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gc M. L. 






3 1833 02237 1808 

M c ELROY'S & 





41 " 








\ yX J 

i W 

f Li 

i *A=> 







7 V 

Seventh 22Mtfon. 

- y * 











< ■ 



> r - 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 









p— < 

Penn Township. 


rn Northern Liberties. 


North Mulberry Ward. 

Race or 

South Mulberry Ward. 

Arch or 

North Ward. 

Market or 

Middle Ward. 


South Ward. 


Upper Delaware Ward. 



Locust Ward. 


Cedar Ward. 

South or 

Sassafras Street. 

Lower Delaware Ward. 

Mulberry Street. 

High Street Ward. 
High Street. 

Chestnut Ward. 


Walnut Ward. 


Dock Ward. 


Pine Ward. 

Pine Street. 

New Market Ward. 
Cedar Street. 

















EAST, . 





One, One, 

Two, t Two, 
Three, Three, 

Four, Four, 

One, three, 
One, four, 
Two, three, 
Two, four, 



One, three. 
One, four. 
Two, three. 
Two, four. 

i : ^(^iyijyyi 




ffifflM W!ILM5 



1 i »»Jmm 



IsH • 


|5> -1 

■ :-•" 



8 "a ~ 


"1 '1 






£ £ ^ 




^3 |£ 

£ ES I*- 








§| |«»j :p». pi K| 05 


... k 

1 1 



January. . . 




2 3 4 
910 11 

5 6 


ll 2 3 4 5 6 
8 9.10 Il!l2]l3 







15 16M718 1920 % 




2324 25 



22 23*24 25 26-27 






29 3031 



February. . 


2 3| August. . . . 



2 3;^ 




6 7 




5 6 

7 8 

9|10 ;§> 








12 13 


16117 it 








19!20 2122 23'24 %r 








23 29 30!3l!iip 



March. . • • 






5 6 







4 5 














13 14 1 ! 




1920 21 

22 23 

15 16 


181920|21 : r 




26 27 


29 30 





27 28 f 



| jfe 

April. . . . 






October. . . 





5 %. 



8 91011 


! 6! 7 





12 1 




19 20 






19 ' 


22 23 



26 27 


22 23 



26 1 


29 30 





i : ^- 







November. . 






6 7 

8 9 











1314 15 ! 16 

20 2li22!23 

24 25 






1 1 


'J 'J 

16 f 
23; ff 




26 2: 


24 ! 25 26 27 



30 ;h~ 





. ■- -" 



3 4 




8;Deckmber. . 

1 2 

3 4 



* :*E 




12 13 


8| 91011 



14 C' 


1617 1? 19 20 21:22! 

15 16 17 1819 



23 24 25J2G 27J23 29! 

22 23 24 25 26 27 

2S ■<- 


30 ( i '29 30 31. 


^W0W00^fWW^^^^N^ 'r %%^^^W^WWW^i ; " ; - '*$$*$ WWW ; '\ 


m Beginning at Schuylkill low water mark on Cedar street. 

3: Thence to Water street 
"§; Water street width 

"^i Square to Willow, 

■2I Willow street 

i§: Square 

■i|j Beach street 
•si: Square 

jM Ashton street 
jfl Square 

Jg; Front street 
3 Square 

% Second street 
■sji Square 

■s|: Third street 
■Ijj Square 

f~\ Fourth street 
_^: Square 

2 Fifth street 
3- Square 

3 Sixth street 
5: Square 
~%. Seventh street 
"5; Square 
"S: Eighth street 
■^1: Square 
-l|; Broad street 
-?§: Square 

.g; From Sch. to Broad, inclu- 
_M sive, 

3 Juniper street 
"^: Square 

"§; Thirteenth street 
"g: Square 

•s| Amount carried forward, 








Amount brought forward, 
Twelfth street width 

Eleventh street 

Tenth street 

Ninth street 

Eighth street 

Seventh street 

Sixth street 

Fifth street 

Fourth street 

Third street 

Second street 

Front street 

Penn street 

New Water street 

To the end of wharf 

From Broad to Delaware, 

Total feet from Schuylkill 
tp Delaware, 

c 1 






1 ! 


•^"" 1 


•£ i 


i: i 


W i 



*^ =p 

~ 396 

■5- ' 


!=• ; 





: £- 


: W 

397 6 








395 9 




fe ! 







I 1 










5530 3 

: EI 





10,947 3 


; : f- 

12,448 3 


M . 

.gi Vine street 

3d Square 

_3j- Sassafras street 
3 Square 

J|; Cherry street 
3; Square 

"i§ Mulberry street 
-l|i Square 

■g: Filbert street 
-gj Square 

-jfi High street 
3: Square 

31 Chestnut street 
3g: Square 

"5: George street 
■=|i Square 

-fi: Amount carried forward, 

width 50 




Amount brought forward, 447 2765 
Walnut street width 50 


Locust street 

Spruce street 

Pine street 

Lombard street 

Cedar street 

Total feet, 


370 ;k. 
400 3 |C 

473 3;|f 
282 fr 
322 jfe 

4622 6 J 
749 ir 

5371 6 |f 



: u 


ft, i 



Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor, av avenue. 
bel below, bet between, (B H) Bush Hill, b h boarding- house, c. h. (counting home 
c corner, ct court, E East, F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (F V) Francisville, cent, gentle, 
gentw. gentlewoman, G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, \I v .. 
amensing, manuf. manufacturer and manufactory, mer. merchant, mers. merchants, mrmak r 
V.'^T' N o N o rth ', NL L Northern Liberties, O Y Old York, P Passyunk, PTPenn Township, 
I , >' ?V 3 ° Uth ' Sch- Schu ) lkiil > W West, whf wharf or wharves, wid widow, (Wl'l West 
Philadelphia- * \ j 


Abbatt John, nailer, 71 New Market 

Abbett Lydia, tavern, S E Sch. Beach and 

Abbett Ezekiel M., bonnet presser, 109 N 4th 
Abbey Charles, gold-beater, 22 Pear, h 71 

Abbott Abdin, waterman, 64 Washington av 
Abbott Ann B., Union ab Prince (K) 
Abbott Charles H., mer., 16 N 4th, h 60 S 6th. 
Abbott C II. & G., hardware, 16 N 4th. 
Abbott Edward, Marshall ab Parish 
Abbott George, mer., 16 N 4th, h 183 Mulberrv. 
Abbott James, mer., 127 High, h 245 Walnut". 
Abbott James, brewer, 86 N 2nd, h 55 New. 
Abbott Joel, dealer, 23 Vernon 
Abbott John, grocer, N E Broad & Sassafras, 

h Sassafras bel Broad 
Abbott Johnes & Co., silks and fancy goods, 

153 High. 
Abbott Joseph, gent., Wharton ab 4th 
Abbott Leonard, bonnet presser, Clark bel 4th 
Abbott Mary, glover, 9 Dillwvn 
Abbott Sc'Newlin, brewers, 86 N 2nd, to 11 

Abbott Redman, mer., 153 High. 
Abbott Samuel, exchange broker, 14 Phila. Ex- 
change, h 140 Mulberrv 
Abbott Samuel W., mer., 1*53 High. 
Abbott Timothy, gent, office 16 N 4th, h 60 S 6th 
Abbott William, dealer, 5 Benton William, leather-dealer, 83 S Front, h 

212 S 3d 
Abbott WilLam, real est. broker, 19 S 10th 
Abbott William L., mer. 255 High 


Abel Amacy B., painter, 23 Prune, h 73 Carpen- 
ter, (S.) 
Abel Anthony, shoemaker, 21 Rachel. 
Able Catharine, Poplar ab St John 
Abel Catharine, 10 Brown 
Abel Charles J., clerk, 202 Noble. 
Abel Charles, tinsmith, 450 N 4th 
Abel Francis, seaman, 1 Beck 
Abel Frederick H., fish vender, Allen ab Shack- 

amaxon (K) 
Abel Harriet, 39 Sheaff's al. 
Abel Hetty, 292 S Front. 
Abel Jacob C, dry goods, 96 N 2nd 
Abel James, labourer, Corn ab Reed 
Abel John, cordwainer, rear 21 Chatham 
Abel John, chair mr., Jackson's ct., (\ L) 
Abel John, shoemaker, 19 Rachel (N 1.1 
Abel John, stone-cutter, Wallace bel 13th 
Abel Joseph, cordwainer, 288 St Johh ab Poplar 
Abel Peter, cordwainer, Union ab Franklin, (K.) 
Abel Robert, jeweller, 7th ab Poplar 
Abel Samuel, brassfounder, Yoi fc ct. 
Abel Win. W., brassfounder, 13 Rose al. 
Abeles H., dry goods, 73 S 2nd 
Abell Joseph, cooper, Lancaster and Kecfc 
Abercrombie C, widow, 5 .shield's allev 
Abercrombie Mary, wid. of James, 6 Portico sq. 
Abernethy John, Sch 8th n Willow 
Able F., tailor, rear 382 S 3rd 
Able Mary, dealer, Allen and Palmer, (K) 
Able, Wilson &, Co., forwarcLng mers., 1st whf 

bel Vine 
Abraham John, inspector of prov. and salt, 11* 
N Water, h 2d n Beaver 



Abrahams Jas. F., tailor, 4 S 6th, h 202 Queen (Adams Henry S., real estate broker, N W 3rd 

Abrahams Moses, tailor, 257 N 2d, h 367 N Front 
Abrahams 8s Vandcgrift, tailors, 4 S 6th 
Abram David, vict, 5th and George (N L) 
Abrams Joseph, att'y & coun., 43 N 5th, h rear 

15 Noble 
Abrams Moses, 89 Coates. 
Abrams Robert, grocer, S E Shippen and Broad 
Accoo Edward, porter, 229 Lombard 
Accoo .lesse, coachman, 13 Watson's alley 
Accord John, laborer, Coates n Broad 
Acheson Charles, flour mer., 337 High. 
Acheson George, lab., Jones ab Sch 5th 
Acheson James, Jones n Sch 3rd 
Acheson Joseph, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson, 

( K ) 
Acheson Mary, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Acheson Patrick, Sch 3rd ab Filbert 
Achev Frederick, saddler, 224 Vine 
Achuff & Hallman, velocipede mrs., 81 Sassafras 
Achuff James, trimmer, 40 Laurel 
Ackerman David, shoemaker, 377 N 3rd 
Ackerman James, lab. Lewis n Sch 6th 
Ackley Elizabeth, 126 Swanson 

and Walnut 
\dams Jacob, mer. 73 S Wharves, h 94 Union 
Adams Jacob W., printer, 29 Mulberry 
Adams Jane, Pearl n Washington 
Adams James, lab., Pearl n Washington 
Adams James, carpet weaver, 7th ab Poplar 
Adams James, lab., Small bel 6th 
Adams James B., 8 Lybrand 
Adams James W., machinist, Nectarinebel 11th. 
Adams John, bookbinder, Division 
Adams John, blacksmith, Locust and Juniper 
Adams John, ing. carpet-weaver, 7th ab Poplar 
Adams John, seaman, Taylor's ct 
Adams John, b h, 47 Penn 
Adams John, collector, 11 Prosperous alley 
Adams John, carter, 91 Shippen 
Adams John Q., mer., 40 S Front, h 161 S 9th 
Vdams John S., Mt. Vernon House, 95 N 2nd 
Adams Joseph, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Adams L. A. T., teacher, US W High 
Adams Margaret, rear 13 German 
Adams Martha, McKean's ct. 
Adams Mary Ann, b h, 319 Chestnut Sc 9 S 11th 

Ackley John N., stove finisher, Sch 8th n Sas- Adams Mary, Beach bel Snackamaxon (K) 


Willow n 

Acklev Lvman, boot maker, 35 O Y Road 
Ackley Norman, shoemaker, Apple bel Poplar 
Ackley William, paper box-mr., 4 Porter's ct 
Acor & Pierce, chairmakers, 395 N Front 
Acor Stephen, stonecutter, 110 Coates 
Acres Charles, lab., Parker's alley 
Acres Elizabeth, shop, 16 Hurst 
Acroid Jeremiah, waterman, Sch 

Adair Ann, tavern, 266 S 4th 
Adair John W., carp., N W Hamilton and Wd- 

' Ham, (F M) 
Adair Robert, carter, 6 Union ct. 
Adair Robert Rev., 152 Queen. 
Adair Robert, wheelwright, Broad bel Vine- 
Adams Alexander, brushes, 173 S 2d, h 232 

Adams Alexander, tailor, 8 Hyde's ct 
Adams Amos, cordw., Lawrence's ct 
Adams Andrew W. Sc Co., mcrs., 45 High 
Adams Andrew W., mer, 45 High, U 47 Mul- 
Adams A. Mrs., paper ruling, 72 N 7th 
Adams Benjamin, carter, S E Bird and Catha- 
Adams Charles, merchant, N W 4th and Mul- 
Adams C. L., printer, h 2 Courtlin pi, and card 

manuf. 113 Chestnut 
Adams & Co., package express, 85 Chestnut 
Adams Daniel, carter, Culvert bel 4th 

Adams Mary, 19 Julianna 
Adams Mrs.' Robt., gentw., 1S2 Chestnut. 
Adams Nathan, shipcarp., Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Adams Robert, mariner, 30 Beck, (S) 
Adams Robert, mer., 123 Walnut, h 182 Chestnut 
Adams Robert, cordw., Wagner's al 
Adams Robert, mer., N W Sch 8th and High 
Adams Robert, coal dealer, N E Water and Cal- 
low lull 
Adams Robert H., hatter, 324 High 
Adams Robert & Co., mcrs., 123 Walnut- 
Adams Samuel, cabinet mr., 148 S 4th 
Adams Sand., clerk K. Bank, h Queen bel 

Adams Samuel C, 20 S 13th 
Adams Sarah Ann, dressmaker, 162 Pine 
Adams Sarah Jane, Cochran st 
Adams Sc Selby, hatters, 324 High 
Adams Thomas, cordw., Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Adams Thomas, blacksmith, Phcenix n 2nd 
Adams Thomas, mer., N W 3rd Si Sassafras. 
Adams Thomas F., printers' findings, 8 Frank- 
lin pi., h 18 Jacoby 
Adams Timothy, machinist, 11th ab Coates 
Adams William, carpenter, 56 Nectarine. 
Adams William, carp., Jefferson bel Front 
Adams Wm., cordw., Schleisman's al 
Adams William, collector, 26 Old York Road. 
Adams William, fisherman, Palmer n Queen. 
Adan s William, gent., Mantua village 
Adams Wm., lab., 2 Wagner's ct 
Adams Wm., lab., Crown ab Bedford 

AOU1U5 ULUU-l! Lam i, v>"'- »- ■ . 

Adams David, clothing, 59 Walnut, h 10 Bird's Adams Wm. D., tobacconist. o 02 A inc 


Vdams Wm. IF, sec. Grand Lodge, h 133 Filbert 
A. lams Wm. M , grocer, 427 N Front 

Adams David, grocer, S E 2nd & Poplar. 

Adams Eleanor, layer out of the dead, oJ Logan, Vdams Wm. R., stove mr., Russell 

Adams Eliza, Centre and Dean 
Adams Eliza Ann, washer, rear 30 Bread 
Adams Francis, carp., rear 5 Ogdcn 
Adams George, vict., 2 Charles pi 

Adamson H., carpenter 12 J Pine, h Washington 

ab 11th. 
Adamson James, carpct-weavcr, 125 N 6th, h 
Carlton bel 13th 

Adamson John L-, grocer, Parrish hel 7th 
\d»mson Samuel, tailor, IS Vernon 
A. 1. licks John E., mer., 167 High, h 203 N 6th 
A' Micks Mrs., gentw., 7 Colonnade Row 
Addicks, Van Dusen 8c Smith, mers., 167 High 
Addis Charles, brickmr., Shippen la. bel Cedar. 
Addis Jacob, carp., Fitzwater n Broad, h Cedar 

n 12th 
Addis John, blacksmith, rear 125 Culvert 
Addis John, brickmr., Helmuth n Sch. 7th 
Addas Joseph, wheelwright, O Y Road bel Coates 
Ades Robert, drayman, 84 Plum 
Adler Ceo. S., leather manuf'., 64 New Market 
Adler John, morocco dresser, Schleisman's al 
Adler Samuel, 59 New Market 
Adolph G., carp. 184 St. John's. 
Adolpli John, carpenter, 363 N 3rd 
Adolphius A., M. D., 220 Spruce. 
Adriance G. YV., trunkmr., 150 Chestnut, h Ja- 

coby ab Cherry 
Acbcling, 1)., doctress, 19 Sergeant 
Aechternacht F. A., tailor, 114 Sassafras. 
Aertsen James M., mer., 8 S Front, h Spruce ab 

13 th 
Aertsen John P., mer., 100 George 
AfHerbach Wm, gunsmith, 621 N 2d. 
Alllick Morris E., bricklayer, 290 N 7th. 
Agenstorff, Christian, beer house, 22 New Mar- 
AgarWm., wheelwright, 6S Noble. 
Agin Elizabeth, cap mr., 22 Elfreth's al 
Agin John, lab., Parker ab Sch 6th 
Agin Thomas, carter, Marshall bel 4th (S) 
Agnew & Co., fancy dry goods, 26 S 2nd. 
Agnew David, William near Hamilton. 
Agnew Edward, cordwainer, 12 Providence ct 
Agnew Henry O., blacksm., Sch 6th and Jones, 

h 151 N12th 
Agnew Isabella, dry goods, 97 N 9th 
Agnew John, Franklin works, 340 Vine, h 

12 Morgan 
Agnew John, lab., Master 8c Hancock (K) 
Agnew Samuel, 12 N 11th 
Agnew Samuel, brickmaker, High n Sch 2nd 
Agnew William, mer., 26 S 2nd. 
Agnew Wm., carpenter, rear 372 S 3rd 
Agnew William G. E., teacher, 191 N 9th 
Agostini 8c Co., fruiterers, 479 High 
Agostini Francis M., confectionary, S E 7th and 

Ahem Daniel, grocer, N W 4th and Shippen. 
Ahrans Anthony, shoemr., Watson's al. 
Aikel John C, weaver, Apple ab George 
Aikins David, lab., Shippen n Front 
Aikins David, tavern, S E 10th and Washington 
Aikman John, hat blockmr., 7 Dock, h367 S 3d 
Adcs Catherine, shoemaker, S 5th bel Queen. 
Aim E. Mrs., milliner, Beach ab Ken. Market 
Ainscow Thos, weaver, Duke ab Hanover, (K.) 
Airey John, soapboiler, 223 N Front, 8c 177 N 2d 
Airey Richard, gent., 17 VYood. 
Aitkin J. 8c C. C, boot and shoe manufs., 19 Ed- 
ward. (K) 
Aitkin Charles C, boot 2c shoe manuf. 19 Ed- 
ward, (K) 

Aitkin John M., commercial reporter, 360 S 5;h 
Aitkin Joseph, manuf., 19 Edward, h Front ab 

Aitkin William, teacher on piano, 3 Lebanon 

Aitkin Wm. P., auctioneer, 77 Coates, h 91 

Ger. T Road. 
Aken Wm., lab., 3 W. Cedar 
Akers Irwin, tailor and vari. store, 10 Strawberry 
Akers Thomas, China 8c queensware, 317 High 
Akin James, engraver, 18 Prun<* 
Akin John, brushmaker, Perry and Lombard 
Akin Samuel, lab., Lombard W Sch 7th 
Akins James, cabinetmr., 94 German 
Akins John, shoemaker, 19 Crown 
Aklev L., millinerv, 421 N 4th 
Albaiigh M., Pearl ab 12th 
Alberger Christian, vict., Vineyard, (F V) 
Alberger Mary, suspender mr., Hank's ct 
Albert Charles, lab., Mary bel 2nd, (S) 
Albert Henry, skin dresser, St John bel Beaver 


Albert Jane, washer, Prosperous al 
Albert John, lab., Mary bel 2nd, (S) 
Albert Margaret, washer, Parkers al 
Albert Stephen, lab. 443 N 6th 
Alberti George F., cupper, 8cc, Clair bel Car- 
Albertie Beulah, trimmings, Marsh and Brow n 
Albertson Aaron, boatman, Mary bel 2nd (S) 
Albertson Benjamin, mer., 19 High, h45N Oth. 
Albertson Eliza, gentw., 15 Harmony 
Albertson Elizabeth, shoes, Shackamaxon bel. 

Bedford, (K) 
Albertson Gilbert, lab., S W 4th and Federal 
Albertson Isaac, stoves, 153 N 3rd 
Albertson James, saddler, P road ab Carpenter, 

h Carpenter below 7th 
Albertson James, shipwright, Marlborough bel 

Prince. (K) 
Albertson Joseph, shoes, Queen bel Marlborough 


Albertson Marmaduke, shipwt., Beach ab Marl- 
borough, (K.) 

Albertson Wm., cordw., Marlborough ab Bed- 
ford (K) 

Albertson Wm., blacksmith, 496 S 2d. 

Albertson Thomas S., cordw., 483 S Front 

Albrecht Charles, gent., 134 Vine. 

Albrecht J. D., shoemaker, 297 Mulberry. 

Albright C. collector, 18 S 3rd. 

Albright David, butcher, Perry ab Franklin (K) 

Albright Frances, dressmr, 2d4 Mulberry 

Albright Jacob senr., lab., Si) German 

Albright Jacob, plasterer, Kelly's ct. 

Albright Jacob, watchman, 20 Duke. 

Albright Jacob, packer, James ab Charles. 

Albright John, carter, Rachael n Laurel 

Albright Jno. W., tailor, 94} S 3rd, h 347 3d 
bel Catharine 

Albright Peter, tavern, 404 N 2d. 

Albright Rebecca, shop, 157 N 12th 

Albright Thomas F., clock 8c watchmr, 245 High 

Albright William, teacher of drawing, 21 S 5th, 

Alburger Abraham, paiuter, 651 N 2d. 

Alburger Abraham, victualler, 281 Callowhill. 
Alburger Adam, butcher, M roadbel Wharton 
Alburger Adam, butcher, Wheat bel Wharton 
Albur<rer Edward, bookbinder, Prime ab M road 
Alburger Henry, victualler, Parrish ab Sch 8th 
Alburger John G., victualler, 59 Franklin. 
Alburger & Stratton, painters, 651 N 2d 
Alburger Susan Sc Eliz., teachers, 125 M road 
Alburger AVm. M., plumber, N E Marshall & 

Willow, h 64 Marshall 
Alcorn Andrew, weaver, Sch. 5th bel Filbert. 
Alcorn George, lab., Sch 3d near Vine. 
Alcorn George W., lastmaker, 1 Mvers 1 ct. 
Alcorn Bobcrt P., Sch 7th ab Pine' 
Alcorn Samuel, carter, Ann Sc Sch. 8th. 
Alcorn Thomas P., provisions, 110 Sassafras 
Alclen I). P., musical academy, 351 High. 
Alden Jonathan, cashier Globe Insurance and 

Trust Co., 435 N 2nd, h 218 N 7th 
Alderdice William, weaver, Pearl bel Sch 6th 
Aldrich Cynthia, b h, 231 Spruce 
Aldridge George, lab., Hutchinson's ct 
Aldridge George, engraver, 162 Christian 
Alexander Andw., stone-cutter, Parrish bel 11th 
Alexander Ann, grocer, 132 S 12th. 
Alexander Ann Mrs., 5 Montgomery 
Alexander Ann, widow of Bichard, 24 Plum. 
Alexander Benj. W., furniture, 410 N 4th 
Alexander Charles, printer an'd editor of the 

Daily Chronicle, Chestnut and Franklin 

pi, h 141 N 10th 
Alexander Cornelius, carp., Church bel Christian 
Alexander C, widow, 14 Tammany 
Alexander Eleanor, ^5 Shippen. 
Alexander Elizabeth, 26 S Thirteenth 
Alexander Elizabeth, P road n Cedar 
Alexander Francis, St Mary ab 7th 
Alexander F., pattern cutter, S Garden Retreat 
Alexander Geo., watchman, 13 Swanson. 
Alexander George, grocer, N E 3rd Sc Coates. 
Alexander George, printer, rear 321 S 3d 
Alexander Henry, lapidist, Clark ab 3d 
Alexander Hugh, mer., 23A S 2d 
Alexander James, weaver, Filbert n Sch. 8th. 
Alexander John, porter, 14 Vaux's ct 
Alexander John, butcher, Church bel Green- 
Alexander John, painter. 43 M road 
Alexander John, 65 N 11th. 
Alexander John, labourer, 4 Hunter. 
Alexander John, engineer. Landing 
Alexander Joseph, lab., Front bel Greenwich 
Alexander Joseph, printer, 44 German. 
Alexander Lewis, Pryor's ct 
Alexander Margaret, 81 S oth 
Alexander Martin W., clerk sheriff's off., h 46 

Alexander M. S., mer., Filbert n Sch. 6th 
Alexander Robert, weaver. 46 W Cedar 
Alexander Pobcrt, lab., 5 Norm's ct. 
Alexander Samud, dry goods, 23 S 2nd. 
Alexander Samuel D., brushmr., Morris ab 

Alexander & Scott, publishers of Daily Chroni 

cb, 109 Chestnut 

Alexander Susanna, washer, 2 Garrett's ct 

Alexander Theodore, cordw., rear 124 Catha- 

Alexander Wm., home missionary, 117 M road 

Alexander William, teamster, Wood ab Sch. 7th 

Alexander William, painter, 15 Coombs' alley. 

Alexander William, collector, 15 Jefferson Row 

Alexander Wm., 5 Juniper al 

Alexander Wm. G., acct., 314 S Front 

Alexander Wm. G., shop, Dean and Locust 

Alexander Wm. L., 219 N 2d 

Alford Mary, 14 Wallace 

Algeo John II., cooper, 5 Linden 

Algeo Pebecca, Smith's ct. 

Algie William, weaver, 14 Myers' cL 

Aligum Gregg, lab., Sch. Bank n Pine 

Aiken Mary, 1 Knight's ct 

All John, brickmr., 12th- ab Pine 

Allanesse John, boot black, 38 Quince 

Allardice, Peter, gent., 82 W. "Willow 

Allawav Lewis, fireman, rear 32 Beach ab Pop- 
lar (K) 

Allbach Hannah, washer, Steitz ct. 

Alleburn Jacob, M. D., Charlotte bel fceorge 

Allen Albertus, carpenter, S W5th Sc Catharine 

Allen Alfred, cordw., 431 N 4th 

Allen Andrew, .moulder, Corn ab Mackey 

Allen Ann, beer house, 125 Swanson. 

Allen Ann, dressmr., Green ab 7th 

Allen Ann, b h, 309 Chestnut 

Allen Anna, 117 S 4th 

Allen Benjamin, N E 7th and Cherry 

Allen Charles, gent., 146 Pine. 

Allen Charles, coachmaker, Orange bel 13th 

Allen Clayton, tailor, Chestnut and Water, h 24 

Allen C, silverplater, Olive bel Broad 

Allen Edward, shoemr., Barron bel Gaskill 

Allen Edwin, japanner, 158 Sassafras, h 100 

Allen Elizabeth, S W Sch 7th and Mulberry. 

Allen Elizabeth, 23 Franklin. 

Allen Enoch, tailor, S W 9th and High, h 160 

Allen Ephraim, cordw., 22 Castle 

Allen E. Miss, prof, of music, 148 S 4th 

Allen George, boots & shoes, 326 High 

Allen George, lab., 4 Cooper's ct 

Allen Geo. W r ., M. D., 45 N 8th, h 77 Wood. 

Allen G. F., druggist, N E 13th and Lombard. 

Allen Harriet, b h, 274 S 4th 

Allen Isabella, grocer, Queen ab Bishop (K) 

Allen Jacob, sawyer, rear 24 St Mary 

Allen James, lab*, rear 82 N 2d 

Allen James, plasterer, N W Sch 6th & Filbert 

Allen James, weaveivAnn n 13th 

Allen Jane, gentw., 135 S 4th 

Allen John, confectioner, rear 10 Green (C) 

Allen John, waiter, 29 Elizabeth 

Allen J-ohn, engraver, 204 Cherrv 

Allen John, lab., 211 ."diippen 

Allen John, teacher, 234 N 7th 

Allen John, bricklaver, 23 Lombard. 

Allen John, lab., 496 N 4th 

Allen John B. A., mer., 9 S wharves, h 79 N 9th 



Allen John C, druggist, 180 S 2d. 

Allen John M., tinsmith, 11 M'Dulhe 

Allen Joseph, gilder, Raspberry 1 

Allen Jos., carpet weaver. Master & Pink (K) 

Allen Joseph L., carp., 20 Clair 

Allen Joseph, labourer, Filbert ab Sch. 5th 

Allen Joseph W., barber, Baltimore House, h 16 
Cask ill 

Allen Josiah J., mer , 26 S wharves, h 22 George 

Allen J. M., M. D., 43 S 10th 

Allen Mary, drug-gist, 383 Sassafras. 

Allen Mary, b. lv., 5 St. James 

Allen Marv, 3 Hickory 

Allen M., prof, of harp, 148 S 4th 

Allen M. S., varnish manuf., Front and Reed 

Allen N., hatter, Christian ab P road 

Allen Richard S., clerk, 7 New Crown 

Allen Robert, waiter, Russell 

Allen Robert, mer., 1404 High, h 469 Mulberry 

Allen Robert, weaver, Duke ab F road (K) 

Allen Robert, distiller, S W 3d & Plum, h 276 

Allen Samuel, carp., Spring Garden ab 11th 

Allen Samuel, mer., 26 S whfs., h 137 Franklin 

Allen Samuel, lab., Black Horse al n Cedar 

Allen Sarah, 73 N 5th 

Allen Solomon, ex-broker, 9$ S 3rd, h 306 Mul- 

Allen S. "& J. J., oil mers., 26 S wharves 

Allen Thomas, carpenter, Marshall ab Farrish. 

Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead 

Allen Thomas, cordw., 62 X 6th 

Allen Thomas, rigger, 353 N Front 
Allen Thomas H., collector, 1624 S 2d 

Allen Thomas G. Rev., genl. agt. City mission, h 

14 Jefferson Row. 
Allen Thomas P., combmr., 383 S 6th 
Allen Walter, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Allen Walter, weaver, 13th ab Fulton 
Allen Wm., tailor, 189 Gaskill 
Allen Wm., moulder, 5th bel Shippen 
Allen Wm., baker, Shackamaxon bel F road (K) 
Allen William, carpenter, 462 S 4th 
Allen William, machinist, 324 N 8th 
Allen Wm., sailmaker, China ab Front 
Allen Wm., hair dress., 6 S 9th, h 14 Watson's al 
Allen William C, wooden ware, 1 Chestnut, h 2 

Allen William G., weighmaster, 34 S whfs., h N 

E 3d and Pine 
Allen William H., hardware, 31 High 
Allen William M., tailor, N E 6th and Shippen, 

h 150 Cedar 
Allen, Wilson &. Co., dry goods, 140$ High 
Allen & Wyand, japanners &. bronzers, 158 

Alleson Hannah, trentlew., 24 George. 
Allez H., dry g-oods, 2d bel Beaver (K) 
Allg-ir Frederick, g-ardener, Broad and Christian 
Alliband John, coach painter, Johnson's la ab 4th 
Allibone Samuel A., mer., 17 S wharves, h 19 

Allibone Thomas, mer., 8 S whfs., h W. P. 
Allibone Thomas, tobacc, 358 N 3d 
Allibone &. Troubat, merchants, 8 S whfs. 

Allingham Wm., carpenter, Jones n Sch. 5th. 
Allingham Wm., Jr., carp., Jones ab Sch. 5tli 
Ailing-ton Aaron, stationer}, cCO N 2d 
Allinson Samuel, gent., Spruce ab Broad 
Allison Alexander, lab., Lancaster ab Reed 
Allison Andrew, weaver, Ft rry'sct. 
Allison Eliza, gentlew., 22 Plum. 
Allison James, painter, 3 Short ct. 
Allison Jas., tailor, 316 High, h 1S6 N 12th 
Allison John, lab., Pearl ab loth 
Allison Mary, George n 11th. 
Allison Rosetta, school, rear 119 X Juniper 
Allison W. C, wheelwright, Broad n Vine, h 

State n Sch 8th 
Allison Thomas, tailor, 11th bel Cedar 
Allison Walter, carp., St Joseph's av. 
Allman John, morocco dresser, 31 O. Y. road 
Allman Joseph, hatter, 5 N 6th 
Allman Thomas, bricklayer, S W 9th and Vine 
Allmendinger Charles, baker. 109 Noble 
Allmendinger E., 62 New Market 
Allmendinger William, baker, 130 N 4th 
Allowav Isaac, cordw., 34 New Market 
Alloway Isaac, tavern, O V roud and Button- 
Allowav Wm., drayman, Charlotte ab Beaver 
Allsebr'ook Samuel, hosier, 4th bel Mastei (K) 
Allshire Catharine, Queen bel Bishop (K) 
Allspack George, proprietor of omnibusscs, 

Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Allwine Charles, carter, Sth ab Noble 
Almond Mukes, carp., Catharine ab Lebanon 
Almond Peter, lab. Spruce n Seh. river 
Almond Thomas, carp., Plum bel 5th 
Alp David, cordw., Hope ab Pheenix (K) 
Alrich Peter, collector, 453 Vine 
Alrich Peter, blacksmith. Union ab West 
Alrich Saml., blacks., Crown bel Franklin (K) 
Alrich Samuel, blacksmith, Beach ab Palm<_r 
Alsop Amv, 93 S 4th 
Alsop Robert, dep. sheriff. State House 
Alsop Samuel, teacher, 16S Cherry, b Sth be! 

Alsop Samuel, cabinetmr., Bedford ab 12th 
Alsop Thomas, lab., Ann n 13th 
Alsop William J., coal mer., c Schuylkill Beach 

and High, h Sch. 6th and Filbert 
Altemus Benjamin C, tailor, 79 Mulberry 
Altemus James, skin dres-er, 5-7 N 2dab Otter 
Altemus Nicholas, blacksm., Beech bel Shack- 
amaxon (K) 
Altemus Margaret, dressmr., 227 Wood 
Altemus Samuel T., mer., S W Bank and High, 

h 237 Vine 
Altemus Thomas, Philadelphia bank. 
Altemus William, starch mmuf., Ferry above 

Franklin (K.) 
Alter Jacob, grocer, h N W Marshall &: Spri-g 

Alter Solomon, mer., 247 High, h 32S N6lh". 
Alward Marcus, shoemr., Orange n Washington 
Amberg Henry W., pianomr., 181 Spruce 
Amberg Sc Pfi'stcr, pianomrs., lfc>l Spruce 
AmblerJohn, tinsmith, S W Marshall & Garden 
Ambler W. H., cabinetmr., 196 Queen 



Ambrose Charlotte, hair dresser, 253 S 7th 
Ambrose Isxic, carter, Shippen bel 13th 
Ambrosi J. A., tailor, rear 55 Chestnut 
Ambrustcr John, bricklayer, Buttonwoodn 13th 
Amer Joseph II., machinist, 1 Lodge al., li Wood 

n Sch 7th 
Amer William, morocco dresser, c Willow and 

Dillwyn, h Green bel Franklin 
Ames James B., ship master, 10 Christian. 
Ames Josiah, carp., 152 Catharine 
Amey Olis, plasterer, 31 Charlotte. 
Amies Richard, paper dealer, rear 264 S 5th 
Amies Susan, Mrs., 104 Chestnut 
Amies Thomas K., rag- ware house, 2 Merchant, 

h 438 Callowhill 
Amies Wm., 37 George 

Ammidon Otis, Treasurer Lehigh coal and Na- 
vigation Co., 72 S 2nd, h 171 S 3d. 
Amon Christian, baker, Beach al) Maiden, (K) 
Amor James, weaver, 9th ab Carpenter 
Amor Joseph, dyer, 9th ab Carpenter 
AmorThos., weaver, 9th bel Christian 
Amos Charles J., stoves, 197 N 2d, h 116 New 

Amos & Ditzler, stoves, 197 N 2d 
Amos Elizabeth, 116 New Market 
Amos Geo., ladies' shoemr., 7 Harrison's ct (K) 
Amos George, tanner, 214 S 7th 
Amos Jacob, carp., 67 New 
Amos Jonathan, tailor, 122 Carpenter (S) 
Amos Robert, cordw., Otter bel G T road 
Amos William Jr., carpenter, 2 Porter's ct. 
Ancora Peter, drawing master, 145 Pine. 
Anders J., bootmaker, 314 Sassafras. 
Anderson Alex., marble polisher, Sch. 7th near 

Anderson Andrews, seaman, Swanson bel Queen 
Anderson Ann, 98 Fitzwater 
Anderson Cecilia, 312 Cedar. 
Anderson Charles, carter, 15 Coombes' al 
Anderson Christian, gent., 3 Lombard ct. 
Anderson Christopher, porter, 2 Juniper la 
Anderson C, Mrs., Culvert ab 4th 
Anderson David, plasterer, Kes»ler ab Coates 
Anderson Elizabeth, 53 Noble 
Anderson Elizabeth, 181 Poplar 
Anderson Elizabeth, b h., 90 Crown. (C) 
Anderson Elizabeth, trimmings, 408 Green 
Anderson Flora, lab., Shippen ab 13th 
Anderson George, porter, 3 Gray's al. 
Anderson George, lab., Robb's ct. 
Anderson Geo. R., cabinetmr., F.mslie's al 
Anderson Henry, seaman, rear 115 Queen 
Anderson Henry, shoemr., 3 Ken worthy's ct 
Anderson H., labourer, Shippen bel 8th 
Anderson Isabella, rear 110 Cherry 
Anderson Jacob W., hairdresser, Washington av 

ab Green 
Anderson James, Hamilton ab William 
Anderson James, weaver, S E 13th & Fulton 
Anderson Junes, carter, High ab. Sch. 3d. 
Anderson James, sawyer. Bedford bel "tli 
Anderson James, seaman, Little Pine n 6th 
Anderson James, weaver, 116 S 12th 
Anderson Jas., weaver, Charlotte n Master (K) 

Anderson John, tailor, 10 Spruce 
Anderson John, millwright, 3 Kelly's av. 
Anderson John, b h, 30 Cedar 
Anderson John, cordw., Poplar and Broad 
Anderson John, sweep, St Mary ab 7th 
Anderson Joseph, cordw., Washington (W. P.] 
Anderson Joseph, blacksmith, 28 Lebanon 
Anderson Joseph, musician, 252 Lombard 
Anderson Julianna, b h, 143 Spruce 
Anderson J., brickmr., 4 Elizabeth (N L^ 
Anderson J. W., carp., Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Anderson Levi, iile manuf., 52 F road (K) 
Anderson Margaret, shop, Wood ab 11 road 
Anderson Martin, lab., S W 3d & Catharine 
Anderson Mary, washer, Prosperous al 
Anderson Mary, dressmr., 11th and Lombard 
Anderson Mary, trimmings, 182 Pine 
Anderson Mary, 2 Leed's av. 
Anderson Mary, dress maker, 174 Cherry 
Anderson Michael, lab., Small bel 6th 
Anderson Mrs., milliner, 127 Green. 
Anderson M. Mrs., Loud ab 9th 
Anderson M., M. D., S E 5th and Pine. 
Anderson Peter, waiter, rear 325 Lombard 
Anderson Philip, whitewasher, 98 N4th 
Anderson Philip, 9th ab Catharine 
Anderson Robert, cordw, rear 392 Sassafras 
Anderson Rosanna, 3 Lyndall's alley 
Anderson Samuel, plasterer, Nectarine ab 10th 
Anderson Samuel, cordw., W. P. 
Anderson Samuel, confectioner, 321 Pine 
Anderson Saml., weaver. Steward bel Fitzwatei 
Anderson Sarah, trimmings, 6th bel Green. 
Anderson Sarah, gentw., Marlborough n Frank 

lin. (K) 
Anderson Sarah H., w. of Saml. V., 152 N Front 
Anderson S., washer, 58 St Mary 
Anderson Thomas, cordw., Cedar ab 12th 
Anderson Wesley, cigarmr., 164 S Front 
Anderson Wm. B., blindmr., Beach bel Marl 

boro' (K) 
Anderson Wm. E., chaiamaker, 265 S 3d, 1 

Clark n 4th 
Anderson William V., mer., 21 8c 23 N Water, 1 

242 Spruce. 
Anderson William V. Sc Co., mers., 21 Sc 23 J 

Anderson Wm., tavern, Sch. 8th and Morris 
Anderson Wm., coachman, 7 Maple 
Anderson Wm., cabinetmr., 10 Cyprus al 
Anderton Ann & Lambert Hannah, millinery 

12 N 12th 
Anderton Wm. D., house and sign painter, 15 

Andrade Joseph, mer., 23 Walnut, h 141 Sprue* 
Andress Jacob, cigar manufac, Bedford am 

Union ct (K) 
Andress Joseph, rear 50 Orchard 
I Andress Michael, bricklayer, 20 Noble. 
| Andress Michael, jr. bricklayer, 11 York ct. 
[Andrew Samuel, cook. 2 Locust 
(Andrews Alexander, drayman, Sch. 8th ab Sas 
j safras 

(Andrews Benjamin, saddler, S E 3d and Iligl 
I h 75 N 5th 


Andrews Charles, 4 Kenworthy's ct 
\i 'rows Charles, hatter, 7 Richards 
Andrews Conrad B., bricklayer, 111 St. John 
Viulrews E. W., com. raer., 15 N Front 
Andrews Frank, painter, 91 W Callowhill 
Andrews George, cordw., Fraley's ct. (K) 
Andrews Henry W., com. mer., 3 N wharves, 

h N E Dean and Spruce 
Andrews Jacob, clothing, 45 Chestnut, h 324* 

Andrews James, stove finisher, 5th ab Carpenter 
Andrews James B„ painter, 303 S 8th 
Andrews John, drayman, Say near Pearl 
Andrews John, cordwr., Fisher ab Carpenter 
Andrews John, blacksmith, Sch. 5th n Fairview 
Andrews Joseph B., lumber mer., N W 10th and 

Cedar, h 292 Pine 
Andrews Joshua, County Commis., h 12th and 

Andrews Julia Ann, gentw., 70 George (S) 
Andrews J. Sc J B. 8c Co., lumber, N W 10th 

and Cedar. 
Andrews Lyon, pawn broker, 250 Cedar. 
Andrews Robert, lab., Callowhill n Sch. 2d. 
Andrews Robert, labourer, Pearl ab 13th 
Andrews Robert, warehouse man, 5 Myers' ct 
Andrews R. S. R., bricklayer, 20 Carter's alley, 

h 10th ab Christian 
Andrews Samuel R., bricklayer, 13th bel High 
Andrews Sarah, washer, 3 Acorn al 
Andrews S., blacksmith, Elmes' ctnSeh 
Andrews Thomas A., gilder, 49 Plum 
Andrews Thomas Cecil, accountant, Coates r 

Andrews "\Vm., labourer, Division below 12th 
Andrews Wm., lab., Gale's ct 
Anemuller Henry, piano manuf., 19 Sassafras al 
Angel Adam, labourer, Federal bel M road 
Angel Chas., web factory, S W 4th 5c Poplar. 
Angel Sarah, R road bel Buttonwood. 
Angelo John, blacksmith, 5 Beck 
Angelo Rebecca, 378 S 3rd. 
Angue John jr., wines and cordials, 30 N 3rd 
Annadown Thomas, 429 N 5th 
Annely Wm., harness mr, 5th n German 
Aimers Henry F., bookseller, 208 High, h 376 

Annintr John D., painter, P road bel Federal 
Ansbev George, silver-plater, 5 Kenworthy's ct. 
Ansis Wm., M. D., 2 Twelve Foot alley 
Ansis Wm.,M. D., 165 Pine 
Ansley David, carp., rear 10 Quince 
Ansley Isabella, Jackson 
Anson William, clerk, 7 Whitaker's ct. 
Anspach John, mer., 9U X 3d, h 345 N 6th 
Anspach J. & W. & Co., dry goods, 90 N 3d. 
Anspach Wm., mer., 90 X*3d, h 66 O Y mad 
Anstice William, trimming store, N W 5th and 

Antcliff Thomas, shop, 224 Shippcn 
Antelo A. J., mer., 21 S whfs., h 33 Lombard 
Anthony Charles, 214 S 7th 
Anthony David, bootmr., 71 George 
Anthony Geo. W., seaman, 15 Ellen 

Anthony Jacob, carp., Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Anthonv John, seaman, Penn and Pine 
Anthony Joseph, blindmaker, 283 S 3rd. 
Anthonv Joseph, carp., Sarah n Bedford. (K) 
Anthonv Joseph W., steam saw mill, Front bel 

Anthony Julius, waiter, 7 Buckley 
Anthony J., captain, Tiller's ct 
Anthony Mary, shop, 223 Shippen 
Anthony Simeon, cordwaincr, 3- N'ew Market 
Anthony Wm., clothes, 15 Little Pine 
Antonio Joseph, cabinetmr., 152 Carpenter (S) 
Antrim Charles, watchmr., 115 Buttonwood 
Antrim Eliza, gentlew., 2 Clymer 
Apkcr Henry, lab., Hughes' ct (S) 
App George', pumpmaker, F R n Prince. (K) 
App George, baker, Hanover n Duke (K) 
App George, sen., pumpmr., 46 F road n Queen 
App Jacob, cabinetmr., Fraley's ct (K) 
App Michael, saddler, Coates n 9th 
App Samuel, watchmaker, F R n Queen (K) 
Apple Elizabeth, N E 4th and Brown 
Apple Henry, cooper, 14 Perry 
Apple Henry, ganger and cooper, 59 S Water, 

h 94 S. Front. 
Apple Henrv, blacksmith, 8th n Willow 
Apple Jacob, constable, N W 5th and Wood 
Apple John, captain of watch, Apple 
Apple Marv Ann, Sch. Front ab Mulberry 
Apple M. Mrs., milliner, 8 S 12th 
Apple Susanna, 5 Lane's ct 
Apple-ate Daniel T., bricklayer, 15 S 7th, h 

Greenwich bel M road. 
Applegate Francis, tavern, 135 S Water 
Apple^ate Jediah, shop, 385 Sassafras 
Applegate John, carter, 574 S 2d 
Applegate Sarah, 3 Deal's ct 
Appleton D., cordw., c Sheaff's »1 and Madison. 
Appleton George S„ bookseller, 14S Chestnut 
Appleton George W., tailor, 53 N 6th, h Marshall 

n Poplar 
Appleton Jane, wkl. of Christopher, 167 X 4th. 
Appleton J- W., hatter, Sheaff's al & Madison 
Appleton Wm. M., printer, 252 Wood 
Apsden John, machinist, 43 i X Front 
\ptkev Henrv, ropemr., Marriott's 1 bel 6th 
Arbuckle Joseph, watchman. 40 Mechanic 
Arbuckle Samuel, paper earner, rear 116 Clitic 

Arbuckle William, Western Hotel, 288 High 
Archambault Joseph, tavern, 130 N 2d 
Archambault V. E., mer., 411 High 
Archer Abel, furniture car, Huntonab Otter (k) 
Archer Charles, brushmr., M road bel Christian 
Vrchcr Ellis H„ camphine od 5; lamps,32N2d 
Archer Isaac, dravman, Sarah n Bedford. (k) 
\rcher James, weaver, 2d n Jefferson (k) 
Archer Job, brushmr., Crown and Bedlord, ;i 

Crown bel Prince (K) 
Archer John, blacksmith, 254 Queen 
Archer Maria, shop, Front ab Franklin (k) 
Archer Pearce, carter, Poplar n 10th. 
Archer Thomas, vocalist, 33 R road 
Archey S. A., sempstress, rear 60 Brown (N L) 




Archibald Jno., silver plater, Duke abCherry(K) Armstrong Mary, 5 Lyndallal 

Archibald Robert, sailmr., Washing-ton ct 

Ardis George, lab., 15 Reckless 

Ardis John W., carp., 69 Carpenter, (S.) 

Ardis Wm., oysterman, five bcl Wharton 

Ardis Win. C', shoemr., S Lagrange place. 

Ardlev Alexander, druggist, 76 S 2nd, h 62 S 

Ardlev Charles, 62 S 5th. 

Arensfelt Henry, blacksmith, 19, 8c h 9 Norris' al 
Arcy E. Mrs., 153 S 9th. 
Arey Henry W., atty & coun., 153 S 9th. 
Arey John, paper-hanger, 36 Prune 
Arey Rebecca, R road bel Buttonwood 
Argue Jane, 8.3 Gaskill 
Arlett Jane, shop, 271 S 5th 
Armbrust Charles, baker, 19 Helmuth. 
Armbruster John G., brushmr., 136 Callowhill 
Armbrustcr Joseph, carter, Pleasant afa 10th 
Armbruster Peter, brushmaker, 223 N 3rd, h 

41 Chester 
Armbruster Sophia, Sch 8th n Cherry 
Arment Wm., varnisher, Orange n Melon , 
Arming- John, seaman, Haydock 
Armington John, carp., Lewis above Poplar. 
Armitage Joseph, spinner, Callowhill n 13th 
Armitage Robert, cordwainer, 2 R road 
Armitage Thomas, ven. blind mr., 4 Somer's ct 
Armitage Thomas, blacksmith, Vine n 12th, h 

Carlton ab 12th. 
Armor Alex'r, carp., 13th ab Spring Garden. 
Armour Wm., gent., 267 Coates. 
Armstrong Alexander, stonemason, 13th and j Arnold E., mer, 40^_N 2d, h90Yme 

Armstrong Andrew, seaman, Concord bel 3d 
Armstrong Andrew, grocer, 104 N 4th 
Armstrong Andrew G., grocer, 4th and Marriott 

Armstrong B., tailor, 464 N 2d 

Armstrong C, gent., 54 Plum 

Armstrong Edward, att'y and coun., 108 S 4th. 

Armstrong Elizabeth, 11 Rachel. 

Armstrong Elizabeth, 169 S 2d 

Armstrong George W., grocer, F road opposite 
Queen. (K) 

Armstrong George, Brinton n 11th 

Armstrong Henry, 169 S 3d 

Armstrong Henry, porter, 5 Little Pine 

Armstrong Jacob, Wood ab 12th 

Armstrong Jackson, Sch 6th and Wood 

Armstrong James, shop, 208 Shippen 

Armstrong James, lab.. Raspberry lane 

Armstrong Jas., weaver, Edward n School, (K.) 

Armstrong James, carp., 13th ab Catharine 

Armstrong James, labourer, Carlton n Sch. 2nd 

Armstrong James, carter, 1 Orchard. 

Armstrong James, lab., 3 Leiper 

Armstrong Jas., weaver, G T road bel Phoenix 

■mstrong McKimmey, clothing, 50 N 2nd, h 5 
Armstrong Rebecca, wid., 302 S 10th. 
Armstrong Robert, lab. Clay bel Beach 
Armstrong Robert, 13th ab Shippen. 
Armstrong Samuel, cap maker, S S Broad 
Armstrong Samuel, sawyer, rear 194 Carpenter 
ab. 8th 
rmstrong Thomas, fireman, G T road btl 
Armstrong Thomas G., dentist, 70 N 7th 
Armstrong William, agent, 495 High 
Armstrong William, mason, 13th ab Catharine 
Armstrong William, cabinetmr., 22 Walnut, h 

337 S 3d 
Armstrong William, tailor, 343 N Front. 
Armstrong Wm., oysterman, Carpenter ab 13th 
Armstrong Wm. G., engraver, 25 Minor, h 107 

Arnet James, mariner, Almond n wharf 
Arnett Wm., waterman, Wheat ab Reed 
Arney Elizabeth, 4 Orange 
Arnold Ann, sempstress, 196 N 10th 
Arnold Ansel, mer., 40 N 2d, h 16 Chatham ab 

Arnold A. H., mer., S W Sth and Chestnut 
Arnold, Bernheimer 8c Co., mers., 60 N. 3d. 
Arnold 8c Brother, mers., 40 N 2d 
Arnold Catherine, gentlw., 30 Union 
Arnold 8c Crerar, dry goods, S W Sth 8c 
>ld E., mei 
Arnold Ferdinand, fur mer., 63 Chestnut 
Arnold Frederick, baker, 461 Vine. 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 258 N Front. 
Arnold James, porter, 90 Union 
Arnold John H., bookbinder, 5 Logan 
Arnold John W., shoemaker, 22 Swanwick 
Arnold L., dry goods, 23 S 2d 
Arnold Maria, rear 41 Chester 
Arnold Mary, cook, 63 Currant* al 
Arnold Mayer, mer., 60 N 3d, h 275 N 6th 
Arnold Michael, drover, 225 N 6th 
Arnold Thomas G., drygoods, S E 6th 8c Spruce 
Arnold Wm., surg. inst. mr., 646 N 2d 
Arnold Wm., shoemaker, 12th and Quince 
Arnold William G., bookbinder, Marble pi 
Arnot David, shoemaker, Sch. 2d n Harmstead 
Arnot Geo. J., stone cutter, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Arrison Henry D., blacksmith, 77 Dillwyn, h 60 

Arrison John, brickmr., 52 W Cedar 
Arrison John, lab., Broad opp. Francis 
Arrison John P., sashmr, 2u Perry 
■ Arrison Joseph, watch nan, 52 W Cedar 
Arrott; Colin, M. D., 16 S 12th 
Armstrong James, whipmr., Nectarine bel llthj Arrott James, mer., 7 N Front, h N W 12th Sc 
Armstrong Janus, clothes, 5 Lebanon Chestnut. 

Armstrong James, weaver, Front ab Mister (K) Arrowsmith E., capt., 110 X 6th. 
Armstrong James J., cabinetmr., 19 Duck Alter Charles, shoemaker, 50 Shippen 

Armstrong John, shoemr., Fox's ct. Arthur &. Huntley, bookbinders, 46 Carpen- 

Armstrong John, weaver, West ab George ter (C) 

Armstrong Lydia, shoebinder, Catharine ab 3d Arthur James, bookbinder, 40 Carpenter, h 1 
Armstrong L., waiter, 207 N Sth I Boyd's ct. 


Arthur Mary, 107 N 10th 

Arthur T. S., gent., Sch Slh ab Pine 

Artis Constant, 4 Randolph's ct 

\rundel R. J., att'y and coun., 89 Sassafras, h 
122 S 10th. 

Asay Abraham M., dentist, 329 Sassafras 

Asay John, shoes, 248 Callowhill. 

Asbury Samuel, com. mer., 85 S Front, h 381 

Asch Joseph M., dry goods, 103 Spruce. 

Ascoughs John, blacksmith, 14, and h 4 Lau- 

Ash Caleb, clerk, 146 S. Front. 

Ash Charles, victualler, 5th ab. Jefferson (K) 

Ash C. L., boots and shoes, S E 3d and High, h 
146 S Front 

Ash Francis, farmer, N E 7th and Christian 

Ash George, goldbeater, Hubbell ab Catharine 

Ash George W., alderman, 194 N 6th 

Ash George W., carp., It road ab Buttonwood 

Ash Jacob, carter, Vaughan n Walnut 

Ash James, cooper, 26 Catharine 

Ash James, tavern, 38 Pine. 

Ash John, lab., 16 McDuffee 

Ash Joseph, porter, 220 S 7th. 

Ash Joshua P. com. mer. 22 8c 24 N 2nd 

Ash Joshua W., M. D, 45 S 5th. 

Ash J. T., carp., Swanson ab Christian 

Ash Michael \\\, County Auditor, office State 

Ash Morgan, broker, 73 Dock, h 77 S 6th 

Ash Penrose, county treasurer, State House, 
h 3d bel Pine 

Ash Robert, carp., 10th bel Coates 

Ash Robert, whitesmith, 5th ab Christian 

Ash Samuel, porter, 17 Fitzwater 

Ash Sebastian, baker, 171 Green 

Ash Thomas, carpenter, c 10th and Washington 

Ash Wm. 8c J., bakers, 78 Spruce 

Ash Wm., baker, 78 Spruce 

Ashbridge S., gentwo., 18 Madison. 

Ashbridge Thomazin Mrs., 321 Mulberry. 

Ashbrook B., Carlton ab 12th 

Ashbrook James, cooper, 54 M road 

Ashbrook Joseph, sailmaker, 113 Christian 

Ashbrook Thomas, carp., 4 Doman's pi 

Ashbrook Thomas C, tailor, 1 Wood. 

Ashburn James C, jeweller, 21 Franklin pi, h 
16 Beck pi 

Ashburner Adam, b. h., 129 S 9th 

Ashburner Algernon E., mer., 6 S wharves 

Ashburner Benjamin, clerk, Sch. 7th ab Cherry 

Ashburner Wm. E., teacher, 209 Pine 

Ashby Albert, lab., 11 Cos 

Ashbv Franklin, hatter, S E 4th and High, h 
397 N 6th 

Ashby St Rocap, hatters, S E 4th and High 

Ashcraft Hugh, gardener, Bedford and Hano- 
ver (K) 

Ashcraft John, carter, 15 Marv (S) 

Ashcraft John, grocer, 24 Walnut, h 172} S 2d 

A.->hcr-.ift L. Mrs., 41 Cedar 

Ashcraft M., milliner, 1724 S 2nd. 

Asher Michael, clothing, 208 Cedar 

Asheira Morris, mer., 196 High, h 46 Cherry 

Asheim Simon, 8c Co., cap manufs., 19G High, 

h 46 Cherry 
Ashenfelder Sarah, mantua maker, St John ab 

George (K) 
AshfordJno.R., glove manuf., Coates 8c Marshall 
Ashford Stephen, brassfounder, 31 Farmer, 

h Hyde's ct. 
Ashhurst John, mer., 80 High, h 6th opposite 

Wash, square 
Ashhurst Lewis R., mer., 80 High, h Walnut W 

Ashhurst 8c Remington, silks 8c fancy dry goods, 

50 High 
Ashhurst Richard, mer., 80 High, h 263 Mul- 

Ashhurst Richard 8c Sons, mer., 80 High 
Ashhurst W. H., mer., 50 High, h 557 Chestnut 
Ashley Thomas, rigger, Front ab Reed 
Ashman Catharine, Van Buren pi 
Ashman James J., stair rod manuf., 12 Loud 
Ashman John, lab., G T road n Master 
Ashman Peter, oysterman, below Washington, 

between 6th and 7th 
Ashman Peter, brickmaker, Ann bel Sch 3rd 
Ashman Susanna, ladies' shoes, 115 N 2d 
Ashman Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 236 N 2d 
Ashman William, tailor, 350 N 3rd. 
Ashmead Charles J. conveyancer, Walnut ab 6th 
Ashmead George L., att'y 8c coun., 65 S 5th 
Ashmead Isaac, printer, rear 146 Chestnut, h 

351 N 7th 
Ashmead Isaac 8c Co., printers, rear 146 Chestnut 
Ashmead John, gent., Gaskill and 3d 
Ashmead John B., cabinetmaker, 65 N 4th. 
Ashmead John W., att'y and coun., 72 S 5th, h 

129 Pine 
Ashmead Samuel, finding store, 61 Walnut. 
Ashmead Thomas E., mer. 24 N Front, h S E 

Sch. 8th and Chestnut. 
Ashmead Thomas, acct, custom house, h 373 

Ashmead William, M. D., 147 Mulberry. 
Ashmead William E., druggist, 12th and Pine. 
Ashmead AVm. L., Rail road agent, S E 11th 

and High and 1 Dock st whf., h 16 Palmyra 

Ashmore Abraham V., com. broker, 8 Bank al. 

h 393 S 6th 
Ashmore John, cutler, 50 N 2d. 
Ashmore Juliana, washer., Biddle's al 
Ashton 8c Browning, artists' paints, 8cc, 204 

Ashton Danl. R., young ladies' inst''tute,46 N 5th 

h 98 S Front 
Ashton George, druggist, 103 O Y road 
Ashton George, manuf., Poplar bel 6th 
Ashton Hannah, dressmaker, Sch. 7th n Vine 
Ashton Isaac M., hats and caps, 200 High, h 256 

Ashton Isaac S., carpt., 29 Vernon, h 247 S 9th. 
Ashton James, mariner, 113 Swanson 
Ashton John, tailor, 16, 8c 18 High, h 194 

Ashton John, waiter, 9th bel Christian 
Ashton John jr., tailor, 30 High, h 204 Fitzwater 

Ashton Josepli, Beach bel Shackamaxon (K) 
Ashton J. R., 44 Plum 
Ashton J. grocer N W Front & Reed. 
Ashton J. Y. He v., 363 N Front 
Ashton Nancy, Randall's ct 
Ashton Richard, carpenter, F. road and Mont- 
Ashton Samuel, Cherry n Sch. 6th 
Ashton Samuel K., M. D., 207 S 4th 
Ashton Susan, James ab Charles. 
Ashton Sarah, 207 S 4th. 
Ashton Thomas B., mer, 204 Chestnut, 
Ashworth Andrew, lab., Poplar ab Marshall 
Ashworth Thomas, mariner, 29 Union (S) 
Askil Peter, butcher, Lydia n William (K) 
Askin John, shoe store, 156 S 6th. 
Asking-s Ann, trimmings, 298 S Front 
Aspeli George, tailor, live bel Square 
Aspin John, carter, 78 Plum. 
Aspinall Isaac, weaver, Pratt 
Aspinall Nathan, cabinetmr., Pratt 
Aspinall Win., warper, 9th ab. Carpenter, (M.) 
Aspinwall Geo. W., mer., N. wharfs ab Mulber- 
ry, h 260 Walnut 
Aspinwall James, 4 Plynlimmon place 
Astley Sarah II., gentw., 6 S Penn square 
Astor Thomas, lab., Carpenter bel 9th 
Atchinson Alexander, weaver, Passinore's place 
Atchison Rebecca, tailpress, rear 43 Coates 
Athcrly John, fish dealer, Allen ab Shackamax 

on (K) 
Atherston William, lab., Budden's alley 
Atherton George, 87 Mulberry 
Atherton Humphrey, real estate broker, Wal 

nut ab 6th 
Atherton Nathan, carp., Perry bel Pine 
Atherton Nathan, watchmaker, 26 Ferry. 
Atherton Sc Northrop, real estate brokers, Wal 

nut ab 6th 
Atkins Benjamin, carder, Murray ab Sch 3rd. 
Atkins Boaz, porter, 10 Sterling- 
Atkins Charles, carpenter, 28 Blackberry al 
Atkins Elizabeth, Crown ab Duke, (K.) 
Atkins James, cabinetmr., 42 Beck 
Atkins Robert, plasterer, Lombard n Sch. 7th 
Atkinson Amos, lime, 272 Lombard 
Atkinson Arch'd., carter, F road opp Marlboro' 

Atkinson Charles, grocer, S E 2nd Sc Mulberry. 
Atkinson Eliza, stock store, 68 N 8th. 
Atkinson Isaac, umbrcllamr., 77 Cedar 
Atkinson James, tanner, N 2nd bel Beaver 
Atkinson Joel, Cherry W of 10th. 
Atkinson Joseph, grocer, Cedar Si Water, h 260 

S Front. 
Atkinson Joseph L., bricklayer, 413 S 2nd. 
Atkinson John C, tailor, 96 N 4th 
Atkinson M., horse dealer, Washington (W P) 
Atkinson S. C, painter, Emeline ct and Pegg 
Atkinson Samuel C, publisher Temperance Ad- 
vocate, 65 S 3d 
Atkinson T. B., baker, Washington (W P) 
Atley John, Hamilton n Nixon 
Atmore Frederick, grocer, 153 Buttonwood. 
Atmore John, Lemon n 10th 

Atmore M., coal mer., Broad bel Vine, h P. road 

and Wallace 
Atmore R. jr., grocer, N W 10th 8c Buttonw acd. 
Atmore R. Sc F., grocers, N W 10th and But, 

Attraore Wm. P., carp., 17 Sergeant 
Attwood William N., dry goods, 18 N 8th. 
Atwood & Co., dry g'oods, 124 High. 
Atwood James, mer., O Y road n Green. 
Atwood John M., merchant, 124 High, h 352 

Atwood J. F., bonnets, 42 N 2nd 
Aubanel R., tailor, 65 S 7th 
Aubert Mary Ann, 471 High 
Auchey Sarah, nurse, 128 Dillwyn 
Auchinleck Alexander, sea capt., 370 S 5th 
Auchinleck Thomas, cabinetmr., 218^ S 4th 
Audenried A. C, Vine ab Sch. 8th 
Aufibrt Frederick, cordw., woodab. Queen (K.) 
Auffort Fred., Jr., cordw.. Dyott ab Queen (K.) 
Auffort Geo., fisherman, Wood ab. Queen (K.) 
August Anthony, lab., Cherry bel Duke (K.) 
August Jacob, lab. Beach ab Wan-en (K) 
August John, barber, Queen bel Hanover (K) 
Aug-ustin Joseph, stevedore, rear 96 Christian. 
Augustin Peter, confectioner, 123 S 3rd. 
Augustine Lewis, tinplate-worker, 8S N llth. 
Aug-ustus George, barber, 349 Lombard 
Augustus George, porter, 1 Truxton 
Augustus Mary, ice cream, 9 Park 
Augustus Samuel, lab., 54 Quince 
Aug-ustus Thomas, porter, 349 Lombard 
Auld Andrew, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Auner C. H., stationer, UN 6th, h 79 Cherry. 
Auner G. A., carpenter, Minor, h 60 S llth 
Auner Joseph G., bookseller, 333 High, h 352 

Aurenbaugh Casper sausage inr., Parham n 

Austie Henry, mer., 13 9 A High, h 197 Walnut 
Austin Alfred J. dry goods, 142 High 
Austin Alvah, tinsmith, Callowhill ab 13th. 
Austin Alexander, 35 Shippen 
Austin Anna, n c Wood and West (K) 
Austin Collins, tinsmith, 442 Sassafras, h.222 N 

13 th 
Austin Charles, corder, 6 Poplar 
Austin David, lab., Beach bel Maiden (K.) 
Austin Hosea, oystennan, Swanson n Queen 
Austin James A., mer., 275 Callowhill 
Austin Jane, 69 Locust 
Austin John B., acct. 11 Jefferson row 
Austin Margaret, confectioner, 364 S 2nd. 
Austin Samuel H., att'y and coun., 193 Walnut 
Austin Seth, tavern, N E Front & Otter (K) 
Austin Thomas, lab., 22 Dyott's ct (K) 
Austin William K., carpenter, 324 Sassafras 
Austin Wm., grocer, S E Flower &. Fitzw 'j.ter. 
Austin Willis' R., mer., 172 High, h 193 Wsinut 
Autz Adam, carpet weaver, G T road a 4th 
Averell Israel G., baker, 112 N 4th 
Avery Henry, dentist, cS Mulberrv 
Avery Isaac, straw manuf., 88 Mulberrv 
Awl Ann C, 21 St. John 
Axer Adam, cordw., 11 Clymer 


Axe Joseph, comb mr., Charlotte bel George 

Axford K. J., mer. tailor, 165 Spruce 

Axson Samuel, turner, Franklin bel Front (K) 

Avars Ann, S8 Poplar. 

Aydelott John, waterman, 56 Almond 

Avers John, stocking- weaver, Jay n 9th 

Avers Samuel W., tobacconist, 59 S 3d, h 333 
S 5th 

Avlesburry A. S., milliner, 350 N 3d 

Ayres Edward, baker, 94 N Water 

Avres Ellen, 8 Fothergill 

Ayres George It., mer., 23 S. "Water, h Palmyra 
sq ab "Wood 

Avres George, baker, Allen's ct. 

Ayres Geo. D., 67 N 8th 

Ayres Henry R., trimming's, 55 N 8th. 

Ayres Hiram, coal off. It road and Willow, h 40 
Palmyra sq ab "Wood 

Ayres Jacob H., tailor, 162, Sc h 97 Lombard. 

Ayres John, blacksmith, 20 E North, h JO Su- 
gar alley 

Ayres Joshua, lab., 34 Bird's ct 

Ayres Kobt. B., tailor, 161 Lombard 

Ayres R. B., harness mr., Torr's ct 

Ayres Win., tavern, Sch. Sth and Coates. 

Ayres Zebulon J., harness mr., rear 95 Christian 

A/.pell Thomas T., teacher, 35 Spruce. 

Babb L. Mrs., 533 N 4th 

Babb Samuel, cordwainer, 3 Mulberry alley 

babbit "William W., 26 Madison. 

Babcock Mrs., gentlewoman, Locust n Darby 

road, W P 
Babe George, hatter, 303 & 452 N 2nd. 
Babe John, lab., Crown ab Franklin 
Babe John, hatter, 56 N 2nd 
Babington James, clerk, 16 S 6th 
Babington John, brushmaker, 163 Christian 
Babnen Joseph, carpenter, 6 Jenning's row 
Bach Frederick A., carpenter, 6 Kessler's alley 
Bache Alexander D., prof. math. Si philos., h 

502 Chestnut. 
Bache Franklin, M.D., S WJuniper &. Spruce. 
Bache Hartman, U.S.A., 97 George 
Bachcr John D., baker, 25 Franklin place 
Bachman Charles, carpenter, 68 Tammany 
Bachman Henry, tavern, 323 High, 
Bachman Joseph, grocer, 11 Cherry 
Bachman Win., Rose n Lvdia (K) 
Backus E. F., gent, 161 Walnut. 
Bacon Alexander, broker, S E Dock Sc Walnut 
Bacon Allyn, paper-box-maker, 20 Spruce, h 

43 Shippen. 
Bacon Benj. Curtis, agent, 6 W North 
Bacon Benj R., cabinetmaker, Queen n Marlbo- 
rough. (K) 
Bacon W., bricklayer, 25 New Market 
Bacon Charles W., gent., 259 Green. 
Bacon Charles W. Jr., mer., 26 High, h 25 New 

Bacon Charles W., clerk, 7th n Green 
Bacon David, carpenter, 192 N Front. 
Bacon Dennis, lab., 2 Eagle ct 

Bacon Elizabeth, 190 N Front. 
Bacon Franklin, mer., 53 S Front, 
Bacon G. V., acct., 16 N 11th 
Bacon Hosea H., lab., Elizabeth below Poplar 
Bacon Isaac, shingle shaver, West ab Marlboro' 
Bacon Job, lab., 2 Spragg's avenue 
Bacon John, gent., 117 Sassafras. 
Bacon Joseph M., bricklayer, Beach bel Pal- 
mer (K) 

Bacon Josiah, mer., 127 High, h 4th ab Tammany 
Bacon J. W., M. D., 152 S 8th 
Bacon Richard, carp. & undertaker, c Queen Ss 

Hanover. (K) 
Bacon Richard W., mer., 131 High, h 93 Mar- 

Bacon Samuel, 188 N Front 
Bacon Sarah, gentw., Chestnut W P 
Bacon & Seaver, mers., 33 S Front. 
Bacon Smith, corder, Spruce street wharf, h 115 


Bacon Thomas, cabinetmaker, Front n Cox 
Bacon Wm., coachman, rear 9 Barley 
Bacon "Wm. H., 235 Vine 
Bacon Uriah, cabinetmaker, 18 Fayette 
Badger Bela, Daily Forum, 83 Dock," h 204 N 4th. 
Badger Benj., cooper, Square bel Corn 
Badger Henry, broker, Carpenter n 7th, h 43 

Badg'er Samuel, notary public, 60$ and h 1-10 

Walnut, h 163 Chestnut 
Badger William, att'yand coun., office 60 J Wal- 
nut, h 9 Franklin Bow 
Badlum Joseph, trimmings, 63 Pine 
Baeder Charles, glue manuf., 750 N 5th n G T 

road, store 7 S 3d, h G Troad ab 5th 
Baen Margaret, shoebinder, 115 German 
Baese Charles, tailor, rear 401 N 2d 
Bagge Elizabeth, 7 John (S) 
Bagiot Julius, boot mr., rear 123 Catharine 
Bagley Dennis, cabinet mr., Cedar ab 4th 
Bag'gs James, engineer, Wood bel Sch 2d 
Baggs James B., tailor, S W 4th and Chestnut, 

b.3 North ab 10th 
Bagwell Edward, bricklayer, rear 72 Christian 
Baicer, Andrew, basket mr., 7th n Willow 
Baicer Charles, gent., 388 Coates 
Bailey Abner, waiter, 10 Washington 
Bailey Anthony, tinware, 256 S 6th. 
Bailey Amos N., grocer, N W Sch Beach and 

Bailey Asbury, tailor, 203 Cedar 
Bailey Caroline, Cherry ab 13th 
Bailey Edmund, carp., Noble and New Market 
Bailey Evan, carp., Filbert n 1-th, h Cherry n 

Bailey E. A., milliner, 152 S 2nd 
Bailey E. Westcott, 6 S 13th 
Bailey Francis, musician, 159 S 10th 
Bailey Henry, sawyer, Carpenter bel Sth 
Bailey John, brick maker, 9 Gabell's ct 
Bailey John, mariner, 24 Union (S) 
Bailey John, weaver, 194 Lombard 
Bailey Jonathan, carp., 11th bel Brown 
Bailey Joseph, cooper, 203 Cedar. 
jBailey J. T., jeweller, 156 Chestnut, h 441 High 

Bailey & Kitchen, jewellers and silversmiths, 

136 Chestnut. 
Bailey Lydia R., printer, 26 N 5th. 
Bailey Mary J., sempstress, 165 N 4th 
Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 33 N 5th. 
Bailey Phoebe, 7 Watson's al 
Bailey Richard, lab., 13 St Mary 
Bailey Robert, clerk, 5 S 6th 
Bailey Samuel, conveyancer, 42 S 6th 
Bailey Samuel B., chairmakcr, 132 S 6th, h 

N W 5th and Queen 
Bailey Sarah, nurse, Wood bel 9th 
Bailey T. A., jeweller, 203 Cedar 
Bailey Wm., lab., 13th ab Ogden 
Bailey Wm., wheelwright, Shippen Ian Rose 
Bailie James, wine mer., 81 Dock, hNEJ ulianna 

&. Vine. 
Baily David, carpenter, Carlton between 12th 

and 13th. 
Baily S. L., drv goods, 45THigh, h 153 Filbert 
Baily William,' watchmaker, 216 High, h 7th ab 

S Garden 
Baillcul George, printer, 31 Sassafras 
Bailleul N. C. painter, 8 S 5th., h 148 Sassafras 
Bain Henry, cordw., Say ab Sch. 8th 
Bain Michael, Coates opp Penitentiary 
Bain M. Mrs., milliner, 280 Chestnut. 
Bainbridge Radclift, shoemr., 5 Parker 
Bainbridge Susan, 320 Walnut. 
Bains Ceo. B., trunkmr., 25 N 4th, h 9 Wallace 
Baird Alexander, printer, 9 George, h 10th bel 

But ton wood. 
Baird A., grocer, Sch 7th and Carlton 
Baird E., sempstress, 28 Duke 
Baird James, drayman, Vine n Sch Washington 
Baird James, grocer, N W 13th and Shippen 
Baird John,, grocer, c Otter and School. 
Baird John, tavern, 517 N 2nd. 
Baird John, collector, 59 Green 
Baird Joseph, carpenter, 8 St Joseph av. 
Baird Thomas, lab., Brown bel Zlroad 
Baird Thomas, lab., F road and Bedford 
Baird Thomas R., brushmaker, 121 N 3rd. 
Baird Wm., manuf., 65 High, h Beach n Sliack- 

amaxon (K) 
Baird Wm., drayman, 3 Garret's ct 
Baird William M., mer., 46 S whfs. h 76$ Lom- 
Baisch Joseph, shoe mr., 2 Ogden 
Baisley Robert, stovemr., 7 Lily al 
Baithier Julius, printer, 22 Cherry 
Baitzel George, printer, 87 Y road 
Bakeoven Elizabeth, Queen n Vienna. (K) 
Bakcoven George, fisherman, Wood below 

Queen (K) 
Bakeoven Wm., fisherman, Vienna ii Prince (K) 
Baker Abigail, Swanson bel Christian 
Baker Abraham, mer., S W 5th &. High. 
Baker Ann, nurse, 1 Hanse's ct 
Baker Barger, ^iop, 555 N 3rd 
Baker Benjamin, seaman, rear 205 S 5th 
Baker Catharine, 47 New Market 
Baker Chalkley, state Arsenal, h N W 9th and 

Baker Charles, trunkmaker, 47 New Market 

Baker Charles IT., President Phil. Ins. Co. T h § 

310 Mulberry 

Baker Conrad, waterman, Bishop bel Queen. (K) L 

Baker Conrad P., waterman, Queen n \ ienna. ijj 
(K) S 

Baker Cornelius, combmaker, 3 Cadwallader ab 

Baker Daniel, currier, 10 Logan 

Baker Daniel M., combmr., Marlborough ab 
Franklin (K) 

Baker Daniel C, pilot, Church bel Christian 

Baker David, 26 Howard 

Baker Edwin G. A., Jewell., 7 Cherry 

Baker Elizabeth, millinery, 165 Cedar 

Baker Emlen, porter, 154 Pine 

Baker Enoch, 5 Rugan 

Baker Frederick, hatter, 272 N 7th 

Baker George, tailor, S E. 5th and Walnut, h 
Christian ab 5th 

Baker George, vict., 122 New Market 

Baker George, victualler, 13th ab Coates 

Baker George A., real estate broker, 8S Walnut 
h 4th ab Washington 

Baker George C, brassfounder, 470 N Front, 

Baker George N., lumber mer., 106 Marshall, 

Baker G. N.^Sc B., lumber, S W 5th k Brown. 

Baker Hannah, 72 N 5th 

Baker Hannah, 7 Rachel. 

Baker Henry, lab., Murray ab Sch. 3rd. 

Baker Henry, cabinetmr., 217 St John 
Baker Henry A., rigger, Johnson's la ab 4th 
Baker Isaac, currier, 10th ab Ogden 
Baker Isaac F., lamp manuf., 176 Chestnut r h 

183 Cherry. 
Baker Jacob, victualler, 32 Brown. 
Baker Jacob, shoemr., 18 Quarry 
Baker Jacob, cordw., Hutchinson's ct 
Baker Jacob, brickmaker,. 7th ab Master 
Baker Jacob, fisherman, Allen bel Palmer(K) 
Baker Jacob, cigar mr., Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Baker Jaeob G., lab., Beach ab Warren (K) 
Baker James, coachman, 9 Raspberry 
Baker Jane, 74 Brown 
Baker Jedediah, butcher, 2 Swanson 
Baker Jesse, bandboxmr, 55 High, h 1 Mulber- g 

ry alley 
Baker John, ropemakev, Prince ab Hanover. (K) j 
Baker John, druggist, 187 N 3rd, h 178 N 3rd % 
Baker John, waterman, 10 Callowhill 
Baker John, lab., G. Ferry road bel Cedar 

Baker John, suspendermr., 17 Spruce 

Baker John, lab., Front bel "Wharton 

Baker John H., sea captain, 36 Lebanon 

Baker John H., intelligence office, S E Chestnut j 

and 3rd, ab stairs, h 342 S 4th 
Baker John L. conveyancer, Pine W Sch 7th 
Baker John R., merchant, 150 High, h 310 Mul-j 

Baker Joseph, baker, 556 N 3rd 
Baker Joseph, brassfounder, 179 G T road, and{ 

466i N 2d 
Baker Joseph, acct., Sch 8th ab Vine 
Baker Joseph, tavern, h Franklin and Wallace j 
Baker Joseph, carp., Ferkenpine's ct 
Baker Joseph E., comb manuf., 457 N 3rd. 

TV\ker Lawrence, Vienna bcl Duke 

Hak< r Louis, blacksmith, Melon bel 10th. 

i; iker Maria, 17 Penn 

Baker Margaret, 272 N 7th. 

Baker Margaret, rear 9 Prune. 

Baker Mary, 24 N 11th. 

Baker Mary A., Beach bel Maiden (K) 

Baker Michael, rope-maker, Hopkins' ct.(K) 

Baker Michael, shoemaker, Milton 8c 11th 

Bukcr Michael, gent., 166 Mulberry. 

Baker Moses, nier, 211 N 2d. 

Ball Henry, 163 Wood 

Ball Israel R., shoe store, 372 S 2nd, h Wash- 
ington bel 4th 

Ball Jesse K., type founder, 205 Pine 

Ball John, mer., 311 High 

Ball John, carpenter, lu Filbert, h Sch. 7th n 

Ball John, boot fitter, 1 Ewing's ct 

Ball John H., carpenter, 1 Carpenter's ct. 

Rail Joseph S., salesman, 2 Baxter's avenue 

Ball Lxtitia, Rush's ct 

Baker M- V., mer., 215 High, h 166 Mulberry j Ball Richard, blacksmith, Williamson's ct 

Baker Nathan Sc Co., clothing, 78 N 2d 
Baker N, mer., 78 N 2d, h 28 Callowhill 
Baker Peter, clerk, S Garden bel 13th 
Baker Peter, fisherman, Queen bel Wood K 
Baker Rebecca, 49 Mead. 
Baker Robert, rigger, 56 Penn. 
Baker Samuel, farmer, P road bel prison 
Baker Samuel, cordw., Smith's al 

Ball Saralv, sempstress, 119 Plum 

Ball Thomas, box mr, 145 Locust, h 3 Unmii 

Ball William, mariner, 57 Federal. 

Ball Wm. II., mariner, Workman's ct 

Ballard Hager, S E Locust & Quince. 

Ballard Harriet, washer, Little Oak 

Ballard Jas., carp., 179 Lombard 

Ballard Mary, 330 Sassafras 

Ballenger Benjamin, lab, 104 Spruce 

Baker Sand., waterman, Queen ab Palmer. (K) 

Baker Thos.U., printer, 8 S 3d, h 446 S Front | Ballenger Catharine, nurse, 135 N 5th 

Baker Valentine, tailor, S W Water &. Walnut, J Ballenger Jacob, blacksmith, 4 Winter's ct. 

h 4 Concord 
Baker William, cordwainer, 8 J. Baker's ct. 
Baker William D., att'y and coun., 131 Vine 
Baker "William G., wadding manuf., Charlotte ab 

George (K) 

Baker William II., tailor, 62 Oak. 

Bald R.. engraver, h 4 S 10th. 

Baldinger Jacob, tailor, 19 Quince 

Baldt Elizabeth, Crown bel West (K) 

Bakk Frederick, Hanover ab Prince (K) 

Baldt F., j'r., cordw., rear 296 St. John 

Baldt Mary, Hanover bel Prince (K) 

Baldt Wm., carp., Hanover and Franklin K 

Baldwin Adam, carter, Vienna bel Prince (K) 

Baldwin Benjamin, blacksmith, 69 S 12th 

Baldwin David, gent., 190 N 10th 

Baldwin Elizabeth, b h, 385 N 4th. 

Baldwin Elizabeth, rear 45 Cedar 

Baldwin Hannah M., b h, 54 N 9th 

Baldwin John, painter, 83 Buttonwood 

Baldwin Joseph B., cordw., 72 Oak. 

Baldwin M. W., machinist, Broad &. Hamilton, 

h 160 S 10th. 
Baldwin P. Mrs., 115 Lombard 
Baldwin Sarah, 435 Chesnut 
Baldwin Stephen, mer., S W Front &. Walnut, 

h 258 Walnut. 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, rear 49 N 7th 

Ballenger Jacob, 70 N 9th. 
Ballenger Wesley, carp., 164 Cherry 
Ballentine Christiana, shop, 411 N 4th. 
Ballentine Francis, bricklayer, 39 Christian 
Ballentine Thomas, shoemaker, 476 Sassafras 
Ballier John Frederick, baker, 92 Cherry 
Ballieu John, shoemr, rear Church bel Christian 
Ballinger Benjamin, b h, 12 Lombard 
Ballinger John W., shoemaker, 2nd bel Almond, 

h 32 Catharine 
Ballinger Thomas, skindresser, 335 Callowhill 
Ballinger Thos., plasterer, Washington bel 6.ii 
Baltzer Ludwig, cordw., 25 Laurel 
Balz Daniel, cabinetmaker, 4 Pearl 
Balz John, weaver, M. Village 
Bamford Henry, confectioner, 53 N 8th. 
Bamford John, Beach bel Palmer (K.) 
Bance Anthony, shoemaker, 262 S 6th. 
Bancker Charles N., Prest. Franklin Fire Ins. 

Comp^ 163 h Chestnut. 
Bancker Charles G., Sec'y Frankliu Fire liis. 

Comp., 163^ Chestnut. 
Bancroft Addison, dry goods, 6 Bank 
Bancroft Daniel, sea captain, 183 Christian 
Bancroft Gideon K., blacksmith, 13 Decatur, h 

129 Christian 
Bancroft James, sea capt, 110 N Front. 
Bancroft John, blacksmith, 125 Christian 

Baldwin Sc Whitney, machinists, locomotive and; Bancroft John, dyer, 28 N 5th 

engine builders, cor Broad & Hamilton. 
Bale Israel, saddler, Sch. 7th n Coates 
Bales Ezra, cab driver, rear 109 N 13th 
Bales John, agent, George ab Broad 
Bales Joseph, huxter, Sch. Front 2c High 
Bales Mary, spooler, Phoenix ab Cadwallader 
Bales Peyton, driver, Jackson's ct. 
Bali'e Thomas, bootmaker, 151 Walnut 
Bull Ann, 12 Knight's ct. 
Ball Ann Maria, Baxter's avenue 
Ball F.liza, washer, Lombard bel 10th 
Ball Frederick, clerk, 36 Callowhill 
Ball George W., gent., 234 N 4th 

Bancroft John, jr., soap & candle manf. 19 Wood, 

h 24 St. John 
Bancroft M., tailor, 77 N 8th 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksmith, 13 Decati;r r 

h 374 S 5th 
Bancroft R. F. Sc G. K., blacksmiths, 13 Decatur 
Bancroft T. H., paint. & glaz., Filbert n .Sch 7th 
Bancroft William, tallow chandler, 446 N Front 
Baner Mark, carter, New Crown bcl Green. 
Bauer William, cordwainer, N 12th ab Vine. 
Banes Ann, bh, 12 S.Sch. 8th 
Banes Benj-C, carp., Mechanic ab George 
Banes James, carp., Weaver s ct 

Bancs James, cordw-, 127 New Market 

Banes Thomas, coach spring 1 maker, 132 New- 

Banfield Martha, Orchard 

Banford .lames, tavern, 195 S 6th. 

Banger Timothy, 15 N 12th 

Banister Edward, carpet warehouse, 67 S 2nd 
, Banks Alexander, carp., Morris bel Catharine 

Banks Cornelius, musician, Haines 

Banks Mary, 8 Laurel 

Banks M., Rubicam House, 16 S. 6th 

Banks Murrill, basket mr., rear 259 Cedar 

Banks Philip, Concord ab 2d 

Banks Solomon, porter, .iS Cherry 

Banks Win., locksmith, Buttonwood ab 9th 

Banks Win., lab., 56 Perry. 

Bankson Lloyd, gilder, 103 N 4th. 

Bannan James, weaver, Quince n Lombard 

Bannen Charles, lab., 12 Budd's ct 

Bannen Daniel II., carp., Carlton ab Sch 6th 

Bannen John, carp., 201 Callowhill 

Bannen Joseph, carpenter, 9 Warner's alley 

Bannen Paul, carp., Pearl ab loth 

Bannen Win. P., carp., Lewis (X L) 

Banning "William L., atty. and coun., 207 N 6th 

Bannister Z., dry goods, 5 S 2d, h 26 Mulberry 

Banton Win., boot black, rear 162 S 5th 

Baptiste Eugene, cabinet maker, 129 Locust 

Baratet A., dressmr., 24 S 13th 

Barbazett Sopdiia, shop, 308 S 4th 

Barbe Francis, tobacconist, 140^ Chestnut, h 18 
Swan wick 

Barbelin Rev. I. J., St. Joseph's church. 

Barber Alexander, cordwaincr, 33 N 11th. 

Barber Edward, paint. Sc glaz., 251 Green 

Barber George, barber, 209 S 7th 

Barber G. W., hairdresser, 95 N 2nd, 209 S 7th 

Barber Hannah, 152 N 5th 

Barber H. A., 253 Green 

Barber James, bricklayer, State n Sch. 7th. 

Barber James, grocer, Sutherland bel Cedar 

Barber Joseph, lab., Russell's ct 

Barber Joseph, cordw., HallowcH's ct 

Barber J. C, die sinker, 21 Bank 

Barber Robert V., bricklayer, F road bel Frank- 
lin (K) 

Barclay Andrew C, mer., 40 N Wharves, h 147 

Barclay B. S., prof, music, 131 Wood 

Barclay Corah, gent., Cedar ab 11th 

Barclay Elizabeth, gentw., Cox bel 2nd 

Barclay Frances, gentw., 297 Walnut 

Barclay George, paver, Sell. 7th n Vine 

Barclay James, com. & shipping mer., 73 S 
wharves, h 3 J .2 Chesnut 

Barclay James J., atty. & coun. NW 7th and 
Walnut, h 221 Spruce. 

Barclay James M., mer., 14 Portico sq 

Barclay Jane, Fairview bel 6th 

Barclay John J., collector, Washington W. P. 

Barclay Margaret, gentw., N W3d& Callowhill 

Barclay Omervetta, wigs, 163 Lombard 

Barclay Robert cordwainer, G T Bond n 2nd. 

Barclay Valentine, boot crimper, 3o9 S 6th 

Barclay Win., gent., 234 Spruce 

Barclay Wm., weaver, Phcmix bel Front 
Barcroft Sc Co. dry goods, 163 High 
Barcroft John, mer., 163 High 
Barcroft S. B., mer., 163 High, h 359 Sassafras 
Barcroft Tunis Q., grocer, cor Tammany ic Ok 

York road. 
Barcus Stephen, labourer, Sch. 7th n Mulberry 
Bard Allen, carp., Clinton ab Brown 
Bard Conrad, silversmith, 205 Mulberry, h 9tl 

and Morgan 
Bard & Lamont, silversmiths, 205 Mulberry. 
Barder James, shoemaker, 3 Richards 
Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, Lewis (N L) 
Bardon Nicholas, dealer, 249 Cedar 
Barens John, brick maker, Sch. 2d ab Spruce 
Barford Wm., shipmaster, 3 Young's place. 
Barger Benjamin, ladies' shoemr., 31 Castle 
Barger Charles, cordw., G T road and Rose (K^ 
Barger Christiana, 421 N 4di 
Barger Eliza R., 72 Queen 

Barger George, watchmaker, Buttonwoodbel 6tl 
Barger Jacob, jr., cooper, Cadwalader above 

Lloyd's ct (K) 
Barger Jacob, cooper, G T Road bel Master. 
Barger John, brickmr., 464 N 3d 
Barger William, painter 6c crlazer, 26 W North 
Barker Abraham, broker, 16 S 3d, h 176 S 10th 
Barker, Brothers 8c Co., exch. brokers, 16 S 3d 
Barker Calvin H., lumber merch., Beech below 
glass works, h Shackamaxon ab Queen ; v K^ 
Barker Catharine, grocer, 86 Plum. 
Barker Catharine, 22 E North 
Barker Daniel, boatman, Lombard n Sch Bank 
Barker James, mariner, Reckless ct 
Barker James, cordw., Charlotte bel Beaver 
Barker James, tailor, R road below S Garden 
Barker John, tailor, 3d Sc Pear, h 69 Pine 
Barker John, shoemaker, Catharine bel Flower 
Barker Joseph, tailor, P. road ab Carpenter 
Barker Mary, Marriott la. ab 5th 
Barker Peter, saddler, 522 N 2nd, bel Beaver 
Barker Richard, acct, 155 Queen (S) 
Barker Sarah, gentw., Christian n P road. 
Barker William, tobacconist, 78 George (S) 
Barker Wm. waterman, Sch Beach ab Spruce 
Barkman Jane, gent., 2 Eider 
Barlow Ann, Hallowed n 7th 
Barlow Hannah, Fraley's ct (K) 
Barlow Joseph, grocer, Ann n R road (F V) 
Barlow Thomas, blacksmith, Fraley's ct. (K) 
Harlow Thomas, plasterer. Hallowed n 7th 
Barnard Elizabeth, 90 Christian 
Barnard E., trunkmr., 3 Relief 
Barnard James, tailor, Crown ab Bedford 
Barnard John, cabinetmr., 3 GaskiU 
Barnard M. J., mer., 26 N 4th 
Barnard Robert W., printer, 127 Christian 
Barnard S. E., dressmaker, 179 S 11th 
Barnard Thomas, stonecutter. 179 S 11th 
Barncastle John, bootmaker, S W 4th Sc Wal- 
nut, h 401 S Front 
Barn dollar Daniel, cooper, 43 Laurel. (NL) 
Uarned Absalom, grocer, 19 S Christian 
Barnes Abraham, drayman, 5th n George. (N L) 
Barnes Albert Rev., 123 S 8th. 

Barnes Alfred S., publisher, 21 Minor, h 21 

Barnes Andrew J., carp., rear 196 Cherry 
Barnes A. S. & Co., publishers & booksellers, 21 

Barnes Daniel, cordw., Brown's ct 
Barnes Daniel, cooper, 37 Christian 
Barnes Eliza, Lombard ab 9th 
Barnes George, painter, 39 Apple 
Barnes Henry, band box maker, 33 Jones' alley 

h 2 Ranstead place. 
Barnes Henry, clerk, 18 Sansom 
Barnes Henry, cabinetmaker, Noble bel Garden 
Barnes Henry \V., brewer, 35 Chester 
Barnes James, moulder, 5 Scott's ct. 
Barnes James, clerk, rear 68 M road 
Barnes James, watchcasemak, 23 Mulberry al 
Barnes James, mariner, 68 Queen 
Barnes Jane, 32 Queen (S.) 
Barnes John, bricklayer, 9 Hurst 
Barnes John, carp., 4th ab Jefferson. 
Barnes John, pawnbroker, 330 Cedar. 
Barnes John, shoemaker, Sch 3d ab High 
Barnes Joseph, confectioner, 81 Buttonwood. 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, Lewis W Sch. 6th. 
Barnes Joseph, cordw., 11 Mechanic (N L) 
Barnes Joseph, plasterer, Nectarine bel 9th 
Barnes Joseph S., boat builder, Prime n Front. 
Barnes Mary Ann, b. h., 18 Sansom 
Barnes M. Mrs., Marion ab 2d 
Barnes M. C. & Co., dry goods, S E Marshall & 

Barnes Merrick, band box manf., 6 Bread. 
Barnes Rebecca, 16 Little Pine 
Barnes Robert, seaman, 229 S. Front 
Barnes Robert T., acct., 370 Vine 
Barnes Rufus L., man mounter, N E 7th and 

High, b 142 N 10th. 
Barnes R., wheelwright 3 Goldsmith's ct 
Barnes R., gentw., 165 Walnut. 
Barnes Samuel, hatter, Carlton ab. Sch. 6th. 
Barnes Sandford, blacksmith, Mechanic ct 
Barnes Sarah, gentw., 5th ab Poplar 
Barnes Sarah, Brown's ct (N L) 
Barnes V., cordw. Garden bel Buttonwood 
Barnes Wm., bricklayer, 64 George (S) 
Barnes Wm., skin dresser, Haydock 
Barnes Wm., painter, 276 N 7th 
Barnes William, comb maker, 9 Rachel st. 
Barnes Wm., grocer, 25 Apple 
Barnes Wm. C, grocer, Duke and F road (K) 
Barnes Wm. D.,"atty., 42 S 5th 
Barnes Wm. Rev., 95 Buttonwood 
Barnes Wm. W., printer, Marriott ab 3d 
Barnes Wilhelmina D., Logan bel Coates 
Barnestead Thomas, mast yard, Mead al, (S) h 

29 Catharine 
Barnet Joseph, com. mer., Front & Willow, h 

22 Coates 
Barnett F., Harmony bel 5th 
Harnett Isabella, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Barnett Jacob, labourer, Prime ab 2d 
Barnett John, Dorothy ab Sch 3d 
Barnett Thomas, starch rnanuf. P road beLWash- 


Barnett Tobias, clerk, Cherry ab Duke (K) 
Barnett Wm., lab., 13th bel Fitzwater 
Barnett Wm. watchman, Fox's ct. 
Harnett Wm. P., trunkmr., 52 New 
Barney Alonzo, tailor, 251 S 10th 
Barney Martin, typefounder, 634 S 2d 
Barnholt Elizabeth, gentw., 237 St. John. 
Barnholt George, victualler, Parrish bel Sch 7th 
Barnholt Henry, victualler, Lewis' ct 
Barnholt P., vict., Parrish bel 12th 
Barnhurst Joseph, brass founder, Francis n Sch. 

5th. (F V) 
Barnhurst Joseph Jr., umbrella furniture manf., 

Francis near Sch. 5th. (F V) 
Barno Wm., victualler, Willow ab 10th 
Barns Paul, oak cooper, 293 S Front 
Barns Wm. W, baker, Catharine and P road 
Barnwell Robert, bonnet presser, 5 N 10th 
Baroux Nathaniel T., combmr., 30 N 6th & 177 

Ban- Daniel, tavern, 139 N Front, and Callow. 

hill n Bridge 
Harr Daniel, labourer, 4th 8c Christian 
Barr, George M., bricklayer, Marshall &. Willow 
Barr Hugh, oyster house, 95 N 3d. 
Barr James, carter, 45 Perry. 
Harr James, clerk, York ct. 
Barr Jane, shop, 116 S 10th 
Barr John, lab., 10 Emslie's al 
Barr John, labourer, 5 Kelly 
Barr John, grocer, 137 W High 
Barr John, carter, Barker's ct 
Barr Mary Ann, Rose al 
Barr Michael, clothier, 13H N 2nd 
Barr Owen, tavern, 141 N 2nd. 
Barr Peter, -waiter, 22 Barron 
Barr Philip, 7 Mineral place 
Barr, Rachel, refect. 87 S Wharves 
Barr Robert, carp., Stewart ab Catharine 
Barr Robert, grocer, Charles and Buttonwood 
Barr Samuel, lab. Type alley n Washington. 
Barr Thomas, tobacconist, Hisrh ab Sch 5th 
Barr Wm., tailor, Wood bel Sch 2d 
Barr Wm., 4 Mint ct. 
Barr Wm., labourer, Harms tead 
Barras John B., taUor, 220 High, h Franklin 

bel Green. 
Barras Joseph J., jeweller, 20 Franklin place. 
Barratt T E., miniature painter, 136 Chestnut 
Barrett C. B., printer, 33 Carter's alley, h 57 

Barrett Elizabeth, rear 443 N 3d 
Barrett James, blind maker, 6 Laurel (C) 
Barrett James, brushmaker, 1 Wagner's ct. 
Barrett James, com. men, 86 S wbi., h 63 Pine. 
Barrett John, waiter, 37 Prosperous alley 
Barrett Sc Jones, printers, 33 Carter's alley 
Barrett Joseph, seaman, Baker's ct. 
Barrett Joseph, huckster, 73 Queen. 
Barrett Moses, lab., 95 Coates 
Barrett Riley, oysterman, Shoemaker's ct. 
Barrett Robert, carp. Shippen n Broad 
Barrett Robert, bricklayer, 493 Vine. 
Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, Arcade, h Car- 
penter bel 4th 



Barrett Thomas, seaman, Gilles' al 
Barrett William, saddler, 4 Traquair's ct 
Barring-ton Catharine, 7 W North ab 10th^ 
Barrington Charles, grocer, 80 & h 128 S 3d 
Barrington C. Connor, mer., 153 High, h 3 Col- 

lonnade Row 
Barrington Edmond, printer, 293 High, h Sch. 

6th n George. 
Barrington & Haswell, booksellers, 293 High 
Barrington Martha, widow of Charles, 152 N 9th 
Barrington Saml., M. D., U S Navy, U S Naval 

Barron Benjamin M., pilot, Marlboro bel. Bed- 
ford, (k) 
Barron Daniel, weaver, Lemon 
Barron George, mer., 174 N 3d, h 167 N* 4th. 
Barron James, commodore U S Navy, Colonnade 

How, ab Sch 8th 
Barron Michael, carpenter, Marlborough above 

Beech (K) 
Barron Philip, Wharton and Corn 
BaiTOtt Saml. 11. barber, 67 N Front. 
Barron Wm, blacksmith, rear 315 S 3d 
Barry Charles B., M. D., druggist, N E 7th and 

Barry Eliza, gentw., 15 Brown 
Barry J. B., conveyancer, 127 Walnut, h 235 

S 9th 
Barry Job, machinist, 63 Mulberry 
Barry Louisa, gcntw., 29 Montgomery 
Barry Samuel, paper, carrier, rear 13 N 7th 
Barry Samuel, lab., Carlton ab Sch 2d 
Barry William, tobacconist, 285 S 4th. 
Bart G., locksmith, rear 13 Ogdeii 
Barth Anna, 11 Wells' row 
Barth John, machinist, 159 N Front 
Barth John F., pat. bal. manuft, 7 Drinker's al. 
Barth Joseph, Ball's ct (N L) 
Bartho Mary, whitewasher, 159 Lombard 
Bartholomew Austin, ace, Sell 8th ab Mulberry 
Bartholomew Chs., lampmr, 13th and Brown 
Bartholomew Charles, tailor, 7 Pegg 
Bartholomew Jacob, carp., 382 S 4th 
Bartholomew Margaret, Nectarine ab 9th 
Bartholomew Susan, Nectarine ab 9th 
Bartle Henry, cordwainer, Pearl & Moore's al 
Bartle Jacob, stone mason, 4th n Master (K) 
Battle Jacob, cooper, Coates n loth 
Bartle Jesse, cooper, Coates n 13th. 
Bartle Rudolph H., tavern, Coates n Fairmount. 
Bartle Wm., pump maker, Landall's ct (K) 
Bartle Wm., spar mr., Sarah bel Bedford 
Bartleman John W., accountant, Catharine n 3d 
Bartleson Amelia, teacher, 88 Buttonwood. 
Bartleson Elizabeth, b h, 107 Spruce. 
Bartlett Edward M., silversmith, 1 Shield's ct 
Bartlett Elijah, lab. Beach ab. Palmer, (K.) 
Bartlett Enos, grocer, 62 Coates 
Bartlett George, 322 Coates 
Bartlett G. O., express (.nice, 89 Chestnut 
Bartlett James, seaman, 187 S -5th 
Bartlett Job, bricklayer, 11th ab Callowhill 
Bartlett John, grocer, N E 6th and Sassafras 
Rirtlett St Little, grocers, N E 6th and Sassafras 
Bartlett M. M., teacher, 17 Girard 

Bartlett Thomas, ship carpt., ITiggin's ct. 

Hartley Henry, gro., N W Sch. Water 8s Cedar. 

Bartley Wm., shop, Sch Bank and Lombard 

Bartling Jane, b. h., N W 4th and Walnut 

Bartman Jacob, carpt., Perry ab Franklin (K) 

Barto Joseph, furrier, Carpenter bel 8th 

Barton Elizabeth, gcntw., 429 Chestnut. 

Barton George, hatter, 29 German. 

Rarton Geo. W., clerk, 12 N 10th 

Barton G. W ., attorney & counsellor, 14 Wash- 
ington square 

Barton Henry, importer of sal soda, 294 Cedar 

Barton Isaac', mer. 29 & h 27 S 2nd. 

Barton Isaac, grocer, S E 2nd h Sassafras. 

Barton Isaac & Co., dry goods, 29 S 2nd. 

Barton John, b h, 45 N 8th. 

Barton John, 10th ab Wallace 

Barton John, hatter, 38 George, h 201 S 4th 

Barton John W., chemist, 4th bel GT road. 

Barton Joseph, hatter, 36 Parker 

Barton J. Rhea, M. D., S W Juniper & Chestnut 

Barton J. M., druggist, Cedar ab 11th 

Barton Rebecca, 172 S 4th 

Barton Robert, importer, 51 Chestnut 

Barton Samuel & Co., grocers, 243 N 2nd, h 73 

Barton Thomas, hatter, 38 George 

Barton Thomas I., tailor, 187 Noble. 

Barton Thomas P., gent., 318 Chestnut. 

Barton Wm., blacksmith, 47 Perry 

Barton Wm., cabinet mr., 6 Norris' alley 

Barton Wm., grocer, S W 2nd & Shippen. 

Barton William C, acct., 299 S 10th. 

Barton Wm P. C, M.D., S E Chestnut & Broad. 

Bartram Ann, 241 Vine. 

Bart ram David, broker, 29 Lombard 

Bartram Isaac, gent., 58 New 

Bartram James J., locksm., 86 N 6th 

Bartram Rebecca K., 53 New 

Bartram Rebecca S., 280 Sassafras. 

Barwell Jane, gentw., 64 N 8th 

Harwell William, tobacconist, 64 N 8th 

Barwick John, currier, 24 Pear 

Bascon Joseph, ship carp., 37 Mead 

Bascon Rosarnio, mariner, 37 Mead. 

Baskeeter John, tavern, N E Broad Si Cedar. 

Bass Lucinda, washer, Boyle's ct n P road 

Bass Mary, b. h., Vaughn n Locust 

Bass Samuel, hairdress, 12th bel Pine 

Bassett Elizabeth, trimmings, 147 S 6th, h 184 

Bassett Jacob, labourer, 313 Cherry 

Bassett J., shoes, 202 N 2d 

Bassett Maria, 81 Green 

Bassett M. S., dry goods, 346 Sassafras 

Bassett Peter, waiter, 237 S 7th 

Bassett Shadrach, 412 S 4th 

Bassett Susan, tailoress, Jones W Sch 4th 

Bassler C, grocer, 243 N Front ^ 

Basso Ann, 2S Fitzwatcr. 

Basso Daniel, printer, 124 Queen 

Bastian Anthony, paper str, Pleasant bel 13th 

Bastian Barbara, rear 31 shcaff's al 

Bastian Eliza, loth ab Rose - 

Bastian George, gent., S E 7th 8c Spruoe. 

Bastian John, com. mer., 110J S Front, h 10th 

bcl Cedar 
H istian Joseph, seaman's b. h., 24 Swanson 
Hastrfn Jacob, whitewashes rear 5S Gaskill 
li.iti lieklcr Alexander S., messenger, 137 S 4th 
Batchcldcr Frances Ann, cupper and leecher, 

137 S 4th 
Batchcller B., teacher, 416 High, h Chestnut n 

Sch 6th 
Batchlor John, tobacconist, Coates' c. Wash- 
ington av 
Bateman Wm., 287 S Front 
Hates Benjamin, tobacconist, Elizabeth n Parrish 
Bates & Coates, importers, 9 Church allev 
ltates David, ex. broker, 41 S 3d, h 272 N 7th 
Hates Elizabeth, Carpenter and M road 
Bates George, lab., Penn bcl Maiden (K) 
Bates & Ghegan, stoves, 111 X 2d. 
Bates Isaac, bandbox manuf., 2d and Union 
Bates Isaiah, stovemaker, 111 N 2d, h 452 N Front 
Bates Jacob, cordw., 28 Magnolia 
Bates James, tailor, 156 High, h 43 Marshall 
Hates James A., confectioner, 86 Walnut 
Bates Joel, machinist, 13 Drinker's alley, h 

15 New. 
Bates Joseph Wm., importer, 9 Church al. 
Bates Levi, tailor, Magnolia ab Willow 
Hates Matthew, manuf., Beach bcl Warren (K) 
Bates M. & A., stocks and ready made linen, 46 

Bates Bobert, shoemaker, 82 Locust. 
Bates Samuel, 6th ab Poplar 
Bates Wm, malster, Jones ab Sch. 4th. 
Bates Wm.. combmr.,492 N 4th 
Bateson Mary, widow, 7th bel Catharine 
Haton Augustus, jew'ler, 5 Bank al., h 344 S 4th 
Baton Elizabeth A., 90 Spruce 
Batson E., Pearl ab Sch. 8th 
Batt Adam, drayman, 5th ab Poplar 
Batt Elijah, cordwainer, Brook ab Coates 
Batt J. P., cooper, Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Battam Paul, cordw., Nectarine bel 11th 
Battell F., agent, 1 Minor. 
Batten Joseph, gas inspector, 125 New Market 
Battis John, lab., 56 St Mary 
Battis John, seaman, Scott's ct 
Battis Nicholas, oysterman, Washington ab 

Battis Wm., lab., Swanson bel Washington 
Battis Wm. IE, baker, 96 German 
Baits John, carp., Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Batzig John, drayman, Cherry ab Duke (K) 
Hatzold Christopher, carp., School bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Batzold Gotleib, furrier, 151 Poplar. 
Bauch George, tailor, 272 N 5th 
Bauer G. L., baker, 165 Catharine. 
I'auersachs John N., importer, 260 High. 
H'Micrsachs John N. & Co., importers, 170 High 
"aucrsachs L. C, mer., 170 High 
«:«igh Catharine, 291 Vine 
;'<>-!, Daniel, M. 1)., 67 X 10th 
'^"gii George, cabinetmaker, 348 S Front 
" au e h Harman, turner, 10 and 11 Elfreth's al. 
»augh Samuel, leather, 85 S 2nd, h 35 Chestnut. 

Baugh Samuel, plasterer, h 177 Wood ab 9th. 
Baum John E., S E 12th and Locust 
Baum Wm., carpenter, Sycamore ab Locust 
Bauman John, baker, 303 Vine. 
Baumgartner Joseph, locksmith, 57 S 13th 
Bans Stephen, blacksmith, 3 l'aynter's ct 
Baves Zillah, sup. pub. schools, IS Concord 
Bavington George, cabinetmr., 13th ab Coates 
Bavis Daniel S., shoemr., 101 German 
Baxter &, Brother, hardware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter Charles, mariner, Church in I Christian 
Baxter Edward, Sch. Front & High. 
Baxter Isaac B., gent., N E 5th and Prime 
Baxter Isaac B. Jr., hardware, 244 S 2nd, h 316 

S 4di 
Baxter James, waiter, 37 Perry 
Baxter John, grocer, S E 6th and Green 
Baxter J. C, carp., Townsend's av 
Baxter Mary Ann, dressmr., 5 Orange 
Baxter Thomas PI, hardware, 244 S 2nd. 
Bayard Charles P., saddler, S W 2d &. Queen 
Bayard C. P., broker, 79 Dock 
Bayard George, gent., 304 S 3d 
Bayard James, atty. & coun. 159 Walnut. 
Bayard John, seaman, 16 Gaskill 
Bayard Samuel, waiter, 4 Fulton 
Bayley Wm. It., music, 30 S 4th 
Baylie Samuel S., bootmaker, 63 N 5lh, h 5 

Clawges' ct. 
Baylis John, hardware, 173 High, h Catharine, 

ab 6th 
Baylis Joseph, 10th ab Catharine 
Baylis William, carpenter, N E 9th Sc Wood 
Bayly James, bricklayer, 145 Spruce. 
Bayly John, carp., Barckley n Sch 8th 
Baymore James, sea capt., 350 S Front 
Baymore Joseph, sea captain, 164 S Front 
Baynard Daniel, porter, Mackey ab Rye 
Baynard Thomas H., trunkmr., 1 Howard's ct 
Bayne James, bookbinder, 7th bel Carpenter 
Bayne Joseph, rule-manuf., 22 Howard 
Bayne Nathaniel, turner, 20 E North, h 4 Lom- 
bard ct. 
Bayne Saml., cordwainer, 209 Spruce 
Bayne Samuel, Jr., gas fitter, 6 Assembly Build- 
ings, h Fitzwater bel Flower 
Baynes Janet, nurse, 294 Lombard 
Baynon N. E., currier, 170 N 3rd, h. 18 Mar- 
Bazley John, grocer, Beach bel Shackamaxon 
Beach Elizabeth, sempstress, 2 Nicholson 
Beach Honnosah, dressmr., 9 N Sch 7th 
Beach James, waterman, Twelve feet al 
Beach Thomas, weaver, Mariner 
Beach William, agriculture warehouse, 424 

High, h Sch 7th n Ann 
Beach Wm. H., teacher, College av. 
Beadle Henry, blacksmith, c \\ illow &. Magnolia, 

h 224 N 5th. 
Beakman, Christian, cake baker, Mood bel 

Sell 2d 
Beale Benjamin, waterman, Plum bel 4th 
Bcale Charles, G T road ab 4th 
Beale Francis, lab., Fitzwater ab Broad 


BealeJacob, sugar-refiner, PennabCedar,h41|Beaty John, paper hangings manufac, 118 

Chestnut, h R road ab Girard av 


Bealc Matthias L., refiner, 14S Christian. 

Beale Sam., furniture car, Shippen bel Broad 

Beale Stephen T., dentist, 335 Walnut 

Beale "W'ni., carp., Sell 6th ab Coates 

Beam Catharine, Lisle bel Shippen. 

Beam Charles, cigarmr., Stewart ab Catharine 

Beam George, bootmaker, SO Locust 

Beam Jacob C, agent, 321 Callowhill 

Beam James, cordw., R road al) George (F V) 

Beam John, cordw., 554 N 10th 

Beam Sam., lab., Duke bel Marlboro' (K) 

Beamish Charles, grocer, N W 2nd & Poplar. 

Beamish John, clerk, Prince bel Cherry (K) 

Bean Charles, flour, Rose n William (K) 

Bean Ellen, sempstress,71 N8th, h58 Fitzwater 

Bean Rebecca, 135 N Water 

Bean Saml. H., Pleasant ab 12th 

Beanes Isaac, tavern, Sp Garden ab 7th 

Beans John, saddler, R road bel Green 

Beans Matthew, saddler, K road ab Wood 

Beans Sarah, New Crown bel Green 

Bear John, tailor, 8 Elfreth's al 

Beaumont G. H., M. D., 126 Mulberry 

Beaumont Jacob A., glazier, 2 Silvas 

Beaumont Wm., bricklayer, Rroadab S Garden 

Beaver Charles, tailor, 3 Castle 

Beaver Elizabeth, 476 S 2d 

Heaver Jacob, capinr., Cherry bel Brown (K) 

Beaver Robert, weaver, Phillip. (K) 

Beaver Thomas, mer., 163 High, h 74 N 6th. 

Bebee John, baker, Corn bel Decatur 

Bechler John, tavern, 6th and Coates 

Bechler John, grocer, N E 12th and Pine 

Bechtel Ann, Callowhill n Sch 2d 

Bechtel Augustus, boatman, Coates (F M) 

Bechtel Catharine, b h., 235 High 

Bechtel C, gentw.,74 S 2d 

Bechtel C. G., baker, 108 N 12th. 

Bechtel George, lab., West ab Palmer (K) 

Bechtel George, boxmr., Poplar ab Marshall 

Bechtel George, cordw., 40 Coates 

Bechtel Jacob, hotel, R road ab Broad 

Bechtel John, carter, Noble and Garden 

Bechtel Margaret, stationer, 311 Callowhill 

Bechtel Peter, mason, Olive bel Broad 

Beard Ann, widow, Nonnater's ct. 
Beard David A., dentist, 147 S 10th, h 12th &! Bechtel Peter, mason, Lemon n Orange 
r , rnpntpr Bechtel Samuel, carter, "Vine n Sch. 

Beard James, painter, 58 Perry. 
Beard James, stone cutter, 7 Perry 
Beard Mary, 36 Charlotte 
Beard Mary, 15 Noble 
Beard Nathan, waiter, 166 Locust 
Beard Nicholas, vict., 5th bel Camac (K) 
Beard Thomas, carp., 363 S 6th 
Beard Thomas, conf'ect., Corn ab Decatur 
Beard Wm., lab., 11th ab Lombard 

Bechtel Wm., waterman, Coates n Sch 
Bechtel William F., baker, 449 N 2d 
Bechtcr A., brewer, N E 7th and Coates 
Becktold G. C, baker, 9 Eltreth's al. 
Beck Andrew, cabinetmr., 586 N 3rd. 
Beck & Burns, tobacconists, 290 High. 
Beck Charles, dry goods, 85 Cedar 
Beck Clayton, drayman, 193 N Sch 7th 
Beck Daniel, shoemr., 27 Howard 

Beaslev Jno., whf. builder, Crown ab Queen (K)jBcck Edward, chairmr., Front bel Greenwich 

Beasta'll Win., chemist, 507 High |»cck Elizabeth, 22 Girard 

Beates H. & S., apothecaries, Sp Garden bel 8th Beck Euhard, cabinetmr., o02 N Front 

Beath David, weaver, Fulton ab 12th 
Beath Robert, manufi, 404 and h 381 High 
Beath Robert, weaver, Cedar and Bedford 
Beath Wm, cordw., 39 Apple 
Beaton Mary, milliner, 163 S 10th 
Beattey Hannah, 11 Paynter's ct 
Beatty Adam, dyer, Adams bel 13th 
Beattv Andrew, tavern, Federal and Front 
Beatty George, cordw., Cadwaladar bel Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Beatty Isabella, Brasier ab Lloyd 
Beatty James, clerk, 27 Sugar alley. 
Beatty James, manufacturer, Cadwalader ab 

Phoenix (K) 
Beatty James, weaver, 575 N 3d. 
Beatty John, stonesetter, 720 N. 2nd ab Master. 
Beatty K., weaver, Sch. 6th and Lombard 
Beatty Lydia, Mrs., 3d bel Franklin (K) 
Beatty Robert, manufacturer, 355 Pine. 
Beattv Samuel, baker, 91 Cedar 

Beck George, coachmaker, Charlotte ab Coates 

Beck George, baker, G T road ab Jefferson 

Beck George W., cooper, 273 Coates 

Beck Gotleib, miller, Landing 

Beck G., lab., Gray's ct 

Beck Henry, stoves, 45 Walnut, h Orleans 

Beck Henry, combmaker, 13th ab Poplar 

Beck Henry, paper stainer, Sassafras n Sch. Sth 

Beck Henry, cordw., Bethesda row 

Beck Henry, tobacconist, 2 Orleans 

Beck Henry A., lumber mer., 135 Sp Garden 

Beck Henry Paul, 347 Chestnut 

Beck Jacob, labourer, Carpenter bel 3rd. (S) 

Beck Jacob, carp., 275 N 7th 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 64 N Front, h 5 Comp- 

Beck Jacob S., carp., 4th ab Brown, h 481 N4th 

Beck Jacob & Co., tobacco warehouse, 64 > 

Beck Jacob Wm., crockery ware, 125 Locust. 

Beck James, puinpmr., 275 N 5th 


Beattv Samuel, watchman, Smith's ct 

Beatty Sam. R., machinist, M road bel Wharton] Beck James M., dry goods, 12, 

Beatty Sarah, N W 12th and Lombard Beck James S., painter, 17 Mulberry 

Beatty Wm., weaver, Lombard n Sch 2d Beck John, calico printer, Carlton ab Sch 2d 

Beatty Wm., tobac, 109 Chestnut, h 331 Vine 

Beatty Wm., drayman, Schleisman's al 

Beck John, hatter, 201 S 2d 

Beck John, drover, Cherry ab F road 

U-ck John, cook, 1 Truxton 

Heck John A., dentist, 290 N 3d _ 

Ucck John D- Jr., wood, N wharves ab Vine, h 

157 N Front 
Ucck Levi, tobacconist, 290 High. 
Beck Lewis, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th. 
Ucck Lewis D., baker, Beach bel Shackamaxon 


Beck Marv, rear 219 St John 

Bock Paul jr., mer., 4 Filbert, h 315 High. 

Beck Peter, cabinet-maker, Fairmount st. and 

Columbia Railroad 
Beck Peter, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th. 
Beck Samuel, seaman, Front n Prime 
Beck B. Thomas, wood, N whfs. ab Vine, h 35 

New Market 
Beck Wm., distiller, rear 112 Wood 
Beck Wm., carter, 26 Fitzwater 
Beck Wm., carp., 11th n S Garden 
Beckenbach John, bootmr., Marshall ab Brown 
Beckenbach Robert, boot and shoe maker, 171 

St John. 
Becker Henry, tailor, Front ab Franklin 
Becker Jacob, shoemr., Parrish bel 10th 
Becker Philip, saddles Sc harness, 116 N 3d. 
Beck/r W. C, boots and shoes, Charles and 

Beckett Henry, 336 Chestnut 
Beckett Isaac, lab., Helmuth 
Beckett Isaac, waterman, rear 1S4 Lombard 
Beckett Isaac, lab., 2 Warren 
Beckett Jno., shingle shaver, Union ab West(K) 
Beckett Thomas W., Skerrett's ct 
Beckett T. J., janitor, M. F. Hall, 70 Locust. 
Beckett Wm., tailor, 611 S 2d 
Beckhorne Mary, shop, 423 S Front. 
Beckley H. V., mer., Wallace n 8th 
Beckley Nath'l B., 163 X 7th. 
Beckman Daniel, carrier, Winter 
Beckman Thomas, planemaker, Winter 
Becraft Alexander, stock store, 342 S 2d 
Bedell Wm., Jr., mer., 50 X 3d 
Bedford Benjamin W., painter, 211 St John 
Bedford Isaac, collector, Callowhill n Nixon 

( F M) 
Bedferd Isaac T., bricklayer, rear 109 Dillwyn 
Bedford James, teacher, Sch Front and Locust 
Bedford Maria, rear 114 Dillwyn 
Bedford Thomas, lab., Carpenter ab 13th 
Bedine Charles, farmer, 243 S 7th 
Bedlock Edward, conveyancer, S E 3d 8c Wal- 
Bedlock 8c Paschall, convey's, S E 3d Sc Walnut 
Bedlock William J., collector, 6 Library. 
Bedlock Wm. P., atty. at law, 6 Library 
Bedloe Thomas II., tavern, P road bel Christian 
Beebe Boyd C, painter, 206 S 5th 
Beebe William N., oysters, 397 and h 409 High 
Beebee Geo. W., ex. bro., 17 S 3rd, h 5 Clinton 
Beebe Stuart, mer., 163 High 
Buccher Hannah, b h, 17 Sansom 
Bechler John, weav., St. John n Globe Mill, (K) 
Beehler Tobias, Marshall bel Green. 
Bcek Ann, 1 Providence ct 
Beeler Henry, carter, P road bel Marriott's la 

Been Susan, wid., 214 S 7th 

Beenken John, baker, 15 Magnolia 

Reens F. A., furniture, 176 Sassafras 

Beeny Roxanna, 10 Leed's av 

Beer John, carp., 146 Poplar 

Beer II., French and English sem., 65 Spruce 

Beerbrewer F., vict., 613 N 3d 

Beers David, painter, 448 N 4th 

Beers John B., Ohio 

Beers Rachel, 6th n Washington (S) 

Becsley Edward, peg maker, 273 St John. 

Beesley James, cordwainer, 503 Mulberry 

Beesley Theoph. E., M. D., N W 10th & Slulb'y. 

Beesley William, tailor, 1 Caroline ab Wharton 

Began'Patrick, lab., 24 Carter's al 

Beggs John, blacksmith, 118 New Market 

Beg'gs Thomas, lab., 289 S 7th 

Begley Samuel, lastmr., 11 Marshall's ct 

Begley Sarah, shop, Cedar bel Broad 

Begley Thomas, lastmaker, 57 Walnut. 

Behler Casamer, 46 Noble 

Behnoke John C, 19 Crabb 

Behring Casper, carrier, Ogden ab 10th. 

Beidelman Abraham, 157 Green 

Beidelman Charles, 11 Nectarine 

Beidelman Dan. grocer, 273 High, h Jacoby n 

Beidelman Reid A., 169 High, h 294 N 7th 

Beideman Daniel S-, coal dealer, 53 Vine 
Beideman Samuel C, ship carp., Eyre's ct (K) 

Beideman Wm., huckster, 6 Butz's ct 
Beisel James M., bricklayer, rear 84 N 6th 
Beitel Jacob, baker, 114N 8th. 
Beitel James, morocco dresser, 7 West 
Bcitler Abraham, tavern, 123 W High. 
Beitler Daniel, flour 8c feed, Broad 8c Lombard 
Beitter Daniel, flour and feed, Broad and Lom- 
Belcher H., mer., 2 N 3d 
Belair Lewis D., scrivener, 150 Coates 
Beldin Elisha, Broad st. Exchange 20 S Broad 
Beldon Mary P., 238 N 5th 
Belfield Cinthia, milliner, Sch 7th ab Sassafras 
Belfield Henry, brass founder, Pleasant ab 12th 
Belfield H., brass founder, Wood ab 13th 
Belfield Wm., mer., Walnut and Mary (W P) 
Belford C, spooler, Phoenix bel Front 
Belford George, waiter, Rose al 
Belford Michael, lab., Marriott's la ab 4th 
Belknap Stephen, jeweller, 267 N 2d 
Bell Benjamin, lab. Carpenter ab 13th 
Bell Caleb, porter, rear 197 Lombard 
Bell Chas., 14 Arcade, h 13 Union squaref 
Bell Charles jr., 14 Arcade. 
Bell David H., cabinet-maker, 20 Barker. 
Bell Edward, farmer. Turner's 1 and Broad 
Bell Elijah, coachmaker, 194 S Front. 
Bell Eliza, 16 Flower. 
Bell Eliza, gentw., Mechanic bel Culvert 
Bell Elizabeth, b h, 313 S 3d 
Bell F., gardener, 13th bel Cedar 
Bell Hannah, gentw., 9 Powell 
Bell Hester, Pearl n 12th 
Bell Hezckiah, lab., M'Kean's ct 
Bell Isaiah, flour and feed, 429 N 5th 


Bdl Hd. Ho- «■ fed, ™ H Fro,,., h 8 Noble T,cW, Murv 11 0*1. 

Bell Isaiah, carter, Sch 8th n Vine 

Bell Isaiah, Jr., flour store, 6 Green 

Bell James, distiller, N W 6th and Cedar. 

Bell James, sexton, 143 Queen. 

Bell James, stone cutter, 5 Dorothy 

Bell James, manuf., Front ah Fhcenix. (K) 

Bell John, planemr., Willow ab 2nd, h 94 DiU- 

Bell John, M. D., 227 Spruce. 
Bell John, collector, 10th ab Christian 
Bell John, lab., Sch Willow bel Spruce 
Bell John, gent., 62 German 
Bell John, coachman, Eagle ct 
Bell John A., clerk, 11th bel Lombard 
Bell John M., clothing, 131 S 2d 
Bell Julianna, 20 Jefferson row 
Bell Lewis, ship carp., 14 Mary (S) 
Bell Levi II., flour and feed, 35 Lombard 
Bell Mary Ann, Bean's al 
Bell Margaret, gentwo., 333 Chestnut 
Bell Robert, 109 S 4th. _ 

Bell Robert F ., cooper, IS Little Pine, h 37 

l'enii .„ 

Bdl Hubert J., grocer, N W Sch 8th 8c Filbert 
Bell Robt. R., printer, 214 S 3d 
Bell Samuel, Oak and Till (W P) 
Bell Samuel, bricklayer, 297 S 13th 
Bell Sanford, M. D., 132 S 2nd 
Bell Sarah, shopkeeper, Sch 4th and High. 
Bell Solomon, plasterer, Carlton ab Sch 8th. 
Bell Thomas, gent., 5 Steward 
Roll Thos., coachman, 200 N 10th 
Bell Thomas, grocer, 2d and Edward (K) 
Bell Thomas, mariner, Church bel Christian 
Bell Thomas B., lab., 10 Liberty ct 
Bell Thomas M., engraver, 143 Queen 
Bell William, flour mer., 333 N 2d, h 22 Duke 
Bell William, bricklayer, Orange bel Melon 
Bell William, labourer, 11 Willing's al 
Bell William, hairdresser, 225 8c h 200 GT road 
Bell William R., gent, 73 St. John. 
Bell Wm. & S., flour and feed, 338 N 2nd 
Bell Wm. W., dry goods, 75 Cedar 
Bellangee Isaac, bricklayer, 134 Green 

llUlMlluait, ** vy»^^w 

Belshaw Richard, lab., M'Duffie n 2d 
iBelsinger Samuel, variety store, 299 N 2d 
Belt Edward, cordw., rear 2^4 Vine 
Belt Wm., basketmr., Carpenter ab 9th 
Belvillc Rachel, mantuamr., Nectarine n 11th 
Bcnade 8c Co., mers., 55 N Wharves 
Benckert Geo. F., shoemr., 9th bel Washington 
Benckert James M., cordw., Hallowell ab 6th 
Bend Henry, tailor, Reckless ct 
Bender Abraham, carp., Maria ab 4th 
Bender C. W., Star Hotel, 71 Dock. 
Bender Frederick, weaver, Cherry ab F road 
Bender Jacob, bookbinder, Crans' ct 
Bender John, ship carp., Crown ab Bedford. (K) 
Bender John, carp., 28 Tammany 
Render John A., bricklayer, 6th bel Carpenter 
Bender John A., carp., 236 N 5th 
Bender Leonard, 12 Emlin's ct 
Bender Wm. D., lab., 7th bel Federal 
Bendernagel Philip, baker, 453 S 4th 
Benedict J. C, sea capt., Catharine ab 6th 
! Benedict Nathan D., M. D., 317 Spruce 
Beneke Chs. H., mer., 87 S Front, h 287 Green 
Beneke Elizabeth, Sch 6th and Jones 
Beneker Frederick, waterman, Penn ab Marsh 
(K) , 

Benesole Chas., hair dresser, Buttonwood ab 8tn 
Benezet John S., 27 N 12th 
Benfer John, tailor, 109 Apple (N L) 
Benfer J. C, 14 Coates. 
Benhardt C, nurse, 156 Poplar 
Benkert C, shoestore, 273 N 3d. 
Benkert Leonard, bootmr., 40 S 4th 
Bcnner Adam, sawyer, G T road ab Jefferson 
Benner Andrew, carter, Sch. 8th ab Locust. 
Benner A. G., blacksmith, 4 Kelly's av 
Benner Charles, biscuit baker, 22 Vine 
Benner Chs., cooper, Zane bel 8th, h 125 But- 
Benner Elizabeth, Charlotte ab Poplar 
Benner George, carpenter, Linden bel Green. 
Benner George H., bricklayer, Palmer ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Benner Henry, collect, 338 St. John (K) 

Be langee Isaac, bricKiayer, io-i ureen „*,.— ~ — ,, _ shinnen 

Bella, W mer, N W. Broad and Cheny, h Benner Hen , co.«h -M^> 

Sch 8th ab Cherry 
Bellas Thomas, com. and forwarding mer., Broad 

8c Cherry, h 41 N Sch. 8th 
Bellerjeau Henry, brushmaker, 72 N 3d 
Bellerjeau 8c Rh'oads, brush manuf., 72 N 3d 
Bellerjeau Susan, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Bellies George, clerk, Beach ab Marsh. (K) 
Belling Andrew, combmaker, Apple n Creek 
Ilcll ; ng Andrew, Jr., combmr., 31 Apple 
Bellingfelt Thomas, carp., 5 Gebhard 

B« Hows Martin, boot man. 21 N 4th, h 104 Noble Benner M., 31Woofl 
Bellows Wm. K., printer, Elizabeth ab Parrish |Benner Ross, 8S 
Bcllsterling Henry, oak cooper, 177 Poplar 
Belisterling John", combmr., 134 New Market 
Bulrose John, paper hangings, 100 and h 82 

Bclrose Louis, paper hangings, 100 Chestnut, 
llclrose, Son, 8c Blanchard, paper hangings, 
100 Chestnut 

Benner Henrv C, copper plate printer, 23 Dea- 
Benner Henry L., earthen manuf., 39 German 

h 377 S 3d 
Benner Isaac, cooper, 113 Brown. 
Benner John, brickmaker, 205 Locust 
Benner John, baker, 31 Noble 
Benner John L., tailor, N W Front and Cedar 
Benner Lewis, carp., George ab R road (F\ ) 
Benner Mary, Hartnet's ct 
Benner Matthias, Spruce ab 13th 

Benner Wm., brickmr., Lombard E Sch 6th 
Benners, George 8c .las., wines 8c liq., 117 X- 
Benners Geo., wine mer., 117 N2d, h 219 Coat. 
Benners .las., wine mer., 117 N 2d, h 211 Coat' 
Benners William J., distiller, h 72 Vine. 
Bennett Abel, waterm., Queen 8c Cherry. (K 
Bennett Abel, waterm., Bishop bel Queen. (h 

r fonett Alfred, watches and mechanical lamps, 

125 Chestnut 
II nnett Ann, 60 Dlllwyn. 
Bennett Christopher, car driver, Sch Sth ab 

Bennett & Caldwell, watchmrs., 163 Chestnut 
Dennett David, ship carp., Bishop bel Queen 


Bennett Elizabeth, wid. of Purnell, Queen ab 

Bennett Eliza, trimminsr", German ab 5th 
Bennett Henry, mer., 42 Walnut, h 4 Sergeant 
Bennett Henry, mariner, Swanson bel Queen 
Bennett Hugh, lab., Candy row n (F M) 
Bennett Isaac, labourer, 124 Coates 
Bennett Jacob, brickmr., Mary ab F road 
Bennett Jacob, waterm., Queen bel Bishop. (K) 
Bennett Jacob, jeweller, 53 S 5th 
Bennett Jacob, mariner, 136 S "Water. 
Bennett Jas. M.,mer., 163 Chestnut 
Bennett Jeremiah, pilot, 515 S Front 
Bennett John, shoemaker, 47S N 2d 
Bennett John, sign 8c banner painter, 318 Vine. 
Bennett John, oysters, Hope ab Phccnix 
Bennett John, lab., Reed bel Front 
Bennett John, clerk, 8th ab Noble 
Bennett Joseph, carp., Marlboro' ab Queen 
Bennett Joshua, carp., Brooks' ct 
Bennett Joshua J., carp., 100 Coates 
Bennett J. M., clerk, 4 Fayette 
Bennett Lewis, waterman, Mechanic's ct 
Bennett Mary Ann, 23 Beck (S) 
Bennett Mary W., stock 8c linen manuf., 32 N 3d 
Bennett Misses, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Bennett Bach., shopk., N W 5th 8c Buttonwood. 
Bennett Bachael, gentw., 4 Serjeant 
Bennett Samuel, lab., rear Bedford n Shippen 1 
Bennett Stephen D., printer, 368 S 5th 
Bennett 'William., ship carpenter, Marlborough 

bel Bedford 
Bennett Win., glass manuf., Queen bel Palmer 

Bennett Wm. H., pain., Penn ab Maiden, h 

Queen bel Palmer (K.) 
Bennett William P., carp., 69 Apple 
Bcnninghove Georcce, cabinetmr., 5 Bell's ct 
Bennis Henry, clerk, 121 Mulberry 
Bennis M., clerk, 15 Julianna. 
Bcnnison Joseph, carter, Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 
Bensell Sc Allen, weigh masters, 34 S wharves 
Bensell E. S., weigh master, 34 S wharves, h 

47 S 13th 
Benson Alex. & Co., stock and exchange bro., 

2 S 3d. 
Benson Alex., broker, 2 S 3d, h 103 S 8th. 
Benson August, printer, 21 Lily al 
Benson Dennis, porter, Broad Sc Paper al 
Benson Gustavus S., broker, 2 S 3d, h 113 S 4th 
Benson Ilenrv, brewer, 25 Gilles' al 
Benson John, weaver, 7 W.Cedar 
Benson John, porter, 42 Bread 
Benson John, carp., Pleasant ab 12th 
Benson Solomon, rear 6 Locust 
Benson Philip, porter, 12 Green (C) 
Benson Richard, gent, 15 Filbert 

Benson Baml., stonemason, Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Benson Stewart, stonecutter, rear Bedford bel 

Benson Thomas, carpenter, 6S George. (S) 

Bensted John M., chainnr., 119 N Front, hi 

Drinker's al 
Rcnsted 8c Tatem, chairmrs., 1 19 N Front 
Bentley David, coppersmith, 162 N 3d. 
Bentley David Sc Sons, coppersmiths, 162 N 3d 
Bentley John, gent., 329 S 3d 
Bentley Mary Ann, gentw., 5 School 
Bentley "Win., cigarmr., 527 N 1th 
Benton Albert 8c Co., lumber mers., M road ab 

Carpenter, h 260 Swanson 
Benton John, brassfounder, 20 Gebhard 
Benyard E. C, jeweller, 396 S 5th 
Beorat Charles, cabinetmr., 3d 8c Lombard 
Bera Ferdinand, jeweller, 4 Starr al. 
Berens Augustus, prof, of music, 119 Sassafras 
Berens Bernard, M. D., 119 Sassafras 
Beresford Robert, printer, Federal ab 2d 
Beresford Robert II., collector, 164 S lOUi. 
Berford R. G., publishers' hall, 101 Chestnut 
Berg Christian, boot &. shoemaker, 87 S 3d. 
Berg Sc Gans, clothing, 243 S 2d 
Berg Gotlicb, baker, 183 St John 
Berg Henry, tobacconist, 2 Lee's ct. (N L.) 
Berg Joseph F. Rev., 39 N 4th. 
Berg Leon, clothing, 243 S 2d 
Berg Peter, vict., rear 15 Noble 
Berger C. F., min. 8c port, painter, 192 Chestnut, 

h Wood ab 10th 
Berger Frederick, spruce beer, G T road and 

"Otter (K) 
Berger Jacob, gent, 203 N 5th 
Bcrg-er Jonathan, tavern, 223 N 2d. 
Berger Mary, Fayette c Prospect al 
Berghauser Jacob, clerk, 2 Chatham 
Bergman Sarah, findings, 301 N 2d. 
Bergmann H. A., grocer, 65 Franklin 
Bering James, hosier}', 8 S 8th. 
Berkley John, butcher, Julianna ab Callow hill 
Berks John, grocer, 258 N 2r.d 
Bernadou J. B., mer., 89 S w hfs., h 263 S Front 
Bernard John, 138 Catharine 
Bernard Phoebe, 75 Catharine. 
Bernard W. H., mer., 30 S Front, h 477 Chestnut 
Bernardo Joseph, Plynlimmon pi 
Bernardo Mary, dressmr., 129 New 
Bernhardt J. A., bootmr.,44 Brown, (N L) 
Bernheimer Isaac, mer., 60 N 3rd 
Bernshouse Peter, cabinetmr., Wood bel Duke 
Berrell George, acct, Buttonwood ab 8th 
Ben-ell George R., auctioneer, 279 High 
Berrell Hannah, b h, Buttonwood ab 8th 
Berrell Henrv, tavern, N W 9th and Green. 
Berrell Wm." S., Baltimore House, c Dock and 

Berrell & Wentz, auctioneers, 279 High 
Berrigan Daniel, clerk, Relief pi 
Berriman Robert, constable, 5 Jenning*s row 
Berry Amelia, b h, Lombard ab lUth 
Berry Benjamin, carter, 680 N Front 
Berr'v Benj. L., grocer, 2d and Greenwich 
Berry Charles, 24 Jones' alley 

Berrv Eleanor, 75 Fenn. 

Berry James, tiddler, Prosperous al 

Berry James, bookbinder, 51 Garden 

Berry John, hatter, 166 Christian. 

Berry John, weaver, 42 Shippcn 

Berry Joseph, farmer, 51 M road 

Berry Joseph, lab., S E Front and Queen 

Berry Julianna, 5 Elizabeth ct 

Berry Margaret, St .Mary's al n 6th 

Berrv Oliver, bootmaker, 36 Mulberry. 

Berry Rachel, 96 Christian 

Berry Samuel, carter, 680 N Front. 

Berry Samuel, hatter, 164 Christian. 

Berry Thomas, labourer, 112 N Water 

Berry Wm, 72 Catharine 

Berry Wm., carp., 383 S Front 

Berry Wm., dyer, Cedar ab 12th. 

Berrv Wm., pilot, 54 Fenn 

Berry Wm. B., chair manuf., 53 N 6th. 

Berryman James, blacksmith, Powell row ab 

Berryman Matthew W., cabinctmr., 5 M road 
Bcrsch Elizabeth, baker, Proadbel Marriott's la 
Bertron G. W., tobacconist, High bel Sch. 5th 
Bess Maria L., rear 3 U Elfreth's al 
Bcssan George, cabinetmr., Hanover ab Bed- 
ford (K) 
Besselievrie John A., jeweller, 288 Lombard 
Bessom Maria, Marriott's la n 6th 
Besson John M., mer., 52 S 2d. 
Bcsson Louisa, mer., 52 S 2d. 
B :sson L. & Son, dry goods, 52 S 2d. 
Best rleming, w eaver, Wagner's al ab Fitzwater 
Best Hiram, tailor, 188 Sassafras 
Best John, cordwainer, Vine n Sch 7th 
Betancourt Alonzo, gent., 284 X 6th 
Betes John, 25 Cresson's al 
Bethell John, lab., 423 N 3rd. 
Bethell Joshua, collector, 143 Beach (K) 
Bethell J. P., M- H., office 136 N4th, U304 Nod 
Bethell Wm., 92 X Front 
Bethell Win. R., druggist, 143 Beach (K) 
Bethune George W. Rev., Filbert ab Broad 
Betson Oscar, cordw., Shippen bet 3rd St 4th 
Bctson Robert W., cordw., N W 5th and Lom- 
bard, h 420 S 4th 
Betterton G. W., sexton, Sch. 8th n Sassafras. 
Bettle J. Rebecca, 131 X 9th. 
Bettle S., Jr., mer., 73 N 10th 

Bettle Samuel, Senr., 14 S 3d. 

Bettle Wm., importer, 14 S 3d, h 244 N 6th. 

Betts James, druggist, X E 11th and Chestnut 

Betts Sarah, manuf. of uterine supporter, N E 
11th and Chestnut 

Betts R. K., carpenter, 22 X Sch. 8th 

Betts William C, carpenter, 43 Cherry. 

Betz William, b h, 130 Green 

Beuerle T. F., baker, Master bel 4th, (K) 

Beusse John 11., 7th bel Poplar. 

Be van D., painter, S E 3d and High, h 126 

Bevan ^c Humphreys, mers., 5 Walnut. 

Bevan James, blacksmith, Wharton ab 4th 

Bevan John, pain. &. glaz., 235 S From, h Front 
and Pine 

Bevan Joseph, carp., 300 Cherry * 

Bevan Matthew L., mer., 5 Walnut, h 349 

Bevans Temperance, 7 Middle al 
Beverlin Sheridan, barber, 426 S Front 
Beverly Lydia, 8. Gray's al 
Bewlev Ann, 43 N Sch. 8th. 
Bewley C. W., grocer, 208 S 2d. 
Bewley George, printer, 14 Somer's ct 
Bewlev Isaac, grocer, S W 2d and Mulberry, h 

2 Bread 
Bewley Jesse, watchman, 4 Madison 
Bewley Joseph, chair dresser, 440 N 4th 
Bey George, butcher, Sch 8th n Vine 
Beyer G. T., machinist, Sch 6th n Mulberry 
Beylle M. L., gentw., 184 Spruce 
Beyrer John G., baker, 52 Catharine 
Bheud Harry, tailor, Doman's pi 
Bias Alexander, carter, 5th bel Christian 
Bias Harriet, 8 Burd's ct 
Bias James J. G., dentist, 157 S 6th 
Bibens Hezekiah, seaman, 176 Locust 
Bibens Jno., shoemr., 6 Osborne's ct 
Bibens Samuel, lab., Bedford bel 12th 
Bibens Thos., ovsters, 296 High, h Eagle ct 
Bibighaus Charles 11., M. D., 94 Green. 
Bibighaus Henry, D. D., 88 Dillwyn. 
Bibighaus S. H., hardware, 214 N 2d. 
Bible Francis, shoemr., 153 S Water 
Bibrov L. S., port, painter, Masonic Hall 
Bickel Wm., lab., 4th bel Franklin, (S) 
Bicker Charles F., 10 Emlin's ct 
Bickcom Wm., baker, 262 S Front 
Bickel Adam, cabinet maker, 12 Chatham 
Bickley James, carter, Rittenhouse ab Sch 6th 
Bickerton Benjamin, clerk, 19 Harmony 
Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 146 S 13th. 
Bickerton Sarah, b h, 110 Filbert 
Bickerton Thomas, cooper, 57 S Water, h 36 

Bickham George, cordw., Rose al n Coates 
Bicking Charles R., print. 56 Nod, h 48 Marshall 
Bicking, Chase & Magill, com. dry goods, 29 N 

Bicking George H., mer., 29 N Front, h 231 Vine 
Bicklev Henry, carter, Locust bel Sch. 5th. 
Bicklev Susan, 9th ab Coates 
Bickne'l J., M. D., Washington (W P) 
Bicknel Marinda, gentw, h 1 Colonnade row. 
Bicknel Robert M., brush maker, 115 High, h 

21 O Y road 
Biddle Abraham, cordw., rear 495 N 3rd 
Biddle Charles, trader, Apple n George. 
Biddle Charles, butcher, 46 Mead 
Biddle Charles J., atty. and coun., N E 6th and 

Biddle Clement, gent., 164 Mulberry. 
Biddle Clement jr., atty. & coun., office 8 York 

Biddle Clement C, pres. Saving Fund, h Spruce 

and Quince 
Biddle C. W., morocco dresser, Schleisman's al 
Biddle Edward C, publisher, S W 5th Si Minor, 

304 Mulberry 
Biddle Elizabeth, S W Sch. 8th &. LocusU 

Bi ttUe George, waiter, 14 Hurst 

C ,| die George Y\ ., atty. &. conn., 47 S 5th 

Biddle Hannah, rear 34 Bonsall 

Diddle Henry J., stock broker, 50 S 3rd 

Bills Jeremiah, shipcarpenter, Marion ab 2d 
Bilyeu Aaron P., bricklayer, 87 Franklin 
Bimmer G., cordw., Norris's ct 
Binder Daniel, cabinetmaker, 176 St. John. 

Diddle James, commo. U S Navy, Naval Asylum, Binder Frederick W., hotel, 111 Sassafras 

h 255 Walnut 

Diddle Jesse, carter, 2 Acorn al 

Biddle John B., M. D., Spruce ab 11th. 

Diddle John W., sliop, 63 Coates 

Diddle J. W, atty. and coun., 7 York Buildings 

Diddle Mary A., gentw., N E 8th & Locust. 

Diddle Owen, tavern, 10 S 5th. 

Diddle Hobcrt, merchant, 29 High, h 6 Palmyra 

Binder George, carpenter, 268 Coates. 

Binder J., hatter, 286 N Front 

Binder Peter, M. D., 419 N 6th 

Binder William, sen., hatter, 3 Brown 

Bingham Amos Rev., 132 N" Juniper 

Bingham Andrew, moulder, Sarah bel Bedford, 

Bingham & Brothers, forwarding mere, 276 1 ligh. 
Bingham Elizabeth, Sch 7th n Vine 
Bingham Jas., stonecut., Sch. 7th n Vine 

Diddle R. St W. C, hardware, 29 High. 
Biddle Sarah, widow of James C., S W Juniper I Bingham James, jeweller, 112 Chestnut. 

and Spruce. j Bingham James, mer., 25 N 3rd, h 10 N 9th 

Biddle Thomas, stock broker, 50 S 3rd, h 8 Bingham John, forwarding mer., 276 High, h 

York Buildings 18 N 11th 

Biddle Thomas A., stockbroker, 50 S 3rd, h Bingham John, carp., Brinton bel 11th, h Sch 

519 Chestnut 

Biddle Thomas Sc Co., stock brokers, 50 S 3rd 

Biddle Win., druggist, N W 11th & Mulberry. 

Biddle Wm., granite cutter, Rosen William (K) 

Biddle William C, 29 High, h 4 Palmyra sq 

Bideman Mary, 305 S 5th 

Bidwell Horace, lab., De wees' ct, (S) 

Biehl John, cordw., 621 N 4th 

Bier J., barber, 40 Pegg 

Bierly John, shipcarp., Queen n Hanover. (K) 

7th n Vine 
Bingham John, cabinet maker, N E 13th and 

Bingham 8c Kintzle, mors., 25 N 3d 
Bingham Richard, 336 High 
Bingham Susan, rear 138 S 9th 
Bingham Thomas, trunkmr., 24 Jacoby 
Bingham Wm., turner, Washington bel P road 
Binker John, blacksmith, Say ab Sch. 8th 
Binley John, carp., 21 Callowhill 

Bierlyn Isaac, ship carp., Wood bel Prince, (K) Binney Charlotte, gentw., 19U S 9th 
Bigelow Thomas, sen., carp., Citron & Orange Binney Horace, coun., otlice So, h 83 S 4th. 
Bigelow Thomas jr., carp., Citron & Orange Binney Horace jr., atty. ik coun., 6th ab Prune. 
Biggard Aaron W., bootmr., Centre bel Parish 1 Binney J., locksmith, 73 S 5th 

Biggardjohn, oysterhouse, 55 Green 

Biggard John, lab., rear 495 N 3rd 

Biggard Wm., wharf builder. Federal ab 2d 

Biggert H., shop, Pearl bel 13th 

Biggins John, stove finisher, 209 S Front 

Biggs Henry, bootmr., 7 Benton's av 

Biggs Robert, Centre ab 12th 

Bigim Samuel, labourer, Fair view, n Sch 5th 

Bigler Jacob, sailmaker, h 546 N 3d 

Rigley James, lab., M'Coy's ct 

B: 6 r nell John, hatter, 15 Pennsylvania avenue. 

Bignell Thomas, hatter, 7 Pennsylvania av 

Bigonct Jacob, druggist, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

ab Fitzwater 
Bigonet Jacob & Co., druggists, 158 Lombard 
Bilbrough Margaret S., 254 Filbert 
Bilbrough Samuel, carp, weaver, Shackamaxon 

n F road 
Bilbrough Thomas, manuf, Willow bel Pine 
Bilderback Caroline, dressmr., 16 N 6th 
Bilderback E., widow, rear 13 Ro^eal 
Biles Israel, Re id's av 
Biles Joseph T., carpenter, 21 Dugan 
Biles Thomas J., dru^ mill, Sch 7th and Jones 
Bilger George, exch. broker, 68 N 4th 
Bilgcr Isaac, grocer, 142 N 2nd. 
Bilger & McGowen, grocers, 142 N 2nd. 

Binns Benj. F., sec. Phila. Ice Company, S E 

George & Swanwick, h Sch. 8th ab Wallace 
Binns John, alderman, 36 S 6th. 
Binns John P., atty. Jc coun., S E George and 

Swanwick, h 129 Dillwyn 
Binns Moses, carpenter, 14? N Juniper. 
Binns Sarah A., washer, Plum bel 4th 
Binny John, typefoundry, c 2d and Dock, h 57 

Bintzel William, coppersmith, Willow bel 6t "h 
Bioren Benjamin, shop, 49 S 10th 
Bioren Geo. W., dentist, N E 10th and Sassafras 
Birch David, shoemr., High ab Sch. 4th, h 15 

Birch John, clothing, 511 High, h Callownill ab 

Birch John, shoemr., Crans' ct 
Birch & Lockwood, auctioneers, 173 Chestnut 
Birch Thomas jr., auction., 173 Chestnut, h 79 

Birch Thomas, artist, 62 Spruce 
Bird Albert G., engraver, 179 Pine 
Bird Charles, gent., N E 9th and Clinton 
Bird Charles, plasterer, 426 N 5th 
Bird David, morocco dresser, 29 Margarctta, h 

99 Coates 
Bird Edmund M., cordw., rear 112 Christian 
Bird George, tailor, 179 N 4th 

H., teacher, 326 N 6th 
Bdle de Steen, charge de affairs from Denmark,! Mini Henry, pent., Locust bel Sch 7th 

h 9 Colonnade row. Bird James, shoemaker, 252 S 7th. 

Billings Asa, uphobterer, Marion n 13th |Bird James M., teacher, 200 S 4th 

Bird J. D., hatter, 103 Chestnut 

Bird Matthias, 208 Callowhill 

Bird Thomas, tailor, 5 S 6th, h 35 S Sch. 6th. 

Birkey John, dentist, 99 S 5th. 

Birkey John, sen., dry floods, 6" S 5th. 

Birkey \\ illiam J. A.," M. 1)., dentist, S E 8th Sc 

Birkhead Pollard E., 451 Walnut 
B irks John, plater, 63 "Walnut 
Birmingham Pariset W., ivory carver Si turner, 

Poplar al> 7th. 
Birmingham Sarah, grocer, N E 7th & Poplar. 
Birmingham Thomas, lab., GT roadbel Phoenix 
Birnay Charles, gas works, Jackson 
Birnbaum Charles, baker, 316 Pine. 
Birnbaum George W., grocer, 370 N4th 
Birnbaum John, U. S. Mint, h 141 N Juniper 
Bisbec Asaph, cordw., 197 G T road 
Bisbing Elizabeth, 327 N 8th 
Bisbing Henry, carter, Wagner's ct 
Bisbing Jacob, carpenter, 18 Rittenhouse 
Bisbing John, cop. pi. printer, Wagner's ct 
Bisbing John, lime burner, Darby road, (WP) 
Bisbing Painter, carpet weaver, 25 Rose al 
Bisbing Sam., lime burner, Darby road (YV P.) 
Bisbing Stephen, cop. pi. printer, 6 Wagner's ct 
BischotF Cai'l, heraldry, rear 17 Mary, (S) 
Bishaboy A., printer, Cherry ab 13th 
Bishlag Thomas, vict., Vineyard, (F V) 
Bishop Abner, waiter, 2 Washington 
Bishop Catharine, rear 242 Lombard 
Bishop David s., bootmr., 52 New 
Bishop Elizabeth, b h, 3 Clover. 
Bishop Sc English, tailors, 19 S 4th 
Bishop George W., gas fitter, 6 Grape ct. 
Bishop John, teacher, 5th ab Poplar 
Bishop John R., tailor, 19 S 4th, h 155 Green 
Bishop Joseph, tavern, N E St John Sc Coates 
Bishop Jos. J., hatter, 257 S. 2d, h 46 George 

n Cedar 
Bishop Joaquim, machinist, 20 Laurel, h Fede- 
ral bcl M road 
Bishop Lewis, lab., Gale's ct 
Bishop Mary, 6 Grape ct 
Bishop Mary, Juniper bcl Walnut. 
Bishop Munroe, trunkmr., Beech bcl Palmer 
Bishop Nathaniel, oysterman, 6 Warren 
Bishop Perrigan, clothing, 165 Lombard 
Bishop Preston, hatter, 41 8c 107 N 2d, h 6 New 

Market ab Vine 
Bishop Rachel, 18 Rachel 

Bishop S. S. Sc Co., shipping mers., 9 N wharves 
Bishop Silvia, 25 German 
Bishop T. C, S W 4th and Mulberry 
Bishop Susan M., milliner, 158 N 8th. 
Bishop S. S., 9 X w Ids., h 157 Queen 
Bishop U. C, furniture, N E .-sch. 6th and High 
Bishop William, dentist, Catharine ab Lebanon 
Bishop Win., bricklayer, rear Vernon bel 11th 
Bishop William, seaman, 50 M road 
Bispham Daniel, tailor, 23 Queen n F road. (K) 
Bispham John !'.., atty. & conn., 276 Walnut 
Bispham J., auctioneer, 34 S Front, h 35 Spruce 
Bispham John £., U S X, 353 Spruce 
Bispham Samuel, grocer, 261 High, h 171 N 6th 

Bissckumer Martin, tavern, 84 Green. 

Bisset James, gardener, Buist's row 

Bissex Henry, bootmr., Sch 2nd Sc Vine 

Bitlcr Joseph, boatman, Willow n Pine 

Hitter Bernhart, barber, 45 Penn. (S) 

Bitter & Boshner, 106 Crown 

Bitter Henry, tailor, 110 Crown 

Bitters Lorenzo C, cordw., Querville's ct 

Bitting Andrew, tailor, 5th n Poplar. 

Hitting George W., carp., Jay 

Bitting Hiram, 220 High, h 31 New Market 

Bitting H. Sc L., grocers, 220 High 

Bitting Knight, blacksmith, Nectarine ab 10th« 

Bitting- Lewis, contractor, 323 Sassafras 

Bitting- Lewis, grocer, 220 High 

Bitting Lewis W., g-rocer, 78 Green. 

Bitting Sc Mattson, tailors, 442 N 3d 

Bitting Philip, salesman, 184 Swanson 

Hitting- Sc Snyder, grocers, 182 Callowhill. 

Bitting "Walter, blacksmith, Ogden ab 10th 

Bittle Samuel, lab., Pearl ab 13th 

Bivans John, carter, Front bel Wharton 

Bivens Charles, stone cutter, 9 Vernon 

Bixenstein Frederick, baker, 284 Coates. 

Black Ann, 98 George 

Black Ann, 147 S 10th 

Black Alexander, weaver, Cadwalader ab Phce- 

Black Catharine, Vine ab 12th 
Black Cyrus, clothing, 91 N 2nd 
Black Ebenezer, scourer, 14 Elizabeth 
Black Eliza, 154 S 13th 
Black Elizabeth, washer, 6 Middle al 
Black E., gentw., Federal ab Front 
Black Francis, house Sc sign painter, 306 S 2nd 
Black Harriett C, dress mr. 99 Mulberry 
Black Isaac, stonecutter, Dean ab Locust. 
Black James, blacksmith, 6th and Marriott's la 
Black James, painter, 311 S 6th. 
Black James, carter, Locust (W P.) 
Black James, wireworker, 104 N 6th 
Black James M., barber, 2$ Walnut 
Black John, carter, Atherton 
Black John, cooper, Jefferson and Apple (K) 
Black John, cordw., rear 48 Almond 
Black John, block and pump mr., 306 S 2nd 
Black John, lab., Sch "Willow n Factory 
Black John, waiter, 221 Lombard 
Black John, watchmaker, 64 Cedar. 
Black John H., agent, 2 Lybrand 
Black Joseph, Jr., portrait painter, 306 S 2nd 
Black Joseph, dealer, 84 Swanson. 
Black Martin, Carpenter ab 5th 
Black Mary, 1 Farries' ct 
Black Matthew, bootmr., Grubb 
Black Prince, waiter, 50 Quince. 
Black Sc Quin, wire workers, 104 N 6th 
Black Rebecca, dry goods, 398 Sassafras 
Ulack Rebecca, Brinton ab 12th 
Black Robert, 2 W Cedar 
Black Robert, blacksmith, Marriott's la ab 5th 
Black Robert, carp., rear 277 S 3rd 
Black Robert, shoemaker, 12th ab Sluppen. 
j Black R. Sc J., grocers, High n Sch 7th 
JBlack Samuel, gent., 168 S 4th 

Black Samuel W., teacher, 325 NGth. 
Black Silas, clothes, 172 Pine 
Black Thomas, lab.,24 Elizabeth 
Black Thompson, grocer, N W Broad St Chest- 
Mack William, lab., 9 Gabell's ct 
Black V.'m., weaver, Steward ab. Catharine. 
Black Wm. D., black & white sm., rear 500 S 

Blackburn Wm., collector, Wood bel Sch 7th 
Blackbume C. J., mer., 24- Church al. 
Blackburne John, tin plate worker, High ab 

Sch. 8th, h Sch. 7th n Pine. 
Blackbume Martha, Rail Road ct 
Blackburne Wm., President Washing-ton Min- 
ing Company, 81 Dock 
Blackford G., tailor, 6th ab Poplar 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 358 Pine. 
Blackford S. A. ik Heines M. A., dressmakers, 

81 N 3rd 
Blackic James, grocer, N W 9th and Cedar 
Blackin Henry, cabinetmr., 3 Humphrey's ct. 
Blackman Catharine, shop, Poplar ab 4th 
B lack son Ellen, 5 Middle al 
Blackston John, gent., (W P) 
Blackston Harriet, Woodland, (W P) 
Blackstone Thos., gent., 6S N 11th 
Blackwell Danl., engineer, F. M. Waterworks. 
Blackwood Benjamin W., M. U., teacher, Leip- 

er's ct., h 343 Sassafras 
Blackwood John, hatter, 97 N 3rd 
Blackwood Joseph, carpets, 111 Chestnut, h 

Locust W Broad 
Blackwood Thomas, hatter, 40 Jacoby 
Bladen Aaron, dyer, 22 S 8th. 
Bladen Ann, 206 N Front 
Bladen Martha, 334 Vine. 
Bladen Wm. E., biscuit baker, 165 N Water, h 

206 N Front 
Blaess Philip, tavern, Green &. St John 
Blaich Earnest F., tobacconist, 3d Si Franklin 


Blaikie George D., 471 Mulberry. 

Blaikie John, shipjoiner, Beach bel Shacka- 

maxon (K.) 
Blain Joseph, blacksmith, 529 S Front 
Blain Margaret, High W Sch 5th 
Blaine Sarah, gentw., 357 Walnut. 
Blair Edward, dry goods, 312 Sassafras. 
Blair Eliza, washer, Lombard ab 12th 
Blair E. J., cordw., 112 N 10th 
Blair Francis, Shippen la bel Cedar 
Blair Henry C, druggist, S W 8th £c Walnut 
Blair Henry J., currier, 2 Tamarind 
Blair James, Indian physician, rear Bedford n 

Blair James, manuf., c 3d and G T road. 
Blair James, carp., 2 Marion 
Blair John, manuf., N 2d bel Master, (K) 
Blair John, lab., Fox's ct. 
Blair John, lab., Washington ab Vine 
Illuir Joseph, tailor, 5 Knight's ct 
Blair Mary A., Tamarind ab Green 
Blair Thomas, lab., 5 St Joseph's av 

Blaisse George, shop, 14 Mulberry al 

Blake Andrew, blacking manuf. 340 Pine 

Blake Caroline, b h, 182 S 6th. 

Blake George, coachman, 61 Currant al 

Blake George E., music store, 13 S 5th. 

Blake Hannah, washer, Dickson's al 

Blake H., lab., Wood bel Sch 2nd 

Blake H. G., clothes, 1G0 Cedar 

Blake James, bricklayer, Pike 

Blake James, seaman, 142 S 4th 

Blake John, hod carrier, Bradford's al 

Blake John, waiter, 21 Prosperous al 

Blake Levin, shoemr., 219 Shippen 

Blake Mary, Wood ab 13th. 

Blake Mary, millinery, 291 Coates 

Blake Moses, hod carrier, rear 214 S 6th 

Blake Robert, farmer, Walnut (W P) 

Blake Ruth, washer, 50 Quince 

Blake Susan, dressmr., 20 Cresson's al 

Blake Teresa Elizabeth, shop, 110 Swanson 

Blake T. W., clerk, 13 S 5th 

Blake William, lab.. Beach bel Maiden, (K) 

Blake Wm., lab., Eagle ct 

Blaker John, saddler, Marshall and Callowhill 

Blakiston John R., coal mer. Washington, ( W P) 

Blakiston Presley, bookseller, N W 4th and 

Blame Joseph, 5 N 5th. 
Blanch Thomas, lab., South row 
Blanchard Barbara, dress maker, 162 Marshall. 
Blanchard B., account., 49 Sansom 
Blanchard H. B., upholsterer, 44 S 4th. 
Blanchard Isaac AV'., mer., 100 Chestnut, h S6 S 

Blanchard James, mariner, Pine bel 12th 
Blanchard John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen. 


Blanchard Margaret, 16 Queen (S) 

Blanchard Wm. A., bookseller, S E Chestnut Si 

4th, h 20 N 11th. 
Blanchard Wms. I., men, 31 N2d, h 26 Wood 
Blanchor Francis, teacher of music, 61 N 7th 
Blanck Wm., carp., Parrish ab 10th 
Bland B., tailor, 5h Bank al 
Bland Samuel, watchman, 33 N 4th 
Blanding William, M. D., 232 N 5th. 
Blanekenheim C. Fred. B., tavern, N E 4th and 

Blaney Mary, Prospect al 
Blanford David, blacksmith, 24 State 
Blanford William, watchman, Sch.3d n Locust 
Blankman Henry G. A., dentist, 291 S 10th 
Blankman M. A*, dentist, 232 Callowhill 
Blatchford Stephen, real est. ollice, 122 N 4th, 

h Franklin bel Green 
Blattners R., wadding manuf., Coates n 10th 
Blayney Hannah M., trimmings, 41 S 13th 
Blayney Robert, boot and shoemaker, Front a!> 

Franklin, (K) 
Bleacher Zechariah, lab., 238 St John 
Blecker Henry, cedar cooper, N E 13th and 

Blee Charles, stonepolisher, rear 34 Garden 
Blee Francis, brickrnr., M'UuiFie n Sch 2d 

Blair Wm. II., tea dealer, N E Front & ChestuntjBlce George, brickrnr., Spruce n Sch. 4th 


Blee J-, brick mr., Jefferson ab Sch. 6th 

Bleeker Adam, tailor, 9 Franklin pi 

Bleight John 1)., atty. at law, loth ab Chestnut 

Bleight Mrs. Mary, 13th ab Chestnut. 

Bl< if Fred., baker, 10th Sc YV ashington, (N L) 

Bleterman M., tailor, rear 33 St John 

Bleyler John M., tobac, 96 N 3d, h 274 IS /th 

Blcylcr John M. & Co., segar manuts., 96 N 3rd 

Bleyler P. W., painter, Rose ab School, (k) 

Bleyler Thomas, G2 Plum 

Blight Charles, 27 S 13th 

Blight John, caulker, 27 Callowhill 

Blight Joseph W., brush mr., 27 Callovhill. 

Blight Maria, gentw. 351 Chestnut. 

Blinn E, 450 N 4th 

Blinns H., carp. 5th ab George, (N L) 

Blinns Jacob, cordw., 2nd bel Phoenix 

Bliss John, tailor, Hope bel Master (K) 

lUiss Robert, mer., 16 Spruce. 

Ulissard John, mariner, 7 Cnion (S) 

Blizzard David, lab., 26 W Cedar 

Blizzard Joseph, waterman, 17 Federal (S) 

Block George, mariner, 3S Catharine 

Block Henry, b b, 28 N 3rd. 

Blocksom Wm., cordw., Hallowed n 7th 

Blomer Arnold, frame mr., 322 Cedar 

Blondcau M. Mrs., 2-1 N Sch 8th 

Blood Caleb, cordw., rear 18 Mary (S) 

Blood D. O., clerk, 108 S 2nd 

Blood John, lab., Jones n Sch 4th 

Bloodgood J. B., Walnut St. House, 2 Walnut 

Bloom George, Morris bel Fitzwater 

Bloom John F., baker, 336 Sassafras 

Bloomer James, shop, Milton bel 11th 

Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 25 Lebanon 

Bloomer Thomas, lab., Milton ab 10th 

Bloomer Wm., lab., Wood ab Sch 2d 

Bloss Ann, wid., 2 "Willow ct 

Bluit Levin, weaver, Lombard bel Juniper 

Blum Henhard, dry goods, 187 N 2nd 

Blum &. Simson, dry goods, 187 N 2d 

Blume Charles, bone turner, Schrader's ct 

BUime John, gent., N 7th ab Coates 

Blummer Charles, 44 New 

Blumner Hcnrv C, engine manuf., 128 Vine, h 

100 N 12th 
Bhindell Mary, teacher, 1 Monroe pi 
Blundell, Wm., St Andrews 
Rlunden Amy, St Andrew opp. Penit. 
Blunden James, carpet weaver, 317 S 3rd. 
Blundin John, druggist, Callowhill n Sch Front 
Blust Francis B., cigar mr., 426 N 4th 
Blvdenburgh Samuel, math. inst. mr. Baker 

be) 8ih 
Blvc Henry, mer., Willow n 4th 
Blve John,' N W William and Hamilton (F M) 
Blye J- H., dry goods, 268 N 2nd 

Boardley Elizabeth, washerwoman, Moms bel 

Boardley George, clothing, 347 Lombard 
Boardm'an Ann, Filbert above 10th 
Boardman Archibald, confec, High n Sch 4th 
Boardman F. II., 6 Chancery lane, 
Boardman Sc Hall, Britannia ware manuf., 436 

Boardman Henry A., Rev., 375 Spruce. 
Boardman Henry S., manuf., 436 High 
Boardman Robt", cabinetmr., Howard's pi 
Boardman Robert, satchel mr., Marlboro' bel 

Boate George, upholsterer, 123 S 2nd 
Boate M., b. h., N E Wood and 5th 
Bobb Peter, brick mr., Spruce ab 13th 
Bock Frederick, carpenter, 19 Logan. 
Bockius Christopher, saddler, Wallace n 8th 
Bockius C. & G, fancy leather manuf., 27^ Mar- 

garetta, and 30 Willow 
Bockius C. G., mer., N E 3d & High, h Green- 

wood pi 
Bockius C. G. & J. G., brushmrs., N E 3d Sc High 
Bockius Hannah, crockery, 536 High 
Bockius Henrv J., carpenter 213 S 9th. 
Bockius Jacob U., Commerce, h Wallace n 8th. 
Bockius John, carp., 7 Quarry, h 34 Bread 
Bockius J., brushmaker, 208 N 2d 
Bockius Wm., 217 S 9th 
Boddv John, pattern mr., 112 N Juniper 
Boden John, plasterer, Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Boden Josiah, cedar cooper, Shippen's ct. 
Bodenhoeffer Joseph, varnish manf., 204 St John 
Bodey Mary Y., 57 Shippen. 
Body Charles, barber, Lombard n 11th 
Bodin Joseph, cabinetmr., 25 Lily al. 
Bodine Budd S., clerk, 14 Maiden, (K) 
Bodine Jesse E., 18 Bread 
Bodine J. F., clerk, 45 Buttonwood 
Bodine Samuel T., corder, Maiden st whf., h 93 

G T road. 
Bodine Samuel, gunsmith, Perkenpine's ct 
Boehm A. W., mer., 64 N Front, h 242 N 6th 
Boehn Henrietta, Brandy wine bel Broad 
Boeder John, lab., Penn n R. Road 
Bofenger Frederick, beerhouse, 449 N Front. 
Bogan Walter, 161 Marshall 
Boger John, tavern, N VV James Sc Charles. 
Boggs David, piano maker, 24 Marion 
Boggs David, tobacconist, Coates bel 11th h 

Carlton n 13th 
Bo"\gs F. M., grocer, 40 N wharves, h 20 Union 
Boggs George, chairs, 150 N Front 
Boggs George, chair mr., Bedford ab Crown (I\) 
Boggs G. ■>>'., butcher, Pine ab Sch 6th 
Hoggs James, 374 Chestnut 
Boggs James, chair mr., 82 N Front, h Queen 
ab Marlb'o, (K) 

Blvnn Henry, hatter, 40 Chester. 

Bi'vnn Michael, hatter, 304 High, h S W 7th sJ Boggs James, Allen ab Marlboro (K) 

' Sassafrass Boggs Jane, 14o S 11th 

Blythe Calvin, collector customs, h 105 Chestnut Boggs John, lab., Carlton ab loth. 
Boak James leaver, Union bel West (K) Boggs John, Rev., rear Emehne 

Boak Robert, weaver, Hanover ab Duke. (K) Boggs Lame &. Co., piano mrs., 211 N 3d 
Boake J., grocer, Front and John (S) Boggs Samuel, ship carp 1 road n Otter. 

boaler CaUurinc, 79 Swanson Boggs Wm., lab., bch 2d n Lombard 

H ( ,-rs Win. Jr., saddler, 12 S 6th, h 4 Linden pi 

> o 

, Win., - Chester 
>, .. . <s Win. L., clerk, IS Merchant 
i ^ \V., saddler, 4 Smith's pi 
It .jr'ia Angelo, engineer, 215 N 10th 
II iijia Francis, cordwainer, 10th bel. Catharine 
Bogle Amelia, teacher, Pine ab 10th 
Bugle Thomas, carter, Kinley's ct. 
Bogue Thomas II. & Co., electrotype platers, 63 

° Walnut 
Bogue Thomas, haircutter and wig maker, 165 

Bohk-n & Borie, mers., 69 S 4th 
llohlen Frederick, cutler, 205 G T road 
Uohlen Henry, mer., 69 S 4th, h393 Walnut 
Bohlcn Jolin," mer., 67 S 4th, h 23S Walnut 
llohlen John, Jr., atty. and coun. N W 6th and 

Bohler John J., whip mr., Poplar bel 4th 
Bohn Christian, tailor, rear 276 S Front 
Bohn George, cordw., 121 Svvanson Jacob N-, stevedore, Penn and Lombard 
Bohn Philip, tailor, Lewis' ct 
Bohn Philip, tailor, 385 S 6th 
Bohnert, A., cordwainer, 239 N Front. 
Bohncy Win., shoemr., 350 N Front 
Boileau Isaac, alderman, 538 N 2nd. 
Boileau Isaac Jr., collector, 536 X 2nd 
Boileau Jolin, shoemr., Union bel Front (S) 
Boissier S., b. h., 2 Castle 
Bofc Frederick, tailor, 91 S 3d h 1 Fisher's ct. 
Bok J &. F., tailors, 91 S 3rd c Pear 
link John, tailor, 91 S 3rd h 96 Pine 
Boker Albert, mer., 7 Commerce 
Poker &. Brothers, mer., 82 High 
Boker C. S. Presid't. Girard b'k., h 110 S 3d. 
Boker Joseph, mer., 82 High, h 92 New. 
Boker W. C, mer., 82 High, h 185 N 6th 
Boland John, bootmaker, 138 N 4th 
Bolden James, lab., 3 Ridgway's Bow 
B olden Joseph, lab., 2 St Mary 
Bolden J. C, porter, Milton ab. 10th 
Bolden Lea, washer., 14 Crabfo 
Bolden Robert, waiter, 215 S 7th 
Boldin George, mer., 137 High, h 322 Mulberry 
Bole Wm., weaver, 8 Harrison's ct (K) 
Boknius A. W., mer., S 4th 
R >ley Frederick, cooper, 19 High, h 280 N 3d 
Holland Richard, moulder, Carpenter bel 9th 
Bollen Catharine, 497 N 3rd 
Poller Catharine, gentw., 21 New Market. 
Holler H. J. mer., 76 S. Front, h Spruce ab Broad 
Poller Wm., Sec'y. Phila. Ins. Co., h 26 Jacoby 
Holt John, carp., 156 Sassafras, h 12G N Juniper. 
liolton Ann, grocer, N E 4th and Catharine 
Bolton George, lab., Carlton ab Sch. 8th 
Hilton Jas. M, com. mer., 19 S wharv., h 10S S 3d 
Helton Joseph D., cabinet mr., 4th ab Thomp- 
son (K) 
Bolton Jos. U., Coates n Fair Mount 
Bolton Mary, shop, 35 Penn 
Holton Wm. P., carver, 55 N 8th, & 53 N. 6th 
Bomar John, laborer, Sch 3rd ab Locust 
Bombershine John., carp., Camac ab 8th 
Pomcislcr Lewis, mcj., Broad n Buttonwood. 

Bomeisler S., Division bel 12th 

Bonart Jos., baker, F. road, opp Marlboro'. (K) 

Bond Adam J., cordw., 131 Christian 

Bond Amos Si Co., last makers, 93 St John 

Bond Ann, Gray's ct. 

Bond Benjamin P., saddler, rear 5 F.lfreth's al 

Bond & Baldwin, blacksmiths, 69 S 12th 

Bond Calvin, grocer, 8th ab Huttonwood 

Bond Catharine, 9 Hickory ct 

Bond Charles, coachman, 6 Eagle ot. 

Bond Elizabeth, F road bel Franklin (K) 

Bond Hannah, N W Sch 8th and Filbert. 

Bond II., M. D., 1 N 9th, 3rd door bel Filbert. 

Bond Henry, shoemr. 324 Cedar 

Bond Jacob, saddler, 163 N 2nd. 

Bond James, druggist, S E 10th St Locust. 

Bond John B., baker, S E 7th and Fitzwatcr 

Bond John, baker, S E 9th St Washington 

Bond Joseph, carpenter, 377 Sassafras. 

Bond Joseph, blacksmith, 69 and h 77 S 12th 

Bond Joseph, glassblower, 14 Uyott's ct (K) 

Bond Josiah, undertaker, Orange bel 13th 

Bond Richard L., carpenter, 339 Callowhill 

Bond Hobert, lab., Liberty ct. 

Bond Thos., mer., "2k Chestnut, h 359 N 6th. 

Bond Thomas, cabinet mr., rear 90 Cherry, h 

Smith's ct 
Bond Thomas, weaver, 29 Lebanon. 
Bond Wm., lab., N Market n Laurel 
Bond Wm. A., package express, 42 & h 70 S 3d 
Bond W. H., milliner, 13th ab Wood 
Bones Jolin, carp., 559 Vine 
Bonfield B., stone mason, Sch. 8th bel Coates 
Bcnfield James, plasterer, rear 61 Apple 
Bonfield Robert, stone cutter, 13 Rittenhouse 
Bongaareth Wm. F., Washington av ab Green 
Bongard Margaret, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Bonhom Harriet, shop, 188 S 6th 
Boning Wm. jewellers, 70 Chestnut 
Bonnaffon Albert, clerk, Lombard ab 5th 
Bonnafibn Eliza, 6 N 11th 
Bonnailbn Sylvester, dry goods, 81 High 
Bonnell Samuel, hardware, 78 N 2d 
Bonnen Daniel, carter, Baker ab 7th 
Bonner Dennis, labourer, 3 Schuylkill West. 
Bonner Latitia, Lynn, (F M) 
Bonner Michael, tavern, 136 N Water 
Bonner Michael, lab. Lynn (F M) 
Bonner William, Nixon'ab Callow hill 
Bonsai T. L., bookseller, 33$ High, h 27 Mul- 
Bonsall E. II., conveyancer, 1 Carpenter's ct, h 

35 Jacobv 
Bonsall Edmund C, Jewell., 6th bel Washington 
Bonsall James S., printer, Acorn al n Locust 
Bonsall Jolin, conveyancer, office 48 S 4th, h 22 

Bonsall Richard, blacksmith, Lodge al ab 8th, h 

Traqu air's ct. 
Bonsall Wm., clerk coun. com., h 290 S 5th 
Bonsall Wm. C, blacksmith, Gabell's ct 
Bontemps Mrs. Hannah, gentw., 141 Spruce. 
Book George H. upholsterer, 52 Chester 
Booker John, blacksmith, 18 Lebanon 
Booker Lewis, waiter, 18 Lebanon 


Boome M. H., carp, 3 Sheaff's alley 
Boon Charles, hatter 53A Chestnut 
Boon George, blacksmith, "Welling al n Cherry 

Boon II or.i'ce, 4 Bird's ct. 

Boon Matthias II., carp. 302 Coatcs n Franklin 

Boon Morris, wharf huilder, Otter n GT road. 

Boon Peter, tavern, Beach n Shackamaxon, t,K) 

Boon Rebecca, 594 Vine 

Boon Samuel, cordw, Lancaster bel 2d 

Boon Thomas, 27 Coates al 

Boon "William, tavern, Washington (W P) 

Boon Wm., waterman, Spruce bel Sch. 3d 

Boone Robert, clerk, 96 Christian 

Boone William F., atty. and coun., 59 S 7th 

Booth Abigail C, gentw., 115 Brown 

Booth Ann, 300 Pine 

Booth Benjamin, harness mr, 199, and h 188 

Booth ?c Boye, chemists, 27 X 7th 

Booth Edmund, machinest, 141 N 11th 
Booth Edwin, mcr., 22 S 2nd, h 199 N 9th 
Booth Isaac H, collector, 145 N 10th 
Booth James C., prof, chemistry, 300 Pine, 

ollice Old Mint. 
Booth James II, public waiter, 14 Crabb. 
Booth James, weaver, Jefferson ab 2nd 
Booth James, carter, Shippen ab Broad 
Booth John, huckster, Tammany ab 2nd 
Booth John, porter, Sycamore ab Locust 
Booth Keziah, shopkeeper, 620 S 2d 
Booth Rachel, 141 N 11th. 
Booth Thomas, Barker n Sch 6th 
Booth T. L, grocer, 52 Laurel (N L) 
Booth Wm, machinest, 141 N 11th 
Boothryde Gabriel, spinner, Marlboro' n Duke 


Boraef Henry, victualler, loth ab Wallace 

Boraefl' Ann, Cherry ab Broad 

Boran Francis, seaman, 16 Pine al 

Borbek Philip, mcr., 22 church al. 

Borbidgc Thomas, forwarding Si com. mei% 272 

High, h 32 North Rittenhouse 
Borclav Stephen, stevedore, Gale's ct 
Borden Samuel, mer.,43 High, h Cherry ab 10th 
Borer Joseph, lab, rear 38 St John 
Borgess Otho H, Rev., 181 Spruce 
Borhek Edward, jeweller, 52 Chestnut, h 136J 

Borhek John, gent, 52 Gaskill. 
Borhek M. L, milliner, 136i S 2d 
Boric- A. F, mercht, 45 Dock, h 329 Spruce 

Borthwick Robert, 45 S 4th, h 147 Catharine 
Borton Henry, hod carrier, 11 Barclay 
Boshart Geo, hair sieve manuf.,1 Sheppard's al. 
Boshart John, cooper, 101 Crown. 
Hosier John, vict, 602 N 2d. 
Hosier John, brickmr, 48 S 13th 
Busier Joseph, brass founder, 475 Vine. 
Boss Frederick, gent., 191 N 8th. 
Boss Henry, machinest, Prime ab 2nd 
Bossert Charles, pianomaker, 57 N 8th, h 126 

Bossert Conrad, carp-, Franklin bel Palmer (K) 
Bossert H, shoemr, O^den bel 13th 
Bossert Henry, frame mr, GT road bel Master 
Bossert Joseph F, baker, N W 12th & Vine 
Bossert Sarah, tavern, 150 N 4th n Vine. 
Bossert & Schomacker, piano mrs, 57 N Sth 
Bostick Wm, porter, rear 238 Lombard 
Boston Elizabeth, 48 Currant al. 
Boston Grace, washer, 3 Boston 
Boston James G, painter, 5 S Garden retreat 
Boston Michael, morocco dresser, Charlotte ab 

George (N L) 
Boswell Charles, lab, Lancaster ab Reed 
Boswell George, tinsmith, 5S N 2d, h Thomas's :.. 
Boswell Jas. J, dry goods, 89 High, h 152 Pint 
Boswell Wm. R, printer, Harmony ab 4th 
Bothner John H, rigger, 397 N Front. 
Bothwell James, weaver, McDuffie n Sch. 2nd. 
Bothwell Wm, weaver, M'Dufne n 2nd 
Botner Ann, store, N W 7th and Coates 
Botner Wm., printer, Wood ab 13th 
Botrell John P., barber, 24 St Mary 
Botsford Alva, stone cutter, Jones' n Sch 5th 
Botsford John, bricklaver, 10 Elder 
Boucher B, 160 Marshall 
Boucher Joseph, wheelwright, Green bel 9th 
Boudet D. W, portrait painter, 215 Chestnut 
Boudwin Peter, coachman, rear 3S0 S 2nd 
Bouffard Mrs. and Miss, dressmakers, 86 Locusi 
Boulter C. J., potter, 13th n Willow 
Boulter Henry C, hair dresser, 459 Vine. 
Boulter Jehu R, cordw, 155 N 2nd. 
Boulton Giles, grocer, N E 8th and High 
Boulton John, gent. Walnut bel Sch 7th 
Boulu Adelaide, 51 Chester. 
Bounds James, carp, Brandywine bel Broad 
Bounds Richard, Bedford ab 12th 
Bourk James, boot maker, 74 S 11th 
Bourke Anna M, milliner, 321 S 3d 
Bourke Michael, clerk, 291 S Front 

Borie Charles L., mcr, 69 S 4th, h 329 Spruce Bourne Ezra, mcr, 29 Sc 30 N Water, h 5 

Boric J. S, Catharine bel 6th 

Boric J.J. Mrs, 97 S 4th 

Borie 8c Trott, importers, 45 Dock 

Borland David, shoemr. Walnut bel Sch. 3rd. 

Uorland Wm, shoemaker, N E Sch. 8th. Ik High 

Born Henry, dealer, 4 Lewis' ct 

Born Lev. is, lab., Shackamaxon bel Franklin 

Bornmun C, gentw, 5th ab Franklin 

Bornman Henry, butc , Hanover ab Bedford (K) 

Bornman John, Jr., vict, 5th bel Master (K) 

Bornman Lewi-, vict.. 4th bel Master 

Bornman Sarah M, Hanover n Prince. (lv) 

Boroughs Elizabeth, gentw., 40 Coates 


Bournonville A. L M. D, Crown and Sassafras. 
Bourquin Charles F, lithog. printer, 194 Pine 
Bourquin, Eveline, dress maker, 172 S 11th 
Bourquin Frederick, lithog. printer, 194 Pine 
Bourquin Frederick, undertaker, 3S6 N 6th 
Bousquet Peter, gent, 228 Spruce 
Boustead James, currier, S W 5th and Noble- 
Boustead John, cordw, 191 Callowhill 
Rousted Thomas, weaver, 27 Lebanon 
Boutard Jos., 34 German. 
Boutcher Martha, sempstress, New Market • 

Duke • 

i. , ier Etiene, fruiterer, 309 High, h 433 Sas-j Bowers Peter G., sup't. 402 N 3d. 

safras [Bowers Robert, lab., Bond's ct 

llutn iiT John, ofiice 23 S 7th, li 433 Sassafras. Bowers Rosanna, Harntstead n 2nd 
Homier John, butcher, Greenwich above 2d Bowers Solomon, boatman, Sch 3d bcl George 
I! iuvier Michael, mahogany and marble, 91 and Bowers William, eombm'kr, Elizabeth nParrish 

93 S 2d, h 80 S Front h 424 N 5th 

Bouvier AL &. Co., mahogany and marble, 91 Sc Bowers 8s. \\ hite, coal inrs., N W Broad and 

93 S 2nd 

Bouvier Peter, butcher, rear 109 Christian 
B ivard, Wm., tailor, Parrish bel 11th 
Bowden James, carp., 5 Truxton 
Bowdcn Win., mariner, 76 German 
Bowdle Tristram, mer., 1" and 19 Minor 
Bowen Ananias, cabinetmr., 230 Catharine 
liowen A. J., cabinetmaker, 43 Dock 
Bowen David II., cabinetmaker, 415 S 2d 
Bowen Eliza, white washer, 36 Paschall al 
liowen E., hatter, 49 Chestnut, h 134 N 12th. 
Bowen II., 115 N7th 

Bowes Catharine, 24 Union (S) 
Bowes AL, lab. Hutchinson's ct. 
Bowes Wm., weaver, rear 125 Charlotte 
Bowie James A, mer., 282 S 2d. 
Bowlby Sc Brenner, hardware, G9 High 
IBowlby E. Mrs., 165 S 3rd 
Bowlby E. jr., mer., 69 High, h Chestnut ah 13th 
(Bowlby Margaret, gentw., 161 Mulberry. 
; Bowles Elizabeth, variety store, 50 Cedar. 
Bowles James, stonecutter, Carlton bel 12th 

[Bowles Wm., waiter, 15 Strawberry 
Bowen James, lab., M'Ginley's ct bel Swanson 'Bowman Abraham, printer, 21 Chester 
Bowen John, cooper, Kean's ct c N Market. (Bowman Aaron, wood whf., Swanson ab Wash- 
Bow en John, engineer, Marlboro' bel Queen (K) I ington, h 8 Beck 

Bowen J. E., tailor, Beach ab Walnut 

Bowen J. T., lithogr., 12 S Broad 

Bowen Martha, 389 Spruce. 

Bowen Philip, cabinet maker, 131 Queen 

liowen Samuel, waterman, Oak ab Noble 

Bowen S. R. f mer., Bank and Chestnut 

Bowen Wm., cabinetmr., F rd bel Franklin. (Kj Bowman Goliah, seaman, Ilelmuth 

Bowen William E., merchant, 12 Chestnut, h Bowman Isaac, mariner, 44 Mead. 

Spruce W Sch 8th Bowman Jacob, M. D., Walnut and Beach, Sch 

Bowen Wm. M., druggist, New Market & Brown' Bowman Jacob, labourer, Apple n Creek 
•Bowen Wm. AL, printer, 14 Branner's ct. j Bowman John, lab., Olive bel 13th 

Bowen Wm. AL, U. S. mint, h 278 Wood j Bowman John, clerk, 24 Combes' alley. 

Bower Abraham, bootmaker, 6 Sassafras alley, Bowman Jonas, grocer, 240 N 2d, h 171 N 4th 
Bower Charles P., butcher, Francis n It II (FV) Bowman Joseph II., locksmith, 9th and Maple 
Bower Christian, vict., Queen ab Palmer, (K) Bowman Martha, 16 Dean. 
Bower David, wheelwright, 20 Brown (X L) Bowman &. Medara, variety store, 107 High 
Bower Frederick, shop," 121 Charlotte Bowman & Roberts, grocers, S W 2d and Cal- 

Bower Frederick, baker, It road bel Ann, F VI lowhill 

Bowman Benjamin, variety store, 237^ N 3d, h 

68 Gaski'll 
Bowman Charles, custom house, h 17 Mead. 
Bowman Franklin, machines:, Fraley's ct (K) 
Bowman Geo. W., shoemr., rear 10J Carpenter 


Bower George, carpenter, Phoenix k F road 
Bower Geo. C., druggist, c Phoenix & G T rd. 
Bower Henry A., druggist, N E 6th & Green. 
Bower John,' sash maker, 4 Union square. 
Bower John, cabinet mr., 26 Elfreth's al 
Bower John, drayman, 5th r.b Franklin, 
Bower John, baker, Parrish bel 11th 
Bower J. D., Fairview n Sch 6th 
Bower Mary, Penn ab Marsh (K) 
Bower Philip, carp., 36 Pegg 
Bower Samuel, barber, 49 Al road 
Bower S. D., ship carp., Beach ab Kensington 

Bowers Daniel, cordw., 214 X 8th 
Bowers David, sign painter, 177 N 4th 
Bowers George, brickmr., Union ab Prince (K) 
Bowers Henry, shoemaker, James &c It road 
Bowers John, turpentine distil., 128 Beach (K) 
Bowers John A., cabinetmr. , 7 Bell's ct. 
Bowers John C, clothes, "1 S 2d. 
Bowers Joseph, bricklayer, Beach ab Shacka- 

maxon (K) 

Bowman Samuel, printer, 80 Christian 

Bowman Sarah, milliner, 51 New 

Bowman Thomas, com. mer., S E 2nd 8c High, 

h 32 Mulberry. 
Bowman W. H., acct. 4 Aloore's ct. (N L) 
Bown Abraham, hatter, 381 N Front 
BownBenj., hatter, 153 Cedar 
Bown Benj. S., furniture, 153 Cedar 
Bownas James, Mulberry n Sch Front 
Bowser James, lab., Carpenter ab 8th 
Bowser James, lab. Shippen la bel Shippen 
Boyce Ann, corsets, 69 Mulberry St 154 Sassafras 
Boyce Henry, labourer, Carpenter bel 5th 
Boyce John, grocer, Carpenter bcl 5th 
Boyce John, cordwainer, 21 Mulberry al 
Boyce John, shoemr., 8th ab Carpenter 
Boyce Joseph, shop, 3 Cresson's ul 
Boyce Mary, milliner, 116 N 9th 
Boyce Sarah, 12 Gray's alley. 
Boyce William II., tavern, ,s E 9th &; Vine 
Boyd Alexander, acct., 7 Wood 
Boyd Andrew, bookbinder, 211 Lombard 

Bowers Jos. T., com'bmr., Union ab Prince. (K)iBoyd Andrew, labourer, Emerald bel Sch. 6th. 

Bowers J., clothes deal., 34 S 2d,h37 Middle al.| Boyd Catharine, 219 Christian 

Bowers Alartha, b h, 163 S 9th jBoyd Catharine, drcssinr., 11th and Lombard 

Boyd Charles, stone cutter, 7 Callowhill. 
Boyd Cornelius, brickmr., Lombard n Sell 2nd 
Boyd & Cummins, dry goods, 103 High. 
Boyd David, Pies. Mcchs. and Trads. Insur. Co. 

64 Walnut, h Sch 5th and Hamilton 
Boyd David, stonecutter, 158 N 11th 
Boyd Edward, carp., 6th n Poplar 
Boyd Elizabeth, gentw., 167 Pine 
Boyd Elizabeth, 13 X 10th 
Boyd Emelia S., upholsterer, 123 N 5th. 
Boyd Francis, sawyer, Juniper bel Walnut 
Boyd George Rev., 5 io X 2d 
Boyd George, grocer, S W 8th and Green. 
Boyd Hugh, labourer, Jones W Sch 4th 
Boyd Hugh, Front bel Master (K) 
Boyd Hugh, manuf., Sch 3d n Lombard 
Boyd James, dyer, Shippen ab 13th. 
Boyd James, shoemr., 12 Gebhard 
Boyd James, gardener, Jones' al. ah Sch. 5th. 
Boyd James C, lab., W High ab Sell. 2d. 
Boyd Jane, Charles ab Willow (F M) 
Boyd John, machinist, Hope ab JctTerson (K.) 
Boyd John, labourer, 20 Harmstead 
Boyd John, tailor, 150 X Water, h Maria below 

5 th 
Boyd John, stone cutter, Ogdcn ab 9th 
Boyd John, lab., Marlborough ab Beach (1C.) 
Boyd John, lab., Spruce ab Sch 7th 
Boyd John J., stonecutter, Vaughn ab Locust 
Boyd John Oliver, merch., 103 High, h 168 Mul- 
Boyd John S., men, 114 High, h 167 Pine 
Boyd John W., accountant, 277 X 5th. 
Boyd Juliana, 269 S Front 
Boyd Rebecca, tavern, 11 Decatur 
Boyd Samuel, tailor, X W Water and Mulberry 

h 10 Duke 
Boyd Thomas, carp., 4 Sugar al 
Boyd Thomas, clerk, 29 Madison. 
Boyd Thomas, bootmr., Sch 6th & Lombard 
Boyd Thomas, lab., Atherton 
Boyd William, grocer, 408 High. 
Boyd Wm., waiter, Pearl ab 13th 
Boyd Wm. S., grocer, 7 & 9 S Water, h 198 S 3rd. 
Boye M. H., chemist, 27 X 7th 
Boyer Abraham, potter, Rose and William (K) 
Boyer Charles, agent, 522 S Front 
Boyer C. It., M. D., 153 N 9th. 
Boyer Daniel, blacksmith, Pleasant bel 12th 
Boyer D. S., ex. bro., 30 S 3rd. 
Boyer Lvan, ship carp., Prime ab Swanson. 
Boyer Henry, mer., 291 X Sth 
Boyer Jacob, Division bel 12th 
Boyer Jeremiah, acct., 18 Xixon (F M) 
Boyer Jesse, suddler, Orleans 
Boyer John, lab., Small ab 6th 
Boyer J., carp., Orchard ab George, h 6 Wood. 
Boyer Richard, lab., Culvert ab Apple 
Boyer Thomas, lab., rear 228 Lombard 
Boyer Wm., dry goods, 60 X 3d, h8th ab Xoblc 
Boyer Win., house furnisher, 355 High 
Boyer Wm., cordw, Edward n William (K) 
Boyes B. C, machinist, Braiulywine ab 15th 
Boylan James, tavern, 48 S 8th i 

Boy lau P., taUor, William ab Hamilton 

Boyle Bernard, lab., 5 Kneass' ct 

Movie Daniel, weaver, 15 Flower 

Boyle Edward, lab., Howard pi bel Washington 

Boyle Edward, labourer, Lovd bel Shippen. 

Boyle Henry, lab., Jones ab Sch 4th 

Boyle Henry, stone cutter, 6 Parries' ct 

Boyle Hugh, tailor, 59 Shippen 

Boyle Hugh, weaver, Marry ab Sch 3d 

Boyle James, bookbinder, 9^ George, h 310 X 

Boyle & Jeffries, coachmrs., 7 Green (C) 
Boyle John, coachsmith, 10th and Wood 
Boyle John, lab., Reed bel Front 
Boyle John, tailor, rear 334 S 2d 
Boyle John, printer, 494 N 3d 
Boyle John, lab., 25 McDuffie 
Boyle John C, coachmr., 7 Green, (C) h 160 

Boyle Margaret, huxter, Harris' ct 
Boyle Michael, chandler, Laurel op Rachel 
Boyle Patrick, weaver, 11th bel Christian 
Boyle Patrick, carter, 27 Hurst 
Boyle Patrick, lab., Ann ab Sch 5th 
Boyle Robert, oysters, 481 High h 16 Howard 
Boyle Robert, weaver, 5 Reckless 
Boyle Sarah, 82 Swanson. 
Boyle Thomas, cordw., 184 Poplar 
Boyle Thomas, dry goods, S W 11th & Cherry. 
Boyle Wm., cedar cooper, X W 9th and High, 

h rear 26 X 9th 
Boyle Wm., weaver, 2nd ab Master (K) 
Boyle Wm., g-ent, 79 P road 
Boyle William V., grocer, 11 S Water, h 9 

S Penn sq. 
Boyles Wm., watchman, 13th and Sassafras 
Boys George, confectioner, S W 12th &. Spruce. 
Boys William, dry goods, 451 X 2nd. 
Boyter Amelia, 432 X 5th 
Boyzard Catharine, 11th bel Cedar 
Bozorth David, eating house, Shoemaker's ct 
Bozorth John, engineer, Beach bel Palmer (K) 
Bozorth Richard, boatman, Poplar and Broad 
Bozorth William, Willow n 10th, h 158 Wood 
Brabant Francis, variety store, 74 Vine 
Brace John, tinman, Oldham's ct 
Brace Thomas, tinman, 3 Oldham's ct 
Braceland Bridget M., upholsterer, 153 Walnut. 
Braceland J., tobacconist, 397 S Front 
Braceland John, rear 13 Prosperous al 
Braceland John, laborer, Cooper 
Bracken James, b h, 116 X Water. 
Bracken James, polisher, 122 Locust 
Bracken Margaret, dry goods, 261 Green 
Brackin Richard, carp., Wetherill's ct 
Brackney Archer, painter, rear 5th ab Christian 
Brackney Isaac A., tailor, 3 SheafF's al 
Bracy Chas., lab., 5 Caroline place. 

JBradburry Edward, machinist, p road bel Wash- 

| ington 

! Bradbury A. P., atty & coun., 152 Walnut 
Bradbury J., grocer, X W 10th and Shippen 
Bradbury Matthew, doublerand twister, Amber 

ab Phoenix (K) 
Bradbury Robert, peddler, 19 Cherry 
Braddock Ira, tavern, Front and Poplar 

Braddock Darnold.carp., Howard below Frank- 
lin (K) 
Braddock L., painter, 334 Sassafras, h 212 But- 
llrad< 11 Andrew, stonemason, Shippenab Broad 
Hraden Wm., lab., Sch 8th bel Carlton 
Bradficld George W., brass founder, 71 N 8th 
Hradficld James, locksmith, 32 Carlton 
Bradford Cornelius I., acct., 135 N 11th. 
Bradford Eliza, eating house, 491 High. 
Bradford James, M. D., 347 Walnut. 
Bradford John, porter, Christian bel 9th. 
Bradford Mary, Brown bel 7th 
Bradford X. R., carp., Marriott ab 5th 

Bradshaw N., Marlboro' n Bedford. (K) 
Bradshaw Robert, cordwainer, 77 Lombard. 
Bradshaw Wm. A., watchman, Liberty al 
Bradshaw Wm. K., 41 Union 
Bradway Isaac, confectioner, 220 Callowhill. 
Brady A. E., shop, It road and Francis 
Brady Barnard, tobacconist, 271 Sassafras 
Brady & Degroot, grocers, Pine ik Carbon Sch 
Brady Edward F., broker, 49 Buttonwood 
Brady Edward F., mer., 91 S Front, h 12 Wil- 
li nj^s al 
Brady Francis, manuf., G T road ab Master 
Brady Francis E., clerk, 49 Buttonwood 
Brady Hannah, 129 Queen 

Bradford Samuel, Treas. Phila. and Reading R R: Brady Hannah, shop, 246 S 7th 

Co., and L Sch. N R R &; Coal Co., Broad; Brady Hugh, lab., Sch 3d n Lombard 

and Cherry, h 10 Belmont place. 
Bradford Samuel, cordw., Marshall bel Poplar 
Bradford Sarah Ann, b h, 48 W Cedar. 
Bradford Thomas, att'y & coun., 5 Sansom. 

Brady James, lab., Christian n Sch 
Brady James, grocer, c Sch. 4th ik Lombard 
Brady James, cabm., 11 Nectarine 
Brady James, tallow-chandler, 110 S 12th. 

Bradford Thos., soap & caudle manuf., 473 N 2nd Brady James, lab., Mulberry n Broad 

h 5th ab Franklin 
Bradford Walter, teacher, 139 S 11th. 
Bradford Wm., 5 Sansom 
Bradford William J., lab., 324 S 5th 
Bradford Zelva, eating house, 246 High 
Bradley Atchcson T., confectioner, 317 S 6th 
Bradley Bernard, lab., Sch. F'ront ab Pine 
Bradley Christiana, gentw., 288 X 7th. 
Bradley David, victualler, Greenwich ab 2d 
Bradley Daniel, dealer, 1 John's ct 
Bradley Dominick, labourer, 17 Prosperous al 
Bradley Edward, lab., rear 94 X 11th 
Bradley Edward, wheelwr 

Bradley Francis, shop, Marriott ab 5th 
Bradley Frances, 15 Elfreth's al 
Bradley George, cordwr., 246 Christian 

Brady John, lab., 1 Reid's ct., near German 
Brady John, coachman, 12 Willing's al 
Brady John, lab., Prospect al 
Brady Joseph, milkman, 10 Annab Sch. 8th. 
| Brady Martha, rear 127 New Market 
Brady Mary, Fraley's ct. (K) 
Brady Mary, 3 Traquair's ct. 
Brady Matthew, carp., School n Franklin (K) 
Brady Patrick, lab., Jones ab Sch 4th 
Brady Patrick, grocer, Pine &. Carbon (Sch) 
Brady Peter, lab., Sch 3d n Lombard 
Brady Philip, stone mason, Coates n F M 
it, Dorothy n Sch i Brady P., mer, 26 N F'ront, h 397 Mulberry. 

Brady Robert, carter, Sch 5th and Sassafras av 
Brady Rosanna, G T road ab Franklin 
Brady Susannah, 3 Marshall's ct 
Brady Thomas, lab., 4th bel G T road 

Bradley George, superin., Brandywine bel Broad Brady Thomas, tailor, 360 N 2nd. 

Bradley Henry, lab., Lloyd ab Broad 
Hradley Hugh, cabman, 125 X 6th 
Bradley James, baker, 407 Hiffh. 

Brady Wm., gold beater, 80 N 6th, h 45 N 4th 
Brady Wm., shoemr., 149 Buttonwood 
Brady William, laceweaver, 13 Elder al. 

Bradley James, grocer, N W Front and Dock,' Braeutitram Catharine, 201 Noble 

h 288 N 7th 
Bradley Jeremiah, 20 College av 
Bradley John, blacksmith, High ab Sch 4th 
Bradley John, capt., 21 Turner 
Bradley John, tailor, 295 S 3rd 
Bradley John, watchman, 2 Watson's al 
Bradley John E., bookbinder, 197 N 4th 
Bradley John O., shoemr., 3 Clair 
Bradley Joshua, agent, 94 X 8th, h 286 Wood 
Bradley Mary, eating house, 319 A High 
Bradley Michael, stone cutter, 88" S Front 

Bragg Jane, Charlotte bel Beaver 
Bragden Thomas, lab., Sch 3d and High 
Brainerd Joseph, dealer, 11th ab Coates. 
Brainerd Thomas Rev., Poplar ab Sch 7th 
Braithwaite Thos., tavern, 206 X Water, and 21 1 

N Front 
Brake Peter, waiter, 5th bel Christian 
Braiuall Benjamin, colorist, AVarren ab Beach 

Bramall Joseph, cabinctmr., S2 N Front, h 
Queen ab Palmer 

Bradley M. A., dress maker, New Market and,Braman Peter, brickmr., Sycamore ab Locust 
Laurel j Bramble Joseph, moulder, Jeil'erson pi 

Bradley M. A., matron, Orphan Asylum, Sch Bramble Win., police off., 4 Comptroller 
5th and Cherry iBranagan James, lab., 5 Middle al 

Bradley Nathaniel, carter, Quince and Lombard. Branagan John, carp., 10th n Milton 

Bradley Patrick, lab., Milton ab 10th 
Bradley William, stone cutter, Noble n 8th 
Bradley Wm. G., drover, Carpenter bel 6th 
Bradnack Wm., victualler, Carpenter ab 9th 
Bradshaw Ella, milliner, 5$ X 2d 
Bradshaw James, lab., 9th bel Washington 

| Branagan John, labourer, Charlotte ab Thomp- 
son (1\) 
| Branagan Patrick, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
[Branan Thomas, lab., 12th bel Carpenter 

Brankin Edward, weaver, 4th bel G T road (K) 

Brandon Thomas, lab., 4 Barker. 

Brand George, tinman, 99 High, h 85 Button- 
Brandt James, carp., Front ab Phoenix, (K.) 
Brandt John, baker, rear 120 Swanson 
Brandt Sophia, b. h., 130 Beach (K) 
Brandt Thomas, bricklayer, 62J N Front 
Brannan Edward, umbrellamaker, 231 N 2nd 
Brannan John, 15 Fayette. 
Brannan M., stone cutter, Carlton bel Sch 6th 
Brannan Wm., stone cutter, Parker's al 
Brannegan Daniel, carter, 4 Braceland's ct 
Brannin'John, carter, 601 N 6th 
Brannin Thomas lab., G T road ab Master (K) 
Brano Joseph, naturalist, N E 7th St George, h 

278 Wood 
Bransby & Burgin, cedar coopers, 295 High 
Bransby, Win., cooper, 295 High, h 5 Erven 
Branson Peter, brassfounder, Rawle ab Apple 
Branson Rebecca, milliner, 115 Sassafras. 
Branson Samuel, mer., 59 High 
Branson Ware, saihnr., S Wharves n Shippen, 

h 618 S 2nd. 
Brant Charles, lab., 8th and Carpenter 
Brantis George, brickmr., Sch. 3d and Lombard 
Brashears '/. D., teacher, Walnut ab 6th, h 11 

Brassington John, brassfounder, 641 N 2d. 
Bratton George, lab., Whitehead's ct 
Braun Frederick, 203 N 9th 
Brav Charles, grocer, 251 Cedar 
Brav Daniel, mer., 163 High, h 217 Vine. 
Bray Edward, mer., High ab 4th, h Dugan 
Brav Elkanah, shipmaster, 81 Christian. 
Brav Jas. H, glass cut., Allen bel Marlborough. 


Brav Job F. painter, 324 S 2d. 

Bray John, grocer, S W Franklin Sc Coates. 

Bray John \V\, merchant, 163 High. 

Brav J. St S., painters 324 S 2d 

Braynard J. D., broker, 45 Chestnut, h 53 Union 

Brayton Ann, 3 S Penn sq 

Brazer Christopher, alderman, 69 N 5th 

Brazer Joseph L-, ladies' shoemr., 628 S 2d 

Brazier John, whitesmith, Marlboro' ab Duke 


Brealev John, watchman, R road ab 11th 

Brealev John, printer, 10 Freed's av 

Breans" Robert, William bel Hamilton (F Mt) 

Brearlev R., wid , 3 Lancaster 

Brearley Wm., ship carp., 602 S Front 

Brearly James, sawmr., 3 Fries' ct 

Breath wait Wm. P., shoemr., 2d below Green- 

Breban John J., mer., 56 Walnut, h Spruce w 

Rrechemin Lewis, jeweller, 120 S 2nd. 

Brcck Samuel, gent, Mulberry ab Broad. 

Breckenridge 1)., weaver, 21 M'Dullie 

Brcdcn Sarah, Say and Pearl 

BreclUngcr John, boot and shoe manuf., 64 N 
3d, h Wood n 6th 

Breece S. D. s turner, 109 Shippen, h rear 275 
S 3d 

Breed Samuel I)., boots St shoes, 532 High. 

Brcen Ann, distiller, 143 S 10th. 

Breen Stephen, tailor, 3 Rudolph's ct 
Brehm Francis, brewer, 348 N Front 
Breidenhart St Co , wine mere., 115 S Front 
Breidenhart E., gentw., 140 N 13th 
Breidenhart George A., liquors, 115 S Front 
Breidenhart John C, mer., 115 S Front 
Breiner Martin, drayman, 262 N Water 
Breintnall David, gent., 287 Walnut. 
Breintnall Thomas" Rev., 10th and Wallace 
Breish John, butcher, Master bel 4th (K) 
Breish Joshua, tavern, S W Poplar St Apple. 
Breish Joshua, tavern, G T road ab Thompson 
Breish Wm., grocer, N E Poplar St Apple. 
Breiter Robert, musician, 327 Sassafras 
Brelslbrd Francis, coroner, 178 S 11th, and 6th 

ab Fitzwater 
Brelsford John, cabinetmr., Edward n William 


Brelsford Joseph, blacksmith, 165 Queen 
Bremer Lewis, tobacconist, 190 N 3d. 
Bremond J., hatter, 65 S 3d, h 3 Beck pi 
Brenan Maria, milliner, 305 Walnut 
Brendlinger John, mer., 53 Mood. 
Brenet Francis, tailor, 316 S 6th 
Brennel Dorothea, 570 S Front 
Brenner Frederick, baker, Palmer bel Duk>: 

< K ) - . 

Brenner John, lab., M ilson s ct 

Brenner John G.,mer., 69 High,h70J N 11th 
Breslaw M. St Boyle M., dressmrs., 12 N 8th. 
Breson Michael, lab., Milton ab 10th 
Bressler C. H., dentist, Cherry bet Sch 6th and 

Bressler Georg-e, Cherry bet Sch 6th St 7th 
Bressman Phillip, oak cooper, Sch 5th n Spruce 
Breth Timothy, morocco dresser, Kessler's ct 
Brethwaite Frederick, carp., Marriott's lane be! 

5 th 
Brethwaite Henry, butcher, Marriott's la ab 4th 
Bretz Elizabeth, gentw., 357 Sassafras. 
Brcuil C. F., custom house, h 10th bel Fitzwater 
Breunig Francis, 86 N 4th 
Brevoor John C, sea capt., 53 Carpenter 
Brewer Ann, herbalist, rear 84 Walnut 
Brewer George, clerk, Hallowell's ct 
Brewer John, tavern, c Marlborough St Bedford 
Brewer John M., M. D., 74 S 6th. 
Brewer Samuel, ornamental painter, 93 N 3rd. 
Brewer Sophia, Wiley's ct 
Brewer Thos. A., watchmaker, 199 Callowhill. 
Brewster Benjamin H., atty. St coun., 1 Sansom 
Brewster Edmond, portrait painter, Wharton 

and Rye. 
Brewster Francis E., atty. 8t coun. 142 Chest- 
nut, second floor, h 183 S 7th. 
Brewster Job, shoemr., Prime bel 2d 
Brewster John, brickmr., Lombard n Sch 2d 
Brewster Joseph S., atty. St coun., 40 S 6th, 1' 

18 George 
Brewster M. II., 1 Sansom 
Brewton Ann, Agt. Ladies' Dcpos., 14 S 9th 
Brewton Ann, b. h., 23 S 8th 
Brewton Daniel, seaman, 4th ab Washington 
Brever L., bootmaker, 133 Mulberry 
Breyer Martha, Willow n Garden 

Brian Win, tailor, 132 High, h Charles n But- 

llrice Mary, tailorcss, 115 Dillwyn 
ll r i, t Edw'ard, Marshall & Broun 
Brick John H., hides & leather, 35 Chestnut. 
Hrick William W, morocco dresser, 360 S 2nd. 
Brickman Geo. mer., 10th ab Parrish 
Brickmart John W., baker, 82 S 11th 
Briddock Joseph, Callowhill ab Nixon (F M) 
Bride James, labourer, 30 Barker 
Bridell Charles, 133 X 9th 
Bridge Christopher, trader, 4th and Master (K) 
Bridge J. C, gent., 456 Vine. 
Bridge London, waiter, Parker's al 
Bridge Samuel, waiter, Bonsall n 10th 
Bridges & Brother, Mers. Hotel, 4th ab High 
Bridges E.N., Merchants' Hotel, 4th ab High 
Bridges John, lab., Helmuth 
Bridges N. W., Merchants' Hotel, 4th ab High 

h 167" Walnut 
Bridges Robert, M. D., Clinton bel 11th 
Bridges Wm.C, broker, 43 Walnut, h Clinton 

Bndget Michael, tailor, Marriott ab 4th 
Bridport Hugh, j)ort. painter, 174 Chestnut 
Brien Thomas, shocmr., 333 S 5th 
Brierley Thomas, carpenter, 8th bel Shippen 
Brieson Neill, shoemr., Carpenter bel 8th 
Briest Lewis, printer, 12 Cooper's ct 
Briggs Andrew, machinist, State n Sch. 7th 
Briggs Edmund, lab., William n Hopkins' ct (K) 
Briggs Edward, wool spinner, 2nd ab Mont- 
gomery (K) 
Briggs Ethan, gunsmith, Sarah n Queen (K) 
Briggs G. W., cui*rier, Hause's ct. 
Briggs John, bleeder, 47 N 7th. 
Briggs John, stocking weaver, 151 Poplar 
Briggs Joseph, carp., 10th bel Fit/water. 
Brings Joseph, carter, S W 9th Washington 
Briggs Moses, paint. & glaz., & trimming store, 

S E 4th &. Spruce. 
Briggs Bobert, manf., Cedar n Sch 5th 
Briggs Bobert, Richard n 6th 
Briggs Sarah, N E M road and Prime 
Briggs Thomas, tavern, 5 Spruce 
Brijji^s William, carpenter, 13th bel Shippen. 
Brigham Cliarles, printer, 20 Bonsall 
Brigham Elijah A., broker, 1 Lodge, h 88 Wood 
Bright E., artificial flowermaker, 32 S 4th 
Bright Michael, 32 S 4th 
Bright Thomas, Horatman's ct 
Brightly Charles H., machinist, S Minor 
Brightly Frederick C, att'y., 14 Buttonwood 
Brightly Henry, engraver, 10th bel Ogden. 
Brightly J. H.," engraver, 10th ab Poplar 
Brightwell Sarah, shopkeeper, 46 New Market 
Brill George, turner, Shackamaxon n Bedford(K) 
Brimmer Elizabeth, 125 S 11th 
Brinckle J. ]{., mer., 15 S Front, h 335 Chestnut 
Brinckle T. R., M. D., 280 Chestnut 
Brinckle Wm. II., attv. and conn., 47 S 5th 
l; " nckle William D.,M. D., 335 Chestnut 
Brinckley Adam, waiter, Milton ab 10th 
Brinckley G. W., barber, 6th bel Catharine 
Bnnckley James, sawyer, 23 Green, (C) 


Brinckley Richard, lab., rear Marriott's la ab 5th 
Brinckley Robert, waiter, Portland la 
Brindel John F., gunsmith,.Sarah bel Bedford. (K) 
Brines Thomas, lab., 6th bel Carpenter 
Bringhurst Robert It., undertaker, 239 Mulberry. 
Brink Philander C, coal dealer, Franklin bel 

Marlborough (K) 
Brinkley Sarah, Webb's al 
Brinlcy Edward L., mer., 24 N 2nd, h Spruce 

ab Broad 
Brinnisholt Henry, lab., Front ab Reed 
Brinnisholt Jacob, whf. build., Federal ab 2d' 
Brintnall Hannah, washer, 40 Quince 
Brintpn Elizabeth, mantuamaker, 122 Chestnut 
Brinton Emily, nurse, 1 Raspberry la 
Brinton George, 12 Clinton sq 
Brinton R. B., mer., 143 High. 
Brintzinghoffer Chas., 369 High, h 22 N 6th 
Briscoe James H., dentist, 247 Walnut 
Briscoe William, dentist, 12 Filbert, h 396 N 6th 
Brison James, seaman, 93 N 9th' 
Brister Charles, labourer, Portland bel 7th. 
Brister James, seaman, 18 Barron 
Brister Jesse, 210 N 13th 
Bristol Abraham, painter, 37 Coates' al 
Bristol Augustus, dealer, 1484 Cedar. 
Bristol Charles, clothes, 131 S 2d, h 10th above 

Bristol E. T., clothing, 97 S 2d,, h 10th ab Car- 
Bristol James, wood sawyer, Catharine bel 5th 
Bristow Samuel, weaver, Carpenter ab 13th 
Britner Michael, tanner, 6th n Creek 
Britt Patrick, tailor, 245 N Front 
Britt Patrick, lab., Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Brittin J. B., clerk, Ogden ab 10th 
Brittin Jacob, tobacconist, 494 N 2d 
Brittingham Robert J., shop, 277 S 5th 
Brittner Joseph, barber, O V road bel Coates 
Britton Ann, nurse, 113 Vine 
Britton Austin G., provisions, Brown ab 8th 
Britton A., nurse, rear 392 Sassafras 
Britton Claudius, lab., Filbert n Sch 3d 
Britton Ellen, dry goods, S W 13th and Pine 
Britton Hall, lab.', loth ab Rose 
Britton Jacob, 181 N Front 
Britton John, blacksmith, Queen n 3d 
Britton J. B-, atty. and coun., 62 Walnut 
Britton Peter, seaman, Dickson's al 
Britton S., polisher, 5 Dorothy 
Britton Thomas, U. S. mint, h 34 Jacoby. 
Britts George, tobacconist, 4 Mechanic. 
Broadbeck John, baker, 71 F road. 
Broadbent Daniel W., bottler, 440 X Front. 
Broadbent Elijah, ostler, Littleboy's ct 
Broadbent John, weaver, Franklin n Howard 


Broadhead William, William (F M) 
Broadhurst James, weaver, R road ab Button- 
Broadwater Caleb, wheelwright, 12 Logan 
Broadwater Daniel, fisherman, Wood ab Queen 


Broadwater James, waterman, rear 238 Lombard 
Brobson Joseph, acct., Beach &. Locust, Sch. 

Brobston Wm., bookbinder, 384 S 3d 
Brock Charles, grocer, 226 N 2d, h 50 Ann. 
Brock Charles N-, machinist, 6 Lagrange place 
Brock G. E., grocer, 222 N 2d 
Brock John, grocer, 222 N 2d,h 149 N 4th. 

Brookfield, Wat, Btonecutter, Buttonwood and 

It road. 
Brooks Adam, carp., 104 George 
Brooks Catharine E,, 7 Carlton sq 
Brooks David, watchman, 2S Perry 

Brock John, Sons 8c Co, grocers, 222 & 226 N 2d Brooks Edmund, machinist, Division (F V) 

Brock John, tailor, rear 20 Elfreth's al 

Brock Samuel Z., N W 3d and Tammany, h 50 

Brock Thomas, 30 N 10th 
Brock William, seaman, 17 Beck (S) 
Brock William, cabinetmaker, 56 P road. 
Brock Wm. P., grocer, 222 N 2d 
Brocklehurst Rebecca, 13 Howard 
Brocksop Robert, engineer, Maiden bel Beach 

( K ) v , r 1 

Brockwuv Philip, weaver, Bishop n head ol 

Beach (K) 
Brode Jane, Parker's al, 17 Beck (S) 
Brodie Ann Elizabeth, Piper's ct n Coates 
Brodie Andrew, machinist, 4th bel Master (K) 
Brodie Hachael, 463 Vine. 
Brogan Patrick, morocco dresser, P road below 

Brogan Philip, lab., Palmer opp Allen (K) 
Brogdon Wm., porter, 6 Barky n 11th 
Brogn.ird St Eames, com. mers., 57 High 
Brognard Joseph, mer., 57 High, h 402 N 6th 
Brognard J. S., accountant, 382 N 6th 
Brognard L. N., mer., 79 High, h 306 Coates 
Brolabky J. H., tailor, 150 and h 475 Chestnut. 
Brolask y S., dry goods, 264 High, h 419 Chestnut 
Brollay Thomas, shoemaker, Queen bel Palmer 

Bromley Thomas, dry goods, 67 N 3d 

Brommel Benj., sailmaker, 28 Elfreth's al. 

Bronson Charles, agent, 4 Fetter la 

Bronson Wm., stables, Green and Weaver, h 20 

Bronstrop Frederick, blacksmith, Noble below 

Brook Alexander, car mr., Sch 2d bel Callow- 

Brook E., machinist, Division (F Y) 

Brook Richard S., oyster house, 261 Callowhill 

Brooks Ellas S., umbrellas, 6SS2d. 

Brooks Enoch, sea captain, 11 Beck pi 

Brooks George, agent, 2 N 9th 

Brooks Henry, grocer, 21 N 2d 

Brooks Henry, porter, Russell 

Brooks Isaac, grocer, 11th and Vine 

Brooks James, bricklayer, 30 Shippen 

Brooks James, 25 Magnolia 

Brooks James E., china mer., 206 N 3d. 

Brooks Jane, Walnut ab Juniper 

Brooks Jane, grocer, Sch. 7th and Helmuth 
Brooks Jeremiah M. mer. 25 Church al., h 90 New 
Brooks John, clerk, 179 Callowhill 
Brooks John, carpenter, Parrish bel 11th 
Brooks John, cooper, 75 S Water, h 5 Nonas' aL 
Brooks John, weaver, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Brooks John F., Rose al 
Brooks John H., clerk, 24 Wash. Market pi 
Brooks Joseph, combmr, Carpenter n 3d (S) 
Brooks Joseph H., druggist, Beach ab Maiden. 
Brooks J. M., 90 New 
Brooks Matthew, capmr., 92 N 4th 
Brooks M. Mrs., dress maker, 14 Swanwick 
Brooks Oliver, hats Si caps, S W 3d 8c Walnut, h 
180 S 9th 

Brooks Robert, tavern, Hamilton (F M) 
Brooks 8c Roach, com. mers., IS Church al 
Brooks Samuel, mer., 7 S whfs., h 228 Walnut 
Brooks Samuel, oysterman, N E Sch 8th and 

Brooks Sarah, millinery, 56 N 4th 
Brooks Stephen, tinman, Willow ab 3d, b 

163 Marshall 
Brooks 8c Stein, china mers., 206 N 3d 
Brooks Susanna, bonnet maker, 5 Strawberry 
Brooks Susan, Willow bel 10th 
Brooks S. B., clerk, N. A. Bank, h Sch. 8th n 

Brooks Thomas, carpenter, 25 Green. 

Brook Sarah, Brown bel 7th (Brooks Thomas, blacksmith, 570 S Front 

Brookbanks 8c Lewry, gasfitters, Willow bel 3d Brooks Thomas E., grocer, c Shippen and 5th, 

Hrookbanks Wm., gasfitter, 54 Coates 
Brooke Charles W., atty. 8c coun., 100 Walnut. 
Brooke Charlotte P., 34 N 9th 
Brooke James, grocer, S W Sch. 7th 8c Pine. 
Brooke James J., paper and rags, 17 St. James 
Brooke Joana B., trimmings, 7th and Callowhill 
Brooke John F., M. D., 9 JetTerson row- 
Brooke Jonas, tavern, 227 Walnut'. 
Brooke Lewis P., mer., 64 N 3d, h 8th above 

Brooke S. H, mer., 140 High, h 34 N 9th. 
Brooke, Tyson 8c Rehn, mers., 140 High 
Brooker Benjamin, clerk, 114 Catharine 
Brooker Elizabeth, pawn broker, 186 Cedar. 
Brooker John, cordw., 468 S 4th 

h 12 Wash. Market place 
Brooks Wm., carp., Crown bel Duke (K) 
Brooks Wm., weaver, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Brooks Wm., hosier, 395 N 3d 
Brooks Wm., teacher, 63 Christian 
Brooks Wm. K., clerk, 28 Wash. Market pi 
Broom Ann, matron, Christ Church Hospital, S 

Broom Eliza, 30 N Sch 8th 
Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, b 

O Y road bel Green. 
Broom Jacob, atty., 212 N 6th 
Broom James M., atty and coun., 79 S 6th, h 

Chestnut, (W P) 
Broom John, plasterer, 9th ab Carpenter 
Broom Thomas, ship carpenter, 101 Prime. 

Brookes Matthew, hosiery, Poplar and Apple 

Brookficld Joseph, M. D., corner Juniper andlBroomall M. B., drcssmr., 52 Crown 
Filbert [Broomell Wm., wickmr., 241 Cedar 

liroumcll Peter, bookbinder, Hubbell ab Ca- [Brown David B., N E Shipper! & Carbon 

Brosnan Daniel, lab., 3 McCoy's et 
Broso Edmund R., cordw., 1 Lemon 
Brothers Charles, hatter, 28 N 4th, Wood ab 

Brothers Tbaddeus, lab., Elizabeth ab George 

(N L) 
Brotherton Hugh, dry goods, 136 N 13th. 
Broughton Saruh, widow, 186 N 5th 
llrous Win. A., cordw., 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Brower Christian, Red Lion Hotel, 2U0 High. 
Hrower Cornelius P., shoemaker, 67 Shippen 
Brower Samuel, blacksmith, 3d n Franklin 
Brower Sarah M., art. flower mi-., 25 N 4th ' 
Browers H., rear 25 Garden 
Brown Abigail, 2 Liberty ct 
Brown Adam, whitewasher, 11th ab Lombard 
Brown Alexander, lab., Linden ab Sch 7th 
Brown Alexander H., rigger, 16 Ellen 
Brown Si Allison, carps., Sch 6th ab Pine 
Brown Andrew, 85 Cherry 
Brown Andrew, tavern, 34 Cedar- 
Brown Andrew, currier, Boyd's al 
Brown Ann, shop, St. Johnab Beaver. 
Brown Ann, store, c Dean & Centre. 
Brown Ann, doctress, 155 S 6th. 
Brown Ann, shop, 1 Hubbell (M) 
Brown Ann, tailoress, X W Water and High, h 

S W Julianna and Wood 
Brown Ann, rear 109 Christian 
Brown Ann, Spruce n Sch Front 
Brown Anna, cupper, 164 Cherry 
Brown Anthony, cordw., 136 Swanson 
Brown Anthony Z., gun smith, 515 N 3d 
Brown A. J., hat manuf., 5 Union sq 
Brown Benjamin F., hatter, 44 Noble, h 425 

Brown Bernard, lab. Emerald bel Sch. 6th. 
Biovvn, BickingSt Guilbert, printers, 56 N 3d. 
Brown Barzillai S., barber, 32 Cedar 
Brown Bernard, cabman, rear 229 S 5th 
Brown Benjamin, b h, 22 Strawberry 
Brown h Booth, cloth store, 22 S 2d 
Brown 8t Brother, dry goods, 79 High 
Brown Catharine, Hughes' ct 
Brown Catharine, shop, 318 Pine 
Brown Catharine, dressmaker, 100 S. 5th 
Brown Charles Rev., Callowhill n Sch Front 
Brown Charles, watchman, 2 Lodge al 
Brown Charles, trimmings, 263 S 2d 
Brown Charles, lab., 89 W Callowhill 
Brown Charles A , bookseller, N W 5th and 

Brown Charles H., clerk, 535 N 5th 
Brown Chris. D., paper sta., Pearl bel Sch. 7th. 
Brown Comfort, Juniper ab Spruce. 
Brown Cornelius, lab., Sch. 2d& M'Duffie 
Brown Cornelius, dealer, 13 Wagner's al 
"•"own &. Co., package express ort'., 89 Chestnut 
Brown Daniel H., tavern, Hanover n F road. 
Brown David, weaver, c 13th and Rose. 
Brown David Paul, atty. and coun., 11 Wash- 

irigton sqr. 
Brown David, runner, 10 Bonsall 

Brown David s., com. mer., 38 S Front, h 27-i 
| Walnut. 

Brown David S. & Co., domes, croods, 38 S Front 
Brown Deborah, gentw., 295 Chestnut 
Brown, Earle & Erringer, domestic goods, 103 

High and 32 Church al 
Brown Ebenezer, shoe manuf., 58 N 3d, h Sp 

Garden bel 11th 
Brown Edm.cap manf., 5 Bank, h 364 N 10th 
Brown Edw., teacher, 61 Prune, h 3 .Monroe pi 
Brown Edward, printer, 56 X 3.1, h 6 Marshall 
Brown Edward, porter, 3 Keller's al 
Brown Elias, marble mas., Broad and Lombard 
Brown Elijah, gent, 51 S 5th. 
Brown Elizabeth, b. h., 78 Walnut 
Brown Elizabeth, 5 Cypress al 
Brown Emanuel D., Acorn al n Locust 
Brown Emeline, b h, 14 N 9th 
Brown Ellen, 38 Queen (S) 
Brown Esther, 10 Washington 
Brown Esther, 27 Mary (S) 
Brown E. Mrs., milliner, 282 Chestnut 
Brown Francis, butcher, 10 Gaskill 
Brown Fra's, weaver, Fitler n Montgomery (K) 
Brown Frederick, druggist, N E Chestnut and 

5th, h 70 S 5th. 
Brown Frederick, blacksmith, 13th bel Brown 
Brown George, coachman, Rose alley 
Brown George, chair mr, Rule bel Wheat 
Brown George, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Brown George, carp., Sch 6th ab Fine, h Sch 

3d n Lombard 
Brown George, carp., bel Washington bet 6tli 

and 7th 
Brown George, 297 Callowhill 
Brown George, 68 S 6th 

Brown George, matmr., rear Marriott's 1 ab 4th 
Brown George, seaman, 38 Penn 
Brown George T., mer., S E Front and Chestnut 
Brown Geo. \Y\, gro., c9th &. Locust, h84Locu»t 
Brown & Godwin, com. mers, 73 S whfs. 
Brown Gotleib, baker, 334 N 2d 
Brown Godleib, shoe mr. Apple & Culvert 
Brown Gowen A., cordw., 450 S 4th 
Brown Hannah, P road bel Washington 
Brown Hannah, 166 Pine. 
Brown Hans, wafer and sealing wax manuf., 

127 Vine. 
Brown Harriet, 234 Wood 
Brown Harriett, shop, P road bel Washington 
Brown Henry, lab., 26 Quince 
Brown Henry, baker, 7 Winter's ct 
Brown Henry, lab., 1 Osborn's ct 
Brown Henry, lab., Milton ab I ith 
Brown Henry, cedar cooper, 40 Julianna 
Brown Henry, shop, 5 St- Mary 
Brown Henry, butcher, 159 Pine 
Brown Horace, engineer, 12th and Cherry 
Brown H. A., printer, 76 Chestnut 
Brown H. IL, carp., 21 Julianna 
Brown Isaac, carp., 5th n G T road. 
Brown Isaac C, silversmith, 16 Minor 
Brown Isaac D-, soap & candle manuf., Penn ab 

Maiden (K) 

Brown Isabella, N E Fitzwater and Shippen la 

Brown Jacob, grocer, 22 Charlotte. 

Brown Jacob, carp., Filbert n Sch. 4th 

Brown Jacob, tailor, Beaver and Charlotte 

Brown Jacob, porter, 3 Acorn alley 

Brown Jacob, jr., paper hanger, 22 Charlotte 

Brown Jacob, vict., F road bel Master 

Brown & Jacobs, last makers, 71 Sassafras 

Brown James, waiter, 23 Green (C) 

Brown James, mer., 19 Church al., Ii 132 S 3d 

Brown James, drover, Washington ab 4th 

Brown James, drayman, 6 Fries' ct 

Brown James, tailor, Wood and Julianna 

Brown James, lab., Ann n Sch. 7th 

Brown James, porter, 97 Lombard 

Brown James, hatter, 110 Coates, h Charlotte 

ab Brown 
Brown James, lab., rear 9 Helmuth 
Brown James, wheelwright, Clark bel 4th 
Brown James, grocer, "William n Hamilton 
Brown James, weaver, n Mary ab F road (K) 
Brown James, steward, 177 Lombard 
Brown James, 262 Chestnut 
Brown James, carter, 4 Norris's ct 
Brown James, waiter, 8 Little Pine 
Brown James, dealer, Washington bel P road 
Brown James, painter, 12th and Quince 
Brown James, coal, 7th bel Chestnut, h 10th 

bel Shippen 
Brown James I)., coal mer., 26 S 7th 
Brown James U., bon. manf., 5^ and h 351 N 2d 
Brown Jas. E., saddler, 6 S 4th, h 6 Lodge. 
Brown James R., bellhanger, 143 N 6th 
Brown Jane, Sch 5th and Spruce 
Broun Jane, milliner, 102 Catharine 
Brown Jas. W., mer., 136 High 
Brown Jeremiah, mer., 103 High & 32 Church 

• alley, h 110 Mulberry 
Brown John, Sch 3d and Filbert 
Broun John, carter, Buttonwood bel 12th 
Brown John, grocer, 277 High, h George ab 

Sch 6th 
Brown John, paint. 8c glazier, 318 Pine, h 177 

S 11th 
Brown John, coachman, 27 Prosperous al. 
Brown John, lab., M'Duffie n 3d 
Brown John, lab., Shippen bel 4th 
Brown John, weaver, Fulton bel 13th 
Brown John, gent., 21 Green. 
Brown John, shoes, 230 S 4th 
Rrown John, painter, 45 S 4th 
Brown John, carp., 7 Clark (S) 
Brown John, whitewasher, Barley n 11th 
Brown John, lab., Barley n 10th* 
Brown John, lab., Webb's al 
Brown John, blacksm., Callowhill n Washington 
Brown John, carp., 193 Cherry 
Brown John, janitor, 28 Watson's alley 
Brown John, salesman, 155 S 3d 
Brown John, weaver, Shippen la bel Cedar 
Brown John, shoemr., 22 Dillwyn 
Brown John, lab., rear Bedford n Shippen la 
Brown John, porter, 6th ab Carpenter 
Brown John, cab driver, rear 1U5 German 
Brown John, shop, Small 

Brown John A., cordw., 4th bel Federal 

Brown John A. brewer, 386 High 

Brown John A. T., Sch 7th opp Summer 

Brown John B., seaman, 26 Swanson 

Brown John D., wheelwright, Callowhill n 

Nixon (F M) 
Brown John D., printer, 69 Gaskill. 
Brown John G., druggist, h 51 Brown 
Brown John H. 8c Co. dry goods, 136 High 
Brown John H., gas fitter, 100 George 
Brown John M., mariner, 9 Turner 
Brown John M., rigger, 135 High, h 14 Noble. 
Brown John T., 185 St John 
Brown John T., coachmr., Fetter la 
Brown John W., tavern, 6th bel Shippen 
Brown Joseph, shoemr., 21 Harmony 
Brown Joseph, ship wrt., Pearson's ct. (K) 
Brown Joseph, mer., 11 Bank, h 16 Carters al. 
Brown Joseph, mer., 73 S win's., h 94 Union 
Brown Joseph, labourer, 9 Sassafras al. 
Brown Joseph D., gent., ofhee 13 Minor, h 165 

Brown Joseph S., turner, Noble bel 8th 
Brown Joseph W., cigarmr., 96 N 3d 
Brown Juba, lab., Carpenter n 13th 
Brown J., clothes, 99 S 2nd, h 217 Lombard. 
Brown J. A., mer., 12 Chestnut, h 324 Chestnut. 
Brown J. M. & G. W., ford. & com. mers., Front 

and Willow, h 26 St John 
Brown Lewis, vict., Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Brown Lewis, dry goods, 146 High, h SE 6*Ji 

and Vine. 
Brown Lewis, lab., 26 St Mary 
Brown &. Lowerre, mers., 135 High 
Brown Marcus, labourer, 3 Lebanon. 
Brown Margaret, rear IS Acorn alley 
Brown Mary, b. h., S75 Chestnut. 
Brown Mary, M'Mackin's ct. 
Brown Mary E., 250 N 2d 
Brown Mary T., 3 Monroe pi 
Brown Matthew, coachmr., 154 Sassafras 
Brown Matthew, lab., 25 Union (S) 
Brown Matthew, cordw., 19 Fitzwater 
Brown Michael, rigger, 4 Margaretta. 
Brown Michael, peddler, 125 Plum 
Brown Miller, boarding, 39 Sassafras. 
Brown Minus, porter, 1 Washington. 
Brown Morris, Rev., 154 Queen 
Brown Morris E., cooper, 5 Western av 
Brown Moses, mer., 2u N 4th, h 108 Mulberry. 
Brown M., shoemaker, 359 Cedar. 
Brown Nathan, G T road bel 2d (K) 
Brown Nath'nl.H., mer., 79 High, h 3 Monroe pi 
Brown Neill, lab., Marriott's la ab 5th 
Brown Nicholas, labourer, John's ct. 
Brown Nicholas, teacher, 15 Elizabeth. 
Brown Patrick, labourer, 521 High 
Brown Patrick, ostler, 3 Beaver ct 
Brown Patrick, lab., 5 Sch Water 
Biown Paul S., mer., 17o S 9th 
Brown Peter, atone mason, W. P. 
Brown Peter, 4,4 Wood 
Brown Peter, ironfoun'r, Queen bel Vienna ,K 
Brown Peter, lab., Beaver bel 4th 
Brown Philip, cordw., 10th ab Poplar 



■ fc: Peters, bookbinder?, 12 S 4tli 

II ,m ii Quintus C, grocer, N E 4th and Cedar 

Brown Rachel, washer, 18 Almond 

Brown Rachel, cook, Madison's ct 

Brown Rebecca, washer, Carpenter ab Sth 

Brown Rebecca, ready made linen, 664 S 4th 

Brown Rebecca, washer, Simpson's ct 

Brown Richard, lab., Warren bel 1-th 

Brown Richard, sexton, Wharton bel 5th 

Brown Robert, tailor, 6th ab Carpenter 

Brown Robert, carp., Sch. 6th n Pine, h George 

n Sch. 6th. 
Rrown Robert, lab., 5 Spring Mill ct 
Brown Robert, white washer, 149 Locust. 
Brown Robert, lab., Centre n Dean 
Brown Robert, jr., gardner, Mantua Village 
Brown Robert, carp., Lombard n Sch. 5th, h S 

Brown Robert, boilermr., Coates ab Sch 7th 
Brown Robert, lab., 38 Blackberry al 
Brown Robert, lab., Sch Bank and Lombard 
Brown Roger, distiller, High W Sch. 7th, h 

17 Howard 
Rrown Samuel, gent., 23S Spruce. 
Brown Samuel, waiter, 92 Gaskili 
Brown Samuel, Shippen ab l~th 
Brown Samuel, carpet weaver, Ann n Sch. 7th 
Brown Samuel, pumpmr., 93 German 
Brown Samuel, bell-hanger, 143 X 6th 
Rrown Samuel, painter, 90 Sassafras 
Brown Samuel, clothes, 3d ab Chestnut, h 10th 

bel Spruce 
Brown Samuel, lab., 6th ab Washington 
Brown Samuel, matmr., 2 Leyden's ct 
Brown Samuel, rigger, Prime ab Pront 
Brown Samuel R., wheelwright, 28 Vine. 
Brown Sarah, b. h., Lemon ab 10th 
Brown Sarah, tailoress, Marker ab 2d 
Brown Sarah H., dry goods, 447 N 6th 
Brown Sarah P., dressmaker, 315 S 2d. 
Brown Simeon, porter, 241 S 7th 
Brown Sc Simons, com. mers., S E Front k 

Brown Solomon, lab., 42 Bread 
Brown Susan B., gentw., 350 Chestnut. 
Brown Thomas, ship carp., Fisher's ct (K) 
Rrown Thomas, oysterman, 80 Tammany 
Brown Thomas, seaman, 27 Quince 
Brown Thomas, 479 High 
Brown Thomas, boots &, shoes, 18 High, h 7th 

ab Poplar 
Brown Thomas, grocer, N W Spruce 8c Dean. 
Brown Thomas, cordw., 196 S 2d. 
Brown Thos., gro., Callowhill & Nixon 
Brown Thos., carp, 15 Jones's al, h 9 Chancery la 
Brown Thomas, carp., 10 Swanson 
Brown Thomas, lab., Cedar n Ashton 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 22 Parker 
Brown Thomas, shoemr., 153 Lombard 
Brown Thomas C, 85 S 2d 
Brown Thomas W., cabinetmr., Mechanic (S) 
Hrown T., Mrs., gentw., S W 13th 8c Spruce 
Brown Walter, shoe mr, 23 N 13th 
Rrown Walter, mer., 79 High, h 127 N 10th 
Brown Wash,, mer., 41 N Front, h 135 Mulberry 

Brown Wm., tobacconist, 77 George 

Brown Wm., waterman, rear 137 Christian 

Brown Wm., lab., 26 M'Duffie 

Brown Wm., furniture car, Linden ab Sch 7th 

Brown Wm„ brushmr., 4 Klfreth's al 

Brown Wm, bookbinder, 1J s -it!). It 6 Marshall 

Brown William, cordwainer, 14 J Lombard. 

Brown William, waterman, 11 Burd. 

Brown Wm., cordw., Bedford bel Crown (K) 

Brown William, tailor, 286 High, h 139 Wood 

Brown William, carp., Nectarine ab lUth 

Brown Wm., plumber, 54 S 5th, h Drinker's ct. 

Brown Wm., blacksmith, Edward n 2d. (K ) 

Brown Wm., manuf., Sch 2d n Lombard 

Brown Wm., ladies' shoemr., Stearley's ct 

Hrown William, hosier, 2 Elizabeth "ct 

Brown "William, grocer, 277 High, h Sch. 8th 

ab Chestnut. 
Brown Wm., lab., Callowhill ab 13th 
Brown Wm., seaman, 70 Queen (S) 
Urown Wm. <k John, grocers, 277 High. 
Brown Wm. A., shoemr., 433 S 2d 
Brown Wm. A., carp., 3S2 S 5th 
Brown Wm. D., cordw., Poplar bel 10th 
Brown "William H. & Co., dom. goods., 20 X 4th 
Brown William IL, mer., 20 N 4th, h 148 S 9th. 
Brown Wm. H., marble yard, Broad bel Cedar. 
Brown Wm. Linn, coun. &. att'y., 208 Pino 
Brown Wm. N., cloth dealer, 2 2 S 2d 
Brown "Wm. J., lab., Bethesda row 
Brown <k Wickhain, coal mers., 26 S 7lh and 

Pine st wharf (Sch) 
Brown W., plasterer, R road ab 12th 
Brown W. L., rigger, 491 N 4th. 
Brown Zebedee, carter, Ohio 
Browne Alexander, acct, 445 X' 6th 
Browne Aquila A., att'y & coun., 307 Walnut. 
Browne Elizabeth, b. h, X W Sth & Chestnut 
Browne Hannah, gentw., 90 Marshall. 
Browne Joseph, lastmr., 71 Sassafras 
Browne N. B., atty., 141 "Walnut 
Browne Peter A., gent., 492 Chestnut 
Browne Samuel, tailor, 115 Chestnut, h 10th it 

Browne &. Tyrrell, tailors, 115 Chestnut 
Browned Edmund, currier, 7 Sansom al 
Browned Wm., agent, 2 Ranstead place. 
Brownhill Daniel B., barber, It read ic Brintoit 
Browning & Brothers, druggists, 33 High. 
Browning Charles, merchant, 33 High, 
Browning Geo. W., mer., 204 Chestnut, 
Browning G., merchant, 33 High. 
Browning John, manuf., 15 W Cedar 
Browning John, cart, Cadwaladerab Master (K) 
Hrowning Maurice, drug., 33 High, h 67 Vine 
Browning Robert, lab., 12 Mulberry 
Browning Sam!., tavern, c Marsh &. Perm. (E K) 
Browning Sarah N., 2 South ct 
Browns £c Bowen, mers., 12 Chestnut. 
Brownwell P., blacksmith, 3 Rachel (X L) 
Bruce George, carp., Wharton bel 2d 
Bruce Joseph, bricklayer, Wharton bel 2d 
Bruce J., engineer, 498 Callowhill 
Bruce Luke, waiter, 6 Elizabeth. 
Bruce Matthew W., carp., 2d ab Wharton 

Bruce William, baker, 15 Wharton. 
Bruce William, waiter, Elizabeth 
Brucher Hannah, Palmer ab West (K) 
Bruehcr Jacob, green groc, Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Brucio John, sugar rehner, 4 Pennsylvania av. 
Brudcr George, cordw., 69 Green 
Bruen James, gent., 499 Chestnut bel Sch. 7th. 
Brulte Rose, sempstress, Concord bel 3d 
Brulty Alexander, waterman, rear 118 Catharine 
Brumaker Andrew, constable, 10th bel Pleasant 
Brumaker M. Mrs., Buttonwood ab 10th 
Brumer George, founder, Marshall ab Brown 
Brumley E., blacksmith, Wood bel Sch 3d 
Brunell Andrew, rigger, Marlborough n Duke. 
Brunei- & Harla, skindressers & wool dealers, 7 

Margaretta and 4 Pegg 
Bruner Isaac, sugar refiner, 2 Moore's ct 
Bruner John, oak cooper, 2.57 St. John 
Bruner John, grocer, 3 Wallace. 
Bruner J. P., wool dealer, 7 Willow, h 142 Green 
Bruner Philip, cordw., Orchard ab Rawle 
Bruner Wm., parchment manuf. and wool ware- 
house, 4 Pegg and 7 "Willow 
Brunet John, confectioner, 207 S 3d 
Brunner Abraham, watchman, Ogden ab 10th. 
Brunner Henry, 144 N Front 
Brunner John K. 3 Division 
Brunner Manassa, bookseller, 137 N 3d 
Brunt John, painter, 3 Washington 
Brunt Thomas, drayman, 133 S Front 
Brunt Wm., tailor, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Erurein C, tailor, 129 Vine 
Bruschon Joseph, painter 2 Locust 
Brusstar G..H. baker, 129 S 4th 
Bruster Charles, b h, 17 S 10th 
Bruster John, ship carp., Sback'nbel Allen. (Jv) 
Bruster Sarah, Marlborough ab Queen. (K) 
Bruster Thomas, cordw., Beach ab Maiden. (K) 
Brutsche J., milliner, 218 Walnut. 
Bryan Amelia, shop, 122 Filbert 
Bryan £c Ferree, dry goods, 172 High 
Bryan Geo. S., mer., 172 High 
Bryan Isaiah, cabinet mr., 50 Mulberry 
Bryan James, M. D., N E 10th and Mulberry 
Bryan John, cabinetmaker, 71 N* 6th. 
Bryan John, gunsmith, Derringer's ct 
Bryan J. R., M. D., Spring Garden n 11th 
Bryan Maria H., 401 Mulbeny. 
Bryan Mary, 12th & Wood 
Brvan Rodman k Heylin, dry goods, 185 High. 
Bryan T. M., mer., 185 High 
Bryan Wm. dentist, 88 N 9th 
Bryant A. H., mer., 263 High, h 3 Palmyra sq 
Bryant 5c Co. coal dealers, Walnut ab 8th, whf. 

Front bel High Sch 
Bryant Deborah, nurse, 443 N 4th 
Bryant Isaac, 9 Madison 
Bryant Jacob, 17 Paschall's al 
Bryant John II. coal mer. Walnut ab 8th 
Bryant J. D. 100 S 8th 

Bryant Mordeeai V., alder., office S4 Callowhill. 
Bryant M. H., -tailor, 83 Brown. 
Bryant Rachael, teacher, Seh 8th bel Spruce 
Bryant William, carpctweaver, 29 Brown (NL) 
Bryant William, labourer, 2 Watson's al 

jBryant William, carpctweaver, Geo. bel Sch 3d 
Bryant Wm. F. Sch 8th bel Spruce 
j Bryant Wm. H. cabinetmr. 5 Schuylkill av 
JBryden John, carp, Mulberry n Broad, h 115 N 

Brydon Robert, coach painter, Broad n Vine, h 

Sell 8th ab Vine 
Brynan John, mer., 215 S 2nd. 
Bryson Hugh, cordw. 9 Providence ct 
Bryson John M. painter, 195 Cherry 
Bryson Samuel, lab., Sch. Front n Vine 
Buchanan Edw., Penn'a. Hospital, h 306 S 6th 
Buchanan George, lab., 90 Gaskill 
Buchanan George, brickmr., Barring-ton's ct. 
Buchanan George, weaver, West ab Sch Beach 
Buchanan George, dealer, rear 10 Quince 
Buchanan George, dry goods, rear 44 Garden 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterer, 9th &. Willow 
Buchanan Henry, seaman, 3 Warner's ct 
Buchanan James, brickmaker, 4 Orleans 
Buchanan Jas. A. brickmr. G Ferry road n Prime 
Buchanan John, wheelwright, Barker n Sch. 6th 
Buchanan John, lab., Sch. 2d and Lombard 
Buchanan Letitia, gentw., 125 S 9th. 
Buchanan Philip, dealer, 83 Bedford 
Buchanan Richard, grocer, 168 S 2nd. 
Buchanan Robert & Co. grocers, N W Sch 7th 

and High 
Buchanan Thomas, weaver, Filbert ab Sch. 4th 
Buchanan Wm., lab., Carlton bel 5th 
Buchanan "William, dyer, Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Buchey Mrs., seminary, 240 Spruce. 
Buchhage Caspar, furniture, G T road Sc Master 
Buck Adam, weaver, 32 Pegg 
Buck Charles, lab., Eagle ct. 
Buck Chauncey, tinplate-worker, 447 High. 
Buck Christoph, shoemr., 162 High & 467 N4th 
Buck C. N., president of Columbia Insurance 
Co. and consul general of Hamburg, 5 
Merchant's Exchange, h S W Broad and 
Buck Edmund B., mer., 23 S wharves 
Buck Francis N., mer., 116 High, h 218 Sassafras 
Buck Frederick, engineer, Front n Master. 
Buck George, cooper, Sarah n Queen (K) 
Buck Henry, sailor, 2 Little Pine ab 7th 
Buck Hugh, clerk, 174 Shippen. 
Buck Isaac, mariner, 369 S 3rd. 
Buck James, carter, S 11th ab Pine. 
Buck Jasper, tinsm., 483 A High, h 70 N Juniper 
Buck Jeremiah, sailmr., CantreU's ct. 
Buck Jeremiah,' mer., 97 High. 
Buck Jeremiah M., mer., 13 N 3rd, h 26 Button- 
Buck John, lab. Lancaster ab Reed 
Buck Joseph, oyster house, N W Franklin and 

G T road 
Buck Joseph, vict., Perry ab Phcenix. (K> 
Buck J. M. & Morgan, drv goods, 13 N 3rd 
Buck Lot, tailor, 10 Concord 
Buck Margaret, Mechanic ab Culvert 
Buck Nicholas, baker, X E German and P road 
Buck & Potter, silks, 116 High. 
Buck Robert, Vine ab 12th 
Buck Samuel, gent., 63 Xoble 

Puck Thomas, lab. 1 Osborn's ct 

B ii V. William, butcher, Perry ab Franklin (K) 

Hut V. Win. .'•> clerk, 326 Vine 

Buck Win. L. moulder, Noble bel Garden 

Bucke Mary Ann, stockmr. 2 Jackson's ct 

Buckingham Edward, 402 N 5th 

Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 11 Pennsylvania av 

Buckingham Isaiah, car-builder, 13th bel Wood. 

Buckious Aaron, gardener, Washington ab G 

Ferry road 
Buckiss Lewis, saddler 2 Furlong's ct 
Buckiss William, baker, High ab Sch 6th 
Buckley A. M., mer., 79 S Front, h 192 Spruce. 
Buckley Brooke M., pros. Phil. Wil. & Bal. R.R. 

Co., 765 Walnut, h N W 10th & Clinton 
Buckley Catharine, Ontario 
Buckley Clement A., gent, 190 Spruce 
Buckley James, engineer, Wood ab Sch. 2nd 
Buckley John, carpenter, N E M Road &. Prime. 
Buckley John, Jones W Sch 4th 
Buckley Joseph, engineer, Sch Front n Vine 
Buckle Wm. R. porter, 31 Union 
Buckman Benjamin, hatter, 9 Jenning's row 
Buckman Morris, coal mer., 435 X 4th. 
Bucknell Joseph, mili. plum. & box., 21S Coates 
Bucknor A. J., mer., 41 X Water, h 374 N Front 
Buckwalter David, mer., 255 X7th 
Buckw alter Jacob, millwright, 134 X Juniper 
Budd Isaac, bricklayer, Dugan ab Pine 
Budd John, soap boiler, 43 Union 
Budd John, combmr., Beaver ab 2d (I\) 
Budd Joseph, tailor, 355 X 3d 
Budd J. B., com. mer., 39 Dock, h 9 Walnut 

W Broad 
Budd Susan, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Budd Susan, gentw., 105 Pine. 
Budd Thomas A., atty. & coun., 169 "Walnut 
Budd Wm. bricklayer, Broad n Carpenter 
Budd Wm. A., exe'h. bro., 32 S 3d, h 169 Walnut 
Buddy John, baker, 24 Walnut. 
Buddy Lewis, baker, 10 Perry. 
Buddy Peter, bark inspector, 478 S Front 
Buehler James R. inspector customs, 99 S whf. 
Buehler John, mer., 195 High, h 225 X 9th 
Buehler Martin, hardware 195 High, h 12 Eut- 

tonwood ' 

Bulkley Chauncoy, atty. & coun., 20 Prune 

Bulkley Charles, hat, 128 Chestnut, h 240 S 11th 

Bulkley Elizabeth, gentw., 20 Prune 

Bulkley James H., 424 Sassafras. 

Bull Eborn, baker, 66 Swanson 

Bull Francis, porter, 30 Burd's ct 

Bull Marcus, gold beater, 22 Pear 

Bullard Edwin C.,bookbr, S W 4th and Gaskill 

Bullass Jane, gentw., Hallowell bel 7th 

Buller John, cordw. State 

Bullinger John B. shoemr. Front bel Master 

Bullmer G. tailor, 583 X 3d 

Bullock Benjamin, wool warehouse, 32 N 3rd 

Bullock David, tailor, 43 German 

Bullock Janet M. corsetmr. 23 X 10th 

Bullock Jonathan, carpenter, 23 X 10th 

Bullock J., M. D., 126 S 8th 

Bullock Sc Ogle, carps. 121 X 10th 

Bullock Sophia, b h, 2 Virginia Row 

Bulmer Richard, spinner, M'Dufrie n Sch 3d 

Buhner Wm. lab. Clay bel Beach 

Bult Elizabeth, R road 

Bulz Jacob, basket maker, 355 X 2d 

Bumbach Chas. A. M., paint. &. glaz., Poplar bel 

Bumbach Martin, gent. 331 X 3d 
Bumgard John, cordw., Marlboro' bel Franklin 

Bumm Charles, blacksmith, 112 F road. (K) 
Bumm Eliza, Duke n Palmer, (K) 
Bumm Geo., contractor, Vaughan bel Walnut. 
Bumm Geo. S. grocer, S W Cedar &, Shippen 1* 
Bumm Hannah, Marlboro' ab Bedford (K) 
Bumm John, silverplater, Marlborough belovt 

Bumm Sand., caulker, Union ab Bedford. (K) 
Bundick Joshua, lab., Pearl ab 13th 
Bundick J. S., shoestore, 311 S 2nd. 
Bundick Z., lab., Williamson's ct 
Bundy Ephraim, waiter, 59 Currant alley 
Bundy Harriett, washer, Dean's al 
Bundy Sarah, Broad and Paper al 
Bundy Thomas, waiter, 168 Pine 
Bundy Thomas, waiter, 223 Lombard 
Bungey Wm., lab., Currie's ct 
Bunker Eenj. M., mer., 71 S whfs., h 306 Walnut 

Buehler Martin & Brother, hardware, 195 High Bunker Charles, confectioner, 145 Coates. 

Buehler P. X., spices &. mustard, 23^ Lagrange 
Buehler William, mer., 93 High, h Cherry ab 

10th X side 
Buel Ann, 33 Vine. 
Buel Samuel B., clerk, 3 Haines 
Buffington Isaac, cabinetmaker, 89 S 6th. 
Buffington Lee W., M. 1)., 364 Vine 
Buhannan Edward, bootmr. Lombard W Sch 7th 
Buist David, florist, Buist's row 
Buist James, carp., Fitzwater ab 12th 
Nuist H., florist, S 12th bel Lombard, nursery 

_ Shippen bet 11th Sc 12th. 
Bujac John L. gent. 130 Pine 
15 'jac M. L. B. 130 Pine 
B ' . /c P. J., importer, 223 High, h 130 Pine. 
Bukley Marcius S." tobacconist, Green bel 9th, 

h S E 8th and Sp Garden 
Bu^nd S. B., saw maker, 76 Callowhill 

Bunker Henry, carpenter, 2S Queen, (S) 

Bunn Alexander J., exch. broker, 103 X 3rd, h 
483 N 4th. 

Bunn Arthur, lab., 13 N Front 

Bunn A. G., spinner, 495 X 3rd. 

Bunn S. M., dry goods, 74 X 3d, h 158 N oth 

Bunny Peter, 72 Union 

Bunting Charles W., lamps, 99 X 2d, h 8th ab 

Bunting Daniel, watchmr., 5 Deal's ct 

Bunting Jacob T., mer., 14 S \\ harves,h 65 Pine 

Bunting Joshua, mer., 274 X.-rd 

Bunting M. A. Mrs., rear 13 Rose al 

Bunting Richard, ship join., Otter ab Froad.(K) 

Bunting Samuel C, real estate agent, near Ex- 
change, h 328 Mulberry 

Bunting Thomas, M. D., S VV T'.h & Sassafras 

Bunting Thos. II., com. mer., 112 S Front 

Bunting 1 Writ., supt. Ken, Print Works, Reach 

be) Warren, (K) 
Burch Joseph G., brickla, 2 Caroline ab Wharton 
Burch Thomas, Jr., comb and variety store, 194 

High, h 183 N 8th. 
BuFchall Win., carpet weaver. Marker ab 2nd 
Burchard Jabez, U S dep. marshal I, 396 S 3rd 
Burchell Henry, plasterer, 371 S 3rd 
Burck John, labourer. George ab Sch Beach 
Burd Edward S., S \Y 9th & Chestnut 
Burd S., gentw., 231 Chestnut. 
Burden Alexander, store keeper, 124 S 5th 
Burden Jesse H., President Fire & Inland Navi 

Ration Insurance Co., h 1 York ct 
Burdett Samuel D., 142 Marshall, 
Burdick Ephraim N., carp., 48 Rose al 
Burdick Joseph A., mer., 25 N 5th 
Burgaine Thomas, cordw., 4004 N 2nd 
Burger Charles, baker, 220 Coates. 
Burgcrson Israel, watchman, Division. (F V) 
Burges Cornelius N., printer, 3 Boyd's av. 
Burgeser Jacob, tavern, Coates n Sch 
Burgess G. W., cane mr., 100 Chestnut, h 151 

Burgess Henry E., acct., 31 Wallace 
Burgess James, tavern, Sch 2nd :'<. Vine 
Burgess John, lab., St Mary's al n Hurst 
Burgess Joseph, brushmr., 150 s 4th 
Burghardt Fred., bootmr., Almond n Front 
Burgin George H., M. D., & mer. 46 N Front, 

h 175 S 5th. 
Burgin George H. jr., M. D., druggist, S E 2nd 

and Pine 
Burgin James, cooper, 295 High 
Burgin &. Pearsall, green glassware, 46 N Front 
Burk Amelia, milliner, 2 J N 12th 
Burk Caspar, basketmr., M road bel Wharton 
Burk Eli, bricklayer, 5th ab Poplar 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 294 Lombard 
Burk James, me>., 774 High 
Burk James, mer., Filbert ab Sch 7th 
Burk James, lab., 21 Fitzwater 
Burk Joseph XL, agent, Sch 3dab Callowhill 
Burk Michael, lab., 15 S Sch 6th 
Burk Moses, lab., 2 W Cedar 
Burk Peter, saddler, 5 Furlong's ct 
Burk Rachel, 244 Lombard 
Burk Richard, tavern, 92 N 2nd 
Burk Thomas, grocer, c 2:1 and Franklin (K) 
Burk William, clerk, 2 St. Stephen's pi. 
Burk William A., mer., 774 High, h Sch. 5th bel 

Burk William G., druggist, 244 Lombard. 
Burk Wm. E. & James, jr., mers., 55 N 2d 
Burkart Adam L., turner, c Marshall &. Farrish, 

h Poplar ao 10th 
Burkart E. W., turner, 427 N 5th 
Burkart Valentine, clerk, 163 Mulberry. 
Burke Charles, tailor, James 
Burke Dennis, cordw., R road ab Ann (F V) 
Burke ¥.. I)., botanic medicine, Carlton n Sch 3d 
Burke Henry,-lab., 6 W Cedar 
Burke Jacob, 523 N Front 
Burke John B., 523 N Front 
Burke Michael & Co, for. mers, 278 & 280 High 

Burke Raymond, tailor, 4 Ewing's ct 
Burke Thomas, coach trimmer, 268 Wood 
Burke Thomas, drvgoods, 6 N T 2nd 
Burke William, ink manuf., 66 Coates 
Burke Wm. C, tailor, 66 Coates 
Burket Robert, carp., Price's ct 
Burkett Charles, cabinetmr., 2nd and G T road 
Burkhard M. W., chairmr., 59 N Front, h 32 

Burkhard Sarah, b h, 43 Chester 
Burkhardt Geo. Jacob, Logan n Wallace 
Burkhardt Henry, gent., Greert and Logan 
Burkhart Eleanor, teacher, Marshall bel Green. 
Burkhart Frederick, shoemr., Sch 4th bel Mul- 
Burkhart Peter, 283 Sassafras. 
Burkhart Robert, dentist, 72 N Front. 
Burkhart Samuel, brushmr., 74 N 2d 
Burkhart Turdpcrt, clockmr., 310' Callowhill 
Burkhead George, weaver, John (F M) 
Burkiett Robert, carp., 10 Pavnter's ct 
Burkitt Joseph, bootmr., Cobb's ct 
Burkitt Joseph, turner, rear 338 S 2nd 
Burkleo Daniel, shop, 6 Apple 
Burleigh Charles C, 103 Mulberry 
Burleigh Wm., cabs, 39 Bonsall 
Burling B. S., mer., N Wharves ab Mulberry, h 

Montgomery sq. Cherry 
Burlock Samuel B., bookbinder, 195 Queen 
Burman Elizabeth, Lemon 
Burman Henry, saddletreemr., Duke ab Cherry 

Burman Wm., vict., Mechanic ab George (XL) 
Burmester Henry, lab., 391 N 3rd street 
Burn Farmar, 244 N Front 
Burn John, acct., 262 N 2d 
Burnahm George, clerk, 13th bel Green 
Rurnbaum Peter, baker, P road bel Fitzwater 
Burneater Jacob, tavern, Coates n F M 
Burnes Michael, weaver, c Jefferson and Wash- 
ington (K) 
Burnes Wm., shop, S E 6th and Fitzwater 
Burnet George, mer., 10th bel Cedar 
Burnet L. W., teacher, N W 4th and Vine, h 189 

Burnet Samuel, cordw., Crown n Bedford, (K) 
Burnett Abby, b h, 224 Walnut 
Burnett Eli S., drvgoods, 3 S 4th, h 38 Madison 
Burnett John, sign painter, 85 W Callowhill 
Burnett J. S., mer., 120 High, h 359 Mulberry 
Burnett Mary, Jones ab Sch 8th 
Burnett St. Clair, tavern, 4th UT road 
Burnett, Withers & Co., dryg-oods, 120 High. 
Burnheter Jacob, oysters, Broad n Wood 
Burns Amariah, book binder, 4 Schriver's ct- 
Burns Ann, 3 Stamper's al 
Rums A. O., 7 Ranstead pi. 
Burns B. Miss, 22 S 13th. 
Hums Catharine, huckster, S Front n Cox 
Hurns Charles, Prospect al 
Burns Charles E., shoemaker, 14 Hubbell 
Burns Christopher, carp., 63 Fitzwater 
Burns Dennis, iron founder, Sch 8th & Fairview 
Burns Edward, drayman, Sch. 3d and Cherry 
Burns Hugh D., grocer, Allen and F road, (K) 

Burna Jacob H., cordw., P road bel Christian 

Burns James, coachman, S Knight's ct 

ii irns James, brushmaker, 24 S 3rd. 

Hums James, lab, 7 Grape ct. 

Hums James, lab., 30 W Cedar 

Burns Jane, teacher, Ann (I" V) 

I, irns John, labourer, Reeve bel Sch 2d 

Burns John, lab., Duke bel Crown, (K) 

Burns John, lab., 8-1 Gaskill 

Burns John, dealer, 73 N Water 

Burns John, mate, 387 S Front 

Burns John M., bootmaker, 108 Chestnut 

Burns Joseph, weaver, 265 S 7th 

Burns J. II., cabinetmr., 17-? Sassafras 

Burns M. k. E., ready made linen, 55 S 7th 

Burns M. H, teacher, Ann (F V) 

Burns Patrick, tailor, Reed bel Front 

Burns Peter, lab., Ashton ab Pine 

Burns Rebec, bakery, Beach ab Manderson (K) 

Burns Robert, hatter, lt>2 Poplar. 

Burns Samuel, waterman, 5 Car berry ct 

Burns Sarah, 45 Plum. 

Burns Sarah, 124 Filbert 

Burns Thomas, labourer, Sch. Sth ab Vine 

Burns Thomas, lab., 6 William (F M) 

Burns AVilliam, plasterer, Mariner 

Burns William, tailor, M road bei Christian 

Burns William, tobac, 290 High, h 31 Carlton. 

Burns Wm., tavern. Washing-ton. (W P) 

Burnside Ann, Mintland's ct 

Burnson Ellen, Logan n Wallace 

Burnvood S., harnessmr., Wood bel Sch. Sth 

Rurr Alexander, painter, High n Sch 7th, h 11 
S Penn sq 

Rurr &. Brother, tailors, 13 S 4th 

Burr Elizabeth S., dressmaker, 86 Mulberry. 

Rurr George 11., mer., 23 N Front. 

Rurr Geo. W, grocer, S W Cadwalader Sc Phoe- 
nix (K) 

Rurr H. Cooper, tailor, 202 Chestnut, h Sch Sth 
ab Filbert 

Rurr Hudson S., dentist, 135 Walnut. 

Burr Israel R., N E 10th and Coates 

Rurr John P., barber, 113 S 5th. 

Rurr Joseph, gent., 305 S 8th 

Burr Joseph, Ridgway House, High-st. Ferry 

Rurr Mary Ann, Russell 

Rurr Mary &. Martha, 200 Mulberrv. 

Rurr M. L., 185 S 9th 

Hurr Nicholas, baker, 46 Vine. 

Rurr P. R., milliner, 65 Mulberrv. 

Rurr Thomas E., tailor, 13 S 4th, h 286 Sassa- 

Rurr Wm., Buttonwood n 13th 

Rurr William R., tailor, 13 S 4th, h 53 Wood 

Hurras John, cordw.. Gray's ct 

Rurris P.., carter, Van Buren pi 

Rurrough J., plasterer, 8th ab Brown 

Burroughs Enos, wheelwright, New Market bel 

Burroughs H. K., mer. 73 High, h 407 Chestnut 

burroughs Jane, dressmaker, 141 Filbert 

Burroughs John, corder, Maiden st wharf, h 52 
Allen. (K) 

Burroughs Sarah, dry goods, 38 S 2nd. 

Burroughs Thomas, carter, Apple n George. 

Burrows C, umbrellas, 73 Noble 

Burrows E. J., clerk, 203 Pine 

Burrows Isaac, shoemr., 136 German 

Burrows Jas., U. S. mint, h Ogden ab Sch. Sth 

Burrows James, Mercer bel Locust 

Burrows Jesse, carpenter, Littleboy's ct, h 18 

Burrows John, tailor, 524 High 
Burrows John L., Rev., 146 S 10th 
Burrows J. T., bellhanger & locksmith, 287 

Burrows Maria, gentw., 214 N 6th 
Burrows William, tailor, 4 Diamond 
Burrows Wm., watchman, Washington bet 10th 

and 11th, (N L) 
Burt Arthur, mer., S W 6th and High, h N W 

12th and Walnut 
Burt Dennis, shoemr., R road bel Ann (F V) 
Burt E. R., trimmings, 205 S 2d. 
Burt Nathaniel, N W 12th and Walnut. 
Burtis Aaron 11., plasterer, 107 Filbert. 
Burtis Aaron L., plasterer, 469 Chestnut 
Burtis Edward T., bricklayer, Sch 7th n Sassa- 
Burtis John, manuf., Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Burtis, Keen &. Rushton, cotton spinning, Beach 

below Shackamaxon (K) 
Burtlow Mrs., Brown, (N L) 
Burtman Henry C, carp., 29 Rittenhouse 
Burton Amos, painter, 5^ N Sth, h Sch. 7th n 

Burton Belfast, M. D., 34 Powell 
Burton Benj. C, shipwright, Beach ab Poplar, 

Burton Catharine, 52 Currant alley 
Burton Daniel, carter, Ohio E of 12th. 
Burton Edward, dry goods, 3S6 S 2nd 
Burton Edward, paper hanger, 140 N 10th 
Burton E., h h, 36 Wood 
Burton E. P., grocer, 90 S wharves, h S E 3rd 

and Pine 
Burton George, lab., 17 Watson's alley 
Burton Geo. R., tailor, 164 S 4th 
Burton Gideon, mer., N W 3rd and High 
Burton Henry, waiter, 46 Quince 
Burton James, porter, 95 Lombard 
Burton James, porter, 66 Garden 
Burton James, waiter, 6 Washington 
Burton Jehu, bookbinder, 107 Wood 
Burton John, turner, 514 S 2d bel Prune. 
Burton John, M. D., 256 N 7th. 
Burton John, mer., 34 S whs, h 62 Pine- 
Burton London, porter, Shippen bel 13th 
Burton Lovinia, 18 Raspberry 
Burton Marian, gentlw., 179 Wood. 
Burton Matilda, 231 Lombard 
Burton M.. 167 Buttonwood 
Burton Peter, porter, Barley n 11th. 
Burton Robert, mer., 34 S whfs., h 62 Pine 
Burton Samuel, confectioner, 186 S 6th 
Burton Samuel W., printer, 290 Pine 
Burton &. Thorn, painters, 5h N Sth 
Burton Wm., ship carp., 11 Allen. (K) 
Burton William, M. D., 25 N 6th 

Burton "William Evans, 147 Kf 13th 

Burton Woolsev, shipwright, Marlborough ab 

Bedford. (K) 
Burvigc Wm., soap boiler, 23 Wood 
Burwell Ann, sempstress. 20S Queen 
Burwell Henry, wool sorter, Sell 2d n Lombard 
Burwell Hubert, hatter, Beaver ct., h 204 Bine 
Bury John, gent., 223 N 4th. 
Bury "Wm., waiter, 25 Quince 
Busch Miers, brush manuf., 20 N 3d, h 54 Pine 
Bush B., wheelwright, Barker n Sch. 3d 
Bush Frederick, paper stainer, 4 Crockett's ct, 

h 13th bel Shippen 
Bush J. M., bootmr., IS R road 
Bush Peter, grocer, George and Blum 
Bush Samuel H., tavern, 234 N 3d. 
Bush Wm., boatman, Bradford's al 
Bush Wm., waiter, 4 Watson's al 
Busha George, umbrehnr., 10 Fetter lane. 
Bushby Wm., carp., 11th ab Carpenter 
Bushnell Edward, machinist, 100 Wood 
Busman John, dentist, 167 Green. 
Busser Jacob, car builder. Railroad n F. M. 
Busser Joseph, tobacconist, Callowhill n Nixon 
Bussier Ann, teacher, 55 Pine. 
Bussier Bartholomew, ink manuf. 298 S 3rd 
Bussier C. Mrs., 55 Pine 
Bussier D. P., mer., 27 S whfs., h 154 N 9th. 
Bussier Elizabeth, 91 Christian. 
Bussier Jane, widow of Francis, 319 S 2d 
Bussier Joseph B., mer., 27 S whs., h 55 Pine 
Bussing Frederick, carpet weaver, Sch Front & 
Bussinger Jacob, blacksmith, 5 Porter's ct. 
Bustard George, lab., Shippen ab Broad 
Bustill C. C, porter, Scott's ct 
Bustill David, plasterer, 152 Callowhill. 
Bustill Samuel, porter, Scott's ct 
Buswell Benjamin, nurseryman, 22 Mulberry 
Butcher Alexander, tailor, P ruad bel Federal 
Butcher Catharine, upholsterer, 215 Locust 
Butcher Jacob, cordwainer, 110 St John 
Butcher James, dry goods, 170 S 6th 
Butcher Joseph, wheelu right, 110 St John 
Butcher Samuel, cordwainer, 110 St John 
Butcher Samuel, shoemr., 8th and P road 
Butcher Sarah, 25 W North ab 10th 
Butcher Theodore R., drygoods, 8 Bank, h 142 

Butcher Thos. T., mer., 49 and 51 N Water, 1 

20 Mulberry 
Butcher T. T. 8c W., com. mers., 49 and 51 N 

Butcher T. T., cordw., Olive ab 13th 
Butcher Washington, men, 49 N Water, h 155 

N 6th 
Butcher Wm., bootmr., 147 S 11th 
Butcher Wm., carp., M road bel .Marion 
Butcher Wm., stove Sc grate manuf, 11 N 11th 
Butcher W. A., 74 N Front 
Butcher W. 8c S., agency, 24 Commerce 
Butcher W." M-, grocer, Cedar and Littl 

Bute Charles L., sugar refiner, 310 Coates 
Butler Alexander, lab., 48 Currant al 

Butler Andrew, Secretary of Fire Association, 
c 5th and North. 

Rutler Catharine, 178 N Sth 

Butler Charity, cook, 24 Lebanon 

Rutler Charles, shoemr., 1 Cresson's al 

Butler Charlotte, tobacco., 21S S 2nd 

Rutler Courtland, jeweller, 171 Sassafras 

Butler Eliza, gentw., Walnut bel Rroad 

Butler Esther, shoe binder, 7 Nicholson 

Rutler E., bootmr., Spruce and Little Dock 

Rutler E., stockmaker, 47 S 3d 

Butler E. II., publisher, 10 S 4th, h 347 Spruce 

Rutler Franklin, mer., 105 N 2nd 

Butler Hannah, 170 Marshall 

Butler Henry, silversmith, 83 Tammany. 

Butler Henry, lab., High ab Sch 2nd 

Butler James, cordw., 302 S Front 

Rutler Jeremiah, mer., Dock st wharf, h 15 S 
Sch 7th 

Rutler John, gent., Walnut ab Sch. 7th. 

Rutler John, lab., Redford bel 12th 

Rutler John M , copper pi. printer, N E 4th and 

Rutler Joseph, carter, 16 Carlton 

Rutler Joseph, tailor, 9th ab Willow 

Rutler Joseph, senr., 5 Clare al 

Butler Joshua M., cooper, 63 N Water, h 74 

Butler Judith, 6 Blackhorse al. 

Butler & Long, copper pi. printers, N E 4th and 

Butler Man - , widow, 116 Dillwyn 

Butler Patrick, lab., Portland lane 

Butler Samuel, tailor, 1 Union ct 

Butler Samuel, porter, 11 Green (C) 

Butler Samuel G., painter, 136 S 9th. 

Butler Susan, 4 Burd's ct. 

Butler Susan, plume mr., Locust n Broad 

Butler S. G. & Son, painters. 136 S 9th 
Butler Thomas, hairdresser, 100 Fitzwater 
Butler Thomas, tinplate worker, 109 Cedar, and 

216 S 2nd, h Quince ab Locust 
Butler Thomas S., painter, 136 S 9th 
Butler T. S., trimmings, S W 9th and Locust 
Butler Ward C, agent, 23 Lombard 
Butler Wm., lab., S E 11th and Shippen 
Butler "Wm., carter, Prime ab 2d 
Butt Wm., printer, Queen bel 4th 
Buttertield Benjamin, gunsmith, c F road and 

Marlborough (K) 
Buttertield &. Fisher, importers, 7 Church alley 
Buttertield Henry J., mer., 7 Church al 
Butterfield Jesse S., F road ab Jefferson, (K) 
Butterworth George, weaver, Hopkin's ct (K) 
Butterworth Henry W., tinpl. worker, 90 High, 

h Beaver bel Charlotte 
Butterworth Jacob, carp., Mechanic ab Poplar 
Butterworth John, tinplate worker, 90 High, h 

444 N 2d. 
Butterworth John, John n F Mount 
Butterworth Willoughby, carp., Mechanic and 

Rutz S: Schroyer, 298 N 2d 
Rutzell Bernhard, pedler, 461 N 3rd 
Buxton Mr. 157 Lombard 

Buzard K . machinist, Pleasant bel 10th 

JUi.-l v Benjamin C, hardware, 137 High, h 2 

S 12th. 
Ilncbv & Brother, flour and commis. mers., 365 

Buzby i.eorge L., mer., 365 High 
Buzby Harmer B., marble yard, c 13th& Wash- 
ington, h Orange ab 12th 
Buzby Ilezekiah, W Penn sq. n Filbert 
Buzby John L., mer., 365 High 
Buzby Mary H., cupper and leecher, 106 N 10th 
Huzby Thomas, baker, 13th bel Brinton. 
Buzby Win., cordw., R road, (FV) 
Huzby William, painter, 19 Pine alley 
Buzzard Robert, tailor, 5 Mechanic (N L) 
lluzzel Mary Ann, sempstress, 12 Carpenter, (S) 
Bye Samuel K., carpenter, 131 Buttonwood 
liver Geonre, shoemaker, Cherry bel Juniper. 
Byer Mary, sempstress, o sansom al 
Hyer Susan, 35 N 12th 

Byerly Ann, genlw., c Mulberry and Juniper 
Bycrly I). Davis, mer., 28 Church al. 
Byerly Klwood, mer., 30 Church al, h 150 Sas- 
Byerly Mahlon, mer., 484 N 2d 
Byerly Mary, 17 Swanson 
Byerly &. Moore, com. mers., 30 Church al 
Byerly Stephen, com. mer., 28 Church alley, h 

150 Sassafras 
Byerly Susan, gentw., 128 N 9th 
Byerly Theodore, ship carp., Hanover ab Bed- 
lord. (K) 
Byers Andrew, chairmaker, 291 N 3d 
llyers Hanse M. H., grocer, N E Swanson and 

Byers John, plasterer, Carlton n Sch. 6th. 
Byllesby L., printer, 10th bel Buttonwood 
Byram Samuel, tavern, 95 S Water 
Byrd Charlotte, 24 Sassafras al 
llyrd Jane F., gentw., Sch 6th ab Locust 
Byrne Charles, Shoemr., 409 Vine 
Hyrne James, lab., 42 Plum 
Byrne John, cordw., 129 Pine 
Byrne N., dressmr., Garden and Wood 
Byrne Thomas, constable, 103 Swanson 
Byrne Timothy, grocer, 264 N 7th. 
Hyrne William, cordwainer, 88 Cedar 
Byrne Wm., carp., rear 116 Catharine 
Hyrne Wm. A., chairmaker, 336 S 2d, h 70 Ca- 
Byrnes Felix, weaver, Perry bel Master (K) 
Byrnes Stephen M., pawn broker, 270 S 7th 
Byrns James, blacksmith, 3 Fairies' ct. 
Byron John, hatter, 95 Cedar, h 3 Turner 
H\ron Mary, 121 S 11th 
Byron, Sco'tt 8c Co., hatters, 95 Cedar 
Bywater Maurice, gent., 133 S 9th 
By waters William, fadies' shoemaker, 106 Wood 

Cabot Joseph, merchant, 5 Walnut, h Spruce 

£adbury Joel, mer., 32 S Front, h 9 Franklin 
Caddy John, carp., Murray ab Sch 3d 

Cade David, grocer, Poplar and Marshall 
Cade Horatio \V\, barber, 25 S 5th, h 1 Buckley 
Cade Owen, lab., 5 Adams 
Cade Samuel W., tobacconist, 1 Decatur, h 152 

Cade Wm. M., Franklin ab Green 
Cadmus Jasper, boots 8c shoes, S W 3rd and 

High, h 28 North. 
Cadmus Jeremiah, shoes, 266 High. 
Cadwalader George, gent., 299 Chestnut. 
Cadwalader John, att'y &. conn., 114 S 4th. 
Cadwalader Mary, widow of T. Gen., S P. 9th L 

Cadwalader Thomas, gent., 353 Chestnut 
Cadwalader Thomas C, mer., 113 Chestnut 
CafTerty Enoch, bricklayer, 11 Carberry's ct 
Caflferty John J., bricklayer, 75 Union 
CafTerty Vanroom, bricklayer, rear 112 Christian 
Cahill Daniel, lab., 10 S 13th 
Cahill James, weaver, 4th ab Master. 
Cain Agnes, Spaftbvd 
Cain John, seaman, 52 Penn 
Cain Owen, lab., Lancaster road (W P) 
Cain Robert, machinist, Atherton 
Cain William, tobacconist, 10th bel Pleasant 
Caines Oscar, carp., 41 Franklin 
Cairl Louden S., cabmr., Simmons' ct 
Cairns John, paper carrier, Pearl n 12th 
Cake Ann, 10 Lebanon 
Cake Elizabeth, Chatham bel Green 
Cake Joseph, 171 Vine 
Caldcleugh Robert, M. D., 13 Clinton square. 
Caldcleugh Robert A., gent., 13 Clinton Square* 
Calder Peter Y. senr., Paschall's al 
Calder Wm., machinest, 8 Juniper al 
Calderhead Alex., carpet weaver, Barker ab 

Sch. 7th. 
Caldwell A. D., carp., Brown St Front, &. coal 

yard, Beach ab Poplar 
Caldwell Charles, oysters, N Whfs ab Mulberry 
Caldwell C. W., agent, 168 S 4th 
Caldwell David W., gent., 13th and Brown 
Caldwell Edmund B., mer., 6 S 2d, li 1 11 Walnut 
Caldwell Edward, blacksmith, Charlotte bel 

Caldwell Ellen, 12th ab Cedar 
Caldwell E. H. Mrs., 105 S 10th. 
Caldwell Francis, 13th and Shippcn 
Caldwell George, lab., Wilson's ct 
Caldwell & Harker, cloths., 6 S 2d 
Caldwell James, 87 S 6th 
Caldwell James, blacksmith, Beach ab Poplar, h 

390 N Front 
Caldwell James E., watchmaker, 163 Chestnut, 

h 139 Walnut 
Caldwell James M., builder, Poplar bel Broad 
Caldwell James S., gent., Ib4 N 9th. 
Caldwell John, currier, 358 S 2nd. 
Caldwell John, grocer N W 3rd & Plum. 
Caldwell John, b h, 82 S8th. 
Caldwell John, seaman, 13 Reckless 
Caldwell John, stone mason, 10 Knight's ct 
Caldwell John A., mer., 46 N 5th, h 86 Union 
Caldwell Jonathan, printer, 81 M Koad. 
Caldwell Joseph, 11 Strawberry 

Caldwell J. F., of Virginia, dentist, 118 Mulb'y.j Calvert William, Willow 

Caldwell Margaret J., 98 Wood 
Caldwell Robert, stonemason, Brazier ab Broad 
Caldwell Robert, weaver, St Johnab Beaver (K) 
Caldwell Solomon, aeet., W Bonn sq 
Caldwell Thomas, carter, Washing-ton n P road 

Calvin Joseph L., hatter, rear 21 German, h 9 

Calwell Charles, cooper, 5 Carlton 
Calwell Phebe, G road ab Otter 
Camac Mrs., Camac la n G T road 

Caldwell Thomas, merchant, 14 N Front, h 14 1 Camac Samuel, brickmr., 13 McDuffie 


ICamblin John lab., 68 P road 

Caldwell Thos., coal mer., 23 S 5th, h SpringjCamblos Charles, broker, 11 S 3rd, hl77 S o-Ji 

Garden ab 10th 
Caldwell Thomas, waiter, 7 Poplar et 
Caldwell Thomas, collector, 10th and Bonsall 
Caldwell William, bookseller, -'88 E Pine 
Caldwell Wm,, cordw.. Sch 6th ab Coates 

Cambridge H. I-., mer., 7 b X Front 
Cameron Ann, trimmings, 255 Sassafras 
Cameron Angus, joiner, 245 Green. 

i Cameron David, carp., 9 Logan. 

| Cameron Eii, blacksmith, 12th and Pearl 

Caldwell Wm., soap boiler, Lombard W Sch 7th! Cameron Hugh, Front n Coates 

Calhoun Adam, lab., 29 McDuffie 
Calhoun Alexander, grocer, 11th and Pine 
Calhoun Charles, cordw., 3rd bel Carpenter 
Calhoun Claudius, lab., 28 W Cedar 
Calhoun David, lab., 22 McDume 
Calhoun David, butcher, 265 S 4th. 

Cameron Isabella, shop, 2nd bel Master (K) 
Cameron James, mer., h Mantua village 
Cameron James, shoemr., 22 Webb's al 
Cameron John, blacksmith, 6 Boyd's av. 
Cameron John, barber, 11th ab Lombard, h 102 
N 7th 

Calhoun Ezra, tobacconist, Cedar bel Shippen la|Cameron Jonathan, watchman, Marlboro' Sc Bed- 

Calhoun James, brickmr.. Cedar ab Sch. 5th 

lord (K) 

Calhoun James W., wheelwright, 5 Roach's ct Cameron Robert, gas fitter, Carpenter ab Sth 

Calhoun John, grocer, Sch Front and Lombard 
Calhoun Joseph, cordwainer, 306 S Front. 
Calhoun Samuel, carter, 1 McDutlie 
Calhoun William, victualler, 89 Shippen 
Calhoun Wm., grocer, Lombard n Sch 2nd 
Call Lawrence, hatter, 108 Wood. 
Call Mary Ann, 16 Lebanon 
Calla Timothy, lab., 11th and Carpenter 
Callaghan Charles, mer., 8th ab Cedar 
Callahan Andrew, watchman, Sch 6th ab Pine 
Callahan Cornelius, 183 N Front 
Callahan Daniel, 133 S Front 
Calkban Edward, grocer, S W Front S: Prime. 
Callahan Eliza, Johnston's ct 
Callahan Francis, lab., 5^1 High 
Callahan Hugh, weaver, Chestnut bel Sch 3d 
Callahan James, sea capt, butherland ab Chris- 
Callahan John, lab., 11th ab Carpenter 
Callahan John T., tailor, 521 N 4th 
Calhhan Lawrence, tavern, 4 S 9th 
Callahan Thomas, lab , rear 467 N 4th 
Callan David, shoemr., rear 198 Lombard 
Callan George, waiter, 11 Lombard 
Callan John, weaver, Shippen ab 11th 
Callan Samuel, quill manuf., 119 S 6th 
Callan Wm, stone mason, c Morris k Catharine 
Callbreath James F., ladies shoes, 58 N 8th. 
Cullender Benj., tavern, c 13th & Ridge road. 
Calient Thomas, spinner, Callowhill n William 
Call y Thomas, fringe mr., rear 4U N 4th 
Calloway Jas., moulder, 9 Parker O) 
Calloway James, lab., Front bel Greenwich 
Calloway Margaret, Corn and Decatur 
Galium Elizabeth, Fralev's ct (K) 
Calver William G., gilder, 16 Bread 
Calverly Thomas carter, Coates n 12th 
Calvevly \> illialn, tinsm., 9th bel Coates 
Calvert Rachael, cupper & leecher, 40 N 8th. 
Calvert Thomas, cliairmaker, 34 Almond 

iCameron Robert, weaver, Perry bel Master 
Camm Robert, weaver, Harmstead n 2nd 
Camm Wm., 356 Mulberry. 
Camp Benjamin, salesman, Prime bel 2nd 
Camp David, lab., Thompson ab 4th (K) 
Camp Nathaniel, sawyer, 121 Prime 
Camp Solomon, cordwainer, 143 S 11th. 
Campbell Alexander, sec. & treas., 123 Cath- 

Campbell Alex., gent., 349 Chestnut 
Campbell Alex., paver, Say bel Sch. 7th 
Campbell Alex., prison keeper, h 474 S 4th. 
Campbell Ann, 387 High 

Campbell Ann, shop keeper, 11 Blackberry al. 
Campbell Ann, b. h., 4 Penn. 
Campbell Anthony, lab., Wiiliam ab Hopkins' ct 
Campbcll Anthony, shoemr, 189 S 6th h 2ol 

Campbell Archibald, mer., l J4 High, h N E 

Sch. 5th & Spruce. 
Campbell Archibald, manuf., Edward ab School. 
Campbell Archibald, dry goods, 443 N 2d. 
Campbell Archibald, lab., Lombard n Sch 2d 
Campbell A. II., oil manuf., Screw Dock, ;K) 

Penn ab Maiden, h Sth bel Coates 
Campbell A. R. & Co., vinegar manufs., 205 S 

5th, h 122 Pine 
Campbell Barney, lab., Marble ab 10th. 
Campbell B., cordwainer, 1^9 Shippen. 
Campbell Catharine, 7 Prosperous al 
Campbell Catharine, tailoress, 21 Currant al 
Campbell Catharine, 208 Queen 
Campbell Charles, 41 N Sth 
Campbell Chas. O. B., mer., X E Water 8c Sas- 
safras, h 217 Walnut 
Campbell Daniel, cordwainer, N E 2d Si Spruce 
Campbell Daniel, weaver, Hopkins' ct (K) 
Campbell David, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
Campbell & Dickson, distillers, 2d and Frank- 
lin (K) 
Campbell D., carter, Cariton bel Sch 6th 

Campbell Eliza, 22 Parharn 

Campbell Elizabeth, tailoress, Smith's ct (Gas 

Campbell Elizabeth C, gentw., 52 Duke 
Campbell Felix, machinist, Market ab 2nd 
Campbell Francis, dealer, 4u2 High 
Campbell Francis, ostler, 12 S 10th. 
mbell Georo-e. att'v fc rnun 20*? 

Campbell Neil, inspector, U S Arsenal 
Campbell Oliver, weaver, 9 Lane's ct 
Campbell Patrick, jr., morocco dresser, 4th 

Master (K) 
Campbell Patrick, tailor, 295 S 4th 
i Campbell Patrick, lab., 11th and Milton 
Campbell Patrick, lab., Fairview n Sch 4th 

CampbeU George, att'y & coun., 203 Mulberry.! Campbell Peter, weaver, Fitzwater 1 i Sib 
Campbell Georsre, carter, Marriott n 3rd Camnholl p^w «,,*„* A . , ux 

Campbell George, carter, Marriott n 3rd 
Campbell Henry R., engineer, Sth n Wallace 

Campbell Peter, weaver, Cadwalader n < 

lord (K) 

Campbell Hugh, raer, 94 High, h S E 13th &; Campbell P., lab., Richard n Scl, 6th 


Campbell Hugh, plumber, 8 Benton 

Campbell Quintin, Pres. Pa. Fire Ins. Co 134 
Walnut, h 124 S Sth 

...... o--' j > - — — "•«»- iiuiiiul, n 1J4 S Mil 

Campbell Hugh, lab., Jefferson ab Washington; Campbell Rachel, Rihl's ct 


Campbell H St A. Sc Co., dry goods, 94 High. 
Campbell James, lab., Sch Front n Chestnut 
Campbell James, seaman, 97 GaskUl 
Campbell James, lab., Reeve n Sch 2d 

! Campbell Randolph U., waiter, Bedford bcl 12tb 

Campbell Richard, waterman, 295 N 7th. 
Campbell Richard, lab., Lombard n Sch 8th 
Campbell Robert, drayman, 3 Richardson's ct 
Campbell Samuel, weav., Lombard n Sch. 7th 

f. ,.^k ii i ; , : i i , : w '"l JUUi oauiuei, weav., JLombard n Sc 

Campbell James stock & exchange broker, 5 Campbell Sarah, nurse, Front n \lmond 
nyxchaiiee place, h 7S S 11th Pim^^n c„...,u *« xr n , 

Exchange place, h 7S S 11th 
Campbell James, judge, 57 Almond 
Campbell James, plasterer, lUth ab Poplar 
Campbell James, tailor, Shippen ab 12th 

Campbell Sarah, 357 N 3d 

Campbell St. George T., att'y & coun., 94 8 4th 

Campbell Thomas, 161 Christian 

Campbell Thomas, dealer, 120 Plum 

• ' ' ri — ----- jv^mpucu inonias, dealer, JJU Plum 

Campbell James A., alderman, M W Sth & Fitz- Campbell Thomas, lab., Dorothy ab Sch 3d 
water ir™mk,.n t.:.. .. ■... .,.,-„.. 


Campbell James E., tailor, 1S4 Pine, 
Smith's ct 

-„,,,. ., . ,. , _„ , w<nuyucu *» unam, cirv goods, „f> s «i 

Campbell James M-, publisher, 98 Chestnut, h Campbell Willi am, sexton, Kniffht's ct 

Campbell Tristram, tailor, 341 N Front, h 119 

New Market 
Campbell William, dry goods, 226 S 2d 

Co., publishers, 98 

Sch. 7th bel Spruce 
Campbell James M. is 


Campbell James R., gent., 122 Pine 
Campbell Jane, Front bel Christian 
Campbell Jane, dry goods, 81 Cedar. 
Campbell John, 2 Barker 
Campbell John, tobacconist Se biscuit baker, 

Edward bel 2nd (K) 
Campbell John, tallow chandler, 12 Almond. 
Campbell John, brickmr., Spruce bel Sch 4th. 
Campbell John, tador, Spruce n4th, h 3 Town- 

send's ct. 
Campbell John, weaver, Phoenix ab Cadwalader 
Campbell John, weaver, Ann ab Sch Sth. 
Campbell John, porter and ale, rear 66 Union 
Campbell John, John (F M) 
Campbell John, tailor, 11 P road 
Campbell John, weaver 11th ab Carpenter 
Campbell John, tailor, rear 116 Christian 
Campbell John, lab., 3 Beaver ct 
Campbell John, weaver, Front ab Master (K) 
Campbell John, weaver, Jefferson n Cadwalader 
Campbell John, weaver, Mariner 
Campbell John H., att'y 8t coun., 1S8 N 6th 
Campbell Jonathan, carp., Poplar bel 10th 
( ampbell Joseph, miller, Pleasant ab 12th 
Campbell Joseph, ostler, 6 College pi 
Campbell Joseph, tailor, Parrish ab 9th 
Campbell J., carp., rear 113 Vine 
Campbell Man-, Cherry n Prince (K) 
< ampbell, 32 Crown 
Campbell Michael, cordw., Sch Beach 

Campbell Michael B., shoemr., 6 Pearl 
1 ;iIn pbell Sc M'Lean, tailors, 138 Spruce 

Campbell William, dry goods, N E 3rd Sc Cedar. 
Campbell William, carpenter, Chestnut n Sch 

8th, h Callowhill ab 11th. 
Campbell William, drayman, Catharine, ah 12th 
Campbell Wm. plasterer, Wood ab Sch Front 
Campbell Wm., carter, Goodwill ct 
Campbell W, Vail's ct n Sch 
Campbell Zephina, carter, 2nd n G T road. 
Campficld Patrick, lab., Pine and Scb Front. 
Campion John, hair dresser, 21 N 6th. 
Campion Joseph, weigh master, 87 S Front, li 

Chestnut n Broad 
Campion Joseph 11., cabinetmaker, 161 and h 

167 S 2d 
Campion Thomas, coffee roaster, 24 Branch. 
Camreon Elizabeth, 6 Miller's ct 
Canan Peter, lab., G Ferry road n Prime 
Canavan James, wool dealer, 5th n Creek 
Canby Caleb II., plumber, 115 Mulberry, h 63 

Canby Joseph, machinist, 1 Division » 

Canby Michael, lab., Sch Bank n Pine 
Candy John, n Monument Cemetery > 

Candy Thomas D., machinist, Male. 
Cane Elizabeth, shoebinder, Greenwich and M 

Cane John, lab., Lisle bel Shippen 
Caner M., coachmaker, 205 S 7th. 
Cannette John, mariner, Washington and 2d 
Caney C. Mrs., 93 Pine 
Canfield N., broker, 43 S 3d, h Wash. Hotel 
Canfield P. lab.. W alnut n Sch Beach 
Cann Augustus, pattern maker, lol N 13th. 
Cann Conrad, coach painter, 12th bel Coatcs 
Cann Henry, cordw., F road ab Queen (K) 
Cannady Andrew, 4 Callowhill 

i^annen b. W., mer., 8 N Front, h 433 Walnut jCarev Cornelius S (inne e t 

Canning Mark, bookseller, 272 Chestnut fW« v r V i V, ' 

Canning Man . taUoress, 2 Scott's al *90 Wain" ? ' E & Chestnut ' » 

^W^m ^* St ° ,1C CUWer ' CaU ° WhiU "CarejEdwardTb'utcher, 2nd bel Wharton. 
Canning William, tavern, 62 Shinncn UWv ?« "' ^ "' ^ ar P emer ab 13t!l 

Cannon Ann M, milliner 150 S 2d r ' S Hart ' booksellers, S E 4th & Chestnut. 

Cannon Bridget, dressmr , 67 S 12th fev" ^ C "' f ° i Vilmt 

Cannon James, lab., Dorotliv n Sch 4th <l S? b ? 1 Saddl . e & harness mr "' 31 S 4 ' h . 

Cannon James labourer Krviewn Sch 5th L lV shin §^" bel «h 
Cannon James, agent, s Vsu and II it 1 d^ ST"* kb " ^key ab 2d 

Morgan S '' h 15 Care y ^ &**, tavern, Beach ab Shackamaxon 

Can T^om^nn Smkh ' 238 ^^ H^ Wm, waiter, 8 Grav'sal 
Cannon James, 78 X Hth in/ V"'' cordw '' E ""zabeth n Poplar 

Canon Geo., tinsmith, 319 Hurh, pfJ £°5' }*1 ? V^ 

Canon Jas. tinsmith 319 Hi4 £ * Patnck > hb " Mano » ab Front 

cu, r t ^„ts :i " '«< <^». - «» sai'sssyft r s ir ct 

Canon John P., weaver, Lombard n Set, 7tl, \^ w \ et ° n Samuel, carpenter, 190 Cherry 
Cansler Wm. W„ paperwS N E Y 7 th an Jr IT" ^iel, Jr., bricklayer, 190 Cherry 
Mulberry and Garleton 1 nomas, carp., 190 Cherry 

ICarley Thomas, clerk, rear 12 Lawrence (C) 
Carlile Ralph, harness mr, 256 Mulberry 
jCar/ile William B, shoemr., 256 Mulberry 
Carlin Ann, grocer, 22 Barron 
Cantrel John A, druffedsLs"w2nrl"fc i i re, S^" De . nnis > laborer, Cooper ab Sch 3d 
Capehart Henn SBC Hoover \rf n ? } S ar J n E * zab eth, Juniper beT Walnut 
(Kensington) Hanover bel Duke. Carlm Elizabeth, Fraley's ct (K) 


Canter Jacob'H., cooper, 9 Rittenhouse 
canter Mary Ann, gentw, 80 Noble 
Cantlin John, lab., Barron & Ga-,kill 
Cantor Sydney, tailor, Nonnater's ct 

Capehart Sophia, Grim's ct 

Canelvel! t BMthw ' ^ S manufs -' » Minor 
CapeweU James, mer., 11 Minor, h Kaign's p 

Capewell John, mer., 11 Minor 

Capie Joseph, mariner, Crane's ct bel 'md 

<-app John C, 148 N 12th. 

Cappell Samuel, cordw, 9 p ea rl 

Caraher Thomas, 14 Juniper lane 

CarberryWm grocer, high n Sch 4th 

Carbin Elizabeth, 111 pj„ c . 

Carbray Lawrence, lab.. Cedar n Del 

CarbrayP., saW y er , Vail's ct 

Carbrav u^™*' ch * ndl ' r > 2 °° Queen 
Carl ray \\ m-f weaveI% 2? Gsaden 

^TJ^ W " coal office, 53 Prun 

Cardwcll Thomas C 'mer 34 rhTt''^ , * en ^ ar J is,e Henr - V ' combmakcr, 304 Sassafra.. 
S 4th ' mLr -' ° 4 Ch «tnut, h 160 Carlisle J., cordw, Callowhill ab Sch. 7th 

.. (K) 
iCarhn Ellen, 246 Water 
Carlin Hugh, tavern, S W Vino & Water. 
Carlin James, 7 Dorothy 
Carlin John, boatman, Spruce ab Sch 5th 
Carlin John, shoemr, c Master and Pink 
Carlm Jonathan, sawyer, S W Apple & George. 
Carlin Mary, dressmr, 7 Marshall's ct 
Carlin Michael, tavern, S E Water & Dock 
Carhn Patrick, shoemr, 1661 S 6th 
Carlin Philip, feed store, Carpenter ab 9th 
.Carlm Thomas, lab, 4th ab Master (K) 
Carlin Unity, Baker bel 7th 
Carlin Wm, cordwainer, S W 6th & Lombard 
Carlisle A., clerk, 227 Coates. 
Carlisle David, carter, 369 X 6th. 
Carlisle Henry, combmaker, 304 Sassafras 

Care Miss M.J k (l ->,o r .i . 
p.,™ i> i i ' 2lZ Chestnut. 

Care Rachel, rear 84 Walnut 

CareWdham, currier, Lemon bel 13th 

Care s George Xcctarfne ab 10th 

Careb John W„shon. 3 Maple 

Carlisle Wm. Jr., mer. Mulberry st. whf. Sch 

h Cherry W Broad 
Carlisle Wm. E, clerk, 109 St. John 
Carlon Charles, tailor, 36 Middle al. 
Carlyle Alexander, carpenter, 2 Roberts' ct 
Carlyle William, machinist. Wood ab Sch 4th 
Carmac John, brickmr., Llovd n Fitzwater" 
Carman Elizabeth, 204 Mulberry 
Carman H. Mrs, 401 S 4th 

Cards Wm, Bolivar house 

Carey Amos, carp, rear Coates n 7U Chestaut - £«*»« James H, saddletreemr, 9 Collins' al 

(Carman John, carpenter, 91 German 
Carman Mary, gentw, 132 S 4th 

Carey Ann Ehza, teacher, Rose al 

Carman Stephen, locksmith, Mechanics 

Carman "H in., saw mill, Camden 

Carm m W ilson, varnishmr., 4th bel Federal 

Carmichael James, oil cloth manuf., 570 N 3d 

Carmick Mrs., widow, 125 Lombard. 

Carmick Lewis, com. mer., 11 Walnut, h 125 

Carmony John, carp., Wharton n 5th 
Carmony & Salter, carps., 52 Union 
Cam John, carp., 120 S 5th 
Carnahan 1). K. Miss, teacher, 268 N 6th 
Carnahan John, tailor, Sch. 8th bel High 
Carnahan Sarah Ann, Marriott's la bel 6th 
Carnes Edward, carter, 23" S 6th 
Carncs Mary, 5th bel George (X L) 
Carnes Joseph, drayman, Sch 3d n Chestnut 
Carries J., hatter, 485 High, h 163 "Wood 
Carney B. L., hatter, 109 Ship pen, h 27S S 4th 
Carney Charles, carter, Catharine ab 7th 
Carney Debrix, oysters, Atherton 
Carney John C, lampmr., 11 Juniper al 
Carney Margaret, 5 Harrison's ct (Is.) 
Carney Robert, William ab Morris (F M) 
Corns Charles, brickmr., M'Durhe n 3d 
Carole Mary Ann, 159 S 2d 
Carolus K., cupper, 342 N 3d 
Carolus Jacob, cordw., 1 Mechanics 
Caron Eliza Ann, dry goods, 266 S 2nd. 
Carpenter Ann, trimmings, 141 S 10th 
Carpenter Ann, bookfolder, 30 Coates al 
Carpenter A. Sc M. Stevenson, confectioners, 33o 

Carpenter Benjamin E., 215 Coates 

Carpenter William, cordwainer, 16 Shippen. 
Carpenter William, hatter, 47 Wood 
Carpenter "William, labourer, 92 Bedford. 
Carpenter Wm., tailor, 48 S 3rd. h 135 l J ine 
Carpenter W. & F., tailors, 48 S 3rd. 
Carpentier John C, mer., 99 S Front, h e 

Carpentier Sarah K., gentw., 324 Walnut 
Carr Adam, mer., 7 Commerce 
CaiT Catharine, dressmr., 13 Juniper lane 
Carr Charles, shop, Brinton at) 12ih 
Carr Charles, lamp manuf., 106 Cedar 
Carr Daniel, grocer, 7th and Baker 
Carr Daniel, carter, Sassafras n Sch. Htli. 
CaiT Edward, mer., 23 Church al., h 6 Clinton 
Carr Edward, laborer, Sch 3d ab George 
Carr Elizabeth, Carpenter ab 10th 
Carr Elizabeth, gentw., 434 N 4th 
Carr Elizab., gentw., Franklin ab Buttonwood. 
Carr E. W., comb manuf., 440 N 4th. 
Carr George, watchman, 15 New Market 
Carr Henry, coachman, 25 Appletree al 
Carr 8c Hall, importers, 23 Church alley 
Carr Isaac, painter, 2 School, 
Can- Jacob B., painter, 192 Noble 
Carr James, tailor, Morris bel Fitzwatcr 
Carr James, grocer, 109 Cherry. 
Carr James, waterman, Walter's ct ah Front 
Carr James, glass cutter, 24 Maiden (K.) 
Carr James, lab., Sch. Front 8c High 
Carr James, lab., Lombard Sc Sch Willow 
Carr James M., mer., 18 Walnut st 
Carr Jane, gentw., 131 S 3d 

Carpenter Charles, tavern, Ridge road Sc T lanejCarr John, carp., 16 Branner's ct. 
Carpenter Charles A., blacksmith, 2S John (Sj;Carr John, lab., Budden's al 
Carpenter Chas. R., moroccodress., 227 St John 1 Carr Lewis, atty. and coun., 66 S 6th 
Carpenter C, vict., Sthbel Buttonwood Carr Littleton, 49 Currant al 

Carpenter D. H., surg. ins. mr, 643 N 2d (K) Carr Mary, rear 100 Carpenter (S) 
Carpenter D. L., teacher dancing, Masonic Hall! Carr Maria, gentw., 52 Lombard 
Carpenter Edward, conveyancer, 56 Walnut, h Carr Mary, 10 Pryor's court 

Sch 8th bel Spruce Carr Michael, weaver, Cadwalader bel Muster. 

Carpenter Eliza, 25 Palmyra square Carr Michael, waiter, 4 Garrigues' ct 

Carpenter Francis, tailor, 48 S 3rd, h N W 3d 8c Carr Patience, washer, 55 Currant al 

Cypress I Carr Patrick, grocer, 131 Locust 

Carpenter George, clerk, Buttonwood ab RroadjCarr Patrick, blacksmith, P road ab Carpenter 

Carpenter George W., carpenter, 12 Perry 
Carpenter Geo. W., druggist, 301 High, h 130 

Carpenter G. W. 8c Co., druggists, 301 High 
Carpenter Henry M., cordwainer, 265 S 2d. 
Carpenter Jacob, waiter, 7 Hurst. 
Carpenter James H., 24 Benton 
Carpenter John, blacksmith, Apple bel George 
Carpenter John, tailor, 3d and Cypress 
Carpenter Joshua, painter, 3rd bel Pine, h Juni- 
per bel Spruce. 
Carpenter Miles, lab., Noble n O Y road. 
Carpenter M. A., Steel's ct 

Carr Rachel, teacher, 118 Spruce 
Carr Robert, lab., Johnston's ct (K) 
Carr Samuel Morton, lab., Coates n 12th 
Carr Samuel, blacksmith, Apple ab George. 
Carr Samuel M., cordw., R. road ab Buttonvfood 
Carr Thomas, prof, of music, 180 Vine 
Can- William, oysters, 18U Lombard 
Carr Wm., mer"., 18 Walnut 
Carr Wm., bootmr., 497 Vine 
Carr Wm., engraver, 107 Lombard 
Carr William L, mer., Sch. 7th n Vine 
Carr W. 8c J.M., com. mers., ltt Walnut 
Carragher James, lab., 62 P road 

Carpenter Powell, ice house, O Y road 8c Noble jCarrall David W., tavern, F road & Manderson 
Carpenter Priscilla, 310 S 10th Carrall R., dry good-., 431 N 2d 

Carpenter Sarr.l., bookbr., 47 Wood ICarran James, lab., 6th ab Carpenter 

< '^rpenter Samuel-H., 76$ "Walnut, h 117 S ath'Carrell John, tavern, 2nd bel Master. 
Carpenter Sarah, 64 S 12th. jCarrell John, tavern, Swanson k Reck 

Carpenter Sarah C, milliner, 17 S 2nd. Carrell Thomas, weaver, 275 N Front 

Carpenter Stephen, carp., Rose al . (Carrick George, brickmr., Coxe 

Carrick James, grocer, Washington Sc Callovvhill 
Carrick John, watchman, Filbert n Sch 3d 
Carrick Robert, lab., Pine bel Beach 
Carrick Robert, baker, Sch 2d St Wood 
Carrick Thomas, blacksmith, Callovvhill near 

Carrier E., tobacconist, 132 S loth 
Carrirran Jacob, carp., 204 Cherry 
Carrigan Jacob Jr., saddlery hardware, 21 N 

3d, h c 5th and Buttonwood. 
Carrigan Margaret, 12 Lebanon 
Carrigan AViliiam, plumber, Lews bel Sch 6th 
Carrig-ill Thomas, dealer, Jones XV Sch. 4th. 
Carroll Catharine, dress mr., Nectarine 
Carroll E. A., notary public and ship broker, 

office 119 S 2d, h 12G Catharine 
Carroll Daniel, b h., 90 N Water. 
Carroll D. L. Rev., 264 N 6th. 
Carroll George, tobacconist, 440 High. 
Carroll Henry, victualler, 2 Moore's ct 
Carroll James, Hamilton n (F M) 
Carroll James, stonecutter, Lemon 
Carroll James, harness mr., Milton ab 10th 
Carroll John, lab., Salem al 
Carroll John, lab., Spruce and Sch. Front 
Carroll Joseph, weaver, 13th n Shippen 
Carroll Joseph, weaver, Lombard n Sch. Front 
Carroll Man', 156 S 10th 
Carroll Margaret, Relief place 
Carroll Maurice, shoemr., 13 Jones al. 
Carroll Michael, lab. rear 109 Queen 
Carroll M. L., 3 Perry 
Carroll Nicholas, lab., Clay bel Sch Beach 
Carroll Patrick, tailor, 14 Jones' alley. 
Carroll Peter, lab., Pine bel Sch Beach 
Carroll Robert, dentist, 106 S 10th 
Carroll Thomas, lab , Spruce and Sch Front 
Carroll Thomas, weaver, 13th bel Brinton 
Carroll Thomas, 7 Letitia ct 
Carroll Thomas, lab., 11 Lombard 
Carroll Timothv, watchman, 1 Wag-ner's al 
Carroll Walter,' clothing-, 98 S 2d, h 216 S 7th. 
Carroll William, wearer, 118 Plum 
Carrow John, jewel, man., 5 Bank al, h 292 S 5th 
Carruthers John, coachrnaker, N W 5th andBut- 

Carsley Joseph, blacksm.. 1 Norman's alley 
Carson Catharine, 125 New. 
Carson Elizabeth, 13 Julianna 
Carson Eliza, grocer, 13th bel Callowhill 
Carson & Parson, carp. 34 Carter's al 
Carson George, lab., Lombard bel Juniper 
Carson George C, mer., 51 S wharves 
Carson Hannah, Broad Sc Paper al. 
Carson Henry, cabinetmr., rear 32 Garden 
Carson Henry, produce broker, 35 S Water 
Carson H. L., mer., 30 X Front 
Carson h Helmuth, mdze. brokers, 35 S Water 
Carson John, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d, (K) 
Carson John M., Pearl ab Sassafras 
Carson Joseph, M. I)., 53 s 13th. 
Carson M., weaver, 2 Spring-mill ct 
Carson M. weaver, 2 S. Garden Retreat 
Carson Jc Newbold, mers., 51 S wharves. 
Carson Oliver, weaver, 573 N 3d. 

Carson Rachel, 88 S 12th 

Carson Robt. weaver, Cadw.aladern Phoenix, (K) 

Carson Robert, bricklayer, Dorothy 

Carson Samuel, weaver, 36 Mead 

Carson Thomas, srrocer, 207 G T road 

Car&tairs James, mer., 1st wharf ab Cedar, h 31 

Carswell Matthew W., Franklin (N L) 
Carter Abraham, carp., 18 Gray's al., h 30 El- 

freth's al 
Carter Amos, 8th bel Buttonwood 
Carter Ann, 16 Prune. 
Carter Ann, Shippen ab Broad 
Carter Charles Ignatius H. Rev., 116 S 4th. 
Carter Daniel, lab., 51 Currant alley 
Carter Dennis, musician, Parker n Prime 
Carter Durden B., mer., 26 Chestnut, h 2 Du- 

gan place 
Carter Edward, bricklayer, Pleasant bel 13th 
Carter Elizabeth, milliner, 66 N 4th 
Carter Elizabeth, undertaker, 133 N 6th. 
Carter Enoch, painter, 8 Mineral pi 
Carter George, boat build., Swanson n Catharine 
Carter George, tobac, 90 N 5th &. 372 High 
Carter Harrison G., mer., 324 N 3d 
Carter Isaac, lab. Perry and Phoenix (K) 
Carter Jacob, oak cooper, 167 N 12th 
Carter Jacob, porter, 8 Burd's ct 
Carter James N. cooper, 54 Christian 
Carter James T., straw goods, 155 High, h 39 N 

Sch. 8th. 
Carter John, 33 German 
Carter John, chem., 14 Minor, h 96 S 12th 
Carter John, ship carp., Queen & Stoy's ct. (K) 
Carter J. G., cooper, 10 Comerce, h 167 N 12th 
Carter Leah, 49 Currant al 
Carter Margaret, 11th and Buttonwood 
Carter Mary, 100 Swanson. 
Carter Noah, waiter, Lisle. 
Carter 8c Parham, hatters' goods, 324 N 3d 
Carter Restore, mer., 11 N 3d, h 195 Noble 
Carter Robert T., tavern, S E 5th and Queen 
Carter 8c Ritchie, furs, 232 N 3d 
Carter S. collector, 105 Buttonwood 
Carter 8c Scattergood, chemists, 14 Minor. 
Carter Tamar, washer, 55 Currant al 
Carter 8c Titus, carpenters, 44 Commerce 
Carter William, silk dyer, 114 N4th. 
Carter William, jeweller, S E 5th 8c Harmony 
Carter Win, sailmr. 45 Crown (N L) 
Carter Wm. T. mer. 232 N 3d 
Carter Wm. T., liv. stables, Prune n 6th, h S W 

9th 8c Pine. \ 
Carteret Joseph W., undertaker, 6th and Ca- 
Carteret Wm. M., com. mer., h 136 Catharine. 
Cartledge Joseph, stone cutter, Federal below 

Cartlich Hiram, porter, 46 Cherry 
Cart wriglit Matthew, tinworker, 456 N 3d. 
Carty Charles, captain, 13 Queen. 
Carty James, opposite E Penitentiary 
Carty Josiah S., hatter, 2 James 
Carty Madame, 148 Pine 
Carty Sumpter, cordwr., 22 North. 

Carver Alexander B., conveyr., N W 9th and 

Filbert, h 179 Wood 
Carver Isaac, cabinetmr, 274 S 2d, h 410 S od 
Carver Isaac, turner, 12 Little Dock 
Carver John, jrent. rear 548 S Front 

Cassey Joseph, gent, 113 Lombard 
Cassidy Hugh, mer. 396 High _ . 

Cassin John, provisions, 31 N Water, h 73 Union 
Cassin John & Co. provisions, 31 N Water 
Casteldine Ann, 307 S Front. 

Career John E., arch't, 51 N 6th, h 11th abCastels Robert, lab Pleasant ab 11th 

Carver John R., carpenter, 6 Rittenhouse. 
Carvet Joseph, hod carrier, Carpenter bel 9th 
Carver J. E, architect, 51 N 6th 
Carver Samuel, X W 9th and Filbert 
Carver Sarah, shoe binder, 39 Gaskill 
Carv Sarah Mrs., 467 S Front 
Casamajor P. Jr., gent., 8 Portico sqr. 
Casely Alexander, carp., 4th bel Carpenter 
Casey James, iron mer., 3o and 35 X W ater, h 

3S2 Mulberrv 

Castels William, printer, Traquair's ct. 
jCaster Samuel, lab., Evans ab Federal 

Castle Joseph, Rev., 466 Callowhill 
j Castle James II., atty. & coun., office 48 S 4in, 
h Monroe pi 

Castle William, confectioner, 136 Mulberry. 

Castles Robert, hay 8c lime, If. road 8c Pleasant 
! Castles James, grocer, 335 S 2nd 

Castner, Christian 8c Curran, com. mors., 76 S 

Castner Enoch, mer., 67 S whar., h 26 Union 

ob rr\. ,„•!,• e , r;1 i n „, r-p -\n 1 ra<;tr>pr Samuel mer.. 76 S wharves, h 269 S 

Casey James, weaver, William :c \\ lllov. (^ >1 J castner, aamiui, mci., i « ^ 

Casey Jas. D. glass cut{er, Vienna bel Prince (K) ! Front u ,, nT , 

Casey John, pocer, 262 Race Castner S 8c E poeqjffS Waives 

CaseV Michael, shoemr. 35 Crown CasweJ Arab e la 4S IS Front 

Cash Andrew D., conveyancer, SO Walnut, h 6th Caswell John, lab 28 Mead 

bel Walnut 

Cash Elizabeth, gentw. 40 Puttonwood 

Caskel Elizabeth, gentw. 43 Duke 

Caskey Ann, dry goods, 144 S 3th. 

Caskc'y James, carter, 8 Margaretta 

Caskey John, grocer, Linn 

Caskey Joseph, groceries £c flour, 446 High. 

Caskey Robert, carter, Rose bel William (K) 

Caskey Samuel, lab., 10 Morgan's ct. bel 12th. 

Caslaw John, weaver, 10th bel Catharine 

Casner John, painter, 59 Dock 
Casperson Samuel, captain, 334 S 4th 
Cassady Dennis, painter, 20 Quince 
Cassady Edward, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
Cassady Felix, carpenter, 12 Fitzwater 

Cassady Francis, weaver, G T road n Jefferson 
Cassady Francis, G T road n Master. 
Cassady Francis, painter, 36 Beck (S) 
Cassady Henry, segar maker, 302 S 4th. 
Cassady Henry, combmr., Ptnn^ab Marsh (K) 
Cassady H. supt. police, 344 S 3d 
Cassady Hugh, peddler, Vine n Sch 
Cassady James, carp. 6 Howard's ct 
Cassady James, butcher. Carpenter ab 8th 
Cassady John, carpt., 200 Queen 
Cassady John, coachman, 414 X Water 
Cassady John, baker, 262 Mulberry. 
Cassad'v John, laborer, Maitland's ct 
Cassady John, seaman, 6th ab Washington 

Cates John, lab. Ohio 

Catharine John, tavern, 357 S 6th 

Cathell Josiah, hatter, 18 Catharine 

Cathcart Alexander, cordwainer, 206 Queen 

Cathcart James, watchman, Filbert ab Sch. 4th 

Cathcart John M., gauger, 71 St. John, h Noble 

ab 3d 
Cathcart Thomas, carp., Lombard ab 11th 
Cathcart William, cooper, 3 Mary (S) 
Cathcart Wm. weaver, 10th and Milton 
Catheral Charles, seaman, 40 Mary (S) 
Catheral Henry V. steward, 4 Watson s al 
'Catherall George, tobacconist, School 
Catherall George, paperhanger, 63 Coates. 
' Catherall Jane, Adams n 13th. 
Catherall John, eating house, Frcytag s al and 

Shippen , , . „._. 

Catherwood Andrew J. mer., S W loth & High, 

h 425 Walnut 
Catherwood Hugh, gent, 425 Walnut 
'Cato Wm, barber, 17 Sassafras al. 
; Caton Jesse, waterman, 12 Maiden (k) 
Cattell David, blacksmith, 26b S front, (S.) h 
i 10 Reckless 

Cattell George, waterman, S W Front & Green- 

wich t 

! Cauffman A. M. gentw. Ulnck s al 
j Cauffman Catharine, b h, Front and Franklin, 

ad'v John Brcomt m. Otter n X (K) jCauffman Charles, victualler, Geojjebel Apple 
Cassady Michael, dealer, 63 S 4th ,Cauffman Lawrence, mer, U - 

Cassady Park H, baker, 25 X 9th. 
Cassady Patrick, watchman, Sch 6th ab Pine 
Cassady Robert, tailor, Carpenter ab 8th 
Cassady Thomas, ship carpt. 6 Beck (S) 
Cassady William, tailor, 36 Strawberry. 
Cassin Ann, shopkeeper, 170 Christian. 
Cassart Lewis P. mariner, 462 S 2d 

Casseday Jas, mer, 121 S Water, h 27 Pine - 

Cassedav P 2 John's ct Caullet Sarah, Re< d bel ~d 

CasseSay Saml t straw hatfinis'r, 43 Lombard Caut Armon, sugar refiner, rear 87 N 2d, h 13 
Cass«U Frederick, cordw., 39 N 4th I Elfreth s al b 8th 

Cawelman Edward, ivorv turner, Orchard |Cavaher Charles, lab. Carpenter ab 


X 9th 
Cauffman Marcus, dry goods, 24 S 2nd, h 391 

CauffmanV S, me,, 27 X 3rd, hi 60 S 9th 
Cauffman R. S., 8c Co, crockery, 27N 3d. 

'Cauffman 8c Wolf, mors, 24 S 2nd 8c 21 Straw- 

| berry 

'Caul Wm. seaman, Bradford s al 

Cavan R., weaver, Watt's ct. (F M) 
Cavanaugh Dennis, grocer, 2d S; Washington 
Cavanaugh Elizabeth, shop, Pine ab Sch Willow 
Cavanaugh Hugh, corder, 43 Swanson. 
Cavanaugh James, 110 S 2d 
Cavanaugh John, 23 Chatham 
Cavanaugh John, jr., boots ?<. shoes, 166 N* 2d 
Cavanaugh Joseph, porter, 11 Quarry 
Cavanaugh Lawrence, stone mason, St Joseph's 

av. n Sch 5th 
Cavanaugh Michael, lab. Mulberry W Sch 2d 
Cavanaugh Michael, gent. S E 2d and Queen 
Cavanaugh Wm., N E Juniper and High 
Cavenaugh M. lab. 13th ab Poplar 
Cave Jonathan J., agent, 13th ab Wallace 
Cave Joseph, watchmr., 10 Lagrange place 
Cave fc SchatTer, druggists, 227 High 
Cave Thomas, druggist, 227 High, h Walnut n 

Sch. 7th. 

Cavender Cordelia, gentw., 243 N 7th. 
Cavender E. M. dry goods, rear 83 High, h 10 

Beck place 
Cavender John II., conveyancer, 348 N 5th. 
Caverow Wm., plasterer, 3 Carlton 
Cephas Levin, carter, Front bel Greenwich 
Cerns Henry, shoemr. Poplar ab Beach (K) 
Cever Francis, cordw., Fisher ab Carpenter 
Chacon Don Pablo, consul general of Spain, 209 

Chadwick Henry W., teacher, Front ab Maiden. 
Chadwick Thomas, Nixon n Callowhill 
Chadwick Thomas, carp. 7th bel Christian 
Chadwick T. B., confectioner, 12 Helmuth 
Chaffee James, trader, 298 N 10th 

Chambers Isaac, waiter, 4 Quince 
Chambers Jacob, lab. 46 Currant al 
Chambers James, lab. 89 V,' Callowhill 
Chambers James, stone cutter, Mulberry bel 

Broad, h S W Sch. 7th and Vine 
Chambers James, painter, 274 Callowhill. 
Chambers James, boatm., Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Chambers John, labourer, Corn bel Wharton. 
Chambers John, lab., Cherry ab 13th 
Chambers John Rev., 360 Mulberry. 
Chambers John, dealer, Pearl ab 11th 
Chambers Joseph, bricklayer, Washington bel 

P road 
Chambers Joseph, box maker, 38 Mead 
Chambers J. C, grocer, N E 2nd and Mulberry, 

h 87 Wood. 
Chambers J. M. carp. Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Chambers J. W. tailor, rear 102 Christian 
Chambers Louisa, washer, 26 Watson's al 
Chambers Marv, 296 Chestnut 
Chambers Montgomery, M. D., 92 S 5th. 
Chambers X., waiter, 19 Watson's al 
Chambers Peter, confec, rear 28 N 6th 
Chambers Robert, lab. Biddle's al 
Chambers Samuel, lab. 89 W Callowhill 
Chambers Samuel, carter, rear 60 Brown (X L) 
Chambers Samuel, 36 Prosperous al 
Chambers S. trunk mr. Poplar ab Apple 
Chambers Thomas, attorney at law, Spruce and 

Sch 8th 
Chambers Thomas, 4 White's ct 
Chambers Walter, carter, Commerce ab 5th 
Chambers Wm. C, M. D. 278 Walnut 
Chambers William, china mer., 250 S 6th. 

Chain Thomas, barber, 213 Walnut, h Lily alley | Chambers Wm. B., gro., N W 4th £c Walnut. 

Chaloner Anna M., seminary, XW 13th Sc Walnut: Chambley B., coachman, 10 X 10th. 

Chaloner A. D., M. D., X W 13th and Walnut Champion Charles, tavern, X W Mulberry and 

Chaloner Wm., asst. appraiser customs, h N W 

13th and Walnut 
Chamberlain C. R., dentist, 163 Spruce 
Chamberlain Isaac, waterman, rear 75 Catharine! Champion Jehu, lab., Cedar bel 12th 

X Wharf. 
Champion C. Collins, trimmings, 278 Callowhill 
h 113 Wood 

Chamberlain J. J. com. mer. Pearl ab 12th 
Chamberlain John S., acct., 135 Franklin 
Chamberlain Llovd, Sec'v. Beav. Mead. Coal Co., 

84 Walnut ' 
Chamberlin Britton E., teacher, c 11th & 

Buttonwood, h 66 X 8th. 
Chamberlin Elizabeth, gentw., 279 X 7th 
Chamberlin Taylor, millwright, Penn n R road 
Chambers Abraham, seaman, 4 Bradford's al 
Chambers Andrew R., leather mer., 67 & h 505 

Chambers Ann, Sch 5th and Barker 
Chambers David, bricklayer, Catharine bel 7th 
Chambers Edward, oysterman, 119 Swanson. 
Chambers Edward W. mariner, 4 Beck (S) 
Chambers Elizabeth, rear 116 Catharine 

Champion John B., real estate brok., 404 X 6th 
Champion Richard, Callow hill n Sch 7th 
Champion Samuel, blacksmith, Parrish ab 11th 
Champion William, tavern, S Wharves n 

Chan Isaac, clothing, 134 Brown 
Chance J. C, dry goods, 530 High 
Chance William, blacksmith, Front bel Master, 

Chance 'W illiam, Son &. Co. hardware, Birming- 
ham, England, & 36 Commerce st. Philada. 
Chancellor Catharine, shop, R road and Wood 
Chancellor Hannah, gentw., ^71 Chestnut 
j Chancellor Wharton., 271 Chestnut 
iChandlee George, carpenter, 2 Madison. 

Chandler Ann, 1 Taylor's al 
Chambers George, shoemr., Sch. Front 5c High Chandler Edwin, agricultural warehouse, 196 
Chambers George K., grocer, X. W. 10th andl High, h 87 Locust 

Castle. i Chandler Elizabeth, b h, 343 High 

Chambers George T., manuf. flour, oat meal, Scci Chandler George Rev., Queen n Palmer. (K) 

Willow ab 12th, h Buttonwood n 13th | Chandler John, grocer, 159 S 6th. 

Cliambers G. W., M. D., S W 4th and Plum 1 Chandler Joseph R., editor Sc proprietor D S 
Chambers Sc Hendry, leather, 67 Chestnut. Gazette, 66 Dock, h 105 X 10th. 

Chambers H., lab., Milton ab 10th I Chandler M. T. W., 426 Sassafras 

Chandler William, laborer, 30 Magnolia 
Chandler Wm. potter, Lombard n Sch 5th 
Chandler Wm. A., shoemr., Hanks' ct. 
Channon Wm. 307 Cherry 
Chapin Emma, confect. 441 S ~d 
Chapin J- gunsmith, Apple n Creek 
Chapman Ann, 21 Branch 
Chapman C. C, e.xch. office, N W 2nd and 

Chestnut, h 53 Union 
Chapman Elizabeth, 1S1 S 10th ^_ 
Chapman Enos, carpenter, 142 N lotn 
Chapman Frederick, undertaker, 140 Sassafras 
Chapman H. B. acct., Haverford road (M V) 
Chapman Isaac, cordw. 33 Perry 
Chapman Jonathan, engineer, N 10th n Button- 
Chapman Juliann, 11 Christian 
Chapman Mary, 99 Wood. 
Chapman Nathaniel, M. D., 332 Chestnut. 
Chapman Richard, M. D., Front bel^Otter (K) 
Chapman Richard, papermaker, 513 N 2d 
Chapman Susan, cigarmaker, 308 St. John. 
Chapman Theodore, bricklayer, So Franklin 
Chapman Thos. B. machinist, Beach ab Hanover, 

h Queen n Hanover. 
Chapman T. Ellwood, bookseller & binder, /4 
N 4th. , ,. _ 

Chapman Wm., bricklayer, S W Franklin and 

Chapman Wm. R., bricklayer, 253 Green. 
Chapouty P., gent, furnishing store, N W 8th 

and Zane 
Chappel James H., reporter fashions, 59 S 3d 
Chapron John, gent., 75 Spruce 
Charles Catharine, F. road n Marlboro . 
Charles David, weaver. 633 N 2d. 
Charles John, labourer, 4 Mechanic. 
Charles Mary, Green n Spruce. 
Charles Wm., mariner, 9 Reckless. 
Charlton Benjamin, tailor, 445 S 2nd. 
Charlton John, labourer, Beach ab Pine. 
Charlton John, boot fitter, School ab Rose (K) j 
Charlton Mary, 8 Green (C) 
Charlton Martha, tavern, c 8th & Zane. 
Charlton Robert, hatter, 19 Mechanic , 

Charlton Thomas, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Charlton W. N. S., 445 S 2d 
Charman Joseph, shoemr., 24 Strawberry 
Charnley William S., stock St exch. broker, 9 S 

3rd, h Filbert ab Broad 
Charnlev Sc Whelen, stock Sc ex. brokers, 9 S 3rd. 
Charaock Thomas, cabinetmaker, rear 172 Pine, 

h 26 Bonsall. 
Charter Geo., furniture car, Barker bel Sch. 6th. 
Charter Wm., seaman, rear 153 Lombard. 
Charters Samuel, boot cc shoemaker, R road bel 

Chase Ann, 9 Maria. 
Chase Benjamin, 1 Poplar ct. 
Chase B. W., men, 4 S Front, h 37 Girard 
Chase Daniel, waiter, 53 Currant alley 
Chase Ezra, 13 Federal 
Chase E., shoemaker, Washington (W P) 
Chase Heber, M. D., 113 S 9th. 
Chase John, shoemr., Hallowell n 7th. 

'Chase John, stonecuttr, R. road n Ann, (F. V.) 
Chase John G, acct. 82 Union. 
Chase J. W., shop, R. road bel. Ann, (F. V.) 
Chase Philip B., com. mer., 20 Chestnut, h 4 

W Penn sq. 
Chase Philip B. &. Co., com. mers., 20 Chestnut 
Chase Pliny E., teacher, 506 Chestnut. 
Chase Robert, carter, 10 Green, (C.) 
Chase Stephen G., shoemaker. Harmony bel 

Chase Thomas G., library k music store, 120 

Chase AViUiam, labourer, 41 Currant al. 
Chasteney Jane, teacher, 37 S Sch. 6th. 
Chater Henry, 1 Taylor's al. 
Chater Samuel, cutler, 71 S. 2d. 
Chatham John, cordwainer. Front bel Wharton 
Chatham Joseph, grocer, 122 Walnut 
Chatham Robert F., ladies' shcemr., 53 S 12th. 
Chatham Stephen C, waterman, Front below 

Chattin Abisha, bricklayer, Jones n Sch 6th 
Chattin Ann, Fraley's ct (,K) 
Chauncey Charles, counsellor, office 85, h ST 
| Walnut. 

.Chauncey & Chester, counsellors, office SS 
I Walnut. 

Chauncev Flihu, 157 Walnut 
^hauncev Henry, M. D., 298 Cedar ab 11th 
I Chauncey Nathaniel, atty. 5c coun., 231 Pine. 
Chauveau A. J., mer., 242 High. 
iChauvenet A., grocer, N E 6th and Cedar 
iChauvenet W. M., grocer, S W 3d Sc Cedar. 
;Chaux Teresa, indian doctre_>s, F Rbel Phoenix. 
iChavers Je^e, cordw., School av n 2d 
iCheaseman John, shoemr., 4 Bind, (S.) 
jcheatel Wm., hatter, Carlton bel Sch. 3d. 
! Cheeks Henrv, furniture, Pleasant ab 11th 
j Cheeks, William, 1 City Row. 
jCheesman Abigail, washer. 3 Roberts' ct. 
Cheetham James, hatter, Vine n Sch. 
Cheetham Thomas B., mer., 4th ab Thn:u P «on. 

| Cheetham AVilliam, mer., 28 S >\ hfs 
iCheethamWm.H.,carpetr.v.u,uf., store 1. N 41H. 

factory G T R n 5th, h 5j.^ N 4th 
Cheetham W. H., Jr., carpetmaiiuf., 49o N. od. 
'Chemin August, 187 S Front and 18oS \\ ater 
Chequer Wm., shoemr., 64 > . Ui 
Cherrv David, teacher, c George & Charlotte. 
Chesebrough A. F., mer., 5 S wharves, h U 

Chesebrough C, groceries, 16 S wharves 
Chesebrough E. C, mer., 61 N -J 
Chesline Samuel, fisherman, Binder'sct. (h.) 
Chesnut & Gravel, groceries, 6 High 
Chesnut John, blacksmith, 402 High, h SJ 1\ 

IChesnut John, bricklayer, 12 Swanwick 

Chesnut John, grocer, 73 P. road. 
Chesnut John P., gent., 7 Ann ab Sch. 8th. 
Chesnut Nathaniel, carter, rear Sch. 7th ab Mul- 
Chesnut Wm., grocer, 6 High, h 47 Wood 
Chester C. W-, cordw., Wood ab Sch 3d 

Chester Henry, atty. & coun., So Walnut, h. 8 

Clinton. ' 
Chester Miram, bootmaker, F road n Queen. 
Chester Leonard, machinist, Hanover ab Prince, 

Chester Lewi?, clerk, 33 New Market 

Chester Silvia, Greswold's al 

Chesterman, John, boot crimper, Church bel 

Chestnut Wm., carp., Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Chettle Joseph, hatter, 11 Vernon 
Chevelier Wm, tinman, 5th ab Poplar 
Chevens Wm., pumpmr., Brown bel Front 
Chevens Henry, boat builder, Court al. 
Cheverria John, carp., Atherton 
Chew Charles, brassibunder, Mulberry n Sch. 

Chew Henrietta, 286 "Walnut. 
Chew James S., hatter, 2d bel Greenwich 
Chew JefTery, furniture, 276 S 2d 
Chew Joseph, cordwainer, 281 S 5th. 
Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 204 Chestnut, 

h 159 N. 7th 
Chew J., hairdresser 8c wigmr., 36 S 4th. 
Chew I. J., paper stainer, Perkenpine's ct 
Chew Nathan, cordw., 5 Doman's ct. 
Chew Totten, carter, P road bel Marriott's la 
Chew Westley, cordwainer, 32S S 4th. 
Chew William, clothes, N E 2nd Sc Walnut, h 

16 Powell 
Chew W. L., car driver, 11th & Vernon 
Chevney Charles H., ice dealer, 129 Chestnut 
Chierdel Ann, 171 Pine 
Child ('., sugar baker, Jackson, (N L) 
Child II. T., physician, 161 Coates 
Child John, clock & watchmr., 452 N 2nd. 
Child Richard S., carp., Marshall and Poplar 
Child Samuel T., watchmr., 24S St John 
Child Stephen, combmr., ISO Swanson 
Childs C.G., proprietor Com. List, 79 Dock, h 

365 Mulberry. 
Childs G. K., silversmith, 114 Spruce 
Chihis Isaac, Palmer ab Duke. (K) 
Childs James, carp., Washington (W P) 
Childs John, wheelwright, 53 Tammany 
Childs "Wm., combmaker, Van Buren place 
Chiles B. B., dentist, 15 S 13th 
Chillas Arthur Sc Co. mers. 99 S Front, h 122 S 

Chillman 8c Brother, bookbinders, 35 S 8th 
Chillman James, bookbinder, 35 S 8th, h 8th ab 

Chillman John, bookbinder, 35 S 8th, h 12 

Chipman George, wooden ware, 2 Chestnut 
Chiquoine Servelle, pilot, Shackamaxon and 

Chism George, weaver, High n Sch 4th 
Chisrn Guorge, weaver, 12 McDufKe 
Chism James, weaver, 12 McDume 
Chittick Gerrard, weaver, Fulton ab Catharine 
Choatc David L., bootmaker, Littleboy's ct. 
Choatejohn, saddler, Cadwalader ab Master 
Christcy Elizabeth, store, S W 13th & Callow- 

Christfield Henry, waiter, 191 Catharine 
Christian John, 67 Catharine. 
Christian John, cordw., 6th and Christian 
Christian John, jr., chairmr., 3S2 S Front 
Christian Peter, alderman, 87 N 3rd. 
Christian S. J., com. mer., 76 S. Whs., h 87 N 

Christian Wm., clerk, Carpenter ab 5th 
Christie Arthur, tallow chandler, 74 Cedar 
Christie Margaret, upholsterer, 143 Chesnut. 
Christien Isaac, porter, rear 3 Gray's al. 
Christine Thomas, carp., 5th ab Poplar 
Christman Henry, boots & shoes, S E 2nd and 

Christman Joseph, clerk, 146 N 12th. 
Christman AL, w id. of Henry, 146 N 12th 
Christmann Edward, mer., 333 Lombard 
Christmas Elizabeth, 3 Jones' al 
Christopher Jesse M., acct., 3 Elizabeth ct 
Christopher Lavinia, washer, 7 Crabb 
Christy Benjamin F., collector, Jones' ct 
Christy Daniel, lab., rear 102 Christian 
Christy Elizabeth, rear 242 Christian 
Christy James, bottler, S 12th n Lombard. 
Christy Margaret, 266 N 7th. 
Christy Mary, 13th and Fitzwatcr 
Christy Mary, washer, Shippen bel 12th 
Christy Richard, inspector customs, 76 Spruce 
Christy Robert, shoemr., Jones W Sch 4th 
Christy Robert P., dep. Reg. of Wills, 6 State 

House, h 96 S Front. 
Christy Sarah, Lombard E Sch 6th 
Christy Sarah drygoods, 446 N4th 
Christy S., brickmr., Pine n Ashton 
Christy Wm., weaver, Murray ab Sch 3d 
Christy Wm., umbrella mr., 438 N 4th 
Chronicle E., stevedore, Scott's ct 
Chubb Samuel, dry goods, 235 S 2nd. 
Chur A. T., commis. merchant, 63 High, h 15 

Chur Jacob, gent., 13 Sergeant. 
Church Frederick II., stoves and sheet iron, 68 

N 2d, h Filbert n Broad 
Church Julius, confectioner, 411 N 2nd. 
Church Rebecca, 208 S Front 
Churcher John, boot & shoemaker, 52 S 11th. 
Churchman Charles W., mer., 30 S Front. 
| Churchman Hannah, mer., 7th n Parrish. 
Cills Wm., tobacconist, 2d and G T road 
Citti John, imagemr., 80 Spruce 
Civil John, mail driver, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Clagg Isaac, manuf., G T road ab Master 
Claghorn John W., auctioneer, 32 Si 34 High, 

h 383 Mulberry. 
Claghorn J. L., auctioneer, S W Bank Sc Hiffh, 

h 77 N 10th 
Claghorn, Robins & Hill, auctieneers, 32 Sc 34 

Claghorn William C, mer., 323 Sassafras. 
Clair Charles, cabinetmr. 169 N 13th 
Clair Margaret, 236 Wood 
Clair Wm., brushmr., Master n G T road 
Clairville Rosla, 9 Benton 
ClanipH'er William, hatter, 148 N 10th 
Clampitt Hannah R., taUoress, 15 Cherry. 

rl.impitt John, pilot, 6 Somers' ct 
Clanipitt John C, pilot, 38 Christian 

Clark F ., tailoress, 2 Hyde's ct. 
Clark Gabriel, lah., Reiff's av (K) 
Clark George, butcher, Sell. Beach n Locust. 
Clark George, brickmr., 14 Helmuth 
Clark George, carp., 10th ab Ruttonwood 
Clark George, blacksmith, N E loth 8c Olive. 
.Clark George G., painter, Chester ct 

Claphamson Samuel P., baker, Juniper ab High Clark George W. painter, rear 44 Garden 

ClapierJ. E., tobacconist, 434 N 2d Clark Hugh, alderman, N 4th n Master (Kl 

Clapier Mary, 216 S Front n Lombard. 

Clapp Allen, steward, Pennvslvania Hospital. 

Clapp B. F., mer., X W 2d and High 

Clancy John, peddler, 142 Lombard 
Clancy Timothy, tavern, 212 N Water. 
< !..;ie Francina, 261 Cedar 
( laphamson John, baker, 9 Dilk's ct 
Claphamson Samuel, baker, 94 N 9th. 


C.tpp Enoch, M. D., 152 Sassafras. 
Clapp N. T., mer., N AV 2d and High 
Clapp AV. R., librarian, Pennsylvania Hospital 
Clapper D. B., mariner, 75 Christian 
Clapper John, engineer, R road n F Mount 
Clare Charles, carter, AVashington ab 6th 
Clare John, carter, Front bel Greenwich 
Clare Robert, watchman, 3d k Clark 
Clare Thomas, oysters, Front Si Reed 

Clark Hugh, teacher, 212 Queen. 

Clark Hugh, grocer, 146 S 3d 

Clark H., cabinetmaker, 143 S 2d 

Clark H. K. AV., teacher, 147 N 9th 

Clark Isaac, tanner, 345 Callowhill 

Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, 22 Ellen 

Clark I., carp., Carlton n Sch 8th 

Clark Jacob, 81 Callowhill 

Clark Jacob AV., plumber, 199 N 3d, h S 1 

Logan & Coates. 
Clark James, moulder, 41 N 12th 
Clark James, lab. Fitzwater and AVagner's al 

Claridge AVm. R., druggist, Queen & Hanover, ! Clark James, blacksmith, c Sch. 4th & High. 
(K) I Clark James, tailor, 508 N 2nd. 

Clark Alexander, lampmaker, Nectarine bel | Clark James, lab., rear Bedford ab 12th 
111,1 j Clark James, lab., Shippen la bel Bedford 

Clark Alfred >L, engineer, 9 Queen n F roadj Clark James G., gent., office, 132 Mulberry. 

Clark Andrew, lab., 6 Cypress i Clark James M, clerk. 87 S 6th 

Clark Anna Maria, gentlw., Lombard N 13th. j Clark Jane, gentw., 227 S Front. 

Clark A. G., painter, 11th n Callowhill Clark Jane, 38 N 5th. 

Clark Benj., watchmr., 1 S Front, h 115 A T ine. I Clark John, frame maker, 112 N oth 

Clark Benjamin, painter, Spruce E of Sch Front. Clark John, labourer, Clair bel Carpenter. 

Clark Bernard, shop, St Mary ab 7th Clark John, cordwainer, 172 Shippen 

Clark, Cadmus & Co., shoes, S AV 3rd & High. 

Clark Caroline, Phoenix bel Front (K) 

Clark Charles, carpenter, N 4th n Alaster. 

Clark: Charles, tailor, 60 Moyamensing road. 

Clark Charles, shoemr., AVharton ab 4th 

Clark Charles G., atty. & coun., 117 S 3d 

Clark Clement, cordwainer, 154 Lombard 

Clark C. P., 206 S Front 

Clark C. S., carp., rear 408 N 4th 

Clark Daniel, porter, 6 Little Pine. 

Clark Daniel, blacksmith, 449 N 3rd, Si Maiden 

n Front, h 452 N 3rd, 
Clark David AA\, carp., N 10th ab Buttonwood. 
Clark Edith, gentw., 371 Sassafras 
Clark Eliza, 59 Cedar 

Clark Elizabeth, Queen n Shackamaxon (K.) 
Clark Elizabeth, sempstress, 321 Lombard 
Clark Elizabeth, tailoress, 34 Maiden (K) 
Clark Elizabeth, shop, 6 German 
Clark Elizabeth, 154 Christian 
(.'lark Elizabeth H., 3d and Prime 
Clark Ellen, wid. of James, 5th and Cedar 
Clark Ellis, watchmaker. 142 High, h.32 Branch. 
Clark Ellis, jr., 142 High, h 32 Branch 
Clark Enoch AV., exch. broker, 25 S 3rd, hPine 

ab 9 th. 
Clark Ephraim, gent, 3 S 9th. 
Clark Ephraim Junr., mer., 21 S Front, h 378 

Clark Ephraim, upholsterer, N AV 4th Sc \ r iue, 

h 115 Marshall. 
Clark E., 96 N 4th 
Clark E. VV. & Co., exch. brokers, 25 S 3rd. 

Clark John, grocer, High n Sch 2d 

Clark John, grocer, S E 5th & Prune, h 115 S 

Clark John, tavern, Broad n Cherry 
Clark John, carter, Clay n Sch 
Clark John, stevedore, Greswold's al 
Clark John C, carpenter 2 Howard's ct 
Clark John C, bookbinder, N VV 8th and Willow 
Clark John C, printer &; stationer, 60 Dock, h 

67 Locust. 
Clark John G., combmr., Mechanic ab George 
Clark John H., pilot, 17 Boyd's av 
Clark John S., dry goods, 198 S 2d 
Clark John S. & Co., stoves, 397$ High 
Clark John T., gilder, X AV 7th" ami High, h 

105 AVood. 
Clark John AV., plumber, S E Logan and Cu.itcs. 
Clark John AV., Washington bel 13th (N L) 
Clark Joseph, lab., Lombard E Sch filh 
Clark Joseph, weaver, Front bel Oxford (K) 
Clark Josiah H., blacksmith, 17 K. Henhouse 
Clark J., carp., Carlton n Sch 8th 
Clark J. A., cordw., rear 399 X 3d 
Clark Lewis T., mer., S W 3d and High, h 157 

Clark Mansfield, tailor, rear 23 castle 
Clark Mary, wid., 37 X 9th 
Clark Mary, rear 110 Catharine 
Clark Mary, shop, 162 S Water 
Clark Mary, tailoress, 345 Callowhill 
Clark Masklinc, druggist, S E 3d & Green 
Clark & Mellick, tavern, O Y road above Green 
Clark Michael, shoes, 314 S 2d 

Clark Michael, lab., 14 Short ct IClark W. W., druggist, 16 N 5th. 

Clark Michael F., merchant, 90 High, h 157 Mill- Clarke Archibald F., carp., Elizabeth ab Pophr 

berry Clarke Caleb F., tailor, 196 Noble 

Clark Moses II., cabinetmaker, 113 Queen. Clarke Edward, printer, 17 Flower 

Clark Mrs., widow of Rev. John A., 33 Sansom Clarke E., tailor, Orchard 

Clark Owen, labourer, 35 Zane 
Clark Owen, tailor, Sch Beach ab Walnut. 
Clark Patrick, lab., 3 Hunter 
Clark Patrick, labourer, 1 Myer's ct 
Clark Patrick, tavern, c 4th and Master. 
Clark Patrick, 14 Juniper lane 
Clark Patrick, lab., Marion ab Front 
Clark Philip, lab., Factory- 
Clark Rachel, 1 Swanwick 
Clark Rebecca Mrs., 3 Diamond. 
Clark Rebecca, 12th bel Lombard 
Clark Rebecca, Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Clark Robert, stove finisher, 385 S Front 
Clark Robert, luinb. mer., 154 Christian, h Car' 

penter ab 3rd. (S) 
Clark Robert, moulder, Maiden ab Penn 
Clark Robert, lead manuf., Kinley's ct. 
Clark Robert S., gent, 3 City row. 
Clark R., "Wood ab Sch 2d 
Clark R., lab , Nixon ab Callowhill 
Clark R. :c W., lumber mers., 154 Christian 
Clark Samuel, mariner, 64 Catharine 
Clark Samuel, carp., Murray n Sch 3d 
Clark Samuel, 1 Mir'riin 
Clark Samuel, Shippen ab 12th 
Clark Samuel, weaver, Mariner 
Clark Samuel, tailor, 63 Carpenter (S) 
Clark Sarah, milliner, 190 Chestnut. 
Clark Sarah, G T road bel Phoenix 
Clark Stephen, cordw., 10 Kenworthy's ct 
Clark Sui-an, 13 Warner's al 
Clark S. Mrs., b b, 104 Filbert. , 
Clark Thomas, carp., Front ab Reed 
Clark Thomas, manuf., Alton ct 
Clark Thomas, bookbinder, 19 St. James, h 64 

Clark Thomas, machinist, 670 N2d (K) 
Clark Thomas, cabinetmaker, 14 Marion 
Clark Thomas, foundry, Jackson's court. (N L) 
Clark Thomas, carter, Irven ct 
Clark Thomas, carter, Marriott's la ab 6th 
Clark Thomas, carp., Parrish ab Sch 8th 
Clark Thomas D., cordwainer, Shippen n 9th 
Clark Thomas M., Rev., 13th bel Locust 
Clark Timothy, tailor, Jones' ct 
Clark Wesley', baker, Franklin ab Green. 
Clark William, cooper, Front ab Franklin 
Clark William, carter, N 4th n Jefferson (K) 
Clark William, brickmr., Murray n Sch 3d 
Clark William, boatman, Helmuth ab Sch 7th 
Clark William, lumb. mer., 386 S 3d 
Clark Wm., 6 Nixon (F M) 
Clark Wm., mathematical instr. maker, 122 S 

Clark Wm. E., seaman, Church bel Christian. 
Clark William II., dentist, 33 Spruce. 
Clark Wm. P., chairmaker, Bedford n Dean 

Clark Wm. P., shoes, 431 S 2d. 

Clark Wm. R., mer, 6 Chestnut, h 194$ Spruce jClay James P., clothing-, Linden ab Sch. 7th. 

Clarke Jacob M., painter, Olive bel 12th 

Clarke John, baker, 277 S 4th 

Clarke Josiah W., umbrellas, N W 4th and High 

Clarke Matthew, tailor, Brown ab 8th 

Clarke Robert, bootmr., 9 N 6th 

Clarke Samuel, mer., 221 High, h 160 N 9th 

Clarke Thomas C, publisher, 101 Chestnut, h 

56 S 12th 
Clarke & Van Wyck, pub. Sat. Museum, 101 

Clarke William B., tailor, rear 38 St John 
Clarke Wm. & Co., grocers, N W 12th and Sas- 

Clarke William M., merchant, 73 High, h 109 

Clarkson Belinda, gentw., 167 Pine 
Clarkson Chs., mer., 120 Chestnut, h 68 S 12th 
Clarkson, Charles, & Co.. carpets, 120 Chestnut 
Clarkson George, auctioneer, 65 N 3d, h 226 


Clarkson Jacob, 10th below Cedar. 
Clarkson John, sexton, 20 Quince 
Clarkson J. G., att'y & coun., S E 6th & Wal- 
nut, h 226 Pine 
Clarkson J. M., gent., 226 Pine 
Clarkson Robert, coal yard, Broad bel Vine & 

Wood st. wharf, Sch., h Filbert n Sch 7th 
Clarkson Solomon, teacher, 155 Lombard. 
Class Peter, copperplate printer, 33 Fanner 
Clause & Canning, booksellers, 272 Chestnut 
Clause Edward J., bookseller, 272 Chestnut 
Clause John H., gent., N W 11th Sc Pine. 
Clausen John G., harnessmaker., S E 2nd k 

Clausen Wm., tobacco., S E 2d & Dock, h 63 


Clausen W., hatter, 23* N 2d, h 63 Gaskill. 
Clausen W. & Co., hatters, 23$ N 2d. 
Clautice Wm., coachmr., rear 14 Filbert, h S 

Clawson Henry, gold beater, 2d bel Beaver (K) 
Clavey John, labourer, 21 Cox. 
Clawges Jacob, painter, 187 Poplar 
Clawges John, 21 Union sq. George 
Clawges Philip S., real estate broker, 88 Wal- 
nut, h 361' S 6th. 
Clawges Sarah, 24 Dillwyn 
Clawges Wm. R., Sen., cigarmr., Spruce n Sch 

Clawson Mary, Marlboro' ab West (K) 
Claxton Edmund, bookseller, Poplar bel 9th 
Claxton Illin, lab., Ann ab R road (F V) 
Claxton John, gent., 71 Crown. 
Claxton Nathaniel, 142 Ball n Shippen 
Clay Ann, 140 S 10th 
Clay A., driver, New Crown bel Green 
Clay George, Sen., drayman, George bel App!^ 
Clay George, machinist, 154 Coates 
Clay George F., drayman, O Y road bel George. 

Clay John, mcr., 413 Sassafras 

Clay John & Co., com. mers., 20 Walnut 

Clay Joseph A., att'y Sc coun., 47 S 5th, h Sch. 

8th bel Spruce. 
Clay J. C, Rev., Swansonbel Christian 
Claypool Abraham G., waterman, 31 Union (S) 
Claypool David C, gent., Chestnut n Sch 4th 
Claypooles A. H., manuf., 26 Duke 
Clayton Curtis, shoemaker, 10S W High 
Clayton Edward, collector, 27 Filbert 
Clayton Eleanor, 3 Filbert. 
Clayton Elizabeth, gentw., Beech bel Maiden 
Clayton Henry M., printer, rear 148 Sassafras 
Clayton James A. B., shoemaker, 99 N 9th 
Clayton John, watchman, 1 Letitia ct 
Clayton John, atty Sc coun., 47 N 8th. 
Clayton John, boot and shoemr., 9 Plum 
Clayton Jonathan, slatmr., 616 S 2d 
Clayton Joseph, cordw., 259 S 4th 
Clayton J., sinkermr., 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Clayton R., packer, 9 Fayette. 
Clayton Samuel, baker, Cobb bel Queen 
Clayton S. Mrs., 47 X Sth. 
Clayton Z., cordw., 118 Locust 
Claywell Henry, seaman, 8 Spruce 
Clear Michael, sailing - master, U. S. Navy, 

Prime n Front 
Cleaver Charles, shoemr., 15 Middle al 
Cleaver Elizabeth, 103 St. John. 
Cleaver Man-, 215 X 8th. 
Cleavinger Win. S., teacher, (W P) 
Cleckinger Mary, 215 Christian 
Cleemans Gustavus, 18 and 19 Exchange, h. 

37 S 13th 
Cleeton G., carpet weaver, 458 Vine 
Cleeton Wm., cedar cooper, 3 Flower ct 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 266 S 3d 
Clegg James, tavern, Harmony ct 
Clegg Wm., blacksmith, Hunter ab 10th 
Clein Jacob, grocer, X W 9th 2c Sassafras 
Clemens Benjamin S., mus. ins. mr., 17 M" North 
Clemens 8c Baker, druggists, 187 X 3rd 
Clemens Geo. S., druggist, 147 Marshall 
Clemens Jacob, gent., 156 Marshall. 
Clemens James, lab., 5 Middle al 
Clemens Joseph, skin dresser, F road n Otter(K) 
Clemens Michael, blacksmith, 13 Bank, h 73 

Clemens Wm, tailor, Rafferty's ct" 
Clemens Wm., Cailowhill n William 
Clement Aaron, smoker and curer, Shippen ab 

9th, h Cedar ab 9th 
Clement Charles W., bricklayer, 6 Ronaldson 
Clement Henry A., cabinetmr., Carpenter bel 

Clement James, cabinetmr., 51 Pine 
Clement James W., tavern, 2d bel Cedar 
Clement J. B., mer., 39 Girard 
Clement Robert, lab., Barker n Sch 4th 
Clement Samuel, Washington ab 10th (X L) 
Clement Samuel L., conveyancer, 223 X 6th 
Clement Samuel W., Uvern, S whfs n Cedar. 
CI rr.ent Thos., tailor, 38 Mulberry 
Cl< ments John, carter, Hope bel Phoenix 
Chiiiunts Thomas, weaver, Union (K) 

Ciency Wm., lab., Shippen bel 3d 
Clendaniel J., dry goods, 203 J S 2d. 
Clendaniel Jehu, flour and provisions, 84 S 

wharves, h 203A S 2d. 
Clendenin Mary, seminary, 20 Wallace 
Clendenin Thomas, currier, 52 Tammany 
Clendenon Sarah, gentw., Sch. 7th and Filbert 
Clendinning Phebe, 8th ab Catharine 
Clery Thomas, lab., 9 Elder 
Cleveland C. D., Young Ladies' School, 3 Clin- 
Cleveland Henry, 73 S 12th 
Cleveland S. C, Lombard bel 13th 
Clever John, trader, Chatham ab Buttonwood 
Clew Jeremiah, brickmr., Cherry ab Sch 8th 
Clew Peter, brickmaker, Sassafras ab Sch. 8th. 
Clew William, 43 George. 
ClifF Joseph, manuf., Willow n Sch. Spruce 
Cliff Samuel, dyer, 13 W Cedar 
Clifford C. shop, 135A Cherry. 
Clifford M., shoemaker, 47 Prune 
Clifford Richard, hosier, 469 N T 3d 
Clifford Robert, lab., Sch. 7th n Coates 
Clifford R., dyer, 13 Stamper's al and Juniper 1a 
Clifford Sarah, taiioress, 6 Prospect pi 
Clift George, coachmr., 1 Skerrett's ct 
Clifton Isaac, hatter, 1U Wood. 
Clifton Matthias, tailor, Marriott ab M road 
Clifton Robert, tailor, 2d and Duck, h Catharine 

ab 6th. 
Clifton Thos., baker, N\V r Catharine J; Lebanon. 
Clime Jesse, mason, Marlboro' ab Franklin (K>) 
Clime John, shoemr., 9 Pleasant av 
Clincher Mary, shop, 10 Fothcrgill. 
Cline Barbara, Salem al ab 12th 
Cline Francis, musician, 9 Filbert av. 
Cline George, carp., Irven 
Cline George, tailor, 93 X 9th. 
Cline John, blacksmith, Tyler n Fisher 
Cline John, blacksmith, Marriott's la ab 3d 
Cline Lewis J., tailor, c 13th 8c Wood 
Cline Peter dealer, Spruce bel Sch 5th 
Cline Philip, b. h., 41 Cherry 
Cline Philip, turner, Charlotte bel George 
Cline P. 8c C, silver platers, 294 Sassafrai 
Cline 8c Shillingsford, blacksmiths, 13 iLoiubird 
Cline Wm., dealer, Spruce bel ^-!i 5th 
Cline Wm., stove finisher, 5th ab Franklin 
Cling Thomas, tobacconist, 493 S Front 
C linger Mary, 29 Wood 
Clingman John, blindmr., Stanley bel 4th 
Clinton Edwin, confectioner, 261 Cedar 
Clinton Francis, carpenter, 1 Payntcr'9 ct. 
Clinton John, printer, 166 Buttonv.ood 
Clinton Robert, acct, Otter n G T road. 
Clinton Wm., carpenter, Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Clinton Wm., weaver, Filbert VV Sch 4th 
Clinton William, bruslimaker, Buttonwood ab 

Clinton William, acct., 41 Ga-kiil 
Clissel John, shoemr., Cherry bel Duke (K) 
Cloak Daniel, siiociiu-., 12 Mark's lane 
Cloak Daniel, carter, Parker 
Cloak Wm., carter, Parker ab Prime 
Cloake Ebenezer, city watch, 113 Juniper 

Cloake Morris waterman, 25 Prime 

Cloaker Eliza, dress maker, Sch 6th and Pine 

Clohosey Thomas, painter, 469 S Front 

C long Isabella, shop, 159 Vine 

Cloop ?c Glvmer, carpenter, 9 St James 

Clopp Henrv, cabinet maker. Stout's al 

CIopp John Jr., constable, 6 Penn'a av 

Clopp John, gent., 174 N4th. 

Close Charles S., carp., 57 S wanton, h Parham 

Close Edward, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 

Close Henry, gent., 169 Coates. 

Close Rachel, 12 Parham 

Close William, Lynn ab Callow-hill 

Closson Sarah, rear 84 Walnut 

Clothier Ann, Bedford bel Hanover (K) 

Clothier Caleb, bricklayer, back 45 Cherry. 

Clothier Jacob, grocer, c Hanover & Prince, h 

Union bel Prince. 
Clothier Saml., bricklayer, Hanover bel F road 
Clothier Susannah, Fraley's ct (J\) 
Clothier Win., grocer, Hanover Sc Franklin (K) 
Clotworthy Samuel, carp., 18 Coombs alley 
Cloud Isaac, plasterer, Perkenpine's ct. 
Clouden John, plane mr., Howard ab Phcenix(K) 
Clouds John, alderman, Marlborough n Prince. 
Clouser Charles, bricklaver, 6 Western av 
Clowes T., M. D. 10th ab Poplar 
Clownay Evan, weaver, Fulton bel 13th 
Clownav James, carp., Marriott n 3rd 
Clownay Jas., b h, 222 S 6th 
Cluley A. M., dressmaker, 81 S 5th. 
Cluley Georcre, machinest, 211 N 9th 
Cluley Henrietta, trimmings, 81 S 5th 
Cluley John M., chairmr., 310 S 2d 
Cluley William, tinplate worker, 81 N 9th 
Chin David, ship carp., Union n Bedford. 
Clunc Jacob, caulker, Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Clunet Anna Maria, 2nd ab Federal 
Clungeon Wm., boat build., Reach ab Hanover, 

h Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Clutch Rebecca, 255 High. 
Clyde Thomas Sr. 127 N 9th 
Clymer Andrew B., currier, 12 Spragg's av 
Clymer A., tailor, 317 S 4th 
Clymer Charles, blacksmith, 2 Mary's ct 
Clymer George, shoemaker, 2 Mary's ct 
Clymer George, insp. lower dist., 230 Spruce 
Clymer G. carp., 10th ab Brown 
Clymer John, cooper, Gray's ct 
Clymer M., M. D., 230 Spruce. 
Clymer Rebecca, 10th ab Brown 
Coad John, cabinet mr., 78 N" 7th 
Coad Patrick, teacher, 454 S 4th 
Coale Asa, printer, rear 1 Rachel (N L) 
Coane Robert, cakebaker, 91 S 6th. 
Coates Andrew, mer., 9 Church alley 
Coates Asael, lab. F road ab West 
Coates A., tanner, 509 N Front, h 229 Coates. 
Coates h Au^.ie, mers ., 1.39 i High 
Coates Benj., dry goods, 1395 High, h 210 Mul- 
Coates Benj. H., M. d., N W 7th and Walnut. 
Coate. Collins, stone cutter, Irven 
Coates Edmund, shoemr., 10 Lane's ct 
Coates Elizabeth Mrs., Sch 8th ab Pine 

Coates George M., seed store, 49 High, h 2l0i 

Coates Geo. Morrison Jr., mer., 4 N 2nd, h G'J ' 

N 10th 
Coates Isaac, ship carp., Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Coates Jacob B., currier, 23 New Market 
Coates John, printer, S E 2nd 8c Cedar, h 159 

: Coates John, bootmr., 337 S 3d 
Coates John W., mariner, 391 S Front 
! Coates Joseph P. H., mer., 49 High 
I Coates Josiah, seedsman, 49 High, h 60 N 3d. 
jCoates Matthias, gent., Brandywine ab 13th 
j Coates Nathan C, painter, 55 Dock, h 242 S 4th 
Coates Reynell, M. D. 10 S 4th 
Coates Robert, lab., 18 Vine 
Coates Thomas, 85 N Juniper 
: Coates William, shipcarpenter, 158 Swanson. 
Coates W. C.,mer., 26 Church al.,h 367 Sassafras. 
Cobb Catharine, dressmr., Torr's ct 
Cobb Daniel, waterman, 1 Catharine 
Cobb Isaac, lab., M'Ginley's ct bel Swanson 
!Cobb Ebenezer, sup. street, Hanover and West 

,Cobb Geo., carp., 430 N 5th 
iCobb Wm. Sr., carp., Hanover ab Queen (K) 
.Cobb Wm., carpenter, 43 Palmvra sq. 
ICobb Wm. Jr., carp., 197 N Sch 7th 
Cobb Wm. Jr., carp., Shackamaxon ab Prince(K) 
Cobourn M. A., b h., 89 S 3d. 
Coburn Aaron, confectioner, Randall's ct 
Coburn John B., M. D., 43 S 10th 
Coburn Robert, gent., 259 Pine. 
Coburn Wm., shoemaker, Sch 2d 8c Lombard 
Cochran Andrew, lumber mer., 13th and Pine, 

h Juniper n Pine 
Cochran Andrew, tavern, S E 3d and Shippen. 
Cochran George, waterman, 1 Workman's ct 
Cochran James, lab , Pine bel Beach 
Cochran James H., mer., X W Franklin & Green 
Cochran John, blacksmith, 5 Howard 
Cochran John, weaver, Miller's al 
Cochran John, weaver, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Cochran Louis, pawnbroker, 196 Cedar. 
Cochran Margaret, 314 S 7th. 
Cochran Patrick, Brown ab Cherrv 
Cochran Philip, salesman, rear 260 Sassafras 
Cochran Richard, agent, Juniper ab Pine 
Cochran Thomas, drayman, 4 Howard's ct 
Cochran William, paper carrier, Catharine bel 

Cochran Wm., ostler, Littleboy's ct 
Cochran AVilliam G., wine mer., 72 Walnut, h 

415 Chestnut 
Cochrane Joshua, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Cockey John Z., tinsmith, R road ab Wallace 
Cocking John, victualler, 135 Locust, h 20 Cur- 
rant alley. 
Cocking John, weaver, Front bel Jefferson (K^ 
Cockrell James, watches and jewellery, 312 Cal- 

Code Theophilus, meter maker, 225 Filbert 
Cody Daniel, Janney's ct n Marshall 
Cody James, ropemaker, Marriott la bel 5th 
Cody John, rope mr., Marriott's la bel 5th 

Cody Man', milliner, 83 Gaskill. 

Cod) Michael, lab., Poplar ab 9th 

Codv Sarah, widow, 341 S 5th 

Coe Kichard, mer., 169 Wood 

L'vr R. Jr., salesman, 127 Wood 

Coffee Geo. F. waterman. Front ab Reed 

Coffee Jas., machinest, Mechanic (S) 

CofTee John, grocer, 184- Shippen. 

CofFee Mary, 57 Brown (N L) 

Coffee Mary, 467 Vine 

Coffee Richard, Sth n P road 

Coffee S., shoemr., 6th bel Washing-ton 

CofTee William F., printer, 35 Carlton 

Coffin Albert Jr., tavern, S W 2d and Lombard 

Coffin Arthur G., Sec. Ins. Comp. N. America, h 

224 Mulberry 
Coffin, Hay & Bowdle, glassmanfs., 17 and 19 

Coffin James A., eating 1 house, O Y road & Green, 

livery stable Green and Weaver 
Coffin J., Juniper ab Pine 
Coffin Sc Landell, oil, soap and candle manufs., 

22 N Water and Penn ab Maiden. (K) 
Coffin Lemuel, mer., 140 High, h 10th bel Cedar 
Coffin Lewis, stocking 1 and susp. manuf., rear 6 

John (S) 
Coffin Mary, gentw., 10th bel Cedar. 
Coffin Samuel L., plasterer, S W 2d & Lombard 
Coffin T. M, mer., 22 N Water, h 1 Mulberry. 
Coffin WUliam Jr., mer., 19 Minor 
Coffin Wm. C, lapid., 6 John (S) 
Coffman Andrew, painter, N \V 4th Si Green, h 

525 N 5th 
CofTman Samuel, car driver, Sch Sth n Sassa- 
Coffman Wm., silversmith, 78 Tammany 
Cogan Wm., shoemr., 3 Howard's ct 
Cog-gins David, steam mill, 207, & h 209 N 10th 
Coggins E. H., engraver, 101 Chestnut 
Cogirins Jonathan, painter, 22 J Vine 
Coggins Solomon, lab., Webb's al 
Coggins William, lab.. Rugan bel Willow 
Cogle James, porter, 16 Burd's ct 
Cohen A., dealer, 356 Cedar 
Cohen A. M., Spruce bet Sch 7th and Sth 
Cohen Barnet, undertaker, 146^ S 5th 
Cohen David, furrier Si cap manuf., 15 Coates 
Cohen Emanuel, steward, Catharine bel 9th 
Cohen Henry, impor. stationery, 3 S 4th. 
Cohen Joseph, tailor, Steel's ct 
Cohen Joseph S., atty Si coun., Si Pro. Supreme 

court, E. D., 7 State H., h Spruce bet Sch 

7th and Sth 
Cohen L. J. Si Co., importers stationery, 27 S 4th 
Cohill Charles, portrait painter, 152 N 2nd 
Cohi U George, cabinet mr., 314 S 6di 
Col.ind John, porter, Buckley 
Colahan John B., conveyancer, 56 Walnut 
Colbert Wm., clerk, 335 Vine 
Colburn Mary M., sempstress, 6 Querville's ct 
Colcher Wm!, Sch 7th and It road 
Colcord Edwin, broker, 24 S 5th 
Colcord John P , collector, 99 Catharine. 
Colder Hiram, coachman, 45 Mechanic 
Coldwater Ann, 12th bel Brown 

dwater Margaret, 147 N 5th. 

!e Charles, 195$ Lombard 

e Charles, waiter, 6 Washington 

e Clarissa, washer, Sergeant u 10th 

e David, waiter, 178 Locust 

e Edward, druggist, 54 High 

e Edward C, gent., 332 S o\\i 

e Elizabeth, 54 Currant alley. 

e Francis, 228 Noble 

e James H., shoemr., 10 marble pi 

e Jane, Pleasant ab 11th 

e John, blacksm., Townsend's nv 

e John, dry goods, 25 S 2d. 

e John, lab., Jones W Sch 4th 

e John G., tailor, 36 Chester. 

e Jonathan, coachman, Molicr's ct 

e Joseph H., waiter, 191 Catharine 

e Joseph P., porter, 10 Barley 

e Lerov, lab., Ten feet al 

e L., gent., 42 S Sth 

e Maria, washer., 3 Hurst 

e Sarah, sempstress, 24 Federal 

e Wm., Ann W Sch Sth 

e Wm., cfrocer, 9th and Nectarine 

e Wm., lab., Beach ab Poplar 

e Wm., lab., Pearl ab 12th 

cdon Anthony lab., 18 Lombard 

edon Samuel, sawyer, Taylor's ct 

eman Anne, 272 Walnut 

eman Grace, 120 Locust. 

eman G. W., dry goods, 477 N 2d, h Hancock 


eman Harriet, gentw., 9 Clinton square. 

eman Henry, carp., 13th bel Brinton 

eman Harris, upholsterer, 10th ab Poplar 

eman Jacob, dry goods, 419 N 2d. 

eman Jacob, currier, 64 Tammany 

eman James, 42 Palmyra sq. 

eman John, shoemr., 22 Quince 

eman John Rev., 146 Queen. 

eman John M., teacher, 5th n Poplar. 

eman John T., marb. mas., Shippen bel loth 

eman Luke, lab., rear 214 S 6th 

eman Lyman, huckster, Sch Front and Hifb 

eman Mary, 55 Perry 

eman Michael, lab., 4 John's ct 

eman Nathan, carter, Willow ab 1 >h 

eman Nicholas, wheelw., School abLydia(K) 

eman Patrick, b. h., 19 Farmer^ 

eman Philip, glue maker, 22 Noble. 

eman Philip, carp., 65 Coates 

eman Scotlin, lab., 42 Bread 

eman S. L., barber, 26 S 6th 

eman Thomas, currier, 134 CallowhiU 

man William, grocer, 127 Plum. 
eman W., cordw., Roach's ct (K) 
en John, P road ab Federal 
es Edward, gent., 54 S loth, 
es P. B. Mrs., b h., S W 5th and Minor. 

isberry Isaac G.. rner., S E 7th and Wood 

sherry John, saddler, 29 Cherry 

■sherry Sarah, M road bel Christian 

sberry Wm., M. I)., 177 S 7th 
jy John, lab., Poplar bel 10th 
flesh Jeremiah, tavern, 42 Zane 

Colgan Joseph, M. D., 173 Catharine 
Colgate John, porter, 32 Bonsai] 
Colg-en Robert, bootmr., 26 N 12th 
Colgin Charles, Callowhill n William 

Colgin J., lab., 12S Callowhill 
Colhoun Gustavus, gent., 265 Chestnut. 
Colhoun Hugh, mer., 61 X Front, h 98 S 3d 
Collioun Mary M., 98 S 3d 
Colhoun & Rvan, grocers, SG S Front 
Colhoun T. R., M. D., 167 S 10th 
Colhoun "Win., mer., 61 X Front, li 9S S 3d 
Colhoun Wm. &. Hugh, mers., 61 N Front 
Colhoun Wm., H., mer., 86 S Front, h 265 

Colket T. C, 93 Marshall 
Colladay & Brother, com. mers., 140 High. 
Colladay Chas. mer., MO High, h Chest. (WP) 
Colladay Edward II., tailor, 6 Madison 
Colladay George W., carp., 157 N 12th 
Colladay, Jacob, 11th n Vine 
Colladay Joseph, lab., Clyiner 
Colladay Samuel K.,mer., 140 High, h.9 Jacoby. 
Colladay Surah W., b h., 108 X 10th. 
Colladay Theodore, carpenter, 403 Sassafras. 
Colladay T. S., carp., 2^9 Callowhill 
Colladay William, carpenter, X" E Sassafras and 

Ey brand 
Collam Jesse H., carp., Sch. 7th ab Pine 
Collar Jacob, fisherman, c Queen & Cherry (K) 
Collar Michael, fisherman. Queen ab Cherry 
Collard Jonathan, dry goods, 129 Cedar 
Colley Thomas, carv. .k gilder, Dillwvn ab Xoble 
Collier Wm. seaman, 275 S Front 
Collin Dennis, grocer, 150 Lombard 
Collins Abraham, M. D., 220 Spruce 
Collins Albert, rigger, 4th bel Federal 
Collins Arthur, patent leather, bel Washine-ton 

ab 8th 
Collins Ann B., 112 Mulberrv 
Collins Bernard, 22 St. Man- 
Collins Bernard, carriages, 137 Shippen. 
Collins Cato, oysters, 1U0 X 4th 
Collins Charles, boot fitter, Oliver's pi 
Collins Charles, carter, Xectarine bel 11th 
Collins Charles, tailor, 234 and h 330 High. 
Collins Charles P., druggist, 1 S 5th h Chestnut 

(W P) 
Collins Charles k. Son, tailors, 234 High. 
Collins C, widow, 9 Tammany 
Collins U., contractor, II road ab Ann (F V) 
Collins D., rear 121 X 4th 

Collins & Du Eois, real estate brok., 91 Walnut 
Collins Edward, soap boiler, 9th ab Willow 
Collins Edward, lab., 7 Callowhill 
Collins Edward mast rnr., 98 Franklin (X L) 
Collins Edward G., painter, Steward ab Chris- 
Collins Edward T., pump, block and mast rm\, 

Pcnii ab Marsh, h Franklin ab Green (K) 
Collins Elizabeth, Nectarine bel 11th 
Collin.. Elizabeth, tailoress, 2 St. Joseph's av. 
Collins Frederick, mariner, 325 S 3d. 
Collins Frederick, mer., 20 Chestnut 
Collins G. A., barber, G X 4th, h 14 Mulberry al 
Collins Henry, shop, N w 4th and Johnson's la 

Collins Isaac, 129 Filbert 
Collins James, packer, 396 N 4th 
Collins James, mer., Chestnut st. wharf 

! Collins James, tobacconist, X W 5th fcc German 

j Collins John, acct., 24 Pear 
Collins John, real estate broker, 91 Walnut 
Collins John, carp., 2d bel Master (K) 
Collins John, waterman, Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Collins John, paper mr., 13th and R road 

i Collins John, rope mr., R roadab 13th 
Collins John D., waterman, 31 Catharine 
Collins John II., druggist, S7 High 
Collins Joseph, lab.,"Robinson's ct(K) 
Collins Joseph, printer, 472 S 2nd 
Collins Joseph, waterman, 20 Mead 
Collins J. P. & C. P., druggists, 1 S 5th 
Collins Lucinda, washer., 4 Harmony ct 
Collins Michael, weaver, 11 Pratt's ct. 
Collins Mrs., nurse, rear 294 S 10th. 
Collins P. G., printer, 1 Lodge al., h62 Zane 
Collins Robert, carp., Helrnuth n Sch. 7th. 
Collins Robert, weaver, F road n Cherry (K) 
Collins Robt., oysters, 153 Locust 
Collins R. A., tavern, 9 Little Dock 
Collins Sarah, sempstress, rear 122 Brown. 
Collins Simeon, bookseller, 10 S 4th, h 17 Girard 

I Collins Thomas, carter, Spruce ab Sch. 5th. 
Collins Timothy, lab., 8th bel Christian 

: Collins T. K., printer, 1 Lodge al., h 159 N 13th. 

I Collins T. K. & P. G., printers, 1 Lodge 

1 Collins William Jr., lab., Sarah ab Queen (K) 
Collins William, tobacconist, Brown ab 3d, and 

220 X 6th 
Collins Wm. M., pa. wareh., 58 X 3d, h74 N 10th 
Collins William S., tailor, 234 High. 

J Collins Zeilah, shop, P road bel Fitzwater 

jCollison Joseph, 187 S 9th. 

|Collom Clement, carp., 3d and Thompson (K) 
Collom Jonathan, teacher, 132 Coates 

ICollom Judah, carp., William opp. Hopkin's ct 

i Collom J., waterman, 241 X Front 

jCollyer John, trader, Clark ab 3rd 

Cohneyer Henry, lab., Bryan's ct 

Colon J. R., periodicals,' 203$ Chestnut, h 7 
Laurel (C) 

Colquhon Ann, Filbert ab Sch 8th 

Colsher Daniel, instrument mr., Sch 3d & Sas- 

Colsher David, driver, Sch 3d and Sassafras 

Colsher Peter, blacksm., Oxford n F road (K) 

Colson Deborah, milliner, 9 Strawberry. 

Colston Xathan, morocco dress., 484 X4th 

Colter Andrew, Callowhill n William 

Colter D., mer., Chestnut bel 2nd, h 2 Dugan 

Colter Samuel, lab., 232 X Water 

Colton Charles, porter, 207 Shipptn 

Colton & Code, meter makers, 225 Filbert 

Colton David, plunemaker, 196 High, h 50 Zan^ 

Colton John, clerk, 10th bel Cedar 

Colton John, planemr., 379 High, h 18 Morgan 

Colton O., metremr., 225 Filbert, h Sch 7th n 

Colton Sabin W., grocer, S W 10th Sc Mulbern ; 
and 190 Chestnut 

C niton Simoiij grocer, N E 10th and Chestnut. 

Colton \V. II., mer., 475 N 3rd 

(•oivAi! .Mary, 100 Carpenter (S) 

CoUeil C, confectioner, Reach ab Poplar. (K) 

. ahveli Henry, Hamilton ab Willow 

CoJtt-elJ Stephen, iron manuf., 53 N whs., 8t 111 
N Water, h 351 Mulberry 

Colwell Thomas, porter, Bedford bel Clifton 

f ombes J. R., grocer, 7 Washington av. ab Wil- 
low, h 382 N 6th 

Combs Gilbert, teacher, Spring Garden & 7th, 
h 13 Wallace 

Combs John F., currier, 200 S 6th 

Combs WilJiam, lab., Davis' ct bel 4th 

Combs William, lab., 51 Prime. 

Combs AY'illiam, carter, Pearl ab 13th 

Comegys Cornelius, gent., 42 2s 8th. 

Comer George, shingle shaver, York ct. 

Comer Thomas, lab., Jones ab Sch. 3d 

Comfort Aaron, Thomsonian Medicines, 295 j 
High, h 194 Cherry 

Comfort Cyrus, carp., 5 Elizabeth 

Comfort Edmund, mer., 15 N 3rd 

Comfort John, 194 Cherrv 

Comfort John W., M. D.. 11 N 10th. 

Comfort Lydia, b h, 91 Walnut 

Comfort S., exchange broker, 1 Harmony ct j 

Comk-y Susan, 493 N 4th 

Comly'Allen, mer., 163 High, h 199 N 2nd 

Comly David, carpenter, 345 Sassafras. 

Comly Ethan, dry goods, 199 N 2d. 

Comly F. A., mer., 55 S wharves 

Comly George, tobacconist, 112 Dilhvyn. 

Comly & Pelling, auctioneers, 42 & 44 N Front 

Comly Richard H., 12 Elder 

Comly Samuel, auct., 42 N Front, h Poplar n 
Sch 8th 

Comly Thomas J., printer, S Coombes' alley. 
Commack Jsaac, porter, Portland la 
Commons James, waiter, 30 M'Duffie 
Commott Benjamin, cordw., 5 Stiles' ct 
Compton Benjamin, lab., Beach ab Poplar (K) 

Cornpton Ehzabeth, gentlw., 10th ab Washing- 
ton (N L) 
Compton John, ship carp., Logan ab Green 
Cornstock Andrew, M. D., A'ocal Gymnasium 

Ran^tead place, h 100 Mulberry. 
Cornstock G. Wells & Co., druggists, 2 N 5th 
Conard Ajax, Coates n Sch. 7th 
Conard Barney, weaver, Pine n Ashton 
Conard Elizabeth, 24 M'Dutrie 
Conard J., ship carp., Vine n Sch 
Conard Lewis \l., machinist, 28 St Mary 
C'-mard Mary, St. John n Beaver, (K) 
<.'o'iarroe G. W., portrait painter, 392 Vine 
C">r.:aroe Richard R., 24 Callowhili 
Conaway George, cordw., 571 S Front 
Conaway Joseph, lab., 7 Pine al 
Ci tide Frances, widow of Charles, 114 N 5th. 
Condell Abel, clerk, rear Lombard ab 13th 
' uiell Thomas, queensware, 210 S 2d. 
' ' |ie 1). F., M. U., 134 Catharine. 
Condon M. G., paper mer., 17 St James, h Al- 
len ub Shackamaxon 
Condon Sarah, 8th ab Green 

Condy James, cordw,, Christian n 7th 
Condy Thos., trader, CadWaladerab Lloyd's ct 
Cone A. M., trimmings, 70 S 3th. 
Congar C, shoemr., 82 New Market 
Congar Wm. H.. cordw., 80 New Market 
Congdon John, basket mr., Bedford n Vienna 

Conger John, bootmaker, 249 Green. 
Congo John, lab., Ross' ct n Little Oak 
Conkle Henry, toymaker, 84 N 7th. 
Conkle Hen., cord manf., 2 S 3d, h ! Buttonwood 
Conklin Edward, coachman, 98 Cherry 
Conklin John, lab., 64 Cedar 
Conley Francis, ship carp., 110 Prime 
Conley George, seaman, Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Conley John, shoemr., 14 Stamper s al 
Conley Margaret, Fraley's ct (K) 
Conley Patrick, weaver, Phcenix ab 2d (K) 
Conlin Dennis, weaver, Adams (S) 
Conlin Felix, weaver. 46 Fitzwater. 
Conlin H., lab., 12th and Willow 
Conlin James, Lombard n Sch 4th 
Conlin William, William and Morris (FM) 
Conlon John, lab., 252 Sassafras 
Conlon Thomas, machinist, Frances ab Sch 4th 

Conly James, ship carp., rear 106 Christian 
Conn Andrew, weaver, Crown ab Franklin (K) 
Conn James, tinman. Sch. 8th n Vine 
Conn James, trader. St. John n Globe Mill, (K) 
Conn Sarah, 133 G T read 
Conn Thomas, weaver, Front ab Phoenix 
Conn William, agent, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Conn Wm.H., bootmr., 2 Scott's al. 
Connell George, gent., Sth bel Parrish 
Connell George, 219 N 6th 
Connell John H., conveyancer, 217 N 4th 
Connell Robert, prim cutter, Queen ab Hanover. 
Connell Samuel, skin dresser, 4th bel Franklin 
Connell Theophilus, drover, Sch. 7th and Say 
Connell Thos., surg. inst. maker, 77 Crown 
Connelly Arthur, baker, 6 Lawrence 
Connelly C, widow, Meredith's ct. 
Connelly Dennis, cabinet maker, St John bel 

Connelly F., carp., 5 Dilk's ct 
Connelly George, gent., 381 Callowhili. 
Connelly II. , wines & liquors, 3 S 6th, h Spruce 

ab 12th 
Connelly Jane, George ab 10th 
Connelly John, carp., Pearl n 12th 
Connelly John, acct., Coates and Jay 
Connelly Joseph, lab., Broad bel Sassafras 
Connellv- Lawrence, rner., 47 Chester 
Connelly Mary, 181 S Gth 
Connelly Michael, tailor. Bread and Quarry 
Connelly Michael, lab.. Factory 
Connelly liebecca,b h, X W 12th and Chestnut 
Connelly Richard, lab., 5 Sch Water 
Conner Edward, lab., v ■> ■''-'■■ an \ '-:\rker 
Conner r.. S., comedian, 48 Lombard 
Conner Flora, 141 Cherry 
Conner H., weaver. 4 Springmill ct. 
Conner James, lab.. Small ab Sch 6th 
Conner James, tailor, 20 Flower 

Conner James, weaver, Helmuth u Sch. 6th. 

Conner John, brickmr., 7th ab Poplar 

Connor John, engineer, Callowhill n "William 

Conner John boot mr., 26 Parker 

Conner John, b h 19 Little Water 

Conner John If., mast mr., Penn ab Maiden (K) 

Conner Joshua, shoemaker, 510 S 2d. 

Conner Michael, shoemr., 6 John's ct 

Conner Michael, lab., 1 Farmer's row 

Conner Michael, frame mr., 387 Callowhill 

Conner Stephen, lab., 3 Grape ct. 

Conner Thomas, 2 Clawges' ct 

Conneiry Francis, shoemr., 2nd bel Wharton 

Connor George, engineer, 51 W Cedar 

Connor James, lab., Clay ab Willow 

Connor James G., hatter, 28 John (S) 

Connor John, lead manuf., Richard n 6th 

Connor Rachel, rear 16 Little Pine 

Connor Thomas, weaver, Sch 3rd n Lombard 

Connor Timothy, lab., Price's ct 

Connor Thomas G., cooper Sc gauger, 18 Little 

Water, h 43 Penn. 
Conoley Peter, shoemr., 39 Cedar 
Conover Charles, gardener, Ann ab Sch. 6th 
Conover Cornelia, washer., Pennock's row 
Conover Jacob, comb mr., Hopkins ct n School 

Conover Jonathan R., carp., Melon bel 10th 
Conover J. B., mer., 190 High, h 281 Spruce 
Conover J. B. Sc Wm. P., shoes and bonnets 

190 High. 
Conover Lewis T., cordwainer, 114 S 10th. 
Conover Michael F., painter, 65 Sassafras 
Conover Peter, shoes and bonnets, 202 High 
Conover William, cooper, Liberty al 
Conover Wm. cabinetmaker, 336 Sassafras 
Conovt-r William P., mer., 190 High, h 368 S 4th 
Conover William W., tailor, 3 Winter's ct. 
Conquest Wm. T , dry goods, N W 2nd & Pine 
Conrad Charles, carpenter, 226 Green 
Conrad Chnrles, mer., 55 High 
Conrad I)., tavern, c 4th and Brown, h 52 Apple 
Conrad Elizabeth, 104 Mulberry-. 
Conrad Harry, mer., 132 N 3d, h 234 Mulberry 
Conrad Isaiah, plasterer, Coates n Sch 6th 
Conrad Jacob G., mer., 4th ab Brown,h 49 Apple 
Conrad Jas. M., hardw., 203 High, h 130 N 12th 
Conrad John, alderman, 208 Xord, h 40 Wood 
Conrad John, apothecarv, Penn'a Hospital 
Conrad J. Hart^ 107 N 2nd 

Conrad Margaret, widow of Joseph, rear 22 Plum 
Conrad Matthew, mer.. 60 High, h25 Mulberry. 
Conrad M. & Co., boots and shoes 60 High. 
Conrad Osborn, watchmaker, 76 Sassafras and 

413 i Hiffh 

Conrad Wm. K. 8t C. S., com. mers., 55 S wharves 

Conrade David, bricklayer, 51 Almond 

Conradt G., instrument mr., 129 N 4th 

Conrow Ellis, painter and glazier, 120 Coates 

Conrow "Wm. G., bricklayer, 93 Buttonwood. 

Conroy Andrew, lab., Sch 2nd ab High 

Conroy John tavern, c Phoenix & F road 

Conroy John, Adams and Jackson 

Conroy Wm, lab., Crown ab Duke 

Conry Patrick, 57 George 

Constable John, 354 Walnut 

Constable R., gunsm., 88 S 2d 

Constable Wm., cordw., Hutchinson's ct 

Constant F., lab., McKean's ct. 

Converse A. Rev., editor Christ. Observer, 134 

Chestnut, h 8th ab Catharine 
Convery Daniel, weaver, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Convery James, mer., 117 W High 
Converv T. & Brother, flour and liquors, 117 

Conway Charles, tailor, Baker bel 8th 
Conway Edmund G 18 Howard 
Conway Edward, lab., 5 Simmons' ct 
Conwa}' Edward, brewer, 264 S 3d. 
Conway Francis, bookseller, N W 10th Sc High, 

h 5 Diamond 
Conway Hannah A., milliner, 160 S 2nd 
Conway Henry, Townsend's ct 
Conway James, bl'ksmith, Charlotte ab Foplar. 
Conway John, lab., 45 Small 
Conway John, shoes, 164 S 2nd 
Conway John, hat., 382 Hie:h 
Conway John, tailor, rear 261 S 6th 
Conway John, weaver, Fitzwater ab 6th 
Conway Margaret, Cedar bel Broad 
Conway Patrick, lab., 8 Hunter. 
Conway Patrick, tavern, 113 X "Water. 
Conway Phebe, Brown n Walnut al 
Conwell Charles, carp., Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Conwell George, pilot, 342 S 2nd 
Conwev Bernard C., grocer, St John &. George 

Conyers Jane, 60 New 
Conyers John, lum. mer., c High and Sch. 5th, 

h Cherry bel Sch. 6th 
Coofan John, store keeper, F road ab Queen 
Cook A., grocer, 11th and Nectarine 
Cook Abraham, letter carrier, 208 N 6th. 
Cook Archibald, blacksmith, Pearl n Sch 
Cook & Brother, com. mers., 11 Commerce. 
Cook Charles, hatter, 389 N 6th 
Cook Christiana, 193 N Front 
Cook Christopher, tailor, Apple n C creek. 
Cook David, cordw., 9 Morgan's ct 
Cook David, peddler, Paschall'.s al 
Cook Edward, tailor, 5 Norman's al 
Cook Elias, lab., Say n Sch. 7th 

Conrad Peter, paper carrier, 5 Gray's al 

Conrad Peter, clerk market, 93 Filbert 

Conrad P^-ter, cordw., 35 S 8th, h 2 Traquair's Jcook Elijah, brickmr., Parrish bel Sch 7th 

court ICook Elisha W., clerk, 60 S 12th 

Conrad Robert T., att'y and coun., 50 X 7th JCook Eliza, 19 Wallace 
Conrad & Roberts, hardware mer-;., 132 N 3rd. 'Cook Frederick, baker, 146 New Market 
Conrad Samuel, lab., Cherry bel Broad Cook Frederick, cordw., 11th bel Christian 

Conrad Washington, brick] .ver, Coates n Sch 6th ' Cook George, com. mer., 11 Commerce. 
Conrad William C, mer., 6J High. iCook George, hay dealer, Marv ab F road 

Conrad William D., bricklayer, 382 S 3rd. Cook Hugh, coachman, IS Juniper la 

Cook James, tavern, N E 10th and Cedar 
C< ok Jane, c Dean and Lyndall's al 

Cmk Jasper C, clerk, 11 Montgomery. 

Cook Jeremiah, lab., rear 30 Plum 

Cook Joel, alderman, lfc>9 Chestnut. 

Cook John, weaver, 17 Wagner's al 

Cook John, candlcmr., Lawrence, h N E Broad 

and Locust 
Cook John, grocer, N E Locust and Broad. 
Cook John, cordw., Queen and F road (K.) 
Cook John, gent., 298 Chestnut. 
Cook John, col., 34 X 3d, h 11th bel S Garden 
Cook John, hay dealer, Mary ab F road 
Cook John D., tobacconist, 82 Brown 
Cook John G., carpet weaver, 70 Queen 
Cook Joseph, lab., Hoover's ct 
Cook Joseph, gardener, Ann (F \ ) 
Cook Joseph, book binder, 3 Lawrence ct 
Cook Joseph, 11th n Coates 
Cook Lewis, tailor, 672 N 2d 
Cook Man T , washer, Pearl ab 13th 
Cook Mary, 187 Pine 
Cook Matthew, cordw., 78 German 
Cook Michael, cordw., 78 German 
Cook Moses, comb mr. rear 519 N 3d. 
Cook Otto, tailor, 439 X 3rd 
Cook Robert, lab., 30 North ab 10th. 
Cook Robert, clerk, 74 S 6th 
Cook Samuel, brushmaker, 523 High 
Cook Samuel, bricklayer, 16 Quarry 
Cook Samuel, carp., Culvert ab Mechanic 

Cook S., letter carrier, 151 Marshall 

Cook Thomas, gent., 16 Pine. 

Cook T. D. Rev., 50 Dillwyn 

Cook 'William, blacksmith, Carlton n Sch. 2nd 

Cook William, labourer, 55 Catharine bel 2d. 

Cook Wm., mer., 11 Commerce, h94 Marshall. 

Cook Wm, tobacco, S W Sch 8th and Cherry 

Cook Wm., carp., Parrish and Centre 

Cook Wm. K. carp., New ab 2nd, h 99 Mulberry 

Cooke John, seaman, 72 George (S) 

Cooke John J. shoemr., Tyler n Fisher 

Cooke J., ex broker, 25 S 3d 

Cooke Saml., tobac, 5 Mulberry, h 556 N 3d. 

Cooke Tamar, 96 Union 

Cooke Thomas, botanic doctor, 83 N 5th. 

Cooke William, tobacconist, 4 N Front. 

Cooke William, boots and shoes, 6 S 2d & 79A 

Cooke Wm., bootmr., 24 Parham 

Cooke Wm., bootmr., 5 Fetter la 

Cooker Christopher, shoemr., Duke bel Marl- 

Cooker George, sawyer, rear 8 Mary (S) 

Cooker Jacob, shoemaker, 6th ab Hallowell 

Cooker John, shoemaker, 6th ab Hallowell 

Coombs Benjamin, gent, 464 S 4th 
Coombs Ignatius Rev. St Joseph's church, Wri- 
ting's al 
Coombs Sarah, nurse, 13 Queen 
Cooness Chloe, 16 Currant alley 
Cooness Harriet, 6 Poplar ct. 
Cooney Anthony, 184 \ Water 
Cooncy Christopher, lab., 7 Truxton 
Cooney Patrick, lab., Sch 8th and Filbert 
Cooper Aaron, lab., Centre ab 12th 
Cooper Ann V., 21 Mulberry. 
Cooper Anna M., 246 Filbert 
Cooper Anthony, 26 Garden 
Cooper Augustus F., cabinetmr., Townsend'* ct 
Cooper B., carp., Pearl ab Sch 7th 
Cooper B. C, tailor, 130 Chestnut 
Cooper B. C. Sc S. C, tailors, 150 Chestnut 
Cooper Charles B., tobacco., High ab Sch. 7th 
Cooper Conrad, cordw., 6th ab Poplar. 
Cooper C. B., 28 N 4th 

Cooper David, shipwright, Queen ab Marlbo- 
Cooper Deborah, 7 Virginia Row 
Cooper Edmund, cab mr., 10th ab Poplar 
Cooper Edward, undertaker, 54 f N 3rd 
Cooper Elizabeth, 112 Vine 
Cooper Elizabeth, b h., 13 Filbert. 
Cooper Elizabeth, b. h., 28 Cherry. 
Cooper Ezekiel Rev. 10 Madison 
Cooper E., glove manuf., N E St. John tml 

Willow, h 122 O Y road 
Cooper Francis, tobacconist, 341 High 
Cooper Francis, Jr., tobacconist, 6 S <>th 
Cooper Francis L., 3 Drinker's al. 
Cooper Franklin, 13 Marshall 
Cooper George, coachman, 10 Buckley 
Cooper Geo., grate & fender manuf., 81 X 2nd. 
Cooper George, lab., 136 St. John 
Cooper George, copper pi. pr., 6th ab Marriott 
Cooper George B., mer., 49 High 
Cooper Hannah, Pine bel 12th 
Cooper Hannah, gentw., 66 Marshall. 
Cooper Hiram T., dry goods, 393 High, h 367 

Cooper Isaac, g'ent., 225 Vine. 
Cooper Isaac, clothes dealer, Green's ct. 
Cooper 1 Isaac, lab., Bedford bel lJtli 
Cooper Isaac, carp., 4 Abbott's ct. 
Cooper Isaac, coachman, Bedford bel Broad 
Cooper Isaac, 221 Lombard 
Cooper James, cooper, 204 S Mater, h 205 S 

Cooper James, police oil'., Lombard bel 13th 
Cooper James M., carp., 9th bel Catharine 
Cooper John, mer., 95 High, h Spruce ab 11th 
Cooper John, blacksmith, rear 118 Catharine 
Cooper John, carter, Moore's al ab Say 

Cooker Martin, shoemaker, Hallowell ab 6th 

Coolev A. B., mer., 48 S wharves, h Sch. 8th ab! Cooper John, cabinetmr., 11 Plum 

Walnut I Cooper John E. carp., Dyott's ct (K) 

Coolev Charles, frame work, Schleisman's ct jCooper Jonathan, tailor, Pleasant bel R road 
Coolev Joseph, hatter, 154 S 5th JCooper Jonathan, tailor, Gray's ct 

Coolidge Edwin, boots and shoes, 181 High, h : Cooper Joseph 15., watchmr., 4 X 6th 

66 Franklin .Cooper Joseph T., hatter, 4 Reckless 

Coolidge Eliza, b h, 147 Queen Cooper Joshua, carter, Say 

Coolidge George, tobacconist, 100 Chestnut jCooper Lawrence, ladies shoe mr. 190 Callowhill 

Cooper Lewis, dry goods, 29 S 2nd, h 98 N 8th. 
Cooper Louisa, Gray's ct (N L) 
Cooper Michael, collector, 13 Fitzwater. 
Cooper Philip, Willow n Spruce 
Cooper P. F.. min. painter, 17 S 5th 
Cooper Richard, clerk, 11th bel Spring Garden 
Cooper Robert, wool spinner, 25 W Cedar 
Cooper Robert, wool spinner, Nixon (F M) 
Cooper Samuel, porter, 4 Farmer's row 
Cooper Samuel, com. mer., 48 N Front 
Cooper Samuel, YaiPs ct n Sch 
Cooper Samuel B. boatman, 70 Plum 
Cooper Sarah, teacher, 24 Pern- 
Cooper Sarah Mrs., 326 Walnut. 
Cooper S. C. tailor, 130 Chestnut, h 12th ab 

Cooper S. G, tailor, 22 Bank 
Cooper Thos., brushes, brooms, &c, 3 N Front, 

h 210 Cherry. 
Cooper Wm., watchman, 194 Stamper's al. 
Cooper Wm., tavern, 172 Lombard. 
Cooper Win. Rev. Carpenter ab 3rd 

Cooper William, silversmith, 13th bel Green 

Cooper Wm. B. mer., 49 High, h 69 N 9th 

Cooper Wm. C, grocer, 10 High, h 28 Madison 

Cooper Wm. E. chair ornamenter, G T road bel 

Cooper Wm. M. cooper, 200 S Water, h 203 S 

Cooper, W. B. & G. B. dry goods, 49 High 

Coots Reuben, shoemaker, 84 S 12th. 

Cope Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut 

Cope Caleb, mer., 165 High, h c Walnut and 

Cope Catharine, tailoress, 358 N 3rd 

Cope Charles, tavern, Prime and M road 

Cope Charles S., att'y & coun., 22 N 7th. 

Cope C, widow, 136 N 4th 

Cope Edwin, 136 Marshall 

Cope Ellen, white washer, 10 Sterling- al 

Cope Francis R. mer., 1 Walnut, h 102 S 4th 

Cope George, drayman, 62 Noble 

Cope Hannah, widow, 87 M road. 

Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h 102 S 4th. 

Cope Henry, butcher, M. road bel Wharton 

Cope Herman, B. U. S.,h 355 Walnut 

Cope H. Sc Co. mers., 1 Walnut. 

Cope Israel, gent., 186 Mulberry. 

Cope Jacob I. cashier Com. Bank, h 138 Mar- 

Cope Jasper, gent., 391 Mulberry. 

Cope John, mason, 165 Marshall 

Cope John, carp., Church ab Washington 

Cope Marmaduke C, 2S6 Filbert 

Cope Perry, seaman, 613 S 2nd 

Cope Philip, cooper, 31 Christian. 

Cope Thos., cabinetmr., 2d and G T road. 

Cope Thomas P., 272 Spruce. 

Cope, Todhunter & Co. silk and fancy roods, 
165 High & 

Cope William, carter, P road bel Washington 

Copeland Asa, .'.'hip joiner, Carpenter bel 7th 

Copeland George, bricklayer, 8 Mark's lane 

Copeland Jane, Freytag's al 

Copeland Sampson, lab, 63 Currant al 

Copeland Samuel, carp., Sch. 8th and Jones, h 

Sch. 6th n Filbert 
Copeland Thos., stone cutter, Carpenter bel 7th 
Copeland Thomas, 294 Wood 
Copeland Thomas, hotel, 15 Swanson 
Copeland William, carp., 398 S 3d. 
Copeland Wm., lab., 9 Helmuth 
Copely Robert, superint., Parrish n 13th . 
Copeman Allen, shoemr., 155 Lombard 
Copes Charles, U S service, 17 Marion. 
Copes George, capt., 27 Queen 
Copia Jacob, gent., 213 Pine. 
Coppenger John, weaver, Helmuth n Sch 6th 
Copper John C, engraver, IS Minor, h 91 Wood 
Coppin John Wilsdon, gent., 3 Perry 
Copple Jacob, brickmr., Sch 7th and Richard 
Coppuck Jos. C, mer., 57 High, h 120 N 10th 
Corbin Mary, wid. of Horace W. 231 S 2nd 
Corbit Abraham, umbrella mr., High ab Sch 6th 
Corbit Elizabeth, 9 Magnolia 
Corbit Henry C. mer, 29 Church al, h 153 Walnut 
Corbit Israel, cup., Carpenter ab 8th 
Corbit John, carp., 25 Mary (S) 
Corbit John A., capt. watch, Moyamensing Hall 
Corbit Joseph, sug. refiner, 27 Church al, h232 

Corbit Mary,' 170 S 9th 
Corbit Sarah, 61 Union 

Corbit Wm. carp., 7th and Marriott's la, h Catha- 
rine ab 6th 
Corbon Charles, printer, 13 Rachel (N L) 
Corbyn T. J., veterinary surgeon, Torres al 
Corcoran John, lab., 303 N 5th 
Corcoran M. mus. inst. mr., 177 S 6th 
Cordes Jacob, boxmr., 2 Mineral pi 
Cordes Wm. H., carp,, Elmes' ct n Sch 
Cordifer Lucretia, 20 Burd's ct 
Cordwell John, lab., Lombard W Sch 7th 
Corfield Edward, circulating library, 276 N3cL 
Corfield E. D. gent., 14 Dillwyn 
Corgee Thomas, rear S W public school (S) 
Corgie Barbara, gentw., 330 S 4th 
Cork Henrietta, 4 Warren 
Cork John, cooper, McManemy's ct. 
Corkery James, lab., Milton ablOth 
Corkin John, weaver, Phcenix n F road 
Corkrey John, carp., 310 Carpenter (S) 
Corkrin A. G, dry goods, S E 4th and Gaskill 
Corkrin A. H., dry goods, S E 4th & Gaskill 
Corlies Daniel, grocer, F road and Oxford (K) 
Corlies Hannah, 61 Locust 
Corliss David, victualler, 4 Ogden 
Corliss John, blacksmith, Oxford bel Front (K) 
Corman Margaret, Wood bel lCth. 
Cormick Wm., carp., Lombard n Sch 6th 
Corn John, carter McDufhe n Sch. 2nd. 
Cornbrook Wm., rear 134 Coates 
Cornduffer Samuel, carter, Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Corneal G, shoemr., Rachel and Poplar 
Cornelius C, lump and chandelier manuf., 179 

Cornelius Sc Co., lamps, 181 Cherry and 176 

Chestnut. / 

Cornelius Margaret, Queen ab Bishop. 
Cornelius R., lamps, 176 Chestnnt. 

Cornelius Richard, lab., 36 Prosperous al 

Cornel] Mahlon B., grocer, Phoenix and ;Cad- 
walader (K) 

Cornell Mary, 140 N 12th 

Cornell Wm., dry goods, 511 W High 

Cornett Jane, dry goods, 383 S 2d 

Corney Joseph, victualler, 9th bel Buttonwood 

Cornish Amy, Bedford bel 8th 

Cornish David, waiter, 7 Lisle 

Cornish Henry C., shoemaker, 255 S 7th 

Cornish Jacob, lab., Viae n Sch 8th 

Cornish James, shoemr., 210 S 6th 

Cornish James, sailmr., 85 P road 

Cornish Mary, while washer, 11 Hurst 

Cornish Scipio, porter, Rawle ab Apple. 

Cornish Yeoman, clerk; 4 Lombard 

Corninan Oliver P., painter, Wallace bel loth 

Cornog David A., mer., 241 Wood 
Cornwell Emily Martha, nurse, Bedford ab 7th 
Cormvell James, carp., Dvott's ct (K) 
Cornwell Joseph, bnckmr., Ann ab Sch 3d 
Cornwell Robert, carp., Dvott's ct (K) 
Cornwell Ruth Ann, b. L, R road bel Button- 
Coit Barney, weaver, 2nd ab Master (K) 
Corr Emeline, clothes, Juniper ab High 
Corr Joseph, grocer, c 2d and Phamix 
Corr Patrick, grocerv, 4th and Jefferson (K) 
Corr Robert, carp., Ann n Sch 4th 
Con-ell David, blacksmith, 110 Vine 
Correy George, glove manuf., 438 N 5th 

Cotter, James, tailor, 85 N 6th 
Cotterall John, druggist, 133 Vine 
r° ei ' a , ""-f^". roar 40 Pine. 

r°n " ' ' J & °°- a * enc >'- 34 Commerce 
Cot tingham James, manner, 22 Parham. 
Cottman Catharine, 37 Coates' d 
Cottman George, tavern, 2nd bel Montgomery 

Cotton Ann, trimmings, 141 Cedar 
Cotton Edward, drayman, Front bel Oxford (K) 
Cotton John S., upholsterer, Ul Cedar 
Cottringer John, acct., 64 Queen. 
Cottnnger Joseph, clerk, 268 N 7th 
Coulomb Charles A., teacher of lanpum Car- 
penter ab 10th 
Coulston Mary, 66 Tammany 
Coulston Sarah, Wood ab 13th 
Coulten Thomas, lab., Fitler bel Harrison 
Coulter Charles, watchman, 33 Washington 
Coulter Elizabeth, milliner, 142 S 12th 
Coulter James, weaver, Hop kin's ct 
Coulter Jane, tavern, 359 N Front 
Coulter John, paver, Ann n 12th 
Coulter John, waiter, 40 S 8th, h 9 Watson's *J. 
Coulter Joseph, marble polisher, 224 N 13th 
Coulter Sarah, gentw., 163 Queen 
Coulter Sarah, b h, 19 Filbert. 
Council Joseph, bricklayer, Shippen ab Uth 
Council Thomas, hatter', 38 Julianna. 
Countiss William, ship carp., 493 S 2nd 
Countryman Elizabeth, 213 Queen 

r„„ ; ; tj u - o- - ■•> ~v <-- "<-" i^uuiur nian cuzaDetn, 21. > Oueen 

Howard? ^ """* 18 Min ° r ' h U CounhJmM John, painter, bel Washington, bet 

Con-in Patrick, tailor, Beach n Walnut 
Cornngton Jemima, b. h., 36 Filbert 
Corsey John, porter, 249 S 7th 
Corson Aaron, shop, Cedar and Sch Water 
Corson Jacob, ladies shoemr., Mifflin n 13th 
Corson James, shoes, 409 S 2nd 
Corson John W. shoemr., rear 112 Christian 
Corson William, waterman, Fralev's ct (K) 
Corson Wm., ship carp., 39 Union (S) 
Corvaizier J., bootmr., 147 Chestnut 

6th and 7th 
jCoursault G. A. & A. G., flour, grain and feed, 

Cedar n S whs., h 319 S 6th 
Coursault Leopold P., cabinetmr., 117 Spruce 
Coursey Eliza, 4th ab Christian 
Court Edw., clothing, 65 S 2d, h 6th n Lombard 
Court Isaac, porter, Allen's al 
Court Margaret, dressmaker, S 6th n Bethel 
Courter Peter, blacksmith, Coates bel llth 
Courtney Joseph, carpenter, 8 Farmer 
Courtney Patrick, lab., 263 N Front 

Corral m t «-».<.««« v^ouiLnev ratncJc, lab., ~'0j J\ Front 

Corvell S P^S h r^TT? S °f 6th ^^ j Courtne >' Samuei p - tonner and currier, Qu 

Coryell S. P., Sch. 7th ab Sassafras 
Cosfelat F., locksmith, 44 Dock, h 8 Carter'sal 
Cosfeldt John, machinist, 256 St John 
Cosgrave Daniel, morocco dresser, 87 S 5th. 
C'osgrove J., grocer, 207 Sassafras 
Cosgrove Wm. laborer, 252 S 5th 
Cosh Andrew, porter, 23 Merchant 
Coshknd Israel, tinsmith, 57 Charlotte 
Cosier W., tinsmith, Dillwvn and Callowhill 
Cossart Mary, 561 N 3rd. " 
Cossart Wm, cedar cooper, 60 Apple 
Cosser Phihp, fisherman, Wood bel Duke (K) 
yossy Trim, coachman, 94 Gaskill 
^ost Martin, biscuit baker, Liberty al 
^Obte Raymond, chandler, 104 Cedar 
J;Ostello John B, mer., llth ab Shippen 
J^ostello Michael, dealer, 6 Shoemaker 
-oster John, segarmr., 74 Callowhill 
Coster Stephen, bricklayer, E of 25 Xew Market 
Coston Benton, collector, 482 N 4th. 
-tteny Isaac, janitor, rear Philad. institute 

bel Marlborough 
Courtney Thomas, trader, High ab Sch 6th 
Courtney Wm., ladies' shoemr., 3d Bread 
Couse Catharine, dressmr., 1 Short's ct. 
Cousty John, grocer, N E Callowhill -S: Garden. 
Cousty Joshua, grocer, 78 S 2nd. 
Couturier Frederick, dyer, 49 Duke 
Covel Edward Rev., 374 S 3d 
Coverdale Elia's, cordw., 9 Gaskill 
Coverdale Levi, sea capt., 15 Cnion (S) 
Covert Isaac Jr., ivory turner. 8 Fayette. 
Covey James, carp., Sch 8th and Sassafras 
Covington Isaac, watchman, 7 Freed's av 
Cowan Calvin, shoemr., lo Green (C) 
Cowan Henry, clerk, 43 N Sch 8th 
Cowan Joseph W., clerk, George ab Sch 6th 
Coward Charles, trunkmr., Orchard ab Rawle 
Coward Elizabeth, 66 N 5th 
Coward H., gilder, 8lh ab Carpenter 
Coward Jaine^, smoker, 222 S 6th 
Coward John, cordw., 28 Castle 

Coward Joseph, tailor, Federal ab 2nd 
Coward Perry, waiter, Morris bel Fitzwater 
Coward Samuel T., pattern rur., 106 Coatcs 
Coward William, trader, Logan ab Green 
Cowden Catharine, 306 Cedar 
Cowden James, carp., Federal ab 7th 
Cowdrick Charles H., plater, 61 Tammany. 
Cowdrick Edward, bricklayer, Lewis (N L) 
Cowell Henrv, mer., S W 7th and Chestnut 
Cowelt John V., mer., S W Chesnut Si 7th, h 

128 S 8th. 
Cowell Joseph M. 1 N 12th 
Cowell J. V. & Son, dry goods, S W 7th and 

Cowell Wm., tinsmith, rear 30 Cherry 
Cowen Wm., weaver, n Broad and Carpenter 
Cowgill Arnold, cordw., 23 F road (K) 
Cowlings George, brewer, 7 Tiller's ct. 
Cownover A., bricklayer, Parnsh bel 10th 
Cownover Ferdinand, carp,, Parrishbel 10th 
Cownover Jacob, bricklayer, 7th and Green 
Cowpcrthwait C. J., galvanic plater, 97 Chest- 
Cowpcrthwait E., upholsterer, 15 S 5th, h 276 

Cowpcrthwait H., mer., 253 High, h 134 Mul- 
Cowpcrthwait Samuel, ladies' shoemr., 93 S 6th 
Cowperthwaite J. C, surgeon dentist, 312 Pine. 
Cowperthwaite Margaret, 4 Carrolton sq. 
Cowperthwaite Wm., plasterer, 312 Pine 
Cowpland Ann, milliner, 117 S 2d 
Cowpland E. D., Kessler ab Coates 
Cowpland Sarah, trimmings, 131 Cedar 
Cox Aaron F., printer, 44 X 13th 
Cox Charles, lime mer., N E 9th and Coates 
Cox Charles, mer., 104 S 5th 
Cox Charles, Wistars ct 
Cox Charles, carter, State. 
Cox Clement, coachman, 25 Prosperous al 
Cox Daniel, painter, reatt454 S Front. 
Cox Elizabeth, b. h., 10j Cherry 
Cox Elizabeth, c 7th and Sassafras. 
Cox Elizabeth, widow, 365 X 3d 
Cox Elizabeth, 49 S Juniper 
Cox George M, pattern mr, 201 G T road bel 

Cox George S., ship joiner, F road ab Otter. 
Cox Gideon, wooden & varietv store, 335 Sc 337 

High, and dry goods X W 8th Sc High 
Cox James, lab., Leyden's ct. 
Cox James, U. S. Court, h 49 S 5th 
Cox James, mariner, rear 13 Mead 
Cox James, gent., Walnut n Sch 7th. 
Cox James, teacher, 4th bel G T road 
Cox J;>mes E., mer., 74 Wood 
Cox John, inspector custom-house, Vine n Sch. 

Cox John, labourer, 8 Barker 
Cox John, Pres. Lehigh Co., 72 S 2d, h Walnut 

n Sch 7th 
Cox John, farmer, 9th bel Carpenter 
Cox John, lime deder, 535 X Front 
Cox John, 211 S 6th 
Cox John, machinist, Sch 6th ab Sassafras 

Cox John C, mer., 177$ High, h Bridge, Man- 
tua village 

Cox Joseph, stone cutter, Brazier bel Shippen 

Cox Lawrence, Budd n Juniper 

Cox Lewis W., combmr., 465 N 3d 

Cox Lydia Ann, 116 S 10th 

Cox Maria, Truxton and Budd 

Cox Margaret, millinery, 314 Pine 

Cox Mary, cook, Juniper al 

Cox Mary, gentw., 2S3 Spruce 

Cox Mary, 18 Vaux's ct 

Cox Mary Ann, trims., 6 Arcade, h 15 Mead. 

Cox Perrv, coachman, 15 "Watson's al 

Cox Kacliel, shop, 96 Gaskill 

Cox Richard P., 115 X 5th 

Cox Samuel, teacher, 13 Girard 

Cox Samuel C. carter, Rose bel G T road 

Cox Sarah, 476 Sassafras 

Cox Thomas, bootmr., 10 Wagner's al 

Cox Wilhelmina C, refectory, 40 S 5th 

Cox William, carp., rear 266 S 3d 

Cox William, ship joiner, Lancaster bel Whar- 

Cox Wm., carter, 2d bel Franklin (K) 

Cox Wm., blacksmith, 18 Hallowell 

Cox Wm., dyer, n Monument Cem. 

Cox Wm., coachmr., G T road ab Thompson 

Coxe Charles S., Spruce W Sch 8th 

Coxe Daniel W., gent, 233 Chestnut. 

Coxe Edmund S., atty. and coun., 133 Walnut 

Coxe John R., M. D., c Pine & Broad. 

Coxe W. S., teacher, Camac n 9th and Broad 

Coxey James, shop, Washington (W P) 

Coxey Thomas, superintendent ot penitentiary, 
h 13 X Sch 2d 

Coxey William, carpenter, Elizabeth (X L) ab 

Coxhead John, 277 Walnut 

Coxhead William, tailor, 82 Locust. 

Coyle Charles, japanner, 199 Xoble. 

Coyle Edward, japanner, 6 Baker's ct (X L) 

Coyle Edward, carp., Wood ab Sch 6th 

Coyle Edward, lab., Sycamore ab Locust 

Coyle James, labourer, Spruce n Sch. 5th 

Coyle James, lab., Lombard n Sch Bank 

Coyle John, blacksmith, Broad Si Mulberry. 

Coyle John, grocer, 19 Small 

Coyle Mary, tavern, 66 Cedar 

Coyle Matthew, blacksmith, Wheat ab Wharton 

Coyle Michael, porter, Pearl ab Sch 7th 

Coyle Patrick, boatman, Carpenter ab 10th 

Coyle Rebecca, Dorothy n Sch 4th 

Coyle Samuel, lab., 10 Lawrence 

Coy John, lab., 7th ab P road 

Coy John, warper, Dugan ab Pine 

Cozens Archibald, police oiheer, h20 Beck pi 

Cozens Delia, gentw., US S 4th 

Cozens Elizabeth, shopkeeper, X E 2nd and 

Cozens Henry D., bricklayer, 7th ab Catharine 

Cozens Mary, gentw., 3 Jefferson row 

Cozens Rachel, b h, 60 X 2nd 

Cozens W. B. M. mer., 38 Chestnut 

Cozins John, superintendent dyeing & manu- 
facturing, co. prison, h Fitzwater ab 8th. 


Crabbe H. S., sec. to com. N. Yard, h Sch 5th be) 

Crabbe William II., clerk of Navy Yard 
Craft James W., cordwainer, rear 11 Lombard ct 
Craft Gershom, printer, rear 60 Union 
Craft II. shoemr., rear 4 Ogden 
Craft John C. hatter, 11th and Milton 
Cruft Man-, 40 Quince 
Craven Hugh, manuf., 8th ab Catharine 
Cragin James, shoemr., 12 S 7th 
Cragg G., dyer and scourer, 519 N 3d. 
Cragg Wra., sexton and undertaker, 10 College 

av., and 11 Watson's alley. 
Craig" Andrew, weaver, Perry n Pine. 
Craig- Andrew, carpenter, 1 Hubbell. 
Craig- Andrew, lab., Ann ab R road (F V) 
Craig- Andrew C, mer., S W loth and High, h 

481 High 
Craig Andrew C. Sc Co., wine and liquor mers., 

S W 13th and High 
Craig Ann, grocer, 106 Plum 
Craig, Rellas & Co., com. & forw. mers., N W 

Cherry and Broad. 
Craig Catharine, milliner, 10 N 11th 
Craig Elias D., tin smith, High n Sch 5th 
Craig Emor, police officer, 176 Lombard. 
Craig E. Clinton bel Parrish 
Craig- George, porter, 19 Cypress al 
Craig George, framemr. Gay's ct 
Craig Hannah, 136 Locust 
Craig Hugh, mer. X W Broad and Cherry 
Craig Jacob, porter, 19 Perry 
Craig James, lab., High ab Sch 5th 
Craig James, shop, Lewis Sc Sch 6th 
Craig James, watchman, Salem al 
Craig Jane, 113 Spruce. 
Craig Jared, engineer, Sch 6th ab Willow 
Craig Jared, printer, 13 Mercer. 
Craig John, stone cutter, 9 Nectarine 
Craig John, typefounder, 321 Spruce. 
Craig John, weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson, 

Craig Joseph, currier, 65 S 12th 

Craig Mary, whitewasher, 8 Acorn alley 

Craig Matthew, weaver, William n Edward, (K) 

Craig Patrick, labourer, 60 George (S) 

Craig Rebecca, 6 Washington 

Craig Robert, weaver, 153 GTroad 

Craig- Robert, weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 

Craig Robert, Penn bel Maiden. (K) 

Craig Samuel, farrier, 5 Raspberry 

Craig- Samuel, lab., 27 M'Duffiie 

Craig- Thomas, drayman, 5 Wagner's ct. 

Craig Wm., Pres. Am. Ins. Co., XEc Philada. 

Exchange, h Broad ab Pine 
Craig William, flour store, 439 N 2d 
Craig Wm., bookbinder, Phuenix bel G T road 
Craig W. S., dressmr., 10S S 4th 
Craige, Holmes & Co., saddlery, hardware, 110 

High, and manufs., Globe "Mills 
Craige Seth, mer., 110 High, h 364 Mulberry. 
Craige Thomas, riding- school & livery stable, 

4th ab Wood, h 520 X Front- 
Oaigx- Thomas H., mer., 110 High, h Mulberry 

W of Broad 


Craige William, blacksmith, Oak (W P) 
Craige Wm., weaver, 2 Fox's ct 
Craige Wm. T., Doct., 181 X -1th 
Craig-head Thomas, att'y and coun. S E 3d 

Spruce, h 13th and Ann 
Crall Thomas P. sea capt. 242 Catharine 
Cram Samuel, acct., 12 Union sq 
Cramer Charles, engineer, 6th ab Poplar 
Cramer Edward, carp. Commerce ab 5th 
Cramer Emily, washer, 51 Currant al 
Cramer Isaac, moulder, Allen ab Marlboro' (K) 
Cramer Jas., cot. spin., Shackamaxon bel Prince 
Cramer Samuel, carp., luC Apple 
Cramer Samuel, sen. carp. 102 Apple 
Crammer John L., brushmr., Queen bel Marlbo. 

rough (K) 
Cramer Josiah, lab. Shackamaxon bel Prince 
Cramond Henry, atty. and coun., 149 Walnut, it 

539 Chestnut 
Cramond Sarah, 539 Chestnut 
Cramp Catharine, huckster, Queen ab Wood. 
Cramp & Fordham, boat builders, Beach an 1 

Cramp George, ship carpenter, Marlborough n 

Bedford. (K) 
Cramp Jacob, fisherman, Queen n Wood. (Kt 
Cramp John, fisherman, Cherry ah Queen. ( K i 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., Vi< ?nna n CJuceii. (U) 
Cramp Wm., grocer, Queen and Palmer ( K , 
Crandell Matthew B. coach trimmer, N I. - t 

and Mary 
Crane Solomon, manuf., Poplar ab St. John. 
Crane Wm. H., cordw., 190 Callowhill, h 20 

Crangle Catharine Mrs., 17 P road. 
Crangle Xicholas, china packer, St. John n Bra- 
ver, (K) 
Crankshaw James, tavern, 193 S Front 
Cranmer Jonathan, cordwainer, 244 Callowhill 
Cranmer Joseph S. cordw. 130 X 10th 
Crans John S., clerk, 52 Federal 
Crans Peter, assistant keeper Moyamcnsing pri- 
son, 52 Federal. 
Crans Peter Jr., atty. and coun., 3U0 S 5th. 
Crans Samuel, gent., 52 Federal 
Crans William J., clerk M. Prison, h 331 S 5th 
Cranston George, baker, Willow bel 6th 
Crap George M., tinworker. 134 German 
Crap Samuel, tin worker, 331 S 6th 
Cravat George, carp. Harmon ab 4th 
Craven Aaron, blacksm., 1" Perry 
Craven Ishi H., acct. 390 $ 3 i 
Craven James C, tinplate v.".-k<-r, SE 9th i 

High, h Blackberry a! :.■> Locust 
Craven Thomas, agent, 77 Ui n 
Craven William, labourer, Harrison's av 
Crawford Benj., boatbuild., Hanover bel Queen 
Crawford Benjamin, tailor, 240 High, h lo9 

X 7th 
Crawford Bratton, weaver, Harrnstead ab 3d 
Crawford Charles, tailor, Lombard ab 12th 
Crawford Charlotte, cook, 299 S 7th 
Crawford David, blacksmith, Sch 7th and Lom- 
Crawford David, iab. Cochran ab Fitzwater 

Crawford E., dressmaker, Perry n Pine 

Crawford Hannah, nurse, 9 Lily al 

Crawford Henry M., leather dealer, 233 N 2d, h 

13 Xoble. ' 
Crawford Henry M., mer., 40 High, h 3 Xoble 
Crawford Jacob, waterman, 2 Pratt's ct. 
Crawford James, constable, 1 Wafer's ct. 
Crawford James, carp., Christian ah 2d, h 18" 

Crawford Jannet, Thompson ab Charlotte 
Crawford John, blacksmith, George ab Broad, h 

Lewis bel Sch 8th. 
Crawford John, drayman, 9 S Sch 5th 
Crawford John, whipmr. n Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Crawford John, drayman, 181 Coates 
Crawford John, weaver. Front bel Oxford 
Crawford Lancelot, weaver, McBride's ct. 
Crawford Matthew, combmr., Poplar n 4th. 
Crawford Peter M'C, Carpenter bel 6th 
Crawford Robert, carp., 17 Cherry 
Crawford Robert, carter, Spruce n Sch Front 
Crawford Robert, carpet weaver, R road 
Crawford Sam. tailor, Jefferson ab Cadwalader 
Crawford Samuel W. Rev., Mulberry n Sch 6th 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, Ann n 13th 
Crawford Thomas, shop, 120 German 
Crawford Thomas, labourer, Spruce n Sch. 4th. 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, Amber ab Phcenix 
Crawford Tobias, cordw., 4 Pleasant Retreat 
Crawford Walter, weaver, Fitler n Montgomery 
Crawford Wm. lab. Joseph's al 
Crawford Win. shoemr. Haines 
Crawford William, grocer, Sch. 6th n Locust 
Crawford William H., tanner, 7th and Willow, 

h 270 N 7th 
Crawley Abraham, card manuf., S W 3d and 

High, h 18 Magnolia. 
Crawther Wm. lab. Spruce n Sch 
Craycroft Benjamin B. 130 Catharine 
Craycroft Joseph cordw., 471 S 2d. 
Craymer John, shoemr. 10 Spruce 
Craythorn Wm., baker,- 2 Howard 
Creager Christian A. A. mariner, 10 Church (S) 
Creagmile Thomas, flour, 474 X 4th, h 5th ab 

Cream Christian, 2 Union ct 
Creamer David, carp., Parrish ab 7th 
Creamer F. turner, 9th bel Ogden 
Creamer Matthias, ship carp. Marlborough bel 

Crean Elizabeth, 94 S Eighth 
Crean Wm.', 94 S 8th ( 

Crease William G., tailor, 117 X 3d. 
Creasey Wm., patternmr., 578 S Front 
Creauthcrs Peter V. dry g-oods, 379 S 2d 
Cree William, lab., Hamilton n Sch 6th 
Creely Jacob, joiner, Beach bel Marlboro' (K) 
Creely John S., agent, 31 Dean 
Creely Michael, ship carp., Palmer ab Duke. 
Creery Wm., cooper, 681 Joseph's av 
Cregan Barney, carter, 82 Georsre (S) 
Cregar Charles, shoemr., 5th ab Cedar 
Cregar P. A., teach., 63 Xew 
Cregar Samuel, cordw., 141 Vine 
Creighton Daniel, cordw., 303 S 6th ' 

Creighton Garrett, shoes, d44 High 
Creighton Jeremiah, lab. Mulberry n Broad 
Creighton John, carp. 2d n Montgomery (K) 
Creighton John, carp. Lombard E Sch 6th 
Creighton John, manager, Globe Mills, h S* 

John n George (K.) 
Creighton Robert, mer., 10 S Front, h Sprue: 

ab Broad 
Creighton Robert Sc Co., mers., 10 S Front. 
Cielier Maurice, b h, 42 Prune 
Cremer James, turner, 157 S 3d 
Creps Joseph S. lab. U. S. Arsenal 
Crerar Peter, mer. S W 8th and Chestnut 
Cress George, gent., 59 Buttonwood bel 3th 
Cress James, bricklayer, 99 Dillwyn. 
Cress Joseph, lab. rear 21 Mary (S) 
Cress M. A. J. C. coach lampmr. 15 M road 
Cress Rachel, rear 13 Lybrand 
Cress Samuel, bricklayer, Xectarine bel lOdi 
Cressee George F. g-rocer, 33 Beck (S) 
Cressman George, gent., 9th bel Buttonwood 
Cressman Henry, military capmaker, 134 X 8th 
Cressman Jacob", lab., 42S S 4th 
Cressman Joachim, cooper, 22S Catharine 
Cressman "Wm, military cap, &c. man., 101 X 3d 
Cresson Caleb, druggist, 6 X3d 
Cresson C. C, mer., S W 5th &. Commerce, h 

261 Mulberry 
Cresson Deborah, 236 Filbert. 
Cresson Elliott, 30 Sansom. 
Cresson John C, superin. gas works, Filbert n 

Sch. 6th. 
Cresson John IL, see'ry. Sc treas. M. H. S; Sch. 

Haven R. R. Co., 3*14 X 6th. 
Cresson Joseph, 363 Sassafras. 
Cresson J. B., druggist, X W Broad and Vine 
Cresson M. Mrs., gentw., 30 Sansom. 
Cresson Sarah E., 261 Mulberry. 
Cresson Walter, mer., 14 X 4th, h 314 X 6th. 
Cresson William, mer., 14 N4th, h 314 X 6th. 
Cresson William P., mer., S W 5th &. Commerce, 

h 191 X 5th 
Cresson Wm. P. & Brother, hardware, S W 5th 

St Commerce 
Cresson William & Walter, mers., 14 X 4th 
Cresswell Robert, mer., 207 Higu, h 29 X loth 
Creswell S. J., brassfounder. 221 Mulberry 
Creth Alexander, tailor, 6th and Small 
Creth Danl. clothing, 14S X 2d, h 39 Sassafras 
Creth Joanna, 19 Union sq 

Creth Wm., distiller, X W Juniper Sc Sassafras. 
Crewe Samuel, cabinetmr. 20 X 9th 
Cribb James, lab. 24 Strawberry 
Criblier Peter, confectioner, Garretson row 
Crider George, cordwainer, lOl Vine. 
Cridland John, morocco dresser Townsend's a\ 
Crilly Andrew, lab., Sch 8th ab Callowhill 
Crilly Daniel, tavern, 2£ S 7th. 
Crilly Elias, drayman, Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
Crilly Elizabeth", tavern, 9 X 6th 
Crilly Henry, gTocer, X W 3d & Thompson. 
Crilly John, butcher, Phcenix bel G T road 
Crillv Michael, labourer, Marker ab 2d 
Crim" Mrs., b h., 108 Walnut. 
Crippin Abm. scourer, Pine n Quince 

Crippin Abm. porter, rear 27 Bonsall 

Cripple Isaac, porter, 202 Lombard 

Cripps Richard, bricklayer, It road ab Button- 

Crips Joseph, packer, U. S. Arsenal 

Crispenn 1). D., dentist, N E 9th and Sassafras 

Crispenn Robert, bricklayer, 8 St Joseph's av 

Crispin Mary, 4 Fair 

CrisserC, wid., 8 Linden 

Crissy Jacob, cordw., 119 Brown 

Crissy James, printer and publisher, 4 Minor, h 
12 Montgomery sq. 

Crist C, victualler," West bel Palmer, (K) 

Crist Henry, glass blower, Vienna ab Queen (K) 

Ciist Jane," washer, n Bedford bet Palmer and 

Crist Joseph, caulker, Prince n Palmer, (K) 

Crist Samuel, vict. Queen n Palmer, h n West 
and Hanover (K) 

Cristini Susan, 208 Walnut 

Cristopher Michael, drayman, Coates ab 9th 

Criswell J. J., hardware, oS N 2d 

Crock Ann, Marlboro' bel Duke 

Crock Peter, planemr., Rose n William (K) 

Crocker Lott, Sch 8th n Coates 

Crocker Pascre, tailor, 2 Winter's ct 

Crockett David, cabman, 159 Coates 

Crockett Maria, 2 Union 

Crocks P., silverplater, Liberty al 

Croft Henry, morocco' dr., St John n Coates, h 
Perry bel Phoenix (K) 

Croft Samuel, mer., 53 Commerce 

Croggy Mary Ann, dressmr. Sycamore ab Lo- 

Croghan George, U. S. A., 29 Girard 

Crojius J. D., bookb., 21 N 4th 

Croll Christian, tailor, 149 Chestnut, h Franklin 
ab Buttonwood 

Croll M. J. 8c Co., tailors, 149 Chestnut. 

Croll M. J., tailor, 149 Chestnut, h 99 Franklin 
ab Buttonwood 

Crornbarger Mary, 84 S 11th 

Cromelien David, mer. Filbert ab Sch 7th 

Cromlay George, bootmr. Pine ab 2d 

Cromley Geo. M., Front bel Phoenix (K) 

Cromley Hugh, shoemaker, 9 Willing's al. 

Cromlev Martha, dealer, bel Washington bet 
6th Sc 7th (S) 

Cromly Thomas, 31 N 7th. 

Crommelin George, wines, h 270 Coates 

Crommelin George, chocolate and mustard, 
Front n Dock, h S E 5th 8c Pine 

Crommie Ed. H., cordw., 67 S 12th 

Cromwell Charles, shoemr. Charlotte 8c Phoe- 
nix (K) 

Cromwell Hannah, 20 Schriver's ct 

Oronin Edward, grocer, 210 High, h 5th bel 


Cronmullar John, victualler, Front bel Master 
Crook John, Monument Cemetery, h 10th and 


Crooks Catharine, stocks, 144 S Front 
Crooks James, spinner, Lombard n Sch 2d 
Crookshanks John, engineer, Shackamaxon bel 

Franklin (K) 
Croome William, designer and engraver, S K 

6th 8c Walnut 
Cropley John S., coppersmith, 213 S 3d 
Cropper Benjamin, confectioner, 24 N 12th 
Cropper Daniel, porter, 37 Currant a! 
Cropper Henry, waiter, 239 Lombard 
Cropper Lomax, baker, 83 W Callow hill 
Cropper Samuel P., lumber mer., Almond bel 

Front, h 9 Catharine 
Crosbv David, lab. rear 17 Barlev 
Crosby Elizabeth, 74 S 12th 
Crosby George, clerk, Cherry n Sch 8th 
Crosby John, dealer, Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Crosby L. B., carp., Apple ab Culvert 
Crosby Magnus, stonecutter, Prospect al. 1>H 

Crosby Mrs., Quince n Lombard. 
Crosby Thomas, clerk, 243 High 
Crosby William, carpenter, 3 Juniper lane. 
Croskey Henry, tea and wine dealer, Walnut & 

Cross Benjamin, teacher music, 39 Filbert. 
Cross Benjamin C, teacher music, ~S5 SprUcr 
Cross George AV., iron chests, 83 Dork, li 4f"> 

Cross Robert, varnisher, rear 34 Almond 
Crossin Esther, 10 Dean 
Grossman Elizabeth, milliner, 217 S 2d. 
Crossman Henry, cordw., rear 15 Brook's c* 
Crossman J. M., merchant, 121 High, 1' 3'-t 

Crossman T. J., M. D., eye infirmary, 25 S 7th 
Crothers John, cordw., 23 Julianna 
Crothers Matilda, gentw., 3S9 Mulberry 
Crothers William S., 389 Mulberry 
Crotto E. Mrs., 32 Farmer. 
Crouch C. W., shoemaker, 222 & h 210 N 4th 
Crouch Francis, grocer, 20 Buckley 
Crouch Isaac, engineer, F road opp Allen 
Crouch Richard, lab. Little Water ab Cedar 
Crouscup A. A., cordw., rear 92 Crown 
Crouse Catharine, 142 Vine 
Crouse C, widow, 8th ab Noble 
Crouse Gotlieb, tailor, rear 31 S 2d 
Crouse John, tavern, Sch :3d and i hestnut 
Crouse Mary, Apple ab Culvert. 
Crouse Samuel, James's ct (K) 

Cromwell Jas. S., bricklaver, Sch. 7th n Cherry. I Crout Daniel, acct, 224 Green 

Cromwell John, butcher, Front bel Master (K) 
Cromwell John, sailmaker, 55 P road. 
Cromwell John jr., bricklayer, 64 N Juniper. 
Cromwell O., bricklayer, rear 337 X 3d 
Cromwell Samuel, sailmr., S3 German 
Cromwell Wm. spinner, Apple n Creek 
Cronan Margaret, shop, 23 Crabb 
Cronhard Christian, shoemr. 3 Vernon 

Crout Henry, carp. 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Crout Joseph, cabinetmaker, 35S N 6th. 
Crcwt J. So A., cabinetmakers, 360 X 6th. 
Crow James, asst. ship master, S Front n Cox 
Crow James, lab., Filbert bet Sch. 3rd Sc 4th. 
Crow Joseph, weaver, Dorothy n Sch. 3d. 
Crow Wm. cloth finisher, Broad and Paper al 
Crowell Ellis B. real est. broker, 287 Spruce 

Crowd! James W. tobacconist, Preston n Wal 

Crowell John, cordw., Hanks' ct 
Crowell J. M., dentist, 287 Spruce 
Crowell Smith, b h, 152 S Front 
Crowell Smith, tailor, 8 Stamper's al. 
Crowell Thomas, painter, 145 Poplar. 
Crowell Thomas E., atty., 48 S 6th 
Crowley Mary, Price's ct 
Crowley Robert, mer., 144 High. 
Crowley F. Doct. S Green 
Crowther John, turner, Heaver ab St John 
Crouther Ralph, lab. Nixon ab Callowhill 
Crozer James G., mer., 65 S Front. 
Crozet Earnest, printing- office, 151 S 6th. 
Crozier Andrew, teacher, 65 Christian. 
Crozier Benjamin, cordwainer, 3 ElmsUe's al. 
Crozier Robert, cordw-, Cadwalader ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Crozier Robert, tavern, 468 Sassafras 
Crozier Wm. carver, 44 Beck (S) 
Crozier Wm. carpet weaver, Cedar bel 13th 
Crumhack Jacob, shoemr. 22 M'Duffie 
Cruinback Philip, fishenn., Vine n Sch. river 
Crumbar Charles, waiter, 1 Barley 
Crumblcy George, tavern, N W Front & Green- 

Crumbly Jacob, brickmr. Lombard n Sch 2d 
Cruinil M. Mrs. 201 S 7th 
Crumley John, bar tender, Parrish bel 10th 
Crumlish James, lab., 4th ab German 
Crummell Alexander, Rev. teacher, 11th ab 

Lombard, h 52 Lebanon 
Crumpton Robert, cook, J St Mary 
Cruntlwell Joseph, carpenter, 12Penna. av 
Cruse James, weaver, 4 Schuylkill av 
Cruse John, rigger, 121 Brown (N L) 
Cruteher Foster G., men, 9 Merchant, h 26 Gi- 

Cruthers John, weaver, Raffertv's ct 
Cruvellier Wm. seaman, Madison's ct 
Cryder George, baker, 8th ab Carpenter 
Cryder John, pres. Reading R.R. Co. S E Broad 

and Cherry 
Cublcr George, carter, "Sine n Sch 2nd. 
Cuesta Miss, 57 Pine 
Cuish Thomas, lab. 1 Lagrange 
Culbert *c Hunter, grocers, O Y road & Green 
Lulbert John, Shippen ab 12th 
Culbert Joseph, 1 Brinton 
Culbert Martha A., milliner, 136 S 10th 
Culbertson Allen, drayman, 126 N 11th 
Culbertson James, lab', Shippen la ab Catharine 
Lulbertson James, weaver, Ann W Sch 8th 
Cu bertson John, brewer, Govatt's ct 
Cu bertson John, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
Culbertson Joseph, carter, Coates bel Sch 6th 
Culbertson Robert, lab. R road ab George (F V) 
Cu bertson Samuel, clerk, George ab Sch 8th 
Culbertson Samuel, por ter, 4 Seiser's ct 
Culbertson Wm. tavern, 651 N 2d c 

Culbertson Wm., lab, Lewis n Sch 6th 
Culbertson V dham, carter, 321 S 6th 
Culm Eliza, 88 Vine. 
Culin George, bookbinder, 69 Noble. 

Culin Geo. tailor, S E 2d and High, h 31 New i 

Culin John, cordw., 10th ab Coates 

Culin John, tailor, 14 High. 

Culin John, wheelwright, Locust (W P) 

Culin John N. 10th n Melon 

Culin .Margaret, Ann ab Sch 3d 

Culin Samuel, shoemaker, 34 Plum. 

Cullen Edward, tallow chand., Shippen bel 8th ! 

Cullen George, grocer, 76 Locust 

Cullen Lawrence, drayman, 107 German. 

Cullen Peter, soap and candles, 289 Cedar 

Cullen Thomas, porter, 14 Mulberry 

Cullen William, tailor, 59 Small 

Cullen Wm. drayman, Perry ab Franklin (K) 

Cullin Walter P., tavern, N W Vine & Water. | 

Culnan Charles, shop, 4th and Shippen 

Culp Charles, carpt, Mechanic ab George ■ 

Culp Jacob, gent., 65 Vine. 

Culp John, brickmaker, Spruce n Sch 2d 

Culp T., 10th bel Cedar 

Cultin Sophia, plaiting, 17 S 9th 

Culton George, vict. 40 Perry 

Culver Daniel, atty. and couit., 139 S 5th 

Culvertson James, lab., Fox's ct 

Cummines Mary, sempstress, rear 373 S Front i 

Gumming & Brodie, copper & tin roofers, 9 St \ 

dimming Richard P. metallic roofer, 276 N ^d I 

h 220 N 4th 
Cummings Alexander, 274 High, h 221 Coates j 
Cummings A. B., office Columbia R road, office 

W of Broad 
Cummings Catharine, 201 S 4th 
Cummings Charles, glue manuf., 6th ab Poplar. ] 
Cummings Charles II. shoemr. 22 Lagrange 
Cummings G. P. architect, 65 S 7th 
Cummings Henry, cordwainer, 33 Mechanic. \ 
Cummings Jacob, driver, 21 James 
Cummings James, weaver, Hopkins' ct near i 

School (K) 
Cummings John, jeweller, Rye ab Read 
Cummings Jno. M. conveyancer, 141 Walnut I 
Cummings John S. clerk, Sch 6th bel Chestnut 
Cummings J. A., merchant, 189 High, h 323 N '< 
6th I 

Cummings Matthew, blacksmith, 14 Eliza- 
beth (N L) 
Cummings Mary Jane, Truxton & Budd 
Cummings Robert, weaver, Master n Hope (K) i 
Cummings S. S., 189 High, h 184 Marshall 
Cummings Thomas, lab., R road n F Mount 
Cummings William, grocer, 75 S Wharves h 

178 S Front. 
Cummings William, gunsmith, 5 New Market I 
Cummins Dan. B., mer., 103 High, h 9 N 7th. 1 
Cummins Edward, tavern, 29 Prune 
Cummins Elizabeth, 381 S 6th 
Cummins Isaac, porter, 8S Christian 
Cummins Jane, grocer, N W 3rd & Brown. 
Cummins Patrick, iron dealer. 143 N Front 
Cummiskey Eugene, publisher & bookseller, 

150 S 6th. 
Cummiskey Patrick, lab., Shippen la 
Cunliffe James, carp., F road opp. West 
Cunlifl'e William B., printer, (WP) i 

Cunningham Alexander, lab. Marriott's la n 6th 

Cunningham Alexander, shop, High bel Sch3d 

ami 4th 
Cunningham Archibald, carp., Mifflin n 13th 
Cunningham ic Crawley, card manuf. 2 S 3d 
Cunningham Elisha, ^.ixon ab Callow-hill 
Cunningham Elizabeth, 2 Loxlcy's ct 
Cunningham James, morocco dr., 187 N Front 
Cunningham James, labourer, 176 N Water 
Cunningham James, labourer, 4-0 Garden 
Cunningham James, lab., Sch 2d ab High 
Cunningham James, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Cunningham James, lab., M'Coy's ct 
Cunningham James, painter, 1(J "Wagner's al 
Cunningham James, lab. Pemberton's al 
Cunningham John, lab. Kinley's ct 
Cunningham John, 179 Christian 
Cunningham John, lab. Filbert W Sch 4th 
Cunningham John, labourer, 189 Lombard 
Cunningham Joseph, rear 463 N 4th 
Cunningham Lawrence, lab., Marion ab Front 
Cunningham Mary, wid., 18 Acorn al 
Cunningham M., tailoress, 7 Relief 
Cunningham Owen, boatmr. 187 S Front 
Cunningham Robert, shoemr. Orchard 
Cunningham Robert, engineer, Bedford 
Cunningham R., shop, 13 Small 
Cunningham Samuel, cordw., 436 N Fro:*t 
Cunningham Samuel, lab., George n Sch Beach 
Cunningham Samuel H., carpenter, 62 Perry 
Cunningham Susan, S E Sch 3d Sc High 
Cunningham William, card manuf., 2 S 3rd. 
Cunningham William, lab., 2 W Cedar 
Cunningham Winthrop, mer., 44 S Water, h 

199 Pine. 
Cunningham Wm J. grocer, 8th and Carpenter 
Cunningham Wm. J. bookseller, 104 S 3d 
Cunnington Wm., M. D., 12 Jefferson row 
Cunnis Jacob, eordw., 11 Mark's la 
Curby Michael, cooper, 42 S Water, h 295 

S Front. 
Curl John, blacksmith, James' ct n School (K) 
Curie John, blacksmith, Nixon bel Wood 
CurletHugh, cordwainer, 9th ab Ogden 
Curlin Frederick, piano tuner, 79 Poplar 
Curran Elizabeth, sempstress, 18 Vaux's ct 
Curran Elizabeth, 150 Lombard 
Curran Jane, milliner, 305 Walnut 
Curran John, lab. Sch Front & Spruce 
Curran John C, mer., 76 S whfs. h 87 Lombard 
Curran Margaret, Allen & Hanover (K) 
Curran Thomas, lab. Sch 3d n Coates 
Curran.boi.uch. Jacob, tailor, Lemon n 10th 
Curren William, gent., 23 Prune. 
Currey Robert L., carp., Broad ab Filbert, h 

Filbert W Sch 4th 
Curry Andrew, lab. Fair Mount st 
Curry Cornelius, cordw., 3 Jackson's ct 
Curry Daniel, cordw., rear 157 Coates 
Curry David, lab., Penna. av n F M 
Curry Dorothy, shorn 25 Filbert 
Curry Elizabeth, 8th bel Christian. 
Curry Esther, 400 S 3d 
Cum - George, 79 Lombard 
Curry Hugh, lab., 25 State 

Curry John, saddler, 232 Shippen 

Curry John, combmr., 443 N 4th. 

Curry John, cordwainer, 372 S 3d 

Curry John, lab., Thompson n 3d 

Curry Joseph R. upholsterer, 19 Sterling al 

Curry Lewis V. bookbinder, S W 8th £c Green 

Curry Marshall, weaver, 29 W Cedar. 

Curry Mary, trimmings, 142 Sassafras 

Curry Nicholas, lab., n Federal ab 7th 

Curry N. lab., Sch 4th bel Ann (F V) 

Curry Samuel, porter, rear 1 Somer's ct 

Curry William, paperhanjring manuf. Sch. Front 

n Vine, h Vine n Sch 2d. 
Curry William, carpenter, Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Curry Wm., cordw., 12 Boyd's av 
Curry Wm., lab., 17 Mercer 
Curry Wm., bricklayer, Logan n AVallace 
Cuiten Daniel, weaver, 20 Franklin bel 4th (K) 
Curtis Ann, teacher, 17 Elfreth's al. 
Curtis Anthony, waiter, 62 Gaskill. 
Curtis A., United States Navy, Woodland 

(W P) 
Curtis B. T., mer., 41 & 43 Commerce, h Fil- 
bert n Sch 6th. 
Curtis Cephas, combmaker, 148 New Market 
Curtis Charles C, barber, 269 Sassafras. 
Curtis Elizabeth, Relief pi 
Curtis Frederick, printer, Plum bel 4th 
Curtis &. Hand, hardware, 41 & 43 Commerce. 
Curtis Henry W., trimmings, 370 N 4th. 
Curtis John, lab., 7th bel Federal 
Curtis John H., real est. agt. and collector, 121 

Walnut, h 153 N 10th 
Curtis John W., musician, St Mary ab 7th 
Curtis John W., musician, rear 8th ab Carpenter 
Curtis Margaretta, 4 Chancery lane. 
Curtis Patrick, stable keeper, 3 Wagner's ct 
Curtis Sarah J., shopkeeper, 121 N 4th. 
Curtis Thomas, tailor, rear 7 Sheppard's al 
Curtis Thomas F., agent and collector, 83 Penn 
Curtis William, collector, 11 Brown (N L) 
Cusack James, baker, 7 Gray's al 
Cusack John, lab., Ann n 12th 
Cusack William, baker, High n Sch. 3rd 
Cushin Margaret, Mrs., 423 S Front 
Cushman G. H., min. paint., S W 7th 3c Satisom 
Cushman John, cordw. Franklin ab Union 
Cushman Mary E., 149 S 10th 
Cushman Robt. W., mer., 189 High 
Cuskaden George, cabinetmr., Cuskaden's ct 
Custelow Reub., whitewasher, 19 Prosperous al 
Custer Albert, carpenter, rear 26 Rose al 
Custer Daniel, Hutchinson's ct 
Custer Isacher, carp.. 5'23 N 2d bel Beaver 
Custer Nathaniel, black Si whitcsm., 159 and h 

157 Poplar. 
Custins William, paint. 5c glaz., 89 P road 
Custis George, waiter, 2b Bird's ct 
Custis Theodore W., inspect, of customs, 27 

Custus Lewis, shoemr., 10 Washington 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist. 98 S 3d 
Cutcheon Miles, porter, 15 Gaskill 
Cuthbert Allen, mer., 355 Mulberry 
Cuthbert Elizabeth, 137 S 9th 

Cuthbert George, mer., 76 S 2d, h 355 Mul- 

Cuthbert Mary, widow of Anthony, 355 Mul- 

Cuthbcrt Sarah, 205 S 9th. 

Cuthbert Wm., clerk, 573 N Front. 

Cuthbertson John, machinist, Penn bel Broad 

Cuthercl Willis, tailor, 203 Shippen 

Cutler Mary, Fitzwater ab 6th 

Cutler Michael, brickmr., G F road n Prime 

Cutler Thomas, mariner, 9 Fitzwater. 

Cutter William J., cordw., 11th Sc Coates 

Cuyjet Stephen W., shoemr., 163 Pine, h 22 

Cuyler Cornelius C. Rev., 160 N 8th. 

Cuyler Theodore, atty &c coun., 103 W r alnut 

Pace Peter, blacksmith, Howard bel Master (K) 
Da Costa Joseph, rner., 37 N whfs., h Front and 

Da Costa J. C, mer., 37 N wharves, h Front and 

Dagan Barney, mason, Spaflbrd 
Dagen H., watchman, 11th bel Brown 
Dsger Elizabeth, St George's al 
Dager Mary, tailoress, 12 Short ct. 
Dager Matthew, wheelwright, 28 N 13th 
Dager Peter, tavern, 9th and Ogden 
Dailey David, drayman, Scattergood'sct 
Dailey Edward, tavern, 8 Chestnut 
Dailey John, shoemr., Sch 3d and High 
Daily James, shoemr., Lombard E Sch 6th 
Daily James, bricklayer, Oxford and N Front 
Dailv John, lab., 22 Sassafras al 
Dain Thomas, carter, Bedford and Shippen la 
Dainty James, morocco dresser, rear 446 N 4th 
Dainty John, printer, 103 Wood 
Dair James, lab., Fraley's al (K) 
Daisy Aaron, mariner, 582 S 2nd. 
Daisy Jesse, lab., Swanson bel Christian 
Daix E., hair manufacturer, 59£ S 4th 
Dalap Wm., lab., Grav's ct 
Dalby Thomas, barber, 87 W Callowhill 
Dale Edward C, Proth. Dist. Ct., S. House, h 

383 Spruce. 
Dale James, butcher, 339 S 5th 
Dale James, sailmr., Poplar bel Beaver 
Dale James W. Rev., a^ent Pa. Bible Society, 

144 Chestnut, h 127 Lombard 
Dale John M., U. S. Navy, 7 Dugan's row. 
Dale PeU-r, ropemr., Tanner ab Wharton 
Dale Richard C, mer., 74 High, h 127 Lom 

Dale, Ross !c Withers, mers., 74 High 
Dale Wm. H., carter, Parker ab Washington 
Dales John 1?., Rev., Juniper n Filbert 
Daley Charles, drayman, 182 N Water 
Daley J:unes, cigarmr., 32 Apple (N L) 
Daley James, cordw., 2\)2 S 4th 
Daley James, baker, Christian bel 9th 
Daley John, mariner, 12 Beck pi 

Daley John, lab., rear 463 N 4th 

Daley Margaret, Pearl ab Say 

Daley Owen, cordw., Master n 2d 

Daley P., lab., Coates bel Sch 7th 

Daley Thomas, carp., 17 Parker 

Dallam John, saddler, 40 Filbert 

Dallam W. Josias, druggist, 2d and Callowhill, 

h 5th and Library 
Dallas George M., att'y. and coun., 255^ and b 

259 Walnut 
Dallas Jacob, weaver, Perry ab Phcenix (K) 
Dallas John, weaver, Philip ab Master 
Dallas Matthew, weaver, 38 W Cedar 
Dallas Robert, weaver, Perry bel Master (K) 
Dallett, Brothers, shipping merchants, 105 S 

Dallett Elijah & Gillies, soap and candles, N E 

10th & Callowhill, 36 & 491 High 
Dallett Gillies, mer., 36 High h 59 Marshall 
Dallett Henry, bricklayer, Front ab Greenwich 
Dallett Henry C, mer., 105 S Front, h 10th ab 


Dallett John, mer., 105 S Front, h 239 Pine 
Dalling James, bookseller, N W 8th 8c Chestnut 

h 41 S 8th 
Dalrymple Evan, cordwainer, 218 S 5th. 
Dalton Hugh, lab., Sch. 2d n Lombard 
Dalton Patrick, trader, 243 Cedar. 
Dalton Wm., lab., Pine bel Beach 
Dalton Wm., lab., Clay bel Beach 
Daly Edward, hosier, "272 S 6th 
Daly John, waiter, 22 Cypress 
Daly John, hosier, 96 Cedar. 
Daly John, cordw., rear 224 Vine 
Daly Mary, 162 Pine 
Daly Mrs.', S E 4th & Spruce 
Daly Peter, hackdriver, Bedford bel Clifton 
Daly Samuel, lab., Hope bel Master (K) 
Daly Sarah, 3 Marshall's ct 
Daly Thomas, lab., Queen ab Front 
Dalzell James, conveyancer, 7 George, h Milton 

ab 10th 
Dalzell Wm., gent., Carpenter ab 4th 
Dalzell Wm., clerk, Catharine bel 4th 
Damai Edward, hatter, 72 N 2d 
Dando Joseph, acct., 31 Philadelphia Exch. h 

Pine n Broad 
Danenhower Charles R., tobacconist, 396 N 2d. 
Danenhower John W., Townsend's ct 
Danenhower Wm., clerk, 489 N 4th 
Danes Thos. J., lab., 54 Mead 
Danfield Conrad, tailor, Sassafras ab Juniper 
Danfield John H., grocer, S W 4th 8t Franklin 

( K ) ■ 
Danforth & Hoopes, commission merchants, 3j 

N Front. 

Danforth Jas. M., mer., 33 N Front. 

Danguy Canelle, hair dr. Sc worker, 56 S 4th. 

Daniel Aaron, clerk, 2 Buttonwood 

Daniel James H., jeweller, 331 Lombard 

Daniels A. Mrs., b. h., 8 Green 

Daniels Geo., Nectarine bel 11th 

Daniels Jane, 2J9 N 6th 

Danieh John, bricklayer, 302 Carpenter. (S) 

Daniels Joshua, jeweller, 336 S Front 

Daniels Kezia, 18 Beck j Davenport James, collector, 425 S Front 

Daniels Rachel, 12 Bread |Davenport Robert, lab., M'Bride's ct 

Dani< Is Thomas, CantrelPs ct i Davenport Robert W., hardware, 212 S 2nd. 

Daniels ffm., blacksmith, Cherry ab Duke (K), David & Brother, perfumers, 39 S 2d 
Daniels Win., tailor, 261 N 5th j David C. Mrs., shop, Marriott's la ab 5th 

Daniels Wm., corder, Coatesst. wharf., h Allen; David E. W., att'y & coun., 198 N lltli 

ab Shackamaxon (K) j David G., clerk, 13 N Water, h 166 Swan son. 

Daniels Wm., acct., 282 St John 
Daniley H., shoemr., 45 Coates 
DanileyWm., cordw., 95 Brown (N L) 
Dankel Henry, coach trimmer, Marriott ab 3d 
Dankworth John, saddler, Lemon n Orange 

j David Henry, mer., 39 S 2d 

David Jacob, gent., 100 N 7th. 
I David Louis, tavern, 20 Dock 
I David 5c Springs, dry goods, 167 High 

David Wm., stone cutter, Sch 3d be] Chestnut 

Dannaker Christian A., currier, 135 N 3rd, h David William K., mer., 39 S 2d, h 55 Vine 

79 New ! David Wm. M., mer., 167 High 

Dannels Joseph, bricklayer, Nectarine ab 10th Davids Benjamin, gent., 103 S 4th. 

Dannenhower John, baker, Maiden bel Front 
Dantz Philip, tavern, Willow and Dillwyn 
Danver James, moulder, Reed ab Front 
Danzeiser Frederick, baker, Front ab Phoenix 
Duphin Cecelia, dressmr., 232 Lombard 
Darcy Wm., lab., 10 Shippen 
Dardine James, carp., Logan n Green 
Dardis Francis, nailmr., 380 S 5th 
Dardis Thomas, coachman, 12 Mercer 
Dardox John, gent., 100 S Front 

Davidson Alex., watchm., 119 M road 

Davidson Alex., currier, 291 Vine, h 185 N 8th 

Davidson Ann, 204 Locust 

Davidson David, sea captain, 9 Catharine 

Davidson E. W., mer., 114 High 

Davidson James E., clerk, 329 S 4th 

Davidson Jesse, clerk, 6 Weccacoe 

Davidson John, carp., 20 Parham. 

Davidson Joseph A., acct., Sch 7th ab Cherry 

Davidson Julius, extractor of corns, 139 S 4th 

Davidson Matthew, clerk, 9 Mercer 

Dare Collin, blacksmith, 144 Swanson 

Dare Ephraim, woodcorder, Point Pleasant ct Davidson N., agent, 455 Mulberry. 

(K.) ! Davidson Robert, gent., 59 Plum 

Dare Jas. B., blacksm., 141 St. John, h 655 N 2d. | Davidson Robt. B.,'brok., 79 Dock, h 268 Wainut 
Darharn Mary, 15 Parham (Davidson T., weaver, Marlborough and West. 

Darius John, waiter, S 8th bel Cedar I Davidson Wm., Callowhill bel William 

Darker Wm., cotton cord manuf., Park (W P) Davidson "Wm., weaver, 6th ab Master (K) 
Darkies James, victualler, Apple bel George j Davidson Wm., broker, 79 Dock, h 268 Walnut 
Darland Mary, 39 Chester. j Davidson W. & Son, stock brokers, 79 Dock. 

Darley John, 417 High |Davies H., dressmaker, 12 N 10th. 

Darley W. H. W., prof, of music, 184 Chestnut,! Davies John, cider and vinegar yard 12th near 

h 417 High. 

Darlington Francis, acct., 122 S 5th 
Darnaby Joseph, sea capt., 164 Swanson 
Darnbach Barnard, shop, 25 Castle 
Darnell Charles H., 303 S 10th 
Darnell Henry Y., grain measurer, h 460 S 4th 
Darnell Wm. S., measurer, 303 S 10th. 
Darr Jacob, baker, 32 Strawberry. 
Darr John C, baker, Sch 7th n George 
Darr Wm., stevedore, Allen's ct 
Darrach William, M. D., 268 Mulberry. 
Darragh Daniel, shoemr., 129 S 12th 
Darragh John, lab., Wood bel Sch 7th 
Darragh John, builder, 165 Pine 
Darragh John, lab., 13th ab Catharine 
Darragh Patrick, shoemaker, N W 12th and 

Buttonwood, and blacking manuf., Button- 
wood, 2d door bel 12th. 
Davies Nathan B., carp., 46 N 8th 
Davies Rebecca, 133 S 4th 
Davies Samuel N., auctioneer, 68 High, h 29 

Davies, Stevenson 8c Co., auc'rs., 6S High 
Davis Aaron, tanner and currier, Willow bel 7th 
Davis Abraham, store, 321 N 2d, h 16 New 

Davis Alexand., grocer, F road ab Montgomery 
Davis Alexander, porter, 36 Burd's ct 
Davis Allen, plasterer, 53 Chester 
Davis Amelia, tavern, S E 7th Sc Coates 
Davis Amos, machinist, 5 Lybrand s ct. 

Davis Andrew, sea captain, 21 ('..!:. arine. 
i Davis Ann, washer, Clifton ic Cedar 
Darragh Tilghman, 272 Shippen, h 151 Locust j Davis Ann, 1 Witmer's al. 
Dasher Abraham, carter, Shackamaxon above 'Davis Ann, sempstress, 2 \\ illow ct. 

Queen j Davis Anthony, steam engine Jc boiler manufy., 

Datz Mary, 25 Dugan | (peoples'" works) Franklin 3c Front, (K), h 

Daudt Henry, sugar refiner, 25 Church al 155 Beach (K) 

Daugherty Geo. \Y., paper hanger, Morris bel! Davis Armon, alderman, 20 S 7th, 

Fitz water | Davis Ashton Jr., cordw., t, Troad n Phcenix(K) 

Daugherty Wm., messenger, 170 N 13th j Davis A. G., brickmaker, Marshall bel Parrish, 

Dauth Conrad, beer house, 13 Callowhill I Davis A. T., ship carp., Pearl n Sch. 

Davenport Edward L., comedian, 12 Jefr'erson> Davis Benjamin, brickmr., Broad ab Poplar 

row j Davis Benjamin, cloths, 29 N 2nd, h 176 Mul- 

Davenport Henry H., waterman, Marker ab 2d | berry. 

Davis Beulah Ann, ob Sheaft 's al 

Davis Caroline, dressmr., 75 Mifflin 

Davis Catharine, washer, 58 Walnut 

Davis Chambers, wire worker, Broad Si Paper al, 

h 127 W Sassafras 
Davis Charles, porter, 237 S 7tli 
Davis Charles, mer., 368 Walnut 
Davis Charles, vict., Hanover ab Franklin. 
Davis Charles, glass blower, Wood ab Queen 

Davis Charles, segar manuf., Front Si Green 
Davis Charles S., blacksmith, 321 N Front 
Davis Charlotte, cook, 24 Bird's ct. 
Davis Collin K., sea captain, 214 N Front 
Davis Chloe, 75 N 8th 
Davis Daniel, grave dig., Hanover n Duke, 

Davis Daniel, coachman, Shippen la bel Bed- 

Davis Daniel, combmr., 495 St John 

Davis Daniel S., 1 Harmony 

Davis David, carpenter, 9th n Poplar. 

Davis David, blacksmith, Washington. (W P) 

Davis David, agent Lehigh Coal & Nav. Comp., 
Queen ab Shackamaxon. 

Davis David, shoemr., 115 N 2d 

Davis David A., 3d & Cedar 

Davis David J., tobacc, Church bel Christian 

Davis Dorothy, 23 S 10th. 

Davis D , blacksmith, 2 Flower ct 

Davis Edward, shoemr., 4th Si Marriott 

Davis Edward H., carp., Sch 7th n Vine 

Davis Edward II., 27 Chestnut 

Davis Edward M., silk and fancy goods, 29 
Church al, h 7 -Montgomery sq 

Davis Edwin, baker, 227 S 4th." 

Davis Eli, sea captain, 9 Mary ab Front 

Davis Eli, grocer, "Washington (W P) 

Davis Elijah, waterman, Penn ab Marsh, (K) 

Davis Elijah B., porter, 143 Lombard 

Davis Elijah, white lead manuf., Beach bel 
Palmer, office 101 S Front 

Davis Elijah J., waiter, 5 Acorn al 

Davis Eliza, 4 Cox (S) 

Davis Elizabeth, 205 Pine 

Davis Elizabeth, b. h., 10 Sansom. 

Davis Elizabeth, 184 Pine 

Davis Elizabeth, 27 Charlotte 

Davis Elizabeth A., dressmr., 366 N 6th 

Davis Ellwood, mer., 16 S Front, h 176 Mul- 

Davis Esther, milliner, 71 Mulberry. 

Davis E. S., sashmaker, Fries' ct. 

Davis Si Filler, lumber mers. N E 4th St Georare, 
,(NL) * 

Davis Francis B., bricklaver, Front ab Franklin 

Davis Gainer, b h, 1 Drinker's al. 

Davis Garrett B., blacksmith, 225 Mulberry, h 
17 Julianna 

Davis George, coach painter, Brook's ct 

Davis George, Pearl bel Eroad 

Davis George, lab., 272 Wood 

Davis George L., oyster house, 262 High 

Davis Hannah, washer, Fairview, n Sch 5Ui 

Davis Harrison, tobacconist, 162 N 2nd, h 10] 

Querville's ct. 
Davis Henry, tailor, Washington (W P) 
Davis Henry, tailor, 29 Strawberry. 
Davis Henry, shoemr., Chandler's ct (K) 
Davis Henry, printer, N E 6th Si Catharine 
Davis Henry, waiter, 4 Pleasant av 
Davis Henry, tailor, 56 Catharine 
Davis Henry R., stock Si ex. broker, 75 Dock, 

h Pine ab Juniper. 
Davis Hugh, lab., Spruce n Sch. 4th 
Davis Isaac, grocer, N E 2d and Mary. 
Davis Isaac, mer., 137 N 13th 
Davis Isaac, gent., 255 Mulberry 
Davis Isaac, coachsmith, 80 Penn 
Davis Isaac, lab., 9 Shippen 
Davis Isaac R., mer., 27 Church alley, h 12th 

bel George 
Davis James, lab., Harmstead n Sch 2d 
Davis James, lumber mer., 8th ab Green 
Davis James, shoemr., 31 Prune 
Davis James, chairmr., 6th ab Carpenter 
Davis James, lab., 10 Greswold's al 
Davis James, weaver, Pine bel Sch Front 
Davis James M., mer., 249 Si 251 High, h 200 

N 11th 
Davis James M., bookb., 201 Chestnut, h Jones' 

al ab Sch 5th 
Davis James M. St Co., forw. mers., 249 and 251 

Davis James P., stone cutter, Shackamaxon bel 

F road 
Davis Jane H., shop, Lombard ab Sch 8th 
Davis Jehu, tailor, Front ab Reed 
Davis Jeremiah, waiter, Catharine ab 9th 
Davis Jesse W., grocer, 534 High 
Davis John, carter, Swanson bel Christian 
Davis John, waiter, 5 Miles' al 
Davis John, lab., Bedford bel Union (K) 
Davis John, leadmanuf., Beech ab Shackamaxon 

Davis John, cordwainer, N. E. Fitz water and 

Davis John, furs, 67 N 3d, h N E 6-h Si Wood 
Davis John, bookseller Si binder, 473 High 
Davis John, 15 N 11th 
Davis John, cordwainer, 279 S 5th 
Davis John, mer., 41 Dock 
Davis John, victualler, 30 Apple 
Davis John, paper hanger, 222 N 5th. 
Davis John, tailor, Washington (W P) 
Davis John, sweep master, 8 Pleasant av. 
Davis John, gent., Sch 7th ab Locust 
Davis John G., 25 Coates 
Davis John H., carpenter, 135 Queen. 
Davis John H., tailor, Vine ab Sch. 8th. 
Davis John J., carpenter, 131 N 13th 
Davis John S., carpenter, Lebanon bel Catha- 
Davis Joseph, umbrellas, 137 S 2d 
Davis Joseph, tavern, 48 Penn. (C) 
Davis Joseph, blacksmith, 8 Western av 
Davis Joseph C, cordw., Pleasant bel 13th 
Davis Julianna, gentw., 217 N 6th 
Davis J., carp., Van Buren pi 

Davis Levin, lab., Shippen ab 8th 

l>.i\is Levin, seaman, 4 Harmony ct 

li i\. s Lewis Capt., 21S S 3d 

D.ivis Mahlon, engineer, 420 S 2d 

Davig Margaret, Christian bel Church 

I). .\is Margaret, b h, 137 Lombard. 

Davis .Mark, porter, 20 Burd's ct 

Davis Martha, Lombard W Sch 7th 

Davis .Martha, gentw., 329 S 6th 

Davis Mar}', b'h, 160 Pine 

Davis Mary, 3 Prune 

Davis Mary, 384 S 3d 

Davis Mary, 26 Blackberry al 

Davis Mary H., gentw., 212 S 4th 

Davis Man- P., b h, 56 X 8th 

Davis Michael, cabmr., Johnson's la ab 4th 

Davis & Moore, grocers, 534 High 

Davis Moses, lab., Sassafras al 

Davis Moses, clothier, 115 N 2d, h 24 Lily al 

Davis Myers, stevedore, 16 Poplar ct 

Davis Oliver, Harmonv bel 5th 

Davis Philip, porter, 8th & Lombard 

Davis Rachel, rear 283 S 3d 

Davis Rachel, whitewashes Bedford bel 8th 

Davis Rebecca, b h, 355 N 3d 

Davis Richard, cabinetmr., 192 Lombard 

Davis Richard, huckster, Tenfeet al 

Davis Robert, Paschal! 's al 

Davis Robert, lab., Stevenson's ct 

Davis Samuel, carp., Haydock 

Davis Samuel, ladies' shoemr., rear 412 S 3d 

Davis Samuel, coachman, Baker, bel 8th 

Davis Samuel, blacksmith, R road ab James 

Davis Samuel, jeweller, Hughes' ct 

Davis Sanil., gent., 256 Chestnut. 

Davis Saml., corder, Whf. bel Noble, h 179 

Davis Saml., att'y & coun., 98 Walnut. 
Davis Saml. H., him. mer., 533 N 5th 
Davis Samuel H., bricklayer, Ogden bel 10th 
Davis Saml. I,., grocer, 111 X3rd, h 232 N 6th 
Di.vis Sarah, 1 Prospect al 
Davis Sargent, ladies' shoemanuf., 322 Sassa- 

Davis Sindey, lab., Mariner 
Davis Susan, seamstress, Dewees' ct (S) 
Davis Susan, Plum bel 4th 
Davis Thomas, carpenter, Sassafras and Pearl 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmaker 40 Plum. 
Davis Thomas, shoemaker, Pearl ab Sch. 7th. 
Davis Thomas, weaver, 366 N 6th 
Davis Thomas, mer., 171 High, h 14 Marshall 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 314 and h 328 N 5th 
Da^is Thos., prov. dealer, 210 N 6th. 
Davis Thomas, brush maker, 98 N 11th 
"avis Thomas, gent.. Oak, (\V P) 
Davis Thomas, carp., 40 Carpenter (C) 
Davis Thomas, wheelwright, Penn bel R road 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmr., 234 S 3d 
Davis Thomas, weaver, Master 8c Pink (K) 
" rt " - Thomas, ship carpenter, 512 S 2d below 

' iV,s I homas, engineer, Wharton bel Corn 

•■"■is Thomas J., Rev., 9th bel Fitzwater 
"avis Thomas M., flour mer., 71 N 3d 

| Davis Thomas W., mer., rear 83 High h 52 
' Marshall 

Davis William, cooper, Pearl bel Sch. 7th 
Davis William, clerk, Prime ab Church 
Davis William, blacksmith, Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Davis William, turner, Queen ab F road 
Davis William, carter, Lombard ab 13th 
Davis William, carpenter, 7th n Brown. 
Davis William, baker, Marriott bel 3d 
Davis William, 138 N 12th. 
Davis William, mariner, Almond n Cavenaugh's 

Davis William, M. D., 392 Coates 
Davis William, susp. knitter, 275 N Front 
Davis William, car driver, X W Broad & Mul- 
Davis William, carder, Russell's ct (F M) 
Davis William, shoemr., St Mary's al n 6th 
Davis Wm., waiter, Miles' al. 
Davis Wm., grocer, 138 Lombard 
Davis Wm., carp., 1 Crockett's ct., h 8th below 


Davis Wm. H., painter, Marriott's la bel 6th 
Davis Wm. J., dry goods, 2 Buche 
Davis William P., att'y 3c coun., 56 Walnut 
Davis William W., brushmr., 76 S 2d 
Davis W. M., carp., 10th ab Christian 
Davis W. M., machinist, 17 Nectarine, & R road 

ab Wood 
Davis Z. A., mer., 191 Pine 
Davison Andrew, lab., Lombard n Sch 7th 
Davison Daniel, trunkmr., Allen bel Hanover 

Davison Edward, sail maker 27 S Front, h 45 

Davison John, weaver, F Mount st 
Davison William, labourer, Lynn (F M) 

Davison William, lab., Sch 6th ab Lombard 

Davison Wm., dry goods, 354 X 3d 
Davison William, carpenter 92 S 12th. 

Davisson Charles, acct., Catharine bel 6th 

Davy Eliza, b h, 163 Chestnut. 

Davy John, instrumentmr., 6 Jackson's ct 

Davy Susan, shoebinder, 25 Beck (S) 

Dawalt John, carter, Cherry bel Prince (K) 

Dawdy Mary, shop, 175 Cedar 

Dawes Charles, copperplate printer, Powell ab 
Francis, (F V) 

Dawes J. C, druggist, 6 R road 

Dawson Charles, barber, Mers. Hotel, X 4th, h 
9 Lisle 

Dawson Edward, lab., R road 

Dawson Hannah, 240 High. 

Dawson James, glasspaper manuf., Broad 8c 
Paper al. 

Dawson Job, dry goods, 20S S Cd 

Dawson John, tailor, NW Steward & Catharine 

Dawson John, printer, 7th ;c Coates 

Dawson Josiah, 318 Mulberry 

Dawson M. L., brewer, 10th & Filbert, h Spruce 
ab Broad 

Dawson M. L. & Co., brews., X W 10th & Filbert 

Dawson Richard, carter, Filbert n Sch. 3d. 

Dawson Wm., carp., 175 Cherrv 

Day Aaron R., 48 X 2nd, h 1S2X 9th. 

Day Abigail, mantumr., 411 S Front 
Day Adin, shop, 7th bel Cedar 
Day Charles H., cordw., 178 G T road 
Day Elizabeth, 44 Bread 
Day Elizabeth, 9 Tarries' ct 
Day Hasen, Carlton ab 12th 
Day Jacob U., carpenter, G T road bel Jefferson 
Day Joseph, shipcarpenter, 3S Heck (S) 
Day Josiah, painter, 11th ab Carpenter 
Day Robert, lab. 3 Farmer's row- 
Day Mary, b. h., 204 Green 
Day Michael, g-ent., Marlborough n Queen. 
Day Richard, gunsmith, 63 Maiden. 
Day Samuel, constable, 17 X 13th. 
Day Samuel W., mer., 47 N whfs. and 97 N 

Water, h 17 Sassafras 
Day William, cordwainer, Queen n Vienna. 
Daymon John D. tailor, 40 5 N 3d 
Days Elisha, grate mr. Lemon n 10th 
Deacon Edmund, looking-glasses, 187 High, h 

390 N 6th. 
Deacon Eph. T., hatter, 20 N 4th, h 59 Tam- 
Deacon James, cabinetmaker, 331 S 4th. 
Deacon John, waiter, Centre n 13th 
Deacon John C., blacksmith, Sarah ab Queen, 

h Crown ab Bedford (K) 
Deacon Mary, 202 Marshall 
Deacon & Peterson, hardware, 187 High 
Deacon Rebecca, Dean n Bedford (K) 
Deacon Robert, morocco manuf. rear 29 Coates 
Deacon Wm., plasterer, 17 Perry 
Deady Hugh, fruiterer, N E 6th & High 
Deal Alexander, grocer, F roadab Phoenix, (K) 
Deal Andrew, whitewasher, 255 S 7th 
Deal Ann, Pleasant ab 10th 
Deal Ann, 25 X 7th 
Deal A., watchman, rear 97 O Y road 
Deal Benjamin, Paschall's al 
Deal B. whitewasher, Torr's ct 
Deal Catharine, shop, Marlboro' ab Prince. 
Deal Charles, teller Manuf. & Mechanic's bank, 

h 22 Palmyra sq 
Deal Christian/brass fitter, rear 529 -X 4th. 
Deal Daniel, mer., S W 6th 8c High, h Marshall 

ab Buttonwood. 
Deal Daniel, butcher, 155 Buttonwood 
Deal David, cordwainer, 37 O Y road 
Deal Elizabeth, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras 
Deal Elizabeth, Queen and Hanover (K) 
Deal George X., shipmaster, 182 S 3d 
Deal Isaac, hod carrier, rear Marriott's la ab 5th 
Deal Jane, Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Deal John, baker, 184 Sassafras. 
Deal John, victualler, Ann n K road (F V) 
Deal John C. stone cutter, rear 97 O Y road 
Deal John G, bakery and flour, Carlton and 

Sch 2d 
Deal Michael, carter, Rye ab Wharton 
Deal, Milligan 8< Burt, "mers., S W 6th 8c High 
Deal, Xanhook £t Co., trimming--, 202 X 2d 
Deal Reuben, cordw., X E 10th and Melon 
Deal Sophia, Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Deal William, tailor, 6th and Poplar 
Deal William, victualler, Pleasant ab 10th 

Deamer C, widow, China ab Front 
D earner Harriet, gentw., G T road n Master, (K) 
Deamer Henry, saddler, 418 High, h 11 Howard 
Dean Benjamin, weaver, Hanover ab Duke (R) 
Dean Charles, blacksmith, 84 Penn, h 4 War- 
ner's ct 
Dean E. Mrs., 7 Sansom 
Dear George, mariner, M road bel Reed 
Dean George, carter, Quince and Pine 
Dean Godfrey, shoemr. 9th and Christian 
Dean James, grocer, S E Franklin 8c Wood. 
Dean John, 76 X 5th. 
Dean Joseph A., real est. broker, 62 S 7th, li 

13 th n Wood 
Dean M. seminary, Buckley 
Dean W. H., druggist, Buckley bel 6th. 
De Ang-eli J., tinsmith, 344 High, h 13th c. 

Budden's al 
Deany Charles, carter, Marriott's la ab 4th 
Dear Joseph, oysters, rear 81 Cedar 
Dearie James, manuf., Callowhill n F Mt. Sch. 
Dearie John, Callowhill n Sch Front 
Dearie J. 8c J., manuf., Callowhill n Sch. (F M) 
Deary Ellen, 1 Grape ct 
Dearry Thomas, carp. Quince n Lombard 
Deany Z. B., tailor, X 5th ab Xoble. 
Deas James H., warm air furnaces, See, 70 X 6th, 

h Green ab 7th. 
Dease George, cordw. 464 X 4th 
Deaver Edwin, painter, 8 Jenning's row 
Deaver Susan, 3d ab Catharine 
Deaves Margaret, Centre bel 13th 
De Barry John, 153 Queen 
Debelzen C. furniture, Maiden and F road 
De Beust Chas., chairmaker, George n 10th, h 

Vine ab 10th 
De Beust Hannah, 6 S 12th. 
De Beust Wm. R., blacksmith, 1 Hyde's ct 
De Binder A. milliner, 342 S 2d 
Debity John, waiter, 221 Lombard 
Debity Major, 96 Gaskill 
De Boos James, dyer, 10th ab Coates 
Deboy Mary, 37 Apple (X L) 
Debozear Lewis, brass Sc bell founder, 9 Bread 
De Bruin Morris J., dealer, 185 Cedar 
Decan Peter, ship master, 356 S 4th 
De Castro Philip, gardener, 2 Lyndall's al 
Decatur John, coach trimmer, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Decker Christopher, skin dresser, Elizabeth & 

Decker Henry, Prime and G Ferry road 
Decker John, hair dresser, 345 X front. 
Decker P. I. gent. 183 S 5th 
Decker Solomon, clothes, 18S Shippen 
Deckett Sarah, sempstress, rear 16 Little Pine 
Deckman Charles, cordw., 4th n C Creek. 
De Coursey A., widow, 6 Rose alley 
De Coursey Heim, printer, 54 X 2d 
De Coursey Jacob, cordwainer, 344 X 2nd. 
De Coursey John, cordw. Jay n Coates 
De Coursey, Lafourcade 8c Co., mers., 77 High- 
De Coursey Sam. W. mer. 77 High, h353 X 6th 
Decovn John, gent. 8 Powell 
[Dedeker Catharine Adam, Marlborough ami 

Bedford (K) 

Dede ker Valentine, bricklayer, Marlboro bel 

Dedrii k Hannah, Mechanic ab George 
De< j,- .tn Patrick, carter, Carlisle ct 
Dec mer John, dealer, 14 Querville's ct 
Dt-emer John, dealer, Penn n Shackamaxon 
Dtcnicr Michael, tavern, R road (F V) 
Deeming C, barber, rear 40 X 4th 
Decry John, carp. Adams bel 13th 
De Figaniere e Morao, Consul from Portugal, 

47 Clinton 
Deforest John, victualler, Ann. (Francisville) 
Deforest Samuel, seaman, 21 Shippen 
Dc France Caroline, gentw., 303 Spruce 
Degan F., cooper, Marriott's la ab 5th 
Degan John, cooper, 235 Christian, h Marriott's 

Deland i horndike, com. mer. 4U 5 wharves, h 

Walnut ab Dread 
Delaney Daniel, 15 Willing's al 
Delaney James, lab., Juniper n Cherry 
Delaney Patrick, tailor, 46 Cedar 
Delano James S., turner, 17 Nectarine. 
Delany Ann, shop, 241 S 6th 
Delany Charles, carp., Queen n Shackamaxon 
Delany Henry, clerk, 3 Jacoby 
Delany H., blacksm., Penn ab Marsh, h Queen 

ab Shackamaxon 
Delany James M. carp. 20 New Market 
Delany John, shop, "Wharton ab 4th 
Delany Patrick, labourer, Filbert n Sch bih 
j Delany William, farmer, 230 N Water. 
Delanv William, Efilder, 318 S 6th. 

Delany AVm., constable, 18 Barron 
De Lap John, teacher, 194 Christian 
Delas T. P. printer, 74 Almond 

la bel 6th 
Degan John, cedar cooper, 218 S 2d, h Mar- 
riott's la 
Deginther Michael, cabinetmaker, 14 Quince iDelasalle Lewis, distiller, 313 Chestnut 
Degnan John, weaver, G T road ab Thompson Delasalle Mrs., milliner, 313 Chestnut 
Degroot Albert, grocer, Pine and Carbon Delavan John, brushmr., 248 N 4th 

Degroot Garret H., shoemaker, Parrish bel lOthjDelavan Joseph, shoemr. 5 Wales' av 
De Groot James, coach painter, 6 Lebanon. Delavan Joseph, tobacconist, 162 S 6th 
Degrummond Wm. oysterman, 8 St. Stephen's! Delemater John, lab., 12 Barker 

place Dellaway Geo. W., stonecutter. 1 Somer's ct 

Dchann L. A. steel pen mr. Shippen bel 7th JDelmonte Domingo, gent. 15 Girard 
De Hart Abraham, sup- Philan. Bur. Grd., P Delmottc Henry I). confect. 73 Cedar 

road bel prison Deloory Patrick, lab., Mulberry ab Sch 2d 

Dehart John F., basketmr., 450 N 3rd. Delp Joseph R., Willow bel 4th 

D'Hauterive Le Baron Maurice, French Consul, JDemairci John, engraver, 5 Querville's ct 

120 S 4th JDemar Mary, milliner, 83 Cedar 

Dehaven Abram R., clerk, Sch. 1th ab Chestnut! Demar Wm. cook, Jones' al 

Dehaven Andrew, Melon bel R road 

Dehaven Charles E, mer, 211 High, h 155 N 11th 

Dehaven Eliza, 51 Apple 

Dehaven Elizabeth Mrs., Melon bel R road 

Dehaven George, vict., Montgomery 8c Front. 

Dehaven Holstein, carp., 155 N 1 lth n Vine. 

Dehaven H., carp., S Garden ab 12th 

Dehaven H., teller Phila. Bank, h 275 Sassafras 

Dehaven J. R., victualler, 26 Logan, hG T road 

and Pitt 
Dehaven Mary, Lewis n Sch. 5th 
Dehaven William, victualler, Vine bel Sch 6th 
Deifenbacher Abraham, baker, 7 N Sch 7th 
Deighan John, peddler, 28 Small 
Deiinhng John C, 32 O Y road. 
Deimling Mrs. Mary, 35 Wood. 
Deininger John H., cordw., 28 Beach (K) 
Dtitz George, turner, 7 Dillwj n 
Deitz George, vict., 217 N 8th. h 14 Magnolia 
Deitz Peter, comb mr. Rose al n Green 
Deitz Peter, jr. oak cooper, 33 Union 
Deitz, William, cordw., Lemon ab 10th 
Deitz Wm. cordw. Cox bel 2d 
Dtklyne A. M., milliner, 392 X Front. 
Deklyne Theodore, pump and blockmaker, 64 

Washington av., h 392 N Front. 
Deklvne Theodore, jr., block and pumpmr 

242 N Water 
Delacroix C. J., prof, of languages, 31 Filbert 
•clumore James F. waiter, iy Currant al 

Demery Wm., grocer and Hour and feed, N W 

R road and Callowhill. 
Demme C. R.. D. D., 41 N 4th. 
Demmons Catharine, gentw., Marlboro' n Fro.vl 
Dempsey James, cooper, 1 Hays' ct (K.) 
Dempsey James, coachman, Juniper al 
Dempsey Jeremiah, lab. rear Marriott's laab 4th 
Dempsey John, brewer, 3 Scattergoqd ct. 
Dempsey John, cordw., Marriott ab 6th. 
Dempsey Lydia, b. h., 137 S 5th 
Dempsey Matthew, lab., Fothergill 
Dempsey Thomas, cordwainer, 278 S Iront. 
Dempsey Wm. shoemr. Fitzwater ab 12th 
Dempster Henrv, printer, Sch 8th n \ ine 
Demster Robert, plasterer, Barclay ab Sch 8th 
Den Wm. lab. 51 M road 
Denan John P., caulker, 52 Mead 
Denby Edward, waiter, 4 Juniper al. 
Denby James, spinner, 14 McDume 
Denbv Rachael, rear 3 Gray's alley 
Denckla Mrs., wid. of A. H., Mulberry £c Juniper 
Denckla Paul, 11th c. Fries' ct 
Denegree Joseph, carpenter, 1 42 N* Juniper 
Dener Christian, carter, Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Denfield Conrad, tailor, 3 Perry 
Denham John, watchman, 70 Penn 
Denham J. J., hatter, Elmes's ct. Vine n Sch. 
Denig-ht Samuel, carp. Randall's ct (K) 
Dcnner David, tobacconist, 525 N 2d ab Otter 
Dennev John, foreman, Pine n Ashton 

Delancey Michael, cordw., Callowhill n Sch.jDenney Wm., carp., 17 W Cedar. 

William. Denning Robert, cabinet mr., 9th & Callowhill. 

Denning Sarah, tobacco, 264 N 3d 

Dennis Elizabeth, 73 Christian. 

Dennis John, alderman, 4 Carpenter ab 8th 

Dennis Littleton, whitewashes rear 194 Carpen 

ter ab Stli 
Dennis Margaret, Salem al 
Dennis Matthew J., gro., h Noble bel 9th 
Dennis N. F. H., chem. lab., Vine n Sch. 7th. 
Dennis Parker, sawyer, 222 Lombard 
Dennis Richard, N E 11th and Filbert 
Dennis Robert, engineer, R road opp Francis 
Dennis Samuel, shoemr. 6 Howard's pi 
Dennis Stephen, porter, Swede's ct 
Dennis Stephen, porter, 5 Biddle's al 
Dennis Washington, lab. 17 Hurst 
Dennison Andrew, groc.N W 10th and Sassafras 

and N E 6th and Buttonwood 
Dennison George, carp. 81 New Market 
Dennison Mason K. 10th and Sassafras 
Dennison Ruth Ann, R road ab Buttonwood 
Denny Elizabeth, 186 S 13th 
Denny Elizabeth, Clifton ab Shippen 
Denny Harman, butcher, Lily al 
Denny James, oystcrman, Concord ab 2d 
Denny John, seaman, 6 Carpenter (S) 
Denny John, gent, Hanover ab West (K) 
Denny Robert, harness & trunkmr., 110 Chest- 
nut and 7 Prune. 
Denton Francis, porter, Milton ab 10th 
Denton Henry, lampmr., Raspberry la 
Dentry Lewis, lab. 16 Barker 
Dcntry Robert B. constable, Christian bel 9th. 
Depagnier Jane, Relief pi 
Dcpau. Francis A., gent., 30 Girard. 
Depee Nathaniel W., tailor, 334 Cedar. 
Deperven Henry, cabinetmaker, 314 Callowhill 
Depoe David, 145 N Juniper 
D' Estimauville Frederick, clerk, Maria bel 4th 
Dupuy Jonathan V., dry goods, 25 N 8th. 
Depuy J. Stewart, mer., 333 N 2nd. 
Derbyshire Ann, wid. of John, 39 New 
Derbyshire A. J., mer., 65 N Water, h39 New. 
Derbyshire James, spinner, G T road bel Master 
Derleth Michael, locksmith, Front ab Noble 
De Putron John, bootmr. 426 S 2d 
Dermont H. M., tobacconist, 312 S 2d. 
De Ro Charles, mer., Pine ab 10th 
Derouse G., boot crimper, 26 Washington 

Market place. 
Derr Eliza, 9 Pennsylvania av 
Derr George L., combmr., O Y road ab Poplar. 
Derr Henry, stonecutter, Chestnut N Sch. 8th, 

h Sch! Sth n Vine. 
Derr John, silver plater, Rield's ct. 
Derr John, baker, Thompson ab 4th 
Derr John, cap mr. Beaver bel Charlotte 

Dqrrickson Rebecca, tailoress, Poplar pi 
Derrickson Samuel, coiner, 15 Dug-an 
Derrickson Samuel B., mer., 93 High, room .^ 1, 

7th and Chestnut 
Derrickson Win., coachman, 48 Currant alley 
Derrickson, William, mariner, 2d bel Marion 
Derringer Henry, rifle manuf., Tamarind ab 

Green, h 370 N Front. 
Derringer T. T., gunsmith, Green ab Front 
Derrough Robert, weaver, Fulton ab Catharine 
Dcrrum Margaret, 98 Gaskill. 
Deny George, lab. 13 St. Mary 
Deny George, machinist, R road opp Francis 
Deny Thomas G. mariner, 440 S Front 
Derwin Michael, dry goods, 141 S 6th 
De Sauno F. engineer, Coates ab 13th 
De Sauno John F., tailor, Powell ab Ann (F V) 
Desauque Charles L., wine mer., 2S9 High, h 

139 N 9th 
Desbordes John, silk cord, tassels, &.c, 88 Sas- 
Deschner Augustus, baker, 50 Penn. (C) 
Desebey Lewis, painter, Cherry ab 4th 
Desgranges S. A., mer., 165 High, h 140 S 9th. 
Deslier Wm., combmr., Sleisman's ct 
Desilver Chas., mer., 253 High, h 305 Mulberry 
Desilver R. Wilson, quill manuf., 20 S 4th, h 141 

Desilver 8c Muir, quill manufs., 20 S 4th 
Desilver Thos. Sr., 83 Wood. 
Desmond Daniel J., attorney at law, 99 Spruce 
St., Consul General of the Pope, Vice Con- 
Mil of Austria, Sardinia, Portugal, and Tus- 
Desmond Ellen, Ridgway's ct 
Desmond John, lab., Shippen bel 3d 
De Sondrans C, 159 S 9th 
Dessulet John, grocer, F road & Hanover (K) 
Dessau Jacob H. dry goods, 96 N 3d 
Destouet, Brothers, importers, 11 Church al 
Destouet J. E.,mer., 11 Church alley 
Destouet S., mer., 11 Church al., h292 Chestnut. 
De Theligny P., French teacher, Walnut ab 6th 
Detre Christian, carp., Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Detterer Edward, rear 184 Marshall 
Detterer Isaac, patent medicines, 44£ N 4th, h 

294 N Front 
Detwiler Ann, 3 North ct 
Detwiler George, miller, Coates n F M. 
Devall Frederick, boatman, Coates n (F M) 
De Vandrecaurt Augustus, professor, Vernon bel 

Devault Philip, drayman, 6th ab Poplar 
Develin Bernard, lab., Marlborough bel Duke. 
Develin Edward, tailor, Siiippen ab 13th 
Develin Edwd., weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 

Derr M., superintendent High Street Bridge, I Develin Hugh, weaver, Cadwalader ab Franklin 

(W P) I Develin James, moulder, Sassafras n Sch 8th 

Derr Sarah, sempstress, Sch 8th and Filbert Develin John, lab. Smith's ct 
Derr Susan, dress mr. 19 Maria j Develin John, blacksmith, 12th ab Pine 

Derrick Wm., ship joiner, Mead ab whf. h 544 S Develin John, lab. 4 Wagner's al 

Front Develin Michael, lab. 1 Lombard ct 

Derrickson Lemuel, 19 Howard Develin Patrick, S W 5th & Prune 

Derrickson Nathaniel, mill wt., Carlton ab Sch 8th j Develin Peter, weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Derrickson Peter, porter, 88 Gaskill | Develin Peter, weaver, Rose & Shippen la 

Dcvelin Timothy, coachman,Georgec Juniper la 

J);\ (. nport James, ca-semr., 54 N 8th 

1) mt Ann, shop, Shirker's al 

Dcvcr Grace, Jones W Sch 3d 

Dcver John, lab. Lombard E Sch 6th 

lh vcr Michael, shop, 264 Cedar. 

IK-veraux Philip, c 10th and Pleasant. 

D( vereux James, mer. 79 S whs. h 89 Pine 

Devhn Hugh, reed mr. Cadwalader ab Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Devlin John, lab. Hancock 8c Master 
Devlin Michael, weaver, Hope ab Phcenix (K) 
Devlin Patrick, weaver, 13th ab Catharine 
Devlin Peter, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Devlin Rebecca, washer, 7 Lytle's ct 
Devlin Wm., lab., Small 

Devereux John, mer., 79 S wharves, h 135 S 3d Devlyn Patrick, 30 Small 
Devereux John, tailor, 7 Logan Devo Jas., capt. steamboat, 22 Washington av 

Devereux John James, atty. at law, 8c commis-IDevoe Isaac, mer. 109 S Front 
sioner for Maine & Massachusetts, office 62|Devoo Wm. L., mer., 444 N Front. 

S 6th. 
Devereux Michael, glass blower, Vienna ab 

Prince (K) 
Devereux Peter, 9th bel Poplar 
Devine Edward, lab., Sch. Front and Ann 
Devine Edward, shop, 37 W North 
Devine Hugh, ostler, Marshall's ct 
Devine Hugh, painter, 4 Juniper lane 
Devine James, tailor, Morris bel Catharine 
Devine James, lab. 11th & Carpenter 
Devine John, carter, Spafford 
Devine John, bootmr., 14 Knight's ct 
Devine John, grocer, S W Sch. 8th and High, h 

Jones ab Sch 8th. 
Devine John, lab. 9 William 
Devine Mark, flour store, N E 2d & Green 
Devine Mary, dry goods, Queen ab Shacka- 

niaxon. (K) 
Devine M. 8c B., grocers, S E 2d & Green 
Devine Owen, lab., 105 Apple 
Devine Patrick, grocer, Callowhilln Sch. Wash- 
Devine Patrick, grocer, Crown and Wood 
Devine Patrick, shoemr. 323 S 4th 
Devine Philip, shop, 11th ab Carpenter 
Devine P. & J. grocers, Callowhill n William 
Devine Quinton, cabman, 324 S 3d 
Devine Rose Mrs., Jones n Sch. 8th. 
Devine Thos., shop, 79 Vine 
Devine Wm. wool factor, 35 W Cedar 
Devine Wm. lab., 10 Barker 
Deviney Arthur, blacksmith, Jones ab Sch 5th 
Deviney George, chairmaker, Oxford n F road. 
Deviney John, lab. Spruce bel Sch 6th 
Deviney John, brickmr. 12 M'Dunie 
Deviney Mary, tavern, c Front 8c Mud lane. (K) 
Deviney Patrick, lab., Sch 2d n Lombard 
Deviney Thomas, grocer, 23 Elizabeth. 
Deviney Wm., lab., 30 M'Durne 
Devinney Wm. potter, 12 Cresson's al 
Dcvir Edward, tailor, 236 S 3d 
Devir Saml. lab. Spruce n Sch Front 
Devitt Charles, silversmith, 249 S 6th 
Devitt Daniel Rev., Murray ab Sch 3d 
Devitt Joseph P. debtors' apart. Moy. prison 
Devlin Archibald, weaver, Philip above Master 

Devlin Bernard, shoemr., 10th ab Buttonwood 
Devlip. Bernard, lab., Carlton bel Sch 6th 

Devoux J., eating house, 169 Chestnut, h 69 

Dewald S. C, mer., 13 N 3d, h 135 Callowhill 

Dewees Abraham, tailor, 15 Quarry 

Dewees Charles, lastmaker, 171 Poplar. 

Dewees C, gilder, Dewees 5 ct (S) 

Dewees E., dry goods, 3 N 8th. 

Dewees Henry, lab., Johnson's la bel 4th 

Dewees Jacob, M. D., 223 Walnut 

Dewees Jane, b h., 128 N Front. 

Dewees Joseph, black 8c white smith (F V) 

Dewees Mary, Dewees' ct (S) 

Dewees Peter, lastmaker, 31 Callowhill. 

Dewees Samuel, lastmaker, 95 Sassafras. 

Dewees Samuel, cordw., Washington (W P) 

Dewetter Wm., carpenter, 95 St. John 

Dewey Alonzo G. \V. ladies' shoemr. Brown ah 

Dewey Mary, dry goods, 337 N 2d 

Dewey William, coal mer., hlN 9th 

De Witt Elizabeth, Hoppel's ctj 

Dewolf Wm. I., sea capt., 89 Prime 

Dexheimer Jacob, tailor, Charles bel Button- 

Dexter James R. N W 11th and Vine 

Dexter Sarah, gentw., 53 Duke. 

Dey Stephen, feed, 5th bel Master 

De Young- Isaac, fancy goods, 123 Chestnut. 

De Young Joseph, clothing - , 198 Shippen 

De Young M. H., mer., 370 S 4th 

De Young T. shoemr. 8 Union ct 

Dialogue G. Sc \Y., tire hose manuf.,24 E North. 

Dialogue John, china ware, 292 N 2d, h 07 

Diamond Alexander, distiller, 205 Cedar 

Diamond Edward, weaver, M'Mackin's ct 

Diamond John, distiller, 172 Cedar 

Diamond John, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d (K) 

Diamond Lydia, Gasklll ab 4th 

Diamond Mrs. widow of John, gent., 204 S Front 

Dicey David, upholsterer, 2 Lemon 

Dick" Abel, machinist, 7 Gebhard. 

Dick Charles, tailor, 257 S 2nd, h rear 8 Car- 
pei.ter (S) 

Dick Daniel D. 8c Co., japanners, Wheeler's ct, 
St. James' street. 

Dick D. D., japanner, Wheeler's ct, h 3d and 

Dick Francis B., dentist, 148 S 7th 

Devlin Bernard, morocco dresser, Jefferson SclDick Frederick, Janitor at University, h S E 

G T road | 11th and Locust. 

Devlin Edward, weaver, Jefferson ab Washing-'Dick George, ladies' shoemr. rear 117 Christian 

ton, (K) JDick Hannah, 6 Monroe place. 

Dick Henry, tailor, 4 Carpenter ab 2d 

Dick James, tavern, M road & Washington 

Dick James, grocer, Lombard ab 12th. 

Dick John, dealer, Apple ab Brown 

Dick John B., clothes dealer, 167 &c h 581 S 

Dick Louis, lampmr., rear 128 Dillwvn 

Dick Patrick, 6 Skerrett's ct 

Dick Philip, japanner, Wheeler's ct. h 373 S 2d 

Dick S. A., dry goods, S E 11th k. Locust 

Dick V., cordwainer, Weaver 

Dick Walter B., optician, 48 Chestnut, h 103 

Dick William, clerk, Sch. 8th bel Locust. 
Dick Wm, lab., Lombard ab 12th 
Dick Wm. tailor, 9th bel Carpenter 
Dickel Christian, tailor, Kessler's ct 
Dickel Henry, cabmr., 188 Callowhill 
Dickens Catharine, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 

Dickens Elias, broker, 18 Spruce, h 23 Dock 

Dickenstreet Anthony, tanner, 120 Charlotte. 

Dickerman Lemuel, ' boots & shoes, 128 High, 
h 27 Branch 

Dickerson Adelia, 140 Locust 

Dickerson A., Hamilton n John 

Dickerson Eliza, dry goods, c 9th & Buttomvood. 

Dickerson John, hatter, 2 S 2d, h 78 Wood 

Dickerson John, lab., Haas' ct 

Dickerson Wm., waterman, Washington Ave- 
nue bel Brown 

Dickerson Wm. R., atty. at law, 42 S 6th 

Dickes Daniel, carpenter & undertaker, F R ab 
Jefferson. (K) 

Dickes Isaac, cordw., Crown ab Duke. 

Dickey Nathaniel L. dentist, 375 Mulberry 

Dickey Thomas, printer, 28 Federal 

Dickes Wm., carp., Burr's ct (K) 

Dickey Elizabeth, 31 N 13th. 

Dickey James, 302 S 3d 

Dickey Robert, doct., 39 Lombard 

Dickheart Michael, vict., Marion ab Rve (S) 

Dickie David, upholsterer, 382 S Front 

Dickins Jeremiah, shoemr., 290 Pine 

Dickinson Daniel, min. painter, 86 Chestnut. 

Dickinson Edwin, printer, Sch 8th Sc Vine 

Dickinson John, dry goods, 416 Sassafras 

Dickinson John, shop, 460 S Front 

Dickinson John, tailor, Park ab Locust, W P 

Dickinson Martha, flour and feed, G T road & 
Front, h 534 N Front 

Dickinson Margaret, N E 9th & Mulberry 

Dickinson Mary, Ann ab Sch 6th 

Dickinson Mary, Henderson's ct 

Dickinson Samuel, dravman, Duke bel Palmer 

Dickinson Sarah N., gentw. 114+ Mulberry. 

Dickinson Washington, carp. Charlotte above 

Dickinson Wm. gent. 150 Christian 

Dickinson Wm. waiter, 11 Washington 

Dicks Mary, Church bel Greenwich 

Dickson Benjamin, stevedore, rear 9 Barclay 

Dickson & Co., importers, SE3d& High 

Dickson George, 578 X 3d. 

Dickson George, oyster house, 306 Sassafras 

Dickson Hannah, 72 N 9th. 

Dickson Hugh, gent., Shippen n Broad 
Dickson James, weaver, Front ab Master (K) 
Dickson James N., merchant, 152 High, 
Dickson Jas. R., mer., 94$ High, h Pine ab 

Dickson John, manuf. 572 N 3rd. 
Dickson John, mer. S E Water & Chestnut 
Dickson John, tavern, N W 2nd & Plum. 
Dickson John, weaver, rear 6 Winters 
Dickson John & Co., mers., S E Chestnut and 

Dickson Joseph, lab., Gray's ct 
Dickson Jos. R., gent., 13th bel Green 
Dickson Levi, mer., 152 High 
Dickson Melford, waiter, 248 Lombard 
Dickson Robert, clerk, Olive ab 10th 
Dickson Robert, lab., Carpenter ab 13th 
Dickson R. L., teacher, 59 S 3d 
Dickson Samuel, gent., 424 N 5th. 
Dickson Samuel R. currier, 10th £c Carpenter 
Dickson Susannah, dressmr., 154 Sassafras 
Dickson Thomas, carpenter, 581 N 3rd. 
Dickson Thos. H., manuf., 9U High, h 13th Jc 

Dickson William, 175 Catharine. 
Dickson Wm., cordw., Olive ab 10th ' 
Dickson Wm., lab., Pine bel Beach 
Dickson Wm. C, clerk, Charlotte bel Beaver. 
Diedrichs Henry, machinist, 45, Sc h 86 Vine 
Diegel Martin, carpet weav., 299 Callowhill 
Diehl & Co., mers., city stores, Front street. 
Diehl Daniel, dealer, Steward ab Catharine 
Diehl George N., mer., city stores, Dock and 

Diehl John, city commissioner, 224 Pine. 
Diehl John, tavern, S W Front & Catharine. 
Diehl John H., mer., city stores, Dock & Front 
Diehl Michael, 3 Sansom al 
Diehl Thomas, jr., clerk, 286 S 5th. 
Diehl Thomas, mer., N E Front and Chestnut 

h 15 N 10th 
Diehl Thomas Jr., 12 Commerce 
Diehl William, grocer, 61 Pine 
Diehr Philip, silver plater, Brown ab 10th 
Dieker Henry, cabinet mr., 6 Myers' ct 
Diely Philip, blacksmith, 7 Maiden 
Dicmer P. J., tavern, Coates bel 5th 
Dierkes Wm., tailor, 3 Fisher's ct 
Diesinger Joseph, bootmr., 93 S 5th 
Dietrich Henry, M. D., 159 N 10th. 
Dietrich Joseph, paper colourer, 27 O Y road 
Dietrick John, baker, 191 N 4th. 
Dietz Adam, hair dresser, Callowhill &, St John 
Dietz Henry H., carp., Harmony ab 4th 
Dietz Joseph, artist, 118 Marshall 
Dietz Michael, carter, Olive ab 13th 
Difer William, saw maker, 34 Sugar al. 
Diggin James, cordw., Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Diggs Ephraim, waiter, 56 Quince 
Dildine Sarah, tailoress, 137 Green 
Dilge Win., framemr., 1 Porter's ct 
Dilkes Joseph C, shoemr., Kirkparrick's al 
Dilkes Sirkels, 250 S Front 
Dilks George, carpenter, 395 X 6th. 
Dilks Hannah, tailoress, 7 Relief 

Dilks Jacob, shoemr., Clair 

Dilks Joseph, fisherman, Wood bel Prince (K) 

Dill Abner, hominy, 224 Lombard 

Dill Robert, lab., Bebford ab 13th 

Dillahay Benj., waiter, 6 Acorn al 

Dillan Danl., cor&wr., Parker's pi 

Dillxrd Thos., M. D., U. S. Navy, 493 Chestnut. 

Diller Adam, com. mer., 35 Marshall. 

Dillcr J. R. & A. H., pub. citizen soldier, 3 N 6th 

Dillhorn, Wm., shoemr., Lombard ab Sch 7th 

Dillin Eli, plasterer, Pleasant ab 12th 

Dillin Sarah, 8 Gray's al. 

Dillinger David, gent., 13 West. 

Dillingham S., dentist, 192 Mulberry 

Dillingham W. H., atty. & coun., 385 Mulberry 

Dillman Christopher, bleeder, 437 N 2nd. 

Dillman Mary, widow, 236 St. John. 

Dilmore Andrew, lab., Prime ab Swanson 

Dilmore Samuel, cooper, rear 43 Prime 

Dilmore Wm., gardener, M road bel Greenwich 

Dillon Archibald, cordw., St John n Globe Mill 

Dillon Enos, lab., Sch 4th n High 

Dillon James, lab., 5th n Plum 

Dillon John, carter, Carpenter bel 5th. 

Dillon L., shop, 21 Union 

Dillon Thomas, blacksmith, Christian ab 6th 

Dilworth & Branson, hardware, 59 High. 

Dilworth Charles, hardware, 14 N 4th, h 533 

Dilworth John, turner, 10 Norris' al. 
Dilworth Wm., mer., 59 High, h 141 Mulberry. 
Dimond Francis, Willow and Front 
Dimond Joseph, 7 Swanson 
Dimond Joseph, shoemr., 203 Cedar 
Dimond J. & J., liquors, S wharves bel Cedar 
Dinan James, lab., 1 John's ct 
Dingee Charles, brickmr., Poplar bel Marshall 
Dingee Danl., collector, Poplar ab 7th 
Dingee Edmund, brickmaker., c Marshall and 

Dingee John H., collector, Pine ab 10th 
Dingee L., b. h., 276 Mulberry 
Dingee Wm. H., brickmr., 7th ab Foplar 
Dinglar Christopher, carter, 220 Vine. 
Dingle Johnson, waiter, Bedford bel 12th 
Dingier Elizabeth Mrs., 394 Coates 
Dinrnore W. R., grocer, Washington ab Green 
Dinnany Wm., omnibus driver, Binder's ct (K) 
Dinsman P. G., tobacconist, 471 X 4th 
Dinsman Thomas, combmr., Poplar ab Apple 
Dinsmore H., lab., Mechanic ct 
Dinsmore Mary Ann, Sch 7th and Lombard 
Dinsmore Saml., lab., Richard n Sch. 6th. 
D'lnvilliers C, ex-broker, 22 S 3rd., h Walnut 

n Sch 7th 
Djppell John, baker, 192 N 13th. 
Kippoldt John, gent., 17 Sergeant. 
Dirks Rudolph, cabmr., 165 Coates 
Disberry David, hardware, Washington (W P) 
Insert John, grocery, N E Sch. 6th & Lombard. 
D'.sher Wm., brickmr., Sch. 6th and Ann 
Disney Robert, shoemr., Mclntire's ct (K) 
Disston Henry, saw mr., rear 99 Mulberry 
Dithmar Charles, beer house, 99 Green. 
Dithmar Fred'k., brewer, 520 & h 525 N 3d. 

Dithmer Jacob, beer house, 453 N 3rd. 

Ditmar John, upholsterer, 204 Sassafras 

Ditmars J. V. H., steam saw mill, 3 Harmony ct 

Dito Henry, grocer, 77 Locust. 

Dito Sherry, 77 Locust. 

Ditterline Charles, blacksmith, 12th bel Coates 

Dittey Hugh, grocer, Spruce ab Sch Willow 

Dittus John \V., watchman, 19 New Market 

Dittus Robert, comb mr., 2 Brown's ct (N L) 

Ditzler F., stovemr., 130 New Market 

Ditzler John, combmr., 6th n Creek 

Diver Edward, porter, Broad n Shipper 

Diver James, weaver, 3 W Cedar 

Diver Joseph, gent., 208 Mulberry.. 

Diver Sarah, 8 W Cedar 

Divers Eliza, milliner, 130 N 13th 

Divers J., tinsmith, 148 Poplar. 

Divin John, tavern, 83 S 5th. 

Divine Mackey, manuf., M'Duffie n Sch 3rd 

Divine Martha, Lombard n Sch. 6th 

Divine Wm., wool manuf., M'Duffie st., h Spruce 

bel Sch 3rd 
Dixcy Isaiah, pumpmr., Lombard n Sch. 6th 
Dixcy Jacob, pumpmr., Locust n Sch 3rd 
Dixey Charles, carp., 5 Bread, h 6 Wallace. 
Dixey Francis, tailor, 255 Sassafras 
Dixey Mary, widow, Fitzwater ab 7th 
Dixey Wm., shop, Wood bel Sch 6ih 
Dixie Jonathan, carp., Chestnut. (W P) 
Dixon Caleb J., house & sign painter, -16 \ 8th 
Dixon Elizabeth, trimmings, Cedar ab luth 
Dixon Isaac, clock & watch mr., 150 Cedar 
Dixon James &. Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead's pi. 
Dixon Jane, 2 Leiper al 
Dixon John, b. h., N E 8th and Sansom 
Dixon John \V., grocer, Marshall ab Sp. Garden, 
Dixon Ruth J., Marshall ab Spring Garden. 
Dixon Wm., bricklayer, 13th bel Lombard 
Doak John, grocer, 614 S 2d 
Doake Ann, 7 W Cedar 
Doake David, blacksmith, Shippen bel 13th 
Doan David, carp., Carpenter bel 7th 
Doan George W., carpenter, 3 Union square. 
Doan Jonathan, carpenter, George ab Sch 8th. 
Doan Sarah, gentw., 124 Dillwyn 
Dobb Thomas, grocer, S E Sch 8th & Cherry 
Dobbin James, grocer, High W Schuylkill 4th. 
Dobbin John, lab., 13th bel Fitzwater 
Dobbins Elizabeth, Juniper ab Locust. 
Dobbins John, painter, Mechanic bel Culbert 
Dobbins Leonard, painter, Hallow, ll's ct 
Dobbyn Misses, seminary, 19^ Spruce 
Dobbyn William A., gent., 193 spruce 
Dobelbower Charles, bookbinder, 1 Strawberry, 

and books Sc paper, 332 S 2nd. 
Dobelbower James, printer, 53 Perry 
Dobelbower John, printer, 53 Perry 
Dobelbower John H., painter, 89 Apple 
Dobelbower Lewis H., printer, 53 Perry 
Dobelbower Lewis H. Jr., agent, 34 Catharine 
Dobleman Frederick, 7th ab Brown 
Doblenmn J. C, fringe mr., 86 N 2nd. 
Dobson Judah, bookseller, 106 Chestnut. 
Dobson Robert, grocer, c Lemon & Chester. 
Dobson Samuel, millw., F road bel Otter . 

Dobson Win., Rve ab Reed 

Dock Jacob, agent, X W 12th & Filbert 

DockcndoiY Solomon, sea capt., "Wharton ab 2d 

Dodd George, carriages, 34 & 50 Dock 

Dodd Hiram, cordw., 472 S 2nd 

Dodd Jacob, Shaffer's ct 

Dodd Richard, undertaker, 527 High. 

Dodd K. J. M. D , 214 Walnut 

Dodd S. H., cab. mr., Marion ab 2nd 

Dodd Win., stone mason, Brown bel 12th 

Dodge Danl. Rev , 131 Green 

Dodge Edward, broker, 25 S 3rd, h Clinton 3d! 

door bel 11th, S side 
Dodg"e Henry S., ladies' shoemr., 8 M road 
Dodg-e Nathan, carver, 322 High, h 240 Filbert 
Dodson Thomas G., cabinet mr., 32 N 13th 
Dodson R. B., attornev, 6 State House row, h 320 

Dodson Richard W., engraver, 27 Minor. 
Doebly Solomon, gum elastic susp. manuf., Pal 

mer ab Queen (K) 
Doerr John, baker, 60 Union. 
Doflein 1'hilip, stock mr., 84 N 5th 
Dohan Daniel, temp, grocer, N W 7th & Noble, i 
Doherty Robert, painter, 143 Chestnut 
Dohertv William, mer. drv goods, 359 N 2nd 
Dohnert George W., bookbinder, 222 N 9th 
Dohnert John H., marb. paper manuf., Green ab 

Franklin and 21 St. James. 
Dohnert Maria C, shop, 6 Branch 
Dohnert "William, tavern, c 5th and Sassafras. 
Doig Thomas, painter, Rafferty's ct 
Dolan Ann, rear 13 Prosperous al 
Dolan Dennis, machinist, Sen. 8th ab Button- 
Dolan Margaret, 15 Charlotte 
Dolan Owen, shop, Sch Beach bel Chestnut 
Dolbow John, mariner, Perkenpine's ct 
Dolby Abraham, tavern, 3G1 High 
Dolbv John, weaver, Washington bel Jefferson 

Dolby Moses S., Brinton n 11th 

Dolby Samuel, sea capt., 6 Powell 

Dolda Christian, carpet weaver, 163 Coates 

Dole Levi, lab., Jones n Sch 5th 

Dole Sarah, Court al. 

Doll Frederick, skin dresser, St. John n Bridge 

Doll George, turner, 103 Race. 

Dollard Richard, wigmr., 177 Chestnut 

Dollman John M., gent., Sch. 3rd & Mulberry. 

Dolphin Geo. F., bonnet presser, N E 3d and 

Dolphin, James, porter, rear 238 Lombard 
Dolphin Rebecca, Biddle's al 
Dolton John, trader, Phoenix and Hope (K) 
Doman Isaac, skin dresser, Charlotte ab George 
Doman J. M., carpenter, 133 Christian. 
Doman Thomas, waiter, 71 George 
Dominique Charles, grocer, S E Logan 8c Green. 
Donadi Wm., refectory, 83 S 2nd, li 59 Dock 
Donaghy James, coal agt., Spruce ab Sch 4lh 
Donahue Andrew, gardener, St John ab George 

Donahue Ann, b h, 15 S 8th 
Donahue Daniel, lab., 1 Farmer's row 

Donahue Daniel, ostler, 13 Little Pine 
Donahue Edward, dealer, 7th and Cedar 
Donahue Geo. W., acct., 320 Coates 
Donahue Henry, drayman, 308 Carpenter 
Donahue Hugh, lab., Carrington's ct 
Donahue James, weaver, Sch 3rd ab Callowhill 
Donahue James, soap fat, Carpenter ab 10th 
Donahue Jane, hairdresser and fancv store, 110 

S 4th 
Donahue John, cordw., Allen ab F road (K) 
Donahue John, lab., Crans' ct 
Donahue John, lab., Marker ab 2nd 
Donahue Michael, lab., 9 Greswold's al 
Donahue M., lab., 6 W Cedar 
Donahue Patrick, weaver, 6 William (F M) 
Donahue Patrick, weaver, 4th ab Master (Iv) 
Donahue Thomas, lab., Division (F V) 
Donahue Thomas, plane mr., Barker's ct (K) 
Donahue Torrence, dealer, Carpenter ab 10th 
Donahue Wm., lab., Sch. 4th and Rittenhouse. 
Donald David, cooper, 341 High 
Donald Mary, Broad ab Spruce 
Donalds Mary, dress mr., 84 N 5th 
Donaldson & Brother, mast yard, 1st whf bel 

Almond, (S) and Penn ab Maiden. (K) 
Donaldson Hugh, Sch 7th ab Wood 
Donaldson Isaac, porter, Brown bel Cherry 
Donaldson Isaac, hatter, rear 14 Quarry 
Donaldson Jacob P., spar maker, Penn ab Mai- 
den (K) 
Donaldson John P., spar maker, 20 Catharine. 
Donaldson Joseph, hatter, Cherry ab 12th 
Donaldson Lydia, 163 Christian 
Donaldson Mary, 4 Penn. (K) 
Donaldson R., trimmings, R road ab Callowhill 
Donaldson William T., mast maker, Penn ab 

Maiden (K) 
Donaldson Wm., carp., Fitzwater bel 6th 
Donath James A., att'y & coun., 8 S 7th, h 76 

S 12th. 
Donath Joseph, merchant, 111 Spruce. 
Donavan Daniel, lab., 1 Grape ct 
Donavan Daniel, lab., 6 Franklin pi 
Donavan Dennis, lab., ct ab William (F M) 
Donavan Timothy, dealer, rear 125 Mulberry 
Donegan Cornelius, s'tzer, G Troad bel Phcenix 
Donegan John, weaver,, 2nd ab Franklin (K) 
Donegan Martin, shop/ Lewis ab Broad 
Doneghy Wm., manuf., 358 S 5th 
Donehower Wm. H. sash mr., 9 Benton's av 
Donlan Thos., perfumer, 12Cres3on's al. 
Donlevy Helen, shop, 131 N 8th 
Donley Hugh, porter, Reed ab 2nd 
Donley James, supt., 14 Rittenhouse 
Donley John, grocer, 242 S 6th 
Donley Joseph P., seaman, Prime ab M road 
Donley Mrs., b. h., N E 4th and Tammany 
Donn Neill, lab., Sch Beach and Spruce 
Donnahue Charles, 7th n Callowhill 
Donnahue Jas., stonecutter. Chestnut & Sch 3d 
Donnahue Patrick, ostler, 22 Quince 
Donnahue Patrick, stone mason, 8 Barker 
Donnaldson John, secretary Delaware Ins. Co. 

h 162 S 9th. 
Donnaldson The Misses, teachers, 216 Walnut 

Donnally James, collector, 191 Brown (N T L) 
Donnally John, painter, 191 Brown (N L) 
Donnally Peter, lab., 7th bel Federal 
Donnell Francis, lab., 12 Wheeler's ct. 
Donnell James, shoemaker, Sch Beach n George 
Donnell , las. C, cashier Moyamensing Bank, h 

9 Washington square 
Donnell Joseph, lab., 11 Orleans 
Donnell John, painter, 3 Washington 
Donnell L. F. Capt., S W Christian & Swanson 
Donnell Robert, grocer, NW Sth and Walnut. 
Donnell William, carter, 21 Greswold's al. 
Donnelly Ann, washer., rear 12 Cresson's al 
Donnelly Catharine, Lily al 
Donnelly Charles, weaver, Jefferson ab Wash- 
ing-ton (K) 
Donnelly David, hackman, 4 Fisher's ct 
Donnelly Francis, lab., Prince bel Cherry (K) 
Donnellv Frederick, vict., 5th ab Poplar 
Donnelly Hugh, carter, 10th bel Christian 
Donnelly James, blacksmith, 6 Farmer 
Donnelly James, combmr., 62 Apple. 
Donnelly James, furs, 17S Cedar 
Donnelly James, weaver, Murray ab Sch 2d. 
Donnelly John, strop maker, 20 Bank 
Donnelly John, stone cutter, Budd bel Juniper 
Donnelly J„olm, lab., Caledonia ct. 
Donnelly John, carpenter, Carlton ab 13th 
Donnelly John, boots and shoes, 44 Cedar 
Donnelly John, lab., High n Sch Front 
Donnelly John, lab., Church bel Christian 
Donnelly John, weaver, Murray near Sch 3d 
Donnelly John, lab., Sch 2nd ab High 
Donnelly John B., blacksmith, 11th ab Pine 
Donnelly Jos. P., pawnbroker, 2S0 Cedar. 
Donnelly Mark, carter, 47 Christian 
Donnelly Mary, rear 32S S 5th 
Donnellv Michael, lab., Shippen ab 7th 
Donnelly Michael, tailor, 63 S 5th 
Donnelly Michael, lab., 2 Prosperous al 
Donnelly Nicholas, teacher, 2 Filbert av 
Donnelly Patrick, baker, 40 Cedar 
Donnelly Patrick, b h, 9 Chestnut 
Donnellv Philip, weaver, Jefferson ab Cadwala- 

Donnelly Robert, lab., 235 Christian 
Donnelly Thomas, dealer, 6 Salem al. 
Donnelly Ulurn, painter, 14 Mechanic. 
Donnellv Wm., cooper, 65 Catharine 
Donnelly Wm., lab., 6 Kelly 
Donocho Thomas, dry goods, 19 S 2nd. 
Donoghue Charles, grocer, 235 High. 
Donnohue James, livery stables, O Y road n 

Donoghue John S., cordw., 517 N 2nd bel Beaver 
Donoho Barney, bricklayer, Brandywine ab 13th 
Donohow Samuel, ladies' shoemr., 214 S 2nd 
Donohue John, William ab Callowhill 
Dooers William, tailor, 13 Magnolia. 
Doo^an Mary A., milliner, 346 Sassafras 
Doole Jesse, stone mason, Svcamore ab Locust 
Dooley Susan, Hallowed n 7th 
Doonan Owen, Sch 7th ab Wood. 
Doran & Clark, tailors, 64 Brown (N L) 
Doran Chas., tailor, 11 Queen. (K.) 

Doran Edward, ironfounder, Sch Sth ab Sa»»a- 

Doran George, morocco dr.. Crown ab Prince 
Doran Henrietta, band boxes, 5 Sheaff's al. 
Doran Hugh, furrier, S \V Sell Sth & Sassafras. 
Doran James, weaver, 33 \V Cedar 
Doran James, lab., Asliton n Walnut 
Doran John peddler, 9 Jackson's ct 
Doran Joseph M., judge, 245 S 3rd. 
Doran Mary, R road ab Ann. (F V) 
Doran Michael, lab., 33 \Y Cedar. 
Doran Wm., nail mr., rear 117 Queen 
Doran Wm. B., tailor, 337 Vine 
Dore Robert N., carp., 3 Turner 
Dorety Thomas, paver, M'Coy's ct 
Dorey Henrietta, 128 S 12th ' 
Dorev Mary, Hughes' ct 
Dorff Albert, tinsm., 77 W Callowhill 
Dorff Patrick, tin smith, 10 S 6th, h Sas>at'r-.ia th 

Dorgan D., cabinetmr., 249 N 3rd 
Doriot Louisa, 6 Lagrange 
Doriss James G., carpenter, Wood ab 13th, U 

Brandywine ab 13th 
Dorian John, carp., Shackamaxon bel Bedford, K 
Dorman Howell, clerk, 1'. T. Hank, 173 Given 
Dorn C. W., cutler, 136 Sassafras 
Dornaft John, paper stainer, Buist's row 
Dornan Robert, weaver, 13 Lebanon 
Dornblaser, Benjamin, lab., Beach ab M.r-.h (K) 
Dorney Eve, gentw., 8 Franklin 
Doron David, tailor, 7 Union ct 
Dorr Benjamin Rev. D. 1)., Ill Mulberry. 
Dorr Henry, baker, Buttonwood bel 1 1th 
Dorr John,' weaver, Front bel Jefferson (K) 
Dorrance Mary, widow of David, Spruce ut> S< li 

Dorschiemer George I.., baker, 25 N 7tli 
Dorsey Augustus, clothes, 30 N 2d, h 170 Pmr. 
Dorsey Ann, Dean's al 

Dorsey Benedict & Son, crockery ware, 1 • : \ -M 
Dorsey Charles C, bricklayer, Barton n Sch 4ti« 
Dorsey Diana, washer., Blackberry al 
Dorsey Edward G., printer, 12 Library 
Dorsey Jacob, lab., Eag-le ct 
Dorsey James, lab., S E Lancaster St W barton 
Dorsey John, waterman, 45 Mead 
Dorsey John, bottler, 4 Kelly 
Dorsey Mary, 32 N 9lh. 
Dorsey Nicholas, porter, 4 Pleasant av 
Dorsey Peter, marble polisher, 1> Myers* ct. 
Dorsey Thomas, waiter, 57 ('una'..; al 
Dorsev Thomas, driver, li road. ( 1 \ ) 
Dorsey William, mer., 132 N 2d, h 0) O V road 
Dorsev Wm., moulder, Fox's ct n Fitzwater 
Dorton John, butcher, Monl joinery bel 2nd (K) 
Dosher Carston, confect , 164 Lombard 
Dospassos Emanuel, shoemr., 3 Fanes' ct 
Doster Michael, jew. 8c spec, manf., 155 St John 
Dotger Casper, 8th and Willow 
Dothard Abm., shoemaker, L05 Lombard 
Dothard James L-, cordw., rear 105 Shippen 
Dotterer Charles, S E Front and Brown 
Dotterer Jas., S E Front & Brown. 
Dottro James, carp., Apple n Master (K) 

Dotts Mary, Girard av 

Dougherty Andrew, lab., Pine n Ashton. 

Dougherty Ann, 4th bel Culvert 

Dougherty Alexander, carter, Cooper ab Sch 3d 

Dougherty Alex., ostler, 5 Marshall's ct 

Dougherty Alex. E., 439 Walnut 

Dougherty Charles, 275h North Front 

Dougherty Cornelius, cabman, 9S Filbert 

Dougherty Daniel, carp., 16 Vine 

Dougherty Daniel, coachman, 158 S 5th 

Dougherty Daniel, 169 Queen 

Dougherty Daniel, tavern, S \V 6th & St. Mary. 

Dougherty Dominick, weaver, Spruce ab Sch. 

Dougherty Edward, cordw., Sch. Bank bel Pine 
Dougherty Elizabeth, dry goods, N E 13th and 

Pine, h 427 S 2d 
Dougherty Elizabeth, 12 Logan 
Dougherty Esther, rear 126 S 6th 
Dougherty George, engineer, George Sc West 
Dougherty George, ostler, 6th and Buckley 
Dougherty George, coachman, rear 229 S 5th 
Dougherty Henry, draymen, 4th ab Carpenter 
Dougherty Henry, waiter, Pine n Ashton 
Dougherty Hugh, lab., 5 Flickwir's ct 
Dougherty Hugh, tailor, 253 S 5th. 
Dougherty Hugh, lab., 101 Bedford 
Dougherty H., Division bel 12th 
Dougherty James, lab., High n Sch 4th 
Dougherty James, shoemr., 20 M'Duihe 
Dougherty James, brickmr., 12 Harmstead 
Dougherty James, labourer, 226 Shippen. 
Dougherty James, lab., Grav's Ferry road, bel 

Dougherty James, hatter, rear 92 N 2nd 
Dougherty Jane, 8th ab Carpenter 
Dougherty John, turner, Beach bel Palmer. 
Dougherty John, lab., Carpenter ab 4th 
Dougherty John, lab., Coates ab Sch 7th 
Dougherty John, 172 Sassafras 
Dougherty John, tavern, N 3d ab Thompson 
Dougherty John, shoemr., Wood n Sch. 
Dougherty John, labourer, 4 Vaux's ct 
Dougherty John, carter, St Joseph's av 
Dougherty John, shop, 2 Middle al 
Dougherty John, grocer, 196 Lombard 
Dougherty John, weaver, 9th bel Christian 
Dougherty John, grave digger, Carpenter ab 9th 
Dougherty John A., distiller, S W 2nd & Poplar. 
Dougherty Joseph, messenger, 22 Wash. Mar- 
ket pi 
Dougherty Lewis, bricklayer, 14 Kessler's al 
Dougherty Mary, Vine n Sch 8th 
Dougherty Mary, dry goods, 540 High 
Dougherty Michael, grocer, 1S9 S F'ront 
Dougherty Neal, tavern, 54 Cedar 
Dougherty Patrick, lab., Willow n Lombard. 
Dougherty Patrick, car driver, 227 S 5th 
Dougherty Patrick, tavern, S W 5th & Small 
Dougherty Philip, tavern, Shippen bel 8th 
Dougherty Rachel, grocer, Mark's la. ab 11th. 
Dougherty Rebecca, Juniper Sc Pine 
Dougherty Robert, tavern, N W 10th Sc R road. 
Dougherty Robert, clothes dealer, 194 Cedar. 
Dougherty Robert, waterman, 18 New Market 

Dougherty Rosanna, tavern, 225 S 2d 
Dougherty Sarah, Perry and Mifflin 
Dougherty Susan, gentw., 105 Filbert. 
Dougherty Thomas, tavern, Shackamaxon ami 

Franklin, (K) 
Dougherty Thomas D., inspector customs, 99 S 

whs., h Sch 5th bel Spruce 
Dougherty William, tavern, 2S9 Vine. 
Dougherty Wm., c Vine and Washington. 
Dougherty Wm., coachman, 269 Spruce 
Dougherty Wm., grocer, 325 High, h 10th and 

R road. 
Dougherty Wm., umbrella, Marlboro' bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Dougherty Wm., brickmr., Sch. 3d n Chestnut 
Dougherty Wm., rear 115 N 2nd 
Dougherty Wm., carp., Hallowell n 7th 
Dougherty Wm., carp., Shippen bel Broad 
Dougherty Wm., currier, M road bel Reed 
Dougherty Wm., lab., Sch 2nd n Harmstead 
Dougherty Wm., shop, 225 Shippen 
Doughten Amanda, 1 Benton's av 
Doughty James H., gent., 10th bel Cedar 
Doughty John, pickl. & preserver, 72 Fitz water 
Douglass Abigail, dry goods, X E 9th 8c Sassafras 
Douglass Benjamin, machinist, 5 Wiley's ct 
Douglass Catharine, widow of James, confec, 

Marlboro' ab Bedford 
Douglass Cornelia, 277 Shippen 
Douglass Henry, R road and Wood 
Douglass Jacob, carpt., 64 New 
Doug-lass Jacob M. Rev., 378 Coates 
Douglass James, hotel, 46 N 6th. 
Douglass James, blacksmith, 13th ab Willow 
Douglass Jane, 17 Washington 
Douglass John, tobacconist, 128 Sassafras 
Doug-lass John, shop, Hanover ab Prince (K) 
Douglass John, cordwainer, 33 Perry. 
Douglass John, weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
Douglass John C, cordwainer, 121 S 11th 
Douglass John I., corder, Queen St whf., h 153 

Douglass Josiah, waterman, Jones' ct 
Douglass Orson Rev., 4 Union 
Douglass Peter, brushmr., Callowhill n Sch 8th 
Douglass Robert, sr. hair dresser, 54 Mulberry. 
Douglass Robert, jr., sign painter, 54 Mulberry. 
Douglass Samuel, 36 George (S) 
Douglass Samuel C, sailmr., Washington ab 3d 
Douglass Sarah, b. h., N W 8th & Filbert 
Douglass Sarah M., teacher, rear 49 N 7th, h 54 

Douglass William, lab., 200 N 10th 
Douglass Wm., steward, 8th bel Carpenter 
Douglass AV. E., carpenter and b h, Sch Water 

and Lombard 
Douglass Wm. M., Rev., 32 Powell 
Doul James, watchmr., S E 4th and Spruce 
Doule Thomas B., com. mer., 396 Coates 
Dounton Sarah, 13th and R road 
Duuredoure B., chandler, 25 N 6th, and 209 ^ 

2d, h 209 S 2d 
Dousk George, real est. broker, Depot 
Dove Elizabeth, 7 Knight's ct 
Dove John S., tobacconist, 49 Cedar 

Mover Eliza, Shackamaxon ab Queen 

Dew John, painter, 29 N 7th, h S E Sch 5th & 

Dow P., machinist, 9 George, h 14 Powell 
Dowbiggin Joshua, carp., Shackamaxon n F 

Dowden Miss M., gentw., S 10th ab Christian. 
Dowdrick "William, cordwainer, 48 Almond 
Dowell Catharine, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Dowell George, silversmith, 129^ High, h 13 

E North 
Dowell George G. silversmith, 13 E North. 
Dowell Lydia, 294 Mulberry. 
Dower Eliza, 9 Lagrange pi 
Dowler Eliza, store, N W 11th and Coates. 
Dowley Matthew, carter, Landing 
Dowling Edward, plasterer, 14 "Western av 
Dowling Edward, bricklayer, 7th bel Carpenter 
Dow ling John, wheelwright, 4th and Marriott 
Dowling John, laborer, 7 Coomb's al 
Dowling John, pawn broker, 286 S 6th. 
Dow ling Joseph, combmr., rear 313 N 5th 
Dowling Matthew, carter, Factory 
Dowling K., bonnets, 131 S 2d. 
Down Andrew, weaver, 1 Lynn (EM) 
Downer Charles, constable, 144 Sassafras 
Downey George, Sch Sth n Kail Road 
Downey John, hotel, Coates n Fair Mount 
Downey John, lab., Coates n Sch 
Downey John, weaver, Brinton 
Downey John A., gilder, 405 Chestnut, h N E 

Juniper and Sassafras 
Downey Matthew, weaver, Brinton 
Downey Robert, shoemr., rear 29S Sassafras 
Downey Robert, lab., Nixon (F M) 
Downey Sarah, gentw., 311 S 4th 
Downie Sarah, 51 Mechanic 
Downie "Walter, mariner, 24 Little "Water. 
Downie AVm., millwright, St John bel G T road 
Downie Wilson, .stevedore, n Broad and Car- 
Downing Charles, saddler, 177 S Front 
Downing Charles, saddler, 9 Pleasant Retreat 
Downing Charles, painter, 6 Charles' pi 
Downing C. A.., dressmr., 89 Charlotte 
Downing Daniel, shop, Shippen ab Lisle 
Downing George, baker, G T road ab Phccnix 
Downing Hannah, 11th n Vine 
Downing Jacob, coachsmith, SO Penn 
Downing James, blacksmith, 269 Wood 
Downing James, lab., rear 43 Coates 
Downing John, grocer, 3 Elizabeth 
Downing John, dyer, 4th bel Franklin 
Downing John W, coal wharf Spruce st. Sch., 

office 21 Chestnut, h 251 Spruce. 
Downing Levi, v. aiter, 37 Currant alley 
Downing S. G., grocer, 11th n Vine 
Downing Thomas, gent., 3d ab Federal 
Downing Win. R. blacksmith, 6 Freed's av 
"owns Alexander, gas fitter, 40 Carpenter (C) 
Downs Ann, Cedar bel 12th 
" >wns Elias, waterman, 178 Swanson 
Downs Furman, brushmr., 9 "Wagner's ct 
Downs George, b h, 6 Perm. 
Uowns James, clothes, 256 Lombard 

Downs John, bottler, 89 Crown. 

Downs John, carpenter, 68 Noble 

Downs Martlia, 14 Middle al 

Downs Thomas, boots and shoes, 129 W High 

Doyle Bridget, tavern, S W 12th & Pine. 

Doyle Edward, currier, George ab Broad 

Doyle Eliza, milliner, 210 Walnut 

Doyle F., drayman, Lombard n Sell 6th 

Doyle George, bricklayer, 49 M road 

Doyle Hugh, mer., 35 N 3d, h 137 N 10th. 

Doyle James, furniture, 124 Cedar. 

Doyle James, Shippen lane n Catharine 

Doyle James, lab., rear 18 Plum 

Doyle John, grocer, S W 10th & High. 

Doyle John, watchman, Clark ab 3d 

Doyle John, Wood ab Sch 6th 

Doyle John, hatter, rear 266 S 3d 

Dovle John C, clerk, 16 Branch 

Doyle John W. gent., 199 O Y road 

Doyle Lawrence, lab., 47 Christian 

Doyle Lawrence, car., 2 Lodge pi 

Doyle &. McNeely, leather mers., 35 N 3rd, fac 

tory 4th and Franklin. 
Doyle Michael, dealer, 100 Plum. 
Doyle Michael, hatter, rear 198 Christian 
Doyle Michael, 28 Quince 
Dovle Morgan, music store, 125 Cedar 
Doyle M., lab., " Dilk's ct 
Doyle Peter, seaman, Front ab Reed 
Doyle Peter, weaver, Otter bel William (K) 
Doyle Robert, lab., 2 John's ct 
Doyle Thomas, acct, George ab Broad 
Dovle Wm. T., stone mason, Lewis ab Poplar 
Doyle W., widow, 24 N loth 
Dozar Elias, waterman, "Walter's ct 
Dozville Helen, 149 N 10th 
Drain Samuel, roof slater, Haydock 
Drake Ira S., engraver, 159 Queen 
Drake John, manuf., McDuffie n Sch. 2d 
Drake John C, dry goods, 235 N 3d. h 217 

Drake John L., shoes, 97 St John 
Drake Misses, teachers, Sch Sth ab Walnut 
Drake Mrs., dressmr., 10 Pearl 
Drake Thomas, manufacturer, Lombard bel 

Sch 3d 
Drake Z., Wood bel Sch. 3d 
Drane Wm. L., printer, 159 S .id 
Draper A. C, M. D., 169 S 11th 
Draper Charles, lab., Pearl bel 13th. 
Draper E., math.& opt. ins. mr„ Pear n 3rd. 
Draper John, waiter, 1 Elizabeth 
Draper Solomon, waiter, Barley n 11th 
Draper, Toppan & Co., bank note engravers, 

76 h Walnut 
Draper Wm., barber, 175 S 2nd,h Barley n Utli 
Drayton Daniel, waterman, Washington av bel 

Dravton William Col., 13 Portico square 
Drayton W. H. att'y and coun., 152 Walnut 
Drean Henry, dry goods, 421 High. 
Drean Patrick, lab., Sch. Front n Chestnut 
Dreby C, cooper, 155 High and 244 N 2nd 
Dredger Catharine, b h, 38 Vine 
Dredger C, 2 Flynlimmon pi 

Drccr Ferdinand J., jeweller, rear 115 Chest- 
nut, h Sen 7th ab Spruce 
Dreer Frederick, 152 S 4th. 
Drcer &■ Haves, jewellers, rear 115 Chestnut 
Dreer Henry A., seedsman, 97 Chestnut, li 152 

S4th. " 
Drcher Michael, cordw., G T road ab 2d 
Dreke Lewis, cab. mr., 24 Lombard 
Dressier Frederick B., coach lace weaver, 2nd 

ab Beaver (K) 
Dressier F. J., hair plaiter, 47 S 2nd 
Dreves Fred., confec, N W 6th Sc Buttonwood. 
Drew Ann, 54 Queen. 

Drew Arthur P., gent., 13 W North ab 10th 
Drew Henry, lab., 235 Lombard 
Drew Samuel, weaver, Parker's al 
Drew Sc Scammell, publishers, 97 Chestnut 
Drew Thomas, jr., publisher, 97 Chestnut 
Drexel Francis M., broker, 34 S3rd, h Chestnut 

n Sch. 6th. 
Driesbach Henry, stonecutter, 31 Crown. 
Drinker Hannah, b h, 116 Mulberry. 
Drinker Sandwith, sea capt., 101 N 10th 
Drin khouse Aaron, cabman, 16 Benton 
Drinkhousc George, tinsmith, 265 S 5th 
Drinkhouse Jacob, coal dealer, 1 N 6th, h 106 

N Juniper 
Drinkhouse Mary, Sch 8th and Filbert 
Drinkhouse Wm., tinsm, 58 Cedar, li 430 S Front 
Drips David, oil cloth manuf., 523 Coates 
Drips Margaret, Pearl ab 13th 
Driver Adam, 251 S 7th 
Driver Joshua, carpenter, 143 N 11th. 
Driver Samuel, engraver, Catharine ab 6th 
Droge John, harness mr., 13 Juniper la 
Droouin Felix, teacher, 9th bel Pine 
Dropsie Ann, 454 N 3d. 
Dropsie M. A., watchmaker, 57 N 3d 
Drown Thomas P., acct., 13 Branch 
Drown Mm. A., umbrellas, 86 High. 
Droz Hannah, watchmaker, 118 Walnut. 
Drozvin Constant, lab., Loxley's ct 
Druding Arnold, jeweller, 61 German 
Drum Conrad, pork inspector, Nectarine ab 10th 
Drum Eliza, Cherry bet Sch 7th and 8th 
Drum Francis, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Drum John, victualler, Buttonwood ab 9th. 
Drum John, victualler, 8th ab Noble 
Drum Mary, S W Sch 8th & Filbert 
Drum William, victualler, 302 N 8th. 
Drumel Philip, cordw., James bel 10th 
Drummond Ann M., 10 Watson's alley 
Drummond H. B., Mrs., b h, 176 S 3d 
Drummond James, weaver. Crown ab Duke (K) 
Drummond Lewis, shoemaker, 13 S 6th, h 19 

Middle al 
Drury Sophia, 2nd and Phoenix (K) 
Dryburgh A., florist, S W Sch. 4th & Sassafras. 
Dryden Ann Eliza, 1 Rachel row 
Drysdale William, watches &. jewellery, 8 S oth, 

h 31 Powell. 
Drysdale Wm. Jr., watchmaker, 20 S 6th 
Dua Andrew P. seaman, 21 Mead 
Duane William, jr., att'y. at law, 138 & h 228 


Duane Wm. J., office 138 Walnut, h Walnut bet 

Sch 6th and 7th 
Dubasee Susanna, 8th and Christian 
Dubois Alex., combmaker, 126 Charlotte. 
Dubois Benjamin, carp., 159 Marshall 
Dubois Edward, grocer, 505 High 
Dubois Eliza, confect., 357 N 2d 
Dubois Elizabeth, dry goods, 105 Spruce 
Dubois Ephraim F., watchman, 18 Marion 
Dubois George H. real estate and coal office, 91 

Walnut, h 55 Gaskill 
Dubois John, potter, 301 S 3d 
Dubois John, carter, Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Dubois John, cordw., 7 Short's ct 
Dubois Joseph A., confectioner, 217 N 2nd 
Dubois Maria, milliner, 157 S 2nd. 
Dubois M. C. teacher, 55 Gaskill 
Dubois Samuel C. collector, 144 S 5th. 
Dubois Thomas, oyster cellar, 260 N 3rd, h 247 

N Front. 
Dubois William, ass. assaver U. S. Mint, h 133 

N 13 th 
Dubois Wm., lab., 145 Carpenter (S) 
Dubois Wm., printer, 144 S 13th 
Dubois Z., comb mr., 10th ab Parrish 
Dubosq, Carrow, & Co., jewellers, 5 Bank alley 
Dubosq Francis P., jeweller, 5 Bank alley, h ^ J<> 

S 5th 
Dubosq Henry, jeweller, 124 Catharine 
Dubosq Mary, gentw., 19 Lombard 
Dubosq Peter, jeweller, Swanson bel Christian 
Dubosq Philip L. letter carrier, Catharine bel 3d 
Dubosq Theo., jeweller, 76 N 2d. 
Dubosq Wm. A., pencilmr., Turner n 3rd, h 

Swanson bel Christian 
Du Bouchette C. Aug'uste, French teacher, 90 

Dubree John, carter, 16 Lily al 
Dubs Edward, sea capt., 137 Catharine 
Dubs Martin Sr., 345 Mulberrv 
Dubs Saml. It., M.D, 449 Chestnut 
Dubuisson George W-, agent, Washington bel 

Ducachet Henrv W r ., D. D., 8 Girard. 
Ducachet Henry W. jr., M. D., 72 S 12th, h 8 

Duckett A. porter, 5 Zane 
Duckett Joseph, paper dealer, 384 N 4th. 
Duckworth A.., lab., Pearl ab 12th 
Du Comb John F., bookbinder, 211 Mulberry 
Ducomb Philip N. G., clerk, Bryan's ct 
Ducommun H., clock & watchmaker, 33 S 4di, 

h 127 N 3d 
Ducommun H., Jr. & Co., walchmrs., 33 S 4th 
Duddy Bernard, dyer, 8 White's ct ab Bedford 
Duddy Bernard, type founder, Pine ab 13th 
Duddy John, coachman, rear 22 Raspberry 
Dudgeon John, cordw., 128 N 13th. 
Dudley George, carpet manuf., Mechanic ab 

George, h 4th ab Franklin (N L) 
Dudley Jacob, carp., Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Dudley James B., barber, 1 S 7th 
Dudreau John, 22 Greswold's al. 
Dudson Samuel, machinist, 490 N 4th 
Duey Wm., hatter, Wood bel Sch 7th 

Duff David, bootmr., 4 Mechanics' avenue 

Puff Edward, dry goods, 32 N 4th, h 61 Fine 

Duff John L. clerk, Vienna ab Queen 

Duff Wm., carp., 11th ab Carpenter 

Duff Wm. A., acct., 134 Chestnut 

Diiffay James, grocer, S E Sch. 2d 8c Duffy 

Duffee Francis, 21 Walnut. 

Duffee John, farmer, St Mary ab 7th 

Duffee Wm., copper pi. pr., 4th and Christian 

Duffee Wm., shoemr., Elmes' ct n Sch 

Duffee W. J., M. D., 307 S 8th 

Duffel James, 65 N 5th. 

Duffel Luke W. shoemr., 4 Somer's ct 

Duffield Chas., wheelwright, Hanover ab Bed 

ford (K) 
Duffield Henry, carp., Union ab Franklin (K) 
Duffield Israel, farmer, Marker ab 2nd 
Duffield M., 6 Courtlin pi 

Duffield Thomas, carp., Union ab Franklin (K) 
Duffield William B., M. D., 178 Spruce. 
Duffin Henry, lab., Relief pi 
Duffin Henry, lab., Johnston's ct 
Duffin James, weaver, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Duffin Joseph, weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
DufKns John, coachman, 355 Lombard. 
Duffy Arthur, tailor, Broad n Vine 
Duffv Arthur, lab., rear 125 Plum 
Duffy Bernard, lab., N W Sch. 6th 8c Chestnut 
Duffy Bernard, shoemr., Sch 2nd ab Vine 
Duffy Bernard, shoemr., Beach n George 
Duffv Bernard, 13 Wharton 
Duffy Charles, 2d n Phoenix, (K) 
Duffy Charles, porter, 10 Juniper la. 
Duffy Edward, tallow chandler, 100 Filbert. 
Duffy Edward, lab., Mulberry ab Sch. 8th 
Duffy Edward, carter, Sch Front ab High 
Duffy Francis, stables, 180 Locust 
Duffy George W\, hatter, 147 Chestnut, h 135 

O Y road 
Duffv Hugh, glass blower, Vienna ab Prince 


Duffy James, lab., Baker bel 7th 

Duffy James, bootmr., 35 Strawberry 

Huffy James, grocer, New Market and Laurel 

Duffy James, weaver, Mariner 

Duffy James P., math, instruments, 91 S 8th 

Duffy John, tailor, 12 Mulberry 

Duffy John, carter, Sch. 8th and Mulberry 

Duffy Martin, locksmith, 12th and Bedford 

Duffy Michael, porter, 19 Jones' al. 

Duffy Patrick, lab., Plum bel 5th 

Duffy Patrick, lab., Baker bel 7th 

Duffy Patrick, lab., Sch 2d ab Vine 

Duffy Patrick, tailor, Carpenter ab 6th (S) 

Duffy P. 8c E., boot 8c shoemrs., 199 Green 

Duffy Rodger, b h, 43 Coates al 

Duffy Sarah, wid., 30 Lebanon. 

Duffy Thomas, lab., Sch Front ab High 

Duffy Wm., painter, 59 Dock, h Baker bel 8th 

Duffy William, porter, 16 Juniper la. 

Duflun P. v., mer., 53 High 

Dufour George, mer., S W Front & Walnut, 1 

Catharine ab 6th 
Dufrene T. W., artist, S W 10th h Chestnut 
Dugan Charles, painter, 123 N 6th 

Dugan Daniel, shoemr., 186 Shippcn 

Dugan Hugh, weaver, 9th bel Christian 

Dugan James, b. h., 11 Chestnut. 

Dugan Joseph, gent., 10 Portico sq. 

Dugan Michael, clerk, 366 s 1th 

Dugan Mrs. Mary, 36 Ann. 

Dugan Patrick, carter, Raker bel JSvli 

Dugan Patrick, lab., Walnut & Sch Ashton 

Dugan Peter, gent., 351 Pine 

Dugan Thomas, furniture, 121 N 0th 

Dugan Wm., lab., Helmuth n Sch 7th 

Dugan Wm., carter, Pink ab Master (K) 

Dugan Wm. W. painter, 123 N 6th 

Dugee John, wheelw., Callow liillab Waahingtirft, 

h Sch. 2d ab Wood 
Duhamel A. G. clerk sheriff's off, h 125 Spnu <~ 
Duhamel John, tailor, 125 Spruce. 
Duhring George, M. D., 1344 Mulberry. 
Duhring Henry, coach lace, 8cc. 22 N 4th, h I' .' 

N 6th 
Dukeman Daniel, tobacco, N E Cedar and Front 
Dukeman James, tobacconist, High n Sch 4th 
Dukeman Wm., tobacco, S E Penn Sc Cedar 
Dukes John, grocer, N E 2d and Prime 
Dukes Thomas W ., cordw., 41 Apple- 
Dull Charles, paper warehouse, 8 Decatur, li 

Mantua village 
Dull Christian, drayman, Front bel Master 
Dull George, tavern, 440 N 2nd. 
Dull James, drayman, Crown n West. (K) 
Dull Prudence, gentw., 270 N 7th 
Dull Valentine, cart., Thompson ab !t!i ( Is ) 
Dullenberg Derrick, clerk, 5th ab Jefferson (K < 
Dulles, Aertsen 8c Fisher, com. mers., 8 S i'i"'.:' 
Dulles Jos. H., mer., 8 S Front, h 151 Walnut 
Dulty William, mer., 100 High, h 9 City Row 
Dumas Abigail, 92 Wood 
Dumec John F., cabinetmaker, P road bel Fil i 

Dumfries Elizabeth, huckster, Hoffman's al 
Dumont John, auc, 3 Blackhorse al bel Cedar 
Dumoutet Jane, gentw., 102 N 11th. 
Dunagan J. shoes, 275 S 5th 
Dunahay John, cab., Lombard n Sch 2nd 
Dunard James, sawyer, Perry's ct 
Dunbar Alexander, lab., Marriott bel 6th 
Dunbar Elon, mer., 104 S 9th 
Dunbar Hugh, weaver, Harmstead n Sch 4th 
Dunbar John, lab., Lombard n Bank 
Dunbar John, weaver, Lombard n Sch Hank 
Dunbar Morris, carpenter, 13th Sc lirown 
Dunbar Thomas, carter, Lombard n Sch Dank 
Dunbar Wm., blacksmith, Kcete ab Front 
Duncan C, warper, Fair Mount >i 
Duncan Esther, P road bel Marriott's la 
Duncan James J., 8c Co., hardware, 173 High 
Duncan James J., mer. 173 High, h 13 N 8th 
Duncan Jesse, lab., Sch 2nd ah High 
Duncan John, gent., 15 Union Square 
Duncan Joseph, drayman, (.'lurry n Sch. 6th 
Duncan J., sea .stores, 93 S wharves 
Duncan Louisa, Mrs., Chestnut n Broad 
Duncan M. Mrs., 31 N Sch 8th 
Duncan T., carpenter, High n Sch. 5th. 
Duncan Thomas, weaver, Crown ab Franklin 

Duncan Wm., 3 Marshall [Dunn Margaret, 112 S 12th 

Dundas .lames paver, F roadab Phcenix Dunn Mary, rear 123 Plum 

Dundas James, president commercial bank, h Dunn Matthew, labourer, 315 S 6th. 

N E Broad and Walnut Dunn Michael, clerk, 7 Elmslie's al. 

Dungan C. B., register and sec. N L Gas Works, I Dunn Michael, engineer, 20 John (SI 

1. 144 N 12th 
Dungan Edward, porter, 8th be! Carpenter 
Dungan F. trunkmr., Canal (N L) 
Dungan John, tavern, 237 N 3rd 
Dungan John, clerk, Marlboro' ab Beach (K) 
Dungan John, 13 Pine 
Dungan M., gent., G T road ab Otter 
Dungan Robert W., mer., 69 N Front, h 15 

Dungan Samuel II. Washington n 10th 
Dungan Thomas M., carp., Phcenix bel G T road 
Dungey Wm., shop, 167 N 12th 
Dunglison Robely, M. D., 109 S 10th 
Dunham Albert, mer., S W O Y road & Noble, 

h Franklin ab Green 
Dunham John, ship master, 312 S 4th 
Dunham Thomas, tobacconist, 4 Orchard 
Dunkcrley Ann, dressmaker, 10th ab Willow. 
Dunkerlev George, watch case maker, 10th ab 

Dunkin Sarah, Bradford's al 
Dunlap 8c Crossman, silk mers., 121 High. 
Dunlap Henry, coachmr., Julianna bel Green, h 

Willow bel 6th 
Dunlap James, mer., 14 S Front, h 16 N 10th 
Dunlap Jas., weaver, Apple bel Master 
Dunlap James, carp., James ab Charles 
Dunlap Jefferson, packer, rear 2 Prospect al 
Dunlap Joseph S. confec, Evans bel Prime 
Dunlap Martha, sempstress, rear 12 Shippen 
Dunlap Mary, huckster, 201 Callowhill 
Dunlap Mary, rear O Y road ab Tammany 
Dunlap Miss, fancy milliner, 16 N 10th 
Dunlap R., Filbert n Sch. 6th 
Dunlap 8c Reed, grocers, N W Front & Queen 
Dunlap R. W., City Hotel, 41 N 3rd. 
Dunlap Sallows, mer., 31 N Front, h 30 Wood 
Dunlap Thomas, atty. 8c coun., 88 S 4th 
Dunlap Thos., weaver, Philip 8c Jefferson (WK) 
Dunlap William, coachmr., 14 Chatham 
Dunlap William H., mer., 121 High, h 186 N 4th. 
Dunlevy 8c Dowell, silver smiths, 129 i High 
Dunlevy Robert, silver smith, 129 A High, h 1 

Mark's lane 
Dunlevy Sarah, 85 M road. 
Dunmore Mary, rear 194 Carpenter ab 8th 
Dunn Charles C, mer., 6 City Row 
Dunn C, shoes 8c trunks, 362 High 
Dunn John Patrick Rev., 15 Sommers' ct 
Dunn Edward P., bookbinder, 480 N 4th. 
Dunn Eliza, b h, 63 Apple 
Dunn Elizabeth, wid. of James, Pine and Sch 

. Bank 
Dunn Frances, 14 Centre 
Dunn James, brickmr, Lombard ab Sch Front 
Dunn James It., gent.. Chatham ab Buttonwood 
Dunn John, blacksmith, Filbert ab Sch. Sth. 
Dunn John, dyer, 2 Fairmount av 
Dunn John, cordw., Mechanic (S) 
Dunn John, car driver, Pearl bel Sch 6th 

' — o — * " " \~ / 

Dunn Patrick, shoemaker, 5 McKean's ct. 
Dunn Robert, blacksmith, 10th bel Catharine 
Dunn Samuel, grocer, S W Sch 3d 8c McDuffie 
Dunn Sarah, 54 Almond 
Dunn Thomas, laborer, Yaughan ab Locust 
Dunn Wm., coachman, Marshall's ct 
Dunn Wm. H., 218 S Sth bel Shippen 
Dunnet, John, carp., Parrish bel 10th 
Dunnicliffe Abraham, weaver, 19 Brinton. 
Dunnohew Matthew, tallow chand., 4 Ellet's av 
Dunnott Charles, carpenter, 114 Dillwvn 
Dunott Justus, M. D., 148 Pine 
Dunsmore J., M. D., dentist, 37 N 10th 
Dunsmoor Samuel, tailor, 18 Plum 
Dunsmoor Sarah, milliner, 18 Plum 
Dunston John, temp, eating house, 64 Chestnut 
Dunton Alexander, cabinetmr., 215 Locust 
Dunton George, captain, 30 Green. 
Dunton 8c Gemmill, dry goods, 75 High. 
Dunton Isaac, mer., 75 High, h 130 S Sth 
Dunton Jacob jr., queensw., 219 High, h Pine 

ab 5th 
Dunton Jacob, ship chand., 7 S whfs, h 58 Pine 
Dunton John L., sea captain, 62 Tammany 
Dunton William, carp., 3 Myers' ct 
Dunwoody Ruth, 163 Sassafras. 
Dunworth Peter, 7 Coombe's al 
Duplaine B. C, mer., 12 N 3rd, h 202 N 4th. 
Dupleix Clara, milliner, 28 Sansom 
Du Ponceau Peter S., counsellor, 15 S 6th, h 

199 Chestnut. 
Dupoys Nicholas, seaman, 47 Penn 
Dupree Thomas, cordw., rear 298 S 4th 
Dupty Sylvester, clerk, Mead n Swanson 
Dupuy Robert, waiter, 20 Green (C) 
Durand E., druggist, S W 6th 8c Chestnut. 
Durand Francis, paper hanger, Marriott n 3rd 
Durand I. M., stoves, 133 N 2nd. 
Durand Samuel, paper hanger, 60 M road 
Durang Charles, 24 Morgan 
Durang Jacob, umbrella mr., 118 S Front 
Durant Ann, Mrs., 292 S 10th 
Durar Enoch, Exchange Coffee House, Mer- 
chant's Exchange, h 68 S 3rd 
Durbarrow John, carp., Washington (AV P) 
Durborow James H., printer, 4:h ab Washing- 
Durborow Mary, 188 S 9th 
Durbrow Thomas, shoemr., Ann ab Sch 8th 
Durell Albert, drayman, 39 Mary (S) 
Durell Samuel, painter, 44 New 'Market 
Durell Thomas, stove manuf., 59 8c 61 N 6th, h 

203 Noble 
Durell William M., 8 Pleasant Retreat 
Durell W. M. Sc C. W. painters, 65 S 3rd 
Durfor F., 1 Pleasant Retreat 
Durfor William, carpenter, 73 Buttonwood. 
Durham Ezekiel, shop, 72 Plum 
Durham E., 2 Richard 
Durham Jeremiah, carter, 33S Pine 

Durham John, oysters 8th bel Cedar 

Durham John, lab., High ab Sch 2nd 

Durham Michael, baker, 29 S Sch 8th 

Durhan Samuel, carter, 2 Bonsall 

Durick Matthew, lab., Coates n Sch 

I) lrnell Hannah, Gorrell's ct 

I) irnell James, blacksmith, 156 Sassafras 

Durney Eliza, 231 S 3rd 

Durney Tobias M., confectioner, 278 S 2nd. 

Duross Patrick, tavern, 600 S 2d 

Duress Patrick, lab., 228 N Water 

Duross William, bookseller, 131 N 2d 

Durr Alexander, tailor, 8 Sassafras al. 

Durr John jr., Rugan n Willow 

Durrah Hugh, plasterer, Smith's pi 

Dusar Mary Ann, planet reader, 160 Lombard 

Dusenberry Francis, lab., rear 13 John (S) 

Du Solle John S. editor, N W 3d Sc Chestnut 

Dutch Alexander, cordw., S E 10th & Sergeant 

Duterte Francis A. carp., 3 Washington ct 

Dutilh Charles, gent_, 497 Mulberry. 

Dutilh Edmund G., mer., rear 147 High, h 

Spruce ab 12th. 
Dutilh E. G. &. Co., forwd. 8c com. mers., rear 

147 High. 
Dutrille Mary, washer, 47 Quince 
Dutton Abraham, porter, rear 107 N 10th 
Dutton Benj. F. tailor, 65 S 3d, h 45 Coates' al 
Dutton Mrs.' C, gentw., 6th and Callowhill 
Dutton Isaac, carpenter, Washington ab 3d 
Dutton John M., dry goods, N E 2d and Pine 
Dutton John S., mer., 10 N 6th, h 207 Pine 
Dutton Joseph L., carp., 25 Pine. 
Dutton L. T. Sc R. R., shoe store, S W 6th and 

Dutton Samuel, mer., 24 N Front 
Dutton Samuel P., carp., 24 Parker. 
Duval Dayton, stockmr., 5 Arcade, h 8 Laurel 

Duval P. S., lithogr., 7 Bank al, h 64 Dock 
Duy L., cloth mer., 41 S 2d, h Clinton ab 10th. 
Dwyer Cornelius, carp., 3 Union ct 
Dwyer Daniel, fisherman, Wood & Prince (K) 
Dwyer John, bootmr., 47 Prune 
Dwyer Peter, Wood ab 13th. 
Dyball Caroline, gentw., 385 Callowhill 
Dyball Robert, printer, 210 N 9th 
Dych Frederick, ship carp., Duke bel Palmer 
Dych John, coppersmith, Union ab Prince (K) 
Dye Catharine, Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Dye John, scalemr. 266 N 6th 
Dye Joseph R., tailor, 23 Queen, h Dean n 

Bedford (K) 
Dye & Morris, tailors, Queen n F road. (K) 
Dye Ralph, trader, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Dye Sarah, shop, Mechanic bel Poplar 
D> e Sarah, shop, Phoenix bel G T road 
Dye Wm. shoemr. Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
Dyer John, stevedore, St Mary's al n 6th 
Dyer John G. dry goods, 40 N 4th, h 127 N 9th 
Dver Michael, lab., rear Carpenter bel 5th 
JJyke John, barber, 8 Spruce 
D'le John, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
"ymock Caleb, clerk, Haines n 6th 
u >ott Ann J., music teach., 10th ab Washington 

Dyott C. W, gent., Spruce bel Sch 8th 

Dyott Julia, b h, 10th ab Washington 

Dyott J. B., M. D., 1-13 N 2d 

Dyott M. B., camphine lamps, 64 S 2d 

Dyott T. W. & Sons, druggists St com. mera. 

143 N 2d 
Dyott T. W., M. D., 143 N 2d 
Dyott T. W. Jr., druggist, 143 X 2nd. 
Dyre James W., oil St., N E 11th Sc Callowhill 
Dyre Milton, book binder, 52 Logan 
Dyre Timothy I., brass founder, Washington &. 

Church, h Front ab Washington 
Dytch H. cabinetmr. 6th ab Poplar 

Eachus W. F., clerk, 292 Lombard 
Eadie James, tavern, 417 S 2nd. 
Eadline James, tailor, F road ab Maiden 
Eager Mary, scouring, 135 Cherry 
Eager Wm., ship carp., F road bel Bedford 
Eagle Dominick, 1074 High, h 10th ab Pine 
Eagle Margaret, 111 N Juniper 
Eagle Stephen F., mer., 161 High, h 248 Mul- 
Eagle & Westcott, dry g'ds, 107 A High 
Eakin Alexander, Callowhill ab loth 
Eakin C. M., civil engineer. Chestnut (W P) 
Eakins Benj., teacher, 4 Carrolton sq 
jEakins Catharine, 7th ab Cedar 
| Eakins James, moulder, 8 York ct 
Ealer Margaret, teacher, 9th ab Coates 
I Fames Dana, 57 High, h 161 Chestnut 
i Earenshaw Wm. 16 Keefe 
I Earl Hugh, hat presser, 5 Chancery la 
Earl James, sexton, Edward n School (K) 
I Earl John, shoemr. Hallowell ab 6th 
j Earl John W. cordw. Ulrick's al 
i Earl J., vict., Carlton bet 5th Sc 6th 
Earl Martin, cooper, George bel Sch 3d 
Earl Mary, 22 Coombes' al. 
Earl Samuel F. portrait painter, 188 Spruce 
Earle George, tailor, 175 Chestnut 
Earle Harrison, gent., 249 Pine. 
Earle Henry, lab., 5 Humphrey's ct. 
Earle James senr., carver, 169 Chestnut. 
Earle James S., carver & gilder, J 15 Chestnut. 
Earle John II., tailor, 60 Walnut, h 3lJ Cellar 
Earle Robert, h Walnut bel Broad 
Earle Thomas, atty. & coun., 44 N' 5ih 
Earley Jas. W., carter, 328 S Front. 
Earley John H., pianomr., Vaughan ab Locust 
Early Hugh, lab. 67 Catharine 
Early Jeptha, 25 Vernon 
Early John, shop, N E 5th Sc German 
Early John, sawyer, 1 Gillcs' al 
Early Louisa, fancy goods, 2 :c 3 Arcade. 
Early S., cordwainer, High n Sch. 3rd 
Early William, mer., 12 High, h 227 N 6th. 
Early Win., carter. Spruce ab Sch 2d 
Earnest David, tailor, 127 Spruce 
Earns A., sup. of highways, George ab Sch. 8th. 
Earp & Brothers, mers., 213 High 
Earp George, mer., 213 High. h302 Mulberry. 
Earp Philip, carman, Apple n George. 

Earp Robt., mer., 25 N Water, h 329 Chestnut 
Earp Thos., merchant, 213 High, h 16 Mont- 
gomery sq 
Earp Thomas, Jr., 4 N whfs. h Cherry ab 10th 
Earp Sc Young, com. mers. 4 N whfs. 
Earps &. Haven, mers., 213 High. 
Easby Catharine, Front n Prime 
Easby John, cooper, 55 S Water, h 182 S Front. 
Easby Wm., cooper, 55 S Water, h 35 Almond. 
East John, weaver, 37 W Cedar 
Rastburn Chas., att'y and coun., 1 S 6th 
Eastburn John, sailmr., 48 S whfs. h 49 Almond. 
Easier William, combinaker, 197 Christian 
Easterday George, gardener. 2d bel Greenwich 
Easterday Peter, gardener, 2d bel Greenwich 
Eastlack A.., bootmaker, 183 Walnut 
Eastlack Israel, blacksmith, 113 S 12th 
Eastlack George, bricklayer, 113 S 12th 
Eastland Wm., rear 86 Locust 
Eastman Benj., manuf. of spring beds, 410, &. h 

443 High 
Eastwick Andw. M., machinist, 13th bel Green 
Eastvvick John W. plasterer, 89 Swanson 
Eastwick &. Harrison, engine builders, cor 12th 

and Willow. 
Eastwick Margaret, gentw., 3 Buckley 
Eastwick, Steph., plasterer, Dukeab Cherry(K) 
Eastwood Eleanor, 14 Quarry 
Eastwood Mary, 13 S 13th 
Eastwood Samuel, 5 Farmer 
Eaton Ananias, shoemr. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Eaton Francis, bleacher, 9 Cox. 
Eaton James, stockmaker, 3d ab Federal 
Eaton Levin, seaman, 92 Christian 
Eayre Charles, bricklayer, P road ab Federal 
Ebenade Charles, com. mer. Marshall ab Coates 
Eberbach J. C, baker, 165 Vine 
Eberle David, comedian, 128 Cherry. 
Eberle 8c Davis, flour Sc produce, 71 N 3d 
Eberle Michael, baker, 3 Exchange pi 
Eberle Wm., Hour mer. 71 N 3d, h 303 Callow- 
Eberly Daniel, currier, 56 St John 
Eberly Jacob, nailmr. Front bel Master (K) 
Ebert Fred'k, paint. & glaz., Front bel Otter(K) 
Ebert James L., hairdresser, 107 Sassafras. 
Ebert Peter, dentist, 64 Coates. 
Eberwin Conrad, 13th bel Wallace 
Ebling M. L. Mrs. 7th ab Poplar 
Ebling Robert, cordw., 604 N 2d 
Eccles Elizabeth, Atherton 
Eccles Wm., salesman, 10th & Coates 
Echard George, St Joseph's av 
Echeverria John, carp. 48 P road 
EchUrnacht H. W., N E Spruce and Currant al 
Eckard I\, M. D., 68 S 8th. 
Eckard Lewis, cordw., 423 N 9th 
Eckel Andrew, confect., Chancellor ab Sch 7th 
Eckel Henry, printer, 21 Jefferson 
Eckel Elizabeth, 15 Powell 
Eckel Elizabeth, rear 149 Cherry 
Eckel John, mer., 128 N 3rd, h 163 N 6th. 
E,ckel Louisa, 4 Boyd's av 
Eckel Samuel, clerk cus. house, 457 S Front 
Eckel, Spanglerik Haiguel, dry goods, 128 N 3d 

Eckel William, eabinetmr., 118 N 11th 
EckendorlT G., bookseller, 548 High 
Ecker Adam, brush and broom handles, Mar- 
shall ab Poplar 
Ecker Christian, Coates n O Y road 
Eckersly James, weaver, Marlboro' bel West. 
Eckert A., labourer, 34 Brown. 
Eckert Bartholomew, blacksmith, 33 Bread 
Eckert George, printer, Noble n Garden. 
Eckert George, mer., 148 High 
Eckert George, brushmr., Juniper bel Walnut 
Eckert Henry, 215 N Water 
Eckert John, sawyer, 16 Freed's av 
Eckert John, lab. Witmer's al 
Eckert John, cordw. Coates bel 11th 
Eckert John, coachmr. rear 102 Christian 
Eckert John, carman, Wood bet Sch 7th & 8th 
Eckert Sarah, sempstress, 3 Perry ct 
Eckert, & Snider, drv goods, 148 High. 
Eckford Henry, 62 S12th 
Eckfeldt Adam, chief coiner U S Mint, h 155 

N Juniper. 
Eckfeldt Catharine, 130 N 13th. 
Eckfeldt George, machinist, 120 N Juniper. 
Eckfeldt Jacob R., assayer U S Mint, h. 154 N 

Juniper. - 
Eckfeldt Jacob S., machinist, U S Mint, h 10? 

N Juniper 
Eckfeldt William, firehose manuf., 202 Wood 
Eckhardt A. H., acct., 57 Coates 
Eckhardt Charles H., chandler, 326 N 2nd. 
Eckhardt Hen. tin smith, Palmer bel Duke (Kl 
Eckhardt Henry, soap manuf., c Shackamaxon 

& Prince. (K) 
Eckhardt William G., baker, 130 Callowhill. 
Eckley Mary Ann, 4 Work's ct 
Eckley Wm., carter, Walters. ab Front 
Ecklin Saml., typefounder, 8 Pear, h 76 Crown 
Eckman Henry, shoemr. 3 Baxter's av 
Eckman Mrs. 22 Beck (S) 

Eckstein Jacob, books & stationery, 118 N 4th. 
Eckstein John, brushes, 36 X 3rd. 
Eckstein Lewis, currier, 15 Querville's ct 
Eckstein Solomon, storekr, 425 N 2d 
Ecky John, gent. 10th ab Fitzwater 
Ecky John H. druggist, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

ab Fitzwater 
Eddinger Christian, tailor, 3 Fisher's ct 
Eddis ""Hannah, 57. St John (K) 
Eddis Isaac, combmaker, rear 79 Poplar. 
Eddison James, cordw., 16 Hubbell 
Eddowes Louisa, 1 Simmons' ct 
Eddy Jason, lab., Melon n 9th 
Eddy Joshua P. B., hair dresser, 183 Cedar 
Eddy Josiah, hair dresser, 460 Race. 
Eddy Sarah, dealer, 169 S 6th. 
Edel Ann, shop, 4th and Beaver 
Edel Joseph, tavern, 5th and G T road 
Edel Josiah, dry goods, 252 N 2nd. 
Edel Margaret, Peach n Green 
Edel Matthias, hosier, Bedford bel Union (K.) 
Edel Wm. lab. 275 St John 
Edel "Win. 8~ St John 
F.delman George W., bookkeeper U S Mint, '' 

22 Madison 

h 48 

Edelman Isaac, carpenter, 472 Vine 

¥ tcl nan Sarah, Wagner's al 

Eden Kobert, M'DutRe n 3d 

E Lenborn J., grocer, 155 & h 1441s loth. 

E lenborn Mary, 144 N loth 

Edcnborn Peter H., tobacconist, 99 N 4th 

Edenbotti Sand., gro., 155 & h 144N loth. 

Eder Philip, drayman, 106 Apple 

1 !es Wm., lab., 7 Traquair's ct. 

Edgar James, japanner, rear 381 Sassafras 

Edgar James, hosier, 174 Poplar . 

Edgar Jas. senr., messenger, U S Mint, h 1 Kelly 

Edgar John, bookbinder, 96 Cherry, h 40 

Edgar John, printer, 375 Callowhill. 
P.dgar John, cabinetmr. 20 N 8th 
Edgar John P., engineer, Collins' al 
Edgar Jonathan, clerk, 44 N loth 
Edgar J. & R. bookbinders, 96 Cherry 
Edgar Robert, bookbinder, 96 Cherry, 

Edgar Wm., coach trimmer, 44 N 13th 
Edgar Wm., carp., Parrish bel Broad 
Edgar Wm. blacksmith, Willow n Pine 
Edix Llovd, sawyer, Portland la 
Edixson Garnet, barber, 2d & G T Road 
EdJer Charles, die sinker, 54 N 5th 
Edmands B. barber, 59 Dock 
Edmonds Napoleon, 144 Sassafras 
Edmonds Franklin, clerk, 1S9 S 7th 
Edmonson Margaret, gentw., 16 Mary (S) 
Edmonston Archibald, printer, 3 Shields' ct 
Edmunds L. C, painter, 160 &. h 365 S 3d 
Edmunson Wm. paper hanger, 7 Querville's ct 
Edrickson Garrett, barber, Christian n 4th 
Edson S. D., 129 N 9th 
Edwards Sc Borden, tailors, 109 Sassafras 
Edwards k Brother, flour mers.," 221 and 214 

N Water 
Edwards Charles, mer., 270 N Front 
Edwards Charles C, flour, N E 2d & Shippen, 

h 427 S Front 
Edwards David, tailor, 29 Sassafras 
Edwards Edward B., mer., 221 N Front, h 46 

Brown (N L) 
Edwards Eli, carp, rear 96 Cherry, h 2 How- 
ard's ct 
Edwards Eliza, 30 Stamper's al. 
Edwards George, bonnet crowns, 37 S 2d 
Edwards George, cooper, 1 Bank. 
Edwards Mrs. G., milliner, 37 S 2d 
Edwards G. & Son, milliners, 37 S 2d 
Edwards G. W., N W Sch 7th & Spruce 
Edwards Hannah, 2 Raspberry la 
Edwards Henrv, cabinetmaker, C: 

Catharine ab 3d 

Edwards Isabella, house Sc sign painter, 13 S 8th 
Edwards James, chairmr. 75 Callowhill, h 28 

St John 
Edwards James &. S.R., chairmrs., 75 Callowhill 
Edwards John, cooper," 1 Bank 
E Lwards John & Son, coopers, 1 Bank. 
Edwards Joseph, mer., 1S4 N Front 
Edwards Joseph, porter, rear 6 Locust 
Edwards Jos. C. coach painter, 160 Queen 
Edwards Julia, rear 224 Vine 

Edwards Mary, dressmr., George ab 13th 
Edwards Mary, 10th ab Bonsall 
Edwards Matthew, cutler, 2 Emslie's al 
Edwards Richard, hatter, 7th ab P road 
Edwards Richard, waiter, 29 St Mary 
Edwards Richd L., upholsterer. 13th bel Spruce 
Edwards Robert, oak cooper, Gorrell's ct 
Edwards Samuel, lab., Columbia U road n F M 
Edwards Samuel, lab. 8 Wagner's al 
Edwards Samuel, porter, 16 Mercer 
Edwards Samuel H., mer. High n From, li 192 

Edwards Samuel h Parton James, teachers, S 

W 12th 8c Filbert 
Edwards Sarah, b h, 295 Walnut 
Edwards Simeon R. 28 St John 
Edwards Thomas A., Sch 7th bel Locust. 
Edwards Thomas G. clerk, Scheafl'ab 12th 
Edwards T. A. b h, Front n Almond 
Edwards Wm., lab., Washington av. 
Edwards Wm. painter, 183 S Garden 
Edwards Wm. combmr. Parrish ab 10th 
Edwards Wm. lab. 6th bel Shippen 
Edwards Wm. tavern, 19 Walnut 
Edwards Wm. Cunningham, cabinet maker and 

upholsterer, 11 St h 9 N 8th 
Edwards Wm. H., captain, 14 Christian. 
Edwards Wm. P. bonnet crowns, 37 S 2d 
Edwin David, engraver, 41 Madison. 
Eells Edward F., b h, 64 Penn 
Egan John, paver, rear 137 Christian 
Egan Mary, 185 Coates 
Egan Morris, blacksmith, rear 125 Green 
Egan Wm. lab. Bedford ab S 6th 
Egee Martin, lab., 1 Clark 
Eggleton Albert, collector, Vine ab Queen (k) 
Eggleton John, teamster, Cherry &. Munroe ( K ) 
Eggleton Jonathan, blacksmith, Hanover bel 

Eglee Jacob L. printer, 409 S Front 
Egner Chrs., wines & liq., 10 N 3d 
Egner Henry, gardener, sq bel Corn 
Egner Mary, 15 M'Duffie 
Egner Robert, brickmr. Christian n Sch 
Ehrenzeller H. Pine W Sch 7th 
Ehret Michael, cordwainer, Apple ab PopUr. 
Eichele John, lab. Beach ab Green 
Eichert Adam, baker, Marlborough bel Allen 

Eikelbaener D., skindresser, N 3d bel Franklin 
Einwechter Catharine, gentw. 14 Liny al 
Einwechter George, tobacconist, Hancock ao 

Franklin (K) . 

Einwechter George, carp., Apple n Cuhocksinfc 
Einwechter Wm., bricklayer. Perry ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Eisen Daniel, soap & candle manuf., 90 Green. 
Eisenbraun F., cordw., Wilson's ct 
Eisenbrey John jr., mer., Pine ab 9th. 
Eisenbrey John, 179 N Sth 
Eisenbrey J. S. cordw. 7th ab Poplar 
Eisenbrev P., coach painter, Shoemaker, h j7 

Eisenbrev Wm. tailor, N E 5th St Sassafras 
Eisenbrown G , shoemr., Poplar ab 3d 

Eisenhnt John D., coppersmith, Cherry ab 4th; Elliott A. k S. Iron founders, Christian ab 6th 
(K) h 89 G Tread Elliott Benjamin P., watchmr., 198 Sassafras 

Eiserman George, painter & glazier, 14 Filbert ! Elliott Charles, coal dealer, Front and Dock b 
Eisley John A. lab. 7 Eifretb's al j 313 x 6th 

Eisley John A. sugar boiler, 9 Wood Elliott Charles 8c Son, coal mers. Front & Do :j 

Eisner I), shoemr. Wood ab Sch 8th & Swanson bel Christian 

Elberson Francis, pilot, 6 Powell's row 'Elliott Charles A., printer, 51 Chestnut, L 

Elbert M m. T., merchant, 23 S wharves & 35 S j 5 Clover 

,, Water I Elliott Charles C, painter, Sch 6th ab Vine 

Elder Henry L., mer., 493 High, h 428 Sassa-lElliott Edward, saddler, Mary's ct 


Elder Win, huckster, 11 Logan 
Elder Wm., tinman, Callowhillab Sch 7th 
Elder William T., gent., 8th bel Coates 
Eldred Charles, printer, Sch 8th bel Spruce 

Elliott Edward, vict. 18 P road 
Elliott Edward R., grocer, c Juniper & George 
Elliott Elizabeth, tailoress, 628 S 2d 
Elliott George, stone cutter, Powell ab Fran- 
cis (F V) 

Eldredge Stillwell, tailor, S E 7th and High, h Elliott George, carter, West ab Sch Beach 

KvinL - in r, (~lr<&nr\ TMi: ...... #*» .• .. . . . __. 

Franklin n Green 
EldridgcDanl. W., mer., 16 Bank, h22 Dock 
Eldridge Eli, cabinetmr. Allen's ct 
Eldridge Enoch, lab., Higgins' ct 
Eldridge E. bookbinder, rear 141 Green 
Eldridge Isaac B., last maker, 77 & h 89 Cal- 

Eldridge Isaiah, sea captain, 79 Christian. 

Elliott George, tinplate worker, 471 High 
Elliott George F., tavern, c Crabb 8c Shippen 
Elliott Henry H. K. publisher, N W 2d Sc Dock, 

h 13 Wood ab 4th 
Elliott Isaac, conveyancer, 81 Chestnut, h W 

Penn sq. 
Elliott Isaac, carp., 35 Garden 
| Elliott Isabella, Sch 7th ab Sassafras 

E dndge Jas. \\ grocer, N W 3d & Carpenters Elliott James L., M. D., druggist, S E 10th ar 
E klndge Levi, shipping mer., 7 N wharves j Mulberry, h404 Vine 

Eldndjre Lemuel, bookbinder, 23 Minor, h 55! Elliott Jane, trimmings, 196 N 5th 

Carpenter (S) 
Eldridge Mary, sempstress, 82 N 2d 
Eleman Philip, tavern, 165 Shippen. 
Elfelt S., mer., 166 N 3d, h 173 O Y road 
Elfreth Jacob R., acct., 84 Wood 
Elfrey George, brickmr., 279 Coates 
Elfrey Philip, cooper, 5th ab George 
Elfrey Samuel, carter, Elizabeth n Poplar 
Elfrey Thomas C. cooper, Apple n Creek 
Elias Henry, gent., 143 N 10th 
Eliason Peter, lab. 3 Gray's al 

Elliott John, manuf., 574 N 3d 
Elliott John, gent., 242 Sassafras 
Elliott John, carp., G T road ab 2d 
Elliott John, mer., 15 N 3d, h 337 N 6th 
Elliott John, lab., West abSch Beach 
Elliott John, lab., Sch. 2d ab High 
Elliott John, drayman, Sch. 7th n Vine 
Elliott John, porter, King 
Elliott John, sashmr. Elmes* ct n Sch 
Elliott Joseph, carp., Catharine bel 3d 
Elliott Margaret, b h, 7 Fayette. 

T.i- ,,. , - uniwu .muKaici, u m, i r a\ cite. 

Elison Mm., shoe store, 31 Church al 8c S E 8th \ Elliott Mary, S W 6th & Locust 

and Sassafras 
Elkin Abm., gent., 156 N 11th 
Elkin Samuel, gent , 156 N 11th 
Elkin Solomon, gent., 393 Callowhill. 
Elkins George, Coates bet Sch. 6th Sc 7th 
Elkins Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 114 S 8th 

Elliott Mary, 404 Vine 

Elliott Mary, Pine n Ashton 

Elliott Matthew, cordwainer, 11 Marion 

Elliott Xinian, carter, Sch 4th Sc High 

Elliott Phoebe, Buttonwood ab 10th 

Elliott Sc Robinson, conveyancers, 81 Chestnut. 

Fiv^t™ n -., V '„ muun w. nuuuisuii, conveyancers, cu cnes 

E fZ S ! *b S ^^h}?^^™°« ? obert ' «™. Arch n Sch. Front. 

Elkinton John A., M. D., 102 X 5th 

Elkinton Joseph, soap Sc candle manuf. 377 S 2d 

Ella John, mer., 42 Commerce 

Ellcock J., grocer, Maiden n Front 

Ellender George,. waiter, 6 Bonsall 

Ellender Wm., painter, Perry & Mifflin 

E et Charles Junr., civil engineer, 33 Girard 

El hcot Ely, scale manuf., Melon ab 9th 

E.hcott Richard, mariner, Bethesda row 

Ellicott Thomas sen., Melon ab 9th 

Elliot Andrew, weaver, St John n George (K) 

E hot Caroline W, dry goods, 283 N 2nd. 

Elliot Hugh, bookseller, 9 N 4th, h S E Broad 

k Chestnut 
Elliott Alexander, tavern, c 7th & Shippen. 
Elliott Alexander jr. iron founder, Christian ab 

6th, h 7th & Shippen 
Elliott Andrew, carver, Broad n Carpenter 
Elhott A. C. mer. 5S S Front 

Elliott Robert, manuf., 612 X 2nd. 

Elliott Robert, cordw., Broad ab Shippen 

Elliott Robert, lab., 44 P road 

Elliott Robert P. clerk, 44 Carpenter (C) 

Elliott Samuel, harnessmr. O Y road bel Coates 

Elliott Theo. H., gent., 151 S 5th 

Elliott Thomas, lab. M road bel Wharton 

Elliott Thomas, shop, 240 Lombard 

Elliott "William, cordw., 22 Benton 

Elliott William, tinsmith, 1 Pearl 

Elliott Wm. bootmr. 1 Ellett's av 

Elliott William B., S Garden bel 11th 

Elliott Wm. B., gent., 313 X 6th 

Elliott Wm. B., coal mer. Front Sc Dock, h 400 

S 2d, trimmings, 362 X 2d 
Elliott William EL, sign painter, 154 N 3d 
Ellis Amos, brickmr. Broad ab Poplar 

j Ellis Ann, 236 High. 

I Ellis Charles, druggist, 55 Chestnut, h 95 S 8tb 

Ellis Charles & Co., drug-gists, 56 Chestnut. 
F.Uis Charles R., tailor, 105 S 3d 
Kills David, gent, Franklin ab Green 
Ellis 1). C. dealer, Callowhill Si R road 
Ellis Elizabeth, 3 Vaux's ct 
Ellis George, Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Ellis George, surg. inst. mr. 3 Vaux's ct 
Ellis Jacob M., mer., 7 N 2nd, h 39S N 6th 
Ellis James, lab., Point Pleasant ct. (K) 
Ellis James P., conveyancer, Green ab 7th, 

Franklin ab Green 
Ellis Jesse, coach lampmr., 42 Dock, h Oliver 

ab 13th 
Ellis John, liven'' stables, 13 Raspberry 
Eilis John, lab. Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Ellis John, carp. 8 Powell 
F.Uis Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 156 S 5th 
Ellis Joseph R. blacksmith, F road opp Queen 
Ellis J. P., clerk, 103 Wood 
Ellis Laetitia, dressmr. Ill N Juniper 
Ellis Maria, Front bel Master (K) 
Ellis Nathan W., carp., Parrish ab Marshall 
EUis Peter, mariner, 325 Lombard 
Ellis P. H., mer., 444 N 2d, h 96 Dilhvyn 
Ellis Robert, lab., Filbert ab Sch. 5th. 
Ellis Samuel O. jeweller, 27 Plum 
Ellis Sylvia, washer, 41 Quince 
Ellis Thomas, lab. Parker's al 
Ellis Thomas, Front bel Phoenix (K) 
Ellis Thos. morocco dresser, Otter n School (K) 
Ellis Thos. B., tailor, 19 S 3d, h 7th bel Parrish 
Ellis Thomas S., clerk, 9th bel Fitzwater 
Ellis &. Whitton, mers., 7 N 2d 
Ellis Wm., druggist, 56 Chestnut, h Clinton 

ab 9th 
Ellis William, coach lamp maker, 11 S 6th, h 

2d bet Poplar & Brown(K) 
Ellis Wm. porter, Perry ct 
Ellis W. H. carp. Marshall Sc Parrish 
Ellis W. H. 8c N. W. plumbers, Marshall Sc Par- 
Ellison John, innkeeper, c 6th Sc Poplar. 
Ellison John B., mer., Ill High, h 40 Mulberry 
Ellison & Moore, hardware, 111 High. 
Ellison & Peters, cloths, 111 High' 
Ellison "Wm. C, mer., Ill High,"h 40 Mulberry 
Ellmaker H., wid. of Levi, Lombard bel Sch 5th 
Elmes Abner, hatter, 196 High, h S W 6th and 

Elmes Charles, mariner, rear 11 Mead. 
Elmes H. S., hatter, 196 High 
Elmes Lazell, hatter, Sch 5th and Barker, h 

Sch. 2d and High 
Elmes Rosalinda, tailoress, Wood n Sch 3d 
Elmes Thos., mer., 104 High, h Girard avenue 

Green Hill 
Elmore Amos, seaman, rear 4 John (S) 
Elmore Geo., Beaver ab Charlotte. 
Elmslie Alexander, gent., 252 S Front. 
Elrnslie Henrietta, 20 Little Pine 
Elsaser John, baker, 85 Sassafras 
Elsberry Charles, waiter, Stanley bel 4th 
Elsby Lewis, waiter, 6 Burd's ct 
Elsea Wm., engineer, 103 i Christian 
Elsegood W. H., bootmaker, 38 S 6th 

Elson Hermann, watchmr., 38 J Sc h 26 S 3d 

Elson Julius, watchmr., 15 S.4th, h 100 Spruce 

Elston Maria, Wood ab Queen (K) 

Elton Anthony, tobacco merchant, 51 S Front, h. 
362 Chestnut 

Elton George, currier, 11 Emlen's ct 

Elton Joseph, printer, 11 Emlen's ct. 

Elton Mary, 8 Howard's pi 

Elton Thomas II., carpenter, 123 Buttonwood. 

Eltonhead John, stovefmisher, 1 West 

Eltonhead Wm. D., spect. mr., 304 Callowhill. 

Elwanger Everhart, butcher, Charlotte n Creek. 

Elwcll Eleazar, oysters, Lewis ab Sch 8th 

Elwell Elizabeth, dressmr., 47 Mead 

Elwell Evan, tavern, rear 58 High 

Elwcll Henry, blacksm., 8 Mead^hSSO S Front. 

Elwell Henry, printer, 9 Poplar 

Elwell Samuel, shipsmith, 124 Catharine. 

Elwell Thomas, blacksmith, 10th ab Catharine. 

Elwell Uriah, oysters, back 91 Christian 

Elwyn Alfred, M. D., 306 Chestnut 

Elwyn Elizab. Langdon, gentw., 310 Chestnut 

Ely Ann, widow, 185 Green 

Ely Ann, gentw., 18S Mulberry 

Ely Anthony, cook, rear 128 S 2d 

Ely Caroline, teacher, 14 Branch 

Ely Clayton, blanksmith, 18 Elizabeth (X L) 

Ely Cynthia, 436 X 5th 

Ely Eleazer S. capt. 8 Comptroller 

Ely Elizabeth, Shippen la bel Shippen 

Ely James, dealer, Parrish n Marshall 

Ely John, gent. S E 10th Sc Spruce 

Ely John Jr., gent., S E 10th and Spruce 

Ely Sarah M., 190 Mulberry 

Embry Mrs. Clinton n 9th 

Embry R. milk, Wood ab Sch F.ont 

Emerick Aug., hardware, 377 High, h 57 X 11th 

Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker, 72 S 8th. 

Emerick Conrad, tailor, 3 Poplar 

Emerick Daniel B., tinsmith, 72 S Sth. 

Emerick David, constable, Palmer ab WestfK) 

Emerick David, carpenter, West bel Pa'mer(K) 

Emerick Edgar, china, 210 X 2d, h 100 Vine 

Emerick Fredlc ship carp. Palmer ab West (K) 

Emerick George, coal and com. mer., Cailow- 

hill n Broad, h 1.57 X 1.3th 
Emerick George, carp., Jackson (K) 
Emerick Jacob, crockery, 215 X 3rd. 
Emerick John M., stove finisher, rear 115 X 2d 
Emerick Sc Warner, hardware, 377 High. 
Emerick Wm. B., varnisher, 6th !c Carpenter 
Emerick William B., clerk, 7 R'.ttenhouse 
Emerson Gouverneur, M. D.,167 Walnut 
Emerson Joseph, weaver, 71 GT road 
Emerson Mary, gentw., 57 Charlotte 
Emerson Sarah, Pryor's ct. 
Emery Abraham, carter, G T road and Haydock 
Emery Benj., dealer, 7 Plum 
Emery Franklin, carter, Haydock 
Emery George, whipmr., F road ?c Jefferson 
Emery Geo. W., tav , S W 4th k George (X L) 
Emery G., carter, Apple ab Brown 
Emery John, grocer, Edward n School (K) 
Emery Maria, tailoress, 43 Mechanic 
Emery Peter, ship carp., 474 S 2d 

Emery H., milkman, Wood ab Sch Front 
Emery William, waiter, 128 Locust. 
Emery Wm., furniture car, Roberts' ct 
Emick Jolin, cordw., Cherry bel Prince (K) 
Emick John, weaver, Hope n Phcenix (K) 
Emlen Sc Fisher, real est and stock brokers, 97 

Emlen George, 255 Walnut 
Emlen George Jr., att'y &. coun., 47 t S 5th, h 

Walnut E Sch 6th 
Emlen Joshua, pres. Del. ins. co., h 79 S 12th. 
Emlen William F., real est. broker, 97 Walnut, 

h Chestnut ab 10th 
Emley Deborah, 4 Benton's av 
Emmett Enoch, founder, 7 Elizabeth 
Emmick Henry, cordw., 14 Pratt's ct 
Emmick P., shoemr., 9 Pratt's ct 
Emmock Thomas, shoemr., 419 N- Front 
Enders Frederick, shoemr., 18 Tammony 
Endress Catharine, 363 Cedar 
Endress Charles C, coachmr., 31 Chester 
Endress John, currier, St John bel Beaver 
Eneu James, gent., Federal n P road 
Eneu James Jr., 167 Shippen. 
Eneu Rebecca, 159 Christian. 
Engard Abraham, painter, 4th bel Brown 
Engard Adam, carp., 410 N 5th 
Engard Benjamin, carp., Apple ab George 
Engard Christopher, drayman, 37 Charlotte' 
Engard John, flour store, 177 O Y road 
Engard Magdalena, gentw., Noble ab O Y road 
Engard Samuel, wood me r., 28 Coates 
Engard £c Watson, wood mers., Washington ab 

Engard William, carter, Harrison pi 

(English Edward, wheelright, Queen ab 2d 

j English 8c Ellis, tailors, 19 S 3rd. 

J English Gustavus, mer., 14 N Front 

(English G. B., mer., 37 High, h 5 Virginia row 
English G. B. k J. B., importers, 37 High. 
English Hugh, blacksmith, 38 Cherry, h 4J 

English H. N., tailor, S W 4th. and Chestnut, h 

6 Chancellor 
English James, blacksmith, Zane &. 125 S 6th, 

h 25 Filbert. 
English Jas C, paper, 495 N 2d, h 95 G T road 
English John, commissioner, 388 N 6th. 
English John M., 7 Kussel's ct. 
English J. B., mer., 37 High, h 314 AValnut 
English J. E., tailor, 19 S 3rd, h 7th ab Parrish 
English Michael, tavern, 16 Almond 
English Mizeal, paper hanger, 165 S 3rd. 
English Nathan, plasterer, 7 Boyd's av. 
English Robert, blacksm., Perry ct 
English Robert S., inspector customs, S Whs. 

ab Lombard 
English Samuel, gent., 314 Walnut. 
English Stephen, teacher of writing-, George ab 

11th, h 20 Quince 
English Thomas, flour mill, 30 & 32 Dock 
English Thomas B., tailor, 19 S 4th 
English Thomas Dunn, att'y at law, 40 S 6th 
English Tyler, drayman, 5th & Franklin 
English Wm., agent, Willow ab Broad, h 107 

Engstrom A. B., academy, 2 N 9th 
Ennis Charles, currier, Parrish ab 10th 
Ennis Chloe, 3 Gray's al. 

iEnnis James, plasterer, 23 Parham 

Engard Wm., combmr., Franklin ab Hanover; Ennis James J., shoemr., 71 Queen 

(E) j Ennis John, lab., Cedar n Cedar st. wharf Sch. 

Engard William H., carter, 372 Coates. . | Ennis Joshua, bootmaker, 4 Hummelf's ct. 

Enger Charles, bootmr., 4 Cresson's alley j Ennis J. J., paper hanger, Olive ab 10th 

England Lemuel, shoemaker, 276 S Front, h 20 

England Lindley M., druggist, 31 Vine 
Engle Aaron C, dry goods, 393 N 2nd. 

Ennis Robert H., combmr., Sch 8th ab Sassa- 
Ennis Thomas, umbrellamr., 22 Dock 
I Enoch James, patternmr., Quarry row (F M) 
Engle Albert, planemr., Marlboro' and Franklin; Enochs Elizabeth, Sch. 7th n Vine 

(K) jEnos D. C, Illinois land agent, 6 N 7th, h 17 

Engle Christopher, lab., Queen n Crown (K) Montgomery 

Engle Edwin, flour Sc feed, High ab Sch. 6th, hEnos, Jacob, waiter, 35 Prosperous al 

17 Barker Elisor William, cordwainer, 10 Pleasant retreat. 

Engle Richard, tanner, 6th and Master (K) jEntricken Eliza &. Emma, milliners, Coates n 

Englebert Amelia, 12 Powell 8th. 

Englebert Cornelius, ladies' shoemaker, Chest- JEntricken Wiiliam, grocer, Poplar ab 7th 

nut ab loth ; Entriken Henry, plasterer, Washington ab 3d 

Englebert J., ladies shoemaker, 74 S 4th. Entriken Thomas, cooper, 9th bel Coates 

Englehart Wm. F., fireman, 5 Bacon's ct Entwisel J., web manuf., Hermitage pi 

Engleman Daniel W., stonecutter, Powell ab Enyard Charles, cordw., Bedford & Dean 

Ann (F V) Enyard Isaac A., cordw., 520 N 2d (K) 

Angles Christian, vict., Marion &. Lancaster | Eplee Mary Ann, dry goods, 3d St Gaskill 

Engles Jane, nurse, Queen bel 5th jEppelsheimer, Daniel, tavern, 45 Callowhill 

Engles Joseph P., academy, George ab 11th, h'Eppelsheimer Edward, sugar refiner, 170 N 5th 

71 Filbert. jEppelsheimer Lewis, gent., 1-1-1 N 5th. 

Engles Lewis 1!., drv goods, 38 N 2d, hSE 6th Eppelsheimer Wm.jr. & L., sug. refi., 170 X 5 T .'i, 

and Callowhill ' ' h 500 X 5th 

Engles Wm. M. Rev., ed. Presb., 7th k George |Eppwright Merritt, waterman, Swanson below 
English Abm., shoes, 3U New Market I Queen 

English Catharine, Sch 7th bel Coates [Eppwright Rudolph, oysters, Front bel Reed 

Fpsten F.lias, tailor, 25 N 4th, h 121 Noble. 

Epetin Mary, 264 N 5 th 

Erben Henry G., drug-gist, S W 12th Sc Vine 

Eniman Cliristian, cordw., 6th ab Poplar 

Erclman D. R., pumpmr., Ann n R road. (F) 

L'.rditian Fredk., carpenter, NE Sassafras Sc Sch. 

Erduian George, draughtsman, 134 N Juniper 

Krdman Henry, chemist, 680 N 2d (K) 

Exety George, alderman, 288 N 3d 

Krhardt John, teacher, Apple ab George 

Erhart Henry, Simmons' ct 

Erhart, Nicholas, 25 Franklin pi 

Erhart Wm. P., cap manuf., 62 Brown, h 19 

F.rickson Anna, milliner, 88 Lombard 

Ernst Esther, 87 S 3d 

Ernst Jacob, baker, S E Front 8c Washing-ton. 

Ernst Michael, tailor, rear 23 N 6th 

Ernst Philip, tailor, 76 S 5th 

Errick John, gunsmith, Phcenix bel GT road 

Errickson Michael, carp., 11th ab Washing-ton 

Erringer Frederick, 81 Cherry. 

Erringer J. Livingston, mer., 103 High, h 81 

Erring-er Mary Ann, 10 Truxton 

Erring-er Philip, grocer, 240 N 2d, h 91 Callow- 

Erskine Charles, cordw., 30 Peg-g 

Erskine Sc Fitzg-erald, boot, shoe and trunk 
manuf., 333 High 

Erskine Joseph, cordw., Flower bel Fitzwater 

Erskine M., bootmr., 81 N 9th 
.Erskine Rufus M., boot St shoemr., 338 High, h 
12 Madison 

Ervin Alexander, manuf., 2dab M"aster (K) 

Ervin Robert, miller, Marriott's la ab 5th 

Ervin Samuel R., g-ent., 403 S 4th 

Ervin Thomas, tavern, 213 S 2d 

Ervine Henry, carter, Sch 5th ab Chestnut 

Erwin Casper, tavern, 229 Callowhill. 

Erwin Deborah, milliner, 323 Vine. 

Erwin Elizabeth, dressmr., 21 Johanna 

Erwin Gerret, lab , Helmuth n 6th 

Erwin Henry, real est. broker, 301 Mulberry 

Erwin John, waiter, 8 Raspberry 

Erwin John, shoemr., 41 Cedar 

Erwin John, weaver, Cochran ab Fitzwater 

Erwin Joseph E., 6 S 10th 

Erwin Marmaduke B., shop, Beach ab Marsh 

Erwin Nathan, tinsmith, Sch. 4th n Barker 

Erwin Robert, city watch, Ann n 12th 

Erwin Robert, shoemr., 172 Vine 

Erwin Robert, lab., Sch Front and Spruce 

Erwin Susan Mrs., g-entw., 340 Mulberry 

Erwin Valentine, lab., S W Catharine St Swan- 

Erwin William, lab.," Pine bel 12th 

Escher C. F., piano manuf., 54 Brown 

Escott Isaac, baker, 196 Lombard 

Esenwein Mary, gentw., 55 Noble 

Eslier Conrad S., grocer, S W 9th and Cherry 

Esher Conrad M., bricklayer, Ashton below 

Esher Jacob, grocer, 64 St 66 N 4th & N E cor 

5th Sc Sassafras, h 209 N 6th. 
Esher Jacob E., M. D., Landing 
Esher Jacob U., tailor, 3d ab Franklin. (K) 
Esher John W., tailor, Hope bel Master, (K) 
Esher J. Sc W., grocers, 64 Sc 66 N 4th. 
Esher Wm., brickmr., Pine n Sch. Beach 
Esher Wm., grocer, 64 Sc 66 N 4th Sc N E Sas- 
safras Sc 5th, h 221 N 6th. 
Esherick, Hansell Sc Co., dry g-oods, 112 High. 
Esherick Joseph, mer., 112 High, h 5 Lodge 
Esherick Mary, 5 Lodge 
Esler Benjamin, turner, 118 N Juniper 
Esler George, jr., book-keeper U. S. Gazette 

office, h 360 S 3d 
Esler George, sen., carp., 34S S 2d 
Esler John, stone cutter, 4th Sc Carpenter 
Esler John lv, grocer, 13th and Coates 
Esler Michael, lab., Melon bel 12th 
Esler Wm., tavern, S W 4th Sc Carpenter. (S) 
Esling- Joseph J., coal-mer., Lombard st. wharf, 

Sch., h Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Esling Nicholas, gent., 57 Buttonwood. 
jEsly Philip, baker, 5 Black Horse al 
Espy Augustus A., att'y Sc coun. 64 Walnut 
Espy Elizabeth, g-entw., 216 Noble 
Espy Mills B., broker, 51 S 3d 
iEspy Mrs., widow of George, Sch. 6th bel Wal- 
| nut. 

Esray John, lab., 435 S 2d 
jEssig- Andrew, cordw., Mechanic ct 
lEstell Daniel, 18 N 5th 
iEsterlan Ann, 244 Cedar 
;Estlack Thomas, 529 Chestnut 
Estlin John, cooking stoves, '67 N 5th 
jEsterly Frederick, lab., Madison's av 
'Estricker John, tailor, 122 Charlotte 
|Etchells Isaac, weaver, n Bedford bet Palmer Sc 
j Cherry (K) 

jEthell Sc Cuddy, painters and glaziers, 83 Dock 
JEthell Mary, 9 Lodge pi 
j Etris David, carp., O V road bel Coates 
! Etris James, blacksmith, Mechanic ct 
I Etris John, stone mason, F road ab Master 
Etris Robert, druggist, F road ab Master 
i Etris Samuel, cabinet maker, 44^, Sc h 453 S 

Etriss Joseph, bricklayer, Keefe ab Front 
i Etriss Samuel Jr., cabinetmaker, 03 Prime. 
;Etter David, painter, 159 Catharine 
Etter George, jeweller, 494 a 2d 
Etter Wm., tailor, rear 229 a 5th 
Etting Benj., mer., 71 N Water, li 9 Portico sq 
Etting Edward J., iron mer., 69 Sc 71 N Water. 

h S W Sch. 8th and Spruce 
Etting E. J. Sc Brotlur, com. mers., 69 and 71 

N Water. 
Etting Gratz, mer., 69 Sc 71 N Water, h 496 

Etting Henry, U. S Navy, office Navy Yard, h 

496 Chestnut 
Etting Horatio, mer., 15 Walnut. 
Etting Louis, mer., 1 Magnolia 
Etting Reuben, gent., 49o" Chestnut 
Ettinger William, bricklayer, 26 Chatham 

EttiftgeT Wilfam, oysterhouse, rear Duke n 

Ettinger Wolf, huckster, 304 N Front 
Etzel Gotleib, carter, 4 Kensley's ct 
Eustace Patrick, weaver, Brinton bel 13th 
Eustis A. B., mer., 15 S Water, h Spruce n 

Euston James, painter, 68 Chestnut, h 11th ab 

Euston & Weer, painters, 68 Chestnut. 
Evans Aaron, carp., 90 Cherry, h30 Logan 
Evans Amy, rear 84 Walnut 
Evans Andrew D. Capt., 17 Beck pi 
Evans Ann, baker, 13 S 10th. 
Evans Ann, 23 N Sch 8th 
Evans Ann, 22 Vernon 
Evans Anna, linen, 247 S 2d 
Evans Arthur, lab., William n Edward, (K) 
Evans Benjamin, currier, 149 S Front, h Cox ab 

Evans Benjamin M., grocer, 276 Cedar. 
Evans Charles, shoe finding's, High ab Sch. 6th 
Evans Charles, machinist, Quarry near Bread, 

h 73 Sassafras. 
Evans Charles, boot & shoemr., 161 Green. 
Evans Charles, M. U., 201 Mulberry. 
Evans Charles G., bricklayer, 10th bel Parrish 
Evans David, lab., Wilson's ct. 
Evans David, fire proof chest manuf., 76 S 3d 
Evans David R., painter, Gebhard ab Cherry 
Evans David 11., lumber, 331 X 6th. 
Evans Edmund, painter, 28 X 12th. h 134 N 13th 1 
Evans Edward, slater, Poplar ab 8th 
Evans Elijah, waterman, 40 Mead 
Evans Elizabeth, b h, 56 Gaskill 
Evans Elizabeth, 32 Coates' al 
Evans Elizabeth, b h, 89 S 5th 
Evans Ellen, milliner, S W 11th and Mulberry 
Evans Ellis, shoemaker, 290 S 6th. 
Evans Enoch, Prospect al 
Evans Esther, widow, 331 X 6th 
Evans George, shoemr., 152 Lombard 
Evans George O., coal dealer, Beach ab Marl- 
Evans Griffith, gent., 163 Walnut. 
Evans Hannah, 13 Fayette 
Evans Hannah, 481 Vine. 
Evans Hannah J., 29 Wood. 
Evans Harriet V., widow of Cadwalader, 417 

Evans Henry F., carter, 131 X Juniper. 
Evans Horace, M. D., 163 Walnut. 
Evans Howell, printer, 2 Blackhorse al 
Evans Isaiah, engineer, 33 Mary- (S) 
Evans Jacob, 88 Cherry. 
Evans Jas.D., cordwairier, 7 Queen ab F road 

Evans Jane, washer, 58 Gaskill 
Evans Jane C, Tirti. flower maker, 5 S 4th 
Evans Job, waterman, Hig^ins' ct 
Evans John, inspector of lumber, 107- Xew 

Evans John, gardener, Hope and Master, (K) 
Evans John, teacher, 21 Perrv 
Evans John, clerk, Xoble ab 7th 

Evans John, moulder, Harrison av- 

Evans Joseph, currier, 94 Fitzwater 

Evans Joseph, Sch 7th & railroad 

Evans Joseph, turner, Willow bel 12th, h Carl- 

ton bel Sch. 3d 
Evans Joseph, variety store, 221 S 2d. 
Evans Joseph, S E 8th and Wallace 
Evans Joseph R., com. mer., 31 S whar., h 10': 

Evans Jos. R. Jr., mer., 31 S whar., h 101 Pine. 
Evans Josiah, measurer, 5 S 4th 
Evans Josiah J., harness mr., 99 X T Juniper 
Evans J. Ogden, gent., 10th ab Buttonwood 
Evans Lorenzo, seaman, 226 S 7th 
Evans Mai-garet, 8 Elder al 
Evans Maria, 6 Castle 
Evans Mary, Broad ab Spruce 
Evans Xathaniel K., carp., Melon n 10th 
Evans Oliver, carp., 15 Chestnut, h47 Almond 
Evans Owen, mer., 26 S 4th 
Evans Owen B., agent, Wallace bel 9th 
Evans Rebecca, 39 Xew Market 
Evans Richard, 9 Jefferson 
Evans Robert, bricklayer, Wallace bel 10th 
Evans Robert S., Spruce ab 6th 
Evans Robert T., 17S X 9th. 
Evans Rowland C, carpenter, 9th bel Xoble. 
Evans R., drugg. & dentist, Washington (W P) 
Evans R. W\, turp. distiller, Poplar and Front, 

h 572 X Front 
Evans Sarah Mrs., 8S X 9th. 
Evans Sarah M., Mrs., Oldham's ct 
Evans &. Temple, mers., X E 4th and Mulberry 
Evans Theodore, ladies' shoemaker, Cherry and 

Evans Theodore, stone mason, Brandvwine ab 

Evans Thomas, lab., Cherry bel Prince (K) 
Evans Thomas, hatter, CantrelPs ct 
Evans Thomas, gent., 129 S 3d. 
Evans Thomas, tavern, 3 St 5 George. 
Evans Thomas, dry goods, 9 X 2nd. 
Evans Thomas, mer., 129 High, h 7th be! Sprue: 
Evans Thomas D., boots 8c shoes, 69 Chestnut, 

h 7th bel Spruce 
Evans T. & F., mers., 9 X 2d 
Evans T. Wallis, dry goods, 214 Chestnut 
Evans Wm., druggist, 134 S Front, h 102 Union. 
Evans Wm., printery 233 Wood 
Evans Wm., carter, R road ab Ann (F V) 
Evans Wm. E., X E 4th and Mulberry 
Evans Wm. H., mer., 34 X 2d 
Evans Wm. M., watchmr., Washington. (W P) 
Evans Wm. R., mer., 129 High, h Sch. 8th n 

Evans Wm. R., dry goods, 105 High, h. 134 Pint 
Evans Wm. R., bottler, 390 High 
Evans Wm. S., clerk, Franklin bel Spring Gar- 
Evans Wm. S., tailor, S W Sch 5th & High 
Evarl John, vict., Buttonwood bel 9th. 
Eveland Daniel, raor. dress., c St. John 8: Be- 

ver, h St. John's n Beaver, (K.) 
Ever Elizabeth, Dyott's ct (K) 
Ever John, tailor, 12 Dyott's ct (K) 

Everback Jacob, baker, 52 Swanson 

Everett Benjamin C, surgeon's bandages and 

instruments, 82 X4th 
Everett Charles, merchant, 3S N 2d, h 65 Mar- 
E>erett C. D., dentist, S E Sth k Sassafras 
Everett &. Engles, dry goods, 38 N 2d. 
Everett John, watchman, Washington ab 12th. 
Everett John, trunkmaker, 342 N 3d 
Everham k Colsher, wheelwrs., Rroad and Vine, 

h R road Sc Sch 7th 
Everhart Margaret, cake baker, 53 Brown 
Everitt, Geo. W., bookbr., 12 Nectarine. 
Everitt Jonathan, harnessmaker, 8 Torr's al. 
Everitt Samuel S., saddler, 51 S 3d 
l'.verly George M., collector, 297 S Front 
Everly M. N., button manuf., factory 5 Har- 
mony, h 236 S 5th. 
Everly W. A., mer., 225 High, h 393 Mulberry 
Everly W. H., painter k glazier, 66 Christian 
Everson John W., tailor, 13 Cooper's ct 
Everson Thomas M., coach trimmer, Kelly's ct 

bel 5th 
Everton Wm. S., lab., Sutherland 
Eves Ann, b h, 285 Chestnut 
Eves Charles, fisherman, Vienna bel Prince (K) 
Eves Rebecca, b. h., 201 N 6th 
Evil Mary, Church bel Christian 
Evitt Jane, St John bel G T road 
Ewalt G. F., tailor, 2d n George (K) 
Ewe Lewis, lab., 61 Mead 
Ewe Wm., shoemr., 61 Mead 
Ewell Jedia, lab., Reed bel Front 
Ewell Solomon, waterman, rear 75 Catharine 

bel 2d 
Ewen Joseph, dry goods, 250 S 2d 
Ewen Moses, lab., 7 Sch Water 
Ewen Wm., lab., 6 Sch Water 
Ewing George H., bottler, 453 S Front. 
Ewing Henry, stock Si exch. broker, 3 S 3d, h 

25 Girard 
Ewing Henry, city watchman, 43 Sassafras 
Ewing Jane, nurse, rear 115 German 
Ewing John, cordw., 410 Coates 
Ewing J., barber, 84 Washington av. 
Ewing Robert, blacksmith, Carlton ah 13th 
Ewing Robert com. mer., 27 Minor, h N W r 8th 
k Chestnut 

Eyre John W., wharf builder, Beach ab Han- 
over (It) 

Eyre Joseph K., com. mer., 61 S Front, hSE, 
13th & Spruce 

Eyre J. R., carp., Hutchinson (N L) 

Eyre & Landell, dry goods, S W 4th 8c Mul- 

Eyre Lewis, carp., 18 Logan 

Eyre Lydia, gentw., Beach ab Hanover, (Iv) 

Eyre L. W., teacher, 203 S 7th ab Pine 

Eyre Manuel, mer., 28 S whar., h 273 Chestnut. 

Eyre Mary, gentw., Sch. 8th n Spruce 

Eyre Mary Ann, 32 Bread 

Eyre & Massey, mers., 28 S wharves. 

Eyre Richard W., alderman, office Queen bel 
Warren, h Beach ab Hanover (K) 

Eyre Thomas, dry goods, c 12th and Vine. 

Eyre Wm., carpenter, Barker ab Sch. 6th, h 27 
N Sch. 8th. 

Eytinge Bernhardt, 99N2d 

Eytinge D., sworn interpreter, 16 Jefferson 

Eytinge Rebecca, b h, 345 Spruce 

Ezekiel Isaac W., mer., 189 Chestnut, h Sth b^l 

Faas A., confectioner, 394 N Front 

Faber William, silversmith, 124 N 5th. 

Fabian Charles, shoemr., 11 Linden. 

Fable Barbara, widow, 9th ab Noble 

Fabruins Samuel, shoemr., 3 Walker's ct 

Facer Christian, 341 Callowhill 

Fackler Frederick, baker, 37 New Market 

Fadin John, lab., Spruce bel Sch 5th 

Fagan Edward, shop, Shippen lane bel Bedford 

Fagan Hugh, grocer, S E Stli and Bedford. 

Fagan John, labourer, Adam n Fitz water 

Fagan John, stereotype foundry, 19 St. James, 

L.311 N 6th. 
Fagan Michael, blacksmith, Broad n Vine, h 

Sch 7th ab Wood 
Fagan Patrick, weaver, 50 Fitzwater 
Fagan P. A., grocer, S E Sth and Lombard. 
Fagioli Francis, shoemr., N W 7th k Mulberry 
Fagundus Jacob, brass founder, 161 N 4th 
Fagundus M., dressmr., 19 JeH'erson row 

Ewing Robert, mer., 24 Chestnut, h S VV Wal- Fahey Patrick, lab., 238 N Front 

nut and Sch. 8th. Fair J., carpenter, shoemr. and bookseller, 9 S 

Ewing Samuel, blacksmith, Jones W Sch 4th | Sth. 

Ewing William E., clerk city Tobacco Ware- Fairbairn John St Co., saddlery hardware, 11 N 

house, h 352 Pine 

Exley John, blacksmith, c Wood and Kunckje, 
h 92 Vine. 

Exley Wm., clothing, 448 N 4th. 

Ey Francis, 43 N 4th 

Eyanson Thomas, tailor, rear 441 Vine 

tyre Abraham P., wharf build., Queen ab Ha- 

Fairbairn John, saddler, UN 4th, h 7th n 

Spring Garden 
Fairbank Wm. S., lab., China bel 2d 
Fairbanks Sylvanus H., bootmr., P road and Mar- 
riott's la 
Fairbrothers James, carter, Marriott's la ab 5th 
Fairchild E. R. Rev., sec. P. H. M. Society, 
134 Chestnut, h 159 Pine 

Fyre Edward E., mer., S W 4th k Mulberry 

Eyre Franklin, shipwright, Queen bel Palmer, I Fairchild Samuel R., cordw., 174 S 5th 

(K.) i Fan-child William L., printer. S E 7th Si High 

Kyre Franklin Mrs., gentw., Beach nPalmer(K) Fail-child W. B., Button manuf., Columbia R R 

'■yre John, gent., S E 4th and George. (N L) 

bet Sch 3d and 4th, h 11 W Cherry 

Faires J. \V., seminary, 47 S 8th, h 229 S 9th 
Fairfowl James, ship master, Queen n S 3d 
Fairgrieve James, porter, 72 S 2d 
Fairlamb Geo. W., carp., Steward bet 9th and 

Fairlamb Jonas P., jr., att'y at law, 7 George, 

h High E Sch 6th 
Falay James, lab., Catharine ab 13th 
Falby James, mastmr., rear 87 M road 
Falck Valentine, pill manuf., 11 Magnolia 
Fales George, mer., 6 S Front, h 131 Sassafras. 
Fales, Lothrop Sc Co., mers., 6 S Front. 
Falknier Joseph, carp., Lewis (X L) 
Fallon Christopher, atty. 8c coun., 142 Walnut. 
Fallon John, atty Sc coun., 142 Walnut 
Falls Francis C, gratemaker, 83 N 6th 
Falls James, lab., Spafi'ord 
Falls John, chandler, 50 Union 
Falls Michael, tavern, N E Front Sc Almond 
Falls Michael, oysterhouse, 483 High, h 4 Jones 
Fannack John, waiter, Barley n 11th 
Fanning John W., dry goods, 178 S 5th. 
Farall James, weaver, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Fareira John, jr., hatter, 357 S 2d 
Fareira Joseph, hatter, Buckley ab 5th & Lom- 
bard ab S 2d, h Pine ab 10th 
Faries Alex., lab., Front ab Reed 
Faries James, broker, Carpenter ab 4th 
Faries Stephen, sawyer, Madison ct 
Faries Wm., 366 Vine. 
Faris Wm., coach-springmr., Filbert n 12th, h 

Sassafras n loth 
Farley Ann, 508 High. 

Farley Edward, lab. Sch Front ab Mulberry 
Farley Francis, weaver, Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Farley Frederick, weaver, West n Vienna (K) 
Farley James, lab. Milton ab 10th 
Farley John, shop, Bonsall n 10th 
Farley J. shoemr. Fitler n Montgomery (K) 
Farley Thomas, stonecutter, Pine bel 11th, h 

3d ab Cedar 
Farley Wilson J., drug., N W 4th & Catharine. 
Farmer James, Walnut ab Broad 
Farmer James S., 20 Chancellor 
Farmer John, porter, 15 Middle al 
Farmer Robert, tailor, 28 Branch 
Farndell George H. baker, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Farney James, carter, Carpenter ab 10th 
Farnham B. A., mer, 36 S Front, h 3 Virginia row 
Farnsworth Daniel, bricklayer, Plain 
Farnum G. W\, mer., 36 S Front, h 473 Mulberry 
Farnum Henry, mer., 40 X Front, h Walnut 

W Broad 
Farnum Henry Sc Co., dry goods, 40 N Front. 
Farnum James A. mer. 1 Church al 
Farnum John, mer., 26 S Front, h 257 Mulberry. 
Farnum & Krug, com. mers. 1 Church al 
Farnum, Newhall & Co. com. mers., 26 S Front 
Farnum Paul, mer:, 36 S Front, h 473 Mulberry 
Farnum Paul & Co., mers., 36 S Front 
Farnum Peter, mer. 26 S Front 
Farquhar Sc Carpenter, conveyancers, 56 Wal- 
Farquh'ar Edward V. conveyancer, 56 Walnut, 
h Sch 7th & Ritner 

Farr George W., tailor, X W 3d and Chestr. .■ 

h 108 N 5th 
Farr John, chemist, X W 9th and Brown, hl5] 

X 6th. 
Farr John C, mer., 112 Chestnut, h 171 S 5th 
Farr J. T. chemist, 48 Parrish 
Farr, Powers 8c Weightmr.n, chemists, X W v- 

8c Brown 
Farr Rebecca, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Farr T. T., druggist, X E 5th and Cedar, h 23 

P road 

Farrady James, surg. inst. maker, 1 Cherry 
Farrall James, lab., 252 X Water 
Farran Michael, lab., 19 Vernon 
Farran Michael, 471 X 5d 
Farran Michael, labourer, Sch 3d and Barke:- 
Farran Patrick, shoemr. Jones W Sch 4th 
Farran Thomas, lab., c Sch. Front 8c Chestnut 
Farrand Daniel W., dentist, 92 Buttonwood. 
j Farrand James H., confectioner, 281 Chestnut 
Farrand Stephen, baker, 5-0 High 
Farrell Barney, labourer, Sch. 7th ab Wood. 
Farrell Bridget, shop, Broad bel Vine 
( Farrell James, hat tip manuf., 3'J9 Cherry 
I Farrell James, weaver, Sch 5th n Lombard 
Farrell James, dyer, W Cedar n 2d 
Farrell Joseph, temp, tavern, 306 Sassafras 
Farrell Joseph, sexton, 140 Spruce 
Farrell Melechia, whitewasher, 29 Quince 
Farrell Patrick, ostler, 3 Pieasant ct 
Farrell Patrick, baker, 193 X Front 
Farrell Rosina, teacher, 65 Gaskill 
Fan-ell Wm., Good-will ct 
Farrelly James A., bon. presser, 119 Cedar 
Farrelly M. weaver, Man" ab Sch 3d 
Farren Edward, carp., Russell bel Shipoen 
Farren Henry, lab. Biddle Sc William (F M) 
Farren Joseph, shoemr., 9 Willing's al 
Farren Mary, 105 German. 
Farren Neil, dealer, 39 Plum 
Farrenholtz Joseph, labourer, 28 Wood. 
Farriah Joseph, carp., 105 Prime 
Farrington Alonzo, conveyancer, 177 Sassaf:-** 
Farris Edward M., barber, 15 Exchange pi 
Farris Elizabeth, Sassafras and Sch 6th 
Farrow Francis, currier, 9th bel Poplar 
Farrow Wm., painter Sc glazier, 45 Franklin 
Farson Enoch S. carp. 34 Carter's al, h Marri:.' 

bel 4th 
Farson Wm., carpenter, Xorris's alley, h 7th s: 

Farthing John, victualler, c Charlotte Sc Beavr' 
Farwl W alter, bootmaker, 14 Chancellor 
Fassitt Alfred, mer., 43 High, h 245 Pine. 
Fassitt E. C, atty. Sc coun., 6th bel Walnut 
Fassitt Jas., mer., 48 High, h 329 Mulberry 
Fassitt Jas. W., mer., 50 High, h Spruce i- 

Fassitt James, mariner, 13 Cox 
Fassitt, Mrs., widow of Thomas, 327 Mulberr- 
Fassitt Robt. F., merchant, 48 High, h 329 M-- 

Fassitt Theo., mer., 48 High, h329 Mulberry. 
Fassitt T. S. R., gent., 433 Mulberry. 
Fassitt T. L. 8c A. 8c Co. dry goods, 48 High ab - - 

Fassott John, vict. Charlotte and George 
Pas) Henry, cordw. -,'01 Sassafras 
l-'asy John H. printer, 32 Marion 
Fasy John H., cordwainer, Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Fatman, Brothers & Co. mutches, 28 Rank 
Fatman Joseph, chemist, 28 Bank, h 412 Coates 
Faulke George, capt., 81 N 7th 
Faulkner J. II., painter, 316 S 2d. 
Faulkner Patrick, Moms ab William (F M) 
Faulkner Robert, tailor, 4 Hause's ct 
Faulkner Rosanna, 13th and Cedar 
Faulkner Samuel, weaver, ~9 Filbert. 
Faulkner Thomas, comedian, 20 Schriver's ct 
Faulkner Wm., cordw., Washington. (W P) 
Faulkner Wm. H., carp., 504 Coates 
Faunce Christian, fisherm., Queen ab Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Conrad, fisherm., c Vienna ic Queen. (K) 
Faunce Daniel, fisherm., Queen bel Vienna. (K) 
Faunce David, drayman, G T road ab Otter 
Faunce Geo., fisherman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherm., Queen ab Vienna. (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K.) 
Faunce Henry, glass blower, Wood n Duke. (K) 
Faunce Henry, bookbinder, 11th and Willow 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman, Queen bel Wood (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman, Queen bel Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman, AVood ab Queen (K.) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman, Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman, Queen bel Wood.(K) 
Faunce Jacob fisherman, Cherry n Prince. (K) 
Faunce Jacob H., fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce John, fisherman, Queen ab Vienna (K)| 
Faunce Michael, fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K)i 
Faunce Michael, fisherm., "Wood ab Queen (K) | 
Faunce Peter, fisherman, Wood ab Queen (K) I 
Faunce Sarah, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Faunce Serick, combmr., AVood n Prince. (K) 
Faunce Sophia, Crown and Bedford (K) 
Faunce Susan, gentw., Palmier bel Queen (K) 
Faunce AA'm., shipw., Allen bel Hanover (K) 
Faunce Wm. combmr. Edward n William 
Faure Emily, Carpenter bel 8th 
Faurst Charles, marble yard, Broad and Cherry, 

h Sch 6th and Summer 
Fauset F., Paschall al 
Faussett James, gent., 91 Crown. 
Faussett John, raer. S W 13th and Chestnut 
Faust David, mer., 70 N 3d, h 189 N 7th 
Faust Samuel, hatter, New Market bel Green 
Faust & Winebrener, hardware, 70 N 3d 
Favour John B. mariner, 2 Young's pi 
Fawcett Wm., Cherry ab 13th 
Fay C. M., mer., 2 N3rd, h 82 Tammany 
Fay James, book-keeper, 189 Catharine. 
Fay Michael, weaver, 8 M'DufHe 
Fay N. 57 AVood 

fay & Slocomb, shoe dealers, 2 N" 3rd 
Fa) Thomas, grocer, S E 6th & Powell. 
Fayette Lewis, cabinetmaker, 356 S 2d. 
PayssoUs E. S. military store keeper, U. S. 

Ars nal 
Feagley Joseph, tanner, F road opp Queen 
Feairheller Wm. cot. spin., 4th ab Jefterson (K) 
Ealy Mrs., b h, 146 S 3d 

Fearon James, soapmaker, 49 Union, h 47 Union. 

Fearon St Maul!, blacksmiths, Spruce & Pratt 

Fearon Patrick, blacksmith, c Spruce &. Pratt, 
h Vaughan bel Walnut. 

Feaster Maria, washer, lNectarine ab lOtli 

Fee Terrence, clothes, 233 Cedar 

Feeny John, tailor, 46 Gaskill. 

Feeny John, lab. 10 Shippen 

Feeny J., shop, 12 Hurst 

Feeney Wm. P., printer, 11th ab Carpenterfs) 

Feeris Ellen, 10 Powell 

Fees Christopher, cabinetmr., 91 Brown 

F'ees Jolm L., tavern, 85 Brown. 

Fees Thomas, cabinetmr. P road n Cedar 

Fegan John, confectioner, 118 AV High 

Feganbush Catharine, 429 N 2d 

Feganbush J., shoe store, 446 N 2d. 

Fehlisen Christian, skin dresser, 5th bel Master 

Feinour Joseph & Son, tin & iron pi. workers, 
215 S Front. 

Feinour J. jr., 74 Swanson 

Feinour Sc Thomson, coopers, 69 S AA'ater. 

Feinour Wm., cooper, 69 S AA'ater, h 43 Gaskill 

Fcitig J., carp., 23 Jones' al, h 81 Brown (N L) 

Felker Sarah, 275 Marshall 

Felker Wm. cigar mr. 419 N 4th 

Fell C. J. & Brother, choc, manuf., 64 S Front. 

Fell Elizabeth, school, 7 Linden 

Fell Franklin, mer., 64 S Front, h 12th ab Mul- 

Fell Jonathan, M. D., 43 N 11th 

Fell J. C, currier, Front and Coates, and 12 

Fell & Kensler, curriers, 382 N Front. 

Fell Penrose, tailor, 62 Chestnut, h 36 Lombard 

Fell Reese D., tailor, 62 Chestnut. 

Fell R. D. & Brother, tailors, 62 Chestnut. 

Fell Samuel, printer, 287 S 3d 

Fellowes C, gent.., Clinton ab 10th 

Fells James M. lab. 33 St Mary 

Felt Caroline, shop, 19 Apple 

Felt Elizabeth, 102 Prime 

Felt George, boat builder, Swanson n Catha- 
rine, h 405 S Front 

Feltharn J. lab. Fanes' ct 

Felton A. gardener, Turner's la 

Felton Godfrey, brickmr., Ann (F V) 

Felton H. frame mr. Poplar bel 10th 

Feltt C. herbalist, 3 Zane 

Feltwell Benjamin AL, bricklr., 58 N 6th, and 
stove mr. 406 High, h 1 Dugan 

Felty Charles, bricklr., Orleans ab Lombard. 

Felty George, Vine ab 12th 

Felty John, shoemr. Orchard 

Felty AVm., blacksmith, Filbert n Sch. 4th. 

Femington T. M., 4th ab Washington (S) 

Fender George, dry goods, 26 Lebanon 

Fenderson Boston H., barber, 254 Chestnut, h 
Shippen bel Russell 

Feney James, weaver, Bedford n Shippen la 

Fenimore Jason L., Bank Penns., h S E 11th 
and Cherry 

Fenlin John, tavern, 118 N 3d 

Fennell Chas. G., carp. 7 Lodge al., 9 Kenwor- 
thy's ct 

Fennell Tho». lum. mer. Lancaster road (W P) 

Fennell Wm., register gas works, h 127 S 9th 
Fennelly John, vict., N W 13th and Pine 
Fenner Charles It., tobacconist, 81 Vino 
Fenner Eliza, tobacconist, 93 X 4tb. 
Fenner II. P., tobacconist, 324 Callowhill. 
Fenner John F., tobacconist, 213 N Front. 
Fenner Peter, tobacconist, R road and Wood 
Fenner R. &. Co., umbr., 1 S 2d 
Fennemore Benjamin, carp. Melon ab 13th 
Fennimore Martha, 79 S 2d 
Fennimore Valen., ship carp., Queen ab Wood. 
Fennimore William, b h, N E 8th and Lodge 
Fenton Albert, sailmr. 244 X Water 
Fenton Andrew, sailmr., 38 N Wharves, h 232 

N Front 
Fenton Elizabeth, book folder, 29G High 
Fenton John, carter, Stoy's ct (K) 
Fenton Joseph, carp., h Chancellor bel Sch 6th 
Fenton Mary Ann, Francis bel Sch 5th (F V) 
Fenton Randall, collector, Mechanic ab (ieorge 
Ferbert Clement, porter, 1 St Mary 
Ferguson Alexander, cordwainer, Sch 3d n 

Ferguson Alexander, cordvv., 172 N 4th 
Ferguson Alexander C. clerk, Sp Garden ab 12th 
Ferguson Alexander S., cordwainer, 157 Cherry. 
Ferguson Andrew, carp. 5 Pleasant Retreat 
Ferguson Bridget, Sch 8th bel High 
Ferguson B. 63 Union 
Ferguson Charles, blacksmith, Buttonwood ab 

Ferguson Charles, Custom House, h Sp. Garden 

ab 12th 
Ferguson David, grocer, 6-19 X 2d 
Ferguson Elizabeth, trimmings, 8th Jc Xoble 
Ferguson Henry, carp., Sch 4th & Mulberry 
F'erguson Henry, weaver, Steward ab Catharine 
Ferguson James, manuf., 65 High, h Crown bel 

, Prince. 
Ferguson James, sailmr., U. S. Navy, 121 S 6th 
Ferguson Jas., grocer, X W 13th & Callowhill. 
Ferguson Jesse R. printer, 17 Turner 
Ferguson John, coffinmr., Cedar ab 13th 
Ferguson John, tailor, 54 Apple 
Ferguson John, weaver, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Ferguson John L. Capt., 304 S Front. 
Ferguson Julianna, washer, 82 X 7th 
Ferguson J. carp, rear 468 X 3d 
Ferguson Malcom, carp., Murray if Sch 3d 
Ferguson P. L., mer., Spring Garden ab 12th 
Ferguson Robert, cordwainer, 60 Maiden. 
Ferguson Samuel, weaver, Steward below Fitz- 

Ferguson William, baker, 13th ab Fitzwater. 
Ferkler Henry, baker, Shippen be] 8th 
Fernandis Francis, oysterman, rear 1 1 Black- 

berrv al 
Fernley John, clerk, 5th and Green 
Fernold Bennett E. blacksm, Johnson's la ab 4th 
Fernon Ann, Centre bel 13th 
Fernon D. B., dry goods, 595 X 2nd. 
Fernon John, collector, J--5 X 2d 
Fernon Thomas, painter, 595 X 2d 
Fernon Wm. painter, 595 X 2<l 
Ferns Robert, weaver, 19 McDuffie 

Fernsler Susan, wid., High ab Sch 6th 
Ferone Lewis, shoemr. 5 Sassafras al 
Ferrat John B. picksing estab. 272 S 4th 
Ferree George, Madison House, 39 N 2d 
Ferree James B., mer., 172 High 
Fen-ell Jacob, gardener, bet 9th & 10th ab Fede- 
Ferrell Samuel, bootmr., 251 S 6th 
Ferrell Thomas, clerk, 11 A Minor 
Ferrenger M., shop, Prime and M road 
Ferrer Joseph, porter, 8th and Bedford 
Ferris Alexander, varnisher, 1 Howard's pi 
Ferris Daniel, bonnets, 10 X 2nd. 
Ferris Joseph, drayman, Howard bel master (K) 
Ferris Josiah, cordw. 35 Mechanic 
Ferris Saml., weaver, William 8t Hopkins' ct(K ) 
Ferry George, drayman, Relief pi 
Ferry Hugh, waiter, 13 E North 
Ferry James, lab., M'Duffie and 2d 
Ferry John, carter, 150 Lombard 
Ferry Michael, lab. Front bel Greenwich 
Ferry Perry, clerk, Emerald 
Fesemire Joseph, pork butcher, P road belov,- 

Fest Christopher, tailor, 13 Charlotte. 
Fest Edwy, watchmr., 270 Sassafras 
Fessenden C. P., ink Si black, manuf., 64 Spruce 
Fetherston H., b. h., 152 S 2nd. 
Fetterman Jacob, lab. Centre ab 12th 
Fetters Charles, waterman, F road ab Queen 
Fetters Jacob R., carter, 12 Fetter la 
Fetters James, drayman, 115 Dillwvn 
Fetters John, ice, X W Sch 6th & Chestnut 
Fetters Matilda, 35 German. 
Fetters Win., furniture car, Otter n F road 
Fetters Wm. ladies' shoemr. Orange ab 12th 
Fettinger Henry, plasterer, Pleasant ab 12th 
Fexton Patience, china ware, 5th ab Poplar 
Fevhl W. H., 9th and S Garden 
Fidley Lewis, stone cutter, rear 114 New Market 
Fiedler John, carp., 22 Rachel. 
Fiedler John, butcher, Front bel Wharton 
Fiegel Charles, grocer, Wood ab Sch 8th 
Ficgel R., hlacksmith, Van Buren pi, h Parrish 

ab 10th 
Field Abraham, waiter, rear 305 Walnut 
Field Benjamin, jr., mer., 52 High 
Field Charles, plater, 80 X 2nd. h 8th ab Green 
Field Charles, mer., 71 and h 203 S Front 
Fiekl Charles & Son, merchants, 71 S Front. 
Field C. J., oysters, 214 High 
Field David, weaver, G T road ab Master (K) 
Field David, farmer, 12th bel Carpenter 
Field Elizabeth, Lombard ab 13th 
Field, Fobes & Co., dry goods, 183 High 
Field George, bottler,'65 and h 78 Cedar 
Field Helena Mary, G T road bel Phoenix (K) 
Field Isaac, carpenter, 1S8 X 4th 
Field Isaac C, com. mer., US Front, h 204 

Field James, mer., 133 High, h 21 MontgV sq 
Field James, grocer, R road btl Ann (F V; 
Field Jeremiah, vict. Parrish ab Sch Sth 
Field Joel, waterman, 30 Duke. 
Field John, brickmr., Sch 4th n Pine 

Field John, carter, 1S7 S 2d 

Field John W., mer., 71 S Front, h 11 Prune 

Field Mary, -183 S 2nd. 

Field Mary, b. h. 204 Chestnut 

Field Morris, dealer, S W Front Sc Queen. 

Field Paul J., hardware, 341 S 2d 

Field Peter, painter, 2 S 7th, h 472 Callowhill 

Field Peter, carpenter, Prime bel 2d 

Field Peter, farmer, Irish Tract la n Christian 

Field Samuel, varnish, Parrish bel 10th 

Field Samuel, bootmr., 38 Bread 

Field Thomas, cordv. R road ab Ann (F V) 

Field Thomas S. &Co., com. mers., 36N Front, 

h 132 N 2nd. 
Field William, N W Julianna and Wood 
Field Wm. farmer, Irish Tract la n Christian 
Fielder Sarah, 133 Queen 
Fielding Esther, gentw., 97 Filbert 
Fielding Jereh., milkman, 154 Cherry 
Fields George, basketmr., Loud ab 9th 
Fields George, cotton spinner, Mechanic ct 
Fields Uudolph, constable, Loud ab 9th 
Fife James, reedmr. S E 10th Sc College av. 
Fife Mat., boxrnr., Biddle's al, h 7 Lagrange 
Fife Samuel, boxmr., Biddle's al 
Fife William, teacher, 98 Marshall 
Fifield Sc Matthews, com. mers. and grocers, 60 

■Washington avenue 
Figgins Daniel, Christian and Lebanon 
Figner Andrew, 100 Wood 
Filemyr A. ic Co. flour and feed, 2d and G T 

File Margaret, 22 Gebhard 
• File John, lab. 40 Charlotte 
File Peter, labourer, 527 N 4th. 
File Susanna, rear 69 Apple 
Filley Harvey, tin plate worker, 436 High. 
Fimple John, brushmr., 21 New Market 
Finch George, carp., 65 New Market 
Finch George, hatter, 19 Sassafras 
Finch James, bootmr. 8th ab Mulberry 
Fincknire F. carp- Vernon bel 11th 
Fine Henry ML, gent., S W Lombard & Front 
Fine Wm. cabinetmr. Miles' ct (K) 
Fine Wm. varnisher, 116 N Front 
Finegan Jeremiah, lab. 1 Bell's ct 
Finigan Francis, lab. Small 
Finigan John, ostler, Dean ab Spruce 
Finigan Patrick, baker, rear Shippen bel 6th 
Finla_\son Mrs. map colorer, 82 S 5th 
Fink 'Daniel, painter, 4th n Jefferson (K) 
Fink George, porter, rear 127 Noble 
Fink Geo., stocking weav., Phoenix n G T road 
Fink Jacob, starchmr., Hope ab Master (K.) 
Fink Jacob, lab., Parrish bel 10th 
Fink Jacob, baker, 356 N 3rd. 
Fink Julius, furnace mr., 431 Chestnut 
Fink Juiius & Co. cooking range manufs. 431 

Finlaw Samuel, carp., rear 16 Wagner's al 
Finlaw Low, 31 Cresson's al 
Finletter Thos., manuf., 576 N 3rd. 
Finley Andrew, eating house, 4 Letitia ct 
Finley Ann, Shippen bel Broad 
Finley & Co., mers., 27 N Front 

Finlev Sc Co., upholsterers, S E 2d Sc Walnut, 

Sc 64 Dock 
Finley Eliza, dry goods, 167 Sc h 144 Green 
Finley Hugh, watchman, Lombard n Sch 2d 
Finley James, gent., Harmony bel 4th 
Finlev James, mer. 27 N Front 
Finley James G., merchant, 63 N 2nd. 
Finley Maigaretta, 144 Green 
Finlev Matthew, coachman, 3 Willow ct 
Finlev Moses, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Finlev Richard, weaver, Lombard bel Sch 2d 
Finley Thomas, baker, Cedar ab 12th 
Finley William, upholsterer, S E 2d Sc Walnut, 

h 11 Montgomery sq 
Finley Wm. lab. Green's ct (X L) 
Finley Wm. lab. Lombard E Sch 6th 
Finn Ann, gentw. 107 Dilhvyn 
Finn Anna, S E 7th and Mulberry 
Finn Michael, lab. 12 Almond 
Finn M. umbrella mr. 8 Morgan's ct 
Finn James, paper hanger, 2u9 Mulberry and 14 

Finn John, mer., 14 Decatur and 209 Mulberry 
Finn J. Sc J. C, paper hangings, 209 Mulberry 
Finnegan John, lab. Brazier ab Lloyd 
Finnegan John, weaver, Locust ab Sch 2d 
Finnessy Elizabeth, eating-house, 130 S Water. 
Finney Francis, silversmith, 114 Spruce 
Finney Thomas, weaver, 3 Adams n Fitzwater 
Finnigan Henry, carter, Bedford bel Broad 
Finshure James, lab., Griswold's al. 
Finucan John, lab. 5 Ewing's ct 
Fiot Augustus, importer oi'music, 196 Chestnut. 
Fiot J. K., 8 Sansom 

Firehowk Henry, shop, 2nd ab Edward (K) 
Fireng James, shoemr. Grubb 
Firing Sophia, variety store. 125 Green. 
First Frederick, upholsterer, 1 Harmony ct 
Firth Elizabeth, Wood ab Sch 2nd 
Firth Joseph, baker, 150 N 8th 
Firth Thomas T., Brig. Insp., 42 Mulberry 
Firth Wm., Vicker's ct 
Fish Edmund, cooper. Front ab Reed 
Fish Hirarn, lab., Reed bel Front > 

Fish Israel L., plasterer, 13th bel Buttonwood. 
Fish Jacob S., plasterer, 10th bel Coates. 
Fish Samuel, lab. Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Fisher Abraham, waiter, Warren opp Mercer 
Fisher Albert G., high constable, 129 Spruce 
Fisher Ann, widow, 277 Chestnut 
Fisher Catharine, trader, Orange bel F road 
Fisher Charles, tailor, 342 S Front 
Fisher Charles, mariner, back 75 Christian 
Fisher Christianna, Marlboro' ab Queen (K) 
Fisher Christopher, 352 Coates 
Fisher Coleman, 97 Walnut, h 403 Mulberry 
Fisher David, waiter, 8 Elizabeth. 
Fisher David Sc Sons, painters Sc glaziers, 31.3 

Fisher Deborah, 3S Green 
Fisher Edmund N. collector. 305 Chestnut 
Fisher Elizabeth, Church bel Christian 
Fisher Elizabeth, Marlborough bel Prince 
Fisher Francis A., merch., 8 S Front, h 100 X 

Fisher Frederick, upholsterer, N E Sth St Zone 

and 119 N 2nd 
Fisher Frederick S., cordw., Queen Sc Sarah (K) 
Fisher F., morocco dresser, 88 St John. 
Fisher George, potter, Wood ab Sell 2d 
Fisher George, lock smith, 149 S 6th 
Fisher George, printer, rear Green n Front 
Fisher George, cabinetmr. 1S9 Brown (N L) 
Fisher George, printer, 352 N Front 
Fisher George R., tailor, 24 S 4th. 
Fisher Henry, wheelwright, Reach bel Maiden 
Fisher Henry, 3 Goodwill's ct. 
Fislier Henry, cabinetmr. 127 Queen 
Fisher Henry B., confectioner, 73 N 8th 
Fisher Henry C. 325 Chestnut 
Fisher Henry G., painter, 306 Chestnut, h 14 

Fisher Jabez M. engineer, Spring Garden ab R 

Fislier Jacob, vict., Shackamaxon bel Franklin 

Fisher Jacob, carp., 22 Brown (X L) 
Fisher Jacob, grocer, Apple bel George 
Fisher Jacob, tavern, Broad and Pearl 
Fisher Jacob, cordw. Mechanic bel George 
Fisher Jacob, coachsmith, rear 2S Garden 
Fisher Jacob M. blacksmith, rear 182 Marshall 
Fislier James, collector, 5 Willow ab 3d. 
Fisher John, cordw., 31 Sheaff'sal. 
Fisher John, cabinetmaker, 185 G T road. 
Fisher John, combmr., 613 S 2d 
Fisher John, carp., Shackamaxon ab Franklin 
Fisher John, victualler, Palmer n Duke. 
Fisher John, butcher, Man' bel F road 
Fisher John, vict. 302 Callowhill 
Fisher John, whf. builder, Rachael ab Poplar 
Fisher John, butcher, Orange St. F road 
Fisher John, tobacconist, Pleasant ab 10th 
Fisher John U., painter, 306 Chestnut, h 151 

Fisher John M., cutler, 216 S 3th 
Fisher John N., gent., S XV 7th & Buttonwood. 
Fisher John Sc Philip, cabinetmrs., 496 N 2d Sc 

185 G T road 
Fisher John S., Sansom alley 
Fisher Jonathan, porter, 9 Washington 
Fisher Joseph, thermometer mr., 58 Chestnut 
Fisher Joseph, lab. 38 W Cedar 
Fisher Joseph, lab. 5 Lyndall's al 
Fisher Joseph S. 10th ab Washington 
Fisher J. C, att'y Sc coun., 114 S 3d. 
Fisher J. F., att'y Sc coun. 170 Chestnut 
Fisher Lewis, srrocer, 6 Noble 
r islier Margaret, 5 James 

Fislier Margaret, gentw., G T road ab Phoenix. 
F'isher Mary, nurse, 22 E North. 
Fisher Mary Ann, teacher. Palmer n Prince, (K.) 
Fisher Mary P., gentw. 312 Chestnut. 
Fisher Michael, Lemon ab 12th 
Fisher Peter, Sch Sth bel Carlton 
Fisher Peter, victualler, Crown and Bedford, h 

Shackamaxon n Prince 
Fisher Philip, cabinetmaker, 187 G T road. 
Fisher P. S., saddler, Apple n Creek 
Fisher Richard, shopkeeper, 91 O Y road. 

Fislier Robert, mariner, Cray's Ferry road bel 

Fisher Rodney, mer. 151 X 7th. 
Fisher Samuel, bricklayer, Fisher's ct (X L) 
Fisher Samuel, carter, Jones ab Sch. 5th 
Fisher Samuel, pearl worker, 10 St Joseph's av 
Fisher Samuel A., baker, 239 S 6th. 
Fisher Sarah, 42 Marshall 
Fisher Sarah, 290 Chestnut. 
Fisher Sidney G., att'y Sc coun., 57 S 7th. 
Fisher S. F., atty. and coun., 76^ Walnut, h 437 

Fisher Thos., mer., 110 S Front 
Fisher Thomas, dry goods, 42N4th,h 162 S 5th 
Fisher Wm., shipwrt, Marlboro' bel Bedford(K) 
Fisher "William, confectionary, Fisher's ct i X Li 
Fisher William, att'y Sc coun., 3 York Buildings 
Fisher William, tobacconist, Broad ab Sassafras 
Fisher Wm. H., confect., 29 S 8th, h rear 210 

X Sth 
Fisher William S., shoemr., Poplar n 10th 
Fiske David, forwarding, 2 Walnut 
Fisler Charles, Dep. U.S. weigher, 1 Lombard 
Fisler C. H., ship broker, 55 Tammany 
Fisler Jacob H., tailor, 39 O Y road 
Fisler Jacob P. bar tender, 11 Pine 
Fiss Aaron, carp. Vineyard ab Powell (F V) 
Fiss Catharine, Leopard ab Franklin (K) 
Fiss Henry, carp., ct n 13th and Coates 
Fiss Henry, shoemr. 6 York ct 
I Fiss Jacob, tobacconist, 97 Crown 
Fiss Moses, printer, 1 Branch allev 
| Fiss Rachel, washer, Brinton bel 11th 
Fiss Samuel, cabinetmr. 5th n Shippen 
: Fiss Samuel, jr. combmr., Christian ab 7th 
Fiss Washington, carp. Vineyard (F V) 
JFiss Wm. blacksmith, Washington n 13th 
; Fitch Bernard, dealer, 6 S 13th 
j Fitch George, carp. Filbert W Sch Front 
j Fitch Joshua, comb mr., Sch. 6th ab Wood 
j Fitch Samuel, whipmr. R road ab Poplar 
Fitchett John S., hardware, 47 High 
Fitchett John S. Sc Co., mers., 47 High 
Fitchner Frederick, victualler, 75 Garden 
Fite George, tobacconist, 5 Bonsall 
Fite Henry, victualler, James ab Charles 
Fite John, tinsmith, 94 X Juniper 
Fite Samuel, brewer, Sch. Sth n Vine 
Fite Saml., stone cutter, Parrish bel 10th 
Fite Samuel, blacksmith, Sch. 3d n Chestnut 
Fite Wm., tobacconist, 177^ S 3d 
Fithian Aaron B., shoe store, Queen ab Crown 

Fithian Ephraim,carter, Queen bel Shackamaxon 
j Fithian George, tailor, 258 Hugh, h 11 Knight's 
! ct 

Fithian George, cordw., rear 298 S 4th 

Fithian Lemuel S. 151 X 9th 
'Fithian Matthias, printer .5c booksr., 61 X 2nd. 
[Fithian Wm. B., collector, 157 X 4th. 

Fithion Jervis If. shoemr. 5 Cooper's ct 

Fitler Alfred, conveyancer, 51 X" 6th, h 2d ami 

Fitler Daniel, G T road ab Camac 

Fitler Elizabeth, 2d and Otter (K) 

Filler Isaiah P. conveyancer, 231 Mulberry, hjFizell Thomas, ship carp., Allen bel Hanover, 

35 N Sch 8th " I (K) 

ritler Jacob, agent guardians of the poor, h|Fizone Ann, rear 19 Sterling s al. 

35 N Sch. 8th. ' Flagg J. F. B., M. D., demist, 353 Walnut 

Fitler Joseph P., M. D., 2d & Reaver, (K) Flaherty Ann, silk dyer, 50 Lombard. 

Fitnam Thomas, reg. Irish Em. Soc, 62 Dock, | Flaherty John, tailor, 303 S 5th 

h Christian c Morris 

Fitting Jacob, baker, S6 N 11th 

Fitton John, baker, 479 N 2nd. 

Fitzcharles Wm. furniture car, rear 448 N 4th 

Fitzgerald Adam, gent., P road ab Federal 

Fitzgerald David, jr. carter, 81 Hurst 

Fitzgerald David, dealer, 12 Gilles' al 

Fitzgerald James, silversmith, 6 Laurel 

Fitzgerald Jeremiah, coachman, Bedford n 5th Flakgler E., 27 E North. 

Fitzgerald John, cordw, rear 16 Wash. Mar-| Flakgler Mary, widow, 5 

Flaig Edward, dentist, 183 N bth, h 11 Boyd's av 
Flake Christian, bootmaker, 3 Lagrange pi 
Flake E. B., tax collector, Vine & Willow 
Flake Samuel, ship carp., Crown bel Bedford 


Flake Thomas, cordw., YV arren & Queen, h 

Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Flake Wm., currier, 198 Mulberry 

Fitzgerald John R., cooper, 5 Franklin pi, h 26 

E North. 
Fitzgerald K., 317 S 2nd. 
Fitzg'erald Michael P., stove dealer, c Almond 

and Front 
Fitzgerald Morris, b h, 31 Jones' al 
Fitzgerald Patrick, perfumer, 130 N 5th 
Fitzgerald Thomas, shoemr., 16 Elizabeth 
Fitzgerald Wm. L., boot St shoemr., 338 High, 

h 12 Madison 
Fitzgibbons James, dealer, 239 N F'ront 
Fitzmeyer John, butcher, Front ab Greenwich 
Fitzmire Jacob F., baker, Carpenter bel 5th 
Fitzmorris Thomas, lab., Sch 3d n Chestnut 
Fitzpatrick Bartholomew, 9 Sansom al 
Fitzpatrick & Burr, painters, High n Sch 7th 
Fitzpatrick Daniel, lab., 7 St. Mary 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, lab., Church bel Christian 
Fitzpatrick Edward, carp., 256 Catharine 

E North 
Flanier Charlotte, rear IS Acorn al 
Flanagan Edward, carter, Wood ab 13th. 
Flanagan Edward, plasterer, rear 32 SheafT's al 
Flanagan George W., bottler, Beach ab Hano- 
ver (Iv) 
Flanagan Hugh, cordw., 2d ab Master (K) 
Flanagan James, Monument House, Beach ab 

Hanover. (K) 
Flanagan James, lab., Broad bel Cedar 
Flanagan James, lab., 177 N Front 
Flanagan James, waterman, 3 Catharine 
Flanagan John, carter, Shippen ab Broad 
Flanagan Luke, carpenter, rear 70 S 2d, h SO 

N Broad 
Flanagan Owen, lab., 231 S 5th 
Flanagan Peter, lab., 4 Sch. Water 
Flanagan Philip, lab., 13th and Centre 
Flanagan Robert L, plumber, 323 S 2nd, h 
| 388 S 5th 
Flanagan R., furniture, 114 N 6th. 

Fitzpatrick Elizabeth, widow of John, Shacka- Flanagan Stephen, clerk, 484 S 2d 

maxon ab Queen Flanagan William G., plumber, 49 S Wharves, 

Fitzpatrick Ellen, tavern, 26 S Water h 39 Almond 

Fitzpatrick John, lab., 9 N 13th Flanagm George H., mer., 5 S Water, h 71 

Fitzpatrick Joseph, engineer, 209 N Front | Marshall 

Fitzpatrick Michael, lab., Sch. Willow ab Lom-j Flanagm James S., mer., 5 S Water 

bard |Flanag-.n John, mer., 5 S 'W ater, h 347 N 6th. 

Flanagin John k. Sons, mers., 5 S Water 
Walnut and 

Fitzpatrick M., hatter, 9 St Mary 

itzpatrick Patrick, flour store, 'S W Front and I Flanigin Joseph R., grocer. Walnut and Sch. 

Dock, h 81 Union. Beach, coal ofhec, Cedar st. wht. Sch. 

Fitzpatrick Patrick, carp., 10th bel Washington! Flanigin William C, coal mer., Cedar st. wharf, 
Fitzpatrick Thos., grocer, Washington, (W P)| h 45 George, (S) 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, lab., Factorv bel Beach Flannery John F., combmr., 466 N 4th 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, coachman, 8 Ball's ct jFlavell Wesley, grocer, Master and Howard 
Fitzpatrick William, drayman, 79 Gaskill. (K) 

Fitzsimmons Bernard, clerk to storekeeper N. Fleck George, lab., Cherry opp Gcbbard 

Yard, h 137 Christian I Fleet Reuben, wheelwright, Filbert n 12th, h 

Fitzsimmons John, tavern, 18 Small 8th & Brown 

Fitzsimmons John, bootmaker, Vine ab 12th I Fleet Richard, carter, Grays ct 
Fitzsimmons Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, Reid's Fleetwood Michael, carp., 7th ab Carpenter, h 

av I 7th ab Catharine 

Fitzsimmons Thos., teacher, 2d ab Jefferson (K) Flegel John G., dry goods, 447 N 2nd. 
Fitzsimmons Wm., carp., Jones ab Sch 5th Fleisher M., peddler, 122 St John 

Fitzwater Thomas, carpenter, 17 N Sch. 6th n Fleming Aaron, cabinetmr., Marlborough oelow 

Sassafras. ! Allen. 

Fitzwalter Wm., cordw., 5 Winter's ct 'Fleming Andrew C, clerk, Spring Mill ct 

FizellA., stove manuf., 414 High, h 26 Pal- i Fleming Charles, carter. Prosperous al. 

mvra sq. 1 Fleming James, carp., 284 S 6th 

Fizell Edward, paper hanger, 142 N 8th j Fleming James, Collins' al 

Fleming- James, baker, Callowhill n Nixon (F M) 
Fleming- James L., mer., 6 Rank 
Fleming- John, corsetmr., Vine ab 12th 
Fleming- John, warper, Wood n Seh Front 
Fleming- Joseph, bootmr., 21 Sterling al 
Fleming- Joseph, manuf., c Hamilton 8c William, 

h c Lvnn 8c William. 
Fleming- Joseph, mer., 82 S P'ront 
Fleming- Margaret, shop, 19 Garden 
Fleming Mark, weaver, 2 Brenton 
Fleming 8c Marshall, mers.. 82 S Front, ab stairs 
Fleming Sc Myers, dry goods, 10 Bank 
Fleming Robert, gent., 10 S Penn square. 
Fleming Richard, lab., 10 Mechanics (F M) 
Fleming Samuel, weaver, 3 Springmill ct 
Fleming Thomas, mer., 327 Walnut 
Fleming Thos., grocer, 102 Locust 
Fleming Thomas, lab., 2 Ewing's ct 
Fleming - Win, ship master. Green la n College 
Fleming Wm., blacksm, 4th bel Plum. 
Fleming W. R., mer., 153 High,h 70 Walnut 
Flemming John, cordw., 11 Boyd's av 
Flernming Nancy, 13 Burd (S) 
Flemming- Wm., weaver, RatFerty's ct 
Flenard William, tailor, 13 Wagner's ct 
Flenner Lewis, tailor, h 272 Coates 
Fleshotir Samuel, carpenter, 8th bel Parrish 
Fletcher Ann, 6 Little Pine. 
Fletcher Ann, c Perry & Lambert. 
Fletcher Anthony, drayman, Cedar bel 8th 
Fletcher Benjamin, engraver, 215 Lombard 
Fletcher Catharine, baker, 190 Sassafras 
Fletcher Eliza, book folder, 213 Lombard. 
Fletcher Elizabeth, washer, 8 Barley 
Fletcher George, engraver, rear 128 Sassafras, 

h Wood n 8th 
Fletcher James, vict., Washington (W P) 
Fletcher James, 91 S Water 
Fletcher James W., printer, 2 Fries' ct 
Fletcher John, upholsterer, 10 North. 
Fletcher John, shoemr., Swanson bel Cedar 
Fletcher Joshua S., coach trimmer, 7 Green (C) 

h Christian bel 10th 
Fletcher Lucy, shop keeper, 38 Cherry. 
Fletcher Milford, porter, Osborn's ct 
Fletcher Rebecca, Filbert n Sch 7th 
Fletcher Thomas, silversmith, 188 Chestnut 
Fleu Albert, cordw., rear 122 Apple 
Fleu Charles, printer, tf5 Apple. 
Flick Andrew, currier, 136 N 3rd, h.51 Wood. 
Flick Andrew, clerk Quarter bes. and Oyer and 

Termr., 13 S House 
Flick Jacob, fisherman, Cornelius' ct n Bishop 
Flick Lewis, baker, 61 Filbert 
Flick Sarah, b h, 117 N Front. 
Flick Wm., fisherman, Cornelius' ct n Bishop 
Flickiuger Isaac, dry goods, 172 N 3rd, h 282 

Flickwir D. Henry, carpenter, 163 S 3rd. 
Flickwir Joseph W., carpenter, 21 German. 
Fling Barnabas, silk dyer, 3 Caledonia ct. 
Fling Caroline 11., young ladies' seminary, S E 3d 

and Tarn many 
Fling Henry, 62 Noble 
Fling 1 James B., boots & shoes, 340 N 2d 

Fling Oliver, printer, 12 Wood 

Fling Susan, Sch 8th bel George. 

Fling Thomas S., 62 Noble 

Fling Wm. B., gent., Broad bel Walnut 

Flinn Edward, M. D., 80 N Front 

Flinn James, tailor, 2 Elmslie's al 

Flinn John, cooper, Lombard ab 12th 

Flinn Mary, grocer, 321 High 

Flinn Michael, soda water, 50 German 

Flinn Peter, machinist, Powell (F V) 

Flinn Philip, blacksmith, George n St John (K) 

Flinn Robert Jr., mer., Broad ab Sassafras, h 

495 Vine 
Flinn Timothy, lab., 12th ab Pine 
Flint Anna, 2 Boyle's ct 

Flint A., tract depository, 13 N 7th, h 24 Sansom 
Flint James, machinist, Franklin bel Front, h 

Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Flint Thomas, cordwainer, 14 Providence ct. 
Flomerfelt Armstrong J., sailmr., Queen bel 5th 
Flood Edward, tavern, 198 N Water. 
Flood Isaac, shoemaker, 6 Carter's al 
Flood James, jeweller, 123 Prime 
Flood John, weaver, Front bel Oxford (K) 
Flood Lawrence, currier, Vineab 12th 
Flood Matthew, lab., Sutherland av bel Shippen 
Flood Peter, carpet weaver, F road bel Bedford 
Flood William, blacksmith, 231 N Water 
Florance J. L., gent., Spruce bel 11th 
Florence Jane, sempstress, 5 Parham 
Florence Sarah, artificial flowermr., 95 Mulberry. 
Florence Thomas B., Sec'ry. Comptrollers pub- 
lic schools, 11 state house, h 48 Lombard 
Florin Mary, gentw., 325 S 5th 
Flounders Wm. B., shoemr., 256 S 5th 
Flower James, 1 Dugan row 
Flower Joseph, silversm., Marriott's la ab P road 
Flower Reese Wall, office, 21 Flower 
Flowers Catharine, 272 Sassafras 
Flowers George jr., hay mer., c 6th 8c Coates, 

h 4 Wallace 
Flowers Reese, gent., 21 Flower 
Flowers Robert, printer, Beaver bel Charlotte 
Flowers Thomas, chairmr., Parrish 
Floyd Ann, Relief pi 
Floyd Elijah, packer, rear 4 Perry's ct. 
! Floyd George, gilt buttonmaker, 11 George, 
[Floyd Henry, grocer, 12th Sc Lombard 
! Floyd James, grocer, S W 9th and Catharine 
! Floyd Jas., manuf., 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Floyd John, 265 S 3rd. » 

1 Floyd John, grocer, 4th and German 
| Floyd Samuel, carter, Lombard n bch. 7th 
jFluck Jacob, cordw., Perry bel Phcenix (K) 
Flum B., coachman, R road ab S Garden 
! Flure F'rederick, butcher, Greenwich ab Front 
Flynn Dennis 11., boots 8c shoes, 3^ S 2d 
iFlynn Peter, mach't., Powell n Francis (F V) 
i Flynn Thomas, comedian, 160 S 13th 
Ifobes G. W., mer., 183 High, h 23 Montgo- 
mery sq. 
Fobes 8c Gibbons, dry goods, 83 High 
jl'obes Thomas, mer., 85 High 
Focer Franklin, tobacconist, 637 N 2d 
I Fodrinsham Samuel, combmr., 23 Washington av 

Foelil Frederick, baker, 1 Chancer/ lane. 

Foering Abraham, ~th Ik Brown 

Foering Frederick, stove mer., 97 N 2nd, 

1 Crown. 
Foering - George W., coal office, 13 Arcade 
Foering- William, coal mer., 529 N 4th. 
Focrtsch H., bootmr., Poplar n 6th 
Fogel John, eating-house, 10 Letitia ct 
Fog-el Charles, tailor, 21 Cedar 
Fogel Win., lab., Church bel Christian 
Fogel Win., lab., 7th ab Poplar 
Fog-g- Aaron, bricklayer, 5 W North n 10th. 
Fogg- Samuel, ropemr., Corn bel Wharton 
Fogg Sam'l., bricklayer, 4 Madison 
Foglebush Frederick, tailor, 314 N 5th 
Fohler Matthias, lab., 79 Poplar 
Folen Peter, tavern, Broad 5c. Wood 
Foley David, saddler, S W 7th k Wood 
Foley James, blacksmith, 27 &. h 18 Plum. 
Foley James, lab., 1 Miller's al 
Foley John, shoemr., lu Cypress 
Foley John F., tailor, Marriott bel 3d 
Foley Owen, labourer, Wiley's ct 
Foley Rebecca, Wood ab 11th. 
Folger Mary, rear 190 Lombard 
Folk, Susan, oakum picker, Prosperous al (S) 
Folkrod Elizabeth, 296 Vine. 
Follansbee John, Sc Co. boots Sc shoes, 28 Church 

Follansbee John, cordw., 28 Church al, h 236 N 

Follin George, 57 Pine 
Follin M., shop, Carlton bel Sch 5th 
F'olm Frederick, boot crimper, 167 St John 
F'olrit Philip, tailor, 76 S 5th 
F"olsted John, blacksmith, n Church bel Green- 
Folwell C. F., tailor, 81 N 5th. 
Folwell C. S., Bank U. S., h 37 Marshall. 
Folwell Sc Comly, mers., S7 X Water 
Folwell Edward, Bank X. America, h Spring 

Garden ab 10th 
Folwell Godfrey G., die sinker, 10 Pear 
Folwell Sc Haines, die sinkers, 10 Pear 
Folwell James, N. A. Bank, h lUth bet Green & 

Folwell John G., Philadelphia Bank, h 260 

Folwell Joseph, turner, 434- X 4th 
Folwell Joseph D., mer., 14 S 2d 
Folwell J. W., cordwainer, h 266 X 5th 
Folwell Sc Pitfield, cloth store, 14 S 2d 
Folwell Rebecca, gentw., 233 Mulberry 
Folwell Samuel, cordw., G. T. road ab Laurel 
Folwell Susannah, 26u X 7t;i 
Folwell Thomas J., mer., o7 X Water, h 5 Carl 

ton sq. 
Folwell Wm., cordw., Dyott's ct (K.) 
Foncamp Henry,- lab., 26u St John 
Fontaine C, ladies' shoemr., 6 Sheldon Row 
Fontaine Lewis, shoemr., 11 Coilesre place 
Fontanell Maria, blindmr., 4*9 N 3d 
Fontanges P. F., gent., Spruce ab Sch 4th 
Poos Daniel, 42 Xoble 
Poote Elizabeth, 27 Mead. 

F"oote Henry C, mer., 14 Commerce, li 79 Mar- 
Foote Jacob, brickmr., 18 M'Duffie 
Foote James, seaman, 41 Penn 
Foote James, brickmr., 18 Harmstead 
Foote John, grocer, N W 2d St Prime 
Foote John, brickmr., 18 M'Duffie 
Foote Skelton, shoemr., c Marriott & 6th. 
F'oote 8c Thompson, hardware, 14 Commerce 
F"oote Wilhelmina, Vine ab 12th. 
Foquet Charles, butcher, Garden bel Button- 
Foran Paul, painter, 54 X 2d 
F'orbes Elizabeth, 3d bel Cedar 
Forbes Henry, weaver, Hopkins' ct (K) 
Forbes Henry, dealer, 241 S 3d 
Forbes Hugh, shoemaker, 49 W Cedar. 
Forbes James, watchman, Lombard n Sch 7th 
F'orbes Jane, 31 M'Duffie 
F'orbes John, cordw., Sch 5th n Cedar 
F'orbes Richard, weaver, Otter Sc School (K) 
Forbes Robert, clerk, 13th & Pine 
F'orbes Sarah, tailoress, 378 S 4th 
Forbes Wm., lab., Lombard n Sch 7th 
Force Henry, blacksmith, 19 Flower 
Force James, clerk, Rugan n Callowhill 
Force John, ladies' shoemr., Greenwich ab Front 
Force Joseph P., bricklayer, Lewis (X L) 
Forcuin Hester, 1 Collins' al 
Ford David, ivory turner, 82 Sassafras, h 102 

Ford David, tablet landscape mr., 123 M road 
Ford Edward, shoemr., 17 Schriver's ct 
Ford Fdwin, turner, 1 Bread, h 260 X 5th 

Ford Eliza, simp, 37 X 12th 

Ford George, stevedore, Prosperous al (S) 

Ford H. G., M. D., Catharine and 4th 

Ford Isaac, mer., 3 Church al, h 439 Chestnut 

Ford Jacob, lab., Locust bel 13th 

Ford John, corder, Vine st whf., h 13 Vine. 

Ford John, blacksmith, Say st. 

Ford John, gent., 201 S 7th 

F"ord John, M. D., 47 X 5th 

Ford John M., plated saddlerv, 32 X 3rd, h 169 
X 4th. 

Ford Levi, seg-armr., Murray's ct 
XjFord Maria, sempstress, 39 Currant alley 

Ford Mary, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 

F'ord Mary, 16 Wagner's al 

Ford M. 'I'., tailor, 131 Franklin 

Ford Philip, cordwainer, School ab Otter (K) 

Ford Richard D., mathematical instrumentmr., 
5 Ehnslie's al 

Ford Robert, inspector customs, 99 S Whs., h 
44 Gaskill. 

Ford R. H., tinplate worker, 198 X 8th 

F'ord Samuel C., mer., 3 Church al 

Ford S. C. 8t I., com. mers., 3 Church al 

Ford Thomas, lab., Mulberry bel Broad 

Ford Thomas, trader, 46 Cherry 

Ford William, clerk, 124 St John 

F'ord Wm., bricklayer, Parrish ab 9th 

F'ord Wm., saddlery hardware, 7 X 4th, h 368 

F'ordham John, glass blower, Binder's ct (K) 

Fordham Richai'd, ship carpenter, Cherry ab 

Queen. (K) 
Fordney Henry, gunsmith, Derringer's ct 

Forehand Samuel, printer, 11th bel Cedar 
Foreman Henry, machinist, 26 Perry 
Foreman Peter, whitesmith, Willow ab 8th 
Foreman Robert, waiter, 17 Barley 
Foreman Samuel, coachsnhth, Centre 
Forepaugh George E., fiddler, Poplar ab Mar- 
Forepaugh John, dealer, 12th and Brown 
Forepaugh J. F., flour ik grain, S E Water and 

Mulberry, h 167 N 5th 
Forepaugh Solomon, tobacconist, 8 Sansom al 
Forepaugh W. F., currier, 37 6c 39 Chestnut, h 

265 N 3d 
Foring Samuel, clerk, 10 "Wagner's ct 
Forker Harding, shoemr., Derringer's ct 
Forker Samuel, tailor, Steitz's ct 
Forman Samuel blacksmith, Centre bel Parrish 

Fossitt James, hodcarrier, Allen's al 

Foster Albert, carp., Shackamaxon ab Bedford 

Foster Charles, weaver, Charlotte &.Thompsu;< 

Foster Charles, mariner, 122 Swanson. 
Foster Charles, house painter, 123 N 4th 
Foster Charlotte, dressmr., 18 Blackberry alle\ 
Foster Crawford, custom house, 99 S Whfs., !, 

301 S 5th 
Foster C. B., dentist, 237 Mulberry 
Foster D. H., cordw., 372 S 2d 
Foster E. B., stencil engraver, 268 N 3rd. 
poster Edward F., tailor, 59 Cherry 
Foster Elizabeth, 123 New 
Foster Elizabedi, rear 502 S 2d 
Foster E. XI., shoemr., 29-1 Callowhill 
Foster Hetty, widow of William, 304 Mulberry 
Foster James, clerk, 11 Barker 
Foster Jane, Sch. 5th bel Filbert 
Foster John, lab., 5 Loxlev's ct 

Formoses Geo., sup. pub. works, 13th ab Poplar Foster John,' ship' carpenter, Duke n Palmer. 

Fondest Isuac, weaver, Russell ct 

Forrest Jacob, copper smith, 459 N 4tli 

Forrest Rebecca, 144 N lUth 

Forrest Robert, lab., Mulberry ab Sch Front 

Forrest Samuel, cordw., Rye ab Reed 

Forrester Ann, b. h., 63 Chestnut. 

Forrester J. K., tailor, 76 New Market 

Forrester Peter, 248 S 6th 

Forson Lewis, porter, 239 S 7th 

Forst Frederick, upholsterer, 1 Harmony ct., h 

16 Raspberry al 
Forsyth David, morocco dresser, 14 Franklin ab 

3d (K) 
Forsyth Elizabeth, 64 N 6th. 
Forsyth John, viet., G T road bel Master (K) 
Forsyth John, druggist, 85 X 5th 
Forsyth Presley B., plumber, 15 S 7th. 
Forsyth P. B. 6c J. W., plumbers, 15 S 7th 
Forsyth Samuel, lab., 4 Barker 
Forsyth Samuel, lab., South row 
Forsyth Thomas, clerk, Sch 5th bel Spruce 

Foster John G., tobacconist, Allen ab Marlboro' 
Foster John W., provisions, N E 7th &. Cedar 
Foster Joshua, teacher deaf and dumb, Pine k 

Foster J. H., sailmaker, 1 "West st. 
Foster Mahlon, messenger, 26 N 6th 
Foster Margaret, William ab Hamilton 
Foster Mary, Queen bel 5th 
Foster Mar)-, widow of Strickland, 156 F rood 
Foster N. L., book agt., Phcenix n G T road (K) 
Foster Parker, weaver, Fitzwater, n Broad 
Foster Pool, cooper, Pegg n New Market 
Foster Quinley, 412 S 3d 
Foster Robert, 1 Monroe pi 
Foster Robert, M. D., 471 Vine 
Foster Samuel, shipw., Hanover ab Prince 
Foster Saml. C, carp., Front ab Jefferson (K) 
Foster Sarah, gentw., 322 S 7th. 
Foster Sarah, shop keeper, F road n Allen. 
Foster Sarah, Crown ab Bedford, (K) 
Foster &. Schrack, varnishers, 13 Coombes' al 

Forsyth Thomas H., carpenter, 11th bel Brown, Foster Summers, 244 St John 

Forsvth AVm. T., carp., Brown ab Cherry 
Fort D. M., M. D., 15U Marshall. 
Fort Isaac, lab., Ann ab Sell 6th 
Fort Levi, shoemr., 13 Gaskill 
Forten James, sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h92 Lom- 
Forten R. B., sailmaker, 95 S Whfs., h 16 Pow- 
Fortescue Joseph L., carp., 452 S Front 
Fortescue Thomas S., carp., 146 Christian 
Fortin Samuel, hosier, S E 2nd 6c Queen. (S) 
Fortner Chs., sailmr., Stiackamaxon & Beach(K) 
Fortner lchabod, salesman, Penn bel Maiden 

Fortnum William, chandler, 57 Sassafras. 
Fortune Joanna, Sassafras n Sch. 7th 
Fosbenner Daniel, vict. 619 N 4th 
Foabenner John, stone mason, 619 N 4th 
l-'osman Man, 25 Julianna 
Fossard Adolph, confec., N E 7th Sc Walnut. 
Fossard Felix, mer., Bridge st. M Village 
Fossitt Aaron P., waiter, Hussell bel Shippen 

Foster Thos., engineer, 11th ab R road 
Foster Thomas, ladies' shoes, 212 Spruce 
Foster Thomas, tavern, G T road ab 2d 
Foster Thomas, blacksmith, Fairmount st 
Foster Thomas, mechanic, Wharton bel 5th 
Foster Thomas, asst. storekeeper customs, li 

301 S 5th 
Foster Thomas, tavern, 143 S Front 
Foster W'alter, moroc. finisher, Paschall's al. 
Foster Wm., shoemr., 120 S ICth 
Foster Wm., carp., Bedford bel Palmer (K) 
Foster Wm. H., exchange office, 1 Librarv, h 

412 S 3d 
Fotterall Mrs. Stephen E., gentw., 152 S 3rd. 
Fotterall S. G., gent., 2 Portico sq. 
Fotterall William F., gentleman, N W 13th and 

Fouche AVm. W., dentist, 79 N 6th 
Fougeray Augustus p., stoves, 4th 8c O V rund 
Fougeray H. J., stoves, 1U"^ N 2nd 
Fougeray R. J., stoves, Willow and 2d, h 101 

New Market 

Fouladoux C, wigmaker, 42 s 4th 
Foulds Robert, tavern, N E 6th & Queen 
Foulk Frederick, victualler, Shaffer's ct 
Foulk John, cordw., rear 304 St John 
Foulk Stephen, clerk, 12th bel S Garden 
Foulke Ann, Filbert ab Sch 8th 
Fotilke Charles, b. h., 49 George 
Foulke George, sea capt., 81 N 7th 
Foulke Isaac, cordwainer, 302 S Front 
Foulke John P., seaman, 3 Mint ct. 
Foulke Julianna, dressmr., 50 S 10th 
Foulke Richard P., 263 Green 
Foulke Rowland & Son, tailors, 154 Callowhill 
Foulke "William, 68 N 9th 
Foulke Wm. P., att'y & coun., 18 S 8th 
Foulker Benjamin, sea capt., 4 Quarry 
Foulkrod Emanuel, cordw., 478 N 4th 
Foulks Charles, sea capt., 50 Mead 
Foulon Robert, plasterer, Ann (F V) 
Fountain A., ship carpenter, Palmer bel Prince 
Fouse Ezekiel, teacher, 31 Margaretta, h Hutch- 
inson ab Poplar 
Fouse Misses, millinery, 142 Poplar 
Fouser H., brickmr., rear 174 Poplar 
Foust George N., stone cutter, 172 N 8th. 
Foust H., shoemr., Orchard 
Foust Jas., tinsmith, S E 4th & Franklin (K) 
Fow David, vict., Marlboro' ab Franklin, (K) 
Fow George, butch., Marlborough bel Franklin. 
Fow George, brickmaker, Sch 5th n Lombard 
Fow Jacob, vict., Duke and Marlborough 
Fow John, vict., Crown ab Duke 
Fow Joseph, vict., Jefferson ab Front 
Fow Lewis, victualler, Crown ab Bedford (K) 
Fow Saral., victualler, Spafford St Prosperous al 
Fow Wm., brickmr., Harmstead n Sch 2d 
Foward Casper, rear Com. Hall 3d st 
Fowler George, painter, 154 Carpenter 
Fowler Jacob P., 266i N 2d 
Fowler John, grocer, Chestnut n Schuylkill 
Fowler Joseph C, shoemr., PfeitTen's ct 
Fowler Mahlon, tailor, 367 N 2nd. 
Fowler Mary, 271 St. John 
Fowler Man", milliner, 126 N 2d 
Fowler Matthew, confect., 2 Tammany 
Fowler Rennels, tailor, Tammany ab 2d 
Fowler R., plasterer, Ann (F V) 
Fowler Susannah, segarmr, 8 Lagrange pi 
Fowler S. G., cabinet mr., Plum ab 4th 
Fowler William, eating house, 11 High 
Fowler William, carp., Parrish ab lltli 
Fowler William, plasterer, Pratt 
Fowler Wm., rulemr., 336 N 3d 
Fowler William H., tinsmith, 126 N 2nd. 
Fowls Willis, waiter, Carpenter ab 6th 
Fox Ann, shop, 308 S 7th 
Fox Benjamin, Cherry ab Jacoby 
Fox Charles, brickmaker, 464 Sassafras. 
Fox Charles, surveyor, Juniper bel Spruce 
Fox Christian, cordwainer, 138 Broun (N L) 
Fox Christian, cordw., 39 Garden 
Fox Christian, weaver, 113 Green 
Fox Daniel, gardener, Hanover ab Duke ' 
Fox Daniel M., conveyancer, 418 N 2d 
Fox Edward, labourer, Hamilton n (F M) 

Fox Edward J., Cherry ab 12th 

Fox Frances, mantuamaker, 17 Benton 

Fox Frederick, grocer, Marlborough n Duke. 

Fox F. A., carter, 199 Lombard 

Fox George, sailmr., 10 .lames 

Fox George, M. D., 491 Chestnut. 

Fox George, dealer, 123 Cedar. 

Fox George, tin plate worker, 42 N 2d, h Sch. 

5th ab Wood 
Fox Jacob, painter, Front n Phrenix (K) 
Fox Jacob, lab., Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Fox Jacob, cordwainer, 137 New Market 
Fox .lames, upholsterer, 415 High 
Fox James, dyer, 14 Parker 
Fox John, weaver, Sch. 3d & Dorothy 
Fox John, lamp black manuf, 105 New Market 
Fox John, N E Sch. 7th and High 
Fox John, corder St charcoal, Poplar st. v.'hf, 

h 418 N 2d. 
Fox John, chairmr., Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Fox John D., cooper, 392 High, Sc 196 N 3d, h 

N E 9th and Callowhill 
Fox John E., exchange broker, 5 S 3d, h 132 

S 11th 
Fox John G., hatter, Pearl bel William 
Fox Joseph, coachman, 20 Webb's al 
Fox Joseph, cordwainer, 216 N 8th 
Fox Joseph L., clerk, 10th bel Green 
Fox Joseph M., Broad bel Chestnut 
Fox Lewis, brickmr., Green label R road 
Fox L., lab., Palm 
Fox Margaret, 120 New 
Fox Margaret D., corsets, 247 S 5th 
Fox Mary, sempstress, Bedford bel Broad 
Fox Mary, 8 Filbert av 
Fox Michael, brushmr., 1 St. John 
Fox Michael, vict., 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Fox Nicholas, dealer, 217 Cedar. 
Fox Patrick, carp. Jones W Sch 4th 
Fox Patrick, lab. N Front bel Reed 
Fox Patrick, lab. rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Fox Patrick T., gratemr., 8S N 6th 
Fox Peter, carp., 4th bel Wharton 
Fox Peter, rigger, 8 Queen 
Fox Samuel, cabinetmr., S W Shippen St Front 
Fox Samuel, 37 Filbert 
Fox Sarah, 476 Sassafras 
Fox Susan, 5 Gray's al 
Fox S. M., brickmaker, 36 Rittenhouse 
Fox T., milliner and dressmr., 302 N 10th n 

| Fox Thomas, coachman, Dean's alley 
| Fox William, tailor, 196 N 2nd. 
iFox Wm. P. brickmr. Jefferson ab Sch 6th 
Foxhill John F., vict., Sch 3d ab Callowhill 
I Foy Anthony, lab. 5 Adams 
Foy Hugh, carter, Wharton ab 2d 
JFov James, ostler, 1 Kelly 
Foy John Murty, Carlton ab 12th. 
Foy Joseph, cordw. Perry St Norman's ct 
I Foy Margaret, Pine ab loth 
Foy Valentine, engineer, Wheat St Reed. 3 
Foyle Edward, groc, Sa ;salYasal St Mulberry al 
Foyle Wm. weaver, Crown bel Duke (K) 
Fraley Charles, chandler, School bel Franklin 

Fraley Edward L., mer., 333 Sassafras 

Fraley Frederick, Sec'y. Am. Fire Ins. Co., 72 

Walnut, h 365 Sassafras. 
Fraley Geo. W. shoemr. Beaver ab St John (K) 
Fraley John, shoemr. John n F Mount 
Fraley John U. Junr., mer., ?9 N 10th. , 
Fraley John U., senr., 79 X 10th. 
Fraley R. W., gentw., 137 S 3d 
Fraley Wm., bricklayer, Callowhill ah Sch 6th 
Fraley W. W., cord\'v., Beach bel Maiden, (K) 
Frame Catharine, 13th & Pearl 
Frame Festus, lab., 10 Acorn alley 
Frame John, baker, 50 Apple 
France Jacob, 13 Short ct. 
Frame Nathan, seaman, 59 S Front 
France V. lab. Pear bel 12th 
France A\ "m. M., tavern, F road ab Bedford 
Francina James L. gent. Melon n lOtli 
Francis Ann, 98 S 4th. 
Francis Benjamin, dver, rear 66 Union 
Francis Benjamin C. painter, Ann n Sch 8th 
Francis Benj. C, tobacconist, Ann n Sch 8th 
Francis Charles, gent., 9 Sansom. 
Francis Charles, waiter, 23 Green (C) 
Francis Charles, tinsmith, 440 Sassafras. 
Francis Charles, tender, Marriott's laab 5th 
Francis Dolly, g'entw., Spruce ab 12th 
Francis Edward, chairmr. 2 Chester 
Francis, Field Sc Francis, tinmen is: saddlerv 

hardware, 80 N 2nd 
Francis Henry, tinman, 80 X 2d, h 37 Jacoby 
Francis James W., potter, Jones n Sch. 5th. 
Francis Joseph, black &. white smith, 26 Dock, 

h 62 Union. 
Francis L. C. math. inst. mr. 13 Dock 
Francis Rosanna, rear 194 Lombard 
Francis Thomas, plater, SO X 2d, h 98 Dillwyn 
Franck Wm. auctioneer, X W 2d Sc Tammany 
Francks John, sen. baker, Washington (W P) 
Francks John, tobacconist, Washington (W P) 
Frank Asher, dry goods, 345 X 2d 
Frank Christian, gent., Sch. 7th and Cherry 
Frank Henry, tailor, X E 4th and Walnut 
Frank Henry, carp. Wallace & Preston 
Frank Isaac, peddler, 3 Querville's ct 
Frank Jacob, blacksm., Cherry bel Duke (K) 
Frank Jacob, carp. 247 Green 
Frank John, cordw., Duke n Marlborough 
Frank Lydia Ann, 385 X Front 
Frank Moses, gent. 345 X 2d 
Frank Philip, shoemaker. 70 Coates 
Frankelberry Elizabeth, 87 X 7th 

Franklin Mary, tailore9S, 73 S 11th 
Franklin Nathaniel, S E 10th £c High 
Franklin Richard, lab., Small 
Franklin Ruth, Poplar and Gray's ct. 
Franklin Wm. H. organ builder, Sch 8th ab 

Franks Elizabeth, 155 X 10th 
Franks George, moulder, 31 Sarah 
Franks Henry, tobacconist, 372 X 4th. 
Franks Herman, shoemr. F road n Allen (K) 
Franks Sc Hust, gaugers & coopers, 71 St John 
Franks John, brush maker, 2 Cresson's al. 
Franks John A., cooper, 70 St. John 
Franks Wm., salesman, 611 X 2d 
Frantz Jacob, carp.. Orchard ab Rawle 
Eraser D. Rev. Maria bel 5th 
Fraser James, stone cutter, Wallace ab R road 
Fraser James P., collector, 5 Fayette 
Fraser Robert, smithery, O Y road Sc Wood, h 

N E 7th & Cherry 
Frasier Mary, 135 Poplar 
Frazer Benjamin T., dry goods, 302 S 2d 
Frazer John, weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
Frazer John F., Clinton ab 10th 
Frazer John F. carp. 14 Cooper's ct 
Frazier Anthony, carp. Church bel Greenwich 
Frazier Anthony, carpenter, Pine ab 13th. 
Frazier Bishop," Sch 5th & Filbert 
Frazier George, carp. Pine ab 13th 
Frazier Gurney, blacksmith, Parrish bel 12th 
Frazier James, plasterer, Carpenter ab 6th 
Frazier Joseph, stevedore, 55 Mead. 
Frazier Malbro, mer., 5 Walnut, h Spruce ab 

Frazier Robert, trunkmr., Carpenter n P road. 
Frazier William, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 
Frazier Wm., ropemr., P road bel Federal 
Frazier Wm., plasterer, Carpenter ab 6th 
Frazier Wm. 252^ Walnut 
Frazier Wm. printer, 4th bel Christian 
Freas & Co., grocers, N E 5th & Sassafras. 
Freas George, tobacconist, 18 Branner's al 
Freas Henry, cupper & bleeder, 13 Queen. (K) 
Freas Jacob, grocer, X E 5th & Sassafras 
Freas John, stone mason, Park n Locust (W P) 
Freas John, blacksmith, 568 S Front 
Frederick & Dewald, rners., 62 X 3d 
Frederick Elizabeth, Wood bel Duke (K) 
Frederick Geo., fisherman, Wood ab Queen(K) 
Frederick Isaac, shoemaker, 6 Carter's al 

Frederick Jacob, fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Frederick John, mer., 62 X 3d, h 121 Callow: 


Frankenstein John P. port, painter, S fcl 6th ScJFrederick J no. fisherman, Viennabel Prince (K) 
Walnut (Frederick John, baker, 102 Apple. 

Frankford John, cabinetmr. 9th Sc Carpenter (Frederick John H., jeweller, 6 Hoffman's al 

Franklin Benj. wheelwright, 24 Sc h 18 Dock {Frederick John L., engr., 53 S 4th, h 5 City row. 

Franklin Edward, shoes ix bonnets, S E 10th 8c Frederick S. rear 445 X 4th 

?*y» |Frederickson Wm. tobacconist, Parrish bel 11th 

Frankhn George, wharf builder, Queen n Wood iFrederitze Joseph, ladies' boots, 59 New 


Franklin James, plasterer, George ab Sch 6th 
Franklin John, lab. Ann n 12th 
Franklin John G., painter, 246 Catharine 
Franklin Luke, lab. Coates bel Sch 6th 
Franklin Margaret R., 11 Wallace 

Tree Elijah, carp. Washington bel 13th 
I Free George, stables, 11 8c h 21 Cherry 
;Free Joseph, sailmaker, 11 China 
(Free Martin, blind manuf. 518 X 2d. 
Freeborn Mrs. Christiana, Sch. 6th bel High 
I Freeborn Noble, labourer, Say. 

Freeburger Peter, hatter, S W Juniper and 

Freed Anthony, supt. M. prison 
Freed David, gun stockmr., 137 Green 
Freed David, mer, 44S High, h SOS N 6th. 
Freed D. 5c Sons, flour and hops, 448 High. 
Freed Isaac, broker, N E 9th 8c Filbert, h S W 

Linden Sc Green. 
Freed Jacob, grocer, Green & Linden 
Freed John, ropemr. Camac ab 8th 
Freed John, bottler, 552 N 3d. 
Freed Joseph M., mer., 448 High. 
Freedly Samuel, M. D., S E Green Sc Marshall. 
Freeland David S., hats, 22 and 56 High, h 26 

Freeland John, cordwainer, 63 Plum: 
Freeland John, clerk, 359 S 6th 
Freeland Nathan Y., hatter, 58 Garden 
Freeman Amanda, feather manuf., 35 N 4th. 
F'reeman Amelia, 17S Locust 
Freeman A. Sc E. W., milliners, 70 Mulberry. 
Freeman A. H., mer. 80 High, h 70 Mulberry 
Freeman Charles, porter, 95 Bedford 
Freeman Charles, cap maker, 15 S 2d 
Freeman Charles M., cordw., 303 "Walnut 
Freeman Benjamin, cabinetmr. 4 Weaver's ct 
Freeman Caroline, washer, Briley's ct 
Freeman Charles D. atty. 6 Library 
Freeman Elizabeth, washer, Bedford bel 10th 
Freeman Elizabeth W, 481 S 2d. 
Freeman George, furniture car, 122 Lombard 
Freeman G., waiter, 21 Currant al. 
Freeman Hiram, porter, rear 174 N 8th 
F'reeman H. G., atty., 6 Library, h Locust n St 

Mary (WP) ' 
Freeman James, lab., Milton ab 10th 
Freeman James A. auctioneer, 50 N 6th 
F'reeman John, porter, Sth bel Cedar 
Freeman John, dyer, Philip ab Jefferson^ (K) 
Freeman Mary A., blind mr., 143$ Sc h 138 S 2d 
Freeman Moses, b h, 92 Crown 
Freeman Nathan, blindmr., N W 2d and Dock, 

h 96 S 2d 
Freeman & Story, capmrs. 15 S 2d 
Freeman S. porter, Currie's ct 
Freeman T. W. L. & Son, auctioneers, 50 N 6th 
F'reeman T. W. L., auctioneer, 50 N 6th, h 195 

N 9th 
F'reeman Wm. seaman, Pine al 
Freeman Wm. G., steward, 5 Barley 
F'reeman Wm. S. agt. Union Transport. Line, 

45 S whfs. 
Freeston Wm., keeper M. prison, h 498 S 2d. 
Freig Michael, lab. 30 Rose al 
Frenaye Mark A., St. John's 13th 
Frenaye P., professor, 59 S 11th. 
French Sc Baker, riggers, S wharves ab Cedar 
F'rench Charles, 3 Lyndall's al 
French Elizabeth, 8 Wiley's ct. 
F'rench George, rigger, 30 Mead. 
F'rench John, lab., Griswold's al 
French John, bootmr., Shoemaker 
French Joseph, carp., 11th bel Cedar, h 4th bel 

French Marshall, clerk, Sch 6th ab Filbert 

French Wm. bru^hmr. rear 53 Arsple 
French Wm. J., biscuit baker, Mifflin Sc Orleans 
F'reno Ann, gentw., 28 Spruce 
Freshmuth Wm. tobacconist, 90 Buttonwood 
Frcudd Frederick, tailor, 26 1 S Front 
Freudenwoll Charles, cabinetmr. Mintland's ct 
Freund Joseph, confectioner, 2^2 N 3d. 
Freybergcr A., umbrella maker, 307 Callowhill. 
Freymuth Benj. E., collector, 539 S 3d 
Freyschlag B. Miss, dressmr., 1 Sheldon row 
Freytag Christiana G., 202 S 5th 
Freytag G.. mer., 41 High, h 74 S 4th 
Freytag M. Mrs., china store, 293 Walnut. 
Prick Abraham, shop, 30 Castle 
Frick Christian, cabinetmr. 125 St John 
Prick Edwin P., real est. brok. Sc conv.28N 8th 
Frick Henry, tavern, 26 Spruce 
Frick Jacob, grocer, c Wood and Garden 
F"rick Jacob, brass foundry, 364 N 3d. 
Frick John H., editor Amer. Sentinel, 35 Wal- 
nut, h N W 4th Sc Tammany 
Fricke Elizabeth, gentw. 271 Coates 
Fricke George, mer., 14 Nod, h 271 Coates 
Fricke Henry, mer., 14 N 3d, h 269 Coates 
Fricke H. Sc G., saddlery hardware, 14 N 3d 
Fricke Susanna, 209 St. John 
Fricker Catharine, 670 N 2nd n Master 
Fridenburg i< Brothers, clothing store, 170 N 2d 

Sc 277 N 2d 
Fridenburg Mone, tailor, 241 and 207 N 2nd 
Fridenburg Pharez, 170 N 2d 
Fried John, cork cutter, 10th bel S Garden 
Friedauf L., dentist, 63 N 7th 
Friedline John L., jeweller, 74 Christian 
Friedline Sarah, b h., 268 N 5th 
Friel John, shop. Beach and Walnut 
Friend Andrew B., blacksmith, 6 Juniper al, h 

73 George 
Friend James, bookbinder. Pleasant bel 12th 
Friend John, corder, Coates it. wharf, h 413 N 

Fries George, grocer, 9 Green ab Front 
Fries Sc Gibbons, grocers, SS Washington av 
F'ries Hugh, lab., Sell. 3d and Walnut 
Fries Jes^e, carp., 18 Lagrange, h 58 N 2d 
Fries John, lab., Spruce Sc Ashton 
Fries John, watchmaker, 160 N 2d. 
Fries P., watchmaker, 353 N 2d 
F'riesz Samuel H., labourer, 112 Wood. 
Frieze Maria, dressmr., Juniper n Filbert 
Frinchback Charles, butcher, rear 32 Sheaff 's al 
Frisby Charles, cabinetmaker, 191 Lombard. 
Frisby Flora Ann, dress mr., 10 Pleasant av 
Frisby George, doctor, Lewis' ct 
Frisby George, lab. Boyle's ct n P road 
Frisby Jeremiah, carter, Swede's ct 
Frisby Perry, waiter, 52 Quince 
Frisby Richard, barber, Centre bel 13th 
Frisby Stephen, lab. Shirker's al 
Frisby Thomas, porter, rear Milton n 11th 
Frishmuth Sc Brothers, tobacco, 246 N 3d 
Frishmuth Charles, 144 Franklin 
| Frishmuth Edw.H., tobacconist, h 129 Franklin 
F'rishmuth Sarah Ann, dry goods, 492 S 2d. 
iFrismuth J., gent., bth ab G'reen 

rnth Edward, mer., 42 Commerce, h Sch 8th 

bel Walnut 
Fritz C. oyster cellar, 114 Green 
Fritz Elizabeth, b h, 114 Green 
Fritz Francis, gardener, Carpenter ab Stli 
Fritz Frederick, marb. yard, Callow hill ab Broad 
Fritz George, lab., School and Hope (K) 
Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker, 267 Mulberry, h 124 

N Juniper 
Fritz Jacob, brushmaker, 196 N 3d. 
Fritz John, baker, 153 S 6th 
Fritz John, combmr., Brook bel Brow* 
Fritz John, dyer, 17 Duke 
Fritz John S., cabinetmaker, 3 Schriver's ct. 
Fritz Joseph, whipmaker, 1 N 4th, h Charlotte 

ab Phornix (K) 
Fritz Lewis F., lab., Duke ab Cherry 
Fritz Mary, Thompson n 4th. 
Fritz Peter, marble mason, yard 226 Sassafras, 

h 214 Sassafras 
Fritz Peter, 4 Lagrange 

Fritz Win., cabinetmaker, F road opp. Queen. 
Fritz William, shoemaker, IT Callow lull 
Fritz Win. tin smith, Sassafras ab Broad 
Fritz & Williams, morocco drs. 29 Margaret ta 
Froggutt Wm. gun smith, 3 47 N front 
Fromberger Anna M., 92 Marshall 
Fromberger M., St. John bet Callowhill and 

Frontin Julius A., French teacher, 46$ Walnut 
Frost C. K., engraver, 101 Chestnut 
Frost John, paper marbler, 50 Logan 

Frost John, professor Phila. High School, h Sch 
8th n Spruce 

Frost Silas, brass founder, 74 & 90 S Front. 

Frost Wm., dealer, 12 Jones' al (C) 

Frower C. E., bricklayer, Gray's ct. 

Frowert C. Mrs., 20 Cresson's alley. 

Frowert Daniel, surg. instr. maker, 88 N 4th. 

Frowert Isaac, boot & shoemaker, 64 N 5th. 

Frowert J., gent., Wood bel 9th. 

Frowert Lewis II., superintendent, 355 Cedar 

Frowert Mrs. H., artf. flow, mr., 78 Sassafras. 

Frowert Samuel W., cordw., 459 S 2d 

Fry Asa W., bricklayer, Buttonwood bel 13th 

Fry Christian, lab., Shackamaxon bel Franklin 

Fry Edmond, cooper, 10 Filbert, h Prospect al 

Fry Wm., Spruce bel Sch. 8th 
Fry Wm. C, engraver, 270 N 8th 
Fry Win. W. planemr. Henderson's ct 
Fryer George, cordw., 9th ab Buttonwood 
Fryer John, tailor, 206 Sassafras, h 8 Nicholson. 
Fryer Wm., mer., 38 S 2d. 
Fryer Wm. M., piano maker, 3 Randall's ct. 
Fuguet S., mer., h 89 Lombard 
Fulham Thomas, tailor, 160 S 5th 
Fullaway Charles, trunkmaker, 23 Shippen. 
Fuller Archibald, cart., N E M road Sc Wharton. 
Fuller Daniel, real estate broker, 6th &. Prune. 

h 26 Sansom 
Fuller John, pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller H., painter, Nectarine, ab 8th 
Fuller Oliver, mer., 143 High, h 16 Clinton 
Fuller Zelotes, Rev.. S Garden bel R road 
Fullertin Edward, shoemaker, N E 13th St Fil- 

bert, h 54 N Sch 7th 
Fullerton Aaron, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
Fullerton Alexander, cordw., 493 Sassafras 
Fullerton Alexander, druggist, 174 High, h 264 

Fullerton Catharine, F road ab Bedford (K) 
Fullerton C. J., mer., h 13S Walnut 
Fullerton Henry, bookbinder. 3 Hause's ct 
Fullerton Hugh, weaver, 54 W Cedar 
Fullerton John, constable, Union n Bedford (Kl 
Fullerton John R., bricklayer, Prince bel Cherrv 

Fullerton Matthew, grocer, 392 Sassafras 
Fullerton Nathan, carter, Spruce n Sch Front 
Fullerton Stephen B., plasterer, 485 Vine 
Pullman Edward, vict. 7th bel Lombard 
Pullman James, sawyer, Wilson's ct 
Fullmer John J. cahinetmr. rear 90 Cherrv 
Fullum James, oysterman, 40 N 4th 
Ful mer Casper, carp., Otter n G 7' road. 
Fulmer F. cooper, 19 Maria 
Fulmer Henry, Warner's ct 
Fulmer Jacob, combmr., Fraley's ct (K) 
Fulmer John, carp., Palmer bel West (K) 
Fulmer Michael, butcher, 6 Steward 
Fulmer Nicholas, farmer, Fulmer's la n Eastern 

Fulmer Wm. W. paper warehouse, 9 Merchant, 

h 137 Filbert 
Puis Frederick, Cobb's ct (N L) 

w -* 1 ' * I -—*--» vi WJ.J. \_vtv.l 1VA., \jUUU 3 LL I \ 1 j ) 

Fry Edmund P. real est. broker, 64$ Walnut, h; Fulton Alex'r., weaver, Shirjoen laab Fitzwate: 

Spruce E Sch 8th c.i*__ 41 j_ _ „. 

Fry Jacob W., clerk, 5th ab Poplar 
Fry John, cabinetmr., 270 N 8th 

Fulton Alexander, printer, 481 S 2d 
Fulton Ann, Randall's ct 
Fulton A. M., cordw., Culvert & Mechanic 
Fry John, pumpmaker, 119$ JS Water, h 34 Fulton Edington, printer, 481 S 2d 

Elfreth's alley. i Fulton k Goodall, painters <c glazs. 35 S 4th 

Fry John A., clerk, Washington ab Oth | Fulton G. weaver, 2d ab Franklin (K) 

Fry John J., baker, 122 Dillwyn. | Fulton H., lab., R road, (F V) 

Fry J. R., editor North American, 79 Dock, h Fulton James, lab. Carpenter ab 8th 

Spruce n Broad 
Fry Lucretia, 85 N 9th 
Fry Mary L., g"ent., 16 New Market. 
Fry r N. L. silversmith. 16 New Market 
Fry Robert, machinist, Buttonwood 11 13th 
Fry Samuel E., mer., 58 N 3d, h 102 Sassafras 
Fry Sylvester, shoenir. 14 Quarry 

Fulton James, lab., Shippen ab 13th 
I Fulton John, lab., rear 326 S 5th 
j Fulton John, painter 8c glaz. N W 3d k Que; 
J Fulton John, painter, 35~S 4th, h 362 S 3d 
; Fulton J. L. coachmr. Williams' ct 
! Fulton Samuel, lab. Fine ab Willow Sch 
i Fulton Samuel, lab. High ab Sch 4th 

Fry Thomas k William, confectioners, 191 N 3d. I Fulton Samuel, printer, rear 33 Beck (S) 

Fulton Samuel, warper, Jackson ab Adams 

Fulton Sarah, 351 Cedar 

Fulton Win, warper, Mifflin n 13th 

Fulton Wm. H., carpenter, 53 S Juniper. 

Fultz Jacob, baker, 111 Apple 

1 unck Charles F., cabinetmaker, 581 N 3d (C) 

Funk G., tailor, 21 Castle 

Funk Hannah, Ogden n 10th. (S G) 

Funk James M., rear 4 Julianna 

Funk YVm. carter, Coates n Sch 

Funston Hannah, F road bel Master (K) 

Funston John, grocer, Poplar 8c Hutchinson 

l'urbee Jonathan, waterman, Collins' al 

Furby Edward, lab. Gilles' al 

Furey Jane, mantua mr., 123 S 5th 

Furey John S., teacher, 1U1 Spruce 

Furey Margaret, variety store, 101 Spruce. 

Furey Peter, lab., Caldwell 

Furey Thomas, shoemr., High ab Sch. 6th 

Furlong James, grocer, N YY* 7th 8c Cherry. 

Furlow Robert, boatman, Hay's ct 

Furman & Appleton, tailors, 58 N 6th. 

Furman David, tailor, 5S N 6th, h Brown ab 

Furman Elizabeth, Ann \V Sch. 8th 

Furman Elizabeth, 4 Union ct. 

Furman Robert, 26 Prune 

Furness, Brinlev 8c Ash, com. mers. and auc- 
tioneers, 22 & 24 N 2d 

Furness James T., auctioneer, 22 N 2d, h Spruce 
n Sch. 8th 

Furness Wm. H. Rev., Pine ab Broad. 

Furney Win., Ladies shoemaker, 2 Assembly 

Furphy Thomas, lab., 13th bel Fitzwater 

Fury John, cordw., 2 Roach's ct (K) 

Fury Michael, grocer, 218 Lombard 

Fussell Henry B., umbrellas, 3 N 4th, h 128 Mar- 

Fussell Samuel, milkman, 176 Coates 

Fussman Amos, baker, Fraley's ct 

Futcher 'William, bootmaker, 122 W High 

Gabb Joseph, salesman, Poplar ab 4th 

Gabel Peter senr., gent., 9 Brown. 

Gabel Thomas, tobacconist, N E St John and 

Gabell G. T., plumber, 23 S 8th and 4 N 12th 
Gabell 8c Hughes, plumbers, 23 S Sth and 4 N 

Gable Joseph, painter, 420 N Front. 
Gabler John H., Coates n F M 
Gabriel John, lab., Mulberry n Sch Front 
Gady Daniel, lab., Pearl bel Broad 
Gady F'rances, widow, George n Beach 
Gafferty Peter, lab, 13 Ly brand 
Gaffhey Barney," lab., Fitzwater bel 7th 
Gaffney Bridget, grocer, NW 4th 8c Master. 
Gaffhey Eliza, 5 Rittenhotise 
Gaffhey James, waiter, 13 S 6th 
Gaffney John, bottler, 15 Mercer. 
Gaffhey Thomas, stone cutter, Sycamore ub 


Gaillard E., baker, 18 Mulberry 
Gaily Wm., lab., M'Dufiie n Sch 2nd 
Gaines Henry, hod carrier, P road bel Mar- 
riott's la 
Gaines Richard, lab., 30 Blackberry al 
Gakeler Jacob, butcher, Hanover bel F road 

Galbraith Andrew, lab., Filbert W Sch 4th 
Galbraith H. lab., R road ab George (F V) 
Galbraith James, wood wharf, Callowhill, h 116 

New Market 
Galbraith James, carp., Sch 5th ab Chestnut 
Galbraith James, lab., Filbert ab Sch. 3d. 
Galbraith Jas., marble polisher, c 12th 8c Short. 
Galbraith James, painter, Filbert n Sch 3d 
Galbraith John, bookbinder, Rugan n Callowhill 
Galbraith John, marble paper mr., Schriver' ct 

8c Shepherd's al, h Rugan 
Galbraith Robert, lab., Helmuth n Sch 6th 
Galbraith Robert, lab., Sch. 3d and Cherry 
Galbraith Samuel, Beam's ct 
Galbraith Win., grocer, S E 13th and Pine 
Gale James, barber, 11 S 5th 
Gale Jane, rear 8 Blackberry al 
Gale Malachi, 83 P road. 
Gale Richard, porter, 5 Osborne's ct. 
Gale Sarah, dressmaker, 79 Filbert 
Gale Thomas S., acct., 225 Wood. 
Galen William, clerk, Christian n P road 
Gales Wm., seaman, Pine al 
Galindo John C. Fair Mount and Col. rail road 
Gallagher Andrew, drayman, Marion bel M road 
Gallagher Ann, 11 Jacoby. 
Gallagher Ann, Callowhill and William 
Gallagher A. F. X., bootmr., 405 Chestnut 
Gallagher A G. surg. inst. mr., 7 N 9th 
Gallagher Daniel, lab., West ab George 
Gallagher Dennis, lab., 6th bel Carpenter 
Gallagher Edward, lab., Carpenter 8c 8th 
Gallagher 8c Hamilton, harness mrs., 50 S II th 
Gallagher Hugh, cofYee house, 6 Decatur 
Gallagher James, 5th bel Catharine 
Gallagher James, baker, 2d and Reed 
Gallagher James, morocco dresser, rear 275 S 

Gallagher James, lab., 2 Sch Water 
Gallagher John, drayman, Fitzwater ab 7th 
Gallagher John, baker, Pine and Perry 
Gallagher John, 328 S 6th 
Gallagher John, carp., Front bel Greenwich 
Gallagher John, weaver, 7 White's ct 
Gallagher John, coachman, Sycamore ab Locusi 
Gallagher John, lab., 2 Farmer's row 
Gallagher John Capt., 28 Almond. 
Gallagher Nealis, lab., Coates a Fair Mount 
Gallagher Patrick, lab., Milton bel 11th 
Gallagher Patrick, lab., 6 Sen Water 
Gallagher Peter, tailor, 2 S 13th 
Gallagher Richard, labourer. Type al n Sch. 
Gallagher Sanxl., cordw., Cadwalader ab 1... ";- 

l'in (K) 
Gallagher Susan, Govett's ct 
Gallagher Thomas, lab., Sch 2nd 8c Harmste i i 
Gallagher Thomas, lab., Pine ab Sch 6th 
Gallagher Timothy, oitler, Sycamore ab Locust 

Gallagher Wm., h-rness mr., 50 S 11th 
Gallagher Wm., lab., Sch 4th & Barker 
Gallagher Wm., morocco dresser, Kessler's ct 

Gallaway William, bricklayer, Poplar ah 9th 

Gallaway Z., waiter, Gales's ct 

Gallen Charles, tavern, 46 Prune. 

Gallen Isabella, tavern, 101 Shippen 

Gallen James, milkman, Greswold's al 

Gallett August, wig maker, 38 S 4th. 

GaJliard James, painter, Sch. 7th ab Chestnut, 

h Ann ab Sch. 4th. 
Gallins Ralph, b h, S W S whs and Cedar 
Gallon James, lab., Hamilton n F M 
Galloney Charles, mer., 3S74 High, h 409 Sassa- 
Galloway Benj., dyer, 10 Bonsall 
Galloway Isaac, coachman, 22 Watson's al 
Galloway James, shop, 33 Elfreth's al 
Galloway James, sail mr., 1U9 N Water, h 33 

Elfreth's al 
Galloway John, hatter, 52 Sassafras 
Galloway Jolin L.., hatter, Clair bel Carpenter 
Galloway Margaret, tavern, 91 N Water 
Galloway Win., dealer, 109 N Water 
Gaily Ann C, 178 N 4th 
Gait John, carpet weaver, Cadwaladcr below 

Galton Maria, 180 Christian 
Gamble Charles S., shoemaker, 3d 5c Marriott 
Gamble Georg-e N., morocco dresser, 15 ik h 13 

Gamble James, waterman, 265 N Water 
Gamble James, weaver, 26 W Cedar 
Gamble James, lab., Ashton bel Sassafras 
Gamble James, lab., Helmuth n 7th 
Gamble John, weaver, Shippen ab 11th 
Gamble John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Gamble John, gent., 32 Callowlnll 
Gamble John, constable, 15 Orleans 
Gamble Joseph, tobacconist, 11 Quarry 
Gamble J. & Sons, leather manui'., 5 Margaretta 
Gamble K. J., morocco dresser, 5 Margaretta, h 

7 Noble 
Gamble Lucretia, b h, 98 S Front 
Gamble Robert, tailor, 104 Plum 
Gamble Samuel, stone cutter, Pine ab Sch 6th 
Gamble Samuel, dry goods, 174 Locust 
Gamble Sarah, gentw., 23 Turner 
Gamble Thos, morocco dress., G T road n Rose 
Gamble Warren, waterman, 265 N Front 
Gamble William, cordwainer, 265 Green 
Gambling William, cabinet maker, Callowhill n 

Games Rufus, barber, 184 N Sth 
Gamester Evan, lab., Mackeyab Rye. 
Gamester N., carter, 30 Union (S) 
Gampher John, cooper, S 5th bel Queen. 
Gampher Michael, cooper, 2a0 S 2nd, h 274 

S 5th 
Gandy E. S., met-., 13 S Front, h 318 S 4th 
Gandy Sheppard, gent., 318 S 4th 
Ganer Michael, lab., Ashton ab Pine 
Ganges Rachel, washer, Russell 
Ganges Sarah, washer, 115 Christian 
Ganon John, carp., Shippen ab Sth 

Gaps James, rope mr., Dugan 

Gans Solomon, N W George and Shippen 

Gans Solomon, clothes, George & Shippen 

Ganser John, shoe store, 469 N 2d 

Ganstert Michael, shoemaker, 80 N 9th 

Gant George, printer, 387 S 6th 

Gantt S. A. Miss, b. h., 27 Sansom. 

Gantz Charles, tailor, 236 N Front 

Ganzy Enos, Bread and Paper alley 

Garbanati F. C, gilder, 151 S 3rd. 

Garber Benedict, carp., 10th & Pleasant 

Garber Christian, carp., 10th & Pleasant 

Garber John, lab., 10th and Pleasant 

Garch Robert, tailor, 154 S 6th 

Garden Christopher H., hatter, 196 High, h 16 

Garden Wm., printer, Pike 
Gardette E. B., dentist, 246 Walnut. 
Gardette Jane, 178 S 13th 
Gardiner A. Sidney, clerk, Sch 7th ab Pine 
Gardiner H. S., cooper, 131 S Front. 
Gardiner M. W. com. mer., 43 S Water 
Gardiner R., M. D., 85 Catharine 
Gardiner Wallace, tailor, 11th ab Buttonwood 
Gardiner Wm. A., M. 13., 85 Catharine 
Gardiner W., M. D., R road ab George (FV) 
Gardner Aaron, umbrella mr., 293 Vine 
Gardner Abraham, lab., IS Burd's ct 
Gardner Alexander, bricklayer, rear 177 S 3d 
Gardner Ann, washer, Bedford bel 12th 
Gardner Archibald, dealer, c 11th 8c Sassafras 
Gardner A., carp., Shaffer's ct 
Gardner Catharine, 17 Coates' al 
Gardner Cazenove C. mer., 101 S Front, h Clin- 
ton ab 10th 
Gardner Charles, machinist, Baker's ct 
Gardner Charles W. Rev., 239 S 7th. 
Gardner Daniel W., cordw., 6th bel Washington 
Gardner Edward, brush maker, 4 Torr's ct. 
Gardner George H., coach maker, 17 Nectarine. 
Gardner Henry, baker, P road bel Fitzwater 
Gardner Isabella, gentw., 7 Mary bel 2nd (S) 
Gardner Jacob, visiter poor, 293 Vine.- 
Gardner Jacob H., skin dresser, 311, &h 312 Vine. 
Gardner Jacob L. carp., 293 Vine 
Gardner John, labourer, 47 Franklin. 
Gardner John, lab., Sch 6th bel Lombard 
Gardner John, ship carp., John & Front 
Gardner John, bootmr., 7 Marshall's ct 
Gardner Joseph, barber, G T road bel Phcrnix 
Gardner Joseph, 392 Sassafras 
Gardner Martha, 24 Rittenhouse 
Gardner Mary, Sch 7th ab Pine 
Gardner M. M. shoemaker, 12th bel Bedford 
Gardner Peter M., carp., 312 Vine 
Gardner Richard, furniture, 406 High 
Gardner Sarah M., dry goods, S2 N 2nd. 
Gardner William, skin dresser, 29 Logan. 
Gardom George, drugs &. colours, 13 S 7th. 
Gardom Wm. stovemr., 82 N 7th 
Gardy John, cordw., Hanover ab Bedford. (K) 
jGardy Jos., carpenter, Hanover ab Prince. (K) 

iGareschc G., office 58h Walnut. 
Garey Horatio, 5 Providence ct 
Garigle David, tailor, 16 Hurst 

Garland James, cordwainer, 14S N i>d 
Garlanger Jacob B. bricklayer, Beach ab "War- 
Garman Charles, cabmr., 82 Green 
Garman Charles, upholsterer, Charles bcl Eut- 

('■arner Robert, waterman, rear 23 Catharine 
C.arnes Jane, 75 Gaskill 
Garnet Ann, 35 Currant al. 
Garnett Solomon, waiter, 263 Spruce 
Garoh Robert, tailor, Sch 8th n High 
Garretson Aaron, dry goods, N W 2nd Sc Queen 
Garretson Firman, baker, 3d and Clark 
Garretson Hugh, trader, 451 S Front 

Carton Henry, oysters, Washington. (\V P) 
Garton Owen, glassmr., S W Front & Green- 
Garton Sherry, carp., Rule bel Wheat 
Gartrell Win., mariner, Stanley ab 3d 
Garven John, carter, Gable's ct 
Garvey James, tavern, 10 S Sth. 
Garvin James, oysterman, Marriott's la ab 4th 
Garvin John, carter, Lombard n Sch 6th 
Garvin John I., ship master, loo Catharine 
Garvin Michael, lab., 3 Coates 
Garvin Patrick, gent., Mansion ("NY P) 
Garvin R., lab., South row 
Garvin Sarah, Lombard n Sch. Sth. 

Garretson James, pilot, N W Lancaster St Keefe Garwick Lewis F., keeper of Moyamensing pri- 

Garretson Maria B. Mrs. 14 Marion son, 7th ab Catharine 

Garretson Samuel, dealer, N E 7th St Catharine | Garwood Benjamin, tavern, 415 N 2nd. 

Garrett Andrew, grocer, 395 High, h 20 Hunter, i Garwood Elizabeth, 496 S. Front. 

Garrett Ann, rear3~2 S 3d Garwood George M. Capt, 352 S 4th 

Garrett Ezra T., tailor, S E 5th Sc Sassafras Garwood H. C, coal agent, 13 S 6th 

Garrett George, porter, 8 Burd's ct Garwood John, cordwainer, 6th bel Carpenter. 

Garrett G. H., 128 S Front, h 8 Washington sq Garwood R., dry goods, 66 S 2nd. 

Garrett Hugh, coachman, 5 Lyndall's al 
Garrett James, currier, 102 N 13th 
Garrett John, grocer, 136 High, h 143 N L2th 
Garrett Leonard, lab., 2 Liberty ct 
Garrett Levi & Sons, tobacconists, 128 S Front. 
Garrett L. b h, Sch 2nd ab Wood 
Garrett Margaret, gentw., 253 Spruce. 
Garrett Samuel, currier, Pleasant bel R road 
Garrett Thomas C. mer., 122 Chestnut, h 51 N 

Gary George, tanner, Franklin ab 3d (K) 
Gasaway Thomas, lab., Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Gash Frekerick, butcher, Marion and Corn 
Gash Frederick, 18 Quince 
Gaskell John, stone cutter, 1 Elder al. 
Gaskill Aaron W., plasterer, 10th bel Melon 
Gaskill Benjamin, bookbinder, 42 S 5th, h216 

Gaskill Bcnj", engraver, 18 Minor, h Cherry n 

Sch. 7th. 

Garrett Thomas C. Sc Co., dealers in watches & Gaskill Charles, Marlborough bel Duke (K) 

jewellery, 122 Chestnut 
Garrett William, U S mint, h 136 N Juniper. 
Garrett Wm., marble mason, Broad and Mul- 
Garrett W. E., tobacconist, 128 S Front & 198 

Garrick Elizabeth, Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Garrigen Patrick, grocer, Wood and Sch. 2nd 
Garrigues Edward B., 10th ab Wallace 
Garrigues E. B., druggist, N E 10th & Coates 

Gaskill Sc Copper, bookbinders' tool cutters and 
engravers, 18 Minor. 

Gaskill Edmund, ladies shoemaker, 76 S 8th. 

Gaskill Edward, book binder, 42 S 5th, h 145 

Gaskill John, 164 Shippen 

Gaskill Joseph, crockery ware, Sch 7th & Lom- 

Gaskill Peter, weaver, Duke n F road. 

Gaskill Peter, gent., Locust and D road (W P) 

Garrigues Isaac B., marble mason, c 5th and; Gaskill Peter Penn, Sch 5th n Cherry 

Buttonwood, h 181 N 7th. 
Garrigues James R., clerk, 278 N 7th. 
Garrigues S. M., milliner, 235 Mulberry 
Garrigues Wm., constable, 23 Howard 
Garrison Charlotte, 500 S 2nd 
Garrison Israel, biscuit baker, 123 N 11th 
Garrison James, potter, Meredith's ct 

Gaskill Thomas, tailor, 282 High, h 4 Mary. (S) 

Gaskill Thomas, confect., 106 N 3d 

Gaskill Thomas, clerk, 164 S Front 

Gasper Lewis, barber, Little Pine ab 7th 

Gassner George, porter, 4 Lagrange pi 

Gast Nicholas, gardener, Vienna ab Duke (K) 

Gaston James, Sch 3d and Coates 

Garrison Jno. mer., 6 Lactitiact., h366 Mulberry.] Gaston James, lab., Coates n Sch 23. 

Garrison Mary, dressrnr., 151 Locust 
Garrison Robert S., teacher, Kessler's al 
Garrison Samuel, victualler, 500 S 2nd 
Garrison William, bootmaker, 10 S 10th 
Garritt Moses, clothes, 272 Cedar 
Garrittee Mary, upholsteress, 75 S 11th 
Carson Michael, watciiman, 5 Fries' ct 
Gartland Eliza, 403 Chestnut 
Gartland F. X. Rev., St. John's church, 

Gaston Simeon, cab driver, Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Gatchell John, builder, N W 5th St Lombard. 
Gatchell Joseph, messenger, city treasurer's of- 
fice, h 42 Filbert. 
Gatchell Sarah, 56 Currant al 
Gates John, carter, Ann ab Sch 5th 
Gates James, tailor, 6 Lodge pi 
| Gates Nathaniel, carp., N W 4ih & Marshall 

S 13th.| Gates Stephen, ship carpenter. 65 Queen 
Gartland John, coachman, rear Jones ab Sch 8th Gatier Stephen, 231 High 
Gartland Patrick, weaver, Thompson ab 3d (K) 'Gator George M. lab., 3 Scott's ct 
Garton David, tailor, 3d bel Prime Gatten Win. cooper, 26 Rose al • ^ 

Gatzmer Alex. C, clerk, Camd. fc Amboy R road 

office, 45 S wharves 
Gatzmer Win. II., agent Camd. & Amboy R road, 

office 45 S wharves 
Gauchren George, lab., 4th and Jefferson (K) 
Gaughran Michael, tavern, N E Sch. Cedar and 

Gaul Christian, baker, 435 N 3rd. 
Gaul Frederick, brewer, New Market and Cal- 

lowhill, h 358 Mulberry 
Gaul Jacob, basket mr., Darby road (W P) 
Gaul John F., carp., 13(J Coates 
Gaul John M., basketmr., (W P) 
Gaul Philip, brewer, 95 New Market. 
Gaul Simon, bricklayer, Lewis ab I'oplar 
Gaul Susan, nurse, 17 Concord. 
Gaul Susan, Evans bel Washington 
Gaul Thomas, shoemr., 18 Clair 
Gaun Henry, lab., 440 N Front 
Gaun Margaret, 440 X Front 
Gault Elizabeth, 219 Callowhill. 
Gault H. W., conveyancer, 35 S 5th 
Gaunn John, carp., Marlborough ab Queen (K.) 
Gauntt Charles, capt. U. S. Navy, 194 Locust 
Gauss Gotlieb, lamp mr., 244 Sassafras 
Gauss Jacob F., baker, Vine ab 12th. 
Gauss Matthew, trunkmr., 13th St Shippen 
Gavett Martha, wid. of Jacob B., 25 Prime 
Gavett Nelson, machinist, Broad ab Filbert, h 

Sassafras »Sch 7th 
Gavett Robert S., cordwainer, 2 Union. 
Gavett Samuel, machinist. Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Gavin Ann, shop, 98 Plum 
Gavin Michael brass-founder, 238 S 5th. 
Gavit Sanders, waterman, Fralev's ct (K) 
Gaw Gilbert, tador, 5 Relief 
Gaw James, dry goods, 234 S 2nd. 
Gaw Jason, dry goods, 232 S 2nd. 
Gaw John, stove manuf. 235 Jc 252 Cedar. 
Gaw Robert, ornamenter, Plum ab 2nd, h 280 

S 2nd 
Gaw Robert M. engraver, 52 Arcade, h Sch 8th 

bel Cherry 
Gaw Susannah, dressmaker, 33 Wood 
Gaw William, men, N W Front & Spruce, h 

395 S 2nd. 
Gaw William P., acct., Washington bet 1 1th Sc 

Gaw Wm. £c Brothers, iron mers., X W Front &. 

Gay Erastus E., mer., 43$ N Front 
Gay E. F., Lancaster road ab Washington (W P) 
Gay James, grocer, 3rd ub Franklin (K.) 
Gay John, lab., 3 Hunter 
Gayler Andrew, tobacconist, 422 X 3d 
Gayler Robert, lab., 8 Queen 
Gayley James, Adelphi al 
Gaylor James, lab., Sch 7th Sc Coates 
Gaylord H. V., carp., Juniper al 
Geary Benjamin, lab., S E Front 8c Sassafras 
Geary Edward, hatter, 491 & 306$ X 2nd. 
Gebhard Lewis, tavern. Wood n 4th 
Gebhard Lewi-. i\, M. D., 216 Sassafras. 
Gebhart Adam, baker, Cox bel 2nd. 
Gebler Charles F., Poplar ab 13th 

Gebler John F. printer, 10 Freed's av 
Geddes Wm. F., printer, 112 Chestnut, h 152 

Gee John, rope maker, 2nd n Master. 
Gee Joseph, cordu\, 131 Green, h Smith's al 
Gee Noah, cabinetmr., Lafayette pi 
Gee S. C, milliner, 89 N 2d. 
Geell John L., cordw., 31 Willow ab 6th 
Gegan James, lab., 3 Dorothy 
Gegan John, M. D., druggist, S E Front & 

Gegan Michael, shop, Juniper and Norman's a! 
Gegan Thomas, druggist, S E 9th Sc Cedar. 
Gegenheimer George, cooper, 420 N 4th. 
Gegler Christian, cabinetmr., Poplar ab 7th 
Geib Henry B. mer., 101 S Front, h 357 Sassa. 

Geib Wm., M. D., 271 N 7th 
Geiger Jos., capmaker, 153 Vine 
Geiger Lewis, tobacconist, 46 Vine 
Geisenberger Joseph, clothing, 111 Poplar 
Geising-er George, carp., 178 Coates 
Geisse, Brothers Sc Co., druggists, 134 N 

Geisse Charles, mer., 60 S Front 
Geisse Christian H., druggist, 134 N Front 
Geisse Edward C. mer., 60 S Front 
Geisse George W. gent., 134 N Front 
Geisse George W. jr., druggist, 134 N Front 
Geisse Joseph, 51 Spruce 
Geisse John, mariner, 43 Mead 
Geisse Sc Korckhauss, com. mer., 60 S Front 
Geisse Philip, mer., 60 S Front. 
Geisse William, merchant, 60 S Front. 
Geisse Wm. 8c Sons, importers looking glass 

plates, 60 S Front. 
Geissert Charles, currier, 189 Poplar. 
Geissert Henry, currier, 260 St John 
Geisz Joseph, grocer, 121 S 4th 
Geitt John, tanner, Stout's al 
Gelbert Wm., baker, 91 Mulberry. 
Gemeny A. R., dry goods, S E 9th Sc Lombard. 
Gemmill James R., mer., 83 High, h 106 S 3rd 
Gemmill Zachariah, mer., 207 High, h 301 Sas- 
Gemmill Z. 5c Co., mers., 207 High 
Gemrig Jacob H., surg. inst. maker, 48 N 6th, 

h 27 Wallace 
Gemrig J. & A., cutlers, 143 N 4th, h "Willow 

ab 4th 
Genay Ed%vard, segar store, 3 N 7th 
GendellJohn A., carpenter, 103 N 7th, h 6 

Gender Gotlieb, Paschall alley 
Genter Elizabeth, 22 E North 
Gentrey John, cordw., Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Gentry Mary, bricklayer, 65 New Market 
George Anthony, gent. 25 Plum. 
George Anthony jun., pewterer, 25 Plum 
George Charles, printer, 383 N 8th 
George Gabriel, cabinetmr., 106 N 7th 
George James C, insurance broker, 121 S 2d h 

Catharine ab 6th 
George John & Co, hairseating manufacturers, 

59 Dock 

George John D., deputy naval officer, Custom 
House, h Washington (W P) 

i, (.• ;:• Letitia, 10 Watson's al 

(, or re Margaret M., 174 N 13th. 

G' orge M. f 7 Carlton 

George Nathan P., painter and glazier, Wil- 
liamson's ct 

George Peter, tailor, 13 Mulberry al 

(.;, orge Bichard S. H., bookseller, 26 S 5th, h 
356 S 3d 

George Sarah, Melon n 10th 

George Thos. & Edmund, iron mers. N E 12th 
8c High. 

George William, waterman, Mead n Front 

Gercke Helvenish, baker, Sassafras n Sch 7th. 

Gerding Hciry, provisions, 10th ab Carpenter 

Gerhard Anthony, cordw., rear 27 W North 

Gerhard Benjamin, attv. Sc coun., 61 S 4th, h 13 
S 9th. 

Gerhard W. W., M. D., 13 S 9th 

Gerhardt G L., grocer, Sch 8th and Wood 

Gerhart A. L., 11 Lybrand 

Gerhart A. L. & Co., com. mers., Broad ab Sas- 

Gerhart Jacob, lab., 38 Callowhill 

Gerlin Mary, 3 Fayette 

German David, cooper, F road below Master. 

German George W., shoemr., 500 S Front 

German John, lab., Landing 

German Samuel C, sea capt., 420 N 4th 

Gerrish Elizabeth, 92 Poplar 

Gerrish John C, mer. 101 N Water Sc S E Water 
Jc Sassafras, h 36S N Front 

Gcsemyer George, tailor, 194 N 10th 

Gesner G. L., baker, 217 Callowhill. 

Cesper Louis, barber, 6 S 8th 

Gessler Christian, jeweller, 5 Kessler's al 

Gessler Susan, Hope bel Master (K) 

Gest Benjamin, carter, Swanson bel Prime 

GcstJohn, mer., NW 10th and High, h 174 
S 11th. 

Oc st Mary, teacher, 467 N 3rd 

Gest M., wheelwright, N W Parrish Sc Elizabeth 

Gsstler Henry, morocco dresser, Hummell's ct 

Getchel Edward K., carp., Carroll ab 12th (K)' 

Gethen John, 112 Spruce. 

Getler Andrew, cordw., 41 Mechanic 

Gctins Francis, lab., Bedford ab 5th 

Getman Michael, tobacconist, Marlboro' bel 
School (K) 

Getter John, stone cutter, 21 Beaver (K) 

Getman Jacob, carp., 15 Rachel (N L) 

Getty Francis, jr., dry goods, High 8c W Penn 

Getty M. Mrs., 24 Bonsall 

Getty Thomas, tailor, 149 S 2nd 

Girttz Bernard, lab., Palmar ab West (K) 

G'.-tz Catharine, 6th & Christian 

i "'-'z George, gardener, 5th bel Franklin (S) 
•etz John, lamp mr., Orchard 

G '-- Joseph, furrier, 63 Dock 

,,: "' J- G., hatter, 30^ S 6th 

Getz Margaret Mrs., 534 Nord 

'• '■' Mary, 156 St John 

Get2 Mrs. Andrew, Palmer above West. 

Getzler Frederick, stove mr., Duke Sc New 

Geverd Henry, trader, Carpenter Sc Clair 
Gevins Andrew, bricklayer, Fairview bel Sch 5th 
Geyer George, carp., Garden above Noble. 
Geyer George, Jr., butcher, Thompson ab -1th 

Geyer George C, collector, 290 N 8th 
Geyer Simon, 3 Carlton 
Geyer Win. B., leather dealer, c 3rd Sc Lombard, 

h 74 Lombard. 
Gheen John R., drove yard, Rroad b-'! Coaten 
Gheen William, tavern,' S E Sch 8th 8c High 
Gheer, Rebecca, dry goods, 227 S 6th 
Ghegan Bartholomew, stoves, 124 N 2nd, h 70 

Ghegan Elizabeth, 70 Maiden 
Ghegan George, stove manuf. 146 N 3rd, h 

1 Elfreth's al 
Ghesser Charles M., machinist, 7th bel Federal 
GhriskeyL., b h, 265 High 
Giard Levi, carp., rear 252 Lombard 
Gibb David, jr., painter & furnit., 209 Sassafras. 
Gibb David, refectory, under Arcade, h 331 

Gibbon James, carp., 163 Pine 
Gibbons Ann, shop., Pine bel Beach Sch 
Gibbons Charles, attorney Sc conn., 114 S 3rd 
Gibbons George W. Jr., mer., 83 High 
Gibbons Henry, M. D., 167 S 3rd 
Gibbons James, carpenter, 163 Pine. 
Gibbons James, cordw., 5 Lemon 
Gibbons John, harness mr., O'Neil bel Franklin 

Gibbons John, boatman, Pine bel Beach 
Gibbons Misses, school, Orange n 8th, h 252 

Gibbs Geo., grocer, Marlboro' bel Franklin (K) 
Gibbs Harriet, washer, 3 Leyden's ct. 
Gibbs Henry, collector, 8 Laurel (C) 
Gibbs Isaac, carpenter, 525 N 5th. 
Gibbs James, driver, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Gibbs James, porter, Mark's la ab 11th 
Gibbs John grocer, Marlboro' and Franklin ( K) 
Gibbs John, carpet weaver, Carpenter bel 6th 
Gibbs John, lab., 237 Lombard 
Gibbs Joshua, 41 Currant al 
Gibbs J. 5c G., grocers, Marlboro' and Princr(K) 
Gibbs J. W. cloths, S W 2d & High, h 104 

Gibbs J. W., Mayor's Office, h 173 Pine 
Gibbs Maria, washer, Shippen bel l~th 
Gibbs Maria, Eagle ct 
Gibbs Mary, b. h. 11th S Sch 5th. 
Gibbs Peter C, carpenter, Marshall ab Green, h 

O Y road n George. 
Gibbs Rachel, 153 Lombard 
Gibbs Richard, seaman, 17 Washington ab 11th 
Gibbs Shephard, sexton, 239 Lombard. 
Gibbs Wm., porter, 237 S 7th 
Gibbs Wm, trunk mr., 265 S 5th 
Giberson James, spinner, 9 Cadvvalader (K) 
Giberson John, waterman, 3 Swanson ct 
Giberson Joseph, carter, Haydock 
Giberson Misses, 28 Jacoby 

Giberson N., stove finisher, 1 Dillvvyn 

Giberson William, 362 Coates 

Gibler L., tailor, 183 Poplar 

Gibney William, manuf., 17 M'Dufiie 

Gibson Alfred, grocer, New Market & Brown 

Gibson Archibald, clerk, George ab Plum 

Gibson David, grocer, 11th & R road 

Gibson Elizabeth, Swedes ct 

Gibson Georg-e, capt., 39 Coates 

Gibson Hazlett, grocer, 7 Franklin row 

Gibson Henry, bookbinder, 33 Castle. 

Gibson Jacob, periodical ag-t., 29 S 3d, h 214 

Gibson James, city watch, Centre bel 13th. 
Gibson James, S E 8th k Spruce 
Gibson James, od cloth manufacturer, G T road 

n 4th 
Gibson James, mariner, 608 S Front 
Gibson James, collector, Marriott's la ab 4th 
Gibson James G., conveyancer, 305 Sassafras 
Gibson James M., tinsmith, 310 S 6th 
Gibson James R., plumber, 34 N 12th 
Gibson John, blacksmith, 67 St. John, h 101 St 

Gibson John, plumber, Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Gibson John, painter, 85 S 11th. 
Gibson John, shoemr., Sutherland 
Gibson John, shoemaker, 259 Cherry. 
Gibson John weaver, Ann n 12th. 
Gibson John, distiller, 31 Chestnut, h 331 Sas- 
Gibson John, 49 Wood 
Gibson J., Washington (W P) 
Gibson Mary, tinware, 196 Christian 
Gibson Matthew, painter, Maiden n Beach (K) 
Gibson Merrit, cordw., 488 S 2nd 
Gibson Moses, g-rocer, 2 Franklin row 
Gibson M., dress mr., 10th ab Vine 
Gibson Nathaniel, agent, 42 Jacob v 
Gibson R., clerk, 2 Nicholson 
Gibson Sarah, dry goods, 157 Cedar 
Gibson Stuart, lab., High ab Sch 3d 
Gibson Thomas, plumber, 54 Carter's al.,h 12th 

ab Vine 
Gibson Thomas, gun smith, 139 Cherry 
Gibson Thomas W., mer., N W 4th and High, 

h Sch 8th ab Filbert 
Gibson William, dry goods, 222 Callowhill. 
Gibson Wm., tinsmith, 199 Christian 
Gibson Wm., shop, i>ch 5th n Cedar 
Gibson Wm., weaver, 4 M'Duffie 
Gibson Wm., collector, 3rd ab Federal 
Gibson Wm., M. D., N W Sch 7th Sc Chestnut 
Gideon Andrew, butcher, rear 135 Wood 
Gideon Casper P., mariner, 15 Federal 
Gideon George, 135 Wood 
Gideon Henry, bootmr., 62 Garden 
Gideon H. J., Rugan & Willow 
Gideon Mary, veal butcher, 202 N 8th 
Gider G., nail cutter, 6th n Master 
Giffear Peter, brickmr., George bel Sch. 3d 
Gifford A. B., shipmaster, 118 Carpenter 
Gifford Bethuel, cabinetmaker, Schleisman's al 
Gifford Deborah, mantua mr., Shippen ab 9th 
Gifford Eliza, trimmings, 323 S 2nd 

Gifford James, cordw., 7th ab Brown 

Gifford Mary E., drygoods, S W 5th Sc Caru-. 

ter (S) * 

Gigon Z Sc G., watch casemrs., 148 Pine 
Gihon Sc Co., mers., 18 Chestnut 
Gihon David W., bookbinder, 98 Chestnut, h J 

Whitaker's ct 
Gihon, Fairchild Sc Co., printers, S E 7th St High 
Gihon James, book binder, 96 Sc h 101 Cher:-, 
Gihon James L., printer, S E 7th and High 
Gihon Jno. H. printr. S E 7th & High, h 22 Powell 
Gihon Mary, book folder, 2 Starr al 
Gilback George, brass founder, Hope bel Pha- 

nix (K) 
Gilbert Aaron, tavern, Washington n Green 
Gilbert Alexander, shoe maker, 78 Coates 
Gilbert Alex. M., shoe maker, 7S Green 
Gilbert A., gluemaker, Apple n George. 
Gilbert Benjamin S., cordw., 103 New Market 
Gilbert Charles, lab., Locust bel 13th 
Gilbert Charles, stove manuf., 249 N 2d 
Gilbert Charles M., bedstead mr., 93 St John, t 

74 Dillwyn 
Gilbert Christopher, shoemaker, 156 S 11th. 
Gilbert David, machinist, 3 Poplar ct. 
Gilbert David machinist, 32 Perry 
Gilbert D., stone mason, Sch 6th" ab Coates 
Gdbert George, grocer, 173 S Front 
Gilbert Geo. engraver, 146 Chestnut h 434 

N 5th 
Gilbert Henry, waiter, 9 Green (C) 
Gilbert Henry W., potter, Rail Road ct 
Gilbert Isaac M. Sc J., carpenter, c 12th Sc Wil- 
low, h 466 Callowhill 
Gilbert Isaac M., tailor, 159 N 12th 
Gilbert Jacob, Coates n 9th. 
Gilbert John, druggist, 179 N 3d, h 93 Vine. 
Gilbert John, bricklayer, rear 340 Coates 
Gilbert John, millwright, Otter n School 
Gilbert John R., grocer, 184 Vine 
Gilbert Joseph, blacksmith, 1 Lode-e a], h Duk; 

Gilbert Joseph, dealer, Penn n Maiden. (K) 
Gilbert Joseph, tailor, 1 Loxlev's ct.. Mulberry 
Gilbert Mahlon, flour Sc feed, 8th and Cedar, h 

8th bel Shippen 
Gilbert Matthias, trader, 7 Farr 
i Gilbert Matthias, saddler, 20 Elizabeth (N L) 
Gilbert Morton, victualler, Charlotte n Frank- 
lin (K) 
Gilbert M. A., segar mr., 46 Wood 
Gilbert N., tavern, 184 N 3d 
Gilbert Peter, cordwainer, 521 N2d 
Gilbert Richard, painter, Davis's ct. 
Gdbert R. S., cngr'vr., 32 North, h 25 Franklin. 
Gilbert Samuel, wheelwright, Charles ab Willow- 
Gilbert Samuel, brushrnr., Green bel 10th 
Gilbert Samuel H , 173 S Front 
Gilbert Susan, 395 Mulberry 
Gilbert S. H., manfr., Amber ab Phoenix, '' 

Marlboro' bel Duke (K) 
GUbert Thomas, shoemr., Carpenter ab 4th 
Gilbert Thomas, 2 Richardson's ct. 
Gilbert William, carter, 12th bel Poplar 
Gilbert Wm., waterman, Carpenter ab 8th 

Gilby William, mariner, 17 Union (S) 

Gilchrist Wm., lab., Sycamore ab Locust 

Cildea H. A., cabinetmr., 301 Walnut 

Gildenfenny Henry, baker, 126 S 12th. 

liiider John, measurer, 154 N 5th 

G;le E., ladies' shoemr., 16 Coombs' al. 

Giles Edward, mathematical instrument maker, 

257 Catharine 
Giles Ezra B., clerk, Filbert bel Sch 3d 
Giles George, dyer, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Giles John, blacksm., Mechanic n Creek 
Giles Lewis, porter, Sch 5th n Lombard 
Gilfillin John, carter, Quince & Spruce 
Gilnllan John, drayman, Sch 3rd & Cherry 
Gilfillan Robert, grocer, S E3d and Poplar 
Gilfrey Catharine, widow, 129 New Market 
Gilfry Matthew, butcher, n 2nd bel Greenwich 
Gilkey Elizabeth, shop, Fitzwater ab 7th 
Gilkey James, lab., 21 Helmuth 
Gilkey John, tobacconist P road h Catharine, h 

52 Fitzwater 
Gilkey Matilda, milliner, 197 S 2nd 
Gilkey Wm., carter, 2nd bel Greenwich 
Gilkin Henry, Willow ab 5th 
Gilkinson Samuel Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Gill B., corn, men, 15 Commerce, h Chestnut 

opp Mint 
Gill George, watchman, 129 S 10th 
Gill James, lab., 14 Quarry 
Gill John, cordwainer, 2 M road, h Shippen ab 

Gill John drayman, 131i N 2nd 
Gill John S., carp., F road ab Otter 
Gill Lawrence E., saddler, 104 S 10th 
Gill Mary, grocer, c G T road and Rose 
Gill Robert, gent., Sch 8th bel George. 
Gill Thomas, bricklayer, Wood ab Sch 6th 
Gill William, gent., 55 S 12th. 
Gillam Jesse, Simmons' ct. 
Gillam Samuel, carp., Robinson's ct 
Gillan James, lab., 13th bel Fitzwater 
Gilland Arthur, shoemr., Simpson's ct. 
Gillaspey Hannah, 62 Almond 
Gillen James, shop, Small bel 6th 
Gillen James, weaver, 3 M'Dufhe 
Gillen John, coachman, Brown's al. 
Gillen Jonn, shoemr., Clinton ct 
Gillen John, tailor, 2 Hunter 
Gillen Margaret, 2d k. Cadwalader, (K) 
Gillen P., coachman, Lewis ab Broad 
Gillen Wm., cooper, 250 S 4th 
Giller John U., clerk, 199 S 9th 
Gillespie Agnes, wife of John, Shippen la ab 

Gillespie Cato, shoemr., 7th bel Pine 
Gillespie Daniel, weaver., Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Gillespie Felix, lab., Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Gillespie George, tobacconist, 652 X 2d 
Gillespie James, weaver, Lombard W Sch 7th 
Gillespie James, procer, 13th and Cherry 
Gillespie John, grocer, S W 11th 3: High, h 

247 Callowhill. 
Gillespie John, saddler, 3rd bel Cedar 
Gillespie John, lab., 1 Miller's al 
Gillespie John R., Coatea n Fairmount 

Gillespie John T., lab. Rail Road n Fairmouht 
Gillespie Sc Jones, grocers, 178 High 
Gillespie Letitia, Pine ab 13th. 
Gillespie Margaret, 12 S 10th 
Gillespie Mary, 7 William (F M) 
Gillespie Patrick, blacksm. George n Sch Beach 
Gillespie Robert, sawyer, Miles' ct. (K) 
Gillespie Rosanna, 7 William (F M) 
Gillespie Saml., grocer, 178 High, h 399 Walmit 
Gillespie Thomas, drover, 247 Callowhill. 
Gillespie Thomas, L., grocer. Pine & Perry 
Gillespie Wiliiam, grocer, S W 11th & High, 

h 71 N 12th 
Gillespie Wm., weaver, 13th bel Catharine 
Gillespie W. & J., grocers, S W 11th & High'. 
Gillet Joseph & Co., mers., 75 S Front 
Gillet Wm., ship carp., Prime ab 2d 
Gillet Wm., grocer, Fairview n Sch. 7th 
Gillett Abraham D. Rev., 69 X 12th 
Gilliam Wesley, waiter, 11 Wagner's al 
Gilliams Jacob, dentist, 35 Mulberry. 
Gilliams Louis, rear 35 Mulberry 
Gillian Dominick, lab., rear 13 Fitzwater 
Gillies Adrian, trunk rar., 21 X 6th, h 7th opp 

Gillig J. W., baker, 144 Coates. 
Gillilan A. H., mer., 43 Market 
Gillilan & Co., importers, 43 Market 
Gilliland Wm., gent., Church bel Christian 
Gillin Daniel, weaver, Mariner 
Gillin Francis, 296 Callowhill 
Gillin John, stone mason, Pearl bel Sch 8th 
Gillin John, 14 Stamper's al 
Gillin Patrick, watchm., Factorv ab Sch Willow 
Gillin Wm., lab., 469 S Front 
Gillin Wm., saddler, 4 Hause's ct 
Gillingham Ann, Barker ab Sch 6th 
Gillingham, Charles, cordw., 2 Querville's ct 
GiUingham Esther, dry goods, 83 N 5th 
Gillingham G. W., hatter, 200 S 2nd. 
GiUingham Henry B., hatter, 65 Cedar 
Gillingham Henry W., druggist, 3 E 9th and 

Gillingham Jonathan, iron mer., 537 N Front, h 

123 CallowhiD. 
Gillingham Lewis, hatter, 40 Queen 
Gillingham Mahlon, mer., 27 X Front, h 374 

X 10th 
Gillingham M. H. & L., seminary, 56 O Y road 
Gillingham Samuel H., lumber mer., Beaca n 

Gillingham T. coal dealer, office 260 X" 3rd 
Gillingham William H., M. U., 352 Chestnut 
Gillingham Yeamans C, agt., Hazleton Coal YcL, 

119 Oak, h 7 Coates 
Gillingham Yeamans M., mer., 36 Church alley 
jGillis Adrian, trunk mr., X Tv.i opp Brown 
jGillis James, drayman, rear 15 Wagner's ai 
iGillis Joseph, lab., c Sch. 3d and George 
iGillis Peter, cordw., 504 S 2nd 
JGillis Robert cordw., Vienna ab Queen 
jGillis RobertF., cordw., pr'm.e bel Front 
Gillmore James C, mer., 109 High 
Gillum R., lab., Russell bel Shippen 
Gilman Ambrose, carter, 256 Sassafras 

Oilman Daniel, blacksmith, Penn ab Maiden, h 

Shackamaxon bel Bedford. 
Gilmer John, tavern, 7 N 12th 
Gilmer Joseph T., 13 Elfreth's al 
Gilmer M., 72 S 5th 
Gilmore Arthur, lab., Sch 6th ab Pine 
Gilmore Andrew, grocer, N W loth k Vine k N 

W Sch 8th k Vine 
Gilmore A. k W., grocers, 13th and Fitzwater 
Gilmore Hugh, hatter, St Andrew n Sch 4th 
Gilmore Isaac, grocer, S E 13th k Wood. 
Gilmore James, grocer, 409 X 2nd 
Gilmore John, gas works, Chesnut bel Sch 3rd 
Gilmore Margaret, Pine ic Juniper 
Gilmore Mary, GabelPs ct 
Gilmore Mary, Sav ab Sch 8th 
Gilmore Rachel, Sch 7th bel Pine 
Gilmore Robert, carp., Christian bel 7th 
Gilmore Sarah, vest mr., 110 Wood 
Gilmore Sarah, shop, 5 Bradford's al 
Gilmore Thomas, fruiterer, 414 High 
Gilmore William, William ab Callowhill 
Gilmore Wm., Clerk Co. Commis., 109 Catharine 
Gilpin Charles, alty. k coun., 171 Walnut 
Gilpin H. D., atty." k coun., 99 Walnut 
Gilpin John F., broker, 67 Dock, !i 307 Spruce 
Gilpin Thomas, sash:nr., 329 Lombard 
Gilpin Vincent, broker, 67 Dock, h 138 Pine. 
Gilpin Vincent C, grocer, 2s" W 11th k Cherry 
Gilpin V. k J. P., brokers, 67 Dock. 
Gilpin Wm., carter, Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Gilpin Wm., cabinet mr., 329 Lombard 
Gilpin Win., shoe mr., luth k Wood 
Gihoy H., ladies' shoemr., 56 S 4th 
Ginal Henry, Rev., 27 Wood 
Gin ler Wm., gent., 13 Lombard 
Giader W. A., packet agent, S Wharves, h 120 

Ginenback Frederick, saddler, 247 S 2d. 
Ginhart John, glass blower, Cherry ab Queen(K) 
Ginning;. H. Mrs., 118 Beach (K.) 
Ginnis Wm., lab., 11 Gabell's ct 
Ginnity Bernard, coachman, 19 S 7th 
Ginnodo John Q., carp., lu Madison 
Ginnodo Wm. B., carp., 229 Wood, h Callowhill 

bel 13th 
Ginsley Samuel F., hair dresser, 230 Coates 
Ginther David Mrs., 1 Baker's ct. 
Gmther Geo., fisherman, Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Ginther George, victualler, Bcuvtr ab 3d 
Ginther Peter, Mechanic ab Franklin (K) 
Gioen S., Mrs., 24 Duke 
Gio\anni k Oliver, fruiterers, S Loth & High, 

and 248 High 
Girard Mrs., shop, n Broad and Carpenter 
Girdon Catharine, widow, 53 Franklin 
Githens Charles, cooper, 134 Coaies. 
Githens G. W., bootmr., -1th & O V road 
Githens James, cordw., 8 Spragg's av 
Githens JoelB., wheeiwrt., Penn ab Maiden(K) 
Githens John H., dentist, 171 N 4th. 
Githens Kebecca, dress mr., rear 4 N4th 
Githens Thomas b., carp., 4 Carberry's ct 
Githens William M., ladies' shoemaker, 152 


Givans Wm., mason, Callowhill ab Sch 6th 

Given John, Rev., 7 Lebanon 

Given Robert, grocer, SEP. road & Carpenter. 

Given Wm., stone mason, Shippen ab Broad 

Givens James, lab., Mulberry ab Sch Front 

Givin Hester, Sassafras ab Sch Slh 

Givin James, lab., Lombard n Sch 7th 

Givin Joseph, drayman, 169 N Front 

Glackes Daniel, printer, Lewis ab Sch. 6th 

Glackin Daniel, hatter, 187 Lombard 

Glackin John, porter, 17 Christian. 

Gladding Chas., vict., Mechanic n Creek (X L) 

Gladding John, books & stationery, 341 High. 

Gladding Parker, porter, 4 Bonsall 

Glading David, blacksmith, Callowhill ab Crown, 

h rear 146 Poplar 
Glading Elizabeth, 193 St. John. 
Glading George, hair dresser, 488 N 2nd. 
Glading James, clerk of High st. Market, S W 

Little Water and Lombard 
Glading Joseph, tinsmith, 275 and 498 N 2d. 
Glading William, cooper, 151 S Water, h 170 

S Front 
Gladney David, bar tender, 25 Harmony 
Gladney John, plumber, 94 Plum 
Glase Francis, cordw., 173 St John 
Glasgow James, plasterer, Pine ab 10th 
Glasgow Jesse, waiter, 25 Washington ab 11th 
Glasgow Peter, plasterer, Fitzwater bel Flower 
Glass Alexander, dealer, 541 N Front 
Glass A. F., 81 N 10th 

Glass Robert k Matthew, bos mrs., 4 Crock- 
ett's ct 
Classen John, shoemr., 5 Lagrange pi 
Glassen Richard, weaver, St. John bel George 
Clause Samuel, gent, 300 S 10th 
Glaystine Barnard, gent., 162 Vine 
Glazier Catharine, 191 St. John. 
Glazier Henry, cordw., F road ab Otter 
Glazier, John, brickmr., Culvert ab Mechanic 
Gleason Anna, shop, 4 Webb's al. 
Gleason Dennis, labourer, Carpenter ab 10th. 
Gleason Francis, stovemr., Harmonv bel 5th 
Gleason Jonas, stove manuf., 9 St. James, St. 463 

Gleason Patrick, grocer, 9th & Christian 
Gleason Patrick, grocer, 223 Cedar 
Gleason Wm., lab, Gaskill ab 4th 
Gleeson R., Sch 4th k Ann (F V) 
Glenat Joseph, omnibus proprietor, 12 Phik* 

Exchange, h Beach bel Maiden 
Glendenning k Chambers, flour, oat meal, pearl 

barlev, and corn meal manufs., Willow 

ab 12'th 
Glendenning R., oat meal & pearl barlev manf 

Willow ab 12th, h Pleasant ab 12th 
Glenn Andrew, lab., bel Prime bet 7th & P road 
Glenn Benjamin F.,dry goods, S E 6th k Sprue;: 
Glenn 8t Brother, dry poods, S E 6th & Spruce 

k N W 7th and'G^reen 
Glenn James, perfumer, Palm 
Glenn James M., grocer, Sch 5th k Lombard 
Glenn John, whf. builder, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Glenn John, shoemr., 108 Christian 
Glenn Joseph, cordwainer, 2 Goldsmith's ct 

G!ewn Joseph, shoemr., Lombard n Sch 4th jGoff Henrv, carter, 18 Wharton 
;! nn I.. W., perfumer, S4 S 3rd & 168 Chest-. Goff Jacob W., mer., 12 N 4th, h 7th n Green 

Goff John, butcher, 2d bel Greenwich 
GoffMarthaj shop, Juniper bel Spruce 

nut, h 115 S9th. 
i; 1 jnn Lewis, rear 32 Sheaff's al 
GlentJ Margaret, 4th ab Shippen 
Glenn Man', gentw., Elizabeth n Poplar. 
Glenn Michael, stone mason, Jcnes ab Sch 4th 
Glenn Kalph, carp., 7 Skerrett's ct. 
Glenn Robert, weaver, Hopkins n William. 
Glenn Robert, brickmr., 4 W Cedar 
Glenn Thomas, lab., Pearl &. Washington 
Glenn William B., cabinet mr., 440 S 2nd. 
Glenn William H., trunkmr., Queen ab Shack- j Gold J. S., pine oiHarnps, 864 N 2d 

amaxon 'Golden Ann, 8 Grav's al 

Glenn Wm., boat builder, Palmer ab West (K) 
Glennan James, lab., Swanson bel Cedar 

Goff Michael, victualler, Front bel Reed 

GofF& Peterson, hardware, 12 N 4th. 

Gohl Dorothy, baker, 109 S 5th. 

Goines G. W., hair dresser, 8 Exchange pi. 

Goines William, barber, 489 High, h Juniperab 

Golcher William, blacksmith, Littleboy's ct, h 

6th ab AVashing-ton 

Glenny Robert, lab., Lombard n Sch 2nd 
Glessig David, feed store, 9 Mechanic 
Glessner Oliver P., printer, 179 Queen 
Glentworth George, druggist, 2S7 Sassafras. 
Glentworth G. P., Chestnut ab Margaret [W P 
Gloninger Elizabeth, 15 Mulberry. 
Gloninger George, druggist, 20 Lagrange 
Gloucester Stephen H. Rev., Lombard ab 5th 
Glover Ann A., 119 N 9th 
Glover Joseph, machine mr., Front bel Brown 
Glover Samuel, huckster, 2 Juniper la 
Gluck John, cordw., O Y road bel Callowhill 
Gluyas George K., machinist, 376 S 5th 
Gmelin Charles, doctor, 131 Poplar 
Gobrecht Christian, engraver, 220 Walnut. 
Godbout Lewis, confect., 9 Eilet's av 
Goddard J. L., acct., Clinton above 9th 
Goddard Paul B., M. D., 7 S 9th. 
Goddard Wm. B., Pine ab 10th 

Golden David, cordw., 7 Cadwalader (K) 
Golden Elizabeth, 3 Gray's al 
Golden Thomas, tavern, 162 N Water. 
Golder Jeremiah, corder, 496 S 2d 
Golder Robert, M. D., Bedford bel Broad 
Golder Robert, paper hangings, 145 Chestnut. 
Goldey Abraham, boot crimper, 171 N 12th 
Goldey H. brickmr. Murray n Sch 3d 
Goldey Jacob, brickmr. Richard n 6th 
Goldey Jacoi', Kensington Exchange, Beach. 
Goldey Jacob B. coachmr. 2S9 Cedar, h 8th bel 

Goldey James, porter, 3 Richardson's ct. 
Goldey James, shoemr., 402 N 2nd. 
Goldey Joseph, boots & shoes, S E 10th & 

Sassafras, h 268 N 8th. 
Goldey Lydia, widow, 139 New Market 
Goldey Margaret, 14 Leeds' av 
Goldey Samuel, stone cutter, Sch 8th & Sav 
Goldev Samuel, boots and shoes, 21 High, "h 39 

N 2nd. 

Goddard W. C, broker, 45 S 3rd, h 496 Chestnut: Goldev Thomas, cordw., Schleisman's allev 
Godey Louis A., publisher Lady's Book, 101| Goldman David, shoes, 18 S 4th h 295 V 6th 

Chestnut, h 489 Chestnut 
Godfrey B. G., importer, 149 High 
Godfrey Darius W., cordw., Mint ct 
Godfrey Dennis, lab., 7 Sch Water 
Godfrey Joshua, lab., Flower ab Christian 
Godfrey Samuel, merchant, 8 Commerce 
Godfrey Thomas, plast., Palmer n F road, (K) 
Godley Jesse, mer., 53 High, h 78 X 10th 
Godley J. Spry & Co., dry goods, 53 High 
Godman Angelica, 297 Walnut 
Godon R. V. Mrs., gentw., 23 Sansom. 
Godshall Andrew B., tinman, 34'J S 2nd. 
Godshall Frederick, clerk, h 32 Plum. 
Godshall Wm., rope mr., P road bel Christian 
Godshall Wm., rope maker., P road bel Wash- 
Godwin Joseph, seaman, 12 Prime 
Godwin Wm. M., com. mer., 73 S whfs., h 157 

Goebel George, hair dresser, 68 S 4th, h 

Courthn place 
Goehler P., tailor, 138 Callowhill 
Goekeler Godfrev, baker, 96 Crown. 

Goldsmith & English, paper hang., 495 X 2nd. 
Goldsmith Frederick, Margaretta 
Goldsmith George, planemaker, 38 Laurel. 
Goldsmith IE S., paper hanger, 3S Laurel. 
Goldsmith Napoleon, mer., 270 X 2d 
Goldsmith Joseph, packing boxmr. Goldsmith's 

ct (X L) 
Goldsmith Samuel, shipmaster, 37 Sassafras 
Goldsmith Thomas O., M.D., 113 Spruce 
Goldsmith Wm., planemaker, Xew Market and 

Green, h 50 Green 
Goldtrap Thos. W., tailor, Perry ct. 
Gollocker James, sign painter, 132 W High 
Gombert Sarah, dressmr. Marlboro' bel Duke 

Gomery David, brickmr. Parrish bel 11th 
Gominger James, ship carpenter, Bedford and 

Union (K) 
Gominger Joseph, Crown be! Bedford (K) 
3|Gonter W. D., broker, 35 S 4th, h 11th ab Hi.^h 
Gunzhorn Godfrev, carter, Palmer ab Duke 

I <*) 

Good Ann, widow of David. 42 Xew Market. 

Goekler Adam, cabinetmr. 4th & Jefferson (K) | Good Cyrus J., mer., 13S High 
Goekler Frederick, grocer, S W 4th & Culvert. \ Good David, wines c< liq., 224 X Front. 
Cocller Philip, baker, 3-2 S 2nd. {Good James, gent., 194 S 9th 

^an Benedict, lab. Fox's ct n Fitzwater Good John, flour k feed, High ab Sch 4th 

Goff Henry, butcher, 17 Marion J Good John, cabinet mr., 115 Spruce 

Good Samuel, waterman, Tamarind bel OoatesiGordon James, marble polisher, c PiW 
Good William, printer, 159 N 11th Willow. 

Goodall John, stovemr. Juniper ab High 

GoodaJl Richard, grocer, 23 Perry 

Goodall Wra,, painter, 35 N 4th, h Juniper n 

Goodbred F. grocer, Vernon ab 10th 
Goodchild James, vict, Fitzwater ab 12th 
Goodchild Thomas, victualler, 79 German 
Goodfellow George, mason, 559 N Front (K) 
Goodfellow Elizabeth, confectioner, 91 S 6th. 
Goodfellow E. k. Son, confectioners, 91 S 6th. 
Goodfellow James, teacher, 75 S 8th, h 133 Lorn 

Goodfellow Mrs., Wood ab 11th. 
Goodin Henry, lab., Harmony bel 4th 
Gooclin John, jr. porter, Shirker's al 
Goodin John, porter, 320 Cedar 
Goodman James, cordw., Apple n George. 
Goodman James, atty. & coun., 277 N 6th. 
Goodman John, gent., 87 Callowhill. 
Goodman John, carpenter, 12 Kunckle. 
Goodman William, Duke n Palmer, (K) 
Goodman Wm., boot fitter, 63 Charlotte 
Goodrich John, printer, 26 R road. 
Goodrich Joseph, dealer, 273 Callowhill 
Goodrich Win., butcher, 211 X 10th 
Goods Georare, biscuit baker, F 

ford (K) 

Gordon James, printer, 13 Parker ab 5th 
Gordon James, porter, 12 Washington ah* 11th 
Gordon James, 153 Marshall 
Gordon James R., hairdresser, 239 N 2nd, h 47 

Gordon Joel, tailor, 3 College avenue 
Gordon John, weaver, S E 13th &. Brinton. 
Gordon John, 285 Callowhill 
Gordon Joseph, teacher, 6Burd's ct 
Gordon Joseph, shop, 221 Shippen 
Gordon Joseph A., Farmers' and Mechamcv 

Bank, h 22 Union 
Gordon Mary, tailoress, 8 Fetter la 
Gordon M. K., dressmaker, 89 N 6th 
Gordon M. L., drug & plaster mill, 12 S Penns q 

h Sch. 6th ab Mulberry. 
Gordon Nathaniel, manuf.,Lombard ab Sch 4*> 
Gordon Robert, grocer, S E Bedford & Broad 
Gordon Robert C, ladies' shoemr., 4th Sc Unior 
Gordon Samuel, whitewasher, 6 Burd's ct 
Gordon Samuel, weaver, 10th & Milton 
Gordon Sarah Ann, cake baker, 57 Pine 
Gordon Wm. weaver, Front bel Oxford (K) 
Gordon Wm. S. pocketbk. maker, Horstman's c 
Gordon William S., hair dresser, 99 Callowhi : ! 
road n Bed-|Gore James, stonecutter, Poplar bel 9th 

Gore John II., blacksmith, Shippen bel 4th 

Goodwin Algernon M., collector, Pearl ab 12th|Gore Rebecca, Sch 6th & Helmuth 
Goodwin Benjamin, cordw. George n St John iGore Susanna, 4 Manle 
Goodwin Benjamin, cordw. Culvert ab 3d 
Goodwin Cornelius, oysterman, 8 Chestnut, h 

Concord bel 3d 
Goodwin C. L. & J. mers. S X whfs. 
Goodwin John, cordw. 609 X 6th 
Goodwin John F., 117 Brown. 
Goodwin Jonathan, tailor, S7 Cherry 
Goodwin Maria, 3 Wiley's ct 
Goodwin Oliver W., M.D., 115 Callowhill 
Goodwin Rob. grocer, X E Sch 7th & Chestnut 
Goodwin Sarah, Pleasant ab 10th 
Goodwin Susan, Maria bel 5th 
Goodwin Thomas, cooper, 128 Cedar 
Goodwin Thomas F., letter carrier, 174 S 9th 

Gorgas Edward, coach trim. Clinton ab Bro-.r- 
Gorgas E. W., woodwhf., Beach ab Palmer (K 
Gorgas George, lumber mer., 225 X Water. 'fc 

216 X Front. 
Gorgas George, jr., coal mer., h 6th ab Brown 
Gorgas G. & H., jr., coal mers., Washington &<■ 

ab Willow. 
Gorgas Margaret, artificial flowermr., 654 X C-i 
Gorgas Peter K., lumber, mer., c 7th &. Buttor. 

wood, holO X 6th. 
Gorgas Samuel jr., broker, 4 S 3rd. 
Gorgas Wm., barber, 65 N 3rd. 
Gorman Ann, washer, 3 Kelly's ct. 
Gorman Dennis, lab., Duffy's ct 

Good*™ William, hatter, 313 X 2nd, h 382 XI Gorman & Dillon, blacksmiths, O Y road r 

7 . .,o I N °ble 

Goodwin M m., tailor, 210 Callowhill i Gorman Felix, weaver,, William n Otter (K) 

Goodyear John, druggist SE Pine and Sch 6th;Gorman James, stone cutter, Linden ab Sch frt 
Goolcl Robert, gent. 185 S 1 ront j Gorman James, maltster, 3 Lyndall's al 

Goorley Robert, dry goods, McDuffie &. Sch uyl- Gorman Jane, 57 GaskiU 

,~ L !r« , „ , Gorman John, shoemr., Marble ct. 

Gorbut Robert, carver, P road opp Plum I Gorman John L., tavern, High n Sch <M 

Gordon Charles, porter,_ 6 Eagle's ct. i Gorman Marv, shop, Bedford n Shippen la 

Gordon Davia, barber, do S 4th, h 8th bel Cedar ■■ Gorman Michael, cordw. 5 Clair 
Gordon David, carpenter, 108 German. j Gorman Michael, blacksmith, 303 X 5th 

Gordon David, carter, Barker n Sch 4th j Gorman Patrick, lab., Adams bel 13th 

Gordon Dav 1 d, jr. carp. 390 S 3d ! Gorman Patrick, lab,' 8th ab Caroenter 

Gordon George, plasterer, Lombard n Sch. 4th. I Gorman Thomas, lab., Christian n Sch 
Gordon George, stone cutter, 166 Callowhill a b Gorman Thomas W., William & Hamilton 
Sch 0th ,„-„.. - iGorman William T., 128 N Water, h Martha 

Gordon George R. carp 196 Christian , Gormlev Henrv, lab., Sch Beach n Locust 

Gordon Henry, lab. Bedford ab 6th | Gormley .lame's, weaver. Shippen bel Broad 

Gordon Henry, weaver, rear Linden ab Sch 8th Gormlev John, coachman, Geore-e bel 13th 
Gordon Henry, clothes, 67 S 2d, h 194 Shippen Gormley Michael, lab. Sch 7th & Locust 

t \ 



Gormlefi' Martha, 97 George 

Gormk{y Sarah, Mrs., Shippcn bel Broad 

;.jrnley Wm., clothing-, Sch Beach n Chestnut, 

h Ashton n Walnut 
Gormly John, tanner, Willow bel 8th 
GorreU John, cord v.-., Watts near F M 
G^rrell Robert, weaver, 10th St Milton 
Correll Wm., grocer, 313 S 5th 
Gorring Catharine, shop, 296 S 4th 
Gorset Louisa, dressmr. 149 N 10th 
Gorton George W., bookseller, 56 N 3rd, h 141 

Gosline Jacob, tanner, 319 St John 
Gosline John, mariner, F road ab Bedford (K) 
Gosman Martha M., shop. 226 N Front 
Gosnell B., framemr., 1 Elizabeth (N L) 
Gosner Wm., ropemr., Eppright's ct 
Goss Jacob, brickmr. Mechanic ab Culvert 
Goss Jacob, lab., Hancock bel Master (K) 
Gosser Jacob, fisherman, Wood bel Prince (K) 
Gosser Jacob, fisherman, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Gossman Joseph, earthenware, 205 Coates 
Gossmon C, carter, Charles ab Willow 
Gossner Joseph, porter, 187 Coates 
Gotwalt Catharine, Poplar ab Parrish 
Gotz F., saddler, 102 Vine 
Goucher Jane, State 

Goucher Mary, b h, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras. 
Goudkop Amelia, dry goods, 142 N Front 
Gouge John, druggist, 302 Sassafras. 
Gouge Wm. M., editor Journal Banking, 302 

Gough John, manuf., Ashton bel Spruce 

Gough Michael, Ashton bel Spruce 

Goujon Lewis, screw maker, 6th ab Poplar. 

Goukler George, stonecutter, 49 Penn 

Gould George W. tobacconist, 87 S 12th 

Gould John, sawyer, 13th ab Poplar 

Gould John H., silversmith, Mechanic (S) 

Gould Susan, Centre n 13th 

Gould Walter, port. Sc min. painter, N E 6th & 

Gouldy Charles, brickmr., Cedar ab Sch 8th 

Gouldy Henry, brickmr. Sycamore ab Locust 

Gouldy Mary, Sch 3d n Lombard 

Gourlay George M. D., druggist and chemist, N 
E 4th and Pine 

Gourley Robert, weaver, Lombard n Sch Front 

Gourley Susan, gentw., 23 Union 

Gousha Joseph, victualler, 14 Rachael 

Goutier John, painter, 206 S 6th 

Govett E. C. b h, 130 Mulberry 

Govett George, watchmr., 49 S 10th, house 244 

Govett Joseph, carpenter, 9 Bonsall. 

Govett Maria, 244 Filbert 

Govett R. A., carpenter, 365 Cedar. 

Govett Wm., 2 Carpenter's ct. 

Gow George W., bonnet presser, 173 S 11th 

Gowen Catharine, 1 Julianna 

Gowen, Jacobs St Co., wine mers., 81 Dock. 

Gowen James, wine mer., 81 Dock. 

Gowen Margaret, 31 North 

Gr^benstine Jacob, tailor, 29 John (S) 

Grabenstine John, baker, 35 Coates 

Grace Edward R., printer, 7 Shields' alley 

Grace John, victualler, 419 Coates 

Grace Samuel, vict. Ogden bel 11th 

Grace Thomas A., cordw., 156 Coates. 

Gracey George, carter, Beach ab Poplar (K) 

Gracey John, eating house, 250 High 

Gracey S, b h, 56 Filbert. 

Grady James, umbrellamaker, rear 210 St John 

Grady John, bootmaker, 116 N Front 

Graeff Daniel, mer., 147 High, h 45£ N. 5th. 

Graeff Joseph, tavern, S E Water Sc CallowhiU. 

Graft" Ann, Mechanic ab Culvert 

Graft' Charles, cordw. GrebePs ct 

Graft' Charles, jr. 498 Chestnut 

Graft' Charles, gent, 265 Mulberry. 

Graff Christopher, druggist, 351 S 2nd. 

Graff' Frederick, superintend, water works, 200 

Cherry, h N W 10th St Cherry. 
Graff George, butcher, 17 Franklin 
Graft' George, bricklayer, rear Parrish bel 12th 
Graff John, segarmr. Boyle's ct n P road 
Graff Joseph, tin &. coppevsm., 370 S 3d 
Graff Wm. D., clerk, 28 Appletree al 
Graffin Hugh, shoemr. 91 P road 
Graftin Robert, variety store, 5th bel Shippen 
Graham .Ann, teacher, rear 122 Catharine 
Graham Augustus, carp., 2 Lxtitia ct 
Graham A. H., M. D., Lombard 8c Orleans 
Graham A. W. steel engraver, 101 Chestnut 
Graham David, clerk, Kinley's ct 
Graham David, importer, 17 N. 4th, h 28 Pal- 
myra row 

Grahun Edward J. carp. Concord bel 3d, h P 
road bel Washington 

Graham Eliza, trimmings, c 7th & Wallace. 

Graham Elizabeth, 21 W Cedar 

Graham Francis, tailor, 77 P road. 

Graham George, weaver, Church (F M) 

Graham George A., atty. St coun., 24 N 7th. 

Graham George R., publisher Graham's Magaz^ 
98 Chestnut, h 191 Mulberry 

Graham James, clerk, 18 Jefferson row 

Graham James, tailor, 352 High, h 1 Clover 

Graham James, grocer, Cedar ab 12th. 

Graham James, Perry n Mifflin 

Graham James, grocer, Crown & Bedford (K) 

Graham James, weaver, Fitzwater ab 12th 

Graham James, grocer, 125 W Hjgh 

Graham Jane, shop, 194 Callowhill. 

Graham John, carter, Spruce n Sch 5th 

Graham John, lab., Sch 7th bel Pine 

Graham John, lab, Clay bel Beach 

Graham John, gent. 177 Catharine 

Graham John K. mer., 1 Franklin row 

Graham Margaret, b h, 111 S 9th 

Graham Margaret, gentw., 230 S Front 

Graham Mitchell, State n Sch 7th 

Graham M'Cartney, carp., rear 293 S 4th 

Graham M., James bel R. road 

Graham Noble, police officer, Lombard ab 12th 

Graham N., lab., Marker ab 2d 

Graham N. H., mer., 3 N Water, h 1 Franklin 

Graham Redman, furniture, 152 & 136 Cedar. 

Graham Robert, labourer, Vine ab 12th. 

Graham Robert, weaver, Rail rcrid n F. M. 
Graham R., chandler, 9 Boyd's av 
Graham Susan, Mrs. P road bel Washington 
Graham S. S., carp., Fitler n Harrison 
Graham Thomas, cabinetmr. 361 Cedar 
Graham Thomas, blacksm., 365 S 6th 
Grsbam Thomas, tailor, N E 6ih & Cherry 
Graham Thomas, gent., 2S9 High 

Gravel Henry, carpenter, 373 Callowhil'l 
Gravel Henry, jr., grocer, 6 High, h 373 Cal- 
lowhill i 
Gravel John, carpenter, 377 Callowhill. 
Gravel Win., carp., Penn belR road 
Graver Mary A., gentw., 150 F road 
Graves B., S. 272 N 6th 
Graves Henry, hatter, rear 127 "Walnut 

Graham Thomas, pump & blockmakcr, 99 S j Graves James, t rner, Newton (S) 

Wharves, h 79 Christian 
Graham Thomas, printer, Harmony bel 4th 
Graham Thos., limeburner, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Graham Thomas, bricklayer, 54 Penn 
Graham Thomas, carter, Juniper bel Lombard 
Graham Wm., lab., 18 Helmuth 
Graham "William, stone cutter. Lewis n Sch 6th 
Grahmes Wm., lab. Lombard n Sch 2nd 
Graham Wm. C, gent., 116 X 8th 
Grake Henry W., carter, 2 Reckless 
Crambo Henry, acct., 529 X 5th 
Grandfield Wm. shop, 18 Elfreth's al 
Grandgent Francis oyster shop, 419 N 9th and 

Coates bel 9th 
Granel Benjamin F. painter, 73 Franklin 
Granello Francis, confectioner, 251 X 2nd. 
Graner Catharine, 4th Sc Franklin (K) 
Granett Xavier, shoemr., 86 N 4-Ji 
Granger Henry, cabman, rear 128 Plum 
Granger John, shoemr. Culvert ab 4th 
Gransback George, bootmaker, 33 Coates. 

Graves James, doubler. Front bel Master (K) 
Graves Joseph R. soap Sc candles, 190 Vine 
Gray Andrew, shoemr. rear 148 Sassafras 
Gray Abiah, Scott's ct (X L) 
Gray Anson, mer., 42 Walnut, h 220 3 4th 
Gray Benjamin, planemr., 14 School 
Gray 8c Brother, iron Sc coal, 42 Walnut 
Gray Catharine, artificial flower maker, 73 Mul- 
Gray Charles, lab., Fraley's ct (K) 
Gray Charles, cordw., Knight's ct 
Gray Edward, seaman, Ball n Shippen 
Gray Esther, Callowhill n X'ixon 
Gray George W., brewer, 24 S 6th 
Gray Hannah, Leyden's ct 
Gray Henry J. seaman, 4 Spragg's av 
Gray Henry M., seaman, Willow ab Dillwyn 
Gray James, bricklayer, Broad 5c Paper al 
Gray James, cordw., 61 Small 
Gray Jane, widow, 397 S 2nd 
Gray Jarvis, waiter, 34 Prosperous al 

Gransback Jacob, gardener, Beach ab Poplar (K) ; Gray John, lab. Broad bel Vine 

Grant Daniel, shop, 3d and Queen 
Grant Dennis, weaver, 1 Mechanic, (F M) 
Grant Edith, widow, Wallace bel 13th 
Grant Edward H., carpenter, Willow n 12th h 

Poplar ab 9th 
Grant Elizabeth, Lydia n William (K) 
Grant George, mer., 39 X3rd 
Giant Isaac, lab. 23 St Mary 
Grant James, blockmr. 32 Christian 
Grant John, baker, G T road n Phoenix (K) 
Grant John L. Rev., 390 Vine. 
Grant Ralph, shop, 213 Shippen 
Grant Samuel, mer., 12 S Whfs., h 44 Pine. 
Grant Sc Stone, com. mers., 12 S Whfs. 
Grant William, M. D., S S 10th 
Grantling Samuel, oysters, 37 Queen 
Granville B., 42 Chester 

Granville Virginia, milliner, Raii road ab Broad 
Grasby Hannah, 51 S 13th. 
Grass Lawrence, tailor, 234 S 4th 
Grattan E., printer, 27 Franklin 

Gray John, wheelwright, 47 Penn 
Gray John, furniture car, 10 Adams 
Gray John, tavern, N W 13th Sc Wood. 
Gray John, tailor, rear Bedford bel Broad 
Gray John, lab., 27 Quince 
Gray John, moulder, 8th ab Christian 
Gray John L., cordw., Perry Sc Pine 
Gray Joseph, blacksmith, c James Sc R road. 
Gray Lewis, coachman, 4 Quince 
Gray Martha, gentw., 11 Powell 
Gray Mary, gentw., Locust n Sch 8th 
Gray Mary, dressmr. 166 X' 8th 
Gray Mary, washer, 1 Loxley's ct 
Gray Peter, weaver, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Gray Philip, lab. Budden's al 
Gray Randolph, porter, Parker's al 
Gray Richard, 206 St John 
Gray Robert, weaver, 618 X 2d 
I Gray Robert A., machinist, 1 Pearl 
JGray Robert E., X W 9th Sc Mulberry 
Gray Samuel, cordwainer, Shackamaxon ne: 

Gratz David, mer., 2 S7th, h Green la n College! Pnnce(K) 

Gratz Ed. mer., 2 S 7th, h Green la n College Gray Samuel, coachman, 8 Poplar ct 
Gratz Edward Sc D., mers., 2 S T'-h. I Gray Sarah, washer, rear 118 Plum 

Gratz Hyman, President Penna. Life In. co., 66 1 Gray Smith, lab. Queen bel Marlboro' (K) 

Walnut, h 2 Boston row jGray Stephen, cabinetmr., 9 Gaskill 

Gratz Jacob, mer., 2 Boston row. 'Gray Terrence, lab. S E Catharine Sc Flower 

Gratz Jos., mer., 125A S Front, h 2 Boston row. j Gray, "White 8c Co., brewers, 24 S 6th 
Grauel Benj. F. painter, 73 Franklin 'Gray Wm., weaver, White's ct bel 13th 

Graul A. M., baker. 21 Lily al Gray Wm., chairmaker, 1 Shippen 

Graul George, combmr. Apple ab Popl r Gray Wm., cordw., Jones n Sch 8th 

Gravat Charles, carp., Shackamaxon ab Queen Gray 8c Williams, chairmrs., 177 S 2d 
Gravat Johnson, carp., Beach bel Maiden (K) Gray Wm. H., mer., 42 Walnut, h 64 Union 
Gravat Lewis, tailor, 172 S 11th [Gray Zachariah, cordw., Vine bel 13th 

,, ivbill Mrs. tailoress, Pine al 

my Cornelius, tailor, 4 Elder 

r David, vict. 12th ab Brown 

I i ar George, vict. Brown bel 12th 

i • .u- Jacob, victualler, 234 N 8th 

i,: car Samuel, vict., 10th bel Wallace 

(ireatbach Susan, loth ab Christian 

i. reaves Alexander Jr., plumber, 63 N 5th, h 

354 S 4th. 
('.reaves Joseph, weaver, Marlboro' n Duke (K) 
Greaves Mary, widow, 376 S Front 
(.•raves Matthew, moulder, Franklin bel Crown 

(.reaves 8c Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead pi. 
(ireaves William, acct., 3 Montgomery 
Grebc""M. shoemr. Cherry ab Duke (K) 
Greble Edwin, marble mason, N W P road and 

Christian, h 5th bel Gaskill. 
Greble Eliza, confectioner, 2 Sheldon row 
Greble E & Co., steam marble saw mill, "Willow 

bel 13th 
Greble Lewis, carp, rear 117 Christian 
Greble Sarah, 130 Brown 
Green Aaron, carp. James ab Charles 
Green Alpheus, ropemaker, Shackamaxon ab 

Bedford (K) 
Green Ann, St Mary ab 7th 
Green Anthony, men, 41 High, h 63 Marshall. 
Green Ashbel,' D. D., 150 Pine. 
Green Ashbel Jr., att'y & coun. & commissioner 

of deeds for New jersey, 44 South 6th, h 150 

Green A., widow, 70 Tammany 
Green Benjamin, waiter, 32 Eagle ct 
Green Branch, dry goods, 365 N 6th 
Green Caleb, agent, Vine n Sch. 7th 
Green Catharine, washer, 16 Perry 
Green Charles, barber, 7th bel Christian 
<>reen Charles, barber, Rail road bel Coates 
Green Charles, 16 Chester. 
»een Charles B., waterman, 285 St. John, 
'■reen Edward, clothes, 248 Shippen. 
Green Edward, cabmr., 6th ab Marriott 
Green Edward, machinist, Perry ab Phoenix (K) j 
Green Edward, dealer, 224 Lombard 
Green Edward, tailor, Shippen bel 8th 
Green Edward C, boat builder, c Sch Front | 

and Mulberry. 
Green Elizabeth, washer, Sycamore ab Locust I 
Green Elizabeth, shop, P road bel Fitzwater 
Green Frances, b h, 75 Locust 
Green George, carp., Fitzwater ab 8th 
Green George, waiter, 93 S 12th 
Green Glover, jeweller, Fitzwater ab 8th 
Green Harriet^ Bedford bel 12th 
Green Henry, waterman, Palmer ab Beach (K) 
Green Henry, moulder, 4th bel Wharton 
Green Henry, carp. 1U6 German 
Green Henry, carp., 14 Plum 
Green Hester, widow. 235 Christian 
Green Hugh, lab. Lombard ab 12th 
Green Isaac, carp. Mechanic bel George 
Green Jabez, lab., 15 Coombe's al 
1 ; rcen Jacob, paper stainer, Sch Front n Cherry. 
Green Jacob, machinist. 7th ab Poplar 

Green Jacob D. lab. rear 331 S 5th 

Green Jacob II., bootmaker, Butz's ct 

Green Jedediah S. cabinetmr. 138 Cedar 

Green Jesse, waterman, Prime bel Front 

Green Jesse, hod carrier, Fine bel 12th 

Green John, baker, 215 Shippen 

Green John, waiter, 3 Kelly 

Green John, sea captain, 392 S 3d 

Green John, tobacconist, Shippen ab Shippen la 

Green John, saddler, Ann n Sch. 7th 

Green John, drayman, 280 S 6th. 

Green John M., 186 Sassafras 

Green Jonas, M. D., 275 Sassafras 

Green Joseph, moulder, 6th bel Carpenter 

Green Joseph, waiter, 27 Washington bel 12th 

Green Joseph, shop, Coates n Sch 

Green Joseph, grocer, Coates n F. M. 

Green Joseph, cordwainer, 29 Swanson. 

Green Joseph, cordwainer, 24 Magnolia. 

Green Joseph, dry goods, 37 N 2nd, h 99 Noble 

Green Joseph B., carp., N E 12th and ShearTs 

Green Lewis, cordwainer, 2d n George (K) 
Green Lorenzo, porter, 23 Middle al 
Green Lydia, 1 Paries' ct 

Green Marshall, paper hanger, Fraley's ct (K) 
Green Mary, 12 Adams 
Green Mary, gentw. 120 Dillwyn 
Green Mary Ann, Mrs. Marion ab 2d 
Green 8c M'Canibridge, furniture, 186 Sassafras 
Green Patrick, drayman, 2 Norris' al. 
Green Paul, seaman, 106 Gaskill 
Green Rachel, washer, Leydeirs ct 
Green Rhoda, widow, 22 Bird's ct 
Green Richard W., teacher. 4th n Chestnut, h 

42 S 13th. 
Green Robert, cordwainer, N E 3d £c Plum 
Green Robert, lab. Sch 7th 8c Lombard 
Green Samuel, jr. cabinetmr. 17 Mead 
Green Samuel, trimmings, 327 Cedar 
Green Samuel, porter, 38 Currant al 
Green Solomon, porter, Little Oak. 
Green Stephen, tavern, O V road and Coates 
Green Stephen, cordw. Palmer ab Beach (K) 
Green Thomas, waiter, Pine n Quince 
Green Thos., earthenware, Lombard 8c Sch 7th 
Green Wm., pawnbroker, 243 S 3d. 
Green Wm., Custom House. Green's ct 
Green Wm., labourer, Ann n Sch. 7th. 
Green Wm., porter, 39 Currant al 
Green "William, weaver, Marlborough above 

Green Wm., carp., Bedford ab 12th 
Green Wm., cordw., Lydia and School (K) 
Green William, tailor, 196 Shippen 
Green Wm. M., carp., 166 N Sth 
Greenawald B., dealer, 29 Vine 
Greene Daniel, tavern c Water & Walnut. 
Greene F., druggist, S W . th & Cedar. 
Greening 1 Catharine, 350 (> V road 
Greenfield Cornelius, lab., Hughs' ct. 
Greenfield Elizabeth, 371 Mul >erry. 
Greenleaf Hudson, blacksmith, rear S Carpen- 
ter (S) 
Greenleaf John, trader, 9th ab Parish 

Greenmsn H. H., pr.ner hanger, 237 N 7th 
Greenman John, comb maker, 341 N 3rd. 
Greenman J., paper hanger, 37*:- N 2nd. 
Greenman Wm., paper han<rer, 3u6 Green 
Ore-enough S. W.j cordw., Orchard 
Grcentree Emanuel J., dealer, 167 Cedar 
Greenwood Paul, Marlborough n Duke (K) 
Greenwood Robert T., cabmr., Marlboroue-h n 

Duke (K) 
Greer, Amer, & Newell, machinists, 1 Lodge 
Greer Catharine, gentw., Buttonwoocl bel 10th 
Greer Jacob, vict., Garden ab Noble 
Greer James, dentist, 21 S Sch 6th. 
Greer James, bricklayer, 473 Vine 
Greer James, carver, 2 Jenning's row 
Greer James, lab., Lvnn (F Ml 
Greer John, vict., James ab 10th 
Greer John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Greer Joseph, constable, George ab Sch. 8th 
Greer Margaretta, 20 Morgan. 
Greer Mary, 14 E North 
Greer Peter, porter, Bedford bel 8th 
Greer Rosanna, 198 Lombard 
Greer Robert, manuf., 23 Washington n 12th 
Greer Sarah, sempstress, Adams n 13th 
Greer Thomas, machinist, 1 Lodge 
Greer Wm., warper, Cedar bel 13th, h 102 S 

Greeves Alexander, grocer, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Greeves Man.', gentw., Camac ab 8th 
Gregg Edward, weaver, Helmuth 
Gregg John, lab., Lombard & Sch. Water 
Gregg Robert, shcemr., rear 9 Crown 
Gregg Wm., lab., Lombard n Sch Bank 
Gregg Wm., M. 1)., 32 Sassafras. 
Gregory Cornelius, grocer, Sch 8th and Wag- 
ner 5 ^ ct 
Gregory Cornelius, oysterman, 453 S 2d 
Gregory E., port. S: min. painter, 82 Mulberry 
Gregory Gotlieb, baker, Prime bel 2d 
Gregory Henry D., teacher, 4 Lotcari 
Gregory James, insp. of customs, 99 S Whfs., h 

102 S Front 
Gregory Jonathan, conveyan., N E 6th & Prune 
Gregory Margaret, 21 N 12th 
Gregory Nathaniel W., tinman, Parrish n 13th 
Gregory Thomas, manuf., F road ab West 
Gregory William, cordw., New Crown 
Gregory Wm., currier, 277 Caliowhill 
Gregory Wm., drayman, Relief place 
Gregory Wm., Rush's ct 
Gregory Wilson, boot and shoe manuf., 16 Bank 

h 176 Poplar 
Greil John, coachlace mr., rear 10 Ogden 
Greiner Christ'r. M., portrait painter^ 43 N 4th 
Gremer Frederick, Sch. 8th n Caliowhill 
Greiner F., dentist, 15 Ogden 
Greiner George, trcas, Phil, saving fund soc'y 

h 206 N 6th. - 
Greiner Lewis, toymaker, 223 Caliowhill. 
Greiner Wm, S., mer., 5NWhar, li 83 Marshall 
Grelar.d M. H., Spruce bel Broad 
Grelaud D., female seminarv, 120 S 3rd. 
Grenett Henry J., tailor, 252 Christian bel 7th j 
Grenhart E., shop, Bonsall n 10th 

'Grenhart John, baker, Ced*r ab 11th 
'Gresimer Jonah, tailor, 2S4 N 2nd. 
JGreswold Thos. E., druggist, R road abi:-.h 
Grew Elizabeth, rear 2 W A }\ 
! Grew Henry Rev., 72 S 4th 
iGrew \\ m., shoemr., 473 N 3d 
GribbinJohn, baker. Co-.r^d's ct 
Gribbin John, saddler, Littleboy's ct. 
jGrice Samuel, lumber mer., Beach ab Hanore: 

h Beach bel Shackar.nxon 
Grier James, grocer, 387 H~h 
Grier James, grocer, 452 Sassafras 
Grier John W., Rev., chap. U. S. Nav. As- [ 

h 7 Rittenhouse n R;t*enhouse so 
Grier Jonathan, carp., loth k Coates 
Grier Matthew Jr., bootmaker, 99 Cedar. 
Griesemer L. S. & P. S.. srrocers, 499 V 2 : 

121 New Market 
Grieve John, stone cutter, 17 Orleans 
Grifi'ec Peter, bookbinder, 134 St John 
Griffenburg Thomas, saddler, 2d bel Qu^>" 

2 Reckless 
Griffin Ann, b h., 7 Chancery lane. 
j Griffin B., lab., Llovd bel Shippen 
Griffin E., M. D., 286 Green 
I Griffin Henry, cordw., P: i:r,er bel Prince .T. 
Griffin John, shoemr., 7 Howard pi 
j Griffin John, lab., rear 29 Union 
I Griffin Martin, baker, P read Sc Christian 
| Griffin Mary, milliner, 431* N 2d 
i Griffin Matthew, carter, 48 Quince 
Griffin Peter, labourer, Ann ab Sch. 8th. 
Griffin Seth, lab., Queer: ab F road 
Griffin Thomas, stevedore. St Mary ab7th 
Griffin Thomas, lab., Carpenter ab 8th 
Griffin William, mer., 241 Pine. 
Griffing Daniel B., lum. mer., Allen ab Shacki- 

Griffis E. E., Miss, seminarv, Broad c S Per- > 
Gnffis John L., dry goods, 421 N 2d 
Griffith Abel, whip mr., Charlotte ab Culver:. 
Griffith Amos, stove manuf., S W 2d & Vine. 
Griffith A. E., shop, 463 N 4th 
Griffith Dorothy, 384 N 2d 
Griffith Elizabeth, shoibir.der, 6 KenworthV; . 
Griffith E., dry goods, 285 Chestnut. 
Griffith Isaac, gent, 133 Dillwyn. 
Griffith Isaac, dentist, N V," Sch. 7th & FPbert 
Griffith James, 201 Spruce 
Griffith Jane, 5th bel'Gecr-ce 
Griffith John, band boxmaker, 6$ S 3d 
Griffith John, chandler, 42 Fitzwater 
Griffith John T., cooper, 2j St James, h i 

Lodge pi 
Griffith j", painter, 10th ab Poolar 
Griffith Lewis, carpenter, Sch 8th n Ch.:r.-r 
Griffith Maria, shop, Orchard 
Griffith Mary, Small 

Griffith Matthew, gent., Franklin ab Greer. 
Griffith O. B., grocer. S F. Sch 7th 5. R 

hou^e, h 20 Rittenhouse 
Griffith Rebecca, 1S1 N 3d. 
Griffith Samuel, gas tube mr., Sch 3d bel Vr.'- 
Griffith Samuel, watchman, Ticker's ct 
GrLfhth Sarah, tailoress, 4 QuerviUe's ct 

Griffith & Simon, booksellers, 384 X 2d, and 

188 X 3d 
Gl ffith Thomas, plasterer, 10th ab Poplar 
Griffith Thomas, mer., 185 Chestnut 
,.;■. 1\ th William, gas tube mr., Wharton ab 4th 
Griffith Wm., upholsterer, 176 Sassafras. 
Griffith Wm., coal mer., Sch 3rd ab Filbert. 
Griffith Wm. S., c^rp., Penn bel R road 
Griffith Wm. V., cabinetmaker,17 Barker, h 313 

Griffiths A. W. M. D., 1S8 Coates. 
Griffiths C. M., M. U., 231 Coates 
Griffiths Elijah L., M. D., office 272 N 4th, h 

c Brown &. O Y road. 
Griffiths Eliza, 233 X 6th 
Griffiths Elizabeth, dressmr., 89 Locust 
Griffiths E. E., millinery, 464 X 2d 
Griffiths George, jeweller, Centre bel 13th 
Griffitts S. P., jr. 6i Co,, coal mers., S E Vine & 

Griffitts S. P. Jr., coal mer., Vine and Broad, h 

George ab 
Griffitts Wm. F., mer., 7 minor, h Clinton ab 10th 
Grigg Anthony, printer, 19 St. James, h 2 Carl- 
ton sq. 
Grigg 8c Co., printers, 19 St James 
Grigg George, salesman, 117 N 5th 
Grigg Si Elliot, booksellers, 9 N 4th. 
Grig-g- John, Rev., luo N 4th 
Grig-g- John, booksr., 9 X 4th, h29S Mulberry. 
Grigg Mark, corder, Front bel Christian 
Grig-g- R. J., tailor, 76 Crown 
Griggs & Brother, boots & shoes, 181 X 3d 
Grigs John, bricklayer, M'Coy's ct 
Grigues Albert, carter, 4 Little Pine 
Grim Daniel K., dry goods, 89 X 4th. 
Gr;m Jacob, brickmr., Charlotte ab Poplar 
Grim John, brickmaker, Charlotte c Poplar. 
Grim Xicholas, brickmr., 5th ab George 
Grim Peter, brickmaker, 480 X 3d. 
Grim Sarah, cry goods, 478 X 3d 
Grime Wm., tinsmith, 4 S 5th 
Grimes Abraham, watchman, 43 Perry 
Grimes Andrew, weaver, Rail road nFM 
Grimes Henry, lab., 2 Sciser'sct 
Grime3 Jas, lab., rear 10 Green (C) 
Grimes Jas., weaver, West ab Marlboro' (K) 
Grimes Wdliam, lab., Milton bel 11th 
Grimm Joseph, coni'ect., 1«9 S 8th 
Grimshaw R., carp., 5J Lebanon 
Grimston John, Mariner, 3 Mead 
Griner Isaac, plasterer, 'i8 Perry. 
Grmer Joseph, ship carp., Lombard n Sch Water 
Griner J., coach painter, 16 Acorn al 
Griner Stephen, varnisher, 112 S luth 
Grinnage D., oysterman, Uavis' ct bel 4th 
Griscom Geo., alderman, 32 S 7th, h George W 

C.-iscom John, M. D., 169 Vine. 
Grissim Caspar, ship carp., West ab Cherry (K) 
Grisaim Daniel, West ab Cherry (K) 
Grissom Wm., cordw., sc.iool 
( ; :iswold A. W., groeer, S W. 5th & Pine 
Cjiswold A. W., & Co., package express, 89 


Grisv/old R. W., Sch 7th ab Spruce 
Griswold Z. J., agent, 3 Cypress 
Grittan Samuel, cordw., 19 Boyd's av. 
Groben Michael, oysters, X Whfs. ab Mulberry 
GrolF J. R., watchmr., 53 High, h 75 New 
GrofF Wm. C, blacksm., 5c h 2d ab Wood 
Grogan James, weaver, 4th bel G T road 
Gropengiesser J. L., chronometer & watchmr., 

1U0 S 3d 
Groscup Levi, carpenter, Cliarlotte bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Grosholz Louis, Schiller Hotel and wine mer., 

86 Sassafras. 
Gross Catharine, Columbia row n F. M. 
Gross Hannah, 12th ab Brown 
Gross Jacob, tailor, 19 Mulberry al 
Gross James, lab., rear 5 Baker 
Gross John, cordw., 124 Apple 
Gross J. F., vict., 12th ab Brown 
Gross Lewis, victualer, Willow bel Broad 
Gross Mary, 51 S 12th 
Grossweiler Jacob, tailor, 1 Seiser's ct 
Grout H. T., broker, 10th ab Washington 
Grove D. B., piano forte raanuf., 336 High ;c 

Grove Henry oi Son, grocers, 141 X 3d 
Grove John, tobacconist, 1-17 Poplar. 
Grover Charles, 18 Coates 
Grover Christopher, 4 Wells' row 
Grover Davis, brushmr., Reed and Wheat. 
Grover Hugh, wharf builder, 21 Christian. 
Grover Hugh, shipcarp.. Church bel Greenwich 
Grover John, huckster, 1 j8 St John 
Grover John P., lab., Rye ab Wharton 
Grover Thomas D., wharf builder, 12 Federal. 
Groves Ann, Catharine bel 7th 
Groves Anthony, gent., Pine ab Broad 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer, 155 X 9th. 
Groves James, dealer, 159 X3d 
Groves Joseph, morocco eiresser, 1 Poplar pi 
Groves Michael F., M. D., druggist, 198 S 5th. 
Groves Nicholas, mariner, 223 Catharine 
Groves Thomas D., watchman, 291 St John 
Grow John W., bridg-e builder, 5 Franklin ro\r 
Grubb Christy A., Wood bel Prince (K) 
Grubb Edward B., com. mer., X E Water and 

Grubb E. c<. C. B. mers., X E Water Si Sassafras 
Grubb Harriet A., gentw., 391 Walnut. 
Grubb Joseph, suspender m ker, 12 Carter's ri. 
Grubb Joseph C, hardware mer., 76 High, h. 

11th bel Spruce 
Grubb Mark, lab., Bradford'^ al 
Grubb Melon, stone mas., Sycamore ab Spruce 
Grubb Mrs. M., b h, 146. S 2d 
Grubb Nathaniel, iishermar., Beach bel Warrsa 

(K > -• , , 

Grubb Samuel, mer., G I roadab Phoemx 

Grubb Wm. L., carp., Lev. .s ab Poplar 

Gruob Wm. M-, blacksmith, Carlisle ct 

Grufus Peter, weaver, 16 He! nuth 

Grugan Charies C, mer., 140 Chestnut. 

Grugan Michael, porter, 5 S: Mary 

Gruis Christoplier, me^, Laurel bel New 



Gram John H., potter, S7 Vv" High 

Grund Charles, cordw., 30 Appleab Poplar 

Grund Francis J., U. S. weigher, 1 Lombard, h 

212 Walnut 
Grundy Edmund, merchant, 16 Church alley, h 

43 New. 

Grussmyer Nicholas, baker, rear Shippen bel 

Guardner Joseph, cabinetmr., Bread £c Fetter la 
Gilbert T. E., grocer, N W 8tli & Mulberry, h 

59 N 8th. 
Gudknecht John, harness mr., 120 New Market 
Gueld Elizabeth, Masher, German ab 4th 
Guenat Margaret, gentw., 230 Walnut 
Guenther E., baker, 1' road and Vineyard (F V) 
Guenther J., carter, Lewis (XI.) 
Guerard Harriet, wid. of Peter, 271 S 10th bel 

Guerin Pharon, barber, 2 Buckley 
Guest Albin, la!)., Church ah Washington 
Guest Charles, cordw., 332 S 3d 
Gugler Robert, stockmr., 29 N 4th 
Guhring John, razor grinder, 116 Crown 
Guiant John, waterman, Crawford's ct 
Guier George, notary public, 121 S 2d, h 361 

Guier & George, ship and ins. brokers, 121 S 

Guier William, stone cutter, 5 Oliver's pi 
Guier Win., grocer, It road ami S Garden 
Guilberry J. IS., tailor, 147 Locust. 
Guilbert Nicholas, printer, 56 N 3d, h 99 Mul- 
Guild Ann, teacher, 124 S -1th. 
Guillou Adelie, ladies' seminary, 34 Girard 
Guillou Constant, att'y. & coun., 39 S 4th 
Guilmette John, dentist, 41 S 8th 
Guion George L , mer., 84 High, h 25 New. 
Guise Christiana, 3 Humphrey's ct 
Guise James M., 3 Callow hill 
Gulager Christian, ship master, 22j Walnut, h 

44 Lombard 

Gulliss Benjamin, gardener, King 

Gumerseall Benj., skinner, Hanover bel Duke 

Gummey John M., dry goods, S W 11th & Vine, 
Gumminger C, gentw., S3 Callowhill 
Gumpel Jacob, dry goods, 100 Spruce 
Gumpert B. Barton, druggist, 120 N 2d. 
Gumppert Jacob J., dentist, 316 N 2d, h 11 

Emlen's ct 
Gunan Patrick, lab., Sch 3d n Lombard 
Gundelach Elizabeth, Mrs., Ihr Wood 
Gunn John, trimmings, 415 N 2d 
Gunn L. C, teacher, Brown ab 9th 
Gunn Susan, wid. of Bernard, Jefferson and Cad-' 

walader (K) 
Gunn Patrick, weaver, Charlotte n Phoenix 
Gunncll C. W., agent, 99 S 5th 
Gunsalus Robert H., baker, 192 N 10th 
Gunton Thomas, hosier, _5M S .">f'i 
Gurl Barney, brickmr., 10 Gab< IPs ct 
Gusman J., skin dresser, Wood bel 12th 
Guth Anthony F. t tailor, 17 Exchange place, h 

rear 31 S 2d I 

Guthrie George W., inspect, customs, 99 

Whfs., h 15 Lombard 
Guthrie James, weaver, Wagner's al 
Guthrie John, weaver, Fulton bel 13th 
Gutlirie Joseph T., ^com. mer., 172 High, 

2nd bel Cedar 
Guy Alexander, labourer, 33 Quince. 
Guy Amos, lab., 28 Burd's ct 
Guy David, grocer, Sch. Front bel Spruce 
Guy Martha, 7 M'DufHe 
Guy Michael, lab., IS Burd's ct 
Guy Robert, manuf, Spruce n Sch Front 
Guy Samuel, furniture car. rear 39 P road 
Guyant J. H., clerk, 10 Lybrand 
Guyer Benjamin, watchman. 29 Jones' al (C) 
Guyer Godfrey II., carp.. Carlton ab Sch 8th. 
Guyger George, tobacconist, c Sassafras &. 1 
Guyger James, tailor, Black horse al, h S W 1 1 - 

& Vine. 
Guyn Daniel, chandler, 2d bed Wharton 
Guyn Elon, drayman, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Gwilliam John, 'cordw., 21 Lebanon 
Gwin Francis, lab., 5 Leiper 
Gwin Peter, porter, Emeline 
Gwin William, carter, 162 Christian. 
Gwinn Mary, milliner, 22 Rittenhouse 
Gwinn Mrs., tavern, 26 Pine al. 
Gwinn William, chairmr., 45 Coates' al 
Gyer Elizabeth C, Carpenter ab 8th 
Gysi Theo., instrument mr., 262 N 3d 

Haag Daniel, tavern, 93 New Market 

Haars Jacob, gent., Irish Tract la bel Christia 

Haas Charles, 15 Nectarine 

Haas Chas. & Chas. J., carp'rs. 13 Emlen's ct 

Haas Ernest, chemist, 180 Coates 

Haas F. J., 13 Pine 

Haas Frederick, hosier, 361 N 3rd. 

Haas George, tobacconist. 537 High 

Haas George, carpenter, 10th ab Spring Garde 

Haas Sc Hollingsworth, dry goods, 18 N 2nd 

Haas Jacob, victualler, James ab 10th. 

Haas Jacob, lab., Barker's ct (K) 

Haas John, painter, 6th ab Poplar 

Haas John, cooper, rear 389 N 3rd. 

Haas John, grocer, c 2d & Noble, h 327 N 2 : 

Haas Joseph, dry goods, 18 N 2d 

Haas Maria, rear 108 S 3d 

Haas Man-, 15 Nectarine 

Haas Michael, baker, Coates n 10th. 

Haas Nicholas, gunsmith, 152 Wood, h 4S Ne 

Haas N., dealer, 16 New Market 
Haas William, dry goods, 2 52 X 2nd. 
Habbart Septimus, Front ab Otter (K) 
Haber John, shoes, S E Noble Jc Franklin. 
Habermehl Henry, case m iker, 131 S 6th. 
Haberstick Rudolph, tobacconist, 407 N 2n<l 
Hackenburg J. L., mer., 4 Bread 
Hacker Elizabeth A., trimmii gs, 246 Sassafr- 
Hacker George, collector, 133 X 10th 
Hacker George W., China, 62 N 2d, h 13-' 


Hacker Henry ML, mer., 46 N 2d, h Pine n 7th 
Hacker Isaac, mer., 32 Chestnut, h 173 S 3d 
Hacker Isaiah, mer., 32 Chestnut, h 112 S 3rd 
Hacker Jeremiah, merchant, 32 Chestnut, h 128 

1 kicker Joseph, silverplater, rear 89 Mulberry, 
Mac ker, Lea & Co., mers. 32 Chestnut. 
Hacker W. Alfred, mer., 46 N 2nd, h 35 Pine 
Hacker William E., mer., 32 Chestnut, h 128. J 

Hacker Wm. P., china ware, 62 N 2nd, h 57 

Y road 
Hacket Edward, cordw., 68 Queen 
Hackett Catharine, widow, 5 Jefferson row 
Hackett James, hodcarrier, rear 11 Hurst 
Hackett John, grain 8c feed, 124 Plum 
Hackett Matthew, carter, Carpenter bel 9th 
Hackett Wm. W., hatter, 153 Cedar 
Hackman A. S., com. mer., Broad & Vine 
Hackman Charles, saddler, Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Hadden John, carter, Sch Sth bel Vine 
[ladder William, watchman, 15 Sergeant 
Haddock Daniel, jr., mer. 10 S wlifs, h 139 S 3rd 
Haddock &. Haseltine, mers., 10 S wharves. 
Haddock James, stone cutter, F road bel Shack 

Haddock S. H., mantuamr., 83 New 
Hadfield John, presser, 152 Cedar 
Hadley James, 7 Flower 
Hadry C. A., Mrs., 11 Powell 
Haedrich Henry, musician, 8 Randall's ct 
Haehnlen G. F., tavern, Fairview n Sch 5th 
Haehnlen Jacob, 8 Elfeth's al 
HaffelaL., cabinet mr., Baker's ct (X L) 
Haffelfinger Martin, acct., 79 Franklin 
Haffey Barney, carp., Carpenter ab 10th 
Haffey Rosanna, grocer, 44 Oak, (N L) 
Haffey Sarah, 24 Wallace 
Hafner Martha, gentw., 97 Brown 
Hagaman George W., hatter, 91 St John, h 62 

Hagan Ann, widow, 55 Perry 
Hagan A., lab., Lynn (F M) ' 
Hagan Barnard, shop, 68 Zane 
Hagan Edward, Allen's ct 
Hagan Charles, bookseller, S E 6th and High, 

h P road bel Christian 
Hagan Henry, lab., 6 Federal 
Hagan John, lab., Front ab Otter (K) 
Hagan Mark, lab., 36 Quince 
Hagan Michael, lab., George ab Sch 6th 
Hagan Michael, lab., Spatiord bel Shippen 
Hagan Michael, lab., Fitzwater ab 6th 
Hagany J. B., Rev., Catharine ab 4th 
Hagar P. F., stove factory, 69 N 2d 
Hagarty Matthew H., 100 S 3d 
Hagen Michael, shoemr., 112 Cherry 
Hagen Patrick, Fitzwater ab 6th 
Hageny Joseph, 2 Myers' pi 
Hager Daniel, cordwainer. 52 Oak, (N L) 
Hager John, boots & shoes, S W 2d & Sassafras, 

h 29 Wallace 
Hager Joel, carter, rear 175 Brown (N L) 
Hager &. Lewis, shoe store, S W 2d and Sassa- 

Hagerdorn C. F , Bavarian Consul, 72 S 5\li 
Hagerly Gotlieb, b h, 23 Franklin pi 
Hagerman Jalianna, 49 Quince 
Hagcrman Thomas, barber, 7th ab Chestnut, h 

195 S 7th 
Hagert J. E., brushmaker, 8 N 3rd, h 408 Vine 
Hagerty Daniel, lab., Small ab 6th 
Hagerty Elizabeth, shop, 4th & Marriott's la 
Hagerty Francis, shoemr., 43 Currant al 
Hagerty James, grocer, Carpenter ab 9th 
Hagerty James, lab., 1 Mifflin 
Hagerty James, cabman, 4 Buckley 
Hagerty James, cab driver, 5 Marshall's ct 
HageRty James II., livery stable, 211 Christian 
Hagerty John, lab., Sch. Front n Spruce 
Hagerty John, wheelwright, Carpenter ab 10th 
Hagerty Michael, tailor, 16 Cypress 
Hagerty Patrick, lab., Spruce n Sch .Front 
Hagey John, confectioner, 318 High 
Haggenbottom Samuel, grocer, Fairmount n 

Haggenbottom S. jr., grocer, Sch 2d and Charl- 
Hagner Benjamin F., merchant, 314 High, 
Hagner & Co., dry goods, 314 High ' 

Hagner Charles V., drug mill, Beaver ct., h 

Broad bel Chestnut 
Hagner John F., mer., 314 High, 
Hagner Samuel A., saddler, 39 S Sth 
Hagner Wm., gardener, rear 20 Prime 
Hagstoz Jacob, sugar refiner, N E Sassafras &. 

Hague Andrew, bricklayer, Hanover ab Bed- 
Hague C, Hanover bel Prince 
Hague Henry, caulker, Hanover n Bedford. 
Hague Henry, fisherman, Chandler's ct (K) 
Hague Jacob, tavern, 11 Swanson. 
Hague John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen. 
Hague Thomas, astrologer, 39 S Sth, h (W P) 
Hagy Joseph, dry goods, 274 N 2nd. 
Hagy 'William, dry goods, 254 N 2d. 
Hahill Adolph, cabinet mr., 7 Myers' ct 
Hahn Christian, baker, 148 N 5th. 
Halm G., baker, Ann ab R road (F V) 
Halm Jacob, baker, 85 New 
Hahn Jacob, hatter, Peach bel Coates 
Hahn Jacob, butcher, Carpenter bel 10th 
Hahn John, baker, Marlboro' bel Bedford (K) 
Hahn John Henry, baker, 20 N Sch. Sth 
Hahn John, hotel, F road opp. West 
Hahn John G., baker, 148 Locust 
Hahn Michael, painter, Jefferson pi 
Hahn Wm., oysterman, Front bel Greenwich 
Haig James & Thomas, fire brick manuf., 5-i5 

N 2d bel Beaver, h Charlotte ab Poplar 
Haig Robert, potter, R road ab 13th 
Haigele Noah, 82 Js<i\v Market 
Haight Charles, printer, 2S2 S 4th 
Haight Cornelius, paint* r, 114 S 12th. 
Haign Joseph, tailor, 11 N 6th 
Had Ruth, Mrs., Cedar n G Ferry road 
Hailer G. F., Rugan ab Callowhdl. 
Haines Abraham, carpenter, 1 St James 
Haines Abraham, mer., 367 High, h36 Madison. 

Haines Abraham W. Jr., carp., Walnut ab Sch 
Front 1 

-Haines Addison, carpenter, Ogden ab 10th 
Haines Alfred C, 65 S 11th 
Haines Ann, 520 X 5th 
Haines A. & B., glass & colours 357 Hitrh 
Humes A. N, nier., 43 S Water 
Haines Benj., mer., 367 High, h 22 Morgan 
Haines Christiana, Edward n G T road 
Haines Clayton, bricklayer, Brown ab 10th 

Haines Elizabeth, 194 N 12th 

Haines Elton, bricklayer, Washington bel 11th 

Haines Ephraim, mer, 33 Commerce, h 174 X 

Haines & Gardiner, commission merchanst, 43 
S VV ater 

Haines George, copper plate printer, 2 Jeffer- 
son pi 
Haines George D, cordw, 482 N 3d 
Haines G. W, cordw. Orchard 
Haines James, cooper, rear 96 Christian 
Haines James, butcher, 4th and Marriott's la 
Haines James B, painter, 20 Union (S) 
Haines John, huckster, 5 Poplar 
Haines John, shoemr, 63 Mead 
Haines John, carpet weaver, rear 30 SheaiT's al 
Haines John, butcher, Marriott's la n 4th 
Haines John, collector, 620 X 2d. 
Haines John, tailor, 93 Cherry 
Haines John, carter, Mechanic (S) 
Haines Joseph, cordw, Grebel's ct 
Haines Joseph, 23 Palmvra sq. 
Haines Joseph B, keeper Movarnensin? Prison 

163 Carpenter 
Haines Joshua, combmr. Culvert ab 4th 
Haines Josiah, carp, 10th ab Coates. 
Haines L.indley, mer, 13 S 2d. 
Haines Mary, 12 Fan-. 

Haines Mary, widow, Crown ab Queen fin 
Haine3 Mary, 363 X 6th. J 

Haines Mary, 613 X 2d 

Hahies PeteV, fisherman, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Hames Phebe, M2 Swanson W 

Haines Philip, b h, 17 Dock 
Haines Rachel, 35 Curr^r.t alley 
Haines Reuben, carp, 9th bel Poplar 
Haines Samuel, hatter, 266 N 2d, h 398 X3d 
Haines Samuel, butcher, Pern- ab Franklin 
Haines SamueL whip-thong maker, Crown ab 

Queen (K) 
Haines Sophia, Wood bel Duke (K) 
Haines Thomas, ship carp. Front ab Reed 
Haines Thompson, tailor, 4 S 13th 
Haines William, carp, 69 Dillwvn 
Haines William S, M. D, X E 8th 2c Green 
Hams Jacob, baker, 123 Filbert. 
Hams Reuben, shoemr, 378 S 2nd 
Hams Samuel, city 8 urvevor, 9 S 5th, h 317 Mul 

Hair Rebecca, shop, Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Hake Frederick C, grocerv, 137 S fith 
Haloerstadt James, carpenter, 142 German. 
Halbert Elijah, waiter, 44 Quince 
Halbert E, lab, 1 Federal 
Haldorn Henry, weaver, Carpenter ab 8th 

jHaldorn Thomas, grocer, 9th k Carpenter 
Ha dt Lewis, grocer, Marlborough & Allen (K 
Ha e Charles W., waterman, 46 Penn 

| Hale E. A. 13 Union sq 
Hale Ruth, 36 Coates' al 

Hale Samuel, ladies' shoemaker, S W 12th an- 

J?! 6 «£?. maS> acct -' 159 Buttonwood 
Hale William, tailor, 378 High, h 5 Castle. 
Ha es Win., bricklayer, Front ab Reed 
Haley Edward, boxmaker, 106 Cherry 
,Ha ley James, tinsmith, Quince and Spruce 

■ Haley James, spooler, 11th ab Carpenter 
(Haley John, 12 Dilk's ct 
Haley John, dry goods, 160 Shippen 

[Halfman Ethelbert, tailor, 124 Cherry 
Halfman G, spade & shovelmr, Willow bel *d 

h 4 Holmes' al 
Halfman G, coal office, 11 Lod"- e al 
Halfman Wm, blacksmith, 12 Farmer 
Halfpenny Catharine, 4 Marion 
Hall Albeit H. porter, 1 Cresson's al 
Hall Alexander, mariner, 31 Peck (S) 
| Hall Alice, washer, 71 George. 
Hall Ashmead, lab, 2 Washington ct 
j Hall A, stonecutter, 23 Duke 
Hall Benjamin, hatter, 227 Christian 
Hall Catharine, Franklin bel Palmer (K) 
Hall Charles, mer, 23 Church alley, h 4 Dura-, 

row ' b 

Hall Charles, livery stable, Blackberry al be! 

Walnut, h 12 Raspberry 
Hall Charles B, mer, 34 Church al, h 81 Mar- 
Hall Christiana, Union & Front 
2"5 f lement > currier, 1 Lebanon row 

w £« A '? Carp -' rear 7 N 9 - h > h 2 9 Castle 

Ha DP. cordw, rear 93 Christian 

Ha Edward, Callowhill Sc Hamilton 

Hall Elizabeth, 236 S Front. 

Hall Ellen, dressmr, 118 S 10th 

Hall Ellen, dressmr, 314 Pine 

Hall Enos, lab, 27 Quince 

Hall Ephraim, Capt, 17 Pine 

Hall E, 2l8Xoble 

Hall E, Pearl bel 13th 

!! a n Z rS ? cis > Iab -> Hanover ab Queen (K) 

5th & 6:h" 436 Hi ° Th ' h Ge ° rffe bet Sdl 
Hall F. T. waiter, 2 Pearl 
Hall Geo, tobacconist Sc varietv store, 23 X 9th 

1 5 ii ^ e °"i la l cks , m -' sh:ic kamaxon bel Franklin 

{Hall Geo. T. book keeper, 199 S 4th 

| Hall Harriet, Franklin ab Union (K) 

I Hall Harrison, surveyor & publisher, 22A Wal- 

■ nut, h N W 11th and Washington 
HaU Henry, machinist, S E Sch 3rd & Pine. 

| Ha Henry M, machinist, Brandvwine ab 13th 
Hall Isaac, lab, Warren bel 12th ' 
Hall James, printer, Carpenter bel ,5th 
Hall James E. tavern, 101 Swanson 
Hall James, furniture, 250 Sassafras 
Hall James- weaver, loth bel Cedar 
Hall James, baker, Rachel's row 
Hall Jane, shop, Pearl ab lolh 



Hall Jane, washer, 10 Wiley's ct 

Hull John, tavern, 42 N 2d 

Hull John, gent., Walnut Sc Sch Beach 

Hall John, Noble bel 8th 

ii ill Joseph, carter, 11th bel Caliowhill 

Hall Joseph, tavern, 18 3 6th 

Hull Joseph, shoernr., Pace iix abGT road 

Hull Joseph, printer, Harrigues' ct 

Hull Joseph A., carp., Apple n c Creek. 

Hall Joseph W., postmaster, (K) 572 N 2d 

Hall Joshua, refectory, 195 S 7th 

Hall Lewis, blacksmith, Beach bel Hanover (K) 

Hall -Margaret, 146 S 7th 

Hull Mary Ann, 119 S 8th 

Hall Matilda, 6 Hermitage pi 

Hall M., dry goods mer., 182 N 2d 

Hail Nathan, shoes, 75 Cedar. 

Hall Nathaniel, Noble bel 8th 

Hall N. H., mer., 44^ N 2nd 

Hall N. P., mer., 53 N 2d 

Hull O., saddler, rear 9 Dillwyn 

Hall Patrick, engineer, Wm. n Hopkins' ct. 

Hall Peleg, dry goods, 3 S 2nd 

Hall Peter, bottler, 5 St James 

Hall Robert, tallovchandler, Sheaff's alley and 

Hall Robert, flour mer., 79 W Caliowhill 
Hall Robert, spinner, Sch Beach ab Spruce 
Hall h Robinson, carpenters, rear 7 N 9th 
Hall Samuel, soapmr. Madison c SheafPs al. 
Hall Samuel, carp., Vienna bel Prince 
Hall Samuel, waterman, 387 S Front 
Hall Sarah, wid., Wharton ab Front 
Hall Susan, rags, 168 Shippen 

Hallowell Eli, coachmr., R road n Willow. 
Hallowell George, confectioner, 2nd bel George 

(K) 6 

Hallowell Hannah, St John ab George (K) 
Hallowell Hannah, 499 N 4th 
Hallowell Hiram L., queensware, 403 N 2d 
Hallowell Jesse, bricklayer, Oliver's pi 
Hallowell John, brickmr., 170 Coates, 
Hallowell Jonah, leather, 227 N 2nd. 
Hallowell Joseph T., Logan n Green 
Hallowell Joshua L. mer., 165 High, h 111 Mar. 
shall " ' ' 

Hallowell Mordecai L. & Co. silk and fancy 

goods, 143 High 
Hallowell M. L., mer. 143 High, h 240 N 6th. 
Hallowell Rachel, N E Ann & St John 
Hallowell Surah, shop, High n Sch 4th 
Hallowell Sarah, gentw., 112 Filbert. 
Hallowell Thomas, currier, rear 9 Rose al 
Hallowell William, carp., St. John ab Beaver 
Hallowell Wm. S., merchant, 168 N 2nd, h 305 

N 6th 
Hallowell W. S. & Co., hardware. 153 N 2nd. 
Hally Peter, dry goods, 524 N 2d. 
Halpen Wm. tinman, Jackson 
Halpin John, lab., 32 Elfreth's al 
Halsell James, machinist, 26 Gebhard 
Halsey James, 4th & Harmony ct, h 57 Gaskill 
Halsted Geo. W., coal mer., 96 S 8th 
Halsted J. J., dry goods, 359 High, h 423 Sas- 
safras ' 
Halsteid Thomas, carp., 117 Christian 
Haly James, coachman, 2 Marshall's ct 
Haly Patrick, lab., 4th ab Master 

^..~„, ., *"j,.., ^^^ um^jjcu niuy x-auuciv, iao., tin ao .Master 

Hall Thomas, weaver, S W Rose & Shippen la Haly Wm. W., attv. and coun 72 S 6th 
Hall Washington, lace goods, 44^ N 2nd, h lS3!Halzel Philip, chairmaker, 515 N Front. 

N 8th Ham Charles F. mer., 93 S Front 

Hall Wilfred, agt. Phila. Bible Soc. 144 Chest- Ham Joseph H., dentist, Swedes' ct 

it ,, 22?, h 171 N 1 ^ th IIam Jose I ,h w - grocer, 93 S Front, h 358 S 4th 

Hall Wilham, captain, 27 Queen Hama Godfrcv, grocer, c St. John and Green 

Hall Wilham, portrait painter, 10 S Garden Hamblv William, millwright, 13 Wiley's ct 
Hall Wm., waiter, 48 Quince jHamelin Joseph P. clerk, 303 S 2nd 

Hall Wm., dry goods, 44$ N 2nd, h Sch 5th beljHanulin Surah, milliner, S E 2nd 8s Shippen 
Snruce Hamuli Hno-h h™L-c„iir.,. ii c ir>n. 


Hall William, cordw., 79 W Caliowhill 
Hall Wm. O., collector, 8 Perry 
Hall Wm. R., Noble bel 8th 
Hull W. & Co. lace goods, 4U N 2nd 
Halliday Ann, Jones ab Sch 5th 
Halliday Samuel L., saddler, 50 High 
Hulligan Patrick, lab., Sch Bank n Pine 
Hullman Henry, warm air furnaces, 82 N 6th 
Hallman Mary, Loxlev's ct 
Hallman William, clerk, 6th ab Prime 
Hallmyer John, cabinetmr., 5 Quarry 
Halloway John S., clerk, Sch. 2d ab Vine 
Halloway Seth P., clerk, 147 N 7th 
Halloway Thomas, steam enginemr., 25 Ellen 
Halloway Thomas, clerk, 147 N 7th 
Hallowell Abel, barber, 2d bel Beaver (K) 
Hallowell Ann.--, b h, G T road n 2nd 

Hamell Hugh, bookseller, 3£ S 10th 

Hamer Eli, tailor, 3S N 6th 

Hamer Jacob jr. tailor, Buttonwood ab 10th 

Hamer Jacob St Son, tailors, 38 N 6th. 

Hamer John, lab., Milton bel 11th 

Hamersly S. S., M. U., c loth & George. 

Hamill Barnard, peddler, Kelly's ct 

Hamill James, George ab Broad 

Hamill James M. stable keeper, Broad bel Wal- 
nut, h N W 12th and George 

Hamill Owen, 4 Miller's ct 

Hamill Thomas, drayman, Marlboro' ab Prince 

Hamilton And., weaver, Front ab Phoenix, (K) 

Hamilton Andrew, tailor, 32 N loth 

Hamilton Arthur, cordw., St. John n George. 

Hamilton Bridget, Ann \V Sch 8th 

Hamilton Charles C, coal mer., Bread bel Lo- 
cust, h 15J S 11th 

Hallowell Caleb W., mer., 143 High, h 107] Hamilton David, cordwainer, N W Cedar and 

ti ii NeW Penn 

Hallowell Charles, flour and feed, G T road ab! Hamilton Eliza, dressmr., 157 Catharine 

2nd (Hamilton Elizabeth, 56 Mulberry 

Hamilton Elizabeth, wid., Sch6th bel Chestnul 

Hamilton Elizabeth, Crown ab Bedford (K) 
Hamilton Francis J., printer, 34 Garden 
Hamilton George, janitor, Parrish ab 7th 
Hamilton George, teller K. Bankj h Marlboro' 

n Queen. 
Hamilton George, printer. Plum bel 4th 
Hamilton George, Moyamensing av 
Hamilton George, grocer, S E 12th Sc Coates. 
Hamilton George H., collector, Vine ab Broad 
Hamilton Henry, drayman, yi Gaskill 
Hamilton Hanse, drayman, -1-19 S 4th 
Hamilton Jacob, lab.. 141 Cherry 
Hamilton James, landscape painter, Walnut ab 

6th, h 83 Cedar 
Hamilton James, morocco dresser, N 2d bel 

Hamilton Jas., watchman, Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Hamilton James, 5 St Joseph's av 
Hamilton James, carpets, 72 Chestnut. 
Hamilton James, carter, Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Hamilton James, lab., Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Hamilton James, lab., Shippen la bel Shippen 
Hamilton James, dyer, Cedar ab 12th 
Hamilton James, carter, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Hamilton James E., grocer, High ab Sch 5th 
Hamilton Jane, dry goods, 255 N 2d 
Hamilton John, sailmr., 21 Apple 
Hamilton John, dry goods, 249 S 2d 
Hamilton John, 20* S" 2nd 
Hamilton John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Hamilton John, lab., Crabb ab Plum 
Hamilton John, ship carp., 110 Primt?" 
Hamilton John, baker, 8 Fames' ct 
Hamilton John M., clerk, Shackamaxon bel 

Franklin (K) 
Hamilton & Jones, grocers, High ab Sch 5th 
Hamilton Joseph, harness mr., 50 N 11th 
Hamilton Joseph, drayman, 421 S 4th 
Hamilton Joseph, blacksmith, Park n Locust 

(W P) 
Hamilton J. B. W., builder, 4 Crockett's ct. 
Hamilton Letitia, 13th Sc Pine 
Hamilton Margaret, 10th bel Wallace 
Hamilton Mary, 141 X 6th 
Hamilton Mary, gent w., 316 Chestnut. 
Hamilton Mitchell, carter, 24 Barker 
Hamilton Philip, cooper, 10 Smith's pi 
Hamilton Rebecca, wid. ol' John, 388 Vine 
Hamilton Robert, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson 

Hamilton Robert, bootmr.. X E 8th & Mulberry 
Hamilton Robert S., 102 George 
Hamilton R. J., watchmaker, 327 S 10th 
Hamilton Samuel, lab., 89 Gaskill 
Hamilton Samuel, lab., -1 W Cedar 
Hamilton SamueL lab., Fitzwater bel 13th 
Hamilton Samuel, carriage trimmer, S W 11th 

and Locust 
Hamilton Samuel, type founder, 3 John's ct 
Hamilton Sarah, 153 S 11th 
Hamilton Sarah, tailoress, 33 Apple 
Hamilton Stephen, cordw., 341 S 5th 
Hamilton T. £c R. G., coachm.ukers, 46 N 8th 
Hamilton & Watts, dry sroods, 249 S 2d 

[Hamilton William, actuary Franklin Institute I 

65 Cherry 
Hamilton Wm, bootmr., N E 8th & Mulbern 

h 34 Garden 
Hamilton Wm., carter, Sch 5th bel High 
Hamilton William, chandler, 4 Plum. 
Hamilton Wm., gent, 441 Lombard 
Hamilton Wm. lab., 38 Quince 
Hamilton Wm. Stearlv's ct 
Hamilton Wm. lab., Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Hamilton Wm. B., acct., 24 Madison. 
Hamilton William H., dry goods, 20 S 2d. 
Hamilton AV. & R., bootmakers, N E 8th and 

Hamlin Owen, lab., Bedford bel 8th 
Hamlin "William E., mer., 9 Commerce, h 293 

Hamlin Wm. K., mer., 72 N 3rd, h Dillwvn ab 

Hamly Eliza, Poplar ab St John 
Hamm Daniel, vict., Apple n Creek 
Hamm Elizabeth, b h, 55 Spruce 
Hamm James A., combmr., 272 S 5th 
Hamm John Parker, 14 Lvbrand 
Hamm P. E., asst. city treas., c 5th 8c Chestnut, 

h 28 X 9th. 
Hamm Wm. P., agent, 12 Lybrand 
Hamman John, mer., 964 High, h Buttonwood 

ab 9th. 
Hamman Philip, 31 Logan 
Hammar Catharine Mrs., 95 "Wood 
Hammar 'William, tobacconist, 3 Moore's ct 
Hammar Wm. combmr., James' ct (K) 
Hammar Wm., tailor, 205 Callowhill 
Hammed Francis J., shoes, 290 High, h 13 Lo- 
Haminell Mary, milliner, 56 Chester 
Hammell M. A. 392 N 4th 
Hammer Barbara A., widow, G T road n 2d 
Hammer Deborah, 5 Rachell's row. 
Hammer Hiram, gent , 257 X T 2d 
Hammersley George, mer., 85 S Front. 
Hammett & Hiles, coppersmiths, 128 Vine 
Hammett John K., shipwright, Penn ab Marsh, 

h Penn n Shackamaxon (K) 
Hammett Thomas, coppersmith, 296 Coates 
Hammitt Elizabeth, b. h., X W 2d & Cedar 
Hammitt John, lab., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Hammon Barbary, washer, IS Lvbrand 
Hammond John, brushmr., Filbert n Sch 8th 
Hammond Richard, tavern, High ab Sch. 5th 
Hammond Samuel, refectory, I Decatur, h - 

Chancery lane 
Hammond Samuel, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Hammond Wm., carter, High ab Sch 4th 
Hammond Wm., b h, P'ront & Union 
Hampsey Michael, lab., Sch. Willow ab Lom- 
Hampson John, hatter, 6th bel Carpenter 
Hampton Benjamin, tobacconist, 11 X 10th 
Hampton Francis, clerk, 5 Union (S) 
Hampton Jacob, carter, 10 Parker 
Hampton John J. coach and wheelwright, ('d- 

lowhill n Sch 
Hampton J. L. carp., Pearl bel Sch 7th 

Hampton Morton, agent, 13 Lyhrand 
Hampton Robert 15. mer., 21 Merchant 
Hampton & Tener, dry goods, 21 Merchant 
Il.impton Thomas S., lampmr., Marble pi 
ilamrick Adam D., carp., 72 F road 
Hamrick Paul, china packer, n Duke bel Pal- 
mer (K) 
Hamson Edward, machinist. Reed bel 2nd 
Hanison Elizabeth Mrs., Rye ab Reed 
Hanasy Margaret, shop, Sell 8th n Willow 
Hanbest Wm., dealer, Shippen bel 4th 
Hance Charles, brickmr., Sch 5th n Lombard 
Hance & Crozer, coal mers., High Bridge and 

Beach (K) and Front ab Poplar 
Hance David E., coal mer., High Bridge, h 450 

N 4th 
Hance Jeremiah, grocer, 90 New Market, h N 

W 7th and Poplar. 
Hance John, teacher, Spruce ab 3rd 
Hance John, coal mer., 21 Arcade, h 6th bel 

Hance Joseph, grocer, 7th ab Poplar 
Hance Wm. bricklayer, 16 Mulberry 
Hancker Abraham, copperpl. print., 31 N 4th 
Hancock George, painter, Queen bel Crown (K) 
Hancock James B., 144 Catharine 
Hancock John, office, S E 3d Sc Pear 
Hancock John, lab., 31 Cresson's al 
Hancock John, Temperance Hall, 380 Shippen 
Hancock John, 15 Rittenhouse 
Hancock Joseph, stage driver, 11 Pine 
Hancock Joseph I.., 77 Tammany. 
Hancock Joseph M., carp., Cherry n Sch 8th, h 

6 Jacoby 
Hancock Robert sen., gent., 93 Vine 
Hancock Robert, grocer, N W Front Sc Poplar 
Hancock Samuel, corder, Cedar st wharf Sell. 

h 33 N Sch. 8th. 
Hancock Win., silk dyer, 93 Vine 
Hancock Wm., gent., S W 6th and Pine 
Hancock Win. upholsterer, N W 6th Si AValnut, 

h 8 Howard 
Hancock Win. C, carpr., 444 Callowhill 
Hancock Wm. C, bricklayer, Washington ab 

Hancox Joseph, brass founder, 46 Bread 
Hand C, lab., Washington (W P) 
Hand Harvey, collector, 15 York ct. 
Hand Jacob F., clerk, 3d ab Washington 
Hand Jas., shipping mer., 58 A- S wharves, & U. 

S. insp., oihee S wharves, bel Pine, h 365 

S Front 
Hand Jas. C, merchant, 41 Commerce, h 49 Mar- 
Hand Mrs., widow of Joseph, 52 Pine 
Hand Joseph S. K., jeweller, 10 Minor, h f ~ 

Hand Joseph W, broker, 93 S Front, h 358 

S 4th 
Hand Mary, gentw., 47 Vine. 
Hand Thomas, sea capt., 26 Union (S) 
Hand Thomas, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Hand Thomas, waterman, Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Hand Thomas C, mer., 161 High, h 88 Marshall 
Hand Wm., cordwainer. Prime bel 2d 

!Handlan John, cutler, Plum bel 4th, h 263 S 4th 

I Handle John, silversmith, Marriott's la bel 5th 

I Handy Edward S., mer., 98 High 

! Handy Edward S., & Co., hardware, 98 High 

I Handy George, mer., Sch 7th and Chestnut 

'Handy James, waiter, Milton ab 10th 

j Handy John, cordv. ., Mead bel 2nd 

I Handy John H., M. D., 5th ab Poplar 

i Handy Somersett, porter, rear 72 Christian 

Handy Susan E. milliner, 131 S 8th 

Hane Elizabeth, 223 Wood ab 12th. 

Hanes Elizabeth, gentw., 442 S 4th 

Hanes Michael, potter, Parrish n Broad 

Haney Barney, twister, 4 Mechanic 

Haney James, lab., Clay bel Beach 
I Haney John, baker, 40 George (S) 
; Haney John, dealer. 11 Franklin place. 

Haney Peter, lab., Clay bel Beach 
j Haney Thomas, weaver, Carpenter bel Broad 
i Haney Wm. lab., Bishop bel Queen (K) 

Haney Wm., lab., Franklin bel Cherry (K) 

Hanford & Cozzens, com. mers., 38 Chestnut 

Hanford Peter, tailor, 6 Cypress 

Hanford Wm. S. mer., 38 Chestnut 

Hangary Gabriel, cordw., Crown bel Franklin 


Hangary Susan, Marlboro' bel Franklin 

Hangy John, tailor, 1 Farr 
Hanhauser Anthony, cork maker, 95 S 5th. 
Hanhauser John, shop, 142 F road. 
Hanifer Greg-ory, combmr., Green's ct 
Hankerson Thomas, bricklayer, 5th ab Poplar 
Hankins C. G., druggist, S E 9th Sc Shippen. 
Hankins William, carpenter, 10th n Ogden. 
Hankins Wm. H., coal mer., Callowhill st. whf. 

Sch., h Vine n Sch 7th 
Hankinson Ann, Cherry bel Prince (K) 
Hank Lewis, stone cutter, 12th 8c Cherry 
Hanley David, planemr., 10 Kessler's al 
Hanley John, soap fat, Milton bel 11th 
Hanley Margaret, 3 Pratt's ct 
Hanlin Thomas, carter, Lombard n Sch Bank st 
Hanline Alfred, mer., 3 Bank, h 513 N Front 
Hanline &. Ostheimer, importers, 3 Bank 
Hanlon Bernard, lab., Carpenter ab bth 
Hanly James, giocer, 190 Lombard 
Hanly John, dry goods, S W P road Sc Wall, 
Hanly John, carter, Coates ab R road 
Hanly Patrick, lab., Relief pi 
Hanly Thomas J., shoemr., 5 Carberrv's ct 
Hanlv Wm., drug store, S E 7th and Lombard, 

h 39 Lombard 
Hann Sarah, 3 Braceland's ct 
Hanna James, atty. & coun., 195 Walnut 
lHanna John, lab.,' rear 129 Plum 
Hanna John, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
| Hanna John, atty and coun., S E 6th & Walnut 
Hanna Joseph, watchman. Ryeab Reed 
Hanna Maria, dressmr., 10th be! Catharine 
Hanna Richard, weaver, Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Hanna Samuel, carpet weaver, Sch 6th & Jones 
Hanna Thomas, weaver, 2nd bel Harrison (K) 
Hannabery George P. hair dresser, Palmer bel 

Queen (K) 
Hannan Thomas, bricklayer, Carpenter n 13th 

Hannay A. tavern, NW Front and Phoenix (K) 
Hanniberry Thomas, sailmaker, 16 Rachel. 
Hanning Jacob, bricklayer, 511 N 3d 
Hannings Henry, combmr., 85 Coates 
Hannings VVm. sen., 27 Logan 
Hannings William, jr., 27 Logan 
Hannis Francis, tavern, R read ab \mi. (F V) 
Hannis Wm.,oak cooper, 12j St. John 
Hanno Andrew, oak cooper, 6o9 X 2nd 
Hannold John S. blacksmith, rear 533 X 4th 
Hannold Mrs. M. C, 559 S Front 
Hannold William, engineer, Lesley's ct 
Hansberry June, College av 
Hansberry Margaret, siiop, 147 Buttonwood 
Hansberry Samuel, lab., Prince bel Crown (K) 
Hansberry VVm., paper hanger, 147 Buttonwood 
Hansbury James, hair dress., Sassafras ab Broad 
Hansbury Jer., plasterer, Sch. 7th ab Sassafras 
Hansburv John, carpet weaver, Sch 7th ab 

Hansbury John, huckster, 43 Duke 
Hanse Reuben, dry goods, 32 Si John 
Hansell Ann, widow of Morris, 7 Kellv's av 
Hansell Charles, combmr., rear 108 Wood 
Hansell Geo. W., grocer, Washington. (W P) 
Hansell H. H. mer., 23 High 
Hansell Jacob, coach smith, Bread bel Vine, h 

Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Hansell James, watch maker, 236 High, h 76 

X 11th. 
Hansell James S., turner, Barley ab 10th, h 

Pine ab loth 
Hansell John R. marketman, 9 Charles 
Hansell Martha H., gentw., 41 M road 
Hansell Mary H., dry gds., 8 N 9th 
Hansell Standish F. mer.. 28 High 
Hansell Thos., turner, X \V 13;h"& Budden'sal 
Hansell Wm. 147 Cherry 
Hansell VVm. F., silk dyer, 24 Merchant 
Hansell Wm. S., mer., 28 High, h 109 S 3d. 
Hansell Win. S. St Sons, saddlery hardware 28 

Hansell W. A. h G. dry goods, 34 X Sth 
Hansell W. M., mer., 112 High, h 70 S 11th. 
Hanson Albert F. mer., 23 Caestnut 
Hanson Catharine, 137 X 12th 
Hanson Elizabeth, teacher, 162 S 11th. 
Hanson k Elliott, tobacco com. mers. 58 S. 

Hanson George, capmr., Clymer 
Hanson George, porter, 16 Me:cer 
Hanson George L. capmr., 13 Turner 
Hanson John, grocer, 3U St. Mary. 
Hanson J. B., mer., 58 S Front, h 153 X 9th 
Hanson William, baker, Simmon's ct 
Hanson Wm. R. mer., 23 Chestnut, h S E 12th 

and George 
Hanson Wm. R. &, Brother, com. dry goods, 23 

Hanthorne Rachel, shop, Shippen la 
Harbach Eliza, confectioner,' -io X 8th 
Harback A. J., cL-rk, 9 Gebhard 
Harbergcr Henry, tin sm., X W Sell. 6th and' 

Harbeiger Joseph, bricklayer, Woodab Sch 6th, 

Harberger Susan, 132 S 11th. 

Harbert B., confectionary, Sch 8th n Vine 

Harbert Charles, lumber mer., 10th k. Callow 

hill, h 143 X 13th. 
Harbert &. Davis, lumber mers., c 10th and Ca! 

Harbert Elizabeth, teacher, 12th ab Mulberiv 
Harbert Isaac, gent., 145 X luth. 
Harbert Mary, Sch. 8th n Vine. 
Harbert Wm., bricklayer, Sch. 8th n Vine. 
Harbeson John, weaver, Hancock bel Master 

Harbeson Margaret, sempstress, 339 Callowhill 
I Harbeson Wm., grocer, X E 10th 5c Lombard 
IHarbord Richard, shoe store, 81 X 6th 
Hardaker George, prof, music, 10th bel Parrish 
Hardcastle H. &. Monticue, grocers, 522 X. 

Harder Henry A. druggist, 4th & Carpenter 
Harder J. L., druggist, X. W. 4th & Queen 
Harder Susan, shoo, 31 Laurel 
Hardicker Elizabeth, 6 Juniper la 
Hardie James G., clerk, 165 Spruce 
Hardie Margaret, b h, Front ab Reed 
Hardie Mary, gentw., 166 Spruce 
Harding H., ship master, S3 Pine. 
Harding Isaac, carpenter, Vine bel Sch. 7th. 
Harding James, undertaker, 184 S 6th. 
Harding James, lab., 178 Lccust 
Harding Jesper, prop. Penn. Inquirer, office 57 

S 3rd, h 5 Union 
Harding John, porter, rear 30 Walnut 
Harding John jr., mer., 34 S Water, & 35 S 

Front, h 98 S Front 
Harding John L., port, painter, 281 Walnut. 
Harding Mary Ann, milliner, 220 Chestnut 
Harding Priscilla, 47 Quince 
Harding Sheridan, shop, X E 7th & Shippen 
Harding William A., teacher of writing-j S E 

12th 8c Filbert 
Hardman Richard, lab., Front bel Master. 
Hardwick Charles, dealer, luth ab Parrish 
Hardwick Daniel, M. D., 65 St John 
Hardwick Wm., acct., Rittenhouse ab Sch 6th 
Hardy Charles, hatter, Marriott ab M road 
Hardy Francis A., grocer, 27 M road. 
Hardy Hugh, teacher, 14 Plum 
Hardy & Hackers, dry goods, 46 X. 2nd 
Hardy Jacob, waiter,' 2 Burd's ct 
Hardy James, rialto, 275 Christian 
Hardy James, mer., 46 N. 2nd 
Hardy James H., painter, 44 i X 4th 
Hardy John, gent. 139 S 4th 
Hardy John Fj., drugg-ist, X W 4th and Plum. 
Hardy Lydia, cook, o2 Quince 
Hardy Mary, 1 Relief 
Hardy Thomas, clerk, 278 S. 4th 
Hardy Wm., engineer, Union ab West (K) 
Hare Adam, grocer, 3d and Christian 
Hare Charles B., U. S. mint, h 34Perrv. 
Hare Charles W., Mrs., gentw., Clinton" ab 10th 
Hare Ehzabeth, Lindall t< Dean 
Hare George E. Rev., Sch 6th be! Chestnut 
Hare Jane, 34 Chester. 
Hare John, weaver, Brinton. 

ff ire John, sawyer, rear 75 German 

Hare John, laborer, Lombard n Sch Bank st 

Hare John J. grocer, 76 New 

Marc J. I. Clarke, atty & conn., 173 Walnut 

Hare Martha* S. W 9th Sc George 

Hare Nicholas, carpet manuf., 3d ab Franklin 

Hare Patrick, hatter, RiehlPs ct 
Hare Robert, M. D., 291 Chestnut. 
Hare Robert, jr., att'v. Sc conn., 199 Walnut 
Hare Silas H., natter,' 64 N 2d, h 176 N 4th 
Hares Charlotte, 28 Sassafras al 
Harestine John, spinner, Cadwalader n Phcenix 

Hargadon Timothy, baker, S E 5th & Gaskill. 
Hargan Jane, 17 Duke 
Hargesheimer Ann, rear Carpenter ab 4th 
Hargesheimer Thomas cabinetmr., 25 Shippen, 

h Queen ab 4th 
Hargesheimer Wm., cabinetmr., Carpenter's al 
Hargis Benjamin, lab. Briley's ct 
Hargrave Thomas, stonecutter, R road & 13th, 

h c Powell and Francis. (F V) 
Hargrove Lydia, 3 Howard's ct 
Hargrove Wm., lab., Point Pleasant av (K) 
Harke r A. W., mer., 6 S 2d, h 5 Lombard 
Harker D. C. clerk, 282 X 2d 
Harker D. Smith & Co., druggists, 45 Mulberry 
Harker George, dealer, Front bel Master (K) 
Harker John C. seaman, rear 116 Catharine 
Harker J. G., druggist, 45 Mulberry. 
Harker Samuel, plasterer, 7 Elizabeth 
Harkins Ambrose, printer, 34 S 4th 
Harkins Andrew, lab., Sch 7th bel Pine 
Harkins Edward, lab., Harmony bel 5th 
Harkins George, furniture car, Carpenter ab 5th 
Harkins James, carter, Rroad ab George (F V) 
Harkins James, lab. Sch 4th and Barker 
Harkins James, peddler, Sch Front n Pine 
Harkins Mary, Hamilton ab Sch 7th 
Harkins Neal, 4th ab Shippen 
Harkins Rebecca, corsetmr., 34 S 4th 
Harkness Chas., wholesale clothine store, S. 

E. 4th Sc High, h 1 Quarry 
Harkness John, lab. Mister and Hancock (K) 
Harkness Sarah, whitewasher, 2 Kneass' ct 
Harkness W:n., carp., Carpenter bel 8th 
Harlan Alice, matron Widows' Asylum, Sch 5th 

and Cherry 
Harlan Chas., conveyancer, 107 S 6th, h Clinton 

n 11th. 
Harlan Elizab., widow, Sch 6th ab Rittenhouse 
Harlan Ellis, founder, 16 John (S) 
Harlan Michael, tailor, rear Carpenter ab 4th 
Harland John, gent., 140 Mulberry. 
Harley Clara, sempstress, Pleasant ab 12th 
Harley David, shop, 132 Hrown (N L) 
Harley Edward, weaver, High n Sch 4th 
Harley Francis, coppersm., 78 Sc h 112 S Front 
Harley George, coppersmith, Bethesda row (S 1 ) 
Harley George, coppersmith, 95 S Front, h u9 

Harley John, skin dresser, 25 St John 
Harley John, clerk, 74 Coates 
Harley John, carter, Sch Watsr n Cedar 

Harley John J., skin dresser, Haydock n Canal, 

rear 534 N 4th 
Harley Misses, 624 N Front. 
Harley Walter, coppersmith, rear 123 S 2d 
Harm Frederick, skinner, 5th bel Master 
Harman Jacob, jr., brewer, 24 S 6th Sc Queen 

ab Vienna (K) h 117 Lombard 
Harman James, cordw., Danton ab Otter (K) 
Harman John, blacksmith, rear 20 P road 
Harman John, milk, Sch 6th n Callowhill 
Harman Lazarus, boatman, 21 Gilles' alley 
Harman Levi, lab. 15 Middle al 
Harman Levin, waiter, Apple bel George 
Harman Mary, layer out of dead, 5 Willow. 
Harman Painter, carter, 11 Barley 
Harman Sarah, dressmaker, 220 Cherry. 
Harman Sebastian, cabinet maker, Ogden ab 

Harman Wm., cordw., 6 Porter's ct 
Harman Wm. lab. Steward bel Fitzwater 
Harmer Jesse, ship carp., Union ab Prince 
Harmer Randolph, founder, Korndaft'er's ct 
Harmer R., refectory and bath house, 44 N 3d 
Harmer Samuel, lab., Jefferson and Cadwalader 
Harmer Samuel, ship joiner, Allen ab F road 
Harmon Henry, clothing, 110 S 2d 
Harmon Timothy, porter, 7 Poplar ct 
Harmond John, wheelwright, 264 Callowhill 
Harmoning Henry, baker, Carpenter ab 5th 
Harmstad George R., carp., 13th n Lombard 
Harmstad Susannah, 87 N Juniper 
Harmstead Charles, carp , Chancellor bel 6th 
Harmstead James, bookseller, 38 j N4th 
Harmstead Joseph, clerk, 89 New 
Harmstead L., 148 S 13th 
Harmstead Martin, gent, 21 Wood. 
Harmstead Samuel, carp., S Juniper bel Spruce 
Harmstead Sarah, 148 S 13th 
Harn Charles, lab. Sch Front and Spruce 
Harnden 8c Co., com. Sc forwarding house, 89 

Harnear Michael, carp., 12th bel Poplar 
Harned Sc Elliott, tinplate workers, 471 High 
Harned Henry, carver, 7 Pear 
Harned Isaac S. grocer, 281 N 7th 
Harned John, tin smith, 390 High, h Wood ab 

Harned J. E., M. D., Lombard n Sch. 4th 
Harned Lewis, blind mr., h 281 X 7th 
Harned Wm., tinplate worker, 471 High, h 107 

N 13t1 
Harney Nathaniel, carpenter, Hutchinson ab 

Harnich Julius, cabinetmr., S 8th ab Christian 
Harp Jacob, tailor, Coates n Loga-i 
Harp Wm. mariner, rear 91 Chr stian 
Harpel David, tailor, 3<J'0 Sassafras. 
Harpel Jonah, cordw., 2S5 Coates. 
Harper Alex., druggist, 451 High. 
Harper Ann 1)., -9 S loth. 
Harper Christopher, tavern, 23 Carter's al. 
Harper Claudius, Sec. & Treas. Sch. Nav. Co., 

8 S 7th, h :Sc'u 6th bel Locust 
Harper Hannah, Cedar bel Shippen la 
Harper Hannah, Green ab 9th 

Harper Henry, sailor, Point Pleasant av (K) [Harris James M., dentist, 15S S 10th. 

Harper Hugh, 451 High Harris Jane Mrs. 63 Christian 

Harper James, brickmr., Walnut W Sch. 5th Harris John, tobacconist, 41 Coates' al 

Harper James, lab., Grubb I Harris John, lab. Kinley's ct 

Harper James St Son, brickmakers, Broad bel Harris John, cordw., F road ab Phoenix 

Harper James, brickmaker, Filbert ab Sell 7th 
Harper John, lab. Lombard ab 11th 
Harper John, brushmr. Cedar ab 13th 
Harper John M., importer of watches, 3 Bank 

al, h 124 Pine 
Harper Mark, blacksmith, Green and R road 
Harper Robert, tavern, 434 High 
Harper Robt., drayman, S E 13th St Sassafras 
Harper Wm.sec'y Pcnn. In. Co., h P roadc Mar- 
Harper Wm., tailor, Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Harper Wm., piano mr., 25 Logan 
Harper Wm. printer, Washington ab 3d 
Harpur John, clerk, 238 Catharine 
Harpur Wm. E., chronometer St watchmaker, 

136 Chestnut, h 172 Christian 
Harraden J., for. & com. mer., Vine st whf, Sch., 

h Vine ab Sch. 2nd. 
Harran John, lab: Willow n Factory 
Harrar Benjamin T., stone mason, Poplar bel 7th 
Harrar Benj., grocer, Poplar ab Marshall 
Harrar David, wheelwright, Walters' ct 
Harrar Edward, Wood ab Sch 7th 
Harrar John, provisions, 151 N 12th 
Harrar John, carpenter, China ab Front. 
Harres Gebhard, cabinetmr., h 353 S 3d 
Harrigan Cornelius, porter, 71 Cedar 
Harrigan C. lab. Sch 3d ab Spruce 
Harrigan Julianna, shop, St. John ab 2d (K) 
Harrig-an Patrick, lab., 16 Barker n Sch 5th 
Harrington Dennis, provisions, 145 Lombard 
Harrington Dennis, labourer, Hallowell n 7th 
Harrington D., dentist, 311 i Chestnut 
Harrington John, seaman, Penn and Pine 
Harrington John, carter, Vaughan n Locust 
Harrington John, variety store, 26 Strawberry 
Harrington Joshua, carpet manufacturer, 410 

Harrington J. W., mer., 10 Commerce, h Vine 

ab 12th 
Harrington Mary, b. h. N W 9th and Filbert 
Harrington Robert, coachman, 3 Loxley's ct 
Harrington S. S., cab mr., 18 Chancellor 
Harrington S., cordw., Shaffer's ct 
Harris Andrew, stove mr. 3 N 9th 

Harris John, carp., Bishop bel Queen 

Harris John M. D., mer. 213$ High 

Harris John W. 426 Coates 

Harris John W., carp., 10th ab Washington 

Harris Joseph, carp., Catharine bel 10th 

Han-is J. A., tobacconist, 24 S whfs. 

Harris J. C, broker, 55$ Walnut. 

Harris J. S., tailor, 44 S 3d, h 293 N 6th 

Harris St Linford, flour mers., City Stores, Dock, 

and fordw. mers., 13 St 15 S 3d 
Harris Linsey, drayman, Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Harris St Mason, combs, Stc, 128 High 
Harris Mar}', 6 Chester 
Harris Mary, 8th ab Christian 
Harris Mary, 9th bel Lombard 
Harris Mary, housekeeper, 8 Portico sq 
Harris Mary, corsetmv. 81 German 
Harris Mary, rear Carpenter ab 4th 
Harris Michael, brass founder, Lewis (N L) 
Harris Nicholas, livery stable, 20 Merchant 
Harris Rachel, sempstress, rear 305 S 10th 
Harris Rachel R., 54 Sassafras 
Harris Richard, bootmr. 10 Clark (S) 
Harris R. W., bonnets, 4 N 7th. 
Harris Samuel, drayman, Moore's al ab Say 
Harris Sarah, milliner, 148 S 10th 
Harris Sarah, widow, Clinton ct 
Harris Sarah, 26 Benton 
Harris Theophilus Mrs., 162 N 9th 
Harris Thomas, variety st., 128 High, h 163 Sas- 
Harris Thomas, M. D., 166 S 9th. 
Harris Thomas, waiter, Pearl ab 13th 
Harris Thomas, plasterer, Sch 3d bel High 
Harris Thomas, lab. 68 Catharine 
Harris Washington, stove manuf., 3 N 9th, h 29 

Harris & Wilson, dry goods, 20 Bank 
Harris William, hosier, 220 N 4th. 
Harris William, M. D., S. E. 12th St Walnut 
Harris William, grocer, 50 Spruce 
Harris Wm., mer., 69 N Front 
Harris Wm., printer, Cherry n 10th 
Harris Wm., lab., 122 Swanson 
Harris Wm., waiter, 2 Washington ab 11th 
Harris Wm. coachman, Shoemaker 

Harris A. T., oil and candles, N W Chestnut & Harris Wm. lab. Spruce and Ashton 


Harris St Brother, stove mrs. 3 N 9th 
Harris Catharine, Powell (F V) 
Harris St Dunga-.i, druggists, 69 North Front 
Harris Edward G., acct., 3d ab Lombard 
Harris Ebenezer, sawyer, Grubb 
Harris Elizabeth, washer, 11th ab Lombard 
Harris F. B., saddler, Morris ab Christian 

Harris William P., plumber, N W 6th St Mul- 
berry, h Wood ab 9th. 
Harris W. A., M. D., N W 9th and Spruce 
Harris W. E. mer. 20 Bank 
Harrison Alexander, agent, 8A S 7th 
Harrison Apollos W., maps, Sh S 7th 
Harrison & Brother, white lead manufs., cor 2*1 

St Harrison 
Harrison Ellen, rear 184 Lombard 

Harris F. M. painter, 24 R road 

Harris George W. for. mer., 18 and 15 S 3d, h 6Si Harrison George, gent., 156 Chestnut. 
S 4th Harrison George L., mer., Pine ab Oth 

Harris Jacob, lab. rear 24 Charlotte Harrison Henry C, currier, 5 Noble 

Harris James, waiter, 2 Washington &b 11th | Harrison Hugh, painter, 37 Sheaff's al 

Harrison James, weaver, Ann n 13th 
Harrison James, weaver, 5 Lyndall's al 
Harrison James B. carp. Fetter la, h 11 Freed 

Harrison J.->hn, machinist, 9 Marble pi. 
Harrison Joseph, clerk, 361 X 6th. 
Harrison Joseph, weaver, Lombard ab 12th. 
Harrison Joseph Jr., machinist, NW 12th and 

James, h 12th bel Willow 
Harrison Joseph, pewterer, Perkenpine's ct 
Harrison Margaret, trimmings, 65 Plum 
Harrison Mary, 79 Swanson 

ch 7th and Poplar 

|Hart John V., mer., 189 High, h ISO N 4th. 
I Hart Joseph, stove finisher, 93 S 12th 
'si Hart Jos. K., att'y & coun., 70 N 8th 
Hart Lydia Mrs. 7th bel Green 
Hart Mary, Crown ab Duke 
Hart Mary, 21 Wallace 

Hart Mordecai, flour and feed, S Garden bel 8th, 
I h Poplar ab Marshall. 

I Hart Patrick, carman, 58 P road 
{Hart Peter, shop, 424 S Front 
[Hart Phineas A. mer. 90 N 2d 
(Hart Samuel stationer, 27 S 4th, h 75 Pine 
Hart Samuel, gent., 412 Vine 

Harrison Matthew, gent. _. 

Harrison M. F. engraver, 27 S 8th, h 133 But-; Hart Samuel C., druggist, 16 S 2nd. 

tonwood I Hart Sarah, 75 Pine c ^_ i . . 

Harrison Peter, lab. Beach ab Poplar (K) I Hart Solomon, cap manuf. 7< i High, , h 201 S tft 

Harrison Rebecca Mrs., srentw., 11 Girard Hart Sophia, dry goods, 40$ N 4th, h la8 Is ^ta 
Harrison Richard, cordwainer, 13th n Melon Hart Susanna, o7 Quince. 

Harrison Richard G., engraver, 154 Wood. | Hart Thomas jr., 229 N3d,_h 219 Vine 

Harrison Samuel, shoemr., 123 S 2d, h 1 Eliza- 
Harrison Sarah, 195 Spruce 
Harrison Sarah, Sch. 7th ab Mulberry. 
Harrison Thomas, chemist, cor F road & Har- 
Harrison Virgil F., engraver, 27 S 8th, h 137 

Harrison V. F. Sc M. F., engravers, 27 S 8th. 
Harrison Wm., acct., 416 N 5th 
Harrison Wm. F., 20 Swanwick 
Harrison William H., brushmaker, Queen above 

Hanover (K) 
Harrizel Mary, nurse, 53 Mead 
Harrod Benjamin, waiter, 223 Lombard 
Harrod Clement, carter, Marriott's la ab 5th 
Harrold A., mer., N W 5th 8c Commerce, h 247 

Harrold A. Sc F. W., mers., N W 5th and Com- 
Harrold Bridget, rear 112 Cherry 
Harrold Geo. S. mer. 656 N 2d, ab Franklin 
Harrold Geo. S. & Co., variety store, 246 N 2d 
Hanon John, carp., 274 S 6th 
Harron Robert, salesman, Loxley's ct 
Hart Alexander C, M. D., 130 N 4th. 
Hart A., bookseller, S F, 4th St Chestnut, h 126 

S 4th. 
Hart A. L., mer., 28 Walnut, h 148 Spruce 
Hart B. B., mer., 28 Walnut, h 148 Spruce 
Hart Elizabeth, Carlisle ct 
Hart Elmira, sempstress, Poplar bel 6th 
Hart 8c Flanagan, plumbers 8c manuf. of lead 

pipe, 49 S whfs. 
Hart George H., U S Gazette office, h 18 Pear. 
Hart Jame's, gardener, 12 Western av 
Hart James H., mer., 229 N 3rd, h 221 Vine. 
Hart James H. 8c Wm. B. wholesale grocers, 

229 N 3d 
Hart James M., mer., 321 N 6th, h 131 S od 
Hart John, lab., rear 221 Cedar 
Hart John, shoemr., 13 Small 
Hart John L., porter, Taylor's ct 
Hart John L., carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Hart John M., cooper, 83 S Water, h 401 S 

Hart Thomas, grocer, 229 N 3rd, h 219 Vine. 

Hart William, 92 S Front. 

Hart William, mer., 7 S 3d, h Pine n ICth 

Hart Wm., rope maker, Crown ab Bedford (K) 

Hart Wm. scale beam mr. Shippen bel 11th 

Hart William B., grocer, 229 N 3rd, h 312 N 6th 

Hart William H., gent., 106 Mulberry. 

Hart William H., plumber, 49 S Wharves, h 44 

Hart William S., 3 Norris' ct. 
Harte John, ten pin alley, Stanley bel 4th 
Hartley Benjamin, blacksm,4thab Jefferson' K) 
Hartley Catharine, Crown ab Franklin (K) 
Hartley Charles, cordw. rear 115 Dillwyn 
Hartley Deborah, shop, 290 Vine. 
Hartley Jeremiah, watchmaker, 135 Cedar 
Hartley John, combmr., 2 School 
Hartley John, tailor, 105 Dillwyn 
Hartley Jonathan, cordw., Parrish bel 6th 
Hartley Joseph, bedding warehouse, 148 S 2nd. 
Hartley J. D., upholst., S E 2d 8c Walnut, h 65, 

Hartley 8c Knight, upholsterers, 148 S 2d. 
Hartley Matthias A., wheelwr., G T road 8c Jef- 
ferson, h 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Hartley Samuel, silversmith, 7 Paschall's al 
Hartley Thomas, collector, 48 N 5th. 
Hartley Wm., sashmaker, 2 R road, h 13 Casde 
Hartman Catharine, hosiery, 116 Sassafras 
Hartman George, biscuit baker, Prime bel 3d 
Hartmau Henry, biscuit baker, 38 Coates' ai 
Hartman, Jacob, brickmr., Hope ab Phoenix. K) 
Hartman John, glassblow.,N E Sch Willow and 

Hartman John, bleeder, 277 S 2nd. 
Hartman John, biscuit baker, 91 S Wharves, h 

9 Penn 
Hartman John B., tobacconist, 100 Sassafras 
Hartman Matthias, baker, 390 S 2d. 
Hartman Wm., baker, 34 John (S) 
Hartnack Ann Mrs. 5o7 N 3rd 
Hartness Thomas, dyer, 2 Mifflin 
Hartnett Thomas, contractor, Penn ab Maiden 

Hartnett William H., collector, 266 Cedar. 
Hartong Sarah, washer, 13 German 

Hartrine Wm. shoemr. Carpenter ab 5th IHasttt Thomas, contractor, 19 P road 

Hartsenberger Abraham, Margaretta bel 2d lHasher George, tailor, 46 Cedar. 

Hartshorn Samuel, Biddle and William (F. .\I.) (Haskell Ebenezer, coach mr, 16 George r^b 6t! 

Hartshorne James, cabinetmr., 303 N 6th j Haskell L. S., druggist, 43^ N Front 

Haskell, Merrick k Co., wholesale druggists 
434 X Front 

Hartshorne Joseph, M. ]>., 272 Mulberry 
Haftshorne Lawrence, mer., 43 X Front, h 96 

S 5th. Haslam Abraham, machin., Duke bel Palmer':-; 

Hartsough Benj. machinist, Green hel 10th j Haslam Francis, lab., West bel Hanover (K) " 
Hartweli H. J., Washington House, Chestnut ab Haslam Jacob, corder, 3 Mechanic 

7th Haslam James, weaver, Marlborough bel Duke. 

Harvey Anthony, carp., 145 M road Haslam James R., printer, 10S Gaskill 

Harvey Arthur, lab. Baker ab 7th Haslam R. K., corder, 163 X Water, h 14 Du-:-. 

Harvey Bernard M. collector, Greenwich ab Haslam Thomas, bonnet wire mr. 150 St. John. 

Front Haslam Thomas, tavern, c Front Sc Mud la. 

Harvey Charles, mer., Water bel High, h 182 Haslam T. G. corder, 197 N Front 

S 9th. 

Harvey David, manuf. 2d ah Oxford (K) 
Harvey David H. coal mer. 1 Merchants' Exch. 
Harvey Gabriel, tailor, 7 Stampers' alley 
Harvey Gabriel Jr., tailor, 320 Vine 
Harvey George lab., Franklin bel 4th 
Harvey George N., broker, Philada. Exchange, 

h 67 Spruce. 
Harvey Geo. W. messenger watering com., h 

292 High 
Harvey Hannah, 54 F road 
Harvey Isaac, gent., 320 Chestnut. 
Harvey Isaac, clothing, 216 Shippen 
Harvey James, cuter, n 2d bel Greenwich 
Harvey James, bootmaker, 50 X 8th. 

Haslam Wm., machinist, 142 S 10th 

Haslam Wm T., carp., F road bel Oxford (K) 

Haslett Alex., miller, Hanover bel West 

Haslett Edgar, cake baker, 379 Sassafras 

Haslett James, Sassafras n Sch 8th 

Haslett James, lab., Jones n Sch. 6th 

Haslett John & Co. manufacturers, 12 Bank 

Haslett Samuel, lab. Baker ab 7th 

Haslett William D., high constable, Brown be 

Hasiip Philip H., shoemr., High n Sch. 3d 
Haspel John, 1 Miller's ct 
Hassall John Jr., cordwainer, 181 N 2d. 
Hassall John Senr., cordwainer, 181 N 2d. 
Hassan John, labourer, 189 Shippen 

Harvey James, shoemr. Union ab Franklin (K)IHassell Christopher, coffee roaster, Marlboro 

Harvey James, refectory, Lombard bel 2d 
Harvey John, cordw.,330 S 3d, h 4 Wall 
Harvey Joan, weaver, Brinton. 
Harvey John, tailor, 7 stamper's al ■ 
Harvey John C, grocer, F road and Master 
Harvey Joseph, office 139 High, h Sch 6th ab 

Harvey Eich'd, wheelwr., Lombard bel Sch. 7tl 

bel Franklin (K) 

Hassell Sc Pancoast, coffee roasters, Margaretta 
n New Market 

Hasset Daniel, lab., 180 N Water 

Hassinger Jane, 12th ab Vine. 

Hassinger John, carpenter, Vine bel Sch 7th 

Hasson George, harness mr. 6 J Dock, h 6 Pow- 

Harvey Robert, stone cutter, 3d and Brown, hj Hasson John, carter, 5 Lebanon row 

Crown ab Bedford 

Harvev Samuel, stone cutter, Marlooro* below 
Bedford (K) 

Harvey Sarah, rear 108 Filbert 

Harvey S., porter, 4 Lisle 

Harvey Thomas, shipwright, 2 J- Pine al. 

Harvey Torrence, porter, Marble ct. 

Harvey William, dry goods -5 i2 X 2nd. 

Harvey W. J. broker, N E 2d and Chestnut 

Harvie John, combmr. Queen bel Palmer (K) 

Harvy John, butcher. Wood bel Duke (K) 

Harwood Eaton, china packer, rear 72 Catha- 

Hasson John, carpenter, 116 N Jumper. 
Hasson Thomas, lab., Lombard n Sch. 7th 
Hasson Thomas, lab. Lloyd bel Shippen 
Hastings Charles, compositor, Marriott ab M 

Hastings John, mer., 1S6 Chesnut, h 6 Girard 
Hastings & Philips, carpets, li>6 Chestnut 
Hastings Robert, gold beater, 56 & h 120 X 5th. 
Hastings S. D., merchant, glassware, 16 Com- 
Hastings S. P., acct., 79 S 11th 
Haswell G. D., printer, 293 High, h George ab 
Sch. 6th 

Harwood Ezekiel, tailor, Spruce ab Sch. 5th (Hatch &; Earlv, boots fc shoes, 14 High 
Harwood L., merchant, 108 High, h 481 Chest- Hatch Edward, real estate broker, 125 Vine, h 

mit 51 Tammany 

Harwood L. Sc Co. bonnets & shoes, 103 High Hatch Israel, jeweller, Randall's ct 
Harwood William, blacksmith, h R road ab Cal- Hatch Wm. J., boots and shoes, 14 High. 

lowhdl | Hatcher Thomas, cordwainer, 6 Loxlev's ct. 

Haseltine Isa'ah, trunkmr., 6 Baker's ct. (X. I,.) Hatfield Adam, mer. tailor, 84 Vine. 
Haseltine John, mer, 10 S Wharves, h Spruce j Hatfield Nathan L., M. I)., Franklin & Button- 
lb 7th. wood 

Haseltine Ward B., merchant, 10 S Wharves 

Clinton ab 9th 
Haaenpht C., hatter, 334 X 3d 

Hatfield Wm. D., cordw., 9th and Nectarine 
Hathaway E. A. Si Co., com. Sc coal mers., 13 
S Front, & wharf bel Cedar st. Sch. 

Hathaway Ephraim A., mer., 13 S Front, hj Hawkins Charlotte, 6 Prospect pi 

433 Chestnut I Hawkins Edward, lab., 11th ab Lombard 

Hawkins Edward, shoemr., Carpenter ab 8th 
Hawkins E. L., cake baker, 9 Lxtitia ct. 
Hawkins George, Fhilada. Bank, h Chestnut ab 

Hathwell George H., collector, 7 Georg-e 
Hatkins Thomas, skindresser, 512 N Front. 
Hatter Isaac, com. mer. o2 Chestnut, h 173 S 3d 
Hatter Reuben, stevedore, rear 214 S 6th 
Hatton James, salesman, 13th ab Coates 
Hatton Sarah, teacher, Union (W P) 

Hawkins George, coachman, 11th ab Lombard 
Hawkins John, blacksmith. 10th & Washington 

Hattrick James R., silverplater, 54 N 6th, h Hawkins Joseph, carter, 2nd bel Greenwich __ 
44S S 4th - I Hawkins Luke, fisherman, Queen bel Vienna(K) 

Hattrick h Shannon, locksmith and silver pi. | Hawkins Wm., kid glove mr., 93 Green 

54 N 6ih IHawkins Wm., saddler, 134 N 11th. 

Hatz Wm., tobacconist, 1 Lytle's ct. i Hawkins Wm., tailor, 91 N 3d, h 56 Marshall 

Hauberger Mr. grocer, 5th and Poplar (Hawkins Wm., cordwainer, 93 Shippen 

Hauel Jules, importer and perfumer, 46 S 3rd IHawkins Wm., porter, 5th bel Christian 
Haugherty James, tailor, Tamarind bel Coates j Hawkins Wm., carp., Nectarine bel 9th 
Haughey Henrv, carter, Cadwalader ab Jeffer- Hawkins W., comb mr., Orchard 

son (K) ' Hawkman Alfred, cabinet mr., 5 Cypress 

Haughey Hugh, weaver, Mariner Hawks John, weaver, Lombard n Sch Front 

Haughton KoDertE., carp, and tavern, 83 Plum.jHawks Robert, manuf., Pine bel Beach 

Hauptman Henry, plaster., 10th ab Buttonwood 

Haury George, 23 Franklin pi 

Haus J. W., Badie 

Hause C. W, tavern, 8th and S Garden 

Hause John, carpenter, 14 Dean, hNew Crown 
bel Green 

Hause Rachel, b. h. 2 Franklin row 

Hause Wm., gent., Filbert ab Sch. 6th. 

Hauseman Wm., gunsmith, Mechanic below 

Hauss Benjamin, lab. George ab Apple 

Haven Charles E., mer., 213 High, h 400 Mul- 

Hawks Sarah, gentw., 219 S 9th 
Havvley A., Marshall ab Brown - 
Hawley, J. L., attorney at law, 24 George 
Haworth Susannah, 9 Vine. 
Haws Frederick, peddler, 151 Xohle 
Haws George, tobacconist, 75 X 3d. 
Haws George, lab., 114 Washington av 

Haws George Jk Son, tobacconists, 75 N 3rd 
Haws Jane, sempstress, Steward n Catharine 
Hawthorn Eliza, Truxton bel Budd 
Hawthorn Margaret, 234 St John 
Hawthorn Martin, waiter, S Knight's ct 


Haven Joshua P., sec. Amer. Ins. Co., N E 3d|Hay David G., painter, ^65 N 2d 

and Phila. Exchange, h 224 Mulberry 
Haven Th'os., coal mer., Cedar st. wharf, h Lo- 
cust ab Broad 
Haven T. Albert, com. mer., 15 Walnut 

Hay Harriet, 11 Dilk's ct 

Hay Henry, conveyancer, 364 X Front 

Hay Jane,' b h., 100 S 3d. 

Hay John, cooper, Beach bel Maiden (K) 

Havens John, morocco dresser, F road ab Allen Hay Maria G., 13o Franklin 
Havenstrite Samuel, cabinet mr. Ogden bel 11th; Hay Peter, alderm.,othce S6$ S 3d, h 97 Spruce 
Haverstick Charles, clerk, 105 O Y road Hay Peter & Co., publishers Am. Sentinel, 35 

Haverstick George, mer., 357 X 6th Walnut. .,«,,-, 

Haverstick George M. mer, 68 N 3d, h 185 N 7th] Hay Solomon, watchman, Carlton bel Sch oth 
Haverstick Jacob, 579 N 3d Haydock Eden, dealer in watches & jewellery, 

Haverstick John, 245 N 7th 1^ Chestnut, or 21 Franklin place 

Haverstick John S. com. mer., 23 S wharves, h I Haydock Mary Ann, 4 Lodge 

245 N 7th 
Haverstick William, gent., 132 Marshall 
Haverstock George, carp. 3ol N 5th 
Haverstock W. corder, Court al 
Haviland Cornelius, cordwainer, 26S Cedar. 
Haviland Grace, shop, 242 S 7th 
Haviland Sc Hassen, stone cutters, Broad n C al- 
io whill 
Haviland John, architect, 196 Spruce. 
Havih.nd John Sonntag, architect, 196 Spruce 
Haviland John, shoemr., 211 Lombard 
Haviland John, cordw., 7th bel Carpenter 
Haviland Mary, widow, Lombard ab 13th 
Haw Wm., ostler, 4 John's ct 
Hawk John, cordw., Apple ab George 
Hawke Rachel, ready made linen, 22 S 6th. 
Hawkes George, copperplate printer, 6 How- 
ard's ct. 
Hawkes Julia, teacher, 275 Chestnut 

Haydock Sarah, widow, 59 Carpenter (S) 

Hayes Alice, vict., James bel R road 

Hayes Andrew, 129 Green 

Hayes Anthony, 340 Sassafras 

Hayes George, jeweller, rear 115 Chestnut 

Hayes James, b h., 92 N Water 

Hayes John, shop, Baker bel 7th 

Hayes John, 13th ab Catharine 

Hayes John, grocer, N W Sch. 7th & Lombard 

Hayes John, stove finisher, 19 Wood 

Hayes John, vict., Pleasant ab Charles 

Hayes Michael, labourer, 158 X Water. 

Hayes Morris, labourer, 166 X Water. 

Hayes Patrick, master warden, 33 Walnut, h 10 

Franklin row- 
Hayes Robert, mer., 15 X 3d, h 352 X 6th 
Hayes Samuel, grocer, X W 1 1th Sc Walnut. 
Hayes Thomas, Navy Agent, 34 Walnut, h 78 

S 12th. 

Hayes Wm., vict., Shippen ab 13th 

Hayes Wm., lab., Sutherland av bel Shippen 

Hayhurst John, tavetn, 123 S Water. 

Haymaker Jacob, shoemr., G T road n 4th 

Hayman James R., tobacconist, Kessler's ct 

Haynes Charles Y., embosser, 10 Fear 

Haynes Godfrey, saddler, 278 N Front 

Haynes Moses W., tinsmith, 7 Benton 

Hays A., carp., 15 James 

Hays A., vict., James ab 10th 

Hays Caleb, waiter, 8 Washington ab 11th 

Hays Daniel, lab., Spruce ab Sch 5th 

Hays Henry, vict., 10th ab James 

Hays Henry, dealer, Broad n Shippen 

Hays Henry, waiter, Broad & Paper al 

Hays Hugh, carter, 38 W Cedar 

Hays H. A., lampmr., S W 2nd St German 

Hays Isaac, M. 1)., 3 Boston row. 

Hays James, rear 121 N 10th 

Hays James, Jr., carp., 20 Coates al., h 300 S 3d 

Hays Jane, gentw., 344 Fine 

Hays Maria, 50 Lombard 

Hays Nathan, blacksmith, 12th bel Coates 

Hays Richea, 210 Locust 

Hays Robert, carpenter, 132 N 13th 

Hays Samuel, pattern maker, Queen ab Palmer 

' (K) 
Hays Wm., upholsterer, 344 Pine 
Hayter Ann, shop, Front ab Franklin (K) 
Hayward E. H., dry goods, 31 N 9th 
Hayward James, furniture, 202 Sassafras 
Hayward John, furniture, 192 Sassafras 
Hayward Joel W., teacher music, 43 Prune. 
Hayward Joseph, chinaware, 54 N 4th 
Hayward Robert B., china ware, 153 N 2d 
Haywood Samuel, manuf., 678 N 2d bel Master 
Hayworth A., widow, Sch 3d n Chestnut 
Hazard Catharine, 136 S 10th 
Hazard Ebenezer, watchman, 463 S 2d 
Hazard John, cabinet mr., rear 110 Catharine 
Hazard John L., engineer, 19 Beck pi 
Hazard Joseph, cabinetmr., 8 Parham 
Hazard Madame, teacherof drawing - , 180 Spruce 
Hazard Patrick, Fitzwater ab 6th 
Hazard Philip H., Odd Fellow's Hall, 
Hazard Samuel, editor of the U. S. Commer. St 

Stat. Register, 28 Walnut, h 256 Filbert 
Hazard Wm. P., barber, Lisle 
Hazazer Manuel, dealer, Stanley bel 4th 
Hazel David, tailor, 127 S 11th. 
Hazel John, cordw., 246 S 6th 
Hazel Joseph, shoemr., 123 S 11th 
Hazel Joseph A., bricklayer, 13 Juniper la. 
Hazel Michael, lab., Webb's al 
Hazel Philip F., painter, 13 Juniper lane 
Hazelet John, weaver, 13th bel Cedar 
llazellin Wm., weaver, Shippen ab 13th 
Hazen Miner S., hatter, 19 Sassafras 
Hazlehurst Isaac, atty. St coun., 6 Washington 

Hazlehurst Julianna, N E 10th St Shippen. 
Hazlehurst Samuel, gent., Spruce ab Broad. 
Hazlet Samuel, bootmr., N E loth it Sassafras 
Hazlet William, grocer, Maylandville 
Hazlet Wm., drayman, Marriott's la n 6th 

Hazleton Richard, liv. sta., rear Madison Houj 
Hazleton Robert, weaver, Hanover ab Dukc(K 
Hazleton Charles, dealer, Callowhill ab Sch Fro • 
Hazleton Cynthia, Plynlimmon pi 
Hazlett William, manuf., William bel Edward 
Hazzard Isaac, musician, 159 S 10th 
Hazzard Isaac, lab., 15 Plum 
Hazzard Israel, seaman, 4 Swanson ct 
Hazzard John, cigar mr., 6th St Marriott's lu. 
Hazzard J. P., paper hanger, 100 Catharine 
Hazzard L. St W. H., paper hangers, 313 S '2d 
Hazzard L., paper hang-er, 313 S 2d 
Hazzard Richard, shop, 227 Shippen 
Hazzard Thomas P., bricklayer, 16 Swanwick 
Hazzard T. B., bricklayer, 26 N 6th 
Hazzard Wm. H., paper hanger, 313 S 2d 
Head Joseph, Mansion House, 122^ 5 3rd 
Headdleson Thomas, grocer, 2d and Wharton 
Headman Andrew, coppersmith, 16 Federal 
Headman Francis W., machinist, 7 N 9th, I. 

119 Buttonwood 
Headman David, potter, 19 St h 17 S 8th. 
Headman Geo., coach trimmer, 383 Callowhill 
Headman George, potter, 19 S 8th 
Headman G. St 13., potters, 19 S 8th 
Headman Jacob, wheelwright, 119 Buttonwoc. 
Headman William, watchrnr., 36 N 7th 
Headman William, potter, 78 George. 
Heal William, locksmith, 258 Shippen. 
Heald, Woodward St Company, merchants, 16 

N wharves and 41 N Water 
Heaney Peter, Mechanics' Hotel, 48 Spruce 
Heap John, suspender manuf., 26 Bread. 
Hearn Michael, stage agent, 99 N 4th 
Heartle M. E., 311 Mulberry 
Heath C. P., conveyancer, Woodland (W P) 
Heaton Augustus St Denckla A. H., commisio^ 

mers., 34 Commerce 
Heaton Adelaide, b. h., 110 Chestnut 
Heaton Edward, waterman, 7 Callowhill 
Heaton Joseph, carter, 142 Marshall. 
Heaton Lewis, boat builder, 7 Callowhill 
Heaton Mary, washer., Corn St Mackey 
Heaton Paul, grocer, Duke St Cherry (K) 
Heaton Wm., 9th bel Washington 
Heaton Wm., b h, 110 Chestnut 
Heazlitt James, dry goods, 236 S 2d. 
Hebert James, bricklayer, Brown ab Cherry 
Heberton Ann, gentw., 52 N 13th 
Heberton Ann, widow of Doctor, 77 N 9th. 
Heberton Henry F., mer., h 342 Mulberry 
Heberton Robert, mer., 48 N 13th 
Hebrew John, carter, Cedar ab 12th 
Hebrews Lemuel, lab., 13th ab Fitzwater 
Heck Sarah, sempstress, 40 Vine. 
Heckel Peter, coti'ee roaster, Callowhill ab O \ 

Heckmau Archimedes, tobacconist, 79 N 2d. 
Heckman Frederick, blacksmith, Vtcker's ct 
Heckman Thomas, chairmr., 14 Chancellor 
Hedderly Henry, cordw., yj Prime. 
Heddleson James, grocer, S W 2d St Catharine 
Heddieson John, lab., Prosperous allev 
Hedges Benjamin, dep. sheriff", 7th ab Parri.sli 
Hedges Edward, Venetian blind mr., Ill S - J 

Heerman Jacob F., tailor. Pine al 

Heerman John, blacksmith, .18 Fanner 

HefTernan John, shop, Vine bel 12th 

Heffert Charles, painter, 6 Swanson 

Heft Rachel, court in Brown n 3rd 

Heg'amin John, porter, 168 Locust 

lleidrick Anthony, glass blower, Orchard bel 

Height Amelia, washer., Paschall alley 
Height Daniel, lab., 45 Currant al 
Height James, lab., 5th bel George 
Heild Mrs., washer., 2 Rachel's row 
Heileg John, watchmaker, 5 R road. 
Heiler, John, turner, Madison's av. 
Heilg-e George, artist, 288 Lombard 
Heilman Sc Barnet, com. Sc forwarding mers.,! 

Front & Willow 
Heilman Wm., mer., Front and Willow, h 133 

Heim Anthony, potter, 1-47 G T road 
Heim Frederick, tailor, 597 N 3rd. 
Heim Valentine, blacksmith, 147 G T road 
Heimberger Washington, ganger, 10 West. 
Heimer Christiana, 306 Vine 
Heimer Joshua, carp., 13 Nectarine 
Heimer Mary, huckster, 18 Webb's al 
Heimer Sarah M., ,->hoe binder, 44 Apple 
Heimer Stephen, lab.. Mechanic n Culvert 
Heinitz E., Wood ab 10th 

Heintzleman John, tobac insp., 141 Buttonwood 
Heinold Samuel, tailor, rear Lily al 
Heins Georg-e L., blacksm., William ab R road, 

h 176 Buttonwood 
Heins John, tobacconist, Sassafras ab Broad. 
Heins John W., tobacconist, Sassafras ab Broad 
Heintzelman R. B., druggist, 141 Franklin 
Heintzelman Samuel, atty., 113 N 6th 
Heiser Barbara, tavern, F roadn Hanover. 
Heiser Henry, Ken. Garden, Montgomery bel 

Front (K) 
Heisler Christian, butcher, Catharine &. Suther- 

land av 
Heiss James, grocer, Front and Phoenix. 
Heiss John 8., dentist, Otter bel William (K) 
Heiss John T., 2u0 N 8th 
Heiss Joseph, cordw., rear 604 N Front 
Heiss Robert, confecr., 352 S 2d 
Heiss Wm., gent., 206 N 4th. 
Heiss Wm. Jr., coppersmith, 213 X 2d. 
Heiss Wm., cordwainer, Front bel Phoenix. 
Heiteker Adolph, lab., 2 Fishers ct 
Helffenstein Abm., M. D., Queen bel Shacka- 

Helffenstein E., att'y Sc convey., 114 Mulberry 
Helffricht Wm., 60 Vine. 
Helffrieht C F., math. inst. mr., 25 S Front 
Heller Francis, partem mr., Locust ab Juniper 
Heller Henry, coppersmith, Marlborough ab 

Heller Jacob, silv. pla., Union ab Prince (K) 
Heller Jacob, rear 4il Vine 
Heller Joseph, gent., Prince ab Union. 
Helleiman Catharine, trimmings, 254 X 4th 
Hellerman William, shoes, 23o X 2d. 
Helleson Francis, rigger, 9 Queen 

Sellings & Larison, painters, 8th ab Brown 

Hellings I.etitia, Mr-., 184 Crates 

Hellings William, comb mr., 184 

Helm Leonard, carp., Green bel 10th 

Helm Thomas, watch ease mr., 118 Chestnut, h 

14 Franklin 
Helmbold Alfred, paper warehouse, 1S3 S Front, 

h 31 Queen 
Helmbold Edward, millwright, 12 Benton 
Helmbold Eliza, 31 1 Cedar. 
Helmbold Frank', Filbert n Sch. 3d 
Helmbold Frederick, lively stables, 132 Filbert, 

h Sch 6th ab High 
Helmbold George, 12 Plum 
Helmbold George, West. Bank, h 159 X 12th 
Helmbold George W., paper dealer, Beach ab 

Maiden (K) 
Hehne Hugh, busier. Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Helmes Daniel, cutler, 86 W Willow 
Hehnolt O., cutler, BoV'ine 
Helms Aaron, ship joiner, Plynlimmon pi 
Helms John, bricklayer, 402 Coates 
Helmsley Elizabeth W., 284 Walnut 
Helmuth Catharine, X V. Chestnut & Juniper 
Helmuth George, mer., 85 S Water 
Helmuth Henry, atty. Sc conn., 126 Walnut, h 

N E Chestnut :^ Juniper 
Helmuth John If., 121 Filbert. 
Helmuth Wm. S., M. 1)., 285 Pine. 
Helt Daniel, cordw., Jackson's ct (X~ L) 
Helt Lewis, cordw., Townsend's av. 
Heherson Eliza, tailoress, Brook ab Coates 
Helverson Nicholas, colhn warehouse, 98 and h 

91 Coates 
Hembel William, gent., 17 X" Front. 
Hemmenway James, barber, 51 Pine. 
Hemphill Ann, Perry cc Adams 
Hemphill David, lab., Cedar bel 13th 
Hemphill Mary A., drygoods, Callowhill bel 1.3th 
llemphiil U. C, gent., Poplar ab Broad 
Hemphill Samuel, constable, 201 Lombard 
Hemphill Thomas, cordwainer, 58 Zane. 
Hemphill Thomas J., secty. Phil. Loan Co., 7 S 

5th, h 150 S 6th 
Hemple Charles, tobacconist, 165 Sassafras. 
Hemple Margaret, Lombard W Sob 7th 
Hemple Samuel, tobacconist, 47 X 4th. 
Hemple Samuel, painter, R roadab Green 
Hempsheir F., cooper, Palm 
Hempshire William, carter, rear 168 Coates 
Hendel A. XI., cupping & leeching', 11 German 
llendel P. M., grocer, Hanover and West (K) 
Henderson Ann, F road ab Queen 
Henderson Ei. H., barber, 152 Chestnut, h Ship- 
pen n Lisle 
Henderson Charles, carp., 2 Schuylkill av 
Henderson Clayton, printer, 7 Carberry's ct 
Henderson Charles, hatter, 6 S -ah, ii 85 Mul- 
Henderson Edmund J., dealer, 5 Osborn's et 
Henderson Edward, hatter, 144 High 
Henderson Edward, << Liberty ct 
Henderson Edward, butcher, rear 58 i S 2nd 
Henderson Elizabeth, washer., 7 Cooper's ct n 

Henderson Elizabeth, 87 N Juniper. 
Henderson George R., grocer, 22 Gaskill 

Henderson Geo., hatter, 19 N 3rd., h S E 10th 

and Filbert. 
Henderson Guy, gent., 99 Cherry 
Henderson Henry H.. carp., Melon ab 13th 
Henderson James, drayman, Sch 4th i< High 
Henderson James, lab., 6t!i ab Washington 
Henderson James, atty. & coun., 64 S 5th 
Henderson James, weaver, McBride's ct 
Henderson James, lab., rear 129 Walnut 

Henley Elizabeth, 178 S 3rd 
Henley E. A., hair dresser, 266 N 3d 
Henley Moses, sawver, Carpenter n 10th 
Henne William, bootmaker, 82 S 4th. 
Hennessey George, Callowhill ah Nixon 
Hennessey James L.. trimmings, 2d and Coates 
Hennessy Charles, tailor, 163 Cedar 
Hennessy James, mer., 27 N Front, h 13 Sas- 
Hennessy Jeremiah, carp., Small n 6th 
Hennessy Margaret, shop, 99 Barron 

Henderson Jas. M., waterman, rear 23 German | Hennessy Robert, tavern, Small 
Henderson John, weaver, McDuffie n Sch 2d Hennigen Hugh, dealer, Shippen ab 13th 
Henderson John, grocer, 90 & 92 W High. Henning, Frederick, shop, 388 N 3d 

Henderson John, tailor, Rroad & Spring Garden! Henning Hannah, b h, 180 N 5th 
Henderson John brickmr., Lombard ab Sch Sthj'Henniss John, drent., Vinen Sch 7th 

Henderson John L., printer, 12 College av 
Henderson Joseph, gent., 8th n Wallace 
Henderson Joseph, rear 13 Wagner's al 
Henderson Joseph, cordwr., Gray's ct. 
Henderson 3c Levick, hatters, 144 High 
Henderson Sc Luther, druggists, 212 High 
Henderson L. N-, M. D., 212 High, h 134 N 10th 
Henderson Maria B. Mrs., gentw., 18 N 7th. 
Henderson Mary, shop, Sch. 3rd n Filbert. 
Henderson Nath'l. L , seaman, 52 Penn 
Henderson Robert, brickmr., 51 W Cedar 

Henrich John C., baker, 161 St. John. 
[Henrion Sc Chauveau, importers of confectionary 

242 High 
Henrion C, mer., 242 High 
Henrion S., importer, 242 High. 
Henry Alexander, mer., N W 9th Sc High, h 8th 

ab Fitzwater 
Henry Alex., mer., 27 Minor, h 254 Mulberry 
Henry Ann, shoe binder, Green's ct (N L) 
Henry Arthur, shoemr., 177 S Front, h 606 8 2d 
Henry Bernard, gent., 35 Girard 

Henderson Robert, coal dealer, 52 S 3rd, h 163 j Henry & Brother", hardware, N W 9th Sc High. 

Henderson Robert, weaver, 13th ab Cedar 
Henderson Robert H, dentist, 381 Sassafras. 
Henderson Samuel J., atty. Sc coun., 16 N 7th 
Henderson Thomas, carp., 110 Dillwyn 
Henderson Thomas, lab., Milton ab 10th 
Henderson William, moulder, Reed & Lancaster I Henry Geor 
Henderson Win., shoemaker, Coin bel Wharton Henry Geor 

Henry Christopher, milkman, 536 N3d. 
Henry Dennis, weaver, 13th ab Catharine 
Henry Ellen L., ready made linen, 4 S 8th 
Henry Francis, blacksmith, Wilson's ct 
Henry George, coach painter, 6 Lombard ct 
Henry George, shop, 7th ab Fitzwater 

W., 139 S 5th 

W., dealer, Dean c Lvndall's al 

Hendley John, boots Sc shoes, 369 N 2d. j Henry George W., dealer, 8 Acorn ai 

Hendren Mary, Harmony bel 5th | Henry George W., X W 9th & High, h 7N 

Hendricks John, carp., Church ab Washingtoni 13th 

Hendricks Joseph M., leather & hides, 218 N Henry Henry C, grocer, N E 5th and Christian 

3rd, h 112 N 2nd j Henry H., captain U. S. N., 33 S 13th. 

Hendricks Mary, 10 Margaretta | Henry Isaac, mer., 152 High h 349 Spi-uce 

Hendricks Rebecca, sempstress, Vaughan ab i Henry James, carpet weaver, 194 S Water 

Locust „ : Henry James, plasterer, Wood bel Sch 7th 

Hendricks Wn., mason, Lombard bel Juniper j Henry James, saddler, 41 Filbert 
Hendrickson Charles J., 12th bel Cherry (Henry James, painter, 13th n Buttomvood 

Hendrickson Elizabeth, milliner, 347 S 2nd ' Henry- James, 202 Lombard. 
Hendrickson Francis W., barber, Broad n S as- Henry Jane, 4 Jacobv 

safras, h P road bel ■Washington j Henry John, lab., 29*1 S 7th. 

Hendrickson John, lab., 8 Wales' av Henry John, weaver, G T road ab Phoenix (K) 

Hendrickson Joshua, bricklayer, Olive bel 1 lth j Henry John, packer, 205 N 9th 
Hendry John A., leather dealer, 67 Chestnut. ! Henry John, teamster, Wood ab Sch 6th 
Hendry Rhoda, b h, 511 High | Henry John, weaver, Fitzwater ab Broad 

Hendry Wm. W., leather dealer, 67 Chestnut. | Henry John Rev., 18 Helmuth 

h 107 Pine | Henry John C, tinsmith, rear 33 Plum 

Heneks David, soap Sc candle mr., 115 W High Henry John W. mer., 327 High, h 224 S Juniper 
Henheiffer Albanus, suspender maker, Crown i Henry Joseph, coachman, 1U Raspberry 

Sc Bedford (K) : Henry Mahlon, oysters, 4 Lewis' ct 

Henheiffer Ellis, suspender weaver, Thompson! Henry Margaret, =hop, 9 Small 

ab 4th (K) j Henry Margaret, G T road bel Phoenix 

Henion Wm., waterman, Swanson bel Queen j Henry M ry Vnn, Shippen bel 9th 
Henk David C, cabinetmr., Carlton ab Sch 7th Henry Mary, huckster' 456 N 4th 
Henk George D., baker, 7th n Parrish Henry Mary, 50 Mechanic 

Henkels George J., chairmr., 141 Queen i Henry Mary, 26 Shippen. 

Henkle Henry, butcher, Cherry ab Duke (K) [Henry Nancy, 134 Apple 

Henry Patrick, quill manuf., 119 S 6th 

Henry Paul, lab., 4 John's ct 

Henry Kobcrt, weaver, Brinton. 

Henry Samuel, coach mr., 25 Dock 

Henry Samuel C,, S W 4th & Tammany 

Hcnrv S & M., coach mrs., 25 Dock 

Henry Sc Wainwright, dry goods, 152 High 

Henry William, M. D., N E 8th & Baker. 

Henry William, gent., 7 N 13th 

Henry Wm. W., potter, Sch ab Callowhill 

Henschen E., mer,, 4 Chestnut, h 7 Union 

HenselJ. G., baker, 2nd ab Franklin (K) 

Hensell John, 1 Williams' ct 

Henshaw Wm., lab., De wees' ct (S) 

Henshellwood Archibald, brick mr., Bedford & 

Hensman Marv, Cedar bel 13th 
Benson George, clerk, S W St John 8c Wood 
Benson James, farmer, rear 214 S 6th 
Henszey C. & E., stocks and ready made linen, 

121 Chestnut 
Henszey C. Mrs., 4 Library 
Henszey Joseph, bootmr. 31 N 4th 
Henszey Joshua, clerk. 2 Crown 
Henszey Marshall, bricklayer, 46 Sassafras 
Henszev Samuel C, hardware, 2 Crown 
Henszey W. C. mer. 301 High, h 62 New Crown 
"Bent Richard, carpt., Lafayette pi. 
Hent Valentine, dentist, 27 Castle. 
Hentisel John, lathe & shuttle mr., Cadwalader 

ab Master (K) 
Bentz Jacob, inspector, 2S4 N 7th 
Hentz John, h 10th bel Spring Garden 
Bentz Philip, b h, 24 Sheaff's al 
Benwood Abraham, corder, G6 Plum. 
Benwood Wm., corder, Almond st. wharf. 
Heny J. H., cordw., Sch Front and Mulberry 
Hepburn Charles, hatter, Carpenter ab 4th. 
Hepburn Chas. W., ex. broker, 28 S 3d, h Ca- 
tharine ab 6th. 
Hepburn Elizabeth, 1 Lodge pi 
Hepburn John, surg. inst. maker, Catharine 

bel Lebanon 
Beppard John, painter, 124 S Front 
Heppard Samuel, painter, 281 S Front 
Beppard Thomas, lab., Belief pi 
Beppe Philip II., book binder, 27 Strawberry 
Bepting P., boot mr., 137 Buttonwood. 
Bera Charles, currier, 24 Sarah. (K) 
Berbell Casper, gardener, Mary bel F road 
Herbert Albert, wheelwright, Frances. (F V) 
Herbert Elizabeth, 112 Christian 
Herbert Jacob, waterman, bet 9th & 10th ab 

Herbert Jacob, sausage manuf., Charlotte bel 

Thompson (K) 
Herbert J. D., dealer, 191 Cedar 
Herbert Lawrence, tobacconist, 49 S 2d 
Herbert Mrs., ornamental hair, 43 Mulberry. 
Herbert William, stables, 136 Cherry 
Herbert Wm. M., mer., 199 Pine 
Herbison George, weaver, Lombard W Sch 

Herchberger Geo., cordw., Mechanic ab Poplar 
Herholtzer Jacob, shop, 42 St John 

Hergesheimer Anthony, baker, Beaverab 2d(K) 
Heriges John J., tobacconist, 352 N 10th 
Bering C, M. I)., 98 S 11th 

Ileringer Charles, jeweller, 3 St John 
Heritage Samuel P. M., shoemr., 6th bel Car- 
Herkness Alfred M., auc, Carpenter's ct., h 77 

S 11th 
Herkness E. Mrs., 77 S 11th. 
Herman Hannah Mrs., n N E Washington & M 

Herman Jacob, fringe mr.. 132 N 4th 
Herman John, wheelwright, 283 Callowhill, h 

264 N 8th 
Herman John, druggist, 154 N 4th. 
Heron John, Patton's Planing Mill, Cedar n 

Heron John, gent., 282 S 5th 
Heron John, ostler, 1 Filbert av 
Heron Patrick, porter, 17 Fayette 
Herr Daniel, Hotel, 116 Chestnut 
Herr II., machinist, U road ab S Garden 
Herrdagen Joseph, clerk, 3 16 Sassafras 
Herrick Edward, lab., 17-1 N Front 
Ilerrigel Gotlieb, tailor, 550 N 2d 
Herriges Jos., tobacconist, N E 4th & Lombard. 
Herring S. L., fruiterer, 107 <v 109 N 3d, house 

135 Vine ab 4th. 
Herring Thomas J., coal office; 2S S 6th 
Herrington Mary Mrs., rear 61 Garden 
Herritage E. Mrs-, milliner, 162 S 2d 
Herron Archibald, weaver, 3 Wagner's al 
Herron James U. S. N. Vard, Pcnsacola, h 2o'J 

S 10th Philadelphia. 
Herron John B., cordw., 55 Shippen 
Herse Geo. P., mer., 19 N 2d, h Cedar bel 9th 
Ilerse Wm., carp., Cedar bel 13th 
Berth Hem-v, bootmr.. 49 S 4th 
Hertig Frederick, baker. Laurel ab New Market 
Hertzog Mrs. widow of Pet- r, gentw. 38 Guard 
Heslev Ann, shop, 306 S ~ui 
Bess Benjamin, carp., 281 High. 
Hess Catharine Mrs., Lisle 
Hess David, farmer, Crown ab (iuecn, (K.) 
Hess Elisha M., tinsmith, c 6th and Parrish. 
Hess Felix, refectory, N W Front & Chestnut, 

h 24 Catharine 
Hess George, cooper, Centre 
Hess Godfrey, baker, 314 Vine 
Hess Jacob, tinsmith, 34 Knuckle. 
Hess Jacob, blacksmith. Robb's ct 
He^s James, mariner, rear 58 Catharine 
Hess John, baker, -103 S Front. 
jlless John, coachmaker, C«at< s bel R road 
Hess John, glass blower, 1 short ct 
Hess John, capt., 8 John (S) 
Hess John C, toys, 379 II frh, h 271 Callowhill 
Hess John I., gent., 179 Green 
Hess Joseph, cordwain r, Plynlimmon place. 
Hess Joseph, oak cooper, R ise n William K) 
Hess Philip, tinsmith, 281 N 2d, h4 !■• - 
Hess Pierce, hairdresser, 482 N 4th 
Hess Samuel M-, grocer, S E Sch. 8th & ^ me. 
Hess Susanna, shop, 2oS St. John 
[llcss T., stone cutter, Parrish bel Sch 7th 

Hess William, cooper, William &. Rose. 
Hesse] James, I ib., Sch 4th & Barker 
Hessel William F., furrier, 3 Quarry. 
Hessenburch Theophilus, importer hardware, 

45 New 
Hesser Chas. II., stone cutter, Norman's al and 

II esser John, blacksmith, 13 Union (S) 
Hesser John, stone cutter, 138 Franklin 
Hesser William, tailor, 49 Gaskill 
Hessert Charles, baker, 186 N Sell 6th 
Hessington Win., stone cutter, rear 12 Schri- 

ver's ct 
Hesslepoth Henry, tavern, N E 3d &. Poplar. 
Hesslepoth John, carp., School bel Edward (K) 
Hester C, accountant, 78 Crown 
Hessnun John, blacksmith, 450 X 4th 
Hesson Patrick, lab., 4 Hermitage pi 
Heston Alfred .1., collector, US German 
Heston Edward, millwright, Bush Hill, h But- 

tonwoocl ah 12th 
He. ton Jonathan, acct, 49 Wood 
lleticnhau.scn Lewis, ehairnir., 155 N 4th 
Hettrick James, seaman, Clark he) 4th 
Hettrick Robert, shoemr., Stout's al 
Hetzel Joseph, brewer, 4S George (S) 
Heugh k Stewart, stonecutters, HighabSch5th 
Heiiman John, bootmr.,5 X 7th 
Hevingham Charles, gilder, 216 Chestnut 

Hewes Susannah, b h, S E 11th and Chestnut 
Hewett James, lab., 12 Cabell's ct 
Hewitt Aaron, butcher, rear o5 Plum 

Hewitt Andrew C, cordw., Queen ab Shacka- 
maxon (K) 

Hewitt !*.., waterman, 2 Stiles' ct 
Hewitt Flevian, carp., Harrigues' ct (N L) 
Hewitt Hannah, 458 S Front 
Hewitt Hannah, Marriott's la ab 4th 

Hewitt Henry, tanner, Brown bel Front. 
Hewitt John, 27 Jones' al (C) 

Hewitt Thomas, sugar refiner, Zane ab 7th, h 
S W loth Sc 

Hewitt Win. K.. port, painter, S E 6th & Wal- 
nut, h418 N2d 

Hcwlct Mrs., b h,39 Palmyra sq 

Hewlit ('., Mrs., hardware] 282 N 2d 

Hcwlit William, blacksmith, Janney'sct n Mar- 

Hews Ann, 277 Callow hill 

Hews Geo. F., bootmr., 28 S 7th, h 4 Willow ct 

Hews James E., ladies' shoem., 279 S 2d 

Hewson U. C, mer., 37 S wharves 

Ilcwson Elizabeth, 2d bel Franklin (K) 

Hewson Elizabeth, dealer, Cherry ab Queen 

Hewson Thomas T., M. U., 243 Walnut. 

Hewston John, carter, 6 Perry. 

Heyjn rjrj r Frances, 82 Vine" 

Hejrberg-er George W., German and French 
good,;, 7G N 3d, h \Ch Dread. 

He vberger Jacob, brickmr., 8th & Camac 

H. vet- Charh s, furrier, S2 Sassafras 

40 S Front, h Sch. 8th bel 

Heyl 1). s., mer. 

lhy\ Francis, mer., 139 High, h 101 Franklin 

Heyl John, 9 Marshall 

Heyl John, jr., brushmr., 273 N 6th. 

Heyl John S. s dry goods, 188 N 2d 

Heyl Robert, carpenter, Court al 

Heyl T. C, mer. 139 High, h 369 Sassafras 

Heyl T. P., carp., Parrish ab 11th 

Heyl William G., merchant, 95 High, h 277 

Heyl Win. M., mer., 31 N 2d,h 16 Marshall 

Heyle John, carp., Mary's ct 

Heyliger Julia, 4 Eagle ct 

Heylin Isaiah, mer., 183 High & 18 Commerce 

Heylin James, shop, 203 Sassafras 

Heylin John, shoemr., 106 N 6th 

Heylin R, M. D., N W 10th & Vine. 

Heys John, barber, 270$ S Front. 

Heys Moses, mer., 78 Arcade 

Heyser Samuel, gunsmith, 1 St George's al 

Heyser Wm. II., coach-wheel mr., 195 Christian 

Heysham Wm. Sayre, 72 S. 3rd 

Heywald Charles, stove manuf. 189 N 2nd. 

Hexter David, lab., Paschall al 

Hezard Richard, shop, 227 Shippen 

Hibberd Ann, 128 N 10th. 

Hibberd George, capt., 42 Queen 

Hibberd John, dyer, G T road ab Jefferson (Kl 

Hibberd Susan, gentw., 10th & Brown 

Hibbert Edward, lab., James' ct 

Hibbert Henry, carp., Sch 3d n Lombard 

Hibbert Joseph, hosier, 351 N 6th. 

Hibbert Mary, dry goods, Cedar ab 11th 
Hibbs Barbara, Washington ab 2d 
Hibbs John, carp., 12th bel Sp. Garden. 

Hibbs Joseph G., hardware, 102 N 2nd. 
Hibbs Samuel A., teacher, Crown ab Bedford 

Hibler John, wine mer., 56 N 3rd, h 96 N 9th. 
Hickey Daniel, bookbinder, 13 Pratt's ct (X L! 
Hickey Dennis, lab., Sch 2d n Lombard 
Hickey James, painter, 9 Lagrange pi 
Hickey James, grocer, 124, & h 126 Locust. 
Hickey John, printer, 3d bel Carpenter 
Hickey John, stone cutter, Vaughan ab Locust 
Hickey Michael, blacksmith, 5 Faries' ct 
Hickey William, stone cutter, 74 Apple. 
Hickley Charles, cordwr. Carlton ab Sch 2d. 
Hickling C, brolc, 12 Bank al., h 138 X 10th. 
Hickling Geo. M., Pres. Southwark Ins. Co., h 

63 Chestnut. 
Hickman Adam, Paschall al 
Hickman & Brother, hardware, 12 X 3rd. 
Hickman Catharine, 17 Franklin 
Hickman George, blacksmith, 28 Rittenhouse 
Hickman Harbeson, mer., 12 X 3rd. 
Hickman Isaac, cordwainer, 94 Swanson. 
Hickman Isaac, Lancaster bel Wharton 
Hickman James, acct., X E Cherry & 12th, l> 

Cherry n Sell 8th. 
Hickman James, tailor, 496 S 2d 
Hickman John, plasterer, Parker ab Washington 
Hickman John W., clerk, 124 N T ew Market 
Hickman Joshua, seaman, 14 Keefe 
Hickman X. W., mer., 12 X 3rd. 
Hickman Samuel, shop, Noble & Garden 
Hickman Sarah, 386 S 2d 

Hickman Wm., chairmr., Ann bel Sch. 3d 

Hickman Wm., hatter, (W. P.) 

Hickman Wm. J., bricklayer, Lancaster bel 

Hi, :. . Charles, measurer, 33 Wallace 
Hicks Cooper, carp., Clinton ab Parrish 
Hicks Gilbert, carp., Ann ab Sch 6th 
Hicks Isaac, carp., 8 Coates 
Hicks John, carpenter, Centre, h 17 Dean. 
Hicks John W., boilermr., 2d abReed 
Hicks Joseph, bricklayer, 15 Well's row- 
Hicks Letitia, 40 Currant al 
Hicks Seth S., carpenter, 24 
Hicks Wm., clerk, Parrish ab 8th 
Hicks Wm., oysters, 5 Hurst 
Hicks Wm., tailor, 286 High, h 189 N 9th. 
Hicks Willit, carp., 293 N. 7th 
Hicky Peter, weaver, 2d bet Master and Jefler- 

son (K) 
Hieskell Colson, mer. N W 5th & High, h 10 

Hieskell Ferdinand, mer. N W 5th Si High, h 

N W 7th & Pine. 
Hieskell, Hoskins Sc Co., drygoods, N W 5th & 

Hieskell Wm. B., att'y Sc coun. 46 S 6th, h 42b 

Hider John, bricklayer, Marriott's la ab 5th 
Higbee Charles, waterman, Wood bel Prince 


Higbee Elizabeth, Wood ab Queen 

Higbee H., dravman, 2 Deringer'sav (K) 

Higbee Matthias, fisherman, Wood ab Queen 

Higginbottom Mrs., 60 Noble 

Higgins Elizabeth Mrs., 11 Heck (S) 

Higgins Elizabeth, trimmings, F road ab Stone 

Higgins Elizabeth, gentw., 314 Pine 
Higgins Francis L., mer., 39 S Whfs 
Higgins George, Rev., 144 Queen 
Higgins James, carter, Oak (W. P.) 
Higgins John, dyer, Raspberry ab Spruce 
Higgins John, labourer, Lodge ab 8th 
Higgins John, lab., 10th bel Christian 
Higgins Peter, shop, 314 S 3d 
Higgins Peter, lab., Ann ab R road (F V) 
Higgins Solomon Rev., 5 Sergeant. 
Higgins S. Hale, Rev., 162 N 8th 
Higgins Thomas, gent., 26 John, (S) 
Higginson Mary, 37 Union (S) 
Higginson Wm,, lab., Pleasant bel 10th 
Higgs Richard, blacksm., Sch. 3d ab High 
High Abraham G., S E Wood & Dillwyn 
High Sc Cook, grocers, N E 4th and Vine 
High John, 26 Magnolia 
High Margaret, tavern, 121 Vine. 
Higham Daniel, slate mr., Greenwich ab Front 
Higham Wm., drygoods, G. T. road ab Phoenix 
Highgate Wm., clerk,. 31 Currant alley 
Highland John, blindmr., 9th ab Carpenter 
Highlands Findley, marble mason, 12th ab Sas 

Highlev Mary, 10 Farr 
" ght Adam "jr., victualler, 221 N 8th. 
Hight C, coachmr., 23 Washington bel 12th 

Hight David, cordw., 8 Short ct 

Hight David, Davis' ct 

[light Frederick, victualler, 70 Garden. 

Hight Henry A., coachmr., Nectarine bel 10i . 

Hight Mary, Mrs., 2d bel Greenwich 

Hight Wm., porter, 4 Farmer's row 

Hildebrandt A., baskets, 156 High, h 103 But- 

Hildcburn John M., mer., 13 S Water, b Spruce 

ab 11th 
Hildeburn Joseph H., mer., 72 lligh,h Spruce 

ab 11th 
Hildeburn Samuel, merchant, 72 High, h Spruce 

ab Uth 
Hildreth Daniel, dry goods, 229 S 2d 
llile John, hatter, N E 8th and Chestnut, h 41 

S 8th 
Hiles A. L., coppersmith, 206 Noble 
Hilcs Martha, sempstress, (W. P.) 
Hiles Wm., tailor, 30 S 5th. h 92 Christian 
Hiles Wm. & H., tailors, 50 S 5th 
Hilferty Felix, lab., Carpenter ab 10th 
Hill Abraham, waiter, Centre bel 13th 
Hill Adam, shipwright, Alien bel Hanover j, K | 
Hill Adam, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Hill Adam, fisherman, Queen ab Warren ( K | 
Hill Alexander, distiller, Lombard n Sch 6th. 
Hill Ann, gentw., 5 Wood. 
Hill Anthony, lab., 82 Plum. 
Hill Champion, shoemr., N W 8th ^ Filbert, b 

35 St Mary 
Hill Charles, bricklayer, 6 Knight's ct. 
Hill Charles D., brushmr., Cobb's ct (N L) 
Hill Daniel, glassblower, Cherry ab Queen (>) 
Hill David, 2 S. Penn sq. 
Hill Edwin J., painter, Nicholson 
Hill Eliza, teacher, Buttonwood ab 12th 
Hill Elizabeth, Vine ab Sch 8th 
Hill Felix, hatter, 18 Catharine. 
Hill Ellen, dealer, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Hill Geo., Barker ab Sch. 6th 
Hill George, acct., 242 S 11th 
Hill George, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen [ a 
Hill Giles', lab., Wiley's ct ..„..,. 

Hill Henry, shoe manuf., 107 High, h IU >< « 

Hill Jacob, caulker, Cherry bel Y\ est iK; 
Hill James, hatter, 207 Callowhdl. 
Hill James, 15 Vernon 
Hill James, cordwainer, 467 Chestnut 
Hill James B., cordw., Beam's ct 
Hill Jane, 9S N. Front 
Hill John, clerk, rear 120 S -d 
Hill John, dyer, 6th n Creek 
Hill John, distiller, 129 S 12th. 
Hill John, weaver, Fho : ^ ' \™ nt r v ... 
Hill John, ship carp.. M a> trough »»el Iran.-, i. 
Hill John, tavern, 10 Cart, rsal 
Hill John H., mer., 13 S 4«h, h 11/ Wood 
Hill John T-, blacksmith, .1 ues & U.rpad 
Hill Joseph, bootmakt r,_ ol S 3th. 
Hill Joseph, tailor, > ■ High. 
Hill Joseph, sea captain, 107 Catharine 
Hill Joseph, tailor, rear 17u S Mb 
Hill Lawrence, carp., Franklin ab Hanover OJ 

Hill Marshall, mer., 32 & 34 High, h 10 Palmyra 

Hill Mary, milliner, 86 N 7th. 
Hill Mary, rear Bedford bel Broad 
Hill Moses, 12th & Carpenter 

Hill Nathan, white washer, 11th ab Lombard 

Hill Patrick, shop, Spafford bel Shippen 

Hill Peter S., tobacco, 161 Lombard, h rear 34 

Hill Richard, sexton, Ann (F V) 
Hill Robert, shoemr., 10S N 11th 
Hill Robert, porter, Prosperous al 
Hill Robert P., undertaker, 13th bel Spruce 
Hill Rowland, chairmr., 535 N 5th 
Hill R. W., Wallace bel 10th 
Hill Samuel, 35 S 10th 
Hill Samuel, lab., 217 Christian 
Hill Samuel, rear 50 Hubbell 
Hill Sullivan, millwright, Chestnut (W P) 
Hill Thomas, machinist, 445 Vine 
Hill Thomas, weaver, Milton ab 10th, (S) 
Hill Thomas, mer., 27 S Water, h 31 Pine 
Hill Thomas, tavern, S E9th& Green. 
Hill Thompson, brickmr., Fitzwaterab 12th 
Hill T. & W. J., marble manuf., S E 10th and 

Hill U. K., teacher music, Sch 6th ab Coates 
Hill William, printer, Olive bel 11th 
Hill William, lab., Crown ab Duke (K) 
Hill William, victualler, Apple bel George 
Hill William, importer needles, 176 S 2d 
Hill Win., boat builder, 2 Christian 
Hill Wm., fisherman, Huston bel Prince ^K) 
Hill Wm., porter, 3 Jones' al 
Hill William B., 66 Walnut, h 193 S 9th. 
Hill Wm. G., carpet weaver. Poplar ab 6th 
Hillary Wm., druggist, 533 High 
Hillborn Chas., combmaker, 513 N 3d 
Hillborn Cyrus, mer., 15 Church al 
Hillborn Mary, widow, 513 N 3d 
Hillborn Samuel, Sleisman's ct 
Hillegas Adam, carp., 4th & Maria 
Hillegas Adam, clerk, 66 Apple 
Hillegas Charles, cigarmr., James' ct (K) 
Hilleg-as L., carp., 13th ab Poplar 
Hillen Christian, lab., rear 9 Sterling- al 
Hiller A., blacksmith, Broad n Filbert, h Kel 

ley's ct. 
Hilliard T., carp., 9th bel Ogden 
Hillier George, gilder, 82 Mulberry 
Hillier Joseph Sc Co 

85 Dillwyn 
Hillin John, weaver, 4th ab Master 
Hillis Robert, moulder, Lancaster bel Reed 
Hillman Allen S., carp., Currant al., h 262 S 3d 
Hillman Eliakim, cordw., Union ab Franklin 


Hillman Martha, matron col. Asylum, 13th & 

Hillman }L<ry, teacher, 198 N 6th 
Hillon Christian, 6 Branner's al 
Hills Mary C, sewing-, rear 277 S 3d 
Hillsee John G., tailor, 29 Beaver (K) 
Hillworth Frederick, watchmr., 527 High 
Hillyartiner Philip, watchmr., 18 Penn 

Hilsee Edward H., baker, Dewees' alley, (S) 
Hilsee Joel C, tailor, 84 S Water, h 11, 

Hilsee Joseph, tailor, 140 S Water, h in 

Front. * 

Hilsee William, tailor, 314 N Front. 
Hilsman Thomas L., shoemr., Budden's al. 
Hilson Francis, rigger, 35 Catharine 
Hilson Perry, rear 194 Carpenter ab 8th 
Hilt Benjamin, shoemr., Crown ab Queen (K i 
Hilt George, wagoner, Pleasant ab 10th 
Hilt John, bricklayer, 5 Madison 
Hilt Joseph D., cordw., Hight's ct 
Hilt Lewis, shoemaker, 277 N 7th 
Hilt Martin, dealer, R road & Callowhill 
Hilt Samuel R., tailor, 8 N 12th 
Hiltner Sarah, Wallace ab R road 
Hiltner Sarah, Lewis ab Poplar 
Hilton Gasper, waiter, 345 Lombard 
Mimas 'Wm., chairmr., Palmer nFroad 
Himback C, shop, 114 AVashington av 
Himes Andrew, waterman, Allen bel Palmer. 
Himes Henry, blacksmith, rear 559 N 3d 
Himes John, cabinetmr., 3 Williams' ct 
Himes John, carman, 15 George (S) 
Himes Martin, lime burner, Lombard st wlif. 

Himlin Richard, ship, Shippen bel 8th 
Himmelwright C. S., tailor, 126 N 4th 
Himmelwright Philip, drayman, Elizabeth bel 

Himmelwright Rebecca, Say. 
Himmelwright Wm., tavern, 6th & Master 
Hims Martin, waterman, 34 W Cedar 
Hinchman &: Boulton, grocers, N E 8th and 

Hinchman Charles, tailor, rear 2 Ogden 
Hinchman Eliza W., teacher, 275 Green 
Hinchman Georg-e, confect, rear 41 Chester 
Hinchman Howard, grocer, N E 3th & High 
Hinchman James, gent., 330 Vine 
Hinchman M., clerk Penn T bank, h 73 Mar- 
Hinck Peter, carp., confectioner, 529 N 2d aS 

Hincken Henrv, actor, 351 Pine 
Hinckle John, Vict, N E 12th & Coates 
Hinckle Peter, sexton, Parrish & Eli 

Hinckle Peter, oysterman, 10th bel Washington 
Hinckle William, teller Western Bank 
gdders, 82 Mulberry, h Hinckley Robert H., trimmings, 321 Vine 
Hinderer F., vict., rear 298 S John 
Hinderinger Michael, Sen., carp., -ithab George 
Hindermeyer Joseph, brassfounder, 1 Mincrd 

Hindermeyer Michael, carp., 6 Torr's al 
Hindle Henry, weaver, 9th bel Christian 
Hindman Anna M. H, 135 Filbert 
Hindman Elizabeth, 91 Buttonwood. 
Hindman James, moulder, 28 Chester 
Hindman John, gent., -1 New Market 
Hinds Gideon, stove-maker, 3'J3 Hisrh, h 6'J S 

11th S 

Hinds Minker, carp., 1 Harmony ct. 
Hinds & Wilson, carpenters, 1 Harmonv ct 

Ilti'ls W. P., Rev., 4 Belmont pi 

liineclc John, blacksmith, 146 N 13th 

nines Addison, S E Poplar Sc Charlotte 

limes Christian, ice, Front ab Greenwich 

Uxhea Kl'za, 61 Queen 

Hines Frederick, Penn, n R road 

Hines James, lab., rear 106 Christian 

llines James, weaver, Milton ab 10th 

llincs James L., cordwainer, 510 N 2d 

nines John M., carver, 4 Harmony ct, h 34 

Fiines Meeker, carp., 12th and Adams 
nines Samuel, brassfounder, Sch Front ab Mul- 
nines William, ship carp., 34 Christian 
nines Win., carp., Hanover bel Bedford 
Hinesley S. Risdon, biscuit baker, 6 Caroline pi 
Ilingel F.,cake baker, 189 Callowhill 
llinkel Adam H., ship chandler, 3S S wharves, 

h 32 Xew Market 
Ilinkle Aaron, saddletree mr., 10 China 
Hinkle Adam, sr., victualler, S E Callowhill Sc 

Hinkle Ann, 151 St. John. 
Hinkle Charles, tobacconist, 4SS N 4th 
Ilinkle Charles, capt., 285 X 6th 
Hinkle Henry, bookbinder, Reid's ct (S) 
Hinkle Henry, brickmr., Locust n Sch 3d 
Hinkle Henrv J., blacksm., Rugan bel Willow, 

h 172 N 4th 
Hinkle Henry W., carp., Cedar bel 10th 
Hinkle H., viet, Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Hinkle John, butcher, 36 Queen 
Hinkle John, brickmr., George bel Sch 3d 
Hinkle Mary, Mrs., James bel 10th 
Hinkle Peter, jr. & Co., grocers, Callowhiil and 

Hinkle Sarah, rear 161 Christian 
Hinkle Sarah, doctress, 35 R road ab Callowhill 
Hinkle William, 8th bel Coates 
Hinkle Wm., hatter, Watts n Pine 
Hinman D. B., mer., 24 N Front, h 140 N 9th 
Hinman D. B. & Co., com. mers., 24 N Front 
Hinschbing Ann, 2 Centre 
Hinson James, gunsmith. Nectarine bel 10th 
Hinton F. A., hair dresser, 148 Chestnut, h 18 

Hinton N. B., variety store, 343 High, h 411 

Hippie Anna, milliner, 350 Sassafras. 
Hipson Henry, lab., 12th n Cedar 
Hirneisen Susan, 46 S 13th 
Hirsch Isadore, hatter, George bel 4th 
Hirst Charles, tailor, 5 Jennings row- 
Hirst David, cordwainer, Coates n Sch, h Coates 

ab 13th 
Hirst George, bricklayer, 442 N 4th 
Hirst Henry B., att'y,'40 S 6th, h 39 Union 
Hirst John, carp., Loud bel 10th 
Hirst John, cooper, 71 St John 
Hirst Rebecca M. wid. of James M., 49 Vine 
[Hrst Wm., oysters, 26 Lombard 
j Jjrst William L., tailor, 63* X 3d 
Hirst William L., att'y & ccun., 63 S 7th. 
H'rtzel P., shop, 30 Dillwyn 

Hirzog Andrew, suspender weaver, Hanover &b 

Franklin (K) 
Hisler Abner, 8 W Rugan & Willow 
Hitchcock Chas., tailor, Marlboro' ab Duke 
Hitchens John, tanner, 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Hitner George, printer, 49 s Juniper 
Hittel Sellers, hatter, 9 QuerviUe's ct 

|Hitzelburger Jacob, cordw., Fiahcr bel Marriott 

iHoag Cornelius, carter, 97 New Market 
Hoat Stephen, seaman, 142 S 4th 

|Hobart Edward, segarmr., 21 S 3d 

jHobart George, mer., 5 Bank, h 13th bel (.rcen 
Hobbs James, ink manuf., 10th bH Lombard 
Hobensack John N., drug?., N E 2d Sc C<'-, 
Hobensack J. N. & P. S., druggists, N E bill 8c 

Hobson E. Mrs., stationery, 194 Chestnut. 
Hobson Sarah, 49 O Y road. 
Hocker Christian, cordw., Buttonwood ab 8th 
Hocker George, tavern, 1 Franklin pi 
Hocker George, Paschall al 
Hocker John, sen., stone cutter, 7th ab Parrish 
Hocker Sarah, rear 75 New Market 
Hockley John, cashier B. N. A., h Sch 8th n 

Hocter James, lab., 90 George 
HodgdonMary, widow, 321 Spruce 

i Hodge Ann, 102 S 8th 
Hodge Catharine, Mrs., Ann W Sch. 8th 
Hodge Henry, carp., Point Pleasant ct (K.) 

(Hodge H. L., M. D., N W 9th 8c Walnut. 

j Hodge John L., mer., 102 S 8th 

I Hodge Lydia, Portland lane 

j Hodge Richard, ship carpenter, 108 F road. 

! Hodge Wm., chairmr., Shackamaxon ab Bedford 
Hodges Edward, shoemr., rear 14 German 

I Hodges Jane, 133 Locust. 
Hodges John, bosoms & collars, 110 X 2J 
Hodges John C, carpenter, Adams ab Perry. 

; Hodges Thomas, carter, Pine bel 12th 

jHodgkinson Robert, blacking manuf, 2 Quarry 
Hodgson William, tailor, Maiden n Front. 
Hodgson William Jr., druggist, N E 6th ft Mul- 
berry, h 172 Mulberry. 
Hoe John, glasscutter, 1 Binder's ct (K) 
Hoe Joseph, lab., Front bel Greenwich 
Hceckley Jacob F., scrivener, 24S N 3d, h 232 

Hceflich Catharine Mrs., 26 Ellen 

^Hoehling Adolphus A., cabinetmaker. 196 Pine, 
Hoesch John, shoemr., 47 Xew Market 
Hoesman August, tailor, 3 Kensle) 's ct 

|Hceth Charles, mer., 10th ab Brown 
Hofer George, turner, 449 N Front 
Hofer G., gunsmith, 449 N Front 

iHoff George, bricklay., Franc :-> ab Powell (F V) 

! Hoff Henry, engineer, Wood bel Sch. Sth 

jIIotT John, shoemr., c Noble i. New Market 

iHoff John, gent., 340 N 6th. 

JHoff Lewis, cooper, Perry bel Master (K) 
I loff M. M., Sth n Walla ■ 

'Hoffman Adam, h 3S St John 

JHoffman Adam, glassblow., Wood ab Prince(K) 

[Hoffman Catharine, nurse, 521 S 2d 

[Hoffman Charles, shoemr., Duke bel Wood (K) 

Hoffman Chas., Globe MilLViennabeli)uke(K) 
Hoffman David, att'y & coun., 117 SJth 
Hoffman D., Mrs., Wood ab Queen (I\) 
Hoffman Edward, sparmr., Swanson bel Chris- 
Hoffman Elizabeth, b h, 109 Filbert 
Hoffman Ellen, Mifflin n 13th 
Hoffman Ellen, Juniper bel Walnut 
Hoffman Frederick, silversmith, 16 Castle 
Hoffman George, lab., 2d bel Greenwich 
Hoffman Jacob, tailor, 380 N id 
Hoffman Jacob, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen(K) 
Hoflman Jacob, fisherman, Queen n Wood. (K) 
Hoffman Jacob, shoemr., 95 German 
Hoffman James, clerk, 261 N 5th 
Hoffman Jesse, lab., 4th ab German 
Hoffman John, brushmr., Culvert ab 4th 

Hogan James, stationer, 30 N 4th, h 309 C! 

Hogan J. G., 15 Rittenhouse 
Hogan Mary, shop, Sassafras and Juniper 
Hog-an M., shoemr., 37 S 8th, h 2 Yaux's ct 
Hogan Patrick, lab., 7 Coombes' al 
Hogan Philip, coachman, John's ct. 
Hog-an & Thompson, booksellers L station* 

30 N 4th. 
Hog-an & Thompson, stationers, 108 Chestnn 
Hogan Wm , porter, Tittle Oak 
Hog-bin John, tailor, 16 High, h Hanover 

Hoge & Austin, dry goods, 172 A High 
Hoge James, mer., 1724 High 
Hoge Thomas Rev., Treas. Board Missions, ? 

Sansom, h X E 10th & Pine 

Hoffman Jolin, tobacconist, Willow ab Franklin | Hoge Thomas H., gent., N E 10th and Pine 
Hoffman John, cabinetmr., Wood ab Prince, h Hogeland Eleanor, tailoress, 3 Freed's av 

West ab Marlboro' I Hog-eland E. M., b h, 31 Cherry 

Hoffman John, gent., P road bel Washington I Hogeland M., widow, 15 Wood' 
Hoffman John, stocking manuf., Bridge st, M. Hogg Charles, grocer, Callowhill bel William, 

' '" a g e I Hog - ,? Christopher, lab., Landing 

Hoflman John B., gas fitter, 50 Carpenter (C) h Hogg Michael, confectioner, 163 Cedar. 

6th bel Washington J Hogg William, manuf. Hanover ab Duke (K) 

Hoflman John C, tador, Little Crown bel Green Hoguet Francis, cabinetmr. 41 Plum 
Hoflman John L., packer, 6 Cresson's al j Hoguet Mary, widow, Buttonwood n 13th 

Hoffman Jonathan, confectioner, Callowhill n Hohenfels & Oppenheimer,drvgoods,272N2 

John - Holahan Amos, 45 S 10th. 

Hoflman Jos., wharf build., Crown bel West(K) Holahan Jacob, tavern, NW 10th and Locust. 
Hoflman Margaret, shoe binder, Hanover ab Holahan Jacob, hotel, 195 Chestnut. 

Queen (K) Holahan John, blacksmith & coachmr., Sho 

Hoffman Mary Ann, Buttonwood bel 6tli maker st, h c 8th 8c Zane. 

Hoffman Mary, b h, 5 Wood. Holbrook Benjamin, 33 Walnut, h 362 S Fron 

Holiman NorrisJ., letter carrier, 23 Sassafras 

Hof.'man P., custom-house, 206 N 8th 

Holbrook Charles N., ex-broker, 47 Chestnut 
Holbrook Jacob, lab., Washington pi 

Hoflman Samuel, shipwright, Hanover ab Dukejllolby Joseph G stonecutter, Webb'sal 

Hoflman Samuel, ship carp., Marlboro' n Bed- 
ford (K) 
Hoffman Samuel D., G T road n Master 
Hoffman Samuel T., mast maker, Whf. below 

Christian, h 15 Christian. 
Hoffman Sarah, Wood ab Prince (K) 
Hoffman Smith, mariner, 24 Union (S) 
Hoffman Walters, b h, 128 St John 
Hoffman Wilhelmina, gentlemen's furnishing 

store, 35 S 8th 
Hoffman Wm., lab., Hoppel's ct 
Hoffman Wm., carter, Jefferson ab Sch 6th 
Hoffmaster Mary, 188 S 5th. 
Hoffmeister Lewis, sashmr., 3 Wagner's al 
Hoffner Frederick, skin dresser, Coates & N 

Hoffner George, pilot, 142 Swanson 
Hoffner George, high constable, Loud bel 10th 
Hoffner Henry, machinist, 2d ab Edward 
Hoffner John D., alderman, office 2214, and fa 

229 S 6th 
Hoffsaes John, baker, 28 Garden 
Hoffstadt Lev. is, barber, 84 Brown 
Holly A., artist & lithographer, 8S Walnut 
Hog.m Ann, 160 S Water 
Hogan B., bricklayer, Sch 8th ab Vine 
Hogan David M., clerk, 9th and Catharine 

Holcroft Thomas, spinner, Marlborough b< 

Bedford (K) 
Holden Edward, calico printer, Beach ab Kei 

Holden Eli, watchmr., 238 High 
Holden Ezra, Ed. Sat. Courier, 97 Chestnut, ' 

100 N 11th 
Holden Isaac, grocer, West and Marlboro' (K | 
Holden Thomas, 139 N 7th n Willow. 
Holeman M. W. shoes, F road n Master 
Holgate Richd, printer, rear Washington beL 
Holgate Samuel, shoes, 389 S Front 
Holl John G., baker, 29 Powell 
Holland Ann E., 328 Walnut 
Holland 15., lab., Mintland's ct 
Holland Edward, Church bel Greenwich 
Holland Isaac, lab. 8 Wagner's al 
Holland Lawrence, builder, 9 Franklin row 
Holland Martha, b h, 50 Chester 
Holland Mary, Catharine ab Front 
Holland Nathaniel, atty. and coun., 79 S 3d 
Holland Robert, broker, 8 Bank al 
Holland Samuel, porter, 6 Lewis' ct 
Holland Sarah, grocer, R road 5c George (F ^ 
Holland Terrence, gardener, 6 Kelly 
Holland Thomas, waiter, 6 Lewis' ct 
Holland Thomas, weaver, Burr's ct (K) 
Holland Thomas, lab., Johnston's la ab 4th 

II llftway Charles, clerk, Catharine ab 3d 
<i >Haway John T., capmaker, 131 N 3d 
liollemback B., painter, c Willow & Marshall, h 

9th bel Melon 
llollenback Alfred, cop. pi. print., Morris bcl 

Fit z water 
Hollenback Henry, printer, rear 46 N 7th 
Hollcnbeck Joseph, shoemr, M'Manamy's ct 
Hollifield W.-L., dentist, 218 Spruce 
llollinger Andrew, capt. 33 Christian 
11 'llingshead Charles E., mer., 29 Palmyra sq. 
IbollingsheadH. F., mer., 43 N Water", h 112 

Hollingshead H. F. Sc Co., gTocers, 43 N Water 
Hollingshead H. H. mer. 7 S Front, h 291 N 6th 
Holling'shead Sc Zelley, grocers, 505 X 2d 
iloliingsworth Benj. P., machinist, 36 N 8th 
Iloliingsworth George, boot black, 90 Gaskillj 
Hollingsworth Henry, tavern, 13 Spruce 
Hollingsworth Henry, h Spruce ab Sch. 7th. 
Hollingsworth Samuel, mer., 99 S Front 
Hollingsworth Samuel L., M. D., Belmont pi 
Hollingsworth T. G., stock and exchange bro- 
ker, 53 Walnut, h 136 S 2d. 
Hollins James B., chinaware, 346 High. 
Hollins John, china ware, 371 High. 
Ilollinshead B. M., dry goods, 14 N 6th. 
Hollinshead Mary Sc Sarah, bonnets, 14 N 6th. 
Ilollinshead W., atty Sc coun., 207 N 6th 
Mollis A. Mrs., milliner, 311 Walnut. 
Hollis Chs., J., engraver, 61 S 3d, h 8th bel 

Hr.llis John, grocer, S W 7th Sc Pine 
Hollowbush Jacob, books Sc paper, 23 N Front, 

h X E 7th & Wdlow 
Ilollowfush Henry, segarmr. Wiley's ct 
Holly Jonathan, porter, Lombard n Sch 5th 
Holman Andrew J. engineer, School bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Holman Moses, card manuf., Marshall Sc 'Willow, 

h Wallace bel 9th 
Holmes Benj., hair dr'sr., Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Holmes Edm'd. A., mer., 4 Church al, h Spruce 

W Sch 8th 
Holmes E. M. Mrs., milliner, 115 Wood 
Holmes Geo. tailor, Washington ab Master (K) 
Holmes "George H., lapidist, 5 Bank al, h 77 

Holmes Geo. W., teacher of drawg., 104 George 
Holmes Henry, pa.bro., 87 Shippen. 
Holmes Henry, tailor, 10th ab James 
Holmes Sc Hubbard, mers., 4 Church al 
Holmes James, porter. George ab Sch Beach 
Holmes James, chandler, 43 Plum. 
Holmes James, tavern, c Front & Phoenix (K) 
Holmes James, 155 S 11th 
Holmes John, mer., 110 High, h Filbert W 

of Broad 
'Lj.rrs^s John, weaver, Washington bel Jeffer- 
son. (K) 
limes John, weaver, Jefferson ab Front (K) 
nes Levi, carter, Milton ab 10th 
■ s Mary, b h, 219 Spruce 
J »Jmes Philip, waiter, 184 Locust 
'•olrncs Robert, drayman, rear Lilv al 
' 19 

Holmes Robert, mariner, 412 S Front. 
Holmes Robert, Lb.. Gebhard & Sassafras 
Holmes Thos. cabinetmr. rear 5th ab Christian 
Holmes William, cordwainer, hch. 8th ab S:>>- 

Holsom E. shoemr. 8th ab Sassafras 
Holson Hannah, 334 S 3d. 
Hoist Charles A., cabt. mr., 11 Parker. 
Hoist Frederick, cabinetnuo. Front ab I 1 - in ■ 
Holstman Christian, baker, GT road n Master 
Ilolston Henry, carter, Decatur bel Corn 
Holston Whitton, oysterman, 1 Noble 
Holt Jane, 17 Gaskill 
Holt John G., saddler, James bel 10th 
Holt Richard, grocer, Sch 3d and Harmsti . 
Holt Robert W., cooper, Sch 7th n Vine. 
Holt Samuel, cooper, 5 Shippen 
Holt Seth, grocer, 361 N 2d. 
Holt William, ship carp., 7 Parham 
Homan Sc Hughes, undertakers, 332 Sassafras \ 

126 N 10th 
Homan John, cooper, Wood n Sch. 
Home Thomas, carp. 1 Hermitage pi 
Homer Benjamin Sc Son, brass founders, 77 

Homer James rear 7 Appletree allcv, h '•- 

Homer Matthias, variety store, 30 S 2d 
Homer Nathaniel, 4 Mineral p] 
Homer Timothy, pokt. bock manuf. 8c vai 

store, 174 Chestnut 
Homer Wm., brassfounder. 77 ?c h 88 Sas« 
Homer William P., broker, 29 S 3d, h 498 Vji •• 
Homes Alex. V. distiller. Grubb 
Homestead S. tailor, 123 Prime 
Hong Elizabeth, shop, 67 Sassafras 
Hood Eliza A, gentw., 12 Sansom. 
Hood George, 16 Dean 
Hood Isaac, lab., 18 Helmuth 
Hood James, cordwr., Carlton ab Sch 8th. 
Hood Joseph, nightwork, 9 St Mary 
Hood Matthew, gent., 79 Filbert 
Hood Samuel, mer., N E 5th & High, hL. S 

Hood Samuel, atty. Sc coun., S E 6th & W • - 
Hood Samuel Sc Co., mers., X E 5th 8; H .,-. 
Hood Thomas, cordwainer. Cherry ab ! 1':.. 
Hood Wm., painter Sc glazier, 85 \V CallowhiU 
Hood Wm., cordw., Cherrv ab 11th 
Hood Wm. H., gent., 212 S 4th 
Hood Wm. P., fabourer, 11th ic R roaL 
Hocdless Thomas, carpenter, s W Itrth ani 

Hook Daniel, carp. 643 S 2.1 
Hook Martha, 2S8 S 5th 
Hook Peter, coachman. 1 Ba ccr 
Hooke Fra-cis, cabinetmaker, 28 X 10th 
Hooke Jane, milliner 8c dress mr., 28 N 10th. 
Hooker Benjamin, painter, r low< r bel Fitzw .*;:• 
Hooker Herman, book-. il^r and stationer, 17-: 

Hooks George, dyer. 172 Sassafras 
Hooks Henry P. mariner, 5 Burd (S) 
Hooley Benjamin, silk spin ler, 2 Hudson's al 
Hooley Wm., carp, tc cabinetmr^ 315 X Fri --. 

Hooper Hannah, milliner, 247} S 2d. 
Hooper Hezekiah, sawyer, 94 Bedford 
Hooper John, merchant, 113 High, h 313 Mul- 
Hooper John, porter, 4 Washington ab 11th 
Hooper John E., portrait painter, 327 Sassafras 
Hooper Levin, coachman, 47 Mechanic. 
Hooper Nathan, porter, 4 Washington ab 11th 
Hooper Thos. oysters, Pine n Sch Willow 
Hoopes Adam, blacksmith, Barker n Sch 4th 
Hoopes Alfred, wheelwright, High n Sch 4th, h 

M Village 
Hoopes &. Archambault, dry goods, 411 High 
Hoopes Bernard, com. mer., 33 N Front, h Sch 

7th ab Spruce 
Hoopes & Co., dry goods, N E 11th & High 
Hoopes David, Washington. (W. P.) 
Hoopes Hannah, 228 N 13th 
Hoopes James, 230 N 13th 
Hoopes John, saddler, 162 N 12th 
Hoopes Jos., dry goods, N E 11th & High 
Hoopes J. R. mer. 411 High 
Hoopes & Lanning, carp. 20 Decatur 
Hoopes Penrose K., mer., N E 11th £c High 
Hoopes Pierce, lum. mer., 292 Pine. 
Hoopes Thos. C, grocer, R road 5c Callowhill 
Hoopes Thomas P., mer., S W 5th & High. 
Hoopes Wm. M., carp., 130 N Juniper 
Hoopes, Wolfe & Baker, hardware, S W r 5th & 

Hoot H. Hutchinson 

Hooven Albert, bricklayer, Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Hooven James, blacksmith, (F M) 
Hooven William, wheelwright, 446 N 4th, h 

James ab Charles 
Hoover Andrew, brickmr. Mechanic ab George 

Hoover Andrew, briefcmr., 346 N 5th. 
Hoover Catharine, rear 13 Ly brand 
Hoover Henry, oysters, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Hoover Henry, ship carp. 62 M road 
Hoover Jacob, tavern, 331 High 
Hoover Jacob, brickmaker, Sch 5th n Spruce 
Hoover Jacob, furniture car, Greenwich bel 2d 
Hoover John, tailor, 3 Ellet's av 
Hoover John, lab. Sch 5th ab Chestnut 
Hoover John, lampmr. Prince Sc Palmer (K) 
Hoover Samuel, painter, F road bel Oxford, h 

Oxford bel Front 
Hoover Wm., brickmaker, George ab Apple. 
Hoover Wm. shoemr, 9 Cresson's al 
Hope Ann, 11 Gray's al 
Hope James, bootmr. 264 Mulberry 
Hope John, gardener, Parker's al 
Hope John, blacksmith, F road n Marlboro' 
Hope Joseph, tobacconist, 90 Walnut 
Hope Matthew B. Rev., correspond, sec. Presb. 

Board Ed., 29 Sansom, h 33S Mulberrv 
Hope Patrick, lab., High ab Sch 2d 
\\<j]><: Susanna Mrs., 173 Brown (N L) 
Hope Thomas, portrait painter, 345 X 3d 
Hopewell C W., clothing, 90 S 2d, h 146 Lo- 
Hopewell Sarah, b h., 114 N 7th 
Hopkins Agnes. 224 S 7th 

Hopkins George, 31 Prosperous al 
Hopkins Hetty E., milliner, 140 S 5th. 
Hopkins Howell, atty. £c coun., 12 Prune. 
Hopkins Jacob, cordwainer, 137 S 10th 
Hopkins Jas., druggist, X E Broad & Chest 
Hopkins John, lab., Mulberry bel Broad. 
Hopkins John, manuf. hosiery, 70 N 4th. 
Hopkins Johns, gent., 479 Mulberry " 
Hopkins John C, clerk. 207 Green 
Hopkins Sc M'Manigal, shoes, 398} N 2d 
Hopkins Mary C, 48 Dillwyn 
Hopkins M., carp., Sch 5th & "Wood 
Hopkins N., mer., 163 S Front, h Sprue? .. 

Hopkins Rebecca, Sch 7th ab Locust 
Hopkins S. Mrs., X E Broad 8c Chestnut. 
Hopkins S., carp., Washington & Mary (W t 
Hopkins Thomas, cabinet maker, Ernhn's ct i 

Hopkins Thomas, carpenter, Melon ab 13th. 
Hopkinson Francis, clerk Dist. Court U. ^, t 

Chestnut opp. mint. 
Hopkinson §c Ingersoii. mers., 43 Walnut 
Hopkinson James, mer., 43 Walnut, h Lo< • 

& Sch 8th 
Hopkinson Oliver, attv. c< coun., 65 S 7th, h 1 ■ 

cust & Sch 8th 
Hoppel John, combmr., 258 Green 
Hoppel Kesiah, Marshall ab Coates 
Hopper B. C. watchmr. Grebel's ct 
Hopper David, bootmr., 64 N 2d, h Peach v 

Hopper D. G., undertaker, 107 N 5th 
Hopper Edward, att'v k coun., 93 S 3d, h 13-: 

Hopper Eliza, teacher, S4 Mulberry 
Hopper Jeremiah, carpenter, 12th ab Sprace. '■ 

Locust ab Broad 
Hopper Joshua M. stonecutter, 10th bel v 

Hopper Levi, sexton, S4 Mulberry 
Hopper Levi & Son, undertakers, Sch 7th 

Hopper O. Sch 7th ab Cherry 
Hopper Wm., dry goods, 289 N 2d 
Hoppin Amy H. 21 S Sch 7th 
Hoppin Hen., mer., 18 X Front, h Junipi' : 

Hopple John, cordw., P road bel Christian 
Hopple William, cordw , P road bel Christ 
Hopson Jeremiah, shoemaker, 141 S 11th- 
Horace Wm. waiter, 11 Green (C) 
Horan Daniel, tavern, 6th and Lombard. 
Horn Catharine, Mrs., 349 Pine 
Horn Hannah, 569 S Front 
Horn Henry, mer., 215} High, h S W L 

Horn Jacob, stonecutter. 321 Sassafras. 
Horn James H., atty. & coun., S E 6th & V* ^ 
Horn Jane, 9 Fair 
Horn John, 16 S Broad 
Horn John, druggist, X E 3d and Brown. 
Horn John, stage driver, 16 Christian 
Horn Joseph, stonecutter, Pleasant ab l-'^- ; 
Horn Joseph P. bricklayer, Melon bel lOth 

Horn & Kneass, saddlery, 215* High. 

Horn Man', 5 N 12th 

Horn Philip H., druggist, S W 4th and Poplar. 

Horn Win., lab. 22 Currant al 

Horn VV & il., mers., N W 8th and Locust, h 

10th abPine 
Hornberger Henry L., hatter, 394 S 5th 
Hornberger Philip, butcher, Greenwich ab 

Hornberger Wm, tailor, 315 S 2d. 
Hornby Win. leather & shoe findings, 3d and 

Home C.j wax flowers, 81 Tammany 
Home Henry H. 285 Sassafras 
Home J. R. tavern, Mary & Washington ( W P) 
Home Pearson, hatter, 333 N 4th 
Horner Alfred, mer., 145 High, h 31 Sansom 
Horner David, clerk, 30 S Sch 8th 
Homer George, cotton spinner, St John n Globe 

Horner George, oak cooper, 31 Church al, h 

26 Wood 
Horner H. B., wheelwright, Beaver ab Charlotte 
Horner Isaac, carter, rear 7 Elfreth's al 
Horner Jacob, cotton spinner, Callowhill n Wil- 
Horner James, sea capt., 2 Union 
Horner John, blacksmith, 20 Strawberry 
Horner John, lab., Sch 3d Sc Walnut. 
Horner Joseph, cordw., Freestone pi 
Horner M., milliner, N E 7th and Cedar 
Homer Richard, drayman, h 5 Drinker's alley 
Horner Richard D. varnisher, 2 Lytle's ct 
Horner Samuel, weaver, William n Edward (K) 
Horner Samuel M., grocer, NW 2d & Cedar. 
Horner S. S., 184 Chestnut 
Horner Wm. E., M. D., 263 Chestnut. 
Homketh Jeremiah, brickmr. School 
Hornor B. C, druggist, 8 Lagrange, h 62 N 3rd 
Hornor J. P., W Penn sq n Filbert 
Hornor S. S. dentist, 184 Chestnut 
Horsey Jos., bookb'md., S E 7th & High, h 222 

Horsfall John, barber, 3 Plum 
Horstman F., wool dealer, 69 German 
Horstmann Sigmund H. mer. 51 N 3d 
Horstmann Wm. II., mihtary store, 51 N 3d, h 

68 Mulberry. 
Horstmann, Wm. H. 8c Sons, military store, 51 

N 3d. 
Horstmann Wm. J. mer. 51 N 3d 
Wort Benjamin S., Allen bel Marlboro' (K) 
Hort Herman, baker, 17 Quince. 
Horter & Blye, dry goods, 260 N 2d 
Hotter George, dry goods, 288 N 2d 
Horter John, Mansion House, S E 11th Sc High 
Horter John, provisions, 81 N 8th 
Horter J. W., real estate office, 133 Vine. 
H Tter J. W., provisions, S E 12th Sc Graff. 
""'ton Daniel, blacksmith, Wood ab 13th 
Horton Jas., carver, 10th Sc Pine, h 155 S 9th 
H •■ u >n James, saw tiler, 4 Little Dock. 
Horton John, bricklayer, US 4th 
Horton Mary, corset mr., 155 S 9th. 
rt -^ Charles, grain meas., 103 Queen. 


Hortz Peter, gent., 270 S 5th. 

Hosack Joseph, tailor, S V. 8th & Shippen 

Hosey Bridget, grocer, Sch. 2d n Cedar. 

Hosfelt George, bootmr. SchafFer's ct 

Hoskins A. M., artificial flowers, 7 S 4th, and 48 

Hoskins E. A. druggist, 412 High, h 238 Filbert 

Hoskins Francis, mer., N W 5th «. High, h37 N 
1 1th. 

Hoskins John, 238 Filbert 

Hoskins John, glue mr. Poplar ab 2d 

Hoskins Wm. stone mason, 'Washington fW \"\ 

Hoskins Wm., wheelwt., G T road ab Maiden. 

Hosmer Samuel, gent. Washington Sc Swan«on 

Hossey John, lab. 16 Gilles' al 

Hoster Joseph, blacksmith, Olive 

Hoster George C, carp., rear 285 Vine. 

Hotman John, bootmr., 2d bel Phccnix (K) 

Hotz Charles, vict. 13th bel Green 

Hotz Daniel, gent., 13th bel Green 

Hotz Daniel, jr., vict. 13th bel Green 

Hotz Eliza, tavern, 9th Sc Noble. 

Hotz Mary, N E 7th Sc Wood. 

Hotz Peter, vict. Thompson ab 4th (K) 

Hotz Peter, victualler, Brandywine bel Broad 

Hotz Wm., vict., 5th ab Franklin 

Houard John G. teacher of French Sc Spanish, 
175 Pine 

Houck Christopher, grocer, S E Franklin and 

Houck Isaac, cabinetmr. 83 Green 

Houck Isaac, cabinet mr., 52 Duke 

Houck Joseph, shop, N E 13th 8c Coates 

Houck Wm., stone cutter, Rachel ab Poplar 

Hough Ann, gentw. 210 N 13th 

Hough Catharine, 17 Coates' al 

Hough Eliza, Mrs., 14 Madison 

Hough George, baker, Vienna ab Queen. 

Hough Henry, hamessmr. 4th bel Franklin (K) 

Hough Jemima, 16 Helmuth 

Hough John, Jr., mer., 441 High. 

Hough Joseph M. ladies' shoemr. 145 S 5th 

Hough J. T., tailor, 2 S 5th 

Hough Sc Knowles, flour and seed mers., 441 

Hough Rebecca, 142 S 10th. 

Hough Silas, Coates ab 9th. 

Houghton George, brass founder, P mad ab Car- 

Houghton John, brassfounder, 66 N ~d 

Houghton John Sc Sons, lamp rnanufs. Cfi N 2d, 
factory G T road ab 5th 

Houghton Luther, brass nailmr., \j0 Shippcn, 
h 169 Catharine 

Houghton Michael, lab. 5 Prospect pi 

Houghton Misses, 219 S 5th 

Hoult John, spinner, rear 50 N 2d 

Houpt Charles J. dentist, 294 Chestnut 

Houpt Mary, gentw., Coates n 10th 

House Win'., mariner, 5 Burd 

Householder A., cabinetmr., Logan n Green 

Housekeeper Benjamin, M. 1). Queen ab Cher- 
ry (K) 

Housekeeper C.H., att'y Sc coun., Spruce ab 2d 

Housekeeper John, tobacconist, 179 Poplar. 

Houseman Daniel, butcher, 25 Mary (S) |Howe James F, 179 N 6th 

Houseman James, cordwainer, c Perry & Pine. Howe John, grocer, Iv M 2d & Lombaid.l. 

Houseman John A., victualler, 8 Mary (S) S Front 

Houseman John S., carp., Apple n Cohor.ksmk.| Howe John, bootmaker, Filbert n Sch. od 

Hou man Richard, shoemr., 487 S Front 

Houser Catharine, 5 Fitzwater. 
Houser Jacob, 2d ab Greenwich 
Houser Joseph, news earner, 310 St John 
Houston Ann, gentw., 139 Filbert 
Houston C.j mer., 66 S Front. 
Houston C. 8c Co., mers., 66 S Front. 
Houston J. M., 231 S 9th 
Houston N. bootfitter, 4th & Brown 

Howe Rob. stonecutter, Marlboro' Sc Allen [K 
JHowe Win. silversmith, 10 Cresson's al 
I Howe Win., bootmaker, 55± Sc h 67 X 8th 
j Howell Albert G., seaman, Wood n 11th. 
| Howell Arthur H., mer., 88 Chestnut 
I How ell Benjamin, lab. 1 LeydeiVs ct 
'Howell &. Brothers, paper "hangings, 80 Sc 14J 

Howell Caleb, mer., 99 High 

Houston W. C , mer., 66 S Front, h 218 S Front Howell Daniel, restorateur, 23 S od 
Housum P., tavern, 241 i X 3d [Howell Deborah, 150 S 9th. 

Houzelot Daniel, grocer, Marlboro' & Allen (K) Howell Eleanor, 20 Cherry. 
Hovcll Richard, shoemr. rear Lombard bel J u- Howell Eliza H. confectioner, 147 N 2d. 

n ; per | Howell Elizabeth, miliner, 6 Poplar. 

Hoven Henry, spinner, Lombard n Sch 2d I Howell E., b h, 29 Mulberry. 

Hover H., upholsterer, 7 Chatham 'Howell Frances, Wood ab 10th. » 

Hover Joseph E.. ink manufactory, 105 N Third! Howell George, mer., SO Chestnut, h Sch. 5u> 
Hovcv Eliza, milliner, XE 13th & Montgomery: bel George. 

How Elizabeth, Sch Front n Cherry 

How George, shoemaker, 132 N 13th. 

How Hannah, 31 Perry. 

How Joseph, 5 Flower 

How Margaretta F., Willow ab Franklin 

Howell George M, hatter, 4th ab Green 
[Howell James H., gent., 302 N 3d. 
Howell Jane, Ogden ab 10th 
Howell John A., mer., 80 Chestnut, h Sch. 5th 
bel George. 

Howard & Brooks, cap manufacturers, 92 N 4th Howell John C, blacksmith, 8 Juniper alley 

Howard Daniel, classical teacher, 20 Jacobv. | Howell John C, chair maker, 12 Lagrange. 

Howard Daniel, blacksmith, Pearl bel Sch 7th ! Howell Joseph, merchant, 88 Chestnut, h 211 

Howard David, rigger, 21 Union (S) Spruce. 

Howard Deborah, 12 Powell ! Howell Joseph K., mer., 423 High, h 9 S Sch 

Howard Eliza, 35 N 5th 7"th 

Howard Elizabeth, teacher, 21 Reckless | Howell J. Sc Co., hides 5c leather, 88 Chestnu', 

Howard Geo. brushmr., Steward bel Catharine ; Howell Maria, b h, St Mary's n 7th 

Howard George, Sch 5th bel Spruce 
Howard George, blacksmith. 214 Lombard 
Howard Henry, capmr. 92 N 4th 
Howard James, blacksm., 163 Callowhill 
Howard James, vocalist, 22 X5th. 
Howard James W. bricklayer, 9 S 5th 
Howard John, shot manuf. 27 Union (S) 
Howard John, lab. Coates n Sch 5th 
Howard John, finding store, 78 S 4th 
Howard John, labourer, Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Howard John G., teacher, French and Spanish, 

5th ab Queen 
Howard Joseph E. coal Locust 5c Broad 
Howard M. T., teacher, 106 Union. 
Howard O. G., agent, Parrish bel 10th 
Howard Peter, iab., Eagle ct. 
Howard P. R. 5c Co., stock 

3d 5c Walnut 
Howard Robert, pianomr. Burd & Catharine 
Howard Sarah, 8 Combes' al 
Howard Sarah, 9 Short ct. 
Howard Susan Ann, 2w6 Ldfcust 
Howard Thomas, waterman, Marker ab 2d 
Howard Wm., haypresser, 30 John. (S) 
Howard Wm. lab. rear 7u Christian 

Howell Mary, 884, X Front 
i Howell Mary E., wid. of Doct. Abm., 63 X 8th. 
| Howell Mary H. b h, 208 Walnut 
| Howell Mati'lda, washer, Wilson's ct (X L) 
I Howell Phebe, Mrs. 121 Xoble 
j Howell P. S., blacksm., Allen ab Shackamaxon 
| Howell Richard, oysters, 6 Locust. 
I Howell Richard L., assist, deputy collector, cus- 

tom house, h Filbert Sc Sch 7th. 
j Howell Robert, U. S. Inspector, low. dis., 99 S 
i whfs. h 10th bel Cedar 
j Howell Robert, seaman, 106 Gaskiil 
I Howell R., mer, 88 Chestnut, h 7 Girard 
j Howell Samuel, shoemr., 129 W High 
Howell Sarah, 4th ab Sassafras. 
I Howell Sc Smith, blacksmiths, 8 Juniper alley 
ex. brokers, N W Howell S. Mrs., 293 Chestnut. 

; Howell Wm. Jr., mer., 32 X 2d, h 14 Sassafras 
Howell Wm. T., mer., 181 High, h 319 Sassafras 
Howell William T. 5c Co., hardware, 181 III:'- 
Howell Zachariah, carpenter, 4 Poplar. 
Howell Z. C, mer., 80 Chestnut, h George p 

Sch. 8th 
Howey Isaac, tobacconist, 375 S Front 
Howev William, blacksmith, 16 Catharine 

I! »wanl Wm. 11., machinist, Broad and Paper Howey Wm. seaman, S W Almond & Swans 

allcv, h 553 Cherrv. Uowitz Charles, rear 1 Somers' ct 

Howartli John, ear;). Marker ab 2d Howorth Gershom, furn., S E 6th 5c Sassatr** 

Howcraft Henry, plasterer, 5 Pavnter's ct. | h R road bel Buttonwcod 

Howe Charles, carp., Dunston bel Franklin (K) Howshall John, acct. 4 Cypress 

Hoxsie S. K., stone cutter, Sch. 2d & Chestnut, 

h 4 W George. 
Hoy Isaac, baker, Portland la 
Hoy James, custom house, Locust n Sch. 6th 
Hoy R. Mrs., milliner, F road bel Franklin (K) 
Hoy Thomas, lab., Johnston's la bel 4th 
Hoyland Wm., file cutter, 222 S 8th. 
Hubbard Charles, painter, 34 N 10th, h 11th 

bel Green. 
Hubbard John, plasterer, Pearl ab Sch 6th. 
Hubbard Leah, washer, 109 N 10th 
Hubbard Sylvester F. mer. 216 Noble 
Hubbard T. S. tailor, 92 Walnut. 
Hubbard Willis, mer., 4 Church al, h 33 Mul- 
Hubbard Wm., grave digger, Wood n Sch 5th. 
Hubbard Wm. jr. bricklaver, Wood bel Sch 6th 
Hubbell F. W., att'y & coun., 118 S 3d bel Wil- 

ling's al. 
Hubbell H., att'y & coun., 115 S 6th, h 10th ab 

Hubbell Mary Ann, 1 Clair 
Hubbell Sam]., carpenter, 79 M road. 
Hubbert Benjamin, cordw., 56 Laurel 
Hubbert John, drayman, Shackamaxon and F 

Hubbert John, starch manuf., 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Hubbert Wm., starch manuf., 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Hubbert Wm. H., collector, 12 York ct. 
Hubbs Achsah, sempstress, Lowerv's ct (K) 
Hubbs John, 20 Elfreth's al 
Ilubbs Joseph, stone cutter, Sch 3d bel High 
Hubeli Jacob, flour mer., 97 X 4th. 
Huber Andrew S., distiller,- St. John bel G T 

-Huber h Barry, conveyancers, 125 Walnut. 
Huber David F., boot crimper, 236 S 4th 
Huber David M. clerk, 12th ab R road 
Huber H. Jr., cutlery manf., rail road & Sch. 8th 

h 7 Morgan. 
Huber Jacob, trader, F road bel Bedford. 
Huber James S., conveyancer, 145 Walnut, h 

10th bel Cedar. 
Huber Tobias, chand., 182 Vine 
Hubert Littleton, grocer, N W 7th and Mary 
Hubert Richard, rear 115 Queen. 
Hubert Solomon, lab., 75 George 
Hubley Francis S. inspector, 151 Dillwyn 
Huckel F., chair maker, S E 5th &. Lombard. 
Huckel Jacob, dentist, 16 Lombard. 
Buckle Joseph J. dry goods, S E O Y road and 

Huddell Martha, wid. of Joseph, 316 S Front 
Huddell Robert, commis. mercht., 21 Penn, h40 

Huddell Washington A. mer., 9 Walnut, h 380 

uudders JohnR., carpenter, 22 Franklin place, 

h 34 Wood. 
Hucklleston C. A. milliner, 172 Chestnut 
Buddy Benjamin F., distiller, N E Willow and O 

V road, h 55 O Y road 
Huddy Henry, jeweller, 55 O Y road. 
Huddy William M., editor of U. S. Military Ma- 
gazine and artist, h 81 Noble 

Hudson Charles W. printer, 1 Elizabeth ct 
Hudson Geo. W. seaman, Liberty ct 
Hudson Henry, boilermr., Marriott bel 3d 
Hudson James, weaver, 4th bel Jefferson, (K) 
Hudson James, alderman, (W P) 
Hudson John, gymnasium, 274 High. 
Hudson John, dealer, Jones ab Sch. 5th. 
Hudson Joseph, weaver, 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Hudson Matthias, lab., rear 3S0 S 2d 
Hudson Robert M., carpenter, 24 Library, h 

Poplar ab 13th 
Hudson Samuel, hatter, 216 Callowhill. 
Hudson Thos., clerk, h 47 O Y road 
Hudson Thomas, agent, Cherry n Sch. 6th 
Hudspeth Wm., cordw., Apple ab Culvert 
Huested Elisha, waterman, rear 14 Marriott's b 

ab 4th 
Huestis Joseph, brushmr., 16 Sassafras al 
Hueston Rebecca, 146 S 12th 
Hueston Thomas, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
Huey John, shoemr., Filbert W Sch 4th 
Huey Spencer, morocco dress., 60 New Market 
Huff & Husted, boot £c shoemanuf, 137 High 
Huff John, shoe manuf., 137 High, h 155 N loth. 
Huff Joseph, tailor, 269 N 3rd 
Huff Solomon, carp., Ontario 
Huffsey Samuel, glass blower, Wood ab Prince 

Hufnal Adam, paper manuf., 201 N od 
Hufnal Jacob T., druggist, N W Front Sc Chris- 
Hufty Joseph, engraver, 23 S 4th, h loth ah 

Huftv Samuel, engraver, exchange building, h 

203 S 9th. 
Hugg Charles, cordw., Reed ab Front 
Hugg Mary, gentw., Scott's ct. 
Hugg Peter, brass finisher, 146 S 9th 
Hugg Wm., rigger, Prince ab Shackamaxon 
Huggins Ben]., sea capt., 2 Union 
Huggs Brazillai, porter, 345 Lombard 
Huggs Wm., waiter, 18 Prosperous alley 
Hughes Albert, plumber, Lodge al bel oth, h 41 

Hughes A mer, gent., 69 Christian 
Hughes Ann, gentw., 8 M road 
Hughes Ann, shop, 83 Swanson 
Hughes Ann, shoe binder, 43 Currant al 
Hughes Ann, gentw., 15 Perry 
Hughes Ann, washer, 30 Bard's ct. 
Hughes Ann, gentw., rear 53 Plum 
Hughes Arthur, carp., Loud ab 9th 
Hughes Arthur, carter, Fitz water ab Broad 
Hughes Bridget, 139 Shippen 
Hughes Charles, lab., Drinker's ct. 
Hughes Charles D. trimmings, 44j N 4th 
Hughes Chas. L., print. ;. stationer, 96 S 2nd 
Hughes Clement, grazier, •! .-' S 2d 
Hughes Daniel, painter, Fndcy's ct (K) 
Hughes Edward, undertaker, J7 Nectarine. 
Hughes Edward, dealer, Ce-darbel Broad 
Hughes Edward, lab., 4di bel Plum 
Hughes Edward, lab., 173 X Front 
Hughes Edward, dyer, Walnut ab Scu Front 
Hughes Edward D. letter carrier, 164 S 2d 

Hughes Elizabeth, rear 428 S 4th 
Hughes Francis, weaver, Lebanon ah Catharine 
Hug-hes George, pianoforte manuf., 227 S 6lh 
Hughes George, lab., Loud ab 9th 
Hughes Hannah, shop, Allen and Fraley's al 
Hughes James, car driver, Lancaster road (\V P) 
Hughes James, 89 N 9th 
Hughes Jane, 186 S 4th 

Hug-lies Jane, gentw., Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Hughes Jesse, baker, 77 S 5th 
Hughes John, rag dealer, 412 High 
Hughes John, cordw., Cadwalader bel Master 
Hughes John, lab., 7 Kelly 
Hughes John labourer, Powell n Ann. (F V) 
Hughes John, 158 Wood. 
Hughes John, leather manuf., 240 S 4th. 
Hughes John C. oysters, Allen ab F road 
Hughes John M., nautical store, 130 S Front 
Hughes Joseph, gardener, It road & Button- 
Hughes Joseph, sea capt., Prime ab Front 
Hughes Joseph P., mer., 203 High, hSN 5th 
Hughes Maria, 8 M road 
Hughes Mary, 59 S 13th 

Hughes Matthew, waiter, Juniper bel Walnut 
Hughes Owen, lab., High ab Sch 4th 
Hughes Owen, lab., Carpenter ab 7th 
Hughes Patrick, dealer, Shippen n Broad 
Hughes Patrick, lab., Ashton n Walnut 
Hughes Rebecca, shop, 54 St Mary 
Hughes Richard, weav., Hanoverab Duke (K) 
Hughes Robert, weaver, 49 W Cedar 
Hughes s. B. Mrs., b h, N W 5th & Prune 
Hughes Thomas ML, undertaker, 126 N 10th. 
Hughes Wm., undertaker & ven. blind manuf., 

102 X 8th. 
Hughes William, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Hughes William, tavern, Lancaster turnpike, 

(W P) 
Hughes William F. flour and feed, M road &. 2d, 

h 479 S 2d. 
Hughes Wm. W. stovemr., 123 Locust 
Hughes W. plasterer, 3 Carlton 
Huhn Charles, brickmaker, 17 Union sq. 
Huhn Daniel, brickmaker, Sch 5th n Lombard 
Huhn Daniel, vinegar, 185 S 4th, h N W 7th & 

Huhn George, M. D., 479 Vine & 13th Sc Wood 
Huhn John C. brickmr. 10 Harmstead 
Huhn John R., brickmr., Bedford ab 13th 
Huhn Julianna, trimmings, 471 Chestnut 
Huley John, lab., 70 Christian 
Hulh-di David, cordw., 151 X 5th 
Hulfish Ewen E. tailor, 188 Sassafras, h 17 Ja 

Hulfish George W., tobacconist, 33 Brown 
Huling Hannah, 68 Plum. 
Hu lings John, bookbinder, 450 S Front 
Hulings Michael, paper stainer,44 Pegg 
Hull Anna, wid. of Commodore, 337 Chestnut 
Hull George, waiter, 34 Blackberry al 
Hu George W., labourer, Washington n Vine 
Hul John, baker, Spruce ab Sch. Front. 
Hull Joseph A. 28 X 11th 
Hull Wm. carter, Pearl ab Sassafras 

Hulme Thomas, 325 Walnut. 

Hulse Charles, importer, 26 N Front, h 71 \ 

Hulseman B. IL, leather dealer, 34 Queen 
Hulseman John, bootmr., 2 S 8th. 
Humes George, blockmr., Penn ab Marsh, i 

Maiden bel Beach (K) 
Humes George, lab., Beach ab Warren (K) 
Humes Harriet, 48 S 6th 

Humes James, labourer, Sycamore ab Spruce. 
Humes Richard M., printer, 23 M road 
Humes Thomas, shoemr., 129 W High 
Humes Wm., plasterer, Milton ab lOtfi 
Humes William M., paints & varnish, N W New 

Market &. Brown. 
Hummel Frederick, carter, Wood n Queen (K 
Hummel Jacob, hair dresser, 371$ N 3d, h 102 

Hummel Jacob, leather dealer, 10 & h 529 N : I 
Hummel Jacob, brassfounder, 102 Coates 
Hummel Martin, glovemr., 4 Xew Market 
Hummel Matthias, cordw., 118 Xew Market 
Hummell Wendel, leather dresser, 5 Beaver 
Humphrey Charles, hatter, 220 X 3d 
Humphrey Daniel, mastmr., Queen ab Marlbo. 

Humphrey Dennis, Callowhill n Xixon 
Humphrey Elizabeth, b h., 184 X 13th 
Humphrey Gideon, M. D., 214 Pine. 
Humphrey H. M., M. D., 214 Pine 
Humphrey Thomas, bet Coates & R road (F M) 
Humphrey Wm., butcher, 276 Wood 
Humphreys Charles, forw. &c. mer., rear 147 

High, h Sch. 7th ab Spruce. 
Humphreys Francis, engraver, 101 Chestnut, h 

5th bel Catharine 
Humphreys Hugh, collector, 86 S 3d 
Humphreys James Y., manuf., 5 Commerce, h 

121 S 8th 
Humphreys John, bricklayer, 11 Pearl 
Humphreys Mary, 33 Xew 
Humphreys R. V., bricklayer, 12 Coomb's al 
Humphreys S., clerk, Park ab Walnut (W V) 
Humphreys S., mer., 5 Walnut, h 222 Mulberrv 
Humphreys Thomas, waterman, 3d ab Wash- 
Humphreys William, boot maker, 57 S 5th 
Humphreys Wm. W., 298 Green 
Humphreyville Joshua, machinist, Otter b-.< 

William (K) 
Humphries John T., clerk, Vine n 13th 
Huneker Charles, dealer, 31 S Sch 6th 
Huneker Francis, lab., P road ab Carpenter 
Huneker John, house & sign painter, 56Bro«a 
Hungerford James, waterman, Marlborough ab 

Hungerford Saml., ship carpenter, Union ab 

Prince (K) 
Hunn Christian, lab., Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Dunn E., mer., 88 Mulberry 
Uunssbery John, trent., 69 Noble 
Hunstable Samuel 1\, bootmanuf., 6th Sc Parri^ 
Hunsworth. Ann, b h, Front ab Otter (K) 
Hunsworth John, founder, Front ab Franklin. 

Hunt Benjamin, dry goods, 304 Green 
Hunt Caleb S., mer., 101 High 
Hunt C. J-, boots &. shoes, 107 W High 
Hunt Daniel, stone cutter, Sch 3d bel High 

tit Humphrey, rribinetmr., 36 Perry 
Hunt James, hatter, 140 Chestnut, h 2S6 N 7th 
Hunt Jacob, manuf. steel pens, 23iS Cedar 
Hunt John, oysterman, P road & Carpenter 
Hunt Julia, 4 Nonnater's ct 
Hunt John, hatter, 11 M road 
Hunt Joseph, gent., 420 N 5th 
Hunt M. Clothing, 263 S 7th 
Hunt Philip, stone cutter, Sch. 3rd Sc High, h 

George ab Sch. 3d 
Hunt Philip, clothing, 234 Cedar 
Hunt Rebecca, 5S S 2nd 

Hunt Robt,, pianofortemanuf., 10th ab Catharine 
Hunt SamueL clothing, 246 Cedar 
Hunt Sarah, 5 Russell 
Hunt Sarah, gentw., 121 Walnut 
Hunt Thomas, manuf. of iron, 520 Vine 
Hunt Thomas, cabinet maker, 109 N Front, h 3 

Drinker's al 
Hunt Uriah, stationer,101 High, hOY road n 5th 
Hunt Uriah &. Son, booksellers, 101 High 
Hunter Abraham, N E 8th & Shippen. 
Hunter Ahab, carp., Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Hunter Albert J., organ builder, 15 Morgan. 
Hunter Alexander, painter, Jones ab Sch, 4th 
Hunter Amelia, Reid's av 

Hunter Andrew, grocer, Shippen la 5c Shippen 
Hunter Ann, dry goods, 214 CallowhiUL 
Hunter Ann, Culvert ab Mechanic 
Hunter Benj., fisherman, Palmer bel Queen 
Hunter Brown, blacksm., Amber abPhce nix (K) 
Hunter Charles, livery stable, 126 Filbert 
Hunter David, lab., Helmuth n Sch. 6th 
Hunter David, tailor, 54 Chester 
Hunter David, stone cutter, Cedar ab 12th 
Hunter David, lab., Haines 
Hunter Edward, hatter, 376 Cedar 
Hunter Eliza E. dressmr., 97 N 9th 
Hunter Esther, widow, 12 North 
Hunter Frederick S. mer., 193 High 
Hunter George, lab., Bedford bel Hanover (K) 
Hunter George W, mer., 37 S Wharves 
Hunter, Hewson & West, mers., 37 S Wharves 
Hunter Isaac, cabmr., 5 Allen (K) 
Hunter Israel, teamster, Washington (W P) 
Hunter James, watchman, 53 Perry 
Hunter James, lab., n Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Hunter James, carter, Lombard W Sch 7th 
Hunter John, plasterer, 334 Pine. 
Hunter John C, gasiitter, 14 S 8th, h Pine ab 

Hunter John C, grocer, N E 8th &, Shippen 
Hunter Mary Ann, Rush's ct 
Hunter Peter, ropemr., Wood bel Prince (K) 
Hunter Robert, shoemr., 24 M'Duffie 
Hunter Robert, grocer, William & Hamilton 
Hunter Robert, labourer, 68 Bedford 
Hunter Robert, lab., 3 Dorothy 
I! 'inter R., dressmaker, Filbert n Sch. 8th 
Hunter Samuel, dentist, 210 Green 
Hunter Samuel, lab., Lombard n Sch 2nd 

Hunter Samuel, lab., Lombard n Sch Front 
Hunter Wm., lab., Jones W Sch 3d 
Hunter Wm., morocco dresser, Edward n Wil- 
liam (K) 
Hunter William, cordwainer, Callowhill ab Sen 

Hunter William, lab., Lombard n Sch 7'h. 
Hunter Wm., M. D., 27 S. Sch 6th 
Hunter William A., tailor, 75 N 6th. 
Hunter Wm. M., U. S. N., Mulberry n Sch 7th 
Hunterson Adam, ropemr., 2 S 9th 
Hunterson Henry, cordw., Apple k Culvert 
Hunterson John, shoemr., Chew's ct 
Huntington Lydia, gentw., luth be! Cedar. 
Huntington Thomas P., broker, 9£ S .'.id, h lOtu 

ab Shippen 
Huntley John, book binder, 46 Carpenter (C), 

h 145 N Juniper 
Huntly John, carp., rear 27 Cresson's al 
Huntly Robert, blacksmith, 10th bel l'itzv. v-r. 
Huntsman Lewis, lab., Cherry bel Duke (K) 
Hupfeld C. F., prof, music, 12 S 9th, h 49 Fil- 
Hupfeld C. F. & Son, music store, 12 S 9th 
Huplet Henry, cabinetmr., Palmer bel Duke. 
Huquenell Elizabeth, 29 Filbert 
Hurley Aaron A., S E 9th and Fitzwater. 
Hurley Ann, b h, S Cedar row 
Hurley Conned, lab., Lombard n Willow 
Hurley George, 318 S 2d 
Hurley John, weaver, St. John bel George. 
Hurley Margaret, 154 N Water. 
Hurley Michael, weaver, 5 Pratt's ct. 
Hurley Michael, dealer, 8 North 
Hurley Patrick, bootmr., 300 Vine 
Hurley Timothy, wool sorter, Lemon 
Hurlick William, collector, 3 Short ct. 
Hurlock Wm., blacksmith, Fisher (S) 
Hurst Edward, att'y & notary public, 38 Walnut, 

h S E 6th and Prune 
Hurst Hannah, 210 Shippen. 
Hurst Jacob, cordwr., G T road bel Jefferson. 
Hurst John, frame maker, 588 N 3rd. 
Hurst Joseph G., tailor, 9th ab Willow 
Hurst Philip, shoemr., Peach n Green 
Hurst Stephen, shoemr., Peach n Green 
Hurtt James H., ven. blind mr., 173 N 3d, h 186 

S 4th 
Husband Joshua, carp., Sch 7th n Mulberry 
Husband J. J., carpenter, Sch 7th ab Filbert 
Husband Thomas J., druggist, N E 3d N. Spruce 
Husbands J. L., conveyancer, 6 Sansom, u Sch 

7th & Ann 
Husbands Sarah, sempstress, 334 N 3d 
Huss John, seaman, 239 S Front 
Husselbock John, tinman, Green's ct 
Husted Dayton, shoe mer., 137 High, h 34 New 

Husted Samuel, shoemr., West ab Cherry (K) 
Husted Webster, bootmr., Perkenpine's ct 
Huston Alexander, carpenter, 7 Marion. 
Huston C, M. D., 31 S 10th 
Huston Eliza, gentw., 122 N 9th. 
Huston Elizabeth, tavern, Say ab Sch 8th 
Huston Joshua, waiter, 24 Currant al 

Huston Mary, 19 Currant al 

Huston Phebe, clressmr., 13th bcl Spruce 

Huston Richard, weaver, 204 Queen. 

Huston It. M., M. D., 1 Girard. 

Hutcheson Agnes, Fitzwater ab Catharine 

Hutcheson Eber, 7 Shippen 

Hutcheson Peter, g-ardener, Girard av 

Hutchin A., tailor, 9th Sc Wood 

Hutchings Wm., cordw., 7 Carberry ct 

Hutchins Elijah, waiter, 71 George 

Hutchins James, waiter, 10 Buckley 

Hutchins Rebecca, 6th ab Poplar 

Hutchins Sarah, 47 Spruce. 

Hutchinson Ann, shoe binder, rear 527 N 4th 

Hutchinson Ashton S. manuf., 298 G T road ab 

Hutchinson Benjamin, atty. and coun., h 726 N 

2d (K) 
Hutchinson Benj. P., gent., 113 Pine 
Hutchinson Charles, coffee roaster, 168 N 4th, 

h N E 4th and Wood. 
Hutchinson C. N. tarpaulin hat manuf., Hoov- 
er's ct 
Hutchinson Daniel, waiter, Rose al 
Hutchinson Darius, carter, 3 Washington 
Hutchinson D. L., broker, 2>h S 3d, h Mulberry 

ab loth 
Hutchinson Francis, acct., 28 Howard 
Hutchinson Hugh, carp., 170 Spruce 
Hutchinson Jacob, varnisher, 12th bel Green 
Hutchinson James, measurer, 58 S 12th. 
Hutchinson James, weaver, 11 Mechanic (F M) 
Hutchinson James, manuf., 166 S 13th 
Hutchinson James H. S E 12th & Locust 
Hutchinson John, carter, 6 Juniper la. 
Hutchinson John, shoemr., 3 Feinour's pi 
Hutchinson Joseph, carpenter, Broad bel Wal- 
nut, 225 S 9th 
Hutchinson Margaret, 7th and Orange. 
Hutchinson M., gent., Mulberry ab 13th. 
Hutchinson M. P., M. D., 113 Pine 
Hutchinson 1. Pemberton, gent., 366 Spruce 
Hutchinson & M'Mullin, stock and exchange 

brokers, 2 Exchange 
Hutchinson Mrs., near Landing 
Hutchinson Randal, atty., 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Hutchinson Robert, 146 S Juniper 
Hutchinson Samuel H., gent., 5th 8c Haverford, 

M Village 
Hutchinson Sarah, confectioner, 100 Locust 
Hutchinson Sarah, 2 Rose al 
Hutchinson Susanna, nurse, 9 Wood 
Hutchinson Thomas, carp., Sycamore, h 7th and 

Hutchinson Thomas, dealer, 5 Abbott's ct 
Hutchinson & Weart, passenger office, 45 S 3d 
Hutchinson William, mason, 237 Wood. 
Hutchinson William, cabinet maker, 07 Button- 
Hutchison George, 11 Mechanics (F M) 
Hute Catharine, shop, 330 X Front. 
Hutman, Hamman i< Co., drv goods, 96$ High 
Hit nan Henry C. mer., 96i'High 
Hutt Elijah, carter, Bradford's al 


Kelson Peleg, sea capt, rear 64 Catharine 

Huttenloch G., lab., Palmer Sc West (K) 
Hutton A. B., Principal Deaf and Dumb Inst., 

Pine 8c Broad 
Hutton Moses, clerk, N. L.Bank, h 212 Gre 
Hutton Samuel, clerk, rear 35 Plum 
Hutton Thomas W., baker, 16 Acorn al. 
Hutton William, coppersmith, 49 German. 
Huxham Richard, blacksmith, 21 Wagner' .^ al 
Hyatt Edward T., 124 New Market. 
Hyatt William E., corder, Race st wharf, It 1 

Hyde Ann, Hamilton 8c Fair Mount street 
Hyde George, atty. and coun., 64 S 7th 
Hyde Jacob, gent., 367 Cedar 
Hyde Joseph, machinist, Court al 
Hyde Lawson, flour inspec, 367 Cedar 
Hyde Robert, currier, rear 25 Garden 
Hyer Alexander C, mer., 16 Walnut, h 202 Cat- 

Hyer Elizabeth, teacher, rear 323 S 2d 
Hymas Samuel, umbrellamr., Palmer 8c Dub 

Hyneman Charles F. hotel, N W 6th and <_V 

penter (C) 
Hyneman Elias, 223 N 2d 
Hyneman Hannah, 183 Brown. 
Hyneman John, Franklin ab Green 
Hyneman John, tinsmith, Hanover ab Prince (K 
Hyneman Simon, 47 Coates 
Hyneman Wm., huckster, 5 Poplar 
Hyzer James, currier, Noble bel Garden 
Hyzer James N., bricklayer, Noble bel Garde: 
Hyzer John W., carp., Noble bel Garden 

Ibbotson Jane, Reid's ct (S) 

Iddings R. J., mer., 12 N Front, h 11 N 7th 

Ide Geo. B., Rev., 15 N 11th 

Idely H. 625 N 4th 

Idler Charles, band box mr., 118 Chestnut, h S 

Garden ab R road 
Idler Jacob, Green ab Franklin 
Idler Wm., manuf. cotton gins, Willow bel £'•- 
Iehle John G., tailor, 349 N6th 
lehle P. mariner, 8 Jones' al (XL) 
Ihrie Peter, lab., Fraley's ct (K) 
Illingvvorth Bartley, weaver, Hanover ab We ' 

( K ) 
Ulingworth Peter, manuf., Hanover n West ,.- 

Illman Henry, music printer, N E 4th 8c Ch--' 

nut, h 10 Duke(N L) 
Imbrie James, jr., mer., 151 High 
Imes Thomas, sawyer, 1 Hurst 
Imkenberg, Henry, 112 Apple 
Immel Catharine, gentw., c 3rd 8c Cherry 
Ince George, 4 Hyde's ct 
Incledon John, bricklayer, Shippen la n !•" 

Ingersoll Benjamin, waterman, 44 Queen 
Ingersoil B. W., mer., 43 ic h 130 Walnut 
Ingersoll Caroline, Mrs.. 239 S 10th 
Ingersoll Catharine, gentw., Sch 7th ab Spr 
Ingersoll Charles, atty. 8c coun., 136 Walnut 
Ingersoll Charles J., atty. 8c coun., 130 Walnut 

ngersoll Edward, att'y & coun., 34 S 5th 
nw-crsoll H., lieutenant U. S. Navy, 250 Chestnut 
ngersoll John, waterman, Sch Water & Cedar 
ngersoll Joseph R., atty. Sc coun., 77 S 4th. 
nglesby Thomas, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
ngraham Charles W. silverpl., 13th bel Green 
ugraham E. D., atty. &. coun., 6 York Build- 
ngTaham James, carp., Callowhill ab 13th) h 

284 Wood 
ngram Archibald, Dorothy n Sch 4th 
ngTam A., Brinton bel 11th 
ngram C. L. bricklayer, rear 116 W High 
ngram John, cordw., rear 9 John (S) 
ngram John H. bookbinder, 372 Vine 
ngram Mary, washer, Rose al 
ngram Robert, bookbinder, 15 Sergeant 
ngram Thomas, dentist, 72 Sassafras. 
ngram Thomas, watchman, 37- Vine, 
ngram William, clerk, Lynn n Nixon 
ngram Wm. clerk, 77 Mulberry 
ngram Zadoc, carp., 11 State 
nlowes Joseph, carp., Lombard n Sch 7th 
nman George, tailor, 125 S 4th, h Fisher n Car- 
nman G. & B. J. tailors 125 S 4th 
nnes Samuel P., potter, F road n Queen, 
nsco Elizabeth Mrs., 370 S Front 
nskip John S., Rev., Queen ab Marlboro' 
nskeep Sarah F., b h, N E 4th & Mulberry 
nskeep Wm. H., mer., 157 High 
nslee John, wool sorter, John n F M 
nslee J. A., real estate broker, 64^ Walnut ab 

orgenson I. P. tailor, 7 Franklin pi 
redell Edward, cordw., Jefferson ab Sch. 6th 
redell Thomas, farmers' hay market, 6th ab 

Irelan John W. wood wharf, S E Shippen and 
wharf, h n Almond st wharf 

Ireland David, rear 23 German 

Ireland Dayton, ship carp., 11 Reckless 

Ireland Edward P., cordw., rear Sleisman's al 

Ireland Elizabeth J. 11 Providence ct 

Ireland George & Son, vinegar, 50 Brown. 

Ireland George, 50 and h 48 Brown. 

Ireland James, police, 5 Shield's ct 

Ireland John, sea captain, 6 Duke. 

Ireland Wm., lab., 499 S Front 

Ireland Wm., oyster dealer, Korndaffer's ct 

Ireland William F., 50 and h 19 Brown. 

Irons Lewis, lab., Portland la 

Irons Samuel, carp., Front ab Reed 

Irrgang B., cab. 8t chr. mr., 343 Callowhill 

Irvin Charlotte, Collins' al 

Irvin John, grain measurer, 20 Federal 

Irvin Joseph, weaver, Carpenter ab 13th 

Irvin Thomas, brickmr., 614 N 3d 

Irvine A. Mrs., Franklin and Green 

hvine Gerrard, carp., 9 Kelly 

Irrine Wm. C. superint. clothing, U. S. Arsenal 

Irving Annabella, House's ct 

Irving Hester, Mrs., 5 Sommers' ct 

Irwin Andrew, printer, 3d ab Clark 
Irwin Arthur, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 

rwin Catharine, Cedar ab 13th 

rwin Edward, paver, F road ab Phoenix 

rwin James, lab. Hemphill's ct 

rwin James, manuf. 58') N 3d 

rwin Jas., copper pi. printer, 47 S Juniper 

rwin Jane, shop, Cedar ab 12th 

rwin John H., mer., S W Front and Walnut, h 

258 Walnut 
rwin John W. gent. 5th ab Ced ir 
rwin Joseph, trimmings, 230 S 2d 
rwin Maria, dressmr., 29 Julianna 
rwin Mary, 4 Juniper al 
rwin Matthew, lab., Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
rwin Robert, lab. High ab Sch 3d 
rwin Robert, miller, Carlton n Sch Front 
rwin Samuel, combmr. 60 Almond 
rwin Samuel, cordw., Perry ab Franklin (K) 
rwin Samuel, tobacconist, 99 N 5th 
rwin Samuel, grocer, N W 10th and Coates 
rwin Stuart, lab. Sch 3d and High 
saacs Aaron, cloth mer., 511 N 2d. 
saacs Ann, sempstress, 58 Quince 
saacs Eleazer, clothing, 6th and Small 
saacs Henrv, whip & cane maker, Hallowell n 

saacs Jane, 263 Catharine, 
saacs Joshua, exchange broker, 37 S 3d, h 20 

saacs Solomon, clothing, 336 N 2d 
sard Eleazer, seaman, 62 Christian 
sard James, engineer, 10 Beck (S) 
sard Michael, shoemr., 411 S 2d 
sdle Patrick, lab., Coates n F M 
sebart Jacob, vict. rear 13 O.Gfden 
seminger Sarah, wid., 2d ab Reed 
shmael August, cook, 18 Mulberry 
sphordeng Anthony, grocer, S E Coates & St 

srael Abraham, clothing, 202 Cedar 
srael Mary, b h., 9L S 3d. 
vans Martin, lumber mer., Queen ab Cherry (K) 
ves C. B. sculptor, S E 6th and Walnut 
ves John, shop, Culvert and Charlotte 
vins Isaiah, carpenter, 14- Carter's al 
vins Rebecca, wid., 7th ab Parrish 

Jack Ann, 218 S 3d 

Jack C. J., atty. & coun., 12 N 7th. 

Jack John, compositor, 325 Vine. 

Jack Robert, grocer, Cedar ab 12th 

Jack William, coachmaker, 49 Prune, h Noble 
ab Franklin 

Jack William P., patternmaker, Sch. 6th and 

Jackson Alexr., manufacturer, Front ab Phoe- 
nix. (K) 

Jackson Alexr., constable, 5 Hause's ct 

Jackson Andrew, waiter, Tenfeet a] 

Jackson Bartley, blacksmith, 108 Prime 

Jackson Benjamin F. waiter, 6 Bradford's a! 

Jackson Benjamin, wheelwright, SI Perm, h 
3d ab Washington 

Jackson Benjamin, com. mer., 18 N Front. 

Jackson, Brothers & Co. dry goods, N E 3d 5c 

Jackson B. Franklin, printer, Lemon ab 10th 
Jackson 1$. A., machinist, rear 2 Wash. Market 

l' 1 
Jackson Catharine, 111 N Juniper 

Jackson Charles C, tailor, N E .5th 8c Mulberry 
Jackson Charles M. mer., 56 S whfe 
Jackson Charles W. mer. 115 High, h 83 Chris- 
Jackson Charles W. Rev., 83 Christian 
Jackson, Clapp Sc Co., cloth mers., N W 2d & 

Jackson Daniel, lab., Barker n Sch. 5th 
Jackson Daniel, lab. Centre ab 12th 
Jackson David, boot and shoeinr., Sch 6th ab 


Jackson Edmund G., saddler, Green n Marshall 
Jackson Edward, sawyer, Wilson's ct 
Jackson Edward F., mer., N E 3d and High, h 

118 Christian. 
Jackson Ellis, shuttlemr, Charlotte n Poplar 
Jackson Elizabeth, 9th ab Poplar 
Jackson Elizabeth, shop, Beach n Maiden. 
Jackson Elizabeth, 29 Paschall's alley 
Jackson Elizabeth, shop, Vine ab Broad 
Jackson Elizabeth Mrs. 10th ab Pine 
Jackson Elizabeth, Tenfeet al 
Jackson Emilia, 407 N 4th 
Jackson Enoch, pilot, 19 Clark (S) 
Jackson Ezekiel, carp., Pleasant bel 13th 
Jackson Geo., vict., 5th bel Camac (K) 
Jackson George W., carp., 30" N 5th 
Jackson Hannah, waiter, Little Pine 
Jackson Isaac, 265 N 7th. 
Jackson Isaiah, lab., Bedford bel Clifton 
Jackson Jacob, stevedore, 23 Christian. 
Jackson Jacob, lab. rear 27 Bonsai 1 
Jackson Jacob B. rear 9 Crown 
Jackson James, 56 Mead 
Jackson James XL rigger, 22 Little Water 
Jackson John, Plynlimmon pi 
Jackson John, bootmaker, 325 N 8th 
Jackson John, machinist, William n Rose, h 

619 N 2d 
Jackson John, lab., bet 9th Sc 10th ab Federal 
Jackson John, porter, Caledonia ct 
Jackson John, broker, Parrish ab 6th 
Jackson John D., loan office, S E 8th Sc Cedar 
Jackson Joseph, carp., 17 S Sch 6th 
Jackson Joseph, refectory, 38 High 
Jackson Joseph, collector, 2 Hermitage pi 
Jackson Jos., carpenter, h Pearl ab Sch. 8th 
Jackson J. W. F. mer. N E 3d and High, h 49 

Jackson Leah Mrs. 230 Christian 
Jackson Louisa, gentw. Sch 7th ab Spruce 
Jackson Lydia, Dean ab Centre 
Jackson Mary, 37 Mechanic 
Jackson Mary, washer, 12 Crabb 
Jackson Mary, ladies' seminary, 306 S 10th. 
Jackson Mary, trimmings, Queen n Wood. (K) 
Jackson Nathaniel, rear 2 Prospect al 
Jackson Sc Phillips, shop, 84 Cedar 
J *c k s>on Rachel, 19 Schriver's ct 

Jackson Randolph, waiter, 20 Eagle ct 
Jackson Rebecca H. shop, 21 Garden 
Jackson Richard, furrier, 3 Gilles' al 
Jackson Richard, Franklin ab Hanover (K) 
Jackson Richard W., cordw., 251 S 7th 
Jackson Saml., pyrotechnist, Sch 7th n Vine 
Jackson Samuel, turner Sc machinist, William n 

Rose, h G T road bel 2d 
Jackson Samuel, M. D., 30 N 9th 
Jackson Saml., currier, 526 N 2d 
Jackson Samuel, M. D., professor, 108 S 8th. 
Jackson Samuel, druggist, c 10th and Button 


Jackson Samuel, machinist, 622 N 2d 
Jackson Sarah, gentw. N W 5th and Mulberry 
Jackson Thomas, broker, 9 Green 
Jackson Thomas, grocer, Perry Sc Phrenix (K 
Jackson Thomas, chaser and die sinker, 271 x - 

Jackson Thomas, weaver, n Broad Sc Carpent' • 
Jackson T., boot Za shoemaker, 364 N 6th 
Jackson Waller, lab. 37 Bonsall 
Jackson Walter, 8 Lawrence 
Jackson Washington, machinist, Washington : 

Jackson Wilford, Paschall's al 
Jackson William, broker, S E Dock Sc Wain . 
Jackson Wm., mer., N W High Sc 2d, h 22 S3> 

Jackson Wm. lab. Rasp, ab Spruce 
Jackson Wm. Rev. 205 S 2d 
Jackson Wm. B., cordwainer, Noble bel 8th. 
Jackson Wm. H. stoves, 2254 N 2d 
Jackson W. H., grocer, Marshall and Parrish 
Jackson, "Wright Sc Co., com. mers., 56 3 whl'i 
Jackway John, plasterer, Rose n G T road 
Jackway Samuel, plasterer, Rose n G T road 
Jacob Julius, dry goods, 2d bel Spruce 
Jacob XL dry goods, 89 Cedar 
Jacobs Benjamin, lab. Pine ab Sch 7th 
Jacobs Brinton, com mer., Chestnut st wharC 

Sch., h Chestnut n Sch. 5th. 
Jacobs Charles, U. States mint, h 111 XV HijH> 
Jacobs Sc Cushman, dry goods, 189 High 
Jacobs Elijah, waiter, 170 Pine 
Jacobs Frederick, tailor, James ab 10th 
Jacobs George XV., silversm., 9th bel Cathari* 
Jacobs Israel, furniture, 229 Cedar 
Jacobs Jacob, cordwainer, 1 Hickory ct 
Jacobs James, lab., XVebb's al 
Jacobs John, last mr., 322 N 3d 
Jacobs Joseph, waterman, Washington. (W P 
Jacobs J. agent, 29 Dock 
Jacobs Lucretia, shop, 26 Elizabeth 
Jacobs XI aria, 150 S 5th 
Jacobs, XIayer Sc Co. mers., 109 N 2d 
Jacobs Samuel, dry goods, 1S9 High, house 4 ; 

Penn sq 
Jacobs Seeman, carpet weaver, 7th bel XI - : 
Jacobs S. W., carriage repositorv, 12 L 
Jacobs Thomas II., mer., 51 Dock, h I' - v 
Jacobs XVm., carp., 428 N 5th 
Jacobs XVm. plasterer, Lvdia n William (K ! 
Jacobus Edwd., cordw., Charlotte ab IK.' 
Jacoby Charles, cabinetmaker, 176 Sassair* ■ 

Hcoby Henry, paper box mr. 272 High, h 14 
1 lower 

oby John F., mer., 90 N 3d, h 58 O Y road 
■ oby Michael, grin stock mr., 7th ab Poplar 
.. oby Samuel, potter, 6th ab Poplar 
iicoby Solomon, cooper, 3d bel Poplar 
.'.cot Celestin, casemr., 65 S 2d 
.'., :ot H. W.j jeweller, 7 Weccacoe 
Jaegers Abraham, oysters, 50 N 2d, h 3 Sei- 

ser's ct 
Jaggers Wm. collector, 52 Green 
J»hn John, gunsmith, 1 Weaver's ct 
hhr.uts Aclolph & Jacob, bakers, 18 Christian 
Jihraus Henry, baker, Concord ab 2d 
Junes Abel M., cordwainer, 199 O Y road 
.' Ties Albert, cordw., 309 S 3d 
Junes Charles, buttons, Hamilton n Sch 4th 
James Ebenezer, boot £c shoemaker, 384 High 
James Edwin L. D. D. 6 Crown 
Junes" Francis, book binder, 9 Mechanic 
James George, boat builder, Shippen ab Front 
J unes George, carter, Ann n Sch. 7th. 
.limes G. lab. Rose bel School (K) 
James Hugh, lab., 5 W Cedar 
James Isaac, carver, 147 N 6th 
James Isaac W., tavern, 140 N 2d 
.'unes Israel E., varnish manuf., 17 Branch. 
J*mes Jer., tailor, 39 George 
J.imes Jesse, carp., 468 N 3d 
Jurnes John, ladies' shoemr., 161 Poplar 
James John, 4 Little Willow- 
James John F., actuary Girard Life Ins. 8c Trust 

Co., 159 Chestnut 
Jimes John O., mer., 146 N3d, h 135 Dillwyn 
Jimes John R.,combmaker, 10 N 4th, h 47 Mar- 

James John T., post office, h 72 Apple 
Jimes Joseph, mason, Parrish ab 8th 
James Judy, 236 Lombard 
Junes, Kent & Santee, mers., 146 N 3d 
■l^mes Lucy, Marshall ab Poplar 
J^mes Marshall, acct. 294 Cherry 
James Mary, 201 Pine. 

Jimes Mason, stone mason, G T rd. n Jefferson. 
J-mes Nancy, Pennock's row (K) 
J<mes Peter, caulker, rear Bedford bel 7th 
James Richard, lab., Wood bet Sch. 6th & 7th. 
J^mes R. P., brushmaker, 30 Appletree al 
Jimes Samuel M. bricklayer, 13th bel Lombard 
Jimes Sarah A., Apple and George 
J«mes Seneca, cordw., Parrish 2c Elizabeth . 
Jimes Simon, boxmr. G T road n Jefferson 
Jimes Steph. tin plate Sc sheet iron, 137 N 9th, 

h 218 Callowhill 
Jimes Thomas, carter, "Wood ab Sch 6th 
-imes Thomas, cordw. rear 486 N 3d 
Junes Thomas C. wheelwright, Beach below 

lames Thomas C, mer., 135 S Front 

J 'lues Thomas D., teacher, SW lltlxSc High, Jayne Ebenezer, carp., al ^ Queen 

James Wm., Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
James Wm. H. mer. Broad ab Mulberry 
Jamison James, shoemr. Carpenter bel 11th 
Jamison James, laborer, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Jamison Margaret, mantuamr., 3S7 S Front 
Jamison Martha, 251 N Front. 
Jamison Robert, drayman, Sch 3d and Cherrv 
Jamison Thomas, cabinetmr. 392 S 2d 
Janeau Margaret, matron Provident Society, 

29 Commerce 
Janes Charles, carp., Francis (F V) 
Janeway T. L. Rev., 185 N 7th 
Janke John N., teacher, 17 N 12th 
Janney Abraham, wheelwright. Brown bel 9th 
Janney Benjamin S., M. D., 334 N 6th. 
Janney Ben]. S. Jr., mer., 239 High, h 127 

Janney Catharine, Queen n Vienna (K) 
Janney Elizabeth, Queen n Vienna (K) 
Janney Israel, gent., 7th ab Noble. 
Janney Matthias, carp. Hope bel Phoenix (K) 
Janney O. S., drug broker, h 72 N 11th. 
Janney Wm. A. mer. 21 Commerce 
Janvier Francis, 126 Catharine 
Janvier Samuel W., sea capt., 191 3 4th 
Jaques James, engineer, 76 S 2d 
Jaquett Azell, Crown bel Bedford (K) 
Jaquett James J., cordw.. Orchard 
Jaquett Joseph, Rev., 129 S 6th 
Jaquett J., seaman, Hallowed n 7th 
Jaquin John B., 52 Zane 
Jarden Catharine, 54 S 11th 
Jarden Charles, cordwainer, 385 Sassafras. 
Jarden George, William ab Callowhill 
Jarden Jacob, gent., 23 Madison 
Jarden John, marble yard, Sassafras and 11th 

and 226 S Front," h Cherry n Sch 6th 
Jarden Margaret, dry goods, 3S5 Sassafras 
Jarden Robert, mer., 77 Filbert 
Jarden Samuel, gent., 11 City row. 
Jarden William, brickmaker, S Garden ab 12th 
Jardine James, tailor, Hallowell's ct 
Jardine John, hatter, 317 N 3d 
Jardine Wm., weaver, Shippen laab Catharine 
Jarman Ezekiel, bricklayer, 99 Poplar 
Jarrett Rebecca, b h, S W 2d & Green 
Jarvis Benj., bricklayer, 290 Coates 
Jarvis C, teacher of music. Pine ab 10th 
Jarvis Henry, lab., Ridgway's row, Callowhill 
Jarvis Wm., shoemr., rear 7 Elfreth's al 
Jasprey John, cabinetmr., 52 Dock 
Jatho Ferdinand, cabinetmr., 4 German 
Jaudon C. B., mer., 34 Walnut 
Jaudons 8c Mason, nail warehouse, 5 I \\ alnut 
Jauffert C. G., baker, Callowhill n Sch William 
Jauretche Peter, mer., 261 S Front, h Spruce 

bel Broad 
Jav Mary, b h, George ab 9th 
Jayne David, M. D., druggist, 2( 


h66N 11th 
"•'"* Thomas P., druggist, S W 4th 8c Wood. 
- > ie 3 Toliver, labourer, Carlton bel Sch. 6th. 
' i:!,, -» Wm., kb., West 
J amea Wni., carter, 13 Ann 

Jeanes Amos, Filbert ab Sch. 6th 
Jeanes Isaac, fruiterer, 6 rh rstnut 
Jeanes Isaiah, gent., 208 N Front 
Jeanes Jacob, M. D-, 175 Vine 
Jeanes J. T. St S., dry goods, 85 High. 

Jeanes ?., mer., B5 High, h 208 N Front. 

Jeanes Sc Scattergood, confectioner, 308 High 

Jeanes Thomas, confectioner, 3oS High 

Jeans Ann, teacher, F road ab Otter 

Jeff Isaac, porter, 96 Gaskill 

Jefferies David K., carp., 2a0 Callowhill 

Jefferies Mary, b h, 37 S 10th 

Jefferies M., fancy goods, 19 S 9th 

Jefferies Wm. W., carp., 13 Perry 

Jefferis Thomas, cordwainer, 22 Callowhill 

Teffers Alexander, watchman, 119 N Juniper. 

Jeffers Jane, Sch. 4th n Mulberry. 

Jefferson James, porter, Gamphire's ct 

Jefl'ery Ann, co^et maker, 5 S 6th. 

Jeffery Mary, 458 S Front 

Jeffery Samil., victualler, 530 X 4th. 

Jeffras Daniel, gentleman, 486 N 4th. 

Jeffrey Elizabeth, huckster, 78 New Market 

Jeffrey John, weaver, 21 Benton 

Jeffrey John, waiter, 176 Locust 

Jeffrey Mary, Streeper's ct 

Teffrey Robert, stone mason, Lombard n Sch 7th 

Jeffrey Wm., blacksmith, R road 

Jeffries Benjamin, coachmr., 7 Green (C) h 188 

Jeffries Emmor D., ornamental painter, 3 Fe- 

Jeffries George, coach & harness maker, c York 
Sc Laurel, h 31 Spruce. 

Jeffries George, 3 Prosperous al 

Jeffries Hester, whitewashes 35 Bonsall 

Jeffries James, coach spring maker, Lodge ab 
8th, h 167 S 11th. 

Jeffries James, skin dresser, 3d above Franklin 

Jeffries John, victualler, Buttonwood bel 10th 

Jeffries John, butcher, Melon n9th 

Jeffries Joseph, drayman, Sch 5th n Lombard 

Jeffries Joseph, sen., Sch 5th n Lombard 

Jeffries J., Sc Son, coach spg. makers, Lodg-e 
ab 8th 

Jeffries Mary, b h, 34 O Y road 

Jeffries M., washer, 350 Cedar 

Jeffries M. E., dressmr., Ohio 

Jeffries Thomas J., spring mr., Lodge ab 8th, h 
30 N Rittenhouse 

Jeffries William, pilot, 6 China bel 2d 

Jemison James, 66 Garden 

Jenkins Benj., Callowhill ab Nixon 

Jenkins Edward, shoemaker, 4 Hubbell. 

Jenkins Edward J., jeweller, 23 Lagrange, h 3 

Jenkins Elizabeth, St John n G T road 
Jenkins George J., manuf., Stoy's ct (K) 
Jenkins Hunn, mer., 150 High, h 67 Wood ab 

Jenkins Henrietta, wa:her, 22 Burd's ct 
Jenkins Henry, 69 Franklin 
Jenkins Israel, carp., 4 Roach's ct (K) 
Jcnkin5 Jabez, jr., merchant, 193 High, h 236 

Jenkins Jacob, plasterer, Morris ab Christian. 
Jenkins James, lab., 2 Little Pine 
J :nkins John, jeweller, 23 Lagrange, h 3 Bonsall 
Jenkins John, chair painter, Pcrkenpine's ct 

Jenkins John G., bookbinder, 11 Sergeant. 

Jenkins John P., livery stables, 48o High 

Jenkins J. C, grocer, 244 High, h 63 Spruce 

Jenkins Mary, b h, 160 Vine 

Jenkins Mary, b h, Washington (W P) 

Jenkins N., Rachel bel Laurel 

Jenkins R. W., nurse, 318 Cedar. 

Jenkins Sarah, 119 Cherry 

Jenkins Wm., harness mr., 8th ab Mulberry 

Jenkinson Frances, wid. of Joseph, 5 Reid's ci 

n German 
Jenks & Derbyshire, flour, 65 N Water, Sc 33 N 

Jenks Edwin, blacksmith, 2 Gaskill 
Jenks John, engineer, Harrison pi 
Jenks Jonathan, ship joiner, Beach ab Shack 

amaxon, h Allen ab Marlboro' 
Jenks Joseph R., gent., 5 Vine. 
Jenks Watson, mer., 65 N Water, h N E Vkit 

and 7th. 
Jenne Michael, boot mr., 119 N 5th 
Jennens Thomas, brass founder, 173 S 5th 
Jenner A. B., galvanic plater, 101 Chestnut 
Jennings David, potter, Jones n Sch 5th 
Jennings Joseph, blacksmith, Hamilton ab Scb 

Jennings Napoleon, 507 Chestnut 
Jennings Rachel, Wheat Sc Wharton 
Jennings Richard, upholsterer, 408 S 3d 
Jennis Lewis, b h, 11 Little Water 
Jeppeson John, cabinet mr., 24 Lombard 
Jermon James, grocer, 12th Sc Bedford 
Jermon John S., printer, 13 Carter's al 
Jermon Joseph W., grocer, N W 2d Sc German 
Jerread Anna, 5 Elizabeth ct 
Jerrel Margaret, 5 Assembly Buildings 
Jervis George, F., actor, 11 Filbert a v. 
Jess Ann, milliner, 84 Mulberry 
Jess Ruth Mrs., 62 N 5th 

sup Ann, stockmr., 194 Sassafras 
Jessup A. A., mer., 19 N 5th, h 11 Carlton 
Jessup Sc Moore, com. paper warehouse, 13 '- 

21 N 5th Sc 23 Commerce 
Jester Elias, dry goods, N E 5th Sc Callowhiii 
Jester Mary, tailcress, Wharton ab Wheat 
Jewell Anson, mer., 124 N 9th 
Jewell George, bootmaker, 14 Flower 
Jewell Henry, bootmr., 2 Benton's av 
Jewell J. B.,"paint. Scglaz., 4 S 5th, h328Vir 
Jewell Leonard, mer., 2 S 3rd, h 124 N 9th. 
Jewell Mary, 96 N 7th 

Jewell Sc Otley, painters Sc glaziers, 4 S 5di 
Jewell Wilson, M. D., 23S N 4th. 
Job Aaron, trader, 50 W Cedar 
Jobson Joseph, rolling mill, Penn, (K) h : 

Franklin ab Wallace S G 
Jobson Mary, 57 Green N L 
Johanes Wm. P., Lib., 29 Powell 
Johann Matthew, soap and candle manf, - 

John C. A., port, painter, 30 Strawberry 
John Francis, Dr., 193 S 6th 
Johnes George W., mer., 153 High, h 76 W & 
Johnes Margaret, 76 Wood 
Johns Charles W., carp., Cobb's ct 

/ohna Daniel, painter, 3.1 N 12th 

Jjhns 1'redcrick L., druggist. 118 Sassafras 

Johns Jos., measurer, N W 11th Sc S Garden 

Ji.hns Michael, tavern, Callowhill n Broad 

i v.* Thomas A..mer., 157 N 11th 

J ,hns William T., 99 N 13th 

J >hns William, measurer, Pine n Broad. 

Johnsen Isaac, plumber, 103 X Juniper 

Johnsen Jonathan, carp., Gaskill ab 2d 


Johnson George, seaman, Stevenson's ct 
Johnson George, cook, St Mary's al ab Gille 
Johnson George M., dyer, 133 S 11th. 
Johnson George R., tinsmith, S W 7th &. High, 

h Button wood ab 12th 
Johnson 8c Green, attys. & eouns. 44 S 6th 
Johnson G., rigger, 1 Reckless 
Johnson G. W., printer, Little Willow k Pea'l 
Johnson Hannah, 29 Quint 

Johnson Abraham, coachman, Linden n Sch 6th 'Johnson Hannah, b h., 2J Carter's al 

Johnson Adam, brickmr., 3 Gabell's ct 

J .Lnson Alexander R., dentist, Franklin above 

Johnson Alexander, lab., 33 Cherry 
Johnson Andrew, tailor, 183 Lombard 
•ohnson Ann, shop, 5 Franklin row 
Johnson Ann, Mrs., Marion ab 2d 
Johnson Ann Jane, laundress, Sch 7th n Coates 
Johnson Arthur, carter, High bet Sch. 3d Si 4th 
Johnson Augustus, musician, 252 Lombard 
Johnson A., sea capt., 59 Prime 
Johnson Bankson, stove manuf., Eppright's ct 
Johnson Bartholomew, carp., Cadwaldader ab 

Master (K) 
Johnson Benjamin, porter, Russell bel Shippen 
Johnson Benjamin, lab., Little Oak (S) 
Johnson Benjamin, waiter, Morris bel Catharine 
Johnson Caroline, 7 Hyde's ct 
Johnson Catharine, layer out of dead, rear Car- 
penter ab 4th 
Johnson Chanty, dry goods, 55 N Sch 8th ab 

Johnson Charles, cooper, Olive ab 13th 
Johnson Charles, lab., rear 24 St Mary 
Johnson Charles, saw manuf., 15 Lagrange, h 

67 Cherry 
Johnson Charles, ink manuf., 10th bel Lombard, 

h 308 S 10th 
Johnson Charles F., shop, 13 Maria 
Johnson Charles S., g-rocer, 25 N 11th 
Johnson C, gent., Spruce ab Broad 
Johnson David, tavern, 202 S Water. 
Johnson David, skin dresser, Marlboro' bel 

Johnson David, cordw., M'Intire's ct (K) 
Johnson Diana, 1S4 Pine 
Johnson Diana, washer, rear 338 S 2d 
Johnson Edward, barber, 35 Quince 
Johnson Edward, moulder, Brown bel Front 
Johnson Edward, porter, 14 Washington ab 11th 
Johnson Edward, tailor, 3 Duke 
Johnson Edward, Rev., 21 Hurst 
Johnson Edward, turner, 5 Littleboy's ct. 
Johnson Elijah, Hutton's ct 
Johnson Eliza, 14 Tammany 
Johnson Elizabeth, 1 Mark's la. 
Johnson Emeline, 5th bel Carpenter 
Johnson Frances, dressmr., Lagrange pi 
Johnson Frederick F., carpenter, 264 N 3d, 
Johnson George, waiter, 23 Currant al. 
Johnson Geo., cord.vainer, Oak (W P) 
•) ohnson George, dealer, 25 N 11th 
Johnson George, plasterer, 1 Pearl 
Johnson George, Callowhill n William 
Johnson George, waiter, 239 Lombard 

Johnson Hannah, Mrs., George Sc Shippen 
Johnson Harriet, Warner's c: n Shippen 
Johnson Harriet, rear 11th bel Cedar 
Johnson Harvey, ivory turner, 6 Carbcrrv'g ct 
Johnson Henry, waiter, Madison's ct 
Johnson Henry, Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Johnson Hiram, barber, 1 5. 11th 
Johnson Hudson, waiter, Lombard n 11th 
Johnson H. T., 225 N 4th 
Johnson Isaac, lab., Bucklev 
Johnson Jacob, lab., Pearl ab 12th 
Johnson Jacob, dyer, rear IS Barron 
Johnson Jacob, musician, Shippen bel 9th 
Johnson James, lab., rear 6 Locust 
Johnson James, carp., X E 7th & St Man' 
Johnson James, grocer, X W 12th &. Locust 
Johnson Jarnes, porter, 237 Lombard 
Johnson James, carp., 16 Blr.ckberrv si 
Johnson James, machinist, Johnson's ct (K) 
Johnson James, cordw., 5 Mechanic 
Johnson James, weaver, G T road n Jefferson. 
Johnson James, labourer, High ab Sch. 3d. 
Johnson James, lab., Lewis n Sch 6th 
Johnson James, manuf., Master ab Cadwalauc: 

Johnson James, painter, 265 Spruce 
Johnson James, lab., Hancock bel Master (K) 
Johnson James P., eating-house, 179 S 6th 
Johnson Jane, 9 Pleasant av 
Johnson Jane S., 299 S Front 
Johnson Jesse, cabmr., 43 Carpenter (S) 
Johnson John, lab., 9 Middle al 
Johnson John, lab., rear 116 Brown (X L) 
Johnson John, lab., 4 Portland la 
Johnson John, carp., 12 Morg.m's ct 
Johnson John, wheelwright, 6th bel Catharine, 

h P road ab Catharine 
Johnson John, coach ivheelmr., Coates n 9th 
Johnson John, fisherman, Bishop bel Queen. 
Johnson John, shoemr., 4 Nicholson 
Johnson John, carp., St John ab Beaver (K) 
Johnson John, weaver, 29 M'Duilie 
Johnson John, lab., Sch Sth ab Callowhill 
Johnson John D., chairs, 179 X Front 
Johnson John F., cabinet:-.-., loJ F road 
Johnson John H., shoemr., 17 S 7th 
Johnson John I., carp.. Church bel Christian 
Johnson John M., refectory, 77 Dock 
Johnson John M., shoeinr., 51 S 11th 
Johnson John P., manner. 17 Cos. 
Johnson John S., brushmr., :') Green 
Johnson John T., carp:., i Shoemaker, h '. 

Johnson Jonathan, police officer, 16 Helmuth. 
Johnson Joseph, printer, 26* Wood 

Johnson Joseph, mer. 77 S whfs. h 232 Filbert 

Johnson Joseph, Pearl ab 13th 

Johnson Jos., plaster mill, h Sarah &. Bedford 

Johnson Jos., real estate broker, 196 Cherry 

Johnson Josephine, mantuamr, Mutton's ct 

Johnson Joshua, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 

Johnson Josinh, 55 S 11th 

Johnson J. Warner, law bookseller, 5 Minor, h 

13 Montgomery sq 
Johnson J. D. tobacconist, Lombard W Sch 7th 
Johnson Lavinia, sempstress, 8 Pryor's ct 
Johnson Lewis, lab., Rose n School (K) 
Johnson Lewis, porter, Smith's ct (Gaskill) 
Johnson Limas, porter, 119 Lombard 
Johnson L., stcreotvpe founder, 6 George, h 

275 Pine 
Johnson Major C, shop, 12 Bonsall 
Jolinson Margaret, washer, 20 Helmuth 
Johnson Maria, rear 500 S 2d 
Johnson Martin, shop, Queen & 3rd 
Johnson Mary, washer, Biddle's al 
Johnson Mary, rear 428 S 4th 
Johnson Michael, Pearl ab 13th 
Johnson Misses, milliners, 206 Chestnut. 
Johnson Misses, dressmrs., N W 7th & Zane 
Johnson Moses, 220 Mulberry 
Jolinson Neville, wood engraver, 48 S 3d 
Johnson Ovid F., atty. & coun., office &. h 44 

S 6th 
Johnson O. H. dry goods, 238 N 2d 
Johnson Peter, carp., 67 Logan 
Johnson Peter, clothes, 2nd n Pine, h Raspberry 

ab Spruce 
Johnson Peter, 269 Cherry. 
Johnson Peter, porter, German ab 3d 
Johnson Philip, flour, Wood bel 13th. 
Johnson Rachel, Marriott's la ab 4th 
Johnson Rachel, 13th bel Shippen 
Johnson Randall, carp., 45 Catharine 
Johnson Reuben, Fraley's ct (K) 
Johnson Richard, 2 Schriver's ct 
Johnson Richard, lab., Pleasant av 
Johnson Richard, turner, Carpenter ab 8th 
Johnson Richard B., turner, 63 Walnut. 
Johnson Richard H., druggist, 169 N 2d. 
Johnson Robert, 8 Branch 
Johnson Robert, sailmr. Gilles' al 
Johnson Rob., police officer, Sycamore n Spruce 
Johnson Robert, cook, 16 Little Pine 
Jolinson Robert, waiter, 32 Burd's ct 
Johnson Robert S., ironmer., 50 &. 52 N Front, 

h 3S3 Mulberry 
Johnson Rosanna, tailoress, Doman's pi 
Johnson Rowland, grocer, 8 N wharves, h 6 

Johnson R. & Co. grocers, 8 N whfs. 
Johnson Samuel, porter, rear 214 S 6th 
Jolinson Sam. wire worker, 79 Catharine bel 2d 
Johnson Samuel, flour mer., 446 Sassafras. 
Johnson Samuel, shoemr., 70, & hS3 S 2d 
Jolin ■ .n Samuel, lab., Eagle ct 

Johnson Sarah, 181 N Front. 

Johnson 5; Sterrett, chairmrs., 179 N Front 

Johnson Susan, Eagle ct 

Johnson S. P. C. gent. M. Village 

Johnson Theodore T. com. mer. 36 N whfs. 

Johnson Thomas, porter, 362 N 4th 

Johnson Thomas, baker, 182 N 13th. 

Johnson Thomas, shoemr., High ab Sch 4th 

Johnson Thomas, blacksmith, 16 Gebhard 

Johnson Thomas M. packer, Aydelott's ct 

Johnson Topliff, law bookseller, 5 Minor, h 144 

S 2d 
Johnson T. & J. W., law booksellers, 5 Minor. 
Johnson Walter R., prof'r., Broad bel Chestnut 
Johnson AY alter, brickmr. 19 Helmuth 
Johnson William, blacksmith, SheafF's al. 
Johnson Wm, milkman, Queen Sc Palmer (K) 
Johnson William, shoemr., 60 N 5th. 
Johnson William, manuf., G T road & Master 
Johnson William, b. h., 9 Lombard. 
Johnson William, lab., Ball's ct (N L) 
Johnson Wm., tanner, Apple 
Johnson Wm., tavern, Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Johnson Wm., gunsmith, 2 Rose al 
Johnson Wm., waiter, 12 Burd's ct 
Johnson Wm., carter, Marriott la ab 6th 
Johnson Wm. bricklayer, Preston bel 10th 
Johnson Win. tavern, Prime 8c Gray's F road 
Johnson Wm. coachman, 19 Acorn al 
Johnson Wm. T. tailor, 332 High 
Johnson Wm. W. cedarcooper, Pemberton's al 
Johnson W. S. 211 Pine 
Johnston Adam, stonecutter, 467 Sassafras 
Johnston Alexander, chandler, Juniper al 
Johnston Andrew, lab., Lombard n Sch 6th 
Johnston Ann, milliner, 138 Mulberry 
Johnston Arthur, lab. 11th & Prime 
Johnston A. W., gent., 7 Clinton sq. Chestnut 

ab Broad 
Johnston, Burk & Co., dry goods, 77* High. 
Johnston Clara, washer, Parker's al 
Johnston Daniel, cooper, St Mary ab 6th, h 

N E Front & Catharine 
Johnston Elizabeth, widow, 268 S 5th 
Johnston E., shop, Bedford bel 13th 
Johnston E. R., merchant, 77\ High 
Johnston Francis S., cabt. mkr., 343 S Front, 

h 26 Almond 
Johnston George, lab., 3 Simmon's ct 
Johnston Henry, waiter, 304 S 7th 
Johnston Jacob, dealer, 24 Gaskill 
Johnston James, cordvvr., 3 Clymer 
Johnston James, tallow chandler, 117 N Jum- 

Johnston James, carter, Pearl ab 13th 
Johnston James E., machinist, George ab Sell 


Johnston James stonecutter, Cobb's ct (NL) 
Johnston James F. att'y, 297 S 13th 
Johnston Jeremiah, curb setter, M'Manemy'st- 
Johnston John, clerk, 347 S 5th 

on Sam. F. grocer, Allen & Shackamaxon Johnston John. lab. 8 W Cedar 

Johnson Sarah, 17>S Mulberry. 
Johnson Sarah, 122 Lombard 
Johnson Sarah, store, 393 Sassafras, 

Johnston John, Sch 4th Jc Barker 
Johnston John, Fitz water, ab 13th 
Johnston Joseph, shoemr., Spruce n Sch Fronl 

..fMon Joseph, lab. Hay's ct (K) 
I ihnston Joseph, carter, Hope bel Master (K) 
Johnston J. F. att'y & coun. 110 Walnut 
Johnston J. W., stone cutter, 467 Sassafras 

... »ton Maria, dry goods, S W 9th £* Sassafras 
Johnston Mary, dry goods, 56 S 2d 
Johnston Mattw. carpet weaver, rear 27 Quince 
Johnston M. 11th ab Coates 
Johnston Neville, engraver, Jefferson ab Sch 6th 
Johnston Patrick, waiter, 34 Quince. 
Johnston Peter, seaman, Church bel Christian 
Johnston Robert, stock & ex. broker, 11 S 3d, 

h HON 7th. 
Johnston Robert, watchmr., 132 S Front 
Johnston Robert, lab. Truxton bel Budd 
Johnston Robert Sc Co. ex. brokers, 11 S 3d 
Johnston Robert E., alderman, 238 S 7th, h 297 

S 13th 
Johnston Susan, 199 Spruce 
Johnston S. H. printer, Cobb's ct (N L) 
Johnston S., sempstress, Carpenter's ct 
Johnston Thomas, blacksmith, 280 S Front 
Johnston Thomas, 1 Little Oak 
Johnston Thomas, grocer, 326 S 5th 

Jones Benjamin, jr., gent., 234 S Front. 

Jones Benjamin, carter, Crown ab Franklin (K) 

Jones Bernard, watchman, 103^ Christian 

Jones B. M., grocer, 178 High, h 401 Walnut 

Jones Caleb, mer., V2H Franklin (N L) 

Jones Catharine, S W 10th i^ Chestnut 1 

Jones Catharine, shop, c Queen 8c Marlborough. 

Jones Catharine, 127 Locust. 

Jones Catharine, shop, 166 Shippen 

Jones Catharine, milliner, 116 N 12th 

Jones Charity, Green's ct (N L) 

Jones Charles, barber, 15 High 

Jones Charles, distiller, Catharine & P road 

Jones Charles, waiter, 39 Quince 

Jones Charles Thomson, att'y. and coun., 47 

S 5th 
Jones Charles, gent., Julianna ab Vine 
Jones Charles F., cordw., Apple ab Brown 
Jones Charlotte, widow, Morris bel Fitzwater 
Jones Christopher, lab. 42 Bread 
Jones Cornelius, tavern, 26 Franklin pi 
Jones C. H., dry goods, 127 Locust. 
Jones C. P. Mrs. teacher, 298 S 10th 
Jones Daniel, carp, rear 102 Christian 

Johnston Thos. weaver, Hanover bel Duke (K) Jones David, sup., 6th bel Washington 

Johnston Thos. lab. R road ab Ann (F V) 
Johnston Wm. b h, 98 New 
Johnston Wm. Hanover bel West (K) 
Johnston "William, bootmr., 106 N 12th. 
Johnston 'William, grocer, S W 11th & Lombard 
Johnston Wm., tavern, N E Crabb 8c Shippen. 
Johnston Wm., shoemr., High n Sch 5th 
Johnston William, bootmaker, Wharton bel 5th 
Johnston William, com. Ss real est. broker, 620 

Johnston Wm., Thomp. phvsician, Maiden bel 

Beach (K) 
Johnston "Wm., coachman, Jones n Sch 4th 
Johnston Wm., waiter, Russell 
Johnston Wm. P., gent., 81 Lombard 
Johnston W., architect, 18 Carter's al 
Johnston W. Poyntell, M. D., 41 Sc h 39 S 10th 
Jolivet John, jeweller, 137 Cedar, h Carpenter 

n P road 
Jolley Samuel, fancy goods, 58 Plum. 
Jones Abner, plasterer, Apple bel George 
Jones Abraham, turner, 88 Callowhill, h 383 

Jones Adam, shoemr. 469 N 3d 
Jones Alfred boot black, 47 Quince 
Jones Alice, 5 Miles' al 
Jones Amos, ostler, 30 Prosperous al 
Jones Amos S., tailor, 290 N 3d. 
Jones Andrew M., mer., 17 S wharves, h 500 

Jones Ann, dry goods, 112 W High. 
Jones Ann, washer, 8 Gray's al 
Joaes Anthony, carter, Haydock 
Jones A. & E. milliners, 3U7 S 2d 
Jones A. M. & B. W., com. mers., 17 S Whfs. 
Jones Benezette, shoemr. Wood ab Sch 7th 
Jones Benjamin, farmer, 17 Reckless 
Jones Benjamin, cabinetmr. German ab 3d 
Jones Benjamin, engraver, 176 N 9th 
Jones Benjamin, 267 Chestnut 

Jones David, bootmr., Apple n Creek 

Jones David, hatter, 3 Lagrange pi 

Jones David, carp., 162 Christian. 

Jones David, driver, 8th bel Buttonwood 

Jones David P. hatter, 27 N 6th 

Jones Edward, Lombard ab Quince 

Jones Edward, lab. rear 10 Green (C) 

Jones Edward, stair rodmr., 1 Swanwick, h. 351 
S 4th 

Jones Edward E., Whitecar's ct 

Jones Edmund G. wheelwright, Shippen n 5th 

Jones Edward P., slater, 116 Catharine. 

Jones Edward R. conveyancer, 80 Walnut 

Jones Elijah, bricklayer, 120 Lombard. 

Jones Elijah, carp., Richard ab Sch 7th. 

Jones Elijah, bricklayer, 5 Madison 

Jones Eliza, gentw., 225 S Front. 

Jones Eliza, Mrs., 12 Portico sq 

Jones Elizabeth, wid. of Wm. 212 Pine 

Jones Elizabeth, 292 Green 

Jones Ellen, gentw., 60 S 11th 

Jones Emery, coachman, 18 Acorn al 

Jones Ephraim, chairmr., 95 N Market 

Jones Evan W. paper carrier, Mechanic (S) 

Jones Evan, paper hanger, 151 Suanson. 

Jones Francis, carp., 433 N Front 

Jones Francis, porter, Jones' al 

Jones Franklin C, mer., 29 Chestnut 

Jones F. L., painter, 307 S 2d 

Jones George, seaman, 2 Scott's ct bel Mead 

Jones George, bricklayer, Hubbell 

Jones George B-, auctioneer, 34 S Front, h 75 
S 4th 

Jones George D., cabinetmaker, 62 S 4th. 

Jones George F., merchant, 18 N Front, h 19 S 
Sch 7th. 

Jones George W., merchant, N W 2d Sc Chest- 
nut, h 40 Almond. 

Jones George W., clerk, 169 Cherry. 

Jones George W., burnisher, 13 Chatham 

Jones G. N., tobacconist, 251 Cedar 
Jones Hannah, 377 Spruce 
Jones Harry, brickmr. Sch Front & Lombard 
Jones Henry, plasterer, Middle al n 7th 
Jones Henry, brass cock mr. 93 Mulberry 
Jones Henry, waiter, 79 S 2d, 18 Currant al 
Jones Henry, waiter, Taylor's ct 
Jones Henry W., glassblower, 196 S Front. 
Jones, Hoppin & Co. com. mers. 18 N Front. 
Jones Horatio, carp., 531 N 5th 
Jones Humphrey, lab., Ogden belllth 
Jones Isaac, cabinetmaker, 75 &. h 77 N Front. 
Jones Isaac, seaman, 168 Fine 
Jones Isaac, pump'mr., 100 Carpenter (S) 
Jones Isaac, cordw., Shippen ct. 
Jones Isaac C. mer., 29 Chestnut, h 230 Sassafras 
Jones Isaac C. Jr., mer., 20 X 4th, h 36 N. 9th. 
Jones Isaac T., mer., 11 N 2nd, h 75 Sassafras 
' Jones Isaac T. oysterman, rear 45 M road 
Jones Israel, carpenter, 26 Barker. 
Jones I. L., grocer, High ab Sch 5th, h Sch 6th 

n Chestnut 
Jones Jacob, carp., Queen ah Hanover, (K) 
Jones Jacob, tailor, Prime bed Front 
Jones Jacob A. S W 10th & Parrish 
Jones Jacob H. Westchester House, Broad and 

Jones Jacob P., mer., S W Sch. 7th & High, h 
Filbert E Sch. 8th. 
' Jones Jacob T. oysterman, Swanson bel Chris 
Jones James, brass founder, rear 93 Mulberry. 
Jones James, sawyer, Front ab Phoenix 
Jones James, carp. 434 N Front 
Jones James, seaman, 33 Penn 
Jones James B. agent, 525 High 
Jones James M., shipwt., Wood bel Prince (K) 
Jones Jehu, cordw., 1 ■ Pine al. 
Jones Jehu, tailor, Lebanon ab Catharine 
Jones Jennet, nurse, 41 Quince 
Jones Jesse, mariner, 4-' 8 S 4th 
Jones Jesse, porter, 2 Prey's ct 
Jones Jobes, nailrnr Carpenter bel 7th 
Jones Joel, judge Dist. Court, h 429 High 
Jones Joel, carpenter, Beaver bel Charlotte. 
Jones John, dyer, 23 N 5th 
Jones John, sawyer, Deivees' ct (S) 
Jones John, brickmr., Sch 6th & Richard 
Jones John, messenger, 53 Catharine 
Jones John, dyer & scourer, 28 N 5th 
Jones John, hosiery, 183 Coates 
Jones John, 23 Catharine 
Jones John A., Union Hotel, 152 Chestnut. 
Jones John U., flour Sc feed, Queen n Hanover 

Jones John H., printer, 33 & h 19 Carter's al 
Jones John M, cordwainer, Callowhill n Sch 8th 
Jones John M. upholsterer, Witmer's al 
Jones John M. com. mer. 318 Pine 
Jones John R. judge, 47 S 5th 
Jones John S., carpets, IS N 2d, Be 1 & 2 

Church al. 
Jones John S., broker, 43 N 6th. 
Jones John T., plane maker, George n Sell. 6th 
Jones John 8c William, silk dyers, 272 N Front. 

Jones John W., tavern, 153 S Front 
Jones John W., cordw., S W 5th & Vine 
Jones John W., SI. D., druggist, 5th 8c Car) 

Jones Joseph, cabinetmr. 72 S 2d 
Jones Joseph, ferryman, 31 Coates' al. 
Jones Joseph, gardener, S'ine bel 13th 
Jones Joseph, mer., 150 High, h 22 N 11th. 
Tones Jos. frame mr., Cadwalader Sc Oxford (K) 
Jones Joseph, mer., 6 N Front 
Jones Joseph S., turner, rear 110 Walnut, h 133 

Jones Joseph SV"., variety store, 18 N 2d, h 149 

Sp Garden 
Jones Joshua, tavern, 448 N Front 
Jones Joshua B. furniture, High n 13th, h Pine 

W Sch 7th 
Jones Josiah, lab. Parker's al 
Jones Josiah, waiter, 16 Webb's al 
Jones Josiah, lab., Union ab Prince (K) 
Jones Justus P., mer., 11 N 2d. 
Jones J. B., pianomr., 457 High 
Jones J. Comly, mer., 10 Commerce, h Spruce 

ab Sch. 8th. 
Jones J. D. & C. J. mers. office 57 Church al 
Jones J. H., Rev., 62 S 4th 
Jones J. & H. brass cockmrs. 93 Slulberry 
Jones J. R. cap store, 503 N 2d 
Jones Laetitia, eating house, 525 High 
Jones Lemuel, steward, 38 Sliddleal 
Jones Lewis A., printer, 76 Christian 
Jones Lloyd, 299 Sassafras. 
Jones L-, h 3 Lagrange pi. 
Jones Slargaret, washer, Sp afford ab 6th 
Jones Slargaret, dressmr. 90 N 11th 
Jones Slargaret, milliner, 81 Cedar 
Jones Slark T., tailor, 73 N 3d. 
Jones Martha W., milliner, 72 S. 2d. 
Jones Martin, Waiter, Davis' ct. 
Jones Slary, 32 Spruce 
Jones Slary, gencw., Liberty al. 
Jones Slary, gentw., Slaylandville, (W P.) 
Jones Slary, Ogden n 10th 
Jones Meredith, bricklayer, Queen bel Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Jones SI. & Garrett E. milliners, 57 Slulberry 
Jones Nathan, hosier, N W 2d & Chestnut, h 83 

Jones Patrick, labourer, 152 N SVater. 
Jones Paul T. S E 7th & George 
Jones Pennington, mer., 6 N Front 
Jones Peter, 34 Paschall's al 
Jones Philip, collector, 2 Sheppard's al 
Jones Purnell, shoemr. Slorris ab Christian 
Jones Rachel, 117 Cherry. 
Jones Rachel, b. h., 361 N Front 
Jones Richard, waterman, Reed bel Front 
Jones Richd., coal dealer, Walnut & Sch Beach 
Jones Robert, ship master, 186 Queen. 
Jones Robert, hair dresser 104 Spruce. 
Jones Robert E. Bridge M. village 
Jones Samuel, mariner, 9th bel Poplar 
Jones Saml. teacher, N E 7th & Carpenter (y>) 
Jones Samuel H., mer., 96 High 
Jones Saml. P., bookbinder, Juniper bel Walnut 

Junes Samuel S. jeweller 8c watchmr. N E 3d 

8c New 
Jones Samuel S., acct. 316 N 8th. 
Jones Samuel VV., mer., 103 N Front, h 154 N 

Jones Sarah, nurse, 117 Green 
Junes Sarah, Walnut al 
Jones Sarah, 303 S Front. 
Jones Sarah, 62 S 4th 
Jones Sarah H., 2 Madison 
Jones Solomon, coachman, Sheaff's al. 
Jones Stephen, porter, 30 Quince 
Jones & Sullivan, clothing, 79 S 2d 
Jones Susannah, b. h., Apple ab Poplar. 
Jones Theodore, hatter, Chancellor ab Sch 7th 
Jones Thos., S E 3d & Catharine. 
Jones Thomas, tailor, 254 High 
Jones Thomas, grocery, Shippen 8c Lisle 
Jones Thomas, lampwickmr., 123 M road 
Jones Thomas, lab. 4th bel Franklin (S) 
Jones Thomas, lab., 327 Lombard 
Jones Thomas, cord. 7 Poplar 
Jones Thomas, oysters, 495 High. 
Jones Thomas C, collector, 43 Noble. 
Jones Thomas R., artist, Bread & Quarry 
Jones Thomas W. whipmr. 18 N 2d 
Jones Timothv, ladies shoe maker, 4 N 8th. 
Jones T. W., dentist, 309 N 3rd 
Jones William, tobacconist, 63 N 3d, h rear 116 

Jones William, cabinetmaker, 351 S 6th 
Jones William, mer., 6 N Front, h 320 Mulberry 
Jones William, dry goods, 8 and h 40 N 5th 
Jones William, dial maker, 20 Strawberry. 
Jones William, mariner, 42 Catharine 
Jones William, lab., Raspberry ab Spruce 
Jones William, barber, 107 N 7th 
Jones William, hosier, Smith's al 
Jones Wm., lampmr. 341 Cherry 
Jones Wm. shoemr. Chew's ct 
•'ones Wm. waterman, Reed bel Front 
Jones Wm. hod carrier, Lombard n Sch 5th 
Jones Wm. coach trimmer, 59 Gaskill 
Jones Wm. & Sons, com. mers., 6 N Front 
Jones William B., brickmr., Apple ab Brown 
Jones Wm. D., painter, 20 & h 13 N 2d 
Jones Wm. D. 8c Co., mers., 11 N 2d 
Jones William D., mer., 11 N 2d. 
Jones Wm. F. & Brother, mers., 29 Chestnut 
Junes William H., printer, 11 Chatham 
Jones William H., auctioneer, 445 High, h 176 

Jones Wm. H., carpenter, 184 Locust 
Jones Wm. H. clothing, 20 Apple-tree al 
Jones Wm. J. shoemr. Queen ab F road 
Jones W. tailor, 23 Little Pine 
Jones W. F. port, painter, 142 Chestnut, h Ja- 

coby ab Cherry 
Jordan 8c Brother, grocers, 121 N 3d. 
Jordan Charles, bricklayer, 4 Gebhard 
Jordan Comfort, washer, 5 Spragg'sav , 
Jordan Edward Mrs., 27 Flower. 
Jordan Francis, grocer, 121 N 3d, h 99 New 
Jordan Frederick, baker, rear 9 Prune 
Jordan Frederick, brass founder, 5U7 N 4th. 

Jordan Henry, currier, Lewis ab Poplar 
Jordan Henry, cotton spin'r. rear Bonsall n 10th 
Jordan Henry, periodicals, N E 3d 8c Dock, h 

92 Spruce 
Jordan James, dealer, M'Coy's ct 
Jordan James, waiter, 11 Barley. 
Jordan John, mer., 8 S 4th 
Jordan John, 9th bel Catharine 
Jordan John, gent., 123 N 3d. 
Jordan John, shop, Lisle & Fitzwater 
Jordan John, jr., mer., 123 N 3rd 
Jordan John B. varnisher, Plum bel 5th 
Jordan Margaret, gentw., 119 New 
Jordan Matthew, labourer, 1 Dorothy 
Jordan, Mouille 8c Co*, shoes 8c straw goods, 8 

S 4th 
Jordan Nicholas, weaver, Helmuth. 
Jordan Pennington, porter, Portland la 
Jordan Peter K. shoemr. Queen ab F road 
Jordan Richd. N. coal mer. Lombard bel Broad 
Jordan R. N. 8c S. N. coal dealers, 13 S 6th, 

yard Lombard 8c Broad 
Jordan Samuel, wheelwright, Front n Walnut, 

h Swanson ct 
Jordan Samuel, lab. Clark ab 3d 
Jordan S., dress mr, 92 Spruce 
Jordan Thomas, N E Green & Franklin 
Jordan Thomas, shoes, 2 Type alley 
Jordan Thomas, lab. 245 S 7th 
Jordan Thomas J. att'y 8c coun. 42 S 6th 
Jordan William, shoe mer., 232 High, h Wood 

ab 9th. 
Jordan Wm. shoemr., 24 Gebhard 
Jorden Henry, mariner, Ann n Sch 4th 
Jordon James, lab., Reed bel Front. 
Jordon Patrick, labourer, 3 Pearl 
Jordon Samuel, labourer, 198 Cherry. 
Jordon Wm. spinner, 7 Spring Mill ct 
Joseph Daniel, seaman, 179 S 6th 
Joseph Eliza, widow, Square ab Rye 
Joseph Jane, Paschall's al. 
Joseph John J., barber, 248 S 7th. 
Jostlen H. A. cordw. 154 N 8th 
Jouffroy John, boot crimper, rear 64 Catharine 
Joy Cyrus, R road bel Green. 
Joyce Ettweine, blacksmith, 97 Cherry, h 120 

N9th. , . t 

Joyce John J., blacksmith, 90 Cherry, h 5 

Haines' ct 
Jovce Mary, rear 87 S 6th 
Joyce Wm'., b h, Juniper ab High 
Judson Mary B., widow of Rev. Albert, ;>3 3an- 


Juel Joseph, variety and artificial dower manu- 
factory 94 N 4th. 

Jucry John, manuf. copper Ss. steel plates, 28 
Sansom • 

Juhn Lewis, clerk, 129 G T road 

Juless James, waiter, Orchard 

Julian A. H., merchant, 114 High 

Julian Edmund, cab. mr., 42 Dock 

Julius Theodore, seacaptam, 18 G MTtian. 

Jump Henry, printer, Quince n Pine 

Jungandreas C, piano mr., 6 Richard. 

JuppenlaU Frederick, baker, 68 Christian 

Kane Daniel, tobacconist, 53 Queen 
Kane Francis, lab., 7th ab Fitzwater 
Kane George, tobacco inspector, city sto:<- 

51 Gaskill. 
Kane George, tobacconist, rear 33 Beck (S) 
Kane Grace, Fairmount st 
Kane Henrv,lab., 218 Shippen 
R. & Co., hardware, 149 1 Kane Henry, manuf., S 10th ab Bonsall 

Justice Alfred B., mer., 149 High, h Wood, ab 

Justice Charles, bookbinder, 474 Sassafras 
Justice C. M. tailor, 102 Chestnut 
Justice Georg-e, 443 N 2d 

justice Geo. M., mer., 149 High, h 260 N 4th. 
Justice George K., mer., 149 High, h 249 Vine 
Justice G. M. Sc G 

Justice G. W., clerk, 27 Chatham 
Justice Jacoo, gent., 149 High, h 249 Vine. 
Justice Joseph, plasterer, 141 Green. 
Justice Joseph J. watchmr. 492 N 2d 
Justice Mary Ann, 367 Cedar 
Justice Philip S., mer., N W 5th &. Commerce, 

hll7 Marshall. 
Justice Samuel, baker, 285 N 7th. s 
Justice Warner, carp., Stii ab Parrish. 
Justins Wm., whip mr., 1S9 Green. 
Justus James C, gTocer, 52 S wharfs, h 3 48 

Justus Philip, countv com. State House, h 24 

Juvenal A. W. gentw. Coates bel 11th 
Juvenal Jacob, gent., Coates bel 11th. 
Juvenal Wm. W. att'v, Coates bel 11th 

Kab John, brewer, 4th ab Brown 
Kaeltz John George, baker, 187 Callowhill 
Kagl Christian, victualler, 108 New Market 
Kahl Michael, barber, Front ab Franklin (K) 
Kahler John, carp., 13th ab Coates 
Kahmer Wm., silver plater, Franklin ab Hano- 
ver, (K) 
Kahnweiler Benedict, 30 Margaret. 
Kaighn H., gentw., 59 Almond. 
Kaighn James E., mer., 9 S 2d. 
Kain Charles, carp. 107 Christian 
Kain Dennis, mason, rear 66 Union 
Kain Dennis, ladies' shoemr., Clinton ab Brown 
Kain John, vict., Parrish ab 10th 
Kain John, lab., 219 S 6th 
Kain Samuel, brickmr., 4 W Cedar 
Kain Thomas, tailor, 91 N Front 
Kain Wm., segarmr., 12 Gebhard 
Kain Wm., shoemr., 17 N 3d, h 10 Magnolia 
Kalbach Daniel, potter, Alder 
Kalbach M., stone cutter, Ann (F V) 
Kalchreuter F., ropemr., 7th n Master 
Kale Jacob, cigarmaker, Culvert n Charlotte. 
Kale Jacob, brass founder, Scott's ct (X L) 
Kale John, shoemr., Culvert ab Mechanic 
Kale John, lab., Sch. Ashton n Walnut 
Kale Margaret, Charlotte bel George 
Kale Wm., cigannr., N E Charlotte S: Culvert. 
Kalhoft" Jacob, lab., back 67 Queen 
Karnes John, cordwainer, 4 Wiley's ct. 
Kampen Theodore, tailor, 1 Beaver ct 
Kampmami Catharine, gentw., 39 Vine 
Kane Adam, coachman, 3 Poplar ct 
Kane Andrew, lab., 228 Shippen 
Kane Catharine, widow, 6 Lane's ct 
Kane Catharine, shop, 336 S 6th 

Kane James, paper stainer, 42 Perry. 
Kane James, dealer, SparTord 
Kane James, lab., Nixon ab Callowhill 
| Kane James, lab., Spafford 
Kane James, fat gatherer, 261 S 7th 
Kane John, baker, Morris ab Catharine 
Kane John, 298 S 7th 
Kane John, lab., 4th ab Carpenter 
Kane John, carp., Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Kane John, tailor, 2 Dorothv 
Kane John K., atty. & coun.j office 100 S 4th, h 

Sch 7th Sc Locust 
Kane Joseph, M D., 402 S 2d 
Kane Patrick, Filbert ab 13th 
Kane Sarah, brushmr., 21 Elfreth's al 
Kane Sarah, gentw., 2 Boyd's av 
Kane Thomas, waiter, Adams n 13th 
Kannady Joshua, steward, Bedford bel 8th 
Kaough John, hatter, Pearl n Washington 
Kappella Caroline, Prince bel Cherry"(K) 
Kappes Gotlieb, musician, 5 Randall's ct 
Kappler Frederick, hotel, 442 N 2d. 
Karbough Elizabeth, shop, 149 N 5th 
Karcher Philip, cordwainer, George n 3d. 
Karney James, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Karney M., clothes, Shippen ab 7th 
Karns Edward, cabman, 14 Crabb 
Karr Edward, porter, 4 Richardson's ct 
Karr James, baker, 179 S Front 
Karr Robert, lab., 27 W Cedar 
Karsten Henrv, druggist, 55 S Front, h 203 S 

Karsten H. W., grocer, 352 N Front 
Kartsher John C, ropemaker & ship chand-;- 

87 S wharves, h 38 Lombard. 
Kassel George, teacher, 25 N 4th 
Kast George, oak cooper, Dunton & Otter ,'K 
Kater James, weaver, Steward bel Fitzwater 
Kates Jacob, watchman, rear 210 Cherry 
Kates M., bell hanger, 23 and 30 N 7th. 
Kates Samuel, chairmaker, Brinton bel 11th 
Kattenhorn Matthew, sugar refiner, 4 Lagr^j" 

Katz Caroline, grocer, 7 Duke 
Katz H., milliner, 425 X 3d 
Katz Jacob, patent medicines, 19 N 8th. 
Kaufman Joseph, dealer, 213^ S 4th 
Kaufman Michael, beer house, 219 St John 
Kaussler P., morocco case mr., 97 Chestnut 
Kavnaugh Mary Ann, dre-s maker, 32 Castle 
Kay & Brother, booksellers, 179 High. | ~ 

ters & bookbinder--. Sassafras ab 4th 
Kay Charles R., atty. ;c coun.. cfrice 209 N 3< 
Kay !v De Haven, hardware, 211 High 
Kay Edward, weaver, Mariner 
Kay Elizabeth, shop, Callowhill bel Sch. 7du 
Kay James Jr., 179 High, h 42 Crown. 

Kay J.n. Hutchinson, mer., 211 High, h 135 O 
V road 

Kay John, carp., rear 19 Farmer 

K iv John I., bookseJler, 179 High, h AYood 
n 8th 

Kay Joseph L., gent., 123 Lombard 

K:»ylor Alfred, tailor, 481 Sassafras 

Kavser Charles, tailor, 68 Cedar 

Knser Solomon, tailor, 73 S 2d 

Kcan Henry, undertaker, Bache 

K-.m John, blacksm., Green's ct., h4th bel Lom- 

Kean John W., jeweller, 108 S 10th 

Kcan Robert, cabman, Hig-h n Sch 8th 

Kearnes John, porter, Fitzwater ab 6th 

Kearney 8c Brother, cordwainers, 156 Lom- 
bard » 

Kearney Lydia, Scott's ct 

Kearney Philip, cordw., bel Prime bet 6th and 

Kearney Philip, cordw., 54 George bel Cedar 

Keeley Joseph, carp., Lewis (X I.) 

Keeling AVestwood, confect., 11th ab Lombard 

Keely Jacob, tailor, 85 Callowhill 

Keel'y Jacob, 9th & Poplar 

Keely Patrick, ostlei-, Dean ab Spruce 

Keely Sarah, 61 New Mark t 

Keely AY m., grain, Willow :.:,. Broad 

Keely YV"m., i3th betCoates & Mi Ion 

Keemle Isaac A., scrivener. 122 N -1th, h Par- 

rish bel Marshall 
Keemle Saml., atty. Sc conn., X E 4th Ec Cherry 
Keen Abigail, sempstress, 5SS S 2d 
Keen Adam, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen. (K | 
Keen Charles, bootmaker, 54 Mulberry. 
Keen Charles, cashier Kensington Bank, )i N W 

Front St Ellen. 
Keen Charles, bricklayer, 331 Pine 
Keen Clement, ship joiner, Penn ab Maiden, I» 

Queen n Crown. (K) 
Keen Sc Coats, tannery, 5C9 X Front. 
Keen Eli, cordw., 229 St John 
Keen Elizabeth, 56 N 8th 


Kt-ates Samuel H., carp., 15 Beck (S) 

Keatcs William, ship joiner, Catharine st. whf., I Keen Harman, tailor, Melon n lOtl 
h 19 Beck (S) {Keen H., Mrs., Washington (AV P) 

Keen Jacob, joiner, Crown bel Prince 
Keen Jas., II S steamboat insp., Shackunmosi 
ab Queen 

Keating Bridget, widow, 4th bel Plum 

Keating B., Mrs., Sch 8th ab Pine 

Keating Edwd., morocco dr., Schleisman's la 

Keating John, gent., Ill S 4th 

Keating Lambert, b h, 60 Zane 

Keating Timothy, lab., High ab Sch 4th 

I Keen James, tavern, S E Front and Master. 
Keen James B., clerk, 301 Mulberry 
IKeen James C, cordwainer, 6'j Vine. 

Keating William, painter and glazier, Plum abKeen John C, cordw., 6 Beaver 


Keaton Wm., shop, Poplar bel Elizabeth 

Keck Jacob, mer., 333 High, h 63 Filbert 

Keck Samuel, tobacc, 2d bel Phoenix (K), h 
Poplar bel Marshall 

Keddy A. Mrs., b h., 3-iT High. 

Kee John J., tailor, 78 Callowhill 

Kee Wm., coppersmith, 2 Reckless 

Keebler G., baker, 408 High 

Ktech Abner, hotel, Filbert W Sch 4th 

Keech Baldwin, engineer, 9 Ellen 

Keech John, stone cutter, Woodland (W P) 

Keech Wm., papercarrier, 12 Marriott's la 

Keef Edward, porter, Mustin's ct 

Keef P.,b h, 179 S Front 

Keefe James, manuf., 13 City Stores, h 7 Fed- 

Keefe John, 9 Federal 

Keefe Wm., lab., 14 Jones' al (C) 

Keefer Andrew, 2 Chester 

Keegan Bridget, 2S5 Pine 

Keegan Edward, tailor, 44 A Penn 

kce gan James, grocer, 30 Spruce 

Kee gan John, dealer, 3 Johns' ct 

Keegan Patrick, lab., rear 198 Christian 

Keehmle Margaret, chinaware, 79 X 3d. 

Keel Edward, furniture car, 3 Little Oak 

Keel John, tailor, Mint ct. 

Keel John, cordw., 117 Buttonwood 

■•>•-' I Mary, gentw., l?5 Green. 
Keel peter L., cordwainer, Sch 7th bel Pine 
•y-tler AVilliam, clerk, Hays' ct (K) 

Keeley James, combmr., Allen ab Shackamaxon Kehoe Philip, carp., -3 X 11th 
(K) iKehr Samuel, cabmr., 410 X 2d 

Keen John E., tanner, 509 X Front 

Keen Joseph, currier, 61 Chestnut, h 27 »»- 

Keen Joseph S., coal mer., Eridgewater, and h 

Chestnut (W P) 
Keen Mary Ann, milliner, 39 X 12th 
Keen Moses, labourer, Palmer ab West. (K) 
Keen Sarah, tailoress, 180 S 6th 
Keen Sarah, gentw., 147 S 9th. 
Keen Wm., shipwright, Palmer ab AVes' K 
Keen AVilliam AA'. & Co., curriers. 61 ChcsuiUL 
Keen AA'm. L., glasscuttcr, Pemberton's ai 
KeenAV. AV., currier, 61 Chestnut, h Chcatnut 

& Park (AV P) 
Keenan Edward., manuf., G T road ah Ma»:<-r 
Keenan John, carpet weaver. -75 X front 
Keenan Michael, manuf., 700 G I roi ■ -- 

Keenan Patrick, weaver, High ab Sch 2d 
Keene Sarah, gentw., N AV 10th and ChesUmt 
Keeran Thomas, 75 S 12th 
Kees Ann, 2 Richardson's ct 
Keese Henry, brickmr., Lombard n .*>e;> 1th 
Keese AA'm.," sawyer, 5 Federal 
Keesev AVilliam, tailor, rear 2 Ofj^en 
Keever George, hatter, IVp.-ci-ao .)d 
Keffer Anthonv, caulker. \ i nna bel Duke (K.) 
Keffer Georce,' cordw .. 24S N Front 
Kefrider Jacob, lab., Aydelott's ct 
Kegler Louisa, rear 17 Farmer 
Keh e Catharine, 9 Dean 
Kehce Dominick, grocer, 337 High, h 16 X 9th 

Kennedy Dennis, mason, Richard n Sch 6th 
Kennedy Elizabeth, b h., 6 W North 
Kennedy EHen, wid., rear 252 Lombard 
Kennedy E., weaver, Filbert n Sch. 3d. 
Kennedy George, shoemr., 19 Cresson's al. 
Kennedy Henry, clerk, 131 Cedar 
Kennedy Hugh, watchmaker, 28 Magnolia 
Kennedy H., tailor, 61 S 2d. 
Kennedy James, bricklayer, Sch 4th n Lombard 
Kennedy James, dyer, Orleans 
Kennedy James, shop, Washington (W P) 
Kennedy James M., mer., 114 High 
Kennedy Jane, staymr., Vine n Sch 7th 
Kennedy John, clerk, 2 Union 
Kennedy John, lab., 12 Lawrence 
Kenned} John H., spectaclemr., 553 N 3d 
Kennedy John M., h Co., com. mers., 40 N 

Kennedy Joseph, lab., 3 Myers's ct 
Kennedy Joseph, teacher of flute, 17^ S 5th, h 

Og'den ab 10th 
Kennedy, Julian Sc Co., dry goods, 114 High 
Kennedy J. M., mer., 40 N Wharves, h 211 N 4th. 
Kennedy Mos., weaver, Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Kennedy Nathaniel, Sch. 8th bel George. 
Kennedy Patrick, lab., 234 Shippen 
Kennedy Peter, bell hanger, 252 S Front 
Kennedy Robert, weaver, 31 M'Dufhe 
Kennedy Robert, naval store-kr., 476 S Front. 
Kennedy Samuel, carter, Ann n 12th 
Kennedy S., varnisher, 259 Coates 
Kennedy Thomas, lab., Willow & Lombard 
Kennedy Thomas, weaver, 4 M'Duffie 
Kennedy William, saddler, 254 Lombard 
Kennedy William, weaver, 487 Nod. 
Kennedy Wm. M., attv. at law, c 3d Sc Tammany 
Kennedy Wm. T., shoes, 195 S 2d 
Kenney C. T., trunkmr., Sarah ab Queen (K) 
Kenney Edward, watchman, Sycamore above 

Kenney Edwd. J., tailor, 183 S 2d 
Kennev James, morocco dresser, Point Pleasant 

ct!, (K) 
Kenney Jeremiah L., shoemr., 244 S 3d 
■ Kenney John B., elk. Mayor's office, h 10 Comp- 
Kenney J. T., provisions, 173 N 13th 
Kenney Mary, gentw., 58 Catharine. 
Kennev Richard, dravman, Ann n Sch 7th 
Kenney R., Mrs., Hallowell bel 7th 
Kenney Thomas, tobacconist, 187 Cedar 
Kenney Wm., shop, 30 Plum 
Kenngott Frederick, skin dresser, Haydock 
Kenniff James, furniture, 192 Cedar 
Kenrick Francis Patrick D. D„ St. John's, 13th. 
Kensail John, tinman, Prime bel 2d 
Kensel Lewis, spinr., N E Poplar &. St. John. 
Kensii A., tobacconist, 347 Sassafras, h 5 Elder. 
Kensil Benjamin J., silk dyer, 125 S 11th 
Kensii Charles, ship joiner, 25 Emlen's ct. 
Kensii George W., tobacconist, 139 Locust 
Kensii John, shipjoiner, Allen ab F road 
Kensil Mary, Poplar bel 3d 
Kensii William, cordwainer, 19 New Market 
Kensill Lewis, carter, 270 St. John 

Kensill Rowland, tailor, 25 Emlen's court. 
Kent Edmond, waterman, rear 29S S 4th 
Kent Frederick, button maker, 9 Flower 
Kent Henrv, pearl button manuf., Lilv a lev 
Kent Rodo'lphus, mer., 222 N 2d, h 186N From 
Kent Wm. C, mer., 146 N 3rd, h 77 New 
Kenton Augustus, white washer, 188 S 4th. 
Kenton Eliza C, Garden & Willow 
Kenton George W., blacksmith, R road sc.d 

Kenton Joseph, gent., 223 S 3d 
Kenton Levi, hatter, 176 High, h 172 Marshall 
Kenton Margaret, white washer, 22 Lily al 
Kentzel John, cordw., Parrish bel 11th 
Kenworthv C. J., gardener, Sch. 3d & Cailo - .v. 

hill. ' 
Keogh Man', shop, Little Oak 
Keown Valentine, shoemr., Rose ab Shippen 'i 
Kepling Christopher, lab., rear 110 N 8th 
Keppele Catharine, 262 Walnut. 
Kepper Samuel, stovemr.. G T road ab Laurei 
Ker Wm., ship-chandler, 77 S wharves 
Kerbaugh & Himes, lime burners, Lombard ■>: 

Kerbaugh Opman, lime burner, Ashton Sc Lom- 
Kerbaugh Wm., stone mason, 371 N 3rd 
Kerchsner Catharine, 3 Pennsylvania av 
Kereven Joseph, tailor, 35 Penn 
Kereven Patrick, gardener. Seh. 5th n Georg:. 
Kerigan James, peddler, 12 Little Water 
Kerk Charles H., machinist, 5 Appletree alley, 

h 6 J N 8th. 
Kerk John K., wire worker, 48 N 4th 
Kerlin John, 95 S 3rd 
Kern Andrew L., lumber insp., office Sncwden's 

whf., h 444 S Front 
Kern Benjamin J., 37 Crown 
Kern Daniel, carp., Mechanic's bel Culvert 
Kern Enos, tavern, 237 S 2nd 
Kern George, U. S. Mint, h 5 N 8th. 
Kern H. G., surgical inst. mr., 5 N 8th. 
Kern John, dep. col. customs, 37 Crown. 
Kern John, importer of lace, 205 Noble 
Kern Maria, b. h., 77 Chestnut 
Kern Peter, flour mill, Rail Road ab Fair Mour.'. 

h Coates n FM 
Kern & Schwabe, tobacco, 142? N 3rd 
Kern Wm. H., tailor, N W 3rd & Walnut, h 77 

Kernan Edward, lab., Vine n Sch river 
Kernan F., lab., Col. Rail road (F M) 
Kernan Patrick, lab., Dutch ct 
Kernan Thomas, bricklayer, Catharine bel 7th 
Kernan Wm., lab, Christian bel 9th 
Kernan Wm. Jr., carp., 10th aG Catharine 
Kerns Abraham, cordwainer. Poplar bel 6th 
Kerns B., plasterer, Poplar bel 9th 
Kerns Charles T., brush manuf., 44} N 2nd 
Kerns George, plasterer, 392 N 6th. 
Kerns James, tavern, Broad ab Sassafras 
Kerns John, lab., 66 George, (S) 
Kerns John, lab., Flower ab Christian 
Kerns Stephen, plasterer, Parrish ab Broad 
Keron W., cutler, 98 Sassafras. 

Kerr Alexander, grocer, Willow &. Hamilton. 

Kerr Ann, Jones n Sen. 6th 

K^-rr David, lab., Church st (F M) 

Kerr James, collector of Vaccine, Budd and 

Kerr James, dry goods, 121 Buttonwood. 

Kerr James, gent., 252 Walnut. 

Kerr John U., china, 313 High. 

Kerr Joseph, mer., 191 Chestnut, h 9 Clinton 

Kerr J. J. Rev., N 7th ab Parrish 

Kerr Martin, baker, 314 N 5th 

Kerr Martha, 1 Marion 

Kerr Matthew W., vinegar manuf., Ill M road 

Kerr Michael, coppersmith, Lombard n 12th 

Kerr & Son, china hall, 191 Chestnut. 

Kerr Thomas, cabinet mr., 174 S 2d. 

Kerr Thomas, brickmr., Jones n Sch 6th 

Kerr Thomas, city watch, Pine n Sch 7th 

Kerr William, cordwainer, Pine Sc Fothergill. 

Kerr William, saddler, 57 Chestnut 

Kerr Wm., watchman, Wistar's ct. 

Kerr Wm., Joseph, mer, 191 Chestnut 

Kerr Wm. R., M. D., Pine n Sch 7th 

Kerr & Wilson, dry goods, 174 S 2nd 

Kerrell Nicholas, cooper, Madison av 

Kerrick Barbara, Ann bel Sch. 4th. 

Kerrison Robert M., watchmr., 161 S 10th 

Kerrison T. E. J., 40 Madison 

Kerry Elizabeth, nurse, 35 Chester 

Kershow B., ice dealer, 551 Vine 

Kershow & Dennett, ice, Broad bel Vine 

Kesler D., combmr., 4th ab Green 

Kesler Henry, starch manuf., Master and Hope, 

Kesler John, wheelwright, Duke ab Palmer, (K) 

Kesler Leonard, clerk, 4th ab Franklin, (K) 

Kesler Samuel, brickmr., Juniper n Locust. 

Kessler Ann, nurse, Juniper ab Locust 

Kessler Charles S., cop. plate print, Tillen's ct 

Kessler George, lab., Cherry ab Duke, (K) 

Kessler John, gent, 166 Coates 

Kessler John, Jr., grocer, 3S3 X 4th. 

Kessler John jr., grocer, S W 4th 8c Coates. 

Kester F., carp., 192 Pine 

Kester J. W., mer., 27 X Front. 

Kester Sc Stiles, mers., 27 X Front. 

Ketcham Frederick Rev., Queen bel Shacka- 

Ketcharn Samuel, ladies shoemaker, S E 11th 8c 

Ketchum John, carpenter, Brown ab 9th 
Ketler Adam, blacksmith, Wood ab Sch. 8th. 
Ketler Charles, tobacconist, 3rd ab Plum, h 175 

Ketler John, plasterer, 7 S 7th 
Ketler Margaret, 270 k h 272 S 3rd. 
Keder Wm. J., tobacconist, 470 S Front 
Kettering Elizabeth, Palmer ab West, (K) 
Kettering Peter, lab., Charlotte bel Poplar 
Kctterlinus E., printer, 17 X 4th 
Key Charles, shoemr., 8 Paynter's ct 
Key Thomas, grave digger, rear ISO Lombard 
Keys Edward, grocer, X E 11th &. Carpenter 
Keys Jacob J., printer, 186 Sassafras 
Keys Robert, comb mr., 186 S 11th 
Keys Robt., blacksmith, Filbert ab Sch. 5th. 

Keys Thomas, carp., 45 W Cedar 

Keys Wm., clerk, Marriott bel 3rd 

Keyser Aaron, hatter, 519 N 2d. 

Keyser Adeline, 40 Wood. 

Keyser Andrew, dry goods, 154 S 2d. 

Keyser Anthony, watchman. 4 ; N 2nd 

Keyser Charles, tailor, 12 Weil's row 

Keyser Christopher, tavern. 5tli ;•. Poplar. 

Keyser Edward, gent., Cluir 

Keyser E. W., lumber mer., Green 8c 10th h 

144 X 9 th. 
Keyser George, lab., Queen bel Palmer K) 
Keyser S: Gorgas, lumber mers., 225 N U V.rr 
Kevser Jacob, 19 S Sch. 6th. 
Keyser Jacob, grocer, 195 X 2d. 
Keyser James D., drv goods, 140£ 3 2nd 
Keyser John, 12 Elfreth's al 
Keyser John, weaver, Carroll :.b 12th 
Keyser John, cabmr., 9th Sc Poplar. 
Keyser John F., printer, 3 Burd, iS) 
Keyser John G, victualler, Master it Apple. 
Keyser Louisa, rear 529 X 4th 
Keyser Margaret, 3 Liberty ct. 
Keyser Margaretta, George n 5th 
Keyser M., hair dresser, X W 7th Sc Zane. 
Keyser M., sausage mr., Appie ab Thomp»on(K) 
Keyser X. L., lumber mer., .;23 N Front, :» 

Keyser Paul, mer., 52 High 
Keyser Peter A., lumber mer., '225 X Water, h 

35 Callowhill. 
Keyser Susan, 34 Vine. 

Keyser William, cooper, Havdeck n G T road. 
Keyser Wm. B gentw., Olive bel 11th 
Keyser William W., gun smith.. 377 X 2nd 
Khail Christopher, carp., Sav ic Pearl, h i»v»»- 

fras &, Sch. 8th 
Kibby & Co., biscuit bak., 193 and 200 N Front. 
Kibler John, oyster house, 90 X 4th 
Kibler Joseph, 25 Callowhill. f 

Kidd Hugh, butcher, Washington, (W P) 
Kidd John, stone cutter, Mariner 
Kidd John C, shop, 237 X Front 
Kidd Samuel, cordw., 14 Wells' Row 
KiefTerle Charles, tanner, 43-: N 3d. 
Kiehl John, dry goods, 50 S 2 J. 
Kiehl Thomas, gent., Fine ;c Carbon 
Kienzia John, baker, 362 N 3r i 
Kiernan James, boot maker, 256 N ird 
Kiernan Michael, lab., Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Kiernan Thomas, lab., 26 Appl< '■' --• »i 
Kiersted Charles V. C, rope -. Gorrell's ct 
Kiker John., vict., Beaver bel I hiriotte 
Kiker Peter, curbstone setter, stale st. 
Kiker Samuel, butcher, Was lington place 
Kilburn Uriah, stone cut., Quecnab Palmer, (K) 
Kilbv Henrv, cordw.. Marble pi. 
Kilduffe Robert M. D . S E 6th and Shippen. 
Kilsrore John, lab.. Filbert \\ Sch 4th 
Kil'le Eliza, 223 N 5th. 
Kille John G., cordwainer, iU W High. 
Killen Mark, tobacco. 2d ab C - 
Killgore St Hudders, carpenti rs, 22 Franklin pi 
Killgore John, carpenter, 22 Franklin place, b 

36 Wood. 

Killday Patrick, lab., M'Mackin's ct 
Kille Aarnn, lab., U. S. Arsenal 
Kille W H., mer., 109 Wood 
Killcan Francis, lab., 12 Little Water 
killen George, tailor, 15 John (S) 
Killen John, stone cutter, 426 S Front 
Killen Joseph, weaver, Rose 8c Shippn la 
Killhour Michael, lab., Carpenter n 7th 
Killing-sworth E., painter, 61 Dock, h 64 Mul- 
Killion F., grocer, 3 High, h 81 N Front. 
Killion H. & G., grocers, 327 A High 
Killion John, lab., Sch. 4th bel Mulberry. 
Killpatrick Francis, tallow chandler, 322 Cal- 

Kilpatrick Francis, M prison, 10th bel Wash- 
Kilpatrick George, soap boiler, Charles' place 
Kilpatrick James, watchman, 7 Myers' ct 
Kilpatrick James, weaver, Cochran bel Brinton 
Kilpatrick John, carter, Wood bel 13th. 
Kilpatrick Moses, carter, Brinton, bel 11th. 
Kilpatrick Robert, lab., rear Richard n Sch. 6th 
Kilpatrick Robert, carter, Spruce n Sch. 4th. 
Kilpatrick Robert, lab., Spruce n Sch Front. 
' Kilpatrick Samuel, lab., 24 Little Water 
Kilpatrick Thomas, painter, 16 Spafford. 
Kilpatrick Thomas, 16 Spafford 
Kilpatrick Thomas, peddler, 3 Fair Mount av 
Kimball Charles, mer., 18 Chatham. 
Kimball Charles B., boots & shoes, 28 N 3rd, h 

18 Julianna 
Kimball F. S., book-keeper, Pine ab 10th 
Kimbull John, shoe mr., Wood n Sch 7th 
Kimball John C, 449 High 
Kimball Liscombe, waiter, 31 Eagle ct 
Kimball L., sec'ry Wash. Mutual Ins. Co., 48 

Kimball Stephen, 36 S 13th 
Kimber Caleb, paper stainer, 107 Coates 
Kimber Emmor, jr., hatter, 34 N 4th h 97 O 

Y road. 
Kimber Samuel, coal dealer, 25 N Water. 
Kimber & Sharpless, booksellers, 50 N 4th. 
Kimber Thomas, bookseller, 50 N 4th, h 374 

Kimble Blanchard, drayman, Shackamaxon and 

Kimble George, carman, F road Sc Oxford. (K) 
Kimble James, mason, 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Kimble Nathan, machi., Shackamaxon ab Queen 
Kimble Samuel, shoemr., 3 Deringer's av (K) 
Kimcs Rebecca, shop, Buttonwood bel 6th 
Kimley John J., baker, 56 Plum 
Kimley Mary, 117 Swanson. 
Kimmey Henry, book keeper, 13 Pine 
Kimmey Margaret, 150 S 3rd 
Kimmey Mrs., b. h., N W 3rd & Spruce 
Kimsey Job, c 3rd & Poplar 
KiiMick Samuel S., tavern, Front &. Noble 
Kindle Elizabeth, tailoress, rear 10 Shippen 
Kindle Robert, waterman, Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Kincr John, tavern, 109 Shippen. 
King Alexander, 18 Laurel. 
King Alexander, weaver, Cedar ab Sch 5th 

King Ann, shop, 10th & Wood 

King Ann Mrs., 77 Union 

King A. W., hatter, Charlotte ab Poplar 

King & Baird, printers, 9 George. 

King Catharine, Beach ab Shackamaxon. 

King Catharine, 77 S 5th 

King Charles, painter, 11th bel S Garden. 

King Charles, carter, Union ab Bedford. (K) 

King Charles R., M. D., 355 Walnut 

King Darius, seaman, 3 Liberty ct 

King Edmund, cordw., Nectarine ab 10th. 

King Edward, President Judge Court Cornmo: 

Pleas, h Sch. 8th bel Spruce. 
King Edwin, dry goods, 245 S 2d. 
King Francis, gent., 30 Sassafras. 
King' Hannah, shop, 4S6 N 3d 
King Henry, tailor, 172 Spruce 
King Henry, sea capt., 201 N Front 
King Henry, shoemr., 222 N 4th 
King Henry, blacksmith, Callovvhill n Sch 3rd 
King H., tailor, 9 Hummel's row. 
King Jabez, boot mr., 225 S 5th 
King James, bricklayer, 4th bel Jefferson. (K) 
King James, tavern, 3d & George (N L) 
King Jane, 105 Christian. 
King John, carpet weaver, 318 S 6th. 
King John, chair manuf., 539 N Front 
King John, gold beater, 9 Pear, h 48 Walnut. 
King John, waterman, Laurel & Rachel 
King John, seaman, rear 215 Shippen 
King John E., cordwr., 37 Marion 
King John P., acct., 77 Union 
King Joseph, book binder, 10th Sc Parrish 
King Joseph, seaman, Gamphire's ct 
King Letitia, lab., 12th bel Cedar 
King Levi R., carp., 26 Raspb'ryal., h 13th br 

King Lydia, refectory, Pine n Del 
King Man r , corsets, Beach ab Marsh (K) 
King Michael, tailor, 137 Swanson 
King M. A., milliner, 21 S 2d. 
King M. F., M. D., 62 Spruce, off. 148 S 4th 
King Rebecca, Atherton 
King Richard, carman, Johnson's la bel 4:h 
King Richard, carter, 4th bel Johnson's la 
King Robert E., potter, Poplar bel 11th 
King Robert S., gunner, U. S. N., Green"'.;. 

ab 2nd 
King R. P., printer, 9 George, h 6 Prune 
King Saml., House of Refuge, h Poplar ab Al--* : 
King Samuel G., brushmr., 248 N 2nd 
King Sarah, 330 S Front. 
King- Thomas, cabmr., rear 18 Plum 
King Thomas, carpenter, Jones ab Sch. 7th 
King Thomas, 117 N 7th 

King William, carp., William bel Edward, (K) 
King William, lab., Fraley's ct. (K) 
King Wm., 186 S 9th 
King Wm., livery stable, Golden Swan, 3d -- 

Mulberry, b.91 N 3d 
King Wm., labourer, 8th ab Carpenter 
King Wm. E., brushmr., Harrison's av. 
King Wm. H., horse dealer, 8 Fetter la. 
King W. L., oak cooper, Carlton bel loth 
Kingaby Henry, painter, 10th ab Feders.1 

Kingaby H., painter, 143 Chestnut 
Kingsbury Daniel, agent U S Land Co., Button- 
wood ab 12tb. 
Kingsland Edmund, ship joiner, 5 Keefe. 

ij !..; J Jaeob, ship joiner, bed Prime bet 6th 
& 7th 
Kingsley Geo., teacher of music, 431 High 
Kingston Harriet, gentw., 183 Spruce 
Kingston John, book binder, Ogden n 9th 
Kingston John, cabinetmr., 3rd & Washington 
Kingston Stephen B., acct., 283 N 6th 
Kinkade A., weaver, White's ct. 
K.nkade David, lab., Jackson's ct (X L) 
Kinkade Eliza, 28 M'Duffie 
Kinkade James, carter, 3 Mifflin. 
Kinkelin A., M. D., 83 Union. 
Kmkelin Frederick, baker, Queen ab Marlbo- 
rough, (K) 
Kinkner John, bricklayer, h Brown ab 9th 
Kinley John, carter, 136 Swanson 
Kinney Anna, tailoress, Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Kinney Edward, lab., 4 Lyndall's al 
Kinney Win, hatter, 117 S 2nd 
Kinsel Hannah, 7 Cider 
Kinsel H. H., segars, 123 N 11th 
Kinsey Edmund, coal dealer, 35 Chestnut. 
Kinsey John, wharf builder, Maiden ab Penn(K) 
Kinsey J. M., carpenter, 120 S Front, h 2 La- 

Kinsey Sarah, Jackson (C) 

Kinsinger Frederick, morocco dresser, Gay's ct 

Kinsler Adam, lab., Lombard k Ashton 
Kinsler George M., currier, 384 & h 376 N 

Kinsler John, cordwainer, 127 N 5th. 

Kinsler John, brickmr., 15 M'Duffie 

Kinsler Joseph, distiller, 3rd & Beaver 

Kinsler Joseph, brickmr., G Ferry road bel 

Kinsler Peter, lab., Lemon 

Kinsley Charles, wheelwright, 12th bel Locust, 
h Sch. 6th bel Lombard 

Kinsley Daniel, brickmr., Juniper ab Locust. 

Kinsley Elizabeth, widow, 10 M'Duffie. 

Kinsley Elizabeth, rear 474 Sassafras 

Kinsley George, brickmr., Sch 2nd n Lombard 

Kinsley Henry, lab., Barker n Sch. 3d. 

Kiasley James, shoemr., rear 281 S 3rd 

Kinsley John, grocer, 388 N Front. 

Kinsley John, lab., 4th bel Franklin (S) 

Kinsley Sc Welch, wheelwr., 12th bel Locust. 

Kinslow Michael, fireman, 14 Barker 

Kinsman Elizabeth, 10th ab Shippen 

K'mtzing Abraham, mer., 101 S Front, h 342 

Kjntzle Christian, mer., 25 N 3d, h 145 N 7th. 

K nzer George, mer., Broud, h 139 N 13th 

K :nrl Jacob, 9 Wood 

K['p Peter, bootmr., rear 191 N 2nd 

Kirbey Samuel, stove finisher, 181 S 2d. 

■'• : ')' Ann, milliner, 343 N 2d. 

K by James, saw mr., 10 Jones' al (C) 

K rby John, Ross' ct 

K'fby Richard, painter, P read n Fitzwuter 

K-rby Robert, seaman, Sch 3rd ab George 

Kirby Win., china, 504 N 2nd 

Kirchmer Andrew, grinder, 53 New 

Kirchoif Henry, turner, Miller's ct (X L) 

Kirchoff Henry, tobacconist, 394 N 3d 

Kirk C, engine builder, Crown n Franklin (K) 

Kirk Edward, lab., 2 Hoffman's al 

Kirk Elizabeth, pawn broker, 1S8 Cedar 

Kirk George W., weigh master, 36 N Water, 

h 10th ab Buttonwood 
Kirk James, tavern, Juniper & High 
Kirk John K., wire worker, -13 N 4th 
Kirk Prior, blacksmith, 98 Wood 
Kirk Stephen, coal mer., Penn bel ?»Iaiden, h 78 

Penn (K) 
Kirk S., 13 Carlton 

Kirk S. L., grocer, 146 N 4th, h 118 Crown 
Kirk Thomas, Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Kirk William, blacksmith, Court al 
Kirk William, brickmaker, yard c Ashton and 

Spruce, h 2 Colonnade row. 
Kirk W., barber and bleeder, F road above 

Kirkbride David, tavern, Julianna bel Callow- 
Kirkbride, Thos. S., physician to the Penna. 

Hospital for the Insane 
Kirkham Charles, att'y and coun., S E 3rd 8c 

Kirkham G. H., mer., 36 S Front, h 127 Filbert] 
Kirkham William, 127 Filbert. 
Kirkland Charles, milkman, Bedford ab 13th 
JKirkland Win. R., mer., 6 N Wlifs., h S E 10th 

& Clinton 
iKirkman Ann, sempstress, 344 N 3rd 
| Kirkman Daniel, weaver, Marlboro' bel We3t 

I (K) 

1 Kirkner L., coal dealer, Sch. 2nd ab Carlton 

.Kirkpatrick Ann, widow of Robert B., 252 N 

Kirkpatrick Benjamin, weaver, Mariner 

J Kirkpatrick D., leather dealer, 21 S 3d, h 193 

! Kirkpatrick D. & Sons, hides and leather, 21 S 3d 

i Kirkpatrick E., mer., 21 S 3d, h 193 Mulberry 

! Kirkpatrick George, blacksmith, Adelphi alley 
Kirkpatrick George, carp., 7th ab Fitzwater 

IKirkpatrick George, dep. keeper County Pri- 
son, h 6th bel Shippen 

| Kirkpatrick James, carter, Lewis ab Sch 6th. 

I Kirkpatrick James, carp., 11 Sch. Ann. 

'■ Kirkpatrick James, distiller, 2 S 7th, h 42 

Kirkpatrick John, carp., Dean bel Walnut. 
Kirkpatrick John, lab., 353 Callowhill 
Kirkpatrick J. T. & Co., hides 8c leather, 213 

N 3d. 
Kirkpatrick Peter, lab., 122 Swanson 

iKirkpatrick Rachel A.,94 Crown. 

'Kirkpatrick Robt., weaver, Cochran bel Brinton 

IKirkpatrick Robert B., mer., 21 S 3d, h 19% 

i Mulberry. 

Kirkpatrick Samuel, bottler, 5 Pear 
Kirkpatrick Samuel, shoemr., 23 Chester 
Kirkpatrick Win., blacksmith, belPime bet 6th 
St 7th 

Kirkpatrick Wm., painter, Fitzwater ab 12th 
Kirks Susan, 2 Garrigues' ct 
Kirrigen Win., grocer, 2nd Si Christian 
Kirschenman J. M., vict., It road bel Vineyard 

(F V) 
Kirsh Francis, grocer, Shippen & Ball 
Kiishner Henry, tavern,Rroad ab Poplar. (F V) 
Kirtland George, com. mer., 34 Church al 
Kirtland, Mansfield & Hall, com. mers., 34 

Church alley 
Kisselnian Mrs., gentw., 166 S 2d 
Kisselstein Julius, piano forte, 19 Sassafras al 
Kissich Jane, 22 Nixon 
Kissick J. W., tailor, 4S1 Sassafras 
Kissick William, machinest, 20 Nixon 
Kisterbock J., stoves St warm air furnace manuf., 

467 High. 
Kitchen A. B., 136 Chestnut, h 339 N 6th. 
Kitchen Elizabeth, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Kitchen James, M. D., 39 Spruce. 
Kitchen J., carp., Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Kitchen Richard, weaver, Linn's ct F M 
Kitchen Uriah, teacher, Sterling- al, h 39 N 3rd 
Kitchingham Jas., carpet weaver, Maiden 

Kite Edmund, tailor, 229 "Wood ab 12th 
Kite James, cabinetmaker, 129 Walnut, h 26 

Kite John L., M.D., 262 N 5th. 
Kite Jonathan, potter, 122 Beach (K) 
Kite Joseph, printer, 4th St Appletree al., h 

265 N 5th. 
Kite Joseph & William, printers, 4th St Apple 

tree al 
Kite Joseph J., 305 N 10th bel Coates 
Kite Joseph S., rail road manager, c 9th and 

Green, h 32 Palmyra sq 
Kite Nathan, bookseller, 4th & Appletree al 
Kite Paschal, carpenter, 9th & Brown 
Kite Thomas, 32 N 5th. 
Kite Wm., printer, 4th Sc Appletree al., h 75 

Kitler George W., fruiterer, S W 7th & High h 

Garden ab Willow 
Kitterson Robert, Plum ab 4th 
Kitts Hannah P., gentw., 1S8 Coates. 
Kitts H., cordw., Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Kitts Jacob, tobacc, Smith's al 
Kitts Peter, 86 N 11th 

Klaer Elizabeth, sempstress, Harmony bel 5th 
Klag John, carpet manuf., 387 N Front 
Klapp Jos., jr., M. D., 181 S 9th. 
Klapp William H., M. D., 321 S 2d. 
Kluuder David, upholsterer, 3 Assembly Build. 
Klauder John, baker, 32 Margaretta 
Klein John, watchmaker, 197 N 3d, h 72 Noble 
Kleiningsteiner John G., 85 is. 87 New Market 
Kleitz Henry, blacksmith, 11th ab Willow 
Klem Jacob, butcher, F road n Stone Bridge 
Klemm St Brother, imp. of musical inst.'s, 275 

Klemm Dorothea Mrs., 198 N 2d 
Klemm F. A., importer, 275 High, h 3 City 

Klenck C, b. h., 52 St John 

Klenck John G., baker, 52 St John 
Klengle Mary H., dry goods, Chestnut (W I' ) 
Klett Fred., N E 2d St Callowhill, h 53 Callow . 


Klett Frederick, & Co., druggist, N E 2d St Cal- 
Klett Gotlieb, 1 Rachel. 
Klett Mary, 246 St. John. 
Klett Rachel, Front & Lombard 
Klinch John, tailor, 43 P road 
Kline Adam, brickmr., State n Sch 7th 
Kline Bernard, cordw., 153 Poplar 
Kline B., jeweller, rear 62 Charlotte 
Kline Charles, silver plater, Rose St School (K 
Kline Christian, gent., 181 S 3rd 
Kline Daniel, bootmr., George ab Apple 
Kline Frederick, cane manuf., 126 New 
Kline H., shop, 129 Popkr 
Kline Isaac, cordwainer, 231 Cedar 
Kline Isaac, M. D., 183 G. T. road 
Kline Jane, 11 Stamper's al 
Kline Jacob,, Vienna bel Duke (K.) 
Kline Jacob R., 492 N 3rd. 
Kline James, cord., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Kline John, carp., rear 112 Christian 
Kline John, shoemanf., 67 N 3rd, h 98 Apple 
Kline John, shoemr., 98 Apple 
Kline Matthias, button mr., Crown ab Bedfoi 1 

Kline Michael, ex. broker, 108 Sassafras, h Mi 

Kline Michael, shoemr., 408 N 4th 
Kline Michael, lab., Mary bel F road 
Kline, Peter, bricklayer, 345 N 6th ab Green 
Kline Peter, bricklayer, 374 N 3d 
Kline Philip, lab., Wood ab Sch 5th 
Kline Rachel, Vienna bel Duke (K) 
Kline Sarah, 107 Noble 
Kline Wm. O., clerk, Crim. court, h 183 G 1 

Kling Charles H., baker, Ilopkin's ct u Sehc 

Klingler Fredk., baker, 7 N 5th 
Klingler, J. L. C, baker, 208 S Front 
Klink Chnstophe, tailor, rear 31 S 2nd 
Klohse Peter, baker, Fitzwater ab Broad 
Klohse Philip, carp., Fitzwater ab Broad 
Kloneger John C, printer, 6th bel Carper,'. • 

Kloss Wm., 6th bel Washington 

Klosterman Harman, tin plate worker, 196 5 '-■ ■ 

h Bladen's ct 
Klotz Charles, professor, 327 Sassafras 
Klotz Francis, piano mr., 7 C wesson's al 
Klotz John M., tailor, 103 Poplar 
Kluf kee George, blacksmith, Orange ab l2ln 
Klufkee John, whitesmith, Marlborough 

Franklin. (K) 
Klumb John, framemr., 1 Jackson's ct 
Klump Bernard, soap boiler, Rose al bel Gr f ' 
Knapp C. F., tailor, 208 Callowhill 
Knapp George, twine Si cords, M road ab M* 

ker, h 4th n Washington 
Knapp Philip, gent., 241 S. 3rd 
Knapp Thomas, surveyor, Sutherland 

Knauff Henry, organ builder, 212 N 5th, h 167 

Knauer Christopher, organ builder, 416 High 
Kncxss Ann, tors, 28 Tammany 
hneass G. F., 154 Cedar 
Kneass C, mer., 215i High, h 81 S 6th. 
Kncass D. A., hatter, 95 Cedar, h 3 Turner 
Kneass Horn 11., att'y Si coun., 81 S 6th. 
Kneass James A., brushmr., 228 S 7th 
Kneass Jane, b. h., 20 Sansom 
Kneass John, gent., 228 S 7th 
Kneass Samuel, 393 Spruce 
Kneass Wm. S., furniture cars, 228 S. 7th 
Knecht Gabriel, drover, 263 N 8th. 
Knccht George Jr., Franklin ub Noble 
Knecht John, carter, Master bel 9th 
Knecht John G., butcher, c Willow Si Julianna 
Kneck Henry, butcher, 35 Bread 
Kneedler Chas. J., coal mer., Broad Sc Sassafras 
Kneedler Jacob, 205 Green 
Kneedler J. S., mer., 72 N 3d, h 238 N 6th 
Kneedler Magdalen, N E 9th & Fdbert 
Kneedler Simeon, carter, 7th ab Brown 
Kneedler Solomon, barber, Coatcs ab 6th 
Kneeland Amelia J., stock maker, 96 Green. 
Knepley Thomas J. lab., 10 Banner's al 
Knickerbocker Rebecca S., trimmings, 407 N 

Knight A. L., paper machine, Railroad & Sch 8th 
Knight Bushrod \V., bricklayer, 87 Fitzwater. 
Knight B. A., Sec. Sugar Loaf Coal Co., 115 S 

Knight Clayton, flour, 460 N 2nd 
Knight Daniel R., carp., 166 N 9th 
Knight Edsvard, blacksmith, Fairview n Sch 5th 
Knight Edward, grocer, N E Sch 6th & Chest- 
Knight Elizabeth, 3 Wallace 
Knight Elizabeth, shop, 298 Vine. 
Knight Esther, gentw. Chatham bel Green 
Knight E. C, grocer, 300 S 2d. 
Knight George, carpet manuf., S W 4th 8c Cal- 

Knight Jacob, carpenter, 241 Marshall 
Knight James, waiter, 40 Currant al 
Knight Jesse J., coach painter, 27 Prune 
Knight John lab., 8 N 13th 
Knight John, engraver, 128 Christian 
Knight John P., tailor, 59 Pine 
Knight Joseph, iron & coal mer., 203 N 2d. 
Knight Joseph, carp., Sch Stli Sc State 
Knight Mary, vashr., 11 Stamper's al 
Knight Reeve L, upholsterer, 148 S 2nd. 
Knight Richard, stocking weaver, St Mary n 7th 
Knight Robert, tin smith, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Knight Robert B., att'y & coun., 113 Sassafras 
knight Sanil., hardware, N E 2nd & Almond 
Knight Sarah, Morris bel Catharine 
Knight Stephen, 4 Benezet 
Knight Wm., shoemr., 11 Barker 
Knight Wm., eng-ineer, Sch 5th n Fairview 
K »ght William, machinist, 13th bel Green 
Knight Wm. H., hardware, 255 High, h 172 

Knight William L., M. D., 56 S 13th. 

Knight Wm. S. carp. 72 New 
Knight William W., hardware, 229 High 
Knipe Christian, shoemaker, Kessler ab 9th 
Knipe Conrad, grocer, S E 5th and Vine, h 157 

Knipe John R., furniture, 79 Sassafras 
Knipe Oscar, clerk, 50 Perry 
Knipe Thomas, brick maker, 429 N 5th 
Knizel Lydia, rear 382 S 2d 
Knoll John, carter, Cherry bel Duke (K) 
Knollton Ebenezer, scrivener, Stanley bel 4th 
Knop llarman, baker, Front ab Noble 
Knorr Amos, machinist, Perry Sc Clare al 
Knorr Dorothea E. 200 N 6tli 
Knorr Fredk., professor of languages, 119 Fil- 
Knorr George, gent, 14 New Market. 
Knorr George, sen., printer, 159A S 11th. 
Knorr George, vict, 12th ab Brown 
Knorr G. T., printer, 329 Lombard 
Knorr Joseph, sign painter, S9 S 2nd. 
Knorr J. F., mer., UN 4th 
Knorr Mary, 87 N 7th 

Knorr Peter, tobacconist, Corn bel Wharton 
Knorr Wm., baker, Pleasant ab 10th 
Knouse Mary, 3 Wood 
Knouse Samuel, gun smith, 22 Logan 
Knouse William, gun smith, Marlboro' n West 
Knowles Alice, Shield's ct 
Knowles Ann, b. h., 154 S 9th 
Knowles Austin, coach maker, 288 Sassafras, h 

143 Wood 
Knowles David, carp, rear 154 Sassafras, h S3 

N 5th 
Knowles James A. shoemr. 164 S 11th 
Knowles Jane, rear 40 N 4th 
Knowles Levi, jr., mer., 441 High, h Sch 5th 

and Cherry 
Knowles M., carp., Lombard n Sch 2nd 
Knowles Nathaniel, acct, West Bank, h 25S 

N 7th 
Knowles Ralph H. collector, 83 N Juniper 
Knowles Wm., weaver, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Knowles Wm. H., carp., 4 Keefe 
Knox Alexander, printer, 173 Pine 
Knox Ann, b. h., 4 Howard's ct 
Knox Elizabeth, dressmr., 2 L\ ndall's al 
Knox Elizabeth, gentw., 301 S 3d. 
Knox Ezekiel, weaver, Amber ab Phoenix (K") 
Knox Jacob, copper pi. printer, 2 flubbell 
Knox James I-., tailor, rear 2 Wall 
Knox John, whitesmith, Allen Sc Hanover (K) 
Knox John, printer, rear 301 S 3d 
Knox John N. shoemr. 105 Melon 
Knox Joseph, math. ins. maker, 28 Queen 
Knox Lewis, cordwainer, 557 S 2d. 
Knox Sarah, Crown bel Franklin (K) 
Knox Win., cabinetmr.. Whitehead's ct 
Knull Anthon-v, shoe store, S W 7th & Callov. - 

Kobe! Christian, barber, 29 1 N Front 
Kober Charles, butcher, Maiden n F road 
Kober Lewis, teacher of music, Garden bel But. 

Koch Edwd. &. Co. cabinetmrs. rear 114 Walnut 

Koch Joseph, music teacher, 60 N 8th 

Koch Philip, 4 Northampton ct 

Kochersperger Charles, blacksmith, 13th and 

Kachetsperger Geo., shoemr., 5 Short ct 

Kochersperger Martin, gent., 248 Christian 

Kochersperger Matthias, potter, 375 Coates 

Kochersperger Thomas, tavern, 4S3 High 

Koecker Leonard R., M. D. dentist, 208 Walnut 

Koehler Charles A., 394 S 3d 

Koehler Daniel, wheelwright, F" road ab Car- 

Koehler Sarah, S W Marriott Sc Atherton 

Koellner Augustus, lithographer, 6 Bank al, h 
Noble ab Franklin 

Kohl George, lab., Cadwalader bel Phoenix 

Kohl Israel, 20 George 

Kohlenkamp N., tinman, 78 X 4th. 

Kohlcr Sc Co., hardware, 328 N 2d 

Kohler Gotlieb, 15 Cresson's al 

Kohler John, gent., 323 N 2d. 

Kohler John B. 154 N 2d 

Kohler John F. &. Co., hardware, Shackamaxon 
&. Queen (K) 

Kohler J. J. hatter, 150 N 3d 

Kohler £c Lenck, stove tnanufs., 154 N 2d 

Kohlhuad M., printer, rear 63 Franklin 

Kohne. E. Mrs., Chestnut ab 10th. 

Kolb John, baker, 135 Buttonwood 

Kolb Louis, shoemr. 7 Elfreth's al 

Kollock David H., cabinetmaker, 304 S 2d. 

Kolm Ferdinand, baker, 210 X 8th 

Konigmacher Charles, merchant, 141 High, h 
221 X 4th. 

Konigmacher Thomas, merchant, 141 High, h 
221 X 4th. 

Konn John, carp. 3 Carter's al 

Koockegey Wm. sign painter, Mulberry & Ju- 

Kookegey John, gent. 72 Lombard 

Kooken George C. tailor, 133 Buttonwood 

Koons Charles X., c 4th and Xoble. 

Koons F„ clerk, Filbert ab Sch. 4th. 

Koons & Flickinger, 172 X 3d 

Koons Isaac, sugar refiner, O Y road &. Willow, 
h 54 O Y road 

Koons Michael Sc Co., grocer, 239 Sc 241 X 3d, 
h 230 X 4th. 

Koons Richard, grocer, 239 X 3d 

Koplin Nathaniel, dep. flour ins., 81 Franklin. 

Korckhauss A., mer., 60 S Front 

Korckhauss Henry, furs, 55 X 3d, h 96 Xew. 

Kore Rebecca, Park (AY F) 

Korn Deborah W., b. h., 70 Brow n. 

Korn Flenrv, manuf. coach lace & niiiit. {rood:?, 
22 N 3d. 

Korndafler Jacob, grocer, 455 S 2d 

Korndorfcr Augustus, Juhunna bel Callowhill 

Kough Thomas, lab., Baker bel 7th 

Kraft August, sugar refiner, S E Crown and 
Vine, bote'.. 110 Sassafras. 

Kraft George, cabinetmaker, 34 X 7th. 

V ■'"'- G. W.carp. R-.eve ab Sch 2d 

Krah Henry, shoemaker, 110 S 2d. 

Kraft Henry A., sho-maker, 6 X 12th. 

Kraft John, rope maker, Oxford ab Front (K 
Krall P., brickmr., M'Dufhe ab 3d 
Kramer Francis, turner, 10th ab Parmh 
Kramer Henry, carp., Carlton bet Sch 5th k £•., 
Kramer Henry, painter, Palmer bel West (K . 
Kramer Henry, coachmr., Budden's al. 
Kramer Jacob, tailor, 297 X 3d. 
Kramer John, blindmr., Hope ab Phoenix (K 
Kramer L. S boot & shoemr. Vienna ab Que. 

Kramer Richard, printer, 401 Sassafras 
Kramer Wm. printer, Budden's al 
Kramer Wm. shop, 533 X Front 
Kramm Gustavus, lithographer, 1 Elmslie's al 
Kranch Christian, upholsterer, 33 Cresson's A 
Kraner Tobias, tailor, 41 Lily al 
Kranmer John E., baker, 27 Green 
Krause Casper, brewer, 140 Coates 
Krauss Barnard, saddler, Sch 8th n Vine 
Krauss Joseph P. painter, 106 X 6th, h Sch 8th 

bel Vine 
Krauss Leonard, harnessmr., 290 Sassafras, ; 

Sch Sth bel Vine 
Krautz John, brewer, 169 N 4th 
Kreamer Charles, salesman, Nectarine ab 9th 
Kreamer Jno. butcher, Fitler bel Harrison (K 
Kreamer Mary, Hope ab Franklin (K) 
Kreegcr Gustavus H. M. D. 165 S 11th 
Kreider Fred. C, atty., 309 N 3d 
Kreider Henry, grocer, Vine Sc R road, h 292 s 

Garden bel R road 
Kreiner Henry, wharf builder, Allen bel P- 

mer (K) 
Kreisan Herman, 271 N Front 
Kreiser C. F. baker, 6th ab Washington 
Kremer Frederick, baker, 129 Sassafras 
Krcnger Casper, tailor, St John n Coates 
Kreplin Sarah, widow of John F., 18 Beck (.'■ 
Krepp Frederick, baker, Locust ab 12th 
Kresler George R., carp., 239 Marshall 
Kretschmar John, 431 Chestnut 
Krewson Mordecai, carpenter, Callowhill b: 

Sch. 7th. 
Krick John, baker, 355 N 2d 
Krick Peter, lab., Grier's ct 
Krickbaum H., agent carman, 10th bel S Gar:!.-' 
Krickebaum John, engra\er, Queen ab Hanove: 
Krider George, tobacconist, 8S New Mark;' 
Krider Geo. shipcarp., Union ab Prince 
Krider H., distill. & rectifier. 45 Washington ■ ■ 
Krider John, gunsm., 101 3c 103 S 2d ah Wal:.'-' 
Krider John J., baker, 70 Swanson. 
Krider Wm., carp., rear 105 Shinpen 
Kridler Thomas, tailor, 2 Richard 
Kries Charles, tailor, 22 Branner's al 
Krim H., widow, Washington bel 2d 
Krips Margaret, 434 X 2d 
Krips Philip, dyer, 247 St John 
jKritser Sophia, rear 443 Nod 
Krittumaul Thomas, seaman, 12 Emlen'sct 
Krodel Frederick, tobacconist, 218 X 9th. 
Kroecher Margaret, bakery, oJl N 2d 
JKroll Catharine, 113 N5th 
j Kroll Earnest, acct., 343 Vine. 
jKroll George, porter, 11 Mercer 

!',rome r B. tavern, 599 N 2d 

Kromer E. G., tailor, 151 N 3d 

Kromer & Flenncr, tailors, 151 N 3d 

Kromm Henry, drover, James ab Charles. 

..- . »e Charley taverns 100 New 

Krug F. V., mer., 151 High, h 3S4 Mulberry 

Krug F. V. & Co., com. mers., 151 High, above 

Krug Henry R. mer. 1 Church al 
Krull George, collector, 53 P road 
Krumbacker Peter, shoemr. F road ab Franklin 
Krumbhaar Lewis, Sec. Spring Garden Ins. Co., 

N W 6th and Wood. 
Krumshield Charles J., tailor, 1 Hudson's al 
Krupp Eli, grocer, 506 N 2d bel Beaver 
Krupp John, spigot turner, 100 Tammany. 
Kruse Henry, cabinetmr. 143 Cherry 

Kunzmann F. p., b:dcer, 26 Jones' al. 

lvurlbaum Chas., chemist, h Oxford k^Fronl (K"» 

Kurlbaum h Co., chemists, 190 Coates 

Kurtz Christian, cordwainer, 389 N Front. 

Kurtz H. E., brushnir., Parrish ab 10th 

Kurtz John, cabinetmr., 124 Apple 

Kurtz M., baker, 247 Wou;l 

Kurtz William, cabinetmr., 122 Apple 

Kurtz John, shoemr. 236 High, h 10th ti Cii- 

Kurtz John A. shoemr. 124 Locust 
Kurtz Margaret, gentw. 12th k Foplw 
Kurtz Richard M. copper pi. printer, 18 Bonaftll 
Kutchen Wm B., Kessler's 
[Kutts John, architect, S E 6th 3c Walnut 
Kyle Harriet, gentw. 8 Button wood 
Kyle Hugh, engineer, Lancaster ab Heed 

kucher Christopher r J., book binder, 9 George Kyle Joseph, portrait painter, Catharine ab Let* 

Kucher Wm. W., shoes, 591 N 

Kuchl George, 4 Courtlin pi 

Kuernmerle C, confectioner, 60 N 8th 

Kuemmerlen John, baker, G T road n 3d 

Kuen Joseph, combmr., 43 Apple 

Kuerl John, lace weaver, Penn's al 

Kuermmerle Martin, syringemr., 45 S 8th 

Kugan Patrick, tailor, 11 Franklin pi 

Kugler Benj., M. U., 116 Franklin (NL) 

Kugler Elizabeth, 45 P road. 

Kugler Jacob, carp. Harmony bel 5th 

Kugler John, carter, Wood ab Sch 2d 

Kugler Lewis, cooper, 246 S 5th 

Kuhl Frederick, lithographer, rear 120 S 2d 

Kuhl Henry, gent., 493 Chestnut. 

Kuhlmann Gerhard, cordwainer, 168 S 5th. 

Kuhn Eliza, gentw., 253 Walnut 

Kuhn George, clerk, 21 Magnolia. 

KuhnHartman.jr. 240 Walnut 

Kuhn H., gent., 314 Chestnut. 

Kuhn John, hatter, 297 Sc 190 N 2d. 

K uhn John, tailor, 76 S 5th 

Kuhn P. H., baker, rear 276 X 3d 

Kuhn William, cordw., 19 Beaver (K) 

Kuhn Wm. coach painter, rear 29S Sassafras 

Kuhnley George, tailor, 5 Nonnater's ct 

Kuhnley Wm. G. shoemr. 5 Nonnater's ct 

Kulp Philip, brickmr. Murray 

*'ilp Sc Vandyke, tailors, Sp Garden bel 8th 

Kummer Wm. F., supt. Masonic Hall 

Kungle John, wheelwright, bet 9th & 10th ab 

Kunitz Lewis, blind maker, Flickwir's court. 
K'initz Lewis, dentist, 129 Plum 
j'mkle Christian, vict. Nectarine bel 11th 
K unkle John, vict. R road ab Vineyard (F V) 
K :nkle George, vict. X road odd Francis 


Kyle Robert, weaver, Filbert ab Sch 5th 
Kyle Wm., dairyman, 620 N3d 

Labarthe R. Olive 

Labbrce John H., cabinetmaker, Crown above 

Bedford (K) 
Lacey Aaron, cordw., 6th bel Prime 
Lacey Joseph, cordw. 6th bel Washington 
Lacey Miles, tavern, 138 S 4th 
Lacey Wm., lab., High ab Sch 4th 
Lacey William N., saddler, 12 S 5th. 
Lackey David, bookbinder, Shippen bel Broad 
Lackey James, ladies' shoemr. 202 Mulberry 
Lackey Margaret, b h, 51 N 8th 
Lackey Wm., lab., MiiHin n 13th 
Lacy Edward, brewer, 6 Leiper 
Lacv John, drayman, Helmuth n Sch. 7th 
Lacy Mary, St Joseph's av 
Lacy Patrick, porter, 3 Branch 
Lacv Paul, tailor, 366 S Front. 
Lacv Return, ovsterman, High Si Sch 7th 
Ladcl L. D., widow of Samuel, Filbert ab Sch ath 
Ladd Samuel, dentist, Filbert ab Sch tith 
Ladomus J., watchmr., 33 S 4th 
Lafeter E. Naglee's ct 
Laffertv Archibald, cordw. Conrad - ct 
Lafferty Bernard, weaver, G T roa : a i Master 
Laffertv Charles, carter, N W Sen. -1 & Lom- 
Laffertv James, cordw., Cadwaladcr ab Master 
Laffertv James, grocer, 144 Cherry 
Laffertv James, 642 N 2d 

Lafferty Jas. weaver, Cadwaladcr at Master (K) 
Laffertv John, grocer, Sch J 

I He John B., dealer in leather, Garden and! Lafferty John, weaver. Pink ab Master (bj 
Willow Laffertv Patrick, lab. Tyler n r >n< r _ _ _ 

Laffertv Samuel, basketmr 

Kunkle P. vict. R road bel Wood 
K Caspar, b h, 122 N 4th 
Kiutz Frederick, porter, rear 95 Noble 
K mtz John, tailor, High ab Sch 6th 
■j ; itz Joseph, brewer, 21 Farmer 
; '"tz J. W. & p. bootrnrs. 430 N 2d 
K •'•/.Jacob, gun smith, G T road ab Phoenix. 
'■ mzi Abram, gent., 186 Co.-ites. 

n.wichah Front 
Laffertv Timothv, lab. 6 C\ press al 
Lafferty Wm. cabin- imr. re. tr 92 N 2d 
I Lafitte Anthony, interpreter and professor lan- 
guages, 9 Union 
iLafore A., ornamental hair manuf, 28 S 4th. 
|l.aforgue L., mer., 158 High h 12 S 12th. 
La Forrest Charles, comedian, 2 Shield's al 

Lafourcade Edward^mer., 77 High, h 7th ab S 
LafourcadTjames, exc. broker, 74 S 3d, h 100 

tAfouSe Marcclin, mer., 77 High, h Wood 

bcl 8th 
Lafourcade Peter M., gent., 100 Crown. 
T ntwe M. A. tobacconist, 360 S Front 
Laruerenne E., mer., 39 S Front, h 1S6 Spruce 
Laguerenne P. L., importer, 59 S Front, h 286 

Laher Joseph, baker, 51 N 6th 
Lahey Dennis, tavern, 169 S Front 
Lahman George, cordw. Coates bel 12th 
Laib G. cabinetmr. rear 112 Walnut, h jl S 4th 
Laib W. boot Sc shocmr. 51 S 4 th 
Laidlaw Alexander, lab., Ann n 12th 
1 aing Alve E., hatters' goods, 24 N 3d 
Lainhoff Joshua, carp., 6th 8c Carpenter 
1 aird \lex., weaver, Crown ab Duke 
Laird Ellen, widow of Robert, S W 11th 8c Cal- 
Laird Hugh, weaver, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Laird John, tobacconist, 102 N 3d 
Laird Marv, Dorothv ab Sch 3d 
laird William, tallow chandler, 49 George (S) 
Laird Win. H. 8c Co. manf. N W 3d 8c Mulberry 
Laire P. plasterer, Thomas's al 
Lajus, D. P., M.D., 99 S 4th 
Lajus Paul, mer., 39 S whfs. h 99 S 4th. 
Lajus Paul 8c Co. com. mers. 39 S whfs. 
Lake Ann, gentw., 47 George (S) 
Lake David, sexton, 118 New 
Lake Elizabeth, 255 Wood 
Lake Jacob, drayman, rear 219 St John 
Lake Violet, rear 394 Sassafras 
Lake Wm., vict, 6th ab Poplar 
Lukey Lewis, carp., George n Juniper, h Vine 

n Sch 7th 
Lakey Lewis, jr. carp. George n Juniper 
Lalande John, 'jeweller, Christian ab 7th 
Lalanne J. P., furniture, 75 Lombard. 
Laman Robert, weaver, Duke n F road 
Lamar John, boot & shoemr., 5 Hickory ct 
lAmarzella John F., furrier, Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Lamasure James, tailor, 23 Christian 
Lamasure Peter, tailor, 74 Christian 
Lamb Francis, cotton spinner, Washington ab 

Lamb Henry, band boxmr., 75 Coates 
Lamb Jacob, cordw. Charlotte ab Poplar 
Lamb James, coachmr. Miller's al 
Lamb James, grocer, S E Crabb 8c Cedar 
Lamb James, weaver, Brinton. 
Lamb James, engineer, Washington ab Callow- 
Lamb John, brickmr., Charlotte n Creek 
Lamb John, clerk, 275 Marshall 
Limb John C. vict. rear O Y road ab Tammany 
Ijimb Lemuel, S E Broad 8c Walnut 
I v;.S Mary, 10 Bread 

Lamberger Wm. 10 Dilk's ct 

Lambert Ann M., b h, 6 N 9th. 

Lambert Edward, mer., 153 High h 76 A\ ood 

Lambert Elias, cordwainer, 7 Gab ell s ct 

Lambert George, lab. Reed bel Wheat 

Lambert Gorshom, gent. 3d 8c Spruce 

Lambert Hiram, carp., 3d ab Christian, h lo5 

Lambert John, mer. N E Turner's 8c R road 
Lambert John, ship joiner, 2 Powell s row 
Lambert John, cabinetmr. Rutter s ct 
Lambert Joseph H. capmr. 1 James 
Lambert Mary, Moore's ct 
Lambert Peter, gent., Noble 8c 5th 
Lambert Thomas, machinist, Fairviewn Sch 5t i 
Lambert Timothy, clerk, 7 Fame's ct 
Lambert Wm. P., dentist, 6 N 9th 
Lamberti 8c Blynn, hatSc cap manuis 304 High 
Lamberti Joseph, furrier, 62 Dock, h o04 II: 
Lamberton Robert, grocer, Sch. 7th and High. 
Lambing Margaret, 4 Biddle's al 
Lambonlee Lewis, tailor, 244 S 6th 
Lambsong Rebecca, shop, Culvert bel O Y road 
Lame Charles, carp., High n Sch oth 
Lame Joseph, cabinet rav, 28 Marion. 
Lamrnay Wm. weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Lammel Lewis, chaser, rear 33 Cherry 
Lammev F., cordw., Catharine £c Lebanon 
Lamon George, carpets, 60 Beach nMaulen(h) 
Lamont John, tobacconist, 3o4 High 
Lamont Margaret, 377 Spruce 
Lamont Robert, silversmith, 205 Mulberry 
Lamorelle Augustus, broker, 7 Exch. pi., b ol 

Lombard ^ ^ 

Lamparter Henry, tavern, 327 N 3d 
Lampas Philip, printer, 141 N 13th. 
Lampas Wm., carp., 141 N 13th 
Lamping Henry, Sch Front ab Callowhill. 
Lamplugh Isaac, dentist, 349 S 2nd. 
Lamplugh Samuel,_capt, 133 Queen 
Lamport Joseph, vict., Landing 
Lanagin M., gent., 50 St Mary 
Lanahan Dennis, lab., Sch 3d n Locust^ 
Lancaster Americus, jeweller, Sassafras and 

Lancaster C, att'v & coun., Walnut ab 6th 
Lancaster Isaac, weaver, Hanover ab West IK 
Lancaster Jacob B., grain and feed, Spruce bt. 

wharf, h 116 Lombard. ^ 

Lancaster John, weaver Sc dealer, 377 S 2nd, * 

105 Catharine 
Lancaster Joseph, porter, 100 Gaskill. 
Lancaster Joseph, mer., 22 S 4th 
Lancaster Marv R., 3d ab Franklin (K) 
Lancaster Richard, waiter, Shippen la bel l->'- 
Lancaster Samuel, shoemr., 7th bel Pine 
Lancaster Thomas, grain mer., 114 Lombard- 
Lancaster Wm., carpet weaver, 171 8c n w- 
Cedar , 

Lance James, morocco dresser, Perry ab tram 

lin (K) , _ . 

Land Jane, milliner, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Land Mahlon, blacksmith, Hays' ct (K.) 
Land Samuel, painter, 8 Marble pi. 
Landaway Abel, porter, Eagle ct 

Lind S !nJ?on°ISke U t raber mer "' ^^ ab Ken -| La ^f J ^fP h S^«Penntendent,Shackan 1 axo B 
aingtun ^b Bedford. ' 

n t£,° r A' & S ° n "' 1UmbCr mCrS '' 2d ab l L:in g: ert George, vvheelwt., Willow bel Garden 
i ,u7- v } nn »*,„ , , iLangtbrd James, barber, 100 X 4th 

Landell G A , mer 22 A Water, h Beach. K) Langher Theodore, type founder, Federal ab 
Landell John, lumoer mer., Penn ab Maiden,) Front reuerai aD 

h Shackamaxon ab Queen (K) Lan gi Frederick, confect, 70 N 5th 

^LZT^kZ?** W ^ "* H^L°^°^ «• °- Comptroller Sc Spmce 

berry, h 340 O Y road 
I.andenberg- Martin, sacking mr., St John 

Landis Catharine, 191 Cherry 
Landis H. C, 114 Mulberry 
Landon John, silk dyer, 17 Lebanon 
Landregin Mary, shop, 307 Cherry 

Langstroth C S., lum. mer., 142 X 9th, va-d c 

_10th Sc Green. 
Laning Aaron, engineer, 10th ab Poplar 
Laning Hannah, Front n Phoenix. 
Laning R. G., sign painter, X W Margaretta St 

New Market, h 58 New Market. 
Laning Wm. M., painter, 169 CallowhilJ 

Landreth D-, seedsman, 65 Chestnut, h Federal Lankford Arthur, waiter, 31 Mechanic 

Landreth ri°! n r xr . inning Emma, dress maker, rear Fitzwater ab 

i-ana U. ik D. L. Munns, seedsmen, 6j Sth 


Landreth & Fulton, nursery, Federal n Arsenal 
Landy James, grocer, 2d St Brown, h 56 Coates 
Landy John, carpenter, 59 Coates. 
Landy John, lab., Clny bel Beach 
Lane Abraham V., ostler, George ab 11th 
Lane Alex. H., 106 Carpenter 
Lane C, bleacher, Watts' ct (F M) 
Lane George, segar., rear 50 Bread 
Lane Henry, lab., Clay n Sch river 
Lane Henry, fisherman, Queen ab Cherry (K.) 
Lane James, lab., Clifton ab Shippen 
Lane James, blacksmith, rear Lily al 
Lane James S., bookbinder, 13 Jacoby 
Lane John, carpenter, Jones ab Sch. Sth, h 3 

Lane Mary, tailoress, Harmony ab 4th 
Lane Peter, peddler, Orchard 
Lane Peter, mariner, 6th ab Catharine 
Lane Philip, porter, 3 Middle al 
Lane Susan, b h, X W Front and Cox 

Lansdown James, sailmr., Cedar n 11th 
Lapp Abraham, comb maker, 525 X 3d 
Lapp D. C, brassfounder, Harmony ct, h 426 

Lapp John, morocco finisher, 517 N 3d 

Lapsley Catharine, 250 Lombard. 

Lapsley David, treas. Harrisbar. & Lan. R. Road 

Co., lo Merch., h 1 Portico sq 
Lapsley John, 64A Walnut, h Pine ab 9th 
Lapsfey J. B., gent., 644 Walnut, h 263 Spruce 
Lapsley Mary Ann. herbist, 54 P road 
Lapsley Susan, Mrs., bet 9th & 10th ab Federal 
Larason Jacob, cordw., 286 X "th 
Larason Wm. B., currier, 280 St. John 
Larcombe Thomas Rev., S Garden bel Logan 
Lardner Alex., broker, 79 S 3d, h Library bel 

Lare Henry, brickmaker, Walnut ab Sch. 3d. 
Lare Margaret, widow, Walnut n Sch. 3d 
Lare Peter, brickmaker, Walnut ab Sch. 3d. 
Larer Ann, George ab 2d (K) 

Lane Washington L., 115 Lombard, h 106 Ger-JLarer Charles, lab., Washington (W P^ 
man i ,, r- j i . a _ . V. : . J 

Lane William it, blacksmith, 19 Duke 
Lane Wm., fruiterer, S W Front & High 
Laney Robert, lab., Sassafras Sc Juniper 
Lang E., M. D., 251 Pine 
Lang Frederick, sugar refiner, 58 George (S) 
Lang George S., 37 X Sth 
Lang Jane, dry goods, 35 Sc h 37 N Sth 
Lang John C, Prussian consul, 67 S 4th 
Lang Lewis, jeweller, X E 2d & Sassafras 
Lang Richard, seaman, rear 96 Christian 
Lang William, suger refiner, 39 shippen 
Lang William, sugar refiner, 46 Shippen 
Langbartel Elizabeth, 495 X 4th 
Langbartel Isaac, shoes, 427 X 3d. 

Larey Edward, stone cutter, Sch 6th bel Chest- 
Larey John, lab., Washington fW P) 
Largay Henry, paper stainer, c Carlton St Sch 2d. 
Large Christopher, macliinist, 630 X3d 
Large David K., cabinetmaker, 27 Walnut 
Large James, gent., 486 Chestnut 
Large R. H., mer., 15 X Front 
'Larkey Eugene, tavern, Phoenix and G T road, 

Larkin Michael, potter, 175 X Front 
Larkins Catharine, Gray's F road bel Cedar 
Larkins John, lab., Washington (W P) 
Larkins Michael, coachman, St Andrew's 
Larkins Patrick, coachman, rear 11 Mercer 

r i «• „ ,• , — „ ^iwiis riuiuK, cuatiuiun, rear u Merce 

Langdendoerffer Caroline, teacher of mus lC ,75JLa Roche Peter F., seaman, 115 Swansea 

Langdon Walter, mer., 59 Dock 
Langenheim W. 8i.F., daguereotypers, 26 8c 27 

Langenstein Christr., baker, F road bel Phoenix, 

h 51 Duke 
Langenstein John, hair manuf., 598 X5d 
Langer A. B. Mrs., Queen ab Hanover {K) 
Lunger Joseph, baker, 8 R road 

La Roche R., M. D., 11 Locust. 
Laroue Ann, confectioner, 261 S 3d 
Larrama Sarah, Marriott's la ab 5th 
Larn ntree A., segars, 51 !>. h 24 S 5th 
Larson Jacob, waterman, 7 German 
Larue Moses, carp., i.;!i ab Wallace 
La Rue X, shop, Maiden bel Front 
Larway Henry, lab., 192 X Water 
Lary Joseph, barber, High n Sch 5th 

Larzelere John, gent., N E 7th & Pine 
Larzelere Thos. D., Callowhill n Sch 7th 
Larzelere William, dry goods, N E 7th k Pine 
La Serre Charles, conveyancer, 12 State House, 

h 4 Garrell's ct 
Lasher Francis, jr., mer., 44 N 2d 
Laskev Edward, 332 S 4th 
Las key John, Button wood Sc Charles 
Lassalle Stephen B., clerk, 4th ab Washington 
Laster Henry, mariner, Prime ab Swanson 
Latham Richard, engineer, Willow ab 12th 
Latham William, confect., Callowhill above 12th 
Lathbury James, baker, 163 Shippen. 
Latimer Elizabeth, b. h., 274 S Front. 
Latimer James, 5'Jl Chestnut 
Latimer Misses, gentw., 6 Dugan's Row. 
Latimer Thomas, atty &. coun., S E 3d & Pear, 

h 23 German 
Latour Amada, capt., 55 Lombard 
Latour John, mer., 261 S Front 
Latta A., watchman, High ab Sch. 5th. 
Latta & Hamlin, mers., y Commerce 
Latta John E., commission mer., 9 Commerce, h 

5S S 11th 
Latta Sarah T., gentw., 23 Brown 
Latting .Margaret, Townsend's ct. 
Latz A. J., mer., 28 Walnut 
Latz & Mann, mers., 28 Walnut 
Lauderdale Edward, bootmaker, 11 S 8th. 
Laudhead James, blacksmith, Hallowed n 7th 
Lauer John, carp., 27 Federal 
Lauer Martin, shcemr., 21 S 10th 
Lauferty Charles, trimmings, 410 N 2d 
Lauf'erty Joseph, dry goods, 10 St John 
Laughead Mary, washer, Sweeny's ct 
Laughey John, carter, 4th ab Carpenter 
Lauglilin John, weaver, Rose bel Shippen la 
Laughlin John, lab., Jetl'erson ab Sch 6th 
Laughlin Robert, distiller. N. W. Laurel and 

Laughlin Rose, 3 Richards 
Laughman Elizabeth, Broad & Paper al 
Laughran Francis D., cordw., 5 Leed's av 
Laughty James, seaman, 275 S Front / 

Laugy Michael, 125 S Water 
Launay Augustus, ladies' shoemr., 62 N 10th 
Laundry Michael, M. D., SO Lombard 
Laurent Sc Brother, clothing store, 192 High 
Laval John, Mrs., 210 Pine. 
Lavell Elizabeth, Mary bel 2d(S) 
Lavell Henry F., cabinetmr., 403 S 4th 
Lavell Peter, constable, 476 S 2d 
Laverly John, carter, Sch. Bank n Lombard 
Lavery John, weaver, Master bel G T road 
Lavery John, se.xton, 25 Dean 
Lavis David, printer, 31 German 
Law Benedict, cap nir., N E 3d 3c Mulberrv, h 

60 N 4th 
Law E. E., att'y. & coun., 49 S 5th, h 326 Wal- 
nut. » 
Law Henry M., iron founder, 387 Coates 
Law Jno. K., broker, 3rd and Dock 
Law Robert, cabinetmaker, 3U1 Vine. 
Law Smith, mer., N E 3d and Mulberry, h 82 

Law Smith & Brother, cap manufs., N E 3d 

Law William, seaman,' St Mary ab 7th 
Law William, jeweller, 144 Cedar 
Law Wm., 13th ab Shippen 
Lawanstein Moses S., shoemr., 34 Green 
Lawdon James, weaver, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Lawn Francis, engineer, McDufhe bel Sch. Si 
Lawn Michael, tavern, Beach bel Walnut. 
Lawney Thomas, lab., 8 Sch Water 
Lawnsburg Christian, bartender, 13 Lilyal 
Lawrence Adam, lab., 23 Sassafras alley 
Lawrence Alfred, lab., Dickson's al 
Lawrence Alexander, cordw - ., Gamphire's ct 
Lawrence Ann, 83 N 9th 
Lawrence Benj., lab., Washington (W P) 
Lawrence Charles B., plumber, 298 Sassafras 
Lawrence Diana, 32 Prosperous alley 
Lawrence Eliza, 189 Spruce 
Lawrence Franklin, gunsmith, 9 Tamarind 
Laurence George W., U S Mint, h93 N lot 1 :. 
Lawrence Hamilton, comb maker, 8 Starnpe: 

Lawrence Henrv, victualler, Nectarine b< 

Lawrence Jacob, cordw., 527 S 2d 
Lawrence Jacob Sc Son, corders, 3d whf b*. 

Lawrence James, collector, Charlotte ab Pop'*- 
Lawrence James, Sup. Southwark Hall 
Lawrence Jane, washer, Currie's ct 
Lawrence John, tavern, c Penn & Maiden (K' 
Lawrence John, blacksmith, 1 Caroline abo^ 

Lawrence Joseph, silver plater, 465 Sassafras.:. 

174 X 12th 
Lawrence J. R., bricklayer, 576 S Front 
Lawrence Lucinda, washer, Eagle ct 
Lawrence L., skin dresser, 118 Charlotte 
Lawrence Margaret, widow, 304 St John 
Lawrence Michael, capt. of watch, 37 R road 
Lawrence M. E., 4 Virginia Row 
Lawrence & Northrop, painters & glaziers, U' ■ 

ab Locust 
Lawrence N. S., Agent Southworth Manuf. Co . 

3 Minor 
Lawrence Rachael, widow, 5 Liberty ct 
Lawrence Richard, boot black, 37 S 3d 
Lawrence Samuel, shop, 493 S Front 
Lawrence Samuel, baker, 44 Sassafras 
Lawrence Thomas, butcher, Sch 3d and Loin- 
Lawrence Thomas, painter, 10th bel Cadia^.'- ' 
Lawrence St Westcott, plumbers, 293 Sassaf>: 
Lawrence Wm., cabinetmr., 222 Vine 
LawTence W. P., Camden Bank agency, '»- 

Church al 
Lawrenger Mary, 6th ab Fitzwater 
Lawrenson Mary, P road bel Christian. 
Lawrie Robert D., silversm., 25 Library, b N ■" 

Franklin St Noble 
Laws Anthony, baker, 9th bel Carpenter 
Laws Benedict, trim. &. variety St., OU N -* 1 ' 1 
Laws Catharine, 118 Filbert 
Laws Daniel, druggist, 2U6 N 9th 

Laws George, 149 N 7 th 

I j«-5 Isaac, lab., 14 Russell 

laws Isaac Jr., soap boiler, 145 St. John, h 641 

Jaws James, leather & hides, 7 th ab Willow, h 

157 N 7tli 
Laws James, mariner, 567 S Front 
I.uvs John, alderman, 74 Green 
laws J. D., coachmr., 15 & h 17 Dock 
Laws Outten, grocer, N E 7th and Callowhill 
Laws Peter, porter, 256 Lombard 
Laws Prince, sweep master, 3 Little Pine 
Laws Stephen, lab., Cedar ab 10th 
Laws & Walker, coachmrs., 15 Dock 
laws Wm., coachman, 8 Acorn alley 
laws Wm., lab., Ross' ct n Little Oak 
I.awson Alexander, engraver, 95 George. 
I.awson Christopher. 151 N 10th 
I.awson David, tobacconist, Bedford ab 12th 
Lawson Jacob, saddler, 45 Noble, h 44 Coates 
I.awson John, paper hanger, 2 S3 S 3d 
I.awson John 1.., mer., 34+, N 2d 
lawson Mary Ann, dress maker, 44 Coates 
lawson Thomas, grocer, 461 N 4th 
Lawson William, weaver, F road bel Master 
Lawton Daniel, bricklayer, Washington ab Front 
Lawton Ellen, 12 Pratt's ct 
Lawton George R., carpenter, 1S3 Queen 
Lawton John, tavern, 11 Walnut 
Lawton S., designer, Lagrange place, h 2 Pegg 
Lay Charles, lab., 7th n Cedar 
Lay Charles, engineer, Queen ?c Crown (K.) 
Laycock George, 114£ Walnut 
Laycock John, peddler, 10 Ellet's av 
Laycock John Jr., bookbinder, 109 N 13th 
Laycock J. C, atty. and coun., 121 Walnut 
Laycock Mary, fancy goods, 59 Chestnut 
I .ay man F., capt. 14 Beck(S) 
Layton Elias, shoemr., 17 Elizabeth (N L) 
l.ayton John, lab., Lawrence's ct (K) 
Lazarus Abraham, clothing, 66 Callowhill 
Ijzarus Henry, 117 Coates 
Lea, Bunker &. Co., com. mers., 71 S whfs 
'•ra & Blanchard, book publishers, c 4th and 

Lea Isaac, bookseller & publisher, c 4th and 

Chestnut, h 360 Walnut 
Lea Joseph Jr., mer., 32 Chestnut, h 183 Vine 
'--'a Robeson, com. mer., 71 S whfs., h 73 

'-ea Thomas T., com. mer., 32 Chestnut, h 12th 

n Walnut 
Leach Mary, teacher, 55 Chester 
Leach William, tavern, 14 Cherrv bet 3d and 

1 ^acock Michael, lab., Watts 
L-^cock William, tinsmith, Sch. 4th ab Locust 
Ltadbeater John, lamp maker, 93 Walnut, h 

Spruce ab 13th 
'-padbeater, John Jr., lamp maker, 93 Walnut 
Leadbeater J. & Son, lamp manuf.,93 Walnut 
Ltahn Patrick, stonecutter, Bushhill bet Sch 6th 

and 7th 

— inter, 24 Lombard. 
140 S 11th 

I v 
e4 * Thomas, paiiv 

'-taming p., Jf. D., 

Learning J. F., mer., 28 S Front, h 28S Chestnut 

Leamy Mrs. Elizabeth, gentw., 5 York buildings 

Leamv Thomas, shoemr., 9 Chancery la 

Leaney Thomas, William & Biddle (F M) 

Leans Martin, engraver, 56 Christian 

Lcary David, lab., Perry ct 

Leary Dennis, bootmr., 27 Barron 

Leary Felix, b h, 88 N Water 

Leary John, lab., 6 Jones' al 

Leary Mary, Nixon ab Callowhill 

Learv Solomon, lab., 25 Barron 

Leary William A., bookseller, 158 N 2d c New 

Leaslials L., shop, 328 S 3d 

Leat James, bookkeeper, 245 Marshall 

Leathern James, cordw., 8 Skerret's ct. 

Leatherberry Abel, cordwainer, 286 St. John. 

Lcatherberry John, cordw., Allen ab Shacka- 

Leatherberry Wm., cordw., Queen ab Shacka- 

Leatherby Joseph, grocer, S W Front &. Master 

(K) ' 
Leatherman John, wheelw., 5 Tiller's ct 
Leatherman John, brickl., Sch. 7th ab Cherry. 
Lebo Daniel, tanner, c Orchard St Green's ct. 
Lebon Anth., stonecut., Franklin bel Front (.K) 
LeBoutillier, Brothers, laces, 218 Chestnut 
Le Boutillier Charles, mer., 218 Chestnut. 
Le Bran Charles, gent., 59 N 7th 
Le Brun N., architect, 59 N 7th 
Lece Jonas, St John bel Beaver (K) 
Lechevallier A. ¥., merchant, 41 A Dock 
Lechevallier M. A. R., trimmings, 498 S 2d 
Lechler Adam, lab., 19 Noble 
Lechler Elizabeth, shop, 238 S 4th 
Lechler Henry, morocco dresser, M'Ginley's ct 

bel Swanson e 

Lechler Henry Jr., gunsmith, 133 N Front. 
Lechler John A., gunsmith 35 R road 
Lechler Joseph, cooper, Church ab Prime 
Lechler Wm., victualler, 6th ab Poplar. 
Lechner Jacob, 5 Wistar's ct 
Leconey M. Mrs., milliner, 243 S 10th 
Lecount James, tavern, 98 N 2d. 
Lecount James, carp., 14 Bonsall 
Lecount Joseph, labourer, 30 Bonsall. 
Lecount Mary, 19 Mulberry al 
Lecount Samuel, carter, Cherry ab Brown, (K) 
Lecture Wm., shoemaker, rear 582 S 3d 
Leddon Perriman, combmr., Queen bel Hanover 


Ledyard E. D., bookseller, 73 S 8th 

Lee Alexander, porter, 1 Cresson' 

Lee Andrew, lab., Bedford bel 8th 

Lee Benjamin, 11th bel Coates 

Lee Caroline, chairmr., 5.2 High 

Lee David, carpet manuf., 52 Crown 

Lee David, seaman, Smith's ct (Gaskill) 

Lee Dennis, soapmaker, 3 23 S 5th. 

Lee Franklin, bricklayer and corder. Maiden st 

wharf, h N W 3d and Tammany. 
Lee George, rigger, Marlborough bel Queen. 
Lee George, jeweller, Prune ab Front 
Lee Harman, carp., 359 Lombard 
Lee Hiram W., tailor, 120 G T road 

I.e." .lamer;, lab., Sell. 5th ah Chestnut 
Lee Janus, biscuit baker, rear 150 Spruce 
Lee James, flour and feed, Queen and Shacka- 

Lee James A*j coachman, Parrish bel 10th 
Lee John, gardener, 4th bel Jefferson 
Lee John, chemist, Sch 6th bel Pine 
Lee John, chandler, 256 N3d 
Lcc Joseph, combmr., Jeh'erson pi 
T ce Joseph, 83 N 7th 

Lee Joseph, tailor, 220 Chestnut, h 281 Sassa- 
Lee Joseph R., cordw., 6th n Washington 
Lee J. C, M. I)., dentist, 175 Walnut 
Lee Lewis, seaman, 213 S 7th 
Lee Mat bias II., tailor. 17 Wallace. 
Lee M. Sc E., dry goods, 83 N 7th. 
Lee Ralph, manager Richmond Coal Co., h 

Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Lee Richard, currier, Gay's ct (N L) 
Lee Richard, skin dresser, James bel 10th. 
Lee Richard, weaver, M'Dufhe n Sch 2d 
Lee Robert, carter, S E Burd & Catharine 
Lee Robert M., arty. &. coun., 49 N 6th. 
Lee Sebastian, lab., Sarah n Queen (K.) 
Lee Susan, 7 Pleasant av 

Lee Samuel, mason, Mechanic ab Franklin (K) 
Lee S. & J., dry goods, S E 8th & Mulberry 
Lee Thomas, waiter, Lombard n 11th 
Lee Thomas, gent, Chestnut ab Sch. 6th. 
Lee Thomas 1)., g-rate & fendermr., 16 N 12th. 
Lee T. M. K., sailmaker, 8 N wharves, h 162 

Lee Wetherill, clerk, 38 Wood 
Lee William, cabinetmaker, 92 N 11th. 
Lee William, Sch. 5th Sc Barker 
Lee William, porter, 11 Lisle 
Lee William, jr., carp., Vineyard above Powell 

(P V) 
Lee Wm. A., teacher, G T road ab Otter 
Lee William L., bleeder, F road opp Master 
Lee & Zimmerman, Hour £c feed, Queen and 

Leech Abm., engineer, Franklin above Howard 

Leech Charles, tailor, 370 N 2d. 
Leech Charles W., com. mer., 422 S 4th 
Leech Henry, alderman, 'Washing-ton, (W P) 
Leech John, blacksmith, 114 New Market 
Leech John, shoemr., School n Edward (I\) 
Leech M., blacksmith, Nectarine ab 10th 
Leech Wm., weaver, Philip ab Jeffersoon (K) 
Leedom Elizabeth, 185 Cherry 
Leedom Hannah, 44 Tammany 
Leedom Jonathan, iron mer., 211 S Front and 

210 S Water, h 29 Pine. 
Leeds Ann, 5 Duke. 

Leeds & Baggs, tailors, S W 4th Sc Chestnut 
Leeds Benjamin S., shoes. 1S6 N2d li 182 Nod 
Leeds Charles P., tailor, S W 4th k Chestnut, 

h 298 N 7th. 
l-reds Ezra, !> h, 507 High 
Leeds t.i.leon, gent., 174 N 9th 
L»*eds Gurdon, printing- ink i'c lampblack nianf, 
vL> N 6th 

Leeds Japhetli, shoes, 204 N 2d. 

Leeds Joseph, cap manuf., 2 Commerce 

Spring- Garden ab 11th 
Leeds Joseph, tailor, 554 N 8th 
Leeds Josiah, carp., Wallace bel 10th 
Leeds Margaret, tailoress, 63 N 6th 
Leek John, cordw., 23 Lagrange, h Washingto 

ab 4th 

Lees David, carpet weaver, 83 N 3d, h 52 (.: . 
Lees Henry, victualler, 5th ab Poplar 
Lees Jacob, brickmaker. Poplar & Mechanics 
Lees James, gent, 11th ab Pine 
Lees James, gent., Chancellor ab Sch 7th 
Lees Peter, tailor, 107 Yihe. 
Lees S., grocer, 12th &. Parrish 
Lees Wm., brushmr., 107 Vine 
Lees William, stone cutter, Clifton bel Cedar 
Leeser G., carter, 124 Apple 
Leeser Isaac, reader Jewish Congregati'.'!., 

Cherry, h 118 S 4th 
Le Fevre James, g'ent., 38 Sassafras. 
Le Fevre Peter, 127 ^ N 3rd 
Lefevre Philip, shop, 108 Cherry 
Leffman H., furrier, rear 112 Walnut, h rear -5 

Elfreth's alley 
Leger, Brothers, mers., 13 S Front 
Leger Ferdinand, mer., S W Front St Walnut 
Legg Daniel B., straw bonnets, 30 N 2d. 
Legg Isabella, sempstress, 211 N 10th 
Leggett John, weaver, Front bel Master (K ) 
Lehman Albert, optician, 291 A N 2d 
Lehman Charles, sec. & treas. Manuf. and M 

chanics' S. Institution, h 346 N 2d 
Lehman David, 183 St John 
Lehman David, combmr., Grim's ct 
Lehman Edwin W., mer., 3 N 3d, h 10th a', oi : 

Lehman Elizabeth B., b b, 286 Sassafras 
Lehman George, lithographic artist, rear 4'J 5' 

Lehman George, lab., rear 603 N 6th 
Lehman G. F.'~, M. D.. 144 Pine 
Lehman Henry, cordw., Vine bel 13th. 
Lehman Jacob, carp., 2 Wagner's ct. 
Lehman Jacob S., tailor, Sch. 7th n Sassafras 
Lehman James, waterman, Lancaster & Reed 
Lehman James, lab., Maylandsville (W P) 
Lehman John C, M. D., 320 High 
Lehman Joseph, M. D., Washington. (W P) 
Lehman Mary, dressmaker, 172 Cherry 
Lehman Mary, milliner, 7 Strawberry 
Lehman Morris, fancy box mr., 8 Kenworthi - 
Lehman Peter, drug-gist, 320 High, h 3 Modi 

gomery square 
Lehman S. L., carp., 26 R road 
Lehman Williclmina, wid., Elizabeth bel Pop' 
Lehman Wm. E., gent., 85 Lombard 
Lehr 3c Hoofman, wood wharf, Washington :>•- 

Lehr Philip, tailor, 397 N Front 
Lehr Samuel, grocer, 288 X Front 
Lehr William, grocer, 2S8 N Front. 
Lehr William & Samuel, grocers, 2SS X '■ ■ 
Le. Ilurav Nicholas J., watchmaker & jew • ■• 

172'N 2d. 

Us Huniv Theodore, watchmr., 172 N 2nd 

1 , e Jce John R., 284 Filbert 

Lcib George C, M. D., 8 Colonnade row. 

Lcib Thomas J., Lieut. U. S. Navy, 22S Pine 

i cibeck G. A., blacksmith, 6(>7 N Gth 

1 < ibert Henry, 27 Magnolia 

Leibert John S., land office, 3 Carpenter's ct, h 

200 N 6th 
Leibert W. & Co., lumber mers., Beach ab 

Lcibrandt Charles A., hairdresser, 26 N 6th 
Leibrandt Fred., stove manuf., 235 & 237 N 2d 
Lcibrandt Lewis H., skin dresser, 60 Laurel 
Lcibrandt W. C, skin closer, 7 Ellen (N L) 
Ltich Richard, senr., tailor, 437 S 2d 
I.eich Richard, jr., tinman, 2d 5c Christian 
Leidigh A. N., Kessler 5c Coates 
l.cidigh Jonathan, grocer, 185 N 3rd, h 380 N 

I.eidorfts C. artificial flower mr., 105 St. John 
Leidorffs Philip, gent., 105 St John 
Leidy Conrad, bootmr., 160 N 3d. 
Leidy Man - , 255 St John 
Leidy N. B., M. D. & druggist, 191 N 2d. 
Leidy Philip, hatter, 180 N 3d. 
Leidy Samuel, tailor, Smith's ct. 
Leidy S. S., writing- room, 199 N 6th 
Leidy William B., tailor, 11th bel Cedar. 
Leigh James, Georges, (F V) 
Leight G., boots and shoes, N W Garden & 

Leighton James, printer, Catharine ab Lebanon 
Leighton John, carp., 141 N 12th 
Leighton John, chair mr., Spruce n Sch 5th, h 

Barker n 6th 
Leighton Thomas, Barker ab Sch 6th 
Leighton Thomas, marble yard, 9th & Nectarine 
Lsimer, Alex., gent, applv to F. Klett &. Co., 

N E 2nd and Callowhill 
Leinau George A., com. mer., 78 Crown 
Leinau Hannah, gentw. Buttonwoodab Franklin 
Leinhart Elizabeth, 479 Sassafras 
I. eisenring Daniel M., 509 N 4th. 
Leister Abraham, carp., School n Edward (K) 
Leister Peter, blacksmith, George ab Apple 
Leister Philip, tanner, G T road n 4th 
Leister Sand., cabinetmr., Franklin n School (K) 
Leitch E 41 Penn 
Lcitch Thomas, bookbinder, 51 S 3rd, h 280 

Lc Jambre A , upholsteress, 301 Chestnut. 
Leland Amos, mer., 84 High, h Spruce W Sch 

I-eland Charles, 367 "Walnut 
Leland Sc Guion, Leghorn Sc straw goods, 84 

Leland Lucinda B., teacher, 12 Castle 
Lclar Edwin, coal mer., 6 Oliver's pi 
'-•iar Henry, mer., 87 S Front, h 131 Lombard 
L.hrge Henry, tobacconist, 4 St George's al 
Lclick Jacob, shoemr., Miles' row (K) 
Leman Walter M., comedian, 10th t< Cedar 
Letnarc John, lab., Crown bel Bedford (K) 
'-emmens Leopold, tinsmith, 168 S 3rd 
*- mmon G. T., tailor, 2 Maple 

Lemon Eliza, 14 Parker 

Lemon Jainc:s, tavern, Chestnut & Sch Beach 

Lemon John, bottler, rear 93 George 

Lemon John, store, 298 S 1th 

Lemon John, lab., Pearl ab 1 3th 

Lemon John, shoemr., 3 St Stephen's pi 

Lemon John, oak cooper, rear 35 Beck (S) 

Lemon Leah, washer, Green's ct 

Lemon Stephen, tobacconist, Lily u Green 

Lemon Thomas, lab., 196 Cherry 

Lemont Dennis, tavern, Queen & Wood (K.) 

Lenahan Mary, shop, 7 Small 

Lenci A., plaster former, 87 S 2d, h 37 Union 

Lendaur Gotlieb, tailor, rear 31 Farmer 

Lende Henry, weaver, 5th Sc Thompson (K) 

Lendon George, silk dyer, S E 10th 5c Fitzwater 

Lendon Samuel, dyer, Sch 5th n Lombard 

Lendor John, salesman, 349 Coates 

Leneghan John, lab., 376 Vine 

Leneker Sarah, Atherton 

Leney John, lab., Spaflbrd bel Shippen 

Lennig Charles, druggist, 56 S Front, h N W 

Juniper 5c Filbert 
Lennig F., mer., 56 S Front, h 4S3 Mulberry 
Lennig N. 5c Co., drug, importers, 56 S Front 
Lenoir Francis, cordw., 15 Short ct 
Lenoir James, tobacconist 492 S 2nd 
Lenoir Mary, 22 John (S) 
Lenoir Samuel J., blacksmith, 467 S 2nd 
Lenoir Win, jeweller, 22 John (S) 
Lenon A., tavern, S E 6th 5c Cherry 
Lenox Charles, weaver, GT road and Jefferson, 

Lenox John, carter, Budden s al 

Lenox Murtv, weaver, G T road and Jefferson, 

Lenox Samuel, shoemr., Beach ab Marsh 

Lenox Thomas, weaver, G T road ab Phcenix 

Lenthall John, naval constructor, 27 Christian 

Lentner Ann, dry goods, 143 S 6th. 

Lentner Mrs. Uree, 43 Filbert 

Lentz Catharine, 178 Sassafras 

Lentz George, Cherry ab F road 

Lentz George, blacksmith. School ab Rose (K) 

Lentz H. D., county commissioner, h 327 S 5th 

Lentz Jacob, vict, Hanover n F road 

Lentz John, looking glass manuf, 500 St h 437 

Lentz Margaret, widow, 4 Hinckle's ct. 
Lentz M. B., widow, 8th ab Brown 
Lentz Samuel, cordw., 415 N 4th 
Lentz Samuel, grocer, P road :c Christian, h 

327 S 5th 
Lentz William D., grocer, S W P road and 

Christian, h 327 S 5th 
Lentz Wm., bookbinder, Keen's ct 
Lentz Wm. D. 5c S., grocers, S W P road Sc 

Leo Patrick, coachman. Locust ab Broad 
Leon Ann, shop, 56Ccdar 
Leon Joseph, M. D., S3 Sassafras 
Leonard A., die sinker. 198 Sassafras 
Leonard Charles W., curp., 13 Vernon 
Leonard Charles, weaver, Fitzwater ab 12th 
Leonard Daniel, huckster, Palmer St Duke (K) 

Leonard Frederick, buttonm*., 54 N 5th 
Leonard Harriet, mil', 13th bel Wood 
Leonard Jacob, carp.. Queen n Crown. (Iv) 
Leonard James, William ab Morris F M. 
Leonard John, 1 Beli's ct 
Leonard John, carp., 3 Myers' place 
Leonard John, cabinet mr., 518 S 5th 
Leonard John S., cooper, Schrader's ct 
Leonard Michael, stevedore, 443 S Front 
Leonard Michael, tavern, 252 N Front 
Leonard Patrick, cordw., 199 N Front 
Leonard Robert, bricklayer, Fairview st (F M) 
Leonard Solomon, lab., rear 147 Cherrv 
Leonard Susanna, widow, Harrison place 
Leonard Thomas, tavern, 21S High 
Leonard Win., sailmr. 245 Christian 
Leonard Win, shoemr., Carlton bel Sch 3rd 
Leonard William A., painter, Federal ab 2d 
Leonhard Frederick, tailor. Townsend's ct 
Leoser Jacob, bricklayer, 354 Coates 
Lepage James, cordw., Queen n Shackamaxon 
Lepage John, tailor, rear 64 M road 
Lepage Peter, hair dresser, 311 Chestnut 
Lepean A. A., agent, 35 Commerce. 
Leppien J., mer., 54 S Front, h 101 Spruce 
Lequin Abigail, Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Lequin John, carp., Vienna ab Prince (K) 
Leruauowski L. F., teacher of lantruasres, 154 

S 9th 
Le Sage Thomas H., oil cloth manuf. 177 S 3rd 
Lescure Edward P., jeweller, 12 Noble 
Lesher Catharine, b. h., 241 Catharine 
Lesher Catharine, Prime ab Gray's F road 
Lcsher David M. gardener,P road opp., N Prison 
Lesher Elizabeth, 29 O Y road 
Lesher Jchn, stone mason, Shackamaxon ab 

Leshey Frederick, tailor, 7 Butz's ct 
Lesk George, seaman, 22 Cedar 
Lesley Jacob, cordwr., Riehl's ct 
Lesley Joseph, mer., 103 S Front, h 22 Wood 
Lesley Peter, Sec. Chesapeake and Delaware 

Canal Co., SOh Walnut, h 185 Vine. 
Lesley Robert, hardware, 243 High, h 22 Wood 
Leslie Andrew, grocer, S W 6th St Cedar 
Leslie Jacob, tallow chandler, 74 Cedar 
Leslie James, carp., c Sch 4th & Spruce, h 200 

Lesser Christian, tobacconist, 139 Cedar 
Lesstrange, Thomas, dealer, rear 22 Raspberry 
Lester Peter, bootmaker, 76 N 7th 
Letchworth Albert S., druggist, N W 12th Sc 

Letchworth Elizabeth, N W 12th St. Spruce 
Letford William, bootmr., 145 N 3rd 
Lctourneau Clement jr., turner, 25 Little Pine, 

h 44 Perry 
Letterly G., tobacconist, 153 Poplar 
Leturno Clement, blacksmith, rear 36 St John 
Lenders Anthonv, cabinet mr., Haines 
Levan Isaac, Brown bel 7th 
Levan Jacob, varnisher, Brown bel 9th 
Levan William, grocer, 195 N 3d, h 171 X 7th 
Levan Wm., lab., Franklin ab Palmer (K) 
Lcvcck Charles H., porter, 310 Pine 

Levely Mary, b. h., 342 Chestnut 
Levensten Ann, Sch 7th Sc Lombard 
Levering & Brickman, curriers, 148 S 6th 
Levering Charles, currier, 3 Fetter la 
Levering Charles, morocco dresser, 4th »• 

Levering Sc Clifton, tailors, S E 2nd & Sprw 
Levering Elizabeth, 478 Sassafras 
Levering George A., Washington ab 12th 
Levering Jacob, mer., 18 N Water, h 165 S 
Levering Jacob & Son, mers., 18 N Water, 
Levering Joseph II., M. D., 12th & S Garde:: 
Levering L. S., mer., IS N Water 
Levering Michael, tobacconist, 491 N 3d 
Levering Nathan, cabinetmr., Culvert ab 3d 
Levering Nathan, clothing, S E 2nd Sc Spruc« 

h 139 S 2nd 
Levering Rebecca, 9th bel Carpenter 
Levi Esther, clothing, 208 Cedar. 
Levi Joseph & Co., pawnbrokers, 273 S 3nd 
Levi Lanes, glassmr., 200 Cedar 
Levi Solomon, shoemr., 185 Shippen 
Levick Ebenezer, 240, $c h 242 N 3d 
Levick Ebenezer Sc Co., leather dealers. - 

Levick E. D. Mrs., b. h., 32 Mulberry 
Levick, J enkin3 Sc Co., shoes and leather, I 

Levick Peter, hatter, 144 High, h New ab 3d 
Levick Richard, mer., 150 High 
Levick Robert R., mer., 150 High 
Levick William M., 57 Diliwyn 
Leviestein H. E., mer., 10 George, h 191 P Ri 
Levin Lewis C, editor Philada. Sun, 67 S - 

h 205 S 4th 
Levine David, fur. Sc skin dealer, 79 Chestnut 
Levine Simon, suspender and moccasonrcar^' 

112 Sassafras 
Levis Edmund, 242 Filbert 
Levis H. J., gent., 95 Locust 
Levis Mahlon M., M. D., 236 N 6th 
Levis William, boots Sc shoes, N E 3rd Sc Sa^ 


Levison David, porter, 2nd bel Federal 
Levy Aaron, mer., 90 N 2d 
Levy Abraham, assistant purser, U. S. Navy, •" 

101 Catharine 
Levy Benjamin, dry goods, 4th ab Brown 
Levy E. P., mer., 3 S 4th, h 25 Powell 
Levy Geo. Dunn, lab., 16 Jefferson row- 
Levy Giard, clerk, rear 252 Lombard 
Levy Sc Hart, mers., 90 N 2nd 
Levy H. A., watchmr., 3S1 S 2nd 
Levy I. J., com. mer., 25 Powell 
Levy Jacob J., 25 Powell 
Levy John, sea capt., 17 Queen 
Levy Joseph, mer., 12 St John 
Levy Lewis, bookbinder, 3 Rittenhou>e 
Levy Lewis B., watchmaker, 100 Cedar 
Levy L. J., fancy dry goods, 140 Chest.-,:'. 

276 Spruce 
Levy L. J. Sc Co., fancy dry goods, 140 C ■• 

Levy Patrick, wines Sc liquors, 453 High 
Levy Richard, capt., 58 M road 

Levy Wm. P., mer., 146 Cedar 
LewaUen David, whec'.w., G T ab 2d 
Lewars James E., book-keeper, 313 Sassafras 
Lcwellen A., blacksm., Beach bel Hanover (K) 
r cwellen Joseph, drayman, rear 408 N Front 
Lcwellen Thomas, U. S. Mint, 11 Perry 
I.ewellea Wm., carter, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Lewis Adam, cabinetmr., 10 Franklin pi 
Lewis Albin H., flour St feed, High n Sch. Front 
Lewis Ann, midwife, 546 S Front 
Lewis Anna Maria Miss, S E 12th St Spruce 
Lewis Augustus, fisherman, Queen near War- 
Lewis Austin, carp., Hutchinson 
Lewis A., confectioner, 144 S 5th 
Lewis A. J., mer., 20 N Front, h 292 Walnut 
Lewis Benjamin N., teacher, 359 S 2d 
Lewis Charles, coachman, 4 Poplar ct 
Lewis Charles, printer, Carlton ab 12th 
Lewis Charles, saddler, 19 Wallace 
Lewis Charles S., mer., 58 S whfs., h 33 Pine 
Lewis & Co., mers., 20 N Front 
Lewis Daniel, brushmr., 8 Lisle 
Lewis Daniel D., dry goods, 202 S 2d 
Lewis David, coachman, 54 Quince 
Lewis David, hod carrier, Shirker s al 
Lewis David, oysterman, 6 Somer's ct 
Lewis David P., carpenter, 28 Franklin. 
Lewis Edward, agent, 20 Commerce, h Vine St 

New Market 
Lewis Edward C, tailor, 3 R road 
Lewis Edward H., mate, 3S7 S Front 
Lewis Edwin M., mer., S E Front and Walnut, 

h 13th ab Mulberry 
Lewis Edwin M. Si Co., mers., S E Front and 

Lewis Eliza, trimmings, S W 10th St Barley 
Lewis Elizabeth, 2 R road n James 
Lewis Elizabeth, 98 Locust. 
Lewis Ellen, Catharine ab 9th 
Lewis Ellis, attorney, 128 S 4th. 
Lewis E. J., M. D., S E 11th & Clinton 
Lewis Francis, hatter, 9th bel Ogden 
Lewis Franklin, carter, 5 Baker's ct. 
Lewis Frederick, cabinet mr., Cadwalader ab 

Lewis F. Mortimer, mer., h S W Walnut St Sch 

Lewis George, secty. Union Insurance Co., 6 

Exchange, h 450 Callowhill 
Lewis George, cigarmr., Cherry ab Sch 7th 
Lewis George, porter, 10th bel Callowhill 
Lewis George, carp., 490 Sassafras 
Lewis George, tailor, 221 S Front 
Lewis George, shop, 34 Jnlianna 
Lewis George A., Callowhill ab Broad 
Lewis George F. & Co., copperplate printers, 

NE 4th St Chestnut 
Lewis George F., copperplate printer, N E 4th 

& Chestnut, h 6 Carrollton sq 
Lewis George It., cordw., 45 Chester 
Lewis George T. mer., 135 S Front, h 40 Girard 
Lewis Gilbert, lab., 13 St Mary- 
Lewis Hector, tailor, 194 Christian 
Lewis Henrietta, 332 High 

Lewis Henry, manuf., 198 Noble 

Lewis Henry, mariner, 90 Christian 

Lewis Henry, carp., Barker n Sch 4th 

Lewis Henry, 1 Boyle's ct 

Lewis Henry R., machinist, 490 Sassafras. 

Lewis Hetty L., Union ab 3d. 

Lewis H., vict., Parrish ab 11th 

Lewis Isaac, blacksmith, 511 S 2d. 

Lewis Jacob Jr., tobacconist, 276 Wood 

Lewis Jacob, Clerk Orph. Ct, S House, h 12th 

ab Button wood. 
Lewis James, hatter, 47 Duke. 
Lewis, James, St Co., mers., 135 S Front 
Lewis Jason, slater, Curtis' ct (K) 
Lewis Job, cooper, 58 and 115 N Water, h 

134 N 2d 
Lewis John, vict., Wood bet Garden and 9th 
Lewis John, brickmr., Lloyd bel Shippen 
Lewis John, shocinr., 95 S 2nd 
Lewis John, tavern, 455 High 
Lewis John, hair dresser, 106 Sassafras 
Lewis John A., mer., S E Front and Walnut, h 

S W Walnut & Sch. 7th 
Lewis John A. J., dep. clerk, Orphan's ct„ h 

Wood n 9th 
Lewis John 15., waterman, 159 N Water 
Lewis John B., blacksmith, P road bel Carpen- 
ter, h Washington bel 7t!i 
Lewis John F., mer., h Walnut Si Sch 7th 
Lewis John T., mer., 135 S Front, h Spruce ab 

Lew'is Joseph, waterman, Crown ab Bedford(K) 

T road. 
Lewis Joseph, brickmr., Lombard bel Sch. 2d 
Lewis Joseph, carp., Centre (N L) 
Lewis Joseph, gent., Crown n Franklin (K) 
Lewis Joseph S., coal mer., Broad St Vine, h 

Spruce E Sch. 8th 
Lewis Lawrence, Sec'y. Mutual Assurance Co., 

54 Walnut, h 345 Chestnut 
Lewis Lawrence Jr., mer., 57 S whfs., h 345 

Lewis Lewis, tobacconist, Sch 6th ab Cherry 
Lewis Mary, 300 Cherry 
Lewis Mary, tavern, 354 High 
Lewis Mary Ann, Dugan st. 
Lewis Mary Ann, sweeps, 3 Gray's al 
Lewis Mary Ann, 2 R road n James 
Lewis Margaret, washer, Shirker's al. 
Lewis Michael, pilot, 53 Mead alley 
Lewis Mordecai, white lead manuf., 135 S Front, 

h 497 Chestnut 
Lewis Mordecai D., gent., 32H Chestnut 
Lewis M. St Co., wh. lead manuf, 135 S Front 

and S W Pine and Sch, 8th 
Lewis M. St S. N., mers., 135 S Front. 
Lewis Oliver P., shoes & boobs, S W 2nd and 

Lewis Peter, dealer, 281 & 327 Cedar 
Lewis Priscilla, Barclay n 11th 
Lewis Rebecca, Adams n Perry 
Lewis Rebecca, nurse, .».'_' : 
Lewis Richard, carter Little Oak 
Lewis Robert M., mer, 236 Walnut 
Lewis Samuel, hod carrier, 222 Lombard 

Lewis Samuel, ven. blinds, Gilbert bet 9th. k 

10th, h O V road ab Button wood 
Lewis Samuel, Sch 7th n Filbert 
Lewis Samuel A., mer., 58 S whfs., h 179 

Lewis Sanil. A. 8c Brother, shipping- mers., 58 S 

Lewis Sarah gentw., Crown n Franklin (K) 
Lewis &. Sterling-, com. mers., 57 S Wharves 
Lewis Susanna, shop, Clymer 
Lewis Susanna, tailoress, 20 Man' (S) 

Lewis Saunders, atty. 8c coun., 98 S 4th 

Lewis Sidney Ann, h N W Vine and N Market. 

Lewis S. A., cotton yarn, 214 N 3d, h 294 N 6th 

Lewis S. B., provisions, S E 6th 8c Pine 

Lewis S. N., mer., 135 S Front, h Spruce ab 

Lewis S. Weir, mer., S W Walnut & Sch. 7th. 

Lewis Wharton, 296 Mulberry. 

Lewis William, ccrdw., Duke ab Cherry (K) 

Lewis Wm., brushmr., 3 Baker 

Lewis Wm., plasterer, Tamarind ab Green. 

Lewis William 1)., cashier Girard Bank, house 
Broad bel Spruce 

Lewis William G., salesman, 52 N 8th. 

Lewis Wm. J., teacher, 4th bel Chestnut. 

Lew is Wm. T., grocer, S E Plum Sc 5th 

Levvis William \V\, lab., 10 Coombe's alley 

Lewry Joseph, dry goods, 339 N 2d 

Lewry Stephen, brass founder, 73 Green. 

Lex Adam, porter, 7 "Wells' Row 

Lex Andrew, vict., James ab 10th 

Lex Charles E., atty. 8c coun., 51 N 6th, h 352 

Lex C. F., gent., 283 High 

Lex Elizabeth, gentlw., 147 N 6th. 

Lex Elizabeth Mrs., gentw., 233 High 

Lex George, victualler, 16 Logan. 

Lex Henry, vict., Ann (F V) 

Lex Jacob, grocer, 283 High, house 352 Mul- 

Lex Jacob 11., mer., 283 High. 

Lex Jacob & Son, grocers, 283 High 

Lex John D., sugar refiner, 29 Elfreth'sal 

Lex Lucy, vict., 93 New Market 

Lex Sarah, victualler, 57 Garden. 

Lexey Maria, 12 Fothergill 

Ley Mary, F road opp Bedford 

Leyden Margaret, widow, Spruce n Sch. Front. 

Lhulier Cassimer, jeweler, Christian ab 7th 

Lhulier John, musician, Christian ab 7th 

Lhulier Lewis, Jewell., 5th & Buckley 

Liautier Thomas, tailor, 384 S 2d 

Libe Henry, carpenter, 211 N 10th. 

Liberman A., bootmr., 31 Carter's al. 

Liberman 1)., bootmr., 31 Carter's al. 

Lichtel Jacob, gent., 133 Coates 

Liddle Geo. C, mariner 280 Lombard 

Lieautier John, carp.. Carpenter bel 7th 

Licbrich Conrad, lock and white smith and b 
hanger, 46 S 8th 

Lielh C, lab., Collins' cr, (3) 

Liggett George, tailor, 250 Christian 

Liggett Robert, furniture, 420 High 

Liggett Samuel, carp., 8 Myers ct 

Liggins T., sinker maker, 2d & G T road 
Light Charles, blacksmith, Union n Bedford 
Light Eli W., sash mr., 114 Catharine 
Lightcap Henry, porter, Chatham ab Butti 

Lightcap, Solomon, grocer, 13th &, Irven 
Lighten Wm. B. Rev., 7th bel Federal 
Likens Wm., carp., Corn Sc Square. 
Likes Jacob, tavern, 337 N Front 
Lilley John, cordwainer, 275 S Front 
Lilley John M., stationer, 324 S 4th 
Lilley Mary Ann, sempstress, 265 N Front 
Lilley W. G., cordwainer, 216 S 6th 
Lillibridge Charlotte, 121 New 
Lillis Wm., b. h., Beach ab Warren (K) 
Lilly Henry, weaver, F road n Cherry 
Lilly Jacob, wine mer., 2 Noble 
Limbugh T., cordw., Shackamaxon ab Qu^er. 
Limeburner Alexis, 294 Coates 
Limeburner A. P., trunkmr., N W Willow ? 

New Market 
Limeburner John, b. h., F road opp Queen 
Limeburner Mrs., widow, Coates ab 7th 
Limeburner John, tobacconist, 22 Wallace 
Liming W., gent., 582 S Front 
Linard John R., baker, N E 5th and Lombard 
Linbarger W., chairmr., 7 Goodwill ct 
Linch James, tavern, Small bel 6th 
Linck Christian, fringe manuf., 458 N 3d 
Linck George, carp., c Buttonwood and 11th, 

h S W 10th and Cherry 
Linck Jacob, shoemaker, 90 Callowhill 
Linck John, boot mr., 106 N Sth 
Link F., cordw., rear -61 N Sth 
Lincoln Abel, grocer, 196 and 198 Callowhill 
Lincoln Charles, blacksmith, 15 Juniper lar.e 
Lincoln Elnathan, baker, N E Milton Sc 11th 
Lincoln E., mer., 33 S wharves, h Pine ab yth, 

S side. 
Lincoln E. 8c Co., com. mers., 33 S wharves 
Lincoln Louisa Mrs., Schafter's ct 
Lincoln T. O. Rev., S E 10th Sc Shippen 
Lincoln Wm., paper hangings, 398 High 
Lind 8c Brother, dry goods, 179 High 
Linden Hugh, cabs., Christian bel 9th 
Lindener Andrew, soap boiler, Poplar bel 3rd 
Linder C. Augustus, mer., 107 N Juniper 
Linderman John, cordw., Harrigues' ct (N L) 
Lindhorst Charles, baker, 306 Callowhill 
Lindle Benjamin, mer., Venetian blinds, -13J 5 

Lindley George, blacksmith, G T road bel 

Lindon John, weaver, 12th n Cedar. 
Lindsay Andrew, grocer, Cedar n 13th 
Lindsay Benjamin, labourer, 7 St. JosephV .* 
Lindsay 8c Blakiston, booksellers 8c stal 

N W 4th Sc Chestnut. 8c book binders --' 

Lindsay David, painter, 131 N Sth and 269 v < 

Lindsay Delia, rear 157 Poplar 
Lindsay Elizabeth, Marriott's la bel 5th 
Lindsay G. F., capt & as3t.qr master U S man* : 

corps, 116 S Front 

I/mdsay Hugh A., bookbinder, 2, Marble pi 
Lindsay II. II., halter, 364 High, h George ab 

Sell 6th 
Lindsay John, tailor, 133 S Front 
Lindsay John, comb mr., 162 S 3d 
Lindsay John, weaver, F road be] Master 
Lindsay John, carpenter, 8 Belmont pi 
Lindsay Joseph, furniture car, Cedar bel 13th 
Lindsay Joseph, stone mason, Lemon ab 12th 
Lindsay J. M., bookbinder, 7 Chatham 
Lindsay Margaret, eating house, S E 6th and 

Lindsay Oliver A., bookbinder, 3 Miller's ct 
Lindsay Robert, tailor, 4 Myers ct 
Lindsay Robert, bookbr., 253 High, h Franklin 

ab S Garden 
Lindsay Samuel, grocer, NW 5th Sc Cedar 
Lindsay Susannah, crockery, 44 Julianna 
Lindsay 'William, druggist, 62 New 
Lindsay Win., house painter, rear 298 Sassafras 
Lindsey Ann, 45 Cherry 
Lindsey Edwin G., fruiterer, 5 "Wager's ct. 
Lindsey Jeremiah, tavern, c Callowhill and Sch 

Lindsey John F., pattern mr, 5 Willow (F M) 
Lindsey Joseph, mer., 13 S 2d, h 45 Cherry 
Lindsey Thos., blacksmith, 13th & Green 
Linegy John, porter, rear 13 P road. 
Linensheets Peter, cooper, Cadwalader bel Ox- 
Linerd John, mast mr., 24 Callowhill 

Linnard J. T., hardware, 443 High, h 401 Spruce 

Linnard Margaret, gentw., 13th ab Lombard 
Linnard S. B., lumber yd., 11th & Pine, h 353 

Linnard tk. Sons, lumber mcrs., S W 11th and 

Linnard T. M., him. mer., S W 11th and Pine, h 

•101 Spruce 
Linnard Wm. J., 401 Spruce 
Linns A., tavern, F road ab Phoenix 
Linse Klias, dealer, 120 Cedar 
Linsey Catharine, 9 Perry 
Linsey Hugh, watchman, Coates n Sch 
Linsey Margaret, shop, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Linsey Martha, 101 Cedar 
Linton Benjn., 103 Dillwyn 
Linton Elizabeth, gentw., 34 Mead 
Linton James, lab., Lemon 
Linton James, cordw., 18 Brown (X L) 
Linton John, tobacconist, 17 S 5th, h 299 N 3d 
Linton John L., Sec. Harris. & Lan. R. R. Co., 

16 Exchange, h 50 Filbert 
Linton Lewis, 5 Miller's ct 
Linton M., 299 X 3d 
Linton Robert, lab., 20 Vaux's ct 
Linton Sarah, shoes, X W 11th and Cedar 
Linton Sami., city watch, Lombard bel Juniper 
Linton Wm., waiter, 8 Barley 
Linus A. tavern, F road ab Phcenix 
Lion John, baker, 10th bel Poplar 
Lipman Hymen L. stationer, 139 Chestnut, h 10 
Montgomery sq 

Linford Thomas, mer., 13 & 15 S 3d, h 93 N 9th | 

Ling Joseph, chocolate manf., Shippen ab 12th 'Lipman J:icob, umbrella mr., 235 Cedar 

Lingard Joseph, locksm., 551 S 2nd {Lipman Martha, clothing, 204 Cedar 

Lingen George, M. D., 5 S 9th Lipp Christian, baker, 115 N 9th 

Lingle Hannah, trimmings, 152 Marshall Lipp Joseph.!., upholsterer, 153 S 4th 

Lingo &. Douglass, woodmers., Queen St Whf. (Lipp M. P.., milliner, 158 S 4th 

Lingo Levi, corder, Queen st. wharf, h 363 S 3d|Lippard Mary, gentw., 10th bel Buttonwood 

Lingohr John, lab., S7 St John ILippard Mary, dry goods, 73 S 11th 

Linhart F., shoe mr., Stout's al Lippard Sarah, milliner, 10th bel Buttonwood 

Link Edward, tinsmith, 92 N 6th Lippincott Aaron S., mer., IS S Front, h 369 

Link Martin, baker, 212 S 6th Mulberry. 

Linker Henry, potter, 7 Culvert bel 4th | Lippincott Agnes S. milliner, 369 N 3d 

Linker John," visiter of the poor, Marlborough j Lippincott Barclay, tailor, 24 £: 200 High, h 112 

ab Queen N Front 

Linker Wm., 21 Allen. (K) Lippincott B. Jr., mer., Front and Mulberry 

Links George, lab., rear 30 Cherry Lippincott, Cooper & Co. dry goods, 2S X 4th 

Linley Edward, coachman, Lewis ab Sch 8th Lippincot Elizabeth, dressmr, lou Carpenter 

Linn C. B., mer., 213 J High, h Sch 8th bel Mul- 
Linn Elizabeth H., 6 Madison 
Linn E., Carlton ab Sch 2nd 
Linn Henry, waterman, 6 German 

Lippincott George, turner, rear 134 and h 337 

Lippincott Geo., grocer, 21 Sc 23 X Water, h 41 


Linn John H., mer., 77 S Front, h 10th bel 'Lippincott George E. carp., 238 Coates 

Linn John K., clerk, 224 Green 
L'mn Lewis D., mercht., 8th ab Ce Jar 
Linn Prudence, 2 Sassafrass al 
Linn Robert, ship carp., Beach ab Palmer 
Linnard Sc Brother, hardware, 4*3 High 
Linnard James, mer., 443 High 


I Lippincott & Hams, carps.. Noble bel 6th 
Lippincott John, tanner, l.'>7 X 3d, h X 

Marshall & Buttonwood 
j Lippincott John S., druggist, 104 X 5th 
'Lippincott John S. mer., 28 N 4th, h 7th n But- 
| tonwood 
: Lippincott Jos ;ph, carp., td :n ab 10th 

Linnard James M., lumber mer., S W 11th andj Lippincott Joseph, Lulor, 81 Queen (K) 
Pine, h 399 Spruce Lippincott Joshua, jr., 57 N 2.1, h 210 X 4tli 

Linnard Joseph P., mast yard, Noble k Wash- Lippincott Joshua, sen., president Sch. Nar. 
ington av j Co., 9 Clinton sq 

Lippincott Joshua, sen., gent, 210 N 4th 
' Lippincott Joshua 1?., bookseller, S W 4th and 
Sassafras, h 41 N 4th 
Lippincott J. 15. 8c Co. booksellers, S W 4th 8c 

Lippincott Lewis, tailor, 114N5th 
Lippincott Mary, dry goods, 387 S 2nd 
Lippincott & Parrv, cloth, cassimeres, Sec, 57 

Lippincott S. W., mer., 70 and 72 S Front, h 9 

Clinton square 
Lippincott cc Taylor, tailors, 24 8c 200 High 
Lippincott Thomas, bricklayer, 3S Marshall 
Lippincott Tyler, shop, 4 Harmony court and 

Hudson's alley, h 3S6 S Front 
Lippincott, Way 8c Wolcott, mers,, 18 S Front 
Lippincott Win. V. mer., 28 N 4-th 
Lippincott W., hl74Spruce 
Lipps John, varnish mr., 1 Norris' ct 
Lips E. baker, 105 G T road 
Lips Jacob, biker, N E 12th and Sassafras 
Lips John, brewer, 2d 8c G T road 
Lipsey, Anthony, weaver, Bedford bel 12th 
Lipsey Thomas, manuf., 330 Pine 
Lisby Isaac, porter, 23 Prosperous al 
Lise Josephine, plaiter, 313 Chestnut 
Lish Henry, cordwainer, 188 Cherry 
Lishawa Nicholas, painter, Melon bel 10th 
Lisle Elizabeth, 127 S 2d 
Lisle James, M. D., 87 Mulberry 
Lisle We, tailor, Ball k Little Pine 
List John, jeweller, 355 S 6th 
List Man - , b h, 46 Ann 

Lister Abraham, painter, Juniper 8c Lambert 
Lister A. V. painter, 69 Sassafras 
Lister Joshua, lab., Carpenter ab 12th 
Lister Peter, lab., Carpenter ab 12th 
Lister Thomas S. livery stables, SOU S 4th 
Litchfield Samuel, cordwainer, Grim's ct 
Lithcome Robert, lab., rear 25 Garden 
Lithg-ow Samuel P. lampmr., Jacoby ab Cherry 
Littell E., publisher, 9 Morg-an 
Littell John S., law bookseller and publisher, 23 

' Minor 
Littell Squire M. D., 117 N 9th 
Littigow James, engraver, Pearl ab Nixon 
Little A., lab., 1 Joseph al 
Little Bartholomew, tailor, Filbert n Sch 3d 
Little Charles, grocer, 4th 8c Maria 
Little Charles, cooper, Swanson bel Cedar, 

h Front bel Christian 
Little Charles, lab., Pcinberton's al 
Little Charles, weaver, Rose bel Shippen la 
Little David, barber, 2S2 S 6th 
Little Eli/a, Say bel Sch 7th 
Little Elizabeth, 1G3 N Front 
Little Francis, High ab Sell 2d 
Little George, suspender mr., 145 G T road 
Little George, painter, Olive bel Broad 
Little George F. carpet weaver, 594 N 3d 
' G. ceeper Moy. Prison 

Little James, grocer, Lombard ab Sch 6th 

Little Jemima, dressrr.r., 151 Green 

Little Jchn, carp., Miller's al 

Little John, brass trunk nail mr., 46[Spruce 

Little John C, weaver, 11t New Market 

Little Joseph, cordw., 4 Pratt s ct 

Little Marv, 3 Jenning-'s row 

Little Mary W. 594 N 3d 

Little Robert, lab., Robeson's ct 

Little Robert, dyer, Juniper ab Pine 

Little Robert, lab., Pearl ab Nixon 
Little Samuel, trader, 143 G T road 

Little Stacy, waterman, 6 M'Duffie 

Little Susan, 38 Zane 

Little Thomas, sugar refiner, 11 Sterling al 

Little Thomas J. ship master, Federal b;-i :. 

Little Thomas R., worker in metal, 32 Green 
Little William, weaver, Hanover bel F road 
Little Wm., weaver, 5 Maiden 
Little Wm., grocer, N E 6th 8c Sassafras 
Little Wm., seaman, 49 Penn 
Littlefield Theodore L. lock manuf, 16 Coi 

merce, h N W Sch 5th k Callowhill 
Litzenberg George, brassrounder, 6 Madison 
Litzenberg Joseph, lab., Mulberry W Sch - i 
Litzenberg J. P., grocer, Washington (W p, 
Litzenberg Samuel, shoemaker, Dorothy 
Lively Catharine, washer, 2j Lebanon 
Livens John, lab., Bedford bel Sth 
Livensetter John, collector, 10 O Y road 
Livensetter M. D., convevancer, 88 Mulberr-. 

h 10 O Y road 
Livezey John, gent, 421* Mulberry 
Livezey Jonatlian, 360 Callowhill 
Livezey S., shoes, 310 High 
Livezey Wm., furniture, 225 S 3d 
Livingston John, porter, Marble ct 
Livingston k Lyman, mers., 32 Commerce 
Livingston Walter C, mer., 32 Commerce, fa 

2 Girard 
Lloyd Anna Maria, stovemr., 406 High, h SSJ 

bel I 

1 "■ Hannah L., milliner, 94 Mulberry 
I tie Henry, carpenter, Filbert n Sch'. 6th 
Little James, carp., Lombard ab Sch 2d 
Little Jatncs, dyer, 2 Fairmount av 

Lloyd Christiana, trimmings, Pine 

Lloyd Christiana, milliner, Spruce n Sch Front 
Lloyd 8c Co., grates, fenders 8c stoves, S E 7-- * 

Lloyd 8c Feltwell, Olmsted stove nianufs., -1- 

Lloyd ^ Hutchinson, exch. brokers, 34 S 3rd 
Lloyd Isaac, mer., 53 S wharves, h 8S U 
Lloyd Isaac jr., men, 53 S wharves, h 199 S 
Lloyd Isaac 8c Son, men, 53 S wharves 
Lloyd James, clerk, Franklin n Howard K." 
Lloyd James, manuf., coS N 2d bel Master 
Lloyd John, tobacconist, 95 S 2d 
Lloyd John, broker, 3A S 3d, h 24 Pain 

Lloyd John, waterman, 6 W Cedar 
Lloyd J , cordw., 36 Jul anna 
Lloyd Mary, 464 Cailo. 
Lloyd M., widow, 153 St John 
Lloyd Nathaniel, math. inst. mr., 4th bel Whar- 

Lloyd Richard I.., Rec. Deeds, State House, h 

' 359 N 6th 
Lloyd Thomas, cordwainer, 7 Clark (S) 
1 loyd Thomas, ship carp., Swede's ct 
Lloyd Wm., stone mason, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Lloyd Wm., gent., Sassafras ab Sch 6th 
Lloyd "Win. H., real estate broker, 5H Walnut 
Lloyd Wood, real estate, 70 Lombard 
Lloyd W. II. & Co. hardware, 23 Minor 
Loag David, saddler, S E 4th and Queen 
Loag E. M.| milliner, 35 S 10th 
Loan James, shoemr., Fitzwater hel 6th 
Loan John, seaman, Harmony bel 4th 
Loan Rosanna Mrs., Cedar ab 12th 
Loane Paul, supt. printing- off., 15 Lebanon 
Lobb Benjamin, Locust ab 11th 
Lobdell Stetson, gent., N W 3th and Cherrv 
Lochary Daniel, bottler, 86 S 3d, h 11 Hubbell 
Lochrey John jr., hosiery, 71 Cedar 
Lock David, lab., 6th ab Master (K) 
Lock Samuel, tavern, Beach n Hanover 
Lock Wm., tailor, 20 Commerce, h 115 N 5th 
Lockard L., dentist, 91 Apple 
Locke Andrew, 324 High 

Locke Z., alcohol distiller, 5 Marble St 352 High 
Locke Z. k. Co., alcohol distillers, 5 Marble 
Locken & Galbraith, marble paper mrs., Shep- 

, herd's al 8c Schriver's ct 
Locken James, bookbind., Schriver's ct & Shep- 
herd's al, h 17 Chester 
Locken John, bookbinder, 311 High 
Locken Wm., bookbinder, 309 High 
Locker Enoch, cordwr., 27 Dyott's ct (K) 
Locker George, cordw., 29 Laurel (N L) 
Lock ford John, bootmr., 131 S 2d 
Lockbart Amelia, trimming's, 44 Catharine 
Lockhart Charles, sea capt., Carpenter ab 4th 
Lockhart Frances, b h, S W Shippen &. Front 
Lockhart James, lab., 8 Gabell's ct 
Lockhart John, cabinetmr., Bedford bel Broad 
Lockhart Wm, carter, St Joseph's av 
Lockhart Wm. H. saddler, 108 Union 
Lockman R. W. flour store, 3~0 Callowhill 
Lockman Samuel, waiter, 10 Pleasant av 
Lockmon H., waiter, 1 Crab 
1 ock.ton Mary, shop, 150 S Front 
Lockwood Danl. C. collector, Cherry W Sch 7th 
Lockwood Henrietta, 27 Quince 
Lockwood John, weaver, E Line's ct n Sch 
Lockwood J. J. 504 Chestnut 
'•ockwood O. E. auctioneer, 173 &. h 504 Chest- 
Lockworth Catharine, 89 Buttonwood 
Lockyer Lydia, Beach ab Marlborough 
Lodge John, machinist, 1 Logan 
Lodge John S., macliinist, 29 Iteckless 
Lodge J., machinist, 57 Dock, h S3 Lombard 
Lodor Benjamin, turner, 31 5 Sassafras 
Lodor Jacob A., hatter, 536 High 
Loercher Ulrich, tailor, 5 West 
! ch Henry, shop, 128 X 5th 
Loeser Christian, tavern, 184 Callowhill 
'•oeser John, watchman, Coates ab 9th 
Loewjg G., importer, 23 Chestnut 
Lorland James, sea capt., Prime ab II road 

Lofland Jonathan, U. S. N., rear C2 ?>I road 

Lofiin Wm. J., carp., 16 Sugar al 

Loftis Owen, lab., Reed bel Front 

Logan Bridget, Jones W Sch 4th 

Logan David, carter, R road bel Green 

Logan Henry, g-rocer, 16 Strawberry 

Logan James, 115 S 4th 

Logan James, Sch 5th ab Locust 

Logan John, watchman, Filbert ab Sch 4th 

Logan John W., stone cutter, 8th & Coates, h 

7th ab Parrish 
Logan Joseph, carter, Sch 4th ab Ann 
Logan Luke, stone mason, Charles ab Noble 
Logan Margaret, 236 N 3d 
Logan Mary, rear 126 S 6th 
Logan Patrick, grocer, S W 3d & Gaskill 
Logan Patrick, dealer, 3 Scott's alley 
Logan Peter, mer., 198 S 4th 
Logan Robert M., atty. and coun., 235 N 3d 
Logan Sc Tanguy, dry goods, 369 Higii 
Logan William, silk printer and dyer, 17 

Logan Z., dry goods, 369 High 
Logo John, gold beater, 9 Pear 
Logo John, gold beater, 12 Charlotte 
Logo John & Co. goldbeaters, 9 Pear 
Logo Joseph, tailor, 12 Charlotte 
Logue Charles, tavern, Blackhorse al 
Logue Daniel, shoemr., Sch 4th ab Chestnut 
Logue John, morocco dresser, Maria ab 4th 
Logue John C. tailor, 8 Hubbell 
Logue John J., gent., 7 Lybrand 
Logue Patrick, smith, 97 Bedford 
Logue William, watchman, Sassafras n Sch. 7th. 
Loller Alexander, N. Yard, 6S M road 
Loller Hannah, dry goods, 332 X Front 
Lollor James, cordw., Gray's ct (X L) 
Loman Mary, mantuainr., 13 Sassafras al 
Loman W. N. hairdresser, 54 New, h 13 Sassa- 
fras al 
Lomas Henry, flour i<. feed, 115 N 8th, h 6 Mar- 
ble pi 
Lomas Wm., flour and feed, 115 X 8th 
Lomax Eliza, baker, 90 Locust 
Lomax James, tailor, 11 X 13th 
Lombard Thomas, mariner, Prime ab 2d 
Londew Andrew, carp., 35 Washington 
London James, furniture, 439 High 
Lone Patrick, coachman, 2 Deal's ct 
Long- Abraham, varnisher, rear 13 Plum 
Long Alfred, copperplate printer, N E 4th Sc 

Chestnut, h 41 Budd 
Long Andrew, carter, 15 Helm Lth 
Long Andrew K. silversmith, 2 S 5th, h Car- 
penter ab 10th 
Long Ann, washer, 131 W High 
Long Charles, Coates n Fair Mount 
Long Charles, cooper, 3~4 High 
Long Christian, biscuit baker, 193 X Front, h 

Marshall bel Parrish 
Long David, carpenter, 11 Fitzwater 
Long David, waterman, Front n Prime 
Long D. printer, Sch 6th ab Coates 
Long Edward, seaman, 4th bel Wharton 
Long Elizabeth, widow, 87 Washington av 

Louderback Henry, ship joiner, 16Parham 
I ouderback Isabella, 6th bel Christian 
Louderback Jacob, vict., Da-vies' ct 
1. ouderback Jacob, X E 8th & Spring Garden 
1 .ouderback John, cooper, Bedford bel Hanover 

( oudei back Joseph, bricklayer, Catharine bel 

1. ouderback Mary, 273 S 5th 
Louderback Mary Ann, b. h., 176 N 5th 
Louderback Matthias, tobacconist, 20 Rose al. 
I.ouderback Mrs., sempstress, 20 Rose al 
Louderback M. J., milliner, 142 S 5th 
Louderback Robert W. shipjoiner, Ross ct (S) 
I.ouderback Samuel, bricklayer, Locust ab 12th 
Louderback S. A. milliner, 31 X 7th 
Louge Hugh, lab., Fairview 
Louge John, lab., St Mary ab 7th 
Longhead James, cooper, 24 S Water, h 23 

I.oughead Thomas & Co. blacksmiths, Shippcn 

ab 8th 
Lough ead Thomas, gent., 54 Green 
Loughlin Mary, dressmr., George ab Sch 8th 
Loughlin William, clerk, 215 S 6th 
Loughran James, carter, Shippcn bel Russell 
Loughran Wm. Rev., 2d Sc Jefferson (K.) 
Loughren Peter, lab., Hope ab School (K) 
Loughrey John, boatman, Walnut bel Ashton 
Louchridge Abraham, boatman, Sassafras n Sch 
Loughridge Andrew, lab., Hopkin's ct (K) 
Loughridge Wm. Rev., 10th ab Fitzwater 
Loughridge W. Sassafras n Sch 
Lougue Daniel, coffee roaster, 4th Sc G T road 
Louiset A. D. Sc Co., dyers, 463 N 3d 
Lounsberry George, waterman, 29 Duke 
Lourd John, plasterer, Morris bel Fitzwater 
Lourd Michael, M. D., Cedar ab 11th. 
Loux Moses, carp., Townsend's av 
Lovatt George, carp., 103 Cedar 
Lovatt John, tavern, 316 N 3d 
Love Ann, Edward n William (K) 
Love Benj., atty. Sc coun., 26 George, h Walnut 

n Scli 6th 
Love Giles, conveyancer, 26 George h Walnut 

bel Sch 6th 
Love James, carter, Sch 3d St Harmstcad 
Love James, cooper, Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Love James, lab., Ann n 13th 
Love James, carder, Mechanic (F M) 
Love James, carpet weaver, 275 N Front 
Love John, gent., 102 S 12th 
Love Margaret, Pleasant ab 11th 
Love Mary, Sch 4th & M'Duftie 
Love Matthew, lab., Kinley's ct 
Love Robert,, shoemr., Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Love Thomas, weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
Love Thomas C, tailor, 38 S 3d, h 150 Chris- 
Love William, cordwainer, 4 86 N 3d 
Love Wm., weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
Love Wm., weaver, Shippcn la ab Fitzwater 
Love William H. cloths, 147 High, h 348 X 6th 
Love Wm. J. carp., Lebanon bel Fitzwater 
Loveaire John, confectioner, 469 Chestnut 

Loveaire John, plasterer, Locust ab Sch 3d 

Lovedey Charlotte, washer, Lombard n 11th 

Lovell A. E., Franklin ab Green 

Lovell A. E. clocks, 183 N 3d 

Loveridge Mary Ann, HI S 11th 

Lovering J. S., steam sugar refiner, 27 Church 

al, h 340 Chestnut 
Lovering J. S. & Co., steam sugar refiners, 27 

Church al 
Lovering Wm., paper hanger, Queen bel 4th 
Lovett Aaron, printer, 6 Providence ct 
Lovett Anna, shoebinder, 63 Mulberry 
Lovett Catharine, tobacconist,339 X 2d 
Lovett Elisha, carp., 2nd bel Phcenix 
Lovett John, 47 Prune 
Lovett John, lab., Pine c Sch Front 
Lovett John R., coachmr., Dilhvynab Tammanv, 

h Maiden bel Beach (K) 
Lovett J. E., shop, 47 Chestnut 
Lovett Robert jr., seal engraver, 11 S 6th 
Lovett Rodman, Apple n Creek 
Lovett Thomas, teacher, 163 Catharine 
Lovett William, tobacconist, 31 S 3d 
Low Bennet, hatter, Rye ab Reed 
Low Catharine, nurse, 36 Farmer 
Low Edward, lab., 3 John (S) 
Low Edward, lab., Goodwill ct 
Low Gilbert, carp., 13th ab Poplar 
Low James II., sink cleaner, 'Wood ab Sch. 7th 
Low Joseph J., jeweller, 5 Exchange pi 
Low Michael, weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
Low Thomas, gent., Newton bel Carpenter 
Lowber Bowers, shoes, 230 X 3d, h 219 X 4th. 
Lowber Daniel, tanner Si currier, c Willow and 

St. John, h 2 ( J4 X 3d 
Lowber Edward, gent., 81 Pine 
Lowber Fanny, gentu ., 104 S 8th 
Lowber John 1L, pearlmr., 11 George, h 305 S 

Lowber Sc Wilmer, dye stuffs, 20 S Front 
Lowber W. T., merchant, 20 S Front, h X W 

Walnut Sc Broad 
Lowe Lewis, pilot, Church ab Prime 
Lowe Richard I , grocer, S W 8th Sc Filbert, h 

175 Wood 
Lowe Samuel, engraver, 23 X 2d 
Lowengrund, Gans Sc Brother, tailors, 300 X 2d 
Lower Sc Barron, hardware, 171 X 3d 
Lower George, carp., 4th ab Carpenter 
Lower George G., carp., Charlotte bel George 
Lower Isaac, silversmith, bel Washington bet 

6th Sc 7th 
Lower Jacob, silversmith, 1 Lawrencect 
Lower John, tavern, Front Sc Washington 
Lower Joseph, lab., 4th bel Jefferson i^K) 
Lower R., widow, 60 Green 
Lower Susanna, 254 X 7th 

Lower Theodore O. jeweller, Beach ab Poplar 
Lower Wm., silversmith, 255 Catharine 
Lower William S., 174 X 3d, h 51 Marshall 
Lowerre Benjamin IL, mer., 135 High, h 16 No- 
Lowery Catharine, 4 Gaskill 
Lowery Elizabeth, dressmr., 2dopp George (K) 
Lowery James, weaver, 2d n Master ^K) 

Lowery James, cordw., 6th be] Christian [Ludlow Daniel, coachman, 208 S 7th 

Lowers James, cordw.,2d opp George (K) Ludlow J. L., M. D., 25 Montgomery sq 

Lowery John, furniture, Beach ab Poplar (K) Ludlow John, I). D., Provost of Pa. University, 

Lowery Levis, vict., Vine bel 10th 
Lowery L. jr., provisions, 14 R road 
Lownds J. J., pencilmr., 7 Bank al, h 70 S 2d 
Lownsberry J., ship builder, 1 i Green 
Lowry Abigail, 29 Callowhill 
Lowry Andrew, victualler, Penn ab 15th 
Lowry &. Baker, clothin 

Lowry Benjamin, mer., 61 Almond 
Lowry Comfort, whitewasher, Portland la 
Lowry Emanuel P., vict., Willow ab 8th 
Lowry E., dressmr., 260 S 5th 
Lowry George, messenger, 8 Elmsley's al 
Lowry George W., millwright, Mechanic ab 


25 Montgomery sq 
Ludlow Primus, sawyer, 208 S 7th 
Ludman John, stone mason, Carroll ab 12th 
Ludwick Elizabeth, 9th n Buttonwood 
Ludwick Jacob, cordw., Parrish bel 6th 
Ludwig J. H., tailor, 83 N 2d 
S W Water &. Wal-|Ludwig, Kneedler fc Co., dry goods, 72 N 3d 
|Ludwig Wm. C, mer., 72 N 3d, h 238 N 6th. 
Ludy Adam, baker, Christian bel 8th. 
Ludy Christian, baker, 16 S 10th 
Luebben Henry, shoemr. 8th ab Noble 
Luederitz Wm., baker, 117 Callowhill 
Luff berrv Andrew, boat build., Wood ab Que:- 

Lufl berry John, shipwright. Queen ab Shacka] 

Luff berry John B. carp. Union ab Franklin (K 

Lowry Isaac, flour and grain, N side Almond st 

whf, h 2d ab Greenwich 
Lowry John, mer., N side Almond st. wharf, IvLugan John, lab., Ashton 5c Walnut 

34 Union JLugar George, dyer, Mechanic's ct (N L) 

Lowry John, tailor, S W Walnut & Water, h 22|Lugar John, combmaker, 528 N2d. (K) 

Beck Lukemire Charles, lab., "Wood bel Prince, (K) 

Lowery Justus, corder, Christian st. wharf, h461 jLukenbill Joseph, ostler, 104 Callowhill 

S Front 
Lowry Mary, Pink bel Jefferson, (K) 
Lowry Thomas J., bricklayer, 9th ab Poplar 
Lowry William, cordw., Wood ab Sch 6th 
Lowry Wm. C, ship master, 4S6 S 2d 
Lowth Elizabeth, rear 116 Christian 
Lowther John, lab. 11th bel Cedar 
Loxley Benj. R. Rev., 21 S 4th, h Loxley's ct. 
Loxley G. W, Loxley's ct 
Loxlcy Richard, gent., 117 Mulberry 
Loyd Ann, Bedford ab 7th 
Loyd Deborah, cook, Eagle ct 
Loyd Joseph, carp., 109 Buttonwood 
Loyd John, 7th ab Noble, h 24 Palmyra sq 
Loyd Thomas, jr. trimmings, 41 N 8th 
Lo\d Win. gent., N E 5th Sc Chestnut, h Sas- 
safras n Sch. 7th. 
Loyle John, ladies' shoemr., 356 Coates 
Lubee Nathaniel, lab. Clay ab Willow 
Luberg Christiana, dry goods, 358 S Front 
Lubee John, lab. Spruce 8c Ashton 
Lucas Eleanor, 137 N 9th. 
Lucas Eleanor, 18 Lombard 
Lucas Francis, Jr., mer., 395 S Front 
Lucas Francis, 395 S Front 
Lucas Henry, weaver, 54 W Cedar 
Lucas James, trader, 203 G T road 
Lucas John, shoemr., 150 Spruce 
Lucas Joseph V., grocer, 11 and house 196 

N Front 
Lucas & Sharp, grocers, 11 N Front 
Lucas Thomas, weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
Luce Joseph, cordw., 5 Vernon 
Luce William, carp., Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Luchbaum Frederick, tailor, 73 S 2d 
LucJisiinger H. carpet weaver, 291 N 2d 
Ludenburgh John, carp., rear 2 Ogden. 

Lukens Able, tavern, 242 N 2d 

Lukens Abraham, mer., George bel 5th (N LI 

Lukens Abraham, watchman, N L Eank, h 

Brown ab 4th 
Lukens Amos, confect., 49 N 4th 
Lukens Andrew, flour mer., 448 N 2d 
Lukens Benjamin, drayman, Poplar bel 7th 
Lukens Charles, lab., 4S0 N 4th 
Lukens Charles, M. D., 336 Mulberry 
Lukens Chilion, cabinetmr., 140 Brown 
Lukens Comly S., carp., Brown bel 9th 
Lukens Sc Derr, cordws. 4th ab George 
Lukens Edith, confect., 49 N 7th 
Lukens Edward, merchant, 105 High, h 37 

Lukens Elizabeth, shop, 10th ab Parrish 
Lukens Elizabeth, 181 Green 
Lukens George, lab. Taylor's ct 
Lukens Isaac, stonemason, 231 Wood 
Lukens Isaiah, machinist, 305 High 
Lukens James, dry goods, 156 N 8th 
Lukens John, shoemaker, Cadwalader bel Ox- 
ford (K) 
Lukens Jacob, clerk, S W Juniper & Cherry 
Lukens Jonathan, gent., 113 S 3d 
Lukens Mahlon, 144 Poplar 
Lukens Mary, Lemon n Orange 
Lukens Mary Ann, 235 Mood 
Lukens M. j"., saddlery, 102 High, h 113 S od 
Lukens Nathan, shoemr., Brown ab 4th 
Lukens Seneca, watchman, 20 Rachel 
Lukens Silas, stone mason, 358 N 10th 
Lukens William, stone mason, Poplar bel 7'- 
Lukins Reuben, rlour, N W 3d and Noble, h - 

N 4th 
Lulburn John, jr. leather & findings, 449 IP- '■' 
Lum Letitia, rear 3S0 S 2d 

Ludcnburgh Samuel, weaver, 8 Harrison's ctlLumb Harold, bonnet presser, rear 14 Plum 
(K) Lumbery John C, painter, 6th bel Christian 

Ludlcy John, lab. Queen bel 5th Lunibrcy James, tinner, 6th and Hallowcli 

Lund Charity, confectionary, Green £c Marshall 
Lundburg John, seaman, Peed hel Front 

Lvnch John, lab. Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Lynch John, lab., Seh. 2d & Mulberry 

uneren John S., teacher, 83 S 3d, h 161 N 7th Lynch Jonas, shoemr. Atherton 
nneren John S.. clerk, 161 N 7th [Lynch Joseph T. oak cooper, rear 24 Mead 

Lyndall Mary, gentw. 10th bel Pleasant 

I ungren Wm., coal office, 293 Walnut 

Lunn Mrs., b. h. 8th bel Green 

I.unny Patrick, lab., Sch. 6th Sc Wood. 

Lupoid Samuel, miller, Washing-ton bel 13th 

Lusby John, shoemr. Sth ab Carpenter 

Lush John, printer, Carpenter bel 10th 

Lusher Wm. sawyer, Cedar ab Sch 5th 

Lusk Joseph, painter, F road bel Master. 

Luther Robt., bricklayer, 20 Itittenhouse 

Lutts Henry, cedar cooper, N E 6th 3c High, h 

21 Brown 
Lutts Henry, lab. Cobb's ct 
Lutz Almond, packing - box mr. 7 Elfreth's al 
Lutz Charles, gardener, loth ab Christian 
Lutz Charles, cordw., Court al. 
Lutz & Clark, grocers, Front ab Franklin (K) 
Lutz Frederick, vict, Parrish ab 10th. 
Lutz F., tobacconist, G T road ab Master _ 
Lutz Geo., shipwright, Shackamaxon n Prince 
Lutz Jacob, vict., Lowry's ct. 
Lutz Jacob, brickmr. Vienna ab Duke (K) 
Lutz John P., wheelwright, Queen ab 2d, h Ev- 
ans bel Prime 
Lutz John P., vict., Pleasant ab Charles 
Lutz Joseph, carp., 6 Garrigue's ct 
Lutz J., wheelwright, Sch. 4th 8c Callowhill. 
Lutz Martin, saddler, court. Vine n 13th 

Lynch Mary, milliner, 18 S 12th 

Lynch Matthew, brewer, Pollard's al. 

Lynch Matthew, coachmr., 9th and Depot 

Lynch Patrick, lab., Fairview 

Lynch Thomas, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 

Lvnch Thomas, clerk, Mechanics' Bank, h 90 

Lynch Timothy, bookseller, N E 6th &. Chest- 

nut, h 24 Prune 
Lynch Urban, cabinetmr, 4 Prune 
Lynch William, gent., 4 Portico sq 
Lvnch Win., blacksmith, rear 55 Plum 
Lynd James, senr., 85 Marshall 
Lyndall Henjamin, blindmr., 129 S 2d, h Front 

bel Christian 
Lyndall Mary, 345 S 2d 
Lyndall Robert, cabinet maker, 203 S 4th 
Lyndall Wm. watchmr. 216 S 2d 
Lyndall Wm. B., carp., Sch 5th ab Mulberry 
Lynmire Ellison, sea captain, 58 New Market 
Lynn John, ship joiner, Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Lynn Matthew, ship carp. Hanover ab Bedford 

(K ) 
Lynn Samuel M., convevancer, 3 Carpenter's ct 

h315 N 6th 

Lynn Wm. waiter, 63 Union 

Lyon Philip, lailor, Randall's ct 

Lutz Samuel, salesman, 267 N 7th 

Luzenberg E. C, barber, Beach bel Maiden (K) Lyon Samuel, Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Lvbrand C. D., brickmaker, h 38 Filbert ! Lyons Ann, widow, rear 172 Pine 

Lybrand Henrv J., trunk Sc harness mr., Crown! Lyons Anne, rear 117 Christian 

bel Bedford, (K) I Lyons Catharine, shop, 24 Carter's al 

Lvbrand Joseph,' 181 Soring- Garden I Lyons Edmund, shoemr. Hallowell n 7th 

Lybrand Margaret, layer out of dead, Crown belt Lyons Edward, bricklayer, 12 Wilhng's al 

Bedford (K) 
Lybrand Margaret, gentw., 135 N 9th. 
Lycett Edward A. bookbinder, 28 Perry 
Lye E. Mrs., medicines, 385 High 
Lye Henry, surveyor, 385 High 
Lylburn John, clerk, 58 Sassafras 
Lyle IT. lab. Maria bel 5th 
Lyle James SI., printer, 4 Beck's court. 
Lyle James P., clerk, h 354 S 3d \ 

Lyle Jane R., Weccacoe n Queen 
Lyle Marv, 46 Almond 
Lyle Thomas, shipmaster, 44S S Front 
Lyman Charles A., men, 32 Commerce, h 136 

Lyman Maria, tailoress, 6 Man's ct 
Lynch Bartholomew, weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Lynch Daniel, lab.. Mulberry ab Sch. Front 
Lynch David, labourer, Morgan's ct 
Lynch David, grocer, 195 S 4th 
'•Mich Dennis, b. h. 73 N Water 
Lynch Edward, paver, Stanley st. 
Lynch Guy, lab. Lombard E Sch 6th 
Lynch James, boatman. Pine bel Willow 
**) nch James, carter, Mulberry n Sch. 2d 
'■.' nch James, 99 Vine 
1 >uch John, sexton, 2d bel Master, (K) 
Lynch John, stocking weaver (W P) 

Lyons Eleanor, Sch 8th ab Walnut 
[Lyons F., gent., 227 S 9th 

Lyons George, weaver, 9th and Christian 
I Lyons Hannah, sempstress, Christian bel Church 
j Lyons James, lab., Bedford n 12th 

Lvons John, drayman, 14 Parker (S) 
I Lyons J. & Co. milliners, 23 S 2d 

Lyons Mary, Wood ab Sch. 6th 

Lyons Patrick, 1 Pleasant ct 

Lyons Samuel, 23 S 2d 

Lyons Sarah, widow, Hubbell 

Lyons Thomas, shoemr., Pine alley 

Lyons Thomas, grocer, 481 N 2d 

Lyons Wm. weaver, Sch Front n Spruce 

Lysingcr Joseph S. blacksmith. S W 9th and 

M'Adim James, tavern, S E Vernon and Cedar 
M'Adam Thomas, teacher, George ab 11th, h 12 

City Row 
M'Adoo Sarah. 25 N 13th. 
M'Afee Jacob, hotel, Lan. Turnpike (W P) 
M'Afee John, weaver. Shippen ab 12th 
[M'Afee Michael, dealer, 9 P road 
Nl-Afee Robert, grocer, 198 Cedar 

M'Aleer Charles, lab. Lombard W Sch 7th 
M'Aleer James, lab. 5 Middle al 
M'Aleer John, grocery, 10th & Willow 
M'Aleer Matthew, grocer, 6 Little Dock. 
M'Aleer Win., lab., Sch. Beach 8c Spruce 
M'Allister Charles, shoemr. 123 Locust 
M'Allister &c Co., opticians and cane manuf., 48 

M'Allister Enos, shoemr. 39 Crabb 
M'Allister Henry, tavern, High ab Sch 6th 
M'Allister John, gent. Mantua Village 
M'Allister John, grocer, S W 8th and Sassafras 
M'Allister John jr., weaver, Pearl n Sch 
M'Allister John, jr. mer. 48 Chestnut, h W Penn 

s 'l 
M'Allister Margaret, dry goods, 105 N 9th 
M'Allister Handle, painter, 19 Mercer 
M'Allister Robert, bookseller and collector, 4 

M'Allister W. V., optician, 48 Chestnut, h 45 

M'Alonan John, eordwr., Vine bel 12th 
M'Alpin Janus, gent, Mantua Village 
M'Alvee Andrew, turner, 13th and Cedar 
M'Anall James, lab. Korndaffer's ct 
M'Anall James, shopkeeper, 134 S 10th 
M'Anall John, bookbinder, Vine ab 12th 

M'Bride Francis, distiller, S W 12th & Cedar 
M'Bride John, lab., Murray ab Sch 3d 
M'Bride John, machinist, Hope ab Master ; K 
M'Bride John, lab., Factory* 
.M'Bride John, weaver, Marlboro' ab Duke 
M'Bride John, ship smith, BeUiesda row 
M'Bride John, tavern, X W "Water and Pine 
M'Bride John, weaver, S Garden retreat 
M'Bride John, stonecutter, Hope ab Frank 

M'Bride Mary, Harmstead n Sch 2d 
M'Bride Michael, lab. Pine bel Beach 
M'Bride Michael, tavern, S VV Almond Sc Swan- 

M'Bride Michael, lab.. High ab Sch. 2d 
M'Bride Nathan., blacksm., M road bel Wharton 
M'Bride Patrick, manuf., 555 N 4th 
M'Bride Patrick, lab. Cedar n Sch Water 
M'Bride Robert, F road n stone bridge 
M'Bride Robert, pipe layer, Say n Sch 7th 
M'Bride Sam'l., manuf., Hamilton n John (F M 
M'Bride Thomas, manufacturer, N E Front and 

Haydock, and 13 X3d 
M'Bride T., weaver, Pern's ct 
M'Bride AVm., carter, Locust n D road (W p 
M'Bride Wm.J. grocer, Queen & Shackamaxon 


M'Anally Edward, grocer, N W Sch. 8th and|M'Burney Andrew, clerk, Lombard n Sch 2 1 
Sassafras M'Burney John, gardener, Fulton ab Cathai r 

M'Anally James, lab. Spruce & Sch Front M'Burney Samuel, 113 N 3d 

M'Anally Michael, grocer, S "VV 4th 2c German I M'Burney Samuel, manuf, Lombard ab Quince 
M'Analy John, weaver, Carpenter bel 11th |M'Cabe Bernard, tailor. Sch 7th 8c Cherry 
M'Analy John, lab., M'Duffie n Sch. 2d j.M'Cabe Hugh, grocer, S E 6th and Lor.,'- it . 

M'Anamy James, watchman, Schuylkill 8th belpl'Cabe Michael, lab., Shippen la, & Catharine 


M'Anany Wm. weaver, 7th ab Fitzwater 
M'Anary John, lab. Mackey ab 2d 
M'Anaw M., blacksmith, 13th bel Lombard 
M'Aniny Edward, coachman, 15 Farmer 

M'Cabe Michael, lab. 3 Sch Water 
| M'Cabe Patrick, lab. Sch Bank n Cedar 
i M'Cabe Patrick, carter, Carpenter ab 9th 
| M'Cabe P. boatman, Ashton n Walnut 
'M'Cabe P. M., weaver. Wood ab Sch 7th 

M'Ardle Arthur, weaver, Shippen la ab Catha- M'Cafferty A., bonnet presser, 157A S 2d 

M 'Arthur Daniel, tailor, 268 Shippen 

M'Arthur John, sawmr., 268 S 6th 

M'Arthur John, carp., S W 10th and Pine, h 8 

Jefferson Row 
M'Arthur John, lapidist, 5 Dorothy 
M'Atee Thomas, grocer, G T road and 4th 
M'Ateer Patrick, brickmr. Lombard E Sch 6th 
M'Auley John, lab., Carlton ab Sch 7th 
M'Auliffe Patrick, grocer, 13 1 Locust 
M'Avee Michael, Reed bel Front 
M'Avoy Edward, shoemr. 321 High 
M'Avoy Francis, bottler, S E 6th k Fit/water 
M'Avoy James, tavern, N W New Market and 

M'Avoy John, M. D., G T road bel Phoenix 
M'Avoy Richard, grocer, 36 Brown 
M'Avoy Thomas, lab. 7th ab Fit/water 
M'Ueth John, weaker, Bedford ab 12th 



M'Cafferty Barnev, ovsters, 86 Gaskill 
M'Cafferty Bridget, dealer, 20 Small 
M'Cafferty Edward, weaver, Cedar bel 13th 
M'Caiferty Matthew, watchman, 96 Plum 
M'Catfrey Alexander, lab. Queen bel Cher:;- K 
M'Caffrey Cecilia, Front ab Master (K) 
M'Caftrey Hugh, victualler, c Shippen and Sh ; 

pen lane 
M'Caffrey James, lab., 149 Poplar 
M'Caffrey Patrick, drover, 178 Shippen 
M'Cahcn'john J. 398 N 6th 
M'Caliey James, shop, 11 New Market 
M'Cahey Patrick, coal office, 78 N 3d. 

Sch. George 
M'Caige Danl., lab., 9 Dean 
M'Cain James, weaver. G T road bel Flicri - 
M'Cain Wm., weav., Fitler bel Harrison (t • 
M'Caldrick Robert, tailor. Front ab Reed 
M'Call Andrew, grocer, 204 Shippen 

Alexander, w eaver, Sch 4th & M'Duffie M'Call Archibald, printer, 25 John (S) 

Andrew, distiller, G T road and 2d 
' ; ' : '' ! ' Barnev, skin dresser, 7th ab Poplar 
M'Bnde Charles, lab., Grisvold's alley 
" ! ' ! ' dc Daniel, tailor, 22 N 12th 
M'Bride Edward, lab. Pine ab Willow 

M'Call Eleanor, 12 John (S) 
iM'Cal] ('.. ('., gent., .J_3 Chestnut 
'M'Call Hugh, lab. Palm 
M'Call James, lab. Aditon n Pine 
M'Call James, drayman, 13 Ann 

M'Call John, 128 S Water 

M'Call John, grocer, S E Front and Catharine 

M'Call John, carp., Marriott's la ab 5th 

M'Call John, drayman, 9 Ann 

M'Call Joseph, carpenter, 12th n Lombard 

M'Call L. lab. Palm 

'u'Call Maria, lemon sirup, 6th bel Christian 

M'Call Mary, 371 Spruce 

M'Call Moses, stone cutter, 5 Gabell's ct 

M'Call Patrick, carter, Carpenter bel 11th 

M'Call P., att'y & coun., 100 S 4th 

M'Call Robert, steward U. S. Naval Asylum, h 18 

W Cedar 
M'Call Robert, gent., 323 Chestnut 
M'Call Robert, porter, rear 8th ab Carpenter 
M'Calla Alexander, weaver, Svcamore ab Locust 
M'Calla Andrew, hatter, 254 High, h 177 N 7th 
M'Calla Auley, agt. Camden Bank, 12 Church al 
M'Calla Charles, clerk, 16 Sansom 
M'Calla Edw.mer. l'J N 2dhWoodab Franklin 
M'Calla George, weaver, "Wagner's al ab Fitz- 

M'Calla George, tailor, rear 19 Farmer 
M'Calla Sc llerse, mers., 19 N 2d 
M'Calla James S. printer, 12 Pear h 421 S Front 
M'Calla John, 5 N 11th ab High 
M'Calla Robert P., 18 Dean 
M'Calla Sanford, com. mer., 175 N 13th 
M'Calla & Stuckert, hatters, 252 High 
M'Calla William, collector, 5 N 11th 
M'Callaher Patrick, cabman, rear 125 Plum 
M'Calley Robert, carp. 9 Smith's pi 
M'Calley Robert, senr., 3 Wells' Row 
M'Callister A. lab. Lombard rt Sch 2d 
•M'Callister Charles, cordw., 6th bel Carpenter 
M'Callister Eliza, Ann n 13th 
M'Callister James, bookseller, Lombard near 

M'Callister Robert, lab. Richard 
•M'Callister Samuel, author, Fox's ct 
M'Callister Win. blacksmith, Reed bel Front 
M'Callmont George F., manuf., 12 Commerce 
M'Callum Andrew & Co. carpets, 87 Chestnut 
M'Callum Catharine, dressmr., Adams bel 13th 
M'Calmont Mary, widow, 66 S 12th 
M'Calvey James, pattern maker, 90 Cherry, 

h Sch. 7th n Vine 
M'Calvy Edward, trader, Fraley's ct (K) 
M'Calvy James, dealer, Beach ab Marsh (K) 
M'Calvy James, police off., Fraley's ct (K) 
^'Cambridge John, clerk, 6 North 
^-Cambridge Mary, O'Morrin's ct 
M 'Cambridge Richard R. 186 Sassafras 
M'Canimen S., lab., George, (F V) 
M'Cammon David C, gent., 123 Lombard 
M'Candless David, grocer, Lombard ab Sch. 6th 
vl 'Cane John, lab. 158 S Water 
•"'Cane Wm. lab. Lombard n Seh 4th 
1 Canles John, grocer, 13 S Front, h 106 Sassa- 
M'Canless Mrs. 49 Perry 

k *'CanIess Thomas, peddler, Sch 3d n Lombard 
I'Cann Aaron, tanner, St. John ab Beaver 
M'Cann Bernard J. printer, Grim's ct 
M'Cann Catharine, Sch 4th n Lombard 

M'Cann Edward, lab. M'Pride's ct 
M'Cann Edward, gent., 233 Christian 
M'Cann Eleanor, confectioner, 241£ S 2d 
M'Cann Francis, lab., (lark ab 3d 
M'Cann George, upholsterer, Dugan bel Spruce 
M'Cann Henry, weaver, Rose bel Broad 
M'Cann Henry, 4th & Pine al 
M'Cann Henry, weaver. Carpenter n 7th 
M'Cann Hugh, lab. 257 N Front 
M'Cann James, lab. 9 Prosperous al 
M'Cann James, lab., rear 11 Blackberry alley 
M'Cann James, collector, 161 Shippen 
M'Cann James, lab., S E George _<<. Cedar 
M'Cann Jane, Vine ab 13th 
M'Cann John, carter, Milton ab 10th 
M'Cann John, weaver, Lombard n Sch. 7th 
M'Cann John, lab., Mulberry st. whf. Sch 
M'Cann John, lab., 2 Shaffer's ct 
j M'Cann Mary, 29 Crabb 
! M'Cann Matthew, chandler, 33 Garden 
M'Cann Peter, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
M'Cann Wm., blacksmith, 12th and Pine 
M'Cann Wm. G., gent, 36 Franklin 
[M'Canna Isabella, 20 Cvpress 
M'Canner Francis, lab. rear 112 Cherry 
M'Cannon Mary, shop, 305 S 6th 
M'Caraher Alexander, mer., 206 Noble 
M'Carney Arthur, tavern, N W Green & Wash- 
ington av 
M'Carney John, lab., Reed bel Front 
M'Carney John, labourer, Bedford ab 6th 
M'Carney John, lab. Sch 2d ab High 
M'Carren Elizabeth, bottler, 150 N 13th 
M'Carren Jacob, clerk, 319 S 6th 
M'Carren John, shoemr., Lombard n Sch 7th 
M'Carren John. lab. Pearl ab 13th 
M'Carren Michael, la!). Vine bel Seh 3th 
M'Carren Win. lab. rear 94 N 11th 
M'Carroll Philip, boatman, Sch Maiden Lombard 
M'Carroll Robt. police off*., Jefferson ab Sch 6th 
M'Carry James, tavern, Chestnut & Beach 
M'Cart Charles, lab., Cooper 
M'Cart Rd ward, lab. Smith's ct 
M'Cart. Mary, Say st 

M'Cartau R. tailoress, Sycamore ab Spruce 
M'Carter Alexander, carp., 13th ab Shippen 
M'Carter James, carter, Washington ab Wood 
M'Carter James, lab., Lane's ct 
M'Carter Richard, miller, 8 Charles' Place 
M'Cartey Hugh, lab. oG Small 
M'Cartey Timothy, 5 Northampton ct 
M'Carther Charles, lab. Lombard . Sch Water 
M'Carthy Daniel, junk shop, 92 S wanson 
M'Carthy John, carp. Rose bel Broad 
M'Carthy J., shop, 2 Perry 
M'Carthy Man, 616 N 3d 
M'Cartney Catharine, 6 Diamond 
M'Cartney Francis, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d (K) 
M'Cartney Henry, tavern, \ in : ab Broad 
M'Cartney James, weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
M'Cartney Reuben, lib., 7 Myers' ct 
M'Cartney Wm., camp hi ne oil, 5th bel Shippen 
M'Cartney Wm- milkman, 21 I 'it 
M'Carty Aaron, taverni, Beach a Maiden 
M'Cartv Ann, Mulberrv ab Sch. 2d 

M'Carty Daniel, lab., Otter ab School (K) 

M'Carty Daniel, baker, Fames' ct. 

M'Carty Daniel, lab. 2 Grape ct 

M'Carty fc Davis, stationers, 171 High 

M'Carty Edward, lab., Washington (W P) 

M'Carty Edward, weaver, 3 Mechanic 

M'Carty Elizabeth, 136 S 12th 

M'Carty John, bricklayer, Rose bel Broad 

M'Carty John, tailor, Willow ct 

M'Carty John, iron dealer, 189 N Front 

M'Carty John, cooper, Marker ab 2d 

M'Carty Mary, Centre bel 13th 

M'Carty Michael, dealer, 16 Fayette 

M'Carty Patrick, lab. Prospect al 

M'Carty Rachel, SO N 6th 

M'Carty Thomas, lab., 1 Grape ct 

M'Carty Thomas, lab., 14 Fitzwater 

M'Carty Wm. paper manuf., 25 & 27 N 5th 

M'Carty Win., lab., John's ct. 

M'Cart'v Win. stone cutter, R road ab George 

(F A ) 
M'Cathen Samuel, weaver, Front bel Master (K1 
M'Caulev Archibald, blacksmith, Jones n Sch 

M'Cauley Arthur, dry goods, 534 N 2d 
M'Cauley Cornelius, 'morocco dress., 174 Cedar, 

h 204 S 4th 
M'Cauley Daniel, carp. 38 Bread 
M'Caulev Dennis, lab., Fitzwater n 7th 
M'Cauley Edward, lab. 2 Wash. Market pi 
M'Cauley George, lab. Sch Front n Spruce 
M'Cauley James, moulder, 16 Clark (S) 
M'Cauley James, lab. Murray n Sch 3d 
M'Cauley James, bricklayer, Union ab West(K) 
M'Cauley John, watchman, Lombard n Sch 8th 
M'Cauley John, stock and exch. broker, 5 Com- 
merce, h 152 S 10th 
M'Cauley Margaret, Lombard n Sch 8th 
M'Cauley Michael, Pegg and Emlen 
M'Caulev Neal, 327 S 6th 
M'Cauley Neal, manuf. 610 N 2d 
M'Cauley Patrick, trunkmr. 160 S 4th 
M'Cauley Robert, trunkmr. 2 Baxter's ct 
M'Cauley Thomas, shoemr., Kinlev's ct 
M'Cauley Wm., feed store, Federal and P road 
M'Causland Alice, Sch 6th bel Cherry 
M'Causland Margaret, Sch 4th & Earker 
M'Caw Matthew, clothes dealer, 108 Cedar 
M'Cawl John, shoe store, 41 P road 
M'Cawley John, mer., 417 Chestnut 
M'Cay Jane, teacher, 26 Allen ab F road 
M'Cay Sarah, teacher, 26 Allen ab F road 
M'Chesney Mary, Supert. Female Hos. Soc. t 

Apple-tree al 
M'Clain Andrew, waterman, 66 Catharine 
M'Clain Andrew, grain measurer, M road 

M'Clain Alexander, 8 Vaux's ct 
M'Clain Archibal I, lab. 13th bel Catharine 
M'Clain David, lab., S Cooper's ct 
M'Clain Hugh, carpenter, 8 Juniper lane 
M'Clain James, cotton spinner, Cadwalader ab 

Franklin (K) 
Vl'Ctain Mrs., 221 Callow .kill 
M'Clain Robert, porter, Juniper ab High 

M'Clain Thomas, blacksmith, 16 Washing 

Market pi 
M'Clain Wm. B. shoemr. 11 Beck pi 
M'Claine Richard, tinman, 6 Ellet'sav^ 
M'Clane A., grocer, Noble 8i O Y road 
M'Clane George, seaman, 154 Pine 
M'Clane James, waterman, Swanson bel Wash- 
M'Clane John, stone cutter, P road ab Carpen- 

M'Clane Sc MTarland, grocers, High W Sch "I 
M'Clane Robert, spin., Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
M'Clane Thomas, weaver, Dyott'sct (K) 
M'Clane Wm., lab., Sch 5th n Cedar 
M'Claranan James, marble mason, Sassafras r. 

Juniper, h 1 Lybrand 
M'Claren Edward, weaver, Pine & Sch Front 
M'Claren James, Railroad clerk, 22 New Market 
M'Clarn Henry, blacksmith, 74 S Front 
M'Clary George C. furniture car, Allen ab Han- 

over (K) 
M'Clary Elizabeth, nurse, Crown nrranklmf K 
M'Clary John, gent., 4th ab German 
M'Clarv Joseph, bricklayer, Franklin n Union 

M'Clarv Joseph, weaver, Fitler n Montgomery 


M'Clarv Wm. plasterer, 469 Chestnut 
M'Claskey Catharine, 13 Little Pine 
M'Claskev Catharine, 57 M road 
M'Claskey Charles, butcher, Lancaster ab Re< 
M'Claskev George, brickmr. Sch 5th &. CeoV 
M'Claskev Henrv, drayman, Ann ab Sch 8th 
M'Claskev Hugh, carter, Wheat ab Reed 
M'Claskey James, constable, 4th &. Clark 
M'Claskey Mary, shop, 513 S 2d 
M'Claskev Patrick, lab. Lynn (F M) 
M'Claskey Richard, shoemaker, Oxford belo-' 

Front (K) 
M'Clatchey Robert, auctioneer, S E 10th ana 

Cedar , 

M'Clav Andrew, lab., 2 Myers' ct. 
M'Clav James, gas works. Spruce bel'Sch Fron' 
M'Clay John, cordw., 2d bel Christian 
M'Clay Joseph, tavern, Callowhill n John 
M'Cle'an Ann, 492 S 2d 
M'Clean David, alderman, office Shippen am 

11th, h 10th ab Shippen 
M'Clean James, weaver, Ohio 
M'Clean James, brickmr. 10th & Bonsall 
M'Clean John, lab. R road ab Ann (F V) 
M'Clean Stephen, shop, Front bel Wharton 
M'Clean Thomas, blacksmith, 236 S 4th, n • 

W. Market pi 
M'Cleane S., M. D., 173 N 4th 
M'Clearly Andrew, sheet iron worker, 7 N »• 
M'Cleary Andw. sheet iron worker, 119 Ch- 
M'Cleary Daniel, locksmith & bellhanger, ><•' 

shall bel Parrish 
M'Cleary Joseph, lab. Lombard n Sch 7th 
M'Cleary Rebecca, Locust ab 12th 
M'Cleary Thomas, lab. George ab Sch Ben' 
M'Cleerv Hugh, weaver, Philip bel Jeritr- 

M'Clees James, cordw., 77 Apple 


\i f.lees M., clerk, 14Jacoby 
M-Cli Man George, M.D., 243 Walnut 
M'Clellan II. carp. Kessler ab 9th 
M'Clellan John, dry goods, c 12th and Montgo- 
M'Clellan Robert, carp., 36 "\V Cedar 
M'Clellan Samuel, M. 1)., 181 Walnut. 
M'Clellan Wm. carter, 16 Perry 
M'Clellan Wm., shoemaker, 6 Trotter's alley, h 

376 S 3d 
M'Clelland G. W., gent, h 214 Mulberry. 
M'Clelland Sarah, Brown bel 7th 
M'Clelland Wm., trunkmr., 12th bel Pearl 
M'Clelland William, Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
M'Clemens Wm. varnisher &. polisher, 529 S 2d 
M'Clement John, saddler, 9 Spragg's av 
M'Clenan John, blindmr. 261 S Cth 
M'Clintic John, machinist, Quarry n Bread 
M'Clintock Alex, brickmr, Barringlon ct 
M'Clintock Arthur, lab. Hanover ab Duke (K) 
M'Clintock James, mer., 39 X 3d 
M'Clintock Jane, dry goods, 526 High 
M'Clintock John, weaver, Lombard n Sch 2d 
M'Clintock John, trea. Beaver Mead. Coal Co., 

84 Walnut, h 8 Sergeant 
M'Clintock J. K., M. D., melterand refiner U. S. 

Mint, Chestnut ab Broad 
M'Clintock Samuel, carp., 13th ab Fitzwater 
M'Clintock Thomas, carp. 6 Musten's ct 
M'Clintock Wm., lab., 146 S 12th 
M'Clintock Wm., weaver, n Marlboro' ab Duke 
M'Closkey Francis, weaver, 290 S 7th 
M'Closkey Hugh, shop, Shippen bel 8th 
M'Closkey James, lab., 67 Small 
M'Closkey James, carp., 332 Cedar 
M'Closkey James, curb setter, 20 Castle 
M'Closkey James F. X., M. D., 477 Sassafras 
M'Closkey John, lab., 87 Bedford 
M'Closkey John, drover, Parrish n Broad 
M'Closkey Michael, milkman, Baker n Spafibrd 
M'Closkey Michael, gent., 477 Sassafras. 
M'Closkey M. St R., Milliners, 50 Zane 
M'Closkey Thomas, weaver, Fitler n Montgo- 
mery (K) * 
M'Closkey Thomas, lab., Bedford bel 8th 
M'Closky Patrick, lab., Carpenter ab 5th 
M'Cloud' Daniel, grocer, P road bel Fitzwater 
M'Cloud Elizabeth, 92 N 11th 
M'Cloud John, hatter, 46 High 
M'Cloud John St Son, hatters, 46 High 
M'Cloud Malcolm, hatter, 46 High 
M'Cloud Thomas C, dry goods, 251 S 2d 
MCloy James, lab., Ann n 13th 
M'Cluer Anna Maria, 460 Vine 
M'Clune George, boot and shoemaker, 359 S 2d, 

h 4 Christian 
M'Clung John, lab., Carlton ab Sch Sth 
^'ClungJohn, stove finisher & pattern maker, 

72 8c 76 N 6th, h 13th bel Green 
M'Clung William, grocer, S Vv 2d and Pine, h 

65 Spruce 
• 'Clung Thomas, carp. Prospect al 
M'Clure Ann, sempstress, 181 N 13th 
; ; ' ( -'lure Archibald, shop. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
M'Clure B. F. mer. 183$ High 

M'Clure Francis, lab. Lombard n Sch 4th 
M'Clure G. W., hatter, 7th ab Coates 
M'Clure James, acct, 111 X Water, h 134 N 9th 
M'Clure James, shoemr., Lombard n Sch 7th 
M'Clure John, carpenter, "\ 'ine St Sch. Sth, h 

122 N 10th 
M'Clure Robert, 71 W Callowhill 
M'Clure Samuel, carp. Lombard & Juniper 
M'Clurg Susan, 111 Noble 
M'Cluskey Timothy, weaver, Mariner 
M'Cluskey Wm., cabinetmr., 5 Union ct 
M'Coach James, agent, Sch 2d n M'Duffie 
M'Coach John, :igent, Sch 3d n Lombard 
M'Coach John, lab., M'Duflie n Sch 3d 
M'Colgan Barney, lab., rear 15 Strawberry 
M'Colgan HughL Wood ab Sch Front 
M'Colgan 1L, tailor, Dillwyn bel Callowhill 
M'Colgan Michael, harnessmr., rear 45 S 4th, h 

7 Kelly 
M'Colgen Mack, tanner, New M 'rketn Laurel 
M'Collin Allan, tailor, 203 Cherry' 
M'Collin John, collector*' & general agent, 53 

M'Collin J. G., clerk, Phila. Gas Works, 11 

S 7th 
M'Collin Thomas, acct., 13th bel Green 
M'Collom John, Sec'y. Southwark Fire Ins. Co., 

74 Walnut, h 191 Spruce 
M'Collom Robert, carp. S E 3d & Shippen 
M'Collom Samuel, lab. rear 314 Pine 
M'Comb Alexander, lab. Richard 
M'Comb John, weaver, Shippen ab 13th 
M'Comb John, dealer, Washing-ton (W P) 
M'Comb John, weaver, Hanover ab Dake (K) 
M'Comb J. Mrs., 36 Farmer 
M'Comb Thomas, AV "illiam ab Callowhill 
M'Comb W., lab. 2d ab Phoenix 
M'Combs Susan, 139 Locust 
M'Conaghy Charles, lab., Linn's ct n F M 
M'Conaghy Susan, 5 Prosperous al 
M'Conamey John, weaver, 2 Sch Water 
M'Conaughy O. St P. grocers, S W Front and 

M'Conley Edward, brickmr. 43 W Cedar 
M'Conn John, blacksmith, 353 S 5th 
M'Connell Ann, 7 Lebanon row 
M'Connell Catharine, 13th St Cedar 
M'Connell T., b h, 24 Chestor 
M'Connell Hugh, teamster, SpafFord bel Ship- 
M'Connell James, grocer, 160 Swanson 
M'Connell James, cordw., M 'Bride's ct 
M'Connell James, ostler, 1 Kelly 
M'Connell James, lab, Howard pi bel Wash- 
M'Connell John, lab. Reed bel Front 
M'Connell John, porter, 192 X 10th 
M'Connell J. St A. tailors, High n Sch 7th 
M'Connell Mary, 94 Catharine 
M'Connell Matthew, paver, 12th ab Shippen 
M'Connell Matthew, spectaclemr., 6 Chatham 
M'Connell M, milliner, 289 Chestnut 
M'Connell Patrick, brickmaker, rear Linden ab 

Sch 7th 
M'Connell Peter, carp. 19 Castle 

M'Connell Robert, watchman, 111 Minor (M'Cowen Charles, dry goods, 2 N 6th 

M'Connell Robert, furnit. car, 12th bel Lombard j M'Coy C, ostler, 1 St Stephen's pi 

M'Connell Samuel, white lead manuf, Lombard 

n Sch 4th 
M'Connell William, clerk, 194 N 10th 
M'Connell William, distiller, Nixon ah Vine 
M'Conomy Patrick, weaver, N W Broad and 

Fitz water 
M'Conomy Samuel, lab., Sch Front & Spruce 
M'Conville M., shop, 329 Vine 
M'Cool Daniel, combmr., Rihl's ct 
M'Cool Samuel, boot Sc shoemaker, 404 N 3rd. 
M'Cool Walter, vict., Apple ab George 
M'Cool Win., lab., 124 Brown. 
M'Cord David, tin smith, 12 Schrivcr's ct 
M'Cord George W., printer, 3 Flickwir's ct. 
M'Cord James, porter, Sch. 5th bel High 
M'Corkle Alexander, grocer, Wood n Sch Front 
M'Corkle A., blacksmith, rear 1 Prospect al. 
M'Corkle C. >••., atty. & coun., S3 Locust 
M'Corkle Mafia Mrs., 83 Locust 
M'Cormack James, lab., Juniper bel Lombard 
M'Cormack Robert, grocer, N W 12th ik Cedar 
M'Cormick Ann, wid., 150 S 2d 
M'Cormick Benjamin, ropemr., Mary ab F road 
M'Cormick Bernard, jeweller, Catharine bel 7th 
M'Cormick David, cordw., 235 S 5th. 
M'Cormick Elizabeth, Mrs. Walter's ct 
M'Cormick Elizabeth, 133 Cherry 
M'Cormick Francis, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
M'Cormick Francis, tobacconist, 19 X 9th 
M'Cormick F. jr., bookbinder, 212 Callowhill 
M'Cormick George, weaver, Fraley's ct (K) 
M'Cormick Henry, shoemr., 143 N Juniper 
M'Cormick Hugh, tailor, 3S S 3d. 
M'Cormick Isabella, b h, 2 Elder 
M'Cormick James, printer, Lombard n 12th 
M'Cormick James, lab. Fitzwater ab Broad 
M'Cormick James, painter, Yhost 
M'Cormick John, boots St shoes, 65 S 2d and 

Garden &: Buttonwood 
M'Cormick John & Wm., tavern (W P) 
M'Cormick 8c Love, tailors, 38 S 3d 
M'Cormick Maria, 45 Almond 
M'Cormick Maria, washer, 124 Apple 
M'Cormick Mary, 185 Callowhill 
M'Cormick Patrick, lab. 83 G T road 
M'Cormick Patrick, cordw. 217 S 6th 
M'Cormick Philip, cordwainer, 6 Clymer 
M'Cormick Richard, 4 Fairmountav 
M'Cormick Samuel, weaver, Crown ab Duke(K) 
M'Cormick Samuel, stone cutter, 609 N 2d ab 

M'Cormick Sarah, b h, 47 Filbert 
M'Cormick Stewart, 12 Jackson's ct 
M'Cormick Thomas B., cabinet maker, 292 S 6th 
M'Cormick Wm. shoemr. George ab 10th 
M'Cormick Wm. lab. Reid's av 
M'Cosker Michael, dealer, 239 Cedar 
M'Co^ker Patrick, jeweller, 31 Montgomery 
M'Cosker Thomas, stovemr., 2S3 Cedar 
M'Couit Francis, lab., Pine n Ashton 
.U'Court Hubert, 8 Juniper lane 
M'Court William, tavern, 23 N Sth 
M'Cowan James, tailor, Lowrey'sct 

M'Coy Dennis, labourer, Sch. 3d n Georg?. 

M'Coy Elizabeth, b h, 84 W Willow 

M'Coy Ephraim, carp. Marriott's la ab 4th 

M'Coy George, shoemr. Palm 

M'Coy James, carter, 24 O Y road 

M'Coy James, ostler, 1 St Stephen's pi 

M'Coy James,*grocer, 308 S 6th 

M'Coy James, carp. Richard n Sch 6th 

M'Coy Jane, crockery, 509 High 

M'Coy John, city watch, Lombard ab 15th 

M'Coy John, lab., Vine n Sch 8th 

M'Coy John, cordw., 220 Shippen. 

M'Coy John, lab., 6th bel Christian 

M'Cov John, grocer, X E Mead and Front 

M'Coy John, tavern, 1S1 S Front 

M'Coy Margaret, rear 314 Pine 

M'Coy Robert, weaver. Filbert n Sch 4th 

M'Coy Sarah, dry goods, 30 N Sth 

M'Coy T., grocer, S W 4th St Catharine 

M'Coy Vansyckle, hatter, 7 Green 

M'Coy Wm.j shop 154 S 11th 

M'Coy Wm, carpenter, 256 Shippen. 

M'Cracken Alexander, milkman, Charlotte 

M'Cracken James, cordw., 'Wheat bel Wharl 
M'Cracken John, weaver, 28 M'DufRe 
M'Cray James, furniture, 105 Sassafras 
M'Crea Aaron, lab. 36 Fitzwater 
M'Crea Ann, 3 X 12th 
M'Crea Isaac, dealer, 22 Barron 
M'Crea Joanna, Mrs. 2 Belmont pi 
M'Crea John, S E 3d and Pear, h Lee 

M'Crea Roderick, lab. 23 Gaskill 
M'Crea Thomas, starchmr., 602 N Front 
M'Crea William, gilder, 14 Julianna 
M'Creden Edward, plasterer, 9th bel 
M'Credy Bernard, mer., 63 S Front, h - 

M'Credy Dennis A., me$, 7 N Water, h - 

N 6th 
M'Credy D. A. & Co., grocers, 7 N Water 
M'Credy Francis, tavern, S E Pine &. Penn 
M'Credy Joseph, wire cloth manuf., 3 Hyde's 
M'Credy Jeremiah, mer., 7 X Water, h L 

ab Sch 6th 
M'Creely Wm., lab., 2 Lyndall's al 
M'Creery Benj., weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
M'Creery Henry, morocco drs. Vine n Sc:i 
M'Creiglit Robt., manuf., School n Ro^ ■ K 
M'Cristol Edward, lab. 7th bel Federal 
M'Cristol Francis, weaver, Cadwalader n Pa 

M'Cristol John, weaver, Fitler n Mon*_r; 

ry (K) 
M'Cristol Michael, weaver, G T road ab Thoi 

M'Cristol Sarah, dealer, 131 Cedar 
M'Crory J., tobacconist, 240 S 7th 
M'Crory Robert, lab, Pennsylvania av 
M'Crummel James, dentist, 266 X 3d 
M'Crystal Dennis, grocer, X W Thomp: ". 

Charlotte (KJ 

M ;'ubbin Henry, cordw., Otter bel GTroad 
vl'Cue Felix, lab. Sch 2d n Sassafras 
M'Cue John, lab. Sch Front bel Vine 
M*Cue Michael, lab., Braceland's ct 
vl'Cuen Alexander, lab. Lombard n Sch 5th 
\M'uen Michael, lab. 322 S 3d 
M't'uen Michael, lab. Pine ab Willow 
M'Cullagh Robert P., mer., 42 S Front, h 308 

M'Cullagh Sarah, 308 Walnut 
M'Cullen George, engineer, Lombard n Sch 6th 
M'Cullen Jas., constable, Shippen ab 13th 
M'Cullen James, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
M'Cullen John, watchman, N W llth &, Cedar 
M'Cullen Thos., v atchman, Dugan n Pine 
M'Culley George II., watch mr., 216 S 2d 
M'Culley Jacob, lab. Penn ab Marsh (K) 
M'Culley Joseph, lab., M road bel Greenwich 
M'Culley John, ship smith, 5 Mead, h Prime bel 

M'Culley Samuel, ship carp. China ab Front 
M'Culley Thomas, carpenter, 42 George (S) 
M'Culloch Robert, bootmr., 85 Dock, h 57 Car- 
penter. (S) 
M'Culloh Ann, gentwo., 214 Spruce 
MCullough Ann, Bedford ab 6th 
M'Cullough James, carp. 63 Plum 
M'Cullough John, paper carrier, Lombard ab 

M'Cullough M., lab., 521 High 
M'Cullough N., agent, Poplar ab Marshall 
M'Cullough T., Pearl bel Sch 7th 
M'Cullough Win, porter, Allen's ct 
M'Cullough Wm. lab. 2S Jones' al (C) 
M'Cullough William, grocer, 21 Farmer 
.M'Cullough Wm., atty., 98 S 5th 
M-Cully Francis, morocco dresser, 4 Hallowell 
M'Cully Robert, stone cutter, Filbert a Sch 3d 
M'Cully Robert, shoemr. 73 Queen 
M'Cully Wm. matchmr. 52 Chestnut, h 267 S 3d 
M'Cully Wm., butcher, Marion ab 2d 
M'Cune Clement, manuf., 13th bel Callowhill 
M'Cune Elizabeth, Locust ab Juniper 
M'Cune George, grocer, c Sch. 6th Sc George. 
M -funny R., acct., 34 Rittenhouse 
M'Curdy A. C, dry goods, 344 Pine 
M'Curdy Daniel, collector, 2 Clover 
M'Curdy Jacob W., conveyancer, 10 S 12th 
M'Curdy John, printer, Lewis' ct 
M'Curdy John Sc Son, bootmrs., Ill Walnut 
M'Curdy J., boot and shoemr., Ill Walnut 
M'Curdy J. K., bootmaker, 111 Walnut 
M'Curdy J. W., ladies' shoemr., 90 S 4th 
M'Curdy Patrick, drayman, 30 Gaskill 
MCusk'er James, block maker, 57 Swanson, h 

1 Feinour's pi 
V ' ,f 'usker John, lab. Joint al 
M'Cusker Josephine, Sutherland 
N! 'Cutchen Francis, jeweller, 53 Marshall 
M Cutchen Robert, lab., Brinton ab 12th 
M'Cutchen Samuel M., patternmr., millwright, 

8 Poplar 
M'Cutcheon Sc Collins, com. mers. Chestnut st. 
t wiifi S side 
^'(.'utcheon James, mer. S whfs. Si Chestnut 

M'Cutchin John, plasterer, 6 Dorothy 
M'Cutchon James, tavern, N W Sch 4th 8c Ce- 
M'Dade James, weaver, G T road bel Jefferson 
M'Daniel James, hatter, Korndaffcr's ct 
M'Daniel James, drayman, Sch 3d bel Chestnut 
M'Daniel James, ostler, 5 Sch Water 
M'Daniel John, keeper female depart, county 

M'Daniel John M., jr., stone cutter, Sch 8th ab 

M'Daniel Joseph A. bonnet presser, 14 Bread 
M'Daniel Maria, rear 345 S 5th 
M'Daniel Wm., clerk, Ogden bel llth 
M'David John, copper smith, Front bel Reed, 

h Reed bel Front 
M'Davitt Richard, flour and feed, Beach and 

Maiden (K) 
M'Dermond Jane, Lagrange pi 
M'Dermot Cornelius, lab., Plum ab 2d 
M'Dermot James, lab., Lombard E Sch. 6th 
M'Dermot James, carter, Baker 
M'Dermot t Charles shomr., 169 S 3d 
M'Dermott Edward, gent, 186 Spruce 
M'Dermott Edward, stevedore, 69 Union 
M'Dermott Henry, trader, G T road ab Master 
M'Dermott Hugh, tavern, 36 Plum 
M'Dermott James, cordwainer, 156 N Water 
M'Dermott John, cordw., Sch 4th ic Barker 
M'Dermott John, stevedore, 21 Gaskill 
M'Dermott John, lab. 2 S 13th 
M'Dermott Lawrence, tin smith, Wall bel 7th 
M'Dermott Michael, Lb. G T road ab Master 
M'Dermott Michael, paver, 247 Shippen. 
M'Dermott Martin, tinsmith, 3 Lodge pi 
M'Dermott Patrick, stevedore, 65 Gaskill 
M'Dermott Patrick, tavern, c Front Sc Brown 
M'Dermott Patrick, tinsmith, Wall n 7th 
M'Dermott Peter, -stevedore, Ball & Pine al 
M'Dermott Sarah, Mrs. 32Beck (S) 
M'Dermott Wm., drayman, Rye ab Mackev 
M'Dermott William, tavern, c 13th and Centre 
M'Devitt Catharine, tavern, Spruce st wharf 
M'Devitt Daniel, shop, Filbert n Sch 3d 
M'Devitt George, labourer, 130 Plum 
M'Devitt Hugh, grocer, 23 M'Duffie 
M'Devitt Hugh, susp. weaver, 275 V Front 
M'Devitt James, carpet manuf. rear 41 S 2d 
M'Devitt James, lab. Nixon ^ Vine 
M'Devitt James, tavern, 17 Chestnut 
M'Devitt John, rope-mr. Coates bel Sch 7th 
M'Devitt John, blacksmith, 106 Locust 
M'Devitt John, lab., Filbert ab Sch 3d 
M'Devitt John, curb setter, N W 5th and Catha 

M'Devitt John, variety, High ab Sch. 5th 
M'Devitt John, weaver, Harmstead n Sch 4th 
M'Devitt John, stovemr. Walter's ct 
M'Devitt Mary, shop, 144 Lombard 
M'Devitt Mrs., widow of James, 117 Plum 
M'Devitt Patrick, tailor, Kelly's ct 
M'Devitt Patrick, lab. High n Sell 4th 
M'Devitt Patrick, plumber, rear 33 Marriott' 
la bel 6th 

M'Devitt Thomas, blacksmith, Marble ab 10th, 

h 5 Diamond 
M'Devitt Wm., yeoman, "Wood ab 13th. 
M'Devitt Wm., lab., Wetheril's ct 
M'Devitt William, tavern, 273 N Front 
M'Devitt William, lab., Filbert 5c Sch 3d 
M'Devitt Wm. lab. Pine bel Beach 
M'Died David, lab. 384 S 4th 
M'Died Wm. gent. 4th bel Christian 
M'Dole Andrew, tobacconist, 542 High 
M'Donack Paul, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
M'Donald Aaron, carmr., Marlborough ab Duke 

M'Donald Abigail, 6th n Washington (S) 
M'Donald Alexander, weaver, Jefferson and 

Washington (K) 
M'Donald Alexander, shop, 28 Shippen 
M'Donald Andrew, lab., Camac n G T road 
M'Donald Ann, b h, 72 S 3d 
M'Donald Ann, Sch 8th n Vine 
M'Donald Ann, Sch 2d & Sassafras 
M'Donald Archibald, Sch 2d ^ Mulberry 
M'Donald Archibald, blacksmith, 1 Dorothy 
M'Donald A., police officer, Carlton n Sch 3d 
M'Donald Bernard, grocer, 116 Lombard 
M'Donald Catharine, 4 Pleasant rt 
M'Donald Charles, tinman, 342 N 2d 
M'Donald Charles, coniw. 3 Plynlimmon pi 
M'Donald Daniel, brickmr. Carpenter n 11th 
M'Donald Daniel, cabman, 22 Sergeant 
M'Donald David, vict.. 121 O Y road 
M'Donald Duncan, cooper, 19 Flower 
M'Donald Edmund, tobac, Callowhill n Sch 3d 
M'Donald Elizabeth, Clinton & Oxford (,K) 
M'Donald George, locksmith, 714 N 6th 
M'Donald Hester, shop, S E Church Sc Prime 
M'Donald Jame.% coachman, 17 Prosperous al 
M'Donald James, dealer, N E 7th Sc High, h 28 

Stamper's al 
M'Donald James, weavr., Cadwaladt-r bel Phccnix 
M'Donald Jeremiah, ship c:\rp. 15 Reckless 
M'Donald John, teacher, 211 A S 2d 
M'Donald John, cooper, 39 X 2d, h St John bel 

M'Donald John, lab. Lombard E Sch 6th 
M'Donald John, cooper, 361 Cedir 
M'Donald Margaret, Johnston's ct 
M'Donald Mary, 31 Bonsall 
M'Donald Mary Ann, M'Xamany's ct 
M'Donald Patrick, lab.. Riddle's al 
M'Donald Sc Pusrh, locksmiths. 71} N6th 
M'Donald R., grocery, Caldwell Sc Sch Peach 
M'Donald Sarah, 60S N 3d 
M'Donald Samuel, wheelwright, 6th & Parrish 
M'Donald Wm., button factor), c Parrish & 

M'Donald Wm., brickmaker, Bmst's av 
M'Donald Wm., wheelwright, 2.1 bel Wharton 
M'Donald V> llliam, tavern, 87 Plum 
M'Donnell Catharine, 6 Dilk's ct 
M'Donnell Charles, brickmr. 50 W Cedar 
M'Dorinell Hugh, shop, 39 \V North 
M'Donnell James, carp., 2 Shield's ct 
M'Donnell Nancy, Merchant's ct 
M'Donnell Philip S., grocer, 183 N 2d 

M'Donnell Susan, 64 Gaskill 

M'Donough Abraham, chairmaker, 113 5 2d, h 

21 Dock 
M'Donough Bridget, Hyde's ct. 
M'Donough Charles, clothing store, 215 Cedir, 

h 201 Shippen 
M'Donough Henrv, shop, Coates Sc Col R»l 

M'Donough James, tailor, 32 N 8th 
M'Donough James, tailor, 218 Cedar 
M'Donough James, trader, Carpenter ab 4-Jh 
M'Donough John, weaver, G T road bel Jt~tr- 

M'Donough John, lab., Cedar bel 13th. 
M'Donough Margaret, b. h„ 145 N Front 
M'Donough Mary, Callowhill bel 13th 
M'Donough Michael, gilder, 102 N Market 
M'Dougal Elizabeth, Mrs. 44 Catharine 
M'Dougal Margaret, Sch 5th n Cedar 
M'Dowell Andrew, weaver, 7th bel Baker 
M'Dowell Sc Day, dry goods, 48 N 2d, ab stairs 
M'Dowell Isaac, Green Sc Logan 
M'Dowell James, stevedore, 190 Christian 
M'Dowell John, shoemr. S Garden ab 7th 
M'Dowell John, lab. Sch 5th Sc Spruce 
M'Dowell John, lab., Lombard n Sch. 6th 
M'Dowell John, Jr., mer., 43 N 2d, h 1S2 N" 9:h 
M'Dowell John, lab., Mulberry bel Sch Front 
M'Dowell John, D. D., 184 N9th 
M'Dowell John, carp., 9 Jackson 
M'Dowell Joseph, stationer, 37 High, h Mclbe*- 

rv ab 12th 
M'Dowell Lydia, dry goods, S W 6th Sc Locust 
M'Dowell Martha, ilihbel Cedar 
M'Dowell Paxson, tailor, 90 Callowhill 
M'Dowell Rebecca, Franklin Sc Wallace 
M'Dowell Samuel, shoemr. Brown ab 9th 
M'Dowell Thomas, S W Poplar Sc Charlo::; 
M'Dowell Wm., lab., 14 Green 
M'Dowell William A., D. D., cor secty a~:i 
Board of Missions, 29 Sansom, h S W !*-' 
Sc Wood 
M'Dowell Wm. H. engraver, N E 5th Sc Ch?* 

M'DufYee A. J. cloths, cassimeres, vesting;. '^ : 

50 Chestnut 
M'Dunahone Patrick, teamster, Garden ab X-"? 
M'Elmeel James, cordw., 3 Flower 
M'F.lmurrav Daniel, lab. Pine bel Beach 
M'Elrea John, lab., 2S W Cedar 
M'Elrea William, lab., Filbert ab Sch 5th 
M'Elroy Adam, carp., S W 4th Sc Brown, 

137 S Garden 
M'Elroy Archibald, publisher of the Philadeh 

Directory, h 127 X 12th 
M'Elroy Benj., sailn./., 193 Christian 
M'Elroy Catharine, sho'i, 3d ab Franklin K 
M'Elroy Edward, baker, 43 Currant al 
M'Elroy James F. M. carp, 491 S Front 
M'Elroy John, coal mer. 4"? 3 High 
M'Elroy John, mer., 257 S Front 
M'Elroy Martha, Mrs. 193 Christian 
M'Elroy Peter, tailor, 15 Stamper's al 
M'Elroy Richard D. clerk, 453 High 
M'Elroy Robert, weaver, 11 Vernon 
M'Elroy Robert, weaver, 19 Perry 

M'F.lwec John weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
M'Elwee John W. book keeper, 249 S 10th 
Si'Elwee Michael, weaver, n Carpenter and 

jl'Elwee Wm, shop, R road (F V) 
M'Elwee Wm. R road ab Francis (F V) 
M'Elwee W. E. Mrs., Sch 8th ab Pine 
M'Entee John, stonecutter, 84 Apple 
M'Euen Thomas, M. D. 298 Walnut 
M'Ewen Charles, gent., S W 8th and Locust 
M'Ewen C. J., atty., 269 N 5th 
M'Ewen James, weaver, Brinton 
M'Ewen James, stables, O Y road ab Noble, h 

269 N 5th 
M'Ewen John, botanic med. Vine bel 13th 
M'Ewen John, dealer, 1 S 13th 
M'Ewen John, lab. Fairview bel Sch 5th 
M'Ewen Rachel, Robinsonn's ct 
M'Ewen Robert, cordw., 12 Ogden 
M'Ewen Robert, carp. Filbert" W Sch 4th 
M'Ewen Thomas, carter, Sutherland av 
M'Ewen Wm. eng-ineer, 6 Hause's ct 
M'Ewen Wm., ladies' shoemr., 33 Perry 
M'Fadden Andrew, Dean and Locust 
M'Fadden Douglass, carp. Amber n Phoenix (K) 
MTadden D. C. Hamilton (F M) 
M'Fadden James, lab., Bedford bel Clifton 
M'Fadden James, clerk, h 48 Tammany 
M'Fadden John, stone cutter, 4 Elizabeth ct 
M'Fadden John, carp., 28 Jones, h Amber n 

Phoenix (K) 
MTadden Michael, blacksmith, Penn ab Maid- 

MTarland Margaret, Seh 2d & Callowhill 

M'Farland Mary, 160 S 11th 

M'Farland Park H., printer, 40 S 3d, h 3d bel 

M'Farland Robert, bricklayer, Bedford n Ship- 
pen la 
M'Farland Sandy, lab., Clay ab Willow 
M'Farland Thomas, bootmr., Kelly's ct 
M'Farland Walter, tobacconist, 43 Duke 
M'Farland William, cordw., Broad bel Vine 
M'Farland 'William, Chestnut ab Sch 3rd 
M'Farland William, lab., Quince ab Lombard 
M'Farland Wm, lab., Pine ab Willow 
MTarren Hannah, Charlotte bel Poplar 
M'Farren Patrick, wea., Shipper! la ab Shipper* 
M'Farren Robert, carp., Front ab Washington 
M'Fate James, lab., Landing 
M'Fate Samuel, dep sheriff, 37 Coates 
M'Fec John, carpet manuf., Hamilton & Sch 6 th, 

h 516 High 
M'Feeters John, lab., Sch 2nd n Lombard 
M'Feeters Wm., lab., Sutherland av 
M'Ferren John, shoemr., 3rd bel Prime 
M'Feters Andrew, coachman. Dean ab Centre 
MTeters David, dyer, Centre n 13th 
M'Feters Jane, Fox's ct 
M'Fetrich Robert, cordw., 163 S 11th 
M'Fetrich Samuel, weaver, 19 Lebanon 
M'Fetrich Wm., gilder, Steward ab Catharine. 
M'Fetteridge James, Lawrence ab 12th 
MYetteridge Samuel, grocer, 13th & Shippen 
M'Fettridg-e John, lab., 2 Leiper 
M'Fillin James, tailor, 214 Ce<' 

en (K) 

M'Fadden Margaretta, shop, Sassafras n Sch 7th M'Fittis Wm., gent., Sutherland avab Catharine 
M'Fadden Neil, lab. Lombard 8c Sch "Willow M'Foy Charlotte, b. h.. 315 Cherry 
M'Fadden Robert, grocery, Milton ab 10th |M'Frul Wm., g-rocer, 7th ab Brown 
M'Fadden Thomas, peddler, SpafTord M'Gahan Thomas, soap fat, Milton ab 10th 

M'Fadden William, mahog'y sawmill, 5£ Sterling M'Gahey, James, printer, 5th ab German 

alley, h 9 Cherry 
M'Faden Sarah, George ab 13th 
MTadgen Wm. lab. Lombard bel Juniper 
M'Fall Henry, tavern, 237 Cedar •« 
M'Fall James, shoemr. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
M'Fall John, carp., Loud bel 10th 
M'Fall John, carter, 2 Mechanic, (F M) 
M'Fall Kennedy, tavern, 19 Pine al 
M 'Falls John, grocer, c Sch 3d and Cedar 
M'Farlan James, 212 Shippen 
M'Farland, Andrew, shop, High n Sch 2d 

M'Gann Mary, gentw., 85 O Y road 
M'Garr Andrew, paver, Pine ab Sch "th 
M'Garriglc Wm., weaver, F road bel Master 
M'Garrah Alexander, teacher, Sch 8th &. Mil- 
ler's al 
M'Garrity James, drayman, c Sch Sth and Cal- 
M'Garry Abraham, grocer, 213 S 6th 
M'Garry Alex., carter, Ashton n Sassafras 
M'Garry Daniel, lab., Mulberry ab Sch 2nd 
M'Garry James, brickmr., 12 M'Duffie 

M'Farland Daniel, stonecr., Dorothy n Sch 4th M'Garry John, weaver, 33 W Cedar 

M'Farland Daniel, lab. Pine ab Willow 
M'Farland Francis, weaver, Ohio 
M'Farland George, lab., Washington ab Vine 
M'Farland, James, carter, 144 S 12th 
M'Farland James, 2d coal whf. bel Cedar 
M'Farland James, bootmr. Shield's ct 
M'Farland James, shop, N E 10th k Morgan 
M'Farland James, coal, Sch Water Sc Cedar 
M'Farland Jane, 13th bel Cedar 
M'Farland John, weaver, 7 Sch Water 
M'Farland John, lab. Clay ab Willow 
M'Farland John, printer, KorndafTer's ct 
M'Farland John, lab. Cedar n Delaware 
M'Farland J. B., men, 105 High h 14~ N 4th 
M'Farland J. H., Rev., Buttomvood ab 12th 

M'Garry Michael, labourer, rear 15 X 13th 
M'Garry Patrick, lab., Sch Front and Arch 
M'Garry Sarah, grocer, S E 11th &. Cedar 
M'Garvey Alexander, carter, Ashton bel Sassa- 
M'Garvey Anthony, boot mr., 37 S 8th 
M'Garvey Edward, carter, Lombard n Sch 6th 
M'Garvey Edward, lab., 24 N 13th 
M'Garvey Edward, lab., Lombard n Sch 2nd 
M'Garvey & Hogan, boot mrs.. 37 S Sth 
M'Garvey James, weaver, La-, .iing 
M'Garvey John, lab., Lynn (F M) 
M'Garvey John, lab., Lewis n Sch 7th 
M'Garvey Wm., grocer, S E 2nd & Queen, h 
3rd ab Washington 

M'Garvin James, lab., 2 Sch Water 
M'Gathen Henry, tailor, 294 S Trout 
M'Gaughey Alexander, lab., Sch 8th ab ^'a'-sfras 
M'Caughev Charles, lab., Pine n Ashton 
M'GauErhey John, weaver, Pine n Ashton 
M'Gaughey Samuel 3 cordw., Sch 8th bel Vine 
M'Gaughy Moses, porter, Sch 8th n Vine 
M'Gauley Lydia, tavern, S WWater& Sassafras 
M'Gaulick James, soldier, Freytag's al &. Small 
M'Gee Barnard, drayman, 23 Flower 
M'Gee Henry, tailor, Lombard bel Sch 7th 
M'Gee Henry, lab., 12 Jones 1 al (C) 
M'Gee Hugh, lab., Clay bel Beach 
M'Gee James, weaver, White's ct bel 1.1th 
M'Gee James, book binder, 3 Wagner's ct 
M'Gee John, lab., 3 William (F M) 
M'Gee John, clerk, 20 Cypress 
M'Gee John, beamer, 1 Springmill ct F M 
M'Gee John, cordw., 77 Sh anson 
M'Gee Michael, painter, Flower ab Christian 
M'Gee Patrick, peddler, Jefferson £<. Washington 

M'Gee & Ryan, brokers, 22 Arcade 
M'Gee Samuel, lab., Cedar ab 12th 
M'Gee Thomas, lab., George n Beach 
M'Gee William, grocer, Shippen 5t Shippenla 
M'Gee Wm., waterman, 81 Swanson 
M'Geehan Charles, Sassafras n Sch 8th 
M'Geehan John, weaver, 7th bel Christian 
M'Geehan Miles, lab., Vine n Sell William 
M'Geehan Peter, cordw., Shippen bed Broad 
M'Geoy Michael, tavern 9 Walnut 
M'Gerrah James, carp., 7 Lodge al., h S Adams 

ab 12th 
M'Gettigan John, baker, Shippen and Broad 
M'Gibnav Wm., lab., W Cedar n 2nd 
M'Gill David, shop, 12th & Ohio 
M'Gill Henry, carter, Spruce bel Sch 4th 
M'Gill James, cooper, 45 & h 2 53 S Front 
M'Gill James, lab., Hope ab School (K) 
M'Gill James, tailor, 6 Concord 
M'Gill Lot, carp., 31 S Sch 6th 
M'Gill Matthias, sexton St. Paul's ch. h 6 Pear 
M'Gill Michael, corder, Coates st wharf, h 17 

M'Gill Robert, currier, 518 N Fn nt 
M'Gill Samuel, cooper, 15 Si h 25* S Front 
M'Gillon P. Sc Corrigan, horse shoes, 117 New 

M'Gilton Adam, carpenter, N E Wagner's al and 

M'Gin Margery, Pine n Ashton 
M'Ginitv Barney, weaver, 35 Zanc 
M'Ginity Owen," 132 S Water 
M'Ginley Alexander, lab., 10 William 
M'Ginley Barney, weaver, lttii ab Carpenter 
M'Ginley Daniel^ paper maker, Kessler'sal n 4th 
M'Ginley Edward, grocer, Murray ik Sch 3rd 
M'Ginlev Eliza, 203 Cherry 
M'Ginley Hugh, cordw., Cullowhill n Nixon 
M'Ginlev Hugh, lab., 152 S Water 
M'Ginley James, engineer, 5 Mint ct 
M'Ginlev James, engineer, Nixon n Hamilton 
M'Ginley John, lab.,' Hamilton (F M) 
M'Ginley John, lab., William ab Hamilton F M 

M'Ginley John, grocer, 149 Cherry 
M'Ginley John, carp., rear 149 Poplar 
M'Ginley, Patrick, lab., Hamilton (F M) 
M'Ginley Roger, bootmr., 23 Jones' al (C) 
M'Ginn Owen, carter, Marriott's laab 5th 
M'Ginn Patrick, lab., Spafford bel Shippen 
M'Ginnis Catharine, 8 Richard 
M'Ginnis Edward, dyer, William ab Hamilton 

F. II. 

M'Ginnis Elizabeth, Pleasantab 11th 
M'Ginnis Henry, porter, 16 Vaux'sct 
M'Ginnis James, tailor, 160 S 4th 
M'Ginnis James, tailor, Harmony bel 4th 
M'Ginnis John, tailor, Hooven's ct 
M'Ginnis John, coachman, 13th-.2c Adams 
M'Ginnis John, carter, 38 Fitzwater 
M'Ginnis Mary, Plum ab 3rd 
M'Ginnis Michael, seaman, 265 N Front 
M'Ginnis Michael, seaman, 139 S Water 
M'Ginnis Michael, cordwainer, Thompson ab 3d 

M'Ginnis Patrick, lab., 3 Sch Water 
M'Ginnis Timothy, watchman, 87 Apple 
M'G'mnity James, lab., 74 Small 
M'Ginnity James, lab., rear P road n Cedar 
M'Gintry Susan, shop, 133 N Water 
M'Girr Ann, tailoress, 5 Marshall's ct 
M'Girr Felix, carter, 6 Hubb ell 
M'Girr Mery, plain sewing, 27 W North 
M'Girr Owen, 16 Strawberry 
M'Girr Patrick, cabman, Filbert n 13th 
M'Gittigan Daniel, shop, P road bel Fitzwater 
M'Gittigan James, baker, Clay n Sch river 
M'Gittigan Patrick, 4 Boyle's ct 
M'Gittigan Peter, Fitzwater ab 6th 
M'Gittigan Thomas, dry goods, 69 Cedar 
M'Givney John, shoemr., 317 S 5th 
M'Glathery Isaac, carpenter, 67 N 5th 
M'Glathery John, currier, 321 S 4th 
M'Glathery Levi, carp., 13th bel Callow 1. ill 
M'Glaughlin Catharine, St Mary ab 7th 
M'Glaughlin Cornelius, carter, Walnut ab Sch 

M'Glaughlin Daniel, lab., Murray n Sch 3d 
M'Glaughlin Ellen, St Mary bel fth 
M'Glaughlin Ellen, Sch Bank n Cedar 
M'Glaughlin Hugh, shoemaker, 6 Cypress 
M'Glaughlin James, lab, St Mary n 7th 
M'Glaughlin James, spooler, Grim's ct 
M'Glaughlin Jane, Kinley's ct 
M'Glaughlin John, rolling mill. 13 Ellen 
M'Glaughlin John, lab., Middle al 
M'Glaughlin John, lab., 130 German 
M'Glaughlin John, lab., Pine bel Beach 
M'Glaughlin Michael, grocer, Shippen & Ship 

pen 1 
M'Glaughlin Patrick, weaver, Poplar 5c Ne* 

M'Glaughlin Thomas, grocer, 7th & Shippen 
M'Glaughlin Wm., w ea\ er, Rafferty's ct 
M'Glennan Henry, blacksm., Vine ab 12th 
M'Glennon Robert, grocer, Sch Willow •"••' 

M'Glensey John, groc, S E 13th Si High, b. U s 


M'Gle.nsey John, weaver, cooper ah Sch 3rd 
M'Glensey John, tavern, 4th &. Shij-pcn 
M'Glensey Patrick, lab., 9th ab Carpenter 
M'Glensey Patrick, 264 S 6th 
M'Glensey Win, collector, 13th bel Fitzwater 
M'Glinn Francis, lab., Carlton ab Sch 2d 
M'Glinn Wm., lab., Lombard n Sch. 7th 
M'Glone Joseph, grocer, Bradford's al 
M'Glone Robert, carter, Pine bel 12th 
M'Glue Luke, coach trimmer, 174 Lombard 
M'Gomn John, miniature painter, N E 6th & 

M'Goldrick John, lab., Sch 7th 8c Wood 
M'Goldrick John, lab., Jones ab Sch 4th 
M'Golrick James, 30 Barker 
M'Gonegal Ann, washer, rear 9 Dean 
M'Gonegal Daniel, stone cutter, 2 Leiper 
M'Gonegal George, dep. coron., 6th ab Fitzwater 
M'Goneg'al James, type caster 12 Centre 
M'Gonegal John, type caster, 165 S 11th 
M'Gonegal John, type caster, 142 S 12th 
M'Gonegal John, coachman, SparTord bel Ship- 
M'Gonegal Mary, shop, 183 S 6th 
M'Gonegal M., painter, 11th bel Green 
M'Gonegal Thomas, cabinetmaker, 238 S 7th 
M'Gonegal Wm., bootmr., M'Kean's ct 
M'Gonigal F., tav., Callowhill n William 
M'Gork Francis, lab., Dutch ct 
M'Gork John, lab., Dutch's ct 
M'Gorlick John, tavern, 240 Christian 
M'Gorren Edward, lab., Factory bel Beach 
M'Gorty Francis, shoemr., 18 Juniper la 
M'Gourke Patrick, lab., 2ndab Montgomery (K) 
M'Govern Edward, china mer., 321 High 
M'Govern James, lab., 8th bel Carpenter 
M'Gow John, 4 Fetter's la 
M'Gowan Elizabeth, Plum ab 4th 
M'Gowan James, fire proof chest & stove manuf., 

SE Front & Mead, h 35 Beck (S) 
M'Gowan John, grocer, 142 N 2d, li S W 6th & 

M'Gowan John, city watch, Ann n 13th 
M'Gowan M., umbrella mr., 177 Coates 
M'Gowan Patrick, gent., 122Mulberry 
M'Gowen Patrick, grocer, 5 Middle al 
M'Gowan Peter, teacher, 427 S 2nd 
M'Gowan Rachel, b h, Carlton n Sch 7th 
M'Gowan William 8c Co., grocers, S W 6th and 

M'Gowan Wm., blacksmith, rear 8 O^den 
M'Gowen Daniel, shop, Spruce & Beach 
M'Gowen Edward, clerk, 288 S 6th 
M'Gowen Edward, Shippenla n Fulton 
M'Gowen Hugh, lab., Sch 3d n Lombard 
M'Gowen James, tailor, 99 N Juniper 
M'Gowen James, tailor, 172 S 9th 
M'Gowen John, lab., Marriott's la ab 5th 
M'Gowen J. L., dry goods, 429 N2nd 
M'Gowen Nancy, rear 10 S 5th 
M'Gowen Roger, lab., Sch 2nd al) High 
M'Gowen Wm., shop, Crabb ab SMppen 
M'Grady John, iron dealer, 56 Apple 
M'Graff Hiram, shoemr., Crabb 
M'Grain Thomas, lab., Salem al 

M'Gram B., weaver, Sch 3rd ab George 
M'Granagan Susanna, Sycamore ab Locust 
M'Grann Matthew, tavern,N E Front Sc Mulberry 
M'Grann Philip, drayman, 3 Wager's ct 
M'Grath Andrew, 170 Shinpcn 
M'Grath 8c Abbatt, cloths,' 54 Chestnut 
M'Grath Charles, plasterer, 24 Clark (S) 
M'Grath Chirks, dealer, 13 College av 
M'Grath Edward, ostler, rear 2 Wager's ct 
M'Grath Hannah, dealer, 442 High 
M'Grath Henry, bookseller, 1 S 8th 
M'Grath Henry, lab., Small & Black Horse al 
M'Grath Jeremiah, stove mr., 3 N8th., h S Gar- 
den ab Franklin 
M'Grath John, dry goods, 207 S 2d 
M'Grath John, grate mr., 32 N 6th 
M'Grath John, tailor, 70 Chestnut 
M'Grath John, plasterer, 6th ab Marriott's la 
M'Grath John, teeth manuf., rear 499 Vine 
M'Grath John W., mer., 54Cheituut 
M'Grath Michael, weaver, 12 St. Mary 
M'Grath Michael, labourer, 142 N Water 
M'Grath Michael, porter, 12th bel Coates 
M'Grath Michael, shop, Bread & Fetter la 
M'Grath R. M. J)., dentist, 98 Mulberry 
M'Grath Samuel, tailor, 84 Chestnut 
M'Grath 8c Sarmiento, tailors, 211 Chestnut 
M'Grath Thomas, lab., 31 St. Mary 
M'Grath Thomas, tailor, 211 Chestnut, h 173 

M'Grath Thomas, carter, Wood bel Sch Front 
M'Grath William, collector, 191 Christian 
M'Graty Constantine, baker, 473 Sassafras 
M'Graw Hugh, lab., Cadwalader bel Oxford (K) 
M'Graw Hugh, Jr., morrocco dresser, Cadwalader 

bel Oxford (K) 
M'Gregor John, tlax dresser, Mariner 
M'Gre^or Robert, mer., 78 High, h 356 Walnut 
M'Grotrv Charles, dep. keeper prison, h Federal 

ab 10th 
M'Gruder George, Walnut bel Sch 6th 
M'Guckin Andrew, lab., 4th ab Master (I\) 
M'Guckin Hugh, lab., rear 343 S 5th 
M'Guckin James, weaver, 2nd n Master (K) 
M'Guckin John, weaver, 11th a!) Carpenter 
M'Guigan Ann, fancy store, 1-16 S 11th 
M'Guigan Ann, Philadelphia Museum ■ 
M'Guigan Arthur, fruiterer, 410 High 
M'Guigan John, collector, 19 Powell 
M'Guigan John, dealer, 3 S 13th 
M'Guigan Owen, weaver, Steward ab Catharine 
M'Guigan Patrick, groc, Crown ab Franklin (K) 
M'Guigan Patrick, type founder, 444 S 4th 
M'Guigan Thomas, importer, 2 Strawberry 
M'Guigan William, naturalist, Philada. Museum 
M'Guin Thomas, cabinetmr., 69 S 5th 
M'Guire Ann, shop, 29 Union (S) 
M'Guire Bernard, in-pector of customs, 99 S 

whfs., h 2 Walnut 
M'Guire Dennis, grocer, G T road 8c Jefferson 
M'Guire F.sther, 1 Vaux's ct 
(M'Guire E/.ekiel, shop, N W 3d Sc. Christian 
M'Guire Francis, stevedore, Little Oak 
M'Guire Henry, lab., Sch. 4th & Barker 
M'Guire James, manuf., GT road ab Master 

M'Guire James, tailor, 7 Grape ct 
M'Guire James, hatter, 12 Quince 
M'Guire James, dealer, rear 9 Dean 
M'Guire John, lab., Kelly's ct (S) 
M'Guire Martha, dressmr., 3 Leiper 
M'Guire Mary Ann, 10 Barker 
M'Guire Noble, tailor, 3 Abbott's ct 
M'Guire Patrick, lab.. Small 
M'Guire Patrick, Baker bel 7th 
M'Guire Patrick, sawyer, Charlotte n Master (K) 
M'Guire Rebecca, shop, 114 German 
M'Guire Thomas, carp., 2nd bel Federal 
M'Guire Thomas, lab., Cooper 
M'Gurk Edward, flour and feed, 278 Cedar 
M'Gurk John, lab., 9 Pine alley 
M'Gurkey Wm., weaver, Front bel Master (K) 
M'flam Ruth, sempstress, 2nd bel Federal 
M'Henry A. R., mer., 10$ Chestnut 
M'Henry A. R. & J., com.mers,10£ Chestnut 
M'Henry James, weaver, Sch. 3rd ab Spruce 
M 'Henry James, mer., 10} Chestnut 
M'Henry Margaret, 39 P road 
M'Henry Mark, manuf., Sch 5th n Cedar 
M'Henry Samuel, brickmr., Sch 5th Si Lombard 
M'Hugh B., Division (FV) 
M'Hugh Catharine, 25 Union 
M'Hugh James, morocco dress., 5 Hermitage pi 
M'llug'h John, shop, Bedford bel 8th 
M'Hugh Patrick, distiller, 399 Sassafras 
M'Hugh William, Call<wbill n William 
Mllhenney Andrew, lib.. Cherry abjQueen (K) 
M'llhenney A., lab., Kinley's ct 
M'llhenney E., rear 193 X 2nd 
M'llhenney Grace, Lombard W Sch 7th 
M'llhenney John, blacksmith, Olive, ab 13th 
M'llhenney John, fiou.- ;>. feed, F road bel Jef- 
M'llhenney Joseph E., dentist, 223 Mulberry 
M'llhenney Robert, lab., Factory 
M'llhenney Thomas, carter, Clymerbet6th 5c 7th 
M'llhenney William, see'}-. Phil td'a. Atheneum 
and consul for Venezuela, office S W 5th & 
Chestnut, h 139 Walnut 
M'llheny John, peddler, 1 1 1 Buttonwood 
M'llheny Samuel, clerk, 228 Green 
M'llhor.e Charles, lab., Perry ab Franklin 
M'llhone James, carpet weaver, 6 Pratt's ct 
M'llhoney Daniel, lab., ST Pegg 
M'llravy Alexander, surveyor, 1 lth ab Carpenter 
M'llree" Samuel, 152 S loth 
M'llroy Alexander, grain measurer, Sweeny's ct 
M'llroy R., grocer, Shippen la bel Bedford 
M'Hvain Francis, stoves, 12 S 8th, h 32 Chester 
M'llvain Hiram, blacksm., M road bel Carpentex 
M'Hvain H., Lancaster pike (W P) 
M'llvain James & Co., lum. niers, Washington 

(W P) 
M'llvain John S., coal mcr., Broad n Locust, h 

Juniper n Pine 
M'llvain Richard, g< nt., Washington (W P) 
M'llvain Robert, weaver, M'Duttie n Sch 2d 
M'llvaine A., eabinetmr., Orleans 
M'llvaine George, printer, Xectarine bel 10th 
M'llvaine Henry, att'y. ■„ coun., 48 S 4th, h 10 

M'llvaine John, iron mer., R road ab Call , . 

h S AV 12th & S Garden 
M-llvaine J. B., mer.,22 Walnut, h 269 Pi 
M'llvaine J. B. & Son, mers., 22 Walnut 
M'llvaine Wm., mer., 22 Walnut, h 269 p.- 
M'llwain George, printer, X E 5th &. Catharir 
M II wain J. K., trimm's, 44 S 2d 8c 203 ( 
M'llwain Robert, grocer, Carpenter ab 8th 
M'llwain Thomas, shoemr., M'Duffie n 2 
M'llwain Wm., lab., Lombard n Sch Water 
M'llwaine Robert L., gent., 11th bel Spruce 
M'lnnes John, weaver, Lynn (F M) 
M'Intire Alexander, hatter, 133 S Front 
M'Intire Ann, shop, Rachel & Poplar 
M'Intire Catharine Ann, shop, Shippen ab 8tl 
M'Intire Charles, carp., Pemberton ct., h 1 , 

M'Intire C. C, carp., Vine n Sch. 8th 
M'Intire David, tin plate worker, 160 S Fronl 
M'Intire Elizabeth, gentw., 160 S Front 
M'Intire George, lab., Russell's ct 
M'Intire Isaiah, shoemaker, 133 S Front 
M'Intire James, lab., Helmuth 
M'Intire James, lab., Cedar bel Clifton 
M'Intire John, 8 Nixon (F M) 
M'Intire J. F., blacksm., Beach bel Hanover - 
M'Intire J. S., grocer, S E Sch. 7th and Rill 

M'Intire Patrick, paper carrier, 235 Christian 
M'Intire Peter, lab., Charlotte ab Thomps::' 
M'Intire Sarah, gentw., Marlborough bel Allen 
M'Intire Wm., spinner, Watts n Pine 
M'Intire Wm., carpenter, 60 George. (S) 
M'lntosh Alexander, clerk, 93 Prime 
M'Intosh James, cordwainer, 250 St. John 
M'lntosh John, cordw., 12 Querville's ct 
M'Intosh Johnston, weaver, n Maryab Froad 
M'lntosh Sarah Mrs., 33S S 3d 
M'Intosh Wm., ladies shoemr., N E 3d St Chur -• 

al, h 165 Green 
M'Intosh "Wm., grocer, 136 Locust 
M'lntosh Wm. C., distiller, c 4th & Carpenter 

h 75 Carpenter 
M'Intyre Andrew, 8 Dean 
M'Intyre Archibald, gent., Walnut ab Broad 
M'Intyre Daniel, broker, 60 Walnut, h 

M'Intyre Hugh, tailor, 158 S 11th 
M'Intyre John, att'y at law, Walnut ab 6th, ■' 

Broad ab Locust 
M'Intyre John, lab., Madison's av 
M'Intyre Patrick, lab., 56 Currant al 
M'Intyre & Rogers, brokers, 60 Walnut 
M'lvor Martha, trimmings, 24 Prune 
M'Kahin Samuel, weaver, 6u6 X 2d 
M'Kain Esther, Cedar bel Broad 
M'Kanna Arthur, 438 High 
M'Kanna Patrick, grocer, 1S2 Shippen 
M'Kanna Thomas, drayman, Budden's alley 
M'Karaher C, fancy store, 27 X 2d 
M'Karnan Patrick, tavern, G T road ab I 
M'Kay Alexander, Sch 7t!i n Mulberry 
M'Kav Elizabeth, widow of Jeremiah, tavei ■ 

G T road and Rose 
M'Kay John, cordwainer, 61 Carpenter (S) 

4 'Kay John, lab., 7 Sch "Water 
PKeague John, groceries, flour & feed, Spruce 

beJ Sch. 4th 
M'Kean Hannah, gentw, 235 Spruce 
M'Kean II. Pratt, mer., 45 Dock, h Spruce ab 

M'Kean Isabella, dress maker, 294 Vine 
M'Kean John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
M'Kean John, stone mason, Coates n Sch 
M'Kean John A., lab., Coates n F M 
M-Kean Patrick, shoemr., Griswold's al 
M'Kean Thomas, Spruce ab 10th 
M'Kean Wm. V., type caster, 11" Christian 
M'Kean Win. W, Capt. U. S. Navy, U. S. Naval 

MKechnic Robert, n 118 W High 
M'Kee Alexander, seaman, 47 Quince 
M'Kee Andrew, saddler, Pemberton's alley 
M'Kee Ann, washer., Bedford bel 8th 
M'Kee lmlah, printer, rear 393 Sassafras 
M'Kee James, weaver. 154 S 13th 
M'Kee James, locksmith, Pemberton's alley 
M'Kee John, tailor, Pemberton's alley 
M'Kee John H., 2 Union sq 
M'Kee Lawrence, sailmr, 188 N Water 
M'Kee Robert, furniture, 424 High 
M'Kee Robert, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
M'Kee, Robert, shoemr., 18th ab Fulton 
M'Kee Samuel, manuf., Hope ab Phoenix 
M'Kee Thomas, bootmr., 168 N Water 
M'Kee Thomas, mer., 19 Church al 
M'Kee Thomas, tailor, Filbert n Sch 8th 
M'Kee William, mer, 19 Church al., h Walnut n 

M'Kee Wm., weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
M'Kee Wm. & Co., importers, 19 Church al 
M'Kee Wm. A., com. mer. 5c agent for Norfolk 

& Petersburg packets, 24 N wlifs, h 9 Coates 
M'Keen Henry, watchmaker, 142 High, h 11 

M'Keen Rosanna, 198 Lombard 
M'Keever Arthur, lab., Sutherland av bel Ship - 

M'Keever Bernard, shop, 235 Shippen 
M'Keever Isaac, stone cutter, 349 S 5th 
M'Keever James, jeweller, Queen n 4th 
M'Keever James, cordw. Canal n F road 
M'Keever John, mer., 51 S Water, h209 Pine 
M'Keever John B, mer., 14 N Front, h 120 Pine! 
M'Keever Paulina, 207 Spruce 
M'Keever Peter, ropemaker, 102 Carpenter (S) j 
M'Keever Sc Robinson, stone cutters, Carpenter, 

& P road 
M'Keever T. M., painter, 248 Shippen 
M'Keever Wm„ morocco dresser, Winter 
M'Keever Wm., lab, St Mary ab 7th 
■M'Keihan Owen, shoemr, 4 Kirkpatrick's al 
M'Kelvy James, boatman, Sch Beach ab Spruce i 
M'Kendrick Joseph, lab, Sch. 4th and Barker , 
M'Kenna Anthony, suspender & girth mr, 44 

M'Kenna Charles, grocer, 304 N Front 
M'Kenna Edward, carp, 5th ab Christian 
M'Kenna Francis, carter, 89 Bedford 
M'Kenna James, cordw, 261 Catharine 

M'Kenna James, dealer, St Mary bel 7th 
M'Kenna James, lab, 213 Christian 
M'Kenna James, lab, Shippen bel 8th 
M'Kenna James, lab., Marriott's la bel Cth 
M'Kenna John, peddler, Pink ab Master (K) 
M'Kenna John, baker, 309 S 2i d 
M'Kenna Mary Ann, Juniper bel Walnut 
M'Kenna Xeal, shop, 260 Cedar 
M'Kenna Owen, mason, 13 Crabb 
M'Kenna Wm., weaver, Cedar bel Broad 
M'Kcnnan Patrick, lab, 21 Crabb 
M'Kenney John, chandler, IIS German 
M'Kenney Owen, chandler, G T road n Oxford 
M'Kenney Wm. H, Sch Sth ab "Wood 
M'Kenty Daniel, weaver, 5th i: Jefferson (K) 
M'Kenzie Catharine, 17 Mulberry 
M'Keogh James, grocer, 191 S 2nd 
M'Keon Henry, books, 151 S 4th 
M'Keon John, dry goods, 203 Cedar, h 148 S 5th 
M'Keoun Wm, lab, Gray's F road & Catharine 
M'Keown Benj, shoemr, 87 Shippen 
M'Kcown George, tavern and refect, 227 S 2d 
M'Kerl Patrick, lab, Lancaster bel Reed 
M'Kernan James, whf. builder, Sch Beach ab 

M'Kernan Michael, lab. Clay ab Willow 
M'Kernan Patrick, shoemr, 37 P road 
M'Kew Joseph, Nixon (F M) 
M'Kewen Peter, pas fitter, 7 Lodge al 
M'Kewen Wm, gas fitter, 91 S fcth 
M'Kibbin John, Paynter's ct 
M'Kibbin J, porter, Cedar &. Hurst 
M'Kibbin William, ice, Sch 5th ab Chestnut. 
M'Kibbin Wm., shoemr. Cedar ab 12th 
M'Kim J. M, Anti-Slavery ofnee, 31 N 5th, h 

97 X 10th 
M'Kimm Wm, lab, Washington ab Wood 
M'Kinlev Archibald, dealer, G T road opp Otter 
M'Kinlev B. B, teacher of deaf Se dumb, Juniper 

ab Pine 
M'Kinley James, grocer, S W 7th and Sansom, h 

2 Ronaldson 
M'Kinley James, weaver, 5 Mechanic (F M) 
M'Kinley John, teacher, 40 N 4th, h 144 N Sth 
M'Kinley John, grocer, N W 12th & High 
M'Kinley John, shop, 3 BurcFs ct 
M'Kinley Joseph, Rail Road n Coates 
M'Kinley Mary, Tiller's ct 
M'Kinley Nathan, alderman, N E 6th & Queen 
M'Kinlev Samuel, blacksmith, Coa'ea n Sch 5tdi 
M'Kinley Sarah, Carpenter bel 11th 
M'Kinley Thomas, carter, 339 S 5th 
M'Kinley William, grocer, 5 S 5th, i: 4 Sansom 
M'Kinley William Jr., groc :\ 307 High 
M'Kinr.ev Elir.a, washer. Ball n Cedar 
M'Kinney James, mason, 65 Apple 
M'Kinney James, lab., Pine bel beach 
M'Kinney James, tavern, c Front and Master 
M'Kinney James, lab., Helmuth n Sch 6th 
M'Kinney Jane, Woo 1 bel • 
M'Kinney John, carp, Lewis ab Poplar 
M'Kinney John, shoemr, Apple ab Culvert 
M'Kinney John, I ib., :-, .;• Church bel Chrb 
M'Kinne) John, Reiff's av (K) 
M'Kinnej Joseph, warper, Watts 

M'Kinney Samuel, shoemr., 161 Vinr 
M 'Kinney Thomas, lab., n Mary ab 1" road 
M'Kinney Thomas, clothes, 254 Cedar 
M'Kinney Wm., blacksm., Sch. 4th n High 
M'Kinsey Ann, 35 Union (S) 
M'Kinsey Francis, lab., 96 N Juniper 
M'Kinsey H., barber, Locust be I 11th 
M'Kinsey J., gentw., Clark ab 3d 
M'Kinzie Alex. B., plate printer, 3 Beck (S) 
M'Kinty John, weaver. Duke ab F road 
M'Kissack David, grocer, Sch 7th & State 
M'Kissick & Brother, bootms., 33 S 8th 
M'Kissick Hannah, Fitzwaterab Hubbell 
M'Knight Collins, lab., Montgomery bel 2nd (K) 
M'Knig-ht Francis, Lombard K Sch 6th 
M'Knight James, lab., Lewis ab Sch 7th 
M'Knig-ht John Rev., Sec. Ass. for supply of 

Teachers, 144 Chestnut, h 79 N 11th 
M'Knight John, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
M'Knight Rachel, shop, Sch. 6th & George 
M'Knight Robert, agent, Quarry row, (F. M.) 
M'Knight Robert, William n Hamilton 
M'Knight Robert, Jackson bel Budd 
M'Knight Valentine, lab., Lombard W Sch 7th 
M'Knight Wm., boot mr., 13 J s 12th 
M'Knight Wm., watchman, Vine ab 12th 
M'Knight Wm., Jackson 
M'Koy R., stamp cutter, 5 Tammany 
M'Lain John, wire worker, 76 Locust 
M'Lanagan Robert, polisher, 10 Centre 
M'Lanahan J., mer., 14 Chestnut, h 138 Walnut 
M'Lanahan J. & Co., mers., 14 Chestnut 
M'Lanahan Thomas, acct., 23 S 8th 
M'Lane Alexander, lab., 10 Washington av 
M'Lane George, lab., Sch 7th n Coatesj 
M'Lane John, tailor, 6 Randall's ct. 
M'Lane Matthias, ladies' shoemr., Crown n Vine 
M'Lane N., lab., Olive 

M'Lansey Francis, dealer, Lloyd bei Shippen 
M'Laughlin And., grocer, loth ab Buttonwood 
M'Laughlin Bernard, tailor, 180 Lombard 
M'Laughlin Bernard, cordw., Front n Almond 
M'Laughlin Caleb, bookbinder, 309 High, h 38 

M'Laughlin Constantine, coachman, Lebanon & 

M'Laughlin 8c Locken, bookbinders, 309 High 
M'Laughlin Daniel, atl'y. k coun., 32 Prune 
M'Laughlin Dennis, 3 William (F M) 
M'Laughlin Edward, carp., Vine n Sch 
M'Laughlin George, groc, Sch 6th and Hehnuth 
M'Laughlin George, weaver, F road n Master 
M'Laughlin George, drayman, Elizabeth ab 

George (N L) 
M'Laughlin George, weaver. Cedar ab 7th 
M'Laughlin Grace, Buddin's al 
M'Laughlin Hugh, manut'., 6-3 X 2d 
M'Laughlin James, assistant steward Navy Yard, 

h Prime bel 2nd 
M'Laughlin James, weaver, 2nd ab Master (K) 
M'Laughlin James shop, 3-1 P road 
M'Laughlin James, o->tler,2l7 Locust 
MLaughlin John, grocer, S E L2th and High 
M'Laughlin John, liver,- stable, 14 and h 25 


M'Laughlin John, clothes. N W 7th & Bedfi ■ 

M'Laughlin John, coachman, rear 260 Sa 
M'Laughlin John, lab., Sch 7th n Vine 
M'Laughlin John, dentist, rear 73 P road 
M'Laughlin John, lab., 13 H N 2nd 
M'Laughlin, John, shoemr.. 13 P road 
M'Laughlin John, printer, 386 S 3rd 
M'Laughlin Margaret Mrs., 3d ab Federal 
M'Laughlin Michael, blacksmith, 7 Juniper a! 
M'Laughlin Michael, weaver, 10 William (F M 
M'Laughlin O., grocer, Marriott's la ab 4th 
M'Laughlin Patrick, shoemr.. Jones ab Sch 4 
M'Laughlin Rachel, 323 S 6th 
M'Laughlin Samuel, carp., Ogden bel 10th 
M'Laughlin Samuel, carter, Linden ab Sell 7'.. 
M'Laughlin Thomas, Bedford ab 6th 
M'Laughlin Thos., lab., Perry bel Phoenix :-. 
M'Laughlin William, lab., 16 Barker 
M'Laughlin Wm., weaver, Cadwalader bel <_k 

ford (K) 
M'Laughlin Wm. lab., Shippen la ab Cathar 
M'Lean A., cordw., 5 Clymer 
M'Lean James, engineer. Water Works 
M'Lean John, 3d ab Catharine 
M'Lean John, bootmr., 3 Wale's av 
M'Lean Samuel, bootmr., Dean ab Bedford ,'K 
M'Lean Teddy, lab., 259 Catharine 
M'Lean Thomas, tailor, 13S Spruce, h 15 J - 

M'Lear Barney, carter, Cadwalader ab Mas-.:: 

M'Lear James, gent., 3 Callowhill 
M'Lear Patrick, Adelphi alley 
M'Leary James, carter, 1 Southampton ct 
M'Leer Peter, weaver, G T road ab Phamix 
M'Lellan Cyrus J., clerk, 30 Prune 
M'Leod Margaret, shop, IS Cypress 
M'Leod Wm., acct, 153 St John 
M'Leran James B., book keeper, M B, h K v 

10th and Wood. 
M'Leveen Myles, 2 New Market 
M'Mackin James, tailor, 113 Noble 
M'Mackin James, tailor, Lombard ab Sch 8th 
M'Mackin Michael, manut., N W Dugan St 1' " 
M'Mackin William, tailor, S W 2d andChesti : 

h 226 N 5th 
M'Mahan Hugh, dealer, 12 Eilet's av 
M'Mahan James, weaver, Rose ab Shippen la 
M'Mahan Peter, cordw., Richard ab Sch 7th 
M'Mahan Samuel, weaver, Wagner's al 
M'Mahon Ann, 7 Clover 
M'Mahon Conrad, cabinet maker, G T road r - 


M'Mahon James, ostler, rear 53 Zane 
M'Mahon John W. carp., 10th ab Wood 
M'Mahon Moses,, 176 Cedar 
M'Mahon Owen, boot and shoemr., Front * 

M'Mahon Patrick, contractor, Girard av bel ?- 

M'Main J. H. mer., 11 N Water, h 50 Pine 
M'Main 8c Schober, com. mers.. UN Water 
M'Main Thomas, lab., Goodwill ct 
M'Main W. W., mer., 94£ High, h 50 Pine 
M'Maken Eliza A., teacher, 135 S 4th 

M'Makin Andrew, publisher, 97 Chestnut, h 

Fine ab Sth 
M'Makin Benjamin, Franklin ab Buttonwood. 
M'Makin Sc Holden, proprietors Saturday Cou- 

i':c; 97 Chestnut 
M'Makin Joseph, h 213 N 3d. 
M'Makin J. Sc B., Bath Coffee House, 32 S 

M'Makin J. Jr., N. L. F. A. news room 213 N3d 
M'Makin Luke, ostler, Marble ct 
M'Manaman A., moroc. dress., Perry ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
M'Manaman James, tailor, Sbippen ab 13th 
M'Manamy James, cordw., 123 Plum 
M'Manamy Patrick, skin dress., 1 Sassafras al 
M'Manamy Wm., cordw., Hallowell bel 7th 
M'Manemy Edward, tailor, Biinton bel 13th 
M'Manemy Samuel, grocer, 227 S 5th 
M'Manemy Thomas, tailor, Hallowell bel 7th 
M'Mann Catharine, 22 Cypress 
M'Mann Peter, bricklayer, Sch 4th & High 
M'Mann Thomas, lab., 69 Small 
M'Manus Bernard, tailor, 5 Leiper 
M'Manus Catharine, 172 N Water 
M'Manus Constantine, lab., Darby road (W P) 
M'Manus Francis, oysters, 9th bel Green 
M'Manus Henry, watchman, Ann n Sch. 7th 
M'Manus James, blacksmith, 10th 5c Bonsall 
M'Manus John, tailor, rear 1 Clark (S) 
M'Manus John, cabinetmr. and undertaker, Perry 

ab Franklin (K) 
M'Manus Mary, Scl) 5th bel High 
M'Manus Owen, carter, 8 Cypress 
M'Manus P., acct., 80 Buttonwood 
M'Manus Roger, coachman, 134 Locust 
M'Manus Thomas, tailor, 125 S 2d 
M'Manus Wm., brickmr., Sch 5th n Lombard 
M 'Masters Hugh A., watchmr., 334 S 2d 
M'Masters John, collector, 96 h S 3d, h 80 Union i 
M 'Masters Wm. grocer, Marshall Sc Poplar 
M-Meey Charlotte, dressmr., 159 S 11th 
M'Menamy James, shoemr., 249 Christian 
M'Meneman Hugh, lab., Jones W Sch 4th 
M'Meneman John, cordw., 61 S 13th 
M'Meneman J. shoemr., 123 Plum Sc S E Cedar 

Sc P road 
M'Mennomy Henry, tailor, Sth bel Shippen 
M'Meny Samuel, collector, 159 S 11th 
M'Michael Hugh, brickmr., 16 Harmstead 
M'Michael Jas., boot manuf., 2d ab G T road 
M'Michael John, mer., h 55 Wood 
M'Michael John, plasterer, 10th ab Federal 
M'Michael Morton, High Sheriff, State House 

row, h Filbert 2d door ab Broad 
M'Michael Samuel, stone cut., Sch 4th n High 
M'MJlan Henry, machinist, 181 N 4:h 
M'Millin E. F. s milliner, 379 N 2d 
M'Millin Mary, milliner, 13th ab Locust 
M'Millin William, grocer, X W 2d and Union 
-M'Minamy Andrew, loth & Catharine 
M'Minamy John, segars, 204 S 6:h 
M'Minn Henry, iastmr., 14 6 Franklin 
M'Minn James, 13 Morgan's ct 
M'Minn Jane, dressmr., 114 N 12th 
M'Minn Mary, 18 Perry 

M'Minn Rebecca, dressmr., 114 N 12th 
M'Minn Samuel, shoe findings, 96 N 7th 
M'Minn Samuel, Iastmr., 37 Walnut 
M'Monahan Peter, weaver, 1 Adams n Fitz- 

M'Morris James, stone cutter, Lemon 
M 'Morris Mary, shop, Cedar Sc Clifton 
M'Mullen Alex, bricklayer, 456 S Front 
M'Mullen Anthony, carp., Cadwaladerab Frank- 
lin (K) 
M'Mullen B., Mrs., Hopkins' ct (K) 
M'Mullen Daniel, lab., Robeson's ct 
M'Mullen Francis, lab., Murray ab Sch 3d 
M'Mullen Hugh, marble polisher, 11 Truxton 
M'Mullen James, pumpmr., 3 Callowhill 
M'Mullen James, wood wharf, Cedar, h 3 Swan- 
M'Mullen John, cordw., Poplar ab 5th 
M'Mullen John, clerk, 7 Nicholson 
M'Mullen John, blacksm., Orange Sc Citron 
M'Mullen Lvdia, gentwo., 62 Swanson 
M'Mullen Margaret, wid., 242 St John 
M'Mullen Mary, boarding house, 15 Franklin 

M'Mullen Patrick, labourer, 10 Hyde's court 
M'Mullen Samuel, porter, 54 Ferry 
M'Mullin A., gent., 130 Christian 
M'Mullin John, watchman, Sch Front bel Vine 
M'Mullin Joseph, grocer, 15 N Water, h 69 

M'Mullin Joseph jr., mer., 15 N Water, h 24 

M'Mullin Joseph Sc Sons, grocers, 15 N Water 
M'Mullin Joseph T. ladies' shoe manuf., 10 N 

4th, h 127 N 6th 
M'Mullin J. A., mer., S W 2d & High, h 115 Pine 
M'Mullin J. S. collector, 248 Filbert 
M'Mullin Martha, gentw., 156 Mulberry 
M'Mullin oc Okie, com. mers., S W 2d Sc High. 
M'Mullin Robert, mer., 15 N Water 
M'Mullin II., broker, 2 Exchange, h 115 Pine 
M'Mullin Sarah, 40 6 loth 
M'Mullin Sutton IL, bricklayer, 111 Melon 
M'Mullin Thomas, bootmr., 9 S 4th 
M'Mullin Wm., cabman, 13 Benton 
M'Mullin Wm., blacksm., Beach bel Palmer (K) 
M'Mullin Wm., coachman, 2 Marshall's ct 
M'Mullin Wm., weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
M'Mullin Wm., carp., McDufhe ab 3d 
M'Mullin Wm., blacksmith, 29 Duke 
M'Mullin Wm., weaver, Philip ab Jefferson (K) 
M'Murray Andrew, M. D., 355 Fine 
M'Murray Robert, Philip bel Jefferson (K) 
M'Murry" David, brushmr., 18 Lagrange, h 16 

M'Murtrie Henry, M. D., 9 Palmyra Row 
M'Murtrie James, mer., 11 Girard 
M'Murtrie Richard C, atty. c^ coun., 43 S 4th, h 

276 Chestnut 
M'Murtrie Vv in. P. port, painter, N E 6th and 

M'Xabb John, weaver, Ann ab Sch. 7th 
M'Xabb .Mary, tavern, X E 11th Sc Filbert 
M'Xair A. IF, M. D., 260 Mulberry 
M'Xalla A. Mrs., dressmaker, 21 Prune. 

M'Nally Bernard, tobacconist, 184 S 2d 
M'Nally John, bar room,, N VV 10th & George 
M'Nalt'y Patrick, lab., 83 St John 
M'Namara John, sawyer, 1U3 Prime 
M'Namara Michael, lab., Filbert n Sch 3d 
M'Namara Michael, lab., Willow ab 12th 
M'Name Bernard, Church bcl Greenv ich 
M'Xame Hugh, bootmr.. Filbert & Sch 8th 
M'N'ame Richard S. shoemr., 7 Turner 
M'Namee Charles, blacksm., 14 Sugar al 
M'Namee Francis, boatman, Pine bcl Beach 
M'Namee Francis, lab., Cedar bel loth 
M'Namee James, Randall's ct 
M'Namee James, boots Jv. shoes, 336 High 
M'Namee James, morocco dresser, 260 N Water 
M'Namee John, 24 Swanwick 
M'Namee John, lab., 24 Farmer. 
M'Namee John, carpenter, Lewis ab Poplar 
M'Namee John, oysters, S !'. 8th & Walnut 
M'Namee John, cabman, 4 Buckley 
M'Namee Catharine, wid of John, tavern, Broad 

ab Cedar 
M'Namee Morris, smith, Shippen bel 4th 
M'Namee Moses, carp., Broad bel Cedar 
M'Namee Neallans, cordw., 10th n Melon 
M'Namee Patrick, founder, Howard n Franklin 
M'Namee Patrick, drayman, Marion ab 2d 
M'Namee Samuel, millwright, Sch 8th &. Rit- 

M*Nanamy Henry, lab., Braizer 
M'Naney Michael, collector, bib ab Washington 
M'Naney Patrick, lab., 6th a!) Washington 
M'Xanna John, carter, Carpenter bel 8th 
M'Nanny .Mary, v. id., 5 Poplar ct 
M'Neal Catharine, shop, 81 Plum 
M'Neal Charles, tinplatev orker, 405 High 
M'Neal Daniel, tailor, 4.5 Gaskill 
M'Nearland James, cordw., Vine n Sch 8th 
M'Nearny John, !aS., 123 X Water 
M'Xearney Simon, Sch 7th n Vine 
M'Neely William, carpet weaver, Franklin ab 

M'Neely W. T., bather mer., 35 N 3d, h G T 

road n Franklin. 
M'Xeil Abigail, Lombard n Sch 2d 
M'Xeil Archibald, grocer, X E 6th & Shippen 
M'Xed B., M. D., 139 S 4'h 
M'Neil Cornelius, machinist, Phurnix ab F road 
M'Xeil James, rear Bedford ab 12th 
M'Xeil James, porter, Fairview bel Sch 5th 
M'Xeil James, lab., Jackson 
M'Xeil John, lab., Catharine bcl 7th 
M'Xeil John, lab., 80 N 8th 
M'Xeil Joseph, paper hanger, 5 Rose al 
M'Xeil Robert, stone cutter, 7tit at) Catharine 
M'Neil Sarah, wash r, 12 Middle al 
M'Xeil Sarah Ann, hair worker, 45 X 4th 
M'Neil Wm., grocer, N W 12lh and Pine. 
M'Neil Wm., lab., Qtiim e n Lombard 
M'Neil! Archibald, grocer.c Swanson and Wash- 

M'Neil! Hugh, ladies' shoe rnr., 225 S 5th 
M'Neill Mal'com, aw goods, N U 4tli ... Cedar 
M'Neille P. C, mill ner, LuJ Mulberry 
M'Neille P. R, dry good-., 23 N 3d 

M'Neir AVm. watchcase mr., 23 N 2d 

M'Nelly Edward, brass founder, Hanover ..- . 

West (K) 
M'Nelly John, printer, 3 Knight's ct 
M'Nelly John, stone mason, Poplar ab 9th 
M'Xenny Michael, real est. broker, 58 Walnut, 

h 6th ab Washington 
M'Xett George, waiter, 6th & Carpenter 
M'Xett Sophia, nurse, 6 Howard's ct 
M'Xevin E., boarding house, 111 S 6th 
M'Xichol Charles, bootmr., 54 S 4th 
M'Xichol E., carp., 1 Crockett's ct, h 4 Vi :• 

ger's ct 
M'Xichol Wm., lab., 46 W Cedar 
M'Xickle Alex., shoemr., 1 Abbot's court. 
M'Xight David, lab., 20 Green (C) 
M'Nitt Hugh, lab., Shippen bel Broad 
M'Xulty James, shoemr., 13th c Walnut al 
M'Xulty Patrick, Emslie's al 
M'Xulty Patrick, lab., Milton ab 10th 
M'Xulty Philip, lab., Sch 5th n Cedar 
M'Xulty Stephen, lab., Sutherland av 
M'Xulty Wm., lab., Landing 
M'Nutt Aaron, lab., Lombard n Sch Front 
M'Nutt Archibald, lab., M'Mackin's ct 
M'Nutt Samuel, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
M'Nutt Samuel, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
M'Nutt Sarah, 136 S 10th 
M'Phail Maria, nurse, 47 Plum 
M'Pherson Angus, blacksmith, Washington *'"■ 

M'Pherson Ann, Mechanic ab Franklin (K) 
M'Pherson John, flour & feed. Callowhill n Sch 
M'Pherson Margaret J. 89 Locust 
M'Pherson Robert, watchmr., 14 German 
M'Pherson Robert, Horstman's ct 
M'Pherson Robert, weaver, Charlotte n Geor.:? 
M'Pherson Robert, ship carp., Prime ab 2d 
M'Pherson Wm., lab., Ewing's ct 
M'Philemy Eliza, Juniper allev- 
M'Philimy James, gent., Carpenter ab 6th 
M'Quaid Catharine, Sycamore ab Locust 
M'Quaid Ellen, 2 Hickory 
M'Quaid Felix, soap &: candle manuf., N E Nobis 

and O Y road 
M'Quaid James, tailor, SpafFord 
M'Quaid Patrick, soap manuf., 376 N 3d 
M'Quale Owen, livery stab., Blackberry al, h 4 

M'Queen James, coachman, 223 Cedar 
M'Question Alexander, rear 125 S 6th 
M'Qugan John, shop, Vine n Sch 8th 
M'Quid James, blacksmith. Miles' row (K) 
M'Quig-g-in H.-shop, 143 Coates 
M'QuilVin Wm., fancy hardwire, 91 N 2d 
M'Quillin Patrick, lab., Baker (S) 
M'Quillin Thomas, weaver, Hancock bel Mas« r 


M'Quillin Wm., weaver. 2d ab Master (K"l 

M'Quin Martha, dry goods, 33S S 2d 

M'Quiston T.J. shoemr., 25 t 

M'Reding George, capmr., 1-1 N 3d 

M 'Reynolds A., chemist. Helmuth n Sch. 7th 

M'ShatTer Edward, lab.. Mariner 

M'Shane Daniel, baker, 11th ab Carpenter 

M'Shane James tailor, S W Front & Cedar 
M 'Shane James, shoemr., 31 Union 
M 'Shane John, shoemr., 127 N 11th 
M'Shane Margaret, 8lh ab Carpenter 
\, shea William, cordw., 223 S 6:h 
Sl'Sordley James, tavern, 226 S 6th 
H'Sordley James, lab., Carbon (Sch) 
M'Sorley Alexander, porterhouse, Sch '. 

d ab 

Macgregor James R., tavern, 397 High 

Machette Edwin V. clerk, Buttomvood ab 12th 

Machette Susan, 43 Palmyra sq 

Machge John, slioemr., George ab Apple 

Machin George, filemr., 50 N 2d 

Mack He nry, baker, 5th & Marriott la 

Mack Isaac^ lab., Portland la 

Mack Jacob, ropemr, Cedar ab 11th 

Mack Washington, lab., Conrad's ct 

u-So'-liv Wm , weaver, Shippen la bel Bedford Mackason Mary 25 Sassafras 

M M> icy " "« » _,','' n .- \l.,,-t-.iv In m P.irnsh ab / th 

M'Stay John, lab., Sch. 8th n Sassafras 
VSio'cker Francis, watch mr., 144 Christian 
H'Stocker John, carp., Front bel Oxford (K) 
M'Sweegan John, dealer, 11th ab Cedar 
M'Sweeny Anna, teacher, 72 Almond 
M'Swiggin John, cooper, 11th ab Shippen 
M'Tague Daniel, stone mason, Master ab G T 

MTague James, shoemr., Pine n Sch W lllow 
M'Teney Caleb, lime burner, Cedar n Gray's F 

M'Uen Wm. lab., Marshall ab Poplar 
M'Vaugh Misses, milliners, 83 Lombard 
M'Vaugh Jesse, bricklayer, St John bel Poplar 
M'Vay Henry, weaver, Slaster n Cadwalader (K) 
M'Vay Patrick, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d (K) 
M'Veety Arthur, cordw., Spafford 
M'Vey George, weaver, Sch 5th n Cedar 
M'Vey James, weaver, G T road ab Phoenix 
M'Vey John, blacksmith, Poplar ab Beach, h 

rear 484 N 3d 
M'Vey Lavinia, carpet weaver, 238 Christian 
M'Vey Michael, grocer, 119 N Water 
M'Vey Neill, porter, Alton ct 
M'Vey Robert, weaver, Wagner's al 
M'Vey William, 3 Lynn (F M) 
M'Voy John, plasterer, 13 Nectarine 
M'Voy William, weaver, 3 Mechanic (FM) 
M'Whorter John, potter, 230 Christian 
M-WiUiams Alexander, lab., 16 Boyd's av 
M-Williams D., printer, 229 Christian 
M'Williams Edward, porter, rear 5th ab Chris- 
M' Williams Man', crockery, 83 N 5th 
M'William Mary Mrs., 4 Lebanon. , 
Maag Adam, tavern and bottler, S E 8th and 

Maag Frederick, tavern, 149 Sassafras 
Maag M. Mrs., gentw., 1 Prospect alley 
Haas Jacob, engraver, 23 Perry 
Haas Sarah, 300 S 6th 

Maberry T. C, mer., h 10th ab Washington 
Macalaster J. W. C. shoemr., 5 Freed's av 
Macalester Ann, 142 Mulberry 
Macalester Charles, stock and ex. bro., 70 Hock, 

h 142 Mulberry 
Micauley Isaac, oil cloth manuf., Hamilton bel 

Sch 5th 
Macauley Isaac, Jr., oil cloth manuf., o -\ otn, 

factorv, Push hill 
Macauley James F., att'y and coun., & com. ior 

New York and South Carolina, 85 S od 
M Mcdonald J., cabinetmr., 135 S 2d 
'Vtarren Mary, 424.N 2d 
V U( farces Wm. gent., 424 N 2d 

Mackav John. Parrish ab 7th 
Mackclough George, waiter, Allen's al 
Mackelroy Martha, Peach bel Coates 
Mackenzie Peter, florist, Spruce n Sch 5th 
Mackey C. C, auctioneer, 29 N 3d, h 52 Vine 
Macke'y John C, dry goods, High & Penn sq 
Mackey Joseph, shoemaker, 8 Union 
Mackey M., acct., William (F M) 
Mackey Richard, grocer, M road bel Wharton 
Mackey Robert, shoemr., 9 W Cedar 
Mackey Esther, wid of William, 312 S 7th 
Mackin James lab., rear 8th ab Carpenter 
Mackin John, lab., Jones W Sch 4th 
Mackin Timothy, lab., Carpenter bel 11th 
Mackintosh Alexander, crockery, 224 S 2d,h 93 

Mackintosh Wm., shoe manuf., 165 Green 
Macklin Alexander Rev., 10 Clinton. 
Macklin Isaac, bootmr., 15 Lisle 
Macklin Isaac, waiter, Bradford's al 
Macklin Moses, lab., Harmony bel 4th 
Macknet G., dentist, 21 N 8th 
Mackrey Henry, waiter, 10 Buckley 
Macreadv Wm., shoemr., 33 Mary (S) 
Mactague George, painter, 137 Spruce, h 46 

Macurdy Hugh, gent., 128 N 12th 
Madan John T., Noble ab 7th 
Madara Gilbert, lab., 37 Christian 
Madden James, lab., 2 Farmers' row 
Madden John, carp., 90 Union 
Madden John, carp., Jones ab Sch 4th 
Madden John, carter, High ab Sch 2d 
Madden Mary, milliner, K J9 Mulberry- 
Madden Patrick, lab., Callowhill n Nixon 
Maddison Wm., boot crimper, William bel Ed- 
ward (K) 
Maddock D. R., clerk Penn. Bank, h 4 Carlton sq 
Maddock Edward F., printer, German bel 3d 
Maddock Israel, Keefe & Lancaster 
Maddock Thomas, carpenter, 226 Noble 
Maddock William, shoemr., Mackey ab 2d 
Maddock William L., grocer, 55 and h 

Madeira Abigail, teacher, 124 & 10th 
Madeira George, lab., 10th & Milton 
Madeira Isaac H., carpenter, 13th bel Pine 
Madeira Pugh, surg. inst. mr., 37 S 8th, h 
N 6th 

Madeira Tacv, 54 S 10th 
Madera Mark, shoemr., Fraley's ct (K) 
Madinson Mary, nurse, 6 Lytle's ct 
Maechtle C. < ., baker, 433 N 5th 
Maftett Caroline Mrs., 4 Weccacoe 
Magan Mary, variety store, 71 S 5th 


Magarge Charles, paper warehouse, 52 Com- 
Magarge Daniel, lab., -kh ab Thompson (K) 
Magarge Gabriel, cordw., 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Magarge Samuel, lumbermen, h 435 N Front 
Magargel Allen, currier, Poplar ab 5th 
Magatrahan Bernard, morocco dresser, 4th ab 

Thompson (K) 
Magee Anthony, painter, 2-10 Christian 
Magee Brinckley, waterman, 428 S Front 
Magee Eliza, 148 N 8th 
Magee Ellen, Sch 2d n Lombard 
Magee George, gas fitter, 1 Jackson's ct 
Magee Hugh S., cooper, 146, and h 132 Vine 
Magee James, bookbinder, 3 Warner's ct 
Magee James, saddler, 18 Decatur, h 465 Mul- 
Magee James, carter, Shippen ab 8th 
Magee James, mer., 334 Chestnut 
, Magee James H., bottler, 118 Vine, h 47 Button- 
Magee John, porter, rear 22 Library 
Magee Mary, trimmings, 114 N 10th 
Magee Mary, 16 Elizabeth (N L) 
Magee Michael, saddler, 18 Decatur, h G T 

road ab Phoenix 
Magee Richard, bookseller, 137 S 4th 
Magee Susan, washer, SpatFord ab 6th 
Magee, Taber & Co., saddlers. 18 Decatur 
Magee William, vict, 9th ab Noble 
Magenis Daniel, prof, of elocution, 58 S 1.3th 
Magenis Edward Wm. musician, 53 S 13th 
Maginness Robert, grocer, 197 S 7th 
Mager Catharine, shop, 40 Zane 
Mager Philip, bricklayer, Prince ab Hanover 
Mager William, shipcarpenter, Hanover bel 

Magil Mary, b h, 40 S 8th 
Mag-ill David, 41 Marshall 

Magill "William H., mer., 4 S Front, h 75 N 9th 
Maginnis James, 16 Beck (S) 
Maglinn John,bh, 125 N W ater 
Maglone John, ostler, 4 Juniper lane 
Magner James, lab., Traquair's ct 
Magor James, blacksmith, 5 Truxton 
Magrady Charles, hair dresser, lu5 Coates 
Magrath Michael, gent., -i 39 Mulberry 
Magran R. Mrs., South row 

Maguire Bernard, tavern, S \V Front and Laurel 
Maguire Daniel, stone cutter, 8th & Catharine 
Maguire Daniel, stone cutter, 5 Lisle 
Maguire David, engraver, Laurel ab Front 
Maguire Elizabeth W., Fitzwater bel Steward 
Maguire I. L. blacksmith, Olive 
Maguire James, moulder, 602 S 2d 
Maguire James, att' and coun., 6th bel Walnut 
Maguire John, grocer, S E 4th and Callowhill 
Maguire John, tavern, N W 6th and Elizabeth 
Maguire John, Lombard bel 12th 
Maguire Michael, bootmr., 4 13 ixter's av 
Maguire Nicholas, teacher, Washington n 9th 
Maguire Robert, carpenu r, 3? 3 S 4th 
Maguire Stephen, cordwr., 206 Green, and 256 

Maguire Wm., tailor, 380 High 

Magwood Thomas, timber sawyer, 5 Federal 
Mahan F., publisher Philadelpnia fashions, _\ 

Mahan George, shoemr., Olive ab 10th 
Mahan Jason M., printer, 27 N 7 th, h Callow' 

bel 9th 
Mahan Mary, Sch 6th ab Pine 
Mahan Patrick, tallow-chandler, Buttonwood a 

Mahan Thomas, printer, 23 N 2d 
Mahan Wm. tailor, 1 Vaux's ct 
Mahany Daniel, lab., 3 Grape ct 
Mahany Hannah, shop, Mulberry n Sch 3rd 
Mahany John, dealer, 382 High 
Maharg George, moroc. finisher, 27 Beaver '-. 
Maharg James, moroc. finish., St John ab Georg 
Mahauffey James, tailor, Chestnut & Sch Bea,. 
Mahaun John, lab., Prime ab Swanson 
Mahaun Thomas, mariner, 31 Beck (S) 
Maher John, clerk, 81 Lombard 
Maher John, gent., 81 Lombard 
Maher Stephen, lab., 170 N Water 
Maher Wm., lab., Marriott's la ab 4th 
Mahlke Lewis, bootmr., 5 Sheldon row 
MahofFy Thomas, Chestnut st whf Sch 
Mahoney Bridget, S Lawrence 
Mahoney Daniel, tavern, S W 13th and Vine 
Mahoney James, weaver, Phoenix ab 2d 
Mahoney James, brushmr., Schieisman's al 
Mahoney Jeremiah, carp., 2 Pleasant ct 
Mahoney John, lab., Carpenter ab 10th 
Mahoney Patrick, lab., 16 Jones' al 
Mahoney Susanna, gentw., 480 S 2d 
Mahoney Timothy, seaman, Cuskaden's ct 
Mahoney Wm., tailor, 5 Ridgwav's ct 
Mahony'M. B., mer., 20 S Front,'h 271 S Front 
Mahonv M. B. Sc Co., iron and com. mers., 20 

S Front 
Maier Lewis, cabinetmr., 24 Dyott's ct (K) 
Main Alexander, cordwr., Harmony bei 5th 
Main Charles, machinist, 7th ab Catharine 
Main & Lyndall, ven. blind makers, 129 S 2d 
Main William H., ven. blindmr., 129 S 2d 
Mains John, weaver, 46 W Cedar 
Mains Robert, weaver, Shippen bel 12th 
Maine Thomas, shoemr., Edward bel 2d (K) 
Maire Ellen, Otter ab Front (K) 
Maires "Walter F., carp., Apple ab George 
Mairs Joseph H. driver, Lawrence's ct (K) 
Mairs Thomas, weaver, School ab Otter (K) 
Maison Peter, mer., 87 N Water, h 132 N 

Maitland Mrs., gentw., 153 Pine 
Maitland John, gent., 129 Lombard 
Maitland Wm. J. distiller, Cedar it Crabb, h 1-- J 

Major Benjamin F. carp., 18 Lagrange, h Alu i: 
Major Emily, fancy goods, 173 Mulberry 
Major Isaac, 12th bel Green 
Major Louisa, Poplar ab 7th 
Major Susan, tailoress, rear 75 New Market 
Malanson Philip, mariner, 60 Queen 
Malany James, upholsterer, 17 Cressoivs al 
Malarey Sarah, bt Mary ab 7th 
Malay George, brassfounder, Harmony ab 4th 

Malcolm Isabella, Callowhill bel Sch 7th 
U*lcomoon Hugh, carpet weaver, 14 Perry 
Malcomson Joseph, carpet weaver, 263 Sassa- 
lirJe William; tailor, 549 N Front 
vlalech Gustavus, barber, 4th ab Callowhill 
M ley Julianna, gentw., 140 N Juniper 
11 tley Susan, Pearl ab 13th 
Vlalin David, Rev., agent Am. Board Com. For. 
Missions, office 134 Chestnut, h 241 S 10th 
Maling Thomas H., manner, rear 43 Prime 
Maion John, manuf., Washington bel Jefferson 
M.ilone Charles, weaver, 5 John's ct 
M.ilone Edward, shoemr., 7 Marshall's ct 
Malone Hugh, lab., 7S N Water 
Malone Michael, lab., Wheat ab Wharton 
ttaloney- James, shoemaker, 220 Cedar 
Malony J-, capt., 124 Catharine 
Maloy Henry, coachman, Buckley 
Maloy John, tinman, Clinton ab Brown 
Malseed John, cordwainer, 432 S 2d 
Malthouse George, carpet manuf. 12th 8c But- 

tonwood, h S Garden ab 11th 
Mallmon John, butcher, Church bel Greenwich 
Ualtmon William, boat builder, Rye bel Marion 
Mallalieu Thomas, lab., Bedford b'el Clifton 
Mailer Mariano, Rev., seminary, Sch 5th & Sas- 

Mallery Daniel, Shippen bel 10th 
Mallery Garrick, att'y and coun. 48 S 4th, h 

Library bel 5th 
Mallett R., dancing school, Assembly Buildings, 

h 295 Spruce 
MaJloch Elizabeth, Barker n Sch 6th 
Hallon Ann, tavern, S W 8th & Shippen 
Mallon John, lab., Lathbury's ct 
Mallon John, weaver, 4th bel G T road 
MaUoy Daniel, carp., Fairmount st 
Managin Henry, Perry ct 
Manahan Daniel, lab., 74 N Water 
Manahan John, lab., rear Carpenter bel 8th 
Manahan Patrick, lab., Hamilton, n John (F M) 
Manahan Philip, lab., Clay bel Sch Beach 

Mangan George, upholsterer, 7th ab Parrish 
Mangan John J., coach smith, 15 Quince 
Mange Francis, colours manuf., 507 N 3d 
Mange Mark S., real estate, 204 S 3d 
Mangle George, lab., Hanover bel Prince 
Manion James, lab., rear 30 Cherrv 
Manlef John, waiter, 19 Acorn al 
Mauley D., iron dealer, Broad bel Sassafras 
Manley George, ex-broker, N E 3d 8c Chestnut 

h 149 Pine 
Manley Richard, carp., Corn bel Decatur 
Manley [{., stock and ex. broker, N W 3d and 

Manley Sarah, dress mr., 8 Bread 
Manley Thomas, exch. broker, 43 S 3d 
Manley Thomas, ex. broker, N W 3d 8c Chest- 
Manliff Henry, waiter, 20 Raspberry 
Manloff Jacob, well-digarer, Front bel Greenwich 
Manlove Alexander, ostler, 9 Zane 
Manly David, jr., dealer, Broad ab Cherry 
Manly Henry, capt., 43 Chestnut 
Mann Daniel, gent., 43 Sassafras 
Mann Daniel, Jr., gent, 43 Sassafras. 
Mann John, collector, 263 S 3d 
Mann John M., mer., 144 High (ab stairs) 
Mann Peter G., carp., Lydian School (K) 
Mann R., gent., 9 Marshall 
Mann Sarah, rear 394 Sassafras 
Mann Theodore, bootmr., 41 S 4th 
Mann Thomas, boots and shoes, 44 N 4th 
Mann William, saw repairer, Washington av ab 

Mann Wm. B., atty & coun., 284 X 3d 
Mannal Andrew, baker, 87 Brown 
Mannal Michael Jr., mason, 13th ab Poplar 
Mannery Richard, waterman, Front ab Reed 
Manning Charles, cabinetmaker, 477 S 2d 
Manning Geo. R., baker, 15 Coates' al 
Manning John, tailor, 223 Cedar 
Manning- John S., printer, 465 S Front 
Manning Joseph S., cordwainer, 58 Queen 
Manning Joseph 3., carp., S E 11th and Brown 

MancourtM. A., ready made linen, 235 Chestnut! Manning J. H., oysters, 92 High, h 60 Penn 
Manefan James, lab.," Sutherland av bel Shippen] Manning Napoleon B., printer, 20 S 4th, h Mar- 
Mandell C, 41 Green sni dl ab Parrish 

Manderfield Henry, alderman, S E 3d & Catha- Manning T. S., printer, 7 S 6th 

rine, h John & 2d (S) j Mansfield Charles F., paper hanger, 275 S 2d 

Manderfield Henry, drug., N. W. Christian and; Mansfield E. A., gentw., Apple n Creek 

2d. Mansfield Isaac K., mer., 34 Church al 

Manderfield John, turnkey, 180 S 4th Mansfield John, ship carpenter, 2 Callowhill 

Manderfield J. G., broker, 21 Xorris al, h 1 Mansfield John, Jr., baker, Harrison av 

Wiley's ct Mansfield Thomas, curb setter, 7 .Montgomery 

Manderfield Thomas, carp. M road bel Christian | Mansfield Thomas, tailor, rear 8 Bread 
Sanderson Andrew, gent, Beach n Shacka-i Mansfield Thomas, tailor, Fitzwater ab 8th 

Mansfield Thomas W., paper hanger, 2 Clark 

Manson George W., druggist, S E 10th and 

Manson Mary, shop, Water bel Sassafras 
Mansure John, jeweller. o79 X 3d 
Mansure Robert, carpenter, Oliver pi 
Mantell Conrad, barber, Beach ab shackamaxon 

Manderson Andrew, jr., lumbermen, Beach bel 

Manderson Andrew, jr. 8c Co., lumber mers. 

Beach n Marlborough 
Manderson James, mer., Beach n Marlborough 
Sanderson John, tailor, 369 X Front 
M inderson Mrs., Beach ab K market 
M^ndry John, livery stable, 306 Sc h 308 Sassa-lMantin Peter, brickmr., 3uU S 7th 

fras. I Manuel Albert, grocer, lUth 8% Vernon 


Manypenny Henry, combtnr., 79 Cedar 
Manypenny James, warper, Wood ab Sch Front 
Maples Joseph, stone cutter, 5 Miller's al 
Maples J., marble mason, Broad ab Mulberry, h 

Miiier's al 
Mara James, weaver, Fitzwater ab Broad 
Marbaeker Hannah, Mrs., 12th ab Willow 
Marbaeker, John, brass founder, 12th ab Willow 
Marcer Isaac, carp., 13 Elizabeth (N L) 
March Elizabeth, shop, G T roadn Jeh'erson 
March George, tavern, 101 Coates 
March James, shoemr., 56 Green 
March Joseph, hosier, G T road ab Master 
Marche Misses, mantua mrs., S W Marshall k S 

Marchment Stephen, ladies shoemaker, 3 58 

Marcus H., barber, 169 Cedar, h 205 Shippen 
Marcus Samuel, porter, 245 S 7th 
Marembeck Jane, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Max-fit Campbell, chimist, 118 Beach (K) 
Marger F., lab., Sch 2d ab Vine 
Margetts John, oysters, 134 High, h 81 N 6th 
Marion Edward, lab., 4th & Lombard 
Maris John M., druggist, 129 High.h 87 Pine 
Maris Rachel R., 107 S 8th 
Maris Richard, M. D.. 107 S 8th 
Maris Thomas R., mer., 145 High, h 107 S 8th 
Maris William, mer., 73 S Front, h Fenn ab 

Maris Win. Jr., lumber mer., 13th and Locust, h 

Juniper bel Locust 
Maris Wm., & Co., com. mers., 73 S Front 
Maris Wm. S., mer., 73 S Front 
Maris William, & Son, lumber mers., Penn bel 

Maiden, h Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Mark Cnristian, weaver, West n Wood (K) 
Mark John, clerk, 73 Lombard 
Mark M. A., Van Buren pi 
Mark Robert, lab., 177 5 Front 
Marker Conrad, rope mr., -ri bel Greenwich 
Marker George, carter, Marker n M road 
Marker J. D., merchant, lu Franklin pi, h 6 Mag- 
Marker Mary, 2d bel Greenwich 
Markel Wm., co .chmr.. rear 473 X 3d 
Markey Thomas, iab., Clay bel Beach 
Markland James, brass thunder, Howard pi (S) 
Markland John H., att'y and coun., 79 S 6th 
Markland Thomas T., pearl button maker, Sth 

bel Shippen 
Markle Jacob, carpenter, 96 Tammany 
Markle John, wire manuf., 1 Lodge, h 13 Pine 
Markley A. H. Mrs., gentw., 24 Gimrd 
Markley Benjamin, coach trimmer, 124 Apple ! 
Murkley Edward C, bookbinder, 4 Minor, h 19 

Markley George W. k Co., cloth store, 5* N 2d 
Markley Isaac, carter, 124 Apple 
M.irkley Jocob, lab., 4 Kessler's al 
Markley John, baker, 2d bel Wharton 
Markley John, machinist, 9tn bet (Joates and 

Markoe Camac la n G T road 
Marks C, lab., 1 Poplar pi 

Marks D., tailor, S E 6th and Cedar 
Marks James, ship master, 3-iS S 4th 
Marks James N., druggist, N W 11th and Lo- 
Marks John, painter, rear 127 Noble 
Marks John, gent., 8 Pearl 
Marks John, carp., Jones n Sch 4th 
Marks John, shoemr., Horstman's ct 
Marks John, glue manui"., F road ab Palmer 
Marks John F., cordwr., 9th ab Willow 
Marks M., peddler, St John n Bridge (K) 
Marks Samuel P., clerk, Health Office, h N W 

11th & Locust 
Marks Thomas, weaver, Duke ab Cherry 
Markward Samuel A., saw maker, Pike 
Marley Charles, baker, Church bel Greenwich 
Marley Richard J., cordw., 147 S 11th 
Marley Rosanna, 110 Union 
Marlin John, carter, 23 Allen (K) 
Marlin Joseph, drayman, Shackamaxon n F road 
Marlin Thomas, oysters, Water ab Vine, h 20 

Maiden (K) 
Marlin Thomas, tailor, Marriott's la ab 4th 
Marlin William, drayman, Sarah (K) 
Marlow John, weaver, Stewart bel Fitz water 
Marlow John, grocer, Queen and Wood. (K) 
Marlow Patrick, weaver, St John &, George (K) 
Marmion John, oysters, N W Sch Sth k High 
Maroney John, lab., 107 Cherry 
Maroney Matthew, S WJacoby & Sassafras 
Marot William, bookbinder, 4th k Appletree al, 

h 173 Vine 
Marple Amos, cordw., Charlotte ab Culvert 
Marple Charles, dry goods, 260 S 3d 
Marple Jacob, cabinetmr., F road ab Queen, h 

Sarah bel Bedford 
Marple Jane, F road n Bedford, (K) 
Marple Joel, lab., Penn ab Maiden, (K) 
Marple John, plasterer, Pleasant ab 12th 
Marple Joseph, watchman, 6 Whitecar's ct 
Marple M. Moms, trimmings, 12 N 2d 
Marple Robert W., bookoinJer, Concord bel 3d 
Marple Samuel, lime mer, Griers' ct 
Marple Wm. M., dry goods, 12 N 2d, h 64 Gar- 
Marran James, Jab., 12 Gray's al 
Man-in Sarah, Fitzwater ab 13th 
Marriner Andrew, waterman, Beach n High 

Bridge (K) 
Marriner Henry, waterman, 72 New Market 
Marriner John, boat builder, Bakers ct ( N" L) 
Marriner Mary Ann, dress maker, 40 Coates 
Marron Richard, porter, Fitzwater bel Sth 
Mars P. G., stone mason, Wood bel Prince (K) 
Marsden Wm, glass blower, Wood ab Prince 

Marseilles Peter, genu, Pine ab 9th 
Marselis Cornelius, ladies' shoemr., 301 S Front 
Marseiis J. X, M. D.. 103 Catharine 
Marsh Abrahan teac :, 450 Sassafras 

Marsh 8c 'penters, FL1 >ert bel 12th 

Mar.-h Elisha, saddler, 450 Sa-^lras 
Marsh Hand, seaman, 25 Piime 
Marsh Jame-, mer, ;b V 5th h 290 N 6th, 
Marsh John, stone cutter Johnson's la (S) 

' Rebecca, grocery, c Green !*. Linden 
V] i:-h Richard, lab., Broad ab Shippen 
•!.vrsh Thomas, oarter, Lombard ab Broad 
Marsh Thomas, carp., Filbert bel 12th, h 22 

Marshall Abraham, frame maker, 375 Sassafras 
Marshall Alexander, labourer, 214 Shippen 
Marshall Andrew, lab., Pine bel Beach 
Marshall A. B., dry goods, 188 Chestnut. 
Mai-shall Benj., men, 151 High, h 2-19 Spruce 
M .rshall & Brock, machinists and engravers, 6 

Lagrange place 
Marshall Charles, bookseller, 5th ab Pine 
Mii-shall Charles, lab., Jones W Sen 4th 
Marshall Christopher, gent., 302 Pine 
Marshall Davis, carp., Wood ab Sch 7th 
MirshaD Earle, grave digger, Olive ab 13th 
Marshall Edward, cabinetmr., 403 S 4th 
Marshall Edward, dealer, Washington (W P) 
Marshall Elizabeth, shoo, Beach ab Fine 
Marshall E. A., Sch 7th ab Cherry 
Marshall E. D., machinist, 6 Lagrange place 
Marshall Harriet, 8th bel Lombard 
Marshall Henry, miller, Washington (W P) 
Marshall Isaac, morocco dresser, 3d bel Phoenix 
Marshall James, West ab Marlboro' (K) 
Marshall James, grocer, 169 Locust 
Marshall James, cordw., Chew's ct 
Marshall James, frame maker, 1 W North 
Marshall James, labourer, Salem al ab 12th 
Marshall James, grocer, 46 P road 
Marshall Jephtha, carp., 23 N 11th, h 7 S 13th 
Marshall John, Rev., Lemon 
Marshall John, porter, Cedar n 11th 
Marshall John, feed store, P road ab Fitzwater 
Marshall Joseph, porter, 15 Washington 
Marshall Joseph, jeweller, 87 S 2d,'h 89 Catha- 
Marshall J. Y., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
Marshall &. Kehoe, carps., 23 N 11th 
Marshall Leah, 3 Middle al 
Marshall Mary, 249 Spruce 
Marshall Mary Ann, 481 Mulberry 
M.cshall Mayhew, lab., 4 Wagner's al 
Marshall Moses D., cordwainer, Ann ab Sch. 4th 
Marshall M. & J. Y., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
Marshall M. Mrs., wafer manuf., 59 Walnut 
Marshall Preston, wool dealer, c Front and Pop- 
lar, h 465 N Front 
M'rshall Rebecca T., milliner, 375 Sassafras 
Marshall Robeit, grocer, c 13th and Cedar 
Marshall Samuel, boatman, Sch Ann ab Locust j 
Marshall Sarah, milliner, 172 S 2d 
Marshall Sarah, Park 

Mii-shall Solomon, lab., 15 Washington ab 11th 
M »'shull Sc Tempest, jewellers, 87 S 2d 
Marshall Thomas, lab., rear 302 St. Johns 
Marshall Thomas, cooper, Jones W Sell 4th 
Marshall Wallace, druggist, 312 High 
' : .hall William, lab., Canal 

hall Wm., brushmr., 10th ab Wood 
;; • shall William, combmr., Otter n William (K) j 
M -shall William, coachman, Cherry ab 13th 
1 > shall Win., shoemr., Relief pi 
Marshall Wm., tailor, German bel 5th J 

Marshall Wm. A., mer., N W Walnut & Front 
h 11th n Cedar 

Marshall W. G., bricklayer, 336 Coate3 

Marshes & Shepherd, manufs. and mers., 2 
Church alley 

Marshman Charles P., mariner, capt., 4th bel 
Chri tian 

Marston Catharine, Olive bel 11th 

Marston John, capt. U. S. navy, 350 Vine 

Marston John, coachmr., 6th 8c Brown 

Marston John, 7th ab Poplar 

Martcd Charles, hair dresser and whig maker, 
137 Chestnut 

Marten E. \V, druggist, 24 Callowhill 

Marter E. M., iner, 15 N 2d 

Marter Isaac &c Son, dry goods, 15 X 2d 

Martien J. W., com. mer., 65 S Front, h 27 Pal- 
myra sq. 

Martien William S., printer and publisher of 
Presbyterian, S E 7th and George, h 106 

n ii tii 

Martin Abraham, clerk custom house, 2nd bel 

Martin Alexander, grocer, S E Wallace Sc Frank- 
Martin Alexander, 14 Dilk's ct. 
Martin Ambrose, jeweller, 190 Sassafras 
Martin Amelia, 243 Spruce 
Martin Benjamin, gent., 463 S 2d 
Martin Benjamin, lab., Carpenter n 13th 
Martin Benjamin, Sc Sons., hay press 6c scales, 

Greenwich ab Front 
Martin Capt., Sch. 6th 8c Chancellor 
Martin Charles, ladies' shoemr., 202 Mulberry 
Martin C. P., b h, 37 N 10th 
Martin & Co., (J. Willis), lard oil manuf., 20 

Martin Daniel, plasterer, 71 Christian 
Martin Daniel, distiller, N W 7th 6c Cedar 
Martin David, lab., Hose bel Shippen la 
Martin Edward D., brickmr., New Market bel 

Martin Frederick, chairmr., 4th bel Poplar 
Martin F. A., XI. D., Sth bel Coates 
Martin George, M. D., 56 Marshall 
Martin George, cordw., 56 M road 
Martin George, mariner, Collins' al 
Martin G. H., men, 113 High, h Olive n Sch. 

Martin Hannah, 107 Shippen 
Martin Henry, rope maker, Washin -ton bel 6th 
Martin Henry, tavern, S E George 6c Shippen 
Martin Henry, gent., 25 Tammany 
Martin Hugh* K., 93 Cherry 
Martin Isaac, bonnet presser, 134 X-ith 
Martin Isaiah, clerk, 189 G T read 
Martin James, porter, N W 2d 5c Wharton 
Martin James, 134 N 2d, h Coates' alley 
Martin James, Hour and feed, S W 2d & Wash 

Martin James, cordwainer, 5 Hoffman's al 
Martin James, watchman, 127 M road 
Martin James, com. mer., 10 N Front, h 181 

Martin James, chandler, Noble bel Garden 

Martin James K., attorney St conn., Lily al and 

Martin James S., hat and cap manuf., 118 High, 

h 169 N 6th 
Martin James W., umbrella rnr., 80 Mulberry 
Martin John, grocer, Vine and Washington 
Martin John, trader, Pink ab Master (K) 
Martin John, collector, 23 Duke 
Martin John, M. D., 22 Sansom 
Martin John, waiter, rear 3 Gray's al 
Martin John, Capt.,222 S Front 
Martin John, carp., 96 N 13th 
Martin John, clerk, 112 Filbert. 
Martin John, weaver, Union bel West (K) 
Martin John, blacksm., 38^ Cedar 
Martin John, 25 Farmer 
Martin John, lab., Pine ab Willow 
Martin John, cedar cooper, rear 4 Stiles' ct 
Martin John, sexton, 194 S 11th 
Martin John, weaver, Union bel West (K) 
Martin John C, superintendent Philadel. Ex- 
change, h 319 Spruce 
Martin John C, bonnets, 58 S 2d 
Martin John H., mer., 94 High 
Martin John J., clockmr., 1S9 G T road 
Martin John L., grocer, N E 13th & Fulton 
Martin Joseph, grain and flour, 4th bel Federal 
Mnrtin Joseph, ship carp., 2d ab Federal 
Martin Joseph, gunsmith, 16 Poplar 
Martin Joseph, pattern maker, Wood bel Gar- 
Martin Joseph K., cabinet mr., 44A Penn 
Martin Joseph W., clerk, 30 Madison. 
Martin Joshua, porter, 2 Ball's ct. 
Martin Joshua, warper, Marlboro' & Duke (K) 
Martin J. G., tavern, 2 N Front 
Martin & Lackey, ladies' shoemrs., 202 Mulberry 
Martin L., Mrs., sewing, Carpenter ab 8th 
Martin Marshall, lab., Shippen ab 12th 
Martin Mary, Helmuth n Sch 6th 
Martin Mary, milliner, 189 G Troad 
Martin Michael, tavern, 190 S 6th 
Martin Michael, bricklayer, Jones ab Sch. 8th. 
Martin Oliver, variety store, 24 N 4th, h Mar- 
shall ab Noble 
Martin Patrick, baker, 253 S 7th 
Martin Patrick, waiter, Pine n Sch 7th . 
Martin Patrick, lab., 20 Harmstead 
Martin Peter, chairmaker, S7 and 89 X Front, 
Martin Peter, 287 N 3d 
Martin Peter, William ab Hamilton i 

Martin P., tailor, ]01 O Y road 
Martin P. C, grocer, 30 Elizabeth 
Martin Robert, cabinetmr., Harris' ct 
Martin Robert, whip mr., Rachel bel Laurel 
Martin Robert, collector, 310 S 4th 
Martin Robert B., umbrella mr., 128* S 6th 
Martin Samuel, bricklayer, N W Wharton and 

Martin Samuel, confect., 17 Maria 
Martin Samuel W., tailor, 230 S 2d 
Martin & Smith, hardware, 113 High 
Martin Stephen R., clothes, h 32S Cedar 
Martin Sylvester, grocer, N W 10th and Car- 

Martin Thomas, lab., 54 W Cedar 

Martin Thomas, labourer, 185 N Front 

Martin Thomas, hatter, 331 S 6th 

Martin Thomas, house and sign painter, 124 - 

10th, h Wharton ab 4th 
Martin Thomas G., gent., 139 Lombard 
Martin Wm., potter, 88 Gaskill 
Martin Wm., tailor, 71 Union 
Martin William, sec. Del. Co. Insurance Co., • 

E 3d and Dock, h Pine ab Juniper 
Martin Wm., weaver, Cedar ab Sch 4th 
Martin Wm., lab., Pearl ab Sch 7th 
Martin Win., lab., Sch 4th n High 
Martin Wm., moulder, Fraley'sal 
Martin Wm., coal mer., Broad n Spruce, h Pi: t 

bel Broad 
Martin Wm., clerk, 17 Relief 
Martin Wm. A., gent., Sch 5th bel Spruce 
JMartindale Charles, confectioner, 140 Sasssf-.i 
[Martindale John B., teacher of music, 15 Jacob; 
Marts Susan, washing, Roberts' ct 
Martz Sylphia,cab netmr.,370 X3d 
Marvel Elizabeth, Prime ab 2d 
Mash John, shoemr., Wood bel Prince (K) 
Masley Wm., lab., Gale's ct 
Maslin John, lab., 139 Cherry 
Maslin M. M., hardw., 4 X3d, h Locust n Sch 8th 
Maslin Sc Pepper, hardware, 4 X 3d 
Mason Andrew, warper, Lloyd ab Fitz water 
Mason Ann, 5 Wood 
Mason A., philosophical instrument maker, :'• 

S 5th, h 69 Cherry- 
Mason Calvin, atty. and coun., 40 X Sth 
Mason Caspar H., hatter, Prospect al 
Mason Christopher, carpenter, Yv'illow bel 12th, 

h Wood bel 12th 
Mason C. A., X E 6th and Coate3 
Mason Ebenezer, merchant, 10 Pine 
Mason Edward, hairdresser, Relief pi 
Mason Eliza, 29 Gilles' ai 
Mason Elizabeth, gentw., 9 German 
Mason George, rear Callowhill n 12th 
Mason George, waiter, 4 Farmer row 
Mason George R., mer., 128 High, h 41 Wood 
Mason George W., 14 Benton 
Mason & Huhn, milliners, 59 X 2d 
Mason Isaac, gent., 135 5 11th 
Mason Isaac, porter, Bedford bel 8th 
Mason Isaiah, lab., Madison's ct 
Mason Jacob, oysters, 317 Callowhill 
Mason Jacob, porter, 5 Union (S) 
Mason James, cooper, St. .Jame=;, h 9 Lybrar.i 
Mason James, mariner, Washington ab Swan- 
Mason James, hatter, 20 Barron 
I Mason James, glass bender, Crown ab Queen (K) 
{ Mason James, confect., 43 Union 
| Mason James, carter, 15 Lisle 
Mason James A., baker. 108 S 12th 
Mason James P., bookbinder, 12 & h 216 S 4*J 
Mason James S., blacking manuf., 192 X 3rd -< 

56 New Market. 
Mason John, mer., 6 X wharves, h 93 S 3d 
Mason John, M. D., 475 X 4th 
Mason John, shoemr., J enerson bel GT road 

Mason John, weaver, 35 S Jumper 
M son John, butcher, Adams n 13th 
Mason John K., M.D., 198 Locust 
Maion John M. G., tailor, 8 China (S) 
MisonJohn T., lamp maker, 6th and Poplar 


Mason Joseph, hatter, 13 Hudson's al, h 52 

Mason Joseph, porter, 1 Crab 
Mason & Kirkland, mers., 6N wharves 
Mason Mar}', shop, 3 Chatham 
Mason Mrs., gentw., 78 Union 
Mason Parthenia, luo N 5th 
Mason Rebecca, washer, Cedar bel 8th 
Mason Ilichard M., clerk, 154 N 13th 
Mason Robert A., wine and liquor, N E 6th and 

Ma>on R. W., nail warehouse 34 "Walnut 
Mason Samuel Jr., B. U. S., h 68 N 7th 
Mason Sanford, portrait painter, 8th bel Coates 
Mason Sarah, 6th & Pine 
Mason Sarah Ann, shop, 465 S 2d 
Mason S. R., clerk, R road ab Green 
Mason Thomas, carp., Decatur bel Corn 
Mason Thomas T., merchant, 3 St James 
Mason T. A., gent., 234 Catharine 
Mason Win,, teacher of drawing 1 , 62 Filbert 
Mason Wm.j eating-house, 67 Dock, h Marl- 
boro' bel Duke (K) 
Mason William, oak cooper, St. James, h 15S 

Mason \Ym., shingle shaver, R road bel Green 
Mason Wm., shingle shaver, Crown ab Queen 

Mason Wm. jr., gauger, St. James, h 59 N 2d 

Mason Wm. E., wire worker, 13 Commerce 

Mason William G., engraver, 45 Chestnut 

Mason W. R., fancy store, 5 High, h 424 N Front 

Mason W S., landscape painter, 136 Chestnut 

Mj.ssey Andrew, sawyer, 3 St Mary 

Massey Charles, sawnler, Hoppel'sct 

Massey Charles, merchant, 28 S wharves, h 170 

Massey Charles P., auctioneer, 65 N 3d, h 157 S 

Massey h Clarkson, auctioneer, 65 N 3d 

Massey James, saw filer, S E Front & Brown 

Massey John, dentist, 258 N 8th 

Massey John, waterman, Putter's ct 

Massey Joseph R., mer., 28 S wharves, h 170 

Massey J. A.", Rev., 592 N 3d 

Massey Lemuel, grocer, 414 S 4th 

Massey L. E , trimmings, 102 S 3rd 

Massey L. R., grocer, 45 S Water 

Massey R. V., leather store, 244 N 3d, h 205 N 

Massey Thomas, tailor, 320 Sassafras 

Massey Wm. P., live:-;, stable, Filbert & Broad 

v ; uson A., car;.., 268 N 7th 

Masson Chas. A., watchmaker and jeweller, 224 
Chestnut, h 10th ab Poplar 

v ! isson James, carp., 179 Brown 

Master Elizabeth, dry goods. 68 Spruce 

Master Wm., shoemr., 145 Vine 

Masters George, shingle shaver, Penn bel Maiden 
• (K) 

Masterson John, blacksmith, 18 Farmer 
Masterson Michael, weaver, 2<\ ab Master (K) 
Masterson Patiick, lab., 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Mastin James, porter, Harmony bel 4th 
Matchett P., lab,, 6 White's ct 
Matchett John, carpenter, Poplar bel Broad 
Matchner Wm. gardener, Mariner 
Mateer James, bricklayer, Irven 
Mather Edwin M., gardener, 306 Tine 
Mather John, bootmr., 12 Hubbell 
Mather Joseph H. painter, 4 Norman's al 
Mather Jos. T., mer., 143 High, h47J Chetfnul 

ab Broad. 
Mather, Walton & Hallowell, drv good*, 143 

Mathers Mary, Lowry's ct 
Mathers Peter, baker, 201 S 9th 
Mathes Joseph, boot maker, 3 Exchange pi 
Matheys John, car builder, Broad ab Nine 
Matheys R. E., bathing house, rear 124 S 2d 
Mathieu Dauphin, carver, 13 Flower 
Mathieu & Doiseau, stove manufacs. 187 S 2 .'. 
Mathieu E., vinegar manuf., 12, 8ch 15 Lo:nb.\:J 
Mathieu A., cordw., Morris ab Catharine 
Matison M. A. dressmr. 214 Walnut 
Matlack Aaron G. shoemr. 13 Howard 
Matlack Ann, 38 Marshall 
Matlack C. P., M. D., 143 Mulberry 
Matlack Ellwood, tailor, 306 High h S7i N 3th 
Matlack Ellwood K. shoemr. 233 Green 
Matlack F. E., cordw., 337 S 6th 
Matlack I. K., M. D., 239 Sassafras 
Matlack James, waiter, 2 Kneass' ct 
Matlack John G., shoemaker, 131 N 6th 
Matlack Joseph, machinist, rear 123 Beach bri 

I Matlack Joseph B., bricklayer, 145 Mar - 
Matlack J., ladies' shoes, 142 & h 210 Chestnut 
I Matlack Mason, carpenter, 18 Gebhard 
I Matlack Thomas, wood whaif, Wood st. wharf 
Matlack Thomas, lime burner, S Garden ab U'.b 
Matlack William, tobacconist, It road :- I . 
Matley Abraham, lab. M road bel W har n 
Matsii'iger Adam, blacksmith, 448 Sassafras, li 

15 Montgomery. 
Matsinger Elizabeth, tailoress, 16 Mar.on 
Matson Hoopes, tailor, 2 North ct 
Matson James, carter, 9 Marion 
Matthes Henry W., turner, 4th & Tammany 
Mattheson Hector, weaver, Ann :i I »lh 
Matthews Ann, 2 Joint al 
Matthews Ann, sempstress, Meredith's ct 
Matthews Austin, real est. broker. 1/ Filbert 
Matthews Caleb, M. D., 138 S Front 
Matthews Charles, lab. Barkei 's ct (K) 
Matthews Charles, cordw. Marlboro' and Queen 

Matthews Daniel, porter, 33 Currant al 
Matthews D • ■ " • - ■-'• Lombard 
Matthews David, grocer, Perry and I'.ne 
Matthews Edward, carp., 630 S 2nd 
Matthews Elizabeth, wid. of Barnaby, Shacka- 
maxon n F U 

Matthews Emeline, teacher, Pine and Quince 
Matthews Esther, teacher, 279 S Front 
Matthews Francis, lab., Pine n Ashton 
Matthews George W. cordw. Marlboro' & Queen 
Matthews Hannah, 39 Middle alley. 
Matthews Henry, porter, 9 Green (City) 
Matthews Henry, porter, Broad Sc Paper al 
Matthews H., blacksmith, 8th ab Filbert, h 6 

Filbert av 
Matthews Isaac, captain, 5 Brown 
Matthews James, lab. Palmer ab Beach (K) 
Matthews James, livers' stable, llth bel High,h 

397 High 
Matthews James, cordwainer, rear 127 N Market 
Matthews James, cordw., Rose n School (K) 
Matthews Jane, 131 S 8th 
Matthews John, waiter, George n llth 
Matthews John, sawyer, 18 Gilles' al 
Matthews John, cordw. Lemon n llth 
Matthews John, tinsmith, 3 Jones' ct. 
Matthews John, lab., Dyott's ct (K) 
Matthews John, piano finisher, Parrish n Broad 

Maughn Wm. printer, 173 Pine 

Maul Israel, lumber mer., Sch 6th bel Sprue v 

Sch 7th bel Mulberry 
Maul Joshua, porter, Carpenter ab 8th 
Maule Caleb, lumber mer., Sell. 6th bel Spruce 

h 140 Fine 
Maule Daniel, gent. 148 Mulberry 
Maule Elisha P., steam flour cc drug" mill, AV y 
Maule Joseph P., leather manuf., 277 N 2d 
Maule Wm., real est. broker, 46 Walnut, h } 

bert ab Sch. 7th 
Maull James, sail maker, Spruce st wharf, ' 

83 Pine 
Maull James, jr., c mer., 9 N Whfs., h 83 Pine 
Maull John, tobacconist, 63 N 6th 
Maull John T., atty. & coun., Walnut ab 6th 
Maull Joseph E., tobacconist, S E 2d & Dock 

h 192 Queen 
Maull Joseph T. mer. 30 N 2d 
Maull, Legg &. Co. manufs. straw goods, 30NSd 
Maull Mary, 19 Christian 
Maull Purnell, lab. rear Marriott's la ab 5th 

Matthews John, lab., Francis ab Powell (F V) I Maull Robert F., hatter, 23£N 2d, h 17 Lagrar:-- 

Matthews Joseph, carpenter, Dorothy n Sch 4th place 

Matthews Lucy, 9th bel Ogden .Maull Kobert W., sailmr., 18 Quarry 

Matthews & Manley, brokers, N E 3d & Chest- j Maull Samuel, blacksmith, Pratt 

Maull Wm. M., hat presser,30 N 2d 

Maull Wm. M. & Joseph E., tobacconists, S E 2: 

and Dock 
Maull Wm. N., sailmr., Spruce h. S wharves, h 

32 Union 
Maurice Wm. clerk, 106 Pine 
Mawley Samuel, ostler, 16 Watson's alley 
Maxfield Alexander, porter, Lombard n'llth 
Maxfield Henry, lab. China bel 2d 
Maxfield Joseph, gent., 4th st 2 drs bel WiLV 
Maxfield Stephen, lab., Prosperous al 
Maxfield W. R., gent., 4th bel Willow 
Maxwell Andrew, carp., 29 State 
Maxwell Andrew R., 'carp., Christian bel 3d, h 

Marriott bel 3d 
Maxwell Catharine, Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Maxwell David, tinsmith, 451 S 2d 


Matthews Mrs., widow, Duke ab Palmer, (K) 
Matthews M., paper maker, 391 High. 
Matthews Nathaniel, porter, Warren bel 12th 
Matthews Patrick, lab., Wheat ab Reed 
Matthews Patrick, grocer, G T road ab Master 
Matthews Samuel, shoemaker, 7 Bank, h 220 

Matthews Thomas, weaver, Sch 3d & Barker 
Matthews Uriah, jr., mer., 169 High, h 230 

Matthews Uriah, cordw., 394 N 4th 
Matthews William, boxmaker, Cadwalader ab