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Full text of "McElroy's Philadelphia city directory"

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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 










CITY off:es, public institutions, banks, &c. 

Ktntfi mtiUton> 

[ The names of bscribers, in this edition, are printed in Capitals, and the same 
course will be pursued in all future editions.] 
















Penn Township. 

Northern Liberties. 


North Mulberry Ward. 

Ra.ce or 

South Mulberry Ward. 


Upper Delaware Ward. 

Sassafras Steeet. 

Lower Delaware Ward. 

Arch or 

North Ward. 

Market or 

Middle Ward. 


South Ward. 

Mulberry Street. 


Locust Ward. 


Cedar Ward. 

High Street Ward. 

High Street, 

Chestnut Ward. 


Walnut Ward, 


Dock Ward. 


South or 

Pine Ward. 

Pine Street. 

New Market Ward 
Cedar Street. 





South wark. 













I— t 









- Two, 



East, - 









One, three, 

One, three. 


- One, four, 

One, four. 


Two, three 

Two, three. 


- Two, four. 

Two, four. 






m ¥^^a mw mmB> ^mmm \ 




^ : 










1 Monday. 
1 Tuesday. 







Si i 


January. . . 





2 sl 

■S ; 













910 i 

J : 












1617 5 

^ 1 












2324 i 












30 31 \ 



^ X. 







August. . . . 






















14 5 













20 21 ; 













27 28 5 








March. . • 










3 41 














1011 ! 


























23 24 

25 1 












; April. . • 




October. . . 








8 9 



4 5 























22 23 







23 5 






29 30 






30 i 


: May. .. . 












November. . 



























20 21 







20 = 



















29 30 

i June.. • . 






December. . 




















11 • 















18 5 















25 j 







27 28| 






















Beginning at Schuylkill low water mark on Cedar street. 

Thence to Water street 

Water street width 60 

Square to Willow, 
Willow street 50 

Beach street 50 

Ashton street 50 

Front street 60 

Second street 50 

Third street 50 

Fourth street 50 

Fifth street 50 

Sixth street 50 

Seventh sti-eet 50 

Eighth street 50 

Broad street 113 


From Sch. to Broad, inclu- 
sive, 733 

Juniper street 28 

Thirteenth street 50 


Amount carried forward, 78 





Amount brought forward, 
Twelfth street • width 

Eleventh street 

Tenth street 

Ninth street 

Eighth street 

Seventh street 

Sixth street 

Fifth street 

Fourth street 

Third street 

Square • 
Second street 

Front street 

Penn street 

New Water street 

To the end of wharf 

From Broad to Delaware, 

Total feet from Schuylkill 
to Delaware, 

width 50 

Vine street 

Sassafras street 

Cherry street 

Mulberry street 

Filbert street 

High street 

Chestnut street 

George street 


Amount carried forward, 447 


Amount brought forward. 
Walnut street width 

Locust street 

Spruce street 

Pine street 

Lombard street 

Cedar street 























397 6 


395 9 





5530 3 

1501 10,947 3 









12,448 3 


4622 6 

5371 6 





Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor, av avenue, 
bel below, bet between, (B H) Bush Hill, b h boarding house, c. h. (counting house,) 
c corner, ct court, E East, F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (F V) Francisville, gent, gentleman, 
gentw. gentlewoman, G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, M Moy- 
amensing, manuf. m.anufacturer and manufactory, mer. merchant, mers. merchants, mr maker, 
n near, N North, NL Northern Liberties, O Y Old York, P Passyunk, P T Penn Tov/nship, 
R Ridge, S South, Sch. Schuylkill, W West, whf wharf or wharves, wid widow, (W P) West 


Abbatt Martha, 71 New Market 
Abbett Ezekiel M., bonnet presser, 109 N 5tli 
ABBETT LYDIA, inn, S E Sch Beach 8c Wal- 
Abbey Chas., gold-beater, 24 Pear, h 71 Spruce 
Abbey Roswell, machinist, 261 N 8th 
.Abbot Saml., druggist, S E Sch 6th and Chan- 
Abbott Ann, Union ab Franklin 
Abbott Catharine, 5 Gaskill 
Abbott Charles H., merch., 16 N 4th, h 11 San- 

ABBOTT C. H. & G., hardware, 16 N 4th 
Abbott & Conard, hardware, S E 2d and Coates 
Abbott Edward, Marshall ab Parish 
Abbott Francis, bricklayer, rear Carpenter bel 

.. 8th 

Abbott George, mer., 16 N 4th, h 183 Mulberry 
Abbott Isaiah, bricklr., Tyler st 
Abbott Jacob, shop, 33 M road 
Abbott James, mer., 127 High, h 245 Walnut 
Abbott James G., mer., Marshall ab" Parrish 
Abbott Joel, dealer, S W 4th and Mari-iott 
Abbott John, grocer, N E Broad and Sassafras, 
h Sassafras bel Broad 
' Abbott Johnes &, Co., silk goods, 153 High 
Abbott Joseph, gent, Wharton ab 4th 
Abbott Leonard, bonnet presser, Clark bel 4th 
Abbott Mary, wid. of James, 55 New 
Abbott Nathan S., 1 Scheetz 
Abbott Redman, mer., 153 High 
Abbott Saml. A., mer., Marshall ab Parish 
Abbott Samuel W., 10 Girard 
Abbott Theodore, carp., 1 Shaffer's ct 


Abbott Thomas, carman, rear 4 Charlotte 
Abbott William, leather-dealer, 78 S Front, h 

'l89 S3d 
Abbott Wm. real estate broker, 95J Walnut, h 

19 S 10th 
Abbott William, hardware, 2d and Coates, h 23 


Abbott Wm. H., atty. at law, 24 George 
A'Beckett Thos., comedian, 3 Jefferson 
Abel Anthony, shoemr., 21 Rachel 
ABEL & BICKNELL, brushmrs., 20 N 3d 
Abel Cathai'ine, gentw., 10 Brown 
Abel Catharine, wid. of Joseph, Ulrich 
Abel Charles J., mer., 20 N 3d, h 5 Lodge 
Abel Chas. R., tinsmith, 380 N 2d, h 450 N 4th 
Abel Edwin, shoemr., 33 Sheaff 's al 
Abel George, cordwainer, Crown ab Bedford 
Abel Jacob, nailor, Front bel Master (K) 
Abel James, labourer, Wharton ab 4th 
Abel John, cordw., rear 21 Chatham 
Abel John, chairmr. Kennedy's ct 
Abel John, shoemr., 19 Rachel (N L) 
Abel John, stone-cutter, Wallace bel 13th 
Abel Joseph, cordw., 143 Poplar 
Abel Mary, wid. of John, Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Abel Peter, 27 Apple tree al 
Abel Peter, cordw.. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Abel Peter, carp., rear 575 N Front 
Abel Robert K., watchcase mr., Alder bel Gi- 
rard av 
\bel Samuel, brassfounder, 5 York ct 
Abel Susan, 491 N 5th 

Abel, Wilson & Co., forwarding mers., 1st whf 
bel Vine, Delaware 



Abel Wm. W. brassfounder, 16 Rose al 
Abell A. B., coach-painter, 234 Catliarine 
Abell F., tailor, rear 382 S 3d 
Abell Joseph A., cooper, Lancaster ab Keefe 
Abels Hester, 292 S Front 
Abercrombie Christiana, 167 S 11th 
Abercrombie Mary, wid. of James, 6 Portico sq 
Abernethy John, carter, Sch 8th n Willow 
Abraham Elizabeth, Apple ab Poplar 
Abrahams David, vict., 5th ab George (N L) 
Abrahams Elias, tailoi-, 4 S 6th 
Abrahams Isaac, vict., 263 Green 
jVbrahams Isaac, jr., butcher, 10th ab Catharine 
Abrahams Moses, trimming's, 42 Apple 
Abrahams Mose.s, tailor, 257 N 2d, h 481 N 2d 
Abrahams Moses, gent., N W Coates and St 

Abrahams & Vandegrift, tailors, 4 S 6th 
Abram Robert, drayman, Sch 3dab Lombard 
Abram Wm., vict., Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Abrams Joseph, att'y and coun., 43 N 5th 
Accoo Jesse, coachman, 13 Watson's al 
Accoo Wm., lab., Madison ct 
Acheson Charles, flour mer., 387 High 
Acheson James, baker, Sch 2d and Wood 
Ache^ion Jos., weaver, Philip ab Jefferson (K) 
Acheson Maiy, 9 Passmore's pi 
Acheson & Rommel], flour mers., 387 High 
Ackerman David, cordw., Charlotte ab Beaver 
Ackley Elizabeth, 244 S Front 
Ackley John N., stoves, Sp Garden, h Centre ab 

Ackley Josiah, optician, 83 Sassafras 
Ackley Lorenzo, boots and shoes, Woodab Sch 

Ackley Lydia, 421 N 4th 
Ackley Moses B., shoemr., rear "Vienna above 

Franklin (K) 
Ackley Norman, shoemr., 61 Apple bel Poplar 
Ackley & Waters, stoves, 9th and Sp Garden 
Ackley Wm., paper-boxmr., Beaver ab St John 

Acor Stephen, 465 N 4th 
Acroyd Jeremiah, dyer, 22 W Cedar 
Adair Robert Rev., Carpenter ab 3d 
Adair Robert, coachmr., Carlton n Sch 8th 
Adaire Ann, b. h., Marlborough ab Duke (K) 
Adams Alex., brushes, 31 High, h 232 Green 
Adams Alex., drayman. Walnut al 
Adams Amos, cordw., rear 492 N 3d 
Adams And. AV., mer., 45 High, h 47 Mulberry 
Adams Andw. W. & Co., mers., 45 High 
Adams A. Sirs., paper ruling, 36 N 6th, h 37 

Adams Catharine, rear Pleasant bel 10th 
Adams C. L., printer, cards, of. 118 Chestnut, h 

Courtlin pi 
Adams k Co., package express, 80 Chestnut 
Adams C. W., cabinetmr., 186 N 5th 
. Adams David, waiter, 10 Bird's ct 
Adams David, grocer, S E 2d and Poplar 
Adams Eleanor, layer out of the dead, rear 9th 

ab Coates 
Adams Eliza, 3 Young's al 
Adams Francis, carp., rear 5 Ogden 

Adams George, vict., Lemon ab 12th 
Adams George, cordw., 4 Rose al 
Adams George, carp., Crown ab Bedford (K) 
Adams Henry, machinist, 471 N 5th 
Adams Henry S., broker, 95| Walnut 
Adams Jacob, mer., 73 S whfs., h 94 Union 
Adams James, lab.. Pearl n Nixon 
Adams Jas., carp, weaver, Clinton ab Norris (K) 
Adams James B., grocer, 166 S 13th 
Adams James C, clerk, 129 Gaskill 
Adams Jas. W., machinist, Nectarine bel 11th 
Adams John, bookbinder, 4 Charles pi 
Adams John, blacksmith. Locust and Juniper 
Adams John, cooper, 2 Silva's ct 
Adams John, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Adams John, b h, 40 Penn 
Adams John, carman, 10 Cox's al 
Adams John, carp, weaver. Otter n Front (K) 
Adams John, carpenter, 53 Perry 
Adams John, seaman, 5 Twelve Feet al 
Adams John B., provisions, 310 Sassafras 
Adams John Q., mer., 40 S Front, h 371 Sassa- 
Adams John Q. & Co., com mers., 40 S Front 
Adams John S., Mt Vernon House, 95 N 2d 
Adams Joseph, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Adams Joseph, waterman, 270 N 2d 
Adams Martha, McKean's ct 
Adams Mary, 19 Julianna 

Adams Mary Ann, b h, 319 Chestnut & 9 S 11th 
Adams Mrs. Robt., gentw., 182 Chestnut 
Adams Nathan, shipcarp.. Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Adams Priscilla, rear 2.3 John st (S) 
Adams Rebecca, dry goods, 330 Sassafras 
Adams Reuben, seaman, 63 Mulbeny 
Adams Robt., Rose bel School (K) 
Adams Robt, mariner, 30 Beck (S) 
Adams Robt., mer, 123 Walnut, h 20 Girard 
Adams Robt., coal dealer, N E Water and Cal- 

lowhill, h 39 Coates 
Adams Robert, weaver, Wagner's al 
Adams Robert H., hatter, 324 High, h 214 S 8th 
Adams Samuel, b h, 22 S 2d 
Adams Samuel, clerk K. Bank, h Queen below 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Adams Samuel C, brickmr., S Garden ab 12th, 

h Barker and Sch 2d 
Adams Sarah Ann, dressmr., 162 Pine 
Adams ,Thomas, cordwainer. Queen ab Hano- 
ver (K) 
Adams Thomas, blacksmith. Phoenix ab 2d (K) 
Adams Thomas, mer., 220 Sassafras 
Adams Thomas, lab., Woodab Nixon 
Adams I'homas F., prmters' ink manufactory, 

28 Dock 
Adams Timothy, machinist, 11th ab Coates 
Adams Wm., cordw., Howard bel Franklin (K) 
Adams Wm., carp., Duke ab Hanover (K) 
Adams Wm., collector, 26 Old York Road 
Adams William, fisherman, Queen ab Cherry 
Adams William, g-ent., Mantua Village 
Adams Wm., lab., Jones w of Sch 8th ; 

Adams Wm. D., tobacconist, 5th ab Brown ; 
Adams Wm. H., sec. Gr. Lodge, Hall S 3d ' « 
Adams Wm. M., drayman, Crown ab Queen ( 



Adams Wm. M., grocer, 427 N Front 

Adams Wm. R., stove mr., Thompson n Sch 8tli 

Adamson H., lumb. mer., N W 11th and Pine, 

h Washington ab 11th 
Adamson James, carpet weaver, 125 N 6th, h 

Carlton bel 13th 
Adamson John L., bhicksmith, 9th bel Poplar, 

h 12th and Pleasant 
Adamson Thomas, grocer, 5th & Georg-e (NL) 
Addicks John E., mer., 159 High, h 203 N 6th 

159 High 
Addis Charles, brickmr., Shippen la bel Cedar 
Addis Jacob, carp., 377 Pine 
Addis John, brickmr., Sch 7th bel Helmuth 
ABLER GEO. S., leather manufacturer, 64 N 

Market, h 4 Margaretta 
Adler John, morocco dresser, 53 Green 
Adler Samuel, dry goods, 534 N 2d (K) 
Adolph Eliz., wid. of John, 254 St. John 
Adolph G., carp., 24 Coates 
Adolphus Abraham, corn-doctor, 235 Spruce 
Adrian Ellen, rear 12 Cresson's aj 
Adriance G. W., periodicals, 28 and 29 Arcade, 
^ h Carpenter rear Arcade 

A'echternacht F. A., tailor, 5th and Pine 
Aertsen Jas. M., mer, 8 S Front, h Pine ab 13th 
Aertsen John P., mer., 100 George 
Aertsen Robert B., mer., 81 S Front 
AfFalder Augustus, cordw., 433 N 3d 
Afflerbach George, wheelwright, 4 Harrison's 

ct (K) 
Afflerbach Henry, starch mr., Marlborough ab 

Duke (K) 
Afflerbach Henry J., coi-dw., M'Avoy's ct 
Afflerbach Wm., gunsmith, 621 N 2d (K) 
Afflick James, tavern, Lancaster pike (W P) 
Afflick Morris E., bricklayer, 290 N 7th, coal 

yard 9th ab Poplar 
Agasstorff Christian, cabinet mr., Grim's ct 
Ager Wm., wheelwright, 7 Blackhorse al 
Agin Isaac, currier, 22 Elfretli's al 
Agin Wm., lab., Bedford 
Agnew 8c Co., fancy dry goods, 26 S 2d 
Agnew Dennis, weav., Hancock bel Master (K) 
Agnew Edward, cordw.. Moon's ct 
Agnew Henry, dyer, rear G T road bel Master 

Agnew Henry O., blacksmith, Sch 6th & Jones, 

h Sch 6th ab Pine 
Agnew Isabella, dry goods, 97 N 9th 
Agnew John, Franklin works, 340 Vine, h 12 

Agnew John, lab.. Master and Hancock (K) 
Agnew Michael, weaver, Hancock ab Morris (K) 
Agnew Samuel, publisher, 12 N 11th 
Agnew Wm., mer., 26 S 2d 
Agnew Wm. G. E., teacher, 48 N 7th 
Ahern Daniel, gi'ocer, N W 4th and Shippen 
Ahem Patrick, 17 Fayette 
AHRENFELT C. & Co., fancy goods, 16 N 4th 
Aigen Catherine, shop, 3d and Queen 
Aikens David, lab., Shippen n Front 
Aikman Jno., hat blockmr., 33 Dock, h 162^ S 


Ailes Alexander H., shoemr.. High w of Sch 6th 
Ailes Catherine, shoemr., S 5th bel Queen 
Aim E. Mrs. milliner. Beach ab Ken Market 
Ainscow Thos., weaver, Duke ab Hanover (K) 
Airey John, soap-boiler, 228 N Front 
Airey Richard, gent., 17 Wood 
Airley Peter, weaver, G T road ab Master, (K) 
Aitken Amelia, widow of Wm. P., EHzabeth 

ab Poplar 
Aitken Charles C, boot manf., 19 Edward (K) 
Aitken & Co., boot and shoe manf, 14 Bank 
Aitken Jos., manf., 14 Bank, h Front ab Otter 
Aitken Thos. P., tailor. Otter bel G T road 
Akers Irwin, tailor & vari. store, 16 Strawberry 
Akers Thortias, china & queensware, 317 High 
Akin Alexander, carman, Callowhill ab 13th 
Akin John, brushmr.. Perry and Lombard 
Akin Ophelia, 18 Prune 
Akins James, cabinetmr., 94 German 
Akins John, shoemr., 4 Charles 
Alberger Edward, bookbinder, 496 S 2d 
Alberger Jacob, butcher, 174 S Water 
Alberger Mary, rear 575 N Front 
Albert Henry, skin-dresser, Schleisman's al 
Albert John, lab., 1 Myers' ct 
Albert Peter, tavern, 243 S 6th 
Albert Rainerd, tanner, Clymer ab Mud la (K) 
Alberti Geo. F., cupper, Clair bel Carpenter 
Albertie Beulah, trimmings. Lemon ab 10th 
Albertson Benj., mer., 19 High, h 45 N 6th 
Albertson Ehza, gentw., 15 Harmony ab 4th 
Albertson Enoch, cordw., 25 Paul st 
Albertson Gilbert, lab., 2d ab Greenwich 
Albertson Isaac, 173 N 4th 
Albertson James, saddler, P road ab Carpenter, 

h Carpenter bel 7th 
Albertson James, shipwright, Marlborough ab 

Bedford (K) 
Albertson Joseph, shoes. Queen bel Mai'lboro' 

Albertson Lewis, tavern, 89 Plum st 
Albertson Marmaduke, shipwt., Beach ab Marl- 
borough (K) 
Albertson Mary, sempstress, 4 Humphrey's ct 
Albertson Samuel, carp. M'Clung's ct. 
Albertson Thos. S. cordw. 68N3d, h 16 Clarke 
Albertson Wm., cordw. Marlborough bel Bed- 
ford (K) 
Albertson Wm., blacksm. 2d and Mary 
Albrecht J. F. shoemr. 297 Mulberry 
Albright C. collector, 18 S 3d 
Albright Frances, dressmr. Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Albright Jacob, sen. lab. 80 German 
Albright Jacob, watchman, 20 Duke 
Albright Jacob, packer, James ab Charles 
Albright John, carter, rear 373 N 3d 
Albright John W. tailor, 60 Walnut, h347 S 3d 
Albright Maria, rear 525 N 4th 
Albright Peter, tavern, 404 N 2d 
Albright Samuel, carp. 7th ab Parrish 
Albright Thos. F. clock & watchmr. 246 High 
Alburger Abraham, painter, 651 N 2d (K) 
Alburger Abraham, victualler, 281 Callowhill 
Alburger Christian, victualler, Powell bel Vin,- 
yard (F V) 



Alburger Henry, vict. Ogden ab Sch 7th 
Alburger Jacob, wheelwt. George ab 3d (N L) 
Alburger John G. vict. 259 Cailowhill 
Alburger Susan & Ehz. teachers, 125 M road 
Alburger & Stratton, painters, 651 N 2d (K) 
Alburger Wm. M. plurabei", N W Marshall and 

Noble, h 64 Marshall 
Alcorn Andrew, weaver, Sch 5th bel Filbert 
Alcorn George, lab. Winter bel Sch 8th 
Alcorn George, cigarmr. 7 Flower ct (S) 
Alcorn James, coachman, 16 Pratt 
Alcorn James, bookseller, 46 N 5th 
Alcorn Samuel, carter, T?ickliam and Sch 7th 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, 10th and Ogden 
Alcorn Thomas R. victualler, Thompson ab Sch 

Alcorn Wm., lab. Montgomery bel 2d (K) 
Alden D. P. musical academy, 351 High 
Alden Jonathan, cashier Globe Insurance and 

Trust Co. 435 N 2d, h 218 N 7th 
Alderdice Wm., weaver. Pearl bel Sch 6th 
Alderman Joel, watchman, Allen's ct 
Alderman Joseph, tailor, P road & Carpenter 
Aldred George, glue boiler, rear of Marshall ab 

Aldred George H. varnisher, rear 16 Ogden 
Aldrich Cynthia, b h, 231 Spruce 
Aldridge George, lab. Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Aldridge Peter, cordw. 7 State st 
Aldridge Samuel'H. salesman, 382 N 8th 
Aldworth John, lab. 203 N Front 
Aldworth Richard, bootmr. 2 Ridgway's ct 
Alexander Andw. stonecut. Parrish bel 12th 
Alexander Ann, widow of Richard, 24 Plum 
Alexander Benjamin W. furniture, 82 Green 
Alexander & Carver, mer. N W 3d & Mulberry 
Alexander Charles, printer, Franklin pi, h 141 

N 10th 
Alexander C. widow, 14 Tammany 
Alexander Edward, millwt. 4 Garret's ct 
Alexander Elenor, widow, 35 Shippen 
Alexander Elizabeth, 26 S 13th 
Alexander George, blk. sm.. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Alexander George, watchman, 20 Swanson 
Alexander George, grocer, N E 3d & Coates 
Alexander Henry, lapidist, Clark ab 3d 
ALEXANDER HUGH, mer. 5 S 2d, h 107 

Alexander Hugh, combmr. Crown bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Alexander Isaac, ostler, 129 N Juniper 
Alexander James, manuf. Filbert n Sch 8th 
Alexander James, Mrs., 10 Montgomery 
Alexander James, baker, 201 N Front 
Alexander John, shoemr. 207 Locust 
Alexander John, porter, 614 N 2d (K) 
Alexander John, painter, 43 M road 
Alexander John, 43 N 11th 
Alexander John, lab. 4 Hunter 
Alexander John, weaver, St Andrew's st. 
Alexander Joseph, printer, 101 Christian 
Alexander Jos. D., machinist, 60 S 13th, h Mar- 
shall ab Poplar 
Alexander Lewis, porter, 6 Pryor's ct. 
Alexander Martin W. clerk, 145 N 7th 

Alexander M. S., mer., 139 Filbert 
Alexander Robert, weaver, 34 Harmstead 
Alexander Samuel, Washington ab 5th 
Alexander Samuel D., brushmaker, Morris ab 


Alexander Thos., seaman, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Alexander Wallace, machinist, Marshall ab Po- 
Alexander Wm., cooper, 43 M road (S) 
Alexander Wm., Buttonwood W of 13th 
Alexander Wm., painter, Coombes' al 
Alexander Wm., collector, 15 Jefferson row 
Alexander Wm., baker, 27 Green (N L) 
Alexander Wm., home missionary, 117 M. road 
Alexander Wm., machinist, 60 S 13th 
Alexander Wm. G., acct., 314 S Front . 
Alexander Wm, G., shop. Dean and Locust 
Alexander Wm. G., bootma., 4 Randall's ct. 
Alexander Wm. L., mer., 61^ N 3d, h 10 Mar- 
Alford Mary, 14 Wallace 
Alford Wm., book keeper, 120 Christian 
Algeo John H., cooper, 5 Linden 
Algie Daniel, block cutter, Sch 8th n Wood 
Algie Wm., weaver, 14 Myers' ct 
Algier Joseph, agent, Carlton bel Sch 5th ^ 
AUanesse John, boot black, 1 Little Pine 
AUardice Peter, gent., 82 W. Willow 
Allaway Alex T., cabinetmr., 6 John (S) 
Allchin George, bookbinder. Jay bel Coates 
Allebach Amos, porter, George ab 2d (K) 
Alleborn Jacob, M. D., 464 N 4th 
AUee James, b h, 96 N Front 
Allen Aaron R., bricklayer, rear Schleisman's al 
Allen Albert, hatter, 56 Fitzwater 
Allen Albert G., clerk, 3 Jacoby 
Allen Albertus, carp., 145 Queen, h Washing- 
ton ab 5th 
Allen Alfred W"., cordw., 481 N 4th 
Allen Andrew, moulder, Lancaster bel Reed 
Allen Andrew, foreman, Crown bel West (K) 
Allen Ann, beer house, 125 Swanson 
Allen Ann, b h, 309 Chestnut 
Allen Anna, 117 S 4th 
iVllen Anna, dressmr., 10th and Wood 
Allen Bartholomew, porter, Traquair's ct. 
Allen Benjamin, bootmr., 2 Lodge pi 
Allen & Brother, diygoods, N W 4th 8c Spruce 
Allen Chs., coachmr.. Orange ab Washington 
Allen Charles G., lampmr., 383 Sassafras 
Allen Charles J., teacher, N E 6th & Prune, h 

146 Pine 
Allen Clapton, tailor, N E 2d and Chestnut, h 

160 Cherry 
Allen Edward, trader, 5 Emeline 
Allen Edward, shoemr., Bai-ron bel Gaskill 
Allen Edwin, b h, 207 N 8£h, japanner, 158 

Allen Eleanor C, 29 O Y road 
Allen Elizabeth, 18 Strawberry 
Allen Elizabeth, 23 Franklin 
Allen Enoch, tailor, 9th and High, h 10 N 9th 
Allen Ephraim, cordw., 22 Castle 
Allen Franklin, bricklayer, 3 Stanley 
Allen George., chairmr., 166 Swanson 



Allen George, boots and shoes, 326 High 

Allen George, lab., Hancock ab Norris (K) 

Allen Geo., prof., Univ. Pa., h Walnut & Sch 6th 

Allen Geo. W., M. D., 28 S 6th, h 17 Wood 

ALLEN G. F., druggist, S W 13th &. Cedar 

Allen Harriet, b li, 63 Shippen 

Allen Henry, sparmr., 353 N Front 

Allen Isabella, grocer, Queen ab Bishop (K) 

Allen James, plasterer. Filbert bet Sch 5th & 6th 

Allen James, baker. Vine ab Broad 

Allen James, plasterer, S. E. Sch 6th 8c Filbert 

Allen Jarvis, bookbinder, 184 Queen 

Allen John, waiter, 29 Elizabeth 

Allen John, mariner, 13 Tamarind 

Allen John, lab., 211 Shippen 

Allen John, bricklayer, 8th ab Cedar 

Allen John, lab., 496 N 4th 

Allen John, gent., 204 S 3d 

Allen John B. A., mer., 10 S whfs., h Pine and 

Allen John C, druggist, 180 S 2d 
Allen John M., tinsmith, 123 N 11th 
Allen Joseph, clerk, Duke n Hanover (K) 
Allen Joseph, cabinetmr., 119 Spruce 
Allen Joseph, gilder. Raspberry al 
^len Jos., carp, weaver. Master & Pink (K) 
Allen Jos., weaver. Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Allen Jos. H., confectioner, 12 Shippen 
Allen Jos. L., cai-p., 34 John (S) 
Allen Jos. W., barber, Baltimore House 
ALLEN JOSIAH J., mer., 6 S Water, h 22 

Allen J. M., M. D., 43 S lOtli 
Allen Martha, sewer, 382 S 3d 
Allen Mary, 3 Hickory 
Allen Mary, tobacco, 271 S 4th 
Allen & Morgan, sailmrs.. Spruce st whf. 
Allen Richard S., clerk, 7 New Crown 
Allen Robert, mer., 140J High, h 469 Mulberry 
Allen Robert, weaver, Franklin ab Front (K) 
Allen Robt., distil., S W 3d & Plum, h 276 S 3d 
Allen Samuel, mer., 7 S whfs., h 145 Franklin 
Allen Samuel, teacher, 134 S Front 
Allen Samuel, lab.. Flower 
Allen Samuel, lab., 6 Fly tax al 
Allen & Scattergood, tailors, S W 6th & Haines 
Allen Thomas, carp., Marshall ab Parrish 
Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead 
Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead 
Allen Thomas, cordw., 28 Harmony 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., h 14 Jefferson Row 
Allen Thomaa H., collector, 202 S Front 
Allen Walter, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Allen Walter, weaver, 13th ab Fulton 
ALLEN WmLIAM & J., furniture, 119 Spruce 
Allen Wm., weaver, Mariner 
Allen Wm., moulder. Corn ab Mackey 
Allen Wm., baker. Crown n West (K) 
Allen Wm., carp., 462 S 4th 
Allen Wm., machinist, 324 N 8th 
Allen Wm., sailmr., Lombard st wharf, h 91 

Allen Wm., hair dress., 6 S 9th, h 14 Watson's al 
Allen AVm., lab., Robinson's ct (K) 
Allen Wm. jr., cabmr., 119 Spruce, h Prune 

Allen Wm. C, wooden ware, 1 Chestnut, h 12 

Allen Wm. G., weighmaster, 34 S whfs., h 229 

Allen Wm. H., hardware, 31 High 
Allen Wm. M., tailor, S W 6th and Hains, h 

150 E Cedar 
Allen Wm. N., clerk, 34 John (S) 
Allen Wm. N., trimmings, 10th and Poplar 
Allen, Wilson & Co., dry goods, 140^ High 
Allen & Wyand, japanners, 158 Sassafras 
AUeson Hannah, gentw., 24 George 
Allhiser John, ship carp., Franklin bel Cherry 

AUibands John, coachmr., 24 Branch 

Allibone Samuel A., mer., 17 S whfs, 

ALLIBONE THOS. & Co., commission mers., 

8 S whfs, 

Allibone Thomas, mer., 8 S whfs., h W. P. 

AUigum Gregg, lab., Sch Bank bel Pine 

AUingham Thos., carp., Jones E Sch 4th 

AUingham Wm., carp., Jones W Sch 5th 

AUingham Wm., jr., carp., Jones W Sch 5th 

Allington Aaron, stationery, 512 N 2d (K) 

Allinson Geo, B., civil engr.. Locust ab Sch 8th. 

AlUnson Samuel, gent. Locust ab Sch 8th 

Allis & Hyde, bakers, 314 N 5th 

Allis Wells P., baker, 314 N 5th 

Allison Andrew, weaver. Perry's ct 

Allison D, M., M. D., 24 Plum 

Allison James, painter, 1 Short ct 

Allison James, tailor, 316 High, h 186 N 12th 

Allison John, manf., Hope bel Master (K) 

Allison John, lab., Pearl ab 13th .,-.^ 

Allison Joseph, atty. at law, N E 7th and Noble 

Allison Rebecca, gentw.. Concord st 

Allison Sarah, Pearl bel Broad 

Allison Thomas, taUor, 127 S 12th 

Allison Walter, carp., Chancellor W Sch 7th 

Allison W. C, wheelwright. Broad n Vine, h 

520 Vine 

Allman & Brock, flour mers., S E 2d & Shippen 

Allman Edward, hatter, 12th ab Sp Garden 

Allman Joseph, hatter, 223 High, h 20 S Garden 

AUman Meux, 91 R road 

Allman & Robinson, hatters, 223 High 

Allman Thos., mer., 214 E Walnut 

AUmendlnger Chas., trimmings, 341 N 2ndj h 

109 Noble 

AUmendlnger AVm., baker, 71 Crown 

Alio way Geo. W., painter, Hanover ab Bedford 

AUoway Isaac, cordw., Scott's ct 
Alloway Isaac, tavern, O Y road and Button- 
wood . 
Alloway Lewis, watei-man, rear 12 Brown 
Alloway Wm., drayman, Charlotte ab George 
AUebrook Samuel, hosier, 4th & G T road (K) 
Alonan J. M., shoemr.. Vine bel 12th 
Alp David, cordw., Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Alrich Peter, collector, 453 Vine 
Alrich Saml., lab., Marlboro' & West (K) 
Alrich Saml., blacksm.. Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Alrich &. Son, blacksms.. Beach ab Palmer (K) 
lAlsop Amy, «3 S 4th 



Alsop Robert, att. at law, 6th n Green 
Alsop Saml., cabinetmr., Bedford ab 12th 
Alsop Thomas, lab., Ann n 13th 
Altamatt Jerome, cordw.. School st 
Altemus Benj. C, tailor. Green bel 12th 
Altemus Geo., blksmith, 202 G T road (K) 
Altemus James, skin-di'esser, 527 N 2d ab Ot- 
ter, (K) 
Altemus Joseph T., bookbmder, 44 N 4th, h 426 

Altemus Nich., blacksm., rear 372 S 3d 
Altemus Pamelia, matron. City Hospital 
Altemus Saml. T., mer., 78 High, h 145 Dilhvyn 
Altemus Sandfoi'd, cliairmr., 3 Mead 
Altemus Susan, G T road bel Phoenix (K) 
Altemus Thomas, Phila. Bank, h City Hospital 
Altemvis Wm., starch manuf., 2d and Oxfot-d, h 

669 N 2d (K) 
Altemus Wm., wheelwrig-ht, rear 486 N 3d 
Alter Charles cordw., 3 Vernon st 
Alter Jacob, grocer, 30 N whfs. & 59 N Water, 

h 404 N 6th 
Alter Solomon, mer., 247 High, h328 N 6th 
Althouse Jacob, cordw., Cherry n Duke (K) 
Altins Henry, cordw., Wood ab Sch 4th 
Alvord Christopher, agent, 20 Chester 
Alward Henry M., shoemr., 466 E Vine 
Aman Jacob, dry goods, 346^ High 
Ambler David, Lewis ab Poplar 
Ambler Jno., tinsm., S W Marshall and Sp 

Ambrose Charlotte, hair-dresser, 253 S 7th 
Ambrosi Thomas C, painter. High and 12th 
Ambruster John, bricklayer, Wallace bel 10th 
Amer Ann, Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Amer James, weaver, rear Carpenter ab 9th 
Amer John, hatter, rear 216 Noble 
Amer Jos., weaver. Mariner ab 13th 
Amer Nancy, Carpenter ab 8th 
AMER JOSEPH H., machinist, 50 N 6th and 

James bel 13th, h Wood n Sch 7th 
AMER WM., morocco dresser, N W 3d & Wil- 
low, h Green bel Franklin 
Ames John, carter, Clymer ab Mud lane (K) 
Ames Josiah, ship master, 152 Catharine 
Amey Oils, plasterer, 31 Charlotte 
Amies Margaret, b h 10 N 6th 
Amies Richard, paper dealer, rear 24 Catharine 
Amies Thomas K., mer., 331 S 2nd 
Ammidon Otis, Treasurer Lehigh Coal and Na- 
vigation Co., 82 S 2d, h 171 S 3d 
Amon Christian, baker. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Amone John, cordw., 1 Mechanic 
Amos Charles T., stoves, 197 N 2d, h 116 New 

Amos Christian, lab., Fraley's al (K) 
Amos Diana, 73 G T road (K) 
Amos & Ditzler, stoves, 197 N 2d 
Amos Elizabeth, 116 New Market 
Amos Jacob, carp., Coates al, h 67 New 
Amos Jolin, Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Amos Jonathan, tailor. Poplar ab 10th 
Amos Robt., cordw.', rear 30 St John 
Amos Wm., jr., carpenter, 2 Porter's ct 
Amtor Andrew, cabtmr., 13 Callowhill 

Anberry Caspar, gent., rear 7 Mead al 
Anderfuhrer John, tailor, 86 St John 
Anders John, bootmr., 314 Sassafras 
Anders Margaret, Mechanics' ct (N L) 
Anderson Abigail, dressmr., 127 Green 
Anderson Amelia, dressmr., 154 Union 
Anderson Andrew, brickmr., M'Duffie n Sch 2d 
Anderson Andw., mariner, Swanson bel Queen 
Anderson Cecilia, 312 Cedar 
Anderson Charles, lab., rear 160 Queen 
Anderson Charles, di-ayman, Howard bel Mas- 
ter (K) 
Anderson Chas., butcher, 2nd bel Wharton 
Anderson Chas. W., barber, 29 S 3d, h 6 Port- 
land lane 
Anderson Christian, gent., 3 Lombard ct 
Anderson Christiana, Culvert ab 4th 
Anderson Christopher, porter, 2 Juniper la 
Anderson Daniel, tailor. Carpenter bel 6th 
Anderson David, plasterer, Parrish ab Sch 8th 
Anderson Edward, mer., 28 N 3d, h 209 S 2d 
Anderson Edward, stone-cutter, 3 Gray's ct (K) 
Anderson Ehza, widow. Amber ab PhcEuix (K)' 
Anderson Elizabeth, confect., 321 Pine 
Anderson Elizabeth, 88 Crown (C) ^ 

Anderson Geo., lab., 5th and George (N L) ^ 
Anderson Geo., cooper, rear 499 Vine 
Anderson Geo., cordw., Fraley's al (K) 
Anderson Geo. W., editor, 79 Dock 
Anderson Geo. R., cabt. mr., Higgins' ct 
Anderson Henry, seaman, rear 115 Queen 
Anderson Henry, shoemr., 12th bel Pine 
Anderson Jacob S., tailor, 618 N 3d 
Anderson Jacob W., hair-dresser, 9th ab Poplar 
Anderson James, engineer, 622 N 8th (K) 
Anderson James, weaver, Callowhill n Sch 2d 
Anderson James, weaver, 12th ab Pine 
Anderson James, brickmr., Brumen ct (K) 
Anderson James, carter, High w Sch 3d 
Anderson James, weaver, Hanover ab West (K) 
Anderson James, weaver, Lydia bel William (K) 
Anderson James, ostler, 28 Bread 
Anderson Jane, washer. Ball al 
Anderson John, tailor, 10 Spruce 
Anderson John, lab.. Mulberry n Broad 
Anderson John, weaver. Vine n Sch 
Anderson John, chandler, 353 Callowhill 
Anderson John, cordw.. Moms bel Catharine 
Anderson John, boot-black, 48 S 4th, h Morris 

bel Catharine 
Anderson John B., blindmr., 9 S. 13th 
Anderson John D., mariner, Washington ab 2d 
Anderson John R., tailor, 451 S 2d 
Anderson John W., grocer, Palmer & Duke (K) 
Anderson Joseph, blacksm., 28 Lebanon 
Anderson Joseph, musician, 252 Lombard 
Anderson La Fayette, combmr., Marlborough ab 

Anderson Levi, file manuf.. Palmer ab Franklin 

Anderson Lewis, lab.. Beach ab Warren (K) 
Anderson Margaret, sempstress, 46 George (S) 
Anderson Marg., Loud st 
Anderson Mary, S W 3d and Catharine 
Anderson Mary, Hunter's ct, rear 535 Vine 



Anderson Mary, trimming-s, 182 Pine 
Anderson Matt., grocery, Front ab Master 
Anderson Michael, drayman. Small bel 6th 
Anderson M., M. D., S E 5th and Pine 
Anderson Nicholas, glass-cutter, Marlboro' ab 

Anderson Philip, whitewasher, 98 N 4th 
Anderson Philip P., 9th ab Catharine 
Anderson Rebecca, 5 Lytle's ct 
Anderson Robert, cordw., rear 390 Sassafras 
Anderson Robert, wheelwt., Filbert bel 12tb, h 

15 Morgan 
Anderson Rosanna, 3 Lyndall's al 
Anderson Sarah, trimmings, 6th he\ Green 
Anderson Sarah H., wid. of Si. V. 152 N Front 
Anderson Stephen, 27 Prosperous al 
Anderson Stephen D., tailor. Poplar ab 4th 
Anderson Thomas, sailor, Riley's ct 
Anderson Thomas, Charlotte n Creek 
Anderson Thomas, b h, 122 N 4th 
Anderson Westley, barber, 6 Portland la 
Anderson, White & Lippincott, gi'ocers, 10 N 

whfs., and 17 N Water 
Anderson Wm., seaman, Clare st 
Anderson Wm., weigher, 16 Duke 
Anderson Wm., carp., Charlotte bel Thompson 

Anderson Wm., drayman. Orchard ab George 

Anderson Wm. B., blindmi'., Beach bel Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Anderson Wm. D, house painter, 12 N 12th 
Anderson Wm. V., mer., 17 N Water, h 242 

Andes F. J., turner, 11 West st 
ANDRADE JOSfiPH, mer., 28 Walnut, h 141 

Andress Conrad B., bricklayer, Coates ab 2d 
Andress & Durell, trimmings, S W 2nd and 

Andress Michael, bricklayer 20 Noble 
Andress Michael, jr., bricklayer, 11 York ct 
Andress Saml., bricklayer, 123 Brown 
Andrews Alex., drayman, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
ANDREWS BENJAMIN, trunk manuf., 86 

, High, h 75 N 5th 
Andrews David, milkman, 620 N 3d 
Andrews David, weaver. Phoenix bel Front (K) 
Andrews E. W., mer., 53 N 6th 
Andrews George, cabinet mr., 11 Freed's av 
Andrews Henry, moulder, Franklin ab Front 
Andrews Henry W., com. mer., 99 S whfs., h 

18 W Walnut 
Andrews Isaac, lab., Hope bel Phoenix (K) 
Andrews Isabella, spooler, 4th ab Master (K) 
Andrews Jacob, clothing, 45 Chestnut, h 324§ 

Andrews James, stove finisher, 9 Parker 
Andrews John, cordwr., Fisher ab Carpenter 
Andrews Joseph, moulder, rear Orchard 
Andrews Joseph B.,lumber mer chant,N W 10th 

and Cedar, h 292 Pine 
Andrews Joshua, bricklayer and measurer, 12th 

and Washington 

Andrews J, & J. B. & Co., lumber, N W 10th 

and Cedar 
Andrews Little, lab,, Callowhill ab Broad 
Andrews Lyon, elk, rear 126 S 6t]i 
Andrews Lyon, pawnbroker, 250 Cedar 
Andrews Rebecca, milliner, 15 S 8th 
Andrews Robert, lab., Sch 3d and Willow 
Andrews Robei't, labourer. Pearl ab 13th 
Andrews Robert, warehouse-man, 5 Myers' ct 
ANDREWS R. S. R., stoves, 82 N 6th, h 30 

Andrews Saml., mer., 10 High 
Andrews Samuel R., bricklayer, 13th bel High 
Andrews Sarah, washer, 3 Acorn al 
Andrews Thos., sailor. Relief st 
Andrews Thomas Cecil, music store, Sp Garden 

ab 7th 
Andrews Thomas A., gilder, 132 S 6th 
Andrews 8c Thorne, grocers, 10 High 
Andrews Wm., lab.. Willow bel 12th 
Andrie J., bootmr., Willow ab 6th 
Ang Eh, cordw., rear 24 Rose al 
Angel Adam, lab.. Federal bel M road 
Angel Meyer, pedler. Justice's ct 
Angel Sarah, R road bel Buttonwood 
Angelo John, blksm., 29 Marriott 
Angelo Reb., gentw., 378 S 3d 
Anger Charles, lab., Clymer 
Anger Charles, cordw.. Wood bel 3d 
Angerer Charles, shoemr., 97 Callowhill 
Angle Christian, lab.. Otter bel G T road (K) 
Angney Cath., wid. of John, Brown bel Vienna 
Angney & Dickson, druggists, N E 5th and 


Angney John R., druggist, N E 5th & Spruce . 
Angue Albert D., corks and liquors,- 109 N2d 
Angue John, jr., wines and cordials, 30 N 3d 
Anna Fredk., shoemr., rear 1 Clymer 
Annadown Thomas, clerk, 9th ab Coates 
Annadown Thomas, shoemr., 49 N 2d 
Annadown Wm., clerk, 16 Magnolia 
A.nneley Wm., harness mr., 5th n German 
Anners Henry F., bookseller, 141 Chestnut , ■' 
Anning John D., painter, P road bel Federal'" 
Annis Josiah, waiter, 216 Lombard 
Ansbey George, silver plater, 5 Kenworthy's ct 
ANSEL MYER, exchange broker, 74 S 3d 
Ansis William, M. D., 165 Pine, h 2 Twelve 

Foot al 
Ansley Isabella, gentw., Jackson ab Adams 
Ansley John, plasterer, 3 Howard pi 
Ansley Williarii, plasterer, Jackson ab Adams 
Anson Louis, 181 12th bel Willow 
ANSPACH, BROTHER & CO., dry goods, 90 

Anspach John, mer., 90 N 3d, h 345 N 6th 
Anspach Wm., mer., 90 N 3d, h 326 N 6th 
Anstice William, trimming store, 5th ab Poplar 
Antelo A. J., mer., 21 S whfs., h 257 S Front 
Anthony Chas., sail makr.. Carpenter ab 8th 
Anthony David, bootmaker, 2 Juniper lane 
Anthony Elizabeth, 10 Kenworthy ct 
Anthony Geo., plasterer, rear 19 Elizabeth (N 




Anthony George W., seaman, 15 Ellen 
Anthony Joseph, blindmaker, 283 S 3rd 
Anthony Joseph, carp., Sarali n Bedford, (K) 
Anthony Jos., carp., Penn ab Poplar, h Sarah 

bel Bedford, (K) 
Anthony Joseph W., machinist, 627 S 2d 
Anthony Saml., cordw., rear 31 Charlotte 
Anthony Simon, cordwainer, rear 31 Charlotte 
Anthony Wm., clothes, 43 Chest., 15 Little Pine 
Antrim Eliza, 1 Clymer st 
Antrim Charles, watchmi-., Clinton ab Brown 
Antrim P., dentist, 63 S 2nd 
Apker Henry, lab., Hughes' ct (S) 
Apkey Henry, rope mak., Marriott, n 6th 
App George, pumpmr., F road bel Franklin, 

App George, sen., pumpmr., 46 F road n Queen, 

App Jacob, cabinetmr., Hanover bel Franklin, 

App Rosanna, shop, 332 St. Jolm, (K) 
App Samuel, watchmaker, F R n Queen, (K) 
Appelbia John, tailor, 104 Lombard 
Apple Chas., brushmr., 12th bel Callowhill 
Apple Elizabeth, N E 4th and Brown 
Apple Henry, cooper. Christian ab 9th 
Apple Henry, cooper, 59 S Water, h 94 S Front 
Apple Henry, blacksmith, 8th n Willow 
Apple Henry, wheelwright, 8th and Willow 
Apple Jacob, 10 Barber's row 
APPLE JOHN, alderman, 360 N 3rd 
Apple John, jr., cigar mak, 16 School 
Apple Mrs. Mary Ann, Sch Front, ab Mulberry 
Applegate Daniel T., bricklayer, 92 S 12th, h 

143 N 12th 
Applegate Edw., lab., rear Beach ab Poplar, (K) 
Applegate Francis, tavern, 135 S Water 
Applegate Jediah, baker, 480 N 4th 
Applegate John, carter, 574 S 2d 
Applegate Robert, bricklayer, 2 Beldin row 
Applegate Sarah, 2 Furlong's ct 
Applegate John, mariner, rear 92 Christian 
Applegate John, carter, Sp Garden, ab 8th 
APPLETON C. W., M. D., N E 12th and Fil- 
Appleton D., cordw., c SheafF's al and Madison 
Appleton George S., bookseller, 148 Chestnut 
Appleton George W., tailor, 43 N 6th, h 8th bel 

Appleton Jno. W., hatter, Madison & SheafF's al 
Appley Luther, booksellei", 10 Arcade 
Apt Charles, harness maker, rear Coates bel 9th 
ARALL PHILIP, blacksm., 3 Cressman's ct 
Arbuckle David, shoemr., N E 13th & Locust 
Arbuckle Joseph, watchmaker, 37 Mechanic 
Arbuckle Samuel, paper carrier, 2 Greble's ct 
Arbuckle Thomas, lab., Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
ARBUCKLE WILLIAM, Western . Hotel, 288 

Arbuckle Wm., lab., Murray, n Sch 2d 
Archambault Joseph, tavern, 130 N 2d 
Archambault V. E., dry goods, N E 11th 8c High 
Archer Abel, furniture car, Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Archer Ben., ferry house, Callowhill 

Archer Charles, brushmr., Marriott ab Fisher 
Archer Chas., carter, rear 25 Allen (K) 
ARCHER ELLIS S., oil and lamps, 32 & h 55 

Archer George S., mer., 8 S Water 
Archer Isaac, drayman, Sarah n Bedford, (K) 
Archer James, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jeffer- 
son, (K) 

Archer Jeremiah, porter, Bedford bel 8th 
Archer Job, brushmr., Queen ab F road, h 

Crown bel Franklin, (K) 
Archer John, tailor, Hutchinson ab Poplsir 
Archer Pearoe, carter, Poplar n 10th 
Archer WiUiam, weaver, Oxford ab Front (K) 
Archibald Jno., silver plat, Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Archibald Robei't, sailmr., Washington ct 
Ardls George, lab., 15 Reckless 
Ardis John W„ carp., 69 Carpenter (S) 
Ardis Wright B., carp., 5th and Wharton 
Ardley Alexander, drugt., 76 S 2d, h 62 S 5th 
Ardley Charles, 62 S 5th 

.\rensfelt Henry, locksmith, 19, & h 9 Norris' al 
Arey E. Mrs., 153 S 9th 
Arey Henry W., att'y and coun., 153 S 9th 
Arey John, paper hanger, 36 Prune 
Arey Rebecca, R road below Buttonwood 
Arfford Conrad, blacksmith, Washington ct 
Argue David, plasterer. Poplar bel 9th 
Arick Jno., gunsmith. Phoenix bel G T road (K) 
Arkins Mary, 9 Union sqr 
Arkins George, acct., 9 Union sqr 
Armbrust Charles, baker, 2 Helmuth ct 
Armbruster Amelia, Carpenter ab 3rd 
Armbruster John G., brushmr., 136 Callowhill 
Armbruster Joseph, carter, O Y road ab Tam- 
Armbruster Peter, brushmaker, 223 N 3d, h 81 


Arment Wm., coach painter. Nectarine bel 9th 
Armitage Joseph, foreman, Allen & Shackamax- 

on (K) 
Armitage Thomas, blacksmith, Vine n 12th, h 

Carlton ab 12th 
Armitage Thomas J., ven. blindmr., 23 M road 
Armitage John, painter, 141 N 12th 
Armitage Jos., lumber mer., Callowhill ab Sch 

Armitage Robt., bootmr., N 8th bel Vine 
Armor Alex., carp., 13th ab Spring Garden 
Armour Jacob, bootmr., 31 Apple 
Armour Wm., gent, 267 Coates 
Armrod Thos., manuf., Frankford road, n Marl- 
borough (K) 
Armstrong Alex., stonema., 13th and Catharine 
Armstong Andrew, seaman, 9 Union st (S) 
Armstrong Andw., tobac, 51 S Front, h Sch 6th 

and Pine 
Armstrong Allen, mer., UN Water 
Armstrong Ann, shop, Pearl ab 12th 
Armstrong Benj., tailor, 343 N Front 
Armstrong B., tailor, 464 N 2d 
Armstrong Dav., bricklr., Howard ab Master (K) 
Armstrong Edward, att'y and coun., 108 S 4th 
Armstrong Elizabeth, dressmr., 139 Locust 



Armstrong Francis, manuf., 141 G T road 
Armstrong George H., beer house, 327 Cedar 
Armstrong Geo. W., elk., 12 Richard 
Armstrong Henry, porter, 5 Little Pine 
Armstrong Jackson, lab., PeiTy bel Phoenix (K) 
Armstrong Jacob, Wood ab 12th 
Armsti'ong Jacob, Myrtle bel 12th 
Armstrong Jacob, elk., rear Nectarine ab 10th 
Armstrong James, carp., Juniper ab Cedar 
Armstrong James, carter. Orchard 
Armstrong Jas., weaver, G T road, bel Phoenix 

Annstrong James, weaver, Front ab Master (K\ 
Armstrong Jas., hatter, Otter n Frankford road 

Armstrong Jas. J., cabinetmr., 19 Dock 
Armstrong John, weaver, Sch Front ab Filbert 
Armstrong John, blacksm., Clay av (K) 
Armsti'ong John, lab., Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Armstrong Jos. T., carp., 8 John st (S) 
Armstrong Littleton, clothing, 125 N 2d, h 5 

Armstrong Lybella, 64 S 11th 
Armstrong M'Kimmey,. clothing, 50 N 2d, h 5 

Lebanon st 
Armstrong Peter, dealer, 58 Tammany 
Armstrong Rebecca, wid., 302 S 10th 
Armstrong Robert, lab.. Clay bel Beach 
Armstrong Robert, 13th ab Shippen 
Armstrong Robert, blacksm., rear 9th ab Coates 
Armstrong Saml., currier, 343 N Front 
Armstrong & Taylor, paper dealers, 336 N Front 
Armstrong Thos., fireman, Jefferson ab Front 

Armstrong Thos. G., dentist, 88 Mulberry 
Armstrong William, M. D., 53 Union 
Armstrong Wm., cabinetmr., 22 Walnut 
Armstrong Wm., tailor, 343 N Front 
Armstrong Wm., weaver, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Armstrong Wm., weaver, Murray 
Armstrong Wm. G., engraver, 25 Minor 
Arney Elizabeth, 343 Lombard 
Arnold Ann, sempstress, 33 R road 
Arnold Catharine, 30 Union 
Arnold Conrad, baker, Thompson and Sch 7th 
Arnold E., mer., 10 Bank, h 16 Chatham 
Arnold Francis, baker, Shippen bel 8th 
Arnold Frederick F., baker, Parrish ab 15th 
Arnold Gottleib, confect., G T road ab Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Arnold Jacob, cordw.. Noble bel 9th 
Arnold John, tailor, rear 114 Cherry 
Arnold John H., bookbinder, 5 Logan 
Arnold John W., shoemr., 14 Swanwick st 
Arnold L., dry goods, 106 N 3d, h 79 Union 
Arnold Maria, rear 41 Chester 
Arnold Mayer, mer., 63 & 65 High, h 275 N 6th 
Arnold Michael, tavern, 233 Callowhill 
Arnold Morris, mer., 68 N 3rd 
Arnold Mrs., wid. of Jacob, 258 N Front 
Arnold Samuel, cordw., rear 493 N 3rd 
Arnold, Springer & Co., dry goods, 10 Bank 
Arnold Wm., shoemaker. Pine and Quince 
Arnold Wm G., bookbinder, 4 Marble pi 
Arnot Geo, J., marble cut., Carlton ab Sch 6th J 

Arnot Jas., mariner, 2 Braceland's ct 
Arnoux Joseph P., oysters, N W 11th & Pine 
Aronheimer A., clothing store, 246 Callowhill 
Arrants Richard B., sea capt., 108 Coates 
Arrison Henry D., blacksmith, 77 Dillwyn, h 60 

Arrison John C, brickmr., Montgomery pi 
Arrison John P., sashmaker, 4 State 
Arrison Joseph, watchman, 52 W Cedar 
Arrison Matthew, jr., bricklr., Ogden ab Sch 7th 
Arrison Matthew, gent., Sch 7th and Poplar 
Arrott CoUn,.M. D., 16 S 12th 
An-owsmith E., capt., 110 N 6th 
Arthur 8c George, sashmrs.. Broad and Paper al 
Arthur Jas., bookbinder. Arcade, h 8 Jefferson 

Arthur James, weaver, Bank (pi) bel Pine 
Arthur ilary, 107 N 10th 
Arthur Robert, confr.. Poplar ab Charlotte 
Arthur Robt., sashmr.. Broad and Paper al 
Arthur T. S , gent, (W P) 
Arthur Wm. C, clerk, 4 Flower st 
Arthurs Andrew, shoemr.. High n Sch 5th 
Artsen Richard, lab., Hancock ab Phoenix (K) 
Arundel R J., att'y and coun., 89 Sassafras, h 

122 S 10th 
Asay Abraham M., dentist, 329 Sassafras 
Asay Charles, lab., 56 Washington av 
Asay John, shoes, 13 N 8th 
ASBURY SAM'L & CO., com. mer., 85 S Front 
Asch Aaron, dry goods, 6th and Spruce 
Asch Joseph M., mer., 100 High, h 103 Spruc6 
Asch & Pincus, umbrellas, 100 High 
Ascough John, blacksmith. Front bel Maiden, h 

14 Laurel 
Ascough Thos., blacksmith, G T road and Hay- 
Ascough Wm., blacksmith, 143 New Market 
Asendorph Catharine, 10th ab Ogden 
Ash Charles, victualler, Apple ab George (N L) 
Ash C. I., boots and shoes, 146 S Front * 
Ash Franklin, carp., 33 Brandywine 
Ash F. T., coal mer., 15 Walnut 
Ash Geo. W., goldbeater, Hubbell ab Catharine 
Ash George W., alderman, 194 N 6th 
Ash George W., carp.. Melon bel 10th 
Ash Jacob, carter, Vaughan n Walnut 
Ash James, tavern, 184 Callowhill 
Ash John, lab., 16 M'Duffie 
Ash Joseph, porter, 220 S 7th 
Ash Joshua P., com. mer. 22 and 24 N 2d 
Ash Joshua W., M. D., 45 S 5th 
Ash J. T., carp., Swanson ab Christian 
Ash Michael W., atty. and coun., 66 S 6th 
Ash Morgan, broker, 79 S 5rd, h Sch 6th ab 

Ash Robert, carp.. Brown bel 10th 
Ash Sebastian, confectioner, 171 Green 
Ash Thomas, carp., c 10th and Washington 
Ash William, tavern, N W Coates and Kesler 
Ash Wm., baker, 78 Spruce 
Ash Wm. R., clerk, Oneida pi 
Ashbridge Thomazin Mrs., 321 Mulberry 
Ashbrook James, grocer, S E 2d and Queen, h 

54 M. road . 




Asltbrook Joseph, sailmr., 113 Christian 
Ashbrook J. & Co., grocers, S E 2d and Queen, 

h 54 M. road 
Ashbrook Thos., carp., 70 M. road 
Aslibrook Thomas C, tailor, 1 Wood 
Ashburn James C, jeweller, 61 Dock, h 166 

Ashburner Adam, mer.. Poplar ab 10th 
Ashburner Alg-ernon E., mer., 6 S whfs, h 15 S 

Sch 7th 
Ashburner Benjamin, clerk. Woodland (W P) 
Ashburner Wm. E., teacher, 239 S 9th 
Ashby Albert, lab., 11 Cox 
Ashby Franklin, hatter, S E 4th and High, h 

116 N 5th 
Ashby &. Rocap, hatters, S E 4th and High 
Ashcraft Hugh, gardener, Bedford bel Hano- 
ver (K) 
Ashcraft Joseph, tailor, M. road ab Carpenter 
Ashcraft Josiah, carter, N E Reed and Church 
Ashcraft M., milliner, 172^ S 2d 
Ashe Wm. J., music store, 68 S 4th 
Ashenfelder Josiah, wheelwright, 2d bel Phoe 

nix (K) 
Ashenfelder Sarah, mantua maker, St John ab 

George (K) 
Asher Michael, and scourer, 208 Cedar 
Ashford Jno. R., glove manf., Coates & Marshall 
Ashford Wm. H., ladies' shoe st., 18th Parrish 
ASHHURST JOHN, mer., 80 High, h 129 S 

Ashhurst Lewis R., mer., 80 High, h Walnut W 

Ashhurst Rich'd, mer., 80 High, h 263 Mulberry 
Ashhurst Richard & Sons, mers., 80 High 
Ashhurst W. H., mer., 80 High, h 248 Chestnut 
Ashley Thomas, rigger, 7 Wilson 
Ashman Jas. A., cordw., Grubb st. 
Ashman James J., stair rod manuf., 12 Loud 
Ashman John, lab., G T road bel Master 
Ashman Peter, oysterman, bel Washington bet 

6th and 7th 
Ashman Peter, ice dealer, R road, ab Sp Gar- 
Ashman Susanna, ladies' shoes, 115 N 2d 
Ashman & Taylor, ladies' shoes, 115 N 2d 
Ashman William, tailor, 384 N 3d 
Ashmead A. S., druggist, S E 12th and Pine 
Ashmead Charles J., conveyancer, 72 S 5th 
Ashmead Geo., druggist, 235 High, h 247 Mul- 

Ashmead Geo. & Co., druggists, 235 High 
ASHMEAD GEORGE L., atty. and coun., 106 

Ashmead Wm., M. D., 247 MulbeiTy 

ASHMEAD WM. E., druggist, 12th and Pine 

ASHMEAD WM. L., Pine n 3d 

Ashmore Abraham V., carver, 393 S 6th 

Ashmore John, cutler, 50 N 2d 

Ashmore Luther M., coach paint, 162 Marshall 

Ashton Ann, Randall's ct 

Ashton Danl. R., teacher, 46 N 5th, h 98 S Front 

Ashton George, druggist, 257 N 7th 

Ashton Geo., drug & spice deal.. Poplar bel 6th 

ASHTON ISAAC M., hats, 200 High, h 144 

N 12th 
Ashton Isaac S., carp., h 247 S 9th 
Ashton James, mariner, Front bel Catharine 
Ashton John, tailor, 16 and 18 High 
Ashton John, waiter, 2 Little Pine 
Ashton John, jr., tailor, 30 High, h 185 S 5th 
Ashton Joseph S., Beach bel Shackamaxon (K) 
Ashton J., grocer, N W Front and Reed 
Ashton J. R., clerk, 134 Catharine 
Ashton Richard, carp., F road and Montgomery 
Ashton Samuel, cooper, 266 N 2d, h 76 New st 
Ashton Samuel, 472 Callowhill 
Ashton Samuel K., M. D., Lombard and 10th. 
Ashton Susan, shop. Brown and Marshall 
Ashton Mrs. S., 370 S 4th 
Ashton Thos., currier. Carpenter bel 9th 
Ashton Thomas, boarding, 134 N 8th 
Ashwald Stephen, Callowhill ab Sch 8th 
Ashwoilh James, plasterer, Ogden bel Ridge R 
Ashworth Thos., mariner, Hope bel Master (K) 
Askin Richard, carp., 10 Helmuth 
Askings Ann, layer out of dead, 298 S Front 
Askins Jas. H., shoe store, 522 High st 
Aspden John, machinist, 97 S Front 
AspeU George, tailor, 10th ab Poplar 
Aspinall Nathan, cabinetmr., Pratt 
AspinwaU Geo. W., mer.. Dock st wharf, h 260 

ASSON WM. T., mer., 9 Commerce, h 78 Wal- 
Astic Peter, vict., Conrad's ct (N L) 
Atack Danl., carp, weaver, Hope n Jefferson 
Atcheson Joseph, weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Atherby John, dealer, Allen ab Shackamaxon 

(^) . . 

Atherholt Chris., jr., brickmr., rear G T road ab 

5th (K) 

Atherholt Isaac, brickmr., 6th bel G T road (K) 

Atherholt JacoJj, brickmr., 6th bel G T road (K) 

Atherton Henry, atty. and coun., 325 Chestnut 

Atherton Henry, broker. Walnut ab 6th 

Atherton Humphrey, real estate, Walnut n 6th 

.Ashmead Isaac, printer, rear 146 Chestnut, h ATHERTON H. & SON, real est. broker, Wal 

7th ab Spring Garden 
Ashmead John, gent., Gaskill and 3d 
Ashmead John B., cabinetmr., 65 N 4th 
Ashmead John W., atty. and coun., 60 S 6th, h 

130 Pine 
Ashmead Samuel, mer., 61 Walnut 
Ashmead Samuel B., mer., 61 Walnut 
Ashmead Samuel & Son, finding st., 61 Walnut 
Ashmead Thomas E., mer., 24 N Front, h S E Atkins Wm., flour inspector, 67 Wood 

Sch 8th and Chestnut | Atkinson Arch'd, carter, Hancock ab Master 

nut ab 6th 
Atherton Nathan, carp. Peny bel Pine 
Atherton Nathan, watchmaker, 113 S 12th 
Atkins Charles, carp., 28 Blackberry al 
Atkins James B., cabinetmr., Marion ab 2d 
Atkins Juliana, 10th ab James st 
Atkins Rich'd, tavern, Front and Shippen 
Atkins Robert, plasterer. Watt 




Atkinson Bennet J., painter, rear 101 Dillwyn 

Atkinson B. G., tailor, 64 Chestnut 

Atkinson Charles, grocer, N E Cedar &. Water, 

h 74 Swanson 
Atkinson Eliza, stock store, 52 N 8tli 
Atkinson George, weaver, 6th ab Master (K) 
Atkinson Isaac S., umbrellamr., 17 Cedar 
Atkinson Joel, Cherry W of 10th 
Atkinson John, drayman, 14 Juniper la 
Atkinson John C, lab., 12 Kenworthy's ct 
Atkinson Joseph L., bricklayer, 413 S 2d 
Atkinson Mary, washer, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Atkinson Rebecca, 27*9 Marshall 
Atkinson Saml., botanic physician, 633 N 2d (K) 
Atkinson Thomas, weaver, 18 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Atkinson T. B., baker, Washington (W P) 
Atkinson Wm. W., painter, rear 80 Green 
Atlee David, lab., 8 Burd's ct 
Atlee Edwin A., M. D., Sp Garden bel 13th 
Atlee W. L.', M. D., 3 Colonnade Row 
Atmore Edward, jeweller, 59 Gaskill 
Atmore Frederick, g-rocer, 175 Buttonwood 
Atmoi-e John B., carp.. Nectarine & Moore's ct 
Atmore R. jr., grocer, N W 10th & Buttonwood 
ATMORE H. 8c F., grocers, N W 10th and But- 
Attmore Marshall, mer., 7 High, h 18 N 5th 
Attmore 8c Shumway, boots and shoes, 7 High 
Attmore Wm. P., carp., 21 Sergeant 
ATWOOD 8c CO., dry goods, 124 High 
Attwood Wm. N., diy goods, 18 N 8th 
Atwood James, mer., O Y road n Green 
Atwood John M., mer., 124 High, h 362 Walnut 
Atwood Origen, 441 High 
Auble David, tavern. Vine bel 12th 
Auble Nathan, shoe store, Franklin 8c CallowhiU 
Auck Jesse, weaver. School opp Edward (K) 
Audenreid AC, 254 N 7th 
Audenreid Lewis, coal mer., 61 Dock 
Auffort Fred'k, cordw., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Auffort Fred'k, jr., cordw., Dyott's ct (K) 
AufFort Geo., fisherman. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Augee Wm., stationery, 69 Green 
August Anthony, lab., Mechanic ab Franklin (K) 
August Jacob, lab., Wood ab Franklin (K) 
Augustin Joseph, stevedore, 1 Warner's ct 
Augustin Lewis, tinplate -worker, N E Juniper 

and High, h 88 North 11th 
Augustin Mary F., confectioner, 123 S 3d 
Augustin Peter, bricklayer, 46 Washington av 
Augustus Eliza, washer, 7 Richards 
Augustus Mary, ice cream, 9 Park 
Augustus Samuel, lab.. Liberty ct 
Auld Andrew, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Aull Wm., stone cutter, 9 Wall 
Auner C. H., stationer, 79 Cherry 
Auner G. A., carp.. Minor, h 60 S 11th 
AUNER JOSEPH G., bookseUer, 333 High, h 

382 Walnut 
Auner Wm., watchman, 13th ab Olive 
Austie Henry, mer., 139| High, h 197 Walnut 
Austin Alexander, 35 Shippen 
Austin Alvah, tinsm., 33 Carlton 
Austin Ann, tailoress, Ross ct 
Austin Anna, n c Wood and West (K) 

Austin Charles, carter, 6 Poplar 

Austin Collins, sen., b. h., Sch 8th ab Sassafras 

Austin Collins J., tinsm., 462 Sassafras 

Austin David, carter, Herriges' ct 

Austin Eliza, gentw., 222 Spruce 

Austin Franklin, tinsm.. Division bel 12th 

Austin George, cordw., rear Apple ab George 

Austin Hosea, oysterman, 332 S 5th 

Austin John B., acct., 11 Jefferson Row 

Austin John E., hatter, 48 Noble, h 9 Green 

Austin Margaret, confectioner, 364 S 2d 
AUSTIN SAMUEL H., atty. and coun. 193 

Austin Seth, tavern, N E Front and Otter (K) 
Austin Wm., grocer, S E Flower and Fitzwater 
Austin Wm., tinsm., S W loth and CallowhiU 
Autz Adam, carpet weaver, G T road n 4th (K) 
Averell Israel G., baker, 332 Sassafras 
Averley Jacob, Front bel Master (K) 
Avery Henry, dentist, 88 Mulberry 
Avery Isaac, straw manuf , 88 Mulberry 
Avery Lydia Ann, teacher, N 10th 
Aveiy Sylvian, gentw., 10th bel Parrish 
Avis George, h 214 N 5th 
Avis John W., lab., Coui't al 
Avy Lewis, blacksm., 59 Mead al 
Awl Ann C, 21 St John 
Awl Jacob, lithograph, 165 S 11th 
AwU C. W., 110 Crown 
Axe Joseph, combmr., Charlotte bel George 
AXFORD E. J., mer. tailor, 165 Spruce 
Ayars Jas. B. Rev., Wallace bel 10th 
Ayars Samuel, painter, St John and Coates, li 

88 Poplar 
Ayars Zebul. I., harnessmr., rear 9 Charlotte 
Ayers Saml. W., tobac, ^9 S 3d, h 224 S Front 
Aykroyd Henry, vict.. Brown ab 12th 
Aylesbury 8c Miller, milliners, N W 3d 8c Green 
Ayres Cabel, carp.. Prospect al 
Ayres Charlotte, washer, 26 Mayland 
Ayres Elizabeth, 5 Warner's ct 
Ayres George, porter shop. Cedar bel Front 
Ayres Geo. R., mer., 57 N whfs, h 40 Palmyra sq 
AYRES 8c HAWKINS, coal, 11th and Willow 
Ayres Henry, coachman. Pearl ab 13th 
Aj'res Henry R., trimmings, 49 N 8th 
Ayres Hiram, coal office, 11th and Willow, h 

40 Palmyra sq ab Wood 
Ayres Jacob, tailor, 97 E Lombard 
Ayres John, smith, 20 E North, h Cresson's al 
Ayres John, stock, weav., rear 10th ab Coates 
Ayres Jonathan B., blacksm., Olive bel 13th 
Ayres Joshua, lab., 34 Bird's ct 
Ayres Robt., Dunton n Otter 
Ayres Robert, tailor, 161 E Lombard 
Ayres Samuel, painter, 94 New Market 
Ayres Wm., carter. Vineyard (F V) 
A3Tes Wm., mer., 42 N 3d 
Azen Rachel, Coates n Sch. 
AzpeU Thomas T., teacher, oS Spruce 

Babb Peter, mer., Pleasant bel 10th 




Babb Samuel, grocer, 6th and Christian 

Babbit Wm. W., mar. 7 Commerce, h. 26 Madison 

Babcock N. L., machinist, 14 Whitehall st 

Babcock John H., cordw., 436 N 3d 

Babe George, hatter, 303 N 2d 

Babe John, hatter, 56 N 2d 

Babe Owen, weaver, Crown ab Franklin (K) 

Babing-ton John, brushmr. 163 Christian 

Babneu Joseph, carp>6 Jenning's row 

Bach Louisa, Apple ab Poplar 

Bach Peter, cabinetmaker, New IVIarket and 

Young's al 
Bache Franklin, M. D., S. E. Juniper & Spruce 
Bache Frederick A., carp. 6 Kessler's al 
Bache Hart, U. S. A. 97 George, h. 13th ab Pine 
Bacher John D., baker, 127 Callowhill 
Bachle)^ Adam, baker, Hanover op. Bedford (K) 
BACHMAN HENRY, tavern, 323 High 
Bachman Jacob, carp. 184 St. John 
Bachman Jacob jr., rear 406 N 3d 
Backes John, tailor. Smith's al (N L) 
Backus E. F., gent. 161 Walnut 
Backus Frederick E., 44 N whfs., h 17 Vine 
Bacon Alexander, broker, 60 Walnut, h Ogden 

ab 10th 
Bacon AUyn, paper-boxmi-., 20 Spruce, h 43 

Bacon Benj. Curtis, Sp Gai'den, 8 doorsbel 11th 
Bacon Benj. R., undertak. Queen b Marlboro' 
Bacon Chas. C, engineer, Fraley's ct (K) 
Bacon Chas. W., gent. 269 Green 
Bacon Chas. W., cleric, 7th n Green 
Bacon Chas. W. jr., mer. 4 S Water, h 16 New 

Bacon David, carp. 192 N Front 
Bacon Dennis, lab. 2 Eagle ct 
Bacon Edmond P., flour, 24 High, h 3 Green 
Bacon Edward, mer. 10' S 2d 
Bacon Enos, tailor, 6 Boyd's av 
Bacon Francis, hatter, 50 N 6th, h 117 Sassafras 
Bacon Franklin, mer. 13 S Front 
Bacon G. V., convey'r. 206 Arch, h 16 N 11th 
Bacon & Hallwell, hats, &c. 173 High 
Bacon Hosea H., lab. Elizabeth bel Poplar 
Bacon Isaac, shingle shaver. West ab Marlboro' 
Bacon James, lab. 18 Raspberry 
Bacon Job, wateiinan, 2 Swanson ct 
Bacon Job, mer. High ab 5th, h Locust E Sch 8th 
Bacon John, gent, office 74 S 3d, h 117 Sassafras 
Bacon Joseph, flour, 24 High, h 192 N Front 
Bacon Jos. W., bricklr. Beach bel Palmer (K) 
Bacon Josiah, mer. 127 High, h 61 Marshall 
Bacon J. & E. P., flour and grain, 24 High 
Bacon Richard, carp, and undertaker, c Queen 

and Hanover (K) 
Bacon Rich'd. W., mer. 131 High, h 91 Marshall 
Bacon Samuel, 188 N Front 
Bacon Samuel, cordw., Cadwalader bel Phoenix 

Bacon Sarah, Hamilton village 

Bacon Smitli, 364 S 4th 

Bacon Wm., waiter, 10 Acorn al 

Bacon AVm., coachman. Fox's ct 

Bacon Wm. C, carp., 149 G T road 

Bacon Wm. H., mer. 173 High, h 231 Vine 

Badger Benj., cooper, Wheat ab Wharton 
BADGER SAMUEL, notary public, 60^ Wal- 
nut, h Sch 7th n Spruce 
Badger Samuel jr., atty. & coun. 139 S 5th, h 

163 S 9th 
Badger Wm., atty. & coun. office 6O2 Walnut, 

h N W 9th and Pine 
Badlum Joseph, trimmings, 63 Pine 
Baeder Chas., glue, 86 High, h G T road ab 5th 
Baeer Charles, 388 Coates 
Baell Wm., blacksra. rear 531 N 4th 
Baen Margaret, shoebinder, 8 Hallowell st 
Baenheimer Lazarus, pedler, Roney's ct (K) 
Bagge Ehzabeth, 7 John (S) 
Baggs James B., tailor, S W 4th and Chestnut, 

h 409 Mulberry 
Baggs Thomas, lab. 289 S 6th 
Baggs Thomas G., dentist, 409 Mulberry 
Bagiot Julies, bootmaker, rear 360 S 2d 
BAGLEY, MAKENZIE & Co., Columbia House, 

207 Chestnut 
Bagwell Edward, bricklayer, rear 72 Christian 
Bagwell Ric'd., bricklayer, rear 72 Christian 
Baier Andrew, store, 313 Callovifhill 
Baildon John, weaver, 2d bel Phoenix (K) 
Bailey Anthony, tinware, 362 Cedar 
Bailey Caroline, Cherry ab 13th 
Bailey Daniel, brickmr. Master ab 3d (K) 
Bailey David, carp. Carlton ab 12th 
Bailey Edward, carp. 7 Quarry, h Noble 8c New 

Bailey Evan, carp. Cherry n 13th 
Bailey E. Westcott, 407 Mulberrj^ 
Bailey James, 272 Callowhill 
Bailey John, waterman, rear 19 Beaver (K) 
Bailey John, weaver. South ab 11th 
Bailey John, weaver. Cedar ab 7th 
Bailey John H., steward. Carpenter ab 13th 
Bailey Jos. stonecutter, Franklin & O'Neal (K) 
Bailey Joseph, 12 Penn av 

BAmEY J. T., jeweller, 136, & h441 Chestnut 
Bailey Lydia R., printer, 26 N 5tli 
Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 33 N 5th 
Bailey Or in, clerk, 5th and Chestnut 
Bailey Peter, shoemr., George n Sch 7th 
Bailey Phebe, Shield's al 
Bailey Rachel, milliner, 143 Beach (K) 
Bailey Sam'L, conveyancer. Beach ab Maiden(K) 
Bailey Sam. B., lumber, 20 Laurel (O) h 239 S 3d 
Bailey Wm., Vine ab Sch 8th 
Bailie James, mer. 81 Dock 
Bailleul George, printer, Relief 
Bailleul N. C, painter, 7 S 6th, h 135 S 9th 
Baily & Brother, dry goods, N W 13th & High 
Baily S. L., diy goods, 477 High, h 153 Filbert 
Baily Thomas L., mer. 477 High 
Baily Wm., watchmr, 216 High, h 7th ab Sp 

Baily Wm., dyer, rear 591 N Front (K) 
Bain M. Mrs., milliner, 268 Chestnut 
Bainbridge Radchffe, cordw. Atherton 
Bainbridge Susan, 320 Walnut 
Bainger Henry, tailor, 526 N 2d (K) 
Bains Edward, 76 Crown 
Bains Geo. B., trunkmr. 8 N 4th, h 412 9th 




Baird Alexander, printer, 9 George, h 10th bel 

Button wood 
Baird A., grocer, Sch 7th and Carlton 
Baird George, carp. 8 St. Joseph av 
Baird James, grocer, N W 13th and Shippen 
Baird James, carp. 13th ab South 
Baird James, st. cut, 7 Perry 
Baird John, st. cut. Brown bel 
Baird John, grocer, Otter and School (K) 
Baird John, collector, 57 Green 
BAIRD JOHN, Marble Works, Rroad bel Green 
Baird Jos., teacher. Brown bel Broad 
Baird Matt., machinist, 10th ab Washington 
Baird Thomas, lab. Brown belR road 
Baird Thos R., brushmr. 122 N 3d, h 41 Franklin 
Bau'd Wm., manuf. 122 High, h Beach n Shack- 

amaxon (K) 
Baird Wm. M., mer. 46 S whfs., h 7&\ Lombard 
Baisley John, whf. build. Crown ab Queen (K) 
Baisley M., grocer, 243 N Front 
Baisley Sam'l., whf. build. Crown ab Queen (K) 
Baitzel George, printer, 87 O Y road 
Bakeoven Elizabeth, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, Queen ab Vienna 
Bakeoven Louisa, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Bakeoven Peter, fisherman. Queen ab Vienna 
Bakeoven Wm., fisherman. Bishop belQueen(K) 
Baker Abigail, Swanson bel Christian 
Baker Abraham, mer. S W 5th and High 
Baker Ann S., nurse, 1 Hause's ct 
Baker Benj., pilot, rear 205 S 5th 
Baker Catharine, 307 Lombard 
Baker Catharine, 47 New Market 
Baker Cath., shoebinder, 71 F road (K) 
BAKER CHALKLEY, tavern, N W 9th and 

Baker Charles, cabinetmr. Winter ab George 
Baker Chas., cordw. Vienna bel Franklin (K) 
Baker Chas. H., mer. 40 Walnut, h 310 Mulberry 
Baker Christian, cordw. 45 New Market 
Baker Christ., lab. Hanover ab Frankhn (K) 
Baker Conrad, waterman. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Baker Cond. P., waterman. Queen ab Vienna(K) 
Baker Cor's., combmr. 3 Cadwalader ab Franklin 

Baker C. M., painter, 69 Race, h Elizabeth and 

Poplar (K) 
Baker Daniel, currier, 10 Logan 
Baker Daniel, rear 87 S 6th 
Baker Daniel, pilot, 15 Mead 
Baker Danl. M., combmr. Hope and Franklin 
Baker David, police office, 166 S 10th 
Baker David, carp. Paul ab 6th 
Baker Edward, lampmr. 7 Quigg's ct n Vine 
Baker Edwin G. A., jeweller, 7 CheiTy 
Baker Engard, Rugan ab Callowhill 
Baker Eliza, Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Baker Eliza, milliner, G T road bel 6th (K) 
Baker Eliza, Brown bel 7th 
Baker Elizabeth, 8th ab Master (K) 
Baker Elizabeth, milliner, 165 Cedar 
Baker Elizabeth J., Weccacoe ab Queen 
Baker Frederick, hatter, 272 N 7th 
Baker George, hair dresser, 215 Chestnut 
Baker George, vict. 122 New Market 

Baker Geo., carter, Franklin ab Front (K) 

Baker Geo., wheelwright, Dorothy n Sch 4th 

Baker Geo., tailor, rear Marriot bel 6th 

Baker George A., tavern, 13 Spruce 

Baker George C, fisherman. Queen bel Cherry 

Baker George N., lumber mer. 106 Marshall 

Baker G. N. & B., lumber, S W 5th and Brown 

Baker Henry, lab. Locust ab Sch 3d 

Baker Henry, cabinetmr. 217 St. John 

Baker Isaac F., lamp manuf. 176 Chestnut, h 

393 Mulberry 
Baker Isaac N., currier, 10th ab Ogden 
Baker Jacob, victualler, 32 Brown (NL) 
Baker Jacob, brickmr. 7th ab Master (K) 
Baker Jacob, fisherman. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Baker Jacob, cigarmr. 34 Laurel (K) 
Baker Jacob, 672 N 2d (K) 
Baker Jacob G., carp. Miller's ct (N L) 
Baker James, cordw. Cobb's ct 
Baker James, coachman, 9 Raspberry 
Baker James, grocer, 49 Gaskill 
BAKER JAMES, mer. 43 N whfs.. h 49 Gaskill 
Baker Jane, 74 Brown (N L) 
Baker Jesse, bankboxmr. 22 Bank 
Baker J. & Co., grocers, 43 N whfs. 
Baker John, ropemr. Franklin bel Cherry (K) 
Baker John, waterman, 10 Callowhill 
Baker John, acct. 17 Spruce 
Baker John, lab. Mackey ab 2d 
Baker John, oysterman, Sch Willow ab Spruce 
Baker John, shoemr. 45 Currant al 
Baker John G., lab. rear 402 N 2d 
Baker Jno. H., office S E Chestnut and 3d, h 

342 S 4th 
Baker John L., conveyancer. Pine W Sch 7th 
Baker John M. S., painter, 361 S 6th 
Baker John R., mer. 150 High, h 24 N 11th . 
BAKER JOHN W., 9 N Whfs., h 166 Mulberry 
Baker Joseph, hardware mer. 473 N 2d, h 179 

G T road (K) 
Baker Joseph, acct. Sch 8th ab Vine 
Baker Joseph, carp. Perkenpine ct 
Baker Jos. E., combmr. 459 N 3d 
Baker Joshua, patternmr. Washington ab 5th 
Baker Louisa, tailoress, 176 Marshall 
Baker Margaret, gentw. 272 N 7th 
Baker Maria, 17 Penn 
Baker Mary, 3 Ronaldson 
Baker Mary, dressmr. F road opp Otter 
Baker Mary A., 84 Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Baker M. V., mer. 215 High, h 166 Mulbeny 
Baker Michael, ropemr., F road ab Franklin (K) 
Baker Michael, agent, 66 S 12th 
Baker Michael, gent., 166 Mulberry 
Baker Michael, clerk, Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Baker Moses, mer., 211 N 2d 
Baker Mrs., Sch 6th bel High 
Baker Peter, clerk, Buttonwood bel 13th 
Baker Samuel, waterman. Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Baker Samuel, cordw.. Poplar bel 7th 
Baker Susannah, 74 Crown 
Baker Thomas U., printer, Rutter & Federal 
Baker Valentine, tailor, S W Water & Walnut, 

h 5 Relief 
Baker Valentine, fisherman. Palmer bel Queen 




Baker William, cordw., 8 J. Baker's ct 

Baker William, tailor, 62 Oak 

Baker Wm., painter, 7 Rachel (N L) 

Baker Wm., ship carp., Hanover ab Queen (K) 

Baker Wm., seg-ar mr., 2 Little Green (K) 

Baker Wm. D., att'y, 65 S 3d, h 131 Vine 

Baker Willam G., wad. manuf., Charlotte ab 

Baker Wm. S. & C. M., paint. 8c glaz., 69 Race 
Bald R., engi-aver, h 4 S 10th 
Bald Wm. R., grocer, 2d and Poplar 
Balding-er Jacob, tailor, Mercer and Warren 
Baldt Elizabeth, widow, Crown ab Duke 
Baldt Frederick, whipmr., Hanover and Frank- 
lin (K) ._ 
Baldt Frederick, Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Baldt Fred'k., jr., cordw., rear 296 St John 
Baldt Mary, Hanover bel Franklin (K) 
Baldt John, carp.. West bel Vienna (K) 
Baldt John, shoemr., Frankford road n Cherry 

Baldt Wm., carp., Hanover and Franklin 
Baldwm Adam, carter, Vienna bel Franklin (K) 
Baldwin Elizabeth, b. h., 385 N 4th 
Baldwin John N., painter, 9 Buttonwood, h 83 

Baldwin Joseph, chair painter. Hall's avenue 
Baldwin Joseph B., cordw., 72 Washington av 

bel Brown 
Baldwin M. M., engraver, 116 Chestnut 
BALDWIN M. W., machinist, locomotive and 

engine builder, Broad and Hamilton, h 160 

S 10th 
BALDWIN STEPHEN, mer., S W Front and 

Walnut, h 258 Walnut 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, rear 49 N 7th 
Bales Mary, spooler. Phoenix ab Cadwalader (K) 
Bale Israel, saddler, Beckett st 
Balfe Joseph, Rev., Willing's al 
Balfe Sarah, Prospect al 
Balfe Thomas, bootmr., 7 N 7th 
Baley Bart., skin dresser, Sarah & Bedford (K) 
Baley John, lab., 438 N Front 
Ball Alexander, bootmr., 6 Kelly's ct 
Ball Ann, 12 Knight's ct 
Ball Anna Maria, Baxter's av 
Ball & Dilkes, tailors, 126 N 13th 
Ball Elizabeth, washer. Loud bel 10th 
Ball Frederick, clerk, 36 Callowhill 
Ball George, cabinetmr., 514 N Front 
Ball George W., gent., 411 Spruce 
Ball Geo. W. J., 1 Baxter's avenue 
Ball Henry, 163 Wood 

Ball Israel R., gi'ocer, N W 2nd and Catliarine 
Ball Jacob, shoemr., 93 Dillwyn 
Ball James, shoemr., 8 Coomb's al 
Ball Jesse R., type fovmder, 205 Pine 
Ball John, mer., 42 N 4th, h 292 10th bel Melon 
Ball John, carp., 10 Filbert, h 23 Rittenhouse 
Ball John, boot fitter, Harper's pi 
Ball John R., carp.. Carpenter's ct 
Ball Laetitia, Rusii's ct 

Ball Samuel H., drayman, Hope bel Master (K) 
Ball Sarah, sempstress, 119 Plum 
Ball Stephen H., engineer, G T road ab 6th 

Ball Wm., rigger. Workman's ct 
Ballard Hagar, S E Locust and Quince 
Ballard John, waiter, 33 Prosperous al 
Ballenger Wesley, carp., 164 Cherry 
Ballentine Robt., carp., Moon's ct 
Ballentine Samuel, weaver, 9 Myers' ct 
Ballier John B., tavern, 235 S 4th 
Ballinger John, shoemr., rear 32 Catharine 
Ballinger John W., bootmr., 317 S 2d 
Balling-er Thomas, skin dresser, 335 Callowhill 
Ballinger Thos., plasterer, Washington bel 6th 
Ballinger Wm., plasterer, Washington bel 6th 
Balshaw Wm., brk. mr., Lombard ab Sch Front 
Baltz Daniel, cabinetmr., 4 Pearl 
Baltz Fred'k., farmer, Lily al. ab Green 
BALTZ J. P., tavern, 340 N 3rd 
Baltzer George, varnisher. Poplar ab 9tli 
Balz Henry W., carp., Bridge (M V) 
Balz John, weaver. Bridge M Village 
Balzer Lewis, lab.. Alder ab Poplar 
Bamber Margaret B., shop, 326 S 6th 
Bamford John, bookseller, 27 S 8th 
Bamar Wm., vIct., Mechanic ab George 
Bame And., tailor, rear 3 Orchard 
Bamont Mary, rear 448 Sassafras 
Banagan Jas., weav., Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Bance Anthony, shoemr., 262 S 6th 
BANCKER CHARLES G., Sec'y. Franklin Fire 

Ins. Comp. 163A Chestnut 
Bancker Charles N., Prest. Franklin Fire Insur- 
ance Comp., 1602 Chestnut 
Bancroft Addison, dry goods, 32 Bank 
Bancroft Daniel, sea captain, 183 Christian 
Bancroft Gideon K., blacksmith, 13 Decatur, h 

51 Carpenter ab 3d 
Bancroft John, blacksmith, 125 Christian 
Bancroft John, dyer, 4th below Franklin, h 442 

Bancroft John, jr., soap and candle manuf., 19 

Wood, h 24 St. John 
Bancroft M., tailor, 101 Cherry 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksmith, 13 Decatur, h ■ 

374 S 5th 
Bancroft R. F. & G. K., blacksmiths, 13 Decatur 
Bancroft Thos., flannel manuf., 6th ab Master 
Bancroft T. H., paint. & glaz.. Filbert n Sch 7th 
Bancroft Wm., book-keeper, 65 Tammany 
Bane Henrj^, shoemr., 553 S 2d 
Bane John C, lab., Scott's ct (N L) 
I5aner Mark, carter. New Crown bel Green 
Baner Wm., cordw., N 12th ab Vine 
Banes Mrs. Ann, b. h. 10 S Broad st 
Banes Benj. C, carp.. Mechanic ab George 
Banes Charles, turner, 184 Poplar 
Banes Euphemla, shoe bind., rear 211 St. John 
Banes James, carp., 347 N 6th 
Banes James, cordw., 13 Laurel 
Banes Thomas, coach, 130, & h 132 New 

Banfield Martha, Orchard 
Banford James, tavern, 195 S 6th 
Banger Timothy, 15 N 12th 
Banger Thomas, pocket book mr., 2 Moore's ct 
Banister Edward, carpet warehouse, 269 High, 

h 9 Carlton sq 




Banker Wm., Christian ab 7tli 

Banks Archibald, weav., Philip ab Jefferson (K) 

Banks Edward, waiter, 5 Lyndall al 

Banks H. O. D., drug-gist. Washing-ton (W P) 

Banks John, teacher, 5 Miles al 

Banks John, 159 N 7th 

Banks Mary, 126 N 2d 

Banks Solomon, porter, 33 Cheriy 

Banks Wm., whitewasher, 56 Perry 

Banks Wilson, blacksmith. Broad bel Vine, h 

1 State st 
Bankson Lloyd, g-ilder, 108 N 4th 
Bankhead Robt., weaver, Oxford bel Front 
Bankhouse Peter, cabt. makr.. Palmer n West 

Bannen Joseph, carp., rear 90 Cherry, h 3 Val- 
Bannen Wm. R., carp., Lewis ab Poplar 

ley's ct 
Banning- Wm. L., att'y & coun., 207 N 6th 
Bannister Z., dry g-oods, 174 Sassafras 
Banner John, carp., 201 Callowhill 
Bannon Simon, carp., Dutch ct 
Banton William, bootmr., 166 S 5th 

Barclay Margaret, g-entw.,N W 3d & Callowhill 
Barclay Mary, tailoress, rear 202 Lombard 
Barclay Robl., cordw., rear 517 N 3d 
Barclay Valentine, boot crimper, rear 214 St, 

BARCROFT, BEAVER & CO., dry goods, 163 

Barcroft S. B., mer., 163 High, h 359 Sassafras 
Barcroft Tunis Q., grocer, cor. Tammany & Old 

York road 
Barcus John, lab., Sch 7th n Cherry 
Barcus Stephen, carp., 11 Bickham st 
Barcus Stephen, Sch 7th ab Mulberry 
Bard Allen, carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Bard Conrad, silversmhh, 205 Mulbern-, h 267 

Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, Lewis ab Poplar 
Bardeer Saml., coach trimr., Parrish ab 13th 
Bardin Amos, tailor, Cadwalader and Franklin 
Bardin A. Z., M. D., 151 O Y road 
Bardin Levi, shipmas., 361 S Front 
Bardon B., wid. of Nicholas, dealer, 249 Cedar 
Bardon Mary, 1 Humphrey's ct 

Banton Wm. D., boot black, S W 3d & Walnut Bardsley John, books, 46 Mulberry 

Baptiste Eugene, cabinet mr., 129 Locust 
Baratet Amelia, dress mr., 94 S 8th 
Barbazett Sophia, shop, 308 S 4th 
Barbe Francis, tobaccon't, 140|- Chestnut ab 6th 
Barbelin Rev. Felix J., St. Joseph's church 
Barben Tobias, carp., rear 7 Elizabeth (N L) 
Barber Alexander, cordw., 33 N llth 
Barber Edward, paint. & glaz., 7th bel Poplar 
Barber Edward, weaver, G T road bel Master 

Barber Edw. & H. A., painters, 242 Green 
Barber Geo. C, mer., 46 N 2d 
Barber H. A., painter, 220 N llth 
Barber James, collector, 20 Bread 
Barber James, bricklayer, State n Sch 7th 
Barber Jas., clocks, 238 High, h 10 Franklin 
Barber James, grocer, Lombard ab Sch 2d 
• Barber Joseph, machinist, 1 Beldin Row 
Barber Joseph, cordw.. Poplar ab 7th 
Barber Robt. V., bricklr., Beach bel Palmer 

Barber Saml., tailor, 112 N 8th 
Barber, Slack & Lee, dry goods, 46 N 2d 
Barber Wm., optician, 83 Sassafras 
Barber Wm. L., cordw.. Beach bel Palmer (K) 
Barbier Francis, tailor, 154^ Sassafras 
Barbier Maria, widow, 129 Buttonwood 
Barbier Stephen, jeweller, 7 Boyd's av 
Barbin Wm. M., confect., Jefferson ab 4th (K) 
Barclay Andrew C, mer., 40 N wharves, h 147 

Barclay Benj. S., music teacher, 92 Walnut 
Barclay Corah, 12 Wharton 
Barclay George, paver, Sch 7th n Vine 
Barclay Henry, carp., 9 Perry 
Barclay James J., att'y and coun., N W 7th and 

Walnut, h 219 Spruce 
Barclay John M., 14 Portico sq 
Barclay John K., trader, 400 High, h 484 Sassa- 
Barclay John K., grocer, 10th and Vine 

Bardsley John, spinner, 84 S Water 
Barford Wm., shipmaster, 3 Young's place 
Barge Mary, tailoress, 447 N 3rd 
Barger Benj., cooper, M'Dewltt's av (K) 
Barger Benj., oust, house. Shield's ct 
Barger Chas., carp., Monroe and Cherry (K) 
Barger Charles, cordw., 5th bel Camac 
Barger George, watchman, Buttonwood bel 6th 
Barger Geo., parchment manuf , 5 Warner's ct 
Barger Jacob, jr., cooper, Cadwalader bel Mas- 

ter (K) 
Barger Jacob, cooper, G T road bel Master (K) 
Barger John, printer, Bledisloe pi 
Barger John, brickmr., 464 N 3d 
Barger Martha, shoe bind., rear Orchard ab 

Barger Samuel, brickmr., Alden ab Poplar 
Barger Thomas, pressman, 266 N 5th 
Barger William, paint, and glaz., 26 W North 
Barger Wm. H., brickmr., Alden ab Poplar 
Barker Abraham, broker, 16 S 3d, h 176 S 10th 
BARKER, BROTHERS & CO., exch. brokers, 

16 S 3d 
Barker Calvin H., lumber merch., Shaxamason 

ab Queen, (K) 
Barker Daniel, boatman, Lombard n Sch Bank 
Barker David, cabmr., 1 Fisher's ct 
Barker James, cordw., Charlotte bel Beaver 
Barker James, mariner, 5th bel Christian 
Barker James, tailoi-, R road bel S Garden 
Barker John, shoemr., Catharine bel Flower 
Barker John R., mer., 161 High, h 518 Chestnut 
Barker Joseph, tailor, P road ab Carpenter 
Barker Peter, saddler, 434 N Front 
Barker Richard, acct., 155 Queen (S) . 
Barker Wm., tobacconist, 78 George (S) 
Barker Wm., waterman, Sch Beach ab Spruce 
Barlow Hillyard, spinner, Callowhill bel Sch 3d 
Barlow John, machinist, Otter & F road (K) 
Barlow Joseph, grocer, Ann n R road (F V) 
Barlow Joseph, plasterer, Cobb 




Barlow Thos., blacksm., Mariner bel Front, h 

Queen ab Sarah (K) 
Bam John^ weaver, Phillips ab Jefferson (K) 
Barnard Chas. G., coal, Franklin bel Marlboro' 
Barnard James, tailor, Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Barnard Joseph C, store, 81 R road 
Barnard Robert W., printer, 127 Christian 
Barnard Samuel, tailor, 23 Pratt 
Barnard S. E., dressmr., 179 S 11th 
Barnard Tliomas, stonecutter, 179 S lltli 
Barnard "Wm., pi-inter, 48 Mead 
Barnay Charles, lab., Juniper ab Lombard 
Bamdollar Daniel, cooper, 48 Laurel (N L) 
Barndt Henry, g-rocer, N E Green and 9th 
Earned A., milliner, 2d bel Beaver (K) 
Barnes Abraham, drayman, 5th n Georg-e (N L) 
Barnes Albert, Rev. 123 S 8th 
Barnes Andrew, cooper, 37 Christian 
Barnes Andrew J., carp., Westford av 
Barnes Anna, 81 N 5th 
Barnes Bariiet, cordw., Horstmai^'s ct. 
Barnes Catharine, nurse, 15 Nectarine 
Barnes Charles, carp.. Centre ab Brown 
Barnes & Co., oyster cellar, 242 N 2d 
Barnes Daniel, cordw.. Brown's ct 
Barnes Georg-e W., painter, 59 Apple 
Barnes Henry, tavern, 5th and Master (K) 
Barnes Henry W., brewer, 35 Chester 
Bai-nes Jacob, carp., Parrish ab 9th 
Barnes James, moulder, 5 Scott's ct 
Barnes James, mariner, 68 Queen 
Barnes Jas., boatman. Mulberry & Sch Front 
Barnes Jas. M., watch case maker, 4 EUet's av 
Barnes John, carp., 4th ab Jefllerson (K) 
Barnes John, pawnbroker, 349 Cedar 
Barnes John, weaver. Front ab Master (K) 
Barnes John B., shoemr., 35 Strawberry 
Barnes Joseph, hatter, Washington av 
Barnes Joseph, confectioner, 300 Coates 
Barnes Joseph, plasterer, Parrish ab 9th 
Barnes Joseph S., boat builder. Prime n Front 
Barnes Martha, rear 2 Charlotte 
Barnes Matilda, washer, 50 German 
Barnes Merrick, band box manuf , 6 Bread 
Barnes M. Mrs., 2 Ranstead pi 
Barker Maria, rear Marriott ab 5th 
Barker Sarah, Christian ab 6th 
Barker Thos., fanner, Rorndaffer's ct 
Barnes Ohver A., band box mr., 33 Jones' al 

(C) h 2 Ranstead pi 
Barnes Rufus L., map mounter, N E 7th and 

High, h 142 N 10th 
Barnes R., wheelwt., George bel 5th 
Barnes R., gentw., 165 Walnut 
Barnes Samuel, hatter, Carlton bel Sch 6th 
Barnes Sanford, blacksmith. Mechanic ct 
Barnes Sarah, b h, 123 Green 
Barnes Spencer, 28 John (S) 
Barnes Sliermon D., shoemr., 81 N 5th 
Barnes Thornton, capt.. Sell 7th ab Cherry 
Barnes Thomas S., tumer, Mechanic bel Culvert 
Barnes Wm., bricklayer, 64 George (S) 
Barnes Wm., skin dresser, Haydock bel Front 
Barnes Wm., painter, 276 N 7th 
Barnes Wm., combmr., 9 Rachael st 

Barnes Wm. Rev., 30 Sch Rittenhouse 
Barnes Wm. B., carp., 61 Mulberry 
Barnes Wm. C, carp., George bel Apple 
Bai-nes Wm. D., att'y., 47 S 4th, h 9th bel Fitz- 

Barnes Wm. W., printer, Marriott ab 3d 
Barnestead Thomas, mast yard. Mead al (S) h 

28 Catharine 
Barnet Joseph, com. merchant, 129 N Water, h 

241 N 7th 
Barnett, Nesbit & Garretson, com. mers., 62 N 

whfs. and 129 N Water 
Barnett Wm., watchman. Fox's ct 
Barnett Wm. P., trunkmr., 151 Race, h 118 

Barney Alonzo, tailor, 5 Filbert av 
Barney Charles, gas fixer, Juniper ab J^ombard 
Barney Martin M., type founder, 634 S 2d 
Barnholt Ehzabeth, gentw., 237 St John 
Barnholt Geo., vict., Parrish bel Sch 7th 
Barnholt P., vict., Parrish bel 12th 
Barnett Jacob, engineer, 89 St John 
Barnett John, weaver, Dorothy n Sch 3d 
Barnett Mary, tailoress, 89 St John 
Barnett & Pyke, pen manuf, 138 S 2d 
Barnholt Wm., vict.. Pleasant av 
Barnhurst Joseph, brass founder, Francis n Sch 

5th (F V) 

Bamhurst Joseph, jr., umbrella furniture manu- 
facturer, Francis n Sch 5th (F V) 
Barnhurst Wm., Brown bel Broad 
Barns Paul, oak cooper, 293 S Front 
Barns Wm. W., baker, Catharine Sc P road 
BARNWELL JOHN, tavern, 6 Decatur 
Barnwell Robert, bonnet presser, 5 N 10th 
Baroux Nathaniel T., combmr., 30 N 6th 
Barr Ann, 2 Holmes' al 
Barr Benjamin, mer., 81 N 3d 
BARR DANIEL, tavern, 139 N Front, & Cal- 

lowhill n Bridge 
BaiT Daniel, lab., 123 Swanson 
Barr Geo., carp., Ross ab Queen (K) 
Barr Plugh, oyster house, 95 N 3d 
Barr Hugh, grocer, N E 4th and Sassafras 
Barr Jas., bookseller, 53 S 12th, h 45 Perry 
Barr Jas., clerk, 4 York ct 
Barr Jane, shop, 116 S 10th 
Barr John, lab., Pearl bel Nixon 
Barr John, grocer, High W Sch 7th 
Barr John, carter, Sharbon's ct 
Barr John, cabinetmr., 131 N 6th, h 8 Magnolia 
Barr John, cabinetmr., 131 N 6th 
Barr Michael, clothier, 131J N 2d 
BARR OWEN, tavern, 141 N 2d 
Barr Peter, gardener, 5 Poplar ct 
Barr Philip, 7 Mineral pi 
Barr Robert, grocer, Charles & Buttonwood 
Barr Samuel, lab., Pearl bel Nixon 
Barr Susan, 8th bel Catharine 
Barr Thomas, tobacconist, High bel Sch 5th 
Ban- Wm., tailor, Carlton n Sch 2d 
Barr Wm., 4 Mint ct 
Barr Wm., grocer, Lombard bel 13th 
Barr Wm., bricklayer, 53 Rose al n Coates 
Barras John, lab., Poplar st 




Ban-as John B., tailor, 222 Hig'b, h Franklin n 

Ban-as John M., cordw!, Barker E of Sch 4th 
Barras Jos. J., jeweller, 20 Franklin pi 
Barras & Walter, clothing-, 222 High 
Barras Wilhelmina D., 73 Log-an 
Barratt T. E., min. painter, 136 and 150 Mulberry- 
Barrel Moses, carp, weav., 440 N 3d 
Barrett C. B., printer, 34 Carter's al, h 259 N 8th 
Ban-ett Dan., g-lass hi., Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Barrett Edward, 108 Gaskill 
Barrett Elizabeth, gloves, rear 443 N 3d 
Barrett H., cordv/., 220 N 5th 
Barrett James, brushmr., 1 Wagner's ct 
Bai-rett James, com. mer., 86 S whfs., h 63 Pine 
Barrett Jacob, lab., Emeline 
BARRETT & JONES, publishers of Sun, 67 S 

3d, and printers, 34 Carter's al 
Barrett Joseph, seaman, Vine bel Franklin 
Bai-rett Joseph, coachmr., 73 Queen 
Barrett Lydia, washer, Gillis' al 
Ban'ett Matilda, Cilles' al 
Ban-ett Moses, lab., 95 Coates 
Barrett Richard, butcher, Ontario ab Poplar 
Barrett Riley, oysterman. Shoemaker's ct 
Barrett Robert, carp., Shippen n Broad 
Barrett Robert, bricklayer, 493 Vine 
Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, 274 High, h 

146 S 10th 
Barrett Wm., saddler, 5 Fayette 
Barrett Wm. P., printer, Crawford's ct 
Barrington Catharine, 7 W North ab 10th 
BARRINGTON CHARLES, real estate broker, 

79 Dock, h Chestnut n Sch 4th 
Barrington Edmond, printer, 293 High, h Sch 

6th n George 
Barrington Ed. P., clerk, 133 N 10th 
BARRINGTON & HASWELL, booksellers, 

293 High (up stairs) 
Barrington Martha, wid. of Chai-les, 152 N 9th 
Barrington Samuel, M. D., U. S. Navy, 70 S 12th 
Barron Benj. M., pilot, Marlborough bel Bed- 
ford (K) 
Barron George, mer., 174 N 3d, h 336 N 6th 
Barron John, shoemr., Ohio & 12th 
Barron John, weaver, Camac & G Troad (K) 
Barfon Michael, carp.. Queen bel Vienna (K) 
Barrott Samuel H., barber, 107 N 9th 
Barrow J. D. 8c Co. mers., 20 Bank 
Barrow Rebecca, gentw., Ann (F V) 
Barry David H., cedar coope;', 7 Brooke 
Barry Eliza, gentw., 15 Brown (N L) 
Barry Jane S., b h, 376 Chestnut 
Barry Job R., machinist, Broad n Brown, h 11 

Hamilton pi (K) 
Barry John, cedar cooper, 11 Elizabeth (N L) 
Barry John, weaver, G T road and Lloyd's ct 
Barry J. B., conveyancer, 127 Walnut, h 251 S 

10th bel South 
Barry L. Mrs. 40 Madison 
Barry Mary, 9th bel Poplar 
Barry Mary, 161 Pine 
Ban-y Matthias, dealer, 1 Farmer's row 
Barry Samuel, messenger, 1 Bonsall 
Barry Samuel, lab., Callowhill ab Sch 5th 

Barry Thomas, lab., Ann E Sch 3d 
Barstow Wm., baker, Vine ab 13th 
BARTALOTT & BLYNN, hatters, 304 High 
Bartalott George, hatter, 304 High 
Bartels Henry C., stove finisher, 202 N 2d 
Bartenback John, baker, 354 S 2d 
Barth Ann, b h, Clinton ab Parrish 
Barth Gottlieb M., machinist, rear 13 Ogden 
Barth John F., pat. bal. manuf , 3 Drinker's al 
Bartholomew Henry, turner. Say st ab Sch 8th 
Bartholomew A., acc't., IB N 9th 
Bartholomew Chas., lamprar., 13th and Brown 
Bartholomew George, lampmr., Ann n R road 

(F V) 
Bartholomew John, sllv. pi. rear Lemon bel 11th 
Bartholomew Thos., 14 Marion st 
Bartholomew Wm., lampmr., 1 Nectarine 
Bartle Catharine 11., 470 Callowhill 
Bartle Elijah, lab., Allen bel Marlboro' (K") 
Bartle Frederick, milkman, rear Hanover ab 

Franklin (K) 
Bartle Henry, cordw., Path and Moore's al 
Bartle Jacob, stonemason, 6th & Franklin 
Bartle Jacob, stonemason, Howard ab Oxford * 
Bartle Jacob, cooper, Coates n 13th 
Bartle Jesse, cooper, Coates n 13th 
Bartle John, pumpmr., Landell's ct (K) 
Bartle Wm., pumpmr., Landell's ct (K) 
Bartle Wm. jr., sparrar., F road op Otter (K) 
Bartleman John W., acc't., Catharine n 3d 
Bartleson Amelia, teacher, 88 Buttonwood 
Bartleson James, stonemason, 9 Franklin row 
Bartlett Edward M., silversm., 326 S 4th 
Bai-tlett Elizabeth, sempstress, 1 Harmony ct 
Bartlett Geo. W., vict, 147 N 5th 
Bartlett James, seaman, 187 S 4th 
Bartlett Job, bricklayer, 11th ab Callowhill 
Bartlett John, bandbox manuf, 67 Coates 
Bartlett Thomas H., lab., F road and Franklin 
Bai-tlett Wm., lab., rear Carpenter bel 10th 
Bartley Henry, grocer, N W Sch. Water & Cedar 
Bartley Philip, b. h., 362 N 2d 
Bartley Samuel, 29 Pratt 
Bartley Wm., brickmr.. Front ab Cedar 
Bartling Jane, N W 4tii and Walnut 
Bartman Jacob, carp.. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Barton Albert G. W., currier, Parrish bel Broad 
Barton Edmond, clerk, 191 S 9th 
Barton Eleanor, music teacher. Poplar ab 13th 
Barton Elizabeth, sempstress, 1 Harmony ct 
Barton George, hatter, 29 German 
BARTON G. W., atty. & coun. 14 Washington 

Barton Henry, dealer in soap, &c., 394 Cedar 
Barton Isaac, mer. 29 and h 27 S 2d 
BARTON ISAAC, grocer, S E 2d and Sassafras 
BARTON ISAAC & CO., dry goods, 29 S 2d 
Barton James, grocer, 123 Wood 
Barton John, b. h., 153 Cherry 
Barton John, hatter, 38 George, h 201 S 4th 
Barton John W., chemist, 4th bel G T road (K) 
Barton Joseph, hatter, George and Shippen 
Barton J. Rhea, M. D., S W Juniper & Chestnut 
Barton Rebecca, 172 S 4th 
BARTON ROBERT, importer, 50 Chestnut 




Barton Samuel & Co., grocers, 243 N 2d, h 6/ 

Barton & Smiley, grocers, 431 Hig'h 
Barton Thos., hatter, 38 Georg-e (S) h 57 Ship- 
Barton Thos. I., tailor, 29 N 13th 
Barton Thos. P., g-ent., 318 Chestnut 
Barton Wm. cabinetmr., 6 Norris' al 
Barton Wm. C, acct., 29 N 13th 
Barton Wm. V. C, M. D., 519 Chestnut 
Bartram Isaac, g-ent., 92 N Front 
Barwell Ann, 23 Morg-an 
Barwell John, vict., Franklin ab 4th (K) 
Barwell William, tobacconist, 64 N 8th 
Bascon Rosarnio, mariner, 37 Mead 
Baskerville John, tailor, St Mary bel 7th 
Basketter John, feed, Bedford bel Broad 
Bass Mary, b. h., Vaug-hn n Locust 
Bass Samuel, hair dresser, 12th bel Spruce 
Basset A., carter, rear 150 N Front 
Bassett Jacob, lab., 313 Cherry 
Bassett Jacob, ship joine.. Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Bassett James, lab., 24 Peg-g- st 
Bassett Maria, 81 Green 
Bassett Susan, tailoress, 3 Washington pi 
Basso Daniel, printer, 1 Young's pi 
Bastable Danl., mason, Linden n Sch 7th 
Bastert Geo., musician, Westford av 
Bastian Anthony, paper sta., Ronaldson 
Bastian George, gent., S E 7th and Spruce 
Bastian John, potter, 13th bel Rose 
BASTIAN JOHN, mer., 129 S Front, h 77 

Bastian Joseph, seaman's b. h., 24 Swanson 
Baszley Saml., wharf builder. Crown bel Bed- 
ford (K) 
Batchelder Alex. S., messenger, 6 Haines 
Batchelor John, tobac, Coates c Washington av 
Batchelor John, chemist, 87 St Johns 
Bateman Esli, wood, Poplar st whf., h Penn bel 

Maiden (K) 
Bateman Joel, seaman, 33 Green 
Bateman John, carter, Parrish bel 11th 
Bateman Ruth, dressmr., 1 Jay 
Bateman Wm., 489 S Front 
Bates Allen, blacksm., Apple bel George 
Bates Benj., tobacconist, Elizabeth n Parrish 
Bates & Coates, importers, 9 Churcli al 
Bates David, ex. broker, 41 S 3d, h 272 N 7th 
Bates George, lab., Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Bates George W., tinware, 240 S 2d, h 127 S 3d 
Bates & Ghegan, stoves. 111 N 2d 
Bates Isaac, bandbox manuf., 2d and Union, h 

127 S 3d 
Bates Isaiah, stovemr., Ill N 2d 
BATES JAMES, tailor, 260 High, h 43 Marshall 
Bates Joel, mach'st, 13 Drinker's al, h 2 Bread 
Bates John, lab., 25 Cresson's al 
Bates Joseph N, cabinetmr., 17 Beck (S) 
Bates Joseph Wm., mer., 9 Church al., h 9th bel 

Bates Levi, tailor, 113 Cherry 
Bates Margaret, linen, 133 S 4tli 
Bates Robert, shoemr. 88^ S 8th 
Bates Samuel, vict., Sch 7th and Thompson 

Bates Susanna, gentw., 309 Pine 

Bates Wm., combmr.. Mechanic bel Georg-e 

Bates William, brewer, Jones n Sch 5th 

Bates William, mer., 9th bel Pine 

Bateson John, carp.. Cedar bel 10th 

Baton Augustus Mrs., 344 S 4th 

Batson E., Pearl ab Sch 8th 

Batt Chalkley, drayman, rear School ab Rose 

Batt Elijah, cordw., 526 N 2d (K) 
Batt John P., cooper, School ab Rose (K) 
Batt Wm., hootmr., rear 33 German 
Battau P., bootmr., Buttonwood bel 6th 
Battell F., agent, 1 Minor 
Battles Charles, lab.. Pearl ab 12th 
Battin J., sculptor, 477 Chestnut st 
Battin Samuel, grocer, 304 N 2d 
Battis Nicholas, oysterman, 31 Prime 
Battis Susan, Allen bel Hanover (K) 
Battis Wm. H., baker, 96 German 
Batts John, St Mary ab 7th 
Batts John, carp., Carlton bel Sch 7th 
BATTURS EDWARD F., hardware, 14 Com- 
Batzig John, drayman, Cherry ab Duke (K) 
Batzold Gotleib, furrier, 151 Poplar 
Bauer Christian, vict.. Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Bauer Fred, huckster, 124 Charlotte.. 
Bauer George M., baker, 187 CaUowhill 
Bauer G. L., baker, 79 Buttonwood 
Bauer Jacob, lab., 2 Garrigues' ct (K) 
Bauer John, sausage mr., Charlotte bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Bauer John, cabinetmr., 87 St John 
Bauer John, lab.. Brown ab 9th 
Bauer John A., cab mr., 157 S 2d 
Bauer Philip, cabinetmr., 36 Pegg st 
Bauersachs John N., 260 High 
Bauersachs L. C, importer, 170 High 
Baugh Daniel, M. D., 67 N 10th 
Baugh George K., cabinetmr., 213 N 3d 
Baugh Harman, turner, 10 and 11 Elfreth's al 
Baugh Mary C, 291 Vine 
Baugh & Rainzel, cabinetmrs., 205 N 3d 
Baugh Samuel, leather, 85 S 2d, h 89 S 3d 
Baugh Samuel, plasterer, h 177 Wood ab 9th 
BAUM JOHN E., tavern, S E 12th and Locust 
Eaum Wm., carp.. Centre bel 13th 
Bauman Fred'k, stove manuf.. Smith's al (NL) 
Bauman G. F., locksmith, 56 New, h Smith's al 

Bauman John, baker, 300 N Front 
Bauman Matt's., lab., i-ear 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Baumer Lucas, tailor, rear 450 N 4th 
Baumgartner Joseph, locksmith, 57 S 13th 
Baur Geo., gunsmith, 1 Derringer's et 
Bans Stephen, blacksm., 5th bel Plum 
Bavington Jas., seaman, 11 Mead al 
BAVINGTON JOHN, livery stable, 43 and h 

41 S 4th 
BavJs Daniel S., shoemr., 99 German 
Bavis Mrs. T., g-entw., 50 German st 
Baxter & Brother, hardware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter Charles, rigger, 357 S 6th 
Baxter Edward, Factory st 




Baxter Isaac B., gent., N E oth & Washing-ton 
Baxter Isaac B. jr. hardw. 244 S Sd, h 316 S 4th 
Baxter James, waiter, Shippen ab 12tli 
Baxter James C, carp., 6 Townsend's av 
Baxter John, grocei-, S E 6th and Green 
Baxter Thos., carp., ]-ear Mulberry bel Sch 6th 
Baxter Thos., painter, Catharine ab 9th 
Baxter Thos. E., hardware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter Willey Ann, N E Allen and F road (K) 
Bayard Charles P., saddler, S "W 2d and Queen 
Bayard C. P., broker, 79 Dock 
Bayard George, gent., 12th n Washington 
Bayard George jr., carp., Wharton ab 4th, h 

12th n Washington 
Bayai'd James, atty. and coun. 159 Walnut 
Bayard Thos., carp., 363 S'6th 
Bayles Eve, Henderson's ct 
Bayles John E., omnibus driv., Alden ab Poplar 
Bayley Robt., clerk., N W Parrish and Marshall 
Bayley Wm. R., musician, 12th ab Vine 
Baylis & Brooker, auctioneers, 6 N 3d 
Baylis John, hardw., 6 N 3d, h Catliarine ab 4th 
Baylis Isabel, milliner, 323 Pine 
Baylis Joseph, 10th ab Catharine 
Baylis William, carp., 323 Pine 
Bayliss Jos., wire worker, Marshall ab Poplar 
Baylitts Davis, cordw., rear 365 S 5th 
Bayman Jos., cordw., rear 198 Cliristian 
Baynard Wm. C, shoemr., Sch 3d ab Spruce 
Bayne James, bookbinder, 472 S 4th 
Bayne John D., cabinetmr., 472 S 4th 
Bayne Joseph, rule manuf., 18 Rittenhouse 
Bayne Nathl. turner, 20 E North, h 4 Lombard ct 
Bayne Rich'd S., Carleton ab Sch 3d 
Baynon N. E., currier, 79 Mulberiy, h 18 Mar- 
Bea John, tailor. Mechanic ab Poplar 
Beach Elizabeth, sempstress, 2 Nicholson 
Beach Wm., agricultural impl., 366 High, h 34 

Beachel John, broker, 66 Vine 
Beagle Henry, blacksm., c Willow and Magno- 
lia, h 224 N 5th 
Beal Chas., clerk, 58 Chestnut 
Beal Wm. L., dealer, Weaver's row (K) 
Beale Charles, driver, N W Parrish and Ontario 
Beale Chas., driver, G T road ab 4th (K) 
Beale Edwin, dentist, George n Broad 
Beale Francis, lab., Fitzwater bel Broad 
Beale Jacob, sugar-refiner, Penn ab Cedar, h 

Nectarine n 10th 
Beale John H., mer., 70 S Front 
Beale Stephen T., dentist, 335 Walnut 
Beale Wm. A., tailor, 51 S 8th, h 483 Vine bel 

Beall Jos., lab., Cherry n West (K) 
Beam Chas., tobacconist, 10th ab Willov/ 
Beam George, bootmaker, 60 S 4th 
Beam Jacob, sign painter, S E 5th and Walnnt 
Beam Jesse B., bricklay., Mary st (W P) 
Beam John, cordw., 354 N 10th ab Parrish 
Beam Sam., lab., 6 Point Pleasant ct (K) 
Beamer George, blacksm., Webb's al 
Beamish John, clerk, Franklin bel Cherry (K) 
Bean Catharine, Lisle ab Fitzwater 

Bean Charles, grocer, Clinton bel Poplar (K) 

Bean Ellen, sempstress, 58 Fitzwater 

Bean Jas., cordw., Fitler st (K) 

Bean Wm. S., machinist. Wood bel Sch 7th 

Beans Catharine, 92 N 6th 

Beans John, saddler, R road bel Green 

Beans Matthew, saddler, Poplar ab 13th 

Beans Rebecca, nurse, 274 St John 

Beans Saml., saddler, Poplar ab 13th 

Beans Sai-ah, New Crown bel Green 

Bear Isaiah, millwright, 3 Deniery ct 

Bear Wm., trader, Hatter's ct 

Beard Adeline, 49 Perry (K) 

Beard James, stone cutter, 7 Perry (K) 

Beard James, tavern, 2d and German 

Beard Mary, 15 Noble 

Beard Nathan, waiter, 166 Locust 

Beard Nicholas, vict., 5th bel Camac (K) 

Beard Thos. D., confectioner, 624 S 2d 

Beard Wm., vict., 36 Charlotte 

Beardman John, blacksm., 87 St John st 

Beasten Geo., com. mer., 48 S whfs, h Catharine 

bel 7th 
Beates H., apothecary, Sp Garden bel 8th 
Beath David, warper, 13th n Fitzwater 
Beath Robert, manuf.," 404 High, h Lombard u 

Sch 5th 
Beath Robert, lab., Patterson ct 
Beath Wm., cordw., 39 Apple 
Beaton Mary, milliner, 163 S lOtli 
Beattey Hannah, 11 Paynter's ct 
Beattis Jacob, coach trimmer, 347 S 5th 
Beatty Adam, manuf., 353 Pine 
Beatty Andrew, tavern. Federal and Front 
Beatty Daniel, cordw., Thorn's ct 
Beatty George, cordw., Cadwalader bel Phoenix 

Beatty George, lab., George ab Sch 7th 
Beatty Henry, provision, Callowhill bel Sch 7tk 
Beatty Isabella, Brasier ab Lloyd 
Beatty Jas., manuf., 2d ab Master (K) 
Beatty Jas., drayman, 247 S 5th 
Beatty John, lab., G T road ab Master (K) 
Beatty John, contractor, 2d bel Master 
Beatty John, grocer, Sch 2d and Lombard 
Beatty Jos., telegraph off., 159 Wood bel 11th 
Beatty K., weaver, Sch 4th and M'Duffie 
Beatty Patrick, porter, 58 New Market 
Beatty Robert, lab., F road ab Frankhn (K) 
Beatty Robt., manf., 355 Pine 
Beatty Samuel, manuf., 353 Pine 
Beatty Samuel, baker, 91 Cedar 
Beatty Samuel, watchman. Smith's ct 
Beatty Samuel, cabt. mr., 231 Shippen 
Beatty Wm., machinist, Penn ab Maiden 
Beatty Wm., weaver, Lombard n Sch 2d 
Beaugureau Jean, teacher, 193 S 9th 
Beaugureau Philibert, teacher, 404 High, h. 193 

Beaumont Davis, 11th bel Sp Garden 
Beaumont G. H., M.D., 230 Pine 
Beaumont William, bricklayer, R road ab Sp, 

Beaver G. Robinson, grocer, 4th & Franklin (K) 
Beaver Jacob, cap mr., Cherry bel Brown (K) 




Beaver Robt., Philip ab Master (K) 

Beaver Thos., mer., 163 Hig-h, h 191 N 6th 

Beavers Charles, tailor, 3 Castle 

Becher Joseph, harnessmr., G T road opp 6th 

Bechler John, grocer. Crown and Wood 
Bechtel Abraham, mer., 235 N 3d, h 278 N 7th 
Bechtel Catharine, b h, 10 S 7th 
Bechtel C.,b h, 74 S 2d 
Bechtel C. G., baker, 10 Perry 
Bechtel Fredk. W., baker, 449 N 2d 
Bechtel George, cordw., 34 Green st 
Bechtel Eve, wid. of Geo., gardener. West ab 

Bechtel Jacob, tavern, R road ab Broad 
Bechtel John, carter, 12th bei Parrish 
Bechtel Samuel, tavern. Vine n Sell 
Bechtell Martin, cottage garden, G T road (K) 
Bechter A., brewer, N E 7th and Coates 
Bechtold G. C, baker, 9 Elfreth's al 
Bechtold S., provisions, 211 Sassafras 
Beck Allen, lab., 6 Miller's ct 
Beck Andrew, cabinetmr., 586 N 3d 
Beck & Burns, tobacconists, 290 High. 
Beck B. Thos., mer., Water ab Vine, h 18 Ellen 

st (N L) 
Beck Catharine, rear 219 St John 
Beck Charles, diy goods, 85 Cedar and 1 S 9th 
BECK CHARLES F., M. D., 310 Chestnut 
Beck Charles W., painter, 179 O Y road 
Beck Danl. W., shoemr., 27 W Howard 
Beck D. B., painter, O Y road ab Green 
Beck Euhard, cabinetmr., 54 Sassafras 
Beck George, coach mr.. Brown ab 4th, h 14 


Beck Lewis D., baker. Beach bel Shackamaxon 

Beck Maria, 224 N Front 
Beck Margaret, Sassafras ab Sch 7tli 
Beck Mary, sempstress, Clawger's ct 
Beck Mary, rear 219 St John 
Beck Michael, carter, G T road bet 6th & 7tli 


Beck Peter, cabtmr., S Garden ab Franklm 
Beck Peter, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th 
Beck Richard, reed mr., 244 N Front 
Beck Walter, lab., 189 N Front 
Beck Wm., carter, 26 Fitzwater 
Beck Wm., carp., 533 Coates 
Beckel James C., organist, lltli ab Buttonwood 
Beckenbach Robertj boot and shoe maker, 171 

St John 
Becker Fred., 10 Emlen's ct 
Becker Geo. J., teach, 121 Filbert 
Becker Han-iet, rear of 20 Rose al 
Becker Henry, weaver. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Becker Jacob, cordw., Parrish bel 10th 
Becker Philip, saddles and harness, 182 N 3d 
Beckers Louis, chemist, 34 O Y road 
Becket Wm., tailor, 611 S 2d 
Beckett Ehzabeth, 1 Warren 
Beckett Isaac, lab., Helmuth ct 
Beckett T. J., superintendant M F Hall, 70 Lo- 
Beckhorne Garrett, 72 Catharine 
Beckhorne Mary, shop, 428 S Front 
Beckley Jacob F., tavern, Callowhill bel Sch 3d 
Beckman Christian, baker, Carpenter n Broad 
Beckman Daniel, carrier. Winter 
Beckman Geo., R road bel Sp Garden 

Beck George, baker, G T road ab Jefferson (K) [Beckman James W., bootmr., 148 St John 

Beck George, lab., Parrish bel 10th 

Beck Godfrey, lab., rear 4th bel Jefferson (K) 

Beck Henrietta, b h, 115 N 5th 

Beck Henrietta, b h, 290 Nod 

Beck Hemy, shoemr.. Corn ab Mackey 

Beck Henr}^, stoves, 45 Walnut, h Orleans 

Beck Henry, combmr., 13th ab Poplar 

Beck Henry, paper stainer. Cherry n Sch 8th 

Beck Henry A., lumb. mer., 135 Sp Garden 

BECK HENRY PAUL, 347 Chestnut 

Beck Isaac, engineer. Bush hill 

Beck Jacob, turner, 3d ab Washington 

Beck Jacob, trunkmr., 13 Quarry 

Beck Jacob, carp., 275 N 7th 

Beck Jacob, mer., 64 N Front, h 5 Comptroller 

Beck Jacob, hatter, rear 22 Brown 

Beckman Joseph, grocer, 11 Cherry 
Beckman Thos., planemr.. Winter 
Becks W. G., brewer, 113 Vine 
Beckworth Wm., waterman. Court al 
Becraft Alex., stock store, 342 S 2d 
Bedell & Pearce, importers, 50 N 3d 
Bedell Wm., jr., mer., 50 N 3d 
Bedford Anna Maria, rear 114 Dillwyn 
Bedford Benjamin W., painter, 48 Duke 
Bedford Isaac T., bricklayer, 107 Dillwyn 
Bedford Thos., health office, h Clinton av 
Bedlock Edward, conveyancer, S E 3d &. Wal- 
Bedlock & PaschaU, conveyancers, S E 3d and 

Bedlock Wm. J., collector, Sch 6th ab Locust 

Beck Jacob & Co., tobacco warehouse, 64 NiBedloe Thos. H., agent, 38 Strawberry 


Beck Jacob S. carp., 15 Duke 
Beck Jacob S., carp., Washington ab 6th 
Beck Jacob Wm., crock, ware, 125 Locust 
Beck Jas., pumpmr., 275 N 5th 
Beck John, hatter, Wharton ab 2d 
Beck Jolm, calico printer, Coates n Fairmount 
Beck John, drover. Cherry n West (K) 
Beck John A., dentist, 290 N 3d 
Beck Johvi O., jeweller, 3d ab Washington 
Beck Levi, tobacconist, 290 High 
Beck Lewis, victualler, Buttonwood ab 10th 

Bee Joseph, farmer. Union ab Franklin (K) 

Beebe Boyd C, painter, Traquair ct 

Beebe Stuart, mer., 163 High 

BEEBE WM. N., oysters, 257 S 2d, h 409 High 

Beech A. B., potter, Franklin bel 2d (K) 

Beech Hester, Carpenter ab 6th 

Beecher Hannah, b h, Mantua vil 

Beecher Wm., mer, 81 N 3d, h 110 N 10th 

Beechy Obadiah B., gardener. Brown ab Cherry 

Beecroft Geo., blacksm., rear 19 N 7th 

Beedle Mrs., 6 Plumston's av 

Beeliler & Beader, glue manf., 86 High 




Beehler Charles H., carter, P roadn Marriott 
Beehler Tobias, mer., 86 High, li Marshall bel 

Beek Ann, 1 Providence ct 
Beekman Thos., 40 Currant al 
Been Susan, wid., 214 S 7th 
BEENKEN JOHN, gTOC.,329 N2d, h 101 St John 
Beer H., French and Eng-lish sem., 65 Spruce 
Beer John, carp., 146 Poplar 
Beers Andrew, tinsm.. Palm bel Brown 
Beers David, painter, rear 450 N 4th 
Beers James B., atty, 8c coun., S W 4th. and 

Beers John, weaver. Front bel Master (K) 
Beers John D., dentist, 212 S 3d 
Beesley Edward, butcher, rear 6th ab Poplar 
Beesley Edward, peg maker, 273 St John 
Beesley Jacob, pattern mr., 273 St John 
Beesley Jas., cordw., 503 Mulberry 
Beesley Rawle, cabt. mr., Charlotte bel George 
BEESLEY THEOPH. E., M. D., N W lOth and 

Beesley AVm., tailor, Wharton and Caroline 
Beeson Maria, gentw., 10th ab Christian 
Beggs John, blacksm., 69 St John, h 139 New 

Begley Chas., painter, 5T Walnut 
Begley S. M'M., lastmr., 45 Franklin 
Begley Thos., lastmr., 57 Walnut 
Begley Wm. H., lastmr., rear 63 Plum 
Behler Cassamer, hatcolourer, 43| Noble 
Behringer Matthias, lab., Buttonwood ab 13th 
Beickley Henry, carter. Locust n Sch 5th 
Beidelman Abraham 157 Green 
Beidelman Charles, Nectarine bel 10th. 

eidelman Dan., grocer, 273 High, h 33 Jacoby 
Beideman Danl. S., coal dealer, 53 Chestnut & 

Green st whf, h 53 Vine 
Beideman George, shoemr., 6th n G T road (K) 
Beideman Jacob, tobacconist, 6th bel G T road 
Beideman Samuel C, ship carp., Warren above 

Beach (K) 
Beideman Wm., glass-bl., Vienna ab Queen 
Beideman Wm., dealer, 3 Seybold's ct 
Beidemiller John, butcher, 6th ab Master (K) 
Beilmix Eliza, widow, rear 104 New Market 
Beisel Simon, black & whitesmith, G T road ab 

5th (K) 
Beisswanger Geo., carpet weaver, Coates bel 

Beisswanger Jacob, baker, 20 N Sch 8th 
Beisswanger John C, cordvvr., Coates bel 12th 
Beitel Jacob, baker, 114 N 8th 
Beitel James, morocco dresser, 18 Duke 
Beiteman George, carman, 6th bel G T road (K) 
Beitler Abraham, tavern. High W Sch 7th 
Beitler Daniel B., livery stable. High n Sch 7th 
Beker Fred., 10 Emlen's ct 
Belair James J., tobacconist, 85 Queen (K) 
Belair Lewis D., scrivener, 150 Coates 
Belch Mary, 11 Castle 
Belcher H., boots and shoes, 4 N 3d 
Beldin Joseph, huckster, Ashton and Sassafras 
Bele Saml., lab., Shippen ab 13th 
Belfield Henry, brass founder, James ab R road 

Belfield H., brass founder. Wood ab 13th 

Belford Cecilia, spooler. Phoenix bel Front (K) 

Belford Geo., waiter, Rose al 

Belford Michael, lab., Marriott's la ab 4tlj. 

Belk Wm., basketmr., Franklin bel Vienna (K) 

Belin Chas. A., coal mer.. Broad bel Walnut 

Bell Aaron, lab., Callowhill ab 12th 

Bell Alex., clerk. Oak and Till (W P) 

Bell Alexander, grocer, 26 Pratt 

Bell Alex. W., calico engr., 190 Callowhill ab 

Sch 6th 
Bell Ann, sempstress, 118 Filbert 
Bell Arthur, weaver. Master and Penn (K) 
Bell Charles, gent., Morris 
Bell Charles, jr., Morris 
Bell David H., cabinetmr., 20 Barker 
Bell David M., Richard and Sch 7th 
Bell Edward, prov. store, 93 W Callowhill 
Bell Elijah, coachmr., 31 Federal 
Bell Eliza, 21 Flower 
Bell Eliza, confect., 150 N 8th 
Bell Elizabeth, b h, 313 S 3d 
Bell Hannah, gentw., 9 Powell 
Bell Harriet, Hope bel Phoenix 
Bell Harriet, wid. of Wm. R., 73 St John 
Bell Hester, Pearl n 12th 
Bell Isaiah, jr., flour and feed, 326 N Front, Ij 

6 Green 
Bell Isaiah, Sch 8th n Vine 
Bell Israel, carter, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Bell James, labourer, Dorothy n Sch 3d 
Bell James, patternmr., Sch 3d ab Sassafras 
Bell James, warper, 4th n Creek 
Bell James, distiller, N W 6th and Cedar 
Bell James, sexton, 145 Queen 
Bell James, manuf. Front bel Master (K) 
Bell James, chair manuf, 123 N 6th 
Bell James Henry, 55 Queen 
Bell James S., plasterer, Washington ab Front 
Bell Jane E., shop, Franklin ab Front (K) 
Bell John, planemr.. Willow ab 2nd, h 88 Dill- 

Bell John, M. D., 227 Spruce 
Bell John, lab., Sch Willow bel Spruce 
BellJohn, coachman. Eagle ct 
Bell John, lab.. Cherry ab Queen 
Bell John, confect., 60 N 8th 
Bell John A., clerk, 181 Christian 
Bell John M., tailor, 88 S 2d, h 18 Lombard 
Bell John W., painter, 50 Charlotte 
Bell Julianna, 20 Jefferson row 
Bell Leonard K., clerk, 74 N 5th 
Bell Levi H., flour and feed, 55 Lombard 
Bell Lewis M., ship carp.. Reckless ct 
Bell Margaret, gentw., 333 Chestnut 
Bell Maria, Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Bell Mary, shop, 20 Green (C) 
BELL ROBERT, office 79 S 3d, h 109 S 4t]i 
Bell Robert, v/eaver, Jefferson ab 2d (K) 
BeU Robert F., cooper, 18 Little Water, h 57 

Bell Robert R., printer, 214 S 3d 
BeU Rosetta, milliner, 87 N 7th 
Bell Samuel, flour, 338 N 2d, h 119 New Market 
Bell Samuel, distiller, 20 Jefferson row 




Bell Samuel, distiller, S W 8th and Shippen 
Bell Sandfoid, M. U., 47 Gaskill rear 124 S 2d 
BeU Sarah, shopKeeper, Sch 4th and High 
Bell Thomas, geiit., 10th ab Christian 
Bell Thomas, g-rocer, 2d and Edward (K) 
BELL THOMAS, mer, 32 Church al., h 114 

Bell Wm., flour mer., 338 N 2d, h 22 Duke 
Bell Wm., bricklayer, Orang'e bel Melon 
Bell Wm., hairdresser, 211 & h 200 G T road 
Bell Wm., trunkmr., 3d bel German 
Bell Wm., lab.. Perry ab Phcenix (K) 
Bell Wm., shoemr., 2 Passmore's ct 
Bell Wm. W., clerk, 402 S 3d 
Bell W. D., com. mer., 53 N whfs, and 111 N 

Water, h 59 S 12th 
Bellamgee Thomas, mer., 27 S 2d 
Bellangee Isaac, bricklayer, 134 Green 
Bellas James, mer., N W Broad and Cherry, h 

Sch 8th ab Cherry 
Bellas Thomas, com. & forw. mer., 35 N Sch 8th 
Bellerjeau Hemy, brushmr., 72 N 3d 
Bellerjeau Jacob, brushmr., William ab 4th 
Bellerjeau & Rhoads, brush manuf^ 72 N 3d 
Bellerjeau Susan, dry goods, Beach ab Poplar(K) 
Belling' Andrew, combmr., Apple ab George 
Bellis George, mer., 50 N whfs., Beach above 

Marsh (K) 
Belhs George & Co., grocei's, 50 N whfs 
BELLOWS MARTIN, boot manuf., 13 Com- 
merce, h 8th bel Brown 
Bellows Wm. K., printer, Elizabeth ab Parrish 
Bellsterling John F., combmr., 134 New Market 
Belmer Philip, storekeeper, 2 Pleasant row 
Belnap Stephen, jeweller, 13 Melon 
Belrose John, 82 Chestnut 
Bebose Louis, paper hangings, 100 Chestnut, h 

102 S 5th 
Belshaw Richard, lab., M'Duffie n 2d 
Belsinger Samuel, variety store, 299 N 2d 
Belt Edward, cordw., Briton bel 11th 
Bendel Catharine, nurse, Alden ab Poplar 
BENDER C. W., Star Hotel, 71 Dock 
Bender E., carp., Dillwyn & Tammany, h 219 

Bender John, carp., 28 Tammany 
Bender John A., carp., 43 Chatham 
Bender Leonard, 12 Emlin's ct 
Bender & Morris, carps., Dillwyn & Tammany 
Bender Nathaniel, dealer, 80 W Willow 
Bender R. P., tailor, rear 118 Dillwyn 
Bender Wm., painter, Yoi'k pi 
Bender Wm. F., druggist, 224 Callowhill 
Bendernagel Philip, baker, 458 S 4th 
Bene John, lab.. Palm ab Brown 
Benedict J. C, 38 S whfs., h 455 S Front 
Benedict Nathan D., M. D., Spruce ab Juniper 
Benedict Samuel, liattcr, 466 S 4th 
Beneke Chas. H., mer., 87i S Front, h 287 Green 
Benerman Oliver, 20 Appletree al 
Benesole Chas., hairdresser, Buttonwood ab 8th 
Benezet Jolm S., 27 N 12th 
Benfer Jolin, tailor, 109 Apple (N L) 
Benfer J. C, 14 Coates 
Benjamin C. D., broker, 92 N 5th 

Benjamin Elizabeth, sempstress, 444 Sassafras 
Benjamin Henry, Sch 3d and Wood 
Benkert C, bootmr., 40 S 4th 
Benkert Geo., bootmr., 20 Manon 
Benkert John, tailor, 4 Cox 
BENKERT LEONARD, bootmr., 209 Chestnut 
Benner Adam, actor, G T road ab Jefferson 
Benner Andrew, carter, Sch 8th ab Locust 
Benner A. G., blacksmith, Carlton bel 13th 
Benner B. J., cooper, 365 N 2d 
Benner Charles, biscuit baker, 22 Vine 
Benner Charles, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Benner George, carp., Linden bel Green 
Benner Henry, carter, Vaughn ab Locust 
Benner Henry, collect., 338 St John (K) 
Benner Henry, coach smith, 19 Shippen 
Benner Hemy L., earthen manuf., 39 German, h 

377 S 3d 

Benner Henry L., salt inspector, 110 Walnut 
Benner Isaac, conf., 411 N 4th 
Benner Jacob, brickmr., Bedford bel 13th 
Benner Jacob, lab., rear Charlotte ab Thomp- 
son (K) 
Benner John, brickmr., 205 Locust 
Benner John, baker, 31 Noble 
Benner Lewis, weaver, Ann ab R road (F V) 
Benner Matthias, brickmr., Spruce ab 13th 
Benner Ralston, locksmith, 16 Fayette 
Benner Sarah, washer, 10th bel Catharine 
Benner Sarah, wash., S E Lebanon andFitzwater 
Benner Sarah, gent., 365 N 2d 
Benner Thos., ostler, G T road bet"6th 8c 7th (K) 
Benner Elizabeth, 57 New 

liq., 117 N 2d 
Benners Geo., wine mer., 117 N 2d, h 219 Coates 
Benners Henry B., mer., c>5^ S Front 
Benners Jas., wine mer., 117 N 2d, h211 Coates 
Benners John, vict., 13th and Wood 
Benners Jos., blacksm.. Wood bel Sch 3d 
Benners, Smith & Campbell, manufs., 85^ S Front 
Benners Wm. J., distiller, 117 S 2d, h N W Lo- 
gan and Green 
Bennett Abel, jr., waterm.. Queen & Cherry (K) 
Bennett Alfd., watches, lard lamps 125 Chestnut 
Bennett Andrew, mariner, 166 Swanson 
Bennett Ann, 4th and Noble 
BENNETT & CALDWELL, watchmakers and 

jewellers, 140 Chestnut 
Bennett Catharine, wid. of Wm., Marlborough 

bel Bedford (K) 
Bennett Charles, car driver, Fraley's ct (K) 
Bennett Charles, broker, 48 Chester 
Bennett Chas., coachman, rear Paschal's ct 
Bennett Christine, lab., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
BENNETT & Co., tailors, 192 High 
Bennett David, ship carp.. Bishop belQ.ucen(K) 
Bennett Edward, mer., 28 N Front 
Bennett Edward, weaver. Harmony ct (K) 
Bennett Edward, clerk, 10th ab Washington 
Bennett Eliza, nurse, rear 382 S 3d 
Bennett Eliza, trimmings, German ab 5th 
Bennett Eliza'th., wid. of Purnell, 7 Sommers' ct 
Bennett George, grocer, Penn ab Poplar (K) 
Bennett Geo. W., carter, Bedford bel Crown (K) 




Bennett Henry, mariner, Svvanson bel Queen 
Bennett Henry, hardware mer., h Chancellor n 

Sch 6th 
Bennett Henry, fisherman, Queen n Cheny (K) 
Bennett Hiram, cordw., rear 308 St John 
Bennett Horatio, lab., 5 Little Pine 
Bennett Hugh, lab., Linn's row n (F M) 
Bennett Jacob, brickmr., Mary ab F road (K) 
Bennett Jacob, jeweller, 53 S 5th 
Bennett Jacob, waterman. Queen belBishop(K) 
Bennett James, lab., Dyott's ct (K) 
Bennett James M., mer., 140 Chestnut, h 8 S 

Penn sq 
Bennett Jeremiah, pilot, Front & Washing-ton 
Bennett John, shoemr., 478 N 2d 
Bennett John, capmr., 1 S 8th 
Bennett John, trunkmr., 85 Coates 
Bennett John R., salesman, 77 Franklin 
Bennett Joseph, carp., Bedford n Shackamaxon 
Bennett Joseph, seaman, Gilles' al 
Bennett Jos., draym., rear Front bel Phoenls(K) 
Bennett Jos. M., tailor, 192 High, h 54 Filbert 
Bennett Joshua J., carp., 13th ab Poplar 
Bennett Mary,wid. of Abel, Queen ab Cherry(K) 
Bennett Maiy, Stoy's ct (K) 
Bennett Mary W., stock and Unen manuf., 89 

Bennett & Martin, wood dealers, 28 N Front 
Bennett Stephen, printer, 7th n Washington 
Bennett Thomas, dyer, 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Bennett Wm. H., cordw., Haig's ct (K) 
Bennett Wm. H., painter, Penn ab Maiden, h 

Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Bennett Wm. P., carp., 69 Apple 
Bennett Wm. J., saddler, 108 Christian 
Bennett Wm.W., carp., 7th ab Brown 
Bennett Wm. V., flour and feed, F road & Mont- 
gomery (K) 
Bennett Witman R., miller, F road ab Oxford(K) 
Bennis M., clerk, 15 Julianna 
Bennis Henry, rear 121 Mulbeny 
Bennis John, cordw., 9th bel Coates 
Bennison Joseph, carter, Spruce ab Sch 5th 
Bensell & Allen, weigh masters, 34 S whfs 
Bensell E. S., weigh master, 34 S whfs., h 415 

Walnut E Sch 8th 
Benson Alex., broker, 2 S 3d, h 103 S 8th 
BENSON ALEXANDER & Co., stock and ex- 
change brokers, 2 S 3d 
Benson Catharine, S W 3d and Willing's al 
Benson Gustavus S., broker, 2 S 3d, h 113 S 4th 
Benson John, waiter, Jefferson ab 5th (K) 
Benson John, plasterer, Harmony ct 
Benson John, shoemr., rear Swanson bel Queen 
Benson John, porter, 38 Prosperous al 
Benson Stewart, stone cut., Bedford bel Clifton 
Benson Thomas, carp., 68 George (S) 
Bensted John M., chairmr., 34 Elfreths 
Bentley Ann, shop, 497 N 3d 
Bentley David & Sons, coppersmiths, 162 N3d 
Bentley David B., coppersmith, 162 N od, h 1 

Bentley John, coppersmith, 62 Vine 
Bentley John, gent., 3 Harmony ct 
Bentley J. B., coppersmith, 162 N 3d 
Bentley JIary Ann, gentw., 5 School 

Bentley Wm., cigarmr., Green's ct (N L) 
BENTON ALBERT, & CO., lumber mer., Car- 
penter and 4th, h 260 Svvanson 
Benton Edwin H., 383 N 13th 
Benton John, Ijrassfounder, 11 Gebhard 
Bentz Matilda, N W St John and George (K) 
Benyard E. C, jeweller, 396 S 5th 
Bera Ferdinand, jeweller, 4 Starr al 
Berens Augustus, prof, of music, 119 Race 
BERENS BERNARD, M. D., 114 Mulberry 
Berens Joseph, M. D., 242 N 6th • 
Beresford John, lab., Penn ab Poplar (K) 
Beresford Richard, printer, 35 S 8th, h Shield's al 
Beresford Robert, printer, 35 S 8th, h Federal 

ab 2d 
Beresford Robert H., collector, 164 S 10th 
Beresford R. & R., printers, 35 S 8th 
BERG CHRISTIAN, boot and shoemr., 51 S 

Berg Gotlieb, baker, 435 N 3d 
Berg Henry, tobacconist, 2 Lee's ct (N L) 
Berg Joseph F. Rev., 8th ab Brov/n 
Berg Leon, clothing, 26 Bank, h ,124 Lombard 
Bergenstock Reuben, lab.. Mechanic ab Culvert 
Berger Augustus, carp., Buttonwood ab 12th 
Berger C. F., min. & port., painter, 116 Chest- 
nut, h. Wood ab 10th 
Berger Fred., spr. beer, G T road & Otter (K) 
Bei-ger Jacob, tavern, 228 N 2d 
Berger John, butcher, 109 Poplar 
Berger John T., engineer, 6 Wheelock pi (K) 
Berger William, 34 St John 
Berger Wm., com. mer., 53 N whfs., h 34 St John 
Berghauser Jacob, mer., 30 Church al, h 2 Cha- 
Bergman Sarah, finding store, 301 N 2d 
Bergmann H. A., grocer, &5 Franklin 
Bergin Lewis, carp., Beckett st 
Bergin Wm., lab., rear 194 Cherry 
Bergin William, drayman. Pike 
Bering Harriet, gentw., 8 Pratt 
Bering James, hosiery, 20 S 8th 
Beringer John, drayman, Apple ab Poplar 
Berkheimer Jesse, mason, Ogden bel 10th 
Berkey Geo., carter, Ogden bel 10th 
Berkleback Christy Ann, Alder ab Girard av 
Berkleback Wm., planemr., rear G T road and 

7th (K) 
Berks John, grocer, N W 2d & Willow, h 346 

N 6th 
Bernadou J. B., mer., 89 S whfs., h 263 S Front 
Bernai-d Edwd., trunkmr., 72 N 7th 
Bernard John, sea capt., 138 Catharine 
Bernard Wm. H., mer., 30 S Front 
Bernardo Mary, dressmr., 1 St. Johns st 
Bernd Adolph, tailor, 425 N 2d 
Bernd Levi, mer., 425 N 2d 
Bernhard Joseph, brass founder, 262 High 
Bernhardt C. J., bootmr., 44 Brown (N L), h 193 

N 5th 
Bernheimer, Einstine & Co., dry goods, 63 & &5 

Bernheimer Isaac, mer., 63 and 65 High 
Bernheimer Lazarus, peddler. Honey's ct (K) 
BERRELL & BURR, auctioneers, 297 High 
BERRELL & FIELD, auctioneers, 445 High 




Berrell George R., auctioneer, 445 High 
Berrell Hannah, b. h., 347 High 
Berrell Sarah, gentw., 5th bel Master (K) 
Berrell Win. S., auctioneer, 297 High, h 139 N 

Berringer John G., tavern, G T road bet 5th & 

6th (K) 
Berrow John, brass founder, G T road bel Mas- 
ter (K) 
Berry Benj., blacksmith, 678 N Front (K) 
Berry Benj. L., clerk, 481 S 2d 
Berry Caspar, agt., Fhckwir's ct 
Berry Charles, oysterman, 32 Queen 
Berry Chas., currier, 26 Shippen 
Berry Edwd., blacksmith, rear 372 S 3d 
Berry Eleanor, 75 Penn 
Berry Eliza Jane, 26 Shippen 
Berry Marg., shop, P road ab Carpenter 
Berry & Megary, oysters, 117 Chestnut 
Berry Oliver, bootmr., 36 Mulberry 
Berry James, bookbinder, 51 Garden 
Berry James, weav., G T road ab 4th (K) 
Berry John, tailor, 115 German st 
Berry Joseph, farmer, 51 M road 
Berry Joseph, flour and feed, 603 S 2d 
Berry Richard, Reed bel 2d 
Berry Samuel, carter, 680 N Front (K) 
Berry Samuel, hatter, 164 Christian 
Berry Samuel, watcliman, Front bel Mastei- (K) 
Berry Saml., bootmr., Wharton ab 3d 
Berry Wm. B., chair manuf , 53 N 6th 
Beny Wm., carp., rear 5th ab Christian 
Berryman Charles, blacksmith, Palmer & Frank- 

Un (K), h 66 Coates 
Berryman James, blacksm., Powell Row ab Front 
Berryman John, carp., Powell row 
Berryman Matthew W., cabinetmr., 5 M road 
Bersch Ehzabeth, baker, P road bel Marriot's 1 
Berson Wm., b. h., 152 N 2nd 
Berstler J., mer., 17 Commerce, h Brown ab 10th 
Bert Chas., 8 Danaker's ct 
Bert Edward G., confectioner, 84 Mulbeny 
Bertron G. W., tobacconist. High bel Sch 5th 
Berwind John, cabinetmr., George ab Sch 8th 
Bessan Jacob, cabinetmr., Marlborough below 

Franklin (K) 
Besselievre Jno. A., jewelr., Washington bel 8th 
Besser Edward, cabinetmr., 526 N 2d (K) 
Bessig John, lab., rear Fitler n Montgomery (K) 
Bessire John, wharf builder, 17 Cresson's al 
Besson John M., mer., 52 S 2d 
Besson Louisa, mer., 52 S 2d 
BESSON L. & SON, dry goods, 52 S 2d 
Bessonett Ann, Gray's ct 
Bessonett John, jr., clerk, 48 S 2d 
Best F., lab., 13tii n Shippen 
Best Hiram, tailor, 7 Jackson's ct 
Best James, weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Best Jane, Passmore's pi 
Best John, cordw., Pearl n Sch 6th 
Best John, lab., Passmore's pi 
Beswick Jo.seph, tavern, 138 Sassafras 
Betancourt Alonzo, gent., 284 N 6th 
Bethel Jno., milkman, rear Charlotte bel Poplar 
Bethell John, cordw., 13th and Brown 

Bethell Joshua, collector, 143 Beach (K) 

Bethell J. P., M. D., office 304 N 3d 

Bethell Robert, att'y, 208 N 6th, h 258 S Garden 

Bethune George W. Rev., N W 13th & Walnut 

Betson Robt. W., cordw., Christian ab 6th 

Betton John S., trimmer, 170 Shippen 

Bettle J. Rebecca, 131 N 9th 

Bettle Samuel, jr., mer., 7S N 10th 

Bettle Samuel, senr., 14 S 3d 

Bettle W., 244 N 6th 

Betts James, N E 11th and Walnut 

Betts James, lab., Carlton ab Sch 6th 

Betts Richard K., carpenter. Filbert n Sch 8th, 

h 22 N Sch 8th 
Betts Ruth Ann, 3 W North 
Betts Sarah, manuf of supporters, N E 11th & 

Betts Thomas, blacksmith, 7 Farries' ct 
Betz Christian, cordw.. Broad bel Poplar 
Betz G., tavern, 174 St John 
Betzold C. F., cab mr., 18 Noble 
Beuerle T. F., baker. Master bel 4th (K) 
Beusse John H., 7th bel Poplar 
Bevan D., painter, S E 3d and High, h 3d bel 

Bevan Geo., gent., 173 Catharine st 
BEVAN & HUMPHREYS, mers., 5 Walnut 
Bevan Jas., blacksm., 3d ab Franklin (K) 
Bevan John, paint. & glaz., N W Front & Pine 
Bevan John S., carter, Front bel Wharton 
Bevan Matt. L., mer., 5 Walnut, h 349 Mulberry 
Bevan Thos., weaver, 5 Eyre's ct (K) 
Beverlin Sheridan, barber, 426 S Front 
Bevins Charles, stone cutter, 9 Vernon 
Bewley Danl., lab., Marriott bel 5th 
Bewley Elizabeth, 9 Sommer's ct 
Bewley Isaac, grocer, N E 3d 8c Cedar, h Fed- 
eral ab 5th 
Bewley Isaac K., clerk, Ogden, ab 10th 
Bewley Jesse, watchmcin, Catharine ab Lebanon 
Bewley John, mason, R road ab Ann (F V) 
Bewley Jona. P., spice grinder, Callowhill ab 

Sch 8th 
Bewley Joseph, hairdresser, 440 N 4th 
Bewley, Vanhorn & Co., spice 8c drug mill, Sch 

8th ab Willow 
Bewley William, coachman, 25 Quince 
Bewley 8i Wilson, clothing, 96 S 2d 
Beyer G. T., gent, 365 Pine 
Beylard John, jr., mer., 23 Church al 
Beylle M. L., gentw., 184 Spruce 
Beyrer John G., baker, 459 S 2d 
Bezard John, bootmr., 17 S 9th 
Bhedermann Geo., tailor. West ab Palmer (K) 
Bias Alexander, sawyer, Stevenson's ct 
Bias James J. G., dentist, 157 S 6th 
Bibens Hezekiah, seaman, 176 Locust 
Bibens Jno., shoemr., 6 Osborne's ct 
Bibens Thos., shoemr.. Eagle ct 
Bibighaus Henry, D. D., 88 Dillwyn 
Bibighaus S. H., hardware, 220 N 2d, h 31 Green 
Bible Sophia Mrs., Marion bel 2d 
Bickel Conrad, cabinetmr., rear 467 N 4th 
Bickel Daniel, b. h., 378 N Front 




Bickel John A., cablnetmr., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Bickel John A., flour store, 3d and Tammany 
Bickel John A., 9th ab Parrish 
Bickerton Benj., clerk, 19 Harmony 
Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 146 S 13th 
Bickerton Sarah, b. h., Howard and Linden 
Bickerton Thos., cooper, 57 S Water, h 36 Al- 
Bickham George, cordw., Rose al n Coates 
Bicking- Chas. R., printer, 5& N 3d, h 281 N 8th 
BICKING, CHUR & CO., dry goods, S W Front 

and Chestnut 
Bicking Geo. H., mer., S W Front and Chestnut, 

h 1 Virginia Row 
Bicking & Guilbert, printers, 56 N 3d 
Bickley Daniel, gent., 30 Callowhill 
Bickley H., city contract'r. Locust bel Sch 6th 
Bickley Joseph, carter, 6 S Rittenhouse 
Bickley Joseph, clerk, 100 Union 
Bickley Mary, S 7th bel Fitz water 
Bicknell Robt. M., brushmr., 20 N 3d, h 7th bel 

Bicknell Robt. T., 1 Colonnade Row 
Bicknel Rufus, M. D., Washington & Till (W P) 
Biddle Abraham, cordw., 486 N 3d 
Biddle Alexander, 50 S 3d, h 8 York Buildings 
Biddle Chapman, 47 S 5th 
Biddle Charles, trader, 18 Mechanic 
Biddle Charles, waiter, 15 Hurst 
Biddle Chas., trader, F road bel Master 
Biddle Chas. W., morocco dr., Schleisman's al 
Biddle Clement, gent., 164 Mulberry 
BIDDLE CLEMENT, jr., att'y & coun., office 

8 York Buildings 
Biddle Clement C.,Prest. Saving Fund, h Spruce 

and Quince 
BIDDLE CRAIG, att'y & coun., 128 Walnut 
Biddle^C. J., att'y & conn., 72 S 6th, h 237 Pine 
Biddle Edward C., 17 Washington sq 
Biddle Edward C, publisher, S W 5th & Minor, 

h 304 Mulberry 
Biddle Elizabeth B., Sch 8th and Locust 
BIDDLE E. C. & J., booksellers, 6 S 5th 
BIDDLE GEO. W., att'y & coun., 47 S 5th, h 

N W Sch 7th and Spruce 
Biddle Hannah, Brinton bel 11th * 
Biddle Hannah, rear 34 Bonsall 
Biddle Henry J., stock broker, 50 S 3d 
Biddle Jesse, carter, 2 Acorn al 
Biddle Jno., booksel'r, 6 S 5th, h 6 Palmyra row 
Biddle John W., jr., painter, 96 N Juniper 
Biddle John B., M. D., Spruce ab 11th 
BIDDLE J. WILLIAMS, att'y at law, 7 York 

Buildings, h 175 Walnut 
Biddle Margai'et, Sch 8th n Sassafras 
Biddle Mary A., gentw., N E 8th and Locust 
Biddle Robt., mer., 29 High, h 341 Sassafras 
BIDDLE R. & W. C, hardware, 29 High 
Biddle R. S., druggist, 13th & R road 
Biddle Sarah C, wid. of James C, S W Juniper 

and Spruce 
Biddle Thomas, stock broker, 50 S 3d, h 8 York 

Biddle Thos. A., st. brok., 50 S 3d,h 351 Spruce 
BIDDLE THOS. & CO., stk. brokers, 50 S 3d 

Biddle Wm., druggist, N W 11th & Mulberry 
Biddle Wm. C, mer., 29 High, h 431 Sassafras 
Biderman Mary, shop, 305 S 5th 
Bieg Jacob, lab., rear Pleasant ab 10th 
Bier J., barber, 40 Pegg 
Blerbraier Francis, butcher, 3d n Creek 
Bierly Isaac, shipcarp.. Wood bel Franklin (K) 
Bierly Jacob, shipcarp.. Elm bel Franklin (K") 
Bierly John, shipcarp.. Queen ab Marlboro' (K) 
Bierly Theodore, shipcarp., yard foot Palmer st, 

h Elm bel Franklin 
Bigan John, stove finisher, 209 S Front 
Bigarty Hannah, Pearl bel 13th 
Bigelow Thos., sen,,, carp., 158-^ Cherry, h 13th 

bel Callowhill 
Bigelow Thos., jr., carp., 305^ Callowhill 
Biggard John, oysterhouse, Peach bel Coates 
Big'gard John, lab., rear 495 N 3d 
Biggard Saml., shoemr., Dunton n Fi-anklin (K) 
Biggard Wm., wharf builder. Federal ab 2d 
Biggard Wm., cordw., Ontario bel Parrish 
Bigger Aaron W., bootmr., 65 Smith's pi 
Biggin Thos., cooper, Jefferson ab 5th (K) 
Biggins John, mason. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Biggs Henry, bootmr., 7 Benton's av 
Biggs Robert, lab.. Centre ab 12th 
Bigler Jacob, sailmr., h 542 N 3d 
Bignell Catharine, trimmings, 269 St. John 
Bignell John, hatter, 174 N 5th 
BIgonet Jacob, druggist, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

ab Fitzwater 
Bilbrough Joseph, carp.. Vine ab Sch 2d 
Bilbrough Samuel, carp, weaver, Shackamaxon 

n F road (K) 
Bilbrough Thomas, manuf , Willow bel Pine 
Bilderback E., widow, 13 Rose al 
Biles Israel, painter, High n Sch 7th 
Biles Joseph T., carpenter, 21 Dugan 
Biles Thos., drug mill, Sch 7th & Jones, h (W P) 
Bilger Isaac, grocer, 142 N 2d 
Billard Charles, shoemr., 6th bel G T road (K) 
Bille de Steen, charge de affairs from Deu- 

mai-k, h 9 Colonnade row 
Billet Lewis, oysterman. Mechanic ct (N L) 
Billharz F. W., ostler, rear Mechanic ab Poplar 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, Marion n 13th 
Billings Thos., printer. Queen bel Brown (K) 
Blllingsfelt Thomas, carp., 5 Gebhard 
Billmeyer John, 139 Sp Garden 
Blllmeyer Samuel, 139 Sp. Garden 
Billmeyer Wm. M., printer, Haiwey's ct (K) 
Bills Jeremiah, shipcarp., Marion ab 2d 
Bilslem John, lab.. Cooper n Sch 3d 
Bilyeu Aaron P., bricklayer, Sp Garden bel 9th 
Bimraer G., cordw., 243 St John 
Binder Daniel, cablnetmr., 188 Poplar 
Binder Frederick W., hotel, 10 S 5th 
Binder George, carp., 268 Coates 
Binder George A., carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Binder J., hatter, 286 N Front 
Binder J. &. G. A., carps., 7th ab Poplar 
Binder Peter, M. D,, 16 Sp Garden 
Binder Wm., hatter, 7th ab Poplar 
Bing James, carp., Ogden bel R road 
BIngaman Susan, rear 3 Shield's al 




Bingham Amos, Itev., 132 N Jvmiper 
BINGHAM & BROTHER, dry goods, 66 N 3d 
Bingham James, stonecut., Winter ab Sch 3d 
Bingham James, jeweller, 112 Chestnut, h 24 

Bingham James, mer., 66 N 3d, h 104 N 11th 
Bingham John, mer., 66 N 3d, h 18 N 11th 
Bingham John, cabinetmr., N E 13th & Sassafras 
Bingham Richard, grocer, S E Steward and 

Bingham Samuel, porter, FaiiTiew ab Sch 8th 
Bingham Thomas, forward, and commis. mer., 

276 High, h 51 N 11th 
Bingham Thomas, trunkmr., 24 Jacoby 
Bingham Wm., turner, Paul bel 7th 
ing mers., 276 High 
Binker John, farmer, Allen ab F road (K) 
Binker Thomas, cordw., 75 F road (K) 
Binley John, carp., Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Binner Wm., shoemr., Duke n Hanover (K) 
Binney Charlotte, gentw., 190 S 9th 
BINNEY HORACE, coun., office 85, h 83 S 4th 
BESTNEY HORACE jr., atty. & coun., 131 S 6th 
Binney J., locksm., 73 S 5th 
Binnin Edward, lab.. Filbert n Sch 4th 
Binns Benj. F., clerk, Sch 6th bel High 
BINNS JOHN, commissioner to take depositions 
in Pennsylvania, and nearly all the states, 
116 Walnut 
BINNS JOHN P., atty. and coun., 116 Walnut, 

h Noble ab 8th 
Binns Moses, carp., 147 N Juniper 
Binny Wm., plumber. Chestnut rear Sch 5th, h 

353 E Lombard 
Bioren & Ladd, dentists, 282 Chestnut 
Bioren Mary, trimmings, 7th & Callowhill 
Bioret Charles, cabinetmr., N W 3d & Lombard 
Birch David, shoemr., High ab Sch 4th, h Bar- 
ker n Sch 5th 
Birch John, cutler, Grubb bel Catharine 
Birch Thos., artist, S W Pine and Front 
Birch Thos. jr., sales room, N E 6th & Chest- 
nut, h Cherry n Sch 6th 
Birchall David, roll turner, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Birckhead Ella, b h, 2 Virginia row 
Bird Albert G., engraver, 126 S 5th 
Bird Charles, gent., N W 9th and Clinton 
Bird Charles, plasterer, 426 N 5th 
Bird Chas. S., cordw., rear 112 Christian 
Bird Christian, copperpl. printer, 21 Castle 
BIRD DAVID, morocco dresser, 29 Margaretta, 

h 99 Coates 
Bird Dolly, rear Mechanic ab Poplar 
Bird Edmund M., cordw., rear 112 Christian 
Bird Fanny, nurse, 146 Franklin 
Bird George, capt., 197 St John 
Bird Henry, gent, 2 Clinton 
Bird Isaiah, carp.. Poplar bel Marshall 
Bird James, wire lapper, 13 Brown (N L) 
Bird James M., teacher, 214 S 4th 
Bird Matthias, 308 Callowhill 
Bird Samuel, tobacconist, 259 Sassafras 
BIRD THOMAS, tailor, 5 Hart's Building, h 
Chancellor n Sch 7th 

Bird Thomas, lab., rear 455 N 3d 
Bird Walter, millwt., 123 Juniper 
Bird Wm., brushmr., 95 N 9th 
Bird Wm. E., printer, Higgins' ct 
Birkenbine H. P. M., machinist, 38 S Juniper 
Birkett James, capt., 95 Pine 
BIRKEY JOHN, dentist, 79 S 6th 
Birkey John, sen., dry goods, 67 S 5th 
BIRKEY Wm., J. A., M. D., dentist, S E 8th & 

Birks John, trimmings, 123 Locust 
Birmingham Chs., groc, 7th & Poplar 
Birmingham James, razor strop manuf., Parrish 

ab Sch 8th 
Birmingham Pai-iset W., ivory carver 8c turner. 

Poplar ab 7th 
Birmingham Sarah, grocer, N E 7th & Poplar 
Binningham Thos. lab. Hanover bel F road (K) 
Birnbaum Charles, baker, 316 Pine 
Birnbaum Geo. W., grocer, 370 N 4th 
Bisbee Asaph, cordw., 197 G T road (K) 
Bisbing Henry, carter, Wagner's ct 
Bisbing Jacob, farmer, 116 St John 
Bisbing Jacob H., carp.. Walnut al., h 18 Rit- 

Bisbing John, lime burnei-, Darby road (W P) 
Bisbing P., carpet weaver, 160 St John 
Bisbing Sam., lime burner. Darby road (AV P) 
Bisbing Stephen, copper plate printer. Myrtle 
Bisbing Elizabeth, gentw., 63 N 4th 
Bishaboy A., printer, Cherry ab 13th 
Bishlag Geo., vict.. Woodland ( W P) 
Bishlag Thos., vict.. Vineyard (F V) 
Bishop Abnor, porter, Clifton 
Bishop Baird, Vine ab Nixon 
Bishop Benj. F., jeweller, 232 E Cedar 
Bishop Caroline, 215 S 7th 
Bishop Charles, hatter, 25 Coates' al 
Bishop Chas., 17 Mary (S) 
Bishop David, bootmr., 5 Maffitt's ct 
Bishop Elizabeth, washe., rear 462 N 2d 
Bishop Ephraim, grocer, 278 S Front 
Bishop George W., gas fitter, 6 Grape ct 
Bishop Gottleib, tailor, 100 Coates 
Bishop Joaquim, machinist, 20 Laurel, h 76 S 4th 
Bishop Jo^n R., tailor, 19 S 4th, h 155 Green 
Bishop Jos., tavem, N E St John & Coates 
Bishop J OS. J. hatter, 257 S 2d, h 50 Sassafras 
Bishop Louisa, b h, 76 S 4th 
Bisliop Margaretta, milliner, 95 Cedar 
Bisliop Nathaniel, oysterman, 6 Warren 
Bishop Perrigan, clothing', 165 Lombard 
Bishop Preston, hatter, 41 N 2d, h 169 Christian 
Bishop Rachel, 18 Rachel 
Bishop Robt., trader, rear 527 N 2d (K) 
Bishop Susan M., milliner, 158 N 8th 
Bishop S. S., mer., 36 N whfs., h 19 New 
Bishop S. S. & Co., shipping mers., 36 N whfs 
Bishop U. C, furniture, N E Sch 6th & High 
Bishop Wm., bricklayer, rear Vernon bel 11th 
Bishop Wm., seaman, 45 M road 
Bishop Wm. W., dentist, 232 E Cedar 
Bispham Daniel, tailor, 23 Queen n F road (K) 
Bispham Hannah, 181 S 7th 
Bispham John B., atty. 8c coun., 172 S 11th 




Bispham John E., U. S. N., 7 Belmont row 
Bispham J., auctioneer, 34 S Front, h N W. 

Spruce & Sch 8th 
Bispham Samuel, groc, 261 Ilig-h, h 171 N 6th 
Bisset James, g-ardener, 20 Pratt 
Bissex Henry, bootmr., Sell 2d and Vine 
Bisson Samuel S., carp., rear 159 St John 
Bissont Francis, cordw., rear Marshall ab Poplar 
Bitler Joseph, moulder, Sch Front ab Vine 
Bitter Beriihart, barber, 45 Penn (S) 
Bitter Henry, tailor, 110 Crown 
Bitters Ephraim L., wheelwt., rear G T road 

ab 2d (K) 
Bitter's Lorenzo C, cordw., Tammany 
Bitting- Andrew, tailor, Melon bel 10th 
Bitting George W., carp-, 9th ab Poplar 
Bitting Hiram, 220 High, h 139 Buttonwood 
Bitting H. & L., grocers, 220 High 
Bitting Jordan D. conveyancer, 2 Carpenter's ct, 

h Coates ab 13th 
Bitting Knight, blacksm., Harrison pi 
Bitting Lewis, groc, 220 High, h 10th ab Green 
Bitting Lewis, tailor, 442 N 3d 
Bitting Lewis, sen., grocer, 78 Green 
Bitting & Mattson, tailors, 442 N 3d 
Bitting & Morris, grocers, 166 N3d 
Bitting Philip, salesman, 184 Swanson 
Bitting Thos. E., grocer, 166 N 3d 
Bitting Walter, blacksmith. Poplar ab 6th, h 

Lewis ab Poplar 
Biven John, whipmr., rear 143 Franklin 
Bivens Samuel, Bedford bel 12th 
Bixenstein Frederick, baker, 284 Coates 
Black A.lex., weav., Cadwalader ab Phosnis (K) 
Black Ann, 98 George 
Black Ann, S 12th ab Cedar 
Black Catharine, Vine ab 12th 
Black Cyms, clothing, 91 N 2d, h 272 Shippen 
Black David, lab., Carlton bet Sch 7th & 8th 
Black Ebenezer, scourer, 14 Elizabeth 
Black Ellen, wid. of Jas., O'Neal (K) 
Black E., gentw., Federal ab Front 
Black Harriet C, dressmr., 99 Mulberry 
Black Isaac, stonecutter. Dean ab Locust 
Black James, blacksmith, 6th bel Carpenter 
Black James, painter, 311 S 6th 
Black James, cai-ver, 173 Cherry 
Black James, barber, Sp Garden bel 7th 
Black Jesse, porter, Bonsall 
Black John, distiller, Sch 2d and Wood 
Black John, cooper, Jefferson 8c Apple (K) 
Black John, waiter, 6 Lombard row 
Black John, watchmaker, 64 Cedar, h Wash- 
ington bel 4th 
Black John H., agent, 151 S 11th 
Black John L., pumpmr., 524 S Front 
Black John R., gold beater, 20 Swan wick 
Black Joseph, dealer, 84 Swanson 
Black Matthew, bootmr., Helmuth n 6th 
Black Prince, waiter, 50 Quince 
Black Kebecca, dry goods, 398 Sassafras 
Black Robert, blacksm., Marriott's la ab 5th 
Blac"^ Robert, carp.,-258 S 3d 
Black Robert, shoemr., 12th ab Shippen 

BLACK R. 8c J., grocers. High Sc Sch Sth, and 

S W Sch 6th & High 
Black Samuel, gent., 168 S 4th 
Black Samuel, weaver, 3 Phillips (K) 
Black Samuel V/., teacher, 263 N 7th 
Black Silas, clothes, 272 Shippen 
Black Thomas, lab., Lombard bel 11th 
Black Thompson, grocer, N W Broad 8c Chest- 
Black Wm., warper, Shippen ab 12th 
Black Wm., lab., 1 Gabell's ct 
Black Wm., lab.. Cedar ab Sch 4th 
Black Wm. D., black and white smith, 3d bel 

Blackburn John, tin plate worker. High ab Sch 

Sth, h Sch 7th n Pine 
Blackburn John, tailor, Warner's ct 
Blackburn Jno., cordw., rear Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Blackburn Wm., collector, Wood bel Sch 7th 
Blackburne C. J., com. mer., 24 Church al, h S 

E 10th and Filbert 
Blackburne Francis, cloth, 63 High, h Sch 5th 

ab Mulberry 
Blackburne Wm., president Washington Mining 

Company, 81 Dock 
Blackford George, tailor, 34 Parrish 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 358 Pine 
Blackie James, marble cut., 30 Parker 
Blackiston G. K., coal. Broad ab Sassafras 
Blackman Catharine, Poplar ab 4th 
Blackson Ellen, Middle al 
Blackson Ellen, washer, 37 Prosperous al 
Blackstone Thomas, gent., 68 N 11th 
Blackwell Mary, 50 Mechanic 
Blackwood John, hatter, 7 Cresson's al 
Blackwood Joseph, mer.. Ill Chestnut 
Blade James R., cordw., Ehn bel Franklin (K) 
Bladen Aaron, dyer, rear 20 S 8tli 
Bladen Ann, 364 N Front 
Bladen Martha, 334 Vine 
BLADEN WASHINGTON L., biscuit baker, 87 

N Water 
Bladen Wm. E., biscuit baker, 165 N Water, h 

186 N Front 
Blaess Philip, tavern. Green and St John 
Blaher Joseph, hatter, 8th and Brown 
Blaikie John, shipjoin.. Beach bel Shackamaxoil 

Blaikie T. L., plumber, Warren bel Queen (K) 
Blain Sarah, gentw., 357 Walnut 
Blair Edward, drj- goods, 152 S 4th 
Blair Edw. J., cordw., 112 N 10th 
Blair Elizabeth, washer, Lombard ab 12th 
Blair Francis, Cedar ab 12th 
Blair Henry C, druggist, S W 8th and Walnut 
Blair Henry J., currier, 2 Tamarind 
Blair James, manuf., c 3d and G T road (K) 
Blair James, carp., 31 Perry (N) 
Blair James W., machinist, 120 G T road (K) 
Blair John, clerk, Vienna and Wood (K) 
Blair John, whipmr., Charlotte ab Thompson 

Blair John, manuf., N 2d bel Master (K) 
Blair John, lab., Washington ab 11th 




Blair Joseph, tailor, 8 Roberts 

Blair Robert, vict., G T road ab 3d (K) 

Blair Robert, slioemr., 50 Carpenter (C) h 182 

Blair Samuel, gas-fitter, 30 N lOtli, li 18 Union 
Blair Sarah, 18 Union 

Blair Steward, bonnet presser, 94 Fitzwater 
Blair Wm., dra3'man, N W Sch 6th & Chestnut 
Blair Wm. H., tea dealer, 33 S Front, h 13 N 

Blaisey Adam, cooper, 271 N Fi-ont 
Blake Andi-ew, blacking manf., 340 Pine 
Blake Ann, 9 Hirst 
Blake Eliza, 1 Swanwick 
Blake George E., music store, 13 S 5th 
Blake H., lab.. Wood bel Sch 7th 
Blake Henry G., stove store. Cedar ab 8th 
Blake James, bricklayer, rear 125 Gi'een 
Blake John, watchman, rear 108 N 2d 
Blake Levin, shoemr., 219 Shippen 
Blake Mary, millinery, 291 Coates 
Blake Mary Ann, 61 Currant al 
Blake Robt. B., carp., 226 Sassafras, h 5 Ogden 
Blake & Rogers, carps., 226 Sassafras 
Blake Ruth, washer, 50 Quince 
Blake Susannah, nurse, rear 75 N Btli 
Blake T., shop, 110 S Swanson 
Blake Thos., brickmr., 6th bel G T road (K) 
Blake Wm., lab., 54 Currant al 
Blake Wm. R., comedian, 184 S 9th 
Blakemore Francis, locksmith, 41 S 8th 
Blakemore Henry, japanner, 7 Appletree al, h 

Washington ab 10th 
Blaker Adam, tailor, 8 Freed's av 
Blaker John, saddler, Marshall and Callowhill 
•Blaker Ulysses, plumber, 9th & Parrish 
Blaker Ulysses, lab., Ogden's ct 
Blakiston Chas., queensware, 230 N 2d 
Blakiston H. Mrs., Woodland (W P) 
Blakiston Jno. R., coal mer., Washington (W P) 
Blakiston Presley, book seller, N W 4th. and 

Chestnut, h Sch 6th bel Chestnut 
Blame Joseph, 5 N 5th 
Blanc John, lab., 5 Lagrange pi 
Blanchard A., bookbinder, rear 299 Callowhill 
Blanchard B., account, 49 George 
Blanchard H. B., upholsterer, 44 S 4th, li 86 S 

Blanchard H. B. & Co., upholsterers, 44 S 4th 
Blanchard John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen 

Blanchard John D., mer., 31 N 2d, h 66 Button 

BLANCHARD &. ROCK, manfs. pap. hangings, 

145 Chestnut, factory West Philadelphia 
Blanchard Susanna, teacher, 152 S Juniper 
Blanchard Theodore A., manf., West Philada., 

h 36 S 12th 
Blanchard Wm. A., bookseller, S E Chestnut &. 

4th, h 20 N 11th 
Blanchard -W. I., mer., 31 N 2d, h 164 N 5th 
Blanchor F., teacher of music, 12 N 8th 
Blanck Wm., carp.. Front ah Franklin (K) 
Blanckenheim C. Fred., tavern, N E 4th and 


Bland Benjamin, tailor, 14 Norrls' al 

Bland Saml., watchmr., 441 N 6th, h 2 Chatham 

Blandford Wm., watchman, Sch 3d n Locust 

Blaney Mary, Prospect al 

Blaney Rich'd, corkmr., 166 S 6th 

Blank Aletha, Brighton, E of Sch Stli 

Blankley James, moulder. Winter 

Blankman Anna, Lombard ab Sch 6th 

Blankman George, painter, 6 Cypress 

Blase Geo. F., sugar refiner, 14 Mulberry al 

Blashouf John, bedstead mr., 1 Margaretta pi 

Blatner Maria Ann, wadding manuf., Coates 

bel 10th 
Blattenberger J., cooper. High ab Sch 4th 
Blaylock John, barber, 5th & Carpenter 
Blayney Eliza, Wood ab Broad 
Blaynev Robert, boot and shoemr.. Phoenix bel 
1 G T road (K) 

Blayney Robt., jr., cordw., rear Fittler bel Har- 
rison (K) 
Bleacher Zachariah, lab., 238 St John 
Bledenhuyser John, sheet iron work., 490 S 2d 
Blee Charles, brickmr., Ann n Sch 3d 
Blee Edward, weaver, Jones n Sch 4th 
Blee Francis, brickmr.. Watt 
Blee George, brickmr.. Spruce n Sch 4th 
Blee John, brickmr., Sch. 5th and Rittenhouse 
Blee Latham, weaver, Jones n Sch 4th 
Bleeker John, cooper. Union ct 
Bleich Fred., tobacconist, G T road & Franklin 
Bleich John, morocco dr., 105 Poplar ' 

Bleight John D., atty. at law, S5 S 5th, h N E 

13th & Chestnut 
Bleight Mary Mrs., 13th and Chestnut 
Bleil Fred., baker, Coates bel 10th 
Blennerhasset Wm. W., bookbinder, 15 New 
Bleterman M., tailor, 3 Lily al 
Bley George, jr , druggist, N W 3d & Poplar 
Bleyler Danl., carter, G T road ab 6th (K) 
Blej'ler John M., tobacconist, 50 Charlotte 
Bleyler Peter A., wire worker, 5 Parham 
Bleyler P. W., painter, 5 Jefferson pi 
Bleyler Thos. S., carp., Doman's pi 
Blight Charles, 27 S 13th 
Blight Jos. W., brushmr., 26 Callowhill 
Blight Maria, gentw., 351 Chestnut 
Bhnn Henry, carp., 5th ab George (N L) 
BUnn Jacob, cordw., 450 N 4th 
Bliss Anson, ship carp., Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Bliss Robert, mer., 105 S Front, h 16 Spruce 
Bliss Theodore, bookseller, 23 Minor, h 105 

Blittersdorff C. H., cutler and locksmith, 143 N 

4th, h 11 Margaretta 
Blitz Solomon L., clothier, 244 S 6th 
Blizzard D^vid, lab., Coates n Fairmount 
Bhzzard Joseph, waterman, 17 Federal (S) 
Block Henry, b h, 28 N 3d 
Blocksom Woodman, waterman. College av 
Blomer A., furniture store, 121 Cedar 
BLOOD D. 0. & Co., city desp. post, 48 S 3d 
Blood Rowland, 10th bel Wallace J^ 

BLOODGOOD J. B., Walnut St. House, 2 ml- 

Bloom Geo., baker, Vickers' ct n Barker ' 




Bloom John F., baker, 47 Brown 

Bloomer Jus., shop, Milton bel 11th 

Bloomer Joseph, lab., Milton ab 10th 

Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 25 Lebanon 

Bloomer Thos., lab., Milton ab 10th 

Blow Margaret, 3d bel Thompson (K) 

Blowe Geo., watchcase mr., 17 Reckless 

Bloxom Mary, Clare st 

Blum B., 82 Vine 

Blum Sam]., tailor, 148 E Cedar 

Blume John, coal, 96 N 4th, h N 7th ab Coates 

Blummer Chas. E., tobacconist, 44 New 

Blummer Henry C, engine manuf., 134 Vine, h 

N 12th ab Vine 
Blunden Jas., carpet weaA-er, 317 S 3d 
Blunden Jonathan M., lab., 2 Jones' pi 
Blundin John, druggist, 14 Filbert 
Blundin Wm. F., overseer pen., St Andrew's st 
Blust Francis B., cigarmr., 426 N 4th 
Blydenburg & Hyde, machinists, 1 Fetter la 

Blydenburg Samuel, 1 Fetter la, h 121 Noble 
Blyes A. W., dry goods, 260 N 2d 
Blyes Henry, 260 N 2d 

Blynn Henry, hatter, 40 Chester 

Blynn Michael, hatter, 304 High, h 43 N So 8th 

Blythe Calvin, att. and coun., 4 George 

Blythe Mary Ann, b h, Owen 

Boak Robert, manuf., Philip and Master (K) 

Boak Eliza, shop, F road bel Master (K) 

Boardley George, clothing, 347 Lombard 

Boai-dley Sarah, cook, Dean's al 

Boardman Ann, huckster, rear 96 Filbert 

Boardman F. H. Dr., 6 Chancery la 

Boardman Henry A. Rev., 375 Spruce 

Boardman Henry S., manuf., 104 N 3d 

Boardman John, manuf., Frankford road opp 
Queen (K) 

Boardman Robt., cabinetmr., Howard's pi 

Boardman Robert, satchelmr., Marlborough bel 
West (K) 

Boarnman Henry, vict.. Union bel Franklin (K) 

Boas Patrick, lab., 3 Braceland's ct 

Boate George, upholsterer, 123 S 2d 

Boate M., 27 Franklin 

Boate Wm. collector, Parrish ab 6th 

Boats Fred-, 191 N 8th 

Bobb Peter, brickmr.. Spruce ab 13th 

Bock Frederick, carp., 19 Logan 

Bock Saml., Wood bel R road 

Bockius Charles R., mer., 67 N 2d 

Bockius Christopher, saddler, 50 High, h Wal- 
lace n 8th 

BOCKIUS C. & G., fancy leather manufs., 27^ 
Margaretta and 30 Willow 

Bockius C. G., mer., N E 3d and High, h 2!9 
New Market 

Bockius C. G. & J. C, brushmrs., N E 3d and 
_ High 

Bockius 8c Gorgas, china, 67 N 2d 

Bockius Hannah, crockery, 535 High 

Bockius Henry J., carp., 213 S'9th 

Bockius Isaiah, sad'r, 50 High, h Green ab 11th 

Bockius Jacob U., saddler, 50 High, h AVallace 
n 8th 

Bockius John, carp., 7 Quarry, h 34 Bread 

Bockius John, carp., 18 Flower st 

Bockius J ., brushmr., 208 N 2d 

Bockius Wm., vis. of poor, 217 S 9th 

Bockius Wm., baker, High, n Sch 6th 

BOCKIUS, SELLERS & Co., saddlers, 50 High 

Bodder Levi D., M. D., 171 N 4th 

Boddy Charles, barber. Cedar bel 9th 

Boddy John, patternmr., 444 Sassafras 

Boden Hannah, wid. of Josiah, Wood ab 12th 

Bodenhoeffer Joseph, varnish manuf., 405 N 3d 

Bodenmuller L., manuf., 16 Bread 

Bodin Jas., tailor, Wood ab 12th 

Bodin Joseph, tobacconist, N W 2d and Dock,h 

77 Green 
Bodine, Baeder & Co., glue manufs., 750 O Y 

road and 86 High. 
Bodine Budd S., sand. Poplar st whf., h 14 Maid- 
en (K) 
Bodine Ehzabeth, Oneida pi 
Bodine George, lab., Hanover ab Queen 
Bodine Jesse E., 65 Sassafras 
Bodine J. F., clerk, 131 N 13th 
Bodine Samuel T., Queen bel Shackamaxon 
Bodle John, weaver. Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Boehm A. W., mer., 61 N Front, h 248 Mulberry 
Boehm Harietta, widow, 15 Brandy wine 
Boehn Henry, shoemr., 35 O Y road 
Boehrer Sebastian, machin., Nectarine rear 11th 
Boers J. F. A , 85 Shippen 
Bofenger Fred., beer-house, 449 N Front 
Boffield Nich., cordw., 2d ab G T road 
Bogan Walter, ladies' shoemr., N W Green and 

Boger John, tavern, N W James and Charles 
Boggs David, pianomr., 24 Marion 
Boggs F. M., mer., 40 N whfs, h 20 Union 
Boggs Geo., chairmr.. Queen bel Hanover (K) 
Boggs Geo. W., hatter. Pine ab Sch 6th , 

Boggs James, 374 Chestnut 
Boggs James, chairmr., 85 N Front, h Queen ab 

Marlboro' (K) 
Boggs James, Allen ab Marlboro' (K) 
Boggs John, lab., Carlton ab 13th 
Boggs John Rev., rear Emeline 
Boggs John, varnisher. Church and Reckless 
Boggs Samuel, ship carp., F road n Otter (K) 
Boggs Samuel, wheelwright, 208 St John 
Boggs Wm., tavern, 326 S Front 
Boggs Wm. L., mer., 17 N 5th, h 18 Merchant 
Bogia Angelo, engineer, 215 N 10th 
Bogia Francis, cordw., 10th bel Catharine 
Bogle Amelia, teacher, Pine ab 10th 
Bogle Ralph, dyer, Shippen ab Shippen la 
BOGUE & FAWCETT, wigmrs., 174 Chestnut 
Bogue Thos. haircutter & wigmr., 174 Chestnut 
Bohlen Henry, mer., 69 S 4th, h 393 Walnut 
Bohlen John, mer., 67 S 4th, h 238 Walnut 
Bohlen John jr. atty. & coun. N W 6th & Walnut 
Bohler John J. whipmr. 4 N 4th, h Poplar ab 4ih 
Bohn Christian, tailor, Marshall ab 4th (S) 
Bohn George, cordw., 10 Collins' al 
Bohn Jacob N., stevedore, 56 Penn 
Bohn Richard, mariner, 5 M'Ginley's ct 
Bohnert A., cordw., 239 N Front 
Bohney Wm., shoemr. 146 St John 




Bolirer Fred. & Jas., 106 Crown 

Bohrer Henrietta, dressmr., 106 Crown 

Boiether Julms, painter, 212 S 9th 

Boileau Edwin B., convey'r, 145 Walnut, li 570 

N 2d (K) 
Boileau Isaac, alderman, 570 N 2d (K) 
Boileau Isaac jr., clerk, 536 N 2d 
Boileau John, shoemr., rear 164 Queen (S) 
Bok Frederick, tailor, Cobb bel Cathai'ine 
BOK JOHN, tailor, 91 S 3d 
Bok John G., confectioner, 178^ Sassafras 
Boker &. Brothers, mers., 82 High 
Boker C. S., Pres. Girard Bank, h 110 S 3d 
Boker Joseph, mer., 82 Hig-h, h 92 New 
Boker W. C, mer., 82 Hig-h, h 185- N 6th 
Boland John, bootmr., 122 N 4th, h 216 Noble 
Boland Wm., weaver, Harrison's ct 
Bolden James, mariner, Callowhill ab "William 
Bolden Mary, 11th and Barle)' 
Bolden Robert, waiter, 6 Blackberry al 
olden Spencer, waiter, 61 Currant al 
Boldin George, mer., 141 High, h 26 N 9th 
Boles Wm., waiter, 12th bel Carpenter 
Boley Frederick, cooper, 19 High, h 280 N 3d 
Boley Fred, jr., reg. of dry measures, 280 N 3d, 

h Green ab 6th 
Bolivar G. W., gent., S 9th bel Fitzwater 
BoUen Ann, 497 N 3d 

Boiler & Beitel, mor. manuf., 31 Margaretta 
Boiler Catharine, gentw., 21 New Market 
Boiler H. J., mer. 78 S Front, h Spruce ab Broad 
Boiler Wm., mer., Margaretta, h 26 Jacoby 
Bolt John, cai-p., 16 Cherry 
Bolton John, lab., Carlton ab Sch 8tli 
Bolton Jos. D., cabinetmr. 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Bolton Jos. R., 400 N 10th 
Bolton Mary A., 110 N Front 
Bolton Rachel Ann, 7 Franklin row (S G) 
BOLTON WM. P., carver, 55 N 8th, h 7th ab 

Bombershine John, carp., 8tli ab Camac (K) 
Bomeisler Lewis, mer., R road n Buttonwood 
Bomeisler S., 177 N 10th 
Bonart Jos., baker, F road and Marlboro' (K) 
Bond Adam J., cordw., 129 Christian. 
Bond Alexander, tailor. Vine ct 
Bond Ann, 1 1 Path 

Bond Benj. P., trunkmr, Sassafras n 4th 
Bond Charles, fruiterer, 285 N 2d 
Bond George, printer. Juniper al 
Bond Henry, shoemr., 7 Charles 
Bond H., M. 1)., 1 N 9tli, 3d door bel Filbert 
Bond H. Calvin, clerk, 8th ab Buttonwood 
Bond James, druggist, S E 10th and Locust 
Bond James F., grocer, 5t]i and Catharine 
Bond Jane, washer. Stiles ct 
Bond Joseph, carp., 377 Sassafras 
Bond Jos., nail mr., rear 13th bel Buttonwood 
Bond Joseph, vict., Sch 8th ab Wood 
Bond Joseph, glassblower. Wood bel Duke (K) 
Bond Joseph A., grocery, 6th and Paul 
Bond Josiali, undertaker. Orange ab Washington 
Bond Levi, mer., 136 N 13tli 
Bond Lewis, watchman, 3 Rose al 
Bond Richard L., carpenter, 339 Callowhill 

Bond Robert, lab.. Liberty ct 

Bond Thos., horse dealer, Hope bel Master (K) 

Bond Thomas, cabinetmr., rear 90 Cherry, h 

Smith's ct 
Bond Thomas, weaver, 29 Lebanon 
BOND THOMAS, mer. 41 S Water, h 359 

N 6th 
Bond Wm., lab., N Market n Laurel 
Bond Wm., grocery, Washington and Parker 
Bondfield George, mer., 53 Penn (C) 
Boner Danl., lab., George n Sch 3d 
Bones Geo., 559 Vine 
Bones John W., carp., George bel 10th, h S W 

9th and Sassafras 
Bonfieild Baker, stone mason, Penn bel Broad 
Bonfield G, R., artist, 28 Walnut, h 10th bel Sp 

Bonfield James, plasterer, 75 Smith's pi 
Bongard Margaret, Sassafras ab Sch 8th 
Bonhom John, relief court 
Bonhom Harriet, shop, 188 S 6th 
Boning Wm., jeweller, 70 Chestnut 
Bonnaffon Eliza, 6 N 11th 
Bonnaffon Sylvester, dry goods, 91 High 
Bonnar James, B. D., George ab Sch 6th 
Bonneiul Peter, gent. 72 Union 
Bonnell Samuel, 99 Vine 
Bonner Jas., lab., 10 Abbott's ct 
Bonner John, lab., Sch 2d n Cedar 
Bonner Michael, tavern, Water & Sassafras 
Bonner Michael, lab., Lynn (F M) 
Bonner Sarah, 332 N 3d 
Bonnin Letitia Linn (F M) 
Bonsall Edmund C, jeweller, 72^ High, h 298 

S 5th 
BONSALL E. H., conveyancer, 5th & Library, 

h 35 Jacoby 
Bonsall Henry, conveyancer, 48 S 4th 
Bonsall Isaac M., brickmr., Sch 5th n Lombard 
Bonsall James S. printer, Washington ab 6th 
Bonsall Jesse, tailor, 6 Richards 
Bonsall John, convey, offi., 48 S 4th, h 22 Girard 
BONSALL JOHN & CO. conveyancers, 48 S 4th 
Bonsall Sarah, rear 4 Fetter la 
Bonsall & Scheer, jeweller, 72^ High 
Bonsall T. L. booksel., 33^ High, h 27 MulbeiTy 
Bonsall Wm., weigher, C. H., h 290 S 5th 
Bonsall Wm. S., tin and sheet iron worker, 146 

S 9th 
Boodner Fred., locksm., Franklin bel Front (K) 
Book George H. upholsterer, 52 Chester 
Book Mary Ann, Rose ab School (K) 
Booker Cornelius, blacksm., 22 Lebanon 
Booker John, blacksm., 18 Lebanon 
Bookhammer Jacoby, bootmr., 23 State st 
Bool Janet, widow, rear Apple bel I'l-anklin 
Boon Charles, hatter, 62 Dock 
Boon & Davis, wood & sand, Catharine st whf 
Boon Geo., blacksm.. Willing ab Mulberry 
Boon Ileniy L., omnibus, Washington (W P) 
Boon Horace, 4 Bird's ct 

Boon Morris, whf build.. Otter n G T road (K) 
Boon Peter, tav'n, Beach n Shackamaxon (K) 
Boon Thomas, 27 Coates al 
Boon Wm., tavern, Washington (W P) 




Boon Wm., chemist, Spruce n Sch 3d 
Boon Wm., dyer, Master bel G T road (K) 
Boon Wm., sea capt., 351 N Front 
Boone Rebecca, 394 Vine 

Boone Robt. shoes, 209 S 2d,h 7th bel Fltzwater 
Boone Wm. F., atty. & coun., 59 S 7th 
Booskirk Benj., chairmr., 17 Eutaw 
Booth Abig-ail C, gentw., 115 Brown 
Booth Benjamin, harnessmr., 131 N 5th 
Booth & Boye, chemists, 27 N 7th 
Booth Edmond, machinist, 222 S Juniper 
Bootli Edwin, mer., 108 High, h 199 N9th 
Booth Edwin & Co., cloths, &c., 108 High 
Booth Isaac, oak cooper, rear 378 S 2d 
Booth Isaac H., collector, 8 Franklin row 
Booth James C, prof, chemistay, 300 Pine, office 

Old Mint 
Booth Jno., dry goods, S W Sch 7th & Lombard 
Booth Keziah, shopkeeper, 620 S 2d 
Booth Margaret, b. h.. Wheat bel Marion 
Booth Thomas, cordw., Sch 3d bel High 
Booth Thos. L., groc. Laurel opp Rachel (N L) 
Booth Zarah, shoemr., 5 Relief 
Boothryde Abm., spin., Marlboro' bel Duke (K) 
Booz James, porter, 8 Barley 
Boozer Adam, boot fitter, Streeper's ct 
Boraef Henry, vict. 13th ab Wallace 
Boraef Martin, vict. loth ab Washington 
Boraef Valentine, vict.. Brown bel Broad 
BoraefF Ann, Cheny ab Broad 
Boran Francis, seaman, 16 Pine al 
Borbek Philip, bookseller and blank books, 8 S 

4th, h 12 Elfreth's al 
BORBIDGE THOMAS, forwarding and com. 

mer. 278 High, h 32 North Rittenhouse 
Borden E. P., atty. & coun. 104 S 5th' 
Borden Samuel, mer., 43 High, h N E Sp Gar- 
den & Marshall 
Border James, shoemr., rear 100 Dillwyn 
Bordman Robt., cabinetmr., 9 Howard's pi 
Borer Joseph, b. h., 36 O Y road 
Borhek Charles, prof, of music, 52 Gaskill 
Borhek Edward, jeweller, 52 Chestnut, h 141 

Queen (S) 
Borhek Fred. R., 4 Miller's ct 
Borie A. E., mer., 45 Dock, h 329 Spruce 
Borle Chas. & Henry, mers.. Front and Chestnut 
Borie Charles L., mer.. Front & Chestnut, h 329 

Borie Francis, blacksm., Fothergill, h 145 Ca- 
Borie Henry, mer., Front & Chestnut 
Borie J. J., Mrs., 97 S 4th 
Borland David, shoemr., Walnut bel Sch 3d 
Borland Wm., shoemr., N E Sch 8th & High 
BoiTi Baltzer, baker. Rose al n Green 
Born B., baker, 127 Brown 
Born Geo., weav., Bedford opp Union (K) 
Born Geo., carpet weav.. Lemon bel Orange 
Born Geo., weaver. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Born Joseph, glassblower, Franklin bel Vienna 

Bornman Benj., d3rer, Charlotte bel Thompson 

Bornman Catharine, gentw., Oldham's ct 

Bornman Elizabeth, Gay's ct (K) 
Bornman John, vict., 5th bel Master (K) 
Bornman John, jr., vict., 5th bel Master, (K) 
Bornman Lewis, vict., bel Master (K) 
Bornman Levi'i.s, boot crimper, 120 G T road 
Bornman Nich., vict. Cadv/aladerab Phoinix (K) 
Borns Louis, weaver, Shackamaxon n Frank- 
lin (K) 
Borradaile Thomas, restaurant. High st Ferry 
Borthwick Robt. cabinetmr., 3d n Spruce, h 147 

Bose Martin, lab., Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Bosee Alfred, waterman, 10 Beck (S) 
Boshart George, carp., Parrish ab 6th 
Boshart Geo., hair sieve manuf , 1 Sheppard's al 
Boshart John, cooper, ] 01 Crown 
Bosler John, vict , 602 N 2d 
Bosler John, jr., butcher, 602 N 2d (K) 
Bosler Joseph, brass founder, 477 Vine 
Boss Jas., jeweller, 99 Mulberry 
Bossardet F., jeweller, 79 Gaskill 
Bosser John, lab., 42 N. Mai-ket 
Bossert Chas., pianomr., 57 N 8th, h 126 Cherry 
Boss'ert Henry, shoemr., Oliver bel 13th 
Bossert Henry, framemr., 544 N 3d 
Bossert Joseph F., fui-. car., 12th ab Sassafras 
Bossert Sarah, b h., 39 N 4th 
Bossinger John, bar tender, 3d ab George 
Bossordet Peter, jeweller, 79 Gaskill 
Bostock Peter, machinist, Scott's ct 
Boston Ann, tailoress, 254 Sassafras 
Boston Ann, Christian ab 7th 
Boston Elizabeth, 48 Currant al 
Boston Grace, washer, 3 Farmers' row 
Boston Jacob, whitewasher, 58 Gaskill 
Boston James B., painter, Oliver bel Broad 
Boston John, carter, 15 Emlen's ct 
Boston John, carter, rear 237 St John 
Boston Mich., mor. dress., Charlotte ab George 
Boston Wm., shoemr.. Winter n Creek 
Boswell Andrew, painter, 33 W North 
Boswell Charles, lab., Lancaster bel Wharton 
Boswell Geo., tinsmith, 58 N 2d, h Thomas's al 
Boswell Jacob, skin dress., Poplar ab 3d 
Boswell James J., mer., 50 High, h 108 Spruce 
BOSWELL JAMES J. 8c Co., dry goods, 50 

Boswell Wm. R., printer. Harmony ab 4th 
Bothwell James, weaver, McDuffie n Sch 2d 
Bothwell John, cooper, 40 Laurel 
Bothwell Wm., brickmr., Mary n Beach 
Botner Wm., printer, 478 Sassafras 
Botsch John George, lab., 6 Stearly's ct 
Botsford Alva, stone cutter, Jones E Sch 5th 
Botsford Alva, jr., pearl manf., Sch 4th bel High 
Botsford John, bricklayer, 1 Short ct 
Botten Stephen, baker. Palmer ab Franklin (K) 
Bottomley James, wool dealer, 53 N Water, h 

103 Lombard 
Boucher Benj., wheelwright, 160 Marshall 
Boucher James, tailor, 2 Short ct 
Boucher Joseph, wheelwright, ^reen bel 9th 
Boucher Sarah, nurse, 83 N 9th , 
Boudwin John, wheelwrt., Fisher bel Marriott 
Boudwin Peter, marketman, 13 Queen (S) 




BoufFard Mrs. & Miss, dressmrs., 86 Locust 
Boulter Charles J., potter, 13th ab Vine 
Boulter Henry C, hairdress., 459 Vine 
Boulter Jehu R., cordw., 155 N 2d 
Boulter Mary, shop, 13th ab Vine 
Boulton Benj. F., shoe st., Beach bel Maiden 
Boulton Giles, drag-g-ist, N E 2d and Catharine 
Boulton John, g-ent., Walnut bel Sch 7th 
Bounds James, carp., Washing'ton ab 12th 
Bounds John, boot and shoemr., rear Carpenter 

bel 9th 
Boureau Henrj^, coal mar.. Front bel Maiden, h 

7th bel Poplar 
Bourgeis Sarah, 298 S 4th 
Bourk James, bootmr., 74 S 11th 
Bourke Edward J., sexton, 39 Union 
Bourke Michael, clerk, 139 N 6th 
Bourne Ezra, mer., UN Front and 12 N Water, 

h 337 Sassafras 
Boumonville A., M. D., 59 N 4th 
Bourquin Charles F., lithog. printer, 194 Pine 
Bourquin Eveline, dressmr., 43 Spruce 
Bourquin Frederick, undertaker, 304 Callowhill 
Bourquin Frederick, lithog. printer, 194 Pine 
Boustead James, currier, N E 8th and Willow, h 

10th ab Washington 
B ousted Thomas, weaver, 27 Lebanon 
Boutcher Martha, sempstess, N Market ab Duke 
Bouvier David, butcher, Evans 
Bou^^er John, office 10 N 7th, h 11 Logan sq 
Bou%-ier Michael, mahogany and marble, 93 S 2d, 

h 80 S Front 
BOUVIER M. & Co., mahog. & marble, 93 S 2d 
Bouvier Peter, butcher Marion bel Mroad 
Bouvier Peter, jr., butcher. Federal bel M road 
Bouvier Philip, butclier, rear 91 P road 
Bovard Wm., tailor, Parrish bel 11th 
Bowden James, carp., M'Bride's ct 
Bowden John, plasterer, R road ab Buttonwood 
Bowden Wm., mariner, 76 German 
Bowdle Tristram, mer., 34 N Front, h 427 Sas- 
Bowen A. J., cabinetmr., 43 Dock, h 330 Ca- 
Bowen Benj., trunkmr., Morris ab Christian 
Bowen David, shoemr., Queen bel Marlboro' 
Bowen David H., cabinetmr., 415 S 2d 
Bowen Eliza, white washer, 36 Paschal's al 
Bowen E., hatter, 176 High, h 134 N 12th 
Bowen James, Rev., Hallowell's ct 
Bowen J. E., tailor. Beach ab Walnut 
Bowen J. T., lithogr., 12 S Broad 
Bowen Martha, 389 Spruce 
Bowen Nicholas, waiter, 76 George 
Bowen Pliineas A., oysters, 8 High, h 9 Charle's pi 
Bowen Samuel, tavern, Washington & Green 
Bowen Smith, mer., 12 Church al, hl64N 5th 
Bowen S. R., mer., 58 Walnut 
Bowen Thos. S., grocer, F road^ Oxford (K) 
Bowen Wm., cabinetmr., Froad bel Franklin (K) 
Bowen Wm, E., mer., 30 Chestnut, h Spruce W 

Sch 8th 
Bowen Wm. M., druggist. New Market & Brown 
Bowen Wm. M., printer, R road n 10th 

Bowen Wm. M., U. S. mint, h 278 Wood 

Bower Abraham, bootmr., Mayland 

Bower Frederick, hotel, 332 Callowhill 

Bower George, carp.. Phoenix bel G T road (K) 

Bower Geo. C.,- druggist, Sd and G T road (Iv) 

Bower Henry A., druggist, N E 6th and Green 

Bower John, sashmr., 4 Union sq 

Bower John, cabinetmr., Bryan's ct 

Bower John, baker, Pamsh bel 11th 

Bower Mary, Penn ab Marsh (K) 

Bower Robt F., combmr., reai- of Phoenix N of 

F road (K) 
Rowers Chas. P., vict, (F V) 
Bowers Christian, Sch 6th bel Pine 
Bowers Christian, vict., Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Bowers David, wheelwrt., 24 Brown (N L) 
Bowers Ellen, milliner, 138 S Juniper 
Bowers George, coal mer., Davis's landing, h 

455 N 3d 
Bowers Henry, shoemr., 121 Melon 
Bowers John, lab., rear 175 Coates 
Bowers John C, clothes, 71 S 2d 
Bowers John D., lab., Fairview ab Sch 8th 
Bowers Joseph, bricklayer. Beach ab Shacka- 

maxon (K) * 

Bowers Jos. T., combmr.. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Bowers Martha, b h., 163 S 9th 
Bowers Michael, lab., rear 21 Charlotte 
Bowers Peter G., supt., 402 N 3d 
Bowers Samuel, tailor, Benton's av 
Bowers Solomon, boatm., Sch 3d bel George 
Bowers Thomas, saddler, Clinton ab Parrish 
Bowers Thomas, tailor, 71 S 2d, h 355 Lombard 
Bowers Wm., coal mer., N W Broad and Callow- 
hill, h 424 N 5th 
Bowers Wm., b h., 39 N 5th 
Bowers Edward, weaver, 6th ab Master (K) 
Bowes Jacob, chairmr., Sanderson's ct 
Bowes AVm., weaver, rear 125 Chaidotte 
Bowie James A., mer., 282 S 2d 
Bowie John, mer., 282 S 2d 
Bowie Roswell, hatter, Front ab Franklin 
Bowl John, engineer, Marlboro' ab Allen (K) 
BOWLBY & BRENNER, hardware, 69 High 
Bowlby Catharine, gentw., 165 S 3d 
Bowlby E. jr., mer., 69 High, h 399 Sruce 
Bowlby Samuel L., stock and note broker, 56 

Walnut, h 165 S 3d 
Bowles M., variety store, 242 S 2d 
Bowles James, jr., carp., 13th bel Melon 
Bowles John L., coffee roaster, 89 Queen (K) 
Bowman Chas., mariner, Higgin's pi 
Bowman Christ., blacksm., Charlotte & George 
Bowman Geo. W., shoemr., 100 Carpenter (S) 
Bowman Goliah, seaman, Helmuth 
Bowman Henry F., 113 N 7th 
Bowman Jacob, lab., F road bel Franklin 
Bowman Jacob, M. D., Lombard ab Sch 4th 
Bowman Jas. S., brickmr., 8th ab Carpenter 
Bowman John, lab., Olive bel 13th 
Bowman John, clerk, 24 Combe's al 
Bowman John, salesman. Castle bel 11th 
Bowman John, stevedore. Mariner ab 13th 
Bowman John, butcher, 399 S Front 
Bowman John, 7 Quigg's ct ' 



Bowman Joseph K., locksmith, 344 Sassafras 

Bowman Martha, 16 Dean 

Bowman Moses, mer., 108 Sassafras 

Bowman & Moore, mers., 108 Sassafras 

Bowman Samuel, prhiter, 18 Beck pi 

Bowman Sarah, milliner, 55^ N 2d 

Bowman & Seltzer, grocers, S W 2d and Cal- 

Bowman Thomas, mer., 32 Mulberry 
Bowman Wm. H., paper and rags, 15 Commerce, 

h 525 Coates 
Bown Abraham, hatter, 381 N Front 
Bownass James, Mulbeny n Sch Front 
Bowser David B., sig-n painter, 177 N 4th 
Bowyer John, carp, weaver, Cadwalader below 

B oxter Wm., painter, 2 Concord 
Boyce Andrew, watchman. Cooper n Sch 3d 
Boyce Ann, corsets, 69 Mulberry 
Boyce Elizabeth, Hansel's ct 
Boyce Henry, lab.. Prime ab 2d 
Boyce John, cordw., 21 Mulberry al 
Boyce John, painter, 126 Plum 
Boyce John E., machinist, Cadwalader below 

Phoenix (K) 
Boyce Joseph, shop, 3 Cresson's al 
Boyce Mary, milhner, 348 Sassafras 
Boyce Samuel, grocer, N E 13th and Carrol 
Boyce Sarah, 12 Gray's al 
Boyce Wm. H., livery stable, 338 Callowhill, h 

Wood ab Vine 
Boyd Alexander, acct., 7 Wood 
Boyd Alex., lab., Watman's ct 
Boyd Alex., shoemr., Shippen ab 13th 
Boyd Albert, painter, rear Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Boyd Andrew, bookbinder, 211 Lombard 
Boyd Andrew, carp, weaver, Nixon ab Vine 
Boyd Ann, washer. Sycamore ab Locust 
Boyd Catharine, 219 Christian 
Boyd Charles, mer., 56 S 13th 
Boyd Chai'les, stonecutter, 7 Callowhill 
Boyd Charlotte C, 185 Spruce 
Boyd Cornel, brickmr., Hancock ab Norris (K) 
BOYD & CUMMINGS, dry goods, 103 High 
Boyd David, gent., Sch 5th and Hamilton 
Boyd David K., printer, 4 N 9th 
Boyd Edward, carp., rear 611 N 6th 
Boyd Elizabeth, gentw., 167 Pine 
Boyd EUzabeth, S W Sch 7th and Mulberry 
Boyd Elizabeth, 79 Tammany 
Boyd Emelia S., upholsterer, 125 N 5th 
Boyd Hugh, tailor. Smith's ct 
Boyd George, grocer, S W 8th and Green 
Boyd Hugh, Front bel Master (K) 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, 514 N 2d, h Front bel Mas- 
ter (K) 
Boyd James, lab.. Thorn's ct 
Boyd James, gardener, Jones n Sch 4th 
Boyd James F., dyer, Shippen ab 13th 
Boyd Jane, 64 Garden 
Boyd John, ropemr., 21 Federal 
Boyd John, machinist, Hope ab Jefferson (K) 
Boyd John, tailor, 150 N Water, h Maria bel 5th 
Boyd John, stonecutter, Ogden ab 9th 
Boyd John, lab., Pearson's ct 

Boyd John J., stone-cutter, 33 Dugan 

Boyd John Oliver, merchant, 103 High, h 168 

Boyd John S., mer., 125 High, h 317 Lombard 
Boyd John W., clerk, 277 N 5th 
Boyd Rebecca, tavern, 11 Decatur 
Boyd Robert, weaver, Clare st 
Boyd Robert, bookbinder, 327 Pine 
Boyd Samuel, tailor, N W Water and Mulberry, 

h 21 Sassafras 
Boyd Thomas, carp., 4 Sugar al 
Boyd Thomas, bootmr., Sch 4th n M'Duffie 
Boyd Thomas, mer.j High ab 5th, h Washington 

(W P) 
Boyd Thomas, lab,, Benton and William (K) 
Boyd Thomas, stonecut., rear Olive bel Broad 
Boyd William, conveyancer, 91 Walnut 
Boyd Wm., tallow chandler, 121 N 5th 
Boyd Wm., grocer, 408 High 
Boyd Wm., waiter. Pearl ab 13th 
Boyd Wm A., M. D., 62 S 11th 
Boyd Wm. S., grocer, 7 and 9 S Water, h 128^ 

Boye M. H., chemist, 27 N 7th 
Boyer Abraham, carp.. Poplar bel Broad 
Boyer Charles, agent, 522 S Front 
Boyer Christ., vict., Vineyard ab R road (F V) 
Boyer C. R., M. D., 158 N 9th 
Boyer Daniel L., tobacconist, 1 S 3d, h 109 N 

Boyer Ellen, b h, S W 4th and Walnut 
Boyer Evan, ship carp., Church ab Washington 
Boyer Franklin, agent, rear Irvine st 
Boyer George, Willow bel Spruce 
Boyer Henry, lab.. Fox's ct 
Boyer Henry, shop, Franklin ab Front (K) 
Boyer Hiram L., bricklayer, 7th and Coates 
Boyer Jacob, carp., Franklin ab 4th 
Boyer Jeremiah, weaver, 674 N 2d (K) 
Boyer Jesse, saddler, Orleans 
Boyer Jno., carp.. Orchard ab George, h 6 Wood 
Boyer Richard, lab., 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Boyer Rosanna, diy goods, 35 S Garden 
Boyer Sarah L., Clark ab 3d 
BOYER WM., house furnisher, 355 High, h 

11th ab Green 
Boyes B. C, machinist. Brandy wine ab 13tli 
Boyland John, weaver, rear Hope ab Otter (K) 
Boyle Andi-ew, manuf , Wood bel Sch 2d 
Boyle Barnej^, lab., Waslvington (W P) 
Boyle Bernard, oysters, 73 Locust 
Boyle Charles, weav., Hancock ab Phoenix (K) 
Boyle Charles, lab., George ab Sch 7th 
Boyle Daniel, seaman, 118 S Front 
Boyle Geo., dyer, Charlote bel Thompson (K) 
Boyle Henry, weaver, Nixon st 
Boyle Henry, chairmr., N Market, ab Laurel 
Boyle Henry, stone cutter, 6 Farries' ct 
Boyle Hugh, tailor, 63 S 5th 
Boyle Hugh, weaver, Murray ab Sch 3d 
Boyle James, lab.. Walnut n Sch 3d 
Boyle James, lab., Nixon ab Hamilton 
Boyle & Jeffries, coachmrs., 7 Green (C) 
Boyle John, printer, 2d and Brown, h 494 N 3d 
Boyle John, lab.. Cooper n Sch 3d 




Boyle John, waterman, Reed bel Church 

Boyle Michael, chandler. Laurel opp Rachel 

Boyle Neal, weaver. Spruce n Sch Front 

Boyle Patrick, lab., Beach n Locust 

Boyle Patrick, carter, 27 Hirst 

Boyle Patrick, weaver, 10th bel Christian 

Boyle Patrick, lab., Ann ab Sch 5th 

Boyle Robert, stonecut., Carlton bel Sch 5th 

Boyle Robert, dealer, 6 Jones, W Sch 8th 

Boyle Sarah, 82 Swanson 

Boyle Samuel, carp., 11th and Castle 

Boyle Thomas, ironfounder, 7th bel Federal 

Boyle Thomas, dyer, 4th ab Franklin (K) 

Boyle Thomas, cordw., 5th ab Poplar 

Boyle Thomas, dry goods, 82 N 11th 

Boyle Wellington H., chemist. Lemon 

Boyle Wm., cedar cooper, N W 9th and Hig-h, 

h Barker n Sch 5th 
Boyle Wm., weaver, 2d ab Master (K) 
Boyle Wm., grocer, 97 P road 
Boyle Wm., lab., Watson's al 
Boyle William V., grocer, 35 S Water, h 9 S 

Penn sq 
EOYLEN JAMES, tavern, 48 S 8th 
Boyles James, bookbin., 9^ George, h 31 ON 7tli 
Boyles Wm., painter, 470 Sassafras 
Boyron John, weaver, Hope ab Otter (K) 
Boys George, confec, S W 12th and Spruce 
Boys Wm., diy goods, 451 N 2d 
Bozarth Ann, 6 Martin's ct (K) 
Bozorth Richard, macliinist. Grange ab Wash- 
Bozorth Wm., carp.. Poplar n 10th, h Lewis ab 

Brabant Francis, 74 Vine 
Brace John, stove finisher, rear 27 Green 
Brace Thomas, tinman, 3 Oldham's ct 
Braceland Bridget M., upholsterer, 153 Walnut 
Braceland Charles, lab., Filbert n Sch Front 
Braceland John, lab.. Cooper n Sch 3d 
Braceland John, rear 13 Prosperous al 
Braceland J., tobacconist, 397 S Front 
Braceland Margaret, Marshall's ct 
Bracken James, polisher, 122 Locust 
Bracken Margaret, 261 Green 
Bracken Thos., printer, 194 W Callowhill 
Brackenridge Henry, 112 Frankford road (K) 
Brackin Henr}', machinist, 15 Perry 
Brackin Richard, carp., Wetherell's ct 
Brackin Samuel, cabinetmr.. Ten foot al 
Brackney Archer, painter, 25 Concord and 95 

Brackney Charles, weaver, 14 Shippen 
Brackney Isaac A., tailor, 3 Sheaff's al 
Brackney Saml., tinsmith, 69 Logan sq 
Bracy Charles, lab., 5 Caroline pi 
Bracy Thos., lab.. Gales' ct 
Bradan Wm., weaver, Milton bel 11th 
Bradbiin-y Ed., machinist, 2d bel Jefferson 
Bradburry Wm., bootmr., 11 Relief 
Bradburj' C. M., captain, 5th and Marriott 
Bradbury Joseph P., mer., 350 Pine 
Bradbury Mary, G T to-mI opp 4th (K) 
Bradbury Matthew, doubler and twister, Amber 
ab Phoenix (K) 

Bradbuiy Robert, pedler, 19 Cherry 

Braddock Darnold, carp. Franklin ab Front (K) , 

Braddock Ira, shoemr., Fraley's ct 

Braddock L., painter, 334 Sassafras, h Vine ab 

Sch 6th 

Braden Andrew, stonemason, Shippen ab Broad 
Brades & Co., com. mers., 54 S whfs 
Bradfield George W., brass founder, 71 N 8th 
Bradfield Oliver, plast., Vernon bel 11th 
Bradfield Thos. C, cordw., 13th and Olive 
Bradford Alfred D., gent., 433 Sassafras 
Bradford Cornelius I., acct., Washington ab 11th 
Bradford Elizabeth, eating house, 481 High 
Bradford Hannah, Marriott ab 5th 
Bradford Hira, mer., 42 N 2d 
Bradford James, M. D., 347 Walnut 
Bradford Samuel, Treas. Phil, and Reading rail- 
road Co., 95i WaJnut, h Walnut n Sch 6th 
Bradford Sarah Ann, b h, 48 W Cedar 
Bradford Selby, eating house, 246 High 
BRADFORD THOMAS, atty. and coun., 5 San- 

Bradford T. & V. L., attys. and couns. 5 Sansom 
Bradford Vincent L., att'y at law, 5 and h 22 

Bradford Walter, teacher, 139 S 11th 
Bradford Wm., att. at law, 5 Sansom 
Bradley Bernard, lab.. Spruce ab Ashton 
Bradley Christiana, gentw., 288 N 7th 
Bradley Daniel, rear 5 Bread 
Bradley David, trader, 2d bel Reed 
Bradley Dominick, lab., rear 27 Quince 
Bradley Edw., lab., rear 94 N 11th 
Bradley Elizabeth, Logan ab Green 
Bradley George, cordw., 246 Christian 
Bradley Gurdon, india rubber goods, 13 S 4th 
Bradley Hugh, waiter. Spruce ab Sch Front 
Bradley James, baker, 407 High 
Bradley James, weaver, 13th ab Brinton 
Bradley Jeremiah, 20 College av 
Bradley John, tailor, 295 S 3d 
Bradley John, mariner, 61 German 
Bradley John, watchman, 2 Watson's al 
Bradley John O., shoemr., 3 Clair 
Bradley Joshua, machinist, 286 Wood 
Bradley Mary, b h, 296 High 
Bradley Nathaniel, carter. Quince & Lombard 
Bradley Nathan, lab.. High n Sch 2d 
Bradley Peter, cabman, S E 10th & Sassafras 
Bradley Thos., lab.. Wash, av bel Brown 
Bradley Wm. G., drover. Carpenter bel 6th 
Bradnack Wm., victualler, 7th bel Federal 
Bradshaw & Dyson, turners, rear 112 Walnut 
Bradshaw Edmund, 306 N 8th 
Bradshaw Ellen, milliner, 172 S 2d 
Bradshaw Joseph, bootmr., 80 S 5th 
Bradshaw Nathaniel, agent, Marlboro' n Bed- 
ford (K) 
Bradshaw Sarah, rear 245 N Front 
Bradshaw Wm. A., watchman. Liberty al 
Bradshaw Wm. K., 74 Union 
Bradshaw Wm. M., turner, rear 112 Walnut 
Bradway Isaac, 320 N 8th 
Bradway Mark D., paper carrier, 118 N 11th 
Brady A. E., shop, R road and Francis 




Brady Charles, stables, 13 Wllling^s al 

Brady & Degroot, grocers and ship chandlers, 

Sch Beach bel Chestnut 
Biady D. C. E. mer., 26 N Front, h Marshall ah 

Brady Edward, bootmr., 161 Lombard 
Brady Edward F-, 49 Buttonwood 
Brady Francis, manf., G T road ab Master, (K) 
Bradj' Fred., 96 Catharine 
Brady Hannah, 129 Queen 
Brady James, cabm., 10 Nectarine 
Brady James, lab., Sch Front ab High 
Brady James, grocer, Sch 4th and Lombard 
Brady James, candles and soap, 110 S 12th 
Brady John, lab., 1 Reid's ct n German 
Brady John, tavern, N E 5th and Prune 
Brady John, bllndmr., Hanover bel West (K) 
Brady John, moulder, rear Wood ab Broad 
Brady John, lab., 4 Rudolph's ct 
Brady Martha, rear 127 N Mai'ket 
Brady Mary, 3 Traquair's ct 
Brady Mat., manuf., G T road bel Jefferson (K) 
Brady Mat. J., carp.. School n Franklin (K) 
Brady Michael, cabtmr., 342 Sassafras 
Brady Patrick, shop, 222 Shippen 
Brady Patrick, grocer and ship chand.. Beach 

bel Chestnut 
Brady Patrick, lab., Sch Front n Mulberry 
Brady P., mer., 26 N Front, h 397 Mulberry 
Brady P. & Co., mers., 26 N Front 
Brady Robert, carter. West Sch ab Walnut 
Brady Rosanna M., matron, 403 Chestnut 
Brady Rosanna, 177 G T road 
Brady S. A. & Co.,liqu., 141 N 3d, h 46 Crown 
Brady Thomas, lab., 87 N 10th 
Brady Thomas, lab., 4th bel G T road (K) 
Brady Thomas, tailor, 360 N 2d 
Brady Thos.j lab., Sch 3d n Lombard 
Brady Thos. F., mer., 107^ Hig-h 
Brady WiUiam, gold beater, 80 N 6th, h 13 E 

Brady Wm., lab., Sch 8th ab Vine 
Brady Wm., coach lace weaver, 13 Elder 
Brady Wm., shoemr. 5 Smith's pi 
Braeg-er Rudolph, susp. weaver, 43 Peg-g- 
Brag'din Mary, Sch 3d ab High 
Bragg & Warner, milliners, 62 Vine 
Brainard Adams, clotliing, N W 2d and Spruce, 

h 6th n Lombard 
Brainard John, 8 Logan sq 
Brainerd Thos. Rev., Green Hill & Sch 7tli 
Bramall Benj., colourlst, Warren ab Beach (K) 
BramaU Joseph, cabinetmr., Queen ab Palmer 
Braman Eliza, Franklin ab Front (K) 
Braman Peter, watchman. Sycamore ab Locust 
Bramble Joseph, moulder, 468 N Front 
Bramble Wm., 50 Gaskill 
Branch Lewis H., mer., 30 S whfs 
Branchley Rachel, shop. Vine n Schuyl 
Branard John, broker, 21 Scheetz st 
Brand Albert C, tinsmith, 343 High, h 90 N 11th 
Brand Geo., tinman, 99 High, h 85 Buttonwood 
Branden Thos., lab.. Barker n Sch 6th 
Brandsetter G. J., barber, 48 Callowhill 
Brandstetter H., gentw., 43 Callowhill 

Brandt Chas., bricklayer, 622 Front (K) 
Brandt Jas., carp.. Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Brandt John, baker, 114 Swanson 
Brandt Sophia, b. h., 130 Beach (K) 
Brandt Thomas, bricklayer, 622 N Front 
Brandt Wm., baker, 253 S 7th 
Branin Abijah, carp., Charlotte n Creek 
Brankin Edward, weaver, 4th bel G T road 
Brannan Jas., lab., 356 N Front 
Brannan John, 15 Fayette 
Brannan John, carter, 6th ab Franklin 
Brannegan Daniel, carter, 4 Braceland's ct 
Brannegan Danl., weaver, G T road bel Jefferson 
Brannegan Francis, weay., 4th bel G T road (K) 
Brannegan Jno., lab., Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Brannegan Patrick, weaver. Baker's ct (K) 
Brannegar John, bedstead mr., 10th n Milton 
Branner Frederick, Olive ab 13th 
Brannin Jas., weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Brannin Patrick, lab.. Mulberry n Ashton 
Brannin Thos., weaver, 209 Shippen 
Brannin Thos., tinsmith, GTroad ab Master (K) 
Brannin Thos., lab., 13th and Mariner 
Branning Patrick, weaver, 6 Van Buren ct (K) 
Brannon Chas., carter, P road and 8th 
Brannon Matthew, stone cutter, rear 517 N 3d 
Brannon Michael, lab., Fleming's row 
Bransby Wra., cooper, R road ab Wallace 
Branson Ann, Brinton ab R road 
Branson John, carter, 27 Emlin's ct 
Branson John, cordw., Lewis ab Poplar 
Branson & Offerman, gents. furn'g. store, 76 S 8th 
Branson Peter, brass founder, Brinton ab R road 
Branson Rebecca, milliner, 115 Sassafras 
Branson Samuel, cordw., rear 16 Ogden 
Branson Samuel, mer., 59 High 
Branson Thos., coal dealer, Broad n Spruce, li 

Chancellor n Sch 7th 
Brant Josiah, painter 77 Mulberry 
Brantis George, brickmr., Sch 3d and Lombard 
Brasier Amable Joseph, gent., office 117^ S 3d 
Brassington John, brassfounder, 641 N 2d (K) 
Bratten Isaac, carp., Parrish and Elizabeth 
Braugh Michael, Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Bray Charles, cap and hat store, 80 Cedar 
Bray Daniel, mer., 163 High, h 217 Vine 
Bray Elizabeth, Sch 6th bet Market & Chestnut 
Bray Elkanah, shipmaster, 81 Christian 
Bray James H., glass cutter, Allen bel Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Bray John, grocer, S W Franklin and Coates 
Bray John, clerk, 160 Marshall 
Braynard J. D., broker, 42 Walnut, h 21 Scheetz 
Brayton Ohver, carp., 25 N 13th 
Brazao Joseph, shoemr., Jenning^s row E side 
BRAZER CHRISTOPHER, alderman, 69 N 5th 
Brazer John, tailor, 190 S 3d 
Breach Wm., basketmr., 27 Pratt 
Brealey John, printer, 1 Scott's ct 
Brearley R., widow, 3 Lancaster 
Brearley Wm., shipcarp., 602 S Front 
Brearly James, sawmr., 3 Fries' ct 
Breason Neal, cordw., 10th bel Christian 
Breban J. J., mer., 56 Walnut, h Spruce W Bit)ad . 
Berchemin Lewis, jeweller, 120 S 2d 



Breck Samuel, g-cnt., Mulberry ab Broad 
Breckenridg'e Andrew, lab., \V Hig-h n Ashton 
Breckenr'ulg-e D., weaver, 21 M'Duffie 
Breckenridg'e Hug-h, lab., Grubb st 
Breckenridg'e Jas,, lab., Hope ab Otter (K) 
Breed Samuel D., boots and shoes, 532 High 
Breen Ann, distiller, 143 S 10th 
Breen David, lab., 2d ab Master 
Breen Jas. F., carp.. Wood ab 13th 
Breeson Jas., weaver, Milton ab 11th 
Breg'g- Francis A., teacher. Broad bel Poplar 
Brehm Francis, bre'wer, 131 Coates 
Breidenhait & Co., wine mers, 11.5 S Front 
Breidenhart E., g-entw., 140 N 13th 
Breidenhart George A., liquors, 115 S Front, h 

106 S Front 
Breidenhart John C, mer., 115 S Front 
Breining- Jacob, g-rocery, 85 Franklin 
Breintnall Jane, 287 Walnut 
Breintnall Thomas Rev., 10th and Wallace 
Breish John, butcher. Master bel 4th (K) 
Breish Joshua, tavern, S W Poplar and Apple 
Breish Sarah, tavern, G T road bel Master 
Breish Sarah, G T road ab Thompson 
Breish Wm., butcher, Coates ab 9th 
Breiter A. R., musician, 327 Sassafras 
Brelsford Chapman, shoemr., Lyndall's al 
Brelsford Francis, oyster house, 9th &, Depot st 
Brelsford John, potter. New Market and G T 

road, h 525 N 2d 
Brelsford Joseph, blacksmith, Locust ab 12th 
Brelsford Vi'm., plasterer, Harrison ab Fitler 
Bremeyer Geo. W., mer., 54 S whfs. 
Bremer Lewis, tobacconist, 190 N 3d 
BREMOND & FLORENCE, hatters, N E 6th 

and Chestnut 
Bremond J., hatter, N E 6tli and Chestnut, h 47 

S 4th 
Brendlinger Hannah Ann, b. h., 54 Sassafras 
Brenizer J. A., tailor, 21 Tui-ner 
Brenner Fred'k, baker, Franklin ab Elm (K) 
Brenner Geo., Queen n Vienna (K) 
Brenner Henry, baker. Queen n Vienna (K) 
Brenner John, machinist, Irvine 
Brenner John G., mer., 69 High, h 8 Logan sq 
Brenner Patrick, huckster, 8 Jones' al 
Bresling Sarah, Olive bel 12tli 
Brethwaite Fred'k, carp., Marriott's la bel 5th 
Bretz Elizabeth, gentw., 357 Sassafras 
Breuil C. F., custom-house, h 10th bel Fitzwater 
Breunig Francis, 102 Crown 
Brevoor John C, sea capt., 44 Mead al 
Brew Augustin, nailor, rear 95 O Y road, h 3 

John's ct 
Brew James, porter, 8 Traquair's ct 
Brewer Ann,, rear 84 Walnut 
Brewer George, clerk, Hallowell's ct 
Brewer Geo. carp, weav., Thompson ab 3d (K) 
Brewer John, tavem, c Marlboro' and Bedford 
Brewer Robert, chairmr., York pi 
Brewer Samuel, ornamental painter, 2 Cherry 
Brewer Thomas A., watchmr., 191 Callowhill 
Brewster Benj. H., att'y and coun., 1 Sansom 
Brewster Caroline L., 268 Wood 
Brewster Daniel, tailor, 9 Wood 

Brewster Edmund, p. painter. Rye & Wharto. 
Brewster Francis E., att'y and coun., 50 S 6th 
BREWSTER FRED'K C, att'y and coim 38 

S 6th 
Brewster Joseph S., att'y and coun., 65 S 5tli 
Brewster M. H., 1 Sansom 
Brewster Wm., weaver, Bedford and 13th 
Brewton Ann, Agt. Ladies' Depos., 289 Chest- 
nut, h S E 8th and Sansom 
Brewton Daniel, seaman, Washington ab 4th 
Breyer L., bootmr., 153 Mulberry 
Breyer Martha, 18 Charles' pi 
Brian Wm., tailor, 330 High, h Charles n But- 

Brick Daniel, cordw., 10th bel Christian 
Brick John R., boots & shoes, N E 6th & High, 

h 213 Spruce 
Brick Samuel R., bricklayer, 14 Dillwyn 
Brick Wm. W., morocco dr., 360 S 2d 
Brickett Enoch, coach trimmer, 73 Carpenter 
Brickman George, mer., 10th ab Parrish. 
Brickner Michael, tailor, rear 603 N 6th 
Bridge Christ., trader, G T road ab Master (K) 
Bridge J. C, gent., 456 Vine 
Bridge Samuel, waiter, White's ct 
Bridges Calvin, shoemr., 8th bel Green 
Bridges Edwin, 262 High 
Bridges John, waiter, Sch 4th ab Sprue 
Bridges N W., 167 Walnut 
Bridges Robert, M. D., Clinton bel 11th 
Bridges Wm. C, broker, 62 Walnut, h Clinton 

bel 11th 
Bridport Hugh, 239 Spruce 
Brierley Thos., carp., 8th bel Shippen 
Briggs Andrew, machinist, Washington bel 13tli 
Briggs Edmund, lab.. Phoenix bel Front (K) 
Briggs Edward, wool spinner, rear Charlotte ab 

Briggs Ethan, gunsmith, Sarah n Queen (K) 
Briggs G. E., Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Briggs G. W., collector, 2 Hause's ct 
Briggs John, cordw., 12 Tammany ct 
Briggs John, bleeder, 47 N 7th 
Briggs John, hosier, rear 487 N 3d 
Briggs John, jr., clerk, 47 N 7th 
Briggs Joseph, carter, S W 9tli & Washington 
Briggs Moses, paint. & glaz., and trimming St., 

S E 4th and Spruce 
Briggs Robert, Richard n 6th 
Briggs Russel M., moulder, Carleton bel Sch 5th 
Briggs Sarah, Evans bel Prime 
Briggs Thos., tavern, 5 Spruce, h 69 Penn 
Brigham Chai-les, printer, 9th bel Lombard 
Brigham E. A., broker, 90^ Walnut, h 88 Wood 
Bright E., artificial flowermr., 22 S 4th 
Bright John, Emeline 
Bright Samuel E., carter, rear 116 Browne 
Bright Thos., shoes, F road ab Allen (K) 
Brightly Charles H., machinist, 21 Minor, h 10th 

ab Washington 
Brightly Frederick C, att'y., 320 N 3d 
Brightly Henry A., engraver, 8th and Mulberry, 

h 10th bel Ogden 
Brightly Joseph H., engraver, S W 8th & Mul- 
berry, h 10th ab Poplar 




Brig-htwcll Sarah, shopkeeper, 46 New Market 
Drill Geo., turner, Shackamaxon ab Bedford (K) 
Brill John H., cordw., Dung-an's av (K) 
Brimmer Elizabeth, 132 S 9th 
Brimmer John, printer, 10 S Broad 
Brinckle Joshua G., att'y & coun., 152 Walnut 
Brinckle J. R., mer., 15 S Front, h 335 Chestnut 
Brinckle T. R., M. D., 94 S 8th 
Brinckle Wm. U., M D., 335 Chestnut 
Brinckle Wm. H., att'y and coun., 53 S 5th 
Brinckley G. W., musician, 6th bel Catharine 
Brinckley Richard, lab., rear Mariott's la ab 5th 
Brinckley Robert, waiter, 5 Portland la 
Brindel John F., g-unsm., Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
Brines Tliomas, lab., La Fayette ab 9th 
Bring-hurst John, drug-gist, S E 10th & Chestnut 
Bring-hiu-st J. H., sawmr., 4th and Franklin, h 

671 N 2d (K) 
Bringhurst John K., printer, S W 4th & Shippen 
Bring-hurst & Kurby, saw 8c knife mks., Frank- 
lin bel 4th (K) 
Bring-hurst Robt. R., undertaker, 239 Mulberry 
Brinkworth Wm., carp.. Bank bel Pine 
Brinley Edward L., mer., 24 N 2d, h Spruce ab 

Brinnisholt Henry, wharf builder, 77 M road 
Brint Nelson, lab.. Sassafras ab Sch 3d 
Brinton & Ely, coal mers.. Broad 8c Willow 
Brinton Elizabeth, mantuamr., 122 Chestnut 
Bi'inton Emily, nurse, 1 Raspberry la 
Brinton Georg-e, 1 S Broad 
Brinton Jacob L., coal mer., 277 Marshall 
Brinton R. B., mer., 103 High, h Pine n 8tli 
BRINTON 8c SHACKELFORD, silks, 103 High 
BrintzinghoiTer Chas., 369 High 
Brisbane Wm. H., publisher, 46 N 5th 
Briscoe A. H., dentist, 214 Walnut 
Briscoe James H., dentist, 247 Walnut 
Brison James, carter, Ruddack's ct 
Brister Chas., lab., Portland bel 7th 
Brister Elizabeth, Lombard bel 11th 
Brister Hannah, 52 CuiTant al 
Bristol Abraham, painter, o7 Coates' al 
Bristol Andrew, 177 Lombard 
Bristol Augustus, dealer, 148 J Cedar 
Bristol Charles, clothes, 97 S 2d, h 177 Lombard 
Bristol James, wood sawyer, 95 Lombard 
Bristol Jas., waiter, Spooner's ct 
Britin Jacob, tobacconist, 494 N 2d 
Britsch Philip, baker, 365 N 3d 
Britt Patrick, lab., Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Brittain Thos., cordw., 13th bel Brown 
Briltin J. B., 24 Logan 
Brittner Joseph, book fitter, 3 Carlisle ct 
Brittner Peter, barber, O Y road bel Coates 
Britton Abraham, blindmr., Washington bel 6th 
Britton Austin, bricklay., Carroll bel loth 
Britton A., nurse, rear 392 Sassafras 
Britton Edmd., cordw., Apple ab Brown 
Britton Ellen, dry goods, S W 13th 8c Pine 
Britton Hall, Dr., 13th bel Rose 
Britton Jacob, 3 Boyle's ct 
Britton James, '19 Mulberry 
Britton John, blacksm., Queen n 3d 
Britton John, Mrs., Chestnut (W P) 

Britton Letitia, rear 15 New Market 
Britton Samuel, blacksm., Ross ab Queen (K) 
Britton Thomas, U. S Mint, h 34 Jacoby 
Britton Wm., saddler. Concord 
Britts Isaac, ship cai-p., Hanover ab Queen 
Broadbent Daniel W., lab.. Derringer's av (K) 
Broadbent Elijah, ostler, Littleboy's ct 
Broadbent John, weav., Franklin n Howard (K) 
Broadhead John, atty. 8c coun., 60 S 6th 
Broadhurst Jas., weav., Montgomery ab F road 
Broadhurst John, carp. weav. 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Broadwater Daniel, fisher, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Broadwater Wm., cordw., Bagg's ct 
Brobson Wm., bookbinder, 384 S 3d 
Brobston Joseph, acct., 443 High 
Brock Charles C, mer., 108 N3d 
Brock Charles N., machinist, 6 Lagrange pi, h 

30 N 10th 
Brock Charles W., 52 St John 
Brock George E., 97 8c 99 N 3d 
Brock 8c Hough, flour store, 194 N 3d 8c 226 


Brock John, groc, 97 8c 99 N 3d, h 149 N 4th 
BROCK JOHN, SONS 8c Co., groc, 97 and 99 


Brock J. P., atty. 8c coun., 149 N 4th 
Brock Samuel Z., mer., 194 N 3d 
Brock Wm., cabinetmr., 56 P road 
Brock Wm. Penn, 9; 8c 99 N 3d 
Brock Wm., butcher, 50 St John 
Brock Wm., 52 St John 
Brockei-man John, driver, 3 William's ct 
BrockmanBenj., ii-on dealer, 563 N Front 
Brockway Philip, weav. Beach bel Bishop (K) 
Brodback John, baker, 71 F road (K) 
Erode George, cordw., 97 Crown 
Brode John, whipmr., Sansom's al ab Willow 
Brode Walter, brickmr., 171 Green 
Brodhead James, dyer, 17 Shriver's ct 
Brodie Andrew, machinist, 4th bel Master (K) 
Brodie James, metalic roofer, 9 St James, h 62 

Brodie Robert C, druggist, Sp Garden 8c 12th 
Brodrick Patrick, Sch Front ab Sprnce 
Brogan Patrick, moroc. dr., P road bel Cedar 
Brogdon Wm., porter, 6 Barley n 11th 
Brognard Joseph R., com. mer., 16 N Front, h 

384 N 6th 
Brognard N. L. mer. 22 Church al, h 306 Coates 
Broker Jacob, Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Brolaskey S., 419 Chestnut 
Bromel Benj., sailmr., 28 Elfreth's al 
Bromley Arthur, bleacher, Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Bromley John, weaver, rear G T road ab 5th 
Bromley Wm., blacksm., King bet Sassafras 8c 

Brong Andrew, lab.. Pearl bel Broad 
Bronin Thos., tinsmith, G T road ab Master (K) 
Bronstrap F., blacksm., 427 Noble 
Bronson Cha., agent, Shackamaxon n Franklin 
Bronwell Fred., blk. sm., Dunton bel Otter (K) 
Brook Richard S., oyster house, 261 Callowlull 
Brook Wm. F., machinist, 5 Ulrich (K) 
Brookbank 8c Lewry, gasfitters. Willow bel 3d 
Brookbanks Wm., gasfitter, 54 Coates 




Brook Catharine E.,*/ Carlton sq 

Brooke Charlotte P., 34 N 9th 

BROOKE C. WALLACE, atty, & coun., 144 

Brooke Hiram, mer., 77 N 3d 
Brooke James, grocer, S W Sch 7th & Pine 
Brooke Jas. J., paper & rag-s, 29 Commerce 
Brooke John F-, M. D., 403 Spruce 
Brooke Jonas, tavern, 227 Walnut 
Brooke Lewis P. mer. 72 N 3d, h 8 Montgomery 
Brooke Margaret, dressmr., 79 Green 
Brooke Nathan, carp., Brown bel 7th 
Brooke S. H., mer., 140 High, h 34 N 9th 
BROOKE, TYSON & RHEN, mers., 140 High 
Brooker Benj. C, auctioneer, 6 N 3d, h 114 

Brooker Charles, machinist, Penn bel R road 
Brooker Elizabeth, pawn broker, 186 Cedar 
Brooker John, cordw., Hallowelln 7th 
Brookfield Jos., M. D., Juniper &. Filbert 
Brookfield Wm., stone cr., Buttonwood & R road 
Brookman Geo., lab., Lombard n Sch 
Brookman Henry, tavern, 60 Penn (C) 
Brooks David, brickmr., Pine ab 4th 
Brooks Elias S., umbrellas, 68 S 2d 
Brooks Elizabeth, 33 N Sch 8th 
Brooks Elizabeth, 28 Perry 
Brooks George, agent, 2 N 9th 
Brooks Hannah, Lewis ab Poplar 
Brooks Hemy, grocer, 21 N 2d 
Brooks Isaac jr., brickmr., Jefferson 
Brooks Isaac, gi-ocer, 11th & Vine 
Brooks James, twister, 181 G T road (K) 
Brooks Jane, grocer, Sch 7th & Helmuth 
Brooks John, carp., 281 N 7th 
Brooks John, cooper, 7S S Water, h 5 Norri's' al 
Brooks John F., carter, Lombard ab 7th 
Brooks John H., clerk, 24 Wash. Market pi 
Brooks John, lab., Franklin ab Front (K) 
Brooks Jonathan, iron cast. Bedford & Union (K) 
Brooks Joseph, cab driver, 15 Dannaker's av 
Brooks Jos., tobacco, Apple ab George • 
Brooks Jos. H., di-uggist. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Brooks J. M., 18 Church al., h 90 New 
Brooks Margaret, dealer, 30 Shippen 
Brooks Mary, Walnut ab 13th 
Brooks Oliver & Co., hat'rs, S W 3d 8c Walnut 
BROOKS OLIVER, hats & caps, S W 3d and 

Walnut, h 180 S 9th 
Brooks Phebe, Christian and Stewart 
BROOKS & ROACH, com. mers., 18 Church al 
Brooks Samuel, mer., 7 S whfs., h 228 Walnut 
Brooks Samuel, oystarman, N E Sch 8th and 

Brooks Silas S., M. D., 297 Walnut 
Brooks Stephen, tinman, Sansom's al., h 163 

Brooks Susanna, bonnetmr,, 5 Strawberry 
Brooks S. B., clerk N A Bank, h Sch 8th n Mul- 
Brooks I'homas, blacksm., 570 S Front 
Brooks Thomas, carp., 25 Green 
Brooks Thomas E., grocer, N W 6th and Fine, 

h 125 Lombard 
Brooks* Wm., stock weaver, 63 Coates 

Brooks Wm., Shippen bel 4th 

Brooks Wm., carp.. Crown bel Duke (K) 

Brooks Wm. J., carpet weaver, reai* Filbert bel 

Sch 5th 
Brooks Wm. K., gi-ocer, 5th & Wash. Market pi 
Broom Ann, matron Christ Chui-ch Hospital, 8 

Broom Christopher, 11 Noble 
Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, h O 

Y read bel Green 
Broom Isaac, lab., 23 Dugan 
BROOM JACOB, atty. and coun., 70 S 6th, h 

BROOM JAMES M., atty. & coun., 103 Wal- 
nut, h N E 3d & York ct 
Broom Thomas, ship carp., 101 Prime 
Broom Wm., sugar refiner, 11 Noble 
Broomall Lewis R., watchmr., 166 Sassafras 
Broome Thos., morocco casemr., 46 Chestnut 
Broomel Peter, bookbind. Hubbellab Catharine 
Broomel Wm., police, 20 Bonsall 
Brophy John, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Bross Edmond R., cordw., 44 Chester 
Brostin Dennis, hatter, rear 8th bel Carpenter ■ 
Brothers Charles, hatter, 27 N 3d, h 182 N 4th 
Brothers Thaddeus, lab., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Brothers Thaddeus, lab., 17 Harrison 
Brotherton Hugh, dry goods, 136 N 13th 
Brough Mich., blacksm.. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Brough Samuel, blacksm., 3dab Beaver 
Broughton Thomas, machinist, Peny ab Frank- 

hn (K) 
Broughton Thomas G., mer., 38 N whfs., h IQ 

Belmont pi 
Brous Wm., cordw., 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Brower Ann, tailoress, 299 S Front 
Erower Barnet, machinist, 25 N 4th 
Brower Christian, Poplar, ab 11th 
Brower David E., mer., 193 High 
Brower, Hays & Co., booksellers, 193 High 
Brower Nathan P., mer., 193 High 
Brower Peter B., ladies' shoemr., Bond's ct 
Browers Jacob, potter, rear 5 Brooke 
Browfey Michael, weaver, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Browfey Peter, weaver, Helmuth 
Brown Abraham, barber, 1 S 11th 
Brown Achor, harnessmr.. Filbert n Sch Front 
BROWN ALEXANDER, gent., 387 Walnut 
Brown Alexander, mariner, 10 Liberty ct 
Brown Alexander, silversm., 18 Minor 
Brown Alexander, lab.. Linden ab Sch 7th 
Brown Allen, lab., Hancock ab Phoenix 
Brown Andrew, 85 Cherry 
Brown Andrew, 353 S 6th 
Brown Ann, St John ab Beaver (K) 
Brown Ann, store. Dean and Centre 
Brown Ann, shop, 1 Hubbell (M) 
Brown Ann, tailoress, 353 High 
Brown Anthony Z., gun sm., 515 N 3d 
Brown Benj., cordw.. Lisle bel Shippen 
Brown Benj. b h, 7th bel Poplar 
Brown Benj. F., hatter, 1 Adelphi al, h 106 St 

Brown Bernard, lab.. Emerald bel Sch 6th 
Brown B. M. &, Co., tailors, 454 High 




Brown Catharine, S W 13th and Spruce 

Brown Cephas, cordw., 173 S 11th 

Brown Charles, weav., rear Hanover bel Duke 

Brown Charles, Rev., Callowhill n Sch Front 

Brown Charles, watchman, Brooks' ct 

Brown Charles, bookseller, 14 Girard 

Brown Chas. B., blacksm., rear 107 N Market 

Brown Chas. H. jr., tailor, 18 Og-den 

Brown Chris. D. paper stainer, Pearl bel Sch 6th 

Brown C, washer, St Mary 

Brown C. A. & Co., booksellers, 36 N 6th 

Brown Daniel, grocery, 49 Fitz water 

Brown Daniel, lab., Lombard ab Sch 6th 

Brown Daniel H., tavern, Hanover n Froad (K) 

Brown David, carp., 32 StrawbeiTy 

Brown David, Green ab R road 

Brown David, weaver, 13th & Rose 

Brown David, runner, rear 62 Gaskill 

Brown David Paul, atty & ^coun., N W 9th and 

BROWN DAVID S., com. mer., 38 S Front, li 

274 Walnut 
BROWN DAVID S. & Co., domestic goods, 38 

S Front 
Brown Deborah, g-entw., 295 Chestnut 
Brown Delos W. dry goods, 81 N 8th & 21 Bank 
Brown Ebenezer, 6 Bank, h Sp Garden bel 11th 
Brown Edmond, capm'r., 5 Bank, h 364 N 10th 
Brown Edward, teacher, 61 Prune, h 12th ab 

Brown Edward, bar tender, 8 Loxley's ct 
Brown Edward, machinist, 6 Lagrang-e pi 
Brown Eleanor, Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Brown Elias, marble mas.. Broad 8c Lombard 
Brown Elijah, gent., 51 S 5th 
Brown Eliza, Morris bel Catharine 
Brown Eliza, washer, rear, 394 Sassafras 
Brown Eliza, Vine ab Broad 
Brown Eliza, b h, Julianna and Wood 
Brown Elizabeth, gentw., Jackson ab Adams 
Brown Elizabeth, shop, 77 George 
Brown Emanuel D., collector, 25 Merchant 
Brown Emeline, b h, 14 N 9th 
Brown E. M., cooper. Pleasant bel 10th 
Brown Enos, lab., 20 Wash. Market pi 
Brown Francis, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson 
Brown Francis, ice dealer, rear 116 Christian 
Brown Frank, clerk, 1 Linden st (K) 
BROWN FREDERICK, druggist, N E Chest 

and 5th, h 70 S 5th 
Brown Fredk,, blacksm.. Orange bel Citron 
Brown George, chairmr.. Rule bel Wheat 
Brown George, carp., Sch 6th ab Pine, h Sch 

3d n Lombard 
Brown George, watchman, rear Washington ab 

Brown George, carp., 2 Galbralth's ct 
Brown George, oak cooper, 13 Beck 
Brown George, cordw., 160 Poplar 
Brown George, matmr.. Carpenter ab 8(h 
Brown George, weaver, Fitlerbel Harrison (K) 
Brown George, hatter, 13th ab Wood 
Brown George, barber, 4 Walnut 
Brown George B., atty. and coun., 68 S 6th, 1 

161 E Pine 

Brown George D., blacksm., 450 S 4th 

Brown George W., grocer, 9th and Locust, h 84 


BROWN & GODWINS, com. mers.73 S whfs 
Brown Gotleib, baker, F road ab Franklin 
Brown Gowen A., cordw., 450 S 4th 
Brown Hans, wafer and sealg. wax manuf., 127 

Brown Harriet, shop, P road bel Washington 
Brown Henry, lab., 26 Quince 
Brown Henry, baker, rear Willow bel 8th. 
Brown Henr}'-, cedar cooper, 40 Julianna 
Brown Henry, Russell bel Shippen 
Brown Henry, cabtmr., F road n Cherry (K) 
Brown Henry H., velocipedemr., Davis' ct 
Brown Henry W., stonecut., Carpenter ab 13th 
Brown Henry W. soap boiler, R road ab George 
Brown & Hicks, tailors, 286 High 
Brown Horace A., dentist, Hyde ct ^ 
Brown H. A., printer, 76 Chestnut 
Brown H. J., M. D., 570 N 3d 
Brown Isaac, waiter, Rawle 
Brown Isaac, carp., 8th bel Poplar 
Brown Isabella, N E Fitzwater and Shippen la 
Brown Jacob, vict., F road bel Master (K) 
Brown Jacob, lab., rear F road n Queen (K) 
Brown Jacob, Poplar and Charlotte 
Brown Jacob, porter, 3 Acorn al 
Brown Jacob, jr., paperhanger, 88 Charlotte 
Brown James, waiter, 23 Green (C) 
Brown James, lab.. Vine ab Broad 
Brown James, mer., 19 Church al, h 13th bel 

Brown James, drover. Prospect pi 
Brown James, seaman, 1 E Catharine 
Brown James, drayman, 6 Fries' ct 
Brown James, porter, 97 Lombard 
Brown James, wheelwright, Clark bel 4th 
Browfi James, weaver, n Mary ab F road (K) 
Brown James, teacher, 282 Chestnut 
Brown James, carter, 4 Norris' ct 
Brown James, lab., Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Brown James, weaver, 2d ab Master (K') 
Brown James, coachman^ Bedford ab 12th 
Brown James, Eagle Hotel, 195 Chestnut 
Brown James, waiter, Morris bel Catharine 
Brown James D., coal mer.. Broad bel Walnut, 

h N W 11th and Washington 
Brown James D., art. flower manf , 351 N 2d 
Brown James E., saddler, 4 S 4th, h 163 S 5th 
Brown James R., bellhanger, Cobb 
Brown James AV., mer., 136 High, h 417 Chest- 
Brown Jane, Sycamore ab Locust 
Brown Jer., men, 19 Chestnut, h 110 Mulberry 
BROWN JEREMIAH & CO., mers , 19 Chest- 
Brown Jno., groc, 277 High, h George ab So 6th 
Brown John, coachman, 27 Prosperous al 
Brown John, lab., M'Duffien 3d 
Brown John, weaver, Sch 5th n Lombard 
Brown John, gent., 21 Green 
Brown John, shoes, 232 S 4th 
Brown John, painter, 303 Walnut, h 14 S 10th 
Brown John, waiter. Barley n 6th 




Brown John, lab., Webb's al 

Brown John, blacksm., rear 109 N loth, h Cal- 

lowhiU ab Sch 2d 
Brown John, carp., 193 Cherry 
Brown John, janitor 28 Watson's al 
Brown John, salesman, 155 S 3d 
Brown John, weaver, Lombard E Sch 7th 
Brown John, porter, 6th ab Cai'penter 
Brown John, lab., 4 Raih-oad ct 
Brown John, millwright, 3d ab Washington 
Brown John, 199 N Front 
Brown John, whitewasher, 2 Barley 
Brown John, manuf., Charlotte bel George 
Brown John, lab., Shippenab 8th 
Brown John, carter, 6 Lawrence 
Brown John, bootmr., 2 St Mary 
Brown John, printer, Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Brown John A., cordw., 53 M road 
Brown John A., mer., 30 Chestnut, h S E 12th 

and Chestnut 
Brown John A. T., presser, 10 Carlton 
Brown John D., printer, 69 Gaskill 
Brown John H., blksm., 18 Maria 
Brown John H., teacher, lOlh ab Washington 
Brown John H., mer., 136 High, h Pine ab 7th 
Brown John H. & Co., diy goods, 136 High 
Brown John J., tailor. Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Brown John T., alderman, 185 St John 
Brown John T., coachmr.. Fetter la 
Brown John T., jr., brushmr., 505 N 2d, h Wis- 

tar's ct (K) 
Brown John W., mach., Clinton ab Franklin (K) 
Brown John W., cordw.. Garden ab CallowhiU 
Brown Jonathan, grocer, James bel 10th 
Brown Joseph, shoenai-., 397 S 4th, h 21 Har- 
Brown Joseph, mer., 11 Bank, h 16 Carter's al 
Brown Joseph, mer., 7':i S whfs., h 209 S 2d 
Brown Joseph, lab., 9 Mayland * 

Brown Joseph, engineer, Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Brown Joseph, weaver, Morris n William 
Brown Jos., shipwr., Hanover ab Beach (K) 
Brown Jos., carp.. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Brown Jos., watchman. Brooks' ct 
Brown Jos., shoemr., o5 Prosperous al 
Brown Joseph D., gent., office 13 Minor, h 167 

Brown Joseph S., turner, S Garden bel 9th 
Brown JosephusR., cordw., W Penn sqab High 
BROWN J. D., h Co., coal mers., Broad bel 

Brown J. Henry, mln. painter, 96 Walnut 
Brown J. Pcmberton, bookseller, 36 N 6th 
Brown J., clothes, 99 S 2d, h 217 Lombard 
Brown Lewis, vict.. Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Brown Lewis, dry goods, 146 High, h S E 6th 

and Vine 
Brown Lorenzo D., blksm., 8 Wagner's ct 
Brown Lydia, b h. Barker n Sch 6th 
Brown Marcus, lab., 6 Bonsall 
Brown Mary, b h, 13tli ab Spruce 
Brown :Mary, M'Mackin's ct 
Brown Mary, milliner, 351 N 2d 
Brown Mary Ann, AVeslcy ab 3d 
Brown Margaret, widow, Filbert n Sch Front 

Brown Matthew, lab., 5 Grape ct 

Brown Matthew, lab., 25 Union (S) 

Brown Matthew, cordw., 19 Fitzwater 

Brown Michael, pedler, 125 Plum 

Brown Michael, cabman, George ab 10th 

Brown Miller, 254 Sassafras 

Brown Minus, porter, Emeline st 

Brown Morris Rev., 154 Queen 

Brown Morris, engineer, N E 12th and Cherry 

Brown Moses, mer., 20 N 4th, h 108 Mulberry 

Brown M., shoemr., 359 Cedar 

Brown Nathan, 99 G T road, bel 2d (K) 

Brown Nathaniel, sweep, 417 N 4th 

Brown Nathaniel P., reporter, 9th ab Coates 

Brown Neal, lab., Atherton 

Brown Nicholas, carter, 63 Rawle 

Brown Nicholas, tailor, 7th bel Parrish 

Brown Nicholas, lab., 3 John's ct 

Brown Nicholas, teacher, 15 Elizabeth 

Brown Patrick, lab?, Nixon bel CallowhiU 

Brown Paul S., mer., 10th bel Melon 

Brown Pemberton, bookseller, 36 N 6th 

Brown Peter, sugar boiler, real- 13 Brooke 

Brown Peter, basketmr., G T road bet 6th and 

Brown Peter, 44 Wood 

Brown Peter, ironfound., Franklin ab Hanover 
Brown Phineas, b h, 3 Carlton 
Brown Quintus C, groc, N E 10th & Lombard- 
Brown Rachel, shoebr., rear 73 G T road (K) 
Brown Rachel, cook, Madison ct 
Brown Rebecca, washer. Carpenter ab 8th 
Brown Rebecca, ready made linen, 66f S 4th 
Brown Richard, painter, Lombard ab 13th 
Brown Richard, lab. 2 Bedford 
Brown Richard, sexton, Wharton bel 5th 
Brown Richai-d, lab.. Eagle's ct 
Brown Richard H., ship carp., Duke ab Hano- 
ver (K) 
Brown Robert, whitewasher, 149 Locust 
Brown Robert, lab.. Centre n Dean 
Brown Robt., carp., Lombard n Sch 5th, h Sch 

5th bel Lombard 
Brown Robert, ostler, 13 Mary's ct 
Brown Robert, carp., George ab Sch 6th 
Brown Robert, waiter, 241 Shippen 
Brown Robert P., barber, 11 S 6th, h 31 Cur- 
rant al 
Brown Roger, distiller. High ab Sch 7th, h 17 

Brown Samuel, gent., 238 Spruce 
Brown Samuel, Shippen ab 12th 
Brown Samuel, carpet weaver, Sch 3d & Chest- 
Brown Samuel, pumpmr., P road bel Washing- 
Brown Samuel, bell hanger, 12th n Washington 
Brown Samuel, painter, 90 Sassafras 
Brown Samuel, lab., 5 Clare 
Brown Samuel, tavern, 68 Washington .iv 
Brown Samuel, mariner. Front and Federal 
Brown Samuel, lab., Leyden's ct 
Brown Samuel, waiter. White's ct 
Brown Sarah, Poplar ab 9th 
Brown Sarah, sempstress, 8 Providence ct 




Brown Solomon, lab., 42 Bread 

Brown Susan, 5 Hermitage pi 

Brown Susan B., gentw., 350 Chestnut 

Brown Susan, Willow ab Marshall 

Brown Thos., mer., 42^ S Front, h Nixon ab 

Brown Thos., waterman, 58 Queen . 
Brown Thos., barber, 125 N 2d 
Brown Thomas, ship carp., Franklin ab Hano- 
ver (K) 
Brown Thomas, oj'sterman, 80 Tammany- 
Brown Thomas, seaman, 19 Prosperous al 
Brown Thomas, lab., 14 Gray's al 
Brown Thomas, boots 8t shoes, 18 and 44 High, 

h 7th ab Poplar 
Brown Thomas, grocer, N W Spruce & Dean 
Brown Thomas, boot fitter, rear 175 Brown 
Brown Thomas, brickmr., rear G T road ab 5th 
Brown Thomas, cordw., 196 S 2d 
Brown Thomas, sawyer, F road bel Phoenix (K) 
Brown Thos., carp., 15 Jones' al., h 9 Chance- 
ry lane 
Brown Thomas, carp., 10 Swanson 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 10th ab Christian 
Brown Thomas W., cabinetmr., Mechanic (S) 
Brown Timothy, boot fitter, 13 Charlotte 
Brown T. Mrs., gentw., S W 13th and Spruce 
Brown Walter, missionary, 142 S Juniper 
Brown Walter, mer., 45I5 Mulberry 
Brown Wash., mer., 40 N Front, h 473 MulbeiTy 
Brown Wm., waterman, rear 137 Chi-istian 
Brown Wm., jeweller, St John ab George (K) 
Browm Wm., lab., McDuffie n Sch 2d 
Brown Wm., fur. car.. Filbert ab Sch 8th 
Brown Wm., brushmr., 4 Elfreth's al 
Brown Wm., photographist, 144 Chestnut, h 6 

Brown Wm., cordw., 142 Lombard 
Brown AVm., waterman, 11 Burd 
Brown Wm., cordw., 2 Roach ct (K) 
Brown Wm., tailor, 286 High, h 8th ab Green 
Brown Wm., carp., CaUowhill ab Sch 5th 
Brown Wm., plumber, 9 S 7th, h Washington 

bel 7th (S) 

Brown Wm., blacksmith, 2d ab G T road, h Ed- 
ward n 2d (K) 
Brown Wm., ladies' shoemr., Jackson pi 
Brown Wm., hosier, 6 Parker 
Brown Wm., grocer, 277 High, h Sch 8th ab 

Brown Wm., carp, weav., Sch 3d and Chestnut 
Brown Wm., carter, n Sch 6th 
Brov/n Wm., stock'g. fr. mr.. Weavers' row (K) 
Brown Wm., acct., 53 N 4th 
Brown Wm., lab.. Miller's al 
Brown Wm., hatter, 196 High 
Brown Wm., carp., 6th ab Camac (K) 
Brown Wm., seaman, Shippen bel 4th 
Brown Wm. A., carp., 404 S 3d 
Brown Wm. A., mer., 19 Chestnut 
Brovni Wm. A., shoemr., 431 S 2d 
Brown Wm. G., brass founder, G T road ab 5 th 
BROWN WILLIAM H. & Co., domestic goods, 

20 N 4th 
Brown Wm. & John, grocers, 277 High 

Brown Wm. H., mer., 77 N 3d 

Brown Wm. IL, plast., 34 Hazel 

Brown Wm. H., mer., 20 N 4th, h 148 S 9th 

Brown Wm. IL, marble yard. Broad bel Cedar, 

h Carpenter ab 13th 
Brown Wm'. Linn, coun. & att'y., 208 Pine 
Brown W. L., rigger, 11 Noble 
Brown Zebedee, carter, Ohio 
Browne Alex., register of wills. State House, h 

429 N 5th 
Browne Aquila A., att'y. & coun., 307 Walnut 
Browne Elizabeth, b h., N W 8th and Chestnut 
Browne Hannah, gentw., 90 Marshall 
Browne Joseph, lastmr., 71 Sassafras 
Browne N. B., att'y., 141 Walnut 
Browne Peter A., gent., 331 Walnut 
Brownhill Daniel B., barber, R road & Brinton 
Brownholtz John, lime dealer, 8th bel Poplar 
Browning & Brothers, di'uggists, 33 High 
Browning Charles, mer., 33 High, h 406 Vine 
Browning Geo. W., mer., 221 Chestnut 
Browning G., mer., 33 Higli, h 406 Vine 
Browning John, carter, G T road ab Master (K) 
Browning Maurice, drug., 33 High, h 88 N Front 
Browning Saml., tavern, c Marsh & Penn (E K) 
Browning- Wm., carter, G T road ab Master 
Brownnewell John C, clerk, 94 Dillwyn 
BROWNS & BOWEN, mers., 30 Chestnut 
Browns Wm., waiter, 208 S 7th 
Bruce George F., carp., 605 S Front 
Bruce Joseph, bricklayer, 605 S Front 
Bruce Luke, waiter, 6 Elizabeth 
Bruce Matthew W., carp., Wharton ab 4th 
Bruce Wm., baker, 15 Wharton 
Bruce Wm., waiter, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Bruder George, cordw., 350 N 2d 
Bruen James, gent., 499 Chestnut bel Sch 7th 
Bruff Jno. M., tailor, Gulielma 
Bruff Robei-t, currier. Elm ab Franklin (K) 
Bridte Joseph, painter, 4 Lytles' ct 
Brumer John, oak cooper, 257 St John 
Brumley Robert W. C, lab., Clark ab 3d 
Brummer H., tailor, 6th ab Poplar 
Brundeag Susan, tobacco, 63 Christian 
Brundydge Swain, tobacconist, Shippen ab 7th 
Brunell Andrew, rigger, Marlborough bel Duke 
Bruner Henry, shoemr., 144 N Front 
Bruner Henry, wool dealer, 7 Margaretta 
Bruner Isaac, sugar refiner, 8 Carberry's ct 
Bruner John, books, 8 Wallace 
BRUNER J. P., wool dealer, 6 Willow, h N 6th 
Bruner Philip, cordw., Oi'chard ab Rawle 
Bruner Wm., parchment manuf., and wool ware- 
house, 4 Pegg & 7 Willow 
BRUNER W. & SON, skindressers and wool 

dealers, 7 Margaretta 
Brunet John, confect., 207 S 2d 
Bninner Abraham, watchman, Ogden ab lOth 
Brunner George, founder, Marshall ab Brown 
Brunner John K., doorkr. U S Mint, h 3 Division 
Brunner Manassa, bookseller, 139 N 3d, h 15 

Binint John, weaver, 13th ab Shippen 
Brunt Thomas, drayman, 336 S Front 
Brusstar G. H., baker, 276 S 4th 




Brusstar Sarah, Queen ab Froad (K) 

Bru.'tche J., milliner, 218 Walnut 

Bruster Anna, 31 Brown 

Bruster Charles, b. h., 17 S 10th 

Bruster John, ship carp., Allen ab Shackamaxon 

Bruster Thomas, cordw.. Queen ab Crown (K) 
Bruten Albert, cordw., rear G T road ab 2d 
Bry Daniel, carp., Parrish ab 10th 
Bryan Catharine, Cooper's ct 
Bryan &, Ferree, dry goods, 172 High 
Bryan Geo. H., mer., 12 S Water, h 9 Franklin 

Bryan George S., mer., 172 High 
Bryan Isaiah, cabinetmr., 3 Whitaker's ct 
Bryan Jacob, commissioner, 29 Montgomery 
Bryan James, M. D., N E 10th and Mulbeny 
Bryan John, gunsmith. Derringer's ct 
Bryan John, cabm., 71 N 6th 
Bryan J. R., M. D., Sp Garden ab 11th 
BRYAN & M'ILHEN]SlY,com. niers. 12 S Water 
Bryan Maria H., 401 Mulberry 
Bryan Moses, tailor, 83 Brown 
Bryan Robt., Say st 

Bryan Samuel, cutler, Washington (W P) 
Bryan Thos., cordw., rear 198 Christian 
Bryan T. M., mer., 12 S Water 
Bryan Wm., lab., rear Carpenter ab 7tli 
Bryant Deborah, nurse, 443 N 3d 
Bryant Jacob, 17 Paschall's al 
Bryant James, lab., 30 Barker 
BRYANT JOHN, Salutation House, 23 S 3d 
Bryant Rachel, Sch 6th bel Cherry 
Bryant Wm., carp, weaver, c Locust and Sch 

Beach, h 114 German 
Bryant Wm. H., cabinetmr., 5 Schuylkill av 
Bryden John, carp.. Mulberry n Broad, h 115 N 

Brynan Edward, umbrella mr., 6th and Chestnut 
Brynan John, mer., 219 S 2d 
Brj'son & Chapman, painters, 13th and Cherry 
Bryson Hugh, cordw., 13th n Sassafras 
Bryson James H., printer, 4 N 6th, h 357 Cherry 
Bryson John AI., painter, 13th &. Cheriy, h 195 

Bryson Samuel, Mulbeny n Ashton 
Buch John, cordw., 18 R road 
Buch John, dealer, 7 Dillwyn 
Buchanan Alex., porter, Budden's al 
Buchanan Edward, shoemr.. Cedar bel 12th 
Buchanan Edw., Penn Hospital, h 306 S 6th 
Buchanan George, dealer, rear 10 Quince 
Buchanan Geo., hatter. Master ab Hancock (K) 
Buchanan George B.,brickmr., Spruce n Sch 4th 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterers, 129 Walnut, h 

333 S 4th 
Buchanan Henry C, rigger, rear 119 Queen 
Buchanan James, brickmr., Dean ab Centre 
Buchanan John, wheelwright, 6 Harrison 
Buchanan Philip, de.'Jer, 187 Lombard 
Buchanan Richard, grocer, 168 S 2d 
Buchanan Robei-t, weaver. Pollock's av 
Buchanan Robt., spectaclemr. Filbert n Sch 4th 
Buchanan Robert & Co., grocers, N W Sch 7th 

and High 
Buchanan Sarah, tailoress, 114 Cheny 

Buchanan Sarah P., teacher of music, 38 Pal- 
myra sq 
Buchanan Sophia, Lombard ab Sch 2d 
Buchanan Thomas, b. h., Sch 3d ab Callowhill 
Buchanan Thos. H., insp.. High W Sch 7th 
Buchanan Wm., dyer, Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Buchanan Wm., porter, 21 Acorn al 
Buchanan Wm., Carlton n Sch 5th 
Buchanan Wm., lab., Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Buchanan John, blacksm., Hope bel Pho:nix(K) 
Buchannan Geo. R., clerk. Juniper bel Spruce 
Buchey Mrs., seminary, 240 Spruce 
Buck, Bossert & Rufsnyder, cab. mr., 446 N Front 
Buck Catharine, 2 Lister's pi 
Buck Chas., lab. rear Carpenter bel 9th 
Buck Chauncey, tinplate worker, 447 High 
Buck Christo'r., shoemr., 324 High & 467 N 4th 
Buck C. N., president of Columbia Insu. Co., & 
consul general of Hamburg, 5 Merchant's 
Exchange, h S W Broad and Chestnut 
Buck Ebenezer, b. h., 449 High 
Buck Francis N., president of Little Sch Nav., 
R. R. and Coal Co., 80 Walnut, h 218 Sas- 
Buck Frederick, engineer. Front ab Master (K) 

Buck Geo., cooper, 419 N 2d, h Pearson's ct(K) 

Buck Geo., lab.. Orchard 

Buck Henry,- mariner, Wilson's ct 

Buck Henry E., machinist, 363 N 6th 

Buck Hugh, blacksm., 174 Shippen 

Buck Isaac, mariner, 36 S 3d 

Buck James, carter, S 11th ab Pine 

Buck James, barber, 1 Emeline 

Buck Jasper, tinsm., 408 High, h 118 N Juniper 

Buck Jeremiah, mer., 57 High 

Buck Jere. M., 13 N ^d, h 94 Vine 

Buck John, ostler, 6 Farmer 

Buck Joseph, vict., Peny ab Phcenix (K) 

Buck Joseph, 28 John (S) 

Buck J. M. & Morgan, dry goods, 13 N 3d 

Buck Lot, tailor, 191 S ?d, h 10 Concord 

Buck Margaret, Mechanic ab Culvert 

Buck Mary, 1 Turner 

Buck Mary Ann, sempstress, Hancock below 

Buck &, Moore, tailors, 254 High 

Buck Nicholas, baker, N E German and P road 

Buck Nicholas, sailmr., 196 Queen 

Buck & Potter, mers., 116 High 

Buck Robert, Cedar bel 12th 

Buck Samuel, gent., 63 Noble 

Buck Samuel L., tailor, 254 High 

Buck Thomas, lab., 32 Quince 

Buck Wm., butcher. Perry ab Franklin (K) 

Buck Wm., lab., 4 Sp Garden, Retreat 

Buck Wm. J., clerk, 4 Jacoby 

Bucke Mary L., stockmr., 2 Jackson's ct 

Buckingham Edward, 402 N 6th 

Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 11 Pennsylvania ar 

BUCKINGHAM JOHN R., grocer, Pegg&2d 

Buckingham T. L., dentist, oQ5 Sassafras 

Buckinwater Henry, baker, 148 Lombard 

Buckis Maiy Ann, 87 O Y road 

Buckley Clement A., gent., 81 Pine 

Buckley Henry, carp., Lombard n Sch 5th 

Buckley James, b. h., Sch 3d n Callowhill 




Buckley M. Brooke, gent., N W 10th & Clinton 
Buckley Thomas, tinsm., Moms bel Fitzwater 
Buckley Wm., carpet weav., Linn's ct n F M 
Buckley Wm., wool sorter, 13th bel Brown 
Buckman Benj., hatter, 16 Catharine 
Buckman Jacob, lab., 9 Bosler's row (K) 
Buckman Morris, coal mer., 92 Marshall 
Buckman Wm., carp., Alden ab Poplar 
Bucknell Jos., mili. plum, and box., Coates bel 

Bucknell Wm. jr., 5 Summer's ct 
Bucknor A. J., mer., 41 N Water, h 374 N Front 
Buckwalter David, mer., 274 N 7th 
Buckwalter Jacob, millwright, 134 N Juniper 
Budd Benjamin, mer., 23 N Water 
Budd Henry, mer., 137 N Water 
Budd Isaac, bricklayer, 27 Dugan 
Budd Isaac D., broker, 30 S 3d, h 161 Spruce 
Budd James, cordw., G T road bel Phoenix 
Budd John, soap boiler, Marshall ab Poplar 
Budd John, combmr., Beaver ab 2d (K) 
Budd John M., waterman, rear 109 Christian 
Budd Joseph, tailor, 162 Sassafras 
Budd J. B., com. mer., 39 Dock, h 9 Walnut ab 

Budd J. D., dentist, 502 Chestnut 
Budd Susan, Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Budd Susan, gentw., 105 Pine 
Budd Thomas A., atty. & coun., 169 Walnut 
Budd Wm., bricklayer, 17 Dugan 
BUDD WM. A. exch. bro.SOS 3d, h 61 Spruce 
Buddy Isaiah, carp., Broad ab Olive 
Buddy John, baker, 24 Walnut 
Buddy Lewis, biscuit baker, 198 N Front, h 254 

Buehler Christian, b h., Buttonwood rear 13th 
Buddy Peter, tavern, N W 9th and Green 
Buehler James R., inspector customs, 99 S whf , 

h 292 S 5th 
Buehler John, mer., 195 High, h 227 N 9th 
Buehler Martin, hardware, 195 High, h 350 N 6th 

195 High 
Buehler P. N. spices & mustard, 23§ Lagrange 
Buehler Wm., mer., 98 High, h 472 Vine 
Buel Ann, 33 Vine 

Buffington Isaac, cabinetmr., 87 S 11th 
Buffington Lee W., M. D., N E Mulbeny and 

Sch 8th 
Buffington Wilson, mason, 418 Poplar 
Bugals Jas., cordw., Brown bel 13th 
Buist David, florist, 94 S 12th 
Buist Eliza, gentw., Buist ct 
Buist James, carp., Fitzwater ab 12th 
Buist R., florist, S 12th bel Lombard, nursery 
Shippen bet 11th and 12th, store 84 Chest- 
Bujac P. J., importer, 101 S Front, h Walnut ab 

Bukster Thos., lab.. Poplar bel 10th 
Bulfinch Thos., baker, Cedar ab 12th 
BULKLEY CHAUNCEY, atty. and coun., and 

alderman, 96^ S 3d, h 20 Prune 
BULKLEY CHARLES, hat., 128 Chestnut, h 
275 S 10th 

Bulkley Elizabeth, 20 Prune 

Bulkley James H., hatter, 424 Sassafras 

Bulkley M. S., tobacconist. Green bel 9th 

Bull Coleman J., grocery, 348 High 

Bull Eborn, baker, 25 Parham 

Bull Francis, porter, 30 Burd's ct 

Bull John, oysterman. Union bel Front 

Bull Lewis G., g^ent., Sch 6th n George 

Bull Oliver, barber, 7 N 8th 

Bull Wm. M., atty. and coun., 189 Walnut 

Bullard Edwin C, bookbinder, 187 S 3d 

BuUass Jane, gentw., Hallowell ab 6th 

BuUer Saml., tailor, Carlton bel 13th 

BuUin Rich'd, iron mould.. Carpenter bel 9th 

Bullinger John V., shoemr.. Phoenix bel Front 

Bullmer G., tailor, 400^ N 2d 
BULLOCK BENJ., wool warehouse, 32 N 3d 
Bullock David, tailor, 21 Shippen 
Bullock Janet M., corsetmr., 23 N 10th 
Bullock Jonathan, carp., 16 Farmer, h 23 N 10th 
Bullock J., M. D., 126 S 8th 
Bullock J. & Co., coal, Broad and Sassafras 
Bullock J. W., coal, 7th bel Vine 
Bullock Mary E., 5th bel Camac (K) 
Bullock AVm., millwrig-ht, Lewis ab Poplar 
Bulmer Richard, spinner, Mary, Sch 
Bulz Jacob, basket mr., 20 Lily al 
Bumbah Chs. A. M. paint, and glaz. 2 Lytle's ct 
Bumbaugh A., painter, rear 331 N 3d 
Bumgard John, cordw., Marlboro' bel Franklin 

Bumm Chris'n, coppersm., Dean ab Crown (K) 
Bumm Elizabeth, Duke n Palmer (K) 
Bumm Geo., contractor, Vaughn bel Walnut 
Bumm George S., carter, Lombard E Sch 5th 
Bumm Hannah, Marlboro' ab Bedford (K) 
Bumm John, whipmr., Palmer ab Franklin (K) 
Bumm John S., silverplat., Marlboro' bel J'rank- 

lin (K) 
Bumm Jos., lab., Madison's av 
Bumm W., whipmr., Union n F road 
Bundes Adam, shoemr., 38 Pegg 
Bundick J. S., shoe store, o7 Spruce 
Bundy Ephraim, waiter, 59 Currant al 
Bundy Levi, bootmr., Gulielma 
Bundy Peter, waiter, 24 Burd's ct 
Bundy Thomas, waiter, 168 Pine 
Bunghait Wm., carter, Lewellen's av (K) 

Bunker Ann, confectioner, 145 Coates 

Bunker B. M., mer., 71 S. Whfs. 

Bunker Henry, carp., 9 Christian 

Bunn Albert G., spinner, 495 N 3d 

Bunn Alexander J., exch. broker, 103 N 3d, h 
483 N 4th 

Bunn Saml, ship caulker. Union n Franklin (K) 

Bunn S. M., dry goods, 74 N 3d, h 158 N 5th 

Bunting Chas. W., lamps, 99 N2d, h 8th ab Parrish 

Bunting Daniel, police officer, 6 Drinker's al 

Bunting Elizabeth, Conrad's ct 

Bunting Jacob T., mer., 14 S whfs., h 65 Pine 

Bunting John, skindresser, Conrad's ct 

Bunting Joshua, 183 Pine 

Bunting Joshua, 104 S 4th 

Bunting Lewis E., paper hanger. Depot ab 9th 




Bunting' Maiy Ann, rear 13 Rose al 

Bunting- Richard, ship join.. Otter bel G T road 

Bunting Samuel C, real estate agent, 104 S 4th, 

h 356 Walnut 
Bunting Spencer, carp.. Trinity pi 
Bunting Thomas C, M. D., S W Tth & Sassafras 

and 14 S 7th 
Bunting Thomas H., com. mer., 112 S Front 
Burall Jos., bricklayer, 6th ab Franklin 
Burbeck \Vm., teacher, 8 N 6th 
Burble Wm., gent., 34 Almond st 
Burbridge Wm., tallow chandler, rear 337 N 3d 
Burch John, clothes, 5 Gulielma 
Burch Joseph G., bricklayer, Wharton ab 4th 
BURCH THOMAS Jr., comb and variety store, 

183 High, h Sch 5th and Mulberry 
Burchai-d Jabez, U. S. dep. marshal, Washing- 
ton n 6th 
Burchell Henry, plasterer, 617 S 2d 
Bard Edward S., S W 9th and Chestnut 
Burd Samuel S., carp.. Melon ab 13th 
Burd S., gentw., 231 Chestnut 
Burden Alexander, keeper M. Prison, 5th and 

Burden Jesse R., Sch 8th ab Pine 
Burden Joseph, clerk, 5th and Shippen 
Burden Rebecca, b h, 85 Chestnut 
Burdett Samuel D., 142 Franklin 
Burdick Ephraim N., carp., Townsend's av. 
Burdick Jane, rear 112 Christian 
Burdick Samuel, sail maker, rear 112 Christian 
Burdsall Wm. H., 350 Mulberry 
Bui-gaine Thomas, cordw., 519 N 4th 
Burge Sarah, rear 465 N 4th 
Burger Charles, baker, 10th and Melon 
Burgess G. W., canemaker, 390 Hig-h, h 151 

Burgess Henry E., acct., 25 Logan 
Burgess James C, 23 Paul 
Burgin George H., M. D. and mer., 46 N Front, 

h 175 S Fifth 
Burgin James, cedar cooper, 9th bel Brown 
Burgin & Pearsall, green glassware, 46 N Front 

Glass Works, Cherry ab Franklin (K) 
Burgison Israel, Division (F V) 
Bui-itt Charles, cabinetmr., 184 S 3d 
Burk Anthony, lab., 20 Marion 
Burk Edmund, machinist, 12th bel Buttonwood 
Burk Eli, bricklayer, 5th ab Poplar 
Burk Enoch, cordw., 22 Green ct 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 294 Lombard 
Burk James, mer., 224 N Front 
Burk James, lab., SpalFord 
Burk James A., mer., 77^ High 
Burk John, lab., rear 1 Paschal's al 
Burk John, County Comm., State House, h G. T 

road ab Master 
Burk Joseph, bottler, Roset and 13th 
Burk Lewis, tobacconist, Beck's ct (N L) 
Burk Mary, grocer, Ann and R. road, (F V) 
Burk Matthew, shop, 139 N 6th 
Burk Patrick, gardener, 3 Sharpless' ct 
Burk Patrick, waiter, 4 Lyndall's al 
Burk Paul, blacksm., Howard bel Master (K) 
Burk Peter, rear 10 Noble 

Burk Peter W., saddler, 5 Furlong's ct 

Burk Raymond, tailor, Evan's ct 

Burk Thomas, lab., George bel 3d. 

Burk Thomas, coach trimmer, 567 Vine 

Burk Thomas, grocer, c 2d antl Franklin (K) 

Burk Wm., clerk, 2 St. Stephen's place 

Burk Wm. A., mer. 77^ High, h 12th bel Spruce 

Burk Wm. G., druggist, 244 Lombard 

Burkart Adam L., 287 N 10th 

Burkart A. L., turner, 49 Spring Garden 

Burkart E. W., turner, 105 Crown, h 10th bel 

Burkart Henry & Thos., turners, Spring Garden 

above 8th 
Burkart Valentine, clerk, 163 Mulberry 
Burke Dennis, cordw., R. roab ab Francis (F V) 
Burke Jacob, 523 N Front 
Burke J eremiah, 1 Traquair's ct 
Burke John, weaver. Clay and WiUow 
Burke John B., 523 N Front 
Burke John F., grocer, N E 3d and Cedar 
Burke Thomas, lab., 7 Poplar place 
Burke Thomas, dry goods, 6 N 2d 
Burke Wm., ink manuf., 16^ Bread 
Burke Wm. C, tailor, 16^ Bread 
Burkelow, Elizabeth, gentw., 12 Brown 
Burkett Charles, cabinetmr., 2d and G. T. road 
Burkett Henry, waiter. Brown's ct 
Burkhard Melclior, chairmr., 305 S Front 
Burkhard M. W., chairmr., 59 N Front 
Burkhardt Geo. Jacob, carp., Logan n. Wallace 
Burkhardt Henry, gent.. Green and Logan 
Burkhardt H. jr., baker. Green and Logan 
Burkhardt Julius, barber, 113 Callowhill 
Burkhart Eleanor, teacher, Marshall bel Green 
Burkhart Henry, turner, 1 Weaver 
Burkhart Peter, 283 Sassafras 
Burkhart Robert, carp., 25 Franklin place 
Burkhart Robert, dentist, 72 N Front 
Burkhart Samuel, brushmr., 122 N 4th, h Green 

ab 11th 
Burkhart T., 119 N 5th 
Burkhimer Mary, 83 N 7th 
Burkiett Robert, carp., 10 Paynter's ct 
Burkitt Joseph, bootmr., Cobb's ct 
Burkitt Joseph, turner, 98 German 
Burkley John, 3 Diligent av. 
Burklow D., shop, 6 Apple 
Burkman Wm., carp., St. John ab Poplar 
Burley A., cabs, 39 Bonsall 
Burling B. S., mer., 45 N whfs., h 4 Palmyra sq 
Burling & Dixon, mers., 45 N whfs 
Burlock Samuel D., bookbinder, 123 Melon 
Burmester Henry, 4 Seneca ct 
Burn Arthur, 15 Vine 
Burn Farmer, 12th and Spring Garden 
Burn John, lab., Hope and Phoenix (K) 
Burn John, grocer, Locust, (W. P.) 
Burnar John, baker, 2 Howard 
Burnell Ben, gent., Sch 3d ab Race 
Burnell W. W., M. D., 34 Logan's sq 
Burnet George, mer., 10th bel Cedar 
Burnet L. W., teacher, N. W. 4th and Vine, h 

O. Y. road ab Callowhill 
Burnet Mary, Barker n Sch 3d 




Burnet Samuel, cordw., Crown n Bedford (K) 

Burnet Wm., dry goods, 327 S 2d 

Burnett Abby, b h, 96 S 11th 

Burnett Eli S., dry goods, 3 S 4th, h 399 High 

Burnett John, sign painter. Crown n Bedford (K) 

Bnrnett John, tanner, Roger's ct 

BURNETT JOHN W., real est. agent, 74 S 3d, 

h 96 S 11th 
Burnett J. S., mer., 110 High, h 338 Mulberry 
BURNETT & SEXTON, dry goods, 3 S 4th 
BURNETT, WITHERS & CO., dry goods, 110 

Burney Patrick, rear Pleasant ab 12th 
Burnham George, clerk, 13th bel Green 
Burns Abraham, watchman, Walnut & Vaughan 
Bums Ann, 2 Stamper's alley 
Burns Ann, washer, Bedford ab 6th 
Burns Charles, lab., 2 Robert's ct. 
Burns Charles, cabman, Prospect al 
Burns Charles E., tavern, 270 S 6th 
Burns Charles M., mer., 210 Spruce 
Burns Dennis, hatter, 6th bel Carpenter 
Burns Edward, drayman, Sch. 3d and Vine 
Burns Edward, broker, MoitIs ab Christian 
Burns Edward, iron founder, 12 Clark 
Burns Felix, weaver. Perry bel Master (K) 
Burns Hugh D., grocer, Shackamaxon and Bed- 
ford (K) 
Bums James, brushmr., 137 S 4th 
Burns James, lab., 11 W. Cedar 
Burns James, carp., Lewis n Sch. 6tb 
Burns James, lab., 7 Grape ct 
Burns John, seaman, 387 S Front 
Burns John, lab., 5 Gray's alley 
Burns John, lab., Carleton bel Sch. 2d 
Burns John, lab., Duke n F. road (K) 
Burns John, lab., 84 Gaskill 
Bums John, manuf., Hanover ab West (K) 
Bums John, carpet weaver. Weaver's row (K) 
Burns Joseph, weaver, Lafayette n 10th 
Bums Lawrence, soap fat, Hope ab Otler (K) 
Burns Martin^ blacksmith, Feriis ct 
Burns Mary H., teacher, Ann (F V) 
Burns Michael, lab., G T road ab Jefferson (K) 
Burns M. & E., ready made linen, 55 S 7th 
Burns Patrick, tailor, Reed bel Front 
Bums Thomas, lab., Sch. 8th ab Vine 
Burns Wm., tobacco, 290 High, h 31 Carlton 
Burns Wm., carter, 54 P. road 
Burnson Ellen, Logan n Wallace 
Bui-nwood Alex., printer, 12 S Penn sq 
Bumwood S. harnessmr. rear Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Burr Benj., 281 Sassafras 
Burr George W., grocer, S W Cadv/alader and 

Phoenix (K) 
Burr Elizabeth S., b h, 74 N Front 
Burr Hudson S., dentist, 135 Walnut 
BURR H. COOPER, tailor, 202 Chestnut, h Sch 

8th ab Filbert 
Burr Israel R., bricklayer, N E 10th and Coates 
Burr John P., barber, 113 S 5th 
BURR JOSEPH, Ridgway House, High st ferry 
Burr Joseph jr., S W 6th and Haines, h 2 Comp- 
Burr Joseph S., auct., 297 High, h 139 N llth 

Burr J., painter and glazier, 490 Callowhill 
Burr M. L., 185 S 9th 

Burr P. R., milliner, 65 Mulberry 

Burr Richard, M. D., 120 S 4th 

Burr Samuel, carp., 396 S 6th 

Burr Thomas, carp., 5 Greble's ct 

Burr Thomas E., tailor, 27 N 6th, h 46 Franklin 

Burr Wm., manuf, Parrish and 13th 

Burr W. H. & D., carps.. Wood ab Brpad, h 200 

Burris Benj., carter, Centre ab Brown 
Burris Elizabeth, Shippen ab Front 
Burrough B., trunkmr., 56 Crown 
Bun'Ogh John, corder. Maiden st whf., h Allen 

bel Marlborough (K) 
Burrough Thomas, carter, Apple bel George 
Burroughs Enos, wheelwright, New Market bel 

Burroughs H. N., merchant, 22 Chestnut, h 280 

Buri'oughs Isaac, Bevan's ct 
Burroughs Jane, b. h., 435 Chestnut 
Burroughs John jr., wood. Beach ab. Shacka- 
Burrows C, umbrellas, 73 Noble 
Burrows & Divine, clothing, 282 High 
BuiTows James, blacksmith. Mile's alley 
Burrows James, U. S. Mint, h 272 Wood 
Burrows Jesse, carp., Littleboy's ct, h 157 N 2d 
Burrows John, cordw., 70 Apple (K) 
Burrows J. L., Rev., Broad bel Poplar 
Burrows J. T., bell hang, and locksm., 287 Vine 
Burrows Rachel, washer, 4 Warren 
Burrows Wm., 24 Howard 
Burrows Wm., tailor, 282 High, h 4 Diamond 
Burrows Wm., watchman, Vernon bel llth 
Burt Arthur, mercliant, S. W. 6th and High, h 

N. W. 12th and Walnut 
Burt E. R., trimmings, 162 S 2d 
Burt John, carp., 22 Helmuth 
Burt Micliael, weaver, 3d ab Master (K) 
Burtis Aaron H., plasterer, 107 Filbert 
Burtis Edward T., bricklr., Sch. 7th n Sassafras 
Burtis John, manuf.. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Burtis, Keen & Rushton, cotton spinning. Beach 

bel Shackamaxon (K) 
Burtman Henry C, carp., Sch. 8th ab Mulberry 
Burtman & Hanna, carps.. Broad ab Vine 
Burton Amos, painter, 9 N 8th, h 85 N 5th 
Burton Benj. C, shipwrt.. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Burton Caroline, washer, 24 Mayland 
Burton Catharine, 32 Cuirant alley 
Burton Daniel, carter, Ohio E. of 12th 
Bui"ton Edward, paper hanger, 142 Mulberry, 

h 161 N 10th 
BURTON EDWARD, office, S E 3d and Spruce 
Burton Ehza, 119 S 2d 
Burton E. P., grocer, 83 S whfs., h S E 3d and 

Burton Francis R., carp. Little Green n G T road 
Burton George, lab., 17 Watson's alley 
Burton George R., tailor, 119 S 2d 
Burton Gideon, mer., 129 High, h 93 S 3d 
Burton Guy, waiter, St. Maiy bel 7th 
Burton & Greis, merchants, 16 N 3d 




Burton Harriet, Little Pine n 6th 

Burton James, porter, 66 Garden 

Burton James, porter, Bedford ab 7th 

Burton James, waiter, 6 Washin^on 

Burton Jehu, bookbinder, 107 Wood 

Burton John, waiter, 167 Button wood 

Burton John, merch., 34 S. whfs., h 62 Pine 

Burton John, dry goods, 514 S 2d bel Prime 

Burton John, M. D., 256 N 7th 

Burton John, waiter, 46 Quince 

Burton Jonathan P., di7 goods, 16 N 3d, h 254 

Burton London, porter, Shippen bel 13th 
Burton Lovinia, 18 Raspberry 
Burton Moses, cook, Cox't. al bel 2d 
Burton Peter, cabinetmr., 2 Stanley ct 
Burton Peter, porter. Barley n 11th 
Burton Rachel, Higgin's ct 
Burton Robert, men, 34 S whfs., h 62 Pine 
Burton Samuel, hatter. Vine n Sch 
Burton Samuel, confectioner, 186 S 6th 
Burton Wm. E., 24 N 7th 
Burton & Wilt, confectioners, 52 S 10th 
Burton Woolsey, ship^vl■^ght, Marlborough ab 

Bedford (K) 
Burwell Robert, hatter, rear 89 S 5th, h 204 Pine 
Burwell Jackson, cordw.. Christian ab Broad 
Busch Miers, merchant, h 54 Pine 
Buschner Cudwig, 37 Zane 
Bush B., wheelwright, Carlton n Sch 3d 
Bush Elizabeth, miliner, 359 N 2d 
Bush Facy, Mechanic bel Culvert 
Bush Frederick, paper stainer, 25 N 5th,' h 13th 

bel Shippen 
Bush Geo., dealer, 235 Christian 
Bush Jos., shop, 2d bel Reed 
Bush Peter, 113 Cherry 
Bush Peter, grocer, George and Plum 
Bush Samuel H., tobac, 230 N 3d, h 104 Noble 
Busha Valeira, 10 Fetter la 
Bushby Wm., carp., 11th ab Carpenter 
Busher James, cooper, Rogei's' ct 
Bushong Andrew, distillery. Beach bel George 
Buskirk AVm., goldbeater, Budden's al 
Bushman John, dentist, 167 Green 
BUSHNELL ED WD. W., machinist, 31 Dock, 

h 24 S 2d 
Bushong Philip, distiller, Sch Fi'ont bel George 
Busser Jacob, car builder. Barker bet Sch 4th 

and 5th 
Bussier Ann, teacher, 53 Pine 
Bussier Bartholomew, ink manuf., 298 S 3d 
Bussier C. Mrs., 55 Pine 
Bussier D. P., mer., 27 S whfs., h 154 N 9th 
Bussier Elizabeth, 91 Christian 
Bussier Jane, widdow of Francis, 319 S 2d 
Bussier Joseph B., mer., 27 S whfs., h 55 Pine 
Bussier Mary, 5 Butler's av 
Bussinger Fred'k, carp, weav., Sch I'ront & High 
Bussinger G. F., waiter, G T road ab Camac (K) 
Bussinger Jacob, blacksm., 5 Porter's ct 
Bustard George, lab.. Cedar ab 12th 
Butcher Anna M., dressmr., Callowhill bel 13th 
Butcher &. Brothers, produce mers., 49 8c 51 N 

Butcher Elizabeth, Fraley's al (K) * 
Butcher Jas., dry goods, 176 S 6th 
Butcher James W., tobacconist, 157 N 2d 
Butcher John, watchman, 11th ab Coates 
Butcher John, mer., 49 N Water 
Butcher John, butcher, Fraley's al 
Butcher Jos., wheelwright, 28 Vine 
Butclier Samuel, cordw., 5 Poplar pi 
Butcher Saml., cordw., P road bel Washington 
Butcher Theo. B,, dry goods, 8 Bank, h 149 S 3d 
Butcher Thomas T., mer., 49 and 51 N Water, 

h 307 Mulberiy 
Butcher Washington, mer., 49 N Water, h 155 

N 6th 
Butcher Wm., carp., M road bel Marion 
Butcher Wm., stove & grate manuf., 11 N 11th 
Butcher W. & S., agency, 24 Commerce 
Butcher W. M., grocer, Front and Christian 
Bute Charles L., sugar refiner, 120 Crown bel 

Bute 8c Koons, sugar refiners, Willow 8c Crown 
Butler Andw., Sec'y of Fire Ass'n, 5th 8c North 
Butler Cath., Stackhouse ct 
Butler Catharine, 178 N 8th 
Butler Charity, sempstress, 24 I^ebanon 
Butler Elizabeth, 12 Smith's ct 
Butler Elizabeth, 9th ab Willow 
Butler E., bootmr.. Spruce and Little Dock 
Butler E., stockmr., 47 S 3d 
Butler E. H. 8c Co., booksellers, 23 Minor 
Butler E. H., publisher, 23 Minor, h 347 Spruce 
Butler George, 136 German 
Butler Hannah, nurse, Marshall ab Coates 
Butler Henry, printer, 27 Mary 
Butler Henry W., silversmith, 77 Tammany 
Butler Hen., jeweller, 5th ab Washington 
Butler James, lab., Ohio 
Butler Jeremiah, agent, 102 High, h Sch 7th ab 

Butler Jolin, gent.. Walnut ab Sch 7th 
Butler John, lab., Bedford bel 12th 
Butler John, machinist, 125 Callowhill 
Butler John M., copper pi. printer, N E 6th and 

Chestnut, h 137 Catharine 
Butler Joseph, carter, 16 Carlton 
Butler Joseph, shoemr., 10 Cresson's al 
Butler Joshua M., coop., 63 N Water, h 74 Ne\r 
Butler Judith, 6 Blackhorse al 
Butler Keyrn, shoemr., 1 Howard's ct 
Butler Margaret, 11 Lombard 
Butler Mary, widow, 116 Dillwyn 
Butler Patrick, lab., Bedford bel 8th 
Butler Pierce, gent.. Walnut W Sch 7th 
Butler Pierce, shop. Carpenter bel 9th 
Butler Susan, Sycamore ab Locust 
Butler S. G. 8c Son, painters, 136 S 9th 
Butler Thomas, eating house, 144 High, h 16 

Butler Thomas, tin plate worker, 122 S 2d, h 

Fisher ab Carpenter 
Butler Thomas S., painter, 3 Perry 
Butler Ward C, agent, 32 Union 
Butler Wm., carter, Reed ab 2d 
Butler Wm., lab., 124 Prime 
Butler Wm., livery stable, Sch 7th ab Locust 




Butler Wm. B., cooper, Clark ab 3d 
Butler Wm. H., tobacconist, 39 R road 
Butt Chas. H., printer, 62 Walnut, h 56 Federal 
Butt Wm., printer, rear 197 Christian 
Butterfield Benjamin, gunsmith, F road opp 

Marlboro' (K) 
Butterfield, Brothers & Co., impors., 7 Church al 
Butterfield Jesse S., F road ab .lefl^erson (K) 
Butterfield Richard S., mer., 7 Church al 
Butterworth Ellis M., dyer, M'Duffie, n Sch 3d 
Butterworth George, weaver, rear G T road bel 

Jefferson (K) 
Butterworth Henry W., tin plate worker, 90 

High, h Charlotte ab Poplar 
Butterworth Jacob, carp., 185 Poplar 
Butterworth John, tin plate worker, 444 N 2d 
Butterworth John, weaver. Mariner st 
Butterworth Jospeh, shoemr., 140 S Water 
Butterworth Willoughby, carp.. Mechanic and 

Butz George, brewer, 520 N 3d, h 308 N 2d 
BUTZ & SCHROYER, tavern, 298 N 2d 
Buxton George, dealer, 182 S 6th 
Buyers Wm. D., hatter, 40 N 3d 
Buzard Robei-t, machinist, 4 Dorr's ct 
Buzby Abel, b. h., Frankhn n Green 
Buzby Benjamin C, mer., 137 High 
Buzby G. L., mer., 19 S Water, h 360 Chestnut 
Buzby Harmer B., mar. mas., R road bel Green 
Buzby Hezekiah, forvvd. mer.. Broad ab Cherry, 

h W Penn square n Filbert 
Buzby John L., mer., 19 S Water, h Chestnut n 


Buzby Mary H., cupper and leecher, 127 S 8th 
Buzby Mordecai, dry goods, 212 N Front 
Buzby Thomas, baker, 13th bel Brinton 
Buzby Wm., cOrdw., R road (F V) 
Buzby Wm., painter, 20 Little Pine 
Buze Geo., saddler, Willow ab Marshall 
Buzzard Conrad, carp.. Elm bel Franklin (K) 
Byard Samuel, 45 Mead al 
Byard Wm., lab., Stevenson's ct 
Bye Samuel, cordw., Clinton ab Poplar 
Bye Samuel K., carpenter, 9th ab Poplar, h 153 

Byer A., basketmr., 7th ab Callowhill 
Byer Harriet, washer, 18 Fayette 
Byer Maigaret, Cherrj'' bel Juniper 
Byerly Ann, gentw., c Mulbeny and Juniper 
Byerly D. Davis, mer., 28 Chui-ch al, h 12 W 

Byerly Edward, att'y & coun.. Walnut ab 6th 
Byerly E., mer., 35 Chestnut, h 150 Sassafras 
Byerly Mary, 17 Swanson 
Byerly Stephen, com. mer., 28 Church alley, h 

150 Sassafras 
Byerly Susan, gentw., 9 Virginia row 
Byerly S. & Co., com. mers., 28 Church al 
Byerly Wm., Stanley bel 4th 
Byers Geo. F., coach trimmer, 8 Charles pi 
Byers Hemy, grocery, 22 Shippen ct 
Byers Hanse M. H., grocer, N E Swanson and 

Byers Sarah, dressmr., 63 S 5th 
Byle Daniel, weaver, 112 Carpenter ab 10th 

Bylisby L., printer, 10th bel Buttonwood 
Byram Samuel, tavern, 95 S Water 
Byrne Charles, shoemr., 409 Vine 
Byrne Christopher, carp., 306 S 7th 
Byrne Jas., wines &. liquors, 4th bel Christian 
Byrne James, tavern, wines &, liquors, 121 S 2d 
Byrne James, lab., 42 Plum 
Byrne Morgan, lab., Lombard n Sch 2d 
BYRNE THOMAS, tavern, N E Front and Al- 
Byrne Timothy, grocer, 264 N 7th 
Byrne Wm., cordw., 222 S Front 
Byrne Wm., carp., rear 76 German 
Byrne Wm., carp., 23 Dock, h German ab 3d 
Byrnes Stephen, grocer, 9th & Catharine 
Bywater Maurice, bookbinder, 151 Walnut 
Bywaters Wm., ladies' shoemr., 106 Wood 

Cabot Joseph, mer., 5 Walnut, h Spruce n 11th 
Cadbiiry Joel, mer., 32 S Front, h 9 Franklin 
Cade John, waterman, Lewellyn's ct 
Cade Wm. M., 5Q> Franklin ab Noble 
Cadmus Jasper, boots & shoes, S W 3d and High 

h 29 North 
CADMUS JASPER, shoes, 266 High 
Cadmus Michael, clerk, 22 Appletree al 
Cadwalader Edward, George ab R road (F V) 
Cadwalader George, gent., 299 Chestnut 
Cadwalader John, atty. & coun., 114 S 4th 
Cadwalader Mary, widow of T, Gen., S E 9th 

& Mulbeiry 
Cadwalader Sarah, b h, 21 Sansom 
Cadwalader Thomas, gent., 353 Chestnut 
Cady Horatio W., barber, 25 S 5th 
Cafferty John J., bricklayer, 75 Union 
Cafferty Matthew, runner, 96 Plum 
Cafferty Vanroom, bricklr, rear 112 Christian 
Caffman Charles, vict., Apple ab "George 
Caffrey Stephen, printer, 8 Sanders' ct (K) 
Cahill Daniel, lab., 10 S 13th 
Cahill James, weaver, 4th ab Master (K) 
Cahoon James W., wheelwriglit, Bruner's ct 
Cain Wm., tobacconist, rear G T road ab 2d 
Caines C. M. Oscar, carp., 4 Park pi 
Cairl Louden S., cabmr., Simmons' ct 
Cake Elizabeth, Chatham bel Green 
Cake Joseph, 171 Vine 
Calahan Robt., lab., 18 Burd's ct 
Caldcleugh Robert, M. D., 13 Clinton sq 
Caldcleugh Robert, A., gent., 13 Clinton sq 
Calder Geo., agent. Cherry ab 12th 
Calder Peter Y., tailor, 35 Chatham 
Calder Peter Y., sen., 256 Green ab 8th 
Calderhead Alexander, carpet weaver. Barker 

ab Sch 7th 
Calderhead Wm., weav., Edward n School (K) 
Caldwell A. D., carp.. Brown & Front, and coal 

yard. Beach ab Poplar 
Caldwell Chas., oysters, 31 N whfs, h 5 Carlton 
Caldwell Charles P., whipmr., 4 N 4th, h 384 

Caldwell C. W., agent, 168 S 4th 
Caldwell David, teacher, Bickham ab Sch 7th 




Caldwell David W., gent., Christian ab 9th 
Caldwell Edmund B., mer., 8 S 2d, h 114 Wal- 
Caldwell Edw., blacksmith, CaiToU ab 13th 
Caldwell E. H. ilrs., 105 S 10th 
Caldwell Geo., lab., Wilson's ct 
Caldwell Hannah, 44 Penn (C) 
Caldwell & Hai-ker, cloths, 8 S 2d 
Caldwell H. A., com. mer., 6 N whfs 
Caldwell &. Keen, com. mers., 6 N whfs 
Caldwell James, blacksm., Harriet & Ross 
Caldwell James, plasterer, 13th bel Spruce 
Caldwell James E., watchmr., 140 Chestnut, h 

18 Clinton 
Caldwell James S., gent., 164 N 9th 
Caldwell John, clerk, 155 S 12th 
Caldwell John, currier, 358 S 2d 
Caldwell John, grocer, N W 3d and Plum 
Caldwell John, mer., 116 S Front 
Caldwell John, stone mason, 8th ab Mulberry 
Caldwell Jonathan, printer, 81 M road 
Caldwell Joseph, 11 Strawberry 
Caldwell J. F., dentist, 118 Mulberry 
Caldwell Mary and Ellen, dry goods, N E Front 

and Brown 
Caldwell P., lab., Coates' al 
Caldwell Robert, stonemas., Brazier ab Broad 
Caldwell Samuel W., cashier N L bank, 403 N 

Caldwell Stephen B., clerk, 56 George 
Caldwell Thomas, coal mer., N W 12th and Cal- 

lowhill, h Sp Garden ab 10th 
Caldwell Thomas, mer., 10 Chestnut, h Locust 

n Sch 8th 
Caldwell Wm., blacksmitli. Brazier ab Lloyd 
Caldwell Wm., bookseller, 288 E Pine 
Caldwell Wm., type-founder, Sch 6th and Jef- 
Caldwell Wm., shoemr., Coates ab Sch 7th. 
Caleley Edward L., coach lace weaver, St John 

ab Beaver 
Caleley Thos., fringe weaver, 112 Vine 
Calhoun Adam, lab., 29 M'Duffie 
Calhoun Amy, washer, Stanley ct 
Calhoun Charles, cordw., 56 Federal 
Calhoun Claudius, lab., AVillow n Sch 
Calhoun David, butcher, 265 S 4th 
Calhoun David, lab., 29 M'Duffie 
Calhoun Ezra, tobacconist, 74 N 9th 
Calhoun James, brickmr.. Cedar ab Sch 5th 
Calhoun John, machinist, Olive ab 12th 
Calhoun John, lab., 29 M'Duffie 
Calhoun Joseph, cordw., 306 S Front 
Calhoun Matthias, printer, rear 63 P'ranklln 
Calhoun Samuel, carter, 1 M'Duffie 
Calhoun Wm., vict., 89 Shippen 
Calhoun Wm., grocer, Lombard n Sch 2d 
Calhoun Wm., machinist, Olive bel 12th 
Calhoun Wm., moulder, G T road and 6th (K) 
Call Lawrence, hatter, 108 Wood 
Call Mary Ann, 16 Lebanon 
Calladine Joseph, hosier, Scott's ct (N L) 
Callahan Andrew, watchman, Sch 6th ab Pine 
Callahan C, lab., 183 N Front 

Callahan David, jr., weaver, rear Filbert below 

Sch 5th 

Callahan Edw., grocer, N W Front & Pine 
Callahan Janet, James ab 10th 
Callahan John, stone mason, Milton bel 11th 
Callahan John, 21 Union 
Callahan John, grocer. Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Callahan John, well digger. Carpenter ab 8th 
Callahan Michael, lab., 6 Vernon 
Callahan Owen, lab.. Price's ct 
CaUahan Patrick, weaver, Shippen la ab Fitz- 

Callan David, shoemr., Hubble st 
Callan John, watchman, Shippen ab 11th 
Callan Wm., grocer, c Morris & Catharine 
Callanan George D., police, Sch 5th n Mulberry 
Callaway H. R., 344 N 13th 
Callaway Jas., rear 92 Christian 
Callbreath Jas. F., ladies' shoes, 59 N 8th 
Callen John, lab., rear 194 Cherry 
Callender Benj., carp., R road ab Green 
Callin Robert, carp., Atherton 
Callingham James, rigger, rear 27 Queen 
Calver James, bonnet presser, G T road below 


Calver Wm. G., bonnet presser, 81 Mulberry 
Calverly & Co., manuf., 339 Callowhill 
Calverly John, syringemr.. Citron bel 13th 
Calverly Wm., tinsmith, 9th bel Coates 
Calvert Rachel, cupper & leecher, 40 N 8th 
Calvert Thos., chairmr., 1 Bickim's ct 
Calvert Wm., tavern, c Spruce and Willow Sch 
Camac James, brickmr., Hope & Franklin (K) 
Camac John, brickmr., Sch 5th bel Lombard 
Camac Samuel, brickmr., 14 M'Duffie 
Camblin John, lab., 68 P road 
CAMBLOS CHARLES, broker, 22d S 3d, h 

110 Spruce 
Camblos Geo. W., Locust W Sch 6th 
Cameggs Carnel, 115 Wood 
Cameron Alex., tailor, 9 Eutaw 
Cameron Angus, joiner, 245 Green 
Cameron Angus, jr., clerk, 9 Logan 
Cameron Eli, blacksmith, 12th & Pearl 
Cameron Hugh, flour, Howard ab Phoenix (K) 
Cameron James, weaver. Master ab Front 
Cameron John, barber, 157 Catharine 
Cameron John, blacksmith, 6 Boyd's av 
Cameron Jonathan, watchman, 2 Dyott's ct 
Cameron J. Payne, carpet store, 283 N 2d 
Cameron Robert, gas fitter, 8 Lebanon 
Cameron Robert, weaver, 6 Philip (K) 
Cameron Saml., weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Cameron Samuel, weaver, Hanover ab Duke 
Cameron W. David, carp., 9 Logan 
Cameron Wm., lab.. Pearl bel WiUiam 
Camm Wm., 356 Mulberry 
Cammack Isaac, waiter, Portland la 
Camp Henry, lithographer, 22 Duke 
Camp John B., waterman, rear 426 S Front 
Camp Nathaniel, sawyer, 121 Prime 
Camp Solomon, cordw., 143 S 11th 
Campbell Alexander, sec. and treas. Phila. Wil- 
mington and Bait. R. R. Co., 72 Walnut, h 
126 Catharine 




Campbell Alex., distiller, Front bel Otter (K) 
Campbell Alex., gent., 349 Chestnut 
Campbell Alex., prison keeper, h 474 S 4tli 
Campbell Ann, William bel Edward (K) 
Campbell Ann, dressmr., 499 Mulberry 
Campbell Ann, shop keeper, 11 Blackberry al 
Campbell Ann, b h, 4 Penn 
Campbell Anthony, lab., William ab Benton 
Campbell Archibald, brickmr., Cedar n Sch 2d 
Campbell Archibald, dry g-oods, 443 N 2d 
Campbell Archibald, lab., 8th n Carpenter 
Campbell A. B., M. D., 153 S.lOth, h 122 Pine 
CAMPBELL A. H., oil manuf.. Screw Dock (K) 
54 N whfs & 109 N Water, Penn ab Maid- 
en, li 8th bel Coates 
Campbell Bernard, stone cutter 3 Mary's ct 
Campbell Catharine, nurse, 290 Vine 
Campbell Catharine, sempstress, 41 Currant al 
Campbell Catharine, widow, 208 Queen 
Campbell Chai-les, carp., Crans' ct 
Campbell Chas. O. B., mer., 54 N whfs, h 113 

S 9th 
Campbell Daniel, weaver, Benton n William 
Campbell David, weaver, M'Duffie 
Campbell Edward, atty., 188 N 6th 
Campbell Edw., carp., George ab Sch 7th 
Campbell Eliza, 22 Parham 
Campbell Elizabeth, N E Sch 5th and Spruce 
Campbell Francis, dealer, 404 High 
Campbell Francis, ostler, 12 S 10th 
Campbell Geo., carter, Rule's ct 
Campbell George, atty. & coun., 203 Mulberry 
Campbell Gi-aham, tavern. Front & Phoenix (K) 
Campbell Henry R., engineer, 8th & Wallace 
Campbell Hugh, mer., 94 High 
Campbell James, lab., Sch Front n Chestnut 
Campbell James, stock and exchange broker, 5 

Exchange pi, h 78 N 11th 
Campbell James, plasterer, 11th & Hazel 
Campbell James, judge, 269 Pine 
Campbell Jas., blacksm., Brown ab Cherrj' (K) 
Campbell James, tailor, 5 Buist's row 
Campbell James, stonemas., 4 Wheelock's pi 
Campbell James, shoemr.. Willow ab Factory 
Campbell James, carter. Levy's ct 
Campbell James, 156 S 10th 
Campbell James, weav., Higham's ct (K) 
Campbell James, coachman, 12 Quince 
Campbell James A., house carp., N W 8th and 

Campbell James D., hatter, 527 N 2d, h Rachel 

ab Poplar 

Campbell James M., publisher, 6 Hart's Build- 
ings, h Sch 7th bel Spruce 
Campbell James R., mer., 91 High, h 122 Pine 
Campbell Jane, sempstress, Carlile st 
Campbell Jane, diy goods, 81 Cedar 
Campbell John, tallow chand., 12 Almond 
Campbell John, brickmr.. Spruce bel Sch4tli 
Campbell John, lab., S W Front & Green 
Campbell John, weav., Jefferson n Cadwalader 

Campbell John, weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
Campbell John, bottler, Cedar bel Broad 
Campbell John, pedler, Lombard n Sch 7th 

Campbell John, weaver, 4tli ab Master (K) 
Campbell John, weaver, Clinton ab Norris (K) 
Campbell John, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Campbell John, lab., Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Campbell John, weaver, Bickham n Sch 7th 
Campbell John H., tobacconist, rear 458 N 3d 
Campbell John H., att'y and coun., 188 N 6tli 
Campbell Jonathan, carp.. Poplar bel 10th 
Campbell Joseph, miller. Pleasant ab 12tli 
Campbell Jos., ostler, rear 17 Farmer 
Campbell Joshua, tailoi', 3 Smith's ct n 2d 
Campbell Lucinda, Carpenter ab 6th 
Campbell Margaret, 11 Elmslie's al 
Campbell Margaret, 199 Shippen 
CAMPBELL MARTIN & Co., dry goods, 94 

Campbell Mary, George n Sch 7th 
Campbell Mar}^, Culvert ab 4th 
Campbell Mary, 32 Crown 
Campbell Michael, lab., 4 Sch Water 
Campbell Michael, cordw., Sch. Beach ab Wal- 
Campbell Michael B., shoemr., 6 Sailor's ct 
Campbell Oliver, weaver. Otter n Front (K) 
Campbell Patrick, lab., Richard 
Campbell Patrick, tailor, 295 S 4th 
Campbell Patrick, omnibus driver, rear Beach 

ab Poplar (K) 
Campbell Peter, weaver, Fitzwater ab 12th 
Campbell Peter^ weaver, Cadwalader n Oxford 

Campbell Quinton, pres. P. Fire Ins. Co., 134 

Walnut, h 124 S 8th 
Campbell Quinton jr., mea*., 351 S Front 
Campbell Rachel, M road & Washington 
Campbell Rachel, 10 Rihl's ct 
Campbell Randolph U. waiter, Bedford bel 12th 
Campbell Richard, capt., 295 N 7th 
Campbell R. H., 113 S 9th 
Campbell Samuel, lab., 13th ab Catharine 
Campbell Samuel, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Campbell Samuel, weaver, Helmuth n Sch 7th 
Campbell Sarah, nurse. Front u Almond 
Campbell Sarah, map col, 12, & h 137 N 5th 
CAMPBELL ST. GEORGE T., atty. & coun., 

94 S 4th 
Campbell Susan, bookstore. Queen bel Shack- 

amaxon (K) 
Campbell Thomas, hatter, 527 N 2d 
Campbell Thomas, lab., Dorothy E Sch 3d 
Campbell Tristram, tailor, 119 New Market 
Campbell T, & J. D., hatters, 527 N 2d 
Campbell Wm., engineer. Race n Sch Front 
Campbell Wm., blacksmitli, 39 Lily al 
Campbell Wm., weaver, Graham's ct 
Campbell Wm., weaver, Cadwalader ab Frank- 

hn (K) 
Campbell Wm., weaver, Pei-ry bel Master 
Campbell Wm., druggist, 10th and High, h Cal- 

lowhill ab 11th 
Campbell Wm., plasterer. Wood ab Sch Front 
Campbell Wm. carter, rear Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Campbell Wm. machinist, F R ab Phoenix (K) 
Can\pion John, hair dresser, 23 N 6th 
Campion Joseph, 308 Mulberry 




Campion Joseph H. cabinetmr. 161 & h 167 S 2d 
Campion Thomas, coffee roast., 10th ab Wash- 
Canavan Jas. wool dealer, 5th ab Franklin (K) 
Canby Caleb H., plumber, 115 Mulberry, h 63 

Canby C. H. & Sons, plumbers, 115 Mulberry 
Cane Mar}^ washer, Chester st 
Caner Marg-aret, 4th and Bhristian 
Canfield N., broker, 51 Chestnut, h U S Hotel 
Canfield P., lab.. Walnut n Ashton 
Cangey Cornel, plasterer, Callowhill ab Sch 3d 
Cann Augustus, patternmi-., 91 N 13th 
Cann Conrad, coach painter. Brown ab 10th 
Cann John, combmr., 84 F road 
Cannavin Joseph, tailor, 2 Howard's ct 
Cannell S. W. mei-. 8 N Front, h 11th bel Clinton 
Cannen John, painter. Leopard (K) 
Cannertine John, lab., Carlton ab 13th 
Canning Alexander, lab., Hope ab Otter (K) 
Canning John, rear Pleasant ab 12th 
Canning Mary, tailoress, 2 Scott's al 
Canning Matilda, dressmr., 3 Benton 
Canning Matthew, stone cutter, 1 Scott's ct 
Canning M. & Co., booksellers, 272 Chestnut 
Canning Wm., tavern, 89 Shippen 
Cannon Daniel B., g-ent., 73 Pine 
Cannon Dennis, grocer, 7th and St Mary 
Cannon Hugh, sculptor, 7 Lodge al, h 10 Jef- 
Cannon James, lab., Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Cannon James, tinsmitli, 244 Callowhill 
Cannon James, clerk, 12 S 10th 
Cannon John, lab.. Spruce n Sch 5th 
Cannon Peter, brickmr.. Palmer n F road (K) 
Cannon Philip, lab.. Pine bel Sch 6th 
Cannon Rees, lab., George ab R road (F V) 
Cannon Samuel T., stonecutter. Church avenue 
Cannon Thomas, stonecuttei-, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Cannon W. A., tinsmith, 2d & Laurel 
Canon & Brothers, tinsmiths, 319 High 
Canon George, tinsmith, 319 High 
Canon James, tinsmith, 319 High 
Canon .Fohn, tinsmith, 319 High, h Franklin & 

Cansler Wm. W., paper hajiger, N E 7th and 

Cantay Miles, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Canthn John, lab., Marriott bel 6th 
Cantrell John A., druggist, 2d & Carpenter 
Canty Jeremiah, weaver, White's ct 
Cany Mary, gentw., 500 Vine 
Capehai-t Henry, cordw. Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Cape well &. Brother, glass manuf. 11 Minor 
Capewell James, mer., 11 Minor, h Kaign's P. 
Capewell John, mer., 11 Minor, h Kaign's P. 
• Capewell Joseph, china store, 427 N 2d 
Caples Robei-t, lab., Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Capp John C , mer., 2 N whfs., h 148 N 12th 
Capp Samuel, mer., 2 N whfs. 
Cappell Samuel, cordw., 6th and Poplar 
Cappus August, shop, 27 Tammany 
Caraltcr Thomas, 14 Juniper la 
Carberry Wm., grocer. High n Sch 4th 
Carbin Elizabeth, 333 Lombard 

Carbray Thomas, chandler, St Mary bel 7th. 

Carbray Wm., weaver. Fetter n Harrison 

Garden N., tavern, 317 Callowhill 

Cardera Joseph, gent., 15 Scheet's st 

Cardin Thomas, lab., 14 Mark's la 

Cardwell Jane, milliner, 1 N 8th 

Cardwell Thomas C, mer., 34 Chestnut 

Cardwell Wm., lab., Hanover & Duke (K) 

Cal'dwell Wm., painter, Coates n Sch 6th 

Cardwell Wm. C, mer., 34 Chestnut 

Care James, weaver, rear 10th ab Carpenter 

Care Miss M. J., b h, 212 Chestnut 

Care Rachel, 4 Townsend's ct 

Care Wm., currier. Linden st 

Carels George, eating house. Harmony 

Carels Wm., Bolivar House, 201 & 203 Chestnut 

Carey Amos, carpenter, 184 St John, h rear 291 

Coates n 7th 
Carey Ann Eliza, teacher. Rose al 
Carey Ephraim, lab.. Carpenter ab 13th 
CAREY & HART, booksellers, S E 4th and 

Carey Isaac, morocco dresser, Streeper's ct 
Carey James, waterman, 56 Almond 
Carey James, cordw., rear 386 S 2d 
Carey James, waiter, George ab 10th 
Carey John, drayman, Wagner's ct 
Carey Maria, 290 Walnut 
Carey Robert, saddle & harnessmr., 31 S 4th, h 

Washington bel 4th 
Carey Wm., cordw., Elizabeth n Poplar 
Carhart Samuel, cordw., N W Little Dock and 

Spruce, h 38 Almond 
Cariss Wm., gilder, 1 Little Green (K) 
Carl Wm., musician, 171 N 13th 
Carles Joseph, framemr., 3 RaspbeiTy la 
Carleton Thomas H., carp., 8 College av, h 190 

Carlile A., clerk, 227 Coates 
Carlile Wm. B., shoemr., 256 Mulberry 
Carlin Andrew, artist, "^95 N Front 
Carlin Benj., painter, 47 S whfs 
Carlin Elizabeth, Centre bel 13th 
Cai'lin Hannah, shop, 1 Barker 
Carlin Hugh, tavern, 3d & Shippen 
Carlin James, Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Carlin Jonathan, sawj^er, S W Apple & George 
Carlin Mary, shop, Bedford ab 6th 
Cai-hn Michael, lal^., Senneff's ct 
Carlin Michael, lab., Sch 6th n Callowhill 
Carhn Michael, shoemr.. Spruce n Sch 5th 
Carlin Michael, tavern. Vine & Fi'ont 
Carlin Patrick, shoemr., 164 S 6th 
Carlin Patrick, lab., Fitzwater ab 6th 
Carlin Philip, Lebanon ab Christian 
Carlin Thomas, lab., Sch 3d ab Spruce 
Carlin Thomas, lab., 6th ab Master (K) 
Carlin Wm., cordw., S W 6th & Lombard 
Carlin W. J., tavern. Dock & Water 
Carllng George D., chairmr., 2 Farrie's ct 
Carlis John, carp., 3 Maple 
Carlisle David, 369 N 6th 
CARLISLE & GASKILL, com. mers., 48 N 

whfs. & 97 N Water 
Carlisle Henry, combmr., 304 Sassafras 




Carlisle John, corclvv., Chestnut bel Sch 7th 

Carlisle Keziah, 67 Mulberry 

Carlisle Mary Ann, 424 S 4th 

Carlisle Mary Ann, 109 St John 

Carlisle Wm. jr., mer., 97 N Water, h Cherry 

W Broad 
Carll G. S., furniture, 238 S 3d 
Carlley Geo. W., tobacco, square ab Rye 
Carlon Charles, tailor, 36 Middle al 
Carlon Charles, b h, 69 S Front 
Carlton Ann, 145 Spruce 
Carlyle Alex., carp., 2 Roberts' ct 
Carlyle Wm., machinist. Wood ab Sch 4th 
Carman Alex., millvvt., 580 S Front 
Carman Elizabeth, 204 Mulberry 
Carman Elon, car driver, Haydock bel Front 
Carman James H., saddletreemr. 9 Collins' al 
Carman John, carp., 91 German 
Carman Margaret, Wood bel 10th 
Carnian Mary, g-entw., 132 S 4th 
Carman Richard, bricklay. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Carman Stephen, locksmith, 10 Chester 
Carman Wm., saw mill, Camden, h 104 S 3d 
Carman Wilson, vainiishmr. 4th bel Federal 
Carmichael James, oil cloth manuf., 570 N 3d, 

h 680 N 2d (K) 
Carmick Lewis, com. mer., 125 Lombard 
Carmick Mrs. wid., 125 Lombard 
Carnahan D.K. Miss, teacher, 268 N 6th 
Carnahan John, tailor, 13 S Sch 5th 
Carnahan Sarah Ann, 1 Park av 
Carnell Chas., machinist. Phoenix bel Hancock 
Carnell Wm., coachmr., G T road ab 5th 
Carney Arthur, tavern. Green & Washington 
Carney B. L., hatter, 109 Shippen, h278 S 4th 
Carney Charles, carter, 254 S 5th 
Carney Edward, tanner, rear 32 Paschal's al 
Carney James, shop, Bedford bel 7th 
Carney Jane, washer, Middle al 
Carney John, lab.. Christian bel 9th 
Carney John, lab., Clare st 
Carney Robert, lab.. Western pi 
Carney Thomas, cordw., 3 Abbott's ct 
Carney Wm., lab., rear Centre bel PaiTish 
Cams Andrew, ag'ent, Charlotte ab Culvert 
Cams Charles W., brickmr., M'Duffie 
Cams Edward, well dig-g'er, 237 S 6th 
Cams Henry, shoemr., rear Beach & Poplar 

Cams Wm., 5th bel George (K) 
Caroline Wm., cordw., Nixon n Linn (FM) 
Ca-rohis Elizabeth, cupper, 342 N 3d 
Carolus Jacob, cordw., 2 Maple 
Caron E. A., dry goods, 266 S 2d 
Carpenter Abina, shop, 333 Vine 
Carpenter Abraham, mariner, 1 Lily al 
Carpenter Ann, 141 S 10th 
Carpenter Ann, bookfolder, 30 Coates al 
Carpenter Benj. E., 215 Coates 
Carpenter Charles A., blacksm., 78 Penn (S) 
Carpenter Charles R. morocco dresser, 227 St 

Carpenter C, vict., George ab R road (F V) 
Carpenter & Co., bonnet manuf, 117 Chestnut 
Carpenter D. H., surg. ins. mr., 643 N 2d (K) 

Carpenter D. L., teacher of dancing, Assembly 

Carpenter Edward, conveyancer, 56 Walnut, h 

Sch 8th bel Spruce 
Carpenter Eliza, 25 Palmyra sq. 
Carpenter Emily, gentw.. Middle al 
Carpenter FranciSj.tailor, 48 S 3d, h N W 3d & 

Carpenter George, clerk, Buttonwood ab 11 road 
Carpenter George W., carp., 14 Perry 
Carpenter George W., druggist, 301 High, h 

CARPENTER G. W. & Co., druggists, 301 

Carpenter Henry M., cordw., 265 S 2d 
Carpenter James, cabman. Linden n Howard 
Carpenter James B., tailor, rear 11 George 
Carpenter John, tailor, 159 Pine 
Carpenter John, rulemr., Poplar ab 3d 
Carpenter John D., blacksmith, Apple below 

Carpenter Joshua, painter. Juniper bel Spruce 
Carpenter Marg., rear 45 M road 
Carpenter Miles, lab,. Noble n O Y road 
Carpenter Powell, ice house, O Y road & Noble, 

h 89 Tammany 
Carpenter Samuel, shoemr., 299 Walnut 
Carpenter Samuel, bookbinder, 47 Wood 
Carpenter Samuel H., 76i Walnut, h 117 S 8th 
Carpenter Sarah, 64 S 12th 
Carpenter Sarah C, milliner, 17 S 2d 
Carpenter Stephen, carp., Rose al bel Coates 
Carpenter Thomas C, fancy store, 115 N 3d 
Carpenter Wm., lab., 20 Shippen 
Carpenter Wm., lab., 92 Bedford 
Carpenter Wm., tailor, 48'S 3d, h 183 S 5th 
Carpenter W. & F., tailors, 48 S 3d 
Carpentier & Andrews, c. mers., 99 S Front 
Carpentier John C, flax seed oil mill, Chestnut 

(W P) 
Carpentier John C, mer., 99 S Front 
Carpentier Lewis D., mer., 99 S Front 
Carpentier Sarah K., 326 Walnut 
Carr Adam, mer., 7 Commerce, h 131 S 3d 
Carr Ann, shop. Wood bet Sch 6th & 7th 
Carr Charles, lamp manuf, 106 Cedar 
CaiT Chai'les, weaver, 5 Brinton 
Carr Daniel, grocer, 7th & Baker 
Carr Danl., lab., 3 SpafFord st 
CaiT David, engineer, 5 Harrison 
Carr Edw., mer., 23 Church al, h 19 Clinton 
Carr Edw'd, watchman. Chestnut n Sch 3d 
Carr Edw. W., newsp. agent, 440 N 4th 
Carr Elizab'th, gentw., Franklin ab Buttonwood 
Carr Heniy, coachman, rear 25 Appletree al 
Carr Isaac, painter, 2 School 
Carr Jacob, painter, 6 Penn's av 
Carr Jacob B., painter, 192 Noble 
Carr Jacob E., plumber, 166 N 4th, h 9th bel 


Carr James, grocer, 12th & Bedford 
Carr James, grocer, 109 Cherry. 
Carr James, glass cutter, 24 Maiden (K) 
Carr James, weaver, Sch 2d and Lombard 
Carr James, lab., Ashton & Walnut 




Carr Jas., blacksm., Corn & Wharton 

Carr James, lab., 177 S Front 

Carr John, huckster, 7 Strawberry 

CaiT John, vict., Marlboro' n Franklin (K) 

Carr John, lab., Cooper n Sch .3d 

Carr John, driver, Glenat's ct (K) 

Carr John, lab., rear Rose ab School (K) 

Carr J. G. & G. W., dry goods, N VV 4th and 

Cai-r Lewis, atty. and coun. 66 S 6th 
Carr Littleton, porter, 49 CuiTant al 
Carr Maria, gentw., 52 Lombard 
Carr Michael, weav. G T road bel Jefferson (K) 
Carr Michael, waiter, 4 Garrigue's ct 
Carr Michael, plumber, 10th and Bonsall 
CaiT Patrick, blacksm.. Hays' ct (.K) 
Carr Robert, lab., Church ab Reed 
Can- Robert, lab., Johnston's ct (K) 
Carr Robei-t, weaver. Cedar n Sch 3d 
Carr & Roberts, Misses, teachers, 118 Spruce 
Carr Samuel, blacksm., Apple ab Georg-e 
Carr Saml., lab., rear 482 Coates 
Carr & Snyder, painters, 70 S 4th 
Carr Thomas, prof, of music, 183 N 8th 
Carr Wm., bootmr., 497 Vine 
Carr Wm., tailor, Lewis E Sch 5th 
Carr Wm., carter, 9th bel Melon 
Carr Wm., eng-raver, 13 Pine 
Carr Wm., weaver, 186 N Water 
Carr William H., hardwai-e, 6 Commerce, h 131 

S 3d 
Carr Wm. L., mer., Sch 7th n Vine 
Carr W. R., oysters, 143 Lombard 
€arragher James, lab., 62 P road 
Carralho D. N., gent., 129 Lombard 
Carrall David W., tavern. Beach & Maiden (K) 
CaiTateo Wm., vict., 6th bel G T road (K) 
Carre Lewis J., tinman, Winter bel Sch 2d 
Carrell James, carp., rear 116 Christian 
' Carrell John, tavern, Swanson and Beck 
Carrick Alex., baker. High W Sell 5th 
Carrick David, Callowhill n Sch 3d 
Can-ick Jas., grocer, Nixon bel Callowhill 
Carrick Robert, lab., lab., Syracuse ab Locust 
Carrick Thomas, blacksm., Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
Carrigan Jacob, carp., 204 Cherry 
Can'igan Jacob jr., saddlery hardware, 21 N 3d, 

h 5th and Buttonwood 
Carrigan Matthew, dealer, 16 Acorn al 
Carroll Daniel, b. h., 178 S Water 
Carroll Dennis, weaver. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Carroll E. A., sliip and insurance broker, 14 

Library, h 126 Catharine 
CaiToll James, harnessmr., Abbott's ct 
Carroll James, stone mason, Carroll's ct 
Carroll John, porter, 3 Deal's av 
Carroll John, fruiterer, rear 242 Christian 
Carroll Jno., lab., Salem al 
Carroll Maurice, shoemr., 18 Jones' al 
Cai-roU Michael, lab., Marriott bel 5th 
Carroll Patrick, tailor, 153 Green 
Carroll Patrick, porter, 11 Kenwortliy's ct 
Carroll Peter, blacksm., 34 Miflflin 
Carroll Saml., painter, Lombard ab Sch 6th 
Carroll Saml., lab., 10 Lawrence 

Carroll Thomas, 4 Letitia ct and 22 High 

Carroll Thos., weaver, 13th bel Brinton 

Carroll Thos., weaver, 273 N Front 

Carroll Wm., weaver, 118 Plum 

Carrow John, jewellery manuf., 5 Bank al, h 

Catharine bel Gi'ubb 
Carrow Thomas, clerk, 3d bel Catharine (S) 
Carsley John, blacksm., 113 N Juniper 
Carson And., weaver, Jefferson ab 2d (K) 
Carson Catharine, 125 New 
Carson Catharine, spool., Cadwalader ab Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Carson Eben'r., seaman, 246 S Front 
Carson Elizabeth, 13 Julianna 
Carson Eliza, 276 Wood bel Broad 
Carson & Farson, carps.. Elbow la 
Carson Fred'k, confect.. Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Carson George, lab., Lombard bel Juniper 
Carson George C, mer., 51 S whfs., h 10th and 

Carson Hannah, Dean ab Locust 
Carson Henry, carp., h 35 Vine 
Carson Henry, cot. brok., S Water & Chestnut 
CARSON H. L., mer., 14 N Front 
Carson & Helmuth, mdz. brokers, S Water and 

Carson John, Brown ab 4th 
Carson John M., Brown's ct 
Carson Joseph, M. D., 53 S 13th 
Carson M., weaver, Gabell's ct 
Carson & Newbold, mers., 51 S whfs. 
Carson Oliver, weaver, 573 N 3d 
Carson Robert, weaver. Front ab Master (K) 
Carson Robert, bricklayer, Dorothy E Sch 3d 
Carson Saml., weaver, 255 S 3d 
Carson Thomas, gi-ocer, 207 G T road 
Carson Thomas, grocer, N W 12th & Wood 
Carson Thomas B., dry goods, N E 5th and Cal- 
Carstairs James, mer., 1st whf. ab Cedar, h 31 

Carswell Matthew W., 130 Franklin 
Carswell Robt. B., cordw.. Wood bel Sch 3d 
Carter Abraham, cai-p., 18 Gray's al, h 30 El- 

freth's al 
Carter Alfred A., 11th and Buttonwood 
Carter Amos, carter. Orange ab Washington 
Carter Chas., M. D., 488 Chestnut 
Carter Cliarles Ignatius H. Rev., 116 S 4th 
Carter Daniel, lab., 51 Currant al 
Carter Dennis, musician, Parker n Prime 
Carter D. B., gent., 13th and Lombard 
Carter Edw. L., M. D., S E 4th and Catharine 
Carter Elizabeth, milliner, 57-^ Mulberry 
Carter Elizabeth, undertaker, 133 N 6th 
Carter George, tobac, 90 N 5th & 372 High 
Carter Harrison G., mer., 23 Church al, h 374 

S 3d 
Carter Isaac, lab.. Perry & Phoenix (K) 
Carter Jacob, oak cooper, 167 N 12th 
Carter James Jr., mer., N E 3d and Church al, h 

274 N 5tli 
Carter James N., cooper, S E Queen & Swanson 
Carter James T., straw goods, 189 High, h 39 
N Sch 8th 




Carter John, 33 German 

Carter John, chem., 70 N 3d, h 105 S 12th 

Carter John, seaman, Hancock bel Phoenix (K) 

Carter J. G., cooper, 45 Commerce, h 167 N 12th 

Carter Noah, waiter, Lisle 

Carter Restore, mer., 11 N Sd, h 21 New 

Carter Mary, shop, Pahner n F road (K) 

Carter Robert T., whipmr.. Carpenter bel 6th 

Carter Robert W., brushmr., 74 S 2d 

Carter Sai*ah, Conard's ct 

Carter & Scatterg-ood, chemists, 70 N 3d 

Carter Tamar, washer, 55 Currant al 

Carter Wm., silk dyer, 171 N 10th 

Carter Wm., jeweller, 49 Catharine 

Carter Wm., sailmr., 52 Brown (N L) 

Carter Wm. M., waterman. Rose al ab Green , 

Carter Wm. T., mer., 232 N 3d, h 272 E Pine 

Carteret Joseph W., undertaker, 6th & Queen 

Carteret William M., com. mer., 7 Bank, h 136 

Cartledge Joseph, stone cut.. Federal bel 10th 
Cartridge & Cordeng-, oysters, 8 Hig-h 
Cartwright Henry, machinist, 456 N 8th 
Cartwrig-ht Mary, 46 Georg-e (S) 
Cartwright Matthew, tin worker, 456 N 3d 
Cartwright Wm., tin plate worker, 456 N 3d 
Carty Sumpter, cordw., 22 North 
Carty S., hatter, 2 James 
Carver Alexander B., conveyr., N W 9th and 

Filbert, h 12th bel Cherry 
CARVER A. B. & CO., conveyancers, 9th and 

Carver Den-ick K., 270 N 7th 
Carver & Hall, architects, 51 N 6th 
Carver Harvey, lab, Fraley's al 
Carver Isaac, turner, 8 Little Dock, h 410 S 3d 
Carver Jacob, umbrellas. Palmer n F road 
Carver Jacob, conveyancer, 9th and Filbert 
Carver John E., architect, 51 N 6th, h 302 Sas- 
Carver John R., cai-p enter, 6 Rittenhouse 
Carver Mary, Palmer rear F road 
Carver Saniuel, atty. at law, N W 9th Sc Filbert 
Carver Wm., weaver, rear F road ab Phoenix 
Carver Wm., printer, 8th bel Pamsh 
Carvei7 Peter, lab., Pearl bel Wilham 
Carvill Sarah, Apple ab Poplar 
Carvin Wm., weaver, F road bel Master (K) 
Case Ambrose, cordw., rear Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Case John, tailor, 1 Mary's ct 
Case Samuel H., clerk, 202 Chestnut 
Case Wm., cordw., 504 Callowhill 
Casely Alexander, carp., 439 S 6tlB. 
Casey Arthur, pap. stainer, Beckett st 
Casey Bridget, shop, 1 Spafford st 
Casey Francis, lab., Oxford ab Front 
Casey & Guyant, glass cutters, rear 16 Mulberry 
Casey James, tailor, 5 Stamper's al 
CASEY JAMES, iron mer., 13 N Water, h 382 

Casey Jas. D., glass cutter, rear 16 Mulberry, h 

Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Casey John, grocer, 152 N 12th 
CASEY JOHN H., bon. and caps, 116 High 

Casey Michael, shoemr., 35 Crown 

CASH ANDREW D., conveyancer, 80 Walnut, 

h 101 S 12th 
Cash A. D. & Jones E. R., conveyancers, 80 

Cash Elizabeth, gentw., Ann (F V) 
Cash Elizabeth, wid. of Thomas, 103 Franklin 
Cash John S., collector, Columbia R R, h 13th 

ab Green 
Caskel Elizabetli, b h, rear 64 N 2d 
Caskey Ann, dry goods, 11th and Chestnut 
Caskey James, carter, 8 Margaretta 
Caskey James, weav., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Caskey John, weaver, Hope bel Master 
Caskey Joseph, groceries and flour-, 446 High 
Caskey Joseph, lab.. Elk (K) 
Caskey & Reeves, wood deals., Callowhill st whf 
Caskey Samuel, lab., Sch 5th ab Callowhill 
Caskey Wm., moulder, Howard bel Franklin(K) 
Caslaw John, weaver, 10th bel Catharine 
Casling Geo., lab. Phoenix bel G T road (K) 
Cass Patrick, attj''., 93 Green 
Cassaday Dennis, painter, 4 Howard's ct 
Cassaday Hugh, pedler. Sell Front & Chestnut 
Cassaday James W., ven. blindmr., 8 S 6th, h 

143 N 9th 
Cassaday Patrick, weaver. Carpenter ab lOtli 
Cassady Dennis, tavern, Fitzwater 
Cassady Edw., weaver, Milton ab 11th 
Cassady Felix, carter, 2 John's ct 
Cassady Felix, carp., 330 Carpenter 
Cassady Francis, weav., G T road bel Jefferson 
Cassady Francis, painter, 53 Carpenter (S) 
Cassady Henry, segarmr., 302 S 4th 
Cas!?ady Hugh, lab., 11 Carter's al 
Cassady H., dealer, 137 S 9th 
Cassady James, butcher, Marriott's la ab 8th 
Cassady John, baker, 130 N 4th 
Cassady John, lab., rear 66 P road 
Cassady John, shop, 3 Little Oak 
Cassady John, carp',, 328 Carpenter 
Cassady John B., combmr.. Otter n William(K) 
Cassady Margaret, dealer, 196 Cedar 
Cassady Michael, dealer, 63 S 4th 
Cassady Park H., 29 Logan's sq 
Cassady Patrick weav., Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Cassady Wm., tailor, 36 Strawberry 
Cassan Lewis P., mariner, 10 Mary (S) " 
Cassary Hugh, cleiik, Clare al 
Casseday & Co., straw hat finis'r., 43 Lombard 
Casseday Francis, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Casseday James, grain mer., 121 S Water, h 27 

Casseday Wm., weav., Philip ab Jeffei'son 
Cassell Frederick, cordw., 68 Vine 
Cassey Joseph, gent., 113 Lombard 
Cassiday Robt., tailor 8th bel Carpenter 
Cassidy Francis, carp., 23 Hurst 
Cassidy Hugh, mer., 32 Walnut, h Clare al 
Cassin John, provisions, 26 N Water, h 73 

Casteldine Ann, 307 S Front 
Castels Wm., printer, 477 Vine 
Castillon Giles E., mer., 28 Walnut 

Casey John 1'., pap. hanger, 7th bel Washington Castle Ann, miUiner, 108 S 2d 




CASTLE JAISIES H., atty. and coun., office 48 

S 4th, h S Sch 8th ab Pine 
Castle Wm., confectioner, 136 Mulberry 
Castle Wm., lab., Hummel's row (K) 
Castles Robert, shop, R road and Pleasant 
Castles James, g-rocer, 333 S 3d 
Castner Enoch, mer., 67 S whfs., h 26 Union 
Castner John F., painter, 59 Dock 
Castner Samuel, mer., 67 S wharves, h 269 S 

Castner S. & E., grocers, 67 S whfs 
Castor Edmund, cordw., 19 Elizabeth, (N L) 
Caswell Arabella, 30 N 9th 
Caterson Robt., lab., Sch 3d ab Spruce 
Cathcart Alexander, cordw., 206 Queen 
Cathcart James, watchman, Filbert.W Sch 4th 
Cathcart James, milliner, 2d and G T road 
Cathcart Thos., carp., Lombard ab 11th 
Cathcart Wm., cooper, 3 Mary 
Cathell Josiah, hatter, 26 Catharine 
Catherine James, stevedore. Esses 
Catherwood Andi-ew J., mer., S W 13th and 

High, h 425 Walnut 
Catherwood Hugh, gent., office S W 13th and 

Hig-h, h 425 Walnut 
Catherwood John, weaver, Fitler n 2d (K) 
Cathrall Georg-e, paper hang'er, 68 Coates 
, Cathrell Benj., paper hanger, 9th and Brown 
Cathrell Elizabeth, store, Front &. Washington 
Cathrell Georg-e, tobac'st., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Catlin Georg"e, musical inst. mr., 117 N 5th 
Cathn Sarah, 5 N 13th 
CA'ITELL ALEXANDER G., com. mer., 13 N 

Cattell David, blacksmith, 266 S Front (S), h 

rear 117 Queen (S) 
Cattell Saml. W., painter, 60^ Walnut 
Cauchlin Thos., lab.. Hay's ct (K) 
Cauet Armand, sug^ar refiner, 37 St John, h 72 

CaufFman Lawrence, mer., 26 N 3d, h 125 N 9th 
CaufFman Marcus, mer., 25 N 3d, h 391 N 6th 
Cauffman R. S., mer., 26 N 3d, h 160 S 9^ 
Cauffman R. S. & Co., crockery, 26 N 3d 
Cauffman T. F., mer., 26 N 3d, h 125 N 9th 
Cauffman & Wolf, dry goods, 25 N 3d 
Caullay C, bootmr, 14i S 6th 
Caullet Sarah, Reed bel 2d 
Caulk Oliver, gent., 9th ab Poplar 
Caum Wm., blacksm., Alden ab Poplar 
Cauvin Nicholas, g"ent., 49 Lombard 
Cavanaugh Hugh, g'rocer. Almond st whf 
Cavanaug-h Lawrence, mason, St Joseph's av 
Cavanaugh John, 23 Chatham 
Cavanaugh Joseph, porter, 2 Seiser's ct 
Cavanaugh Michael, gent., S E 2d and Queen 
Cavanaugh Michael, lab., Filbert n Sch Front 
Cavanaugh Mich., l;ib.. Palm bel Parrish 
Cavanaugh Wm., N E Juniper and High 
Cave Joseph, watchmr., 10 Lagrange pi 
Cavell Robt., 13th bel Callowh'ill 
Cavender Cordelia, gentw., 243 N 7th 
Cavender Curtis H., clerk, Poplar ab 8tli 
Cavender B. M., 25 Christian 
Cavender John H., conveyancer, 348 N 5tli 

Cavender Mary Ann, Barker W Sch 6tli 
Cavender Thos. S., conveyancer, 348 N 5th, h 

108 Marshall 
Cavett Anna Maria, b. h.. 6 S 3d 
Cawley Saml. B., bricklayer, 533 Vine 
Cawman John, tavern, 600 S Front 
Cayley Timothy, weaver, Mariner 
Cayot Henry, cabinetmr., 52 Zane 
Cayser John, weaver, Otter ab School 
Cehill Michael, slater. Lemon ab 10th 
Celvey James, weaver, Otter ab School 
Cerad Jos., trunkmr., Stackhouse pi 
Certier George, watch-spring mr., Elmslie's al 
Cetterson Wm., lab., cooper, n Sch 3d 
Chadwick George, supt., 20 Union (S) 
Chadwick Jemima, nurse, 87 S 12th 
Chadwick Thos., brickmr.. Pine ab Sch 3d 
Chadwick T. B., baker, 83 S 12th 
Chaffee James, trader, 256 Garden 
Chaffee Jesse, boatmr., Sch av 
Chain Ezekiel, baker, 10th and Pleasant 
Chain John, tailor, 458 N 2d 
Chain John, lab., 5 Poplar 
Chain Thomas, barber, 67 N Front 
Chalmers Ann, Parrish ab 8th 
Chaloner A. D., M. D., 317 Spruce 
Chaloner Deboi-ah, gentw., 264 Marshall 
Chaloner & Reynolds, mers., 423 High 
Chaloner Wm., mer., 423 High, h 317 Spruce 
Chamberlain C, 50 Dillwj'^n 
Chamberlain C. R., dentist, 163 Spruce 
Chamberlain Elizabeth, gentw., 279 N 7th 
Chamberlain George, clerk, Fraley's ct (K) 
Chamberlain Hannah, 118 Filbert 
Chamberlain Henry, carp., 9 Smith's pi 
Chamberlain Isaac, waterman, 56 Catharine 
Chamberlain James B., cordw., rear 23 Charlotte 
Chamberlain John, ganger. Nectarine ab 10th 
Chamberlain John J., ti-ader, 6 Curtis' ct 
Chamberlain Theodore, mer., 135 High, h 406 

Chamberlain Thos., blacksm., 100 Locust 
Chamberlain Wm., carp., 74 Dillwyn 
Chamberlin Britton E., teacher, c 11th andBut- 

tonwood, h 66 N 8th 
Chamberlin H. F., com. mer., 8 Bank 
Chamberlin Taylor, millwrt., Penn n R road 
Chambers Andi'ew R., leather mer., 67 & h 505 

Chambers Asa W., com. mer., 30 S whfs., h Dun- 

gan's av (K) 
Chambers David, bricklayer. Carpenter ab 3d 
Chambers Edvv., oysterman, 119 Swanson 
Chambers Edw. W., rigger, 20 Union (S) 
Chambers Elizabeth, 39 Christian 
Chambers George K., grocer, N W 10th and 

CHAMBERS GEORGE T., manuf. flour, oat 

meal. Sic, W"illow ab 12th, h Buttonwood 

n 13th 
Chambers G. W., M. D., S W 4th and Plum 
Chambers Hannah, 250 S 6th 
Chambers Isaac, waiter, 4 Mercer 
Chambers James, boatm., Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Chambers John, lab.. Com bel Wharton 




Chambers John, stone cutter, Wood ab Sch 8th 
Chambers John Rev., 360 Mulberry 
Chambers John, weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la 
Chambers John, R road bel Sp Garden 
Chambers John C. & Son, dry goods, 54 N 2d 
Chambers Joseph, bricklr., Carpenter ab 5th 
.Chambers Joseph, box maker, 7 Plum 
Chambers Joseph C, saddle and harnessmr., R 

■road ab 13 th 
Chambers J. C, mer., 54 N 2d, h 87 Wood 
Chambers J. M., carp., Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Chambeis Lydia, washer, Smith's ct 
Chambers Montgomery, M. D., 92 S 5th 
Chambers N., waiter, 19 Watson's al 
Chambers Peter, baker, rear 445 N 6th 
Chambers Richard, mer., 54 N 2d 
Chambers Samuel, carter, R road ab Girard av 

Chambers Samuel, 3 Lombard row 
Chambers Thomas, 4 White's ct 
Chambers Wm., Milton n 11th 
Chambers Wm., lab., Georg-e n Beach 
CHAMBERS WILLIAM B., grocer, N W 4th & 

Chambers Wm. C, 15 Dock, h 278 Walnut 
Chambley B., coachman, 10 N 10th 
Champion C. Collins, tailor, 2d and Dock, h 113 

Champion Jehu, lab., 357 Lombard 
Champion John B., real est. brok., 223 Coates 
Champion Samuel, blacksm., Parrish ab 11th 
Champion Thos., machinist, Sch 8th bel Willow 
Champion Wm., tavern, S whfs n Cedar 
Chan Isaac, clothing, 3 Paschal's al 
Chance John, mariner, 11 Union (S) 
Chance J. C, dry goods, 530 High 
Chance Thos., waterman, N E Queen & Front 
Chance Wm., blacksm, I'ront bel Master (K) 
Chancellor Hannah, gentw., 271 Chestnut 
Chancellor Wharton, 271 Chestnut 
Chandlee C, carpenter, 2 Madison 
Chandler Ann, 1 Taylor's al 
Chandler Ann, sempstress, rear 20 P road 
Chandler Edwin, agricultural warehouse, 196 

High, h George ab Sch 6tli 
Chandler George Rev., Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Chandler I. C, lab., 32 Mayland 
Chandler James B., mer., 70 S 3d 
Chandler John, gi'ocer, 159 S 6th 
Chandler Joseph R., editor and proprietor U S 

Gazette, 66 Dock, h 105 N 10th 
Chandler Mary, Pleasant ab 10th 
Chandler M. T. W., asst. city surv., 426 Sassafras 
Chandler Wm., lab., 30 Magnolia 
Chandler Wm. A., shoemr., 22 Rachel 
Chapin Emma, confectioner, 441 S 2d 
Chapin Luther, gunsm., Watman's ct 
Chapman Ann, Beach sh Maiden (K) 
Chapman Enos, carp., Cherry & Juniper, h 142 

Chapman H. B., acct., Haverford road (M V) 
Chapman Jas. S., bootmr., Vine ab 12th 
Chapman John, eat. house, 236 Shippen 
Chapman John W., dentist 7 N 9th 
Chapman Jonathan^ eng., N 10th ab Buttonwood 

Chapman Joseph, painter, 13tli and Cherry 
Chapman Joseph, carman, 8 Orchard 
Chapman Julian, 11 Christian 
Chapman L., M. D., Clay av 
Chapman Mary, grocer, 99 Wood 
Chapman & Mitchell, bookbins., rear 37 Cherry 
Chapman Nathaniel, M. D., 332 Chestnut 
Chapman Rebecca, St John ab Beaver (K) 
Chapman Richard, M.D., Front bel Otter (K) 
Chapman Richard, papermr., 513 N 2d 
Chapman Sarah Ann, b. h., 151 S 10th 
Chapman Susan, cigarmr., 308 St John 
Chapman Theodore, bricklayer, 82 Buttonwood 
Chapman Thomas, carp., George E Sch 6th 
Chapman Thos. B., machinist. Beach bel Maiden 

h Queen n Hanover 
CHAPMAN T. ELLWOOD, bookseller and 

binder, 74 N 4th 
Chapman Wm., bricklayer, 289 N 8th 
Chapman Wm., jr., diy goods, 134 N 8th 
Chapman W. A., actor. Pine W Sch 7th 
Chapouty Mrs. S., gentw., Sch 3d ab Sassafras 
Chapouty P., furnishing store, 114 N 5th 
Chapron John M., gent., 75 Spruce 
CHAPRON J. B., att'y., 6th and Walnut 
Chardon Sam'lR.,bookselr., S E 8th & Sassafras 
Charier Madame F. M., teacher, 321 S 3d 
Charles Catharine, shop, Rose al 
Charles George, stereotype, 9 George 
Charles George, combmr.. Rose al 
Charlton F., carver, 3 Lebanon row 
Charlton John, boot fitter. School ab Rose (K) 
Charlton Mary Ann, 8 Green (C) 
Charlton Martha, tavern, c 8th and Zane 
Charlton Robert, hatter, 19 Mechanic 
Charlton Wm., lab., Collins' ct 
Charman Joseph, shoemr., 24 Strawberry 
Charnley Thos., engrav., Franklin ab Crown (K) 
Charnley Wm. S., stock and ex. broker, 9 S 3d, 

h 10 Logan's sq 
Charnley & Whelen, stock and ex. broks., 9 S 3d 
Chamock Thomas, cabinetmr., rear 172 Pine, h 

26 Bonsall 
C BARTER HENRY A., Am. hotel, 181 Chestnut 
Charter Jerome, dealer, 52 Vine 
Charters Samuel, boot and shoemr., R road bel 

Ann (F V) 
Charry Peter, weaver, rear 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Chase B. W., mer., 4 S Front, h 37 Girard 
Chase Daniel, waiter. Mechanic 
Chase Edwin T., clerk Proth. office. District 

Court, h 117 North 
Chase Ezra, tailor, 6 Perry st 
Chase Ezra, jr., watchman, N. Y., 23 Federal 
Chase Gasway, hatter, 10th & Catharine 
CHASE HEBER, M. D., 4 Franklin row, 9th 

bel Walnut 
Chase John, stonecutter, R road ab Broad 
Chase John G., acct. 82 Union 
Chase & Magill, com. mers., 4 S Front 
Chase Philip B., com. mer., 44^ N 2d, h 4 W 

Penn sq 
Chase Pliny E., teacher, 307 Spruce 
Chase Rebecca, gentw., Ogden bel 11th 
Chase Stephen, gent., 9 Union 




Chase Theodore L., dagiiereot3'pe, 10th & Sp 

Garden and 5th and Chestnut 
Chase Tlios., coachman, 4 Eutaw 
Chastney Jane, teacher, 37 S Sch 6th 
Chatham John, cordw.. Front bel Wharton 
Chatham Joseph, grocer, 77 Locust 
Chatham Robert, carp., N W 11th & Pine 
CHATHAM ROBERT F., ladies' shoemr., 405 

. Cliestnut 
Chatham Stephen C, waterman, R3'e ab Reed 
Chattin Abijah, bricklayer, 10 Adams 
Chattom Jas., Wood bel Sch 5th 
Chauncey Chas., coun., office 85, h 87 Walnut 
Chauncey Ehhu, 157 Walnut 
Chaunce)'' Heniy, M. D., 6 Steward 
Chauncey Nathaniel, atty. & coun., 231 Pine 
Chauveau A. J., mer., 242 High, h 209 Noble 
Chauvenet A,, grocer, N E 6th and Cedar 
Chaux Theresa, Indian doctress, Y R bel Phoenix 
Chave George, hatter, rear 111 Brown 
Cheaseman John, shoemr., 4 Burd (S) 
Cheavens Wm. E., clerk, Brown bel Front 
Cheesman Clinton, mariner, 1 Wilson 
Cheesman Jos., huckster, 11 Monroe ct 
Cheesman J. V., clerk. Noble bel 8th 
Cheesman Richard, agent. Locust n Sch 2d 
Cheesman Richard, mariner, rear 386 S 2d 
Cheesman Thomas W., tailor, 12 N 8th 
Cheetham James, hatter. Vine n Sch 
Cheetham Thos., tavern, c Vine and Sch 2d 
Cheetham Wm., mer., 100 S whfs 
Cheetham Wm. & Co., com. mers., 100 S whfs 
CHEETHAM WM. H., carpet manuf., 270 N 

2d, h 553 N 4th 
Cheetham W. H., jr., carpet manuf., 5th above 

Chemin A., baker, 187 S Water 
CHESEBROUGH A. F., mer., 5 N whfs., h 7 

Colonnade row 
Chesebrough C. & Co., groceries, 16 S whfs 
Chesebrough E. G., boots and shoes, 43 N 2d 
Chesnut & Gravel, groceries, 6 High 
Chesnut John, weaver, 9 Gay's ct (K) 
Chesnut J., blacksm., 402 High, h 89 N Juniper 
Chesnut Nathan, lab., Bickham n Sch 7th 
Chesnut Sarah, 12th ab Pine 
Chesnut Wm., grocer, c Sch 6th and Carlton 
Chester Albert, carp.. Queen opp Cheriy (K) 
Chester C. W., cordw., 39 Union (S) 
Chester David, Chancellor n Sch 6th 
CHESTER HENRY, att'y and coun., 85 Wal- 

nut, h 8 Clinton 
Chester Hiram, bootmr., F road n Queen 
Chester Jno., ropemr., rear Queen ab Palmer (K) 
CHESTER JOSEPH L., comr. of deeds, 116 

High, h 16 Melon 
Chester Leonard, machinist, Shackamaxon bel 

Franklin vK) 
Chester Lewis, clerk, 33 New Market 
Chesterman John, boot crimper, Church bel 

Chestnut Benj., carp, weaver, Phillip ab Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Chestnut Saml., brickmr., Richard n Sch 6th 
Chestnut Wm., weaver, Howard ab Master 

Chestnut Wm., grocer, 6 High, h 47 Wood 

Chettle Joseph, hatter, 11 Vernon 

Chevelier Wm., tinman, 5th ab Poplar 

Chevers George, cabinetmr., 52 Almond 

Chew Catharine, washer. Brown's ct 

Chew Charles, brass founder, 48 St Mary's 

Chew Henrietta, 286 Walnut 

Chew Isachar J., paper stainer. Miller ab loth 

Chew I. S., hatters, 275 P road 

Chew Jacob, mer., 13 Sargent st 

Chew Jeffery, furniture, 276 S 2d 

Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemr., 39 S 8th, h 572 

Chew Joseph D., cordw., 289 S 5th 
Chew John, hair dresser and wigmr., 199 Chest- 
nut, h 9th bel Fitzwater 
Chew Jonathan, cordw., 281 S 5tli 
Chew Nathan, buttonmr., Carleton ab Sch 4th 
Chew Totten, carter, 2d ab Greenwich 
Chew William, clothes, N E 2d and Walnut, h 

16 Powell 
Chewn Wm., seaman, 3 Cox's ct 
Cheyney Charles H., ice dealer, 129 Chestnut, 

h S E Fitzwater and Hubbell 
Chierdel Ann, 171 Pine 
Child H. T., physician, 132 Green 
Child John, clock and watchmr., 452 N 2d 
Child Richard S., lamp black. Willow ab Broad, 

h Marshall and Poplar 
Child Samuel T., watchmr., 248 St. John 
Childs Asher M., chemist, 12th & Pleasant 
Chikls C. G., proprietor Com. List. Ex. Build- 

ingi5, h 365 Mulberry 
Childs Edmund, painter, rear 448 Sassafras 
Childs G. K., silversmith, 114 Spruce 
Childs Isaac, Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Childs John, wheelwright, 305 N 3d, h 152 Mar- 
Childs Wm., combr., Van Buren pi 
Chillas Arthur, mer., 122 S 3d 
Chillman James, bookbinder, Lewis ab Poplar 
Chipman Chester W., M. D., 475 N 4th 
Chipman George, wooden ware, 2 Chestnut, h 

27 Dean 
Chiquoine Servelle, pilot, F road bel Phoenix 
Chism George, weaver, 12 M'Duffie 
Chlsholm J. A. M., tobacco, N W 8th & Lombard- 
Chittick Gerrard, weaver, Fulton ab 12th 
Choate David L., bootmr., 24 Jone's al (C) 
Choate John, saddler, S E St John & George (K) 
Christian Isaac, porter, rear 3 Gray's al 
Christian John, 67 Catharine 
Christian John, cordw., rear 123 Plum st 
Christian John, jr., chairmr., 3 Christian's ct 
Christian S. J., com. mer., 76 S whfs., h 86 N 

Christian Wm., clerk, Carpenter ab 5th 
Christian Wm., weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Christie Arthur, soap manuf., 74 E South 
Christie Chas., watchman, 4 Elmslie's al 
Christie Harman, tavern. Bush Hill 
Christie James, lab.. Cedar ab 10th 
Christie John, cordw., Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Christie Margaret, upholsterer, 143 Chestnut 
Christine John, cordw., Duke bel Cherry 




CHRTSTMAN & FRY, dry goods, 45 N 2d 
Christman Joseph C. D., accountant, 146 N 12th 
Christman Wilham A., mer., 45 N 2d 
Christmann Edward, perfumer, 168 Chestnut 
Christopher Hannah, wid., Coates ab 9th 
Christopher Jesse M., acct. 423 S 6th 
'Christy Benjamin F., collector, 14 Union (S) 
Christy Elizabeth, nurse, 2 John's ct 
Christy James, bottler, S r2th n Lombard 
CHRISTY JAMES C, mer., 9 Merchant 
Christy John, ship rig-ger. Alder bel Girard av 
Christy Robert, shoenir,, Filbert n Sch Front 
Christy Robert F., 96 S Front 
Christy Sarah, dry gods, 446 N 4th 
Christy Thomas, moulder, Hamell's ct 
Christy Wm., umbrellamr., 438 N 4th 
Christy Wm. M., stationer, 82 Chestnut, h 120 

Chubb Samuel, dry goods, 251 S 2d 
Chur A. T. commis. com., Front & Chestnut, h 

Vine n Sch 4th 
Chur Jacob, mer., 13 Sergeant 
Church Fred'k H., stoves & sheet iron, 68 N 2d, 

h Filbert 4 doors W Broad 
Church Julius, confect., 411 N 2d 
Church Rebecca, shop, 61 Queen 
Churchill John, shoemr., 64 S 8th 
Churchman Charles W., com. mer., 30 S Front, 

h Germantown 
Churchman Hannah, 7th ab Parrish 
Churen Samuel, mariner, 33 Union (S) 
Cills Wm., tobacconist, 2d & G T road 
Citti John, image mr., 80 Spruce, and 8 Arcade 
Claffin Horatio S., shoemr., 196 High, h 212 

Claghorn E. H., auctioneer, S W Bank & High, 

h Franklin n Green 
Claghorn John W., mer., 383 Mulberry 
Claghorn J. L., auctioneer, S W Bank & High, 

h 77 N 10th 
Claghorn Wm. C, mer., 402 Vine 
Clair Margaret, b. h., 236 Wood 
Clairey Danl., weaver, 2 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Clamans Augustus, vict. Brown ab 13th 
Clampitt John, pilot, 33 Queen 
Clampitt John C, pilot, 54 Christian 
Clancey John, ostler, 3 Kelly 
Clancy, Timothy, tavern, 212 N Water 
Claney Jeremiah, shoemr., 22 Bonsall 
Claphamson John, baker, 9 Dilk's ct 
Claphamson Samuel, baker, 94 N 9th 
Clapier J. E., tobacconist, 434 N 2d 
Clapier Maiy, gentw., 216 S Front 
Clapp Allen, ste.ward, Penna. Hospital 
Clapp & Crowell, cloths, 8 N 2d 
CLAPP ENOCH, M. D., real es. agt, 72 Dock, 

h 152 Sassafras 
Clapp N. T., mer., 8 N 2d 
Clare Bartholomew, printer, 2 Mary's ct 
Clare Charles, carter, Washington ab 6th 
Clare John, carter. Front bel Greenwich 
Clare Thomas, carter. Front and Reed 
Claridge Wm. R., druggist. Queen & Hanover 

Clark Alex., lampmr., 9th ab Coates 

Clark Alex., weaver, Oxford bel Queen (K) 

Clark Alfred, plumber, R road & Green 

Clark Alfred M., engineer, 9 Queen n F road 

Clark Andrew, lab., 166 S 6th 

Clark Andrew, mer., Hutton ct 

Clark Anna Maria, gentw., Lombard n 13th 

Clark Archibald F., carp.. Poplar bel Elizabeth 

Clark Arthur J., painter, 11th bel Callowhill 

Clark Benj., watchmr., 1 S Front, h 115 Vine 

CLARK & CADMUS, shoes, S W 3d & High 

Clark Caroline, ghop, Hanover bel Franklin 

Clark Charles, lab., G T road ab 6th 

Clark Charles, tailor, 2 Beck (S) 

Clark Charles, coachman, 24 Prune 

Clark Charles D., pedler, 2 Myers' ct 

Clark Charles E., upholsterer, 77 S 12th 

Clark Chas. S., carp., rear 5th bel Franklin (K) 

Clark Clement, tailor, 163 S 2d, h 16 Beck pi 

Clark & Cunningham, painters, 112 Crown 

Clark Daniel, porter, 6 Little Pine 

Clark David, crockery, 6th bel Catharine 

Clark Deborah, millinery, 206 Green 

Clark Deborah, b h, 409 Sassafras 

Clark D. D., M. D. 43 Chestnut 

Clark Edward, printer, rear 106 Christian 

Clark Edw., lab., Cadwalader bel Phoenix (K) 

Clark Eliza, milliner, 59 Cedar 

Clark Elizabeth, Queen n Shackaraaxon (K) 

Clark Elizabeth, tailoress. 34 Maiden (K) 

Clark Elizabeth H., 3d and Prime 

Clark Ellen, 10th ab Buttonwood 

Clark Ellis, watchmr., 142 High, h 32 Branch 

Clark Ellis, jr., 30 N 4th, h 32 Branch 

Clark Enoch W., exch. broker, 25 S 3d, h Pine 

ab 9th 
Clark Ephraim, upholsterer, N W 4th & Vine, 

h 115 Marshall 
Clark Ephraim, jr., mer., 93 S Front, h 378 

Clark Ephraim G., sawyer, Crawford's ct 
Clark Ewing, weaver, Crown ab Duke (K) 
CLARK E. W. & CO., exch. brok., 25 S 3d 
Clark E. W., broker, 25 S 3d, h 262 Pine 
Clark F., tailoress, 2 Hyde's ct 
Clark Galen, George bel 10th 
Clark Geo., butcher, Sch Beach n Locust 
Clark George, blacksmith, N E 13th &, Olive 
Clark George, boot crimper. Front bel Master 
Clark George B., tailor, 1 Pci-ry 
Clark George D., iron st., 62 Coates 
Clark George G., painter, Chester ct 
Clark Geo. M., bookbinder, 1 Division st • 
Clai-k Gideon, engraver, Ann ab R road (F V) 
Clark & Green, hotel, N W 2d & Green 
Clark Hawkins, cabinetmr., 146 S 3d 
Clark Henry, lab., Sch 5th & Cedar 
Clark Hugh, alderman, N 4th n Master (K) 
Clark Hugh, teacher, 212 Queen 
Clark Hugh, grocer, 146 S 3d 
Clark Isaac, carp., Carlton n Sch 8th 
Clark Isaac, tanner, 345 CallowhiU 
Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, 22 Ellen (N L) 
Clark Jacob & John, porters. Ten foot al 
Clark Jacob M., painter, Olive bel 12th 
Clark Jacob W., plumb., 199N3d,h312 Coates 




Clark James, dyer, Mechanic bel Culvert 

Clark James, lab., loth ab Christian 

Clark James, tailor, F road n Master (K) 

Clark James, lab., Owen ct 

Clark James, medicines, Bedford bel 8th 

Clark James G., gent., office 132 Mulberry 

Clark Jane, gentw., 227 S Front 

Clai-k Jane, 38 N 5th 

Clark John, lab., Juniper and South 

Clark John, cordw., Butler's av 

Clark John, grocer, Sch 3d n Vine 

Clark John, g-rocer, S E 5th and Prune, h 115 

S 5th 
Clark John, contractor, Oak ab High 
Clark John, carter. Pine bel Sch Willow 
Clark John, ostler, 10 Laurel (C) 
Clark John, stevedore, Rose al (C) 
Clai'k John, carpet weav., Hancock ab Phoenix 
Clark John, cordw., 8 Maiden (K) 
Clark John, combmr., rear 473 N 3d 
Clark John, lab., Clair bel Carpenter 
Clark John, skin dress., Franklin ab Crown (Iv) 
Clark John, cordw., 238 S 4th 
Clark John, porter. Ten foot al 
Clark John, machinist, 10th ab Buttonwood 
Clark John A., cordw., reai- 399 N 3d 
Clark John C, printer & stationer, 60 Dock, h 

67 Locust 
Clark John F., pilot. Wood bel 9th 
Clark John L., mer., 2 N 3d 
Clark John S., dx)^ goods, 202 S 2d 
Clark John S., stoves, 322 High, h 10 Dean 
Clark John T., varnisher, 212 Queen 
Clark John T., gilder, N W 7th and High, h 105 

Clark Joseph, weaver. Front bel Oxford (K) 
Clark Joseph, weaver, 2d ab Montgomery 
Clark Josepliine, gentw.. Steel's ct 
Clark Josephus, mer., Washington (W P) 
Clark Josiah H., blacksmith, 17 Rittenhouse 
Clark Lydia Ann, Winter 
Clark Mansfield, tailor, 6 Nonnater's ct 
Clark Margaret Q., 2 Broad n Chestnut 
Clark Maria, shop, George ab Beaver (K) 
Clark Mary, Factory 
CLARK MASKLINE, mer., 24 S Water 
Clark Michael, shoes, 314 S 2d 
Clark Michael, lab.. Pleasant bel 11th 
Clark Mich. F., mer., 90 High, h 157 Mulberry 
■Clark Misses, 154 Christian 
■ Clai-k Mon-is, lab., Marriott ab 6th 
Clark Owen, lab., 35 Zane 
Clark Patrick, lab., 3 Hunter 
Clark Patrick, lab., 1 Myers' ct 
Clark Patrick, tavern, c 4th & Master 
Clark Patrick, cabman, 18 Juniper la 
Clark Philip, lab., Franklin bel Cherry (K) 
' Clark Pliilip, lab.. Willow n Lombard 
Clark Philip, lab., Keenan's ct (K) 
Clark & Primrose, clothiers, 163 S 2d 
Clark Rachel, 48 E Shippen 
Clark Rachel, Wood bel Sch 2d 
Clark Rebecca Mrs., 3 Diamond 
Clark Rebecca, 12th bel Lombard 
■Clark Rebecca, Pearl ab 12th 

Clark Rebecca, Lane's ct 

Clark Reuben W., carp., 13th ab Poplar 

Clark Richai'd, book agent, 384 S 3d 

Clark Richard, lab., Linn (F M) 

Clark Robert, lab., E Sch 6th ' 

Clai'k Robert, jr., lumb. mer.. Carpenter ab 3d 

Clai-k Robert, cordw., 12th ab Vine 

Clark Robert, hatter, 3 Butler's av 

Clark Robert, distiller, Benton bel William 

Clai-k Robt. C., com. mer., 89 S Front 

Clark Robert C, druggist, R road & Wallace 

Clark Robert S., gent., 8 City row 

CLARK R. & W., lumber mers., 154 Christian 

Clark Samuel, mariner, 64 Catharine 

Clark Samuel, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 

Clark Samuel, tailor, 151 S 2d 

Clark Samuel, James' ct (K) 

Clark Samuel, mer., 160 N 9th 

Clark Samuel, lab., rear Spruce n Sch 4th 

Clark Samuel H., Christ. Chron., 79 Dock, h 64 

Clark Sarah, 33 Sansom 
Clark Sarah W., 8th n Brown 
Clark & Smith, clotlilers, 151 S 2d 
Clark Stephen, brickmr., 6th & Paul 
Clark S. Mrs., b h, 104 Filbert 
Clark Thomas, bookbinder, 19 St James, h 64 

Clark Thomas, machinist, St John ab Beaver 
Clark Thomas, foundr)'-, Jackson's ct (N L) 
Clark Thomas, carter, 439 Vine 
Clark Thomas, bootmr., 102 St John's 
Clark Thomas, cab mr., 14 Marion 
Clark Thomas M. Rev., 47 Clinton 
Clark Timothy, tailor, 494 S 2d 
Clark Wesley, baker, 143 Franklin 
Clark Wm., stone cutter, 10th ab Buttonwood 
Clark Wm., waiter, 4 Grape ct 
Clark Wm., carter, N 4th ab Jefferson (K) 
Clark Wm., lumb. mer., 386 S 3d 
Clark Wm., mathematical inst. mr., 137 S Front 
Clark Wm., tailor, 60 Brown 
Clark Wm. E., g-rocer, Church bel Christian 
Clark Wm. H., dentist, 33 Spruce 
Clark Wm. P., chairmr., Bedford n Dean (K) 
Clark Wm. P., ladies' shoe manf., 335 S 3d 
Clark W., potter, 5th ab Cedar 
Clark W. W., druggist, 16 N 5th 
Clarke Caleb F., tailor, 24 S 13th 
Clarke Charles, builder, 13th & Whitehall 
Clarke Daniel, grocer. Brown ab 8th 
Clarke Edward, printer, Hines' pi 
Clarke Ezekiel, tailor. Orchard & Jackson 
Clarke Matthew, tailor, Brown ab 8th 
Clarke Robert, bootmr., 30 Arcade, h 12th ab 


Clarke Samuel, mer., 120 High, h 160 N 9th 
Clarke Thomas C, 56 S 12th 
Clarke Wm., tobacconist, rear of Rose al 
Clarke Wm. B., tailor, rear 38 St John 
CLARKE WM. & Co., grocers, N W 12th and 

Clarke Wm. M.,mer., h 109 Mulberry 
Clarke Wm. R., mer., 8 Chestnut 
Clarkson Alex., mer., Sch 5th bel Cherry 




Clarkson Belinda, g-entw., 167 Pine I Clayton John, att'y & coun., 48 S 4th, h 

Clarkson Charles, mer.,111 Chestnut, h Sch 5th Chestnut 


bel Cherry 
Clarkson George, real estate bro., 70 N 8th 
Clarkson Jacob, acct., Washing-ton (W P) 
Clarkson James, weaver. Mariner ab 13th 
Clarkson John, sexton, 20 Quince 
CLARKSON J. G., att'y & coun., S E 6th and 

Walnut, h 226 Pine 
Clarkson Robert, coal yard, Bi'oad'bel Vine, h 

Filbert W Sch 7th 
Clarkson Solomon, teacher, 155 Lombard 
Class Peter, copperpl. pr., 36 Farmer 
Clauders Wm., coacliman, Ronaldson 
Clausen John G., harnessmr., 643 N 2d 
Clausen Susan, 167 Coates 
Clausen Wm., tobacco, 47 Chestnut, h 63 Gas 

Clavy John, lab. 21 Cox's st 
Cla\vg-es Jacob, painter, 187 Poplar 
Clawg-es John, 21 Union sq., George 
Clawg-es Joseph, bricklayer, 6 Wells' row 
Clawges Sarah, 24 Dillwyn 
Clawson Elizabeth, rear 30 St John (K) 
Clawson Maiy, Marlboro' ab West (K) 
Claxton Edmund, bookseller, 9 N 4th, h 330 S 

Claxton Thos., dealer, 168 Christian 
Clay Andrew mar. polisher, Myers' ct 
Clay Ann, 140 S 10th 
Clay Armer, driver, New Crown bel Green 
Clay George, clerk Penn. Bank, h Sch 6th below 

Clay George, machinist, 218 Coates 
Clay George F., drayman, 477 N 5th 
Clay Henry, drayman, Green's ct 
Clay James, clothier, 2d ab Race, h Linden n 

Sch 6th 
Clay John, engineer. Prime ab Church 
Clay Joseph A., att'y and coun., 47 S 5th, h Sch 

8th bel Spruce 
Clay J. C, Rev., Swanson bel Christian 
Clay Robert, weaver, Helmuth 
Clay Wm., coachman, 5 Kelly 
Claypool Abraham F., agent, 3 Swarthmore pi 
Claypool Abraham G., waterman, 20 Beck (S) 
Claypool David C, gent., Chestnut, n Sch 4th 
CLAYPOOLE A. H,, lad, shoemr., 17 N 4th, h 

26 nuke 
Claypoole Jesse D., marble mantel manuf., Cal- 

lowhill & 5th 
Claypoole John, cord., Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Clayton Charles, cordw., 107 Melon 
Clayton Curtis, shoemr., S E cor. Sch 6th and 

CLAYTON CURTIS & SON, shoe and leather 

store, 237i N 3d 
Clayton Edward, collector, 9 Howard 
Clayton Eleanor, 3 Filbert 
Clayton Henry, carp., Dunton bel Franklin 
Clayton Henry M., printer, 16 Freed's av 
Clayton Holmes, tailor. Palmer ab Franklin (K) 
Clayton James A. B., shoemr., 99 N 9th 
Clayton Jeremiah, lab., Cherry n Sch 8th 
Clayton John, boot and shoemr., 9 Plum 

Clayton Jonathan, carp., 6 Wheat 

Clayton J., sinkermr., 6th bel Little Poplar (K) 

Clayton Roger, weaver, Mai-iner st 

Clayton R., packer, 9 Favette 

Clayton Samuel, baker, Cobb bel Catharine 

Clayton Samuel, printer, 75 R road, h 6 Gar- 

rigues' ct 
Clayton S. Mrs., 61 N 8th 
Clayton Wm., omnibus driver, Sch 4th above 

George (F V) 
Clayton Wm., turner, 8 Blunster av 
Clayton Wm., hatblockmr., 8 Drinker's al 
Clear Michael, sailing master, U S Navy, 519 S 

Clear Robt., lab.. Queen & Swanson 
Cleaver Ehzabeth, 103 St John 
Cleaver Joseph, shoemr., 6 Myers' ct 
Cleaver Mary, 215 N 8th 
Cleavinger Wm. S., teacher, 12th & Locust, h 

Woodland (W P) 
Cleckner Mary, Cliristian bel 5th 
Cleeman Gustavus, 18 and 19 Exchange, h 37 S 

Cleeton G., carpet weaver, 458 Vine 
Cleeton Wm., carpet weaver. Wood bel 13th 
Clegg Anna, Baltimore House, Front & Dock 
Clegg Benj., warper. Maiden bet Front & Beach 
Clegg Edward, tailor, 30 N 10th 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 266 S 3d 
Clegg Isaac, manuf., Hanover ab West (K) 
Clegg Isaac, manuf., G T road ab Master 
Clegg & Rogers, tailors, 30 N 10th 
Clein Jacob, grocer, N W 9th & Sassafras 
Clemens Benj. S., mus. ins. mr., 17 W North 
Clemens & Baker, druggists, 187 N 3d 
Clemens Geo. S., druggists, 404 N 6th 
Clemens Jacob, gent., 156 Marshall 
Clemens Joseph, 2 Lagrange pi 
Clemens Michael, blacksmith, 13 Bank, h 73 

Clement Aaron, smoker & curer, Shippen ab 9th, 

h Cedar ab 9th 
CLEMENT & BROTHER, co. mers., 3 N whfs 
Clement Charles W., bricklayer, 131 Spruce 
Clement De Witt, c. mer., 3 N whfs 
Clement James, cabinetmr., 11th bel Pine 
Clement James W., jeweller, 546 S Front 
Clement J. B., mer., h 39 Girard 
Clement Samuel H., mer., 3 N whfs, h 8th n 

Clement Samuel L., conveyancer, 223 N6tli 
CLEMENT SAMUEL W., tavern, S Whfs ab 

Clement Thomas, tailor, 38 Mulberry- 
Clements & Ashburn, jewellers, 61 Dock 
Clements James, jeweller, 61 Dock 
Clements John, carter, Hope & Phoenix 
Clements John, bootmr., 19 Carter's al 
Clements John P., carter, F road ab Bedford 
Clements John W., cordw., F road bel Master • 
Clements Mary, gentw., 9th ab Lombard 
Clements Thos., weaver, West bel Hanover 
Clements Wm., porter, 3d ab German 




Clendaniel Jehu, flour & provisions, 84 S whfs, 

h 36 Pine 
Clendaniel John, lab., Mary (S) 
Clendenin jVIary, seminary, Wallace ab 8tli 
Clendenon Isaac, confect., 10 S Gai-den 
Clendinning Jas., cordvv., P road bel Christian 
Clendinning- Phoebe, Stli ab Catharine 
Clerkas Christian, weaver, 273 N 3d 
Clery Edward, hatter, 216 S 8th 
Cleveland C. D., Young Ladies' School, 3 Clin- 
Cleveland Orrin L., bookbinder, 203^ Chestnut 
Cleveland Richard, M. D., 133 Walnut 
Cleveland Wm. A., agency, 20 S 4th 
Clevenger Henry, cuii-ier, Apple ab George 
Clew Jeremiah, brickmr., Cherry ab Sch 8th 
Clew Peter, brickmr.. Sassafras ab Sch 8th 
Clew & Perlasca, lampmr., 8 Laurel (C) 
Clew Wm., jr., lampmr., 8 Lam-el (C) h79 Mul- 
Cleymer James, brickmr., 50 Shippen 
Cliff Daniel, engineer, 22 W Cedar 
Cliff Samuel, dyer, 13 W Cedar 

Clifford James, coachman. Juniper al and Juni- 
per la 
Clifford John, 13 Prosperous al 
Clifford John, tinsmith, rear 291 St John 
Clifford Sarah, tailoress, 6 Prospect pi 
Clift Benj., cordw., rear Vienna ab Franklin (K) 
Clift George, coachmr.. Nectarine bel 11th 
Clift Henry S., tin store, 547 S 2d 
Clifton Francis F., clerk, 4 Benezet 
Clifton Isaac, hatter, 11 Wood 
Clifton Matthias tailor, 193 S 2d, h 528 S 2d 
Clifton Robert D., tailor, 2d and Dock, h 300 S 

Clifton R. D. & Co., clothing, 2d Sc Dock 
Clifton Thos., baker, N W Catharine & Lebanon 
Clifton Wallace, gauger, 59 Franklin 
Clifton & Wiler, tailors, 193 S 2d 
Clime Jesse, mason, rear of PeiTy ab Phoenix 
Clime Rebecca Ann, Rihl's ct 
Climerson Benjamin, provisions, S W 10th and 

Clinch John, sailor, 43 P road 
Clincher Mary, shop, 10 Fothergill 
Cline Barbara, gentw., 4 Salem al 
Cline Benj., tinsmith. Citron bel 13th 
Cline & Brown, blacsms,, 2d and Montgomery 
Cline Charles, moulder, O'Neal bel Franklin (K) 
Cline Charles, silv. plat. School ab Rose (K) 
Cline Clarissa, washer, rear 200 Coates 
Cline Kdward, tailor, O'Neal bel Franklin (K) 
Cline George, carp., Irvine 
Cline George, tailor, 93 N 9tli 
Cline John, blacksmith, Washington bel 3d 
Cline John G., Sp Garden bel Broad 
Cline Lewis J., tailor, 6 Norman's al 
Cline Martlia, milliner, 23 Hazel 
Cline Peter, dealer. Spruce bel Sch 5th 
Cline Philip, b h, 41 CheiTy 
Cline Philip, turner, 3 Little Green 
Cline Philip, boatman, Carlton bel Sch 8th 

Cline P. & C, silver platers, 294 Sassafras 

Cline Rachel, Vienna ab Franklin 

Cline Wm., dealer, Spruce bel Sch 5th 

Cline Wm., stove finisher, School ab Rose (K) 

Cline Wm. B., stovemr., 233 N 2d 

Clinger Ann, gentw., Hamilton Vil. 

dinger Samuel, paper & rags, 28 Commerce, h 

13 Pratt 
Clingman John, blindmr., rear 14 Plum (S) 
Clinton Edwin, brushmr., 529 N 2d 
Clinton Francis, carp., 1 Paynter's ct 
Clinton James, ship carp., Sarah ab Queen (K) 
Clinton John, printer, 166 Buttonwood 
Clinton Robert, acct.. Otter n G T road 
Clinton Robert H., clerk, James' ct (K) 
Clinton Wm., carp., Paynter's ct 
Chnton Wm., acct, 41 Gaskill 
Cloak Daniel, engineer, 22 Pearl 
Cloak Mon-is, capt., 44 Beck st (S) 
Cloak Wm., carter, Parker ab Prime ■ 
Cloake Ebenezer, city watch. Perry ab Lambert 
Clohosey Thomas, painter, 469 S Front 
Clopp Sarah, wid. of Henry, rear 111 Brown 
Clopper John C, printer. Concord ab 2d 
Close Chas. S., carp., 57 Swanson, h 254 S Front 
Close Edward, weav., Hope ab Phccnix (K) 
Close Henry, gent., 169 Coates 
Close James, carter, 62 Carlton 
Close Mary, 2 Butz ct 
Close Rachel, 12 Parham 
Closson Mary, Division (F V) 
Closson Sarah, rear 84 Walnut 
Clothier Ann, Bedford bel Hanover (K) 
CLOTHIER CALEB, bricklayer and flour, 35 

N 5th 
Clothier Jacob, cooper, Hanover ab Bedford 
Clothier John, mastmr., Fraley's al (K) 
Clothier John W., bricklayer, 20 Magnolia 
Clothier Joseph, lab., 3 Harmony 
Clothier Maria, shop, Beaver bel 3d 
Clothier M. A., dressmr.. Winter's ct 
Clothier Sam. bricklayer. Union n I'ranklin (K) 
Clothier Wm. brickmr. Orchard bel Jackson 
Clothier Wm., Wood bel West (K) 
Clotworthy Samuel, car buildei-, Vaughan bel 

Cloud David, morocco dresser, 43 Duke 
Cloud Isabella, dry goods, N W 3d & Christian 
Cloud Isaac, plasterer, Perkenpine's ct 
Cloud Oliver E., druggist, 302 Sassafras 
Clouden Jacob, carter. Union bel West (K) 
Clouden Walter, porter, 46 Currant al 
Clouds John, alderman, Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Clough Thomas, skin dealer. Front ab Poplar 
Clouser Charles, bricklayer. Race ab Sch 8th 
Clover Wm., weaver, rear Front bel Phoenix 
Clowden Francis, moulder, 6th bel G T road 
Clowney James, carp., rear 246 Christian 
Clowney Samuel, plasterer, Wharton bel 5th 
Cluley Geo. J., machinist, Nectarine ab 10th 
Cluley Henrietta, trimmings, 215 S 3d 
Cluley John M., chairmr.,310 S 2d 
Cluley Wm., tinplate worker, 308 Sassafras 
Clump Bernard, lab.. Rose al 
Clunet Aug. D., elk., 3dab Washington 




Clungeon \Vm., boat builder, Beach ab Hano- 
ver, h Allen bel Palmer (K) 

Clunn David, ship carp., Union ab Bedford 

Cluiin Jacob, caulker, Queen bel Hanover (K) 

Clusey Peter, carp., 121 O Y road 

Clutch C. R., ladies' shoemr., 429 S 2d 

Clyde James, lab., Carlton pi 

Clyde Theresa, b h, 6 Og-den 

Clymer Andrew B., currier, 12 Sprag-g^'s av 

Clymer Charles, blacksm, Evans bel Prime 

Clymer David M., tailor, 317 S 4th 

Clymer Georg-e, carp., 10th ab Brown 

Clymer Henry, carp., Fitlerbel Norris (K) 

Clj-mer John, cooper, Fitler bel 2d 

Clymer John, cooper, Gray's ct 

Clymer M., M. D„ 230 Spruce 

Clymer Rebecca, 10th ab Brown 

Clymer Robert, carp., 9 St. James^ h 10th ab 

Clymer Robert M., sashmr., 101 German 

Clymer Wesley, machinist. Walnut al 

Coachman Edwd. porter. Pearl ab 12th 

Coad Patrick, patternmi-., 454 S 4th 

Coady Michael, lab.. Poplar ab^9th 

Coale Asa, printer, rear 1 Rachel (N L) 

Coane Robert, cake baker, 71 S 6th 
Coarse John, lab., Wharton ab 4th 

Coates Andrew, mer., 9 Church al 
Coates Asael, lab., F road ab West (K) 
Coates A., tanner, 509 N Front, h 229 Coates 
Coates & Austie, mers., 139 J High 
Coates Benj., dry goods, 139^ Hig-h, h 210 Mul- 
Coates Benj. H., M. D., N W 7th & Walnut 
Coates Collins, stone cutter, Wallace bel 11th 
Coates Georg-e M., seed store, 49 High, h 210 

Coates George Morrison, jr., mer., 4 N 2d, h 74 

Coates Henry,, cordw., Ruddach's ct 
Coates Isaac, ship carp.. Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Coates Jacob B. leather inspec. 23 New Market 
Coates John, printer, 416 High, h Church n 

Coates John W., mariner, 391 S Front 
Coates Joseph P. H., seedsman, 49 High, h 72 

Coates Josiah, 49 High, h 330 Mulberry 
Coates Nathan C, painter, h 242 S 4th 
Coates Reynell, M. D., S E 10th &; Mulberry 
Coates Robert, lab., 18 Vine 
Coates Sophia, Middle al n 7th 
Coates Thomas, Division bel 12th 
Coates Susan, 158 Swanson 
Coates Wm., dry goods, Charlotte & Culvert 
Coates W. C, mer., 26 Church al, h 367 Sas- 
Cobb Catharine, dressmr., Torr's ct 
Cobb Daniel, waterman, 1 Catharine 
Cobb Ebenezer, vict., Hanover 8c West (K) 
Cobb Geo., carp., 430 N 5th 
Cobb Henry, com. mer., 4 N whfs. 
Cobb Isaac, carp., rear Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Cobb James, bricklayer, Marriott ab 5th 
Cobb Mira, shop, 358 Coates 

Cobb Samuelj carp.. Dean ab Bedford 
Cobb Wm., carp., Shackamaxon ab Fi-anklin 
Cobb Wm. sen., carp., Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Cobin Wm., spooler, Diamond ab Fitzwater 
Cobb Wm., carp., 10th bel Callowhill 
Cobourne M. A., b h, 89 S 3d 
Coburn Aaron, confect., Randall's ct 
Coburn Robert, gent., 259 Pine 
Coburn Wm., shoemr., Lombard ab Sch 2d 
COCHRAN ANDREW, real estate broker, 

Walnut ab 6th, h Juniper n Pine 
Cochran Andrew, tavern, S 6th n Washington 
Cochran Archibald, cordw.. Diligent av 
Cochran Benj., drayman, rear 372 S 3d 
Cochran Daniel, mer., 121 Lombard 
Cochran John, blacksm., 5 Howard 
Cochran John, weaver. Miller's si 
Cochran Joshua, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Cochran Josh, superintendant. Barker n Sch 5th 
Cochi-an J. Harvey, mer., 8 S whfs 
Cochran Mai-garet, 314 S 7th 
Cochran Patrick, painter. Brown ab Cherry 
Cochran Philip, lab., rear 260 Sassafras 
Cochran Richard, agent. Juniper ab Pine 
Cochran Robt., seaman, 6 Workman's ct 
Cochran Robt., weaver, Dorothy & Sch 3d 
Cochran Samuel, waterman, rear 378 S 2d 
Cochran Wm., paper carrier, Catharine bel Le- 
Cochran Wm. G., wine mer., 72 Walnut, h 415 

Cockerill Thomas, cigarmr., 81 Queen 
Cockey John Z., tinsmith, R road ab Wallace 
Cocking John, weaver. Front bel Jefferson (K) 
Cockrell John, carter, Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Cody Daniel, watchman, Jenney's ctn Marshall 
Cody John, stonecutter, 37 Apple 
Cody Mary, milliner, 83 Gaskill 
Coe Mrs. Ann A., 137 N 12th 
Coe R., salesman. Wood bel 8th 
Coe R. jr., mer., 29 Church al, h Noble above 

Coe R. G., dry goods, 323 N 2d 
Coffee George F., waterman, Front ab Reed 
Coffee James, machinist. Mechanic (S) 
Coffee John, grocer, 184 Shippen 
Coffee Mary, tobacconist, S7 Brown (N L) 
Coffee Wm. F., printer, 36 Carlton 
Coffey John, dealer, F road op Queen (K) 
Coffin Albert, tavern, S W 2d & Lombard 
Coffin Arthur G., pres. Ins. Co, N. America, S 

W Dock & Walnut 
COFFIN, HAY & BOWDLE, glass manufs., 

34 N Front 
Coffman Craig, carp.. Cherry bel Franklin (K) 
Coffman Henry, painter, 500 N 3d 
Coffin & Landell, oil, soap and candle manuf., 22 

N Water, and Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Coffin Lemuel, mer. 140 High, h 10th bel Cedar 
Coffin Martha, 525 S 2d 
Coffin Samuel L:, plasterer, 525 S 2d 
COFFIN T. M., mer., 22 N Water, h 1 Mulberry 
Coffin Wm., mer., 34 N Front, h 351 Mulberry 
Coffin Wm. C, lapidist, 25 Library, h Federal 
bel 2d 




Coffman Andrew, painter, N W 4th and Green, h 

525 N 5tli 
Coffman Joseph, lime burner. Wood bel Sch 2d 
Coffman Samuel, car driver, 11 Pratt 
Coffman Wm., silversm., 78 Tammany 
Cogel Thomas, carp., Perry ab Franklin 
Cog'el Thos., cai'p., 11 Rose al 
Coggins Charles, lab.. Nectarine ab 10th 
Cog-gins David, 9th bel Callowhill 
Coggins Jonathan,' painter, 220 Vine 
Coggins Solomon, lab., 20 Mayland 
Coggins Wm. F., plaster manuf., 209 N 10th 
Cogill Arnold, shoemr., 23 F road (K) 
Cohen A., dealer, 356 Cedar 
Cohen A. M., Spruce bet Sch 7th & 8th 
Cohen Barnet, undertaker, 146^ S 5th 
Cohen David, clothing, St John ab Tammany 
Cohen Emanuel, seaman, Catharine ab 8th 
Cohen & Hams, lead pencil manufs., 49 N Front 
Cohen Henry, import, stationery, 28 N 4th, h 2 
Clinton sq ' 

Cohen Henry & Co., imp. stationery, 28 N 4th 

Cohen Isaac, b h, 81 N Front 
Cohen Isaac, clothier, 159 Cedar 

Cohen Joseph, dry goods, 183 Cedar 

COHEN JOSEPH S., atty & coun., & Protho. 
Supreme Court, E. D., 7 State House, h 
Spruce bet Sch 7th & 8th 

Cohen Lewis I., furniture, 115 S 2d, h 138 Pine 

Cohen & Lobe, furniture, 1 15 S 2d 

Cohen Matthew, varieties, 177 S 6th 

Cohen Myer D., furrier, 140^ S 2d 

Cohen Sim., manuf., 49 N Front 

Cohen Solomon E., clerk, rear Juniper and 

Cohill Charles, portrait painter, 86 Chestnut, 
h 362 Coates 

Cohill George, cabinetmr., P road bel Marri- 
ott's la 

Coile Mary, sempstress, 42 Almond 

COIT JOHN B., mer., 31 Church al 

Coke John, chemist, Frontbel Oxford (K) 

Colahan John B., atty. & coun., 70 S 6th 

Colan John H., artist, Sch 3d & Park pi 

Colbert Wm. F., clerk, rear 75 N 8th 

Colburn Lyman, grocer, Highn Sch Front 

Cokord Enoch L., broker, 24 S 5th, h Sch 8th 
and Spruce 

Colcord John P., collector, 99 Catharine 

Colden Scotland, lab., 42 Bread 

Colder Hiram, coachman, 45 Mechanic 

Coldwater Ann, 12th bel Brown 

Cole Charles, waiter, 34 Bonsall 

Cole Clarissa, washer. Sergeant n 10th 

Cole Courtland, weaver, 450 N 4th 

Cole David, waiter, 13 Barley 

Cole Edward, druggist, 54 High, h 8th ab Wal- 

Cole Ehzabeth, 41 Currant al 

Cole Francis, oyster house, N E 2d and Phoe- 
nix (K) 

Cole George, Callowhill ab 12th 

Cole George B., porter, Poplar ct 

Cole James, Nectarine ab lOtli 

Cole John, blacksmith, 28 Brown 

COLE JOHN, broker, S W 3d and Walnut, h 

145 S 5th 
Cole John G., tailor, 36 Chester 
Cole Joseph, waiter, 17 St. Mary 
Cole Joseph, lab., 10 Barley 
Cole J. H., cordw., Charles ab Willow 
Cole Maria, washer, 34 Burd's ct 
Cole Sarah, dressmr., 55 Brown 
Cole Sarah, Filbert n Sch. 3d 
Cole Susan, dressmr., 359 N 2d 
Cole Wm., lab., Ten Feet alley 
Coleman Ann, 272 Walnut 
Coleman Mrs. Edward, 272 Walnut 
Coleman George, weaver. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
COLEMAN GEORGE, raanuf.,Viennaab Queen 
Coleman Grace, 120 Locust 
Coleman Harriet, gentw., 8 Clinton sq 
Coleman Harris, upholsterei", 10th ab Poplar 
Coleman Henry, carp., 13th bel South 
Coleman Jacob, dry goods, 419 N 2d 
Coleman Jacob, currier, 64 Tammany 
Coleman John, shoemr., 155 Locust 
Coleman John Rev., 146 Queen 
Coleman John M., importer, 32 arcade, h 5th n 

Coleman John T., marb.mas., Shippen bel 11th 
Coleman Lewis, lab., rear 525 N 4th 
Coleman Nathan, carter, Willow ab 13th 
COLEMAN NICHOLAS, wheelw., Front above 

Otter (K) 
Coleman Patrick, shoemr., 19 Farmer 
Coleman Philip, glue maker, 22 Noble 
Coleman Philip, carp., 65 Coates 
Coleman Samuel, bricklayer, 65 Coates 
Coleman S. L., barber, 37^ S 3d 
Coleman Thomas, cumer, 134 Callowhill 
Coleman Thomas, lab.. Brown's ct 
COLEMAN W., cordw., 1 Roach's ct (K) 
Coleman W. H., custom house. Plum bel 5th 
Coles Edward, gent., 409 Spruce 
Coles Hii-am, cabinetmr.. Front and Linden 
Coles P. B. Mrs., b. h., 8 S 5th 
Coles Thomas, cordw., 59 Almond 
Colesberry Isaac G., merchant, 108 High, h S E 

7th and Wood 
Colesberry John, saddler, 29 Cherry 
Colgan John, 128 Callowhill 
Colgan T. P., bookseller, 126 Queen 
Colgate John, porter, 32 Bonsall 
Colgate Samuel, cordw., 131 S 2d 
Colhoun George, merchant, 83 S Front 
Colhoun Gustavus, gent., 265 Chestnut 
Colhoun Hugh, merch., 61 N Front, h 98 S 3d 
Colhoun Mary M., 98 S 3d 
Colhoun T. R., M. D., 167 S 10th 
Colhoun Wm., merch., 61 N Front, h 98 S 3d 
Colhoun Wm. & Hugh, merchants, 61 N Front 
Colket Coffin, 112 N 7th 
Coll Hugh, lab.. Willow above Garden 
COLL AD AY & BROTHER, com. mers., 140 

Colladay Chas., mer., 140 High, h Chest. (W P) 
Colladay George W., carp., Wood ab 12th 
Colladay Hannah, 9 Jacoby 
Colladay Jacob W., carp., Vine ab Sch. 8th 




Colladay Samuel R., merch., 140 High, h S. W. 

Franklin and Vine 
Colladay Sarah W., b. h., 108 N 10th 
Colladay Theodore, carp., 403 Sassafras 
Colladay T. S., carp., 249 Callowhill 
CoUaday Wm., carp., N E Sassafras & Lybrand 
Collar Jacob, fisherman, c Queen & Cherry (K) 
Collar Michael, fisherman. Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Collar Michael, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Collar Samuel, fisherman, Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Collard Jonathan, millinery, 129 Cedar 
Collick James, carter, rear 492 S 2d 
Collier Wm., seaman, 275 S Front 
Colligan Bernard, carter, 82 Georg'e (S) 
Collin Dennis, porter, N W 8th and Catharine 
Collins Abraham, M. D., 235 Spruce 
Collins Alexander, weaver, 11 Gay's ct (K) 
Collins Alfred M., weigher, 44 S Water 
Collins Ann, washer, 12 Elizabeth 
Collins Ann B., Sassafras ab Sch. 
Collins Bartliolomew, weaver, 12 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Collins Bernard, 11 St. Mary 
Collins Bernard, livery stable, 137" Shippen 
Collins Cato, oysters, 100 N 4th 
Collins Chas., tailor, 234 High, h 8th ab Green 
Collins Charles, shoemi-., rear 119 Queen (S; 
COLLINS CHARLES & SON, tailors, 234 High 
Collins Charlotte, widow, 9 Tammany 
Colhns & Co., planing mills. High and Sch. 3d 
Collins Comfort, 16 Burd's ct 
Collins Daniel, lab., John's ct 
Colhns David, carter, 27 Pratt 
Collins Edmond, caster, 5 Callowhill 
Collins Edward, barber, 100 N 4th 
Collins Edward, grocery, 11th n Castle 
Collins Edward T., mastmr., Penn ab Marsh 
Collins Elias, lab.. Carpenter ab 6th 
Collins Elizabeth, tailoress, Lewis W. Sch. 6th 
Collins Frederick, mariner, 325 S 3d 
Collins G. A., barber, 1 S 3d, h 14 Mulberry al 
Collins Geo. C, atty. at law, George n Sch. 6th 
Collins Henr)^, twister, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Collins Isaac, 129 Filbert 

Collins James, lab.. Chestnut bet Sch. 3d & 4th 
Collins James, lab., Shippen ab 12th 
Colhns Jas., mer.. Chestnut st. whf., h 189 S 7th 
Collins James C, carp., G T road ab Master (K) 
Collins John, paper maker, 13th and R. road 
Collins John, rope maker, R. road ab 13th 
Collins John, lab., 11 Helmuth 
Collins John, lab., 5 Hamell's ct 
Collins John, carp., 2 Diligent av 
Collins John, carp., Charlotte ab George 
Collins John, weaver. Mariner 
Collins John D., waterman, 31 Catharine 
Collins John H., di-uggist, 87 High 
Collins Joseph, lab., Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Collins Joseph, coal, Callowhill ab Broad 
Collins Joseph, printer, 472 S 2d 
Collins Joseph, seaman, 72 Swanson 
Collins Joseph H., bricklayer, 395 6tli 
Collins Margaret, shop. Mulberry n Sch. 2d 
Collins Mary, sempstress, George ab 2d (K) 
Collins Mary, Carpenter below 8th 
Collins Matthew, lab., Pearl bel WiUiam 

Collins Michael, weaver, 11 Prs-tt's ct 

Collins Patrick, weaver, 12 Lloyd's ct 

Collins Patrick, cooper, Coates ct (F M) 

Collins Peter, tinsmith, 7 Marshall's ct 

Collins P. G., printer, 1 Lodge alley, h 39 Zane 

Collins Robert, weavei-, Mary n F. road (K) 

Collins Robert, oysters, 153 Locust 

Collins Robert, painter, Duke below Vienna (K) 

Collins Robei-t, carp., Sch. 4th ab Cedar 

Collins Robert, rigger, 38 Beck 

Colhns & Rogers, coal merchants, 23 S 5th, yard 

Broad and Callowhill 
Collitis Sarah, tailoress, Charlotte ab Brown 
Collins Simeon, bookseller, 100 Chestnut, li 14 

Collins Thomas, carter. Spruce ab Sch. 8th 
Collins T. P. & D. C, photographists, 100 Chest- 
nut, h 14 Girard 
Collins T. E., printer, 1 Lodge al h 159 N 13th 
COLLINS T. K. & P. G., printers, 1 Lodge al 
Collins Wm. jr., lab., Sarah ab Queen (K) 
Collins Wm., tobacconist. Brown ab 3d and 220 

N 6th 
Collins Wm., merch., 74 and 76 S Front, h 189 

Collins Wm., shoemr., R. road ab 13th 
CoUins Wm., lab., Crown ab Queen (K) 
Collins Wm. M., paper wareh., 33 Commerce, h 

74 N 10th 
COLLINS W. M. & CO., paper merchants, 33 

Collins Wm. S., tailor, 234 High, h 269 Coates 
Collipp Conrad, weaver, Parrish ab Sch 8th 
CoUom Clement, carp., 3d and Thompson (K) 
CoUom Jesse, carp., Sch. 7tli ab Pine 
Collom John, carp.. Palmer ab Beaver (K) 
Collom J., waterman, 245 N Front 
Collom Mary, 132 Coates 

Collom Rebecca, tailoress, Perry bel Master (K) 
Collom Wm., drayman, Perry bel Phosnix 
Collord John, 120 Beach (K) 
Collot A. G., professor, 33 S 10th 
Colsher David, driver. Sassafras n Sch. 
Colsher Wm., wheelwright, Sch. 7th ab Parrish 
Colly Daniel, shoemr., 95 S 2d, h 58 Queen 
Collyer Robt., M. D., Pine bel Sch. 6th 
Colon Mrs., widow of J. R., h 7 Laurel (C) 
Colson Deborah, milliner, 9 Strawberry 
Colson Henry, flour and feed. Broad ab 13th 
Colton Charles, porter, 207 Shippen 
COLTON &. CO., grocers, S W 6th & Mulbeny 
Colton & Code, metre makers, Jones & Sch 8th 
Colton David, plane maker, 291 High, h 12 Pro- 
vidence ct 
Colton George, victualler, 335 Pine 
Colton John, clerk, 10th bel Cedar 
COLTON JOHN, plane maker, 379 High, h 149 

Colton Oren, metre maker, Jones and Sch. 8th, 

h Sch. 7th n High 
Colton Sabin W., grocer S W 10th and Mulberry 

and N E 8th and Sassafras 
Colton & Sheneman, plane makers, 291 High 
COLTON SIMON, grocer, N E 10th and Chest- 




Colton Walter Rev., 372 Chestnut 

Colwell C, confectioner, Beach ab Poplar (K) 

COLWELI- & CO., iron mars,, 53 N Avhfs. and 

111 N Water 
Colwell Matthew, carp., Shippen ab 12th 
Colwell Stephen, iron manuf., 53 N whfs. and 

111 N Water, h 59 S 12th 
Comber & Co., stone cut's., Chestnut ab Sch. 7th 
Comber Patrick, stone cut., Lewis W. Sch. 6th 
Combes J. R., g-rocer, 7 Washing'ton av ab Wil- 
low, h 7th bel Poplar 
Combs Gilbert, teacher, Sp. Garden and 7th, h 

290 N 10th 
Combs John F., currier, 200 S 6th 
Combs Wm., currier, 170 S 3d 
Combs Wm., lab., Davies' ct 
Comeg-ys Catharine, gentw., 42 N 8th 
Comer Georg'e, shingle shaver, Perkenpine's ct 
Comer Thomas, lab., Flemming's row 
Comfort Aaron, Thomsonian medicines, 295 

High, h. 194 Cherry 
Comfort CjTus C, carp., 5 Elizabeth (N L) 
Comfort,John, 194 Cherry 
Comfort John W., M. D., 11 N 10th 
Comfort Lydia, Howard House, 70 Walnut 
Comfort S., exchange broker, 1 Harmony ct 
Comly David, carp., 345 Sassafras 
Comly Ethan, dry goods, 199 N 2d 
Comly Franklin A., sec. and treas. Buck Moun- 
tain Coal Co., 82 Walnut 
Comly H. & A., dry goods, 23 N 2d 
Comly Henry, dry goods, 23 and h 199 N 2d 
Comly John, cordw., Passmore's place 
Comly Martin, boot crimper. Stiles' ct 
Comly Robert, auctioneer, 44 N Front 
Comly Samuel, com. mer., 42 N Front, h Poplar 

n Sch. 8th 
Comly Thomas J., printer, 11 Wheeler's ct 
Commott Benj., cordw., 5 Stiles' ct 
Compton Benj., lab., rear 552 N 2d (K) 
Comstock Andrew, M. D., Vocal Gymnasium, 

100 Mulberry 
Conally Richard, cordw., 4th and Marriott 
Conard Charles, hardware, S E 2d and Coates, 

h 226 Green 
Conard Cornelius, lab., Silvies' ct 
Conard Cornelius, weigh master, Fairmount 
Conard John, bricklayer. Winter's ct 
Conarroe G. W., portrait painter, 392 Vine 
Conarroe Richard R., 24 Callowhill 
Conaway Georg'e, cordw., 9 Jenning's row 
Conaway Joseph, lab., 7 Pine alley 
Conde Frances, widow of Charles, 114 N 5th 
Condell Thos., queensware, 210 S 2d 
Condell Thos., lab., Bedford ab Marlboro' (K) 
Condie U. F., M. D., 117 Catharine 
Condon John, clerk, Vienna ab Queen 
Condon M. G., paper merchant, 14 Decatur, h 

Allen ab Shackamaxon, 
Condon Sarah, 8th ab Green 
Condon Wm., blacksm., 2 Hoffman's al 
Condy James, cordw.. Christian n 7th 
Condy Thos., trader, Cadwalader bel Master 
Condy Wm., tailor, Joseph's al 
Cone Amelia M., trimming-s, 70 S 8th 

Cong'ar Charles, shoemr., S E New Market and 


Congar Wm., shoemr., 82 New Market 
Cong-er Ann, 269 Green 
Cong-er Wm, M., umbrellamr., rear Orchard ab 


Congel Ann, shop, 31 Laurel (N L) 
Conkle H., coi-d manuf., 2 S 3d, h 4 Buttonwood 
Conklin Ezi-a, livery stables. Lodge al 
Conklin Garretson, lab., 28 St John 
Conlan Bernard, weaver, 3 Ulrich's row (K) 
Conlen Pat., nailer, Carlisle ct 
Conley Cornelius, carp., Bevan's ct 
Conley Francis, ship carp., Newton ab Wash'n 
Conley Francis, cai-p., 11 Dilks's ct 
Conley James, lab.. Lemon and Orang-e 
Conley John, shoemr., 14 Stamper's al 
Conley John lab., Coates ab Sch 7th 
Conlitf Wm., lab., 5 Spragg's av 
Conlin Alex., bootmr., 140 Lombard 
Conlin Felix, weaver, 46 Fitzwater 
Conhn H., lab., 12th and Willow 
Conlog'ue Patrick, Dillwyn bel Callowhill 
Conlon Thos., mach'st., Francis & Powell (F V) 
Conman Jas., blacksm., Gatchell's av 
Conn Andrew, weaver. Elm bel Franklin (K) 
Conn James, trader, G T road ab Franklin 
Conn John, trader. Beach bel Coates 
Conn Thomas, weaver. Front ab Phoenix 
Conn Wm. H., bootmr., 96 Filbert 
Connag-an Wm., weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Connell David, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Connell Georg'e, gent.. Summer ab Sch 6th 
Connell John, dealer, 224 Shippen 
Connell John H., conveyancer, 217 N 4th 
Connell Robt., printout.. Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Connell Theophilus, drover, Sch 7th and Say 
Connell Thos., tavern, Westford av 
Connell Tristram, grocer, N W 11th & Cherry 
Connelly Catharine, 1 Meredith's ct 
Connelly Dennis, weavei-, Reiff 's ct 
CONNELLY HARRY, wines and liquors, 7th 

and Chestnut, h Spruce ab 12th 
Connelly James, cordw.. Front bel Phoenix 
Connelly Jane, Georg-e ab 10th 
Connelly John, lab., 100 Bedford 
Connelly John, cab mr., 201 Buttonwood 
Connelly Joseph, lab.. Locust n Sch 3d 
Connelly Lawrence, 51 Chester 
Connelly Margaret, huckstei', Fraley's ct 
Connelly Mary, 6 College pi 
Connellv Mary, wid. of George, Palmer bel Duke 

Connelly Patrick, weaver. Phoenix ab 2d 
Connelly Rhoda A., 83 Cedar 
Connelly Wm., painter, Buttonwood ab 13th 
Conner Barney, lab., 173 N Front 
Conner D., U. S. N., 87 S 4th 
Conner E. S., tragedian, 48 Lombard 
Conner Flora, 141 Cherry 
Conner George, seaman. Church ab Prime 
Conner Isaac, driver, c High and Sch 3d 
Conner Louisa, lab., Paschal's al 
Conner James, weaver, Helmuth n Sch 6th 
Conner John, brickmr., 7th ab Poplar 




Conner John, bootmr., 26 Parker 
Conner John, b. h., 19 Litte Water 
Conner John, vict., Apple bel George 
Conner John H., mustmr., 6 Beck pi (S) 
Conner Joshua, shoemr., 510 S 2d 
Conner Michael, shoemr., 9 John's ct 
Conner Michael, framemr., 387 CuUowhill 
Conner Peter, cabinetmr., 5 Orang-e 
Conner Richard, lab., Dyottville 
Conner Simon, driver, Grover 
Conner Ste])hen, lab., 3 Grape ct 
Conner Tliomas, lab., 5 Jolin's ct 
Conner Thos., carp, weav.. West bel Hanover(K") 
Conner Thos., carp, weav., Cadwalader bel Jef- 
Connerry Francis, Dillwyn and Callowhill 
Connolly James, tailor, 3 Clymer 
Connor Bernard, weaver. Pine and Ashton 
Connor Edward, cordw.. Reckless ct 
Connor James, lab.. Clay ab Sch Willow 
Connor John, lab., 100 Bedford 
Connor Matthew, lab., rear Apple bel Master 
Connor Mich., weaver, Georg'e and 3d 
Connor Neil, weaver, Mun-ay n Sch 3d 
Connor Peter, lab., Sch Front n Chestnut 
Connor Rachel, rear 16 Little Fine 
Connor Richard, oysterman, 18 Union (S) 
Connor Thos., weaver, 6 Diamond 
Connor Thos., bootmr., Baxter's ct 
Connor Thos., carp., 13th ab Poplar 
Connor Thos. G., cooper and gauger, 18 Little 

Water, h 43 Penn 
Conns James, tailor, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Conor Patrick, 7th ab P road 
Conover Charles, gardener, 14 Pratt 
Conover Jacob, combmr., Rose ab School (K) 
Conover Jonathan R., carp., 11 Clinton ab Brown 
Conover J. B., mer., 190 High, h 281 Spnice 
Conover J. B. & Wip. P., shoes and bonnets, 

190 High 
Conover Lewis T., cordw., Shippen ab 10th 
Conover Michael F., furniture, 66 Sassafras, h 

126 Christian 
Conover O. H. P.,^mer., 190 High 
Conover Peter, slices and bonnets, 202 High 
Conover T. A., capt. U. S. N., 601 Spruce 
Conover Wm., shoemr., 3 Shaffer's ct 
Conover Wm., cooper, Liberty al 
Conover Wm., cabinetmr., 1 Mark's la 
Conover Wm. P., mer., 190 High, h 368 S 4th 
Conover Wm. W., tailor, 3 Winter's ct 
Conquest Geo., mariner, 476 S Front 
Conrad Ab'm., stone mason, rear 28 Paschal's al 
Conrad Charles, mer., 35 High 
Conrad David, 52 Apple 
Conrad D. & J. G., flour and feed, 436 N 4th 
Conrad Edw., boat build., Sch Front n Mulberry 
Conrad Elizabeth, 104 Mulberry 
Conrad Elizabeth, N W 4th and Brown 
Conrad Harry, mer., 123 N 3d, h 301 N 6th 
Conrad Isaiah, plasterer, R road ab Wallace 
Conrad Jacob G., mer., 4th ab Brown, h 49 Apple 
Conrad Jas. M., hardw., 203 High, h 130 N 12th 
Conrad John, aldernian, 208 N 3d, h 40 Wood 
Conrad Joseph, bootmr., 31 S 5th 

Conrad J. H. & Co., boots & shoes, 85 N 2d 
Conrad Mary, tailoress, St John bel Beaver (K) 
Conrad Matthew, mer., 60 High, h 25 Mulberry 
Conrad M. & Co., boots and shoes, 60 High 
CONRAD OSBORN, imp. of watches, 96 N2d, 

h 36 N 4th 
Conrad Paul, collector Willow R road, Willow 

ab Broad 
Conrad Peter, paper can-ier, 5 Gray's al 
Conrad Peter, clerk market, 71 N 12th 
Conrad Peter, cordw., 35 S 8th, h Baker bel 8th 
Conrad Robert T., atty. and coun., 428 Sassafras 
Conrad & Roberts, hardw., mers., 123 N 3d 
Conrad Saml., lab., Parrish ab Sch 7th 
Conrad Washington, Coates N Sch 6th 
Conrad Wm., gent, c Vine and Sch 4th 
Conrad Wm., blacksm., 27 Callowhill 
Conrad Wm. C, mer., 60 High 
Conrade David, bricklayer, 51 Almond 
Conrade Wm. D., bricklayer, 382 S 3d 
Conradt G., engraver and dye sinker, 129 N4th 
Conrow Chas., coachmr.. Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Conrow Ellis, painter and glazier, 127 Coates 
CONROW WILLL^M G., alderman office, 13th 

and R road 
Conrow Wm. G., bricklayer, 13th ab Green 
Conroy John,weaver, Hope ab Phoenix 
Conroy John, waiter, 37 North 
Conroy Patrick, weaver, 13th ab Green, h Lom- 
bard E Sch 2d 
Conry Patrick, 57 George 
Constable John, 354 Walnut 
Constable R., gunsmith, 88 S 2d 
Constable Wm., cordw., Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Constant F., lab., McKean's ct 
Conver Benj., lab., Oldham's ct 
Converse A. Rev., editor Christian Observer, 142 

Chestnut, h 8th ab Catharine 
Conway Bridget, shop, 143 Cedar 
Conway Charles, tailor,, Boker's ct 
Conway Charles, lab., 18 Fai-mer 
Conway Charles, ostler, 2 Boyle's ct 
Conway Edward, brewer, 264 S 3d 
Conway Francis, soap factory, Lombard ct 
Conway Hannah A., milliner, 162^ S 2d 
Conway James, lab., Hallowell's st 
Conway James, blacksm., (Charlotte ab Poplar 
Conway John, shoes, 164 S 2d 
Conway John, hat., 382 High, h Lawrence 
Conway John, weaver. Perry ab Phoenix 
Conway John, brickmr., Cedar bel Broad 
Conway John E., brass founder, .Culver abore 

Conway Joseph, vict., Norman's al 
Conway Patrick, lab., 8 Hunter 
Conway Patrick, weav., 9 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Conway Philip, tavern, 9 N 11th 
Conway William, saw manuf., 24 Cherry, h 1 

M'Leod's pi 
Conwell Arthur, weaver. Mariner ab 13th 
Conwell Edw., upholsterer, 232 S 3d 
Conwell George, pilot, 116 Carpenter 
Conwell Patrick, clerk, 3 Boyd's ct 
Conyers John, lum. mer., c High and Sch 5th, h 
Cherry bel Sch 6th 




Conyers Walter & Co., wines, &c., N E 6tli and 

Conyers Walter, wine, 30 Jacoby 
Conyers Thos. B., combmr., Vienna n Brown 
Conyors & Hamilton, feed store, High n Sch 5th 
i Coog-an Patrick, lab., Fitler bel Harrison 
Coogan Patrick, tailor, rear 5th ab Christian 
Coogan \Vm., cordw., rear 70 Shippen 
Cook Ann, 2 Acorn al 

Cook Alexander, grocer, 11th and Nectarine 
Cook Ashur, bricklayer, Carlton bel 13th 
Cook Charles, carp., Ogden bel 11th 
Cook Charles, combmr., 67 Buttonwood 
Cook Charles, hatter, 389 N 6th 
Cook Charles, shoemr., 6 Swarthmore pi 
Cook Charles L., jeweller, Ross ct 
Cook Christopher, tailor, 169 Apple 
Cook Edwin R., tobac, N E Front and Cedar, h 

86 Lombard 
Cook Elias, lab.. Say n Sell 7th 
Cook Elijah, brickmr., Parrish bel Sell 7th 
Cook Elijah, chairmr.. Hank's ct 
Cook Elijah, chairmr., 59 Callowhill 
Cook Elislia, Spruce ab Sch 7th 
Cook Frederick, cordw., 11th ab Carpenter 
Cook Frederick, baker, 146 New Market 
Cook George, hay dealer, Mary ab F road 
Cook Hannah, 11 Rogers' ct * 

Cook Henry, boatman. Beach ab Walnut 
Cook Henry D., varnisher, 11 Pleasant Retreat 
Cook James, fruiterer, S E 7th and High, h N E 

10th and Cedar 
Cook Jasper C, clerk, Sch 8th n Cherry 
Cook Jeremiah, lab., rear 375 S Front 
COOK JOEL, alderman, 189 Chestnut 
Cook John, carter, Hallowell's ct (S G) 
Cook John, cordw., 378 S 2d 
Cook John, lab., Rugan bel Willow 
Cook John, soap and candles. High E Sch 6th, 

h George n Sch 7th 
Cook John, gent., 298 Chesnut 
Cook John, col., 34 N 3d, h Callowhill ab 13th 
Cook John, hay dealer, Mary ab F road 
Cook John D., tobacconist, 82 Brown 
Cook John E., bar tender, rear 494 N 3d 
Cook Jolm G., carp, weaver, 70 Queen 
Cook John H., cordw., Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Cook Joseph, lab., rear Mechanic ab George 
Cook Joseph, mer., Willow ab- 2d 
Cook Joseph, lab., Vernon bel lltli 
Cook Joseph, liquors, 2d and Master (K) 
Cook Joseph S., bookbinder, Marshall ab Poplar 
Cook Lewis baker, 488 N 3d 
Cook Lewis, tailor, 672 N 2d 
Cook Lewis, tobacconist, 82 Brown (N L) 
Cook Lewis, skin dresser, rear 291 St John 
Cook Mark, carp, weaver, F road ab Oxford 
•Cook Mary, rear Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Cook Michael, cordw., 78 German 
Cook Moses, combmr., rear 521 N 3d 
Cook Philip, tailor, rear 167 Coates 
Cook Robert, salesman, 1 Simmons* ct 
Cook Robert, lab.. Path 
Cook Samuel, brusiimr., 523 High 
Cook Samuel, bricklayer, 32 Bread 

Cook Samuel, carp., rear 16 Mechanic 

Cook Samuel, tobacco, 5 Mulberry, h 555 N 3d 

Cook S., letter carrier, 406 N 6t i 

Cook Thomas, gent., 16 Pine 

Cook Thomas R., carvei-, 3 Goldsmith's ct 

Cook Wm., combmr., 3 Mechanic (N L) 

COOK WM., mer., 85 High, h 94 Marshall 

Cook Wm., tobacconist, 113 Noble 

Cook Wm., tailor, 3 Swanson ct 

Cook Wm., carp., 7th & Poplar 

Cook Wm., engineer, 14 Helmuth 

Cook Wm. K., carp., New ab 2d, h 78 Mulberry 

Cook W. B., clerk, Charlotte ab Thompson 

Cooke Jay, ex. broker, 25 S 3d 

Cooke Tamar, 96 Union 

Cooke Thomas, M. D., 83 N 5ih 

Cooke Wm., tobacconist, 4 N Front 

Cooke Wm., boots & shoes, 98 N 5th 

Cooker Geo. lab., Washington ab Front 

Cooker Jacob, shoemr., 6th ab HalloweU 

Cooker John, shoemr., rear Washington ab 6th 

Cookman Mary gentw., 361 Sassafi-as 

Cookson Charles, tallow chand., 4 Moore's ct 

Cooley A. B., mer., 57 S whfs., h Sch 8th ab 


Cooley John, lab., Aldeii ab Poplar 
Cooley John, lab., 11 Marshall ct 
Cooley John, sen., lab., 12th ab Pamsh 
Cooley Joseph, hatter, 154 S 5th 
COOLIDGE EDWIN, boots &. shoes, 181 High, 

h 66 Franklin 
Coomb Samuel, Wood bel lOth 
Coombe Sarah, 5 Dugan 
Coombs Adam H., sea capt.. Prime ab Front 
Coombs Benjamin, 1 Eutaw 
Coombs Josiah, weaver, Chestnut n Sch Front 
Cooness Harriet, Ohio 
Cooney Anthony, 244 N Water 
Cooney Christopher, lab»,7 Truxton 
Cooney Patrick, lab.. Filbert &, Sch 8th. 
Cooper Aaron, ostler, 45 Currant al 
Cooper Alfred, mer., 53 High 
Cooper Ann V., 13th n Cherry 
Cooper Anna M., 245 Filbert 
Cooper Anthony, 26 Garden 
Cooper B. C, tailor, 130 Chestnut, h 3 Clinton 

COOPER B. C. & S. C, tailors, 130 Chestnut 
Cooper Conrad, cordw., 6th ab Poplar 
Cooper C. B., mer., 27 N 3d, h 68 New 
Cooper David, shipwt., Queen ab Marlboro' 
Cooper Deborah, 7 Virginia row 
Cooper Dyer, machinist, Franklin n Palmer (K) 
Cooper Edmund, cab nir., 10th ab Poplar, 13th 

ab Coates 
Cooper Edward, undertaker, 392 N 3d 
Cooper Elizabeth, 112 Vine- 
Cooper Elizabeth, segar store, 392 N 3d 
COOPER E. &. H., cabinetmrs., 216 R road 
Cooper J'rancis, tobacconist, 341 High 
Cooper Francis L., acct., Ann n Sch 6th 
Cooper George, coachman, 3 Barley 
Cooper George, confectioner, 490 N 2d 
Cooper George, engraver, 34 Quince 
Cooper Hannah, shop, 83 Shippen 




Cooper Hannah, g-entw., 66 Marshall 

Cooper Henry, vict., 192 Callowhill ab Sch 6th 

Cooper Henry, rear 38 St John 

Cooper Henry, cooper, 16 Shippen 

Cooper Henry C, pei-fumer, 222 Chestnut 

Cooper Hiram T., dry goods, 393 High, h 367 

Cooper Hug-b, b. h., 39 O Y road 
Cooper Isaac, lab.. Perry ab Phoenix 
Cooper Isaac, carp., 3 Clymer's st 
Cooper Isaac, lab., South ab 11th 
Cooper Isaac, lab., Carpenter bel 10th 
Cooper Ignatius T., D. D. Rev., 6 Crown 
Cooper Jas., cooper, 204 S Water, h 205 S Front 
Cooper James M., carp., 9th bel Catharine 
Cpoper John, blacksmith, Marlboro' ab Queen 
Cooper John, mer., 95 High, h Spruce ab 11th 
Cooper John, cabinetmr., Laurel ab Spruce, h 

308 S Front 
Cooper John, printer, 72 George (S) 
Cooper John, dealer, 253 Cedar 
Cooper John, drayman, Rhil's ct 
Cooper John E., carp., Wood ab Franklin (K) 
Cooper John W., medicines, 20 N 12th 
Cooper Jonathan, tailor, R road ab Broad 
Cooper Joseph, sailmr., rear 6 Mechanic (K)* 
Cooper Joseph B., collector, 2 N 6th 
Cooper Joseph P., dry goods, 381 High 
Cooper Joseph T. Rev., 441 N 5th 
Cooper Lawrence, ladie?' shoemr., 199 Green 
Cooper Lewis, dry goods, 29 S 2d, h 98 N 8th 
Cooper Louisa, Pray's ct (N L) 
Cooper Michael, collector, 13 Fitzwater 
Cooper, Miller & Heyl, dry goods, 95 High 
COOPER & MILLER, carps., 9th ab Chi-istian 
Cooper Philip, West ab Walnut 
Cooper P. F., min. painter, 140 Chestnut 
Cooper Richard T., druggist. Federal ab 7th 
Cooper Samuel, weaver, 3 Philip (K) 
Cooper Samuel B., boatman, 7th bel Carpenter 
Cooper Sarah, teacher, 24 Perry 
Cooper Sarah, washer, 2 Piatt 
Cooper S. C, tailor, 130 Chestnut 
Cooper Thos., brushes, brooms, &c., 3 N Front, 

h 89 N 10th 
Cooper Thomas, lab., Catharine ab 10th 
Cooper Unah, porter, 26 Watson's al 
Cooper Wm., chair paint., G T road bel Phoenix 
Cooper Wm., watchman, 19^ Stamper's al 
Cooper Wm., tavern, 172 Lombard 
Cooper Wm. B., mer., 53 High, h 69 N 9th 
Cooper Wm. C, grocer, 10 Hig'h, h 11 Montgo- 
Cooper Wm. M., cooper, 69 8c 200 S Water, h 

203 S Front 
Cooper Wm. Rev., 354 N 5th 
Coopers & Henderson, dry goods, 53 High 
Coote Owen, moulder, 15 Eutaw 
Coots Reuben, shoemr., 84 S 12th 
Cope Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut 
Cope Caleb, mer., 1 65 High, h c Walnut & Quince 
COPE CALEB & CO., silk goods, 165 Hig'h 
Cope C, widow, 136 N 4tli 
Cope Edwin R., mer., 52 Commerce, h 136 Mar- 

Cope Elias, carp., 6th bel G T road 

Cope Francis R., mer., 1 AValnut, h 102 S 4th 

Cope George, drayman, 91 Noble 

Cope Hannah, shop, M road bel Prime 

Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h 102 S 4th 

Cope Henry, butcher, M road bel Wharton 

Cope Herman, B. y. S., h 355 Walnut 

COPE H. & A. & CO., mers., 1 Walnut 

Cope Israel, gent., 186 Mulberry 

Cope Jacob J., Cash. Com. Bank, h 138 Marshall 

Cope Jasper, gent., 391 Mulberry 

Cope John, 165 Marshall 

Cope John, carp.. Church ab Washington 

Cope John, gent., 225 Marshall 

Cope Levi, dealer. Juniper ab Higli 

Cope Marmaduke C, 286 Filbert 

Cope Perry, seaman, Washington bel 4th 

Cope Philip, cooper, 31 Christian 

Cope Thos., cabinetmr., 2d !k G T road 

Cope Thomas P., 272 Spruce 

Cope Thomas P., dyer, 10 Sterling- al 

Cope Thomas P., jr., mer., 1 Walnut 

Cope Wm., tavern, G T road bet 6th Sc 7th 

Copeland Asa, carp., 99 Prime 

Copeland Asa, ship joiner. Carpenter bel 7th 

Copeland Ellen, gentw., Hessler ct ab Coates 

Copeland Emily, Kennedy's ct 

Copeland George, bricklayer, 8 Mark's la 

Copeland Samuel, carp., Sch 8th Sc Jones, h Sch 

6th ab Filbert 
Copeland Wm., carp., 398 S 3d 
Copes Charles, U. S. service, 17 Marion 
Copes George, capt., Higgins' ct 
Copia Allen, bootmr., 155 Lombard 
Copia Jacob, gent., 213 Pine 
Copp Geo., undertaker, 153 Vine 
Coppenger John, weaver, Helmuth n Sch 6th 
Copper James C, acct., 91 Wood 
Copper John C, engraver, 18 Minor, h 283 N 8th 
Copper Samuel, porter, 4 Farmer's row 
Copple Daniel, 77 Dock, h 3 Harmony ct 
Copple Jacob, brickmr., 33 Pratt 
COPPLE & JONES, exchange hotel, 77 Dock 
Coppuck Jos. C, mer., 30 N Front, h 120 N 10th 
Coppuck Jos. W., bootmr., 187^ S 2d 
Corbett John, saddler, High Sc Juniper, h rear 

117 N 11th 
CORBLT & CO., silks, 29 Church al 
CorbitHemyC, mer., 29 Church al,h 153 Walnut 
Corbit John, capt., Grubb st 
C orbit Joseph, sug. refiner, 27 Chm'ch al, h 232 

Corbit Sarah, 61 Union 
Corbon Charles, printer, 13 Rachel (N L) 
Corbyn T. J., veterinary surgeon, R road ab Vine 
Corcoran John, lab., Marriott la bel 5th 
Cordes Jacob, boxmr., 199 N 3d, h 598 N Front 
Cordes Wm. H., carp., Sch 4th ab Callowhill 
Cordiel Thomas, carp., Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Corey Horatio N., mer., 157 High, h 34 Marshall 
Corfield Chas. S., dentist, 343 N 3d 
Corfield Edward D., att'y 8c coun., 263 J N 3d 
Corfield Henry C, accountant, 320 N 3d 
Corgie Barbara, gentw., 330 S 4th 
Corinth Frederick W., hatter, 106 N 6tlii 




Cork John, cooper, M'Manemy's ct 

Corkery John, cai-p., 310 Carpenter ab 10th 

Corkin Patrick, cartel-, rear 2d bel Master 

Corkrin A. G., dry goods, S E 4th and Gaskill 

Corknn A. H., dry goods, S E 4tli and Gaskill 

Corlies Hannah, Locust n Sch 8th 

Corliss Daniel, grocer, F road and Oxford (K) 

Corliss John, blacksm., F road ab Oxford (K) 

Cormany John, carp., Washington ab 7th 

Cormic Margaret, Lombai-d n Sch 6th 

Corn John, carter, M'Duffie n Sch 2d 

CorndafFer Samuel, carter, Duke ab Cherry (K) 

Corneal G., shoemr.. Hank's ct (Rachel) 

Corneau J. B. T., carp., 2 Orleans 

Cornehus C, lamp and chandelier manufacturer, 

4 Franklin 
CORNELIUS & CO., lamps, 181 Cherry & 176 

Cornelius Philip, lab., Barley 
Cornelius R., lamps, 176 Chestnut, h 179 Cherry 
Cornell & Hendry, furniture, 7 N 8th 
Cornell Mar}^, 140 N 12th 
Cornell Wm., furniture, 7 N 8th 
Corney Josh., victualler, 206 Noble 
Cornish Amy, Bedford bel 8th 
Cornish David, waiter, 7 Lisle 
Cornish Henry C, shoemr., 255 S 7th 
Cornish Henry, druggist, 100 N 5th 
Comish Jas., cordw., rear Carpenter bel 9th 
Cornish John, shoemr., 255 S 7tli, h 14 Crabb st 
Cornish Scipio, porter, Rawle ab Apple 
Cornman Oliver P., painter, Wallace bel 13th 
Cornog David A., visitor of the poor, 12 Madison 
Corns Esther, tavern, 14 Dock 
Comwell Chas., carp., Vienna bel Franklm (K) 
Cornwell James, carp., Dyott's ct (K) 
Comwell Jos., bi'ickmr., Sch 6lh bel Lombard 
Cornwell Robt., carp., 16 Dyott's ct (K) 
Cornwell Ruth Ann, b. h., R road bel Buttonwood 
Cornwell Wm., ship carp.. Wood ab Franklin 
Coron Daniel, cabs, 10th and Vine 
Corr Barnejf, weaver, 2d bel Jefferson 
Corr Emeline, Juniper ab High 
CoiT Jas. lab., 6th ab Carpenter 
Corr Joseph, grocer, Phoenix & Perry 
Corr Patrick, 4th 8c Jefferson (K) 
Con-ell David, blacksm., 2 Jacoby 
Corrie Augustus, printer, 116 Chestnut 
Corrie Geo. S., music teach., 10th ab Nectarine 
Corrie Henry, organ manuf. 21 Minor, h 15 

Corrigan Hugh, hostler, 313 Fitzwater 
Corrin Patrick, tailor. Beach n Walnut 
Corry George, glove manuf., 448 N 5th 
Corry John &. Co., tea store, 409 N 2d 
Corsey Trim, coachman, 15 Watson's al 
Corson Franklin, tavern, Prime 8c M road 
Corson George, constable, Culvert bel 4th 
Corson Hovey, waterman. Brown bel Cherry (K) 
Corson Isaac M., wheelwright, Henderson's ct 
Corson James, sr , slices, 491 S 2d 
Corson Jeremiah, cordw., 422 N 4th 
Corson Jolm W., slio:.'mr., Evans st 
Corson Lewis, watchman, Beach ab Warren (K) 
Corson Nathan, shoemr., Lancaster ab Keed 

Corson Robt., waterman, Wharton ab 2d 
Corson Wm., carman, Laurel ab Front 
Corvaizier Jules, boot mr., 76 S 4th 
Corwine Wm. R. mould. Allen ab Shackamaxon 


Cory John II., 15 Lagrange pi 
Coryell Wm. C, bricklayer, Sch 6th bel Cherry 
Cosfeldt F., locksm., 44 Dock, h 8 Carter's al 
Cosfeldt John, machinist, 256 St John 
Cosgrave Daniel, morocco di-esser, 87 S 5th 
Cosgrove J., morocco dresser, 310 N Front 
Cosh Andrew, porter, 23 Merchant 
Cossart John, shoemr., Tomlin's ct 
Cossart Marjr, 23 Beaver (K) 
Cossai-t Wm., cedar cooper, 60 Apple 
Cost Martin F., biscuit baker, 6 Emlen's ct , 
Coste Raymond, chandler, 104 Cedar 
Costell Mary, gent, fur'g. store, 53 S 8th 
Costello John B., mer. 11th ab Shippen 
Costello Michael, 6 Shoemaker 
Costello Wm., weaver, Hancock ab Master (K) 
Costelloy Patrick, 78 N Water 
Costen Williams, hatter, Webb's al 
Coten Morrell, meter mr., 5 S Sch 7th 
Coster Abraham, frame mr., 132 St John, h S E 

Noble 8c Swanson's al 
Coster John, segarmr., 72 Callowhill 
Coster Robert, carp., 12 Pearl n Sch 7th 
Coston Benton, collector, Marshall ab Poplar 
Coston Ezekiel, jewellery, 45 Lily al 
Coston Joseph L. M., shoemr., 231 N 10th 
Cotean Mary, 90 Spruce 
Cotteney Isaac, weaver, 11th 8c Christian 
Cotter Edwin, hatter, Ellis ab Washington 
Cotter James, tailor, 85 N 6th 
Cotterall James, fireman, Stackhouse's ct 
Cotterell John, druggist, 27 N Front, h 372 

Cotterill, Hill 8c Co., agency, N E 5th and Com- 
Cottingham James, marin<;r, 22 Mead 
Cottman George, tavern, 448 N Front 
Cotton John S., upholsterer, 44 S 4th, h 182 S 

Cottrell Peter, upholsterer, 9 Pearl 
Cottringer John J., clerk U. S. Navy, 64 Queen 
Cottringer Joseph F., mer., 29 Church al, h 150 

Couch Wm., blacksm., rear 406 N 3d 
Couchman Abraham, cordw., Hope ab Master 
Cough Ridgway, lab., rear Apple bel George 
Coughlin Dennis, weaver, Shippen la ab Catha- 
Coughlin Francis, weaver, S W Brinton and 

Coulomb Charles A., teacher of langu., 10th ab 

Coulson Elizabeth, Apple ab George 
Coulson Sarah Ann, milliner, 49 Chester 
Coulston Israel, carp., 66 Tammany 
Coulston Nathan L., morocco dress., 484 N 4th 
Coidston Wm. K., cordw., Charles ab James 
Coult Joseph, foundry, 13th n Willow 
Coult J. R., mach'ni.^it, Pleasant ab 12th 
Coulter Charles, police off., 33 AVashington (M) 




Coulter Jane, 393 Front 
Coulter John, paver, N E 13th St Lombard 
Coulter John, waiter, 8 S 8th, h 9 Watson's al 
Coulter Joseph, marble polisher, 226 N 13th, h 

Cherry bel 9th 
Coulter Joshua, cai-p., 9\h ab Coatcs 
Coulter Sarah, 159 Queen 
Coulton Andrew J., cordw., St John ab Beaver 
Coulton James, carp., Fitlcr ab 2d (K) 
Coulton Wm., lob., Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Council Joseph, bricklr., Shippenab Shippenla 
Council Thomas, hatter, 38 Julianna 
Countiss Hannah, 493 S 2d 
Countryman Wm., tobacconist, 215 Queen 
Coursault G. A. 8c A. G., collectors, h 319 S 6th 
Coursault Leopold P., cabinetmr., 203 S 2d 
Coursey Eliza, 4th ab Christian 
Court Edw., clothing, 65 S 2d, h 6th n Lombard 
Courier Jacob, saddler, rear 31* Charlotte 
Courter Peter, blacksm., Coates bel 12th 
Courtney James, rig-g-er, 41 Beck st (S) 
Courtney Joseph, carpenter, 8 Farmer 
Courtney Patrick, lab., 263 N Front 
Courtney Samuel P., tanner and currier, Hano- 
ver ab P'ranklin (K) 
Courtney Thomas, trader, Filbert W of Sch 7th 
Courtwright Isaac, coal dealer, 37 Pegg 
Couse Catharine, trimmings, N E 10th & Wood 
Cousins Charlotte, 29 Perry 
Cousland & Co., engravers, 74 Chestnut 
Cousland Sc Taylor, tobacconist, 209 Chestnut 
Cousty Eliza B., grocer, 78 S 2d 
Cousty John, grocer, N E Callowhill & Garden 
Couturier Frederick, dyer, 163 Vine 
Coveley Henry, bricklayer, rear Locust n Beech 
Coverdale David S., shoemr., AVharton ab 3d 
Coverdale Elias, porter house, 6th &, Christian 
Covert Isaac jr., ivory turner, Traquair's ct, h 

223 N 10th 
Covey James, carp., Bache st 
Covington Isaac, watchman, 7 Freed's av 
Covington Wm., cordw., 19 Reckless 
Cowan C, cordwainer, 16 Green (C) 
Cowan Jas. W., clerk, George n Sch 6th 
Coward Chas. W., trunkmr., 9 Stampers' al 
Coward Elizabeth, 66 N 5th 
Coward H., gilder, 59 Fitzwater 
Coward Jas., carp., rear 13 Mead 
Coward John, shoemr., 26 Castle 
Coward Joseph, tailor. Federal ab 2d 
Coward Samuel T., pattern mr., 106 Coates 
Coward William, trader, Logan ab Green 
Coward Wm., millwright, Franklin ab Crown 

Cowden Cath., gentw,, 306 E Cedar 
Cowden James, carp.. Federal ab 7th 
Cowdrick Charles H., plater, 61 Tammany 
Cowdrick Edward, bricklayer, Lewis ab Poplar 
Cowell Henry, mer., S W 7th and Chestnut 
Cowell John V., mer., S W Chestuut and 7th, h 

128 S 8th 
Cowell J. V. & Son, dry goods, S W 7th and 

Cowell &. Stone, tinsmiths, 57 N Front 
Cowen Henry, porter, rear 10 Quince 

Cowlings George, brewer, 40 Pratt 
Cownover Allen, bi'icklr., rear Parrish bel lOtli 
Cownover Ferdinand, carp., Parrish bel 10th 
Cownover Jacob, bricklayer, 7th and Green 
Cowperthwait C. J., galvanic plater, h Paul ab 

Cowperthwait E., upholsterer, 15 S 5tli, h 276 

Cowperthwait H., mer., 253 High, h 134 Mul- 
Cowperthwaite Edwin, mer., 139| High 
Cowperthwaite Samuel, 204 N Front 
Cowperthwaite Wm., plasterer, 119 S Fifth 
Cowpland Ann, milliner, 144^ S 2d 
Cowpland Ann, milliner, 327 S 5th 
Cowpland Joshua, fancy hardware, 14 N 4th, h 

Cherry n Sch 6th 
Cox Aaron F., printer, Sch 8th n Vine 
Cox Ann, milliner, G T road ab Master (K) 
Cox Catharine, Barker bel Sch 6th 
Cox Charles, lime mer., N E 9th & Coates 
Cox Charles, carter, State 
Cox Chas., shop, Broad ab Cedar 
Cox Charles D., refectory, 40 S 5th 
Cox Clement, coachman, 25 Prosperous al 
Cox & Cross, coal yd., Broad 8c Willow 
Cox Daniel, painter, rear 454 S Front 
Cox D. J., tobacconist, 536 N 2d 
Cox Elizabeth, c 7th and Sassafras 
Cox Elizabeth, widow, 57 Apple 
Cox George, cabinetmr., rear 27 Cresson's al 
Cox Geo. M,, pattern mr., Vienna 8c Duke (K) 
Cox George S., ship joiner, F road ab Otter 
Cox Gideon,«wooden and variety st., 335 High, 

and dry goods N W 8th 8c High 
Cox Isaac, blacksmith, 141 St John, h 159 St 

COx I., carp., Vienna bel 11th 
Cox Jacob, ladies' shoemr., Harvey's ct (K) 
Cox James, U. S. Court, h 49 S 5th 
Cox James, mariner, 6th bel Carpenter 
Cox James, Pres. Lehigh Coal 8c Nav. Co., 82 S 

2d, h Walnut n Sch 8th 
Cox James E., mer., 74 Wood 
Cox Jesse, mer., 76A S and h 84 N Front 
Cox John, insp. custom-house. Vine n Sch 2d 
Cox John, farmer, Shippen ab Broad 
Cox John jr., lime dealer,' G T road ab Laure , 

h 151 New Market 
Cox John, weaver. Otter n Front (K) 
Cox John, weaver, Charlotte bel Thompson 
Cox John, mason, 13th bel Spruce 
Cox John, blindmr.. Prime bel Front 
Cox John C, mer., 177^ High 
Cox John S., carp., 138 N Juniper 
Cox Jonathan J., carp., Vernon bel 11th 
Cox Joseph, combmr., 100 Cherry 
Cox Joseph, stone cutter, Brazier ab Lloyd 
Cox Joseph, 5 Swarthmore ])1 
Cox Joseph G., wire worker, 48 N Front 
Cox Lawrence, Budd n Juniper 
Cox Lewis W., combmr. 465 N 3d 
Cox 8t Lynn, carps., Penn ab Poplar 
Cox Margaret, milliner)', 314 Pine 
Cox Martin M., mer. 23 N Water 




Cox Mary Ann, trims. 6 Arcade, h 15 Mead 

Cox Richard P., tailor, 101 Chestnut ■ 

Cox Samuel, teacher, 281 S 10th 

Cox Sarah, 476 Sassafras 

Cox Sarah, ladies' shoemr., 35 N 8th 

Cox Samuel C, coal yard, Broad and Willow, h 

147 G T road 
Cox Terence, lab., rear Charlotte ab Thompson 
Cox Thomas, oysters. Smith's al (N L) 
Cox Thomas, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Cox William, ship joiner, 78 N. Market 
Cox Wm., carter, 2d bel Franklin (K) 
Cox Wm., blacksm., 6th and Hallowell 
Cox AVm., coachmr., G T road ab Thompson 
Cox Wm., brickla) er, Callowhill ab 13th 
Cox Wm., dry g-oods, 262 N 2d 
Cox Wm., lab.. Mariner & 13th 
Cox Wm., carp., rear 266 S 4th 
Cox Wm. jr., atty. and coun., 167 Spruce 
Cox W. P , coal mer., 86 S 3d, h 9 Franklin 
Coxe Charles S., judg-e. Spruce ab Sch 8th 
Coxe Charles W., mer.. Chestnut, h 30 Wood 
Coxe Daniel W., gent., 233 Chestnut 
Coxe Edmund S.,"atty. & coun., h Walnut ab 6th 
Coxe John R., M. D., c Pine and Broad 
Coxe Jos., acct., SO Wood 
Coxey James, shop, Washington (W P) 
Coxey Thomas, superintendent of penitentiary, 

shoe St., R road ab Frances 
Coxey Wm., carp., Elizabeth (N L) ab Poplar 
Coxhead John, 277 Walmit 
Coxhead William R., tailor, 88 S 8th 
Coxon Jonathan, potter. Ferry ab Franklin (K) 
Coyle Charles, japanner, 199 Noble 
Coyle Edward, carp., Murray n Sch 3d 
Coyle Edward, weaver, G T road ab Master (K) 
Coyle Edward, japanner, 6 Baker's ct 
Coyle James, lab., Sch 5th ab Cedar 
Coyle John, gardener, Mulberry n Sch 4th 
Coyle John, dealer, 194 E Cedar 
Coyle John, warper, Dugan ab Pine 
Coyle John, blacksmith, Broad & Mulberry 
Coyle John, carter, S 7th ab P road 
Coyle John, grocer, 10th ab Carpenter 
Coyle Jolm, blacksmith, 25 Mead al 
Coyle John, blacksmith, 505 S Front 
Coyle Patrick, weaver, Charlotte bel Master 
Coyle Patrick, lab., 276 Shippen 
Coyle Patrick, lab., Front and Phoenix 
Coyle Patrick, lab., Jefferson ab Front 
Coyle Wm., blacksm.. Pink ab Master 
Cozens Archibald J., superint. of pohce, h 20 

Beck pi 
Cozens Delia, 118 S 4th 
Cozens Elizabeth, shopkeeper, N E 2nd and 

Cozens Ileiuy D., bricklayer, 7th ab Catharine 
Cozens Wm. H., bricklayer, Newton (S) 
COZENS W. B. N., woo"l c.mer., 50 N Front, h 

237 S I 0th 
Cozins John, 135 Spruce 
Crabb Eliza, sempstress, 177 S 11th 
Crabbe H. S., sec. to com. N. Yard, h Sch 5th 

bel Cherry 
Crabbe Wm. H., Sch 5th bel Cherry 

Craft Gersliom, printer, 52 Penn 

Craft Harvey, shoemr., rear 121 Queen 

Craft Jeremiah, blacksm.. Front bel Otter 

Cragg Rose, 519 N 3d 

Cragg Wm., sexton- and undertaker, 10 CoUeg-e 

av., and 11 Watson's al 
Craig Alex., gardener, Sch 5th bel Spruce 
Craig Alex., gardener, Carletonbel Sch 2d 
Craig Andrew, lab., 11 Middle al 
Craig- Andrew, weaver, Perry n Pine 
Craig Andrew, carpenter, 1 Hubbell 
Craig Andrew, stone cutter. Division (F M) 
Craig Andrew C, mer., S W 13th and Hi'>^h 
CRAIG ANDREW C. & Co., wine and liquor 

mers., S WlSth and High 
CRAIG, BELLAS & Co., com. & forw. mers., N 

W Cherry and Broad 
Craig & Cameron, flour, 439 N 2d 
Craig David, blacksmith, Fitzwater opp Adams, 

h 7 Clymer 
Craig Elias D., tinsm.. High n Sch 5th 
Craig Ellen, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
Craig Emor, police officer, 176 Lombard 
Craig George, manuf., Philip ab Master (K) 
Craig George, framemr.. Gay's ct 
Craig Henry K., U. S. A., Sch 7th ab Spruce 
Craig Hester, Perry bel Vine 
Craig Hyland, lab., Carroll bel 13th 
Craig Hugh, mer., N W Broad and Cherry, h 

Sch 6th n Cherry 
Craig James, 345 Vine 

Craig Jas., weaver, Howard ab Phoenix (K) 
Craig James, carp, rear 10 S 5th, h Vine n lOth 
Craig James, weaver, Edward n School (K) 
Craig James, watchman, 7th & Cedar 
Craig James, carp.. Citron bel 13th 
Craig James, weaver, Fulton bel 13th 
Craig James, lab., George ab Sch 7th 
Craig Jared, printer, 18 Quince 
Craig John, stone cutter, 9 Nectarine 
Craig Joseph, currier, 161 N 13th 
Craig Margaret, 19 al 
Craig Mary, whitewasher, 8 Acorn al 
Craig Patrick, lab., 60 George (S) 
Craig Robt., shipcarp., 26 Federal 
Craig Robert, stone cutter, Elizabeth and Par- 

Craig Robert, Vine ab Nixon 
Craig Robert, weaver, 153 G T road 
Craig Robt., weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Craig Robert, lab., Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Craig Samuel, farrier, 5 Raspberry 
Craig Samuel, lab., 18 M'Duffie 
Craig Thomas, drayman, 5 Wagner's ct 
Craig Wm., grocer, Lombard & Juniper 
Craig Wm., flour store, 439 N 2d 
Craig Wm.,Prcs. Am. Mutual Ins. Co., N E cor 

Phila. Exchange, h Broad ab Pine 
Craig Wm., weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
(Jraige Geo. S., iron mer., 46 Mulberry, h 184 N 

Craige, Holmes & Co., ware rooms, 12 N 4th, 

manufs.. Globe Mills, 3d and G T road 
Craige Hugh, com. mer., Sch 6th bel Cherry 
Craige Scth, mer., 12 N 4th, h 364 Mulberry 




Craige & Stevenson, grocers. N W 2cl & Co te 
Craige Thomas, riding school and livery stable, 

4th ab Wood, h 520 N Front 
Craige Thomas H., 12 N4th, manu.jh Mulberry 

W of Broad 
Cram Samuel, acct., 12 Union sq 
Cramer Bernard, lab., Sch 8ti\ bel Cherry 
Cramer David, carp., 5 Bread, h Parrish ab 7tl 
Cramer James, cot. spinner, Shackamaxon near 

Cramer Joseph P., shoes, Queen ab Crown (K) 
Cramer John L., brushmr., Queen bel Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Crammer Jonathan, Barker W of Sch 5th 
Cramond Henry, atty. and coun., 149 Walnut, h 

539 Chestnut 
Cramp Alfred, fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Cramp Catharine, huckster. Queen bel Wood 
Cramp George, ship carp., Marlborough below 

Bedford (K) 
Cramp Jacob, fisherman, Queen n Wood (K) 
Cramp John, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., Vienna n Queen- (1$) 
Cramp Martin, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen 
Cramp Michael, lab., 8 Washington av 
Cramp Peter, boat builder, rear Palmer above 

Queen (K) 
Cramp William, boat builder, rear Palmer ab 

Queen (K) 
Cramp Wm., grocer. Queen & Palmer (K) 
Crandle Matthew B., trimmer, 17 Mary (S) 
Crandol Elihu, tailor, 2 Peach 
Crane Charles W. C, cabmr., 11th and Pine, h 

151 Lombard 
Crane Eleanor, 28 Queen 
Crane Elias, grocery, 304 S 4th 
Crane Wm., cabmr., 35 Lombard 
Crane Wm. H., carder, Callowhill bel Sch 5th 
Craner Jacob, machinist, Mary n F road (K) 
Crangle Catharine Mrs., 17 P road 
Crangle Georg'e, china ware, 336 S 2d 
Crangles James, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
Crankshaw Catharine, 5 Soutliampton pi 
Cranmer Joseph S., cordw., 130 N 10th 
Crans John S., collector, 167 Queen 
Crans Peter, jr., atty. & coun., 300 S 5tli 
Crans Samuel, iron found., 167 Queen, h Chris- 
tian ab 6th 
Crans William J., clerk Moya. prison, h 331 S 

Cranston George, baker, rear 97 Noble 
Cranston Robert, weaver, Fulton bel 13th 
Crap George M., tin worker, 134 German 
Crapper Henrj^, F road n Franklin (K) 
Craven Aaron, blacksm., 5 St Joseph's av 
Craven David S., capt., 26 Mulberry 
Craven Ishi H., acct., 390 S 3d 
CRAVEN JAS. C, tinplate worker, S E 9th & 

High, h 141 Locust 
Craven Mrs. L., widow, 33 Laurel 
CRAVEN THOS., agent, 14 Minor, h 77 Union 
Craven Wm.,lab., 21 Callowhill 
Crawford A. L., grocer. Noble & Front 
Crawford And. T., bookseller, llO S 2d 

CraAvford Anna, shop, 120 German 

Crawford Benjamin, boat builder, Hanover bel 

Crawford Benjamin, tailor, 230 and 240 High,h 

169 N 7th 
Crawford Charles, tailor, Lombard ab 12th 
Crawford Christopher, cordw., 5 Washington 
Crawford Hannah, 87 N 9th 
Crawford Henry, engineer, 11th & Catharine 
Crawford Henry M., leather dea'er, 204 N 3d 
Crawford Henry M., mer., 40 Higli, h 13 Noble 
Crawford Hugh, lime, 9th and Sp Garden 
Crawford Samuel H., 10th bel Melon 
Crawford Jacob, waterman, 2 Pratt's ct 
Crawford James, lab., Lombard ab Sell 6th 
Crawford James, constable, 211 Chestnut 
Crawford James, carp., Christian ab 2d, h 187 

Christian ' 
Crawford Jannet, Thompson ab Charlotte 
Crawford John, drayman, 9 S Sch 5th 
Crawford John, whipmr., n Vienna ab Queen 

Crawford John, drayman, 181 Coates 
Crawford John, weaver. Front bel Oxford 
Crawford John, weaver, 2d ab Franklin 
Crawford John, bookmr., 304 S od 
Crawford John, weaver, cor Filbert & Sch 2d 
Crawford Joseph, lab., Spinner's ct 
Crawford Joseph, lab., Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Ci'awford Mary, wid., 23 Garden 
Crawford Matthew, combmr., Poplar n 4th 
Crawford Peter M'C, furrier, 23 Noble 
Crawford Richard, lab., rear Orchard 
Crawford Robert, carp., 17 Cherry 
Crawford Robert, carter. Spruce n Sch Front 
Crawford Robert, carpet weaver, 431 R road 
Crawford Samuel W. Rev., Mulberry n Sch 6th 
Crawford Stephen R., gent., 9 Portico sq 
Crawford S. W., tailor, Jefferson bel G T road 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, rear P'itler n 2d 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, Howard bel Master 

Crawford Thomas, lab.. Spruce n Sch 4th 
Crav.'ford Tobias, coi'dw., 4 Pleasant Retreat 
Crawford Walter, weaver, Fitler n 2d 
Crawford Wm., engineer, Joseph's al 
Crawford Wm., grocer, Sch 6lh n Locust 
Crawford William H., tanner, 7th and Willow, 

h 270 N 7th 
Crawley Abraham, card manuf., 3 Strawberry, 

h Noble ab 4th 
Crawshaw James, weaver, 3 Hampton 
Craycroft Benj. B., book keeper, 130 Cf.tharine 
Craycroft Joseph, cordw., M road ab Washing- 
Craythorn Wm., baker. Carpenter ab 9th 
Crea Cath., b h, 14 Julianna 
Creagmile Thomas, flour, 474 N 4th, h 5th ab 

Creagor Adolphus, mariner. Reckless' ct 
Creamer Eleanor, 208 St John 
Creamer Joseph, ropemr., Sliackamaxon n Bed- 
ford (K) 
Creamer Josiah, ropem., Shackamaxon n Frank- 




Creamer Matthias, ship cai-p., Marlborough bel 

Creamer Michael, carp., 104 Apple 
Crean John, 12th bel CallowhiU 
Crease Wm. G., tailor, 117 N 3d 
Creauthers Caroline, wid. of Peter V., diy goods, 

379 S 2d 
Creed Richard H., tobacconist, Preston 
Creelv John S., ag-ent, 31 Dean 
Creely Michael, lab., Marlboro' bel Bedford 
Creery Watkins, hatter, 12 Brown (N L) 
Creery Wm., distil., 200 N 5th, h 7 St Joseph's 

Crees M. E. C, lampmr., 11 S 6th, h 15 Mroad 
Creesy Charles, moulder, CallowhiU ab Sch 8th 
Cregar P. A., teacher, 17 Ma'dison 
Cregar Samuel, cordw., 141 Vine 
Creighton Garrett, shoes, Sch 7th & Bickham 
Creighton Henry, lab., Oxford bel Front 
Creighton John, carp., 2d ab Montgomery 
Creighton John, manager Globe Mills, h St John 

ab George (K) 
Creighton Robt., mer., 10 S Front, h Spruce ab 

Creirling John W. R., coachmr., Pennell's ct (K) 
Crelier Maurice, b h, 20 Prune 
Cress George, gent., 59 Buttonwood bel 8th 
Cress Geo. J., clerk, Sp Garden bel 8th 
Cress James, bricklayer, 175 Coates 
Cress M. E. J. C, lampmr., 15^ road 
Cress Rachel, Carlton bel Sch 5th 
Cress Samuel, bricklayer, Nectarine bel 10th 
Cressee George F., grocer, 33 Beck (S) 
Cressman George, stone cutter, 9th bel Button- 

Cressman Isaac, tobacconist, 116 Marshall 
Cressman Jacob, lab., 428 S 4th 
Cressman Joacliim, cooper. Sell 5th ab Spruce 
Cressman Margaret, R road ab Wallace 
Cressman Wm., military cap, &c. man., 96 N 3d 
Cresson Caleb, druggist, 5 Commerce 
CRESSON CALEIi & CO., drug., 5 Commerce 
Cresson Deborah, 236 Filbert 
Cresson Elliott, AVashington house 
CRESSON, FISHER & CO., hardware, 18 Com- 
Cresson John C, superin. gas works. Filbert E 

Sch 6th 
Cresson Joseph, 363 Sassafras 
Cresson M. Mrs., gentw., 30 Sansom 
Cresson Walter, mer., 18 Commerce, h 83 Mar- 
Cresson Wm., mer., 18 Commerce, h 84 Marshall 
Cresson William P., iron foundry, James ab 13th, 

h 191 N 5th 
Crcsswell Robt., mer., 207 High, h 383 Race 
CRESWF'LL S. J., brass & iron founder and 

stove maker, 221 Mulberry 
Creth Alexander, tailor, 6th and Small 
Creth Daniel, clothing, 210 High, h 1 Quarry 
Crew Henry, machinist, 27 Brandywine st 
<;rcw Jas. H., apothecary, N W 5th & CallowhiU 
Crewscnmire Jas., engineer, F road ab Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Criblier Peter, confectioner, 79 Queen (S) 

Crider George, cordw., 101 Vine 

Crider Geo., tobacconist, New Market bel Poplar 

Cridland John, morocco dress., 5 Townsend's av 

Cridland Leander, carp., 12th bel Parrish 

Crilly Bridget, 15 Strawberry 

Crilly Daniel, tavern, 2A S 7th 

Crilly Ellas M., drayman, Sarah bel Bedford (K) 

Crilly Henry, grocer, N W 3d and Thompson 

Crilly Marg., wid. of John, Phoenix bel G T road 

Crilly Michael, lab.. Locust ab Juniper 

Crilly Susan, b. h., 526 N 2d 

Grim James, carp., 40 Carpenter (C) 

Crim Mary, b. h., 108 Walnut 

Crippen Abraham, tailor, Russell ab Fitzwater 

Crippen Robert, shoemr., rear 517 N od 

Cripps Richard M. L., cordw., 137 Buttonwood 

Crips Joseph, chemist. Spruce ab Sch 4th 

Crisp George, lab., St John bel George (K) 

Crispcnn D. D., dentist, N E 9th & Sassafras 

Crispenn Robert, bricklayer, 8 St Joseph's av 

Crissy Jacob, cordw., 119 Brown 

Crissy James, printer and publisher, 4 Minor, h 

58 Filbert 
Crissy Wm., tailor, 28 Chester 
Crist Christopher, vict.. West bel Palmer (K) 
Crist Geo., bill poster, Lily ab Green 
Crist Henry, glassblower, Wood bel Duke (K) 
Crist Jane, washer, n Bedford bet Palmer and 

Crist John, lab.. Palmer ab West (K) 
Crist Joseph, caulker, Franklin bel Palmer, (K) 
Crist Samuel, vict.. West ab Hanover (K) 
Crist Thos., lab., Hanover ab West 
Cristiani Richard S., drug., Ciiristian Sc Front 
Criswell Isaac J., hardware, 299 High 
Criswell John A., hardw., 86^ N 2d 
Crittenden S. W., teacher of book-keeping, he. 

140 Chestnut 
Croasdale Eber, cordw., Clinton bel Poplar 
Croasdale Mary, gentw., 461 S Front 
Crock Geo., vict., rear Cth Poplar 
Crock Peter, planemr.. Rose n William (K) 
Crocke John, porter, rear Olive bel Broad 
Crocker Franklin, cordw., 8th bel Parrish 
Crocker Lott, carpet weaver, Cadwalader bel 

Crocker Pascoe, tailor, 2 Winter's ct 
Crocker Samuel, mariner. Reckless ct 
Crockett David, blacksm., Jackson ct (N L)_ 
Crockett Henr}', cabman, rear 157 Coates 
Crockett Joseph, blacksmith, 2 Mechanics' ct 
Crockett & Ni.ble, blacksms., Maiden bel Front 
Crocks Frederick, silver pi., 8 Liberty ct 
Croft Henry, morocco dress., 4th ab George, h 

Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Croft John, carp.. Bush-hill 
CROFT SAMUEL, mer., 53 Commerce 
Crogham Augustus, baker 13th ab Poplar 
Croghan George, U. S. A., 29 Girard 
Crokin Patrick, lab., R road ab Carpenter 
Croll Christian, tailor, 149 Chestnut, h Franklin 

ab Buttonwood 
Croll M. J. & Co., tailors, 149 Chestnut 
Croll M. J., tailor, 149 Chestnut, h 99 Franklin 
Crombarger Majy, 84 S 11th 




Cromberger John, brushm., 266 Lombard 
Cromelien & Brother, wines & liquors, 11 Wal 

Cromelien Geo., mer., 11 Walnut, h 41 N 11th 

ab Wood 
Cromelien Washington, mer., 11 Walnut, h 15 

City row 
Cromey John, weaver, Mariner, 
Cromlay John, shoemr., 9 Willing-'s al 
Cromley Christopher, sad'r.. Orchard ab George 
Cromley Geo. M., baker. Front bel Phoenix (K) 
Cromly Thomas, 31 N 7th 
Crommie Andrew J., tailor, 334 Callowhill 
Crommie Ed. H., cordw., 12 Richard 
Crompton John, bandbox mr., 11 Gray's al 
Cromwell Chas. S., cordw., rear 118 Brown 
Cromwell Jas. S., bricklayer, Sch 7th n Cherry 
Cromwell John, sailmaker, 111 S whfs 
Cromwell John, jr., bricklayer, 64 N Juniper 
Crone Hannah, Stoy's ct (K) 
Cronen Marg-., tavern, 294 S 7th 
Cronhard Christian, shoemr., 3 Vernon 
Cronmullar John, victualler. Front bel Master 
Crook John, Monument Cemetery, h 10th and 

Crooks Catharine, sewer., 147^ S 2d 
Croome William, designer and engraver, S E 

6th & Walnut, h 59 Buttonwood 
Cropley & Sawyer, stoves, 75 Cedar 
Cropper Daniel, porter, Emeline st 
Cropper Edward, porter, Caroline pi 
Cropper Henry, waiter, Fitzwater ab 12th 
Cropper Lomax, baker, 83 W Callowhill 
Cropper Samuel P., acct., 128 Catharine 
Crosby Catharine, 422 N 9th ab Coates 
Crosby David H., lab., rear 17 Barley 
Crosby Elizabeth, 74 S 12th 
Crosby George, clerk, 39 Madison 
Crosby John, plasterer, Olive bel 12th 
Crosby L. B., carp., Apple ab Culvert 
Crosby Magnus, stonecutter. Prospect al bel 

Crosby Thomas, clerk, 50 Tilbert 
Crosby William, carpenter, 3 Juniper lane 
CROSKEY HENRY, lumber, Washington av 

Delaware ab Noble 
Cross Benjamin, teacher music, 2 S 10th 
Cross Benjamin C, teacher music, Sch 8th and 

Cross George W., dry goods, 30 S 2d, h 46 Lom- 
Cross AVm., weaver, 7 M'Duffie 
Crossin Elwood, drayman, 302 S 7th 
Crossin Wm., hatter, 5 Howard pi 
Crossin Wm., tailor, h 34 Bonsall 
Grossman Elizabeth, milliner, 217 S 2d 
Grossman J. M., mer., 123 High, h 364 Chestnut 
Crosson James, shoemr., German ab 5th 
Crothers John, cordw., 23 Julianna 
Crothers Matilda, gentw., 389 Mulberry 
Crothers William S., 389 Mulberry 
Grotto E. Mrs., 32 Farmer 
Crouch C. W., shoemr., 270 N 4th 
Crouch Francis, furniture, 379 Race 
Crouch Isaac, engineer, F road opp Allen 

Crouch Richard, porter. Concord st 
Crouder George, spinner, Lombard ab Sch 2d 
Grouse Benj., 7 
Grouse Catiiarine, widow. Lemon ab 10th 
Crouse Gotlieb, tavern, S W Penn and Cedar 
Grouse Michael, painter, rear 392 Sassafras 
Crouse Samuel, weaver, James's ct (K) 
Crouse Thos., carman, Marshall ab Poplar 
Grout Daniel, card manuf., 24 Lagrange, h 224 

Grout Joseph, cabinetmr., 88 S Front 
Grout J. & A., cabinetmrs., 360 N 6th 
Grout Mahlon, carp., 4 Lafayette pi 
Crow James, vict., 12th ab Brown 
Growell David B., watchman, 220 S 9th 
Crowell Elisha, alderman, office S W 6th & Pine, 

h 176 S 3d 
Crowell Ellis B., 17 S 13th 
Crowell Ellis B., jr., mer., 8 N 2d 
Crowell James, store, Washington (W P) 
Growell James W., tobacco., N E 10th and But- 
Crowell Smith, b. h., Front and Union 
Crowell Smith, tailor, 175 Chestnut, h 8 Stamp- 
er's al 
Crowell Thomas, painter, 145 Poplar 
Growell Thos. E., ;itt'y, 48 S 6th 
Crowell Thos. P., mer., 8 N whfs., h98 Christian 
Crowell Wm. G., Noble bel 8th 
Growers John, ropemr., 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Crowley Chas., lab., 14 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Crowley F. Doct., 8 Green 
Crowley John, lab., 176 N Water 
Crowley Michael, weaver, La Fayette ct 
Crows George, lab., Dorothy n Sch 3d 
Crows Jas., engineer. Filbert n Sch 3d 
Crows Jas., lab.. Filbert n Sch 4th 
Crowther John, turner. New Market ab Laurel 
Growther Wm., lab., Sch Willow ab Spruce 
Crox John, machinist, Sch 6th n Sassafras 
Grozer James G., mer., 65 S Front, h 171 S 10th 
Grozet Earnest, printing office, 151 S 6th & 32 

Crozier Andrew, teacher, 65 Christian 
Crozier Benjamin, cordw., 124 S Front 
Crozier Mary Ann, 14 John (S) 
Crozier Robert, cordw.. Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Crozier Robert, eating house, 244 High 
Crozier Wm., carpet weaver. Cedar bel 13th 
Cruikshank Robert J., dry goods, 73 Cedar 
Cruikshanks John, watchman, Shackmaxon n 

Crum John, blacksm., rear 121 O F road 
Crumback Jacob, shoemr.. Olivet pi 
Crumback Peter, cordw.. Union bel Franklin 
Crumbar Charles, waiter, 1 Barley 
Crumbley Geo., brickmr., George n Sch 2d 
Crumbley Thos., brickmr.. Beech ab Spruce 
Crumbly Jacob, brickmr., Lombard ab Sch Front 
Crumley John^ oysters, 397^ High, h Parrish 

bel 10th 
Crumley Martha, 7th bel Washington 
Crumnel Elizabeth, rear 61 Garden 
Crumwell Wm., carder, Apple bel Franklin 
Crundwell Elizabeth, store, S W 13th & Green 




Cruse Daniel, carter, Georg-e n Sch 4th 
Ci'use James, porter, 5 Lebanon row 
Cruse John, shoemr., Deal's av 
Cruse John, ligger, 121 Brown (N L) 
. Cruse John, waiter, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Cruse John, fisherman, 9 Poplar 
Cruse Michael, huckster, 387 High 
Cruse Peter, carter, Georg-e n Sch 2d 
Crusemlre Joseph, lab., 201 G T road 
Crusemire Joseph, sr., lab., 4th bel Master 
Crusemire Nicholas, machinist, Charlotte below 

Crutcher Foster G., mer., 9 Merchant, li 26 Gi- 

Cruvillier Made., confec, S E 6th & Spruce 
Ciystal Sarah, tailoress, 181 Cedar 
Cubberlay George, carp., Ogden ab Sch 8th 
Cubberley Jas. H., cordw.. Centre ab Brown 
Ciibbison Jas., carp., Lewis n Sch 7th 
Cuddy Lawson, bootmr., 135 N Juniper 
Cuesta Miss, 57 Pine 
Cuff Ellen, 83 Locust 

Cugan Patrick, lab , Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Culbert & Hunter, grocers, O Y road & Green 
Culbert John, pedler, Shippen ab 12th 
Culbert Joseph, cabman, 1 Brinton 
Culbert Martha A., milliner, 34 N 10th 
Culbertson Allen, lab., Sch 2d ab Vine 
Culbertson James, weaver, Shippen la ab Fitz- 

Culbertson James, weaver, Fox's ct 
Culbertson John, weaver, 8 Philip (K) 
Culbertson John, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 
Culbertson Robert, grocer, R. road ab Girard av 
Culbertson Samuel, b. h., George ab Sell. 8th 
Culbertson Wm., tavern, 2d and Cadwalader (K) 
Culbertson Wm., drayman, Shippen ab 12tli 
Culbertson Wm., carter, 321 S 6th 
Culin Eliza, 88 Vine 
Culin George, bookbinder, 69 Noble 
Culin Geo., tailor, S E 2d and High, h 31 New 
Culin George, c Wood and Julianna 
Culin George, saloon, 158 St. John 
Culin John, tailor, 14 High 
Culin John, wheelwright, Locust (W P) 
Cuhn John jr., clerk, 133 G. T. road 
Culin John N., cordw., 10th ab Coates, h 5 

Franklin row (S G) 
Culin v., druggist, N E 6th and Lombard 
Culin Margaret, Harmstead n Sch. 2d 
Culin Samuel, shoemaker, 45 Plum 
Cullen George, grocer, 11 S 13th 
Cullen Lawrence, drayman, 107 German 
Cullen Peter, soap and candles, 289 Cedar 
Cullen Thomas, shop, cor 7th and Wall 
Cullen Wm., drayman. Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Cullin Edw., chandler, Shippen ab 7th 
Cidlman Jacob, b. h., 117 N 6th 
Cully Thomas, gilder, 95 Dillwyn 
Gulp Charles, carp.. Mechanic ab George 
Gulp Jacob, gent., 65 Vine 
Gulp John, brickmr., Sch. Front ab Spruce 
Gulp John, carter, Clinton ab Broad 
GULP & SMITH, grocers, 226 N 2d 
Culton George, victualler, 30 Perry 

Culver Andi-ew, compositor, 308 Pine 

Culver Daniel, atty. and coun., 89 S 3d 

Cumback Thos., shoemr., 27 Beck 

Cumins Jane, 183 Brown 

Gumming & Brodie, copper and tin roofers, 9 

St. James 
Gumming Chai-les, glue manuf., 6th bel Master 

and 1 S 3d, h 6th bel Poplar 
Gumming Edwai-d, 9 St. James 
Gumming Jonathan, variety, N W 3d and High 
Gumming Richard P., metallic roofer, 276 N 2d 

h 220 N 4th 
Gumming Samuel M., cai'p., 305 N 7th 
Cummings Alexander, publisher, N E 4th and 

Chestnut, h 321 N 6th 
Cummings A. B., agent, 274 High 
Cummings Bradley, blacksmith, Cai-leton below 

Sch. 2d 
Cummings Chas. H., grain, 101 N Water, h 401 

S Front 
Cummings David, currier, 19 Melon 
Cummings Henry, cordw., 33 Mechanic 
Cummings Isaac, bricklayer, 88 Christian 
Cummings Jacob, dealer, 128 S Water 
Cummings James, weaver, 27 M'Duffie 
Cummings Jas., weaver, Benton n School (K) 
Cummings Jane, shoe binder, 6 Lyndall's alley 
Cummings John, jeweller. Rye ab Read 
Cummings John S., clerk. Vine ab Sch. 4th 
Cummings J. A., mer., 189 High, h 89 Wood 
Cummings L., lab., Middleton ct 
Cummings Mary, Chancellor n Sch. 7th 
Cummings Mary Ann, gentw., rear 7 Maria 
Cummings Matthew, blacksmith, 14 Elizabeth 

(N L) 
Cummings Robt., weaver. Master n Howard (K) 
Cummings Samuel, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Cummings Wm., weaver, Hope bel Master 
Cummings Wm., jeweller, 7 Wall 
Cummings Wm., grocer, 75 S whfs., h 21 Pine 
Cummings Wm., gunsi^.ith, 7 New Market 
Cummings Wm. & Co., grocers, 75 S whfs. 
Cummins Dan. B., mer., 103 High, h 282 Walnut 
Cummins Edward, tavern, 29 Prune 
Cummins Edwai'd, Washington n 9th 
Cummins John, tavern, Oxford and G< T. road 

Cummins John, wood, Shippen st. wharf, Sch., 

h (W P) 
Cummins John, ostler, Alice st 
Cummins Margaret, 65 Mead 
Cummins Patrick, iron dealei', 143 N Front 
Cummins Rachel, 6 Howard's ct 
Cummins Thos., blacksm., Ogden bel Sch. 8th 
Cummiskey Eugene, publisher and bookseller, 

130 S 6th 
Cunius Jacob, cordw., 13 Mark's lane 
Cunningham Alexander, lab., 2 Parker 
Cunningham Alex., shop, Callowhill n Sch. 3d 
Cunningham & Crawley, card manuf, 3 Straw- 
Cunningham Elizabetli, 2 Loxley's ct 
Cunningham Francis R., shoemr., Ogden's ct 
CUNNINGHAM JAMES, lab., 181 N Front 
Cunningham James, lab., 40 Garden 




*»Cunninghani James, lab., Sch. 2d ab High 
Cunningham James, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Cunningham James, painter, 205 N 9th 
Cunningham James, cordw., 62 Peny 
Cunningham James, moroc. dress., 187 N Front 
Cunningham John, lab., F. road ab Phoenix (K) 
Cunningham John, oyster house, 256 E Shippen 
Cunningham John, lab., 39 Plum 
Cunningham John, lab,, Kinley's ct 
Cunningham John, 179 Christian 
Cunningham John, lab., 14 Quince 
Cunningham John, lab., 188 Lombard ** 

Cunningham Joseph, stone cut., Ann n Sch. 6th 
Cunningham Joseph, porter, 38 Budd 
Cunningham Martin, rear 40 George (S) 
Cunningham Mary, widow, 18 Acorn alley 
Cimningham Richard, engineer, Sch. 5th and 

Cunningham Robert, shoemr., 307 S 6th 
Cunningham Robert, engineer, 64 P. road 
Cunningham Rosanna, widow, Small ab 5th 
Cunningham Samuel, cordw., 436 N Front 
Cunningham Samuel, lab., SennefF's ct 
Cunningham Samuel H., carp., 62 Perry 
Cunningham Susan, S E Sch. 3d and High 
Cunningham Wm., card manuf., 3 Strawberry 
Cunningham Wm., weaver, Pliilip ab Master (K) 
Cunningham Wm., lab.. Cedar E Sch. 2d 
CUNNINGHAM WM. J., bookseller, 104 S 3d 
Cimningham Winthrop, mer., 44 S Water, h 185 

S 7th 
Cunnington Wm., M. D., 46 Lebanon 
Curby John S., cooper, 91 S Water, h 295 S 

Curby Michael, cooper, 42 S Water, h 295 S 

Cm-let Hugh, cordwainer, 9th ab Ogden 
Cm-nes John, carrier, 2 Pearl 
Curran Jane, 305 Walnut 
Curran Martin, com. mer., 119 S Front, h 20 

Curran William, porter, Mintland's ct 
Curran Wm., M. D., 29 Mulberry 
Cui-ren Margaret, Allen & Hanover (K) 
Curren Martha, washer, 26 Portland la 
Curren Wm., gent., 23 Prune 
Curren Wm., blacksm., Hampton ct 
Curren Wm., lab., Lily al 

Currey Wm., importer, 71 Chestnut, h 154 N 3d 
Currin D., constable, Cypress 
Currin Jas. W., jeweller, 6 Bank al, h 60 Catha- 
Currin John, lab.. Cherry ab Queen 
Cun-in John, shop, 22 Elizabeth 
Currin Thos., moulder, rear Washington ab 6th 
Curry Daniel, cordw., Olive bel Broad 
Curry Dorothy, shop, 480 Sassafras 
Curry Enoch, wood turner, Elizabeth ab Poplar, 

h 5th bel Franklin 
Curr)'^ Geo., lab.. Barker n Sch 4th 
Curry Geo. W., blacksm., Vienna bel Franklin 

Curry Hamilton, saddler, 253 S 6th 
Curry Hugh, gent., 25 Dugan 
Curry Jas., lab.. Filbert n Sch 3d 

Curry John, cordw., 160 Christian 

Curry John, lab., Thompson n 3d (K) 

Curry John, lampmr., rear 13 Poplar 

Curry John, silversm., G T read bel Mud la 

Curry John, lab., Spencer's ct 

Curry John F., combmr., 443 N 4th 

Curry Lewis V., bookbinder, Palmer bel Brown 

Curry Marshall, weaver, 29 W Cedar 

Curry Mary Ann, weaver. Harmony ct (K) 

Curry N., lab., Sch 4th ab George (F V) 

CmTy Peter B., hat finisher, 38 Wood 

Curry R. D. Mrs., dry goods, 131 Shippen 

Curry Samuel, clerk, 13 Hampton 

Curry Wm., paperhanging manuf., Sch Front n 

Vine, h c Callowhill and Sch Front 
Curry Wm., cordw., 12 Boyd's av 
Curry Wm., lab.. Carpenter ab 13th 
Curry Wm., bricklayer, Logan ab Wallace 
Curry Wm., chairmr., 9 Baker's ct 
Curten Daniel, weaver, Hanover ab Duke (K) 
Ciu-tis Ann, b. h., S E 4th and Walnut 
Curtis Ann, teacher, 17 Elfreth's al 
Curtis Anthony, waiter, 62 Gaskill 
Curtis B. T., mer., 41 & 43 Commerce, h Fil- 
bert E Sch 6th 
Curtis Cephas, combmr., 125 New Market 
Curtis Charles C, barber, 269 Sassafras 
Curtis Daniel, carpet weaver, real- Apple bel 

CURTIS & HAND, hardware, 41 & 43 Com- 
Ciu-tis Henry, carter, Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Curtis Henry W., trimmings, 386 N 4th 
Curtis Jas., lab.. Carbon pi 
Curtis John H., real est. agt. and collector, 121 

Walnut, h 33 Marshall 
Curtis J. D. Rev., 10th ab Poplar 
Curtis Margaretta, 4 Chancery la 
Curtis & Norcross, booksellers, S W 6th and 

Curtis Patrick, stable keeper, 3 Wagner's ct 
Curtis Sarah J., rear 174 Marshall 
Curtis Thomas, tailor, 54 N 8th 
Curtis Thomas F., agt. and col., 105 Lombard 
Curtis Wm., collector, 11 Brown (N L) 
Curtiss John, brassfounder, 21 Marriott 
Curtiss John M., blacksm., Green\«ich ah 2d 
CURTS JOSEPH L., refectory, 134 High 
Curwen Wm., carpet weav., Fairmount 
Curwen Wm., carp, weav., Dickson's ct (K) 
Curwin John, shoemr., G T road ab 6th 
Cusack John, lab., Ann n 12th 
Cusack Wm., baker. High n Sch 3d 
Cusack Wm., lab., Fleming's row 
Cush Thomas, lab., 1 Lagrange 
Cushart John, machinist. Beach ab Poplar (Kj 
Gushing Margaret Mrs., gentw., 421 S Front 
Cushing Wm. F. stevedore. Front & Washington 
Cushley Thomas, lab., G T road ab Thompson 
Cushman G. H., min. paint., S W 7th & Sansom 
Cushman Robt. W., mer., 189 High, h 4 Mel- 
rose pi 
Cuskaden Elizab'h, wid of Geo., Cuskaden's ct 
Cusku Josephine, tailoress. Relief 
Custelow Ann, 19 Prosperous al 




Custer Albert, carp., Bledisloe pi 1 Dainty James, morocco dress., rear 19 Maria 

Custer Daniel, carp., Uatchinson ab Poplar | Daisy Aaron, mariner, 582 S 2d 
Custer Issacher, carp., 424 N 2d JDalb John G., cordw., Lewellyn's ct 

Custer Natlian, black 8c whitesm., 159 Poplar, hiDALBY DANIEL, tavern, 234 N 3d 

443 N 5 th 
Custins Wm., paint. & glaz., 108 Queen 
Custis Georg-e, porter, Riissel n Fitz water 
Custis Georg-e, waiter, 26 Bird's ct 
Custis Lewis, shoemr., 10 Washington 
Custis Moses, lab., Warren bel 12th 
Custis Theodore W., 27 Sassafras 

Dalby Moses S., stove finisher, Brinton bel 11th 

iDale Edward C, Pres. Phil., Bait. 8t Wil. R. R, 

j Co., 72 Walnut, h 383 Spruce 

jDale Gerald F., mer., 74 Hig-h, h 146 S 4th 

J Dale James, butcher, 325 S 6th 

jDale James, sailmr., N 11th ab Sassafras 

Dale John M., U. S. Navy, 7 Dug-an's row 

Cuthbert Allen, mer., 102 S whfs, h 355 Mul-,Dale J., dry goods, 146 S 4th 


Cuthbert Elizabeth, 137 S 9th 
Cuthbert George, mer., 76 S 2d, h 355 Mulberry 
Cuthbert John W., Marriott bel 9th 
Cuthbert Mary, 355 Mulberry 
Cuthbert Sarah, 205 S 9th 

Dale Peter, ropemr., Wharton ab 4th 
Dale Richard C, mer., 74 High, h 75 Pine 
Dale, Ross & Withers, mers., 74 High 
Dale Wm. H., carter, Parker ab Washington 
Dales Hiram, M. D., Front bel Master (K) 
Dales Jas. H., 1 Howard 

CUTHBERT & WETHERILL, druggists, 76 j Dales John B. Rev., Juniper n Filbert 


Cuthbert Wm., clerk, 573 N Front 
Cuthbertson Jolin, machinist, Penn bel Broad 
Cutherel Willis, tailor, 203 Shippen 
Cutler Mary, teacher, Fitzwater ab 6th 
Cutler Thomas, rigger, 9 Fitzwater 
Cutter John, cordw., R road ab 13th 
Cutter Saml. L., Prest. Buck Mt. Coal Co., 82 

Walnut, h 48 N 13th 
Cutter Wm. G., cordw., 11th & Coates 
Cuyjet Stephen W.,shoe., 1 Laurel (C) 
Cuyler Cornelius C. Rev., 155 Walnut 
CUYLER THEODORE, atty. & coun. 155 Wal- 
Cyrus Anthony, cabman, 206 N 8th 

Dace Peter, blacksm., Howard bel Master (K) 
Da Costa Joseph, 57 N whfs., h Front and Mar 

Da Costa J.-C, mer., 37 N whfs., h 214 N Front 
Daffin Cecilia, 232 Lombard 
Dager Matthew, wheelwr.. Brown bel Front 
Dager Peter, tavern, 9th and Ogden 
Daggett John R., boots & shoes, 15 N 3d 
Dagon Henry, watch case mr., 12 S 2d 
Dailey Edward, tavern. Black Horse al 
Dailey Hugh, weaver, 13th ab Catharine 
Dailey John, grocery, 9th &, Nectarine 
Dailey Thos., shoemr., 1 Spragg's av 
Daily Daniel, weaver, rear G T road ab Phoenix 
Daily Hugh, cordw., 9 Elder 
Daily Hugh, lab., Christian & 8th 
Daily James, shoemr., Lombard & Sch6th 
Daily Jas., ingrain caip, weav., Peny ab Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Daily Jesse, lab., Swanson bel Christian 
Daily John, l)ricklr., Oxford and N Front 
Daily John, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson (K) 
Daily John, shoemr., Sch 3d ab High 
Daily John, lab., Cadwalader ab Phoenix (K) 
Daily Owen, shoemr., Master &. Pen-y (K) 
Daily Peter, weav., rear Cadwalader bel Master 
Daily Sarah, 3 Marshall's ct 
Daines Thos., cooper, 57 Mead al 

Daley Charles, drayman, 182 N Water 
Daley David, drayman, 3 Duke st 
Daley Francis, weaver, Phillip ab Jefferson (K) 
Daley James, baker. Christian bel 9th 
Daley James, cabs, 28 Mintzer 
Daley John, capt., 12 Beck pi 
Daley John, lab., rear 463 N 4th 
Daley John, shop, 22 Mayland 
Daley Michael, lab., Jones n Sch 4th 
Daley Peter, lab., Bedford bel Chfton 
Dallam John, inspector, 55 S whfs 
Dallas Edwin, cordw., Beaver ab 2d 
Dallas George M., atty. & coun. and Vice Presi- 
dent of the United States, 259 Walnut 
Dallas Jacob, weaver. Gay's ct (K) 
Dallas John, weaver, Master bel 2d 
Dallas Joseph, shipwright, 571 S 2d 
Dallas Matthew, weaver, Rose ab Shippen la 
Dallas Philip N., atty. & coun., 55 S 5th 
Dallas Robert, weaver, Master bel 2d (K) 
Dallas Thos., lab., Philip ab Jefferson (K) 
Dallass John, wheelwr., Clare st 
DALLETT, BROTHERS, shipping mers., 16 

N whfs & 29 N Water 
Dallett Elijah, Pres. Penn T. Bank, h 59 Mar- 

candles, N E 10th & Callowhill&36 &491 

Dallett Elijah jr., 36 High, h N E 10th and Cal- 

Dallett Gillies, mer., 36 High h 288 N 8th 

Dallett Henry C, mer., 16 N whfs., h Pine bel 

Dallett John, mer.; 16 N whfs., h 239 Pine 

Dalhng James, bookseller, 41 S 8th 

Dalrymple Evan, cordwainer, 218 S 5th 

Dalton Patrick, trader, Morris ab Catharine 

Daly Edwd., hosiery, 272 S 6th 

Daly Elizabeth, 126 Pine 

Daly John, cordw., Sch 3d and High 

Daly John, cordw., 38 N 10th 

Daly John, hosier, 96 Cedar 

Daly Saml., carter, Franklin road opp Otter (K) 

Daly Thos., regulator, 17 Parker 

Daly Thomas, lab., 8 Chi'istian 




Dalzell Charles, baker, 15 Hampton 

Dalzell James, conveyancer, 7 Georg-e, h Stanley 

bel 4th 
Dalzell James, weaver, Milton ab 10th 
Dalzell Wm., g-ent., Stanley bel 4th 
Dalzell Wm., clerk, Catharine bel 4th 
Damai Edward, hatter, 1 Strawbeny, h 11 Vine 
Damman Raymond, mer., 27 Church al 
Dampman E., tailor, 391 N 3d 
Dampman John, carp., Lybrand st 
Danenhauer John, baker, 485 N 3d 
Danenhower Chas. R., tobacconist, 27 N Water, 

h 38 New Market 
Danenhower Charles R. & Co., tob. com. mer., 

27 N Water & 14 N whfs 
Danneberger Antoine, 2 Locust 
Danfield & Beaver, grocers, 4th & Franklin 
Danfield Conrad, tailor, 304 Cherry 
Danfield John H., grocer, Franklin ab 4th (K) 
Danguy Canelle, hair di-. 8c worker, 279 Chest- 
Daniel Aaron, clerk, 2 Buttonwood 
Daniel James H., jeweller, 10 N 11th 
Danielly Mrs. A., 45 Coates 
Daniels A . Mi's., b. h., 8 Green 
Daniels Eva, manuf., 189 Callowhill 
Daniels H. Mrs., gentw., 409 S Front 
Daniels Isaac, weaver, G T road & Mud la 
Daniels Jane, 229 N 6th 
Daniels John, bricklr., 10th n Washington 
Daniels Joshua, jeweller, 350 S Front 
Daniels Rachel, 12 Bread 
Daniels Rachel, 51 Rose al 
DANIELS 8c SMITH, books, N W 4th 8c Mul- 
Daniels Thomas, Cantrell's ct 
Daniels Wm., tailor, 2 Dannaker's av 
Daniels Wm., boat builder. Beach opp Warren, 

h Allen ab Shackamaxon (K) 
Daniels Wm., books, N W 4th and Mulberry, h 

244 St John 
Daniels Wm., blacksm., 13th bel Brown 
Daniley Wm., cordw., 95 Brown (N L) 
Dankel Henry, coach trimmer, 6 Wharton 
Dankworth John, saddler, 96 Willovv 
Danley Thomas, blacksm., Woodland (W P) 
Dannaeker Marj^, b h, 28 E North 
Dannaher John, !ab., Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Dannaker Christian A., currier, 143 N 3d, li 97 

Dannaker James G., cordw., rear 176 Poplar 
Dantz Philip, turner 8c tavern, Willow 8c Dill 

Danzeiser Fredk., baker. Front ab Phoenix 
Danzenbaker Horace, waterman, 49 Rose al 
Darby Edward, wireworks, Marshall ab' Poplar 
■ Darby John, weaver, Camac ab G T road 
Darcus Robert, weaver, Milton ab 10th 
Dardis Francis, nailmr., Parker n Washington 
Dare Collin, engineer, 5 Beck 
Dare Conrad, brickmr., rear 176 Poplar 
Dare 8c Cox, blacksms., 141 St John 
Dare Edward, seaman, 6 Monmouth ct 
Dare George, porter, 130 Marshall 
Dare Isaac, hatter, 648 N 2d (K) 

Dare Isabella, milliner, 225 N 6th 

Dare James B., alderman, 655 N 2d (K) 

Dare Julia, 225 N 6th 

Dare Sarah, 1 Pt Pleasant ct 

Darham Mary, 15 Parliam 

Darker Wm., jr., manuf., George n Juniper 

Darker Wm., cotton cord manuf., Park (W P) 

Dai'kies James, vict., George ab Apple 

Darland Mary, 39 Chester 

Darley F. O. C, designer, 417 High 

DARLEY W. H. W. prof, of music, 184 Chest- 

nut, h 417 High 
Darlington F. M., dry goods, 8 S 8th 
Darnell Henry, grain meas., 460 S 4th 
Darnell Wm.. S , measurer, 399 S 4th 
Darney Wm., carter, rear 27 Morgan 
Darr Jacob, baker, 32 Strawberry 
Darr John C, baker, Sch 7th n George 
Darrach Wm., M. D., 268 Mulberry 
Darragh Daniel, bootmr., Lafayette ab 9th 
Darragh Daniel, carp.. Wood bel Sch 8th 
Darragh Henry, dyer. Wood bel Sch 8th 
Darragh John, lab., 9 Wood bel Sch 7th 
Darragh Jolin, lumber mer., 13th and Pine, h 

165 Pine 

Darragh John, carp., Clymer ab Mud la 
Darragh John, lab.. Perry bel Pine 
Darragh John 8c Son, lumber mers., S W 13th 

and Pine 
Darragh Patrick, shoemaker, N W 12th and 

Darragh Thomas, potter. Wood bel Sch 8th 
Darragh Tilghman, 151 Locust 
Dan-ah Albert, shoemr., Coates ab Sch 7th 
Darrah Wm., machinist. Phoenix bel G T road 
Datz Mary, 21 Rittenhouse 
Daudt Henry, sugar refiner, 12 Fetter lane 
Daugherty Daniel, gent., 328 Pine 
Daugherty Daniel A., acct., 328 Pine 
DAUGHERTY MARTIN J., attv. 8c coun., S E 

6th 8c Walnut, h 328 Pine ' 
Daugherty M. J., M. D., 328 Pine 
Daugherty Wm., messenger, 170 N 13th 
Daughters John C, shoemr., 18 Mary 
Davault John, carter, Cherry bel Franklin (K) 
DAVENPORT 8c ELDRIDGE, hardware, 212 

Davenport James, boxmr., 368 S 5th 
Davenport James, collect., 299 S lOdi 
Davenport Robert W., hardware, 212 S 2d 
Daverix Robert, porter, 4 Esher's av 
Davey John, carp., 7 Spragg's av 
David E W., atty. 8c coun., 340 Sp Garden 
David G., ropes and twine, 2 S Water, h 166 

David Jacob, g-ent., 100 N 7th 
David John B., bookbinder, 4 Hudson's al 
DAVID LOUIS, tavern, 20 Dock 
David Lynch, 7 Morgan's ct 
David, Springs 8c Co., dry goods, 167 High 
David Wm. K., mer., 39 S 2d 
David Wm. M., mer., 167 High, h 294 N 7th 
Davids Benjamin, gent., 103 S 4th 
Davidson Alex., watchm., 1 19 M road 
Davidson Alex., currier, 314 E Vine 




Davidson Ann, 143 N 13th 

Davidson Edward, awningrnr., 27 S Front, h 45 

Davidson E. W., mer., 125 Hig-h 
Davidson Joseph A., acct., 338 Sp. Garden 
Davidson JuHus, extractor of corns, 139 S 4lh 
Davidson N., gent., Girard Colleg-e pi 
Davidson Robt. B., brok., 79 Dock, h 101 S 12th 
Davidson T., weaver, F I'oad ab Oxford 
Davidson AVm., confectioner, Callowhill n Wire 

Davidson Wm., broker, 79 Dock, h 101 S 12th 
Davidson Wm., dry goods, 188 S 2d 
DAVIDSON W. & SON, stock brokers, 79 

Davies Alex., groc, F road ab Montgomery 
Davies & Bull, gTocers, 348 High 
Davies Edward S., grocery, 348 High 
Davies Harriet, dressmr., 12 N 10th 
Davies John, cider and vinegar, h Buttonwood 

bel 12th 
Davies John & Co., cider and vinegar yard, 12th 

n Pleasant, and blacking manuf.. Button- 
wood 2d door bel 12th 
Davies Rebecca, 133 S 4th 
Davies Samuel N., auctioneer, 68 High, h 29 

DAVIES, STEVENSON & Co., auctioneers, 

68 High 
Davis Aaron, shoe store, Broad ab Coates 
Davis Aaron, 7 Wood (K) 
Davis Abraham, cabmr., 37 Apple 
Davis Adam, constable. Beach bel Shackamax- 

on (K) 
Davis Adam C, mer., 66^ N 3d, h 165 N 4th 
Davis 8c Alexander, dry g-oods, 66^ N 3d 
Davis Alexander G., mer., Almira pi 
Davis Alfred, clerk, 176 Callowhill ab Sch 6th 
Davis Allen, plasterer, 53 Chester 
Davis Amelia, tavern, S E 7th & Coates 
Davis Amos, machinist, 5 Lybrand 
Davis Andrew, sea capt., 21 Catharine 
Davis Ann, rear 15 John 
Davis Ann, bookseller, 473 High 
Davis Ann, 41 Union 
Davis Ann, washer, Clifton & Cedar 
Davis Ann, rear 41 Chester 
Davis Ann, sempstress, 2 Willow ct 
Davis Anna M., ladies' shoemr., 322 Sassafras 
Davis Anthony, gent., 605 N Front 
Davis Armon, alderman, 20 S 7th 
Davis Ashton J., cordw., G T road n Phoenix 
Davis Augustus, scalemr., 29 Melon 
Davis A. G., brickmr., Marshall bel Parrish 
Davis Benjamin, brickmr.. Broad ab Poplar 
Davis Benjamin, 176 Mulberry 
Davis Benjamin, brickmr., Lewis ab Poplar 
Davis Benj., refectory, 5th & South 
Davis Benjamin J., rear Vaiighan ab Locust 
Davis Beiilah Ann, 36 Sheaflf 's al 
Davis & Bryman, umbrella maniif, 6th and 

Davis &. Burton, ship builders. Queen st whf. 
Davis Catharine, rear 58 Walnut 
Davis Chambers, wirework., Juniper & Cherry 

Davis Charles, portei*, 237 S 7th 
Davis Charles, mer. 3 Church al, h 368 Walnut 
Davis Charles, vict.. Palmer ab Franklin (K) 
Davis Chas. glass blower. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Davis Charles, M. D., N W 8th ic Chestnut 
Davis Charles C, blacksmith. Green ab R road 
DAVIS CHARLES H. & Co., hotel. High st fer 
Davis Charles T., blacksm., Hanover ab Frank- 
lin, h Palmer n Duke (K) 
Davis Charlotte, 11 Elder 
Davis & Chew,cabt. mrs., 276 S 2d 
Davis Chloe, dressmr., 15 S 8th 
Davis Collin K., ser capt., 80 Marshall 
Davis Daniel, grave dig-. Hanover n Duke (K) 
Davis Daniel, coachman, Shippen la bel Bed- 
Davis Daniel, potter, 539 N 2d 
Davis David, cai-penter, 9th bel Poplar 
Davis David, blacksm., Oak (W P) 
Davis David, agent Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co., 

Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Davis David, sea capt, 269 S Front 
Davis David A., collector, 4 Quince 
Davis David L., sawmr., 4 Knight's ct 
Davis David J., tobacc. Church bel Christian 
Davis & Dolby, carps., Allen bel Shackamaxon 
Davis Dorothy, 3 N 13th 
Davis Edward H., 43 Walnut 
Davis Edw. M., mer., 27 Church al, h 140 N 9th 
Davis Eli, sea capt., 9 Mary ab Front 
Davis Elias, waiter, Caroline pi 
Davis Elijah B., porter, Giles' al 
Davis Elijah M., trimmings, 131 Cedar 
Davis Eliza, rear 117 Christian 
Davis Elizabeth, Loud st 
Davis Elizabeth, b h, 10 Sansom 
Davis Elizabeth B., b h, 41 George 
Davis Ellwood, mer., 39 Chestnut, h 176 Mul- 

Davis Eml., cordw., 12 N 2d, h rear 125 N 2d 
Davis Esther, milliner, 71 Mulbeiry 
Davis & Fitler, lumber mers.N E4th & Georg-e 

DAVIS, FAIRCHILD & Co., mers., 27 Church 

Davis Francis, painter, Mifflin & 13th 
Davis Francis B. bricklay. F road ab Phanix (K) 
Davis Gainer, b h, 1 Drinker's al 
Davis George, shoemr., 48 George 
Davis George, clothing, 115 N 2d 
Davis George, carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Davis Geo. P., coach painter, Davis' ct (S G) 
Davis Hannah, cook, 12 Elizabeth 
Davis Hannah, 7 Marion 
Davis Harrison, tobacconist, 162 N 2d, h 10 

Tammany ct 
Davis Henry, farmer, rear Broad ab Poplar 
Davis Henry, tailor, 32 S 6th, h N E Juniper 

& Lawrence 
Davis Henry, shoemr.. Chandler's ct (K) 
Davis Henry, printer, S 8th ab Christian 
Davis Henry, leather store, N E Marshall and 

Davis Henry R., stock & ex. broker, 97 Walnut, 
h Spruce ab 12th 




Davis Isaac, lab., Apple ab Brown 

Davis Isaac, grocer, N E 2d and Mary 

Davis Isaac, mer., 12th and Cherry 

Davis Isaac A.., tailor, 12 Gray's al 

Davis Isaac B., carp., Carroll ab 13th 

Davis Isaac R., mer., 27 Church a], h 12th bel 

Davis Isaac L., atty. & coun., 67 Pine 
Davis Isabella, Black Horse al (S) 
Davis Isaiah, combmr., 2d ab Laurel (K) 
Davis James, lumber mer., 8th ab Green 
Davis James, shoemr., 31 Prune 
Davis James, chairmr., 4 Jenning's row 
Davis James, cabmr., Preston bel Wallace 
Davis James, blacksm.. Elder 
Davis James B., blindmr., 4 Quarry 
Davis James M., custom house, Jones n Sch 5th 
DAVIS JAMES M., mer., 249 & 251 Hig-h, h 

204 N 11th 
Davis James M., Customhouse, h Jones W 

Sch 5th 
Davis James M. 8c Co., forw. mers., 249 & 251 

Davis James P., stone cutter, Franklin ab Marl- 
borough (K) 
Davis Jane, washer, 10 Middle al 
Davis Jane H., Lombard ab Sch 8th 
Davis Jesse W., ice dealer, 549 Chestnut 
Davis John, engineer, Vienna bel Franklin (K) 
Davis John, lead manufact., Beach ab Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
Davis John, cordw,, N E Fitz water & 13th 
Davis John, furs, 51 N 2d 
Davis John, vict., 30 Apple 
Davis John, paper hanger, 222 N 5th 
Davis John, porter, George n Sch 7th 
Davis John, sweep master, 52 Quince 
Davis John, gent., 222 Cherry 
Davis John, surveyor. Custom-house 
Davis John, tavern 93 Plum 
Davis John H. tailor, Washington (W P) 
Davis John H., carp, 189 E Catharine 
Davis John H. tailor,. 553 Vine ab Sch. 8th 
Davis John J., carpenter, Sch 8th ab Race 
Davis John O. watchman, 1 Headman's pi 
Davis John R., cordw., Moore's ct (S G) 
Davis John S. carpenter, 8th bel Cedar, h Ca- 
tharine bel 10th 
Davis Joseph, umbrellas, 6th smd Chestnut, h 

od ab Washington 
Davis Joseph, b. h., 48 Penn. (C) 
Davis Jos. C, cordw., Ann bel Sch 4th (F V) 
Davis Julia, 345 Mulberry 
Davis Julia A., gentw., 217 N 6th 
Davis Lawrence, ropemr., G T road ab 5th 
Davis Leonard, mariner, 6 Mary (S) 
Davis Levin, lab., Shippen ab 8th 
Davis Lewis Capt., 218 S 4th 
Davis L. G., oyster house, 262 High 
Davis Margaret, sempstress, rear 524 N 3d 
Davis Margaret, confec. 202 S 5th 
Davis Maria, washer, 6 Liberty 
Davis Martha, gentw., 329 S 6th 
Davis Mary, b. h., 160 Pine 
Davis Mary, 482 N 3d 

Davis Mary, 384 S 3d 

Davis Mary, 3 Prune 

Davis Matthew, carter, McDufRe E Sch 3d 

Davis Michael, cabmr., 3d ab Federal 

Davis Mordecai, carp., Ontario ab Poplar 

Davis Mordecai, carp., 3d ab Frankhn (K) 

Davis Moses, clotliier, 363 N 2d, h 24 Lily al 

Davis Mrs. M. S., miUiner, 210 N 6th 

Davis Rebecca, b h, 355 N 3d 

Davis Richard, huckster. Ten Feet al 

Davis Robert, lab., 26 Paschall's al 

Davis Robert, carter, 11 Dyott's ct (K) 

Davis Robt. C, druggist, Vine and Sch 7th 

Davis Saml., cordw., 458 S Front 

Davis Saml., bricklayer, McBride's ct (K) 

Davis Samuel, carp., Allen bel Palmer (K) 

Davis Samuel, blacksmith, R road ab James 

Davis Samuel, jeweller, Clark ab 3d 

Davis Saml., gent., 256 Chestnut. 

Davis Saml., corder, Whf. bel Noble, h 193 

DAVIS SAMUEL, att'y & coun., 98 Walnut 
Davis Samuel H., lab., 13th and Pearl 
Davis Saml. H., lum. mer., 4th and George, h 

533 N 5th 
Davis Saml.L., grocer. 111 N3rd, h 232 N 6th 
Davis Sarah, Sch 7th n Cherry 
Davis Sidney, lab.. Mariner ab 13th 
Davis Stephen H., boot mr., 3 Hank's ct 
Davis Susanna, Sch 7th n Vine 
DAVIS & THATCHER, dry goods, 3"Churchal 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmaker, 40 Plum. 
Davis Thomas, shoemaker, 3 Marion 
Davis Thomas, weaver, Nectarine n 10th 
Davis Thomas, bookseller, 171 High, h 14 

Davis Thomas, tailor, 328 N 5th 
Davis Thomas, gent.. Oak, (W P) 
Davis Thomas, carp., 40 Carpenter (C) h N W 

Sch 7th and Sassafras 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmr., 234 S 3d 
Davis Thomas, weaver. Master & Pink (K) 
Davis Thos., oysterman. Mechanic 
Davis Thos., carp., 153 Swanson 
Davis Thos., hatter, 533 Vine 
Davis Thos., stone cutter, 67 S 12th 
Davis Thos. D., wheelwright. Melon 
Davis Thomas J., Rev., 77 Lombard 
Davis Thomas W., dry goods, 19 N 2d, h 52 

Davis Wilham, b. h., 278 Wood 
Davis William, clerk, 55 Prime ab Church 
Davis William, blacksmith. Pearl n Sch 8th 
Davis William, carp.. Queen ab F road (K) 
Davis William, sexton, Lombard ab 13th 
Davis Wilham, carpenter, 7th n Brown. 
Davis William, baker, 425 S Front 
Davis Wilham, 138 N 12th. 
Davis Wilham, M. D., 392 Coates 
Davis William, di-iver, 7 Tiller's ct 
Davis William, brushmr., 2 Marble pi 
Davis Wm., carp., 1 Crockett's ct., h 8th below 

Davis Wm., painter, 45 Mead 
Davis Wm., tailor, Washington (W P) 




Davis Wm., mariner, 231 Shippen 

Davis Wm., brushmr., 274 High, h 37 R road 

Davis Wm., plasterer, 12 Swanson 

Davis Wm. H., shoemr., 96 N 5th 

Davis Wm. J., tobacconist, 2 Bache 

Davis Wm. M., sugar refiner, 9 Sergeant 

Davis W. M., carp., 10th ab Christian 

Davis W. M., machinist, Nectarine, & R road ab 

Davis Wm. P., lawyer, 14 Montgomery 
Davis Z. A., mer.^ 270 Lombard 
Davison Edw., awnmr., 27 S Front, h45 Apple 
Davison Robert, 59 Plum 

Davison Wm., dry goods, 548 N 2d, h 354 N 3d 
Davison William, carpenter 92 S 12th. 
Davison Wm., carman, Apple & Jefferson (K) 
Davisson Charles, acct., Catharine bel 6th 
Davisson John, glassblr., Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Davisson Robt., rear Barker E of Sch 4th 
Davy John, instrumentmr., Rugan n Callowhlll 
Dawes J. C, druggist, N W 11th & Locust 
DAWSON & AERTSEN, mers., 81 S Front 
Dawson Charles, barber, Mers. Hotel, N 4th, h 

188 Shippen 
Dawson Catharine, rear 12 Shriver's ct 
Dawson Elizabeth, Logan's ct (K) 
Dawson George W., shoemr., 306 St John 
Dawson Hannah, 240 High. 
Dawson James, Broad & Paper al. 
Dawson James, oyster house, 296 High 
Dawson Job, dry goods, 208 S 2d 
Dawson Josiah, 318 Mulberry 
Dawson M. L., brewer, 10th & Filbert, h Spruce 

ab Broad 
DAWSON M. L. Sc CO., brewers, N W 10th & 

Dawson Robert B., furniture, 495 High 
Dawson Wm., carp., 175 Cherry 
Day Aaron R., 68 N 3rd 
Day Adin, 'shop, 7th bel Cedar 
Day Benj. F., ship carp., 3 Beck 
Day Charles, tailor and clothier, 285 N 2d 
Day Charles H., cordw., 178 G T road 
Day Geo., tailor, Julianna, ab Callowhill 
Day Isaac, coachman, 101 Burd's ct 
Day Jacob H., carpenter, rear 5 Bread 
Day James, capt., 3 Poplar 
Day Jane Mrs., 282 S 2d 
Day Joseph, shipcarpenter, 9 Queen (S) 
Day Josiah, painter, Milton bel 11th 
Day & Larer, bakers, 28 Carlton 
Day Michael, gent., Marlborough ab Queen.(K) 
Day Peter, lab., rear Olive bel Broad 
Day Richard, gunsmith, 68 Maiden. 
Day Robert, lab. 3 Farmer's row 
Day Samuel, constable, 17 N 13th. 
DAY S. M., comb &c variety store, ION 4lh 
Day William, cordw.. Brown bel Vienna. (K) 
Dayman John, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d (K) 
Days Elisha, grate mr. 37 Pratt 
Dayton Joseph, segarmr., Bond ct (N L) 
DEACON & BROGNARD. com. mers., 16 N 

Deacon Edmund, publisher, 129 Chestnut, h 

6th ab Green 

Deacon Eph. T., hatter, 24 N 4th, h 59 Tammany 
Deacon Israel K., conveyr., 5 Shackamaxon (K) 
Deacon James, cabinetmaker, 331 S 4th. 
Deacon John, porter. Diamond and Juniper 
Deacon Joshua E., mer., 16 N Front 
Deacon Mary, 237 Marshal] 
Deacon Robert, morocco manuf. rear 29 Coates 
Deacon Mary, dressmr., Clinton ab Parrish 
Deal Alexander, grocer, F roadab PhcEuix, (K) 
Deal Abraham, watchman, rear 97 O Y road 
Deal Benj., lab., 11th bel Pine 
Deal, Burt & Milligan, dry goods, S W 6th & 

Deal Catharine, shop, Marlboro' ab Franklin 
Deal Charles, teller Manuf. & Mechanic's bank, 

h 22 Palmvra sq 
Deal Charles, 520 N 5th 
Deal Chas. C, carp., Penn bel Shackamaxon 
Deal Christian, brass fitter, rear 529 N 4th. 
Deal Daniel, mer., S W 6th Sc High, h 253 Pine 
Deal Daniel, butcher, Garden bel Buttonwood 
Deal David, cordw ainer, 37 O Y road 
Deal Elizabeth, Sch. 8th ab Sassafras 
Deal Elizabeth, Queen and Hanover (K) 
Deal Francis, vict., Trinity pi 
Deal Jacob, butcher, G T road ab Camac (K) 
Deal Jacob, potter, 4th n Creek 
Deal Jane, milliner. Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Deal John, victualler, Ann n R road (F V) 
Deal John, gent, 19 S Penn sq 
Deal John C, stone cutter, reai- 97 O Yroad 
Deal John F., baker, 184 Sassafras 
Deal John F., morocco fin., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Deal Joseph, oyster. Stout's al 
Deal Michael, turner, 342 St John (K) 
Deal Michael, carter. Rye ab Wharton 
Deal Peter, carp., F road ab Franklin 
Deal Reuben, cordw., 239 Wood 
Deal Saml., baker, 14 Richard 
JDeal William, brass founder, Hope bel Phoenix 
Deal W. H. C, dry goods. 345 N 2d 
Deal W. v., tailor, Brown bel 7th 
Dealy James, shoe findings & tools, 292 S 4th 
Deamer C, widow, China ab Front 
Deamer Harriet, gentw., G T road n Master, (K) 
Deamer Henry, saddler, 543 High, h 11 Howard 
Deamer Joseph, mariner, 2d bel Marion 
Dean Benj., w^ver, Jackson bel Palmer (K) 
Dean Charles, blacksmith, 82 Penn, h 21 Ver- 
Dean James, grocer, 184 Vine 
Dean Josh. A., carp., Buttonwood ab 13th 
Dean Louisa, 2 Swatmore pi 
Dean Thomas, weaver, 9th and Marriott 
Dean Thomas, weaver, Fitler ab 2d (K) Wm., lab., rear Olive ab 12th 
Dean Wm. F., att'y & coun., N W 3d & Chest- 
nut, h 135 N 10th 
Deaner Christian, carter, Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Deans Euphemia, S E 8th and Wood 
Deaner Henry, stone cutter, Vienna ab Franklin 
De Angeli J., tinsmith, 344 High, h 13th c. 

Budden's al 
Deany Charles, carter, Marriott's la ab 4th 
Deany J. A., tailor, 124 Walnut, h Marriott ab 4th 




Dearie James, lab., 199 S Front 

Dearie J. & J., manuf., Callowhill n Sch. (F M) 

Dearie Sophia, white washer, 70 Union 

De Armond Rich. C, manuf., 11th bel Parrish 

Dearry James, carp.. Quince 

Deas James H., warm air furnaces, &c., 79 N 6th, 

h 8th and Coates 
Deats Charles, clerk, 57 Coates 
Deaves Edmond, painter, rear 55 Plum 
Deaves Margaret, Centre bel 13th 
Deaves, Susan, 5 Parker 
De Barry John, mer. 16 N 2d, h 168 Spruce 
De Bender Joseph, plasterer, Wood, ab 8th 
De Beust Chas. W., chairmaker, N W 10th and 

Walnut, h Perry bel Pine 
De Beust & England, cabinetmrs., N W 10th & 

De Beust Hannah, 6 S 12th. 
De Beust Wm. R., blacksm.. Filbert n Sch 7th 
De Bitty John, waiter, 221 Lombard 
De Boos James, dry goods, 10th ab Coates 
Debow Mary, shop, 2d ab Edward (K) 
Debozear Lewis, brass & bell founder, 9 Bread 
De Bruin Morris J., dealer, 185 Cedar 
Decan Peter A., ship master, 356 S 4th 
De Castro Phihp, gardener, 2 Lyndall's al 
Decatur John, coach trimmer, Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Decker Christopher, skin dresser, 596 N3d 
Decker P. I. Mrs., 175 Pine 
Decker Solomon, clothes, 188 Shippen 
Deckert Sarah, sempstress, 16 Little Pine 
DECOT ROBT., clothing, 77 Chestnut, h Wal- 
lace bel 10th 
De Course}'- Jacob, cordwainer, 344 N 2nd. 
De Coursey, Lafourcade & Co., mers., 77 High. 
De Coursey Sam. W., mer., 77 High, h43 Mul- 
Dedeker Catharine, Marlborough and Bedford 

Dedeker Cath., 200 Otter ab School (K) 
Dedeker Valentine, bricklayer, Marlboro' and 

Bedford (K) 
Deemer John, morocco dr., Alder ab Poplar 
Deery Charles, shop, 62 Fitzwater 
De EslemauviUe F. H. acct. rear 20 Maria 
Deeth Sylvester G., bookseller, o7 Arcade 
Deever Saml., lab., Spruce n Sch Front 
Deforest Samuel, capt, 118 Swanson 
Deforia John, shoemr., 1 S 9th 
Defrate Francis, cordw., rear 23 Castle 
Defreitas John H., hair dress., S E Shippen and 

Degan John, cedar cooper, 218 S 2d, h P road 

n Carpenter 
Degan Neal, lab.. Cooper n Sch 3d 
Degan Patrick, lab., Franklin bel Parrish 
Deginther Michael, cabinet maker, 3 Assembly 

Buildings, h 82 S 11th 
Degnan John, weaver, G T road ab Thompson 
Degroose Ann, widow, Crawford's ct 
Degroot Albert, grocer. Pine and Carbon 
De Groot James, coach painter, 6 Lebanon. 
De Haan Lewis, clothing 235 Cedar 
Dehart John F., basketmr., 450 N 3rd. 

D'Hauterive Le Baron Maurice, French Consul, 

91 Locust 
Deliaven Abram R., clerk, Coates ab 9th 
Dehaven Ch.E., mer., 211 High, h 155 N 11th 
Dehaven David, morocco manf , 424 Coates 
Dehaven Ehza, 51 Apple 

Dehaven George, vict., Montgomery & Front. 
Dehaven Holstein, carp., 155 N 11th n Vine. 
Dehaven H., carp., S Garden ab 12th 
Dehaven H., teller Phila. Bank, h 31 O Y road 
Dehaven Jacob, vict., Oxford ab F road 
Dehaven Job I. Z., clerk, 62 Zane 
Dehaven John W., cigarmr.. Bush Hill 
Dehaven J. R., carp., 11 School ab Rose (K) 
Deha.ven William, victualler, Vine bel Sch 6th 
Dehaven Wm., cordw.. Orchard bel Jackson 
Dehuff Henry, engineer. Melon bel Broad 
Deighan John, lab., Sch Front and Spruce ■ 
Deighton Thos., pianorar., Coates (Fairmount) 
Deimhng John C, 32 O Y road. 
Deininger John H., cordw., 28 Beach (K) 
Deiser John, lampmr., 1 Wall st 
Deitz Geo., vict., 14 Magnolia 
Deitz Geo., translator, Bickham n Sch 7th 
Deitz Geo., turner, 9 Dillwyn 
Deitz Henr}', carp., 13 Harmony ct 
Deitz Peter, comb mr. Rose al n Green 
Deitz Peter, jr. oak cooper, 33 Union 
Deitz Wm. cordw. Cox bel 2d ■ 
Deitz AVm., cordw., \^ Apple 
Deklyne Theodore, pump & blockmaker, 164 

N Water h 414 N Front. 
Deklyne William, block and pumpmr., 242 N 

Delacova Bictor, gent., 17 Scheetz st 
Delacroix C. J., prof, of languages, 31 Filbert 
Delagraw Joseph, tobacconist, 162 S 6th 
Delamater John, bookbr., 112 N Juniper 
Delancey Michael, cordw., Callowhill n Sch. 

DELAND & GRANT, com. mers. 40 S whfs 
D eland Thorndike, com. mer. 40 S wharves, h 

Walnut ab Broad 
Delaney Jas., lab., rear Wood ab Broad 
Delaney John, miller, Ulrich st 
Delaney Patrick, tailor, 5 Diamond 
Delanger Ann, washer, 20 Ehzabeth 
Delano James S., turner, 19 Nectarine. 
Delano W., clerk, 139 Wood 
Delany Ann, rear 2d ab Phoenix 
Delany Charles, carp., F road ab Allen 
Delany Daniel, 118 S Front 
Delany Geo., bootmr.. Pleasant ab 12th 
Delany Henry, lampmr., 4 Hyde's ct 
Delany H., blacksm., Penn ab Marsh, h Queen 

ab Shackamaxon 
Delany James M., b h, 32 Julianna 
Delany John, shop, Wharton ab 4th 
Delany John, miller, 3d bel Franklin (K) 
Delany Matt., lab., rear 2d ab Phoenix (K) 
Delany Patrick, labourer, Sch 8th n Sassafras 
Delany Patrick, lab., 576 S Front 
Delany William, gilder, 324 S 6th. 
Delany Wm., constable, 18 Barron 
Delas T. P. printer, 74 Almond 




Delasalle Lewis, distiller, 150 S 10th 
Delavan Isaac, lab., 68 Swanson 
Delavan Jas. L,., chairmr., 150 N Front, h 3 Bea- 
Delavan John, brushmr., 248 N 4th 
Delavan Joseph, cordw., rear 116 German 
Delavanu J. W. S., drngg-ist, Wood and 6th 
Delight S ami., carp., Landall's ct 
Delissa Samuel, shirt manuf., 78 N 3d 
DELLEKEll W. J., ship broker, 147 Qhestnut, h 

223 S 4th 
Dellow Geo., hatter, 8 Dillwyn 
Delmas Charles, carpenter, 29 Wood 
Delp Joseph R., 2 Drinker's al 
Delp Josiah M., carp., Hartshorne's ct 
Delzell David, bootmr., 5 Linden 
Demby Wm., lab.. Orange ab Lemon 
Demer Sol., bootmr.. Front & Almond 
Demery Wm., R road bel Buttonvifood 
Deminel Peter, tav., N W Brown & Charlotte 
Demme C. R. Rev., D. D., 41 N 4th. 
Demmons Catharine, gentw., Marlboro' n F road 
Demoyer Mary, 4 Stamper's al 
Dempsey Edward, lab., Charlotte ab Thomp- 
son (K) 
Dempsey James, cooper, 130 S Water 
Dempsey Jeremiah, sawyer, 2 S weed's ct 
Dempsey John, brewer, 144 F road 
Dempsey John, cordw., 66 Lombard, h Marriott 

Hb 6th. 
Dempsey Lydia, b h, S E 12th and Filbert 
Dempsey Matthew, lab., Fothergill 
Dempsey Stephen, vict., Charlotte bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Dempster Henry, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Denan John P., caulker, 52 Mead 
Denanhower Abram, paper stainei', 58 S 13th 
Denby Edward, waiter, 4 Juniper al. 
Denby James, spinner, M'Duffie 
Denby John, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Denby Mary, washer, M'Closkey's ct 
Denckla A. H., mer , 34 Commerce, h Mulberry 

and Juniper 
Denckla Mrs., wid. of A. H., Mulberry & Ju 

Denckla & Parker, grocers, N W 11th & High 
Denckla Paul, 2 N 11th 
Denegre Joseph, carpenter, 138 N Juniper 
Denn Wm., cordw., G T road ab Thompson 
Denna Henry, saddler, 11 Howard 
Denner David, tobacconist, 544 N 2d (K) 
Denney Thomas, wheelwright, Hallowell's ct 
Denney Wm., carp., High bet Sch 4th and 5th, 

h Sch 6th bel High 
Denning Peter, cordw., rear Poplar ab 9th 
Denning Peter, cordw., 9th ab Green 
Denning Robt, cabmr., rear 33 Plum 
Denning Sarali, tobacco, 264 N 3d 
Denning Tlios., carp.. Master ab Hancock (K) 
Dennis Catliarine, 57 M road 
Dennis Jolm, cooper, 173 Coates 
Dennis John, alderman, 8th bel Carpenter 
Dennis Littleton, whitewasher, rear 72 Christian 
Dennis Margaret, Dean's al 
Dennis N. F. H., chem. lab., Vine n Sch. 7th 

Dennis Robert, engineer, R road opp Francis 

Dennis Samuel, blacksm.. Cedar ab 12th 

Dennis Sarah, widow, Noble bel 9th 

Dennis Stephen, porter, 5 Riddle's al 

Dennis Stephen, porter, Currant al 

Dennis Susan, 68 S 12th 

Dennis Theodore H., shoemr., 56 Nectarine 

Dennis Wash., huckster, Sweed's ct 

Dennis Wm. H., oil factor. Christian bel 7th, h 

27 Christian 
Dennis W. P., waterman, 103 Swanson 
Dennison Andrew, groc.,N W 10th and Sassafras 
Dennison Ruth Ann, R road ab Buttonwood 
Dennisson Mason K. grocer, N E 6th and Button- 
Denny Elizabeth, 186 S 13th 
Denny James, oysterman. Concord ab 2d 
Denny James, tailor, Shippen ab 13th 
Denny John, seaman, 6 Carpenter (S) 
Denny John, lab., Oxford ab Fi'ont (K) 
Denny Joseph, carter, Rose al 
Denny Mary, Hanover ab West (K) 
Denny Robt. ham. & trunkmaker, N W 5th 8c 

Dentler Lewis, driver. Barker n Sch 7th 
Denton Francis, porter, Milton ab 10th 
Denton Henry, lampmr., Sch 8th ab Race 
Denworth Peter, tavern. Bread and Fetter la 
Deny John, weaver, George n Beach (Sch) 
Depagnier Jane, 129 New 
Depau Francis A., gent., 30 Girard. 
Depee Nathaniel W., tailor, 334 Cedar. 
Deperven Catharine, widow, 38 Nectai'ine 
Depoe David, Brown ab 10th 
Depp Chas., baker, Wharton ab 4th 
Deppel Henry, bootmr., 87 S 3d, h rear 115 

Deppell Henry, bootmr., 398 N 2d 
De Putron John, bootmr. 426 S 2d 
Deputy John, waiter, 221 Lombard 
Deputy Sylvester J., shop, S W Swanson and 

Dupuy Jonathajm V., dry goods, 25 N 8th. 
Depuy J., carpets, 333 N 2nd. 
Derbyshire A. J., mer., 65 N Water, h 39 New. 
Derbyshire James, spinner. Master below G T 

Derbyshire John, spinner. Beach bel Shacka- 

Derdine James, carp., Gilbert bel 10th 
Derham Ezekiel, oysters, 32 Harmony ct 
Derham Jeremiah, carter, 2 Ronaldson st 
Dermont H. M., tobacconist, 312 S 2d. 
Dermott John, stevedore, 9 Relief 
Dernaby Jos., mariner, 76 Christian 
Derouse G., boot crimper, 26 Washington 

Market place. 
Derr Alexander, tailor, 8 Mayland 
Derr Eliza, wid., 9 Pennsylvania av 
Derr George L., manuf., 465 N 5th ab Poplar 
Derr John, silver plater, Coates ab 6th 
DeiT John, tobacconist, 465 N 5th 
Derr John, weaver, G T road ab 4th 
Derr Martin, flour & feed, Washington (W P) 
I Derr Samuel, tavern, G T road bet 6th and 7th 




Derr Sarah, Og-den bel 10th 
DenvWm., combmr., Brown & St John 
Den-ick Wm., ship joiner, Mead ab whf, h 544 S 

Derrickson Daniel, Carleton ab Sch 8th 
Derrickson Rebecca L., tailoress, rear 471 N3d 
Derrickson Samuel, 15 Dugan 
Derrickson Samuel B., mer., 93 High, room S E 

7th and Chestnut 
Derrickson T. W. millwt. 39 Peny 
Derrickson, William, mariner, 2d bel Marion 
Derring-er Henry, rifle manuf., Tamarind ab 

Green, h 370 N Front. 
Derringer T. T., gunsmith, Green ab Front 
De Sanno Frederick, jr., machinist, 12th ab 

De Sanno Sarah, wid., engineer, 527 Coates 
Desabaye Sarah, shop, 7 James st 
DESAUQUE CHARLES L., wine mer., 289 

High, h 139 N 9th 
Desbordes John, silk cord, tassels, &c., 88 Sas- 
Deschamps Francis, watchmaker, P road above 

Desebey Eewis, painter, 266 N 5th 
Desgranges S. A., mer., 165 High, h 140 S 9th. 
Desher Abraham, drayman, Shackamaxon above 

Desher Abraham, morocco fin., Lee's ct (N L) 
Desher Samuel, combmr., St John n Creek 
Desher Wm., combmr., rear Schleisman's al 
DESILVER & BROWN, mers., 43^ S Front 
Desilver Chas., mer., 253 High, h N Penn sq 
Desilver Frank, mer., 43J S Front, h Chestnut 

W Sch 6th 
DESILVER WILSON R.,bookseller,18 S 4th, h 

50 S 4th 
Desilver Thos. Sr., Chestnut n Sch 6th 
Desmond Daniel J., attorney at law, 99 Spruce 
St., Consul General of Pontifical States Vice 
Consul of Austria, Sardinia, Portugal, and 
Desmond Jas. T. mer. 210 Walnut, h99 Spruce 
Desmond John, lab., rear 112 N 8th 
Dessalet Alexander, cordw.. Front ab Green, h 

rear 21 Lily al 
Dessalet John, grocer, Hanover and West (K) 
Dessau Jacob H. mer. 96 N 3d, h 18 Chatham 
Destenburg Henry, sug. refin., 18 Lily al 
Destouet, Brothers, com. mers, 11 Church al 
Destouet J. E.,mer., 11 Churchalley 
Destouet S., mer., 11 Church al., h 385 Walnut 
Deti'e Christian H., carp., Sch. 7th n Vine. 
Detterer Edward, tinman, 13 Tammany ct 
Detterer Mary, 80 Sassafras 
Detterer Samuel M., hardware, 126 N 2d 
Detterline Henry, weaver, Hancock ab Norris 

Detterline Hen. weaver, Harriet bel P road (K) 

Develin Catharine, wid., Thompson ab G Troad 
Develin Edwd., weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Develin Hugh, weaver, Cadwalader ab Franklin 
Develin Jas., moulder, Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Develin Patrick, Small 
Develin'Patrick, clerk, 13 Mercer 
Develin Peter, weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Develin Peter, weaver. Rose & Shippen la 
Develin Timothy, coachman, Currant al 
Deveney John, omnibus, Spruce ab Sch 7th 
Devenney & McBride, hatters, 432 N 2d 
Devenny Mahaliah, tavern. Front and Montgo- 
mery (K) 
Devenny Patrick, lab. Sch 2d bel Lombard 
Devenny Wm. lab. 30 M'Duffie 
Dever Edward, tailor, 189 S 2d 
Dever James, lab., M'Duffie ab Sch 3d 
Dever Michael, shop, 264 Cedar. 
Devereux Geo. F., engraver, S E 6th 8c Wal- 
nut, h N W Sch 6th & Mulberry 
Devereux Geo. T., artist, Sch 5th & Mulberry 
Devereux James, mer., 86 S whfs. h 89 Pine 
Devereux John, mer., 79 S wharves, h 135 S 3d 
Devereux John, tailor, 7 Logan 
Devereux John James, atty. at law, & commis- 
sioner for Maine & Massachusetts, office 62 
S 6th. 
Devereux Michael, glass blower, Vienna ab 

Franklin (K) 
Devereux Peter, maltster, 9th bel Poplar 
Devine Edward, trimmings, 644 N 2d (K) 
Devine Henry, lab.. Spruce n Sch Front 
Devine Hugh, lab., Middle al 
Devine Hugh, painter. Juniper al 
Devine James, tailor, Morris bel Catharine 
Devine James, grocer, 125 S 8th 
Devine John, bootmr. N W Shippen and Georg-e 
Devine John, grocer, S W Sch. 8th and High, li 

Jones ab Sch 8th. 
Devine Marg., dressm., 17 Fitzwater 
DEVINE MARK, flour store, N E 2d & Green 
Devine M. & B., grocers, S E 2d 8c Green 
Devine Patrick, tavern, N E 4th and Stanley 
Devine Patrick, shoemr. 323 S 4th 
Devine Philip, drayman, 11th 8c MUtou 
Devine Quinton, 324 S 3d 
Devine Rosanna, Jones n Sch 8th 
Devine Thos., shop, 64 Vine 
Devinger Jas., lab.. Carpenter ab 12th 
Devinney Arthur, blacksm., Jones W of Sch 5tk 
Devinney Asa, cordw., Roney's ct (K) 
Devinney Hugh, shop, Parker Sc Clymer 
Devinney Sarah, 12 Cresson's al 
Devitt Charles, dry goods, 332 S 2d 
Devitt Daniel D. Rev., Murray ab Sch 3d 
Devitt John, 397 S 2d 
Devitt Terence, baker, Fitzwater bel Btli 
Devitt Wm. carp. Shepherd's ct 
Devlin Andrew, lab. Cedar ab 12th 

Detwiler Abraham, segarmr.. Beach ab Maiden Devlin Archibald, weaver, 2d above Master (K) 


Detwiler Benjamin, miller, Coates n F M. 
Detwiler Henry, blacksm., 5 Railroad ct 
Devault Philip, drayman, 6th ab Poplar 
Develin Bernard, lab., Marlborough bel Duke. 

Devlin Bernard, shoemr., 10th ab Buttonwood 
Devlin Bernard, morocco dresser, Jeff'erson fc 

G T road 
Devlin Edward, weaver, Jefferson ab Washing- 
ton, (K) 




Devlin Edwd., weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 

Devlin Edward, tailor, 13th ab Catharine 
Devlin Francis, weaver. Crown ab Franklin 
Devlin Hug-h, reed mr., Master ab Cadwalader 

Devlin Hugh, weaver. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Devlin James, weaver. Harmony ct (K) 
Devlin James, manuf. rear 4th bel JefFerson 
Devlin John, blacksmith, Lombai'd n Sch 5th 
Devlin John, weaver. Perry bel Phoenix 
Devlin John, lab. Hancock & Master 
Devlin John, weaver, Mariner ab 13th 
Devlin John, lab., 300 S 7th 
Devlin Marg'., rear 72 Catharine 
Devlin Michael, lab., Lombard's ct 
Devlin Michael, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Devlin Patrick, weaver. Baker's ct 
Devlin Patrick, salesman, 5 Watman'sct 
Devlin Peter, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Devhn Peter, weavei', Cadwalader ab. Phoenix 

Devlin Thomas, weaver. Crown bel Duke (K) 
DEVOE & BURR, refectory, S. W. 6th and 


Devoe Isaac H., wine mer., 7 S 5th, h 16 Perry 
Devoe James, captain, S W 6th and Haines, h S 

W 8t]i and Noble 
Devoo Ann, Dunton bel Otter (K) 
Devoux J., eating house, 169 Chestnut, h 69 

Dewald Frederick, tavern, 207 St John 
Dewald S. C, mer., 62 N 3d, h 289 N 7th 
Dewald Wm., waterman. Nelson's ct 
Dewees Abraham, tailor. Quarry and Bread 
Dewees Charles, lastmaker, 191 Poplar. 
Dewees E., dry goods, 3 N 8th. 
Dewees Jane, b h., 128 N Front. 
Dewees Joseph, black 8c white smitli (F V) 
Dewees Peter, lastmaker, 31 Callowhlll. 
Dewees Rachel B., b. h., 141 Filbert 
Dewees Samuel, lastmaker, 95 Sassafras. 
Dewey George W. clerk, 266 N 7th 
Dewey Mary, dry goods, 337 N 2d 
Dewey Wm, coal mer., 18 Walnut, h 1 N 9th 
Dewing Saml., Fr. bootmr., 64 N 3d, h 2d ab 

Dewitt Elizabeth, washer, Ireland's ct 
Dewolf Wm. I., sea capt, China ab Front 
Dexlieimer Jacob, tailor, Charles bel Button- 
Dexter Jolm, cooper, 53 Duke 
Dev E. 8c M., dressmrs, George ab St. John 

' (K) 
Dey Josepli, milhvt. George ab St John 
Dey Sarah IL, b h, 90 Walnut 
De Young Isaac, fancy goods, 123 Chestnut. 
De Young Isaac II. 122 Catharine 
De Young Joseph, gent. 37 Vine 
De Young M. H., mer., 86 S Front, h 54 S 12th 
De Young Philip, M. D., 37 Vine 
Dezncy John, cordw., M'Intyre's alley, (K) 
DIALOGUE G. 8c W., fire hose manufacturers, 
24 E North. 

Dialogue John, china ware, 292 N 2d, h 67 


Diamond Alexander, distiller, 205 Cedar 
Diamond Edward, v/eaver, M'Mackin's ct 
Diamond Francis, waiter, 6 Rose alley (C) 
Diamond John, distiller, 172 Cedar 
Diamond John, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d 
Diamond Mrs. widow of John, gent., 56 Pine 
Dick Alexander, machinist, 8 Hamilton pi 
Dick Charles, tailor, 31 M road 
Dick D. D., japanner, Wheeler's ct, h 55 Cai"- 

Dick Francis B., dentist, 205 Spruce 
Dick Frederick, Janitor at University, h S W 

1 1th and Locust. 
Dick John, weaver, Sch. bank ab Lombard 
Dick John, dealer, rear 387 N 3d 
Dick John, lab., Brazier ab Broad 
Dick John B., clothes dealer, 167 8c h 581 S 2d 
Dick Louis, lampmr., 128 Dillwyn 
Dick Matthias, cabman, 51 Apple 
Dick Peter, gent., 4 Carpenter 
Dick Peter, shoemr., Lancaster ab Reed 
Dick Phihp, japanner, Wheeler's ct, h 55 Car- 
Dick S. A., dry goods, S W 11th 8c Locust 
Dick Valentine, cordwainer, Kessler ab Coates 
Dick Walter B., optician, 48 Chestnut, h 87 

Dick William, clerk, Sch. 8th bel Locust. 
Dick Wm., lab., Lombard ab 12th 
Dick Wm. tailor. Carpenter ab 5th 
Dickel Christian, weaver, PhcEuix bel G T road 

Dickel Marj^, 470 N Front 
Dickel Henry, cabinetmr., 89 Brown 
Dickens Elias, machinist, 18 Spruce, h 23 Dock 
Dickensheet Anthony, tanner, 120 Charlotte. 
Dickensheet Michael, currier, rear 104 New 

DICKERMAN LEMUEL, boots and shoes, 24 

N 4th, h 181 Sp. Garden 
Dickerman L. 8c Co., boots and shoes, 24 N 4th 
Dickerson Adelia, 140 Locust 
Dickerson Eliza, dry goods, c 9th and Button- 
wood and S W 6th and Sassafras 
Dickerson John, lab., 13 Brooke 
Dickerson John, hatter, 2 S 2d, h 78 Wood 
Dickerson John R., grocer, 35 West 
Dickerson Lamar, tailor, 95 Christian 
Dickerson Nehemiah, tailor, 23 John 
Dickerson Wm., waterman, 20 New Market 
DICKERSON WM. R., atty. 8c coun., 117 S 6th 
Dickes Catharine, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
Dickes Daniel, carpenter 8c undertaker, F R ab 

Jefferson. (K) 
Dickes Isaac, cordw.j Crown ab Duke. 
Dickes Wm., carp., Queen ab F. road 
Dickes Wm., carp., Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Dickeson John, printer, 418 S Front 
Dickeson Wm., fanner, 2d and Catharine 
Dickey David, porter, 102 N Front 
Dickey Elizabeth, 31 N 13th. 
Dickey James, 302 S 3d 
Dickey Samuel J. 31 N 13th 




Dickey R., M. D., 8 S 10th 
Dickey Thomas, printer, 28 Federal 
Dickheart Michael, Marion bel Corn 
Dickinson & Hance, dry goods, 534 N Front 
Dickinson Henry, printer, George n Sch 7th 
Dickinson John, carp., 3d and Clark 
Dickinson John, dry goods, 50 Wood «.b 10th 
Dickinson John, waterman, 4 Jones' ct 
Dickinson John, seaman, 4th and Christian 
Dickinson John J., tailor, 66 Brown 
Dickinson John M., tailor, 28 Mintzer 
Dickinson Margaret, N E 9th & Mulberry 
Dickinson Martha, flour and feed, G T road & 

Front, h 534 N Front 
Dickinson Mary, Ann ab Sch 6th 
Dickinson Mary, 31 Wallace 
Dickinson Morris, carp. 24 Logan 
Dickinson Robert, lab., Sch 6th bel Pine 
Dickinson Samuel, drayman, Duke bel Palmer 

Dickinson Sarah, dressmr.. Spruce W Sch 5th 
Dickinson Sarah N., gentw., 11 N 7th 
Dickinson Thos. S., cooper, 40 Queen 
Dickinson Wm. gent. 150 Christian 
Dickson Benj., carter. Currant alley ab Spruce 
■DICKSON & CO., importers, 80 High 
Dickson David, distiller, 2d and Phoenix 
Dickson George, 578 N 3d. 
Dickson Hannah, 72 N 9th. 
Dickson Hugh, gent., Shippen n Broad 
Dickson Isaac, brushmr., Rugan n Callowhlll 
Dickson James, weaver, Clinton ab Norris (K) 
Dickson James, weaver, Nixon n F. M. 
Dickson James N., merchant,' 152 High, h 349 

Dickson Jas. N. & Co., dry goods, 152 High 
Dickson John, lab., Sch. 7th bel Pine 
Dickson John, druggist, N E 5th and Spruce 
Dickson John, manuf. 572 N 3rd. 
Dickson John, mer. Water & Chestnut, h 128 

Dickson John, shoemr., F road 8c Duke 
Dickson John & Co.,mers., Chestnut and Water 
Dickson John M., clerk, 89 Marshall 
Dickson Jos., weaver, Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
Dickson Jos. R., gent., Juniper n Filbert 
Dickson Levi, mer., 152 High 
Dickson Milford, waiter, 2 Prosperous alley 
Dickson Richard, blacksmith, 10 Vaux's ct 
Dickson Robert, clerk, Duke and F road 
Dickson R. L., teacher, 4 Union 
Dickson Samuel, gent., 424 N 5th. 
Dickson Thomas, manuf. 6 Diamond 
Dickson Thos. H. manuf. Broad bel Pine 
Dickson Thomas J., brushmr., 493 N 4th 
Dickson WiUiam, bricklayer, 13th bel Lombard 
Dickson Wm. weaver, Fitler n 2d (K) 
Dickson Wm., cordw., F road & Duke (K) 
Dickson Wm., lab.. West ab Walnut 
Diedrichs Henry, machinist, 45, & h 86 Vine 
Dieffenbacher Abraham, baker, 7 N Sch 7th 
Diegel Martin, carpet weaver, 299 CallowhUl 
Diegel Martin, grocer, S E Franklin and Wood 
Diehl & Co., mers. 86^ S Front 
Diehl Daniel, lab., cab .mi-., Charles and Willow 

Diehl &. Duff, com. mers., 35 N whfs. 

Diehl George N., mer. 86^ S Front, h 182 S 3d 

Diehl Jacob, tailor, Scott's ct 

Diehl John, city commissioner, 224 Pine. 

Diehl John, min. water, S W Front &; Catharine 

Diehl John H. mer. 86^ Front 

Diehl Joseph, refectory, 234 N 3d 

Diehl Thomas, mer., N E Front and Chestnut 

h 15 N 10th 
Diehl AVilliam, mer. 27 N 5th, h 61 Pine 
Diehr M. A., milliner, 10th ab Brown 
Diehr Philp, silver plater, 10th ab Brown 
Diely Henry, blacksmith. Maiden bel Front 
Diely Philip P., blacksmith, 7 Maiden, h 561 

N Front 
Diemer Catharine, tavern, 418 N 4th 
Diemer Geo., stone mason. Grape bel George 

Diemer Jacob, lab. Palmer ab Duke 
Diemer Michael, tavern, R road (F V) 
Dierkes John, tailor, 6 Acorn alley 
Dierkes Wm., tailor, 6 Acorn alley 
Diesinger Joseph, bootmr., 93 S 5th 
Diesinger Wendel, gunsmith, 7 Green 
Dietrich Henry, M. D., 159 N lOtli. 
Dietrich Joseph, paper colourer, 27 O Y road 
Dietrick John, baker, 268 R. road 
Dietrick Louisa, 2 Peter's al 
Dietz Charles, brushmaker, rear 337 N 3d 
Dietz Joseph, artist, 118 Marshall 
Dietz Michael C. carter, Wallace bel 13th 
Dietzer John, tailor, 128 N 5th 
Difer WiUiam, saw maker, 34 Sugar al. 
Digit Daniel, tailor, 15 New Market 
Diggins F. Marriott ab 5th 
Dildine James, bricklayer. Stout's alley 
Dildine Sarah, tailoress, 137 Green 
Dilge Wm., framemr., Hummel's ct 
Dilkes Jacob, coi'dw., 4 Abbott's ct 
DILKS & BACON, lumber yard, 8th and Coates 
Dilks George, carpenter, lumber yard, 3th and 

Coates, h 395 N 6th 
Dilks Hannah, tailoress, 7 Relief 
Dilks Jacob, sausage maker, 13th bel. Button- 
Dilks Joseph, shoemr., 7 Kirkpatrick's ct 
Dilks Joseph, shoemr., 304 S 3d 
Dilks Jos., fisherman. Wood ab Franklin (K) 
Dilks Sukels, clerk, Freeston's pi 
Dilks Wm., machinist, Carleton bel Sch. 2d 
Dill Robert, lab., Bedford ab 13th 
Dillahay Benj., waiter. Centre ab 12th 
Dillan Danl., cordwr., Parker's pi 
Dillard Geo. E., cooper, 24 Wash. Market pi 
Dillard Thos., M. D., U. S. Navy, 493 Chestnut. 
Diller Adam, real estate, 95 Garden, h 8th ab 

Dillhorn, Wm., shoemr., Richard ab Sch 7th 
Dilhn A. C, boatmr., St. John ab George (K) 
Dillm Charles, cordw.. Front ab Poplar 
Dillin Edward, clothing, 30 S 2d 
Dillin Eli, dry goods. Green 8c R road 
Dillin H. 8c M., 374 Vine 
Dilhn Sarah, 8 Gray's al. 
Dillinger David, gent., 13 West, 




Dillingham S., dentist, 192 Mulbeny 
DILLINGHAM W. H., atty. & coun., 385 Mul- 
Dillman Christopher, bleeder, 422 N 2nd 
Dillman John, lab., rear 238 St John 
Dillman Mary, 236 St John 
Dillmore Andrew, lab.. Prime ab Swanson 
Dillmore Saml., cooper, Church & Reckless 
piUon Archibald C, cordw., St John n Globe 

Dillon Edward, clothes, Lisle bel Shippen 
Dillon Enos, lab., Sch 4th n High 
Dillon James, lab., 5th n Plum 
Dillon James, lab., 4 Pleasant ct 
Dillon L., clerk, 42 Shippen 
Dillon Pati-ick, weaver, Crown ab Franklin (K) 
Dillon Thos., blacksm., Christian ab 5th 
Dillon Thos., morocco dress., rear 211 St John 
Dillon Virginia, dressmr., 1 N Sch 7th ' 
Dilts Sarah, rear 171 Green 
DILWORTH, BRANSON, & CO., hardw., 59 

Dilworth Charles, hardware, 8 Commerc, h 503 

Dilworth John, turner, 10 Noms' al. 
Dilworth John, weaver, Gab el's ct 
Dilworth S. W., mer., 22 Pine 
Dilworth Wm., mer., 59 High, h 141 Mulberry 
Dimond Andrew, 317 S 6th 
Dimond Andrew, jr., 317 S 6th 
Dimond Francis, atty. at law, 317 S 6th 
Oimond Joseph, 7 Swanson 
Dimond Joseph, shoemr., 203 Cedar 
Dimond J. & J., liquors, S wharves bel Cedar 
Dinan James, lab., 1 John's ct 
Dinan I'imothy, grocer. Locust and Beach 
Dine Sarah, gentw., rear 13th bel Brown 
Dingee Charles, brickmr.. Poplar bel Marshall 
Dingee Danl., collector, Poplar ab 7th 
Dingee Edmund, brickmaker., 7th ab Poplar 
Dingee John, mer., Pine ab 10th 
Dingee Lewis, brickmr.. Poplar ab 7th 
Dingee L., Cedar bel 12th 
Dingee Wm., bricklayer, Poplar ab 7th 
Dinglar Christopher, carter, 220 Vine. 
Dingle Francis, Apple bel Master 
Dingier Geoi-ge, plasterer, 597 N 2d 
Dingier Wm., gunsmith, 3 Freed's av 
Dingus Jacob, farmer, rear Charlotte ab Thomp- 
son (K) 
Dinmore W. R., Washington ab 10th 
Dinsman P. G., tobacconist, 471 N 4th 
Dinsman Samuel K., carp., Penn ab 13th 
Dinsman Thos. R., combmr., 1 Almyrasq 
Dinnin 13avid D., carp., 3 Sch av 
Dinning Wm., omnibus. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
D'Invilliers C, ex-broker, 11 S 3rd., h Walnut 

n Sch 7th 
D'INVHXIERS C. & CO., ex. brokers, 11 S 3d 
Dippeil John, baker, 192 N 13th. 
Dippoldt Jolin, gent., 10 Roberts' ct 
Dirks Rudolph, cabmr., 165 Coates 
DiiT Micliael, shop, 4th & Maria 
Disert Jolin, grocery, N E Sch. 6th 8c Lombard. 
Dishner August, baker, 50 Penn (C) 

Disraant John, grocer, 116 Apple 

Dison Christ., cooper, Allen ab Hanover (K) 

Disston Henry, sawmr.. Maiden bel Front, h 108 


Dithmar Charles, beer house, 99 Green. 
DithmarFred'k., brewer, 520 & h525N3d. 
Dithmer Jacob, beer house, 453 N 3rd. 
Ditmar John, upholsterer, 8th ab MulbeiTy 
Dito Henry, grocer, Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Dito Sherry, Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Ditterline Charles, blacksm., Apple bel Frank- 
Dittus John W., cordw., 19 New Market 
Dittus Robert, comb mr., 2 Brown's ct (N L) 
Ditzler F., stovemr., 27 Coates 
Ditzler John, combmr., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Diver Edw., lab.. Beach ab Locust 
Diver John, tailor, rear Willow bel 8th 
Diver John, huckster, 6th bel Little Poplar 
Diver John, cordw., Sch 7th ab Chestnut 
Diver Joseph, gent.,- 208 Mulberry. 
Diver Joseph P., 185 Cherry 
Divers J., tinsmitli, Hig'h bet Sch 6th &. 7th 
Dlvin John, tavern, 83 S 5th. 
Divin Mary, dry goods. Queen ab Shackamaxon . 

Divine John, confect., Sch 5th and Filbert 
Divine John, carter, 12 Juniper la 
Divine Mackey, manuf., M'Ouffie n Sch 3rd 
Divine Owen, lab., 13 Callowhill 
Divine Wm., lab.. Mulberry n Sch 2d 
Divine Wm., wool manuf., M'Duffie st. ScK., h 

Spruce bel Sch 3rd 
Divvers John F., 11th n Wood 
Divvers John F., mer., 136 High, h 11th ab Vine 
Dix Eliza, 7 Gebbard 
Dix Isaac, watchmr., 104 Locust, h Washington 

ab 3d 
Dixcy Isaiah, pumpmr., Lombard n Sch. 6th 
Dixcy Jacob, pumpmr., Mary (Sch) 
Dixey Charles, carp., 439 N 5th 
Dixey Chas , lab., Esher's av 
Dixey Francis, tailor, 255 Sassafras 
Dixey Jonathan, carp.. Walnut (W P) 
Dixey Mary, widow, Fitzwater ab 7th 
Dixon Caleb J., house & sign painter, 46 N8th 
Dixon F. E., mer., 45 N wilt's 
Dixon H., brushmr., 124 N 2d 
Dixon Isaac, clock & watclimr., 150 Cedar, h 

Washington bel 4th 
Dixon James & Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead's pi. 
Dixon John, b. h., 9 Morgan 
Dixon Jolm, cooper, 9th ab Parrish 
Dixon Wm., gent., N E 6th and Spruce 
Doak John, grocer, 614 S 2d 
Doake David, blacksmith, Shippen bel 13th 
Doan Crawford, currier, 281 N 2d, h 120 rear 

Doan David, carp.. Carpenter ab 6th 
Doan George W., carpenter, 3 Union square. 
Doan Jonathan, carp., George ab Sch 8th, h St 

Joseph's av bel Sch 5th 
Doan Samuel, batter, rear 317 N 2d 
Doane Aaron, carp., N W c Barker and Sch 5th 
Dobbin Jandes, grocer, High W Schuylkill 4th. 




Dobbins Elizabeth, Juniper ab Locust. 

Dobbins H., tobacconist, 269 N 2d 

Dobbins John, tailor, G T i-oad & Jefferson (K) 

Dobbins Jolm, tobacconist, 231 S 2d 

Dobbins Zebedee, carp., 15 Ogden h Poplar ab 

Dobbyn William A., gent,, 193 Spruce 
Dobelbower Elizabeth, wid. of John H., West 

n Hanover 
Dobelbower John C, printer, Redwood (S) 
Dobelbower Lewis, printer, 53 Peny 
Dobelbower Lewis H. Jr., agent, 6 Concord 
Dobleman J. C, fringe nir., 86 N 2nd and 144 

Dobler Jacob C, 11 Dean 
Dobly Fred., susp. weav.. Elm bel Franklin(K) 
Dobson James, painter. Poplar ab 10th 
Dobson Jonathan, cordw., rear brook bel Brown 
Dobson Judah, gent., 475 Chestnut 
Dobson Rich., blacksm.,William and Benton(K) 
Dobson Samuel, millw., 54 Laurel (NL) 
Dobson Wm., ship carp., Rye ab Reed 
Dock Jacob, 276 High, h 2 S Penn sq 
Dockendorff Solomon, capt., 54 Mead al 
Dodd Ann, talloress, Parrish ab 13th 
Dodd George, carriages, 34 & 50 Dock 
Dodd Richard, grave digger, 527 High ■ 
Dodd S. H., cab. mr., 342 S 2nd 
Dodd Wm., omnibus driv., R road ab Girard av 
Dodge Danl. Rev., 462 N 4th 
Dodge Henry S., ladies' shoemr., 8 M road 
Dodge Nathan, carver, S E 5th & Walnut, h 240 

Dodge Samuel, glovemr., Schleisman's al 
Dodson Richard W., engraver, 27 Minor, h 234 

N 4th 
Dodson R.B.,atty., 40 S 6th, h 423 N 6th 
Doerr Chas., grocer. Poplar and New Market 
Doerr David, baker, 21 Lily al 
Doerr Rosina, baker, 60 Union 
Doessen Wm., lab.. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Doflein Philip, chaser, 84 N 5th 
Dohan Daniel, temperance grocer, N W 7th & 

Doherty Maiy, dry goods, 540 High 
Doherty William, mer. Chestnut and Front, h 

65 N 11th 
Doherty Wm., painterSc glazier, 4 Sharpless' ct 
Dohnei-t George W., wireworker, 104 N 6th, h 

Centre bel Parrish 
Dohnert John H., county treas., & marb. paper 

manuf.. Green ab Franklin and 21 St. James 
Dohnert Mai-ia C, shop, 6 Branch 
DOHNERT WILLIAM, White Bear, c 5th & 

Dolan Jas., coal dealer, Ashton bel Walnut 
Dolbow John, mariner, Perkenpine's ct 
Dolby Abraham, tavern, 361 High 
Dolby Harriet, Allen ab Shackamason (K) 
Dolby John, acct., 394 Coates 
Dolby Samuel, sea capt., 15 Powell 
Dolda Christian, carpet weaver, 163 Coates 
Dole Zacheus, tailor, 8 Wilson 
Dolfes Henry, ropemr, Clinton ab Norris (K) 
Doll Frederick, skin dresser, 385 N 3d 

Doll George, turner & toy store, 106 N 2d 
Doll George &. John, toys &. variety store, 106 

Doll John, toys, 106 N 2d, h 5 Harrison's ct 
Dolby John, jr., clerk, 396 Coates 
Dollard Richard, wigmr & hair cut. 177 Chestnut 
DollenburgDerrickH., shop, 5th & Jeflrerson(K) 
Dolman John M., gent., Sch. 3rd & MulbeiTy. 
Dolphin Geo. F., bonnet manuf., 273 S 2d 
Dolphin Rebecca, Biddle's al 
Doltan John, weaver, Hope ab Master 
Dolton John, waiter. Pearl ab 12th 
Doman J. M., carpenter, 133 Christian. 
Doman Robt. K., carp., 133 Christian 
Doman Thos., currier, Charlotte bel Franklin 
Dominguezo Francis, waiter, 134 Locust 
Dominique Chai'les, cabinet maker, S E Logan 

& Green 
Domsler George, saddler, Domsler's ct (K) 
Domsler Sarah, 195 G T road 
Donaghoe Bernard, weaver, rear G T road bel 

Donaghoe John, weaver, Jefferson bel Cadwal- 

Donaghue James, weaver, Milton ab 11th 
Donaghy James, coal agt.. Spruce ab Sch 4th 
Donaghy John, lab., Lombard ab Sch 2d 
Donaghy Michael, lab., rear Fitler bel Harrison 

Donaghy Matthias, lab., Sch 4th and Locust 
Donaghy Wm., lab., Sch 4th ab Spruce 
IJonahan Mich., lab., Carpenter ab 8th 
Donahue Ann, Carpenter ab 8th 
Donahue Bernard, dry g-oods, 28 N 13th 
Donahue Daniel, lab., 5 Willow ct 
Donahue Edw., variety, 191 Cedar 
Donahue George, lab., 6 Lloyd's ct 
Donahue James, manf., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Donahue James, fruit dealer, Cadwalader bel 

Donahue James, stables, 6 O Y road 
Donahue James, weav. Baker's ct (K) 
Donahue James, stone cut., Sch 3d bel Chestnut 
Donahue Jane, haird rresser, and fancy store, 110 

Donahue John, cordw., Allen ab F road (K) 
Donahue John, lab., Crans' ct 
Donahue John, grocer, G T road bel Master 
Donahue John S., cordw., 2d ab Laurel (K) 
Donahue Michael, lab., Fitler n 2d (K) 
Donahue Patrick, rear G T road bel Master (K) 
Donahue Patrick, weaver. Pink ab Master 
Donahue Patrick, dealer, G T road ab Master 
Donahue Patrick, blacksm.. Vine n Sch 8th 
Donahue PhiUp, cooper, Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Donahue R., atty. and coun., 60 S 6th 
Donahue Thomas, lab.. Division (F V) 
Donaliue Thomas, weaver, Cadwalader bel 

Donahue Wm., 4th bel Carpenter 
Donald David, cooper, 341 & 394 High " 
Donald John, painter, Morris bel Catharine 
Donald Mary, Broad ab Spruce 
Donalds Mary, dress mr., 84 N 5th 
Donaldson & Bros., mast yard, 61 Swanson 




Donaldson Jacob B., mast yard, 1st whf bel 

Abnond, (S) and Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Donaldson Eliza A., 193 Pine 
Donaldson Isaac, porter, 160 S 11th 
Doniddson Isaac, hatter, 11 Quarry 
Donaldson Jacob, mason, 16 Ogden 
Donaldson Jacob P., spar maker, Penn ab Mai- 
den (K) 
Donaldson John, agent, Lombard ab 12th 
Donaldson John, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Donaldson John, g'ent., Sch 8th & Spruce 
Donaldson Lydia, widow, 163 Christian 
Donaldson Maiy, Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Donaldson Mary, wid. of Wm. T., 25 German 
Donaldson Sarah R., gentw., 9th ab Washing-ton 
Donaldson Thos., 9 S Sch 7th 
Donaldson Joseph, hatter, 369 Callowhill 
Donath James A., att'y & coun., 8 S 7th, h 

Broad ab Pine 
Donath Mrs., Ill Spruce. 
Donavan Cornelius, lab., 3 Grape ct 
Donavan Daniel, lab., 1 Grape ct 
Donavan Dennis, lab., ct ab William (F M) 
Donavan Dennis, lab., 17 Clymer 
Donavan John, boot store, German & 5th 
Donavan Mary, 6 Franklin pi 
Donavan Richard, weaver, rear 211 St John 
Donavan Timothy, dealer, rear 125 Mulberry 
Doneg-an James, sizer, G Troad belPhctnix 
Doneg-an John, weaver, 422 N 4th (K) 
Donegan J., weaver, 4th bel Master 
Donehower Wm. H. sash mr., 388 High, h Cen- 

ti'e n 13 th 
Donelan Edw., lab., Sch 2d n Filbert 
Donelson Thos. J., 18^ Walnut, h 13 Sch 7th 
Donlan Jas., lab.. Barker E Sch 4tli 
Donlan Pat., lab., 3 Beaver's ct 
Donlan Thos., perfumer, 12 Cresson's al. 
Donley James, coal dealer, 14 Rittenhouse 
Donley Joseph P., seaman. Prime ab M road 
Donnagha E., nurse, 1 N 12th 
Donnagha Thos. E., cabmr., Sch 8th bel Cherry 
Donnahue Charles, blacksmith, 7th n Callowhill 
Donnahue Patrick, carpet weav., Philip ab Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Donnaldson David L., alderman, 2d & Washing- 
ton (K) 
Donnaldson John, secretaiy Phil. & Mutual Ins. 

Co., h 615 Spruce 
Donnaldson The Misses, teachers, 216 Walnut 
Donnally James, collector, 191 Brown (N L) 
Donnally John, painter, 191 Brown (N L) 
Donnally Peter, lab., 7th bel Federal 
Donnally Thos., II., bootmr., Rroad ab Broad 
Donnason Robert, carp, weav., Peny bel Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Donnell Franci.s, lab., 7 Lodge pi 
Donnell Jas. C, cashier Bank of Commerce, h 

138 Walnut 
Donnell John, weaver, 12 Gay's ct (K) 
Donnell Joseph, lab., Lombard n Sch 5th 
Donnell L. F. groc, S W Christian &. Swanson 
Donnell Robert, grocer, N W 8th and Walnut. 
Donnell Saml, lab., 7 Ulrich's row n 2d (K) 

Donnell Wm., carter, 1 Griswell's al 

Donnell Wm. O., tailor, CaUowhill ab William 

Donnelly & Boyle, tailors, 63 S ,5th 
Donnelly Catharine, 280 Cedar 
Donnelly Chas., weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Donnelly Charles, sllversm., 25 John 
Donnelly Daniel,' hack, 10 Laurel ct 
Donnelly Daniel, weaver, Shippen n Broad 
Donnelly David, lab.. Mariner st 
Donnelly Edward, weaver, G T road bel Jeffer- 
son" (K) 
Donnelly Eliza, N E 4th &, Tammany 
Donnelly Francis, lab. Wood ab Franklin 
Donnelly Frederick, vict., 6th ab Poplar 
Donnelly James, lab. Ashton n Pine 
Donnelly James, combmr., 62 Apple. 
Donnelly James, weaver, Murray n Sch 2d. 
Donnelly James, weav. rear G T road ab Master 
Donnelly James, draym., F road ab Master (K) 
Donnelly Jane, rear Charlotte ab Thompson 
Donnelly John, grocer, 70 Lombard 
Donnelly John, lab.. Christian ab 8th 
Donnelly John, matches, 20 Bank 
Donnelly John, stone cutter, Budd bel Juniper 
Donnelly John, weaver, Murray near Sch 3d 
Donnelly John, ostler, 20 Shriver's ct 
Donnelly John, match manf , Linden bel Front 
Donnelly John B., blacksmith, 20 Powell 
Donnelly Jos. P., pawnbroker, 280 Cedar. 
Donnelly Mary, milliner, 170 S 6th 
Donnelly Michael, cabman. Barker n Sch 6th 
Donnelly Michael, tailor, 63 S 5th, h 6th n Pine 
Donnelly & McManus, aucts., 161 N 3d 
Donnelly Nicholas, teacher, 15 Willing's al 
Donnelly Patrick, cabman, 4 Fisher's ct 
Donnelly Philip, weaver, Jefferson ab Cadwala- 
der (K) 
Donnelly Robt., lab., Marriott ab 5th 
Donnelly Thomas, dealer, 6 Salem al. 
Donnelly Thos., cutler. Woodlands (W P) 
Donnelly Thos. R., cordw.. Orchard bel Rawle 
Donnelly Wm., agent, rear Wood ab Broad 
Donnelly Wm., lab., 6 Kelly 
Donocho Thomas, dry goods, 38 N 8th 
Donoghue Charles, com. mer., 51 S Water 
Donoghue Dennis, tinsmith, 552 N 2d 
Donog-hue Henry, drayman, rear Carpenter ab 

Donoho Barney, bricklayer, 1 Diligent av 
Donoho T., plane manf, 166 N 4th, h Barker's 

ct (K) 
Donohow John, blacksm., 51 Queen 
Donohow Samuel, ladies' shoemr., 214 S 2nd 
Donohue Geo. W., bookseller, 18 N 5th, h 320 

Donohue Hugh, lab., rear Jefferson W Broad 
Donohue Jas., carter, 11th ab Cai-penter 
Donohue Mary, shop, Shippen ab 7th 
Donohue Patrick, lab.. Reed & Church 
Donovan Bart., spooler, 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Dooers William, taUor, 18 Magnolia 
Dooley Susan, Hallowell n 7th 
Doolittle David, lab., Queen bel Wood (K) 




Doran Alice, shop, 26 StrawbeiTy 

Doran Geo., morocco dress., Bedford 8t Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
Doran Henrietta, bandboxes, 5 Sheaff's al. 
Doran Hugli, storekr, S W Sch 8tli &. Sassafras 
Doran James, weaver, 33 W Cedar 
Doran John, lab., 29 D3'ott's ct 
Doran Joseph M., 245 S 3rd 
Doran Mary, Sliippen ab 12th 
Doran Mary, R road ab Ann. (F V) 
Doran Michael, lab., 33 W Cedar. 
Doran Owen, grocer, 254 Shippen 
Doran Patrick, Reed bel Church 
Doran Stephen, stone cutt., Sch 5th bel Barker 
Doran Wm., nail mr., 304 S 3d 
Doran Wm. B., tailor, 337 Vine 
Dore Robert N., carp., 6 Sommers' ct 
Doredore Bernard, chand., Washington (W P) 
Dorety Thomas, coachman, Crans' ct 
Dorey Henrietta, 128 S 12th 
Dorff Albert, tinsm., 77 W Callowhill 
Dorff Patrick, tin smith, 10 S 6th, h Sassafras ab 

Dorgan D., cabinetmr., 249 N 3rd 
Doriot Louis, confect,, 204 E Shippen 
Doris St. John O., com mer., 27 Minor 
Doriss James G., carpenter, 13th bel Callowhill, 

h Sp Garden bel 13th 
Doriss Terence, lab.. Filbert n Sch 3d 
Dorian John, carp., ShackamaxonbelBedford,K 
Dorman George, porter, 6 Library 
Dorman Howell, clerk, P. T. Bank, 155 Marshall 
Dorman John, weaver, rear G T road ab Master 
Dorn C. W., chaser, 136 Sassafras 
Dorn Philip, cordw., 509 N 3d 
Dornan Robert, weaver, 11 Lebanon 
Dornback Henry, weaver, F road bel Phcsnix 
Dornblasser Benj., lab., Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Dorney D. J., dancing academy, N E Callowhill 

& Marshall 
Dorney Eve, gentw., 8 Franklin 
Doron Chas., tailor, 11 Queen (K.) 
Doit Benjamin Rev. D. D., S E 13th and Mul- 
Doit Christian, carter. Young's al 
Dorr Henry, baker, Buttonwood bel 11th 
Don-ance Mar}', widow of David, Spruce ab Sch 

Dorsch John, b h, 54 Shippen 
Dorschiemer George L., baker, 25 N 7th 
Dorsey Augustus, clothes, 16| S 2d, h 22 Bar- 
Dorsey Benedict & Son, crockery ware, 125 N3d 
Dorsey Diana, washer., Blackberry al 
Dorsey Edward G., tailor, 207 Chestnut 
Dorsey Hugh, 51 Sp Garden 
Dorsey Jacob, lab., rear 49 Currant al 
Dorsey John, waterman, 34 Mead al 
Dorsey John, bottler, 8 Kelly 
Dorsey Mary, 32 N 9th. 
Dorsey Mary, 112 N Front 
Dorsey Monington, morocco finisher, 4th above 

Dorsey Nicholas, porter, 4 Pleasant av 
Dorsey Peter, marble polisher, 13 Myers' ct. 

Dorsey Robert, 27 Clinton 

Dorsey Stanton, mer. 125 N 3d, h 112 N Front 
Dorsey Thomas, waiter, 57 Currant al 
Dorsey William, mer., 125 N 3d, h 112 N Front 
Dorsey Wm. C, miller, Ann & Powell 
Dorson Richd. carter. Filbert n Sch 3d 
Dorton John, butcher, Montgomery bel 2nd (K) 
Doster Michael, jew. & spec, manf., 155 St John 
Dotger Casper, Poplar ab 8th 
Dothard Cath. wid. 165 Christian 
Dott Jacob, lab, Mary n F road (K) 
Dotterer Charles, currier. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dotterer James, currier. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dottrow Maria, shop, G T road ab Camac (K) 
Dotts Mary, b h, 193 Green 
Doud Francis, weaver. 12th ab Cedar 
DoudHemy, weav. Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Dougherty Alex., brickmr., George n Sch 2d 
Dougherty Alex., ostler, 5 Marshall's ct 
Dougherty Alex. E. 439 Walnut ' 
Dougherty Andrew, mason, Bedford ab'6th 
Dougherty Charles, lab. Pearl n Sch 
Dougherty Charles, spinner. Quarry row (F M) 
Dougherty Charles, weaver, Sch 3d bel Locust 
Dougherty Cornelius, weaver, 3 W Cedar 
Dougherty Daniel, omnibus. Vine and Nixon 
Dougherty Daniel, carp., 16 Vine 
Dougherty Daniel, lab., 17 Perry (K) 
Dougherty Daniel, b h, S W 6th 8c St. Marj'. 
Dougherty Daniel, currier, rear 195 Noble 
Dougherty Daniel, lab. Pearl W Sch 7th 
Dougherty Dominick, weaver. Spruce ab Sch. 

Dougherty Edw., cordw.. Pine bel Sch. Willow 
Dougherty Elizabeth, milliner, 2 Filbert 
Dougherty Elizabeth, gentw. rear 464 N 2d 
Dougherty George, ostler, rear 198 Cedar 
Dougherty Geo. W. steamboat capt. George n 

Dougherty Henrj', confect. 10 Garden 
Dougherty Henry, cabman, 2 Monroe ct 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. 15 Griswold al 
Dougherty Hugh, waterman, rear Mai'riott bel 


Dougherty Hugh, biscuit baker, rear 464 N 2d 
Dougherty Hugh, tailor, 253 S 5th. 
Dougherty Hugh, cordw. Brown bel 10th 
Dougherty H., Willow bel 12th 
Dougherty H. tailor, 23 Mayland 
Dougherty Isaac, engin. George n Beach 
Dougherty James, hat dyer, 9th bel Carpenter 
Dougherty James, tobacconist, 46^ Walnut 
Dougherty Jas., brickmr., Sch 5th bel Lom- 

Dougherty James, labourer, 225 Shippen. 
Dougherty James, tobacconist, German bel 4th 
Dougherty James, carpet weaver. Baker's ct 
Dougherty James, carp. Wistar's ct 
Dougherty Jane, 8th & Carpenter 
Dougherty John, lab., 8 Scott's ct 
Dougherty John, lumber mer. Beach ab Poplar 

Dougherty John, lab. 5 Miller's ct 
Dougherty John, weaver, Milton ab 11th 
Dougherty John, turner. Beach bel Palmer. 




Dougherty John, tavern, G T road n 3d 
Dougherty John, shoemr.. Wood n Sch. 2d 
Dougherty John, labourer, 4 Vaux's ct 
Dougherty John, grocer, 325 High, h 12 S 8th 
Dougherty John, cordw. Green's ct (N L) 
Dougherty John, gi'ocer, 186 Lombard 
Dougherty John, grave digger. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dougherty John, iron founder, 31 Farmer, 
Dougherty John A., distiller, S W 2nd 8c Poplar. 
Dougherty J oseph, messenger, 22 Wash. Mar- 
ket pi 
Dougherty Joseph, lumber, 62 New Market 
Dougherty Lewis, bricklayer, Brown ab 4th 
Dougherty 8c McCall, iron founders, 31 Farmer 
Dougherty Mary, grocer, 189 S Front 
Dougherty Maiy, shop, 22 Spafford 
Dougherty Mich., lab., 5th n G T road (K) 
Dougherty Mich., weav. Peny ab Phoenix (K) 
Dougherty Michael, lab. St Mary 
Dougherty Neal, cabman, rear 5 Quarry 
Dougherty Neill, grocer, 3d & Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Patrick, dealer, Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Dougherty Patrick, lab.. Willow n Lombard. 
Dougherty Patrick, tavern, S W 5th & Small 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Shippenab 13th 
Dougherty Philip, Shippen ab 7th 
Dougherty Rachel, shop, Mark's la 
Dougherty Robert, lab.. Small bel 6th 
Dougherty Robert, clothes dealer, 272 Cedar. 
Dougherty Robert, steamboat captain, George n 

Dougherty R & J. grocers, 388 N 2d 
Dougherty Susan, gentw., 105 Filbert. 
Dougherty Thomas, tavern, 139 Beach (K) 
Dougherty Thomas, carter, 135 N Water 
Dougherty Wm. blacksm., 32 Elizabeth 
Dougherty Wm. brickmr., Sch 3d bel Chestnut 
Dougherty Wm. brand cutter, rear 115 N 2d 
Dougherty William, tavern, 289 Vine. 
Dougherty Wm., c Vine and Nixon 
Dougherty Wm., coachman, 269 Spruce 
Dougherty Wm., grocer, 325 High 
Dougherty Wm., umbrella, 129 Marlboro' bel 

Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Wm., carp., 7th bel Cai-penter 
Dougherty W. & J. grocers, 325 High 
Doughten Amanda, 200 Shippen 
Doughty James H. & Co. publishers, 8 Minor 
Doughty James H., publisher, 8 Minor, h 10th 

bel Cedar 
Doughty John, pickl. & preserver, 72 Fltzwater 
Douglass Aaron, lab., Apple bel George 
Douglass Catharine, widow of James, confec, 

Marlboro' ab Bedford (K) 
Douglass Henry G., R road and Wood 
Douglass Jacob, capt., 64 New 
Douglass Jacob M. Rev., 378 Coates 
Douglass James, hotel, 46 N 6th. 
Douglass James, blacksmith, 13th ab WiUow 
Douglass John, weaver, Mariner 
Douglass John, tobacconist, 128 Sassafras 
Douglass John, shop, Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Douglass John, cordwainer, 33 Peny. 
Douglass John, weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
Douglass John B., cooper, 5 Swanson's ct 

Douglass John C, cordwainer, 121 S 11th 
Douglass John I., Washington H., Swanson and 

Douglass John J. N., dep. proth'y , Sch 5th bel 

Douglass John R, cordw. 427 Chestnut, h So 

Douglass Josiah, waterm., 2 Lancaster 
Douglass Lydia, 131 S 11th 
Douglass Mary, 1 Hickory ct 
Douglass Orson Rev., 33 Lombard 
Douglass Peter, brushmr., Callowhill n Sch 8th 
Douglass Robert, sr. hair dresser, 54 Mulberry. 
Douglass Robert, jr., sign painter, 54 Mulberry. 
Douglass Samuel C, sailmr., 16 Federal 
Douglass Sarah, b. h., 43 Zane 
Douglass Sarah M., teacher, rear 49 N7th, h 54 

Douglass Thomas, lab. rear 5th n G T road 
Douglass WiUiam, lab., 2 Leyden's ct 
Douglass Wm., Rev., 243 Spruce 
Douglass Wm. M. lab. Pearl ab 12th 
Douglass W. E., carp. Sch Water and Lombard 
Doul James, watchmr., S E 4th and Spruce 
Dounton James C, grocery, S W Juniper and 

Douredoure B., chandler, 209 S 2d, h 255- S 

Douty Morris, sliip carp., Franklin ab Palmer 

Dove John S., tobacconist, N E Front & Cedar 
Dover Eliza, dressmr. Queen n Crown 
Dover Francis, tailor, 304 St John 
Dow John, painter, 29 N 7th, h S E Sch 5th & 

Dow P., machinist, 9 George, h 14 Powell 
Dowd Henry, weaver, Chai-lotte ab Thompson 
Dowden Susan M., 125 Callowhill 
Dowden Thos J., 125 Callowhill 
Dowdle Samuel, turner. Union ab Bedford (K) 
Dowell Catharine, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Dowell Elizabeth, 300 Cherry 
Dowell George G., silversmith, 112 Chestnut, 

h 14 Noble 
Dowell Wm. wigmr. 215 Chestnut 
Dowler Elizabeth, store, N W 11th and Coates 
Dowler Jacob, pottery, 9th bel Coates 
Dowling Edward, bricklayer, 12 Perry 
Dowling Edward, plasterer, 14 Wagner's al 
Dowling John, plasterer, 1 6 Wagner's al 
Dowling John, gent. 286 S 6th. 
Dowling Joseph, combmr., Parrish ab 6tli 
Dowling Matthew, Clay n Sch Willow 
Down George, b h., 6 Penn 
Downer Chas. weigh. 6^ N whfs. h 144 Sassafras 
Downer George, clerk, 101 Catharine 
Downey Alex, weavei-, Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Downey David D., barkeeper, Sch 4th bel Bar- 
Downey George, baker, G T road ab Phoenix 
Downey George, potter, Sch 8th n Rail Road 
Downey James, lab., Jones n Sch 5th 
Downey John, shop. Rose ab School 
Downey John, chandler, Sliippen bel Broad 
Downey John, glass blower, Duke ab Cherry (K) 




Downey John A., g-ilder, Lane's ct 
Downey Patrick, grocer, Shippen & Spafford 
Downey Sarah, gentw., Clark and 4th 
Downey Wilson, stevedore. Poplar st 
Downie Sarah, 12 Rug-an st 
Downie Wm., millwright, School ab Rose 
Downie Wm., conf., Vine ab 12th 
Downing Catharine, grocer, 3 Elizabeth 
Downing C. A.., dressmr., 89 Charlotte above 

Downing Daniel, shop, Shippen ab Lisle 
Downing Delia, dry goods, 129 S 8th 
Downing Hugh, western telegraph office 
Downing James, carp., Raspberry la 
Downing Jas., carpet weaver, Marlbo. bel West 

Downing James, blacksmith, 269 Wood 
Downing Jane C. 6 Freed's av 
Downing John, dyer, 4th bel Franklin 
Downing John, lab. rear 403 S 4th 
Downing John W., coal, 21 Chestnut, h 251 

Downing J. W., com. mer., 6 Walnut, h 284 

Downing Levi, 37 Currant al 
Downing Mrs., wid., Sch 8th n Cherry 
Downing Richard H., mer., Sch 7th & High 
Downing Thomas, porter, rear 196 Cherry 
Downing Thomas, gent., Washington bel 4th 
Downs Andrew, weaver, St Andrew's ct 
Downs Elias, pedlar, 105 Swanson 
Downs Furman, brushmr., 31 Margaretta, h 9 

Wagner's ct 
Downs H., lab., 8th bel Lombard 
i)owns Jackson, hatter, 324 Vine 
Downs John, bottler, 89 Crown, 
Downs John, carpenter, 448 N 4th 
Downs Margaret, botanic store, 448 N 4th 
Downs Thomas, boots and shoes, 499 Mulberry 
Doyle Edwd., carrier, George ab Broad 
Doyle Eliza, milliner, 210 Walnut 
Doyle George, bricklayer, 58 M road 
Doyle Hugh, mer., 35 N 3d, h 137 N 10th. 
Doyle James, furniture, 124 Cedar. 
Doyle James, lab., 73 N Water 
Doyle John C, clerk, 9 Prune 
Doyle John C, moulder. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Doyle Joshua, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
DOYLE & McNEELY, leather mers., 35 N 3d, 

factory 4th and Franklin, 
Doyle Michael, hatter, 301 S Front 
Doyle Michael, dealer, Dutch ct 
Doyle Michael, lab., 7 Dilk's ct 
Doyle Michael, dealer, 100 Plum 
Doyle Morgan, music store, 126 Cedar 
Doyle Peter, 273 Wood ab 13th 
Doyle Peter, seaman, Front ab Reed 
Doyle Peter, weaver, Otter bel William (K) 
Doyle Robert, lab., 2 John's ct 
Doyle Thomas, acct., George ab Broad 
Doyle Thomas, painter. Carpenter ab 9th, h 167 

Doyle W illiam, printer, 58 Moyamensing road 
Doyle Wm., clerk, 14 Benton 
Doyle Wm, T,, stone mason, Lewis ab Poplar 

Doylton John, weaver, Hope ab Master 

Drain Patrick, lab. Sch Front & Chestnut 

Drain Samuel, roof slater, rear 512 N Front 

Drais Wm., brushmr., 71 N 6th 

Drais Wm. P., brushmr., 291 High 

Drake Isa., engraver, 212 Noble 

Drake James, machinist, Sch 2d ab Lombard 

Drake John, lab. Carlton n Sch 2d 

Drake John C, dry goods, 235 N 3d, h 217 

Drake Jno. C. & Co., dry goods, 235 N 3d 
Drake John L., shoe manuf., 68 N 3d, h 97 St 

Drake Misses, teachers, Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Drake Mrs. B., dressmr., 243 Wood 
Drake Samuel, cordw., Jackson (N L) 
Drake Thomas, manufacturer, M'Dufiie n Sch 

2d, h Sch 6th & Locust 
Drake Thomas J., lab.. Wood ab Nixon 
Drane Arch., mariner, rear Church bel Chris- 
Drane Wm. L., printer, 115 Lombard 
Draper A. C, M. D., 91 W Callowhill 
Draper Charles, lab. 16 Apple 
Draper Charles, lab.. Pearl bel 13th. 
DRAPER &. Co., bank note engravers, 60 

Draper Elias, coachman, 18 Prosperous al 
DRAPER F-» math, 8c opt. instrument mr., 25 

Pear nSrd 
Draper John, waiter, 1 Elizabeth 
Draper Milby, lab.. Pearl ab 12th 
Draper Robert, engraver, 60 Walnut, h 100 S 3d 
Draper Solomon, waiter. Barley n 11th 
Draper Wm. engraver, 60 Walnut, h 100 S 3d 
Draper Wm., barber, 175 S 2nd, h Barley n 

Draper Wm., carp., Vine n Crown, h Ogden 

bel 10th 
Drayton Daniel, waterman, Washington av bel 

Drayton Joseph, 42 S 5th 
Drayton W. H. att'y and coun., 152 Walnut, h 

13 Portico sq 
Dreby C, cooper, 233 High and 244 N 2nd 
Dredger Christian, baker, 381 S Front 
Dreer Ferdinand J., jeweller, rear 115 Chest- 
nut, h Sch 7th ab Spruce 
DREER & HAYES, jewellers, rear 115 Chest- 
DREER HENRY A., seedsman, 97 Chestnut 
Dreger John, skin dresser, 9 Young's al 
Dreher Michael, cordw., G T road ab 2d 
Dreisbach Henry, stonecutter, 31 Crown. 
Dreke Lewis, cab. mr., 152 S 4th 
Dreser Wm., lithographer, 24 Pear 
Dressier Frederick B., coach lace weaver, 540 

2d ab Beaver (K) 
Dressier F. J., hair plaiter, 47 S 2nd 
Dressier John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Frankiia 
Drew Ann, 54 Queen. 
Drew Catharine, conf., 13th & Pearl 
Drew Henry, lab., 34 Plum 
Dresel A. J., broker, 34 S 3d 
Drexel & Co., ex. brokers, 34 S 3d 




DREXEL FRANCIS M. broker, 34 S 3rd, Ix 506 

Chestnut n Sch 6th 
Drcxel F. A., broker, 34 S 3d 
Dreyfous Rebecca, 120 S 7th 
Drinker Sandwith, sea capt., 31 Clinton 
Drinkhouse Aaron, cabman, 20 Benton 
Drinkhouse Geo. tinsmith, 265 S 5th, h 35 Paul 
Drinkhouse Jacob, coal dealer, 1 N 6th, and 

Broad bel Lombard, h 106 N Juniper 
Drinkhouse Wm., tinsm, 58 Cedar, h 480 S Front 
Dripps Matthew, collector. Poplar ab 13th 
Drips David, oil cloth manuf., 523 Coates 
Drips Joseph, weaver, 678 N 2d 
DriscoU Dennis, clerk, 6 Howard av 
Driver Adam, 166 Locust 
Driver Joshua, carpenter, 383 Sassafi-as 
Driver Samuel, buttonmr.. Sweeny's ct 
Droge John, harness mr., 77 S 11th 
Droge Wm., waiter, 20 Quince 
Dromon Christian, farmer, Shackamaxon n 

Queen (K) 
Dropsie Ann, 454 N 3d. 
Dropsie M. A., watchmaker, 57 N 3d 
Drouin Felix, ed. Gazette Francaise, 26 S 12th 
Drown Thomas P., acct., 3d and Spruce 
DROWN WM. A., umbrellas, 86 Hi.^h, h 139 

Droz Hannah, watchmaker, 118 Walnut. 
DRUCHER LEVY, dry goods, 5 Bank 
Druding Fran., jewelry. Young's ct 
Drum Conrad, pork inspector. Nectarine above 

Drum David vict., 8th ab Noble 
Drum Eliza, wld.. Cherry bet Sch 7th and Geb- 

Drum Francis, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Drum John, victualler, 9th ab Noble 
Drum John, victualler. Brown ab 13tli 
Drum William, victualler, 302 N 8th. 
Drumel Philip, cordw., Hinckle's ct 
Drummond Ann M., 10 Watson's alley 
Drummond Fanny, wid., Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Drummond H. B., Mrs., b h, 176 S 3d 
Drummond James, weaver. Crown ab I'Juke (K) 
Drummond Joseph, barber, 10 Watson's al 
Drummond Lewis, shoemr., 17 S 2d, h Dean's 

Drury Patrick, cordw., Mamott bel 6th 
Dryburgh A., florist, S W Sch. 4th & Sassafras. 
Dryden Wm. blacksmith, 2d bel Federal 
Drysdale William, watches 8c jewellery, Walnut 

ab 3d, h 31 Powell 
Dua Andrew P. seaman, 21 Mead 
Duane Richard B., Walnut n Sch 7th 
Duane William, attorney at law, 138 & h 228 

Duane Wm. J., office 138 Walnut, h Walnut bet 

Sch 6th and 7th 
Dubasce Edward, jeweller, 7th n Carpenter 
Dubascc George, ropcmr., Clare st 
Dubasce Susanna, 8th and Christian 
Dubassce John, ropemr., 8th & Christian 
Dubois Alex., combmaker, 126 Charlotte. 
Dubois Bcnj., hat presser, rear Nectarine ab 9th 
Dubois Ephraim F., watchman, 18 Maa-ion 

Dubois Joseph A., confect., 306 N 2d 

Dubois Maria, milliner, 159 S 2nd. 

Dubois & Newkirk, confect., 306 N 2d 

Dubois Samuel C, bootmr., 3 Jefferson 

Dubois Thomas, 247 N Front 

Dubois Wm., ass. assayerU. S. M., h 133 N 13th 

Dubois Wm,, lab., rear 162 Carpenter 

Dubois Wm. boarding, 186 N 5th 

Dubois Zacheus, comb mr., Ogden bel 10th 

Duborrow Parker, lab., Carlton bel Sch 8th 

DUBOSQ, CARROW 8t Co., jewellers, 5 Bank 

Dubosq Francis P., jeweller, 5 Bank alley, h 162 

Dubosq George, jeweller, 3d ab Catharine 
Dubosq Henry, jeweller, 2^ Bank al., h 124 

DUBOSQ H. 8c W., silversms., 24 Bank al 
Dubosq Mary, gentw., 19 Lombard 
Dubosq Peter, jeweller, 60 Christian 
Dubosq Philip L. jeweller, 337 S 3d 
Dubosq Theo., jeweller, 76 N 2d. 
Dubosq Wm. A., pencilmr., 2J Bank al., h 

Swanson bel Christian 
Du Bouchette C. Auguste, French teacher, 58i^ 

N 6th, h 216 S 4th 
Dubourg John, trimming store. High bet Sch 

Front 8c Ashton 
Dubree Alex. L., brassfounder, rear 21 Castle 
Dubree John, carter, 321 N 3d 
DUBS SAMUEL R., M.D, 354 Chestnut 
Ducachet Henry W., D. D., 8 Girard. • 
Ducasse Francis, tobacconist, 12th bel Parrlsh 
Ducher Thomas, gardener, 17 Pratt 
Duchesne Louis C, port, painter, 113 Chestnut 
Duckett A., acct., 5 Zane 
Duckett 8c Bowman, paper and rags, 15 Com- 
Duckett Joseph H., mer., 15 Commerce, h 425 

Duckstein Wm. coachmr. 5 Hoffman's al 
Duckworth A.mos, oysters, Washington av, 11th 
Ducommun H., clock Sc watchmr. h 127 N 3d 
Dudding Esther, b h, 362 N Front 
Duddy Bernard, type founder, Catharine bel 9th 
Duddy John, coachman, St Mary ab 6th 
Duddy Michael, shop, Lombard bel 12th 
Duddy Wm., varnisher, Chatham ab 8th 
Dudgeon John, cordw., 138 N 13th. 
Dudichum Christ'n, cabin etmr. 309 St John (K) 
Dudley Geo., manuf., 461 N 3d 
Dudley Jacob, carp.. Otter n School (K) 
Dudreau J., gent., 22 Griswold al 
Dudson Saml. machinist, 3d bel Thonripson (K) 
Duey David, hatter. Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Duey Wm., hatter, 13th bel Buttonwood 
Duff Christopher, lab., 17 Washington (C) 
Duff Edward, mer., 35 N whfs., h 8 Powell 
Duff John B., carp., Monroe bel Cherry (K) 
Duff John L. clerk. Queen bel Palmer 
Duff Sanuiel, stove finis'.ier, 2 Rachel's row 
Duff Thos., weaver, rear Fi-ont ab Phoenix (K) 
Duff Wm., carp., rear 11 Bonsall 
Duff Wm. A., acct., 238 N 13th 
Duffee Barney, lab., 12 Spafford 




Duffee Eiig-ene, bootmr., 247 S 2d 

DUFFEE F. H., broker, 7 S 3d, h S W 6th 8c 

Duffee Wm., copper pi. pr., 4th and Christian 
Duffee Wm., shoemr., F M 
Duffee W. J., M. D., 307 S 8th 
Duffel James, shoemr., Prime ab 2d 
Duffel Luke W. shoemr., 4 Somer's ct 
Duffield Chas., wheelwright, Hanover ab Fi'ank- 

lin (K) 
Duffiield Joseph, cordw., Hanover ab Fi'anklln 
Duffield Robert, bottler, 46 Tammany 
Duffield Thomas, carpenter, Union ab Frank 

lin (K) 
Duffin Joseph, weaver, Jefferson bel G T road 
Duffins John, coachman, 355 Lombard. 
Duffy Arthur, tailor. High W Sch 8th 
Duffy Arthur, lab., M'Closkey's ct 
Duffy Charles, dry goods, 17 S 11th 
Duffy Edward, tallow chandler, 44 Filbert. 
Duffy Edward, lab., Sch Front ab Filbert 
Duffy Edward, lab., Mulberry n Sch 8th 
DUFFY FRANCIS, stables, 180 Locust 
Duffy George W., hatter, 147 Chestnut, h 135 

O Y road 
Duffy & Flickey, painters, 72 Chestnut 
Duffv Hugh, glass blower, Vienna ab Franklin 

Duffy Hugh B., hat dyer, 110 New Market 
Duffy James, oysters, 8 N 13th 
Duffy James, weaver, 13th ab Catharine 
Duffy James P., math, instruments, 91 S 8th 
Duffy John, printer. Reef & Wheat 
Duffy John, lab., 20 Vine 
Duffy John, carter, Sassafras n Sch 3d 
Duffy John, lab.. Beach bel Chestnut 
Duffy John, lab., Caldwell n Beach 
Duffy John, tailor, S E Front & Sassafras, h 14 

Duffy Michael, porter, 19 Jones' al. 
Duffy Patrick, lab., 1 Melon pi 
Duffy Patrick, grocer, 76 Locust 
Duffy Patrick, 9 Dannaker's- av 
Duffy Roger, dyer, 43 Coates al 
Duffy Wm., printer, 30 Lebanon 
Duffy Wm., lab.. Mechanic bel Geoi'ge 
Duffy Wm., painter, 70 Chestnut, h 30 Lebanon 
Duffy William, porter, Jones st W of Sch 6th 
Duflon & Fassitt, mers., 53 High 
Duflon P. v., mer., 53 High, h N E Sch 8th and 

Dufour George, mer., 28 Walnut, h 63 S 7th 
Dufrene T. W., artist, S W 10th & Chestnut 
Dugan Edward, lab., Bedford bel 8th 
Dugan Hugh, weaver, 9th bel Christian 
Dugan James, bottler. Master ab Cadwalader 
Dugan James, lab., Hope ab Phoenix 
Dugan John, weaver, Fitlern2d(K) 
Dugan Joseph J., druggist. Cedar ab 12th 
Dugan Margt., Jefferson ab Broad 
Dugan Michael, rear Quigg's ct (S) 
Dugan Mrs. Mary, 36 St John 
Dugan Patrick, carter, 17 Baker st 
Dugan Peter, gent., 345 Pine 
Dugan Rosa, 11 Hampton 

Dugan Sarah, Shippen ab 12th 

Dugan Thomas, broker, 31 Jacoby 

Dugan Timothy, weaver, 9 Ulrick's row (K) 

Dugan Wm., carter. Pink ab Master (K) 

Dugan Wm. W., painter, 175 Chestnut, h 282 

Dugee Rachel, wid. of John, 53 Apple 
Duggin Patrick, cabman, 30 Strawberry 
Duhamel Augustine J. L., druggist, N E 11th 

and Walnut 
Duhamel A. G., clerk, 20 Prune 
Duhring George, M. D., 134J Mulbeny. 
Duhring Henry, coach lace, &.c. 22 N4th, h 167 

N 6th 
Duke Anthony G., cordw., 12th ab Vine 
Duke Thomas, painter, 3 Sailor's ct 
[Dukeman Wm., tobacco, S E Penn &. Cedar 
Dukes Ann, trimmings, 67 Christian 
Dull Anthon)^, raanuf., 189 Brown 
Dull Charles, paper warehouse, 8 Decatur, h 

Mantua village 
Dull Christian, drayman, Front bel Master 
Dull George, tavern, 440 N 2nd. 
Dull Jacob, blacksm.. Poplar &. Elizabeth 
Dull Jacob, blacksm., 30 Harmony ct 
Dull James, draj'man. Crown n West. (Iv) 
Dull Valentine, cart., Thompson ab 4th (K) 
DULLES & AERTSEN, commission mers., 8 S 

Dulles Jos. H., mer., 8 S Front, h 159 S 9th 
Dulles J. H., jr., mer., S E Water & Walnut 
Duhng Wm., tailor, 4 Spragg's av 
Dulty & Johns, boots and bonnets, 98 High 
Dulty Wm., mer., 98 High, h 9 City Row 
Dumar Manuel, shop, 150 Shippen 
Dumas G. B., mer , 138 High 
Dumec John F., cabinetmaker, P road bel Fitz- 

Du Monlin Augustus, carver, rear 108 S 3d 
Dumont Augustus, lab., 3 Marshall 
Dumont A. J., book-keeper, 269 N 5th 
Dumoutet Jane,gentw., 102 N 11th. 
Dumphy Elizabeth, huckster, 1 Haffman's al 
Dunan Geo., weaver, rear Locust n Beach 
Dunbar Alexander, lab., Marriott bel 6th 
Dunbar Elon, mer., 22 Chestnut, h 104 S 9th 
Dunbar Morris, carpenter, 13th & Brown 
Dunbar Wm., blacksmith. Prime ab Fi'ont 
Duncan Alexander B., cabinetmr., 70 S 12th 
Duncan C, warper, Hamilton n Fair Mount st 
Duncan David, coal agent, Shackamaxon n Bed- 
ford (K) 
Duncan Esther, P road bel Marriott's la 
Duncan George, cabinetmr., St George's ct 
Duncan George W., clerk, 5th bel Franklin 
Duncan James J., & Co., hardware, 177^ High 
Duncan James J., mer. 1772 High, h 20 N 7th 
Duncan Joseph, drayman, Beacli st 
Duncan John, collector, 16 Filbert 
Duncan J., sea stores, ^'2> S wharves 
Duncan Louisa, Mrs., Chestnut n Broad 
Duncan Mary, milliner. High ab Sch 5th 
Duncan Moses, lab., Juniper and Pine 
Duncan Noah, carp., 212 S 4th 
Duncan T., carpenter. High n Sch. 5th. 




Duncan Wm., dry goods, Front bet Chestnut & 

Market, h 479 Chestnut 
Dundas James, paver, F roadab Phosnix 
Dundas James, president commercial bank, h 

N E Broad and Walnut 
Dunfee Saml., turner, rear 127 Noble 
Dunfee Thos., shop, Callowhill ab Sch 3d 
Dungan Ann, trimmings, 167 N 4th 
Dungan Chas. L., druggist, N E 12th & Filbert 
Dungan C. B., register and sec. N L Gas Works, 

h 330 N 6th 
Dungan James, pedler, Orange bel Citron 
Dungan Jesse, cordw., Marlboro' bel Duke (K) 
Dungan John, real est. broker, 100 S Front 
Dungan John, clerk, 80 Green 
Dungan John, blacksm., rear 187 Coates 
Dungan John A., clerk, Craig's ct (K) 
Dungan Mahlon, gent., G T road ab Otter 
Dungan Pugh, tavern, 181 O Y road 
Dungan Robert W., druggist, 69 N Front, h 15 

DUNGAN & SON, tavern, 237 N 3d 
Dungan Thomas, cordw., 138 Buttonwood 
Dungan Thomas M., carp.. Phoenix bel G T road 
Dungey Wm., shop, 167 N 12th 
Dunglison Robley, M. D., 109 S 10th 
Dungworth Samuel, cutter, Shackamaxon bel 

Dunham Albert, clerk, Franklin ab Green 
Dunham Charles, waterman, 6 Gilbert's ct 
Dunham James, oyster house, 23 N whfs 
Dunham Jno. sliip master, 152 Queen 
Dunham Thomas, tobacconist, 4 Orchard 
Dunkerley Ann, dressmaker, 10th ab Willow. 
Dunkerley Geo. watch casemr. 10th ab Willow 
Dunlap &. Grossman, silk mers., 123 High 
Dunlap James, mer., 14 S Front, h 70 N 11th 
Dunlap James, lab.. Wood bel Broad 
Dunlap James, carp., James ab Charles 
Dunlap Jas., weaver, 8 Little Green (K) 
Dunlap James, carp., Dickerson's ct 
Dunlap Jas., shop, S 9th bel South 
Dunlap Jas., white smith, rear Apple ab George 
Dunlap Jefferson, cabmr., 8 S 10th 
Dunlap John, car driver, 29 Pratt 
Dunlap J. &. S. dry goods, 14 S Front 
Dunlap John, tailor, 2d ab Phoenix (K) 
Dunlap Mary, huckster, 201 Callowhill 
Dunlap Mary, rear O Y road ab Tammany 
Dunlap Misses, fancy milliners, 16 N 10th 
Dunlap R., Filbert n Sch. 6th 
Dunlap Sallows, mer., 14 S Front, h 154 N 5th 
DUNLAP SARAH, City Hotel, 41 N 3d 
DUNLAP THOMAS, atty. & coun., 88 S 4th 
Dunlap Thomas, sexton, George ab Sch 7th 
Dunlap William, coachmr., 169 N 5tb, h N W 

5th and Willow 
Dunlap William H., mer., 123 High, h 76 AVood 
Dunlevy George, porter, 42 Carpenter (C) 
Dunlevy Robert, silver smith, Libraiy, h 95 But- 
Dunlevy Sarah, 85 M road. 
Dunlevy & Wise, silversmiths, 20 Library 
Dunn Andrew, James st &. R road 
Dunn Charles C, mer., Filbert W of Sch 7th 

Dunn Cyrena, b. h., 91 New 

Dunn Edward P., bookbinder, George bel Apple 

Dunn Eleanor, 36 Chatham 

Dunn Ehza, b h, 331 N 3d 

Dunn Gottlieb, vict., Carroll ab 13th 

Dunn Gotlieb, vict., 5th bel Camac (K) 

Dunn James, carpet weaver, 6th ab Master 

Dunn James, lab., Sch Beach ab Spruce 

Dunn James, brickmr. Cedar n Sch 2d 

Dunn James, weaver, Murray 

Dunn James, lab., Milton ab 11th 

Dunn Jas. W., printer, 4 Thorn's ct 

Dunn Jeremiah, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson (K) 

Dunn Jeremiah, weaver. School ab Rose (K) 

Dunn John, blacksm., Perkenpine's ct 

Dunn Margaret, 112 S I2th 

Dunn Margaret, boots & shoes, 362 High 

Dunn Mary, 121 Plum 

Dunn Mary, 2 Swain's ct 

Dunn Matthew, labourer, 315 S 6th. 

Dunn Michael, clerk, 7 Elmslie's al. 

Dunn Neal, lab., Senneff's ct 

Dunn Patrick, shoemaker, 5 McKean's ct. 

Dunn Robert, blacksmith, 10th bel Catharine 

Dunn Sarah, 54 Almond 

Dunn Thomas, laborer, Sch 6th and Ann 

Dunn Thos., waterman, Lily al 

Dunn Wm., weaver, Lombard ab Sch 2d 

Dunn Wm., iron mould., Paul bel 7th 

Dunn Wm. H., att'y, 75 S 6th 

Dunnacliff Hugh, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d (K) 

Dunnet John, carp., Parrish bel 10th 

Dunnicliffe Abraham, weaver, Brinton. 

Dunnot Chas., carp., 114 Dillwyn 

Dunott Justus, M. D., 155 Pine 

Dunphey Marg., gent., 100 Poplar 

Dunsford Joseph, bookbinder, 5 Rugan 

Dunsmoor Henry, lab., rear Barker E of Sch 4th 

Dunsmoor Samuel, lab., 6 Richard 

Dunston John, confectionary &. b h, 150 Spruce 

Dunton George, captain, 30 Green. 

Dunton Jacob jr., 114 Lombard 

Dunton Jacob, 58 Pine 

Dunton John L., sea captain, 62 Tammany 

Dunton Maiy, wid. of Isaac, 130 S 8th 

Dunton, carp., 3 Myers' ct 

Dunton Wilson, mer., 156 High 

Dunwoody Ruth, 163 Sassafras. 

Dupen Francis, shoemr., 5 S 13th 

Duplaine B. C, mer., 2 Chestnut, h 202 N 4th 


mers., 2 Chestnut 
Duplee Thos., Malseed's ct 
Dupuy Bernard, gent., 45 Clinton 
Dupuy Conrad, plast. Filbert n Sch Front 
Dur John, cap mak., Beaver bel Charlotte 
Duraind Taressa, milliner, 80 S 8th 
Durand Albert G., engraver, 366 S 4th 
DURAND E., di-uggist, S W 6th and Chestnut, 

h 2 Franklin row 
Durand L M., b. h., 20 Branch 
Durand Saml., paper hanger, Washington ab 2d 
Durang Charles, 225 N 9th 
Durang Edwin, artist, 225 N 9th 
Durang Elizabeth, rear Carpenter ab 5th 




Durang Jacob, umbrella mr., 1^ Locust 

Durant Ann, Mrs., 292 S 10th 

DURAR ENOCH, Exchange Coffee House, 
Merchant's Exchange, h 68 S 3rd 

Durban John, cordw., Marshall ab Poplar 

Durbin J. P. Rev., 9 N 7th 

Durbin Wm. H., 460 Callowhill 

Durbarrow A. C, mer., 18 N 4th, h 172 S 9th 

Durborow Hugh, Alden ab Poplar 

Durborow James H., prin., 4th ab Washington 

Durborow Mary, 172 S 9th 

Durbrow Townsend, shoemr.. Race ab Sch 8th 

Dui'din John L., cordwainer, rear 128 Dlllwyn 

Durell Albert, sugar refiner. Nectarine ab 10th 

Durell Kernsey, tavern. Front and Poplar 

Durell Samuel, painter, 44 New Market 

Durell Thomas, stove manuf., 59 & 61 N 6th, h 
203 Noble 

Durell Wilham M., 8 Pleasant Retreat 

Durfor P., 1 Pleasant Retreat 

Durfor Geo., 180 R road 

Durfor William, carpenter, 73 Buttonwood. 

Durham Elijah, carter, rear Marriott bel 5th 

Durham Ehzabeth, 94^ N 9th 

Durham Ezekiel, eating house, 7 S 3d, h 32 

Durham Jas., oysters, Marriott bel 5th 

Durham N. L., barber, 377 N 3d 

Durban Samuel, oyster house, 260 High, rear 

Fifth bel Lombard 
Durick Matthew, lab., Coates n Sch 

Durk George, cordw., 213 St John 

Durnell Henry, plasterer, 245 Christian 
Durnell James, blacksmith, 156 Sassafras 

Durnell Rosanna, Yhost bel Catharine 
Durney Eliza, dry goods, 103 Catharine 
Durney Tobias M., confectioner, 278 S 2nd 
Burning Thos., lab., 295 S 6th 
Duross Jas., liquor mer., 172 N 5th 
Duross Patrick, tavern, 600 S 2d 
Duross Patrick, lab., 228 N Water 
Duross Wilham, bookseller, 131 N 2d 
Durrah Hugh, plasterer, Smith's pi 
Dusch Anthony, cordw., 2 Orchard 
Dusch George, cordw., 27 Mayland 
DUSENBERY W. C. & Co., mer., agts., 108 

Du Solle John S. editor, 32 S 3d 
Dutch Alexander, cordw., S E 10th & Sergeant 
Duterle Francis A., carp., 235 Lombai'd, h 3 

Washington ct 
DutQh Charles, Sec'iy Union Canal company, 

carpenter's ct., h Mulberry atf 13th 
DUTILH EDMUND G., mer., rear 147 High, 

h Spruce ab 12th 
Dutilh & Humphreys, forwd. & com. mers.,rear 

147 High. 
Button Abraham, porter, 3 Miles' al 
Button Absalom, carter. Smith's ct 
Dutton C, Mrs. gentw., 48 Marshall 
Dutton Isaac, carpenter, Washington ab 3d 
Dutton John M., 48 George st 
Dutton Joseph L., carp., 24 Union 
Dutton Lewis T., shoes, 6th and Callowhill 
Dutton Richard, porter, 1 Smiths' ct 

DUTTON RICHARD R., boots and shoes, 132 

Dutton Samuel, mer., 24 N Front 
Dutton Samuel P., carp., 8th bel Washington 
Dutton Sarah, dressmr., 13th bel Brown 
Dutton Wm. currier, 49 Green 
Duval Dayton, stockmr., 5 Arcade, h 8 Laurel 

Duval Dayton, store keeper, 8 Laurel (N L) 
Duval James, lab, Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Duval P. S., lithogr., 7 Bank al 
Duval Richard, moulder, Clair 
Duvall Samuel, Dutton n Franklin 
Dux S. M., dry goods, 36 Bank 
DUY CHAS. A., mer., 108 High 
Duy L., cloth mer., 108 High, h 37 Chnton 
Dwaradomsky Joseph, mer., 42 Bank 
Dwyer Daniel, fisherman. Wood & Franklin (K) 
Dwyer Heniy, fisherman, Franklin ab Wood (K) 
Dwyer John, bootmr., 47 Prune 
Dyball Caroline, gentw., 385 Callowhill 
Dyball Robert, printer, 210 N 9th 
Dych Frederick, ship carp., Duke bel Palmer 
bych John, coppersmith. Union ab Franklin(K) 
Dych Michael, cordw., Schleisman's al 
Dye John, plater, 366 N 4th 
Dye Joseph R., tailor, 23 Queen, h Dean n 

Bedford (K) 
Dye & Moms, tailors. Queen n F road. (K) 
Dye Ralph, trader, Hope bel Phoenix 
Dye Wm., beef curer. Poplar bel Broad 
Dyer John, painter, Paul ab 6th 
Dyer Nathan, tailor, Frazier's ct 
Dyer Sarah, 97 Green (C) 

Dyke, P. B., clerk, 435 2d 

Dykes Cynthia, nurse, 113 Vine 

Dykes Samuel, 324 Sp Garden 

Dyott C. W., gent., Spruce & Sch 8th 

Dyott J. B., M. D., 132 N 2d 

DYOTT M. B., camphlne lamps, 64 S 2d 

Dyott T. W. & Sons, druggists & com. mers. 
132 N 2d 

Dyott T. W., M. D., 132 N 2d 

Dyott T. W. Jr., druggist, 132 N 2d 

Dyre James W., 46 Union 

Dyre Allchael, lab., 135 Carpenter 

Dyre Milton, book binder, 52 Logan 

Dyre Timothy I. jr., brass founder, Washing- 
ton & Church, h Front ab Washington 

Dyre T. I. Sr., Front ab Washington 

Dyson Christopher, oak cooper, AUen ab Han- 
over (K) 

Dyson John, turner, rear 11| Walnut ab 4th, h 
Lemon ab 10th 

Dyson Thomas, cloth finisher, Carlton ab Sch 

Dyson Wm., moulder, G T road ab 6th 

Dyssinger Jacob P., watchman, Bacon's ct 

Dyton John, type founder, 22 Lily al 

Eache Wm. F., porter, 133 Locust 
Eadie James, tavern, 417 S 2nd. 
Eadline James, tailor, F road ab Maiden 




Eagan John, lab., 15 Barker st 

Eagan John, lab., 5 Beach n Walnut 

Eager Mary, scouring, 135 Cherry 

Eager Wm., ship carp., F road bel Bedford 

Eagin James H., shoedealer, 6th ab Poplar 

Eagin Morris, macliinist, Clare st 

Eagle Dominick, 107* High, h 270 Pine 

Eagle Jerome, mer. 26 N Front, h 302 Pine 

Eagle Stephen F., mer., 161 High, h Vine bel 

Sch 3d 
Eagle & Westcott, dry g'ds, 107^ High 
P'akin C. M., civil engineer, Chestnut (W P) 
Eakinpence Aug., lamp black manuf., Sch Front 

n Mulbeny 
Eakins Benj., teacher, 4 Can-olton sq 
Eakins Cath., washer, 9 Parker's al 
Eakins James, moulder, 8 York ct 
Ealer Lewis W., gunsmith, 128 St John 
Ealer Margaret, teachei-, 9th ab Coates 
Earl Hugh, hat presser, 5 Chancery la 
Earl John, shoemr., 8th and P road 
Earl Marv, 8 St John 

Earle George, tailor, 175 Chestnut, h 95 N 10th 
Earle Harrison, gent., 249 Pine. 
Earle Heniy, lab., Carlton bel Sch 8lh 
Earle James senr., carver, 169 Chestnut. 
Earle James S., carver &. gilder, 216 Chestnut. 
Earle John H., tailor, 60 Walnut, h 369 Cedar . 
Earle Robert, mer., h 388 Walnut 
EARLE THOMAS, atty. & coun., 44 N 5th 
Earles Henry, plumber. Smith's ct 
Earley & Abbott, cabinetmr., 311 S 2d 
Earley Hugh, tinsmith, rear Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Earley John II., pianomr., Washington (W P) 
Earley Saml., shoemr.. High n Sch Front 
Early Jeptha, 8 Vernon 
Early John, shop, N E 5th & German 
Early William, mer., 12 High, h 227 N 6th. 
Earnest David, tailor, 127 Spruce 
Earnest Eli, wheelwr., Ogden bel R road 
Earnest James, filemr., Cobb's ct 
Earnhart Charles, guns, Charlotte ab Beaver 
Earns A., sup. of highways, George ab Sch. 8th 
EARP & BROTHERS, mers., 34 Commerce 
Earp Edwin, mer. 41 S wharv. h 76 Marshall 
Earp George, mer., 34 Commerce, h 302 Mul 

Earp Robt., com. mer., 56Nwhfs.,h 329 Chest 

EARP ROBERT & SON, com. iron mers., 56 

N whfs. & 117 N Water 
Earp Thos., merchant, 34 Commerce, h 16 Mont- 
gomery sq 
Earp Thomas, jr., 26 S whfs. h Cherry ab 10th 
Earp & Young, com. mers. 26 S whfs. 
EARPS, IL^VEN & TUCKER, com. mers., 41 

S whfs 
Easby John, cooper, Church bel Washington, h 

182 S Front 
Easby Wm., cooper, 55 S Water, h 22 Union 
Eastburn Chas., att'y and coun., 1 S 6th 
Eastburn John, sailmr., 48 S whfs. h 109 Catha- 
Easterman Ann, Cherry bel West (K) 
Eastlack A., bootmaker, 183 Walnut 

Eastlack Richard, Greenwood pi 

Eastland Wm., rear 86 Locust 

Eastman Benj., manuf of spring beds, 410 High, 

h N E 7th and Cherry 
Eastman Jonathan, shop, Hallowell 
Easton David, tailor, rear 232 S 3d 
Eastwick John W. plasterer, 40 Mead al 
Eastwick, Steph., plasterer, Bedford ab Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Eastwood Eleanor, 63 New 
Eastwood Mary, 15 S 13th 
Eastwood Samuel, 5 Farmer 
Eaton Aaron, waterman, Swanson bel Christian 
Eaton Emily, stockm. 5th bel Washington 
Eaton Francis, bleachei-, 9 Cox. 
Eaton Lewis, ship carp., rear Marlborough ab 

Bedford (K) 
Eberbach J. C., baker, 3 Letitia ct 
Eberle David, comedian, 128 Cherry. 
Eberle Jesse, grocer, N E 13th & Lombard 
Eberle Michael, baker, 13 Carter's al 
Eberling Mrs., doctress, 17 Castle st 
Eberly Daniel, currier, 56 St John 
Ebert'Pred'k, paint. & glaz.. Front bel Otter(K) 
Ebert James L., hair dresser, 107 Sassafras. 
Ebert Peter, dentist, 64 Coates. 
Ebert Saml., carp., 180 Coates 
Ebling Angeline, lOth ab Poplar 
Ebling M. L. Mrs. Gatchell's av 
Ebling Robert, combm. Ross ab Queen 
Eccles David, groceiy, 10th & Coates 
Eccles AVn)., dry goods, 6th & Sassafras 
Echeverria John, carp. Clair 
Echterm3^er John, weaver, Coates n Sch 
Echternacht H. W., N E Spruce and Currant al 
Echternoch Rudolph, shoem. 16 Franklin Place 
EckardF. S., M. D., 453 Chestnut 
Eckard John, sawyer, rear Marshall ab Coates 
Eckard Lewis, cordw., 12th bel Coates 
Eckard Susan K., 68 S 8th 
Eckhardt A. IL, chandler, 326 N 2d, h 137 St 

Eckhardt C. H., chandler, 326 N 2d 
Eckhardt William G., baker, 130 Callowhill 
Eckhardt W. F. chandler, 326 N 2d 
Eckel John, mer., 128 N 3rd, h 163 N 6th. 
Eckel John, printer. Emerald n Sch 6th 
Eckel Louisa, Madison ab Sheaff 
Eckel Samuel, clerk cus. house, 151 Marshall 
ECKEL, RAIGUEL & CO. dry goods, 128 N 3d 
Eckel William, cabinetmr.. State House Bell 
Eckels Eliza, rear 269 Spi'uce 
Eckendorff G., bookseller, 548 High 
Eckendorff Michael, 20^ N 9th 
Ecker Christian, bottler, Coates n O Y road 
Ecker Frederick, soap boiler, Marlborough bel 

Bedford (K) 
Eckerby Job, coachman, 12 Raspberry 
Eckert Adam, lab., Marshall ab Poplar 
Eckert A., labourer, 34 Brown. 
Eckert Bartholomew, blacksmith, 33 Bread 
Eckert George, printer, Noble n Garden. 
Eckert George, brushmr.. Juniper bel Walnut 
Eckert Geo., segarmr., St Joseph's av 
Eckert John, carman, Callowhill ab Sch 5th 




Eckert John, coachmr., Law's ct 

Eckert Sarah, sempstress, 3 Perry ct 

Eckert Sarah, 118 S 3cl 

Eckert W., 13 Dannaker's av 

Eckert Wm., printer, St Joseph's av 

Eckfeldt Adam, chief coiner U S Mint, h 156 

N Juniper. 
Eckfeldt Catharine, 130 N 13th 
Eckfeldt George, machinist, 120 N Juniper. 
Eckfeldt Jacob R., assayer U S Mint, h 154 N 

Eckfeldt Jacob S., machinist, U S Mint, h 142 

N Juniper 
Eckfeldt William, firehose manuf., 130 N 13th, 

h 125 Juniper 
Eckhardt Hen. tin smith. Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Eckhardt Henry, soap manuf., c Shackamaxon 

& Franklin (K) 
Eckhardt Henry, lab., Benfer's ct (K) 
Eckley John J., cooper, rear 386 S 2d 
Eckley Wm., carter, Walter's ct ab Front 
Ecklin Saml., type founder, 625 S 2d 
Eckstein & Fieg'l, dry goods, 28 N 2d 
Eckstein Jacob, books & stationery, 118 N 4th. 
Eckstein John & Co., marble saw mill, Ridg'e 

Road and Wallace 
Eckstein John, brushes, 36 N 3rd. 
Eckstein John H., marble saw mill, R road and 

AVallace, h 36 N 3d 
Eckstein Lewis, currier, 35 Brown 
Eckstein Mary, widow of Saml., 121 Callowhill 
Eckstein Solomon, mer., 28 N 2d, h 182 Mar- 
Ecky John H. druggist, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

ab J'itzwater 
Ecles Robert, tavern, High n Sch. 3d 
Eddier Robert, carter, 6 Union ct 
Eddis Isaac, combmaker, Fontanell's ct 
Eddis Samuel F., cordw. St John ab Beaver 

Eddis Wm., carp., Pleis' ct 
Eddowes Mary, Green ab 9ih 
Eddowes Ralph, 101 Wood 
Eddy Jason, lab., 9th bel Coates 
Eddy Joshua P. B., hair dresser, 183 Cedar 
Eddy Josiah, hair dresser, 460 Race. 
Edel Ann, shop, 4th and Beaver 
Edel Joseph, tavern, 375 N 3d 
Edel Josiah, dry goods, 538 High 
Edel Matthias, twister, Elm bel Franklin (K.) 
Edel Wm. lab. 275 St John 
Edelen Edw., planemr., Rachel ab Poplar 
Edeline Joseph, machinist, Olive ab 13th 
Edelman George W., bookkeeper U S Mint, h 

22 Madison 
Edelman Isaac, carpenter, 107 N 13th 
Eden Robert, M'Duffie n 3d, Sch 
Edenborn Benjamin, planemr, rear 27 N 7th, h 

144 N 13th 
Edenborn J., grocer, 155 & h 144 N 13th. 
Edenborn J. A. & Co., tobacco, N E 3d and 

Sassafras, h Crown n Wood 
Edenborn Mary, 144 N 13th 
Edenborn Peter H., tobacconist, 99 N 4th 
Eder Philip, drayman, 467 N 5th 

Edes Wm., lab., 10th ab Catharine 

Edgar James, hosier, 174 Poplar 

Edgar Jas. senr., messenger, U S Mint, h 1 Kelly 

Edgar John, bookbinder, 96 Cherry, h 40 

Edgar John, printer, 375 Callowhill. 
Edgar John, cabinetmr. Cheny ab 12th 
Edgar John, lab., 13 Paschall's alley 
Edgar John E., engineer, 42 Catharine 
Edgar Jonathan, clerk, 44 N 13th 
Edgar Samuel, book binder, N W Wallace and 

Edgai- Wm., coach trimmei-, 44 N 13th 
Edgar Wm. carp. 67^ Buttonwood 
Edgar Wm. lab., rear 468 N 3d 
Edge John, suspender weaver. Beach ab Hano- 
ver (K) 
Edge Richard, weaver, Duke ab F. road (K) 
Edixson Garrett, barber. Christian bel 4th and 

2d & G T Road 
Edler Anne, washer, 38 Queen 
Edmonds Jos., painter. Carpenter ab 3d 
Edmonds Nathaniel, 142 Sassafras 
Edmondson John, painter, Ontario ab Poplar 
Edmondson Wm. papermr. Logan ab Green 
Edmonston Archibald, printer, Doman's place 
Edmunds L. C, painter, 160 & h 365 S 3d 
Edson S. D., 13 Commerce, h 286 N 7th 
Edwards Augustine F. W., clerk, 95^ Walnut, 

h Sch. 5th bel Locust 
EDWARDS & BROTHER, flour mers., 221 N 

Front and 214 N Water 
Edwards Charles, cooper, 3 Parham 
Edwards Charles, 270 N Front 
Edwards Charles C, flour, 288 S 2d, h 427 S 

Edwards Daniel, seaman, Biddle's alley 
Edwards David, merchant, 23^ S 2d 
Edwards David, tailor, 114 Sassafras 
Edwards Edward, cooper, Union ab Franklin 
Edwards Edward B., mer., 221 N Front, h. 46 

Brown (N L) 
Edwards Eli, carp. 15 Freed's av 
Edwards Elizabeth, 30 Stamper's al 
Edwards Evans, oak cooper, Crown ab Bedford 
Edwards George, cordw., rear 214 St. John 
Edwards Georg'e, mer., 37 S 2d, h 218 Chestnut 
Edwards Geo., cooper, 1 Bank 
EDWARDS G. & SON, wholesale milliners, 37 

S 2d 
EDWARDS G. W., office 15 Mer. Exchange, h 

Sch. 5th bel Locust 
Edwards Henry, cabinetmaker, Catharine ab 3d 
Edwards Isacher, pianomr., 4 Decatur, h 295 

Edwards Jacob, clerk, Almira pi 
Edwards James, grocer, Thompson ab Broad 
Edwards James, chalrmr. 90 Callowhill 
Edwards James & S. R., chairmrs., 84 Callowhill 
Edwards & Jenness, wool dealers and com. mers 

27 N Front 
Edwards John, cooper, 1 Bank 
Edwards John & Son, coopers, 1 Bank. 
Edwards Jonathan, saddlerj Torr's al. n R. road 
Edwards Joseph, mer., 184 N Front 




Edwards Jos. C. coach painter, 160 Queen 
Edwards Mary, dressmr., Georg-e ab 13th 
Edwards Matthew, cutler, 15 Gray's al 
Edwards RichdL., upholsterer, 102 S 12th 
Edwards Robert, oak cooper, Gorrell's ct 
Edwards Saml., 47 Quince 
Edwards Saml., weaver. Edward ab School (K) 
Edwards Saml., moulder, 2 Elizabeth (N L) 
Edwards Samuel, lab. 8 Wagner's al 
Edwards Samuel H., mer.. High n Front, h 192 

Edwards Sarah, b h, 295 Walnut 
Edwards Thomas A., Sch 5th bel Locust. 
Edwards Wm. lab., 108 Washington av. 
Edwards Wm. shoemr., 3 Sprag-g's av 
. Edwards Wm. jun. pilot, Swanson ab Queen 
Edwards Wm. jun.. Union ab Bedford (K) 
Edwards Wm. sen., pilot, Swanson ab Queen 
Edwards Wm., carp., 1 Washington (M) 
Edwards Wm. B.,book binder, 164 Queen 

and upholsterer, UN 8th 
Edwards Wm. P., mer., 37 S 2d 
Edwards Wm. S. combmr. Parrish ab 10th 
Edwards W. W., G T road and Phoenix 
Edwin Mrs. C, 41 Madison 
Eells Edward F., b h, 64 Penn 
Egan Edward, lab. Allen's ct 
Egan John, porter, 3 Ridgway's ct 
Egan John D., book binder, 49 S 3d 
Egbert Hannah, Wood ab Sch. 2d 
Ege Jacob, shoemr., 4 Tiller's ct 
Egee Martin, lab., 18 Clark 
Eger Frederick, shoes, R road and Washington 
Eggleson Jas., weaver, rear Amber ab Phoenix 
Eggleston Geo., brushmr., Clinton ct 
Eggleston Wm= H., wheelwright. Otter bel G. 

T. road (K) 
Eggleton Albert, real est. agent. Queen ab Pal- 
mer (K) 
Eggleton John, teamster, Franklin below Union 

Eggleton Jonathan, shipsm.. Hanover bel Allen 
Eggleton Wm., carter, Franklin bel Vienna 

Eglee Jacob L. pnnter, 365 S Front 
Egner Chrs., wines & hq., 10 N 3d 
Egner Jacob H., wine and Hquors, 208 High 
'Egner Levi, brickmr., 7 Pleasant row 
Egner Robert, brickmr., George n Sch 2d 
Egner Robert, lab., Nixon ab Hamilton vil. 
Egner Samuel, brickmr. Sch 2d ab Spruce 
Ehret Michael, carp., Charlotte ab George 
Ehret Michael, cordwairter, Apple ab Poplar. 
Ehrhardt H., bootmr., 129 Vine 
Ehrman Francis, boilermr., 7 Washington row 
Ehrman Francis, blacksmith, 13tli ab Willow 
Eicheli Nathan, blacksmith, rear 210 St. John 
Eichert Adam, baker, Marlborough bel Allen 

Eichhom Fred., lab., 439 N 3d 
Eichley John, lab. Broad ab Poplar 
EichoffRosanna, Apple bel George 
Eickman Jacob, tailor, 95 New Market 
Eigleburner Margaret, reai- 88 N 11th 

Eikelbarner D. skindress.N 3d bel Franklin (K) 
Eilers Rosanna, layer of dead, 13 Mulberry al 
Einstein Joseph, b h, 269 N 2d 
Einstein Lewis, mer., 182 N 9Lh 
Einwechter Henry, Ijricklayer, rear G. T. road 

bel Master 
Einwechter Maria, Apple bel Franklin 
Einwechter Wm., bricklayer, Perry ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Einwechter Wm. jr., bricklr.. Palmer n Frank- 

ford'road (K) 
Eisele Geo. P., baker, 16 Fitzwater 
Eisen Daniel, soap & candle manufacturers, 90 

Eisenbraun F., cordw., 128 Buttonwood 
Eisenbrey John jr., mer.. Pear and Dock, h Pine 

ab 10th 
Eisenbi'ey John jun. & Co. mahogany steam 

mill. Pear and Dock 
Eisenbrey J. S., cordw., 259 N 9th 
Eisenbrey Wm. tailor, N E 5th & Sassafras 
Eisenbrice Christian, lab., 5 Brooke 
Eisenhart Frederick, grocery, 482 N 6th 
Eisenhour Elam, cordwainer, rear 107 New 

Eisenhnt John D., coppersmith, Cherry ab 4th, 

Eisenhut J. D., jr., tinsm., 611 N 2d 
Eiserman D. & G. Jun. painters and glaz. 121 N 

Eiserman George, painter, 333 High 
Eisley John, shoemr., rear 122 Swanson 
Eisley John A. sugar boiler, 9 Wood 
Eisley Philip, baker, rear 122 Swanson 
Elberson Francis, pilot, 6 Powell's row 
Elbert Wm. T., merchant, 42 S Water 
Elder Elizabeth, wid., 71 Logan 
Elder Henry L., mer., 493 High, and Green and 

R. road, h Summer E. Sch. 6th 
Elder John, drover, 28 Gaskill ' 
Elder Robert, weaver, rear Hancock bel Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Elder Walter, gardener. Lane's ct 
Elder Wm., attorney, 16 Marshall 
Elder Wm., tinman, 445 Vine 
Elder Wm., S., oyster dealer, George ab'4th 
Elder William T., gent., 8th bel Coates 
Eldred Charles, printer, Sch. 6th bel Cherry 
Eldred & Morris, hatters, 15 Minor 
Eldi-ed Wm., hatter, 3 Logan sq 
Eldredge Stillwell, tailor, S E 7th and High, h 

Franklin n Green 
Eldridge & Brother, carpets, 41 Strawberry 
Eldridge Daniel W., 7 N whfs., h 87 S 3d 
Eldridge Guston, hardware, 212 S 2d 
Eldridge Ephraim, bookbinder. Lemon bel 11th 
Eldridge E. H., tailor, 65 Washington 
Eldridge H. H. carpets, 41 StrawbeiTy, h 39 N 

Eldridge Isaac B., last maker, 89 Callowhill 
Eldridge Jas. W., grocer, N W 3d & Carpenter 
Eldridge J. E. gi'ocer, G T road ab 5th 
ELDRIDGE LEVI, shipping mer., 7 N whfs., 

h 131 S 3d 
Eldridge Maurice, waterman, Miles' ct (K) 




Eldiidge & Miller, tailors, S W 6th & Sassafras 

Eldrige Mary, tailoress, rear 82 N 2ci 

Eleman Philip, tavern, 165 Sliippen. 

Elfelt Edwin S. mer. 85 N 3d 

Elfelt S., mer., 85 N 3d, h 173 O Y road, 

Elfelt S. & Son, dry g-oods, 85 N 3d 

Elfreth Jacob R., acct., 84 Wood 

Elfry George, bricklayer, 13 Olive 

Elias Charles, waiter, 54 Quince 

Elias Henry, gent., 143 N 10th 

Ehason Andrew, brushmr., 317 High, h 373 N 

Eling Henrv, machinist, 14 Mary (S) 
ELISON JOHN, tavern, S W 6th and Poplar 
Elison Wm., shoe store, 33 N 3d, h S W 

9th & Mulberry 
ELISON WM. & Co., shoes, 33 N 3d 
Eljeau Mrs., Smith's ct 
Elkan Edward, mer. 157 N 3d 
Elkin Abm., gent., 156 N 11th 
Elkin Solomon, gent., 393 Callowhill. 
Elkins Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 114 S 8th. 
Elkinton George M., soap and candle manuf., 12 

ELKINTON JOHN A., M. D., alderman, 102 N 

Elkinton Joseph, soap & candle manuf. 377 S 2d 
Ella John, mer., 42 Commerce, h 51 S 13th 
Ella Rachel W., 514 Chestnut 
Ellcock J., grocer. Maiden n Front 
Ellender Wm., painter, Quince 8c Ohio 
Ellet Charles junr., Pres. Sch.Nav. Co. 8 S 7th, 

& civil engineer, 33 Girard 
EUick Clement, hatter, Franklin ab Hanover 

ELLICOTT & ABBOTT, scale mrs., 9th and 

Ellicott Richard, mariner, Bethesda row 
Elliman Andrew, tobacco, 217 S 6th 
EUinger Moses, turner, Sehrader's ct 
Elhot Catharine, E N 9th & Callowhill 
Elhot Hugh, bookseller, 9 N 4th, h 35 S Penn 

Elhot John, lab., SenneflT's ct 
Elliott Adam, lab. cor Walnut & Ashton 
Elliott Alexander, tavern, c 7th & Shippen. 
Elliott Alexander jr.. Christian ab 6th, h 7th & 

Elliott Andrew, weaver, 2d & Phoenix (K) 
Elliott Andrew C. mer. 58 S Front 
Elliott Benjamin P., watchmr., 3 S 13th 
ElUott Charles, coal dealer, Front and Dock, h 

313 N 6th 
Elliott Charles & Son, coal mers. Front & Dock 

8c 62 Beach (K) 
Elliott Charles A., printer, 51 Chestnut, h 

5 Clover 
Elliott Daniel M., collector, 126 Mulberry 
Elliott Edward R., carp., c Juniper 8c George 
Elliott Eli, 17 Melon 

Elliott Elizabeth, tailoress, Wharton bel 2d 
ElUott Francis, carp., Catharine bel 7th 
Elliott Francis, 180 Mulberry 
Elliott Geo., stonecut., rear Powell (F V) 
Elliott George, tinplate worker, 471 High 

Elliott George F., tavern, c Crabb 8c Shippen 
Elliott Henry H. K. publisher, 85 Dock, h S E 

Tammany and Dillwyh 
Elliott Isaac, conveyancer, 81 Chestnut, h W 

Penn sq. 
ElUott James L., M. D., druggist, S E 10th and 

Mulberry, h 137 N Uth 
ElUott Jane, trimmings, 196 N 5th 
ElliottJohn,bottl., 97 Walnut, h Wharton ab 4th 
Elliott John, manuf., 608 N 3d 
Elliott John, gent., 242 Sassafras 
ElUott John, mer., 6 Oak st (S Penn sq) 
ElUott John, lab., Sch. 2d ab High 
ElUott John, sashmr. rear High n Sch 2d 
ElUott Joseph, carp., 369 S 3d 
Elliott Louisa, dressmr., Catharine bel 8th 
ElUott Margaret, b h, 45 Filbert 
Elliott Margarel, 2 Kenworthy's ct 
Elliott Mary, gentw., 33 Wallace 
Elliott Mary, bootmr. Mifflin n 13th 
Elliott Matthew, bootmr., 28 Castle 
Elliott 8c Robinson, conveyancers, 81 Chestnut. 
Elliott Robt., weaver. Mulberry n Sch 2d 
ElUott Robt., lab., Sch 7th ab Sassafras 
Elliott Robert, manuf, 609 N 2nd. 
Elliott Robert, cordw.. Broad ab Shippen 
Elliott Saml. carp. George bel 3d 
Elliott Sarah Mrs., M road bel Wharton 
Elliott Thomas, shop, 240 Lombard 
ElUott Thomas, cordw. Phoenix ab Front 
ElUott Wm. carp. George n Sch 2d 
Elliott William B., photographist, S E 5th and 

Chestnut, h S Garden bel 11th 
Elliott Wm. B., machinist, 19 Quarry 
Elliott Wm. B., Front 8c Dock, h 435 N Front 
Ellis Amos, brickmr. Broad ab Poplar 
Ellis Amos P., paper and rags, 5th 8c Coates 
ElUsAnn, 236 High. 
Ellis 8c Bancroft, dry goods, 32 Bank 
Ellis Carey, lab.. 11 Margaretta st 
ElUs Chas., druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 95^3 8th 
Ellis Chas., boat builder, 52 Washington av 
Ellis Charles 8c Co., druggists, 56 Chestnut. 
Ellis David, gent., Franklin ab Green 
ElUs Edward, cordw., 6 Oliver's pi 
Ellis Elizabeth, 3 Vaux's ct 
Ellis Esther A., 159 S 3d 
Ellis George, lab., rear 72 Catharine 
Ellis Geo. D. inst. mr.; Julianna ab Callowhill 
Ellis 11. G., flour mers., 73 and 75 Coates 
Ellis Jacob, mer., 32 Bank, h 6 Montgomery 
ElUs Jacob M., mer., 7 N 2nd, h 246 N 7th 
Ellis James, morocco dr., rear 215 St John 
ElUs James, lab., 3 Point Pleasant ct. (K) 
El^s James P., conveyancer. Green ab 7th, h 

Franklin ab Green 
Ellis Jane, milliner, 45| Sassafras 
Ellis Jesse, coach lampmr., 42 Dock, h Oliver 

ab 13th 

Ellis John, grocer, Allen 8c Shackamaxon (K) 
Ellis John, livery stables, 13 Raspberry 
Ellis Joseph, ladies' shoemakei', 156 S 5th 
Ellis J. P., clerk, 103 Wood 
ElUs Maria, 119 N Front 
Ellis Mary Ann, Paul ab 6th 




Ellis & Middleton, dry goods, 7 N 2d 
Ellis Nathan W., carp., Parrish ab Marshall 
Ellis P. H., mer., 35 Jones' al (C) h7th ab Pop- 
Ellis Robt. lab. Jones n Sell 5th 
Ellis Sabina, plaster mill, Clinton ab Franklin 
Ellis Sabina, jr., moulder, Hancock ab Franklin 
Ellis Samuel O. jeweller, Cathai-ine ab 9th 
Ellis S. H., teacher, Cherry bel 9th 
Ellis Thomas, salesman, Jones n Sch 4th 
Ellis Thomas, grocer, Front bel Phoenix (K) 
EUis Tlios. morocco dresser. Otter n School 

Ellis Thos. B., tailor, 19 S 3d, h 7th bel Parrish 
Ellis Wm., drugg-ist, 56 Chestnut, h Clinton 

ab 9th 
Ellis William, lamp maker and crockery, 153 N 

Ellis Wm. porter, Periy's ct 
Ellis William, shoemaker, 6 Mary's ct > 
Ellis Wm., shop, 9th bel Poplar 
Ellis W. li. & N. W. plumbers & builders, Mar- 
shall 8c Parrish 
Ellison John A., mer., 5 Morg-an 
Ellison John B., mer.. Ill Hig'h, h 40 Mulberry 
Ellison Robert, b h, 13 Lombard 
Ellison S. & Peters, cloths. 111 High 
EUison Wm. C, mer.. Ill High, h 248 Spruce 
Ellison ^Vm. H., carp., 344 N 6th 
ELLMAKER PETER C, grocer, 283 High, h 

6 Sargeant 
Elmes Abner, hatter, 196 High, h 248 Filbert 
Elmes Charles, mariner, rear 11 Mead. 
Elmes Edw. lamber deal. Spruce n Sch Front 
Ebnes H. S & E. H., hatters, 198 High 
Elmes H. S., hatter, 198 High 
Elmes Lazell, hatter, Sch 5th and Barker, h 

613 Chestnut 
Elmes Thos., hatter, 104 High, h S E Broad & 

Elmore Ann, 12 Mary (S) 
Elmore Geo., Rihl's ct 
Elmoi'e Sarah, 9 Reckless (S) 
Elmsley Henriette, 20 Pine 
Elmslie Alex., gent., 232 S Front 
Elsaser David, baker, Marlborough ab Bedford 

Elsaser Gottleib, tailor, 297 N 3d 

Elsaser John, baker, 85 Sassafras 
Elsberry Charles, waiter, Stanley bel 4th 
Elsea Wm., engineer, 103^ Christian 
Elsegood Matthew, bootmr., 99 N Juniper 
Elsegood Matthew H.," bootmr., 200 Sassafras 
Elsegood W. A., bootmr., 143 Walnut 
ELSEGOOD W. H., bootmaker, 143 Walnut, 

h 7 Union sq 
Elson Hermann, watchmr., 207 Chcsnut, h 26 S 

Elton Anthony, confect., 122 New Market 
Elton Anthony, accountant, 11th 8c Carlton 
Elton George, currier, 10 Rose al 
Elton Joseph, printer, 11 Emlen's ct. 
Elton Thomas, carpenter, 123 Buttonwood. 
Eltonhtad Wm. D., spect. mr., 271 S 2d 

Elvert Charles, segar box mr., rear. Apple ab 

Elwanger Everhart, butcher, Charlotte n Creek, 
Elwell Ann, house cleaner, rear 29 Green 
Elwell Eleazar, oysters, Lewis ub Sch 8th 
Elwell Elizabeth, dressmr., 47 Mead 
Elwell Evan, tavern, rear 58 High 
Elwell Henry, blacksm., 8 Mead,"h380 S Front 
Elwell Henry, jr., blacksmith, 384 S 3d 
Elwell H. J., paper hanger, 4 Garden 
Elwell Samuel, .shipsmith, 124 Catharine. 
Elwell Thomas, blacksmith. Steward ab Catha- 
rine, h 10th ab Catharine 
Elwyn Alfred, M. D., Walnut E Sch 8th 
Ely Ann, widow, 185 Green 
Ely Britton, coachmr., George & Apple 
Ely Clayton P., blacksmith, 18 Elizabeth (N L) 
Ely Eleazer S. capt., S 7th n Washington 
Ely Elizabeth, b h, 297 Callowhill 
Ely Ezra Stiles Rev., D. D., 351 N 7th 
Ely Israel, waterman, 96 Carpenter 
Ely John tailor, 35 N 6th, h 11 Filbert av 
Ely John, mer., 108 N 3d, h 58 New 
Ely John, gent. S E 10th & Spruce 
Ely John jr., gent, S E 10th and Spruce 
ELY, KENT, BROCK 8c Co., dry goods, 108 N 

Ely Sarah M., 190 Mulberry 
Emach John, carter, 5 Rogers' ct 
Emack John, suspend, weaver, Hope bel Master 

Emanuel Edward, painter & glazer, 106 N 6th, h 

8th ab Coates 
Emanuel Geo., shoemr., 1 Brown's ct 
Embey Richard, dairy. Wood bel Sch Front 
Embly John, carp.. Quince 
Embry Morris, chandler, 141 Buttonwood 
Emerick Albert, silversm., Jackson bel Palmer 
Emerick Ann, wid. of Peter K., 223 N 4th 
Emerick Aug., hardware, 377 High, h 57 N 11th 
Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker, 72 S 8th. 
Emerick Daniel B., tinsmith, 72 S 8th. 
Emerick David, constable. Palmer ab West(K) 
Emerick David, carpenter, West bel Palmer(K) 
Emerick Edgar, china, 210 N 2d, h 223 N 4th 
Emerick Fredk. ship carp. Palmer ab West (K) 
Emerick George, coal and com. mer.. Callow- 
hill n Broad, h 157 N 13th 
Emerick George, carp., Jackson bel Palmer (K) 
Emerick Jacob, crockery, 215 N 3rd. 
Emerick John M., .stove finisher, rear S E 2d & 

Emerick Philip, cordw., 6th ab Poplar 
Emerson Gouverneur, M. D.,167 Walnut 
Emerson Mary, gentw., 37 Charlotte 
Emerson Sarah, 4 Pryor's ct. 
EMERT HENRY, tavern, Letitia ct 
Emery Conrad, 133 F road (K) 
Emery Franklin, carter, Haydock ab Front 
Emery Geo., tavern, 142 Browne 
Emery George, whipmr., Fordham's ct (K) 
Emery Geo. W., tavern, 457 N 3d 
Emery Godfrey, ship carp., Swansea bel Chris- 




Emeiy Henry, mer., 97 and 99 N 3d 
Emery Henry, driver, GoodVVill ct 
Emery Jacob, tavern, 582 N 3d 
Emery John, g-rocer, Edward n School (K) 
Emery M. H., dealer. Poplar ab 8th 
Emery Peter, whf builder, Swanson bel Chris- 
Emery Saml., lab., 6th bel G T road (K) 
Emery William, waiter, 128 Locust. 
Emery Wm., furniture car, 6 Roberts' ct 
Emes Wm., shoemr.. Lister's ct 
Emick John, cordw., Clierry bel Franklin (K) 
Emlen & Fisher, real est and stock brokers, 95 

EMLEN GEORGE, Jr., att'y & coun.,47 S 5th, 

h Walnut E Sch 6th 
Emlen Geo., 255 Walnut 
Emlen Joshua, pres. Phila. Mat. ins. co., 3 Mer. 

Exchang-e, h 79 S 12th. 
Emlen Thos., lab,, 11 Parker st 
Emlen William F., real est. broker, 95 Walnut, 

h307 Chestnut 
Emley Gilbert, mer., 4 N 3d 
Emley J. C. S., mer., 101 High 
Emmerling- Jacob, 306 Callowhill 
Emmick Henry, cordw., 14 Pratt's ct 
Emmit Enoch, lab., Vienna ab Franklin (K) 
Emmit Solomon, spinner, Lawrence ct 
Emmons Charles, shoemr., 3 Boyd's av 
Emmons Edward, lumber, Swanson ab Wash- 
Emmons Geo., cordw., Poplar ab 12th 
Emmot Tliomas, cordw., rear 484 N 3d 
Emory Ann, 187 S 7th 

EMORY GEO. W., Monterey House, 457 N 3d 
Emral Manuel L., cordw., Stackhouse ct 
Enburg Andrew, tobacconist, 11 Ellet's av 
Enbui-g Andrew, jr., wheelwr. Rossab Queen 
Enders Frederick, shoemr., Tammany ab 2d 
Endress Catharine, Carpenter bel 6th 
Endress Charles C, coachmr., 31 Chester 
Endriss John, currier, 330 St John 
Eneu Elizabeth, nurse, Lily al ab Green 
Eheu Geo. W., fruiterer, 10 Lily al 
Eneu James, gent.. Federal n P road 
Eneu James Jr., 1 67 Shippen. 
Eneu Joseph, 336 S 6th 
Engard Abraham, painter. Brown bel 4th 
Engard Adam, carp., 410 N 5th 
Engard Benjamin, carp., Apple ab George 
Engard Christopher, drayman, 35 Charlotte 
Engard Edw. carp. Orchard ab Rawle 
Engard John, tailor, 5 Barber's row 

England James B., att'y and coun., 61 S 4th, h 

219 Spruce 
England I^emuel D., shoemaker, 276 S Front 
England SamucJ, cabinet maker, N W 10th and 

Engle Aaron C, dry goods, 393 N 2nd. 
Engle Albert, planemaker, Bedford bel Cherry 

Engle Edwin, flour & feed, High ab Sch. 6th, h 

21 Barker 
Engle Francis, lab., rear Locust W Sch 3d 
Engle John, drayman, rear 143 Coates 
Englebert Amelia, 12 Powell 
Englebert Cornelius, ladies' shoemaker, 87 S 

Englebert J., ladies shoemaker, 74 S 4th. 
Englehart Charles M., jeweler, 52 Crown 
Englehart Wm. F., tin plate wor., 5 Bacon's ct 
Engleman Daniel W., machinist, Carroll ab 12th 
Engler Christian, butcher, Otter n F road (K) 
Engles Geo., trader. Walker's ct (K) 
Engles Jane, nurse, 7th bel Fitzwater 
Engles Joseph P., publisher, h 71 Filbert. 
Engles Lewis B., dry goods, 78 High, h 212 N 

Engles William M. Rev., ed. Presb., 7th 8i 

Englesby Owen, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
Englesby Thos., weaver, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
English Abm., mer., 9 Bank, h 30 New Market 
English Edward B., grocer, 3 Mulberry, h 110 

N Front 
English Elizabeth M., 121 S 8th 
ENGLISH & ELLIS, tailors, 19 S 3rd 
English Gustavus, mer., 10 Chestnut, h 121 S 

English G. B., mer., 39 Chestnut 
English G. B. & J. B., Importers, 39 Chestnut 
English Henry, brass founder, rear 178^ Sassa- 
English Hugh, blacksmith, 38 Cherry, h 42 

English H. N., tailor, S W 4th and Chestnut, 
English James, blacksmith, 125 S 6th, h 25 Fil- 
English James C, paper, 495 N 2d, h 95 G T 

English Japhet, cordw., Pennell's ct 
English John, commissioner, 388 N 6th. 
English John B., 39 Chestnut, h 314 Walnut 
English J. E., tailor, 19 S 3rd, h 7th bel Parrish 
EngHsh Meyer, lab., Bedford ab Marlboro' (K) 
English Mlzeal, paper hanger, 165 S 3rd 

Engard Magdalena, gentw., Noble ab O Y road English Monnington, carter, Fairview n F M 
Engard Saml., baker. Union ab Franklin (K) English Nathan, plasterer, 40 SheafF 
Engard Samuel, agent, 8 Coates English Rachel, George bel 4th 

Engard Thomas, cai-ter, Washington av above English Robert, blacksm., Periy ct 


Engard William, carter. Parish ab 10th 
Engard Wm., combmr., Franklin ab Hanover 

Engard William H., grocer, Sch 7th & R road 
Engel M. M., cap mr., 5^ S 3d, h 61 N 2d 
Engelman John C, grocery, 214 R road 
Enger Charles, bootmr., 4 Cresson's alley 

English Robert S., 230 E South 

English Sarah, 314 Walnut 

English Stephen, teacher, 169 Locust, h 431 

English Thos., drayman, rear George ab 3d (K) 

English Wm., agent. Willow ab Broad, h Wash- 
ington ab l3th 

Engstrom A. B., academy, 2 N 9th 




Ennis Chas., currier, Parrlsh ab 10th 
Ennis Ellen Mrs., 62 Christian 
Ennis John, carp. Parrlsh ab 10th 
Ennis Joshua, bootmaker, 4 Huijimell's ct. 
Ennis J. J., paper hanger. Green n Broad 
Ennis Robert H., combmr., Sch 8th ab Sassa- 
Ennis Thomas L., 124 Pine 
Enoch James, patternmr.. Pleasant ab 12th 
Enochs Elizabeth, Sch. 7th n Vine 
Enochs Fredk., shoemr., 11 Turner 
Ensor William, cordwainer, 10 Pleasant retreat. 
Entriken Thomas, cooper, 9th bel Coates 
Entwisel J., web manuf., Hermitag-e pi 
Entwistle John, shuttlemr., Marlborough and 

Duke (K) 
Enyard Charles, cordw., 520 N 2d 
Enyard Jacob, mason, 520 N 2d 
Epley Charles, refectory, Marshall & Callowhill, 

h Lewis ab Poplar 
Epley Robert, cordw., 604 N 2d (K) 
Eppeheimer Jonas, tailor, St John bel G T road 

Eppelsheimer, Daniel, tavern, 45 Callowhill 
Eppelsheimer Edward, S E 5th & Vine 
Eppelsheimer Lewis, sugar refiner, Coates ab 

Eppelsheimer Wm., sug. refi., 384 N 4th 
Eppinger John, blacksm., Irvine E of 13th 
Eppwright Merit, mariner, 3d bel Queen 
Eppwright Rudolph, oysters, Front bel Reed 
Epstein Josias, tailor, 25 N 4th, h 264 N 5th 
Erb George, grocer, George bel 3d 
Erben Henry G., druggist, S W 12th & Vine 
Erben Israel, 15 Emlen's ct 
Erben John, cabinetmr., rear 159 St John 
Erben Peter, miller, Sch 3dab Sassafras 
Erdman Christian, cordw., Charlotte ab Poplar 
Erdman D. R., pumpmr., Ann & Powell (F V) 
Erdman Fredk., carpenter, N E Sassafras 8t Sch. 

Erdman Henry, chemist, 680 N 2d (K) 
Erdman Magdalena, wid. of Michael, G T. road 

ab 6th 
Erety George, alderman, 288 N 3d 
Erhardt Wm. P., cap manuf., 68 Brown, h 121 

New Market 
Ernst D. & J. grocers, 2d & Greenwich 
Ernst Esther, 87 S 3d 

Ernst Jacob, baker, S E Front & Washington, 
Ernst John, bricklayer, 27 Perry 
Ernst Michael, tailor, rear 23 N 6th 
Ernst Phihp, tailor, N W 5th 8c Spruce 
Ernst W. S. diy goods, 387^ High, h 535 Vine 
Emwood Wm., cordw., Almira pi 
Errickson James, waterman, Washington ct 
Emckson James S., pai ter, 86 Lombard 
Errickson Jane S. William's ct 
Errickson Michael, carp., St Mary, h 11th ab 

Erringer Frederick, 81 Cherry. 
Erringer J. Livingston, mer., 37 Chestnut 
Erringer Philip, grocer, N E 3d and Vine, h 91 


ERSKINE JOSEPH, cordw., 2 Assembly build- 
ing, h Flower bel Fitzwater 
Erskine Martin, bootmr., 81 N 9th 
Erskine Rufus M., boot & shoemr., 62 Zane 
Ertel Philip, beerhouse, Poplar ab 9th 
Erven Samuel, wheelwt., rear 403 S 4th 
Ervin Alexander, manuf, 2d ab Master (K) 
Ervin Frances, Green bel 13th 
Ervin Henry, Sch 5th opp St Joseph's av 
Erwin Casper, tavern, 227 Callowhill. 
Erwin Deborah, milliner, 323 Vine. 
Erwin James, lab. Sch 6th bel Lombard 
Erwin John, waiter, 8 Raspberry 
Ervk'in John, shoem.r., 39^ Cedar 
Erwin Joseph E., 6 S 10th 
Erwin J. W. conveyancer, 5th and Library, h 

108 Walnut 
Erwin Marmaduke B., Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Erwin Marg., wid., Penn ab Poplar (K) 
Erwin Matthew, lab. Perry bel Master 
Erwin Philip, confect. 482 Coates 
Erwin Robert, tavern, 16 Almond 
Erwin Samuel, lab., Mintland's ct 
Erwin Samuel, lab., Baird's ct 
Erwin Samuel, lab., Shippen ab 8th 
Erwin Sarah Ann, dry goods, 36 N 10th 
Erwin Sarah Ann, b h, 110 Filbert 
Erwin Stewart, lab., Sch 2d n Filbert 
Erwin Susan Mrs., gcntw., 340 MulbeiTy 
Erwyn Jane, shop, Harmstead 
Escher C. F., piano manuf, 54 Brown 
Esdale Samuel, weaver. Steward &c Catharine 
Esenwein Mary, gentw., 55 Noble 
lEshback Wm., lab.. Orchard ab Rawle 
Eshelman Abra'm. cabinetmr. Wood ab Sch 8th 
Esher Conrad M., bricklayer, Ashton below 

ESHER CONRAD S., grocer, S W 9th and 


Esher Elizabeth, 5th bel George (N L) 
lEsher Jacob, grocer, 64 & 66 N 4th, h 209 

tEsher JoHn B., carter, Ogden ab 12th 
iESHER J. St W., grocers, 64 & 66 N 4th. 
Esher Wm., brickmr.. Pine n Sch. Beach 
Esher Wm., grocer, 64 & 66 N 4th, h 221 N 6th 
Esherick George, mer. 112 High, h 323 Sassa- 
pSHERICK GEORGE & Co., dry goods, 112 


[Esherick Jos., mer. 112 High, h 8 Buttonwood 
Esler Benjamin, turner, Sch 8tli & Linden 
Esler Geo. jr., acct.,360 S 3d 
Esler George, sen., carp., 348 S 2d 
Esler John K., baker, 3 Eshei-'s av 
Esler Lewis H. carp. 171 Catharine 
Esler Wm., combmr., 362 S 2d 
Esler William, tavern, S W 4th & Carpenter 


Esling Ann C. 51 Filbert 
Esling Cath. wid. of Nicholas, 57 Buttonwood 
Eslow Charles K., tailor, 115 German 
Esmiol B. A. b h, 117 S Front 
Espenschied Philip, cordw., 4 Peach 





Espy Mills B., broker, 51 S 3d, h Sch 6th bel 

Espy Mrs., widow of George, Sch. 6th bel Wal- 
Esray John, lab., 435 S 2d 
Essig- Catharine, rear 317 N 3d 
Essig- Christian, bone turner, Poplar ab 6th 
Essig Jacob, lab. Phoenix bel G T road (K) 
Essig- Jefferson, 11 Nectarine 
Esterlan Ann, 244 Cedar 
Estlack Clark, painter, 5 Mechanic 
Estlack George, bricklayer, 37 S Sch 7th 
Estlack Israel, blacksmith, Lewis E Sch 7th 
Estlack John, blacksm. 60 N Juniper 
ESTLACK THOMAS, jr., & Co., druggists, 25 

N Front 
Estlack Thos. ]r. mer. 25 N Front 
Estlack Thos. 'mer. 25 N Front, h 529 Chestnut 
Estlin John, cooking stoves, 87 N 5th 
Estlow Alfred, cigarmr., 20 John (S) 
Estricker John, tailor, 122 Charlotte 
Ethel John, painter, 8 E North 
Ethell & Cuddy, painters, 11th ab High 
Etris David, carp., O Y road bel Coates 
Etris John M., stone mason. Front & Master (K) 
Etris Robert, druggist, F road ab Master 
Etris Samuel, cabinet maker, 44|, & h 416 S 

Etriss Joseph, bricklayer, 29 Reckless 
Etriss Samuel Jr., cabinetmaker, 11 China 
Etter David, painter, 159 Catharine 
Etter James, tailor, 12 Harmony ct 
Etter Peter, cab. mr.,302 Front 
Etting Ben]., mer., 46 N Wlifs. and 93 N Water, 

h 525 Chestnut 
Etting Edward J., iron mer., 46 N Whfs. & 93 

N Water, h S W Sch. 8th and Spruce 
Etting E. J. 8c Brother, com. mers., 46 N Whfs. 

and 93 N Water. 
Etting Gratz, mer., 46 N Whfs. and 93 N Wa- 
ter, h 103 S 12th 
Etting Henry, U. S. Navv, h 103 S 12th 
Etting Horatio, mer., 17 Walnut, h 103 S 12th 
Etting Reuben, gent., 103 S 12th 
Ettinger & Gandler, dry goods, 252 S 2d 
Ettmger George, builder, 2 Linden 
Ettinger WiUiam, bricklayer, 26 Chatham 
Ettinger Wolf, huckster, 304 N Front 
Ettling Louis, fancy goods, 62 N 5th 
Etzel Gotleib, carter, 5 Paschal's al 
Eustis A. B., mer., 15 S Water, h Sch 8th ab 

Euston Jas. painter, 21 S 8th, h 192 N 11th 
Euston & Weer, painters, 21 S 8th 
Eva Lewis, blacksmith, 61 Mead 
Evans Aaron, carp., h 30 Logan 
Evans Albert, blacksm., 198 Queen 
Evans &; Allmendinger, mers., 34 N 2d 
Evans Amy, rear 84 Walnut 
Evans Andrew D., capt., 4 Beck pi 
Evans Andrew W. carp. Centre bel IStli 
Evans Ann, 4 Cai-lton pi 
Evans Ann, baker, 13 S 10th. 
Evans Anna, milliner, 289 S 2d 
Evans Arthur, lab., WilHam bel Edward, (K) 

Evans Aurelia, dressmr., 189 N 10th 

Evans A., grocer, Brown ^ Centre 

Evans Benjamin, currier, 149 S Front, h Cox ab 

Evans Benjamin M., grocer, 276 Cedar. 
Evans Bishop, carp. Washington ab 13th 
Evans Charles, photographist, 409 High 
Evans Charles, machinist, Quarry near Bread, 

h 100 Vine 
Evans Charles, boot & shoemr., 130 Green. 
Evans Charles, M.D., 182 Mulberry. 
Evans David, painter, 12 State st 
Evans David, ropemr.. Wood ab Franklin (K) 
Evans David, lab., Salem al 
Evans David, fire proof chest manuf., 76 S 3d, 

h 83 Walnut 
Evans David R., lumber, 331 N 6th. 
EVANS D., jr., hardware, 144 N 2d, h 74 Ca- 

Evans Edward, baker, 75 N 8th 
Evans Edward, tin plate worker, Flower al 
Evans Edward, slater. Poplar ab 8th 
Evans Edward R. druggist, UN 5th 
Evans Elijah, waterman, Collins' ct 
Evans Ehza, Benton's av 
Evans Ehzabeth, 186 Coates 
Evans Elizabeth, b h, 89 S 5th 
Evans Ellen, milliner, S W 11th and Mulberry 
Evans Ellis, shoemaker, 290 S 6th. 
Evans Esther, widow, 331 N 6th 
Evans Evan, mer. 185 High 
Evans E., coun. at law, 4 N Sch 6th 
Evans Franklin, mer., 9 N 2d, h Union ab 2d 
EVANS Sc GUILLON, dry goods, 214 Chestnut 
Evans Hannah, 481 Vine. 
Evans Hannah, Fayette 
Evans Hannah J., 29 Wood. 
Evans Harriet V., widow of Cadwalader, 417 

Evans Henry, Wood ab Sch 4th ^ 

Evans Horace, M. D., 163 Walnut. 
Evans Howell, printer, 35 S 4th 
Evans Isaiah, engineer, 3 Reckless 
Evans Jacob, currier, 88 Cherry. 
Evans Jas. D. cordw. 7 Queen ab F road (K) 
Evans Jane C, arti. flower maker, 5 S 4th 
Evans John, bricklayer, Shippen ab Broad 
Evans John, tailor, 4 White's ct 
Evans John, inspector of lumber, 107 New 

Evans John, teacher, 21 Perry 
Evans John, moulder, rear 272 N 7th 
Evans John C. 29 Palmyra sq 
Evans John H. druggist, 198 Queen 
Evans Jonathan, groc. Hanover & Franklin (K) 
Evans Joseph, carp.. Pearl ab 12th 
Evans Joseph, cordw.. Wood bel Duke (K) 
Evans Joseph, watchman. Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Evans Joseph, gunsmith, 10 Harmony ct 
Evans Joseph, currier, 157 N 3d, h 94 Fitz- 

Evans Joseph, varlet}'- store, 233 S 2d. 
Evans Joseph, clerk, S E 8th and Wallace 
EVANS JOSEPH R., com. mer., 31 S whfs., 

h 103 Pine. • 




Evans Jos. R. Jr., mer., 31 S whar., h 101 Pine. ' 

Evans Joshua D., 174 N Front 

Evans Josiah, saddler, rear 60 Catharine 

Evans Josiah, measurer, 5 S 4th 

Evans J. Ogden, g^ent., 10th ab B uttonwood 

Evans Lorenzo, seaman, 220 Lombard 

Evans Mai-ia, 9th & Wood 

Evans Mary, b h, 11th and Mulberry 

Evans Marv, 72 E German 

EVANS M. G., 7 Girard 

Evans Nathaniel K., carp., Melon n 10th 

Evans Oliver, refrig'crator, water filterer, &. iron 

chest manufacturer, 61 S 2d, h 47 Almond 
Evans Owen, queensware, 26 S 4th 
Evans Owen B., lime, 9th & Sp Garden 
Evans Powell, brickmr., Shippen ab Broad 
Evans Rebecca Ann, b. h., Lily al ab Green 
Evans Reese plasterer, Haas' ct 
Evans Richard, William bel Edward 
Evans Richard, 9 Jefferson 
Evans Richard C. bricklayer, 144 S 13th 
EVANS ROBERT, measurer, Wallace bel 10th 
Evans Robert, slater, Parrish ab 8th 
Evans Robert T., 178 N 9th. 
Evans Rowland C, carp., 10th bel Sp Garden 
Evans Rudulph H., conveyancer, 16 Filbert 
Evans R. W., turpentine' distiller. Poplar and 

Evans Samuel, police officer, 9tli ab Coates 
Evans Saml. J. R., mer., 29 N 2d, h 331 N 6th 
Evans Saml. S., carter. Mechanic's ct (N L) 
Evans Sarah Mrs., 86|- N 9th. 
Evans Sarah M., Mrs., Miller's ct 
Evans Solomon, lab., rear Carpenter bel 9th 
Evans Theodore, b. h., S W 3d and Cherry 
Evans Theodore, stone mason, Brandywine ab 

Evans Thomas, g-ardener,. Front bel Phoenix(K) 
Evans Thomas, gent., IGth ab Washing'ton 
Evans Thomas, dry g-oods, 9 N 2nd. 
Evans Thomas, lab. 17 Cresson's al 
Evans Thomas C, tailor, 116 N 5th, h 331 N 6th 
Evans Thomas L., boots & shoes, 35 S 3d, h 192 

Evans T. &. F., mers., 9 N 2d, h 55 Union 
Evans T. Wallis, dry g'oods, 214 Chestnut 
Evans AV. Elbert, 9 Girard 
Evans & Watson, iron chests and refrigerators, 

76 S3d 
Evans Wm., carp., 4 Monmouth ct 
Evans Wm., drug-gist, 134 S Front, h 102 Union. 
Evans AVm., printer, 233 Wood ab 12th 
Evans Wm. E., mer., 161 High, h 141 N 5th 
Evans Wm. H., mer., 34 N 2d 
Evans Wm. M., watchmr., Washington. (W P) 
Evans Wm. li., mer., 388 High, h Sch. 8th ab 

Evans Wm. R., dry goods, 105 High, h 134 N 

Evans Wm. S., clerk, Franklin bel Spring Gar- 
Evard Richard, blacksm.. Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Eveland Danl., mor. dress., h Willow ab Dillwyn 
Ever John, tailor. Beach ab Marlboro' 
Everback Jacob, fraker, 61 Catharine 

Everest Cornelius, engraver, 68 Sassafras 
Everett Benjamin C, surgeon's bandages and 

instruments, 32 S 6th 
Everett Charles, mer., 78 High, 
Everett C. D., dentist, S W 9th & Mulberry 
EVERETT & ENGLES, dry goods, 78 High 
Everett Maria, 13 Morgan's ct 
Everett Newman, 47 Green, office 477 N 2d 
Everham & Colsher, wheelwrights., R road and 

Vine, h R road & Sch 7th 
Everham Saml., wheelwright, 67 St John 
Everham Wm., wheelwright, Sch 7th ab Parrish 
Everhart Geo., turner, Allen's ct 
Everhart John, chairmr., 4th bel Poplar 
Everhart Margaret, cake baker, 53 Brown 
Everill John, stone mason, Buttonwoodbel 9th 
Everitt Jonathan, harnessmaker, 8 Torr's al., h 

349 Callowhill 
Everitt Mary, Green ab 13th 
Everitt Samuel S., saddler, 14 R road 
Everly George M., collector, 297 S Front 
Everly M. N., button manuf., factory 5 Har- 
mony, h 286 S 5th. 
Everly W. A., merchant, 225 High, h 398 Mul- 
Everly W. H., painter & glazier, 2d bel Federal 
Evers John A., shoemr., 11 Dannaker's av 
Evers Thos., lab., Vienna ab Franklin (K) 
Everson John W., tailor, rear 397 N 3d 
Everson AVm. K., tailor, 157 Coates 
Everswein Wm., carter, rear Jackson (S W) 
Everwine Wm., lab.. Melon bel 12th 
Eves Charles, glass blower, Wood ab Franklin 

Evil Henry, carter, Chuch ab Washmgton 
Evitt Jane, b. h., Franklin n School 
Ewalt George F., tailor, F road ab Franklin 
Ewang Adam, weaver, rear Locust n Beach 
Ewell Solomon, waterman, 56 Catharine 
Ewen David, druggist, R road bel Green 
Ewen Joseph, dry goods, 250 S 2d 
Ewing Chas., shoemr., 81 S 8th 
Ewing George H., bottler, 453 S Front. 
Ewing James, lab., Sch. 2d ab Cedar 
Ewing James K., bai-ber, 388 S 2d 
Ewing John, barber, Franklin ab Front (K) 
Ewing J. O., gent, Spruce bel I2th '' 

Ewing Robert com. mer., 27 Minor, h N W 8th 

& Chestnut 
Ewing Robert, mer., 24 Chestnut, h S W Wal- 
nut and Sch. 8th. 
Ewing William E., clerk city Tobacco Ware- 
house, h 207 S 4th 
Ewling Jacob, corw., Higgin's pi 
Exley Mrs., wid. of John, 92 Vine 
Exley & Wilkinson, flour and feed, 4th and 

George (N L) 
Exley Wm., clothing, 448 N 4th. 
Exley William & Henry, blacksm.. Wood and 

Eyanson Mary, milliner, High bel Sch 5th 
Eyanson Thomas, tailor, 100 W High, h 3 Tem- 
perance row 
Eyre Abraham P., whaif build., Queen ab Ha- 
nover (K) 




Eyre C. Gushing', capt., 421 S Front 
Eyre Charles, shop, P road ab Federal 
Eyre Edward E., mer., S W 4th & Mulberry 
Eyre Franklin, shipwright. Queen bel Palmer 

Eyre Franklin Mrs., g'entw.. Beach bel Palmer 

Eyre Jehu W., wharf builder, Beach ab Han- 
over (K) 
Eyre John S., gent., S E 4th and George (NL) 
Eyre Joseph K., com. mer., 61 S Front, h S E 

13th & Spruce 
Eyre J. Randolph, carp., Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Eyre & Landell, dry goods, S W 4th & Mul- 
Eyre Lewis, carp., 18 Logan 
Eyre Lydia W., gentw., 264 Marshall 
Eyre Mary Ann, 30 Bread 
Eyre Mrs. Mary, Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Eyre Richard W., alderman, office Queen n 

Palmer, h Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Eyre Thomas, dry goods, 12th and Vine. 
Eyre Wm., carp., Sch 8th n Arch 
Eytinge Bernhardt, 99N2d 
Eytinge D., sworn interpreter, 4 Quince 
Ezekiel Isaac W., mer., 206 S 2d, h 22 Howard 
Ezekiel Simon, clothing, 416 High 

Faaham Patrick, Fitter (K) 

Faany Mary Ann, dressmr., Lombard n 2d 

Faas Anthony, accordian, 649 N 2d 

Faas Francis S., confect., 649 N 2d (K) 

Faber William, silversmith, 124 N 5th. 

Fabian Charles, shoemr., 11 Linden. 

Fable Barbara, widow, 9th ab Noble 

Fable Wm., bookbinder, Lewis ab Poplar 

Fabruius Samuel, cordw., 27 Noble 

Fackler Frederick, baker, 37 New Market 

Facney John, gent., 132 Spruce 

Faddis Ezekiel, cordw., 358 N 3d 

Fadely Jonathan, lab., Apple ab Brown 

Fagan Alexander, ladies' shoemr., 134 S 10th 

Fagan Danl., porter, rear 123 Plum 

Fagan Edward, shop, Shippenlane bel Bedford 

Fagan Hugh, grocer, S E 8th and Bedford. 

Fagan John, stereotype foundry, 19 St. James, 

h W Penn sq 
Fagan John, waterm., rear Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Fagan John, 1 S 13th 
' Fagan Patrick, weaver, 50 Fitzwater 
Fagan Peter, carpet weaver, 7th bel Baker 
Fagan P. A., grocer, S E 8th and Lombard. 
Fagioli Francis, cordw., 81 S 8th 
Fagundus Jacob, brass founder, 161 N 4th 
Fahy Patrick, lab., 216 N Water 
Fair John, tailor, G T road bel 7th 
Fair John, carpenter, Fries' ct, h 87 Fitzwater 
Fair John, carp., 11th ab Buttonwood 
FAIRBAIRN JOHN & CO., saddlery hardware, 

UN 4th. 
Fairbairn John, saddler, UN 4th, h Mulberry 

n Sch. 7th 


Fairbank Horatio, patent lamp, 9 N 8th 
Fairbanks Drury, bandboxmr., 2 Thorn's ct 
Fairbanks Sylvanus H., bootmr.. Poplar and On- 

Fairbrothers David, carter, 33 Mary (S) 
Fairbrothers James, carter, 33 Mary (S) 
Fairchild E. R. Rev., cor. sec, P. H. M. So- 
ciety, 142 Chestnut, h 79 Locust 
Fairchild Henry L., 192 N 8th 
Fairchild John, buttonmr.. Winters' ct 
Faires J. W., seminary, George ab 11th, h Sch 

7th bel Locust 
Fairgrieve James, clerk, 82 S 2d 
Fairlamb Geo. W., carp.. Academy, h N E 13th 

and Budd 
FAIRLAMB JONAS P., jr., att'y at law, 7 

George, h 2 Clover 
Fairman G. W., coal agent. Broad and Cherry, h 

Sch 6th and Emerald 
Fairman Robt., ostler, 26 Prune 
Fales George, mer., 6 S Front, h 131 Sassafras, 
Fales, Lothrop & Co., mers., 6 S Front. 
FALLON, C. &. J., attys. & coun., 142 Walnut 
Fallon James, lab., 246 N Front 
Fallon Mary, Rugan ab Callowhlll 
Falls Francis, gratemaker, 83 N 6th 
Falls John, chandler, 50 Union 
Falls Michael, b h., 274 S Front 
Falls Wm., lab., rear Fitler n 2d 
Falweiler Saml., brushmr., 145 St John 
Fannin John, ropemr., Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
Fanning John, lab., 7 Bell's ct 
Fanton Mary Anna, rear Broad ab Poplar 
Faranger Margaret, grocer. Prime and M road 
Fareira John, jr., hatter, 357 S 2d 
Fareira Joseph, hatter, 284 High, h Pine ab 10th 
Farhawk Henry, 2d ab Edward (K) 
Faries James, coachmr. Carpenter ab 4th 
Faries Wm., 366 Vine. 
Farley Ann, tavern, 200 High. 
Farley Edw., lab., Sch Front ab MulbeiTV 
Farley Frederick, weaver. West n Vienna 

Farley James, lab., Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Farley James, lab.. Cedar bel 12th 
Farley John, stone cut., Buist's ct 
Farley John, weaver. Carpenter ab 13th 
Farley Lewis, weaver, West ab Vienna (K) 
Farley Michael, lab., 221 Shippen 
Farley Robt., lab., rear Fitler n 2d 
Farley Rosanna, 11th bel Carpenter 
Farley Thomas, stone cutter. Pine bel 11th, h 

3d ab Cedar 
Farley Wilson J., drug., N W 4th & Catharine. 
Farmer Felix, weaver, Cadwalader, ab Phoenix 

Farmer Patrick, weaver, Milton ab 11th 

Farmer R., tailor, 28 Branch 

Farndell George H., railroad curve layer, Lloyd 

bel Shippen 
Farney James, carter. Carpenter ab 10th 
FarnhamB. A., mer, 36 S Front, h Broad below 

Famum Henry, mer., 12 Chestnut, h Walnut 

W Broad 




FARNUM HENRY & CO., dry g-oods, 12 Chest- 
FARNUM & IMBRIE, mers., 1 Church al 
Farnum James A., com. mer. 1 Chiu'ch al., h Wal- 
nut W Broad 
Famum John, mer., 26 S Front, h 257 Mulberry. 
FARNUM, NEWHALL & CO., com. mers., 26 

S Front 
Farnum Peter, mer. 26 S Front, h 477 Chestnut 
Faro Edw., blacksmith. 89 Apple 
FARQUHAR & CARPENTER, conveyancers, 

56 Walnut 
Farquhar Edward Y. conveyancer, 56 Walnut, 

h Sch 6th bel Walnut 
Farquhar Thos. W., tailor, 471 Vine 
Farr Georg-e, lab., 13 Brook 
FARR GEORGE W., tailor, N W 5th & Chest- 
nut, h 1 door ib Wood 
Fair John, chemist, N W 9th and Brown, h 151 

FARR JOHN C, mer., 112 Chestnut, h 171 S 5th 
Fan- John T., apoth., N E 13th & Callowhill 

N W 9th & Brown 
Farr Rebecca, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Farr T. T., druggist, N E 5th and Cedar, h 188 

FaiT Wm. A., druggist, N E 12th & Callowhill 
Farrady James, surg. inst. maker, 1 Cherry 
Farrady John, printer, 16 Mayland 
Farran John, carp., Curtis' ct 
Farran Michael, distiller, 471 N 3d 
Farran Michael, drayman, 19 Vernon 
Farran Thomas, lab., Sch Front n Chestnut 
FARRAND JAMES H., confec, 281 Chestnut 
Farrell Barney, labourer, Sch. 7th ab Wood. 
Farrell Catharine, Jones n Sch 4th 
Farrell Catharine, Goodwill ct 
Farrell Daniel, lab., Sch Front bel Chestnut 
Farrell Elizabeth, Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Farrell Hugh, weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
Farrell James, weaver, Hancock ab Phcenix (K) 
Farrell James, hat tip manuf., 309 Cherry 
Farrell John, carp., 7 Harrison's ct (K) 
Farrell Joseph, temp, tavern, 4 Zane 
Farrell Joseph, captain. Christian ab 3d 
Farrell Patrick, ostler, 3 Pleasant ct 
Farrell Rosina, teacher, 66 Gaskill 
Farrell Walter, bootmr., 18 Howard 
Farrelly James A., bon. presser, 119 Cedar 
Farren Ann, 250 Christian 
Farren Edward, 13 Adams' ct 
Farren Edward, carp., 8th ab Christian 
Farren Mary, 105 German. 
Farren Michael, lab., Barker n Sch 4th 
Farriah Joseph, carp., 105 Prime 
FARRINGTON ALONZO, broker, 177 Sassa- 
fras, h Sch 7th n Vine 
'Harris Edward M., barber, 15 Exchange pi 
■ Farris James, cordw., Hallowell n 7th 
Farron Joseph, shoemr., 9 Willing's al 
Farrow Francis, currier, Clinton ab Brown 
Farrow Wm., painter, 526 N 2nd, h 619 N 4th 
Farry Andrew, lab., 11 Pegg 
.Farson Enoch S., carp., Elbow la., h 23 Marriott 

Farson Wm., carpentei-, Norris's alley, h 7th ab 

Farthing John, victualler, c Charlotte & Beaver 
Pager Christian, stone cutter, 3 il Callowhill 
Fassitt Alfred, mer., 48 High, h 245 Pine. 
Fassitt & Co. drygoods, 48 High ab 2d 
Fassitt E. C, atty. & coun., 6th bel Walnut 
Fassitt Huson L., mer., 53 High 
Fassitt Jas., gent., 329 Mulberry 
Fassitt Jas. W., mer., 48 High, h Spruce ab 

Fassitt, Mrs., widow of Thomas, 327 Mulberry, 
Fassitt Robt. F., mer., 329 Mulbeny 
Fassitt T. S. R., gent., 433 Mulberry. 
Farsold John, butcher, George & Charlotte 
Farver Henry, lab., Rihl's ct 
Fasy C. A., dressmr.. Wood ab Sch 8th 
Fasy Henry J., cordw. 401 Sassafras 
Fasy John H. printer, 4th ab Washington 
Fater Jacob, shop. Mechanic & Culvert 
Fatman Joseph, chemist, 41 New 
Fatman L., mer., 41 N Front, h 2 Margaret st 
Fatman L. & Co., match manuf, 41 N Front, 
Faulke George, capt.. Pine bel 11th 
Faulkner J. H., painter. Union and 2d 
Faulkner Robert, tailor, 25 Pi-att 
Faulkner Patrick, lab., 5 Faii-mount av 
Faulkner Samuel, weaver, 79 Fdbert. 
Faulkner Wm. H., carp.. Cherry n Sch 8th 
Faunce Christian,fisherm., Queen ab Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Conrad, fisherm., c Vienna & Queen. (K) 
Faunce Daniel, fisherm.. Queen bel Vienna. (K) 
Faunce David, glassblower, Vienna ab Queen(K) 
Faunce David, di'ayman, rear Amber ab Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherm.. Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Faunce Hannah, George bel 4th 
Faunce Henry, fisherm.. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Henry, glass blower, Wood n Duke. (K) 
Faunce Henry, bookbindei-, 11th and Willow 
Faunce Isaac Sen., fisherm. Queen bel Wood (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman. Queen bel Cherry. (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fisherman. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman. Bishop bel Queen. (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman. Queen bel Cherry 
Faunce Jacob fisherman. Cherry n Franklin (K) 
Faunce Jacob D., fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Faunce Jacob H., fisherm., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce John, carter, Carroll bel 13th 
Faunce Jno. C, fisherman. Queen ab Cheny (K) 
Faunce Mary, wid., F road opp Norris (K) 
Faunce Michael, fishenn., Vienna ab Queen. (K) 
Faunce Michael, fisherm.. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Peter M., fisherm., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Sarah, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Faunce Susan, gentw.. Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Faunce Wm., shipw., Elm bel Franklin (K) 
Faure Amelia, gentw., Carpenter bel 8th 
Faurest Charles, marble yard. Broad and Cherry, 

h Sch 6th and Summer 
Fauser Fredk., shop, Apple bel Master 
Fauset F., 15 Paschall's al 
Fausset John, raer., 131 High, h S W 13th and 




Faussett James, gent., 91 Crown. 

Faust David, mer., 70 N 3d, h 189 N 7th 

Faust Henry, cordw., Orchard 

Faust Samuel, hatter. New Market bel Green 

Faust &, Winebrener, hardware, 70 N 3d 

Fauver Casper, door keeper. Com Hall (N L) 

Favour John B. mariner, 113 Queen 

Fawcett Charles, wigmr., 174 Chestnut, h 180 

Fawcett Wm., 24 Logan's sq 
FAY C. M., mer., 13 Commerce, h 68 Franklin 
Fay Michael, weaver, 8 M'Duffie 
Fay N., 121 N 6th 

Fay Thomas, grocer, S E 6th & Powell. 
FAYE 8c BELROSE, paper hangings, 100 

Faye James, mer., 100 Chestnut, h 160 S 13th 
Faye Thomas, mer., 100 Chestnut, h 431 Spruce 
Fayle Wm., engraver, 9th bel Catharine 
Fayette Lewis, cabinetmaker, 356 S 2d. 
Feag-ley Joseph, tanner, 56 F road opp Queen 
Feagley Simon, lab., 56 F road 
Feagley Susanna, 31 Laurel 
Fearon & Brother, mers., 15J S. water 
Fearon Hetty, b. h., 428 High 
Fearon James, soapmaker, 49 Union, h 160 S 4th 
Fearon Patrick, blacksmith, c Spruce & Pratt, 

h Vaughan bel Walnut. 
Feass Henry, baker, 3d bel Franklin (K) 
Feaster Maria, washer. Nectarine ab 10th 
Feber Chas., tailor, 20 Mead al 
Federschraid Gottleib, baker, 212 S 6th 
Fee John, shoemr., Shippen & Lloyd 
Fee Terence, clothes, 233 Cedar 
Feeny James, shop, 5 Hurst 
Feeny John, tailor, 46 Gaskill. 
Feeny Michael, lab., 128 S Water 
Fees Christiani, tavern, 85 Brown 
Fees Christopher, cabinetmr., 91 Brown 
Fees John L., piano mr., rear 83 Brown 
Fegaiy Mr., wine mer., 220 E Spruce 
Fegenbush Catharine, 386 N 6th 
Fegenbush J., shoe store, 446 N 2d. 
Fegley Ludwig, lab., Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Feher'ty Mrs., wid., 31 Union (S) 
Fehlisen Christian, skin dresser, 27 Beaver st (K) 
Feinack John, waiter, 2 Barclay 
Feinour Catharine, gentw., 32 Plum st 
Feinour Joseph, stove finisher &. tin & iron pi. 

workers, 215 S Front. 
Feinour Mary, 188 Queen (S) 
Feinour & Nixon, paper mrs., 231 N 3d 
Feitig J. P., carp. 23 Jones' al, h 81 Brown (N L) 
Feldman H. C, baker, 129 Sassafras 
Felker Sarah, 273 Marshall 
Felker Wm., cigar mi*., rear 4th ab Brown 
Fell Aaron, cordw,. Poplar ab 10th 
Fell Christian, currier, 12 Coates 
Fell C. J., currier, Front and Coates, h 384 

N Front 
Fell C. J. &. Brother, choc, manuf., 64 S Front. 
Fell Frankhn, mer., 64 S Front, h 12th ab Mul- 

Fell James G., Sec. Hazleton Coal Co., 58 Wal- 

Fell Jesse A., printer, Bevan's ct 

Fell Jonathan, M. D., 375 Mulberry 

Fell Jos. G., 161 Sassafras 

Fell & Kinsler, curriers, N W Front & Coates 

Fell Penrose, tailor, 62 Chestnut 

Fell Reese D., tailor, 62 Chestnut, h 464 Spruce 

Fell R. D. & Brother, tailors, 62 Chestnut. 

Fell Samuel, printer, 13 Marriott 

Fellowes C, gent., Clinton ab 10th 

Felt Elizabeth, 102 Prime 

Felt George, boat builder, 107 Swanson 

Felt Wm., tinsmith, 405 S Front 

Feltham Joseph, lab., 273 S Front 

Felthousen Henry, cordw., Hughes' ct 

Felthousen Jacob, printer, 3 Hermitage pi 

Felthousen Jacob, jr., printer, rear 115 Dillwya 

Felton Henry, frame mr., 7 St James, h Poplar 

bel 10th 
Feltus Henry J., sugar refiner, Zane ab 7th 
Feltus Mai-k, lab., Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Feltus Thom., lab., rear Palm bel Parrish 
FELTUS & ZIMMERLING, sug. refiners, Zane 

ab 7th 
Feltwell Benjamin M., bricklr., and stove mr., 

406 High, h 1 Dugan 
Felty Charles, bricklr., 9 Orleans 
Felty George, cordw., 91 W Callowhill 
Felty John W., cordw., 3 Paschall's al 
Felty Wm., blacksmith. Filbert n Sch. 4th. 
Femington T. M., tax collector, N E 3d and 


Fender George W., dry goods, 44 N 4th 
Fenderson Boston H., barber, 254 Chestnut, In 

Shippen bel Russell 
Fenemore Valentine, wharf builder. Queen ab 

Wood (K) 
Fenimore Jason L., 17 S Penn sq 
Fenlin John, tavern, 120 N 3d 
Fenn Titus, shoemr., 531 Chestnut 
Fennell Mary Mrs., 390 N Front 
Fennell Wm., register gas works, 11 S 7th, h 

127 S 9th 

Fenner Charles H., tobacconist, 10th ab James 
Fenner EUza, tobacconist, 93 N 4th. 
Fenner H. P., tobacconist, 324 Callowhill 
Fenner John F. Jun., tobacconist, CaUowhiU 

rear of 6th 
Fenner John F., tobacconist, 213 N Front. 
Fenner John R., saddler, rear 21 Chatham 
Fenner Peter, tobacconist, R road and Wood 
Fenner R., umbr. manuf, 126 High, h 118 Pine 
Fennimore Benjamin, carp., 12th bel Coates 
Fennimore Joseph, botanist, 6th ab Poplar 
Fennimore Martha, b. h., 137 S 5th 
Fennimore WiUiam, ladies' shoemr., 79 S 2d. 
Fenninger Rev. M., 282 N 3d 
Fenton Abner, carp., Franklin bel Vienna (K) 
Fenton Albert, sailmr., 361 N Front 
Fenton Andrew, sailmr., 42 N Wharves, h 232" 

N Front 
Fenton Eleazer, dry goods, 48 S 2d 
Fenton Eiiza, gentw., 48 German st 
Fenton Elizabeth, book folder, 12th-& Filbert 
Fenton RandaU T. P., collector, Charlotte ait 




Fenton Wm. C, mer., 16 Decatur, h 183 N 12th 
Ferguson Alexander, cordw., h 33 N 4th 

Ferguson Andrew, carp. 5 Pleasant Retreat 
Ferguson Charles, blacksm, Watman's ct 
Ferguson Corn, stovemr., Smith's ct 
Ferguson David, weaver, 47 Cedar 
Ferguson Elizabeth, trimmings, 8th & Noble 
Ferguson George, clerk, rear 12 Lawrence 
Ferguson Henry, carp., Sassafras n Sch 2d 
Ferguson Henry, weaver, Stewart's ct 
Ferguson James, manuf., 122 High, h Crown bel 

Franklin (K) 
Ferguson James, sailmr., U. S. Navy, 10 Whar- 
ton st 
Ferguson Jas.,- grocer, N W 13th & Callowhill. 
Ferguson Jesse R. printer, 23 Turner 
Ferguson John, coffinmr., Cedar ab 13th 
Ferguson John, tailor, 54 Apple 
Ferguson John, weaver, 13th ab Fitz water 
Ferg-uson John, weaver, rear Perry, bel Phoenix 
Ferguson John L., last mr., 121 S 6th 
Ferguson John P., carp., 9th ab Parrish 
Ferguson J. carp, rear Coates bel 12th 
Ferguson P. L., 207 Chestnut 
Ferguson Robert, supt. gas works, 66 Maiden 

Ferguson Susan, wid. of Capt. J L., 304 S Front 
Ferguson Wm., weaver, Hamilton n WilUara 
Ferguson Wm., weaver, 43 W Cedar 
Ferguson WiUiam J., 13th ab Cedar 
Ferkler Heniy, baker, German ab 3d 
Fernerer A. H., tobacconist, 9 Margaretta st 
Fernan Francis, weaver. Centre and Dean 
Fernberg Chas., coal dealer, Willow ab 13th 
Fernberger Saml., clothier, 100 N 2d 
Fernley J. E., bonnet manuf., 28 Margaretta st 
Fernold Bennit, blacksm.. Concord st 
Fernon D. B., dry goods, 544 N 2nd. 
Fernon James A., cabmr., rear 542 N 2d (K) 
Fernon John, ship carpenter, Allen n Shacka- 

Fernon John, collector, 544 N 2d 
Fernon Peter, machinist, 12th bel Poplar 
Fernon Thomas, painter, 544 N 2d 
Fernon Wm. painter, 544 N 2d 
Fernon Wm., lab., Coates n Fairmount 
Fernsler John W., High W of Sch 6th 
Fen-and Steph., cai-ver. Filbert n Sch 4th 
Ferree George, 39 N 2d 

Ferree James B., mer., 172 High, h 13 Clinton 
Ferree Philip, Madison House, 39 N 2d 
Ferrell Ann, wid., Coates n Sch 
Ferrell Benj., machinist, 249 S 6th 
Ferrell Malaciii, white wasliei', 33 Quince 
Perrett Chas., confect., 290 S 4th 
Ferrett Edward, bookseller, 40 S 8th bel Chest- 
FERRETT E. & CO., pubs. & booksellers, 40 

S 8th 
Ferrett John, confect., 328 S 3d 
Fenner C, bootmr., 26 Swanson st 
Ferris Alexander, vamisher, 1 Howard's pi 
Ferris Alex., lab., 238 S 6th 

Ferris Daniel, bonnets, 10 N 2nd., h M V 

Ferris Edward B., watcbmr., 8^ N 3d 

Ferris Ellen, gentw., 10 Powell 

Ferris James, bricklayer, 556 S Front 

Ferris Jas., weaver, P road bel Marriott 

Ferris John, cordw., 12th ab Vine 

Ferris Josiah, cordw. 35 Mechanic 

Ferris William, coachsmith, Murray n Sch 2d 

Ferry Geo., vineg. mr., 49 M road 

Ferry Hugh, 137 Sp Garden 

Ferry James, lab., Ann W Sch 4th 

Ferry Wm., shoemr. 278 S 3d 

Fessenden C. P., ink & black, manuf., 14 Quince 

Fest Edwy, watchmr., 270 Sassafras 

Fetherston H., b. h., 152 S 2nd. 

FETTERS CHAS. S., tavern, N W Almond & 

Fetters James, drayman, 183 Green 
Fetters Jas., lab., rear Rose ab School (K) 
Fetters John, carman, Stites' ct (K) 
Fetters Rebecca, ice, N W Sch 6th & Chestnut 
Fetters Wm., furniture car. Otter n F road 
Fetters Wm., ladies' shoemaker, Hope below 

Fettinger Henry, plasterer, Pleasant ab 12th 
Fewgate Oliver, earner, 13th bel Spruce 
Fickardt Frederick A., M. D., 85 S 11th 
Fiechterer Fred., Garden ab Noble 
Fiedler Jacob, morocco dr., Fraley's ct 
Fiedler John, carp.. New Market ab Brown 
Fiedler John, butcher, Front bel Wharton 
Fiegel Charles, Wood n Sch 8th 
Fiegel Reviny, blacksmith, Van Buren pi, h 

Parrish ab 10th 
Fiegl Levi, mer., 28 N 2d 
Fiehrer J., M. D., 414 N 5th 
Fiekes John, tavern, 10th & Willow 
Field Adeline, Jones' al (N L) 
Field Benjamin, mer., 52 High, h 137 S 3d 
Field Charles, plater, 80 N 2nd, h 8th ab Green 
Field Charles, mer., 71 and h 200 S Front 
Field Conrad, oyster house, 214 High 
Field David, tailor, Ogden ab 10th 
Field George, clothing, 238 S 3d 
Field Isaac, carpenter, 83 Tammany 
FIELD ISAAC C, com. mer., 34 High,/h 204 

Field James, mer., 83 High, h 21 Montg'y sq. 
Field James, gi-ocer, R road bel Ann (F V) 
Field Joel, waterman, 30 Duke. 
Field John, brickmr., 20 Garden 
Field John, farmer, Parker's row 
Field John W., mer., 81 S Front, h 18 Girard 
FIELD & LANGSTROTH, hardware, 52 High 
Field Mary, 483 S 2nd. 
Field Mary, b. h. 204 Chestnut 
Field Morris, dealer, S W Front & Queen. 
Field Paul J., hardware, 341 S 2d, h 2d & John 
Field Peter, painter, 23 N 13th 
Field Peter, carpenter. Prime bel 2d 
Field Samuel, auctioneer, 445 High 
Field Thomas, blacksm., rear 90 Cherry, h 190 

Field Thomas, cordw. Ann (F V) 
Field Thos., hatter, 384 & 360 High 




Field Thomas S. h Co., com. mers., 36 & h 112 

N Front 
Field W. v., weigh master, 71 Pine, h 71 S 

Fielding- Ann, spooler, rear 23 F road 
Fielding Esther, gentw., 97 Filbert 
Fielding Jereh., milkman, 81* and Cherry- 
Fields Abraham, 80 S 3d 
Fields Abraham, porter, 8 Acorn al 
Fields Edmund, cordw., rear Poplar ab 9th 
Fields George, basketmr., P road ab Federal 
Fields Geo., cai-pet weaver, G T road ab Master 
Fields Joseph, blacksm., Moser ct (K) 
Fields Malcolm M'K., engineer, Sch Front ab 

Fields Rudolph, constable. Loud ab 9th 
Fields SaiBuel, cordw. Bedford ab Marlborough 

Fields Stuart, 19 Vernon 
Fiering Christian, brass foundry, Hope bel 

Phoenix (K) 
Fife James, reedmr. S E 10th & College av. 
Fife Mat., boxmr., Biddle's al, h 7 Lagrange 
Fife William, teacher, 98 Marshall 
Fifield &. Matthews, com. mei-s. and grocers,J 60 

Washington avenue 
Fightly Fredk., cordw., rear 114 New Market 
Fightly Lewis, stone cut., rear 114 New Market 
Figley John, lab.. Perry bel Master (K) 
Figueira &. Co., importers, 38 Walnut 
Figueira F. J., mer., 38 Walnut, h 220 Spruce 
File John, lab. 40 Charlotte 
File Wm. A. machinist, Ontario ab Parrish 
Filemyr Anthony, flour and feed, Otter and 2d 

Filemyr Henry, grocery, G T road ab Phoenix 

Filley Edward A., 436 High 

FILLEY HARVEY, tin plate worker, 436 High 

Filley Wm., agent, Brooklyn Glass Co., 12 N 5th 

Fillot Alex., hair dresser, 79 S 8th 

Filton Godfrey, brickmr., Coates ab Sch 5th 

Fimple John, brushmr., 21 New Market 

Finch A. D., 632 S 2d ab Reed 

Finch George, carp., 65 New Market 

Finch James, bootmr. 8th ab Mulberry 

Finch Richard, coachmr., Lewis bel Girard av 

Fine Henry M., gent., S W Lombard & Front 

Fink Andreas, lab., 13th & R road • 

Fink Daniel, painter, 4th bel Jefferson (K) 

Fink Geo., stocking weav.. Phoenix n G T road 

Fink Jacob, starchmr., Hope ab Master (K) 

Fink Jacob, lab., 4 Melon pi 

Fink Jacob, baker, 356 N 3rd. 

Fink Jacob, blacksm., CheiTy n Duke (K) 

Fink Jacob, rope mr., G T road ab 6th 

Fink John, founder, rear 287 St John 

FINK JULIUS, cooking range manuf., 431 

Fink Saml., machinist. Mechanic ab George 
Finkeni Frederick S. carp. Vernon bel 11th 
Finlaw Low, 31 Cresson's al 
Finletter Thos., manuf., 576 N 3rd. 
Finletter Thos. K., attorney, 576 N 3d 
Finley Andrew, conf., 220 Callowhill 

Finley Chas., plasterer, G T road bel Jefferson 
FINLEY & CO., upholsterers, S E 2d & Wal- 
Finley Hugh, grocer, N E Shippen & Shipen la 
Finley James, weaver, G T road bel Phoenix 
Finley James, clerk, 357 S 5th 
Finley James G., merchant, 63 N 2nd. 
Finley John R., judge, 27 Palmyra sq 
Finley Margaret, 144 Green 
Finley Moses, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Finley Richard, weaver, Lombard & Sch 2d 
Finley Samuel, weaver. Weaver's row (K) 
Finley Thomas, baker, 166 S 11th 
Finley Thomas, carpet weaver, N W Broad and 

Fitz water 
Finley William, upholsterer, S E 2d & Walnut, 

369 Callowhill 
Finley Wm. lab. Lombard E Sch 6th 
Finley Wm., painter, Marshall ab Brown 
Finley Wm., weaver, 8 Gay's ct (K) 
Finley Wm., weaver. Mariner 
Finley Wm. A., tanner, rear 615 Front 
Finn Ann, S E 7th and Mulberry 
Finn & Burton, paper hangings, 142 Mulberry 
Finn Edward, 8 Morgan's ct 
Finn James C. paper hanger, 142 Mulberry 
Finn John, cordw., rear 1 Paschal's al 
Finneberger Benedict, sausagemr., George n 4th 
Finnegan John, lab. Brazier ab Lloyd 
Finnegan John, lab., 5 Ewing's ct 
Finnegan Mrs. Ann, shop keeper. Filbert near 

Sch 7th 
Finnegan Edward, weaver. Locust n Sch 2d 
Finnessy John, stovemr., Higgins' ct 
Finney Charles, hatter, 10th bel Poplar 
Finney Christiana, 350 Chestnut 
Finney Francis, 33 O Y road 
Finney Henry, tailor, 144 High, h 25 Farmer 
Finney John L., tailor. Nectarine ab 9th 
Finney Wm., Baker n Sch 7th 
Finnigan Francis, shop. Small ab 5th 
Finnigan W. C, grocer, N W 7th & Baker 
Finzi A., dry goods, S W 5th and Spruce 
Fiot Augustus, importer of music, 196 Chestnut, 
Fiot J. R., 243 High 
Firing Sophia, variety store, 125 Green. 
Firth Edw., mer., Sch 8th bel Walnut 
Firth John, blacksm., rear Shackamaxon below 

Frankhn (K) 
Firth John, baker. High W of Sch 7th 
Firth Joseph, baker, 112 N 4th 
Firth J., milliner, 12th and Wood 
Firth Mary Ann, tobacconist, 4 Arcade 
Firth Samuel, cloth manuf, 492 Callowhill 
Firth Thomas T., Brig. Insp., 66 S 8th 
FISH ASA I., atty. and coun., 5th and Library- 
Fish Edward, cooper, AVheat and Keefe 
Fish Hiram, lab.. Wheat bel Wharton 
Fish Israel L., plasterer, 13tl) bel Buttonwood. 
Fish Jacob S., plasterer, 10th bel Coates. 
Fish James, b h, 1 Spring Garden 
Fish Lemuel, hatter, Kline's ct 
Fish Thomas, tailor, 142 Poplar 
Fishblatt Louis, cap maker, 36 Bank, h 7 Cal- 
lowhill ab Sch 6th 




Fisher Abel, waterman, rear 156 Poplar 

Fisher Andrew, baker, rear 297 Callowhill 

Fisher Ann, widow, 277 Chestnut 

Fisher Catliarine, ti-ader, Palmer bel F road 

Fisher Chai'les, teamster, Sch 8tli ab R road 

Fisher Charles H. confectionei-, 145 Poplar 

Fisher Charles H. 264 Walnut 

Fisher Charles N. mariner, back 75 Clirlstian 

Fisher Christopher, 280 S 4th 

Fisher Coleman, broker, 94 Walnut, h 54 S loth 

Fisher David, waiter, 209 S 7th 

Fisher David & Sons, paint. & g'lazs. 306 Chestnut 

Fisher Deborah, Paschall's al 

FISHER EDMUND N., collect., 306 Chestnut 

Fisher Elizabeth, Church bel Christian 

Fisher Elizabeth, Marlborough bel Franklin 

Fisher Emanuel, printer, 65 New 

Fisher Esther, 249 Mulberry 

Fisher Ezekiel, mariner. Beck bel 2d 

Fisher Francis A., mer., Locustn Sch 7th 

Fisher Frederick, upholsterer, N E 8th 8c Zane 

and 297 N 2nd 
Fisher Fredei-ick, baker, 352 Callowhill 
Fisher P'redk., ji\, 352 Callowhill 
Fisher F., morocco dresser, 79 & h 88 St John 
Fisher George, brass worker, 149 S 6th 
Fisher George, lab., 22 Brown 
Fisher George R., tailor, 24 S 4th. 
Fisher George S. 306 Chestnut 
Fisher George W., clothing, 77 N 2d 
Fisher Henry, wheelwi-ight. Beach bel Maiden 
Fisher Henry, cabinetmr. Coburn 
Fisher Henry, butcher. Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Fisher Henry, baker, Callowhill ab Sch 3d 
Fisher Henry B., Willow bel 8th 
Fisher Henry G., painter, 306 Chestnut, h 14 

Fisher Henry M., carp., Samson's al 
Fisher Jacob, vict. Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Fisher Jacob, carp., 22 Brown (N L) 
Fisher Jacob, grocer, Apple bel George 
Fisher Jacob, tavern. Broad and Wood 
Fisher Jacob, coachsmilh, 16 Webb's al 
Fisher Jacob, lab., Franklin n Union 
Fisher Jacob, vinegar store. Poplar ab 3d 
Fisher Jacob M. blacksmith, 4 Irvine 
Fisher James, collector, 5 Willow ab 3d 
Fisher James, bookseller, 124 Green 
Fisher James E., straw goods, 155 High 
Fisher Joel, grocer, N W 5th and Cherry, h 25 

Appletree al 
Fisher John, dvayman, rear Front ab Franklin 
Fisher John, cordw., 3 Ellett'sav 
Fisher John, cabinetmaker, 185 G T road. 
Fisher John, victualler, Palmer n Duke (K) 
Fisher .lohn, bu'clier, Palmer bel F road 
Fisher Jolm, vict. 302 Callowhill 
Fisher Jolin, wlif. builder. Front & Brown 
Fisher John, tobacconist, Rugan ab Callowhill 
Fisher Jolin, cordw., 3 Linden st (K) 
Fisher. lohn D., painter, 306 Chestnut, h 173 

Fisher .lohn C, cabmr., 189 Brown 
Fisher Joim M., cutler, 216 S 5th 
Fibher Jolui N., gent., S W 7th & Buttonwood. 

Fisher John &, Philip, cabiiietmrs., 496 N 2d & 

185 G T road 
Fisher John S., saddler, 101 Dillwyn ' 
Fisher Jonathan, porter, 9 Washington 
Fisher Joseph, thermometer mr., 58 Chestnut 
Fisher Joseph, lab. 217 Locust 
Fisher Joseph S.,«mer., 18 Commerce, h 357 N 

Fisher J. F., att'y & coun. 170 Chestnut 
Fisher Lewis, bottler, 6 Noble 
Fisher Margaret, gentw., G T road ab Phoenix. 
Fisher Mary Ann, teacher, Palmer bel Franklin 
Fisher Mary P., gentw. 312 Chestnut. 
Fisher Michael, fly net, Poplar ab 3d 
Fisher Myers C. gilder, Lewis ab Poplar 
Fisher Patrick, weaver, Philip bel Oxford (K) 
Fisher Peter, carter, Sch 8th bel Carlton 
Fisher Peter, victualler. Crown and Bedford, h 

Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Fisher Peter, stone mason. Broad ab Poplar 
Fisher P. S., saddler, Coates ab 9th 
Fisher Richard, lab., Meredith's ct 
Fisher Rodney, mer., 151 N 7th. 
Fisher Samuel, bricklayer, Fisher's ct (N L) 
Fisher Samuel, carter, Jones W Sch. 5th 
Fisher Samuel, pearl worker, 10 St Joseph's ar 
Fisher Samuel, cai-ter, 418 N 4th 
Fisher Samuel A., baker, 239 S 6th. 
Fisher Saml. H., Wallace ab 9th 
Fisher Sarah R. 58 S 11th 
Fisher Sarah W. 290 Chestnut. 
Fisher Sidney G., att'y & coun., 57 S 7th. 
FISHER, SONS & ROBINSOxV, agency, 43 High 
FISHER S. F., atty. & coun., 76^ Walnut, h 437 

Fisher Thomas, dry goods, 42 N4th 
Fisher Thomas, seaman, 38 Blackberry al 
Fisher Thos., mer., 110 S Front 
Fisher Thomas R., hosier, 30 Church al 
Fisher William, cooi)er. West ab Walnut 
Fisher Wm., umbrellamr., Marshall n Willow 
Fisher Wm., shipwrgt, Marlboro' ab Queen 

Fisher William, confectionery, I'isher's ct 

Fisher William, atty. and coun., 218 Waljijiut, h 

480 Chestnut 
Fisher William, tobacconist, Broad ab Sassafras 
Fisher Wm. cooper, 409 High, h 3 Dorr's ct 
Fisler C. H., ship broker, 40 Chatham 
Fisler Daniel, tailor, rear 49 Brown (N L) 
Fisler Jacob, clerk, 552 High 
Fisler Jacob H., register Sch. Water Works, k 

363 N 6th 
FISLER JACOB P., tavern, 2 N Front 
Fiss Aaron W. carp., Robb's ct 
Fiss Ann, Moore's ct (S G) 
Fiss Catharine, Leopard ab Franklin (K) 
Fiss Eliza Ann, 386 S 3d 
P"iss Elizabeth, widow, 2 Gravel's ct 
Fiss George, shocmr. 6 York ct 
Fiss George, tobacconist, 18 Branncr's al 
Fiss John, carp. Coates ab Fairmount st 
Fiss Rachael, Brinton ab R road 
Fiss Samuel, cabinetmr., 20 Plum 




Fiss Samuel, agent, Juniper ab Spruce 

Fitchett John S., hardware, 47 High 

Fite George, tobacconist, 5 Bonsall 

Fite Henry, victuallei-, 7 Diligent av 

Fite John B., tinsmith, 10 Gebhard 

Fite Samuel, brewer, Sch. 8th n Vine 

Fite Saml., stone cutter, 9th ab Coates (S G) 

Fite Samuel, blacksmith, Sch. 3d n Locust 

Fite Wm., tobacconist, 177^ S 3d 

Fithian Aaron B., shoe store, 324 N 2d 

Fitliian Amable, dressmr., Shield's al 

Fithian Chas., printer, Tyler st 

Fithian Chas. B., mer., 38 N 2d, h 233 N 9tli 

Fithian Eplu-aim, carter, Court al 

Fithian George, sexton, 46 P road 

Fithian Geo., collect., 3 Knight's ct 

Fithian Hannali, geutw., 13 Coates 

Fithian, Jones & Co., dry goods, 38 N 2d 

Fithian John, glassworks. Crown ab 

Fithian Lemuel S., mer., 38 N 2d, h 175 S 

Fithian Matthias, printer & booksr., 82 S 3d 
Fithian Wm. B., collector, 157 N 4th. 
t'ltler Alfred, conveyancer, 51 N 6th, h 2d and 

Fitler Daniel, gent., G T road ab Camac 
Fitler Elizabeth, 2d and Otter (K) 
Fitler Henry, cordw., rear Schleisman's ct 
Fitler & Hunter, morocco factory, Willov/ ab3d 
Fitler Joseph P., M. D., 2d & Beaver, (K) 
Fitler J. P., conveyancer, 215 N 6th 
Fittirnan Richard, lab., Sassafras ab 13th 
Fitting Jacob, baker, 86 N 11th 
Fitton John, baker, 479 N 2nd. 
Fitzgerald Adam, farmer, 6th bel Christian 
Fitzgerald David, jr. carter, 8^ Hurst 
Fitzgerald Edward, baker, 181 N Front 
Fitzgerald Hortiss N., mer., 23 S whfs, h 444 N 

Fitzgerald Mrs. James, surg. inst. mr., 21 Frank- 
lin, h 5 Carberry 
Fitzgerald John, cordw., rear 16 Wash. Mar- 
ket pi 
Fitzgerald John, porter, 19 Eutaw 
Fitzgerald John R., cooper, 5 Franklin pi, h 26 

E North. 
Fitzgerald K., 317 S 2nd. 
Fitzgerald Morris, b h, 31 Jones' al 
Fitzgerald Thomas, shoemr., 16 Elizabeth 
Fitzgerald Thos., lab., 262 N Water 
Fitzgerald Wilson, cooper, 4 Merchant 
Fitzgerald Wm. L., boot & shoemr., 364 High, 

h 5 N 13th 
Fitzgibbons James, dealer, 239 N Front & 244 

N Water 
Fitzhenry Francis A., wid., 32 Sch 8th n Cheriy 
Fitzinger Jolin, carter, Stoy's ct 
Fitzmorris Thos., lab.. Locust n Sch 3d 
Fitzone M. painter, 23 Prune 
Fitzpatrlck Bartholomew, 5 Dillwyn pi 
Fitzpatrick & Burr, painters. High n Sch 7th 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, dealer, 495 High 
Fitzpatrlck B., lab., Almira pi 
Fitzpatrick Daniel, lab., 7 St. Mary 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, shoemr., 229 Cedar 

Fitzpatrick Dennis, cooper, Fror^fc ab Washing- 

Fitzpatrick Ellen, milliner, 138 S 11th 
Fitzpatrick Ellen, tavem, 26 S Water 
Fitzpatrick John, lab. Howard bel Master (K) 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, engineer, 209 N Front 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, marble polisher, Rugan bel 

Fitzpatrick Margaret, spooler, Higham's ct (K) 
Fitzpatrick Matthew, weaver, Christian ab 11th 
Fitzpatrick Michael, labourer. Beach ab Poplar 

. (^^). 
Fitzpatrick Michael, weaver, George n Beach 

Fitzpatrick M., hatter, 9 St Mary 

Fitzpatrick Patrick, flour store, S W Front and 

Dock, h 81 Union. 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, carp.. Federal ab 7th 
Fitzpatrick Peter, lab. 12 E Shippen 
Fitzpatrick Philip, Middleton's ct 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, weaver, Cadwalader below 

Phoenix (K) 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, bricklayer, 30 St Mary 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, lab.. Factory bel Beach 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, coachman, 12 Willing's al 
Fitzpatrick William, drayman, Almira pi 
Fitzsimmons Bernard, com. mer., 6th ab Wash- 
ington . 
Fitzsimmons John, bootmaker. Vine ab 12th 
Fitzsimmons John, lab., Small n 5th 
Fitzsimmons Joseph, ladies' shoemr.. Flower st 
Fitzsimmons Thos., hardware, Jones n Sch 8th 
Fitzsimmons Wm., carp., 8th n Carpenter 
Fitzwalter Wm., cordw., 2 Hubble st 
Fitzwater Mai'k, carp.. Pearl ab 12th 
Fitzwater Thomas, carpenter, 17 N Sch. 6th n 

Fiz Moses, printer, Branch al 
Fizell A., stove manuf., 414 High 
Fizell Edward, stove manuf. 414 High, paper 

hanger, Chester & Maple 
Fizell Thomas, ship carp., Allen bel Hanover, 

. (K) 
Fizone Ann, rear 19 Sterling's al. 
Fizone Lewis, cordw., 5 Mayland 
Flagg J. F. B., M. D., dentist, 216 Mulberry 
F'lagg Samuel G., mason, 504 Coates 
I'^lagler Mary, widow, 27 E North 
Flaherty Ann, silk dyer, 50 Lombard. 
Flaherty Edward, lab., 185 N Front 
Flaherty John, tailor, 303 S 5th 
Flaherty Wm., 12 Coomb's al 
Flaig Edward, dentist, 132 N 10th 
Flake Samuel, ship carp.. Crown bel Bedford 


Flake Thos. cordw. Warren & Queen (K) 

Flake Wm., currier, 198 Mulberry 

Flanagan Edward, carter. Wood ab 13th. 

Flanagan Francis, weaver, 4 Sch Beach 

Flanag-an George W., bottler. Beach ab Hano- 
ver (K) 

Flanagan Jas. lab. 9th bel Marriott 

Flanagan James, Monument House, Beach ab 
Hanover. (K) 

Flanagan James, lab., Fitzwater ab Broad 




Flanagan John, cartel", Shippen ab. Broad 
Flanagan Luke, carpenter, rear 70 S 2nd, h 

Broad ab Sassafras 
Flanagan Pat. lab. Dorothy n Sch 3d 
Flanagan Philip, lab., 13th and Centre 
Flanagan Robert L , plumber, 318 S 2nd 
Flanagan Robt., tavern, 112 N 6th 
Flanagan Stephen, clerk, 477 S 2d 
Flanagan Thomas, carp. 9th and Christian 
Flanagan Wm. G., plumber, 45 Walnut, h 39 

Flanagin George H., mer., 5 S "Water, h 71 

Flanagin James S., mer., 5 S Water 
Flanagin John, mer., 5 S Water, h 347 N 6th. 
FLANAGIN JOHN & SONS, mers., 5 S Water 
Flanders Andrew, lab. Queen ab Marlboro' (K) 
Flanigan Jones Mrs., Jones n Sch 4th 
Flanigan Mary, dry goods. Broad ab Sassafras 
Flanigan Rodney, lab., Ogden ab Sch 8th 
FLANIGIN JOSEPH R. mer. Walnut and Sch 

Beach, coal office. Walnut st. whf. Sch. 
Flanigin Wilham C, dry goods, 190 S 2d 
Flannery John F., combmr., 419 N 4th 
Flavell Ann, wid.. Master and Howard (K) 
Fleck Benj., moulder. Sassafras n Sch Btli 
Fleck Geo., porter, Carlton bel 13th 
Fleischman Conrad A. Rev. rear 5 Ogden 
Fleisher M., mer. 61 N 2d, h 20 New 
Fleeman Saml., weaver, Howard, bel Master (K) 
Fleet Reuben, wheelwr.. Poplar and Marshall, 

h Lewis ab Poplar 
Flegel John G., dry goods, 437 N 2nd. 
Flehr Carl, weaver, rear 552 N 2d 
Fleming Aaron, cabinetmr., Marlboi-ough below 

Alien (K) 
Fleming Andrew, weaver, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Fleming Sc Buzby, com. mer., 19 S Water 
Fleming Chas. carter, Prosperous al 
Fleming Elizabeth, Phoenix bel 2d 
Fleming Geo., mer., 603 Spruce 
Fleming George M., mer., 19 S Water, h 603 

Fleming James, carp., Hallowell bel 7th 
Fleming James, baker, Callowhill n Nixon (F M) 
Fleming John, china. Wood W Sch 7th 
Fleming John, warper. Wood n Sch Front 
Fleming Joseph, manuf., c Hamilton & William, 

h c Lynn & William. 
Fleming Joseph, mer., 82 S Front, h 412 Spruce 
Fleming Joseph, weaver. Spruce Sc Sch Willow 
Fleming Joseph, lab., 8 Mechanic (F M) 
Fleming Lavinia, dry goods, 102 Locust 
Fleming Margaret, Sch 2d n Callowhill 
Fleming Mark, weaver, 2 Brinton 
Fleming & Mai-shall, mers., 82 S Front, ab 

Fleming Thomas, mer.j 327 Walnut 
Fleming Thomas, lab., Caskaden's ct 
Fleming Wm., ship master, 22J^ Walnut, h 95 

N 5th 
Fleming Wm., blacksm, 4th bel Plum. 
Fleming W. R., mer., 153 High 
Flemmer Nancy, 13 Burd st 
Flemming John, cordw., 30 Chester 

Flemming Joseph, com. mer. N W Front and 

Walnut, h Spruce bel 12th 
Flemming Wm., weaver. Carpenter ab 8th 
Flenard William, tailor, Magnolia ab Noble 
Flenner Lewis, tailor, h 180 St John 
Fleshoiu- Catharine, wid., tailoress, 408 N 4th 
Fletcher Ann, 6 Little Pine. 
Fletcher Ann, c Perry & Lambert. 
Fletcher Anthony, drayman. Harmony bel 4th 
Fletcher Benjamin, engi'aver, 9 Mechanic 
Fletcher Catharine, baker, 190 Sassafras 
Fletcher Eleanor, widow, Buttonwood W 13th 
Fletcher Ehza, book folder, 213 Lombard. 
Fletcher George, engraver, 15 Merchant, h 

Wood n 8th 
Fletcher James, vict., Washington (W P) 
Fletcher James W., Alderman, 248 Shippen, h 

Lebanon ab Christian 
Fletcher John, upholsterer, 10 North. 
Fletcher Joshua S., coach trimmer, 16 George, 

h 11th bel Cedar 
Fletcher Lucy, shop keeper, 38 Cherry. 
Fletcher Milford, porter, Osborn's ct 
Fletcher Rebecca E., Filbert n Sch 7th 
FLETCHER THOMAS, silversmith, Morris 

House, 188 Chestnut 
Fleu Albert, cordw., 5 Washington row 
Fleu Charles, printer, 85 Apple. 
Flew Charles, cordw. Marshall ab Poplar 
Flich Geo. L., store, 84 N 2d 
Flick Andrew, currier, 136JSr 3rd,.h 51 Wood. 
Flick Charles, chairm. Beach bel Shackamaxon 

Flick Jacob, fisherm. Cornehus' ct n Bishop (K) 

Flick Lewis, baker, 46 Filbert 

Flick Sarah, b h, 147 N Front. 

Flick & Smith, shoe find. 136 N 3d 

Flick Thomas, cordw. Brown bel Vienna (K) 

Flick Wm., fisherm., Cornelius' ct n Bishop (K) 

Flickinger Isaac, 335 N 6th 

Flickwir D. Henry, carpenter, 163 S 3rd. 

Flickwir Jeremiah W. druggist, 34 Lombard 

Flickwir Joseph W., carpenter, 24 German. 

Fling Caroline R., young ladies' seminary, S E 3d 

and Tammany 
Fling Hannah, 7 EHzabeth (N L) / 

Fling James B., bootmr., 372 N 3d 
Fling Thomas S., 62 Noble 
Fling Wm. B., office, 95^ Walnut, h Broad bel 

Flinn Edward, cabman, George ab 13th 
Flinn Edward, M. D., 80 N Front 
Flinn James, tailor, 2 Elmslie's al 
Flinn James, tailor, 3 Howard's ct 
Flinn Lucy A., dressmr., 5 S 12th 
Flinn Michael, cardr., 22 Paschall's al 
Flinn Michael, soda water, 31 Queen 
P'linn Robert H., Dep. Reg. Wills, State House, 

h 523 Coates 
Flinn Robert Jr., mer., Broad ab Cherry, h 523 

Flinn Timothy, lab., 12th ab Pine 
Flinspach Charles, butcher, 9th ab Callowhill 
Flint Andrew, machinist, Dunton bel Franklin 
Flint Anna, 18 Brennan's al 




FLINT A., tract depository, 4 Hart's Building's, 

h 24 Sansom 
Flint Hannah, trimmings, 596 N 2d (K) 
Flint James, macliinist, Franklin bel Front, h 

F road opp Franklin (K) 
Flint Thomas, cordwainer, 14 Providence ct. 
Flint W. A., bookseller, 4 Hart's Buildings 
Flomerfelt Armstrong I., sailmr., Lombard st 

whf. h Sutherland 
Flood Edward, harness mr., 3 Gaskill 
Flood Eliza, 18 Cresson's al 
Flood Henry, laborer, rear 24 Duke 
Flood Isaac, shoemaker. Carpenter ab 5th 
Flood James, jeweller, 123 Prime 
Flood John, weaver. Front bel Oxford (K) 
Flood Lawrence, 356 N Front 
Flood Lawrence, currier, 33 Dillwyn, h20Vine 
Flood Peter, carpet weaver, F road bel Bedford 
Flood Thos., drayman, 560 N 2d 
Flood Wm., stone cut. 39 New Market 
Flood William, blacksmith, 234 N Water 
Florance J. L., gent., 11th and Walnut 
Florance Wm. 339 Chestnut 
Florence Sarah, artificial flowermr. and variety 

store, 81 Buttonwood 
Florence Thomas B., Sec'ry. Comptrollers pub- 
lic schools, Atheneum buildings, h 48 Lom- 
Floiy Wm. b h, Broad & Paper al 
Flounders Wm. B., shoemr., 256 S 5th 
Flower Reese Wall, office S 8lh bel Fitzwater 
Flowers Aaron, shoemr., 27 N 9th 
Flowers Catharine, S E 8th and Sassafras 
Flowers Robert, printer, Beaver bel Charlotte 
Flowers Thomas, chairmr., Parrish ab 5th 
Flowers Wm., brushmr.. Wood ab 13th. 
Floyd Elijah, packer, rear 4 Pei-ry's ct. 
Floyd Geo., hostler, P road bel Marriott 
Floyd Henry, grocer, 12th & Lombard 
Floyd James, grocer, S W 9th and Catharine 
Floyd Jas., manuf., 2d bel JeflPerson (K) 
Floyd John, 265 S 3rd. 
Floyd John, grocer, 4th and German 
Floyd Saml., book keeper, 191 Catharine 
Fluck Jacob, shoes, 172 High, h 158 Marshall 
Fluck Samuel, cordw., 70 Coates 
Flum B., coachmaker, R road ab S Garden, h S 

Garden ab 12th 
Flumacher Christian, machinist, 2 Madison av 
Flure Frederick, butcher, Greenwich ab Front 
Flure Fred'k jr., vict., Front bel Greenwich 
Flynn Catharine, sempstress, Murphy's ct 
Flynnjohn, cooper, Lombard ab 12th 
Flynn Patrick, ostler, 3 Mineral pi 
Fobes G. W., mer., 83 High, h 23 Montgo- 
mery sq. 
Fobes & Gibbons, dry goods, 83 High 
Fodell John, carp, rear 268 N 5th 
Fodernsham Saml., combmr., 11 Mechanic 
Foehl Frederick, baker, 1 Chancery lane. 
Foering- Abraham, 16 Centre 
Foering' Albert R., clerk, 231 Marshall 
Foering Elizabeth, tailoress, 1 Loxley's ct 
Foering' Frederick, stove mer., 87 N 2nd, h 
1 Crown. 


Foering Saml., clerk, 10 Wagnei-'s ct 

Foering Susan, 9th ab Poplar 

Foering & Thudium, stoves and castings, 87 

Foering- Wm., coal mer., 65 N 5th, h 529 N 4th 
Foertsch H., bootmr.. Poplar n 6th 
Fogg Aaron, bricklayer, 5 W North n 10th. 
Fogg Samuel, ropemr., Corn bel Wharton 
Fogg' Sam'l., bricklayer, 6 Benezet 
Foley James, Miller's al 
Foley John, weaver, Lombard n Sch 2d 
Foley John, cordw., 10 Cypress 
Foley John F., tailor, 46 Walnut, h Marriott bel 

Fole)' Michael, dealer, 228 Shippen 
Foley Rebecca, 109 Filbert 
Foley &, Thomas, tailors, 46 Walnut 
Folkrod Elizabeth, 296 Vine. 
Foil Henry, cordw. 53 Ciiarlotte 
Follin George, Prest. Bk. Commerce, h57 Pine 
Follrir Thos. lab. Poplar ab 3d 
Folm Frederick, boot crimper, 167 St John 
Foloney Jas., weaver, 13th bel Catharine 
Folwell C. F., tailor, 95 N 5th. 
Folwell C. S., Bank U. S., h 37 Marshall. 
Folwell Edward, Bank N. America, h Spring- 
Garden ab 10th 
Folwell James, N. A. Bank, h 19 Montgomery 
Folwell John G., Philada. Bank, h 260 N 7th 
Folwell John T., jeweller, 285 Vine 
Folwell Joseph, turner, 4th bel Poplar 
Folwell Joseph D., mer., 14 S 2d h 310 Coates 
Folwell J. W., cordwainer, 183 Callowliill 
Folwell & Pitfield, cloth store, 14 S 2d 
Folwell Robt., 217 Chestnut 
Folwell Thomas J., mer., h 5 Carlton sq 
Folwell Wm., cordw., Bedford bet Cherry and 

Folyer Arthur, lab., rear 210 St John 
Fontaine C, ladies' shoemr., 204 Walnut 
Fontaine Lewis, shoemr., 6 Sheldon row 
Fontanell Maria, blindmr., 499 N 3d 
Fontanges P. F., broker, 8 Bank al, h Spruce ab 

Sch 4th 
Foote Charles, seaman, Hutton's ct 
Foote Ehzabeth, 27 Mead. 
Foote Henry C, mer., 34 Church al, h 79 Mar- 
Foote John, brickmr., 43 W Cedar 
Foote Margaret, Cherry & Brown 
Foote Skelton, shoemr., c Marriott & 6th. 
Foote Wilhelmina, Vine bel 13th > 

Fopless Adam, chairmr. Apple ab Brown 
Fopless Andrew, watchman, 3 Harmony ct 
Foquet Charles, butcher, 294 S 10th 
Foran Paul, painter, 170 S 5th 
Forbes Charles, lab. Parker's pi 
Forbes Henry, weaver, rear George ab 2d (K) 
Forbes Hugh, shoemaker, 49 W Cedar. 
Forbes James, watchman, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Forbes John, weaver, Fitler bel Harrison (K)_ 
Forbes John, cordw., Cad-walader ab Franklin 

Forbes Joseph, clerk, S Garden bel 11th 
Forbes Margaret, Otter ab School (K) 




Forbes Sarah, tailoress, 8 Clair 

Forbes Thomas, printer, 24 Clark 

Forbes \Vm., lab. Jones W Sch 8th 

Force Geo. ship carp. Wharton ab M road 

Force Henry, blacksm., 6 Morris 

Force James K., clerk, 305 Callowhill 

Force John, ladies' shoemaker, Greenwich ab 

Forcer Franklin, cai'p. 52 Laurel 
Forcum Hester, 60 Corn 
Ford Athanasius, dep. marshall. State House, h 

6th bel Little Poplar 
Ford Chas. lab. Jefferson's pi 
Ford David, ivory turner, 83 Sassafras, h 260 

Ford Edwin, turner, 83 Sassafras, h 260 N 5th 
Ford Eliza, shop, 37 N 12th 
Ford Elmer C, machinist. Filbert W Sch 5th , 
Ford E. & D. turners, 83 Sassafras 
Ford Isaac, mer., 36 N Front, h 439 Chestnut 
Ford Jacob, lab., Locust bel 13th 
Ford Jas. carp. Crown bel Franklin (K) 
Ford Jas. plasterer, Cherry W Sch 8th 
Ford Jas. B. teacher, 24 Barker 
Ford John, blksm. 39 Carlton 
Ford John, machinist, 523 High 
Ford John, mer. Rittenhouse 
Fordjohn, waiter. Gale's ct 
Ford John, lab. Path st 
Ford John, corder. Vine st whf., h 13 Vine. 
Ford John M., plated saddlery, 32 N 3rd, h 12 

Ford Joseph, bricklayer, Lewis ab Poplar 
Ford Marg-aret, 12 College pi 
Ford Maria, sempstress, 39 Currant alley 
Ford Mary, 3 Fayette 
Ford Mary, Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
Ford Richard D., mathem.itical instrumentmr., 

5 Elmshe's al 
Ford Richard D., shoemr.. Queen n Front 
Ford Robert, inspector customs, 99 S Whs., h 

44 Gaskill. 
Ford R. H., tinplate worker, 303 High 
Ford William, clerk, 124 St John 
Ford Wm., saddlery hardware, 7 N 4th, 
Fordham Benj., glass blower, Vienna ab Queen 
Fordham John, glass blower. Queen bel Cherry 
Fordham Richard, ship carpenter, Cherry ab 

Queen. (K) 
Fordham Richard, jr., glassblower, Queen opp 

Fordney Mrs., 404 Vine 

Forebaugh Wm., tobacconist, 8th ab Mulberry 
Forehand Samuel, printer, 308 S 10th 
Foreman Henry, machinist, Division ab llth 
Foreman John, black and whitesmith, G T road 

bel Mud lane (K) 
Foreman Peter, whitesmith. Willow ab 8th 
Foreman Saml., coachsmitb. Centre bel Parrish 
, Foreman W. A., chairmr., 395 N. Front, h 409 

■Forepaugh J. F., currier, 180 Callowhill 
Forepaugh J. F., flour & grain, S E Water and 

Mulberry, h 167 N 5th 
Forepaugh Margaret, 10th bel Callowhill 

Forepaugh Solomon, tobacconist, 8 Sansom al 
Forepaugh W. F., currier. Strawberry & Chest- 
nut, h 17 Vine 
Forgrave John, carpet weaver, Howard bel Mas- 
ter (K) 
Forker John W. ladles' shoemr. 131 Charlotte 
Foi-ker Samuel, tailor, 121 Charlotte 
Forley Francis, weaver. Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Forley Owen, lab., Wiley's ct 
Forman Eliza, dressmr., 2d and Federal 
Forman Francis, shoemr., 87 S 2d, h O. Y. road 

ab Noble 
Formoses George, rear Jay bel Coates 
Forney John W., custom-house, h 272 N 6th 
Forrest George, boot crimp., Marshall ab Poplar 
Forrest Jacob, copper smith, 459 N 4th 
Forrest J. D., Ann (F V) 
Forrest Rebecca, 144 N 10th 
Fon-est Robert, lab.. Mulberry n Sch. 2d 
Forrest Samuel, cordw.. Rye ab Reed 
Fon-estal Dominick, Rev. 116 S 4th 
Forrester Ann, b. h., 63 Chestnut. 
Forrester John, tailor, rear 2d op Laurel 
Forst Frederick, upholsterer, 147 S llth, h 16 

Forst & Wright, upholsterers, 147 S llth 
Forsyth David, moroc. dresser, 14 Franklin (K) 
Forsyth John, vict., G. T. road bel Master (K) 
Forsyth Joseph W., plumber, 15 S 7tli, h 64 S 

Forsyth Presley B., plumber, 15 S 7th, h Pine 

bel Broad 
Forsyth P. B. & Brother, plumbers, 15 S 7th 
Forsyth Samuel, lab., 4 Barker 
Forsyth Thomas H., carpenter, llth bel Brown 
Forsyth Wm. T., carp., Brown ab Cheny, h 85 

N Juniper 
Forsythe Victor, lab., reai- Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Fort D. M., M. D., 12 R road 
Fort Levi, stovemr., 13 Gaskill 
Fort Levi, segar maker, rear 117 Queen 
Forten W. D., 92 Lombard 
Fortescue James, weaver. Carpenter ab lOtli 
Fortescue Joseph L., carp., 448 S Front 
Fortescue Thos., carp., 146 Christian 
Fortin Samuel, hosier, N E 2nd & Queen. (S) 
Fortler Ichabod, attendant, 65 Penn (K)/ 
Fortner Charles, tavern. Beach and Shackamax- 

on (K) 
Fortnum Charles, chandler, 11 Quarry 
Fortnum William, chandler, 57 Sassafras. 
Fortum Daniel, Wood ab 13th 
Fortum Winalter, saddle-tree maker, 382 S 5th 
Fosbenner John, stone mason, rear 619 N 4th 
Fossard Adolph, confec, 293 Walnut. 
Fossitt Aaron P., waiter, Russell bel Shippeji 
Fossitt James, waterman, 13 Cox 
Fostburner D., butcher, 4th bel Franklin (K) 
Foster A., carp., Shackamaxon n Bedford (K) 
Foster Ann, washer. Green ct 
Foster Ashton, dry goods, 13th and Vine 
Foster Benj., druggist, 8th and Vine 
Foster Charles, mer., 20 Chestnut 
Foster Charles, house painter, 45 O. Y. road 
Foster Crawford, broker & col., 191 Pine 




Foster C. R., dentist, 237 Mulberry 
Foster D. H., cordw., 372 S 2d 
Foster Edward F., tailor, 59 Cherry 
Foster Elizabeth, Monroe ab Palmer 
Foster Elizabeth, nurse, 1 West st 

IFoulke Eleanor P., S E 12th and Mulberry 
JFoulke Eliza M., b. h. 49 Georg'e 
Foulke Everart, pumpmr., 3 Conkle's ct 
iFoulke Frederick, watchman, 6 Shaffer's ct 
! Foulke Georg-e, sea capt., Pine bel Uth 

Foster E. B., stencil engraver, 256 h 268 N 3rd. | Foulke Isaac, cordwainer, 302 S Front 

Foster E. M., shoemr., 441 Vine j Foulke John P., seaman, 3 Mint ct. 

Foster Frederick, farmer, Duke and Cherry (K) Foulke Richard P., 34 Sansom 

Foster Geo., fancy dyer, rear Hope bel Phoenix Foulke Richard & Son, tailors, 154 Callowhill 


Foster & Gebhard, hatters, 49 S 3d 
Foster G. W., ship carp., Cantrell's ct 
Foster Hett}', widow of William, 304 Mulberry 
Foster Hezekiah, fanner, Crown bel Duke (K) 
Foster Jacob, printer, Callowhill n Sch 5th 
Foster James, watchman, 24 Dug^n 
Foster James, paper stain., G T road ab Thomp- 
Foster James M., Reed ab Front 
Foster John, lab., 5 Loxley's ct 

Foulke WiUiam, ag-entP. G. & N. R. R.Co., 9th 

and Green, h 293 Green 
FOULKE WM. P., att'y & coun., 34 Sansom 
Foulkrod Emanuel, cordw., 478 N 4th 
Foulkrod John, cordw., Phoenix bel Front (K) 
Foulks Charles, sea capt., 50 Mead 
Foulon Robert, plasterer, Ann (F V) 
Fountain A., ship carp., Palmer bel Franklin (K) 
Fouse B., widow, Coates n Fairmount 
Fouse Daniel, porter, 212 New Market 
Fouser H., brickmr., Elizabeth ab Poplar 

Foster John, ship carp., Franklin ab. Hanover Foust Georg'e N., stone cutter, 306 Vine 


Foster John, carp., Marlborough ab Duke (K) 
Foster John E., hatter, 49 S 3d . 
Foster John G., tobacconist, Allen ab Marlboro' 

Foster Joseph, ai-tist, Georg'e n Sch. 7th 
FOSTER J. H., awning- maker, 259 N 3d 
Foster Leonard, brass founder, rear 292 St. John 
Foster Mahlon, messeng-er, 7th &. Zane 
Foster Mary, F. road and Franklin (K) 
Foster Margaret, William ab l[amilton 
Foster Nathaniel C, blacksmith, Sch. 6th n Bar- 
ker, h St. Joseph's av 
Foster N.L., book agt., Franklin ab Crown (K) 
Foster Pool, cooper, Peg-g- n New Market 
Foster Robert, acct., Sch. 7th bel Walnut 
Foster Robert, M. D., 532 Vine 
Foster Saml., shipw., Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Foster Saml. N., printer, 20 S 4th, h 207 S 7th 
Foster Sarah, Crown ab Bedford, (K) 
Foster Solomon, mer., 266 High 
Foster Summers, saddler. Brown and St John 
Foster Thos., eng-ineer. Poplar ab 12th 
Foster Thomas, weaver, Elk st (K) 
Foster Thomas, weaver, Fairmount 
Foster Thomas, weaver, 4 Gay's ct (K) 
Foster Thomas S., mer., 163 High, h 21 Clinton 
Foster Walter, moroc. finisher, Paschall's al. 
Foster Wm., ladies' shoemr., 120 S 10th 
Foster VVm., ship carp., rear 502 S 2d 
Foster Wm., carp., Vienna bel Franklin (K) 
Foster Wm. lab, 4 Farmer's row 
Foster Wm. H., exchange office, 1 Library 
Fotterall S. G., gent., 2 Portico Square 

Foust Jacob, lab., G. T. road ab 6th (Iv) 

Foust Jas. B., tinsmith, S E 4th & Franklin (K) 

Foust John, lab., rear 5th n G T road 

Foust R. M., teacher, 141 Franklin 

Foust Samuel, lab., G T road bel 7th 

Foust Wm. stonecutter, rear Apple bel George 

Foust Wm., box maker, Westford av 

Fow David, vict., Cherry bel West (K) 

Fow George, brickmr, Sch 3d ab Spruce 

Fow George, butcn., Marlborough bel Franklin. 

Fow Henry, vict.. Palmer n F road 

Fow Jacob, vict., Duke and Marlborough 

Fow John, vict., Crown ab Duke (K) 

Fow Joseph, vict., Jefferson ab Front (K) 

Fow Lewis, victualler, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 

Fow Peter, brickmr., Locust n Sch 3d 

Fow Wm., brickmr., Spruce n Sch 3d 

Fowler Ann, sewer, 2 Cresson's al 

Fowler Francis, mail carrier, rear 410 Coates 

Fowler George, painter, 154 Carpenter 

Fowler Henry, potter, Hay's ct (K) 

Fowler Isabel, b. h., Pine and Scb. Beach 

Fowler Jacob P., hardware, 282 N 2d, h 542 

Fowler James, hardware, 542 N 2d 
Fowler Jesse, lab., Monroe and Cherr}' (K) 
Fowler John, painter and gUz. 8 S 10th 
Fowler John A., druggist, S W 13th and Wood 
Fowler Jos. C, shoemr., rear Nectarine ab 10th 
Fowler Lewis, cooper, 4 Sheetz 
Fowler Mahlon, tailor, 367 N 2d 
Fowler Manlove C, machinist, Brown ab 9th 
Fowler Mary, milliner, 80 Sassafi-as 
I Fowler Matthew, confect., 2 Tammany 

Fotterall William F., gentleman, N W 13th and! Fowler Rennels, tailor, 152 Coates 

Chestnut. Fowler Saml. tobacconist. Rose n William 

Fouche Wm. W., dentist, 79 N 6th I Fowler Sarah, rear 116 Brown 

Fougeray Augustus P., stoves, Callowhill and! Fowler Thomas, blacksmith, 271 St John 

O Y road 

Fougeray H. J., U. S. insp., 14 Sassafras 
Fougeray R. J., stoves, 107^ N 2d, h 101 New 

Foulk John, cooper, rear 304 St John 
Foulk Stephen C, carpets, S E 7th and High 

Fowler Wm., carp., Parrish ab 11th 
Fowler Wm., skin dresser, Clinton ab Poplar 
Fowler William, plasterer, Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Fowler Wm., rulemr., 336 N 3d 
Fowler W. C.,com. merch., 152 N Front, h 309 




Fow'er Wm. H., glass blower, Queen bel Palm- 
er (K) 
Fowles Rev. James H., Filbert n Sch. 7th 
Fowls Willis, waiter, 160 S 5th 
Fox Ann, shop, Baker and 7th 
Fox Benjamin K., clerk, Cherry ab Jacoby 
Fox Charles, brickmaker, 464 Sassafras.. 
Fox Charles, surveyor. Juniper bel Spruce 
Fox Christian, cordwainer, 138 Brown (N L) 
Fox Christian, cordw., R road n 10th 
Fox Mrs. C, widow, 113 Green 
Fox Daniel, gardener, Hanover ab Duke (K) 
Fox Daniel M., conveyancer, 339 N 3d 
Fox Edward J., Police Office, 14 Jacoby 
Fox Elijah J., bricklayer, 195 Christian 
Fox Ehzabeth, Montgomery bel Front, (K) 
Fox Evan, carp., Olive bel 10th 
Fox E. J., dress maker, 1 St John 
Fox Francis, carver, 7 Dock, h 14 Pinei 
Fox Frederick, gi-ocer, Marlborough bel Duke. 
Fox George, sailmr., 3 N 7th, h 10 James 
Fox George, M. D., 491 Chestnut. 
Fox George, tobacconist, N W 6th & Poplar 
Fox George, lab.. Brown bel Vienna (K) 
Fox George, weaver, Harrison 
Fox Geo. W. flour, S E Front and Otter, (K) 
Fox Hannah, Broad bel Chestnut 
Fox Henry J., coach maker, 49 Prune, h rear 

390 Sassafras 
Fox Horace, recruit, serg. U. S. A., High bet 

Sch. Front and Ashton 
Fox Jacob, cordwainer, 102 New Market 
Fox James, weaver, 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Fox James, blacksmith, Marlboro' ab Bedford 
Fox Jas., printer, 25 North 
Fox John, grocer, Sch. 3d & Dorothy 
Fox John, flour & feed, 673 N 2d (K) 
Fox John, mer., Marshall bel Poplar 
Fox John, gent., 105 New Market 
Fox John, dry goods mer. N E Sch. 7th and 

Fox John D., cooper, 196 N 3d, h N E 9th and 

FOX JOHN E., ex. brok., 5 S 3d, h N E 10th &. 

Fox John G., hatter. Pearl bel William 
Fox John J., chairmr., Rachel & Poplar 
Fox Jonas, beer house, 350 N Front 
Fox Jos., basket maker, Hallowell 
Fox Joseph L., 10th bel Green 
Fox L., lab., Palm ab Brown 
I'ox Margaret, 42 Beck st 
Fox Mary, sempstress, Bedford bel Broad 
Fox Michael, brushmr., 1 St, John 
Fox M. & C, millinery & dressmrs., Sch 5th n 

Fox Nicholas, dealer, Lombard bel 12tli 
Fox Patrick, lab. Brazier ab Lloyd 
Fox Patrick, carp., Jones n Sch 4th 
Fox Peter, lab.. High n Sch 2d 
Fox Peter, rigger, 8 Queen 
Fox Peter, carp., 8 Queen 
Fox Samuel A., cab. mr. Hai-monv & Hudson's 

al, h 270 S Front 
Fox Samuel M., atty. & coun., 47 S 5th 

Fox S. M., brickmaker, 3 Park pi 

Fox & Wagner, awningmr. 3 N 7th 

Fox William, tailor, 196 N 2nd. 

Fox Wm., carp., 177 Catharine st 

Fox Wm. P., brickmr., 3 Park pi 

Fox W. A. police off. 143 N Juniper 

Foy Anthony, lab. 12th bel Lombard 

Foy Hugh, dealer, Wharton ab 2d 

Foy James, flour & feed St., 1 Kelly 

Foy Joseph, cordw., 13th & Green 

Foy Margaret, Pine ab 13th 

Foy Wm. tailor, 375 S 2d 

Fovle Edwai'd, groc. Sassafras al & Mulben-y al 

Frailey J. Madison, U S N, Sch 6th bel Walnut 

Fraley Chas., chandler. School bel Franklin (K) 

Fraley Charles W., lampmr., Vienna opp Brown 

Fraley D., bonnets and shoes, 3^ S 2d 

Fraley Edward L., mer., 333 Sassafras 

Fraley Enoch, ship carp.. Barker's ct (K) 

Fraley Frederick, Sec'y. Am. Fire Ins. Co., 72 

Walnut, h 365 Sassafras. 
Fraley Geo. W. shoemr. Beaver ab St John (K) 
Fi-aley Henry, drum mr., Hope bel Phoenix (K) 
Fraley Hester, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Fraley John U., 79 N 10th 
Fraley Peter, shoe store. Beach bel Maiden 
Fraley Peter, machinist, Clinton ab FrankUn (K) 
Fraley R. W., gentw., 137 S 3d 
Fraley Wm. K., bricklr, Callowhill ab Sch 6th 
Fraley W. W., cordw.. Beach bel Maiden, (K) 
Frame Festus, lab., 10 Acorn alley 
Frame George, waterman, Franklin Sell 
Frame John, baker, Bledisloe pi 
France Abm., gi-ocer, 114 Frankford road (K) 
France Betsey, Frankford road opp Queen (K) 
France Jacob, 4 Short ct. 
Francis Ann, 98 S 4th. 

Francis Benj., cigar mr., Sch Front ab Mulberry 
Francis Charles, waiter, Russell ab Fitzwater 
Francis Chai-les, waiter, 23 Green (C) 
Fi'ancis Charles, tinsmith, 440 Sassafras. 
Francis Dolly, gentw., Spruce ab 12th 
Francis Edward, chairmr. Vernon ab 10th 
Francis Elizabeth, Bickham W Sch 8th 
FRANCIS, FIELD & FRANCIS, tinmen & sad- 
dlery hardware, 80 N 2nd ^ 
Francis George, bookbinder, 15 Franklin pi 
Francis Henry, tinman, 80 N 2d, h ^7 Jacoby 
Francis James W., potter, Jones E Sch. 5th. 
Francis Joseph, black &. white smith, 26 Dock, 

h 62 Union. 
Francis L. C. math. inst. mi\ 13 Dock 
Francis Margaret, Melon ab 9th 
Fi-ancis Maria, washer, George n Sch 7th 
Francis Thomas, plater, 80 N 2d, h 98 Dillwyu 
Franck Elizabeth, widow, Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Franck Wm. auctioneer, N W 2d & Tammany, 

h G T road & 2d 
Francks John, tobacconist, Washington (W P) 
P'rank Asher, dry goods, 170 N 2d 
Frank Christian, gent., 479 Race 
Frank Henry, tailor, N E 4th and Walnut 
Frank Henry, carp. Wallace & Preston 
Frank Isaac, pedler, Tammany ct 
Frank Jacob, coachmr., rear 39 N 4-th 




Frank Jacob, watchmr., 137 Cedar 

Frank John, cordw., Duke n Marlboroug'h 

Frank Lindenber^er, coachmr., 14 Green's ct 

Frank Lydia A. 301 N 7th 

Frank Moses, gent. 170 N 2d 

Frank Sebastian, baker, 165 Catharine 

Franklin Andrew, Coates ab Sch 7th 

Franklin Benj., carp., 2 Park pi 

Franklin Benj. wheelwrig-ht, 24 8c h 16 Dock 

Franklin Edward, shoes & bonnets, S E 10th & 

Franklin Henry, plaisterer. Barker E of Sch 4th 
Franklin James, plasterer, George ab Sch 6th 
Franklin James E., M. D., 1 N 13th 
Franklin John G., painter, 246 Catharine 
Franklin Joseph, plasterer, rear 107 N Market 
Franklin Margaret 11., 11 Wallace 
FrankUn Richard, lab Bedford ab 6th 
Franklin Ruth, Poplar bel New Market 
Franklin Wm. H. organ builder, Sch 8th ab 

Franks Charles, tobacconist, rear 143 Green 
Franks Georg-e, moulder, 31 Sarah (K) 
Franks Henry, tobacco, 372 N 4th, h 52 Coates 
Franks Herman, moulder. Otter 8c Dunton (K) 
Franks John, brush maker. Brown ab Cherry 
Franks Philip, boot & shoemr. 311 N 2d 
Franks William D., 31 Charlotte 
Frans P. S. 1 Seneca ct 
Frantz Jacob, carp.. Orchard ab Rawle 
Frantz Mary A. milliner, 27 Filbert 
Frantz Zachariah, carter, Pleis' ct (K) 
Frantzman John, cordw. 174 Coates 
Fraser Frederick G. upholsterer, 415 High 
Fraser James P. jr., stone cutter, Wallace ab R 

Fraser Robert, smithery, O Y road & AVood, 

Wood n West (K) 
Frashier Elizabeth, baker, rear 462 N 2d 
Frasier G. Mrs., dress mr., 21 Green's ct 
Frasier Mary, 145 Poplar 
Frazer Benjamin T., dry goods, 302 S 2d 
Frazer James, b h, 80 S 2d 
Frazer John F., profess. Walnut ab Sch 8th 
FRAZER ROBERT, att'y & coun., 93 S 3d 
Frazier Anthony, carp. Wheat bel Wharton 
Frazier Anthony, carpentei". Pine ab 13th. 
FRAZIER & ASPINWALL, fordward'g. mers.. 

Dock St whf 
Frazier Benjamin W., mer., Dock st whf., h 2 

Linden pi 
Frazier Gurney, blacksmith, Parrish bel I2th 
Frazier James, plasterer. Carpenter ab 6th 
Frazier John, grocer. Broad ab Shippen 
Frazier John, carp., 12 Washington market 
Frazier Joseph, stevedore, 75 Christian 
Frazier Nalbro, mer., 5 Walnut, h Spruce ab 

Frazier Robei-t, trunkmr.. Carpenter n P toad. 
Frazier William, weaver, Shippen ab 12th. 
Frazier Wm., mer.. Dock st whf., h 252^ Walnut 
Frazier Wm., printer, 332 S 3d 
Frazier Wm. S., printer, 3 Skerrett's ct 
Freaney Patrick, porter, 3 Moffitt's ct 
Freas Henry R. jr, cupper & bleed, 13 Q,ueen(K) 

Freas Jacob, gi'ocer, N E 5th & Sassafras 
Freas John, lab., rear 495 N 3d 
Freas John W., blacksmith. Prime bel Front ' 
Freas Solomon, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Frecase Isaac, S W Branch & Wood 
Frederick Elizabeth, Wood bel Duke (K) 
Frederick Dan'l, silver plater, rear 196 Cherry 
Frederick Geo., fisherman, Wood ab Q,ueen(K) 
Frederick Isaac, shoemaker, 96 S 2d, h 6 Car- 
ter's al 
Frederick Jacob, fisherman, Wood bel Duke (K) 
Frederick John, baker, Moyamensing av 
Frederick John, lab., 121 G T road (K) 
Frederick John, pedler, West n Vienna (K) 
Frederick John, fisherman. Wood ab Franklin 

Frederick John H., jeweller, 6 Hoffman's al 

Frederick John L., engr., 53 S 4th, h 5 City row. 

Frederick Margaret, tailoress, 256 Catharine 

Frederick Wm., fisherman. Wood bel Duke 

Frederick Wm. S., gi'ocer, 348 Callowhill 

Fredericks Samuel, printer. Turner bel 4th 

Frederickson Henry, lab., Gorrell's ct 

P>ederickson Wm. tobacconist, Parnsh bel 11th 

Frederitze Joseph, ladies' shoes, 59 New 

Fredline John L., jeweller, 374 S 4th 

Free Elijah, carp. 276 Wood 

Free George, stables, 11 & h 21 Cherry 

Free James, lab., rear 116 Brown 

Free Joseph, sailmr., 3 Dock, h 17 Turner 

Free Martin, blindmr., 518 N 3d (K) 

Freeborn Mrs. Christiana, High n Sch 5th 

Freeborn Mary, milliner. High n Sch 5th 

Freeborn Noble, labourer. Say. 

Freed Anthony, supt. M. prison 

Freed David, mer., 448 High, h 308 N 6th. 

Freed Jacob, grocer. Green & Linden 

Freed John, baker, 532 N 3d 

Freed Joseph M., mer., 448 High, h 308 N 6th 

Freed J. L., cork cutter, 138 Callowhill 

Freed Philip, carp., Myrtle ab 11th 

Freed, Ward &, Freed, flour and for. mers. 448 

FREEDLEY JOHN, marble depot. Chestnut st 

whf. Sch 
Freedley J., miller, Chestnut st whf. Sch . 
Freedly John, G T road bel Jefferson (K) 
Freedly Samuel, M. D., S E Green & Marshall. 
Freeland David S., hats, 22 and 56 High, h 26 

Freeland John, cordwainer, 369 S 6th 
Freeland Nathan S., hatter, 58 Garden 
Freeland O. S., piano tuner, 56 Vine 
FREELAND &. SON, hatters, 22 and 56 High 
Freeland H m. N., hatter, 56 High 
Freeman Alex. H., clerk, 35 S Sch 6th st 
Freeman Amanda, feather manuf., 35 N 4th. 
Freeman Amelia, 4 Prosperous al 
Freeman A. & E. W., milliners, 70 Mulbeny. 
Freeman A. H., mer. 92 High, h 70 Mulberry 
Freeman Benj. cabinetmr. 413 S 4th 
Freeman Caroline, washer, Briley's ct 
Freeman Charles, porter, Marriott ab 4th 
Freeman Charles D. atty. 6 Library, h Locust & 

Park (W P) 




Freeman Charles M., cordw., 86 S 3d, h 303 

Freeman George, port, painter, 167 Spruce 
Freeman George, furniture car, 9 Prosperous al 
Freeman G., waiter, 21 Currant al. 
Freeman Hiram, porter. Juniper al 
Freeman H. G., atty., 72 S 5th, h Locust and 

William (W P) 
Freeman James, wood sawyer, 115 Christian 
FREEMAN JAMES A., auctioneer, 106 Wal- 
nut, h 382 Vme 
FREEMAN JAMES B., atty. & coun., 115 S 

6th, h 203 Mulberry 
Freeman John, porter, EsSex st 
Freeman Mary A., trimmings, 146 S 2d 
Freeman Nathan, Ross & Queen sts (K) 
Freeman Richard, lab., rear 529 N 2d (K) 
Freeman T. W. L., real estate brok., 115 S 6th 
Freeman Wm., waiter, 4 Little Pine 
Freeman Wm., pedler, Penn bel 12th 
Freeman Wm., cabinetmi-.. Centre ab Brown 
Freeman Wm. G., steward, 5 Barley 
Freeman Wm. Henrv, U. S. Consul atCui-acoa, 

Filbert W of Sch 8th 
FREEMAN WM. S.agt. Union Transport. Line, 

45 S whfs. 
Freese Jacob R., mer. 64 N 3d 
Freeston Wm., keeper M. prison, h 498 S 2d. 
Freitas J., wines and liquors, 338 N 3d 
Frenaye Mark A., St. John's 13th 
Frenaye P., professor, 59 S 11th. 
French Anastasia, Maria and Ulrich's al 
French & Baker, riggers, S wharves ab Cedar 
Frencli Clayton, druggist, 10th and High 
French Eliza, School st 
French Elizabeth, 8 Wiley's ct. 
French George, rigger, S Whfs. n Cedar, h 30 

French John, bootmr., 2 Headman's pi 
French Jonathan, cordw., N E St John and Bea- 
ver (K) 
French Joseph, carp., 11th bel Cedar, h 4th bel 

French Richard, engineer, 13th bel Green 
French &. Richards, druggists, N W 10th and 

French Saml., 7th ab Poplar 
French S. & Sons, coal yard, 9th ab Poplar 
French Wm., carter, Giles' al 
French Wm. H., plasterer, S W Sch 6th and 

French Wm. J., biscuit baker, 46 Meadal 
Freno Ann, gentw., 28 Spinice 
Frety Micliael, tailor, rear Pascal al 
Freund Frederick, tailor, 264 S Front 
Frew Tliomas, Howard bel Master 
Freyberger A., umbrella maker, 307 Callowhill. 
Freyhardt P'redk. skindresser, 8th bel Pamsh 
FREYMUTH BENJ. E., collector, 339 S 4th 
Freymutli Charles, bookbinder, 339 S 4th 
Freytag Christiana G., gentw., 204 S 5th 
Freytag G., mer., 41 High 
Freytag M. Mrs., china store, 29f) Walnut. 
Frick Christian, cabinetmr. 126 St John 
Frick Edwin, tailor, Eldor 

Frick Edwin P., real est. brok. & conv. 119 S 
6th bel Walnut 

Frick Jacob, brass foundr}^, 364 N 3d. 

Frick Jacob, cordw., 37 Garden 

Frick John H. editor Amer. Sentinel, 73^ Dock,, 
h 118 Crown 

Fricke Albert, M. D. 37 N 4th 

Fricke Ehzabeth, gentw. 272 Coates 

Fricke George, mer., 14 N 3d 

Fricke Henry, mer., 14 N 3d, h 160 N 8th 

Fricke Henry, tavern, 26 Spruce 

Fricke H. & G., saddlery hardware, 14 N 3d 

Fricke Susanna, 209 St. John 

Fricker George, vict., Apple ab George (N L) 

Fricker Mary, wid. of Richard, Rose al rear of 

Fridenburg Pharez, 133 Dillwyn 

Fried John, cork cutter, 113 Buttonwood 

Friedauf Louis, dentist, 63 N 7th 

Friedline Sarah, b h., Washington bel 10th (S G) 

Friel Edward, grocer, 9th Sp Garden 

Friel John, conf.. High between Ashton &. Sch 

Friend Andrew B., blacksmith, 6 Juniper al, h 
73 George 

Friend John, corder, Coates st. wharf, h 426 N 

Frient Philip, cordw., rear 200 Christian 

Fries Henry, unabrella mr., 414 Vine 

Fries Hugh, porter, Sch 3d ab Walnut 

Fries John, watchmaker, 160 N 2d. 

Fries John, lab., Cooper n Sch 3d 

Fries Wm. cordw. rear Orchard bel Rawle 

Fries P., watchmaker, 353 N 2d 

Friesz Samuel H., labourer, 112 Wood. 

Frieze Maria, dressmr., 61 S 11th 

Frisby Charles, cabinetmaker, 191 Lombard, 

Frisby Geo., oysters, Bylis' ct 

Frisby James, waiter, 7 Richards 

Frisby Richard, barber. Centre bel 13th 

Frisby Thos., lab., 3 Little Oak st 

Frischknecht John, baker, 49 Plum 

Frishmuth Benoni, tobac. 105 N 3d, h 8th ab 

Frishmuth & Brothers, tobacco, 105 N 3d 

Frishmuth Charles, 16 Wallace / 

Frishmuth Edw. H., tobacconist, 105 N 3d, h 
129 Franklin 

Frishmuth J., gent., 8th ab Green 

Frishmuth Michael, cediu- cooper, 219 Callow- 
hill, h Sp Garden ab 10th 

Frishmuth Sarah Ann, dry goods, 492 S 2d. 

Frishmuth Wm. D. tobac. 105 N 3d, h 90 But- 

Frismuth Jacob, tobacconist, Pamsh bel 12th 

FRITH EDWARD, mer., 42 Commerce, h Sob 
8th bel Walnut 

Fritman George, machinist, 1 Orchard 

Fritz C, clock repairer, 261 Green 

Fritz Francis, lab., Loud n 10th ' 

Fritz Frederick, marb. yard, 102 N 4th and 147' 
Sassafras, h 37 Wood 

Fritz George, lab.. School and Hope (K) 

Fritz Geo., brickmr., Apple bel Master 

Fritz Henry C. morocco, 127 N 4th 




Fritz Jacob, cabinetmaker, 267 Mulberry, h 124 

N Juniper 
Fritz Jacob, comb & variety store, 196 N 3d 
Fritz James, brickmr. rear 609 n 6th 
Fritz John, blacksmith. Brown and Kesler 
Fritz John, baker, 153 S 6th 
Fritz John, dyer, 27 Duke 
Fritz John, comtamr., Brook bel Brown 
Fritz J. M., bootmr., 47 Callowhill 
Fritz John S., cabmr., 15 Schriver's ct 
Fritz Lewis, bookbinder, 6 Rose al 
Fritz Peter, marble mason, yard 226 Sassafras, 

h 214 Sassafras 
Fritz Peter, dealer, rear 198 Sassafras, h 181 St 

Fritz Wm. tin smith, rear 6 Lawrence 
FRITZ & WILLIAMS, morocco drs., 15 Marga 

Fritzing'er John, carter, Allen bel Hanover 
Frog-g-att Wm. gun smith, 392 N Front 
Fromberger M., rear 30 St John 
Fromerger Margaret, Buttonwood ab 10th 
Fronefield Jos. carp., George & Mechanic (N L) 
Fronton Emma, mantua mr., 93 P road 
Frost Augustus, 61 Washington (S G) 
Frost Elizabeth, Wood ab 11th 
Frost &. Isnard, mers., 3 Church al 
Frost John, publisher, S E 6th and Walnut, h 

Sch 8th bel Walnut 
Frost John H. P., teacher, rear 35 Mulberry 
Frost M. A., Importer, 3 Church al, h 92 Locust 
Frost Silas, brass found., 40 N 7th, h 90 S Front 
Frost Wm., dealer, 3 Monmouth ct 
Frowert C. E., bricklayer, 207 N 9th 
Frowert Daniel, 78 Sassafras 
Frowert Isaac, boot & shoemaker, 64 N 5th 
Frowert John B., painter, 2 N 7th, h 20 Cres- 

son's al 
Frowert John K., book bind., 4 Kenworthy's ct 
Frowert J., gent.. Wood bel 9th. 
Frowert Lewis H., superinten., 262 Catharine 
Frowert Samuel W., cordw., 511 S 2d 
Fry Christian, lab., Lewellen's av 
Fry Edmond, cooper, 10 Filbert, h Prospect al 
Fry George, wheelwriglit, 30 Castle 
Fry Geo., carp., 12 Whitehall 
Fry Jacob, dry goods, 58 N 3d 
Fry Jacob, tobacco., 265 N 3d, h 39 Coates' al 
Fry Jacob S., mer., 45 N 2d, h 14 Chatham 
Fry Jacob W., clerk, 463 5th ab Poplar 
Fry John, pattern maker, 158 Sassafras, h 270 

Fry John, cabinetmr., 270 N 8th 
Fry John A., dry goods, Washington ab 9th 
Fry John J., baker, Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Fry Joseph G., tailor, 19 Green 
Fry Lucian, Wood ab Sch 6tli 
Fry Mary L., 306 Pine 

Fry N. L. silversmitli, rear 71 S 2d, h 306 Pine 
Fry Samuel B., mer., 385 Sassafras 
Fry Thomas & William, confectioners, 191 N 3d 
Fry Wm. C, confect, 191 N 3d, h 99 Dillwyn 
Fry Wm. C, engraver, 270 N 8th 
Fry Wm. W. planemr. Henderson's ct 
Fryer George, cordw., 1 EUet's av 

Fryer John, tailor, 206 Sassafras, h 8 Nicholson, 

Fryer Kirk, 98 Wood 

Fryer Wm., dry goods, 38 S 2d. 

P'ryhardt Fred., skin dress., Charlotte bel Poplar 

Fuccarci J., pict. fr., rear Carpenter ab 9th 

Fuguet S., mer., h 83 Lombard 

Fuhr Henry, basket mr., rear 26 Charlotte 

Fulce Fredk., Robb's ct 

Full Adam, lab., Pleis' ct (K) 

Full Francis, eating house, M'Avoy's ct 

Fullaway Charles, trunkmaker, 23 Shippen 

Fullen Henry, painter. Poplar ab 10th 

Fullen Jas., S 2d bel Wood 

Fullen J., coachmr., 20 Quince 

Fuller Archibald, cart., N E M road 8c Wharton. 

Fuller Daniel, real estate broker, h 26 Sansom 

Fuller E., shop. Cedar ab 9th 

Fuller John, pilot, 479 S Front 

Fuller Oliver, mer., h 16 Clinton 

Fuller Peter, shop, St Mary ab 6th 

Fuller Zelotes Rev., editor, Spring Garden bel R 

Fullerton Aaron, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
Fullerton Alexander, druggist, 174 High, h 264 

Fullerton Edward, bootmr., 490 Sassafras 
Fullerton Henry, weaver. Master bel Hancock 

Fullerton Hugh, weaver. Lemon 
Fullerton Jacob B., coachmr.. Broad & Carlton, 

h Sch 3d bel Callowhill 
Fullerton Jas. lab., Lewis n Sch 6th 
Fullerton James, 442 Vine 
Fullerton John R. bricldayer, Franklin bel Cher- 

ly (K) 

Fullerton Matthew, grocer, 39 Pratt 

Fullerton Stephen B., plasterer, 485 Vine 

FuUman Ann, shop, 12 Bonsall 

Fulmer Ann, tailoress, Beckett st 

Fulmer Bennet, clerk, 33 Brandywine 

Fulmer Caspar, carp., Otter bel G T road (K) 

Fulmer Chas., 213 N 9th 

Fulmer F. cooper, 19 Maria 

Fulmer Henrj^, Cobb 

Fulmer Jacob, combmr.. Union ab Franklin (K) 

Fulmer Jas., sawyer, Wilson's ct 

Fulmer John, carp.. Palmer bel West (K) 

Fulmer John, vict., rear Poplar ab 6th 

Fulmer John J., carp., 9th and Nectarine 

Fulmer Mar)', rear O Y road ab Tammany 

Fulmer Michael, butcher, 29 Franklin pi 

Fulmer Wm. lab. School ab Rose (K) 

Fulton Alex'r., weaver, 7 Brinton 

Fulton Ann, Randall's ct 

Fulton James, lab., Gulielma 

Fulton John, weaver. Miller's row (K) 

Fulton John, paint. & glaz., N AV 5th & Prune, 

h 322 S 4th 
Fulton John, lab., S 7th bel Catharine 
Fulton John L., coachmr., rear 14 Filbert, h 11 

Fulton Mahlon, wheelwr., 5 Hunter 
Fulton Saml., lab.. Beech and Spruce 
Fulton Samuel, warper, Jackson ab Adams 
Fulton Sarah, 251 Cedar 




Fulton Wm., weaver, Hanover ab West (K) 
Fulton William, manuf., Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Fulton Wm. H., carpenter, 14 S Sch 8th bel 

Hig-h, h 53 S Juniper. 
Funck Charles F., cabinetmaker, 587 N Sd 
Funck Henry, lab. Coates n Fairmoiint 
Funk Godfrey, tailor, Garden & Willow- 
Funk James M., victualler,, rear 4 Chatham 
Funk John S. mach., Hancock bel Phoenix (K) 
Funk Jno. T. chemist, Hancock bel Phoenix 

Funk Mary, 9 Cresson's al 
Funk Wm. carp, rear 5th ab George (N L) 
Funk Wm. carter, Coates n Sch 
Funston Mr., carter, Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Funston John, grocer, Poplar & Hutchinson 
Funston Oliver, weaver, 7 Derringer's av 
Furbee Edward, porter, Giles' al 
Furbee Jonathan, waterman, Collins' al 
Furber Thos., agricultural warehouse, 291 Flig-h 
Furey And., cordw., rear Washington bel '3d 
Furey John S., teacher, 101 Spruce 
Furey Thomas, shoemr., High ab Sch. 6th 
Furlong Elizabeth, grocer, N W 7th & Cherry 
Furlong John AV. coach painter, 34 Dock, h 108 

Furlong Lawrence, salesman, 333 Lombard 
Furlong Richd., Sch Pine and Ball al 
Furman & Appleton, tailor, 43 N 6th 
Furman David, tailor, 43 N 6th, h 179 MulbeiTy 
Furman Elizabeth, c Sch. 8th & Filbert 
Furman Elizabeth, 451 Vine 
Furman Jonathan, waiter, rear 305 Walnut 
Furman Richard P., cooper, rear 30 Commerce 
Furman Saml., trimmings, 179 Mulberry 
FURNESS, BRINLEE & CO., com. mers. and 

auctioneers, 22 & 24 N 2d 
Furness James T., auctioneer, 22N 2d, h Spruce 

n Sch. 8th 
Furness John, carp. 9 State 
Furness Samuel, iron moulder, Hope bel Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Furness Wm. H. Rev., Pine bel Sch 8th 
Furphy Thomas, weaver. Mariner st 
Furrow Joseph, lab. 8 Lombard row 
Fuller A.nn, Buttonwood ab 10th 
Fury John, cordw., Hanover 8c Duke (K) 
Fury Michael, grocer, Lombard &c 7th 
Fury Michael, lab., Fitzwater ab 13th 
Fury Saml., lab., Coates ab Sch 5th 
Fury Tliomas, Walnut n Sch Beach 
Furze John F, machinist, Rugan n Willow 
Fussell Henry B., umbrellas, 2 N 4th, h 128 Mar- 
Futcher William, bootmaker, 122 W High 

Gabel Christian, 95 St John 

Gabel Jacob, engineer, rear 6th n Coates 

Gabb Joseph, salesman. Poplar ab 4th 

Gabel Matthew J., shoemr., n Totters alley, h22 

Gabel Peter jr., cai-p., 3 Brown 
Gabel Peter senr., gent., 9 Brown. 

Gabel Peter, bricklayer, 563 N Front (K) 
Gabel Peter, carp., rear 575 N Front 
Gabel Rachel, layer out of dead, 3 Brown 
Gabel Thomas, tbbac'st., G T road ab 2d (K) 
Gabell & Co., plumbers, 17 S 8th 
Gabell G. T., plumber, 17 S 8th 
Gable Joseph, painter, 420 N Front. 
Gabriel John, lab., Mulberry n Sch Front 
Gadeken Henry L. jeweler, 25 Library, h 6 

Acorn al 
Gadsby Henry, weaver, 12 Jones' al 
Gadsby John, manuf., shoemaker's ct 
Gaffin Peter, weaver, 10th bel Prime 
Gaffney Eliza, 34 N Sch 8th 
GafFney James, porter, 13 S 8th 
Gaffney John, bottler, 15 Mercer. 
Gaffney Mary, Vaughan bel Walnut 
Gaffnev Thomas, stone cutter. Grape bel George 

Gagen James, lab. Filbert E Sch 3d 
Gaillard E., baker, 18 Mulberry 
Gaily Wm., lab., M'Duffie n Sch 2nd 
Gaines Henry, lab., rear 8th ab Carpenter 
Gaines Richard, lab., 30 Blackberiy al 
Gakeler Jacob, butcher, Hanover bel F road 

Galberny Thomas, 112 N Water 
Galbraith & Binder, wood. Vine st whf. 
Galbraith Edward, carp., 7 Sailor's ct 
Galbraith H. lab., 20 W Cedar 
GALBRAITH JAMES, wood wharf. Callow- 
hill, h 116 New Market 
Galbraith James, weaver, Filbert n Sch 3d 
Galbraith John, marble paper mr. 27 N 7th, h 

Rugan ab Callowhill 
Galbraith Margery, Dorothy n Sch Front 
Galbraith Robert, lab. 7 Gabell's ct 
Gale James, barber, 1 Decatur, h Russell 
Gale Jane, wid., Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Gale Malachi, 83 P road. 
Gale Sarah, dressnir., 79 Filbert 
Gale Thomas S., acct., 225 Wood. 
Galen William, clerk, Marriott & Christian 
Gales Lewis, lab., Stevenson's ct 
Gales Wm., seaman, Ball al 
Galindo John, cab. mr., 314 N 4th ^ 

Gallager Ann, 22 Rittenliouse 
Gallagher Andrew, dra}Tnan, Federal bel M 

Gallagher Ann, shop, Mifflin & Orleans 
Gallagher Anthony I., dry goods, 20 Wallace 
Gallagher A. F. X., bootmr., 77 George 
Gallagher A. M. milliner, 158 S 5th 
Gallag-her Daniel, weaver, Senneff 's ct 
Gallagher Dennis, lab., rear 22 Spafford 
Gallagher Edward, lab.. Carpenter & 8th 
Gallagher Fanny, baker. Pine and Perry 
Gallagher Francis, milkman, 183 Shippen 
Gallagher Geo. M., moulder, Lombard ab 13th 
Gallagher Henry, cordw.. State 
Gallagher Henry, grocery, 6th & Shippen 
Gallagher Hugh, lab., Cooper n Sch 3d 
Gallagher James, gai-dener, Murray n Sch 2d 
Gallagher James, baker, 2d and Reed 
Gallagher James, salesman, 183 Catharine 




Gallag-her James, agent, rear Beach bel Maid- 
en (K) 
Gallag-her James, grocery, S E Fitzwater 8c 7th 
Gallag-her Jane, Patton's ct 
Gallagher John, drayman, S 8th ab Christian 
Gallagher John, lab. 328 S 6th 
Gallagher John, carp., Front bcl Greenwich 
Gallagher John, lab., 2 Farmer's row 
Gallagher John, waiter. Juniper bel Walnut 
Gallagher John, tailor, Carpenter ab M road 
Gallagher John, capt., 357 S Front 
Gallagher John, driver, 3 Tiller's ct 
Gallagher John, watchman, Chestnut n Beach 
Gallagher Margaret, shop, Spruce n Sch Front 
Gallagher Nealis, lab., Coates n Fair Mount 
Gallagher & Nix, perfumers, 7 N 9th 
Gallagher Patrick, sawyer, 10th n Milton 
Gallagher Peter, tailor, 2 S 13th 
Gallagher TJichard, labourer. Vine n Sch 3d 
Gallagher Robert, carter, 9 Marshall's ct 
Gallagher Saml. corder, 3 Sansom 
Gallagher Susan, Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Gallagher Thomas, lab.. Mulberry n Sch 3d 
Gallagher Thomas, clerk, Pine ab Sch 6th 
Gallagher Timothy, ostler. Sycamore ab Locust 
Gallagher Wm., saddler. Perry & Mifflin 
Gallaa^her Wm., morocco dresser, Kessler's ct 
Gallagher Wm. M., shoemr., 2 Filbert av. 
GALLAWAY WM., alderman, 11 Sp. Garden, 

h Sp. Garden ab 8th 
GALLEN CHARLES, tavern, 46 Prune. 
Gallen Isabella, tavern, 111 Shippen 
Gallen James, Small ab 5th 
Gallen John, coachman. Brown ab Cherry 
Gallesee Michael, lab., 14 Dilk's ct 
Gallett August, wig maker, 38 S 4th. 
Galliard James, painter, Sch. 7th ab Chestnut, 

h Ami ab Sch. 4th. 
Gallins Ralph, S W S whfs. and Cedar 
Galloney Charles, mer., 387* High, h 242 Cal- 

Galloney S. A., dressmr., 176 Marshall 
Galloway Benj., dyer, 10 Bonsall 
Galloway Isaac, coachman, 22 Watson's al 
Galloway James, seaman, Scott's ct 
Galloway James, sailmr., Sassafras bel Water, 

h 33 Elfreth's al 
Galloway James, weaver, Carpenter ab 8th 
Galloway John, hatter, 52 Sassafras 
Galloway John L., hatter, rear 211 Christian 
Galloway Wm., dealer, rear 36 Sassafras 
Galloway Wm., alderman, Sp Garden and 7th, 

h Sp. Garden & 8th 
Galusha L I., livery stables, Green ab 5th 
Galvray Andrew, boxmr., Filbert n Sch 4th 
Gamble Alexander, plasterer, 9th ab Coates 
Gamble Asa C, currier, 3d & Noble 
Gamble Charles, jeweller, 265 N Front 
Gamble Charles S., shoemaker, 3d & Marriott 
Gamble Eleanor, shop, 104 Plum 
Gamble Ellis, cooper, Crawford's ct 
Gamble George W., morocco manuf., 5 Marga- 

retta, h 41 Noble 
Gamble Hugh, grocer, Fitzwater ab 13th 
Gamble Hugh, porter, Fitzwater n 13th 

Gamble James, waterman, 265 N Front 
Gamble John, weaver, Shippen ab 11th 
Gamble John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Gamble John, morocco manuf. 32 Callowhill 
Gamble John, constable, 15 Orleans 
Gamble John V., polisher. Culvert bel 4th 
Gamble J. & Sons, morocco manufact. 5 Marga- 

Gamble K. J., morocco manuf., 5 Margaretta, h 

7 Noble 
Gamble Lucretla, b h, 98 S Front 
Gamble Phllanah, G T road n Rose 
Gamble Robert, morocco dress., Warner's ct 
Gamble Samuel, weaver, Ashton n Sassafras 
Gamble Samuel, stonecut.. Pine ab Sch 6th . 
Gamble Saml., coachman, 3 Centre 
Gamble Susanna, Beach ab Maiden 
Gamble Warren, waterman, 265 N Front 
Gamble Wm., morocco finisher, Marlborough 

ab Duke (K) 
Gamble William, cordwainer, 265 Green 
Gambling William, cabinet maker, Callowhill n 

Games Rufus, barber, 184 N 8th, h 226 S 7th 
Gamlster David, lab., 27 Crabb 
Gampher Geo. W., cooper, P road ab 6th 
Gampher.John, cooper, S 5th bel Queen. 
Gampher Michael, cooper, 230 S 2nd, h 274 

S 5th 
Gandy E. S., mer., 79 S Front, h 318 S 4th 
Gandy Sheppard, gent. 79 S Front, h 318 S 4th 
Ganer Michael, lab., Sch Willow 
Ganges Rachel, washer, Russell ab Fitzwater 
Gangheimer Philip, glovemr., Rihl's ct 
Gano Martha, Noble bel 8th 
Ganon John, carp., Adams 

Gans, Leberman & Co., tailors, High & N W 3d 
Gans Mary Ann, shop, Sch 5th ab Spruce 
Gans Solomon, mer., 3d & High 
Ganser John, shoe store, 469 N 2d 
Ganser John M., shoemr., 2d ab Edward 
Ganstert Joseph, shoemaker, 80 N 9th 
Gant Jane, 385 S 6th 
Gantz John, machinist, Pleasant bel 13th 
Ganzhorn John Godfrev, carter, Palmer ab Duke 

Gapel Anthony, stockmg weaver, 439 N 3d 
Garber Benedict, carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Garber Christian, carp., 7th ab Poplar 
Gardel Bertrand, teacher, 275 Chestnut 
GARDEN & BROWN, hatters, 196 High 
Garden Christopher H., hatters, 196 High, h 85 

Garden Martha, O Y road and Tammany 
Garden Wm., pi-inter, 5 Hyde's ct 
Gardener Serena, nurse, rear 6 Locust 
Gardener Wm., M. D., R road n Girard av 
Gardette E. B., M. D., dentist, 246 Walnut 
Gardiner H. S., cooper, 131 S Front. 
Gardiner R., M. D., 85 Catharine 
Gardiner Thomas W., tailor, rear 452 Callowhill 
Gardiner Thomas W. mer. 59 S Water 
Gardiner W. W., tailor, 91 N 9th 
Gardner Abraham, lab., 36 Burd's ct 
Gardner Alex., carp., Nectarine bel 10th 




Gardner Alexander, bricklayer, rear 177 S 3d 
Gardner Archibald, dealer, c 11th & Sassafras 
Gardner Catharine, 17 Coates' al 
Gardner Charles, machinist, G T road bel 2d 
Gardner Charles W. Rev., 8th ab Catharine 
Gardner Daniel W., cordw., 6th bel Washington 
Gardner Edward, brush maker, 4 Torr's ct. 
Gardner Geo. H., coach maker, 13th bel Brown 
Gardner Georg-e W., reporter of fasliions, 116 

Chestnut, h 21 Log'an 
Gardner Gransom, lab.. Culvert bel 5th 
Gardner Isabella, rear Beck bel 2d 
Gardner Jacob, 293 Vine 

Gardner Jacob H., skin dresser, 3 ll,&,h 3 12 Vine. 
- Gardner Jacob L. carp., 293 Vine 
Gardner John, lab., Sch 6th bel Lombard 
Gardner John, ship carp., John 8c Front 
Gardner John, bootmr., Herrig-e's ct 
Gardner John, collarmr., rear School above 

Rose (K) 
Gardner John, mer., 181 N 8th 
Gardner John K. caulker, Cadwalader bel Phoe- 
Gardner Jonathan, seaman, 30 Elizabeth, (NL) 
Gardner Joseph, barber, 213 Walnut, h 4th and 

Gardner Joseph R. barber, G T road ab Phoenix 
Gardner M. M. shoemaker, 12th bel Bedford 
Gardner Resolved W., Carlton n Sch 3d 
Gardner Richard, furniture, 406 Hig-h 
Gardner Robt., lab., Robeson's ct 
Gardner Sarah, wid. of John, 47 Franklin 
Gardner Sarah M., dry g'oods, 82 N 2nd. 
Gardner Wm., cordw., 12th ab Pine 
Gardner Wm., carp., Sch 6th bel Lombard 
Gardner William, skin dresser, 29 Log-an. 
Gardom George, drug's & colours, 13 S 7th. 
Gardom Wm. stovemr., 9 Cresson's al 
Gardy Jos., carpenter, Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Garesche G. 206 Walnut. 
Garey Horatio, tailor, 300 Hig-h, h Vernon ab 

Garey H. & Co., tailors, 300 Hig-h 
Garey Wm. gent. 313 Pine 
Garing- Michael, ship carp. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Garland James, baker, 148 N 13th 
Garlang-er Jacob B. bricklayer. Beach ab War- 
ren (K) 
Galley And. Sch 7th & Wood 
Garlick John, lab. 14 Hampton 
Garman David, rear 24 Dillwyn 
Garman John, brickmr., rear Penn bel 12th 
Garman John, framemr., 186 Poplar 
Garman Saml. ship joiner, 19 Allen (K) 
Garman Wm., tailoi-, 18 Barker 
Garner Jacob, lab. Brown bel Broad 
Gai-ner Mrs. Sch 6th ab Spi-uce 
Garner Robert, waterman, 383 S Front 
Garnet Ann, 35 Currant al. 
Garnett Solomon, waiter, 28 Blackben-j- al 
Garrah Robert, tailor, High W Sch 5th 
Garretson Jacob, mer., 136 High 
Garretson James, dealer, 334 S 6th 

Garrett Ann , Depot bel 9th 

Garrett Cornelius, ostler, 10 Knig-ht's ct 

Garrett Ezra T., tailor, S E 5th & Sassafras 

Garrett Georg-e, porter, 8 Burd's ct 

Garrett G. H., 128 S Front, h 8 Washington sq 

Garrett Henr}^, mer. 125 High, h 19 Logan sq 

Garrett Henry & Co., dry goods, 125 High (up 

Garrett Hugh, coachman, Juniper bel Walnut 
Garrett James, currier, 102 N 13th 
Garrett John, grocer, 186 High, h 143 N 12th 
Garrett John, lab. Mayland &, Mulberry al 
GARRETT LEVI & SONS, tobacconists, 128 S 

Garrett Margaret, 258 Spruce 
Garrett Samuel, currier, 11 Steinmetz's ct 
GARRETT THOMAS C. mer., 122 Chestnut, 

h 6 Palmyra sq 
Garrett Thomas C. & Co., dealers in watches &. 

jewelry, 122 Chestnut 
Gan-ett William, U S mint, h 136 N Juniper. 
Garrett W. E., tobacconist, 128 S Front, h 198 

Garrettson Edmund, mer., 62 N whfs 
Garrigen Patrick, grocer. Wood and Sch. 2nd 
Garrigues E. B., druggist, N E 10th & Coates 
Garrigues Isaac B., marble mason, c 5th? and 

Buttonwood, h 181 N 7th. 
Garrigues James, clerk N. L. Bank, li Wallace 

bel 10th 
Garrigues M. 28 Rittenhouse 
Garrigues S. M., milliner, 235 Mulberry 
Garrigues Wm. constable, 17 N 6th, h 30 E North 
Garrison Edwin H., Jefferson pi 
Garrison Firman, baker, 3d and Clark 
Garrison Israel, biscuit baker, 11 Madison 
Garrison James, potter, Hummell's row 
Garrison J as. driver, Warner's ct 
Gan-ison Jno. mer., 6 Lsetitia ct., h 366 Mulbeny. 
Garrison Maria, 568 S Front 
GaiTison Mary Ann, dressmr., 26 Blackberry al 
Garrison Rebecca, 17 Willow 
Garrison Robert S., teacher, Kessler's al 
Garrison Samuel, victualler, 500 S 2nd 
Gan-ison William, bootmaker, 10 S 10th. 
Gan-itty Mary, upholsteress, 75 S 11th 
Garside Joseph, machinist, Haydock tfel Front, 

h 5 Maiden 
Garson Michael, watchman, 5 Fries' ct 
Gartland Eliza, 44 S 13th 

Gartland F. X. Rev., St. John's church, S 13th. 
Gartland John, coachman, 4 Kelly 
Gartland & Minehan, undertakers, 44 S 13th 
Gartland Philip, lab. Jones n Sch 4th 
Gai-tley John H. clerk, 443 High 
Gartley Saml. M., clerk, 87 Dillwyn 
Garton Catharine Mrs., 3d bel Prime 
Garton Daniel, blacksm. 8thbelParrish 
Garton Henry, oysters, Washington. (W P) 
Garton Hiram, glassbl., Vienna bel Franklin(K) 
Garton Owen, glassmr. rear Wood ab Franklin 

Garton Peter, plasterer. Wheat ab Reed 

GARRETT ANDREW, grocer, 395 High, h 20 Garton Sheri-y, carp.. Rule bel Wheat 
Hunter Garven Thos., lab., McDuffy n Sch 4th 




Garver Thos., tailor, 10 Griswold's al 

Garvey James, tavern, 10 S 8th. 

Garvey Michael, lab. 3 Coates 

Garvin Alex. C. vict. Oak (W P) 

Garvin Archibald, lab. rear West bel Hanover 

Garvin Dennis, weaver, 10th bel Christian 

Garvin John, carter, Lombard n Sch 6th 

Garvin Sarah, Lombard n Sch. 8th. 

Garvin Thomas, lab. 18 Vernon 

Garwood Benjamin, tavern, 416 N 2nd. 

Garwood Frederica, huckster, rear 524 N 3d 

Garwood R., dry goods, 66 S 2nd. 

Garwood Wm. lab. rear Marshall ab Poplar 

Gash Frederick, butcher, 36 George (S) 

Gaskill Aaron W., plasterer, 10th bel Melon 

GaskUl Abner, lab.. Locust n Beach 

Gaskill Benjamin, bookbinder, 42 S 5th, h 348 

Gaskill Benj., engraver, 18 Minor, h Cherry n 

Sch. 7th. 
Gaskill Charles, Marlborough bel Duke (K) 
Gaskill Charles T. 4 Wood ab 11th 
Gaskill & Copper, bookbinders' tool cutters and 

engravers, 18 Minor. 
Gaskill Edmund, ladies shoemaker, 28 N 11th 
Gaskill Edward, book binder, 42 S 5th, h 348 

Gaskill John, shoes, 10th ab Ogden 
Gaskill John, stone cutter, Elder 
Gaskill Joseph W., 4 Poplar 
Gaskill Thomas, tailor, 4 Mary (S) 
Gaskill Thos., driver, rear 107 N Market 
Gaskill Peter Penn, mer., 97 N Water, h Sch 

5th n CheiTy 
Gasner Fred, porter, rear 31 S 2d 
Gassier Marg., Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Gassman M., 226 N Front 
Gaston Simeon, watchman, Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Gatchel Edmund K., carp., Girad av bel 11th 
Gatchell John, builder, N W 5th & Lombard 
Gatchell Joseph, messenger, city treasurer's of- 
fice, h 117 S 5th 
Gatchell Joseph, Jun., County Auditor, State 

Gates & Baird, granite yard, Sch Front and 

Gates John, carter, Ann ab Sch 5th 
Gates Nathaniel, carp., N W 4th & Marshall 
Gates Stephen, ship carp. Front bel Greenwich 
Gatter Wm. cooper, 26 Rose al 
Gatzmer Alex. C, clerk, Camd. & Amboy Rroad 

office, 45 S wharves, h 227 S 9th 
Gatzmer Wm. H., agent Camd. & Amboy R road, 

office 45 S wharves 
Gaubert Lewis T., upholsterer, 136 S 2d 
Gaughran Michael, tavern, 87 S wharves 
GAUL FREDK. brewer. New Market and Cal- 

lowhill, h 358 Mulberry 
Gaul Jacob, gent. 64 Franklin 
Gaul John, carp. Johnson's la bel 4th 
Gaul John F., carp., 130 Coates 
Gaul Philip, brewer, 97 New Market. 
Gaul Susan, rear 371 S 3d 
Gaul Wm. sugar refiner, Sassafras and Crown, 

h 248 N 5th 

Gault Elizabeth, 132 Callowhill 

Gault Francis, bonnet presser, Yhost 

Gaun Henry, lab., 440 N Front 

Gaun Margaret, 440 N Front 

Gaunn John, carp., Marlborough ab Queen 

Gauntt Chas. S., M. D. 194 Locust 
Gauss Gottlieb, lampmr., 114 Wood 
Gauss Jacob F., baker. Vine ab 12th. 
Gaut Wm. painter & glazier, 8th ab Carpenter 
Gautier Anthony, upholsterer, 7 Sheldon row 
Gavett Nelson, machinist, Broad ab Filbert, h 

9 N Sch 7th 
Gavett Robert S., cordwainer, Clark bel 4th 
Gavett Samuel, Filbert n Broad 
Gavin Michael, brass-founder, 238 S 5th. 
Gavit Saml., machinist, 127 W Sassafras 
Gavit Sanders, oysterh. F road & Otter (K) 
Gaw Alex. G. clerk, 145 Marshall 
Gaw Henry L. clerk, 50 S 3d 
Gaw James, dry goods, 234 S 2nd. 
Gaw Jason, dry goods, 232 S 2nd. 
Gaw Robert, ornamenter, 280 S 2nd 
Gaw Robert M. engraver, 15 Pratt 
Gaw Wm., engineer, 1 Harmony st 
Gaw William, mer., N W Front & Spruce, h 

395 S 2nd. 
Gaw William P., acct., Washington bet 10th £c 

Gay Edward F. super, motive power Col. R. E. 

Lancaster pike ab AVashington (W P) 
Gay James, real est. of. 632 N 3d (K) 
Gay John, grocer, 4th &, Brown 
Gay Richard, porter, Osborn's ct 
Gayley James, box mr., Adelphi al ab Pegg 
Gaylord H. V., carp.. Juniper al 
Gear Ephraim, lab. Olive bel Broad 
Gearheart Abraham, mor. dresser, 2 Wheelock's 

Geary Benjamin, shop, 126 N Fi-ont 

Geary Edw. hatter, 2d bel Poplar 

Geary George N. tanner, 12 Franklin ab 3d 

Geary Lydia A., milhner, 366 Vme 

Geary Thos. lab. Queen ab Shackamaxon (K) 

Gebhard James, hatter, 49 S 3d 

Gebhard Lewis, tavern. Wood & 4th 

Gebhard Lewis P., M. D., 216 Sassafras. 

Gebhart Adam, baker. Cox bel 2nd. 

Gebhart Samuel, carp.. Cox bel 2d 

Gebler Charles F., conveyancer, Parrish bel 8th 

Geddes John S. meat shop, I'ear Parrish ab 10th 

Geddes Wm. F., printer, 112 Chestnut, h 152 

Gee John, rope maker, 2nd n Master (K) 
Gee Joseph, cordwainer, 4th bel Tammany, 

h Smith's al 
Gee Noah, cabinetmr., Lafayette pl 
Gee S. C. Mrs. milliner, 179 Pine 
Geeler Charles T. tobac. 412 N 2d 
Geer George, trader, Wallace bel 10th 
Gegan John, M. D., druggist, S E Front & 

Gegan Michael, shop. Juniper and Norman's aJ 
GEGAN THOS., druggist, S E 9th & Cedar. 




Gegenhelmer Conrad, cordw., Rihl's ct 
Gegenheimer John, cooper, 420 N 4th 
Gegenheimer John, bootfitter, George ab R r'd 

(F V) 
Gegenheimer Le\vis, cooper, St John al) Beaver 

Gehen Patrick, shop, 19 Strawberry 
Gehring- Christian, shoemr., 43 N 4th 
Geib Wm., M. D., 271 N 7th 
Geiger Jos., capmaker, 31 Carter's al 
Geiger Lewis, tobacconists, 324 N 3d 
Geiger Lewis, hib. rear 467 N 4th 
Geisenberg Isaac, clothing. Poplar bel 2nd 
Geisenberger Joseph, clothing, Brown and New 

Geisil John, tailor, 305 N 10th 
Geisinger George, carp., 178 Coates 
Geiss John, waterman, 43 Mead al 
Geisse, Brothers & Co., chemists, 111 N Front 
Geisse Christian H., drug., Ill N Front 
Geisse Edward C. mer., 60 S Front 
Geisse George W. jr., druggist, 111 N Front 
Geisse Joseph, dry goods, 198 S 6th 
Geisse Lewis, mer.. Ill N Front 
Geisse Peter, tailor, 7 Nectarine 
Geisse William, merchant, 60 S Front. 
GEISSE WM. & SONS, import, looking glass 

plates, 60 S Front. 
Geissert rienr)^, currier, 22 Green 
Geissinger Eliza S. milliner, 70 Coates 
Geltt John, tanner, rear 13 Lily al 
Gelbech George, brass founder, Hope bel Fhce- 

nix (K) 
Gemeny A. K., dry goods, S E 9th & Lombard 
Gemmill James R., mer., 75 High, h 106 S 3rd 

dry goods, 75 High 
Gemmill Zachariah, mer., 207 High, h 153 N 

Gemmill Z. & Co., mers., 207 High 
GEMRIG JACOB H., surg. inst. mr., 43 S Bth 
GendellJohn A., carpenter, 103 N 7th, h 6 

Gennings John C, dry goods, 509 N 2d 
Gensbey Henry, plasterer, Parrish ab 5th 
Genter Fred, coi-dw.. Poplar ab Beach (K) 
Gentle Wm. blacksm. Duke & Wood (K) 
Gentner Frederick, teacher, 118 Brown 
Gentry Mary, '65 New Market 
Gentry Robert, tobacconist. Beach bel Maiden 

Gentz John, cordw., rear 86 N Market 
George Anthony jun., pewterer, 607 S 2d 
George Charles, printer, 343 N 8th 
George Gabriel, cabinetmr., 106 N 7th 
George James C. clerk, 44 Almond st 
George John, chair mr., 12 Concord 
George John, mer., 59 Dock, h Cherry E Sch 

GEORGE, JOHN & W. LANGDON, hairscating 

manufacturers, cor Cherry and Sch 6th, 8c 

59 Dock 
George John D., deputy naval officer. Custom 

House, h Washington (W P) 
George J, Cherry n Sch 6th 

George Margaret, Wistar n 11th 
George Margaret M., Sch 8th n Cherry 
George Moore R. shoemaker, Thompson ab Sch 

George Nathan P., painter and glazier, 577 S 2d 
George Richard S. H., bookseller, 26 S 5th, h 

356 S 3d 
George Thos. sashmr. Broad & Paper al 
George Thos. &, Edmund, iron mers. N E 12th 

& High. 
George William, waterman, Mead n Front 
George Wm., lab., Schrader's ct 
George Wm. Henry, huckster, Jefferson opp 

Hope (K) 
Gercke Helfrich, baker, Sassafras n Sch 7th. 
GERHARD BENJAMIN, atty. & coun., 100^ S 

Gerhard W. W., M. D., 301 Walnut 
Gerhart A. I.., mer., 365 High, h 11 Lybrand 
Gerhai-t A. L. & Co., com. mers., 365 High 
Gerhart Jacob, lab., 38 Callowhill 
Gerker Henry, glue manuf., 1| N 3d and 5th 

and Camac 
Gerlach George A., 1 Lawrence ct 
German David, cooper, F road below Master. 
German John, lab., Thompson bel Sch 7th 
German W., chemist, Marlborough & Allen 
Germon W. L., engraver, 80^ Walnut 
Gerrish Ehzabeth,'92 Poplar 
Gerrish John C, 368 N Front . 
Gerry Rev. Robert, Callowhill ab 12th 
Gersher John, spinner, Montgomery bel Front 

Gerst Fred., tailor, rear 210 St John 
Gerstley Morritz, clothier, 217 N 2d 
Gesper Louis, barber, 6 S 8th 
GesslerBainhart, tailor, rear Marshall bel Poplar 
Gessler Christian, jeweller, 93 Green 
Gessler Elizabeth, tailoress, Clinton bel Parrish 
Gest John, land agent, b 174 S 11th. 
Gest John B., atty. & coun. 174 S 11th 
GEST JOSEPH, clerk, 81 S 11th 
Gest Nich. gard. Vienna & West (K) 
Gest Valentine, lab. Madison av 
Getler, Andrew, cordw. 41 Mechanic 
Getman Jacob, carp., 15 Rachel (N L) ' 
Getman Michael, tobacco'st, rear Palmer below 

Queen (K) 
Getman Nicholas, tobacconist, Stiltz' ct 
Getter John, stone cutter, 21 Beaver (K) 
Getty Charles, carp. 203 S 4th 
Getty Hugh, porter, Traquair's ct 
Getty M. Mrs., Sch 5th bel Spruce 
Getty Thos. tailor, Catharine ab 4th 
Gettz Bernard, lab., Palmer ab West (K) 
Getz Andrew, blacksm., rear Melon bel 12th 
Getz Andrew, lab., Howard ab Oxford (K) 
Getz Ferdinand, tavern, 102 Vine 
Getz George, hats, &c., 346 N 2d 
Getz John, lead manuf. Brown bel Cherry (K) 
Getz John, lamp mr., 3d ab Culvert 
Getz John G., hatter, 156 St. John 
Getz Mary, wid. Palmer n F road (K) 
Getz Matthias, furrier, 129 S 2d 
Getzweiller Louis, lace weaver. Deal's av 



Gevelott Margaret, g-entw., 396 N 4th 

Geverd Henry, dealer, 156 Carpenter 

Geyer George, clerk, 139 Dillwyn 

Geyer George C, collector, 290 N 8th 

Gever George, sen., carp., 9th bel Buttonwood 

Geyer Isaac, vict., rear Nectarine ab 10th 

Geyer Simon, 3 Carlton sq 

Geyer Wm. B., leather dealer, c 3rd &. Lombard, 

h 74 Lombard. 
Gfroerer Chas. confectioner, 46 N 8th 
Gheen John R., drove yard, R road bel Coates 
Ghegan Bartholomew, stoves, Sarah n Queen 

(^) . 
Ghegan Alice, gentw., 151 Pine 

Ghegan George, stove manuf. Ill N 2d, h 

298 N Front 

Ghriskey L., b h, 265 High 

Gibb David, jr., painter, 209 Sassafras. 

Gibb David, refectory, under Arcade, h 170 S 


Gibb John, carpet weaver, 147 Carpenter 

Gibboney Wm., manuf., 17 M'Duffie 

Gibbons Ann, shop, Lombard ab Sch 2d 

Gibbons Bernard, lab.. Chestnut n Sch Beach 

GIBBONS CHARLES, attorney & coun., 116 

S 3rd 

Gibbons George W., conveyancer, 51 Wood 

Gibbons George W. Jr., mer., 83 High h 51 


Gibbons Henry, M. D., 167 S 3rd 

Gibbons James, carpenter, 163 Pine. 

Gibbons James, cordw., 5 Lemon 

Gibbons John, dealer, R road & Buttonwood 

Gibbons John, carp.. Middle al 

Gibbons Theresa, teacher, Lombard ab Sch 2d 

Gibbons Thomas, blacksm., 2 Lodge pi 

Gibbs Aaron, blacksmith, 41 Apple 

Gibbs Ann, coi'setmr., 125 N 5th 

Gibbs A. v., iner., 25 S 2d 

Gibbs C, N AV Front & Mulberiy, h 43 New 

Gibbs Eulogius, shoemr., 312 Sassafras 

Gibbs Geo., grocer, Crown and Bedford (K) 

Gibbs HaiTiet, washer, 11 Mayland 

Gibbs Isaac, carp, rear 58 Zane, h 521 N 5th 

Gibbs James, watchmr.. Spruce and Green's ct 

Gibbs James L., ostler, Sch 4th ab George (F V) 

Gibbs Job R. jr., carp. Pan-ish ab 9th 

Gibbs Job R., carp., 249 N 7th 

Gibbs John M. grocer, Marlboro' 8c Franklin(K) 

Gibbs John W., mer., 25 S 2d h 20 Buttonwood 

Gibbs Joseph, porter, Caroline pi 

Gibbs Joshua, coachman, 78 George 

GIBBS J. W., cloths, 25 S 2d, h 140 S 4th 

Gibbs J. W., Mayor's Office, h 215 Pine 

Gibbs Maria, Eagle ct 

Gibbs M. W., carp.. Middle al 

Gibbs Peter C, carpenter, rear 58 Zane, h 5th 

n George. 

Gibbs Richard, carp., 57 Chestnut, h 125 N 5th 

Gibbs Shephard, sexton, 239 Lombard. 

Gibbs Wm., coal dealer, Crown bel Duke(K) 

Gibbs Wm., buttonmr., 11 S Sch 5th 

Giberson Israel, lab., Ann ab R road (F V) 

Giberson James, spinner, 9 Cadwalader (K) 

Giberson Thomas, millwright, rear 11 Charlotte 

Gibesson Joseph, carter, Haydock bel Front 

Gibson Alfred, grocer, New Market & Brown 

Gibson Archibald J., salesman, Hughes' ct 

Gibson E. J., Wood ab Julianna 

Gibson Henrietta, 10th ab Lombard 

Gibson Henry, bookbinder, 33 Castle. 

Gibson Jacob, periodicals, 3d and Dock, h New 

Crown bel Green 
Gibson James, city watch, Centre bel 13th. 
Gibson James, S E 8th & Spruce 
Gibson James, oil cloth manufr., G T road n 4th 
Gibson James, mariner, 608 S Front 
Gibson James G., conveyancer, 212 N 6th, h 6 

Gibson James M., tinsmith, 310 S 6th 
Gibson John, plain & decorative house painter' 

79 S 11th. 
Gibson John, shoemr., Sutherland 
Gibson John, shoemaker, 259 Cherry. 
Gibson John weaver, Ann n 12th. 
Gibson John, distiller, 31 Chestnut, h 331 Sas- 
Gibson John, weaver, Gulielma 
Gibson John, 104 N 4th, h Wood ab Juliana 
Gibson Mary Ann, shop, 274 N 5th 
Gibson Mary Ann, 98 St John 
Gibson Matthew, painter. Maiden n Beach (K) 
Gibson Merrit, cordw., 500 S 2nd 
Gibson M., dress mr., Yine ab 12th 
Gibson Nathaniel, agent, 68 N 9th 
Gibson Robert, tinplate worker, 220 S 5th 
Gibson Robert C, clerk, 29 Franklin 
Gibson Sarah, dry goods, 157 Cedar 
Gibson Thomas, plumber, 34 Carter's al., h 5 

M'Leod pi 
Gibson Thomas, gun smith, 2 Nicholson 
Gibson Tiiomas., clerk, 21 N Sch 8th 
Gibson Wm., cordw., N E 5th and Catharine 
Gibson Wm., jeweller, 119 GTroad (K) 
Gibson Wm., lab., 3 Elizabeth (N L) 
Gibson Win., barber, 10th ab Lombard 
Gibson Wm., M. D., N W Sch 7th & Chestnut. 
Gibson Wm. H., tinsmith. Carpenter st 
Gicker Wm. B., flour, 138 F road 
Gideon Andrew, butcher, rear 135 Wood 
Gideon Casper P., mariner, 15 Federal 
Gideon George, insp. office, Pennsylvania av n 

Gideon Henry S., bootmr., 130 Sassafras 
Giebler Ludvvig, tailor. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
GifTear Peter, brickmr., Sch 3d and Ann 
Gifford Alfred, carp., 354 S 5th 
Gifford A. B., shipmaster, Caipenter ab 5th 
Gifford Bethuel, cabinetmakei-. Rose al ab Green 
Gifford Deborah, mantua mr., Shippen ab 9th 
Gifford James, cordw.. Trinity pi 
Gifford James, seaman, 407 S Front 
Gifford John, shoemr., 5 Stanley 
Gifford Wm., paper stainer, 50 Washington av 
Giggen Jos., tanner, Bedford opp Elm (K) 
Gighigan Jas., weaver, Crown ab Franklin (K) 
Gigon Gustavus, watch casemr., 148 Pine 
Gigon Z k. G., watch casemrs., 1 48 Pine 
Giber John, tailor, rear 7 Bread 
GIHON & CO., mers., 18 Chestnut 




Gihon David W., bookbinder, 98 Chestnut, h 

189 Queen 
Gihon James, book binder, 2 Sergeant 
Gihon James L., acct., 130 High, h 22 Powell 
Gihon John C, gold beater, 2 N 5th 
Gihon John H., printer, N E 6th and Chestnut, 

h 22 Powell 
Gihon Wm. B., engraver, N E 6th and Chesnut 
Gilberry Dennis, carter, 8 Pearl 
Gilbert Adelaide, trimmings, 63 N 10th 
Gilbert Alexander, shoemaker, 117 Brown 
Gilbert Benj., lab., Sch Beach n Walnut 
Gilbert Benjamin S., cordw., 103 New Market 
Gilbert Charles, porter, 50 Mechanic 
Gilbert Charles, lab., Locust bel 13th 

Gilbert Charles, stove manuf., 249 N 2d, h 4th 
and Green 

Gilbert Chas. M., grocer, 11th and Pan-ish 

Gilbert Christiana, washer. Perry ct 

Gilbert Christopher, shoemaker, 156 S 11th. 

Gilbert Daniel, cooper, rear 114 German 

Gilbert George, grocer, 52 Union 

(Gilbert & Gihon, engravers, N E 6th &. Chesnut 

Gilbert Hart, twister. Clay av (K) 

Gilbert Henry, shoemr., rear 10 Barclay 

Gilbert Henry W., potter, 107 Melon ab 13th 

Gilbert Jas., lab.. Union bel West (K) 

Gilbert Jacob, Gilbert ab 9th 

Gilbert John, druggist, 179 N 3d, h 69 Vine. 

Gilbert John, bricklayer, rear 340 Coates 

Gilbert Joseph, blacksmith, 1 Lodge al, h N W 
Chester and Maple 

Gilbert Joseph, carp., 466 CallowhiU 

Gilbert Joseph, tailor, 1 Loxley's ct.. Mulberry. 

Gilbert Joseph, tailor, 142 S 10th 

GILBERT LYMAN W., agent, 20 S 4th., h 
Washington ab 9th 

Gilbert Mahlon, flour & feed, assessor, Ronald- 
son and Cedar, h 8th bel Shippen 

Gilbert Mary, Otter bel G T road 

Gilbert Matthias, saddler, 19 Elizabeth (N L) 

Gilbert Peter, cordwainer, 521 N 2d 

Gilbert Richard, painter, 368 N 6th 

Gilbert Richard, lab., Caroline pi 

Gilbert R. S.^ engraver, N E 6th and Chestnut, 
h 434 N 5th 

Gilbert Samuel, brushmr.. Green bel 10th 

Gilbert Samuel, stovemr., 249 N 2d, h 28 Cal- 

Gilbert Samuel S., 28 CaUowhill 

Gilbert Susan, 395 Mulberry 

Gilbert Thomas, 2 Richardson's ct. 

Gilbert Thos., cordw., Newton 

Gilbert Thos., lab.. Locust bel 13th 

Gilbert William, brickmr., 11th and Pariish 

Gilbert Wm., tinsm., 4 Shi'iver's ct 

Gilchrist Wm., lab.. Sycamore ab Locust 

Gilchrist John, lab.. Sycamore ab Locust 

Gildea H. A., casemr., 61 Dock, h 335 S 5th 

Gildenfenny Henry, bakei-, 126 S 12th. 

Gilder John, mer., 3 S Penn sq 

Gildnor Chas., cabmr., Elm be! Franklin (K) 

Gildnor Louisa, Elm bel Hanover (K) 

Gile E., ladies' shoemr., 16 Coombs' al. 

Giler Andrew, segarmr., 622 N 3d 

Giles Edward, mathematical instrument maker, 

257 Catharine 
Giles Ezra G., clerk. Filbert E Sch 3d 
Giles John, blacksm.. Mechanic ab George 
Giles Lewis, porter, Dugan 
Gilfillan Robert, grocer, S E 3d and Poplar 
Gilfillin John, carter, Sch 3d and Vine 
Gilfoyle Martin, lab., Cooper n Sch 3d 
Gilfrej^ Catharine, widow, 129 New Market 
Gilkey James, lab., 21 Helmuth 
Gilkin Henry, tailor, 35 Strawberry 
Gill George, watchman, 129 S 10th 
Gill Henry, carp., 49 Charlotte 
Gill Hugh, lab., Filbert ab Sch Front 
Gill James, lab., 14 Quarry 
Gill John drayman, 13 1^ N 2nd 
Gill John C, chair paint., 7th bel Carpenter 
Gill John L., bootmr., 310 
Gill John S., carp., F road ab Otter 
Gill Lawrence E., saddler, 299 Walnut 
Gill Patrick, dealer, 5 Boyles' ct 
Gil] Robert, gent., Sch 8th bel George. 
Gill Sydney P. 421 Spruce 
Gill Thomas, bricklayer. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Gill Thos. H., manuf. plast. Paris, 76 Charlotte 
Gill ^ViUiam, gent., 55 S 12th. 
Gillam Jesse, Simmons' ct. 
Gillam John, printer, Crawford's ct 
Gillam R., waiter, Emeline 
Gillam Thomas, waterman, Crawford's ct 
Gillan Anthony, weaver, William & Benton 
Gillan Jas., weaver, Wagner's al 
Gillan Jas., lab., 20 Griswold al 
Gillan Mary, Lewis bel Sch 6th 
Gillard Wm., gilder, 60 George 
Gillaspey Hannah, 62 Almond 
Gillen James, weaver, 3 M'Duffie 
Gillen Jas., weaver, Benton bel William (K) 
Gillen John, shoemr., Clinton ct 
Gillen Patrick, driver, Jefferson n Broad 
Gillen Wm., cooper, 250 S 4th 
Giller John U., clerk, 199 S 9th 
Gillespie Daniel, weaver, G T road ab Master(K) 
Gillespie George, grocer, 12 Cedar 
GILLESPIE & HOLMES, grocers, 13 S^Water 
Gillespie James, tailor. Filbert ab Sell 5th 
Gillespie James, lab. 3 Williams (F M) 
Gillespie Jas., cabinetmr., Howard's ct 
Gillespie Jas., 2 N 8th 
Gillespie John, weaver, Myers' ct 
Gillespie John, grocer, 12 Cedar 
Gillespie John, grocer, S W 11th & High, h 

247 CallowhiU. 
Gillespie J. &. T. L., grocers, S W 11th & High 
Gillespie Letitia, Pine ab 13th. 
Gillespie Patrick, blacksm. Caldwell n Sch Beach 
Gillespie Robert, sawyer. Miles' ct. (K) 
Gillespie Saml., 399 Walnut 
Gillespie Thomas, drover, 247 CallowhiU. 
GiUespie Thomas, L., grocer, S W 11th and 

High, h 247 CallowhiU 
Gillespie WiUiam, grocer, 13 S Water, h 12th 

bel Spruce 
Gillespie Wm., weaver, 13th bel Catharine 
GUlespie Wm., tailor, Morris ab Christian 




Gillet Joseph & Co., mers., 75 S Front 
Gillet Wm., 120 Prime 
Gillett Abraham D. Rev., 69 N 12th 
Gilliam Margaret, tailoress, 4 Hause's ct 
Gilliam Wesley, waiter, 11 Wagner's alley 
Gilliams Jacob, dentist, 35 Mulberry. 
GILLIAMS JAMES L., M. D., 35 Mulberry 
Gillies Adrian, trunk mr., 110 Chestnut, h 7th 

opp Brown , 

Gillies James, salesman, 29 Julianna 
GiUies James, baker, Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Gillies & Rug-gles, trunk makers, 110 and 181 

Gillig J. W., baker, 144 Coates. 
Gilligan Thomas, dry goods, 69 Cedar 
Gillilan A. H., mer., 10 Church al, h 128 S 3d 
Gillilan h Co., mers., 10 Church al 
Gillilan James M., mer., 10 Church al 
Gillin Alex., watchman, 13th ab Catharine 
Gillin Daniel, weaver, 10th ab Federal 
Gillin James, lab.. Small bel 6th 
Gillin John, stone mason, Pearl bel Sch 8th 
Gillin Patrick, watchm.. Factory ab Sch Wil- 
Gillin Patrick, soap boiler, 3 Charles 
Gillin Robert H., Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Gillingham Ann, rear Sch. 3d ab Walnut 
Glllingham Charles, cordw., Oran's ct 
Gillingham Christian^ teacher, 537 N Front 
Gillingham G. W., hatter, 200 S 2nd. 
Gillingham Henry B., hatter, 65 Cedar 
Gillingham Henry W., druggist, S E 9th and 

Gillingham Jonathan, iron mer., 535 N Front, h 

So7 N Front 
Gillingham Jonathan & Son, iron mers., 535 N 

Gillingham Joseph, 12th bel Sp. Garden 
Gillingham Joseph J., iron mer., 537 N Front 
Gillingham Lewis, hatter, Paul bel 7th 
Gillingham Malilon, mer., 24 Bank, h 141 N 

7th ab Willow 
Gillingham M. H. & S. R., seminarj', 56 Y 

road, h 180 Sassafras 
Gillingham Samuel, grocer, Marshall and Poplar 
Gillingham Samuel H., lumber mer.. Beach n 

Gillingham Thomas, coal mer., 74 N 6th 
Gillingham Thomas, coal mer., 17 Ellen 
Gillingham T., coal yard, Beach above Poplar 

Gillingham William H., M. D., 352 Chestnut 
GilUngham W. J., bricklayer. Willow and 2d 
Gillingham Yeamans C, agt., Hazleton Coal Yd., 

Front ab Poplar, h Front bel Otter 
Gillingharm Yeamans M., mer., 359 Mulberry 
Gillis Bartholomew, driver, George ab Sch 7th 
Gillis Charles J., bookseller, 46^ Walnut 
Gillis James, drayman, rear 16 Wagner's al 
Gillis Joseph, weaver, c Sch. 3d and George 
Gillis Peter, cordw., 504 S 2nd 
Gillis Robert cordw., Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Gillis Robert F., cordw.. Prime bel Front 
Gillmore James C, mer., 109 High, h 47 Union 
Gillum Robert A., cordw., Hallowell (S) 
Gilman Ambrose, lab., Mechanic bel Culbert 

Gilman Daniel, blacksmith, Penn ab Maiden h 

Shackamaxon bel Bedford (K) 
Gilmer John, tavern, 7 N 12th 
Gilmor Thomas C, 108 S 4th 
Gilmore Isaac, grocer, 13th and Coates 
Gilmore James, grocer, S E 13th and Wood 
Gilmore John, gas works, Chesnut bel Sch 3rd 
Gilmore Maria, wid. gi'oc. N W Sch 8th & "Vine 
Gilmore Mary, Brand's ct 
Gilmore Mary, Say ab Sch 8th 
Gilmore Robert, carp.. Christian bel 7th 
Gilmore Thos., fruiterer, 14 Carter's alley 
Gilmore Thos., tea store, 418 N 2d 
Gilmore Wm., weaver, 43 W Cedar 
Gilmore W., grocer, 13th and Fitzwater 
GILPIN CHARLES, atty. & coun., 171 Walnut 
Gilpin H. D., atty. & coun., 24 Washington sq 
Gilpin John F., brok., 67 Dock, h Spruce ab 12th 
Gilpin Mary, 4 Monroe pi 

Gilpin Nathaniel, lab., rear Rose ab School (K) 
Gilpin Vincent, broker, 67 Dock, h 138 Pine. 
Gilpin V. & J. F., brokers, 67 Dock. 
Gilpin Wm., cabinet mr., 303 S 10th 
Gilpin Wm., carter. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Gilroy Charles, cordw. Tyler st 
Gilroy Henry, findings, 449 High 
Gilroy H., ladies' shoemr., 76 S 2d 
Gilroy H. E. Rev., 9 Ellen (N L) 
Gimson Henry, hosier, Howard & Master 
Ginder Charles, blacksmith, 33 Wistar 
Ginder Edward, blacksmith, 33 Wistar 
Ginder Elizabeth, widow, 33 Wistar 
Ginder Henry, hosemr., 33 Wistar 
Ginder Peter, shoemr., 33 Wistar 
Ginder Valentine, hosemr., 33 Wistar 
GINDER AVM., gent., 12 Lombard 
Ginder W."A., collector, 46 S. Wharves, h 135 

Ginenback Frederick, saddler, 247 S 2d 
GinhartJohn, glass blower. Cherry ab Queen(K) 
Ginnings David, potter, Franklin and Front (K) 
Ginnings H. Mrs., 118 Beach (K) 
Ginnis Peter, cordw., 2d ab Washington 
Ginnity Bernard, coachman, 19 S 7th 
Ginnodo John Q., carp., 10 Madison 
Ginnodo Wm. B., carp., Callowhill ab 13th, h 

229 Wood, 
Ginsly Saml. F., hair dresser, 183 Coates 
Ginther E., milliner, 269 N 2d 
Ginther Geo., engineer. Bishop Sc Queen (K) 
Ginther George, victualler, Beaver ab 3d 
Ginther Margaret C, wid of David, 1 Baker's ct 
Giovanni & Oliver, fruiterers, S E 5th & High, 

and 248 High 
Gipson Wm. S., barber, 83 S 3d 
Girard Levy, cabmr., 291 S 10th 
Girdon Catharine, widow, 5c> Franklin 
Gisert Charles, currier, 189 Poplar 
Githens Charles, cooper, 134 Coates. 
Githens Clement, blacksmith, 12th ab Parrish 
Githens G. W., bootmr., 4th and O. Y. road, h 

Brown ab 10th 
Githens Joel B., wheelwrt., 3 Brown (N L) 
Githens Joseph, confectioner, Man-iott bel 6th 
Githens Rebecca, dress mr., 27 Powell 
Githens William M., gent., 134 Queen 




Given John, tailor, Reed ct 

Given John, Rev., 7 Lebanon 

Given Rebecca, William n Sch. 3d 

Given Robert, g^-ocer, 7th and Carpenter, h 152 

Given Samuel J., grocer, Atherton & Marriott 
Given Wm,, stone mason, Shippen ab Broad 
Giverson Elizabeth, 28 Jacoby 
Givin Hester, Sassafras ab Sch 8tli 
Givin Joseph, broker, 176 Marshall 
Givin Robert, 217 Locust 
Glackin Daniel, hatter, 10th bel Poplar ' 
Glackin Sarah, widow, 17 Christian. 
Glackens Daniel, printer, Lewis ab Sch. 6th 
Gladding- Chas., victualler. Mechanic n Creek 

Gladding John, books & stationery, 341 High. 
Glading David, blacksmith, Callowhillab Crown, 

h 152 Poplar 
Glading Elizabeth, 39 Wood 
Glading Frederick, clerk. Peach bel Coates 
Glading George, hair dresser, 504 N 2d 
Glading James, clerk of High st. Market, S W 

Little Water and Lombard 
Glading Joseph, tinsmith, 275 and 498 N 2d, 
Glading- Wm., cooper, 151 S Water, h 145 S 4th 
Gladney David, oysterman, 118 Carpenter 
Glanden James, chairmr., 10 Poplar 
' Glanding John W. coachmr. Ogden ab 10th 
Glasby Felix, turpent. dist.. Perry bel. Phoenix, 

Glasgow Augustus, lab., 8 Blackberry alley 
Glasgow Jesse, waiter, 25 Washington ab 11th 
Glasgow Peter, plasterer, Fitzwater ab Flower 
Glasgow Samuel, lab., Carpenter ab 8th 
Glasgow Wm., cai-p., Jones n Sch. 4th 
Glaspell John, 8th ab Buttonwood 
Glass Alexander, dealer, 541 N Front 
GLASS A. F., Merchant's Hotel, N 4th ab High 
Grlass Matthew, box maker, 4 Crockett's ct h 

Lag-range pi 
Glassen Richard, weav, St. John bel George(K) 
Glassmire Jacob, cordw. Henk's ct 
Glasz Francis, cordw., 173 St John 
Glause Samuel, gent, 300 S 10th 
Glaystine B. sugar refiner, 162 Vine 
Glaze John, cordwainer, 5 Tammany ct 
Glazier Ehzabeth, b. h., 6 Wallace 
Glazier Henry, cordw., F road ab Otter 
Glazier John R., brickmr., Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Gleason Anna, shop, 4 Webb's al. 
Gleason Dennis, labourer. Carpenter ab 10th. 
Gleason James, cabman, 7 Grape ct 
"Gleason Jonas, stove manuf., 9 St. James & 23N 

5th, h 463 High 
Gleason Jonas P. 412 High, h 238 Filbert 
Gleason Patrick, dealer, 72 N 5th 
Gleason Wm., lab., Shippen la bel Bedford 
Gleaves Rosanna, rear 72 Christian 
Gledhill Henry, machinist, Sch 3d ab Lombard 
Glceson John, brassmr., 54 Federal 
Gleeson Rosanna; Sch 4th n Ann (F V) 
Gleisner John, cordw., 11^ Quarry 
Glenat Jcseph, omnibus proprietor, 12 Phila. 

Exchange, h Beach bel Maiden 

Glendenning- R., oat meal 8c pearl barley manf. 

h Pleasant ab 12th 
Glenn Benj. F., acct., 13th bel Green 
Glenn Elizabeth, shoe binder, 13 Maria 
Glenn Geo., druggist, 293 S dth 
Glenn Henry, ship carp., Duke ab Vienna (K) 
Glenn James, perfumer, 117 Melon 
Glenn John, ship carp., rear Noble ab 8th 
Glena, Joseph, cordwainer, 2 Goldsmith's ct 
Glenn Lewis, saddler, Murry's ct 
Glenn L. W., perfumer, 20 S 4th, h 115 S 9th. 
Glenn L. W. & Son, perfumers, 20 S 4th 
Glenn Margaret, 4 Littleboy's ct 
Glenn Mary, gentw., Elizabeth n Poplar. 
Glenn Michael, stone mason. Barker and Sch 3d 
Glenn Ralph, carp., Catharine ab Lebanon 
Glenn Robt., weaver, 604 N 2d 
Glenn Wm., trunkmr.. Queen bel Marlboro' (K) 
Glenn AVm., lab., 36 P. road 
Glenn Wm., mariner, 382 S Front 
Glenn Wm., cabinet maker, 404 S 2d 
Glenn Wm. D., mer., 20 S 4th 
Glennox Patrick, Milton bel lltli 
Glentworth George, drug-gist, 287 Sassafras. 
Glentworth G. P., acct., 232 N 11th 
Glentworth Jas., broker, 55^ Walnut, h 91 S 3d 
Gleser John, dealer, 2d ab Phoenix 
Glessner Oliver P., printer, 334 S 4th 
Gloninger George, druggist, 22 Lag-rang-e 
Gloucester Stephen H. Rev., Lombard ab 5th 
Glover Ann A., 369 High 
Glover Joseph, machine mr., h Court alley 
Glover Saml., 7 Zane 
Gluck John, cordw., Crown ab Callowhill 
Gluyas Geo. K., machinist. Christian and Swan- 
son, h 5th bel Queen 
Gmehn Charles, doctor, 131 Poplar 
Gnavel Christ., cabtmr., Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Gobrite George, saddler, rear Wood ab Sch 6tk 
Gocklen Bernard, flour and feed, 2d and Otter 
Godbon John, house painter, 242 Callowhill 
Goddard J. L., acct., 352 Walnut 
GODDARD & PARKER, grocers, 180 Hig-h 
GODDARD PAUL B., M. D., 241 Walnut 
Goddard Wm. B.mer. 180 High, h 447 Sassafras 
Goddard W. C, broker, 31 S 3d, h N^E 10th 

and Lombard 
GODEY LOUIS A., publisher Lady's Book, 

101 Chestnut, h 489 Chestnut 
Godfrey Andrew, carp. 4 Beldin's row 
GODFREY B. G., silk goods, 6 Bank 
Godfrey Darius W., cordw.. Mint ct 
Godfrey Dennis, lab., 4 Sch Water 
Godfrey Robt. tailor, Kirkpatrick's ct 
Godfrey Thomas, plast.. Palmer n F road, (K) 
Godley Jesse, mer., 84 Hig-h, h 199 Mulberry 
Godley, Spry & Co., dry goods, 84 High 
Godon R. V. Mrs., gentw., 23 Sansom. 
Godon Victor L., M. D., 206 Walnut, h 23 

Godshall Andrew B., tinman, 340 S 2nd. 
Godshall Frederick, clerk, h M road bel Prime 
Godshall Wm., rope mr., P road bel Christian 
Godwin Wm. M., com. mer., T3 S whfs., h 157 




Goebel George, hair dresser, 304 Chestnut 

Goehler P., tailor, :^67 N 3cl 

Goekeler Christian, sexton, rear 47 Brown 

Goekeler Frederick, grocer, S W 4th & Culvert. 

Goekeler Godfrey, baker, 96 Crown. 

GofF Henry, carter, 18 Wharton 

Goff Henry, jr., batcher, Greenwich ab 2d 

Goff Jacob W., mer., 12 N 4th, h 7th n Green 

Goff John, butcher, 2d bel Greenwich 

Goff Michael, victualler, Greenwich ab 2d 

Goff & Peterson, hardware, 12 N 4th. 

Gog-er Martin, beer house, Lewis ab Poplar 

Gog'ula G: W., oysterman. Loud 

Goheen John, coachmr., 85 S 8th 

Gohl Dorothy, baker, 109 S 5th. 

Goines G. W., hair dresser, 8 Exchang'e pi, h 

305 Lombard 
Goines Luke J., hairdress., 1 Assembly Build- 
ing-, h 193 Lombard 
Goines VVm., bai'ber, 489 High, h George n 

Sch 7th 
Golcher James, gunsmith, G T road ab 2d 
Golcher Wilham, blacksmith, 124 N Front 
Gold James, brickla3'er, Nectarine bel 11th 
Gold Thomas, baker. Queen bel Wood (K) 
Gold Wm., baker. Queen ab Wood (K) 
Golden Alex., weaver. Front bel Phrenix (K) 
Golden Ann, washer, Tenfoot al 
Golden Benj. W., barber, 481 N Front 
Golden David, cordw., 492 N 4th (N L) 
Golden Elizabeth, 8 Gray's al 
Golder Jeremiah, cordw., 494 S 2d 
Golder Robert, M. D., Bedford bel Broad 
Golder Robert, paper hangings, 126 Chestnut. 
Goldey Abraham, boot crimper, 171 N 12th 
Goldey Catharine, 139 Ncav Market 
Goldey Jacob, Kensington Exchange, Beach ab 

Goldey Jacob, coachmr., 173 S 11th 
Goldey James, porter, 2 Richardson's ct 
Goldey James, shoemr., 402 N 2nd. 
Goldey Joseph, boots & shoes, S E 10th &. 

Sassafras, h Wood ab Sch 8th 
Goldey Thomas, cordw., Elizabeth ab Parrisli 
Goldman Dav., shoes, 18 S 4th, h 10th ab Parrish 
Goldsberry Solomon, clothing, 32 Apple 
Goldsmith Clark, 10th ab Poplar 
Goldsmith Elijah, fishemian, Cherrj' ab Queen 

Goldsmith George, lab. rear 44 Pegg 
Goldsmith George, planemaker, 38 Laurel. 
Goldsmith H. S., paper hanger, F.aurel & Rachel 
Goldsmith John S., machinist, 38 Laurel 
Goldsmith Napoleon, mer., 44 N 8th, h 272 

Goldsmith & Rosenthal, tobacc. 283 N 3d 
Goldsmith Thos. 0., M.D., Marlboro' ab Beach 
Goldsmith Vestina, 24 Sassafras 
Goldsmith Wm., planemaker. New Market and 

Green, h 50 Green 
Goll Englehart, lab., 13th ab Poplar 
GollF. C. tavern, S W 12th & Pine 
GoUocker James, sign painter, 67 S Front 
Golton Maria S., 180 Christian 
Golz Chas,, v/eaver. Poplar ab 2d 

Gomersall Benjamin D., manuf, Hanover below 

Duke (K) 
Gominger Catharine, 83 Callowhill 
Gominger Geo., whf. build., Marlborough bel 

Franklin (K) 
Gominger Joseph, Crown bel Bedford (K) 
Gominger Wm., carp.. Crown ab Queen (C) 
Gonter W. D., broker, 35 S 4th, h 10th ab Pine 
Good Caleb J., Rev. 25 S 13th 
Good Chalkley, carp., Ulrich al 
Good Cyrus J., mer., 138 High, h 52 N 13th 
Good James, gent., 194 S 9th 
Good John, furnishing undertaker, 174 Spruce 
Good John S., wines & hq., 224 N Front, h 43 

New Market 
Good Saml. T. waterman. Tamarind bel Coates 
Good Wm., lab.. Mulberry n Sch 3d 
Good Wm., confect., 240 Callowhill 
Goodall & Co. com. mers., 21 Chestnut 
Goodall Isaac, mer. 21 Chestnut 
Goodall Sarah, nurse, 96 N Juniper 
Goodall Wm., painter, 112 Chestnut, h 10th ab 

Goodbred David, grocer, Dillw}Ti & Tammany 
Goodbred F. grocer, Vernon ab 10th 
Goodburn Joseph, Wood bel 12th 
Goodchild Thos., victualler, Washington ab 6th 
Goodeir John, manuf., Edward n School (K) 
Goodfellow &. Coane, confectioners, 71 S 6tl) 
Goodfellow James, teacher, 133 Lombard 
Goodfellow Mi's., Wood ab 11th. 
Goodhart Fredk., weaver, Carroll bel 13th 
Goodhart John, hatter, 595 N 3d 
Goodiear John, vict. Queen ab F road, h Hano- 
ver bel Franklin 
Goodin Henrj', lab.. Harmony bel 4th 
Goodin John, porter, 320 Cedar 
Goodin Wm., tailor. Middle al 
Goodman James, paper stainer, 354 N Front 
Goodman James, cordw., Apple ab George. 
Goodman James, atty. & coun., 277 N 6th. 
Goodman John, gent., 87 Callowhill. 
Goodman John, tailor, 601 G T road (K) 
Goodman John, carman, Howard bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Goodman Julia Ann, gentw., Dickerson ct 
Goodman Maiy Ann, Hammell's row (K) 
Goodman Steph. cordw. rear Crown bel Frank- 
lin (K) 

Goodman Wm., boot fitter. Poplar bel Broad 
Goodrich Ann, b h, 289 High 
Goodrich John, printer, 26 R road. 
Goodrich Joseph, dealer, 273 Callowhill 
Goodrich Wm., butcher, 44 Green's ct 
Goodrich Wm. mer., 116 High, h 451 Chestnut 
GOODRICH WM.& Co., com. agents, 116 High 
Goodrick Eliza, 466 S 4th 

Goods George, biscuit baker, F road n Bed- 
ford (K) 
Goods Wm. J. tailor, 98 Sassafras 
Goodwin Algernon M., collector, 474 Vine 
Goodwin Benj., cordw. 127 G T road (K) 
Goodwin Charles T. dentist, 5^ S 11th 
Goodwin Cornelius, oysterman, 59 Locust, h 
Lyndall al bel 13th 




Goodwin James, cordw. Marshall ab Poplar 
Goodwin James, cooper, rear 115 Brown 
Goodwin John, cordw., rear 605 N 6th 
Goodwin John, seaman, 34 Hai-mony 
Goodwin John S., cabinetmr., 8 Hyde's ct 
Goodwin Jonathan, carpenter, Orang-e, h 7 Ran- 
dall's ct 
Goodwin Michael, oysters, V/illiamson'sct 
Goodwin Oliver W., 115 Callowhill 
Goodwin Sam. bootmr., Hope bel Phoenix (K) 
Goodwin Susan, Maria bel 5th 
Goodwin Susari, Parrish ab 9th 
Goodwin Thomas, cooper, 102 Cedar 
Goodwin Thomas F., letter carrier, 174 S 9th. 
Goodwin William, hatter, 305 N 2nd 
Goodwin Wni., tailor, 210 High, h Wood bel 

GOODYEAR JOHN, druggist, S E Pine and 

Sch 6th 
Gool Fred., cordw., Bledisloe's pi 
Gool Mary Ann, Pearl ab 13th 
Goorley Robert, dry goods, Lombard &. Schuyl- 

kiU 3rd. 
Gorbut Robert, carver, P road opp Plum 
Gorder David, carter, Barker n Sch 4tli 
Gordon Alex., weaver, 125 G T road 
Gordon Charles, porter, 6 Eagle's ct. 
Gordon David, carpenter, 108 German. 
Gordon Elizabeth, 3 College av 
Gordon George, plasterer, Lombard n Sch. 4th. 
Gordon George, stone cutter, 166 Callowhill ab 

Sch 6tli 
Gordon George, watchmr., 238 N 2d 
Gordon George R. carp. 196 Christian 
Gordon Heniy, Smith's ct 

Gordon Henrj^, clothes, 69 S 2d, h 194 Shippen 
Gordon James, marble polisher, Sch 4th and 

Gordon James, porter, 12 Washing-ton ab 11th 
Gordon James, 153 Marshall 
Gordon &. Berger, com. mer., 53 N whfs 
Gordon James R., hair cU-esser, 239 N 2nd, h 123 

S 6th 
Gordon John, weaver, S E 13th & Brinton. 
Gordon Joseph, shop, Lombard E Sch 6th 
Gordon, Joseph, teacher, 6 Burd's ct 
Gordon Joseph A., mer., 183 N 4th, h 86 N 7th 
Gordon M. K., dressmaker, 96 N 4th 
Gordon Nathaniel, manuf., Lombard ab Sch 4Lh 
Gordon Robert C, ladies' shoemr., 4tli & Union 
Gordon Samuel, whitewasher, 6 Burd's ct 
Gordon Sarah Ann, cake baker, 53 Pine 
Gordon Wm. weaver, Front bel Oxford (K) 
Gordon Wm. S. pocketbk. maker, 17 S 5th, 

1 Whitaker's ct 
Gordon William S., hair dresser, 99 Callowhill, 

h 85 O Y road 
Gordon & Willis, pockctbookmrs. 17 S 5th 
Gore James, stonecutter, 2 Carlisle ct 
Gore John H., tavern, 4th & Shippen 
Gore Susanna, 4 Maple 
Gore W. H., trader, Olive ab 10th 
Gore W. M., jjhrenologlst, 167 Green 
Gorgas E. J. coacli trimmer, 10 Centre 

Gorgas E. W., woodwhf.. Beach ab Palmer (K) 

h Allen bel Shackamaxon 
Gorgas George, jr., coal merchant, h 6th above 

GORGAS G. 8c H., jr., coal mers., Washington 

av ab Willow. 
Gorgas Henry, coal mer. 216 N Front 
Gorgas Mrs. wid. of George, 216 N Front 
Gorgas Peter K., lumber, mer., h 310 N 6th. 
Gorgas Samuel jr., broker, 4 S 3rd. 
Gorgas Wm., barber, 65 N 3rd. 
Gorgos Joseph, mer., 67 N 2d 
Gorley Jghn, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
GorUier Philip, baker, 322 S 2d 
Gorman Ann, washer, 3 Kelly's ct. 
Gorman Anthony, tailor, Randall's ct 
Gorman Archibald, bootmr., Man-iott ab 5th 
Gorman & Dillon, blacksmiths, O Y road ab 

Gorman Felix, weaver, William ab Otter, (K) 
Gorman Jacob, brickmr. 5th n G T road 
Gorman Jacob, lab., Hancock above Norris (K) 
Gorman James, maltster, Vaughan ab Locust 
Gorman James, stone cut., Linden bel Sch 6th 
Gorman James, tailor, 2 Clymer 
Gorman Jane, 57 Gaskill 
Gorman John, cooper, 12 Mercer 
Gorman John, weaver, 10th bel Master 
Gorman John, dyer, rear F road ab Phccnix 
Goiman John, shoemr.. Marble ct. 
Gorman John L., tavern. High and Juniper 
Gorman Margaret, 62 German 
Gorman Mary, widow, Garrigue'sct 
Gorman Michael, cooper, 17 Farmer 
Gorman Michael, cordw., Mah-iott bel 9th 
Gorman Michael, cordw. 20 Flower 
Gorman Michael, blacksmith, 95 O Y road 
Gorman Pati-ick, lab., Adams bel 13th 
Gorman Stephen, lab.. Small ab 5th 
Gorman Stephen, driver, Shippen ab 8th 
Gorman Thomas weaver, William & Hamilton 
Gorman Wm. baker, 105 Spruce 
Gorman W^m C, turner, 264 Lombard 
Gorman William T., mer. S W 2d and Sassafras, 

h 131 N Front 
Gormley Edward, lab., Bedford ab 6tlr 
Gormley James, weaver, Catharine bel 13th '*- 
Gormley James, weaver. Mariner ab 13th 
Gormley James, carter, 6 Margaretta 
Gormley John, grocer, N E Shippen & 6th 
Gormley Manus, grocery, Sch 5th & Cedar 
Gormley Mary, shop, 134 Locust 
Gormley Martha, 97 George 
Gorrell John R. cordw., Ogden ab 10th 
Gorrell Rebecca, N W 7th and Fitzwater 
Gorrell Wm., g-rocer, 318 S 5th 
Gorring Lewis, soap boiler, 149 St John 
Gorton George W., bookseller, 56 N 3rd, h 141 

Gosler John, brass founder, CaiToU bel 13th 
Gosline Jacob, tanner, 319 St John 
Gosline John, mariner, F road ab Bedford (K) 
Gosner Christopher, cofTee house, S E Spruce 
and Water 





Goss M., trunkmr., Emellne st 

Goss Robert, lab., 4 Hickory ct 

Gossen Nicholas, g'ardener. Palmer n P road 

Gosser Jacob, fisherman. Wood ab Franklin (K) 

Gosser Mary, wid. of Jacob, Wood ab Queen (li.) 

Gosser Philip, fisherman, Wood bel Duke 

Gossman B., shop, 9th ab Willow 

Gossman John, broker, 291 N 10th 

Gossner Joseph, pottery, 189 Coates 

Gosthalf Myer, lab., 310 St John 

Gosthol Michael, cigar mr,, rear Rose al 

Gotier Raymond, gent., rear 232 S 3d 

Gott John, driver, 18 Barker st bel Sch 6th 

Goucher David, carp., 13th bel Brown 

Goudy Charles, grocer, S W Fltzwater 8c Adam 

Goujon Lewis, screw maker, 6th ab Poplar. 

Gould Edward, lab., Allen bel Hanover (K) 

Gould Geoi'ge W., coach painter, 51 Prune, h 

Paul ab 6th 
Gould John H., pothographist, 179 Chestnut, h 

Gould John S., printer, 292 High 
Gould Susannah, 17 Prosperous al 
Gould Theodore, reedmr., 84 Brown 
Gould Walter, port. & min. painter, 194 Chestnut 
Gouldy Henry, brickmaker. Locust n Broad 
Gouldy Jacob, lampmr., Lombard E Sch 6lh 
Gouldy Jacob, brickmr., Richard & Alton 
Gouldy Samuel, police officer, Sassafras n Sch 

(5ouldey Henry, lampmr., George n Sch 2d 
Gouldey Samuel, brickmr., George n Sch 2d 
Gourley Susan, gentw., 28 Union 
Gousha Joseph, victualler, Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Govett George, watchmr., 49 S 10th, house 244 

Govett Joseph, carpenter, 367 Cedar 
Govett R. A., carpenter, 355 Cedar. 
Govett Sarah, b h., 130 Mulberry 
Govett Wm., 3 Carpenter's ct. 
Gow George, bonnet presser, 161 S 11th 
Gowen, Jacobs & Co., wine mers., 81 Dock. 
Gowen James, wine mer., 81 Dock. 
Gowen Margaret, 31 North 
Graben John, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson (K) 
Grabenstatter Michael, baker, 220 Coates 
Grabenstine Jacob, tailor, 29 John (S) 
Grace Edward R., printer. Shields' alley 
Grace James, machinist, Prime ab Swanson 
Grace Jolm, victualler. Brown bel 12th 
Grace Samuel, vict., Ogden bel 11th 
Grace Thomas A., cordw., 156 Coates 
Grace Walter, lab., 11 Swanson st 
Gracey John, 228 Noble 
Gracey L. Mrs., cook, 173 Lombard 
Gracey Sarah, b h, 56 Filbert. 
Grady James, umbrella maker, Washington av 

ab Brown 
Graeff Charles E., mer., 148 High 
Graeflf Geo. W., dry goods, 467 N 2d 
Graeff H. & Co., stamp cutters, N E 8th & High 
Graeff J ., looking glass framer, Apple ab Brown 
Graeff Joseph, tavern, S E Water & Callowhill 
Graeff Wm. D., mer., 143 High, h 79 New 
Graff Ann, 14 Mechanic 

Graff Charles, jr. 498 Chestnut 

Graff Charles, gent, 265 Mulberry. 

Graff Charles M., cordw. 3 Greblo's ct 

Graff Frederick superintend, water works, 20'J 

Cheriy, h N W 10th & Cherry. 
Graff George W., bricklayer, Myrtle 
Graff John, lab., rear 319 Shippen 
Graff John M., shoemr., 136 New Market 
Graff Joseph, tin & coppersm., 370 S 3d ^ 
Graff Lawrence, muff mr., Front ab Franklin (K) 
Graff Samuel, attendant, 182 Poplar 
Graffin Robert, variety store, 5th bel Shippen 
Graft Rosanna. Charlotte ab Poplar 
Grafton Nathan M., printer, Lombard ab Sch 5th 
Gragg Wm., weaver, Sch Front 8c Spruce 
Graham Abigail, George W Sch 7th 
Graham Abraham, watchman. Perry and Mifflin 
Graham Ann, teacher, rear 124 Catharine 
Graham Anna, James st bel R road 
Graham Augustus, carp., 2 Lsetitia ct 
Graham A. H., M. D., Lombard & Orleans 
Graham Daniel, lab., Ogden ab R road 
Graham David, weaver, rear Bedford bel Broad 
Graham David, importer, 14 Church alley, h 364 

Graham Edward J., carp.. Concord bel 3d, h P 

road bel Washington 
Graham Eliza, trimmings, c 7th Sc Wallace. 
Graham Elizabeth, 40 Quince 
Graham Frances, nurse, Dean ab Locust 
Graham Francis, tailor, 77 P road. 
Graham George R., pubhsher North American, 

N E 4th & Chestnut, h 191 Mulberry 
Graham Geo. R. & Co., pub. Graham's Magazine, 

129 Chestnut 
Graham & Gilmore, tea store, 418 N 2d 
Graham Hugh, lab., Bedford opp Elm (K) 
Graham James, clerk, 18 Jefferson row 
Graham James, tailor, 352 8c h 358 High 
Graham James, grocer, Cedar ab 12th. 
Graham James, grocer, Callowhill ab William 
Graham James, grocer, 403 High 
Graham James, weaver, Hanover ab West (K) 
Graham Jane, 5 Plum 
Graham John, lab.. Reed's ct 
Graham John, lab., rear Front ab Phosnix (K) 
Graham John, weaver, Hanover ab West (K) 
Graham John, driver. Spruce n Sch 5th 
Graham John, lab. Clay bel Sch Beach 
Graham John, seaman, 47 Penn 
Graham John K. mer., 1 Franklin row 
Graham Margaretta, teacher, rear 124'Catharine 
Graham Margaret, b. h., 1 S 9th 
Graham Margaret, gentw., 280 S Front 
Graham Si M'Michael, pubs., N American, N E 

4th Sc Chestnut 
Graham Mitchell, State n Sch 7th 
Graham Noah, carp.. Wall 8c Grubb 
Graham Noble, police officer, Lombard ab 12th 
Graham N. H. Sc Co., provisions, 3 N Water 
Graham N. H., mer., 3 N Water, h 1 Franklire 

Graham Raymond, furniture, 136 Cedar 
Graham Richard, lab., Carleton ab Sch 2d 
Graham Robert, mariner. Beck st bel 2d 




Graham Robert, mariner, 54 Christian 
Graham Robt., weaver. Master & Flope 
Graham Robert, labourer, Vine ab 12th. 
Graham R., chandler, Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Graham Thomas, blacksm., 365 S 6th 
Graham Thomas, g-rocer, N E 6th & Cherry- 
Graham Thomas, gent., 38 Girard 
Graham Thomas, pump & blockmaker, 99 S 

Wharves, h 79 Christian 
Graliam Thomas, printer, Morris ab Catharine 
Graham Thos., limeburner, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Graham Thomas, bricklayer, 65 Queen 
Graham Thos., carp., P road ab Federal 
Graham Westley, tailor, 5 Plum st 
Graham Wm., cordw.. Pearl bel Nixon 
Graham Wm., chairmr., 4 Jefferson ct 
Graham Wm., agent, 148 Sassafras 
Graham Wm., slater, Poplar ab 10th 
Graham Wm., lab., 18 Helmuth 
Grain Peter, artist, 198 Locust 
Grake Henry W., cai-ter, 2 Reckless 
Grambo Henry, mer., 9 N 4th, h 6th n Poplar 

Grandfield Wm. shop, 18 Elfreth's al 

Grandg-ent Francis, oyster shop, Coates bel 9th, 
h 419 N 9th 

Granello Francis, grocer, S E Front and Pine 

Granett Xavier, shoemr., 86 N 4th 

Grange Wm., china store, 429 N 2d 

Granger John, shoemr., Poplar bel 10th 

Granite Henry, tailor, Oran's ct 

Gransback George, bootmaker, 33 Coates. 

Grant Daniel, b h., 9 Chestnut 

Grant Dennis, weav., Hamilton n William (FM) 

Grant Edith, S E Pegg & 2d 

Grant Edward H., carpenter, Willow n 12th h 
Poplar bel 10th 

Grant George, mer., 39 N 3rd, h 29 Union 

Grant John, baker. Clay bel Sch Willow 

Grant John L. Rev., 390 Vine. 

Grant Jonathan, bootmr., Rose ab School (K) 

Grant Maria, dressmr., 51 New Market 

Grant Ralph, dealer, 213 Shippen 

Grant Robert, 112 Chestnut 

Grant & Ruddach, carp., Willow bel 12th 

Grant Samuel, mer., 12 S Whfs., h 44 Pine. 

Grant Samuel, jr., 40 S wharves, h 205 8th 

Grant & Stone, com. mers., 12 S Whfs. 

Grant Wm., oysterman, Marriott bel 5th 

Grant Wm. R., M. D., Oak and High 

Grantlin Samuel, lab., rear 458 S Front 

Granville 15., 42 Chester 

Gi-asby Hannah, 51 S 13th. 

Grass Anthonj', box mr., beer house, 453 Coates 

Grass Jacob, brickmr., rear 174 Poplar 

Grass Lawrence, tailor, 234 S 4th 

Grattan K., printer, 48 S 3d 

Gratz David, mer., 2 S7th, h Green la n College 

Gratz Ed. mer., 2 S 7th, h Green la n College 

Gratz Edward & D., mers., 2 S 7th. 

Gratz Hyman, President Penna. Life In. cc, 66 
Walnut, h 2 Roston row 

Gratz H., gent., 310 Shippen 

Gratz Jacob, mer., 2 IJoston row. 

Gratz Jos., mer., 125^ S Front, h 2 Boston row. 

Grauel Catharine, sewing, Thomas' al 

Gravat Charles, carp., Shackamaxon ab Queen 
Gravat Geo. W., b. h., 218 S 4th 
Gravat Johnson, carp., Fraley's al (K) 
Gravat Ralph, stevedore. Mead ab Swanson 
Gravel George, grocer, N W R road and Callow- 
hill, h 373 Callowhill 
Gravel Henry, carpenter, 373 Callowhill 
Gravel Henry, jr., grocer, 6 High, h 373 Cal- 
Gravel John, carpenter, 377 Callowhill. 
Gravel John, lab., 29 Laurel 
Gravel Matthew,' carp., 2 Brooks' ct 
Gravel Wm., carp., Penn bel R road 
Gravell John, shoemr., Ogden ab Sch 8th 
Gravenstine John, baker. Miller's ct (N L) 
Graver Mary A., gentw., F road bel Franklin 
Graver Nicholas, tailor, 15 Kessler's al 
Graves Bartholomew, 132 S 3d 
Graves James, turner, Atherton 
Graves James, wheelwright, 6 E North 
Graves John, turner. Wheat bel Marion 
Graves Joseph R. soap.Sc candles, 190 Vine 
Graves Wm., tavern, 15 Queen (K) 
Graves Wm., lab.. Carter st 
Gray Andrew, cordw., 257 S 6th 
Gray Ann, shop, R road ab Broad 
Gray Anson, mer., 34 Walnut, h 39 Scheetz st 
Gray Benjamin, planemr., 14 School (K) 
GRAY & BROTHER, scales & coal, 34 Walnut 
Gray Catharine, artificial flower maker, 73 Mul- 

Gray Charles, lab., Fraley's al (K) 
Gray Elizabeth, rear 489 N 3d 
Gray Esther, milliner, 15 Poplar 
Gray Esther, Callowhill n Nixon 
G^-ay Fithian combmr.. Crown ab Franklin 
Gray George W., brewer, 24 & h 46 S 6th 
Gray Heni-y M., seaman, 390 N 3d 
Gray Isaac, cordw., rear 450 N 4th 
Gray Jas., cordw.. Carpenter ab 8th 
Gray Jarvis, waiter, 34 Prosperous al 
Gray John, blacksm., Philip ab Jefferson (K) 
Gray John, butcher, rear 514 N Front 
Gray John, tavern, N W 13th & Wood. 
Gray John, moulder, Frankhn ab Front (K) 
Gray Joseph, blacksmith, c James & R road. 
Gray Joseph, grocer, N E 4th and Plum '^ 

Gray Lewis, lab., 201 S 7th — . 

Gray Lucy, washer, 14 Burd's ct 
Gray Mary, washer, 1 Loxley's ct 
Gray Orlando, coal mer., N E Callowhill and 

Broad, h Sch 8th ab Cherry 
Gray Peter, weaver. Crown ab Duke (K) 
Gray Richard, 210 St John 
Gray Robert, weaver, William n Edward (K) 
Gray Robert A., machinist, Poplar bel Broad 
Gray Robert E., N W 9th & Mulberry 
Gray Samuel, cordwainer, Shackamaxon below 

Franklin (K) 
Gray Samuel W., grocer, S W 8th 8c Zane 
GRAY & STEEL^ stovemrs., 72 N 6th 
Gray Stivens, saw., 30 Duke, h 5th bel Federal 
Gray Terence, lub. S E Catharine & Flower 
Gray & White, brewers, 24 S 6th 
Gray William, chairmaker, 177 S 2d, h 1 Ship- 


Gray Wm., stovemr., 72 N 6th, h Christian bel 

Gray Wm. H., mer., 34 Walnut, h 64 Union 
Gray Zachariah R., cordw., Vine bel 13th 
Grayson F. W. att'y and coun. 36 Walnut 
Grear David, vict. 12th ah Brown 
Grear Geo., vict, rear Brown bel 12th 
Grear Renry, vict. Jackson (S G) 
Grear Jacob, jr., vict., Parrish ab 10th 
Grear Jacob, victualler, 234 N 8th 
Grear John, vict.. Alder ab Poplar 
Grear Samuel, jr., vict., 10th bel Poplar 
Grear Samuel, vict., 10th bel Wallace 
Greason Michael, lab., Milton ab 10th 
Great Geo. W., saddler, 104 Elizabeth 
Greatbach Susan, 10th ab Christian 
Greaves Alexander Jr., plumber, 63 N 5th, 1: 

354 S 4th. 
Greaves Charles, mer., 39 Christian, h 264 S 2d 
Greaves Jonathan, weaver, Monroe ab Palmer 

Greaves & Sons, ag'ency, 2 Ranstead pi. 
Greaves William, acct. 3 Montg-omery 
Grebe Henry, carpet weav., 83 N 3d 
(ireble Edwin, marble mason, N W P road and 
Christian, steam saw mill Willow n 13th, h 
235 S 5th bel Gaskill 
Greble Matthias, cordw.. Wood bel West (K) 
Greble Sarah, 130 Brown 

Greble Susan, w^id of Lewis, rear 117 Chris- 
Green Aaron, cai'p. 20 Hig-h & 10 Jones' al 
Green Alex. B., mer., 2 N 3d, h 26 Buttonwood 
Green Alpheus, ropemaker, Shackamaxon ab 

Bedford (K) 
Green Andrew, lab. Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Green Ann, washer, 12 Elizabeth 
Green Anthony, mer., 41 Hig-h, h 63 Marshall. 
Green Ashbel, D. D., 150 Pine. 
Green Ashbel Jr., att'y & counsellor, 4 Georg'c 
Green A ., widow, 97 Noble 
Green Benjamin, waiter, 32 Eag'le ct 
Green Chas. mariner, Moore's ct 
Green Chas. conf. rear 121 Queen 
Green Chas. baker. Little Pine 
GREEN & CLARK, dry g-oods, 2 N 3d 
Green Conrad, candy sto., 444 N 4th 
Green Branch, Coates and Kessler 
Green Caleb, agent. Vine n Sch. 7th 
Green Charles, mer., 21 N 6th, h 16 Chester 
Green Charles B., capt., 285 St. John. 
Green Cyrus D. plumb., 346 N 3d, h 243 Green 
Green David, mer. 364 Vine 
Green David, plast., 25 Parker 
Green Dennis, barber, N E 7th & Sp Garden 
Green Eben., brickmr., Green Hill 
Green Edward, grocer, S W Fitzwater & 6th 
Green Edward, grocer, Shippen bel 8th 
Green Edward, machinist, Peny ab Phoenix (K) 
Green Edward, dealer, Callowhill ab 12th 
Green Edward E., boat builder, MulbeiTy n Sch 

Green Eliza, b h, 77 Chestnut 
Green Eliza, washer, Boyle's ct 
Green Elizabeth, gentw., 42 S ISth 

133 GRE 

Green Elizabeth, washer, Lombard ab Sch 7th 
Green Francis, cordw. 4 Walters' ct 
Green George, waiter, Warren bel 12th 
Green George, porter, 4 St Mary 
Green George S. carp. 30 Hazel 
Green Glover P. baker, Coates bel 12th 
Green Henry, moulder, rear Palmer bel Queea 
Green Henry, carp. 106 German 
Green Henry, carp., 14 Plum 
Green Henry M., capt., 30 Stamper's al 
Green Hester, 235 Christian 
Green Hugh, lab. 9 Richard 
Green Isaac, carp. Mechanic bel George 
Green Jabez, lab., 15 Coombe's al 
Green Jacob, machinist, 13th ab Poplar 
Green Jacob, paper stainer, Sch Front ab Mul- 
Green James, waterman, rear 135 Green 
Green James M., M. D., 5 S 9th 
Green Jedediah S. furniture store, 274 S 2d 
Green Jesse, lab. 4 Eutaw 
Green John, weaver, Murray n Sch 3d 
Green John, oysterman, Callowhill ab 12th 
Green John, sea captain, 392 S 3d 
Green John, lab., 2 Warren's ct 
Green John, tobacconist, Shippen ab Shippen la 
Green John, saddler, 12 Jones st 
Green John, drayman, 280 S 6th. 
Green John, lab. 445 S Front 
Green John, cabmr., 4 Bell's ct 
Green John B., carp., 197 Buttonwood 
Green Jonas, coachtrimmer, 12th bel Poplar 
Green Joseph, collector, 96^ S 3d, h George ab 

Sch 8th 
Green Joseph, barber. Flower ab Christian 
Green Joseph, waiter, Washingtcn ab 11th 
Green Joseph, moulder. Federal ab 5th 
Green Joseph, cordwainer, 29 Swanson. 
Green Joseph, cordwainer, 179 Callowhill 
Green Joseph, dry goods, 37 N 2nd, h 99 Noble 
Green Jos. B., carp., 13 Brandywine 
Green Julia, 7 Wood 

Green Leva Mrs., rear Benton bel William 
Green Lewis, cordwainer, 119 G T road (K) 
Green Lewis, tinsmith, 70 Maiden 
Green Lydia, b h,_250 High 
Green Lydia 1 Faries' ct 
Green Lydia, Wallace ab R road 
Green Marion, 20 Morgan 

Green Margaret, tobacco, S W 6th & Porlandla 
Green Marshall, paper hanger, Fraley's ct (K) 
Green Martha, Carlisle ct 
Green Mary, 12 Adams 
Green Mary, wid. of Joseph, 120 DlUwyn 
Green Mary Ann, rear 9 Lily al 
Green Patrick, drayman, 2 Norrls' al. 
Green Peter, baker, 490 Co.ates 
Green Peter, druggist, Christian ab 7th 
Green Philip, lab. Callowhill ab Nixon 
Green PhiUp P., mer., 109 S Front 
Green Rachel, Leyden's ct 
Green Rhoda, widow, 22 Bird's ct 
Green Robert, cordw. Carpenter ab 6th 
Green Samuel, porter, 38 Currant al 
Green Sarah, huckster. Crown ab Franklin (K) 




Green Solomon, porter, 169 Carpenter 

Green Stephen, tavern, O Y road and Coates 

Green Stephen, cordwainer, rear 4fi5 N 4th 

Green Thomas, waiter, 3 Prosperous al 

Green Wm. carp. Sch 2d bel Pine 

Green Wm., pawnbroker, 243 S 3d. 

Green Wm., plasterer, 32 Apple 

Green Wm., labourer, Bickham n Sch. 7tli. 

Green Wm., porter, 39 Currant al 

Green William, weaver, Marlborough above 

Green Wm. hair-cloth manuf. Dock & Pear, h 

Bedford ab 12th 
Green Wm., cordw., Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Green Wm. L., carver & g-ilder, 65 S 8th, h 91 

Green Wm. M., carp., 166 N 8th 
Greenawald B., dry goods, 152 N 2d, h 29 Vine 
Greene Daniel, tavern c Water & Walnut. 
Greene Francis, M. D., druggist, 49 S 2d 
Greenfield James, lab. 12 Nectarine 
Greenfield Jerred J., boilerrar., 421 S 6th 
Greenhalgh Adam, weaver, Shackamaxon above 

Greenhart L., shop, 40 Bonsall 
Greenig John, grocer. Front & Montgomery 
Greenleaf Hudson, blacksmith, Master ab Han- 
cock (K) 
Greenleaf John, trader, Ann (F V) 
Greenman H. H., paper hanger, 287 N 7th 
Greenman James, paper hanger, 374 N 2nd. 
Greenman Wm., paper hanger, 306 Green 
Greenough S. W., cordAV., Poplar ab 7th 
Greentree E. J., dealer, 220^ E Cedar 
Greenvall Jacob, lab. 24 Pegg st 
Greenwood John, combmr., 341 N3d 
Greenwood Robert T., cabmr., Marlborough n 

Duke (K) 
Greer Abraham, manuf. 13th ab Pine 
Greer Alexander, goldbeater, 357 N 3d 
Greer And. carp. Cuskaden ct 
Greer James, cordw., rear 137 Green 
Greer James, dentist, 21 S Sch 6th 
Greer James, carver, 2 Jenning's row 
Greer James, drayman, 452 Sassafras 
Greer John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Greer Johnson, warper, Orleans 
Greer Josh, constable, George n Sch 8th 
Greer Mary, 23 E Nortli 
Greer & Norris, manufs. 13th ab Pine 
(ireer Peter, Bedford bel 8th 
Greer Robert, manuf, 57 S 12th 
Greer Thomas, machinist, 50 N 6th 
Greer Wm. manuf. Callowhill n F M, h 13th bel 

Greeves Alexander, grocer. Sassafras n Sch. 8th. 
GreevesJas. manuf. Lawrence ct (K) 
Greeves James R. gent., 510 Chestnut 
Greeves Thos., mer., 10 Beck pi 
Gregg Abraham, agent, Traqualr's ct 
Gregg Alexander, clerk, 6 Holmes' al 
Gregg Edward, weaver, Helmuth 
Gregg Richard, Cedar n Sch 2d 
Gregg Wm., M. D., 32 Sassafras. 

Gregg Wm., nailer, rear Carpenter ab 7th 
Gregory A. L., M. D., Washington (W P) 
Gregory Cornelius, weaver, Sch 8th and Wag- 
ner's ct 
Gregory Cornelius, oysterman, 124 Queen 
Gregory David, painter, rear 100 Carpenter 
Gregory Gotlieb, baker. Prime bel 2d 
Gregory Henry D., teacher, 382 High, h 147 

Sp Garden 
Gregory James, lab., rear Carlton bel Sch 6th 
Gregory Jonathan, N W 3d & Chestnut, ab stairs 
Gregory Joseph H., mer. 34 N 2d 
Greg'ory Margaret, 21 N 12th 
Gregory Nathaniel, turner, 22 Hazel 
GREGORY, PRICE & CO., dry goods, 34 N 2d 
Gregory Thomas, manuf, F road ab West 
Gregory William, cordw.. New Crown 
Gregory Wm., currier, 277 Callowhill 
Gregory Wm. cai'man. Mechanic's ct 
Gregory Wm., porter, 3 ReHef pi 
Gregory Wm. H. clerk, 11 Knight's ct 
Gregory Wilson, boot and shoe manuf., 16 Bank, 

h 260 Marshall 
Greiner Christ'r. M., portrait painter, 43 N 4th 
Greiner F., teethmr., 129 Race 
Greiner George, treas, Phil, saving fund soc'y, 

h 206 N 6th. 
Greiner Isaac, plasterer, 48 Perry 
Greiner Lewis, toymaker, 223 CaUowhiU. 
Greiner Stephen, varnisher, 112 S 10th 
Greiner Wm. M., mer., 33 N 3d, h 1 Sergeant 
Greiner Wm. S. mer. 42 N Whar., h 119 N 9th 
Greinpart John, baker, 210 N 8th 
Greis Wm. R., mer., 16 N 3d, h 42 Mulberry < 
Grelaud D., female seininary, 120 S 3rd. 
Greshaw Andrew, drayman, 9 Monroe ct 
Gresimer Jonah, tailor, 284 N 2nd. 
Greswold Augustus, gent., S W 5th & Pine 
Gretzinger Jacob, skin dress., Hummel's ct 
Gretzinger Leonard, vict.. Palmer ab Franklin 

(K) . 
Greul G. lace and fringe mr. 104 N 6th, h 10th 

ab Poplar 
Greul J. G., lace and fringe mr., Hinckle's ct 
Greussier Joseph, bootmr., 6 Charles 
Greveland Jos., weaver, Carpenter bel 11th '^ 
Grew Henry Rev., 11 S 4th 
Grew Wm. C. shoemr., 473 N 3d 
Grice Francis, machinist. Beach ab Hanover, h. 

71 Queen 
Grice John E., tailor, 4 Myers' ct 
Grice Samuel, lumber mer., Beach ab Hanover, 

h Beach bel Shackamaxon 
Grice S. B. & F. & Co., steam engine makers, 

Beach bet Hanover and Palmer 
Griel) Sarah, tailoress, Shippen ab 10th 
Grier James, grocer, 387 High 
Grier Jane, dry goods, Pine and Perry 
Grier John D., mer., 272 High 
Grier John W., Rev., chap. U. S. Nav. Asylum, 
Grier Matthew Jr., bootmaker, 99 Cedar. 
Grlesemer Levi S. grocer, 499 N 2d, h 21 Ellen 

St (N L) 
Griesemer Jacob S., fishing tackle, 76 N 3d 




Griesemer Peter S., grocer, 499 N 2d, h 124 N 

Griesen Harman, tobacconist, 394 N Front 
Gricson James, carp., Olive ab 12th 
Gi'ieves John, marble mason, Sch 5th & Spruce 
Griffee Wm., chair mr., 65 St John's 
Griffee Peter, bookbinder, 72 N 6th, h 50 Duke 
Grlffenberg Tlios M., saddler. Church ab Wash- 
Griffenburg David, boilermr. Stny's ct & AUen 

Griffenburg Thomas, saddler, 2d bel Queen, h 

2 Reckless 
Griffin Ann, b h., 7 Chancery lane. 
Griffin B., lab., Lloyd bel Shippen 
Griffin Edward, cordw., rear 3 Wall st 
Griffin Eliza, rear Carpenter bel 7th 
Griffin E., M. D., 286 Green 
Griffin Henry, lab.. Rose al 
Griffin Matthew, carter, 48 Quince 
Griffin Patrick, lab.. Locust n Sch 2d 
Griffin Peter, lab., Blckham n Sch 7th 
Griffin Seth, lab. Queen n F road (K) 
Griffin Tiiomas, slater, 13th ab R road, h 13th 

ab Green 
Griffin Wilham, mer., 241 Pine 

GRIFFIS JOHN L., coal mer., 74 S 3d (C) and' Grim Benj., brickmr., Elizabeth ab Poplar 

Griffith Wm. S., carp., Penn bel R road 

Griffith W. C.-, grocer, 13th and Marion 

Griffiths A. W. M. D., 188 Coates. 

Griffiths Charles, M., M. D., 293 Coates 

Griffiths EUza, 283 N 6th 

Griffiths Elizabeth, dressmr., 89 Locust 

Griffiths Mary, 200 Locust 

Griffiths S., Sp. Garden tube works. Vine bet 

Sch 2d & 3d, h Sch 3d ,n Vine 
Griffiths Thomas, mer, 185 Chestnut 
Griffiths Thomas, teacher, rear 12 Schiver's al 
Griffiths Wm., broker, 2 York, h 200 Locust 
Griffiths Wm., machinist, Wharton ab 4th 
Griffitts S. P. Jr., clerk, George ab 9th 
Griffitts Wm. F., mer., 7 minor, h 33 Clinton 
Grigg' Anthony, printer, 19 St. James, h 2 Carl- 
ton sq. 
GRIGG, ELLIOT & CO., booksellers, 9 N 4th 
Grigg- George, salesman, 117 N 5th 
Grigg- John, booksr., 9 N 4th, h298 Mulben-y. 
Grig-g ;Mark, 7 JIarriott 
Grigg Mark, tailor, 170 S 9th 
Grigg Robt., mer., 31 Castle 
Griggs & Brother, boots & shoes, 181 N 3d 
Griggs John, bricklr., rear 385 S Front 
Griggs Wm., chairmr., rear 332 S 2d 

whf bel Christian 
Griffith Aaron, lab., 5th ab Poplar 
Griffith Abel, whip mr. 4th bel Franklin (K) 
Griffith Amos, stove manuf., S W 2d & Vine. 
Griffith A. E., shop, 463 N 4th 
Griffith C. & Co., dry goods, 447 N 2d 
, Griffith Dorotliy, books, 384 N 2d 
Griffith Ely, dry goods, 283 Chestnut. 
Griffith Geo. F. jeweler, Apple ab George 
G|-iffith Harvey, books, 114 N 3d, h 384 N 2d 
Griffith Isaac, gent, 138 Dillwyn. 
Griffith Isaac, dentist, N AY Sch. 7th & Filbert 
Griffith James, carter, Willow ab Front 
Griffith John, plasterer. Mechanic ab George 
Griffith John, bandbox maker, 6A S 3d, h 51 

Griffith John, cooper, 4 Lodge pi 
Griffith John T., cooper, 20 St James, h 4 

Lodg-e pi 
Griffith Joseph, whipmr., rear Poplar bel 10th 
Griffith Lewis, carpenter, 70 N Juniper 
Gi'iffith Marja, shop, Orchard 
Griffith Matthew, gent., Franklin ab Green. 
Griffith Michael, shoemr., 89 Gaskill 
Griffith Philip, porter, 12 Burd's ct 
Griffith Robt, M. D., 6 Monroe pi 
Griffith Saml. flour and feed, Vienna ab Queen 

Griffith Saml., watchmaker, Vicker's ct N of 

Griffith & Simon, booksellers, 114 N 3d, & 50 

Griffith Thomas, plasterer, Alden ab Poplar 
Griffith William, engraver, 35 N 4th 
Griffith Wm., upholsterer, 55 N 6th 
Griffith Wm., coal mer., Sch 3rd ab Filbert. 
Griffith Wm., segar mr., 3d and Culvert 
Griffith Wm., piano manuf., 7 Pleasant Retreat 

Grim Daniel K., dry g-oods, 171 N 3d 

Grim Geo., brickmr., Elizabeth n Franklin 

Grim Jacob, brickmr., Charlotte ab Poplar 

Grim John, brickmaker, Charlotte c Poplar. 

Grim Jos., baker, 262 S Front 

Grim Jos., brickmr., Elizabeth n Wager 

Grim J. & N., brickyard, 6th & Master (K) 

Grim Martin, weaver, 2d bel Master (K) 

Grim Mattis, drayman. Green's ct 

Grim Nicholas, brickmr., 5th ab George 

Grim Peter, brickmaker, 480 N 3d. 

Grim Saml , brickmr., Elizabeth a.b Franklin 

Grim Sarah, dry goods, 478 N 3d 

Grimes James, weaver, 24 W Cedar 

Grimes Jos., weav., rear Hope bel Phoenix (K) 

Grimes Richard, lab., Ann n Sch 4th 

Grimes Wm., tinsmith, 4 S 5th, h Union above 

GrimshaviT R., carp. 8th & Shippen, h 50 Lebanon 
Grimston John, Mariner, 3 Mead 
Griner J., coach painter, 16 Acorn al 
GRISCOM GEO., att'y & coun., 223 Walnut 
Griscom John D., M. D., 325i Mulberry 
Grissim Adam, ship carp. Vienna &c Duke (K) 
Grissim Caspar, ship carp.. West ab Cherrv 

Grissim Daniel, West ab Cherry (K) 
Grittan Samuel, cordw.. Wood bel 3d 
Gritzinger Christian, tailor, rear 435 N 4th 
Grives Tho5., lab., Hope ab Otter (K) 
Gi-odel Frederick, 228 N 9th 
Groff Jonas, morocco dr., 340 St John (K) 
GrofF J. R., watchmr., 58 High, h 75 New 
Groff Wm. C, blacksm.. Wood n Sch 2d, h 182 

Grogan James, weaver, 4th bel G T road 
Grogan Wm., chaise driver. Christian ab 6th 
Groman Wm., stone mason. Hartshorn's ct 




Groom Benj., cordw., Ogden bel 10th 
Gropengiesser J. L., chronometer &. watchmr., 

100 S 3d 
Grosholtz L. & P., importers, 38 Church al 
Grosholz Louis, Schiller Hotel and wine mer., 

86 Sassafras. 
Gross Adam, vict., 12th ab Brown 
Gross Andrew, printer, 8 New Crown 
Gross Christian, butcher, Front ab Otter (K) 
Gross Cliristian, rear 146 St John 
Gross Christian, morocco dress., rear 7 Brooke 
Gross & Co., printers, N E 3d & Sassafras 
Gross G. W., coachm., Beach st 
Gross John, lab.. Carpenter ab 12th 
Gross John, cordw., 124 Apple 
Gross J. F., vict., 12th ab Brown 
Gross Lewis, victualer. Willow bel Broad 
Gross Mary Ann, 51 S 12th 
Gross Wm., cabinetmr., 3 Drinker's al 
Grossman E. N., printer, rear 130 Sassafras, h 

13 Crown 
Groul Georg-e, lab., 6th bel G T road 
Groul John, blacksm., G T road ab 6th 
Grouse Fred., cordw., 118 New Market 
Grouse Maria, Mechanic ab Culvert 
Grout H. T., attorney, 14 Sansom, h Green bel 

Grove & Brother, grocers, 142^- N 3d 
Grove Conrad S., grocer, 1424 N 3d, h 89 N 4th 
Grove D. B., pianoforte manuf., 34 N 7th 
Grove Ehzabeth, widow, James ab 10th 
Grove Henry, gi-ocer, 142^ N 3d, h 96 New 
Grove John, tobacconist, 147 Poplar. 
Grover Abigail, 5 Lombard 
Grover Chai-les, 18 Coates 
Grover Lorenzo H., oil cloths, rear 36 N 2d 
Grover Priscilla, wid of Hugh, 21 Christian. 
Grover Thomas D., County Com., h 12 Federal. 
Groves Anthony, gent.. Pine ab Broad 
GROVES ANTHONY, jr., transportation agen- 
cy, 19 S Whfs 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer, 156 N 9th. 
Groves Eliza, tailoress, 57 Shippen 
Groves Ehzabeth, b h, N W 9th and Chestnut 
Groves Jacob, tailor, 19 Mulberry 
Groves Jas., tailor, 10 Kelly's av 
Groves Michael F., M. D., 200 S 5th 
Groves Thomas D., watchman, 291 St John 
Groves Wm., slioemr., Clinton ab Parrish 
Groves Wm. H. & Co., publishers, 65 S 3d 
Growley Mich., tailor, Wirtz's ct 
Grubb Chas., cab mr., Wyler's ct 
Grubb Christiana, Wood bel Franklin (K) 
Grubb Curtis, 89 Race 
Grubb Frederick, cordw., 2 Melon pi 
Grubb & Harley, grocers, 4th and Vine 
Grubb Harriet A., gentw., 391 Walnut. 
Grubb Joseph, suspender maker, 12 Carter's 

Grubb Joseph C, liardware mer., 76 High, h 

11th bel Spruce 
Gnibb Mark, lab., 24 St Mary 
Grubb Mattliias, trader. Beach bel Bishop (K) 
Grubb Melon, stone mas.. Juniper ab Spi'uce 
Grubb Wm. L., carp., Lewis ab Poplar 

Grubb Wm. M., blacksmith, 144 Franklin 
Gruber Geo., car-man, 32 Pegg st 
Griiber John C, blacksmith, 176 St John 
Grugan Charles C, mer., 134 Chestnut, h Li- 
brary 1st house ab Custom House. 
Grugan Florence, tailor, 23 Dean 
Grugan Michael, drayman, Marriott bel 6th 
Grum John H., potter, 87 W High 
Grumholz Conrad, tailor, Charlotte &, Thomp- 
son (K) 
Grumshield John, tailor, 297 N 2nd 
Grund Charles, cordw., 82 Apple ab Poplar 
Grund Francis J., 370 Chestnut 
Grundlock Henry, cabinetmr., Burchell's ct 
Gi-undlock Wm., bricklayer, Orchard ab George 
Grundy Edmund, merchant, 16 Church alley, h 

27 Branch 
Grunewald & Kolberg, dry goods, 152 N 2d 
Gruninger J., cordwr., St John and Callowhill 
Grussmire Nicholas, baker, 17 Quince 
Gubert L. C, grocer, N W 8th & Mulberry, h 

.301 Mulberry 
Gubert T. E., 301 Mulberry 
Guckas Matthias, lab., rear 123 Green 
Gudknecht John, harness mr,, 120 New Market 
Guekler Adam, cab maker, 4th and Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Guenat Margaret, gentw., 230 Walnut 
Guenter Gottheb, baker, 108 New Market 
Guenther Philip, lab.. Melon bel 12th 
Guentman & Plumar, confec, 352 S 2d 
Guest Albin, lab.. Church ab Washington 
Guest Charles, cordw., Prime bel 3d 
Guest Mordecai, blacksmith. Brown bel 6th, h, 

Parrish ab 5th 
Gugler Robert, glovemr., 15 N 4th 
Guhring John, razor gi-indei', 116 Crown , 
Guier Benj., boxmr., 18 Bread 
Guier Elizabeth C, rear 5th bel Christian 
Guier George, notary public, 8 Library, h Pop- 
lar and Green Hill 
GUIER & ROBERTS, ship and ins. brokers, ?r 

government claim agents, 8 Library 
Guier William, stone cutter, rear Lemon bel 11th 
Guilberry J. B., tailor, Lysle ^ 

Guilbert Nicholas, printer, 56 N 3d, h 254 Mar- 
Guilbert N., carp., Sch 6th bel Callowhill 
Guilkey M. M., milliner, 197 S 2d 
Guillou Acelie, ladies' seminary, N W Penn sq 

and Filbert 
GUILLOU CONSTANT, att'y. & coun., ^9 S 

GuUlou Rene, mer, 214 Chestnut, h Penn sq & 

Guion George L., mer., 84 High, h 25 New. 
Guise Christiana 3 Humphrey's ct 
Gulager Christian, ship master, 22^ Walnut, h 

112 Lombard 
Gull Saml., driver. Mechanic bel Culvert 
GuUiss Benjamin, gardener. King n Sch 8th 
Gumbs Rebecca, 419 High 
Gummere William, clerk. Bank N. L., h 135 

Gummery David, brickmr., Parrish bel 11th 




Gummey John M., coal. Broad n Mulberry, dry 

g-oods, N E 8th & Vine 
Gumpel J., mer., 101 N 3d, h 1 West 
Gumpert B. Barton, drug-gist, 120 N 2d. 
Gumppert Jacob J., dentist, 316 N 2d, h 11 

Emlen's ct 
Gunn John, laces, 415 N 2d 
Gunn Wm., weaver, 10th and Washington 
Gunnell Charles W., capt., 79 S 6th 
Gunnis Wm., chemist, Sch 6th and Lombard 
Gunsalus Robert H., baker. Pike 
Gunther David, baker, 10th and Washington 

Gunther Erhard, baker, Franklin ab Union (K) 
Gunton Thomas, hosier, 250 S 5th 
Gunzer Frederick, baker, 50 P road 
Gurney Mary, 6 Union 

Gustin John S., foreman,Beach ab Marlboro'(K) 
Gustine Prentice P., chairmr., 114 N Front, h 

104 Vine 
Gutg-esell's John B., mathematician, 25 Plum 
Guth Anthony F., tailor, 17 Exchange place, h 

rear 31 S 2d • 
Guthrie Adam, blacksm., Cadwalader ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Gutzell Clirista., wid., Union ab Bedford (K) 
Guy Alexander, labourer, 33 Quince. 
Guy Amos, lab., 28 Burd's ct 
Guy Ann, dressmr., 12 Mead al 
Guy David, grocer, Sch. Front bel Spruce 
Guy John, tavern, 23 S 7th 
Guy Robert, manuf.. Spruce n Sch Front 
Guy Saml., car driver, rear 39 P road 
Guyant John, waterman, 359 N Front 
Guyant J. H., clerk, 10 Lybrand 
Guyant Susan, 24 Duke 
Guyent David, glass cutter. Queen ab Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
Guyer Benjamin, watcliman, 29 Jones' al (C) 
Guyer Godfrey H., carp., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Guyer Wm., grocer, R road and Sp Garden 
Guyger George, tobacconist, Callowhill n Sch 

Guyger George W., hatter, 300 Vine 
Guyger Mary, tobacconist, 8 N 13th 
Guyint David, glass cutter, rear 16 Mulberry, h 

Queen n Crown (K) 
Guyn Chas., cordw.. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Guyn Daniel, chandler, 2d bel Wharton 
Gwilliam John, bootmr., 14 Lebanon 
Gwin Francis, lab., 5 Leiper 
Gwin George, mer., 204 High 
Gwin WilUam, cai-ter, 162 Christian. 
Gwinn Ann, b. h., 37 Garden 
Gwins Wm., tavern, 6 Little Pine 
Gwynn Chas, weaver. Union bel West 
Gwynn Robert, printer, Lister's pi 
Gysi Theo., inst. mr., 262 N 3d, h rear 19 Lily al 

Haag Daniel, tavern, 93 New Market 
Haag Godfrey, bootmr., 25 Tammany 
Haas Andrew F., chemist, 51 Duke 
Haas Anna Maria, 361 N 3d 

Haas Charles, painter, 13 Emleh's ct 
Haas Chas. J., carp'r, 15 Emlen's ct. 
Haas Edward, lab., Franklin ab Hanover (K) 
Haas Ernest, chemist, 318 N 3d 
Haas Frederick, Green ab 12th 
Haas Fred'k, jr., grocer, 2d & Noble, h Green- 
wood pi 
Haas George, tobacconist, 537 High 
Haas George, 625 Coates 

Haas Henry A., painter, Peny bel Phoenix (K) 

Haas Jacob, lab., Queen and Crown (K) 
Haas Jacob S., victualler, 531 N 4th 
Haas John, lab., 13th ab R Road 
Haas John, coopei", 389 N 3rd. 
Haas John, grocer, c 2d & Noble, h 361 N 3d 
Haas John lab., Washington (W P) 
Haas John K., painter, PaiTish bel Broad 
HAAS JOHN & CO., grocers, 2d & Noble 
Haas Joseph, dry goods, 18 8c h 278 N 2d 
Haas Maria, b. h., 4 N 11th 
Haas Michael, baker. Brown n 8th 
Haas Michael B., framemr., rear 404 N 3d 
Haas Nicholas, gunsmith, 152 Wood 
Haas N., watchmr., rear 402 N 2d 
Haas William, dry goods, 278 N 2nd, h 361 N 3d 
Haasmiller Lorenty, liatter, 439 N 3d 
Haber John, shoes, S E Noble & Franklin. 
Habermehl Henry, case maker, 131 S 6th. 
Haberstick Jacob J., suspender manf , 579 N 3d 
Haberstick Rudolph, tobacconist, 407 N 2nd. 
Habisreitinger J. G., brewer, 84 Apple 
Hachrelin J. F., hatter, 113 Race 
Hackenburg J. L., mer., 166 Sassafras 
Hacker, Brother & Co., mers., 101 High 
Hacker George W., China, 62 N-2d, h 133 N 

Hacker Henry M. mer. 101 High, h 8th bel 

Hacker Isaac, mer., 32 Chestnut, h 11th below 

Hacker Isaac, jr., 11th bel Lombard 
Hacker Isaiah, mer., 32 Chestnut, h 112 S 3rd 
Hacker Jeremiah, merchant, 32 Chestnut, h 144 

S 4th 
Hacker Joseph, silverplater, 89 Mulberry 
HACKER, LEA & CO., mers. 32 Chestnut 
Hacker Rachel, tavern. Front and Pegg 
Hacker Wilham E., mer., 32 Chestnut, h S E 

8th and Pine 
HACKER WILLIAM P., china ware, 62 N 2d, 

h 57 O Y road 
Hacker W. Alfred, mer., 101 High, li 8th bel 

Hackett Catharine, widow, 5 Jefferson row 
Hackett H. Mrs. 2 Whitaker's ct 
Hackett John, grain & feed, 124 Plum 
Hackett John, lab., G T road and 6t]i (K) 
Hackett Matthew, carter. Carpenter bel 9th. 
Hackett Philip, coachman, 13 Paschal's al 
Hackett Rich., teach., Dyott's ct & Franklin(K) 
Hackett Robt. E., broker, 5 Jefferson row 
Hackney & Burton, clothing, 119 S 2d 
Hackney Joseph, tailor, 119 S 2d 




llackne)' John, store, 223 S 6th 

Hadden John, lab., Sch 8th bel Vine 

Hadder F., clerk, 42 Jacoby 

Haddock Daniel, jr., mer. 10 S whfs, h 139 S 3rd 

Haddock, Haseltine & Reed, shoes, bonnets and 

caps, 10 S wharves 
Haddock Hazen, mer., 10 S whfs 
Haddock James, stone cut., F road ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Haddock Jos., carp, weaver. Sycamore 
Haddon James, clerk, 13th ab Coates 
Hadfield John, presser, 152 Cedar 
Hadnot Thos., confec, High bet Sch Front and 

Hadry H. P., 11 Powell 
Haedi'ich Henry, musician, 8 Randall's ct 
HaefFer Andrew, tailor, 1 Moore's ct (S G) 
Haffelfinger Martin, acct., 79 Franklin 
HafFey Bernard, carp.. Carpenter n 10th 
Haffey Henry, clerk, 24 Wallace 
Haffey Mary, 48 Washington av 
Haffey Rosanna, b h, 44 Oak, (N L) 
Hafner Martha, gentw., 97 Brown 
Hafran Christian, weaver, Mai'iner 
Hagaman Washington G., fur blower, Sterling al, 

h 62 Laurel. 
1-Iagan Arthur, stonecutter, 259 S 6th 
Hagan Barnard, shop, 225 G T road 
Hagan Charles, bookseller, S E 6th and High, 

h 12 Quince 
Hagan Georg'e, carp. 10th ab Walnut 
Hagan Henry, cordw., 216 N 8th 
Hagan John, lab., White's ct 
Hagan Michael, lab., rear 296 S 7th 
Hagan Michael, carter. Walnut W Sch 2d 
Hagan Michael, shoemr. 112 Cherry 
Hagan Patrick, bootmr., Logan's ct 
Hagan Wm. paper stainei*, 55 Perry 
Hagany Joseph, 2 Myers' pi 
Hagar P. F., stoves, 69 N 2d, h 36 Wood 
Hager Daniel, cordwainer, 52 Oak, (N L) 
Hagely Gottlieb, beer-house, 92 Green 
Hager George, weaver, Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Hager John, boots & shoes, 72 S 3d, h 29 Wal- 
Hagerbricker G., 102 Spruce 
Hagerdorn C. F., Bavarian Consul, 72 S 5th 
HagQrt J. E., brushmaker, 8 N 3rd, h 350 Vine 
Hagerty Bernard, morocco shaver, 11 William 

Hagerty Danl., ostler, Minor 
Hageily Francis, shoemr., 12 Mercer 
Hagerty James IL, cabman, 211 Christian 
Hagerty John, lab., Mulberry n Sch. 4th 
Hagerty John, Callowhill n William 
Hagerty John, weaver. Pearl bel Nixon 
Hagerty Michael, tailor, 16 Cypress 
Hagerty Patrick, lab., Jones W of Sch 6th 
Hagerty Thomas, lab.. Pearl ab Sch 4th 
Hagerty Thomas, lab. Pine n Sch Willow 
Hagey John, confectioner, 308 &. h 292 High 
Hagey Wm., fruiterer, S W 3d and High 
llagg Reuben, collector, 126 Juniper 
Haggenbottom Samuel, grocer, Carlton Sch 8c 2d 
Haghan Peter, lab.. Carpenter bel 9th 

Hagner & Co., dry goods, 314 High 

Hagner Charles V., drug mill, Beaver ct., h 

Broad bel Chestnut 
Hagner Jefferson, mer., 314 High 
Hagner John F., mer., 314 High 
Hagner Saml. A., saddler, 39 S 8th, h 356 E 

Hagner Wm., Rutter's ct 
Hague Andrew, bricklr. Hanover ab Bedford 
Hague Christiana, Franklin and Elm (K) 
Hague Henry, caulker, Hanover n Bedford. 
Hague Henry, fisherman, Chandlei-'s ct (K) 
Hague Jacob, tavern, 22 Swanson. 
Hague Jane, rear Pearl ab Sch 6th 
Hague John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Hague Michael, blacksmith, Hanover bel Fi-ank- 

lin (K) 
Hague Thomas, astrologer, Francis & Powell 

(F V) 
Hagy William, dry goods, 274 N 2d. 
Hahn Adam, lab., 20 Rachel 
Hahn Christian, baker, 148 N 5th. 
Hahn G., M. D., 95 Noble st 
Hahn Joseph F., baker, 165 Vine 
Hahn Mary, 10th ab Buttonwood 
Hahn Jacob, baker, 85 New 
Hahn John, hotel, F road opp. West 
Hahn John Henry, grocer, N W St John and 

Haig Jacob, St John bel Beaver (K) 
Haig James, potter, Charlotte ab Poplar 
Haig James & Thomas, fire brick raanuf., 545 

N 2d bel Beaver, (K) 
Haig Robt. potter, R road ab 13th 
Haig Thomas, potter, 456 N 4th 
Haigh John, moroc. dres., Shackamaxon n Bed- 
ford (K) _ 
Haight Cornelius, painter, 13th ab Locust, h Ce- 
dar ab 13th ^ 
Haight Maiy, Winter ab Sch 3d 
Hailer Geo., shoem., 1 Sailor's ct 
Hailstock Charles S., barber, 16 S 5th, h rear 

27 Bonsall 
Haines Aaron N., mer. 59 N Water 
Haines Abraham W. carp. 281 Coates ' 

Haines Abraham, carpenter, 1 St James 
Haines Abraham, mer., 367 Hlg-h, h 194 N 12tli 
Haines Ann, Poplar bel 11th 
Haines Aquila, carp, rear 448 N 3d, h Willow 

ab Broad 
Haines Asa, graindealer, 384 Vine 
Haines A. & B., glass &, colours, 367 High. 
Haines Benjamin, mer. 367 High, h 125 Button- 
Haines & Brother, commission merchants, 30 

N whfs. and 59 N Water 
Haines Charles, clerk, 350 S 5th 
Haines Clayton, bricklayer. Brown ab 10th 
Haines Clayton, bricklayer, 489 Poplar 
Haines Elias, cordw.. Court al 
Haines Eliza, gentw. Centre ab Brown 
Haines Elizabeth, wid. 12th bel Callowhill 
Haines Elizabeth, 223 Wood ab 12th 
Haines Elizabeth, 422 S 4th 
Haines Elton, bricklayer, 426 Poplar 




Haines Elton, bricklayer, Washington bel 11th 
Haines Elwood, carp. George E Sch 5th 
Haines Ephraim, mer., 6 Commerce, 170 N Front 
Haines Franklin B., painter, Georg'e bel 3d (K) 
Haines Fred, oyster house, N E 6th & Spruce 
Haines Geo., cop. plate print. 141 New Mai'ket 
Haines George, painter. Cedar n Sch 2d 
Haines Girard, clerk 
Haines G. W., cordw., 10 Jackson (N L) 
Haines Henry, surveyor and convey., 10th and 

Thompson, h Girard av 
Haines Henry, fisherman. Wood bel Duke (K) 
Haines James, Vk'aterman, 4th ab George 
Haines James, butcher, 4th and Marriott's la 
Haines James B., painter, 23 Union (S) 
Haines John, huckster, 5 Poplar 
Haines John, shoemr., 63 Mead 
Haines John, collector, 620 N 2d. 
Haines John, saddler, William ab Otter (K) 
Haines John jr., saddler, 2d bel Franklin (K) 
Haines Joseph, saddler, Edward & William (K) 
Haines Joseph, mer., h 23 Palmyra sq 
Haines Joseph B., keeper M. Prison, 386 S 5th 
Haines Joseph C, cordw., Rex's ct 
Haines Joshua, combmr., Apple bel Franklin 
Haines Josiah, carp., 10th ab Coates. 
Haines Lindley, mer. 13 S 2d, h 76 N 10th 
Haines Mary, widow. Crown ab Queen (K) 
Haines Mary, 2d bel Franklin (K) 
Haines Mary, tailoress, 79 W Callowhill 
Haines Matthias, lab. 6th bel G T road 
Haines Michael, potter. Brown ab 13th 
Haines Michael, carp. 8 Adams 
Haines MordecaiW., brickl. Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Haines Peter, fisherman. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Haines Rachel, 35 Currant alley 
Haines Reuben, carp., 9th bel Poplar 
Haines Reuben W. moulder. Corn bel Wharton 
Haines Samuel, hatter, 266 N 2d, h 398 N 3d 
Haines Samuel, butcher. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Haines Samuel, whip-thong maker. Crown ab 

Queen (K) 
Haines Thompson, tailor, George n Juniper 
Haines William, carp., 531 Coates 
Haines William S., M. D. 6th & Green 
Hains Jacob, baker, 123 Filbert. 
Hains Samuel, city surveyor, 9 S 5th, h 317 Mul- 
Haire Rebecca, shop, Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Haith Anna M., Brown bel 13th 
Haldeman Elizabeth, Duke ab Vienna (K) 
Haldeman Michael, wheelwr't, Ash bel Duke 

Haldom Thos. butcher, 9tli bel Carpenter 

Haldt Lewis, grocer, Shackamaxon and Frank- 
lin (K) 
Hale Charles W., waterman, 46 Penn 
Hale Almy S., 21 S Sch 7th 
Hale Isaac, bootmr., 278 E Cedar 
Hale Jacob, butcher. Carpenter ab 9th 
Hale James, mer. 2 Ranstead pi 
Hale Joseph, lab., Alden ab Poplar 
Hale Ruth, 36 Coates' al 
Hale Thos., paper hanger, 15 Jacoby 
Hale Thomas S., acct., 133 Buttonwood 

Hale AVilliam, tailor, 378 High, h 5 Castle, 

Hale Wm., shop, 21 Little Pine 

Hales Wm., brickb"' r. Front ab Reed 

Haley Edward, boxmaker, 106 Cherry 

Haley John, weaver, G T road ab 4th 

Haley John, dealer, 87 Shippen 

Haley John, moroc. dress. 6 Frankhn (K) 

Haley Jos. plasterer, 10 S Broad 

Halfman Ethelbert, tailor, 7th and High, h 4 

Halfman Gerhai'd, coal dealer, real* 48 Brown 
Halfman G., spade &; shovelmr.. Willow, bel 3d 

h Olive ab 10th 
Halfman Herbert, gent. 68 Gaskill 
Halfman Wm., blacksmith, 12 Farmer 
Halfman Wm., cordw., R road ab Vine, h 329 

Halfpenny Catharine, 4 Marion. 
Halfpenny John, machinist, Cadwalader above 

Hall Albert H., porter, 1 Cresson'sal 
Hall Alexander, mariner, 31 Beck (S) 
Hall Alexander W., mer. 104 N 3d, h 82 Tam- 
Hall Alice, washer, 71 George. 
Hall Augustus, stonecutter, 9th & Coates 
Hall, Boardman &. Ca., britannia ware, 104 N 3d 
Hall, Brothers, dry goods, 26 Chestnut 
Hall Catharine, Franklin bel Palmer (K) 
Hall Catharine, gentw. Broad bel Pine 
Hall Charles, 7 Garden 
Hall Charles, porter, Paschall al 
Hall Charles, mer., 23 Church alley, h 4 Dugan 

Hall Charles, livery stable, George ab Sch 6th 
Hall Charles B. mer. 34 Church al, h 81 Marshall 
Hall Christiana, 318 S Front 
Hall Clement, currier, 38 Lombard 
Hall Cornelius, chairmr., 94 N 13th 
Hall Daniel, waiter, 10 Acorn al 
Hall Daniel A., carp., Charles & Noble, h 117 

Hall David, lab. 251 S 7th 
Hall David, lab., rear 527 N 2d (K) 
Hall Ebenezer, waiter, Gulielma 
Hall Edward A., M. D., 119 S 8th 
Hall Edwin, mer. 7 S 2d 
Hall Elizabeth, gentw., 236 S Front 
Hall Ellen F., dressmr., 118 S 10th 
Hall Emmor, cordw., Carlton ab 12th 
Hall Enos, lab.. Barley 
Hall E. C, ornamental painter, 218 Noble 
Hall Francis, carp. Swede's ct 
Hall Fredk. book binder, 82 N 6th 
Hall F. D. mer., 104 N 3d, h Division ab lltli 
Hall F. T. waiter, 2 Pearl 
Hall Geo., tobacconist & variety store, 23 N 9th 
Hall Geo., blacksm., Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Hall Geo., barb., 19 Carpenter, h 2 Bulkley (C) 
Hall Geo. T. cordw., 10th ab Parrish 
HaU Harrison, surveyor & publisher, 22^ Wal- 
nut, h 6 Sansom 
Hall Henrietta, washer, 6th ab Poplar 
Hall Henry M., machinist, Brandywine ab 13th 
Hall Isaac, wood eng., 31 Paschall's al 




Hall Isaac & Son, dry g-oods, 357 Hig-h 

Hall James, printer. Carpenter bel 5th 

Hall James, furniture, 250 Sassafras 

Hall James, weaver, ISthbel Cedar 

Hall James, baker, 5 Poplar 

Hall James E. tavern, 101 Swanson 

Hall Jane, shop. Pearl ab 13th 

HALL JOHN, tavern, 42 N 2d 

Hall John B., cordw., 297 Callowhill 

Hall John G., architect, 51 N 6th 

Hall Joseph, 42 N 2d 

Hall Joseph, basketmr., 11th bel Callowhill 

Hall Joseph, salesman, Callowhill n Sch Front 

Hall Joseph A., carp., Mechanic ab Georg-e 

Hall Joseph S., 199 Walnut 

Hall Jos. W., dealer, G T road ab Phoenix (K) 

Hall Margaret, 85 Locust 

Hall Martha, Pearl ab Sch 6th 

Hall Mar)^ Ann, 119 S 8th 

Hall Mary Ann, shop, Madison 8c SheafPs al 

Hall Morris, coachman, 129 Cheriy 

Hall Nathan, shoes, 238 S 2d 

Hall N. H., mer., 40 N 2nd, h233 Marshall 

Hall N. P. Mrs., mer., 53 N 2d, h 285 Sassafras 

Hall Oscar D., saddler, 25 S 4th, h 52 Duke 

Hall Patrick, engineer, Otter bel G T road (K) 

Hall Peleg, diy goods, 3 S 2nd, h 236 S Front 

Hall Robert A., 03'ster house, N W 5th and 

Hall Samuel, carp., Vienna bel Franklin (K) 

Hall Sarah, Pearl bel 13th 

Hall Sarah, Wharton ab Front 

Hall Susan, wid. of Lewis, Beach ab Marlboro' 

Hall Thos., 186 N 13th 

Hall Thomas, machinist, rear 493 N 3d 

Hall Thos., cordw., Ann n Sch 4th (F V) 

Hall Thomas, weaver. Rose ab Shippen la 

Hall Washington, lace goods, 40 N 2nd 

Hall Wilfred, agt. Phila, Bible Soc. 144 Chest- 
nut, h 3 Sch Rittenhouse 

Hall Wm., blacksm., 118 Duke 

Hall Wm., carp.. Brown bel Vienna (K) 

Hall William, captain, 27 Queen 

Hall Wm., waiter, 48 Quince 

Hall Wm. O., collector, Poplar bel Broad 

Hall Wm. R., dentist. Noble bel 8th 

Hall W. & Co. lace goods, 40 N 2nd 

Halliday Abigail, gentw., 69 Pine 
Halliday Elias, trunkmr., 17 Lagi-ange pi 
Halliday E. C, dry goods, 65 N 2d 
Halliday Samuel L., saddler, 26 High 
Halliday Wm. J., grocer, S W2d and Mulberry 
Halliwell Edw. T. machinist, Barker n Sch 6th 
Halliwell Sarah A., milliner, High ab Sch 4th 
Hallman Anthony, mariner, rear 135 Christian 
Hallman Jacob, b h, 165 Race 
Hallman Mary, 227 S Front 
Hallman Wm., painter, Coates bel 10th 
Halloway John S., clerk East. Penitentiary, h 

Sch. 2d ab Vine 
Halloway Seth P., clerk, 147 N 7th 
Hallowell Alexander H., eating house, 556 N 

2d (K) 
Hallowell Ann, 1 City row 
Hallowell Anna, b h. Poplar bel 13th 

Hallowell Caleb W., mer., 143 High, h 128 

N 9th 
Hallowell Charles, mer., 173 High 
Hallowell D. Albert, mer., 143 High, h 240 N 

Hallowell Ed. Dr. Broad & S Penn sq 
Hallowell Eli, coachmr., R road n Willow. 
Hallowell Elizabeth, 197 N 3d 
Hallowell Hannah, 499 N 4th 
Hallowell Hiram L., tailor, 11 Coates 
Hallowell Jesse, bricklayer, Oliver's pi 
Hallowell Joel, carp., Kessler's ct 
Hallowell John, brickmr., 170 Coates. 
Hallowell Jonah, leather, 227 N 2nd. 
Hallowell Joseph T., Logan n Green 
Hallowell Joshua L. mer., 143 High, h 13 Mont- 
gomery sq 
Hallowell Morris L. 8c Co. silk and fancy goods, 

143 High 
Hallowell M. L., mer. 143 High, h 240 N 6th 
Hallowell Rifford R., builder, 10 Pleasant 
HALLOWELL &, SELLERS, trimmings, 143 

Hallowell Thomas, currier, rear 9 Rose al 
Hallowell Wm. S., merchant, 168 N 2nd, h 306 

N 6th 
Hallowell W. S. 8c Co., hardware, 168 N 2nd. 
Hally Peter, dry goods, 524 N 2d. 
Halpin John, lab., 4 Harmony ct 
Halpin WiUiam, tinsmith. Phoenix below G T 

road (K) 
HalsaU James J., 142 Catharine 
Halsey James, trimmings, 23 S 4th, h 366 E 

Halsted Geo. W., coal mer., 69 S 6th 
Halsted John, 28 N 9th 
Halt Richard, 13 Morgan's ct 
Halton Sarah, Catharine ab 8th 
HALY WM. W., atty. and coun., 72 S 6th 
Halzel Mary Ann, milliner, 139 Green 
Halzel Phihp, chairmaker, 515 N Front. '' 
Halzell John, shoe dealer, 100 Elizabeth 
Halzell Samuel, 253 N Front 
Ham Jos., dentist, Swede's ct 
Hama Godfrey, grocer, c St. John and Green 
Hama James D., grocer, St. John and Green 
Hambaker Christopher, tailor, 27 Mayland 
Hambly John, millwright, 4 Fetter's la 
Hambly William, millwright, 13 Wiley's ct 
Hambright Wm. A., 280 Callowhill 
Hamel Jacob, porter, G T road ab Franklin (K) 
Hamel J. C, 83 Garden 
Hamelin Joseph P. clerk, 161 Catharine 
Hamell Hugh, bookseller, 3 i S 10th, h 4 Filbert 

Hamell Mary, milliner, 56 Chester 
Hamer Eli, tailor, 38 N 6th 
Hamer Jacob jr. tailor, 65 Zane 
Hamer Jacob £c Son, tailors, 38 N 6th. 
Hamer Thomas, weaver, 9th n Christian 
Hamersly E. S., M. D., 13th bel Callowhill 
Hamersly Geo. W., mer., 5 Colonnade row 
Hamersly S. S., M. D., c 13th 8c George. 
Hamill George S., druggist, Callowhill W Sch 




Hamill James, carp., Hope ab Master (K) 

Hamill James, ftirrier, 194 S 4th 

Hamill Patrick, weaver, Middleton's ct 

Hamilton Alex., broker, 246 S Front 

Hamilton And., weaver, Front ab Phosnix, (K) 

Hamilton Andw., 220 N 4th 

Hamilton Arthur, cordw., St. John bel George 

Hamilton A. Boyd, publisher, 72 Dock 
Hamilton Chas., turner, 441 Lombard 
Hamilton David, cordwainer, N W Cedar and 

Hamilton Elijah, cordw., Willow bel Garden 
Hamilton Eliza, Lisle bel Shippen 
Hamilton Elizabeth, 56 Mulberry 
Hamilton 8c Forney, pubs. Pennsylvanian, 72 

Hamilton Francis J., printer, 30 Rittenhouse 
Hamilton Geo., janitor, Franklin Institute, Par- 

rish ab 7th 
Hamilton Georg-e, teller K. Bank, h Marlboro' 

ab Queen. 
Hamilton Georg-e, M. D., Sch 7th and Summer 
Hamilton Georg-e, g-rocer, S E 12t]i & Coates. 
Hamilton Geo., seaman, 327 S 10th 
Hamilton Geo., printer, Gorrell's ct 
Hamilton Hanse, drayman, 419 S 4th 
Hamilton Jacob C, hatter, 255 N 2d 
Hamilton James, landscape painter, S E 9th and 

Walnut, h 336 S 4th 
Hamilton James, morocco dress., Hancock bel 

Phoenix (K) 
Hamilton James, shop, 499 Vine 
Hamilton James, lab., 7 St Joseph's av 
Hamilton James, lab., Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Hamilton James, lab., Shippen la bel Shippen 
Hamilton Jas., shoemr., Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Hamilton Jas., carman, 28 Charlotte 
Hamilton Jas., drover, 519 Callowhill 
Hamilton Jas., lab., Pollock's av 
Hamilton Jas., lab., Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Hamilton Jane, 102 Georg-e 
Hamilton John, 7 Quigg-'s ct 
Hamilton John, stove finisher. West and Union 

Hamilton John, jr., atty. and coun., 12 Georg-e 
Hamilton John, sailmr., rear 463 N 4th 
Hamilton John, dry g-oods, 249 S 2d 
Hamilton John, lab., Crabb ab Plum 
Hamilton John M., acct., S. School Union, h 169 

Hamilton Joseph, drayman, 421 S 4th 
Hamilton Joseph, carpet weaver, Otter bel G 

T road 
Hamilton J. B. W., builder, 4 Crockett's ct., h 

12 Swanwick 
Hamilton Lydia, rear Mulberry bet Sch 7th Sc 8th 
Hamilton Marg-aret, 10th bel Wallace 
Hamilton Mary, gentw., 316 Chestnut. 
Hamilton Mary Ann, shop, 8 Assembly building-s 
Hamilton Mary &. R., trim'g-s, R rpad & Melon 
Hamilton Morris, att'y.. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Hamilton Owen, Bedford bel 8th 
Hamilton Philip, cooper, 4 Smith's pi 
Hamilton Robt., weaver, Philip ab Jefferson(K) 

Hamilton Robert, bootmr., N E 8th & Mulberry, 

h Park n Locust (W P) 
Hamilton Robert S., Secretary Col. Ins. Co., h 

102 Georg-e ab 12th 
Hamilton R. J., clerk, 593 N Front (K) 
Hamilton Samuel, cordw., rear 200 Christian 
Hamilton Samuel, carriag-e trimmer, Juniper bel 

Hamilton Samuel G., gas pipe welder, Frank- 
lin ab 4th 
Hamilton Sarah, 153 S 11th 
Hamilton Sarah, tailoress. Elk st 
Hamilton Sarah, tailoress, 33 Apple 
Hamilton Stephen, cordw., 11 Parker 
Hamilton William, actuary Franklin Institute, h 

169 Catharine 
Hamilton William, chandler, 4 Plum. 
Hamilton Wm., bootmr., N E 8th & Mulberry, 

h 34 Garden 
Hamilton Wm., distiller. Pearl ab Nixon 
Hamilton Wm., carver, 22 Magnolia 
Hamilton Wm. H., boiler mr., F road ,opp West 
Hamilton William H., dry goods, 20 S 2d. 
Hamilton William T., clerk, Sch 6th below 

Hamlin Margaret, sempstress, rear 103 Dillwyn 
Hamlin Richard, lab., Shippen ab 7th 
Hamlin William E., mer., 38 Chestnut, h 70 

Hamhn Wm. K., mer., 110 N 3rd, h 10 Dillwyn 
Hamm Daniel, vict., Apple ab George 
Hamm Hoffman, 55 Spruce 
Hamm James A., combmr., 272 S 5th 
Hamm John P., rear Wood ab Broad 
Hamm P. E., asst. city treas., c 5th & Chestnut, 

h 30 Clinton 
Hamm Wm. A., ropemr., G T road bel 7th 
Hamm Wm. P., agent, 11 Perry 
Hamman John, mer., 96J High, h Buttonwood 

ab 9th. 
Hamman, Snyder & Co., dry goods, 96 J High 
Hammar Catharine Mrs., 37 Dock 
Hammar Charles, tinsmith, 37 Dock 
Hammar Barb. Ann, 99 G T road (K) 
Hammar Joseph, grocer, 152 S 6th 
Hammar Maria, rear G T road above PhcEnix 
Hammar Wm. combmr., James' ct (K) 
Hammar Wm., tailor, 100 S Front 
Hammar Wm., cigar mak., 511 N 3d 
Hammell Francis J., shoes, 200 High, h Law- 
rence (C) ab 12th 
Hammell H. M., bootmr., 4th ab Shippen 
Hammell John, engineer, Wood ab Sch 2d 
Hammell Mary Ann, shoebr.. Brown bel 7th 
Hammer Charles, combmr., Davis' ct 
Hammer Deborah, 5 Rachell's row. 
Hammer Gotlieb, baker. Christian and 8th 
Hammer Issacher, confect., 241 N 2d 
Hammersley George, mer., 85 S Front. 
Hammersley George, turner, Logan's ct (K) . 
Hammett Elizabeth, b. h., rear 254 S 2d 
HAMMETT 8c HILES, coppersmiths, 128 Vine 
Hammett John K., shipwright, Maiden st whf., 

h Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Hammett Thomas, coppersmith, 296 Coates 




Hammill Barnard, 166 Queen 
Hammill Chas., carman, Brown bel Vienna (K) 
Hammill Thos., drayman, Marlboro' ah Frank- 
lin (K) 
Hammitt John, lab., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Hammitt Thos., ship carp., Marlboro' ab Bed- 
ford (K) 
Hammon Barbary, washer, 13 Lybrand 
Hammond Christ, lab., Murray n Sch 3d 
Hammond E. Mrs., 31 Logan 
Hammond John, lab., Hancock ab Phoenix (K) 
Hammond John, lab., Fitler n Hamson (K") 
Hammond John, tailor, 3 Parker st 
Hammond Moses W., Buttonwood ab 10th 
Hammond Richard, tavern. High ab Sch. 5th 
HAMMOND SAMUEL, refectory, 210 High & 

1 Decatur 
Hammond Vincent P., Pine Ward Hotel, 138 S 

Hammond Wm., b. h., 80 Swanson 
Hampsay Francis, hatter, Spruce n Sch 5th 
Hampton Benjamin, tobacconist, 11 N 10th 
Hampton David, tailor, 372 N 2d 
Hampton Elizabeth, gentw., 3 Kelly's ct 
Hampton Jacob, carter, 72 Christian 
Hampton John J. coach and wheelwright. Gal- 

lowhill n Sch, h Wood be! Nixon 
Hampton Rudolph, paper hanger, 6 Scott's ct 
Hampton Thomas S., lampmr., 9 Prospect al 
Hampton T. Eber, cooper, Olive bel Broad 
Hamrick Adam D., carp., 72 F road 
Hamrick John, painter. Elm bel Fraiiklin (K) 
Hamrick John A., painter, 72 F road (K) 
Hamrick Paul, packer, Duke ab Hanover (K) 
Hamrickhouse John, lab.. Palmer n Duke (K) 
Hamshire Adam, pumpmr. G T road ab 5th 
Hamshire Antrim, cigar mr., G T road ab 6th (K) 
Hamshire Isaac, turner, rear Marshall ab Brown 
Hamson Joseph, artisan, Reefe ab Front 
Hanan Dennis, lab.. Seller's ct 
Hanberg John, lab., Jefferson ab 5th (K) 
Hanbest T. Passmore, att'y., 28 Spruce 
Hanbest Wm., dealer, Shippen bel 4th 
HANCE DAVID E., coal mer.. High Bridge, 

h 450 N 4th 
Hance Jeremiah, grocer, 90 New Market, h N 

W 7th and Poplar. 
Hance John, teacher, 96 Union 
Hance John, clerk, 6th bel Christian 
Hance Joseph S., lime, Rachel and Poplar 
Hance Samuel, weaver, Mulbeny n Sch 3d 
Hance T. II., clerk, Duke &. Vienna (K) 
Hancock Biddle, bricklayer, 11th bel S Garden 
Hancock Ilewbitt, tobacconist. Nectarine n 10th 
Hancock James B. clerk, 144 Catharine 
Hancock Jolin, att'y and coun. 46^ Walnut 
Hancock John, lab., 31 Cresson's al 
Hancock Joseph, brass founder, 46 Bread 
Hancock Joseph M., carp.. Cherry n Sch 8th, h 

6 Jacoby 
Hancock Samuel P., corder. High st wharf Sch, 

h N W Sch 7th & Mulberry 
Hancock Wm., silk dyer, 93 Vine 
Hancock Wm. C, carpr., 444 Callowhill 

Hancock Wm. C, bricklayer, Washington ab 

Hand Caleb, gent., 7th bel Poplar 
Hand & Eagle, mers., 161 High 
Hand Harvey, collector, 15 York ct. 
Hand. Jacob F., clerk, 3d ab Washington 
Hand Jas. C. mer. 41 Commerce, h 237 Vine 
Hand Jeremiah, gent., 32 Almond 
Hand John K., clerk. Com. Bank, Hanover ab 

West (K) 
Hand Jonathan, fisherman, Franklin ab Wood 

Hand Joseph, goldbeater, 21 M road 
Hand Joseph S. K., jeweller, 10 Minor, h 268 

Hand Jotham, cordw., Harvey's ct (K) 
Hand Smith, cordw. Elizabeth ab Parrish 
Hand Thomas, sea capt., 26 Union (S) 
Hand Thomas, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Hand Thomas, waterman, Penn bel Maiden (K) 
Hand Thos., waterman, 13 Poplar 
Hand Thomas C, mer., 161 High, h 88 Marshall 
Hand Wm., cordwainer. Prime bel 2d 
Handlan John, cutler. Plum bel 4th, h 268 S 4th 
Handy Edward S., mer., 98 High 
Handy Edward S., & Co., hardware, 98 High 
Handy George, mer., 17 N whfs 
Handy Isaac S., mer. 98 High 
Handy James, waiter. Prosperous al 
Handy John, shoemr., Grover 
Handy John H., M. D., 488 N 5th ab Poplar 
Handy Somersett, porter, rear Milton bel 11th 
Handy Susan E. milliner, 131 S 8th 
Haney Alex., baker, 11th & Milton 
Haney Elizabeth, Meredith's ct 
Haney Elizabeth A., milUner, 152^ S 2d 
Haney James, lab.. Clay bel Beach 
Haney John, lab., N Sch Front 
Haney John, baker, 40 George (S) 
Haney John, dealer, 11 Franklin place. 
Haney Thomas, turner, 132 S 2d ' 

Haney Thomas, blacksm., 666 N 2d (K) 
Haney Wm., clerk, Washington ab 10th (S G) 
Haney Wm., turner, 81 German 
Hanford Peter, tailor, Evans 
HANFORD W. S., com. mer., 38 Chestnut, h 

118 S 4th 
Hangary Gabriel, cordw., Crown bel Franklin 

Hangary Susan, Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Hanhauser Anthony, cork maker, 95 S 5th. 
Hanhauser John, shop, 142 F road. 
Hank Lewis, stone cutter, 12th & Cheny 
Hanker Abi-aham, dry goods, 100 W High 
Hankins Charles, 496 Callowhill 
Hankins WiUiam, carp., Wallace bel 9th 
Hankins Wm. H., coal mer.. Broad bel Vine 

h 522 Vine 
Hankinson Isaiah, waiter, 11 Little Oak 
Hankinson Thomas A., grocer, 3d & Beaver 
Hankinson Tj^omas, bricklayer, 5th ab Poplar 
Hankinson Wm. W., hatter, 4 Townsend av 
HANLEY DAVID, clerk O. C, 3 S House, h 22 
Laurel (N L) 




Ilanley George, hatter, 6 Butler's av 
Hanley Jeremiah, blacksm., 11 Jones' al., 

Gray's al 
Hanley John, waterman, 15 Poplar 
Hanley John, lab., Milton ab 11th 
Hanley Margaret, 3 Pratt's ct 
Hanley Sarah, dressmr., 100 S 5th 
Hanlin Thomas, carter, Lombard n SchBank st 
Hanline Alfred, mer., 3 Bank, h 469 N Front 
Hanline & Ostheimer, importers, 3 Bank 
Hanlon Patrick, lab., Franklin bel Cherry (K) 
Hanly James, lab., 3 Leiper 
Hanly John, dry goods, S W P road 8c Wall. 
Hanly Wm., drug store, S F. 7th and Lombard, 

h 39 Lombard 
Hanna Andrew, lab., 4th bel Wharton 
Hanna Elizabeth, Bedford bel Broad 
Hanna George, carp. 12th ab Parrish 
HANNA JAMES, atty. & coun., 11 Pmne 
Flanna James, blacksmith, St Mary 
Hanna James, lab. Sch 4th & Lombard 
Hanna John, lab.. Wood bel Franklin (tv) 
Hanna John, lab. Sch 3d n Pine 
HANNA JOHN, atty. and coun., S E 6th & 

Walnut, h N W 11th and Green 
Hanna Joseph, lab. Rye ab Reed 
Hanna Mary, 114 Catharine 
Hanna Richard, weaver, Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Hanna Robert, weaver, 3 Fairmount av 
Hanna Samuel, carpet weaver, Sch 6th 8c Jones 
Hanna Samuel, weaver, Perrj^ab Franklin (K) 
Hanna Sarah, washer, rear 178 Coates 
Hanna Thomas, grocer, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Hannabery George P. hair dresser, 6th bel G T 

road (K) 
Hannan Mar}', washer, 7 Hampton 
Hannan Thomas, Carpenter ab 12th 
Hannay A. grocer, N W 4th 8c Wharton 
Hannigan Hugh, Shippen ab 12th 
Hannings Henry, combmr., 9 Torr's al 
Hannings William, clerk, 380 Coates 
Hannis Andrew, grocer, 139 M road 
Hannis Wm., oak cooper, 120 St. John 
Hannold George Sen. tailor, 23 Coates' al 
Hannold George Jun. tailor, 23 Coates' al 
Hannold John S. blacksmith. Lemon ab 10th 
Hannold Mrs. M.'C, 559 S Front 
Hannum Wm., engineer, Coates n Fairmount 
Hannum Wm. E., East. Penit., h Ann ab Powell 
Hansberry Jane, 87 Locust 
Hansberry Joslah, carter, George bel 4th 
Hansberry Margaret, shop, 147 Buttonwood 
Hansberry Samuel, lab. Franklin bel Crown (K) 
Hansberry Wm., paper hanger, 10th 8c Lemon 
Hansbury John, shingle shaver, 2 Gebhard 
Hanse Reuben, 32 St John 
Hansell Ann, Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Hansell, Charles G., Sch 7th ab Parrish 
Hansell Edmund M., 191 High, h Sch 8th n 

Hansell Geo. W., grocer, Washington. (W P) 
Hansell H. H. 8c Brother, saddlers and saddlery 

hardware, 28 High 
Hansell H. H. mer., 28 High 

Hansell Issachar, 100 S 12th 

Hansell Jacob, coach smith. Broad ab Vine, h 

Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Hansell James, watch maker, 236 High, h 76 
• N 11th. 
Hansell James S., turner, Barley ab 10th, h 

Pine ab 10th 
Hansell Jesse, coachsm., Callowhill ab Sch 8th 
Hansell John R. marketman, Ogden ab Sch 7th 
Hansell Mary H., dry goods, 8 N 9th 
Hansell Standish F. mer., 28 High, h 164 N 

Hansell Thos., turner, N W 13th 8c Budden's al. 
Hansell Wm., shop, Lombard ab Sch 3d 
Hansell Wm., U. S. Mint, h 34 N 8th 
Hansell Wm. F., silk dyer, 24 Merchant 
Hansell Wm. S., mer., 28 High, h 109 S 3d. 
Hansell W. A. 8c G. dry goods, 34 N 8th 
Hanson Albert F. mer., 23 Chestnut 
Hanson 8c Elliott, tobacco com. mers. 58 S. 

Hanson Jacob, blacksm., Carleton bel Sch 7th 
Hanson James C. b h, 77 S Water 
Hanson Johanna, 12 Poplar 
Hanson J. B., mer., 58 S Front, h 153 N 9th 
Hanson William, baker, Simmon's ct 
Hanson Wm. R. mer., 23 Chestnut, h S E 12th 

and George 
HANSON WM. R. 8c Brother, com. dry goods, 

23 Chestnut 
Hanthorne Rachel, shop, Shippen la 
Hapolsheimer John, shop. Rose bel G T R (K) 
Harbach Eliza, confectioner, 48 N 8th 
Harback A. J., clerk, 9 Gebhard 
Harber Wm., lab.. Brooks' ct 
Harberger Henry, machinist, 16 Howard 
Harberger Henry, tin sm., Sch 6th W of High 
Harbert Charles, lumber mer., 10th 8c Callow- 
hill, h 177 N 11th. 
Harbert 8c Davis, lumber mers., c 10th and Cal- 
Harbert Elizabeth, cupper, 177 S 11th 
Harbert Isaac, gent., 146 N 10th. 
Harbert Isaac, 28 Madison 
Harbert Isaac J., clerk, 13th 8c Coates 
Harbert Jacob, tailor, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Harbert John B., bricklayer, 15 Short ct 
Harbert Wm., bricklayer, Sch. 8th n Vine. 
Harbeson Jane, Peny bel Master (K) 
Harbeson John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Harbeson John, weaver, Hancock bel Master 
Harbeson Wm., grocer, -Jefferson row 
HARBORD RICHARD, refectory, S E 8th and 

Walnut, h 20 Sansom 
Hardcastle Henry, blacksm., 2 Moffitt's ct 
Harden Wm. whitesmith, G T road bet 6th 8c 

HARDER HENRY A. druggist, 4th& Carpen- 
Harder J. L., druggist, N. W. 4th 8c Queen 
Hardicker Elizabeth, 6 Juniper la 
Hardie James G., clerk, 166 Spruce 
Hardin John, oak cooper, Palmer bel West (K) 
Hardin Wm., tobacconist, 21 Chester 




Hai-ding' Alex., weaver, rear Benton n William 

Harding' Eli, chemist, 30 Charlotte 
Harding H., sliip master, 85 Pine. 
Harding- Isaac, trimming's, 13th bel Callowhill 
Harding' Isaac, ladies shoemr., S W 12th & Lo 

Harding' James, undertaker, 184 S 6th. 
Harding' Jesper, prop. Penn. Inquirer, office 5,7 

5 3rd, h Pine ab 9th 
Harding John, jr., mer., 28 & 30 S Water, 8c 29 

6 31 S Front, h 98 S Front 
Harding Joseph, carter, 110 Apple 
Harding AVm., porter, 56 Cun-ant al 
Hardman Jas. H., brass manuf., 139 N Juniper 
Hardrich Anthony, glass blower. Orchard 
Hardt Henry, cordw. Phcenix bel G T road (K) 
Hardwick Daniel, M D., 17 Mulberry 
Hardwick Wm., acct., 33 Powell 
Hardy Charles, hatter, Marriott ab M road 
Hardy Craford, porter, 42 Bread 
Hardy Ellis, teacher, Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Hardy Francis A., grocer, 27 M road. 
Hardy Hugh, teacher, 14 Plum 
Hardy Jacob, waiter, 2 Burd's ct 
Hardy John, hatter, Catharine bel 5th 
Hardy John D., druggist, N W 4th and Plum. 
Hardy Mary, gentw., 1 Relief 
Hardy Mary, b. h., Front ab Reed 
Hardy Thomas, clerk, 297 Plum st 
Hardy Wm., engineer, Union ab West (K) 
Hardy Wm., saddler. Harmony st 
Hare Charles B., U. S. mint, h 34 Perry. 
Hare Charles W., Mrs., gentw., Clinton ab 10th 
Hare Elizabeth, Lindall & Dean 
Hare George E. Rev., Girard av 
Hare Jacob, piano mr., Haines ab 6th 
Hare Jane, 34 Chester. 
Hare John, weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
Hare John, sawyer, rear 75 German 
Hare John, laborer, Sch 5th ab Spruce 
Hare John, stone cutter, N E Broad & Locust 
Hare John J. tobacconist, 76 New 
HARE J. I. CLARKE, atty & coun., 133 S 6th 
Hare Martha, S. W. 9th & George 
Hare Nicholas, carp, manuf. G T road bel Phoe- 
nix (K) 

Hare Robert, M. D., 291 Chestnut. 
Hare Robert H., att'y & coun., 133 vS 6th 
Hare Tliomas, tobacconist, 260 Coates 
Hargadon Timothy, baker, S E 5th & Gaskill. 
Hargan Corn., lab., Murray n Sch 3d 
Hargan Jane, 17 Duke 

Hargesheimcr Wm., cabinetmr.. Carpenter's al 
Hargis Benjamin, lab. 137 S 11th 
Hargis Hester, tailoress, Conkle's ct 
Hargrave Thomas, stone cutter, R road & 13th, 

& 43 Dock, h Washington ab 13th 
Hargreaves Isaac, machinist, 18 Dock 
Hargrove Lydia, 196 N 13th 
Harker A. W., mer., 8 S 2d, h 5 Lombard 
Harker D. Smith &. Co., druggists, 45 Mulberry 
Harker Geo., dealer, rear Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Harker John C, seaman, 33 Mary 

Harker Samuel, plasterer, Vienna ab Franklin 
Harker Wm., lab., Mechanic ab Poplar 
Harkins Ambrose, printer, 34 S 4th 
Harkins Daniel, cabman. Deal's av 
Harkins Edward, grocer, S W 11th & Milton 
Harkins George, carp., Clark ab 3d 
Harkins Hugh, stovemr., Shippen bel P road 
Harkins James, lab. Sch 4th and Barker 
Harkins Jas., jeweller, 208 Queen 
Harkins John, lab., rear High n Sch 2d 
Harkins Neal, 4th ab Shippen 
Harkins Thos., shoemr., 10 Branner's al 
Harkness Chas., wholesale clothing store, S. 

E. 4th & High, h 1 Quarry 
Harkness Daniel, manuf, 6th ab Master, h Eli- 
zabeth bel Franklin 
Harkness John, lab. Master and Hancock (K) 
Harkness Wm., carp.. Carpenter bel 8th 
Harlan Chas., conveyancer, 107 S 6th, h 380 

Harlan Ellis, matron, widow & single womens' 

Harlan Hannah, gentw., Filbert E Sch 7th 
Harlan Michael, tailor, rear Carpenter ab 4th 
Harland John, gent., 140 Mulberry. 
Harley Connell, lab., Sch Water n Cedar 
Harley Fena, weaver, Jackson bel Palmer (K) 
Harley George, coppersmith, 95 S Front, h 169 

Harley Isaac, cordw., rear 180 Poplar 
Harley James, shoemr., Sch 7th n Lombard 
Harley Jas., lab., Jones n Sch 4th 
Harley Jessie, grocer, N W Marshall &. Wood 
Harley John, skin dresser, 25 St John 
Harley John, clerk, N AV Marshall & Wood 
Harley John J., skin dr., McAvoy's ct 
Harley Mary Ann, shop, 132 Brown (N L) 
Harley Mrs. Francis, 112 S Front 
Harley Walter, coppersmltli, Littleboy's ct 
Harman Christian, glassbl.- 18 Dyott's ct (KJ) 
Harman Issachar, lab., rear Penn ab Poplar (K) 
Harman Jacob, varnisher, Brunner's ct (K) 
Harman Jacob, shop, Coates' 8c Sch 5th 
Harman John, lab., Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Harman John, blacksmith, rear 20 P road 
Hai-man John M., collector, 523 Coates 
Harman Painter, lab., Marriott ab 6th 
Harman Sarah, market, Gray's ct (N L) 
Harman Sarah, dressmaker, 220 Cherry, 
Harman Wm., preacher, Baker ab 7th 
Harmen Jas., cordw., rear 180 Poplar 
Harmer Chas., tailor, Washington 8c Brown 
Harmer Charles P., lab., rear 28 Duke 
Harmer David, ship carp. Franklin ab Union (K) 
Harmer Gideon D., shoemr., G T road ab 6th 
Ilarmer James, jr., collector and house agent, 

199 Spruce 
Harmer Jesse, ship carpenter, Union ab Franb- 

lin (K) 
Hai-mer Josiah, dry goods, S E 8th 8c Cedar 
HARMER R., refectory and bath house, 44 N 3d 
Harmon Plenry, clothing, 110 S 2d 
Harmon Levin, waiter, Apple bel George 
Harmon Mary, rear Cai'penter bel 9th 




Harmon Timothy, porter, 7 Poplar ct 
Harmoning Henry, baker, Carpenter ab 5th 
Harmsden VVm., carter, Sch 5th bel High 
Hai-mstad Edwin, bricklr., Sch 7tli bel Walnut 
Harmstad Georg-e R., carp., loth n Lombard 
Harnistead Charles, carp., 54 Perry 
Harmstead Charles, carp , Chancellor bel 6th 
Harnistead Harvey, bricklr., 148 S 13th 
Harmstead Henry, stone cutter, 148 S loth 
Harmstead James, bookseller, 40 N 4th, h 151 

Harmstead Joseph, cai-p., 148 S loth 
Harmstead Lawrence, carp., 148 S lotli 
Harmstead Martin, gent., 21 Wood. 
H-.rmstead Oliver P., bricklr., 148 S loth 
HaiTnstead Samuel, carp., S Juniper bel Spruce 
Harmstead Susan, rear 87 N Juniper 
Harned Henry, carver, 4 Hudson's al 
Harned John, tin smith, 390 High, h Wood ab 

Harned J. E., M. D., 13th bel Citron 
Harned Lewis M., blind mr.,386 N 2d, h 7th ab 

Hamer John, tailor, rear 468 N 3d 
Harnett Wm., shoemr.. Cherry n Juniper 
Harney Nathaniel, carpenter, Hutchinson ab 

Harnicsh Julius, cabinetmr., S 8tli ab Christian 
Harpel David, tailor, 300 Sassafras. 
Harpel Jacob, tailor, 300 Sassafras 
Harpel John, sexton, Sterling- ab School-house 
Harpel Jonah, cordw., 265 Coates. 
Harper Alex., druggist, 451 High. 
Harper Ann D., 29 S 13th. 
Harper A. J., mer., 13 S Front 
Harper Catharine, N E Sch 7thandCheiTy 
Harper Charles, carter, 23 Washington av 
HARPER CHRISTOPHER, tavern, 28 Car- 
ter's al. 
HARPER CLAUDIUS, Sec. & Treas.Sch.Nav. 

Co., 8 S 7th, h Sch 6th bel Locust 
Harper George, lab., 340 Sassafras 
Harper James, hatter, 5 Shaffer's ct 
Harper Hannah, Cedar bel Shippenla 
Harper Henry, sailor, Almira pi 
Harper James, brickmaker, Lombard bel Broad 
Harper James, gent.. Walnut n Sch 5th 
Harper John, brushmr. Cedar ab 11th 
Harper John M., importer of watches, 3 Bank 

al, h 43 Union 
Harper Joseph L., auditor P. O., 422 Poplar 
Harper Lucien, cordw., Hazel bel 12th 
Harper Nathan, com. mer., 65 N whfs, h 28 

HARPER ROBERT, tavern, 434 High 
Harper Robt., drayman, S E 13th & Sassafms 
Harper Samuel, gilder, 160 Lombard 
Harper Sarah, gentw., 7th ab Brown 
Harper Thomas, M. D., Walnut W Sch 5th 
Harper Thos. E., watchcase mr., Marriott ab 6th 
Harper Wm. sec'y Penn. In. Co., h P road c Mar- 
Harper Wm., jr., bricklayer & asphaltvmi, 3d 8c 

Carpenter, h P road & Marriott 
Harper Wm. printer, Wiley's ct 

Harpur John, clerk, 179 Catliarine 

Harpur Wm. E., chronometer & watchmaker, 

136 Chestnut, h 172 Christian 
Harraden J., for. & com. mer.. Vine st wlif, Sch., 

h Vine ab Sch. 2nd. 
Harrar Benjamin T., stone mason, Poplar bel 7th 
Harrar David, wheelwright, Walters' ct 
Harrar Edmund, rulemr , R road ab Broad 
Harrar George, rulemr., Apple ab Brown 
Harrar John, provisions. Dean and Locust 
Harrar John, carpenter, China ab Front. 
Harred Clement, carter, Marriott ab 5th 
Harrer John, cordw., Roney ct (K) 
Harres Gebhard, cabinetmr., 3d bel Catharine, h 

353 S 3d 
Harrigan Julianna, shop. Orchard 
Harrigan Patrick, lab., Sch 5th and Chestnut • 
Harrington Dennis, provisions, 145 Lombard 
Harrington Dennis, labourer, Hallowell n 7th 
Harrington D., dentist, 3111 Chestnut 
Harrington Esther, 2 Christian 
Harrington Robert, coachman, 3 Loxley's ct 
Harrington Saml., publisher, 3 Jacoby 
Harrington Saml. G., g-rocer, 2d ab Greenwich 
Harris Andrew, stove mr. 65 N 7th 
Harris Ann, rear Elizabeth ab Parrish 
Harris Ann, milliner, 129 Spruce 
Harris Augustus, surg. inst. mr., 36 Fanner 
Harris Benjamin, pumpmr., Powell bel Sch 4th 
HARRIS & CO., stock & ex. brok., 50 Walnut 
Harris Conner, mer., 27 Scheetz st 
Harris & Dungan, druggists, 69 North Front 
HaiTis Eliza, 7th and Christian 
Harris F. B., saddler, 8 Benton av 
Harris F. M. painter, R road bel Callowhill, h 

182 W Callowhill 
Harris George W., for. mer., 13 and 15 S 3d, h 

Locust ab Sch 8th 
Harris Geo. W., atty. & coun., 4 George 
Harris Gilbert, tobacconist, 23 Duke st 
Harris G., porter, 113 N 10th 
Harris G. S., printer, 119 N 4th 
Harris Harriet, 7th and Christian 
Hams Harvey, lab., 118 V/ashington av 
Harris Heniy, porter, 3 Emeline 
Harris Jacob, lab., rear, 26 Charlotte 
Hams James M., dentist, 158 S 10th. 
Han-is John, cordw., F road ab -Phoenix (K) 
Harris John, carp.. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
HaiTis John, farmer, 28 Duke st 
Harris John M.D., mer., 201 High, h 110 Mul- 
Harris John W., Vernon ab 10th 
Harris John W., carp., 9th bel Green, h 357 N 

HARRIS JOHN W., Mulberry E Sch 5th 
Harris Joseph, carp., Catharine bel lOth 
Harris Jos. jr., bricklr., Catharine bel 10th 
Han-is J. A., tobacconist, 24 S whfs, h 46 Duke 
j Harris J. C., broker, 50 Walnut. 
I Han-is J. E. & W., boots and shoes, 21 High 
j Harris J. S., tailor, 44 S 3d 
; Harris 8c Leech, ford, mer., 13 8c 15 S 3d. 
j Harris Linsey, drayman. Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Harris Marg., Sch "2d ab Vine 




Harris Maria, Cherry ab Sch 7tli 
Harris Maria, widow, Carpenter ab 12th 
Harris Maiy, 6 Chester 
Harris Mary, 9tli be! Lombard 
Harris Mary, gentw., 475 Sassafras 
Hari'is &. Mason, combs, &c., 149 Hig'h 
Harris Michael, brass founder, Lewis ab Poplar 
Harris Moses, porter, 23 Mayland 
Harris M. E., manuf., 49 N Front 
Hai-ris Nicholas, Mvery stable, 20 Merchant 
Harris N. Sa)Te Rev., Washington ab 11th 
Harris & Owens, stovemr., 65 N 7th 
Harris Richard, bootmaker, rear 117 Cliristian 
Harris Richard, tailor, 296 S 8th 
Han-is Richard, printer, 113 Chestnut 
Harris Robt., lab., 16 Duke 
Harris Robert P., M. D., S E 12th and Walnut 
Harris Rosina, St. John bel Beaver (K) 
Harris Ruth, 23 Duke 
Harris R. W., millinery 4 N 7th. 
Harris Sarah, colourer, 6 Trotter's al 
Harris Sarah, milUner, 148 S 10th 
Harris Sarah Ann, widow, Clinton ct 
Han-is Theophilus Mrs., 162 N 9th 
Harris Thomas, merchant, 149 Hig-h, h 163 Sas- 
Harris Thos., bonnetmr., 5 Reid's av 
Harris Thos., carp., 51 Cui-rant al 
HaiTis Thomas, plasterer, Sch 5th n Chestnut 
Harris Thomas C, wh. washer, 5 Acorn al 
HARRIS, TURNER & IRVIN, druggists, 201 

Harris Washington, stove manuf., 3 N 9th, h 29 

HARRIS WM., M. D., S. E. 12th and Walnut 
Harris William, grocer, 50 Spruce 
Harris Wm., mer., 69 N Front 
Harris Wm., printer. Cherry n 10th 
Harris Wm., lab. Spruce and Ashtou 
Harris Wm., broker, 50 Walnut 
Harris Wm. C, mer., 109 Sassafras 
HARRIS WM. D., paper and rags, 1 Strawber- 
ry, h 357 N 6th 
Harris William P., plumber, N W 6th & Mul- 
berry, h Wood ab 9th. 
Harrison Alexander, agent & publisher, 8^ S 

7th, h 431 Walnut 
Harrison Ann, 13th ab Poplar 
HARRISON APOLLOS W., books, maps and 

ink, 8^ S 7th, h 431 Walnut 
HARRISON BROTHERS & CO., white lead 
manuf, cor. 2d and Harrison, office 19 S 
Han'ison Catharine, Hamilton n Fairmount 
Harrison Charles, machinist, 3 De Witt's av (K) 
Harrison George L., mer., Pine ab 9th 
Harrison Hugh, painter, 37 Sheaff alley 
Harrison James, weaver, Ann n 13th 
Harrison James, weaver, 5 Lyndall's al 
Harrison James B., mer., 204 Chestnut 
Hamson John, machinist. Otter and Dunton(K) 
Harrison Joseph, dry goods, 222 Callowhill 
Hamson Joseph, weaver, Lombard ab 12th. 
Harrison Joseph, pewterer, 3 Baker's ct 
Harrison Margaret, shop, Fisher and Marriott 

Harrison Mary, rear 112 Carpenter 

Harrison M. F. engraver, 27 S 8th, h 155 But- 

tonwood ab 10th 
Harrison M. Leib, chemist, 19 S Front, h od 

bel Pine 
Harrison Peter, lab., Haydock bel Front (K) 
Harrison Rebecca Mrs., gentw., 11 Girard 
Harrison Richard G., bank note engraver, 154 

Harrison Samuel, shoemr., 123 S 2d, h Hallow- 
ell ab 6th 
Harrison Samuel, tobacco, 10th bel Ogden 
HARRISON SAMUEL A., mer., 204 Chestnut 
Harrison Sarah, 195 Spruce 
Harrison Sarah, Sch. 7th ab Mulberry 
Harrison Simeon G., stovemr., 390 High 
Harrison Sophia, 156 Chestnut 
Harrison Virgil F., engraver, 27 S 8th, h 137 

Harrison V. F. h M. F., engravers, 27 S 8th. 
Harrison Wm., mer., 12 S wlifs, h 7th ab Brown 
Harrison Wm., waterman, 28 Parham 
Han-ison Wm. F., tobacconist, 35 Franklin 
Harrison Wm. F., tobacconist, Parrish ab 13th 
Han-ison William H,, brushmaker, Queen above 

Hanover (K) 
Harrold F. W., mer., 9 N 5th 
Hai-rold Geo. S. mer. 656 N 2d, ab Franklin(K) 
Harrold Geo. S. & Co., variety store, 246 N 2d 
Hai-ron John, carp., 274 S 6th 
Hai-ron Robert, grocer, S W 9th and Cedar 
Han-on Wm., carp., Dutch ct 
Harrop Eliza, b. h., 72 S 5d 
Harrup Philip, mariner, 109 Queen 
Harst John, framemr., 588 N 3d 
Hai-t A., bookseller, S E 4th St Chestnut, h 126 

Hai-t A. & S., quilting, Ogden ab 9th 

189 High '' 

Hart Daniel, cordw.. Brown bel Cherry 
Hart Esther, 87 S 5th 
Hart & Flanagan, plumbers & manuf. of lead 

pipe, 45 Walnut 
Hart Francis, 219 Vine 

Hart George H., U S Gazette office, 66 Dock 
Hart James, lab.. Pearl ab 12th 
Hart James H., mer., 229 N 3rd, h 221 Vine 
HART JAMES H. & WM, B., wholesale gro- 
cers, 229 N 3d 
Hart John, shoemr., 13 Small 
Hart John, ropemr. Crown ab Duke (K) 
Hai-t John, mai-iner, 30 Union 
Hart John E. eating house, 84 S 2d 
Hart John H;, chair painter, rear 2 Rose alley 
HartJohnH., 219 Vine 
Hart John L. carp. 4 Bauersach's ct (K) 
Hart John L., porter, Taylor's ct 
Hart John L., carp., Clinton ab Parrish 
Hart John M., cooper, 83 S Water, h 86 Spruce 
Hart John S. principal of High School, Juniper 

st rear U.S. Mint, h N W 8th & Chestnut 
Hart John V., mer., 189 High 
Hart Joseph, Landing ab Coates 
Hart Joseph, stove finisher, 93 S 12th 




Hart Leary, lab., 1 John's ct 

HART LOUIS, tavern, 26 Franklin place 

Hart Lydia Mrs. 7th bel Green 

Hart Marg-aret, 45 Spruce 

Hart Marks, tailor, 422 N Front 

Hart Mary, rear Crown ab Duke (K) 

Hart Mordecai, grocer, Sp. Garden bel Stli, h 21 

Hart Michael C, printer, Allen bel Marlbo' (K) 
Hart Pliineas, mer., h 315 S 5th 
Hart Samuel, stationer, 27 S 4th, h 26 Clinton 
Hart Samuel C, di'ug-gist, 18 S 2nd. 
Hart Samuel & Co., impts. stationery, 27 S 4th 
Hart Sarah, 145 Pine '• 
Hart Selah, agent, 10 Bank 
Hart Solomon, cap manuf., 138 High, h 207 

S 9th 
Hart Sophia, dry goods, 18 and h 158 N 9th 
Hart Susanna, 37 Quince. 
Hart Thomas, 7th bel Green 
Hart William, mer.. Pine ab 10th 
Hart Wm., mer., Cherry ab 12th 
Hart Wm., weigher, Parrish bel 9th 
Hart Wm., rope maker, Crown bel West (K) 
Hart Wm., lithogr. printer, 21 Bank, h 4th ab 

Franklin (K) 
Hart Wm. scale beam mr. Shippen ab 11th 
Hart WilUam B., grocer, 229 N 3rd, h 169 N 6th 
Hart William H., gent., 106 Mulberry. 
Hart Wm. H. blacksmith. Harper's pi 
Hart WiUiam H., plumber, 45 Walnut, h 40 Pine 
Hart Wm. S. diy goods, 379 N3d 
Hartel Asher D., cordw., 5 Pearl 
Hartestine John, spinner, 5 Cadwalader (K) 
Hartill Joseph, coal dealer, 13 Green 
Hartley Deborah, 290 Vine 
Hartley Jacob jr., grocer, G T road bel 6th (K) 
Hartley James, carter. Gravel's ct 
Hartley Jeremiah, watchmaker, 135 Cedar 
Hartley John, lab. School 
Hartley John M., tailor. Vine and 8th 
Hartley Jonathan, cordw., Clinton ab Poplar 
Hartley Joseph, bedding warehouse, 148 S 2nd. 
Hartley J. D., upholst., S E 2d & Walnut, h 65 

Hartley & Knight, upholsterers, 148 S 2d. 
Hartley Lewis M., enginr., Duke ab Vienna (K) 
Hartley Matthias A., wheelwr., G T road & Jef- 
ferson, h 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Hartley Robert, lab. Fronl: ab Franklin (K) 
Hartley Samuel, silversmith, 73 Coates 
Hartley Thomas, mer., 27 & h 48 N 5th. 
Hartley Wm., sashmaker, 2 R road, h 13 Castle 
Hartley T. & Co. wines and liquors, 27 N 5th 
Hartman Charles, 268 N 5th 
Hartman Henry, biscuit baker, Sch. 7th bel. 

Hartman Henry, segarmr. George ab St John(K) 
Hartman Jacob, brickmr., Hope ab Phoeni5(K) 
Hartman John, bleeder, 277 S 2nd. 
Hartman John, biscuit baker, 90 S Wharves, h 

13 Penn (C) 
HARTMAN JOHN B., tavern, 110 Sassafras 
Hartman Matthias, baker, 390 S 2d. 

Hartman Wencel, glass blower, Sch Beech and 

Hartman Wm., baker, 34 John (S) 
Hartnack Ann Mrs. 507 N 3rd 
Hartnack Charles, combmr. 12 Logan 
Hartness David, weaver, Benton & School (K) 
Hartnett Jeremiah, weaver, Pliilip bel Jefferson 

Hartnett William H., collector, 266 Cedar, 

Hartranfft Geo., cordw.. Mechanic 
Hartranfft Wm. cordw. Carpenter ab 5th 
Hartsgrove James, oysterman, 8 Paynter's ct 
Hartshorne James L., cabinetmr., 303 N 6th 
Hartshorne Joseph, M. D., 272 Mulberry 
Hartshorne Lawrence, mer., 38 N Front, h 96 

S 5th. 
Hartsough Benj., machinist, R. road ab Button- 
HARTWELL H. J., Washington House, Chest- 
nut ab 7th 
Haiwey Alexander, shoemr.. College av 
Harvey Anthony, cordw., Carpenter ab 6th 
Harvey Arthur, lab. Steammill al 
Harvey Bernard M. Greenwich ab Front 
Harvey Charles L., mer, 14 Merch. exchange 
Harvey David, manuf. 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Harvey Gabriel, tailor, 7 Stampers' alley 
Harvey George, vict., G T road ab 6th (K) 
Harvey George lab., Franklin ab 3d (K) 
Harvey Geo. N., broker, 13 Philada. Exchange, 

h 67 Spruce 
Harvey Geo. W. messenger, h 41 N 8th 
Harvey Hannah S., shop, 54 F road (K) 
Harvey Henry, lab., Swanson bel Queen 
Harvey Isaac, gent., 320 Chestnut. 
Harvey Isaac, clothing, 234 E Cedar 
HARVEV' JAMES, bootmaker, 50 N 8th 
Harvey James, refectoiy, S E 2d and Lombard 
Harvey James, morocco dress,, 3 Margaretta pi 
Harvey James, weaver, Clay and Sch. Beach 
Harvey James W., druggist, 235 High 
Harvey John, brass finisher, 7 Charles pi 
Harvey John, shoemr., 3 Paynter's ct 
Harvey John, combmr., Monroe n Cherry (K) 
Harvey John, shoemr.. Depot bel 9th 
Harvey John C, grocer, F road and Master (K) 
Harvey Joseph, tailor, 297 N 3d 
Harvey Joseph, moulder, 141 M road 
Harvey Joseph, office 139 High, h 10 Union sq 
Harvey Joseph, dealer, 262 E Cedar 
Harvey Lovely, tailoress, rear 23 Beck 
Harvey Luke, chairmr.. Juniper ab High 
Harvey Mary, 182 S 9th 
Harvey Mary, shop, Blarlboro' ab Queen (K) 
Harvey Mary Ann, N E Linden & Benton 
Harvey M. K., laropmr., rear 111 DiUwyn 
Harvey Philip J., dealer, 265 S 7th 
Harvey Richard, moulder, Buttonwood W lotk 
Harvey Rich'd, wheelwr., Lombai'dbel Sch. 7tk 
Harvey Robert, stone cutter, 3d and Brown, h 

Brown ab 3d 
Harvey Samuel, stone cutter, Gab el's ct 
Harvey Samuel, lampmr., rear 111 Dillwyn 
Harvey Samuel, office, 52 Commerce 




Harvey Terrence, porter, Marble ab 10th ] 

Harvey Thos., shipwright. Little Pine 
Harvey William, dry goods, 542 N 2nd. 
Harvey AYm. M., clerk, Parrish ab 11th 
Harvie Wm. T., waterman, rear 494 N 3d 
Harvey W. J. broker, 10 Carter's al, h 147 Pine 
Harwood Ezekiel B., carter, Spruce ab Sch 5th 
Harwood L., mer., 7 Bank, h 481 Chestnut 
Harwood William, visiter of the pool', h R road 

ab Callowhill 
Haseltine John, merchant, 10 S Wharves, h 260 

Haseltine Ward B., merchant, 10 S Whar\-es, h 

9th and Pine 
Hasenpat C, hatter, 334 N 3d 
HASKELL EBENEZER, coachmr, 16 George 

ab 6th, h 38 Prune 
Haskell J.M., M. D., 419 Coates 
Haskins Wm. lab. Paschal's al 
Haslam Abraham, machin., Duke bel Palmer 


Haslam Geo. weaver, rear 125 Charlotte 

Haslam Isaac, enginr., Marlboro' bel Duke (K) 

Haslam Joseph, corder, 12 Duke 

Haslam R. H., corder, 221 N Water, h 14 Duke 

Haslam Sarah, 1 Noble 

Haslam Thomas, bonnet wire maker, 150 St. 

Haslam Thomas, tavern, c Front & Montgome- 
ry (K) 

Haslam Thos. A., carp., Montgomery bel Front 

Haslam T. G. corder, 197 N Water 

Haslam W., 468 Callowhill 

Haslam Wm T., carp., F road bel Oxford (K) 

Hasler Isaac, optician, rear 114 New Market 

Haslet James, cabman, 15 Monroe ct 

Haslet Wm., weaver, 654 N 2d 

Haslett Alex., miller, Hanover bel West (K) 

Haslett William D., high constable. Brown bel 

Hassall John, cordw., 181 N 2d 

Hassall John Jr., cordwainer, 181 N 2d. 

Hassan George S., harness mr., 60 Dock, h 6 

Hasse Charles, chemist, G T road bel 5th (K) 

Hassell Christopher, coffee roaster, Emlen's ct 
and Pegg, h Hanover bel Franklin (K) 

Hassett James, gasworks, Jones E Sch 6th 

Hassinger Jane, 12th ab Vine 

Hassinger John, carp.. Summer bel Sch 5th 

Hassler Henry, optician, 4 Baker's ct 

Hasson John, tailor, Quigg's ct 

Hasson John, drayman, Bedford bel Clifton 

Hasson John, lab., 8 xVbbot's ct 

Hasson Louisa, 160 S 2d 

Hasson Patrick, marble masoii, Hurst st 

Hasson Saml., 4 Barker 

Hasson Tliomas, lab. Clay nSch 

Hasson Thomas, lab., Lombard n Sch. 7th 

Hasson Thomas, lab. Lloyd bel Shippen 

Hastings Chas. A., printer, Clark bel 4th 

Hastings John, mer., 190 Chestnut, h 6 Girard 

Hastings Mattliew, gold beater, 120 N 5th 

Hastings & Philips, carpets, 190 Chestnut 

Hastings Robert, goldbeater, 56 N 5th 
Hastings S. P., lumber mer., 411 High 
Haswell G. D., printer, 293 High, h Locust n 

Sch 6th 
Hatch Edward, real estate broker, 125 "Vine, h 

51 Tammany 
Hatcher Jac. J., pencilmr., 10 Christian 
Hatcher Thomas, cordwainer, 6 Loxley's ct. 
Hatcher Wm. saddler, 53 New 
Hatfield Ann, Hope ab Otter (K) 
Hatfield Catharine, 327 N 8th 
Hatfield Ezra, cordw.. Green n 7th 
Hatfield John, watchman, 35 Sassafras 
Hatfield Nathan L., M. D., Franklin & Button- 
HATHAWAY E. A. & CO., com. & coal mers., 

23 N Wharves 
Hathaway Ephraim A., mer., 23 N wharves, 

h Locust n Sch 7th 
Hathwell Susan, 7 George 
Hatkins Thomas, skindresser, 512 N Front. 
Hattrick James R., silverplater, 54 N 6th, h 

448 S 4th 
Hatz Wm., tobacconist, 1 Lytle's ct. 
Hatzmann Wm., tailor, G T road bel 5th (K) 
HAUEL JULES, import. & perfum., 46 S 3rd 
Haug Wm. L. music teacher, 76 Pine 
Haughey Bernard, clerk, 9 Marshall 
Haughey James, ostler, 7 John's ct 
Haughin Hemy, weaver, G T road ab Jefferson 

Haughin Lewis, manuf., G T road bel Master (K) 
Haun Alfred, machinist, 16 Christian 
Haun John, 16 Christian 

Hauptman George, butcher, 2d bel Greenwich 
Hauptman Henry, plaster., 10th ab Buttonwood. 
Hauptman John, gent. P road ab Federal 
Hauptman John, tavern, 105 E Shippen 
Haury George, huckster, 5 Lagrange 
Haus J. W., oystei's. Juniper and High f 
Hause C. W., tavern, 8th and S Garden 
Hause George, machinist. Teas' ct 
Hause John, carp., 176 Coates 
Hause Wm., gent.. Filbert E Sch. 6th. 
Hauss Benjamin, lab. George ab Apple 
Haven Chas. E., mer., 41 S whs., h400 Mulberry 
Haven Joshua P., sec. Amer. Mutual Ins. Co., 

N E 3d and Phila. Exch. 
Haven Thos., mer.. Locust ab Broad 
Haven T. Albert, com. mer., 15 Walnut 
Havens Hannah, Miller's ct 
Havens John, morocco dresser, F road ab Allen 
Havenstrite Samuel, cabinet mr. Ogdenab 10th 
Haverstick Charles, mer., 47 N 3d, h 105 O Y 

Haverstick Edwin, T.aylor, 31 Pratt 
Haverstick John S. com. mer., 23 S wharves, h 

256 N 7th 
Haverstick Rudolph, shoemr., Hope bel Phoenix 

Haverstick Samuel, tiu'ner, Benfer's ct (K) 
Haverstick William, gent., Washington n 10th 
Haverstock George, carp., 7 Resler's al 
Haverstock W. corder. Court al 
Haviland Corn., shoemr., 270 E Cedar 




HAVILAND JOHN, architect, 196 Spruce 
Haviland John, shoemr., 6th bel Catharine 
Haviland Mary, Lombard bel Juniper 
Havilland Edward, 196 Spruce 
Haw Thomas, tailor, Prospect al 
Hawes C. I?., ag-ent, 108 High, h 433 Chestnut 
Hawk John, cordw., Apple ab Georg-e 
Hawke Rachel, ready made linen, 67 S 8th 
Hawkes George, copperplate printer, 6 How 

ard's ct. 
Hawkes Robt., lab.. Pine n Sch Willow 
Hawkey Chas., weaver, Carpenter ab 13tli 
Hawkins Chas., dealer, 110 Plum 
Hawkins Edw., ingrain carp, weaver, 555 N 3d 
Hawkins Edward P., shoemr.. Loud bel 10th 
Hawkins E. L., cake baker, Coates ab 8th 
Hawkins George, lab., Barley 
Hawkins John, blacksmith, Paul bel 7th 
Hawkins Jos., carp., rear 332 S 3d 
Hawkins Luke, fisherman. Beach ab Warren (K") 
Hawkins Mark, fisherman, Bishop bel Queen(K) 
Hawkins Matt., fisherman. Bishop bel Queen(K) 
Hawkins Philip, tavern, 91 Plum 
Hawkins Sarah, wh. washer, 36 Prosperous al 
Hawkins Wm., secretry &. treasurer of Lykens 

Valley R. R. & Coal Co., 46^ Walnut 
Hawkins Wm., kid glove mr., 238 N Front 
Hawkins Wm., saddler, 184 N 11th. 
Hawkins Wm., tailor, 91 N 3d, 
Hawkins Wm., cordwainer, 93 Shippen 
Hawkins Wm., carp., Lewis ab Poplar 
Hawkins Wm., boot fitter, 10 Orchard 
Hawkins Zachariah, cordw., 13th ab Coates 
Hawks Adam, carp., Say st 
Hawksley James, flag dress, rear Broad ab 13th 
Hawley Andi-ew, 6th ab Pari'ish 
Hawn Wm., lab.. Front bel Greenwich 
Haworth Stephen, chairmr, 93 N Front, h 105 

Hawortli Susannah, 9 Vine. 
Hawthorn Mary, rear 397 N 3d 
Hawthorne Mich,, lab., Jones n Sch 4th 
Hay Chas., clerk, Cadwalader bel Phoenix (K) 
Hay David G., painter, 350 N 2d, h 63 G T road 
Hay Francis, lab., Ontai-io bel Poplar 
Hay Henry, conveyancer, 385 N Front 
Hay Jane, b h., 100 S 3d. 
Hay John, cooper. Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Hay Maria G., 135 Frankhn 
Hay Peter, 202 S 4th 

Haydock Eden, watches & jewel., 122 Chestnut 
Haydock Mary Ann, 4 Lodge 
Haydock James B., jeweller, 59 Carpenter (S) 
Hayes Daniel, lab., 178 N Water 
Hayes George, jeweller, rear 115 and h 108 

Hayes James, b h., 92 N Water 
Hayes James, bootmr., S E 3d and Catharine 
Hayes John, weaver, 13th ab Cathai'ine 
Hayes Michael, labourer, 158 N Water. 
Hayes Mon'is, lab., 178 N Water 
Hayes Owen, shoemr.. Division bel 12th 
Hayes Patrick, master warden, 33 Walnut, h 10 

Franklin row 
Hayes Robert, mer., 67 N 3d, h 352 N 6th 

HaA^es Robt., painter, 13th n Sassafras, h 4 Elder 
HAYES SAMUEL, grocer, N W 11th & Walnut 
Hayes Sarah, wid., Shackamaxon n F road (K) 
Hayes Thomas, mer., 34 Walnut, h 78 S 12th, 
Hayes Wm., vict., Shippen ab 13th 
Hayes AVm., weaver, Shackamaxon bel F road 
Hayhurst A., trimmings, 227 N lOlh 
Haymaker Jacob, slioemr., G T I'oad ab 4th 
Hayman James R., tobacconist, Elizabeth ab 

Haynes Charles Y., embosser, 10 Pear 
Haynes Godfrey, saddler, 278 N Front 
Haynes Moses W., tinsmith, 7 Benton 
Haynes Williams, 4 Lombard ct 
Hays Ann, gentw., 3d and Lombard 
Hays A., carp., 15 James 
Hays A., vict., James ab lOth 
Hays Caleb, waiter, 8 Washington ab 11th 
Hays David, lab.. Aspen ab Spruce 
Hays Elijah B., potter, rear F road n Q,ueen(K) 
Hays Henry, vict., 10th ab James 
Hays Henry, dealer, Broad n Shippen 
Hays Hug-h, carter, 37 W Cedar 
Hays Isaac, M. 1)., 3 Boston row. 
Hays James, weaver, rear Milton bel 11th 
HAYS JOHN, stoves, N E 4th and Branch 
Hays John, lab., rear 552 N 2d (K) 
Hays John, vict., Hay's ct 
Hays Martha, rear 164 Swanson 
Hays Michael, lab., 8th bel Catharine 
Hays Richeal, 210 Locust 
Hays llobert, carpenter, 132 N 13th 
Hays Robt., turner. Elder 

Hays Samuel, pattern maker, Queen ab Palmer 
Hays Saml., watchman, Sch 5th ab Fairview 
Hays Samuel C, mer., 193 High, h 106 N 5th 
Hays Wm., butcher, Shippen ab 13th 
Hayter Ann, shop. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Hay ward E. H., dry goods, 31 N 9th 
Hayward Frances, confectioner, 39 Green 
Hayward Joel W., teacher music, 43 Prune. 
Hayward Joseph, chinaware, 54 N 4th 
Hayward Martin, boots and shoes, 14^- S 4th 
Hayward Thomas, hatter, 96 Christian 
Hayworth A., widow, George n Sch 2d 
Hazard A. Fulleiton, mer., 174 High 
Haziard Catharine, 136 S 10th 
Hazard Erskine, mer., 142 S 2d 
Hazard John, cigar mr., rear Perry bel Franklin 
Hazard Joseph, cabinetmr., 8 Parham 
Hazard Madame, teacher of dancing, Assembly 

buildings, h 319 Walnut 
Hazard Samuel, editor of the U. S. Commer, & 

Stat. Register, 28 Walnut, h 256 Filbert 
Hazard Wm. P., barber, iJsle 
Hazel David, tailor, 127 S 11th. 
Hazel Jolm, cordw., 246 S 6th 
Hazel Joseph, shoemr., 123 S 11th 
Hazel Philip, painter, 40 Quince 
Hazelton Isaac, hatter, rear Peach 
Hazelton Isaiah, trunkmr., Tomlin's ct 
Hazen Miner S., hatter, 19 Sassafras 
HAZLEHURST ISAAC, attorney & coun, 26 

Washington square 
Hazlehurst Julianna,- N E 10th & Shippen. 




Hazlehurst Samuel, gent., Spruce ab Broad. 
Hazlet Samuel, bootmr., N E 10th & Sassafras 
Hazlet Wm., manuf., William bel Edward (K) 
Hazlet Wm., lab.,, Marriott's la n 6th 
Hazleton Cynthia, Plynlimmon pi 
Hazleton Henry, trunk mr.. Laurel 8c Rachel 
Hazleton Richard, liv. sta., rear Madison House 
Hazleton Robert, weaver, Hanover ab Duke(K) 
Hazleton Charles, dealer, Callowhill bel Sch 

Hazlett Edg-ar, cook, Washington bel 11th 
Hazlett Isaac, musician. Goldsmith's ct 
Hazlett John, weaver^ 13th bel Cedar 
■ Hazlett Samuel, stone cutter, 1 Somer's ct 
Hazley Wm., weaver, Shippen ab 13th 
Hazzard Daniel, lab., 194 S Front 
Hazzard David, cabinetmr., 10 Olive 
Hazzard E., watchman, 465 S 2d 
Hazzard Israel, waterman, 8 Parham 
Hazzard Jacob, lab., 10 Foot al 
Hazzard John, cabinetmr., 465 S 2d 
Hazzard John, cigar mr., 6th & Marriott's la. 
Hazzard John L., engraver, 92 Christian 
Hazzard J. P., paper hanger, rear 110 Catharine 
Hazzard L., paper hanger, 313 S 2d 
Hazzard L. & W. H., paper hangers, 313 S 2d 
Hazzard Maria, dressmr., 386 N 3d 
Hazzard Theo., carp., Fraley's ct (K) 
Hazzard Thos., lab., Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Hazzard Wm., tobacconist, Marriott ab 6th 
Hazzard Wm. H., paper hanger, 313 S 2d 
Heacock Geo., grocer, N W 4th & Cliristian 
Head Joseph, 122^ S 3rd 

Heade M. J., port, painter, S W 8th & Mulberry 
Headlam Wm., 65 Plum st 
HEADLY CHARLES B%, dry goods, N W 5th 

and Mulberry 
Headman David, potter, 19 & h 17 S 8th. 
Headman Francis W., machinist, 8 Lodge al, h 

226 N 9th 
Headman George, potter, 19 S 8th 
Headman G. & D., potters, 19 S 8th 
Headman Jacob, coachmr., 119 Buttonwood 
Headman William, watchnir., 39 S 8th, h 54 N 

Sch rth 
Headman William, potter, 78 George. 
Heal William, locksmith, 177 Cedar 
HEALD, BUCKNOR 8c COxMP ANY, merchants, 

16 N wharves and 41 N Water 
Heald Newton, bookbinder, 12 S 4th 
Heald Peter, tavern, 14 Straw^jjeny 
Heald & Price, bookbinders, 12 S 4th 
Healy James, tinsmith, 303 Pine 
Healy John, lab., 14 Dilk's ct 
Healy John, weaver, G T road bel Oxford (K) 
Heaney Patrick, stovemr., 66 N 6th 
Heaney Peter, Mechanics' Hotel, 48 Spruce 
Heap John, suspender manuf., 26 Bread. 
Hearn Michael, agent, 5 Lodge pi 
Heartley Isaac S., engineer, Ross ab Queen (K) 
Heath Andrew, agent, 18 Swanwick 
Heath Asa, stage driver, Haig's ct (K) 
Heath C. P., conveyancer. Woodland (W P) 
Heath Joseph R., acct, Woodland (W P) 
Heath Wm. H., Woodland -(W P) 

Heaton Adelaide, b. h., 110 Chestnut 

Heaton A., mer., 34 commerce, h S E Sch 5th 

and Cherry 

Heaton & Denckla, com. mers., 34 Commerce 
Heaton Joseph, carter, 142 Marshall. 
Heaton Wm., Elizabeth bel Franklin 
Heaton Wm., mer., 135 and h 110 Chestnut 
Heazlitt James, dry goods, 236 S 2d. 
Heberton Ann, widow of Doctor, 17 N 9th. 
Heberton G. Craig, M. D., 17 N 9th 
Heberton Henry F., mer., 179 High,h 342 Mul- 
HEBERTON & MILES, dry goods, 179 High 
Heberton Robt., collector. Mulberry W Sch 7th 
Heberton Robt., mer., 179 High 
Hebrews Lemuel, lab., White's ct 
Heck Amos, macliinist, 600 N 2d 
Heck Sarah, gentw., 40 Vine 
Heckman Archimedes, tobacconist, 79 N 2d. 
Heckman Jas., ship carp., Sch 5th bel High 
Heckman John, rear 18 Cherry 
Hedderly Henry, cordw., 97 Prime. 
Heddleson Alex., shop, P road &. Christian 
Heddleson Thos., distiller, P road & Marriott 
Hedelt Leopold, tailor, 6 Exchange pi, h 43 

N 4th 
Hedges Benjamin F., broker, 95^ Walnut, h 8th 

n Poplar 

Hedges Eunice, Venetian blind mr.. Ill S 2d 
Heerman J. F., tailor, 209 Green 
Heff John, lampmr., 8 Franklin (K) 
Hefferman James, waiter, rear 27 Quince 
Heffernan John, shop. Vine bel 12th, h 5 Mid- 
dle al 

Hegamin John, porter, 168 Locust 
Heichheimer Hyneman, peddler. Justice's ct 
Heidenrich Jacob, beer house, Apple bel 

Height Adam, 221* Wood ^ 

Heighton Caleb, bell hanger. Perry ct 
Heileg John, watchmaker, 5 R road. 
Heiler Christian, 7 Madison av 
Heilman Wm., mer.. Front & Willow, h 353 N 6th 
Heim Frederick, tailor, 597 N 3rd. 
Heim Fred'k, jr., tailor, 507 N 2d 
Heim Henry, blacksm.. Mechanics' ct 
Heim John C, tailor, 283 St John 
Heim Joseph, tailor, 2 Eutaw 
Heim Valentine, blacksmith, 9 Jackson (N L) 
Heiman Leopold, pedler. Justice's ct 
Heimberger Washington, ganger, 47 O Y road, 

and 65 Callowhill 
Heims Mary, 310 Callowhill 
Heineman Geo., watchmr., 84 Mulberry 
Heinman John C, clerk, Gatchell's av 
Heimer Joshua, carp., 13 Nectarine 
Heinick John C, baker, 161 St John st 
Heinitsh Ehzabeth, Wood ab 10th 
Heinker Henry, 348 S Front 
Heinold Samuel, tailor, 1 Wood 
HEINS & ADAMSON, hinge and shutter bolt 

works, Pleasant ab 12th 
Heins & Adamson, blacksms., Parrish ab 9th 
Heins George L., blacksm,, Willow ab R road, 
h 176 Buttonwood 




Heins John W., tobacconist, Sassafras ab Broad 

Heins Simon, 318 N 3d 

HEINS & THOMAS, mers., 11 Church al 

Heins Wm., carp., Hanover bel Bedford (K) 

Heins William F., mer., 11 Church al 

Heins William G., mer., 11 Church al 

Heintzelman John J., M.D., druggist, Callowhill 

and Sch 5th 
Heintzelman R. B., drug-gist, CallowhiU &. 10th, 

h 273 N 7th 
Heintzelman Samuel, atty., 273 N 7th 
Heinzenknecht Andw., cordw., 10th bel Pleasant 
Heisley Wm., tailor, 61 Garden 
Heishg-h Geo., lab., Stearly ct 
Heiss E. L., painter & g-lazier, 3 Lemon 
Heiss James, g^rocer, Front and Phoenix (K) 
Heiss John S,, dentist, 493 N 3d 
Heiss John T., 3 Lemon 
Heiss Joseph, cordw., 604 N Front (K) 
Heiss Matthias, cordw.. Front and Phoenix (K). 
Heiss Timothy, shoemr., rear 604 N Front (K) 
Heiss Wm., gent., 206 N 4th. 
Heiss Wm. Jr., coppersmith, 213 N 2d. 
Heiss Wm., cordwainer. Front bel Phoenix (K) 
Heiss Wm. L., druggist, 3 Lemon 
Heite Chas., clerk, Alder ab Poplar 
Heitz Fred'k, potter, Melon ab 13th 
Helffenstem Abm., M. D., Queen bel Shacka- 

HelfFenstein E., att'y & convey., 114 Mulberry 
Helffricht C F., math. inst. mr., 25 S Front 
HelfFricht Wm., 60 Vine. 
Helin John, shoemr., S W 9th & Locust 
Heller Alexander, tobacconist, 600 N 2d (K) 
Heller Charles, sale.sman, 96 Franklin 
HeUer Gotlieb, baker, Shippen bel 2d 
Heller Hen,, cop. sm., Marlborough ab Franklin 
Heller Jacob, silv. pla., Marlboro' above Frank- 

Un (K) 
Heller Jacob, rear 441 Vine 
Heller Joseph, gent., Franklin ab Union (K) 
Hellerman John, carp., 364 N 4th 
Hellerman Wilham, shoes, 332 Coates 
Hellings Edward, hatter, rear 9th ab Coates 
Hellings Isaac P., painter, 8th ab Brown 
Hellings Wm., combmr., 184 Coates 
Helm Thomas, watch case mr., 4 Hudson's al, 

h 143 Sp Garden st 
Helman Joseph, bedstead mr., 89 St John 
Helmb old Alfred, paper warehouse, 183 S Front, 

h 35 Queen 
Hehnbold Ehza, 314 Cedar. 
Helmbold Frederick, livery stables, 132 Filbert, 

h 431 High 
Helmbold George, paper dealer, 456 S Front 
Helmbold George, West. Bank, h 157 N 11th 
Helmbold George W., paper dealer, 91 S Front 
Helmbold Wm., Uvery stables. Filbert n Sch 4th 
Hehnboldt Earnest, shop, 72 Catharine 
Helme Hugh, hosier. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Helmolt Lewis, cutter, 36 Lebanon st 
Hebnolt O., cutler, 7 Assem. Buildings, h 12 

Helms Aaron, ship joiner, Plynlimmon pi 
Helms John, bricklayer, 402 Coates 

Helms Leonard, carp.. Nectarine n 10th 
Helms Tliomas, tailor. Magnolia ab Noble 
Helmsley EHzabeth A., 284 Walnut 
Helmstadt A., trimmings, 257 S 2d 
Helmuth George, mer., 35 S Water, h Spruce 

bel Sch 8th 
Helmuth George, clerk, 357 Lombard 
Helmuth George, lab., rear 75 Beach 
Helmuth Henry, atty. & coun., 218 AValnut, h 

Spruce E Sch 8th 
Helmuth John H., mer., 5 Commerce 
Helmuth Wm. S., M. D., 235 Pine. 
Helstab Jacob, cabinetmr., 4 Washington row 
Helser Philip, lab., Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Helt Lewis, cordw., rear 464 N 2d 
Helt Mary, Wood ab 12th 

Helverson Alex., tailor, rear Marshall ab Browu 
Helverson Ehzabeth, St John, ab George (K) 
Helverson Jacob, stone finislier, 9 Jackson's ct 
Helverson Nicholas, coffin warehouse, 93 and h 

91 Coates 
Hembel Wilham, gent., 17 N Front. 
Hemmenway James, barber, 51 Pine. 
Hemmetsbough Wm., weaver, Gray's ct 
Hempel Tliomas, weaver, AVest bel Hanover (K) 
Hemphill Ann, b. h., Callowhill ab 13th 
Hemphill Mary A., drygoods, Callowhill bel 13th 
Hemphill .John, provisions, S E 13th & Sassafras 
Hemphill R. C, gent.. Poplar & Sch 8th^ 
Hemphill Thomas, cordwainer, 58 Zane. 
HemphiU Thomas J., secty. Phil. Loan Co., 6 

Minor, h 145 S 6th 
Hemphill Thos. W., cordw., Terr's al 
Hemple Charles, tobacconist, 5 Pennsylvania av 
Hemple Samuel, tobaccomst, 47 N 4th. 
Hemple Samuel, painter. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Hemshcr, Frederick, cooper, N W 7th & S Gar- 
den, h Palm bel Pai-rish 
Hemsher Mary Ann, sempstress, MiUei-'s ct 
Hemsing William H., 14 Dannaker's av 
Hendel Peter M., carp., Hanover bel West (K) 
Henderson Barton F., mer., 5o Higli 
Henderson Charles, carp., 2 Schuylkill av 
Henderson Charles, hatter, 6 S 4th, h 85 Mul- 
Henderson Clayton W., printer, 4 Clare 
Henderson David, carter, F road bel Otter 
Henderson David, sexton, 5 Magnolia 
Henderson Davis, 496 Chestnut 
Henderson Edward, hatter, 144 High, h 504 

Henderson Edward, Lawrence ct 
Henderson Ehzabeth, 87 N Juniper 
Henderson Ezekiel, lab.. Flower ab Christian 
Henderson George, shoemr., 155 Swanson 
Henderson Geo., hatter, 19 N 3rd., h 467 Mul- 
Henderson George R., grocer, 22 Gaskill 
Henderson Guy, gent., 99 Cherry 
Henderson. Henry H., carp., N W Poplar and 

Henderson Jacob, porter. Juniper al 
Henderson James, drayman, George W Sch 4th 
Henderson James, weaver, Bedford ab 13th 
Henderson James, lab., Davis' ct 




Henderson John, barber, U. S. Hotel 
Henderson John, wool spin., Mai-lboroug-h near 

Henderson John, weaver, McDuffie n Sch 2d 
HENDERSON JOHN, g-rocer, 90 & 92 W High 
Hendei-son John brickmr., Lombard ab Sch 8th 
Henderson John, saw mr., 4 Danaker's av 
Hendei'son John, 328 Pine 
Henderson John, carter, Johnson's la n 5th 
Henderson John L., printer, 476 S 4th 
Henderson John N., tailor, R road ab Spring 

Henderson Joseph, gent., 8th n Wallace 
Henderson Joseph, rear 13 Wagner's al 
Henderson Joseph, cordwr., Gray's ct. 
HENDERSON & LEVICK, hatters, 144 High 
Henderson Maria B. Mrs., gentw., 18 N 7th. 
Henderson Maiy Ann, 5 Osborn's ct 
Henderson Mar}-^, spooler, rear Philip ab Mas- 
ter (K) 
Henderson Robert, brickmr., 51 W Cedar 
Henderson Robt., coal dealer, Penn bel Maiden 

(K) h 163 N 5th. 
Henderson Robert H., cigarmr., 366 N 6th 
Henderson Robert H., dentist, 381 Sassafras. 
HENDERSON SAMUEL J., atty. & coun., 16 

N 7th, h 268 Walnut 
Henderson Susan, 2 Sch av , 

Henderson Thomas, weaver. Brazier ab Broad 
Henderson Thomas, lab., Milton ab 10th 
Henderson Thos., carp.. New Market ab Laurel 
Henderson Wm., cabt. mr., rear 200 Christian 
Henderson Wm., lab., Water ab Callowhlll 
Hendle Gottleib, tailor, Benton n School (K) 
Hendle}^ Clarissa, wid.. Carpenter bel lOtli 
Hendley John, boots & shoes, 369 N 2d. 
Hendrick Felix, weaver. Mariner 
Hendricks Isaac, tailor, S W 11th & Sassafras 
Hendricks John, b h, 46 Cherry 
Hendricks John, carp.. Church bel Christian 
Hendricks Joseph, lab., rear 152 Poplar 
Hendricks Joseph M., com. mer., 99 Water, 

h 90 Vine 
Hendricks Randolph, driver, 2 Williams' ct 
Hendricks Samuel, carter, rear 410 N 3d 
Hendricks Wm., mason, Lombard bel Juniper 
Hendrickson Aim, tailoress, 482 Coates 
Hendrlckson Charles J., carpets, 87 Chestnut, 

h Mantua Village 
Hendrickson Francis W., barber, Sassafras n 

Broad, h Pearl ab 13th 
Hendrickson Joshua F., bricklr, 227 Marshall 
Hendrick.son Wm., spectaclemr., 3 Short ct 
Hendry John A., leather, 6 S 3d, h 323 N 6th 
HENDRY & OVERMAN, leather, 6 S 3d 
Hendry Rhoda, b h, 11th n Wood 
Hendry Theodore A., furniture, 7 N 8th, h 52 

HenheiflF'er Albanus, suspender maker. Palmer 

bel Duke (K) 
Ilenheiflfer Ellis, suspender weaver, Thompson 

ab 4tli (K) 
HenhelflTer Joseph, weaver, Apple bel Franklin 
Henheiffcr Michael, susp. weav., Hoover's ct 
Henheiffer Nicholas, weav., Apple bel Franklin 

Henion Wm., waterman, rear Swanson below 

Henkel ScReigle, dry goods, 316 N 2d 
Henkels Chas. W.. mer., 316 N id, h Dillwyn 

ab Tammany 
Henkels Daniel H., chalrmr., 132 Dillwyn 
Henkels George J., chairmr., 173 Pine 
Henkels Thomas J., cabinetmr., 132 Dillwyn 
HENKLE ANDREW, Social Hall, 38 Car- 
ter's al 
Henley Elizabeth, 20 Washington sq 
Henley Robt., weaver, 17 Gay's ct (K) 
Henne William, boot maker, 82 S 4tli. 
Hennek Jacob, bricklayer, 611 N 3d 
Hennessey George, Callowhill ab Nixon 
Hennessy James, mer., 12 S Front, h 23 Sas- 
Hennessy Jeremiah, carp.. Small n 6th 
Hennessy M., blacksmith, Sch 8th bel Willow 
Henning Hannah, b h, 188 N 5th 
Henning Wm., tailor, rear 30 Pascal 
Henniss Charles J., 13th & Sp Garden 
Henny John, lab.. High n Sch 4th 
Henop & Co., mer., 17 Walnut 
Henrich John C, baker, 161 St. John. 
HENRION & Ci-[AUVEAU, importers of con- 
fectionery, 242 Higli 
Henrion C, mer., 242 High 
Henry Alexander, merchant, 8th above Fitz- 

HENRY ALEX., jr., att'y & coun.. Walnut ab 

6th, h 15 Chnton 
Henry Alex., mer., 27 Minor, h 254 Mulberry 
Henry Ann, shop. Small 
Henry Arthur, shoemr., 23 Lombard 
Henry Ann, 434 N 3d 
Henry Claudien, 24 Bread 
Henry Bernard, 35 Girard 
Henry Dennis, weaver, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Henry Francis, blacksmith, Wilson's ct 
Henry Gabriel, carp., Thompson ab 4th (K) 
Henry George, coach paintei-, 6 Lombard ct 
Henry George, dealer. Dean c Lyndall's al 
Henry George W., 139 S 5th V 

Henry George W., dealer, 8 Acorn al 
Henry George W., hai'dware, N W 9th & High, 

h 7 N 13th 
Henry Henry, coachman, Apple bel George 
Henry Henry C, mariner, Washington ab 5th 
Henry H., captain U. S. N., 33 S 13th. 
Henry Isaac, mer., 152 High h 251 Pine 
Henry James, plasterer, Sch 8th bel Callowhill 
Henry James, saddler, 41 Filbert 
Henry James, painter, 13th n Buttonwood 
Henry James, 202 Lombard. 
Henry Jane, wid., 7 N 13th 
Henry John, lab., 291 S 6th 
Henry John, waiter, 23 Blackberry 
Henry John, innkeeper, Coates ab Broad 
Henry John, weaver, G T road bel Master (K) 
Henry John, packer, 198 N 9th 
Henry John, weaver, Edward ab School (K) 
Henry John W. mer., 327 Higli, h 224 S Juniper 
Henry Joseph, huckster, 10 Raspberiy 
Henry Mary, Iiuckster, 456 N 4th 




Henry Mary Ann, confect., Shippen bel 9th 4 
Henry Michael, coachmr.. Dock below 2cl, h 

Henry Morton P., atty & coun., 35 Glrard 
Henry Nancy, 134 Apple 
Henry Patrick, quill manuf., 119 S 6th 
Henry Paul, lab., 4 Dillwyn pi 
Henry Peter, lab., 9 Wheeler's ct . 
Henry Robt., weaver, S 11th ab Carpenter 
Henry Saml., clerk, Philadelphia Bank, h 19 

Henry Samuel, coach mr., 25 Dock 
Henry Samuel C, coUec, 103 O Y road 
Heniy S & M., coach mrs., 25 Dock 
Henry Wm., baker, 10 Paschall'sal 
Henry William, M. D., 321 S 2d 
Henry Wm. paper stainer, 6th ab Poplar 
Henry Wm., lab., rear Centre bel Parrish 
Henry Wm. K., paper hang-er, 103 O Y road 
Henry Wm. W., potter, Sch 8th ab Callowhill 
Henschen E., mer. 4 Chestnut 
Hensey Samuel, real est. br., 8 Marshall ' 
Hensman Mary, g-entw.. Cedar bel 12th 
Hensel John, carp.. Sassafras bel Sch 7th 
Hensel J, G., baker, 2nd ab FrankUn (K) 
Hensler Jacob, lab., Olive bel 13th 
Henson Ann, cook, 3 Elizabeth 
Henson George, clerk, 21 Magnolia 
Henson Hannah, rear 24 Nectarine 

Henson Maria, cook, 24 St Maiy 

Henszey C. & E., stocks and ready made linen, 
121 Chestnut 

Henszey C. Mrs., 4 Library 

Henszey Joseph, bootmaker, 31 N 4th, h 4 Li- 

Henszey Marshall, bricldayer, 46 Sassafras 

Henszey W. C. mer. 301 High, h 28 Palmyra row 

Hent Valentine, dentist, 27 Castle. 

Hent Wm. brass founder, 119 Callowhill 

Henty Philip, mail carrier, 34 Sheaff 

Henty Richard, carp., 27 Castle 

Hentz Jacob, inspector, 342 N 5th 

Hentz John, h 10th bel Spring Garden 

Henwood Abraham, corder, 66 Plum. 

Hcnwood & Rickards, corders. Almond st whf 

Henwood William corder. Almond street whf, h 

Hepburn Charles, hatter, Carpenter ab 4th. 

Hepburn Chas. W., ex. broker, 28 S 3d, h Ca- 
tharine ab 6th. 

Hepburn Eliza, Morgan's ct 

Hepburn Elizabeth, 1 Lodge pi 

HEPPBURN JAMES, atty. & coun., 109 6 6th, 
h Sch 8th bel Spruce' 

Heppai'd Charles, painter, rear 10 Queen 

Heppard John, painter, 124 S Front 

Heppard Samuel, painter, 281 S Front 

Heppard Thomas, lab. 6 Relief pi 

Herbell Ann, wid. of Caspar, gardener, Mary 
bel F road 

Herbert Albert, wheelwright, Frances. (F V) 

Herbert Chas., cordw., rear Beaver bel 3d (K) 

Herbert Charles C, refectory, N E Marshall & 
Callowhill I 


Herbert Eliza, hair worker, 48 Mulberry 
Herbert Elizabeth, 112 Christian 
Herbert tlenry, huckster, Washington ab 8th 
Herbert Jacob, waterman, 7th bel Federal 
Herbert John B., carp., 321 S 5th 
Herbert Lawrence, tobacconist, 74 N 2d 
Herbert WilUam, stables, 136 Cherry 
Hergesheimer Elizabetli, huckster. Culvert ab 

Hergesheimer Sam. carp. Queen ab Warren (K) 
Heringer Charles, jeweller, 3 St John 
Heritage Samuel P. M., shoemr., 6th bel Car- 
Heritage Wm., shoemr., 294 S 5th 
Herkness Alfred M., auc. Carpenter's cl., h 

Vine bel Sch 6th 
Herkness Mary, milliner, Sch 8th & Wood 
Herman Chas., tailor, Washington av ab Brown 
Herman Charles, printer, Tyler 
Herman Jacob, fringe mr., 132 N 4th 
Herman John, druggist, S W 4th and Vine 
Herman J. & G., wheelwrights, 283 Callowhill, 

h 264 N 8th 
Herman T. H., prof, of music, 273 Coates 
Hermstead Joseph, book binder, 89 New 
Heron Alexander jr., mer., 35^ N whfs., & lum- 
ber. Beach & Marlboro', h 7 St John 
Heron Archd., Aveaver, 4 Brinton 
Heron John, gent., 5 Wood 
Heron John, Kensington planing mill. Beach 

ab Marlboro', h 7 St John 
Heron Matthias, Locust n Sch 3d 
Heron Wm. R., bookkeeper, 99 P rdd 
Herr H., machinist, R road ab S Garden 
Herr H., machinist, Ontario ab Parrish 
Herr John, saddler. Green's ct 
Herrick Edward, lab. 174 N Water 
Herrigel John G., tailor, 550 N 2d 
Herriges John G.,'"471 N 2d 
Herriges Jos., tobacconist, N E 4th & Lombard. 
Herring Adam, lab., rear 83 G T road (K) 
Herring & Brothers, confectioners, N W od & 

Herring" George C, cabinetmr., 123 Cedar 
HERRING THOS. J., mer., N W 3d & Mul- 
berry, li 8th bel Coates 
Herring W. N., mer., N W 3d & Mulberry, h 

135 Vine 
Ilerrlngton John, carter, Vaughn ab Locust 
Herrington Mary, Garden & Willow 
Herrod Charles, victualler. Cedar ab 13th 
Herrod Richard, cordw., 9th ab Carpenter 
Herron James, civil engineer, h 277 S 10th 
Herron John B., cordw., 55 Shippen 
Herse Geo. P., mer. 64 High, h Cedar bel 9th 
Hersey Anderson, bricklayer, 1 Lemon 
Hershberger George, shoemr. N W Poplar and 

Hershey D., M. D., 529 N 5th 
HERTH HENRY, bootmr., 49 S 4th 
Hertig Frederick, baker, 27 Laurel 
Hertzog Mrs. widow of Peter, gentw. Sassafras 

and Crown 
Hervey Robt., clerk, 28 Cherry 




HerzcT John G., store, 83 New Market 
Hess Ann Eliza, b. h., 78 Vine 
Hess Benjamin, carp., 281 High. 
Hess Caroline, rear 2d & Laurel (K) 
Hess Cath., Moyamensing av 
Hess Christian, conf., 2d & Catharine 
Hess Conrad, morocco dresser, rear 2d ab Lau- 
rel (K) 
Hess David, lab., 139 New Market 
Hess Ehsha M., tinsmith, 7 Bosler's row (K) 
Hess Elizabeth, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Hess Frederick, blacksmith, Benton's ct 
Hess Godfrey, baker, 9th and Poplar 
Hess Henry, cabinetmr., Bedford &. 7th 
Hess Jacob, tinsmitli, 34 Dillwyn 
Hess Jacob, blacksmith, Robb's ct 
Hess Jacob, sailmr.. Painter's ct 
Hess James, mariner, 4 North Court 
Hess John, baker, 403 S Front. 
Hess John, coachmaker, Coates bel Broad 
Hess Jno., glass blow., Vienna bel Franklin (K) 
Hess John, capt., 8 John (S) 
Hess John A., stove finisher, rear 2d ab Edward 

Hess John C, toys, 122 O Y road 
Hess John I., gent., 179 Green 
Hess Joseph, cordwainer, 5 Jackson's ct 
Hess Joseph, oak cooper. Rose n William (K) 
Hess & Knapp, bakers, 27 N 6th 
Hess Louis, baker, 27 N 6th 
Hess Maurice, clothing, 276 N 2d 
Hess Peter, tobacconist, 189 N 3d, h 27 Wood 
Hess Peter, cabinetmr., 258 St John 
Hess Philip, tinsmith, Sp Garden ab 7th, h Pop- 
lar ab 10th 
Hess Pierce, hairdi-esser, 482 N 4th 
Hess Samuel M., grocer, S E Sch. 8th &, Vine. 
Hess Susanna, shop, 258 St. John 
Hess William, cooper, Rose and AVilliam (K) 
Hessel WiUiam F., furrier, 103 N 3d 
Hesselpoth John, carpenter, School bel Frank- 
lin ^K) 
Hesselpoth Rachel, tavern, N E 3d & Poplar. 

N 5th, h 45 New 
Hessenbruch T. & Co. importers hardware, IN 

Hesser Charles, stone cut., 14 Fayette 
Hesser John, blacksmith, 13 Union (S) 
Hesser John, stone cutter, 2 M'Knight's ct 
Hesser R. M. 107 Buttonwood 
Hesser William, tailor, 309 Lombard 
Hessert Charles, baker, 186 N Sch 6th 
Hessington Wm., stone cutter, 10 Richards 
Hesson Elizabeth, Sch 4th bel High 
Hester C, accountant, 73 Crown 
Heston Edward, millwright. Col. R R bel Wil- 
liam, h Sch 3d n Vine 
Heston Elizabeth, Wood ab 11th 
Heston Jonathan, acct., 295 N 10th 
Heston J. Morris, umbr. mr., Hamilton Village 
Heston Rachel, b. h., 64 S 5th 
Hettenhauscn Lewis, chairmr., 155 N 4th 
Hettrick H. baker. Queen bel Shackamaxon (K) 

I^ttrick Margaret, Jackson's ct (N L) 
Hettrick Robert, cordw., 112 Dillwyn 
Hetzel Adam, lab., Clymer ab Montgomery (K) 
Hetzel John, cooper, N E Melon and 10th 
Hetzel John, baker, 102 Apple 
Hetzel Joseph, manuf. 48 George (S) 
Hetzell And., bricklr.. Clay's av (K) 
Heugh & Stewart, stonecutters, Highab Sch 5th 
Heuman John, bootmr.,5 N 7th 
Heumann Nicholas, pill-box mr. rear 484 Nod 
Heusman John, glassbl., Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Hewets Nathan, carp. Apple bel Franklin 
Hewett Eliza, 315 Pine 

Hewitt Andrew C, cordw.. Queen bel Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Hewitt Charles, moroc. di-ess., Allen bel Palm- 
er (K) 
Hewitt Ephraim, waterman, 1 Walter's ct 
Hewitt Henry, tanner. Brown bel Front. 
Hewitt John, 22 Jones' al (C) 
Hewitt S. B., book binder, 27 S 4th 
Hewitt Mrs. Thomas, S W 10th & Shippen 
Hewitt Thos. T., lab., Stoy's ct (K) 
Hewitt Wm. blacksm. Janney's ct 
Hewitt Wm., weavei-, Hanover ab Duke (K) 
Hewitt Wm. K., port, painter, 207 N 6th 
Hews Edward, 142 S 4th 
Hews George F., bootmr., 24 N 12th 
Hews James E., ladies' shoem., 36 Reed 
Hews Jane, washer, 186 S 4th 
Hews John, waiter. Middle al 
Hews T., stevedore, 14 Middle al 
Hewson Thos., weaver, 11th bel Carpenter 
Hewson Thomas T., M. D., 243 Walnut. 
Hewss Rebecca, tavern, 52 St Mary 
Hewston John, gent., 6 Perry 
Hey M. & E., manufs., 53 N 3d 
Heyberger Frances, 50 Coates 
Heyberger George W., German and French 

goods, 68 N 3d 
Heyer Charles, fui-rier, 82 Sassafras 
Heyer Laurence, morocco dresser, George bel 

Heyl, Blanchard & Co. dry goods, 31 N 2d 
Heyl D. S., mer., 40 S Front, h 49 S 13th 
Heyl Francis, mer., 139 High, h 130 N 9th 
Heyl John, 9 Marshall 
Heyl John, jr., brushmr., 273 N 6th. 
Heyl John B. mer., h 9 Marshall 
Heyl John S., dry goods, 188 N 2d 
Heyl Robert, carpenter, St John ab Beaver (K) 
Heyl T. C, mer. 139 High, h 369 Sassafras 
Heyl T. P., carp., Parrish ab 11th 
Heyl William G., merchant, 95 High, h 277 

Heyl Wm. M.,mer., 31 N 2d,h 21 Franklin 
Heyliger Julia, 4 Eagle ct 
Heylin Isaiah, mer., 185 High 
Heylin R., M. D., N W 10th & Vine. 
Heys John, barber, 270^ S Front. 
Heywald Charles, stove manuf. 189 N 2nd. 
Heywood Saml. manuf. 652 N 2d (K) 
Hibbeai-t Joseph, hosier, 351 N 6th 
Hibbcns Wm. shoemr., Wood ab Franklin (K) 




Hibbcrd Geo., seaman, 42 Queen st 
Hibberd Susan, g-entw., 10th & Brown 
Hibberd J. R., livery stable, Goodwill ct 
Hibberd Ma.ry, g-entw., 128 N lOtli 
Hibberd Wm., 157 N 12th 
Hibbert Henry, carp., Sch 3d n Lombard 
Hibbei-t Mary, dry g-oods, 4 Cedar ab lltli 
Hibbei-t Robert, weaver, rear G T road ab 5th 
Hibbert Septimus, cutler. Front ab Otter (K) 
Hibbits Wm., weaver. Carpenter ab 13th 
Hibbler, Freese & Sony boots, shoes & caps, 64 

Hibbler Stuart, mer., 64 N 3d, h 91 Vine 
Hibbs Abdon B., carp., Bickham W of Sch 8th 
Hibbs Danl. carp. Washington n 2d 
Hibbs John, carp., 12th bel Sp. Garden. 
Hibbs Joseph G., hardware, 102 N 2nd. 
Hibbs S. L. painter, 7 N 8th, h Callowhill ab 

Sch 8th 
Hibbs Wm., g-rocer. Wood ab 12th 
Hibler Jolin, grocer, 56 N 3rd, h 96 N 9th 
Hickey Alexander L. trunkmr. 150 Chestnut, h 

298 N 7th 
Hickey Barthw., stone cut.. Barker bel Sch 6th 
Hickey Daniel, manuf. 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Hickey James, painter, 72 Chestnut, h 9 La- 

g-rang-e pi 
Hickey James, gi-ocer, 124, & h 126 Locust. 
Hickey John, printer. Harmony ab 4th 
Hickey J ohn, stone cutter, Vaughan ab Locust 
Hickey John, ropema.. Crown n Bedford (K) 
Hickey Michael, blacksmith, 5 Faries' ct 
Hickey Peter, manuf. 2d ab Master (K) 
Hickey Thos., tailor, 3 St Stephen's pi 
Hickling C, brok., 12 Bank al., h 138 N 10th. 
Hickling Geo. M., Pres. City & Co. Ins. Co., h 

209 Pine 
Hickman &. Brother, hardware, 48 High 
Hickman Elizabeth, tailoress, 29 Coombe's al 
Hickman Fredk., Vickei-'s ct N of Barker 
Hickman George, blacksm., Ashton n Walnut, 

h 28 Rlttenhouse 
Hickman Geo. W., & Co., tobacco's., 48^High 
Hickman Harbeson, mer., 48 High 
Hickman Isaac, lab. Lancaster bel Wharton 
Hickman James, acct., N E Cherry 8c 12th, h 

Cherry n Sch 8th. 
Hickman John, plasterer, 195 Catharine 
Hickman John W., grocer. New Market and 

Hickman Joshua, seaman, 16 Keefe 
Hickman N. W., mer., 48 High 
Hickman Samuel, shop, hay and feed, R road ab 

James, h Noble bel Garden 
Hickman Wm., chairmr., Jefferson n Sch 6th 
Hickman Wm. H., tavern, 2 Decatur 
Hickman Wm. J., bricklayer, Marion bel 2d 
Hicks Charles, measurer. Green ab 11th 
Hicks Cooper, carp., 9th ab Parrlsh 
Hicks Gilbert, carp.. Chancellor ab Sch 7th 
Hicks Isaac, carp., Frontbel Otter (K) 
Hicks Isaac, carp. Washington av bel Brown 
Hicks John, carpenter. Centre, h 17 Dean. 
Hicks John, waiter, 216 S 7th 
Hicks John W., boilermr., 2d abReed 

Hicks Joseph, bricklr., rear 167 Coates 

Hicks Phebe, gentw. 189 N 9th 

Hicks Phebe, 17 Garden 

Hicks Seth S., carpenter, 24 Rittenhouse. 

Hicks Wm., tailor, 286 High 

Hicks Wm., tailor, 53 Buttonwood 

Hicks Wm. D. mer. Montgomery pi 

Hicks Willit, carp., 293 N. 7th 

Hicks & Worman, fancy goods, 229 Mulberry 

Hider John, collector, 17 & h rear 366 N 6tl| 

Hider Samuel, carter, 1 Drinker's al 

Hierholzer Jacob, shovelmr., 81 St John 

Hieskell Colson, mer. N W 5th & High, h 13 

Franklin sq 
Hieskell Ferdinand, mer. N W 5th & High, h 

N W 7th & Pine. 
HIESKELL & HOSKINS, drygoods, N W 5th 

and High 
HIESKELL WM. B., att'y & coun. 46 S 6th, h 

426 Sassafras 
Higbee Charles, waterman. Wood bel Franklin 
Higbee Chas., carp., rear 129 Walnut 
Higbee Elizabeth, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Higbee H., drayman. Goldsmith's ct 
Higbee Mary Ann, teacher, Dugan's ct 
Higbee Matthias, fisher.. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Higgens T. W., atty. & coun., 115 S 6th 
Higginbottom Mrs. S., Seybold's ct 
Higgins Caroline, twister. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Higgins Edw., M. D., 238 Callowhill 
Higgins Edward J. goldbeater, 95 Christian 
Higgins Francis, cordw., 58 P road 
Higgins George, Rev., 144 Queen 
Higgins John, lab., 10th n Milton 
Higgins John, dyer. Raspberry ab Spruce 
Higgins John, labourer, Front ab Otter (K) 
Hig-gins Patrick, lab., 106 Plum 
Higgins Sarah, Lydia n William 
Higgins S. Hale Rev., 150 S Juniper 
Higgins Solomon Rev., 592 N 3d 
Higgins Stephen F., carver, rear 129 Wahiut, 

h Lombard ab 13th 
Higgins Thomas, gent., 26 John, (S) 
Higgins Wm. waiter. Eagle ct 
Higglnson Mary, 507 S 2d (S) 
Higginson Wm. blacksmith, Ruddach's ct 
Higgs Mahlon, capmr., 6 N 5th, h 9th bel Poplar 
Higgs Richard, blacksm., Sch. 3d ab High 
Higgs Wm. printer, 513 N 2d 
High Abraham G., 399 N 3d 
High Margaret, tavern, 121 Vine. 
Higham Daniel, machinist. Front ab Greenwich 
Higham Henry, blacksmith, 7 Mechanics' ct 
Higham Isaac, lab. Brown bel 11th 
Higham Wm., drygoods, G. T. road ab Phoenix. 
Highgate T. D. barber, 2 N 11th 
Highgate Wm., grocer, 42 Currant alley 
Highill Adolph, cabinetmr. 251 Cedar 
Highland James, brass founder, 6 Howai'd's ct 
Highlands Findley, marble mason, 12th ab Sas- 
Highlands Findley & Co., marble masons, 12tfe 

ab Sassafras 
Hlght Aaron, brick moulder, 6th bel G T road 
Hight Adam Jr., victualler, 221 N 8th. 




Hig-lit Amelia, Paschall's al 

Hight David, lab., Wilson's ct 

Hig'ht Estlier, 23 Washington bel 12tli 

Hight Frederick, victualler. Brown bel Broad 

Hight Hen. A., coachmr., 27 Nectarine bel 10th 

Hildebrand John, shoemr. 15 Eutaw 

Hildebrandt A., baskets, 142 Hig-h, h 103 But- 

Hildeburn John M., mer., 17 N Whfs., h Spruce 

bel 12th 
Hildeburn Joseph H., mer., 72 High,h Spruce 

ab 11th 

mers. 17 N Whfs. & 39 N Water 
Hildeburn Saml. merch., 17 N Whfs., h Spruce 

ab 11th 
Hildeburn Wm. L. Spruce ab 11th 
Hildreth Daniel, dry goods, 229 S 2d 
Hile John, hatter, N E 8th and Chestnut, h 41 

S 8th 
Hiles A. L., coppersmith, 206 Noble 
Hiles Martha, sempstress, Oneida place 
Hilferty Felix, lab., rear 10th ab Carpenter 
Hilge George, artist, Traquair's ct 
Hill Abraham, waiter, Centre bel 13th 
Hill Adam, distiller, Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Hill Adam, shipwright, Bedford n Elm (K) 
HiU Adam, fishemnan. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Hill Adam, fisherman. Queen ab Warren (K) 
Hill Alexander, distiller, Lombard n Sch 6tli. 
Hill Catharine, washer, 8th bel Lombard 
Hill Champion, shoemr., 42 N 2d, h rear 115 

Queen (S) 
Hill Charles, boat builder, Washington ab 3d 
Hill Charles, dyer, Jefferson bel 2d (K) 
Hill Charles, bricklayer, 6 Knight's ct. 
Hill Charles J., bricklayer, 151 N 5th 
Hill & Cline, stoves, 233 N 2d 
Hill Daniel, glassblower. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Hill David, Filbert E Sch 8th 
Hill Edwin J., painter, 9 Nicholson 
Hill Eliza, teacher, Buttonwood ab 12th 
Hill Ellen, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Hill Felix, hatter, 18 Catharine. 
Hill George, acct., 242 S 11th 
Hill George, machinist, 173 Coates 
Hill Geo. M., fisherman, Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Hill Henry, bootmr. 211 Walnut 
Hill Henry, lab., 8 Blackberry al 
Hill Henry, lastmr., 180 Callowhill ab Sch. 6th 
Hill Jacob, ship carp., Chen-y bel Duke (K) 
Hill Jacob, caulker, Cherry bel West (K) 
Hill James, hatter, 207 Callowhill. 
Hill James, cordwainer, 43 N 13th 
Hill James, ship carp., Marlborough bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Hill James B., cordw., rear 362 N 3d 
Hill Jane, 98 N. Front 
Hill John, distiller, 129 S 12th. 
Hill John, weaver. Phoenix bel Front. 
Hill John, ship carp., Marlljorough bel Franklin. 
Hill John, tavern, 91 S Water 
Hill John, brushmr. 5 S 7th, h 45^ N 5th 
Till John, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
'U John, barber, Callowhill ab Nixon 

HiU John S., tailor, rear Ontario ab Poplar 
Hill John T., blacksmith, James &. R. road, h 

555 Vine 
Hill Joseph, buttonmr.. Wood bel Sch. 5th 
Hill Joseph, bootmaker, 61 S 5th. 
Hill Joseph, sea captain, 107 Catharine 
Hill Lawrence, carp.. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Hill Margaret, 2 Morgan 

Hill Marshall, mer., 32 High, h 10 Palmyra sq 
Hill Martin, glassbl.. Mechanic ct (N L) 
Hill Mary, milliner, 151 N 5th. 
Hill Mary, rear Bedford bel Broad 
Hill Nathan, white washer, 6 Eagle ct 
Hill Patrick, shop, 32 St. Mary 
Hill Richard, sexton, Ann (F V) 
Hill Robert F., undertaker, 144 S 8th 
Hill Rowland, chairmr., Parrish ab 8th 
Hill R. W., Wallace bel 10th 
Hill Samuel, stovemr., 233 N 2d, h 10 West 
Hill Samuel, 35 S 10th 

Hill Samuel, button cutter, Vine ab Sch 8th 
Hill Samuel, shoemr., 6 Knight's ct 
Hill Shadrack, trimmings, 13 6| S 2d 
Hill Thomas, machinist, 419 S Front 
Hill Thomas, weaver, Milton ab 10th, (S) 
Hill Thomas, mer., 27 S Water, h 31 Pine 
Hill Thomas, tavern, S E 9th & Green. 
Hill Thompson, brickmr.. Fox's ct 
Hill Vincent, porter, Caroline place 
Hill William, lab.. Crown ab Duke (K) 
Hill William, victualler, Apple bel George 
Hill William, importer needles, 176 S 2d 
Hill Wm., fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Hill Wm., printer, 16 Olive 
Hill Wm., carter. Say 
Hill William B., actuary Pa. Co. Ins. on lives, 

66 Walnut, h 178 S 9th. 
Hill Wm. F. bootmr, 22 Washington av 
Hill Wm. H., gent, 362 N 10th 
Hill Wm. H., gent., 68 Coates 
Hill Wm. T., chairmr., Coates ab 2d, h 219 Mar- 
Hillary & Abbot, druggists, 533 High 
Hillary Wm., druggist, 533 High 
Hillborn Cyrus, mer., 15 Church a], h 339 N 6th 
Hillborn & Co., com. mers., 15 Church alley 
Hillburn Mary, widow, 513 N 3d 
Hillburn Samuel, parchmentmr. Schleisman's al 
Hillegas Adam, carp., 4th & Maria 
Hillegas Adam, clerk, 66 Apple 
Hillegas Chas., segar maker, Jackson ct (N L) 
Hillegas Lewis, carp., 13th ab Poplar 
Hillegass Wm., mer. 109 Sassafras 
Hillen Christian, lab., 6 Branner's al 
Hillcr Henry, pianomr. 10 Raspberry la 
Hilley Bridget, Broad bel Cedar 
Hilliard T., carp., 9lh bel Ogden 
Hillier Joseph, gilder, 82 Mulberry, h 78 Noble 
Hillis Robert, moulder, Front ab Reed 
Hillman Allen S. carp.. Currant al., h 262 S 3d 
Hillman Ann M., Haines ab 6th 
Hillman Eliakim, cordw., Fraley's alley (K) 
Hillman Martha, matron 13th & Willow 
Hillman Peter, blacksmith. Green's ct 
Hillman Wm, G., turner, Perry bel Phoenix (K) 




ll'iUsee Edward, baker, rear Rose b el William 

Hilsee Charles, tailor, 314 N Front 
Hilsee Georg-e, carp., Nonnater's ct 
Hilsee Joel C, tailor, 471 S 2d 
Hilsee Joseph, tailor, 141 S Front. 
Hilsee William, tailor, 314 N Front. ■* 

Hilsman Thomas L., shoemr., Budden's al. 
Hilson Francis, rig-g-er. Church ab Prime 
Hilt Catharine, 6 Torr's alley 
Hilt Geo. G., carter, Front ab Master 
Hilt Isaac, cordw. Dung'an's av (K) 
Hilt John, bricklayer, 5 Madison 
Hilt Joseph D., cordw., Pleasant bel 10th 
Hilt Lewis, shoemaker, 277 N 7th 
Hilt Martin, dealer, R road and Callowhill 
Hilt Mattson, book binder, 8 Lodg-e pi 
Hiltman Henry, segarmr., Elizabeth n Wag'cr 
Hiltner Sarah, Parrish ab Sch. 7th 
Hilton Abraham, pohsher, Mackey ab 2d 
Hilton G. W., barber, 246 S 3d 
Hilton Sarah, Helmuth n Sch 7th 
Hilyard HoUingshead, shoemr., 77 N 7th 
Himas Saml., umbrellamr, Palmer 8c Duke (K) 
Himas Wm., chairmr., Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Himeback Chai-ity, 114 Washington av 
Himes Charles, cabinetmr., 5 GarrigTies' ct 
Hlmes Mark, lime kilns, Sassafras st. Sch. 
Himes Martin, waterman, Lombard W Ashton 
Himmelwright C. S., tailor, 126 N 4th 
Hlmmelwright F. W., tailor, 266 N 12th 
Himmelwright Philip, drayman, Elizabeth ab 

Himmelwright Rebecca, Sch. 7th bel Vine 
Hinchman B. M. sec. Reliance Mutual Ins. Co. 

S W 5th and Walnut, h 212 Chestnut 
Hinchman Charles, tailor, rear 198 Christian 
Hinchman Eliza W., teacher. Wood bel 11th 
Hinchman Howard, mer., 156 N 9th 
Hinchman Isaac, clerk, 9 Scott's ct 
Hinchman James jr., grocery, N E 11th and Cal- 
Hinck John, confectioner, 166 Shippen 
Hinckle William, teller Western Bank, h Cal- 
lowhill ab Franklin 
Hinckley Robert H., umbrellamr. 321 Vine 
Hindermeyer Jos., brass found., 3 Headman's pi 
Hindermeyer Michael, shop, 4th bel Franklin 
Hindermeyer Michael, carpenter, rear Wood ab 

Hindle Edmund, machinist, 28 Chatham, h 15 

Tammany ct 
Hindle James, machinist, 28 Chatham, h 14 

Tammany ct 
Hindle & Son, machinists, 28 Chatham 
Hindley Joseph, tavern. Front and Laurel 
Hindman Edward, saw grinder, 83 Sassafras 
ftindman Elizabeth, 91 Buttonwood. 
Hindman James, moulder, Sarah bel Bedford 
Hindman Steward, 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Hinds Meeker, carp. 16 Hubbel 
Hinds Wm. P., gent., 4 Belmont place 
Hinecle John, blacksmith, 146 N 13th 
Hineele George, machinist, 5 Rittenhouse 
Hines Addison, grocer, Brown and Mintzer 

Hines Albert, clerk, 22 Mulberry 
Hines And., fisherman, Allen bel Palmer 
Hines Chas., oyster house, Maiden ab Beach 
Hines Christian, ice, Front ab Greenwich 
Hines James C, blacksmith. Church av., h 13th 

ab R. road 

Hines Jas. W., cordvr., Washington av bel Brown 
Hines John, waiter, Butler's av. 
Hines John M., carver, N W 2d and Dock, h34 


Hines Stephen, glass bl., Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Hines WilHam, ship carp., 9 Shield's ct 
Hinesley Risdon S., biscuit baker, 36 Bonsall 
Hink Peter, confec, 527 N 2d (K) 
HINKEL ADAM H., ship chandler, 38 S whfs., 

h 32 New Market 
Hinkle Aaron, saddletree mr., 10 China 
Hinkle Adam, sr., victualler, N E Callowhill & 

Hinkle Ann, 151 St. John. 
Hinkle Benjamin, jeweller, 44 German 
Hinkle Charles, capt., 285 N 6th- 
Hinl^le Charles, collar mr., Melon bel 10th 
Hinkle Chas., tobac, Mechanic ab George 
Hinkle Henry, coffee roaster, 350 Callowhill 
Hinkle Henry, vict.. Cherry n Duke (K) 
Hinkle Henry, brickmr., Locust, W of Sch 5d 
Hinkle Henry, jr., blacksm., 172 N 4th, h Ru- 

gan bel Willow 
Hinkle Henry W., carp., Wiley's ct 
Hinkle John, brickmr., George bel Sch 3d 
Hinkle John, vict., 12th and Coates 
Hinkle Mary, Mrs., James bel 10th 
Hinkle Peter, Elizabeth ab Pamsh 
HINKLE P. Jr. & CO., grocers, N W Julianna 

and Callowhill 
Hinkle Sarah, rear 161 Cliristian 
Hinkle Sarah, doctress, 26 N 11th 
Hinkle Wm., hatter, George W Sch 3d 
Hinkle Wm., Torr's al n R road 
Ilinman D. B., mer., 24 N Front, h S W Pine 

and 9th 
Hinman D. B. & CO., com. mers., 24 N Front 
Hinton F. A., hair dresser, 148 Chestnut, h 18 

Hinton N. B., variety store, 343 High, h 411 

Hinzel John, butcher, 9 Kesler's ct 
Hiorth Geo., rigger, 38 Union 
Hippert John, cordw., 7th ab Poplar 
Hippie Anna, milliner. Christian bel 9th 
Hippie Anna, milliner, 350 Sassafras. 
Hipps Mahlon, stone cutter, rear Ontario above 

Hirschberg Jacob, fruiterer, 145 S 5th 
Hirchbirg Ann, 2 Centre 
Hirneisen Susan, 46 S 13th 
Hirogoyen M., 7 Whittecar ct 
Hirsch Isadore, hatter, Apple ab George 
Hirschman John, coachmr., Charlotte ab Brown 
Hirshfeld & Gumpel, shirt manuf., 101 N 3d 
Hirshfeld Louis, mer. 101 N 3d, h 54 George 
Hirst Andrew, salesman, 14 North 
Hirst Henry B., att'y, 40 S 6th 
Hirst John, cooper, 71 St John, h21| Duke 




Hirst Leon B., atty. at law, 57 Prune, h 4th bel 

Hirst Lucas, atty. at law, 64 S 7th 
Hirst :Mortimer R., atty. at law, 57 Prune, h 4th 

bel Federal 
Hirst Robert R., hatter, h 10 N 13th 
Hirst Sarah S., N W Sp Garden and Marshall 
Hirst Stephen, cordw., 102 Poplar 
Hirst William L., tailor, 63 Mulberry 
HIRST WILLIAM L., att'y & coun., 63 S 7tb, 

h Chestnut E Sch 7th 
Hirtzel Philip, 30 Dillwyn 

Hirzog- And., susp. weaver, Cheny n Duke (K) 
Hiscuk Mary, 35 Federal 
Hislop Eben., tailoi", Fisher 
Hitchcock Chas., tailor. Queen and Crown (K) 
Hite Martha, Bond's ct 
Hites Benj., harnessmr., rear Sutherland bel 

Hitner George, printer, 49 S Juniper. 
Hitzelburger Jacob, cordw., Fisher bel Marriott 
Hoag Cornehus, carter, 97 New Market 
Hoagland Samuel, coachsmith, Filbert bel 12th, 

h 126 Filbert 
Hoar Wm., sliop, 22 Currant al 
Hobbs Elwood, stone mason, George & Sch 2d 
Hobbs John, seaman, Catharine ab Front 
Hobbs Joseph, stone cutter, rear of Sch 3d bel 

Hobensack John N., drugg., N E 2d and Coates 
HOBENSACK JOHN N. & G. S., druggists, 

S E 8th & Coates 
Hobson E. Mrs., stationery and fancy goods, 194 

Hobson Francis, carp., R road ab 9th 
Hobson George W., mer., 45 High 
Hobson James, tobacconist, Callowhill ab Broad 
Hobson Jeremiah, shoemr., 141 S 11th 
Hobson Sarah, 43 O Y road. 
Hobson Thos., M. D., 244 Green 
Hobsworth Lewis, shop, 28 Apple 
Hocker George, tavern, 1 Frankhn pi 
Hocker John, jr., druggist, N W 11th 5c Poplar 
Hocker John, sen., stone cutter, 11th & Poplar 
Hocker Willis, jeweller, 36 George (S) 
Hockerselmer Tlios., cablnetmr., 1 Harper's pi 
Hockey Hugh, weaver. Mariner 
Hockley John, cashier B. N. A., h Sch 8th n 

Hockstrasser H., bell hanger, 49 S 8th 
Hocter James, lab., 90 George 
Hodgdon Mary, widow, 321 Spruce 
Hodge H. L., M. D., N W 9th & Walnut. 
Hodge John L., mer., 102 S 8th 
Hodge Lydia, cook, 22 Portland la 
Hodge Richard, ship carpenter, 108 F road. 
Hodge Washington, carp., Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Hodge Wm., chalrmr., Shackamaxon ab Bed- 
Hodges Edward, shoemr., rear 14 German 
Hodges Henry, carp., Robinson's ct (K) 
Hodges John, bosoms & collars, 110 N 2d 
Hodges John, moroc. dress., Union ab F road(K) 
Hodge John C., carpenter, Adams ab Perry, 

Hodges Robert, clerk, 148 Christian 
Hodges Wm., machinist, Bickham W of Sch 8th 
Hodgkinson Mary, Crown n West 
Hodgkinson Robert, blacking miuiuf., 2 Quany 
Hodgson F. Rev., 162 N 8th 
Hodgson Joseph, clerk, Penn ab Maiden 
ftodgson William, tailor. Maiden bel Front. 
Hodgson William Jr., druggist, N E 6th & Mul- 
berry, h 172 Mulberry. 
Hocckley B. F., di-uggist, Cherry ab 12th 
HcEckley Fred. S., mer., 45 N Front h 64 New 
Hffickley Jacob F., scrivener, 248 N 3d, h 232 


Hosflich Catharine Mrs., 26 Ellen (N L) 
Hosflich George, segarmr., 26 Ellen (N L) 
Hcrfslcli John, baker, 112 Dillwyn 
Hojffliger Vanentine, b. h., 199 IButtonwood 
HcEhling- Adolphus A., cabinetmaker, 196 Pine, 
Hoenes Philip H., cooper, 17 Dock 
Hoesch John, shoemr., 47 New Market 
Hoeth Charles, mer., 10th ab Brown 
Hoff George, bricklay., Francis ab Powell (F V) 
Hoff Geo. & Co., capmrs., 20 N 4th 
Hoff George, fui-rier, 20 N 4th, h Crown below 

Hoff John, gent., 340 N 6th. 
Hoff John G., shoemr., c Noble & New Market 
Hoff Lewis, cooper, Perry bel Master (K) 
Hoff M. M., 8th n Wallace 
Hoffman Adam, 3 Crown 

Hoffman Adam, glassblow.. Wood ab Franklin 
Hoffman Ann C, Willow ab Franklin 
Hoffman Anthony, drayman, 5 Linden ct 
Hoffman Baltus, cordw. Rachel bel Laurel 
Hoffman Barbara, variety, 98 Coates 
Hoffman Caspar, dealer, 18 Parham 
Hoffman Charles, shoemr., Duke bel Wood (K) 
Hoffman Chas., Globe Mill,ViennabelDuke(K) 
Hoffman C. J. clerk, AVashington ab 9th 
Hoffman David, att'y & coun., 117 S 5th, h 15 

Hoffman D., Mi's., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Hoffman Edward, sparmr., Swanson bel Chris- 
Hoffman Francis Rev., Beaver ab 2d (K) 
Hoffman Frederick, shop, 30 Paschal's al 
Hoffman Frederick, silversmith, 16 Castle 
Hoffman 8c Gaul, sugar refinei-s, Sassafras and 


Hoffman George, lab., Monroe bel Cherry (K) 
Hoffman Geo., fisherman, Queen ab AVood (K) 
Hoffman Geo. W., brushmr., Ogden ab Sch 8th 
Hoffman Jacob, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen(K) 
Hoffman Jacob, shoemr., Clinton bel Poplar 
Hoffman James, china packer, 34 Jullanna 
Hoffman James N. spar mr. 4 Powell row 
Hoffman John, brushmr., Culvert ab 4th 
Hoffman John, stocking manuf., Bridge st, M. 

Hoffman John, moulder, 12 Jackson's ct 
Hoffman John, cordw. rear 41 Duke 
Hoffman John, ship carp. Marlboro' bel Bedford 
Hoffman John, beer-liouse, Paschal's al 
Hoffman John B., gas fitter, 11 S 6th, h 8 Parker 




Hoffman John C. cabinetmr. West 8c Union 
Hoffman John C, tailor, 7 Magnoha 
Hoffman John S., hib., Raspberry la 
Hoffman John D., china. Elder 
Hoffman Joseph, capt., Clay av (K) 
Hpffman Marg-aret, shoe binder, Hanover above 

Hoffman Noms J., clerk, Franklin ab Green 
Hoffman Philip, dyer, 389 N Front 
Hoffman Fhlhp, mariner, 232 Catharine 
Hoffman P., beer-house, 200 N 8th 
Hoffman Philip J., brewer, 528 N 2d (K) 
Hoffman Robert, lab., rear 180 R road 
Hoffman Samuel T., mast maker, Whf. below 

Christian, h 15 Christian. 
Hoffman Sebastian, turner, rear 20 Lil)'' al 
Hoffman Wilhemine, -ready made linen, 38 S 6th 
Hoffmaster Mary, gentw., Hoffmaster's ct 
Hoffmeister Hannah, hair di'esser, 142 N 8th 
Hoffnag-le Jacob, carp.. Otter n Froad (K) 
Hoffner Charles B., manuf., Powell and Vine- 
yard (F V) 
HOFFNER FREDERICK, inn-keeper, Coates 

and N Market 
Hoffner Georg-e, pilot, 82 Christian 
Hoffner Henry, machinist, 2d ab Edward (K) 
Hoffner John D., alderman, office 221^, and h 

229 S 6th 
Hoffstadt Lewis, barber, 72 Brown 
Hoffy A ., artist & lithographer, 88 Walnut 
Hofheimer Abm., peddler, 3 Northampton ct 
Hog-an Barcos, porter, 50 Little Oak 
Hog-an David M., clerk, 108 Chestnut, h 181 

S 9th 
Hogan James, stationer, 30 N 4th, h 309 Chest 

Hog-an John, lab., Western pi 
Hog-an J. G., 15 Rittenhouse 
Hogan Mary, dressmr., 41 N 12th 
Hogan Mary, b. h., 264 High 
Hogan M., shoemr., 37 S 8th, h 2 Vaux's ct 
Hogan Philip, porter, 2 Allen's ct 
Hogan Philip, coachman, John's ct. 
HOGAN & THOMPSON, booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 30 N 4th 
HOGAN & THOMPSON, stat'rs., 108 Chestnut 
Hogai-th Joseph, blacksmith, 14 Dyott's ct (K) 
Hogbin John, tailor, 16 High, h 31 Wood 
Hoge Thomas H., gent., N E 10th and Pine 
Hogeland Eleanor, tailoress, Sp Garden ab 12th 
Hogeland E. M., b h, 33 Chester 
Hogeland George L., lab.. Perry ab Franklin 
Hogeland & Myers, planing mill, Christian st 

Hogg Alexander, gi-ocer, N E 5th & Christian 
Hogg Christ., lab., Mary n Beach 
Hogg James, lab. Marlborough and West (K) 
Hogg Michael, confectioner, 64 Dock 
Hogg Peter, gas fitter, 63 S 13th 
Hogg William, manuf. Hanover bel West (K) 
Hoguet Francis, cabinetmr. 41 Plum 
Hoguet Mary, Buttonwood n 13th 
Hohenfels S., dry goods, 272 N 2d. 
Holahan Amos, 45 S 10th. 

Holahan Jacob, tavern, N W 10th and Locust. 
Holahan James, porter, 19 Walnut 
Holahan John, blacksmith & coachmr., Shoe- 
maker st, h c 8th & Zane. 
Holbert John, brickmr., 186 Marshall 
Holbrook Benjamin, 33 Walnut, h 362 S Front 
Holbrook Charles N., ex-broker, 47 Chestnut, h 

231 S 9th 
Holbrook Jacob, lab., 4 Washington pi 
Holbrook Wm., bootmr., 47 Callowhill 
Holby A. bootmr. 86 N 6th 
Holby Jas., stone cutter, rear 123 Race 
Holby John, porter, Mark's la 
Holby Wm., shoemr., rear 123 Race 
Holby Wm. V., paper ruler, 1 Mark's la 
Holcomb B. D., printer, 5 Shields' al 
Holcomb Martha, Jones' al 
Holcombe Charles H., cordw., Mary n F road 
Holden Almh-a, widow of Ezra, 100 N 11th 
Holden Ann, washer, Caroline pi 
Holden Eli, watchmr., 238 High 
Holden Henry, dealer, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Holden Isaac, grocer. West and Marlboro' (K) 
Holden Thomas, 139 N 7th n Willow. 
Holderman Lewis, butcher, 4th ab George 
Holeman Matt., shoes, Marlboro' ab Duke (K) 
Holgate Samuel, shoes, 389 S Front 
Holiday Diana, spooler, G T road ab 2d 
Holladay James, 75 Catharine 
Holladay John, 75 Catharine 
Holladay Samuel, 75 Catharine 
Holland B., carter, Maitland's ct 
Holland Charles, coachman, George E Sch 7th 
Holland Charles F., paper ruler, 8 Pennsyla. av 
Holland Harriet, 328 Walnut 
Holland Isaac, lab. 8 Wagner's al 
Holland John, lab., Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Holland John, weaver, M'Duffie 
Holland Martha H., 129 S 9th 
HOLF.AND NATHANIEL atty. and coun., 10 

S 7th 
Holland Patrick, lab., 197 N Front 
Holland Rachel, Steel's ct 
Holland Robert, broker, 79 Dock, h 19 S loth 
Holland Terrence, gardener, 6 Kelly 
Holland Thomas, waiter, 6 Lewis' ct 
Holland Thomas, lab., Johnston's la ab 4th. 
Hollaway John T., capmaker, 6th bel GT road 
Hollenback B. U., painter, 267 Mulberry, h 9th 

bel Melon 
HoUick Frederick, M. D., 36 Sansom & 105 

Holllck John, blacksm., Rose ab Sch 8th 
Holliday Jas., weav., Hancock bel Phoenix (K) 
Hollifield W. L., dentist, 140 Pine 
Hollinger Andrew, capt., 511 S Front 
HOLLINGSHEAD B. M., dry goods, 14 N 6th 
HoUingshead Chas. F. 505 N 2d, h 291 N 6th 
Hollingshead H. H. mer. 2 Chestnut, h 293 

Hollingshead Joseph M. mer. 43 N Water, h 

112 S3d 
HolUngshead Mary & Sarah, bonnets, 14 N 6th 
HolUngshead & Zelley, grocers, 505 N 2d 




Holllngsworth George, boot black, 90 Gaskill 
HolUngsworth Hamilton, weaver, Fitler n 2d 
HOLLINGSWORTH HENRY, tavern, Sch 4tli 

&, Cedar 
Holllngsworth Henry, h Spruce E Sch. T'th 
Holllngsworth James, weaver, Higham's ct 
Holllngsworth Matthew, weav.. Fetter bel Har- 
rison (K) 
Holllngsworth Matthew, weav., 2 Philip st (K) 
Holhngsworth Robt. ship carp. Amber ab PhcE- 

Hollingsworth R. J. machinist, 70 Tammany 
Holllngsworth Samuel L., M. D., 199 Locust 
Hollingsworth Thomas C, mer. 18 N 2d, h 143 

Hollingsworth T. G., stock and exchange bro- 
ker, 53 Walnut,, h 336 Chestnut 
Hollingsworth Wm. P. dry goods, 120 W High 
HoUins James B., chinav/are, 346 High. 
Hollins John, china ware, 371 High. 
Hollinshead Chs. E. mer. 23 N Front, h 56 S 2d 
HoUinshead Jas; S. 23 N Front, h 56 S 2d 
Hollinshead Wm. atty., 207 N 6th, h Marshall & 

Hollinshead, Shen-erd & Co. com. mers. 23 N 


56 S 2d 
Hollis Ann, milliner, 6 S 13th 
Hollis Catharine L., 2 Belmont row 
Hollis, Caudrae & Co., perfumers, 222 Chestnut 
Hollis Chs., J., engraver, 57 S 3d 
Hollis Cordelia, Nonnater's ct 
Hollis James, waiter. Eagle ct 
Hollis John, grocer, S W 7th & Pine 
Hollis Pelham L. perfumery, 222 Chestnut 
Hollis Peter,, 43 Spruce 
Hollis P. L., mer., 2 Belmont i-ow 
Hollis William, 11 Green's ct 
Holloway A. mariner, 14 Mead 
Holloway Charles, clerk, Catharine ab 3d 
Holloway George, lab. Ann (F V) 
Holloway Geo. W. machinist, Front ab Haydock 
Holloway Geo. W., confec, 117 G T road (K) 
Holloway Thomas, gent. New Market & Ellen 
Holloway Wm. machinist. Front ab Haydock 
Hollowbush Jacob, books & paper, 23 N Front, 

h N E 7th & Willow 
Hollowbush Wm., baker, Carroll ab 13th 
Hollowell James, lab. 8 Rawle 
Holly Aaron, lab. Pearl ab 12th 
Holman Andrew J. engineer. School bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Holme Jas. C, flour & feed, F road & Bedford 

Holmes Alex. V., clerk, Marriott ab 5th 
Holmes Anna, dry goods. Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Holmes Archibald, weav., Benton bel William 

Holmes Benjamin F., hair dresser. Queen ab 

Palmer (K) 
Holmes Caroline M. dressmr. Poplar & Rachel 
Holmes Charle-s, weaver, Jackson ct (N L) 
Holmes Chas., weaver, Charlotte bel Master (K) 

Holmes Edm'd. A., mer., 4 Churph al, h Spruce 

W Sch 8th 
Holmes Ehzabeth, rear 23 F road 
Holmes E. M. Mrs., teacher, 50 S 5th 
Holmes George, lab. rear 9 James' st 
Holmes George, tailor. Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Holmes Geo. H., lapidist, 5 Burke's al, h 72 

S 2d 
Holmes Geo. W., teacher of drawg., N W 12th & 

Holmes Glasgow, importer, 6 Chestnut 
Holmes Henry, shoemr. 181 S 6th 
Holmes Henry, pa.bro., 87 Shippen. 
Holmes & Hubbard, mers., 4 Church al 
Holmes James, chandler, 43 Plum. 
Holmes James, waiter, 5 Prosperous al 
Holmes Jas., boatman, George n Asaton 
Holmes Jas., porter, 5 Prosperous 
Holmes Jane, dressmr. 646 N 2d 
Holmes John, tavern, c Front & Phoenix (K) 
Holmes John, mer., h Logan's sq n Sch 5th 
Holmes John, weaver. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Holmes John, weaver, F road opp West 
Holmes John, jr., bookkeeper. Front and Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Holmes John, machinist. School ab Rose (K) 
Holmes John, M. D. Sch 7th bel Locust 
Holmes John C. cordw. 273 S 5th 
Holmes Jos., engineer, Coates, (F M) 
Holmes Leonard, baker, rear 136 S 9th 
Holmes Levi, carter, Milton ab 10th 
Holmes Mary, gentw., 14 Franklin 
Holmes Philip, waiter, 23 Quince 
Holmes Robert, drayman, Dunton ab Otter 
Holmes Robert, mariner, 442 S Front. 
Holmes Robert, lab., Gebhard & Sassafras 
Holmes Robert H., porter, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Holmes & Rowan, lapidists, 5 Burk al 
Holmes Samuel S. carp. 3 Rittenhouse 
Holmes Seth C, mer., 13 S Water, h Logan's sq 

n Sch 5th 
Holmes Thos., 456 Callowhill 
Holmes Wm., iron founder, Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Holmes Wm., waiter, 8 Juniper la 
Holmes Wm. cordwainer. Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Holser Jacob, rear 217 St John 
Hoist Charles A., cabt. mr., 11 Parker. 
Holstein Ann, tailoress, Ogden ab lOth 
Holston Wm. trader. Corn ab Reed 
Holt John, cott. spin., Shackamaxon bel F road 

Holt Rich., clerk, Mechanic ab George 
Holt Richard, grocer, Sch 3d and Harmstead 
Holt Saml., machinist, Beach bel Shackamaxon 

Holt Samuel, cooper, 5 Shippen 
Flolt Seth, grocer, 361 N 2d, h Franklin & Green 
Holt Stephen, lab., 35 Quince 
Holzinger Fredk., baker, Sch 8th & Carlton 
Homan & Hughes, undertakers, 332 Sassafras & 

• 126 N 10th 
Homan John, undertaker, 332 Sassafras 
Home Thomas, carp. 1 Hermitage pi 
Homemiller Michl, vict., F road & Marlborough 





Homer Benjamin, 406 Coates 

Homer B. A. P., dr}- goods, 146 E Spruce 

Homer Henry, brassfounder, 77 Sassafras 

Homer James, 92 Callowhill. 

Homer Matthias, variety store, 58 S 2d 

Homer Timothy, pokt. book manuf. & variety 

store, 189 Chestnut 
Homer Wm., brassfounder, 77 & h 31 Sassafras 
Homestead S. tailor. Prime bel 3d 
Hone Catharine, 2d ab Edward 
Honeywell EUiott, capt.,7thn Washington 
Hong- Ehzabeth, shop, 67 Sassafras 
Hood Benjamin, polisher, Sutherland 
Hood Eliza Ajgentw-., 12 Sansom. 
Hood James, cordw., Callowhill bel Sch 7th 
Hood James, weavei-, Lombard ab Sch 4th 
Hood John, lab., Sch 7th & Richard 
Hood Josepli, cordw., Washington (W P) 
Hood Lambert, cordw. AVashington (WP) 
Hood Matthew, gent., 79 Filbert 
Hood Nathaniel, 139 Franklin 
Hood l|pbecca, milliner, AVashington (AA' P) 
Hood Samuel, bootmr. AVillowbel 10th 
Hood Samuel, mer., N E 5th & High, h 150 N 

HOOD SAMUEL, atty. & coun., S E 6th and 

HOOD SAMUEL & CO., mers., N E 5th and 

Hood Saml. H., carter, rear 28 Duke 
Hood Thomas, cordwainer, 12 Castle 
Hood AVm., painter & glazier, 7S AV Callow- 
Hood Wm., cordw., Cheny ab 11th 
Hood Wm. P., labourer, 11th ab R road. 
Hoodless Thomas, carpenter, S W 10th and 

Hook Christ., bricklr., 593 N 3d 
Hook Daniel, carp. 648 S 2d 
Hook Martha, 288 S 5th 
Hook Peter, sawyer, Marriott bel 6th 
Hooke Francis, cabinetmaker, 28 N lOtli 
Hooke Jane, milliner & dress mr., 28 N 10th. 
Hooker Benjamin, painter, Flower bel Fitzwater 
Hooker C. S., dentist, 330 A^ine 
Hooker Herman, bookseller and stationer, 16 

Hookey A. & Son, undertakers, 637 N 2d (K) 
riooley Abm., manuf., 16 Hudson's al, h Stamp- 
er's al 
Hooley Benjamin, silk spinner, 2 Hudson's al 
Hooley B. & A., silk manuf., 16 Hudson's al 
Hooley VA'^m., carp. & cabinetmr., 315 N Front 
Hoomsworth AVm., spinner, 205 GT road (K) 
Hoone Ellen, Locust n Sch 3d 
Hoop John, sugar ref., 4th n George 
Hooper Abraham, cordw. Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Hooper Emanuel, glover, Maria ab 4th 
Hooper Hezekiah, sawyer, rear 7 Lisle 
Hooper John, merchant 27 Chestnut, h 313 Mul- 

Hooper John, tailor, 351 N 3d 
Hooper Jos., lab.. Carpenter ab 8th 
Hooper John, porter, 2 AVashington ab 11th 
Hooper, Lamed &. Co. com. mers., 27 Chestnut 

Hoopes Alfred, wheelwright. High n Sch 4th, h 

M Village 
Hoopes Bernard, com. mer., Zo N Front, h Sch 

7th ab Spruce 
Hoopes David, gent, AVashington and Mansion 

Hoopes John, saddler. Sassafras ab Broad 
Hoopes John, iron store, AVasliington (AV P) 
Hoopes J. R. mer. 411 High, h Coates bel 13th 
Hoopes M., saddler. Vine n Sch 
Hoopes Penrose R., mer., Crammond (W P) 
Hoopes Pierce, lum. mer., 10th and Cedar, h 

292 Pine. 
Hoopes Thomas P., mer., S AA^ 5th & High. 
Hoopes AVm. AL, carp., S AV Sch 8th & Cherry 

5th h. High 
Hoot Henry, carp. Hutcliinson ab Poplar 
Hooven Albert, bricklayer. Pearl ab Sch. 8th. 
Hooven James, blacksmith, AA^ood bel Sch 2d 
Hooven AVilliam, wheelwright, 446 N 4th, 
Hoover Adrian, lab. Roney's ct (K) 
Hoover Andrew, brickmr., 346 N 5th. 
Hoover Anthony, brickmr., Apple ab George 
Hoover Anthony, bricknu-.. Orchard ab George 
Hoover Benj., bricklayer, Sch 4th ab A'ine 
Hoover Catharine, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Hoover Eli, carp., Ellis ab AVashington 
Hoover Henry, ship carp. 62 M road 
Hoover Henry, spinner, Sch Front n Filbert 
Hoover Henry F. upholsterer, 44 Commerce, h 

7 Chatham 
HOOVER JACOB, di-over's tavern, Callowhill 

bel Broad 
Hoover Jacob, brickmaker, Gabell's ct 
Hoover Jas, waterman. New Market & York ct 
Hoover John, lampmr. 16 Poplar 
Hoover John, brickmr. Lemon ab 12th 
Hoover Samuel, painter, F road bel Oxford, h 

Oxford bel Front 
Hoover Wm., brickmaker, George ab Apple. 
Hoovers AA^m., shoemr., rear 123 N 5th 
Hope Dominick, stone cut.. Chestnut n Beach 
Hope Jacob, weaver, Hope ab School (K) 
Hope John, weaver, Stewart 8c Catharine 
Hope Joseph D., tobacconist, 4th & Walnut 
Hope Patrick, lab.. High S Sch 2d 
Hope Thomas, portrait painter, 345 N 3d 
Hopewell G AV., clothing, 90 S 2d, h 146 Lo- 
Hopkins Allen Al. & Co., U. S. refectory, 18 3c 

20 S 5th 
Hopkins Benjamin, coachman, 20 Raspberry 
Hopkins David C, mer., Sch 7th ab Locust 
Hopkins Edward, cork mer., 35 & h 47 Prune 
Hopkins Enoch, carp., Sch 5th ab Mulberry 
Hopkins Francis, 6 Sander's ct (K) 
Hopkins George, 31 Prosperous al 
Hopkins, Gilbert & Co., mers., 64 N 3d 
Hopkins Hetty E., milliner, 85 S 8th 
Hopkins Howell, atty. & coun., 12 Prune. 
Hopkins Jacob, cordwainer, 306 S 10th 
HOPKINS JAMES, druggist, N E Broad and 

Hopkins John, manuf. hosiery, 70 N 4th. 




Hopkins John, gent., Chestnut n Broad 
Hopkins John C, clerk, 207 Green 
Hopkins Joseph, shoes, 67 Buttonwood 
Hopkins Joseph, stocking- mer. 392 N 4th 
Hopkins Joseph, gent., Sch 6th bel Wood 
Hopkins Margaret, Hummel's ct 
Hopkins Mary C, 48 Dillwyn 
Hopkins M., carp., Sch 5th & Wood 
Hopkins N., mer., 103 S Front, h Spruce ab 

Hopkins llobt., wheelwright, EUzabeth below 

Hopkins Samuel, carp., Washington &, Mary 

Hopkins S. Mrs., N E Broad & Chestnut. 
Hopkins S. U., clerk, Custom house 
Hopkins Thomas, cabinet maker, Emhn's ct & 

Hopkins Thomas, carpenter, Melon ab 13th. 
Hopkins Wm., sail mr., 2 Emlen's ct 
Hopkinson Francis, clerk Dist. Court U. S., h 

Chestnut opp. mint. 
Hopkinson Oliver, atty. & coun., 65 S 7th, h 159 

S 5th 
Hopmar John, cordw.. Poplar bel 10th 
Hoppel John, combmr., Coates bel Broad 
Hoppel Kesiah, Poplar ab 8th 
Hoppel Sarah, b. h., 17 Linden st (K) 
Hopper B.C. watchmr. 60 Dillwyn 
Hopper D. G., undertaker, 107 N 5th 
Hopper Edward, att'y & coun., 22 N 7th 
Hopper James M., carter, Parrlsh bel 11th 
Hopper Jeremiah, carpenter, 12th ab Spruce, h 

Locust ab Broad 
Hopper Joshua, stone cutter, 10th below S 

Hopper Levi, sexton, 84 Mulbeny 
Hopper Mary, gentw.. Mint ct 
Hopper OfFaly, undertaker, Sch 7th n Sassa- 
HOPPER SAMUEL M., jeweller, 66 Chest- 
Hopper Wm., dry goods, 289 N 2d 
Hoppin Hen., mer., Filbret ab Broad 
Hopple John, cordw., P road bel Christian 
Hopple Wllham, shoes, M road bel Christian 
Hopson Wm. brickmr. Richard 
Hopton Lewis, mason, Sch 6th ab Vine 
Horan Daniel, 13 Union 
Horan Morris, tailor, Ewing's ct 
Hore Wm., carp., N W 12th & Tidmarsh 
Hore Wm., carp., Marriott ab 4th 
Horey Elizabeth, sewer, M'Bride's ct (K) 
Horn Alex. E., acct., 16 S Broad 
Horn Alfred Fentliam, clerk, 16 Broad n Chest 

Horn Catharine, 349 Pine 
Horn Chas. S., acct., 16 S Broad 
Horn David, dry goods, 4th 8c Poplar 
Horn Eliza, huckster. Can-oil ab 13th - 
Horn &. Ellis, shoer. tools, rear 71 Race 
Horn Henry, S W 10th & Clinton 
Horn Henry, weaver. Beach ab Spruce 
Horn Henry J. acct. 16 S Broad 
Horn Jacob, blacksm., Sch. 8th bel Vine 

Horn James H., atty. & counsellor, S E 6lh & 

Horn Jane, Elhs ab Washington (S G) 
Horn Johanna, shop, 30 Small st 
Horn John, 16 S Broad 
Horn John, druggist, N E 3d and Brown. 
Horn Joseph, stonecutter, 410 Poplar 
Horn Philip H., druggist, S W 4th and Poplar 
Horn Richard J., coachmaker, 16 George 
Honi, the Misses, 321 Sassafras 
Horn Wm. Henry, instrument mr., Jullanna ab 

Horn W & H., mers., N W 8th and Locust, h 

S W 10th & Chnton 
Hornberger Henry L., hatter, 394 S 5th 
Hornberger, Lewis, hatter, Sch 2d ab South 
Hornberger Wm., tailor, 315 S 2d. 
Hornby Wm. leather & shoe findings, 192 Sas- 
Home Caroline, Nectarine ab 10th 
Home Cyrus, wax flowers, 81 Tammany 
Home Henry H., gent., 285 Sassafras § 
Home I. R. tavern. Washing-ton (WP) 
Home Pearson, hatter, Olive ab 11th 
Home Salome W., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Home Sermon, stables, 12th & Vine, h 11th & 

Horner Alfred, mer., 145 High, h 287 Spruce 
Horner David S., di-y goods, S E 12th & Sassa- 
Horner Gustavus R. B., M. D., 297 Spruce 
Horner H. B., wheelwright, Beaver ab Charlotte 
Hoi-ner John, cooper, 31 Church al 
Horner John, mer., 97 High, h Sch 7th ab Fil- 
Horner John, lab., Sch 3d ab Walnut 
Horner Joseph, printei-, 8 Elfreth al 
Horner Joseph, cordw.. Freestone pi 
Horner Michael, shoemr., 18 Lagrange pi 
Homer Richard, draympn, 7 Drinker's al 
Horner Richard D., varnisher, 3 Weccacoe 
Horner Roger, capt., 66 M road 
Horner Samuel, weaver, 137 G T road (K) 
Horner Samuel M., grocer, N W 2d & Cedar. 
Homer Wm. E., M. D., 263 Chestnut. 
Hornish Jas., sail mr., Marriott ab 5th 
Hornketh Jeremiah, brickmr. School 
Hornketh Nicholas, brickmr., Sa3'- 
Hornor Benjamin, hardware, 6 Commerce, h 3 

W Penn sq 
Hornor B. C, druggist, 8 Lagrange, h 316 Mul- 
Hornor S. S. dentist, 247 Walnut 
Horrocks Henry, engineer. Queen n Vienna (K) 
Horsey Jos., bookbind., S E 7th & High, h 222 

Horsfall John, barber, 131 Queen (S) 
Horst Dledrich, lab., 4 Lagrange pi 
Horstman F., wool dealer, 69 German 
Horstmann Slgmund H. mer. 51 N 3d 
Horstmann Wm. H., military store, 51 N 3d, h 

68 Mulben-y. 
HORSTMANN WM. H. & SONS, military store, 

51 N3d 
Horstmann Wm. J. mer. 51 N 3d, h 166 N 5th 




Hort Benjamin S., Allen bel Marlboro' (K) 
Hort Herman, susp. weav., Franklin ab 4th (K) 
Horter George, dry g-oods, 288 N 2d 
Horter John, jr., provisions, N E 11th &. Callow- 
hill, h S E 12th & Graff 
Horter J. W., real estate office, 133 Vine. 
HORTON DAVIS, Forrest House, Hig-h n Sch 

Horton Jas., carver, 155 S 9th 
Horton James, saw filer, 4 Little Dock. 
Horton John, bricklayer, 148 S 4th 
Horton Mary, corset mr., 155 S 9th. 
Hortor Georg-e, 280 Hig-h 
Hortor John & Son, AUeg-heny house, 280 High 
Hortter Abm. R., druggist. Broad and Coates 
Hortz Charles, grain measurer, 103 Queen 
Hortz Peter, gent., 270 S 5th. 
Horwitz T. B., M. D., 41 S 10th, h 293 Chest- 
Hory Hemy, printer, 24 Mintzer 
Hosey George, Carleton ab Sch 3d 
Hosfield George, bootmr., '343 Callowliill 
Hoskin Wm., wheelwt. and blacksm., G T road 

ab Maiden. 
Hoskins Anson, drugs, 122 N 5th 
Hoskins A. M., artificial flowers, 7 S 4th, and 48 

Hoskins Draper, 7 S 4th 

Hoskins E. A. druggist, 412 High, h 135 Filbert 
Hoskins Francis, mer., N W 5th & High, h 294 

Hoskins & Gleason, druggists, 412 High 
Hoskins John, 238 Filbert 
Hoskins John, glue mr., 484 N 3d 
Hoster George C, carp.. Lemon ab lOth 
Hot Jacob, tanner, 1 Miller's ct 
Hottman Fred., shoemr., Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Hotz Charles, vict. Garden bel Buttonwood 
Hotz Daniel, gent., 11th and Sp Garden 
Hotz Daniel, jr., vict. 11th and Sp Garden 
Hotz Peter, v'ict., S W 11th and Sp Garden 
Houck Christian, porter, 274 High 
Houck Isaac, cabinetmr., Haas ct 
Houck Joseph, machinist, 13th ab Coates 
Houck Nathan, carp., 91 G T road 
Houck Wm., stone cutter, Rachel ab Poplar 
Hougendobler J., b. h., 295 High 
Hough Catharine, 17 Coates' al 
Hough George, baker, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Hough Eliza, 14 Madison 
Hough John, flour, 441 High. 
Hough John L., flour, 7 Sargent 
Hough Oliver, conveyancer, 91 Walnut, h 8 

Union sq 
Hough Thos., cab maker, rear 81 Tammany st 
Houghton George R., brass founder, 4th above 

George (N L) 
Houghton Luther, brass nailmr., 159 Shippen, 

h 5th ab Christian 
Houghton Michael, lab., Prospect pi 
Houlding Maria, 4 Beck (S) 
House Samuel, carter, Scott's ct 
House Wm., mariner, 5 Burd 
House Wm., lampmr.. Mulberry n Sch. 7th 
Householder A., cabinetmr., 6 Hermitage place 

Householder Wm., carp., 2 Gebhard 
Housekeeper Benjamin, M. D. Queen ab Cher- 
ry (K) 
Housekeeper C.H., att'y & coun., 114 S 4th, li 

Spruce ab 2d 
Housekeeper John, tobacconist, 179 Poplar. 
Houseman Daniel, butcher, 25 Mary (S) 
Houseman James, cordwainer, c Perry 8c Pine. 
Houseman James, ship carp., 37 Clark 
Houseman John, butcher, 25 Mary (S) 
Houseman John S., carp., Apple bel Franklin 
Houseman Richard, shoemr., 487 S Front 
Houser Catharine, 5 Fitzwater. 
Houser Joseph, paper carrier, 439 N 3d 
Houston John, shoemr., Lombard ab Sch. 2d 
Houston J. M., Franklin and Wallace 
Houston Richard, weaver, 204 Queen 
HOUSTON ROBT., boots and shoes, 79 High 
HOUSTON & ROBINSON, wool, 66 S Front 
Houston W. C, mer., 66 S Front, N E 11th and 

HOUSUM P., tavern, 241^ N 3d 
Houzelot Daniel, grocer, Marlboro' 8c Allen (K) 
Hovell Richard, cordw.. Loud st 
Hover John, plasterer, 3d bel Wharton 
Hover Joseph E., ink manufactory, 87 N Third 
Hovey Eliza, milliner, Sch. 7th ab Sassafras 
Hovey Ira, cordw., Olive bel 12th 
How Benjamin, lab., Lyden's ct 
How George, shoemaker, 132 N 13th. 
How Jacob, boat build., Sch. Front ab Mulberry 
How Jane, b. h,, N W Callowhill and Dillwyn 
How John, cordw.. Filbert W Sch 4th 
How Joseph, 5 Flower 
How Margaretta F., Noble ab Franklin 
How Robert, tanner, Sch. Front ab Mulberry- 
Howard Ann, 206 Locust 
Howard A. 8c E., stockmrs., 18 S 8th 
Howard Benj., lab., Bedford ab 7th 
Howard Daniel, classical teacher, 20 Jacoby. 
Howard Daniel, blacksm., Carleton ab Sch 6th 
Howard David, rigger, 21 Union (S) 
Howard 8c Davis, blacksmiths. Broad and Vine 
Howard Edward, lab., Bedford ab 6th 
Howard Edward, sea capt.. Federal ab 5th 
Howard EHza, 534^ Chestnut 
Howard 8c Fulton, wheelwr. and blackksmiths, 

5 Hunter 
Howard George, bruslimr., N W Catharine and 

Howard George, machinist, Broad 8c Paper al 
Howard James, livery stable, 5 Raspberry 
Howard Jas. T., blksm. 5 Mary's ct, h 5 Hunter 
Howard James W. bricklayer, 9 S 5th 
Howard John, shot manuf. 27 Union (S) 
Howard John, finding store, 78 S 4th 
Howard John G., oak coopers, 6 Rogers' ct 
Howard Matilda, T., teacher, 106 Union, 
Howard O. G., agent, 188 Callowhill ab Sch 6tk 
Howard Patrick, lab.. Beach bel Chestnut 
Howard Peter, lab., Eagle-ct. 
HOWARD P. R. 8c CO., stock and exchange 

brokers, N W 3d and Walnut 
Howard Robert, 7 Middle alley 
Howard Sarah, High W. of Sch. 7th 




Howard Susan, dressmr., Rutter's ct 

Howard Walter, 364 E. Cedar 

Howai-d Wm., 30 John, (S) 

Howai'd Wm., porter. Broad and Paper alley 

Howard Wm. H., machinist. Broad and Paper 

alley, h 353 Cherry. 
Howard Wm. H & Son, machinist, Broad and 

Paper al 
Howcraft Henry, plasterer, 2 Whitaker's ct. 
Howe De AVolfe M. A., Rev., Broad ab Spruce 
Howe Frances, 8th bel Coates 
Howe Henrietta, b. h., 96 N 5tli 
Howe John, grocer, N W 2d 8-: Lombard, h 236 

S Front 
Howe Wm., bootmaker, 27 N 9th 
Howell Albert G., seaman, 16 Filbert 
Howell Arthur H., mer., 88 Chestnut 
Howell Bertimus, 465 Chestnut 
HOWELL & BROTHERS, paper hangings, 

116 Chestnut 
Howell Caleb, mer., 99 High, h 300 N 3d 
Howell Charles, carp., Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Howell Daniel, Atlantic House, 92 N 2d 
Howell David, roller. Reed ab Front 
Howell Deborah, 150 S 9th. 
Howell Eleanor, 20 Cherry. 
Howell Eli, omn. diiv., Llweyln's ct (K) 
Howell Eli, moulder, Reakiit's ct (K) 
Howell Eliza, b. h., 29 Mulberry. 
Howell Eliza H., confectioner, 147 N 2d. 
Howell EUzabeth, b. h., 9th ab Washington 
Howell Elizabeth, shop. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Howell Elizabeth, washer, Libei-ty ct 
Howell E. B., milliner h dressmr., 387 Sassafras 
Howell Frances, Wood ab 10th. 
Howell George, lab., 160 Queen 
Howell George, mer., 116 Chestnut, h 51 Pine 
Howell George G., collector, S W Rugan and 

Howell George M., hatter, 4th ab Green 
Howell Henry C, mer., 165 Hig'h, h Noble bel 

Howell Isaac, lab., rear 23 Tammany 
Howell James, gent., 302 N 3d. 
Howell John A., mer., 116 Chestnut, h Sch. 5th 

bel George. 
Howell John C, blacksmith, 8 Juniper alley 
Howell John C, painter, 12 Lagrange. 
Howell Jonas, moulder, Buttonwood ab 13th 
Howell Joseph, mer. 88 Chestnut, h 217 Spruce 
Howell J. &, Co., hides & leather, 88 Chestnut, 
Howell Lemuel, cordw., 123 New Market 
lloweU Lewis, blacksm., 13th ab Wallace 
Howell Louisa, furnishing store, 93 Chestnut 
Howell Marj' P., Blackhorse alley 
Howell Matilda, washer, 5 Providence ct 
Howell Matthias, blacksmith. Melon bel 13th 
Howell Phebe, Mrs. 121 Noble 
Howell Richard, oysters, 6 Locust. 
HoweU Riciiard, cordwainer, 19 Charlotte 
Howell Richard G., carp., Dunton bel Franklin 
Howell Richard L., deputy collector, custom- 
house, h Filbert & Sch 7th. 
Howell Robert, hatter, 78 S 3rd, h 10th bel 


Howell R., mer, 88 Chestnut 

Howell Sarah, 10 Lagrange pi 

Howell & Smith, blacksmiths, 8 Juniper alley 

Howell S. Mrs., b h, 293 Chestnut 

Howell Wm., rear Hanover bel Frankhn (K) 

Howell Wm. H., mer., 207 S 9th 

Howell Wm. H., mer., 20 N 4th, h 8th bel Pine 

HoweU Wm. T., mer., 181 High, h319 Sassafras 

Howell William T. & Co., hardware, 181 High. 

Howell Zachariah, carpenter, 522 N Front 

Howell Z. C, mer., 116 Chestnut, h Sch 5th bel 

Howett Danl., blacksm., 6 Peai"l bel Sch 7th 
HoweyBenj., blacksm., 18 Catharine 
Howey Isaac, tobacconist, 375 S Front, h 14 

Beck pi 
Howey Hillman, seaman, S WAlmond 8c Swanson 
Howley Patrick, iron store. South bel Pine 
Howorth Gershom, furn., 172 Sassafi-as 
Howshall James, gent, 4 Cypress 
Howshall John, porter, 4 Cypress 
Hoxsie S. K., stone cutter, Sch. 2d & Chestnut, 

h Chestnut n Sch 2d 
Hoy Francis, botanic Dr., 9th ab Ogden 
Hoy James Jr., mer., 11 S Water, h 4 Clinton sq 
Hoy Jolin, painter. Beach bel Chestnut 
Hoy Mrs. R., milliner, F. road ab Bedford (K) 
Hoy Thomas, spooler, Wistar's ct 
HOY & WHITE, grocers, 11 S Water 
Hoyland Wm., gent., 172 Shippen 
Hoyle Michael, lab.. Pearl ab Sch. 8th 
lloyt Daniel, engineer, 13th ab Poplar 
HOYT F. A., boys' clothing, 264 Chestnut, h 7 

Jefferson row 
Hoyt John, gent., 523 Chestnut 
Hoyt P. J., carp., Olive bel 13th 
Hubbard Charles, painter, 62 N 10th, h "11th 

bel Green. 
Flubbard John, plasterer. Wood ab Sch 6th. 
Hubbard J. F., tailor, An^ ab Sch; 6th 
Elubbard Wm., bricklayer, Carlton n Sch 3d 
Hubbard Wm., grave digger. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Hubbard Willis, mer., 4 Church al, h 31 Mul- 
Hubeli Jacob, hotel, N W O. Y. road and Green 
Hubbell Caroline, dressmr. 315 S 2d 
Hubbell F. W., att'y & coun., 92 S 4th 
Hubbell H., att'y & coun., 115 S 6th, h 10th ab 

Hubbell Saml., carpenter, 79 M road. 
Hubbell Wm. W., atty. and coun., 73 S 4th 
Hubbert Benjamin, cordw., 56 Laurel 
Hubbert Elizabeth, matron, 2d ab Phoenix (K) 
Hubbert John, drayman, Hanover ab West 
Hubbert John, starch manuf., 2d ab Oxford 

Hubbert John A., starch manufr. F road bel 

Hubbert Wm; H., collector, 12 York ct. 
Hubbert Wm. T., starch manuf.. Phoenix below 

Hubens Andrew, distiller, 617 N 3d 
Huber David F., boot crimper, 405 S 2d 
Hubcr H. Jr., cutlery manf., 2 N 5th and R road 

& Sch 8th, h 7 Morgan. 




Huber Jacob, grocer, F road bel Tiedford 
HUBEK JAMES S., conveyancer, 145 AValnut 
Huber John, baker. Barker W. of Sch. 6th 
Huber John, tailor, 10 Scott's ct 
Huber Rudolph, driver, 9th bel Coates 
Huber Tobias, refectory, 16 S 6th, h 182 Vine 
Hubert Richard, lab., Fox ct 
Hubert Solomon, lab., 75 George 
HUBLEY JOHN A., Indian Queen, 15 S 4tli 
Hubhtz Francis, shocmr., rear 116 Uillwyn 
Huchins Edwin, carp., Centre ab Brown 
Huckel Benj., drug-g'ist, S E 5th and Lombard 
Huckel F. & Sons, chair makers, S E 5th and 

Huckel Jacob, dentist, 16 Lombai-d. 
Huckel Joseph J. dry goods, S E O Y road and 

Huckerby George, provison store, S E 6th and 

HUDDELL GEORGE H., rail road agent, S E 

11th & High, h7N 11th 
Huddell Martha, wid. of Joseph, 316 S Front 
Huddell Robert, commis. mercht., 5 Dock, h 19 

Huddell Washington A. mer., 80 Christian 
iJ adders JohnR., carpenter, 22 Franklin place, 

h 34 Wood. 
Huddleston Caroline A., milliner, 172 Chestnut 
Huddy Benjamin F., distiller, N E Willow and O 

Y road, h 55 O Y road 
HUDDY BENJ. F. & BROTHER, wines, &c., 

N E O. Y. road and Willow 
Huddy Henry, distiller, N E Willow and O Y 

Huddy William M. artist, N E 9th & Wallace 
Hudson George, painter, 13 M road 
Hudson James, alderman. Woodland (W P) 
Hudson John, gi-oCer, .[ones W Sch. 5th. 
Hudson John, carpet manuf. Marlborough ab 

Hudson John, printer, 294 S 5th 
Hudson John, lOtli bel Sp. Garden 
Hudson Joseph, lab. rear Jackson (S G) 
Hudson Joseph, weaver, Jefferson ab Front (K) 
Hudson Matthias, lab., rear 380 S 2d 
Hudson Philip, dyer, Jones W Sch 6th 
Hudson Robert, S E Green and Franklin 
Hudson Robert M., carpenter, Sch. 8th ab Par- 

rish, h Poplar ab 13th 
Hudson Saml., hatter, 57 N 6th, h Noble ab 8th 
Hudson Thomas, agent, Cheriy n Sch. 6th 
Hudson Thos., carp.. Poplar bel 9th 
Hudson Wm. paper carrier, Lewis E Sch 6th 
Hudson AVm. B., segarmr., Jefferson ab Sch 6th 
Hudspeth Wm., cordw.. Culvert ab 3d 
Huesman Augustus, tailor, Penn av 
Huestis Joseph, brushmr., 16 Mayland 
Huet Flavian, carp., 5 Herriges' ct 
Huet Langolf, doctor, 74 Spruce 
Huey Henry, Front bel Greenwich 
Huey James, tailor, 492 Coates 
Huey John, shoemr., Jones W Sch 5th 
Huey Samuel C. salesman, 13th bel Melon 
Huey Spencer, morocco dress., 60 New Market 

Huff David, lab., 11 W Cedar 

Huff & Husted, boot & slioemanuf., 137 High 

Huff Job, cordw., St. John bel George 

Huff John, shoe manuf., 137 High, h 155 N 13th. 

Huff Joseph, bricklayer, 14 Helmuth st 

Huff Michael, cordw. rear Mechanic ab George 

Huff Solomon, carp., 12th bel Coates 

Huffman Wm., carter, Jefferson n Sch 6th 

Huffnagle Adam, baker, 1 Washington ct 

Huff'nagle Casper, sugar boiler, rear Kessler's al 

Huffsey Samuel, glass blow., Wood ab Franklin 

Huflfsinger Elias, cordw., 39 Green 
Hufnal Adam, paper & rags. High ab Atherton 
Hufnal Benjamin, paper manuf., 201 N 3d 
Hufty Geo. M., machinist, Green ab 11th 
Hufty Joseph, engraver, 23 S 4th, h 13th ab 

Hufty Saml., engi-aver, 95^ Walnut, h 203 S 9th 
Hugg Charles, cordw., 332 S 2d 
Hugg Isaac, tailor, rear 324 S 5th 
Hugg Mary, shop, 70 Almond 
Hugg Wm., rigger, Franklin ab Shackamaxon 
Huggs Brazillai, porter, 95 Bedford 
Huggs Isaiah, lab.. Carpenter bel 9th 
Huggs Wm., waiter, 4 Flytax al 
Hughes Albei-t, plumber, 32 N 12th, h 17 Mont- 
Hughes Alexander, paper boxmr., 44 Prune, h 

Swarthmore pi 
Hughes Amer, gent., 69 Christian 
Hughes Amos P., piano fortemr., 13 E North 
Hughes Ann, gentw., 8 M road 
Hughes Ann, washer, 30 Burd's ct. 
Hughes Ann, gentw., 25 M road 
Hughes Ann, rear 277 CaUowhill 
Hughes Arthur, carp.. Loud ab 9th 
Hughes Bernard, lab., 2 Ulrich's row n 2d (K) 
Hughes Catharine, shop, 215 Shippen 
Hughes Charles, lab.. Drinker's ct. 
Hughes Charles D. 101 N 13th 
Hughes Chas. L., grocer, S E 2d and Mulberry, h 

260 S Front 
Hughes Clement, grazier, 469 S 2d 
Hughes Danl. painter, Shackamaxon bel Frank- 

Hughes Deborah A., milliner 446 Vine 
Hughes Edward, dyer. Chestnut n Beach 
Hughes Edward, dealer, 25 Walnut 
Hughes Edward, waterman, 5 Flickwir's ct 
Hughes Edward A. undertaker, 102 N 8th 
Hughes Edward D., grazier, 464 S 2d 
Hughes Felix, weaver, Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Hughes Francis, machin., Sch 7th ab Sassafras 
Hughes Francis, weaver, 10th bel Christian 
Hughes George, carter, rear 3 Gray's al 
Hughes George, tailor, 162 Sliippen 
Hughes Hannah, shop, Allen and Fraley's al 
Hughes Henry, tavern, 233 S 6th 
Hughes Jas. carp. Ontario ab Poplar 
Huglies Jas., plumber, 177 N 4th, h 56 Dillwyn 
Hughes James, 152 S 10th 
Hughes James, teacher, 89 N 9th 
Hughes John, i"ag dealer, 412 High 




Hug'hes John, cordw., Brown ab Cherry 

Hug'hes John, gi'ocer, 172 Locust 

Hug-hes John, 158 Wood. 

Hug'hes John, leather manuf., 240 S 4th. 

Hug-hes John, weaver, FrankHn ab Front (K) 

Hug-hes John, lab., Filbert ab Sch 4th 

Hug-hes John, tailor, 88 S 5th, h Callowhill bel 

Hug-hes John, baker, 3 Blunston's av 
Hug-hes John C, oyster house, F road ab Maiden 
Hug-hes John M., nautical store, 130 S Front 
Hug-hes Jos., captain, 20 Prime 
HUGHES JOSEPH B., mer., 6 N 5th, h Vine 

E Sch 8th 
Hug-hes Joslah, cordw., Brown bel 10th 
Hug-hes Matthew, waiter, Juniper bel Walnut 
Hug-hes Michael, labourer, rear Carlton bel Sch 

Hug-hes Owen, lab., Jones n Sch 4th 
Hughes Ower., lab., Carpenter ab 7th 
Hug-hes Patrick, lab., Brinton bel 13th 
Hug-hes Patrick, lab., Fitzwater ab Broad 
Hug-hes Richard, weav.. Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Hug-hes S. B. Mrs., b h, N W 5th & Prune 
Hughes Terrencc, lab., Glenats' ct (K) 
Hug-hes Thomas, lab., Nixon bel Callowhill 
Hughes Wm. barber, 58 N 6th 
Hughes Wm., undertaker & ven. blind manuf., 

102 N 8th, h 93 N lOtli 
Hughes William, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Hughes William, tavern, Lancaster turnpike, 

Hughes William F. flour and feed, M road & 2d, 

h 479 S 2d. 
Hughes W. W. coppersm., 712 E Lombard 
Huhn Charles, brickmaker, cor lOtli & Melon 

Huhn Daniel, grocer, N W 7th & Lombard 
Hulin George, M. D., 182 R road 
Huhn Henry, tailor, 59 N 2d 
Huhn John D., brickmaker, 533 High 
Huhn John R., brickmr., Bedford ab 13th 
Huhn Julianna, trimmings, 471 Chestnut 
Huley John, lab., 70 Christian 
Hulfish David, bootmaker, rear Brooke bel 

Hulfisli David, bootmr.. Hazel ab 11th 
Hulfish Ewen E. tailor, 81 N 6th 
Hulfish George W., tobacconist, 33 Brown 
Hulings Joel, wheelwright, 4 Clark (S) 
Hulings John, bookbinder, 4th ab Wharton 
Hulings Micliael, paper stainer, 44Pegg 
Hull Anna, wid. of Commodore, 337 Chestnut 
Hull Elias, hair cutter, 47 Chestnut 
Hull George, waiter. Eagle ct 
Hull John, baker. Spruce ab Sch. Front. 
Hull Tlios., clerk, 473 N 5th 
Hulme Thomas, 325 Walnut. 
Hulseman B. H., leather dealer, 34 Queen 
Hulscman Chri.stian, cordw. P road ab German 
Hulseman Christian, confectioner, 121 N 2d 
Hulseman Christian, l)aker, rear Brooke above 

Hulseman Daniel, shoemr., 44 P road 
Hulseman John, bootmr., 2 S 8th. 

Humburg Peter, druggist, S W 9th & Callow- 
Hume Wm. lab. Walnut E Sch 3d 
Hume Wm., brass founder, 2 Wilson 
Humelback Phihp, pedler, 5 Fetter la 
Humes George, blockmaker, Penn ab Marsh, h 

Maiden bel Beach 
Humes Harriet, 48 S 6th 

Humes James, labourer. Sycamore ab Spnice. 
Humes Jane, Lewis E Sch 6th 
Humes Murtha, moroc. dress., 8 Northampton ct 
Humes Robert, weaver, 42 W Cedar 
Humes Sarah Jane, 25 M road 
Humes Thos., morocco dresser, 19 W Cedar 
Humes Thomas, cordw., Callowhill bel Sch 2d 
Humes Thomas, lab. KorndafFer's ct 
Humes William M., paints & varnish, N W New- 
Market & Brown. 
Hummel Christopher, carp., Clinton ab Frank- 
HUMMEL JACOB, moroc. & leather, 3 S 3d,h 

529 N 3d 
Hummel Jacob, brassfounder, 102 Coates 
Hummel Matthias, cordw., 118 New Market 
Hummell Wendel, leather dresser, 5 Beaver 
Humphrey Daniel, mastmr.. Queen bel Marlbo- 

Humphrey Wm., butcher, Carlton & 13th 
Humphreys Charles, forw. & com. mer., rear 147 

Higli, h 369 Walnut 
Humphreys Charles, hatter, 220 N 3d 
Humphreys Daniel, tailor, Buist ct 
Humphreys Elizabeth, Cherry ab Duke (K) 
Humphreys Francis, engraver, 71 Chestnut 
Humphreys Jacob, ship carp. Cherry ab Queen 

Humphreys James, ship carp. Vienna ab Queen 

(K) • _ 

Humphreys James, ropemr. Washington ab 13th 
Humphreys John, iDricklayei', 280 Wood 
Humphreys Mary, 71 Franklin 
Hurnphreys Solomon, clerk. Park ab Walnut 

(W P) 
Humphreys S., mer., 5 Walnut, h 222 Mulberry. 
Hujnphreys Thos., Bedford bel Broad 
Humphreys William, boot maker, 5i7 S 5th 
Humphreys Wm. S. collector, Park ab Walnut 

Humphreys Wm. W., clerk, 292 Green 
Humphries John T., distiller, Vine n 13th 
Humphries Joseph, tailor, 166 S 3d 
Humphries Mary, dressmr., 166 S 3d 
Hundreth, Eakins & Co., People's Works, Front 

& Frankhn (K) 
Huneker Elizabeth, b h, Brown & Jones' al 
Huneker Francis waterman, 10 Mechanic's ct 
Huneker Francis, gardener, rear 3 Wall st 
Huneker John, liouse & sign painter, 77 Mul- 

beny, h 56 Brown 
Huneker Joseph, segarmr., Flower al, store SQ 

Hungerford James, waterman, Marlborough ab 

Hunn Geo., tnmkmr., Lafayette ab 9th 
Hunnaker Charles, 8 Jones W Sch 8th 




Hunneker & Brant, painters, 71 Mull^erry 
Hunsberg-er Christian S., tailor, rear 11 Mark's la 
Hunsberger John, trader, 9th bel Coates 
Hunsecker Abraham, mer. Brown bel Broad 
Hunssbery John, g'ent., 69 Nol)le 
Hunsworth John, mould. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Hunt Benjamin, dry g-oods, 304 Green 
Hunt Caleb, 252 N 5th 
Hunt Caleb S., bookseller, 44 N 4th, h 252 N 

Hunt Caroline, tailoress, 7 Sch av 
Hunt Charles, shoemr., 11th bel Cedar 
Hunt C. J., boots & shoes, 107 W High 
Hunt Georg-e, lab., G T road opp 5th 
Hunt Humphrey, cabinetmr., 36 Perry 
Hunt Israel, tailor, Hig-gins's ct 
Hunt James, vict., S E 6th 8c Buttonwood 
Hunt James, hats and caps, 346 N 2d, h 286 N 


Hunt John, oysterman, P road ab Cai-p enter 

Hunt John, hatter, 11 M road 

Hunt John, vict., Craig's ct (K) 

Hunt John, ropemr., 7 Hamilton pi 

Hunt Joseph, gent., 107 W High 

Hunt M., clothing-, 185 Shippen 

Hunt Philip, stone cutter, Sch. 3rd & High, h 

George ab Sch. 3d 
Hunt Robt., pianofortemanuf., Browni^el Broad 
Hunt Samuel, clothing, 246 Cedar ^ 
Hunt Sarah, g-eutw., Sumner ab Sch 7th 
Hunt Sarah, g-entw., 121 Walnut 
Hunt Thomas, manuf. of iron, Sch 6th below 

Hunt Thomas, cabinet maker, 109 N Front, 
Hunt Uriah, stationer, 44 N 4th, h 129 O Y road 
Hunt Uriah & Son, booksellers, 44 N 4th 
HUNT W. P., Mansion house, 122J S 3d 
Hunter Abm., grocer, NE 5th and Green, h 181 

Hunter Ahab, carp., Duke ab Cheri-y (K) 
Hunter Albert G., org-an builder, 41 Chester 
Hunter Amelia, 8th ab Christian 
Hunter Andrew, grocer, Shippen la 8c Shippen 
Hunter Benj., fishennan, 3d bel Poplar 
Hunter Brown, blacksm.. Amber abPhanix (K) 
Hunter Cath., 10 Lebanon 
Hunter Charles, livery stable, George ab 8th 
Hunter David, lab., Helmuth n Sch. 6th 
Hunter David, tailor, 27 Farmer 
Hunter David, stone cutter, 5 Demery's ct 
Hunter David, lab., 11 Quince 
Hunter Eliza C, milliner, Sch 3d 8c Spruce 
Hunter Ehza E. dressmr., 97 N 9th 
Hunter Esther, widow, 12 North 
Hunter Frederick S., mer., 193 High 
Hunter George, lab., 263 N Front 
Hunter Georg-e, lab., Bedford bel Union (K) 
Hunter Geo W., moulder, G T road bel 6th (K) 
Hunter George W., Mulberry n Sch 7th 
Hunter Isaac, cabmr., 5 Allen (K) 
Hunter James, watchman; 53 Peny 
Hunter James, carter, Richard 
Hunter James, gent, 478 S 4th 
Hunter James, 345 Walnut 
Hunter James W., cabinetmr., 135 S 2d 

Hunter John, plasterer, 334 Pine. 

Hunter John, ropemr., rear Queen ab Palmer 

Hunter John C, gasfitter, 14 S 8th, h Pine ab 

Hunter John C, grocer, N E 8th 8c Shippen 
Hunter John R., gent., 386 Vine 
Hunter Mary, Lewis ab Poplar 
Hunter Mary, shop, Bedford ab 6th 
Hunter Mary Ann, Rush's ct 
Hunter Rebecca, dressmaker. State n Sch. 8th 
Hunter Samuel, manuf.. Pine n Sch. 
Hunter Samuel, dentist, Green and 8th 
Hunter Samuel, lab., Kinley's ct 
Hunter Samuel, lab., Lombard n Sch Front and 

William (K) 
Hunter S. V. R., dry goods, 28 S 2d ■ 
Hunter Wm., M. D., 27 S Sch 6th 
Hunter William, cordw., Callowhill ab Sch 8th 
Hunter William, lab., Lombard n Sch 7th. 
Hunter Wm., lab., Walnut n Sch 3d 
Hunter Wm., morocco dresser, 33 N 3d, h Ed- 
ward n WiUiam (K) 
Hunter William A., tailor, 75 N 6lh. 
Hunter Wm. C, 150 S 6th 
Hunter Wm. C, tailor, Clymer ab 6th 
Hunter Wm. M., Capt. U. S. N., Mulberry n 

Sch 7th 
Hunterson Adam, ropemr., 2 S 9th 
Hunterson Henry, tavern, S W 11th 8c Cedar 
Hunterson John, shoemr., 195 N 10th 
Hunterson John, jr., 195 N 10th 
Huntington' Thomas, broker, 10th bel Cedar 
Huntley John, book binder, 12| Minor, h 

Brown ab 10th 
Huntley Susan, rear 27 Cresson's al 
Huntly Robert, blacksmith, 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Huntswortli Anne, b h. Front bel Franklin 
Huntzigker Danl., tobac. Poplar ab 10th 
Hupfeld C. F., prof music, 12 S 9th, h49 Fil- 
Hupfeld C. F. jr., music store, 12 S 9th, 
Hupfeld C. F. Sc Son, music store, 12 S 9th 
Huplet Henr}^, cabinetmr., Franklin ab Hano- 
ver (K) 
Huplits Wm., cordw., 23 Charlotte 
Huquenell Elizabeth, 29 Filbert 
Hurbut Frances, Korndaff'er's ct 
Hurlbut Wm., 22 Logan's sq 
Hurlburt Ebenezer, carter, China bel 2d 
Hurley Aaron A., agent, 218 Spruce 
Hurley George, confect., 608 S 2d 
Hurley Margaret, b. h., 154 N Water 
Hurley Michael, weaver, 5 Pratt's ct. 
Hurley Patrick, bootmr., 100 Apple 
Hurley Timothy, manf, McDuff'y n Sch 2d 
Hurley Wm., coachman, rear 122 N 4th 
Hurlick William, collector, 3 Short ct. 
Hurlock Wm., blacksmith, rear Elk (K) 
Hurst Charles, tailor, 74 George 
HURST EDW., att'y 8c notary public, 6 Libra- 
ry, h S E 6th and Prune 
Hui'st Eli, com. mer., 26 Lombard 
Hurst Hannah, 210 Shippen. 
Hurst Jacob, cordwr., G T road bel Jefferson 




Hurst John, carp.. Loud bellOth 

Hurst Joseph G., tailor, 60 Garden 

Hurst Wm., shoemr., 26 Lombard 

Hurst Wm., carp.. Cedar ab 11th 

Hurst Wm., shoemr.. Queen bet 4th & 5th 

Hurstman Wm., g-unsm.. Mechanic bel George 

Hurtmeyer Jos., weaver, Duke bel Wood (K) 

Hurtt James H., ven. blind mr., Queen Sc Ross' 

court (K) 
Husbach Richd., cloth weav., Front bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Husband George, carpenter, Sch 5th below 

Husband J. J., jr., architect, 128 Mulberry 
HUSBAND THOMAS, J., drug-gist, N E 3d & 

Husbands Clement M., 6 N Sch 6th 
Husbands J. L., conveyancer, 141 Walnut, h34 

S Sch 8th 
Husbands V., lab., Hank's ct 
Huss John, seaman, 239 S Front 
Husselbock John, tinsmith, Charlotte ab Cul- 
Hussey Margaret, shop, 20 Almond 
Husted Dayton, shoe mer., 137 High, h 206 N 

Husted Henry, waterman, Paul bel 7th 
Husted Jonatlian, 6 Rogers' ct 
Husted Samuel, shoemr., West ab Cherry (K) 
Husted Webster, bootmr., Perkenplne's ct 
Husted Wm., mariner. Front ab Washington 
Huston Alexander, carpenter, 7 Marion. 
Huston Charles, M. D., 27 S 10th 
Huston Edmond, cab. mr., 109 Melon 
Huston Eliza, gentw., 122 N 9th. 
Huston Elizabeth, 108 Chestnut 
Huston Elizabeth, Say ab Sch 8th 
Huston John, dyer, Front bel Phoenix (K) 
Huston Joshua, waiter, 24 Currant al 
Huston Robt., blacksmith, Prospect al 
HUSTON R. M., M. D., 1 Girard. 
Huston Samuel, mer., 33 Church al 
Huston Seth C, M. D., Sch 5th n Cherry 
Hutchings Samuel, umbrella mr., 5 Jenning's 

Hutchings Wm., cordw., 4 Clair 
Hutchins Daniel, waiter, Rose al (C) 
Hutchlns James, waiter, 4 Little Pine 
Hutchins John, stove fin., Poplar bel 6th 
Hutchins Jos., spinner, Cadwalader ab Franklin 
Hutchins Rebecca, 300 St John 
Hutchinson Ann, 9 Providence ct 
Hutchinson Benjamin, atty. and coun., 648 N 

Hutchinson Ben. P., stock broker, 2 Merchants' 

Exchange, h S W Spruce and Quince 
Hutchinson Charles, coffee roaster, 61 Sassafras 
Hutchinson Charlotte, 6th ab Poplar 
Hutchinson Darius, carter, 3 Washington 
Hutchinson D. L., broker, 3^ S 3d, h 388 Mul- 
berry ab 13tlv 
Hutchinson Elijah, waiter, 71 George 
Hutchinson Enoch R., mer., 143 High 
Hutchinson George, lab., 9 Mechanic (F M) 
Hutchinson Hugh, carp., 170 Spruce 

Hutchinson I. Pemberton, gent., 366 Spruce 
Hutchinson Jacob, varnisher, 12th bel Green, measurer, 58 S 12th. 
Hutchinson James, blacksm.. Queen bel Pal- 
mer (K) 
Hutchinson James H., inspector, 52 S 12th 
Hutchinson John, milkman, (M V.) 
Hutchinson John, carter, 6 Juniper la. 
Hutchinson John, shoemr., 12 Little Water 
Hutchinson John, dyer, 2 Mechanic (F M) 
Hutchinson Joseph, saddler. Front ab Phoenix 
Hutchinson Joseph, carpenter, rear 10th n Ship- 
pen, h 225 S 9th 
Hutchinson J. Pemberton, jr., mer., 10th below 

Hutchinson Margaret, 7th and Orange, 
Hutchinson Mary, 110^ Filbert 
Hutchinson M. P., M. D., 423 Sassafras 
Hutcliinson Pearson, grocer. Linden and Green 
Hutchinson Randal, atty., 10th bel Fitzwater. 
Hutchinson Robert, currier, 7 N 5th, h 146 S 

Hutchinson Samuel H., gent., 5th & Haverford, 

M Village 
Hutchinson Sarah, confect., Lombard bel 13th 
Hutchinson Thos., carp.. Sycamore, h 146 S 7th 
Hutchinson Thos., agt., Washington bel 10th 
HutchinsQ^ William, mason, 237 Wood. 
Hutchinsoi Wilham, cabinet makei', Marshall & 

Hutchinson Wm., mariner, 397 S 4th 
Hutchinson Wm., carter. Woodland (W P) 
Hutchison John, drayman, 6 Washington pi 
Hute Catharine, shop, 330 N Front. 
Hute John, 330 N Front 
Hutson John, cordw.. Front & Federal 
Huttelson Peleg, sea capt., 102 Catharine 
Huttenloch G.,'lab., Palmer & West (K) 
Huttenloch Michael, lab., Coates bel Broad 
Hutton A. B., Principal Deaf and Dumb Inst., 

Pine & Broad 
Hutton Edwin, painter, George bel 5th 
Hutton George, clerk, Garden and Button- 
Hutton John, carter, Penn bel 12th 
Hutton Moses, clerk, N. L. Bank, h 212 Green 
Hutton Samuel, clerk, 5 Jenning's row 
Hutton Thomas H., mer., 94 High 
Hutton William, coppersmith, 49 German. 
Hyatt James G., cordw., Thompson ab 4th (K) 
Hyatt James G., cordw^. Walker's ct (K) 
Hyatt WilUam E., corder, 55 N wharves, ]\ 

Hyde Francis, baker, 314 N 5th 
Hyde Joseph, liiachinist, 1 Fetter la, h 8 Cres- 

son's al 

Hyde Lawson, flour inspec, 367 Cedar 
Ilyer Alexander C, mer., h 202 Callowhill. 
Hylind John, block & pumpmr., rear 43 Coates 
Hyland Patrick, lab., 226 N Water 
Hyndman Stuart, weaver, rear 2d ab Master 
Hyndman Wm., carpet weaver, 2d above Je- 

ferson (K) 

HYNEMAN CHAS. F. hotel, N W 6th and 
Carpenter (C) 





Hyncman John, Franklin ab Green 
Hyneman Joseph, tailor. Poplar ab 3d 
Hj'neman Leon, cigars 8c tobacco, 149 N 3d, h 

222 N 2d 
Hyneman Moses, diy goods and trimmines, 223 

Hynson Matthew, tailor, rear 117 Christian 
Hyser Samuel, gain smith, rear 461 N 3d 
Hyser & Stover, milliner, 65 W. Sassafras 
Hyzer James, currier. Palmer ab AVest (K) 

Ibbotson H J., mer., 18 Commerce 

Ibbotson Jane, rear 1 Clark 

Iddings R. J., mer., 35 Chestnut, h S W Franklin 

and Vine 

goods, 35 Chestnut 
Ide Geo. B., Rev., 345 Mulberry 
Iden Thomas, carp.. Poplar b el Broad 
Idler Charles, band box mr., 309 High 
Idolet John, pilot, c Front and Almond 
lehle John G., tailor, 337 N 6th 
Ifill Samuel, Sch 8th ab Cherry 
Her Folbert S., pilot, 21 Swanson 
Ilgee Wm., machinist, 10 Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Illman Henry, music printer, 194 High, h 21 

Illman & Sons, engrav. & printers, 194 High 
Illman Thos, engraver, 194 Higli, h 26 Morgan 
Illman W., cop. pi. printer, 194 High, h Locust 

n Broad 
Imbrie James jr., mer., 1 Church al, h 64 S 13th 
Imkenberg Henry S., cabinetmr. 395 S Front 
Immel Catharine, gentw., c 3rd & Cherry 
Incledon John, bricklayer, Lombard n Sch 4th 
Indinbrock Henry, moulder, Orange bel Melon 
IngersoU Benjamin, carp., 36 Christian 
IngersoU Benj., waterman, M road bel Wash- 
IngersoU Catharine, gentw., Sch 7th ab Spruce 
IngersoU Charles, atty. & coun., 136 Walnut. 
IngersoU Charles J., atty. & coun., 130 Walnut 
IngersoU Edward, att'y & coun., 34 S 5th 
IngersoU H., lieutenant U. S. Navy, 250 Chestnut 
IngersoU Jane, gentw.. Bank ab I^ombard 
INGERSOLL JARED, atty. and coun.. Walnut 

ab 6th 
IngersoU Joseph R., atty. & coun., 77 S 4th. 
Ingerson John, watchman. Locust and Sch 3d 
Ingham Hen. cabinetmr., Julianna ab Callowhill 
Inghram Saml., agricultural instruments. High 

h Sch 6th bel Mulberry 
Ingleman Jos., confec, 6 Jones W of Sch 8th 
Ingraham E. D., atty. & coun., 6 York Build- 
Ingraham George, carp., rear 1 Bread 
Ingraham James, carp., Callowhill ab 13th, h 

284 Wood 
Ingram A., Brinton bel 11th 
Ingram Charles, b. h., 143 N 2d 
Ingram C. L., confect., 67 N 8th 
Ingram Jane, wid. of Archibald, Dorothy W 
Sch 4th 


Ingram John, weaver, 583 N 3d 

Ingi-am John, cordw., Ragg's ct (S) 

Ingram John H. bookbinder, 372 Vine 

Ingram Mary, washer, 28 Prosperous al 

Ingram Robert, bookbinder, 42 Jacoby 

Ingram Thomas, dentist, 72 Sassafras. 

Ingram Thomas, watchman, 372 Vine. 

Ingram William, weav., Cadwalader ab Franklin 

Ingram Wm. clerk, 77 Mulberry 

Ingram Zadoc, carp., 13th bel Buttonwood, h 

514 Vine 

Innes Samuel P., potter, F road n Queen. 
Innes Wm., block cutter, Swanson ct 

goods, 116 High 
Inskeep Sarah S., b h, N E 4th & Mulberry 
Inskeep Wm. H., mer., 116 High 
INSLEE J. A. real est. brok., 64^ Walnut ab 3d, 

h S Sch 8th ab Pine 
lorgenson I. P. tailor, 5 Exchange pi, h 63 Dock 
IREDELL THOMAS, farmers' hay market, 6thi 

ab Brown 
Irelan John W. wood wharf, S E Shippen and 

wharf, h n Almond st wharf 
Ireland Deborah, 6 Duke 

Ireland Edward P., cordw., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Ireland Elizabeth J. 11 Providence ct 
Ireland Francis, machinist, Wharton bel 5th 
Ireland George, 50 Brown, h 413 N Front 
Ireland George & Son, vinegar, 50 Brown. 
Ireland James P., officer. Shield's ct 
Ireland Wm., moroc. dresser, Marlboro' & Bed- 
ford (K) 

Ireland Wm., lab., 19 Queen 

Ireland Wm., bookbinder, 37 New 

Ireland Wm., blacksmith, Korndaffer's ct * 

IRELAND WILLIAM F., Aid., 48 Brown, h 413 
N Front 

Irons Samuel, carp.. Front ab Reed 

Irvin Ellen, rear 535 Vine 

Irvin John, grain measurer, 20 Federal 

Irvin Thomas, brickmr., 210 Green 

Irvin Wm., M. D., druggist, 201 High, h 180 

Irvine Gerrard, carp., Shippen ab Broad 

Irvine James, turner, 11 Coates 

Irvine Robert W., Ill Wood 

Irving Hester, Mrs., 5 Sommers' ct 

Irving Mary, milhrier, 272 Callowhill 

Irwin Andrew, printer, 3d ab Clark 

Irwin Ann, trimmings, 230 S 2d 

Irwin Arthur, weaver, Shippen bel Bi*oad 

Irwin Deborah, miUiner, 323 Vine 

Irwin Edward, carp., n George Sch 8th 

Irwin Henry W., dentist, 277 S 2d 

Irwin James, carter, Coates ab 13th 

Irwin James, weaver. Perry bel Phoeiux (K) 

Irwin James, manuf 580 N 3d 

Irwin John, waterman, 5 Coates 

Irwin John H., mer., S W Front and Walnut, h 
258 Walnut 

Irwin Robert, weaver, 12 Bauersach's ct (K) 

Irwin Robert, weaver, 11 Philip (K) 
Irwin Robert, miller, M'Manemy's ct 

llrwin Robt., city watch, Ann n 12tji 




Irwin Eobt., shoemr., 172 Vine 

Irwin Samuel, combmr. 60 Almond 

Irwin Samuel, tobacconist, Fraley's al 

Irwin Samuel, grocer, N W lOth and Coates 

Irwin & Stinson, carders, 30 Dock 

Irwin Wm., weaver. Cedar ab 12th 

Irwin Wni., carp., Hamilton's ct 

Isaacs Eleazer, clothing-, 260 Cedar 

Isaacs Henry, whip and cane mr., Newton bel 

Isaacs Jane, 203 Catharine 
Isaacs Mark, optician, 309 S 6th 
Isaacs Solomon, clothing-, 336 N 2d 
Isard Charles, alderman, 3d and Catharine 
Isard Eleazer, seaman, 3d ab Catharine 
Isard Michael, shoemr., 411 S 2d 
Isard Mrs. E., 3d and Catharine 
Isbell Alonzo, manuf., Sch 8th ab Mulbeny 
Isby John, cooper, Swanson bel Queen. 
Iseming-er Georg-e, butcher. Turner 
Iseminger Sarah, shop, 2d ab Reed 
Iseminger Shubert, painter, 380 S 5th 
Isphordeng Anthony, grocer, S E Coates 2; St 

Israel Abraham, clothier, 202 Cedar 
Israel Abraham E., sexton, rear 1 Cherry 
Israeli Joseph H.. clerk bd. brokers, 55^ "Wal- 
nut, h 91 S 3d 
lungerich Louis, grocer, 12 Decatur, h 20 Castle 
lUNGERICH & SMITH, grocers, 12 Decatur 
Ivans Mary, 28 N Sch 8th 
Ives John, shop, 11th & Olive 
Ivins Aaron B., teacher, Marlboro' ab Duke (K) 
Ivins Ann, Chancery la 
Ivins Job, carp., 336 Coates 
Ivitis Rebecca, wid., 7th ab Parrish 
Ivins Wm. C, teacher, 168 Cherry, h 27 Melon 
Izard James, engineer, 76 Catharine 
Izner Daniel, cordw.. Wood ab Sch 8th 

Jack Ann Eliza, dressmr., N W 9th and Filbert 
■JACK C. J., atty. & coun., 12 N 7th. 
Jack John, compositor, 325 Vine. 
Jack Robert, grocer. Cedar ab 12th 
Jack William, coachmaker, 29 Prune, h Noble 

ab Franklin 
Jackson Alexr., manufactui'er. Amber ab Phoe- 
nix. (K) 
Jackson Alexr., constable, 5 Hauses' ct 
Jackson Amelia, 17 Elizabeth (N L) 
Jackson Andrew, ladies' shoemr., 510 Coates 
Jackson Anna, washer, Apple ab Brown 
Jackson Bartlej^, blacksmith, Franklin ab Wood 
Jackson Benjamin, carp., 557 Vine 
JACKSON CHARLES C, tailor, N E 5th and 

Mulberry, h 218 Cherry 
Jackson Charles W. mer. 4 N 3d, h 8 Crown(C) 
JACKSON CHARLES W. & CO., dry goods, 4 

Jackson Danl., baker. Barker n Sch 5th 
Jackson Danl., carman, 4 Poplar ct 
Jackson David, coachman, 3 White's ct 
Jackson David, boot and .shoemr., Kelly's ct 

Jackson David, coachman, George ab Sch 7th 
Jackson Edward F., mer., N E 3d and High, h 

118 Christian. 
Jackson Eli, lab.. Steel's ct 
Jackson Ellis, shuttlemr., 100 Charlotte 
Jackson Elizabeth, shop. Beach n Maiden (K) 
Jackson Elizabeth, 29 Paschall's alley 
Jackson Enoch, pilot, 19 Clark (S) 
Jackson Ezekiel, carp.. Pleasant bel 13th 
Jackson Ephraim, lab., Washington ct 
Jackson Eveline, washer. Ten Foot al 
Jackson E. B., trimmingmr., 7th and Callowhill 
Jackson Francis, Bedford ab 7th 
Jackson Franklin, printer. Nectarine n 10th 
Jackson George, nailmr., 39 Lily al 
Jackson Geo., plasterer, 21 Hubble ct 
Jackson George W., constable, 18 Garden 
Jackson Henrietta, Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Jackson Isaac, gent., 70 Marshall 
Jackson Isaiah, lab., Bedford bel CUfton 
Jackson Jacob, stevedore, 23 Christian. 
Jackson Jacob jr., mate, 23 Christian 
Jackson Jacob B. rear 9 Crown 
Jackson James, wool sorter. Gay's ct (K) 
Jackson Jas., tavern, Washington av-ab Green 
Jackson James, hosier. Queen ab Vienna 
Jackson James M. rigger, 22 Little Water 
Jackson John, dry goods, N E 13th & Filbert 
Jackson John, bootmaker. Willow ab Marshall 
Jackson John, machinist, William n Rose, h 

619 N 2d 
Jackson John, porter, Caledonia ct 
Jackson John, Poplar bel Broad 
Jackson John A., Harper's pi 
Jackson John D., loan office, 55 Pine 
Jackson John S., tui-ner, Washington ab M road 
Jackson Joseph, collector, 2 Hermitage pi 
Jackson Joseph, well digger. La Fayette bel 10th 
Jackson Jos., carp., 17 S Sch 6th 
Jackson Levi, lab.. Van Buren pi 
Jackson Louisa, gentw. Spruce ab Broad 
Jackson Phabe Ann, Ball al 
Jackson Rachel, 19 Schriver's ct 
Jackson Randolph, waiter, 20 Eagle ct 
Jackson Reb., sempstress, Davis' ct 
Jackson Rebecca H., 35 Garden 
Jackson Richard, clerk. Union ab Franklin 
JACKSON & ROSS, diy goods, N E 3d & 

Jackson Samuel, M. D., professor, 108 S 8th. 
Jackson Saml., pyrotechnist. Carpenter bel 3d 
Jackson Samuel, M. D., 30 N 9th 
Jackson Saml., currier, 526 N 2d 
Jackson Samuel, drug-gist, c 10th and Button- 
Jackson Samuel, machinist, 622 N 2d 
Jackson Saml., shop, Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Jackson Sarah, S W 5th and Mulberry 
Jackson Thomas, Caledonia ct 
Jackson Thomas, broker, 9 Green 
Jackson Thos., weaver, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Jackson Thomas, grocer. Perry & Phoenix (K) 
Jackson Thomas, die sinker, 271 N 5th 
Jackson Thomas S., stovemr., 131 N 6th 
Jackson T., boot & shoemaker, 364 N 6th 




Jackson Walter, 6th bel Carpenter 
.Fackson Washington, machinist, 31 Parker 
Jackson Wilford, Paschall's al 
Jackson William, broker, 61 Dock 
Jackson Wm. Kev. 205 S 2d 
Jackson Wm., mer., N W Hig-h &. 2d, h 43 Vine 
Jackson Wm., carp., 12 Jackson's ct 
Jackson Wm. A., confcct., M'Devitt's av (K) 
Jackson Wm. H., stove finisher, 419 N 6th 
Jackson W. H., grocer, Marshall and Parrish 
Jackway John, plasterer, G T road ab Laurel 
Jackway Samuel, plasterer, Apple ab Thompson 

Jacob Seaman, weaver, 10th ab Poplar 
Jacobs Ann, dealer, 9 Hickory ct 
Jacobs Benjamin, bart(?nder, Washington (WP) 
Jacobs Benj., huckster, 2 St Joseph's av 
Jacobs Brinton, steam saw mill, Cheny stvvhrf., 

Sch, h 520 Chestnut 
Jacobs Charles, U. States mint, h Sch 8th and 

Jacobs Daniel, stone cutter, rear 9th ab Coates 
* Jacobs Elizabeth, 31 Franklin 
Jacobs Frederick, tailor, James ab 10th 
Jacobs George, plasterer, Parrish bel 12th 
Jacobs G., 9th bel Washington 
Jacobs Henry, gardner, 3d ab Jefferson (K) 
Jacobs Henry, lab.. New Market ab Laurel 
Jacobs Isaac, furniture, 254 Cedar 
Jacobs Israel, furniture, 225 Cedar 
Jacobs James, lab., Webb's al 
Jacobs John, last mr., 322 N 3d 
Jacobs John, Sr., innkeeper, Washington (W P) 
Jacobs John, plasterer, Lydia bel William 
Jacobs Joseph, mer., 215^ High, h 50 Vine 
Jacobs Julius, mer., 16 Strawberry, h 314 N 3d 
JACOBS & KERSEY, steam saw mill, Cherry 

St whf., Sch 
Jacobs Lucretia, shop, 26 Elizabeth 
Jacobs Mary Ann, widow, Ball al 
JACOBS, MAYER & CO., mers., 215| High 
Jacobs Philip, teacher, 22 Cherry 
Jacobs Samuel, dry goods, 15 S 2d, h 12th and 

JACOBS S. W., carriage manuf., 12 Library 
Jacobs Thos., plasterer, 18 School 
Jacobs Thomas H., mer., 81 Dock, h 179 S 3d 
Jacobs Wm., carp., 428 N 5th 
Jacobs Wm. B., Callovvhill ab 11th 
Jacobson Letitia, tailoress, 25 Harmony ct 
Jacobus Edwd., cordw., rear 21 Charlotte 
Jacobus Jacob, blacksmith, 6 Lindle ct 
Jacobus Peter, turner, 6 Lagrange 
Jacoby Charles, cabinetmaker, 176 Sassafras. 
Jacoby Edwd., M. D., 149 G T road (K) 
Jacoby George L., mer., 109 Sassafras, h 163 
( N 4th 

109 Sassafras 
Jacoby Wm., lab., G T road & 6th (K) 
Jacoby Henry, porter, 2 Acorn al 
Jacoby John F., mer., 90 N 3d, h 60 O Y road 
Jacoby Samuel, potter, 6th ab Poplar 
Jacoby Solomon, cooper, rear 462 N 3d 
Jacot Celestin, casemr., 65 S 2d 

Jacot H. W., jeweller, 7 Weccacoe 

Jacot Wm., mer., 34 Commerce 

Jacquin James, chemist. Chestnut (W P) 

Jaffers Wm., lab., rear Benton bel William (K) 

Jaggers John, machinist, 7th ab Poplar 

Jaggers Margaret, 8 Kenworthy's ct 

Jaggers Wm. collector, 52 Green 

Jahns Christian, 92 N 9th 

Jahraus Adolph & Jacob, bakers, 18 Christian 

Jahraus Adolph, baker, rear 416 S Front 

James Abel M., cordwainer, O Y road ab Brown 

James Albert, cordw.. Front and Catharine 

James Ann, 11 Lombard row 

James Charles, boat builder. Union n F road 

James Chas., bootmr., Fi-ont and Catherine 

James Chas. H., cooper, 8 Christian 

James Ebenezer, boot & shoemaker, High, bel 

Sch Front 
James Edward, porter, 172 Pine 
James Edwd., lab.. Orange ab Lemon 
James Francis, bookbinder, 19 Jefferson row 
James George, carter, Bickham n Sch. 7th. 
James Israel E., collector, 182 S 10th 
James Jer., tailor, 39 George 
James Jesse, carp., 468 N 3d 
James John F., actuary Girard Life Ins. Sc Trust 

Co., 159. Chestnut 
James John M. ladies' shoemr., 172 Poplar 
James John O., mer., 146 N3d, h 135 Dillwyn 
James John R., combmaker, 27 Merchant 
James John T., post office, 163 Poplar 
James Joseph, mason, 41 Brandywine st 
James Joseph, cordw., 19 Jefferson row 
James Jos., v/hip mr., Marlboro ab Frankhn (K) 
James Judy, 236 Lombard 
JAMES, KENT & SANTEE, mers., 146 N 3d 
James Levi, waiter, George ab Sch 7th 
James Lewis T. blacksmith. Queen (K) 
James Lewis T., blacksm.. Odd Fellows' HalJ 

James Marshall, mer., 83 N Water, h 294 Cherry 
James Mary, 201 Pine. 
James Martin, 181 Vine 
James Mason, stone ma.. Poplar ab 4th 
James Mrs., wid of Isaac W., tavern, 140 N 2<1 
James Peter, corker, 219 Shippen 
James Peter, mer., 79 High 
James Richard, lab.. Wood bet Sch. 6th & 7th. 
James R. P., tax collector, 75 Cherry 
James Samuel M. bricklayer, 13tli bel Lombard 
James Samuel N. & Co. druggists, O Y road & 

James Simon, boxmr. G T road n Jefferson 
James Steph. tin plate & sheet iron, 218 Cal- 

James Thomas, cordw.. Ill Brown 
James Thomas, N W 5th & Parrish 
James Thomas C. wheelwright. Beach below 

James Thomas C, mer., 135 S Front 
James Thomas D., teacher, SW llth&Hiefea 

h 66 N 11th 
JAMES THOMAS P., druggist, 212 High, h 

4th & Wood 
James Westley, brickmr., Shippen ab 12th 




James Wm., lab.. Walnut n Beech 
James Wm. carter, Bickham W Sch 8th 
James Wm. H., com. mer., Broad ab Mulberry, 

li 4 Library 
James Wm., shoemr., George n Sch 7th, h High 

E of Sch 2d 
Jamison A., musician, Rugan n Willow 
Jamison G. W., Dr., 357 E Pine 
Jamison John, cabmr., 25 Library 
Jamison Pryor P., cordw., Mechanic ab Culvert 
Jamison Robt., drayman, Cherry and Sch od 
Jamison Thos., cabinetmr., 2d and Queen 
Janeau Margaret, matron, 42 Prune 
Janes Abel, tavern, 211 N Front 
Janeway Thomas L. Rev., 104 Marshall 
Janke John N., teacher, 17 N 12th 
Janney Ann, 89 Wood 
Janney Benjamin S., M. D., 334 N 6th. 
Janney Benj. S. Jr. mer., 239 High,h 121 Wood 
Janney Israel, gent., 7th ab Noble. 
; Janney Jas., lum. mer., 273 Green 
Janney O. S., drug broker, S E Front 8c Chest- 
nut, h 72 N lllh 
Janton John, bootmr., 86 N 4th 
Janvier Francis, clerk, 126 Catharine 
Janvier Samuel W., sea capt., 442 S Front 
Jaques Jame.s, engineer, 76 S 2d 
Jaquett Azell, Crown bel Bedford (K) 
Jaquett Catharine, 438 N 4th 
Jaquett Nathan, carp., Shackamaxon bel Bed- 
ford (K) I 
Jarbo Jos., coal deal., Brown bel Front 
Jaxden Catharine, 54 S 11th 
Jarden Charles, cordwainer, 157 S 9th 
Jarden Jacob, brickmaker, 206 N 11th 
Jarden John, marble yard, 226 S Front, h Cher- 
ry n Sch 6th 
Jarden M., trimmings, 385 Sassafras 
Jarden Robert, Sr., gent., Callowhill ab 12th 
Jarden Samuel, gent., 11 City row. 
Jarden William, brickmaker, S Garden above 

Jardine James, tailor. Poplar ab 7th 
Jardine John, hatter, 317 N 3d 
Jardine Wm., weaver, Fulton ab 12th 
Jarman Ezekiel, bricklayer, 99 Poplar 
Jarman E. Samuel, capt., 9th ab Coates 
Jarman Jona., lab., 163 N Front 
Jarman Reuben, b. h., 31 Coates 
Jaroslawski Leopold & Brother, tailors, 188 

Jarrett Rebecca, b h, Green ab 9th 
Jarvis Benj., bricklayer, 290 Coates 
Jarvis C, teacher of music. Pine ab 10th 
Jarvis John, lab. Budden's al 
Jarvis Robert, plasterer, 11 Dugan 
Jarvis Wm. H., shoemr., rear 7 Elfreth's al 
Jasney Isaac, clothing, 153 South 
Jatho Ferdinand, cabinetmr., 83 N 5th 
Jaudons & Mnson, nail warehouse, 9 N 5th 
JauflTert C. G., baker, Callowhill n Sch William 
Jauretche Peter, mer., 261 S Front, h Spruce 

bel Broad 
JAYNE DAVID, M. D., drug., 8 &, h 20 S 3d 
Jayne Ebcnezer, carp, 157 S3d 

Jeanes Amos, coal mer., Hig-h st whf., h Filbert 

h Sch 6th 
Jeanes Charles, carp., Francis (F V) 
Jeanes Isaac, fruiterer, 6 Chestnut 
Jeanes Isaiah, gent., 208 N Front 
Jeanes Jacob, M. D., 175 Vine 
Jeanes Joseph, h 208 N Front 
Jeanes Joseph, mer., 9 S Front 
Jeanes Joshua T. mer. 85 High, h 208 N Front 
Jeanes & Morris, fruiterers, 9 S Front 
JEANES S. & CO., dry goods, 85 High 
Jeanes S., mer., 85 High, h 208 N Front. 
Jeanes & Scattergood, fruiterers, 28 S whfs 
Jeanes Thomas, fruiterer, 28 S whfs 
Jeans Ann, teacher, F road ab Otter 
Jefferies David, jeweller, 495 S 2d 
Jefferies M., fancy goods, 19 S 9th 
Jefferies Wm. W., carp., 13 Peny 
Jefferis Edw. G., fancy goods, 55^ N 8th 
leffers Alexander, watchman. 119 N Juniper. 
Jeffers Jane, sewer, Jones E of Sch 5th 
Jeffers John H., carp. Logan bel Wallace 
Jeffers Perry, moulder, 7 Maiy's ct * 

Jefferson Edmund A., clerk, 3 Wagner's ct 
Jefferson John, baker, 6 Swanson ct 
Jeffery Ann, corset makei', 5 S 6th. 
Jeffery John C, vict.. Brown bel 12th 
Jeffery Mary, 458 S I'ront 
Jeffras Daniel, gentleman, 486 N 4th. 
Jeffras Sarah Mrs., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Jeffrey Daniel, carter. Poplar bel 8th 
Jeffrey John, waiter, 176 Locust 
Jeffrey John, supt., Sch 7th ab Cherry 
feffrey Robert, stone mason, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Jeffries Benj. M. coachmi'. 7 Green (C) h 188 

Jeffries Daniel, stables, 19 Bread 
Jeffries Emmor D., ornamental painter, 3 Fe- 
Jeffries George, coach maker, 31 Spruce 
Jeffries Hester, whitewasher, 35 Bonsall 
Jeffries James, coach spring maker, Lodge ab 

8th, h 8th bel Coates 
Jeffries John, victualler, Buttonwood bel 10th 
Jeffries Joseph, brickmr., G T road ab 5th 
Jeffries J., & Son, coach spg. makers, Lodge 

ab 8th 
Jeffries Robert, ropemr. Rye ab Reed 
Jeffries Samuel, flour dealer, Catharine ab 6th 
Jeffries Thos., oak cooper, Cadvvalader ab Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Jeffries Thomas J., spring mr., Lodge ab 8th, h 

293 N 8th 
Jeffries Wm. ropemr. Washington ab I3th 
Jeffries Wm., porter, 98 Gaskill 
Jeffris Thomas, cordwainer, 22 Callowhill 
Jeffry Wm., car driver, rear Rose ab School (K) 
Jellett Thos., blacking mr., rear 92 St John 
Jemison S. A.,, 116 N 9th 
Jenkins Benj. fruiterer, N W 6th & Spruce, h 

Callowhill n Sch 2d 
Jenkins Caldwell C, carp., 31 Farmer, h Wood- 
land (W P) 
Jenkins & Coulter, boot blacks, 8 S 8th 
Jenkins Edward, pyi-otechnist, 4 Hubbell 




Jenkins Edw. J., jeweller, 7 N 9th, h 3 Bonsall 
Jenlcins Henry, 69 Franklin 
Jenkins Hunn, mer., 150 High, h 17 Branch 
Jenkins Israel, carp.. Wood Bel West (K) 
Jenkins Jacob, plasterer, Mon-is ab Christian. 
Jenkins Jacob, tanner, rear Paschall's al 
Jenkins Jabez, 244 Hig-h, h 7 Palmyra sq 
Jenkins James, tailor, Woodland (W P) 
Jenkins James B., barber, 4 N 13th 
Jenkins John, chair store, Penn ab 13th 
Jenkins John, carp., 25 Franklin pi 
Jenkins John, mason, Edward bel 2d (K) 
Jenkins John G., bookbinder, 11 Serg-eant. 
JENKINS JOHN P., Great Western, 485 High 
Jenkins J. C, grocer, 244 High, h 63 Spruce 
JENKINS J. & J. C, grocers, 244 High 
Jenkins Margaret, 13th bel Cedar 
Jenkins Mary, b h, 160 Vine 
Jenkins Nicholas, carman, Rachel bel Laurel 
Jenkins R. W., nurse, 318 Cedar. 
Jenkins Samuel, hosemr., 29 Castle 
Jenkins Sarah, 2 Eagle ct 
Jenkins Wallls W. tailor, 7 Hause's ct 
Jenkins Wm., harness mr., 268 N 8th 
Jenkins Wm. P. cordw., Marshall ab Poplar 
Jenks Abraham S. mer. 26 N 8th 
Jenks Daniel T., diy goods, 26 N 8th 
Jenks Edwin, blacksmith, 2 Gasklll 
Jenks John, engineer, Harrison pi 
Jenks Jonathan, ship joiner, Beach and Hano- 
ver, h Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Jenks Joseph R., gent., 188 Mulberry 
Jenks & Ogden, druggists, 106 N 3d 
Jenks Watson, mer. 65 N Water, h 11 Franklin 
Jenks W. J., druggist, 106 N 3d 
Jennens Thomas, brass founder, 173 S 5th 
Jenner Geo., Gray's ct 

Jenni Abraham, wheelwright. Jay bel Coates 
Jenni Michael, boot mr., 91 N Front 
Jenning Benj. F., saddler, Ogden bel R road 
Jennings John, weaver. Vine ab Nixon 
Jennings Napoleon, Sch 7tli bel Chestnut 
Jennings R:ichel, Wheat & Wharton 
Jennings Richard, gent., Washington ab 6th 
Jennis Lewis, b h, 11 Little Water 
Jenny Mathias, carp., Hope bel Phoenix (K) 
Jentz Fred'k Dr., 41 Shippen 
Jeppeson John, cabinet mr., Kelly's ct 
Jerman David, cooper, F road bel Master (K) 
Jerman Geo. W., missionary, 458 S Front 
Jerman James, waterman, 30 Reed 
Jermon James, grocei*, 2d ab Greenwich 
Jermon Joseph W., grocer, 6 South 7th 
Jerrar S., shop, Carpenter bel 9th 
Jerread Anna, 5 Elizabeth ct 
Jerrett Francis, stovemr., Hughes' ct 
Jerter John, blacksm., 7 Marion 
Jervis George F., actor, 9 Filbert av. 
Jervis Daniel, boxmr., Filbert n Sch 4th 
Jess Ruth Mrs., 30 N 5th 
Jester Elizabeth, milliner, 63 S 13th 
Jester Susannah, Carpenter ab 3d 
Jessup A. mer., 21 Commerce 
Jessup A. D., mer., 21 Commerce, h Washing- 
ton ab 9th 

Jessup & Moore, com. paper warehouse, 21 

Jewell George, bootmaker, 14 Flower 
Jewell Henry, cordw., Marriott ab 6th 
Jewell Jacob, lab., 31 Palmer 
Jewell J. B., paint. &glaz., 4 S 5th, h. 328 Vine. 
Jewell Leonard, mer., 3 Strawberry, h 124 N 9th 
Jewell Wilson,' M. D., 238 N 6th. 
Jinnings John, weaver. Vine n Sch 
Job Aaron, trader, 50 W Cedar 
Jobes Isaac H., brass nail maker, Carpenter n P 

Jobes Thomas B. mer. 19 Sergeant 
Jobson Joseph, rolling mill, Penn, (K) h 151 

Franklin ab Wallace S G 
Jobson Joseph & Co. rolling mill, Penn ab Pop- 
lar (K) 
Johann Matthew, soap and candle manf., Olive 

bel 13th 
John Charles A., port, painter, S W 8th 8c Mul- 
JOHN FREDERICK L., druggist, 118 Sassafras 
Johnes George W., mer., 153 High 
Johnes Peter, baker, 73 Lombard 
Johns Daniel, painter, 13th bel Melon 
Jolins John J., bricklayer, Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
Johns Jos., measurer, N W 11th & S Garden 
Johns Joseph S., mer., N E 4th and Mulberry- 
Johns Mary, 6th & Christian 
Johns Michael S., boots & shoes, 4 S 4th, h Wood 

bel 8th 
Johns & Payne, dry goods, N E 4th & Mulberry- 
Johns Thomas A., mer., 98 High, h Wood bel 8th 
Johns William, measurer. Pine W Broad. 
Johns William T., tobacconist, 8 S 5th, h 4'0 

Johnsen Edward, lab., 3 Callowhill 
Johnsen Elizabeth, 131 N Juniper 
Johnsen Isaac, plumber, 103 N Juniper 
Johnsen Jonathan, carp., 3 Drinker's al 
Johnson Abraham, coachman, Linden n Sch 6th 
Johnson Adam, brickmr., Sch 2d & Walnut 
Johnson Alex., lab., Carlton bel Sch 6th 
Johnson Alex., blindmr., George bel 3d 
Johnson Alexander R., dentist, 231 Mulberry- 
Johnson Alex., W., gent., 7 Clinton sq 
Johnson Amos, lab., Goodwill ct 
Johnson Andrew, tailor, Dean ab Locust 
Johnson Andrew, lab., Lombard ab Sch 6th 
Johnson Alex., tallow chand., Wood ab Sch 8th 
Johnson Anna, 48 Currant al 
Johnson Aug., musician, rear 202 Lombard 
Johnson A., sea capt., 59 Prime 
Johnson Barbara, huckster, 4 Sanders' ct (K) 
Johnson Benjamin, tailor, 123 New Market 
Johnson Benj. F., clerk, 122 S 4th 
Johnson & Brancli, com. mers., 30 S whfs 
Johnson Caleb, Broad bel Walnut 
Johnson Caroline, 7 Hyde's ct 
Johnson Catharine, rear Carpenter ab 4th 
Johnson Cecilia, washer. Eagle ct 
Johnson Charles, lab., 6th bel G T road (K) 
Johnson Charles, saw manuf., 24 & h 67 Cherry . 
Johnson Charles, ink manuf., 10th bel Lombard, 
h 21 Jefferson row 




Johnson Chas., engineer, 365 S 6th 
Johnson Charles S., grocer, 25 N 11th 
Johnson Charles W., cooper, Olive ab ISth 
Johnson Charity, sempstress, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Johnson & Conaway, saw manf., 24 Cherry 
Johnson & Crowell, provisions, 8 N whfs 
Johnson Daniel, waiter, 14 Hurst 
Johnson Daniel, porter, 25 Giles' al 
Johnson Daniel, cooper, Paul ab 6th 
Johnson David, morocco dresser. Mechanic ab 

Johnson David, 202 S Water. # 

Johnson David, skin dresser, Marlboro' bel 

Johnson David, cordw., rear Dean ab Bedford 
Johnson Diana, washer, rear 335 S 2d 
Johnson Edward, moulder, Brown bel Front 
Johnson Edward, porter, 16 Washing-ton ab 11th 
Johnson Edward, Rev., 21 Hurst 
Johnson Edward, turner, 8 St George's ct 
Johnson Edward, lab.. Pearl ab 13th 
Johnson Edward, 34 New Ma;'ket 
Johnson Edward D., tobacconist, 195 Callowhill 
Johnson Edward H., capt., 94 Carpenter 
Johnson Edwin, lab., Crown n Bedford (K) 
Johnson Edwin, lab.. Pearl ab 13th 
Johnson Eliza, nurse, 23 Merchant 
Johnson Elizabeth, gentw., Harmstead st 
Johnson Elizabeth, 2 Schriver's ct 
Johnson Ellaya, tailor, Lombard ab Sch 2d 
Johnson Esther, washer, Bedford bel 12th 
Johnson & Evans, druggist, UN 5th 
Johnson Frederick F., carp., 13 Coombs' al, 

i-ear 15 Noble 
Johnson Gab'l, rigger, Swanson ab Washing-ton 
Johnson George, waiter, 23 Currant al. 
Johnson George, plasterer, 275 Wood 
Johnson George, Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
Johnson George, waiter, rear 89 S 6th 
Johnson George, cordw., Boyd's av 
Johnson George M., dyer, 132 S 11th. 
Johnson George P. dry goods, NW 2d & Prime 
Johnson George R., tinsmith, S W 7th &. Hig-h, 

h Button wood ab 12th 
Johnson Grace, washer, 8 Fothergill st 
Johnson & Green, att'ys. & couns., 4 Georg-e 
Johnson Hannah, b h., 20 Carter's al 
Johnson Hannah, 221 Wood ab 12th 
Johnson Hannah, Mrs., 10 Flower 
Johnson Harvey, ivory turner, 4 Hamilton's ct 
Johnson Helen, milliner, 195 S 7th 
Johnson Henrietta, 218 Shi])pen 
JOHNSON HENRY, oyster house, 109 Shippen 
Johnson Henry, mariner, Bedford bel 8th 
Johnson Henry, lab.. Carpenter ab 12th 
Johnson Henry, lab., 304 S 7th 
Johnson Heniy, conveyancer, 353 N 3d 
Johnson Isaac, lab. Carlton bel Scli 6th 
Johnson Israel H. mer. 36 & h 112 N Front 
Johnson Jacob, barber, 361 E Lombard 
Johnson Jacob, barber, R road bel Ann (F V) 
Johnson Jacob, dyer, 10 Sterling al 
Johnson Jacob, musician, Dean's al 
Johnson Jacob M., mer., 30 S whfs, h Washing- 
ton ab 9 th 

Johnson James, lab., rear 6 Locust 

Johnson James, carp., 16 Blackberry al 

Johnson James, cordw., 5 Mechanic 

Johnson James, china store, G T road ab Master 

Johnson James, painter, 265 Spruce 

Johnson James, carter, rear Wood ab Sch 6tli 

Johnson James, baker, 208 Buttonwood 

Johnson James, lab.. High W of Sch 3d 

Johnson James, porter, Lewis n Sch 6th 

Johnson James, cordw., rear 109 Queen 

Johnson James P., eating-Jiouse, 179 S 6th 

Johnson Jane, S W 12th &'*Cherry 

Johnson Jane S., 26 Plum st 

Johnson Jesse, moulder, Buttonwood W of 13th 

Johnson Jesse, cabmr., 43 Carpenter (S) 

Johnson Jesse H. carp. Master & Hope (K) 

Johnson John, lab., Parrish ab 7th 

Johnson John, wheelwright, Fitzwater ab 6th5 

h P road ab Catharine 
Johnson John, fisherman, Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Johnson John, shoemr., 95 R road 
Johnson John, carp., William opp Benton (K) 
Johnson John, lab., Sch 8th ab Callowhill 
Johnson John, weav., rear Charlotte ab Thomp- 
son (K) 
Johnson John, coachman, 155 Locust 
Johnson John, wheelwright, Lemon and 10th 
Johnson John, cordw., Marriott ab 5th 
Johnson John, druggist. New Market & Laurel 
Johnson John A., cordw. rear 116 Brown 
Johnson John D., chairmr., S E Dillwyn & Wood 
Johnson John G., huckster, 460 S Front 
Johnson John H., blacksmith, 12th bel Coates 
Johnson John H., cordw., 112 Brown 
Johnson John H., grocer, Lysle & Fitzwater 
Johnson John J., carp., Churcli ab Washington 
Johnson John M., shoemr., 51 S 11th 
Johnson John N., grocer, 63 S 2d 
Johnson John S., brushmr., 80 Green 
Johnson John T., carpt., 8 Lodge alley, h 7 

Johnson Jonathan, carter, 16 Helmuth. 
Johnson Joseph, lab. 2 Relief pi 
Johnson Joseph, mer. 77 S whfs. h 282 Filbert 
Johnson Joseph, confect. Pearl ab 13th 
Johnson Jos., real estate broker, 410 Vine 
Johnson Joseph, moulder, Carlton ab 13th 
Johnson Joseph, carp, rear Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Johnson Joseph, manuf , Chestnut ab William, 

(W P) 
Johnson Josephine, Vaughan ab Locust 
Johnson Josiah, 55 S 11th 
Johnson J. Warner, law bookseller, 197 Chest- 
Johnson Lavinia, sempstress, 8 Pryor's ct 
Johnson Lawrence, clerk. Poplar ab 8th 
Johnson Levi, capt. Sch 7th n Vine 
Johnson Limas, clothing, 74 S 2d, h 201 S 8th 
Johnson Lydia, Swede's ct 
Johnson L., stereotype founder, 6 Georg«, h 

275 Pine 
Johnson L. h. Co., stereotype found., 6 George 
Johnson Margaret, rear Wood ab Sch 6th 
Johnson Maria, cupr. and leech. 11th ab Coates 
Johnson Maria, dressmr., \.5 Coatei 




Johnson Martin, shop, S \V Sd & Queen 
Johnson Mary, wid., Plioenix ab G T road (K) 
Johnson Mary Ann, Pearl ab 13th 
Johnson Matt., lab. 2dab Mont_^omery (K) 
Johnson Misses, milliners, 206 Chestnut. 
Johnson Moses, 220 Mulberry 
Johnson & Neal, mers., 30 S whfs, and 53 

Johnson Nelson J., blacksmith, 163 N 7th 
Johnson Ovid F., atty. & coun., office 4 George, 

h 25 N ] 0th 
Johnson O. H. dry g-oods, 22 S 2d 
Johnson Patrick, waiter, 34 Quince 
Johnson Peter, doctor, Bedford ab 13th 
Johnson Peter, seaman, 52 George 
Johnson Peter, carp., Dillwyn ab WiUow, h 67 

Johnson Peter, clothes, 103 S 2nd, h Raspberry 

ab Spruce 
Johnson Peter, 269 Cherry. 
Johnson Peter, porter, German ab 3d 
Johnson Peter A., 32 Quince 
Johnson Philip, flour, 13th & Melon 
Johnson Rachel, Marriott ab 4th 
Johnson Reuben, carp., Sch 4th ab Chestnut 
Johnson Reuben, Fraley's ct (K) 
Johnson Richard, lab., Pleasant av 
Johnson Richard B., tuj-ner, 63 Walnut. 
Johnson Richard H., dmggist, UN 5th, h 100 

Johnson Robert, carp., 132 S 9th 
Johnson Robt., spinner, 5th bel Marriott 
Johnson Robert, sailmr. Gilles' al 
Johnson Rob., police officer. Sycamore n Spi'uce 
Johnson Robei-t, cook, 16 Little Pine 
Johnson Robert, waiter, 32 Burd's ct 
Johnson Robert S., ironmer., 5D 8c 52 N Front, 

h383 Mulberry 
Johnson Rowland, grocer, 8 N wharves, h 6 

Johnson Samuel, dealer, 21 Prosperous al 
Johnson Samuel, wire worker, 79 Catharine bel 

Johnson Samuel, flour mer., 446 Sassafras. 
Johnson Samuel, shoemr., 70 2d, h 64 M road 
JOHNSON SAMUEL P. C, mer., 30 S whfs 
Johnson Sarah, 178 Mulberry. 
Johnson Stacy U., Front bel Phcenix (K) 
Johnson Stansbeny, lab., Lawrence ct (K) 
Jolmson Stephen, mariner, ^2 Union st 
Johnson & SteiTett, chairmrs., 179 N Front 
Johnson Susan, washer. Eagle ct 
Johnson Susanna, Sch 8th bel Callowhill 
Johnson Theodore T. com. mer. 61 N whfs, h 

127 N Water, h 76 N 5th 
Johnson Thos., blacksm., 16 Gebhard 
Johnson Thos., watchman, Hign n Sch 3d 
Johnson Thomas, weaver, Pleasant bel 13th 
Johnson Thomas, weav. Lydia bel William (K) 
Johnson Thomas, baker, 182 N 13th. 
Johnson Thomas, shop, 5th ab Buttonwogd 
Johnson Thomas R., mer., 26 N 2d 
Johnson Thomas M. packer, Aydelott's ct 
Johnson Topliff", law bookseller, 197 Chestnut, h 
144 S 2d 

JOHNSON T. >fc J. W., law booksrs., 197 Chest- 
Johnson & Trimble, mers., 61 N whfs. 
Johnson Walter, brickmr. 13 Helmuth 
Johnson Walter R., prof'r.. Broad bel Chestnut 
Johnson Wm., confec, 262 S 4th 
Johnson Wm., trunkmr., 175 N 10th 
Johnson Wm., cordw., 17 Charlotte 
Johnson Wm., lab. 66 E Lombard 
Johnson Wm., ship caulker, Hanover ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Johnson William, blacksmith, Sheaff 's al. 
Johnson AViUiam, shoemr., 60 N 5th. 
Johnson AVilliam, manuf., G T road & Master 
Johnson William, b. h., 9 Lombard. 
Johnson Wm., lab., Apple ab Brown 
Johnson Wm., tobacconist, 3 N 7th 
Johnson Wm., waiter, 10 Currant al 
Johnson Wm., lab., 41 Quince 
Johnson Wm., tanner, 4 Apple 
Johnson AVm., gunsmith, 2 Rose al 
Johnson Wm., carter, Marriott la ab 6th 
Johnson Wm., carter, 1 Carberry ct 
Johnson Wm. bricklayer. Brandy wine ab 13th 
Johnson Wm. lab. Front ab Phoenix 
Johnson Wm. lab. 10 Warren 
Johnson Wm. coachman, Mercer 
Johnson Wm. drayman, Sch 6tli n Sassafras 
Johnson Wm. T., tailor, 5 Nonnater's ct 
Johnston Adam, curb setter, 467 Sassafras 
Johnston A. W., gent., 7 Clinton sq. Chestnut 

ab Broad 
JOHNSTON, BURK & CO., dry goods, 77^ 

Johnston Charles W. carp. Cobb's ct 
Johnston Ehzabeth, 268 S 5th 
Johnston E. R., merchant, 77 ^ High, h N W 

6th & Willow 
Johnston E. R., teacher of music, 293 N 10th 
Johnston Francis S., calit. mkr., 343 S Front, 

h 26 Almond 
Johnston James, brewer, 197 Locust 
Johnston James, printer, 32 N 13th 
Johnston James, cordwr., 77 Crabb st 
Johnston James cigarmr, Cobb's ct (NL) 
Johnston James, chandler, 117 N Juniper 
Johnston James E., planing mills. South below 

Broad, h Buttonwood ab 12th 
Johnston Jeremiah, curb setter, Hazel 
Johnston John, drj' goods, 205 S-2d 
Johnston John, weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
Johnston John, lab., 4 St Joseph's av 
Johnston Jos,, 10 F road (K) 
Johnston Margaret, dressmr.. Wood bel Sch 7th 
Johnston Maria, dry goods, S W 9th & Sassafras 
Johnston Martha, wid., rear Nectarine bel 11th 
Johnston Mattw. carpet weaver, rear 27 Quince 
Johnston Peter, cloths, 103 S 2d, h Raspberry 

al n Spruce 
Johnston Robt., tobacconist. Mulberry al 
Johnston Robt., lab., Cedar ab 12th 
JOHNSTON ROBT, stock 8c ex.brok., 24 S 3d, 

h 110 N 7th. 
Johnston Robert, watchmr., 132 S Front, h 120 




Johnston Robert, currier, Swanson bel Almond 
Johnston Robert E., alderman, 238 S 7th, h loth 

bel Pine 
Johnston Samuel, lab., McCloskey's 
Johnston Samuel, weaver, Fulton ab 12th 
Johnston Susan, 154 S 9th 
Johnston Thomas, blacksmith, 280 S Front 
Johnston Thomas, grocer, 326 S 5th 
Johnston Thos. lab. R road ab Ann (F V) 
Johnston Thos. P., mer., 21 S 3d, h 154 S 9th 
Johnston Wm., lab., rear F roadab Phoenix 
Johnston William, bootmr., 7 S 13th. 
Johnston "William, grocer, S W 11th & Lombard 
Johnston Wm., shoemr., High n Sch 5th 
Johnston Wm., milkman. Queen and Palmer(K) 
Johnston Wm. B., mer., 165 High, h Washing- 
ton ab 9th 
Johnston W., architect, 101 S 5th 
Joiner Henry, cordw., Wood bel Sch od 
Joline Wm., captain, 618 S 2d 
Jolivet John, jeweller. Carpenter n P road 
Jolly Mary Ann, rear 253 Cedar 
Jones Aaron, painter, rear 221 St. John 
Jones Abner, plasterer, Apple bel George 
Jones Abraham, turner, 88 Callowhill, h 313 

Jones Alban, coal dealer, 7 Pratt's ct 
Jones Albert, whitev/asher, 12th ab Pine 
Jones Alfred C, engineer, 186 Queen 
Jones Alfred T., clerk, 25 N 3d, h 42 Prune 
Jones Alice, Currant ab Locust 
Jones Andrew M., mer., 17 S whai-ves, h 500 

Chestnut. \ 
Jones Ann, dry goods, 112 W High. 
Jones Ann, wid., 34 Paschall's al 
Jones Ann, trader, 9th ab Ogden 
Jones Anna C, g'entw., 116 N 12th 
Jones A. & E. & Co., milliners, 9N2d 
Jones A. M. & B. W., iron mers., 17 S Whfs. 
Jones Bachel, hatter, 3d ab Washington 
Jones Benjamin, 267 Chestnut. 
Jones Benjamin, jr., gent., 234 S Front. 
Jones Benjamin, carter, Crown ab Franklin (K) 
Jones Benjamin ]W., mer., 17 S whfs, h 267 

Jones B. M., grocer, 178 High, h 401 Walnut 
Jones Caleb, mer., 7 Church al., h Walnut W 

Sch 6th 
Jones Catharine, b h, 141 N 6th 
Jones Catharine, sliop, c Queen & Marlborough. 
Jones Catharine, 176 S 11th 
Jones Charles, porter, 6 S 8th 
Jones Charles, 26 Logan sq 
Jones Charles D., grocer, N E 6th & Callowhill 
Jones Charles, barber, 95 N 2d 
Jones Charles, distiller, Catharine 8c P road 
.Foncs Charles, waiter, 39 Quince 
Jones Charles, gent., Julianna ab Vine 
Jones Charles F., cordw., Orchard bel Rawle 
Jones Charles T., att'y. and coun., 47S 5th 
Jones Christopher, lab. 42 Bread 
JONES CORNELIUS, tavern, Exchange pi & 

Carter's al 
Jones Daniel, carp, rear 102 Christian 
Jones David, chairmr. 85 W Callowhill 

Jones David, lab., 47 Franklin 

Jones David, sup., 6th bel Washington 

Jones David, bootmr., 343 N 6th 

Jones David, hatter, 3 Lagrange pi 

Jones David, carp., 163 Christian. 

Jones Douglass, vict., 6 Wallace 

Jones Edward, currier, rear 2d opp Laurel (K) 

Jones Edward, porter, 4 Benton 

Jones Edw., wheelwright, Shippen n P road 

Jones Edward, stair rodmr., 1 Swanwick, h 132 

Jones Edward E., printer. Brown ab 10th 
Jones Edward P., slatei-, 116 Catharine. 
Jones Edward R. conveyancer. Walnut ab 6th 
Jones Edw. S., clerk, 204 Noble 
Jones Elijah, bricklayer, 120 Lombard. 
Jones Elijah, carp., Richard ab Sch 7th 
Jones Elisha, bricklayer, 9 Madison 
Jones Eliza, gentw., 225 S Front. 
Jones Eliza, b h, Wood ab 11th 
Jones Elizabeth, dressmr., 45 N 4th 
Jones Elizabeth, 17 Linden (K) 
Jones Elizabeth, rear 7 Pegg st 
Jones Elizabeth, 2 Quigg's ct 
Jones Elizabeth, trimmings, 583 S 2d 
Jones Ellen, Sch 8th ab Cherry 
Jones Ellen, 42 S 13th 
Jones Emery, coachman, 18 Acorn al 
Jones Ephraim, chairmr., 95 N Market 
Jones Evan, paper hanger, 151 Swanson. 
Jones Evan W., paper carrier, 7th & Hallowell 
Jones E. Hicks, varieties, 18 N 2d 
Jones Frances, b h, 400 N Front 
Jones Franklin C, mer., 29 Chestnut 
Jones F. L., painter, 307 S 2d 
Jones George, lab., Lewellen's av (K) 
Jones George B„ auctioneer, 34 S Front, li N 

W 8th and Chestnut 
JONES GEO. D., cabinetmaker, 62 S 4th 
Jones George F., merchant, 19 S Sch 7th. 
Jones George F. T., gent., 12 Portico sq 
Jones George W., blacksm., 108 Broad 
Jones George W., merchant, N E Franklin and 


Jones George W., clerk. Green ab 14th 
Jones George W., burnisher, 13 Chatham 
Jones Gideon F. mer. 38 N 2d 
Jones Grace E., 20 Strawberry 
Jones Griffith, ice cream, 7 S Garden and 180 

Chestnut * 

Jones Hannah, 379 Spruce 
Jones Harriet, 46 Marshall 
Jones Henderson M. tobacconist, 129 Callowhill 
Tones Henry, lab., 3 Sp. Garden Retreat 
Jones Henry, waiter, 79 S 2d, 18 Currant al 
Jones Henry W., glassblower, 196 S Front. 
Jones Horatio, carp., 531 N 5th 
Jones Humphrey, lab., Ogden bellltli 
Jones Isaac, cabinetrfiaker, 75 & h 77 N Front. 
Jones Isaac, cordw.. Pearl ab 12th 
Jones Isaac, pumpmr., 100 Carpenter (S) 
Tones Isaac B., lab., rear Orchard ab Rawle 
JONES ISAAC C. mer., 29 Chestnut, h230 Sas- 
Jones Isaac C. Jr., mer., 20 N 4th, h 36 N. 9th. 




Jones Isaac L.. liquor store, High n Sell 5th 
Jones Isaac T., mer., UN 2nd, h 83 Marshall 
Jones Isaac T. waterman, rear 45 M road 
Jones Isabella, confect., 121 Spruce 
Jones Isaiah, provisions, R road ab Wallace 
Jones Ishmael, blacksm., Sch 6th ab Pine 
Jones Israel, cordw.; Craig-'s ct (K) 
Jones Israel, carpenter, Sch 6th & Cox 
Jones Jabez, carp., 8 Jackson (N L) 
Jones Jacob, clerk, 5th n George 
Jones Jacob, carp., Queen ab Hanover, (K) 
JONES JACOB H., Red Lion Hotel, 200 High 
Jones Jacob P., mer., S W Sch. 7th 8c High, h 

215 Filbert 
Jones Jacob T. oj'sterman, Swanson bel Chris- 
Jones James, brass founder, 93 Mulberry. 
Jones James, cai-p. Clinton ab Brown 
Jones James, clerk, 25 Howard st 
Jones James L. grocer, 257 Callowhill 
Jones James M. shipwt. Wood bel Franklin (K) 
Jones James M., chairmr., Marriott bel 6th 
Jones Jehu, cordw., 13 Pine al. 
Jones Jehu, tailor, Lebanon ab Catharine 
Jones Jesse, porter, 2 Pray's ct 
Jones Joel, judge Dist. Court, h 429 High 
Jones Joel, carp. Beaver ab 3d 
Jones John, sen., skindi-esser, 2 Townsend's av 
Jones John, tailor, 2d & Washington 
Jones John, finding store. High W of Sch 5th 
Jones John, ruler, Lombard ab Schuylkill 
Jones John, waiter, 305 E Pine 
Jones John, acct. S W. Cedar and 5th 
Jones John, brickmr.. Cedar n Sch 2d 
Jones John, messenger, 53 Catharine 
Jones John, dyer & scourer, 28 N 5th 
Jones John, hosiery, Coates & Franklin 
Jones John, 12 Somers' ct 
Jones John, carter, 580 S Front 
JONES JOHN A., Union Hotel, 152 Chestnut 
Jones John D. harnessmr. 2d & Dock 
Jones John D., carp., Chancellor W Sch 7th 
Jones John H., printer, 34 Carter's al, h 112 S 

Jones John M. wheelwt. 48 W Cedar 
Jones John M., cordwainer. Pearl n Sch 6th 
Jones John M. upholsterer, Callowhill & Dill- 

wyn, h Witmer's al 
Jones John M. com. mer. 1 Bojles' ct 
Jones John M'Kenzie, 51 Chestnut 
Jones John P., dry goods, S E. 8th & Sansom 
JONES JOHN SIDNEY, carpet hall, 13 & 20 
N 2d c Church al., h 2d ab Reading R road 
JONES JOHN S., broker, 43 N 6th. 
Jones John T., plane maker, 28 N 8th 
Jones John W., 7 Penn 
Jones John W., cordw., S W 5th & Vine 
Jones John W., M. D., 579 S 2d 
Jones Joseph, clerk, Vine bel 13th 
Jones Joseph, lab., rear Wood ab Broad 
Jones Joseph, dealer, 149 Sp. Garden 
Jones Joseph, cabinetmr. 72 S 2d 
Jones Joseph, gardener, Vine bel 13th 
Jones Joseph, mer., h 22 N 11th 
Jones Joseph, mer., 6 N Front 

Jones Joseph, plasterer. Mechanic bel George 

Jones Joseph H., Rev., 162 S 4th 

Jones Joseph S., turner, rear 110 Walnut, h 53 

Jones Joseph W., variety store, 18 N 4th, h 149 
Sp Garden 

Jones Josiah, lab. Gorrell's ct 

Jones Josiah, waiter. South ab 12th 

Jones Josiah, lab.. Union ab Franklin (K) 

Jones Justus P., mer., 11 N 2d. 

Jones J. Hillborn, mer., 82 High 

JONES J. SHIPLEY, printer, 3 Lagrange, ii 
10th bel Callowhill 

Jones J. D. & C, mers. office 7 Church al 

JONES J. & H. brass cockmrs. 93 Mulbeny 

Jones Laetitia, eating house,- 525 High 

Jones Lemuel, steward, 38 Middle al 

Jones Lewis, waterman, 23 Washington av 

Jones Lloyd, gent. 299 Race 

Jones Margaret, dressmr. 326 Sassafras 

Jones Margaret, shop. Queen ab Warren (K) 

Jones Mark T., tailor, 136 N 8th 

Jones Martha, b h, 319 Callowhill 

Jones Martha D., b h, 49 N 8th 

Jones Martin, waiter, Davis' ct. 

Jones Mary, 19 Federal 

Jones Mary, 18 N 5th 

Jones Mary, 63 Union 

Jones Mary, gentw.. Liberty al. 

Jones Mary, Ogden n 10th 

Jones Mrs. Mary II., gentw.. Spruce n Sch 8th 

.fones Meredith, brickla3^er, Queen bel Marlbo- 
rough (K) 

Jones M. & Garrett E. milliners, 57 Mulbeny 

Jones M. H., mer., 41 High, h 195 Spruce 

Jones Nathan, hosier, 45 Chestnut, h 83 Union. 

Jones Owen, tailor, 200 High 

Jones Pennington, mer., 6 N Front, h 320 Mul- 

Jones Pbineas, clerk, 2 AVarder pi 

Jones Purnell V., shoemr. 109 Christian 

Jones Rachael, b h, 363 N Front 

Jones Redding, lab., 8 Flytax al 

Jones Rees, packer, 6 Southampton ct 

Jones Richard, coal, 9 York ct 

Jones Richard B., 17 Dock 

Jones Richd., coal dealer, 28 AValnut 

Jones Richard & Co., coal mers., 22^ Walnut 

Jones Robert, ship master, 186 Queen. 

Jones Robert, hair dresser 104 Spruce. 

Jones Robert E., gent., Bridge M. village 

Jones Samuel, saddler, rear 212 St John 

Jones Saml. teacher, N E 7th & Carpenter (0), 
h 162 S 4th 

Jones Samuel B. cordw. 3 Linden 

Jones Saml. P., bookbinder, 493 High 

Jones Samuel S., acct. 316 N 8th. 

Jones Samuel W., mer., 103 N Front, h 154 N 

Jones Sarah, 62 S 4th 

Jones Sarah, shop, 9 Hubble 

Jones Simeon, Otter ab F road (K) 

Jones Susan, widow, 86 Apple 

Jones Thomas, painter, 25 Richard 




Jones Thos., stevedore, Morrell's ct 
Jones Thomas, waterman, Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Jones Thos., tailor, 408 High, h Vine n Sch 7th 
Jones Thomas, lampwickmr., 123 M road 
Jones Thomas, cord. 7 Poplar 
Jones Thomas, oysters, 324 Hig-h. 
Jones Thomas, carp., Beaver bel Charlotte 
Jones Thomas, lab.. Orange ab Lemon 
Jones Thomas C, collector, 43 Noble, 
Jones Thomas R., artist, Bread & Quarry 
Jones Thomas W., saddler, 29 Cresson's al 
Jones Timothy, b h, 13 Filbert 
Jones Tustin, plasterer, 7 Poplar 
Jones T. W., dentist, 309 N 3rd 
Jones Venire, watchman, 15 Mary (S) 
Jones Warner C, mer., 34 N 2d, h 24 Chester 
Jones Wilkinson, tailor, 19 Lebanon 
Jones Wm., ship carp., 8 Pt Pleasant ct (K) 
Jones AVm., carman, i^Iarlboro' ab F road (K) 
Jones Wm., patternmr., Marlboro' ab Bed- 
ford (K) 
Jones Wm., butcher, Kline's ct 
Jones Wm. acct. 174 Pine 
Jones Wm., lab., 23 Beck (S) 
Jones Wm. tobacconist, N E Brown and 5th 
Jones William, cabinetmaker, 351 S 6th 
Jones WiUiam, mer., 6 N Front, h 320 Mulberry 
Jones William, dry goods, 8 and h 40 N 5th 
Jones William, barber, 107 N 7th 
Jones Wm., lampmr. 209 N 9th 
Jones Wm., cabinetmr., Mifflin bel Perry 
Jones Wm., machinist, 39 Brandywine 
Jones Wm. & Sons, com. niers., 6 N Front 
Jones William B., brickmr., 2 Apple 
Jones Wm. D., painter, 20 & h 13 N 2d 
Jones Wm. D. & Co., dry goods, 11 N 2d 
Jones William D., mer., 11 N 2d. 
Jones Wm. F. & Brother, mers-, 29 Chestnut, h 

230 Sassafras 
Jones William H., printer, 11 Chatham 
Jones Wm. H., mer., 139 Walnut 
Jones Wm. H., carpenter, 184 Locust. 
Jones Wm. J. shoemr. Queen ab F road 
Jones Wm. M., groc, S E 12th & Poplar 
Jones W. F. port, painter, Walnut ab 6th, h 105 

Jones W. H. mason, Washington bel 7th 
JORDAN & BROTHER, grocers, 121 N 3d. 
Jordan Charles, weaver. Mariner 
.lordan Charles, bricklayer, 4 Gebhard 
Jordan Charles, waterman, Landing ab Coates 
Jordan Francis, grocer, 121 N 3d, h 87 Race 
Jordan Frederick, baker, 67 Prune 
Jor<lan Frederick, brass founder, 507 N 4th. 
Jordan George, brussel carp, weav., Charlotte 

bel Beaver 
Jordan Hannah, waslier, 20 Prosperous al 
Jordan Henry, currier, Lewis ab Poplar 
Jordan Henry, cotton spin'r., Mariner 
Jordan James, waitei-, 4 Barley. 
Jordan Jesse, cordw., Higgins' pi 
Jordan John, clerk, 244 Filbert 
Jordan John, jr., mer., 121 N 3d, h 91 S 3d 
Jordan Jonathan, cordw. R road bel 13th 
. Jordan Levi, lab., M'Devitt's av. (K) 

Jordan Margaret, gcntw., 119 New 

Jordan Matthew, labourer, 1 Dorothy 

Jordan Moses, lab. rear 25 Ogden 

Jordan Nicholas, weavei-, 5 Helmuth. 

Jordan Patrick, lab., 3 Pearl 

Jordan Pennington, porter, Lombard bel 11th 

Jordan Peter R. shoemr. Allen ab F road 

Jordan Richard, coal dealer, 5th 8c Queen 

Jordan Sam. wheelwright, h rear 102 Christian 

Jordan Samuel, stone cutter, rear 285 St John 

Jordan Susanna, 144 S Front 

Jordan Thos., carter, 239 7th 

Jordan William, shoe mer., 232 High, h Wood 

ab 9th. 
lordan Wm. shoemr., 24 Ge-bhard 
Jordan Wm., coachman, George n Sch 6th 
Jorden John, ship carver, 122 S Front 
Jordon Samuel, labourer, 198 Cherry. 
Joseph Harmon, cordw., 2d ab Edward (K) 
Joseph Jane, Paschall's al. 
Joseph John, tailor, rear 288 N Front 
Joseph Salmon, pedler, St John bel Beaver(K) 
Josephine Mary, teacher, 13th and Clover 
Jostlen Ambr.,bootmr.436 Sassafras, h 154 N 8th 
Joy Cyrus, R road bel Green. 
Joy Maurice, shoemr.. Juniper ab High 
Joyce Ettweine, blacksm ., 97 Cherry, h 120 N 9th 
Joyce E., moulder. Willow ab 5th 
Joyce John J., blacksmith, 90 Cherry, h 5 

Joynes Dr., 454 E Spruce 
Joynis Charles, carp., 13 Scott's ct 
Judson Mary B., widow of Rev. Albert, 38 San- 

Juel Joseph, feather and artificial flower manu- 
factory, 156 N 3d 
Juel Wm., hosier, rear 174 Poplar 
Juel Wm. H., druggist. Mead and 2d 
Juery John, copper plate planisher, 90 S 8th 
Juhan J^ewis, clerk, 129 G T road 
Julian A. H., merchant, 156 High, h 221 Filbert 
Julian, Mason & Co; dry goods, 156 High 
Julian Edmund, cabmr., 42 Dock 
Julius Theodore, sea captain, 18 German. 
Jump Henrj'-, printer, 8 Hall's av 
Junelle Frederick, tobacconist,, Bedford & Ship- 
pen la 
Jungandreas C, 110 Wood 
Junior George, lab.. Orchard ab Rawle 
Junior Thomas, lab., rear 132 Apple 
Juppenlatz Frederick, baker, 68 Christian 
Justice Alfred B., mer., 149 High, h Wood 2 

doors ab Franklin. 
Justice Charles, bookbinder, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Justice C. M., tailor, 102 Chestnut, h 32 Mar- 
Justice Emeline, 474 Sassafras 
Justice George, gent., rear 443 N 2d 
Justice Geo. M., mer., 149 High, h 260 N 4th. 
Justice George R., mer., 149 High, h 249 Vine 
JUSTICE G. M. & G. R. & CO., hardware, 149 

Justice G. W., clerk, 27 Chatham 
Justice Jacob, 243 Vine 
Justice James P., clerk, 348 S od 




Justice John, carp., 197 Locust 
Justice Joseph, plasterer, 141 Green. 
Justice Joseph, distiller, 314 N 2d 
Justice Jos., clock h watchmr., 443 N 2d 
Justice Philip S., mer., N W 5th & Commerce, 

hll7 Marshall. 
Justice Samuel, baker, 285 N 7th. 
Justice Warner, carp., 8th & Parrish. 
Justins Wm., whip mr., 189 Green. 
Justus Philip, 24 Wood 
Juvenal A. W. gent., Coates bel 11th 
Juvenal Jacob, gent., Coates bel 11th. 
Juvenal Wm. W. att'y, Coates bel 11th 

Kachele Gotlieb, shop, Apple ab Brown 

Kady Isabel, S 7th ab Catharine 

Ragle Christian, victualler, 108 New Market 

Kahmer Wm., silver plater, Elm bel Franklin 

Kahnweiler Benedict, b. h., 30 Margaretta 

Kaib John, brewer, 319 St John (K) 

Kaighn H., gentw., 199 Pine 

Kaighn James E., mer., 9 S 2d. 

Kain Dennis, ladies' shoemaker, Clinton' ab 

Kain John, vict., S E 8th & Shippen 
Kain Mennis, lab., 191 N Front 
Kain Robt., bottler, Sch 3d and High 
Kain Thos., lead worker, 5 Marion 
Kain Wm., shoemr., 17 N 3d, h 21 Madison 
Kalaher John, lab.. Locust n Sch 2d 
Kalb John L., tailor, 263 St John 
Kalbach Daniel, potter, Ogden bel 12th 
Kalbach M., stone cutter, Ann (F V) 
Kale Jacob, cigarmaker, Lewis ab Poplar 
Kale Jacob, brass founder, Jackson pi 
Kale John, cordw., Howard bel Frankhn (K) 
Kale Joseph, tobacconist, Charlotte below 

Kale Wm., cigarmr., N E Charlotte & Culvert. 
Kalehoff Henry, segarmr., 1 Beck 
KalehofF Jacob, lab, 1 Beck 
Kail Christ., lab., rear Broad ab Poplar 
Kallenberg E. L., mustard, 95 Callowhill 
Kalpin Peter, baker, Jones al 
Kaltenbach James, bak.. New Market ab Coates 
Kame Francis, weaver, Conrad's ct 
Kame Francis, lab., 196 Shippen 
Kames George S., printer, 17 Benton 
Karnes John, cordwainer, 1 Fairies' ct. 
Kames Thos., printer, 17 Benton 
Kampen Theodore, tailor, 1 Beaver ct 
Kampmann Catharme, variety store, S E 6th & 

Kanada Josh., bootmr., 196 E Lombard 
Kane Andrew, lab., 230 Shippen 
Kane Andi'ew, dry goods, 155 Cedar 
Kane Barney, rear 6 Carpenter 
Kane Charles, carp., rear 62 Catharine 
Kane Daniel, tobacconist, 53 Queen 
Kane David, blacksm., Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Kane Dennis, shoemr.. Drinker's ct 
Kane Dennis, bottler. Linden bel Howard 
Kane Elizabeth, 3 Poplar ct 

Kane Ellen, Adams n loth 

Kane George, tobacco inspector, city store, h S 

W 4th and Gaskill 
Kane George, tobacconist, rear 100 Christian 
Kane George, cordw., 3d bel Thompson (K) 
Kane Henry, chimist, S 10th ab Bonsall 
Kane James, fat gatherer, 296 S 7th 
Kane John, lab., 10th bel Christian 
Kane John, porter, 5 Deal's av 
Kane John, baker, 9th & Washington 
Kane John, lab., lab.. Broad ab Poplar 
Kane John, lab., 2S8 S 7th 
Kane John, blacksmith Green's ct 
Kane John, mariner, 33 Christian 
Kane John K., Judge District Court U. S., U 

Sch 7th & Locust 
Kane Joseph C. M., M D., 402 S 2d 
Kane Lawrence, lab.. Broad ab Mulberry 
Kane Matthew, stone cut., Jones W of Sch 6th 
Kane Michael, coachman, 7 Elliott's av 
Kane Morris, mariner, 33 Christian 
Kane Owen, trader, Carroll ct 
Kane Owen, shop, 233 Shippen 
Kane Owen, lab., 5 Adams 
Kane Patrick, lab., 7th ab Fitzwater 
Kane Patrick, Filbert ab 13th 
Kannyatt Henry, skin dress., Haydock bel Front 
Kany Patrick, lab.. Palmer ab Beach (K) 
Kappes Gotlieb, musician, 5 Randall's ct 
Kappler Frederick, hotel, 442 N 2d. 
Karcher Philip, cordwainer, George bel 3d 
Karney Michael, clothing, 201 E South 
Karns Edward, cabman, 14 Crabb 
Karpes Henry, baker, 1 56 N 13th 
Karr Matthew, vinegar, Shippen ab 13th 
Karrigan Wm., plumber, Lewis bel Sch 6th 
Karsten H. W., confectioner, 352 N Front 
Kartsher John C., ropemaker & ship chandler, 

78 S wharves, h 38 Lombard. 
Kasinger Jos., oyster house, 362 High 
Kassehnan Edw., turner. Orchard ab Culvert 
Kast George, oak cooper. Otter n Froad(K) 
Kast Joseph, Locust n Broad 
Kater James, weaver, S E 10th & Sergeant 
Kater John, 13th and Cherry 
Kates Henry, shoemr., Gabell's ct 
Kates John, weaver, Christian and 8th 
Kates M., bell hanger, 28 N 7th, h305 Mulberrf 
Kates Samuel, chairmr., R road ab Wood 
Kates William, locksmith, Mulberry W Sch 7th 
Katon Jesse, waterman. Maiden bel Beach (K) 
Katts Isaac, peddler, 3 Galbraith's ct 
Katz Caroline, 7 Duke 
Katz Daniel, pedler, rear 100 St John 
Katz Geo. D., confec, 171 Race 
Katz Levi, Samson's al 
Katzman Margaret, wid., 78 Green 
Kauffman Abram B., shoemr., 98 German 
Kauffman Joseph, dealer, 57 Gaskill 
Kaufman Michael, beer house, 219 St John 
Kaupp Jacob, Jones' al 

Kautzman John, shoemr., Franklin ab UnionfK) 
Kavnaugh Mary Ann, dress maker, 4 Castle 
Kay & Brother, booksellers, 183^ High, prin- 
ters, rear 50 N 6th 




Kay 8i De Haven, hardware, 211 High 

Kay Edwiirtl, weaver, Mariner 

Kay Elizabeth, shop, Callowhill bel Sch. 7tli. 

Kay James Jr., bookseller, 183^ High 

Kay Jas. Hutchinson, naer., 211 High, h 253 

Kay John, carp., rear 17 Farmer 
Kay John I., bookseller, 183^ High, h Chest- 
nut E Sch 8th 
Kay Joseph E. dry goods, Sp Garden bel 10th 
Kay Sarah H. 135 O Y road 
KAY & TROUTMAN, booksellers, 183-^ High 
Kayser Charles, tailor, 68 Cedar 
Kayser Solomon, tailor, 73 S 2d 
Keach Abncr, stone mason, Jones W of Sch 5th 
Kean Henry, undertaker and sexton, Bache 
Kean John, blacksm,. Green's ct., h4th bel Lom- 
Kean John W., jeweller, 108 S 10th 
Kearnes Jos., drayman, Sch 3d bel Chestnut 
Kearney A. teacher, S E 8th and Walnut, h 150 

S 2d 
Kearney Christopher, cordwainers, 156 Lom- 
Kearney Henry, waiter, Carlton bel Sch 6th 
Kearney John C, lampmr., 13 S 6th, h 4 Juniper 
Kearns John, carter, 6 Elmslie's al 
Keates William, ship joiner, Catharine st. whf., 

h 19 Beck (S) 
Keating Edwd., morocco dr., Dean ab Bedford 
Keating John, gent.. Ill S 4th 
Keating Lambert, b h, 60 Zane 
Keating Michael, lab. c Sch 2d and Filbert 
Keating William, painter and glaz.. Plum ab 3rd 
Keating Mrs. W. H., Sch 8th bel Spruce 
Keating Wm. V., M. D;, 111 S 4th 
Keaton Jesse, lab., 3 R road ct 
Keaton Wm., tobacconist, rear 8th bel Parrish 
Keats Samuel, carp., 7 Mary (S) 
Keay Wm., stone cutter, George n Sch 6th 
Keck Charles H., plast., 30 Charlotte 
KECK JACOB, mer., 293 High, h 63 Filbert 
Keck Samuel, book binder, Beaver ab 3d 
Kee Geo. W., printer, Olive bel Broad 
Kee James, carp., R road ab Broad 
Kee John J., tailor, 78 Callowhill 
Kee Wm., coppersmith. Federal ab 2d 
Kee J., coppersmiths, 318 S 3d 
Keech Baldwin, engineer, 127 New Market 
Keech John, stone cutter, Woodland (W P) 
Keech John, stone mason. Locust (W P) 
Keech Wm., dealer, 305 S 6th 
Keefe Anthony, vict, Mary n F road 
Keefe Bartholomew, eating house, 194 High, h 

Warner's ct 
Keefe Edw., lab., 5 Elder 

Keefe James, manuf., 13 City Stores, h 7 Fed- 
Keefe Jeremiah, weaver, 4 Lloyd's ct 
Keefe John, 9 Federal 
Keefe John, watchman, 23 Strawberry 
Keefe Michael, weaver, 20 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Keefcr Henry, bootmr., rear 130 F. road (K) 
Keefer Philip, lab., Perkenpine ct 
Keefer Valentine, lab., G. T. road bel 7tli (K) 

Keegan Edward, tailor, 233 Christian 

Keel David, lab., 3 Little Oak 

Keel George, paper stainer, 17 Emlen's ct 

Keel John, tailor. Mint ct. 

Keel John, cordw., 8 Diligent av 

Keel Mary, gentvv., 195 Green. 

Keeler JacolD, carter, rear 302 N lOth 

Keeler J. N., M. D., N W 3d & Cedar 

Keeley Jacob B., bar tender, Harrison place 

Keeley Joseph, carp., Lewis ab Poplar 

Keely Frederick, agent. Green ab 13th 

Keely Frederick, paper stainer, Front and Vine, 

h 28 Beaver (K) 
Keely Jacob, tailor, 9th and Poplar 
Keely Patrick, ostler, Dean ab Spruce 
Keely Wm., builder, 13th bel Green 
Keemle Isaac A., scrivener, 3 Carpente'rs ct., 

h 1 0th ab Parrish 
Keemle Margaret, shop, 79 N 3d 
Keemle Samuel, atty. and coun., N E 4th. and 

Keemle Saml. R., mer., 37 N Whfs., h N E 4th 

and Cherry 
Keen Adam, fisherman, Vienna ab Q.ueen. (K) 
Keen Charles, carter, 4 Goldsmith's ct 
Keen Charles, bootmaker, 54 Mulberry. 
Keen Charles, cashier Kensington Bank, h N W 

Front & Ellen. 
Keen Chas., cordw. 229 St John 
Keen Charles L., bricklayer, 331 Pine 
Keen Clement, ship joiner, Penn ab Maiden, h 

Queen n Crown. (K) 
Keen & Coats, tannery, 509 N Front. 
Keen Eli, cordw., 229 St John 
Keen Geo. B., mer., 5 and 6 S Whfs., h Chest- 

nut (W P) 
Keen Jacob, ship carp.. Crown below Franklin 

Keen Jas., U S steamboat insp., Shackaraaxon 

ab Queen 
Keen James & Bros., ship joiners, Penn bel 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Keen James B., ship joiner, Bedford bel Crown 
Keen James C, cordwainer, 58 Vine. 
Keen Jesse, shop, 551 S 2d 
Keen John C, cordw., Beaver bel 3d 
Keen John E., tanner, 509 N Front 
Keen John F., mer., 78 High, h 368 Mulberry 
Keen Joseph, currier, 61 Chestnut, h 27 New 

Keen Joseph S., coal mer., Bridgewater, (W P) 
Keen Jos. S. & Son, coal mer. Bridgewater 

Keen Mary Ann, milliner, 39 N 12th 
Keen Moses, labourer. Palmer ab West. (K) 
Keen Morris L. & Bro. machinists, Washington 

Keen Morris L. machinist. Chestnut (W P) 
Keen Rebecca, West ab Palmer (K) 
Keen Sarah, gentw., 147 S 9th. 
Keen Wm., shipwright. Palmer ab West (K) 
Keen Wm. E. G., mer., 6 N Wharves 
Keen William W. & Co., curriers, 61 Chestnut. 
Keen W. L., glass cutter, 6 Lagrange pi., h 2 

Pemberton al 




Keen W. W., currier, 61 Chestnut, h Chestnut 

E Park (W P) 
Keenan Edward., manuf., G T road ah Master. 
Keenan Edw. J., manuf., Cadwalader bel Jef- 
Keenan Ellen, 230 Water ab Vine 
Keenan Hugh, weaver, 239 N Front 
Keenan John, carp., 2d bel Master (K) 
Keenan Michael, manuf., 700 G T road ab 

Keenan Peter, lab., 236 Water 
Keene Sarah, g-entw., N W 10th and Chestnut 
Keeney C. R., drug-gist, Sch. 7th and Mulberry 
Keever George, hatter, 204 St John 
Keffer Anthony, caulker, Vienna bel Duke (K) 
Keffer Catharine, McClung's ct 
Keffer George, coi'dw., S W 2d & Sassafras, h 

248 N Front 
Keffer & Gorman, boots and shoes, S W 2d and 

Keffer John, lithographer, 12 Bank 
Kehoe Catharine, 9 Dean 

KehcE Dominick, grocer, 337 High, h 16 N 9th 
Kehr Samuel, cabmr., 440 N 3d 
Keichline C. P., M. D., 4th ab Tammany 
Keichline David, vict., Brown bel 12th 
Keichline Elizabeth, gentw. 187 Green 
Keichline George, vict., R road (F V) 
Keichline Jacob, vict., 12th ab Brown 
Keichline Wm., vict., Brown bel 12th 
Keifaber Bernard, suspend, weav., Monroe and 

Cherry (K) 
Keifer Michael, lab., Lilyal 
Keighler Margaret, 8 Castle 
Keighler Thomas, cordw., Swanson bel Queen. 
Keighler Thomas, 46 St. John 
Keighley T. W., paper and rags, Front and Vine 
Keil John, shop, 162 Brown 
Keim Alex., silversmith, S 8th ab Christian 
Keim Bernard S., suspend, weav., rear 246 N 2d 
KEIM & BROWN, turners, 123 N 4th 
Keim & Brown, turners, 127 N 4th. 
Keim & Co., plumbers, 125 N 4th 
Keim George, turner, Ogden ab 10th 
Keim Geo. M., mar. East. Dist. Pa., office State 

House, h 18 S 6th 
Keim Jacob, steel and copperplate maker, 2 

Hause's ct, h 187 Cherry. 
Keim Mrs. John M., dry goods, S W 6th & Sp 

Keim Joseph, turner, 8th bel Coates 
Keim Josiah, copperplate makei-, 6 Gebhard 
Keim Rebecca, shop, Buttonwood bel 6th 
Keim Samuel, tailor, Pleasant bel 11th 
Keim Wm., printer, 15 Well's row 
Keisen Ehas, cordw., Clinton bel Poplar 
Keiser Martin, tailor, N W 5th and Spruce 
Kelsewetter E., tailor, 367 N Front 
Keith Ann, 21 Currant al 
Keith Ann, 2 Richardson's ct 
Keith & Durham, oyster house, 260 High 
Keith Elizabeth Mrs., Tammany & St John 
Keith Matthew J., oyster house, 260 High, h 14 

Keith Michael, lab., Wistar ct (K) 

Keith Saml., gent., 231 S Front. 

Keith S. A., dressmr.. Phoenix ab Cadwaladar. 

Keith Washington, 231 S Front 

Keith Wm., M. D., 141 Spruce, h 231 S Front 

Kelch James, saddler, S W 5th and Prune 

Kelch Joseph P., machinist, 94 German 

Kelch Lydia, trimmings, 86 N 5th 

Kelchner Peter, tinsmith, Grubb 

Kelefer Henry, sugar refiner, 9 Emlen's ct 

Kell John, lab., Ashton bel Walnut 

Kellar Thomas, painter, 102 Fitzwater 

Keller Adam, bottler, 204 Water 

Keller Adam, cordw., 8 New Crown 

Keller Adam, undertaker, 197 Sassafras 

Keller A., bootmr., 44 Callowhill 

KELLER CHRISTIAN, tailor, 160 Sassafras 

Keller Conrad, tin and sheet iron worker, 10th 

and Callowhill 
Keller George, Miller's ct (N L) 
Keller George, shoemr., 30 Sheaff 
Keller George L. shoemr., 37 Perry 
Keller Henry, baker^ rear 382 S Front 
Keller H., painter. Pleasant bel 10th 
Keller Isaac, cordw.. Harmony st 
Keller John, Rev., Sch 5th n Barker 
Keller John, bottler, 204 N Water & 209 N 

Keller John, combmr. Ill N Juniper 
Keller Joseph, tailor. Palmer ab Duke 
Keller Maiy, shop, 119 Poplar 
Keller Michael, baker, 433 S Front 
Keller Peter, painter, 116 Cherry 
Keller Philip, lab., G T road bel 4th 
Keller Wm. carp, weav., Charlotte bel Franklin 
Keller Wm., mer., 21 Branch 
Keller Wm., M. D., 52 O. Y. road 
Kelley John, lumber, Catharine bel 8th, h Chris- 
tian ab 9th 
KELLEY WM. D., att'y and coun., 14 Sansom 
Kellinger John V. brass worker, G T road opp 

Kellinger Maurice, bricklayer, 94 New Market 
Kellner D., grocer, S E 3d & Coates 
Kellogg Geo. R., mer., 17 S Front 
Kellogg Henry C, mer., 17 S Front 
Kellogg Hosea, mer., 17 S Front, h 151 N 9th 
Kellogg H. & Sons, mers., 17 S Front 
Kellogg Joseph, confectioner, 228 Vine 
Kellogg Martin A., livery stable, 11 & h 5 Fil- 
Kellum Eli, rear Wood ab Sch. 4th 
Kelly Alexander, china store, 108 W High 
Kelly Andrew, labourer, 8 Dorothy. 
Kelly Andrew, carp. Penn bel Broad 
Kelly Ann, widow. Olivet place 
Kelly Ann, widow, rear 118 W. High 
Kelly Ann, 2 Elliott av 
Kelly Ann Eliza, 1 Skerrett's ct 
Kelly Bernard, carp.. Mulberry n Sch. 2d 
Kelly Bridget, widow. Steam Mill alley 
KELLY & BROTHER, tailors, 165 Chestmit 
Kelly & Brothers, tinsmiths, 444 High 
Kelly Caroline, Bacon's ct 
Kelly Charles, brushmr.. Carpenter bel 7th 
Kelly Chas., shoemr., 7th bel Carpenter 




Kelly Closon, cordw. Beaver ab 3d 

Kelly Daniel, tailor, 5th and Walnut 

Kelly Daniel, weaver, Front ab Jefferson (K) 

Kelly Daniel, grocer, 87 P. road 

Kelly Danl. A., harness mr., 5th and Prune 

Kelly David J., shoemr., Dorothy n Sch 4th 

Kelly Edward, carpenter. Little Pine b el 7th, 

h 189 Cliristian. 
Kelly Edward, g-ent., 168 S 6th. 
Kelly Edward, tailor, Hig-hW Sch 3d 
Kelly Edward, blksmith, Carlton ab Sch. 6th 
Kelly Edward, moulder, Fraley's alley (K) 
Kelly Edw. P., tailor, 165 Chestnut, h 175 S 3d 
Kelly Elizabeth, b h, 349 Hig-h 
Kelly Ellen, store, Sch 7th ab Filbert 
Kelly Elliott, waterman, 9 Duke 
Kelly Elwood, huckster, 2 Vernon pi 
Kelly Erasmus, plasterer, Ross ab Queen (K) 
Kelly Erasmus, plasterer. Master n Charlotte (K) 
Kelly E. J., dressmr., 42 J ulianna 
Kelly Francis A., carp., Lemon ab 10th 
Kelly Francis X., currier, 141 Lombard, h 9 

Kelly Georg-e, bricklayer, Stackhouse ct 
Kelly Geo., paper hang'er, 297 S 5th 
Kelly Griffitli, stonemason, Olive bel Broad 
Kelly Hannah, rear 252 Christian 
Kelly Henry, ship carp.. Church bel Christian 
Kelly Henry, watchman, Swanson ab Washing- 
Kelly Hugh, cordw.. Carpenter bel 7th 
Kelly Hugh, lab., 9 Little Oak 
Kelly Isaac, cordw., 3 Paynter's ct 
Kelly Isaiah, cordw.. Van Buren pi 
Kelly James, 71 Plum. 
Kelly James, teacher, 12 Ann W Sch 4th 
Kelly James, tailor, 14 S 12th 
Kelly James, weaver, Middleton's ct 
Kelly James, lab., Rutter's ct 
Kelly James, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Kelly James, carp., rear High n Sch 2d 
Kelly James, tailor, George n Sch 6th 
Kelly James, barber, 70 N Front 
Kelly James, tailor, 3 Randall's ct 
Kelly Jas., stationer, 90 Walnut, h 2 Baxter's ct 
Kelly James, bootmr.. Wale's ct 
Kelly Jas., blacksmith, 289 E South 
Kelly Jas. brick maker, 227 E Lomoard 
Kelly James, tailor, 5 Randall's ct 
Kelly James, lab., rear Pleasant ab 12th 
Kelly James, lab.. Eyre's ct (K) 
Kelly James M., tailor, 33 N 6th. 
Kelly James R., pilot, 55 Carpenter (S) 
Kelly James S., 84 N 7th 
Kelly Jeremiah, cordw., Franklin and Shacka. 

Kelly John, collector, 136 German 
Kelly John, tailor, 7 Kelly's ct 
Kelly John, boilermr.. Front and Jefferson (K) 
Kelly John, farrier, 4 College av 
Kelly Jolm, cordw., 2 De Witt's av (K) 
Kelly John, tailor, 175 S 3d 
Kelly John, lab., rear 109 Dillwyn 
Kelly John, 2 Dilk's ct 
Kelly John, weaver, Crown ab Franklin (K) 

Kelly John, cordw.. Rose ab School (K) 

Kelly John, lab., Lemon ab 12th 

Kelly John, jr., tailor, 102 Chestnut 

Kelly John, cordw. 336 High 

Kelly John, mariner, 10 Beck (S) 

Kelly John, weaver. Harmony ct (K) 

Kelly John, cordw., Haydock bel Front 

Kelly John, pilot, 477 s' Front 

Kelly John, tobacconist, 9th bel Carpenter 

Kelly John W., blacksm., G T road & Franklin 

KELLY JOHNSON, tavern, 13th & Cedar 

Kelly J. W., mer., 60 High, h 133 O Y road. 

Kelly Lawrence, trunkmr., 157 N Front 

Kelly Malachi, fruiterer, N E 4th & High 

Kelly Margaret, shop, 288 S 3d 

Kelly Mary, 75 P road. 

Kelly Mary, Paynter's ct 

Kelly Mary, washer, rear 281 High 

Kelly Matthew, coachman, 144 Locust 
Kelly Michael, mariner, Sansom's al 

Kelly Michael, P road ab Carpenter 

Kelly Michael, weaver, rear Cadwalader below 

Kelly Michael, liverv stable, 1 New Market h 
19 Vine 

Kelly Michael, tailor, S E 9th and Buttonwood 

Kell)'- Neal, drover, Mantua vll 

Kelly Neil, lab., Mifflin 

Kelly Owen, grocer, N W 4th & Lombard 

Kelly Patrick, drayman, P road ab German 

Kelly Patrick, weaver, Jones n Sch 4th 

Kelly Patrick, M. D., 144 Vine 

Kelly Patrick, carter, 456 S 4th 

Kelly Patrick, Coates bet Sch Front & William 

Kelly Patrick, lab. 319 Spruce 

Kelly Patrick H. tailor, 165 Chestnut, h 175 S 3d 

Kelly Peter, lab. Dorothy n Sch 4th 

Kelly Peter, 25 Filbert 

Kelly Peter, lab., Thompson ab 3d (K) 

Kelly Peter, marble imitator, 45 Zane, h 3 Fil- 
bert avenue 

Kelly Peter, 1 College pi 

Kelly Peter, lab., Paul bel 7th 

Kelly Philip, 100 N 13th 

Kelly Philip, tinman. High n Sch 5th 

Kelly Philip, blacksm., Ball al 

Kelly Rich, bootmr., Gray's ct (K) 

Kelly Robert, tailor, 199 N Water 

Kelly Samuel S., tailor, 59^ S 4th 

Kelly Thos., stonemason, rear 2 Wash. Market 

Kelly Thomas, tailor, Atherton 

Kelly Thomas, cordw. rear 121 Queen (S) 

Kelly Thomas, gent., 303 Chestnut. 

Kelly Thomas, tailor, 112 N 8th 

Kelly Thomas, fruiterer, 21 S 9th 

Kelly Timothy dealer, N W 11th and Carpenter 

Kelly Timothy, mariner, Geddes' ct 

Kelly Uriah, coachman, 121 Pearl 

Kelly Wallace, seaman, Baxter's ct 

Kelly William, cordwainer, Bedford bel Broad 

Kelly William, ostler, Vaughan ab Locust 

Kelly William, architect, 79 S 3d, h 12 Christian 

Kelly Wm. weaver, 9th ab Carpenter 

Kelly Wm. ropemr, Hallowell ab 6th 

Kelly Wm., currier, 31 Perry 




Kelly Wm. porter, Pike 
Kelly Wm., lab., 6 Twelve foot al 
Kelly Wm., clerk, 2 Letitia ct 
Kelly Wm., sailmr., 3 Dock, h Rose al ab Green 
Kelly Wm. B., caulk., Marlborough ab Franklin 
Kelly Wm. B., weaver, 1 Gay's ct (K) 
Kelly Wm. C, printer, Washington bel 3d 
Kelly Wm. H., 109 AVood 
Kelsall Peter, hatter, rear 20 Green 
Kelsh Patrick, 5 St Mary's ct 
Kelsh Thomas M. harnessmr. 10 George 
Kelso Thomas, weaver. 8 Myers' ct 
Kelter David, combmaker, 140 Cedar. 
Kelter Elizabeth, dressmr., Vernon ab 10th 
Kemble Charles, surg. inst. mr.. Dean ab Bed- 
ford (K) 
Kemble Charles, bookbinder, 64 Noble. 
Kemble Charles, 41 N 6th 
Kemble Edward, cordw., 7th ab Brown 
Kemble George, saddler, 11 Crown. 
Kemble John J., hatter, 9 Stanley st 
Kemble J. B., bricklayer, Lewis ab Poplar 
Kemble Rebecca, Brown bel Cherry 
Kemble Samuel, reai- 17 Eutaw 
Kemble Susan M., milli., Crown n Bedford (K) 
Kemp George, bootmr., 82 Locust 
Kemp John, music, 102 Christian 
Kemp Wm. L., cordw., Marriott la bel 5t,h 
Kemper S., clerk, 276 Green 
Kempf Henry, lab., 7th bel Carpenter 
Kemps James, lab., Lewis ab Poplar 
Kemps John, stone mason, Wood n Sch Front 
Kempton & Coppuck, mers., 30 N Front 
Kempton George, Rev., 269 S 10th 
Kempton Moses, mer., 30 N Front, h 228 N 5th 
Kemrey Wilson, scalemr., Carroll ab 12th 
Kendal Charles, tailor, 100 Catharine 
Kendall Caroline, P road bel Marriott 
Kendall George, provisions, 6th and Parrish 
Kendall John, weaver, 2 W South 
Kendall Otis, professor in High School, h Sch 

7th & Chestnut 
Kendall R. G., tinsmith, Sec, 135 N 2d, h 200 

N 4th 
Kendall William, tailor, 21 N 12th 
Kendel Geo., carp., rear 525 N 4th 
Kenderdine Charles, hardware, 200 Callov/hill, 

h 27 Sp Garden 
Kenderdine E., wid. of Jacob, 96 Dlllwyn 
Kenderdine J. R., hardware, S W 7th and Sp 

Kendig John, lab., Havdock n Canal 
Kendrick Geo. W., b h, 8 S 10th. 
Kendrick Sarah Ann, 253 Catharine 
Kendrick Wm. S., painter, 73 R road 
Kennady Ellen, dressmr., rear 202 Lombard 
Kennady Mary, shop, Mantua v 
Kennard Cyrus, waiter, 18 Acorn alley 
Kennard Geo. W., waterman. Beach bel War- 
ren (K) 
Kennard James, lab., Mechanic bel Culvert 
Kennard Joseph H. Rev., 8th bel Coates 
Kennard Manning, merchant, 12 Chestnut, Man- 
sion House 
Kennedy Alex, weaver, 3 William (F M) 

Kennedy Alfred L., teacher, 52 N 6th, h 181 S 

Kennedy Andrew, carter, 4 Callowhill 
Kennedy Andrew J., upholsterer, 364 S 5th 
Kennedy Ann M. milliner, 346 Sassafras 
Kennedy Charles, mason, Carlton ab Sch 2d 
Kennedy Charles C. machinist, 442 S 6th 
Kennedy Chs. E. purser's cl. Washington ab 6th 
Kennedy Christopher, weaver, G T road below 

Master (K) 
Kennedy Cornelius, stone mason, Murray n Sch 

Kennedy David, cordw., 117 Callowhill 
Kennedy David J., R. R. agt., Broad ab Cherry, 

h Sch 7th and Cherry 
Kennedy Dennis, mason, Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
Kennedy Elizabeth, rear Schleisman's al 
Kennedy Elizabeth, b h., 117 N 11th 
Kennedy Elizabeth, wid. of Jas. shop, 12th and 

Kennedy Elizabeth, Webb's al 
Kennedj Ellas D., mer., 125 High 
Kennedy Henry B. printer. Garden ab Callow- 
Kennedy Henry P., clerk, 327 S 5th 
Kennedy Hugh, watchmaker, 105 SfJohn 
Kennedy H., tailor, 3 Exchange pi 
Kennedy James, weaver, rear Crown bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Kennedy Jas., weaver, Filbert n Sch 3d 
Kennedy Jas., shoemr.. Filbert n Sch 3d 
Kennedy Jas. F., clerk. Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Kennedy James M., mer., 125 High, h Mulbei-ry 

W Sch 7th 
Kennedy James M. & Co., dry goods, 125 High 
Kennedy John, weaver, Periy ab Phoenix 
Kennedy John, weaver, Hanover bel Duke 
Kennedy John, lab., 12 Lawrence 
Kennedy John M., tailor, 88 Walnut 
Kennedy John M., mer., 40 N wfs., h 211 N 4th 
Kennedy John M., & Co., com. mers., 40 N 

Kennedy John Q. plasterer, G T road bel Jef- 
Kennedy Joseph, lab., 3 Myers's ct 
Kennedy Joseph, teacher of flute, 17^ S 5th 
Kennedy Joseph, stevedore. Baker bel 8th 
Kennedy Josh., weaver. Pine n Sch 
Kennedy Michael, coachmr., Nonnater's ct 
Kennedy & McGaurk, tavern, 306 Sassafras 
Kennedy Mos., weaver, Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Kennedy Nathaniel, carp, weav., 555 N 3d 
Kennedy Rachel, 453 N 6th 
Kennedy Robert, musician, 7 Gulielma 
Kennedy Robert, weaver, 31 M'Duffie 
Kennedy Robert, naval store-kr., 476 S Front, h 

468 S 4th 
Kennedy Robert, weaver. Perry bel Phoenix 
Kennedy Robt. weav. rear Master bel Hancock 
Kennedy Samuel, carter, Ann n 12th 
Kennedy Susan, 150 Wood ab R road 
Kennedy Thos., carp., rear 499 Vine 
Kennedy Thos., weaver, Sch Front ab Filbert 
Kennedy Thos., lab., 32 Elizabeth 
Kennedy Wm., wood. Sassafras whf Sch 




Kennedy Wm., lab., Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Kennedy William, weaver, Mariner 
Kennedy Wm., weaver, 2d ab Montgomery 
Kennedy Wm. chalrmr. Vernon ab 11th 
Kennedy Wm., stone mason, 105 Dillwyn 
Kennedy Wm., blacksmith, rear 116 Brown 
Kennedy Wm., shoes, 195 S 2d 
Kennedy Wm. M., atty. at law, 49 Vine 
Kennedy Wm. T., slioes, 252. N 2d 
Kenney C. T., ti-unkmr., Sarah ab Queen (K) 
Kenney Edw., bricklayer, Hallowell 
Kenney Edwd. J., tailor, 183 S 2d 
Kenney George, clerk, 10 Magnolia 
Kenney Jas., pedler, High W Sch 3d 
Kenney John, carp., Hallowell ab 7th 
Kenney John B. aid. 119 S 6th, h 1 Comptroller 
Kenney Letitia, 4 Wiley's ct 
Kenney Maria, Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Kenney Mary, gentw., 58 Catharine 
Kenney Richard, driver, rear 12 Bickham 
Kenney Roger, lab., 3 Braceland's ct 
Kenney ^Vm., shop, 30 Plum 
Kennief B., dentist, 181 S 3d 
Kennief Jeremiah, lab. 31 Stamper's al 
Kennington John, cutler, Perkenpine's ct 
KENNY & NUGENT, manufs., 31 N Front 
Kenny Patrick G., mer., 31 N Front, h 10 Mag- 
Kenrick Francis Patrick D. D., St. John's, 13th. 
KensilBejijamin J., silk dyer, 125 S 11th 
Kensil Charles, ship joiner, 25 Emlen's ct. 
Kensil Elizabeth, shop, Crown ab Franklin (K) 
Kensil George, plasterer, AVilliam bel Edward 

Kensil George, machin.. Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Kensil H. H. tobacconist, 385 Race ab 11th 
Kensil John, shipjoincr, Allen ab F road 
Kensil Lewis, jr., spinner, N E Poplar and St 

Kensil Robert W., blindmr. 347 Sassafras 
Kensil William, cordwainer, 16 Rachel 
Kensil Wm. A., carp., Henk's ct 
Kensill Lewis, carter, 270 St. John 
Kent Frederick, l^utton maker, 9 Flower 
Kent John, bootmr., 7 Myers' ct 
Kent P. & W., tailors, Thompson ab 3d 
Kent Rodolphas, mer., 108 N 3d, h 156 N Front 
Kent Wm. C, mer., 146 N 3rd, h 51 Marshall 
Kenton Augustus, white washer, 188 S 4th. 
Kenton Eliza C, Garden & Willow 
Kenton George W., blacksmith, R road bel 


Kenton Joseph, distiller, Sp Garden bel R road 
Kenton Catharine, wid. of Levi, 310 S Front 
Kentzel John, cordw., Parrish bel 11th 
Kentzel Wm., 42 Chen-y 
Kenyon John, lab. Teas' ct 
Kepler Charles, morocco dresser, 41 Lily al 
Kepler Wm., vict., Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
Keplinger Cliristian, lab. ISDilk'sct 
Kepner Isaac, weaver, Monroe bel Cherry (K) 
Kepner John, weaver, Wood bel Duke 
Keppel Samuel B., carp., shop 25 Margaretta, h 

305 N Front 
Keppele Catharine, 262 Walnut. 

Kepper Samuel, stovemr., G T road ab Laurel 

Keppler Louisa, Higgins' pi 

Ker Joseph, 119 Mulberry 

Kerbaugh Jacob, lime burner, Sch Beach above 

Kerbaugh Opman, lime burner, Lombard st 

wharf Sch, h Ashton & Lombard 
Kerbaugh W^m., stone mason. Phoenix bel G T 

road (K) 
Kerchoff Christian, combmr., 173 Coates 
Kereven Patrick, gardener, Sch 5th & Chestnut 
Kerk Charles H., machinist, 5 Appletree alley, 

h 69 N 8th. 
Kerk John K., wire worker, 48 N 4th 
Kerl Samuel, huckster, rear 552 N 2d (K) 
Kerlin John, b h, 78 Walnut 
Kern Aaron, tavern, 150 N 4th 
Kern Benj. F. hai-dware, Sch 6th & W High, h 

35 Dean 
Kern Daniel, carp. 615 N 3d 
Kern Enos S., tavern, 38 Pine 
Kern George, U. S. Mint, h 149 N 10th 
Kern George, clerk, 40 St John 
Kern George P., clerk. Locust n Sch 3d 
Kern H. G., surgical inst. mr., 5 N 8th. 
Kern John, 62 Filbert, h 1 Ohve 
Kern J ohn, teacher of drawing, 1 Olive 
Kern John B. A., tobacconist, 31 N 4th 
Keru R. H. & E. M., teachers of drawing, 62 

Kern Wm. H., ice dealer, N W 3rd & Walnut, 

h Sch 7th ab Filbert 
Kernan Michael, lab. Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Kernbean Jacob, tailor. Lemon ab 10th 
Kerney W^m., weaver, Front ab Phoenix 
Kerns B., plasterer. Poplar bel 9th 
Kerns Charles T., brush manuf., 42 N 2nd, h 4 

Kerns George, plasterer, 392 N 6th. 
Kerns James, tavern, Bread and Sassafras 
Kerns John, lab ., 66 George 
Kerns Stephen, plasterer, Parrish ab Broad 
Keron Sarah, Smith's ct 

Kerper Edward, cooper. Mechanic ab George 
Kerper Joseph, cedar cooper, N W Front and 

High, h Front & Noble 
Kerr George, watchman, 15 New Market 
Kerr James, dry goods, 121 Buttonwood. 
Kerr James, gent., 252 Walnut. 
Kerr John J. Rev., 340 Coates 
Kerr Joseph, mer., 191 Chestnut, h 6 Franklin 

Kerr Sarah, gentw., 4 Perry st 
KERR 8c SON, china hall, 191 Chestnut. 
Kerr Thomas, cabinet mr., 174 S 2d. 
Kerr Thomas, brickmaker, Lombard near Sch 

Kerr William, saddler, 57 Chestnut 
Kerr Wm., shoemr., Sch 5th ab Spruce 
Kerr Wm. Joseph, mer, 191 Chestnut 
Kerrans John, hatter, 250 Christian 
Kei-regan Danl., lab., rear Bai'ker E of Sch 4th 
Kerrer Martin, baker, 6lh bel Cai'penter 
Kerrick George, brickmr., Lafayette bel 10th 
Kerrison Robert M., watchmr., 161 S 10th 




Kerrison T. E. J. bathing- house, Arcade 
Kershaw John, tinsmith, 428 High 
Kershow 8t Co. D. B. ice dealers. Broad ab Mul- 
Kershow D. B. ice dealer, 312 Cherry ab Broad 
Kershow Jacob, ice mer., 441 Race 
Kesler Henry, starch manuf., Jefferson & Han- 
cock, h Master and Hope 
Kesler Samuel, brickmr.. Juniper n Locust. 
Kesler Theodore, cordw., G T road ab 6th 
Kesler Wm., farmer, rear Carpenter bel 8th 
Kessler Bartholomew, beer house, G T road ab 

Kessler Bartholomew, lab. Jefferson bel G Trd 
Kessler C. R., Rev., 183 St John 
Kessler Daniel, combmr. 371 N 4th 
Kessler Elizabeth, rear Charlotte ab Poplar 
Kessler Georg-e, lab., CheiTy ab Duke, (K) 
Kessler John, jr., g-rocer, 166 Coates 
Kessler John jr., grocer, S W 4th & Coates. 
Kessler Wm. butcher, 4 Jones' al (N L) 
Kester J. W., mer., 24 Bank 
Ketcham Frederick Rev., 607 N 2d (K) 
Ketcham Samuel, ladies' shoemaker, 156 S 6th 
Ketcham W. H., att'y 84 coun., 10th bel Ogden 
Ketchum Jno., carp., Coates ab 8th, h314 Coates 
Ketler Chas., tobacconist, 3d ab Plum, h 53 

Carpenter . 
Ketler Daniel, harness mr., 48 Rose al 
Ketler Geo. W., plast., Paul ab 6th 
Ketler John, plasterer, 7 S 7th 
Ketler Margaret, 270 & h 272 S 3rd. 
Ketterlinus E., printer, 40 N 4th, h 34 Y road 
Ketterlinus Paul, printer, 40 N 4th, h 34 O Y 

Kettring- Elizabeth, Palmer ab West (K) 
Kettring Geo., turner. Palmer ab West (K) 
Key Robert, rear Washin^on ab 6th 
Keyes Chas. B., Rev., 589 N Front 
Keys Ann,b. h., 186 S 11th 
Keys Edw., grocer, 11th & Carpenter 
Keys Robt., blacksmith. Filbert ab Sch. 5th. 
Keys Wm., stone mason, Sch 2d ab Spruce 
Keys Wm., clerk, 11 Union st (S) 
Keyser Aaron, hatter, 519 N 2d. 
Keyser Adeline, 110 Vine 
Keyser Andrew, dry goods, 154 S 2d. 
Keyser Charles, tailor, 12 Well's row 
Keyser Charles, butcher shop, 222 S 6th 
Keyser Christopher W. tavern, 5th & Poplar 
Kejser Conrad, blacksm., 69 Poplar 
Keyser E. W., lumber mer., Green & 10th, h 

144 N 9th. 
Keyser & Fox, saw mill, 21 Crown 
Keyser George, lab.. Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Keyser Geo., baker, Buttonwood ab 13th 
Keyser Henry, baker, Mintzer 
Keyser Jacob, saw mill, 19 Crown 
Keyser Jacob, 19 S Sch 6th 
Keyser John, cabmr. Poplar ab 9th 
Keyser John, Willow ab DlUwyn 
Keyser John, carp., Stewart's pi 
Keyser John F., printer, 3 Burd, (S) 
Keyser John S., 9th &. Nectarine 
Keyser, Joseph, blacksm., 330 N Front 

Keyser Jos., grocer, S W 2d & German 
Keyser Jos., oyster house, Broad and Wood 
Keyser Louisa, rear 529 N 4th 
Keyser Magdalen, rear 3 Paschall's al 
Keyser Margaret, 524 N 5th 
Keyser Mary Ann, 2 Rudolph's ct 
Keyser ]^Iichael, hair dresser, 26 N 6th 
Keyser N. L., lumber mer., 323 N Front, h 16 

Keyser Paul, mer., 52 High, h 212 N 4th 
Keyser Peter A., lumber mer., 225 N Water, k 

35 Callowhill. 
Keyser Susan, 34 Vine. 

Keyser & Warner, lumber jners., 225 N Water 

Keyser William, cooper, Haydock n G T road. 

Keyser Wm. G., lumber mer., 16 Margaretta st 

Keyser William W., gun smith, 377 N 2nd 

Kiar Jonathan, cordw., rear Paul ab 6th 

Kiarman J., bootmr., G T road ab Master (K) 

Kibler John, baker, 88 N 7th 

Kibler John, oyster house, 90 N 4th 

Kibler Joseph, 25 Callowhill. 

Kidd John, dyer, Jackson ab Adams 

Kidd John C, Pan-ish & Elizabeth 

Kidd Samuel, cordw., 14 Wells' Row 

Kiddy Joseph, weaver, Morris n William 

Kiderlen W. L. J., editor, 9 S 4th 

Kieehl Joseph, mer., 161 Chestnut 

Kiefer Henry, baker, 6th bel Poplar 

Kiefer Jacob, baker, 82 S 11th 

KIEHL JOHN, dry goods, 50 S 2d. 

Kiel Barbary, Paschall's al 

Kienzel G. baker, 46 Green 

Kienzle John, baker, 50 Apple 

Kiernan Ellen, Camac ab G T road 

Kiersted Chas., ropemr., Clare st 

Kiesley John, watchman, O Y road & 5th 

Kiggins Peter, lab., Marlborough ab Beach (K) 

Kiipfent A., boot and shoe mr., 73 Poplar 

Kiker Sam!., butcher, Geoi-ge n Sch 2d 

Kiker Wm., tobacconist. Wood ab Sch 4th 

Kilburn Uriah, stone cut.. Queen ab Palmer, (K) 

Kildea Catharine, M'Mackin's ct 

Kilduffe Robert M. D., S E 6th and Shippen. 

Kile Ann, capmr., 1 Orchard 

Kilhower Saml., gardener, Washington bel 2d 

Kille Aaron F., clerk, 452 S 4th % 

Kille Eliza E., 228 N 5th. 

KiUean Francis, boot mr., 16 Little Water 

Killeene Francis, shoemr. S 7th ab Catharine 

Killen George, tailor, 457 S 2d (S) 

Killen John, stone cutter, S 7th bel Catharine 

Killen Joseph, weaver, 2 Wagner's ct 

Killen Mark, tobacco, 2d ab Catharine 

Killgore & Hudders, carpenters, 22 Franklin pi 

KUlgore John, carpenter, 22 Franklin place, h 

36 Wood. 

Killhour Michael, lab. Dutton's ct 
Killhower Jeremiah, farmer, 6th bel G T road 
Killian Jacob, rags, St John ab George 
Killingsworth E., painter, 5 S 7th, h 64 Mul- 
Killion Henry, groc, 327^ High, h 8 Filbert ay 
Killion H. & D., grocers, 327^ High 
Killion Wm., drayman, 102 Coates 




Kilpatrick And., collector, P road ab Christian 
Kilpatrick Archibald, porter, Drinker's ct 
Kilpatrick Francis, chandler, 322 Callowhill 
Kilpatiick Francis, M prison, 10th bel Wash- 
Kilpatrick Georg'e, blacksmith, Kennedy's ct 
Kilpatrick Hugh, machinist, 365 S 5th 
Kilpatrick James, Fulton ab 12th 
Kilpatrick James, watchman, 7 Myers' ct 
Kilpatrick Jane, 11th & Washing-ton 
Kilpatrick John, Cochran bel Brinton 
Kilpatrick John, carter. Wood bel 13th. 
Kilpatrick Robert, lab.. Spruce n Sch Front 
Kilpatrick Wm., blacksm., 7th bel Washington 
Kimball Chas., mer., 5th ab Poplar 
Kimball F. S., book-keeper. Pine ab 10th 
Kimball Samuel, cordw. Union bel Franklin 
Kimball Stephen, merchant, 10 S whfs, h 36 S 

Kimber Caleb, paper stainer, lO/ Coates 
Kimber Emmor, jr., hatter, 34 N 4th h 97 O 

Y road. 
Kimber Samuel, com. mer., foot of E Willow st, 

h 347 N 7th 
KIMBER SAMUEL 8c CO., com. mers.. Willow 

st wharves 
Kimber & Sharpless, booksellers, 50 N 4th. 
Kimber Thomas, bookseller, 50 N 4th, h 374 

Kimberry Liscomb, waiter, 36 Currant ai 
Kimberry Ruben, waiter, 36 Currant al 
Kimble Blanchard, drayman, Hanover ab West 

Kimble Georg-e, carman, Hanover ab West (K) 
Kimble Nathan, machi., Shackamaxon ab Bed- 
Kime Jacob, stone cutter, 16 Shoit ct 
Kimley John, carter, 120 Swanson st 
Kimley Mary, gentw., 117 Swanson 
Kimmey Henry M., clerk, 171 Mulberry 
Kimmey Mrs., b. h., 144 N 8th 
Kimsey Job, grocer, Penn ab Maiden 
Kincade Eliza, widow. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Kincade John, lab., Morgan's ct 
Kincaid Andrew, shoemr., Boyd's av 
Kincaid Wm., moulder, G T road bel 7th 
iKindick Samuel S., tavern. Front &; Noble 
Kindle Robert, waterman, Jones' al 
King Alexander, weaver, 10 M'Duffie 
King Alex., hatter, 24 Queen (K) 
King Anderson, lab.. Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
King Ann Mrs., Warner's ct 
King Catharine, 47 Laurel 
King & Baii'd, printers, 9 George. 
Ring Catharine, Beach ab Shackamaxon. 
King Charles, carter, Union ab Bedford. (K) 
King Charles R., M. D., S E 13th and Chestnut 
King Darius, 3 Liberty ct 
King Edmund, cordw., Nectarine ab 10th. 
King Edward, President Judge Court Common 

Plea.s, h Sch. Stii bel Spruce. 
King Edwin, dry goods, 245 S 2d. 
King Elizabeth, Rachel bel Laurel 
King Elizabeth, Callowhill n Sch 8th 

King Francis, gent., 332 Mulberry 

King George, oil mer., H. Village 

King Geo. W., carter. Dean ab Bedford 

King Henry, carp. Otter bel G T road (K) 

King Henry, shop, Pine st whf. 

King Heniy G., 287 N 8th 

King Henry H. tailoi-. Dock & 2d, h 70 German 

KING HERMANUS, bookseller & tailor, 10th 

bel Buttonwood 
King Hermeon, tailor. Poplar ab 9th 
King H., capt., 4th & Redwood 
King Jackson, lab. rear Benton n School (K) 
King James, shop. Master bel 2d (K) 
King James, bricklayer, 4th ab Jefferson. (K) 
King James, tavern, 3d & George (N L) 
King James A. carp. Poplar bel 7th 
King Jane, 105 Christian 
King John, sailmr., rear 382 S Front 
King John, shoemr., Bedford ab 12th 
King John, pedler, Crov.'n ab Franklin (K) 
King John, cordw., 3 Smith's al (N L) 
King John, carpet weaver, 318 S 6th. 
King John, chair manuf., 539 N Front 
King John, waterman. Laurel & Rachel 
King Joseph, book binder, 14 Centre 
King- J. 8c Abram, innkeepers, Fairmount 
King Levi, lab. Little Pine ab 7th 
King Levi R., carp., 8 Watson's al,, h 13th bel 

King Margaret, sewing, Reakirt's ct 
King Mary, corsets and varietj'^, && S 12th 
King M. A., spooler, Perfy ab Phoenix 
King Richard, carman, Johnson's la ab 4th 
King Robert E., potter, Haig's ct 
King Robt. S., blacksm., 23 Parker 
King R. P., printer, 9 George, h 6 Prune 
King Saml., House of Refuge, h Poplar ab 10th 
King Samuel, porter, rear 121 Noble 
King Samuel G. brushmr. 266 N 2nd, h 62 Dill- 

King Sarah, rear 30 Bread 
King Sarah, 330 S Front. 
King Thomas, carpenter, Jones ab Sch. 7th 
King Thomas, 117 N 7th 
King Thomas, confect. rear 9 Crown 
King Westley, coal, 11 Beck (S) 
King- Wm., druggist, Franklin & Marlboro' (K) 
King Wm., gold beater, 23 Union 
King William, carpenter, William bel Edward 

King Wm., carp., 5th bel Federal 
King Wm., Filbert W Sch 7th 
King Wm., livery stable, N W 3d and Wood 
King Wm., labourer, rear 198 Christian 
King Wm. waiter, Watson's al 
King Wm. House of Refuge, h Poplar ab 10th 
King Wm., ship carp., Fraley's al 
King Wm. E., brushmr., rear 15 Noble 
King Wm. H., mer., 21 S 2d 
King Wm. H., horse dealer, 8 Fetter la. 
King Wm. R„ shoemr., Jones n Sch 5th 
King W. L., oak cooper. Union ab Franklin 
Kingsfield Philip, baker, 105 G T road 
Kingsland Edmund, ship joiner, 5 Keefe. 




Kingsland Jacob, ship joiner, bel Prime bet 6th 

Kingsmore Charles, cordw., rear 2 Carpenter 
Kingston Harriet, gentw., 183 Spruce 
king-ston John, book binder, Thompson ab Sch 

Kingston John, collector, 3rd & Washington 
Kingston Stephen B., acct., 288 N 6th 
Kingston Stephen B. jr., conveyancer, 129 Mul- 

Kingston S. B. & Sons, conveyancers, 129 Mul- 
Kinkade Andrew, weaver. White's ct 
Kinkade James, carter, Mifflin and 12th 
Kinkade Jane, Jackson's ct (N L) 
Kinkade Samuel, seaman, 29 Prosperous al 
Kinkelin A., M. D., 83 Union. 
Kinkner John, bricklayer, 350 Brown 
Kinnard J., tavern, Callowhill ab 12th 
Kinnard Thomas, waiter, 43 Mechanic 
Kinnear James, ladies' shoemr., 282 S 4th 
Kinsell Benjamin, 18 Morgan 
Kinsell Hannah, 7 Elder 
Kinsey Antiiony, 31 Dugan 
Kinsey John, comjiositor, 17 Nectarine 
Kinsey John, wharf builder, Fraley's al 
Kinsey J. M., carpenter, 120 S Front 
Kinsey Mary, b h, 213 Spruce 
KINSEY WM. & SON, morocco manuf., 251 

N 3d and Willow 
Kinsinger Charles, cordw., rear 450 N 4th 
Kinsinger Frederick, morocco dresser, Charlotte 

ab Culvert 
Kinsler George M., 276 N Front 
Kinsler John, cordwainer, 127 N 5th. 
Kinsler Joseph, lab., Lombard and Ashton 
Kinsley Charles H., wheelwright, 12th bel I-o- 

cust, h Sch. 6th bel Lombard 
Kinsley Christian, butcher, 17 Crown 
Kinsley Daniel, binckmr., Juniper ab Locust 
Kinsley Elizabeth, Lombard ab Sch 7th 
Kinsley Ellen wid. of John, grocer, 388 N Front 
Kinsley George, brickmr., Harmstead 
Kinsley Henry, wheelwt.. Barker n Sch 3d 
Kinsley James, shoemr., Coombs' ct 
Kinsley John H., cordw., 474 Sassafras 
Kinsloe Wm. A., perfumer, 36 N7th, h39 S 10th 
Kinslow Michael, fireman, 14 Barker 
Kinsman Eliza, gentw., S 10th ab Shippen 
Kintzing Abraham W., mer., 449 Chestnut 
Kintzing Wm., 31 Logan sq 
Kintzle Christian, merchant, 66 N 3d 
Kinzer George, mer.. Broad, h 139 N 13th 
Kiple Jacob, clerk, 323 N 2d 
Kipp Peter, shoemr., rear 191 N 2d 
Kippen Mar}', Wallace ab 8th 
Kipple Margaret, b h, 7 Vine 
Kirbey Samuel, stove finisher, 181 S 2d. 
Kirby Ann, milliner, 343 N 2d. 
Kirby James, savvmr., 4th & Franklin (K) 
Kirby James, sawmr., 25 Elfreth's al 
Kirby James, seaman, 21 Benton 
Kirby John, lab. Carpenter ab 3d 
Kirby Richard, painter, P road n Fitzwater 
Kirby Robt., seaman, 21 Benton 

Kirby Wm. K., 4 & 6 S Sch 8th bel High 
Kirchner Andrew, grinder, 66 Vine 
Kirchof Jos., cabinet mr., 7th ab Poplar 
Kirchoff Henry, turner. Miller's ct (N L) 
Kirk Ann, 5 St. Mary 

Kirk Christian, engine builder, Crown n Frank- 
lin (K) 
Kirk Edward, lab., 2 Hoffman's al 
Kirk George, boat builder, Beach ab Maiden 
Kirk George W., weigh master, 55 N Water, 

h 10th ab Buttonwood 
Kirk James, boat builder, Beach belMaiden(K) 
Kirk James, tavern, 25 S Garden 
Kirk James, cordw., rear G T road, ab 5th 
Kirk John, shoemr., Yhost bet Catharine and 

Kirk John, coachmr., Broad ab Filbert, h 12 

Kirk John, painter, 470 N Front 
Kirk John, chandler, 353 Callowhill 
Kirk J. W., Filbert E of Sch 6th 
Kirk Mary, spooler, Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Ivirk Stephen, coal mer., Penn bel Maiden, h 78 

Penn (K) 
Kirk Susan, nurse, rear 15 Eutaw 
Kirk S., 13 Carlton 

KIRK S. L., grocer, 146 N 4th, h 149 Dillwyn 
Kirk Thomas, waterman. Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Kirk William, blacksmith, F road and Shacka- 

rnaxon (K) 
Kirk William, brickmaker, yard Sch 3d & Wal- 
nut, h 2 Colonnade row. 
Kirk Wm., weaver, 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Kirk Wm., weaver, Fitler n 2d (K) 
Kirkbride Thos. S., physician to the Penna. 

Hospital for the Insane 
Kirkham Charles, att'y and coun., S E 3rd 8c 

Kirkham George H., mer., 36 S Front, h 127 

Kirkham Wm., 127 Filbert 
Klrkland Charles, milkman, Bedford ab 13tli 
Kh-kland Wm. R., mer., 47 N Whfs. & 95 N 

Water, h S E 10th & CHnton 
Kirkner Leonard, lime burner, Sch 3d ab Cal- 
Kirkpatrick Andrew, ship cai-p., Penn above 

Maiden (K) 
Kirkpatrick Ann, widow of Robert B., 252 K 

Kirkpatrick Benj., weaver. Poplar 
Kirkpatrick D., leatlaer dealer, 21 S 3d, h 193 

KIRKPATRICK D. & SON, hides and leather, 

21 S 3d 
Kirkpatrick E., mer., 21 S 3d, h 193 Mulberrf 
Kirkpatrick George, dep. keeper County Pri- 
son, h 6th bel Shippen 
Kirkpatrick George, carp., S 7th ab Fitzwater 
Kirkpatrick James, barber, N W 7th 8c Zane 
Kirkpatrick James, carter, Lewis ab Sch 6th, 
Kirkpatrick James, carp., 29 Rittenhouse 
Kirkpatrick James, distiller, 2 S 7th, h 1 

Kirkpatrick John, carp., 308 Shippen 




Kirkpatrick J. T. h Co., hides 8t leather, 213 

N 3d, h 193 Mulberry 
Kirkpatrick Rachel A., 94 Crown. 
Kirkpatrick Robert, carter. Spruce W Sch 5th 
Kirkpatrick Robert B., mer., 52 High, h 193 

Kirkpatrick Rowland, mer., 137 N Water 
Kirkpatrick Samuel, shoemr., 224 Vine 
Kirkpatrick Wm., blacksmith, bcl Prime n 6th 
Kirnan James, cordw., 273 N 3d 
Kirrigan Wm., grocer, S E Christian & 2d 
Kirscheman Godfred, tailor. Palm ab Brown 
Kirschenman J. M., tavern, Coates bel 5th 
Klrscherman Christian, lab., Brown ab 9th 
Kirshner Henry, tavern, Rroad ab Poplar. (F V) 
Kirtland George, com. mer., 34 Church al 

mers., 34 Churcli alley 
Klsselman Mrs., gentw., 166 S 2d 
Kissiclc J. W., tailor, Pleasant ab 12th 
Kisterbock J., stoves k warm air furnace manuf., 

467 High. 
Kitchen A. B., 407 Chestnut 
kitchen James, M. D., 39 Spruce. 
Kitchen James, carp., Carlton ab Sch 4th 
Kitchen Rebecca, b h, 450 Vine 
Kitchen Uriah, teacher. Weaver 
Kitcherman Richard, weav., Callowhill n Sch 3d 
kitchinman Jas., carpet weaver, 76 Maiden 
Kite Edith, 32 N 5th 

Kite Edmund A., tailor, 220 Wood ab 12th 
Kite George, cordw.. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Kite James, cabinetmaker, 129 Walnut, h 26 

Kite John L., M.D., 262 N 5th. 
Kite Jonathan, potter, 122 Beach (K) 
Kite Jonatlian, cordw., Lancaster &, Ride 
Kite Joseph, printer, 4th & Appletree al., h 

■265 N 5th. 
Kite Joseph & Co., printers, 4th St Appletree al 
Kite Josepli J., book store, 9th 8c Sp Garden 
Kite Joseph S., 32 Palmyra sq 
Kite Nathan, bookseller, 32 N 5th 
Kite Paschal, carpenter, 13th ab Carroll 
Kithcart David, weaver, G T road opp 4th 
Kittell Mary, nurse, 29 Dyott's ct (K) 
Kitterson John, brickmaker. Spruce W Sch .5th 
Kitterson Wm., weaver, Crown bel Duke (K) 
Kittinger Leonard, 154 Sassafras 
Kitts Hannah P., gentw., 188 Coates. 
Kitts Henry, cordw.. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Kitts Jacob, tobac, Stearly's ct 
Kitts Matthias, oak cooper, 1 Stearly's ct 
Klaaman Geo., machinist, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Klag Jo!>n, carpet manuf., 387 N Front 
Klahr Peter, mer., 83 New 
Klaire Samuel, cordw., Marshall bel Poplar 
Klapp Jos., M. D., 221 Spruce 
Klapp William H., M. D., 290 S 2d. 
Klauder David, upholsterer, 3 Assembly Build. 

h Traquair's ct 
Klauder, Deginthcr & Klauder, upholsterers, 5 

8t 4 Assembly Buildings 
Klauder George, upholsterer, 3 Assembly Build. 
Klebemer Ludwig, tailor, 4 Sander's ct (K) 

Kleigbrink John, lab., rear Melon bel 12th 
Klein Fredk., nailer. Wood bel Franklin (K) 
Klein Fredk., nailer, 5 Bauersach's ct 
Klein Jacob, carter. Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Klein John, watchmaker, 197 N 3d, h 72 Noble 
Kleinfelder Gottleib, butcher, rear Brown belo>r 

Kleinz Christ., La Fayette ct 
Kleiz Henry, lalacksmith, 11th ab Willow 
Klem Bernhardt, shoemr., 20 Green 
Klem Jacob, butcher, F road ab Maiden 
Klemm &, Brother, imp. of musical inst.'s, 275 

Klemm F. A., importer, -275 High, h 3 City 

Klemmer Henry, carter, 3 Moore's ct 
Klett Andrew, druggist, 246 St John & 226 N 3d 
Klett Fred., N E 2d & Callowhill, h 53 Callow- 
Klett Frederick, & Co., druggist, N E 2d & Cal- 
Klett Mary, Rachel & Brown 
Klett Rachel, Front & Lombard 
Klewell Abrm., turner, 6th bel G T road 
Klewell Daniel, turner, 7th ab Weaver's Rope 

Kline Adam, brickmr.. State n Sch 7th 
Kline Bartholomew, jeweller, rear 38 Charlotte 
Kline Demarius, rear Charlotte ab Poplar 
Kline Daniel, bootmr., George ab Apple 
Kline Francis, combmr., 7 Stearly's ct 
Kline Frederick, cane manuf., 126 New 
Kline Geo., wheelwt., Hanover bel West (K) 
Kline Geo., cordw., rear Apple ab George 
Kline Geo., cordw., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Kline Hannah, shop, 129 Poplar 
Kline Isaac, cordwainer, 231 Cedar 
Kline Isaac, M. D., 183 G. T. road 
Kline Jacob, buttonmr., Vienna bel Duke (K) 
Kline Jacob R., wood mer.. Green st. wharf, h 

492 N 3rd. 
Kline James, cordw., Gatchell's av 
Kline John, gent., 18 St Mary 
Kline John, shoemr., 98 Apple 
Kline Mary, wid. of Peter, 374 N 3d 
Kline Michael, Melon bel 10th , 

Kline Michael, shoemr., 408 N 4th 
Kline Michael, lab., Mary bel F road 
Kline Peter, machinist. Brown ab 13th 
Kline Peter, collector, 107 Noble 
Kline Philip, lab.. Wood bel Sch 5th 
Kline Rachel, trader, Vienna opp Brown (K) 
Kline Sarah, 107 Noble 
Kling Chas. H., shop, Lombard ab Sch 2d 
Klingensteiner George, b h, 85 & 87 New Market 
Klinger Adam, lab., 271 N 2d 
Klinger D., widow, St John ab George (K) 
Klinger Henry W., tailor, 488 N 2d 
Klinger John, carp, weav., Bedford opp. Elm (K) 
Klingler Fredk., grocer. Poplar & Front 
Klingler, J. L. C, baker, Sch 4th & William 
Kloneger John C, printer, 6th bel Carpenter 
Kloss Wm., 6th bel Washington 
Klosterman Joseph, bootmr., 426 S Front, h 44 




Klotz John C, tailor, rear 2d ab Edward (K) 
Klotz John M., tailor, 103 Poplar 
Klufkce George, blacksm., Union ab Franklin 
Klufkee John A., whitesmith, Marlborough ab 

Franklin. (K) 
Klump Frederick, machinist, Coates ab 9th 
Klump John, framemr., 1 Jackson (N L) 
Knapp George, twine & cords, M road ab Mai-- 

ker, h Marion ab Front 
Knapp Sarah, rear 109 Christian 
Knapp Solomon, baker, 27 N 6th 
KnaufF Heniy, organ builder, 212 N 5th, h 167 

Kiiause Ephralm, tobacconist, School bel Wil- 
Kneap Thos., lab., Hope ab Otter (K) 
Kneass Ann, toys, 2S Tammany 
Kneass Charles, carp.. Poplar ab 7th 
Kneass C. F., 154 Cedar 
Kneass D. A., hatter, 87 Cedar 
KNEASS HORN li., att'y & coun., 61 S 7th 
Kneass Jane, b. h., 159 Chestnut 
Kneass John, gent., 228 S 7th 
Kneass Napoleon B., mer., 172^ High 
Kneass Samuel, 393 Spruce 
Kneass Sarah, 81 S 6th 
Knecht Catharine, gentw., Wirtz ct 
Knecht Gabriel, drover, 263 N 8th. 
Knecht George Jr., vict., Franklin ab Noble 
Knecht John G., butcher, c Willow & Julianna 
Knecht John J., carter, 7th ab Master 
Kneck Henry, butcher, 11 Magnolia st 
Kneedler Chas. J., coal mer.. Broad & Sassafras 
Kneedler Jacob, 205 Green 
Kneedler Jacob E., harness mr., Coates ab 6th 
Kneedler J. S., mer.. Sassafras 8c 3d, h 28 Wash- 
ington sq 
Kneedler Magdalen, 4 N 9th 
Kneedler Simon, carter, 7th ab Brown 
Kneeland Amelia J., stock maker, 96 Green. 
Kneeland Edward, 6 Bank al 
Knepley Thos. J., tobaccon'st, rear Noble ab 5th 
Knettle Wm., bricklayer, rear 202 N 10th 
Knickerbocker Rebecca S., trimmings, 407 N 3d 
Knight A. L. paper machine, rail road & Sch 8th, 

. h r2th bel Coates 
Knight Bushrod W., bricklayer, 87 Fitzwater. 
Knight C. D., agent, 45 N Front 
Knight Daniel R., carp., 166 N 9th, h Wood n 

Sch 8th 
Knight Uavid, butcher, 197 S 7th 
Knight Edward, tailor, rear Elizabeth above 

Knight Elizabeth, Johnson's lane n 5th 
Knight Esther, gentw.. Green ab Marshall 
KNIGHT E. C, grocer, S E Water & Chestnut, 

h 267 S Front 
Knight George, carpet manuf., S W 4th & Cal- 

Knight Jacob, carpenter, 241 Marshall 
Knight James, weaver, rear Pleasant ab 12th 
Knight James, waiter, 49 Currant al 
Knight Jesse J., coacli painter, 143 Queen 
Knight John, lab., 9 Nonnatei-'s ct 

Knight Joseph & Son, iron 8c coal mer., 203 N 2d 
Knight Joseph, carp., Sch 8th 8c State 
Knight Mary, washr., 11 Stamper's al 
Knight Sc Parry, trimmings, 6 Sp Garden. 
Knight Phcebe, trimmings, 6 Sp Garden 
Knight Reeve L, upholsterer, 148 S 2nd. 
Knight Robt., porter, rear 50 P road 
KNIGHT ROBERT B., att'y 8c coun., 113 Sas- 
Knight Robt. T., carp., 196 Cherry 
Knight Saml., clerk, Queen ab 3d 
Knight Sarah, Morris bel Catharine 
Knight Wm., engineer, Francis (F V) 
Knight Wilham, machinist, 13th bel Green 
Kniglit Wm. H., hardware, 255 High, h 127 

N 9th 
Knight William L., M. D., N W Vine 8c Sch 5th 
Knight Wm. S., carp.. Bread, h 72 New 
KNIGHT W. W., hardware, 229 High 
Knipe Christian, shoemaker, St John ab Bea- 
ver (K) 
Knipe Conrad, grocer, N 5th ab Noble 
KNIPE C. Sc SONS, grocers, S E 3d 8c New 
Knipe Fred. A. O., 155 S 12th 
Knipe John R., furniture, 79 Sassafras 
Knipe Thos., brickmr., Thompson ab Sch StU 
Knizel Lydia, nurse, i"ear 280 S 2d 
Knochel John, cordw., 3 Carlisle ct 
Knock Julius, die sinker &. chaser, 8 Samson al 
Knoell F., frame mr., Buttonwood ab 5th 
Knoffloch P., tavern, John and Callowhill 
Knoll John, carter, Cherry bel Duke (K) 
Knopp Harman, sugar boiler, 238 St John 
Knorr Francis, 3 Logan's sq. ab Sch 5th 
Knorr George, gent. Poplar ab 13th 
Knorr George, sen., printei-, 159^ S 11th. 
Knorr George, shoemr., 4 Swanson ct 
Knorr G. Fredk., teacher of langs, 119 Filbert 
Knorr G. T., printer, 329 Lombard 
Knorr James, printer, 327 W Pine 
Knorr John K., M. I)., Front ab Poplar 
Knorr Joseph, sign painter, 89 S 2nd. 
Knorr J. F., mer., UN 4th, h 3 Logan sq 
Knorr Nath. K. druggist, N W Front and Brown 
Knorr Peter, tobacconist, Coi-n bel Wharton 
Knorr Polly, 87 N 9th 
Knorr Wm., baker. Pleasant ab 11th 
Knot John, Jackson 8c Adams 
Knouse Geo., wheelwright. Otter ab Front 
Knouse Harman, lab.. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Knouse Mary, 3 Wood 
Knouse Peter, lab. Thompson bel Sch 6th 
Knouse William, gun smith, Marlboro' n West 
Knowles Austin, coach maker, 288 Sassafras, h 

143 Wood 
Knowles David, carp., 74 Coates 
Knowles Henry, bootmr.. Lane's ct 
Knowles James A. shoemaker, 319 Shippen 
Knowles Levi, mer., 428 High, h Sch 5th and 

Knowles Marmaduke, carp. Sch 2d 8c Lombard 
Knowles M., caiji., Sch 2d ab South 
Knowles Nathaniel, acct. Western Bank, h 258 
N 7th 




Knowles Ralph H., 247' N 7th 

Knowles Wm. hatter, 73 N 8th 

Knowles Wm., weaver. Crown ab Duke (K) 

Knowles Wm. H., carp., 4 Keefe 

Knows Jacob, 369 N 4th 

Knox Ann, b. h., 4 Howard's ct 

Knox Charles, lab. F roadopp Master 

Knox Deborah, shoebinder. Melon bel 12th 

Knox Ehzabeth, dressmr., 2 Lyndall's al 

Knox Ezekiel, weaver. Amber ab Phoenix (K) 

Knox Geo., fisherman, Allen ab Hanover (K) 

Knox Jacob, copper pi. printer, 2 Hubbell 

Knox James, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) 

Knox James, blacksmith. Wood ab Broad 

Knox John, cordw.. Gay's ct (N L) 

Knox John, printer, Wharton ab 3d 

Kuox John N. shoemr., R road & Wallace 

Knox Lewis, cordwainer, 557 S 2d. 

Knox Samuel, bricklayer, 6th bel G T road 

Knox Sarah, Crown bel Franklin (K) 

Knox Sarah, dry goods. 11 S 9th 

Knox Sarah, Franklin ab Palmer (K) 

Knox Susan, 7th n Washing-ton 

Knox Wm., carp., Allen ab Hanover (K) 

Knox Wm. L., millwrig-ht, rear 297 Callowhill 

Kobel Christian, barber, 294 Front st 

Koch Carl, jeweller, 23 N 2d 

Koch M. & T., tailors, 158 Vine 

I^och Otto, tailor, 158 Vine 

Koch Philip, cordw., 16 Assembly Buildings 

Koch Philip, 4 Northampton ct 

Kochenspicer Isa., butcher, Queen ab Palmer(K) 

Kociier John, whitesm., Palmer n Froad (K) 

Kochersperger Almira G., tavern, 483 High 

Kochersperger Daniel, grocer, R road & Melon, 

h Brown ab 13th 
Kochersperger Geo., shoemr., Sch 4th bel Lo- 
Kochersperger Jane, grocer, 13th and Poplar 
Kochersperger John, sexton, rear 37 N 4th 
Kochersperger Saml. A. C, tailor. High ab Sch 

5th, h 472 Callowhill 
Koechlein Geo. H., turner, 129 Coates 
Koecker Joseph D., arcliitect, 104 S 4th 
Koecker Leonard R., M. D. dentist, 208 Walnut 
Koehl Geo. W., barber, Front bel Phoenix 
Koehler Charles A., 394 S 3d 
Koehler Conrad, stovemr., 31 Elfreth's al 
Koehler Danl., wheelwright, 24 Clark 
Koehler Maria, sewing, 4 Friendship ct 
Koehler Sarah, S W Marriott & Atherton 
Kohl George, lab., Cadwalader bel Phosnix 
Kohlenkamp N., tinman, 78 N 2nd 
Kohler & Co., hardware, 328 N 2d 
Kohler Fredk. W., hardware, 328 N 2d, h 175 

O Y road 
Kohler Geo. A., hardw., 328 N 2d, h 266 Coates 
Kohler John, gent., 138 Franklin 
Kohler John F. k Co., hardware, Shackamaxon 

&. Queen (K) 
Kohler J. B , stove manuf., 154 N 2d 
Kohler J. J., hat, 150 N3d 
Kohler M., lab., 101 Swanson 
Kohlhas Peter, tailor, 410 N 2d 
Kohn Israel, currier, 245 N 3d, h 54 Duke 

Kohne E. Mrs., Chestnut ab lOth. 
Kohns John, butcher, Wharton ab 3d 
Kolb John, baker, 135 Button%\'ood 
Kolb Louis, shoemr. 7 Elfreth's al 
Kolb Peter, silver plater, Poplar bel 9th 
Kolesnomy Bayar, S E 9th and George 
Kollock Burton J., cabinetmr., Atherton 
Kollock David H., cabinetmaker, 304 S 2d. 
Kolm Ferdinand, baker, 191 N 4th 
Kolsterman Herman, tinman, 196 S 2d 
Konn Sarah, 17 Linden 
Koockegey Wm., sign painter, 299 Mulberry, h. 

13 Logan 
Koockegy George, whipmr. 5 Penn.'av 
Kookin Geo. C, tailor, Mantua vil 
Koons Chas., dry goods, 172 N 3d, h 314 N 6th. 
Koons F., iron founder, Bush Hill, h 100 Wood 
Koons & Heilman, dry goods, 172 N 3d 
Koons Isaac, sugar refiner, O Y road Sc Willow, 

h 54 O Y road 
Koons Michael & Co., grocer, 239 & 241 N 3d, 

h 230 N 4th. 
Koons Philip, boots and shoes, 430 N 2d 
Koplin Justice, umbrellas, 188 E Lombard 
Koplin Nathaniel, dep. flour ins., 81 Franklin. 
Kopp John, baker, Marriott and 5th 
Kopp Michael, ostler, 271 N 2d 
Koppelberger, Isaiah, cordw., Schlessinger's ct 
Korb John, shoemr., 52 New 
Kore Rebecca, Chestnut n Sch 3d 
Korn Deborah, b. h-, 70 Brown '' 

KORN HENRY, manuf. coach lace fringe and 

milit. goods, 22 N 3d. 
Korn Isa., 15 Coomb e's al 
Korndaffer G. W., trunkmr., 324^ High, h Ru- 

gaabel Willow 
KORNDAFFER JACOB, grocer, 453 S 2d 
KorndalTer Nicholas, farmer. Brown bel Cherry 

Korndaffer Parker, boots, and shoes, 324A High 
Kornman Henry, beer house, Franklin bel 6th 
Koseritz Mary Ann, trimmings, 125 Spruce 
Koul Christ., lab., Sanders' ct 
Koy Valentine, botanic doctor, 9th ab Ogden 
Kraeger Christ., shoemr., 424 S Front 
Kraft August, b. h., 121 Sassafras. 
KRAFT C. H., tavern, 149 Race 
Kraft George, cabinetmaker, 94 N 7th. 
Kraft Geo. W., patternmr., Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Kraft Henry, shoemaker, 110 S 2d. 
Kraft Henry A., shoemaker, 6 N 12th. 
Kraft Jacob, cordw.. Orchard and Green's ct 
Kraft Jercy, tailor, 49 Duke 
Kraft M., cordw., Mayland 
Krall Geo., brickmr., M'Duffy ab 3d 
Krall P., brickmr., M'Duffie ab 3d 
Kram Jacob, carp.. Poplar bel Broad 
Kramer Andrew, machinist, 599 N 3d 
Kramer Francis, turner, 9th bel Ogden 
Kramer Francis, turner, 10th ab Parrish 
Kramer Henry, painter, Palmer bel West (K) 
Kramer Henry, coachmr., Budden's al. 
Kramer John, bl ndmr., Hope ab Plioenix (K) 
Kramer John, chairmr., Mercer and Warren 
Kramer John E., cracker baker, 93 R load 




Kramer L. S boot & shoemr. Vienna ab Queen 

Kramer Philip, carp. Wood n Sch 8tli 
Kramer Richai-d A., printer, Budden's al 
Kramer T., tailor, 106 New Market 
Kramer Wm. shop, 540 N Front 
Kramm Gustavus, lithogTapher, 1 Elmslie's al 
Krauch M., pie baker, 115 N 6th 
Krause Casper, brewer, 140 Coates 
Krauss & Emanuel, painter, 106 N 6th 
Krauss Godfrey, lab., Washing^ton ab Willow 
Krauss Joseph P. painter, 106 N 6th, h 14 Hal- 

Krautz John, brewer, 169 N 4th 
Kreamer Charles, salesman, 15 Nectarine 
Kreamcr Jno. butcher, Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Kreamer Mary, Hope bel Phoenix (K) 
Krecker Margt., G T road bel 2d 
Kreeg-er Gustavus H. M. D. 188 S 8th 
Kreer Henry, engineer, Beach ab Marlboro'(K) 
Kreichebaum John, engraver St mouldrar. 318 

Kreider Fred. C, atty., 309 N 3d 
Kreider Henry, grocer. Vine & R road, h 292 S 

Garden bel R road 
Kreiner Flemy, wharf builder, Allen bel Pal 

mer (K) 
Kreiss Chas., tailor, 22 Branner's al 
Krekler Lewis, machinist, Ontario bel Poplar 
Kreller George, cooper, Coates n Sch 
Kremer Fredk., chairmr., 20 Hazel 
Kremer Fredk., baker. Queen ab Marlboro' (K) 
Kremhan Alex., shoe finder, 394 N 3d 
Kreplin Sarah, widow of John F., 7 Union (S) 
Krepp Frederick, baker, Locust ab 12th 
Kresler George R., carp., 239 Marshall 
Kretschma A. & Gildea, artif. limb mrs. 61 Dock 
Kretschmar Peter, 61 Dock 
Kreuser Christian F., baker, 443 S 6th 
Krewson Mordecai, carpenter, CaUov.'hill and 

Sch. 7th. 
Kridel John, wheelwright. Leopard (K) 
Krider Geo. shipcarp., Union ab Franklin (K) 
Krider Geo., baker. Carpenter ab 8th 
Krider Harriet, 129 Spruce 
Ki'ider Henry, grocer, R road and Vine 
Krider H., distill. 8c rectifier, 46 Washington av 
Krider John, gunsm., 101 & 103 S 2dab Walnut 
Krider John J., baker, 70 Swanson. 
Kridler Thomas, tailor, 2 Richards 
Krier Henry, engineer, Wood n West 
Krim H., widow, Washington bel 2d 
Krin Adam, weaver, 100 Tammany 
Ki'ips Margaret, gentw., rear 464 N 2d 
Krips Phihp, dyer, 247 St John 
Kritser Jacob, cordw., Beaver ab 3d 
Kritser Sophia, rear 443 N 3d 
KroU Catharine, Willow bel 4th 
Kroll Earnest, acct, 343 Vine. 
Kroman Henry, 47 IFilbert 
Kromer E'. G., tailor, 151 N 3d 
Kromer & Flenner, tailors, 151 N 3d 
Kromm Henry, drover, James ab Charles. 
Kromschield Chas., tailor, 40 Exchange 
Krop John, cab mr., 215 St John 

Krotel F., baker, 264 N 8th 

KROUSE CHARLES, tavern, 100 New 

Krouse Christian, weaver, R road bel S Garden 

Krouse Jacob, ostler, 30 Branch 

Krouse Wm., bricklayer, rear Noble ab 8th 

Krug Edwd. C, mer., 151 High 

Krug F. v., mer., 151 High, h 308 Mulberry 

Ki-ug F. V. & Co., com. mers., 151 High, ab 

Krull George, collector, 53 P road 
Krumbhaar Lewis, Sec. Spring Garden Ins. Co., 

N W 6th and Wood. 
Krupp Eli, grocer, 4th and Thompson (K) 
Krupp John, spigot turner, S W 4th & Tammany 
Kubblier John, Wood bel Sch 2d 
Kucher Wm. W., shoes, 391 N 2d 
Kucker John, planemr., 6th bel G T road 
Kucker John L., brass frounder, 7th ab Wea- 
ver's rope walk (K) 
Kuemmerle Christ., conf., R road ab Vine 
Kuemmerlen John, baker, G T road n 3d 
Kuen Joseph, combmr., 48 Apple 
Kuen Samuel, combmr., 7th ab Weaver's rope 

walk (K) 
Kuermmerle Martin, syringemr., 45 S 8th 
Kugler Benj., M. D., 116 Franklin 
Kugler Elizabeth, 45 P road. 
Kugler George, carter, Vine ab Sch 2d 
Kugler Lewis, grocer, h 377 S Front 
Kuhl Frederick, 464 Walnut, h rear 120 S 2d 
Kuhl F. & G., lithographers, 465 Walnut 
Kuhl George, lithograper, 464 Walnut, h 4 

Courtlln pi 
Kuhl James, lab., Orange ab Lemon 
Kuhl John G., tailor, 31 Elfreth's al 
Kuhlmann Gerhard, cordwainer, N W 6th and 

Kuhn Charles jr., atty. and coun., 167 Spruce 
Kulm Ehza, gentw., 253 Walnut 
KuhnHartman,jr. 240 Walnut 
Kuhn Hartman, gent., 314 Chestnut. 
Kuhn Henry, lab., rear 252 S Front 
Kuhn John, hatter, 190 N 2d. 
KUHN JOHN, tailor, 45 S 4th 
Kuhn P. H., baker, rear 276 N 3d 
Kuhn Wm., varnisher, rear 298 Sassafras 
Kulp John, lab., R road ab Broad 
Kulp Joshua, brickmr.. Watt 
Kummer Mark, susp. weav., Cherry and Monroe 

KundeU George, tailor, 2 Gan-Igues ct 
Kunltz Lewis, dentist, 129 Plum 
Kunltz Lewis, blindmr., Tyler 
Kunkle Christian, vlct. Nectarine bel 11th 
Kunkle George, R road ab Francis (F V) 
Kunkle Jacob, cordw., rear 116 Brown 
Kunkle John, vlct. R road bel Girard, av (F V) 
Kunkle John B. & Co., dealer in leather. Gar- 
den and Willow, h 10th ab Brown 
Kunkle P. vlct. R road ab Wood 
Kunts Wm, blindmr., 129 S 2d, h Spruce ab 13th 
Kuntz Caspar, cordw., 4 New Market 
Kuntz John, clothing, 380 N 2d 
Kuntz Joseph, dealer, 7 Shepherd's al 
Kuntz Mich., dealer, 126 Swanson 




Kunz Jacob, gun smith, G T road ab Phoenix. 
Kunzmann F. P., baker, 26 Jones' al. 
Kupp Rachel, Beaver bel Charlotte 
Kurlbaum Chas., chemist, h Oxford & Front (K") 
Kurlbaum &. Co., chemists, 190 Coates 
Kurtz Catharine, 2d ab Edward (K) 
Kurtz Christian, cordwainer, 389 N Front. 
Kurtz Christopher, brickmr., 6th and G T road 
Kurtz Henry, cabinetmr.. Cherry n Franklin(K) 
Kurtz Henry E., brushmr.. Poplar and Kurtz 
Kurtz Jos., lampmr., 13th bel lirown 
Kurtz John, wood sawyer, 14 New Market 
Kurtz John, cabmr., Apple bel George 
Kurtz John, shoemr. 236 High, h rear 25 N 6th 
Kurtz Richard M. copper pi. printer, 18 Bonsall 
Kurtz William, cabinetmr., 118 Apple 
Kushmer Lawrence jr., weav., Palmer nWest(K) 
Kutchen Miles, porter, 15 Gaskill 
Kutchin Parson, carp., Waltei-'s ct 
Kutter John A., painter, rear Perry bel PhcEnix 
Kyle Catharine, St John bel G T road 
Kyle Hugh, engineer, Lancaster ab Reed 
Kyle Robert, lab.. Pine belSch Beech 

Labbree John H., cabinetmr., Queen ab Sarah 

La Boulee Louis, tailor, 2 York ct 
Lace & Hanley, blacksin., 11 Jones' al 
Lace \Vm., blacksm., 11 Jones' al 
Lacey Geo. Rev., 124 Catharine 
Lacey Mary, huckster, St Joseph's av 
Lacey Paul, tailor, 24 Shippen 
LACEY & PHILLIPS, saddlers, 12 S 5th 
Lacey Return, oyster-house. High E Sch 7th 
Lacey Wm., lab., Sch 8th ab Race 
Lacey William N., saddler, 12 S 5th 
Lachenmayer John, M. D., 106 Callowhill 
Lackey David, tailor, Shippen bel Broad 
Lackey James, ladies' shoemr. 202 Mulberry 
Lackey Wm., lab., Mifflin n 13th 
Lacman Jacob, cabinetmr., 7 Nicholson 
I>acy Edward, brewer, 6 Leiper 
I^acy John, drayman, Richard n Sch 7th 
Lacy Patrick, porter, 3 Branch 
Ladd Hannah, b h, N E 8th and Sansom 
I,add L. D., widow of Samuel, Filbert ab Sfch 8th 
Ladd Saml. G., dentist, 282 Chestnut 
Ladomus J., watchmaker, 33 S 4th 
LADOMUS LEWIS, watchmr., 413 J High, h 

103 N 13th 
Lafaver Philip, shop, 615 S 2d 
Lafferty Charles, pedler, 338 N Front 
Lafferty Charles, carter, Sch 2d ab Lombard 
Lafferty George, vict., Olive bel 12th 
•Lafferty James, grocer, 144 Chcriy 
Lafferty Jas. weav., rear GT road bel Master (K) 
Lafferty John, manuf , G T road ab Master (K) 
Lafferty Joseph, peddler, 338 N Front 
Lafferty Messniar, butcher, Fisher ab Marriot 
Lafferty Patrick, lab. 6 Flickwir's ct 
Laftitte John L., mer., 127 S Front, h 160] S 2d 
Lafitte Anthony, interpreter and professor lan- 
guages, 13 Strawberry 

Lafore A., ornamental hair manuf., 28 S 4th. 
Laforgue L., mer., 138 High h 12 S 12th. 
Lafourcade Edward, mer., 17 High, h 153 Mul- 
Lafourcade James, stock broker, 74 S 3d, 
Lafourcade Marcelin, mer., 77 High, h 49 Wood 

bel 8th 
Lafourcade Peter M., gent., 100 Crown. 
Lagrave Augustus, art. flowers, 66J S 4th 
Laguerenne E., mer., 39 S Front, 
Laguerenne P. L., importer, 59 S Front 
Laher Joseph, baker, 51 N 6th 
Lahman George, cordw. Coates bel 12th 
Laib G. cabinetmr. liO Walnut 
Laidlaw Alexander, lab., Ann n 12th 
LAlNGALVIi E., hatters' goods, 24 Nod, h2 

Logan sq 
Laing C. W., engraver, Lewis ab Poplar 
Laing Henry M., shoe findings, 24 N 3d 
Lainhoff Godfrey, police. Rose al 
Lainhoff Joshua, carp., Ohve bel 12th 
Lair John, brickmr., George n Sch 2d 
Lair Philip, plasterer, Thomas' al 
Laird Alex., weaver, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Laird Francis, dep. keeper M Prison, Cai'penter 

bel 5th 
Laird Hugh, weaver, Crown ab Duke (K) 
Laird John L., tobacconist, 102 N 3d, h 17 New 
Laird Wm., segarmr., 3d & Coates 
Laird Wm., tallow chandler, HaiTison ay 
Lajus, D. P., M. D., 99. S 4th 
Lajus Paul, mer., 39 S whfs. h 99 S 4th. 
Lajus Paul & Co. com. mers. 39 S whfs. 
Lake Ann, gentw., 47 George (S) 
Lake Azariah, waterman, 400 N Front 
Lake Edward, carter, Brinton bel 11th 
Lake Thos., mariner, 16 Mead al 
Lake Wm., vict., 6th ab Poplar 
Lakey Lewis, carp., George n Juniper 
Lalanne A., trimmings, 95 S 6th 
Lalanne J. P., furniture, 75 Lombard. 
Lalande John, jeweller. Christian ab 7th 
Lallow Eugene, paper hanger, Justice's ct 
Lamar John, boot & shoemr., 5 Hickory ct 
Lamasure James, tailor, 117 Chestnut 
Lamax John, Wood ab Sch 8th 
Lamb Chas., malster, rear Vaughan ab Locust 
Lamb Isaac, flour and feed, 404 N Front, h 275 


Lamb Jacob, cordw. Charlotte ab Poplar 
LamlD James, coachmr. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Lamb James, grocer, S E Crabb & Cedar 
Lamb James, manf., 3 Brinton. 
Lamb James, lab., Washington (W P) 
Lamb John C. vict. rear O Y road ab Tamrnany 
Lamb Joseph, cordw.. Orchard 
Lamb Lemuel, 386 Mulberry 
Lamb Owen, tailor, 165 S Front 
Lamb Peter, waterman, 24 Catharine 
Lamb Peter, jr., chairmr., 24 Catharijie 
Lamb Thomas, coachman,- 6 Monroe 
Lamb Wm., carp.. Myrtle 
Lambdin J. R., portrait painter, 348 Chestnut 
Lambert Ann M., b h, 6 N 9th. 
Lambert Edward, mer., 153 High, h 71 N 9th 


19 S 


Lambert E. C, atty and coun., 68 S 6th 
LAMBERT JOHN, atty. & coun., 5 S 7th, h N 

E R road & Turner's la 
Lambert John, ship joiner, 2 Powell's row 
T>ambert John, cabinetmr. Rutter's ct 
Lambert John, printer, Alder ab Poplar 
Lambert Joseph H. capmr. 38 Chester 
Lambert Matilda, b h, 12th ab Bedford 
Lambert Peter, g-ent., 185 Noble 
Lambert Stephen, di-aym., Front bel Oxford (K) 
Lambert Thos., machinist, Fairview ab Sch 5th 
Lambert Wm. P., dentist, 5 N 9th 
Lamberti Joseph, capmr., 62 Dock, 
Lamberton Robt., g-rocer, Front bel Master (K) 
Lamby Jane, spooler, Hanover ab West (K) 
Lame Charles, wheelwrt., G T road & 7th 
Lame Joseph, cabinet mr., 28 Marion. 
Lamen Robert, carpet weaver, Duke n F road 
Lammel Lewis, chaser, rear 33 Cherry 
Lammey F., cordw., 12 Fitzwater 
Lamon George, carpets, 60 Beach bel Maiden 

Lamon Philip, boilermr., Monroe n Cherry 
Lamont John, tobacconist, 354 High 
Lamont Margaret, 2 Dugan row 
Lamorelle Augustus, gent., h 61 Lombard 
LamoreUe Elizabeth, 61 Lombard 
LAMPARTER HENRY, tavern, 327 N 3d 
Lamparter Lewis, baker, R road & Ann (F V) 
Lamping Margaret, 4 Biddle's al 
Lamplugh Isaac, dentist, 353 S 2nd. 
Lamplugh Samuel, capt., 2d bel Christian 
Lamsin Michael, coachmr., Palm bel Brown 
Lanagin Thos., lab., 254 N Water 
Lanahan Lucy, Church bel Christian 
LANCASTER JACOB B., grain and feed. 

Spruce St. wharf, h 116 Lombard. 
Lancaster John, carter, rear Poplar ab 6th 
Lancaster John, weaver & dealer, 385 S 2nd 
Lancaster Joseph, porter, 100 GasklU. 
Lancaster Joseph, g-ents. furnishing- store, 204| 

Lancaster Mary R. wid of Joseph, Brown ab 10th 
Lancaster Merious, jeweller, Race ab 13th 
Lancaster Rachel, rear 129 Walnut 
Lancaster Richai-d, waiter, Shippen la bel 13th 
Lancaster Thos., driver, Georg-e n Sch 6th 

Landerberger Matthias, stock weav., rear Perry 

ab Frankhn (K) 
Landis Abby, Marlboroug-h bel Duke 
Landis Amos, painter, Crown bel Franklin 
Landis Catharine, 191 Cherry 
Landis & Co., mers., 40 N 2d 
Landis Henry D., mer., 59 High 
Landis Michael, contractor. Green E of Broad 
Landon John, silk dyer, 17 Lebanon 
Lan dress Garett, lab.. Goldsmith's ct 
Landreth D., seedsman, 65 Chestnut, h 69 

Landrey M. A., doctor, 249 Christian 
Landsinberg Geo., cooper, 337 N Fi-ont 
Landy James, groc, 2d & Brown, h 58 Coates 
Landy John, carpenter, 59 Coates. 
Lansdown Jas., sailmr.. Cedar ab 10th 
Lansdown James P., sr., tailor, 318 E Pine 
Lane Abraham V., coachman, Prospect al 
Lane Anthony, lab., Sch 3d bel Chestnut 
Lane E. & Co., coachmrs., Washington (WP) 
Lane Henry, lab.. Eyre's ct (K) 
Lane Henry, driver. Mechanic bel Culvert 
Lane Hugh, Rev., 375 S 3d 
Lane James, stonemason, 201 N 3d 
Lane James S., bookbinder, 24 Mulberry 
Lane Jeremiah, weaver, rear Fitler ab 2d 
Lane John, Inspector in Custom House, h 3 


Lane Joseph blacksmith, Reeve bel Sch 2d 
Lane Lemuel, lab., rear Sutherland & Queen 
Lane Mary, tailoress, 99 German 
Lane P., captain, 6 Flower st 
Lane Wm. B., police officer, 1 Union sq 
Lane Wm. L., editor, 367 S 3d 
Lane Wilham M., tobacconist, 236 N Front 
Lang Ben., lab., 8 Elizabeth 
Lang" Francis, dyer, rear 466 N3d 
Lang- E., M. D., 150 S 7th 
Lang Georg-e S., 37 N 8th 
Lang- Jane, di-y goods, 37 N 8th 
Lang John, saddler, rear Parrish bel 10th 
Lang- John C, consul, 67 S 4th 
Lang- Leopold, pedler, 298 N 10th 
Lang Rebecca, Carpenter ab 6th 
Lang William, suger refiner, 39 Shippen 
Lang William, sugar refiner, 28 Scheetz 
Langabartel Augustine, tinsm., 495 N 4th 

Lancaster Thomas, grain mer., 110 Lombard. 

Lancaster Wm., carpet weaver, 171 & h 132 Langabai-tel Elizabeth, 495 N 4th 

Cedar iLangbartel Isaac, shoes, 427 N 3d. 

Lance James, morocco dresser, Elizabeth below jLangdon Walter, hair seating, 59 Dock 

Franklin (K) " jLange Frederick, cabinet mr., 70 N 5th 

Land Samuel, painter, O Y road bel Coates, h 8 Lange Joachim, clerk, 22 N 12th 

Marble pi | Lange M., 502 Callowhill 

Landell George, lumber mer.. Beach ab Ken- Langenheim W. & F., daguerreotype establish., 

sington Market. | 25 & 27 Exchange 

Landell George, & Sons, lumber mers., 2d ab Langenstein John, hair manuf., 598 N 3d 

Oxford & Beach ab Maiden (K) iLanger A. B. Mrs., rear Shackamaxon n Bedford 

Landell G. A., mer., 22 N Water, h Beach. (K) Langer Joseph, baker, R roadab Buttonwood 
Landell John, lumber mer., Penn ab Maiden, Langer Joseph S., suspender manufac, Shacka- 

h Shackamaxon ab Queen (K) | mason ab Bedford. 

Landell Washington I., mer., S W 4th and Mul- Langert Geo., coachmaker, George bel lOtli, h 

berry, h 340 O Y road | Garden n Callowhill 

Landenberger Andrew, stockingmr.. Piper's ct Langguth C. A., baker, 51 Duke 
Landenberger Martin, stockingmr., 653 N2d (K) Langham Sarali, shop, Front bel Phoenix (K) 




Langher Theodore, type founder, Federal ab 

JLangley Isaac, coal dealer, 17 Queen 
Lang-on Thos., grocer, Sch. 5th and Wood 
Laiigsdorf Jacob, mer., 274 N 3d 
Langstaff Wm., pilot. Court alley 
Langstroth C S., lum. mer., 142 N 9th, yard c 

10th & Green. 
Langstroth T. F., mer., 52 High 
Laning' Aaron, engineer, 10th ab Poplar 
Laning & Baldwin, painters, 169 CallowhiU 
Laning Joshua, clerk, 177 Catharine 
Laning R. G., house and sign painter, 206 N 3d 
Laning Wm. M., painter, 169 CaUowliill 
Lankenau John D., mer., 28 Chestnut, h 174 

Lankford Susan, washerw, 30 Mechanic 
Lanky Cath., widow, Hanover ab West (K) 
Lannahan Dennis, lab., Sch. 3d ab Spruce 
Lannegan Jacob, tailor, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Lanning Joseph, carp., Parrish bel 12th 
Lansdown James P., sailmr., 3 Dock, h Cedar n 

Lansdown James P. & Co., sailmrs., 3 Dock 
Lantz Christian, carp., 41 New Market 
Lantz Louisa, widow, Marshall ab Poplar 
^ Lantz Wm., book bindei-, Kean's ct 
■^ Lapine James, tailor, 315 Walnut 

Lapp Abraham, comb maker, 523 N 3d 
Lapp D. C, brass founder, 178 Marshall 
Lapp John, flour & feed store, S W Juhanna & 

Lappin James, carder, M'Duffy n Sch 2d 
Lapsley Catharine, 260 Lombard. 
Lapsley David, treas. Harrisbg. Si Lan. R. Road 

Co., 16 Merch. Exchange, h 1 Portico sq 
Lapsley John, 64^ Walnut, h 271 Pine ab ©tli. 
Lapsley J. B., gent., 64^ Walnut, h 268 Spruce 
Larason Jacob, shoes, 98 Sp Garden 
Larason AVm. B., currier, 280 St. John 
Larcombe Thomas Rev., S Garden bel Logan 
Lardner Alex., broker, 93^ Walnut, h Broad ab 

Lardner J. L., U S Navy, Spruce E Sch 8th 
Lardner Richard P., 607 Spruce 
Lare Dorothy, widow, George n Sch. 2d 
Lare George A., cordw., Newton bel Carpenter 
Lare Henry, brickmaker. Walnut ab Sch. 3d. 
Lare John, cordw., James bel 10th 
Lare John, brickmr., Sch 3d bel George 
Lare Joseph, shipwright, 51 Green 
Lare Margaret, widow, Walnut n Sch 3d 
Larer Alex., jeweller, 25 P road 
I>arer Wm., umbrella maker, 4 George ab 2d 
Large Christopher, macliinist, 630 N3d 
Large David K., cabinetmaker, 27 Walnut 
Large James, gent., 486 Chestnut 
LARGE R. H., mer., 13 N Front, li 486 Chest- 
Larison Juliana, wid. of Samuel, Poplar below 

Lark Margaret, rear 194 Cherry 
Larkey Daniel, tailor. Beach ab Walnut 
r>arkin Michael, potter, 233 Christian 

Larkin Patrick, coachman, rear 11 Mercer 

Larkln Thomas, rear 15 Lilly alley 

Larned Wm. Henry, mer., 27 Chestnut, h 147 N 

La Roche Peter F., seaman, 115 Swanson 
La Roche Renie, M. D., 2 Monroe pi 
Laroue Ann, confectioner, 129 S 4th 
Laroux Ives, dyer. Drinker's ct 
Larrentree Augustus, broker, 43 S 3d, h 2d bel 

Larringer John, weigher, Loud st 
Larsen Jacob, waterman, 7 German 
Larue Moses, carp., 8th ab Wallace 
La Rue Nicholas, tailor, Maiden bel Front 
La Rue Wm., silver plater. Shoemaker's ct 
Larzelere William, clerk. Green and R road 
La SeiTe Susan, 4 Garrell's ct 
Lasher Francis, jr., mer., 44 N 2d, h 54 Wood 
Lasher P'rancis sen., cop. and tin smith. Beach 

ab Marlborough, (K) 
Laskey Edward W., quill manuf., 194 S 4th 
Laskej^ John, Buttonwood & Charles 
Latham Betty, shop, CallowhiU ab Broad 
Latham William C., confect., CallowhiU above 

Lathbury James, baker, 163 Shippen. 
Lathmore Sophia, AVidow, 501 Chestnut 
Latimer E. & Parker J. A., seminaiy, 222 Sas- 
Latimer Misses, gentw., 6 Dugan's Row. 
Latimer Thomas, atty and coun., S E 5th and 

Library, h 23 German 
Latour Amada, capt., 55 Lombard 
Latour John, mer., 261 S Front 
Latta & Hamlin, com. mers., 38 Chestnut 
Latta John E.. mer., 38 Chestnut, h 229 N 13th 
Latting Wm., agent, 101 Chestnut 
Lauderdale Edward, bootmaker, 11 S 8th. 
Lauek Catharine, widow of Wm., Green ab 9th 
Lauenger Frederick, lab., Sheppard ct 
Lauer John, tavern. Front and Washington 
Lauer John, carp., 27 Federal 
Lauer John C, M. D., 68 Coates 
Lauer Joseph, carp., 3d bel Wharton 
LaufTee Harman, beer house, 214 St. John 
Laughlin John, weaver, Hanover ab West (K) 
Laughlin Martha, widow, 431 S 6th 
Laughlin Mary, dressmr., 132 S 10th 
Laughran Jas., weaver, Hope bel Master (K) 
Laugi's Anthony, 6 Cox 
Laukney James, boatman. Beach ab Walnut 
Launay Augustus, store keeper, 184 R. road 
Lausser Henry, lab.. Palm ab Brown 
Lausterer Peter, carp., Coates n Fairmount 
Laval John, Mrs., 210 Pine. 
Lavell Elizabeth, Mary bel 2d (S) 
Lavell Henry F., cabinetmr., Evans bel Prime 
Lavery Cath., widow, rear G T road ab Master 
Lavery Hugh, lab., G. T. road ab Master (K) 
Lavery John, weaver. Master bel G T road 
Lavery John, sexton, 25 Dean 
Lavis David, printer, 31 German 
Law Benedict, capmr., 118 N 3d, h 60 N 4th 
Law Edw., lab.. Filbert n Sch. Front 




att'y. & coun., 49 S 5th, h 326 Wal-lLaws George, 149 N 7th 

LAWS ISAAC Jr., soap boiler, 641 N 2d 
Laws James, 157 N 7th 
Laws James, mariner. Front and Hazel's ct 
Laws John, tanner, Thomas' al 
LAWS JOHN, alderman, 74 Green 
Laws J. D., coachmr., 32 Dock, h 56^ Gaakill 
Laws Mary Ann, milliner, 431^ N 2d 
Laws Outten, grocer, N E 7th and Callowhill 
I Laws Peter, porter, 256 Lombard 
I Laws Peter E. chinaware, 403 N 2d 
JLaws Stephen, lab., Cedar ab 10th 
j Law's Wm., coachman, Carolina pi 
I Laws Wm., seaman, 13 St. Mary 
JLaws Wm. L. mer. 138 High 
Laws Wm. L. & Co., straw goods, 138 High. 
'Lawson David, tobacconist, Bedford ab 12th 
iLawson Elizabeth, Cherry bel Franklin (K) 
! Lawson Jacob, saddler, 45 Noble, h 40 Coates 
Lawson James, weaver, Linn ab Willow 
I Lawson John, weaver, Camac ab G T road 
Lawson Matthias, cooper. Aspen ab Spruce 

Law E. E 

Law John, bootmr., Lombard ab Sch. 3d 
Law Robert, cabinetmaker, 301 Vine. 
Law Smith, cap manuf., 118 N 3d, 10th n Par- 

Law Wm., jeweller, 13th ab Cedar 
Lawgon Matt., weaver, PeiTy bel Master (K) 
Lawless L J., bootmr., Morris n Fitzwater 
Lawn Francis, engineer. Cedar n Sch 2d 
Lawn Michael, lab.. Beach bel Walnut. 
Lawn Patrick, lab., George n Beach 
Lawrence Alfred, lab., 227 Lombard 
Lawrence Alfred jr., vict., Pleasant ab 10th 
Lawrence Ann, 83 N 9th 
Lawrence Beulah, rear 9 John (S) 
Lawi'ence Charles B., plumber, 298 Sassafras 
Lawrence David, lab., 66 German 
Lawrence Diana, 32 Prosperous alley 
Lawrence Eliza, 289 Spruce 
Lawrence E. & Co., trimmings, 88 N 2d 
Lawrence George W., U S Mint, h93 N 13th. 

Lawrence Hamilton, comb maker, 8 Stamper's Lawson Thomas, grocer, 461 N 4th 

Lawrence Isaac, coachman, Lewis n Sch. 7th 
Lawrence Jacob, corder, h 527 S 2d 

Lawson Wm., F road bel Master (K) 
Lawson Wm, carp. Queen bel Palmer 
iLawton Daniel, bricklayer, 370 S 4th 
LAWRENCE JACOB & SON, corders, SdwhfjLawton Geo. R., real estate agent, 183 Queen 

bel Almond JLawton John, tavern, 11 Walnut 

Lawrence James, collector, 468 N 4th ILawton John, clerk, 12 York ct 

Lawrence John, tavern, c Penn & Maiden (K) jLawville Cornick, cordw., Beach bel Chestnut 
Lawrence John, corder, 3d whf. bel Almond, hlLay Thomas, gent., N E 10th and Callowhill 

29 Federal iLaycock John, book binder, 2 Roger's ct 

Lawrence John A., carp.. Van Bui'en place Laycock John Jr., bookbinder, 2 Fries' ct 

Lawrence Joseph, silver plater, 466 Sassafras, h Laycock J. C, atty. and coun., 6th and Locust 

174 N 12th I Laycock Mary, fancy goods, 59 Chestnut 

Lawrence J. R., bricklayer, 576 S Front Laycock Mich., tailor, William st 

Lawrence Lawrence, skin dresser, 118 Charlotte Laj-man F., capt. 14 Beck(S) 

Lawrence Lucinda, washer, 19 Acorn alley 

Lawrence Margaret, widow, 135 E. Shippen 

Lawrence Mary, crockery, P road bel Christian 

Lawrence Mary, CantreU's ct 

Lawrence Michael, capt. of watch, 37 R road 

Lawrence M. E., 4 Virginia Row 

Lawrence N. S., Agent Southworth Manuf. Co., 

3 Minor 
Lawrence Richard, boot black, 37 S 3d 
Lawrence Samuel, baker, 44 Sassafras 
Lawrence Samuel, lab., 63 N 5th 
Lawrence Sarah, widow, 10th bel Pleasant 
Lawrence Sarah, 168 N Stli 
Lawrence Sarah Ann, variety store, 154 N 3d 
Lawrence Thos., blacksm., Johnson's la bel 4th 
Lawrence Thomas, butcher, Sch 3d and Lom- 
Lawrence St Westcott, plumbers, 298 Sassafras 
Lawrence Wm., cabinetmr., Olive ab 10th 
Lawrence Wm., pumpmr., Lombard ab Sch 3d 
Lawrence W. P., Camden Bank agency, 12 

Church al 
Lawrie Robert D., silversm., 25 Library, h N E 

Franklin & Noble 
Laws Ann, washer, 14 Russell 
Laws Daniel, druggist, 206 N 9th 
Laws Elisha, waterman, 9 Rose alley (C) 

Layton Elias, shoemr., 17 Elizabeth (N L) 

Layton Francis, drover. Wood bel Sch 8th 

Layton Geo., lab., 5th bel Christian 

Layton Susanna, 4 Lancaster 

Layton Wm., stevedore, 19 Emlen's ct 

Lazarus Abraham, clothing, 231 N2d 

Lazarus Henry, stationery, 117 Coates 

Lazarus Mordecai, speculator, 1 Mechanic 

Lazell Mary, shop, 151 Poplar 

Lazellier Saml., Carlton bel Sch 2d 

LEA, BUNKER & CO., com. mers., 71 S whf» 

Lea 8c Blanchard, book publishers, 4th below 

Lea Isaac, bookseller & publisher, c 4th and 

Chestnut, h 360 Walnut 
Lea Joseph Jr., mer., 32 Chestnut, h 183 Vine 
Lea Joseph, carpet weaver, Hancock bel Mas- 
ter (K) 
Lea Jos., gent., Sch 7th ab Spruce 
Lea M. Carey, atty. and coun., 114 Walnut 
Lea Robeson, com. mer., 71 S whfs., h 73 

Lea Thomas T. com. mer. 32 Chestnut, h Spruce 

n Sch 7th 
Leach Andrew, porter, 9 New Market 
Leach Sarah, 85 N 9th 

LEACH WILLIAM, tavern, 14 Cherry bet 3d 
and 4th 




Leacock & Fravel, cabmr., 15 Crown 
Leacock Wm., tinsmith, Jones n Sch 4th 
Leadbeater John, Spruce ab 13th 
I.eadbeater Joseph, machinist, rear 658 N 3d 
Leadbeater Jos., machinist, rear 26 N 6th, h od 

ab Brown 
Leadbeater Mary Ann, trimming's, 120 S 5th 
Leaf William, 8 Jay- 
Leahy Dennis, b. h., 169 S Front 
Leahy Jas., tailor, 11 Benton st 
Leak Thomas, painter, 28 Lombard. 
Leakner Henry, lab., G T road opp 5th (K) 
Learner Eliza, 7. German 
Learning- Cath., Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Leaming- J. F., mer., 28 S Front, h 288 Chestnut 
Leamy Ann, 5 York building's 
Leamy Thomas, shoemr., 9 Chancery la 
Leaney Thomas, William & Biddle (F M) 
Leans Martin, eng^raver, N E 3d and Dock, h 163 

Lear Ann, 110 Green 
Lear Wm., shoemr., Hig-g-ln's ct 
Leary G. S., printer, 143^ N 2d 
Leary John, carter, St John bel Georg-e (K) 
Leary John, lab. Washington (W P) 
Leary William A., bookseller, 158 N 2d c New 
Leathem James, cordw., 8 Skerret's ct. 
Leatherberry Abel, cordwainer, 286 St. John. 
Leatherberry Ed., cordw., rear Front bel Phoe- 
Leatherberry John, cordw., Allen ab Shacka- 

Leatherberry Wm., cordw., Queen ab Shacka- 

Leatherby Joseph, grocer, S W Front & Master 

Leatherman Henry, brass founder, Hope bel 

Phoenix (K) 
Leatherman John, wheelw., Locust n Beach 
Leatherman John, brickl., Sch. 7th ab Cherry. 
Leavitt Hart A., mer.. Juniper n Filbert 
Lebo Daniel, tanner, c Orchard & Green's ct. 
Lebon Anth. stonecut. Franklin & Front (K) 
Le Boutillier, Brothers, fancy dry goods, 218 

Le Boutillier Charles, mer., 218 Chestnut, h 

133 N 9th 
Le Brun N., architect, 59 N 7th 
Leberman Henry, cordw., 32 Garden 
Leberman J. L., 42 Coates 
Lechevallier M. A. R., trimmings, 427 S 2d 
Lechler Adam, lab. Coates bel 9th 
Lechler George, vict., rear 6th ab Poplar 
Lechler Henry, morocco dresser, M'Ginley's ct 

bel Swanson 
Lechler Henry Jr., gunsmith, 133 N Front. 
Lechler Joseph, dep. bark inspector, Church ab 

Lechler Wm., victualler, 6th ab Poplar. 
Leconey Wm., mer., 3 S 9th & S W 8th and 

Lecount James, tavern, 98 N 2d. 
Lecount James, cabinetmr., 214 Lombard, h 28 

LECOUNT JOSIAH, refectory, 5 Pegg st 

Lecount Josh., lab., 30 Bonsall st 

Lecount Samuel, carter. Cherry bel Duke (K) 

Lecroy C, conf., 520 High 

Lecture Wm., shoemaker, 382 S 3d 

Leday Andrew, lab., Jones n Sch 6th 

Ledder Richd., car. driv., rear 462 N 2d 

Leddon Perriman, combmaker, Cadwalader n 

Franklin (K) 
Leddy Jos., gardener, 142 Queen 
Leddy Michael, lab.. Barker ab Sch 7th 
Ledent John, painter, 16 Gray's al 
Ledford Wm., currier, rear 103 Dillwyn st 
Ledger Nath., clerk, Marlboro' &. Queen (K) 
Ledlum Abm., lab., Liberty ct 
Ledyard Edwd. S., Sp Garden and 11th 
Lee Andrew, lab., 7 Lombard row 
Lee Benjamin, grocer, 11th & Coates 
Lee Benj., chairmr., 547 High 
Lee & Brady, dentists, Franklin ab Marlborough 

Lee Cai-oline, chairmr., 547 High & N E Mont- 
gomery and 13th 
Lee David, carpet manuf., 34 Crown 
Lee Dennis, soapmaker, 323 S 5th. 
Lee Francis, mer., 46 N 2d 
Lee Francis, mer., 5o Franklin 
Lee Franklin, bricklayer, N W 3d and Tammany 
Lee George, jeweller. Prime ab Front 
Lee Geo., rigger, Marlboro' bel Queen (K) 
Lee Hiram AV., tailor, 120 G T road 
Lee James, weaver, 518 N Front 
Lee Jas., mer.. Queen bel Shackamaxon (K) 
Lee James A., coachman, Parrish bel 10th 
Lee James F. &. Co., flour & feed. Beach & Marl- 
boro' (K) 
Lee John, tobacco., N W Duke & New Market 
Lee John, tobacco., N W 3d & Walnut 
Lee Joseph, mer., 183 Vine 
Lee Joseph, tailor, 49 N 6th, h 126 N 7th 
Lee Julius, library, 120 Walnut 
Lee I^ydia, shop, 4th ab Master 
Lee Mary, washer, 12 Elizabeth st 
Lee Matthias H., tailor, 17 Wallace. 
Lee M. & E., dry goods, 22 N 8th. 
Lee Nicholas, weaver, 4 Orchard 
Lee Osborn, 63 Currant al 
Lee Ralph, manager Richmond Coal Co., h 

Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Lee Richard, skindresser, 622 N 3d 
Lee Richard, skin dresser, James bel 10th, 
Lee Richard, weaver, M'Duffie n Sch 2d 
Lee Robert, carter. Front and Marion 
Lee Robt., lab., rear Marriott bel 6th 
Lee Robert, glove mr., 293 N 3d 
Lee Robert M., atty. & coun., 49 N 6th. 
Lee Sebastian, lab., Sarah n Queen (K) 
Lee T. M. K., sailmaker, 8 N wharves, h 162 

Lee & Walker, library and music store, 120 

Lee Wetherill, mer., 163 High, h 38 Wood 
Lee William, cabinetmaker, 92 N 11th. 
Lee William, Sch. 5th & Barker 
Lee William, jr. carp. 18 Lagrange, h Vineyard 
above Powell (F V) 




Lee Wm., lab., rear 266 S 4th 
Lee Wm. A., teacher, G T road ab Otter 
Lee William L., bleeder, Franklin ab Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Leech Abm., eng'ineer, Franklin above Howard 
Leech Charles, tailor, 370 N 2d. 
Leech Chai-les W., auction, 4 Shaffer's ct 
LEECH n. 8c CO., fordw. mers., 1,3 &. 15 S 3d 
Leech Henry, alderman, Washington, (W P) 
Leech Isaac E., shoemr., 338 Coates 
Leech John, blacksmith, 114 New Market 
Leech John, shoemr.. School n Edward (K) 
Leech John, moulder, Allen ab F road (K) 
Leech Malcolm, weaver. Rose bel Broad 
Leech M., blacksmith, Nectarine ab 10th 
Leech Samuel, machinist, rear 575 N Front 
Leech Sarah Ann, 55 Chester 
Leech Wm. watchman, Carlton bel Sch Front 
Leech Wm., weaver, Hope ab Otter (K) 
Leech Wm., carp., 9 Roberts' ct • 

Leedom Benj., acct., 70 N 9th 
Leedom Jacob H., tailor. Division bel 12th 
Leedom Jacob H., drug-gist, 44 Tammany 
Leedom Jonathan, iron mer., 211 S Front and 

210 S Water, h 29 Pine. 
Leedom Jonathan Jr. 211 S Front, h 176 S' 3d 
Leedom Jonathan & Son, iron merchants, 211 S 

Front & 210 S Water 
Leedom Wm., weaver, 506 N 2d (K) 
Leeds Ann, 5 Duke. 

LEEDS 8c BAGGS, tailors, S W 4th 8c Chestnut 
Leeds Benjamin S. shoes, 186 N2d 
Leeds Charles F., tailor, S W 4th 8c Chestnut, 

h 235 Marshall 
Leeds Ezra C, coal mer., 46 Walnut, h 133 S 

Leeds Gideon, gent., 174 N 9th 
Leeds Gurdon, com. mer. 16 Walnut, h 213 N 

Leeds Japheth, shoes, 204 N 2d. 
Leeds Joseph, h Spring Garden ab 11th 
Leeds Joseph, tailor, 3 & h 55^ N 8th 
Leeds Josiah, cai-p., 8th bel Coates 
Leeds 8c Maddock, milliners, 310 N 2d 
Leeds Mahlon, carp., 245 N 3d 8c 156 Sassafras 
Leeds Nathan, lumber, 8th bel Wallace 
Leeds Nathan 8c Co., lumber, 11th 8c R road 
Leek John, cordw., h Washington ab 4th 
Leemen James, waterman, Lancaster 8c Reed 
Lees Ann, b. h., 363 N 3d 
Lees Heni-y, vict. 6th bel Little Poplar (K) 
Lees Hemy, victualler, 5th ab Poplar 
Lees James, carp., Washington (W P) 
Lees John, vict., 6th bel G T road 
Lees Peter, tailor, 107 Vine. 
Lees William, stone cutter, Clifton bel Cedar 
Leeser Geo., carter, real" 124 Apple 
Leeser Isaac, reader Jewish Congregation, 

Cherry, h 118 S 4th 
Leeser John, carp., 2d ab Franklin (K) 
Leeser Jos., harness mr., Vernon ab 10th 
Leet James T. capmr. 118 N 3d, h 118 O "S 

Leeti Amos, blacksmith, F road ab Otter (K) 

Le Fever James, Jun., mer. Bank 8c High, h 276 

Le Fevre James, gent., 38 Sassafras. 
Leffman H., hatter, 40 Strawberry 
Lefier J. George, coachmr. Elizabeth 8c Frank- 
Leger Ann, washer, 34 Mayland 
Leger, Brothers, importers, 127 S Front 
Leger Ferdinand, mer., S W Front 8c Walnut 
Leger Mary Jane, 2 Butler's av 
Legg Daniel B., straw bonnets, 42 Chestnut 
Legg George, lab., Franklin 8c Vienna (K) 
Leggett Geo., tailor, 142 Christian 
Leggett John, weaver. Union ab West (K) 
Leggett Wm., dealer. Barker W of Sch 6th 
Legrand Henry, lab. 118 New Market 
Leguin John, carp., Vienna bel Brown (K) 
Lehman A., trimmings, 209 N 2d 
Lehman Charles, clerk G.B., 46^ Walnut, h263 

Lehman Edwin W. mer. 3 N 3d, h 408 Vine 
Lehman Elizabeth B., b h, 286 Sassafras 
Lehman Fred., druggist, rear Cadwalader ab 

Lehman G. F., M. D. 8c Postmaster, h Spruce 

ab 13th 
Lehman Henry, cordw.. Vine bel 13th. 
Lehman Jacob, carter, 279 N 5th 
Lehman Jacob S., tailor, 9th bel Coates 
Lehman James, shop, Lombard ab Sch 3d 
Lehman John C, M. D., 19 S 10th 
Lehman Leopold, pedler, 13 Mechanic 
Lehman Mary, widow, 3 Montgomery sq 
Lehman Mary, 172 Cherry 
Lehman Saml., locksmith, 158 St John 
Lehman WiUielmina, 23 Ehzabeth (N L) 
Lehman Wm. E. jr., att'y and coun. 106 S 4th, h 

85 Lombard 
LEltlR PHILIP, wood wharf, Washington and 

Brown h 397 Front 
Lehr Samuel, dry goods, 286 N 2d 
Lehr WilUam, dry goods, 248 N 2d 
Le Huray George, 28 Wood 
Le Huray Theodore, jeweller, 72 N 2d 
Leib Henry F., M. D., Filbert W Sch 7th, 141 

N 12th 
Leib Jacob, lab. rear 219 St John 
Leib Thomas J., capt. U. S. Navy, 228 Pine 
Leibert John S., Poplar ab 11th 
Leibert 8c Wainwright, rolling mill, foot Marl- 
borough (K) 
Leibert Wm. lumber mer. h Shackamaxon ab 

Queen (K) 
Leibert W. W., rolling mill, foot of Marlboro' 

Leibrandt John, stove finisher, Marshall's ct 
LEIBRANDT FRED., stove manuf.,h 31 Vine 
Leibrandt Susan, rear 3 Rose al 
Leich Richard, senr., tailor, 437 S 2d 
Leich Richard, jr., tinman, 2d 8c Christian 
Leidigh Jonathan, grocer, 185 N 3rd, h 380 N 

Leidigh L. N., clerk, Callowhill ab Broad 
Leidy Conrad, b.ootmr., 160 N 3d. 




Leidy Georg-e C. shoetnr. rear 367 N Sd 

Leidy & Hauberg-er, grocers, N E 5th & Poplar 

Leidy Henry, grocer, N E 5th and Poplar 

Leidy Jacob, sexton, 27 Centre 

Leidv Maiy, 255 St John 

Leidy N. B., M. D., drug-. & coroner, S E 2d & 

Leidv & Peters, tailors, 3d & Chestnut 
Leidy Philip, hatter, 180 N 3d. 
Leidy Snyder, clerk N. L. Dist., h 199 N 6th 
Leidy Thos., drugg-ist, N W 4th and Noble 
Leidy WiUiam B., tailor, 3d & Chestnut, h 11th 

below Cedar. 
Leigh Robert, seaman, 3 Lytle's ct 
Leight Nicholas, porter, 5 Union (S) 
Leighton James, printer, Catharine ab Lebanon 
Leighton John, chair mr., 551 Chestnut, h Bar- 
ker n 6th 
Leinau George A., com. mer., 159 Mulberry 
Leinau Hannah, gentw. 6th ab Parrish 
Leinhardt Elizabeth, 11th bel Green 
Leiper James W., M. D., 1 Carlton sq 
Leiper Saml. M., lumber, Laurel (C) h Locust 

E Sch 8th 
Leisenring Daniel M., 509 N 4th. 
Leister Abraham, carp.. School n Edward (K) 
Leister Jesse, carter, rear 9th ab Coates 
Leister Peter, blacksmith, 9th bel Ogden 
Leister Saml., cabinetmr., Franklin n School (K) 
Leitch John, mariner, 41 Penn 
Leitch Thomas, bookbinder, 51 S 3rd, h 280 

Leitman Henry mer. 271 Coates 
Le Jambre A , upholsteress, 301 Chestnut. 
Le Jee Wm. R. 284 Filbert 
Leland Amos, mer., 84 High, h Spruce W Sch 

Leland Benjamin L. hatter, 7 Pennsyla. av, h 

12th ab Wood 
Leland Charles, 306 Walnut 
Leland & Guion, Leghorn & straw goods, 84 

Lelar Charles, Morris bel Catharine 
Lelar Edwin, coal mer., 87 S Front, h 11 

LELAR HENRY, High Sheriff, State House, h 

131 Lombard 
Lelarge Henry, tobacconist, 4 St George's al 
Leman Walter M. comedian, Jefferson n Sch 5th 
Lemark John, lab.. Crown bel Bedford (K) 
Lemark Jolin B. morocco dresser. Crown ab 

Bedford (K) 
Lemberger Wm. lab. 10 Dilk's ct 
Lembert Gustavus, draughtsman, 218 N4th 
Lemltre John, toys. High bel Sch 5th 
Lemmens Leopold, tinsmith, 168 S 3rd 
Lemmon Elizabetli, dressmr,, Barker ab Sch 7th 
Lemon Francis, Simmons' ct 
Lemon Hugh, gent.. Front bel Master (K) 
Lemon Jolm, 9th and Locust 
Lemon Jolm, shoemr., 324 High 
Lemon .lohn, oak cooper, Collins' ct 
Lemon John B., loom mr., F road ab Phoenix 

Lemon Robert, watchman, G T road ab Franklin 

Lemon Stephen, segarmr., 3 Townsend's av 
Lemon Thomas, lab., Spruce n Sch Front 
Lemon Thomas, Jab., Hall's av 
Lemont Dennis, tavern, Queen & Wood (K) 
Lenci Augustus, statuary, 122 Walnut, h 37 

Lendawer Lewis, buttonmr. rear Hanover bel 

Lendower John, porter, 79 German 
Lendrem Geo., tailor, Denning'srow 
Leneghan John, lab., 376 Vine 
Leneker Sarah, Atherton 
Lenen Edward, lab., Walters' ct 
Lennard Michael, stevedore, 443 S Front 
Lennig Harriet, 9th & Wood 
LENNIG N. 8c Co., drug, importers, 56 S Front 
Lennig Charles, druggist, 56 S Front, h N M 

Juniper 8c Filbert 
Lennig F., mer., 56 S Front, h Broad Sc Walnut 
Lennox Thos., lab., 4th ab Carpenter 
Lenoir James, tobacconist 492 S 2nd 
Lenoir John G. wheelwright, George bel Apple 
Lenoir Mary, 22 John (S) 
Lenoir Samuel J., blacksmith, Clark ab 3d 
Lenoir Wm., jeweller, 25 John (S) 
Lenon A., tavern, S E 6th 8c Cherry 
Lenox Ann, Harmonj ct (K) 
Lenox Charles, weaver, G T road ab Jefferson, 

Lenox John, carter, Budden's al 
Lenox Samuel, shoemr., Gray's ct (K) 
Lenox Thomas, weaver, G T road ab Phoenix 
Lenthall John, naval constructor, 352 S 4th 
Lentner Mrs. Uree, 78 S 8th 
Lentz Catharine, 178 Sassafras 
Lentz Christiana, wid.. Phoenix bel G T road 

Lentz Eliza, gentw., 95 P road 
Lentz George, blacksmith. School ab Rose (K) 
Lentz George, weaver. Cherry n West 
Lentz Jacob, soap boiler. Willow bel 8th 
Lentz Jacob, tailor, Collins' al 
Lentz Jacob, vict., Hanover n F road (K) 
Lentz John, looking glass manuf., 500 & h 437 

Lentz Margaret, Garden 8c Willow 
Lentz Martin,, tobacconist, 341 N 6th 
Lentz Michael, lab. Cherry bel West (K) 
Lentz M. B., widow, 8th 8c Brown 
Lentz Samuel, cordw., 415 N 4th 
Lentz Samuel, grocer, P road 8c Christian, h 

388 S 5th 
Lentz Wm., vict. Palmer n F road (K) 
Lentz William D., grocer, SEP road and 

Christian, h 388 S 5th 
Lentz Wm. D. 8c S., grocers, SEP road &. 


Lenze A., tinsmith, 2 Shaffer's ct (S G) 
Leo Joseph, sen., Sch 7th bel Locust 
Leo Patrick, driver, Jefferson ab Broad 
Leon A., M. D., 280 N 6th 
Leon Joseph, M. D., 338 Sassafras 
Leonard A., die sinker, 12th ab Washington 
Leonard Daniel, huckster. Palmer 8c Duke (K) 
Leonard Edward, tobacconist, 25 Laurel 




Leonard Edward, segamnr., Culvert ab Mechanic 
Leonard Ellen, shop, 162 S 5th 
Leonard Georg-e, cabinetmr. 318 S 5th 
Leonard Jacob, carp., Queen n Crown, (K) 
Leonard James, William ab Morris F M. 
Leonard John, 1 Bell's ct 
Leonard Jolin, cabtmr., 318 S 5th 
Leonard John S., oak cooper, Lewis ab Poplar 
Leonard Margaret, nurse, 62 Garden 
Leonard Mary, g-entw., 13th ab Lombard 
Leonard :Michael, niillrig'ht. Trinity pi 
Leonard Patrick, cordw., 142 N Front 
Leonard Peter, machinist, Han-ison pi 
Leonard Kobert, bricklayer, 4 Howard pi 
Leonard Solomon, lab., rear 147 Cherry 
Leonard Thomas, tavern, 427 High 
Leonard Wm., cordw. 196 Callowiiill ab Sch 6th 
Leonard William A., painter, Federal ab 2d 
Leonard & Wilson, silversm., 13th & R road 
Leonhard Frederick, tailor, Fisher st 
Leonhardt Frederick, cordw. 18 Mintzer 
Leopold Peter, cordw., Ogdenbel 10th 
Leot Jos., cook, 7 Franklin pi 
Lepage James, cordw., 120 Carpenter 
Lepage Peter, hairdresser, 311 Chestnut 
Lepper John, framemr., Poplar ab 8th 
Leppien J., mer., 29 Church al, h S E 7th and 

Lerch Wm , moulder. Crown bel West (K) 
Le Sage Thomas H., oil cloth manuf. 177 S 3rd 
Lescure Edward P., jeweller, 12 Noble 
Lesher Catharine, 241 Christian 
Lesher Christian, carp., 7 Clark 
Lesher Francis, farmer, 252 Christian 
Lesher John, stone mason, Shackamaxon ab 

Leshey Frederick, tailor, Lewis ab Poplar 
Lesk George, seaman, 22 Cedar 
Lesley Jacob, cordwr., Rihl's ct 
Lesley Joseph, mer., 103 S Front, h 22 Wood 
Lesley Peter, S"ec. Chesapeake and Delaware 

Canal Co., 80^ Walnut, h 185 Vine. 
Lesley Robert, hardware, 243 High, h 22 Wood 
Leslie Andrew, grocer, S W 6th & Cedar & 7th 

& Shippen 
Leslie Jacob, tallow chandler, 241 S 3d 
Leslie James, carp., c Sch 4th & Spruce, h 262 

W Locust 
Lesser Christian, tobacconist, 139 Cedar 
Lesstrange, Thomas, dealer, rear 22 Raspberry 
Lester Peter, bootmaker, 76 N 7th 

12th & Spruce 
Letchworth Elizabeth, N W 12th & Spruce 
Letford John H., confec.,285i N 2d 
Letford William, bootmr., 12 St John and 255 

Letourneau Lewis, tinman, 14 Knight's ct 
Letterle George, jr., 154 Poplar 
Letterle G., tobacconist, 158 Poplar 
Levan Harvey, butcher, 246 N 2d 
Levan Isaac, hatter. Depot ab 8th 
Levan Jacob, varnisher, 281 Coates 
Levan AViUiam, grocer, 195 N 3d, h 171 N 7th 
Levans Wm., lab., Hope ab JeiFerson 

Levely Mary, b. h., 342 Chestnut 
Levering Charles, currier, 3 Fetter la 
Levering Charles, morocco dresser, 4th and 

Levering Francis R., stonecut., 19 Brandywine 
Levering George A., carp. Walnut al, h Wash- 
ington ab 12th 
Levering Jacob, mer., h 7th below Poplar 
Levering L. S. com. mer. 63 S Front 
Levering Michael, tobacconist, 491 N 3d 
Levering Nathan, cabinetmr., 216 Noble 
Levering Rebecca, 7 Providence ct 
Levering Wm., paper hanger, 119 Queen 
Levi Joseph, hosiery, 136J S 2d 
Levi Solomon, shoemr., 209 S 6th 
Levick Ebenezer, 240, & h 230 N 4th 
LEVICK EBENEZER & Co, leather dealers, 

240 N 3d 
Levick E. D. Mrs., b. h., 32 Mulberry 
LEVICK, JENKINS & Co., shoes and leather, 

150 High 

Levick Peter S. hatter, 144 High, h 84 New 
Levick Richard, mer., 150 High 
Levick Robert R., mer., 150 High, h 156 N 5th 
Levick Wm. M. 8c Co. curriers, N E St John & 

Levick William M., currier, 37 Dillwyn 
Leviestein H. E., mer., 10 George, h 191 Pine 
Levine David, fur. &. skin dealer, 79 Chestnut 
Levine Simon, suspender and raoccason manuf., 

112 Sassafras 
Levingstein Moses S. cordw. 71 Coates 
Levis Elizabeth, Sch 6th ab Cherry 
Levis H. J., gent., 95 Locust 
Levis Mahlon M., M. D., 236 N 6th 
Levis & Taylor, paper & rags, 33 Carter's al 
Levis William, boots & shoes, 141 High, h 236 

Levis Wm., mer., 33 Carter's al 
Levison David, lab., Elizabeth ct 
Levy Aaron, mer., 90 N 2d 
Levy Benj. Washington (W P) 
Levy Benjamin, dry goods, 4th ab Brown 
Levy B. W., 237 N Front 
Levy Eliza, 325 S 5th 
Levy E. P., mer., 28 N 4th, h 324 E Pine 
Levy H. A., watchmr., 381 S 2d 
Levy Isaac, mer. 27 S 4th 
Levy Jacob I., 25 Powell 
Levy John P. machinist. Beach bel Palmer, h 

Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Levy Joseph, mer., NE 4th 8c Pine 
Levy L. J., mer. 134 Chestnut, h 276 Spnice 
LEVY L. J. k Co., fancy dry goods, 134 Chest- 
LEVY PATRICK, wines &: liquors, 453 High 
Lewallen David, wheelw., G T road ab 2d (K) 
Lewallen Wm. drayman. Liberty al 
LEWARS CHS., grocer, S W c 2d 8c Tammany 
Lewars Jas. E., mer., 177 High, h 313 Sassafras 
Lewellen A., blacksm., Shackamaxon ab Frank- 
Lewellen Thomas, U. S. Mint, 30 Perry 
Lewellen Wm., carter. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
|Lewin W^m., frame mr., Ohve 8t 11th 




Lewink John, -weaver, 302 St John 

Lewis Albin H., flour & feed, Hig-h n Sch 2d, h 

Hamilton vil 
Lewis Amelia, clothing-, 169 S 6tli 
Lewis Anna Maria Miss, 72 S 12th 
Lewis Ann M., drug- store, S W 10th and Sp 

Lewis Aug-ustus, fisherman. Queen near Vienna 
Lewis A. J., mer., 20 N Front, h 292 Walnut 
Lewis Benjamin N., teacher, 359 S 2d 
Lewis Charles, printer, Carlton ab 12th 
Lewis Charles, coachman, 2 Poplar ct 
Lewis Charles, saddler, 96 Wood 
Lewis Charles S., mer., 58 S whfs. 
LEWIS & Co., mers., 20 N Front 
Lewis Daniel, brushmr.. Baker ab 7th 
Lewis Daniel D., dry goods, 208 S 2d 
Lewis David, coachman, 54 Quince 
Lewis David, Sec. Phoenix Ins. Co., 52 Walnut, 

h 6 Belmont pi 
Lewis David P., carpenter, Vernon ab 10th 
Lewis David P., carp., Wistar bel Franklin, h 

29 Vernon 
Lewis Edwd., seaman, 387 S Front 
LEWIS EDWD., mer., 11 Commerce, h 21 

Lewis Edward C, tailor, 207 Cherry- 
Lewis Edwin M., mer., S E Fi-ont and Walnut, 

h 7 Logan's sq 
Lewis Edwin M. & Co., mers., S E Front and 

Lewis Elizabeth, 190 Noble 
Lewis Elizabeth, 98 Locust 
Lewis Ellis, attorney, 128 S 4th. 
Lewis E. J., M. D., 3 Girard 
Lewis Francis, car driver, Oneida pi 
Lewis Francis, hatter, Browne bel Bi-oad 
Lewis Frederick, cabinet mr., 388 N 3d 
Lewis George, shop. Winter 
Lewis George, secty. Mutual Union Insurance 

Co., 6 Exchange 
Lewis George, moulder, 3 Marion 
Lewis George, cordw.. Beach ab Maiden 
Lewis George, porter. Lisle bel Shippen 
Lewis George, carp.. Western pi 
Lewis George, carp.. Linden ab Sch 7th 
Lewis George A., clerk. Barker bet Sch 5th 

and 6th 
LEWIS GEO. F., copperplate printer, 10 S 

5th, h 6 Cari'oUton sq 
Lewis George R., cordw., rear 41 Chester 
Lewis George T. mer., 135 S Front, h 40 Girard 
Lewis Hector, tailor, 194 Christian 
Lewis Henry, mariner, 103 Christian 
Lewis Henry, carp., 505 Mulberry 
Lewis Henry, 11 Bonsall 
Lewis Henry, agent, 148 S 3d 
Lewis Henry jr., mer., 29 Church al 
Lewis Henry R., machinist. Broad and Paper al, 

h CheiTy n Scli 6th 
Lewis Hetty L., Union ab 3d. 
Lewis Heze^iah, vict., Jackson (S G) 
Lewis Jacob, mer., 32 S 4th, h 10th bel Brown 
Lewis James, brickmr.. Smith's ct 
Lewis James, hatter, 47 Duke. 

Lewis James, lab., 20 Mary (S) 

Lewis James, lab., rear 4 Burd 

Lewis, James, & Co., mers., 135 S Front 

Lewis James E., mer., 313 Sassafras 

Lewis Jason, slater, Fi-anklin bel Front 

Lewis Jefferson, broker, S W 10th & Spring 

Lewis Jefferson, gent.. Poplar ab 8th 

Lewis Job, fisherman, 197 Christian 

Lewis John, brickmr., 6 Gab ell's ct 

Lewis John, watchmr. 144 S Front, h 19 Scheetz 

Lewis John, porter, 35 Quince 

Lewis John, drayman. Cherry n Duke (K) 

Lewis John, janitor, Philosoph. Hall 

Lewis John, teamster, rear Wood ab Sch 8th 

Lewis John, tavern, 9th and Vine 

Lewis John A., mer., S E Front and Walnut, h 
S W Walnut 8c Sch. 7th 

Lewis John A. J., dep. clerk. Orphan's ct., h 
Wood n 9th 

Lewis John B., waterman, rear 10 Margaretta 

Lewis John B., blacksmith, P road bel Carpen- 
ter, h Washington bel 7th 

Lewis John F., mer., h Walnut & Sch 7th 

Lewis John L., stove mr.. Cedar ab 8th 

Lewis John T., mer., 135 S Front, h270 Walnut 

Lewis Joseph, waterman. Crown ab Bedford(K) 

Lewis Joseph, brickmr., Lombard bel Sch. 2d 

Lewis Jos., skin dresser, 587 N 3d 

Lewis Joseph S., coal mer.. Broad & Vine, h 
Spruce E Sch. 6tli 

Lewis J. S., manuf., S W Pine & Sch 8th, h Lo- 
cust ab Sch 8th 

Lewis Lawrence, Sec'y. Mutual Assurance Co., 
54 Walnut, h 345 Chestnut 

Lewis Lawrence Jr., mer., 37 S Avhfs., h 266 

Lewis Lewis, tobacconist, Sch 3d n Vine 

Lewis Lucinda, 26 Watson's al 

Lewis Marg., 13 Washington sq 

Lewis Mary, 550 N 3d 

Lewis Mary, 10 Perry 

Lewis Mary, tavern, 354 High 

Lewis Michael, 53 Mead alley 

Lewis Mordecai, white lead manuf., 135 S Front, 
h 497 Chestnut 

Lewis Mordecai D., gent., 328 Chestnut 

Lewis M. & Co., wh. lead manuf., 135 S Front 
and S W Pine and Sch. 8th 

LEWIS M. & S. N., mers., 135 S Front 

Lewis N. C, oak cooper, 17 Beck pi 

Lewis Oliver P., shoe dealer, Hutchinson above 

Lewis Peter, dealer, 281 & 327 Cedar 

Lewis Rebecca, gentw.. Juniper ab Pine 

Lewis Rebecca, Adams n Perry 

Lewis Richard Rev., 184 Marshall 

Lewis Robert M., mer., 266 Walnut 

Lewis Samuel, M. D., 3d & Spruce, h 4 Bel- 
mont pi 

Lewis Samuel, ven. blinds, O Y road ab Button- 
wood, h Kessler n Coates 

Lewis Samuel A., mer., 58 S whfs., h 179 

Lewis Saml. A. & Brother, ship. mers. 58 S whfs 




Lewis Samuel N., broker, 50 Walnut 

Lewis Sarah, dressmr., S W 10th & Locust 

Lewis Sarah, g-entw., 180 Vine 

LEWIS SAUNDERS, atty. & coun., 98 S 4th 

Lewis Sidney Ann, h N W Vine and N Market. 

LEWIS & STERLING, com. mers., 37 S whfs. 

Lewis S. A., cotton yarn, 200 N 3d, h 294 

N etli 
Lewis S. B., provisions, 12th and Spruce 
Lewis, S. N., jr., mer., 270 Walnut 
Lewis Theodore C, mer., S E Front Sc Walnut, 

h Walnut and Sch 7th 
Lewis Thomas, mariner, 15 Union (S) 
Lewis Wharton, mer., 296 Mulberry 
Lewis Wm., carter, rear Apple ab Broad 
Lewis Wm., weaver, 3 Beaver ct 
Lewis Wm., blacksmith, Meredith ct 
Lewis William, waterman, Rye ab Reed 
Lewis Wm., waterman, 389 S 6th 
Lewis Wm., tavern, 159 S Front 
Lewis William D., stock broker, 2 York ct, h 

360 Spruce 
Lewis William G., mer., 140 Sassafras 
Lewis Wm. J., teacher, 4th bel Chestnut. 
Lewis Wm. S., mer., 20 N Front, h 292. Walnut 
Lewis Wm. T., grocer, S E Plum & 5th 
Lewis William W., lab., 10 Coombe's alley 
Lewry Joseph, dry g'oods, 339 N 2d 
Lewry Stephen, brass founder, New Market ab 

Lex Adam, porter, Shackamaxon ab Franklin 
Lex Andrew, vict., Lemon ab 12th 
LEX CHAS. E., atty. k coun., 51 N 6th, h 352 

Lex C. F., g'ent., 471 Mulberry 
Lex George, victualler, 16 Logan. 
Lex Henry, vict., Ann (F V) 
Lex Henry, sugar refiner, 12 Quarry 
Lex Jacob, grocer, 213 High, house 352 Mul- 
Lex Jacob H., mer., 213 High, h 2 City row 
Lex Jacob 8c Son, grocers, 213 High 
Lex John D., sugar refiner, 29 Elfreth's al 
Lex Lucy, vict., 93 New Market 
Lex Sarah, 4 Diligent av 
Ley A. B. Mrs., F road opp Bedford (K) 
Ley Mary, F road opp Bedford (K) 
Lhulier Cassimer, jeweler, Christian ab 7th 
Lhulier John, musician. Christian ab 7th 
Lhulier Lewis, Jewell., Taylor's al, h 5th and 

I.,iautier Thomas, tailor, 384 S 2d 
Libe Henry, carpenter, 211 N 10th. 
Libezey John, carter, 360 Vine 
Libhart Jacob, agt., S W 8th and High 
Lichtel Jacob, gent., 133 Coates 
Lichtem M., tailor, 241 S 5th 
Lichtenstein Jacob, clothing, 14 High, h 497 

Lichtenstein J., tailor, 239^ N 2d 
Lichtenuer Ludwick, cabinet mr., 198 Pine . 
Lidenberger James, 14 Green's ct 
Liddle Geo. C, mariner 280 Lombard 
Liddle Hester, rear 39 Mary (S) 
Lieautier John, carp., rear Lemon b^ 11th 

Lieb Jacob, tailor, 3 Bryan's ct 

LIEBER B., wines and liquors, 121 N 4th, h 

159 N 4th 
Liebfort John, butcher, P'ront below Frank- 
lin (K) 
Liebig Geo., tavern, 5th bel Franklin 
Liebing John, beer house, Charlotte & Poplar 
LIEBRICH CONRAD, lock and white smith & 

bell hanger, 46 S 8th 
Liebrich John, butcher, 191 St John 
Liggett Samuel, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Liggett Robert, furniture, 420 High 
Liggins T., sinker maker, 2d & George 
Light Charles, blacksmith, Union ab Bedford 
Lightcap Henry, porter, 150 Poplar 
Lightfoot F., conveyancer, 2 Brown 
Likes Jacob, tavern, 337 N Front 
Lilley John M., stationer, 324 S 4th 
Lilley W. G., cordwainer, 216 S 6th 
Lillibridge Charlotte, 121 New 
Lilly Bernard, lab., Charlotte ab Thompson(K) 
Lilly Henry, weaver, F road n Cherry 
Lilly Jacob, wine mer., 2 Noble 
Lilly John, moulder, Wiles row 
Lilly John, carp., F road n Cherry (K) 
Lilly Martha, shop, F road ab Palmer (K) 
Lilly Rebecca, b. h., 114 Walnut 
Limber Henry, lab., 10 Dannaker's av 
Limburgh Theo., cordw., Hallowell (S) 
Limeburner Alexis P., 294 Coates 
Limeburner A. P., trunkmr., N W Willow & 

New Market 
Limeburner John, b. h., F road opp Queen 
Limeburner John, tobacconist, Poplar bel 9th 
Liming W., sea capt., 582 S Front 
Linard Joseph B., mast mr., Washington av a 

Noble, h 26 Green 
Linbarger Wm., chairmr., Jones E of Sch 5th 
Linberg Jesse, cordw., 3 Linden st (K) 
Linck Christian, fringe manuf., 408 N 2d 
Linck E. H. & Co., stove mrs., 311 High, h 92 

N 6th 
Linck George, carp., c Buttonwood and 11th, 

h S W 10th and Cherry 
Linck Jacob, cordw., 76 Dillwyn 
Linck Jacob, cordw., 9th ab Parrish 
Linck John, boot mr., 106 N 8th 
Lincoln Abel, grocer, 196 and 198 Callowhill 
Lincoln Ch.arles, blacksmith, 12 Madison 
LINCOLN ELNA., leather dealer, 157 N 3d, k 

175 Catharine 
Lincoln E., mer., 33 S wharves, h Pine ab 

yth, S side 
LINCOLN E. & CO., com. mers., 33 S wharves 
Lind & Brother, dry goods, 10 S 4th 
Linde Lewis F., musician. Orchard ab Rawle 
Linden James, lab., 7 William (F M) 
Linder C. A., fancy boxnu-., 350 N 3d 
Linderman John, cordw.. Poplar ab St John 
Lindley George, blacksmith, G T road bel 


Lindner Adam, soap & candle mr., 11 Poplar 
Lindner Fred'k., bootmr., 3 Zane 
Lindower Gottleib, tailor, 483 N 3d 
Lindsay Andw., oysters, 3 Seiser's ct 




LINDSAY & BLAKISTON, booksellers & sta- 
tioners, N W 4th and Chestnut, and book 
binders 253 High 
Lindsay Catharine, 13th bel Pine 
Lindsay David, painter, 269 Sassafras, h 337 

Lindsay Geo., shop, Mariner &. 13th 
Lindsay G. F., capt & asst qr master U S marine 

corps, 36 Walnut 
Lindsay G. Robert, tailor, 4 Myers ct 
Lindsay Mary Ann,- widow, 269 Green 
Lindsay John, comb mr., 87 GaskiU 
Lindsay John, weaver, F road bel Master (K) 
Lindsay John, carpenter, 8 Belmont pi 
Lindsay John, lab., 3 Harrison's ct 
Lindsay John, wheelwrig-ht, 343 N 6th 
Lindsay John F., lampmr., rear 339 Callowhill 
Lindsay J. M., bookbinder, 7 Chatham 
Lindsay Margaret, eating- house, S E 6th and 

Minor, h Mechanic and Culvert 
Lindsay Oliver A., bookbinder, 3 MiUer's ct 
Ijndsay Robert, bookbr., 233 High, h Franklin 

ab S Garden 
Lindsay Samuel, grocer, NW 5th & Cedar 
Lindsay Samuel, lab., Bedford ab 12th 
Lindsaj Susanna, dealer, 4 Smith's ct 
Lindsay WiUiam, house painter, rear Mint ct 
Lindsey Ann, 43 ClieiTy 
Lindsey Edwin G., fruiterer, rear 31 S 2d 
l-indsey Jeremiah, tavern, c Callowhill and. Sch 

Lindsey Joseph, mer., 13 S 2d, h 45 Cherry 
Lindsey Wm., tailor, Catharine ab 6th 
Lindsey W., lab., 299 S 7th 
Lineberger Geo., Carpenter's ct in Peach st 
Linemeyer Augustus, tailor. Brown's ct 
Liners Chas., lab., Hancock bel Master (K) 
Ling Joseph, chocolate manf., Shippen ab 12th 
Lingle Hannah, b h., 152 Marshall 
Lingle John, tailor, Parrish ab 6th 
langerman Henry, blacksm., Dean & Bedford (K) 
UNGO LEVI, corder. Queen street wharf, h 

363 S 3d 
Lings Douglass, druggist, 2d & Christian 
Link Geo., carp., 4 Little Green 
Link George, waterman, Pratt's ct 
Link Peter, farmer. Weaver's i-ow (K) 
Linker Henry, potter, 7 Culvert bel 4th 
I>inker John, agent guardians of poor, 19 S 7th, 

h Queen ab Marlboro' 
Linker Wm. measurer, 21 Allen. (K) 
Linn Chas. D., furrier, Penn bel Broad 
I>inn Claudius B., mer., 213* High, h 27 N Sch 

LINN & CROUT, card manufs., 24 Lagrange 
Linn Ehzabeth H., 6 Madison 
Linn John, lab., Essex st 
Linn John C, moulder, Penn bel Broad 
Linn John H., mer., 77 S Front, h Clinton 
I jnn John K., card manuf., 24 Lagrange, h 224 

Linn Mary Ann, b. h., 185 N lOth 
LJnn Prudence, 2 Mayland 
LINN, SMITH & CO., druggists, 213^ High 
Linn Valentine, gardener, 5 Vernon 

Linn W. H., bartender, rear 205 S 2d 
Linn W. H., weaver, rear Shippen la 
LINNARD & BROTHER, hardware, 443 H . 
Linnard James, mer., 443 Higli 
Linnard Jas. M., Washington (W P) 
Linnard John R., confec, 210 Chestnut 
Linnard J. T., hardware, 443 High, h 401 Spruce 
Linnard S. B., lumber yd., 11th & Pine, h 358 

LINNARD & CO., lumber mers., S W 11th and 

Linnard T, M., mer., 401 Spruce 
Linnard Wm. J,, lumb. mer., S W 11th & Pine, 

h 401 Spruce 
Linse Elias, dealer, 120 Cedar 
Linton Benjn., shop, 5& Apple 
Linton Elizabeth, gentw., 34 Mead 
Linton James, cordw., Elizabeth ab Poplar 
Linton James, carter. Lemon st 
Linton John, tobacconist, 17 S 4th, h 299 N 3d 
Linton John L., Sec. Harris. & Lan. R. R. Co., 

16 Exchange, h N W 9th & Chestnut 
Linton Lewis, gent, 396 N 10th 
Linton Robert, lab., 20 Vaux's ct 
Linton Sam]., city watch, Lombard bel Juniper 
Linton Sarah, shoes, N W 11th and Cedar 
Linton & Woodward, tobacco, 17 S 4th 
Linville George W., mer., 224 N 6th 
Linville James, carp., 61 S 11th 
Lion John, baker, 10th bel Poplar 
Lion Wendell, cordw., Ogden ab 9tli 
Lipman Hymen L. stationer, 139 Chestnut, h 10 

Montgomery sq 
Lipman Jacob, umbrella mr., 235 Cedar 
Lipman Martha, clothing, 224 Cedar 
Lipp Christian, baker, 115 N 9th 
Lippard George, 10th bel Buttonwood 
Lippard Mary, gentw., 7th ab Poplar 
Lippard Mary, dry goods, 73 S 11th 
Lippincott Aaron S., me.'-., 18 S Front, h 369 

Lippincott Achsa, milliner, 10 N 13th 
Lippincott Agnes S. milliner, 369 N 3d 
Lippincott Barclay, tailor, 200 High, h 112 N 

Lippincott Ecurious, rear 388 N Front 
Lippincott Elizabeth, dressmr, 150 Carpenter 

Lippincott Ellen C, widow of John S., 14 But- 
Lippincott 8t Ely, tailors, 35 N 6th 
Lippincott George, turner, rear 134 and h 387 

Lippincott Geo., mer., 17 North Water, h 41 

Lippincott Geo. E., carp., 288 Coates 
Lippincott & Hains, carps., 5th & Coates 
Lippincott Job, drayman, Ross ab Queen (K) 
Lippincott John, tanner, Marshall & Button- 
Lippincott John S., druggist, 104 N 5th 
Lippincott Joseph, carp., Ogden ab 10th 
Lippincott Joseph, tailor, 83 Queen (K) 
[Lippincott Joshua, jr., mer., 19 S Front, h S W 
cor. Walnut &. Broad 




Lippmcott Joshua, jr., S W 2d 8c Hi.^h, h 210 

_ N 4th 
Lippincott Joshua, sen., gent., 9 Clinton sq 
Lippincott Joshua B., bookseller, S W 4th and 

Sassafras, h 364 Mulberry 
Lippincott J. B. & Co. booksellers, S W 4th & 

Lippincott Lewis, tailor, 35 N 6th 
Lippincott Mary, Hubbell ab Catharine 
Lippincott Nathan, bricklayer. Walker's ct 
Lippincott Noah E., cordwainer, Chatham n 

Lippincott 8c Parry, cloth, cassimeres, &c., S W 

2nd and Hig-h 
Lippincott Sarah, huckster, rear 116 Christian 
Lippincott S. W., com. mer., 72 S Front, h 9 

Clinton square 
Lippincott Thos., bricklayer, 141 Sp Garden 
LIPPINCOTT, TAYLOR & CO., clothing, 200 

Lippincott Tyler, shop, 4 Harmony court and 

Hudson's alley, h 386 S Front 
Lippincott & Way, mers., 18 S Front 
Lippincott Wm., weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
Lippincott Wm. V. mer., 27 N 3d 
Lipps John^ varnish mr.. Maiden bel Front 
Lips Jacob, beer house, 70 Vine 
Lips John, brewer, 2d & G T road 
Lipsey, Anthony, weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
Lipsey Thomas, manuf., 330 Pine 
Lipsey Thomas, watchman, Lombard and Juni- 
Lisby Isaac, porter, 23 Prosperous al 
Lish Henry, cordwainer, 188 Cherry 
Lisle Elizabeth, 127 S 2d 
Lisle Ellen, Sch 8tli bel Locust . 
Lisle James, M. D., 160 Mulberry 
Lisle John, stonecut., Reakirt's ct (K) 
Lisle Jolin M., broker, S E Dock & Walnut, h 

Sch 8th n Pine 
Lisle Wm., tailor, Ball & Little Pine 
Lispel Henry, tador, 299 Callowhill 
List John, jeweller, Taylor's al, h 355 S 6th 
List & Smith, jewellers, Taylor's al 
Lister James, brickmr., Locust and Sch Front 
Lister James S., M. U., 209 S 2d 
Lister Robert, carp., St John bel Willow, h 293 

Lister Thomas S. livery stables, 300 S 4th 
Lister Wm., carp., Georg-e n Sch 2d 
Litchfield Samuel, cordw., 4th bel Tammany 
Lithan Richard, 12 Morgan's ct 
Litherland Wm., weaver, oth ab Master (K) 
Lithgow James, engineer. Pleasant row 
Lithgow Robert, lab,, rear 25 Garden 
Lithgow Samuel P., lampmr.. Green bel Rroad 
Litle Thomas, sugar refiner, 12th ab Pine 
Littell Squire M. D., 117 N 9th 
Little Aaron, barber, 325 Spruce 
Little Ann C, German ab 3d 
Little Arthur W., mer., 143 High, h 21 Logan 

Little Barth., tailor, Sch Front n Mulberry 
Little Catharine, rear 495 N 3d 
Little Chas., brassfound., Ann (F V) 

Little Charles, grocer, 573 S 2d 

Little Charles, cooper, Swanson bel Cedar, 

h 87 Prime 
Little Charles, weaver. Barker n Sch 4th 
Little David, barber, 282 S 6th 
Little David M., clerk, Winter ab Sch 3d 
Little G. P. keeper Moy. Prison 
Little Ellen, sempstress, 2 Perry 
Little Francis, drover, High E Sch 2d 
Little George, suspender mr., 145 G T road 
Little George F. carpet weaver, 618 N 3d 
Little Henry, carpenter, Filbert E Sch. 6tk 
Little Hubbard, tailor, 72 N 7th 
Little Jemima, dressmr., 151 Green 
Little John, carp.. Miller's al 
liittle John C, weaver, 124 New Market 
Little John L., saddler, 10th bel Ogden 
Little Joseph, cordw., 4 Pratt s ct 
Little Lindsey, weaver, Fitler bel Harri.son (K), 
Little Mary, 3 Jenning's row- 
Little Robert, lab., Ashton n Sassafras 
Little Robert, dyer, Adams n 13th 
Little Samuel, trader, 143 G T road 
Little Stacy, George n Sch 2d 
Little Stephen, bootmr.. Cox ab Sch 6th 
Little Susan, 84 Noble 
Little Thos., blacksm.. Juniper ab Cherry 
Little Thomas R., worker in metal, 32 Greea 
Little Wm., lab., Ann ab R road (F V) 
Little Wm., weaver. Otter n G T road (K) 
Little Wm., metal worker, 345 N 6th 
Littlefield & Shannon, lock smiths, 54 N 6th 
Littlefield Theodore L. lock manuf., 54 N 6tb, 

h Wallace bel 13tli 
Litzenberg George, brassfounder, 6 Madison 
Litzenberg Jos., lab., Mulbeny n Sch Front 
Litzenberg Perry, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Litzenberg Samuel, shoemaker, Jones W Sch 5tk 
Lively Catharine, washer, 20 Morris st 
Livensetter John, collector, 10 O Y road 
Livensetter M. D., conveyancer, 88 Mulberry, 

h 10 O Y road 
Livezey John, agent, 3 Somers' ct 
Livezey Saml., shoes, 310 High 
Livezey Wm., furniture, 225 S 3d 
Livingood Rebecca, dressmr., 6 Coates 
LIVINGSTON & CO., package expr., 43 S 3d 
Livingston Mary, gentw., 289 S 10th 
Livingston Walter C, mer., 23 Commerce, k 

2 Girard 
Livingston Wm., lampmr., Parrish bel 11th 
Livingston William, machinist, 23 Farmer 
Llewellyn Samuel, pianomr., 12 Jefferson row 
Lloyd Anna Maria, stovemr. 406 High, h 384 Vine 
Lloyd Christiana, milliner, Spruce n Sch Front 
Lloyd & Co., grates, fenders & stoves, S E 7th & 

Lloyd Edith, b. h., 9th &. Spruce 
LLOYD & FELT WELL, Olmsted stove manf.» 

406 High 
Lloyd Gibbons, shop, 45 Green 
Lloyd Horatio, grocer, Wallace and Ellis 
Lloyd Isaac, mer., 53 S wharves, h 88 Union 
Lloyd Isaac jr., mer., 53 S wharves, h 199 S 7th 
Lloyd Isaac & Son, mer., 53 S wharves 




Lloyd James, manuf., 668 N 2d bel Master 
Lloyd John, tobacconist, 95 S 2d 
Lloyd John, broker, 84 S 3d, h 195 N 9th 
Llovd John, gi-anite cutter, Chestnut n Sch6th, 

' h Georg-e bet Sch 7th & 8th 
Lloyd John, carp., Sch 6th ab Lombard 
Lloyd John D., stovemaker, 406 High, h 384 

Lloyd & Keany, g-ranitecut, Chestnut n Sch 6th 
Lloyd Marg'aret, widow, 153 St John 
Lloyd Maria, 1 Beck pi 
Lloyd Marshall, acct., 2 Shriver's ct 
Lloyd Richard L., machinist, Penn ab Poplar, h 

' 359 N 6th 
Lloyd Robert, rear 457 N 4th 
Lloyd Robert, carp., 7 Brandywine 
Lloyd Robert, mariner. Church bel Washington 
Lloyd Thos., stovemr., S E 7th and Cherry 
Lloyd Thos., sliip carp., rear 461 S 2d 
Lloyd Wood, real estate, 58 Walnut 
Loag David, saddler, S E 4th and Queen 
Loag- E. M., miUiner, 35 S 10th 
Loan James, shoemr., Fitzwater bel 6th 
Loan Michael, weaver, Cedar ab 12th 
Loan Mrs. wid. of John, Harmony bel 4th 
Loan Rosanna Mrs., Cedar ab 12th 
Loane Paul, Rugan ab Callowhill 
Lobb Benjamin, 8th bel Catharine 
Lobar Jacob, lab. 11 Sander's ct (K) 
Lobdell Stetson, gent., N W 8th and Cherry 
Lobe Isaac, furniture, 115 S 2d, h 138 Pine 
Leber John B. S., painter, 366 N 3d 
Lober Wm., Sanders' ct (K) 
Lochary Daniel, bottler. Chestnut ab 2d, h 11 

Lochran Mary, 150 S Front 
Lock Samuel, tavern, Beach n Hanover (K) 
Lockart John, weaver. Amber ab Phoenix 
Locke Z., alcohol dist., 5 Marble & h 352 High 
Locke Z. 8i Co., alcohol distillers, 5 Marble 
Locken James, bookbind., Schriver's ct 8c Shep- 
herd's al, h 17 Chester 
Locken John, bookbinder, 311 High 
Locken Wm., bookbinder, 42 N 4th, h 10th n 

Locker Enoch, cordwr.. Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Locker Geo., cordw., 29 Laurel 
Lockhard Lewis, dentist, K road ab Wallace 
Lockhart Amelia, 44 Catharine 
Lockhart Charles, sea capt., Carpenter ab 4th 
Lockhart John, cabinetmr., rear 512 N Front 
Lockhart Mary Ann, washer, 12 Marks* la 
Lockhart Wm., lab., St Joseph's av bel Sch 5th 
Lockhart Wm. H. saddler, Hallowell 
Lockmon H., hod carrier, Wilson's ct 
Lockwood Danl. C. collector, Cherry W Sch 7th 
Lockwood G. F., 504 Chestnut 
Lockwood Wm., bootfitter, 10 Hubbell 
Lockworth Catharine, 89 Buttonwood 
Lodge John S., machinist, 13 Christian 
Lodge J., machinist, 57 Dock, h 88 Lombard 
Lodine Wm., porter, 10 Hunter 
Lodor Benjamin, turner, 315 Sassafras 
Lodor Jacob A., hattei-, 536 High 
Lodor Maria, matron 

Loeb Charles, weaver, 2 Pegg^s al 

Loeb Henry, cooper, rear 529 N 4th 

LOESER CHAS., tavern, N E 6th 8c WilloMT 

Loeser Jacob, bricklayer, 364 Coates 

Loeser John, 364 Coates 

Loew John J., watchmaker, 272 N 4th 

Lofland Danl., carp., Marriott ab 5th ' 

Lofland James, sea capt.. Prime ab M road 

Lofland Nutter, cabtmr., 291 S Front 

Loflin Smith, cabtmr., 33 Almond st 

Loflin Wm. J. carp., rear 7 N 9th, h 22 Benton 

Lofman Thos., shipwright, Crown ab Queen 

Lofton Eli, harnessmr. 446 N Front 

Logan Bridget, shop, Jones n Sch 4th 

Logan David, carter, R road ab Francis (F V) 

Logan 8c Fuguet, mers., 83 S Fi'ont 

Logan Hannah, Stoy's ct (K) 

Logan Henry, flour and feed, 204 Shippen 

Logan James, Sch 5th, n Locust 

Logan Jas. W., collector. Mechanic st 

Logan J. D., M. D., 27 Logan sq 

Logan John, carter, Walnut 8c Ashton 

Logan John, weaver, Shippen la 

Logan John, lab., Orange ab Washington 

Logan John, carter, Budd bel Juniper 

Logan John, watchman, Filbert W Sch 4th 

Logan John, coflee roaster, rear Front belo\r 

I^ogan John W., stone cutter, 8th 8c Coates, h 

7th ab Parrish 
Logan Joseph, carter, Sch 4th ab George 
Logan Luke, stone mason, 8 Shoemaker 
Logan Margaret, 286 N 3d 
Logan Mary, rear 126 S ■6th 
Logan Patrick, grocer, S W 3d 8c Gaskill 
Logan Patrick, dealer, 3 Scott's alley 
Logan Peter, mer., 198 S 4th 
Logan Robert M., atty. and coun., 286 N 3d 
iogan Sarah W., 115 S 4th 
Logan Spencer, porter, 4 Bonsall 
Logan Thos., mer., 326 Pine 
Logan William, silk printer and dyer, 17 

Logo John, gold beater, 9 Pear, h 12 Charlotte 
Logo Joseph, tailor, 12 Chai-lotte 
LOGO 8c NELMS, gold beaters, 9 Pear 
Log'ue Charles, livery stable. Quarry st, and ta- 
vern, 481 High 
Logue Daniel, shoemr., Sch 4th bel Barker 
Logue Daniel H., hatter. Spruce n Sch 5th 
Logue Eliza, dressmr., rear 448 Sassafras 
Logue Hugh, driver. Filbert 8c Sch 8th 
Logue John, lab., St Mary ab 7th 
Logue John C. tailor, 8 Hubbell 
Logue John J., gent, 7 Lybrand 
Logue Wm., tailor, Murray n Sch 2d 
Logue William, Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Logue Wm., jr., lab.. Pearl ab Sch 6th 
Loller George, cordw. M'Bride's ct (K) 
Loller Hannah, dry goods, 332 N Front 
Lollor Alex., boat builder, Sarah n Queen (K) 
LOM AN W. N. hairdress., 54 New, h 13 Sassa- 
fras al 
Lomas Henry, stonecut,, h 6 Marble pi 
Lomax Ehza, baker, 90 Locust 




Lomax James, tailor, 11 N 13th 

Lonabach Elizabeth, 16 Well's row 

Lonabach Jacob, vict., 16 Well's row 

London & Booth, Mansion House, 11th 8c High 


Lone Patrick, coachman. Dean ab Centre 

Lone Patrick, cordw., Crans' ct 

Long Abraham, varnisher, Flickwir's ct 

Long AHce, Dunton n Franklin (K) 

Long Andrew, carter, 15 Helmuth 

Long-Andrew K. gas fitter, 2 S 5th, h 10th ab 

Long Andrew, weaver, Gulielma 
Long Anthony, lab. Dutch ct 
Long Benj., 6th &. Wood 
Long Catharine, 10 Sterling al 
Long Charles, cooper, 324 High 
Long Charles, 6th & AVood 
Long Christian, biscuit, baker, 198 N Front, h 

Parrish ab 8th 
Long David, carpenter, 11 Fitzwater 
Long David, waterman. Front n Prime 
Long Elizabeth, 414 Coates 
Long Elizab.,tailoress, Steam Mill albel St John 
Long Elizabeth, 4th ab George 
Long George, rear Brown ab 13th 
Long Geo., lab., 4 Howard's pi 
Long George W., jeweller, 3 Fitzwater 
Long Geo. W., clerk, Brown & Marshall 
Long Henderson, carter, Jefferson & Hope (K) 
I-ong Henry, cordwainer, 405 Sassafras 
Long Henry, police off., 54 Penn 
Long Henry, carter, Marriott n 5th 
Long Isaac, cordw., rear 319 Sliippen 
Long Jacob, cordw., Buttonwood ab 13th 
Long Jacob, carpenter, 203 Marshall ab Brown 
Long Jacob, ropemr., Hanover bel F I'oad (K) 
Long James, bonnet presser, S 5th ab Christian 
Long Jas., clerk, Charlotte ab George 
Long John weaver, Cedar ab 13th 
Long John, carter, 6 Robinson's ct 
Long John, weaver, 487 N 3d 
Long John, lab. rear Parrish bel 10th 
Long John N., gilder, Raspberry la 
Long Kersey W. artisan. Wood bel Duke (K) 
Long Lydia, 1 Hampton 
Long Mary, b. h., Sch 3d n Vine 
Long Mary, shopkeeper, 7 Raspberry 
Long Mary, Ann n Powell (Francisville) 
Long Michael, locksmith, 477 N 4th 
Long Peter B., tobacconist, 132 Locust 
Long Robert, cabinetmr., 19 P road 
Long Robert, weaver. Filbert n Sch 4th 
Long Sarah Ann, wid., Howard bel Master (K) 
Long Sarah, Wood bel 6th 
Long Thomas, cai-p., 13th bel Shippen 
Long Thos. A., collector, 202 Noble 
fiOng William, carpenter, 141 S 9th 
Long Wm., carp., Carbcrry ct 
Long Wm., U. S. Mint, h 26 Perry ab Race 
Long Wm., painter, 327 Vine 
Long Wm., carter. Ball's ct 
Long Wm., carp., 16 Western av 
Long Wm., runner Phil. Bank, 135 Lombard 
Long Wm., cabinetmr., Dunton bel Franklin(K) 

Long Wm., tobacco, 314 S 3d 
Long Wm., carp., Shippen bel 11th 
Long Wm., 132 W High 
liOng Wm., cordw., rear 538 S 5th 
LONG WILLIAM L., tobacconist, 47 Cedar 
Long Wm. T., drayman, 198 S Water, h How- 
ard & Master 
Longa Wm. bootmr. 18 Mayland 
LONGACRE JAMES B., publish. Nat. Portrait 
Galleiy, 27 Minor, and engraver, h S Garden 
3rd door ab 12th 
Longan William, morocco dresser, 262 St John 
Longbine George, carpenter, 11th ab Coates 
Longcake Thos., carp, weaver. Gay's ct (K) 
Longcope, Wm. H., mcr., 23 Bank, h 251 N 7th 
Longmire Emanuel, tl P road 
Longmire Francis B., 112 Queen 
LONGMIRE N. mer. 30 Bank st, h Scheetz bel 

Longstreet John, cordw., Van Buren pi 
Longstreth Buzby, hardware, 137 High 
Longstreth Charles, paper hanging manuf., 7 

N 3d, factory Hartung's al, h 70 N 10th 

hangings, 7 N 3d 
Longstreth Daniel, agent, 7th ab Parrish 
Longstreth Deborah M., 86 Mulberry 
Longstreth Henry, bookseller, 347 High 
Longstreth John R., 5th n Franklin 
Longstreth John R., 17 Brandy wine 
Longstreth Joshua, mer., 12 Church al, h 185 

Longstreth J. H. mer. 7 N 3d, h Callowhill ab 11th 
Longstreth M. A. & S., teachers, 3 N 11th 
Longstreth M. F., mer., 137 High 
Longstreth Sarah, b. h., 92 S 8th 
Longstreth Thomas B. bricklayer, 272 N 3d 
Longstreth Wm. W., 8 Colonnade row 
Longthorn John, variety store, 49 S 9th 
Looby Edward, lab. Spruce & Auston 
Lookinbill I. S., 124 Callowhill 
Loomis G. N., bookseller, 3d and Mulberry, b. 

124 Mulberry 
Loomis Sc Peck, booksellers, 3d and Mulberry 
Loomis S., phrenologist, 64 S 8th 
Looney Robert, plumber, 9 S 7th 
Loorcher Henry, butcher, 7th bel Lombard 
Loos Christian, baker, 2d ab Franklin (K) 
Loos Christian jun. carp. 653 N 2d 
Loos Mary, milliner, 2d bel Phoenix (K) 
LOPER & BAIRD, com. m.ers., 46 S wharves 
Lop er David, carter, 23 Linden (K) 
LoperR. F., 46 S wharves, h 19 Pine 
Loper Sarah, Benton n William 
Lopernan Jonathan, waiter, Washington ab llth 
Lopez A., mer.. Filbert bet Sch 6th & 7th. 
Loraine Jas. Wm. trader, 591 N Front 
Lorch Herman G., cabmr., rear 96 Cherry 
Lord Chas., shoemr., 17 Schriver's ct 
Lord Daniel, drj' goods, 17 Merchant 
Lord Deborah, Eagle ct 
LORD G. W., auc.&com.mer., 208 & 210 High, 

h 5 Oak (W Penn sq) 
Lord John, cordw., Montgomery bel Front 
Lord Phebe, tailoress, 7 S 7th 




Lord Wm. cordw, Franklin n Union (K) 

Lord Wm. H. House of Refuge 

Lord Willis, Rev.,. Filbert W of Sch 6tli 

Lore Georg-e W., Woodland (W P) 

Lorentz Christopher, tanner, Young's al 

Lorentz Gotleib, tavern, 500 Coate's. 

Loreny Jacob, baker, Marshall ab Poplar 

Lorrilliere Julius, cabi mr., Morris bel Catharine 

Lorton Margaret, 121 N Juniper 

Lortz Mrs. M., dressmr., 341 S I'ront 

Lot Henry, carp, weav., F road ab Palmer (K) 

Lothrop Z., mer., 6 S Front, h 139 S 9th 

Lotier Benj. C, silversm., Alder ab Poplar 

Lott George W., carpenter, 377 E Pine 

Lott Henry, carp., 13th ab Shippen 

Lott Jacob, tailor. Nectarine ab 11th 

Lott Mary, 13th ab Cedar 

Lott Wm. L., bricklayer. Union ab Bedford(K) 

I^oud John, pianomr., 9th bel Parrish 

Loud Thomas, pianomr., 19 Minor, h Sp Garden 

ab 11th 
Loud Thomas C, pianomr., 19 MinoFj h 8th ab 

Loud Wm. H., piano forte, 131 Franklin 
Louden Andrew, carp. 35 Washington 
Louden John, vict., Palmer bel Duke 
Louden Thomas, shoemr., 262 S 5th 
Loudenslager Adam, vict., Buttonvt^ood ab 9th 
Loudenslager Christopher H., butcher, S E 

Garden and Noble. 
Loudenslager Geoi-ge, prov., 336 Sassafras 
Loudenslager Henry, butcher, Charles below 

Button wood 
Loudenslager Jacob, saddler, 39 Cherry 
Loudenslager James, clerk, 93 Callowhill 
Loudenslager John L. distiller, 62 Dillwyn 
Loudenslager John U., carp., rear Hanover ab 

Queen (K) 
Loudenslayer Thomas J., tobacco't., 11 Clinton 
Loudenstine Wm., blacksmith, Ogden ab 9th 
Louderback Augustus, upholsterer, 2 Cherry 
Louderback Davis, tobacconist, 329 N3d 
Louderback Elijah H. collarmr. Ogden bel 11th 
Louderback Elizabeth, Rose ab School (K) 
Louderback Henry, ship Joiner, 16 Parham 
I^ouderback Isabella, 6th bel Christian 
Louderback John, ship carp., 13 Parham 
Louderback Joseph, brickln, Catharine 8c 9th 
Louderback Margaret, widow. Harper's pi 
Louderback Matthias, tobacconist, 20 Rose al. 
Louderback Mrs., sempstress, 20 Rose al 
Louderback M. A., b 1)., 18 Sansom 
Louderback M. J., milliner, 142 S 5th 
Louderback Peter, printer, 273 S 5th 
Louderback Robert W. shipjolner, 467 S 2d 
Louderback Samuel, bricklayer, Locust ab 12th 
Louderback S. A. milliner, 31 N 7th 
Lough Jos., dry goods, 13 S 9th 
Longhead Jas, cooper, 24 S Water, h 23 New 
Lougiicad James, blacksmith, llullowell 
Lougbcad James H., agent, 144 F"ranklin 
Lougliead Jolm, lab. Lombard n Sch 5th 
Longhead Muttliew, weaver, bel Hanover 
Loughead Thomas, blacksmith, Shippen ab 8th, 

h 349 Cedar 

Loughead Thomas, gent., 54 Green 
Loughead Wm., lab., Sch 7th bel Pine 
Loughlin John, carp., 127 E Shijjpen 
Loughlin Mary, dressmr., George ab Sch 8th 
Loughlin Sarah, tailoress. Barker E of Sell 4th 
Loughlin Wilham, Health Office, 6th & George, 

h 215 S 6th 
Loughran Patk., weaver, Philip ab Jefferson(K) 
Loughran James, carter, Shippen bel Russell 
Loughran Mary, sewer, Smith's ct 
Loughran Wm. Rev., 2d ab Master (K) 
Loughridge Abram, lab., Sch 3d ab Callowhill 
Loughridge Andrew, lab., Benton n School (K) 
Loughridge Samuel, Front and Catharine 
Loughry Margaret, Locust n Beach 
Louis Samuel, furrier, 80 Mulberry 
Louiset A. D. & Co., dyers, 463 N 3d 
Lounsberry Christ., tavern, Noble 8c Washington 
Lounsberry Francis, sailmr. 3 Dock, h 7 College 

Lounsbery Geo., waterman, 31 Duke 
Lounsbery John, boat builder, 33 Duke 
Lourd John, plasterer, Morris bel Fitzwater 
Lourd Michael, M. D., Cedar ab 11th. 
Louty Thomas, carp., rear 254 S Front 
Lovatt George, carp., 103 Cedar 
Lovatt Wm., tavern, 316 N 3d 
Love Alexander, grocer, Franklin Sc Crown (K) 
Love Ann, Edward n School 
Love Benj., atty. 8c coun., 26 George, h Green 

ab 13th 
Love George, lab. Federal ab 2d 
Love Giles, conveyancer, 26 George h Green 

ab 13th 
Love James, cooper, AHen ab Marlboro' (K) 
Love Jane, Gi-een ab loth 
Love John, gent., 294 Fitzwater 
Love John, cooper, Jefferson pi 
Love John, cordw., Culvert ab Mechanic 
Love Robert, weaver, rear 2d ab Edward 
Love Robert, shoemr., 6th bel G T road 
LOVE, SMITH 8c Co., cloths, 147 High 
Love Thomas, weaver, 12th ab Cedar 
Love Thos. C, tailor, 124 and h 150 Catliarine 
Love William, cordwainer, 486 N 3d 
Love William H. cloths, 147 High, h 348 N 6th 
Love Wm. J., carp., Paul bel 7th 
Lovealre John, confectioner, 469 Chestnut 
Loveaire John, plasterer, 4 Park av 
Lovedy Charlotte, washer, 367 E Lombard 
Lovell A. E. clocks, 183 N 3d, h 176 N 3d 
Lovei'idge Mary Ann, 81 S lltli 
Levering J. S., steam sugar refiner, 27 Church 

al. h 340 Chestnut 
LOVERING J. S. 8c CO., steam sugar refiners, 

27 Church al 
Lovett Catharine, tobacconist, 389 N2d 
Lovett D., Charlotte bel Poplar 
Lovett Elisha, carp., 2nd bel Phoenix 
Lovett Jane E., Hay's ct 
Lovett John, lab., Pine c Sch Front 
Lovett John R., coachmr., Dillwyn ab Tammany, 

h 18 Maiden (K) 
Lovett Patrick, capt.. Spruce ab Sch. Front 
Lovett Richard O. R., tavern, 222 Walnut 




Lovelt Robert jr., seal engraver, 32 S 5th 

JLovett Rodman, carp., rear 523 N 3d 

Lovett Thomas, teacher, 329 S 3d 

Low Bennet, hatter, Rye ab Reed 

Low James H., sink cleaner. Wood ab Sch. 7th 

Low Joseph J., jeweller, 5 Exchange pi 

Low Mark, watch case maker, 8 Somer's ct 

Low Peter, lab., G T road and 6th 

Low Robert, lab.,, rear 24 Queen (K) 

Low Thomas, hatter, Newton bel Carpenter 

Low Wm., carter, Chnton ab Brown 

Lowber Bowers, shoes, 233 N 3d, h 219 N 4th 

Lowber Caleb D., doctor, Rose ab School (K) 

Lowber Daniel, tanner & currier. Willow below 

2d, h 294 N 3d 
Lowber Edward, gent., 104 S 8th 
Lowber John H., pearlmr., 11 George, h..305 S 

Lowber Wm., M. D., 104 Walnut 
Lowber & Wilmer, dye stuffs, 20 S Front 
Lowber W. T., merch., 20 S Front, h Walnut 

bet Sch. 6th and 7th 
Lowder Thomas, sailmr. Shackamaxon below 

Lowe Edward A., agent, Paul ab 6th 
Lowe Lewis, pilot, 511 S Front 
Lowe Richard, gent., Montgomery place 
Lowe Samuel, engraver, 23 N 2d 
Lowenberg Louis, capmr. 25 N 4th 
Lowengi-und Moses, peddler, Beaverbel St John 
Lovvengrund Samuel, tailor, 3 Noble 
L;)\vor Abraham, collector, 44 St John 
Lower & Barron, hardware, 174 N 3.d 
Lower Eliz. A., stockmr., G. T. road and Rose 
Lower George, carp., 4th ab Carpenter 
Lower George G., carp., 18 Bank, h Cliarlotte 

ab' Poplar 
Lower Harriet, washer, Malseed's ct 
Lower Henry, bricknu-., Hancock ab Norris 
Lower Jacob, silversmith, 1 Lawrence ct 
Lower John, wheelwright, 321 N Front, h 1 

Rogers' ct 
Lower John J., blacksm., rear Irvine 
Lower Joseph, lab., 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Lower Joseph, cooper. College av 
Lower Joseph, rear 4th bel Carpenter 
. Lower Rachel, widow, 167 N 2d 
Lower Susanna, 137 Dillwyn 
Lower Wm., silversmith, Marriott ab 6th 
Lower Wm. S., 174 N3d, h 7th and Sp. Garden 
Lowery Andrew, butcher, Parrish ab Sch 8th 
Lowery B. Mrs., 24 Queen 

Lowery EUzabeth, dressmr. Rose n William (K) 
Lowery Francis, provision, 9th bel South 
LOWERY & FULLER, wood whf., Cliristian 
Lowery James, cordw., 6th bel Christian 
Lowery James, cordw., 6 J. Baker's ct (N L) 
Lowery John, furniture, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Lowery Joseph, butcher, Mantua vil 
Lowery Lewis, gardener, William's ct 
Lowery W. H., wood mer., 14 Christian 
LOWNDS J. J., pencilmr., 7 Bank al 
Lowrey Geo., carp., rear Lemon bel 11th 
Lowrie R. B., silver smith, Franklin and Noble 
Lowry Abigail, 29 Callowhili 

Lowry Ann, 27 Filbert 

Lowry & Baker, clothing, S W Water & Wal- 
Lowry Benjamin, mer., 61 Almond 
Lowry Comfort, lab., 32 Portland lane 
Lowry Emanuel P., vict., Willow ab 8th 
Lowry E., dressmr., Marriott ab 4th 
Lowry George, provision, 165 Locust 
Lowry George W., millwright, Charlotte and 

Lowrv Isabella, Hanover ab Duke 
Lowry John, tailor, S W Walnut & Water, h 19 

Lowry John S., mer.. Pine st. wharf, Sch,, h 2 

Sch. 5th 
Lowry Juliana, R. road ab Francis (F V) 
Lowry Lewis, clerk, Ruddack's ct 
Lowry Mary, rear 4 Burd ■ 
Lowry Mary, Pink bel Jefferson, (K) 
Lowry Philip jr., victualler, Washington (W P) 
Lowry & Stuckert, provision, 165 Locust 
Lowry Thomas J., brickla3'er, Parrish ab 9th 
Lowry Wm. C, ship master, 486 S 2d 
Lowth Samuel, carp. 110 Christian 
liOWther John, lab. liOmbard n Sch 2d 
Loxley Benj. R. Rev., 31 N 6th 
Loxley G. W., 31 N 6th 
Loxley Richard, gent., 117 Mulberiy 
Loyd Joseph, carp., Wallace ab 9th 
Loyd Joshua, cordw. 36 Juliana 
Loyd Mary Ann, 153 Filbert 
Loyd Nathaniel, dealer, Aspen ab Spruce 
Loyle John, ladies' shoemr., 356 Coates 
Luberg Christiana, dry goods, 358 S Front 
Lucas Eleanor, 18 Lombard 
Lucas Francis, waterman, 384 S Front 
f^ucas Henry, weaver, 54 W Cedar 
Lucas James, trader, 203 G T road 
Lucas John, watchman, 395 S Front 
l^ucas John, shoemr., 62 N 6th 
f.ucas Joseph V., grocer, 37 & h 196 N Front 
Lucas 8c Sharp, grocers, 37 N Front 
Lucas Thomas, weaver, Hope bel Jefferson 
Lucas Thomas, collar maker, 9th ab Poplar 
Luce Joseph, dealer, 18 Vernon 
Luchsinger H. carpet weaver, h 533 N 4th 
Luckerbach George, cabmr., 124 S 5th 
lAidenburg Wm. founder, Vienna ab Queen 
Ludenburgh John, carp., Lewis ab Girard av 
Ludie Jacob, carp.. Culvert ab 4th 
Ludlam John, tailor, 101 Poplar 
Ludlam Wm. cordw. 2d and G T road 
LUDLOW, BEEBEE & CO., exch. broks., 17 

Ludlow Jas. R., atty. and coun.. Walnut ab 6th 
Ludlow John, D. D., Provost of Pa. University, 

25 Montgomery sq Sassafras n 11th 
Ludlow J. L., M. D., 25 Montgomery sq 
Ludlow Primus, sawyer, Emeline st 
Ludlow Robert M., broker, 17 S 3d 
Ludman John, stone mason, N E 12th Sc Green 
Ludon Saml., paper stainer. Barker below Sch. 

iLudwick Adam, grocery, 118 E. Lombard 
iLudwick Jacob, cordw.. Orchard bel Jackson 




Ludwick Vin., weaver, Bedford n Elm (K) 

Ludwig- J. H., tailor, 83 N 2d 

LUDWIG, KNEEDLER k CO., dry goods, 110 

• N3d 
Ludwig Wm. C, mer.. Sassafras & 3d, h 223 

Ludy Adam, baker, 57 Federal 
Ludy Christian, baker, 16 S lOth 
Ludy Christian, glue boiler, 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Ludy Geo., baker, 104 N 13th 
Ludy Jacob, sugar boiler, rear 18 Lilly al 
Luederitz Wm., baker, 58 Dillwyn 
Luff Ann, cook, Eagle ct 

Luff berry Andrew, boat build.. Wood ab Queen 
Luff berry John, shipwright,. Queen ab Shacka- 

Luff berry John, boat builder, Dyott's ct (K) 
Luffberry John B. carp. Franklin ab Union 
Luffberry Michael, boat builder, Wood below 

Franklin (K) 
Lugar George, dyer, 521 N 3d 
Lugar John, combmaker, 528 N2d. (K) 
Lugar Sophia, 546 N 2d 
Lugar Wm. combmr. 546 N 2d 
Lukemire Charles, lab., Queen opp Cherry (K) 
Luken Lewis, h 267 Green 
Lukenbill R. ostler, rear 97 Noble 
LUKENS ABEL, tavern, 242 N 2d 
Lukens Abner, dealer, rear 109 Dillwyn 
Lukens Amos, confect., 49 N 4th 
Lukens Andi'ew, flour mer., 448 N 2d 
Lukens Benjamin, drayman. Poplar bel 7th 
Lukens Charles, lab., rear 480 N 4th 
Lukens Charles, M. D., N E 11th and Chestnut 
Lukens Chilion, cabinetmr., 140 Brown 
Lukens Comly S., carp., George bel Apple 
Lukens Editli, confect., 83 S 8th 
Lukens Edward, merchant, 105 High, h 37 

Lukens Elizabeth, shop, 10th ab Parrish 
Lukens Emeline S. 235 Wood 
Lukens Ephraim, pat. wash, machine, 114 N 6th 
Lukens Francis, stone mason, 13th bel Wallace 
Lukens Geo., lab., 2 Tayloi-'s ct 
Lukens Hannah Ann, Lemon ab 12th 
Lukens Isaac, stonemason, 231 Wood 
Lukens Jacob, lab. 16 Lily al 
Lukens James, drj- goods, 156 N 8th 
Lukens John, shoemr,Cadwalader bel Oxford(K) 
Lukens Jonathan, gent., 113 S 3d 
Lukens Joseph, carp., Beaver ab 2d (K) 
Lukens Lewis A., iron store, 
Lukens Mahlon, Apple and Culvert, h 144 

Lukens M. J., saddler}', 102 High, h 113 S 3d 
Lukens Nathan, constable, Maria ab 4th 
Lukens Seneca, watchman, 86 New Market 
Lukens Silas, stone mason, 358 N 10th 
Lukens Thomas, saddler, Callowhill ab 5th 
Lukens Thomas, saddler, 203 N 5th 
Lukens Wm. carp. Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Lukens Wm., jeweller, St. Joseph's av., h 238 

Lukins Reuben, flour, N W 3d and Noble, h 207 


Lumbrey James, turner, 110 Prime 
Lumsden John, brick layer, William's ct 
r.und Charity, 248 N 7th 
Lund Letitia, rear 380 S 2d 
Lundbeck Silas, lumber dealer, Hallowell 
Lundburg' John, seaman. Reed bel Church 
Lungi-en Jane D., b. h., S E 8th and High 
Lungren John S., teacher, 83 S 3d, h 161 N 7th 
Luning Augustus, cabtmr.. La Fayette ct 
Lunn Mrs. Leah, b. h., 8th bel Green 
Lunny Hugh, lab., rear Charlotte bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Lunny John, lab., George bel 4th 
Lunny Joseph, shop, Sch 6th bel Wood 
Lunny Patrick, lab., Sch. 6th bel Wood. 
Lunsfelder Sol., dealer 38 N 10th 
Lupoid- Samuel, miller, Washington bel 13th 
Lush John, printer, 10 Marion 
Lush John Henry, blacksmith, 128 N 5th 
Luther Robt., bricklaj^er, 20 Rittenhouse 
Lutton John, carter, 32 Pascal alley 
Lutts Henr}^ lab. Lemon ab 12th 
Lutz Armand, carp., rear 84 N 2d 
Lutz Charles, cordw.. Court al. 
Lutz Christopher, boot crimper, rear 21 Char- 
Lutz David, painter, Hope ab Franklin 
I.utz Francis, piano maker. Crown & O Y road 
Lutz Frederick, vict., Parrish ab 10th. 
Lutz F., tobacconist, G T road ab Master 
Lutz George, Jr., fisherman. Brown bel Vienna 

Lutz Geo., shipwr. Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Lutz George, cordw. Thompson ab Sch 8th 
Lutz Henry, vict. Thompson bel Sch 7th 
Lutz Henry, cooper, St. John ab George (K) 
Lutz Ignatius, cabinetmr., 292 Chestnut, h Juni- 
per ab Pine 
Lutz Jacob, vict., rear James bel R. road 
Lutz Jacob D., blacksmith, 1 Rachel's ct 
Lutz James, vict., Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Lutz John, vict. Pleasant bel 10th 
Lutz John P., wheelwright, rear 404 N 3d 
Lutz John P., vict.. Pleasant ab Charles 
Lutz Martin, alderman, 443 Vine 
Lutz Samuel, lab., 6th bel G T road 
Lutz Samuel, salesman, 267 N 7th 
Lutz Sarah, Brown and Vienna (K) 
Lutz Stimmel, Moyamensing av 
Luzenberg Edwd. C. apothecary, 3d & Beaver 
Lybrand C. D., brickmaker, h 38 Filbert 
Lybrand Henry J., trunk &. harness maker, 

bel Bedford, (K) 
Lybrand Isabella, wid. of Joseph, 10th ab Wal- 

Lybrand Margaret, gentw., 135 N 9th. 
Lybrand W. C. clerk, 10th bel Wallace 
Lye E. Mrs., medicines, 385 High 
Lye Henry, sui-veyor, 385 High 
Lylburn John, clerk, 58 Sassafras 
Lyle James M., printer, 4 Han-ison's pi 
Lyle James P., clerk, h 147 Queen 
Lyle Jane R. trimmings, 263 S 4th 
Lyle John, carp., Thompson ab Broad 




Lyle Mary, 46 Almond 

Lyle Thomas, shipmaster, 448 S Front 

Lyman N. P., hardware, 23 Commerce 

Lynch Bartholomew, Christian bel 12th 

Lynch Daniel, chaise driver, George ab Sch 7tli 

Lynch Dennis, b. h. 73 N Water 

Lynch Edward, carter, Sch Beech ab Locust 

Lynch James, 169 N 4th 

Lynch Jas., carter. Mulberry n Sch 2d 

Lynch Jas., lab., 7 Pearl 

Lynch John, grocer, 2d & Master, (K) 

Lynch John, morocco tanner, 8 Hickory ct 

Lynch John, lab. Lloyd ab Fitz water 

Lynch John, lab., Mulbeny and Sch 2d 

Lynch Jonas, bootmr., Moon's ct 

Lynch Mary, grocer, 195 S 4th 

L}-nch Mary, milliner, 18 S 12th 

Lynch Matthew, coachmr.. Pleasant ab 10th 

Lynch Patrick, shoemr.. Juniper ab High 

Lynch Thomas, weaver, Shippen ab 12th 

Lv-nch Thomas, clerk, Mechanics' Bank, h 90 

Lynch Timothy, bookseller, 9 S 8th 
L}-nch Urban, cabinetmr, 4 Prune 
Lynch Wm. blacksmith, 60 Plum 
L\-nch Wm., gent., 4 Porter 
Lynd James, senr., 85 Marshall 
Lyndall Benjamin, bhndmr., 129 S 2d, h Front 

bel Christiaii 
L\Tidall Catharine, wid. of Robert, 45 Christian 
Lyndall ilary, 345 S 2d 
Lyndall Mary, gentw. 10th bel Pleasant 
Lyndall Wm. B., carp. 508 Coates 
Lynes Thomas, weaver, Sch 7th bel Pine 
Lynmire Ellison B., sea captain, 58 New Market 
Lynn John F., ship joiner, F road opp Otter (K) 
Lynn Marg., shop, 3 Middle al 
Lynn Matthew,'ship cai-p., Shackamaxon whf, h 

Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
Lynn Robt., ship carp., Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Lvnn Samuel M., convevancer, 3 Carpenter's ct 

h 315 N 6th 
Lynn AVm., weaver, Hope ab Otter (K) 
Lyon Abraham, gent. 121 N 7th 
Lyon Philip, tailor, Randall's ct 
Lyons Adam, weaver, rear Howard ab Phccnix 
Lyons Catharine, shop, 24 Carter's al 
Lyons Chas., shoemr., 3 Howard's ct 
Lyons Edmund W., shoemr., 233 E Lombard 
Lyons Edward, bricklayer, 12 Willing's al 
Lyons Edwd., cabinetmr., 209 9th 
Lyons Ellis, fruiterer, 9 Assembly Build. 
Lyons Hiram, baker, rear 8th bel Claristian 
Lyons Hiram, weaver, Peny ab Franklin 
Lyons James, weaver, Philip ab Master 
Lyons James, lab., 11 Carter's al 
Lyons John, dr