. 

Ewalt G. F., tailor, 123 Poplar. 

Ewell Jedediah, oysterman, 6 St. Stephen's pi 

Ewell Solomon, labourer, 68 Catharine. 

Ewen Jedediah, dry goods, 332 High. 

Ewen Joseph, dry goods, S W 2d and Cedar. 

Ewing Alex., lab.. Rose ab School (K) 

Ewing George H., labourer, 453 S Front. 

Ewing Henry, city watchman, Mary's ct 

Ewing Jacob O., plumber & manuf. of lead pipe, 
23 S 8th, h 115 S 8th. 

Ewing J., barber, 84 Oak 

Ewing Robert, blacksmith, Goodville ct 

Ewing Robert com. mer., 27 Minor, h 75 S 4th. 

Ewing Robert, mer., 24 Chestnut, h S W Wal- 
nut and Sch. 8th. 

Ewing WiUiam, accountant, 31 Washington. 

Exley John, blacksmith, c Wood and Kunckle, 
li 92 Vine. 

Exley Wm., clothing, 448 N 4th. 

Eyre Abraham, wharf build.. Beach ab Hanover 

Eyre Andrew, grocer. Queen n Crown. 

Eyre Kdward E., mer., S W 4th & Mulberry 

Eyre Franklin, shipwright. Cherry n Queen. 

Eyre Franklin, Beach bel Palmer 

Eyre J. R., carpenter, 87 O Y road. 

Eyre Jehu W., whf. build., Beach ab Hanover 

Eyre & Landell, mers., S W 4th & Mulbem- 

Eyre & Massey, mers., 28 S wharves. 

Eyre Alanuel, mer., 28 S whar., h 278 Chestnut. 
Eyre Natlian W., umbrellas, 31^ Bread. 
Eyre Susan, 5 S 11th. 

Kyre Thomas, dry goods, c 12tli and Vine. 
Eyre Wm., carpenter, Barker ab Sch. Glh, ii 27 

N Sch. 8th. 
Eyre John, gent., S E 4th and George. (N L) 
EyrehartWm., cap maker, 186 Poplar. 
Eytinge Bernhardt, mer., 99 N 2d 

Faber Sarali, tailoress, 11 Sassafra.s al 

Faber William, silversmitii, 124 N 5tli. 

Fable Barbara, 76 Tammany. 

Fabre Peter, gent., 12 Sterling's al 

Fackler Frederick, baker, 316 N 2d. 

Facknay John, dry goods, 180 N 2nd. 

Facon Thomas, clerk, 160 Pine. 

Faddis E. W., cordwainer, 203 N 3rd. 

Fadin Susan, Sch. 2nd and Walnut 

Fagan Arthur, lab., 8 Juniper lane. 

Fagan Hugh, grocer, S E 8th and Bedford. 

Fagan John, labourer, 194 N Water. 

Fagan John, stereotype foundrj', 19 St. James, 

h311N 6th. 
Fagan Mary, c Sch. 2d and Carlton 
Fagan Patrick, weaver, 50 Fitzwater. 
Fagan P. A., grocer, S E 8th and Lombard. 
Fagan Thomas, blacksm., Sch. 7th n Callowhill 
Fagundus Jacob, brass founder, 25 Julianna 
Fair J., carpenter, shoemaker, h 6 Kelly. 
Fair J. W., tailor, G T road bel 6th. 
Fairbairn John, saddler, 21 Commerce, h 7th 

n Spring Garden 
Fairbank Henry F., merchant, 16 Decatur, h 

Sch. Front bel Chestnut 
Fairbank M., Lancaster & Wheat. (S) 
Fairbank Sylvanus, boatmr., P road bel Christian 
Fairbrothers James, 368 S 3d 
Fairchild E. R. Rev., sec. P. H. M. Society, 

134 Chestnut, h 211 N 6th 
Fairchild W. B., button factory, 11 Commerce, 

h 346 N 6th 
Faires J. W., seminary, 47 S 8th, h 123 S Juniper 
Fairfowl James, ship master, Washington ab 3d 
Fairgrieve James, lab.. Queen bel Palmer 
Fairlamb Jonas P., carpenter, 112 W High 
Fairman G. W., clerk Bk. U. S., h Sch. 8th bel 

Fairman Hannah, 358 N 3d. 
Faiver Z. C, tailor, 9 Franklin pi 
Fales George, mer., 6 S Front, h 131 Sassafras. 
Fales, Lothrop & Co., mers., 6 S Front. 
Falker Sarah, widow, 273 Marshall 
Fallin Ann, 8 Mary. (S) 

Fallon Christopher, atty. & coun., 116 Walnut. 
Fallon Jane, Sch Beach n Chestnut 
Falls John, chandler, 341 S Front. 
Falls Francis C, gratemaker, 16 N 6th, h 4 

Sugar al 

Falluner James, paver, 13th ab Shippen 
Fanwick Henry, sugar baker, Poplar ab 3d 
Fanning John, ropemr., Cadwalader ab Phoenix. 
Fanning Rachel, dry goods, 178 S 5th. 




Fanton Mary Ann, R road ab Francis. (F V) 

Fardin Frederick, lab., Pratt's ct 

Fai-eira John, hatter, 357 S 2d. 

Fareira Joseph, hatter, Buckley ab 5th & 202 

5 2d, h Pine ab 10th 

Faries Saml., weaver, c Hopkin's ct & William. 
Faries Wm., city commissioner, 362 Vine. 
Faringer Margaret, b h, 87 S 6th 
Farl Bridget, Broad n Vine 
Farlev Ann, tavern, 508 High. 
Farley Christopher, lab.. Cooper ab Sch. 3d 
Farley Edward, lab., Powell n Girard college. 
Farley Henry S., marble imitator, 45 ^ane 
Farley Thomas, stonecutter. Pine bel 11th, 1: 

rear 42 Shippen. 
Farley Wilson J., drug., N W 4th & Catharine 
Farmer James S., Bank U. S., h 130 Catharine. 
Farmer Richard, waiter, 5 Kneass' ct 
Farmer Robert, tailor, 28 Branch 
Farndell George, stone cutter, Broad bel Cedar 
Farney James, carter, Carpenter ab 10th 
Famham B. A., mer., 8 S Front, h 3 Virginia row. 
Farnum G.W., mer., 19 Chestnut, h 473 Mulberry 
Farnum Henry, mer., 40 N Front, h 24 Mont 

gomery sq. 
Farnum Henry & Co., mers., 40 N Front. 
Farnum James A., mer., 40 N Front, h 24 

Montgomery sq. 
Farnum John, mer., 26 S Front, h 116 Mulberry. 
Farnum, Newhall & Battle, mers., 26 S Front 
Farnum Paul, mer., 8 S Front, h 473 Mulberry 
Farnum Paul & Co., mers., 8 S Front 
Farr George W., tailor, N W 3d and Chestnut, 

h 15 Branch. 
Farr John, chemist, N W 9th and Brown, h 151 

N 6th. 
Fan- John C, mer., 112 Chestnut, h 171 S 5th. 
Farr John C. & Co., watches and jewelry, 112 

Farr, Powers & Weightman, chemists, N W 9th 

6 Brown 

Farrady James, lab., c Cadwalader & Phoenix. 
Farrady James, surg. inst. maker, 1 Cherry. 
Farrall" Ann, dressmr.. Prime bel 2d 
Farrall James, lab., 252 N Water 
Farrall James, hat tip manuf., 309 Cheny. 
Farrall, Wm., blacksm., rear Cherry bel Broad. 
Farran John, engineer, Wharton ab Corn 
Farran Michael, labourer, 217 N Front. 
Farran Thomas, lab., c Sch. Front 8c Chestnut. 
Farrand Daniel W., dentist, 92 Buttonwood. 
Farrand James H., confectioner, 229 Mulberry. 
Farrand Wm., tavern, Ashton & Waluwt 
Farrell Barney, labourer, Sch. 7th ab Wood. 
Farrell Francis, weaver. Front bel Jefferson. 
Farrell Mary, grocer, S E Hurst & Lombard 
Farrell Orin, bricklayer, 31 Palmyra sq 
Farrell Rosina, teacher, 53 Buttonwood 
Farrelly James A., bon. presser, 117 Cedar 
Farren John, painter, 105 German 
Farren Mary, 105 German. * 

Farren Michael, distiller, N E 2d & Franklin, and 

tavern, Penn ab Marsh (K) 
Farren Neal, dealer, 39 Plum. 
Farrenholtz Joseph, labourer, 28 Wood. i 

Fai'rlngton Alonzo, conveyancer, 44 N 5th 

Farrington & Booking, conveyancers, 44 N 5th 

Farris David, baker, Buckley 

Farris Edward M., barber, 13 Exchange pi 

Farris Eliz., Sch. 7th ab Cherry. 

Farrow Wm., painter & glazier, Charlotte ab 

Farson Wm., carpenter, 17 Norris's alley, h 23 

Farthing John, victualler, c 4th & Culbert 
Fassitt Alfred, mer., 48 High, h 245 Pine. 
Fassitt E. C, atty. & coun., 115 S 6th 
Fassitt Jas., mer., 48 High, h 329 Mulberry 
Fassitt James & Co., dry goods, 48 High ab 2d. 
Fassitt Jas. W., mer., 50 High, h 329 MulbeiTy. 
Fassitt & I.angstroth, hardware, 50 High ab 2d. 
Fassitt, Mrs., widow of Thomas, 327 MulbeiTy. 
Fassitt Robert F., mer., 48 High, h 329 Mul- 
Fassitt Theo., mer., 48 High, h 329 MulbeiTy. 
Fassitt T. S. R., gent., 433 Mulberry. 
Fassitt Wallace, mer., 50 High, h 329 Mulberry. 
Easy John H., cordwainer. Wood ab Sch, 8th. 
Fatten Henry, lab.. Wood n Sch. 2d 
Fatton Henry, framemr., Coates n Broad 
Fatton & Co., watchmakers, 125 Chestnut. 
Fatton David, cordw., Beach ab Poplar 
Faulkner Henry, tailor, N E c 7th &. Callowhill 
Faulkner J. H., painter, 316 S 2d. 
Faulkner Samuel, weaver, 79 Filbert. 
Faulkner Thomas, tailor, 6 Cresson's al. 
Faulkner Thomas, comedian, 20 Schriver's ct 
Faulkner Wm., pordw., Washington. (W P) 
Faulkner Wm. H., carpt.. Spring n Sch. 7th. 
Faunce Christian, fisherm.. Queen ab Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Christian, fisherm.. Queen bel Wood. (K) 
Faunce Conrad, fisherman, Huston bel Prince 
Faunce Conrad, fisherm., c Vienna & Queen. (K) 
Faunce Daniel, fisherm.. Queen ab Vienna. (K) 
Faunce George, drayman, George ab Charlotte. 

Faunce George, fisherman, Huston bel Prince 
Faunce Geo., fisherm.. Queen ab Vienna. (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce Henry, glass blower, Woodn Duke. (K) 
Faunce Henry, bookbinder, 21 Garden. 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman. Queen bel Cherry 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman, Queen ab Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman. Queen n Wan-en. (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman. Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman. Queen bel Wood 
Faunce Jacob fisherman, Cherry n Prince. (K) 
Faunce Jacob H., fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce Michael, fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce Michael, fisherm., c Queen & Wood. (K) 
Faunce Serick, combmr.. Wood n Prince. (K) 
Faunce Susan, gentw.. Palmer ab Queen 
Faunce Susan, Palmer. (K) 
Faunce Wm., shipw.. Dean ab Bedford 
Pause Emeline, Carpenter ab P road 
Fausset John, mer., 159 High, h 173 Walnut. 
Fausset Kelly & Co., dry goods, 159 High. 
Faussett James, gent., 91 Crown. 
Faust Daniel, shoemr., 13th ab Fitzwater. 
Faust David, mer., 177^ High, h 219 N 6th 




Favour John, manner, 2 Young's pi 
Fawcett Wm., acct., 75 Cherry. 
Fawls Elizabeth, N W Shippen and 5th 
Fay James, book-keeper, 135 Catharine. 
Fay Thomas, grocer, S E 6th & Powell. 
Fayette Lewis, cabinetmaker, 356 S 2d. 
Fayssoux E. S., store keeper, U. S. Arsenal. 
Fazelle Thomas, ship carpenter, Stoys' ct. (K) 
Feadley John, lab., 2 Franklin (K) 
Fealer John, carter, G T R ab Jefferson (K) 
Fealer Wm., cotton spinner, G T R ab Jeffer.'jon. 
Fearon James, soapmaker, 49 Union, h 47 Union. 
Fearon & Maul, blacksmiths, S W Spruce and 

Fearon Patrick, blacksmith, c Spruce &, Pratt, 

h Vaughan bel Walnut. 
Feeny John, tailor, 46 Gaskill. 
Fees Christian, cabinetmr., 91 Brown 
Fees John L., tavern, 85 Brown. 
Fees Terrence, labourer, 256 Shippen. 
Fegan John, tavern, 520 High. 
Feganbush D., cordwainer, 429 N 2d. 
Feganbush J., shoe store, 446 N 2d. 
Fehrle John, cordwainer, Marlboro' bel Duke. 

Feidly David, lab., 548 N 3d 

Feinour George, tinsmith, 492 S 2d 

Feinour Joseph 8c Son, tin & iron pi. workers, 
215 S Front. 

Feinour Joseph, 180 S Front, h 83 Penn 

Feinour & Thomson, coopers, 69 S Water. 

Feinour William, cooper, 69 S Water, h 124 S 

Feitig J., carp., 23 Jones* al, h 35 Coates' al. 

Felch Hannah, 438 N 9th. 

Felding John, shoemr., Lemon ab 10th 

Feling- John, brickmr., Washington row 

Felix E., pies, Shippen bel 9th 

Felix Edward, tinsmith, 150 Locust. 

Fell Ann, b h, 199 S 7th 

Fell C. J. & Brother,, choc, manuf., 64 S Front. 

Fell Franklin, mer., 64 S Front,-h 277 N 6th. 

Fell Jonathan, M. D., 451 Mulberry 

Fell J. C, currier, 384 N Front, and 12 Coates 

Fell & Kensler, curriers, 384 N Front. 

Fell Penrose, tailor, 62 Chestnut, h 15 La- 
grange place. 

Fell Reese D., tailor, 62 Chestnut. 

Fell Reese D. & Brother, tailors, 62 Chestnut. 

Fell Townsend, M. D., N W 3d & Franklin 

Fellerman L. M., tailor, 68 Cedar. 

Fellei-man J. L., tailor, S W George and Cedar. 

Fellerman Moses L., clothing store, 214 Cedar. 

Fellows C, gent., 38 Girard. 

Felmey Frederick, grocer, 51 Brown 

Felsan Alfred, waiter, 1 Washington 

Felt John, ship carpenter, 102 Prime. 

Felten Henrj', picture frame maker, 498 Coates 
ab 13th. 

Felton George, pumpmr.. Woodland. (W P) 

Felts George, ship carp., 350 S Front 

Feltt C, M. D., 16 Filbert 

Feltus &, Howell, mers., S AV Front & Chestnut. 

Feltus Henry, mer., S W Front & Chestnut, h 
521 Chestnut. 

Feltwell Benjamin M., bricklr., 56 N 6th, h ."> 

Felty Charles, bricklr., Orleans ab Lombard. 

Felty George, 9 Kelly's av 

Felty Henry, tobacconist, Jones n Sch. 5th 

Felty Wm., blacksmith. Filbert n Sch. 4th. 

Felty Wm., 297 Pine 

Femmington '1". M., tavern, 26 Franklin pi 

Fender John, baker, 5/ Lombard 

Fenderson Boston H., barber, U. S. Hotel, h 
Shippen bel Russell 

Fenimore Jason L., Bank Penns;., h 21 S Sch 7th. 

Fenley Moses, weavei-, Ann n 13th 

Fenlin John, tavern, 150 N 3rd. 

Fenn Titus, shoemaker, 19 StrawbeiTy. 

Fennell Chas. G., looking glass mr.,Loxley'act. 

Fennell Wm., register gas works, 121 S 9th 

Fennell Wm., planemr., 193 Green 

Fennemore Benjamin, carp., Millon bel 13th. 

Fenner Eliza, tobacconist, 93 N 4th. 

Fenner H. P., tobacconist, 342 Callowhill. 

Fenner John F., tobacconist, 213 N Front. 

Fenner Peter, tobacconist. Wood and R road 

Fenner R. & Co., umbr., 1 S 2d, h 51 Gaskill 

Fennimore Valen., ship carp., Queen ab Wood. 

Fennimore Wm., ladies' shoemaker, 79 S 2d. 

Fenton Abel, sailmr., 48 Oak 

Fenton Catharine, milliner, 88 Cedar 

Fenton Charles W., printer, 404 N 5th 

Fenton Elizabeth, book folder, 43 Chester 

Fenton Joseph, carp., Chancellor bel Sch 6th. 

Fenton Mary Ann, 289 S 3d 

Fenton Thomas, gent., 35 New. 

Ferdon Joseph, victualler, c Rugan St Willow. 

Ferguson Alexander, cordwainer, 12 Brinton. 

Ferguson Alexander, mer. 96 High, h 20 Girard 

Ferguson A. & Co., dry goods, 96 High. 

Ferguson Alexander S., cordwainer, 157 Cherry. 

Ferguson Anthony, lab.. Beach n George 

Ferguson David, drayman, 6th ab Poplar 

Ferguson Henr)', weaver, Shippen hel Broad 

Ferguson Henry, carp., Hamilton n Sch, 4th 

Ferguson Jas., gi-ocer, N W 13th &. Callowhill. 

Ferguson James, weaver, Crown bel Prince. 

Ferguson James, sail, master U. S. Navy, h 
Swanson ab Washington. _ 

Ferguson James A., chemist, Shippen ab Ship- 
pen lane. 

Ferguson John, tailor, Watman's ct. 

Ferguson John, weaver, 13th bel Brinton. 

Ferguson John, undertaker. Cedar ab 13th. 

Ferguson John L. Capt., 304 S Front. 

Ferguson John P., carpenter. Vine n Sch 7th. 

Ferguson Matthew, lab., Lombard n Sch. Front 

Ferguson P. L., mer., 96 High, h 20 Girard. 

Ferguson Rebecca, 18 Elfreth's al. 

Ferguson Robert, cordwainer, 66 Maiden. 

Ferguson WiUiam, baker, 13th ab Fitzwater. 

Feringer Margaret, grocer}-, Marion ab M road 

Ferkland Henry, baker, N E Fitzwater and 

Fernandos Francis, oysterman, 24 Union 

Fernley James, 204 Green. 

Fernold Bennett, blacksmith, 161 Carpenter. 

Fernon D. B., dry goods, 599 N 2nd. 




rernon John, collector, SOO N 2nd. 

Fernon Thomas S., sign writer, 39 Is 2nd 

Fernsler John M., High ab Sch 6th. 

Fernsler William, High ab Sch 6th. 

Ferre &. Snyder, cabinetmrs., S E 9th and Cal- 

Ferre Solomon, cabmr., S E 9th &. Callowhill. 
Ferrell Daniel, carp., George and Charlotte. 
Ferrell Elizabeth, Cedar bel 12th. 
FeiTell Walter, bootnir.. Chancellor n Sch. 6th 
Ferrey A. B., barkeeper, 216 N 5th. 
Ferrey Wm., cordwr., 238 S 4th. 
Ferris Adam, lampmaker, 12 Prime. 
Ferris Benjamin, plasterer. Nectarine ab 9th 
Ferris Daniel, bonnets, 10 N 2nd. 
Ferris Ellen, 10 Powell. 
Ferris James, bricklayer. Front bel Marion. 
Ferris Josiah, cordwainer, 35 Mechanic. 
Feschens C. F., piano maker, 54 Brown. 
Fest Christopher, tailor, 13 Charlotte. 
Fetherston H., b. h., 150 S 2nd. 
Fetrich M. & E., c Locust and 11th 

Fetters James, drayman, 128 St John. 
Fetters John P., tailor, 355 N 3rd. 
Fetters John, carp.. Point Pleasant ct (K) 
Fetters J. R. & J., ice, S W Sch 6th & Chestnut. 
Fetters Matilda, 35 German. 
Fetters AVilliam, carman, James' ct. n Front (K) 
Fettinger Henry, plasterer, State. 
Feun-ing WiUiam, pianoforte manuf. 272 High 
Feyhl WiUiam H., hairdresser, 39 Chestnut. 
Fiedler John, carp., 20 Rachel. 
Fiegel Charles, mer., N W Sch. 8th and High, h 

n Permanent bridge 
Fiegel &. Hargis, gi-ocers, N W Sch. 8th &, High 
Fiegel R., Ogden ab 10th. 
Field A., Helmuth n Sch. 6th. 
Field Charles, plater, 80 N 2nd, h 8th ab Green 
Field Charles, mer. 71 S front, h 200 S Front. 
Field Chailes &. Son, merchants, 71 S Front. 
Field, Fobes & Co., dry goods, 183 High &. 18 

Field George, basketmaker, 268 High, li 9th bel 

Field George, carpet weav., G Troad ab Master 
Field George, bottler, 301 S 3rd 
Field Isaac, cai'penter, 7th bel Green. 
Field Isaac C, mer., US Front, h 204 Chesnut 
Field James, mer. 183 High, h 21 Montg'y sq. 
Field James, upholsterer, 122 S 2nd. 
Field Joel, oysterman, 30 Duke. 
Field John, sailmaker, 494 S 2nd. 
Field John, brickmr. Sch 4th n Pine. 
Field John W., 71 and h 200 S Front 
Field Mary, 483 S 2nd. 
Field Morris, dealer, S W Front 8c Queen. 
Field M. Mrs., b. h., 204 Chestnut. 
Field Mrs., teach, of dress cutting, 52 N 8th 
Field Oliver W., turner, 52 N 8th 
Field Peter, painter, 102^ Mulberry, h Wood ab 

Sch 8th 
Field Peter, cai-jicnter, 3 Lawrence ct. 
Field Samuel, bootmr., 7 and h 30 Strawberry 
Field Susanna, Sch 8th ab Vine 
Field Thomas, saddler, 420 S 4th. 

Field Tho,";., blacksmith, 190 Lombard. 

Field Thomas, hatter, 382 High. 

Field Thomas S. &, Co., mers., 36 N Front, h 

132 N 2nd. 
Field William, 104 German 
Fielding E., gentw., 97 Filbert 
Fielding J ereh., milkman, 254 Cherry 
Fielding John, bootmr.. Vineyard (F V) 
Fields David, gardener, G T road ab Master. 
Fields Elijah, lab., Sch Beach n Chestnut. 
Fields George, spinner, William bel Edward 
Fields George, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Fields James, grocer, R road ab Francis (F V) 
Fields John, M. D., Spaflordbel Shippen 
Fields Joseph, blacksmith, Hope bel Master 
Fields Thomas, dyer, 3 Callowhill 
Fiesl}' Stephen N., frame mr., Parrish n 5th. 
Fife James, i-eedmr. S E 10th &. College av. 
Fife Matthew, labourer, 3^ Lagrange 
Fife Mat., boxmr., Biddle's al, h 5th ab Noble. 
Fife William, teacher, 72 N 7th. 
F-ifer George, tailor, 465 N 3rd. 
Fifield & Matthews, com. mers. and grocers, 60. 

Figgins Daniel, typefounder, 3 Flower 
Fight Samuel, shoemr., 450 Sassafras 
Figner Andrew, 24 O Y road. 
File David, smith, 3 Wood ab Queen 
File Jacob, cordwainer, Cadwalader n Phoenix. 
File John, labourer, 7 Townsend's av 
File Peter, labourer, 527 N 4th. 
Filley Harvey, tin plate worker, 436 High. 
Filson Hannah, b h, 216 High 
Filson Matthew, acct. F. & M. Bank, h 10 S Ju- 

niper bel Spruce. 
Finch George, carp., 65 Budd 
Finch James, cordw., 2 James' ct. 

Finch Richard, coachmr., Ogden n 10th. (S G) 

Findlay William, treasurer U. S Mint, Chestnut 
n Juniper 

Fink Daniel, painter, 4th n Jefterson row. 

Fink George, weaver. Phoenix n G T road. 

Fink Jacob, starchmr., amber ab Phoenix (K) 

Fink Jacob, baker, 356 N 3rd. 

Fink Julius, furnace mr., 461 High, h Hyde's ct 

Flnlayson Mrs., 151 Pine 

Finlaw Low, labourer, 31 Cresson's al. 

Finletter Thos., manuf., 576 N 3rd. 

Finley & Co., upholsterers, 43 Walnut. 

Finley James G., merchant, 13 N 2nd. 

Finley James, merchant, 193 High. 

Finley John, victualler, 208 S 6th 

Finley Moses, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 

Finley Moses Jr., weaver, Shippen bel Broad 

Finley, Pollard & Graff, dry goods, 193 High. 

Finley Thomas, baker, c Shippen la & Bedford. 

Finley William, upholsterer, 43 & h 183 Walnut 

Finn Ann, 51 N 7th. 

Finn James, tailor, 12 Boyd's av. 

Vhm James, weaver. School n William (K) 

Finn James, paper hanger, 179 Mulberry 

Finn John, mer., 142 Chestnut, h 138 N 8th 

Finn &. Newland, paper hangings, 142 Chestnut, 
factory 12th and Green. 

Finnagan John, coachman. Yellow ct. 




Finnessy James, eatiiighouse, 132 S Water. 

Finney Joseph, bricklayer, Queen ab Hanover. 

Finney William Penn, printer, 1 1th bel Christian 

Finukin Jonathan, lab., 5 Ewing-'s ct. 

Fiot J. R., 190 Chestnut 

Fiot Aug-ustus, importer of music, 196 Chestnut. 

Firchauks Henry, g-ent., 2nd ab Edward. 

Firchocker Henry, shop, 2nd ab Edward 

Fireing- Sophia, variety store, 125 Green. 

Firman Abraham, turner, Washington (W P) 

Firman Robert, lab, 26 Prune 

Firth Elizabeth, Sch 2nd n Callowhili 

Firth Ezra G., carp., 9 St. James, ii 2 Wood 

Fnlh Thomas, clerk, Sch 7th ab Locust. 

Fish Hiram, whf. builder, Weccacoe av. 

Fish Israel L., plasterer, 13th bel Button wood. 

Fish Jacob S., plasterer, 10th bel Coates. 

Fish Thomas H., tailor. Pearl ab 12lh 

Fisher Albert G., clerk, 4 Filbert av. 

Fisher Ann, widow, 277 Chestnut 

Fisher Charles, 404 N 5th. 

Fisher Christopher, baker, 371 Coates. 

Fisher David, waiter, 8 Elizabeth. 

Fisher David & Sons, painters & glaziers, 306 

Fisher Deborah, gentw., 133 Buttonwood. 
Fisher Eliza, b h Ogden n 10th. 
Fisher F., att'y & coun. 170 Chestnut. 
Fisher Elizabeth, Marlborough bel Prince 
Fisher F., morocco dresser, 88 St John. 
Fisher Francis A., mer., 31 Chestnut, h 255 

Fisher Francis P., 146 N Front 
Fisher Frederick, constable, Cadwalader above 

Master. (K.) 
Fisher Frederick, upholsterer, 188 N 2nd, h N 

W Wood &. Julianna. 
Fisher Frederick S., cordw., F R opposite Otter 
Fisher George, printer, 352 N Front. 
Fisher Georg-e, drover, 5th n Camac 
Fisher George R., tailor, 24 S 4th. 
Fisher Henry, Queen n 3rd. 
Fisher Henry, 3 Goodwill's ct. 
Fisher Henry, lab.. Palmer bel Duke 
Fisher Henry G., painter, 306 Chestnut, h 14 

Fisher Henry, wheelwright, Beach bel Maiden 
Fisher Henry, umbrellamr., Nectarine bel 10th 
Fisher Jacob, cordwainer, F road ab Cherry 
Fisher Jacob, rear 27 Garden. 
Fisher Jacob, grocer, 1 Washington row 
Fisher James, clerk, 5 Willow ab 3d. 
Fisher John, cordwainer, 2 Webb's al. 
Fisher John, cabinetmaker, 185 G T road. 
Fisher John, victualler, F road n Master 
Fisher John, combmr., 63 Cai-penter. (S) 
Fisher John, agent Trenton R R, 31 Sarah 
Fisher John, carp.. Crown and Prince. 
Fisher John Jr., vict. Cherry bel F road 
Fisher John, victualler. Palmer n Duke. 
Fisher John, ship joiner. Church bel Christian 
Fisher John, blacksmith, 8 S Sch 4th. 
Fisher John, tavern, S W 8th & Noble. 
Fisher J. C, att'y & coun., 122 S 3d. 
Fisher John D., painter, 306 Chestnut, h 151 


Fisher John M., cutler, 16 P road. 

Fisher John N., gent., S W 7th & Buttonwood. 

Fisher John & Philip, cabinetmrs., 496 N 2nd. 

Fisher John, saddler, 50 Apple. 

Fisher Joseph, mer., 9 Church al. 

Fisher Lewis, grocer, 1 1 Duke 

Fisher Louis, grocer, 2 Chcriy. 

Fisher Mary Mrs., gentw. 312 Chestnut. 

Fisher Mary, 4 Knnckle's ct 

Fisher Mary, nurse, 22 E North. 

Fisher Margaret, gentw., G T road ab Phoenix. 

Fisher Mercy, sempstress, 251 N Front 

Fisher Michael, lab., Charlotte ab Thompson. 

Fisher Philip, cabinetmaker, 187 G T road. 

Fisher Patrick, constable, Cadwalader ab Master 

Fisher Peter, victualler, Shackamaxon n Prince. 

Fisher P. S., saddler, 5th ab Poplar 

FJsher Richard, shopkeeper, 91 O Y road. 

Fisher Rachael, b. h., 70 S 2nd. 

Fisher Rodney, accountant, 151 N 7th. 

Fisher Robert Y., mariner, Mary bel 2nd 

Fisher Samuel, carter, rear 152 Brown. 

Fisher Samuel, carter. High ab Sch. 2nd 

Fisher Samuel, lab., Greswold's ct 

Fisher Saml. A., baker, 239 S 6th. 

Fisher Samuel W., 290 Chestnut. 

Fisher Sarah, dressmr., 133 G T road. 

Fisher Sidney G., att'y & coun., 57 S 7th. 

Fisher Thomas, mariner, N W Federal and M 

Fisher Thos., mer., 147 S Front, h 110 S Front. 

Fisher William, umbrellamaker, Rose al below 

Fisher William, brickmaker., Gebhard ab 

Fisher, William, carp., Marlboro' n Bedford. 

Fisher William, att'y and coun., 3 York Build- 

Fisher William, rigger, 16 Mary 

Fisher Wm. H., confectioner, 71 N 8th 

Fisher Wm. R., tailor, 4 S 8th. 

Fishers & Robinson, importers, 28 N Front. 

Fisler Jacob H., inspec. Hoge's wharf, h 12 

Fiss Bridget, George ab Sch. 7th 

Fiss Catharine, Sarah n Bedford 

Fiss David, shop, G T road n Master. (K.) 

Fiss George, cordw., 6 York ct. 

Fiss George W., tobacconist, 10 Branner's al 

Fiss Jacob, tobacconist, 10 Brannin'sal. 

Fiss John, carp.. Wood n Sch 8th. 

Fiss Samuel, combmr., Christian ab 7th 

Fiss Samuel, cabmr., 100 Carpenter (S) 

Fister George, Fraley's ct (K) 

Fister Mary, sempstress, rear 147 Cherry 

Fister Philip, pianomr., Traquair's ct 

Fitch Bernard, dealer, 6 S 13th 

P'itch Roswell, clerk, 264 Mulberry 

Fitch Thomas, 264 and h 387 Mulberni-. 

Fitchett John S., hardware, 11 N 4th. ' 

Fite George, tinsmith, Sch. 8th n Sassafras 

Fite George, tobacconist, ISBonsall. 

Fite Saml., stone cutter, 51 Garden. 

Fite Samuel, blacksmith, Nonnater's ct 

Fite Wm., tobacconist, 70 Gaskill 




f ithian Aaron B., cordw., 411 N 2nd. 

Fithian George, tailor, 246 High, h Benezet ab 

Fithian Job, Shoemaker's ct 
Fithian &. Jones, tailors, 246 High. 
Fithian Matthias, printer &. booksr., 61 N 2nd. 
Fithian Wm. B., collector, 157 N 4th. 
Fitler Alfred, conveyancer, 47 S 4th, h 2d and 

Fitler Daniel, sheriff, office State h row, h G T 

road ab Camac 
Fitler Elizabeth, c 2d and Otter 
Fitler Jacob, agent guardians of the poor, h 

55 N Sch. 8th. 
Fitler Jacob, skin dresser, Beaver bel Charlotte 
Fitler Jacob H., elk. Shffs. office, h G T road n 

Fetter 1. 
Fitler John, butcher. Front bel Wharton. 
Fitler Joseph, M. D., c 2nd & Otter. 
Fitler 8c Vance, lumberyard, N E 4th &. George 

Fitnam Thomas, saddler, 20 Bank 
Fitting Jacob, baker, 473 Sassafras 
Fitton John, baker, 479 N 2nd. 

Fitzgerald Elizabeth, b h, 6 Laurel. 

Fitzgerald, Fry & Co., dry goods, 80 High. 
Fitzgerald George R., silversmith, 6 Laurel 

Fitzgerald James, silversmith, 6 Laurel 

Fitzgerald Jesse jr., mer., 80 High, h O Y road 
bel Noble. 

Fitzgerald John, mason, c 4th & Master. 

Fitzgerald John, shoemaker, 9 Quarry. 

Fitzgerald John, rear 113 German 

Fitzgerald John R., cooper, 5 Franklin pi, h 26 
E North. 

Fitzgerald K., clerk, 317 S 2nd. 

Fitzgerald Michael P., c Almond and Front 

Fitzgerald Wilson, cooper, 6 Laurel 

Fitzgerald Wm. L., grocer, Sch 7th-5c Ann. 

Fitzgibbons John H., saddler, 89 Gaskill 

Fitzmire A., vict., Front bel Reed 

Fitzpatrick Dennis, oil factory. Church bel 

Fitzpatrick Edward, carp., N W Catharine and 

Fitzpatrick Jame.s, mai-iner, 26 S Water. 

Fitzpatrick James, carter, c 4th & G T road. 

Fitzpatrick John, vict., Crown ab Queen. (K) 

Fitzpatrick John, lab., 8 N 13th 

Fitzpatrick Joseph, engineer, Commerce ab 5th 

Fitzpatrick Michael, ostler, Beach ab AValnut 

Fitzpatrick Nicholas, F road ab Queen. 

Fitzpatrick Patrick, flour store, S W Front and 
Dock, h 81 Union. 

Fitzpatrick Patrick, carp., Carpenter bel 11th 

Fitzpatrick Peter, lab., 263 N Front 

Fitzpatrick Richard, carpenter, 6 Type al. 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, weaver, 1 1 Lloyd's ct 

Fitzpatrick William, drayman, 79 Gaskill. 

Fitzsimmons B. C, mer., 79 Christian. 

Fitzsimmons David, carp.. Orange bel Coates 

Fitzsimmons John, bootmaker. Vine ab 12th 

Fitzsimmons Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, Stra- 

han's ct 
Fitzsimmons Rebecca, shop, Wharton ab 4th 

Fitzwater Thomas, cai'penter, 17 N Sch. 6th n 

Fitzwalter Wm., shoemaker, 2 Kenworthy's ct 

Fizell Edward, paper hanger, 134 N 8th. 

Fizone Ann, rear 17 Sterling's al. 

Fizone John, labourer, Julianna & Willow. 

Fizone Lewis, cordw., 4 Farr 

Fizone Matilda, 4 Wiley's ct. 

Flaevelle Wesley, mer., 123 High, h 5 Quarry 

Flaherty Ann, silk dyer, 50 Lombard. 

Flaherty Edward, labourer, 2 Brook's ct. 

Flaherty Eliza, shop, F road bel Master 

Flaherty John, tailor, 303 S 5th. 

Flake Christian, bootmr., 46 Cheriy 

Flake Samuel, shipwright. Crown bel Palmer 

Plake Thomas, cordw.. Queen n Palmer. (K) 

Flakeler E., 27 E North. 

Flakeler Mary, widow, 27 E North 

Flamer Charlotte, Steward ab Catharine 

Flamer Michl., cordw.. Steward ab Catharine. 

Flanagan Edward, carter, Wood ab 13th. 

Flanagan Francis, lab., Beach n George 

Flanagan James, Monument House, Beach ab 
Hanover. (K) 

Flanagan James, lab., 167 N Front. 

Flanagan John, carter, S W Shippen & Lloyd. 

Flanagan Luke, carpenter. Broad n Vine. 

Flanagan Matthew, lab.. Beach n George 

Flanagan Owen, 9 Somer's ct 

Flanagan R., tavern, 112 N 6th. 

Flanagan Robert L , plumber, 327 S 2nd, h 3d 

bel Carpenter 
Flanagan Stephen, clerk, 628 S 2d 45 George 
Flanagan William G., plumber, 49 S Wharves, 

h 446 S Front. 
Flanagin John, mer., 5 S Water, h 347 N 6th. 
Flandus Andrew, waterman. Prince bel Palmer. 
Flanegin Joseph R., grocer, c Walnut St, Sch. 


Flanigan Thomas, carp., 65 Plum 
Flanigen William C, coal mer., Spruce st wharf, 
Flanigen Wm. C. &. J. R., coal office, Spruce st 


Flaiinery John F., combmr., 31 Charlotte 
Fleetwood Michael, mariner, Carpenter ab 6th 
Fleisher M., dry goods, Lilly al 
Flegel John G., dry goods, 445 N 2nd. 
Fleming Aaron, cabinetmr., Marlboi-ough below 

Fleming Andrew, clerk, 4 Mechanic. (F M) 
Fleming Bridget, 4 Little Oak. 
Fleming Charles, carter. Prosperous al. 
Fleming James, bottler, Sch. 5th & Jones' ct. 
Fleming John, machinist, 2 Mechanic. (F M) 
Fleming Joseph, bootmr., 113 W High 
Fleming Jos., mer., 82 S Front, h Pine n 10th 
Fleming Joseph, manuf , c Hamilton & William, 

h c Lynn & William. 
Fleming, Mclntire & Co., office 181 High 
Fleming & Marshall, mers.. 82 S Front 
Fleming Mary, huckster, Crown bel Bedfoi-d 
Fleming Richard, dyer, 10 Mechanic. (F M) 
Fleming Robert, gent., 10 S Penn square. 
Fleming Sarah, 54 Duke. 
Fleming Samuel, lab., Atherton 




Fleming Saml., lab., 3 Spring Mill ct. (F M) 

Fleming Thomas, mer., 181 High, h327 Walnut 

Fleming Thos., grocer, 102 Locust 

Fleming Wm., 1 Warren's ct 

Fleming William, captain, 44 Lombard. 

Fleming Wm., blacksm, 4th bel Plum. 

Fleming W. R., mer., 18 N 4th. 

Flenard William, tailor, 4 Magnolia. 

Flenner Lewis, tailor, h 160 Marshall. 

Fleshour Jacob, lab.. Front bel Phoenix 

Fleshour Samuel, carpenter, 419 N 4th. 

Fletcher Ann, 6 Little Pine.- 

Fletcher Ag'nes, Cauffman's ct 

Fletcher Catharine, baker, 190 Sassafras. 

Fletcher Daniel, gent., 428 Sassafras. 

Fletcher Eliza, book folder, 213 Lombard. 

Flelclver Elizabeth, washer, 8 Barley 

Fletcher George, machinist, 151 S lOtJi 

Fletcher James, vict, Washington. (W P) 

Fletcher James W., printer, 29 Flower 

Fletcher John, cordwainer, rear 84 Oak 

Fletcher John, upholsterer, 10 North. 

Fletcher Joshua S., coach trimmer. Christian 
ab 9th. 

Fletcher Lucy, 103^ Christian 

Fletcher Lucy, shop keeper, 28 Cherry. 

Fletcher Rebecca, 119 N 9th. 

Fletcher Thomas, jeweller, 188 Chestnut, h 
27 S 10th. 

Fletcher Thomas, pewtersmith, 22 Pegg. 

Fletcher William, blacksmith, c Perry & Lam- 

Fleu Charles, printer, 85, Apple. 

Flew Albert, confectioner, 96 Apple 

Flew Charles, shoemr., rear 116 Charlotte 

Flick Andrew, currier, 136 N 3rd, h51 Wood. 

Flick B., wharf builder, Fraley's ct. (K) 

Flick Charles, chsiirmr., Beach bel Hanover. 

Flick George, carp., Passmore's pi. 

Flick Jacob, fisherman. Queen ab Cherry 

Flick Lewis, baker, rear 166 N 2nd. 

Flick Sarah, b h, 147 N Front. 

Flickbacher Jacob, ladies' shoes, 44 N 4th 

Flickinger Isaac, dry goods, 172 N 3rd, h 149 

Flickwir H. W., carpenter, 163 S 3rd. 

Flickwir Joseph W., carpenter, 24 German. 

Fling" Barnabas, silk dyer, 3 Caladonia ct. 

Fling James, tailor, 2 Lodge al 

Fling Susan, Sch 8th bel George. 

Fling Thomas, printer, 62 Noble. 

Fling W. B., gent.. Broad bel Walnut. 

Flinn Ann, milliner, 218 S 4th. 

Flinn Benjamin, labourer. Rose al n Green. 

Flinn Hannah, b h, 78 Mulberry 

Flinn James, tailor, 2 Lodge. 

Flinn Michl., min. water manuf , 64 Penn 

Flinn Michael, lab., 54 Swanson 

Flinn Mills, lab., Hope ab Plicenix 

Flinn Robert, plasterer, 4th bel Master. 

Flinn Sarah, George ab I3th 

Flint A., tract depository, 13 N 7th, h 20 San- 

Flint James, machinist, N Front bel Franklin. 

Flint Thomas, cordwainer, 14 Providence ct. 

Flohr Ernest, artist, George ab 13tli. 

Flood Edward, b h 234 N Water. 

Flood Elizabeth, Carlton ab Sch, 2d 

Flood Francis, dealer, Cadwahider bel Phoenix. 

Flood Geo., engineer, S E 12th &. Buttonwood. 

Flood Henry, lab., 24 Duke 

Flood Isaac, cordwainer, 6 Carter's al. 

Flood John, labourer. Mud 1 ab Y road. 

Flood John, weaver, ct Front ab JefTer.Hon 

Flood Peter, weaver, Y road n Bedford. 

Flood William, chairmaker, rear 291 S 5th 

Florence Jane, sempstress, 79 Swanson. 

Florence J. L., gent., Spruce bel 10th 

Florence Sarah, artificial flowermr., 95 Mulberry, 

Florence & Spangler, artifi. flowers, 57 N 3d 

Flounders William, cordw.. Mechanic n George 

Flowers Catharine, 83 N 8tli. 

Flowers George jr., hay mer., c 6th &. Coatea, 
h 2 Henderson's ct. 

Flowers John, brushmr., 1 School 

Flowers Thomas, chalrmr.. Noble ab 4th 

Floyd Elijah, packer, rear 4 Perry's ct. 

Floyd Henry, grocer, S E Broad & Bedford. 

Floyd James, grocer, c 9th Sc Catharine. 

Floyd Jas., manuf, c 2d & Jefferson, h 731 N 2d. 

Floyd John, 265 S 3rd. 

Floyd John jr., grocer, 309 S 4th. 

Floyd Samuel, carter, Richard n Sch. 7th 

Flukner Christian, locksm., 341 Callowhill 

Flum Blastus, wheelwright, James bel 10th. 

Fobes G. W., mer., 183 High, h 23 Montgo- 
mery sq. 

Fochtman Anthony, lab., Shoemaker's ct 

Fodell John, carp., Watman's ct., 149 Green 

Foegelly Joseph, tanner, rear 104 Budd 

Foelil Frederick, baker, 1 Chancery lane. 

Foering Abraham, clerk, 4th and Carpenter. (S) 

Foering Frederick, stove mer., 97 N 2nd, h 
1 Crown. 

Foering George W., coal office, 17 Arcade. 

Foering Saml., gent., 4th and Carpenter. (S) 

Foering Samuel .fr., grocer, N E 4th and Car- 

Foering William, clerk, 529 'N 4th. 

Foertsch H., bootmr., Poplar n 6th 

Fogerty Mary, trader, 180 Swanson. 

Fogg Aaron, bricklayer, 5 W North n 10th, 

Fogg Salvenus, waterman, 52 Oak, 

Fogg Sam'l., bricklayer, 12 Grear 

Foley David, saddler, 12th and Peail 

Foley James, blacksmith, 18 Plum. 

Foley John, bootmaker, 10 Cypress al, 

Foley Owen, labourer, 1 Liberty ct 

Foley Rebecca, Wood ab 11th. 

Foley Thomas, lab., Washington. (W P) 

Folkrod Elizabeth, 296 Vine. 

Follin G. Si Esto Cuesta, mers., 101 S Front. 

FoUin George mer., 101 S Front, h 87 S 4th. 

Follind Redmand, stone cutter, Callowhill n 

Foisted John, blacksm., 5 Harmony 

Folwell Aaron, tailor, 4 Filbert av 

Folwell C. F., tailor, 26 N 6th. 

Folwell C. S., Bank U. S., h Z7 Marshall. 

FolweU James, N. A. Bank, h 4 Jacoby. 




Folwell Job, cordwainer, 510 N 3rd. 

Folwell Joseph, turner, 140 Brown 

Folwell Joseph, turner, 434 N 4th 

Folwell Rebecca, gentw., 233 Mulberry 

Folwell Robert, mer., 166 N 5th 

Folwell Susannah, 297 Sassafras 

Fontain Mary, dry goods, c Queen Sc Shacka- 

Fontanges P. F., gent., 508 Chestnut. 
Fontz Ann, gentw., 27 Brown 
Foot Eliza, milliner, 342 S 2d 
Foot Margaret, Gideon's ct. 
Foote Elizabeth, 27 Mead. 
Foote Skilton, shoemr., c Marriott & Gth. 
Foote Wilhelmina, Vine ab 12th. 
Fopless Adam, chairmr., 175 Brown 
Fopless Andrew, watchman, 3 Harmony ct. 
Foquet Charles, butcher, Powell n G college. 
Forbes Henry, weaver, Hopkins bel William 
Forbes Hugh, shoemaker, 49 W Cedar. 
Forbes James, labourer, 24 Sugar al 
Forbes James S., watchman, Lombard n Sch. 

Forbes John, weaver, Hopkin's ct n William. 
Forbes Sarah, tailoress, 378 S 4th 
Forbes William, lab., 22 McDuffie 
Force John, cordw., 336 S 5th 
Ford A., custom house officer, h Vine ab 12th. 
Ford Anna M., milliner, 198 N 8th 
Ford David, ivory turner, 82 Sassafras. 
Ford Edwin, umbrella manuf., N W 4th & High, 

h 4 Bread. 
Ford Elizabeth, Mulberry bel Broad 
Ford Gustavus, carp., 15 Wagner's al. 
Ford H. G., M. D., 152 Christian 
Ford & Hollingshead, dry goods, 183 Callowhill. 
Ford Isaac, mer., 24 N Front, h 97 N 5th 
Ford Isabella, shop. High n Sch. Front 
Ford James, shoemr., Hamilton n John. (F M) 
Ford Jane, 211 S 3d 
Ford John, com. mer., 212 High. 
Ford John, corder. Vine st wlif., h 13 Vine. 
Ford John, iron founder, 10 N 13th. 
Ford John, blacksmith. Say st. 
Ford John M., plated saddlery, 32 N 3rd, h 169 

Ford Mary, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Ford Philip, cordwainer, 118 W High, h Linden 

n Sch. 7th 
Ford Robert, gent., 44 Gaskill. 
Ford Samuel C., mer., 24 N Front. 
Ford S. C. & I., mers., 24 N Front. 
Ford Solomon, cordwainer, 37 N 12th. 
Ford Thomas, cotton manuf, Callowhill above 

Sch. Washington. 
Ford Thomas, currier, 69 Noble. 
Ford William, clerk, 152 St. John. 
Ford William, shoemr., 7 N 9th 
Ford Wm., 368 Mulberiy. 
Ford William, constable, 12th ab Sassafras. 
Ford Wm., weaver, Hopkin's ct. n William 
Forde Mary, 16 Wagner's al. 
Fordham John, glassblower. Bishop bel Queen 
Fordham Richard, ship carpenter. Cherry ab 

Queen. (K) 

Forebaugh Solomon, tobac, 6 Hermitage pi 

Forehand Sam'l., printer, Catharine bel Sch 7th. 

Foreman Henry, machinist & tavern, 293 S 4th 

Foreman John, m.^chinist, G T road ab Camac 

Foreman Samuel, blacksmith, Willow n 9th 

Forepaugh George E., saddler, 218 Green. 

Forepaugh John F., currier, 25 Bank, h 167 
N 5th. 

Forepaugh Mary, 265 N 3rd. 

Forepaugh Wm., drover, Haydock ab Front 

Forepaugh W. F., currier, 49 Vine 

Forman Isaac, 9 Montgomery. 

Forman Peter, shovelmr., 93 Crown 

Forrest Charles, stonecutter, 87 N 13th. 

Forrest Edwin, tragedian, 144 N 10th. 

Forrest Jacob, coppersmith, 23 Emlen's ct. 

Forrest Jas., bricklayer, Jefferson bel Harrison. 

Forrest Samuel, cordw., 55 M road 

Forrest Robert, lab., High n Sch. Front 

Forrest William, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 

Forrester Ann, b. h., 63 Chestnut. 

Forrester Isabella, Logan n Green 

Forrester Peter, carter, 248 S 6th 

Forst Frederick, upholsterer, Harmony ct., h 16 
Rasberry al. 

Forsyth Duvid, morocco di-es., 14 Franklin. (K) 

Forsyth Elizabeth, 64 S 6th. 

Forsyth J. W., 64 S 6th 

Forsyth Kenneth, plumber, 14 S 8th 

Forsyth Presley B., plumber, 52 S 11th. 

Forsyth Thomas H., carpenter, 11th ab Coates. 

Fort Wm., teacher, 165 Noble 

Forten James, sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h 92 

Forten James Jr., sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h 92 

Forten James & Sons, sailmakers, 95 S Whfs. 

Forten Joanna, Sassafras n Sch. 7th 

Forten R. B., sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h 12 Jef- 
ferson row. 

Forten Samuel, hosier, S E 2nd & Queen. (S) 

Foilescue Joseph, carpenter, rear 79 German 

Fortescue Thomas, carpenter, 146 Christian. 

Fortner Charles, sailmr., Hanover ab Prince 

Fortnerlchabod, waterman, ct Union ab Bedford 

Fortnum William, chandler, 57 Sassafras. 

Fortune Walter, saddletree mr., Concord ab 2d 

Fosburg Lydia, George ab Sch. 7th 

Fosburg Mary, 18 Juniper la. 

Foss Thomas, capmaker, Wood ab Sch. 6th. 

Fossard Adolph, confec, N E 7th & Walnut. 

Fossard Felix, mer., 29 N Front 

Fossard & Williams, mers., 29 N Front. 

Fossbiner John, st. mason, 4th n Creek. (.N L) 

Fossitt Aaron P., waiter, 327 Lombard. 

Foster Alfred, carp., Shackamaxon ab Bedford. 

Foster Ann, 3 Little Oak. 

Foster B., 6th bel Parrish, h Parrish n 8th 

Foster Charles, weaver, Charlotte & Thompson 

FoBter Charles, mariner, 122 Swanson. 

Foster Conrad, gardener. Cherry ab Palmer 

Foster C. B., dentist, 154 Mulberry. 

Foster & Co., importers, 103 S Front 

Foster Edward F., tailor, 70 N 5th 

Foster Ehzabeth, 149 N 2d 




Foster E. H., engraver, 2G4 N .Ird. 
Foster Frederick, g'enl., ('liei-iy and I)nli.f^ 
Foster Hetty, widow of William, .'>04 Mulberry 
Foster Jacob, bricknir., rear 225 N 2d 
Foster James, collector, St. Josepli'sav ab Sch. 

Foster James, drayman, Sprini^ mill ct. 
Foster John, lab., 3 Williams' ct 
Foster John, William n Hamilton 
Foster John, caulker, Crown ab Bedford. 
Foster John, ship carpenter, Duke n Palmer. 
Foster John (i., tobacconist, Allen ab Marlboro' 
Foster Joseph, artist, 2 S 9th 
Foster Leonard, brassfounder, Charlotte bel 

Foster Kobert, M. D., 471 Vine 
Foster Samuel, shipw., Hanover ab Prince 
Foster Samuel, carp., Fraley's ct. (K) 
Foster Saml., cordw., 454 S 4th 
Foster Sarah, gentw., 322 S 7th. 
Foster Sarah, siiop keeper, F road n Allen. 
Foster Solomon, whip &. cane manuf., N E 4th 

and Hig'h. 
Foster Strickland, M. D., 156 F road. 
Foster Thos., engineer, Logan n Green 
I'oster Thomas, shoes, S E 5th and Catharine 
Foster Thomas, weaver, Front ab Master 
Foster Thomas, giinsm., Wheat ab Reed 
Foster Thomas J., painter, Ogden n 10th 
Foster Walter, moroc. finisher, Rose al. 
Foster Wm., carp., Cherry bel Prince 
Foster Wm., shoemr., 236 S 7th 
Foster Wm. H., exchange office, 1 Library, h 2d 

n Marion 
Fotterall S. G., gent., 2 Portico sq. 
Fotterall Mrs. Stephen E., gentw., 152 S 3rd. 
Fotterall William F., gent.,' N W 13th & Chest- 
Fouche Wm. W., dentist, 79 N 6th 
Fougerav Augustus P., stoves, O Y road and 

CallowhiU, h 5S7 N 5th. 
Fougeray H. J., stoves, 111 N 2nd. 
Fouladoux C, wigmaker, 42 S 4th 
Foulcroud Emanuel, cordwainer, 102 Poplar. 
Foulds Robert, tavern, S E 5th &. Carpenter. 
Foulk Charles, b. h., 49 Georg-e 
Foulk Frederick, vict.. Nectarine bel 11th 
Foulk George, captain, 1 Sergeant. 
Foulk W. Parker, attorney, 18 S 8th. 
Foulke Isaac, cordwainer, 136 Swanson. 
Foulke John P., seaman, 3 Mint ct. 
Foulke Richard P., grocer, N E 6th and But- 

, ton wood 
Foulke Rowland, tailor, 105 Noble. 
Foulke WlUiaui, Sch. 7th ab Filbert. • 
Foulkes Ciiarles, mariner, 21 Mead 
Fountain Andrew, waterman,. 457 S 2nd. 
Fountain A., ship carpenter, Palmer bel Prince 
Fouse Ezekiel, teacher, 7th ab CallowhiU, h 631 

N 2d 
Fouse Matthias, cord., 631 N 2nd. 
Foust George N., .stone cutter, 172 N 8th. 
Foust Henry, cordwainer, 7 Maria. 
Fow George, butch., Marlborough bel Franklin. 
Fow Jacob, vict., Duke and Marlborough 

Vow .lohn, vicl., Crown ab Huke 

Fow JoHej)li, vict., Oxford ah I'roiit 

Fow I'eter, i>rickm)'., 54 Cedar 

Fowler Ann, gentlew., Apple ab Poplar 

Fowler Elizabeth, huckster, 300 St. John 

Fowler Francis, labourer, 410 Coates. 

Fowler George, painter, 154 Carpenter 

Fowler Henry, potter, rear 231 Christian 

Fowler John, painter, 341 Vine 

Fowler Josiah, tinsmith, 60 (joates. 

Fowler Mary, mantuamr., 249 S 5lh 

Fowler Mayland, tailor, 367 N 2nd. 

Fowler O. S.,, 210 Spruce 

Fowler Sarah, 15 (;harlotte. 

F'owler Susannali, 3 Feams' ct. 

Fowler William, carpenter, 493 N 4th. 

Fowler William, plasterer, George n Sch. Cth. 

Fowler William H., tin.smith, 126 N 2nd. 

Fowser Frederick, lab., Queen ab Marlborough 

Fox Ann, 308 S 7lh. 

Fox Anthony, trader, G T road n Camac. (K) 

Fox Barney, waterm.. Prince ab Shackamaxon 

Fox Charles, brickmaker, 464 Sassafras. 

Fox Charles, surveyor, 335 Lombard , 

Fox Christian, cordwainer, 138 Brown. 

Fox Christian, weaver, 113 Green. 

Fox & Curran, forward. & com. mers.. Broad ab 

Fox Daniel, gardener, Hanover ab Duke 
Fox Daniel, pouter, 12th ab Bedford 
Fox Daniel M., conveyancer, 418 N2ct 
Fox Edward J., 29 Filbert 
Fox Elizabeth, gentw., Front n Master. (K^ 
Fox Evan, carpenter, 112 N 8th. 
Fox Frances, mantuamaker, Caledonia ct. 
Fox Frederick, gi-ocer, Marlborough n Duke. 
Fox George, M. D., 491 Chestnut. 
Fox George, dealer, 125 Cedar. 
Fox George, brickmr., 6th ab Poplar 
Fox George, tin plate worker, CallowhiU n 

Fox George, sailmaker, 4 James. 
Fox George, labourer. West n Cheny. (K) 
Fox George, carte]*. Front n Oxford 
Fox Isaac, brickmr.. Master ab 6th 
Fox Jacob, cordwainer, 137 B<idd. 
Fox James, upholsterer, 396 High, h Cherry ab 

Fox John, hatter, Pearl n Sell, river 
Fox John, lamp black manuf, 1U5 Budd. 
Fox John, lab., Hughes' ct. 
Fox John, corder, Poplar st whf, h 418 N 2d. 

Fox John, jr., currier, 105 Budii. 
Fox J., corder. Marsh & Penn. (K) 

Fox John D., cooper, 392 High, ii 1PC5 N 3d 

Fox John J., chairmr., Jackson 

Fox Joseph, surveyor &. conveyor. Spring Gai'- 
den ab 11th 

Fox Joseph, coi-dwainen -^16 X 8th 

Fox Justus, currier, ^05 Bud J. 

Fox xMargaret, l2fNew 

Fox Michael, >ict., 4th ab Thempson 

Fox Nathapiel, sail maker, 7 Little Pine. 

Fox Nicholas, pawnbroker, 210 Cedai-. 

Fox >'., shoemr.. Carpenter ab P road 




Fox Patrick, oil dealer, Catharine bel Lebanon 

Fox Patrick, ^-atemr., 32 N 6tli 

Fox Patrick, carp., Hig'h ab Sch. 2il 

Fox Peter, tailor, .Manilerson ab Beach 

Fox Peter, rigger, 8 Queen 

Fox Peter, carp., 4th bel Wharton 

Fox Samuel, cabinetmaker, 14 Shippen. 

Fox Samuel, brickmaker, 37 Filbert. 

Fox S. M., brickmaker, 99 Filbert. 

Fox Thomas, tailor, 4 Buckley. 

Fox William, carp., G T road ab Phoenix. (K) 

Fox William, tailor, 196 N 2nd. 

Fox William L., forwar. mer., Broad n Vine, li 

Marsliall House 
Foxhill John, painter, Sch. 3d ab Callowhill 
Foy Maiy, 64 Sassafras. 
Foy John Murty, Carlton ab 12th. 
Foy Joseph, shoemr., rear 64 Sassafras 
Foy Valentine, engineer. Wheat & lleed. (S) 
FoyeS.P.,47 Filbert. 

Foyle Edward, groc. Sassafras al & Mulberry al 
Frain Hannah, nurse, 3 Richardson's ct. 
Fraizer Joshua, mer., 148 High, h 185 N 6th 
Fraley, Brady &. Co., mers., 193 High 
Fraley Casper, shoemr., c 10th and Green 
Fraley Charles, chandler, George ab St. John 
Fraley Charles, glassblower, 2 McBride's ct. (K) 
Fraley Edward L., mer., 193 High, h 333 Sas- 
Fraley Frederick, Sec'y. Am. Fire Ins. Co., 72 

Walnut, h 365 Sassafras. ' 
Fraley George R., baker, 2 Howard. 
Fraley John, weaver, West bel Wood. (K) 
Fraley John U. Junr., mer., 193 High, h 79 N 

Fraley John U., senr., 79 N 10th. 
Fraley Wendell W., grocer, Beach n Marsh. 
Fraley Wm., bricklayer, 11 Kenworthy's ct 
Frame John, baker, 308 S Front 
Frame Robert, janitor, 5 Juniper lane 
France J. & E., carpets, 129 N 4th 
France Wm. M., tavern, F road ab Bedford 
Francis Ann, 161 S 9th. 
Francis Benjamin, segar maker, 14 Dorothy. 
Francis C, gent., 9 Sansom. 
Francis Charles, ice, Taylor's al., h 126 S 5th. 
Francis Charles, Marriott bel 5th 
Francis Charles, tinsmith, 440 Sassafras. 
Francis, Field &. Francis, tinmen japan & platers, 

80 N 2nd. 
Francis Henry, tinman, 80 N 2nd, h 67 Wood. 
Francis James W., potter. Filbert n Sch. 7th. 
Francis John, cooper, Ann n Sch. 8th. 
Fruvicis Joseph, black & white smitii, 26 Dock, 

h 29 Union. 
Francis J. v., portrait painter, 2 Library, h 177 

Francis Lawrence, chemical ins. mr., 12 Fetter 

Francis Samuel, bootnn.. c Linden & Green 
Francis Thomas, plater, 8& N 2d, h 55 St. John 
Francis T., waiter, George ab Sch. 7th 
Francis Thomas W., gent., Spruct; ab 12th. 
Francisco John, oysters. Little Pine 
Frank Christian, gent., 479 Sassafras. 

Frank Elizabeth, Sarah ab Queen 
Frank Henry, tailor, 100 S 3rd. 

Frank Jacob A., carp., 247 Green 

Frank Julia, 247 N 6th. 

Frank P., shoemaker, 72 Coates 

Frank Susan, Sch. 7th bel Sassafras 

Frankenstein J. P., port, painter, 18 Bi-anch 

Frankland William, piano manuf , Joint al. 

Franklin Benjamin, whcelwriglit, 24 Dock, h 
86 Sjjruce 

Franklin Edward, shoes & bonnets, S E 10th & 

Franklin Geo., whf build.. Queen n Wood. (K) 

Franklin James, plasterer, Asiiton & Filbert 

Franklin James E., M. D., 467 Vine. 

Franklin John G., painter, 13 Laurel. 

Franklin Lemuel, gent., Sch. 6th ab Mulbeny 

Franklin Margaret, 11 Wallace 

Franklin Ruth, Poplar and Gray's ct. 

Franklin Townsend U., coal mer., 2nd whf bel 
Chestnut, Sch. h 5 N 1 1th 

Franks Catharine, confectionei-, 96 N 5th. 

Franks Henry, framemr., c Willow & 11th 

Franks Henrj', tobacconist, 372 N 4th. 

Franks John, senr., 179 Poplar. 

Franks John, jr., cigarmaker, 179 Poplar. 

Franks Jolin Adam, baker. Locust ab 11th 

Franks John, brush maker, 2 Cresson's al. 

Fraser Anthony, carp.. Wheat ab Reed 

Eraser Charles, umbrella maker, 106 Locust. 

Fraser James, blacksmith, 2 Wood 

Fraser James, stone cutter, c 8th & Noble. 

Fraser James, collector, 5 Fayette 

Fraser Margaret, Brinton's ct. 

Fraser Wm., ropemr.. Carpenter n P road 

Frasier Christopher, st. cutter, 341 Callowhill 

Frasier Mary, 135 Poplar 

Frazer John, boatniun. Water n Vine 

Frazer John, 88 S 12th 

Frazer J. &, R., blacksmiths, 92 O Y road 

Frazier Alice, tailoress, 191 S 4th 

Frazier Anthony, carpenter, Pine ab 13th. 

Frazier Joseph, stevedore, 55 Mead. 

Frazier Nalbro, mer.. Spruce ab 11th 

Frazier Robert, trunkmr.. Carpenter n P road. 

Frazier William, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 

Freas & Co., grocers, N E 5th & Sassafras. 

Freas Jacob, grocer, N E 5th & Sassafras 

Freas Henry, cupper & bleeder, 13 Queen. (K) 

Frecall James, drayman, Shackamaxon ab Bed- 

Fredei'ick & Allison, tailors, N E Water and 

Fi'cderick Elizabetli, Wood ab Prince 
I Frederick Isaac, shoemr., 271 S 5th 
.Frederick Jacob, fisherman. Palmer ab West. 
I (Kensington) 

Frederick John, fislierm., Brown & Vienna. (K) 

Frederick John, baker, 102 Apple. 

Frederick J. D., tuiloi-, N E Water and Mul- 

Frederick John H., jeweller, 59 Cherry. 

P>edcrick John L., engi., 53 S 4tli, Ii 5 City row. 

Frederick Mary, dressmaker, 9tli ab Callowiiill. 

Frederick Wm. S., grocer, 348 Callowhill. 




Fredericks Daniel, silver plater, Court al. 
Fredericks Isaac, cordwainer, 21 Norris's alley, 

h 271 S 5tli. 
Frederitze Joseph, shoemr., 5 John's ct. 
Free & Cever, shoemakers, rear Smith's al. 
Free George, stables, 27 Appletree al. 
Free Jacob, blindmr., 433 N 3d 
Fi-ee John, reai- Smith's al. 
Free John, Georg-e n Sch. 
Free Joseph, sailmaker, 11 Cox 
Free Martin, carpet weaver, 422 N 3d. 
Freeborn Mrs. Christiana, Jones c Sch. 4th 
Freeborn Noble, labourer, Say. 
Freeburn John, lab., High ab Sch. 4th 
Freed David, carpenter, S W Linden & Green. 
Freed David, mer., 448 Hig-h, h 308 N 6th. 
Freed I). & Sons, flour, 448 Hig-h. 
Freed George, looking glass silverer, 327 N 3rd. 
Freed Isaac, broker, N E 9th & Filbert, h S W 

Linden & Green. 
Freed Joseph M., mer., 448 High. 
Freedly Samuel, M. D., S E Green 8c Marshall. 
Freedman Abraham, pedler, 6 Friendship ct 
Fi'eeker Michael, watchman, 24 Rose al. 
Freeland David S., hats., 22 High, h 26 Sassafras. 
Freeland John, cordwainer, 63 Plum. 
Freeland John, clerk, 359 S 6th 
Freeland Nathan S., hatter, 116 N4th. 
Freelove Louis, dentist, 1 Wagner's al. 
Freeman Amanda, feather manuf., 90 N 4th. 
FreemaTi A. & E. W., milliners, 70 Mulberry. 
Freeman Eliza, 481 S 2d. . 
Freeman H. G., notary public 8c atty., 6 Library, 

h 34 Giraid. 
Freeman John, porter, 18 Little Pine 
Freeman Moses, b h 35 Vine. 
Freeman Moses, tailor. Poplar ab 3d 
Freeman Nathan, blindmr., 12 Plum 
Freeman Peter, ven. blind mr., 83 8c 143^ S 

Freeman Thomas, blind maker, 386 N 2d. 
Freeman T. B., mer., 6 Library, h 371 Walnut 
Freeman T. W. L., auctioneer, 50 N 6th, h S E 

12th and Filbert 
Freeman Wm., ship master, Little Pine 
Freeman W. S., agent U. Ti-ans. line for N. Y., 

19 S wharf, h 159 Chestnut. 
F'reer Ann, milliner, 4 S 13th 
Freese James, capt.. Beach bel Marlboi'ough 
Freese Jesse, carp.. Crown ab Bedford 
Freesburger Peter, hatter, S W Juniper and 

Freesion Wm., keeper M. pi-ison, h 486 S 2d. 
Frenaye P., professor, 59 S 11th. 
French Elizabeth, 8 Wiley's ct. 
French George, rigger, 30 Mead. 
French Joseph, carp., 4th ab Wharton 
French Marshall, clerk. Juniper bel Filbert 
French Richard, acct., 72 S 2nd 
French U. H., builder. Lombard n 13th 
French Wm., bi'ushmaker, R road ab Grear 
French Wm. H., plasterer. Locust ab Sch. 6th. 
French Wm. J., biscuit baker, Weccacoe 
Freno Ann, 28 Spruce 
Frescolm Leonard, bootmr., Marriott bel 3d. 

Irciind Jo.sepli, confectioner, 282 N 3d. 
Freybergcr A., umbrella maker, 307 Callov/hill. 
Freymuth Benj. E., collector, 102 German. 
Freyschlag B. Miss, dressmr., Sheldon row 
Freytag G., mer., 66 S Front, h 144 S 2d 
Freytag M. Mrs., china store, 29') Walnut. 
Fi-lck Christian, cabinetmaker. Willow bel 4i.h. 
Frick Edwin P., grocer, N W 11th and High, Ii 

c Marshall and IJuttonwood. 
Frick E. P. 8c J. H., grocers, 279 High. 
Frick Jacob, cashier P T Bank, h 190 N. 6th. 
Frick Jacob, grocer, c Wood and Garden 
Frick Jacob, brass foundry, 364 N 3d. 
Frick Jacob, brick mr.. Master ab 6th 
Frick John H., editor Amer. Sentinel, 35 Wal- 
nut, h 187 N6th. 
Fricke Eliza, gentw., 3 Morgan. 
Fricke Henry, saddlery hardware, 14N3d, h3 

Fricker Catharine, 670 N 2nd n Master 
Fricker George, rear 44 Budd 
Frickley Susanna, 209 St. John 
Fridenburg 8c Brothers, clothing store, 170 N 2d 
Fridenburg Henry, clothing store, c Noble and 

Fridenburg More, tailor, 241 N 2nd 
Friedline John L., jeweller, 4 Harmony 
Friedline Sarah, b h., 268 N 5th 
Friend Andrew B., blacksmith, 6 Juniper al, h 

73 George 
Friend John, corder, 365 N Front 
Fries Jane, sempstress, 15 Vernon 
Fries John, watchmaker, 160 N 2d. 
Fries John W., blacksmith. Front bel Federal. 
Fries P., watchmaker, 311 ^ N 2d, h 5 West 
Fries Philip, coach trimmer, 208 Noble. 
Friesz Samuel H., labourei", 110 Wood. 
Frieze A. M., 3 Filbert avenue. 
Frisby Charles, cabinetmaker, 162 Lombard. 
Frisby Jeremiah, carter, Swede's ct 
Frisby Richard, barber, 13th ab Cedar 
Frischknak John, tavern, R road n Ann (F V) 
Frishmuth Charles, tobacconist, 187 N 2d. 
Frishmuth J. J. 8c Brother, tobacco., 246 N 3d 
Frishmuth Edward, tobacconist, 246 N 3d 
Frishmuth Michael, cedar coop., 227 Callowhill 
Frishmuth Sarah, shop keeper, 488 S 2d. 
Frishmuth Wm., tobacconist, 246 N 3d. 
Fritz Conrad, cl»rk, 114 Green. 
Fritz Frederick, lab.. Beach ab Marsh 
Fritz Frederick, Callowhill ab Broad. 
Fritz George, blacksmith, Hope n Otter 
Fritz Hannah, mirse, Kelly's ct 
Fritz Henry, plasterer, 192 Lombard 
Fritz Henry C., morocco dresser, 259 Coates. 
Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker, 267 Mulberry, h 22 

Fritz Jacob, brushmaker, 196 N 3d. 
Fritz John, grocer, S E 7th and Christian. 
Fritz John, baker, M'Duffie n Sch. 3rd 
Fritz John, combmr., 25 Charlotte 
Fritz John, gent., 291 N 6th. 
Fritz John S., cabinetmaker, 3 Schriver's ct. 
Fritz Joseph, whipmaker, 4 N 4th, h c 4th and 





Fritz Mary, Thompson n 4th. 

Fritz Peter, marble mason, yard 226 Sassafras, 

h 214 Sassafras. 
Fritz Wm., cabinetmaker, F road opp. Queen. 
Fritz >\iHiam, shoemaker, 7 Margaretta, h 6 

Fritz William, tinsmith, 3 N 12th 
Frombcrg-er Ann M., 147 N 9th. 
Frost John, professor Phila. High School, h 13th 

n I,ocust 
Frost Silas, brass founder, 74 & 90 S Front. 
Frowert C. Mrs., 20 Cresson's alley. 
Frowert Daniel, surg. iiistr. maker, 88 N 4th. 
Frowert Isaac, boot & shoemaker, 64 N oth. 
Frowert J., gent., A\'ood bel 9th. 
Frowert Lewis, superintendent, 304 S 10th. 
Frowert Mrs. II., artf. flow, mr., 78 Sassafras. 
Frowert Samuel, cordw., 459 S 2nd 
Fry Ann W., 270 N 8th. 

Fry Edmond, cooper, 10 Filbert, h Zane bel 8th 
Fry Jacob, mer., 80 High, h 21 Branch 
Fry John, jnimpmaker, 119i N Water, h 34 

Elfreth's alley. 
Fry John J., baker, 122 Dillwyn. 
Fry Marv L., gent., 16 New Market. 
Fry Samuel, mer., 80 High, h 243 N 6th 
Fry Thomas & WiUiam, confectioners, 191 N 3d. 
Fry Wm., proprietor National Gazette, 96 S 2d. 

h 67 Spruce. 
Fry Wm. C, confectioner, 95 Dillwyn. 
Fry Wm. W., plainmr., 3 Hansell's ct. 
Fryburg Sarah, 219 N 8th. 
Fryer John, tailor, 206 Sassafras, h 8 Nicholson. 
Fryer Saml. G., hairdi-esser, G T road ab Phoenix. 
Fryer Wm., mer., 50 S 2d. 
Fryer Wm. M., piano maker, 3 Randall's ct. 
Fuguet S., mer., 75 S Front 
Fuhr Wm., basketmr., Lewis n Sch. 7th 
Fulcrab Mahlon, currier. Orchard 
Fullaway Charles, trunkmaker, 23 Shippen. 
Fuller Archibald, cart., N E M road &. Wharton. 
Fuller Daniel, real estate broker, 79 Mulberry, 

h 180 Vine 
Fuller Henry, acct., 142 S 5th. 
P'uUer John Jr., turner, 479 S Front 
Fuller John Sen., pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller Oliver, mer., 112 High, h 421-^ Mulberry. 
Fullertin Edward, shoemaker, 497 Vine. 
Fullerton Aaron, ship car., Hanover ab Bedford. 
Fullerton A., gent.. Spruce ao 7th, S s. 
Fullerton Alexr., druggist, 174 High, h 264 

Fullerton Cath., St. John ab Beaver. 
Fullerton C. J., mer., 14 S Front, h 138 Walnut 
Fullerton David, pawn broken, c 7th & Shippen 
Fullerton 8c Donnell, mers., 14 S Front. 
Fullerton Ely, turner, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
Fullerton Henry, bookbinder, Carlton ab 12th. 
Fullerton John, constable, Union n Bedford. 
Fullerton John R., bricklayer, Palmer bel Queen 
Fullerton Matthew, grocer, 392 Sassafras 
Fullerton Stephen B., plasterer, 19 Montgomeiy. 
Fullman Edward, clothing store, 110 S 2nd 
Fulmer Casper, carp., Otter n G T road. 
Fulmer John, carp., Palmer bel West 

Fulmer Mary M., gentw., S E 12th and Peavl 

Fulmer Matthew W., cordwainer, 614 N 2d. 

Fulmer Michael, butcher, 29 Franklin pi 

Fulmer Nicholas, farmer, Fulmer's la n Eastern 

Fulmer Wm., drayman, School n William 

Fulmer Wm. W.,'gent., 95 N 2d. 

Fulton Ann, 7 Randall's ct 

Fulton John, weaver, Hopkins' ct n William 

Fulton John, lab., Hansell's ct 

Fulton J. D., gardener, c Lane's ct. & Lombard. 

Fulton Robert, tailor shop, 473 S 2d, h 42 Queen 

Fulton Sarah, sempstress, Cedar n 9th. 

Fulton Wm., carpenter, 53 S Juniper. 

Fulweiler John, carpenter, 9 Wagner's ct. 

Funk Charles F., cabinetmaker, 581 N 3d. 

Funk F. W., carter, Coates n F Mount 

Funk Gottfrtd, tailor, rear 16 Wagner's al 

Funk John, weaver, 4th ab Thompson 

Funk J. J., watchman, Ogden n 10th. (S G) 

Funk John, F road bel Hanover 

Funk Mary, G T road n Laurel. 

Funston John, gi-ocer, c Master and Front 

Furber Wm. W., hair dresser, 85 S 12th. 

Furey Enos, weaver, c Front and Jefi'erson 

Furey Jane, mantua mr., 12 S 5th 

Furey John, teacher, 101 Spruce 

Furey Margaret, variety store, 101 Spruce. 

Furey Michael, tavern, 235 S 4th. 

Furey Thomas, shoemr., 86 W High 

Furgosson John A., trimmings, c 8th and Noble 

Furley F'rancis, weaver, Front bel Master 

Furlong James, grocer, N W 7th & Cherry. 

Furlong J. AV., painter, 90 Cherry 

Furman & Appleton, tailors, 222 N 6th. 

Furman David, 181 N 6tli 

Furman Elizabeth, widow, Ann W Sch. 8th 

Furman Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Union ct. 

Furness James T.^ auctioneer, 22 N 2d, h Pine 

ab Broad. 
P'urness John, carp., 11th, h 19 Union sq 
Furness Wm. H. Rev., Pine ab Broad. 
P'urney W^m., ladies shoemaker, 2 Assembly 

Furter Ann, Hemphill's ct 
Furter Joseph, butcher, 13th n Brown 
Futcher William, bootmaker, 314 Sassafras. 

Gabb Joseph, cordw.. Poplar ab 4tli 

Gabel Georere, potter, 16 Allen (K) 

Gabel Peter senr., gent., 9 Brown. 

Gabel Thomas, tobacconist, 525 N 2nd 

Gabell G. T., plumber, 20 N 12th. 

Gable Joseph, painter, 420 N Front. 

Gadis Daniel, laboiuer. Pearl bel Broad. 

Gafi' James, Dentist, 13th ab Callowhill, h But- 

tonwood n 13th 
Gaff Thomas, distiller, Buttonwood bel 13th 
Gaffney Bridget, grocer, N W 4th & Master. 
Gaffney Eliza, b h, Cherry n Sch. 6th 
Gaffney James, porter, 3 Callowhill 
Gaffney John, bottler, 15 Mercer. 
Gaffney Michael, tavern, 499 Vine. 
Gaffrey Bernard, weaver, 56 Fitzwater. 




Gaillaid E., baker, 24 Franklin pi. 
Gaines Nelly, sempstress, 101 Lambard 
Gakler Jacob, butcher, Flanover ii F road. (K) 
Galbraith & Lamoii, grocers, S Fi 13th & Pine 
Galbraith Andrew, lab., Murray ab Sch. 2rd 
Galbraith Andrew, grocer, 99 C) Y road 
Galbraith Hugh, lab., Francisville K road 
Galbraith James, gravel, 115 New Market 
Galbraith James, carp., Linden n Sch. 6th. 
Galbraith James, lab.. Filbert ab Sch. 4tb. 
Galbraith Jas., marble polisher, c 12tli & Short. 
Galbraith John, bookbinder, 4 Norris's ct. 
Galbraith Robert, lab., R road bel Ann. (F V) 
Galbraith Robert, lab.. Linden n Sch. 6th. 
Galbraith Wm., grocer, S E 1.3th and Pine 
Gale Jane, huckster, Maiden ab Penn 
Gale Jas., hair dresser, 5 Little Pine. 
Gale Malachi, 83 P road. 
Gale Sarah, dressmaker, 39 N 12th. 
Gale Thomas S., acct., 225 Wood. 
Galen William, clerk, 529 S Fi-ont. 
Gales AVilliam, seaman. Ball al ab Shippen 
Gallager James, carter, St. Joseph's av n Sch 5th 
Gallagher Andrew, carter, 8 Penn, h Rye ab 

Gallagher Ann, 11 Jacoby. 
Gallagher Daniel, lab., West ab George 
Gallagher Edward, lab., 8th and Carpenter 
Gallagher Francis, lab., West ab George 
Gallagher George, manuf., 610 N 2nd 
Gallagher & Hamilton, harness mrs., 50 S 11th 
Gallagher James, lab., 4 Yeager's ct 
Gallagher James, bakei-, 16 Fitz water. 
.Gallagher James, gardener, 8 Dorothy. 
Gallagher James, 9 Union 
Gallagher John, carp., Wall ab F road 
Gallagher John, watchman, Beach n George 
Gallagher J. A., ship chandler, 50 S wharves 
Gallagher John, baker, 341 Pine. 
Gallagher John Capt., 28 Almond. 
Gallagher Peter, tailor, 2 S 13th 
Gallagher Patrick, groc, N E Sch. 4th & Willow 
Gallagher Richard, labourer. Type al n Sch. 
Gallagher Solomon, cordw., G T road n Rose 
Gallagher Timothy, blacksm., rear 112 Walnut 
Gallagher Wm., harness mr., 50 S 11th 
Gallagher Wm., shop, Sch. 6th n Pine 
Gallagher William, M. D., 18 Prune 
Gallard James, painter. High W Sch 4th, h Ann 

bet Sch 3rd and 4th. 
Gallaspy Robert, sawyer, Stoy's ct (K) 
Gallaway James, dealer, 164 N Water. 
Gal\away James, teacher, 2nd bel Queen, h 

China ab Front. 
Gallaway John L., hatter, 258 Catharine 
Gallaway John, dealer in iron, 115 and h 91 N 

Gallaway Margaret, tavern, 91 N Water 
Gallaway Wm., bricklayer. Poplar. 
Gallen Charles, tavern, 46 Prune. 
Gallen Isabella, tavern, 101 Shippen 
Gallen John, coachman, rear Budden's al bel 

GaUen Michael, lab., rear 339 S 5th 
GaJleno Raphele, mariner, 126 Swanson 

Gallett Auguste, wig maker, 38 S 4th. 

Galliard James, painter. High ab Sch. "rd, h 
Ann ab Sch. 4th. 

Gallindo John,cabmr., c Willow and James 

(ialloway Benj.,dyer, 10 Hunter 

Galloway Charles, mer., 387 ij Fligh. h 208 Cherry 

Galloway James, sail maker, rear 81 N Wharves. 

Galls Moses, porter, 98 Bedford 

fialt .lolin, weaver, 4 Vanbueren ct 

Gamble Alexander, plasterer, 9th bel Brown 

Gamble Catharine, 290 Wood 

Gamble Charles S., shoemaker, Oliver pi 

Gamble George N., morocco dresser, 15 & h 13 

Gamble James, weaver, S3 W Cedcr 

Gamble John, weaver, Shippen ab 11th 

Gamble John, labourer, 13 Budd. 

Gamble John, weaver, 3 Lane's ct 

Gamble John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 

Gamble John, gent., 32 Callowhill. 

Gamble Joseph, tobacconist, 11 Quarry. 

Gamble Louisa, b li, 102 S Front. 

Gamble Mary, gentw., rear 45 Green 

Gamble Sarah, 376 S 3rd. 

Gamble Thos, morocco dress., G T road n Rose 

Gamble Wm., leather dresser, G T road n Phoe- 
nix. (K) 

Gamble William, cordwainer, 294 N Front 

Gamester Evan, lab., Mackey ab Rye. 

Gampher John, cooper, S 5th bel Queen. 

Gampher Michael, cooper, 214 S 2nd, h 5th ab 

Gandall Joseph L., ag'ent., 338 S 3rd 

Gandy Sheppard, gent, 318 S 4th 

Gandy E. S., mer., 7 S Front, h 313 S 4th 

Canning John, carpenter, 81 P road 

Gano John, clerk, 28 E North. 

Gans Lewis, bell-founder, 445 Front 

Ganshorn Godfrey, labourer, Palmer ab Prince. 

Ganstert Michael, shoemaker, 46 Filbert 

Gantt S. A. Miss, b. h., 27 Sansom. 

Gantz Charles, 26 Callowhill 

Garagle David, tailor, 250 I.,omberd 

Garbanati F. C, gilder, 151 S 3rd. 

Garber John, lab., 38 FaiT. 

Garber John, butchei-, 122 Brown 

Garden William, printer, 16 Fayette. 

Gardener Wm. M., druggist, c Beach & George 

Gardette E. B., dentist, 246 Walnut. 

Gardiner Alexander, bricklayer, 131 S Front 

Gardiner A. S., clerk, Sch. 8th bel Spruce 

Gardiner George, caaler, c Willow Sc Hamil- 

Gardiner H. S., cooper, 115 S Front 

Gai-diner John, ship carp., 462 S Front 

Gardiner Mary, 341 S 2d. 

Gardiner Richard, furniture, 406 High, h 105 

Gardiner Samuel, ship carp., 462 S Frout 

Gardner Archibald, dealer, c 11th & Sassafras. 

Gardner, Cathai-ine, 17 Coates' al. 

Gardner Charles, shop, 239 S 7th. 

Gardner Daniel, Pleasant ab 10th 

[Gardner Daniel W., cordw., 6th bel Washington 

Gardner Edward, brush maker, 4 Terr's ct. 




Gardner P'elix, weaver, 3d n Phoenix (K) 

Gardner George, coacli maker, 17 Nectarine. 

Gardner George, jeweller. Front ab Maiden 

Gardner Hannah, furniture, 82 N 7th. 

Gardner Hannah M., dry goods, 82 N 2nd. 

Gardner Jacob, visiter poor, 293 Vine. 

Gardner Jacob H., skin dresser, 31 1, & h 3 12 Vine. 

Gardner Jacob, waiter, 45 Quince. 

Gardner John, labourer, 47 Franklin. 

Gardner John, ship caulker, rear 2d ab Edward. 

Gardner John, lab.. Pearl bel 13th. 

Gardner Joseph, cabmr., 2 John's ct 

Gardner M. N., shoemaker, 2 Truxton. 

Gardner Mary, weaver, Sch 2nd n Cedar 

Gardner Thomas "V^^, tailor, Carlton ab 12th. 

Gardner William, barber, 3 Salem al 

Gardner William, skin dresser, 29 Logan. 

Gardom George, drugs & colours, 13 S 7th. 

Gardy John, cordw., Hanover ab Bedford. (K) 

Gardy Jos., carpenter, Hanover ab Prince. (K) 

Garesche G., office 58^ Walnut. 

Garey D., lab., 288 S 2rd 

Garey Horatia, 7 Union ct 

Garland James, cordwainer, 13th bel Vine 

Garlanger Henry, bricklayer, 257 N 7th. 

Garlanger Jacob, bricklr., Beach ab WaiTcn. (K) 

Garman Charles, cabmr., 8th bel Noble. 

Garman Jacob, bricklayer, Ogden ab 9th. 

Garman John, framemr., Rose al 

Garner Eliza, shop, Charlotte ab Master. 

Garner Henry, labourer, 22 Mechanic (N L) 

Garner Robert, waterman, 47 Mead 

Garner Wm., ropemr., Washington ab 4th. 

Games Jane, milliner, 73 Cedar. 

Garnet Ann, 35 Currant al. 

Garnet Solomon, waiter, Juniper al 

Garnett Michael, carpenter, 49 Wood. 

Garret Thos. G., Wm. Penn Hotel, Washington 
(W P) 

Gai-rets Moses, dealer, 238 Cedar. 

Garretson Aaron, grocer, N W 2nd & Queen. 

Garretson Firman, Garretson's row 

Garretson Hugh, trader, 35 Union al. 

Garretson Jonatlian, shop, 470 S Front. 

Garretson L3'clia, dry good?, 98 N lltli. 

Garretson Samuel, dealer, 28 Harmony st. 

Ciarretson Samuel, gen., 470 S Front 

Garrett Andrew, grocer, 395 High, h 20 Hunter. 

Garrett Ann W., 7 Lyndall's al. 

Garrett Elizabeth, washer, Say n Sch. 7th. 

Garrett Ezra T., tailor, S E 5th & Sassafras. 

Garrett G. H., 8 Washington sq. 

Garrett Henry, mer., 68 High, h 150 N 5th. 

Garrett John, grocer, 186 High, h 40 Filbert 

Garrett John, file maker, Washington (W P) 

Garrett Levi & Sons, tobacconists, 128 S Front. 

GaiTett Lydia, Sch. 2nd n AVood. 

Gari-ett Margaret, gentw., 253 Spruce. 

Garrett Mary, upholstress, 11th ab Spruce 

Garrett Philip, coal dealer, 119 Oak, h Noble n 

Garrett Samuel, cabmr., 4 Prune. 

Garrett Thomas C. & Co., watches &, and jewel- 
lery, 76 High (ab stairs) 

Garrett Thomas C, mer., 76 High, h 15 N 11th 

Garrett William, freestone yard, S E Mulberry 

&. Broad. 

Garrett William, U S mint, h 136 N Juniper. 
Garrett W. E., tobacconist, 198 Spruce. 
GaiTett &. Yard, mers., 68 High. 
Garrigen Patrick, grocer. Wood and Sch. 2nd 
Garrigues Abi-aham M., gent., 237 Mulberry 
Gairigues & Brother, hardware, 237 N 3d 
Garrigues Edwward B., mer., 153 High, h 185 

Garrigues Isaac B., marble mason, c 5th and 

Buttonwood, h 181 N 7th. 
Garrigues James R., clerk, 278 N 7th. 
Garrigues Wm., stone cutr. Barker ab Sch. 6th. 
Garrigues Wm. A., teacher, S W 12th & Fil- 
bert, h 39 N Sch. 8th 
Garrigues Wm. H., acct., Bank North America, h 

100 S 3rd 
Garrison Charlotte, 500 S 2nd. 
Garrison Eli, lumber mer.. Queen n Crown. (K) 
Garrison Elizabeth, 385 S Front 
Garrison Israel, Crown bel Duke 
Garrison James, potter, 13 Cadwalader. (K) 
Gan-ison Jno., mer., 52 S Front, h 366 Mulberr)'. 
Ganison Robert C, teacher, 156 Coates 
Garrison Samuel, victualler, 500 S 2nd 
Gamson William, bootmaker, 10 S 10th. 
Garritson James, seaman. Front bel Keefe 
Garritson Maria, gentw., c Keefe and Wheat 
Garside & Saxton, machinists, 5 Maiden (K) 
Garside Mrs., wid. of Enoch, engineer. Green 

ab Cadwalader 
Garside Joseph, millright, 5 Maiden. 
Garson Michael, watchman, 31 Perry 
Garson Teresa, tailoress, 150 S 6th 
Gartland B. & A., teacheis, 20 Prune. 
Gartland F. X. Rev., St. John's church, S loth. 
Gartland John, collector, Cedar ab 12th 
Gartley John H., clerk. Chestnut n Sch 
Carton David, tailor, 1 Burchill's ct. 
Garton Henry, oysters, Washington. (W P) 
Garton Jeremiah, ship carp., bet Lancaster and 

Garton John, mariner, 5 Norrls' ct 
Garvey James, tavern, 10 S 8th. 
Garvey James, hackman, 4 Grape ct 
Garvin John J., ship master, 153 Catharine 
Garvin Michael, lab.. Hay's ct (K) 
Garvin Patrick, gent., Sch. 2nd bel Callowhill. 
Garvin Roderick, lab., Ann n Sch. 7th 
Garvin Mrs. Sarah, Lombai-d n Sch. 8th. 
Garwick Lewis, keeper M. Prison, h 55 Cai-pen- 

ter. (S) 
Garwood Benjamin, tavern, 416 N 2nd. 
Garwood Elizabeth, 496 S. Front. 
Garwood George M. Capt., 81 S Front, h 352 

S. 4th. 
Garwood John, cordwainer, Clair bel Carpenter. 
Garwood R., dry goods, 66 S 2nd. 
Garygus Joseph, cigar maker. Smith's court. 
Gaskell John, stone cutter, 1 Elder al. 
Gaskell Peter Penn, merchant, 106 High, h 523 


Gaskill Aaron W., plasterer, 10th bel Coates. 
Gaskill B., bookbinder, 42 S 5th, h 216 Mulberry. 




Gaskill Beiij., engraver, 18 Minor, li (Jherry n 
Sch. 7th. 

Gaskill 'I'homas, chair maker, 94 N. Front. 

Gaskill & Co., bookbinders, 42 S 5th. 

Gaskill & Copper, bookbinders' tool cutters and 
engravers, 18 Minor. 

Gaskill Edmund, ladies shoemaker, 7G S 8th. 

Gaskill Peter, manufacturer, Duke n F road. 

Gaskill & Hicks, tailors, 282 llig-li. 

Gaskill Thomas, tailor, 282 Mig-li, h 4 Mary. (S) 

Gasman Martha M., shop, 226 N Front. 

Gasper Lewis, barber, I'ine ub Quince. 

Gatchell Edmund T., carpenter, 42 Filbert 

Gatchell John, builder, N W 5lh & Lomliard. 

Gatchell Josepii, messeng'cr, city treasurer's of- 
fice, h 42 Filbert. 

Gatchell Josepli, jr., com mer., 42 Filbert. 

Gatchell Mary Ann, shoes, N W 5th and Lom- 

Gates James, tailor, Doman's place. 

Gates John, carter, Ann bel Sch 4th. 

Gates Nathaniel, carpenter, 4th and Johnson's 

Gatzmar Alex. C, clerk, Camd. & Amboy R road 
office, 6 Walnut 

Gatzmer Wm. H., acct. Camd. & Amboy R road 
office, 6 Walnut, h 8 Comptroller. 

Gaubert Madame, milliner, 210 Chestnut. 

Gaubert Theodore, upholsterer, 11? Plum. 

Gaug'hrau Michael, tavern, N E Sch. Cedar and 

Gaul Christian, baker, 435 N 3rd. 

Gaul Frederick, brewer, h 358 Mulberry. 

Gaul Frederick & Sons, brewers. New Market 
and Callowhill. 

Gaul John F., carpenter, 130 Coates. 

Gaul Martin, brewer, New Market & Callowhill, 
h 191 N 5th 

Gaul Philip, brewer, 95 New Market. 

Gaul Susan, nurse, 17 Concord. 

Gauley Robert, spinner, 5 Spring-mill court. 

Gault Elizabeth, 219 Callowliill. 

Gault Francis, trader, 243 S 4th. 

Gaun Henry, clerk, 440 N Front. 

Gaun John, carpenter, Marlborough ab Queen. 

Gaun Margaret, washer, 440 N Front. 

Cause Gotleib, sword maker, 5 Bryant's ct. 

Gauss Jacob F., baker. Vine ab 12th. 

Gavin Ann, shop, 25 Crabbe. 

Gavin Michael, brass-founder, 238 S 5th. 

Ga^'is E., 8 Rachel. 

Gavit Sanders, engineer, Fraley's court. (K) 

Gavitt N., machinist. Broad & Filbert, h Juni- 
per c Lawrence. 

Gavitt Robert, cordwainer, 5 Union. 

Gavitt Samuel, machinist. Juniper and Law- 

Gaw Gilbert, tailor, 5 Magnolia. 

Gaw H. L., acct. 50 S 3rd, h 351 S 3rd. 

Gaw James, dry goods, 234 S 2nd. 

Gaw John, stove manuf. 235 &. 252 Cedar. 

Gaw Jason, dry goods, 232 S 2iid. 

Gaw Robert, ornamenter, 280 S 2nd. 

Gaw Robert M., engraver, 37 Perry. 

Gaw Susannah, dressmaker, 74 Vine. 



Gaw William, stove manuf. 393 & li 395 S 2nd. 

Gaw William P., acct. 34 Callowhill. 

(Jawda John, sliop. Willow ab Gtb. 

Gay James, conveyancer, c 3rd h (i 'I" road. 

Gayley James, carp., Watman's ct. 

(iear Epiiraim, lal)., Fairview n Sch. 5tli. 

Gear M., siioemakcr, 49 Moyamcnsirig. 

(Jeary Edward, hatter, 487 N 2n(l. 

Ciebhard Charles, baker, G 'I' road n Gtb. (K) 

G(.'bhar(l F. L., Star tavern, (Joales n Fairmount 

(U'bliard Lewis P., M. I)., 21G Sassafras. 

Gebhard Ludwick, G 'I" road ab Jefferson. 

Gebhart Adam, baker. Cox bcl 2nd. 

Gebler John, printer, 9 N 13tb. 

Geddes W. F., printer, rear 1 12 Chestnut, h ' 

S 3rd. 
Gc.e John, rope maker, 2nd n Master. 
Gee Noah, cabmr., 307 Green. 
Gee S. C, milliner, 89 N 2d. 
Gegan John, M. 1>., druggist, S E Front 

Gpgan Michael, shop, c Sassafras and Juniper. 
Gegan Thomas, druggist, S E 9th &. Cedar. 
Gegenheimer Conrad, cordw., 534 N 4th. 
Gegenhelmer John, cooper, 420 N 4th. 
Gehen Patrick, dealer, 19 Strawberry. 
Geig-er Hannah, S W Charlotte &. Beaver. 
Geiger Joseph, capmaker, 26 Cheriy. 
Geiger Lewis, labouier, 5 Townsend's court. 
Geiger Martin, machinist, S W Charlotte and 

Geim Bartholomew, confectioner, 231 S 2nd. 
Geim & Cublier, confectioners, 231 S 2nd. 
Geisse, Brothers & Co., drug-gists, 134 N Front. 
Geisse Christian H., druggist, 134 N Front, h 

Front below Sassafras. 
Geisse Christiana, gentw., 3 Humphrey's ct. 
Geisse George W. mer. 134 N Front, h 139 O 

Y road. 
Geisse Georg'i W. jr., druggist, 134 N Front, h 

Front bel Sassafras. 
Geisse Giran, seaman, 128 Filbert. 
Geisse & Korckhauss, mer. 60 S P'ront. 
Geisse Mrs., gentw., 316 Mulberr}-. 
Geisse Philip, mer., 60 S Front. 
Geisse William, merchant, 60 S Front. 
Geisse Wm. & Sons, mers., 60 S Front. 
Geissert Charles, currier, 189 Poplar. 
Geistdoerffer C, morocco manuf, 587 X 3rd. 
Gekley Andrew, labourer, 476 Callowliill. 
Gelback George, brass founder, Hope n Plioe- 

nix. (Kensington) 
Gelbert Wm., baker, 91 Mulberry. 
Gemeny A. R,, grocer, S E 9th & Lombard. 
Gemmiil James R., mer., S3 High, h 58 Pine. 
Gemreek, Adam, locksmith, 92 Crown. 
Gemrig- J. 8c A., cutlers, 143 N 4th. 
Gemrig- Jacob H., surg-. inst. maker, 48 N 6th. 
Genay Edward, 147 S Gth. 
Gendell John A., carpenter, 103 N 7th, h 6 

Genther Georg-e, waterman, Bishup bel Queen. 
Gentry Robert, cabmr.. Beach below Maiden. 
George Andrew, furnace f\\ctory, 155 St. John. 
George Andrew, fire bricks, Ridge I'd ab 13th. 




George Anthony, gent. 25 Plum. 
George Anthony jun., pewterer, 7 Pennsylva- 
nia avenue. 
George Charles, printer, 197 N 9th. 
George D. H. paint, varnish & ink manuf. 50 

N 4th. 
George E., tailor, 11 Flower. 
George Frederick, carter, Otter & G T road. 
George Henry, carpenter, 29 Perry. 
George Henry, painter, V road bel Marlborough. 

George John &. Co, hairseating manufacturers, 

59 Dock, h Clierry E of Sch 6tli. 
George .John D., ship & insurance broker, 121 

S 2nd, opp. custom house 
George Margaret M., 174 N 13tli. 
George N. P., painter, Wilhamson's court. 
George Peter G., tailor, 13 Mulberry al. 
George Richard S. H., bookseller, 26 S 5th, h 

297 S 10th. 
George Simon, gent., 213 Coates. 
George Thos. &. Edmund, iron mers. N E 12th 

&. High. 
George WiUiam, waterman, 14 Parham. 
Gercke Helvenish, baker. Sassafras n Sch 7th. 
Gerding Henry, intelligence office 13 S 6th. 
Gerhard Benjamin, atty. & coun., 61 S 4th, h 13 

5 9th. 
Gerhard .lacob, 28 Callowhill. 
Gerhard W. W., M. D., 13 S 9th. 
Gerhart A. S., agent, 86 Chestnut, h Sch. 8th 

above Vine. 
Gerhest Joseph, lock filer, 139 Green. 
Gerker H., curled hair and glue manuf. 5th n G 

T road. 
German David, cooper, F road below Master. 
German Ezekiel, bricklayer, 62 Budd. 
German George W., blacksmith, 485 S Front. 
Gernett Margaret, gentw., 230 Walnut. 
Gerrish John C, mer. 101 N Water & S E Water 

6 Sassafras, h 92 Poplar. 
Gerry Robert Rev., 3 Crown. 
Gerstner George, porter, 4 Lagrange pi. 
Gerton Robert, block and pump maker. Church 

below Christian. 
Gervey John, labourer, 6 Gamble court. 
Gesmyer George, tailor, 2 Boyle's ct. 
Gesner G. L., baker, 217 Callowhill. 
Gessler Christian, jeweller, 407 N 3rd. 
Gessler Wm. J., cord., 14 F road. (K) 
Gest Catherine, Church below Christian. 
Gest George W., cir. library, S W 7th & Sassafras 
Gest John, mer., N W lUth and High, h 174 

S 11th. 
Getlien John, 112 Spruce. 
Getiss Elizabeth, washer, 60 Gaskill. 
Getler Andrew, cordwainer, 41 Mechanic. 
Getlien Fern, printer, rear 63 Plum. 
Getman Jacob, carpenter, 15 Rachel. 
Getnian Michael, tobacconist, Callowhill n F. M. 
Getman Nicholas, tobacconist. Nectarine ab 10th. 
Getman. Nicholas, tobacconist, Shoemaker's ct. 
Getty Francis, merchant, 22 S 2nd. 
Getty M. Mrs., 21 George n Sch 6th. 
Getz Andrew, gent., Palmer above West. 

Getz Bernard, labourer. Palmer ab West. 

Getz Christian, cordwainer, 534 N3rd. 

Getz George, labourer. Perry above Franklin. 

Getz George A., victualler, 156 St. John. 

Getz Joseph, furrier, 100 N 2nd. 

Getz William, cordwainer. Culvert n Apple. 

Getze F. A., teacher of music, 5 Benezet. 

Getzinger John, tailor, 7 Charlotte. 

Geuerd Henry, dealer, 2 Russell. 

Geyer George, captain. Garden above Noble. 

Geyer George C, grocer, S W Noble & Garden. 

Geycr George S., clerk, Penn Township Bank, 

h 139 DiUwyn. 
Geyer Wm. B., leather dealer, c 3rd & Lombard, 

h 74 Lombard. 
Ghegan Elizabeth, milliner, 70 Maiden. 
Ghegan George, stove manuf. 146 N 3rd, li 

Phoenix n G T road. 
Ghegan Maria, tailoress, 70 Maiden. 
Gibb David, jr., painter &. furnit., 209 Sassafras. 
Gibb David, refectory, under Arcade, house 65 

S 2nd. 
Gibbons Charles, attorney & coun., 122 S 3rd, h 

83 Walnut. 
Gibbons George W., clerk, 51 Wood. 
Gibbons James, cordwainer, 5 Lemon. 
Gibbons James, carpenter, 163 Pine. 
Gibbons John, carpenter, Lebanon. 
Gibbons Misses, school, 149 S lOtli. 
Gibbons Mrs., shop. Pine bel Beach. 
Gibbons Wm., milkman, c Ashton and Walnut, 
Gibbs Ann, 10th ab Carpenter. 
Gibbs A. v., mer., 32 N 4th, h Congress Hall. 
Gibbs Geo., grocer, Franklin ab Marlboro'. (K) 
Gibbs Harriet, washer, 3 Leydcn's ct. 
Gibbs Henry, collector, 211 Mulberry. 
Gibbs Isaac, carpenter, 525 N 5th. 
Gibbs Isabella, dry goods, 65 S 2nd. 
Gibbs J. &. G., grocers, Marlboro' and Prince. 
Gibbs Job R., carpenter, 249 N 7th. 
Gibbs J. W. h Co., dry goods, 32 N 4th. 
Gibbs John M., grocer, c Marlboro' Si Prince. 
Gibbs J. W., mer., 32 N 4th. 
Gibbs John W., printer, Gaskill ab 3d. 
Gibbs Mai'ia, washer, Shippen ab 11th. 
Gibbs Mary, b. h. 11th S Sch 5th. 
Gibbs Peter C, carpenter, Marshall ab Green, h 

O Y road n George. 
Gibbs Rebecca, widow, 7 Twelve Feet al. 
Gibbs Richard, box maker, 7 Quarry, h 94 

Gibbs Shephard, sexton, 239 Lombard. 
Giberson James, spinner, 3rd ab Franklin. (K) 
Giberson Thomas, millwright Penn bel Maiden. 
Giberson Thomas, millwright, 95 Budd. 
Gibhut Samuel, carpenter. Cox bel 2nd. 
Gibney William, manuf., 17 McDuffie. 
Gibson Ann, washer, Bedford ab Shippen lane. 
Gibson Archibald, clerk, 186 S 5th. 
Gibson Elizabetli, Swedes alley. 
Gibson Henry, bookbinder, 33 Castle. 
Gibson J., distiller, 389 High, h Marshall above 

Gibson Jacob, harnessmr. George n Sch 6th. 
Gibson James, city watch. Centre bel 13th. 




Gibson James, labourer, 1 John's court. 
Gibscrti .fames, cordwainer, lOtli aljovc Wood. 
Gibson James, linsmitb, 27 llcclclcss. 
Gibson .fames, manufacturer, (i 'I' road ii 4lli. 
Gibson John, blacksmith, 67 St. Jolin, h 112 .St 

Gibson John, clerk, 33 Wood. 
Gibson John, painter, 85 S lltli. 
Gibson John, shoemaker, 227 (Miristian. 
Gibson' John, siioemaker, 259 Cherry. 
Gibson John weave)-, Ann n 12lli. 
Gibson John, weaver. Harmony court. (K) 
Gibson Josepii, dry g-oods, 155 Cedar. 
Gibson Matthew, jr., 38 Maiden. (K) 
Gibson Matthew, painter, Beacii n Marsh. (K) 
Gibson Mary, tinw'ire, 265 S 5th. 
Gibson Mary, Smith's al. 
Gibson Merrit, cordw., 5 Mary 
Gibson Moses, g'rocer, 6 Franklin row and 10 

Gibson Thomas, seaman, rear 131 Catharine 
Gibson Thomas, plumber, 136 N 3d 
Gibson Thomas W., nier., N W 4th and High, 

h 33 N 10th 
Gibson Wm., weaver, 28 McDuffie 
Gibson Wm., weaver, Bedford bel Br^ad 
Gibson Wm., M. D., N W Sch 7th &. Chestnut 
Gibson William, dry goods, c 6th &. Callowhill. 
Gicker William B., flour &, feed, c 7th & Cedar, 

h 10 Lebanon. 
Gideon Casper P., mariner, Hug-hes' la. 
Gideon George, 150 Wood 
Gideon Henry, bootmr., c 9th & Callowhill 
.Gideon Mary, rear 202 N 8th 
Giebler Ludwig, tailor, Poplar ab 3d 
Gifer Michael, lab., 319 N Front 
Giffear Peter, brickmaker,. George ab Sch 4th. 
Giffbrd A. B., shipmaster, 118 Caipenter 
GifForvl Bethuel, cabinetmaker, Schleisman's al. 
GlfFord Deborah, upholstress. Lisle ab Fltz- 

Gifford Eliza, trimmings, 323 S 2nd. 
Gilford Mary, drygoods, S W 5th &. Carpenter. (S) 
Giftbrd James, shoemr., Lemon ab 10th 
Gigon John, watchman, 148 Pine 
Gihon & Co., mers., 38 N Front 
Gihon David, bookbinder, Swanwick & George, 

h 1 7 Perry 
Gihon & Kucher, book binders, S W George and 

Gihon James, book binder, Athenian Buildings, 

h 99 N 9th 
Gihon James L., clerk, 22 Powell. 
Gdion John, tailor, McManemy's ct. 
Gihon John H., printer, S W George &. Swan- 
wick, h 22 Powell. 
Gihon John H. & Co., printers, S W George and 

Gihon Mary, bookbinder, 2 Starr al. 
Gilbert Alexander, cordwainer. Rose al. (N L) 
Gilbert Ann Mrs., sempstress, opp. 298 Coates 
Gilbert A., gluemaker, Apple n George. 
Gilbert A., cordwr., 73 Noble 
Gilbert Charles, lab., 1 Biddle's al. 
Gilbert Charles, stove finisher, 11 Quervelle'sct. 

(illbert (Jharles .VI., cabinetmr., 363 N 3rd. 

Gilbert Ciiris(o|jlier, shoemaker, 156 S lltli. 

Gilbert David, machinist, 32 Peny. 

Gilbert Kljer, mason, Cliarlotte ab Franklin 

(illbert tJeorge, shoes, rear 71 German 

Gilbert George, grocer, 175 S Front 

Gilbert George, engraver, 146 Chestnut, h 434 

N 5th. 
Gilbert Hart, manuf., Shackamaxon 8c F H. (K) 
Gilbert Henry W., potter, 16 Allen. (K) 
Gilbert Isaac M., carpenter, c 12th 8c Willow, ii 

12tli n Vine. 
Gilbert Jacob, hotel, Coates n 9th. 
(Jilbert Jacob, carpenter, 92 N 5th. 

Gilbert John, druggist, 179 N 3(1, h 98 Vine. 

Gilbert John, bricklayer, 6 Kessler's ct. 

Gilbert Jciim, millwright. Otter n School 

Gilbert John, carpenter, F roadab Stone bridge. 

Gilbert Joseph, carp., 12th bel Vine 

Gilbert Joseph, cordw., Penn n Maiden. (K) 

Gilbert Joseph, tailor, 1 Loxley's ct.. Mulberry. 

Gilbert Mahlon, flour 8i feed, 7th, h 7th n Cedar 

Gilbert Mary Ann, 46 Wood 

Gilbert Margaret, gentw., G T road ab 5th. 

Gilbert Matthias, trader, 7 Farr. 

Gilbert Mrs., 403 S 6th 

Gilbert N., tavern, 247 N 2nd. 

Gilbert Peter, cordwainer, 7 Hummel's row. 

Gilbert Richard, painter, rear Coates and 6th 

Gilbert Rosanna, b h, Green bel 10th 

Gilbert R. S., engr'vr., 32 North, h 25 Franklin. 

Gilbert S.amuel, Buck Hotel, 130 N 2d 

Gilbert Susan, 395 Mulberry 

Gilbert Thomas, cordw., 87 Carpenter. (S) 

Gilbert Thomas, carman, 2 Richardson's ct. 

Gilbert William, tavern, c 9th &c Poplar sq. 

Gilbert Wm., teacher, 362 S 2d 

Gilbert William, tinman, 481 N 2nd. 

Gilbert WiUiam, weaver, Sch 7th a Vine. 

Gilby Margaret, 17 Union. 

Gildenpenny Henry, baker, 126 S 12th. 

Gilder John, carpenter, 7 Belmont row. 

Gilder Margaretta, 2d ab Cadwalader 

Gilder &. Monroe, druggists, 1 & 3 Commerce. 

Gilder Reuben, tavern, N E Front and Wash- 

Gilder Wm., weaver. Maiden n Front 

Gilder William H., druggist, 1 &. 3 Commerce 

Glldner Charles, framemr., Cadwalader n Green 


Gile E., ladies' shoemr., 16 Coombs' al. 
Giles Edward, silver plater, 9 Vernon 
Giles George, silk dyer, 450 N 4Lh 
Giles J., bootmr., Shippen bel 8th 
Giles Lewis, labourer, Lombard bel Sch. 5th 
Giles Mrs., Lancaster ab Keefe 
Giles Wm., wool sorter, Murray n Sch. 3d 
Gilfillin John, carter, 19 Barley. 
Gilfry Saiimel, butcher, Corn bel Decatur 
Gilkeson Samuel, gent., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Gilkey Elizabeth, 49 Fltzwater. 
Gllkey James, lab., 21 Helmuth 
Gill Andrew, blacksm., Lombard n Sch. 2d 
Gill B., gent., 356 Walnut 
Gill Eliza, hair worker, 138 S 2nd. 




Gill Hannah, 485 N 3d 

Gill Harriet, 492 N 4lh 

Gill John, cordwaincr, Carpenter bel Atherton 

Gill John, lab., 10 Qaarry 

Gill John, Woodland. (AV P) 

Gill John C, gilder, 154 N 3d 

Gill John S., carp., F road ab Otter 

Gill Lawrence E., saddler, 13 Juniper la. 

Gill Maiy, grocer, c G T road and Rose 

Gill Robert, gent., Sch 8th be iGeorge. 

Gill William, gent., 55 S 12th. 

Gillam William, waterman, 236 N Water. 

Gillard Wm. H., brickmr., rear 94 N 11th 

Gillayspe Hannah, 62 Almond. 

Gilien James, weaver, 19 McDufRe 

Giller John U., men, 95 High, h Sch. 7th n Pine 

Gillespie Ann, widow, Shippen la. &, Fitzwater 

Gillespie Daniel, lab., Cadwalader n Phoenix. 

Gillespie James, cabinetmaker, 257 Catharine. 

Gillespie James, tanner. Front ab Phoenix. (K) 

Gillespie Jas., weaver, Shippen la. ab Fitzwater 

Gillespie John, grocer, S W 11th & High, h 

247 Callowhill. 
Gillespie John, grocer, 652 N 2nd. 
Gillespie John, saddler, Shippen ab 8th. 
Gillespie & Jones, grocers, 178 High 
Gillespie Letitia, Pine ab 13th. 
Gillespie Margaret, Marble ab 10th. 
Gillespie Samuel, grocer, 178 High, h c 12th & 

Gillespie Thomas, drover, 247 Callowliill. 
Gillespie Thomas, grocer, 89 P road. 
Gillespie AVilliam, grocer, S W 11th & High, 

h 11th bel Castle 
Gillespie Wm., weaver, Brasier ab Lloyd 
Gillespie W. &. J., gi-ocers, S AV 11th & High. 
Gillet L. M., mer. 51 S Front, h 137 N 12th. 
Gillet William, labourer, Fairview n Sch 7th. 
Gillet Wm., ship carp.. Prime ab 2d 
Gillett Abraham D. Rev., N 12th bel Sassafras 
Gillett Smith, tinman, 170 S 13th. 
Gillett William, labourer, 158 Chinstian. 
Gilliams Jesse, waterman, 224 N Front 
Gilliams Linnseus R., druggist, S E 7th & Cal- 
Gilliams Jacob, dentisi, 35 Mulberiy. 
Gillig J. W., baker, 1 44 Coates. 
Gillin Henry, lab., Sch. Bank n Cedar 
Gillin James, lab., 12 Little Water 
Gillin Patrick, watchman, Factory ab Willow. 
Gillin R., waiter, Russell bel Shippen 
Gillin William, grocer, Sch 8th &. Wood 
Gillin Wm., cooper. Queen n 5th 
Gillingham &. Ford, umbrella nianufs. &. ivory 

turners, N W 4th &. High, 119 High, and "l 

Gillingham G. AV., hatter, 200 S 2nd. 
GiUingham Henry B., hatter, 65 Cedaf 
Gillingham Jonathan, iron mer., 279 N 2nd, h 

123 Callowhill. 
Gillingham Lewis, hatter, 40' Catharine 
Gillingham Lucas, imibrellas, N AV 4th &. High, 

h 137 A'lne. 
Gillingham Mahlon, mer., 27 N Front, h 281 


Gillingham & Middleton, iron mers., 279 N 2d. 
Gillingham Samuel H., lumber mer., Beach n 

GiUingham Samuel, carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Gillingham AVilliam H., M. D., 352 Chestnut 
Gillies Theodore, perfumer, 29 New 
Gillies Theodore, Jr., combmaker, 179 N 2nd. 
Gillis Jenny, Pearl ab 13th. 
Gillis Joseph, lab., c Sch. 3d and George 
Gillis Robert, Thomsonian Med., 2d bel Federal 
Gillispie Felix, lab., Cadwalader ab 2d 
Gillum Robert, cordw.. Palmer ab AVest 
Gilman Daniel, blacksmith, Shackamaxon bel 

Gilman John T., 44 Dillwyn 
Gilmer John, tavern, 7 N 'l2th 
Gilmer Joseph T., druggist, N E 7th k Spruce 
Gilmore Arthur, lab., Mulberry n Sch. Front. 
Gilmore Andrew, grocer, N AV 13th & Vine. 
Gilmoi-e Isaac, grocer, N AV 13th &. AA'^ood. 
Gilmore John, carp., 273 S 2d 
Gilmore John C, tailor, Palmer and Duke 
Gilmore Joseph, drayman, Hanover bel Prince 
Gilmore Ruth, eating-house, Harris' ct. 
Gilmore Thomas, lab., Sch. 5th n Lombard 
Gilmore T. & J., grocers, 47 Chesnut 
Gilpin Charles, atty. & coun., 37 S 5th. 
Gilpin John F., broker, 67 Dock, h 165 Pine. 
Gilpin Natld., cordw., 17 Edward. 
Gilpin & Taylor, jewellers. Bank al. 
Gilpin Thomas, sash maker. Pine ab 10th, h 300 

Gilpin Vincent, broker, 67 Dock, h 138 Pine. 
Gilpin Vincent C, jeweller, h 8th bel Shippen. 
Gilpin V. &. J. F., broker.s, 67 Dock. 
Gilpin AA'^m., carter, F road ab Otter 
Gilroy H., ladies' shoemr., 58 S 4th 
Ginal Henry Rev., 36 Wood 
Ginder Elizabeth, widow, 22 North 
Ginder AV. A., packet agent, 19 S Wharves, h 

120 Catharine. 
Gink John, umbrella maker, 11th bel Cedar 
Ginn Archibald, lab., George n Sch. 6tix 
Ginn Littleton, sweep. Baker ab 7th. 
Ginneback Fi'ederick, saddler, 247 S 2d. 
Ginnings H. Mrs., b h. Beach ab Maiden. (K) 
Glnnodo John Q., carp., 2 Madison 
Uinther David, provisions, 1 Baker's ct. 
Glnther George, victualler, St. John ab Beaver. 
Ginther Thomas, gent., St. John ab Beaver 
Giovanni &: Oliver, fruiterers, S E 5th & High 
Girand Janet, gentw., Marion ab 13th 
Grrton Hannah, 23 Parham 
Githans Alexander N., ladies shoemaker. Locust 

ab 12tli. 
Githens Charles, cooper, 134 Coates. 
Gitliens Clemens, l)Iacksmitli, Olive u 13th. 
Githens James, cordw., rear 200 Christian 
Githens Joel, wheehv., Pcnn ab Maiden 
Githens John H., dentist, 171 N 4th. 
Githens AVm. M., ladies' shoemr., 152 Mulberry 
Givans AVm., mason. Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 
Given Robert, paver, '^9 8 Sch. 6th 
Given Robert senr., Brasier ab Lloyd. 
Given Robert, grocer, SEP. road & Carpenter 




Given William, stone mason, Shippen ab I,loyd. 
Givin Joseph, drayman, 125 N Water. 
Givvin Alexander, kIomo cutler. (W P) 
Glackin Daniel, carp., 15 Crabb 
Glackin Daniel, haller, 187 Lombard 
Glackin Daniel, printer, Lewis ab Scii. 6tli 
Glackin John, clerk, 17 Christian. 
Gladding John, books & stationery, 507 High. 
Gladding- William, cooper, 151 S Water. 
Gladen John, cooper, 461 S Front. 
Glading Elizabeth, shop, 193 St. John. 
Glading George, hair dresser, 488 N 2nd. 
Glading James, tavern, S W Little Water and 

Glading Joseph, tinsmith, 386 and 498 N 2d. 
Gladney David, 14 Dorothy 
Gladney John, plumber, 5 Harmony 
Gland James, ship carp. Allen bel Palnier (K) 
Glanden Charles, vict., 4th n Creek. (NL) 
Glandon James, chairmaker, 3 Liberty al. 
Glase John, cordw., 16 Mechanic's ct. 
Glasgow James, plasterer, Pine n 10th 
Glasgow Jesse, porter, 2 Washington. 
Glasgow Peter, plasterer, Flower bel Fitzwater 
Glasgow William, plaster., Flower & Fitzwater 
Glasgow Wm., coal mer., Lombard ab 10th 
Glason Robert, carpt., Marker ab 2d 
Glass Alex, dealer, Fraley's ct. ab Beach 
Glass A. F., 45 Cherry 

Glassen Richard, weaver, St. John bel George 
Glasser Joseph, baker, G Troad ab Thompson. 
Glause Jacob, carpenter, 300 S 10th. 
Glazier Catharine, 191 St. John. 
. Glazier Charles, hatter, 273 N 7th. 
Glazier Henry, cordw., 81 Budd. 
Gleason Dennis, labourer. Carpenter ab 10th. 
Gleason Jonas, stove manuf., 8 N 6th and 9 St. 

James, h Sch. 7th and Ann. 
Gleeson Patrick, labourer, 1 Williams' ct. 
Glenat Joseph, omnibus proprietor. Beach bel 

Glendenning R. & Co., oat meal, willow ab 12th 
Glenn Edv/ard J., mer., 91 S Front. 
Glenn Hugh, lab., c Sch. 3rd and High. 
Glenn James, lab., Callowhill bel Sch. 2nd. 
Glenn Joseph, cordwainer, back 180 Marshall. 
Glenn L. W^, perfumer, 25 S 4th and 84 S 3rd, 

h 115 S 9th. 
Glenn Lewis, b h, 511 High. 
Glenn Michael, stone cutter, Jones ab Sch. 4th. 
Glenn Mary, gentw., Elizabeth n Poplai-. 
Glenn Ralph, carp., 7 Sken-ett's ct. 
Gleini Robert, ship carpenter, Allen ab Shacka- 

Glenn Robert, weaver, Hopkins n William. 
Glenn Thomas, carp.. Wood n Sch. Front. 
Glenn Wm., boat builder, Hanover bel F road. 
Glenn WiUiam B., mer., 155^ S 2nd. 
Glentworth George, druggist, 287 Sassafras. 
Glentworth G. P., elk. F. & M. Bk., 31 N Sch. 8th. 
Glessner Ohver P., printer, 334 S 4th. 
Glingler John, lab., Beach ab Marsh. 
Gloinger George, distiller, 15 Mulberry. 
Gloucester Stephen, Lombard ab 5th. 
Glover John, coachman, George ab Sch. 7th. 

Glover Joseph, marliine makrr, Court al. 

Glover U., M. D., 6 S 8Ui. 

Glover Samuel, coachman, 46 Currant alley. 

Gmflin Charles, doctor, 124 S(. Jolin. 

Gobrccht Christian, engraver, 220 Walnut. 

Goddard Daniel, mer., A.'i^ S Front. 

Goddard Paul, M. D., 7 S Oth. 

Goacy Louis A., publisher Lady's Book, 211 

Chestnut, h 336 N 6lh. 
Godfrey Darius W., cordw., c 8th &. Sassafras. 
Godfrey Ellen, gentw., 145 S 11th. 
Godfrey Joshua, labourer, Stewart ab Catharine. 
Godfrey Lydia, miller, 56 N 4th. 
Godfrey M. Mrs., Sch. 8th ab Cherry. 
Godley Jesse, mer., 53 High, li 237 Mulberry. 
Godley Jesse & Co., mers., .53 High. 
G.odman Angelica, 150 S 13th. 
Godon R. T. Mrs., gentw., 23 Sansom. 
Godshall Andrew B., tinman, 340 S 2nd. 
Godshall Ann, tavern, 239 S 5th. 
Godshall Frederick, clerk, h 32 Plum. 
Godshall Wm., ropemr., P road bel Christian. 
Godt Christian, police officer, 31 Coates' al. 
Goebel George, hair dresser, 68 S 4th, h 119 

Goebel & Hogan, hair dressers and wig manufs., 

68 S 4th. 
Goekeler Godfi-ey, baker, 96 Crown. 
Goekler Frederick, grocer, S W 4th & Culvert, 
Goeller PhiUp, baker, 322 S 2nd. 
Goetler John, stone cutter, 127 Budd. 
Goering Lewis, soap boiler. Beach ab Marsh. 
Goff Jacob AV., mer., 7 N 4th. 
GoffJohn, butcher, Greenwich. 
Goff Michael, victualler, 18 Wharton. 
GofF & Peterson, hardware, 7 N 4th. 
Gohl Christian, baker, 109 S 5th. 
Gohler Phihp, tailor, 129 Callowhill. 
Goines G. W., hair di'esser, 8 Exchange pi. 
Golcher James, gun smith, N E 6th and Small. 
Gold John, lab., 56 Oak. 
Gold J. S., stovemr., 78 N 2nd, h 75 N 8th. 
Golden Ann, 8 Gray's alley. 
Golden Eliza, rear 3 Gray's alley. 
Golden John, porter, Pearl ab 13th. 
Golden Thomas, tavern, 162 N Water. 
Golder Robert, paper hangings, 115 Chestnut. 
Goldey David, brickmr., Lombard n Sch. 3rd. 
Goldey Jacob, Kensington Exchang-e, Beach. 
Goldey Jacob, shoemaker, 268 N 8th. 
Goldey Jacob, brickmr., Helmuth n Sch 7th. 
Goldey James, sboemr., 282 N 2nd. 
Goldey John, weaver, c 13th & Brinton. 
Goldey Joseph, boots & shoes, S E 10th St 

Sassafras, h 268 N 8th. 
Goldey Samuel, boots and shoes, 21 High, h 39 

N 2nd. 
Goldman David, shoes, c 4th & High, h 109 

Goldsmith & English, paper hang., 495 N 2nd. 
Goldsmith George, planemaker, 38 Laurel. 
Goldsmith H. S., paper hanger, 38 r,aurel. 
Goldsmith John S., blacksmith, 38 Laurel. 
Goldsmith Joseph, carp., Goldsmith's ct. 
Goldsmith Louis, Gray's Ferry Tavern. 




Goldsmith Napoleon, mer., 27 N 2nd. 
Goldsmith Samuel, shipmaster, 86 Tammany. 
Goldsmith Thos. Oliver, M. U., Beach n Man- 

Goldsmith Wm., carpenter, Goldsmith's ct. 
Goldsmith ^^'m., pknemaker, 5 Goldsmith's ct, 

h c Budd & Green. 
Goldtrap Thos. W., tailor, 254 High, h Perry ct. 
Goldy Abraham, boarding, 19 Crown. 
Gollagly John, labourer, 120 Plum. 
Gollocker James, g-as htter. Filbert bel Sch. 3d. 
Golstone Charles, tailor, 102 N 4tli. 
Gominger James, ship carpenter, Union n 

Bedford. (K) 
Gominger Joseph, drayman, Crown n Bedford. 
Gomersal Benjamin D., lab., Marlborough below 

Gone John, blacksmith, F road bel Otter. 
Gongo Enice, lab., Horter's row, B Hill. 
Gonn Peter, coach finisher, 3 Nicholas ct. 
Gonter W. D., broker, 35 S 4th, h 118 N 10th. 
Good Ann, widow of David, 42 New Market. 
Good Cyrus J., mer., 138 High, h 93 Filbert. 
Good David, wines &, liq., 224 N Front. 
Good James, gent., 93 Filbert. 
Good John, brickmr. Jones W Sch 3rd. 
Good John, cooper, Sch. 5th ab Spruce. 
Good John, cabinet mr., Marshall's ct. 
Good 11. C, dressmr., Coates ab 9th. 
Good William, lab., High ab Sch 2nd. 
. Goodall John, moulder, George ab Sch. 8th. 
Goodbred David, gro., c DiUwyn & Tammany. 
Goodfellow George, mason, 4th ab Master (K) 
Goodfellow Elizabeth, confectioner, 91 S 6th. 
Goodfellow E. Sc Son, confectioners, 91 S 6th. 
Goodfellow James, teacher, 10 Union sq. 
Goodfellow Mrs., Wood ab 11th. 
Goodhart John, hatter, 324 High, h 20 Chester. 
Goodman Charles, dyer, 38 Bread. 
Goodman James, cordw., Apple n George. 
Goodman James, atty. & coun., 271 N ord. 
Goodman John, cordwr., 6th n Creek. (N L) 
Goodman John, notary public, 87 Callowhill. 
Goodman John, carpenter, 12 Kunckle. 
Goodman Stephen, shoemr., Lilly alley rear 73 

Goodman William, shoemr., c 13th &. Carlton. 
Goodrich John, printer, 26 R i-oad. 
Goodrick Eliza, stockmr., 10 Exchange place. 
Goodwin Algernon M., brushmaker.. Pearl ab 

Goodwin Catharine, 180 Cedar. 
Goodwin David, tobacconist, Schuyl. 7th and 

Goodwin E. M., tobacconist, Schuylkill 7th and 

Goodwin James, cordwalner, Charlotte n George. 
Goodwin John, tailor, 87^ Cherry, h N E 6th & 

Goodwin John D., store, 67 N 3rd, h 117 Brown. 
Goodwin John, tailor, rear 123 Green. 
Goodwin Oliver W., 24 Chester. 
Goodwin Susan, umbrella maker, Maria bel 5tli. 
Goodwin Thomas, cooper, 118 Cedar. 
Goodwin Thomas F., letter carrier, 174 S 9th. 

Goodwin Wdliam, hatter, 313 N 2nd. 

Goodwin AA'illiam, tailor, 87 Cherry. 

Goold Payne, grocer, S W Mechan c and Cul- 

Goorley Robert, suspender manuf., McDuffie fc 
Schuylkill 3)d. 

Gorbut Robert, carver, 24 Lebanon. 

Gordon David, barber, Washington House. 

Gordon David, carjjcnter, 108 German. 

Gordon George, plasterer, Lombard n Sch. 4th. 

(iordon George St Son, stone cutter, Callowhill 
below 13th. 

Gordon George, carpenter. Turner. 

Gordon Henry, weaver, 4 W Cedar. 

Gordon James R., hair dresser, N E 4th Sc Chest- 
nut, 8c 239 N 2nd, h 88 Walnut. 

Gordon James, marble polisher, c Pme and 

Gordon James, printer, Fisher. 

Gordon James, porter, 12 Washington. 

Gordoil John, weaver, S E 13th St Brinton. 

Gordon Joseph A., mer., 72 S Wharves, h 22 

Gordon M. K., dressmakei-, 90 Cheiry. 

Gordon M. L., drug &, plaster mill, 12 S Penn sq, 
h Sch. 6th bel Mulberry. 

Gordon Nathaniel, manuf., c 13th St Pine. 

Gordon Robert C. jr., shoemaker, 125 S 4th. 

Gordon Robert, carpenter, 108 German. 

Gordon Samuel, weaver, 230 Shippen. 

Gordon Thomas F., gent., 129 Lombard. 

Gordon Wm., pocketbk. maker, 24 Marion. 

Gordon Wm. B., cordwainer, 3 Rachel. 

Gordon AVilliam S., hair dresser, 99 Callowhill. 

Gore James E., stone cutter, 69 Tammany. 

Gore John H., tavern, S E cor 4th and Little 

Gore Susanna, 5 Maple. 

Gorgas E. W., woodwhf.. Beach ab Palmer, (K) 
h 444 N Front. 

Gorgas George, -luml)er mer., 225 N Water, h 
444 N Front. 

Gorgas George jr., coal mer., Oak ab Willow. 

Gorgas Joseph, lumber mer., c 7th & Button- 
wood, h 316 N 6th. 

Gorgas Peter, lumber, mer., c 7th h. Button- 
wood, h 310 N 6th. 

Gorgas Samuel jr., broker, 4 S 3rd. 

Gorgas Wm., barber, 65 N 3i-d. 

Goring Catharine, shoj), 290 S 4th. 

Gomian Ann, washer, 3 Kelly. 

Gorman Anthony, tailor, 9 Randall's ct. 

Gorman Archibald, bootmaker, Hallowell. 

Gorman Edward, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 

Gorman John, weaver, 2nd bel Phoenix. 

Gormaii John, blacksmith, c Union aTid West. 

Gorman John, currier. Willow n 8th. 

Gonnan John, shoemr.. Marble ct. 

Gorman John L., tavern, 15 S Sch. 8th. 

Gorman Martha, tavern, 128 N Water. 

Gorman Mary, washer. Price's ct. 

Gorman Michael, cordwainer, Marriott bel 5th. 

Gorman Patrick, lab.. Filbert n Sch 3rd. 

Gorman Thomas, lab., James n Hamilton. 

Gorman William T., 128 N Water. 




Gormley John, coachman, Lewis nh S( li Stli. 

Gon-ell Rebecca, weaver, N W 7tli & Fitzwatcr. 

Gon-ell William, gTocer, 318 S 5lli. 

Gois Charles, rigg-cr. Sell 2ik1 ab Callowhill. 

Gorsmaii Christopher, carl., Charles bel James. 

Gorton Salome, Atherton. 

Gorton Georg'e W., bookseller, 56 N 3rd, h 91 

Go&bury Jacob, cabmr,, Ann W Sch 8th. 
Gosh John, mer., 12 N 3rd, h 439 N 6tli. 
Gosline Jacob, morocco dresser, 2 Franklin. (K) 
Gosline John, mariner, St. John n Beaver. (K) 
Gosline William, cordwainer, 71 Logan. 
Gosmer ('., tavern, 181 S Front. 
Goss Everhart, livery stable, 136 Coates. 
Goss Jacob, lab., Charlotte n Master. (K) 
Gosser Jacob, junr., fisherman, Huston below 

Gosser Philip, fisherman. Wood ab Prince. 
Gossler John, brassfounder, 158 N 11th. 
Gossman John, skin dresser. Wood bel 12th. 
Gossmer Mai-y, vidow, 189 Coates. 
Gotier John, machine card manufactor}'-, Wilt's 

Gotier Raymond, confectioner, rear 232 S 3rd. 
Gotlieb Swigert, butcher. Brown ab 12th. 
Goucher Mary, b h, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras. 
Goucher Thomas, carpenter. State st. 
Gouge John, druggist, 302 Sassafras. 
Goiijon Lewis, screw maker, 6th ab Poplar. 
Gould David, mariner, rear 4 John. 
Gould John, silversmith, Olive n 13th. 
Gould M. L., teacher, 435 Chestnut. 
■Gould Susan, Mercer bel Locust. 
Gould Theodore, reedmr.. Otter n William. (K) 
Goulden Charles, 101 Shippen. 
Gouldey Thomas, cordwr., Schleisman's al. 
Gouldy Charles, brickmr., Cedar ab Broad. 
Gouldy Lydia, gentw., 139 Budd. 
Gouldy Mary, shop, Sch 3rd and Lombard. 
Gouliart John, tavern, 102 Cherry. 
Gourlay P., teacher, 20 S 7th. 
Goiirley Robert, brickmr., 12 Dorothy. 
Gourley Sarah, shop, 88 W High. 
Goutier John, painter, 206 S 6th. 
Goven Judith, widow. Filbert W Sch 8th. 
Gover Daniel, toys, G T road ab Phoenix. 
Govett George, watchman, 21 S 10th, house 244 

Govett Jacob, painter, Whildin's ct. 
Govett Joseph, carpenter, 9 Bonsall. 
Govett R. A., carpenter, 367 Cedar. 
Govett Wm., 2 Carpenter's ct. 
Govett Wm., dis. clerk Penna. Bank 
Gow Geoi'ge W., waiter, 11th n Locust. 
Gowen, Jacobs & Co., wine mers., 81 Dock. 
Gowen James, wine mer., 81 Dock. 
Gowen Margaret, 31 North 
Gowen Mrs., widow, S W Julianna and Vine 
Goyle Frederick, carp.. Reed ab 2d 
Grabenstine Jacob, tailor. Christian n 2d 
Grace Catharine, gentw., 244 St. John. 
Grace John, painter, 288 Pine 
Grace John, victualler, Coates ab lltli. 
Grace Nancy, 31 Cai'ter's al. 

(■race Samuel, virtiirillcr, Hiiltoriwood ab 10th. 

Graccy George, carter, S K Front and Maiden 

Gracey S., b h, 56 Filbert. 

Grady John, bootnn-., 11 (jallowhill 

Grady Tiiomas, (Johimbia row 

Graefl' Daniel, mer., 175 High, h 28 Applctrf;eal 

Graefl' .Joseph, tavern, S E Water & Callowhill. 

Graeff Wm. D., mer., 143 High, h 37 Apple- 
tree al. 

Graff ]$., baker, 156 N 13th. 

Graft' (Miarlcs, gent, 265 Mulberry. 

Graff" Charles jr., mer., 193 High, h 62 S 12th. 

Graff" Charles, 128 Budd. 

Graff" Christopher, druggist, 351 S 2nd. 

Graff" Frederick, superintend, water works, 200 
Cherry, h N W 10th &. Cheiry. 

Graff" George, butcher, 17 Franklin 

Graff" George, bricklayer. Mechanic n George. 

Graft" Henry, bricklayer. Mechanic n George. 

Graff" Henr}', butcher, 5th n G T road. 

Graffs John, sign ])ainter, SpaflTord ab Fitzwater. 

Graff" John M., 128 Budd. 

GraflF Joseph, tin & coppersm., 370 S 3d . 

Graff" Joseph, lab., Lombard n Sch. P^ont 

Graff" Lawrence, lab., c Willow and 7th 

Graff Samuel, packer. Poplar," St. John 

Graffin Hugh, shoemr., 91 P road 

Graffin Robert, variety store, 208 S 5th. 

Graham Abigail, George ab Sch. 7th. 

Graham Abraham, labourer. Perry ab Pine. 

Graham Alexander, lab., Church bel Christian 

Graham Ann, teacher, rear 122 Catharine 

Graham David, mer., 2 N 5th, h 203 N 9th 

Graham Eliza, trimmings, c 7th & Wallace 

Graham Ellen, 93 Plum 

Graham P'l-ancis, tailor, 77 P road. 

Graham George A., atty. & coun., 50 N 7th. 

Graham George R., publisher Graham's Magaz., 
S W 3d and Chestnut, h 204 N 6th. 

Graham George R. & Co., pub. Saturday Ev'g. 
Post, S W 3d and Chestnut 

Graham Henry Y., machinist, 272 S 6th. 

Graham James, clerk, 137 S 9th. 

Graham James, lab., Shippen bel Broad 

Graham James, tailor, 43 Carpenter. 

Graham James, grocer. Cedar ab 12th. 

Graham James, watchman, Lombard ab Quince. 

Graham James, weaver, 4 Rollins' row. 

Graham Jane, shop, 194 Callowhill. 

Graham John, chairmaker, 182 S 11th. 

Graham John, lab., Lombard n Sch. Front 

Graham John, labourer, James bel R road. 

Graham John, M. D., Filbert W Sch. 8tla 

Graham John H., bookbinder, 204 Cherry 

Graham John K. mer., 294 High. 

Graham M'Cartney, carpenter, rear 298 S 4th. 

Graham Noah, lab., Bethesda row 

Graham Noble, watchman, Lombard ab 12th. 

Graham N. H., mer., 294 High. 

Graham Peter, tailor, 13 Cresson's al. 

Graham Redman, fiu'niture, 132 Cedai'. 

Graham Robert, labourer, Vine ab 12th. 

Graham Thomas, porter, Lombard ab 13tli 

Graham Thomas, blacksm., Christian ab 6th. 

Graliam Thomas, tailor, 90 Union. 




Graham Thomas, gent., 35 Girard. 

Graham I'homas, pump & blockmaker, 91 S 

Wharves, h Queen bel 4th. (S) 
Graham Thomas, labourer. Wood ii vSch 3d. 
Graham Win., lab., 11 W Cedar 
Graham Wm., lab., Ilickam n Sch. 6th 
Graham William, tavern. Harmony ct. 
Graham William, clerk, 9 Dillwjn 
Grake Henry W., carter, 4 Reckless 
Gramble B., g-lass cutter, N W 5th & Lombard 
Grambo Henry, acct., 529 N 5th 
Grandgent, lab. & shop, 368 N 6th 
Granello Francis, confectioner, 251 N 2nd. 
Granett Xavier, shoemr., 86 N 4th 
Granfield Wm., acct., 15 Penn 
Grange William, crockery, 427 N 2nd. 
Granger Henry, lab., 125 Callowhill. 
Gransback George, bootmaker, 33 Coates. 
Grant David, pedler, c 3d and Queen 
Grant Denny, labourer, Sch. Washington. 
Grant Edith, widow, Parrish ab Marshall 
Grant Edward, carpenter, State st. 
GranUjgorge, wheebK., 1 1 Pearl ab Sch. 8th 
GrantWLK; m. D., QS 10th 
Grant John, papermr., Lydia n School. (K) 
Grant J., turner, 133 N 13th 
Grant John L. Rev., 390 Vine. 
Grant Samuel, mer., 12 S Whfs., h 44 Pine. 
Grant & Stone, com. mers., 12 S Whfs. 
Grant Wm., pump & blockmaker, 62 Christian. 
Grant William, waiter, 4 Gale's ct. 
Grasby H., 51 S 13th. 
Grass Lawrence, tailor, 234 S 4th. 
Gratam Mitchel, sheriff's office, 4 Marble pi. 
Grattan Edward, printer, 25 Morgan. 
Gratz David, mer., 2 S 7th, h 14 Girard. 
Gratz Edward, mer., 2 S 7th, h 14 Girard. 
Gratz Edward & D., mers., 2 S 7th. 
Gratz Hymen, President Penna. Life In. co., 66 

Walnut, h 2 Boston row 
Gratz Jacob, mer., 2 Boston row. 
Gratz Jos., mer., 125^ S Front, h 2 Boston row 
Grauel Andrew M., baker, 334 N 2nd. 
Graul Catharine, rear 417 N Front 
Graurer J., suspr., weaver, 4th & Franklin, (K) 
Gravat Charles, carp.. Dean ab Bedford 
Gravat George, carp., 462 S 4th 
Gravat J ohnson, carp., 26 Maiden. (K) 
Gravat Ralph, lab., c Almond & Front 
Gravel Henry, carpenter, 373 Callowhill 
Gravel Henry, jr., grocer, 373 Callowhill 
Gravel John, carpenter, 377 Callowhill. 
Gravel Matthew, carp., 14 Jones' al. 
Graver Mary, gentw., 150 F road 
Graves James, turner, 53 Federal. 
Graves Jas., wheelwr., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Graves John, turner, 547 S 2nd. 
Graves Joseph, weaver, Marlborough bel Duke 
Graves Matthew, moulder, F road n Queen. 
Graves Wm., tavern, 15 Queen. (K) 
Gray Catharine, artificial flower maker, 73 Mul 

Gray Charles, lab., Fraley's ct. (K) 
Gray Charles, cordw., 385 Sassafras 
Gray Elizabeth, 13 Poplar. 

Grav Fithian, combmr., Queen ab Shackamaxon 


Gray George W., brewer, 24 S 6th 
Gray Hester, Vine n Sch. 
Gray H. J., b. h., 13 Lombard 
Gray John, tavern, N W 13th & Wood. 
Gray John, lab., Barley n 11th 
Gray John, tailor, Shippenbel Broad 
Gray John, lab., 9 Wiley's ct 
Gray Joseph, blacksmith, c James & R road. 
Gray Maria, b h, 13th bel Vine 
Gray Martha, 1 89 N Front 
Gray Mary, S E Centre & Dean. 
Gray Peter, stone cutter, Chai-lotte n Creek. 
Gray Philip, lab., Budden's al. 
Gray Robert, weaver, 489 N 3d 
Gi*ay Robert A., machinist. Orange bel Coates 
Gray Robert E., brewer, 24 S 6th, h N W 9th 

and Mulberry. 
Gray R. W., mer', 76 S Front. 
Gr?.y Samuel, cordwainer, Shackamaxon near 


Gray Samuel, coachman, Lombard bel 11th 
Gray Stephen, cabinetmr., 41 Union 
Gi-ay, White & Co., brewers, 24 S 6th 
Gray Wm., chairmaker, 17 Vernon. 
Gray Wm., cordwainer, 2 N Sch. 7th. 
Gray Wm., labourer, Ann ab Sch 8th. 
Gray Wm., grocer, N W Cedar & Fox's ct. 
Gray Wm., grocer, c 3rd & Franklin. 
Gray Zachariah, cordw., Vine bel 13th 
Grear George, victualler, Buttonwwood bel 

Grear John, lab., R road ab Callowhill 
Grear John F., victualler, 302 Callowhill. 
Grear Joseph, lab., James ab 10th 
Greaves Alexander Jr., plumber, 63 N 5th, h 

354 S 4th. 
Greaves Andrew, lab., Jones W Sch. 5th 
Greaves James, mus. inst. maker, 343 S 5th 
Greaves John, turner, 2d bel P"ederal 
Greaves Mary, 376 S Front. 
Greaves & Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead's pi. 
Greble Edwin, marble mason, N W P road and 

Christian, h 5tli bel Gaskill. 
Greble Eliza, York Buildings 
Greble Sarah, tavern, 90 N Water. 
Grebo Michael, lab., Kesler's al. 
Green Ann, tea and stock, store, 66 N 4th 
Green Alex. B., mer., 49 High, h 67 New. 
Green Alphins, ropemaker, Shackamaxon ab 

Green Anthony, mer., 41 High, h 63 Marshall, 
Green Ashbel, D. D., 150 Pine. 
Green Ashbel Jr., att'y 8c coun. & commissioner 

of deeds for New Jersey, 62 Walnut, h 150 

Green Benjamin, waiter, 16 Elizabeth 
Green Bernard, weaver, Wood n Sch. river 
Green Branch, dry goods, 254 Callowhill 
Green Caleb, Vine n Sch. 7th 
Green Catharine, 16 Peny. 
Green Charles, waterman, 285 St. John. 
Green Charles, 16 Chester, 
Green Daniel, boatnar., 54 N 6th 



Green Dennis, white washer, 6 Portland la. 
Green Edward C, boat builder, c Scli Front 

and Mulberry. 
Green Edward, tavern, 248 Sliippen. 
Green Edward, engineer, Parry ab Phoenix. 

Green Edward, cabmr., 10 S Scb. 8th 
Green Frances, b h, 97 N 2d 
Green F., drug-gist, S W 7th & Cedar. 
Green Georg-e, carp., 328 Cedar 
Green Georg-e, carpenter, 7 Nectarine. 
Green Henry, carp., 391 S Gth 
Green Henry, labourer. Spruce ab Sell. 5th 
Green Henry, moulder, 4t!i bel Wharton 
Green Henry, waterman, rear 26 Charlotte 
Green Hester, 229 Christian 
Green Jacob, M. D., 26 S 12th. 
Green Jacob, paper stainer, Sch Front n Cherry. 
Green Jacob, machinist, 652 N 2d 
Green James, fisherman, 135 Green. 
Green John, drayman, 68 German 
Green John, sea captain, 392 S 3d 
Green John, tobacconist, Shippen ab 13th. 
Green John, saddler. Filbert n Sch. 7th 
Green John, drayman, 280 S 6th. 
Green John T., Gray's ct. 
Green Jonas, M. D., homeopathist, 206 Pine. 
Green Joseph, salesman, rear 295 S 5th 
Green Joseph, cordwainer, 29 Swanson. 
Green Joseph, cordwainer, 30 Mag-nolia. 
Green Joseph, dry g-oods, 272 N 2nd. 
Green Joseph B., carp., N E 12th and SheaflT's 

alley, h 10th & Coates 
. Green Julia, b. h., 9 Wood. 
Green Lewis, cordwainer, 556 N 2d 
Green Lydia, b h, 114 N 7th 
Green Lydia, Oak bel Greswold's al. 
Green Mary, 8 Jones' al. 
Green Mary, eating house, 20 High 
Green Patrick, drayman, 2 Norris' al. 
Green Philip P., mer., 109 S Front, h City 

Green Richard AV., teacher, 42 S 13th. 
Green Robert, cordwainer, 28 Morris 
Green Solomon, porter, Little Oak. 
Green Samuel, cabinetmr., 8 Parham 
Green Samuel, sawsharper, Swanson bel Cedar 
Green Thomas, wheelwright, Orchard n Green's 

Green Thomas, clerk, 12 Adams 
Green Wm., carp., Bedford ab 12th 
Green Wm., pawnbroker, 216 S 5th. 
Green W'm., plasterer, 32 Apple. 
Green Wm., labourer, Ann ab Sch. 8tli. 
Green AVm. M., carp., 30 Sugar al. 
Greenbank R. M. Rev., 592 N 3d 
Greene Daniel, tavern c Water & Walnut. 
Greene Wm., jeweller, 4 N 5th, h 386 N 6th. 
Greenfield Cornelius, lab., Hughs' la. 
Greenfield Ehzabeth, 371 Mulberry. 
Greenfield Jai-ed, blacksm.. Carpenter ab 4th 
Greenfield Amos, carp., 498 Wood 
Greenleaf Hudson, blacksmith, Ogden n 9th 
Greenlee James, cordw., Buttonwood ab 12th 
Greenman H. & J., paper hangers, 374 N 2nd. 

Grcenman James, paper hanger, 374 N 2ml. 
(Jrecnman .lolin, cctmb maker, 341 N 3rd. 
(ireenman Wm., |)aper hanger, (ircten ab 8tli. 
tireer Alexander, goldbeatei', 11 I'cnnsylvania 

Greer Catharine, George n Sch. 6th 
Greer James, dentist, George bel Scii Gtli. 
Greer James, carver, Myers' ct 
Greer Jolin, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Greer Joseph, con.stal)le, (ieorge alj Sch. 8lli 
Greer Margaretta, 20 Morgan, 
(ireer Mordecai W., maclilMlsl, 1 Lodge al, h 

24 E North. 
Greer M. W. & T., machinists, 1 Lodge al. 
Greer Robert, silk dyer, (Jedar ab 12th. 
Greer Robert, manuf., c 12th & Ann. 
Greeves Alexander, grocer, Sassafras n Sch. 8tli. 
Gregg Benj., stoves, 34 S 5th 
Gregg Robert, cordw., Apple ab Brown 
Gregg Sarah, 33 New. 
Gregg Wm., M. D., 32 Sassafras. 
Gregory Cornelius, oysterman, 453 S 2nd 
Gregory Cornelius, porter. Cherry ab Sch Sixth. 
Gregory & Duffee, conveyancers, 85 Dock 
Gregory & Folansbee, boot & shoe manuf., 16 

Bank st 
Gregory Gotlieb, baker, P road bel Fitzwater 
Gregory James, 298 S 5th. 
Gregory Jonathan, convevancer, 85 Dock, h 50 

S 2nd 
Gregory Mai'garet, 21 N 12th 
Gregory Mary, teacher, 8 Callowhill. 
Gregory Nathaniel, turner, 7th ab Poplar. 
Gregory Thomas, manuf., F road ab West 
Gregory Wm., drayman, 110 Apple 
Gregory Wilson, boot and shoe manuf, 16 Bank, 

h 5th ab Poplar 
Gregson Mary, Washington (W P) 
Greiner Christopher, portrait painter, 126 St. 


Greiner Frederick, lab., c Sch. 8th & Callowhill. 
Greiner George, treas. Phil, saving fund soc'y, 

h 206 N 6th. 
Greiner Joseph, coach painter, 16 Aiken's al 
Greiner Lewis, toymaker, 8th n S Garden. 
Greiner Wm. S., mer., 5 N Wharves, h 183 Vine. 
Greis John E., tailor, 49 N 4th 
Greison Herman, tobacconist, 271 N Water 
Grelaud D., female seminar}^, 120 S 3rd. 
Grelaud M. H., gentw., 27 S Sch 7th. 
Grenet Henry, tailor, 5 Strahan's ct. 
Grenhart John, baker, cor 10th & Bonsall. 
Greslmer Jonah, tailor, 284 N 2nd. 
Greswold Thomas E., 9th & Catliai'ine. 
Gretziner Jacob, tanner, St. John ab George 
Greu Elizabeth, 1 Chew's ct. 
Grevison E. & S., milliner, 514 N 2nd 
Grew Henry Rev., 69 Lomlmrd. 
Grew T. E., ropemr., Marlborough bel Prince 
Grey Eenj., planemr., 8 School 
Grey & Vloone} , milliners, 464 N 2nd 
Gribbin John, weaver, Sch 2nd n Cedar 
Grlce Madison, lab., 5 Callowhill 
Grice Samuel, ship carpenter, Penn ab Maiden. 
Grier James, bootmaker, 131 W High. 




Grier James, lab., 5 Spring Mill ct 

Grier James, grocer, Higii, W Sell. 7th. 

Grier Jonathan B., carpenter, 378 Coates, h Me- 
lon bel 10th 

Grier Matthew Jr., bootmaker, 99 {'edar. 

Griesemer L. S. & P. S., grocers, 499 N 2cl. 

Grieve John, stone cutter, 17 Orleans 

Grift'ee George F., jeweller, o Nonnater's ct 

Griffee Peter, bookbinder, 73 Logan. 

Griffenburg Thomas, saddler, c 2d & Queen (S) 

Griffin Ann, b h., 7 Chancery lane. 

(Jriffin E., M. U., 292 Coates. 

Griffin John, tavern, 89 S wharves. 

Griffin Peter, lab., 87 German. 

Griffin Peter, lab., Marion ab I3th 

Griffin Peter, labourer, Ann ab Sch. 8th. 

Griffin Seth, lab., rear 25 Queen (K) 

Griffin Susan M., 27 N 5th. 

Griffin William, seaman, Marriott n Rye 

Griffin William, weaver, 11th ab Catharine 

Griffin William, mer., 241 Pine. 

Griffing Daniel B., lum. mer., R road & Green, 
h Franklin ab Green 

Griffing Mary, trimming store, 128 N 4th. 

Griffis K. E., Miss seminary, Broad n Chestnut 

Griffith Abel, whip mr., Charlotte ab Culvert. 

Griffith Amos, stove manuf., S W 2d & Vine. 

Griffith Catharine, dry goods, 181 N 3d. 

Griffith David, stevedore, Prime ab Front 

Griffith Dorothy, 68 Coates 

Griffith E., dry goods, S E 11th & Chestnut. 

Griffith J., painter, Vine n Sch. 7th. 

Griffith Isaac, gent, 138 Dillwyn. 

Griffith Isaac, dentist, N W Sch. 7th & Filbert 

Griffith James, 201 Spruce 

Griffith James, cordw., Fraley's ct (K) 

Griffith John, wheelwright. Wood ab Sch. 7th 

Griffith John, band boxmaker, 22 Bank. 

Griffith John K., mer., 415 N 2nd 

Griffith John T., cooper, 6 Lawrence. 

Griffith Joseph, whip maker, Schrader's ct 

Griffith Lewis, carpenter, 126 N 11th. 

Griffith Matthew, gent., Franklin ab Green. 

Griffith O. B., grocer, N W 6th & Pine. 

Griffith Samuel, gas tube mr., 464 S 4th 

Giffith Samuel, shoemr., Vicker's ct 

Griffith & Simon, booksellers, 384 N 2d. 

Griffith William, gas tube mr., Wharton ab 4th 

Griffith Wm., upholsterer, 176 Sassafras. 

Griffith Wm., cordw., Prince bel Marlborough 

Griffith Wm., carpenter, S E 9th &. Coates 

Griffith Wm., collector, 144 S 13th. 

(iriffith Wm., coal mer., Arch st wlif., h Sch 3rd 
ab Filbert. 

Griffith W. C, carp., 14 Helmuth. 

Griffith Wm. V'., cabinetmaker, 17 Barker. 

C;riffiths A. W. M. D., 188 Coates. 

Griffiths C. M., M. D., 349 N 6th. 

Griffitlis Elijah L., M. D., c Brown & O Y road. 

Griffiths Elijah I,., druggist, N E 4th &. Green 

Griffiths J. W., alt'y Sc coun., 99 Coates and 40 

Griffitts E. E., teacher, N E Broad and Chest- 

Griffitts Marv, 141 S 9th. 

Griffitts S. P. Jr., George ab 9th. 

Griffitts William F., mer., 7 minor, h George ab 

Grigg George, salesman, 13 North. 

Grigg & Elliott, booksellers, 9 N 4th. 

Grigg John Rev., 26 N 11th 

Grigg John, booksr., 9 N 4th, h 298 Mulberry. 

Grigg Mark, corder, 444 S Front. 

Grig-g Robert, tailor, T6 Brown 

Grig'gs Anthony, printer, 19 St. James, h 2 Carl- 
ton sq. 

Griggs & Co., printers, 19 St. James. 

Grillet II. F., civil engineer, 9th n Poplar. 

Grim Daniel K., dry goods, 89 N 4th. 

Grim John, brickmaker, Charlotte c Poplar. 

Grim John, labourer, 9 W Cedar. 

Grim J. &, W., brickyard, 6th and Master (S G) 

Grim Matthias, drayman, 39 Ajjple 

Grim Nicholas, brickmr., Charlotte ab Poplar. 

Grim Peter, brickmaker, 480 N 3d. 

Grim William, brickmaker, 5th n Poplar. 

Grimes WiUiam, clerk, 34 Coates' alley. 

Grimier John, 45 New Market 

Grimshavv Barbara, shoebinder, 79 German 

Grimshaw George, machinist, 11 Bread 

Grimshaw Thomas, brushmr., 40 Strawberry 

Grimson John, waterman, 3 Mead 

Grinage Gulicia, oysterman, rear 72 Plum 

Griner Elizabeth, washer, rear 25 M road 

Griner George, mariner, 45 M road 

Griner Isaac, plasterer, 48 Perrv. 

Grinnell AVilliam, atty. 8c coun.', 122 Walnut. 

Gripor John B., shop, 8th bel Fitzwater 

Griscom George, alderman, 34 S 7th, li 16 San- 

Griscom John, M. D., N E 6th & Vine. 

Grissom Adam, ship carp., Vienna and Duke 

Grissom Caspar, ship carpenter, cor West and 
Cherry. (K) 

Grlswell Zachariah, agent, 73 Union 

Gritsinger Leonard, butcher, Palmer ab Prince. 

Groaty Charles, cabinetmaker, 256 Christian. 

Groff Ann Maria, gentw., 7 Sch 2nd n Vine. 

Groff J., silversmith, 119 New Market 

Groff Wm. C, gent , 7 N Sch. 2nd n Vine 

Groffins Jacob, frame mr., 532 N 3rd. 

Groizinger John, morocco dresser, Ilaydock n 

Gropengiesser J. L., chronometers, 69 S Front. 

Groscup Levi, carpenter, rear 557 N 4tli. 

Grosholz Louis, Schiller Hotel, 86 Sassafras. 

Gross George I., mer., 87 High. 

Gross Jacob, shoemaker, 51 S 12th. 

Gross Jolm, shoemr., rear 124 Apple 

Gross, Myers &. Moore, mers., 87 Higli. 

Gross Hannah, washer, 15 Pine al 

Gross John, tailor, George ab Charlotte 

Grosse Francis, silver plater, rear 7 Goodwill. 

Grossman G., wine mer, 64 S 4tli 

Grotjan Peter A., auditor, 9th bel Catharine. 

Grouger James, w eaver, 4th bel G T rd. (K) 

Grouse Sebastian, lock nu'., Princeab Palmer (K) 

Grove Conrad, coal dealer, whf. Callowhill Sch. 
h 10th ab Green. 

Grove D. B., piano forte manuf., 338 High. 




Grove Henry, grocer, 141 N 3d, h c Crown &. 

Grove John, oyster house, 147 Poplar. 
Gi'over Abigail, gentw., 5 Lombard. 
Grover Christopher, labourer. Little Pine 
Grover Daniel, brushmr., Reed and Wheat. 
Grover Hugh, wharf builder, 21 Christian. 
Grover John, whf. builder, 9 Reed. 
Grover Thomas D., wharf builder, 12 Federal. 
Groves Anthony, gent., 133 Filbert. 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer, 156 N 9th. 
Groves James, dealer, 246 N 2d. 
Groves Michael F., M. D., druggist, 198 S 5th. 
Groves Thomas, Virheelw., G T road ab Maiden. 
Grow John W., agent of rail road, 10th bel Sp. 

Grow Matthew, sail maker, 13 German. 
Grow Nicholas, carp., 26 Woodab Sch. 8th. 
Grubb Christian, gent.. Wood ab Queen. 
Grubb Edward B., com. mer., S E Water and 

Sassafras, h 391 Walnut. 
Grubb Harriet A., gentw., 391 Walnut. 
Grubb Joseph, suspender maker, 12 Carter's al. 
Grubb Joseph C, hardware mer, 76 High, h 30 

N 5th. 
Grubb Mrs. M., b h, 97 Chestnut. 
Grubb M. M., dress maker, 25 Prune. 
Grubb Nathan, fisherman. Bishop bel Queen 
Grubb Melon, stone mason, Leiper. 
Grubb Samuel, mer., c Phoenix and Cadwala- 

Grubb Wm., gent., 38 Buttonwood. 
Grubb Wm. M., pattern mr., rear 126 Beach (K) 
Gruber John, blacksmith, 130 St. John. 
Grubs Michael, oysterman, 38 Buttonwood 
Grue Coni'ad, dealer, 14 Budd 
Grumholz C, tailor, Ogden ab 10th. 
Grugan Florence, tailor, 64 N 8th, h 6 Bene- 

Gi'ugan & Kissick, tailors, 64 N 8th. 
Grum John H., potter, 87 W High, h i-ear 
Grumly Christopher, saddler, 558 N 3rd. 
Grumstude Charles, b h., 103 N 3rd. 
Grund Charles, cordw., 30 Apple ab Poplar 
Grund F. J., ed. & prop. Daily Standard and 

Penna. German, 85 Dock, h 494 Chestnut. 
Grundy Edmund, merchant, 16 Church alley, h 

43 New. 
Grussmeyer Nicholas, baker, 206 Queen. (S) 
Gilbert T. E., grocer, N W 8th & Mulberry, h 

59 N 8th. 
Gudknecht John, grain measurer, 120 Budd. 
Guenther Isaac, baker. Poplar ab O Y road. 
Guenther John, baker, 10th ab Washington. 
Guest Charles, bootmr., Morris bel Catharine 
Guest George, merchant, 97 S Front, h 151 S 

Guest Mordecai, rear 171 N 2d 
Guhring John, razor grinder, 116 Crown. 
Guier George, U. S. weighmaster, 10 Minor, h 

361 Sassafras. 
Giiiger Edward, cabmr., 52 Charlotte. 
Guiger George, tobacco, S W 13th &. Sassafras 
Guilberry J. B., tailor, 147 Locust. 
Guilbeit 'Nicholas, printer, 56 N 3d, h 111 Pine 

Guild Ann, 124 S 4th. 

Guiler Andrew, tobacconist, IIG Brown 

Guilkey M. M., milliner, 197 S '2i\d. 

GulUou Constant, att'y & notary, 97 Walnut, h 
193 N 7th. 

Guillou Rene, 186 Chestnut, h 5 Portico sq. 

Guillou Victor, teaclier, 5 Portico sq. 

Guion George L., 84 High, h 25 New. 

Guire Isaac, victualler. Garden ab Noble. 

Guiset Henry, cigar maker, Deringer's ci 

Guison George, carpenter, 178 Coates 

Guiss John, mariner, 43 Mead alley. 

Guistley Henry, tanner, Hummell's ct 

Gulick Matthew, lab., Fair Mount. 

Gum Patrick, weaver, Charlotte ab Thompson. 

Guminey Jacob S., brickmaker, 527 N 4th. 

Guminger Joseph, drayman. Crown n Queen 
■ (K) 

Gummere David, cordw., Hopkins' and Schoo 

Gummey John M., dry goods, 366 Vine. 

Gumminger James, ship carp., Bedford & Union 

Gumpert B. Barton, clothing, 467 N 2d. 

Gumple & Sterr, glove manuf., 70 Coates. 

Gumppert Jacob J., dentist, 354 N Fi'ont. 

Gunderiach Ehzabeth, milliner, 89 N 9th 

Gunn Thomas, weaver, c Cadwalader and Jef- 
ferson. (K) 

Gunn William, tavern, c 2d & Master. 

Gunn William, tavern, 24 Bank. 

Gurley James, porter, 4 Richardson's ct. 

Gurney Mrs., S W Front & Lombard. 

Guth Anthony, tailor, 5 Exchange pi 

Guthbrod Frederick, 9 Sheild's al. 

Guthrie Eliza, 163 S 10th. 

Guthrie George, tavern, 274 S 2d. 

Guthrie James, hatter. Vine n Sch. Front. 

Guy Alexander, labourer, 31 Quince. 

Guy David, grocer, Sch. Front bel Spruce 

Guy Robert, manuf. Sch Front bel Spruce. 

Guy Wm., weaver, 5 M'Duffie. 

Guy William, oysterman, 19 Mead. 

Guyant Ann, Cherry ab Queen. 

Guyer Benjamin, watchman, 29 Jones al. 

Gayer Godfrey H., carp., Carlton ab Sch 8th. 

Guyer William, dep. surveyor, 12th ab Button- 

Guyger George, tobacconist, c Sassaft-as & 13th 

Guyger George, hatter, 44 Queen. (S) 

Guyger James, tailor. Black horse al, h S W 1 1th 
& Vine. 

Guyger Mary, gentw., 467 N 3d. 

Gwin William, cai'ter, 162 Christian. 

Gwinn , capt U. S. Navy, Portico sq 

Gwinn Daniel, chandler, 604 S 2d. 

Gwinn Mrs., tavern, 26 Pine ct. 

Gwinn Wm., ornamental paint. 45 Coates al. 

Gyson John, suspender weaver, 4th ab Thomp- 

Gyunt John, Crawford's ct. 

Haas Conrad, gent., 38 Mechanic. 

Haas Chas. &. Chas. J., carp'rs, 13 Emlen's ct. 

Haas F. J., sugar refiner, Nicholson. 




Haas Frederick, hosier, 361 N 3vd. 

l[aas Frederick, jr., carp. 10th bel Spring' Gar- 

Haas George, tobacconist, 139 Locust. 

Haas George, cordw., 317 Callowhill 

Haas George, carpenter, 10th ab Spring Garden 

Haas Jacob, victualler, James ab 10th. 

Hass Jacob, lab.. Barker's ct. bel Brown. (K) 

Haas Jacob, lab., Lilly's ct. 

Haas John, painter, rear 291 Coates. 

Haas John, sugar refiner, 222 Sassafras 

Haas John, cooper, rear 389 N 3rd. 

Haas John, grocer, c 2d &. Noble, h 327 N 2d 

Haas J. & W., dry goods, 262 N 2nd. 

Haas Margaret, Pearl ab 12th 

Haas Maiy, WiUiam n Otter 

Haas Michael, baker, Coates n 10th. 

Haas Nicholas, gunsmith, 152 Wood. 

Haas N., clothing store, 436 N Front 

Haas Wm., 361 N 3d 

Haas & Woolfe, sugar refiners, Nicholson. 

Haber John, shoes, S E Noble & Franklin. 

Habermehl Henry, case maker, 24 Lagrange, h 
131 S 6th. 

Haberstick Rudolph, tobacconist, 407 N 2nd. 

Hackenburg J. L., mer. 35 High. 

Hacker George, supt. watering committee 398 

Hacker George W., China, 62 N 2d, h 133 N 

Hacker Isaiah, mer. 32 Chestnut, h 112 S 3rd. 

Hacker Jeremiah, merchant, 32 Chestnut, h 128 

Hacker Joseph silverplater, rear 99 Mulberry, 
h 2 Pegg. 

Hacker, Lea & Co., mers. 32 Chestnut. 

Hacker WiUiam E., mer. 32 Chestnut, h 128^ 

Hacker Wm. P., cliina ware, 62 N 2nd, h 135 

Hacker Wm. W., hatter, 31 Union 

Hackert Mrs. Catharine, rear 94 N 11th 

Hacket Ann, washer, rear 45 Crabb 

Hacket Edward, cordw., 430 S 4th 

Hackett Hope, stockmaker, 5 Lombard ct. 

Hackett John, cordwainer, 5 Jefferson row. 

Hackett John, weaver, 6 Lloyd's ct. (K) 

Hackett Matthew, carter. Carpenter bel 9th. 
Hackett Robert E., clerk, 24 Palmyra sq. 
Hadden John, carter, 4 Meyers' ct. 
Hadder William, watchman, 15 Sergeant 
Haddleson Thomas, grocer, S W 6th & Shippen 
Haddock Daniel, jr., mer. 10 S whfs, h 134 S 

Haddock & Haseltine, mers., 10 S wharves. 
Haddock James, weaver, James, F. M. 
Haddock Mary Ann, gentw., 205 Noble 
HadfieldJohn, manuf. Leghorn, 154 Cedar 
Hadfield Mrs., milliner, 154 Cedar 
Haegele Noah W., baker. Pine n Sch. Beach 
Haffelfinger Martin, acct., 435 Chestnut. 
Haffey John, lab.. Oak ab WiUiam 
Haffey Peter, grocer, 44 Oak. 
Hafner Martha, gentw., 97 Brown 
Hagaman Geo. W., hatter, 62 Laurel. 

Hagan Charles, bookseller, N E 6th and High, 

h 256 S 4th. 
Hagar F., stove factory, 69 N 2d 
Hagar Patrick, bootmr., Benton's ct. 
Hagar Thomas, lab., Lombard n Sch. 2d 
Hagedorn C. F., Bavarian consul, 181 Walnut 
Hiiger Christian, dry goods, 344 Callowhill. 
Hager Daniel, cordwainer, 52 Oak. 
Hager Joel, carter, rear 177 Brown 
Hager John, lab., Apple n Creek 
Hagert J. E., brushmaker, 8 N 3rd, h 66 New. 
Hagerty Burnet, morocco shaver, Marriott ab 

Hagerty Charles, cordw., 493 S 2d 
Hagerty Gotleib, 441 N Front 
Hagerty H. Mrs., shop, 493 S Front 
Hagerty James, livery stable, 211 Christian. 
Hagerty John, lab., 1 Howard's ct. 
Hagerty John, wheelw., Coates bel 6th 
Hagerty Thomas, lab., Quany row F M 
Hagey John, confectioner, 64, & h 318 High. 
Haggenbottom Samuel, grocer, Fairmount n 

Hagin Michael, shoemaker, 112 Cherry. 
Hagins Alexander, lab., Fairmoimt av. 
Hagner Benjamin F., merchant, 304 High, h 162 

Hagner 8c Brother, dry goods, 304 High 
Hagner Charles V., drug mill, Beaver ct., h 

Broad bel Chestnut 
Hagner John, tavern, rear 133 Carpeiiter 
Hagner John F., mer., 304 High, h 162 Cherry 
Hagner Samuel A., saddler, 39 S 8th, h 162 

Hagstoz Jacob, sugar refiner, N W Sassafi-as & 

Hagstoz Thos., sugar refin., S E Crown & Vine. 

h Chester bel Vine 
Hague Andrew, bricklayer, Hanover ab Bedford. 
Hague Andrew, bricklayer, Hanover n Queen. 
Hague C, Hanover bel Prince 
Hague Henry, caulker, Hanover n Bedford. 
Hague Henry, carp., St. John ab Beaver 
Hague Henry, fisherman. Chandler's ct. (K) 
Hague John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen. 
Hague Jacob, tavern, 11 Swanson. 
Hague Thomas, planet reader, 57 S 13th. 
Hague Wm., grocer, Queen & Palmer 
Hagy Joseph, dry goods, 266 N 2nd. 
Hagy WiUiam, dry goods, 289 N 2d. 
Hahn Christian, baker, 148 N 5th. 
Hahn G., baker, 188 St. John 
Hahn Henry, baker, 20 N Sch. 8th 
Hahn Jacob, baker, 85 New. 
Hahn John, hotel, F road opp. West 
Hahn Michael, painting, 5 Jefferson pi. 
Hahn Sarah, Doman's row 
Hahnlen Jacob, hatter, c Quarry & Bread 
Haig James, earthenware manuf., 595 N 2d 
Haig James & Thomas, fire brick manuf. 456, 

458 &. 460 N 4th. 
Haig Robert, potter, R road ab 13th 
Haight Cornelius, painter, 114 S 12th. 
Haight James O., springmr., Broad n Sassafras, 

h 467 Vine 




Hailer Georg-e F., cordwainer, 295 Vine. 

Haines Abraham, carpenter, 384 N 6th. 

Haines Abraham, mer., 367 High, h 36 Madison 

Haines Abraham W. Jr., carp., 291 Coates. 

Haines Addison, carpenter, Poplar n 9th. 

Haines A. & B., g-lass & colours, 367 High. 

Haines Benj., mer., 367 Hig-li, h 254 Filbert. 

Haines Christian, Edward n G T road 

Haines Clayton, bricklayer, 394 Coates 

Haines Elizabeth, 3 Montgomery. 

Haines Elwood, carpenter, Sch. Cherry n 6th 

Haines Ephraim, mer., 26 N 4th, h 174 N Front 

Haines Franklin, brickmr., Sch. 6th ab Ritten- 
house sq. 

Haines James, Krider's al. 

Haines John, carpet weaver, 185 N 8th 

Haines John, lab., 4 Caledonia ct. 

Haines John, baker, 463 N 3d 

Haines John, butcher, Marriott n 4th 

Haines John, collector, 620 N 2d. 

Haines John, shipcarp.. Barker's ctbel Bedford. 

Haines Joseph, 23 Palmyra sq. 

Haines Joseph, keeper Moyamensing Prison, 
163 Carpenter 

Haines Joshua L., combmr., Paschal's al. 

Haines Josiah, carp., 10th ab Coates. 

Haines Lindley, mer. 13 S 2d. 

Haines Mary, 12 Farr. 

Haines Mary, 363 N 6th. 

Haines Michael, carp., Sch. Spruce E of Front 

Haines Michael, potter, Mechanic 

Haines Mordecai, brickmr., Sch. 6th ab Ritten- 
house sq 

.Haines Moses W., tinsmith, 4 Short ct. 

Haines Philip, carp., 1 Wallace 

Haines Reuben, carp. 40 Carpenter, (C) h 9th 
bel Coates. 

Haines Samuel, whip platter, Crown n Queen. 

Haines Sarah Ann, ladies' shoes, 209 Chestnut. 

Haines Sophia, huckster, c Wood and Duke. 

Haines Thomas, ship carp.. Front ab Reed 

Haines William S., M. D., N E 8th & Green 

Hains Jacob, baker, 123 Filbert. 

Hains James, butcher, c 4th & Marriott. 

Hains Peter, fisherman, 1 Wood ab Queen 

Hains Samuel, city surveyor, 9 S 5th, h 317 Mul- 

Haith Edward, scrivener, 23 Lombard, h 521 

Hake Frederick C, baker, 73 Lombard 

Halberstadt James, cai'penter, 142 German. 

Halbert Ebenezer, labourer, 3 Federal. 

Halbert Francis, Law's ct. 

Haldorn Thomas, grocer, S E 9th and Carpen- 

Hale Charles W., waterman, 50 Mead. 

Hale George C, coal mer., 81 Dock, h Sch. 7th 
n Mulberry 

Hale Joseph, lab , rear 4th n Creek 

Hale Samuel, ladies' shoemaker, S W 12th and 

Hale Thomas, jr., stock & ex. broker, S E Wal- 
nut and Dock. 

Hale Thomas, paper hanger, 6 Filbert avenue. 

Hale Thomas S., furriei-, 131 Juniper 

Hale William, tailor, 378 High, and 92 N 2d, h 

5 Castle. 
Hales Wm., bricklayer, 2d bel Marion 
Haley Edward, boxmaker, 4 Raspberry lan^. 
Haley John, morocco dresser, G T road bel 

Halfman D., tailor, 133 S Front. 
Halfman Harbert, 14 Bilk's ct. 
Halfman Wm., blacksmith, 12 Sugar al. 
Halfpenny Catharine, 4 Marion. 
Halfpenny John, machinist, Sch 5th & Hamilton. 
Hall Augusta, stone cutter, 23 Duke 
Hall Albert, cordw., 5 Clinton's ct. 
Hall Alfred H., porter, 28 Sassafras al. 
Hall Alexander, captain, 20 Parham 
Hall Alice, washer, 71 George. 
Hall, Andrews & Co., mers. 10 & 12 Commerce. 
Hall, Brothers, com. mers. 34 N Front 
Hall Chas., mer., 12 S 4th, h 8th ab Spruce 
Hall Charles, livery stable. Marble ab 10th, h 12 

Raspberry al. 
Hall Charles, tanner, re ar 452 N Front 
Hall Charles B., mer. 10 Commerce, h 81 Mar- 
Hall Charlotte, eating house, 175 Cedar 
Hall Clement, currier, 366 Cedar 
Hall & Cutter, shoemrs., 70 N 2d, h 106 N 4th 
Hall Daniel, carp., back 11 Mark's la. 
Hall David, lab., Apple n C. Creek. 
Hall E. C, chair ornamenter, 4 Lytle's ct. 
Hall Ebenezer, waiter, 5 Rose al. 
Hall Edward A., gent., 119 S 8th 
Hall Elias, cordwr., Apple n Creek 
Hall Elizabeth, 236 S Front. 
Hall Emery, coachman, 30 Pearl. 
Hall Ephraim, Capt., 17 Pine. 
Hall George, tobacconist, 23 N 9th. 
Hall Geo., blacksm., Shackamaxon bel Franklin. 
Hall George T., shoemr., 70 N 2d, h 106 N 4th 
Hall Han-ison, stationer, 5 Minor, h 10th ab 

Hall Henry, machinist, S E Sch 3rd & Pine. 
Hall Henry M., machinist. Nectarine n 9th 
Hall H., washer, 6th ab Poplar 
Hall H. B., mer., 10 Commerce. 
Hall Isaac, lab., Lloyd bel Shippen. 
Hall Jacob, vict.. Carpenter bel 10th 
Hall James, weaver, c 13th and Bedford 
Hall James, porter, Bedford ab 12th 
Hall James, tavern, 101 Swanson. 
Hall James, printer, 117 Carpenter 
Hall James, organ builder, 8 College av. h 260 

Hall James, fui'nitiu'e car, 250 Sassafras 
Hall Jane, Pearl bel Broad. 
Hall Jeremiah, ovsters, 21 Queen. (K) 
Hall John Rev., Chestnut ab Sch 7th. 
Hall John B., cordwainer. Mechanic n Poplar. 
Hall John P., 118 S 10th. 
Hall Joseph, carter, 11th bel Callowhill 
Hall Joseph, proprietor 3rd St. Hall, c 3rd k. 


Hall Joseph, carp., Apple n c Creek. 
Hall Joseph W., grocer, 572 N 2nd. 
Hall Joseph, carp., Apple n C Creek 




Hall Lewis, blacksmith, Beach bel Hanover 

Hall Marg-arelta, 146 S 7th. 

Hall M., mer., 182 N 2(1 

Hall Nathan, shoes, 75 Cedar. 

Hall Patrick, engineer, Wm. n Hopkins' ct. 

Hall Richard, cig-ar nir., 3 Nicholas's ct (K) 

Hall Richard, waiter, 249 Christian. 

Hall Robert, flour mer., c Cherry &. Juniper. 

Hall Samuel, soapnir. Madison c Sheafl''s al. 

Hall Samuel, carp., N'ienna bel Prince 

Hall Samuel S., cooper, 8 Norris' ct. 

Hall Samuel, stevedore, 378 S Front. 

Hall Sarah, shop, M road bel Wharton. 

Hall Susan, 229 S 6th. 

Hall Sophia, widow, rear 396 N 4th. 

H.all Thomas, hatter, 480 N 2d. 

Hall Wilfred, acct., 171 N 13th. 

Hall Wm., lab., rear 11 Minor. 

Hall Wm., clerk, 58 Penn. 

Hall WiUiam, carpenter, Prince ab Hanover. 

Hallidav Abigail, Washington ab 2d. 

Halliday Ann, widow. Filbert W Sch 5th 

Halliday James H., silversmith, 9 Castle 

Halliday Samuel L., saddler, 26 High. 

HaUideng Wm. J., clerk, Washington ab 3rd 

Hallman Ann, tailoress, 1 Ellis av. 

Hallman William, clerk, 6th bel Carpenter. 

Halloway John S., clerk, Callowhill ab Sch. 

Halloway Seth P., clerk, 56 Franklin. 
Hallowell Abel, bleeder & barber, 479 N 2nd. 
Hallowell Ann, 107 New. 
Hallowell A. H., confectioner, 8 Julianna. 
Hallowell Caleb W., mer., 7 S 4th h 230 N 6th. 
Hallowell Caleb, mer., 35 N Front, h 107 New 
Hallowell Edward, jr., M. D., Marshall above 

Hallowell Eli, coachmr., R road n Willow. 
Hallowell Hannah, 499 N 4th 
Hallowell Hannah, St. John n Globe Mill 
Hallowell Hu-am L., tailor, 333 N 3d 
Hallowell Jesse, bricklayer, 123 Catharine. 
Hallowell John, brickmr. 170 Coates. 
Hallowell Jonah, leather, 227 N 2nd. 
Hallowell Joseph, shop. High c Sch 4th. 

Hallowell M. L., mer. 143 High, h 240 N 6th. 
Hallowell Rachel, 7 Noble. 

Hallowell Sarah, gentw., 112 Filbert. 

Hallowell, Walton & Co., mers. 143 High. 
Hallowell William, mer. 168 N 2nd, h 306 N 

Hallowell W. S. & Co., hardware, 168 N 2nd 

Hallowell Wm. S., mer., 168 N 2d. 

Hallsted John, carpet warehouse, 193 Chestnut, 
h 48 N 7th. 

Halsted Geo. W., coal mer. Chestnut st whf, 
Sch, h 10 Sch Cherry. 

Hally Peter, dry goods, 524 N 2d. 

Haly John, variety store, 160 Shippen 

Hal'y Wm. W., atty. and conn., 72 S 6th 

Halzel Phihp, chairmaker, 515 N Front. 

Halzel Samuel, dep. sheriff", 39 Coates. 

Ham Joseph VV., mer., 11 S Water. 

Hambleton Henry, lab., 198 S 4th 

Hamblin Owen, coach mr., Bedford bel 8th 

Hambly William, millwright, 13 Wiley's ct. 
Hamel Mary, milliner, 316 Vine. 
Hamel Jacob, Miller ct, Union a)) Bedford 
Hamehn Joseph P., 303 S 2nd. 

Hamer Eli, tailor, 38 N 6th 

Hamer Godfrey, grocer, c St. John and Green 

Hamcr John, lab., Carpenter bel 11th 

Hamer Jacob & Son, tailors, 38 N 6th. 

Hamerlck Paul, Prince ab Marlborough 

Hamerly Eliza, cigarmr., 2 Saunders' ct (K) 

Ham>;rsly George, turner, rear 30 St. John (K) 

Hamersly S. S., M. D., c 13th &. George. 

Hamill EUzabeth, tavern, N W 6th & Brown. 

Hamill James, tavern & farrier, 11^ S 6th. 

Hammilt Thomas, porter, Marlborough n Duke. 

Hamilton Alexander, gent., 8th bel Fitzwater. 

Hamilton Andrew, 3 Whittaker's ct. 

Hamilton Arthur, cordwnr, St. John n George. 

Hamilton Bridget, washer. Mulberry n S 8th 

Hamilton David, cordwainer, 18 Swanson. 

Hamilton f^lijah, shoemaker, 1 Union ct 

Hamilton Elizabeth, George, ab Sch. 6th 

Hamilton Francis, printer, 200 N 8th 

Hamilton George, clerk, rear Sch. 8th n Mul- 

Hamilton George, teller K. Bank, h Marlboro' 
n Queen. 

Hamilton George, printer, rear 303 S 4th 

Hamilton George, 77 Bedford 

Hamilton George, grocer, S E 12th &, Coates. 

Hamilton George H., collector, 8 Benezet 

Hamilton House, drayman, 421 S 4th 

Hamilton Jacob, lab. Filbert ab Sch 3rd. 

Hamilton James, seaman, 31 Union al. 

Hamilton James, carter, Shippen lane bel Rose. 

Hamilton James, watchman, Lewis n Sch. 6th. 

Hamilton James, lab., Sch. Fi-ont ab Filbert 

Hamilton James, drayman, Sch. 5th ab High. 

Hamilton James, carpets, 72 Chestnut. 

Hamilton James E., grocer. High ab Sch. 5th, 
h Barker ab Sch. 4th. 

Hamilton Jane, gentw., 255 N 2d 

Hamilton John, sail mr., 3d bel Charlotte 

Hamilton John A., mer. 81 N 10th 

Hamilton J. B. W., builder. Wood ab 12th, h 
464 Callowhill 

Hamilton John M., civil engineer, 329 S 3d 

Hamilton & Jones, grocers. High ab Sch. 5th. 

Hamilton Joseph, harness mr., 50 N 11th 

Hamilton Joseph, carter, rear 430 S 4th 

Hamilton Margaret, 10th bel Melon 

Hamilton Mary dressmr, 1 17 G T road 

Hamilton Mary, 141 N 6th. 

Hamilton Mary, dress maker, 157 Catharine. 

Hamilton Mary, Laurel n Rachel. 

Hamilton Mary, gentw., 316 Chestnut. 

Hamilton Robert, lab.. West bel Union 

Hamilton Robert S., mer., 34 N Front, h 102 

Hamilton Robert, cordwainer, N E 8th & Mul- 
berry, h rear 19 Garden. 

Hamilton Rosanna, George ab Sch 7th. 

Hamilton Rosanna, shop, Front ab Phoenix. 
Hamilton R. J., watchmaker, 231 High. 

Hamilton Sarah, 168 Locust. 




Hamilton Sarah, tailoress, 33 Apple. 

Hamilton Stephen, cordw., rear 45 Carpenter 

Hamilton Thos., cordw.. Crown ab Bedford. 

Hamilton & Watts, dry ijoods, 249 S 2d, and 87 

Hamilton William, labourer, Sch. 3d ab High. 

Hamilton William, actuary Franklin Institute, h 
329 S 3rd. 

Hamilton Wm., boot mr., 34 Garden 

Hamilton Wm., carter. Barker bel Scli. 4tli. 

Hamilton William, cordwainer, N E 8th &. Mul- 
berry, h 34 Garden. 

Hamilton William, chandler, 4 Plum. 

Hamilton William, weaver. Front ab Master. 

Hamilton Wm., gent., 1 Bonsall 

Hamilton Wm. B., 24 Madison. 

Hamilton William H., dry goods, 20 S 2d. 

Hamilton W. & R., bootmakers, N E 8th and 

Hamlin Adelia, 74 Vine. 

Hamly G., Washing-ton bel 2d 

Hamm Daniel, vict., Apple ab George 

Hamm E., dress mr., 321 S 3d 

Hamm H., coachmaker, 321 S 3d. 

Hamm James, combmaker, 272 S 5th. 

Hamm P, E., asst. city treas., c 5th & Chestnut, 
h 28 N 9th. 

Hamm Wm. P., agent, 94 Juniper. 

Hamman John, clerk, Buttonwood ab 8th. 

Hammar Adam, cordwainer, 95 Wood, 

Hammai- Ann, 97 G T road. 

Hammai" Joseph, 12 Log'an. 

Hammar William, combmaker, Front n Master. 

Hammel Lewis, 10 Farr 

Hammell Charles, carter. Brown ab Cherr}' 

Hammell Francis J., shoes, 210 High 

Hammell Hugh, dealer, S E c 10th and High 

Hammell James, gent., N W 12th and George 

Hammell Lewis, shoes, 366 High. 

Hammer Charles, combmaker, Reid's ct. 

Hammer Deborah, 5 Rachell's row. 

Hammer Hiram, confectioner, 257 N 2d. 

Hammer John, comb mr., Nicholas' ct (K) 

Hammersley George, mer., 85 S Front. 

Hammerstadt Caspar, tailor, c Ball &, Shippen 

Hammett & Hiles, coppersmiths, 151 Sassafras. 

Hammett John K., shipwright, Penn n Shacka- 
maxon. (K) 

Hammett John H.,,lab., Wood ab Queen 

Hammett Thomas, coppersmith, 84 New. 

Hammitt Eliza, gentw., Marlborough ab Frank- 

Hammitt John, cai'ter. Wood ab Queen. 

Hammitt John K., ship carp., Penn ab Maiden 

Hammitt Matthew, caulker. Crown ab Duke. 

Hanimon Barbary, washer. Cedar ab Sch. 4th 

Hammond Charles, hammer mr., 102 Filbert 
Hammond John, lab., 1 Boyle's ct. 
Hammond Philip, gent., 31 Logan 
Hammond S. Mrs., Pine bel 12th. 
Hammond Samuel, refectory, 1 Decatur, h 4 

Hammond Samuel, 13th bel Fitzwater. 
Hammond Richard, lab., Mifflin n Perry 
Hammond Wm., book binder, 2 Marble pi 

Hampsen John, hatter, Elmes' ct 
Hampsen Wm., hatter. Pearl n Sch River 

Hampsey Francis, shoes, Higli ab Sell 7th 

Hampton Abigal, tailoress, Stanley ab 3d 

Hampton Alexander, Krider's al 

Hampton Benjamin, tobacconist, 9 N 10th. 

Hampton ElizabetJi, 101 German. 

Hampton Elizabeth, 2 Nonnater's ct 

Hampton Jacob, carter, 1 Warner's ct. 

Hampton John W., carp., 7 Kessler's al. 

Hampton 8c Keyej', gim smiths, 29 Green. 

Hampton Lewis W., blacksm.. Green bel Budci 
h 22 Budd. 

Hampton Morton, agent, Carlton ab Sch. 8th 

llttiibest T. P., gent., 180 Spruce. 

Hance Charles^ brick mr., 9 Gamble's ct 

Hance &. Crozer, coal mers., High Bridge and 
Beach, (K) and Front ab Poplar. 

Hance David E., 134 Beach. (K) 

Hance Jeremiah, grocer, 90 Budd, h N W 7th 
and Poplar. 

Hance John, teacher, 55 Pine. 

Hance Joseph S., carpenter, 7th &. Poplar. 

Hance Reuben, clerk, 32 Ann (C) 

Hance Simon, glassblower. Queen ab Palmer. 

Hance Wm. Jr., bricklayer, 21 Cheriy. 

Hancker Abraham, copperpl. print., 1 N 8tli, h 
Barker n Sch 8th 

Hancock B., mer., 76 S 4th 

Hancock Biddle, bricklr., 11th n Buttonwood. 

Hancock George, painter, Queen bel Crown (K) 

Hancock & Gilbert, carps.. Cherry bet Broad 
and Sch. 8th 

Hancock John, painter, 190 Vine. 

Hancock John, lab., 31 Cresson's al 

Hancock John & Co., upholsterers, 76 S 4th. 

Hancock J. B., mer., 74 S 4th, h 144 Catha- 

Hancock Joseph L., 79 Tammany. 

Hancock Joseph 31., carp., N W 12th &. Cherry. 

Hancock Robert, gent., 93 Vine. 

Hancock Robert, silk dyer, 93 Vine, h 6 New 

Hancock R. & W., silk dyers, 93 Vine 
Hancock Samuel, corder. Cedar st wharf Sch. 

h 33 N Sch. 8th. 
Hancock Wm., silk dyer, 93 Vine 
Hancock Wm., bricklyer, Washington ab 12th 
Hancock Wm., gent., S W 6th and Pine 
Hancock Wm. C, carpr., N W 12th &. Cherrj'. 
Hancox Joseph, brass founder, 44 Broad 
Hand Caleb, gent., 192 Vine. 
Hand Eleazer, sheriff's bailiff, 139 S 4th. 
Hand Harvey, collector, 15 York ct. 
Hand Jacob, clerk, 3d ab Washington 
Hand James, mer., 58^ S wharves, h 356 S 4th. 
Hand James & Co., mers., 58^ S wharves. 
Hand Jas. C, mer., 41 Commerce, h 192 Vine 
Hand John, acct., 420 N 5th 
Hand Joseph, mer., 7 N whfs., h 52 Pine. 
Hand Joseph, gold beater, rear 34 Bonsall 
Hand Joseph S. K., jewrller, 88 S 5th 
Hand Matthew H., cordw., Marriot bel 6th 
Hand Mary, g-entw., 47 Vine. 
Hand Mary, N E Culvert and Apple 




Hand Smith, cordwainer, Elizabeth n Parrish. j 
Hand Thomas, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Hand Thomas C, mer., 161 High, h 102 Mar- 
Hand Thomas P., seaman, 26 Union al. 
Hand Wm., cordwainer, Prhice bel 2d 
Handlan John, cutler, 268 S 4th. 
Handlan Thos., carter, Lombard ab Bank. Sch. 
Handle John, silversmith, rear 20J Christian 
Handley David, plane mr., 5 Charlotte 
Handley John, shoemr., Lancaster bel Reed. 

Handrahan Maiy, Harmony bel 5th. 
Handshaw Wm., lab, 1 Claymer 

Handy Edward S., mer., 98 High 

Handy George, mer., 98 High, h Portico Square 
n 10th. 

Handy George & Co., hardware, 98 High 

Handy John H., M. D., 22 Buttonwood 

Handy Susan, milliner, 17 S 8th 

Hane Elizabeth, 223 Wood ab ab 12th. 

Hanes John, gent., 442 S 4th 

Haney Benjamin, waterman, 3 Cathai-ine. 

Haney Bernard, lab., Wdliam. (F M) 

Haney John, dealer, 11 Franklin place. 

Haney Michael, lab.. Beach n Chestnut. 

Haney Peter, lab., Clay n Beach. 

Hanhauser Anthony, cork maker, 95 S 5th. 

Hanhauser John, shop, 142 F road. 

Hanigan Patrick, lab., 4 Barker. 

Hank David C, cabtmr., Carlton bel Sch. 7th. 

Hank George D., baker, 323 N 4th. 

Hank Lewis, stone cutter, N E Cherry & 12th. 

Hankins C. H., coal mer.. Race st wharf Schuyl. 
h N E Sch. 7th and Cherry. 

Hankins C. G., druggist, S E 9th & Shippen. 

Hankins E. B., N E Sch. 7th & Cherry. 

Hankins Helena, Allen's ct. 

Hankins WiUiam, carpenter, 10th n Ogden. 

Hankinson Ann, shop, 29 Laurel. 

Hankinson William, hatter, Laurel n 2d. 

Hanlan Margaret, 3 Pratt's ct. 

Hanly John, dry goods, S W P road & Wall. 

Hanly Moses, labourer, Carpenter bel 9th. 

Hanly Patrick, lab., Sch 2d & Walnut. 

Hanna Henry boatman, rear 396 N 4th. 

Hanna James, attv. &. coun., office Washington 
Hall S 3d 

Hanna James, baker, 10th bel Christian. 

Hanna John, 177 Catharine. 

Hanna John, waterman, 336 S 3d. 

Hanna Joseph, U S service, Rye bel Mackey. 

Hanna Richard, weaver. Front n Oxford. 

Hanna Robert, weaver, 1 Wagner's alley. 

Hanna Samuel, weaver, Hanover ab Duke. 

Hanna Wm., weaver, Front bel Oxford. 

Hanna Wm. P., mer., 63 S Front. 

Hannaker Charles, dealer, Sch. 6th n Pine. 

Hannem John, rear 139 N 8th. 

Hanney Andrew, lab., Keefe and Wheat. 

Hannibcrry Charles, chairmr.. Green ct. 

Hanniberry Thomas, sailmaker, 16 Rachel. 

Hannin Thomas, lab., John's ct. 

Hannings Henry, combmaker, 29 Franklin. 

Hannings Wm. Senr., cordwainer, 27 Logan. 

Hannis Franci^' tavern, R road ab Ann. (F V) 

Hannold Geo. C, tailor. Mulberry and Water, h 
23 Coates' alley. 

Hannold John, blacksmith, rear 125 Charlotte. 

Hannold Mrs. M. C, 559 S 2d. 

Hannum Wm. E., keeper of E. penitentiary. 

Hansberry John, wool spinner, 4th ab Thomp- 

Hansberry Mrs. Jane, Pearl ab 12th. 

Hansberry Margaretta, confectioner, 145 But- 

Hansberry Samuel, lab., Franklin bel 5th. 

Hansbury James, hair dresser. High n Sch. 7th. 

Hansbury Jer., plasterer, Sch. 7th & Spring. 

Hansburv John, shingle dresser, High W Sch. 

Hanse John, broker, 21 Arcade. 

Hanse Wm., doctor, 2 Twelve-foot alley. 

Hansell Ann, widow of Morris, 2 Kelly's av. 

Hansell Charles F., cabmr., rear 25 Garden. 

Hansell Geo. W., grocer, Washington. (W P) 

Hansell Jacob, coach maker, Carlton ab Sch. 8-th. 

Hansell James, watch maker, 236 High, h 76 
N 11th. 

Hansell James S., turner. Barley ab 10th, h 
Lombard bel 13th. 

Hansell John J., baker, 187 Callowhill. 

Hansell Mary H., dry gds., S W 9th & Sassafras 

Hansell Thos., turner, N AV 13th & Budden's al. 

Hansell Wm., U. S. mint, h 147 Cherry. 

Hansell Wm., grocer, N W 4th & Lombard. 

Hansell Wm. F., silk dyer, 24 Greenleaf ct. 

Hansell Wm. F., mer., 28 High, h 109 S 3d. 

Hansell W. M., mer., 166^ High, h 70 S 11th. 

Hansen Wm. S., mer., 28 High, h 109 S 3d. 

Hansell Wm. S. & Son, saddlery hardware, 28 

Hanson Elizabeth, teacher, 165 S lltli. 

Hanson James C, 4 Harmony ct. 

Hanson John, mer., 31 N Water, h 149 Marshall, 

Hanson John, grocer, 30 St. Mary. 

Hanson J. B., mer., 153 N 9th. 

Hanson William, baker, Simmon's ct. 

Hanson Wm., cooper, Justice ct. 

Hanson Wm. R., gent., S E 12th and George. 

Hany Mary, gentw., Johnston ct. (K) 

Hany Wm., lab., Warren bel Queen. 

Harbach Andrew I., 380 S 3rd. 

Harbach Horatio, tavern, 455 High 

Harber Wm., lab., 2 John's ct. 

Harberger Heniy, tin sm., N W Sch. 6th and 

Harberger Joseph, bricklayer, Marble place. 

Harberger Susan, 132 S 11th. 

Harbert Charles, lumber mer., 10th & Callow- 
hill, h 143 N 13th. 

Harbert 8c Davis, lumber mers., c 10th and Cal- 

Harbert Ehzabeth, b h, 421 High. 

Harbert Isaac, gent. 146 N 10th. 

Harbert Mary, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

Harbert Wm., bricklayer, Sch. 8th n Vine. 

l[arbert Samuel C, dentist, 20 N 9th. 

Harbeson Hugh, coal mer.. Chestnut st wharf 
Sch., h 5 Union square. 

Harbeson WiUiam, clerk, 9 Jefferson row. 




Harbon Ann, 261 Catharine. 
Harbord Richard, Decatur coffee h., 6 Decatur. 
Harburn Wm., carpenter, 253 Catharine. 
Hardaker Elizabeth, S W Sch 8th & Filbert 
Hardaker George professor of music, 9th bel 

Harden Wm., grocer, G T road ab 5th. 
Harder John G., furrier, 187J S 2d, h 7 Powell. 
Harder Susan, 31 Budd. 
Hardie James, 2 Comptroller. 
Hardie James G., hardware mer., 166 Spruce. 
Hardie Mary, 166 Spruce. 
Hardin Wm., tobacconist, 434 N 2d. 
Hardin John, cooper, Palmer n Cherry. 
Harding' H., ship master, 85 Pine. 
Harding Isaac, carpenter. Vine bel Sch. 7th. 
Harding James, undertaker, 186 S 6th. 
Harding Jesper, prop. Penn. Inquirer, office 57 

S 3rd, h Broad n Spruce 
Harding John, waiter, 1 Liberty ct. 
Harding John jr., mer., 17 S Water, h 98 S 

Hai'ding John L., port, painter, 281 Walnut. 
Harding Joseph, carter, Culvert n Mechanic. 
Harding William A.,' teacher of writing, 26 N 

8th, h 131 Spruce. 
Hardman Elizabeth, machinist, Rawle. 
Hardman Richard, lab.. Front bel Master. 
Hardstaff Wm., weaver, Division row. 
Hai-dy Francis A., grocer, 27 M road. 
Hardy Hugh, teacher, 3 Lytle's ct. 
Hardy James, 42 Carpenter. 
Hardy James H., 137 Juniper. 
Hardy John D., druggist, N W 4th and Plum. 
Hardy John, lab., Spafford ab Fitzwater. 
Hardy L., huckster, 259 Cedar. 
Hardy Margai-et, 578 S Front. 
Hardy Thomas, acct., N W 4th & Plum. 
Hare Abigail, 176 N 4th. 
Hare Eliza, Lindle & Dean 
Hare Adam, grocer, S W 3d and Christian. 
Hare Andrew, grocer, Queen n Crown. (K) 
Hare Charles B., U. S. mint, h 34 Perry. 
Hare Cyi'us, cordw., 338 Vine. 
Hare John, lab., rear 73 German 
Hare Jane, 34 Chester. 
Hare John, weaver, 3 Brinton. 
Hare John J., storekeeper, 76 New. 
Hare Martha, S W 9th & George 
Hare Nicholas, manuf., 3d bel Phoenix 
Hare Patrick, hatter, 278 N Front, h 3 Marble pi 
Hare Robert, M. D., 291 Chestnut. 
Hare Robert, jr., att'y. & coun., 199 Walnut 
Hare Silas H., hatter, 161 Chestnut, h 4th ab 

Hargadon Timothy, baker, S E 5th & Gaskill. 
Hargis H. W., mer., N W Sch. 8th & High 
Hargrave Abm., lab., rear Smith's al. 
Hargrave Thomas, stone cutter, c Powell and 

Francis. (F V) 
Hargreaves John, acct., Woodland (W P) 
Harker A. W., mer., S W 2d and High, h 150 

Harker D., Smith & Co., druggists, 45 Mulberry 
Harker George, dealer. Front bel Master 

Harker John, M. D., N W Green fit St John. 
Harker Jolin C, mariner, 368 S 3d 
Harker J. G., druggist, 45 Mulberry. 
Harker J. M., livery atable, rear Madison house 

h 16 Sassafras 
Harker Wm., lab., 419 N 4th 
Harkey Elizabeth, sempstress, 1 Hickory ct. 
Harkins Edward, 71 P road 
Ilarkins John, trader, N W Apple 5s. Culvert 
Harkins Neal, shop, 250 S 4lh. 
Harkins Rebecca, coi'setmr., 34 S 4th 
Harkins William, caip.. Carpenter bel 8th. (9) 
Harkness Chas., wholesale clothing store, 32 

High, h 154 S Front 
Harkness Wm., manuf., Cedar ab 12th 
Ilarl David, wheelw., Conrad ct. 
Harlan Alice, matron Widow's Asylum, Cherry, 

E Sch. 5th. 
Harlan Ann, b h, 4 N 12th 
Harlan Chas., conveyancer, 47 S 5th, h Clinton 

n 11th. 
Harlan Richard, M. D., 42 S 8th 
Harlan S. E., grocer, N E 6th & Cherry. 
Harland Edward, mer., 51 N Front, h 140 Mul- 
Harland George, Perry bel Master 
Harland John, gent., 140 Mulberiy. 
Harley B. F., mer., 95 S Front. 
Harley Connell, lab., Lombard and Sch. Willow 
Harley David, labourer, Watman's ct. 
Harley Edward, grocer, High ab Sch 5th. 
Harley Francis, coppersm., 78 & h 112 S Front, 
Harley George, coppersmith, 95 S Front, h 167 

S 3d. 
Harley George & Son, coppersmiths, 95 S Front 
Harley George & Son, brass founders, Beach ab 

Harley Isaac, cordw., rear 552 N 2d 
Harley John skin dresser, Haydock n Canal. 
Harley John, acct., 12 N 3d 
Harley Rudolph, tanner, Haydock n Camac. 
Harley Rudolph K., gent., 624 N Front. 
Harlin Michael, tailor, Ely av. 
Harlton Andrew, weaver. Front ab Phoenix 
Harman George, paper carrier, Green bel 8th 
Harman Jacob, brewer, 24 S 6th, h 67 N 10th 
Harman Jesse, ship carpenter. Union ab Frank- 

hn. (K) 
Harman John, chairmaker, Schleisman's al. 
Harman John, Carpenter bel Broad 
Harman Joseph, cordw.. Dean's ct. ab Bedford 
Harman Mary, layer out of dead, 5 Willow. 
Hai-man Samuel, lab., Cadwalader ab Jefferson. 
Harman Samuel, joiner, ADen ab F road. 
Harman Sarah, dressmaker, 220 Cherry. 
Hai-man Sarah, James' ct. (K) 
Harman Charles P., 4 Rogers' ct. 
Harmen Jas., ship joiner, Dean ab Bedford 
Harmer R., eating and bath house, 44 X 3d. 
Harmes S. Mrs., 31 Palmyra square 
Hai-raoning Henry, baker, 133 Carpenter 
Harmstad George R., carp., 13th n Lombard 
Harmstad Henry, marble mason, Chestnut ab 

Broad, h 148 S 13th. 
Harmstead Charles, carp , Cherry ab Sch. 7ih 




Harmstead James, bookseller, 38J N4th, h 263 

Harmstead Joseph, porter, 302 S 10th 
Harmstead Martin, gent, 21 Wood. 
Harmstead Samuel, caip., 13U S Juniper. 
Harmstead Susan, rear 87 Juniper 
Harned Clement, carter, 4 Bonsall 
Harned & Elliott, tinplate workers, 471 High 
Harned Henry, carver, 6 Bank al. 
Harned John,' tin smith, 412 Higii, h Wood ab 

Harned Jno. B., engraver, 37 S 3rd. 
Harned J. E., M. D., Lombard n Sch. 4th 
Harned Nathan, tobacco warehouse, 198 High, 

h 55S 11th. 
Harned Wm., tinplate worker, 471 High, h 107 

N 13t!a 
Harner George, cotton spinner, G T road & St. 

Harner George, distiller. 72 Maiden n Front 
Harner Michael, carp., Wilt's ct. 
Harney Nathaniel, carp.. Brown's ct. 
Harney Wm. L., carp., Division row 
Harnich Julius, cabinetmaker., S 8th ab Chris- 
Harp Jacob, tailor, Madison n SheafF's al. 
Harp Mary, 4 Madison. 
Harpel David, tailor, 300 Sassafras. 
Harpel John, watchman, 4 Quervelle's ct. 
Harpel Jonas, tailor, 265 Coates. 
Harper Alex., druggist, 451 High'. 
Harper Alex., J., brickmaker, 285 Walnut 
Harper Ann D., 194 N 12th. 
Harper Christopher, tavern, 28 Carter's al. 
Harper Claudius, Sec. & Treas. Sch. Nav. Co., 

8 S 7th 
Harper Eliza, teacher, 25 N 13th 
Harper Elizabeth, b. h., 148 S 7th. 
Harper Henry, mer., 148 S 7th 
Harper James, brickmr., Locust ab 12th 
Harper James, brickmr.. Walnut W Sch. 5th 
Harper James, flour mer., 443 High, h 19 Ritten- 

Harper Jeremiah, carp., 12th n Spruce, h 198 

Harper John, bootmaker, Cedar bel Shippenla. 
Harper John, labourer, Sch. 4th ab Chestnut. 
Harper John M., watches, 215 S 5th. 
Harper Mark, blacksmith, Green ab K road. 
Harper Nathan, mer., 5 Dock wharf, h 148 

S 7th 
Harper Robt., drayman, 2 Meclianics' av. 
Harper Wm., cordwainer, 151 Cherry 
Harper Wm. sec'y Penn. In. Co., h P road c Mar- 
Harper Wm., jr., bricklayer, 13 Pear, h cor 

Passyunk road and Marriott 
Harpur John, stoves, 196 and h 193 Lombard. 
Harpur Wm. E., chronometer & watchmaker, 

52 Chestnut, h 58 Federal 
Harr Elizabeth, b h, 319 Vine 
HaiTaden J., for. &. com. mer.. Vine st whf, Sch., 

h Vine ab Sch. 2nd. 
Harrah John, cordw., Marlborough bel Duke 
Harrar George, rule maker, 3 Apple. 

Harrar John, cai*penter, China ab Front. 
Harrington D., dentist, 120 Mulberry. 
Harrington Dennis, provisions, 145 Lombard 
Harrington Dennis, labourer, 228 Shippen 
Harrington Enoch, cardriver, 119 Plum. 
Harrington John, variety store, 42 Strawberry 
Harrington John, labourer, Vaughan bel Walnut 
Harrington J. W., mer., 12 N 4th 
Harrington Robt., coachman, 4 Deal's ct 
Harrington Richd., comedian, 24 Bonsall. 
HaiTington Saml., varnisher, Sch. 3d ab Spruce 
HaiTington Solomon J., shoemr., Shafer's ct. 
Harris Ann, sempstress, 143 Poplar. 
Harris Ann B., widow, St. Joseph's av. 
Harris & Dungan, druggists, 67 North Front 
Harris Edw. G., acct., 107 Catharine. 
Harris Elizabeth, rear 262 S 5th. 
Harris Gebhard, cab. mr., 5 S Front, h 353 S 3d 
Harris George W. for. mer., 13 and 15 S 3d, h 20 

Han-is J., tavern, N W 3d & Coates 
Harris James, bootmr., 8th ab Christian 
Harris James, waiter, Washington. (S) 
Harris James M., dentist, 161 S 10th. 
Harris James W., broker, 29 S 3rd. 
Harris Jesse, gate keeper, prison, Coates n 

Harris John, carp., 37 Vienna bel Prince 
Harris John, brickmr., 9 Richard 
Harris John, cordw., F road ab Phoenix. 
Han-is J. C, broker, 55i^ Walnut. 
Han-is J. S., tailor, 44 S 3d, h 7th ab Vine. 
Harris John W., carp., 70 Franklin 
Harris John W., carp., Fitzwater ab Lisle 
Harris Joseph, labourer, 207 N 8th. 
Harris Joseph, carpenter, Catharine ab Lebanon. 
Harris & Linford, flour mers., City Stores, Dock, 

and fordw. mers., 13 & 15 S 3d 
Harris Linsey, drayman, 22 Gebhard. 
Harris M., butcher, N W. 6th & St. Mary 
Harris Miss, milliner, 9th & Locust 
Harris Michael, brassfounder, 1 Thorn's ct. 
Harris Nathl. S. Rev., Catharine bel 7th 
Harris Nicholas, livery stable, 43 S 4th, h 145 

5 6 th 

Harris Nicholas, flour mer., 35 Lombard. 

Harris Patrick, tailor. Juniper n High 

Harris Rachel, 56 Sassafras 

Harris Richard, shoemaker, 450 S 4th 

Harris Robert, Harmony st. 

Harris R. W., bonnets, 4 N 7th. 

Harris Samuel, tailor, 2 Quarry 

Harris Theophilus Rev., 162 N 9th. 

Harris Hannah, b h, 293 N 3d 

Harris Thomas, M. D., 166 S 9th. 

Harris AVashington, stove manuf., 5 N 9th 

Harris William, essence manuf., 355 Cherry. 

Harris William, hosier, 264 N 4th„ 

Harris Wm., printer. Quarry ab Bread 

Harris Wm., lab., 22 Almond 

Harris William, M. D., S. E. 12th & Walnut. 

Harris William P., plumber, 211 Mulberry, h 

Wood ab 9th. 
Harrison & Brother, white lead manufs., cor 2d 

6 Harrison 




Harrison Catharine, 20 Federal. 
Harrison & Carter, buttons & whips, 1 1 N ord. 
Harrison Charles, labourer, Hanover ab Bedford 
Harrison Charles, currier, 361 N 6th 
Harrison Charles W., mer., 11 N 3d 
Harrison George, gent., 156 Chestnut. 
Harrison George L., mer., F road & Harrison. 
Harrison H., milliner, Coates ab 4th 
Harrison Henry C , currier, 13 Ellen. 
Harrison Hugh, painter, 37 Sheaff's al. 
Harrison James, carp., 26 Harmony 
Harrison James, weaver, Ann n 13tli. (M) 
Harrison James A., sign painter, 84 S 2d 
Harrison John, machinist, 9 Ma"ble pi. 
Harrison Joseph, watchman, 52 W Cedar 
Harrison Joseph, pewterer, 10 Perkenpine's ct. 
Harrison Joseph, clerk, 361 N 6th. 
Harrison Joseph, weaver, I>ombard ab 12th. 
Harrison Joseph Jr., machinist, N W 12th and 

James, h S Garden bel 11th. 
Harrison Margaret, trimmings, 28 P road 
Harrison Maria, 148 N 10th. 
Harrison Martha, 4 Powell's row 
Hai-rison Mary, b. h., 210 Walnut 
Harrison Mary, 54 N 8th. 
Harrison Nicholas, 145 S 6th 
Harrison Rebecca iNL's., g-entw., 117 S 5th. 
Harrison Richard G., engraver, 154 Wood. 
Harrison Samuel, lab., CroM'n ab Prince 
Harrison Sarah, Sch. 7th ab Mulberry. 
Harrison Thomas, chemist, 51 Chestnut, h cor 

F road & Hai-rison. 
Harrison Thomas M., shoemr., 12 Cresson's al. 
HaiTison Virgil F., engraver, 154 Wood. 
Harrison V. F. & M. F., engravers, 27 S 8th. 
Harrison Wm., acct., 416 N 6th 
Harrison Wm., lab., 4 Sch. West 
Harrison Wm., seaman, 10 Lawrence 
Harrison William F., hay packer, Penn above 

Maiden, h G T road ab Otter. 
Harrod Jane, layer out of dead, 28 Almond. 
Harrold A., mer., 19 Commerce, h 247 Vine 
Harrold A. & F. W., mers., 19 Commerce 
Harrold George, trader, 2d ab Cadwalader 
Harron Cathai'ine, 274 S 6th. 
Harron Patrick, tavern. High ab Sch. 4th 
Harron William J., carp.. High n Sch 5th. 
Harrow John, cai-p., Vernon ab 10th 
Hai-t A., bookseller, S E 4th & Chestnut, h 126 

S 4th. 
Hart Alexander C, M. D., 180 N 4th. 
Hart Amelia, 1 Kneass' ct. 
Hai't A. L., mer., 28 Walnut, h 148 Spruce. 
Hart B. B., mer., 28 AValnut, h 148 Spruce 
Hart, Cumming-s 8t Hart, mers., 189 High. 
Hart Eliza, Pine ab 13tli. 
Hart Elizabeth, washerwoman, R road ab Cal- 

Hart Esther, 148 Spruce. 
Hart &. Flanagan, plumbers & manuf. of lead 

pipe, 49 S whfs. 
Hart Francis, mer., 189 High, h 219 Vine. 
Hart George H., U S Gazette office, h 18 Pear. 
Hart Henry, boxmaker, Parrish n 7th. 
Hart H. M. & B. B., mers., 28 Walnut. 

Hart James H., mer., 231 N3rd, h 221 Vine. 

Hart James M., mer., 49 N 3rd, h 323 N 6th. 

Hart John, shoemr., Bedford ab 6th 

Hart John, mariner, 1 Cox. (S) 

Hart John, tavei-n, P road bel Christian 

Hart John, carpenter, Schleisman's ct. 

Hart John E., carp., 11 Jones' ct. (K) 

Hart John M., cooper, 83 S Water, h 50 Union. 

Hart John V., mer., 189 High, h 180 N 4th. 

FFart Joseph, lab., 18 Currant al. 

Hart Joseph R., att'y & coun., 207 N 6th, h 323 

N 6th. 
Hart Lawrence, gardener. Filbert n 13th. 
Hart Mira, 83 Apple 
FTart Mary, dry goods, 421 N 2nd. 
Hart Mordecai, letter carr., Poplar ab Marshall. 
Hart Ifachel, gentw., 164 S 3d 
Hal-t S. Mrs. & Son, fancy goods, 120 Chestnut. 
Hai-t Samuel, Proth'y. Common Pleas, h 14 

Palmyra square 
Hart Samuel C, druggist, 18 S 2nd. 
Hart Solomon, mer., 59 N 3d, h George ab Broad 
Hart Sophia, dry goods, 40A N 4th. 
Hart Susanna, 37 Quince. 
Hart Thomas & Co., grocers, 231 N 3rd. 
Hart Thomas, grocer, 231 N 3rd, h 219 Vine. 
Hart William, rope maker, 70 F road. 
Hart William, cooper, 83 S Water, h 92 S Front. 
Hart William B., grocer, 231 N 3rd, h 165 N 6th. 
Hart Wllham, mer., 49 N 3rd, h 166 N 9th. 
Hart William H., gent., 106 Mulberry. 
Hart William H., plumber, 49 S Wharves, h 50 

Hartel Jacob, dnigfgist. Summer's ct. 
Harter James, Barker n Sch. 4th 
Harthey Henry, w'vr, Cadwalader ab Jefferson. 
Harthington Wm., shoemr., rear 294 S 4th 
Hartley Charles, shoemaker, 5 Paschal's al. 
Hartley Deborah, shop, 290 Vine. 
Hartley Jeremiah, watchmaker, 11 S 4th. 
Hartley John, lace weaver, G T road n 4th 
Hartley Joseph, bedding warehouse, 152 S 2nd. 
Hartley J. D., upholst., 43 Walnut, h 65 Locust 
Hartley & Knig-ht, upholsterers, 152 S 2d. 
Hartley Alatthias A., wheelwright. School near 

Hartley & Robinson, milliners, 475 N 3d 
Hartley Samuel, blacksmith, Cadwalader ab 


Hartley Thomas, collector, 48 N 5th. 
Hartley Wm., sashmaker, 2 R road, h 13 Castle 
Hartman Daniel, nail cutter, St. John ab Geoi'ge 
Hartman David, Marsh and Poplar 
Hartman George, tav., G T road ab Thompson 
Hartman Georg-e, biscuit baker, 16 Budd 
Hai'tman Henry, baker, 189 N Front. 
Hartman, Jacob, brickmr., Rose ab School. (K) 
Hai'tman Jacob, tobacconist, 310 Callowhill 
Hartman John, bleeder, 277 S 2nd. 
Hartman John, baker, 91 S Wharves, h 9 Penn. 
Hartman Mary, cook, 7 Little Pine 
Hartman ^latthias, baker, 433 S 2d. 
Hartman Matthias, baker, 390 S 2d. 
Hartman Phlhp, hosier, 116 Sassafras. 
Hartman Sarah, shop, Chariotle ab Thompson 




Harlman A\'m., I)uker, 25 Jolin 

Hartnack Christian, brick maker, 507 N 3rd. 

Hartnctt rrichett, shop, 211 Cedar. 

Hartnett Thomas, contractor, 3 Crockett's ct. 

Hartnctt AVilliam H., collector, 266 Cedar. 

Harton James, 6 S 12th 

Hartranft Michael, carpentei-, 12th al) "Wood. 

Hailranft Wm., slioemr., Lancaster ab l?eed 

HartsgTove James, carter, 121 Qviccn. (S) 

Hartshorne James, cabinctmr., 303 N 6th 

Hai'tshorne Joscpli, M. D. 272 Mulberry. 

Hartshorne Lawrence, mer., 5 S Front, h 96 
S 5th. 

Hartshorne Samuel, weaver, Hamilton ab Nixon 

Hartshorne Wm. M., engine builder, c 13th and 
Willow St Railroad 

Hailshoy Andrew, weaver, Hanover ab Prince 

Hartsoug-h Benjamin, machinist, Callovvhill bel 

Hartwell Hiram J., Washington House, and liv. 
Stable, 24 Bank 

Ilartzel John, g'lasscutter, 3 Binder's ct. 

Hai'verstock Wm., carter, 62 Oak 

Harvestie Samuel, gas fitter, 178 St. John 

Hai-vey Anthony, carp., c Corn & Mackey 

Harvey Arthur, lab., 83 St. John 

Harvey Charles, acct., 182 S 9th. 

Harvey D. Carroll, M. D., Walnut ub Sch 7th. 

Harvey David, 2d ab Oxford. 

Harvey David, locksmith, Ann n Sch. 7th 

Harvey Elizabeth, 229 S 4th 

Harvey Gabinel, tailor, 108 Wood. 
Harvey Gabriel Jr., tailor, 106 Wood 

Harvey George, vict.. Weaver's row. (K) 

Harvey George, labourer, lOPassmore's pi. 

Harvey Georg-e N., broker, Philada. Exchange, 

h'3d & York ct, 
Harvey George W., paper hanger, 4 Boyle's ct. 
Harvey Isaac, gent., 320 Chestnut. 
Hai-vey James, bootmaker, 50 N Stii. 
Han'ey James, tobacconist, 468 S 4th 
Harvey James, moulder, Marriott bel 5th 
Harvey James G., acct.. Queen ab 4th. 
Harvey Jerred, porter, 9 Gray's al. 
Harvey John, weaver, 16 Brinton. 
Harvey John, cordvvainer, 3 Abbott's ct. 
Harvey John, vict.. Weaver's row. (K) 
Harvey L., cupper & leecher, R road n Coates 
Harvey Mary Ann, Benezet ab 11th 
Harvey Mary, Marlborough bel Prince 
Harvey Richard, whealw., Lombard n Sch. 8th 
Harvey Richard, shop, F i-oad ab Stone Bridge 
Harvey Richard Jr., wheelwright, Jones W Sch. 

Harvey Robert, stone cutter. Crown ab Bedford 
Hai-vey Samuel Jr., exch. broker, 7 S 3d, h 57 

Harvey Thomas, ship carp., Little Pine bel 4th 
Harvey William, dry goods, 542 N 2nd. 
Harvey Wm., shocmr., Catharine ab 5th 
Harvey Wm., Commerce bel 6tli 
Harwood Catliarinc, 122 Locust 
HarwooJ Eaton, lab., Sutherland 
Harwood E. B., labourer, Lewis n Sch 6th. 
Harwood Francis, mer., 196 S 4th 

Harwood Joseph, cabinetmr., Simpson's ct. 
Harwood L., mer., 108 High, h Mulberry n Sch 

Harwood Wm., blacksmith, 16 Boyd's av. 
Haseltine John, mer , 10 S Whai-ves, h Spruce 

ab 7th. 
Haseltine AVard B., merchant, 10 S Wharves, h 

Monroe place. 
Hasher George, tailor, 60 Cedar. 
Haskell Ebenezer, coach maker, 38 Prune. 
Haskell L. S., di-uggist, 209 High, h 3 Belmont 

Haskell & Merrick, wholesale dr'gsts, 209 High. 
Haslam Abm., lab., Duke bel Palmer 
Haslam James, weaver, Marlborough bel Duke. 
Haslam James R., printer, c Cresson & Stan- al. 
Haslam John, teaclier, 47 S 8th. 
Haslam R. H., corder, 163 N Water, h 14 Duke 
Haslam Thomas, dealer, 150 St. lohn. 
Haslam Thomas, tavern, c Front & Mud la. 
Haslam Wm., machinist. Vine n Sch 8th. 
Haslet Elizabeth, tailoress, 9 Wagner's ct. 
Haslett Alex., gent., Hanover and West 
Haslett Wm., manuf., Grear n 11th 
Haslip TMiilip H., shoemr.. Beach ab Walnut, h 

High n Sch. 3d 
Hass Ernest, druggist, 102 Vine 
Hassall John Jr., coi-dwainer, 181 N 2d. 
Hassall John Senr., cordwainer, 181 N 2d. 
Hassan John, labourer, 8th bel Carpenter. 
Hasse Charles, chemist, G T road ab Camac. 
Hassell Charles, silver plater, Wiley's ct. 
Hassenpat C. R., hatter, 44 Tammany. 
Hasset I., lab., Murray bel Sch. 2d 
Hassinger Jane, 12th ab Vine. 
Hassinger Jolm, carp.. Vine n 12th, h 386 Vine. 
Hassman Wm., gunsmith. Mechanic n Geoi-ge 
Hasson John, lab., 2 Ellet's av. 
Hasson John, carpenter, 116 N Juniper. 
Hastings John, 111 Chesnut, h 1 S 11th. 
Hastings Robert, gold beater, 56 &: h 120N 5tli. 
Hastings Sarah, 120 N 5th 
Hastings S. D., merchant, 16 Commerce, h 7 

Hastings Simon P., salesman, Sch. 7th n Pine. 
Haswell, Barrington & Haswell, printers & book- 
sellers, 293 High, and 21 St. James. 
Haswell Chai'les F., hosiery and ti'immings, 118 

Haswell G. D., printei-, 293 High, h George ab 

Sch. 6th 
Haswell James, weaver, Marlboro' bel Duke 
Hatch Charlotte Mi-s., Ogden ab 10th 
Hatch Edward, real estate broker, 125 Vine, h 

Wood ab 4th 
Hatch Josiah, carpenter, 1 Acorn al. 
Hatch J. L., cabinetmr., 4 Budd 
Hatcher Thomas, cordwainer, 6 Loxley's ct. 
Hatfield Adam, mer. tailor, 84 Vine. 
Hatfield Caroline, 11 Logan. 
Hatfield Ezra, cordwainer, Washington and 

Hatfield Nathan L., M. D., 7lh bel CallowhiU. 
Hathaw.iy E. A. & Co , com. & coal mers., 13 

S Front, & wharf foot of Cedar st. Sch. 




Hathaway Ephraim A., nicr., 13 S Fi-oiit, li 293 

Hathaway Wm. IL, mer., Clicsliuit st wharf, h 1 IG 

Hathwell Georg-e, actor, 7 George 
Hatkins Elizabeth, 512 N Front. 
Hatkliis Thomas, skhidresser, 512 N Front. 
Hatrick Henry, musician, 11 Bonsall 
Haueisen Charles I., hatter, 199 Green. 
Hauel Jules, fancy g-oods, 46 S 3rd. 
HaufJey James M., tailor, Beach n Cieorg'e 
Haug-hey Edward, N E Sch. 2d and Cedar. 
Haughton Robert, carp, and tavern, 83 Plum. 
Hauptman Henry, plaster., 10th ab Buttonwood. 
Haury George, g-rocer and flour, N E 2nd and 

Hause Benjamin, lab., rear 587 N 3d 
Hause Charles W., acct., 11 Gebhard. 
Hause Georg-e, blacksmith, Shackamaxon bel 

Hause Henry, painter, 5th n Georg-e. 
Hause Jesse, bar keeper, Chestnut n Sell Beach. 
Hause John, carpenter, 193 Cherry. 
Hause John, painter, opp. 298 Coates and 7th 

bel Cherry 
Hause John, clerk, 39 Gaskill 
Hause Wm., g-ent.. Filbert ab Sch. 6th. 
Haven Albert T., mer, 40 Walnut, h 197 Walnut 
Haven Charles 11., mer., 34 Church al. 
Haven Charles E., mer., 213 High, h 400 Mul- 
Haven Joshua P., sec. Amer. Ins. Co., N E 3d 

and Phila. Exchange 
Flaven Tho.,mer. 40 Walnut, d Sprace n Sch 8th 
Havens John, morocco dresser, Marlboro' bel 

Havenstrite Sarnl., cabtmr., Haydock bel Front 
Havenstrite Saml. Jr., turner, 8 Townsend's av. 
Haventrite Jacob, cabinetmr., 8 Hallowell 
Haverman P. Rev., St. Joseph's church Willing-'s 

Haverstick Charles, clerk, 4 Hummel's row. 
Haverstick George M., mercht., 68 N 3d, h 24 

Haverstick Isaac, suspen. weaver, St. John ab 

Haverstick J. S., mer., 3 N wharves 
Haverstick William, gent., 24 Morgan 
Haverstick William Jr., 24 Morgan 
Haverstick William E., shoes, 18 N 4th, h 16 

Haviland Cornelius, cordwainer, 268 Cedar. 
Haviland John, architect, 196 Spruce. 
Hawk Ellen, milliner, R road ab Callowhill 
Hawk George, vict., c Wood and R road 
Hawk John, cordwainer, 341 N 6th. 
Hawk Sydney, boot & shoemr., 11 Little Pine 
Hawke John, tavern, c 8th and S. Garden 
Hawke Rachel, ready made linen, 20 S 6th. 
Hawkins E. L., cake baker, 9 Lsetitia ct. 
Hawkins George, 24 Ehzabeth. 
Hawkins George, lab., rear 339 S 5th 
Hawkins George, 14 .Tuniper al. 
Hawkins George, Philada. Bank,h Sch. 8th bel 


Hawkins James, jeweller 

Hawkins Joseph, ship carp., 2d be! Prime 

4Iawkins L., fislicrmaii, Palrncr ab tiuoen 

Hawkins Wesley, tailor, VVasbiiiglon Ijcl 6th 

Hawkinsi Wm., saddler, 98 Wood ab 7th. 

Hawkins Wm., tailor, 91 N 3d, li 23 O V road. 

Hawkins Wm., cordwainer, 59 German. 

Hawks William, 14 Powell. 

Hawley Abm., carp., 13th ab Fitzwater 

Hawley A., 31 Ca.stle 

Ilawling John, M. D., N E 11th & Chestnut 

Haworth Stephen, chairmaker, 150 N Front, ii 

105 N9th. 
Ilawoilh Susannah, 9 Vine. 
Haws George, tobacconist, 75 N 3d. 
Hawsen Charles, ropemr., Pearson's ct. (K) 
Hay Ilenrj-, 386 N 4th 
May Hugh, 7 Myers' ct. 
Hay J.-imcs, carpenter, 16 Marion 
Hay Jane, b h., 100 S 3d. 
Hay Jane S., rear St. Stephen's pi. 
Hay John, cooper. Beach bel Marlborough. 
Hay Maria G., 134 N 10th. 
Hay Peter, alderman, office 96^ S 3d, h 93 S 6th, 
Hay Peter & Co., pubhshers Am. Sentinel, 35 

Haydock Eden, watch case mr., 21 Frankhn pi. 
Haydock Robert, 149 Catharine. 
Haydock Samuel, plumber, 39 StrawbeiTy, h 4 

Haydon Mary, 354 Chestnut 
Hayelton Jacob, trader, 176 Coates 
Hayes Caleb, waiter, 8 Washington. (S) 
Hayes & Co. Mrs., fancy store, 171 S 2d 
Hayes David, Sch. 8th ab James 
Hayes Elijah, potter, rear 129 Plum 
Hayes, Elliott, I-yon &., mers, 12 N 3rd. 
Hayes Hannah, rear 30 Cherry. 
Hayes Henry, porter, Wagner's al. 
Hayes Hugh, lab., Sch. 3d n Cedar 
Hayes John, weaver, 13th ab Catharine 
Hayes John, stove manuf., rear 122 N 4th 
Hayes John, grocer, N W Sch. 7th & Lombard 
Hayes Michael, labourer, 158 N Water. 
Hayes Morris, labourer, 180 N Water. 
Hayes Patrick, mer., 10 Franklin row. 
Hayes Robert, mer., 12 N3d, h 80 N' 11th 
Hayes Samuel, grocer, N W 11th & Walnut. 
Hayes Thomas, 7 S 5th, h 78 S l2th. 
Hayes Wm., gi-ocer, 144 Cheny 
Hayes Wm., store, Shippen ab 13th. 
Havhurst Isaac W. Rev., State n Sch. 8th 
Hayhurst John, tavern, I23 S Water. 
Hayman Wm.. watennan, Sch. 2d & Callowhill 
Haynes Elton, bricklayer, Washington ab 10th 
Haynes Godfrey, saddler, 24 High, h78 Crown. 
Haynes James C, shoemr., rear 45 Green 
Haynes John, shoemr., Higgin's ct. 
Haynes Joseph C, shoemr., rear 45 Green 
Hays A., carp., 15 James 
Hays Heifly, merchant, 47 Walnut, h c Dean & 

Hays Henry, grocer, R road ab Ann. (F V) 
Hays Henry, victualler, James bel 10th. 
Hays Isaac, M. 1)., 3 Boston row. 




Hays James, Jr., druggist, High n Sch. 3d 
Hays John, dyer, Callowhill ab Washington 
Hays John L., saddler, 2 Lawrence ct. 
Hays Maria, 22 Sti-awbciry 
Hays Nathan, coachsmith, 12th bel Coates. 
Hays Robert, carpenter, 114 N Junipei-. 
Hays Samuel, patternmr.. Beach bel Palmer 
Hays Samuel, Locust & Dean 
Hays Wm., weaver. Perry ab Phcrnix 
Hayter James, ropemaker, 618 N Front. 
Hayward E. H., dry goods, 29 S 8th. 
Hayward James, china mev., Poplar, h 29 Duke 
Hayward Joel W., teacher music, 43 Prune. 
Hayward Joseph, chinaware, 54 N 4tli 
Hayward Robert B., china ware, 153 N 2d 
Hazard John, tobacconist, 279 S 5th. 
Hazard Joseph, cabinetmr., 8 Parham 
Hazard Philip H., Odd Fellow's Hall, h 180 

Hazard Samuel, editor of the U. S. commer. Si 

stat. register, 79 Dock, h Spruce n Broad. 
Hazel David, tailor, 127 S 11th. 
Hazel John M., leather, 18 Callowhill, h 80 

Hazel John, shoes, 246 S 6th. 
Hazel Joseph A., bricklayer, 13 Juniper la. 
Hazeley Wm., weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la. 
Hazle Joseph, shoemr., 315 Walnut 
Hazlehurst Isaac, atty. & conn., 13 Washington 

Hazlehurst John, mer., Spruce ab Broad. 
Hazlehurst Julianna, 10th bel Shippen. 
Hazlehurst Samuel, gent.. Spruce ab Broad. 
Hazleton Cynthia, 1 Brook's ct. 
Hazleton Isaiah, trunkmaker, 49 Budd. 
Hazleton John, gent., 260 Spruce 
Hazlett Charles, clerk, Sch. 2d & Carlton 
Hazlett James, dyer, Shippen bel Broad 
Hazlett John, weaver, 13tli bel Cedar 
Hazlett Samuel, bootmakei", Prospect alley bel 

Hazlett William, manuf., William bel Edward 
Hazlett Wm. D, potter, Brown bel Front 
Hazle tte Samuel, stone cutter, 27 Blackberry al 
Hazzan Thomas, bricklayer, 1 Hyde's ct. 
Hazzard D. W., mer., 89 High, h 22 S 3d 
Hazzard Ebenezer, watchman, 463 S 2d. 
Hazzard Isaac, musician, 159 S 10th 
Hazzard Israel, seaman, Sfjuare ab Rye 
Hazzard John, cabinetmr., 2 Swanson ct. 
Hazzard John, cabinetmr.. Laws' ct 
Hazzard J. P., paper hanger, 2d ab Prime 
Hazzard L., paper hanger, 129 New 
Hazzard Misses, 136 S lOth. 
Hazzard P., tavern, 53 Fitzwater. 
Hazzard Richard, M. D., 227 Shippen. 
Hazzard Sheppard, sawyer, St. Mary n7th 
Hazzard Wm., paper hanger, 331 S 3d 
Head Joseph, Mansion House, 122^ S 3d. 
Headman David, potter, 19 & h 17 S 8th. 
Headman George, coach trimmer, 3 Nectarine. 
Headman George, potter, 19 S 8th 
Headman G. 8c D., potters, 19 S 8th 
Headman Jacob, coachniaker, 119 Buttonwood. 
Headman William, watchmr., 36 N 7th. 

Headman William, potter, 78 George. 

Heal William, locksmitli, 258 Shippen. 

Heald, AVoodward & Company, merchants, 16 
N wharves and 41 N Water 

Heap John, suspender manuf., 26 Bread. 

Heaps Jane, gentw., 297 S 5th 

Heartte Mary Mrs., gentw., 311 Mulberry. 

Heath Charles E., agent, 5 N 13th 

Heath C. P., conveyancer, h5N 13th. 

Heaton Augustus & Denckla A. H., commision 
mers., 51 Commerce 

Heaton Joseph, carter, 142 Marshall. 

Heaton Wm., brush and cotton mer., 4 Green- 
leaf ct., h 6th ab Camac. 

Heaton Wm., b h 110 Chestnut 

Heavelo Mrs. Anna, 10 Little Water. 

Heazlitt Edward, waiter, Lombard n 12th 

Heazlitt James, dry goods, 236 S 2d. 

Heazlitt John, dry goods, 271 S 2d 

Heberton & Abbott, mers., 18 N Front. 

Heberton Ann, widow of Doctor, 77 N 9th. 

Heberton G. D., mer., 18 N Front. 

Heberton Robert, mer., 411 High 

Hebsworth Elizabeth, 8 Hurst 

Heck Sarah, sempstress, 40 Vine. 

Heckman Archimedes, tobacconist, 79 N 2d. 

Heckman Chas., saddler, 5th bel George (N L) 

Heckman Frederick, wharf builder, Lewis AV 
Sch. 6th 

Heckman George, blacksmith, 13 Brook's ct. 

Heckman Herman, mer., c 4th & Mulberry, h 
56 Marshall. 

Heckman James, boat builder,'Lewis n Sch. 5th. 

Heckman Thomas, chair mr., Lewis W Sch 6th. 

Heckrotte Christian, hatter. Wood n Sch. 2nd. 

Hedderly Heniy, cordw., 97 Prime. 

Heddleson James, grocer, 73 P road. 

Heddleson, John, tavern, 6th & Christian. 

Hedges Benjamin E., baihff, Poplar ab 7th. 

Hedges Edward, Venetian blind mi*., 125 S 2d. 

Hedsel Joseph, dealer, rear 294 S 4th. 

Heffline John, brick mr., 38 Garden, & pottery, 
41 R road. 

Heffner Michael, gardner, 5th n Creek. 

Hefiey Ehzabeth, tavern, 19 Walnut. 

Hegan Henry, grazier, 6 Federal. 

Hehling A., cab. mr., Pine & 7th, h 5th & Wal't. 

HeJdleman A., 157 Green. 

Height James, porter, O Y road n George, 

Heild James, block cutter, 2 Racher's row. 

Heileg John, watchmaker, 5 R road. 

Fleilman Wm., mer., 206 N 3d, h 133 Dillwyn. 

Heim Frederick, tailor, 597 N 3rd. 

Heimberger Washington, ganger, 10 West. 

Heimer Christina Mrs., 306 Vine. 

Heimer John, victualler, S W 13th & Willow. 

Heiner Anna M., grocer, 132 Brown. 

Heinith Elizabeth, 154 Wood. 

Heinold Samuel, tailor, 138 Callowhill. 

Heins John, tobacconist. Sassafras ab Broad. 

Heins Samuel, brass f'r., Sch. Front ab Mulb'ry. 

Heintzelman John J., M. D., 191 N 9th. 

Heintzelman Samuel, coroner, 41 N 5th. 

Heiser Henry, tobaccon't, St. John n Globe Mill. 

Heiser Henry, tavern, F road n Hanover. 




Heiss James, jjrocer, Front :ib Phoenix. 

Heiss John S., dentist, 604 N Front. 

Heiss John T., 2 Rudolph's ct. 

Heiss Joseph, cordw., 604 N Front. 

Heiss Wm., g-ent., 206 N 4tli. 

Heiss Wm. Jr., coppersmith, 213 N 2d. 

Heiss Wm., cordwainer, Hope ab Phoenix. 

Heiti-ich A., g-lass factory, 203 N 5th. 

Helffenstein Abm., M. D., Beach ab Maiden. 

Helffenstein E., att'y &. conn, office, S E 6th &. 

Helffricht C. F., 54 Vine. 

Helffricht Henry, bootmaker, Carlton ab 12th. 
Helffricht Wm., math, instr. mr., 25 S Front, h 

54 Vine. 
Hellam John, vlct., 4th ab Thompson. 
Hellam Maria, 4 Kesler. (N L) 
Heller Henry, coppersmith, Marlborough ab 

Heller Jacob, silv. pla., Marlborough ab Prince. 
Heller Joseph, gent.. Prince ab Union. 
Hellerman William, shoes, 230 N 2d. 
Hellhigs Edward, hatter, Marlboro' ab Prince. 
Hellings J. P., painter, 123 N 4th, h Parrish ab 

Hellison Francis, rigger, 35 Catharine. 
Helmbold Alfred, paper warehouse, 183 S Front, 

h 118 Catharine. 
Helmbold Edward, millwright, St. Joseph's av. 

ab Sch. 6th. 
Helmbold Frank, livery stables, rear 404 High, 

h Filbert n Sch. 3d. 
Helmbold Frederick, livery stiibles. Marble, h 
. 79 S 11th. 

Helmbold George, West. Bank, h 407 Sassafras. 
Helmbold George W., paper dealer, 41 Straw- 

beiTy, h 8 Maiden. 
Helmbold Joseph, K., Jr., 314 Cedar. 
Helmbold Joseph K., paper manuf., 314 Cedar. 
Helmes Thomas, tailor. Magnolia ab Noble. 
Helmick Frederick, brassfounder, 513 S Front. 
Helms Aaron, ship joiner, 496 S 2nd. 
Helmuth Henry, atty. & coun., 128 Walnut, h 

Spruce ab 12th. 
Helmuth John H., mer., 185 High, h 121 Filbert. 
Helmuth Wm. S., M. D., 235 Pine. 
Helrick James, Mariner, 11 John. 
Helt Daniel, cordwainer, Jackson ct. n Maiden. 
Halt Lewis, cordwainer, 41 Green. 
Helt Mary Mrs., Pearl ab 12th. 
Helvei-son, William, undert'r., 3 Friendship ct. 
Helverson Nicholas, coffin warehouse, 93 Coates. 
Hembel William, gent., 17 N Front. 
Hemlock Jane, 92 Cedar. 
Hemmenway James, barber, 51 Pine. 
HemphiU Catharine, Queen bel Hanover. 
Hemphill John, mer., 114 S 3rd. 
Hemphill Joseph, judge, 255 Walnut. 
HemphiU Mary Ann, dry goods, Callowhill bel 

Hemphill Samuel, tavern, 173 S 5th. 
Hemphill Samuel, ornament'l paint., 3 Sheaff's al 
Hemphill Thomas, cordwainer, 58 Zane. 
Hemphill Thos. J., watchmaker, 150 S 6th. 
Hemple Charles, tobacconist, 166 Sassafras. 

Ilemplc Samuel, tobucc(mi«t, 47 N 4th, 

Hcmpshire Frederick, cooper. Reed's ct. 

Hempshire John, pumpmaker, Powell N Fran- 
cis. (F V) 

Hempstone G. W., 3 S 4th, h 35N 10th. 

Hemstonc Robt., mer., 35 N 10th. 

Henchman Catharine, 178 Sassafras. 

Hendel Anna Maria, 116 German. 

Henderson Cliarles, hatter, 1^ S 4th. 

Hendenson David, saddler, I.,ancaster ab Reed. 

Henderson David, ironfoundcr, 78 F road. 

Henderson Edward^ lab.. Wood bel Sch 6th 

Henderson Elizabeth, 87 N Juniper. 

Henderson Geo., hattter, 19 N 3rd., Ii S E 10th 
and Filbert. 

Henderson George W., machinist, 11 Quarry h 
16 Branch. 

Henderson Guy, gent., 265 Green. 

Henderson James drover, 119 Plum. 

Henderson James, atty. & coun., N E 4th & 
Cypress alley. 

Henderson James, waterman, 14 Allen. 

Henderson Jesse, lab., rear 63 Plum. 

Henderson Jno., lab., Lombard n Sch. 8th. 

Henderson Jno., brewer, 10 Gamble ct. 

Henderson Jno. N., tailor, 104 Wood. 

Henderson John, grocer, 90 & 92 W High. 

Henderson Joseph, tax col., c M'shall & Parrish. 

Henderson Joseph, coi-dwr., Gray's ct. 

Henderson Joseph, lab., 47 Mechanic. 

Henderson L. N., M. D., 212 High, h 134 N lOth. 

Henderscn Maria Mrs., gentw., 18 N 7th. 

Henderson Mary, shop, N Sch. 3rd, n Filbert. 

Henderson Mary, 106 Gaskill. 

Henderson Mary, 4 Warner's ct. 

Henderson Martha, gentw., Spruce ab Sch. 7th. 

Henderson Robei't, hatler, 163 N 5th. 

Henderson Robert H., dentist, 381 Sassafras. 

Henderson Samuel J., atty. & coun., 16 N 7th. 

Henderson Thomas, dry goods, 542 High. 

Henderson Wm., agent, 2 Carolina pi. 

Henderson William, moulder Front ab Reed. 

Henderson WiUiam, shoe mr., Levis ct. 

Hendley G. B., baker, Hopkins ct n School 

Hendley Gotlieb, tailor, Hopkins ct. n School. 

Hendley John, boots & shoes, 369 N 2d. 

Hendi'ick Jacob, lab., G T road bel Master. 

Hendricks John, gi-ocer, S E 12th & Wood. 

Hendricks Joseph M., leather & hides, 112 N 
2nd, h 22 Magnolia. 

Hendricks Wm., stone mason, Helmuth n Sch. 

Hendrickson Charles J., mer., 87 Chestnut, h 
3 Monroe place. 

Hendrickson, Clarkson, Sc Co., carpet ware- 
house, 87 Chestnut. 

Hendrickson Edward,, butcher, 288 S 3d. 

Hendrickson John, carp.. Church bel Christian. 
Hendry John A., leather dealer, 67 Chestnut. 

Hendrv Wm. W., leather dealer, 67 Chestnut. 

h 136 S 4th. 
Henesy James L., trimmings, 308 N 2nd. 
Hengy John, tailor, 9 Ellet's av. 
Henheiffer Albanus, suspender maker, Marlbo- 
rough ab Franklin. 




Hcuhelffer Michael, siisp. mv., 53-1- n 4th. 

Hcnhcitt'cv Nicholas, lab., 4tli n Creek. 

Henk D. C, agent, Carlton ab. Sol). 8th. 

Henk Georg^e D., shoes, 483 N 2iul. 

Henley Elizabeth, 31 S 2nd. 

Hcnne William, boot maker, 82 S 4th. 

Hennesy M:u-y Ann, 1 rarmers' row 

Hennessey James, S'ent., h3 Elfreth's alley. 

Hennicks Joseph & David, g-rocers, 117 W 
High, h Jones ab Sch 6th. 

Hennig Hannah, b h, 133 N 5th. 

Henning David, rear New Narket. 

Henning Jacob, bricklayer 599 N 3rd. 

Henning William, tailor, 129 Brown. 

Henniss John, real estate broker, Vine n Sch 7th. 

Henrick John C, baker, 161 St. John. 

Henrion S., impoi-ter, 242 Hig-h. 

Henry Alexander, mer., 27 Minor, h 254 Mul- 

Henry Alexander, mer., N W 9th & Hig-h, h 219 
S 9th. 

Henry Bernard, gent., 11 Portico sq. 

Henry & Brother, hardware, N W 9th & High. 

Henry Chi-lstopher, milkman, 536 N 3d. 

Henry Elizabeth, b h, 81 Mulberry. 

Henry Gabriel, carpenter, 4th ab Thompson. 

Henry George, coach painter, 7 Diamond. 

Henry George, lab., 297 S 

Henry George W., dealer, Bonsall n ICth. 

Henry George W., dealer, 174 Locust. 

Henry George W., N W 9tli & High, h 289 

Henry H., captain U. S. N., 33 S 13tli. 

Henry Hannah, eating h., Shippen ab Crubb. 

Henry Hugh, agent, Carlton ab Sch 6ih. 

Henry Isaac, mer., 152 Hig-h. 

Henry James, saddler, 40 Zane. 

Henry James, painter, Carlton square bel 12th. 

Henry James, sawyer, 202 Lombard. 

Henry John, cordwainer, rear 5 Mechanics'. 

Henry John, drayman, 423 S 4t]i. 

Henry John, chandler, c 10th & James. 

Henry John, lab., 291 S 7th. 

Henry John, teamster, Carlton ab Sch 6th. 

Henry John, weaver, Washington bel Jeffers- 
on. (K) 

Henry Jolin C, tinsmith, Marlborough bel Bed- 

Henry John W. mer., 289 High.h 244 S Juniper. 

Henry Mary, 26 Shippen. 

Henry Patrick, quill manuf., 288 S 4th. 

Henry Robert, weaver, 13 Brinton. 

Ilenry Samuel, cai-penter. Willow ab Charles. 

henry Samuel C, collec, S W 4th & Tammany 

Henrj-^ William, potter, Schuvl. 8th below Cal- 

Henry William, M. D., N E 8th & Baker. 

Henry William, gent., 289 High. 

Henschen E., mer., 4 Chestnut. 

Henson George, clerk, 204 Noble. 

Ilenson John, importer of zink and roof manuf., 
211 Mulberry, h S W Ashton and Lombard. 

Hensy Elizabeth, 1 Leydon's ct. 

Henszey C. Mrs., corsetmr., 121 Chestnut. 

J lenszey Joseph, boot mr. 10 Laurel. 

Henszey Joshua, clerk, 46 Sassafras. 

Henszey Marshall, bricklayer, 20^ Sassafras. 

Henszey S. C, hardware, 46 Sassafras. 

Henszey Samuel C, clerk, 8 Marshall. 

Hent Valentine, dentist, 27 Castle. 

Hent William, brass founder, 119 Callowhill. 

Henzey William, cumcr Budd n Green. 

Henzey William C, druggist, 46 Sassafras. 

Heny .). H., cordw., Sch Front ab Filbert. 

Hentz Jacob, inspector, 30 Julianna. 

Hentz John, Custom House, h 10th bel Spring 

Hentz Philip, b h, c Juniper &c Mulberry. 

Henwood Abraham, corder, 6o Plum. 

Hepburn Charles, hatter. Carpenter ab 4th. 

Hepburn Chas. W., ex. broker, 28 S 3d, h Ca- 
tharine ab 6th. 

Hepp Henry, shop, Oak ab Green. 

Heppard Jo'hn, painter, 93 S Front, h 7 Penn. 

Heppard Robert, blacksmith, 7 Penn. 

Heppard Thomas, carter, Marlboro' ab Prince. 

Heppard Thomas, carter, Shafer's ct. 

Hepting P., boot mr., 137 Buttonwood. 

Hera Charles, currier, 24 Sarah. (K) 

Herbert Albert, wheelwright, Frances. (F V) 

Herbert Casper, whitesmith. Orange n F road. 

Herbert Lawrence, tobacconist, 37 S 3d, h 15 

Herbert Jacob, Sch 8th n Vine. 

flerbert John, actor, 7 Shepherd's al. 

Herbert John D, carp. Cobb. 

Herbert Mrs., ornamental hair, 48 Mulbeny. 

Herbert Thomas, cordw.. Otter n William. 

Herbert William, manner, 112 Christian. 

Herbert William, stables, 3 Shriver's ct. 

Hergcsheimer James, cabtmr., 339 S 3rd. 

Hergeshelmer William, cabtmr.. Carpenter's ct. 

Heriges John J., tobacconist, 471 N 2d. 

Hering C, M. D., 132 Spruce. 

Herkness Alfred M., auc, Carpenter's ct., h77 

Herkness E. Mrs., 77 S 11th. 

Herman Chai-les F., printer, Higgins' ct. 

Herman Charlotte, Higgins' ct. 

Herman Henry, cap man., G. T. road & Mud 1. 

Herman John, druggist, 154 N 4th. 

Herman S., cabinetmr., Ogden ab 10th. 

Hermstad Joseph, bookbinder, 7 Elbow lane. 

Hern Michael, agent, 1 Richardson's ct. 

Heron John, book keeper, 5 Noble. 

Heron Wm., seaman, Marion ab 13th. 

Herricks Edward, labr., 120 N Watei". 

Herrlgel Gotlieb, tailor, 3 Trotter's alley. 

Herriges Jos., tobacconist, N E 4th & Lombard. 

1 [erring Henry, gent., 117 Vine. 

Herring John, shoemr., rear 70 Shippen. 

Herring John, lab., G T road n 6th. 

Herring Langford, 135 Vine. 

Herring Thomas J., exchange broker, 68 N 4th. 

Herring W. N., fruiterer, 109 N 3d., house 135 
Vine ab 4th. 

Herrington Jacob, blacksmith, 9tli bel Brown. 

Ilerrington Mary Mrs., 61 Garden. 

Herron A., weaver, Wagner's al. 

Herse Geo. P., bookbinder, 253 High, h 149 Pine 




Hersy Maiy, nurse, 21 Lebadon. 

Herth Henry, bootmr., 12 Lag'ranfje pi. 

Hertzell Philip, shop, 30 Kuncklo. 

llertzog- Peter, g-ent., 159 Sassafras. 

Hervey James, bricklayer, 107 Svvanson. 

Heslcy Ann, shop, 306 S 7th. 

Heslip Susan, dry goods, S W 11th 8c Locust. 

Hess Benjamin, carp., 191 S 6th. 

Hess Caroline, 197 St. John. 

Hess David, farmer, 12 Allen (K.) 

Hess Elisha M., tinsmith, c 6th and Pan-lsh. 

lless Felix, refectory, N W Front &. Chestnut. 

Hess Georg-e, cooper, 464 N 4th. 

Hess George, blacksmith, 381 Sassafras, h N E 

12th and Sassafras. 
Hess Godfrey, baker, 9 Marshall. 
Hess Jacob, waterman, 45 Mead 
Hess Jacob, tinsmith, 34 Kunckle. 
Hess John, baker, 340 S Front. 
Hess John, coachmaker, 12th &. Type alley. 
Hess John C, toys, 126 Sassafras. " 
Hess John I., gent., 237 N 2d. 
Hess John, brickmaker, Lawrence ct (N. L.) 
Hess Joseph, cordwainer, 3 Plynlimmon place. 
Hess Mary, Lily alley. 
Hess Mary, Wood ab R road. 
Hess Philip, tinsmith, 252 N 2d., h 4' Duke. 
Hess Pierce, hairdi-esser, 367 N 3rd. 
Hess Samuel M., grocer, S E Sch. 8th & Vine. 
Hess William, cooper, William & Rose. 
Hessel William F., furrier, 3 Quarry. 
Hessenbruch& Borbeck, paper dealers, 37N 2d 
Hesser Chas. H., stone cutter, Filbert bel Broad. 
Hesser Daniel, stone cutter, S. Garden bel 10th. 
Hesser George, victualler, GT R ab Jefferson. 
Hesser John, blacksmith, Fraley's ct ab Beach. 
Hesser Sarah, R road ab Wood. 
Hessington William, stonecutter, 2 Concord. 
Hesslepoth Henry, tavern, N E 3d & Poplar. 
Hessmilner Joseph, grocer, G T i-oad n 4th. 
Heston Edward, millwright. Bush Hill, h 158 

Heston Isaiah, Willow st n Front, h 26 Green. 
Heston Jonathan, acct., S W Coates &. Logan. 
Heston Miller, flourmer., 6 Willow. 
Hestor Conrad, clerk, 73 Crown. 
Hestor John D., agent, 21 Brown. 
Hettenhauser Lewis, chairmr., 285 High. 
Heuberer C. F., prof, of music, 33 S 10th. 
Hewes James, 56 N 8th. 
Hewitt Aaron, vict.. Front bel Phcenix. 
Hewitt Alex., mer., 155 N 9th. 
Hewitt Ehza, 315 Pine. 
Hewitt George W. & Co., music, 70 S 3rd, & 

184 Chestnut. 
Hewitt Henry, tanner, Haydock bel Front. 
Hewitt John, mer., 155 N 9th. 
Hewitt Thomas, sugar refiner, Zane ab 7th, h 

11 Sansom. 
Hewlings A. M., b. h. 289 Chestnut. 
Hewson Thomas M., M. D., 243 Walnut. 
Hewston John, cai-ter, 6 Perry. 
He)'berger George W., German and French 

goods, 76 N 3d, h 8 Bread. 
Heyer Frederick H., baker. Brown ab Cherrv 

Heyer Lawrence, morocco dresser, 12 Franklin 
Heyfiold 'I'homas, hatter, 2 Friendsiiip ct. 
Hcyl 1). S., mer., 17 S Front, h Sch. 8th bel 

Heyl Francis, mer., 139 High, h Wood bel 8th. 
Heyl George, notary public, 3 Exchange pi. 
Heyl John, jr., brusimir. 273 N 6th. 
Heyl JoJin, *106 N 'Jnd. 
Heyl Mary, 173 Green. 
Heyl Robert, carpentei", 173 Green. 
HeylT. C, mer. 139 High. 
Heyl 'I'. P., carpenter, 173 Green, 
irvyl William G., salesman, 51 High, h 277 

Heyl Wm. M., mer., 31 N 2d, h 135 Callowhill. 
Heyl Wm. G., mer. 51 High, li 277 Sassafras 
Heylin J. B., mer., 143 High. 
Heylin li., ISl. D., N W 10th &. Vine. 
Hcys John, barber, 252 S Front. 
Heyser James, tanner, 482 N 4tli. 
Hcysham Wm. Sayrc, 60 Zane 
Hevwald Ciiarles, stove manuf. 189 N 2nd. 
Hibbcrd Ann^ 128 N lOtli. 
Hil)berd George, clei'k, 10 Duke. 
Hibbert George, mariner, 501 S Front. 
Hibbert John, dyer, c Jefferson & GT road. 
Hibbert Joseph, hosier, 351 N 6th. 
Hibbert Mary, florist, 13th n Lombard. 
Hibbs Barbara, 2 Washington. 
Hibbs Daniel, shipcarp., VVashington. 
Hibbs John, carp., 12th bel Sp. Garden. 
Hibbs Joseph G., hardware, 102 N 2nd. 
Hibler John, wine mer., 56 N 3rd, h 36 N 9th. 
Hickey Alexander L., cap & trunk manuf 142 

Chestnut, h 52 Filbert. 
Hickey C. Mrs., dressmr. Sch. 6th ab Mulberry. 
Hickey E. & E., dry goods, S E Sch 7th and 

Hickey James, grocer, 124, & h 126 Locust. 
Hickey James, 10 Harmony ct. 
Hickey John, stone cutter, 3 Tiller's ct. 
Hicke}' William, stone cutter, 74 Apple. 
Hickling C, brok., 9 Bank al., h 138 N 10th. 
Hickling Geo. M., Pres. Southwark Ins. Co., h 

62 Chestnut. 
Hickley Charles, cordwr. Carlton ab Sch 3d. 
Hickman & Brother, mers., 42 N 3rd. 
Hickman Cheyney, mer. 6 S whfs, h 118 S 4th. 
Hickman Elizabeth, George ab Sch 7th. 
Hickman George, blacksmitli, Sch 5th bel 

Hickman Harbeson, mer., 42 N 3rd. 
Hickman Isaac, labr., Lancaster bel Whai'ton. 
Hickman James, acct. Cherrv n Sch 8th. 
Hickman Isaac, cordwainer, 94 Swanson. 
Hickman John, plasterer, 159 Cai-penter (S) 
Hickman John W., clerk, 3 Ellen. 
Hickman N. W., mer., 42 N 3rd. 
Hickman & Reed, blacksm's.. Beach ab Locust 
Hicks Ann, shop, 9 Cun-ant al. 
Hicks Charles, measurer, 155 Marshall. 
Hicks Isaac, labourer. Wood ab Sch 7th. 
Hicks Isaac, carp., 155 Marshall. 
Hicks John, cai-penter. Centre, h 17 Dean. 
Hicks Phebe, 189 N 9th. 




Hicks Richard, blacksm., Barker n Sch 4th. 
Hicks Seth S., carpenter, Hittenlioiise. 
Hicks ^\m., tailor, 282 High, h 189 N 9th. 
Hicks Wm. U., agent, 42 N 2d. 
Hicks WilHt, carpenter, 18 AValhice. 
Hideman Edward, combmr.. Brown's ct. 
Hider John, brickhiyer, Marriott ab 5th. 
Hieghani Daniel, 2d ab Reed. 
Hiegham William, dry goods, G T road ab 

Hieghgate Win., clerk, 24 Currant al. 
Hieskell Colson, mer. N W 5th & High, h 10 

Hieskell Ferdinand, nier. N W 5th £c Higli, h 

N W 7th & Pine. 
Hieskell Frances, gentw. 426 Sassafras. 
Hieskell, Hoskins &. Co., drvgoods, N W 5lh & 

Hieskell H. M., mer. N AV 5th & High, h 426 

Hieskell Wm. B., att'y & coun. 46 S 6th, h 426 

Higbee U. Mrs., milliner, 166 S 13th. 
Higbee Elizabeth, huckster. Wood ab Queen. 
Higbee H. H., M. 1)., 37 N 5th. 
Higbee John, carpenter. Barley n loth, h lOtli 

bel Pine. 
Higbee Matthias, fisherman, Wood ab Queen. 
Higgin Elizabeth, Brown bel Front. 
Higginbottom Lydnah, Noble ab St. John. 
Higginbottom William, hatter, 28 Plum. 
HigginsAnn, 324 S 3d. 

Higgins Arthur, boatman, Spruce ab Sch 5th. 
Higgins Caldwell, cordw., Front bel Phoenix. 
Higgins Edward, druggist, 224 Callowhill. 
Higgins George, Rev., 138 Catharine. 
Higgins John, labourer. Lodge ab 8th 
Higgins Solomon Rev., 5 Sergeant. 
Higgins Solomon, enanieler, 13 Franklin Place. 
Higginson Mary, 30 Union al. 
Higgs Mahlon, mihtary cap mr., 31 S 3rd, h 

59 Apple. 
High Catharine, 91 N 3rd. 
High David, tavern, 121 Vine. 
High John, tavern, 100 New. 
High Samuel, cabinetmr. 173 N 3d. 
Highgate Chas., hairdi'esser, Front bel Phcenix. 
Higham Henry, blacksm., op Goldsmith's ct n 

Higham Isaac, lab., 9th and Thorn's ct. 
Higham Wm., drvgoods, G. T. roadab Phoenix. 
Highlands Findley, marble mason, 12th ab Sas- 
Highlands Samuel, stonecut., S E Sch. 5th and 

Highley Mary, 228 Vine. 
Hight Adam, victualler, 221 N 8th. 
Hight Catharine, 56 Mulberry 
Hight Christian, coachmr., 258 Sassafras, h 176 

N. 8th. 
Hight Charles, vict., 526 N 2d. 
Hight Frederick, victualler, 70 Garden. 
Hight Joseph, waiter, 186 Lombard. 
Hight Wm., waiter, rear 3 Gray's alley. 
Higinbotham Wm., 6 EUet's ct. 

Higman Charles, waterman, rear 484 N 3d. 

Hilburn Marv, shop, 513 N 3rd. 

Hildebrandt'A., baskets, 156 High, h 103 But- 

Hildeburn John M., com. mer., 35 S Water, h 
367 Walnut. 

Hildeburn Joseph H., mer., 72 High, h 367 

Hildeburn Samuel, merchant, 72 High, h 367 

Hiles Alexander, coppersmith, Noble bel Gar- 

Hiles John, hatter, 167 S 2nd. 

Hiles Wm., tailor, 129 Christian. 

Hill Abraham, waiter. Mead bel 2d. 

Hill Adam, fisherman, Binder's ct (K.) 

Hill Adam, shipwright. Beach n Marlborough. 

Hill Alexander, distiller, Lombard n Sch 6th. 

Hill Allen, fisherman, Beach n Wan-en. 

Hill Anthony, lab., 81 Plum. 

Hill Ann, gentw., 5 Wood. 

Hill Artemon, mer. 84 S 2d, h 345 N 6th. 

Hill Charles, bricklayer, 6 Knight's ct. 

Hill Charles, cigai-mr., James' ct (K.) 

Hill Charles, boatbuilder, 515 S Front. 

Hill Edwin J., painter, 86 N 7th. 

Hill Elizabeth Mrs., 1 AVallace. 

Hill, Fitchett & Co., hardware, 11 N 4th. 

Hill Felix, hatter, 18 Catharine. 

Hill George, grocer. High W Sch 7th. 

Hill George, fislierman. Cherry bel Prince. 

Hill George, acct., 142 S Juniper. 

Hill George, blacksmith, bet Powell & Ann 

Hill H., white washei-. Baker ab 8th 

Hill Henry, shoemr., 103 Noble 

Hill Henry, Pearl ab 13th 

Hill Henry, mer., 11 N 4th and N W 12th and 

Hill Jacob, caulker. Cherry bel. West (K) 

Hill James, hatter, 207 Callowhill. 

Hill James, 15 Vernon 

Hill James, cordwainer, 533 Chestnut. 

Hill James, cordwainer, Bond ct (N L) 

Hill Jane, rear 536 N 3d 

Hill Jane, gentw., 98 N Front 

Hill & Janney, druggists, 13 N 4th. 

Hill John, clerk, 44 Wood 

Hill John, distiller, 129 S 12th. 

Hill John, weaver. Phoenix bel Front. 

Hill John, Dean bel Spruce 

Hill John, stone cutter, George bel Sch. 5th 

Hill John, ship carp., Marlborough bel Franklin. 

Hill John, carpenter. Linden bel Green. 

Hill J. &, Co., hatters, 485 High 

Hill Jolin H., men, 13 N 4th, h 117 Wood 

Hill Joseph, boat builder, 515 S Front 

Hill Joseph, pearl buttonmr.. Vine n Sch. 7th. 

Hill Joseph, bootmaker, 61 S 5th. 

Hill Joseph, tailor, 42 High. 

Hill Joseph, sea captain, 515 S Front 

Hill Lawrence, gent.. Union ct. (K) 

Hill Lydia, washer, Crabb bel Cedar 

Hill Marshall, mer., 158 High, h 10 Palmyra sq. 

Hill Mary, eating house, 32 R road 

Hill Mary, Shippen bel Broad 




Hill Mary, milliner, 8GN 7tli. 

Hill Peter, porter, 88 (iaskill. 

Hill Pliillis, HroacI & Paper al. 

Hill Robert C, 3 (;lifton 

Hill Robert 1'., iimlertaker, 32.3 Pine 

Hill Rowland, g'ent., 6 New Crown 

Hill R. W., 14 N 12th 

Hill Samuel, gent., 352 Coates 

Hill Thoma,s, engineer, Wood n Sch. 8th 

Hill Thomas, weaver, 312 Carpenter (S) 

Hill Thomas, mer., 27 S Whfs., h 18 Union. 

Hill Thomas, tavern, S E 9tli & Crcen. 

Hill William, printer, 1 Julianna. 

Hill William, shoemr., 176 S 2nd. 

Hill William, paper maker, 459 N 4th 

Hill William, lab., S W Sch. 6th &. George 

Hill Wm., boat builder, 509 S Front 

Hill Wm., tailor, 243 S 3d 

Hill Wm., fisherman, Huston bel Prince 

Hill William B., clerk, 24 S Front, h 193 S 9th. 

Hillborn Charles, combmaker, Beaver n Char- 

Hillborn Cyrus, mer., 34 High 

Hilldrige Levi, stone cutter. Union & Prince 

Hillegas Adam, clerk, 66 Apple 

HiUegas Frederick, lab., Wood ab Prince 

Hiller A., blacksmith. Broad n Filbert, h Kel- 

Hillgarton Philip, b h, tavern c Cedar & Penn 

Hilliard Townsend, carpenter, Poplar sq. 

Hillier George, gilder, 80 Mulberry 

Hillier Joseph & Co., gilders, 80 Mulberrj^, h 
Nectarine bel 9th. 

Hillinger John, butcher, c Charles & Pleasant 

Hillings Letitia, widow 184 Coates 

Hillings Wm., 184 Coates 

Hillman Allen, carpenter, rear 121 Catharine. 

Hillman E., police officer, 114 F road 

Hillman John, watemian, F road ab Stone Bridge 

Hillman Mary, teacher, 198 N 6th 

Hillman Wm., Steward col'd. Orphan's Asylum 
13th ab Callowhiil 

Hillyer John, tanner, 341 Callowhiil 

Hilsee Joel C, tailor, 84 S Water, h 113 S 

Hilsee Joseph, tailor, 140 S Water, h 141 S 

Hilsee William, tailor, 314 N Front. 

Hilsman Christiana, widow, 7 S 13th 

Hilsman Thomas L., shoemr., Budden's al. 

Hilt Benj., cordw., Crown ab Queen 

Hilt Isaac, cordw., G T road n Otter. 

Hilt Josepii D., tavern, 504 N 2d 

Hilt John, bricklayer, 2 Branch al. 

Hilt I,ewis, cordwainer, 24 Maiden 

Hilt Samuel R., tailor, 55 N 8th, h 16 Bonsall 

Hiltner Joseph, lab., Wallace ab R road. 

Hilton Ann Eliza, dressmr., 471 High. 

Hilton George, lab., 418 S 4th 

Hilton Wm. W., prof, of music, 175 N 11th 

Himer John, lab., 3 Grape ct. 

Himer Joshua, carp., 13 Nectarine 

Hlmes Andrew, waterman, Allen bel Palmer, 

Himes Anthony, potter, 3d ab Thompson 

Himes John, carter, 12 Cox. 

Himmelwright C. S., tailor, 5th ab (Jallowliill, l« 

1 1 Wagner's ct. 
Himmelwright Philip, drayman, Elizabeth bel 

Himmelwright Wm., cooper, Say. 
Hinchman B. M., gent., 212 Chestnut. 
Hinchman Howard, grocer, Callowhiil fr-rry li. 
Hinchman Joseph B., b h., S E 12th & Button- 

Hinchman M., clerk Penn T bank, h 73 Mar- 

Hinchman k Reeve.s, grocers, c Front and Cal- 

Hinckle Frederica, confec, 189 Callowhiil. 

Illnckle Henry, carp., 82 Gaskill 

Hinckle William, teller Western Bank, h 271 

Hinckley Robert H., jeweller, 74 N 2d. 

Hindman Elizabeth, 91 Buttonwood. 

Hindman James, gi'ocer, 387 High 

Hindman John, gent., 66 Vine. 

Hinds Micah, cabinetmr., CJiristian ab 7th 

Hines Addison, grocery, Green ab Front 

Hines Christian, vict.. Front bel Mead 

Hines Frederick, lab., Coates ab 13th. 

Hines George L., blacksm., 239 St. John 

Hines James, carp., rear 106 Christian 

Hines James L., cordwainer, 282 St. John. 

Hines John, grocer. School n William. 

Hines John M., carver, 4 Harmony ct., h 44 

Hines Stephen, glassblower. Prince ab Palmer. 

Hines Wm., shop, 44 Spruce 

Hines Wm. P. Rev., 4 Belmont place 

Hinesly Risdon, bi.scuit baker, 18 Lebanon 

Hink Benjamin, cordw.. Crown ab Queen. (K) 

Hinkel Adam H., ship chandler, 38 S wharves, 
h 41 New. 

Hinkle Aaron, saddle-tree mr., 10 China. 

Hinkle Adam, jr., victualler, 57 Franklin. 

Hinkle Adam, sr., victualler, S E Callowhiil & 

Hinkle Ann, 151 St. John. 

Hinkle Benjamin, jeweller, 100 Cedar. 

Hinkle Charles, R road agent, 3rd and Willow, 
h 111 Noble. 

Hinkle H., c Torr's ct & R road. 

Hinkle Henrv J., blacksm., Rugan bel Willow, 
h 172 N'4th 

Hinkle John, victualler, N E 12th St Coates. 

Hinkle Peter, victualler, James bel 10th. 

Hinkle Peter, grocer, 27 Tammany. 

Hinkle Sarah, doctress, 35 R road 

Hinle Henry, bookbinder. Reed's cl. 

Hinman D. B., mer. 7 Commerce, h 140 N 9th 

Hinman D. B. & Co., com. mers., 7 Commerce. 

Hinman Samuel, lab., Carlton n Sch. 2d 

Hlnsay Wm., currier. New Market bel Green. 

Hinson Elizabeth, sempstress, Sauley 4th 

Hlnson Pevey, porter, 75 Plum 

Hintley Johii, briokmr., 37 W Cedar 

Hinton F. A., hairdresser, 148 Chestnut, h 18 

Hinton Wm., cordw., 2d ab Jefferson 

Hiorth Jane, sempstress, 34 Mead 




Hippinstiel Frederick, lab., 474 N 2cl 

Hippie John, Waverly House, 10 S 7th 

Hippie Peter S., dry g'oods, 350 Sassafras. 

Hires George, grocer, S W Juniper & Cherry. 

Hirigoyen Peter, lamp maker, 64 Dock. 

Hirneisen S. Mrs., teacher, 46 S 13th. 

Hirst B. & P. M., seedsmen and florists, 27 S 4th 

Hirst Ann, dressmr., 442 N 4th 

Hirst David, cordwainer, 484 N 2d 

Hirst Henry, mer., 313 Callowhill 

Hirst Mary, carpet weaver, 484 N 2d. 

Hirst & Neft", tailors, 124 Sassafras 

Hirst Rebecca M., gentw., 13 Branch 

Hirst Thomas, gent., Sch. ab George 

Hirst Wm., carp., 13th bel Cedar 

Hirst William L., tailor, 124 Sassafras, h 11th ab 

Hirst William L., att'y & coun., 63 S 7th. 
Hise Wm., cordw., Hope bel Master 
Hishman John, blacksm., 450 N 4th 
Hitchcock Chas., tailor, Marlboro' ab Franklin. 
Hitchcock I. Irvine, teacher, 202 S Front. 
Hitchens John, tanner, Buttonwood bel 6th. 
Hitchens Wm. C, refectory, 32 S 6th 
Hite David, 4 Richardson's ct. 
Hite Rosanna Mrs., Paschall's al. 
Hitner George, printer, 49 S Juniper. 
Hittel Sellers, hatter, 3 Pennsylvania av. 
Hoag Cornelius, carter, 103 Budd 
Hoag Wm., hatter, Washington. (W P) 
Hobart G &. E., mers., 80 S 2nd. 
Hobart George, mer., 80 S 2d, h 425 N 6tl). 
Hobbs James, coal dealer, Chestnut st whf Sch., 

li 295 S 10th. 
Hobbs, Pinney & Stead, coal dealers, 212 Chest 

nut st. wharf, Sch. 
Hoboa Christopher, machinist, Gray's ct. 
Hobson Ann, Queen bel Marlborough 
Hobson Benjamin, Washington. (WP) 
Hobson E. Mrs., stationery, 194 Chestnut. 
Hobson Francis, carp., 50 Wood 
Hobson Hannah, layer out of dead. Green bel 

Hobson James, carp. 4 Nicholson. 
Hobson John S., painter, back 1 1 Mark's la. 
Hobson Sarah, 49 O Y road. 
Hobson, Sons & Co., merchants, 48 Walnut (ab 

Hochstrasser H., bell hanger, 131 N 6th. 
Hocker Charles, carter. Orchard 
Hocker Charles, tobacconist, G T road n 5th. 
Hocker George, tavern, 2 Franklin pi. 
Hocker George, thermometer mr., 58 Chestnut. 
Hockley John, teller, B. N. A., h Sch 8th n 

Hockter James, porter, 4 Kneass' ct. 

Hodge Catharine, widow, Ann W Sch. 8th 

Hodge H. L., M. D., N W 9th & Walnut. 

Hodge John L., mer. 99 S Front, h 102 S 8th. 

Hodge Richard, ship carpenter, 108 F road. 

Hodge Wm., chairmaker, F road ab Bedford. 

Hodges Edward, shoetnr., 14 German. 

Hodges Frederick, carp., rear Washington n 

Hodges Henry, carp., 4 Castle's ct. 

Hodges Jane, 133 Locust. 
Hodges John, bosoms & collars, 408 N 6th. 
Hodges John C, carpenter, Adams ab Perry. 
Hodges Tliomas, carter, 16 Little Pine. 
Hodgkinson Samuel, cordw.. Crown ab Duke 
Hodgson A., druggist, 552 Higli 
Hodgson John, dry goods, 381 High 
Hodgson William, tailor. Maiden n Front. 
Hodgson William Jr., druggist, N E 6th &. Mul- 
berry, h 160 Mulberry. 
Hodgson William Sr., coal mer., 114^ Mulberry 
Hodgson Wm. D., clerk, 552 High 
Hoe John, glass cutter, Clierry ab Queen. 
Ilccckley C. F., gent., 159 S 5th 
HcEckley Jacob F., scrivener, 248 N 3d, h 275 

N 6th. 
Ilcefter Jacob G., tailor, 190 Sassafras. 
Hcefterns Mrs., teacher, 145 S 3d 
Hoeflich Cathai'ine Mrs., Brooke ct. 
Hoehling Adolphus A., cabinetmaker, 196 Pine, 

h S W 5tli and Walnut. 
Hoeth Lydia, widow, 10th ab Brown 
Hoff George, bricklayer, Washington bet 12th 

and 1.3th. 
Hoff Henry, agent, ISth ab Willow. 
Hoff John, gent., Callowhill n Sch. 7th 
Hoff John, shoemr., c Noble &. New Market 
Hoff John, gent., 340 N 6th. 
Hoff M. M., 215 N 6th. 
Hoffland Thomas R., teacher of dancing, S W 

8th &, Mulberry, h 1 S Broad 
Hoffman Adam, glass blower. Wood ab Prince. 
Hoffman Adam, sugar refiner, h 34 Ann. 
Hoffman Andrew, labourer, Watman's ct. 
Hoffman Anthony, drayman, Apple n Creek 
Hoffman Baltis, Buttonwood n 5th. 
Hoffman Charles, lab., Vienna op Brown. 
Hoffman Charles, cordwr., Brown ab Cherry. 
Hoffman Dorothy, huckster. Wood ab Queen. 
Hoffman Edward, mast maker, 219 Swanson. 
Hoffman Ethelbert, 3 Dick's ct. 
Hoffman Francis P., grocer, 4 Tammany. 
Hoffman Frederick, silversmith, Catharine ab 

Hoffman George, turner, 381 N 4th. 
Hoffman J., tavern. Locust op M\isical Fund H. 
Hoffman Jacob, tailor, 380 N 2d. 
Hoffman Jacob, fisherman. Queen n Wood. (K) 
Hoffman James, clerk, 113 Dilwyn. 
Hoffman James mast mr., M road & Washington. 
Floffman John, Mrs, Hanover n Bedford. 
Hoffman John, cabinetmaker. Wood n Prince. 
Hoffman John, brush mr.. Waterman's ct. 
Hoffman John, clerk, 3 Rachel row. 
Hoffman John C, tailor. Queen op Crown. 
Hoffman Jonathan, confectioner, Callowhill n 

Hoffman M. Mrs., rear 446 S 2nd. 
Hoffman .Mary, b It., 5 Wood, 
lloil'man Myers, trader, 56 Dillwyn. 
Hotl'man P.", baker, 206 N 8lh. 
Hoflinan Rachel W., princp. female pub. school. 

(F M) 
Hoffman Samuel, slilpwrigiit, Marlborough n 





Hoffman Samuel J)., tavern, Beach ab Maiden. 
Hoffman Samuel T., mast maker, 15 Christian. 
Hoffman Sarah, Wood ab Prince. (K) 
Hoffman William, labourer. Brook n Hrown. 
Hoffman William, carter, Jeffenson ab Sch 6th. 
Hoffmaster P'rederick, mus. instr. maker, 42 

Arcade h 188 S 5th. 
Hoffnag-le Adam, baker, Poplar n Marshall. 
Hoffner Chas. B., paper stainer, Powell. (F V) 
Hoffner Fi-ederick, furrier, 7 Kessler's al. 
Hoffner Henry, machinist, 2d n William. 
Hoffner Jacob, Passyunk township. 
Hoffner John, alderman, off. 224 &. h 251 S 6th. 
Hoffner Sebastian, turner, Carlton ab Sch 6th. 
Hoffner Susan, Sempstress, Shippen ab 8th. 
Hoffy A., artist & lithographei-, 41 Chestnut. 
Hogan Barcus, porter, 7 Little Oak. 
Hogan D. F., hair dresser, 68 S 4th. 
Hogan James, stationer, 30 N 4th, h 2 Monroe 

Hogan Patrick, paper ruler, 214 N 7th. 
Hogan Philip, coachman, 6 Johns ct. 
Hogan 8c Thompson, booksellers St stationers., 

30 N 4th. 
Hogan & Thompson, stationers, 108 Chestnut. 
Hogarth Joseph, blacksmith, Front ab Phoenix. 
Hoge James, mer., 203 High 
Hogerbets Peter, combmaker, Queen n Shack- 

Hogg Charles, grocer, Callowhill bel William. 
Hogg Michael, confectioner, 163 Cedar. 
Hogg William, manuf. Hanover ab Duke. 
Hogland Eleanor, tailoress, rear 129 Cherry. 
. Hogsaes John, baker, 28 Garden. 
Hoguet Francis, cabtmr., S W 13th & Callowhl. 
Hoguet Mary, fancy goods, 80 S 4th. 
Hohenfeis & Oppenheimer, dry goods, 236 N 2d. 
Holahan Amos, 45 S 10th. 
Holahan Jacob, tavern, N W 10th and Locust. 
Holahan Jacob, hotel, 195 Chestnut. 
Holahan John, blacksmith & coachmr.. Shoe- 
maker st, h c 8th & Zane. 
Holbrook Benjamin,'master warden, 33 Walnut, 

h 362 S Front. 
Holbrook Charles N., druggist, S W 3rd and 

Holbrook Jacob, 192 S 5th. 
Holcomb Charles 15 Laurel. 
Holcomb Chauncey P., attorney & counsellor 91 

Holcomb Eli mariner, 9 Reed. 
Holden Ezra, Ed. Sat. Courier, 70 Dock, h 3 

Holden Elizabeth, High n Sch. Front. 
Holden Thomas, 139 N 7th n Willow. 
Holderman John vict., N W George & Charl'te. 
Holdt Lewis, foreman glass h Marlboro' & Allen. 
Holeman Matthew, cordwr. F road bel Master. 
Holenbeck Garret, boot mr., 7 Clinton's ct. 
Holl John G., baker, 29 Powell. 
HoUances Robert, waiter, 27 Bonsall, 
Holland Amos, 248 S 7th. 
Holland Ann E. Mrs., 328 Walnut. 
Holland James, cordwr., 50 Chester. 
Holland Lawrence, carp.. Locust ab Sch. 3d. 

Holhiiid Robert, broker, 3 Bank al., h 278 Safi- 

Holland 'I'homas, weaver, Marlboro' ab Duke. 
Hollaway John T., capmaker, 60 Dock, h 281 

S Front. 

floliaway Mrs., milliner, 88 Lombard. 
Hollaway Thomas, machinist and steam engine 

builder, 117 Budd. 
Hollcmback B. M., painter, c Willow &. Marshall, 

h 72 Nectarine. 
Hollinger A., manner, 33 Christian. 
Hollingshead Charles E., mer., 32 High, h 29 

Palmyra sq. 
Hollingshead H. F., mer., 43 N Water, h 1 12 

S 3d. 

Hollingshead H. F. & Co., mers., 43 N Water. 
Holhngshead H. H., mer.. 11 N Front, h 58 S 


HoUingsworth Barclay, weaver, Marlboro' bel. 
F road. 

HoUingsworth Benj. P., machinist, 244 Wood. 

HoUingsworth Charles, M. D.,Hope ab Phoenix. 

HoUingsworth E., machinist, 274 Wood. 

HoUingsworth G. W., machinist, rear 27 N 7lh. 

HoUingsworth Henry, h Walnut bel Sch. 7th. 

HoUingsworth L., atty. & coun., 53 S 5th, h Wal- 
nut n Sch. 8th. 

HoUingsworth Reeve J., machinist, 2 Morgan. 

HoUingsworth Samuel, mer., h 11 S Sch 7th. 

HoUingsworth T. G., stock and exchange bro- 
ker, 53 Walnut, h 136 S 2d. 

HoUingsworth Wm., lab.. Queen bel Hanover. 

HoUingsworth Wm., lab., Hope ab Otter. 

HoUins Gi'ace, gentw., 50 Hubbell. 

HoUins James B., chinaware, 346 High. 

HoUins John, china ware, 371 High. 

HoUinshead B. M., dry goods, 14 N 6th. 

HoUinshead Mary &. Sarah, bonnets, 14 N 6th. 

HoUinshead &. Son, mers., 32 High, ab stairs. 

HoUis A. Mrs., milliner, 311 Walnut. 

HoUis Charles, J., engraver, 65 S 3d, h 335 4th 

HoUis Cordelia, 68 N Juniper. 

HoUis John, grocer, N W Pine & Perry. 

HoUis C. L., 178 Vine. 

HoUis P. L., broker, 138 N 3d. 

HoUowfield Wilson, dentist, 296 Pine. 

HoUoway Charles, tailor, 177 Lombard, h 1 Ath- 

HoUoway Charles, cap manuf., 60 Dock. 

Hoiloway 8c Linden, 177 Lombard 

HoUowbush Jacob, books 8c paper, 23 n Front. 

HoUwarth John M., cabinetmr., 370 N 3d. 

Holman Andrew, engineer, Rachel bel Laurel. 

Holman S. B., linen store, 110 N 2d. 

Holmes Alexander V., Hansell's ct. 

Holmes A. G., broker. Exchange building. 
Holmes Benjamin, hair dr'sr., Palmer Sc Queen, 
Holmes Elder, 7th n Shippen. 
Holmes E. A., mer., 183 nigh, h 18 N 11th. 
Holmes E. M. HL-s., teacher, 178 N 4th. 
Holmes George, bl'ksmith, Callowhill ab Nixon. 
Holmes Geo. W, teacher of drawg., 141 Filbert. 
Holmes Henry, pa.bro., 83 Shippen. 
Holmes Heniy, carter, rear 510 N Front. 
Holmes Henry, taUor, 2 Hammel's row. 




Holmes James, chandler, 43 Plum. 

Holmes James, tavern, c Front and Phoenix. 

Holmes James, porter, 16 Juniper lane. 

Holmes John, M. 1)., 353 Mulberry. 

Holmes John, mer., 110 High, h 363 Mulberry. 

Holmes John, weaver, Washington bcl JefTer- 

son. (K) 
Holmes Levi, carter, Milton ab lOtli. 
Holmes Robert, weaver, F road ab Phoenix. 
Holmes Robert, mariner, 442 S Front. 
Holmes Robert, labr., c Gebhard &. Sassafras. 
Holmes Smith, shocmr., 113 W High. 
Holmes, Sturgeon &. Co., dry goods, 183 High. 
Holmes Thomas, carp., Hermitage pi. 
Holmes AVashington, lab., Wheat ab Reed. 
Holmes Wm., cordwainer, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras. 
Holmes William, Allen bel Marlboro'. 
Holmes Wm. & Co., Kensington Foundry. 
Holson Hannah, 334 S 3d. 
Hoist Charles A., cabt. mr., 11 Parker. 
Hoisted Thomas, carp., rear 272 S 3d. 
Holston Anna, Sharker's al. 
Holt John, cordw., Hope n Otter. 
Holt John G., saddler, c Juniper &, Cherry. 
Holt Robert W., cooper, Sch 7th n Vine. 
Holt Samuel, cooper, Doman's row. 
Holt Setb, grocer, 361 N 2d. 
Holt William, ship carp., 68 Swanson. 
Holtz Frederick, cabt. mr., Front & China. 
Holzman Chi'istian, baker. Culvert n Apple. 
Homan & Dearr, undertakers, 332 Sassafras. 
Homan John, cooper, AVood n Sch. 
Homer Benjamin &. Son, brass founders, 77 

Homer Henr}^, brassfr, 83 N 5th. 
Homer James, rear 7 Appletree alley, h 92 

Homer Joseph, cordwr., ct. Charlotte ab Thomp- 
Homer Matthias, variety store, 10 Strawberry 
Homer G. R. B., M. D., Seh 6th bel Locust 
Homer Timothy, pokt. book manuf., 168 Chest- 
nut, h 17 S 8th. 
Homer William P., broker, 53 Chestnut 
Hommann Charles, tch'er of musick, 127 N 9th 
Hommann J. C, prof, of music, 127 N 9tli. 
Homstead Samuel, tailor, Wharton & Lancaster 
Honicle John, blacksmith, 146 N 13th. 
Honneyker Francis, flour mer., 35 P road. 
Hood Andrew, lab., Hope ab Otter. 
Hood Eliza A, gentw., 12 Sansom. 

Hood George, variety store, 130 S 12th. 

Hood Hugh, engineer, c Lombard &. Perry. 

Hood Isaac, lab., 3 McBride's ct. 

Hood James, cordwr., Carlton ab Sch 8th. 

Hood Matthew, gent., 11 Cherry n Sch. 7th. 

Hood M. 11. G., b h., 14 N 9th. 

Hood Nathaniel p., acct., 319 N 6th. 

Hood Samuel, mer., 170 High, h 150 N 12th. 

Hood Samuel, lab., 230 N Water 

Hood Samuel, atty. & couiv, 214 Walnut. 

Hood Thomas, cordwainer, Cherry ab 11th. 

Hood Wm., labourer, c 11th &. R road 

Hood William, clerk, 210 S 4th 

Hood William, shoemr., c Brown &. Cherry. 

Hood Wm., painter & glazier, 93, &. h 80 N 3d. 
Hoodenluch G., lab., Palmer bel Duke 
Hoodless Thomas, carpenter, S W 10th and 

Hoofnedle Pliilip, brushmr., Noble ab St Johns 
Hook Daniel, carp., 2nd 8c Reed. 
Hook John, 3 S Southampton ct. 
Hook John, collector, 15 Marion. 
Hook William, gent., 288 S 5th. 
Hooke Francis, cabtmr., 45 Walnut, h 28 N 10th 
Hooke Jane, milliner 8c dress mr., 28 N lOth. 
Hooke Thomas Rev., Pine ab 10th. 
Hooker Benjamin, painter, 1 Barley. 
Hooker Herman, bookseller and stationer, N W 

5th 8c Chestnut. 
Hookey Anthony, cabmr, rear 295 N 3d. 
Hooks George, dyer, 470 Sassafras 
Hooley Benjamin, silk spinner, 6 Hubbell. 
Hoon Christian, baker. Crown ab Prince 
Hooper Abm., cordwr.. Cherry bel Prince. 
Hooper Hannah, milliner, 247^ S 2d. 
Hooper Jane, b h, 227 Lombard. 
Hooper John, mer., 113 High, h 313 Mulberry. 
Hooper L., 47 Mechanic. 
Hooper Thomas, tavern. Pine ab Carbon. 
Hoopes Alfred, wheelwright. High W Sch 5th 
Hoopes 8i Co., dry goods, N E 11th 8c High 
Hoopes Bernard, com. mer., 33 N Front. 
Hoopes David, iron mer., Washington. (W. P.) 
Hooyes Ezra, dry goods, 240 Callowhill. 
Hoopes Isaac, coachman, Shippen ab 11th 
Hoopes John R., grocer, AVashington, (W P) 
Hoopes James, carpenter, 13th bel Willow. 
Hoopes Joseph, dry goods, N E 11th £c High. 
Hoopes Pierce, lum. mer., 292 Pine. 
Hoopes Thomas P., mer., S W 5th 8c High. 
Hoopes Thomas C, carp., 296 Cherry. 
Hoopes, Wolfe 8c Baker, hardware, S AV 5th 8c 

Hoot 8c Adamson, grocers, N E 5th 8c Poplar. 
Hooton Andrew, gent. 264 S 6th. 
Hooven Albert, brickla3'er. Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Hooven Benjamin, brickl., Callowhill bel Sch, 

Hooven William, wheelwright, 486 N 4th 
Hoover Andrew, brickmr., 346 N 5th. 
Hoover Henry, carp., 62 Moyamensing. 
Hoover Jacob, ropemr., Swanson bel Christian 
Hoover Jacob, brickmaker, Apple ab George. 
Hoover George, mariner, 8 Quen'ille's ct. 
Hoover James, blacksmith, F'airmount. 
Hoover Samuel, painter, N W Coatcs 8c Front, 

h 187 Poplar. 
Hoover AVm., shoemr.. Broad ab Wallace. 
Hoover AVm., brickmaker, George ab Apple. 
Hoover AVm., upholsterer, 329 Sassafras. 
Hope Dominick lab., Beach n George 
Hope James, lab.. Beach n George. 
Hope Matthew B. Rev., pub Bib. Repertory 29 

Sansom, h 328 Mulberry. 
Hope Patrick, lab.. High ab Sch 2d 
Hope Thomas, portrait painter, 345 N 3d 
Hope Susanna Mrs., 13 James 
Hope Wm., fisherman. Bishop bel Queen 
Hopes Jacob, weaver, F road ab Franklin. 




IIopcwc-ll G W., cloth., 90 S 2fl, h 146 Lociisl. 
Hopewell J. C, liatter, 53 (;l)cstnut, 
Hopewell Sarah, b h., 14 K Nordi. 
Hopkins Alexander, porter, Uusscll ab Fitzwater 
Hopkins Enoch, carp., Ueevc. 
Hopkins Henry, ropemak., Marriott bel 6th. 
Hopkins Hetty, milliner, 138 S .-itb. 
Hopkins Howell, atty. & coun., 12 Prune. 
Hopkins Jacob, cordwainer, 1 Perry. 
Hopkins Jas., druggist, N E Broad & Chestnut. 
Hopkins John, lab., Mulberry bel Broad. 
Hopkins John, nianuf. hosiery, 448 S 4th. 
Hopkins John C, clerk. New Crown. 
Hopkins Johns, gent., 53 Pine. 
Hopkins Jos., ladies shoemr., 67 Buttonwood. 
Hopkins M. Capt., 4 Townsend's ct. 
Hopkins Mary C, 48 Kunckle. 
Hopkins N., mcr., 15 Walnut. 
Hopkins Nicholas, grocer, S W. 3d & Marriott. 
Hopkins R. Mrs., 321 Chestnut. 
Hopkins S. Mrs., N E Broad &. Chestnut. 
Hopkins Thomas, cabinet maker, 14 Green. 
Hopkins Thomas, carpenter, Melon ab 13th. 
Hopkins Thomas, clerk, custom house, h 130 

Hopkinson Francis, clerk Dist. Court U. S., h 

Chestnut opp. mint. 
Hopkinson & IngersoU, mers., 54A S wharves. 
Hopkinson James, mer., 54i S wharves, h 366 

Hopkinson Joseph, judge Dist. Court U. S., h 

366 Walnut. 
Hopkinson Oliver, atty. & coun., 65 S 7th, h 366 

Hopmans George, lab., Wheat ab Reed. 
Hoppel Kesiah, widow, Coates bel 3d. 
Hoppel John, cordwainer, P road bel Christian. 
Hoppel John, combmaker, 177 Poplar. 
Hoppel Wm., frame maker. Rose al. ab Green. 
Hopper Benjamin, lab., rear 137 N 8th. 
Hopper David, shoemr., 4 Peach. 
Hopper D. G., undertaker, 200 Sassafras. 
Hopper Edward, att'y & coun., 231 Mulberry. 
Hopper Jehu, carpenter, Parker's alley. 
Hopper Jeremiah, carpenter, 12th ab Spruce, h 

198 Locust. 
Hopper Jos. M., clock & watchmkr.,273 Noble. 
Hopper Levi, 80 Mulberry. 
Hoppiu Hen., mer., 45 N Front, h 159 Chestnut 
Hopson Jeremiah, shoemaker, 144 S 11th. 
Horace Wm., waiter, 11 Green's ct. 
Hordneskey Vincent, Lombard ab loth. 
Horey John, watchman, 5 Farr. 
Horgan James, Marshall & Coates. 
Horn C, stonecutter, Chai'les bel Buttonwood. 
Horn Daniel, tavern, 6th and Lombard. 
Horn Eliza, gentw., Sassafras. 
Horn Frederick, tobacconist, 498 N 2d. 
Horn Henry, mer., 215A High, h 17 Sansom. 
Horn Henry, tobacconist, Green and 4th. 
Horn Jacob, stonecutter, 321 Sassafras. 
Horn James H., atty. & coun., 214 Walnut, h 17 

Horn Jane, b h 23 Sassafras. 
Horn John, naval officer, 109 S 9th. 

Horn .lohn, driif;j:,^is1, N F> ',<] nnd Brown. 

Horn Joseph, bricklayer, Division n Ann.(F V) 

Horn &. Knoas.s, sa<ldl'ery, 2]^i High. 

Horn Philip, druggist, N W 4lli Mnd I'f)plar. 

Horn Pearson, gent., 18 Brown. 

Horn W & ]]., mers., 203^ H 2(1, h 17 Sansom. 

Hornbergcr Wm., tailor, 315 S 2d. 

Hornby Wm., boot & si)oemakcr, N W Carpen- 
ter and Decatur, h Schaeflfer's ct. 

Home Hciuy H., Black Bear tavern, rear 3 S 

Home Mary, teacher, 81 TaiTimany. 

Horner Alfred, mer., 145 High. 

Horner Ann, 27 Crcsson's al. 

Horner David, tailor, Rittenhoiise ab Sch 6th. 

Horner Edwin J., blacksmith. Filbert ab 10th, 
h c Wood h 12th. 

Horner Elizabeth, Baker ab 7lh. 

Horner H. B., wheelwright, 41 Brown. 

Horner Jacob, cotton .spinner, Callowhill n Wil- 

Horner James, shipmaster, 21 Moyamensing. 

Horner J. T., mer.. Ill High, h 94 New. 

Horner John, lab., Sch 3d &. Walnut. 

Horner Mary, mantuamr., 235 Cedar. 

Horner Mary, huckster, rear 296 St. John. 

Horner Richard, cardriver, rear 1 L3'tle's ct. 

Horner Rodger, mariner, 51 Carpenter. 

Horner Samuel M., grocer, N W 2d & Cedar. 

Horner Wm. E., M. D., 263 Chestnut. 

Hornor Benjamin, hardware, 12 N 5th. 

Hornor &. Cresson, druggists, 6 N 3d. 

Hornor B. C, druggist, 6, & h 62 N 3rd. 

Hornor J. P., mer., 47 High, h 29 Mulberry. 

Hornor J. P. & Son, mers., 47 High. 

Hornor John W., mer., 47 High, h 29 Mulberry. 

Horsey Jos., bookbind., S E 7th & High, h 222 

Horstmann Wm. H., military store, 51 N 3d, h 
68 MulbeiTv. 

Hort Herman, hotel, 105 Callowhill. 

Horter George, dry goods, N W 8th & Sassafras. 

Holler George, vict., GTroad ab Thompson. 

Horter J. AV., exchange office, 133 Vine. 

Horter J. W., provisions, S E 12th & Graff. 

Horton Daniel, blacksmith. Wood ab 13th. 

Horton Jas., carver, 29 S 10th, h 2 Sheldon row. 

Horton James, saw filer, 4 Little Dock. 

Horton John, bricklayer, 20 Greenleaf 's ct. 

Horton Mary, corset maker, 2 Sheldon row. 

Horton Sc Waller, carvers £c gilders, N E 10th 
& George. 

Hortz Charles, gi-ain meas., 103 Queen. 

Hortz Peter, gent., 270 S 5th. 

Hortzman Frederick, skindresser, 89 German. 

Hosack Joseph, tavern, NW 9th & Cherrj-. 

Hoskins Ann, 406 Coates. 

Hoskins Ann Maria, ailific. flowers, 48 Mulber- 
ly, h N W 4th & Chestnut. 

Hoskins A. M., artific. flowers, 46 S 4th. 

Hoskins E. A., di'uggist, 249 High, h 3 Mont- 
gomery sq. 

Hoskins Elizabeth, b h 48 Sassafras. 

Hoskins Francis, mer., N W 5th Si High, h Mul- 
berry n Sch. 7th. 




Hoskiiis Georpe, stoiiemas., Margaret, W. P. 

Hoskiiis J., dentist, 3 Montgomery sq. 

Hoskins \\ m., stonemas., Margaret, W. P. 

Iloskins Wm., wheelwt., Maiden n Bridge, h 
G T road ab Maiden. 

Hossey Patrick, grocer, 10th ab Catharine. 

Host Benj. S., superint.. Beach ab Marlboro'. 

Hoster Jane, wid., 8 Arrison's ct. 

Hoster Joseph, blacksmith, 5 Torr's al. 

Hotchkiss J. T., dr'gist, S E Queen & Hanover. 

Hotman John, bootmr., 2d bel Phoenix. 

Hotz Charles, bricklayer. 

Hotz Daniel, gent., James and R road. 

Hotz Eliza, tavern, 9th & Noble. 

Hotz Mary, N E 7th & Wood. 

Hotz Wm., tavern, R. road & Sp. Garden. 

Honard J. G. & Co., silk dj'ers, 50 Lombard. 

Houck E, Mrs., dressmr., 491 N 2d. 

Hough Benjamin M., Helmuth n Sch 7ih. 

Hough Cathai'ine, 17 Coates' al. 

Hough George, stonemason, 32 Vienna. 

Hough John, mer., 441 High. 

Hough J. T., tailor, 2 S 5th, h 188 N 5th. 

Hough & Knowles, flour mers., 441 High. 

Hough Rebecca, 142 S 10th. 

Hough Sarah, teacher of music, 11 Sassafras. 

Houghton George, brass founder, 7th bel Car- 

Houghton John, brassfounder, G T road n 5th. 

Houghton Luther, brass nail manuf., 30 R. road 

Houlding Maria, 372 S Front. 

Houpt C. J., dentist &. manuf of mineral teeth, 
246 Sassafras. 

Houpt Mary, gentw., 10th ab Coates. 

House Wm., manner, 5 Burd 

Householder A., cabinetmr., Gai-den ab Noble 

Housekeeper Benjamin, teacher. Buck lane, h 
403 S 2d. 

Housekeeper C. H., att'y St coun., 96 Dillwyn. 

Houseman Daniel, butcher, 25 Mary 

Houseman James, cordwainer, c Perry & Pine. 

Houseman John S., carp., Apple n Cohocksink. 

Houseman Richard, 487 S Front 

Houser Jacob, 2d ab Greenwhich 

Houser Marg-aret, 5 Fitzwater. 

Houston Ann, gentw., 139 Filbert 

Houston C, mer., 58 S Front. 

Houston C. &. Co., mers., 58 S Front. 

Houston J. M., cashier M. bank, h Cherry n 

Houston Robert, weaver, Shippen bel 13th 

Houzelot Daniel, carp.. Crown ab Bedford 

Hover Joseph E., silversmith, rear 1 Bread, h 

New Market ab Noble. 
Hovey Eliza, milhner, N W 13th & Sassafras. 
How EUzabeth, Sch. Front ab Mulberry. 
How Margaretta, 46 Constitution row, Franklin. 
How Hannah, 211 N 9th. 
How George, shoemaker, 132 N 13th. 
How Joseph, dealer, Shippen bel Clifton. 
Howard Ann, gentw., Locust ab 12lh 
Howard Catharine, Beach ab K Market 
Howard Daniel, teacher, 20 Jacoby. 
Howard Daniel, blacksmith, 319 Sassafras, h 10 
Short's ct. 

Howard Edward sea capt., 12 German. 

Howard Eliza, shop, 38 Appletree al 

Howard George, labourer, Swede's ct. 

Howai-d G., chairmr., 2d n South, h 1 Howard 

Howard George, brushmr., Catharine bel 10th 

Howard Henry, blacksmith, 18 Maiden 

Howard James, tavern, Fairview, Bush hill. 

Howard James, 195 Cheny. 

Howard John, oak cooper, 6 Rogers' ct. 

Howai'd John, labourer, 27 Union. 

Howard John, lab., Mulberry n Sch Front 

Howard M. T. Mrs., Seminary, 19 N 13th. 

Howard P. R., stock &. ex. broker, 62 Dock, h 
N W 3d and Willing's al. 

Howard Robert, cook, 92 Gaskill. 

Howai'd Robert, dealer, Kessler's al. 

Howard Sarah, ct Vine bel 13th. 

Howard Thomas, lab., 30 John 

Howard Wm. H., 134 N 11th 

How craft Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 3 Shippen. 

Howcraft Henry, plasterer, 1 Shippen 

Howe Frances, gentw., 152 Sassafras. 

Howe James F., stock broker, 12 Mers. Ex- 
change, h 179 N 6th. 

Howe John, grocer, N W 2d & Lombard. 

Howe Wilham, bootmaker, 55^ N 8th, h 153 

Howell A. H., mer., S W Front &^ Chestnut, h 
Sch 7th bel Walnut. 

Howell Ashur, mer., 150 S 9th. 

Howell Benjamin P., M. D., 150 S 3rd. 

Howell Beula, Miss, Sch 7th bel Walnut. 

Howell & Brothers, pap. hangings, 80 Chestnut. 

Howell Caleb, mer., 99 High 

Howell Charles, carp., Dunton bel Franklin 

Howell Daniel, tavern, 23 S 3d 

Howell Eleanor, 20 Cherry. 

Howell E., milliner, 6 Poplar lane 

Howell Eliz., shoemr., N W Sch 5th & Chestnut 

Howell Eliza J., dressmr., 20 N 8th 

Howell Elizabeth, tavern, 6th ab Poplar. 

Howell Ezekiel C, confectioner, 147 N 2d. 

Howell Frances, 41 Wood. 

Howell George, mer., 80 Chestnut, h 69 Pine. 

Howell George M., hatter, 4th ab Green 

Howell George R., mer., 46 N 2d, h 94 Dillwyn 

Howell Geoi'ge, blacksmith, Stoy's ct (K) 

Howell Jane, drygoods, 489 N 2d. 

Howell J., mer., 88 Chestnut, h 217 Spruce. 

Howell J. & Co., hides & leather, 88 Chestnut, 
217 Spruce. 

Howell James, gent., 302 N 3d. 

Howell John A., mer., 80 Chestnut, h George 
bel Sch. 5th. 

Howell John C, chair maker, 56 Duke. 

Howell Joseph, carter. Noble ab 4th. 

Howell Joseph B., elk custom house, 263 N 7th. 

Howell J. C. & Smith E. L., blacksms., 8 Juni- 
per al. 

Howell J. A. & Co., paperhangings, 3 Bank pi 

Howell Lemuel, agent, 94 Dilwyn. 

Howell Levi, stage proprietor, 22 Bread. 

Howell Lydia, washer, 20 Elizabeth « 

Howell Maria, b h, St Mary's n 7th M 

Howell Matilda, Rush's ct. ^ 





Howell Matthias, blacksmith, Mellon ab 12tli. 

Howell Mrs., wid. of Doct. Abm., 63 N 8th. 

Howell P. S., blacksmith, Penn ab Maiden. 

Howell Rachel, b h, 1G2 N 2d 

Howell 11., mer, 88 Chestnut. 

Howell Richard, oysters, 6 Locust. 

Howell Richard L., assist, deputy collector, cus 

torn house, h Filbert St. Sch 8th. 
Howell Robert, hatter, 36^ S 6th 
Howell Sarah, widow, Lagrang'e pi. 
Howell S. Mrs., Morris House, 188 Chestnut. 
Howell AVilliam, paper hanger, N E 7tli & Mul 

berry, h 80 (chestnut. 
Howell William, blacksmith, Beach n Maiden. 
Howell Wm., silversmith, rear 12 Cresson's al. 
Howell Wm. Jr., mer., 15 N 2d, h 14 Sassafras. 
Howell Wm. T., mer., 196 Hig-h, h319 Sassafras 
Howell William T. fit Co., hardware, 196 High. 
Howell Zachariah, carpenter, 4 Poplar. 
Howell Z. C, mer., 80 Chestnut, h 82 Crown 
Howey William, blacksmith, 6 Almond. 
Howgate James, cutler, G T road ab 4th. 
Howorth Gershorn, lo'kng- glasses, 172 Sassafras 
Howshall Frederick, clerk, Weccacoe 
Howshall John, Cypress al. 
Hoxie Solomon, stonecutter. Chestnut & Sch 2d 

h 14 Howard 
Hoy Dennis, moroc. dresser, 9 Gray's ct (K) 
Hoy R. Mrs., milliner, Queen ab Marlborough. 
Hoyland William, file maker, 8th ab Baker 
Hozey W. B., shoes, 266 S 3d. 
Hubbard Benj., cordwr., 494 N 2d 
Hubbard Betsey, b h, 23 Drinker's al. 
Hubbard Charles, painter, 34 N 10th, h Wood 

ab Sch 8th 
Hubbard John, drayman, F road and Shacka- 

Hubbard Willis, 194 N 5th 
Hubbard Wm., grave digger. Wood n Sch 5th. 
Hubbell F. W., att'y & coun., 118 S 3d 

Huber David, victualler, Nectarine n lltli 
Huber David F., boot crimper, 236 S 4th 
Huber G. F., 182 N 4tli. 
Huber Elizabeth, widow, Maria bel 5th 
Huber H. &. F. A. &. Co., hardware, 269 High. 
Huber H. Jr., mer., 269 High, h 7 Morgan. 
Huber H. S., mer., 269 High, h Locust E Sch 8th 
Huber Jacob, trader, F road bel Bedford 
Ruber John, baker, 35 Coates 
Huljer Rudolpli, tinsmith, Shafer's ct. 
Huber Tobias, cliand., 182 Vine 
Huber Tobias &. Co., hardware, 229 N 3d. 
Hul)ert Littleton, grocer, N W 7th and Maiy 
Hubert Solomon, porter, rear 27 Bonsall 
Hubert Thomas, teacher of lang., 15 Spruce. 
Iliiblitz Elizabeth Mrs., rear 123 Cireen- 
Hublitz Francis, shoemr., i-ear 125 Green 
Huckle F., chair maker, S E 5th &, Lombard. 
Huckle Jacob, dentist, 16 Lombard. 
Huddell Benj., rope mr., Queen ab Bishop 
Huddell Joseph lumber mer., 314 S Front. 
Huddell Robert, commis. mercht., 21 Penn, h40 

Huddell Washington, clerk, 3 Sutherland. 
Hudders John R., carpenter, 34 Wood. 
Huddleston C. A. & Co., miUiners, 172 Chestnut 
Huddy Benjamin F., distiller, 60 and h 58 O Y rd. 
Huddy Heniy, distiller, 58 O Y road 
Huddy & Duval, publishers, 7 Bank alley. 
Huddy William W., editor of U. S. Military Ma- 
gazine, 84 Noble. 
Hudsbeth William, cordw., rear 125 Charlotte 
Hudson Alexander, 321 Spruce 
Hudson James, alderman, (W P) 
Hudson James, labourer, rear 163 Coates. 
Hudson John, gymnasium, 274 High. 
Hudson John, dealer, Jones ab Sch. 5th. 
Hudson Joseph, clerk, 4th bel Jefferson. 
Hudson Mary, Spruce bel Currant al 
Hudson Matthias, lab, rear 300 S 2d 

Hubbell H., att'y & coun., 87 S 6th, h 10th ab, Hudson Robert M., carpenter, 24 I^ibrary, h 


Hubbell Saml., carpenter, 79 M road. 
Hubbell Thomas, teacher, 6th bel Washington 
Hubbell Truman M., gent., 8th bel Fltzwater. 
Hubbert James, bricklayer, c Sch 8th & Willow 
Hubbert John, starch manuf., 2d ab Oxford. 
Hubbert Mary A., dressmaker, 494 N 2d. 
Hubbert S., cutler, Front ab Otter 
Hubbert William, starch manuf., 2d ab Oxford. 
Hubblitz George, tailor. Palmer ab Prince 
Hubblitz Henry, cabmr.. Palmer bel Duke 
Hubbs Achsah, Harmony ct (K) 
Hubbs Israel, stone cutter, rear Washington ab 

Hubbs Margaret, tailoress, 13th bel CentJ-e. 
Hubbs Paul K., treasurer Mulhausen Manuf Co., 

h 541 S Front. 
Hubeli Jacob, flour mer., 97 N 4th. 
Huben Andrew, cordial distiller, St. John bel 

Globe Mill 
Huber Alexander, hose maker. Say bet Sch. 

7th & 8th. 
Huber Charles, tavern, c 6th and Master 
Huber David, butcher, Maria bel 5th 

Vine n Sch. 7th 
Hudson Samuel, hatter, 216 Callowhill. 
Hudson Thos., clerk, Sheaff ab 12th 
Hudson Thomas, haircloth manuf.. Cherry ab 

Sch 6th. 
Hudson William, weaver, Lewis ab Sch. 6th. 
Huet A. Dr., 74 Spruce 
HuetT., carp., Hopkins' ct n School 
Huey & Hammond, shoes, Sch. 5th and High 
Huey John, cordwainer. Filbert ab Sch 4th. 
Huey Spencer, morocco dresser, 17 Ellen. 
Huft" & Husted, shoemanuf., 131 Higii. 
Huff John, shoe manuf., 131 High, h 172 N 13th. 
Huff John, lab., S W George and Mechanic 
Huff Mary Ann, 6 Liberty ct 
Huff Silas, contractor, Coates ab 9th 
Hufnal Adam, paper hanger, 278 N 3d, h 49 

Hufty George W., maciiinist, 13th bel Green. 
Hufty Joseph, engraver, 20 S 4th. 
Huft\' Samuel, engra\er, exchange building, h 

203 S 9th. 
Hugg Ellen, nurse, Traquair's ct 
Hugg William, tailor. Pearl n Sch. River. 




Hugg Wm., rigger, Prince ab Shackamaxon 

Huggins Sarah, widow, 396 N 3cl 

Huglies Albeit, plumber, c Juniper & Sassafras, 

h 18 Gebhui-cl, 
Hughes Amos, watchman. Laws' ct 
Hughes Ann, gent., 12 Moyamensing 
Hughes Ann, rear 33 Plumb. 
Hughes A., carpets, 277 Callowhill 
Hughes Ball, Sculptor, 66 S 6th 
Hughes Biddy, shop, Crabb ab Shippen 
Hughes Bridget, shop, 154 Shippen 
Hughes, Ward &. Co., mers., 77 High. 
Hughes Caroline, dealer, 235 Lombard. 
Huglies Chas. I,., print. & stationer, 49 Walnut 
• Hughes Christopher, carp., Shield's ct 
Hughes Clement, grazier, 469 S 2d 
Hughes Daniel, cliair mr., Crown bel Prince 
Hughes David W., blacksmith, Callowhill ab Sch 

Hughes Edward, mariner, 131 Catharine. 
Hughes Edward, dealer, 404 High 
Hughes Edward D., grazier, 464 S 2d. 
Hughes Emma, 130 Locust. 
Hughes Francis, weaver. Steward ab Catharine 
Hughes George, pianoforte manuf., 337 S 3rd. 
Hughes George, soap boiler, 125 Plum. 
Hughes Hannah, shop, Allen and Fraley's al 
Hughes James, carp., 1 Little Pine 
Huglies James, lab., 6th bel Caapenter 
Hughes James, mariner, 56 Penn. 
Hughes James, teacher, 151 Wood. 
Hughes Jane, washer, 188 Lombard 
Hughes Jane, gentw.. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Hughes John, cordw., Cadwalader bel Master 
Hughes John, lab., 7 Kelly 
Hughes John, manuf., Sch. 2nd bel Callowhill. 
Hughes John, mer., Fitzwater, ab 7th. 
Hug-hes John labourer, Powell n Ann. (F V) 
Hughes John, 158 Wood. 
Hughes John, leather manuf, 240 S 4th. 
Hughes John M., nautical store, 130 S Front. 
Hughes John C, innkeepei-, F road & Allen. 
Hughes Jonathan, carter, rear 72 plum 
Hughes Joseph, labourer, 3 Warner's ct. 
Hughes Joseph, shoemr., 8 Salem al 
Hughes Mary, huckster, Baldwin's ct 
Hughes Martin, lab., Beach n George 
Hughes Owen, carter, Carpenter bel 8th 
Huglies Rebecca, 8th ab Christian. 
Hughes K. Mrs., tavern, 7th & Bedford. 
Hughes S. B., b h, 28 Chestnut 
Hughes Mrs., teacher, 91 S 8th. 
Hughes Thomas M., undertaker, 126 N 10th. 
Hughes Wm., undertaker &. ven. blind manuf., 

102 N 8th. 
Hughes Wm., clerk, 32 R road 
Hughes Wm., blacksmith, 87 Swanson 
Hu;4'he3 William, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Hughes William, flour and feed, M road & 2d, 

■' h 479 S 2d. 
Hughes Wm., tavern, Chestnut (W P) 
Hughes W., 391 S Front. 
Hughn Daniel, carp., Olive ab Coates 
Huhn Charles, brickmaker, 17 Union sq. 
Huhn ClirlsLian, stone mason, c 2d & Franklin 

Huhn Daniel, brick mr., M'Duffie n Sch 2d 

Huhn Daniel, brickmaker, 343 Sassafras. 

Huhn Eleanor, Sch. 3rd & Spruce 

Huhn George, M. D., 13th & Wood. 

Huhn Henry, brickmr., Barker W Sch. 5th 

Huhn John D., brickmr., 11 Cedar 

Huhn John D., brickmaker, 447 Vine 

Huhn John R., brickmaker, Bedford bel Broad 

Huitt Andrew, boot maker, 53 Queen. (K) 

Hulet Hiram, hatter, 54 Charlotte 

Hulfish Ewen, tailor, 188 Sassafras. 

Hulfish Obadiah, cordwainer, 17 Charlotte 

Huling Hannah, 68 Plum. 

Huling'Jos., wheelw., Lancaster bel Wharton 

Hulings John, bookbinder, 450 S Front 

Hulings Michael, paperstainer, 44 Pegg. 

Hull George W., labourer, Washington n Vine 

Hull Henry, boiler mr., c 4th and Ma.ster 

Hull John, baker. Spruce ab Sch. Front. 

Hull Samuel P., brickmaker, c Cai-bon & Cedar 

Hull Wm., boot mr., 181 Lombard 

Hulme Thomas, 325 Walnut. 

Hulse Charles, mer., 26 N Front, h 152 N 9th 

Hulseman John, bootmr., 2 S 8th. 

Hulsewatz Lewis, lab., Apple ab Brown 

Hulsert James, cordwainer. Peach. 

Humburg Peter, drugs, S W 9th & Callowhill 

Himies George, mastmr., Fraley's ct. 

Humes Harriet, 51 Almond 

Humes James, labourer, Sj'camore ab Spruce. 

Humes Thos., lab.. Wheat ab Wharton 

Humes William, dealer, 278 S 7th. 

Humes William M., paints & varnish, N W Biuhl 

& Brown. 
Humes William, lab.. Walnut nSch. 3rd. 
Humm L., lab.. Front & Reed 
Hummel Caspar, tailor. Oak n Green. 
Hummel Fred., carter. Wood bel Queen 
Hummel Jacob, hair dresser, 438 N 3d, h 102 

JHummel Jacob H., mer., 1.3 N 3d 
Hummel Jacob, mer., 13 N 3d, h 529 N 3d. 
Hummel Jacob, dealer, 102 Coates. 1 

Hummel, |acob & Son, leather dealers, 13 N3<1 • 
Hummel John G., huckster, 17 Jones' al 
Himimel M., tavern, 320 N Front. 
Hummell Wendel, leather dresser, 5 Beaver 
Humphrey Charles, liatter, 79 Callowhill. 
Humphrey EUzabeth, b h., 184 N 13th 
Humphrey Friend W., weigh master, 163 Queen 
Humphrey Gideon, M. D., 188 Pine. 
Humphreys A., mer., 222 Mulberry. 
Humphreys Ann, 32 Sansom. 
Humphreys Charles, for. &c. mer., Walnut St. 

wharf Sch., h Sch. 7th ab Spruce. 
Humphreys, Dutilh 8t Co., for. & com. mers., 

rear 157 High 
Humphreys Edward, engraver, 48 S 3d, h 75 

Humphreys Elizabeth, Cherry ab Duke 
Humphreys Francis, engraver, 48 S 3d h Black- 
berry al & Locust 
Humphreys James V., card manuf, 5 Commerce, 

h 125 Fine. 
Humphreys John, brickmr., Wood bel Sch. 7th 




Humphreys Mary, confectioner, 48 N Front, li 

21 Sassafras. 
Humphreys S., mer., 5 Walnut, h 222 Mulberry. 
Humphreys Sarah Ann, corset mr., 141 Queen 
Humphreys Solomon, gent., 3 Rittenhouse. 
Humphreys Wm., bricklayer, I Rittenhouse. 
Humphreys Wm. W., 35 Sassafras 
Humphreys William, boot maker, 33 S 8th, h 

311 Cherry. 
Humphreyville Joshua, machinist, Charlotte ab 

Humphries James, ship carp., Vienna ab Queen 
Humphries James, ship carp.. Cherry ab Queen 
Humphries Thomas, oysterman, Mechanic bel 

Huneker John, chair manuf., 56 Brown. 
Huneker Joseph, chair painter, 619 N 2(J. 
Hung-an Cornelius, lab., Murray ab Sch. 3d 
Hungary Henr}', ship carp., Marlboro n Prince. 
Hungerford Elizabeth, gentw., Marlborough 

bel Bedford. 
Hungerford James, Marlborough bel Bedford 
Hungerford Saml., ship carpenter, Marlborough 

bel Bedford. 
Hunn E., mer., 18 N 4th, h W Penn sq. 
Hunn Margaret, 36 Strawberry 
Hunn & Remington, silks, 18 N 4th. 
Hunt George, lab., G T road bel 5th. 
Hunt Humphreys, cabinet mr., Pine bel 12th 
Hunt James, cashier Manuf. & Mechanic's Bank, 

h 297 N 6th. 
Hunt James, gent., S E 6th 8c Buttonwood. 
Hunt John, rope mr., rear 4th ab Thompson 
Hunt John, victualler, Craig's ct (K) 
Hunt Jos., currier, 12 Washington Market pi. 
Hunt Marshall J., Jewett's medic, 146 Sassafras 
Hunt Meyer, clothing, 263 S 7th. 
Hunt Nathan Y., variety store, 183 N 3rd, h S 

Garden ab 10th. 
Hunt Philip, clothing, Shippen bel 8th 
Hunt Philip & Co., granite yard. Queen & 

Hunt Robert, pianofortemanuf., 272 S Front. • 
Hunt Rebecca, boaixiing house, 209 N 2d 
Hunt Samuel, clothing-, 198 Shippen. 
Hunt Sarah, Russell bel Shippen 
Hunt Sarah, gentw., 235 S 9th. 
Hunt Uriah, sUtioner, 101 High, h O Y road n 

Hunter A., carp., Bedford ab Marlborough 
Hunter Abraham, grocer, N E 8th & Shippen. 
Hunter Albert J., organ builder, 15 Morgan. 
Hunter Alfred, hatter, 8 S 2d. 
Hunter Amelia, 6 Strahan's court. 
Hunter Andrew, lab., 13 Dyott's ct (K) 
Hunter Andrew, grocer, N E 13th & Shippen. 
Hunter Ann, dry goods, 214 Callowhill. 
Hunter Benj., fishemian. Palmer bel Queen 
Hiuiter Brown, blacksmith, F road ab Phoenix 
Hunter Charles, livery stable, 128 Filbert 
Hunter Daniel, stone cutter, rear Washington 

Hunter David, tailor, 54 Chester 
Hunter David, carter, Schleisman's al 
Hunter Edward, hatter, 376 Cedar 

Hunter F>sther, widow, 12 North 

Hunter (ieorge, farmer, Bedford ab .Marlboro' 

Hunter Isaac, cabmr., 5 Allen (H) 

Hunter Israel, teamster, Pine n Kcacli. 

Himter Jamc;;, weaver, Gadwalader n Phoenix. 

Hunter James, watchman, 53 Perry 

Hunter John, labourer. Wood ab Sch. 7th. 

Hunter John, plasterer, 334 Pine. 

Hunter John, lab., Kelly's ct 

Hunter John, lab., 14 Perry. 

Hunter John C, gasfitter, 14 S 8th, h 290 Pme 

Hunter R., dressmaker. Filbert n Sch. 8th 

Hunter Robert, shoemr., Lombard n Sch. 6th 

Hunter Robert, labourer. High n Sch. 4th 

Hunter Robt., spinner, William st. (F M) 

Hunter Samuel, weaver, Sch. 2d ab Spruce. 

Hunter Samuel, dentist, 112 Green. 

Hunter Wm., carter, Chestnut n Sch. 

Hunter Wm., morocco dresser, c Edward and 

Hunter William, cordwainer, N W Juniper &. 

Hunter William, lab., Lombard n Sch 7th. 
Hunter William A., tailor, 75 N 6th. 
Hunter Wm. M., U. S. N., Mulberry n Sch. 7th. 
Hunterson Adam, ropemr.. Cherry ab Queen(K) 
Hunterson Henry, shoemaker, Brooke. 
Hunterson John, shoemaker, 2 Chew's court. 
Huntingdon Lydia, gentw., 10th bel Cedar. 
Huntley John, carp., rear 27 Cresson's al. 
Huntly'john jr., bookbinder. Dean W of Centre. 
Huntly Robert, blacksmith, 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Huntt C. S., clerk, Clinton n 11th. 
Huntt Sarah A., Clinton n 11th. 
Huntzbcrry John H., sawyer, rear 215 St Johns 
Huprield C. F., prof, music, 49 Filbert. 
Huplet Henry, cabinetmr.. Palmer bel Duke. 
Hupplits William, cordwainer, 122 Brown. 
Huquenele John H., mer., 29 Filbert. 
Hurlbut Ebenezer, lab., 3 Federal. 
Hurlbut M. L., academy, S W 10th & Walnut. 
Hurlbut William, mer., 15 City row. 
Hurley Aaron A., S E Fitzwater and 9th. 
Hurley George, watchman U. S. Bank, h 318 


Hurley John, weaver, St. John bel George. 
Hurley John, lab., 154 N Water. 
Hurley Michael, weaver, 5 Pratt's ct. 
Hurley Thomas, confectioner, 22 Castle. 
Hurlick William, collector, 3 Short ct. 
Hurlock Wm., blacksmith, Helmuth n Sch 7th. 
Hurst Alfred, mer., 42 Walnut, h 220 Pine. 
Hurst Edward, att'y & notary, 38 Walnut 
Hurst Hannah, 210 Shippen. 
Hurst H. B. & P. M., seeds, 27 S 4th 
Hurst Jacob, cordwr., G T road bel Jefferson. 
Hurst James, mariner, 40 Union. 
Hurst James, furniture, 26 Lombard. 
Hurst John, shoes, 181 N 13th. 
Hurst John, oak cooper. Crown bel Bedford. 
Hui-st John, frame maker, 588 N 3rd. 
Hurst Joseph G., tailor, 17 Julianna. 
Hurst Stephen, shoemaker. Peach. 
I Hurst Wm., tailor, 11th bel Sp Garden. 
Hurstman T., skin dresser, 69 German. 




Hurt John, jeweller, 22 Strawberry. 

Hurtt James H., ven. blind mr. 104 Lonibaid. 

Husband J. J., carpenter, Sch 8th ab High, 

528 Hig-h. 
Husband Lacy, lab., 26 Dyott's ct. 
Husbands C. M., dry goods, 64 S 2d. 
Husbinger George, coi-dw., Orchard ii Hawle. 
Huselbock John, carpenter, 153 St. John. 
Hushburg Ann, Centi'e ab 12th. 
Huss John, conlectioner, 207 S Front. 
Hussey Margaret, glovenu'., 22 Almond. 
Husted Dayton, shoe mer., 131 High, h 2 Fet 

ter lane. 
Husted John, cooper, 10 Noble. 
Huston Alexander, carpenter, 7 Marion. 
Huston Eliza, milliner, Carlton ab 13th. 
Huston Eliza, gentw., 122 N 9th. 
Huston Elizabeth, tavern, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras 
Huston John, dyer, G T road ab Franklin. 
Huston Phebe, dressmr., George ab 10th. 
Huston K. M., M. U., 1 Girard. 
Huston Richard, weaver, 204 Queen. 
Huston Samuel, shoemr.. West ab Cherry. 
Huston "William, coach painter, 34 Chester. 
Hutchins Ascha, b h, 13 Little Pine. 
Hutchins Benj. Rev., 40 Pine. 
Hutchins Daniel, tailor, 4 Townsend's ct. 
Hutchins Gilbert, gent., 160 Cherry. 
Hutchins G. B., grocer, N W Marshall & Poplar 
Hutchins Henry J., gent., 40 Pine. 
Hutchins Miss, 47 Spruce. 
Hutchins Josepli, cotton spinner, S W Green & 

Cadwalader (K) 
Hutchins Rebecca, 6tli ab Poplar. 
Hutchinson Andrew, coachman, 3 Tiller's ct. 

Hutchinson Ann, 7 Short court. 

Hutchinson Ann, milliner, I3th bel Spmce. 

Hutchinson Benjamin, h 730 N 2d. 

Hutchinson Benj. P., 2 Exchange, h 113 Pine. 

Hutchinson Charles N., combmr., 17 Charlotte. 

Hutchinson Charles, coffee roaster, 168 N 4th, 
h N E 4th and Wood. 

Hutchinson David, carter, 6th ab Poplar 

Hutchinson Dennis, carter, 3 Washington. (S) 

Hutchinson D. L., mer., 107 High, h Mulberry 
ab 13th. 

Hutchinson Ehzabeth, shop, Hopkin's ct (K) 

Hutchinson F., acct., 14 S 10th. 

Hutchinson Jacob, varnisher, 3 Boyd's row. 

Hutchinson James, measurer, 58 S 12th. 

Hutchinson Jas. H., tavern, S E 12th & Locust. 

Hutchinson John, lab.. Filbert ab Sch 4th. 

Hutchinson John, carter, 6 Juniper la. 

Hutchinson John, weaver, 11 Mechanic. (F M) 

Hutchinson Jos., blacksmith, Ashton bel Sassa- 

Hutchinson Joseph, carpenter, 225 S 9th. 

Hutchinson M., gent.. Mulberry ab 13th. 

Hutchinson Margaret, 7th and Orange. 

Hutchinson k. McMullin, stock & ex. brokers, 
2 Exchange. 

Hutchinson Pearson, tavern, c O Y road and 

Hutchinson Pemberton, gent., 366 Spruce. 

Hutchinson Randal, atty., 10th bel Fitzwater. 

j Hutchinson R., currier, 5 Kittenhouse. 
[Hutchinson S. W., gent., 8 Virginia row. 
h Hutchinson Sarah, St Joseph's av. 

Hutchinson Thoma-s, gent., Washington. (W P) 
Hutchinson Thomas, carpenter. Sycamore ab 

Spruce, h 2 Orange. 
Hutchinson Thomas, collector, 17 St. Joseph's 

Hutchinson William, mason, 242 Wood. 

Hutchinson AVilliam, 67 Buttonwood. 

Hute Catharine, shop, 330 N Front. 

Hutlock Michael, stone cutter, Coates n Broad. 

Hutman H. C, mer., 203 High. 

liutman St Hamman, dry goods, 203 High. 

Hutter Henry, tavern, Coates bel 12th. 

Huttner Frederick, M. D., 217 Chestnut, h 239 

Ilutton Moses, clerk, N. L. Bank, h 125 Dill- 

Ilutton Samuel, packer, 71 German. 
Hutton Thomas W., baker, 16 Acorn al. 
Ilutton William, coppersmith, 49 German. 
Hutz Peter, sea captain, 484 S 2d. 
Huven John, lampmr., 649 N 2d 
Hyatt Edward T., 124 New Market. 
Hyatt Samuel, corder, 1st wharf bel CallowhiU, 

h 216 N Front. 
Hyatt William E., corder. Noble st wharf, h 11 

Hyde Ann, Hamilton bel John. 
Hyde Joseph, blacksmitli, 15 Budd. 
Hyde Lawson, mer., 420 High, h Cedar row ab 

Hyde Robert, curriei-, Vernon ab 10th. 

Hyde Samuel, 216 N Front. 

Hyderick A., glassblower. Orchard n Rawle. 

Hydor Samuel, 245 N Front. 

Hyer Alexander C, mer., 8 Minor, h S E 6th 
and Callowhill. 

Hyer Alexander, china, 225 N 6th. 

Hyer Elizabeth, teacher, rear 323 S 2d. 

Hyer Jacob, lab., 257 St Johns. 

Hylt Ernest, 1 Ellet'sav. 

Hymer Maria, widow, 3 Maria. 

Hymer Stephen, brickmr., 4lh ab Brown. 

Hyneman Charles, custom house, h Green ab 

Hyneman Elias, 67 Noble. 

Hyneman Hannah, widow, 183 Brown. 

Hyneman John, dry goods, 265 N 2d. 

Hyneman Moses, clothier, 223 N 2nd. 

Hyneson Elizabeth, tailoress, rear 392 Sassaf»as 

Hyres Eliza, 3 Richardson's ct. 

Hyte Joseph, waterman, Mead bel Front. 

Hytzle Adam, labourer, 319 N Front. 

Hyzer Samuel, gunsmith, Derringei'^s ct. 

Ichley Hannah, 6 Washington row. 
Iddings C. P., teller Bank U. S., h 268 N 6th. 
Iddings R. J., men, 11 N Front, h 268 N 6th. 
Ide Geo. B. Rev., N E 6th and Noble. 
Idler Charles, machinist, 420 S 4th. 
Idler Jacob, S W 6th and Green. 




Idler Wm., cotton g-in maniif., Willow n Ctli, li 

c 6tli & (ji-een. 
Igo Bridg-c-t, b li Pi;arl bol Hioad. 
Ihi-ie Peter, labourer, Beacli bel Mnidcn. 
lUias Charles, mer., S VV Sell 7tli and kitiicr. 
Illiiig'worth Peter, manuf., Hanover n West. 

Imbrie James, jr., mer., 15 Commerce. 

Imbrie James, mer., 98| S 4tli. 

Imbrie Margaret, .'>28 Sassafras. 

Immel Elizabeth, g-entw., c .Ird & Cherry. 

Immendccrfter C. F., dnig-g-isf, 118 Sassafras. 

Ince Georg-e, grocer, 10 Reed's ct. 

Ingard Christopher, chair maker, 35 Charlotte. 

Ingard John, coachman, Marshall n Brown. 

Ingard William, carp., Ogden ab 10th. 

Ingersoll Benjamin, waterman, 342 S Front. 

Tngersoll B. W., mer., 54 ^ S wharves, h 18 

Ingersoll Catharine, gentw., 49 S 13th. 

Ingersoll Charles, atty. & conn., 136 Walnut. 

Ingersoll Charles J., atty. 8c. coun., 18 Girard. 

Ingersoll Edward, att'y & coun., 62 S 6th. 

Ingersoll H., lieutenant U. S. Navy, 250 Chest- 

Ingersoll Joseph R., atty. & coun., 77 S 4th. 

Ingher Ernest, shoemaker, 403 N 4th. 

Ingle Adam, victualler, N E Franklin and Cal- 

Ingoldsby Thos., weaver, 5 Clymer. 

Ingraham Ann, washer, Brinton's alley. 

Ingraham Archibald, watchman, Jones W Sch 

Ingraham E. D., atty. & coun., 6 York Build- 

Ingraham J. H., bookbinder, 204 Cherr}'. 

Ingram C. L., confectioner, 9th ab Noble. 

Ingram Charles W., manuf. of bridle bits, 17 

Ingram Henry, cabinet maker, 220 Noble. 

Ingram John, Margaretta. (W P) 

Ingram Robert, bookbinder, 15 Sergeant. 

Ingram Thomas, dentist, 72 Sassafras. 

Ingram Thomas, watchman, 372 Vine. 

Ingram Zadoc, carp., 254 Wood ab 12th. 

Inman Samuel, grocer, Vine n Sch river. 

Inman Samuel, labourer, Carlton n Sch. Front. 

Innes John, boxmaker, 56 Crown, h 24 Sassa- 

Innes Samuel P., potter, F road n Queen. 

Innington John, carp., 6 Lawrence ct. 

Insco Wm., mariner, Simson's ct. 

Inskeep Ann, 233 Spruce. 

Inskeep, widow of, Samuel, 19 Keefe 

Inskeep Sarah F., b h, 8^ S 5th. 

Inskeep Wm. H., mer., 187 High, h 19 Filbert 

Inslee J. A., real estate broker, 90 Walnut. 

Inslee J. A. & Son, real estate brokers, 90 

Iredell Edward, cordw.. Jefferson ab Sch. 6th 

Ireland Elizabeth, 11 Providence ct. 

Ireland George & Son, vinegar, 50 Brown. 

Ireland George, 50 and h 48 Brown. 

Ireland John, sea captain, 6 Duke. 

Ireland John, 10 Queen 

Ireland Richard, waiter. Hay's ct. (K) 

Ireland Wm., charcoal dealer, 19 Queen 

Ireland William F., 50 and h 19 Brown. 

Irons Lewis, lab., 21 P road 

Irvin Edward, carp.. Cedar ab 13tli 

Irvin James, copperplate printer, Vaughan n 

Sch. 8th 
Irvin Jane, dealer, 241 S 5th. 
Irvin Nathan, tinsmith, Sch. 4th n Clieslnut 
Ii-vin Robt., cordw., 3 Lagrange. 
Irvin Thomas, brickmr., 614 N 3d. 
Irvine A. Mrs., b h., 11 N 10th 
Irvine Callender, commis. general, office &, h , 

Sch. 5th n Locust 
Irvine Gerrard, carp., 16 S 13th, h 9 Kelly's ct. 
Irwin A. M., milliner, 170 S 2d. 
Irwin H. W., dentist, 8 Lombard. 
Irwin James, printer, 580 N 3(1. 
Irwin John, miller. Cedar n 13th 
Irwin John, lab., 415 S Front 
Irwin John H., mer.. S W Front and \Valnut, h 

258 Walnut 
Irwin John W., 115 Lombard. 
Irwin Maria, dressmr., 129 N 6th. 
Irwin Mrs. M. b h, 8 Lombard. 
Irwin Robert, watchman, 7 Ann 
Irwin Samuel, tobacconist, 220 N 4th 
Irwin Samuel, combmaker, 58 George. (S) 
Irwin William, lab., Finen 12th. 
Irwin Wm., carp.. Cedar ab 13th 
Isaacs Aaron, cloth mer., 511 N2d. 
Isaacs Ellen, pawnbroker, 179 Cedar. 
Isaacs George, clothing store, 304 N Front. 
Isaacs Jane, 263 Catharine. 
Isaacs Joshua, refectory, S E 6th & Chestnut, h 

20 Powell. 
Isaacs Rachel, dealer, 200 Shlppen 
Isaacs Solomon, clothing, 336 N 2d 
Isard Charles, acct.. Spruce ab 13th 
Isard James, 70 Christian 
Isard Michael, shoemr., 221 S Front 
Isbern Samuel, cooper, Littleboy's ct. 
Iseminger Henry, carp., Lancaster bel Reed 
Isining Mary, b h, 44 Green 
Isphordeng Anthony, grocer, S W Coates & St 

Israel Abraham, clothing, 201 Cedar 
Israel Mary, b h., 91 S 3d. 
Israel Wm. P., coal office, S W Pine & Fro 
Ivlns Isaiah, carpenter, 7 Combs' al. 
Izzard Eleazar, seaman, Spragg's av. 

Jack C. J., atty. & coun., 12 N 7th. 
Jack John, compositor, 325 A'ine. 
Jack John N., tailor, Carlt07i ab Sch 8th. 
Jack Mary, shop, 12th ab Shippen. 
Jack Robert, grocer, Shippen la. & Bedford 
Jack William, patternmaker. High W Sch. 8th 
Jack William, coachmaker, 49 Prune. 
Jackson Alexr., manufacturer. Front ab Phoe- 
nix. (K) 

Jackson Alexr., constable, 7 Maria 
Jackson A. C, trunkmr., Grear ab 11th 




Jackson Benjamin, wheelwrig-ht, 84 Penn, h 

104 Carpenter 
Jackson Benjamin, com. mer., 18 N Front. 
Jackson Benj., machinist, rear 120 German 
Jackson B. Franklin, printer, 10th ab Button- 
Jackson & Capner, livery stables, 21 Crown 
Jackson Catharine, 8 Lawrence 
Jackson Charles Rev., 16 Plum 
Jackson Charles C, tailor, N E 5th and Mulber- 
ry, h 218 Cherry. 
Jackson Charles C. & Co., tailors, N E 5th & 

Jackson C. D., teacher, 100 S 8th 
Jackson Charles S., U. S. marker, lower district, 

S wharves n Cedar, h Belmont place. 
Jackson David D., cabinetmr.. Filbert ab 13th, 

h 36 N 13th 
Jackson E. W., Sch. 7th ab Spruce. 
Jackson Edmund G., saddler, 363 N 4tli. 
Jackson Edward F., mer., 41 High, h 118 Chris- 
■ Jackson Ellis, shuttlemr, Charlotte n Poplar. 
Jackson Elizabeth, whitewasher, Paschall's al. 
Jackson Emma, b h., 20 Barley. 
Jackson Enoch, pilot, 28 Beck 
Jackson Ephraim, combmaker, 20 Jullanna ab 

Jackson Ezekiel, carp., 12th ab "Vine 

Jackson E. Mrs., shop. Beach n Maiden. 

Jackson George, victualler, 5th n Camac. 

Jackson George, watchman, 2 Clymer. 

Jackson George F., carpenter, Dugan ab Pine, 
h Barker n Sch. 6th 

Jackson Geo. W. &. Co., mers., 42 S Front 

Jackson George W., carp., 10 Nectarine 

Jackson, Green & Co., dry goods, 41 High. 

Jackson Harkness, waiter, Bell's ct. 

Jackson Henry, lab., 7 Callowhill 

Jackson Isaac, carpenter, 265 N 7th. 

Jackson Isaac, attorney, Walnut ab Broad. 

Jackson Jacob, stevedore, 23 Christian. 

Jackson Jacob B., seaman, 75 Plum 

Jackson John, bootmaker, 11 Pearl. 

Jackson John, machinist, 643 N 2d 

Jackson John D., loan office, S E ?th & Cedar 

Jackson John G., acct., Locust n Broad. 

Jackson Joseph, carpenter, h 17 S Sch. 6th. 

Jackson Joseph, carp., Shippen ab 10th 

Jackson Jose])h, collector, 2 Hermitage pi. 

Jackson Martha, b h, 77 Penn 

Jackson Mary, ladies' seminary, 30G S 10th. 

Jackson Mary, trimmings. Queen n Wood. (K) 

Jackson Mayland, lab., Lloyd bel Shippen. 

Jackson M. A., milliner, 12 Federal. 

Jackson Nathaniel, 10 Boyd's av. 

Jackson Rachel, dressmr., 1 Lombard ct. 

Jackson Richard, gent., Marlborough ab Frank- 
lin. (Kensington) 

Jackson Samuel, bootmaker, 13 Flower. 

Jackson Samiiel, machinist, 101 G T road, h 
622 N 2d 

Jackson Samuel, M. D., 172 Mulberry. 

Jackson Saml., tanner, G T road ab 2d 

Jackson Samuel, M. D., professor, 108 S 8th. 

.lackson Samuel, miller, Lombard n Beach 
Jackson Samuel, druggist, c 10th and Button- 
Jackson Sarah, N W 5th and Mulberry. 
Jackson Sarah, 21 Plum 
Jackson Thomas, baker, 194 St. John. 
Jackson Thomas, grocer. Front bel Master 
Jackson Thomas, chaser and die sinker, 5 Gar- 

rigues' ct. 
Jackson, Todd & Co., mers., 20 S Front. 
Jackson T., boot & shoemaker, 292 S 3rd. 
Jackson Washington, mer., 20 S Front, h 288 

Jackson Washington, machinist. Carpenter ab 

6th. (S) 
Jackson William, broker, S E Dock &. Walnut, 
h Spruce bel 13th 

Jackson Wm., mer., N E High & 2d, ii 62 New. 

Jackson William, rig'ger, Beck's ct. 

Jackson Wm., horse dealer, Washington. (W P) 

Jackson Wm., coachman, 7 Washington 

Jackson Wm. B., cordwainer. Noble bel 8th. 

Jackson Wm. P., tailoj-, 50 N 5tli 

Jacob Israel, furniture, 169 Cedar 

Jacob Julius, dry goods, 106 Sassafras 

Jacobs Benjamin, lab., Baldwin's ct. 

Jacobs Brinton, com mer., Chestnut st wharf, 
Sch., h Chestnut n Sch. 5th. 

Jacobs Charles, U. States mint, h Carlton above 

Jacobs &. Cushman, dry goods, 155 High 

Jacobs Elizabeth, 121 Swanson 

Jacobs Elizabeth, 6 Providence. 

Jacobs Frederick, tailor, James bel R road. 

Jacobs George, silversmith, 156 Mulberry 

Jacobs George, porter, Caroline pi. 

Jacobs Hannah, shop, 27 Crabb 

Jacobs Joseph, shoemaker, c Rachel & Poplar. 

Jacobs Joseph, waterman, Washington. (W P) 

Jacobs Maria, b h, 150 S 5th 

Jacobs &. Myers, mers., 152 N 2d 

Jacobs M., Pleasant ab 10th. 

Jacobs Peter, morocco dresser, Oldham ct. 

Jacobs Samuel, lab., Pine al. 

Jacobs Samuel., dry goods, 155 High, house 65 N 
1 1th. 

Jacobs Thomas H., mer., 81 Dock, h 167 S 3d. 

Jacobs Wm., carp., 424 N 5th 

Jacobson Letitia, 5 Harmony 

Jacobus Henry, gardener, F road opp. West. 

Jacobus Josiah, blacksm., 105 St. John 

Jacoby Charles, cabinetmaker, 176 Sassafras. 

Jacob}' Henr}', cigarmr., G T road n JeHerson. 

Jacoby J. F., machinist, 216 N 2d 

Jacoby Martin, carpenter, 89 Budd. 

Jacoby Michael, tavern. Beach n Shackamaxon. 

Jacot Celestin, casemr., 45 Chesnut 

Jacot Henry, jeweller, Cobb 

Jacquet Azel, lab., Penn ab Marsh 

Jaggers Abraham, 7 Cresson's alley. 

Jaggers John, engineer, 588 S 2d. 

J aggers William, collector, 52 Green. 

Jahraus Adolph St Jacob, bakers, 18 Christian 

Jahraus Henry, baker, 1 Maria 




James Abel M., cordvvainer, 199 O Y road. 

James Catharine, grocer, 8 Christian 

James Charles, ship carp., F road ab Harrison. 

James Charles, shipwriglit, F road ab Han-ison. 

James Ebenezer, ladies' shoemaker, 145 S 8lh 

James Elia, shoemr., 37 Shippen 

James Elizabeth, sempstress, 2 Harmony ct. 

James Francis, bookbinder, 12 Branner's ct. 

James Georg-e, carter, Ann n Sch. 7th. 

James George, boat builder, N wharves n Sas- 
safras, h 116 N Front. 

James Hug-h, lab., 5 W Cedar 

James Israel E., varnish maniif., 17 Branch. 

James Jer., tailor, 39 Georg-e 

James Jesse, carp., 468 N 3d 

James John, carpenter, Marlboroug-h ab Queen. 

James John F., actuary Girard I/ife Ins. &. Trust 
Co., h 34 Sansom 

James John O., mer., 142| N 3d 

James John R., combmr., 5 N 4th, h 81 Chestnut 

James John T., post office, h 72 Apple 

James J. O., h 41 O Y road 

James J. S., teacher, 17 Branch 

James, Kent & Santee, mers., 142^ N 3d 

James Marshall, clerk, S W Sassafras & Juniper. 

James Mary, 201 Pine. 

James Mason, stone mason, G T rd. n Jefferson. 

James Peter, caulker, 239 Lombard 

James Richard, lab., Wood bet Sch. 6th h 7th. 

James Robert, stone cutter, F V 

James R. P., brushmaker, 18 Greenleaf's ct. 

James Samuel M., bricklayer, 33 Dean. 
, James Samuel N., druggist, S W 4th & Wood. 

James Senecca, cordw., G T road bel 4th 

James Silas C. Rev., Washington. (W P) 

James Simeon, boxmaker, G T road n Jefferson. 

James Stephen, tinsmith, 226 Callovvhill 

James Thomas, cordw., Parrish n 5th. 

James Thomas, lab., William n Vine, Sch. 

James Thomas, umbrellamr., rear 355 N 3d 

James Thomas D., teacher, S W 11th &. High, 
h 66 N 11th 

James Thomas P., druggist, S W 4th &. Wood. 

James Toliver, labourer, Carlton bel Sch. 6th. 

James Wm., lab., George n Sch. river 

James & West, hotel, N W 6th &, Carpenter. 

James Wm. H., forw'g and com. mers., S E 
Broad & Sassafras. 

Jameson David, shoemr.. Spruce ab Sch. 5th 

Jameson William, hatter, Randall's ct. 

Jamey Catharine, Queen ab Bishop. (K) 

Jamison J., cabinetmaker, 17 Norris' al., h 121 

Jamison Martha, 251 N Front. 
Janke John N., teacher, 17 N 12th 

Janney Benjamin S., M. D., 334 N 6th. 
Janney Benj. Jr., mer., 241 High 
Janney Israel, gent., 7th ab Noble. 
Janney O. S., druggist, 13 N 4t]i, h 72 N 11th. 
Janvier Samuel W., sea capt., 139 Catharine 

Jardella Amanda B., mantua mr., 11th bel Lo- 
ardella Mary Ann, 142 Christian, 
arden Charles, cordwainer, 385 Sassafras. 

larden Jacob, gent., 10th ab Green. 

.lardcn John, marble yard, 226 S Front, and c 

Sassafras and 11th, h 53 N 11th 
Jarden Robert, mer., 11 City row. 
Jarden Samuel, gent., 10 City row. 
Jarden & Snyder, cutlers, 55^ N 8tli 
larden William, brickmaker, 149 N 12th 
Jarden Wm., weaver, Catharine ab 13th. 
Jarman Elford E., 406 High, li 13 Howard. 
Jarman Reuben, collector, 30 Coates 
Jarrett Rebecca, b h, Parrisli n Marshall. 
Jarvis Benj., bricklayer, 290 Coates 
Jarvis C, teacher of nmsic, 101 Filbert, 
.(arvis John, engineer, 13 Morgan's ct. 
Jarvis Henry, lab. Ridgway's row, Callowhill 
.laudon A. G., mer., 7 S 5th, h 335 Walnut. 
Jaudon Alexander H., 7 S 5th. 
Jayne David, M. D., druggist, 20 S 3rd. 
Jaynes Charles, carp., 22 Montgomery. 
Jeanes Amos, Filbert ab Sch. 6th 
Jeanes Isaac, confectioner, 308 High. 
Jeanes Isaiah, gent., 208 N Front. 
Jeanes J. T., mer., 85 High, h 208 N Front. 
Jeanes J. T. & S., dry goods, 85 High. 
Jeanes S., mer., 85 High, h 208 N Front. 
Jeans James, cordwainer, F road ab Otter. 
Jefferies R. C, paper store, 59 N 3d. 
Jefferis Thomas, cordwainer, 20 Vine. 
Jefferis William, pilot, 2 John 
Jeffers Alexander, watchman, 119 N Juniper. 
Jeffers Maria, gentw., Little O.ak. 
Jeffers Jane, Sch. 4th n Mulberry. 
Jefferson Edmond, labourer, 1 1 Hesler's ct. 
Jeffery Ann, corset maker, 5 S 6th. 
Jeffery Saml., victualler, 530 N 4th. 
Jeffras Daniel, gentleman, 486 N 4th. 
Jeffras John, shoemaker, Charlotte n Poplar 
Jeffrey Elizabeth, huckster, 7 Poplar. 
Jeffrej John, weaver. Barker ab Sch. 6th. 
Jeffrey John, waiter, George ab Sch 7th. 
Jeffrey Robert, weaver, Bedford ab 12th. 
Jeffrey Wm., blacksmitli. Pearl ab Sch 8th. 
Jeffries Benjamin M., coach maker. Prune ab 

5th, h 18 Prune. 
Jeffries David, mariner, 104 Gaskill. 
Jeffries George, coach & liarness maker, c York 

&. Laurel, h 31 Si)ruce. 
Jeffries Jacob, carp. 3 Helmuth. 
Jeffries James, coach spring maker. Lodge ab 

8th, h 167 S 11th. 
Jeffries James, skin dresser, G T road below 

Jeffries James, Gales' ct 
Jeffries John, victualler, 260 N 8th. 
Jeffries John H., carp., 13 Charlotte. 
Jeffries John, brickmi-., '\\'eaver W of Green. 
Jeffries Joseph, drayman, 7 Helmuth. 
Jeffries William, carpenter, 13 Perry. 
Jeffries William, porter, 40 Gaskill. 
Jeffries William, labourer, 135 Bonsall. 
Jeffries Wm., bricklayer, 4 Baxter's al. 
Jehle John G., tailor, '349 N 6th. 
Jenet Jones, carp., 3 Clinton's ct. 
Jeney Catharine, huckster, Queen ab Bishop, 
Jeney Edward, tobacconist, 144 S 6th. 




Jenis Lewis, b h, 10 Pine. 
Jenkins Benj., confect., Fairmount 
Jenkins Edward, shoemaker, 4 Hubbell. 
Jenkins Edward, spice factor, 3 Bonsall. 
Jenkins Holliday, merchant, 150 High, h 156 

N 5th. 
Jenkins Jacob, plasterer, Morris ab Clu-istian. 
Jenkins James B., barber, 24 S 7th 
Jenkins James, white washer, Emeline 
Jenkins John, manuf., 19 Edward (K) 
Jenkins John G., bookbinder, 11 Sergeant. 
Jenkins John P., livery stables, 487 High, ii 

Jones VV Sch 8th. 
Jenkins Mary, gentw., 2G Duke 
Jenkins Mary, b h, Washing-ton (W P) 
Jenkins Nicholas, furn. car, Rachel n Laurel 
Jenkins R. W. Mrs., nurse, 318 Cedar. 
Jenkins Samuel, fire hose mr., 14 Gebhard. 
Jenkinson Joseph, bootmr., 2 Hubbell. 
Jenks & Derbyshire, flour, 65 N Water, & 33 N 

Jenks Edmund, blacksmith, 3 Elder 
Jenks Edward, blacksmith, 33 German 
Jenks John, engineer, Sch 5th n Hamilton. 
Jenks John, engineer, Sch 5th n B. H. 
Jenks Jonathan, ship joiner, Allen ab Marlboro' 
Jenks Joseph lit., gent., 5 Vine. 
Jenks Watson, mer., 65 N Water, h N E Vine 

and 7th. 
.Jenkson Jos., shoemaker, 1 Clymer ab Adams. 
Jennens Thomas, brass founder, 47 Prune. 
Jennings Amelia, 4 Colonnade row. 
Jennings David, potter, 604 Front ab Franklin. 
Jennings Margaret, dressmr., 81 German 
Jennings Mary, washer, R road F V 
Jennings Mary, teacher, 8 Nicholson 
Jennings Natlian, glass cutter. Wood ab Prince. 
Jennings Rachel, Wheat & Wharton 
Jennings Richard, beds &. feathers, 276 S 2d. 
Jentiy John, shoemr., rear 195 St John 
Jerquett Hannah, Beaver n Marshall. 
Jenis George, actor, 11 Filbert av. 
Jesse Ruth Mrs., 1 Church al. 
Jestor Ellas, dry goods, N E 5th & Callowhill. 
Jestor Outen, mer., h Baxter's av. 
Jewell David, cabtmr., 75 German 
Jewell George, bootmaker, 1 Sycamore. 
Jewell J. B.," paint. & glaz., 4 S 5th, h 328 Vine. 
Jewell Kenneth, gent., 264 Coates. 
Jewell Leonard, mer., 2 S 3rd, h 145 N 9th. 
Jewell Presley B., paint. & glaz., 1 Decatur, h 

470 Callowhill. 
Jewell Wilson, M. D., 238 N 4th. 
Jewett Eliza, 295 Spruce. 
Jimlson Margaret, dressmr., 387 S Front 
Jlmlson Robert, drayman, Sch. 3d & Cherry. 
Jimlson Wm., dyer, c Adams & Perry 
Job Aaron, trader, 50 W Cedar 
Jobs Isaac B., brass nallmr., Shippen ab 5th, h 

10th ab Catharine 
Jobson Francis, boot & .shoemr., 352 N 3d. 
Jobson Joseph, rolling niill, 131 Franklin. (K) 
Jobson Mary, 57 Green. 
Jobson Sarah, 23 N 4th. 
Johannes William, tobacconist, 399 S Front 

Johns Daniel, painter, S W 12th &. Scheafl". 

Johns George W., clerk, 66 Wood 

Johns James, watchman, 422 S Front. 

Johns Jos., measurer, N E 12th &. S Garden 

Johns Michael, drove yard, R road n Coates. 

Johns M. S., mer., 10 S 4th, h 2 Palmyra sqr. 

Johns Mr. Rev., Woodland. (W P) 

Johns Thomas, cutler, 161 N 10th 

Johns Thomas, seaman, 32 Beck 

Johns William T., 19 S Wharves, h 103 N 13th. 

Johns William, measurer, Pine n Broad. 

Johnsen Jonatiian, county com., h Vine n Sch. 

Johnson Abraham, 62 German 

Johnson Adam, brickmr.. Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Johnson Alexander, bookbinder, 119 N Front 

Johnson Alexander, dentist, 212 Noble. 

Johnson Ann, Wagner's al. 

Johnson Ann, Corn & Wharton. 

Johnson Andrew, weaver, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 

Johnson Ann, Penn ab Maiden (K) 

Johnson Arthur, carter, Sch. 3rd bel High. 

Johnson Augustus, musician, 7 Little Pine 

Johnson Augustus W., brass founder, 637 N 2d. 

Johnson Benj. D., mer., 24 S whfs, h 144 N 12th 

Johnson Benjamin, plumber. Christian ab 4th. 

Johnson Benj. F., mer., 5 S Front, h 80 S 8th 

Johnson C, gent.. West Penn sq. 

Johnson Catharine, layer out of dead, Plynlim- 
mon pi. 

Johnson Catharine, nurse, 28 N 5th 

Johnson Catharine, shop, 224 Catharine 

Johnson Catharine, corset mr., 176 Vine. 

Johnson Chas. ink maker &. alderman, 21 Jef- 
ferson row. 

Johnson Charles Mrs., 104 S 4th. 

Johnson & Corsault, cabinetmakers, 112 S 3d. 

Johnson David, tavern, 202 S Water. 

Johnson David, morocco dresser, 511 N 3d. 

Johnson David, skin dresser, Marlboro' bel West 

Johnson David, cordwainer, 28 Margaretta. 

Johnson D., oak cooper, N W 6th &. St Mary. 

Johnson & Duplalne, boots & shoes, 12 N 3rd. 

Johnson &. Durant, printing ink makers, S E 
10th and Lombard. 

Johnson Edward, turner, 5 Littleboy's ct. 

Johnson Edward, labourer, Emeline. 

Johnson Edward, tavern, 404 N 2nd. 

Johnson Edward, gent.. Spruce bel Broad. 

Johnson Edwai'd Rev., 21 Hurst. 

Johnson Eliza, washer., Crabb bel Cedar 

Johnson Elizabeth, 5^ Mark's la. 

Johnson Elizabeth, Catharine ab 3d 

Johnson Ellen, milliner, 137 S 11th 

Johnson & Falls, grate mrs., 16 N 6th. 

Johnson Frances, 20 Carter's alley. 

Johnson Francis, musician, 137 S 11th. 

Johnson Frederick, carpenter, rear 15 Noble, 

Johnson Gabriel, blacksmith, 15 Reckless 

Johnson George, waiter, 23 Currant al. 

Johnson Geo., cordwainer, 3 Penn (K) 

Johnson George, waiter, George ab Sch 7th 

Johnson George, wine d'ler, 11th bel S Garden 

Johnson George, plasterei-, 13 Pearl 

Johnson George M., d3'er, 138 S 11th. 




Johnson George P., mer., 233 S 2d. 

Johnson George ti., tinsmith, h Perry's ct. 

Johnson Henrietta, 218 Shippen. 

Johnson Henry, carter, Carpenter ab 8th 

Johnson Isaac, porter, 24 Buckley 

Johnson Israel H., com. mer., 46 N Front, h 
132 N 2nd. 

Johnson Jacob & John, wheelwrights, c 6th and 
P road. 

Johnson Jacob, lab., Pearl ab 12th 

Johnson Jacob, tavern, 4 S 7th 

Johnson James, weaver, G T road n Jefferson. 

Johnson James, labourer, High ab Sch. 3d. 

Johnson James, cabinetmaker, 143 Lombard. 

Johnson James, clothes dealer, 6 Washington. 

Johnson James, carpenter, 22 Pegg. 

Johnson James, blacksmith, Penn n Maiden. 

Johnson James, tailor, 157 Lombard 

Johnson James, painter, 6 Point Pleasant av. 

Johnson James, manuf., 4th ab Thompson. 

Johnson James, machinist, 14 Perry 
Johnson James, lab., Juniper al ab 10th 
Johnson James, lab., Pearl ab 13th. 
Johnson James, spooler, 2 Johnston's ct. 
Johnson James H., b h, 18 N 8th 
Johnson James P., victualler, 253 S 7th. 
Johnson Jane, 22 Catharine 
Johnson Jane, wid. of Benj., 19 Sansom. 
Johnson Jeremiah, lab., rear 126 German. 
Johnson John, constable, 99 N 5th 
Johnson John, grocer, c 5th & Christian. 
Johnson John, weaver, 2nd ab Master 
Johnson John, fisherman. Bishop bel Queen. 
Johnson John, weaver, ct Front ab Jefferson. 
Johnson John, lab., Sch. 4th n High 
Johnson John, livery stables, rear 447 N 3d, h 

Mulbeny al n 8th 
Johnson John, segarmr., 9 Gray's al 
Johnson John, porter, Marion ab 13th 
Johnson John, drover, Weccacoe 
Johnson John, sea capt., 106 George 
Johnson John 13., chairmr., 60 Wood. 
Johnson John F., 133 F road 
Johnson J. Lindley, machinist, 24 Commerce, 

h 225 N 4th. 
Johnson John J., carp.. Church bel Christian 
Johnson John P., mariner, 17 Cox. 
Johnson John S., grate mr., 16 N 6th 
Johnson John T.,carpt., Shoemaker, h 7 Castle. 
Johnson Jonathan, watchman, 16 Helmuth. 
Johnson Jonathan, ct com Vine bel Sch 8th 
Johnson Jonathan T., bricklayer, Dugan bet 

Pine &. Spruce. 
Johnson Joseph, gent, 282 Filbert 
Johnson Joseph, machinist, Grear bel 13th 
Johnson Joseph, cordw., Fraley's ct. 
Johnson Joseph carman, 279 N 3d 
Johnson Joseph, lab., Perry ab Franklin 
Johnson Joseph, carter, Crown ab Duke 
Johnson Joshua, letter carrier, 460 Vine. 
Johnson J. Warner, law bookseller, 5 Minor, h 

225 N 4th. 
Johnson Lucius L., fancy goods, 101 High 
Johnson L., stereotype founder, 6 George, h 
Pine ab 9th. 

Johnson Limas, porter, 8th & Emclinc 

Johnson Margaret, washer, Cedar ab lUth 

Johnson Margaret, washer, Carlton ab Sch. 8th 

Johnson Martin, shop, 160 Queen 

Johnson Martin, lab., 510 N Front. 

Johnson Mary, 95 N 5th. 

Johnson Mary, rear 56 Passyunk road. 

Johnson Major, shop, 12 Bonsall. 

.lohnson Margaret, washer, Filbert n Sch. 8th. 

Jolinson Misses, milliners, 206 Chestnut. 

Johnson Misses, dressmrs., 28 N 5th 

Johnson Moses, mer., 179 High, h 220 Mulberry. 

Johnson M., labourei-, Milton ah 10th 

Johnson N., wood engraver, 24 Pear 

Johnson Ovid F., atty. & coun., office &, h 44 

S 6tli 
Johnson Philip, flour. Wood bel 13th. 
Johnson Peter, clothes dealer, 159 Pine. 
Johnson Peter, 269 Cherry. 
Johnson Peter, cai-penter. Willow bel St Johns 
Johnson Peter, labourer, 64 German. 
Johnson Peter, herb Dr., P road & Plum 
Johnson Richard, N E 8th & Schriver. 
Johnson Rowland, grocer, 8 N wharves, h 6 

Johnson Rachael, washer, Marriott ab 4th. 
Johnson Rachel, whitewash., 13th ab Fitzwater 
Johnson Richard, hackman, 33 Quince. 
Johnson Richard B., turner, 63 Walnut. 

Johnson Richard H., dniggist, 169 N 2d. 

Johnson Rob.,police officer, Sycamore n Spruce 

Johnson Robert C, turner, 63 Walnut. 

Johnson Robert S., ironmer., 50 & 52 N Front, 
h 170 N Front. 

Johnson Rose Ann, 256 Catharine 

Johnson Reuben, gent., Marlborough &Allen(K) 

Johnson Samuel, drayman. Pearl. 

Johnson Samuel, flour mer., 446 Sassafras. 

Johnson Samuel, wire worker, 60 Plum. 

Johnson Samuel, shoemr., 12 N 3d, h 167 Catha- 

Johnson Sarah, 178 Mulberry. 

Johnson Sarah, rear 14 German. 

Johnson Sarah, shop, 126 Swanson 

Johnson Sarali, sempstress. Carpenter's ct. 

Johnson & Smith, type founders, 6 George. 

Johnson Susan, 29 Currant al. 

Johnson Susan P., confecr., 8i S 8th 

Johnson Thomas, drayman, 300 N 5th. 

Johnson Thomas, baker, 139 S 10th. 

Johnson Thomas, 280 S Front 

Johnson Thomas, cordwr., 41 Carpenter 

Johnson Thomas S., cabinetmr., 293 N 7lh. 

Johnson Thomas M., carman, 6th n Creese 

Johnson T. & J. W., law booksellers, 5 Minor. 

Johnson & Tingley, mers., 179 High. 

Johnson Topliff, law bookseller, 5 Minor. 

Johnson W' alter R., professor, S Broad be! 

Johnson Willard, bookseller and printer, 141 

Johnson Walter, lab., Lemon n Sch 6th 

Johnson AVm., gunsmith, 4th ab Brown 

Johnson William, blacksmith, Sheaff 's al. 
Johnson William, shoemr., 110 Penn (K) 




Johnson William, bhoemr., 60 N oth. 
Johnson William, weaver, 9 Brinton. 
Johnson William, b. h., 9 Lombard. 
Johnson William, labourer, rear o Pratt's ct. 
Johnson William, clerk, 169 Green 
Johnson Willianr., ta^•ern, c G T road 8c Master. 
Johnson William, shoemr., 7 Lodge pi. 
Johnson William, tnmkmr., 181 N Front. 
Johnson William, weaver, 6 Wag-ner's al. 
Johnson AVilliam & Chas., sawmrs., 17 Church al. 

h 4 Whitaker's ct 
Johnson Wm., carter, Marriott ab 6th 
Johnson Wm., cooper, Pemberton al. 
Johnson Wm., bricklayer, rear 587 N 3d 
Johnson Wm., carp., Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Johnson Wm. D., plane-mill, Dungan 
Johnson Wm. E., jeweller. Willow bel 3d, h 

Sch 6th ab Filbert 
Johnson W. Poyntell, M. D., office 41 S 10th. 
Johnston Adam, curb setter, 467 Sassafras. 
Johnston Alex. E., stonecutter, 467 Sassafras 
Johnston A. W., gent., 7 Clinton sq. 
Johnston Benjamin, tailor, 7 Lily al. 
Johnston & Burk, dry goods, 77 High. 
Johnston Elizabeth & Mary, milliners, 169 Green. 
Johnston E. R., merchant, 77 High, h 33 But- 

Johnston E. R., h Sch 6th & Locust 
Johnston Francis S., cabt. mkr., 343 S Front, 

h 26 Almond 
Johnston & Lewis, watchmrs., 132 S Front. 
Johnston James F., 297 S 13th 
Johnston John, stonecutter, 25 Cresson's al. 
Johnston John, wheelwt., Coates ab 8th 
Johnston John A., 128 Queen 
Johnston John A., dealer, 252 S 5th 
Johnston J., rush-bottom mr.. Carpenter ab 8th 
Johnston Maria, dry goods, 167 Green. 
Johnston Maria, nurse, 5 Franklin row 
Johnston Patrick, waiter, 24 Quince. 
Johnston Reuben, bricklayer, 5 Franklin row 
Johnston Robert, stonecutter, Ann n 13th 
Johnston Robert E., dentist, 297 S 13th 
Johnston Robert, ex. bro., 43 S 3d, h 110 N 7th. 
Johnston Robert M., tobacconist, 8 Branch. 
Johnston Robert, watchmr., 132 S Front, h 120 

Johnston Thomas, shoemr.. High ab Sch 4th 
Johnston Thomas, grocer, 326 S 5th 
Johnston Thomas B., clerk, 199 Spruce. 
Johnston Thos. B., 6 St Stephen's place. 
Johnston Violet, 80 F road. (K) 
Johnston William, bootmr.. Pearl bel 12th. 
Johnston William, grocer, S W 11th & Lombard. 
Johnston Wm., tavern, N E Crabb & Shippen. 
Johnston Wm., shoemr., c Sch Front bel Spruce. 
Johnston Wm. L., architect, 19^ Carter's al. 
Johnston Wm. P., gent., 81 Lombard 
Jolineth John, jeweller, 30 Harmony 
Jolly Samuel, fancy goods, 58 Plum. 
Jones Abraham, trader, 7 Hyde's ct. 
Jones Abraham, turner, 88 Callowhill, h 59 

Jones Alice, Poplar alley, 
Jones Amanda, washer, 1 Pleasant av. 

Jones Amos S., tailor, 5 N 6th, h Noble bel 6th 
Jones Andrew M., mer., 17 S wharves, h 500 

.Fones Andrew M. &. Brother, mers., 17 S whfs. 
Jones Andrew, carter. Beach bel Marlborough 
Jones Ann, dry goods, 112 W High. 
Jones Ann C, widow, 11 N 12th 
Jones Benjamin, cabinetmr., 302 S 3d. 
Jones Benjamin, engraver, 9th ab Wood. 
Jones Benjamin, merchant, 17 S wharves, h 267 

Jones Benjamin, jr., Girard Trust Office, 9 S 5th, 

h 234 S Front. 
Jones Benezet, cordwainer, 2 Gray's ct. 
Jones & Boker, bonnets & shoes, 82 High. 
Jones B. M., gi'ocer, 178 High, h 465 Mulberry. 
Jones Caleb, mer., 128 Franklin. 
Jones Catharine, 1 Harmony ct. 
Jones Catharine, shop, c Queen & Marlborough. 
Jones Catharine, 127 Locust. 
Jones Cecilia, teacher, 137 S 10th. 
Jones Charles, distiller, c 12th & Cedar. 
Jones Charles, waiter, 230 Lombard 
Jones Charity, b h. School ab Otter. 
Jones Charles Thomson, att'y. and coun., 147 

Jones Charles, cordwr., Weaver 
Jones Charles, gent., Julianna ab Vine 
Jones Cornelius, tailor, 49 S 2d. 
Jones C. H., dry goods, 127 Locust. 
Jones C. Mrs., S W 11th & Chestnut 
Jones Daniel, carpenter, rear 145 Carpenter 
Jones David, 6th bel Washington 
Jones David, cordw., Apple n Creek. 
Jones David, Vine bel 13th 
Jones D., carp., 21 Dock, h 168 Christian. 
Jones David, hatter, 3 Lagrange place. 
Jones David P., hatter, 83 Chestnut 
Jones D. P. & W. F., hatters, 83 Chestnut 
Jones Douglass, victualler, 7 Wells' row. 
Jones Edmund G., wheelwright, 320 S 3rd, h 

1 Burd's al. 
Jones Edward, brass founder, 1 Swanwick, h 

129 Wood 

Jones Edward, grocer, c Shippen la & Cedar. 
Jones Edward P., slater, 116 Cathai'ine. 
Jones Edward R., printer, 270 S 2d 
Jones Eliza, gentw., 225 S Front. 
Jones Eliza, shoebinder, Marshall ab Callowhill 
Jones Eliza, mantuamr., Russell ab Fitzwater 
Jones Elijah, bricklayer, 122 Lombard. 
Jones Elijah, carp., Sycamore ab Locust. 
Jones Elizabeth, 212 Pine. 
Jones Ellen, gentw., 8 S 12tli 
Jones Emeline, Liberty ct. 
Jones Ephi-aim, chairmr., 95 Budd. 
Jones Evans, gent, 151 Swanson. 
Jones Evans, baker, 276 S 4th 
Jones Frances, Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Jones Francis, porter, rear 17 P road 
Jones F. L., tailor, Locust n 12th 
Jones George, bricklayer, Lombard n Quince. 
Jones George B., auctioneer, 34 S Front, h 75 

Jones George D., cabinetmaker, 62 S 4th. 




Jones Georg-e F., mer., 45 N Front, li 19 S Sell j Jones Jolm W., shoes, 151 S Front 

T'th. Jones John & William, silk dyers, 272 N Front. 

Jones G. Mrs., 12 Portico square. Jones J. lioheH.s, carpeting-s & fancy g-oods, S K 

Jones Geo. VV., cordwr., Fraley's ct. (K) 4th &, llig'h 

Jones Georg-e VV., j)latcr, 13 Juliaiina. Jones Jonatlum, carter, Beach bcl llnnover 

Tones Georg-e W., merchant, N W 2d &. Clicst-'jones Jonathan, combmaker, Marlborough bel 

nut, h 40 Ahiiond. 
Jones G VV., clerk, 169 Ciierry. 
Jones Hannah, 81 John n fJlobc mill 
Jones Hannah, grocery, 10th bel Milton 
Jones Henry, brass founder, rear 93 Mulberry, h 

4 Loxlcy's ct. 
Jones Henry, waiter, 39 Quince. 
Jones Henry, glass blower, 24 Lombard 
Jones Henry, tobacconist, IFigh ab Broad 
Jones & Hoppin, com. niers. 45 N Front. 
Jones Humphrcv, lab., Ogden ab 10th 
Jones I. I,., grocer. High ab Sch 5th, h High bel 

Sch 4th. 
Jones Isaac, cabinetmaker, 75 &. h 77 N Front. 
Jones Isaac, cordw., Shippen ct. 
Jones Isaac C, mer., 84 High, h 6 Palmyra sq. 
Jones Isaac C. Jr., mer., 20 N 4th, h 6 Palmyra sq. 
Jones Isaac T., mer., 15 N 2nd. 
Jones Israel, carpenter, Sch 7th n Locust, h 26 

Jones Jacob, mariner, rear 380 S 3d 
Jones Jacob P., mer., S W Sch. 7th & High, h 

372 Arch. 
Jones Jacob, cordwr., Marlboro' bel Allen 
Jones Jacob, tailor. Prime & Front 
Jones J. Comiy, mer., 82 High, h 195 Mull)erjy 
Jones J. H., Spruce ab 12th" 
• Jones James, brass founder, rear 93 Mulberry. 
Jones James, coal mer., Lombard st whf., h 23 

W. Cedar 
Jones James, sawyer, Front ab Phcrnix 
Jones Jarnes M., shipwt., Huston bel Prince 
Jones Jeremiah, horse market, c Juniper and 

Jones Jesse, shipmaster, 18 John 
Jones Joel, judge Dist. Court, h 429 High 
Jones Joel, carpenter, 121 Charlotte. 
Jones John, brickmr., Sch 6th & Lombard 
Jones John, messenger, 63 Cathai-ine 
Jones John, tailor, 274 High, h N E Franklin 

and Wallace 
Jones John, shoemr., 6 Pine al. 
Jones John, carter, 580 S Front 
Jones John, carter, 11 Fayette 
Jones John, mariner, 382 S Front 
Jones John, weaver, 2 Spring-mill ct. 
Jones Jolin A., Union Hotel, 152 Chestnut. 
Jones J. B., blacksmith, 11 Carlton 
Jones J. B., pianomr., 485 High 
Jones John 1)., baker. Queen n Wood. (K) 
Jones John E., stair rod manuf., 129 Wood 
Jones John M., upholsterer, 2 Whitacar's al. 
Jones John M., cordwainer, Sch. 8th n Callow- 
Jones John M., hatter, 397 High 
Jones John S., fancy goods, 18 N 2d, &. 1 8c 2 

Church al. 
Jones John S., broker, 41 N 6th. 
Jones J. Si T., clothing store, 274 High. 



Jones Joseph, gardener, 9 Boyd's avenue. 

Jones Joseph, mer., 166 High, h 22 N 11th. 

.fones Joseph, labourer, 4tii n Jefferson. 

Jones Joseph, looking glass frame maker, 1 
Weaver's row (K) 

Jones Joseph, cabmr., 127 N 2d 

Jones Jose])h S., turner, 23 Dock, h 71 Locust. 

Jones Joseph W., variety store, 18 N 4th &. 420 
N 2d. 

Jones Josiah, lab.. Union ab Palmer 

Jones Josiah, lab.. Carver's ct 

Jones Justus P., mer., 11 N 2d. 

.lones J. P. & Co., dry goods, 11 N 2d. 

Jones Leonard, labourer, 38 Middle al. 

Jones Lewis A., printer, 34 Queen 

Jones Lloyd, paper maker, 299 Sassafras. 

Jones L. T., 20 Lebanon. 

Jones Margaret, gentw., S 10th ab Christian. 

Jones Margaret, widow, 18 Mulberry 

Jones Mark T., tailor, 73 N 3d. 

Jones Martha W., 127 N 2d. 

Jones Martin, waiter, Stanley ab 3rd 

Jones Mary, b. h., N 5th ab Mulberry 

Jones Mary, Liberty al. 

Jones Mary, 82 Spruce. 

Jones Mary, widow, Ogden n 10th 

Jones Mary, gentw., 302 S 3rd 

Jones Nathan, hosier, N W 2d & Chestnut, h 85 

Jones Nathan Sc Son, hosiery, N W 2nd and 

Jones Patrick, labourer, 152 N Water. 
Jones Paul T., mer., UN wharves, h Spruce ab 

Jones Preston, carp., 298 Co.ates 
Jones Purnell, shoemr., rear 33 Plum 
Jones Peter, porter. Paschall's al. 
Jones Philip, g-ent., 109 W High. 
Jones P., 265 Catharine 
Jones Rachel, b. h.. Oak n Brown. 
Jones Richard, coal dealer, S York. 
Jones Richard B., bricklayer, 113 Cherry. 
Jones Richard H., saddler, 5 iladison. 
Jones Robert, labourer, Harmony court bel 

Tones Robert, ship master, 186 Queen. 
Jones Rosann?-, G T road ab Thompson. 
Jones Samuel, cordwainer. Rose ab School. 
Jones Samuel, shoemaker, 301 N 5tli. 
Jones Samuel, teacher, N E 7th & Carpenter. 
Jones Samuel C, saddler, Sutherland 
Jones Samuel P., bookbinder, 19 Boyd's av. 
Jones Samuel S., teller Penn Townp. Bank, h 

11 Julianna 
Jones Samuel W., mer., 103 N Front, h 154 N 

Jones Samuel L., saddler 
Jones Sai"ah, nurse, 117 Green. 




Jones Sarah, 303 S Front. 
Jones Sarah, 62 S 4th 

Jones Sarah, widow, S W Sell 8th & Filbert 
Jones Sarah H., Sassafras and Madison 
Jones, Scott & Co., diy goods, 166 High. 
Jones Simon, scourer, 40 Charlotte 
Jones Sc Smith, mers., 103 N Front 
Jones Susannah, b. h., Apple ab Poplar. 
Jones S., dressmr., 30 Budd 
Jones Thomas, collector, 33 Walnut, h 144 Swan- 
Jones Thomas, tailor, 246 High, h 13 Perry. 
Jones Thomas, grocery &, feed, 269 Spruce. 
Jones Thomas C, collector, 43 Noble. 
Jones T. W. & Co., whip manuf., 69 N 2d 
Jones Thomas W., whipmr., 69 N 2d, h N E 

5th &. Mulberry 
Jones Timothy, ladies shoe maker, 4 N 8th. 
Jones T. W., dentist, 309 N 3rd 
Jones Wade, coachman, 23 Little Pine 
Jones William, tobacconist, 42 N 4th. 
Jones William, cabinetmaker, 351 S 6th 
Jones William, shoemaker, 260 S 5th. 
Jones William, cabinetmr., rear 219 S 5th 
Jones William, lab., rear 505 N 3rd 
Jones William, shipwright, ct Union ab Bed- 
Jones William, oyster cellar, 481 High. 
Jones William, mer., 6 N Front, h 326 Mulberry. 
Jones William, dry goods, 8 and h 40 N 5th 
Jones William, dial maker, 20 Strawberry. 
Jones Wilham, livery stables, 106 S 10th 
Jones William, brass founder, 22 Webb's a} 
Jones William, cabinet maker, S7 Plum, h 5th 

bel German 
Jones William, planomr, 9th ab Carpenter 
Jones William, lab., Wallace ct n Ann (F V) 
Jones William, brickmr., Apple ab Brown 
Jones Wm. D., painter, 20 N 2d, h 4 Johns' ct 
Jones Wm. D. & Co., mers., 15 N 2d 
Jones William D., mer., 15 N 2d. 
Jones WiUiam F., com. mer., 23 Chestnut, 1 

230 Sassafras. 
Jones William F., hattci-, 83 Chestnut 
Jones WiUiam H., printer, 1 Julianna ab 

Jones William J., grocer, 17 Queen n 1" 

Jones Wm. & Sons, mers., 6 N Front 
Jones William S., mai-iner. Queen n 4th 
Jordan Ann, washer, George ab Sch 7th 
Jordan & Brother, grocers, 121 N 3d. 
Jordan Edward, gi'ocer, 121 & h 123 N 3d 
Jordan Elizabeth, Budden's alley 
Jordan Francis, grocer, 121 N 3d, h 26 Wood 

ab 5th. 
Jordan Frederick, brass founder, 507 N 4th. 
Jordan Henry, seaman, Sch 3rd bel Chestnut 
Jordan James, lab.. High ab Sch 2d 
Joi-dan James, waiter. Barley n 10th 
Jordan James, lab., Sch Water & Cedar 
Jordan James E., shoemaker, 474 S Front 
Jordan John, gent., 123 N 3d. 
Jordan John, jr., 123 N 3rd 
Jordan John G., shoemaker, 110 Christian. 


Jordan Thomas R., carpenter, 199 N 4th 
Jordan Thomas, shoes, 2 Type alley 
Jordan Sarah, washer. Barley n 10th 
Jordan William, shoe mer., 232 High, h Wood 

ab 9th. 
Jorden Charles, waterman, Hamilton (F M) 
Jorden John, bathhouse, 124 S 2d, and carver. 

Jorden Levi, cabmr., St John ab George 
Jorden Samuel, wheelwright, Bagges' ct 
Jorden Wm. C, blacksmith, 7 Union 
Jordon Beril, porter, rear 106 Plum 
Jordon Margaret, gentw., 119 New 
Jordon Matthew, labourer, Sch. 3d &. Filbert. 
Jordon Patrick, labourer, 1 Linden. 
Jordon Peter R., cordwainer, Shackamaxon ab 

Bedford (K) 
Jordon Samuel, labourer, 198 Cherry. 
Jordon Susan, b h, 59 Dock. 
Joseph Claude, shoemaker, 12 Shippen 
Joieph Frederick A., fur store, 36 N 7th 
Joseph Harmon, shoe store, F Road op Marlbo- 
Joseph Jane, Paschall's al. 
Joseph Samuel, oysterman. Reed and Corn 
Joseph Solomon, 5 Poplar 
Josiah Elizabeth, 156 S 4th. 
Jostlien A., shoemaker, Ridge road bel Spring 

Jostlin Wm., oysterman, 27 Shippen 
Jouffroy John, hatter, 1 Rachel's row 
Jousha Joseph, victualler, 14 Rachel 
Joy Cyrus, Texian Consul, office 110^ S Front, 

h Carlton Square 
Joyce Ettweine, blacksmith, 97 Cherry, h 120 

Joyce John J., blacksmith, 90 Cherry, h 98 

Joyce Sarah, dressmaker, N E 12th and Mark's 

Joyce Wm., mer., 175 N 11th 
Juel Joseph, variety, c 2d and Duke 
Judson Mary B., widow of Rev. Albert, 88 S 8th 
Julian A., music. Wood n 13th 
Juhan A. Louis, clerk. Wood n 13th 
Juhan Lewis, clerk, 243 Wood 
Julian A. H., mer., 197 High, h 327 Sassafras. 
Julias Theodore, sea captain, 20 German. 
Jump John, framemr., Jackson 
Jurius Stanley, seaman. Harmony 
Justice Alfred B., mer., 149 High, h 260 N 4th 
Justice Charles senior, 474 Sassafras. 
Justice Esther, 155 Green. 
Justice Geo. M., mer., 149 High, h 260 N 4tli. 
Justice G. M. & G. R. & Co., hardware, 149 High. 
Justice George R., mer., 149 High, h 249 Vine 
Justice G. W., clerk, 27 Julianna. 
Justice Jacob, gent., 249 Vine. 
Justice James C., grocer, 348 S 3rd 
Justice Joseph, potter, 314 N2d. 
Justice Mrs. Mary Ann, 250 Cedar 
Justice Philip S., mer., 36 Commerce 
Justice Sarah, rear 1 Buttonwood. 
Justice Samuel, baker, 285 N 7t]i. 
Justice William, whip maker, 189 Green. 





Justice William, 8tli ab Parrish 
Justice William, cordwr., 3 Somcrs' ct 
Justus George, carpenter, 125 Ikittonwood. 
Justus James C, grocer, 35 S wharves, h 348 S 

Justus Philip, surveyor, 24 Wood. 
Juvenal Jacob, gent., 2 Franklin row, c 10th 8c 


Kacude David D., tailor, 15 Julianna 

Kaesananberger J., clothing. 111 Poplar. 

Kagl Christian, victualler, 108 Budd 

Kahler Frederick, lab., 2d ab Edward 

Kaider John, spectaclemr., Strahan's ct 

Kaighn B., grocer, 131 N 5th 

Kaighn & Co., dry goods, 211 N 2d. 

Kaighn James E., mer., 7^ S 2d. 

Kail George, carp., 593 S 3rd 

Kail George, labourer, Charlotte n George. 

Kail Joseph, tobacconist, Charlotte n Geoi-ge. 

Kain James, lab.. Pearl n Sch 

Kain John, lab., rear 430 S 4th 

Kain John, lab., Washington n Sch Wood 

Kain Thomas, tailor, 289 S 3rd 

Kain Wm., shoemr., 80 George. (S) 

Kalbach Daniel, potter, 31 Chester. 

Kalbach David, plumber, 31 Chester. 

Kalbach John, painter, 31 Chester. 

Kalbach Mary, 31 Chester. 

Kalbach Michael, st. cutter, Ann. (F V) 

Kale Christopher, carpenter. Say ab Sch 8th. 

Kale Jacob, cigarmaker. Culvert n Charlotte. 

Kale John, shoemr.. Reed bel Church 

Kale Margaret, nurse, 117 Bvittonwood. 

Kale Stephen, cordw., 97 Poplar 

Kale Wm., cigarmr., N E Charlotte & Culvert. 

Kaleof Jacob, lab., Lytle's ct 

Kallberger lAitwig, carp., rear 16 Wagner's al 

Kaller Henry, baker, 52 Swanson 

Kamerly J. J., baker, 56 Plum. 

Karnes John, cordwainer, 11 Wiley's ct. 

Kanan Peter, brickmr.. Cherry bel F road 

Kane Allen, blacksmith, Piper's ct 

Kane Andi*ew, tailor, S E 4th & Lombard 

Kane Charles, carp., rear 137 Christian 

Kane Daniel, tobacconist, 101 Queen 

Kane David, blacksmith, Callowhill n Sch 2d 

Kane Francis, 7th n Fitzwater 

Kane George, tobacco inspector, city store, h 

58 Penn. 
Kane Henry, cabmr., 106 S 9th 
Kane Henry, manuf., S 10th ab Jackson 
Kane James, paper stainer, 42 Perry. 
Kane John, labourer, 8 Gray's al 
Kane John, vict., Nectarine ab 10th 
Kane John, butcher, Bedford ab 13th 
Kane John, waiter, Morris bel Catharine 
Kane John, baker, Morris ab Catharine 
Kane John, carter, 3 Roger's ct 
Kane John, tailor, 2 Dorothy 
Kane J. C. M., M.D., NW Front 8c Christian. 
Kane John K., atty. h coun., office 100 S 4tli, h 

Sch 7th &. Xocust 

Kane Joseph, M D., 400 S 2d 

Kane Sarah, gentw., 73 F road 

Kanisell Dana, clerk, 490 N 3rd 

Kape John, lab., rear 591 N 3rd 

Kappeller Frederick, glass blower, f'rince ab 

Kappes G., musician, 4 Simmons' ct 

Kappler 8i Gras, hotel, 442 N 2d. 

Karbougli Joseph, combmaker, 149 N 5th. 

Karcher Jacob, cordwainer, George n 3d. 

Karn John, shop, 155 N 4th 

Karr Andrew, lab., 2 Lagi-ange place 

Karr Ann, weaver, Pine 8<. Fothergill 

Karr Edward, porter, 38 Apjjletree al 

Kartsher Joiin C, ropemaker h ship chandler, 
77 S wharves, h 54 Lombard. 

Kates Dorothy, 30 N 7th 

Kates Jacob, shoemr., rear 210 Cherry. 

Kates James S., carter, Catharine st wharf 

Kates M., bell hanger, 28 and 30 N 7th. 

Kates Michael, carter, Catharine st wharf 

Kates Samuel, chairmaker, 32 North 

Kates Sai-ah Ann, widow, 75 N 9th 

Kates Wm., lab., 469 S Front 

Kating Thomas, mer., 7 N Water 

Kattenhorn Mai-tin, b h, 4 Lagrange Place. 

Katy Sarah, widow 125 Green 

Katz E., pedler, 107 Poplar 

Katz Jacob, patent medicines, 19 N 8th. 

Katz William, prison keeper, Federal below M 

KaufFman Henry, waiter, 16 Juniper lane 

Kauman T., dry goods, 137 S 6th. 

Kavnaugh Mary Ann, dress maker, 118 N 11th. 

Kay Charles R., atty. & coun., 115 S 5th, h 135 
O Y road. 

Kay Elizabeth, shop, Callowhill bel Sch. 7th. 

Kav James Jr. h Brother, booksellers, 122 Chest- 
nut, printers &; bookbinders. Sassafras ab 4th 

Kay James Jr., 122 Chestnut, h 42 Crowni. 

Kay Jas. Hutchinson, mer., 8 Commerce, h 135 
O Y road 

Kay John I., booksr., 122 Chestnut, h 119 Wood. 

Kay Joseph L., acct.. Ill S wharves 

Kay Sarah H., 135 O Y road. 

Kaylor Alfred, tailor, Logan bet Green 8c Wil- 

Kaylor Maria, widow, rear 195 St John 

Kayser Charles, tailor, 106 Cedar 

Kayser Solomon, tailor, 46 Cedar. 

Keagy Ellen, b h., 29" Chestnut. 

Kean Jane, dry goods, 74 S 11th. 

Kean John W^, jeweller, 108 S 10th 

Kean John, blacksmith, Green's ct, h 225 S 5th 

Kean Robert, lab., 8 W High 

Kearney & IJrothers, cordwainers, 156 Lom- 

Keating Catherine, 290 S 4th. 

Keating Elizabeth, gentw., 190 Pine 

Keating John, 112 S 4th 

Keating John, lab., 284 S 4th 

Keating Wm., painter 8c glazier, 284 S 4th. 

Keatting Lambert, b h, 319 High 

Keats Carter, 252 S Front 

Keauzman J. F., cordwr., Prince ab Union 




Keck Jacob, mer., 313 High, h 86 A N 9th 

Keck Unilv, g-entw., School 

Keddy A. Mrs., b h., 345 High. 

Kee James, carp.. Melon ab 13tli 

Kee John, tailor, 203 N 3rd, h New Market ab 

Kee John J., tailor, 203 N 3rd 
Kee Sophia, Melon ab loth 
Kee AVm., carpenter. Melon ab 13th. 
Keef Edward, porter, Mark's lane 
Keef Michael, weaver, Columbia row 
Keefe C. J. O., tavern, 48 S 8th. 
Keefe Elizabeth, shop, 27 Jones' al. 
Keefe James, collector, 7 Federal. 
Keefe Jeremiah, weaver, 17 Edward 
Keefe John, U S inspector, h 9 P'ederal. 
Keefe Nicholas, printer, 9 Federal 
Keefer Andrew, pianomr., Traquair's ct. 
Keehmle Margaret, chinaware, 79 N 3cl. 
Keel C, Mrs., 154 Coates. 
Keel John, tailor. Mint ct. 
Keel Mary, g-entw., 195 Green. 
Keel Peter L., cordwalner, Sch 7tii ab Pine. 
Keel John, cordw., S W 10th & Spring Gai-den. 
Keeland John, clerk, 95 N 2d 
Keeler Isaac, blacksmith, c 9th &. Vine, h Mar- 
shall's row N 8th. 
Keeler Jacob, tailor. Queen &. Crown 
Keeler William, carpet weaver, Charlotte bel 

Keeler Wm., carman, 251 N Front 
Keeley Isaac, grocer, 112 N 3d c Sassafras. 
Keeley Jacob B., tavern, N E 3d & Green. 
Keeley James, cabinetni]-.. Wood ab Sch. 6th 
Keeley WUiaim, grocer, 52 N 13th, h 454 Cal- 

Keely I. &. W., grocers, 52 N 13th. 
Keeling Westwood, confectioner, N E 4th and 

Chestnut, h 13 Watson's al. 
Keemle Saml., atty. &. coun., N E 4th h Cherry 
Keemley Isaac, scrivener, 1 Norris' ct. 
Keen Adam, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Keen Andrew, wharf builder, Sbackamaxon ab 

Queen. (K) 
Keen Catharine, shop, lieach bel Marlbf)rough 
Keen Charles, bootmaker, 54 Mulberry. 
Keen Charles, drayman, 21 Callowhill. 
Keen Charles, cashier Kensington Bank, h N W 

Front & Ellen. 
Keen Clement, joiner. Queen n Crown. (K) 
Keen & Coats, tannery, 509 N Front. 
Keen &, Co., sailmakers, Sch. Beach n Locust 
Keen Harriet, gentlew., Washington. (W P) 
Keen H., tailor, 132 Marshall. 
Keen Jacob, joiner^ Crown bel Prince 
Keen Jas., ship joiner, Shackamaxon ab Queen. 
Keen James, tavern, S E P'ront and Mastei-. 
Keen James B., clerk, 4 Ranstead pi. 
Keen James C, cordwainer, 60 Vine. 
Keen John, clerk, 27 Duke 
Keen John, lab., 219 S 6th 
Keen John C, cordwainer, 516 N Front 
Keen John E., 509 N Front 
Keen J. Sidney, Chestnut. (W P) 

Keen Joseph, ciu-rier, 61 Chestnut, h 27 New 

Keen Joseph S., coal mer., Bridgewater, (W P) 
Keen Moses, labourer. Palmer ab West. (K) 
Keen Owen, lab., 5 Adams 
Keen Rebecca, dressmaker, 200 S 5th. 
Keen Rebecca, West ab Palmer 
Keen Sarah, b h., 331 Pine. 
Keen Sarah, gentw., 147 S 9th. 
Keen Wm., shipwright. Palmer ab West 
Keen Wm. L., gl. cutter, Penn & Shackamaxon. 
Keen W. AV., currier, 61 Chestnut, li 106 S 3d 
Keen William W. & Co., curriers, 61 Chestnut. 
Keene Sarah, gentw., N W lOtli and Chestnut 
Keenan Edward, manuf., G T road ab Master. 
Keenan Michael, manuf., G T road ab Master. 
Keesey Joseph, carp., 17 Dyott's ct. (K) 
KefTer Anthony, caulker, Vienna bel Duke 
Keffer George, cordw., 123 N Front 
Keffer John, hatter, 490 N 3d 
Kehoe Dominick, g-rocer, 337 High. 
Keho Philip, carp., 23 N 11th, h 242 Callowhill 
Kehr Andrew J., fringe &, tasselmr., 132 N 4th. 
Kehrum W., gent., 305 S Front. 
Keichline C. P., M. D., 66 Coates 
Keichline John, gent., 12 Duke. 
Keighler M., gentw., 43 Zane. 
Keigler Thomas, cordw., Swanson bel Queen. 
Keigner Catharine, Marriott n 4th 
Keil John, carpet weaver, 152 Brown. 
Keilt David, flax di-esser, 5 Gable's ct. 
Keim Alex., silversm., P road bel Marriott 
Keim D. M., hardware, 241 High, h 143 N 12th. 
Keim Jacob, steel and copperplate maker, 2 

Hause's ct, h 187 Cherry. 
Keim John, turner, 123 and h 127 N 4th. 
Keim Jose])h, turner, Marshall & Brown 
Keim Josiah, copperplate maker, 6 Gebhard. 
Keim Rebecca, Buttonwood bel 6th. 
Keim Wm. S., plumber, 125 N 4th, h 256 N 7th. 
Keiser Charles, 8th ab S. Garden 
Keisler John, drover, 117 OY road. 
Keister Anthony, lab., Shippen ab 12Ui 
Keith Ann, 2 Richardson's ct. 
Keith Elizabeth, c Tammany and St. Jolin. 
Kcitli How, saddle tree maker, 130 I' road 
Keith Saml., gent., 231 S Front. 
Keith S. A., dressmr., Phoenix ab Cadwaladar. " 
Keith Washington, mer., 20 Penn, h 231 S Front 
Kelch George T., bootmakei-, 9 Chancery lane 
Kclch Wm., gilder & look. gl. manuf, 156 N 2d. 
Keller Adam, undertaker, 118 & 132 N 5th. 
Keller Adam, lab., 4th n Creek. (N L) 
Keller Caspar, cordwainer, 44 Callowhill 
Keller Charles, jeweller, 10 Pear 
Keller Christian, tailor, 316 Callowhill. 
Keller Conrad, turner, 215 N 10th. 
Keller H. & Co., A'enetian blind, 122 N 4th. 
Keller II., blinds, 122 N 4th, h rear 93 O Y road. 
Keller John, combmaker, 77 Crown 
Keller John, baker, 100 St. John 
Keller Lydia, 58 Lombard. 
Keller Margaret, 17 Crown 
Keller Mary, b h, 54 N 5th 
Keller Martin, mariner, 5 Peach. 




Keller Michael, baker, 433 S Front 

Keller Peter, painter, 34 S 3cl, h O Y road n 

Keller Wm., gardener, 3 Brinton's al. 
Kelley Ann, 8 Elder 

Kelley Georg-e, ropemakcr, Marion bcl 2d. 
Kelley John, boilermaker, James ct n Front. 
Kelley John, 11th bel S. Garden 
Kelley Johnson, tavern, N W 13th and Cedar. 
Kelling-er John V., brassfr., G T 11 n 5th. (K) 
Kelling-er Morris, bricklayer, 19 Green 
Kellner D., grocer, SE 3d & Coates 
Kellog-g- llosea, grocer, 3 N Water, h 39 Wood. 
Kellogg Reuben, gi-o., S E Lawrence & Wallace. 
Kellon James, weaver, Murray n Sch. 3d 
Kellpin Wm., chinapr., 403 N 2nd,h 5 Ve^^ 
Kelly Alexander, cabinctmr., c Vine &. Perry. 
Kelly Andrew, labourer, 8 Dorothy. 
Kelly Charles, cordwainer, 56 Shippen. 
Kelly Daniel, weaver, Shippen label Fitzwater. 
Kelly Daniel, weaver, rear Front ab Phoenix 
Kelly Daniel, cordwainer, 3 Washington Place. 
Kelly Daniel, wheelw.. Crown bel Prince 
Kelly Daniel, carter, 297 S 5th 
Kellv Edward, carpenter, Little Pine bel 7th, 

'h 189 Christian. 
Kelly Edward, tailor. High W Sch. 3d 
Kelly Edwai-d, tavern, 168 S 6th. 
Kelly Eleanor, shop, 131^ S Front 
Kelly Elizabeth, clothing, 8 Sch. Water 
Kellv Elizabeth, gentw., rear 4 Lisle. 
Kelly Elizabeth, b. h., 49 N 8th. 
Kelly Erasmus, plasterer, 55 Apple 
Kelly & Farley, scaglioli marble mantels, 45 

Kelly Francis, 8th bel Cedar 
Kell}^ Fi-ancis, blacksm., Wood n Sch. 2d 
Kelly Hannah, 21 Fitzwater. 
Kelly Henr}', ship carp., 6 Reckless 
Kelly Henr}', carter, ab Washington 
Kellv Henry H., druggist, c 4th & Noble 
Kelly Hugh, cordw., Ely av. 
Kelly James, tailor, George n Sch. 6th. 
Kelly James, blacksm., 424 High, h 4 Gray's ct 
Kelly James, carter, 71 Plum. 
Kelly James, tavern, 319 Lombai-d. 
Kelly James, carp., Sch. 2d &, Filbert 
Kelly James, teacher, Ann ab Sch. 4th. 
Kelly James, tailor, 6 S 3d, h 23 N 12th 
Kelly James M., tailor, 33 N 6th. 
Kelly John, cordw., rear 525 N 2d 
Kelly John, tailor, 293 S 5th. 
Kelly John, collector, 297 S 5th. 
Kelly John, blacksm., 3d bel Charlotte 
Kelly John, waiter, George ab Sch. 7th 
Kelly John, tailor, Fitzwater & Lebanon 
Kelly John, pilot, 40 Queen 
Kelly John, porter, 34 Bonsall 
Kelly John, comedian, 19 Fitzwater 
Kelly John, oysters, Marble ct. 
Kelly John S. 1 Boston row. 
Kelly Johnson, tavern, 141 AValnut 
Kellv J., gi-ocers, N E 2d and Brown. 
Kelly J. W., mer., 60 High, h 133 O Y road. 
Kelly Lawrence, trunkmr., 179 Water. 

Kelly Lewi.s B., coaclimr., Sch. Stli ab Vine 

Kelly Marv, Baker ab Spallord 

Kelly Mary, 75 P road. 

Kelly Mary, tavern, 91 Shippen. 

Kelly Michael, weaver, Bedford ab Shippen la. 

Kelly Michael, shop, 341 High 

Kellv Michael, livery stable, 1 New Market, h 

'25 New Market 
Kelly Ncill, lab.. Cedar ab I2th 
Kelly Patrick, cartel-, Siiippen ab 8th. 
Kelly Patrick, drayman, Shippen ab 8tli 
Kelly Patrick, hackman, 4 Grape ct. 
Kelly Patrick, labourer, 63 P road. 
Kelly Patrick H., tailor, 165 Chestnut, h 175 

Kelly Peter, marble imitator, 45 Zane, h Filbert 

ab 10th 
Kelly Peter, carter, Sch. 6th & JeflTcrson 
Kelly Peter, lab., Thompson n 3d 
Kelly Peter, lab., Brown bel Cherry 
Kelly Peter, lab. George n Sch. 6th 
Kelly Peter, lab., 2d ab Reed 
Kelly Philip, mer., 159 High, h 311^ Chestnut 
Kelly Philip, umbrellamr., rear 275 S 5th 
Kelly Richard, oysters, Beach n Marsh (K) 
Kelly Richard, cordw.. G T road ab Phoenix 
Kelly Samuel, capt., 21 Queen. (K) 
Kelly Samuel S., tailor, 28 S 7th, h Fitzwater. 

and Morris 
Kelly Thomas, gent., 303 Chestnut. 
Kelly Thomas, tailor, 7 Elfreth's al. 
Kelly Thomas, tailor, 12 Atherton 
Kelly Timothy, carter, 6th & Catharine 
Kelly William, coi-dwainer, 6th bel Carpenter 
Kelly William, weaver. Gay's ct. (W K) 
Kelly William, lab., 9 Lane's ct. 
Kelly William, lab., 3 Doroth}-. 
Kell)' William, cordw., 18 Almond. 
Kelly Wm., shipwright, 
Kelly Wm., cunier. Pine ab 13th 
Kelly Wm., sailnir., rear 367 N 3d 
Kelly Wm., cabinetmr., 6 John's ct. 
Kellv A^m., caulker, Marlborough ab Prince 
Kelly Wm., lab., St. Maryn 7th 
Kelly Wm. C, printer, Washington bel 3d 
Kelly Wm. H., mer., 148 High, h 148 N 6th 
Kelsall Peter, 4 Hermitage pi. 
Kelsejf Humphrey, tailor, 351 Pine. 
Kelsey Wm,, CaufFman's ct. 
Kelsh'Lydia Ann, 275 S 5tli 
Kelso Thomas, weaver, Richard n Sch. 6th 
Kelter David, combmaker, 140 Cedar. 
Kembel Edward, shop, 4th bel Green. 
Kembell Blanchard, drayman, Shackamaxon bel 

Kembell Samuel, blacksm., rear 246 Sassafras. 
Kemble Charles, g'ent., 41 N 6th. 
Kemble Charles, bookbinder, 68 Noble. 
Kemble Collin, v.-aterman. Court al. 
Kemble George, saddler, 11 Crown. 
Kemble Frederick, baker, 5 Paschall's al. 
Kemble Talbert, bricklayer, Division row 
Kempton & Coppucks, mers., 57 High 
Kempton Moses, mer., 57 High, h 188 N 4th." 
Kendall Charles, 399 S 6th 




Kendall A'uleria, g-entw., 140 N 12th. 
Kendall William, tailor, Sell. 5th & Spruce 
Kendell G. R., tinsmith, &c., 135 N 2d, h 23 

Elfreth's alley. 
Kenderdine Chai'les, 7th ab Parrish 
Kenderdine C. & J. U., hardware, 200 Callowhill. 
Kenderdine Jacob, carpenter, .''!14 N 3d. 
Kenderdine Joseph R., carp., 7th ab Parrish 
Kendrick Geo. W., tavern, 8 S 10th. 
Kendrick Rachatl, 290 Lombard 
Kendrick Wni., plasterer. Mansion. (W P) 
Kendrick M'illiam S., painter, 5 Dorothy. 
Kenkade 1)., lab., Jackson's ct. 
Kennard Georg-e, oysterman, Beach bel Wai-ren 
Kennard John, bootmr., Kirkpatrick's ct. 
Kennard Joseph H. Rev., 210 N 4th. 
Kennard Manning-, mer., 40 N Front, h 197 

Kennard Silas, waiter, 28 Elizabeth 
Kenneday Ann, dressmr., 13th n Pine. 
Kennedy Andrew, upholsterer, 366 S 5th 
Kennedy Charles E., U. S. service, 563 S 2d. 
Kennedy Cha.s, blacksm., R road bel Ann. (F V) 
Kennedy Charles, mason, 15 McDuffie 
Kennedy Dennis, mason, Sch. 7th ab Lombard 
Kennedy E., weaver. Filbert n Sch. 3d. 
Kennedy Edward, grocer, S W 2d & Wharton 
Kennedy Eliza, Schleisman's al (N L) 
Kennedy Elizabeth, b h., 10th and Vine 
Kennedy George, shoemr., 19 Cresson's al. 
Kennedy H., tailor, 61 S 2d. 
Kennedy Hannah, 9th bel Fitzwater. 
Kennedy Hugh, watchmaker, 6 Norris' ct. 
Kennedy H. P., upholsterer, 76 Walnut, h 76 

Kennedy James, coach lace mr., rear 30 Cherry. 
Kennedy James, dyer, 5 Mechanic (F M) 
Kennedy James F., clerk, 107 Budd 
Kennedy James M., mer., 197 High, h 17 Girai-d 
Kennedy Jane, tavern, N E 3d and German. 
Kennedy Jane C, staymaker. 
Kennedy John, lab., Baldwin's ct. 
Kennedy John H., spectacle mr., 2 N 8th. 
Kennedy John Rev., 77 Cherry. 
Kennedy Joseph, teacher of flute, 17^8 5th, h 

Ogden ab 10th 
Kennedy Joseph, packer, Fitzwater bel 10th. 
Kennedy & Julian, mers., 197 High. 
Kennedy J. M., mer., 40 N Wharves, h 211 N 4th. 
Kennedy Moses, weaver, Hopkins' ct. (K) 
Kennedy Mrs. A., 12 Swanson. 
Kennedy Mrs. Margaret, Rose ab Shippen 1. 
Kennedy Nathaniel, Sch. 8th bel George. 
Kennedy Robert, naval store-kr., 476 S Front. 
Kennedy Robei-t, lab., 31 M'Duffie 
Kennedy Samuel, carter, Lombard ab 12th 
Kennedy S., varnisher, 4 Lawrence 
Kennedy Thomas, lab., Pearl bel 13th 
Kennedy Valentine, cabmr., George ab 10th 
Kennedy William, weaver, 487 N 3d. 
Kennedy William, stone mason, 107 Budd. 
Kennedy William jr., boot maker, 144 S Front 
Kennedy William, weaver. Rose 
Kennedy William, cordw., 2 Kirkpatrick's ct. 
Kennedy Wm,, saddler, Filbert W Sch. 4th 

Kennedy Wm. M., atty. at law, c 3d & Tammany 

Kennevan John, carter, Carlton & Yeagur ct 

Kenney Barnard, weaver, China Row 

Kenney Edward, wktchman. Sycamore ab Broad 

Kenney Edwd. J., tailor, 52 Moyamensing (S) 

Kenney Joseph, blacksmith, 8 Morgan's ct. 

Kenney John, morocco-dresser, 643 N 2nd 

Kenney John, cordw., 11th ab I,ocust. 

Kenney John B., 10 Comptroller 

Kenney John D., clerk mayor's ct, h 10 Comp- 

Kenney Mary, gentw., 58 Catharine. 

Kenney Richard, di-ayman. Barker n Sch. 6th 

Kenney Richard, lab., 91 N Water 

Kenrick Francis Patrick D.D., St. John's, 13th. 

Kensel Catharine, Brown's court. 

Kensel Hannah, 5 Elder. 

Kensel John, shipjoiner, Allen n F road. 

Kensel Lewis, spinr., N E Poplar & St. John. 

Kensell Benjamin J., silk dyer, 125 S 11th 

Kensell Rowland, tailor, 25 Emlen's court. 

Kensil A. & G., tobacconists, 347 Sassafras, h 5 

Kensil John, tinman, Bethesda row 

Kensil William, cordwainer, 19 Budd. 

Kensill Lewis, carter, 270 St. John 

Kensler John, cai-p., Sch. 3d and Walnut 

Kensler Joseph, distiller, Beaver and 3d 

Kent Charles, hatter, Budden's al 

Kent Edward, waterman, rear 116 Catharine 

Kent Frederick, button maker, 7 Hubbell 

Kent Joseph, waterman, rear 116 Catharine 

Kent Rudolphus, mer., 222 N 2d 

Kent Wm. C, mer., 142i N 3rd, h 59 N 4th 

Kenton Anna B., 32 Jacoby. 

Kenton Augustus, white washer, 188 S 4th. 

Kenton Eliza C, dress maker, 131 N 8th. 

Kenton George W., black &. whitesmith, R road 
bel Coates. 

Kenton Joseph, machinist, 61 German 

Kenton Levi, hatter, 176 High, h 118 N Juniper 

Kenton Wm. H., tavern, 106 & 108 Sassafras 

Kentzel John, cordw., George and Charlotte 

Kenworthy J., gardener, Sch. 3d & Callowhill. 

Kenworthy John, house painter, 5 S 7th. 

Keough John, hatter, Emlen's ct 

Keplin Wm., china store, 403 N 2d 

Kepner Isaac, weaver, Marlborough bel F road. 

Kepp Peter, cutler. Carpenter ab P road 

Keppele Catharine, 262 Walnut. 

Kepper Samuel, stovemr., 206 St. John. 

Ker Wm., ship-chandler, S W Dock & S wharfs. 

Kerbaugh Opman,lime burner, Sch Front n Lom- 

Kcrbaugh Wm., stone mason. Bond's ct. (tm) 

Kerch John, blacksmith, F road and Marlboro' 

Kercherman Godfried, 9 Kesler al 

Kereven Patrick, gardener, Sch. 5th n George. 

Kerk Charles H., machinist, 5 Appletree alley, 
h 69 N 8th. 

Kerk James, gent.. Orchard 

Kerley Jacob, shoemr., 154 Pine 

Kerley Wm., shoemr., 154 Pine 

Kerlin John, tavern, 468 Sassafra.s 

Kerlin Wm., lab., 11 Willing*! al 




Kerman Francis, shop, Columbia row 
Kern A. L., lumber inspect., 32 Christian 
Kern Daniel, carpenter, 6 Mechanic 
Kern Georg-e, U. S. Mint, h George ab Sch, 8th. 
Kern H. G., surg-ical inst. mr., 7 N 8th. 
Kern & Poppal, tailors, 178 Chestnut. 
Kern .J. B., tobacconist, 378 N 3il. 
Kern John, dep. col. customs, 37 Crown. 
Kern Wm. H., tailor, 178 Chestnut, h 94 S 5th. 
Kern Wm., rig-ger, O Y road n George 
Kernan William, confect., 78 Cedar. 
Kerne G., acct., 39 Crown 
Kerner Henry, painter. Rail road ct. 
Kerney John, searnan, 90 German. 
Kerney Philip, weaver, 4th ab Master (K) 
Kerney Rachel, 22 Washington Market place. 
Kerns Abraham, cordwainer. Poplar n Marshall. 
Kerns Bruner, plasterer, 3 Kesler's ct. 
Kerns Edward, driver, 150 Shippen 
Kerns George, plasterer, 392 N 6th. 
Kerns James, tavern, Broad ab Sassafras 
Kerr Ann, wid, Ashton and Filbert 
Kerr James, dry goods, 121 Buttonwood. 
Kerr James, gent., 252 Walnut. 
Kerr John D., china, 457 High, h 1 Dugan 
Kerr Joseph, mer., 191 Chestnut, h 132 S 8th 
Kerr Joseph h Son, China Hall, 191 Chestnut 
Kerr J. J. Rev., Fitzwater ab 8th 
Kerr Matthew, watchman, Sch. 7th n Sassafras 
Kerr Michael, coppersmith, 10th ab Walnut 
Kerr Sarah, 119 MulbeiTy. 
KeiT Thomas, cabinet mr., 174 S 2d. 
Kerr Thomas, watchman, n Broad 
. Kerr William, saddler, UN 5th 
Kerr Wm. J., mer., 191 Chestnut 
Kerren Mai-tin, baker, 290 St. John 
Kei-rens John, rigger, 2 Ewing's ct 
KeiTick Barbara, Ann bel Sch. 4th. 
Kerrick George, brickmr., Sch. 4th bel Rltten- 

Kerrick Jesse, lab., Sch 4th and Ann 
Kerrison Robert M., watchman, Fitzwater bel 

Kerrison T. E. J., 124 N Juniper. 
Kerschenmann J. M., millwright, rear 25 Gai'den 
Kerthcart David, manuf , G T R ab Jefferson 
Kesey Wm., tailor, Baker's ct 
Kesler D., combmr., 4th ab Gi' en 
Kesler Elizabeth, c 6th and Master 
Kesler Henry, starch manuf., 6C5 N Front 
Kesler Henry, wheelwright. Cherry ab Duke 
Kesler Leonard, clerk, 4th and Mai-ia 
Kesler Ruth, G T roadopp, 4th 
Kesler Samuel, brickmr.. Juniper n Locust. 
Kessler John, jr., gent., 106 Coates. 
Kessler John jr., grocer, S W 4th & Coates. 
Kessler John, gent, 382 N 4th. 
Kessler Maria, Orchard n George 
Kester Isaac P., hatter, 117 Chestnut 
Kester J. W., mer., 25 N Front. 
Kester &. Stiles, mers., 25 N Front. 
Kester William, commission mer., 6 Green. 
Ketcham Frederick Rev., Marlboro' bel Allen 
Ketchum John, carpenter, 9th bel Brown 
Ketchum & Maines, carps., 8th and Coates 

Ketchum Jarcd, mail contractor, 126 Queen 
Ketchum Samuel, shoemaker, S W 12th 8c 

Sheaf's al. 
Keten Timothy, lab., Iligli VV Sch. ^tli 
Ketler Adam, blacksmitli, Carlton ab Sch. 3d 
Ketler Margaret, 270 8c li 272 S 3rd. 
Ketring Peter, porter, 4th ab Jefler.son 
Kever George, iiattcr. Poplar ab 3d 
Keton John, shoemr., High W Sch 5th 
Key Josepii, clerk, Phoenix bel G T road. 
Keys Robt., blacksmith, Jones' al. ab Sch. 5th. 
Keys Ann, gentw., 10th bel Fitzwater 
Keys Edward, grocer, N E 11th Sc Tidmarsh. 
Keys Jacob J., printer, rear 154 Sassafras. 
Keys Jane, b h, 38 N 8th 
Keys William, rear 114 Swanson. 
Keyser Aaron, hatter, 519 N 2d. 
keyser Adeline, 40 Wood. 
Keyser Andrew, dry goods, 243 S 2d. 
Keyser Andrew, om. driver. Hay's ct (K) 
Keyser Anthony, clerk, Bladen's ct 
Keyser Ann, 12 Elfreth's al. 
Keyser Ann, Hope n Phoenix 
Keyser Chs., teacher, 28 Palmyra Row ab Vine. 
Kej'ser Christopher, ostler, Paschall's al. 
Kevser E. W., lumber mer.. Green 8c 10th, h 

144 N 9th. 
Keyser George, lab., ct Marlboro' bel Allen 
Keyser 8t Gorgas, lumber mers., 225 N Water 
Ke>ser Jacob, 19 S Sch. 6th. 
Keyser Jacob, grocer, 195 N 2d. 
Keyser John, grocer 10 High, h 12 Elfreth's al. 
Keyser John, cabmr., Parrish n 6th 
Keyser John F., printer, Simpson's ct 
Keyser John J., victualler, Master n 5th. 
Keyser 8c Longstreth, lumber mers., S W 10th 8c 

Keyser Louden, stevedore, 53 Mechanic. 
Keyser Louisa, rear 529 N 4th 
Keyser M., hair dresser, N W 7th 8c Zane. 
Keyser M., 55 Apple 
Keyser Margaretta, George n 5th 
Keyser Mrs., Front bel Wharton 
Keyser N. L., lumber mer., 323 N Front, h 20 

Keyser Peter A., lumljer mer., 225 N Water, h 

225 Callowhill. 
Keyser Solomon, clothing, 60 Cedar 
Keyser Susan, 34 Tine. 
Ke3'ser William, gun smith, Culvert ab 4th 
Keyser William, cooper, Haydock n G T road. 
Kiarnan James, cordwainer, G T road ab Master. 
Kibby Charles Sc Co., biscuit bakers, 198 and 200 

N Front. 
Kibler Joseph, 25 Callowhill. 
Kichlin George, victualler, R road (F V) 
Kichline Mary, vict., R road, (F V) 
Kidd John, 10 Benton's av 
Kidd John C, salesman, ct E New Market. 
Kidd Samuel, cordw., rear 16 Logan. 
Kiderlen AV. L. J. 8c Co., booksellers, 64 S 4th. 
Kiehl John, dry goods, 48 S 2d. 
Klentzle Gotlelb, bakei-, 46 Green. 
Kiker Jacob, vict., O Y road ab Tammany 
Kiker Peter, curbstone setter, State st. 




Klker Samuel, watchman, Uittenhouse. 
Kilburn M., stone cutter. Walnut n Sch. 
Kildufte liobert M. D., S E 6th and Shippen. 
Kile Jacob, baker; rear 157 Marshall 
Kile Joseph, port, painter, 8th and Chestnut, h 

Cedar ab 11th. 
Killchrist William, lab., Svcamorc ab Locust. 
Kille A. F., clerk, 369 S 3d. 
Kille Eliza, gentw., 228 N 5th. 
Kille Emma, scmpsti-ess, 3 Salem al 
Kille John G., cordwainer, 10 W Hig-h. 
Killgore John, carpenter, 36 Wood. 
Killing-sworth E., painter, 96 Chestnut, h 64 

Killion F., grocer, 3 High, h 368 N Front. 
Killion John, grocer, 333 High. 
Killion John, lab., Sch. 4th bel Mulberry. 
Killman Henry, waiter, 1 Burr's ct 
Klllpatrick Francis, tallow chandler, 322 Cal- 

Kilpatrick Andrew, Christian ab P road. 
Kilpatrick James, lab., 27 Mechanic. 
Kilpatrick John, carter, 245 Woodab 12th. 
Kilpatrick Moses, carter, Hamilton & Sch. 4th 
Kilpatrick Samuel, 53 Mechanic 
Kimball Chs. B., 45 High, h 161 N 4th. 
Kimball Edward, 489 Chestnut 
Kimball J. C, cordw., 55 Green 
Kimball L., sec'ry Wash. Ins. Co., 48 Walnut, h 

449 Chestnut. 
Kimball Nathan, machinist, rear 130 F road. (K) 
Kimball Wm., drayman, F road bel Master. (K) 
Kimber Caleb, printer, Ogden n 10th 
Kimber Emmor, jr., hatter, 38 N 4th, h 97 O 

Y road. 
Kimber & Sharpless, booksellers, 50 N 4th. 
Kimber Thomas, bookseller, 50 N 4th, h 374 

Kimber George, drayman, 154 F road. 
Kime George, turner, Ogden ab 10th 
Kimley Michael, labourer, 117 Swanson. 
Kimmel Jacob, tailor, 20 Beck 
Kimmel S. H., mer., 406 N 6th. 
Kimmey Edward D., waterman, 107 Cherry. 
Kimsey Job, c Poplar and Charlotte 
Kindel John, carp., Marriot bel 5th 
Kindell Joseph, liidgway's Row, Callowhill 
Kindick Samuel S., S E 7th Sc Coates 
Kinel Hannah, 5 Elder 
Kiner John, shoemr., 78^ German 
Kiner John, tavern, 89 Plum 
King A lexander, 17 Laurel. 
King & Baird, printers, 9 George. 
King Catharine, widow, Broad and Paper al 
King Charles, carter. Union ab Bedford. 
King Charles, mer., 19 S wharves, h 229 Pine. 
King C. &. Co., mers., 19 S wharves. 
King Darius, seaman, 3 Liberty ct 
King Edmund, cordw.. Nectarine ab 10th. 
King Edward, gold beater, 9 Pear. 
King Edward, President Judge Court Common 

Pleas, h Spruce ab Broad. 
King Edwin, dry goods, 249 S 2d. 
King Eli, shoemr., 204 St. John 
King Francis, gent., 30 Sassafras. 

King George, stone cutter, 8 Nixon 

King Henry, blacksmith, 40 Palmyra sq. 

King- Henry, captain, 3 Elfreth's al. 

King H., tailor, 9 Hummel's row. 

King H. G. Rev., Queen n Marlborough. 

Iving Jabez, cordwr., sliippen ab 12th 

King James, tavern, c Brown &. Oak 

King James, tavern, 3d &. George 

King James, bricklayer, 4th bel Jefferson 

King- James, stone cutter, George n Sch 6th 

King James, 106 Walnut 

King Jane, 105 Christian. 

King John, china manuf., 539 N Front 

King John, gold beater, 9 Pear, h 43 Lombard 

King- John, waterman, Rachel n Laurel. 

King- John, cordwr., 6 Reed's ct. 

King Joseph, g-ent., 5 Sch William 

King Levi R., carp., 26 Raspb'ry al, h 82 Locust 

King M. F., M. D., 62 Spruce. 

King- Mary, crockery, 4i3 High. 

King Mary, gentw., Clymer. 

King Rebecca, gentw., West n Palmer. (K) 

King Robert, blacksmith, 13 Wharton. 

King- Robert, blacksmith. Maxwell ct. 

King Rodney, 106 Walnut 

King R. P., printer, 9 George, h 46^ Walnut. 

King- Saml., gardener, Olive n Broad. 

King Samuel G., brushmr., 277^ N 2d. 

King Sarah, 330 S Front. 

King Thomas, carpenter, Jones ab Sch. 7th 

King Thomas, mer., 2Si> Vine. 

King- Wesley, furniture cars, 332 S 3rd. 

King William, carpenter, George n Sch 6th. 

King William, clerk Mo3'amen. bank, h 186 S 

King Mrs., mantua mr., 9th bel Catharine 
King W^illiam, 69 N 3d, h 117 Sassafras. 
King W^m., livery stable, 8 Fetter lane, h 177 

King Wm. H., grocer 337 N 2d 
King- William L., cooper. Weaver ct. 
Kingsberry, James, carter, Lombai-d n Sch 

Kingsbury Horace, cai-ter, George ab Beach 
Kingsland Edmund, ship joiner, 5 Powell's row 
Kingsley Geo., teacher of mu.sic, 214 Chestnut 
Kingston John, book binder, Ogden n 9th 
Kingston John, cabinetmr., 49 M road 
Kingston Stephen B., acct., 288 N 6th. 
Kink Christoplier, Pearson ct (K) 
Kinkade Alexander, Wliite's ct. 
Kinkade Andrew, White's ct. 
Kinkade John, labourer, 27 Mechanic. 
Kinkelin Dr. 83 Union. 
Kinkner Jesse, oyster house, 589 N 3d 
Kinley A., silversmith, 422 N Front. 
Kinlcy Hugh, manuf.. Pine ab 12tJi 
Kinley John, carter, 117 Swanson 
Kinnard Jacob, tavern, Callowhill bel 13th 
Kinnlff Cornelius, dealer, 246 Shippen. 
Kinsey Edmund, dealer, 35 Chestnut. 
Kinsey John, wh.irf builder, 8 Oak 
Kinsey, &. Taylor morocco & leather, N E 3d 

& Sassafras. 
Kinsinger Catharine, milliner, 63 Mulberr 




Kinsler George M., currier, 384 &, h 376 N 

Kinsler John, cordwainer, 127 N 5th. 
Kinsley Daniel, brickmr.. Juniper ab Locust. 
Kinsley Elizabeth, washer, Sch. 3d ab Filbert. 
Kinsley Henry, lab., Spruce ab Sch 5th 
Kinsley John, grocer, 388 N Front. 
Kinsley John, lab., 5 W Cedar 
Kinslow Michael, fireman, Linden ab Sch. 7th. 
Kinsman Israel, merchant, 2 Franklin pi., h 359 

Kinsman Michael, mer., 2 Franklin pi. 
Kintzing Abraham, mercht., 46 S wharves, h 342 

Kintzing- A. & Wm. F., mers., 46 S wharves. 
Kintzing" M., gentlw., 342 Chestnut. 
Kintzing William F., mer., 46 S wharves, h 131 

N 13th 
Kintzing-er Fredk., morocco dresser, c 2d & 

Kinzey George, b h., 343 High. 
Kinzle J., baker, 47 Brown 
Kipel Jacob, 9 Wood 
Kippen Mary, b. h., 7 Julianna. 
Kirbey Samuel, stove finisher, 181 S 2d. 
Kirby Ann, milliner, 343 N 2d. 
Kirby Ann, porter. Little Pine 
Kirby James, mariner, Sutherland 
Kirchberg William, gun mamif., 96 N 3d. 
KirchofF Henry, tobacconist, 394 & 548 N 3d 
Kirk Abram W., cordw., 70 Almond. 
Kirk E., anthracite ware, 37 S 8th, h High ab 

Sch 5th. 
Kirk E. & S., diy goods, 14 S 2d. 
Kirk George R., agent, Saundei''s ct (K) 
Kirk George W., dep. weigh master, Sch 6th 

& Cherry 
Kirk James, gent.. Orchard n Jackson. 
Kirk John, coach mr., 12 Barker 
Kirk John, lab., Wood n Sch 2d 
Kirk J. W^., stove manuf., h Filbert n Sch 6th. 
Kirk Nathaniel, blacksmith, S E Vine 8c 13th. 
Kirk Prior, blacksmith, 34 O Y road. 
Kirk Stephen, coal mer., Penn bel Maiden. 
Kirk S. L., grocer, 246 N 7th. 
Kirk W., barber and bleeder, F road above 

Kirk William, blacksmith. Brown & Beach, Ro- 

bison's ct. 
Kirk William, brickmaker, yard e Ashton and 

Spruce, h 2 Colonnade row. 
Kirkbride Thomas S., M. D., Penna. hospital for 

Kirkham Charles, att'y and coun., 121 Walnut. 
Kirkham Edward, labourer, 27 Beck. 
Kirkham G. H., mer., 8 S Front, h 127 Filbert 
Kirkham William, 127 Filbert. 
Kirkland Charles, milkman, Bedford ab 13th 
Kirkman Daniel, manuf., Marlboro' bel West 
Kirkman John, tailor, 351 S 5th 
Kirkoff Henry, tobacconist, 394 N 3d. 
KirkofF Henry, turner, rear 217 St John 
Kirkpatrick Benj., weaver, n Washington (F M) 
Kirkpatrick D., leather dealer, 21 S 3d, h 193 



Kirkpatrick D. & Son, hides and leather, 21 S 3d. 
Kirkpatrick George, gent., 243 S 6th. 
Kirkpatrick James, carter, Lewis ab Sch 6th. 
Kirkpatrick James & Co., distillers, 389 High. 
Kirkpatrick James, carp., 11 Sch. Ann. 
Kirkpatrick James, boolmr., 1 Kirkpalrick's ct. 
Kirkpatrick James, di8tiller,389 High h 28 How- 
Kirkpatrick John, carp.. Dean bel Walnut. 
Kirkpatrick J. T. & Co., hides &. leather, 213 

Kirkpatrick J. T., 193 Mulberry 
Kirkpatrick Rachel, 106 Crown. 
Kirkpatrick Robert B., mer., 213 N 3d, h 204 N 

Kirkpatrick Robert B., mer., 21 S 3d, h 193 

Kirkpatrick Robt.,weaver, Cochran bel Brinton 
Kirkpatrick Wm., blacksmith, 364 S 6th 
Kirkwood Alex., mus. inst. mr., 137 S Front 
Kirman Michael, watchman, n Nixon Fairmount 
Kirshner Henry, tavern, Rroad ab Poplar. (F V) 
Kischmore Lawrence, weaver, F road ab Orange 
Kishman Godfrey, tailor, 9 Kesler's al. 
Kisselman Mrs., gentw., 166 S 2d 
Kissick James W., tailor, 64 N 8th. 
Kissick John, engineer, Fairmount Waterworks. 
Kissick Susan, St Joseph's av, 
Kissick Wm., machinist, 10 Spragg av. 
Kisterbock J., stoves h hot air furnace manuf, 

467 High. 
Kitchen A. B., 136 Chestnut, h 339 N 6th. 
Kitchen James, M. D., 39 Spruce. 
Kitchen James, carp., Locust ab Sch 3d 
Kitchen Jane, milliner, 67 S 12th. 
Kitchen Uriah, teacher, 67 S I2th. 
Kitchingham Jas., carpet weaver. Maiden n 

Kite John L., M.D., 195 N 5th. 
Kite Edmund, tailor, 198 N 10th. 
Kite James, cabinetmaker, 129 & 26 Powell 
Kite Jonathan, potter, Otter n William 
Kite Joseph, printer, N E 7th & Carpenter, h 

265 N 5tb. 
Kite Joseph & William, printers, N E 7th and 

Kite Joseph S., rail road manager, c 9th and 

Kite Nathan, bookseller, 50 N 4th. 
Kite Paschal, carpenter. Nectarine bel 10th 
Kite Thomas, 32 N 5th. 
Kite Wm., printer, N E 7th & Carpenter, h 3S 

Kiter Martha, shop, 416 N 4th. 
Kithcart, David, weaver, c Cadwalader & Van 

Buren ct 
Kitlicart James, lab., Lombard n Sch 2d 
Kithcart James, watchman. Filbert ab Sch 4th 
Kitler John A., eating house, 7 S 7th. 
Kittera Ann, gentw., 1 1 Girard 
Kittinger L., tavern, N 2d and Quarry. 
Kitts Hannah P., gentw., 188 Coates. 
Klapp Jos., jr., M. D., Sch 8th ab Fitzwater. 
Klapp Joseph, M. D., 290 S 2d. 
Klapp WiUiam H., M. D., 402 S 2d. 




Klein Christian, tailor, 32 Prune. 

Klein John, watchmaker, 197 N 3d, h 1 West. 

Klemm &. Brothers, imp. of musical inst.'s, 287^ 

Klemm Frederick, stove manuf., 338 N Front. 
Klemm F A., importer, 287^ High, h 3 City 

Klemm Jacob, victualler, Frank ford road ab 

Stone bridge. 
Klett Frederick, druggist, N E 2d &. Cidlowhill. 
Klett Gotlieb, 1 Rachel. 
Klett Mary, 246 St. John. 
Klewell Abm., turner, c 6th 8c G T road 
Klimer George, cordw., 2 Mary's ct. 
Kline Adam, brickmr., Statt n Sch 7th 
Kline Barbara, gentw., 4 Salem al 
Kline B., watchmaker, 410 N 2d 
Kline Christian, baker, 185 S 5th. 
Kline Damarias, Riehl's ct. (N I-) 
Khne Frederick L., comb 84 variety store, 131 

&; 133 N 3d. 
Kline George, mariner, Lombard n Sch 5th. 
Kline Isaac, M. D., 183 G T road. 
Kline Isaac, cordwainer, 61 N 8th. 
Kline Jacob R., 492 N 3rd. 
Khne John, cordwr., 81 Apple 
Kline John, gent., Kline's ct 
Kline Mary, Coates bel 6th. 
Kline Michael, ex. broker, 45 N 4th, h Button- 
wood and Franklin 
Kline Peter, carter, 492 N 3d. 
Kline Peter, bricklayer, 374 N 3d 
Kline Sarah, 107 Noble. 

Kline Wm., stovefinisher, 4th n Thompson. (K) 
Khne Wm. O., clerk, Crim. court, h 651 N 2d. 
Kling Ann, widow, sempsti-ess, 144 Brown 
Klinge Charles, baker, Hanover ab Queen 
Klingle George F., M. D., 286 N 3d. 
KUngler, J.L. C, baker, 419 S 4th 
Kloneger, printer, Noms ct 
Kloss Wm., cabmr., 2 Clawges' ct. 
Klosser S. Mrs., 296 Chestnut. 
Klotz Jacob, tailor, 445 N 3d 
Kloz Charles, teacher, 18 Branch. 
Kloz L., cloak, dress, & habitmr., 18 Branch. 
Klufklee John, whitesmith, Marlborough ab 

Frankhn. (K) 
Knapp C. F., tailor, c 7th & Parrish 
Knapp George, twine 8c cords 
Knappe Phihp, jeweller, 115 S 5tli, h 161 Cedar. 
Knauff Henry, organ builder, 167 Vine. 
Knause Ephraim, tobacconist, 2d n G T road. 
Kneass C, mer., 215§ High, h 81 S 6th. 
Kneass Dallas, hattei-, 3 Atherton 
Kneass Horn R., att'y 8c coun., 81 S 6th. 
Kneass Hanson, brushmaker, 509 High, h 228 

S 7th 
Kneass 8c Naylor, bi-ushmrs., 509 High. 
Kneass Samuel H., civil engineer, 393 Spruce. 
Kneass William, engraver, 6 Jefferson row. 
Knecht Gabriel, drover, 263 N 8th. 
Knecht George Jr., Willow ab 5th. 
Knecht John G., butcher, c Willow 8c Julianna 
Kneedaker Christian, tailor, St John n Beaver. 


Kneedler Jacob, gent., 205 Green. 

Kneedler J. S., mer., 70 N 3d, h 238 N 6tli 

Kneedler Magdalen, 42 Chester. 

Kneeland Amelia J., stock maker, 96 Green. 

KneiT Henry, gent., 89 Sassafras n 3d. 

Knerr Peter, cigar maker, Corn bel Wharton. 

Knickerbocker Rebecca S., ti-immings, 213 N 

Kniglit Bushrod W.. bricklayer, 87 Fitzwater. 
Knight Clayton, flour, 460 N 2nd 
Knight Daniel R., carp., 202 Mulberry. 
Knight Edward, tailor, 3 Brooks' ct, Rose al 
Knight Edward, grocer, N E Sch 6tli 8c Chestnut 
Knight E. Mrs., b h., 81 N 5th. 
Knight EUzabeth, shop, 298 Vine. 
Knight E. C, grocer, 300 S 2d. 
Knight Jacob, carpenter, 241 Mai'shall 
Knight John, engraver, 48 S 3d 
Knight John lab., 8 N 13th 
Knight Joseph, iron 8c coal mer., 203 N 2d. 
Knight Joseph, coach painter, 27 Pnme 
Knight Joseph, carp., 6 Pearl 
Knight Margaret, St Joseph's av 
Knight Mary, washr., 11 Stamper's al 
Knight Reeve L , upholsterer, 152 S 2nd, h 18 

Knight Reuben, lab.. Lemon W 12th 
Knight Robert B., att'y 8c coun., 105 N 3rd. 
Knight Robert T., cai'penter, 196 Cheny. 
Knight Saml., hardware, 16 S 4th, h 10 Church 

Knight Wilham L., M. D., 56 S 13th. 
Knight William W., hardwai-e, 195 High, h 

Cherry bel 9th S side. 
Knight Wm., carp., 83 New. 
Knipe Christian, shoemaker. Orchard n Rawle. 
Knipe Conrad, grocer, S E 5th and Vine, h 117 

Knipe John R., furniture, 110 N 3d 
Knipe Thomas, brick maker, Beaver n Creek 
Knipe Wm., blacksm., Jones W Sch 6th 
Knisell B. H., brewer, 268 N 7th and Green op 

Knisell E., 231 N 6th. 
Knocke Julius, 6 Hermitage pi. 
Knoll Isaac, 99 St Johns 
Knoll John, carter. Cherry 8c Brown (K) 
Knorr Elizabeth C, 148 N Front « 

Knorr George, gent, 14 New Market. M 

Knorr George, printer, 120 S 10th. 
Knorr Fredk., professor of languages, 481 N 4th. 
Knorr James, printer, 175 S 11th. 
Knorr John K., M. D., N E 2d and Coates. 
Knorr Joseph, sign painter, 89 S 2nd. 
Knon* Mary, washer, op 131 Poplar 
Knorr Philip, coach smith, Parrish n 6th. 
Knous Mary, 3 Wood 

Knousley Hannah, tailoress, rear 291 S 5th 
Knowles Abraliam, grocer, Cheny ab Queen. 

Knowles Ann, b h, 308 N 2d 
Knowles Austin, coach maker, 286 Sassafras. 
Knowles James A., 15 Cooper's ct. 
Knowles Levi, eatinghouse, Shackamaxon & 

Beach (K) 




Knowles Levi, mer., 441 Hig-h, h Sch 5th and 

Knowles Levi Sen., Green ab 8th 
Knowles Marniadukc, carp. I^onibard n Bank 
Knowles Nathaniel, acct. West Bank, h 268 

FCnowles Nora, mantuayir., 87 N 10th 
Knowles R. H., 164 Cherry 
Knowles Wm., hat store, 22 Itittenhoiisc 
Knowles Wm., carp., 448 S 2d 
Knox Catharine, mantuamr., ct. Marlboro' be! 

Knox Elizabeth, g-entw., 301 S 3d. 
Knox Jacob, confectioner, S E 6th and Pine. 
Knox James L., tailor, 27 Harmony. 
Knox John, mer., 360 Chestnut 
Knox John, whitesmith, Shackamax. ab Prince 
Knox Joseph, math. Ins. maker, 20 Beck 
Knox Lewis, cordwainer, 557 S 2d. 
Knox Rebecca, 135 S 5th 
Knox Samuel, bricklayer, G T road bel 6tli 
Knox Sarah, Crown bel Prince 
Knoor Wm., baker, Grear ab 11th 
Koch Edw., cabmr., 72 Walnut, h 6 Cyprus al. 
Koch Edward & Co., cabinetmakei-s, 72 Walnut 
Koch Otto, tailor, 439 N 3d 
Kochersperger Charles, blacksmith, 233 AVood 

ab 12th. 
Kochersperger Daniel, c Powell & Francis. 

Kochersperg-er George, shoemr., Helmuth n 

Sch 7th 
Kochersperger Martin, gent., 240 Christian 
JCochersperger Matthias, potter. Mechanic 
Kochersperger Thomas, tavern, 483 High 
Koehler Charles A., 394 S 3d 
Koehler Daniel, coachmr., Marriot bel 6th 
Koehler John G., 6 R road 
Koehler Sarah, S W Man-iott & Atherton 
Koehler Thomas, coach painter, Marriott bel 6th. 
Kohl George, lab., Callowhill & Phoenix 
Kohlenkamp N., tinman, 78 N 4th. 
Kohler John, hardware, 328 N 2d. 
Kohler John B., stove finisher, 4 Seiser's ct. 
Kohler John J., hatter, 190 N 2d. 
Kohne E. Mrs., Chestnut ab 10th. 
Kohrssen William, dealer, rear 153 Green. 
Kolb Sophia, shop, 538 N 3d 
Kollefrath E., locksmith, 4th ab Brown 
KoUock David H., cabinetmaker, 304 S 2d. 
KoUock James P. W., cabtmr., 53 P road 
Kollock Sarah, 22 Beck's al. 
Kolm Ferdinand, baker, Sch Front & Brown 
Kolp John, baker, 135 Buttonwood 
Konigmacher Elizabeth, 221 N 4th. 
Konigmacher Chas., mer., 141 High. 
Konigmacher Thos., mer., 141 High. 
Koockogey George, whipmr., 296 Callowhill 
Koockogey Wm., painter, Coates bel 10th 
Kook James, cordwr., 4 Northampton ct. 
Kook Philip, twister, 2 Northampton ct. 
Kook Wm., spinner, William ab Callowhill 
Kooker Geo. C, tailor, 133 Buttonwood. 
Koon John, milk. Broad n B hill 
Koon Lewis, tavern, 462 Vine 

Koons Charles N., c 4th and Noble. 

Koons F., clerk, I-'ilbort, ab Scli. 4th. 

Koons Isaac, grocer, 239 8c 241 N 3d, h 54 O Y 

Koons Isaac & Co., grocers, 239 St 241 N 3d. 

Koons Michael, grocer, 239 &. 241 N 3d, h 230 
N 4th. 

Koons & Fiickingcr, 172 N 3d 

Koplin Nathaniel, dep. Hour ins., 81 Franklin. 

Kopp George, cabinetmr., 3 Sliaflfer's ct. 

Korckhauss A., mer., 60 S Front, h218 N 4th. 

Korckhauss Henry, furs, 55 N 3d, h 96 New. 

Kore Rebecca, George n Sch 6th. 

Korn Deborah W., b. h., 70 Brown. 

Korn Henry, military goods, 22 N 3d. 

Korn Wm., mer., 3 N 3d 

Korn Wm. &. & Co., brush & comb manuf., 3 
" N3d 

Kornderfer August, 20 Boyd's av. 

Koseridge Mary, 10th ab Catharine 

Kraft August, hotel, 110 Sassafras. 

Kraft George, cabinetmaker, 94 N 7th. 

Kraft Henry, shoemaker, 110 S 2d. 

Kraft Henrj' A., shoemaker, 6 N 12th. 

Kraft John, rope maker, Oxford bel 2d 

Kraft John H., cotton mer., Marshall ab Noble. 

Kramer Catharine, 262 Cherry 

Kramer F., turner, 9th n Ogden. 

Kramer F. Jr., 9th n Ogden 

Kramer Flenry, carp., 5 Pearl. 

Kramer Henry, painter. Palmer bel West 

Kramer Henry, coachmr., Budden's al. 

Kramer Jacob, tailor, 89 N 3d. 

Kramer James E., baker, Budd & Coates 

Kramer John, victualler, Cadwalader ab Master. 

Kramer Philip, carpenter, Jones ab Sch. 6th. 

Kramer William, tavern, 318 N 2d. 

Krauch Christian, upholsterer, 16 Filbert 

Kraul Peter, lab., M'Duffie n Sch 2d 

Krause Charles, scale manuf, 109 Poplar 

Krause Casper, drayman, 4th 8c Coates 

Krauss Leonard, saddler, 290 Sassafras, h c 13th 
&, Montgomery 

Kreamer John, blind maker, 8th ab S garden 

Kreamer Mary, 565 N 3d 

Kreider Henry, mer., 217 Coates. 

Kreiger Jacob, carp., 2 Pleasant retreat. 

Kreir Henr}', engineer, Ann n Rroad. (F Y) 

Kreker Margaret, baker, 601 N 2d. 

Kremer Frederick, baker, 129 S.assafi-as. " 

Ki-epler Edward, cedar cooper, 9 School 

Kreplin Jolin F., mariner, 21 Union 

Kressler David K., mer., 188 N 3d, h 37 Knuc- 

Kressler Geo. R., carpenter, 10th bel Parrish 

Kressler &. Buckwalter, mers , 188 N 3d 

Krewson Mordecai, carpenter, Callowhill bel 
Sch. 7th. 

Kreymborg J. B. Mrs., quill manuf., 95 S 2d. 

Krick Jolm, baker, 52 Cathju-ine. 

Krickbaum H., agent carman, 3 Poplai* sq. 

Krickbaura Mary, 129 N 2d. 

Krider Geo. shipcarp., Union ab Prince 

Krider John, gun smith, 101 & 103 S 2d ab Wal 




Krider John J., baker, 70 Swanson. 
Krider \Vm., carpet manuf., Plum bel 4th. 
Kriner Henry, wharf builder, Hanover ab Beach 

Krips Philip, dyer, 253 St John 

Kriter Henry, rectifier, 46 Oak 

Krodel Frederick, tobacconist, 218 N 9th. 

KroU Catharine, 30 Branch. 

KroU Earnest, acct., 343 Vine. 

Krom Anthony, skindressei-, Nectarine bel 1 1th 

Kromer & Flenner, tailors, 238 N 3d 

Kromm Henry, drover, James ab Charles. 

Krouse Jesse, saddler, 12 Wallace. 

Krouse John, brewer, 169 N 4th. 

Krouse Sarah, milliner, 12 Wallace 

Krouseman Joseph, Charlotte n Thompson. (K) 

Krug F. V. & Co., com. mers., 15 Commerce. 

Krug F. v., mer., 15 Commerce, h 384 Mulberry 

Krumb Jacob, tailor, 87 Coates. 

Krumbhaar Lewis, Sec. Spring- Garden Ins. Co., 

N W 6th and Wood. 
Krupp Eli, grocer, St John & George • 

Kmpp John, spigot turner, 100 Tammany. 
Kryder Geo. W., baker, 16 Acorn al 
Kucher Christopher J., book binder, S W 

Swanwick &. George, h 11 Boyd's av. 
Kucker Joseph, smith, 6th & G T road 
Kuemmerle C., confectioner, 145 N 6th. 
Kuemmerlen John, baker, G T road n 3d 
Kuen Joseph, combmr., 48 Apple 
Kuermmerle Martin, syringemr., 2 N 11th, c 

Fries' ct. 
Kugler Elizabeth, 45 P road. 
Kugler Elizabeth, 331 S 4th 
Kugler Thomas, pi-inter, 329 S 4th. 
Kuhl Adam J., lab., Hutchinson's ct. (K) 
Kuhl Christian, porter, 5 Saunders' ct (K) 
Kuhl Frederick, lithographer, 24 Vine 
Kuhl Henry, gent., 493 Chestnut. 
Kuhlmann Gerhard, cordwainer, 168 S 5th. 
Kuhn George, clerk, 21 Magnolia. 
Kuhn George W., cordwainer, 19 Beaver. (K) 
Kuhn H., gent., 314 Chestnut. 
Kuhn John, hatter, 297 N 2d. 
Kuhn Misses, S W 9th and Filbert. 
Kuhn P. & H., bakers, 105 G T road. 
Kuhn Wnri., painter, William's ct. 
Kunitz Lewis, painter, 17 Greswold's al. 
Kunitz Lewis, blind maker, 6 Carberry's court. 
Kunkle Christian, victualler, James ab 10th. 
Kunkle George, vict.. Pleasant n R road 
Kunkle Jacob, cordwr., St John n Globe mill 
Kunkle John, vlcL, R road ab Vinevard. (F V) 
Kunkle John, oysterman, 6th bel Washington 
Kunkle Peter, vict.. Front ab Franklin 
Kuntz Jacob, gun smith, G T road ab Phoenix. 
Kuntz Joseph, rear 198 N 2d 
Kuntz John, tailor, 3d & Pear 
Kuntz Wm., cabmr., 122 Apple 
Kuntzer John, shoemr., 469 N 2d 
Kunzi Abram, gent., 186 Coates. 
Kunzmann F. P., baker, 26 Jones' al. 
Kuppinger J. G. carter, 489 N 3d 
Kurlbaum Charles, chemist, 22 Chestnut and 
190 Coates 

Kurlbaum & Co., chemists, 22 Chestnut and 
190 Coates 

Kurtz Christian, cordwainer, 389 N Front. 

Kurtz Richard Montgomery, copperplate printer, 
Morris bel Fitzwater. 

Kyle George, lab., ct. G T. road bel Rose 

Kyle Hannah, rear 505 N 3d 

Kyle Joseph, portrait painter, S W 3d & Wal- 
nut, h 1 Pleasant place. 

Kyle Samuel, labourer, 10 Lawrence. 

Kyle Wm., dairyman, 620 N 3d 

La Bailie Louis, tailor, 250 Cliristian. 

Labbree John H., cabinetmaker. Queen n F 

Labere Mary, b h, Penn n Marsh. (K) 
Labou Anthony, stone cutter. Front & Franklin 
Labouring Mrs., bookbinder, rear 109 Christian 
Lacey George Rev., Queen ab Marlborough 
Lacey William N., saddler, 12 S 5th. 
Lachapelle Camile, carpets, 28 N 2d. 
Lackey A. M., dry goods, S E 8th & Mulberrj-, 

h 51 N 8th. 
Lackey Mary, gentw., F M avenue, Sch. 
Lackey Wm., lab., 38 Perry 
Lackman Ferdinand, cabinetmr., 243 N Front. 
Lacy Edward, brewer, 2 Leiper 
Lacy John, drayman, Lombard n Sch. 6th. 
Lacy Miles, tavern, 126 S 4th 
Lacy Parnell, Sch 4th and High. 
Lacy Patrick, porter, 3 Branch 
Lacy Paul, tailor, 364 S Front. 
Lacy Return, lab.. Chestnut ab Sch. 3d 
Lacy Wm., lab., 38 Peri-y 
Ladd L. D., widow of Samuel, Filbert ab Sch 

Lafaver Philip, cordwainer, 108 Cheny. 
Lafferty Chas., carter, N W Sch. 2d & Lombard. 
Lafferty George, butcher, c Charles & Button- 

Lafferty James, cordw., Cadwalader ab Master 
Lafferty John, weaver, G T road ab Master. 
Lafferty Pat., weaver. Harmony ct. (K) 
Lafitte Anthony, interpreter and professor lan- 
guages, 166 S 3d. 
Lafitte John L., wine mer., h 106 Union 
Lafore A., ornamental hair manuf., 32 S 4th. 
Laforgue L., mer., 138 High h 8 S 12th. 
La Forrest Charles, comedian, 20 Bonsall 
Lafourcade Edward, mer., 77 High. 
Lafourcade James, exc. broker, 73 Dock, h 353 

Lafourcade Marcelin, mer., 77 High. 
Lafourcade Peter M., gent., 100 Crown. 
Lagan Henry, confectioner, N E 12th & Spruce. 
Lagan John, blacksm., Lombard ab 13th 
Lagreen Edmund, wine mer., 96 S Front 
Laguerenne E., mer., 59 S Front 
Laguerenne P. L. & E., importers, 59 S Front 
Laguerenne P. L., merchant, 59 S Front, h 286 

Laher Joseph, baker, 92 Cherr>-. 
Lahman n., dealer, 12th bel Coates 





Laib Frederick, boot &. shoe mr., 51 S 4th. 

Laib Gotleib, cabinetmr., 72 Walnut 

Laid Henry, lab., Clay n Willow 

Laidlow Alex., lab., Ann n 12th 

Laing- Alex,, house and sign painter, 44 S 8th 

Laing- Alve E., hatter, 18 S 4th, h 33 Mulberry 

Laing Charles W., machinist & engraver, 272 

Laing Robert, paper .store, 530 N 2d. 
Lainhoff Godfrey, oysters, N W 5th &. Chestnut 
Laird Alex., manuf., Crown ab Duke 
Laird F., stone mason, 9 Dorothy 
Laird Francis, tallow chandler, 240 Catharine 
Laird Hugh, manuf., Crown ab Duke 
Laird Michael, keeper Moyamensing Prison, 

Carpenter ab 6th 
I-aird Robert, drover, N E 11th &. Callowhill. 
Laird Thomas, dyer, Cadwalader ab Master (K) 
Laird William W., tobacconist, 102 N 3d, h 9 

Lajus Paul, mer., 99 S 4th. 
Lake A., engineer, Penn be! Maiden 
Lake Andrew, carter, Charles & Buttonwood. 
T>ake Ann, gentw., 47 George 
Lake David, sexton, 118 New 
Lake Eustena, eating house, 319^ High 
Lake Francis, tavern, Callowhill ab William 
Lake Jacob, vict., 5th ab Master 
Lake Wm., vict,, 6th ab Poplar 
Lakey Lewis, carpenter, Sch. 8th c Cherry 
Lalanes E., acct., 64 Dock 
Lalanne J. P., furniture, 75 Lombard. 
Lamark John, lab.. Crown & Bedford 
Lamarzella John F., mer., 10 Franklin pi., h 7 

Lamarzella Peter, hair dresser, 44 Duke. 
Lamb Charles P., fruiterer, S W 6th & High, h 

10 Bread 
Lamb C. Biddle, mer., 31 N 3rd, h 269 Coates. 
Lamb Francis, spin., Washington ab Callowhill 
Lamb Jacob, cordw., Cliarlotte £^ Poplar 
Lamb James, spin., Washington ab Callowhill 
Lamb James, weaver, 5 Brinton. 
Lamb Jane, b h. Cherry bel Broad 
Lamb John, brickmr.. Culvert bel 4th 
Lamb John, clerk, 275 Marshall 
Lamb John, brickmr., Culvert bel 4th. 
Lamb Lemuel, mer., 79 High, h 347 Chestnut. 
Lamb Mary, 10 Bread. 
Lamb & Nichols, com. mers., 79 High 
Lamb William jr., carpenter, George n 3rd. 

(N L) 
Lamback Amelia, 215 N 10th 
Lambdin J. R., portrait painter, 190 Chestnut 
Lambert Ann, 19 Plum. 
Lambert Ann M., b h, 4 N 9th. 
Lambert Edward, clerk, 76 Wood 
Lambert Elias, cordwainer, 44 W Cedar 
Lambert G. W., gent., 258 N 7th. 
Lambei-t John, Turner's la. and R road, 
liambert Hiram, 14 Lombard ct, h 326 S 4th 
Lambert John, ship joiner, 2 Powell's row 
Lambert Joseph, mil. cap mr., 2 James 
Lambert Mary W., Weaver. 
Lambert Thomas, machinist, Peai-l ab Sch. 8th 

Lambert William P., dentist, 4 N 9th. 

Lamberti Jo.sepli, furrier, f-2 Dock. 

Lambertson Danl., lab., 1 Dickson's al. 

Lamberton Robert, grocer, Sch. 7th and High. 

Lambis Catlin, rear 193 Chcny 

Lambsback John, carter, Brown ft Kessler's al. 

Lambsblack John, carter, 4 Kessler's ct. 

Lambsong Rebecca, shop. Culvert bel O Y road 

Lamden Thomas, hatter, 22 Mead 

Lame Josepli, cordwainer, 93 Chnstian. 

Lame Joseph, cabinet mr., 28 Marion. 

Lamer John, bootmr., Linden n Sch. 6th 

Lammey F., cordw., Cedar ab 12th. 

Lamon Eliza, widow, 20 Barker 

Lamon George, carpets, 60 Beach n Maiden. 

Lamon John, clerk, 3 Fayette 

Lamon Robert, grocer, S E 13th & Pine 

LaTnon Robert, weaver. Phoenix n F R (K) 

Lamont I). G., miniature painter, 17 S 5th, h 78 

S 8th 

Lamorelle Eliza, 61 Lombard. 
Lamparter Henry, Frankfort Hotel, 211 N Front. 
Lampas Philip, printer, 236 Wood ab 12th. 
Lampin Anthony, lab., G T road n 6th 
Lamping Henry, lab., Sch. Front ab Callowhill 
Lamplugh Isaac, dentist, 349 S 2nd. 
Lampport Joseph, tobacconist, 139 N 6th. 
Lamun Charles, mariner, 9 Reckless 
Lanagan Matthias, tailor, 84 George 
Lanahan Dennis, lab.. High W Sch. 4th 
Lanard Daniel, trader, Palmer ab Duke 
Lancaster Catherine, 4 Derringei-'s court. 
Lancaster Charles, mer., 7 S 3d, h 59 Almond 
Lancaster Isaac, weaver, Hanover n F road 
ancaster Jacob B., grain and feed. Spruce S^. 
wharf, h 116 Lombard. 
Lancaster John, weaver, 377 S 2nd. 
Lancaster Jno., carter, rear Coates ab 6th 
Lancaster Joseph, porter, 100 Gaskill. 
Lancaster Joseph, clerk, 27 Madison 
Lancaster Mary R., 3rd and G T road (K) 
Lancaster Moses, oilcloth factoiy, 329 N 2nd, 

h 270 N 4th. 
Lancaster Thomas, grain mer., 114 Lombard. 
Lancaster Washington, wireworker, 87 Shippen 
Lancaster Wm., carpet weaver, 171 Cedar, h 

424 S Front 
Lancaster William, wire worker, 312 S 4th. 
Lance James, morocco dr., rear 308 St. John. 
Land Michael, blacksm.. Church bel Christian 

Land Samuel, painter, 8 Jlarble pi. 

Landell G. A., mer., 22 N Water, h Beach. (K) 
Landell George, lumber mer.. Beach ab Ken- 
sington Market 

Landell & Son, lum. mers.. Beach ab K Market. 

Landell John, lumber mer., Shackamaxon n 
Queen. (K) 

Landell Washington J., mer., S W 4th and Mul- 

Landerkin John, lab.. Cherry- ab 11th 

Landers Richard, dealer, 4th and Jefferson. 

Landis John, stove fin., G T road ab Franklin 

Landis Joseph, cordw., 637 N 2d 

Landon Georg-e, dyer, S E Fitzwater Si 10th 

Landon John, dyer, 17 Lebanon. 




Landon Samuel, dyer, Steward bel Fitzwater. 

Landreth D. & Co., seedsmen, 65 Chcstmit. 

Landreth D.., seedsman, 65 Chestnut, h 5th bel 

Landreth Thomas, seedsman, 65 Chestnut, Nur- 
sery n Arsenal. 

Landry John, carpenter, 59 Coatcs. 

Landsdown J. P., sailmaker, 26 Lebanon 

Lane Alex. H., 106 Carpenter. 

Lane Alfred A., 56hN 8th. 

Lane Henry, fisherman, Buider's ct. (K) 

Lane John, carpenter, Jones ab Sch. 8th, h 3 

Lane John, carp., Helmuth n Sch. 7th 

Lane Mrs., 106 German 

Lane Richard, seaman, Shippen ab 3d 

Lane Susan, tavern, N W Front and Cox 

Lane Thomas H., min. painter, 86 Chestnut 

Lane Wasliinglon L., 106 German 

Lane William M., blacksmith, 21 Lily alley 

Laney Edward, blacksm., Jones W Sch. 4th 

Laney Thomas, Hamilton and John, Faii-mount 

Lang Georg'e, dry goods, 35 N 8th 

Lang- Jane, dry goods, 35 & h 37 N 8th 

Lang John sen., gent., N W Lombard & Front 

Lang John jr., wharf builder, 427 S Front 

Lang Louis, portrait painter, 216 Chestnut 

Lang & Mather, coal mers., Lombard st. wharf 

Lang AVilliam, sugar refiner, 39 Shippen. 

Langbartel Augustus, 495 N 4th 

Langbartel Ehzabeth, 495 N 4th. 

Langbartel Isaac, shoes, 427 N 3d. 

Langbert Abraham, shoes, 304 N 2d 

Langden William B., Curator Chinese Collec- 
tion, h 329 Lombard 

Langden Elias, carver. Laurel ct. 

Langebartel Abraham, shoes, 304 N 2nd. 

Langenstein Christoplier, baker, 264 Shippen. 

Langenstein John, hair manuf., c Otter and G 
r road. 

Langer A. B. Mrs., Allen ab Shackamaxon 

Langer Joseph, superintendent, Shackamaxon 
ab Bedfoi'd. 

Langford James, barber, 228 Vine. 

Langle Emma, trimmings, S W 9th & Lombard, 
h 172 S 9th 

Langley Isaac, clerk, 20 Jolm 

Langolf George, M. D., 102 Callowhill. 

Langstreth Thomas, mer., 50 High. 

Langstroth C S., lum. mer., 142 N 9th, yard c 
10th & Green. 

Langstroth Thomas F., mer, 50 Higli. 

Laning Abner R., pain., rear F road bel Prince 

Laning Hannah, Front n Phoenix. 

Laning R. G., sign painter, N W Margaretta & 
New Market, h 58 New Market. 

Laning Wm., painter, 154 Callowhill 

Lankford Arthur, waiter, 31 Mechanic. 

Lanning Eli, shoemr., Paschall's al. 

Lanning Rebecca M., tailoress, 199 Callowhill 

Lanser Henry, lab., Apple n Creek 

Lantz Mrs. Elizabeth, rear 41 New Market. 

Lapelles Louis, bootmr., Baker's ct. 

Lapice P. M., S W Juniper Sc Chestnut. 

Lapp Abraham, comb maker, Hummell's ct. 

Lapp John, morqcco finisher, Hummel's ct. 

Lapp Susan, 523 N3d 

Lapsley Catharine, 260 Lombard. 

liupsley David, gent., 1 Portico sq. 

Lapsley John, exch. broker, Pine ab 9th. 

Lapsley J. B, gent.. Ill Chestnut, h 168 Spruce 

Lapsle\' Moses, 54 P road. 

Lapsle}- A\'illiam, trader, 2nd ab Master (K) 

Larcombe Thomas Rev., Green ab 8th 

Lardner Alex., cashier B. U. S., Library bel 5th 

Lardner James L., U S navy, 21 Girard. 

Lare Elizabeth, Mulberry ab 10th. 

Lare Henry, brickmaker. Walnut ab Sch. 3d. 

I^are John, brickmaker, George n Sch. 3d. 

Lare Joseph, shipwright, 51 Green. 

Lare Margaret, widow, AValnut n Sch 3d 

Lare Peter, brickmaker. Walnut ab Sch. 3d. 

Larer John, brewer, 113 Wood 

Larere Edwai'd, shoemr., 191 Coates 

Largay Henry, paper stainer, c Carlton & Sch 2d. 

Large Ann, gentw., 181 G T road (K) 

Large Christopher, machinist, 71 Beach 

I>arge David K., cabinetmaker, 27 Walnut 

Large James, gent., 486 Chestnut 

Large Wm., machinist, Dunton ab Otter 

Largeson Mary, bonnets, 166 Coates 

Largeson Robei-t, shuttlemr., 166 Coates 

Larkey Eugene, gent.. Phoenix & G T R (K) 

Larkins Mary Ann, 44 Bread. 

Larkins Patrick, lab., 18 Combes al. 

Larkins Patrick, coachman, 36 Quince 

La Roche Peter F., seaman, 20 Union al. 

La Roche R., M. D., 11 Locust. 

Larrentree A., tavern, 118 N 3rd. 

Larrison Wm., currier, 154 St. John 

Larry Joseph, barber, 83 W High. 

Larsin Jacob, waterman, 7 German. 

Larue Moses, carp., 8th ab Wallace. 

Larzelere John, gent., 53 N 2nd. 

Larzelere Thomas, carp., Jones W Sch. 8th 

Larzelere William, dry goods 53 N 2nd. 

Laskey Abigail, Francis n Sch. 4th (F V) 

Laskey John, 2 Loxley's ct. 

Lassalle Stephen B., clerk, 16 Federal. 

Lasserree , tailor. Valley ct. 

La Serre Charles, deputy elk., 9 Providence ct. 
Laten Thomas, lab., Sch. 3d bel Locust 
Latham Wm., engineer. Vine & Robinson's ct. 
Latham Wm., weaver, 211 Sassafras 
Lathbury James A., baker, 163 Shippen. 
Latimer Elizabeth, b. h., 274 S Front. 
Latimer James, stock & ex. broker, 65 Walnut. 

h 501 Chestnut. 
Latimer Misses, gentw., 6 Dugan's Row. 
Latimer Thomas, atty & coun., 45^ S 5th, h 23 

Latin Elias, cordw., St. John ab Beaver 
Latour John, mer., 261 S Front 
Latta A., watchman. High ab Sch. 5th. 
Latta James M., com. mer., 9 Commerce, h Vine 

n 12th. 
Latta John E., commission mer., 9 Commerce, h 

George n Sch. 8th. 
Latta Sarah J., gentw., 23 Brown 





Latting- Margaret, Towiiscnd's ct. 
Laty Lewis, oyster house, 153 Locust. 
Laiick John 1)., combmr., 3 Franklin pi. 
Lauck William, tavern, c 9th & Melon. 
Laudenslager Jacob, saddler, 39 Clieny. 

Laudenslag-er , vict., 118 Butlonwood 

Lauderdale Edward, bootmaker, 11 S 8th. 
Laug-hlin James, lab., Beach n George 
Laug-hlin John, poi-ter, Ilig-li n. Sch. Front 
Laughlin Robert, distiller, 448 N Front. 
Laughran Francis D., shoemaker, Mulberry W 

Sch. 8th 
Laugy M., tavern, 152^ S wharves 
Laurent & Brothers, clothing store, 192 High 
Laurent Francis, tailor, 350 High. 
Lausaerae Peter, sashmi-., 13 Callowhill. 
Laussat Sophia, gentw., 302 Pine. 
Laval John, bookseller, 118 Chestnut, h 210 

Lave Benjamin, clothing, 517' N 3d 
Lavell Elizabeth, g-entw., Mary bel 2d 
Lavellette Eli, captain, 342 N 6th 
Laverty Mrs. Hannah, rear 35 Plum. 
Laverty Patrick, weaver, Harmony ct (K) 
Lavei-ty Samuel, weaver, Cadwalader ab Wash- 
Lavery John, carp., Randall's ct. 
Law Andrew, mer., 49 N 3rd. 
Law EUzabeth, 119 N 6th 
Law E. E., att'y & coun., 143 Walnut 
Law Henry M., iron founder, 29 Wallace 
Law Edward, lab., Lewis W Sch. 6th 
Law John, c 6th and Wood 
Law John, v/eaver, Hope bel Master 
Law Matthew, weaver, Hope ab Master. 
Law Robert, cabinetmaker, 301 Vine. 
Law S & A., mers., 49 N 3rd. 
Law Smith, mer., 59 N 3rd. 
Law William, jeweller, 149 S 5th 
Law Wilham, watchmaker, 13th ab Shippen. 
Lawn Francis, engineer, 472 S 2d 
Lawn Michael, tavern. Beach bel Walnut. 
Lawnsberry C, chair mr., 7 Heiberger's ct (K) 
Lawrence Alexander, shoe mr., rear 262 S 5th 
Lawrence C. B., clerk, Bank Penn Township, 

h 298 Sassafras 
Lawrence Christian, victualler, James bel 10th 
Lawrence Eliza, trimmings, 88 N 2d 
Lawrence Eliza, gentw., 60 Filbert 
Law^rence Fi-ancis, blacksmith, 2 Derringer's ct 
Lawrence George W., U S Mint, h93 N 13th. 
Lawrence Hamilton, comb maker, 8 Stamper's 

Lawrence Henry, victualler. Nectarine bel lltli 
Lawrence Hester, gentw., 114 N Water 
Lawrence Isaac, coachman, Lewis ab Sch. 7th 
Lawrence Jacob & Son, corders, 3d whf bel 

Almond, h 510 S 2d. 
Lawrence James, cordwainer, 9 Rihl's ct 
Lawrence James S. Jr., 88 N 2d 
Lawrence James S. Jr. & Co., trimg's., 88 N 2d 
Lawrence John, cai'penter, Charlotte n Culvert 
LaAvrence John, tavern, c Penn & Maiden (K) 
Lawrence Joseph R., clerk, 582 S Front 
Lawrence Joseph, silver plater, 122 Juniper 

Lawrence Julia, washer. Carver's ct 
Lawrence Justus, rear 172 N 8th 
Lawrence L., skin dresser, 118 Charlotte 
Lawrence Margaret, 304 St. John 
Lawrence Maria, 63 N 7th 
Lawrence Mary, CantrcU's ct 
Lawrence M. C, tavern, c R road and 10th 
Lawrence Peter A., oysters, 20 Branner's ct. 
Lawrence Richard ('., tailor, 7 S 8th & 166 S 10th 
Lawrence Samuel, baker, 44 Sassafras 
Lawrence Samuel, lab.. Prime bel 2d 
Lawrence Thomas, 14 S 7th 
Lawrence Thomas, painter, 10th bel Catharine 
Lawrence Thoma.s, blacksmith, Corn ab Whar- 
Lawrence William, cabinetmaker, Ann n Ridge 

road, l''ranc;sville. 
Lawrence Wni., carp., 2d bel Marion 
Lawrence Wm., pump mr., Sch. 3d & Lombard 
Lawrence W. P., 69 Locust 
Lawrence Wm., labourer, Jones' al ab Sch 5th 
Lawrenson John, carp., P road bel Christian 
Lawrenson Sarah, dry goods, P road bel Chris- 
Lawri Robert D., silversmith, 25 Library, h Wil- 
low ab 5th 
Laws Daniel, druggist, 206 N 9th 
Laws E., carpet and bedding, 295 High, h 229 

Laws George, tanner, 149 N Tth 
Laws George, variety store, 255 S 2d 
Laws Isaac Jr., soap boiler, 149 St. John 
Laws James, leather &. hides, 7th ab Willow, h 

157 N 7th 
Laws James, mariner, 567 S Front 
Laws Jeremiah, coachman, Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Laws John, aldei-man, 74 Green 
Laws Martin, Almond st wharf 
Laws Outten, grocer, N E 7th and Callowhill 
Laws Peter, porter, 256 Lombard 
La\ys Prime, sweep master, 3 Little Pine 
Lawson A., engraver, 95 George. 
Lawson David, tobacconist, Bedford ab 12th 
Lawson Jacob, saddler, 2d bel Tammany, h 53 

Lawson John, weaver. Master n F road 
Lawson John, paper hanger, 283 S 3d 
Lawson Letitia, widow. Mulberry n Sch. 2d 
Lawson Thomas, grocer, 461 N 4th 
Lawson Wm., weaver, F road bel Master 
Lawson Thomas, weaver, 12 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Lawton Daniel, bricklayer, 454 S Front 
Lawton George R., carpenter, 183 Queen 
Lawton James, weaver, Shippen lane ab Fitz- 

Laycock J. C, atty. and coim., 47 S 5th 
Laycock John Jr., bookbinder, 7 N 13th 
Laycock Mary, fancy goods, 59 Chestnut 
Laycock Wm., copper smith, ^ch. 6th bel High 
Layman F., ship master, Union n Front 
Layman Henry, cooper, Elizabeth n Poplar 
La} ton John, lab., 1 Church 
Lazarus Abraham, clothing, 66 Callowhill 
Lazarus. Henry, ,331 N 2d 
Lazarus Matilda, clothing, 241 N Front 




Lazro Emanuel, pump mr., "Wood ab Wood 

Lea, Bunker & Co., com. mers., 78 S whfs 

Lea & Blanchard, book publishers, c 4th and 

Lea Isaac, bookseller & publislier, c 4th and 
Chestnut, h 360 Walnut 

Lea Joseph Jr., mer., 32 Chestnut 

Lea Robeson, com. mer., 78 S \vhfs., h 73 

Lea Thomas T., com. mer., 32 Chestnut, h 12th 
n Walnut 

Leach, tavern, c School and Howard 

Leach Nancy, 55 Chester 

Leach Wm., tavern, 14 Cherry bet 3d and 4th 

Leach Wm., lab., Callowhill n Washington 

Leadbeater Ann, trimming's, 120 S 5th 

Leadbcater, John Jr., lamp maker, 93 Walnut 

Leadbeater John, lamp maker, 93 Walnut, h 
Spinice ab 13th 

Leadbeater J. & Son, lamp manuf., 93 Walnut 

Leadbeater Jos., machinist, 3d bel Franklin (K) 

Leadhardt Benjamin, 41 Chester 

Leak John, cordw., 175 Carpenter 

Leak Thomas, painter, 24 Lombard. 

Leake J. Mrs., b. h., 22 Sansom 

Leaming F., M. D., 352 Walnut 

Leaming J. F., mer., 28 S Front, h 247 Walnut 

Leamy Mrs. Elizabeth, gentw., 5 York buildings 

Leamy Lorenzo, tailor. Cedar bel Shippen lane 

Leamy W. J., plumber, 391 N 3d 

Lean John K., paper maker, 224 Green 

Leary John, lab., Margaretta (W P) 

Leary Stephen, weaver. Crown bel Duke 

Leary William A., bookseller, 158 N 2d. 

Leatham James, cordw., 8 Skerret's ct 

Leatherberry Abel, cordwainer, 298 St. John. 

Leatherberry John, cordw'r., Allen bel Marlbo- 

Leatherberry Wm., cordw.. Queen ab Shacka- 

I<eatherby Joseph, ti-unkmaker. Clover ab 12th 

Leatherman John, wheelw.. Locust bel Broad. 

Leatherman John, brickl., Sch. 7th ab Che^^J^ 

Le Barron E., gent., 236 Catharine. 

Lebo Daniel, tanner, c Orchard & Green's ct. 

Le Brun Adelaide Mrs., seminary, 59 N 7th. 

Le Brun Charles, professor and teacher of lan- 
guages, 59 N 7th. 

Lechampain Elizabeth, 342 N Front. 

Lechevallier A. F., merchant, 41 ^ Dock, h 28 

Lechevallier Miss M. A. R., trimming store, 28 

Lechler George, victualler, 6th ab Poplar. 

Lechler Henry Jr., gunsmith, 133 N Front. 

Lechler Hester A., gentw.. Brooks' ct. 

Lechler Joseph, cooper, 544 N 3d. 

Lechler Wm., victualler, 6th ab Poplar. 

Leckie David, bookbinder, 3 Skerrett's ct. 

Leckler J., gunsmith, Torr's ct & R road. 

Lecony M. Mrs., milliner, 138 Chestnut. 

Lecount Isaiah, oysters, 262 Chestnut, h 4 Le- 

Lecount James, tavern, 98 N 2d. 

Lecount Joseph, labourer, 30 Bonsall. 

Lecount Samuel, carter. Crown bel Prince 

Lecroix Job, 6 George n Sch 7th. 

Lecture AVilliam, cordw., S 3d ab Christian. 

L'Ecuyer T. B., 30 N9th. 

Leddy John, distiller, 4th ab Thompson. (K) 

Ledger Nathaniel, clerk, Queen bel Marlboro' 

Ledyard E. D., gent., 9tli ab Willow. J 

Lee Alexaander, clerk, Sch 5th ab Chestnut I 

Lee Benjamin, feed, Coates n Broad, h 11th bel 

Lee Caroline, chairmaker, 225 Callowhill 
Lee Catharine, washer, rear 303 Walnut 
Lee Charlotte, dress mr., Sch. 7th n Vine 
Lee David, carpet manuf., 106 N 3d. 
Lee Dennis, soapmaker, 292 S 4th. 
Lee Dennis, tailor, 34 Harmony 
Lee Edward, lab., Jones W Sch. 4th 
Lee Franklin, bricklayer and corder. Maiden st 

wharf, h N W 3d and Tammany. 
Lee Franklin & Son, bricklayers and corders, 

Coates st wharf. ■ 

Lee George, rigger, Mai'lborough bel Queen. " 
Lee George, jeweller. Prime ab Front 
Lee George F., bricklayer, 38 Coates. 
Lee James, agent, 6 Hamilton ct 
Lee James, omnibus driver. Melon ab 9th 
Lee James, baker, 3 Gray's al 
Lee James, lab., Sch. 5th ab Chestnut 
Lee Joseph, tailor, 49 N 6th 
Lee Joseph, cordw., Washington bel 3d 
Lee J. C, M. D., dentist, 128 S 4th. 
I-ee Mary, Beach bel Marlborough 
Lee M. Sc E., dry goods, 83 N 7th. 
Lee Matthew H., tailor, 17 Wallace. 
Lee Richard, skin dresser, James bel 10th. 
Lee Richard, Tomlin's ct 
Lee Richard, weaver, M'Duffie n Sch 2d 
Lee Robert M., atty. & coun., 49 N 6th. 
Lee Robert, lab., Richard n Sch 6th 
Lee Sebastian, lab., F road ab Marlborough 
Lee Thomas, gent.. Chestnut ab Sch. 6th. 
Lee Thomas D., grate 84 fendei-mr., 16 N 12tli. 
Lee T. M. K., sailmaker, 8 N wharves, h Cher- l 

ry ab 8th I 

Lee Wetherell, clerk, 107 N 5th. ' 

Lee William, cabinetmaker, 92 N 11th. 
Lee William Jr., carpenter, 10 Hamilton's ct. 
Lee William, ice dealer, N W Chestnut and 

Sch. 5th. 
Lee William, porter, 10th bel Fltzwater. 
Lee Wm., stone cutter, Sch. 8th n Sassafras 
Lee Wm. A., teacher, 77 G T road. 
Leech Charles, tailor, 368 N 2d. 
Leech Charles, Carlton ab 12th 
Leech D. & Co., for. mers. & canal line, 13 S 3d 
Leech D. & Co., transportation line, N W Broad 

and Cherry, and city stores. Dock 
Leech Henr}', pres. West Philad. R R Co., h 

West Philada. 
Leech John, cordwainer, James' ct. 
Leech John, waterman, rear 510 N Front 
Leech John, blacksmith, 114 Budd 
Leedom Jonathan, iron mer., 211 S Front and 

210 S Water, h 29 Pine. 
Leeds Ann, 5 Duke. 




Leeds Benjamin S., shoes, 186 N 2cl. 

Leeds Charles F., tailor, 138 Chestnut, h 295 

Leeds Edward Jr., tailor, 14 S 5th. 

Leeds Gideon, g-ent., 100 N 5th 

Leeds Gideon H., watchmaker, 2 N 6th. 

Leeds Giirdon, drug^g-Ist, 109 N 2d, h c 9th & 

Leeds Japeth, shoes, 391 N 2d. 

Leeds Joseph, silk agency, 2 Franklin place, h 
Franklin ab Green. 

Leeds Josiah, carp., 10th bel Melon 

Leeds J. W. Mrs., 100 Mulbeny 

Leeds Theodore, mer., 2 Franklin pi., h Sch. 
6th ab Filbert 

Leefler J. G., coach mr., Elizabeth n Creek 

Lees Henry, butcher, 6th n G T road. 

Lees Henry, victualler, George n Apple, 

Lees Jacob, brickmaker, 3 Lawrence ct (N L) 

Lees James, gent., Chancellor st 

Lees Peter, tailor, 107 Vine. 

Lees Shedrach, carp, manuf., 4th ab Thompson. 

Lees William, brushmaker, 107 Vine. 

Leese William, stone cutter, CheiTy h loth, h 

Sch. 8th ab Sassafras 
Leeser George, carter, rear 124 Apple 
Leeser Isaac, reader Jewish language, Cherry st, 

h Monroe pi 
Leet Lewis, grocer, S W 11th and Mulberry 
Leevell Peter, silver plater, rear 6 Carpenter 
L'Ecuyer T. B., gent., 30 N 9th 
Lefaucheur M. A., trimmings, 31 Noble 
Le Fevre James, gent., 3S Sassafras. 
Le Fevre Mary, cake baker, 157 Cedar. 
1 e Fevre Peter Jr., 126 N 3d 
Lefferts Jarvis, furrier, 22 George 
Legg Daniel B., straw bonnets, 30 N 2d. 
Legg Isabella, milliner, 9th ab Willow 
Lehman Charles, sec. & ti-eas. Manuf. & Mecha- 
nic's S. Institution, h 346 N 2d 
Lehman Charles, tinman, 95 P road 
Lehman David, cord manuf., 183 St. John 
Lehman David F., combmr., rear 61 Coates 
Lehman Elizabeth, 296 N Front 
I-ehman Fisher, merchant, 28 S Front, h 247 

Lehman George, lab.. Otter n G T road. (K) 
Lehman George, lab., 6th n Creek 
Lehman George, ornamental painter, i*ear 173 

Lehman G. F., M. D., 144 Pine 
Lehman Henry, cordw., 174 N 5th. 
Lehman Jacob, carter, 298 N 8th 
Lehman Jacob S., tailor. Barley. 
Lehman James, waterman, Lancaster & Reed 
Lehman J., Washington. (W P) 
Lehman Louis, 26 R road 
Lehman Mary, dressmaker, 172 Chewy 
Lehman Peter, druggist, 320 High, h W P 
Lehman Samuel, gunsmith, rear Coates ab 6th 
Lehman Samuel L., gent., 158 St. John. 
Lehman William E., g^nt, 85 Lombard 
Lehr Philip, tailor, 397 N Front 
Lehr Samuel, grocer, 288 N Front 
Lehr William, grocer, 288 N Front, 

Lehr William & Samuel, grocers, 288 N Front. 

Leliy Eliza Mrs., shoebinder, 5 Marshall'-s ct 

Le Hurray Nicholas J., watchmaker & jeweller, 
172 N 2d. 

Leib Ernst. L., vict., 93 Rndd. 

Leib George C, M. D., 8 Colonnade row. 

Leib Henry Mrs., nurse, St John bel George 

Leib Henry F., M. D., 8 Colonnade row. 

Leib .Fohn, grocer, Coates n Fairmount 

Leib Thomas J., Lieut. U. S. Navy, 541 S Front. 

Lcibeck Phili]), blacksmith, 5th bel Franklin 

Leibert John S., land office, 3 Carpenter's ct, li 
277 Green 

Leibert Peter &. Co., lumber mers.. Beach ab 

Leibfried John, mor. dresser, Front ab Otter. 
Leibrandt Charles A., hairdresser, 48^ N 6th, h 

Coates bel St John 
Leibrandt Frederick, stove manuf., 235 & 237 

Leibrandt Frederick, stoves, 24 New Market 
Leibrandt John, blacksmith, 5th ab Jefferson 

Leibrandt John, skindresser, 490 N 2d 
Leibrandt Lewis H., skin dresser, 490 N 2d 
Leibrandt W. C, skin dresser, 490 N 2d, h 291 

St. John. 
Leidigh Jonathan, grocer, 185 N 3rd, h 380 N 

Leiditch Catharine, Robinson bel Coates & 5th 
Leidy Conrad, bootmr., 160 N 3d. 
Leidy Jacob, sexton, 3 Arrison's ct. 
Leidy N. B., M. D. & druggist, 191 N 2d. 
Leidy Philip, hatter, 180 N 3d. 
Leidy S. S., writing room, N W 5th & Noble, h 

193 Noble. 
Leidy William B., copperplate printer, 11th 

bel Cedar. 
Leigh James, shop, 200 N 10th 
Leighton James, printer, 36 Lebanon 
Leighton John, carp., 8 Morgan 
Leighton Thomas, stone cutter, 8 Morgan 
Leimer Alexander, gent., apply to F. Klett & 

Co., N E 2d and Callowhill 
Leinau Andrew, gent., 302 N 6th. 
Leinau George A., hatter & furrier, 60 N 4th. 
Leiper George A., gent., c Hth & Callowhill 
Leiper Thomas & Sons tobacconists, 319 High. 
Leiper Wilham J., stone mer., 319 High. 
Leisenring Daniel M., 462 N 4th. 
Leist Jacob C, machinist, Marriott ab 5th. 
Leister Abraham, carp., 1 Passmore's pi 
Leitch Tliomas, bookbinder, 280 Coates, h 51 

S 3rd 
Leitman Henry, mer., 271 Coates. 
Le Jambre A., upholsterer, 301 Chestnut. 
Lejee John R., dry goods, 162 S 2d. 
Leland Amos, mer., 84 High. 
Leland Benjamin L., hatter, 159 Wood. 
Leland Charles, gent., 367 Walnnt. 
Leland Maria, gentw., 65 Queen 
Lelar Henry, mer., 87 S Front, h 131 Lombard. 
Lelar Henry, jun., coalmer., 87 S Front, h 119 

Lelarge Henry, tobacconist, 2 St George 
Lemasure James, jr., tailor, 23 Christian 




Lemasure James, tailor, 4th n Carpenter 

Lemke John H., gai'denev, loth &. Carpenter 

Lemon Barbara, 3 Mary 

Lemon Hugh, weaver, Front ab Plioenix. (K) 

Lemon James, rear 172 G 'I' road. (K) 

Lemon James, tavern, High n Sch. 3rd. 

I/emon John, bottler, 305 S 4th 

Lemon Robert, lab., 182 G T road. 

Lemon Robert, manuf., rear 172 G T road. (K) 

Lemon Robert, weaver, F road ab Phoenix. 

Lemont Dennis, tavern. Prince &. Palmer 

Lenalleu Wm., carter, Beach ab Poplar 

Lenard Jacob, Lambert &, Perry 

Lenard Joseph, mastmr., 6 Green 

Lenci A & Co., plaster formers, 37 Chestnut. 

Lendon John, porter, Wilson's ct 

Leneker Sarah, g-entw., 277 S 5th. 

Leng Lewis, brewer, 292 Callowhill 

Lenger George, carp., 40 Garden 

Lennig Chaj-les, druggist, 56 S Front, h Chest- 
nut ab Sch. 7th. 

Lennig N. Mrs., N W Filbert & Juniper. 

Lennig F., mer., 56 S Front, h 483 Mulberry 

Lennig N. &. Co., druggists, 56 S Front 

Lennox Murpliy, weaver, G T road ab Jeffer- 
son. (Kensington) 

Lennuff Joshua, carpenter, 6 Carpenter. (S) 

Lenoir Martin, 22 John 

Lenoir Samuel J., blacksmith. Law's ct 

Lenon A., tavern, S E 6th & Cheriy 

Lenox Charles, weaver, Thompson ab 3d 

Lenox John, lab., 5 Marion 

Lenox Samuel, cordwr., Gray's ct 

Lenox Thomas, weaver, G T road ab Phoenix. 

Lenthall John, Naval constructor, h 316 S Front 

Lentner Ann, dry goods, 227 S 6th. 

Lentner Mrs. Uree, c 4th &. Cheny. 

Lenty Samuel, bootmaker, 415 N 4th 

Lentz George, blacksmith, N E Bedford and 
F road. 

Lentz Henry, mer., 240 & 242 N 3d, h 4 York 

Lentz Jacob, vict., Hanover bel F road 

Lentz Jacob, bootmaker, 1 1 Pegg 

Lentz Jacob, M. D., 18 Sassafras 

Lentz John, lookhig Hass manuf., 442 N 3d 

Lentz M. B., widow, BvK n Parrish 

Lentz Samuel R., grocer, 3i n 9th, h 20 Madi- 

Lentz William D., grocer, S W P road and 

Leo Patrick, coachman, 44 Quince 

Leo Wolf Morris, M. D., 210 Walnut. 

Leon Joseph, M. D., 338 Sassafras 

Leon Peter, pedler, Mechanic ab Poplar 

Leonard Catharine, shop, Catharine ab 4th. 

Leonard Charles, weaver, Shippen la ab Fitz- 

Leonard Jacob, carp., Bedford ab Shackamaxon. 

Leonard James, bellowsmr., Littleboy's ct 

Leonard John, carp., 13 Mulberry al 

Leonard John S., cooper. Culvert n Mechanic 

Leonard Margaret, nurse, 9th & Callowhill 

Leonard Martha, 8th ab Christian. 

Leonard Maiy, milliner, 334 Sassafras 

Leonard Michael, tavern, 252 N Front 
Leonard Michael, stevedore, 11 Beck 
Leonard Moses, brooms, 6th bel Green 
Leonard Robert, stonemason, 7 Bonsall 
Leonard & Rowe, brooms & variety, 71 N 3d. 
Leonhard John V., baker, 315 S 3rd 
Leopold Lay, pedler, 7 Northampton ct 
Lepage James, cordw., 125 Catharine 
Lepage Peter, hairdresser, 311 Ciiestuut 
Lepean A. A., agent, 25 Commerce. 
Leppien J., mer., 54 S Front, h 101 Spruce 
Lequin John, carp., Vienna opp Brown 
Lerdigli Jonathan, grocer, 380 N 4th 
Lescure Edward P., jeweller, 5 S 4th 
Lescure John, tin plate worker, 69 Cliristian 
Lesher Catharine, 241 Christian 
Lesher John, stone mason, Shackamaxon ab 

Lesher Richard, carp., rear 231 Christian 
Lesher Wm., wheelwriglit, 4 Myers' ct 
Lesley Jacob, cordwr., Riehl's ct 
Lesley Joseph, clerk, 22 Wood 
Lesley Peter, Sec. Chesapeake and Delaware 

Canal Co., 42 Walnut, h 185 Vine. 
Lesley Robert, hardware, 243 High, h 22 Wood 
Leslie James, carp., c Sch 4th &, Spruce, h 200 

Leslie Thomas, spectaclemr., rear 12 Franklin 

Lesser Christian, tobacconist, 139 Cedar 
Lestrange Thomas, pedler, 5 Vernon 
Letchworth John, 543 Chestnut 
Letchworth Robert, dry goods, 543 Chestnut 
Letford William, bootmr., 59 Mulberry 
Lether Adam, clerk, 128 Dillwyn 
Letterly G., tobacconist, 158 Poplar 
Letts James, waterman, 1 Jones ot 
Leurs Christian, carp., Court al 
Levan William, grocer, 195 N 3d, h 217 N 6th 
Levely Mary, b. h., 342 Chestnut 
Levering Chai-les, currier, 3 Fetter la 
Levering Charles, morocco dresser, 4th and 

Levering & Dunsmore, tailors, S E 2d and 

Levering Elizabeth, 478 Sassafras 
Levering Jacob & Son, mers., 9 N Water, h 224 

Levering L. S., mer., 9 N Water 
Levering Michael, tobacconist, 478 N 3d 
Levering Nathan, cabinetmr.. Culvert ab 3d 
Levering Nathan, tailor, c 2d & Union 
Levi Esther, clothing, 208 Cedar. 
Levi Garretson, watchmaker, 38 Cedar. 
Levi Henry, watchmaker, 381 S 2d 
Levi Joseph, 18 Prune 
Levi Lanes, glassmr., 200 Cedar 
Levick EL<>,nezer & Co., cun-iers, 240 N 3d " 
Levick Ebenezer, currier, 240, &. h 242 N 3d 
Levick E. D. Mrs., b. h., 32 Mulbeny 
Levick & Jenkins, shoes and leather, 150 High 
Levick Robert R., mer., 150 High, h 156 N5th 
Leviestine H. E., mer., N W 6th & Chestnut, h 

77 Union 
f .evine David, fur. & skin dealer, 79 Chestnut 




liCvine Simon, suspender and moccason iTiumir., 

112 Sawsafrus 
Levis Edmund, clerk, 242 Fllhci-l 
Levis Hosea .)., 284 Lombard 
Levis Muhlon M., M. I)., 2.50 N Gtli 
Levis William, mer., 31 N 3d, li Filljcrt \V Scli 

I-evison David, bootmaker, 1 Ilummell's row 
Levy Aaron, mer., S E 2d and llig'ii, h 31 

Levy Benjamin, mer., Uicliard 
Levy I. J., com. mer., 25 I'owell 
TiCvy John P., sea captain, 29 Queen 
Levy .loseph, mer., 22 Elfretli's alley 
Levy Lewis, c Front & Maiden, h 280 Ceilar 
Levy L. B., watchmakci-, 143 Cedar 
Levy L, J., fancy dry goods, 140 Chestnut 
Levy L. J. & Co., fancy dry g-oods, 140 Chest- 
Levy Patrick, distiller, Hig'h ab Sch. 4th 
Lewallen David, wheelw., St. John n Globe Mill 
Lewallen John, hatter, 4 Hermitage place 
Lewars Charles, clerk, 72 High 
Lewars James E., book-keeper, 7 Sergeant 
Lewellen Joseph, drayman, rear 408 N Front 
Lewis Alice, teacher, Linden bel Green 
Lewis Augustus, fisherman. Queen n Warren. 
Lewis A., clothing, High n Sch. Front 
-Lewis A, J., mer., 20 N Front, h 292 Walnut 
Lewis A. M., gentw., 25 S 13th 
Lewis Benjamin N., teacher, 3d n German. 
Lewis Charles, printer, Poplar ab St. John 
- Lewis Charles S., mer., 103 S whar., h 33 Pine 
Lewis Charles, saddler, 103 Wood 
Lewis St Co., mers., 20 N Front 
Lewis Clarissa, George ab Sch 7th 
Lewis David, pres. Phoenix Ins. Co. h 146 S 2d 
Lewis David, tavern, 20 Dock 
Lewis David, coachman, 54 Quince 
Lewis David P., carpenter, 28 Franklin. 
Lewis Domingus, cordw., Apple n George. 
Lewis Edward C, dry goods, N W Gai-den and 

Lewis , lab., Shirker's al 

Lewis Edward, moulder, 113 W High 

Lewis Edwin M., mer., S E Front and Walnut, 

h 439 Chestnut 
Lewis Edwin M. &. Co., mers., S E Front and 

Lewis Eliza, gentw., 214 S 3rd 
Lewis Elizabeth, gentw., 214 S 3rd 
Lewis Elizabeth, washerwoman, Crabb below 

Lewis Elizabeth, sempstress, 110 N 12th 
Lewis Ellen, shop, 189 S 6th 
Lewis Ellis, attorney, 41 Spruce 
Lewis Enos, gent., Washington n 13th 
Lewis Francis, hatter. Poplar n 7th. 
Lewis Franklin, carter, 9 Perkenpine's ct 
Lewis F. Mortimer, mer., S E Front & Walnut, 

h S W Walnut & Sch 7th 
Lewis George, brlckmaker, 148 N 13th 
Lewis George, secty. Union Insurance Co., 6 

Exchange, h 450 Callowhill 
Lewis George, clgarmr., 44 Carpenter (C) 

Lewis George, porter, 27 Ciu-rant al 
Lewis George, porter, lOtli bel Callowliili 
f.ewis (;e(jrge A.., mer., S K Front and Walnut, 

h cor 12tli Ik Girard. 
Lewis (ieorge A., 39 (iii-ai'd 
Lewis George, bootmakei-, 45 (Chester 
fjcwis George F. &. Co., copperpl. prs., 10 S 5lli 

Lewis George F., copperplate printer, 10 S 5th, 

h G Carrollton sq 
Lewis George T., mer., 135 S Front, h 333 

Lewis G. T. & J. T., mer., 135 S Front 

Lewis Henry, cabmr., 5 Ann ab Sch 8tli. 

Lewis Lsaac, trader. Lemon ab lOlh 

Lewis Lsaac, oysterman, 24 Mary 

Lewis Henry, mariner, 8 Reckless 

Lewis Henry, Filbert W Sch 4tii 

Lewis Jacob, brickmr., Lombard bel Sch. 2d 

Lewis Jacob Jr., tobacconist, 396 High h 30 

Lewis Jacob, acct., h 21 James 

Lewis George, grocer. Reach ab Maiden. (K) 

Lewis James, Adam ab Perry 

Lewis James, hatter, 47 Duke. 

Lewis James, 167 Swanson 

Lewis & James, mers., 135 S Front 

Lewis Jos. S., mer.. Broad n Vine, h Girard row. 

Lewis Job, trader, 197 Christian 

Lewis Job, cooper, 58 and 115 N Water, h 
Brooke's ct 

Lewis John, boatman. Willow bel Spruce. 

Lewis John, blacksmith, carpenter ab 6th 

Lewis Jolin, ship joiner 75 Plum 

Lewis John, lab., Marion ab 13th 

Lewis John, barber, Mar.sha]] house 

Lewis John, watchman, 34 Julianna 

Lewis John, jeweller, 132 S Front 

Lewis John, vict. Wood bet Garden and 9th 

Lewis John, watchman, 18 Jefferson row. 

Lewis John F., mer., S E Fi-ont and Walnut, h 
Walnut & Sch 7th 

Lewis Jolm R., waterman, 159 N Water 

Lewis John T., mer., 135 S Front, h 333 Chest- 

Lewis Joseph, ice, 29 S 5tli, h Crown ab Bed- 

Lewis Joseph, skinner, 5th & G T road 

Lewis Joseph, brickmr., Lombard bel Sch. 2d 

Lewis Josepli, cabtmr., 5lh ab George (N L) 

Lewis Joseph, gent.. Crown bel Prince 

Lewis Joseph, painter. Pearl n Sch 8lh 

Lewis Joseph S. Jr. & Co.,t ransportation office. 
Broad n Vine 

Lewis J. Smith, supt. factory, h c Sch 6th and 

Lewis L., tobacconist, 372 High, h Sch. 7th n 

Lewis Lawrence, gent., 345 Chestnut 

Lewis Levis, b h, 182 N 13lh 

Lewis Louisa, huckster, 28 Sugar al 

Lewis M., mer., 135 S Front, h Chestnut n Sch. ' 

Lewis Mary, 550 N 3d. 

Lewis Mary, 4 St. Joseph's avenue 

Lewis Mary Ann, S W Fitzwater & Parker's al. 




Lewis Maiy Ann, tailoress, Queen n Front 

Lewis Minty, Wood ab 13th 

Lewis Michael, pilot, 53 Mead ullcy 

Lewis Mordecai, white lead manuf., 135 S Fi'ont, 

h 497 Chestnut 
Lewis Mordecai D., gent., 328 Chestnut 
Lewis M. & S. N^ wli. lead manuf., 135 S Front 

and S W Fine and Sch. 8th 
Lewis Peter, clothing-, 322 Cedar 
Lewis Robert M., mer., 266 Walnut 
Lewis Rowland, oyster house, 75 George 
Lewis Samuel, teacher, 195 Noble 
Lewis Samuel, agent coal mer.. Cedar st wharf, 

Sch., h Filbert n Sch 7th. 
Lewis Samuel, lab.. Christian ab 7th 
Lewis Samuel A., mer., 103 S wharves, h 179 


Lewis Saml. A. & Brother, mers., 103 S wharves 
Lewis S. A., cotton yarn, 214 N 3d, h 294 N 6tli 
Lewis S. N., mer., 135 S Front, h 333 Chestnut 
Lewis Sarah, dressmr., 187 N 8th 
Lewis Saunders, atty. &. coun., 46jJ Walnut 
Lewis Sidney Ann, h N W Vine and N Market. 
Lewis Susanna, sempstress, 30 Apple 
Lewis Susannah, shop, 64 P road 
Lewis T. & J., tavern, S W c Cedar & Swanson 
Lewis W., mer., Spruce ab Broad 
Lewis WilUam, cordwr.. Turner's 
Lewis Wm., brush mr., 7th n Fitzwater 
Lewis Wm., mariner, 7 Lane's ct 
Lewis William D., cashier Girard Bank, h 360 

Spruce ab 10th 
Lewis^William G., salesman, 3 Zane. 
Lewis William W., lab., 10 Coombe's alley 
Lewman Jacob, varnisher, 72 Franklin 
Lewry Joseph, dry goods, 339 N 2d 
Lewry Stephen, brass founder. Rose bet Green 

and Coates 
Lewton John, carter, Paschall's alley 
Lex Adam, porter, 16 Logan 
Lex Andrew, victualler, 57 Garden. 
Lex Andrew, victualler, Rugan n Noble 
Lex Charles, stone cutter, 150 Wood 
Lex Charles E., atty. & coun., 51 N 6th, h 352 

Lex C. F., gent., 283 High 
Lex & Bowers, carvers, 147 N 6th 
Lex Elizabeth, carver. & trimming store, 147 N 

Lex Elizabeth Mrs., gentw., 283 High 
Lex George, victualler, 16 Logan. 
Lex Henry, vict., S W Buttonwood & Charles 
Lex Henry, carver, 147 N 6th 
Lex Jacob, grocer, 283 High, house 352 Mul- 
Lex Jacob H., mer., 283 High. 
Lex Jacob & Son, grocers, 283 High 
Lex John D., sugar refiner, 29 Elfreth's al 
Lex "Wm., tavern, 94 N Water 
Ley Lewis, 172 N 12th 
Leyden Margaret, Spruce n Sch Front 
Leypoldt H., miUiner, 45 N 5th 
Lhulier John, musician, 360 "N'ine 
Lhulier Lewis, Jewell., Franklin pi, h90 S 5th 
Liautier Thomas, tailor, 382 S 2d 

Libe Henry, carpenter, 211 N 10th. 

Llchtel Jacob, gent., 133 Coates 

Liddle Geo. C, Mariner 280 Lombard 

Lidy Levi, clerk, 5 Kessler's al 

Lidy Mary, widow, 255 St John 

Liebi'ich Conrad, lock and white smith and bell 

hunger, 46 S 8th 
Lief Frederick, agent, Coates n Fairmount 
Liggett George, tailor, 417 S 6th 
Liggett Robert, furniture, 430 High 
Liggins Ann, mantua nir., 25 Cresson's al 
L'lggins T., sinker maker, c Edward and 2d 
Light Charles, blacksmith. Union n Bedford 
Light Eli W., sash mr., 114 Christian 
Light Geo., bootmr., 4 Hamilton's ct 
Lightan Thomas, blacksmith, 349 S 4th 
Lightcap Henr)^ carter, 110 Apple 
Lightcap Henry, printer, 396 N 4th 
Likens Wm., carp., Corn bel Square 
Likes Jacob, tavern, 337 N Front 
Lilley John, carp., F road n Rose (K) 
Lilley John, cordwainer, c Almond &. Swanson 
Lilley John M., stationer, 324 S 4th 
Lilley W. G., cordwainer, 216 S 6th 
Lillib ridge Charlotte, gentw., 121 New 
Limeburner John, tavern. Queen ab Wood 
Limeburner John, tobacconist, 171 Sassafras 
Limeburner P., trunkmaker, c New Market and 

Willow, h 145 Dillwyn 
Liming William, mariner, 86 Locust 
Linard John, baker, N E 5th and Lombard 
Linbarger W., chairmaker, 424 High, h Sasa- 

frass ab Sch 8th 
Linch Thos., weaver, Shackamaxon bel F road 
Linck Christopher, weaver, 363 N Front 
Linck George, carp., c Buttonwood and 11th, 

h S W 10th and Oierry 
Linck John, boot mr., 106 N 8th 
Linck Jacob, shoemaker, John's ct 
Linck Matthew, lab.. Bond's ct. (N L) 
Linck Peter, lab., 6 Van Buren ct (K) 
Lincoln Abel, grocer, 196 and 198 Callowliill 
Lincoln Charles, blacksmith, 15 Juniper lane 
Lincoln E., mer., 33 S wharves, h 223 Walnut 
Lincoln Elnathan, pie baker, 11th & Milton 
Lincoln John, cordw., 377 N 4th 
Lincoln L. P., music academy, 413 High 
Lincoln & Ryerss, mers., 33 S wharves 
Lincoln Thos. B., mer., 33 N 3d, h 75 Sassafras 
Linden Henry, weaver, 2d ab Franklin. (K) 
Linder C. Augustus, mer., 36 Chestnut 
Linder Henrj', cordwr.. Poplar ab 3d 
Linder Marg'aret, soap and candlenir., 9 Poplar 
Lindhorst Charles, baker, 306 Callowhill 
Lindner Geo., silver ware manuf., 4th ab Master 
Lindsay Benjamin, labourer, St. Josepli's av 
Lindsay David, painter, 131 N 8th 
Lindsay Edwin, clerk, 120 Cooper's ct 
Lindsay G. F., capt & asst qr master U S marine 

corps, 116 S Front 
Lindsay Hugh, 223 Callowliill 
Lindsay H. H., hatter, 54 Chestnut 
Lindsay Jane, gentw., 432 High 
Lindsay J. M., bookbinder, 253 Green 
Lindsay Jonathan, gent., Ill S 10th 




Lindsay J., carpenter, Belmont pi 

Lindsay Margaret, eating house, S E Gth and 

Lindsay Nathan, lab., Washington W P 
Lindsay Robert, bookbinder, 253 High, h 315 

N 6th 
Lindsay Robert G., tailor, 6 Myers' ct 
Lindsay Robert &. Co., bookbinders, 253 

Lindsay Samuel, grocer, N W 5th &. Cedar 
Lindsay Wm., painter. Mint's cl 
Lindsey Jeremiah, tavern, c Callowhill and Scli 

Lindsey John, queens ware, 131 N 8tli 
Lindsey John, blacksmith, 485 S Front 
Lindsey Joseph, mer., 13 S 2d, h 117 N 7th 
Lindsey Martha, mantuamaker, 101 Cedar 
Lindsey Robt., carp., 9 Perry 
Linensheets Mary, Rose n William 
Lincrd Jos. B., mastmr., c Oak & Noble 
Liness Arthur, tavern, F road ab Plioenix 
Linford Thomas, mer., 13 & 15 S 3d, h415 Mul- 
Lingard Joseph, gun lock manuf.. Sugar al 
Lingen George, M. D., 5 S 9th 
Lingerman James, grocer, c Cherry &. 13th 
Lingg Joseph, chocolate, Shippen ab 12th 
Lingle Hannah, trimmings, 152 Marshall 
Lingo Levi, pilot, 2 Christian. 
Linker Heniy, potter, rear 217 St. John 
Linker John, visiter of the poor, Marlborough 

ab Queen 
Linker W'm., grain measurer, 21 Allen. (K) 
Linn Claudius B., druggist, 3 N 5th 
Linn Elizabeth, 6 Madison 
Linn Henry, waterman, 6 German 
Linn J. F., ship joiner, Penn ab Maiden 
Linn John H., mer., 79 S Front, h 10th bel 

Linn John, waiter, Bedford ab 7th 
Linn Lewis D., mercht., lOtli n Shippen 
Linn Prudence, 2 Sassafrass al 
Linn Mary, 6 Reckless 
Linn Robert, ship carp.. Beach ab Palmer 
Linnard James M., lumber mer., S W 11th and 

Pine, h Spruce bel 13th 
Linnard S. B., lumber yd., 11th & Pine, h 32 S 

Linnard T. M. & J. M., lumber mer., S W 11th 

and Pine 
Linnard T. M., lum. mer., S W 11th and Pine, h 

Snruce n 13th 
Linnard J. T., hardware, 432 High, h 401 Spruce 
Linnensheet Peter, cooper, Cadwalader bel 

Linse Elias S., dealer, 120 Cedar 
Linton Benjn., 103 Dillwyn 
Linton Elizabeth, gentw., 34 Mead 
Linton James, grocer, 204 Shippen 
Linton John, tobacconist, 17 S 5th, h 299 N 3d 
Linton Jolm, cordwainer, N W 11th and Cedar 
Linton John, carter, S W Sch 8th and Filbert 
Linton Richard, blacksmith, 2 Fairmount av 
Linton Robert, labourer, 20 Vaux's ct 
Linton Robert, city watch, Washington ab 11th 

Linton Samuel, watchman, Lombard ab 13th 
Lintz Thomas, clcik,90 liutlonwood 
Linzey Mary washej-. Hickory ct 
Lipman Henry, trader. Weaver's ct 
Lipman Hymen L., stationer, 139 Chestnut 
Lipman Jacob, dealer, 265 S 7th 
Lipmann Joscpli, tailor, 73 Coatts 
Lipman Lewis, gent., 10 Montgomeiy square 
Lipman Solomon, clothing, 204 Cedar 
Lipmann & Longsdoi-flT, tailors, 73 Coates 
Lipp Christian, baker, 115 N 9th 
Lipp John beer house, 2n(l h G T road 
Lipp M. E., milliner, 205 S 2d 
Lippan Mary, dressmr., 174 Marshall 
Lippard Mary, dry goods, 73 S 11th 
Lippencott A. C. Rev., G T R n 5th 
Lippincott Aaron S., mer., 31 & h 29 N 2d 
Lippincott Aaron S St Co., dj-y goods, 31 N 2d 
Lippincott Agnes S., bonnet mr., 86 N 5th 
Lippincott B. Jr., mer.. Front St. Mulberry, h 17 

Lippincott &. Co., mers., 70 and 72 S Front 
Lippincott Collins P., tailor, 524 N J'ront. 
Lippincott George E., carpenter, 288 Coates 
Lippincott Geo., turner, 160 Christian 
Lippincott Geo., gr'cr, 21 &. 23 Water, h 41 Mul 

Lippincott Hannah, dry goods, 9 S 2d 
Lippincott James S., mer., 157 N 3d h 84 Mar- 
Lippincott John, tanner, 157 N 3d 8c 64 New 

Market, h 84 Marshall 
Lippincott John S. & B. Jr., gi'ocers, N W Mul- 
berry & Front, h 18 Marshall. 
Lippincott Joseph, carp., Ogden ab 10th 
Lippincott Joseph, tailor, 26 Maiden 
Lippincott Joshua jr., mer., 70 and 72 S Front, 

h 9 Clinton square 
Lippincott Joshua, jr., 57 N 2d, h 210 N 4th 
Lippincott Joshua, sen., gent., 10 Clinton sq 
Lippincott Joshua, sen., gent., 184 N 4th 
Lippincott Joshua B., bookseller, S W 4th and 

Sassafras, h 136 N 4th 
Lippincott Joshua B. & Co., booksellers, S W4th 

and Sassafras 
Lippincott J. S., mer.. Front &. MulbeiTV, h 18 

Lippincott Mary, shop, 61 Queen. 
Lippincott Robert, waterman, 3 Catharine 
Lippincott & Parry, cloth store, 57 N 2d. 
Lippincott S. W., mer., 70 and 72 S Front, h 9 

Clinton square 
Lippincott Tylei-, shop, 4 Harmony court, h 375 

S 3d c Hudson's al. 
Lippincott W, furniture, 455 High, h 174 Spruce 
Lippincott Wm., tailor. Arcade ct. 
Lippincott W., mer., 70 and 72 S Front 
Lippincott Wm B., weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Lippord A., ladies' shoemr., 164 Shippen 
Lips Jacob, baker, 467 Chestnut 
Lipsey Thomas, watchman, Cedar ab 12th 
Lipse} A'i'iUiam, manuf, 330 Pine 
Lipsy Anthony, Bedford ab 12th 
Lish Georg-e, seaman, 22 Cedar 
|Lish Henry, cordwainer, 188 Cherry 




Lisle John M., mer., 43 N Front 

Lisle Wm., tailor, Ball &. Little Pine 

List John, jeweller, 355 S 6tli 

List Lewis, 361 N Front 

List Mary, tailoress. 46 Ann 

Lister Abraham, painter, Marsliall's al. 

Lister J. S., Dr., 98 Catharine 

Lister Robert, tavern, 377 N 3d 

Lister Thomas S., livery stable, 300 S 4th 

Lister Wm., carpenter, 2 Lybrand 

Litchfield Samuel, cordwainer, 7 Knig'ht's ct. 

Lithgow Robt., paper carrier, rear 22 Fltz water 

Lithg-ow Saml., lampmr., rear 147 Cherry 

Lits Elizabeth, 4 Hickory court 

Littell E., publisher, 297 Chestnut, h 9 Morgan 

Littell John S., law bookseller and publisher, 23 

Littell Robert, sen., lab., Hamilton n Callowhill 
Littell Squire M. D., 117 N 9th 
Little Andrew, carter, Sch 8th n James 
Little Ann, Plinlymmon pi. 
Little Caroline, fan-store, 201 Chestnut, h 65 

S 4th 
Little Charles, cooper, Swanson bel Cedar, h 

Front bel Christian 
Little David, oysters, G T road ab Jefferson 
Little & Drummond, hairdressers, 104 S 10th 
Little Eliza, washer. Say's al. 
Little Elizabeth, 163 N Front 
Little George, suspender mr., 145 G T road 
Little G. P., broker, 126 Catharine 
Little Hannah L., milliner, 497^ N 2d 
Little Henry, carpenter. Filbert n Sch. 6th 
Little James, carp., Lombard n Sch 6th 
Little John, counterpain manuf., 143 G T road 
Little John, oysters, Beach bel Maiden 
Little John, captain, 45 Christian 
Little John C, weaver, 416 N Front 
Little John L., saddler, N E 3d &. Church al., 

404 N 6th 
Little Joseph, police officer, 4 Pratt's court 
Little Robert, 11 Mercer 
Little Samuel, tradei", 53 Apple 
Little Stacy, waterman. Chestnut W Sch 3d 
Little Susan, 9th & Buttonwood 
Little Susan, gentw., Singler's Row (K) 
Little Thomas, worker in metal, 32 Green 
Little William, metal worker, 366 N3d 
Little Wm., mer., Beach ab Marsh 
Little Wm., mer., 22 Church al. 
Littlefield Theodore L.. manager at the Colise- 
um, h 13 Jacoby 
Litzenberg Chas., blacksmith, 11 Carberry's ct 
Litzenberg George, brassfounder, 2 Madison 
Litzenberg James, labourer, Sch 2d & Vlulberry 
Litzenberg J. P., grocer, Washington (W P) 
Livars James, cordwainer, 5 Short's court 
Livensetter John, collector, 10 O Y road 
Livensetter J. & M. D., conveyancers, 88 Mul- 
berry, h 10 O Y road 
Livezey John, miner, rear 408 N Front 
Livezey Joseph, boots and shoes, N E 4th and 

High, h 137 O Y road 
Livezey S., shoes, 310 High 
Livezey Wm., furniture, 225^ S 3d 

I..ivingston Ann, shop, Sch 7tli n Lombai-d 
Livingston Fdizabeth, mantuamr., James ab 10th 
Livingston John, varnisher, 466 N 4th 
Livingston & Lyman, niers., 32 Commerce 
Living'ston Walter C, mer., 32 Commerce, h 

Walnut W Sch 7th 
Liy Nicholas, weaver, 83 Apple 
Llewellen Abraham, blacksm., Shackamaxon n 

Llewellen Thomas, U. S. mint, h 11 Ferry 
Lloyd Alice, gentw., G T road n 3d 
Lloyd Danl., chandler, G T road ab Thompson 
Llojd Edith, boarding house, 167 Mulberry 
Lloyd H. P., mer., 9 N 2d 
Lloyd Horatio, grocer, Allen and F road (K) 
Lloyd Isaac, mer., 53 S wharves, h 88 Union 
Lloyd Isaac jr., mer., 53 S wharves, h 38 Ann 
Lloyd Isaac jr., atty & coun., 152 Walnut 
Lloyd Isaac S., 79 Dock, h c Sch 5th & Summer 
Lloyd James, manuf., 668 N 2d 
Lloyd John, tobacconist, 7^ Chestnut 
Lloyd John, mer., 107 High, h 274 N 7th 
Lloyd John, carp., 10 Lane's ct. 
Lloyd Joseph, carpenter, 220 N 9th 
Lloyd Mary Ann, 153 Filbert 
Lloyd, McGrath &. Co., hardware, 107 High 
Lloyd Nathaniel, carrier, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Lloyd Nicodemus, gent., S 10th bel Cedar 
Lloyd Rachael, washer. Little Pine 
Lloyd Richard L., U S inspector, 45 S wharves, 

h 421 N 6th 
Lloyd & Son, mer., 53 S wharves 
Lloyd Samuel, Olmstead stove store, 406 High, 

h 39 Filbert 
Lloyd Thomas, grates and fenders, S E 7th and 

Lloyd Thomas, gent., 234 Filbert 
Lloyd Thomas, cordwainer, N W Benton ave- 
nue and Flower 
Lloyd William, manuf, 682 N 2d 
Lloyd Wm., Flower &. Benton's av. 
Lloyd Wm., real estate broker, 85 S 3d 
Lloyd Wood & Son, brokers, 85 S 3d, h 70 Lom- 
Lloyd Wood, real estate, 85 S 3d, h 70 Lombard 
Loan Rosanna Mrs., Cedar ab 12th 
Loan James, cordwainer, 302 S 6th 
Loan John, mariner. Harmony bel 4th 
Loag David, saddler, S E 4th and Queen 
Loag Danl., shoemr., Sch 4th ab Cliestnut 
Loaton John, spinner, Hamilton ab Sch William 
Lobdell Stetson, gent., N W 8th and Cherry 
Lockhart Amelia, trimmings, 44 Catharine 
Lochrey Jolin jr., tavern, 25 Strawberry 
Lock David, brickmr., 6th ab Master 
Lock Samuel, tavern, Beacli n Hanover 
Lock William, tailor, 98 Filbert 
Lockard L., hairdresser, 480 N 4th 
Lockart John, weaver, 18 Lloyd's ct. (K) 
Lockart George, cordwr., Gray's ct. (N L) 
Lockary Daniel, bottler, Hubbell ab Catharine 
Lockary Peter, machinist, Hope ab Otter (K) 
Lockhait William, accountant, 17 Rittenhouse 
Lockhart William, tavern. High ab Sch. 8th 
Lockhart William, bootmr., George n Sch. 7th 




Locke James C, labourer, Marble ah lOth 

Locke Rebecca, 4 Kenwortby court 

Locke Zebulon, distiller, 352 High 

Locke Z. &. Co. distillers, 5 Marble &, 362 High 

Lockeii James, bookbinder, 17 Chester 

Locken John, bookbinder, 1 Lodge alley, h 19 

Locker Wm., cordwr., 28 Dyott's ct (K) 
Lockerman R. W., harnessmr, 14 Rittenhouse 
Lockerty Andrew, weaver, Hopkins' ct. n Wil- 
Locket John, plasterer, 5 Crabb 
Lockhart Francis, porterhouse, 115 Swanson 
Lockhart L., refectory, 65 S 3d 
Lockman F., cabmr., 5 Wagner's ct 
Lockwood Daniel C, ^^ High, h 436 N 3d 
Lockwood J., battel', Carlton n Scb 2d 
Lockworth Catharine, 89 Biittonwood 
Lodge George, blacksmith, Madison av. 
Lodge John, machinist, 1 Logan 
Lodge J., machinist, S7 Dock 
Lodge S. (i., cabinet mr., 155 S 2d, h 14 Union 
Lodor Alfred, hatter, 133 Lombard 
Lodor Benjamin, turner, 315 Sassafras 
Lodor Maria, gentw., 133 Lombard 
Loercher Ulrich, tavern, 111 Sassafras 
Loeser Charles, plaster, Washington W 9th 
Loeser Christian, tavern, 184 Callowhill 
Loeser Jacob, bricklayer, 364 Coates 
Loeser John, watchman, Coates bel lOth 
Loewig G., importer, 19 Chestnut 
Lofland James A., grocer, S E 6th and Marriott 
Loftus Patrick, shoemr.. Beach ab Walnut 
Lofty Owen, labourer, 19 Marion 
Lofty Stephen, Bai^ker n Sch 5th 
Logan Budget, Jones W Sch 4th 
Logan Chas. O., silk printer & dyer, 17 Filbert 
Logan Cornelius, comedian, 35 S 8th 
Logan Elizabeth, boarding house, 77 Mulberry 
Logaai & Fuguet, mers., 75 S Front 
Logan James, trader, Sch 5th bel Locust 
Logan James, 115 S 4th and S Wharves 
Logan John, carter, George ab Beach 
Logan John, watchman. Filbert ab Sch 4tli 
IjOgan John W., stone cutter, 310 Coates 
Logan Joseph, lab., Mifflin n 12th 
Logan Luke, stone mason, 3 Hoffman's alley 
Logan Patrick, tavern, S W 8th and Cherry 
Logan Peter, plasterer, Morgan's ct 
Logan Peter, mer., 7o S Front, h 351 S 4th 
Logan P., toy store, 366 High, h Scott's alley 
Logan P., gent., 198 S 4th 
Logan Robert M., attor., 483 N 4th 
Logan Robert, weaver, Qviince n Lombard 
Logan Sarah W., gentwo., 115 S 4th 
Logan & Tanguy, dry goods, 369 High 
Logan Thos. M., mer., 483 N 4th, & 52 Kunckle 
Logan William & Co., silk printers and dyers, 17 

Logan Z., dry goods, 369 High 
Logo John, raanuf., 12 Charlotte 
Logue Charles, tavern, Blackhorse al 
Logue John, morocco dresser, N E Front and 

Phoenix (K) 
Logue John J., cust. h. officer, 7 Lybrand 

Logue Sarah, b h, 4 Benton's av. 

Logue William, watchman, Sassafras n Sch. 7th. 

Lohnian William, barber, 54 New, h 31 Powell 

LoUer Geo., cordwr., ct George ab 2d 

LoiJer Hannah, dry goods, 232 N Front 

Loller James, cordw. Gray's ct (N L) 

Lomas Henry, marblemason, 6 Marble pi and 

Y road & 5th 
Lomax PMiza, baker, 90 Locust 
Lomax James, tailor, 11 N 13th 
Lombad Timothy, dealer, N W 2d & High, h 2 

Monmoutii ct 
Lome John, blacksmith, Sch. 4th n Hamilton 
Lonabough Augustus, lab., 5th n G T road (K) 
Lone Michael weaver. Cedar ab 12th 
Long Abraham, varnisher, h 16 Quarry 
Long Adam, victualler, G T road ab Otter 
Long Alex., cordwainer. Front &. Oxford 
Long Andrew, carter, Lombard ab Sch. 6th 
Long Andrew K., silversmith, 182 Christian 
Long Christian, biscuit baker, 43 New Market 

h Marshall bel Parrish 
liOng David, carpenter, 11 Fitz water 
Long Elizabeth, tailoress, Miller's ct. 
Long Henderson, drayman, Non-is' row (K) 
Long Henry, cordwainer, 405 Sassafras 
Long Isaac, oysters, Shippen bel 9th 
Long Jacob, carpenter, 203 Marshall ab Brown 
Long Jacob, tanner, rear 517 N 2d 
Long Jacob, waterman, Hutchinson's ct (K) 
Long John, carter, N W Spruce &, Sch. 5th 
Long John, gent., S E 6th & Wood 
Long John, labourer, 7 Raspberry lane 
Long Joseph, tailor, Stanley ab 3d (S) 
Long Mary, shopkeeper, Raspbeny alley 
Long Mary, Ann n Powell (Francisville) 
Long Mary, rear 295 S 5th 
Long Peter B., tobacconist, 140 Locust 
Long Robert, cabinetmr., 2 Paynter's ct 
Long Samuel, tavern, c 11th & Cedar 
Long Sarah, wid., Sch. 4th & Barker 
Long Thomas, machinist. Reed bel Church 
Long T. Mrs., 2 S 9th 
Long Wm. P., paintei-, 5^ N 8th 
Long William, U. S. Mint, h Carlton ab 13th 
liOng William, carpenter, 27 Blackberry alley 
Long William, Phila. Bank, h 135 Lombard 
Long Wm., drayman, c Howard & Master 
Long Wm., carpenter, 532 S 2d 
Long William, \dctualler, 3 Dorothy 
Long Wm., cordwr., rear 336 S 5th 
Long Wm., lab., 3 Yeager's ct 
Long Wm. L., tobacconist, 47 Cedar 
Longacre David, Margai-etla W P 
Longacre James B., publisher National Portrait 

Galler}', 27 Minor, and engraver, 60 ^Valnut, 

h S. Garden ab 12th 
Longan William, morocco dresser, 262 St John 
Longbine George, carpenter, 11th ab Coates 
Longmire Emanuel, trimmings, S 3d ab Cedar 
Longmire F. B., brewer, 60 Shippen, h 48 

George, (S) 
Longmire N., mer., 30 Bank st, h 3d bel Ca- 

Longsdorff Jacob, tailoi-, 73 Coates 




Longstreth & Boldin, hardware, 8 Commerce 
Longstreth Esther, b. h., 409 High. 
Longstreth Charles, paper hanging manuf., 7 

N 3d, factory Hartung's al, h 3 Church al. 
Longstreth Elizabeth, gentw., l2th bel Walnut 
Longstreth Henry, teacher, 3 N 11th 
Longstreth Joshua, mer., 12 Church al, h 185 

Longstreth John R., c Callowhill &. 11th. 
Longstreth Thomas B., bricklayer, 272 N 3d 
Longstreth Thomas M., papermr., 44 N 5th 
Longstreth Wm. W., men, 8 Commerce 
I^ongthorn John, chinaware, 49 S 10th 
Longworth Henry, trimming stoi-e, 267 S 5th. 
Loomis G. N., bookseller, 56 N 3d 
Looney Robert, plumber, 9 S 7th 
Loos Christian, baker, 527 N 2d. 
Loos Susannah, fancy milliner, 527 N 2d 
Loper David, carter, rear 326 N Front 
Loper R. F., 6 S wharves, h 19 Pine 
Lopez A., mer.. Filbert bet Sch 6th & 7th. 
Lorch Herman G., cabmr., 1 Emslie's al 
Lord Daniel, mer., 24 Greenleaf's ct 
Lord G. W., auc. & com. mer., 208 & 210 High, 

has Penn sq 
Lord Joseph, gent., 18 Howard. 
Lord Wm., cordvv., Hanover ab Prince 
Lord Willis Rev., 124 N 7th 
Lore S., sea captain, 192 S 9th 
Lore Wm., corder. Spruce street whai'f, h 12 

Lorentz Gotleib, tavern, 500 Coates. 
Lormger John, silver plater, rear 13 P road 
LorriUiere Julius, cabinetmr., rear 375 S Front 
Loss A. L. Mrs., 294 Walnut 
Lothrop Z., mer., 6 S Front, h 19 S 10th 
Lott Enoch, carp., Richard n Sch. 6th 
Lott George W., carp., rear 86 Locust 
Lott Wm. L., bricklayer, 458 N 4th 
Lotte Lorenzo, manuf. plaster paris images, 87^ 

S 2d 
Loud Joseph E., piano manuf., 174 Chestnut 
Loud Thomas, pianomr., 174 Chestnut, h 382 

Loud Thomas C., pianomr., 174 Chestnut, h 

10th n Brown 
Louden Andrew, carp., Ann n 12th 
Louden John, carpet weaver, 11th bel Cedar 
Louden Thomas, shoemr., 262 S 5th 
Loudenslager A. S. &. H., milliners, 157 Vine 
Loudenslager John, distiller, 62 Dillwyn 
Loudenslager Christopher H., butcher, S E 

Garden and Noble. 
Loudenslager George, prov., 336 Sassafras 
Loudenstine, Wm., blacksmith. Weeks' ct 
Louderback B., jeweller, 11th bel Cedar 
Louderback Davis, tobacconist, 329 N3d 
Louderback Harris, bricklayer, 7 Bun-'s ct. 
Louderback Heniy, ship joiner, 10 Parham 
Louderback Elizabeth, 16 Well's row 
Louderback Frederick, confectioner, 60 N 8th 
Lauderback John, cooper, Bedford ab Union 
Louderback Mary, Nectarine ab 9th 
Louderback M. I., milliner, 142 S 5th 
Louderback Mary Ann, b. h., 176 N 5th 

Louderback Matthias, tobacconist, 20 Rose al. 
Louderback Samuel, Locust ab 12th 
Louderback Peter, printer, 273 S 5th 
Louderback Sarah, milliner, 83 MulbeiTy. 
Louderback William, saddler, 278 S 5th 
Louderbash Elizabeth, nurse, 272 S 5th 
Longhead James, cooper, 24 S Water, h 23 

Longhead Marj% Wheat ab Wharton 
Longhead Robert L., gent, 229 S 9th 
Loughead Thomas, sea capt., 54 Green 
Loughin D., tavern, cor. 12th and Cedar. 
Loughlin Mary, dressmr., George bel Sch 8th 
Loughhn William, clerk, 213 S 6th 
Loughran AVm. Rev., 2d and Jefi'erson 
Loughren James, carter, Shippen bel Russell 
Louiset A. D. & Co., dyers, 433 N 3d 
Lourd Louisa, dressmaker. Cedar ab 11th. 
Lourd Michael, M. D., Cedar ab 11th. 
Louth Elizabeth, Maxwell's ct 
Lovatt George, carp., 103 Cedar 
Lovatt John, machinist, 316 N 3d 
Love Ann, Edward n William 
Love Giles, conveyancer. Walnut bel Sch 6th 
Love John, grocer, Lombard n Sch 6th 
Love James, stone mason, Ann n 13th 
Love James, carter, 4 M'Duffie 
Love James, cooper, Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Love John C, carpt., 327 Pine 
Love Margaret, 7 Madison. 
Love Samuel, cordwainer, 11 Cedar n Sch 
Love AVilliam, cordwainer, 486 N 3d 
Love William, weaver, Shippen lane ab Fitz- 

Love Wm., corder, wharf bel Dock 
Love AVilliam H., mer., 11 S 3d, h 348 N 6th. 
Lovedale Charlotte, washer, Lombard n 11th 
Lovell & Smith, clocks, 183 N 3d 
Loveridge J. & Co., black and white smiths, 38 

Loveridge Mary, 81 S 11th 
Lovering J. S. & Co., steam sugar refiners, 27 

Church al 
Lovering J. S., steam sugar refiner, 27 Church 

al, h 340 Chestnut 
Lovering William, paper hanger, 29 Wood. 
Lovett Catharine, tobacconist, 339 N 2d 
Lovett Elisha, carp., George ab Charlotte 
Lovett John, lab-. Pine ab Ashton 
Lovett John R., gi'ocer, 527 N 4th 
Lovett Richard O. R., tavern, 8 S 6th 
Lovett Robert, seal engi-aver, 11 S 6th. 
Lovett Rodman, carp., rear 527 N 4th 
Lovett Rodman, Jr., carp., rear 527 N 4th 
Lovett William, tobacconist, 32 S 5th 
Low David, saddle & har. mr., S E 4th & Queen 
Low Gilbert, carp., 3 Lafayette pi, Coates and 


Low James H., sink cleaner. Wood ab Sch. 7th 
Low W., cordw., 15 Parker 
Lowber Bovirers, shoes, N E 4th and Callowhill, 

h 219 N 4th. 
Lowber Daniel, currier, 294 N 3d. 
Lowber Daniel, tanner & currier, c Willow and 

St. John, h 294 N 3d 




Lowbei- Iklward, g-ent., 81 Pine 
Lowher Funny, gentw., 104 S 8th 
I.owber Williuni & Daniel, ciiirifrs, S \V Wil- 
low and St. John, i» 236 N .'itli. 
LowberSi VVihner, dye stiifl's, 144 N Txl 
Lowber W. T., merchant, 144 N 3d, h N W 

Walnut and Broad 
Lowder Mary, 254 N Water. 
Lovvengruna & Gans, tailors, 398^ N 2d 
Lower Abraham, cabinetmr., 392 N 9tli. 
Lower Abraham, pattern mr., Hay's ct (K) 
Lower & Barron, hardware, 174 N 3d 
Lower Georg'e, carp., Marlboroug'h ab Prince 
Lower George, carp., 4th n Carpenter 
Lower Jacob, silversmith, 1 Lawrence 
Lower James, sen., weaver, 2d n Master 
Lower John, tavern, S W 5th and Queen. 
Lower John, wheelwrig'ht, 1 Rodgers' court. 
Lower John, carp., 27 Federal 
Lower Joseph, lab., 4th n Jefterson 
Lower Joseph, silver smith. Carver's ct 
Lower Joseph, Cedar cooper, 305 S 4th 
Lower Joseph, carpenter, 4th n Chri.stian 
Lower Lewis M., pilot, 2 Reckless 
Lower Samuel, brush finisher, 60 Green 
Lower Wm., silver smith, Fisher 
Lower William S., 174 N 3d, h 49 Marshall 
Lowere Benjamin H., mer., 154 High, h 16 No- 
I-owery James, shoeinr., 6 Federal 
Lowery Justus, himber yard, 2d whf bel Christ- 
ian, h 524 S Front 
Lowery John, furniture. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Lowery John, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Lowery Lewis, vict., Vine bel 10th 
Lowery Napoleon, victualler, 260 N 8th 
r.owery Michael, shoe mr., 4 Gaskill 
Lowery Thomas, weaver, Hope bel Jefferson 
Lowey Catharine, sempstress, George ab Sch. 

Lowhamer Moses, pedler, 40 Coates 
Lownds & Dubosq, pencil mrs., 5 Bank al 
Lownds J.J., pencilmr., 5 Bankal and 150 S 2d 
Lownes Stewart, coach mr.. Barley n 10th 
Lov/inger Frederick, lab,, Coates ab llth 
Lowry Marg-aret, homminy. Carpenter ab 8th 
Lowry Abigail, 29 Callowhill. 
Lowi-y Andrew, victualler, 25 Garden 
Lowry Ann, widow, 4 Hyde's ct 
Lowry &. Baker, clothing, 154 S Water 
Lowry Benjamin, flour mer.. Almond st whf, h 

25 German 
Lowry Emanuel P., vict., cor 13th and Wood. 
Lowry Isaac, flour and grain, N side Almond st 

whf, h 2d ab Greenwich 
Lowry John, 44 Almond 
Lowry Peter vict., Ann n R road. (F V) 
Lowry R., hatter, N E 13th & High 
Lowry Thomas J., bricklayer, 80 Apple 
Lowry Samuel, lab., 21 Penn (K) 
Lowry Wm. C, ship master, 486 S 2d 
Loxle'y Benj. R. Rev., 21 S 4th, h Loxley's ct. 
Loxley Richard, gent., 117 Mulberry 
Lo) d John, shoemaker, 32 Apple 
Loyd Joseph, cordvv., 36 Julianna ' 


Loyd MarlJia, widow, rear 355 N 3d 

Lubbren Frederick, gent., c Sch. 7th 8t (jherry 

Luber.l. 11., glass l>low(:r, (flurry 1x1 I'almer 

Lubren F. M., teacJier, 47 S 8tli 

Lucas Eleanor, 137 N 9th 

r>ucas Francis, wheelwright, 395 S Front 

Lucas Henry, weaver, 28 W Cedar 

Lucas James, trader, 203 G T road 

Lucas John, shoemr., 150 Spruce 

Lucas John, wheelwright, 395 S Front 

Lucas Josepli V., grocer, 31 High, house 196 

N Front 
Lucas Martha, gentw., 196 N Front 
Lucas & Sharp, mers., 31 High 
Luciani A. U., car owner, C^oates n Fairmount 
Ludlow John Rev., 124 N 9th 
Ludwick I'^lizabcth, 9tii n Buttonwood 
Ludwick Jacob, cordw., Orcliard. 
Ludwig Adam, shop, 10 Franklin place. 
Ludwig & Kneedler, dry goods, 70 N 3d 
Ludwig J. H., tailor, 372 N 2d 
Ludwig WiUiam C, merchiint, 70 N 3d, h 293 

Ludy Adam, baker, 63 Fitzwater 
Luer Henry, tavern, 69 N 3d 
Luff'berry Andrew, boat builder. Wood ab 

Queen, (K) 
Luff berry John, Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Luff berry John V., carp.. Union ab Prince 
Luffberry Samuel, cordw., Queen ab Shacka- 
Luffberry Margaret, Marlborough be] Prince 
Lugar George, dyer, St. John n Beaver, (back) 
Lugar John, combmaker, 526 N2d. (K) 
Luhlier C, jeweller. Christian bel 9th 
Luke Christopher, lab., llth bel Coates 
Lukens Able, t.avern, 242 N 2d 
Lukens Abraham, watchman, N L Bank, h 

Brown ab 4th 
Lukens Amos, confect., 49 N 4th 
Lukens Andrew, flour mer., 448 N 2d, h 283 St. 

Lukens Andrew, carp.. Bush Hill 
Lukens Benjamin, clerk, Apple ab Culvert 
Lukens Charles, mer., O Y road and Noble, h 100 

Lukens Charles, M. D., 326 Mulberry 
Lukens Chilion, cabinetmr., 140 Brown 
Lukens Editli, confect., 49 N 7th 
Lukens Edward, merchant, 105 High, h 193 


Lukens Elizabeth, shop, 79 Callowhill 
Lukens Elizabeth, 181 Green 
Lukens Grace A., 4 Quarry 
Lukens Isaac, stonemason, 231 Wood 
Lukens Isaiah, machinist, 305 High 
Lukens Jacob, tailor, 165 Chestnut, h Marshall 

Lukens Jacob, clerk, Jones W Sch 8th 
Lukens Jacob F., mer., 244 High 
Lukens James, min. water manuf , 156 N 8th 
Lukens Jonathan, gent., 113 S 3d 
Lukens Joseph, agent, 3 N 9th 
Lukens Joseph, di-ayman, Marlborough bel 





Lukens & Kelly, tailors, 165 Chestnut 
Lukena Levi, tavern, c 13th and Callowhill 
Lukens Mahlon, drnggist, 144 Poplar • 
Lukens M. J., saddlery, 102 Hig-h, h 113 S 3d 
Lukens Nathan, shoemr., Wallace and R road 
Lukens Seneka, watchman, 20 Rachel 
Lukens Thomas, flour mer., c O Y road & No- 
ble, h 7 Crown. 
Lukens William, stone mason. Poplar bel 7th 
Lukineyers Charles, lab., 4 Wood ab Queen *^ 
Lukins Reuben, flour, N W 3d and Noble, h 212 

N 4th. 
Lumbard John, mariner, 53 Queen 
Lumbery John, painter, rear 336 S 5th 
Lumby John, cooper, Sycamore ab Locust 
Lundburg John P., seaman, 53 Federal 
Lundy Hugh, Sch 7th bel Callowhill 
Lungren John S., clerk, 99 Mulberry 
Lungren Wm., 78 S 8th 
Lunn Eury, trimmings, 146 Poplar 
Lunn Leah, b. h., 18 N 8th ab Sp Garden 
Lunning Lewis baker, 4th & Master 
Lunny John, engin'r, George ab Charlotte (N L) 
Lunny Patrick, lab., Carlton ab Sch. 7th. 
Lupoid John, miller, 370 S 2d 
Lush Henry, grocer, 128 N 5th 
Lush John, printer. Carpenter bel 10th 
Lush John, machinist, 13th n Brown 
Lusk Joseph, painter. Crown bel West 
Luther Robt., bricklayer, Jefferson bel Harrison 
Lutr John, butcher, Pleasant bel 10th 
Lutts Frederick, tobacconist, 505 Mulberry. 
Lutts Henry, cedar cooper & variety, 432 N 2d 
Lutz Albert, shoemr., Paschall's al 
Lutz Catharine, di-essmr., Sch 7th n Sassafras 
Lutz Charles, cordwainer, 25 Paschall's al 
Lutz Frederick, vict., Parrish ab 10th. 
Lutz Frederick, shop, c Queen & Marlborough 
Lutz George, sailmaker, Duke n Hanover. 
Lutz Geo., shipwright, Shackamaxon n Pi-ince 
Lutz George, shoemr., Wood ab Sch 3rd 
Lutz George, lab., Marlboro' ab Duke 
Lutz Jacob, victualler, Lowry's ct 
Lutz Jacob, brickmaker, Chen-y ab Queen (K) 
Lutz James, vict. Cherry & Duke 
'Lutz John, wheelwright, Callowhill ab Sch 4th 
Lutz Joseph, capt., Cai-lton bel Sch 2d 
Lutz Margaret, shop. Vine n 13th 
Lutz Margaret, Sch. 7th n Race. 
Lutz Martin, saddler, court, Vine n 13th 
Lutz Philip, victualler. Pleasant n Charles 
Lutz Samuel, dry goods, 278 N 3d. 
Lutz Samuel, variety store, 429 N 6th. 
Lutz Samuel, lab., G T road ab Creek 
Luzenberg E. C, barber. Beach bel Maiden 
Lybrand C. D., brickmaker, h 38 Filbert 
Lybrand Henry, harnessmaker, Shackamaxon n 

Bedford. (K) 
Lybrand Margaret, gentw., 135 N 9th. 
Lybrand Peter, coach painter, 153 Queen 
Lybrand William G., brickmaker, 38 Filbert 
Lye E. Mrs., medicines, 385 High 
-Lye Henry, surveyor, 385 Higli 
Lylburn John, clerk, 58 Sassafras 
Lyle Henry, labourer, 15 Maria 

Lyle James P., clerk, Girard Bank, h 354 S 3d 
Lyle James M., printer, 4 Beck's court. 
Lyle John, weaver, Richard's ct (K) 
Lyle Thomas, shipmaster, 448 S Front 
L^man Theodore R., atty. & coun., 9th & Cal- 

Lynch Charles A., mer., 32 Commerce 
Lynch David, grocer, 195 S 4th 
Lynch Edward, lab., 4th &. Marriott 
Lynch Guv, labourer, Brasier ab Lloyd. 
Lynch James, carter, Mulberry n Sch. Front. 
Lynch James, lab., Lombard n Sch 6tli 
Lynch John, labourer, Lloyd bel Shippen. 
Lynch John, clerk, G T road ab Master 
Lynch John, lab., Sch 2d & Mulberry 
Lynch John, 16 Jones' al 
Lynch Joseph, cooper, 24 Mead 
Lynch Matthew, carp., Fairview Bush hill 
Lynch Patrick, lab.. Chestnut (W P) 
Lynch Thomas, hatter, 191 Lombard 
Lynch Timothy, b h, 112 N Water 
Lynch Thomas, clerk. Mechanics' Bank, h 90 

Lynch Urban, case maker, 4 Prune ab 5th 
Lynch William, gent., 4 Portico sq 
Lynch Wm., groceries & liquors, 87 P road 
Lynd James senr., 85 Marshall 
Lyndall Benjamin, carp., 584 S Front 
Lyndall Robert, cabinet maker, 201 h 203 S 4th 
Lyndall Mary, 345 S 2d 

Lyndall Wm. B., carp., Sch 5th ab Mulberry 
Lynmlre Ellison, sea captain. Tamarind 
Lynn Samuel M., conveyancer, 3 Carpenter's ct 

h 139 Vine 
Lyon John, driver, 76 German 
Lyon Lucy, 172 Vine 
Lyon Philip, tailor, cor Poplar & Marshall 
Lyon Wm. T., mer., 12 N 3rd 
Lyons A. S., quill manuf., 50 Cliestnut, h 64 

Lyons Edward, clerk, 25 Blackben-y al. 
Lyons Joseph, g'ent., Mrs. Shinu's, 154 S 2d and 

4th n Cherry jl 

Lyons Mary, Sch 4th n Hamilton m 

Lyons Mordecai, merchant, 50 Chestnut, h Sth n 

Fitz water 
Lyons M. & Co., quill manufs., and stationers, 50 

Lyons Moses, cordwr., 470 S 4th 
Lyons Patrick, trader, 8 Lawrence ab ISth 
Lyons Peter, cor German & 3d 
Lyons Rebecca, b h, 3 Crabb 
Lyons Samuel, dry goods, 64 Lombard 
Lyons Thomas, drayman, rear 386 S 2d 
Lyons Thomas, grocer, High W Sell 5th 
Lyons Wm. O., chairmr., 407 S 4th 
Lysinger Joseph, blacksmith, cor 9th & James 

M'Adam James, tavern, S E Vernon and Cedar 
M'Adam Thomas, dealer, George ab ilth, h 12 

City Row 
M'Adoo Maria, 176 N 13th. 
M'Afee John, collector, Walnut W Sch 3rd 




M«Afee Robert, grocer, 198 Cedar 

M'Afee Wm., stone cutter, Shippen bel Broad. 

M'Aleer John, confectioner, 147^ S 2d 

M'Aleer Matthew, g-roccr, 6 Little Dock. 

M'Aleer Patrick, weaver, Shippen ab Broad. 

M'Aleer Peter, manuf., G T road bel * 

M'Aleer Wm., Richard 

M'Alhone James, lab., 6 Pratt's ct 

M'Alister Charles, cordw., 5 Clair 

M'Alleer Charles, labourer, 6 Richard. 

M'Allier J., lab., 236 N Water 

M'Allier Patrick, drayman, rear 303 S 4th 

M'AlIister & Co., opticians and cane manuf., 48 

M'AlIister Enos, shoemr., 39 Crabb, 
M'AlIister James, jeweller, 1 Crane's court. 
M'AlIister James, manuf, Lombai-d ab Quince 
M'AlIister John jr., optician, 48 Chestnut, h W 

Penn square 
M'AlIister John, grocer, S W 8th and Sassafras 
M'AlIister Margaret, dry goods, 105 N 9 th 
M'AlIister Randle, painter, 19 Mercer 
M'AlIister Robert, bookseller, 63 Mead. 
M'AlIister Saml., tavern, N W 10th & Cedar 
M'AlIister W. Y., optician, 48 Chestnut 
M'Alonan John, cordwr.. A'^ine bel 12th 
M'Alpin J., gent., 126 S 8th 
M'Alvey Sarah, washerwoman, Stanley ab 3rd 
M'Anall James, shopkeeper, 132 S 10th 
M'Anall John, bookbinder, 19 N 9th 
M'Analy John, weaver, McDuffie n Schuyl 2d 
M'Anan William, weaver, 301 S 7th 
M'Aninny Henry, lab., iBrasier ab Lloyd 

M'Anniny , carter, Carpenter bel 8th 

M'Anniny Margaret, Washington ab Vine 
M'Aniny Hugh, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
M'Arann John, Horticultural Hotel, Filbert bet 

Sch. 5th and 6th 
M'Aray James, weaver, 4th bel G T road 
M'Arthur Charles, lab., 2 McDuffie 
M'Arthur John, sawrar., 268 S 6th 
M'Arthur John, carp., S W 10th and Pine, h 8 

Jefferson Row 
M'Arthur Parker, weaver, Philip st. (K) 
M'Atee Thomas, grocer, G T road ab Phoenix 
M'Auley James, grocer, 13th and Fitzwater 
M'Avoy Francis, tavern, 233 S 6th 
M'Avoy James, tavern, N W Budd and Laurel 
M'Avoy Richard, grocer, N W Budd & Brown 
M'Avoy Wm., weaver, Hamilton n Fairmount 
M'Avoy Wm., lab., Washington (W P) 
M'Beth John, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
M'Blunt Charles, carp.. Carpenter ab Parker 
M'Bride Alexander, mariner, 58 Catharine 
M'Bride Alexander, lab., Pine ab Ashton 
M'Bride Andrew, distiller, G T road and 2d 
M'Bride Daniel, tailor, 22 N 12th 
M'Bride Francis, distiller, c Shippen la and Ship- 

M'Bride John, lab., Murray ab Sch 3d 
M'Bride John, Factory ab Willow 
M'Bride John, stone cutter, Carlton ab Sch 3rd 
M'Bride John, weaver, Marlboro' ab Duke 
M'Bride John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
M'Bride John, tavern, N W Water and Pine 

M'Bride Nathaniel, blacksmith, 473 S Front 

M'Bride Patrick, gent., 555 N 4t!i 

M'Bride Patrick, lab., Factory ab Willow 

M'Bride Robert, weaver, Front bel .Master 

M'Bride Sam'l., manuf, Hamilton n John (F M) 

M'Bride Theo., weaver, Pcny ct 

M'Bride Thomas, manufacturer, N E Front and 

.M'Bride Wm., tavern, F road & Master 
M'Bride William, tavern, 54 Cedar 
M'Bride Wm., cordw., 477 S Front 
M'Bride Wm. J. & R., grocers, 505 N 2d 
M'Bride Wm. L., grocer, 505 N 2d, h Queen 8c 

M'Brine Robert, lab., 29 S Sch 6th 

M'Burney , gardener, 11th ab Milton 

M'Burney Samuel, manuf, Lombard ab Quince 

M'Cabe Ann tavern, 1 Laetitia court 

M'Cabe Bernard, tailor, cor High and S Penn 

M'Cabe Francis, labourer, rear Sch 2d n Cal- 

M'Cabe Patrick, Beach &. Locust 
M'Cabe Thomas, carter, Lombard n Sch 6lh 
M'Cabe "William, mason. Barker bel Sch. 3d 
M'Cade Sarah, teacher, 16 Allen (K) 
M'CafTerty A., New York house, 17 Chestnut 
M'Cafferty James, labourer, cor George & So 

M'Cafferty Matthew, watchman, G Bank, 5 

M'Cafferty P. M., Bush Hill Retreat 
M'Cafferty Sarah, tailoress, cor 9th & James 
M'Caffrey Hugh, victualler, c Shippen and Ship- 
pen lane 
M'Caffrey Patrick, weaver, Camac ab 4th 
M'Caffrey Owen, pedler, Stoy's ct (K) 
M'Caffrey Patrick, drover, 178 Shippen 
M'Caffrey P. M., tavern, Bush Hill 
M'Caffrey William, weaver, 39 W Cedar 
M'Cage Lawrence, lab., Vine n Sch 
M'Cage Robert, tobacconist, 97 Crown 
M'Cahen John J., acct., 398 N 6th 
M'Cahey Patrick, coal office. 78 N 3d, wharf 

Spruce Sch 
M'Calister John W. C, shoemr., Mary's ct 
M'Call Charles, tailor, 322 N 3rd 
M'Call G. C, gent., 323 Chestnut 
M'Call Hamilton, drayman, Ann W Sch 8th 
M'Call Hugh, beamsman, 15 Coates' alley 
M'Call John, grocer, S E Front and Catharine 
M'Call John, grocer, c 5th and Marriott 
M'Call John, drayman and grocer, N W Sch 8th 

and Filbert 
M'Call Joseph, carpenter, 12th n Lombard 
M'Call Maria, lemon syrup, 244 Christian 
M'Call P., att'y & coun., 100 S 4th 
M'Call Robert', Stewart U. S. Naval Asylum, h 24 

W Cedar 
M'Call Wm., aldennan, 332 S 5th 
M'Calla Alex. H., merchant, 43^ N Front 
M'Calla Alex., gent., Marshall bel Spring Garden 
M'Calla Andrew, hatter, 252 High, h 177 N 7th 
M'Calla Charles, clerk, 94 N 6th 
M'Calla Charles, sausage manuf, 14 Perry 




M'Calla Dennis, drayman, J4 Fitzuater 

M'Calla Edward, labourer, 41 Crabb 

M'Calla E.,iner, 51 N 2d, li 82 Vine 

M'Calla F. L., N. W. 10th and George 

M'Calla Isaiah H., accountant, 19 Wallace 

M'Calla Jacob, carter, 21 Penn (K) 

M'Calla James S., printer, 4th bel Carpenter, 

office 12 Pear 
M'Calla Lawrence, lab., Charlotte bel Phoenix 
M'Calla Rebecca, widow, 10 La^-ange pi 
M'Calla Robert P., 356 S 3d ' 
M'Calla Robert, weaver, Wagner's al 
i\I'Calla Sanil. W., brickmr., Lewis ab Sch 3d 
M'Calla Sanford, com. mer., 33 N 12Ui 
M'Calla &. Stuckert, hatters, 252 High 
M'Calla William, collector, 5 N 11th 
M'Callahan John, grocer, 22 Elizabeth 
M'Calley James, carter, George W Sch 3rd 
M'Calley Mary, 45 Fitzwater 
M'Callister James, manuf., Lombard ab Quince 
M'Callister Joseph, carp., 1 Charlotte 
M'Callister Thomas, lab., Hope bel Phoenix 
M'Callmont George, manuf., 2 Ranstead pi 
M'Calmont Petei-, carp., 4 North 
M'Calvcy Edward, oysterman, Hope ab Otter 
M'Calvey James, trader, Fraley's (K) 
M'Calvey James, pattern maker, 82 N 6th, 

h Sch. 7th n Vine 
M'Calvey Patrick, mariner, Stanley ab 3d 
M'Cambridge Richard, brassfound., 178 Sassa 

M'Campbell Wm., lab., 9 Sch. Water 
M'Candless David, grocer, Lombard ab Sch. 6th 
M'Canles John, grocer, 43 N 4th 
M'Cann Aaron, tanner, St. John ab Beaver 
M'Cann Edward, grocer, 198 Christian 
M'Cann Eliza, confectioner, 24U S 2d 
M'Cann F'rancis, 2d opp. Mackey 
M'Cann Henry, 242 S 4th 
M'Cann James, collector, 161 Shippen 
M'Cann Jane, Sycamore ab Locust 
M'Cann John, carter, Milton ab 10th 
M'Cann John, weaver, 38 W Cedar 
M'Cann Mary, 29 Crabb 
M'Cann M., jeweller, 1 Stamper's alley 
M'Cann Samuel, milkman, n R road. (F V) 
M'Cann Wm., blacksmith. Brown bel Front 
M'Cann Wm., lab., Sch. 2d and F'ilbert 
M'Cann Wm. G., gent., 36 Franklin 
M'Canna John, baker, 7th bel Christian 
M'Canna John, trader, Ciiarlotte ab Master 
M'Canner Rose Mrs., 2 Brooks' ct 
M'Cannon Neal, grocer, 260 Cedar 
M'Caragher Henry, lab., 4 McBride's ct. 
M'Caraher Alexander, mer., 295 N 6tli 
M'Carney John, labourer, Wheat ab Reed 
M'Carren Elizabeth, bottler, 150 N 13t!i 
M'Carren John, labourer, Broad ab Sassafras 
M'Carren Robt., messenger, C. H., 8 Elmslie'sal 
M'Carren Wm., labourer. Sassafras bet Sch 7th 

&. 8th 
M'CarroU Robert, watchm.. Chestnut ab Sch. 3d 
M'Carry James, tavern, 157 S Front 
M'Cart Mary, Say st 
M'Cartan Elizabeth, tailoress, 265 Cherry 

M'Carter Alexander, carpenter, 13th ab Ship- 
M'Carter Mary, dry goods. Rose and Brinton 
M'Carter James, carter, 3 Fairmount av. 
M'Carter Rachel, 80 N 6th 
M'Cartey John dealer, 178 N Water 
M'Carthe J., gent., 4 Lagrange 
*I'Carthery James, lab., 149 Poplar 
M'Carthur' Elizabeth, tailoress, 3 Woglam's ct. 
M'Carthy Daniel, shopkeeper, 88 Swanson 
M'Cartney Henry, tavern. Vine ab Broad 
M'Cartney James, weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
M'Cartney John, 183 Shippen 
M'Cartney Patrick, tavern, 183 Sliippen 
M'Cartrey Samuel, weaver, F road ab Phcenix 
M'Cartrin Wm., grocer, 5th and Carpenter 
M'Carty Aaron, tavern, Beach bel Maiden 
M'Carty Callaghan, weaver, 13th bel Rose 
M'Carty Charles, weaver, 5 Gay's ct. (K) 
M'Carty Daniel, baker, Farries' ct. 
M'Carty & Davis, stationers, 171 High 
M'Carty Mary, Centre bel 13th 
M'Carty Mary, dealer, 11 Pratt's ct. 
M'Carty Patrick, labourer, 12 Jones' alley 
M'Carty Reuben, Sch. 8th n Sassafras 
M'Carty Thomas, watchm., William n Lombard 
M'Carty Thomas, lab., N E Adams & Clymer 
M'Carty Timothy, labourer, 8 Northampton 
M'Carty Wm., turner, 85 Juniper 
M'Carty Wm., lab., Johns' ct. 
M'Cart V Wm., stonecutter, Ann. (F V) 
M'Caskey A. Rev., 475 S 2d 
M'Caules John, weaver. Pearl bel Sch. 6th 
M'Cauley Alex., gent.. To Marshall 
M'Cauley Arthur, dry goods, 534 N 2d 
M'Cauley Cornelius, morocco dress., 174 Cedar, 

h 148 S 5th 
M'Cauley George, stonecutter, Carlton ab Sch. 

M'Cauley James, moulder, 2d and Marion 
M'Cauley John, stock and exch. broker, 5 Com- 
merce, h 152 S 10th 
M'Cauley John, lab., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
M'Cauley Mary, shop, 338 S 5th 
M'Cauley Neal, shop, 142 Lombard 
M'Cauley Neal, weaver, 2d ab Edward. (K) 
M'Cauley Patrick, trunkmr., 22 Duke 
M'Cauley Robert, hatter, 8th bel Green 
M'Cauley Thomas, shoemr., Kinley's ct. 
M'Cauley Thomas, tinsmith, 21 High, h 3 Ham- 
ilton's ct. 
M'Caull Ellen, 231 Christian 
M'Caulley Cornelius, moroc. dresser, 174 Cedar, 

h 186 S 5th 
M'Causland Alexander Mrs., books and grocery, 

183 and 185 S 6th 
M'Causland Alexander, engineer and machinist, 

13th ab Bedford 
M'Cave Rosanna, shop. Pearl ab Sch. 8th 
M'Caw John, shoes, 41 P road 
M'Caw M., clothes dealer, 244 S 3d 
M'Cawley John, mer., 417 Chestnut 
M'Cawley John, watchman, Lombard n Sch. 8th 
M'Cawley Margaret, sempstress, Lombard n 
Sch. 8th 




M'Ca}' Alexander, real est. broker, 204 Locust 
M'CIiesney Miuy, matron, 5 Appletree al. 
Rl'Clain Hugh, carpenter, 8 Juniper lane 
M'Clain .lames, spinner, St. John n Globe Mill 
M'Clain James, lab., 2 N Juniper 
M'Clain John, blacksmith, Scott's ct 
M'Clain Mary, cupper. High W Sch. 8th 
M'Clain Michael, weaver, ct. Cadwalader bel 

M'Clain Thomas, weaver, 22 Dyott's ct. (K) 
M'Clain Wm., sawyer. Beach bel Palmer 
M'Clane Archibald, lab., 22 Cun-ant al. 
M'Clane Michl., weav., Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
M'Clane Mrs., 221 Callowhill 
M'Clane Robert, spin., Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
M'Claranan James, maible mason, Sassafras n 

Juniper, h 1 Lybrand 
M'Claren James, R R court, 83 Budd 
M'Clarn George S., painter, c Cherry & Junipei' 
M'Clarn Henry, blacksm., 3 Bread, h 4 Smith's ct 
M'Clarn &. Subers, blacksmiths, 3 Bread 
M'Clary Alex. J., clerk, Lebanon row 
M'Clary George G., bottler, Allen ab Shacka 

M'Clary James, drayman. Amber ab Phoenix 
M'Clary Thomas, lab.. Beach ab Walnut 
M'Claskey Catharine, 456 S 4th 
M'Claskey Charles, butcher, Lancaster ab Reed 
M'Claskey Hugh, carter, Wheat ab Reed 
M'Claskey Hugh, Currant al. and Ea*gle ct. 
M'Claskey James, constable, 108 Carpenter 
M'Claskey Maiy, huckster, c 2d & Washington 
M'Claskey Richard, shoemr., Phoenix ab Cad- 
M'Clatchey Robert, collector, S E 10th & Cedar 
M'Clay John, chairmr.. Baker's ct. 
M'Clay John, shoemr,, 55 Federal 
M'Clay Joseph, (avern, Callowhill n William 
M'Clean Andrew, lab., 254 N Front 
M'Clean David, alderman, office Shippen and 

11th, h 10th ab Shippen 
M'Clean Elizabeth, 4 Emlen's ct. 
M'Clean James, tailor, 529 N 2d 
M'Clean James, engineer, Fairmount 
M'Clean Jane, b h, 45 Prune 
M'Clean John, shoemr., 8 Reed 
M'Clean John, R road and Ann. (F V) 
M'Clean John, tavern, S W Almond £c Swanson. 
M'Clean John, cordvv., 405 S Front. 
M'Clean Joseph, grocer, N W Sch. Tth & High 
M'Clean Julia, shop, 221 Callowhill 
M'Clean J , M. D., 212 Vine 
M'Clean Nathan, lab., R road (F V) 
M'Clean Stephen, shop, Front bel Wharton 
M'Clean Timothy, labourer, 259 Catharine 
M'Clean Thomas, blacksmith, 236 S 4th, h 16 

W. Market pi 
M'Clean Wm., shoemr., 9 Reed 
M'Cleary Andrew, tinner, 198 .Cherry. 
M'Cleary Daniel, silverpl.. Prince ab Hanaver 
M'Cleary Hugh, weaver, Philip n Master. 
M'Clees James, coixiwainer, 77 Apple 
M'Clellan George, M. D., 248 Walnut 
M'Clellan John, dry goods, c 12th and Montgo- 

M'Clellan Mary, Pearl n Sch. 8lh 

M'Clellan U. C., carp., 26 Applcfrce a)., h 65 

M'Clellan Samuel, M. D., 189 Walnut. 
M'Clellan Wm., shoemakei-, 6 Trotter's alley, h 

493 S 2d 
M'Clellan Wm., mason. Brown bel Cherry 
M'Clelland G. W., gent., h 214 Mulberr}\ 
M'Clellund Samuel, labourer, Linden bel Green 
M'Clcments John, saddler, Stanley ab .3d. 
M'Clennan H., blacksm., Sch. 7th ab Wood 
M'Cleven Myers, capt., 2 New Market 
M'Clintock & Co., dry goods, 12 N 2d 
M'Clintock Harriett, 129 N 11th. 
M'Clintock James, M. D., 6 N 9th. 
M'Clintock Jane, dry goods, 12 &. h 91 N 2d 
JM'Clintock John, trea. Beaver Mead. Coal Co^ 

36 Walnut, h 91 N 2d. 
M'Clintock Samuel, carp., Carlton bel Sch. 5th 
M'Clintock Wm., porter, 131 W High 
M'Closkey Fj-ancis, 270 S 7th 
M'Closkey M. & R., milliners, 52 Zaiie 
M'Closkey Thomas, lab., W. ab George 
M'Closky Henry, cordw., c William and Callow- 
M'Closky James, carpenter, 332 Cedar 
M'Closky James, curb setter, 20 Castle 
M'Closky Michael, labourer, 9 Greswold's alley 
M'Closky Michael, gent., 477 Sassafras. 
M'Cloud John, hatler, 46 High 
M'Cloud Samuel, c SpaflTord and Prosperous al. 
M'Clune George, boot and shoemaker, 363 S 2d 
M'Clung John, stove finisher & pattern maker, 

72 N 6th, h 70 Tammany. 
M'Clung John, carter. Filbert ab Sch. 8th 
M'Clung John & Wm., grocers, S W 2d & Pine 
M'Clung William, grocer, S W 2d and Pine, h 

59 Spruce 
M'Clure & Abbott, grocers, N E Broad & Sas- 
M'Clure Anna Maria, Brown and Cherry 
M'Clure Ann, 13 Dilk's ct. 
M'Clure David, prof. U. S. N., 109 Filbert. 
M'Clure Francis, lab., 6 Fairmount av. 
M'Clure G. W., hatter, Coates bel 10th. 
M'Clure James, acct.. Ill N Water, h 134 N 9th 
M'Clure John, carpenter. Vine & Sch. 8th, h 

f22 N 10th 
M'Clure Joseph, mer., 347 High, h 12 Castle 
M'Clvire Robert, N E Broad & Sassafras, h N W 

12th&. Carlton. 
M'Clure Robert, lab., G T road and 5th 
M'Clure Samuel, carpenter, 134 S 9th 
M'Clure Samuel, carpenter, rear 196 Cherry 
M'Clurg Susan, 154 N 3d 
M'Cluskey Edward, Shippen bel Broad 
M'CKiskey John, drover, R road bel Coates 
M'Cluskey Patrick, labourer, G T road ab Master 
M'Cluster Alex., type founder, 5 Atherton 
M'Collam John, coal mer., 7 Cedar 
M'Colleem Samuel, polisher, Steward ab Catha- 
M'Collin Allen, tailor, 203 Cheny. 
M'CoUin John, clerk, 58 Mulberry 
M'Collin Thomas, acct, 13th bel Green 




M'CoUon James, waterman, Callowhill. (F M) 
M'Colt Francis, lab., Filbert \A' Sch. 4th 
M'Comb David, lab., 4 Fairmount av. 
M'Comb J. Mrs., 36 Sugar alley 
M'Comb John, labourer, Shippen bel Broad 
M'Combs John, dealer, Ilig-h ab Sch. 6th 
M'Conag-hy Charles, lab., Linn's row 
M'Conch, James, lab., Sch 2d n Lombard 
M'Conch John, lab., Sch 2d n Lombard 
M'Connahan, lab., Ogden n 9th 
M'Connell Alexander, tavern, 122 Callowhill 
M'Connell F., tavern, 110 Cherry 
M'Connell Hugh, teamster, 7th ab Christian 
M'Connell James, grocer, 6th bel Lombard 
M'Connell John, lab.. Vine n Sch. 
M'Connell Mary, 94 Catharine 
M'Connell Mary, shop, 329 Vine. 
M'Connell Matthew, spectaclemr., 6 Julianna 
M'Connell Matthew, pavier, 12th ab Shippen. 
M'Connell Patrick, brickmaker, 6 Barker. 
M'Connell M. & Co., milliners, 283 Chestnut 
M'Connell William, boots and shoes, 2 N 3d, h 

102 N 12th 
M'Connell 'William, drayman, Vine n Sch. 
M'Connell William, labourer, 38 SheafF's al. 
M'Connell Wm., mer., 16 N 2d, h 151 Dillwyn. 
M'Cool Samuel, combmr., 456 N 4th 
M'Cool Samuel, boot & shoemaker, 404 N 3rd. 
M'Cool Walter, vict., 6th ab Poplar 
M'Cool Wm., lab., 124 Brown. 
M'Cord George, printer, 3 Flickwir's ct. 
M'Cord James, porter, Sch. 5th bel High 
M'Corkle A., blacksmith, rear 1 Prospect al. 
M'Corkle Catharine, 187 Queen 
M'Corkle Maria Mrs., N E 11th & Vine. 
M'Corkle & Page, mers., 203 High 
M'Corkle Thomas, mer., 203 High, h 102 N 5th 
M'Cormack James, painter, Marion ab 2d 
M'Cormick Benj., ropemr., Hope n Phoenix. 
M'Cormick &. Crommie, mer. tailors, 45 S 8th. 
M'Cormick David, cordw., 285 S 5th. 
M'Cormick Elizabeth, 133 Cherry 
M'Cormick F. jr., bookbinder, Beaver ct, h 199 

M'Cormick Geoi-g'e, weaver, Fraley's ct. (K) 
M'Cormick Henry, shoemr., 4 Wagner's ct. 
M'Cormick Hugh", tailor, 45 S 8th. 
M'Cormick Isabella, b h, 16 Webb's al. % 
51'Cormick James, printer, Schuylkill av. 
M'Cormick James, 169 Queen 
M'Cormick James, mer., 74 Cedar, h 39 Almond 
M'Cormick James B., cordw., 353 S 5th 
M'Cormick John F., tavern, 9 N 11th. 
M'Cormick Marger}', 263 Cherry 
M'Cormick Maria, washer, 124 Apple 
M'Cormick Mary, widow, 4 Franklin row 
M'Cormick Philip, cordwainer, 96 Plum 
M'Cormick Samuel, weaver, Hope bel Master 
M'Cormick Samuel, stone cutter, 609 N 2d. 
M'Cormick Thos. B., cabinet maker, 66 N 6th 
M'Cormick Wm., weaver, 2d ab Franklin 
M'Com John, finisher, rear 125 Carpenter 
M'Cosker Thomas, stovemr., 283 Cedar 
M 'Court John, weaver, Cadwalader n Phoenix 
M'Court William, tavern, 23 N 8th 

M 'Cowan WilUam, carpet manuf., Price's ct 

M'Cowen Charles, tobacconist, 200 High 

M'Coy Alexander, carpenter, Wood bel Sch 7th 

M'Coy Amos, lab., High bridge & Beach 

M'Coy Benjamin, sawver, 17 Pearl. 

M'Coy Daniel, lab., 397 S 4th 

M'Coy Dennis, labourer, Sch. 3d n George. 

M'Coy Edward, cooper, George ab St John 

M'Coy Elizabeth, b h, Wood n Sch. 7th 

M'Coy Ephraim, carpenter, Marriott ab 4th 

M'Coy George W., watch mr., 410 N 2d, h 7 

M'Coy Hugh, lab., 34 Kunkle 

M'Coy James, tavern, 323 High 

M'Coy James' carter, 81 Swanson 

M'Coy James, ropemr., Marlboro' bel Prince 

M'Coy James, ostler, 2 Scott's ct 

M'Coy James, tailor, 23 Blackbern' al 

M'Coy James, weaver, 308 S 6th 

M'Coy Jane, Ann ab Sch. 8th 

M'Coy John, lab., Carlton al Sch 7th 

M'Coy John, cordw., 234 Shippen. 

M'Coy John, lab., 362 S 6th 

M'Coy John, grocer, N E Mead and Front 

M'Coy Joseph, carpenter, 181 Cedar 

M'Coy Martha, Filbert W Sch 4th 

M'Coy Robert, carp., 3 John's ct 

M'Coy Sarah, dry goods, 137 S 2d 

M'Coy Thomas, grocer, S W 4th and Catharine 

M'Coy Wm., carpenter, 260 Shippen. 

M'Coy Wm., carp., 226 Shippen 

M 'Coy William, labourer, 42 Quince 

M'Cracken James, cordw.. Wheat & Wharton 

M'Craden Edward, plasterer, 9th ab Carpenter 

M'Cray James, hatter, rear 16 New 

M'Crea Ann, dry goods, 3 N 12th 

M'Crea Catharine, 27 Wood 

M'Crea James, M. D., N E Broad & Spruce 

M'Crea John, mer., Lombard St. wharf, h Spruce 
ab Broad 

M'Crea Joseph, plasterer, F road opp Bedford 

M'Crea J. Mrs., 50 N 13th 

M'Crea Thomas, starchmr., 602 N Front a 

M'Crea A\m., lively stables, 21 Crown, h 23 I 
Julianna. ^ *■ 

M'Cready Wm., weaver, 17 Prospect al 

M'Credy Bernard, mer., 30 Church al, h 411 

M'Credy Francis, tavern, S E Pine &. Water. 

M'Credy Joseph, wire cloth manuf, 10 Sugar al 

M'Credy D. A. & Co., mers., 7 -N Water 

M'Credy Michael, trader. Cedar & Clifton 

M'Credy Jei-emiah, mer., 7 N Water, h 6 Wash- 
ington square 

M'Credy Dennis A., mer., 7 N Water, h 20 
Washington sq 

M'Creery Benjamin, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 

M'Creight Robt., manuf. School n Rose. 

M'Crellish A., soap and candle manuf, 267 N 3d 

M'Cristol Dennis, carter, Charlotte bel Jefferson 

M'Cristol Francis, weaver, Cadwalader n Phoe- 

M'Cristol Michael, weaver, c Master & Charlotte 

M'Crossin John, lab.. Sergeant 

M'Crossin Patrick, pedler, 129 Pltim 




M'Crossin Robert, canemr., G T road & Thomp- 
M'Croy J., tobacconist, 240 S 7th 
M'Crudclen John lab., Callowhill n William 
M'Crummel James, hair dresser & dentist, 262 

M'Crystal Francis, lab., 181 Cedar 
M'Cubbin Henry, shoe mr.. Otter n G T road 
M'Cubbin Henry, shoe mr., 114 Cherry 
M'Cue Bernard, lab., Division F V 
M'Cue Michael, pedler, rear 464 S Front 
M'Culg-an M,, harness mr., 4th bel High hT Kelly 
M'CullfTe Patrick, aoct., Locnst & Currant al 
M'Cullagh Owen, weaver. Cad waladerab Master 
M'CuUagh Robert P., clerk, 208 Walnut 
M'Cullen Daniel, lab., Adam bel 13th 
M'Cullen George., engineer, Shippen al &, Lane 
M'Cullen Jas., weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la 
M'Cullen Mary, rear 234 Catharine 
M'Cullen Thomas, lab., 120 W High 
M'Culley Andrew, blacksmith, Filbert n Sch. 8th 
M'Culley Ann, spooler, Lombard ab 11th 
M'Culley, James, boat buil'r, Sch Front & Arch 
M'Culley George H., watch mr., 216 S 2d 
M'Culley John, ship smith, 5 Mead, h Prime bel 

M'Culley John, paper carrier, Lombard ab 12th 
M'Culley Joseph, blacksmith, Wharton bel 5th 
M'Culley Mar)-, 267 S 3d 

M'Culley Nathaniel, agent, Nectarine bel 11th 
M'Culley Samuel, ship carp., 8 China 
M'Culley Thomas, carpenter, 42 George (S) 
M'Culloch Ann, gentwo., 214 Spruce 
M'CuUoch Robert, carrier, 57 Carpenter. (S) 
M'CuUough Bernard, porter, 3 Allen's ct 
M'CuUough Ellen, Carpenter bel 10th 
M'CuUough Geo., dealer, Sch. 7th ab Chestnut 
M'CuUough James, bootmr., Washington ^V P 
M'CuUough Wm., atty., 87 S 6th 
M'CuUow Charles, tanner, Haydock n Front 
M'Cully Michael, lab.. Filbert W Sch 5th 
M'Cully Robert, stone cutter, Filbert n Sch 3d 
M'Cully Wm., watch mr., 63 N 3d 
l&'CuUy Wm., lab., 37 Jones' al 
M'Camsey John, machinist, 18 Minor, h Sch 7th 

bel Rittenhouse 
M'Cune Clement, manuf., 13th bel Callowhill 
M'Cune Elizabeth, 129 Juniper 
M'Cune George, gTocer, c Sch. 6th k George. 
M'Cune Margai'et, Rittenhouse bel Sch. 5th 
M'Cune Michael, paper stainer, Adam bel 13th 
M'Cune Michael, labourer, 322 S 3d 
M'Cunny R., acct., 2 Clover 
M'Curdv Daniel & Son, conveyancers, 10 S 12th 
M'Curdy Hugh, 238 Callowhill 
M'Curdy Jacob W., conveyancer, 10 S 12lh, h 

11 Howard. 
M'Curdy John & Son, bootmrs.. Ill Walnut 
M'Curdy J., boot and shoemr., Ill Walnut 
M'Curdy J. K., bootmaker, 111 W'alaut 
M'Curdy J. W., ladies' shoemr., 90 S 4th 
M'Cusker James, block maker, 397 S Front. 
M'Cusker Michael, shop, 237 Cedar. 
M'Cusker Patrick, 6 Barker 
M'Cutcheon James, mer., 22 S whfs., & 33 S 

M'Cutchin Mary, spooler, George n Sch 6lh 
M'Daniel Benjamin, millwright, 9 Gebhard. 
M'Daniel John, jr., stone cutter, Ann n Powell. 
M'Daniel Jolin, coach spring mr., 102 Filbert, h 

7 N 11th 
M'Daniel Joseph, watchman 4 Emslie's al 
M'Daniel Wm., plane mr., Elizabeth n Parrish 
M'Dennond George, cabinetmr., 10 Lagrange pi. 
M'Dermot Micliael, tavern, 247 Shippen 
M'Dermott Edward, gent., 186 Sprucf 
M'Dermott Edward, stevedore, 69 Union 
M'Dermott Henry, trader, G T road ab Master 
M'Dermott Hugli, tavern, 36 Plurn 
M'Dermott James, cordwainer, 156 N Water 
M'Dennott John, 4 Lindle's ct 
M'Dermott Martin, tinsmith, 85 P road 
M'Dermott Mrs., widow, C6 George 
M'Dermott Patrick, stevedore, 65 Gaskill 
M'Dermott Pati'ick, tavern, c Front & Brown 
M'Dermott Peter, lab., 106 Plum 
M'Dermott Wm., drayman. Rye ab Mackey 
M'Dermott William, tavern, c 13th and Centre 
M'Devitt Barney, b h., c Front & Willow 
M'Devitt Burnet, chaii-mr., rear 131 St. John 
M'Devitt Catharine, grocer, S wharves ab Spruce 
M'Devitt George, labourer, 130 Plum 
M'Devitt Hugh, suspender mr., 215 N Front 
M'Devitt Hugli, weaver, 23 M'Duffie 
M'Devitt James, suspen. and carpet manuf and 

variety store, 43 N 2d 
M'Devitt Mrs., widow of James, 117 Plum 
M'Devitt John, weaver, 32 M'Duffie 
M'Devitt John, coppersmith. Reed bel Church 
M'Devitt John, curb setter, S W 5th and Catha- 
M'Devitt John, variety. High ab Sch. 5lh 
M'Devitt John, carpet manuf., 273 N Front 
M'Devitt John, carpenter, George bel Sch. 6th 
M'Devitt iNlary, shopkeeper, G T road n 5th 
M'Devitt Patrick, tailor, 52 Fitzwaler 
M'Devitt Thomas, N W Shippen & 6lh 
M'Devitt W' illlam, tavern, 275 N Front 
M'Devitt William, yeoman. Wood ab 13th 
M'Dole Andrew, tobacconist, 319 High, h 38 

M'Donald' Ablgal, rear 173 Christian 
M'Donald Aaron, car builder, Union bel West 
M'Donald Andrew, brickmr., Camac n 5th 
M'Donald Amos, dyer, rear 514 N From 
M'Donald Ann, N E Carpenter Sc 9th 
M'Donald Ann, Middleton court 
M'Donald Ann, gentwo., Sassafras n Sch 2d 
M'Donald Chailes, Parries' ct 
M'Donald Hugh, lab., Sch 4th ab Chestnut 
M'Donald Hannah, gentw. Orchard & Rawle 
M'Donald James, m;u-iner, 196 Cliristian 
M'Donald James, hatter, Washington bel 2nd 
M'Donald J., cabt mr., 135 S 2d 
M'Donald James, fruiterer, Cadwalatler bel 

Lloyd's ct 
M'Donald James, dealer, N W 3d &. High, h 28 

Stamper's al 
M'Donald James, weavr., Cadwalader bel Phoenix 
M'Donald James, ge'U., 316 X 8th 
M'Donald Jeremiah, caqj., 115 Swanson 




M* Donald John, teacher, 211 S 2d 

M'Donald John, cooper, 339 Hig^li, h St John bel 

M'Donald John, oak cooper, Coutes n Fairmount 
M'Donald Louisa, b. h., 40 Garden 
M'Donahl Mary, 31 Bonsall 
M'Donald Mary Ann, M'Namany's ct 
M'Donald Michael, labourer, 1 China Row 
M'Donald Patrick, lab., 5 Biddle's al 
M'Donald U., g-rocery, Caldwell & Beach 
M'Donald Wm., button factory, c Parrish & 

M'Donald Wni., wheelwright, 576 S 2d 
M'Donald William, blacksmitli &. wheelwright, 

c 2d and Wharton, h 576 S 2d 
M'Donald William, tavern, 87 Plum 
M'Donald Wm., lab., Marlboro' ab Duke 
M'Donald William, brickmr., Shippen ab Broad 
M'Donalds Edward, coal deal.. Nectarine ab 10th 
M'Donnahue Patrick, baker, 7 ab Callowhill 
M'Donnell Archer, plasterer, Carlton n Sch 2d 
M'Donnell Charles, tinsmith, 342 N 2d 
M'Donnell Philips, grocer, 183 N 2d 
M'Donnell Sarah, gentw., 608 N 3d 
M'Donough Abraham, chairmr.. Ill S 2d 
M'Donough Charles, clothing store, 216 Cedar 
M'Donough Charles A,, tailor, 192 Cedar 
M'Donough James, confecr., 8th and Orange 
M'Donough James, tailor, 49 N 7th 
M'Donough Margaret, b. h., 114 N Water 
M'Donough Margaret, grocer. S W 4th and 

M'Donough Michael, lab^ Front bel Master 
M'Donough Michael, gilder, 102 Budd 
M'Donough Patrick, labourer, 12 Hyde's ct 
M'Donough Thomas, driver, Shippen bel 5th 
M'Dougall Samuel, Marriot ab 5th 
M'Dowell, Day &. Co., dry goods, 46 N 2d 
M'Dowell Isaac, 318 N 3d 
M'Dowell John, carp , Bush hill 
M'Dowell John, carp., Fairview, n Bush hill 
M'Dowell John, Jr., mer., 46 N 2d, h 182 N 9th 
M'Dowell John, lab., Mulberry bel Sch Front 
M'Dowell John, D. D., 126 N 9th 
M'Dowell John, carp., 10 Jackson 
M'Dowell Joseph, stationer, 37 High 
M'Dowell I.ydia, dry goods, S W 6th &. Locust 
M'Dowell Peter, stationer, 55 Buttonwood 
M'Dowell Sarah, ladies' boots, Olive and 13th 
M'Dowell Thomas, acc't., 403 N 3d 
M'Dowell Wm., lab., 5 School 
M'Dowell William II., mer.. 23 S Water, h 11th 

bel Cedar 
M'Dowell William A., D. D., cor secty and agt 

Board of Missions, 451 J Mulberry 
M'Dugal Wm., dyer, Iligham's ct(K) 
M'Eelmeel James, Spruce ab 11th 
M'Elbee Andrew, flour, 13th and Cedar 
M'Elroy \., publisher new Directory, h 3 Ser- 
M'Elroy Adam, carp., S W 4th & Brown, h 

Crown bel Green 
M'Elroy Alexander, grain measurer, 248 S 5th 
M'Elroy Archibald, tax collector W Moyam. 
S E Broad and Shippen 

M'Elroy Benj., sallmr., 200 Christian 
M'Elroy Catharine, shopkr., od ab Franklin 
M'Elroy James, cai'p., Front ab Queen, h 491 S 

M'Elroy John Rev., Willing's al 
M'Elroy John, mer., 47 High, h 29 Catharine 
M'Elroy Paul, lab., Singler's row (K) 
M'Elroy Peter, tailor, 15 Stamper's al 
M'Elroy Robert, weaver, 11 Vernon 
M'Elwain Mai-garet, S E Catharine and 10th 
M'Elwee John, weaver, 14 Brinton 
M'Elwell Wm., carter, 13th & Brown 
M'Ewen Charles, gent, S W Locust and 8th 
M'Ewcn James, stables, O Y road ab Noble, h 

269 N 5th 
.M'Ewen James, weaver. Front bel Master 
M'Ewen John, gent., R road bel Buttonwood 
M'Ewen M. H., grocer, 146 N 4th, h 116 Mul- 
M'Ewen Rachael, Mustin's ct 
M'Ewen Thomas, M. D., 298 Walnut 
M'Ewen Thomas, lab., Lewis ab Sch 8th 
M'Ewen Wm., 8th bel Walnut 
M'Ewen Wm., bootmr.. Vine ab Sch 8th 
M'Ewen William, engineer, 96 Catherine 
M'Faden John, carp., 28 Jones' al 
M'Fadden Andrew, pedler, c Dean and I^ocust 
M'P'adden Douglass, carp., 5 Boyle's ct 
M'Fadden D., labourer, Madison av 
M'Fadden James, lab., 1 Vaux's ct 
M'Fadden Margaretta, shop, S W Dean an<l 

Lyndall's al 
M'Fadden Patrick, lab., Fairmount n Callowhill 
M'Fadden Robert, grocery, Milton ab 10th 
M'Fadden Samuel, carp., 137 Green 
M'Fadden tavern, N W' 6th and Fitzwater 
M'Fadden Thos.^ rear 116 German 
M'Fadden Wm., clerk, George ab 13lh 
M'Fadden William, cordwnr., Vaux's ct 
M'Fadden William, mahog'y sawmill, 32 Cherry 
M'Fall Henry, tavern, 287 Cedar 
M'Fall Kenidj-, tavern, 246 S 3d 
M'Falls John, grocer, c Sch 3d and Cedar 
M'Falls Michael, oysters, 483 Higli, h Jones XT' 

Sch 3d 
M'Farlan Jame.s, bootmkr., Simmons' ct 
M'Farlan James, cordwainer, 212 Shippen 
M'Farland Ann, 7 Arrison's ct 
M'Farland Daniel, stonecr., Washington bel 

iM'Farland F. Rev. D. D., cor secy Boaid of Ed- 
ucation 29 and h 36 San.som 
M'Farland George, lab., Washington ab Vine 
M'Farland J. B., mer., 105 High h 4tl> ab Cal- 
M'Farland John, carter, c Sch 8tli and Wood 
M'P'arland Mary, 11th bel Locust 
M'Farland Samuel, cordw., Callowhill bel Sch 

8 th 
M'F.arland Samuel, machinist, Carlton bel Sch 

M'Farlantl Solomon, carp., 73 Green 
M'Farland Thomas, bootmr., Kelly's ct 
M'Farland Thomas, carter, Sch 8th and Wood 
M'Farland William, lab.. Quince ab Pine 





M'P'arliii Jolin, driver, Wasliing-ton W 1* 
M'Fiirlin Siimuel, weaver, Milton ab 10th 
M'Farliii William, Jab., Washington bel Callow- 
M'Fate Samuel, clep sheriff", 37 Coates 
M'Fee, Elizabeth, dealer, 9 F road 
M'Fee John, carpet manuf., 14 S Broad, h 516 

M'Ferran John, cordwainer, 125 Catharine 
M'Ferran Wm., scrivener, 422 N 2d 
M'Ferrell Samuel, bootmr., Ill S 5tl» 
M'Feters John, lab., Sch 6th n Lombard 
M'Feters John, tinsmith, 44 Cedar 
MTetteridge James, drayman, 3 Mechanic's av 
M'Fetteridge Samuel, weaver, 19 Lebanon 
M'Fillin James, tailor, 240 Shippen 
M'Fillin Patrick, lab.,'Lombard n Sch Front 
M'Fittrish John, N W 11th and Locust 
M'Gallag-an, 83 Bedford 
M'Gannon John, cordw., 6 Mechanic 
M'Gannor James A., blacksmith, F road bel 

M'Garey Mary Mrs., 511 S 2d 
M'Garg-ee Daniel, drayman, 462 N 5th 
M'Garrey James, carpentei-, 8 Adams 
M'Garrity James, drayman, c Sch 8th and C'al- 

M'Garry Abraham, grocer, 213 S 6th 
M'Garry Alexander, carter, Ashton bel Sassafras 
M'Garry, Michael, labourer, 3 Hunter 
M'Gany Patrick, lab., Sell Front and Arch 
M'Garry Rose, Sch Fi-ont ab Filbert 
M'GaiTy Sarah, grocer. Cedar ab Clifton 
M'Garvey A., shoemr., Sch Bank u Pine 
M'Garvej^ Fidward. carter, Lombard n Sch 6th 
M'Gai'vey James, carter, Lewis ab Sch 7th 
M'Garvey Samuel, nui-se. Marine Hospital, h 

Lombard ab Sch 7th 
M'Garvey Wm., grocer, 605 N 2d 
M'Garvey William, lab., 25 Helmuth 
M'Gaughey Charles, lab., Pine ab Ashton 
M'Gaughy Moses, porter, Sch 8th n Vine 
M'GauJey L., tavern, S W Water and Sassafras 
M'Gavi'^ James, weaver, Orange n F road 
M'Gaw Jesse, bricklayer, 254 St John 
M'Gaw John, lab., 98 Gei-man 
M'Gaw Joseph, cordw., Hope ab Phoenix 
M'Gee Barnard, drayman, 23 Flower 
M'Gee George, 2 Jackson's ct 
M'Gee Henry, tailor, Lombard ab Sch 7th 
M'Gee James, carter, S W 8th & Shippen 
M'Gee John, cordw., 333 S 5th 
M'Gee John, grocer, S W 7th and Callowhill 
M'Gee Patrick, pedler, Washington ab Master 
M'Gee Thomas, lab., Charlotte ab Tiiompson 
M'Gee William, 5 Linden 

M'Geehan John, tavern, N W 10th & Walnut 
M'Geehan Peter, coi-dw., Shippen bel Broad 
M'Gegan Hugh, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jeffer- 
M'Genn Wm., lab., Lomb.ird n Sch 7th 
M'Geoy Michael, tavei-n 9 Walnut 
M'Gerdey Fanny, George n Sch 
M'Gethen James, lab.. Vine n Sch 
M'Gettlgan John, baker, Shippen and Broad 

M'Gettigan James, baker, Sch 3d and M'Duffie 

M'Gill Charles, reelr.r, Duke ab Hanover 

M'Gill David, bottler, 74 Small 

M'Gill David, 55 N 2nd 

M'Gill Henry, carter. Spruce bel Sch 4th 

M'(;ill .fames, cooper, 49 S Fi-oiit, h 258 S 

M'Gill Matthias, sexton St. Paul's ch, h 6 Pear 
M'Gill Michael, corder, Coates st wharf, h 17 

M'Gill Robert, skin dresser, c Parrish and Eli- 
M'Gill William, mer., 68 New 
M'Gilton Adam, carpenter, N E Wagner's al and 

Fitz water 
M'Ginlej' Alexander, lab., F'mount n Callowhill 
M'Ginley Daniel, paper maker, 150 Coates 
M'Ginley Edward, grocer, Sch 3d bel Locust 
M'Ginley Hannah, washer. Beach n Chestnut 
M'Ginlev Hugh, cordw., Wasli. n Callowhill 
M'Ginley James, lab.. Filbert n Sch 4th 
M'Ginley James, tanner, N W 7th and Willow 
M'Ginley James, lab., Fairmount 
M'Ginley' James, lamp stamper, 5 Mint's ct 
M'Ginley John, grocer, 149 Cherry 
M'Ginley John, store, William (F M) 
M'Ginley Patrick, shop, Callowhill ab Nixon 
M'Ginley William, 203 CheiTy 
M'Ginn Francis, victualler. Pine n Ashton 
M'Ginnis Charles, tavern, 129 S Water 
M'Ginnis Daniel, teacher, 144 S Juniper 
M'Ginnis David, plasterer, 2d bel Phoenix 
M'Ginnis Edward, dyer Hamilton bel Fairmount 
M'Ginnis Edward, tavern, c 13th and Adams 
M'Ginnis George, blacksmith, Sch 4th n High 
M'Ginnis Hugh, tailor, 12 Mulberry 
M'Ginnis James, tninkmr., 85 Dock 
M'Ginnis John, carter, 38 Fitzwater 
M'Ginnis Patrick, 15 Coombe's al 
M'Ginnis Patrick, lab.. Mulberry n Sch Front 
M'Ginnis Timothy, watchman, 87 Apple 
M'Ginnis Thomas, lab., Rugan n Callowhill 
M'Ginnity George, tavern, 133 N Water 
M'Ginnity H. W., central exchange, S E 6th & 

M'Ginty Samuel, weaver, Cadwaladerbel Oxford 
M'Girr Owen, grocer, 16 Strawberry 
M'Girr Patrick, sexton, 2 N Juniper. 
M'Gittingen Daniel, drayman, 290 S 7th 
M'Gittingen Thomas, dry goods, 69 Cedar 
M'Givany John, cordwainer, M'Xameny's ct 
M'Glathery Isaac, carpenter, 67 N 5th 
M'Glathery Jas., carp., 13 Pear, h 374 S 3d 
M'Glathery John, currier, 321 S 4th 
M'Glathery Levi, carp., 13th bel Callowl.ill 
M'Glathery Mordecai, gTOcer, 114 F road. 
M'Glathery Wm., gTocer, c Carlton & Sch 7th 
M'Glaughiin Charles, grocer, Shippen and Ship- 
pen lane 
M'Glauglin Cornelius, lab.. Pearl ab 12th 
M'Glauglin Geo., weaver, F road ab Phoenix 
M'Glaughiin Hugh, manuf, 119 G T road 
M'Glaughiin James, shoemr., Shippen bel loth 
M'Glaughiin John, bootmr., 8 Benton's av 
M'Glaughhn John, coachman, rear 160 Sassafras 



M'Glaughlin "VVm., tailor, Otter ab Front 
M'Glensey Ann, 90 Lombard 
M'Glenscy John, groc, Scb licach n Cliestnut. 
M'Glensey Mrs., widow ofM'llllani, 8:5 Pine 
M'Glensey Patrick, gent., (.iaskill ab 3d 
M'Glensey Itebecca, g-ent\v., 173 S 3d 
M'Glensev Win., grocer, S E Broad & Shippen 
M'Glinn, lab., 116 N Water 
M'Glinn Eliza, rear 212 Vine 
M'Glochin James, spooler, 13 Mechanic 
M'Glone Joseph, tailor, Centre E of Dean 
M'Glue Luke, coach trimmer, 174 Lombard 
M'Goffin John, miniature painter, 2 Filbert 
M'Goldrick, A., lab., Sch 7th ab Vine 
M'Golrick John, tavern, 240 Christian 
M'Gonegal Catharine, St. Joseph's av 
M'Gonegal George H., carpenter, 195 Clirlstian 
M'Gonegal Isabella, washer, 3 Fox's ct 
M'Gonegal James, lab., Sch 2nd and Walnut 
M'Gonegal John, cabtmr., 15 Juniper lane 
M'Gonegal Mrs., widow, 5 Prosperous al 
M'Gonegal Mary, washei-, 12th n Cedar 
M'Gonegal Samuel, type c'str, Centre E of Dean 
M'Gonegal AVilliam, tavern, S E 8th £t Sliippen 
M'Gonegal Wm., bootmr., M'Kean's ct 
M'Gonegle John, t3^pe caster. Centre bel 13t 
M'Gonigal James, tav., Callowhill n William " 
M'Gork Matthew, bootmr., 91 P road 
M'Gorman Wm., dyer, Lombard n Sch 7th 
M'Gothv, Spafford bel Shippen 
M'Gough John, tavern, 233 S 4th 
M'Govern Edward, china mer., 321 High 
M'Gowan John, grocer, 142 N 2d, h S W 6th & 

M'Gowan Patrick, gent., 122 Mulberry 
M'Gowan Rachel, b h. State n Sch 7th 
M'Gowan Samuel, umbrella mr., 10 Wagner's ct. 
M'Gowan William & Co., grocers, S W 6th and 

M'Gowen A., marble pol'r., Wallace's ct (F V) 
M'Gowen Edward, printer, 18 Flower 
M'Gowen PLlizabeth, 115 Plum 
M'Gowen Hugh, lab., Sch 3d n Lombard 
M'Gowen James, tailor, 1 Miller's ct 
M'Gowen James, blacksmith, 13 Reckless 
M'Gowen James, tailor, 60 George 
M'Gowen John, lab., Ann n 13th 
M'Gowen Peter, grocer, c Pine and Perry 
M'Gowen Roger, lab., Sch 2nd bel Filbert 
M'Gowen Wm., shop, Crabb ab Shippen 
M'Gowen Wm., machinist, rear 5 Buttonwood 
M'Gowen Wm., weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la 
M'Grady Charles, barber, 105 Coates 
M 'Grady John, grocer, 64 Vine 
M'Granagan Susanna, Sycamore ab Locust 
M'Grann Rosetta Mrs., Linn, F Mount 
M'Grath Andrew, tavern, S W 5th & Bedford 
M'Grath h. Fox, grate makers, 32 N 6th 
M'Grath Charles,' dealer, 4 Liberty ct 
M'Grath Henry, dealer, 1 S 8th 
M'Grath Jane.'b h, 40 S 8th 
M'Grath John, plasterer. Reed's ct 
M'Grath John, lab., 31 Prune 
M'Grath John, 4 St. Stephen's pi 
M'Grath John, dry goods, 209 S 2d 

M'Grath John, gi-ate mr., 32 N 6th 
M'Grath John, gratemr., 32 N 6tli 
M'Grath John, tavern, 442 High 
M'Grath .Fohn, tailor, 16 S 3d,'h 181 Catharine 
M'Grath John W.,mer., 107 &. h 200 High 
M'Gratli Joseph, tailor, 11 Lagrange pi 
M'Grath Michael, lab., rear 11 Minor 
M'Grath Micliael, weaver, 6 St. Maiy 
M'Grath Michael, labourer, 142 N Water 
M'Grath R. M. D., dentist, 98 Mulben-y 
M'Grath Samuel, tailor, 84 Chestnut 
M'Grath Thomas, tailor, 173 Callowhill 
M'Grath Thomas, watchman. Wood n Sch. Front 
M'Grath William, collector, 191 Christian 
M'Graw Edward, lab., Beach & Spruce 
M'Graw Henrj', weaver, Jefferson n Cadwalader 
M'Graw Hiram, cordw., Brinton's al 
M'Graw Hugh, lab., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
M'Graw John, gardener, S W Sch 8th and Sas- 
M'Gregor John, tailor, 77 George 
M'Gregor John, mer., 172^ High, h 89 S 3d 
M'Gregor John, flax dresser, Sch. 5th ab Cedar 
M'Gregor Robert, mer., 172^ High, h 310 Walnut 
M'Gregor Robert & Co., mers., 172^ High 
M'Groatry Charles, prison keeper, Christian ab 

P road 
M'Guckey John, weaver, 13th ab Fitzwater. 
M'Guigan Ann, fancy store, 146 S 11th 
M'Guigan Arthur, tavern, 410 High 
M'Guigan B. & J., grocers, N E 2d & Shippen 
M'Guigan John, collector, 19 Powell 
M'Guigan Owen, weaver, Stewart ab Cathai-ine 
M'Guigan Patrick, grocer. Crown ab Prince 
M'Guigan Thomas, importer, 2 Strawberry 
M'Guigan William, naturalist, 20 Swanwick 
M'Guigen Charles, grocer, Crown ab Prince 
M'Guigerr Hugh, lab., 537 N Front 
M'Guire Ann, grocer, Cedai- and Clifton 
M'Guiggin James, weaver, 4 China row CK) 
M'Guire Edmund, collector, 70 Plum 
M'Guire Isaac L., blacksmith, Carlton n Sch 7th 
M'Guire James, tailor, Lodge ab 8th 
M'Guire James, weaver, G T road ab Master 
M'Guire John, lab., G T road ab 5th 
M'Guire Mary, 29 Union 
M'Guire Michael, lab., Cuskaden's ct 
M'Guire Michael, labourer, 236 N Water 
M'Guire Patrick, lab., c Charlotte and Master 
M'Guire Patrick, manuf., Cadwalader above Jef- 
M'Guire Patrick, store, c Bedford and 7th 
M'Guire Patrick, tavei-n. Beach ab George (Sch) 
M'Guire Rebecca, 50 New 
M'Guire Robert, carp., 43 Penn, h 372 S 4th 
M'Guire Samuel, printer, 66 Plum 
M'Guire Thomas, carp., 236 N Water 
M'Guire Thomas, painter. Poplar N 6tli 
M'Guire Thomas, lab.. Cooper ab Sch 3d 
M'Guire Thomas, labourer, William (F M) 
M'Guire William, lab., 5th and G T road 
M'Guinnall Thomas, button mr.. Green ab Cad- 
M'Gurk A., Cadwalader n Little Green 
M'Gurr Phoenix, shop, 5 Flower 



M'K R 

M'Gurry James, lab., Vine n Scli 
M'Ham Ruth, gentw., 50 Moyamciising' 
M'Henry A. R., nier.,28 Chestnut, h Sch. H(h :ib 

M'llenry A. R. &. J., mers., 28 (Jhcstmit 
M'Henry James, M. D., Sch. 8th l)cl ficorg'c 
M'llenry James, laer., 28 (Jhcslnul, h Scli. 8th 

ab Wahiut 
M'Henry James, lalj., 8 Cral)!) 
M'lle'nry John, driver, 26(5 S 4th 
M'Henry John, b ii and lal)., 51 W Cedar 
M'Henry Margaret, 39 V road 
M'Hugh Dominick, foreman, Jefferson n G Trd 
M'Hugh James, labourer, 42 Gaskill 
M'Hug-h John, Milton bcl 11th 
M'Uhenney Alex., lab., Kinley's ct 
M'llhenney Cornelius, weaver, c 2d &, Pliocnix 
M'Uhenney John, dry goods. 111 Buttonwood 
M'llhenney Joseph E., dentist, 223 Mulberry 
M'llhenney Samuel, acct., 228 Green 
M'llhenney William, sec'y- Philad'a. Atheneum 

and consul for Venezuela, office S W 5th & 

M'llhenney Wm. H., acct., N E Marshall and 

M'llhoue Charles, lab., Perry ab P'ranklin 
M'llray John, lab., 28 W Cedar 
M'Uray Wm., watchman. Filbert W Sch. 5th 
M'llvain A. Murray, mer., 7 Walnut 
M'llvain Hannah, 2 Parker 

M'llvain Hug-h, lumber mer., Washington (W P) 
M'llvain Humphrey, gent., Chesnut (W P) 
M'llvain James & Co., lum. mers., Washington 

(W P) 
M'llvain J. IL, mer.. Chestnut (W P) 
M'llvain Richard, gent., Washington (W P) 
M'llvain Robert, lab., M'Duffie n Sch 2d 
M'llvaine Henry, att'y. & coun., 75 Dock, h 10 

M'llvaine John, iron mer., R road ab Callowhill, 

h Vine n Sch. 7th 
M'llvaine Joseph, weaver, G T road n 3d 
M'llvaine J. B., mer. 61 S Front,h 351 AValnut 
M'llvaine J. B. & Son, mers., 61 S Front 
M'llvaine Mary, 10 Jackson's ct 
M'llvey Henry, carp., Callowhill ab Washington 
M'llvin George, printer, 2d bel Federal 
M'llroy Archibald, boot mr., 168 S 11th 
M'llwain George, printer, 59 Federal 
M'llwain J. K., trimmings, 44 S 2d 
M'Intire Archibald, gent.. Walnut ab Sch 8tli 
M'Intire Chas., carp., 18 Gray's al, h 160 S Front 
MMntire Christian, 12 Athevton 
M'Intire Daniel, broker, 40 Chestnut, h 206 

M'Intire David, tin worker, 160 S Front 
M'lntii-e George, lab., Carlton n Sch 2d 
M'Intire Hugh, tailor, 11th bel Locust 
M'Intire Isaiah, shoemaker, 133 S Front 
M'Intire James, lab., 14 Barker 
M'Intire James, lab., Cedar bel Clifton 1 

Mlatire J., teacher, 97 Walnut | 

M'Intire John, carpet weaver, Shippcn ab 12th 
M'Intire J. S., contractor, 9 Union row j 

M'Intire Patrick, paper cai-rier, 55 Perry i 

M'Intire Peter, lab., Charlotte ab Thompson 
M'Intire Sarah, gentw., Marlborough bcl Mien 
M'Intire Wm., weaver. Front n Master 
M'Intire Wm., carpenter, 42 Fitzwater 
M'Intire Wm., carpenter, 60 (ieoi-ge. (H) 
M'Intosh Duncan, hatter, 10th n Bonsai! 
M'Intosh James., cordwainer, Riehl's ct 
M'Intosh John, shoe cutter, rear 200 ClirJstian 
M'Jntosli Sarah Mrs., 338 S 3d 
M'Intosh Wm. C, distiliei', c 4t!i &. Carpenter, 

h 75 Carpenter 
M'Intyre Charles, com. h imp. mer., 19 S Front, 

h 138 Walnut 
M'lvahin Samuel, weaver, 606 N 2d 
M'Kanna Anthony, girth webmr., 69 S 5tli 
M'Kanna Patrick, grocer, 182 Shippen 
M'Kanna Thomas, drayman, Hudden's alley 
M'Karaher C, fancy store, 27 N 2d 
M'Karnan Patrick, tav., G T road ab Thompson 
M'Kay Adam, brewer, 365 S Front 
M'Kay Jeremiah, tavern, c G T road and Rose 
M'Kay John, cordwainer, 61 Carpenter 
M'Kay John, printer, 17 Turner 
M'Keague John, flour and feed. Spruce bel 

Sch. 4th 
M'Kean Easter, Cedai- bel Broad 
M'Kean Hannah, gentw., 235 Spruce 
M'Kean H. Pi-att, mer., c 2d & Dock, h Spruce 

ab 10th 
M'Kean H. Pratt 8t Co., mers., c 2d and Dock 
ISI'Kean James, weaver, G T road bel Phoenix 
M'Kean John, stone mason. Reeves n Sch 2d 
M'Kean John, weaver, Highan's ct (K) 
M'Kean John, labourer, 4 Jackson 
M'Kean John, store, S E 7th and Bedford 
M'Kean Mary F. Mrs., 104 Wood 
M'Kean Patrick, cordwainer, 19 Gi'eswold's al 
M'Kean Thomas, gent., Spruce ab 10th 
M'Kean Thomas, boatman, rear 39 Apple 
M'Kean Wm., bookseller, New Orleans, h 22 

Little Palmyra 
M'Kean Wm., Meavei-, Cadwalader bel Master 
M'Kean Wm. W^, Lieut. U. S. Navy, 198 S 9th 
M'Kee Elizabeth, widow, 327 Sassafras 
M'Kee Imlah, 18 Arcade, h Wood ab 10th 
M'Kee James, gent., Fairview, Bush Hill 
M'Kee James, weaver, 154 S 13tli 
M'Kee James, carpenter, 204 Coates 
M'Kee John, carp., ct Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
M'Kee John, plasterer, R road (F V) 
M'Kee John II., 2 Union s.^ 
M'Kee Lawrence, sailmr., 188 N Water 
IM'Kee Patrick, weaver, G T road ab Master 
M'Kee Robert, ciu-p., Lombard n Broad 
M'Kee Robert, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
M'Kee Samuel, manuf., Hope ab Phoenix 
M'Kee William, importer, 18 8c h 335 Ches(.nut 
M'Kee Wm. & Co., importers 1^ Chestnut 
M'Kee \S'm., weaver, Hope ab blaster 
M'Kee Wm., weaver. G T road bel Phoenix 
il'Kee Wm. A., com. mer. & agent for Albany 

and Troy packets, 22 N whfs, h 9 Coates 
M'Keen Henry, watchmaker, 142 Iligli, h 13 

M'Keever Barnet, carp., 119 Sliippen 




M'Keevcr Sc Copelaiul, stonecutters, AVashiiig'-iM'Kintey Daniel, weaver, 5th ab Jefferson 

ton bel 6th 
M'Keever Ehzabcth, 4th ab Thompson 
M'Keever James, jeweller, 43 Chestnut, h Queen 

bel 4th 
M'Keever James, cordw., 40 Penn (K) 
M'Keever John, 211 S Front 

M'Kissick Hannah, 179 S lltli 
M'Klwain Robert, grocer. Carpenter bel 9th 
M'Knig-ht James, Vine ab 12th 
M'Knight John, lab., Bedford bel loth 
M'Knight Jolin Rev., Sec. Ass. for supply of 
Teachers, 144 Chestnut, i» 10th n Shippen 

^I'Keever John B., mer., 46 N Front, h 191 Pine M'Knight M;a-tlia, wid., Sch. 5th bel I'ilbert 

Ikl'Keever Peter, ropernaker, 101 Carpenter 
M'Kellar Thomas, printer, 28 J'owell 
M'Kendrick Jos., labourer, Sch 4th n Chestnut 
M'Kenna Charles, grocer, 186 Sassafras 
M'Kennan Thomas, b h, Sch 7th n Filbert 
M'Kenney Arthur, dealer, 440 High 
M'Kenne'y Matilda, b h, Budd and Poplar 
M'Kenrick Mark, manuf., Sch 5th n Cedar 
M'Kenty Daniel, weaver, 5th n Jefferson 
M'Kenty John, weaver, 5th ab Jefferson 
M'Keon Henry, bookseller, 24 Prune 
M'Keown Alex., lab., Murray bel Sch. 2d 
M'Keown Benj., shoemr., Peny ct 
M'Keown George, tavern, 227 S 2d 
M'Kernan James, blacksmith. Cherry ab Sch 8th 
M'Kesler Margaret, huckster, Sch. 4th & High 
M'Kewen Peter, gas fitter, 40 Carpenter, h 7 

Lodge al 
M'Key David, lab, Sch 2d bel Filbert 
M'Kibb Michael, weav., Shippen la ab Catharine 
M'Kibbin John, printer, Paynter's ct 
M'Kibbin William, ice, Sch 5th ab Chestnut 
M'Kilop Hugh, seaman, 22 Mead 
M'Kinley Archibald, trader, 140 Budd 
M'Kinley Benjamin B., teacher. Deaf and Dumb 

Asylum, h George n Sch 6th 
M'Kinley John, weaver, Miiton ab 10th 

M'Kinley , oak cooper, 249 S 6th 

M'Kinley Nathan, teacher, 354 S 5th 
M'Kinley Samuel, blacksmith, Olive n 12th. 
M'Kinley Thomas, carter, 339 S 5th 
M'Kinley William, grocer, 3 S 5th, h 4 Sansom 
M'Kinley William Jr., grocer, 307 High 
M'Kinley William, watchman, 131 W High. 
M'Kim James M., bookseller, 31 N 5th 
M'Kinney Bridget, 10th ab Wood 
M'Kinney Bridget, 223 Christian 
M'Kinney Filizabeth, tavern, Spafford street. 
M'Kinney P. Mrs., Lombard n Sch. 8th 
M'Kinney James, lab., Beach ab Walnut 
M'Kinney James, lab., R road (F V) 
M'Kinney James, tavern, c Front and Master 
M'Kinney John, lab,. Mulberry n Sch. Front 
M'Kinney John, chandler, 118 German 
M'Kinney John, constable, 149 Poplar. 
M'Kinney Joseph, warper, St. Joseph's av 
M'Kinney Mary, gentw., Singler's row, 
M'Kinney Mary, Wood bel 9th 
K'Kinney Owen, lab, 226 N AVater 
M'Kinney Owen, stonemason, Crabb ab Shippen 
M'Kinney Patrick, lab., 21 Crabb 
M'Kinney Thomas, hatter, 254 Cedar 
M'Kinney Wm., blacksm., Sch. 4th n Chestnut. 
M'Kinsey Francis, lab., rear 393 Sassafras 
M'Kinsey H., barber, Locust bel 11th 
M'Kinsey John, lab., Hannony bel 4th 
M'Kinsie Ann, 5 Reckless 

M'Knight Robert, lab.. Quarry row 
M'Kniglit Robert, lab.. Barker n Sch. 5th 
M'Knight Robert, tin smith, rear 17 Edward 
M'Koy Robert, brand and stamp cutter, c Tam- 
many and Lily alley 
M'Lanahan J. &. Co., mers., 14 Chestnut 
M'Lanahan Thomas, acct., 15 S 7th 
M'Lane John, wiremr, 76 Locust. 
M'Lane Matthias, ladies' shoemr.. Crown n Vine 
M'Laughlan George, shoemr., Wallace ab R road 
M'Laughlin Andrew, clerk. Laurel ct 
M'Laughlin Bernard, tailor, 180 Lombard 
M'Laughlin Barnett, shoemaker, 339 S Front 
M'Laughlin Caleb, bookbinder, 4 Boyd's av. 
M'Laughlin Constantine, tavern, S W Lebanon 

and Fitzwater 
M'Laughlin Daniel, lab., Juniper al 
M'Laughlin Edward, mason, Sch 2d bel Filbert 
M'Laughlin George, drayman, Sch. 3d below 

M'Laughlin George, weaver, Cedar ab 7th. 
M'Laughlin George, lab., Jones W Sch 5th 
M'Laughlin George, lab., Jones W Sch 5th 
M'Laughlin Hugh, shoemr., 79 W High 
M'Laughlin James, shoemaker, Sch. 7th n Vine 
M'Laughlin James, shop, 34 P road 
MLaughlin John, grocer, S E 12th and High 
M'Laughlin John, livery stable, 14 and h 25 

M'Laughlin John, printer, 98 Christian 
M'Laughlin John, labourer, 130 Gemian 
M'Laughlin John, lab., Sch 7th n Vine 
M'Laughlin John, weaver, Sliippen bel Broad 
M'Laughlin Margaret, 2d bel Federal 
M'Laughlin Martha, 13th bel Brinton 
M'Laughlin Mary Ann, Watson's al 
M'Laughlin Michael, blacksmith, 7 Juniper al 
M'Laughlin Miller, N of Willow bel 9th. 
M'Laughlin P., cordw., N W Sch. 4th and Higii, 

h High ab Sch. 3d. 
M'Laughlin Rachel, 323 S 6th 
M'Laughlin Samuel, carter, Sch 6th n Lombard 
M'Laughlin Thos., grocer, S W 7th & Shippen 
MT^aughlin William, lab., 16 Barker 
M'l-aughlin Wm., shoemr., 290 S 4tli 
M'Laughlin Wm., livery stab., 8th bel 

h 15 Carlton 
M'Laughlin Wm., lab., Shippen la ab Catharine. 
M'Lean Isabella, rear 196 Clierry 
M'Lean John, tailor, 10 Randall's ct 
M'Lear John, manuf, 2d bel Master. 
M'Lear Peter, manuf, G T road n Master. 
M'Learn Peter, furrier. Carpenter bel 6th 
M'Leary Alexander, surveyor, lltli ab Tidmars 
M'Leary John, lab., Murray bel Sch 2d 
M'Leod George, treas. and secretary of the Del. 

and Sch. canaJ company, 62 Walnut, 




M'Leod Malcom, carpenter, 153 St. Joliii 
M'Leod Thomas C, dry goods, 252 S 2d. 
M'Leran James B., liook keeper, M U, U N VV 

lOtli and Wood. 
M'Lurc Lawrence, lab., 32 M'Duflic 
M'Mackin James, tailor, 48 Ann 
M'Mackin Samuel, weaver, Ann ah 12lli 
M'Mackin S., milliner, 266 Sassafras. 
M'Mackin William, tailor, S W 2d and Chestnut, 

h 226 N 5th 
M'Mackin Wm., lab., F roadbel Master 
M'Mahan Henry, g'ent., 123 Lombard 
M'MahonHugh, 12 Ellet's av 
M'Mahon Jas., grocer, Gallowhill n Washinijton 
M'Mahou William, gardener, 12 S 10th 
M'Main Ann, widow, 7 Clover 
M'Main, Ellmaker &. Ash, com, & pj-oducc mers., 

57 S wharves. 
M'Main J. West, mer., S)7 S wharves. 
M'Main John, whipmi*., G T road n 5th. 
M'Main & Muir, ven. blind manf"., 129 S 2d 
M'Main Thomas, sawmaker, Cherry bel Broad 
M'Makin Andrew, 70 Dock. 
M'Makin Benjamin, Franklin ab Buttonwood. 
M'Makin & Holden, proprietors Saturday Cou- 
rier, 70 Dock 
M'Makin J. & B., Bath Coffee House, 32 S 

M'Makin J. Jr., N. L. F. A. news room 213 Nod 
M'Makin Joseph, h 213 N 3d. 
M'Makin Michael, manuf., N W Dugan & Pine 
M'Makin Rebecca, drygoods, 12 N 2d 
M'Manaman A., moroc. dress., 600 N 3d 
M'Manamy Wm., lab., Catharine ab 13th. 

M'Manemy , widow. Cedar ab 12th 

M'Manemy Samuel, grocer, 226 S 5th 
M 'Manns Catharine, 172 N Water 
M'Manus Constantine, lab.. Chestnut, W F 
M'Manus Francis, oysters, 9th bel Green 
M'Manus Henry, watchman, Ann n Sch. 7th 
M'Manus James, tailor, 80 Buttonwood. 
M'Manus James J., gratemr., 4 N 6th 
M'Manus John, tailor, Nori-is' ct 
M'Manus John, cabinetmr. and undertaker, Cad 

walader ab Master 
M'Manus Mary, Sch 5th bel High 
M'Manus Olivei-, lab., 114 N Water 
M'Manus Owen, 16 Cypress alley 
M'Manus Thomas, tavern^ Broad ab AVood 
M'Manus Thomas, tailor, 113 S 2d 
M'Manus Thomas, lab.. Beach n Chestnut 
M'Master M., fancy dressmr., 20 N Sch. 8th. 
M 'Masters Hugh A., watchmr., 334 S 2d 
M'Masters John, collector, 80 Union 
M'Menamy Edward, tailor, N E 13th &, Brinton 
M'Menamy James, shoemr., 123 Plum 
M'Menany Pat , morocco dresser, 3 Linden ct. 
M'Meneman Jas., tailor, Shippen ab Shippen la 
M'Meneman John, corder, 2 Vaux's court. 
M'Mennomy Heniy, tailor and tavern. Broad ab 
, M'Menomin Hugh, lab., Sch Front ab Filbert 
M'Meny Samuel, gi-ocer, 316 S 6th. 
M'Michael Hugh, brickmaker, c G T road and 

M'Michael Jas., boot manuf.. Front ab I'hO'*nix 
M'Micliael .fohii, mer., h 55 Wood 
M'Michael Morton, aldemian, 202 N 6tli 
M'Micliael Sanmc), stonecutter, Chestnut ab 

Sch 3d 
M'Mlllin Oils., machinist, 428 N 4th 
M'lMillin Mary, milliner, 13th ab Locust 
M'Millin \Villi;un, grocer, N W 2d and Union 
M'Minn Henry, boot tree mr., 37 Walnut 
M'Minn James, shoe findings, 96 N 7th 
M'Minn .fane, dressmr., 115 Juniper 
M'Minn Mary, 18 Perry 
M'Minn Samuel, watchman, Wiley's ct 
M'Mullen Alex., grocer, S W Christian and 

M'Midlen Anthony, carp.. Perry ab Franklin 
M'Mullen Archibald, gent., 286 S 7th 
M'Mullen B,, c William and Hopkin's court 
M'Mullen E. F., milliner, 379 N 2d 
M'Mullen Trancis, lab., Murray ab Sch 3d 
M'Mullen Hugh, marble polisher, 11 Truxton 
M'Mullen J., silversm., 114 S Front 
M'Mullen James, shoemr., 78 Brown 
M'Mullen John, cordw., 295 St. John 
M'Mullen John, cordwainer, St John ab George 
M'Mullen John, clerk, 7 Nicholson 
M'Mullen John, chocolate manuf., 64^ N Front. 
M'Mullen John, glue manf., George ab St John. 
M'Mullen John, blacksm., Parrish ab 10th 
M'Mullen J. S., accountant, 179 Pine 
M'Mullen Joseph T., gent., 127 N 6th 
M'Mullen Margaret, 242 St John 
M'Mullen Lydia, gentwo., 62 Swanson 
M'Mullen Mai-garet, tavern, 9 Walnut 
M'Mullen Mary, bding house, 15 Franklin place 
M'Mullen Patrick, laboui-er, 10 Hyde's court 
M'Mullen l^atrick, lab.. Mulberry bel Sch. Front 
M'Mullen Richard, carp., 2 Aiken's al 
M'Mullen Sarah, 5 Lyndall's coiu-t. 
M'Mullen Sutton, bricklayer, 13th ab Coates. 

M'Mullen , blacksmith, 245 S 6th 

M'Mullin J. R., 141 Catharine (S) 

M'MuUin James, corder, South st wharf, h 3 

M'MuUin James, bricklayer, 4th bel Wharton 
M'Mullin John, lab., Vine n Schuylkill 
M'Mullin Joseph, grocer, 15 N Water, h N E 

Swanson and Almond 
M'Mullin Joseph 8c Sons, grocers, 15 N Water 
M'Mulhn Joseph jr., mer., 15 N Water 
M'Mulhn J. A., mer., 8 N Front. 
M'Mullin & Okie, com. mers., 8 N Front. 
M'Mullin Phebc, 10 Jones' al 
M'Mullin Robert, ner., 15 N Water 
Jil'MuUin R., broker, 2 Exchange, h 115 Pine 
M'Mullin "SVm., blacksm., Beach ab Jlarlboro' 
M'Mullin Wm., coachman, 2 Marshall's ct 
M'Mullin Wm., 478 Callowhill 
M'Mullin Wm., weaver, Pany bel Pine 
M'^Iurphy John, weaver, 4 Gray's court. 
M'Murry David, brushmr., 17 Lagi-ange pi 
M'Murry Robert, gent., 2d ab Master. 
M'Murtree Jamesj gent., 117 Spruce 
M'Murtrie Henrv, M. D., 9 Palm} ra Row 
JI'Nabb Ann, confectioner, 471 Ciiestnut 




M'Nabb George, weaver, Crown bel Duke 
M'Nabb John, weaver, Ann ab Sch. 8tli 
M'Nabb Marv, tavern, N E 11th &. Filbert 
M'Nair A. n'., M. D., 260 Mulberry 
M'Nalla A. Mrs., dressmaker, 21 I'ruiu'. 
M*Nully Bernard, tobacconist, 184 S 2d 
M'Nally Edward, cotton s]iinncr, G "l" road ab 

Al'Nally James, Vine n Sch Front 
M'Nally John, i)rinter, Kuig'ht's ct 
M'Nidly Patrick, weaver, Cadwaladei' n Master 

M'Nally , pedler, 3 Sch AVater 

:M'NamaraHenr\-, sawyer, 585 S 2d 
M'Namara John, labourer, 103 Prime 
M'Namara Michael, lab., Brown bel Cherry 
M'Namee Charles, blacksm., rear 46 N 7th 
M'Namee James, cordw.. Otter ab Front 
M'Namee James, dealer, Filbert W Sch 4th 
M'Namee John, refectory, S W 6th & Chestnut 
M'Namee John, lab., 22 Sugar al. 
M'Namee John, carpenter. Brown n Tth. 
]M'Namee John, tavern, Bi'oad ab Cedar 
M'Namee Morris, black and white smith. Ship- 
pen ab 3d, h 33 Cask ill 
M'Namee Moses, carp., Broad bel Cedar 
M'Namee N., shoemr., Log-an ab Green. 
M'Namee Richard, shoemr., 7 Turner 
M'Namee Samuel, millwrig-ht, Sch. 8th and Say 

M'Namee , blacksm., 245 S 6th 

M'Nanamy W., lab., Filbert n Sch 3d 
M'Nanny Edward, ostler, rear 15 Svigar al 
M'Naw James, blacksm., 13th and Lombard 
M'Neal Charles, tinplateworker, 405 Ilig-h 
M'Neal Isaac, bookbinder, liose al bel Coates 
M'Neal R., stone cutter. Division, F V 
M'lVearney Simon, grocer, 154 S lltli. 
M'Neely W. T., leather mer., 35 N 3d, h 5th n 

George. (N L) 
M'Neice Edward, manuf., Hope bel Phoenix 
M'Neil B., M. D., 139 S 5th 
M'Neil David, tailor, 54 Mead 
M'Neil Ellen, Rye ab Wharton 
M'Neil James, stonemason, 8 Jackson 
M'Neil Wm., gi-ocer, N W 12tli and Pine. 
M'Neil Wm., lab., Quince n Lombard 
IM'Neill Arch., grocer, N E 6th and Shipj^en. 
M'Neill Archibald, grocer, c Swanson and Wash- 
M'Neill Catharine, 81 Plum 
M'Neill James, drayman, Orange bel Coates 
M'Neill Malcom, dry goods, N W 4th & Cedar 
M'Neille & Brother, mers., li N 3d. 
M'Neille P. R., dry goods, 15 N 3d, h 5 Church 

Jit'Neille Stephen C, mer., 15 N 3d 
M'Nelly Edward, brassfounder, 129 C T road 
M'Nelly John, stone mason, c 9th and Coates 
M'Nelly Michael, grocer, c 4tli and German 
M'Nevm E., boarding house, 115 S 6th 
M'Nichol Charles, bootmr., 92 Walnut 
M'Nichol Wm., lab., R road (F V) 
M'Nickle Alex., shoemr., 1 Abbot's court. 
M'Night Andrew, grocer, S E Scli 6th 8c George 
M'Norton Rebecca, dealer, 232 S 4th. 
M'Nutt Archibald, Jab.^ George n Sch. 

M'Nutt Hugh, lab., Shippen bel Broad 
M'Nutt Francis, lab., ct n Sch. Front & Lombard 
M'Nutt Sarah, gentw., 3 Franklin row 
M'Nutt Sophia, 6 Howard's ct 
M'Nutt Wm., lab., 13lh bel Fitzwater. 
M'Paul Matthew, tailor, rear 605 N 2d 
M'Peters David, lab., Peri'v ab Pine 
M'Phail Maria, 35 Plum 

M'Phclomy John, machinist. Vine be] Sch 8th 
M'Pherson Angus, blacksmith, 9 Parker. 
M'Pherson John, carpenter, rear 372 S 3d 
M'Pherson Joseph, bricklayer, Vine n 13th. 
M'Plierson Robert, watchmr., 14 German 
M'Pherson Robert, weaver, Charlotte n George 
M'Pherson Robert, ship carp., 5 Parham 
M'Pherson Robert, silversmith, Weaver's ct 
M'Pherson William, lab., Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 
M'Philemy Eliza, Juniper alley 
M'Qua John, blacksm., rear Charlotte n Beaver 
M'Quaid Catharine, Sycamore ab Locust 
M'Quaid Felix, soap &. candle manuf., N E Noble 

and O Y road 
M'Quaid Hugh, lab., 85 N Water 
M'Quaid James, tailor, 98 Plum 
M'Quaid John, shoemr., N E 13th and Pine 
M'Quail Owen, Dean opp 37 
M'Quan William, lab., Marshall ab Poplar 
M'Queen Archibald, rigger. Crown ab Prince 
M'Quigg James, carp., G T road bel Phoenix 
M'Quiggin Henry, weaver, rear 143 Coates. 
M'QuiggIn Hugh, weaver, G T road ab JeflTerson 
M'Quilkin William, clerk, 147 G T road 
M'Quillin Thomas, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d 
M'Quillin William, weaver, 5 Loyd's ct (K) 
M'Quin Martha, 338 S 2d 
M 'Quire Daniel, stone-cutter, 2 Aiken alley 
M'Raith William, tailor, 52 MulbeiTy. 
M'Redy Henry, labourer, 33 Duke 
M'Reynolds A., chemist, M'Duffie ab Sch. 2d 
M'Seese J., Milton ab 10th 
M'Shane James, tailor. Cedar ab 12th 
M'Shane John, shoemr., 4 Grape ct 
M'Shea WiUiam, cordw,, 18 Shippen. 
M'Slavan Michael, 216 S 7th 
j\I'Sorley James, lab., 234 Catharine 
M'Stay John, lab., Sch. 8th n Sassafras 
M'Stocker Francis, watch mr., 150 Cedar 
M'Stocker John, carp., row Front ab Jefferson 
M'Tague George, painter, 46 Union 
M'Taiige James, shoemr., Pine n Beach 
Al'Vaugh Silas, carpenter, 1 Smith's court. 
M'Vcy Frederick, shoemr., Sch. 3d bel Chestnut 
M'Vey John, blacksmith, Rachel ab Poplar, h 

St. John ab Poplar 
M'Vey Lavinia, carpet weaver, 238 Christian 
M'Vey Margaret, spooler, 3 Lynn (F M) 
M'Vey Matthew, weaver, Hopkins' ct n William 
M'Vey IVfichael, 119 N Water 
M'William Jane Mrs., 14 Lebanon. 
M'Williams D., printer, 3 Fisher's ct. 
M'Williams Mary, crockery, 83 N 5th 
Maag Adam, tavern and bottler, S E 8th and 

Maag M. ISIrs., gentw., 1 Prospect al 
Maas Sarah, 300 8 6th 




Maberry, Giller & Watkin, mers., Q.'V Hijjh 

Maberry Martha, Adams l)cl 1.3tli 

Maberry T. C, mer., 95 nig-h, h lOUi ab (ii-efn 

Macalcster Ann, 142 Mulberry 

Macalester Charles, stock and ex. bro., 77 Dock, 

h 155 Walnut 
Macauley Isaac, Jr., mer., 103 Chestnut 
Macauley Isaac, floor cloth manuf., 103 Chest- 
nut, h Bush Hill 
Macauley I. & Son, floor cloth and carpet ma- 

nufs.. Bush Hill, store 103 Chestnut 
Macauley J. F., att'y. and coun., 30 S 5th, h 96 

S 3rd. 
Macgregor &. Caldwell, mers., 20 S Front 
Macgregor Daniel, mer., 20 S Front, h Locust 

n Sch 7th 
Macgreg-or James R., tavern, 397 High 
Machaphee John, carter, Baldwin's ct. 
Machaney Michael, collector, Sch 6th n Pine 
Machetta J. B., druggist, S E 9th & Sassafras. 
Machette Susan, gentw., 34 Palmyra sq 
Macintosh William, ladies' shoemr., N E 3d and 

Church alley, h Charlotte ab Thompson 
Mack C, watchman, Ann ab Sch 8th 
Mack Emanuel, carp., N W 9th 8c Wood 
Mack Jacob, ropemr, 10 Bonsall 
Mack John G., 25 Appletree alley 
Mack Matthew, soapboiler, 3 Vernon 
Mackay William, lab.. Bond's ct 
Macken Thomas, shoemaker, c 4tii and G T road 
Mackenzie & Buchanan, florists, Spruce n Sch 

Mackenzie Peter, florist, Sch 5th n Spruce 
Mackey C. C, auctioneer, 29 N 3d, h 52 Vine 
Mackey Joseph, b h 122 N 4th. 
Mackey George, painter, Georg-e ab Sch. 7th. 
Mackey George, cabinetmr., 171 Coates, &. 2d 

bel Green 
Mackey John, silversmith, 58 Duke 
Mackey Mary, 3 Gray's ct. 
Mackey Maiy, huckster, Harris' ct 
Mackey Richard, grocer, M road bel Wharton 
Mackey Matthew, Linn ab Nixon 
Mackey William, carpet weaver, 312 S 7th' 
Mackie Matthew, foreman, 4 Mechanic, (F M) 
Mackin Timothy, lab.. Carpenter bel 11th x 
Macklin Alexander Rev., 10 Clinton. 
Macklin Eliza, washerw., 15 Pine 
Macklin Moses, lab.. Harmony bel 4th 
Mackner Isaac, bootmr., Maryland ab 13th 
Macknet G., dentist, 21 N 8th 
M.acpherson A. M., mer., 17 S Front, h 30 S 13th. 
Macurdy Hugh, gent., 128 N 12th 
Madary Tacy, tavern, 233 Lombard 
Madden James, lab., 4 Monmouth ct 
Madden John, lab., Jones W Sch 3d 
Madden John, morocco dresser, Beaver bel 

Madden Patrick, lab., Lynn, Fair Mount 
Maddock David, clerk, 7 Julianna 
Maddock Edward F., printer, 10 John 
Maddock Israel, watchma., Keefe ab Front 
Maddock Thomas, carpenter, 105 O Y road 
Maddock William, shoemr., Mackev bel Rye 
Maddock William L., grocer, 55 and h 128 S3d 

Maddocks John, grocer, 8pi\ice bel Water 
Madeira Abigail, b h., 288 Lombard 
Mudeira Isaac II., carpenter, 13tli bel Pine 
Madcini Pugl), surg. iiist. maker, 210 High, h 

283 N Gth. 
Madison William, l)oot crimper, Lydia al) Sciiool 
Maechtle C. C, baker, 43.> N 5tli 
Magan Maiy, variety store, 71 S 5th 
Magar Catliarine, nurse, 137 N 8th 
Magarge Ciia7-les, mer., 52 Commerce, li 7tii n 

Magarther Henry, tailor, 27 Turner 
Magarge C. h. W. H., paper warehouse, 52 Com- 
Magarge Jonathan, inspector. Mulberry al 
Magarge Wm. 11., mer., 52 Commerce, h 7th n 

Magargel Allen, cun-ier, 131 G T road 
Magee Eliza, 148 N 8th 
Magee James, bookbinder, 38 Dillwyn 
Magee James, saddler, 18 Decatur, h 122 S 8th 
Magee John, weaver. Fail-mount 
Magee John, porter, 166 N Water 
Magee Joseph, shoemr., 127 Green 
Magee Michael, saddler, 18 Decatur 
Magee, Taber & Co., saddlers, 18 Decatur 
Magee James H., bottler, 118 & h 91 Vine 
Magee Thomas, shop 99 Crown 
Magee William A., mariner, 8 Shippen 
Magee Wm. S., dry goods, 174 Sassafras 
Mager Nicholas, shipwright, Hanover ab Queen 
Mager Philip, bricklayer. Prince ab Hanover 
Mager William, shipcarp., Hanover bel Queen 
Magg-e Anthony, painter. Turner 
Maggs John, carp., 8 Gambell's ct 
MagiU Mary, b. h., 312 High 
Magill Michael, corder, 17 Green 
Maginnis James, constable, Higgins' ct 
Maglone John, ostler, 4 Juniper lane 
Mag-ner James, lab., 5 Grape ct 
Magrath Michael, gent., 489 Mulberry 
Magugan Bernard, tobacconist, 210 Callowhill, h 

16 Wallace 
Maguire Bernard, tavern, S W Front and Laurel 
Maguirc Charles F., acc't., 266 Coates 
Maguire Ehzabeth, 5th ab German 
Maguire Ezekiel, cordwT., rear 173 Christian 
Maguire John, grocer, S E 4tli and Callowhill 
Maguire John, tavern, N W 6th and Elizabeth 
Maguire John, manuf., Lombard bel 12th 
Maguire Nicholas, teacher, 400 S 3d 
Maguire Robert, carpenter, 372 S 4th 
Maguire Stephen, cordwr., 206 Green 
Maguire William, tailor, 530 High 
Magwood John, sawyer, China bel 2nd 
Mag-wood Thomas, lab., 5 Federal 
Mahan F., publisher Philadelphia fashions, 215 

Malian George, shoemr., Maria 
Mahan James, huckster, Sch 2d bel Filbert 
Mahan Jason M,, clerk, 3 Bovle's ct 
Mahan Patrick, lab., 141 N Water 
Mahan William, tailor, Bedford ab 13th 
Mahan William, lab., Beach n George 
Mahany Daniel, ovsters, 379 High 




Mahany John, lab., Mulbeny n Sell 3rcl 

Mahany John, weaver, 676 N 2d 

Maharg- James, moroc finish., St. John ab Ceorg'c 

Maher John, clerks 150 Catharine 

Maher John, gent., 150 Catharine 

Mahew Mary, tailoress, 128 Brown 

Mahlke Lewis, bootmr., S E 8tli & AValnut 

Mahollany Hug-h, watchman, 189 Lombard 

■Mahollon' Robert, tinsmith, Elizabeth n Poplar 

Mahon Morris, 143 Spruce 

Mahoney Daniel, tavern, S W 13th and Vine 

Mahoney James, weaver. Phoenix ab 2d 

Mahoney James, bellowsmr.. Lag-range pi 

Mahoney M. B., mer., 20 S Front, h Catharine 

ab 2nd 
Mahony Wm. A., jeweller, 480 S 2d 
Mahune Thomas, mariner, 18 Mead 
Main Alexander, lab., Hanover ab Crown 
Main Alexander, cordwr., 2 Spragg av 
Main John, shoemr., 19 Crabb 
Main William H., ven. blindmr.. Almond bcl 2d 
Mair James, lab., 14 Barker 
Maison Peter, mer., 87 N Water, h 155 N 

Maitland William J., distiller, 172 Cedar, h 119 

Maitland & Young, distillers, 172 Cedar 
Maize John, brickmr., Beaver bel Charlotte 
Major Alexander, inspector, 58 N Water, h 3 

Gribble's ct 
Major Benjamin, carp., Carlton ab 12th 
Major William, lab., Shippen bel Broad 
Maker Joseph, shoemr., 21 Hai-mony 
Malanson Philip, mariner, 60 Queen 
Malan Owen, lab., S W Shippen and 8th 
Malcomoon Hugh, carpet weaver, 14 Perry 
Malcolm Isabella, Callowhill bel Sch 7th 
Malcomson Joseph, carpet weaver, 268 Sassa 

Male William, tailor, 351 N Front 
Maley Alexander, weaver, 5 Perry 
Maley John, S W Broad and Wood 
Maley Susan, cor Broad and Wood 
Malic Joseph, cordwr., rear 473 N 3d 
Malin Randal, tailor, Broad ab Shippen 
Malin John, weaver, Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
Mallan Richard, carp. Rose ab School 
Mallery Daniel, auctioneer, 7th and Cedar, h N 

W Stewai'd and Christian 
Mallery Gairick, att'y and coun. 94 S 4th 
Malhson John, grocer, c West and Marlborough 
Malloch Alex., marble mason. Cherry and Sch 8th, 

h Barker n Sch 6th 
Malloch Wm., marble mason, h Barker n Sell 6th 
Mallock John, stove finisher, 593 N 2d 
Maloe John, carp., 388 S 3d 
Mallon Ann, tavern, 10th bel P'ltzwater 
Mallon Lewis W., 273 S 2nd 
Mallon Lewis, hatter, 149 & h 432 N 2d 
Mallon Thomas, mariner. Beck's ct 
Malone John, warper, G T road bel Jefferson 
Malone Michael, M. D., 61 New 
Malone Wm., wheelwright, Bedford and Union 
Maloney Solomon, carter, Horter's row 
Malony Robert, printer, 22 Fitzwater 

Malloy Michael, dealer, 111 S Front 
jMalseed John, cordwainer, 432 S 2d 
Malsced Misses, dressmrs., 148 Pine 
Malumby John, Sycamore ab Locust 
Afanahan Daniel, tavern, 24 S Water 
jiancoiirt M. A., linen store, 28 &. 29 Arcade 
Mandennel C. F., mer., 28 N Front, h 28 N 2d 
Manderfeld Henry, alderman, 17 M lane, h 485 

S 2d 
Manderfield Heniy, druggist, N W Christian & 

Manderfield Thomas, carp, rear 116 Catharine 
Manderson Andi-ew, gent., Beach n Shacka- 

Manderson Andjrew, jr., lumbermer.. Queen bel 

Manderson Andrew, jr. & Co., lumber mers. 

Beach n Marlborough 
Manderson James, mer.. Beach n Marlborough 
Manderson John, tailor, 369 N Front 
Manderson Margaret, gentw., 76 Sassafras 
Manderson Mrs., Beach ab K market 
Manderson Thomas, lumber mer., 18 Coates 
Mandry John, livery stable, 306 & h 308 Sassa- 
Manery Richard, oysterman, Marriott bel 5th 
Mane Francis, porter, 94 Plum 
Manely AVilliam, carpt weaver. Prince ab Shacka- 

Mangan C. Miss, dressmr., 281 Coates 
Mangan George, upholsterer, rear 148 Sassafras 
Mangan George, upholsterer, 161 Marshall 
Mange Isaac P., 277 Marshall 
Mange Samuel, mer., 28 Chestnut, h 55 Union 
Manlett John, carter, 16 Hurst. 
Manley Chas., Spruce n Sch 4th. 
Manley D., iron dealer. Broad bel Sassafras 
Manley George, ex-broker, N W 3d & Chestnut 
Manley Robert, chair maker, 91 N Front 
Manley R., stock and ex. broker, N W 3d and 

Chestnut, h W P 
M-anley R. & G., ex. brokers, N W 3d & Chestnut 
Manly Henry, printer, 45 Chestnut 
Manly St. Orr, pi-inters & engravers, 45 Chestnut 
Manly Richard, carp.. Reed bel Corn 
Mann Ann, 28 Shippen 
Mann Daniel, gent., 43 Sassafras 
Mann Ebenezer, lab., 3 Freytag's al 
Mann Horatio, gent., 9 Penn sq, Marshall 
Mann Jesse, blacksmith, rear 404 N 3d 
Mann John, collector, 263 S 3d 
Mann John, machinist. Mansion. (W P) 
Mann John M., mer., 144 High (ab stairs) 
Mann Peter, carpenter, 121 Poplar n 2d 
Mann Theodore, bootmr., 27 Carter's al 
Mann Thomas, boots and shoes, 1 N 4th, h 25 

Mann Tliomas, labourer, 8 Gray's al 
Mann William, saw repairer. Oak bel Green 
Mann William, clerk, 17 Ogden 
Manual Andrew, baker, 97 Brown 
Manning Charles, cabinetmaker, 473 S 2d 
Manning John S., painter, 1 China 
Manning" Joseph S., cordwainer, 91 German 
.Manning Joseph S., carp., S W 11th and Brown 




Manning J. H., oysters, 92 High, h 3 Raspber 

ry ct 
Manning Napoleon B., printer, N W 6th h Higl 
Manning T. S., printer, 7 S 6th 
Manor Henry, toys, 372 N 2d 
Mansfield Charles F., paper hanger, 275 S 2d 
Mansfield Eliza, gentlew., Apple n Creek 
Mansfield John, ship carpenter, 2 Callowhill 
Mansfield John, baker, 197 N Water 
Mansfield Mary A., 18 Rachael 
Mansfield Thomas, tailor, Oliver pi. 
Mansfield Thomas, curb setter, 477 Race 
Manson George "W., druggist, 309 S 4th 
Manson John, grocer, Apple ab Brown 
Manson Mary Ann, confectioner, 431 Chestnut 
Mansure Robert, carpenter, 98 Carpenter 
Mantandon Elizabeth, N W 7th and Zane 
Mantel Conrad, baker, 340 N Front 
Manuel Albert, gent., 294 Coates 
Manuel J. E., carpenter. Filbert bel 12th 
Manuel Thomas, porter, 23 Tammany 
Manyhenny Thomas, carp., High W Sch. 6th 
Manypenny Lois, tailorcss, 66 Noble 
Maples Marj^, 27 Elizabeth 
Marcer Isaac, carp., Elizabeth n Poplar 
Marcer Maria, widow. Nectarine bel 11th 
Marche Elizabeth Mrs., 125 N 5th 
Marchment Stephen, ladies shoemaker, 379 N 3d 
Marembeck John, carter, Shackamaxon bel F 

Mardock A., Shippen bet 6th and 7th 
Margat John, cordw., rear 563 N 3d 
Margerum Samuel, carter, Hope ab Phoenix 
Margetts John, oystei's, 134 High, h 6 Decatur 
Mariner Andrew, waterman, 40 Coates 
Mariner J. Jno., boat builder. Court al 
Mariner Mary A., 3 York ct 
Maris Georg-e G., mer., 19 N 2d 
Maris John M., druggist, 117 High, h 49 Spruce 
Maris Richard, M. D., 107 S 8th 
Maris AVm. Jr., lumber mer., 13th and Locust, h 

11th and Washington 
Mark John, acct., 78 Lombard 
Mark Peter, lab., Hope ab Phoenix 
Mai-kel Wm. M., tavern, S E 5th and George' 

Marker Conrad, rope maker, 2d bel Greenwich 
Marker George, carter. Marker n M road 
Marker Jacob, turner, c Queen and P road 
Marker Jacob, rope maker, 2d bel Greenwich 
Marker J. D., acct, 6 Mag-nolia 
Mai-ker Marg-aret, 24 Federal 
Markes Moses, clothes, 205 Shippen 
Market Jacob, cordw.. Thorn's ct. 
Markland James F., brass founder, 55 N 8th, h 

10 Hubbell 
Markland John H., att'y, 79 S 6th 
Markland John, buttonmr., 1 Lilly al 
Markland Thomas, pearl Ijutton maker, 8th bel 

Maa-kle Jacob, carpenter, 96 Tammany 
Markley A. H. IVIrs., gentw., 24 Girai-d 
Markle)' Benjamin, coach trim., rear 124 Apple 
Markley Edward C, bookbinder, 13 Madison 
Murkley Eliza, teacher, 400 N Fi'ont 

Markley George W. &. Co., cloth store, 5^ N 2d 

iMarkley Isaac, carter, 124 Apple 

.Vlarkley Jacob, lab., 4 Kessler's al. 

Markley John, baker, 2d bel Wharton 

Markley John S., grocer, c 4th and Noble 

Markley Margaret, Paschal! 's al 

Markly Eliza, teaclier, 400 N Front 

Markoe John, Sch. 7th and Spnice 

Markoe Wm., Scli. 7th and Spruce 

Marks Charles, b h, 116 N 9th 

Marks Cliristopher, lab., c Poplar and Conrad'8 

Marks James, ship master, 348 S 4th 
Marks James N., druggist, 4th n Carpenter 
Marks John, carp., 3 Washington 
Marks John, glue manuF., F road ab Orange 
Marks John, painter, 6 Sniith's al 
Marks Samuel P., clerk. Health Oflice 
Marks Thomas, weaver, Hanover and Duke 
Markwalder John, blacksm., Lemon W 12th 
Markward Samuel, 7 Providence ct 
Marley Richard J., cordw., 9 Nonnater's ct. 
Marley Rosanna, 110 Union 
Mai-lin John, tavern. Poplar and 5th 
Marlin M., saddler, Marlborough ab Queen 
Marlin Samuel, drayman, F road n Bedford 
Marlin Thomas, oysters, c Front and Laurel, h 

125 Budd 
Marlin William, drayman, Sarah (K) 
MarllJ.C, sup. Del. Coal Co., h George AV 

Sch. 6th 
Marlow Jolin, weaver, Stewart bel Fitzwater 
Marlow John, grocer, Queen and Wood. (K) 
Marlow Patrick, weaver, George aiid St. John 
Marot William, bookbinder, 19 St. James, h 173 

Marotte Mrs., milliner, 128 S 2d 
Marple Catharine, tailoress, 4 Kunkle's ct. 
Marple John, plasterer, Grear ab 12th 
Marple Joseph, stone carver, Miller's al. 
Marple Joseph, watchman, Elmslie's al 
Marpole Jacob, cabmr., F road ab Queen 
Marrin Francis, lab., Sch. 2d bel Filbert 
Man-in Hillary, weavei-, Fitzwater ab 13th 
Marrin Peter, tailor, Linden ab Sch. 7th 
Marriner Henry, waterman, 72 Budd 
Man-iott William, 36 N Sch. Stli 
Marritt Hannah, milliner and mantuamaker, 30 

N 13th 
Mars Sc Tallman, hatters, 68 S 2d 
Marsden John, manuf., G T road ab 4th 
Marseilles Peter, gent., 147 Pine 
Mai-selis Cornelius, ladies' shoemr., 299 S Front 
Mai-selis J. N., M. D., N E 2d & Cathai-ine 
Marsh Edward, shoemr., Corn bel Wharton 
Marsh Elisha, saddler, rear 450 Sassafras 
Marsh James, hardware, 493 High 
Mai-sh James, manuf. &. mer., 36 Commerce, h 

290 N 6th 
Mai-sh John, lab., P road bel Cedar 
Marsh Joseph, printer, 56 P road 
Marsh Rebecca, grocery, c Green & Linden 
Marsli S. A., mer., 8 Minor 
Marsh Thomas, carp.. State n Sch. 8th 
Mai-shall Abraham, frame maker, 375 Sassafras 




Marshall Alexander, labourer, 214 Shippen 
Marshall Andrew, lab., 4 Sch. Water 
Marshall A. B., dry goods, 175 Chestnut. 
Marshall Benj., mer., 151 High, h 249 Spruce 
Marshall & Brock, machinists &. engravers 
Marshall &. Brother, druggists, 312 High 
Marshall Catharine, Mead ab Swanson 
Marshall Charles, hib., Uugan ab Callowhill 
Marshall Charles, bookseller, 368 Cedar 
Marshall Earl, sexton Monument Cemetery, 13th 

ab Olive 
Marshall Edwin C, druggist, 176 Vine 
Marshall E. A., Sch 7th ab Cherry 
Marshall E. D., machinist 

Marshall Isaac, morocco dresser, 3d bel Phoenix 
Marshall James, cupper and bleeder. West ab 

Marshall James, cordw., Cedar bel 13th 
Marshall James, frame maker, 1 W North 
Marshall James, labourer, 3 Myer's ct 
Marshall James, ladies' shoes, rear 131 Catha- 
Marshall James, grocer, P road opp. German 
Marshall Jeptha, carp., 23 N 11th, h 7 S 13th 
Marshall John, cordw., 108 Gaskill 
Marshall John, feed, 22 P road 
Marshall John M., mer., 312 High 
Iklarsliall Joseph, jeweller, 87 S 2d, h 89 Catha- 
Marshall J. Y., wafer maniif., 59 Walnut 
Marshall & Keho, carpenters, 23 N 11th 
Marshall & Kellogg, grocers, 3 N Water 
Marshall Mary, Mud lane bel Front 
Marshall Mary, widow, 249 Spruce 
Marshall Mary Ann, 191 Spruce 
Marshall Moses D., cordwainer, Ann ab Sch. 4th 
Iklarshall M. & J. Y., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
:Marshall M. Mrs., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
Marshall M., dressmr.. West ab Marlborough 
Marshall Mrs., 397 S 6th 
Marshall Phenix, shoes, 24 N 4th 
Marshall Preston, wool dealer, c Front and Pop- 
lar, h 513 N Front 
Marshall Robert, grocer, c 13th and Cedar 
Marshall Samuel, engine maker, Pearl ab Sch 

Marshall Sarah, milliner, 246 Callowhill 
Marshall Sophia, widow, George ab Beach 
Marshall & Tempest, jewellers, 87 S 2d 
Marsliall & Tilden, shoes, 24 N 4th 
Marshall Wallace, druggist, 312 High 
Marshall William, mer., N W 7th and High, h 

113 S 9th 
Marshall William, combmr.. Union ab Prince 
Marshall William, coachman, Prospect al 
Marshall Williams & Butler, publishers and book- 
sellers, N W 7th & High 
Marshall Wm. A., mer., N W Walnut &, Front, 

h Filbert n Sch 7th 
Marshall W. G., 4th ward hotel, c Spring Garden 

and Logan 
Marshall W. H., grocer, 3 N Water, h 104 N 

Marshes & Shepperd, manufs. and mers., 4 

Mai-shman Charles P., mariner, Marriott n M 

Marsteller Thompson, carpenter, 1 Williamson's 

Marston Catharine, Poplar n 7th 
Marston John, lieut. U. S. navy, 9 City row 
Marston Margaret, 56 Laurel 
Marston Oliver Capt., 25 M road 
Marston Thomas, painter, Phila. bazaar, 38 and 
I 40 Dock, h Poplar n 7th 
[Marston William, plasterer. Poplar n 7th 
Martel Charles, hair dresser and whig maker, 

137 Chestnut 
Martlen Elizabeth, gentw., 38 Church al 
Martien J. W., mer., 13 S Front, h 9 Madison 
Martien WiUiam S., printer and publisher of 
Presbyterian, S E 7th and George, h 112 
Martin Abraham, clerk custom house, 2nd bel 

Martin Adam, tavern, G T road ab 6th 
Martin Alexander, grocer, N E Vine and Wash- 
ington n Sch. 
Martin Alfred, tailor, Vine ab 12th 
Martin Ambrose, jeweller, 4 Fetter lane 
Martin Amos, cordw., 532 N Front 
Martin Benjamin, gent., 463 S 2d 
Martin Benjamin, gent., 230 S 3d 
Mai-tin Cathai-ine, 494 N 4th 
Martin C. P., b h, 37 N 10th 
Martin Daniel, plasterer, Somer's ct. 
Martin Danl., distiller, 7th ab Cedar 
Martin D., Tremont House, 116 Chestnut 
Martin Edward B., machinist, 37 Coates al. 
Martin Edward D., brickmaker, 17 Budd 
Martin Emmerson, mer., 274 N 2d 
Martin Frederick, chairmr., 200 Marshall 
Martin George, cordw., 56 Moyamensing 
Martin George, M. D., 102 Noble 
Martin George, mariner, 18 Vernon 
Martin G. H., mer., 113 High 
Martin Hannah, 95 Shippen 
Martin Henry, rope maker, Washington bel 6th 
Martin Henry, tavern, S E George & Shippen 
Mai-tin Henry, carter. Pearl ab 13th 
Martin Isaac, clerk, 147 Beach ab Maiden 
Martin Isaac, 25 Wood 
Martin Isaac J., M. D., 143 S 6th 
Martin Jacob, com. men, Willow st whf , Del., h 

287 N 3d 
Martin James, lab.. Pearl ab 12th 
Martin James, carter, 72 Queen 
Martin James, flour and feed, S W 2d & Wash- 
Martin James, manuf., 193 G T road 
Martin James, cordwainer, 25 Mechanic 
Mai'tin James, watchman, 127 M road 
Martin James, com. mer., 10 N Front, h 181 

Martin James, chandler. Noble be) Garden 
Martin James S., mer., 10 N 4th, h 169 N 6th 
Martin James W,, umbrella mr., 39 Coates' al 
Martin Jane, tailoress, 216 Noble 
Martin John, waiter, rear 3 Gray's al 
Martin John Capt., 222 S Front 




Martin John, com. mer., Lombard ab 11th 

Martin John, collector, New Market ab Noble. 

Martin John, cordw., rear 198 N 8th 

Martin John, sexton, 1 Marble 

Martin John, clerk, 112 Filbert. 

Mai-tin John, grocer, 329 High, h Sch. Front n 

Martin John C, merchant, 319 Spruce 
Martin John H., mer., 94 High 
Martin Joseph, ship carp., 2nd bel Prime 
Martin Jos. &, John, feed and flour, 173 S Front 
Martin Joseph, gunsmith, rear 179 Coates. 
Martin Joseph, pattern maker. Wood ab Gar- 
Mai'tm J. G., tavern, 2 N Front 
Martin Joseph W., clerk. Manufacturers k. Me- 
chanics' Bank, h 30 Madison. 
Martin Joshua, warper, F road bel Oxford. 
Martin Letitia, mantuamr., Carpenter bel 9th 
Martin Mary, washer, Helmuth n Sch 6th 
Martin MichaeL tavern, 190 S 6th 
Martin Michael, bricklayer, Jones ab Sch. 8th. 
Mai'tin Oliver, mer., 26 S 4th, h Marshall ab 

Martin Patrick, watchmaker, 22 Harmony. 
Martin Patrick, grocer, 4th and Jefferson 
Martin Patrick, waiter, Pine n Sch 7th 
Martin Patrick, storekeeper, 30 Elizabeth. 
Martin Peter, watei-man, William (F M) 
Martin Peter, tailor, 6 Quervelle's ct. 
Martin Peter, chairmaker, 87 and 89 N Front, h 

287 N 3d 
Martin Robert, weaver, 4th ab Master 
Martin Robert, coachmaker, 310 S 4th 
Martin Robert, whipmaker, Carlisle ct 
Martin Robert, lab., 6 McDuffie 
Martin Robert B., umbrella maker, 128 S 6th. 
Martin Samuel, mer., 137 High 
Martin Sarah, b h., 72 S 5th 
Martin Stephen R., clothing, 41 Chestnut, h 13th 

and Carpenter 
Martin & Smith, hardware, 113 High 
Martin Sylvester, grocer, N W 10th & Carpenter 
Martin Thomas, labourer, 185 N Front 
Martin & Thomas, earthenware, 26 S 4th. 
Martin Thomas, lab., 264 S 3rd 
Martin Thomas, 95 Shippen 
Martin Thomas, hatter, 6th opp Grubb 
Martin Thomas, house and sign painter, 124 S 

10th, h Washington ab 4th 
Martin Thomas, tavern, 255 Catharine 
Martin Thomas G., mer., 4 S 6th 
Martin Wilham, porcelain teeth, Nonnater's ct 
Martin William, machinist, 79 Vine 
Martin Wm., cooper, 78 Penn 
Martin Wm., plasterer, Cantrell's ct. 
Martin William, clerk, 44^ Penn 
Martin William, sec. Del. Co. Insurance Co., S 

E 3d and Dock, h 240 Filbert. 
Martin "William A., distiller, 44 Plum 
Martin William J., moulder, 40 Penn (K) 
Mai'tinchwalrjerp John, tailor, 13th ab Coates 
Mai-ts Susan, washing, back 11 Mark's lane 
Martz S., cabmr.. Orchard 
Marvel J ane, widow, 400 N Front 

Marviel Maiy, hat trimmer. Quarry ab Bread 
Mash John, cordwr.. 8 Wood ab Queen 
Mash Juber, sawyer, P road bel Cedar 
Maskell James, lab., Ann bel Sch 3rd 
Masley Win., lab., 2 Gale'.s ct. 
Maslin & Pepper, hardware, 4 N 3d 
Maslin M. M., iiardware, 4N 3d, h 1G8 Mulberry 
Mason A., philosophical instrument maker, 89 

S 5th. 

Mason Ann, gentw., 5 Wood 
Mason Christopher, carpenter. Wood bel 12th 
Mason C. A., N E 6th and Coates 
Mason Ebenezer, nrerchant, 12 Pine, h 126 

Mason Elizabeth, gentw., 16 Mead 
Mason George, ship master, 511 S Front 
Mason George R., mer., 27 Franklin. 
Mason & Hulin, milliners, 59 N 2d 
Mason Isaac, gent., 135 S 11th 
Mason Isaac, cigar maker, Madison n Sassafras 
Mason Jacob, store, rear 300 S 2nd 
Mason Jacob, tavern, 317 Callowhlll. 
Mason James broker, 20 Arcade 
Mason James, mariner, 68 Queen 
Mason James, hatter, 362 S 5th 
Mason James, glass bender, Crown ab Queen (K) 
Mason James A., baker, 108 S 12th 
Mason James S., blacking manuf , 192 N 3rd & 

56 New Market. 
Mason John, weaver, 35 S Juniper 
Mason John, Dr., 475 N 4th 
Mason John, cordwainer, 17 Rachel 
Mason John, tailor, 2d ab Wharton 
Mason John, drayman, 5th opp Franklin 
Mason Joseph, hatter, 52 Almond 
Mason Margaret, dressmr., 59 Fitzwater. 
Mason Parthenia, trimmings, 62 N 5th. 
Mason Peter, biscuit baker, 155 N Front 
Mason Richard, bricklayer, 4 Frie's ct 
Mason Robert, gent., 78 Union 
Mason Robert A., wine and liquor, N E 6th and 

Mason R. W. & Co., nail store, 7 S 5th 
Mason Samuel Jr., B. U. S., h 68 N 7th 
Mason Sarah A., shop, 32 John 
Mason S., collector, 60^ Walnut 
Mason Tanton, baker, 82 MulbeiTy 
Mason T. A., gent., 73 Carpenter. 
Mason Thomas T., mer., 154 High, h30 E North 
Mason William, cooper, St. James, h 158 Cherrj' 
Mason Wm., teacher of di-awing, 26 Sansom 
Mason William, tavern, N W Water and Callow- 
Mason Wm. E., wire worker, 13 Commerce 
Mason William G., engraver, 46 Chestnut 
Mason W. R., fancy store, 5 High, h 11 Brown 
Massay L. E , trimmings, 102 S ord 
Mass Jacob, engraver, 23 Perry 
Massey Andi-ew, sawyer, 8 Pleasant av 
Massey Charles Jr., mer., 28 S wliarves, h 170 

Massey Charles P. Sc Co., mers., 27 S wharves 
Massey Charles P., mer., 27 S wharves, h 170 

IMassev Elizabeth, 161 N. 12th. , 




Massey George, lab., Union ct (K) 

Massey Jane S., 162 S 4th 

Massey John, seaman, 3 Passmore's pi 

Massey John W., mariner, 111 S Front 

Massey Joseph K., mer., 28 S wharves, h 170 

Massey R. V., leather store, 244 N 3d, h 205 N 

Massey Lemuel, store, N W 4tli & Marriott. 
Massev Thomas, tailor, S W 11th & Vine, h 

AVood bel lltli 
Masson A., carpenter, 8th bcl Coates 
Masson Charles A., jeweller, 116 N 6th 
Mast Joseph, spooler, 5th be] G T road 
Master Benjamin, carpenter, 145 Vine 
Master Ehzabeth, dry g-oods, 68 Spruce 
Master Joseph, bricklayer, 145 Vine 
Master Wilhani, shoemaker, 145 Vine 
Masters George, lab., Barker ab Sch. 6th. 
Masters Samuel, boat builder, 22 Oak. 
Masterson Patrick, lab.. Harmony ct (K) 
Masterton John, blacksmith, Jones W Sch 4th 
Mastin James, porter. Harmony bel 4th 
Matchat Francis, weaver, Bedford al and Ship- 
pen lane 
Matchett John, carpenter, George n Sch 6th 
Matchin George W., carpenter, 109 W Filbert. 
Mateer James, bricklayer, 18 Cathai-me 
Mather Edwin M., gardener, 306 Pme 
Mather Henry, coal merchaiit, Sch. Beach bel 

Mather Joseph H., painter, George n Sch 6th 
Mather Joseph T., mer., 7 S 4th, h 473 Chestnut 

ab Broad. 
Mather, Walton & Hallowell, mers., 7 S 4th. 
Mathers James, clerk. Green n 7th. 
Mathers Mary, b h, 159 N 11th. 
Mathes Charles, lab., Hanover ab Queen 
Mathes Joseph, boot maker, 3 Exchange pi 
Mathews Hugh, blacksmith, 174 Cherry 
Mathews Jane, gentw., 29 Elfreth's al 
Mathews Robert, planemr., rear 215 St. John's 
Matheys R. E., clerk, 9th ab Cathai'ine. 
Mathieu A., upholsteress, 16 Hubbell. 
Mathieu Duffin M., wine bottler, N W cor Front 

and Walnut 
Mathieu E., vinegar manuf., 12 Lombard 
Matthieu James A., shoemaker, Morris above 

Mathieu J. E., gent., 194 S 9th. 
Mathieu Mrs., upholsteress, 9 Flower 
Mathieu Philbert, stove manuf., 187 S 2d. 
Mathis Ellhu, shoemr.. Beck's ct 
Mathison Robert, gardener, 2 Weaver's row 

Matlack Ann, gentw., 38 Marshall 
Matlack C. F., M. D., 148 Mulberry 
Matlack Ellwood, tailor, 306 High 
Matlack F. E., cordw., 337 N 6th 
Matlack I. R., M. D., 289 Sassafras 
Matlack James, carp., Oxford and Hope 
Matlack John, shoe maker, 197 Sassafras 
Matlack John, carp., Hope ab Oxford 
Matlack Joseph, b h., 155 S 9th 
Matlack Joseph, tailor, Vernon ab 10th 

Matlack Joseph, macliinist, ct rear Beach below 

Matlack Joseph B., bricklayer, 146 Marshall. 
Matlack Mason, carpenter, 40 Sheaf's al. 
Matlack Thomas, lime burner, 479 Vine 
Matlack AVilliam, tobacconist, 39 R road 
Matsinger Adam, blacksmith, 448 Sassafras, h 

15 Montgomer3\ 
Matson James, watchman, 8 Queen 
Matson James, cai-ter, Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Matson Mary, b h, 462 N 3rd 
Matthes Henry W., turner, 109 Dillwyn 
Matthews Alex,, lum. mer., Orleans ab Lombard 
Matthews Ann, washer, 2 Jones' al 
Matthews Barnaby, rigger, Shackamaxon n F R 
Matthews Caleb, M. D., 138 N Front 
Matthews Charles, labourer, Marlborough ab 

Matthews David, weaver. Cedar bel Broad 
Mattliews Edward, carp., 630 S 2nd 
Matthews Elijah, rear 29 New Market 
Matthews Elizabeth, tailoress, 397 High. 
Matthews Esther, teacher, 441 S Front 
Matthews Francis, labourer. Pine ab Willow 
Matthews George, watemian. Brown n H Bridge 
Matthews George, shoemaker, G T road n 6th. 
Matthews George W., shoemaker, Penn above 

Matthews Hannah, 39 Middle alley. 
Matthews Henry, porter, 1 Biddle's al. 
Matthews H., blacksmith, 8th ab Filbert, h 174 

Matthews Isaac, captain, 11 Laurel 
Matthews James, dyer, 54 Perry 
Matthews James, dealer, 397 High 
Matthews James, cordwainer, 6J Poplar 
Matthews James C, hair di-esser, 20 Minor, h 

20 Raspberry al 
Matthews John, cordwr., 496 N 4th 
Matthews John, car builder. Broad ab Vine 
Matthews John, waiter, 20 Sassafras alley. 
Matthews John, piano finisher, 416 Sassafras. 
Matthews John, lab., 102 Gaskill. 
Matthews John H., tailor. Queen n Shacka- 
Matthews Jordan, Duke ab Palmer 
Matthews Joseph, carpenter, 1 Dorothy. 
Matthews Lawrence, leather dresser, G T road 

ab Thompson 
Matthews M., paper maker, 391 High. 
Matthews Patrick, lab., M road bel Greenwich 
Matthews Patrick, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Matthews Patterson, 260 S 3rd 
Matthews Samuel, shoemaker, 7 Bank, h 220 

Matthews Samuel, sup. E Penltentiaiy, 1 Fran- 
cis al ab Ridge road. 
Matthews Uriah Jr., cordwainer, 230 Green 
Matthews Uriah Sem-., cordwainer, Weaver's ct. 
Matthews Wm., carp., Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
Matthews Wm., cordwr., Ogden ab 10th 
Matthews William, ironmonger, 31 Carlton ab 

Matthews Wilham H., broker, 80 S 3rd, h 40 i 
George 5 




Matthewson Andi-ew, weaver, loth bel Rose 
Matthias Abel, carpenter, 94 St. John 
Matthias Benjamin, editor Saturday Chronicle, 

h 352 Vine. 
Matthias Joseph J., umbrella maker, 373 N 2d 
Matthias &c Taylor, pub. Saturda}' Chronicle, 86 

Matthias Wm. M., moulder, 20 Sarah (K) 
Mattis Amos, carter. Prince and Union (K) 
Mattison Nicholas, tavern, 194 S Water 
Mattson Mary, quiltei-, rear 46 N 7th 
Mattson Samuel H., tailor, 202 Chestnut, h 41 

Mauck J. H., mer., 163 High, h 196 N 4th 
Maugar Frederick, lime burner. Wood n Sch. 
Maug-ar Thomas, grocei', c Front and Brown, h 

Willow ab 5th 
Maul Horatio, porter. Carpenter and 8th 
Maulay Samuel, lab., 16 Watson's al 
Maule Caleb, lumber mer., S W Sch. 5th and 

Spruce, h S E Broad and Spruce 
Maule Wm., lumber mer., c High and Sch 7th, 

h N W Spruce &. Currant al. 
Maull Frederick, ropemr., Bedford & Marlboro' 
MauilJames, sail maker. Spruce st wharf, h 

83 Pine 
Maull James, jr., c mer., 87 S Front, h 85 Pine 
Maull John, tobacconist, 65 N 6th 
Maull Joseph, ship carpenter, 25 Federal 
Maull Joseph E., tobacconist, S E 2d & Dock, 

h 192 Queen 
Maull J. Troubat, att'y, & coun., 35 Dock, h 83 

Maull Mary, 19 Christian 
Maull Robert F., hatter, 23 J N 2d, li 17 Lagrange 

Maull Samuel, blacksmith, Pratt bel Spruce 
Maull Wm. M., hat presser, 16 Lagrange place 
Maupey D., Jr., seed store, 5 S 5th 
Maurer Catharine, dressmr., 190 Lombard 
Maurer George, shop, 2d ab Franklin 
Maurice Wm., clerk 284 S 5th 
Mautz John, watchmr., Apple n Creek 
Mawson Matilda, dry goods, 174 S 6th 
Maxfield Joseph, 8t Wm. R., gents., 4th st 2 di's 

bel Willow 
Maxwell Amelia, F road ab Stone Bridge 
Maxwell Ann, widow, 6 Arrison's ct 
Maxwell Andrew, carpenter, 23 Jones' al, h 34 

Maxwell Archibald, moulder. Queen bel Wood 
Maxwell Catharine, Beach bel Maiden 
Maxwell David, tinsmith, 451 S 2d 
Maxwell E. Mrs., 21 Coates 
Maxwell Hiram, carp., rear 10 Charlotte 
Maxwell H. Mrs., b h., 133 Walnut 
Maxwell Jacob G., cooper, 196 S Water, h 170 

Maxwell James, manuf.. Cedar ab 12th 
Maxwell John, saddler, Kessler's al 
Maxwell John, carp., 116 Christian 
Maxwell John, blacksmith, 66 P. Road 
Maxwell John, 46 Wood ab 10th 
Maxwell John, grocer, 8tli ab Fitzwater 
Maxwell J G. Rev., Beach ab Palmer 

Maxwell Mary, gcntw., 467 Mulberry 

Maxwell M., dressmr., 129 Spnire 

Maxwell Robt., teacher, F road ab .Stone Bridge 

Maxwell Sarah, teaclier, 33 i'liirii 

Maxwell Thomas, gardener, Wagner's alloy ab 

Maxwell T. J., com. mer., N E Broad and Vine, 
h N 13th n Sassaft-as 

Maxwell Wm. Rev., 526 N Front 

May Catharine, Hagg's ct 

May Elizabeth, gcntw., 5th ab George (N L.) 

May Esther, 24 Parham 

May Francis, 248 S 3d 

May Henry, 85 N 10th 

May John, gent., 31 Apple 

May John, pianoforte maker, 143 Wood 

May John M., cabinetmaker, 27 R road 

May Lewis, carpenter, Shippen's ct 

May Maria, miniature painter, 38 Christian 

May Peter, papermr., 248 S 3d 

May Wm., rear 41 Chester 

May Wilham, carp., 13 P road 

Mayben Alexander, manuf., 608 N 2d 

Mayben James, manuf., 608 N 2d 

May bin E. Mrs., gentw., 404 Coates 

Mayburry Wilham, hatter, rear Barley Slieaf 
tav., h 19 Queen 

Mayer Andrew, painter, S E Walnut & 5th, h 
543 N 3d 

Mayer Frederick P., coach maker, 223 St. John, 
h 96 Budd 

Mayer Godfrey, cabtmr. 344 N 3d 

Mayer Jacob F., refectory,- 193 Chestnut, h 24 

Mayer P. F., D. D., 20 Montgomery sq 

M.ayers John, baker, Shippen ab 13th 

Mayhew David, combmr., 64 Apple 

Mayhew E., comb maker, 79 Cedar 

Mayhew H., comb maker, 5 G T Road 

Mayhew Mrs., 189 S 5th 

Mayhew Stanford, comb maker. Mechanic 

Mayhoffey Wm., weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 

May land Jacob, jr., tobacconist, N W 3d & Sassa- 
fras, h 5th n Willow 

May land Jacob & Co., tobacconists, N W 3d and 

Mayland Jacob, tobacconist, N W 3d and Sassa- 
fras, h 153 N 6tli 

Maynard Charles, tvu-ner, 122 Beach 

Maynard Henr}^ turner, 54 Coates 

Maynard James, turner, and silk and worsted 
tassel manuf., 100 Poplar 

Mayne Thomas, shoemaker, 15 Poplar 

Maynes Robert, carter, Shippen bel Broad 

Mayo David L., clerk, Rlttenhouse ab Sch. 6th 

Mays John, brick maker, Beaver ab 3d 

Maysey Jane, diy goods, N W 6th and Wood 

Mayward H., milliner, 54 Coates, 

Mayweg J. I., M. D., 431 N 6th 

Mavweg \Vm., gunsmith, h 216 N 7th 

May wood Robt. C, 80 S 12th 

Maze Benj., carp., 23 Mary 

Maze C, Elizabeth-n Poplar 

Maze Leo, b h, Carlton ab Sch 6Th 

Mazui-ice, J. V., framer, 49 Carpenter 




Mead Si Beldin, tavern, 18 S Broad 

Mead Harvey, cordw, 5 Mechanics 

Mead Francis, portrait painter, 200 S 4tli 

Mead Joseph, cigarmr., Whildin's ct 

Mead Joseph, tailor, 291 S 3d 

Mead Lewis, hair di-esser, 473 High 

Mead Patrick, hib., G John's ct 

Mead Peter, variety store, 33 N 2d 

Meade Edward, druggist, c 7th and Buttonwood 

h 200 S 4th 
Meade Lawrence, carp., Vaughn bel Walnut 
Meader, Calvin, mariner, 49 Penn 
Meader Edward M., printer, 22 N 6tli 
Mealy Dennis, tavern, 2 S 4th 
Mealy Stephen Rev., 40 Wood 
Mean Edward, brickmr., Sch 6lh n Pine 
Meaney Ellen, S W Shippen and 12th 
Meaney John, g'ent., 2 Franklin row 
Mears Benjamin, M. D., 300 N 3d 
Mears E. & J. T., pencil manuf., Nectarine N 9th 
Mears E., c 8th and Wood 
Mears J. T., pencil manuf., 87 Buttonwood 
Mears Henry H., acct., 278 High, h 25 Madison 
Mears Jonathan, waterman, 22 Union al. 
Mears Samuel, hatter, 68 S 2d, h 30 N 10th 
Mease James, M. D., Sch. 7th n Spruce 
Measey Benj., cordwainer, 91 N 9th 
Mecallister James Mrs., Hope bel Master 
Mecavdey Thomas J., tin smith, 21 High, h 3 

Hamilton ct 
Mecke George, cabinetmaker, 350 N 2d 
Mecke Geo. H., mer., 54 S Front, h 27 Powell 
Mecke George H., cake baker, 58 N 4th 
Mecke Henry, cabinetmaker, 371 N 2d 
Mecke John, watch mr., 359^ N 2d, h 58 Duke 
Mecke, Plate, & Co., mers., 54 S Front 
Mecke C, cabtmr., 5 Lily al 
Meeker John V., cordw.. Mechanic n Creek 
Meclasky W^m., cabmr., 5 Union ct 
Medad Stephen, cordw., Washington ab 11th 
Medara Joseph S., mer., 44^ N 4th, h 58 Franklin 
Medary Charles, blacksmith, Front n Otter 
Medary Martin, gent., 447 N Front 
Medlam John, grocer, 40 Queen (K) 
Medlin Airs., widow, S E Mead & Front 
Mee John, mustard manuf., 43 S Water, h 139 

N 13th 
Meehan John, dealer, 7 Filbert av 
Meeker Stephen, ladies shoemakei-, 33 Carlton 
Meeser Christian, upholsterer, 17 J/Ogan 
Meeser Henry, carver & gilder, 14 Branner's al 
Meeser Philip, japanner, 396 N 5th 
Meeteir George, oil cloth manuf, N W 3d & 

Megarge George, tavern, G T road and 2d 
Megarge Samuel, lum. mer., Beach ab IMarsh, h 

433 N Front 
Megargy Tacy, Vine bel Sch 7th 
Megear T. J., watch maker, 20 &. h 39 N 2d 
Megee George, coppersmith, Vine ab 12th 
Megee Mary Mrs., b h, 14 Almond 
Meggit John S., painter and glazier, 1 Boyd's av 
Meggs John G., bootmaker, 17 S 5th, h Sch. 

8th ab Pine 
Meggs Rachel, b h, 87 S 11th 

Meginnis Wm. E., rope mr., 8th ab Carpenter 
Megonegal F., jewellery, 129 Cedar 
Megonegal & Hubbard, painters, 34 N 10th 
Mc-g-onegal Michael, painter, Nectarine n 9tli 
Megonegal Roswell, teacher, 129 Cedar 
Mehaffcy John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Mehen Patrick, tallow chandler, Buttonwood ab 

Meichel Geo., hair dresser, Mai-lboro' ab Beach 
Meignen L., music and piano store, 217 Chest- 
nut, h 239 Spruce 
Meignen L. & Co., importers of music and mu- 
sical instruments, 217 Chestnut 
Meigs Charles D. jr., mer., 177^ High, h 284 

Meigs C. D., M. D., 284 Chestnut 
Mein Edward, carp., 9th bel Brown 
Melbeck John, gent., Hanover, bel Duke 
Melcher Adam, cooper, 478 N 4th 
Melcher Charles, brickmaker, 488 N 4th 
Melcher John Jr., c 4th and Culvert 
Melcher John J., cooper, 4th ab Culvert 
Melcher & Son, coopers, 13 Sugar al 
Melcher AVm., cooper, 478 N 4Si 
Melizett John M., mer., 112 S whfs, h 95 Spruce 
Mehzett Lydla, gentw., 219 S 5th 
Mellan Joseph, waiter, 288 Pine 
Mellan Thomas, paper stainer, 127 Carpenter 
Mellon Daniel, labourer, 3 Brinton 
Mellon Thomas, gent., 270 Spruce 
Mellor Austin, veterinary surg., 52 Zane, h 19 

Schriver's ct 
Mellor George, druggist, N E 4th and Walnut 
Mellor Thomas, importer, 99 MulbeiTy 
Melay Rhoda, 181 N 8th 
Melton Chai'lcs, 62 Zanc 
Melwell O, tailor, Apple ab Brown 
Melven Louisa, Sch 7th n High 
Melvis Michael, stone cutter, 356 Callowiiill 
Menaugh John B., blacksmitli, 8 William 
Mench Charles D , upholsterer, 153 S 2d 
Mench George C, cabinetmaker, 83 Tammany 
Mench John C, cabinetmaker, 153 S 2d 
Mench Sarah, 133 Budd 

Mendenhall John, silver smith, 9 Jumper alley 
Mendenhall Phihp, acct., 90 N Front 
Mendenhall Thomas, captain, 90 N. Front 
Mendleson E., victualler, 446 N Front 
Mengle Christian, vict.. Crown ab Prince 
Mengle George, victualler, Hanover bel Prince 
Menns John, vict-ualler, James ab Charles 
Menns Joseph, victualler, c Charles &. Pleasant 
Mensing Wm. D., ladies' shoemaker, Simmons' ct 
Mentz Charles, tinman, Simmons' ct 
Mentz Charles, painter, 9 Emlen's ct 
Mentz Edward, cai-p., 422 N 5th 
Mentz George, shoemaker, c Garden and Cal- 

Mentz George W., stationer, 53 N 3d, h 84 Dill- 

Mentz George W. & Son, stationers, 53 N 3d 
Mentz Wm. G., stationer, 5S N 3d, h 165 N 9th 
Mentzcr Jacob, gent., 148 St John 
Menzies John, watch maker, S W Front and 
Spruce, h 142 S Front - . 





Mentzing Charles, lab., Callowhill bel 13th 
Mercer Alex. G., atty., S W 3d and Walnut, h 

N E Walnut and Sch 8th 
Mercer Bernard, gent., 36 Catharine 
Mercer, Brothers & Co., mers, 21 S whfs., and 

31 S Water 
Mercer David, carp, weaver, Bedford bel Cherry 
Mercer George P., corder, 1st whfab Catharine, 

h 12 Catharine 
Mercer G. & J., corders, 1st whfab Catharine 
Mercer Hall W., mer., 21 S whfs. and 31 S Wa- 
ter, h N E Sch. 8th and Walnut 
Mercer John, Ronaldson's cemetery 
Mercer J. C, mer., 21 S whfs., h N E Sch. 8th 

and Walnut 
Mercer Robert J., mer., 1st whf bel Swedes' 

church, h 478 S Front 
Mercer Robert, 27 Spruce 
Mercer Singleton A., mer., 21 S whfs., h Sch. 

7th ab Spruce 
Mercer Thomas, gent., 33 Queen 
Mercer Thomas, stone mason, Sch. 7th ab Vine 
Mercer Wm., glass cutter. Queen ab Palmer 
Merchant Robert, stone cutter, Ann n Powell 
Mercier Charles, confectioner. 111 S 3d 
Meredith Edwin, druggist, 212 High, h 98 

Meredith Eliz., milliner, 71 Cedar 
Meredith, Henderson & Co., di-uggists, 212 High 
Meredith Henry, grocer, N W 2nd & Catharine 
Mei'edith John, wood & lumber, Davis' Landing 
Meredith John, coppersmith, 5 Fearrls's ct 
Meredith Prudence Mrs., 98 Crown 
Meredith Samuel, drayman, 132 F road 
Meredith William, gent., Sch. 8th bel Spruce 
Meredith William M., att'y Sc coun., 9 Yoi-k 

Merembeck Margaret, c North and Boyd's av 
Mereto Joseph, fruiterer, 424 High 
Merino Felix, teacher, Vine bel 13th 
Merkel Catharine, Vine ab Sch. 8th 
Merkel Solomon B., engineer, Brown's ct. 
Merkle Charles, paintex', 140 CheiTy 
Merkle Conrad, bootmaker, 84^ N 5th, h 8 

Franklin row 
Merkle Peny, silver plater, 340 N Front 
Mero John, sign painter, N W 6th and Mul 

Merrefield John G., diy goods, 459 N 2d, h 266 

N 4th. 
Merrick Elizabeth, gentw., 8 Mary 
Merrick Elizabeth, gentw., 4 China row. 
Merrick George, custom house officer. Willow 

and Schuylkill 
Merrick Samuel, mer., 28 Walnut 
Men-Ick Saml., dry goods, S W 10th and Castle. 
Merrick Samuel B., drayman, James ab 10th 
Merrick Saml. V., engine manuf, h W Penn 

Merrick Thomas B., druggist, 209 High, h 289 

MeiTick 8c Towne, steam engine builders and 
machinists, Prime bel 5th, office 32 Walnut 
Merrihew E. W., milliner, 50 Mulberry 
Mcn-ihcw K, E., cabinetinr., 5 N 8th, h 60 Zane 

Merrihew S. E., printer, 7 Carter's al, h 50 Mul- 
Merrihew 8c Thompson, printers, 7 Carter's al 
Merrill George, com. mer., 3 S wharves, h 148 

S Juniper 
Merrill John P., portrait painter. Vine ab lOtU 
Merrill Richard, clothes, 189 Shippen. 
Merriman David, rear 27 Beck 
Mcrrimaii Jolin P., Catharine bel 2d 
Merritt Abraham, car builder. Vine and Droad, 

h Vine bel Sch. 8th 
Merritt David, carp., 477 Vine 
Memtt Elizabeth, milliner, 67 Mulberry 
Merritt George, blacksmitii, Beach ab Maiden 
Merritt Isaac, capt., 40 Cliristian 
Merritt John, shipw.. Crown ;ib Bedford 
MeiTitt Thomas, glass cutter, Allen bel Palmer 
Merritt Wm., ship carp.. Beach ab Hanover. 
Merry Michael, gent., 127 S 6th 
Merryels James, v/eaver, Bedford ab 12th 
Mershon John, blacksm.. Wood bel 12th 
Mersinger T., distiller, 261 -St. John 
Mervin Isaac, blacksmith, 330 N P'ront. 
Mervine Ferdinand, shoemr., Price's ct. 
Merwin Mary, 409 Chestnut 
Messeck George, shipmaster, 370 S Front 
Messeg John, lab., George ab Charlotte 
Messenger Allen B., blacksmith, Crown ab Bed 

Mettam Samuel, machinist, Vine ab Sch. 8th 
Metcalf Albert W., mer., 19 and 21 N 5th, and 

23 Commerce, h 273 S.issafras 
Metcalf George, carp., 19 Howard 
Metcalfe Jos., printer, office rear 110 Walnut. 
Metcalfe Mary, 178 Sassafras 
Metcalfe Wilhara, printer, 3d n Phoenix 
Metier George W., cui-rier. Poplar ab 9th 
Metier Lydia, 3 Castle ct. 
Metier Samuel, alderman, SW New Market and 

Mettaurer E. Mrs., 26 Elizabeth 
Mettenheimer Henry, tailor, 162 Vine 
Metz Adam, carp., 6 Willow ct. 
Metz Andrew, varnish, S7 Apple 
Metz Georg-e, baker, M road bel "Wharton 
Metz George, locksmith, Callowhill ab Sch. 

Metz George, carp., Julianna ab Buttonwood 
Metz George W., brush maker, 317 High, h 40 

N 8th 
Metz Jacob, baker, N E Christian and 8th 
Metz James, clerk, rear 380 S 3d 
Metz L. IL, shoemr., Helmuth n Sch. 7th 
Metz Robert P., b]-ushmr., 5 Shepherd's al. 
Metz Samuel, stone mason, N E M road and 

Metz Sarah, tailoress, 44 Julianna 
Metz Thomas, sea capt., 77 M road. 
Metzger Jacob, sliip carp., Marlboro' ab Queen 
Metzger John, agent, 14 Pennsylvania av 
Metzg-er John, carpet weaver, 387 N Front 
Metzger John F., cordw., 180 Poplar 
Metzger Mary, O Y road n George 
Metzker George, grocer, G T road ab Master 
Meui-er Frederick W, dyer, 1^56 Browji,. . . 




Meurer Wm., cigarmr., 75 Apple 

Mewhardt Danl., carter, Charlotte ab Thompson 

Meyer Conrad, piano forte maker, 52 S 4lh. 

Meyer C. H., master mechanic, Blind Institution 

Meyer Henry, blacksmith, 6 Pcnnsylv.mia av. 

Meyer Henry, baker, 73 German. 

Meyer Henry, constable, 13 Powell 

Meyer Josepli, clotliing' store, 369^ N 3d 

Meyer Samuel, store, 31 Margaretta 

Meyers Albert G., silvei-sm., 512 N 2d 

Meyers & Batton, g-rocers, 302 N 2d 

Meyers Georg-e, cooper, Front ab Brown 

Meyers Hannah, 70 Spring- Garden 

Meyers Henry, tailor, 155 Buttonwood 

Meyers Henry, lampmr., 3 Log-an. 

Meyers Jacob, bakei-, 37 Pine 

Meyers Jacob, vict., c Lancaster and Marion. 

Meyers John, cordw., 4 Orchard 

Meyers John H., 355 S 2d 

Meyers John P., weaver, 122 N 5th 

Meyers Mary, widow, 60 Budd 

Me^'ers Mary, shop, 37 New Market 

Mezles Jeremiah, waterman, 79 Oak. 

Michael Anthony, capt., 253 S Front 

Michael James, dyer, 6 Ann 

Michael John, lab., F road ab Stone Bridg-e 

Michael John, paper stainer, 53 M road 

Michael Joseph, sea capt., 88 Moyamenslng 

Michener Allen C, Penna. Bank, h Log-an ab 

Michener Joseph, agent. Chestnut n Sch. 
Mickey Jacob, cabinetmr., 211 St. John 
Mickley James, cooper. Crown ab Queen. 
Mickley Joseph J., pianomr., 285 Hig-h 
Midcap Richard, well dig-g-er, Little Oak 
Midcap Richard, well-cleaner, 8 Little Oak 
Midcap Thomas, watchman, Hig-h W Sch. 5th 
Middleton Aaron, oak cooper, 26 Union 
Middleton Catharine, 13 German 
Middleton Clarissa, 8 Poplar 
Middleton Elizabeth, 22 Union al. 
Middleton Ellis, dentist, 165 N 4th 
Middleton Elisha, bank note printer, 2 Harmony 
Middleton Fi'ancis, porter, Freytag'sal 
Middleton Gabriel, gent., 214 N 4th 
Middleton John, carter, F road bel Master. 
Middleton John Jr., g-ilder & looking glass mr., 

S W 7th and High, h 7 Jefferson row 
Middleton John B., scourer, 16 N 8th 
Middleton John W., iron mer., 279 N 2d, h 222 

N 4th. 
Middleton Joshua, box maker, Commerce ab5th, 

h 147 N 7th 
Middleton Mary, 6 Mustin's ct 
Middleton Nathan, In-icklayer, 7tli n Poplar 
Middleton Thomas, gent., 16 N 8t]\ 
Middleton Thomas K., bootmaker, 109 Cedar 
Middleton AVilliam, shoemaker 31 Sheaf's al 
Middleton \Vm., drayman, 9 Plum 
Middleton Wm., plumber, Shippen and Lisle 
Mlddletown John, tavern. Queen and F road 
Midlen Wm., sea capt., 39 Carpenter. 
Mids John, carpenter, 36 N Sch. 8th 
Miercken Anna E., 53 Shippen 
Miercken Henry F., captain, Spruce ab 12th 

Miercken John, captain, 78 Lombard 
Miesegaes & Unkart, mers., 52 S Front 
Mifflin &. Aken, conveyancers, S W 3d & AValnut 
Mifflin Ann, gentw., 226 Spruce 
Mifflin Benjamin, Pennsylvanian, 99 S 2d, hl44 

S 10th 
Mifflin Eliza, Locust bel 9th 
Mifflin Elizabeth, 324 Walnut 
Mifflin Henry J., att'y & coun., 12 Prune 
Mifflin James D., brush maker, 524 N 2d 
Mifflin & Pairy, proprietors & publishers Penn- 
sylvanian, 99 S 2d 
Mifflin S. Dr., 169 Spruce 
Mifflin Thomas, mer., h338 Chestnut. 
Migeod John M., saddler, 5 N 4th, h 78 Noble 
Mignard F., milliner, 118 Lombard. 
Mikle W. C, moulder. Reed bel Front 
Milburn Thomas, currier, 46 Cedar 
Milby John, cigar store, 165^ S 3d 
Milcoon Edward, tavern. Beach and Palmer 
Milford Mary, milliner, 100 Sassafras 
Miles Catharine, dry goods, 429 N 3d 
Miles Edward H., mer., 10 Chestnut. 
Miles Eliza, nurse, rear 3 German 
Miles George, blacksm., 13 Federal 
Miles George W., clerk post office, h 551 N 3d 
Miles Jacob, bootmaker, 25 S 4th, h N E 7th & 

Miles John, gent., 16 Girard 
Miles John, att'y & coun., 2 York Building. 
Miles John S., blacksm., 192 Christian 
Miles Joseph, china store, 25 High, h 353 N 2d 
Miles J. & Son, bootmrs., 25 S 4th. 
Miles & Pleasants, mers., 10^ Chestnut. 
Miles Robert, plater. Miles' al., h 102 S 10th 
Miles Theodore, cabinetmr., 45 Almond 
Miles Thomas, bootmaker, 25 S 4th, h 154 Mul- 
Miles Wm. G., carp., 98 Apple. 
Miles Wm. H., machinist, I3eaver n 3d 
Miley Cathai-ine, shopkr., c Cherry & Gebhard 
Miley B. Mrs., 91 N Juniper 
Miley Frederick, labourer, Sch. 8th ab Callowhill 
Miley Fredk., constable, Sch. 8th ab Callowhill 
Miley Jacob, victualler. Front bel Phoenix 
Miley John, victualler, 4th ab Thompson 
Miliman George, bookbinder, 6 Marshall's ct. 
Millar Thomas, watchmr., 97 Mulberry 
Millard C, carver, c Penn and Maiden. 
Millard Wm., cabinetmr., 3 Plumer's ct. 
Miller A., tailor, 102 Cedar 
Miller Abraham, potter, 13 Zane, h Spruce and 

Miller Adam, plane maker, 2 Union couil. 
Miller Andrew, lab., 8 Fothergill 
Miller Andrew, grocer, N E 6th and Commerce 
Miller Ann, sempstress, Lewis ab Sch. 8th 
Miller Anna, teacher, 46 Perry 
Miller Augustus J., mer., 161 High, h 330 N 6th 
Miller A. H., lab., 218 Lombard 
Miller Barbara, Wood bel 6th 
Miller Benjamin, cig-ai-mr., 3 Budd 
Miller Benjamin, clothier, 413^ High, h George 

ab Sch. 7th 
Miller Benjamin R-, clerk, Lombard n Sch. 2d 




Miller Renjamin W., lab., 3 Dorotliy 

Miller, Bowman & Co., g-rocers, 240 N 2d. 

Miller & Brother, corn riners., 152 N .3cl. 

Miller Caroline, 183 S 9th 

Miller Calharine, Pearl ab 12th. 

Miller C, b h, Callowhill ab Wusliing'ton 

Miller Catharine, washer, c Cherry and Brown 

Miller Catharine, sempstress, Bla<len's ct 

Miller Catharine, sliop Shackamiixon ah Prince 

Miller Charles, baker, 156 S Front 

Miller Charles, painter, 56 Green 

Miller Charles, coal dealer. Pine st whf. Sch., h 

Mantua ville 
Miller Charle.s, tailoi-. Poplar n 4l!i 
Miller Charles, varnish boiler, 90 Hiidd. 
Miller Charles, furniture, 52 Callowhill 
Miller Charles, driver, Hanover ab Uuke 
Miller Charles G., 294 S 10th 
Miller Charles M., clerk, 108 St. John 
Miller Charles P., mer., 51 High, h 234 Mul- 
Miller Christian, baker, 2dbel Washington 
Miller Christian, baker, 86 N 11th 
Miller Christian A., baker, 27 N 6th 
Miller Christopher, mer., 472 S 2d. 
Miller Clayton, clothes, 43 Chestnut, h 14 Cur- 
rant al 
Miller Clements S., att'y & coun., 93 S 3d 
Miller & Cooper, mers., 51 Hig'h 
Miller Cyrus B., hair di-esser, 44 N 4th 
Miller Daniel, combmaker, Front ab Oxford 
Miller Daniel, shoemr., 123 Catharine 
Miller Daniel K., inspector, Hog'e's wharf, h 127 

Miller David, tavern, 163 Locust 
Miller David, 55 Dock 
Miller David, ship master, 11 M road 
Miller Diana, washer, Georg-e n Sch 6th 
Miller David, carp., Townsend's court. 
Miller & Hoover, Indian Queen, 15 S 4th, and 

121 Chestnut 
Miller Deborah, 11th bel Spring Garden 
Miller D. Sutter, mer., 152 N 3d, h 95 New. 
Miller D. L., mer., 51 High, h 37 Mulberry 
Miller Edward, ladles' shoes, 13th and Type al 
Miller Eliza, washer, 226 Lombard 
Miller Edward, civ. engineer, 98^ S 4th 
Miller Edward W., bookbinder, George ab 6th, 

h 12 Rlttenhouse 
Miller Edward Rev., 150 Juniper 
Miller Eleanor, 50 Shippen 
Miller E., brushmr., Marlboro' ab Duke 
Miller Eliza, washer, 226 Lombard 
Miller Elizabeth, confectr., N W 3d and Green 
Miller Elizabeth, tailoress, Madison n Sassafras 
Miller Elizabeth, 37 Lily alley 
Miller Enoch, carp., 12th and Buttonwood 
Miller Frederick, bricklayer, Lombard n Sch 7tli 
Miller Frederick, plane maker, Maria ab 5th 
Miller Fredei'ick W., music store, 35 N 4th 
Miller Francis, coachman, 14 Juniper lane 
Miller Francis, tavern, 54 Callowhill 
Miller F. C, cabtmr., S W Mifflin & Orleans 
Miller George, vict., James ab 10th 
Miller George, tailor, Beach ab Manderson 

Miller George Sc Co., dry goods, 194 N 3d, b 

51 Callowhill 
Miller George, carp., 24 Magnolia 
Miller George, cordw., 264 St. John 
Miller George, confectioner, 222 High 
Miller George, gunsmith, 203 Queen 
Miller George, drayman, 56 Almond 
Miller George, liquor store, 109 N Front 
Miller George, lab., George bel 3d (N I,) 
Miller Cieorge, gent, c 4th and Marriott 
Miller George W., tailor, 8 N 12tli 
Miller & Green, mers., 109 S Front 
Miller & Hallowell, mers., 35 N Front 
Miller Henrietta, gent., rear 5th bel Qu<*rn 
Miller Henry, hairdresser, 22 Portland pi 
Miller Henry, vict., 262 N 8th 
Miller Henry, car builder, R R n William, h Sch 

7th n Vine 
Miller Henry, saw filer, 26 Vine 
Miller Henry cordw., 11 Pegg 
Miller Henry, bricklayer, N E Sch 7th 8c I.,ewis 
Miller Henry, hair dresser, 16 Little Pine 
Miller Henry, dyer, 291 Sassafras 
Miller Henry, combmr., 12 Bread 
Miller Hester, shop. Vine n Sassafras 
Miller Hiram, carp., Callowhll N 13th, h 7 Carl- 
Miller Horace, lab., Vienna ab Queen 
Miller Hugh, lab., 4 Truxton 
Miller H., stock and exch. broker, 9 Exchange 

pi., h N E Shippen and 8th 
Miller H. S., hat body maker, 94 Ci-own 
Miller Isaac, tavern, 8 Strawberry 
Miller Jacob S., mer., 35 N Front, h 26 Button- 
Miller Jacob, carp., 3 Franks' ct 
Miller Jacob, ship carp., Hanover n Bedford 
Miller Jacob, victualler, Hanover ab Prince 
Miller Jacob, combmaker, 3 Mechanic 
Miller Jacob, lab., 10 Mechanic 
Miller Jacob, gent., 27 Dean 
Miller Jacob, tavern, 127 W High 
Miller James, ship carver, 3 Haydock 
Miller James, shoemr., Cadwalader & L Green 
Miller James, tailor, Fisher's ct 
Miller James Jr., lab., Mulberry n Sch. 8th 
Miller James, porter, 3 Pleasant av 
Miller James, clothes, c Dock and Walnut, h 8th 

bel Carpenter 
Miller James, watchman, Sch 3d and Mulberry 
Miller James F., sea captain, 11 German 
Miller J. H., painter and glazier, 137 N Juniper 
Miller Jane, fancv store, 260 Sassafras 
Miller Jane, mill'iner, 215 S 2d 
Miller John, clerk, 354 S 3d 
Miller John, ropemaker, F road n Master 
Miller John, grocer, 2nd and Franklin 
Miller John, baker. Cedar n 13th 
Miller John, cai-pet weaver, 225 St John 
Aliller John, combmaker, 412 N 2d 
Miller John, drayman, 6 Brook 
Miller John, tailor, 31 N 6th 
:Miller John, lab., 109 Poplar 
Miller John, M. D., S E Sch 7th and High 
Miller John, carter, Jones n Sch. 4th 




Miller John, measurer, 56 Vine 

Miller John, lab., G T road ab 2d 

Miller John, letter carrier, 50 Tammany 

Miller John, blacksmith, 153 S 5th 

Miller John, stevedore, 118 Swanson 

Miller John, carp., rear 260 Sassafras 

Miller John, carp., 11 John 

Miller John, victualler, Powell F V 

Miller John, brickmr., rear 126 Apple 

Miller John, tavern, 40 Pegg- 

Miller John, coachman, 12 Elizabetli 

Miller John A., baker, Parrish ab 10th 

Miller John A., porter, 1 Gray's al 

Miller John C, mariner, 112 Plum 

Miller John D., gunsmith, 10 Gray's ct 

Miller John F., baker, 474 N 2d 

Miller John G., music and pianos, 35 N 4th h 141 

Miller John G. & Son, music and piano store, 35 

N 4th 
Miller John H., vict., 6th ab Master 
Miller John H., victualler, 6th ab Poplar 
Miller John L., carter, 1 Laurel 
Miller John P., carp., Parrish n Elizabeth 
Miller John T., M. D., 32 Chester 
Miller Jonah, blacksmith, 165 Shippen 
Miller Jonathan, lab.. Pearl bel 13th 
Miller Jonathan, gent. Cedar ab 11th 
Miller Joseph, gent., 306 Coates 
Miller Joseph, weaver, 13 Mechanic. (F M) 
Miller Joseph, tailor, 247 Christian 
Miller Joseph, gent., 93 New 
Miller Joseph, cooper, 201 O Y road 
Miller Joseph D., tailor, 2 Carberry'sct 
Miller Joseph W., mer., 152 N 3d, h93 New 
Miller J. A., hatter, 284 High 
Miller J. B., edge tool mr., N E Sch. 5th and 

Barker, h 2 Union square 
Miller J. T., painter, c 7th and Mulberry 
Miller Lewis, Farries' ct 
Miller Lewis T., tailor, 10 Mary 
Miller Lydia Mrs., 2 Steel's ct 
Miller Mahlon, oysterman, Sherker's al 
Miller Margaret, Beach ab Marsh 
Miller Mark, cabtmr., rear 13 John 
Miller Mary Ann, 10 Portland place 
Miller Mary Mrs., tailoress, 36 S 5th 
Miller Mary Mrs., 8th ab Christian 
Miller Mary, gentw., 177 Green 
Miller Mary, tailoress, 84 Budd 
Miller Margaret, 75 Queen, 
Miller Martin, agt., 272 High h 2 Filbert av 
Miller Mathew, broker. Rose al and 41 N 6th 
Miller Matthew T., exchange broker, 76 S 3d, h 

15 S Sch 7th 
MDler Matthias, grocer, 344 S 4th 
Miller Milo M., tobacconist, 33 Brown 
Miller Michael, ostler. Beach ab Walnut 
Miller Moses, shoemr., 218 N 5th 
Miller M. Mrs., gentw., N W 7th & AValnut 
Miller Mrs., doctress, 146 Coates 
Miller Nicholas, blacksmith. Maiden bel Beach 
Miller P. N., plasterer, Charles bel ButtonwooS 
Miller Perry, clothing, 509 High 
Miller Peter, M. D., 93 N 6th 

Miller Peter, grocer, 340 N 5th 

Miller Philip, tavern, c F road and Hanover 

Miller Ralpli, cellar digger, Pearl ab 13th 

Miller Rebecca, washerwoman, rear 3 Gray's al 

Miller Rebecca, tavern, S W Brown and Budd 

Miller Rebecca, c 13th and Pearl 

Miller Robert, cordw., rear 304 St John 

Miller Robert dyer, 1 Mechanic, F M 

Miller Robert, capt. watch. Filbert W Sch 8th 

Miller Robert, waterman, 8 Randall's ct ) 

Miller Samuel jr., att'y & coun., 45i S 5th, h 98 

S 3d 
Miller Samuel, victualler, Shackamaxon n Prince 
Miller Samuel, carp., Marshall ab Brown, h 420 

N 9th 
Miller Samuel, tavern, S E 13th and Sassafras 
Miller Samuel, carp., 50 Shippen 
Miller Samuel, ship carp., 487 S 2d 
Miller Samuel B., carpenter, 146 Franklin 
Miller Samuel lab. Coates n F mount 
Miller Sarah, widow, 63 Coates 
Miller Sarah, shop. Queen n Vienna 
Miller Sarah T., 43 Coates' al 
Miller Susannah, gentwo., Franklin n Spring 

Miller S. A., carp., Callowhill n 13th, h 7 Carl- 
Miller Miss S., P road opp. Plum 
Miller Theobold, baker, Coates n Sch 7th 
Miller Thomas, reed mr., N W 12th & Shippen 
Miller Thomas, rear 324 Callowhill 
Miller Violetta, gentw., Lombard ab Sch Bank 
Miller William Rev., 258 N 7th 
Miller William, sea capt., S W Front and Keefe 
Miller Wm., cordw., 1 Washington row 
Miller William, stone cutter, Jones ct n Sch. 5th 
Miller William, gent., c Sch 8th and Chestnut 
Miller William, gent., 194 Spruce 
Miller William, drayman, 2 Rlttenhouse 
Miller William, turner, 97 G T road 
Miller William, tanner, 163 N 4th 
Miller William, dyer, Cochran 
Miller William, la'b.,5 Bo}le's ct 
Miller Wm., weaver, c 2d and Cadwalader 
Miller Wm., master of the navy yard 
Miller William C, cooper, 7 Harmony court 
Miller William H., silk dyer, 65 N 7th 
Miller William T., tavern, N W Sch. 7th and 

Miller Yocus, ropemr., R road ab 13th 
Millet George, coffee roaster, 549 N 4th 
Millet Thomas, cordw., rear F road bel Prince 
Millette Joseph, type founder, 88 Cedar 
Millette Thos., teacher, N W 13th and Sassafras, 

h 112 N 12th 
Milliac C, bootmr., 218 S 6th 
Milligan Francis, mer., S W 6th and High, h 97 

Milligan George, seaman, 89 Swanson 
Milligan George, tailor, rear 430 S 4th 
Milligan Patrick, pawnbroker, 236 Cedar 
Milligan P. W., social hall, 38 Carter's al 
Milligan Richard, mariner, 38 Union 
Milligan William, blacksmith, 91 S Water 
Milligan William, coachman, Lewis ab Sch 6th 




Millig-an Wm., 3 Southampton ct 

Millig-an William, tailor, Cobb 

MilHken William, 199 Pine 

Millikin Samuel, furniture cars, 202 Sassafras 

Milliman John, collector, 17 Carter's alley 

Millis Nehemiah, cabinet mr., 95 Noble 

Millis William, umbrella mr., 2 N 7th 

Millman Peter, cordw., 284 St John 

Millman Wm., cordw., 284 St John 

Mills Catharine, boarding house, 109 Vine 

Mills Charles P., ex. broker, 52 Carpenter 

Mills George E., hair dresser, S W 9th 8c Cal 

lowhill, h 3 Terr's ct 
Mills Geo. F., clerk, 26 Gebhard 
Mills James, shoemr., 4 Rog-ers' ct 
Mills James, mariner, 33 Spruce 
Mills John, ice, 29 S 5th, h 17 Beach 
Mills John, weaver, Marlborough n Prince 
Mills John, cordwainer, 53 New 
Mills Lewis, Sch ice office, 29 S 5th 
Mills Martha, rear 122 N 11th 
Mills Martha, 45 Brown 
Mills Mary, St John n Globe Mills 
Mills Richai'd, lab., rear 3 Torr's ct 
Mills Samuel, shoemr., 55A N 8th 
Mills Sarah, 3 Culvert ab Charlotte 
Mills Thomas, acct., 86 S 11th 
Mills William, hair dresser, 211 N 9th 
Mills William, weaver, 88 F road bel Otter 
Mills WiUiam, hatter, 147 N 3d 
Mills Wm., carp., Frayley's ct 
Mills William F., hair dresser, 468 N 3d 
Mills William P., druggist, N E 7th & Chestnut 
Miiman James K., carpenter, 28 Jacoby 
Milne David, mer., 21 and h 7 Church alley 
Milne David & Son, com. mers., 21 Chui'ch al 
Milne James, mer., 21 Church al 
Milner Beulah, boarding house, 22 S 3d 
Milner George, groc, St John and Saunders' ct 
Milnor George, plane mr., rear 79 Poplar 
Milnor Nathan, blacksmith, 153 Marshall 
Milnor R. L. Mrs., b h, 22 Mulberry 
Milnor Wm., alderman, office 147 S 6th, h 189 

Milnor Wm., jr., att'y and coun., 25 N 7th 
Milnor Wm. B., clerk, 40 Tammany 
Milward Sarah, Fraley's ct (K) 
Mimmich John, sawmr., 6 Littleboy's ct 
Minch Adam, tavern. Oak ab Noble 
Minch Linhart, lab., rear 4th n Bridge 
Miner Elizabeth, dealer, 14 Stamper's al 
Minford Thomas, grocer, 63 S 2d 
Minford Wm. J. & T., grocers, 63 S 2d 
Mingle Ann, gentw., N Front ab Mulbeny 
Mingle John, machinist, 108 and h 65 N 8th 
Mingle John jr., machinist, 108 N 8th, h 80 Mar- 
Mingle John & Son machinists & brass founders, 

108 N 8th 
Mingle Philip B., mer., 6 High, h 73 N 7th 
Mingle Wm., sea capt., Marshall ab Callowhill 
Mingus P. P., blacksm.. Cherry and Juniper 
Mingy Lewis, tavern, c Beach and Maiden 
Minhinnick Wm., gas fitter, 1 Crocket's ct, h 5 
Filbert av 

Mini John, lamp lilack nianuf., 6th ab Poplar 
Minis James, )ab., rear 277 S 5th 
Mink Anthony, sugar baker, 7 Bingham's ct 
Mink John, seaman, Prime bel M roatl 
Mink Maria, 156 Carpenter 
Minnick Hugh, lab.. Filbert n Sch 3d 
Minnick Jacob, cordw., 4 Porter's ct 
Minnick Joseph, coffee roaster, 150 Callowhill 
Minnick Joseph, 150 Callowhill, h c 5th and 

Minnigerode C, teacher, 64 S 4th 
Minnis Hiram, lab., 2 Dorothy 
Minns Georg'c, limemer., 89 R road, h 231 Wood 
Minow Wm., tailor, 7 Kessler's al 
Minshall Mrs., boarding house, 112 Walnut 
Minster N. D., 3 Lemon 
Minster Sarah, tailoress, 81 German 
Minton Heniy, waiter, Washington ab 11th 
Minton John, carter, 6 Hurst 
Minton Robert, barber, 61 N 5th 
Mintzer Adam, collector 501 N 4th 
Mintzer Frances, 19 Ellen 
Mintzer John, vict., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Mintzer John, variety store, 226 N 3d, h 97 Cal- 
Mintzer Wilham, victualler, 113 Brown 
Mintzer Wm., victualler, Orchard ab George 
Mintzer Wm. G. & Co, fly nets & coach lace, 83 

N 3d, h 65 Tammany 
Mintzer William L., 321 N 3d 
Mintzer Wm. L., cedar cooper, 193 N 3d 
Mirkil John, paper carrier, 13 Coates 
MirkindoUar Philip, lab., 2 Parham 
Miskey A., 6th bel Poplar 
Miskey Wm. F., clerk, 57 Laurel 
Mitchell Abel, c 2d and Edward 
Mitchell Abijah, lab., 2 Jefferson Place 
Mitchell Alex. W., M. D , Walnut ab Broad 
Mitchell Andrew, lab., Hope bel Jefferson 
Mitchell Anthony, printer, 36 Cedar 
Mitchell A. Mrs., 491 S Front 
Mitchell A. & W. G. & Co., import., 6 Chestnut 
Mitchell, Brognard & Co., mere., 91 High 
Mitchell Charles, shoe mr., 98 N 5th 
Mitchell Charlotte, dressmr., N E 6th and Lom- 
Mitchell Daniel, shipcarp., 12 Marion 
Mitchell Ebenezer, clerk, h Sch. 3d bel Chest- 
Mitchell Edward W., hatter, Wagner's ct 
Mitchell Edwin, mer., 91 High 
Mitchell Elijah, mer., S W 2d and High, h 52 

O Y road 
Mitchell Evan, brickmr.. Union ab West 
Mitchell F., Wood bel 12th 
Mitchell & Fitler, 47 S 4th 
Mitchell George, U S mint, h Wood bel 12th 
Mitchell Geoi-ge, ship carp., 6 Wharton 
Mitchell George, shoe mr., 256 S 7th 
Mitchell George H., fancy chair mr., 83 S 3d, h 

83 Mulberry 
Mitchell George W., surveyor and draftsman, 47 

S 4th, h 8 O Y road 
Mitchell Hannah, gentw., 262 Coates 
Mitchell Hannah, b h, S W 8th and Chestnut 




Mitchell H. P., tavern, S E oth ?<. German iMitclu-U W. H., bonnets, 30 S 2d 

Mitchell Jacob D., bonnets, 30 S 2d, h 18 Mor- Mitchener Frances, b h, S E 4th & Branch 

g-an Mitchner Frances, b h, Allen ab Shackamaxon 

Mitchell Jacob, njahogany mer., N E 4th and |Mitcheson Robert, Coates bet 11th & 12lh 


3d & 

Mitchell James, manufacturer. Phoenix ab Cad- 

Mitchell James, 111 Christian 
Mitchell James, chair maker, 119 and h 168 

Mitchell James, M D., 157" S 5th 
Mitchell James, lab., Jones W. Sch S 5th 
Mitchell James & Son grindstones 8ic., 12 and h 

SOY road 
Mitchell James II., mer., 13 S Front, h 439 

Mitchell Jesse, carp., N E c 4th and Master 
Mitchell John, baker, 472 N 4th 
Mitchell John, labourer, 110 Prime 
Mitchell John, baker, 98 W High 
Mitchell John, tailor. Green bel 7th 
Mitchell John C, att'y and coun., 115 S 

h 50 S 4th 
Mitchell John T., painter, Abbott's ct 
Mitchell John M., 451 N 6th ■ 
Mitchell John K., M. D., 288 Walnut 
Mitchell Joseph, furniture, 260 S 7th 
Mitchell Joseph, M. D. & druggist, N W 

Mitchell Joseph, gunsmith, 591 N Front 
Mitchell Joseph, caulker, rear 106 Christian 
Mitchell Joseph B., president Mech's Bank, h 

S E 10th and Morgan 
Mitchell Joshua, alderman, 17 N 6th 
Mitchell Juliet, trimmings, c 4th & Callowhill 
Mitchell J. G., dentist, 110 N 10th 
Mitchell Margaret, 2 Abbot's ct 
Mitchell Margaret, 107 N 5th 
Mitchell Michael, cook, 222 S 7th 
Mitchell M. & II., milliners, 60 Mulberry 
Mitchell M. P., com. mer., 30 S F'ront, h N W 

Sch. 8th and George 
Mitchell Rachel, gentw., 10th bel Fitzwater 
Mitchell Reuben, bricklayer, 2 Beck 
Mitchell Robert, lab., 21 Parham 
Mitchell Robert, carp., 25 Cox 
Mitchell Robert, plasterer, Crabb bel Cedar 
Mitchell Robert, drayman. Barker n Sch. 3d 
Mitchell Robert, lab., Duke ab Hanover 
Mitchell Sinclair, mariner, 9 Pleasant avenue 
Mitchell Susan, drygoods, N E 4tli & Cedar 
Mitchell Samuel, gent., 138 N 9th 
Mitchell Spencer, lab., Marion ab 13th 
Mitchell Thomas, watchman, real- 110 Catharine 
Mitchell Thomas, conveyancer, 50 S 4th, h 

27 Walnut ab Broad 
Mitchell Thomas R., mer., UN Wharves, h 

Sch 7th ab Spruce 
Mitchell T. M., conveyancer, 79 Dock, h Mar- 
shall ab I'arrish 
Mitchell T. & Son, conveyancers, 50 S 4th 
Mitchell Wm., labourer, Sch. 4th n High 
Mitchell Wm., plasterer. Melon bel 10th 
Mitchell Wm., blacksmith. Miles' ct (K) 
Mitchell Wm. F., collector, 39 Green 

Mitchson John, weaver, 4 Little Green 
Mittebberger Christian, 348 N Front 
Mix George C, coach mr., 12 Library 
Mix Rebecca, 16 Short's ct 
Mock Catharine, 522 N 3d 
MoehringG., M. D., 126 S 11th 
Moffett Margaret, Catharine and Front 
MoflTett Robert, weaver, Sch. 4th n Chestnut 
MofTett William, warper, Quany Row, (F M) 
Moffitt Adam, potter, 9th ab Carpenter 
Moffitt A., plasterer, I.,ombard n Sch 
Moffitt Adam, grocer. Beach and Manderson 
Moffitt Archibald, weaver, Callowhill n Wash- 
ington, (F M) 
Moffitt James, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Moffitt James, weaver, 8 Mechanic 
Moffitt John, weaver, 2d ab Jefferson 
Moffitt Martin, lab.. Beach ab Walnut 
Moffitt Richard, grocer, 138 N 2d 
Moffitt Wm., weaver, 8 Mechanic (F M) 
Moggs Matthias, machinist, 2 Lafayette pi 
Mogridge Joseph, 11th bel Locust 
Mogridge Thomas, currier, 129 N 3d, h 22 

Mohl Wm., cakebaker, 84 N 4th 
Moist Henry, seaman, 51 Mead 
Molan Peter, hotel, 3d and Union 
Moland Wm., engraver 22 S 5th 
Molhoun M., dressmaker, 2d ab Reed 
Molinnue Edmund P., cordwr., rear 200 Chris- 
Moll Henry, baker, R road ab Vineyard (F V) 
MoUoy Thomas, cai'd rnanuf., Littleboy's ct 
Molony Ann, shoes, 243 S 3d 
Molony James, gent., N W 7th and Vine 
Molony Matthew, fruiterer, 481 & 418 High 
Moloy Charles, shop, 236 N Water 
Moloy Daniel, carp., Jones W Sch 4th 
Moloy Peter, tavern, 62 Cedar 
Monachesi N., portrait painter, 156 Pine 
Monaghan John, hatter, 85 S 5th 
Monaghan Philip, tallow chandler, Lombard ab 

Monaghan Terence, weaver, 44 Fitzwater 
Monaghon Con., lab., 298 S 4th 
Monahan John, lab., Fairmount (F M) 
Monahan John, lab., 318 S 3d 
Monell Eliza, b li, 66 S 11th 
Monell John J., U S mint, h 7 Carrolton sq 
Money Joseph, corder, Catharine St wharf, h 

S W Queen and Swanson 
Mongan Henry, lab., Hamilton ab Nixon 
Monk John, tinsmith, 186 S 6th 
Monk Thomas, china packer, 1 Laurel 
Monkman Mathers, gold refiner, 9 Franklin pi 
Monnier Daniel, watch mr., 240 S 2d 
Monroe Charles, glue manufacturer, Apple n C 

Monroe James, mer., h 136 N 4th 
Monroe James, brickmr., c Wasliington and Jef- 





Monroe .lulin N., brickmr., c Washington and 

Monroe Samuel Y, druggist, 1 &, 3 Commerce, 

h 163 N 7th 
Monroe Wm. F., shoemr., 55 S 5tli 
Monrose A. F. Ott, importer, Uh S 4th 
Monsey J., boots and slioes, 10th and Coates 
Montare Francis, Bedford bel 12th 
Montayne Benjamin, lab., ct F road ab Stone 

Monteith John, drayman. Cherry bet Sch 5th &, 

Monteith Sarah, Juniper ab Locust 
Monteith Wm., drayman, 200 N 8th 
Montelius & Fuller, mers., 112 High 
Montelius M. St Co., tobacconists, 270 High 
Montelius Marcus, tobacconist, 270 High, h 21 

Montelius Wm., mer., 270 High, li 9 S 9th 
Montelius Wan., mer., 112 High, h 9 S 9th 
Montgomery Abby A., dressmr., Mifflin n Perry 
Montgomery Ann, 8 N 10th 
Montgomery Austin, gent., Walnut ab 8th 
Montgomery A., weaver, Bedford all 12th 
Montgomery A., weaver, Shippen la bel Fitz- 

Montgomery A D., paint. & glaz., 23 N 6th 
Montgomery Chas., cordw.. Phoenix n G T road 
Montgomeiy David, shoemr., 473 N 3d 
Montgomer}' Edw., bootmr., Hamilton n Nixon 
Montgomery Elizabeth, Hanover ab Bedford 
Montgomery George, furniture car, Jones W 

Sch 8th 
Montgomery George, weaver, 13th ab Shippen 
Montgomery George E., attorney, 9th ab Willow 
Montgomery James, weavei", Lombard ab 12th 
Montgomery James, Beach bel Mai'lboro' 
Montgomery James K., gilder, 29 Parker-^ 
Montgomery Jane, shop, 363 Coates 
Montgomery John, 18 Union sq. 
Montgomery John, brickl., Lombard n Sch. 6th 
Montgomery John, stone mason, 252 S 6th 
Montgomery John C, Pres. Little Sch. and Sus. 

R R Co. office 7 S 5th, h 233 Pine 
Montgomery Joseph, carp., Hamilton bet Sch. 

3d & 4th 
Montg'omery Joseph, com. mer., 1 1 S AVater, h 

344 Mulberry 
Montgomery J. R., attorn., office 4th and Wil 

ling's al 
Montgomery Neil, weavei', 6 Spring Mill ct. 

Montgomery Robert, ex. broker, S E 3d & High, 

h 17 Lombai'd 
Montgomery Robert, dealer, 180 Cedar 
Montgomery Saiiiuel, weaver, Lombard n Sch. 

Montgomeiy, Shackford & Ham, mers., 11 S 

Montgomery Wm., variety store. Willow bel 

Montgomery Wm., manuf., 604 N 2d 
Montgomery Wm. J., corsetmr., 51 N 2d 
Montier Frank, waiter, Bedfoi-d n 11th 
Montiev Hiram, bootmi-., 3^ S 7th 

Montier Solomon, cordwaiiier, N lOtli, h 50 

Webb's al 
Montietl) James, lab., 2 .lolmston's ct. 
Monyer Christian, gent., 4tl) bel Master 
Monyer John, high constable, Shackamaxon n 

Moock Mary, widow, 53 Coates 
Mood George, fisherman, Vienna bel Prince 
Mood .John, fisherman, Wood ab Queen 
Mood Mary, Wood ab Queen 
Mood Wm., fisherman, Huston bel Prince 
Mood Wm., fisherman, 28 Dyott's ct. (K) 
Moody David, constable, 8 Lagrange place 
Moody Paul, mer., 203 High, h 57 Gaskill 
Moody Samuel, carp., 215 Shippen 
Moon John, grocer, 15 Fitzvvater 
Mooney Dennis, blacksmith, 92 Dillwyn 
Mooney Hugh, weaver, 16 Lloyd's ct. (K) 
Mooney Hugh, cigar mr., 268 S 4th 
Mooney H., bottler & tavern, S E 1 1th &, George 
Mooney Jacob, vict., St. John n Poplar 
Mooney Jane, Hummel's ct 
Mooney John, looking-glass manuf., 16 N 6th 
Mooney John, teacher, 36 Vine, h 18 Oak 
Mooney John, lab., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Mooney Joseph, waterman, Aydelott's ct. 
Mooney Mary Ann, tavern, 12 S 6th, h 11 S 

Mooney Patrick, tailor, Kelly's ct. 
Mooney Thomas, blacksm., George ab Broad, h 

Lewis ab Sch. 6th 
Mooney Wm., foundry, Washington. (AV P) 
Mooney Wm., moulder, 352 N 3d 
Moore Aaron, bootmr., R road. (F V) 
Moore Abednego, wire mr., 126 Budd 
Moore Alfred, mariner, 44 Mead 
Moore Alexander, oyster house, c R road and 

Moore Andi'ew, weaver, Ann n 13th 

Moore Andrew, brushmr., 85 N 3d 

Moore Andrew, hackman, 44 Quince 

Moore Ann, Christian ab P road 

Moore Archibald, weaver, 6 Dorothy 

Moore Asher Rev., 159 Catharine 

Moore A. W., trimmings, 10th ab Melon 

Moore A. P., printer, 5 Ann 

Moore Benjamin, surveyor, 597 N 2d 

Moore Benjamin, agent, 71 Gaskill 

Moore B. A., builder, 180 N 11th 

Moore Benjamin E., tailor, 102 Chestnut, h 352 
S 3d 

Moore Benjamin L., shoes, 294 N 2d, h 200 
N 4th 

Moore Caroline, Providence ct. 

Moore C, bleeder, IS S 12th 

Moore & Campion, cabinet makers, 161 S 2d 

Moore Carlton R., mer., 87 High. 

Moore Charles, turner, rear 8 Cresson's al. 

Moore Charles, drayman, 4th below George 

Moore Charles, carpenter, Slirader's ct, 259 

Moore Charles, carp., 4 Franklin 

Moore Charles, cooper, Parrish n 8th. 

Moore Charles, victualler, 265 N 8th. 




Moore Charles, surg. instrument manufacturer, 

Linden bel Green. 
Moore C M., dry goods, 34 Arcade, h 14 Union 

Moore D., tancy store, 40 N 6th. 
Moore Daniel, cai'ter. Rose al ab Green. 
Moore David B., mariner, 35 Queen 
Moore David P., undertaker, 181 Mulberiy, h 

19 N7th 
Moore David W., tailor, 379 S 3d 
Moore Dickenson, messenger. Carpenter bel P 

Moore Edward, carp., Hanover ab Bedford 
Moore Edwin, lab., Lombard n Sch. 4th 
Moore Eli, machinist, Carlton ab Sch. 8th 
Moore Eliza Mrs., gentw., 71 Pine 
Moore Elizabeth, gentw., Jefferson pi. 
Moore Elizabeth, clothes, 15 Spruce 
Moore Elizabeth, gentw., 2 Black's ct. 
Moore Eunice, shop, 288 S 4th 
Moore E. S., tailor, 1 Robmson's ct. 
Moore E. Mrs., b h, 42 Mulberry 
Moore Francis C, tailor, 150 Locust 
Moore Francis C, shoemr., rear 26 N 6th 
Moore Francis J., tailor, 100 Locust. 
Moore Gabriel, paper manufacturer, Edward n 

Moore Gaylord L. Rev., 22 Nixon. (F M) 
Moore George, ship carp., 263 S 4th 
Moore George, skin dresser, Coates ab 9th 
Moore Gideon, carp., Logan ab Green. 
Moore G. B., painter, Howell's ct., h 34 S 3d 
Moore Green, sweep, 28 Bonsall. 
Moore G. Mrs., 9th and Catharine 
Moore & Harper, commission mer., 5 Dock St. 

Moore Heniy, oysterman, rear 91 P road 
Moore Henry, morocco dresser, 442 N 4th, shop 

Willow bel 2d. 
Moore Henry B., vict., 11 Dilk's ct. 
Moore Hester, 166 Ciierry 
Moore, Heyl & Co., hardware, 139 High 
Moore Horatio, 3d bel Carpenter 
Moore Horatio E., plasterer, 31 Apple. 
Moore Hugh, locksmith 8c bellhanger, 4 Lo- 
Moore Jacob, carter. Pearl bel 13th. 
Moore James, printer, 31 Carter's al. 
Moore James, cordwainer, 27 Beck 
Moore James Rev., 72 Wood 
Moore James, tailor, 63 N 3d 
Moore James, hatter. Nectarine bel 11th 
Moore James M., ship carp., 470 S Front 
Moore James S., furniture car, 4 Mint court 
Moore Jane, Penn bel Cedar 
Moore Jeremiah, shoe mr., 20 Sugar al 
Moore Jesse, tavern, 427 High 
Moore John, dry goods, 256 N 2d 
Moore John, lab., 5 Burr's ct. 
Moore John, tailor, 323 Vine 
Moore John, grocer, Sch, 2d ab James 
Moore John, Sch. 5th n Bush Hill 
Moore John, sail maker, 252 Lombard 
Moore John, carter, 4 Gribble's ct. 
Moore John, tavern, 32 N 7th 

Moore John, carp., 11 St. James, h 53 Filbert 

Moore John, carpenter, 118 Dillwyn 

Moore John jr., carp., rear 118 Dillwyn 

Moore John D., hair cutter, 40 Pnme. 

Moore John G., bricklayer, 129 N 13th 

Moore John W., mer., 15 Minor, h 367 N 

Moore John W., M. D., 63 Spruce 

Moore Joseph, wire manuf., 126 Budd 

Moore Joseph, carpt., Callowhill and William 

Moore Joseph, carpenter, c Truxton and Budd 

Moore Joseph, grocer, N W 12th and Cedar 

Moore Joseph D., grate maker, Wharton bel 

Moore Justus E., dentist, 49 S 5th. 

Moore J. D., hair cutter, 215 Chestnut, h 40 m 
Prune m 

Moore &. Keller, painters, 34 S 3d ' 

Moore Leaming, mer., Ill High. 

Moore Lydia, 2 Jefferson row 

Moore Marmaduke, merchant, 139 Higli, h 279 

Moore Mary, groceries, 40 Garden 

Moore Mary Mrs., 192 Cherry. 

Moore Mary, c Sch. 2d & Wood. 

Moore Maiy, b h, 345 Lombard. 

Moore Mary, shop, Queen ab Waixen. (K) 

Moore M., jr., tavern, 329 High. 

Moore P., brushmr., N E Budd and York ct. 

Moore P. Mrs., washer, 15 Hoffman's al 

Moore Rachel, b h, 117 Cherry 

Moore Rachel, 10 Carlton sq 

Moore Richard S., Penna. Bank, li 144 Marshall 

Moore Robert M., merchant, 183 High, h 4 Pal- 
myra sq. 
Moore Robeson, mer., 5 Dock st wharf, h 217 

Mooi^ Robinson R., inspector, 266 Lombard 
Moore Samuel, bootmaker, 303 Walnut, h Adams 

ab Perry 
Moore Samuel, pres. Hazelton Coal Co., office S 

E Walnut &. 2d, h 65 Spruce. 
Moore Samuel, bookbinder, N W 5th St Cherry. 

h 16 Franklin 
Moore Samuel J., dentist, 105 S 9th 
Moore Sarah Mrs., 13 Belmont place. 
Moore Sarah, washer. Little Pine 
Moore &. Stuart, anthracite iron ware, 42 N 2d 
Moore Thomas, mer., 26 S wharves, h 22 New 

Moore Thomas, carp., Wood ab Sch. 2d 
Moore Thomas, dyer and scourer, 136 Cherry 
Moore T. H., cabinetmr., 161 S 2d 
Moore William Rev., 5 Pleasant av 
Moore Wilham, cedar cooper, 274 N 8th 
Moore William, manuf., 644 N'2d. 
Moore William, grocer, 27 Plum 
Moore William, ropemr.. Reed bel Front 
Moore William, weaver. Crown ab Prince 
Moore William, labourer, 18 Stamper's al 
Moore William, printer, rear 6 Carpenter 
Moore AVilliam, lab., Sch. 2d n Lombard 
Moore William, lab., c Sch. 2d and Filbert 
Moore William morocco dresser, 100 Green 
Moore William, dyer, G T road bel PhcEnix 

MO It 



Moore William H., fimiisliing' undertaker, 181 

Moore William R., painter, 29 Union 
Moore William W., drugtyist, N W 2nd and 

Moore W, W., b li, 4 N 8th 
Moorehead Joseph, grocer, S W 6th and Spring 

Moorhouse Samuel, mariner, 57 M road. 
Moran Edward, labourer, 4 Sj^^af 's al 
Moran Thomas, shoenuv, 26 iTudd 
Moran William C, manufacturer, 6 Lagrange. 
Morehead Turner, forwarding and com. mer., 14i 

Minor, h 260 N 7th. 
Moreo Peter, lab., 25 Appletree al. 
Morfits Campbell, chymist, Palmer ab Prince 
Morgan Ann, dres.s cap, 11th bel Locust 
Morgan & Bacon, grocers, 180 N Front 
Morgan Barbara, shopkeeper, G T road bel 

Morgan Bennet, labourer, 6 Rudolph's ct 
Morgan, Buck h Co., mers., 97 High. 
Morgan Catharine, b h, 231 Mulberry 
Morgan Catharine Mrs., 1 1 Mead. 
Morgan, Ci'utcher & Co., mers., 12 N 4th 
Morgan Daniel, coachman, 168 Pine 
Morgan Daniel Jr., coachman, 10 Little Fine 
Morgan David, livery stable, Russell bel Ship- 
Morgan David B., grocer, S W Sch 6th &. 

Morgan Delilah, 12 German 
Morgan Elizabeth, 262 N 4th 
Morgan Ehzabeth, gentw., 183 S 5th. 
Morgan Elizabeth, 33 Palmyra square 
Morgan Franklin H., merchant, 12 N 4th, h Wal 

nut n Sch. 7th 
Morgan George, shoemaker, Front bel Prime 
Morgan George, coachman, 21 Tammany 
Morgan Jacob, ship carp., Rye bel Mackey 
Morgan James, upholsterer, h 164 N 2d 
Morgan James, carter, 18 Fitzwater 
Morgan J. F. & L. R., carpenters, Lawrence ab 

Morgan James F., carp., Lawrence ab 12th, h 17 

Morgan Joel, razor strop maker, 21 S Sch. 6th 
Morg-an John, carpet weaver, Lily al 
Morgan John, weaver. Crown bel Prince 
Morgan Joseph, dry goods, 351 High 
Morgan Joseph, tailor, 2 Providence ct 
Morgan Lewis R., carpenter, Lawrence ab 12th 

h Barker ab Sch. 6th. 
Morgan Maria, trimmings, 390 N 3d 
Morgan Martha, Sch. 2d ab Vine. 
Morgan Mary, 55 Queen 
Morgan Mary Mrs., b h, 181 N 6th. 
Morgan R., 161 N Front 
Morgan Richard, 28 Cedar 
Morgan Thomas, mer., 42 Pine 
Morgan Thomas P., painter, 92 Cedar 
Morgan T. M., grocer, S W Sch 6th and Locust 
Morgan T. W. & Co., mers., 9 S wharves 
Morgan William, porter, rear 446 S Front 
Morgan William, skin dresser, rear Smith's al 

Morgan William C, mer., 97 High, h 329 N 6ll» 
Morgan & Yolio, dry goods, 351 High 
Morgridge .lolni, teacher, S W 5th & Mulberry, 

li (irear ab 11th. 
Moriarty James, blacksmith, rear 13 Plum 
Moriarty Patrick U. G., 1). 1)., St. Augustine's 

church, li Crown ab Sassafras. 
Morin Alexander (I., die sinker and chaser, 170 

Morley Wm., jr., stocking weaver, 243 S 6th 
Morony Matthew, clerk, 438 Sassafias. 
Morony William, tavern, 57 Dock 
Morozzi Angelo, jeweller, 279 S 2d 
Morrell Adeline, mantua maker, 168 S 3d. 
Mon-ell Alexander, trader, 18 Vaux ct 
Morrell Amanda, milliner, 257 S 3d 
Moi-rell Ann, widow, 56 S lltii 
Morrell & Co., carpenters, Crockett's ct 
Morrell Charles R., acct., 63 S 11th 
Morrell David, merchant, 28 N 4th, h 181 Sas- 
Morrell H. Elizabeth, gentw., 110 S 8th 
Morrell Golder, confectioner, 296 S Front 
Morrell James, combmaker, 15 Penn 
Morrell James, sec'ry Phila. and Trenton R. Co., 

h 96 Marshall. 
MoiTell James H., coal mer., 13 Arcade 
MoiTell Mary, 6 Willow ct 
Morrell Robert E., conveyancer, 303 Sassafras 
MoiTell Robert F., carpenter, 303 Sassafras 
Morrell Robert B., grinder, c Otter and Hope 
Morrell Wm. B., carpenter, Crocket's ct, h 208 

Morrell Wm. H. G., 50 Mechanic 
Morris Aaron, carter. Queen n F I'oad. 
Mori'is Abigail, 12th bel Cherry 
Mon-is A. P., real estate broker, 72 Dock, h 287 

Morris Ann Mrs., gentw\, 93 S 8th. 
Morris Archibald, dealer, 376 S 3d 
Morris Bartholomew, bootmaker, 60 Sassafras 
Morris Benjamin, porter, 365 Cedar 
Morris Benjamin, cordw., 69 N 2d, h 31 Coates 
Morris Benjamin, Broad and Paper al 
Morris C. M., merchant, 39 N Front, h 250 

Morris C. W., M. D., 356 Chestnut. 
Morris David, cordwainer, Hope ab Otter 
Morris Eliza, school, 314 Vine 
Morris Francis, shop, 205 Shippen 
Morris G. W., brushmr., 18 N 3d, h 125 N 12th 
Morris Henry, coal grate manuf., S E 3d Sc Wal- 
nut, h 207 Spruce 
Morris Henry, agent, Sch 7th ab Filbert 
Moms, HoUingshead & Co., dyers, office UN 

Morris Isaac, lab., 252 Lombard 
Morris Isaac, cordw., S W Ehzabeth Si Poplar 
Morris Isaac P., iron founder, 144 S 4th 
Morris Israel, machinist, 2 Turner 
Morris Israel, iron mer., S W Sch. 7th and High, 

h 280 Filbert 
Mon-is James, cordwainer, 42 German 
Morris James, sailor, 101 Lombard 
Morris Jehu, cordw., 101 Poplar 




Morris John, brass foundder, Allen ab Shacka- 

Mori is John, carpenter, 5th ab Green 
Morris John, 1st teller Far. & Mec. Bank, h 192 

Morris John, brushmaker, 2 Roney's ct 
Morris John, grocer, N E Tth and Green 
Morris John, rear 115 Queen 
Morris John, machinist, 11 Mechanic 
Morris John, carp., Barker n Sch. 6th 
Morris John, painter, 76 Noble 
Morris &. Jones, iron mers., S W Sch. 7th and 

Morris Joseph, waiter, Nicholas' ct (K) 
Mon-is Joseph, measiu-er, N W 12th and Cherry 
Morris Joseph, vict.. Mud la bel Front 
JJorris Joseph, hatter, 12 Chancery lane 
Morris Joseph M., black and whitesmith, 121 N 

10th, h 10 Castle 
Morris Josiah, dry goods, 335 High 
Morris J. W., carp., 261 N 7th 
Morris J. & W., dry goods, 335 High 
Morris Latitia, washer, Crabb ab Shippen 
Morris Levi, iron founder, 2 Clinton sq 
Morris Levi & Co., iron founders and steam en- 
gine manuf, c High & Sch 7th 
Morris Lewis S., stevedore, 26 Union 
Morris I^ittleton, sawyer, 3 Dickson's al 
Morris Mary Mrs., gentw., 205 Spruce 
Morris Middleton, 286 Coates and 286 Vernon 
Morris Morris, painter, Dugan bel Spruce 
Morris Rebecca, shop, 310 N Front 
Morris Patrick, tavern, 144 Cedar 
Morris Philip, lab.. School ab Rose 
Morris P. J., carp., Sch. 3d ab Callowhill 
Morris Rachel, gentw., Brown and High Bridge 
Morris Robert, M. D., 301 Spi-uce 
Morris Robert, editor Pennsylvania Inquirer, h 

354 Vine 
Morris Robert, house and sign painter, 202 N 

Front, h Brown bel Front 
Morris Robert G., mer., UN Front 
Morris Samuel, tailor, 5th ab Green 
Morris Samuel, grocer, 242 Christian 
MoiTis Samuel, grocer, 236 Christian 
Morris Samuel B., wheelwriglit. Carpenter bel P 

road h c P road aiid Christian 
Morris Samuel C, tailor, 23 Queen, h 5th ab 

Moms Sarah, sempstress, 1 Steal's ct 
Morris Stephen P., h N E 8th and Spruce 
Morris, Tasker & Mon-is, manuf. coal grates and 

welded iron pipes, and iron founders, S E 

3d and Walnut 
Morris Thomas, confect.. Carpenter bel P road 
Morris Thomas, carpenter, 253 N 7th 
Morris Thomas Y., tin smith, 3^ N 8th, h 4 S 13tli 
Morris Thompson, coachman, Lewis ab Sch 7th 
Morris Warder, druw'gist, 45 N 3d 
Mon-is William, watchmaker, 85 Gaskill 
Mon-is William, cabinetmaker, 361 Cedar 
Morris William, turner, 23 Cox 
Moms William, cordwainer, 8 Budd 
Morris William, acct., 65 Sassafras 
Morris William, grocer, Marlboro' and Queen 

Mon-is William, saddler and harness mr, 56 S 5th 
Morris William, mer., 31 S 2d 
Mon-is Wm. & R. G., dyers, UN Front 
Morris William H., 30 N Front, h 185 S 9th 
Morris William M., di-y goods, 335 High 
Morris Wistar, S E 3d and Walnut 
Morrison Andrew, constable, 4 Garden 
Momson Ann, Allen's ct 
Morrison Anthony, lab., Sch. Front and Cedar 
Morrison Benj., <i|rp., Lombaixl bel 12th 
Morrison David, Weaver, 4th ab Master 
Momson Edw'd. W., mer., 143 Higii, h 271 N 7th 
Morrison Elizabeth, teacher, 144 S 9th 
Morrison Harriet, sliop, S E 10th and Bonsall 
Morrison Horatio T., shop, 419 N Front 
Morrison Isabella, furnishing store, N E c 4th 

and Chestnut 
Morrison James, carter, 1 Mifflin 
Morrison James, lab., Jones W Sch. 5th 
Morrison James, carp., Mark's la ab 11th 
Morrison John, stonecutter, Ann n Powell (F V) 
Morrison John, cabinetmr., 2d n Mackey 
Morrison John W., carpenter, 112 Crown 
Morrison Joseph, sail mr., 159 N Front 
Morrison Margaret, 232 S 3d 
Morrison Mary, 16 Howard 

Moi-rison Robert, druggist, S W 13th and Fil- 
Morrison Thomas, grocer, 120 Swanson 
Morrison Thomas, labourer, 136 S 12th 
Momson William, brewer, N W 10th and Fil- 
bert, h 300 Mulberry 
Morrissey John, tavern, N W Water and Sassafras 
Morrow James, gent, 2d n Franklin 
Morrow James, weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la 
Morrow John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Morrow Mary, N W 3d and Franklin 
Morrow Mary, c Cherry & Juniper 
Morse Geo. W., card manuf, 224 Noble 
Morson Charles E., surg. inst. maker, Ogden n 

Morss Thomas L., carpenter, 15 Coombes' al 
Mort Joseph, clerk, 39 Palmyra sq 
Mort Wm., agent, 39 Palmyra sq 
Morton Anna, 411 Mulberry 
Morton Benjamin, carpenter, 328 S 2d 
Morton Charles, acct., Lewis n Sch. 7th 
Morton Charles, Crown n Queen (K) 
Morton David, carpenter, Clifton ab Shippen 
Morton Elliott, mariner, 19 Union 
Morton P'rancis, M. D., 366 N Front 
Morton George, silver plater, 2 Farr 
Morton Henrietta, 110 Lombard 
Morton Henry J. Rev., 58 Filbert 
Morton John Mrs., Master ab Howard 
Morton James, 179 Christian 
Morton Jolin H., wheelwright, 7 Garden 
Morton Mark, cabinetmaker, 105 Lombard 
Morton Matthias, grocer, 47 Apple 
Morton Mary G., 'b h, 31 S lOtli 
Morton Robert, M. D., 99 N lOtli 
Morton Samuel, hotel, Washington (W P) 
Morton Samuel, bricklayer, Wiieat bel Keefe 
Morton Samuel C, mer., 70 S wharves 
Morton Samuel G., M. D., 431 Mulberry 




Morton Sarah, 49 Catharine 
Morton & Shivers, carpenters, 282 S 3cl 
Morton Thomas, harness maker, 22 Branner's al 
Morton Tiiomas, shoemaker, (Carlton ah 13th 
Morton Thomas 11., iron founder, 526 N Front 
Morton Walter, hosiery, 8 S 2d, h 440 Callow- 
Morton William, carp., Callowhill n Sch. 3(1, h 

George n Sch. 6th 
Moser Charlotte, g-entw., 254 N 7th 
Moser Elizabeth, milliner, 192 Chestnut 
Moser Jacob, victualler. Queen n Palmer 
Moser Matthias, marketman, 83 George 
Moses Ezekiel, lab., Cobb 
Moses Gratz, M. D., 12 Belmont pi 
Moses John, clothing vender, 231 Cedar 
Moses John B., sawyer, 402 S 
Moses Manuel, 34^ N 2d 
Moses Moses, b h, 172 N 4th 
Mosley George, furniture, Cedar ah 3d 
Mosley George H., carp., 1 Orleans 
Mosley Isaac, waiter, 37 Bonsall 
Mosley Samuel, cabinetmaker, 278 Cedar 
Mosley William, cage maker, 147 Cedar 
Moss Catharine, 126 Catharine 
Moss Charles L., carter, Hope ab Otter 
Moss Edward, labourer, 6 Wiley's ct 
Moss E. L., mer., 215 High, h 22 Washington 

Moss Isaac M., quill manuf. bookseller and .sta- 
tioner, 4 S 4th 
Moss James P., upholsterer, 70 S 4th 
Moss John, gent., 189 Spi-uce 
Moss John, tailor, 133 Cedar 
Moss John I) , lab., 14 Mary 
Moss John, R road and Turner's lane (F V) 
Moss Joseph L., mer., h 370 Walnut 
Moss Joseph M., 89 S Front, h n c R road and 

Turner's lane 
Moss Michael, stove finisher, Wiley's ct 
Moss Thomas, coop., Jacoby ab Cherry 
Moss Thomas G., mer., 140^ High 
Moss William, broker, c 5th and Callowhill 
Moss Wm. A., upholsterer, 31 N 8th 
Mossop John, bootmaker, 35 N 4th 
Most Eleanor Mrs., 52 New 
Most Henry, gunsmith, 370 N 6th 
Mott Aaron, dyer, 129 N 12th 
Mott Edward T., mer., 47 N 3d, h 233 Coates 
Mott James, wool mer., 36 Church alley, h 136 

Mott & Schober, china and glass, 47 N 3d 
Mott William B., Front ab Otter 
Motz A. H., 58 S whai-ves and 110 Chestnut 
Mouat James, lab., 2 Roberts' ct 
Moulden Wm., ship carp.. Queen ab Crown 
Moulder Joseph, ship carp.. Front n Federal 
Moulder Margaret, 24 Pear 
Moulder Martha, 11 Sassafi-as 
Moulder William, box maker, 11 Sassafras 
Moulson John, loco foco match manuf, 160 S 2d 
Moult Arthur A., hardware, 228 S 2d 
Motdt Heni-y, hardware, 206 S 2d 
Moult William, cotton mer., 268 N 3d 
Moulton G30. F., prof lang., 163 N 11th 

Moulton Samuel, carp., 4th bel Frankhn (K) 

Mount C. Mrs., h h, 10 Locust 

Mount E., cabinetmaker, 3d ab Wa-shington 

Mount Edward, manner, 1 Ross' ct 

Mount Joseph, tavern, 306 Sassafhis 

Mount Saraii, tailoress, 34 Susar al 

Mount Sarah, whitewasher, 247 S 7tli 

Mountain C. II., architect, 113 S 6th 

Mountain Edward, plast'r.. Carpenter bel Broad 

Mountain Joseph, oyster.s, 328 S 3d 

Mountford John, stoves, 57 N Front 

Moutard Henry, drayman. Brook 

Mower Francis D., tavern. Locust and Beach 

Mowery Andrew, victualler, 293 Callowhill 

Mowery Jacob, bookbinder, Vernon bel 11th 

Mowery, Philip, stone mason, Vernon bel 11th 

Mowser Ludwig, carp., 593 N 3d 

Moxley Ellen, widow. High n Sch 3d 

Moxley Margaret, baker, 96 N 13th 

Moxley Wm., weaver, Grim's ct 

Moyer Adam, shoemr., Hause's ct 

Moyer Charles, saddler, Queen bel Palmer 

Moyer Edward P., mer., 38 &. 250 High, h W 
Penn sqr 

Moyer Isaac, cunier, 55 Brown 

Moyer Jacob, trunk and collar maker, 11 Bread, 
h Shackamaxon ab Beach 

Moyer & Scott, trunk and coUar manufs., 11 

Moyer Thomas & Son, saddle and harness makers, 
38 & 250 High, h W Penn sq 

Moyes Mary, gentw., 119 Pine 

Moyn M. Mrs., 353 S 6th 

Moyn Wilham, bootmaker, 98 S 3d 

Much Adam, ship carp., 2d bel Washington 

Much Eliza, oysters, 290 S 4th 

Mudge S., variety store, 16 N 3d, h 246 High 

Muhlenberg D., iron founder, office N E 9th & 
Vine, h 295 Sassafras 

Muir Alexander, carpenter, 184 S 4th 

Muir Andrew, hatter, 358 High, h 126 Filbert 

Muir James S., quill manuf., 96 Spruce 

Mulford & Alter, grocers, 247 High 

MuIfordCatliarine, 55 Catharine 

Mulford Geo. J., bricklayer. Nectarine bel 9th 

Mulford Jacob W., mer., 55 High, h 147 Dillwyn 

Mulford James M., mer., T5 High 

Mulford John, Jr., gi-ocer, 247 High, h 16 Mar- 

Mulford Jonathan, mer., 15 High, h 30 Button- 

Mulford Maria, b. h., 29 N 9th 

Mulford & Taber, mers., 55 High 

Mulford Wm. T., mer., 75 High 

Mulgeaw Patrick, tavern, c Clay and Beach 

Mulhollan George Jr , for. and com. mers., Mul- 
beiTy St whf. Sch., h 18 S 6th 

MulhoUand James, skin dresser, 72 Shippen 

Mulholland Michael, lab.. Cooper bel Sch. 2i. 

MulhoUand WiUiam, jeweller, 116 Budd 

Mull John, 18 N 5th 

Mullen A. & Son, tobacco, 5 S Water 

Mullen Ambrose, mer,, 5 S Water, h Pine ab 

Mullen Arthur, b h, 13 Chestnut 




Mullen Charles, labourer, 4 Gebhard 
Mullen Dennis, lab., Jones n Sch 6th 
Mullen Dennis, skin dresser, Grear ab 11th. 
Mullen Edward, china nier., 133 N 9th 
Mullen Frederick, grocer, 197 S 7th 
Mullen Hugh, lab.. Beach n George 
Mullen Isaac, tavern, 418 N 4th 
Mullen Isaac, grocer, S E 2d and Master. 
Mullen J., blacksmith, 335 S 2iid, h 4 Cox 
Mullen James, 106 Walnut 
Mullen Mary A., dress mr., 91 N 6th 
Mullen Mary, talloress, AVashington bel 2d 
Mullen Michael, coacliman, 4 Juniper al 
Mullen Patrick, bootmr., 18 Gaskill 
Mullen Patrick, grocer, N E 13th and Locust 
Mullen Samuel & Sons, tailor, 318 Callowhill 
Mullen Thomas, nier., 5 S Water, h Pine ab 9th 
Mullen William, shoemaker, 302 S 2d 
Mullen Wm., grocer, Washington. (W P) 
Mullen William C, bricklayer, 10th ab Green 
Mullen Zephaniah, cap maker, 13 Boyd's av 
MuUer Charles, carp., AVashington. (AA'' P) 
MuUhern Michael, Hay's ct (K) 
MuUigan Charles P., saddler, Coates ab 6th 
Mulligan Francis, lab., Coates n Fairmount 
Mulligan Nicholas, waiter. Filbert n Sch 3d 
MuUiken Madaline, b. h., 182 Sassafras 
MuUikin Hdlary, coach maker, c 7th & George, 

h 112 N 8th 
MulUkin Samuel N., tobacconist, 348 N 2d 
Mullin James, rigger, 5 Callowhill 
Mullin James, blacksmith, ct n Vine ab Sch 8th 
Mullin James, tailor, 13th ab Locust. 
Mullin James, shoemr., 263 Shippen 
Mullin Mar)', shop 10 Hui-st. 
Mullin M., miUiner, 47 S 2d. 
Mullin Thomas, dentist, S 5th bel Pine 
Mullin Thomas, coach spring maker, Sch. 8th 

ab Callowhill 
Mullin AVm., cordw., 35 Vienna 
Mullin Wm., Goldsmith's ct 
Mullin AA'm J , dial mr., 6 Townsend's ct 
MuUins Edward, hardware, 137^ High, h 133 N 

MuUison William, bricklayer, 63 Tammany 
Mulock Geo., currier, G T road ab Thompson 
Mulock George, stone cutter, 65 Franklin. 
Mulock L., b. h., 316 High 
Mulock Sarah, 10 Lybrand 
Mumbauer Jacob, blacksmith, 24 George 
Mulony Charles morocco dresser, Emslie's al 
Mumford Charles, acct., 221 AVood ab 12th 
Mumford E. AV., engineer, 144 Chestnut 
Mumford Thomas H., engraver, 28 Perry. 
Munachere M., 6th ab Poplar. 
Manbymore Jacob, reflector manuf., 179 St John 
Munce Sylvester, oysterman, 28 Bread 
Mundall Deborah H., teacher, 101 S 5th 
Munday Geo. H., carver & guilder, 12 bhriver's 

Mundy AVilliam, cordwainer, 123 New 
Mungan Mary, Carlton ab Sch. 8th. 
Munn Daniel, grocer, 116 Plum 
Munn James, lab., rear 114 Plumb. 
Munn John O., hatter, Elmes' ct. 

Munn Pati-ick, lab., rear 114 Plum. 

Munns D. L., seedsman, 65 Chestnut 

Munsej' James J., cordw., 41 Apple 

Munsig AV'illiam., gas fitter, Lodge bel 8th, h 3 

Lodge al. 
Murdock EsUier, ^\•idow, 2 Girard 
Murdock Geo. D., tailor, Shafer's ct 
Murdock James E., comedian, 372 Cedar 
Murdock Joseph, weaver, 2d and Cadwalader 
Murdock Thomas Jr., fruit store, 269 N 2d 
Mm-dock Samuel, ruler, 5 Turner 
Murgitroyde R., tavern, S W A^aughan & AA'alnut 
Murphey S., M. D., N AV 12th and Mulberry 
Murphrey Abigal, 218 N 7th 
Murphy Alexander, 173 N Front 
Murphy Alexander, grocer, 80 Phmi 
Murphy Andrew, lab., 68 Swanson 
Murphy AndreV, lab., Sch Front and South 
Murphy Ann, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Murphy A., shop, 207 Shippen 
Murphy A., bricklayer, c Sch. 6th and Ann 
Murphy B., sawyer, Hanover ab Bedford 
Murphy Charles, grocer, 606 S 2d 
Murphy D., coal grate maker, 34 N 6tli 
Murphy Daniel, weaver, rear 563 N 3d 
Murphy Daniel, dry goods, F i-oad n Allen 
Murphy David, comb maker, 1 Broadbent's ct 
Murphy Edward, carter, 12th n Cedar 
Murphj'^ Edward, cooper, 2 Myer's ct 
Murphy Elizabeth, milliner, 82 N 4th 
Murphy Eliza, shop, 162 S 5th. 
Murphy G., distiller. High n Sch. 4th 
Murphy J., grocer, 48 Fitzwater. 
Murphy Jacob, carp., Hanover n Prince 
Murphy James, mer., 26 N 2d 
Murphy James, cai-ter. Emerald bel Sch. 6th 
Murphy James, cabt mr., 30 and h 32 S 5th 
Murphy James, gi'ocer, S AV Adams and Fitz- 

Murphy John, dealer, 489 High 
Murphy John, harness maker, 310 S 2d. 
Murpliy John, Sch 3d ab High 
Murphy John, lab., Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 
Murphy John, moulder, Queen ab Hanover. 
Murphy John, labourer, Hopkins' ct (K) 
Murphy John, watchman, rear 15 N 13th 
Murphy John, stone mason, 11th ab Milton 
Murphy John, blacksmith. Broad bel Vine, h 

Vine bel Broad. 
Murphy John, drayman. Marble ab 10th 
Murphy John A., mer., 2d ab High, h 250 Filbert 
Murphy John K., high constable, 21 Dean 
Murphy J. P., bricklayers Carlton 
Murpiiy J., cabtmr., 7th and Pine, h 5th and 

Murpliy Matthew, weaver, Marriott bel 6th. 
Murphy Martin, morocco and leather, 87 S 5th, 
Murphy Man-, gentw., F road n West. 
Murphy Miles, cooper, 3 Point Pleasant av 
Murphy Miles, tailor, 211 N 9th 
Murphy Maurice, cordw., Shackamaxon n Bed- 
Murpliy Robert, inst. maker, 124 N Front. 
Murphy Rosanna, 2 Mifflin 
Murphy Sarah, sempstress, 77 Swanson. 




Murphy Sarah, shop keeper, Queen n Hanover 

Murphy Sarah, Queen n Vienna. 

Murphy Susan E., 114 Cherry. 

Murphy Theresa, widow 117 Coates 

Murphy Thomas, surg. inst. maker, 60 N 6th. 

Murphy Thomas, locksmith, 295 Mulberry, li 3 
Howard's ct 

Murphy Thomas, carter. Pearl bel Broad. 

Murphy Timothy, 183 N Front 

Murphy William, ship joiner, Hanover n Bedford. 

Murphy Wm., carp., Crown bel Prince 

Murphy Wm. C, painter, 52 Spruce 

Murphy William F., book binder, 169 AVood. 

Murphy William N., sacking bottom mr., 5 S 
Front, h 59 Pine. 

Murphy William P., grocer, 20 P road. 

MuiTay Albert M., tin smith, 334 High 

Murray Alex., comb manuf., F road ab Queen. 

Murray Ann, 198 N Water. 

Murray Beauchamp, weaver, 9th bel Christian 

Murray Catharine, tavern, 177 S Fi-ont 

Murray Catliarine, 17 Noble. 

Murray Charles W., stereotyper, 11 Perry. 
Murray Daniel, lab., Biddle's al 

MuiTay Daniel, carpenter, 3 Liberty ct 
Murray Edward, coachman, Budden's al. 
Mun-ay Eliza, trimmings, R road, F V 
Murray Ellen, shop, Sch 6th bel Chestnut 
Murray Francis, grocer, N W Swanson & Catha- 
Murray Georg-e E,, dentist, 59 Lombard, h 11th 

n Milton 
Mui'ray George, watchman, Ann ab 12th 
Murray & Harris, livery stables, 43 S 4th 
Murray Henry, confectioner, 137 Locust 
Murray Isaac, Pearl ab 13th 
Murray James, book binder, 8th n Buttonwood. 
Murray James, lltli bel Locust 
Mui'ray Jeremiah, 6 George 
Murray John, waiter, 59 George 
Murray John, visiter of the poor, 123 Catharine 
Murray John, weaver, 3 Clymer 
Mixrray John, weaver, G T road n Jefferson 
Murray John, manuf G T road bel Phoenix 
Mun-ay John, blacksmith, 42 Spruce, h 5 Little 

MuiTay John, tavern, S AV Penn and Pine 
Murray John D., lab., 3 Wagner's al. 
Murray John E currier, 209 Callowhill 
INIurray Joseph, boot manuf, 53 S 3d 
Murraj- L , shoemr., 8th bel Green 
Murray Margaret, Lewis n Sch. 6th 
Murray Martin, weaver, Kinley's ct. 
Murrajj- Mary, milliner, 147 Spruce 
Murray Mary, 328 S 6th 
Murray Owen, dealer, 210 N Water 
Mun-ay Patrick, grocer, 12 William. (F M) 
Murray Patrick, 41 and 43 S 4th 
Murray Patrick, grocer, G T road and Jeffei-son 
Murray Peter, lab., rear 303 S 4th. 
Murray R. AV., comb maker, 375 S 2d 
Murray Samuel, waiter, 25 Cun-ant al 
MuiTay Samuel A., spectacle mr., 9 Ellen's ct 
MuiTay Susan, shop keeper, 389 Sassafras 
Mun-ay Thomas, labourer, Jones W Sch. 3d 

Mun-ay Thomas, lutckman, 18 Juniper la. 
Murray Thomas, shoemr., back 392 Sassafras 
Mun-ay Thomas, tailor, Callowhill ab William. 
Mui-ray Wm., combmr., 298 Pine 
Murray Wm., clerk, 17 Boyd's avenue. 
Murrell James H., coal dealer, 10th bel Pine 
Murrow Thomas, agent, 256 High 
Murry John, grocer, Callowhill n Fair Mount at 
Murtha Thomas, skin dresser, Apple n Cohock- 

sink creek 
Murtha William, merchant, 34 S 2d 
Murthland Wm., sawyer, Wheat ab Wharton 
Murtland John, carter, 42 Shippen 
Murtland Robert, tavern, 252 Sassafras. 
Murven Samuel, waterman, 2 Hickoi-y ct. 
Murvine Reuben, butcher, Hytes' ct. 
Muschart Charles J., tobacconist, 360 N 3d. 
Muschart Frederick, bricklayer, Haydock n 

Muschart Margaret, Haydock n Canal 
Musgrave James & Son, stock and ex. bro., S E 

3d and Chestnut, h 234 Spruce 
Musgrave J. P., mer., 142 Pine 
Musgrave J. P., Jr., M D., 142 Pine 
Musgrave William, mer., 175 High, h 317 Spruce 
Musgrove M., looking glass store, 147 S 2d. 
Music Aaron, plane mr., rear 336 S 5th 
Music Josiah C, printer, 369 N 3d 
Music Michael, lab., 4th n Creek 
Music Rugan, printer, 8 Marshall's ct. 
Musselman Isaac, M. D., 27 N 13th 
Musselmun & Witmer, forward, and com. mei-s., 

Broad bet Race and Vine 
Musser William & Co., hides and leather, 263 

Musser AVllliam, mer., 263 High, h 9 N 7th 
Mustin A., trim, and variety store, 206 Chestnut 
Mustin Ebenezer, trimmings, 171 N 2d 
Mustin & Evans, trimmings, 34 N 2d 
Mustin George, mer., 34 and h 171 N 2d. 
Mustin John & Co., trimmings, S E 7th & Mul- 
Mustin John Jr., mer., N E 7th and Mulberry, h 

10th ab AYashington 
Mustin Mary, trimmings, 41 Moyamensing 
Mustin k Richards, ti-immlngs, 7 N 5th. 
Mustin S. H., 115 S 6th 
Mutter Thomas D., M. D., 306 AA'alnut 
Mutz Jolin, carp.. Canal bel Front 
Muxley Nehemiah, lab., Sch. Sth and AA'iUow 
MuzzeV AA"m. M., New Eng. glass Co. agency, 

19" Commerce, h 42 S 6th 
Myer Ann, baker, 72 Crown 
Myer Casper, cabinet mr.. Crown ab Queen 
Myer Charles, cabinetmr., 5th ab Jefferson 
Mver Lewis, cabinet mr.. Crown n Prince 
Mverle Frederick, dr}' goods, 192 S 2d 
Myers Abraliam, 21 Sassafras al. 
Myers Abraham, paper warehouse, 143 N 3d, h 

44 Ann. 
Mvers Abram, tailor. Poplar n 4th. 
Myers & Afflick, milliners, 49 N 2d 
Myers Arnold, gent., 126 Mai-shall. 
Myers Beniamin, ship joiner, Fraley's ct. (K) 
Myers B. Mrs, 20 Maria 




Myers Calharine, George and Mechanic 

Myers Catharine, 35 Apple 

Myers Charles, oil refiner, 39 Vienna bel Prince 

Myers Christian, tailor, 513 St. John 

Myers Christian, dry goods, 92 N 9th 

Myers Christopher, carpenter, 2 Schriver's ct 

Myers, C lag-horn &, Co., aucti. &. com. mers., 43 

Myers Clement, baker, Federal ab 2d 
Myers Edward R., mer., 87 High, h 118 Spruce. 
Myers Elizabeth, 45 Catharine 
Myers Frederick, gent., Culvert ab Charlotte 
Myers Fredei-ick, bricklayer, 379 Callowhill 
Myers Frederick, basket "mr., c Phosnix Sc Hope 
Myers Frederick, scalemr., 492 N 2d. 
Myers F. J., iron founder, 3 Marshall 
Myers George, frame mr., Mechanic ab George 
Myers George, grate mr., 207 Sassafras 
Myers George L., potter, 621 N 2d 
Myers George W., paper stainer, 284 Lombard 
Myers Henry, dry goods, 108 N 7th 
Myers Isaac, gent., 7th n Pine 
Myers Jacob, gardener, Passyunk Township 
Myers Jacob, soap boiler. Mechanics' ct. 
Myers Jacob, mead garden. Front bel Wash- 
Myers Jacob, cordwainer, 292 Vine 
Myers James, carp.. Carpenter bel 9th 
Myers John, cabinetmr., 21 Vernon 
Myers John, chau- painter, 232 Catharine 
Myers John, carpenter, 17 Jefferson. 
Myers John, carp., Baker n 8th. 
Myers John, vict., Pearl ab 11th. 
Myers John, paper & rags, 120 W High 
Myers John, blacksmith, F road n Master 
Myers John, rope mr.. Palmer ab Queen. (K) 
Myers John, tanner, VTarren n Beach 
Myers John B., auct., 43 High, h 149 N 6th 
Myers John D., moulder, S W 3d and Gaskill 
Myers John H., tayern, N E Chestnut & Water 
Myers John K., tailor, rear 506 N 2d 
Myers John S., saddler, 621 N 2d. 
Myers Joseph B., mer., 88 Chestnut, h 149 N 6th 
Myers Joseph S., block & pump maker, 52 S 

Wharves and 47 Swanson, h 62 Queen 
Myers J. R., museum, N E 3d and Chestnut 
Myers Lawrence & Co., iron founders. Broad ab 

Myers Lawrence, iron founder, Broad ab James, 

h Callowhdl ab 12th 
Myers Lewis, cabinetmr., 13 Gay's ct. (K) 
Myers Marmaduke, watchman, 12 Stamper's al. 
Myers Martha, widow of Benjamin, 399 Pine 
Myers Martin, boxmr., 81 New. 
Myers Mary, shop keeper, 37 New Market 
Myers Matthias, blindmr., Schleisman's al. 
Myers Michael, labourer, 482 N 3d 
Myers Moses, mariner. Church bel Christian 
Myers Nathan, patternmr.. Rose ab School 
Myers Peter, coi-dwainer, 4 Thorn's ct 
Myers Peter, tobacconist. Beach n Marsh 
Myers Peter, 26 Howard 
Myers P. D., acct., 135 N 6t.h 
Myers Rachael, shop, 212 S 7tli 
Myers R., real estate broker, 58 Walnut 

Myers Samuel, pedler, 58 Dilhvyn 

Myers Samuel, cabinetmr., 20 Hunter 

Myers Samuel S., blacksmith, G T road n Master 

M3'ers Sarah W., M road bel Reed 

Myers & Shee, pa])er wai'ehouse, 143 N 3d i. 

Myers Thomas, locksm., 7 Callowhill K 

Myers Thomas, mariner, 91 Cliristian 

Myers Tiiomas, chair painter, c lOtli and Wood 

Myers Warnet, broker, 102 N 5th. 

Myers William, ship smith, 38 Lombard 

Myers William, labourer, 11 Passmore's pi ■ 

Myers William, carter, 353 Coates 5 

Myers William, victualler, G T road & Franklin 1 

Myers Wilham, bleeder and hair dresser, 9th bel f 

Button wood J 

Myers William, victualler, Callowhill ab Sch. 

Myrtetus Benjamin, ship carp., 184 Swanson 
Myrtetus Charles, ship carp., 446 S Front 
Myrtetus Christopher, cooper, 43 Christian. 
Mysick John, gunner, M road bel Wharton 
Mytinger F. A., Penna. Bank, h 248 N 7th 

Nace Jacob, nail manuf., Lily al. 

Nace John, gunsm., rear 1 Mint's ct. 

Nagle Catharine, sempstress, 6 Lane's ct. 

Nagle Elizabeth, Juniper bel Walnut 

Nagle George, lab., Dugan 

Nagle George P., silversm.. Nectarine n 6th 

Nagle Henry, tailor, 3d bel Brown 

Nagle Henry L., ganger, 44 N Water, h 186 

N Front. 
Nagle & AVilliams, coopers, 44 N Water 
Naglee Benjamin, lumb. mer., High Bridge (K) 

h 140 Green 
Naglee Ellen, 128 Green 
Naglee John, lumber mer., High Bridge (K), h 

Front and Brown 
Naglee John & Sons, lumb. mers.. High Bridge. 

Naglee Martha, sempstress, Marion bel Corn 
Naglee Mary, nurse, 376 S 4th 
Naglee Mary E., 69 G T road 
Naid James, watchman. Wood n Sch. 2d 
Nailis Timotliy, smith, Carlton ab Sch. 8th 
Nair Charles, fringemr.. Quarry ab Bread 
Nale Philip, cordw., Hanover bel F road 
Nancis Wm., waiter. Twelve Feet al. 
Nancrede Joseph G., M. D., S E 10th & Walnut 
Nancrede Nicholas, M. D., 102 Lombard. 
Nancrede Thomas, mer., 12 Clinton 
Nangle Mary, 43 Cedar 
Napheys Abraham, carpenter, 23 Castle, shop 

Brinton n lltli 
Napheys Sarah, Wood ab 10th 
Napier Alex., turner, 458 S 4th 
Napier John, chairmaker, 123 Sassafras 
Nassau Eliza, gentw.. Vine ab Sell. 8th 
Nassau William, Senr., gent., 281 High 
Nassau William jr., tobacconists, 281 Higli 
Nathans Abm., 89 New 
Nathans David, clerk, 33 Callowhill 
Nathans I., gent,, 30 Magnolia 




Nathans Jacob, broker, 307 S 5th 

Nathans Moses, auctioneer, 82 N 6th, h T^th bel 

Nathans Moses, oysterm., ct. n Vine ub Sch.Slh 
Nathans Nathan, atty. and coun., 89 S .'3cl 
Natlians Phihp, acct., 199 N 6th 
Nathans Samuel, loan office, N W 6tli &. Cal- 

lowhill, and 62 N 3d, h 30 Margaretta 
Natt Joseph S., mer., 192 Chestnut 
Natt Thomas J., looking- glasses, 134 Ilig^h, h 

15 Palmyra square 
Natt Thomas & Son, looking glasses, 192 Chest- 
nut, h 13th ab Pine 
Nattol John, moulder, 223 Shippcn 
Nattoll John, weaver, Pitzwater ab 12th 
Naudain A. Dr., 193 Pine 
Naudain Andi-ew, gi-ocer, 40 S Water 
Naughton Margaret, shop, S E c 12th aftd Bud- 
den's al. 
Nauhart Michael, b h, 219 St. John 
Naulty James, currier, 215 Lombard 
Naulty Thomas, currier, 63 and 51 Walnut 
Nausby George I., carpet weaver, 143 N 5th 
Naves Benjamin H., mariner, 25 Catharine 
Navling John, shipw., 33 "Vienna 
Nawsome Nathan, 136 Apple 
Naylor Benjamin, teacher, Elizabeth n Parrish 
Naylor Charles, atty. and coun., 284 N 3d 
Naylor Eliza, dressmr., 313 N 5th 
Naylor George J., brushmr., 509 High 
Naylor, Hutchinson, Vickers & Co., mers., 8 

Franklin place 
Naylor Jacob, plasterer, 76 Maiden 
Naylor John G., shoemaker, 23 Maria 
Naylor Joseph, cordw., 225 N 10th 
Naylor Mason, hatter, 15 Carter's al 
Naylor Nelson W., carpenter, 509 High 
Naylor Sampson, carp., Jefferson ab Sch. 6th 
Naylor Samuel, plasterer, 76 Maiden 
Naylor Sarah, dressmr., 1 Noble 
Naylor Thomas, plasterer. Union ab Franklin 
Naylor William, miller, S E Chai-les and Willow 
Neafie Jacob, engineer, Oxford n Front 
Neagle George, dentist, 280 N 7th 
Neagle J. B., engraver, 12 S 12tli 
Neagle John, portrait painter, 282 Chestnut 
Neal Benjamin T. Rev., 333 Pine 
Neai C, Union Circulating Libraiy, 16 S 7th 
Neal Ebenezer, chemist, S W Perry and Pine, h 

12th bel Locust 
Neal George, coi'dw., rear 527 N 2d 
Neal James, tavern, 333 N Front 
Neal Jane, shop, 10 Maiden 
Neal John, capt., 13th bel Vine 
Neal Samual, carp.. Prime bel Front 
Neal Thomas, carpenter, Washington ab 12th 
Neal William, mer., 7th n Green 
Neales George, tavern, 20 S Wharves 
Nealis James, grocer, 268 S 7th 
Neall & Barrett, mers., 86 S Wharves 
Neall Daniel Jr., dentist, 325 Mulberry, h But- 

tonwood ab 12th 
Neall Daniel & Son, dentists, 325 Mulberry 
Neall E. M., dentist, 12th ab Mulberry opposite 
Grace church 

Neall James, clerk, 492 Sassafras 

Neall Jon., dentist, 325 Mulberry, h 15 Perry 

Neall .lonathan U., grorcr, 35 O Y road 

Neall Joseph, mer., 182 S .Id 

Neall Rebecca, roar 109 Cliristian 

Neull Robert, tailor, 4ll) ah Cullowhill 

Neall Samuel, mer., 86 S Wharves, h 208 S 3d 

Neall Samuel W., dentist, 35 O Y roarl 

Nealy Francis, manuf., Fulton ab 12th 

Nealy Thomas, gardener, Bedford ab 12th 

Near L. L., M. D., 119 S 5th 

Neath George, mariner, 13 Plum 

Nebinger Andrew, dentist, 482 S 2d 

Nebinger Andrew jr., diuggist, c Marj' and 2d 

Nece Hcnr}' Jr., saddler, James bel 10th 

Needaker Christian, tailor, St. John bel Beaver 

Needham James, hair dresser, 3^ S 7th, h 25 

Needier Samuel, carter, 7th n Brown 
Needles Erlwarcl,, S W 12th and 

Needles Joseph A., wire worker, 54 and h 130 

N Front 
Needles Joseph A. & Co., wire workers, 54 N 

Needles Tristram, druggist, 492 Sassafras 
Neel Jas., tailor, 4 Furlong's ct 
Neel John W., organ builder, George ab Sch. 6th 
Neel Robert, carpenter, 277 N 7th 
Neel Thomas, watchman, Vicker's ct. 
Neely Alexander, lab., Sch. 8th bel Callowhill 
Neely James, weaver, Sch. 4th ab Chestnut 
Neely John, grocer, Sch. 2d ab Vine 
Neely John, engineer, Sch. 6th bel High 
Neely Matthew, weaver, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Neely Samuel C, tavern, AVagner's ct 
Neely William, tavern, c Sch. 7th and Sassafras 
Neff Charles, gi-ocer, N E 11th and Locust, h 

Locust bel llth 
Neff Charles, butcher, 143 Carpenter 
Neff Christiana, 209 N 8Ui 
Neff Frederick, bootmr., 98 Coates 
Neff H., hair dresser, 30 Strawberry 
Neff Jacob J., tailor, 124 Sassafras 
Neff Jacob, tailor, 30 Strawberry 
Neff John, grocer. Barker ab Sch. 6th 
Neff John, broker, 63 Lombard 
Neff John D., baker, 207 S 6th 
Neff John I., carter, c Charles and Pleasant 
Neff John R., mer., 37 N AVater, h 124 Spruce 
Neff R., dry goods, 42 S 2d 
Neff Robert K., com. mer., 25 S Wharves, h 

126 Catharine 
Neff Rudolph, grocer, N W 8th and Vine 
Neff Samuel, biushmaker, 1 Northampton ct 
Neff William P., tinsmith, S E 8tli and Vine, h 

Powell. (FV) 
Neff Wm. P. & Thomas, tinsmiths, S E 8th and 

Negley Ann, tailoress, 5 Cox 
Negley Elizabeth, gentw., 5 Cox 
Negley James R., tailor, 5 Cox 
Negley Mary H^ teacher, 5 Cox 
Negus" J. Engle, mer., 182 High, h 22 Girard 
Negus S. W., mer., 13 S AVater, h 64 S 5th 




Neidhard C, M. D., 239 Spruce 

Neidhardt rrederick, butcher. Piper's ct. 

Neher Jacob, swordmr., 8 Richards 

Neil Ann, ol Mead 

Neil Edwin, mariner, AVarner's ct. 

Neil Georg-e, blacksmith, 101 N Juniper 

Neil Hannah N., 25 Apple 

Neil Mary, milliner, 51 Mead 

Neil "William, tavern, "4 S 2d 

Neild Luke, corder, Washington & Hamilton 

Neiler James L., West Chester House, Broad 

and Sassafras 
Neiles Patrick, stone mason, 5 Diamond 
Neill Archibald, tailor, 159^ S 2d, h 4 Norris' 

Neill Henry, M. D., 140 S 4th 
Neill James, shoemaker, Fairmount 
Neill John, ladies' shoemaker, 6 N 8th 
Neill John L., shipwrig-lit, Marine liaihvay, h 

20 Christian 
Neill William, tailor, 334 High, h Hunter bel 

Neilson Elizabeth, dressmr., 3 N 10th 
Neilson Robert, gent., N E Sch 7th & Walnut 
Neilson Wm. S., mer., 28 Walnut, h Walnut ab 

Sch 8th 
Neily Robert, carpenter, 43 Lawrence 
Neiser Augustus, combmr., 465 N 3d 
Neiser William, blacksmith, 125 Charlotte 
Nekervis Jane, gentw. Pine ab 13th 
Nele Miss M., 162 N 8th 

Neligh & Olvvine, coal mers., Scli. whf. and Lom- 
Nell Casper, gent., 480 N 3d 
Nell Jesse, carpenter, 137 Christian (S) 
Nell Joseph, victualler, 5th near Jeff ersoi 
Nellum Thomas, cabinetmr., 7 Atherton 
Nelms Heniy, gold beater, 33 Spruce 
Nelms Richard, cabinetmr., 53 Spruce 
Nelson A. K., gent., Scli fith bel Chen-y 
Nelson Daniel, shoemaker, Charlotte ab I'oi)]ar 
Nelson Elizabeth, rear 181 Pine 
Nelson George AV., clerk, 41 Plum 
Nelson Henry, sailmaker, 75 Christian 
Nelson Hens, b h, c Front and Union 
Nelson Jame?, engineer, 12 S Broad 
Nelson James M., coachmaker, 1 Kelly's av 
Nelson John, cordwainer, 260 Sliippen 
Nelson John, currier, Beaver ab 3(1 
Nelson Joseph, weaver, 272 St. John 
Nelson Mary, gentw., 296 Pine 
Nelson Maiy, Chestnut ab Sch 3rd 
Nelson Mary, 15 Harmony 
Nelson Peter, oysterhouse, 241 Shippen 
Nelson Robert, Barker n Sch. 5tli 
Nelson Susanna, widow, 3 School 
Nelson Thomas, glass and china, 273 N 3i-d 
Nelson Wm., victualler. Garden bel Buttonwood 
Neman Caspar, tavern, 327 N 3rd 
Nerzie Gotlieb, baker, 13th n Lombard 
Nesbit Thomas, printer, 414 S 4th 
Nesbitt J. W., acct., 421 S Front 
Nesbitt M., lab., Ridgway's row 
Nesi Augusta, mer., Ill S whaj-ves, h 6th and 


Neswinger Edgar, lab., Grear ab 11th 

Neubawer Wm., Nectarine bel 11th 

Neuby R. Mrs., 195 S 9lh 

Neuler Valentine, shoes, 285 Callowhill 

Neiinian Anna W., 214 N 6th 

Neuman Edward, carpenter, 214 N 6th 

Neuman Elizabeth, b h, 174 Vine 

Nevil Joseph, morocco dresser, 23 Beaver (K) 

Nevill John, oysterman, N E 8th &. Chestnut, h 

63 N 8th 
Nevins Christopher, lab.. Pearl bel Broad 
Nevins James, ex. broker, 74 S 3d, h 142 S 2d 
Nevins & Robinson, stock and exchange brokers, 

74 S 3d 
New Elizabeth, nurse, Allen's ct 
New John, cordw., Fraley's ct 
Newberry J. B., painter and glazier, 104 N 8th, 

h 3 Schriver's ct. 
NewbeiTy James W., watchmaker, 18 F road 
Newbold Caleb, Prest. Ches. and Del. Canal Co., 

h 309 Spruce 
Newbold Charles, mer., 51 S whfs., h 309 Spruce 
Newbold Clayton, dry goods, 28 & h 224 N 4th 
Newbold & Haverstick, mers., 3 N Whar^-es 
Newbold John L., atty. and coun., 58 S 6th 
Newbold Joseph H., mer., 57 S 3d 
Newbold Josiah H., currier, 167 N 3d, h 145 

Newbold J. S., mer., 103 High, h 115 S 4th 
Newbold & Lippincott, hides, skins, &c., 157 

Newbold M., gent., 333 Walnut 
Newbold R. S., com. mer., 3 N whan-es 
Newbold Samuel, gent., 18 Pine 
Newbold William H., mer., 183 High, h 132 

N 9th 
Newbold William L., 56 Walnut, h 37 N 11th 
Newburn A., coachmrake, 174 N 4th, h 271 N 

Newburn Phcbe, shop, 89 O Y road 
Newburn AVm., porter, 183 N 3d 
Newcomb B., atty. and coun., 38 S 5th 
Newcomb Hezekiah, currier, N E 4th and Sas- 
safras, h c 5th and AVood 
Newcomb AVilliam, painter, 80 Catharine 
Newell Ann, 23 Filbert 
Newell Ann, 100 AVood 

Newell Daniel, cordw., Marlborough n Prince 
Newell M. Mrs., 23 Filbert 
Newell M. Mrs., High ab Sch. 5th 
Newell Samuel, mer., 3 S AVater, h 10th bel 

Newell AA'illiam, mer., 3 S AVater, h 223 Vine 
Newell AA'm. & Samuel, grocers, 3 S AVater 
Newhall P. AV., mer., 26 S Front, h 202 Spruce 
Newhall T. A., mer., 81 S Front, h Pine ab 9th 
Newhall AA^m., carter. Beach (K) 
Newhauser John, weaver, Sch. Bank and Lom- 
Newhouse Jacob AV., cupper and bleeder, 156 

Newhouse John, cordwainer, 8 Jackson's ct 
Newhouser Jacob, wheelw., S W Sch. Beach & 

Newkerre L. T^ turner, 2 Chester 




Newkirk Benjamin, brass founder, 8 Loxley's ct 
Newkirk GaiTett, mer., 75 High, h 333 Mulberry 
Newkirk Harrison, confcct., 83 N 6Lh 
Newkirk Matthew, gent., 48 S, h S W 13th 

and Mulljerry 
Newkirk S. S., mer., 75 High, li 333 Mulberry 
Newkirk Victor M., tailor, 226 Noble 
Newkirk.s, Mulfords &, Hibler, mers., 75 Higli 
Newlan Miles, sea captain, 381 S Front 
Newland Edward, gilder, 120 Filbert 
Newland Francis, paper hanger, 142 Chestnut, 

h 18 Castle 
Newland E. Si Co., looking glasses, 218 N 2nd 
Newland William A., rear 243 Higli 
Newlin & AUibone, mers., 17 S whfs 
Newlin Edward, carter, 4th bel Jefferson 
Newlin John S. & Co., cloth dealers, N E 2d & 

Newlin John S., mer., N E 2d and High, b 212 

Newlin N., dry goods, 316 High 
Newlin Robert, Jr., brewer, 86 N 2d, h 28 Sas- 
Newlin Thomas S., mer., 151 High, h 254 N 4th 
NewHn Tlios. R., cedarware, 116 and h 118 

Newlin Wm. Parker, mer., 17 S whfs, h 5 West 

Newman Caroline, 58 Queen 
Newman Charles, patent lamp manuf., 75 St. 

John, li Charlotte n Poplar 
Newman Charles, plasterer, Locust W Broad 
Newman Charles, carter, 227 N 10th 
Newman Daniel, tavern, 261 N 8th 
Newman Henry, shoemaker. Wood bel 13th 
Newman Henry, U. S. seaman, Marion ab Corn 
Newman J. A., jeweller, 27 Franklin place, h 

8 Julianna, 
Newman James, white washer, 6 Acorn al 
Newman James L., mer., 78 S whfs., h 312 Wal- 
Newman John, cabinetmr., 372 S 5th 
Newman John, 85 Tammany 
Newman John, lampmr., 75 St. John, h 85 Tam- 
Newman John B. jr., mer., 81 S whfs., h 18 

Washington sq 
Newman Joseph, carter, 7& Plum 
Newman P., painter and glazier. Cedar bel 13th 
Newman Richard & Co., lamp maker, 75 St 

John, h 85 Tammany 
Newnam Rebecca, 197 Locust. 
Newport Ann, 217 N 4th 
Newport Jesse W., mer., 187 Green 
Newsam Thomas, shoemaker, S W Front and 


Newscherager John, tavern, L Water n Lom- 
Newton A. B., com. mer., 1st whf. ab Sassafras. 
Newton Elizabeth, F road and Mud lane 
Newton Isaac, tailor, 10 College av. 
Newton John, grocer, Bedford & Marlborough. 
Newton John S., trader, 191 Coates 
Newton Joseph, cordw., 484 N 3d 
Newton Joseph, trader, 370 N 4th 

Newton R. h li., stock 8t ready made linen, 32 

and 33 Arcade 
Newton Thomas \V., phiinl)f-r, <: High and 


Newton, wid. of Rev. W., 85 Spruce 
Newton William, tavern, S W 8tli and Button- 
Niblick William, bncklayor, 4 Myers' ct 
Niblock Wm., lab., Dugan 
Nice Charles, lab., 13 Mead. 
Nice George P., teacher, N E Btii anfl Cliestnut 
Nice John, cabinet and chair maker, 2 New 

Nice Jolin, lab., Marlborougli bel Duke 
Nice Levi, machinist, 88 Noble 
Nice Mary, 166 Shippen 
Nice William, currier, 129 Coates 
Nice Wm. P., cordw., c Hope and Otter 
Nichol Alexander, weaver, Adams bel 13th 
Nichol Andrew, weaver, Perry ab Franklin 
Nichol Archibald, watchman, Lombard below 

Nichol Mary, gentw., Master and 4th 
Nichol Wm., weaver Wagner's al 
Nicholas Eliza, 6 Washington place. 
Nicholas Samuel, shop, c Charlotte and Brown 
Nicliolas Samuel, gent., 185 Walnut 
Nicholls Ebenezer, painter, 2 S 8th 
NichoUs John, mer., 13 Minor, h 137 Wood 
Nichols Albert, tailor, Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Nichols Charles, com. mer., 79 High, h 91 S 3d 
Nichols Daniel, cabinet maker, 93 Apple. 
Nichols James, ostler, George n Sch 6th 
Nicliols Joseph, saw maker, 26 Walnut, h 28 

Norris' al 
Nichols Jethro, 22 Buckley 
Nichols Margaretta, dealer, G T road n Jefferson 
Nichols Robert, lab.. Front bel Wharton 
Nichols Samuel, dealer, 192 Shippen 
Nichols Samuel, Shippen bel 9th 
Nichols Wm., 294 S Front 
Nichols William, cabinetmr., 93 Apple. 
Nicholson Barbara, Morris bel Fitzwater. 
Nicholson Eliza, dress maker, 118 N 7th 
Nicholson E., widow, Front bel Marion 
Nicholson John M., spinner. Green n G T road, 

Nicholson John Rev., 462 Callowhill. 
Nicholson L., gent., 24 S 12th 
Nicholson M. B., milliner, 462 S 2d. 
Nicholson Rachel, b h, 225 Lombard 
Nicholson Thomas, inspector of Gas Works, 

Franklin Institute, h 97 N 13th 
Nicholson Thomas, carp., 10 Barker 
Nicholson Thomas, S W 10th and Shippen 
Nichuals Robert, tailor, 13th bel Caiiton. 
Nickel Jane, Say street 
Nickel Jeremiah, weaver, 43 W Cedar 
Nickel John, coi-dw., Passmore pi 
Nickerson & Bishop, hatters, 41 N 2d 
Nickert Daniel & Baker John M., tailors, 353 N 

Nickins William C, hair cutter, 107 N 9th 
Nickles Samuel, clotliing, 87^ S 2d, h Shippen 
I bel Russell 




Nlcklin P. H., gent., 348 Chestnut. 

Nidelet S F., silk & fancy goods, 124 High, li 161 

S 5th. 
Niece Wm. S., 228 S 7th 
Nietscke Eliz. Mrs., 16 Vernon. 
Nightlingei- Adam, victualler. Pleasant ab 10th 
Nightlinger Samuel, carp., NVashington (W P) 
Niies Daniel, shoe findings, 97 Mulberry 
Ninesteel John D., victualler. Spring Garden bel 

Nippes Abraham, gunsmith. 111 Dlllwyn 
Nippes Anna M., 130 Dillwyn 
Nippes &. Henkel, drygoods, 2d and Duke 
Nippes John C, atty. and coun., 183 Coates 
Nippes William, grocer, 163 Green 
Nipps AVm. jr., baker, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Niquett Victor, gai'dener. Christian and 7th 
Nisbet Michael, broker, off. Washington Hall, 

S 3d 
Niskey John, umbrellamr., Weccaco av. 
Nithcoe Robert, lab.. Mulberry n Sch Front 
Nixon Alexander G., painter, 11 Spragg av 
Nixon A., mer., Clinton bel 10th 
Nixon Charles C, painter, 15 Orleans 
Nixon Francis, lab., 24 Union al. 
Nixon George, blacksmith. Wheat ab Reed 
Nixon Hugh, tavern, 4 S 9th. 
Nixon James, printer. Baker ab 7th 
Nixon John, gilder, 89 P road 
Nixon M. A., hatter, 104 High. 
Nixon Mrs., n Girard College 
Nixon Wm. & Co., paper wareh., 15 Bank 
Noad Francis, trader, Oxford ab Front 
Noble Andrew, tanner, 15 St John 
Noble Ann, trimmings, 73 Catharine 
Noble Charles, M. D., 270 N 3d 
Noble Ellen, dry goods, 381 S 2d 
Noble Hiram A., coachmr., ct opp 26 Gai'den. 
Noble Isaac, lab., 18 Centre 
Noble James, copper smith, 28 Logan. 
Noble James A., bookbr., 13 Pennsylvania av 
Noble John, lab., Carlton ab Sch. 7th. 
Noble John, polisher. Filbert n Sch 3d 
Noble John, bookbr., 2 Nicholson 
Noble John G., saddlei-, rear 1 Buttonwood 
Noble Joseph, locksmith. High bel Sch. 5th 
Noble Maria, tailoress, 58 Apple 
Noble Mordecai, oystei-man, 103 German. 
Noble Samuel, gent, 268 N 3d 
Noble & Zane, wood wharf, Beach ab Shack- 

Noble William, printer, 19 St James, h Wood 

bel 12th. 
Noble WUUam, wood merchant, Marlboro' ab 

Noblit Culin, carpenter, 160 Wood 
Noblit Stephen, cabmr., N E 10th & Morgan 
Noblit Thomas, gent., Hamilton n MHlham. F M 
Nodwell Andrew, Bird's ct bel Locust. 
Nokes Jonathan, lab., Phoenix bel G T road 
Nol Amos, smith, 37 Carlton 
Nolen Edward, ostler, rear 1 Prospect al 
Nolen H. S., furniture, 384 High, h 10th ab 

Nolen H. S. & O. G., furniture, 384 High 

Nolen John, lumber mer., 3 Powell's row 

Nolen Michael, foundry, Sp. Garden ab 10th 

Nolen Oliver G., furniture, 384 High, h 218 

Nolen Spencer, looking glasses, 78 Chestnut. 

Nolen S., milliner, 218 Callowhlll 

Nolen Wm., stonemason, Shippen ab 13th 

Nolen AVilliam C, tailor, 2d ab Catharine 

Nolle John H., tailor, 2 Filbert 

Nonemaker John, butcher, 2d ab Greenwich 

Noonan B., grocer, 12 Strawberry 

Norbre Joseph Capt., 383 S Front 

iVorbury Joseph, watchman, 16 Peny 

Norbury Joseph B., atty. and coun., 71 Wood 

Norbury Susan, 71 Wood 

Norcross Isaac, cordwainer, 43 Apple 

Norgrove J. Capt., 282 S Front 

Norhead James, blacksm., Olive ab Coates W 
13 th 

Norman Alpheus, hatter, Elmes' ct. Vine n Sch. 

Norman Catharine, b h, 119 Sassafras 

Norman Ezeklel, blacksmith, Sch. 6th ab Wood 

Norman Henry, cordw., rear 152 Brown. 

Norman Henry R., bricklayer, 468 Callowhlll 

Norman Jemima, b. h., 18 S 8th 

Norman John, coachman, 52 Currant al 

Norman Samuel, dentist, 304 S 7th 

Noronha Maria L., 64 S 11th 

Non'is Catharine, huckster, 6 Gaskill 

Norrls E., fancy dry goods, 58 S 2d. 

NoitIs George, painter, rear 372 S 3d 

Norrls George, rear 197 Catharine 

Norrls G. W., M. D., 443 Chestnut 

Norrls Isaac, att'y and coun., 147 and h 242 

Nori'is Isaac W., ship chandler, 143 N Water, h 
218 N Front 

Norrls James, cordw., 22 Jones's al. 

Norrls John J., grocer, 6th and Washington sq 

Norrls Joseph, shipwt.. Queen ab Palmer 

Norrls Joseph, shipwright, Beach bel Marlbo- 

Norrls J. P. prest. Bank of Pennsylvania, h 307 

Norrls J. P. Jr., atty. and coun., Filbert ab Sch. 

Norrls Matthew, tailor. Pine ab Carbon 

Norrls R. & M., milliners, 365 N 2d 

Norris R. W., 210 N Front 

Norrls Samuel, waterman, 21 Plum 

Norrls Misses, 159 Green 

Norrls T. & Co., tailors, 8 Franklin place 

Norris Thaddeus, tailor, 5 N I2th 

Nunis Thomas, cabinetmr., Shippen ab 8th. 

Norrls Thomas, shipwt., Beach bel Warren 

Norrls William, locomotive engine builder, office 
26 and 27 Philadelphia Exchange Works, 
Bush Hill, h Turner's la ab R road 

Noms William, shoemaker, 283 S 5th. 

North Abel, druggist, N W 12th and Spruce 

North Caroline, teacher, 2d bel Marion 

North Lydia, 66 Sassaft-as 

North R., gent., 45 S 8th. 

North Thos R., carpenter, Lombard n Sch 6th 

North Wm. F., capt., 277 S Front 





Northardt John, tavern, c Franklin & Rose. 
Nortliey Joseph, gTOcer, c Shackamaxon and 

Northrop Ann, 68 S 4th 
Nortlirop Jolin, carpenter, Scli 8Lh I)el Spruce, 

li Wahmt ab Broad 
Norton Farg'us, watchman, Lewis n Scluiylkill 

. 7tli. 
Norton George, deputy sheriff, Ii S E 3rd and 

Norton Marg-aret, rear 130 Sassafras 
Norton Joseph F., waterman, 12 Reckless 

Norton Joshua, boat builder, Beach bel Marlbo' 
Norton Nathan, planemr., 360 N 6th 

Norwood James, bootmr., Federal and 2d 

Nossitter Isabella, 280 N 6th 

Notman John, architect, 184 S 11th. 

Notson John, tavern, 314 S 3d 

Notson William, teacher, 311 S 4th 

Nott David, hatter, 42 S 3d 

Nott Rosanna, mantuamr., 8 Mag-nolia 

Novial Julius, tinsmith, 55 N 8th 

Nowlan Michael, ironfounder. Willow n 13th, 
h Spring' Garden ab 10th 

Nowland Ann, b. h., 167 Spruce. 

Nox N. Mrs., b h, 4 Laurel ct 

Noyes Charles W., waterman, 1 Catharine. 

Nudd Joseph & Daniel, sash makers. Willow 
bel 10th, h Green bel 10th. 

Nug'ar George, dyer, St John ab Beaver 

Nugent Emma, b h, 165 Sassafras 

Nugent John, lab., Mackey ab Front 

.Nugent M., teacher, 205 S 5th 

Nugent Peter, grocer, Nugent's ct. 

Nugent Richard, labourer, 14 Washington Mar- 
ket place 

Nugent Thomas, shop, Sch. 3d & Callowhill. 

Nugent Wm., patternmr.. Beach ab Marsh 

Null Anthony, shoe store, 260 N 2d. 

Null Ignatius, shoemr., Stanley bel 4th 

Null Mary, tailoress, 11 P road 

Nullett Jacob, beerhouse. New Market ab Wil- 

Nulty E., teacher of mathematics, 238 Filbert 

Nunan Timothy, tailor, 14 Jones' al 

Nunes A. J., teacher, 115 Lombard. 

Nunnelly Martha, widow, 121 S 5tli. 

Nuskey John, tavern, F road n Bedford 

Nuskey Lewis, ropemr., Marlboro' ab Duke 

Nutt Asher, Rye ab Mackey 

Nutt A. M., broker, 7 Exchange place, h 141 
N 10th. 

Nutt John, tailor, 170 N Water 

Nutt Richard G., combmr., 4 Linden ct 

Nutt William, shoemaker, 174 N 12th 

Nutt William L., tobacconist, 522 N 2d. 

Nuttell Ehzabeth, millinery, Sch 7th n Vine 

Nuttell William, tailor, Sch 7th n Vine 

Nutter Margaret, 54 Centre. 

Nuttle Robert E., coach and harness maker, 197 
S 5th, h 121 Lombard 

Nutz Ebenezer, clerk, 17 Vine 

Nutz George N., cui-rier, 321 Vine 

Nutz Louisa, Magnolia ab Noble. 

Nuver Christian, lab., West bel Cherry 

O'Brian J. G., chemist and pcrfiuncr 1 IIofT- 

man's ct 
O'Hi'ien C, weaver, Ann ab Sch. 8tli 
O'Brien Daniel, labourer, c Sch. 4ili and Itit- 

O'Brien Dennis, lab., 3 Grape ct 
O'Brien Daniel, lab., 217 N Front 
O'Brien Ellen, 42 Prune 
O'Brien James, weaver, Ann al) Sch. 8th 
O'Brien James P., watchman. Juniper bel Wal- 
O'Brien James, dealer, Juniper n Higli 
O'Brien .John, lab., 118 N Water 
O'Brien John, grocer, c Beach & George, Sch. 
O'Brien John, bootmr., Jackson's ct 
O'Brien Jolm, lab., 3 John's ct 
O'Brien Martin, tavern. Fail- View, Bush hill 
O'Brien Mary Jane, 161 N Water 
O'Brien Mary, shop, Mulberry n Sch Front 
O'Brien Matthew, lab., 6 Monmonth al 
O'Brien Michael, hostler, 195 Lombard 
O'Brien Michael, lab., Filbert n Sch Stji 
O'Brien Patrick, labourer. Mulberry n Sch. 3d 
O'Brien Patrick, baker. Spruce ab Sch. 5th 
O'Brien Wm., tavern, 208 S Water, h209 S Front 
O'Brine Arthur, watchmauj^ Square ab Rye 
O'Brine Hugh, weaver, Fairmount 
O'Brine James, lab., S W Lombard and Willow 
O'Brine James, tailor, St Mary n Sch 7th 
O'Brine John, lab., 226 S 3d 
O'Brine Thomas, chairpainter, 20 John 
O'Bryon Benjamin F., coppersmith, Chen'V ab 

4th, h 111 St. John 
O'Callaghan Corns., clerk, 204 S 4th 
O'Connell Charles, carter, 81 Bedford 
O'Conner Alexander, store, 331 S 5th 
O'Conner Cornelius, bootmr., 244 Shippen 
O'Conner D., mer., 280 High, h 17 S 13th 
O'Conner Elizabeth Mrs., Cedar bel 7th 
O'Conner George, cabinetmaker, 409 N 4th 
O'Conner Henry, teacher, S W 5th & Midbeny 
O'Conner Jas., mer., 280 High, h 374 Chestnut 
O'Conner James & Co., forwarding and com. 

mers., 278 and 280 High 
O'Conner Jeremiah, chemist, 19 PeiTV 
O'Conner John, cordwr., 299 S Front 
O'Conner Michael, dentist, 251 S 5th 
O'Conner Michael, tailor, 8 N 13th 
O'Conner Thomas D., tavern, 22 Chestnut 
O'Conner Richard, hotel 
O'Conner Thomas, carp., 7th ab Christian 
O'Conner W. Mrs., 15 Mead 
O'Connor Rev. Michl. D. D., N E Sch 5th and 

O'Conway P. F., dentist, 4 Garden bel 8th 
O'Daniel Allen, cordw., G T road ab 5th 
O'Daniel Cyrus, brickmr., 4th ab Thompson 
O'Daniel George, tailor, 19 Castle 
O'Daniel Peter, senr., gent., 19 Castle 
O'Daniel P., watchmaker 226 High, h 19 Castle 
O'Donald George, grate maker, rear 126 Catha- 
O'Donnell Bartholomew, carter, S E Shippen 

and Lloyd 
O'Donnell Catharine, grocer, 87 P road 




O'Donnell Charles, lab., 85 N Water 

O'Donnell Daniel, 50 Georg-e 

O'Donnell Ed\\\, carter, Bedford ab Shippen lane 

O'Donnell George, tailor, 19 Castle 

O'Donnell Geo., carp., Lewis n Sch 7th 

O'Donnell Henry, lab., Kelly's ct 

O'Donnell Hugh, lab., R road (F V) 

O'Donnell Hugh, distiller, 392 S 2d 

O'DonnellJohn, cordwainer, 28 Strawberry 

O'Donnell Mary, milliner, 33 Prune 

O'Donnell Marv S , tailoress, Ann n Sch 8th 

O'Donnell Michael, 25 Pegg 

O'Donnell Richard, carpenter. Cedar n 13th 

O'Donnell Tlios., lab., Sch. Front ab Mulberry 

O'Farrell Hugh, weaver, 3 W Cedar 

O'Farrell John, weaver, Sch 2d n Cedar 

O'Flarety John, trader, rear 200 Christian 

O'Friel Bernard, lab.. Filbert ab Sch 3d 

O'Hara Edward, carter, 8 M'Duffie 

O'Hara Henry, labourer, 27 M'Duffie 

O'Hara John, Pine bel Broad 

O'Hara &. Ogden, tailors, 46 N 4th 

O'Hara P., tavern, 412 High 

O'Hara Thomas, carpenter, 24 Hurst 

O'Hara Thos., tavern, 26 Hurst 

O'Hara Wm.,lab., Sigh ab Sch 4th 

O'Kane Andrew, tailor, S E 4th and Lombard 

O'Kane David, tavern, 246 S 4th 

O'Keefe Ann, dressmr., 61 Union 

O'Leary Felix, b h, 88 N Water 

O'Leary Mary, Sch AVashington ab Callowhill. 

O'Mara James, lab., 19 Dyott's ct. (K) 

O'Meara Mary, teacher, 6 Howard 

O'Neal Arthur, labourer, rear 195 Noble 

O'Neal Catharine, Sch Front ab Callowhill 

O'Neal Charles, manuf., Washington row (N L) 

O'Neal Edward, cordw., 1 Pleasant ct 

O'Neal George, laboui-er, St. Joseph's av 

O'Neal Henry, tavern, N W Front and Phoenix 

O'Neal James, furniture, 93 Lombard 

O'Neal James, lab., 595 N 3d 

O'Neal John, dealer, 51 Lombard 

O'Neal John, milkman, 644 N 2d 

O'Neal Owen, weaver, G T road n Jefferson 

O'Neal Patrick, weaver, Hope ab Master 

O'Neil Ann, 79 Union 

O'Neil Matthew, coppersm., 126 W High, h St. 

Joseph's av. 
O'Neil Mrs., tavern, Pine bel Willow 
O'Neil Daniel, tailor, 177 N Front 
O'Neil Edward, shop, 3 Hurst 
O'Neil Hugh, tavern. Front bel Wharton 
O'Neil Louisa, 317 Pine 
O'Neil M. & R., coppersmiths, 126 W High 
O'Neil Thomas, jeweller, 11th bel S. Gaiden 
O'Neil William, wooden ware, 8 S 9th and 126 

W High 
O'Neill Arthur, labourer, 241 S 4th 
O'Neill Charlotte, 12 Elder al 
O'Neill C. B. F., att'y & coun., 11 George, h 

Howard n Franklin 
O'Neill Daniel, weaver, Cadwalader n 2d 
O'Neill Henrv, lab.. Filbert n Sch. 5th 
O'Neill Hugh, lab., Grear ab 12th 
O'Neill Jameg, furniture store, 146 Cedar 

O'Neill John, cordw.. High bel Sch. Front, h 

Jones n Sch. 4th 
O'Neill John, shop, Spafford bel Shippen 
O'Neill John, tavern. Brown and High Bridge 
O'Neill John, silver plater, 3d bel Charlotte 
O'Neill John, mer., 525 W High, h 6 S Penn 

O'Neill Mary, Leiper's ct. 
O'Neill Mary, gentw., Allen's ct. 
O'Neill Mi's. Rebecca, 5 S Penn sq 
O'Neill Presley B., mer., 525 High, h 5 S Penn 

O'Neill Robert, carpenter, 306 Cedar, h 6 S 

Penn sq 
O'Ragan H., watchman, Lombard n Sch. 6th 
O'Reilly James, clei'k, 8 Cresson's al. 
O'Reilly John, grocer, N W 2d and Coates 
O'Rourke Patrick, b h &' tavern, 145 S Front 
O'Rourke Timothy, stone mason, Murray W 

Sch. 2d 
O' Strain Ellen, 39 Garden 
O'Tool Mary, tavern, S E 6th and Cedar 
Oakford A. C. Mrs., 362 Chestnut 
Oakford Charles, hatter, h210 S 2d &. 78 S 3d 
Oakford H. Mrs., rear 446 S Front 
Oakford Isaac, 4th n Marriott 
Oakford Isaac, hatter, 260 S 2d 
Oakford John, exch. broker, ^d ab Chestnut, h 

43 George, (S) 
Oakford Parsey, att'y & coun., N W 4th and 

Oakford Richard, mer., 87 High, h 308 Mul- 
Oakford W. L., mer., 87 High, h 24 Jacoby 
Oakman E. P., shoes, 139 S 6th 
Oakman John, mer., 36 S Front 
Oat Charles, mer., 8^ N 3d, h 135 Franklin 
Oat George H., acct., Washington ab 10th 
Oat George R., coppersmith, 28 Wood 
Oat Joseph, coppersm., 12 Quarry, h Callowhill 

ab 12th 
Oat Richard L., brush maker, 28^ N 3d, h 10th 

ab Wood 
Obdyke Gershon, cordw., Sch. 8th bel Callow- 

Oberer Sebastine, suspender manuf, N E 5th 

and Franklin 
Oberteuffer John C, acct., 1 Kunckle 
Oberteuffer J. H., mer., 66 S Front, h N W 

Front and Pine 
Odell John, blacksmith, 6 Hickory ct 
Odenath John Jos., hair dresser. Poplar ab 5d 
Odenheimer Jacob U., gent., 267 Catharine 
Odenheimer John M., mer., 93 High