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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


I Advantages of Advertising in Newspapers, 



^ Third and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia. 

^ 1. The most widely-circulating journals in America are on file for convenient 
i^ cxauiination and selection, and the terms of each recorded for the inspection of 
s^ subscril 

MER to make 
therefore valid 

2. T 

and suf 

3. A 
any nui 
the adv 

4. E 

5. K 
in diffc'i 
once, a 

(). A 
from CO 

7. T. 

No, ] 







of Louis C. 


single copy) in | 
,e earliest prac- | 

is furnislH'd to i 


! terms, calling 

circulation of 
3 of advertising 
for adoptiiig at 

isponding with 
strangers with 
ctcr, and losses 
btful authority, 
tnts are ^ ecom- 
stions made for 
nds. • /^' ^ 

7 ^. 


The 1 



'ed Staif^ ! 

Sg lias taken the HIGHEST PREITIIUJTIS at all the llxhibilious ! 

Buys the uest Materials cheap for Cash, which enables him to sell 



[S PAINTED and GILT SHADES of bcfiutifnl designs. BUFF and WHITE Holland Shades, 
r^ Tiiinuiiiij^s, Fixtiiios, &c. STORE SHADES painted and lettered to order. 

Sc REPAIRING aud JORBIKG iu general, attended to promptly. 




,^4*ifi^;i^cisJa:E*4' l^^»^4!JiMV|:^K!4iif::SJi,2i«!J!J!JVi^p*?^ 



®S Tin Smiths, Copper Smiths, Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Brass Founders, Machinists, J 

*^, Stove Finishers, Coopers, Type Founders and Merchants 


fflij BY 

1 Mm ® m^ WAwm^m^ 


11 Nos. 3 and 5 Branch Street, above Third Street; 1 

II I * . S^^;Ha5L^l>2i2Ll:?^a4>\. 


P * 





1 p Tin Plate. 

Bar Tin, Stamped. 

tj2 Copper Slicathing, 14 to 34 oz. 

" Solder " 

jjl " Braziers, 8 to 150 Sheets. 

Pig Lead. 

«•-; " Bottoms for Boilers. . 

" Tin. 

[ip '= " Tea Kettles. 
|p, " " Coffee Boilers. 

Sheet Lead. 

" Zinc, No. 9 to 15. 


" Ingots. 

Lamp Metal, No. 8 to 40. 

« Old, 3-16 in. 

German Silver, 8 to 40. 

i,;^ " Bolt, 3-15 to 2 in. 



\m i0 "• Dippers. ^ ^ 

rn^ 1 . . V -Nails 3 to 20 p ligljIL-and heavy. 

' {fc , « Tacks. .- • 




Hand Tools and Machines. 

•^''" Rivets, wrought and cast. 
^ Sron, Russia Sheet, No. 9 to 16. 
m, ft" English " " 9 to 28. 
'* ; V « American^. " 10 to 28. 

* " Imitation Ki^ssia Sheet, 24 to 28. 

Tinned and Black Ears. 

" " Rivets. 


Hose Rivets and Burrs. 


Malleable Castings. 

Stove Ornaments and Trimmings. 


' " Galvanized Sheet, No. 16 to 28. 

Black Lead Crucibles. 

C : 

^«' Rod, 3-16 to 1 in. 
'^« Hoop, ^ " S in. 

Clay Cylinders, 8 to 16 in. 

Babbit Metal. 


" Band, 2 "5 in. 

Wrought Iron Bake Pans. 


" Flue, No. 8 to 18. 

P. Wright's Solid Box Vice^ 

' " Teazle. 

Short Handle Frying Pans. 


■ Wire Iron, Bright, No. 00 to 40. 

Ladles and Skimmers. 


^ « Annealed," 00 to 40. 

Ground Charcoal. 


k " Spring, " 6 to 14. 
r !5 " Tinned, " to 20. 
IfjJ ' Wire Brass, No. 000 to 35. . 

" Stone Coal. 


" Soap Stone. 


« Coke. 


L^ .. •» Copper," 000 to 35. 

Gas Hooks. 


■ % " Iron for fencing. 

« Plyers. 

5 " German Silver. 

" Sockets. 


i' ' ^ Brass Nails. 

> " Sheet, No. 8 to 40. 

" Plates. 


Hydrant Sockets. 


" Platers. 

" Handles. 

" Tubing, i to 2 in. 

Plumbers Hooks. 

! . " Kettles, 8 to 24 in. 

" Irons. 


" Dippers. 

" Scrapers. 

" Branch Pipes. 

" Pots. 

" Knobs. 

Stamped Ware. 


Brazier's bolder. 


Bar r.ra.l, Mami.rMl. 

Blnrl; L-a-l. 


_. ►J ...*.»..,. ...^^, ♦- . ....-.,.. . v__ ___"_.._. 





1 [F/a[is©/a[iJiiK§» 




And for Sale at Reduced Prices, at their Warehouse, 

No. 240 Market Street, Philadelphia. 

Adapted to every required operation of weigliiug, as 


In use on nearly all the principal Railroads in tlie United States and Great Britain. 


[Dormant and Portable ;] 
On WJieels, for Foundries, Rolling Mills, Iron Houses, &c. &c. 



Hailroad; Hay and Coal Scales, 

Made entirely of Iron and Steel, ^^. 

Are set in any part of the Country at sliort notice, hy experienced ivorXunen. 

iLr These Scales have been long known and severely tested ; and the universal ■con- 
fidence felt in their accuracy and perfect adjustment is such, that they are novi' regarded as 
From which there is no appeal. 
GEO. W. COLBY, Agent, 
]\o. 340 market IStreet, Philadelphia. 








CO0C, CDur ^hn! 


;irraDiiS, mmii^ 



>a -' 

•ft ' 
>t[ ■ 

;a • 
;ft ' 



Blank Book Manufacturer, 

Over ADAi?lS & CO'S Express Ollicc, Second Slory, 

Banks, Public Offices and Merchants supplied at the shortest notice. 
Country Merchants supplied with 

Blank Books, Eiiglisli & Aiuericaii Stationery, 

Account iJoott!^ of all iiUXnu, eijetlt l^oaMn, Ut. 

Mad^^iifae. most durable manner, at the shortest notice, and at reduced prices. 

"i!l iiinds •[ Job Priiiliii? ncally and expeditiously executed. 
ft-5r A full assortment of Mercantile Stationery, &c. &c. 




Walnut Street, fifth door above Sixth, 


EfWets loans on Mortgage. Gives attention to sales of Real Estate, and acts as 
Agent in property transactions in general. 

8fimucl F. Smith, K«q. 
Ain1)ro(!P White, Kx(|. 
Arthur O. Coffin, Ksq. 


Lawrence Lewis, Esq. 
Jiitnos Unyard, Ksq. 
Uobert i:»in^, Esq. 

Tliomas C. Rockhill, Esq. 
S. Austin Alliltone, Es<i. 
Alexiimler Henry, Esq. 







MEI«S?l^§T©?i, PHfiADEiPHIA ©©PliTf. 



-W, 8c H. ROWLAND, 




Office, ]\o. 61 Souilii Second Street, Philadelphia. 









Office, No. 61 South Second Street, 

}-]A¥ A Mk 





Office, No. 61 South Second St., below Chestnut, 


29;9QlP9l^£L9o;9Qlgoi9(?lOO;9glOOJ9(?lOOJ9glOOJ9giOOJ9gl0 1l[ 



w. Y. McAllister. 

T. II. McAllister. 

McAllister & brother, 

IVo. 48 Chestnut l^trect, Pliilaclelpliia, 

(^At the Old Siand, Established in 1796, hy John McAllister, Sr.) 

#olD, 0ilyfr, Blttctr ^ Qlommon Steel 


'>«M ' 


Mathematical lustriiments, Spy-Glasses, Opera Glasses, Thermometers, 

Microscopes and Microscopic Objects, Tape Measures, Platiua 

Poiuts, Magic Lanterns, &c. by Wholesale or Retail. 

B@° Our Priced and Illustrated Catalogues are furnished on application, and sent 

by Mail, Free of Charge. 


IVo. 22 South Eighth Street, above Chestnut, up Stairs. 





^t.y' o'f ^'"■'^^° "°(JS( 





And a great variety of 








The rropriotors havin" made extensive improvements to their former capacious EstaWishment, by the ad- 
dition of BOYS' CLOTIIINtt WARE ROOMS, desire to say— tliis being the only Establishment in this City em- 
bracing a complete stock of MEN'S AND BOYS' CLOTIII NO— Dealers will derive groat advantages by examining 
(Iiefure l(uyin"l this large stock ; which, forCut, Style, Finish, Uniformity and Low Prices, cannot be surpassed. 

Having in its employ one. t/uiusand hands, the proprietors are capable of executing at short notice special 
orders to any extent, from any part of the world. 

REED, BROTHERS & CO., Proprietors, 

IVos. ly? and \'71K ITIarket Street, Pliiladelpliia. 


Tlirec Silver Medals! 

wiBsiinro/aiiJi mmm: 

iUl)olesak ani Uttdl. 



No. 61 Arch Street^ above Second, 


A Silver Medal awarded frcwn London, -Boston, and Baltimore, 




(Successors to James Peters % Co,) 

itlanufatlurcrs of ©oli anb QWmt 


Watches, Jewellery ami Fancy €ao(ls, 


1? M E 2. i^ 1> ^ Ha 3f^ 1S2 H i^. 










DR. C. M. JACKSON, 120 Arch Street, 

Will effectually cure Liver Complaint, Jaundiee, Dyspepsia, Chronic or Nervous 

Debility, Chronic Diarrhoea, Disease of the Kidneys, and all Diseases 

arising from a Disordered Liver, Stomach, or Intestines. 


C. J. PRICE & CO. 

Jm|)Ovtci:s of 


No. 7 Hart's Building, Second Story, 


C. J, p. & Co., import to order weekly from England, France and Germany, and 
confining their attention exclusively to Foreign Books, 

Purchasers may depend on liavinir tlieir orders promptly 
attended to on the most reasonable terms. 




\P^ Catalogues furnished GRATIS on application, ^jj^ 



Beginning at Schuylkill low water mark on South Street 


Thence to Water Street 

Water Street width 60 

Square to Willow, 620 

Willow Street 50 

Square 267 

Beach Street 50 

Square 210 

Twenty-third Street 50 

Square 273 

Twenty-second Street 60 

Square 396 

Twenty-first Street 5U 

Square 495 

Twentienth Street 50 

Square 396 

Nineteenth Street 50 

Square 396 

Eighteenth Street 50 

Square 396 

Seventeenth Street 50 

Square 396 

Sixteenth Street 50 

Square 396 

Fifteenth Street 50 

Square 396 

Broad Street 113 


From Sell, to East side 

Broad, inclusive 733 5067 

JuniperStreet' 2S 

Square 250 

Thirteentii Street 50 

Square 396 

Amount carried forward, 78 646 

Amount brought forward, 78 
Twelfth Street width 50 

Eleventh Street 50 

Tenth Street 50 

Ninth Street 50 

Eighth Street 50 

Seventh Street 50 

Sixth Street 50 

Fifth Street 50 

Fourth Street 50 

Third Street 50 

Second Street 50 

Front Street 60 

Perm Street 50 

New Water Su-eet 30 

To the end of wharf 

From Broad to Delaware, 768 


Total feet from Schuylkill 
to Delaware, 

Vine Street 

Race Street 

Cherry Street 40 

Arch Street .66 

Filbert Street 51 

Market Street 100 

Chestnut Street 50 

George Street 40 


Amount carried forward, 447 



5530 3 


12,098 3 


Amount brought 




Walnut Street 





Locust Street 





Spruce Street 





Pine Street 




Lombard Street 




South Street 





Total feet, 


5371 6 







No. 7 Hart's Buildings, (2d Story,) Sixth St. above Chestnut. S 





Francis White, . 
John Macpherson, 
Clement Biddle, 
James Hardie, 

Edmund Hogan, 
Thomas Stephens, 
Cornelius Wm. Stafford, 

James Robinson, 


John Adems Paxton, 
B. & T. Kite, 
James Robinson, 

Edward Davies, 
John Adems Paxton, 

Edward Whitely, 






























M'Carty & Davis, 

u u 

Robert De Silver, 

a u 

Thomas Wilson, 
Robert De Silver, 

A. M'Elroy, 

YEAR. ^ 
1821. J 

1822. m 

1823. m 

1824. m 

1825. m 

1828. ^ 

1829. m 

1830. m 

1831. m 
1833. m 

1835. 5 

1836. g| 

1837. i 

1839. m 

1840. ^ 

1841. ^ 

1842. m 

1843. o| 

1844. m 

1845. ^ 

1846. S 

1847. m 

1848. I 

1849. m 

1850. ^ 

1851. 1 

1852. §1 

1853. m 

1854. m 

( 13 ) 

^ ^ ^ ^^ ^l ^^i ' ^J^^ ^'-'^'^'^S'S^*-'^-^--*--'^ 

€mmmmm to fab Slrknomkbgemi^nfe of Mnh, tit 

David B. Birney, No. 8S Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 


David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Carpenter, 109 Walnut street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 
Thomson Westcott, No. 24 Sansom st. bel. 7tli. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fiftli street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick. 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, l^ Dock street. 
George Griscom, No. 119 Walnut st. ab. 4th. 

Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jrrcmiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
Artliiir M. Burton, No. 101 South FiAh street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
G<'i)r;re Grisrom, No. 119 Walnut st. nb. 4th. 
Kdwanl Siiippcn, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut, 




David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 


Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Armstrong, No. 108 S. Fourth street. 
David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
Arthur M. Burton, No. 101 South Fifth street. 
John H. Frick, 7,'i^ Dock street. 
George Griscom, No. 119 Walnut st. ab. 4th. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 


Edward Armstrong, No. 108 S. Fourth street. 
David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 


David B. Birney, No 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 


David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

Edward Carpenter, 109 Walnut street. 

John Clayton, 179 Walnut street. 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 

Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 
David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 


David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 70^ Dock street. 

Davi<l B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jcreniinli Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. , j^ 

Charles R. Ilawcs, No. 8 North Third street. iM 
George Griscom, No. 119 Wniinit st. fd). 4l}i. [ J5 
Edward Sliijiiien, S. E. cor. Sixili k Vi'aUw\. !t3 

Ws shs s S ss^s^s^lsS^Fifssl'^ 




David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 Nortli Third street. 
Jolin H, Frick, 75^ Dock street 
George Griscom, No. 119 Walnut st. ab 4th. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
Arthur M, Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 
Edward Carpenter, 109 Wahiut street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
George Griscom, No. 119 Walnut st. ab. 4th. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 
Thomson Westcott, No. 24 Sansora st. bel. 7th. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 


The ■ following are the only commissioners 
for New York, residing in Philadelphia, au- 
torized to take acknowledgments, and affida- 
vits, &c., to be used in New York, viz; — 
Edward Armstrong, No. 108 S. Fourth street. 
George Griscom, No. 119 Walnut st. ab. 4th. 
Henry Palmer, 120 S. Fourth Street. 
David B. Birney, 88 Market for Phila, County. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 70^ Dock street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
Arthur M. BurtoM, No. 101 South Fifth street, 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
George Griscom, No. 119 Walnut st. ab. 4th. 
Charles R Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 


David B- Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. (c 

Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B, Birney, No. 88 Market street 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
Charles R. Hawes, No, 8N. Third street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E, cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
John H, Frick, 75J Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

Arthur M. Burton, No. 101 South Fifth street. 
Edward -Armstrong, No, 108 S, Fourth street, 
David B. Birney, No, 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 N. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B. Birney, No . 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor. Fifth & Library. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B, Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
Jeremiah Bonsall, S. E. cor.' Fifth & Library. 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 
John H, Frick, 7&^ Dock street. 
William Shippen, jr., 30 S. Fifth Street. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
S. Kingston McCay, 116 Walnut street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Charles R. Hawes, No. 8 North Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E, cor. Sixth & Walnut. 



Judges — Grier and Kane. 
This C<3i]rt holds its sessions in Philadelphia, semi- 

'r,f ^.farcli, Jnnc, ftrid Dewm^er. and the Sd Monday 
[ol September, 

I For the dispatch of business in the Orphans' Coiiil, 
it sits on tlie 2d and 4ili Fridays of each month. 
For the trial of Criminal Cases, it holds bi-monthJy 

annual terms, commenci.ig on the first Mondays in i^^.^,^,^^^,^^.;,,^,,^^ j^^ ^j^,,^,^^^;^ p^,,,.uj, 

April, June, August, October, and December, 

Stated davs are fixed in the " Order of Business'" 

Apr-il and Octobei 


Judges — Grier and Irwin. 

This Court holds semi-annual terms in Pittsburg, 
eommencing on the 3d Mondays in May and Xovem- 
ber,and b<ilds an annual term at Williamsport, com- 
mencing on the 2*1 Monday in June, 

Judge — John K. Kane. 
Holds its sessions in Philadelphia, quarterly, on the 
3d Mondays in February, May, August and X'ov'r. 


Judge — Thomas Ir-win. 
Holds semi-annual sessions at Pittsbui-g, on the 5(\ 
Monday in May and Xovember,and at Willianisport 
On the 3d Mondays in June and September. 


Chief Justice — Jeremiah S. Black. 

Judse* — RUis Lexeis, Kuux, IVuUer huvrie, Geo. 

Jl'. H'oodioarrL 

The Judges of this court become Chief Justices al- 
ternately, the Judgehaving the shortest term to serve 
presiding. The sessions of the Court in banc, for 
hear-ing cases brought up on appeals or writs of cer- : 
tiorari or in error, from the County or District Courts 
of the State, are held as follows: j 

At Philadelphia, for the Eastern District, on the 
1st Monday in December, for 3 weeks, and on its own 
adjoMrninents ; on the 3<l Monday of March for two 
Weeks, 8:c., and on the last Moixlay in July. 

.\t Harrisbnrg, for the Mi<ldle District, on the 2(1 
Monday in .May for eight weeks. 

.\t Pittsburg, for the Western District, on the first 
Monday in September, for eight weeks. 

At Sunbury, for the Northern District, on the 2d 
Monday in July for 2 weeks. 

Jury Trials, in cases in which the sum in contro- 
versy, or damagis claimed, exceed K5(K), are also 
held at A'iti Print, at Philadelphia, on the 1st Mon- 
days in Xovember, January and .March. The jury 
trials are divided into two periwis of not less than 
tliree weeks each. 


President Judge — George Sharsvood. 
Jltsociute Judges — Geo.^M. Strond, J. Clark Hare. 
This Court has original jurisdiction in civil suits in 
tlie City and County of Philadelphia, in which the 
aniount in controversy or dama^'es claimed exceed 
Xl'l". lis sessions are held (piarterly on the 1st 
Mondays ot March, June, Seplend)er and December. 


President Jwlcre — (huudil Thompson. 
Associate Judges — llvi. It. Kelly, Joseph .'illison. 
All appeals from, and certioraris to, the judgments 
of the .\ldermen of the Citv anil Countv of Pbiladel- 
])hia, are cognizable by this (^onrt alone. It has also, 
in the exercise f)f its various (lOwers, original jiwis- 
diction as a (Jourt of (Chancery, a (Joui't of Over and 
Terminer, fiencral Jail Delivery and Quarter Ses- 
■ions, and Insolvent (!ourt and an Orphans' 0)urt. In 
tlie discharge of these dntii s, it holds (|Uarterly ses- 
sions as a Court of Common Pleas on tlie Isl .Monda\ s 

in each term of tlic Common Pleas for the hearing of 
Road cases, Certioraris, cases in E(|uity,and Feigned 
Issues, to determme the validity of disputed wills, &c. 


Number of .\rrivals Annually at Philadelphia from 
1797 to 1852. 

1813 I 
1 823 
1 836 

• Eleven months only. 

















1 125 


















































































J 697 








































































31 ,.394 









1 ' ' 






















January. . . 




























15 16 17 


19 20 


1617 18 




22 2:i21 


26 27 


23 24 25 

26 27 




30 31 

30 31 


February. . 





August. . . . 


2 3 






















13 14 15 










20 21 22 





27 28 


28 29 


March. . . . 

















5 6 





13 14 





1011 1213 





20 21 















24 25 26 27 




April. . . . 



October. . . 

12 3 4 




2 3 






8 9 10 1112 












16 17 






22 23 24 

25 26 



23 24 






29 30 31 


November. . 

1 2 










5 6 


8 9il0 


















19 20 


22 23124 


21 22 23 





26 27 


29 30 



December. . 










6 7 

























1920 21 












26'27 28 










1 ' 

I 1 


? qftj 9(to n(to rf^ *to a(j3 «ip nil^ oQi^ 'jft^ « 





1^ ^°^ ^^ 

^ ^^ 

^ 18 5 4: M 










'the NAMKS of housekeepers and persons in business IN BRIDES- g 

Sebrnteentli lEXtUlon. 

[ The names of Subscribers, in this edition, are printed in Capitals, and the same ^ 
course will be pursued in all future editions.] 










Aclvertisetnents, ...... 

Commissioners to take acknowledgement of Deeds, &c., 

Courts, &c., 

Almanac, ....... 

Removals and Changes, 

Alphabetical List of Names in City and Districts, 

Business Directory, ...... 

Alphabetical List of Names in Bridesburg, 

'* " " Frankford, Pa., 

" " " Germantown, Pa., 

" " " Manayunk, Pa., 

" " " Camden, New Jersey, 

Alphabetical List of Streets, 

City Councils, Police, Clerks, Inspectors, &c.. 

Board of Health, 

Literary and Benevolent Institutions, 

Custom House, .... 

Churches, .... 

Ministers and Consuls, 

Public Institutions, 

Newspapers, .... 

Banking Institutions, Insurance, Canal, Railroad Compan 

Miscellaneous, .... 

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Since the Directory was put to Press t 

^fiBOTT S. A. k CO., scale manuf., 333 Market 

& 9th and Melon 
\LLEXTOWN IRON CO., 13 Walnut 

\V 5lh and Chestnut 
Vnderson Ale.t., wheelwright, 2 Church av 
\NDERSON M-, M. D,, 167 Spiuee 
Vnmont James P. E., Arch n 18th 
VNNEAR &t HODGKlNSON, blacking manuf,, 

Randolph's ct, 2d ab Race 
VSH HENRY ST. CLAIRE, M. D,, druggist, 8 E 

11th & Vine 
VSHTON JOHX, JR., tailov, 156 Market 
Vtlee E. A., mer., 176 N Front, h 8 Colonnade row 
^UDENRIED LEWIS & CO., coal merchants, 42 


^lUdenried Lewis, coal mer., 42 Walnut, h 314 N 7th 
^udenried Wm., coal raer^, 42 Walnut, h 322 N 6th 

JACOX, PRICE & CO., coal mers., N W Front 

k Walnut 

iAKER CHALKLY 8t SON, N W 9th & Cherry 
lARXAHD JOHN, undertaker, 78 Lombard 
lARXES ALBERT REV., Walnut ab Chestnut 

JARNITZ D. G. & CO., bankers & ex. brokers, 3 

JARRY JAMES L., agent House of Refuge, N E 

7th h Arch 
lEAX EXOS 8t CO., blindmrs. 300 Race 
{ELFIELD H., brassfounder, Broad ab Willow 
lennett S., stove moulder, 412 X 5fh 
Jerj^er James S., drv goods, 146 Mai'ket 
5ES r AOAM, Wil'liani Penn Hotel, 6 Lwtitia et 
{EVLARU HEXRY D., com. mer., 4 Strawberry 
{la '^e Henry, shop, 182 S 6th 
ilakistoi) k Cox, coal merchants, 63 Walnut, wharf 

2 Richmond 
tlanehanl k Rock, 327 Chestnut 
tockius Jacob k Son, brushmrs. 192 N 2d, h 156 

tO(;CS J AS,, broker, 8 Gold 
ioiinatfon .\. E.,, mer. S W Front k Chestnut 
IOXNAFFOX SYLVESTER, import, drv goods, 

S W Front k Cliestimt 
lOYl) k HRO'LHER, dry goods, 103 Market 
:()YI) WM. S. k CO., grocers, 13 S Water 
IREWSTER ENOCH C, atty. k eoun. 76 S fith 
HiHXiKXS R. P. k H. v., map publishers, N E 

.MM.M.all k Wood 
IROW N FUKl)., druggist, X E 5th k Chestnut 
Irown Saml., lumber mer. 451 Callowhill 
IRUREIN CHAS., .Military Hall, 14 Library 
lullen Chas. T., 14 Paul 

HJTTS C. A., gents, furnishing sloi-c, 21 X* 8tli 
lyerly Mahon, prorisions, 21sl ab Suulh 

:abot Jr)s., mer,, 13 Walnut 

HESEMROUGH A. F., 5 N Del ar 

LAUK .lOHN C. k SOX, printers k stationers, 

6S Dock 
LARKE M. G. REV., 18th ab Arch 

CLARKE WM. H., carp, k builder, 7 Lauref, h 

Federal ab 6th 
COATES GEO, MORRISON, cloths, kc, 14t 

COLE THOMAS H.. ladies' shoemaker, 386 Race 
Coiirow k Barber, grocers, l59 X" Sd 
CORNELL k HENDRY, ice dealefs, 7 N 8th 
CORRY JOHN, mer., 11 S Front 
Culver Maria R., b h, 13 N 7th 

Davis Jonathan, M. D., 12 Morris 
De Cou Wm,, iron mer., 279 N 2d 
DE LAGUXA A, DB LEO, picf. languages, 19S 

Delany Wm,, gilder, 324 S 6th 
Devlin J, k M., jewelrVj 423 N 3d 
Dillman Christopher, bleeder, 422 X'^ 2d 
Dodson Richard W,, gent., Walnut W 18th 
Donnellv Patrick, baker k cOnfect., 479 N 2d 
Douglass Benj,, steel filer, Stewart bel Fitzwatef 
Douglass Chas. C, tinsmith, rear 46 P road 
Downing Thomas, giocer, S W l2th k South 
Dovie James, furniture, Ball al k South 
Dull Emanuel, N E St John k Brown 
DUNCAN J. J. k Co., 1774 Market 
Durell Kimsey, taverh, S AV Front k Poplar 

Elmy Chas,, watchman, 28 Almond 

Eschei' C, F,, piano manuf,, 54 Brovrn 

EVAXS k QUINCY, china, kc, 194^ Market H 

23 Minor 
Evans Wm,, liquor inspect., 342 South 

Ferry George, liquor store, N W 8th k Shippen 
FISCHER GEORGE k CO., Bohemian glass, 294 

FOGG k BOYD, plumbers k gas fitters, 142 N I2th 
Fortner Ellis B,, harnessmr., 181 St John 
Frazier Nalbro, mer., 13 Walnut 
Fritz Geo., importer, 294 Chestnut 
Furman Henry, tailor, rear Poplar bel 6th 
Fuss John, beer house, 1I7 Brown 

Gallett August, wig mr., 38 9 4th 
Gentrif Wm. T., mer., 2 Mercliant 
Gerith George, vinegar, i54 N 4th 
Gilbert John, bricklr,, Cosites bel 9th 
Glisson John J., salesman, 88 N 3d 
Gwlwin Samuel P,, mer. 146 Market 

Haas Henry, otik cooper, 191 Brown 

Haines F. B., painter, 485 X' 4th 

Halfmaii Flihclbfrt, mer. 5 Bfiston pi 

Hall Geo. H., nalisman, 179 Market 

Hallowell Wm. R , mer. 168 N 2d 

HalloM ell AVm. R. k Co., hardware mers., 1^8 N* 3d 

Harvy Bernard, let. car. P O, 28 Greenwich 

Heiss Wm. E., [lainter, 5 Iji-nron 

Heite Chas,, clerk, 420 Poi)lar 

Heller A,, coiichmr,, Clinton bel Poplar 

Ilellerman Wm., c<»r(hv. 35G Coates 



HODGE D. H. L., N W 7th & AValnut 
Hoffy Alfred, artist, 89 S 5th 
Huett John, 9^2 S 8th 

Humes Geo., spar ,rar., Beach ab Hanover, h Sarah 
ab Queen 

Labold Peter, shoe cut.. Court al Brown bel Front 

Laesch k Meier, tobacco, 107 Beach 

Lamb Jacob, engraver, 2.34 Franklin 

Leisering H. G., clerk, 521 N 6th 

Llojd Isaac, grocer, 101 S Water 8c S E Front St 

Longstreth 8c Buzby, hardware, 181 Market 
Low Wm., chemist, Parrish ab 9th 
Lukens Milton M., 32 S 13th 
Luther Clias., clerk, 20 Rittenhouse 
Lyie John C, tobacconist, 559 N 3d 

M'Calla Charles, clerk, Penn. Hospital for Insane 
M'Cormick \Vm. J., chairm., Allen ab Jones 
M' Fetrich John H., plumber, 14 S 8th, h 26 Erie 
M'Grath Isaac, tailor, 125 Chestnut 
M'Murtrie Arch., carp., Jackson n Budd 
M'Murtrie R. T., mer., 17 Pine 
M'Nutt Barnard, manuf., Lombard n 21st 
Maesel John, baker, 54 Swanson 
Maggitt Wm., carp. 1 Myrtle 

Malseed Andrew, plate printer, 84 S 3d, h 510 S 5th 
Markley A. T., salesman, 169 Market 
Matthews Hester, b h, 61 N 10th 
Miles Ann, 557 Brown 

Myers John R., musician, 16 Jefferson row 

Nesbit John, carpet weav., Allen ab Shackamaxon 

Orne Herman, mer., 183 Chestnut, h 41 N Wash- 

Prentiss John, jr., broker, S E 4th & South, h 222 
S 4th 

Raby 8c Langrehr, gi-ocery store. Walnut 8c Park 

(W P) 
Reed John, blacksmith, Union bel F av 
Reeves Thomas, cooper, 247 S 2d 
Reilly Edward, chandler, 8 Lombard 
Reynolds Eli, ship carp., Vienna bel Franklin 
Rowland John J., mer., 29 8c 30 S Del av, h Nixon 

8c Vine 
Rowand Edwd. S., clerk, 116 Market, h 286 Green 

Searle Thomas R., clerk, 33 Commerce 
Stevens Albert G., tailor, 7 Madison 

Tate Wm., soap, 95 S 13th 
Thorn Geo. T., Morris ab Lombard 
Tong Wm., weaver, Duke ab Hanover 
Trahn Peter, clockmr.. Queen ab Wood 

Ullman Albert, liquor store, 178 N Front 

Vanhorn Isaac, carp. 130 N 2d 





Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and conn, attorney and counsellor, av avenue, 
bel below, bet between, (B H) Rush Hill, b h boarding- house, c. h. counting- house, 
c corner, ct court, E East, F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (Y V) Francisville, gent, gentleman, 
g-entw. g-entlewoman, G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, M Moy- 
amensing-, manuf. manufacturer and manufiictory, M V Mantua Village, mer. merchant, mers. 
merchants, mr maker, n near, N North, N L Northern Liberties, O Y^Old York, P Pussyunk. 
P T Penn Township, R Ridge, Rd Richmond. S South, Sch. Schuylkill, W West, whf wharf 
or wharves, wid widow, (VV P) West Philadelphia. 


Aaron Benj. cordw., 6 E 2d and Race 

Aarons Aaron, tailor, 146 Poplar 

Aaronson C. B., carp. Whitehall, ab 13th, h 210 

N 10th 
Aaronson Cohen, electro plates, 81 S 5th 
Aaronson G. P., carp. 186 Poplar 
Aaronson Robert S. clerk, 246 S 2d 
Abadie Victor J., 292 S 8th 
Abarnot .1. C, bricklayer, Sibert ab 17th 
Abbett Mrs. S. M., milliner, 109 N 5th 
Abbey Charles, gold br., 26 Pear, h 71 Spruce 
Abbev Chas. O., gold beater, 26 Pear 
ABBEY CHARLES & SONS, gold beaters, 26 

Abbev Rosewell, machinist, 578 N 5th 
Abl)ey Wm. It., gold beater, 26 Pear, h 217 S 5th 
Abbot Samuel, book keeper, 17 S Del. av., h 

S E 17th and Ciiancellor 
Abbott Abr. J., dealer, 10 Vernon 
Abbott \ntrini, lab. Ash below Duke (R) 
Al)bott Cli:ts. H., mer. 16 N 4tli, h 6 Clinton 
Abbott Catiiai'ine, 15 Gaskill 
Abliott Chas. R., 496 N 3d 
Abbott David, roller, 102 Penn (K^ 
Abl)ott Edward, mer. 47 ClKstnut,'li 285 N 6th 
ABBOT T C. H. &. G., hardware, 16 N 4th 
Abbott Edwin W., trunkmr. Crown bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Abbott Francis A., bricklr. Fitz water ab 6th 
Abbott George, laborer, 102 Penn (K) 
Abbott Geo., mer. 16 N 4th, h 183 Arch 
Abbott James, mer. 112 High, h 245 Walnut 
Abbott Jolin, gTocer, N E Broad and Race, h 

Vine ab Broad 
ABIUnr, .lOHNES &. CO., silk goods, 153 


Abbott Joseph, stovemr. Franklin ab Wood (R) 
Abbott Joseph E., hatter, 180 Wharton 
Abbott J. H., clerk, 19 N 4th, h 285 N 6th 
ABBOTT & LAWRENCE, stove works. Brown 

above 4th 
Abbott Mary, 285 N 6th 
Abbott Mary Ann, wa.sher, rear 9 Emeline 
Abbott Pati-ick, boatman, 21st ab Cedar 
Abbott Redman, mer. 153 Market 
Abbott Samuel, lab. 102 Penn (K) 
Abbott Samuel A., scalemr. 9th and Melon, h 

9th bel Midon 
Abbott S. A. &. Co., scale manuf. 333 Market, & 

9th and Melon 
Abbott Samuel W., 10 Girard 
Abbott Sarah, 102 Penn (K) 
Abbott Theodore, carp. 27 Nectarine 
Ai)l)ott Thomas, .stovemr. P'ranklin ab Wood (R) 
Abbott Tlios., car driver, 319 St. John 
Abbott Wm., mer., h 189 S 3d 
Abbott Wm., real estate broker, 19 S 10th 
Abbott Wm., hardware, 2d &. Coates, h 27 Coates 
Abbott Wm., 21st bel I,ombard 
Abbott William H., atty. &. coun. 16 N 7th, h 

Vine W Broad 
Abbott Wm. S., mer. 85 Chestnut h 189 S 3d 
Abbott Wilson, brewer, 28j N 6th 
A'Bcekett Thos., comedian, 19 Eric 
Abel A. M., dressnu". 60 Green 
Abel Catb., 287 Poplar 
.Vbel Charles, panitcr, 60 Green 
Abel C;has. R., tinsm. 380 N 2d, h 450 N 4tli 
Abel E. P., .salesman, 160 Bedford (K) 
Abel Henry, carter, Tyler ab Poplar 
Abel H. A., drcssmr. 17 Nectarine 
Abel Jacob C, baths, rear 124 S 2d 




Abel James, lab. Marion ab 2d 

Abel John, fisherman, 235 Allen (K) 

Abel John, chairmr. Kennedy's ct 

Abel John, shoemr. 8 S Lew is 

Abel John, watchman, Wallace bel 13th 

Abel J. ^Y., cig-armr. 60 Green 

Abel Mary, 13 Ross (K) 

Abel Martha, tailoress, Myrtle bel 13th 

Abel Peter, cordw. Earl bel West 

Abel Robert K., watchcase maker, Alder below 

Girard av 
Abel Samuel, whf. builder, 13 Ross (K) 
Abel Sarah M., 196 Noble 
Abel Susan, wid. of Peter, 491 N 5th 
Abeles Bernard, mer. 142 S 2d 
Abeles Selig-man, trimmings, 83 N 2d 
Abell A. B., coach painter. Vine and Crown 
Abell Jos. A., cooper, 415 Ridg-e av 
Abell Sophia, Howard ab Master (K) 
Abell Wm. J., artist. Queen ab Sarah (K) 
Abels Georg-e, baker. Filbert n 22d 
Abels Hester, 337 S Front 
Abentrole Daniel, cabinetmr. 51 Howard (K) 
Abernethy John, carter, 15th n Willow 
Abernethy Wm., lab. 15th ab Callowhill 
Abicht F. W., bootmr. 201 Race 
Able Chai'les, macht. 139 St. John 
Able Susan, 491 N 5th 
Abnett & Jones, bricklayers, 27 N 7th 
Abott Jos., stove moulder, Franklin av above 

Wood (K) 
Abott Thomas, stove moulder, Franklin av ab 

Wood (K) 
Abraham Isaac, vict. 263 Green 
Abraham John, tav. 404 N 2d 
Abraham Jos., butcher, Adams ab Oxford (K) 
Abrrfliams Moses, g'ent. 136 N 13th 
Abrahams Wm., eng'ineer, Linn ab 22d 
Abram Robert, grocer, 20th n Pine 
Abrams Abraham, jr., bricklr. Jessamine 
Abrams Alfred, tailor, S E 2d and Dock 
Abrams David, vict. 125 George 
Abrams Joseph, atty. and coun. 43 N 5th 
Abrams Joseph, brickmr., 1144 N 5th 
Abrams Mich., carpenter, rear 364 St. John (K) 
Abrams Moses, 335 St. John (K) 
Acestecott Chas., dealer, Jackson 
Acestecott Christian, dealer, Jackson 
Accoo Jesse, coachman, 13 Watson's al 
Accor Samuel M., shoemr. Carroll ab 13th 
Acheson Alex., packer, 21 Evans 
Achcson Charles, flour mer. 387 Market, house 

Cramond bel >Vasliing-ton (W P) 
Acheson James, baker, 742 Wood 
Acheson Jos., weaver, Hyman's ct 
ACHESOX, ROMMELL 8c FRY, floia- mers. 

387 Market 
AchuffCliarles, coachmr. Ann ab Trenton av (R) 
Achuff James, turner, Lewis bel Oxford (K) 
Achuff Jesse C, foreman 78 N 3d 
Acker Henry, baker, S E Girard av and Alder 
Acker James, seg-arnu-. St. Jolin and George (K) 
Acker Jeremiah, watchmr. 96 N 2d 
Ackerman George, bhicksm. 17th and Bccket 
Ackerman James, driver, Meredith bel Division 
Ackerman Jolui, carp., 20tli ab Spi-uce 
Ackerman Josluia, grocer, S W 12th & Parrish 
Ackerman Nicholais, tailor, Benton n William 

Ackerman W'm., cabinetmr. 175 Noble 

Ackerson L., painter, 12th ab Christian 

Ackey Hugh, painter, 60 Christian 

Ackley Elizabeth, 297 S Front 

Ackley John, engineer, F road ab Marlboro (K) 

Ackley John M., hat fitter, 40 Reed 

Ackley Moses, cordw. Adams ab Norris (K) 

Ackley Myers F., machinist, Fitzwater n Broad 

Ackley Norman, police, rear Orchard bel Rawle 

Ackley Sarah, 138 Dilwyn 

Ackley Thomas W., mer., 177 Market, h 133 N 

Ackley Wm., paper boxmr. 638 N od 
Ackroyd Jeremiah, dyer, 22 W Cedar 
Acki'oyd W^m., weaver, Hope and Master (K) 
Acoe Wm., lab. Oak n Rose (W P) 
Acor Stephen, marble mason. Wood n Amber 
Acton John, cutter, 8 Louisa av 
Adair Ann, German ab 5th 
Adair Harvey W., hatter, 45 R road 
Adair Robert, Rev., Sec. Phila. H. M. Society, 

216 Chestnut, h 350 Filbert ab 17th 
Adair Robt. E., musician, 11 Fayette 
Adair Samuel, lab. Johnson's la bel 5th 
Adair Wm., stone cutter, 57 Carroll 
Adair W^m., shoemr. 144 N 10th 
Adair Wm. J., carp. Hamilton and W'illiam 
Adair Wm. S., clerk, h 350 Filbert 
Adaire Ann, Union ab Duke 
ADAMS ALEX., brushes, 31 Market, h 232 

Adams Alex., lab. 9 W'ashington 
Adams Alexander, di-ayman. Walnut al 
Adams Alexander, drayman, 201 Hope (K) 
Adams And. W., mer. 53 Market 
Adams Andrew, bookseller, 18 Dilwyn 
Adams Ann, washer. Young's al 
Adams A. Mrs., hat springs, h 62 Zane 
Adams A. L., blank books, 228 N 3d, house 522 

N 7th 
Adams Boyd, varnisher, 8 Vail's Place 
Adams B. W., broker, 46i Walnut, h 388 Arch 
Adams Catharine, Fairview and 19th 
ADAMS CHARLES, diy goods, S E 8th and 

Arch, h 320 N 12th, 5 drs bel Wallace 
Adams Charles, shoemr. Carpenter and 12th 
ADAMS CHAS. J. & CO., com. mers. 45 N 

Water, h 138 Walnut 
ADAMS & CO., package express, 116 Chestnut 
Adams C. L., printer, cards, 118 Chestnut h 409 

Adams David, grocer, S E 2d and Poplar 
Adams David B., waiter, 10 Burd's ct 
Adams Edward, clerk, 64 N 4th 
.\dams Effinger, moulder. Pine and Quince 
Adams Eleanor, layer out of the dead, Fi'anklin 

pi, rear 9th ab Coates 
Adams Ellis, tavern, William and Richmond 
Adams Eliza, George ab 17th 
Adams Elizabeth, 474 Callowhill 
Adams Elizabeth, Lemon ab 12th 
Adams Elizabeth, Rose ab School (K) 
ADAMS FRED. M., atty. and coun. li 162 Pine 
ADAMS GILBERT, dry goods 21 S 8th, h 391 

N 12th 
Adams Hannah, finisher, Norris bel Front (K) 
Adams Henry, musician, 1 Barley 
Adams Henry S., acct. 54 Chestnut, h 26 N 7tli 




Adams Jacob, driver, Hanover n Duke 
Adams Jacob, printer, 69 Spruce 
Adams James, cordw., 6 Myer's ct 
Adams James, Norris below Front (K) 
Adams Jumes, book-keeper, 214 N 10th 
Adams James, bricklayer, Jefferson W 17th 
Adams Jas., lab. Nixon and Pearl 
Adams Jas., lab., rear 230 Shippen 
Adams Jas. C, g-alvanized iron stove, 14 N 10th 
Adams Jus. L.,japanner, Tulip n Dauphin (li) 
Adams Jas. W., machinist, 6 Nectarine bel 11th 
Adams Joanna, baker, Prime n Swanson 
Adams Jolm, lab, 6th ab Master 
Adams John, clothing-, 40 Penn 
Adams John, cordw. Latimer 
Adams John, blacksm. Locust and 14th 
Adams John, weaver, G T road ab 5tli 
Adams John, seg-armr, CallowhlU ab 17th 
Adams John, grocer, S E 7th and Bedford 
Adams John, clerk, 151 Market 
Adams John, fisherman, Clierry bel Franklin av 
Adams John C, seg-armr. Willow ab 19th 
Adams John D., brass turner, 29 Hutchinson 
Adams John F., pla.sterer, 652 Pine 
Adams John L., moulder 7 Wliitehall 
Adams John W., P road bel 8th 
Adams Joseph, fisherman. Ash bel Duke (R) 
Adams Jos., whf. builder, Bakers ct n Palmer(K) 
Adams Jos. A., innkeeper, 210 N AVater 
Adams J. B., mer. 6 SAVater, h 12th ab Callowhill 
Adams J. B., conveyancer, 19 Wallace 
Adams J. C, bricklr. 15th below Coates 
Adams L. H., drug-g-ist, S W 10th and Og'den 
Adams Margery, 185 S 13th 
Adams Martha, Hope n Ma.ster 
Adams Mary Ann, b h, 319 Chestnut 
Adams Mary Ann, 157 Lombard 
Adams Michael, tavern, 151 S 6th 
Adams Mo.scs, tailor, n P road 
Adams M. & J., millinery, 185 S 13th 
Adams Richard, cng-ineer, 76 Church 
Adams Richard, gi'ocer, 2d and Poplar 
Adams Robert, mariner, 34 Beck (S) 
Adams Robert, lab. 1 Wagoner's al 
Adams Roljert, dealer, Federal ab 12th 
Adams Robt. Jr., coal dealer, AVater ab Callow- 
hill, h 284 Beach ab Marlboro (K) 
Adams Robt. & Co., com. merchants, 20 Walnut 
Adams R., mer. 20 Walnut, h S E 12th & Walnut 
Adams Samuel, clerk, 39 Queen (K) 
ADAMS SAMUEL, cabmr/ 439 Spruce 
Adams Sarah Jane, Cedar ab 12th 
Adams Sarah J., Jefferson W of 5th 
Adams & Stag-er, clothing-, 222 Market 
Adams Stephen L., stationer, 56 N 3d, h Cal- 

lowliill ab 8th 
ADAMS & SUTTER, mers, 6 S Water 
Adams Thomas It., g-rocer, 24 Hig-h, h Plimlim- 

mon pi 
Adams Tlios., cordw.. Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Adams Tlios., mer. 220 Sassafras 
Adams 'l'homa.s, cordw. 555 N 4th 
Adams Thomas, 260 Og-dcn 
Adams Thomas, clerk, 64 N 4th 
Adams Thos., weaver, 18 Brinton 
Adams Tlios., cartel-, S W Pearl and Nixon 
Adams Tlios. l'\, lamp black manuf., h 409 Green 
Adams Thos. H., saddle stool mr., 5 Bayard 

ADAMS THOMAS J., drug'g'ist, N E 16th and 

Adams Timothy, machinist, 11th ab Coates 
Adams Virginia, 17 S Mary 
Adams \Vm., grocer, N W 15th and Miller 
Adams Wm., beer house, 80 Locust 
Adams AVm., cordw.. Leopard ab Otter (K) 
Adams Wm., collector, 26 York av 
Adams AVm., coach trimmer, 15th and Jones 
Adams Wm., blacksm., rear 500 Poplar 
Adams AVm., engineer, F road bel Lehigh av 
Adams AVm., copper plate printer, 369 S 10th 
Adams Wm. G., blacksm. 6 Howard pi 
Adams AVm. H., carp.. Baker's ct n Palmer (K) 
Adams AVm. H., sec. Gr. Lodge, Hall S 3d, h 

155 N 14th 
Adams Wm. M., drayman, Duke bel Vienna (K) 
Adams AV. A\'., moroc. leath. manuf., 499 N 9tli 
Adamson Hessel, carp., 120 Catharine 
Adamson Joseph, mer., 30 N 4th, h 323 AVood 
Adamson Jos., blacksmith, 15th ab Callowhill 
Adamson Joseph L., iron rail mauuf., 465 Cal- 
lowhill, h 15th ab Callowhill 
Adamson Mary, Meredith n 23d 
Adamson Marv Ann, 471 N 9th 
ADAMSON & ROBERTS, dry goods, 246 N 2d 
Adamson Thos., dry goods. Poplar and 10th 
Adamson AA'm., manuf., 969 N 6th 
ADARE ROBERT, coachmr. Carlton ab 15th 
Addicks John E., mer., 159 Market, h 77 N 10th 

and shoes, 159 Market 
Addis Charles, brickmr. Shippen la bel Cedar 
Addis John B., stage manager, Chen-y AV Broad 
Addis Joseph, engineer, Clinton ab Poplar 
Addison Eliza, Front bel Navy Yard 
Addison AVm., weaver, 1 AVatt 
Addison AVm., jeweller, 210 AA'ood 
Ade AVm., collier, 2 Hulseman's pi (K) 
Adelberger Louis, baker, 10th and AVashington 
Adey AVm. J., dyer, Brinton bel Oxford (K) 
Adger Robert, baker, 22 Barclay 
Adicins John H., barber, 154 Cherry 
Adkisson Samuel, cordw. 7 Bayard 
ADLER C. F., white leather manuf. Willow n 

New Market 
ADLER GEO. S., leather manuf. 21 Margaret- 

ta, h 176 Franklin 
Adler John B., moroc. dre.sscr, 145 Buttonwood 
Adler Samuel, drv goods, 262 N 2d 
Adolph Alfred \\ ., hatter, 30 N 2d, h 24 Coates 
Adolph G., carp., 24 Coates 
Al)OI,PH & KEEN, hatters, 30 N 2d 
Adolphns Moses J., 169 Spruce 
Adshcad Jeremiah, clerk, 8 New Market 
Adshcad John, dealer, 8th bel Reed 
Advena ('. AV., brass worker, P'airview ab Broatl 
Aechternacht F. A., tailor, 188 N 4th 
Aegcr AVm., segar mr. F road bel Franklin av 
Acrsten James M., mer. 49 Chestnut, h Pine 

and Blight 
Acnsten John P., mer., 150 High, h 100 George 
Aeter Clu-lstian, cordw. 595 N 3d 
Afferbach Charles, police, 5o Howard (K) 
Afferbach (uo., wlu-elwrt.. Amber bel Phoenix 
Afferbiu-li AVm., gunsm., 621 N 2d (K) 
AfHirk Morris E., bricklayer, 107 P'ranklin 
Agen Daniel, 261 G T road 



Ag-en John, cordw.4 Duponceau 
Agen Mary, washer, 19th n Pine 
Agg-ins James H., cutter, 18 Wesley 
Aginton Robert, whip mounting, 4 Nagle 
Agnes Mary, teacher, 19 Prune 
Agnew & Co., fancy dry goods, 196 Chestnut 
Agnew David, hxb. William ab Hamilton 
Agnew Dennis, lab. Washing-ton ab Jefferson 
Agnew D. H., M. D.,N 16th n Bickham 
Agnew Henrj', dyer, Pink ab Master (K) 
Agnew Henry, clerk, 9 S 3d, h 17th and Jones 
Agnew Henry O., blacksm. 17th and Jones 
Agnew Isabella, dry goods, 97 N 9th 
Agnew James, weaver, 247 G T road 
Agnew James, carp, rear 7 State 
Agnew James, macht. Milton ab 10th 
AGNEW JOHN, Franklin Works, 340 Vine, h 

12 Morgan 
Agnew John, foundryman, 20 Hallowell 
Agnew Samuel, publisher, 12 N 11th 
Agnew Wm., carp. 195 Washington 
Agnew Wm., fancy dry goods, 196 Chestnut, h 

162 S 9th 
Agnew Wm. G. E., teacher, 48 N 7th 
Ahern B. M., umbrella mr. 468 Cedar 
Ahern Eugene, bookbinder, 298 S 10th 
Ahern John, clerk, 4 Filbert av 
Ahrend Chas., shoemr. 9 Sterling al 
Ahrenholt Henry, tailor, Elizabeth ct 
Ahreno Fred., sugar refiner, 56 Dillwyn 
Aiken John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Aikens David, salesman, 272 S 4th 
Aikens Francis, tobacconist, 72 Carpenter 
Aikin Andi-ew, salesman, 238 Cedar 
Aikins James, cabinetmr., 57 Pine 
Aikman John, hat blockmr. 33 Dock, h 162^ 

S 2d 
Ailes Catharine, shoemr. 5th bel Queen 
Aime Madame, millinery, 9 S 11th 
Ainscow Thomas, weaver, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Aird Andrew, tas.sel mr. Front and Eagle av 
Airey John, soap boiler, 24 Callowhill, h 230 N 

Airs Jane, 13 Peach 

Airth Catharine, semp., 161 Howard (K) 
Airth Mary A., semp. 161 Howard pi (K) 
Aitken Amelia, 288 N 5th 
Aitken Andrew, cabinetmr. 4 Hibberd 
Aitken Charles C, boot manuf., 21 Dillwyn 
Aitken Edward R., clerk, S E 6th and Button- 
Aitken Joseph, boots and shoes, 21 Dillwyn, h 

Front ab Otter 
Aitken Wm. B., pattern mr. 93 R road 
Aitken Wm., gent., 5 Lebanon row 
Aked Henry, book binder, 100 Fitzwater 
Akeroyd Wm., lab. Diamond ab 2d 
Akers Irwin, varieties, 25 S Front 
Akers Joseph, 350 Callowhill 
Akers Thomas & Son, china and queensware, 

317 Market, h Camden, N.J. 
Akers Wm., mer. 317 High 
Akin David, box mr. 9 Margaretta 
Akin Jolin, gas fitter, 15 Barker 
Akin Jolin, rear 295 S 13th 
Akin Joseph, N E Broad and Locust 
Akin Ophelia, 18 Prime 
Akins Alex., carter, Callowhill bel Broad 

Akins Charles S., carp. 19 Elbow la, h 13 Red- 
Akins John, bootmr, PeiTy's ct 
Akins Isaac, jeweller, 5 Pegg 
Aikins J. B., music printer, 432 Coates 
Aikins Samuel, lab. Lombard n 17th 
Aikins Thomas, lab. William ab Otter (K) 
Aikle John B., 11th bel Columbia 
Aimes Elizabeth, milliner, 68 Maiden 
Ainsworth Elizabeth, 5 Lyndall's al 
Ainsworth James, tinsm, 209 Randolph 
Akins John, bootmr. rear 8 Carpenter 
Akins Mary, b h, 183 Green 
Akins Samuel, jeweler. Palmer ab Queen (K) 
Akins Samuel, blacksm. Oak bel Mansion (W P) 
Akins & Turner, carp. 19 Elbow la 
Alberson Eliza, washer, 33 Harmony 
Albert Charles, segar boxmr. rear 171 Apple 
Albert Henry, skin dresser, 23 Beliver 
Albert Jacob, carp. St John ab George (K) 
Albert Michael, crimper, rear 246 Shippen 
Albert Michael, tailor, 101 Apple 
Albert Samviel W., carp. 27 Coates 
Albert Wm., 335 Locust ab 15th 
Albert! Geo. F., cupper, 9 Clair bel Carpenter 
Albertie Beulah, trimmings. Lemon ab 10th 
Albertson Ann, 232 Wharton 
Albertson Benj., mer. 84 Arch, h 79 N 6th 
Albertson Charles, cordw. 76 Hanover (K) 
ALBERTSON CHARLES S., real est. 6U5 S 5th 
Albertson Gilbert, lab. Sylvester 
Albertson Henry, hatter, 221 Catharine 
Albertson Hiram, shipwr. Dean ab Bedford 
Albertson Isaac, 314 N 3d 

Albertson Jacob, boat builder. Beach bel Marl- 
borough (K) 
Albertson James, shipwr. 92 Marlborough (K) 
Albertson Joseph, shoes, 107 Queen bel Marl- 
borough (K) 
Albertson Joseph, boat builder, 94 Allen (K) 
Albertson Lewis, liquor store, 218 S 3d 
Albertson Mark, clerk, Cowperthwaite pi 
Albertson Mark, Reading R. Depot- 
Albertson Mark R., Reading R Depot 
Albertson Marmaduke, boat builder. Beach ab 

Marlborough (K) 
Albertson Mary K., gentw. 74 Dillwyn 
Albertson Peter, cordw. Allen ab Hanover (K) 
Albertson Richard, lab. 27 Allen 
Albertson Samuel W., carp. 23 Lilly 
Albertson Thomas S., cordw. 48 N 2d, h 17 

Albertson Wm., blacksm. S E 2d and Mary 
Albertson Wm., cordw. 55 Queen (K) 
Albrecht George, carpt. weaver, 86 Vine 
Albrecht George, gent. 14 Hutchinson 
Albrecht J. F., shoemr. 13 N 10th 
Albright Adam, harness mr. G T road and 6th 
Albrig-ht Ann, Dornsler's ct (K) 
Albright Conrad, ostler, Girard av ab Ridge av 
AllM-ight Elizabeth Mrs., 292 N 3d 
Albright Jacob, plasterer, rear 71 German 
Albright Jacob, seaman, 80 German 
Albright Jacob, packer, 10th bel Buttonwood 
Albright Jacob, police, 56 Duke 
Albriglit James, rigger, rear 71 German 
ALBRIGHT JOHN W., tailor, 60 Walnut, h 
16th ab Spruce 



Albrig-lit Marv, 66 G T road 

Albrig-ht Wm. D., mer. 324 N 10th 

Albrig-ht W. E., salesman, 97 Market, h 58 N 

ALBRO & HOYT, oil cloths, 15 Church al 
Albur^-er Abraham, painter, 651 N 2d (K) 
Alburg-er Abraham, vict., 281 Callowhill 
Alburg-er Charles, plumber, h 518 N 6th 
Alburg-er Christian, butcher, Powell ab Ann 
Alburg-er Christ., butcher, Haverford & Powell 
Alburger Edward, book binder, 16 Wesley 
Alburger Henry, 195 G T road 
Alburger Jacob J., wheelwrt. School ab Otter 
ALBURGER JACOB T., provis. 200 S Front 
Alburger John G., vict., 259 Callowhill 
Alburger & Stratton, painters, N 2d bel Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Alburger Wm. M., plumber, Wallace bel loth, 

h 13th bel Wallace 
Alburger & Wood, plum, and gas fitters, 63 Sp 

Garden ab 7th 
Alcorn And'w, carp, manuf. 18th bel Filbert 
Alcorn Cbas., Winter n 21st 
Alcorn Georg-e, lab. Winter ab 21st 
Alcorn Georg-e, tobacconist, 445 S 2d 
Alcorn Geo. W., last mr. 27 Callowhill 
Alcorn James, baker, S W 2d and Summer 
Alcorn James, clerk, 427 S 13th 
Alcorn James, carter. Filbert n 21st 
Alcorn John, cordw. Filbert bel 19th 
Alcorn Samuel, carter. Filbert n 21st 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, S E 13th and Og-den 
Alcorn Thomas, Sibert bel 17th 
Alcorn Tiiomas R., butcher, Lan. Pike (W P) 
Alcorn Wm., lab. Montg-omery bel 2d (K) 
Alcorn Wm., carter, W 20th 
Alcott Robert, carp. N E Duane and Parrish 
Alder J. A., tavern, S E Shippen & George (S) 
Alderdice Wm., lab. Pearl bel 17th 
Alderman John, heater, 18 Beach (K) 
Aldrich C\ ntiiia, b h, 22 Jefferson row 
Aldrich Silas, clerk, 82 Chestnut 
Aldriclge &. Co., fancy goods, N E 4th and High 
Aldridge Geo., lab. Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Aldridge Georg-e, sr., 575 N 10th 
Aldridge Henry, brickmr. Alder bel Jefferson 
Aldi-idge Samuel H., mer. N E 4th and Mai-ket, 

h 380 N 8th 
Aldi-idge Wm., brickmr. Tyler ab Thompson 
Aldrige Susan, 406 Beach 
Alexander Able, lab. 358 Marshall 
Alexander And., stone cutter, Parrish bel 12th 
Alexander Benj. U., cabinet maker., rear 547 

N 2d (K) 
Alexander (Jorneiius, carp. Jarvis' la ab Front 
Alexander St Edwards, brushmrs. 21 St. James 
Alexander Kliza, 18 Combes' al W of William 
Alexander Ellen, 69 N 16th 
Alexander F. R., print cutter, 21st and Winter 
Alexander Geo., g-rocer, N F- 3d and Coates 
Alexander George, blacksm. 447 Pearl 
Alexander Geo. Mrs., b h, 20 Swanson 
Alexander Geo. R., jeweler, 266 Cedar 
Alexander Henry, lapidist, 48 German 
Alexander Henry C, n)er. 10 N 4th, h 127 Arch 
Alexander Hibberd, clerk. Oak bel Moore (WP) 
ALFXANUKR HUGH, dry goods, 260 Chest- 

nut, h Arch n 18th 

Alexander Hugh, combmr. Marlborough bel 

Franklin (K) 
Alexander Hugh, liquors, 10th and Thompson 
ALEXANDER H. C. & CO., combs, Sic, 10 

Alexander Isaac, lab. 10 Pearl 
Alexander Jas., carp, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Alexander James, manuf. 248 Filbert 
Alexander James, constable, 8 Harmony ct 
Alexander James, drayman, 912 N 2d 
Alexander James C, shop, Ball (R) 
Alexander John, di'a} man, Tulip ab Uauphin(R) 
Alexander John, morocco manuf. 14 Peg^ 
Alexander John, carp. WiUiam n 22d 
Alexander John, drayman. Wood ab 16th 
Alexander John, wines, &.c.,N E 2d and Oxford 
Alexander John, mer. h 178 Sp Garden 
Alexander John, painter, 51 M road 
Alexander John, butcher, Greenwich ab 2d 
Alexander John, shoemr. 207 Locust 
Alexander John, china packer, 51 Brandywine 
Alexander John, cooper. Square n Rye 
Alexander Joseph, printer, 101 Christian 
Alexander Jos., lab. Front bel Greenwich (S) 
Alexander Julia, semp., rear 8 Shippen 
Alexander J. C, 77 S whfs., h Till (W P) 
Alexander Martin W., clerk, 17th ab Cherry 
Alexander Morton, conveyancer, 16 N 19th 
Alexander Mon-is D., 17th ab Filbert 
Alexander Mrs. M., dressmaker, 42 N 16th 
Alexander Perry, white washer, Prosperous al 
Alexander Peter, 19th and Ridge av 
Alexander Ftebecca, Perry bel Master (K) 
Alexander Richard, waiter, rear 23 St. John 
Alexander Robert, weaver, 19 Carver 
Alexander Robt., weaver, William n Edward (K) 
Alexander Robei-t, mason, 58 Queen (S) 
Alexander Robert, lab., Lanca.ster bel Reed 
Alexander Robert J., g-rocer, 184 Olive 
Alexander Sarah, 15 Redwood 
Alexander Susan, Pearl ab 19th 
Alexander Theodore, cordw. 96 German 
Alexander William, cooper, 62 M road 
Alexander AVilliam, combmr. rear Union ab 

Bedford (K) 
Alexander William, insti-uctor 125 M road 
Alexander William G., Pres. Phil, and Trenton 

R. R., 46 S Delaware av 
Alexander WiUiam G., paper stalner, 931 Cal- 
Alexander William J., bootmr. 388 Market, h 

25 Howard 
Alford James, laijorer, Howell, n 20th 
Alford Mary, 14 Wallace 
Alford William, bookkr. 128 Christian 
Alford WiUiam, sr., carpenter, 115 N 5th 
Algeo James, conveyancer, 186 Queen 
Algeo Margaret, teacher, 8th and Fitzwater 
Algeo Rebecca, 1 Mary 
Algert H. K., clerk, 97' High 
Algie Daniel, blockcutter. Peal ab 15th 
Algie Henry, cooper, 5 Linden 
Algie John, lab., Columbia n 6th 
Algie William, niacht., Carlton ab 15th 
.\lgie William, paper hanger. Master bel 8th 
Algie William, .saloon, 626 Callowhill 
Alg-ier Joseph, Carlton bel 18th 
Alick And\V., tailor, Cadwalader and Cherry (K) 



Alkins Gcorg-e, bookkeeper, 31 N Delaware 

av., h. 556 N 12th 
Alkins Georg'c, clerk, 12th ab Poplar 
Allaneese Rachel, washer, 2 Little Pine 
Allbutt Stephen, tavern, 129 N 2d 
Allcur Mrs., washer, 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Alldread William, c;u-ter, Becket n 17th 
Alleback John, carp., Lewis ab Girard av 
Alleborn J., M. D. 464 N 4th 
Allee Eliza, b. h., 1 S 9th 
Allen Aaron K., bricklayer, Schleisman's al 
AUen & Adolph, sashmrs.. Brown ab 4th 
Allen Alfred W., cordw. 481 N 4th 
Allen Andrew, moulder, Marseilles' pi 
Allen Andi-ew, tailor, 320 Market 
Allen Ann, b h. 309 Chestnut 
Allen Anna, wid. of Lewis, 146 Spruce 
Allen Anna, 125 Swanson 
Allen A., grocer, Thompson and Clinton 
Allen Benjamin, brickmr., 250 S 11th 
Allen Benjamin, bootmr., 15th and Barclay 
AUen & Brother, plasterers and manufs., 17th 

bel Filbert 
Allen Charles, cordw. 131 Melon 
Allen Chas. B., sur. inst. mr. 22 S 7th, h 3 Lewis 
Allen Charles J., mer. 127 Market, h 146 Pine 
Allen Clayton, broker, 32 S 3d, h 40 Madison 
Allen Daniel, dyer, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Allen David, carpenter, 2 Melon 
Allen David, weaver, Washington bel Oxford 
ALLEN EDMUND, tailor, 43 N 6th 
Allen Edward, shoemr., Barron bel Gaskill 
Allen Edward, weaver, Benton n School (K) 
Allen Edwin, painter, 158 Race, h 171 Melon ' 
Allen Elizabeth, 4th n Washing-ton 
Allen Elizabeth, 23 Franklin 
Allen Elizabeth, grocer, 273 Queen (K) 
Allen Enocii, 250 Cherry 
Allen Ephraim, Sarah ab Ann (R) 
Allen Francis, seaman, 12 Green 
Allen Francis, driver. Walnut n Park (W P) 
Allen Franklin, bricklayer, 2 Stanley 
Allen Georg-e, prof. lang. 17th bel Walnnt 
Allen Georg-e, boots and shoes, 326 Market 
Allen Georg-e, coahman, Carpenter ab 9th 
Allen Georg-e, brassw. Becket ab Broad 
Allen Georg-e N., mer. 143 Market 
Allen Geo, O., slioemr., R road ab Washing-ton 
Allen Georg-e W., brass worker, 6 Railroad ct 
Allen Georg-e W., chairmaker. 7 Dock, h 15 

Charles (S) 
Allen Georg-e W., mer. 31 Market, h Chestnut 

and Till (W P) 
Allen G. F., wholesale and retail drug-gist, S E 

13th and Cedar 
Allen G. W., M. D., 326 N 7th 
Allen Harriet, b. h., S Marsliall ab 3d 
Allen Harriet, b. h., 450 S 3d 
Allen Henry, spar mr. 32 Coates 
Allen Hen. H., lime, F road ab Cumberland (R) 
Allen Henry S., mer. 98 S Front, h 146 Spruce 
Allen Isabella C, teacher, Catharine ab 3d 
Allen Israel, boot black. Centre bel 13th 
A.llen James, umbrella mr. 131 Melon 
Allen James, baker, 209 Spruce 
Allen James, refectory, 82 F road 
Allen James, alderman, (Chestnut & Till (W P) 
Allen Jas., carp. 17 Norris al., h 4 Harper's pi 

Allen James, cabinetmr. 344 Green ' ' 

Allen James, weaver, Orang-e n West (Iv) 

Allen James, shoemaker, Penn ab Poplar (K) 

Allen James, weavei-. Rainbow (K) 

Allen Jas. B., bonnetmr., Franklin !i Crown (K) 

Allen James C, 16 Rodman 

Allen James T. plasterer, 3 and 7 N 17th 

Allen Janctte, weaver, Bedford n Broad 

Allen Jane, 6th ab Arch 

Allen John, bricklayer, 376 Pine 

Allen John, laborer, 20th bel Pine 

Allen John, captain, 261 PaiTish 

Allen John, hatter, rear 305 S 10th 

Allen John, laborer, 298 William 

Allen John, lab., Dyott's ct. bel Franklin av (K) 

Allen John, salesman, 5 N Delaware av 

Allen John, clerk, Harrison pi 

Allen John, drayman, rear 69 Apple 

Allen John B. A., mer. 7 S Delaware av., h 

Chestnut n 19th 
Allen John C, 179 S 5th 
Allen John C, clerk, N W 5th and Chestnut, h 

Chestnut and Till (W P) 
Allen John F., pattern mr., Harmony pi., h Lit- 
tle Washington 
Allen John H., g-i'ocer. Bank and Sorrel (R) 
Allen Jno. H., & Co., woodenw. 2 & 4 Chestnut 
Allen John M., tinsm. 123 N 11th 
Allen John P., pattern mr., Frazer's ct 
Allen Joseph, carter, S E 6th and Master 
Allen Jos , cabinetmr. 136 S. 2d, h Green ab 11th 
Allen Joseph, g-ilder, 6 Raspberry al 
Allen Joseph, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Allen Joseph, laborer, 2d and Jefferson (K) 
Allen Joseph, seg-armr. 76 N 4th 
Allen Joseph, S. Ward House, 8th & Federal 
Allen Jos. W., barber. Dale House, h 16 Gaskill 
Allen Joshua, seaman, Garden and Tulip (R) 
Allen Josiah J., mer. 23 S Delaware av., h 155 

Allen Julius B., clerk, 145 Chestnut, h 141 

Allen J. B., g-asfitter, 10 Saranac 
ALLEN J. B. A. & S., oil mers., 7 and 8 S De- 
laware av 
Allen J. M., M. D., Locust n 17th 
Allen J. T. &. Brother, plasterers, 7 N 17th 
Allen Kerns, plater, Becket n 16th 
Allen Levin, laborer, Lancaster pike (W P) 
Allen Lewis M., mer., 98 S Front, h 101 New 
Allen Lydia, 2 Mayland 
Allen Maria, 29 Barclay 
Allen Maria, dressmr. 378 S 2d 
Allen Marv, 5 Castle 
Allen Mary, 388 Race 
Allen Mary, grocer, 211 Shippen 
Allen Mary, tailoress. Front and Derring-er's av 
Allen Marv, trimmings, 271 S 4th' 
Allen Mary, Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Allen Michael, brakeman, 292 Richmond 
Allen Moses, hod carrier. Pearl ab 17th 
Allen M. A., cup. and leecher, 188 Shippen 
Allen M. M., & Co., liquors, 48 N 6th 
ALLEN & NEEDLES, oil mers. 22 and 23 S 

Delaware av 
Allen Rebecca, washer, 3 Pine (S) 
Allen Richd. B.,capt., Franklin av. ab Cherry (K) 
Allen Richard S., dry g-oods, 60 Queen (K) 



Allen Robert, cotton factorj-, Noms n F road, h Alllbone Thomas, prcs. bank of Penn., h Wal 

F road bel Canfield 
Allen Uobei-t, distiller, S W 3d and Plum, h 

276 S 3d 
Allen Robert S., N W 5th and Pine 
ALLEN SAMUEL, mer. 7 S Delawai-e av., and 

Hig-h Sheriff, State House, h 352 N 6th 
Allen Saml., teacher, Pine bel 2d, h 134 S Front 
Allen Samuel, lab. 5 Liberty ct I 

Allen Samuel, moulder, 327 Christian 
Allen Samuel D., bricklr., Girard av. bel 10th 
Allen Sarah, 2 Mayland 
Allen Sarah, g-entw. 248 Cedar 
Allen Squire, blindmr. 901 N 8th 
Allen & Stewart, pattern mrs.. Harmony pi 
Allen Sweeten, laborer, Jackson ct (N L) 
Allen Thos., plaster. Chestnut and Till (W P) 
Allen Thomas, g-ent. 250 Marshall 
Allen Thomas, marier, 13 Me^d 
Allen Thomas, brakeman, 292 Richmond, (R) 
Allen Tliomas, 118 Shippen 
Allen Thomas, laborer, 3 White's ct 
Allen Tliomas, shoemaker, 53 Harmony (S) 
Allen Tliomas B., clerk, 88 Market 
Allen Thomas G., law student, 55 N 2d 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., h 14 Jefferson row 
Allen Thomas H., N W 5th and Pine 
Allen Thomas K., 98 Cherry 
Allen Thomas M., clerk, 14*7 Market 
Allen William, carp. 342 S 5th 
ALLEN WM., alderman, P road ab Federal 
AUen William, baler. Crown n West (K) 
Allen William, sailmaker, 81 S Carpenter 
Allen William, hair dress. 6 S 9th 
Allen W m., jr., cabtmr., 136 S 2d, h 259 S 11th 
Allen William, rig-g-er, 32 Mead 
Allen William, weaver. Perry bel Master (K) 
Allen William, barber, 50 Quince 
ALLEN WILLIAM C, woodenw. 1 & 3 Chest- 
nut, h 126 Wallace 
Alien Wm. G., weighmaster, 34 S Delaware av 
Allen William G. & Co., weig-hmasters, 34 S 

Delaware av 
Allen Wm. H., hardw.31 Market, h 214 Cherry 
Allen William H., pres. Girard Colleg-e 
ALLEN WILLIAM & J., furniture,' 136 S 2d 

and 12th n Buttonwood 
Allen William M., tailor, 240 Market, house 39 

Allen Wm. M., dry g-ood.s, N W 7th and Green 
Allen William R., clerk, 24 N 3d 
Allen William S., sashmr.. Brown n 4th, h 560 

N 4th 
Allen William S., county com. 90 N 9th 
Alien Willi:iin S., saddler, N W. 5t)i and Pine 
Alien & VVvand, japanners, 158 Race 
Alien W. II". & g! \V., hardware, 31 Ilig-h 
Allen W. & J., cabinet manuf., N E 12th and 

Aller\' John, wharfbr., Marlboro ab Allen (K) 
Alleson llannaii, g-entw., Sansom 
Alleyne John, g^ent, 542 Vine 
Allg-eica Charles, watchmr., rear 76 Race 
Allibone, James, bricklr. 7 Larch 
ALLIHONK &. JENKS, com. mens, 16 N Dela 

ware av. and 29 N W.ater 
Allibone S. Austin, mer. 16 N Delaware av. h 

254 Arch 

nut and William (W P) 
Allibone Thomas & Co., com. mers. 32 N Del. 

av and 63 N Water 
Alliman Hans, lab., Front bel Montg-omery (K) 
Allingliam William, carp., Jones n 19th 
Allington Aaron, grocer, West and Cherry (K) 
Allinson Samuel, 356 Widnut 
Allison Alexander, color mr., Alroy 
Allison David A., clerk, 12th ab Alelon 
Allison E. K., shop 100 Tammany 
Allison James, tailor, 151 Filbert 
Allison James, carp. 12 Truxton 
Allison James I., drug-g-ist, 175 Sp Gai-dcn 
Allison John, spoonmaker. Woodland bel Wal- 
nut (W P) 
Allison John, stone cutter, 43 Charles (S) 
Allison John, laborer. Pearl ab 13th 
Allison John H. upholst. 177 Sp Garden, h 308 

Allison Joseph, judg-e, N E 7th and Noble 
Allison Robert, wheelwrt. 220 Carpenter 
Allison Stephen, carp., Penn ab 13th (S G) 
Allison Thomas, baker, 218 Carpenter 
Allison Thomas, tailor, S W 10th and Pine, h 

Owen ab 13th 
Allison Walter, carp. 18 Chancellor W 16th 
Allison William, 402 Green 
AUison William C. car builder, Broad n Vine, h 

N 19th ab Market 
Allison WiUiam^ 67 S 18th 
Allison Wm., wool g^rader, AVatson ab Federal 
AUiston Jas., tailor, 316 Hig-h, h Filbert ab 13tli 
Allman Edward, liatter, h 318 N 12th 
Allman Joseph, hatter, 31 Melon 
ALLMAN THOMAS, jr., hops and flour, S E 

4th and Vine, h 10 York av 
Allmending-er Charles, h 12th bel Wa.shinglon 
Allniending-er William, baker, 25 Branch 
Allmond Charles M., acct. 133 Wood 
.\llmond Peter, laborer, Brown's ct n Nixon 
Allois ElK-rle, cooper, 22 Dock 
Alloway Geo. W., painter, Franklin n Ash (R) 
Alloway Isaac, cordw., Brown ab Beach 
Alloway Richard, shoemaker, 15 Saranac 
Allow-iy Samuel, cooper, 10 Mary 
\lloway Samuel, cordw.. Brown ab Beach 
Alloway Wm., carman, Dauphin & Lemon (R) 
Allsip Samuel, capmr., Bedford ab 12th 
Alisworlhy William, potter, Barclay ab 15th 
Allum William, weaver, Lyb rand's ct (K) 
Almeida Robert, confect. 71 S 5th 
Almedia William, carpcntci-, 290 S 5th 
Alminding-er & Smith, g-rocs., R road &. Wallace 
Almond John, manufac, Lancaster pike bel 

Moore (W P) 
Almond Tliomas, carpenter, Ivorv 
Alfiiond William, Haverford and 6th (W P) 
Alpet Auflrew, tailor, 208 Diamond (K) 
Alph David, cordw. Hope ab Pa?nix (K) 
Alpine Lewis, laborer, 810 S Front 
Alrich John, machinist, Franklin ab Cherry (K) 
Alrich Peter, blacksmith, 4 State 
Alrich Sanuu-1, tailor, Beach n Palmer 
Alrich Samuel, blacksmith, 53 Houston 
.\Irich Susan, Beach ab Palmer 
Alrich AV'illiam, machinist, 53 Houston 
Alsop Amy, wid. of Richard, 93 S 4th 




ALSOP ROBERT, attv. and coun. 58 S 4th, h 

361 N 6th 
Alsop Thomas, laborer, 16 Ann 
Altemeder Theodore, machinist, 9 Marshall 
Altemus Benjamin C, tailor, 480 N 10th 
Altemus Catharine, Biown's ct 
Altemus Francis S., clerk, 97 Market, h 28 N 

Altemus Georg-e W., clerk, 9 Bank, h 274 Mar- 
Altemus James, 147 G T Road 
Altemus Joseph B., mer. 18 Chestnut 
Altemus Joseph T., bookbinder, 44 N 4th, h 

501 N 7th 
Altemus Nicholas, blacksmith, 6 Reid's ct 
Altemus Samuel T., treas. Locust Mount, coal & 
iron Co. 88 S 4th, h Walnut & Mary (W P) 
Altemus Thomas, gent. 44 N 4th, h 5 Ellen 
Altemus William, starch manuf. 2d and Oxford, 

h 669 N 2d 
Alter B. J., 145 N 3d 

Alter Rachel, cordw. S E Front and Shippen 
Alter Jacob, grocer, 412 N 6th 
Alter Jacob, baker, 16 S 10th 
Alter John, tavern, N E 5th and Lombard 
Alter Solomon, gi-ocer, h N E 7th and Button- 
Alter S. A., 145 N 3d 
Aher & Williston, grocei-s, 143 N 2d 
' Altermatt G., cordw., Poplar ab 6th 
Althaus Jacob, cord.. West bel Palmer (K) 
Althius H., lager saloon, Washington (W P) 
Althorp Tlios., bookkr. 41 Commerce, h 326 S 

Althouse Andrew, segarmr. 678 N 2d 
ALVORD JAS. B., clerk, 56 S Front 
Alwin Chas., cordw., Bledisloe pi 
Aman Jacob, sashmr.. Centre bel Mary (W P) 
Aman Wm., carp., Mary bel Green (W P) 
Amarelli V. de, prof, lang., 103 Locust bel 10th 
Amber Wm., hostler, Girard av bel 19th 
Amberg H. W., pianomr. 181 Spruce 
Amberg Joseph, turner, 181 Spruce 
Ambler David, bricklr. 20 S Lewis 
Ambler John, jr., tinsmith, S W Marshall and 

S Garden, h S E Chatham and Green 
Ambler Thos., tinsm., 45 Ogden 
Ambrose Mary E., trimmings, 23 S 20th 
Ambrosi Jacob A., painter, 15 N 13th, h 153 N 

Ambrosi Thomas C, painter, 15 N 13th, h 140 

N 14th 
Ambruster David, bricklr., Citron ab 12tli 
Ambruster Jacob, waterman, rear 59 M road 
Ambruster Joseph, lab., Paschall al n 5th 
Amer John, mould.. Oak ab Bridge water (W P) 
Amer Jo.seph H., macht. (W P,) h Green ab 13th 
Amer Thos. silversm., Lafayette bel 10th 
Amer Thos., weaver, 9th bel Christian 
Amer Wm. & Co., morocco dr., N W 3d and 

Willow, h Green bel Franklin 
American A. S., M. D., Galbraith's ct 
CIETY, 118 Arch 
CIETY, S E Water and Spruce 
nut ab 3d 


70 S 3d 


Amerly Andrew, carter, 53 George (S) 
Ames Elizabeth, sempstress, William's ct 
Ames Henry, pianomr. 335 Market 
Ames John, carter, 1181 N 5th 
Ames Josiah, ship master, 182 Catharine 
Ames M., moulder, 6th bel Dauphin 
Amet C. P., agent, 321 Callowhill 
Amey Wm., grocer, 4th and Johnson's lane 
Amies Israel, embosser and g'ilder, 25 and 27 

Minor, h 9 Clark 
Amies Margaret, b h, 260 Filbert 
Amies Robt. T., clerk, 433 Coates 
Amies Thomas K., salesman, 234 N 3d, h 521 

Amlong Jacob, lab., rear 388 N Front 
Amlung Henry, cordw., 10 Farries' ct 
Ammidon Otis, Treasurer Lehigh Coal and Na- 
vigation Co., 82 S 2d, h 171 S 3d 
Ammons Isaac, carpt., Beech ab Y'^ork (R) 
Amon Ann, Oxford ab 5th (K) 
Amon Christian, baker, 141 Beach (K) 
Amon John, cordw., rear 7 Sheppard's al 
Amor Nathan, paper hang., Clinton bel Poplar 
Amos Chas. T., stovemr. 197 N 2d, h 67 Tam- 
Amos & Ditzler, stoves, 197 N 2d 
Amos Earnest F., butcher, 5th n Oxford 
Amos Elizabeth, 116 New Market 
Amos George, shoemr. 21 Allen (K) 
Amos Jacob, carp., Coates' al, h 67 New 
Amos John, sailmr.. Mechanic 
Amos Jonathan, tailor, 456 Poplar 
Amos Joseph, engineer, 14 Frog- row (K) 
Amos Nathan, well digger. Oak n Till (W P) 
Amos Sarah, rear, 173 Charlotte 
Amos Susan J., ti-immings, 319 S 2d 
Amos Thos. H., porter, 25 Rodman 
Amreight George, carp.. Front n Chatham (K) 
Am.sler Theodore, math, instmr. 224 Chestnut 
Amy Wm., lab. 6th ab Dauphin 
Anuble Courtland W., att'y, 33 S 5th 
Anable Misses, teachers, 311 Walnut 
Ancher Mitchell, mer. 384 Green 
Ancker Adolphus, clerk, 74 Market 
Andenor Petrola, shirt mr., 5 Washinglon 
Anders Adolph, harness mr., rear 35 Coates' al 
Anders David, whf. builder, Brady's ct n West 
Anders Emily, 461 N 4th 
Anders George, shoemr. 20 Queen (K) 
Anders John, bootmr. 155 Locust 
Anderson Abigail, washer, rear 5 Lisle 
Anderson Alex., wheelwrt. 2 Church av 
Anderson Alex., weaver. Filing's pi 
Anderson Alex., marble wr., Carlton ab 17th 
Anderson Andw., brickmr., Norris and Kressler 
Anderson Andw., carp., Rhoads ab 18tli 
Anderson Andw., watermn., Swanson bel Queen 
Anderson Ann, nurse, rear 450 S 3d 
Anderson Bridg-et, Baker ab 7th 
Anderson Cath. 152 Queen (K) 
Anderson Cecilia, whitewasher, 312 Cedar 



Anderson Clias., butcher, Marion and Rye, and 

P road bel Carpenter 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, Cumberland ab 

F road 
Anderson Chas. P., mer. 27 S 4th, h 352 Pine 
Anderson Chas. W., barber, 5 S 3d, h 6 Bay 
Anderson Christian, g-ent. 3 Lombard ct 
Anderson Christopher, waiter, 6 Washing-ton 
Anderson Daniel, steward, 163 Pine 
Anderson David, plasterer, Parrish ab 15th 
Anderson David, baker. Palmer and Duke (K) 
Anderson David, baker, 252 G T road 
Anderson David, weaver, 11 Pliilip (K) 
Anderson Edward, mer. 2 N 3d, h 609 S 4th 
Anderson Edward, bricklr., rear Evans 
Anderson Edward, weaver, Carpenter ab 13th 
Anderson Emma, Union n Duke 
Anderson Eliza, eating- house, 154 S Water 
Anderson Elizabeth, 88 Crown (C) 
Anderson Elizabeth, corff. 321 Pine ab 12th 
Anderson Ellen, Hope ab Master 
Anderson Evan, cordw. 98 Wharton 
Anderson E. K., missionary, William bel Brown 
Anderson E. R., William ab Pratt 
Anderson Georg-e, porter, 3 Gray's al 
Anderson Georg-e, 3 James 
Anderson Georg-e, porter, 45 N Water 
Anderson Georg-e, tailor, rear 114 Christian 
Anderson Gcorg-e H., clerk, 241 S 2d 
Anderson Georg-e W., watchmr. 110 N 2d, h 4 

Anderson Gilroy, cordw. 98 W'hartcn 
ANDERSON & HARLAND, boots and shots, 

120 Market 
Ander-son Henrj-, shoemr. 556 Cedar 
Anderson F[enry, lab., Oak n Till (W P) 
Anderson Isabella, tailoress, 24 Dunton (K) 
Anderson Jacob W., barber, 4th ab Jefierson 
Anderson James, weaver, Callowhill n 21st 
Anderson Jas., drug-g-ist, Callowhill n Fairmount 
Anderson Jame.s, stonecut., 38 Wistar 
Ander.son James, lab. 234 Catharine 
Anderson Jame.s, lab., Sprag-g-'s av 
Anderson James, lab., Shippen ab 7th 
Anderson James, eng-ineer, 50 Ogden 
Anderson Jame.s, weaver, Woodland be! Walnut 
Anderson Jame.s, weaver, rear 228 F road (K) 
Anderson James, weaver, Phoeni.x &. Perry (K) 
Anderson James, weaver, 144 Howard (K) 
Anderson James, weaver, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Anderson James, weaver, 4 Rrinton 
Anderson James, porter. Baker bel 8th 
Anderson Jan., carter, 15 Paul 
Anderson James R., bookseller, 91 .S 6th 
Anderson .James H., salesman, 172 Market 
Anderson .lesse, lab., Front ab Greenwich 
Anderson Jolin, furniture, 240 Lombard 
Anderson .lolm, tailor, 10 Spruce 
Anderson .lolin, mariner, S E Front and Parhani 
Andeison Jolin, chandler, Williams' ct 
Anderson John, cordw., rear 65 (JarroU 
Anderson John, weaver, rear 228 F road 
Ander.son John, lab. 16 H 19th 
Ander.son John, lab., L\ dia av 
Ander.son John, millwrt. 518 Green bel Broad 
Anderson John, weaver, 212 Hope 
Anderson John, whcelwrt., rear 450 S 3d 
Anderson John, weaver, Vine n Nixon 

Anderson John, printer, 134 N llth 
Anderson John, boiler mr. 21 Allen (K) 
Anderson John B., blindmr. 9 S 13th 
Anderson John L., tobacco., 187^ S 2d 
Anderson John R., tailor, 31 Union (S) 
Anderson Joseph, g-rocer, 78 S 2d / 

Anderson Josepli, blacksm., 216 Federal 
Anderson Joseph, musician, 252 Lombard 
Anderson Joseph, lab., Front ab Greenwich 
Anderson Jos., express driv., Wasliing-ton (W P) 
Anderson Lafitte, conibmr., 215 Marlboro' (K) 
Anderson Levi, file manf.. Palmer ab Franklin 
Anderson Marg-aret, 265 Wood 
Anderson Marg-aret, Master bel Hancock 
Anderson Mary, ti"imming-s, N E Catharine and 

Anderson ALiry, Pleasant ab 10th 
Anderson M., M. D., 167 Spruce 
Anderson Nicholas, glass cut.. Beach 
Anderson N., barber, 6 Ray 
Anderson Patrick, cb-ayman, 3 Zephyr av 
Anderson Philip P., bootblack, 98 N 4th, h 16 

Anderson Rachel, 34 Parker 
Anderson Rebecca, Emerald n 17th 
Anderson Robert, coachmr., Broad ab Poplar 
Anderson Robert, weaver. Mechanic ab Linn 
Anderson Robert, shoemr., Filbert n 20th 
Anderson Robei-t, carter, 791 N 6th 
Anderson Robt., weaver, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Anderson Robt, polish.. Oak ab Mansion (W P) 
Anderson Robt., shoemr. 120 Hanover (K) 
Anderson Robt., carp. 444 S Front 
Anderson Robt., Earl bel West (K) 
Anderson Robert G., blindmr., John n Hamilton 
Anderson R. G., chairmr.. Poplar ab 2d 
Anderson Samson, police, Race ab 15th 
Anderson Samuel, trimming-s, S E 10th and 

.\nderson Saml., 20 Lisle 
Anderson Saml., iron moulder, Duke ab Marl- 

boroug-h (K) 
Anderson Saml. M., mer. I'o Market, h 203 S 8th 
Anderson Sarah, milliner, 6tii bel Green 
Anderson Saraii, tailoress, 71 William (R) 
Anderson Stephen D., editor, 26 Ellen 
Anderson Stephen P., moulder 534 Brown 
.\nder.son 'I'iieodore, g-rocer, 309 Callowliill 
Anderson Thoma.s, collector, 122 N 4th, h 323 

Anderson Thomas, weaver. Amber ab York (K), 
Anderson Thos., barber, 90 Riciimond 
Aniler.son Thos., lab., rear Russell 
Anderson Tlios., bootmr. 569 Cedar 
Anderson Wesley, mer. h 95 S 3d 
AniUrsou Wm., porter, 10 Rasj)berry 
Anderson Wm., weaver, 2d ab JeH'ersoa (K^ 
.Anderson Wm., lab., Dean's al 
Ander.son Wm., Hour mer., Auburn ab, 9th 
Andeison \\\^\., morocco dress., Uviion, ab West 
Ander.son Wm., chandler, rear 10 Rug-an 
Anderson Wm., weav., Jefferson ab Howard (K) 
Anderson Wm., hosier, Catharine ab 13th 
Aiulerson Wm., combmr., 213 Marlboro' (K) 
Ander.son Win., drayman, 73 .Market 
AndersoTi Wm., lab., 2jth u Market 
AiuUrson >>'in., weaver, rear Howard ab Master 
Anderson Wm., weaver, 11 Piiilip (KJ 




Anderson Wm., weaver, Phoenix & Perry (K) 
Anderson Wm., weaver, 9 Philip (K) 
Anderson Wm., carp. 20 Charlotte (K) 
Anderson Wm. B., .Cj'ent., 242 Spruce 
Andei'son AVm. B., blindmr. 671 G T road 
Anderson Wm. H., bookkr. 41 S Del. av 
Anderson Wm. H., clerk, 95 S 3d 
Anderson Wm. S., boots and shoes, 120 Market 
Anderton Ann, milliner, 279 Walnut 
ANDRADE JOSEPH, mer., 28 Walnut, h 141 

Andre G. & Co., music store, 19 S 9th 
Andre Isaac, shoemr. 8th bel Green 
Andrea Peter A., boot crimper, 8 L Oak 
Andres Robt., carman. Mechanic & Creek (K) 
Anch'css & Brother, trimming-s, 53 N 8th 
Andress C. B., bricklr. 18 Noble 
Andress & Durell, trimming-s, S W 2d & Coates 

& 63 N 8th 
Andress Georg-e, conlw. 233 N 3d 
Andress Georg-e, cabinetmr.. Linden pi 
Andress Isaac T., mer. 53 N 8th, h 135 Randolph 
Andress James, combmr., rear 17 Orchard 
Andress Michael, bricklr. 84 Noble 
Andress Michael M., bricklr. 18 Coates 
Andress Saml. C, mer. 53 N 8th, h Noble ab 8th 
Andress Sarah, York la 
ANDREWS BENJ , trunk manuf. 86J Market, 

h 185 N 6th 
Andrews Benj. I., ag-ent, 365 Marshall 
Andrews B., refectory, Girard av 
Andrews Catharine, 15th ab Sassafras 
Andrews Christian, coachmaker. Mechanic ab 

Andrews Daniel, seaman, 43 Penn 
Andrews David, milkman, 620 N 3d 
Andrews David W., machinist, 12 Russel 
ANDREWS & DIXON, furnaces and rang-es, 

380 Chestnut 
Andrews Geo., cordw. 419 N Front 
Andrews Geo., boatman, 79 Summer 
Andrews Geo., warper, 63 Shippen la 
Andrews Geo. J., shop, 105 N 14th 
Andrews Henry, brass mould.. Elm ab Bedford 
Andrews Henry P., engineer, 33 S 5th 
Andrews Heniy W., com. mer. 77 S Front, h 

444 W Walnut 
Andrews Edward C, clerk, 3 S 5th 
Andrews Eliza Ann, sempstress, 94 P road 
Andrews Isabel, 18 Pearl 
Andrews James, iron founder, 380 Chestnut, h 

2 Orange 
Andrews James, clerk, 22 S 2d 
Andrews James, weaver, 212 Hope 
Andrews James 1?., printer, 610 N 11th 
Andrews Jas. C, iron foundiy, 4 Orange bel 8th 
Andrews Jesse, stevedore, 66 Swanson 
Andrews Jolin, tobacco. 285 S 3d 
Andrews John, clerk. Custom House 
Andrews Joseph W., painter, 384 N 2d 
Andrews Joshua, bricklayer arid measurer, N E 

12tli and Washington 
Andrews L., Cassaday's ct 
Andrews &. Morri.s, com. mers. 77 S Front 
Andrews Iticliard, tavern, S E Prime & M road 
Andrews Richard, agent, 62 N 8th 
Andrews Robert, brewer, 11 Ann 
Andrews Robert, lab. 20th and Willow 

Andrews Robt., drayman, 826 N 11th 
Andrews R. S. R., real est. broker, 61 Pioine, h 

62 N 8th 
Andrews Suml., mer. 10 High 
Andrews Sarah Ann, washer, 3 Acorn a] 
Andrews Sophia, Fairview n 19th 
Andrews Thos., seaman, 4 Burd 
Andrews Thos., seaman, 316 Wharton 
Andrews Thos., barber, 12 Minor 
Andrews Thomas A., gilder, 210 Chestnut, h 

River and Morrison (W P) 
Andrews Thos. Cecil, music store, Sp Garden 

ab Franklin 
Andrews & Thompson, refectory, 291 N 2d 
Andrews & Thorne, grocers, 10 Market 
Andrews Washington, biscuit baker, rear 70 M 

Andrews Wm., carter. Twelve Feet al 
Andrews Wm., weaver. Pine n 21st 
Andrews Wm., tailor, Vienna ab West (K) 
Andrews Wm. Augustus, clerk, 88J High 
Andrews Zecharias, blacksm., 166 M road 
Angel Sarah, 12th and Poplar 
Angelo John,, Maiden n Beach (K) 
Angelo Reb., gentw. 5th and Haverford (M V) 
Angeney John, drayman, Duke ab Palmer (K) 
Angerer Ernst, shoemr. 8 Laurel (C) 
Anglim John, porter, 4 Clawges' ct 
ANGNEY JOHN R., M. D., druggist, N E 5th 

and Spruce 
Anesto Richard, brushmr. 116 F road (K) 
Anken Valentine, tailor, rear Poplar bel 6th 
Anketell Edward, mason, 26 Charles 
Ankins Maylin, engineer, Rhoads W 18th 
Ankle Ann., lab., rear 136 Plum 
Annadown Wm. B., mer. 6 Wallace 
Anne Fred., cordw., 311 S 6th 
Annear John, blacking manuf. 94 Sprtice 
Annelly John, bookbr., 382 S 5th 
Annelly Wm., harnessmr. 382 S 5th 
Anners Henry F., bookseller, 48 N 4th, h 4 

Ashland pi 18th n Pine 
Anning John B., painter, P road bel Federal 
Ansbey Geoi'ge, silver plater. Academy 
AnserMary 'Ann, Chestnut n Till (W P) 
Ansley David, carp. Washington (W P) 
Ansley John, plasterer, 232 S 14th 
Ansley Wm. 4 Jackson ab Adams 
Anspach, Brother & Co., dry goods, N W 3d 8c 

Anspach John, mer., 76 N 3d, h 345 N 6th 
Anspach T., jr., 76 N 3d, h Broad and Poplar 
Anspach Wm., mer. 76 N 3d, h 345 N 6th 
Anstis Wm., carp, weaver, 4 Hatter's ct 
Antelo A. J., mer. 21 S Delaware av, h 266 S 10th 
Antelo Jos. J., 13 Pine 

Anteveiler John, cordw., Mechanic bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Anthony David, cordw. 8 Emeline 
Anthony Jacob, carp., Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Antliony Margaret, 438 N Front 
Anthony Mark, clerk, 88 Market 
Anthony Josepli, blindmr., 283 S 3d 
Antliony Joseph, carp., Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Anthony Wm., clothes, 50 N 2d, h 15 Little Pine 
Antonian Joseph, cabinetmr. Charles ab Federal 
Antrim Anna, tailoress, bel 13th 
Anti'im Daniel, tailor, William bel Richmond 




Anti'im John, Kug-ler's lane and Church 

Antrim Finder, 100 N 11th 

Antrim Richard B., turner, 430 N 13th 

Antrobus John, weaver, Wallace W Coates 

Apker Henry, rope mr., Marriott bel 6th 

Apker Heniy, sheet iron wr., AVharton ab 8th 

Apker Sarah, Hug-hes' ct (S) 

App Georg-e, jr. pumpmr. 100 F road 

App Jacob, cabinetmr. Norris bel Front (K) 

App Mary, wid. of Georg'e senr., 46 F road n 

Queen (K) 
App Samuel, watchmr. F road bel Queen 
Appel Henrj-, block cutter. Cedar ab 15th 
Appel Simeon, clothing-, 36 N 2d, h 106 New- 
Apple Henry, cooper, 59 S Water 
Apple Henry, cooper, 10 Auburn 
Apple Henry, baker. Front ab Harrison 
Apple Heniy, lab., rear 72 Georg-e (S) 
Apple Henry, jr., cooper, 59 S Water 
Apple Henry & Son, coopers, 59 S Water 
Apple Jacob, coppei-smitli, 6 Jackson ct 
Apple Jacob, brassfounder, Rhoads ab 19th 
Apple John, alderman, 360 N 3d 
Apple Marius, shop, 26 Hibbard 
Apple Mary Ann, N W 22d and Mulberry 
Apple Philip, porter, 6 Jackson ct 
Appledens John, moulder, rear 80 F Road 
Applegate Elijah, 10 John 
Appleg-ate Furman, lab., 5 Benton av 
Applegate Hairiet, 25 Mary 
Applegate James, driver, Wheat bel Wharton 
Applegate Jediah, baker. Culvert ab 4th 
Appleg-ate John, carter, 556 S 2d 
Appleg-ate John, lab., rear 93 Chi-istian 
Appleg-ate John, waterman, 25 Mary 
Appleg-ate John F., tailor, 33 Redwood 
Appleg-ate Jonathan, carter, 54 Queen 
Appleg-ate J. W., medicines, 380 S 3d 
Applegate Mar.^., 490 S 5th 
Appleton D., cordw., 2 Branch al 
Appleton Geo. W., tailor, 43 N 6th, h Marshall 

bel PaiTish 
Appleton James, 18th ab Lombard 
Appleton John L., teacher, 212 N 6th 
Appleton Joseph, bookbinder, 2 Branch al 
Appleton Jos. W., clerk, 136 Market, h 87 New 
Appleton Samuel, carp., 528 Lombard 
APPLETON THOMAS, cooper, 80 Church 
APPLEY LUTHER, book.seller, 38 Arcade 

and Arch 
Apt Charles, harnessmr., rear Coates bel 9th 
Apt Lewis, coppersm., rear Coates bel 9th 
Arbuckel Joseph, lab., 37 Mechanic 
Arbiickle Arch., morocco dr., Green n Front 
Arbuckle Marg-aret, Union ab Franklin (K) 
Arbuckie Sanil., carrier, 13 Lewis 
Arbiig-dst Charles, tailor, 87 New Market 
ARCilAMBAULT A. L., machinist, 13 Drin- 
ker's al, ii 356 N 12th 
AKCHAVU{AULT JOS. & SON, drv goods, N 

W 12th and Market, li 417 Market 
Archambault Lafayette, mer., N W 12tii & Mar- 

ket, h 172 N 15lh 
Arrlianibavilt Napoleon B., mer. 132 Dillwyn 
Archambault Napoleon B., forem., 13 Drinker'^ 

liamoauit JNapoieo 
al, h 132 Dillwyn 

ARCHAMBAULT V. E., drv g-oods, N E 11th 

and Market, h 292 Sp Garden 
Archer Abel, fui'niture car, i-ear Dunton below 

Archer Charles, oj'sters. Garden & Lepriva (R) 
Archer Charles L., brushmr., 50 Marriott 
Archer Ellis S., lamps, 119 Chestnut, h N W 

17th and Arch 
Archer Geo., tavern, Oxford and Philip (K) 
Archer Isaac, drayman, Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Archer Jeremiah, rear 325 Lombard 
Archer Job, wharf builder, Shackamaxon bel 

Franklin (K) 
Archer John, cordw. 644 N 2d 
Archer John, tailor, 464 Poplar 
Archer Mary, laundress, Donan ct 
Archer Pearce, carter. Poplar n lOth 
ARCHER SAMUEL, liv. stable, office 9 & h 5 

Archer Thos. G., tobacconist, 91 Suffolk 
ARCHER & W ARNER, gas fixtures & lamps, 

119 Chestnut 
Archer Wm., ship joiner, Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
Archer Wm. V., clerk, 88 Market 
Archey Hayes, lab., 303 S Front 
Archibald Robert B-, sailmr., Washinglon ct 
Ard Joseph B., M. D., 608 Arch 
Ardis George, waterman, 15 Reckless 
Ardis H. A., Mi-s. 33 Sears 
Ardis Wm. C, cutler, 6 Fetter lane 
Ardle Emeline, sempstress, Chew's ct 
Ardley Alex., mer. 80.V AValnut, h 62 S 5th 
Arensfeh Heniy, locksm. 89 S 2d, h 9 Norris' al 
Arentrue Mary, dressmr. 8th ab Parrish 
Arey Henry W., att'v and coun., and sect. G. 

"College, 153 S 9th 
Arg-ue David, plasterer, 465 Poplar 
Arick Albert, tobacconist, G T road n Franklin, 

h Phoenix and Cadwalader 
Arick Albert, tobacco. Cadwalader bel Masetr 
Arick Ji)hn, gunsm.. Phoenix and Cadwalader 
Arletz Henry, lab. 176 Washing-ton (K) 
Armand Francis, baker. Pine bel 13th 
Armarelli V. (de) prof lang-uag-es, 409 Market 
Armbruster Geo. B., brushmr. 172 N 3d, h 415 

N 11th 
Armbnister John G., brushmr. 136 Callowhill 
Annbnister Joseph, carter, Alder ab Poplar 
Armbruster Peter, brushmr. 172 N 3d, h 81 

Amient Oliver, carp. Locust W 21st 
Annent Wm., coacli painter. 111 Melon 
Ai-mliold Max., shoe store, 58 N Lewis 
Armholt Henry, carter, 17 Peach 
Arming-ton John F., carp., Carlisle bel Piu-rish 
Arminglon Sarah, 494 N 12th 
Armistead L. L., saUsman, 126 N 3d 
Armitage John, painter, 188 N 17th 
.\rmitage Nancy, shop, Marlboro' bel Allen (K) 
Armitage Robert, police, 8 Perry 
ARM!'I'A(;E THOMAS, white and black sm.. 

Vine n 12tli, li N E 15th and Cherry 
.\rmitag-e Thonia.s, watchman, 129 Dillwyn 
.Vrmitage Thos. J., blindmr. 23 M road 
Armor S. N., 267 Coates 
Armor 'I'lios., lab. 16th n Willow 
Armour John, carter, Gulielmu 
Armrod Thos., lab. Power's ct n West (K) 




Armrod Thos., weaver, F road bel West (K) 
Arms J. C, niamif. 6 Jones al (C) 
Armsly Joseph, tailor, Lombard ab 17th 
Armstead Anthony, mer. 80 S 12th 
Armsti-ong- Abm., cooper, 21 Nectarine 
Amistrong- Alex., stone mason, 13th & Catharine 
Ai-mslrong- Andrew, tobac. 51 S Front, h 14th 

ab Spruce 
Armstrong- Andrew, painter, Goodman's al (K) 
Armstrong- Andrew, g-entleman, 217 N 6th 
Armstrong- Andrew, clerk, 3d ab Oxford (K) 
Ai-mstrong- Ann, shop, Simes n 23d 
Armstrong- Ann, shop, Peai-1 ab 12th 
Armstrong- & Austin, painters, 34 Queen (K) 
Armstrong- A. E., clerk, post office 
Armstrong- Bernard W., rope mr. Waterloo ab 

Clairfield (R) 
Armstrong- Catharine, N E 13th and Ogden 
Armstrong- Chas. & Christian, carpet shakers, 

Armstrong Chas. E., mer. 27 S 2d, h 117 New 
Armstrong- David, bricklr. Front and Canal 
Armstrong- David, stone mas., 17th bel Lombard 
Armstrong- Edward, seet. N. Pa. R. R. Co. 123 

Walnut, atty. & coun. 108 S 4th 
Armstrong- Edward, carter, 15th bel Christian 
Armstrong- Edward, lab. Raker's ct ab Palmer 
Armstrong- Elizabeth, Pcnn ab 13th (S G) 
Armstrong- Elizabeth, dressmr. 134 Federal 
Armstrong- Elizabeth A., 67 Sharswood 
Armstrong- Francis, manuf. 141 G T road (Iv) 
Armstrong- Francis, jr., g-ent., 141 G T road 
Armstrong- Georg-e, Wesley ab 3d 
Armstrong Georg-e, lab. Brazier 
Ai-mstrong- Georg-e, butcher, 72 Garden 
ARMSTRONG GEO. H., alderman, 140 S 12th 
Armstrong- Hester, 2 Budd's ct 
Armstrong- Horatio G. stationery, 209 Callowhill 
ARMSTRONG HUME, tavern', 97 S 5th 
Armstrong- Jackson, lab. Phoenix ab Howard 
Armstrong Jackson, Jab., Callowhill W Broad 
Arm.strong Jac, .stove finisher, 1182 N 5th 
Armstrong Jas., weav., G T road bel Phoenix 
Armstrong James, acct., 23 S Delaware av, h 

Deacon ab Girard av 
Armstrong James, driver, 14 Diigan 
Armstrong James, lab. Baker's ct ab Palmer (K) 
Armstrong James, bricklr. 400 S 13th 
Armstrong Jame.s, weaver, rear 87 Master (K) 
Armstrong James, paint. Pliilip & Jefferson (K) 
Armstrong James, dyer, 35 Perry (K) 
Armstrong John, lab. 5th n Elm (W P) 
Armstrong Jolm, tailor, 126 Carpenter 
Armstrong- John, shoemr. Bakei's ct ab Palmer 
Arm.strong John, Rose ab 13th 
Armstrong- John, weaver, rear 88 Hancock (K) 
Armstrong John, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Armstrong Joseph, lab. Brazier 
Armstrong Joseph, machinist, 14 John 
Arm.strong Jos. T., .ship carp. 12 John 
Armstrong Joshua, bootmr. 19 Plover 
Armstrong I,cwis C, tailor, 149 S Front 
Armstrong Littleton, coachman, 5 Lebanon 
Arm.strong Luke, clerk, 148 Richmond 
Armstrong Mary, Mechanic and Franklin (K) 
Armstrong Patrick, lab. ab Tilton (R) 
Armstrong I'atrick, carter, Coates ab 19th 
Ai-msUong Patrick, lab. Salmon n Emory 

Armstrong Peter E., dealer, 413 N 5th 
Arm.strong Philip, printer, 119 Pine 
Armstrong Rachel, 443 Race 
Armstrong Rebecca, 302 S 10th 
Armstrong Rebecca, 13th ab Catharine 
Armstrong Robert, bricklr. 398 S 13th 
Armstrong Robert, bricklr. Kates 
Armstrong Robt. Rev., Thompson bel Ridge av 
Armstrong Robt., blacksmith, 518 N 13th 
Armstrong Robt., stone mas. 409 S 13th 
Armstrong Robt., clerk, 14th ab Spruce 
Armstrong Samuel, lab. 26 Grimer 
Armstrong Samuel, mer. 20 Jane 
Armstrong Samuel S., currier & leather dealer, 

N AV* St John & Willow, h 343 N Front 
Armstrong Sarah, rear 632 N Front 
Armstrong Sarah, rear 124 S German 
Armstrong S., Mrs., 343 Noble 
Armstrong Thos., engin'r, Howard bel Jefferson 
Armstrong- Thos., lab. Richmond ab Huntingdon 
Armstrong Thos., lab. 22 Apple 
Armstrong Thomas G., dental depot, 114 Arch, 

h 146 Sp Garden 
Armstrong Thomas T., sailor, rear 24 Duke 
Armstrong Wm., gent. 389 Race 
Armstrong Wm., lab. M'Duffie n 19th 
Armstrong Wm., lab. 553 Catharine 
Armstrong Wm., tailor, 343 N Front 
ARMSTRONG WM. & CO., M. D., botanic med. 

and herb store & pharmaceutical 254 

.\rmstrong Wm., cabinetmr. 500 Carpenter 
Armstrong Wm., stone mas. Lombard ab 17th 
Armstrong M^m., stone mason, Perry ab Franklin 
Armstrong Wm., porter, rear 7 Sheppard's al 
Armstrong Wm., 443 Race 
Armstrong Wm. G., engraver, 25 Minor 
Armstrong Wm. H., atty. and coun. _S E 5th and 

Library, h 329 Chestnut 
Armstrong Wm. J., varnisher, 213 S 6th 
Arnaiz Victor, cooper, Guillman ct n Hanover 
Arnbron Frederick, 8 Rihle's ct 
Arnest James D., clerk, 108 High 
Arney Elizabeth, 10 Ralston 
Arnold Abi-m., pedlar. Poplar ab 5th 
Arnold Andrew, lampmr. West bel Earl (K) 
Arnold A. C, tailoress, 16th ab Lombard 
Arnold Catharine, Becket n 16th 
Arnold Charles, bootmr. Ogden ab 13th 
Ai-nold Christian, baker, 3 Exchange place 
Arnold Conrad, baker, 16th and Tliompson 
Arnold David, iron worker, Fairmount 
Arnold E., mer. 74 High, h 18 Chatham 
Arnold Ferdinand F., baker, 254 Parrish 
Al nold Fi-ancis, grocer, 284 Race 
Arnold Frank E.', clerk, 188 Market 
Arnold Fred., cooper, Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Arnold Geo. F., mer. 52 Chestnut, h S W 5th 

and Walnut 
Arnold Gotleib, rag mer. 16th ab Thompson 
Arnold Henry, salesman, 52 Chestnut 
Arnold Henry, bootmr. 76 Raec 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 258 N Front 
Arnold Jacob,, N W 9th &, Callowhill 
Arnold Jame.s, tavern, 90 P road 
Arnold James, shoj), 61 Bedford 
Arnold James, lab. Pennsylvania av bel William 
Arnold John, tailor, Prosperous alley 



Arnold John, bootmr. 25 James 

Arnold John, 21st and M'Duffie 

Arnold John H., bookbinder, 5 Logan 

Arnold Jos., cordw. 90 Garden 

Arnold Lewis, stone mason. Myrtle ab 13th 

Arnold Marv, washer, 12 Bard's ct 

Arnold Mayer, 246 N 5th 

Arnold Peter, tailor, Gray's ct 

Arnold Samuel, shoemr. 28 Perry 

Arnold Sarah A., hotel. Beech n York (R) 

Arnold Simon W., mer. 70i N 3d, h 246 N 5th 

ARNOLD, SPRINGER Sc'cO, dry goods, 74 

Arnold Wm., machinist, 646 N 2d 
Arnold Wm., shoemr. Pine and Quince 
Arnold Wm. G., bookbinder, 61 Ridge av 
Arnolt Charles, gi-ocer, 392 Broad 
Arnot Geo. I., marble cutter. Winter W 20th 
Arnot James, oysterman, rear 385 S Front 
Arnot James, lab. Huston and R road (R^ 
Arnot Margaret, James (S) 
Aroin Daniel, lub. Pennsylvania av and Nixon 
Arold John, tailor, 291 Poplar ab 8th 
Aronheimer A., clothing store, 208 Callowhill 
Arons Aai-on, tailor, 146 Poplar 
Arrandt Conrad, dealer, 134 St John 
Arrison Henry D., blacksm. 71 Dillwyn, h 265 

Arrison John C, brickmr. 753 Poplar bel 16th 
Arrison John P., home mission, 25 E North, h 

466 Race 
Ari'ison Matthew, gent. N E 16th and Poplar, 

Green Hill 
Arrison Matthew W., bricklayer. 16th bel Poplar 
An-ison K. S., teachei", 36 Perry 
Arrott John, cutler, 74 Swanson 
Arrott Colin, M. D., Poplar E 17th 
Arrott James, gent., N W Poplar and 16th 
Art Jacob, carp. 18 Almond 
Artenburger Rudolph, lab. Culvert ab Mechanic 
Arter John, weaver. Front and Jefferson (K) 
Artery Jos., lab. 11 Scott court 
Artiiur A., boot & shoe store, High bel 18th 
Arthur 8c. George, sashmrs. Broad bel Wallace 
Arthur James, drayman, 19th ab Pine 
Artluir Jolm, produce, Broad n Pine, h 36 Chan- 
Arthur John W., Rev. n 20th 
Arliuir Joseph, salesman, 37 Penn (S G) 
Artiiur Joseph, lab. 470 Poplar 
Arthur Michael, coachman, Pearl bel 19th 
Arthur Robert, coal mer. Broad and George, h 

33 Owen 
Arthur Ifobtrt, .sashmr. Broad and Wallace, h 

Callowiiill and 15th 
Ai-tlnir Kobt. M., dealer. Sears bel 7th 
Arthur l{o!)ert M. &. Bro., grocers, NW5th and 

Artlmr 'I'. S. & Co. pub. Home Gaz. 107 Wal- 
nut, ii Green ab 12th 
Arthur ^^'rll., clerk, 7 liittenhouse 
-(Arthur ^Vm., lab. Gaffney's av 
^.'hwright Tlios., weaver, 5 Philip (K) 
Artie (u(»., lab. Apple ab I''ranklin (K) 
Artlist Isaac, furniture, 232 South 
Artson Uich'd, lab. Hancock ab Phoenix (K) 
Artz William, provisions. Master bel 8th 
Artzt Christian, clerk, 40 N 4th, h 6 St. John's pi 

Arundel Geo. W., atty. & coun. 89 Race, h Broad 

below Poplar 
Arundel John M., att'y. 89 Race, h Broad bel 

Arundel Pat., weaver, Beatty's ct (K) 
ARUNDEL R. J., atty. and' coun. 89 Race, h 

Broad bel Poplar 
Arvin Wm., jr., weaver, 99 Hope (K) 
Arvin Wm. S., weaver, 99 Hope (K) 
Ary Robert, carp. 486 N 6th 
Asay Abraham M., dentist, 355 Race 
Asav John, shoe manuf. Green ab 8th 
ASBURYSAM'L & CO., importers, 85 S Front 
Asch £c Brothers, furriers, 82 Arch, h 103 

Asch Isaac M., dry goods, 174 Spruce 
Asch Josepli, 103 Spruce 
Asch Mauas, dry goods, h 174 Spnice 
Ascough John, blacksm. Front bel Maiden, h 16 

Ascough Thos., blacksmith G T road and Hay- 
Ash Elizabeth, 393 N 3d 
Ash J'ranklin P., carp. Cherry W 21st 
Ash George W., convey. S W 7th and Wood 
Ash Geo.'w., carp Melon bel 10th 
Ash Henry St. Clair, M. D., druggist, S E 11th 

and Vine 
Ash Jacob, conductor, 609 Christian 
Ash James, tavern, 184 Callowhill 
Ash John, baker, 78 Spruce 
Ash John, umbrellamr. 3 Oneidia pi 
Ash John T., carp. 188 Swanson 
Ash Joseph, chairmr. Canal ab George (K) 
Ash Josliua P., com. mer. 68 Market, h 106 S 

Ash Joshua W., M. D., 681 Vine 
Ash Maria, 98i S 4tli 

Ash Matthew F., druggist, N E 13th and Green 
Ash Micliael W., atty. and alderman, 10th ab 

Ash Moi-gan, broker, 24 Pear, h Race W 19th 
Ash Robert, carp. 415 Coates 
Ash Samuel, carter, 17 Fitzwater 
Ash Sarah, waslicr, 220 S 7th 
Asli Sebastian, confectioner, 171 Green 
Ash Thos., carp. S. Washington bel 10th 
Ash Thos., carp. N. Washington bel lOth Tiios. T., gent. 19th below Cherry 
ASH WM., hotel and livery stable, N W Coates 

and Kessler 
Ash Wm. H., .salesman, 68 Market, h 131 S 3d 
Ash Wm. R., clerk, 3 Oneidia pi 
Ash Wm. R., jr., niorr. finisher, 3 Oneidia pi 
Ashhridge Abraham, carter, Ogden ab 16th 
Ashbridg-e George, Heeves 
Asiibridge Mary K., 207 Pine 
Ashhridge Tho'mazin Mrs., 321 Arch 
Asiibrook James, grocer, S E 2d and Queen, h 

401 S 3d 
Ashbrook Jo.seph, sailmr. 113 Christian 
Ashbrook Thos., carp. Little Wa.shington 
Asiibrook 'I'hos., tailor, 560 N 2d 
Ashburn, Beiij., mer. Washington bel William 

(W P) 
Ashburn James C, jcwelcr,33 Carter's al, h 160 

Ashburn J., 381 S Front 




Ashburner Alg'crnon E., mer. 25 N Water, h 

19ih ab Arch 
Ashburner Aug., gent. Chestnut ab Till (W P) 
Ashburner Benj., Till n Locust (W P) 
Ashburner & Blackiston, coal mers. Wasliing'- 

ton n Bridg-e (W P) 
Ashburner Jolin, clerk, 25 N Water 
Ashburner Lydia, 191 Pine 
Ashburner Theophilus A., salesman, 16 S Front, 

h Chestnut ab Till (W P) 
Ashbury Wm., 110 Broad ab Locust 
Ashby Frank., hatter, 136 Market, h 116 N 5th 
Ashby 8c Rocap, hatters, 136 Market 
Ashcraft H., lab., Cherry bel F road (K) 
Ashcraft Hannah, milliner, 172J- S 2d 
Ashcraft John, lumber mer. 60 Almond 
Ashcraft John, car man, 23 Mary 
Ashcraft Josiah, jr., lab. 15 Beck 
Ashcraft L., b h, 23 Lombard 
Ashe John, baker, 78 Spruce 
Ashenfelder Josiah, coachmr. Cadwalader near 

Asher Jeremiah, Rev. 7 Rodman 
Asher Michael, dyer, 242 Cedar 
Ashford Henry, moulder, 11 Jackson's ct 
Ashford Jno. R., glove manuf. 235 Callowhill 
Ashford Steph., brass found. Carlton bel 16th 
Ashford Wm. H., glove and shoemr. N W 6th &. 

Ashingburk Geo., lab. 478 Master 
Ashley John, carp. 24 Dunton (K) 
Ashhurst John, mer. 80 Market, h 59 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis R., mer. 80 Market, h Walnut 

W Broad 
Ashhurst Richd., mer. 80 Market, h 263 Arch 

80 Market 
Ashhurst W H., mer. 80 Market, h 498 Walnut 
Ashman H. N., paper hanger, Ogden bel 12th 
Ashman James, cordw. 8 L Washington 
Ashman Mary, Marlboro n F road (K) 
Ashman Peter, gent. Bridge n 3d (W P) 
Ashman Peter, dealer 43 Bayard 
Ashman Thomas, shoes, 109 S 9tli 
Ashman Wm., tailor, 384 N 3d 
Ashman Wm., tavern, 82 Plum 
Ashman Wm., clerk, 88 Market 
Ashmen John, brickmr. Perry bel Diamond (K) 
Ashmead, Albert S., mer. 14 N Delaware av, h 

437 Race 
Ashmead Charles J., convey. 205 Catharine 
ASHMEAD GEORGE, druggist, 235 Market, 

h 247 Arch 
ASHMEAD GEORGE L., att'3-. and coun. 116 

Walnut, h Walnut W 20th 
ASHMEAD & HART, shoe findings, 32 N 4th 
ASHMEAD ISAAC, printer, George ab 11th, 

h Girard av and 16th 
Ashmead John, gent. 119 S 5th 
ASHMEAD JOHN W., att'v. and coun. 224 

Walnut, h William and Walnut (W P) 
Ashmead Samuel, mer. S W 11th and Barley 
Asjimead Samuel B., mer. 32 N 4th, h 11th bel 

Ashmead Thos., custom-house, h 427 Race 
Ashmead Thos, E., mer. 30 Chestnut, h S E 15th 

and Chestnut 
Ashmead Wm., M. D., 247 Arch 

Ashmead Wm. L., Mrs., cap and fancy store, 88' 

S 8th 
Ashmore Abraham V., carver, 117 N 12th 
Ashmore Mary, wid. of John, cutler, 50 N 2d 
Ashmore Phoebe, 451 Vine 
Ashmore Susan, 8 Castle 
Ashmore Wm. H., sawmr. 50 N 2d 
Ashodt Jacob, lab. Mechanic ab Franklin (K) 
ASHTON A. H., M. D., 349 S 9th 
ASHTON, BROTHERS, real estate agents and 

convey. S W 10th and South, h 349 S 9th 
Ashton Chas., moulder, 495 S 2d 
Ashton Chas., blacksm. William n Edward (K) 
Ashton & Co., planing and mould, mill, AVash- 

ington st wharf (S) 
Ashton Dan. R., teacher, 46 N 5th, h 81 Chestnut 
Ashton Ely, grocer, Oxford and Bilyew 
Ashton E. D., Wasliington st wharf, h 18Periy 
ASHTON GEORGE H., druggist 294 Market 
Ashton Geo. S., drug and spice dealer, Girard 

av ab 19th 
Ashton Henry, mer. 63 N 3d 
Ashton Hiram, cooper, 374 S Front 
Ashton Isaac, clerk, 300 Vine 
Ashton Isaac M., hats, 172 Market, h 412 Vine 
Ashton Isaac S., conveyancer, 10th and South, 

h 349 S 9th 
Ashton James, waterman, 374 S Front 
Ashton John, waiter, 8 Ralston 
Ashton John, h Filbert W 18th 
Ashton John, jr., tailor, 156 Market, h 347 S 9th 
Ashton Jonathan, gent. 329 S 5th 
Ashton Joseph, 203 Beach (K) 
Ashton J. R., clerk, 164 Catharine 
Ashton Samuel, mariner, 36 Beck 
Ashton Samuel, printer, 21st and Winter 
Ashton Samuel, cabinetmr. Orchard n Jackson 
Ashton Samuel, 68 Willow, h 2d opp. Tammany 
Ashton Samuel, machinist, Watson n 5th 
ASHTON SAMUEL K., M. D., S E 9th & Pine 
Ashton Susan, 7 Rail Road ct 
Ashton Thomas, macliinist, Columbia n 2d (K) 
Ashton Wm., carter, Oxford n Phillip 
Ashworth Andrew, clerk, 35 N Lewis 
Ashworth James, engineer, 148 Hutchinson 
Ashworth Nicholas S., macht. 7th ab Poplar 
Ashworth Samuel C, hatter 39 Julianna 
Askam Charles, basketmr. 286 Market, h 513 

Asken Edw., druggist, N E 5th and Chestnut 
Askew Jos. W., clerk, 151 Market 
Askin John, salesman, Haverford n 6th (W P) 
Askins Ann, lay. out of dead. Front bal Almond 
Askins Chas., lab. Alder bel Girard av 
Aspell Richard, tanner, 574 Wood 
A.spell Thos. F., M. D., 210 S 3d 
Aspell Thos. T., mer. 51 S Water, h 210 S 3d 
Aspey Mich., lab. Bai-clay ab Coates 
Aspinall Shepherd, carpet weaver, 6th ab Co- 
Aspinwall George W., mer. Dock st whf, h 378 

Spruce -i 

Aspinwall Nathan, cabinetmr. 577 Christian 
Aspinwall Wm., warper, 579 Christian 
ASSON WILLIAM T., mer. 9 Commerce, h, 

643 Spruce 
Astie Peter, butcher. Linden bel Front 
Astley James, waiter, 4 Prosperous 





Asschenfeldt Fred., M. D., 28 Vine 
Atack Daniel, weaver, 998 N J'ront 
Atack Sylvester, macht. 50 N 2d 
Atcheson Jane, dressmr. Bedford &; Hanover (K) 
Atcheson Mary, Bedford and Hanover (K) 
Atchison Mary, shop, William and Benton 
Atchison Robt., fireman, 3d bel Wharton 
ATHENEUM, 6th and Adelphi 
Atherholt Jacob, brickmr. 12 W Cedar 
Atherley Jas., fisherman, 39 Brown 
Atherleyjno., farm., Allen ab Shackamaxon (K) 
Atherly John, fish dealer. Union bel West (K) 
Atherton Henry, broker. Walnut ab 6th 
Atherton Humphrey, real estate, Walnut n 6th 
Atlierton H. & Son, real estate brokers, Walnut 

ab 6th 
Atherton Nathan, carp. S W 11th and Lombard 
Atkins &. Brother, iron founders, 17th ik Coates 
Atkins C, dressmr. 191 Queen 
Atkins Eliza, Crown n West (K) 
Atkins Elizabeth, Cadwalader ab Columbia 
Atkins Hanson E., merchant, 227 Market, h 15 

Log-an sq 
Atkins James B., cabinetmr. Marion ab 2d 
Atkins John, shoemr. 6 Carpenter 
Atkins Jos., carp., rear 77 Dock, h 191 Queen 
Atkins J. B., coachmr. 329 Vine 
Atkins Mary, 10th ab Federal 
Atkins Uobt., plasterer. Pine n 20th 
Atkins Samuel, cordw. 1121 N 5th 
Atkins Wm., lab. rear 284 Cedar 
Atkinson Amos W., corder, 87 Myrtle 
Atkinson Andrew J., tobacconist, 343 S 2d 
Atkinson Archibald, carter, 83 Mastej (K) 
Atkinson Benj., carp. 617 N 2d 
Atkinson B. G., tailor, 64 Chestnut 
ATKINSON CHAS., grocer, N E Cedar and 

Water, 8c N W Cedar and Delaware av 
Atkinson, chairmr. 41 George (S) 
Atkinson Chas. B., coachmr. 431 N 10th 
Atkinson Eliza, g-ents furnishing", 16 N 7th 
Atkinson Eliza, shop, Queen bel Shackam. (K) 
Atkinson Elizabetli, tailoress, 13t]i n Coates 
Atkinson F. T., acct., 164 High, h 33 Wistar 
Atkinson Hannah, 13th n Coates 
Atkinson Henry, gents furnishing store, 80 S 3d 
Atkinson Henry, watchmr. 13th n Coates 
Atkinson H., wcav. Hancock bel Diamond (K) 
Atkinson Isaac S., iimbrellann*. 29 Spruce 
Atkinson James, driver, Dorothy n 21st 
Atkinson Jas. L., liricklr. 413 S 2d 
Atkinson James N., Washington ab 11th 
Atkinson James &. Co., grocers, S W 11th and 

N Washington 
Atkinson Joel, Cherry W of 10th 
Atkinson John, grocer. Market n 20th 
Atkinson Jolni, engineer, 649 N 3d 
Atkin^oll John, lab. rear 1 Prospect alley 
Atkinson Jolin C, furnace. Willow ab 19tli 
Atkinson John P., carp. 11 Olive 
Atkinson J. D., stone cutter, S E 18th &, Carlton 
Atkinson J. F>., clerk, 520 N Front 
Atkinson Lewi.s, gents furnishing, 42 S 4th 
Atkinson Marshall B., baker, Washington above 

Park (W P) 
Atkinson Peter A., clerk, Beech and York (It) 
Atkinson Saml., botanic phy.sician, 617 N 2d 
Atkiuson SamL cordw. 8th and Dickinson 

Atkinson Thomas, wool sorter, 13th n Coates 
Atkinson Thos., grocer, 435 Pine ab 11th 
Atkinson Thos. H., provisions, 22 Poplar 
Atkinson T. B., baker, S E Washington and 

Moore (W P) 
Atkinson William, trader, 252 Federal 
Atkinson Wm. B., M. D., 29 Spruce 
Atlee Adam, lab. George ab 16th 
Atlee E. A., mer. 176 N P'ront 
ATLEE W. L., M. D., 418 Arch 
Atlor Frederick, weaver, Wilcox n 2d 
Atmore Edw. W., jeweler, 202 Chestnut 
Atmore Fred. B., grocer, 205 Buttonwood 
Atmore John G., carp, rear Wayne 
Atmore R., grocer, N W 10th and Buttonwood 
ATMORE R. & F., grocers, N W 10th and But- 
Atmore Wm. P., carp. Tower n 21st 
Atticks Robt., lab. 20 Barclay 
Atwell George, blacksm. Mark's lane bel 12th 
Atwell Georg-e, blacksm. 2 Madison 
Atwell John, baker, 18th ab Cedar 
ATWOOD & CO., di-y goods, 162 Market 
Atwood Jesse, portrait painter, 119 AValnut 
Atvvood John H., com. mer. 10 S Delaware av, 

h 362 Walnut 
Atwood John M., mer. 162 High, h 362 Walnut 
Attwood N. L., Prefect Girard College 
xVtwood AYm. C, salesman, 162 Market, h 362 

ATTWOOD WM. N., undertaker, 61 N 8th 
Attwood & Wright, coffinmrs. N W^ 13th and 

Aub Jac, lithographer, 80 Walnut, h 582 N 7th 
Aube Peter R., carver, 16 Decatur, h 196 Queen 
Aubin, P. J., mer. 45 High, h 328 Pine 
Auble Nathan, currier, 63 Willow, h 154 N 8th 
Auble Wm., tavern, S W 8th and Cherry 
Audenried Anna Mrs., 322 N 6th 
Audenried Anna C, 314 N 7th 
Auderbert Fred., lampmr. 9th st avenue 
Audenried Lewis, 18 AValnut, h 314 N 7th 
Audenried Wm., coal dealer, 322 N 6th 
Audsky Joseph, blacksm. 13 Plover 
Aucrbach Simon 8c Co., importers, 80 N Front 
Aufibrt Fanny, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Auffort Frcd'k, cordw. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Auflbrt Frcd'k, jr., fislierman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Auge Clinton, atty. and coun., S W 6th and Sp 

Auge Henry, tinsmith, Olive n ISth 
Auge AY. A., tinsm. 407 Master 
August Jacob, lab. Dyott's et (K) 
Augustc Antoine, Mcclianic ab Franklin 
Aug'ustine .las., cook, 123 S 3d 
Augustine Mary F.. confectioner, 123* S 3d 
Augustine Peter, bricklayer, Robertson 
Aug-ustus Eliza, wasliui-, rear 7 Richard 
Augustine Lewis, tin ])late worker. Market n 22d 
Atigustus Lina, washer, Ikclford bel 8th 
Augustus Maria, washc]-, 80 Tammany 
Auld Andrew, warper, Bedford bel Broad 
Auld Maria, 422 N 9lh 
Auld Sarah, Pleasant ab 10th 
Auli .lames A., mer., 13i S J'ront 
Aull W. .M., lab. 25 Lee' 
Aumont James P. E., mer. 145 Market, h Arch 

n 18th 




Auner Alfred W., stationer, 5 N 10th 

Auner Chas. E., sheet iron worker, 19 Madison 

Auner C. H., clerk, 19 Madison 

Auner G. A., carp. Minor, h 18 Madison 

Auner Israel B., book binder, Madison & Race 

Auner Peter, potter, Caldwell ab 13th 

Auner Wni., baker, 13th ab Poplar 

Aupperle John, lab. Orang-e bel Wallace 

Am-ell Edward, bootmr. 27 Larch 

Aurin Daniel, tailor, 4 AA'all 

Aurocker & Delestatius, locksmiths, 13th and 

Atirocker Thos., locksm. 13th and Cherrv, h 

8 Hides' ct 
Austie Henry, nier. 129 Hig-h, h 386 Arch 
Austin Aug-ustin, eng-ineer, 19th ab Girard av 
Austin A. Georg-e, W 16th 
Austin A. J., com. mer. 33 Market, h 604 W 

Austin B. C, g-rocer. Queen ab Weaver (K) 
Austin Chas. B., ag-ent, Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Austin Chas. S., coach painter, 16 York 
Austin Collins, sr.. King- ab Cherry 
Austin David, lab. Ahnira pi 
Austin Enoch, clothing-, 52 Market 
Austin Geo., shoe manuf., 14 Thompson ab 3d 
Austin John, brass founder. Wheat ab Duke (K) 
Austin John B., cashier Southwark Bank, h 272 

S 2d 
Austin John E., hatter, 5 Brook's ct 
Austin Josephine, 3 Osborne's ct 
Austin Lewis L., mariner, Coates n William 
AUSTIN & OBDVKE, ti^i roof & iron workers, 

TSI Market n 17th 
Austin Oliver, brewer, 2 Rodman 
Austi)! Saml. H., atty. and coun. Qic> S 7th 
Austin Seth, tavern, Franklin ab F road 
Austin Theo., carver, 11th and Willow 
Austin Wm., tin smith, l6l Market W 17th, 

h Coates n 17th 
Austin Wm., g-rocer, 99 Fitzwater 
Austin Wm. K., carp. .324 Race 
Austin Willis R., com. mer. 33 Market, h 696 

Averv Georg-e W., clerk, Mechanics' Bank, h 

i27 N 10th 
Avery Henry, dentist, 127 N 10th 
Avery John, carp. 6 Linden (K) 
Avery Lewis, 67 Mead 
Avery Mary, 7& Georg-e (S) 
Avery Samuel J., clerk, 107J Market, house 74 

Georg-e (S) 
Avise M., watchmr. 72 N 2d 
Awl Ann C, 21 St John 
Awll Charles, potter, 110 Crown 
Axe Wm. H., clerk, 101 Market, h 121 Chestnut 
Axford Edward J., mer. tailor, 165 Spruce 
Axford Joseph W., 165 Spruce 
Axson J., restaurant, 178 Vine 
Axt Fieil., barber, Wasiiing-ton (W P) 
Ayais Alice, dressmr. Parrish bol 6th 
Aydott John, pilot, 58 Catharine 
Ayers Catharine, shoe br. Cabot bel 15th 
Ayres Charlotte, 32 Mayland 
Ayers (ieo. R. &. Co., mers. 58 N whfs., h 221 Sp 

Ayers Joshua B., mer. 88 N 3d, h 285 Market 
Ayetskeys John, baker, 35 Queen (K) 

Aykroyd Henry, vict. Brown ab 12th 

Ayre Franklin, wharf builder, 187 Queen (K) 

Ayres Abraham, whf builder. Queen ab Palmer 

Ayres Ellen, washer, 88 Bedford 

Ayres Geo., baker, 18 Carpenter 

Ayres Henry R. & Co., dry g-oods, 49 N 8th 

Ayres Hiram, 12 N 2d, h 221 Sp Garden 

Ayres John, stocking- weaver, 10 Ulrich row 

Ayres John, g-ent. 76 Georg-e (N L) 

Ayres John B., wharf builder, 483 S Front 

Ayres Jonathan B., blacksm. Olive bel 13th 

Ayres Joseph, shoe cutter, 44 Chester 

Ayres Mary, P road ab Federal 

AYRES & PARKER, fancy dry g-oods, 88 

Ayres Robert B., suspender mr. 596 N loth 
Ayres Robert B., tailor, 161 E Lombard 
Ayres Samuel W., tobacconist, 59 S 3d, h 283 

S 8th 
Ayres Wm., mer. 42 N 3d, h 15 Palmyra sq 
Ayres Wm., cloth finisher, 652 N 4th 

Bab Chas., cutter, 74 N 3d 

Babb John H., shoemr. oS Cherry 

Babb Saml., cordw. 25 Mayland 

Babb Thos., bootfitter, 11 Mayland 

Babb Wm., shoemr. 35 Cherry 

Babbit Charles C, merchant, 7 and 9 Arch, h 15 

Babit Wm. W., mer. 7 Commerce, h 26 Madison 
Babcock Elizabeth, Locust E Park (W P) 
Babcock John K., cordw. 17 St John 
Babe Georg-e, hatter, 303 N 2d 
Babe James, carter, Mullin's ct 
Babe John, tobac.3 Hart's Building-, h Sp Gar- 
den bel nth 
Babey Celestine, cordw. 1^ Locust 
Babington John, brushmr. 178 Christian 
Babler Werner, blacksm. 149 Cherry 
Bab new Joseph, carp. 318 S 2d, h Little Wash- 
ington n 7th 
Bach Fredk., carp. 6 Kessler al 
Bach Louisa, 130 Poplar 
Bache Ellen, g-rocer. Bayard 
Bache Franklin, M. D., "s E Spruce and 14th 
Bache Hartman, U. S. A., 97 George, h 66 S 13th 
Bache Hewson T., M. D., S E Spruce and 14th 
Bache Maria, 16th and Vine 
Bache Richard M., surveyor, 66 S 13lh 
BachcU Marshall, carp. Oak bel Mary (W P) 
Bachelor John, tobac. Beach and Coates 
Bachman Anne, tobac, rear 5th bel Franklin 
Bachman Charles, tailor, Apple ab Franklin 
Bachman Christo., baker, Austin n Federal 
Bachman Feist, teacher, 148.\ South 
Bachman Fred., tailor, 253 Apple (K) 
Bachman Henry, piano mr. Pari-ish ab Broad 
Bachman Henry, pianonn-. Parrish ab 12th 
Hachman Jacob, carp. 114 Green 
Bachman Jacob, huckster, Montg-omcry bel G 

T road 
Bachman Saml., tobacco, 383 Marshall 
Baclimeier John, lab. St John bel G T road 
]}ac!mieyer Fred., 10 Gay's ct (K) 
Backcs John, shop, 109 Apple 
Backlln James, porter house, 255 G T road (K) 




Backman Mich., lab. Gaul bcl Wood (K) 
Backmaii Saml., tobf.cco, 383 Marshall 
Backus Fredk. II., Treas. L'ehig-h Iron Co., 44 

N Delaware av, h 377 N 6th ab Green 
Bacmeister 11., civil eng-. 751 Coates 
Bacon Abraham, g-ent. 229 Coates 
Bacon & Adams, ^-ocers, 24 Market 
Bacon Alexander, broker, 93} Walnut, h 507 N 

Bacon Allyn, paper boxmr. 20 Spruce, h 12 

Bacon Benj. C, agent, 100 Chestnut (up stairs) 
Bacon Benjamin R., undertaker. Queen below 

Marlboroug-h (K) 
Bacon Chas. W., g-ent. 269 Green 
Bacon Chas. AV., Sec'y. Sch. Nav. Co., 72 Wal- 
nut, h 254 Mar.shall 
Bacon Charles W., jr., mer. 24 High, h Parrish 

bel 8th 
Bacon Dennis, lab. 2 Eag-le ct 
Bacon Denny, blacksm. 148 Beach (K) 
Bacon Edmond P., mer. 6 Vine, house Parrish 

bel 8th 
Bacon Edmund, mer. 17 N Water, h 4 S Penn 

Bacon Edward, mer. 1 8 S 2(1, h 302 N 7th 
B:icon Elizabeth J., Brandywine ab 13th 
Bacon Enos, druggist, 148 Beach (K) 
Bacon Enos, tailor, 182 Market, h Carroll ab 12th 
Bacon Francis, 53 S 4t]i, h 117 Race 
BACON FRANCIS & CO., coal dealers, 53 S 

4th, and N AV Front and Walnut, yard, 

Spruce st whf. Sch 
Bacon Franklin, mer. 13 S Front, h Walnut bet 

Willow and Till (W P) 
Bacon Fred., lab. 128 Adams (K) 
Bacon Georg'e, chair mr. 931 Callowhill 
Bacon G. V., Treas. Pa. R. R. Co., 70 Walnut, h 

16 N 11th 
Bacon Henrj-, Rev., 98 S. 16th 
Bacon Hosea H., boilermr. Randolph bel Poplar 
Bacon Isaac, seaman, 2 Barley 
Bacon James W., M. D., 124 S 8th 
Bacon Job, 4 S Penn sq 
Bacon John, weaver, Lombard n 17th 
Bacon John, gent., office, 70 Walnut, h 117 

Bacon Jos., wharf builder, Bag-g-'s ct 
BACON JOS. K., paper boxes, 23 & 25 N 4th 
Bacon Jos. M., bricklr., AVood and Franklin (R) 
Bacon Josiah, mer. 127 Market, h 63 Marsliall 
Bacon J. W., com. mer. 95 S Delaware av 
Bacon Mary, 302 N 7th 
Bacon Richard, carp, and undertaker, Marlboro, 

ab Bedford (K) 
Bacon I{iclid. AV., mer. 131 Market, h 91 Mar- 
Bacon Saml., g-cnt. 269 Green 
Bacon Sarah Mrs., Chestnut bel Mary (AV P) 
B:Lcon Tlios. H., cordw. 241 Catharine 
Bacon Uriah, cabt., 9 P road 
Bacon AVni., lab. rear Fitzwater bel 13th 
Bacon AVni., ship carp. Hanover ab Franklin av 
Bacon Win., macht., rear 287 Poplar 
Bacon \\'in., porter, 43 Mechanic 
Bacon Win. IF., mer. h 212 Race 
B;ularaquc Elizabeth, g-cntw. 283 S 11th 
Baddcn Wm., lab. 28 Burd's ct 

Bade Henry, tailor, Morris (S) 
Bader Jacob, cordw. 319 AVood (R) 
Badg-er Benj., cooper. Wheat ub AVharton 
Badger Edmund R., atty. & coun. 110 S 3d, h 

Federal ab 10th 
Badger Joseph M., shoe manuf. 21 Logan 
Badg-er J. C, artist, 216 Chestnut 
Badger Saml., jr., atty. & coun. Pine ab 17th 
BADGER SAMUEL, atty. & coun., office, 110 

S 3d, h 16th n Spruce 
BADGER AVM., atty. at law and county solici- 
tor, 110 S 3d, h"N AV 9th and Pine 
Badlum Joseph, 63 Pine 
Baer Chas., cordw. 8 Hancock (K) 
Baer David, shop, 27 Harrison 
Baerschneiter Christian, tailor, 16 A''ernon 

221 Market 
Bag-at Mrs., dressmr. Elm (AA'' P) 
Bag-eley Patrick, blacksm. Hig^h n 20th 
Bag-ge Elizabeth, 20 Carpenter 
Bag-gc Saml., carp. 20 S Carpenter 
Bagget Eliza, saleswoman, 77 N 15th 
Bagot Jos., glass blowr. Sch road n AA'ire Bridge 
Bagot AA'illiam, glass blow. Sch road near AA'ire 

Baggs Henry, weaver, 10 Lindsay's av 
Baggs James B., tailor, 189 Chestnut, h 542 

Baggs James B., jr., tailor, 180 Chestnut 
BAGGS J. B. & SON, merchant tailor.s, 180 

Baggs Rebecca, York n Tulip (R) 
Baggs Theodore G., dentist, 160 Queen (K) 
Baggs AA'm. H., Alleghany House 
Bagiot Julius L., cordw. rear 360 S 2d 
Bagley James, shoemr. Carlton ab 18th 
Bagley John, cordw. Cran's ct 
Bagman Joseph, cordw. Johnston's ct 
Bagon Pat., porter, 804 N 4th 
Bagshaw AVm., tool mr. Suffolk 
Baier Andrew, store, 313 CallowhilJ 
Bail John, lab. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Bail Jos., dealer. Filbert W 20th 
Bailey Amos N., mer. 470 Cherry 
Bailey Anna, weaver, St. John n Gcorg-e (K) 
BAILEY Sc CO., jewelers, 136 Chestnut 
Bailey Daniel, brickmr. 264 Hutchinson 
Baiky Caroline, 22 S 12th 
Baiky Catharine, Oak ab Moore (AV P) 
Haiky Chas., boolfitter, 4th bel Thompson (K) 
Bailey Edward, carp. 7 Quarry, h 136 New- 
Bailey Elizabeth, dealer, 175 AVharton 
nailey E. AVestcott, 136 and h 388 Chestnut 
Baiky E. Headley. cust. house brok. 2 Library^ 

h 33 N 5th 
B iley Cieorge, carp. Howard and Master 
Huiley George, M. D., 292 N 6th 
BAILEY &. GF.OIKIE, cust. brokers, 2Library 
Bailey Henry IL, clerk, 14 S 2d, h 239 Pine 
Baiky Hugh, cordwalner, Brown bel Hunting- 
don (R) 
Bailey Jas., lab. Hancock bcl Ma.ster (K) 
Baiky James H., mer. 398 N 10th 
Baiky .las. M., milkman, AVa.shington ab Logai> 

(AV P) 
Bailey John, dealer, 327 Cedar • 




Bailey John, shipsm. Murray's ct 

Bailey John, coffee roaster, Otter above G T 

road (K) 
Bailey John, weaver, South bel 13th, h 119 N 

Bailey John F., tobacconist, Penn bel 12th (S G) 
Bail«*y John S., blacksm. 478 S Front 
Bailey Jonathan, carp. 11th bel Brown 
Bailey Joseph, clerk, 1 Charles 
Bailey Joseph, macht. Walnut bel Marg-aretta 

Bailey Joseph, clerk, Brandywine bel Broad 
Bailey Jos., stone cut. Franklin & O'Neal (K) 
Bailey J., photog-raphist, S E 8th &. Chestnut 
Bailey J. T., 136 and h 390 Chestnut 
Bailey Leonard F., cordw. 58 Myrtle 
Bailey Lewis J., grocer, S W 13th and Goates 
Bailey Littleton, Lemon n 18th 
Bailey Lloyd, carp. Lanca.ster R n Haverford R 
Bailey Lydia R., printer, 26 N 5th 
Bailey Maiy, tin wai-e, 243 Shippen 
Bailey Moses, tavern, S E 16th and South 
Bailey Nathan &, So, conveyancers, 33 N 5th 
Bailey Peter, lab. Woodland n Park (W P) 
Bailey Richard, lab. 4 Marshall's ct 
Bailey Samuel, conveyancer, 440 N 10th 
BAILEY SAMUEL B., lumb. 20 Laui-el (C) &. 

2d wharf ab Catharine, h 69 Pine 
Bailey Sarah Ann, tailoress, St. John bel George 
Bailey Thos., grocer, 8 Jackson 
Bailey Thos., lab. South ab 12th 
Bailey Wm., dyer, Hanover bel Franklin (K) 
Bailey Wm., clerk, 125 Market 
Bailey Wni., grocer, 112 Bedford 
Bailey Wm. R., printer, 26 N 5th 
Bailey Wm. S., conveyancer, 33 N 5th 
Bailie Christiana, b h, 303 Arch 
Bailleul N. C, painter, 135 S 9th 
BAILY & BROTHER, carpet warehouse, 252 

Baily David, carp. 211 Buttonwood 
Baily Jacob, jr., iron foundiy. Broad ab Spring 

Garden, h Race n 16th 
Baily Joel J., mer. 69 Market, h 144 N 5th 
Baily Joshua L., mer. 101 Market, h 153 Filbert 
Baily Samuel L., mer. 252 Chestnut 
Baily Thos. L., mer. 252 Chestnut, h 153 Filbert 
Baily Thos W., mer. 216 Market, h 358 Green 
Baily Wm., watchmr. 216 Market, h Spring Gai-- 

den ab 11th 
Baily Wm. L., mer. 252 Chestnut, h 153 Filbert 
Baily Wm. 8c Son, jewellers, 216 Market 
Bain Benj., weaver, 1 Hope (K) 
Bain George M., jr., clerk, 3 Montgomery 
Bain Henry, jeweller, 24 Hallowell 
Bain Jas. H., casenu'. 11 Paul 
Bain John, clerk, Salmon bel Richmond (R) 
Bain John L., lab., 527 N 5th 
Bain M. Mrs., milliner, 268 Chestnut 
Bain Richard, cartel-, Nixon bel Pratt 
Bainbridge Radcliffe, cordw. Hanly's ct 
Bainbridge Robei-t, tailor, rear 247 Shippen 
Bainbridge Susan, 320 Walnut 
Baines Chas. J., clerk, 52 S Front, h Poplar W 

Bains Edward, salesman, 4 N 3d, h Woodab 5th 
Bains Geo. B., trunkmr. 6 N 4tha7id 92 Market, 
h 328 Franklin 

Bains Henry B., trunkmaker 92 Market, h 220 

Bains Margaret, teacher, 132 New Market 
Bair Fred., baker, Dewitt ct (K) 
Baird Alex., printer, 9 George, h 283 N 7th 
Baird Andrew, watchman, 2 Jones 
Baird & Cunningham, soap and cand. 74 South 
Baird Danl., chandler, Florida 
Baird David, tavern, N E 11th and Federal 
Baird David, blacksm. Harmstead 
Baird Geo., carp, rear William n 18th 
BAIRD HENRY C, publisher and bookseller 

7 Hart's buildings, h Pine bel Broad 
Baird James, grocer, N E 13th and Shippen 
BAIRD JAMES, Southwai-k Hotel, S W 2d & 

Baird James, di'ayman. Wood and Nixon 
Baird Jas., queensware, S E South &. Shippen la 
Baird Jas., shop, 163 Shippen 
Baird James, porter, 98 Market 
Baird John, tavern, Lancaster Pike n 6th (W P) 
Baird John, tavern, 5 South W Broad 
Baird John, grocer. Otter and School (K) 
Baird John, collector, 118 Green 
BAIRD JOHN, marble works, R av ab Sp Gar- 
den, h Sp Garden ab 13th 
Baird John, carter, Hamilton n 20th 
Baird J. & M., marble works, R road bel Green 
Baird Marg., vestmr. 73 Otter (K) 
Baird Mary, 2 Wistar's ct 
Baird Matthew, clerk, 10th ab Washington 
Baird Robert, shoe store, S E Lombard 8c 20th 
Baird Thos. R., contractor, 451 Brown 
Baird Wm., manuf. UN Front, h 124 Beach (K) 
Baird Wm. H., currier, Georg-e bel Apple 
Baird Wm. M., mer. 53 S Del av, h 107 Pine 
BAIRD WILLIAM M. 8c CO., com. mers. 53 S. 

Del av 
Baird Wm. S., mer. 43 N 3d 
Bairstow Wm., wool sorter, 662 N 2d 
Baish A., Wheelwt. rear 607 N 6th 
Baiston John, coachmr. Smith's ct 
Baitzel Geo., printer, 5th bel Federal 
Baitzel Wm., cordw. F. road ab Huntingdon (K) 
Bakcly Chas., skinner, 28 Beaver (K) 
Bakeman F., blacksm. 456 N 4th 
Bakeoven Elijah, Queen bel Vienna (K) 
Bakeoven Geo., fisherman, AVood ab Queen (R) 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, rear Queen below 

Wood (K) 
Bakeoven Jno., fisherman. Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Bakeoven Pet., fisherman. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Bakeoven Wm., fisher'n. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Baker Abigail, 217 Swanson 
Baker Abraham, mer. 2 S 5th, h 166 Arch 
Baker Adeline, Mrs., 6 Rugan 
Baker Alfred G., clerk, 166 Arch 
Baker Ambrose, chairmr. 82 Culvert 
Baker Andrew, engineer, 7th below Haverford 

(W P) 
BAKER ANDREW J., pawnbroker, 252 South 
Baker Anna, shop. Beach n Weaver (K) 
Baker Anthony, chairmr. Perkinpine pi 
Baker A., blacksm. F road and York 
Baker A. Mrs., 29 Cadwallader (R) 
Baker Benj., rigger, S W Front and South 
Baker Benj., printer, Aspin n 7th (W P) 
Baker Benj., 236 N 4th 




Raker Benj., lab. North ct 

Baker B. C., vineg-ar, 170 N 5tli 

Baker Cath., 38 Castle 

Baker Catharine, 565 Vine 

Baker Chalkley & Son, ward house, N W 9th 
and Cherry 

Baker Chas., Broad bel Chestnut 

Baker Charles, morocco dr. 33 Marg-aretta, h 
Front ab Poplar 

Baker Charles, cabinetmr. rear 592 N 3d 

Baker Chas. E., g-ent., 185 S 3d 

Baker Charles H., merchant, 57 S 4th, h 310 

Baker Chas. H., jr., com. mer. 17 Chestnut, h 
310 Arch 

Baker Charles M., painter, 155 Marshall 

Baker Con'd, waterman, Bishop bel Queen (K) 

Baker Conrad P., fisherman. Queen ab Vienna 

Baker Cor's, g-rocer, Cadwalader & Little Green 

Baker Daniel, currier, 4 Nectarine 

Baker Daniel, lab. rear 87 S 6th 

Baker Daniel, watchman, Bath and Sorrell (R) 

Baker Daniel M., combmr. Hope ab Frank- 
lin (K) 

Baker David, 9 Marion 

Baker Edward, sailmr. 4 York 

Baker Edward, lampmr. 35 N 17th 

Baker Eliza, washer, rear 300 S 3d 

Baker Eliza Ann, 7th and Brown 

Baker Elizabeth, Carroll ab 13th 

Baker Elizabeth, Prime ab M road 

Baker Elizabeth J., 95 Buttonwood 

Baker Elizabeth, varieties, N E 12th & Spruce 

Baker Elizabeth, 166 Arch 

Baker Enoch T., upholsterer, 64 S 4th 

Baker Ernst, blacksmith, F road and Price 

Baker E. G. A., jeweller. Branch & 4th, h 328 

N 6th 
Baker Frances, type founder, 270 S 6th 
Baker Francis, tjqie founder, 153 S Front 
Baker Frederick, tailor, rear 79 Po]dar 
Baker Georg'e, baker, Dorothy W 19th 
Baker Gcorg-e, casemr. 66.} S 4th 
Baker Geo., hair dresser, 215 Chestnut 
Baker Geo. C, fisiierman. Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Baker Geo. J., tailor, 207 Chestnut, h P road ab 

Baker Geo. N., lumb. mer. S W 5th and Brown, 

h 106 Marsiiall 
Baker Geo. V., tailoi, 4 Grey's ct 
Baker Hannah, 3 Ilentsliler 
Baker Henry, coal yard, Sch Willow bel Locust, 

h Locust n 20th 
Baker Henry, tailor, 9th and Wallace 
Baker Hezekiah, eng-incer. West (U) 
Baker PL, .stone mason, Marljie (F V) 
Baker H., manuf. Brown bel Hanover (K) 
Baker H., I)lacksm. Palmer bel Franklin av (K) 
Baker H. A., stone cutter, Olive n 18th 
Baker Isaac F., lamp manuf. 176 Chestnut, h 

393 Arch 
Baker Isaac N., currier, h 21 Wistcr 
B;iker Israel, .saddler, Princeton pi 
Baker .lacob, cordw. SpaflTord 
Baker Jacob, seg'armr. 167 N 2d, h Perry above 

Franklin (K) 
Baker Jacob, tailor, 64 Plum 

Baker Jacob G., carp. 402 Brown 
Baker Jacob L., drug-gist, 132 N 3d, h 252 Fil- 
bert * 

Baker Jaines, coachman, 9 Raspberry 
Baker Jas., mer. 18 New Market 
Baker Jarius, mer. 43 N Delaware av, h 18 New 

Baker Jesse, bandbox mr. 21 Bank, h 7th above 

Baker John, ropemr. Franklin bel Cherry (K) 

and 5th ab Georg-e 
Baker John, acct. 17 Spruce 
Baker John, chairmr. 4 York 
Baker John, carp, reav 230 Shippen 
Baker John, lab. Duke ab Hanover (K) 
Baker John, ship carp. Palmer bel Franklin av 

Baker John, nutmr. 7 Quig-g-'s Row 
Baker John, weaver, Clj'mer bel Noi-ris (K) 
Baker John, milkman, 11th ab Thompson 
Baker John C. drug-gist, 100 N 3d, h Vine W 

of 17th 
BAKER JOHN C. & CO., drug-gists, 100 N 3d 
Baker John C, D. D., Coates ab Franklin 
Baker John C, ship carp. Somer's ct 
Baker John D., cooper, 3d and Cherry (K) 
Baker John F., lab. Rye n Mackey 
Baker John G., jr., di-ugg-ist. Queen and Marl- 
boro' (K) 
Baker John J., stoves, 205 N 2d, h 169 N 10th 
Baker John L., chairmr. Stiles ab Deacon 
Baker John R., mer. 150 Market, h 24 N 11th 
Baker Joseph, salesman, 120 N 14th 
Baker Joseph, sea capt., Bath and Sorrell (R) 
Baker Joseph, 9 York 
Baker Jos.,, baker, 153 S 6th 
Baker Jos., carman, Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Baker Jos., metals, 14 Rachel, h 5th ab Brown 
Baker Jos., harness mr. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Baker Joseph E., ag-ent. Deacon ab Girard av 
Baker Joshua, grocer, William & Pratt (F V) 
Baker J. & W.^ tobac. 167 N 2d 
Baker Lewis, blacksm. 88 Nectarine 
Baker L., com. merchant. Broad ab Race, h 585 


Baker Margaret, 376 N 7th 
Baker Margaretta, 309 S 8th 
Baker Maria, N W Almond and Front 
Baker Martha, 8 Cresson's al 
Baker Mary, gentlewo. 4 Catharine 
Baker Mary, 4 York 
Baker Mary Ann, 100 Beach 
Baker Mary Ann, Penn bel Maiden 
Baker Mary A., 10 Myrtle 
Baker Michael, ropemr. Crown below Franklin 

av (K) 
Baker Michael, lumber, 5th and Brown, h 115 

Baker Michael, 166 Aich 
BAKER MICn.\EL & CO., lumb. mers. S W 

5th and Bi-own 
BAKER MICHAEL V., gentleman, 7 Sansom 

ab 7th 
Baker Paul, printer, 4th bel Master (K) 
Baker Peter, lab. 4 Linden ct 
Baker Peter, ship carpenter Queen ab Vienna 

Baker Peter, drover, Poplar ab 16th 




Baker Peter, reed mr. Perry bel Master 
Baker Peter W.,' furnaces, 406 Market, h 7 

Montg-omery $ 

Baker Philip, Ian pmr. William's ct 
Baker Ruth H., 126 N 12th 
Baker R. H., feed store, Master and 6th 
Baker Saml., waterman, Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Baker Saml., cordw. 3 Steam Mill al 
Baker Samuel, fisherman, 221 Queen (K) 
Baker Simon E., machinist, 33 Beck 
Baker Susanna, 74 Crown 
BAKP:R & STETSON, shipping- mer. 43 N 

Del av 
Baker Sarah, Rose n William 
Baker Sarah, trimming-s, N E 9th and Wallace 
Baker Sarali, 74 Brown 
Baker Stephen G., acct. 109 N 3d 
Baker Sylvester J., book keeper, N E 6th and 

Baker S. C, carp. Prime & Front 
Baker Theodore, carp. 29 Cherry 
Baker Theo. W., Goldsmith's Hall 
Baker Thomas, 890 Vine 
Baker Thomas M., printer, 23 Marshall 
Baker Valentine, tailor, S W Water & Walnut, 

h 80 Shippen 
Baker Val., fisherman. Palmer he\ Queen (K) 
Baker Wm., seaman, 11 Union (S) 
Baker Wm., painter, 7 Rachel (N L) 
Baker Wm., seg-armr. 167 N 2d, h Perry above 

Franklin (K) 
Baker Wm., g-rocer, 31 Currant al 
Baker Wm., calnnetmr. Graff bel 12th 
Baker Wm., tailor, 5'^ Wood 
Baker Wm., tailor, 62 Washing-ton av 
Baker Wm., cordw. New Market n Brown 
Baker Wm., carp. 4 York 
Baker Wm. C, mer. 176 Chestnut 
Baker William U., eng-raver, 116 Che.stnut 
Baker William D., attv. and conn. 131 Vine 
Baker William E. S., 117 N Water 
Baker William G., wad. manuf. 19 N Front, h 

257 Buttonwood 
Baker William H., S W 16th and Arch 
Baker & Williams, furnace and rang-e manufs. 

406 Market 
Baker W. S., conveyancer, 33 S 5th, h 406 

N 13th 
Bakerfield John, morocco dresser, rear 31 Char- 
Bakerfield John, morocco dr., St. John n G T 

road (K) 
Bakey He-ster, washerw. 4 (lulielma 
Balarn Marrin, laborer, Lehigh (R) 
Balai-n William, dealer. Cedar bel Dauphin (R) 
Balbirnie Charles, dyer, 4 Cedar row 
BALCH THOMAS," atty. and coun. 30 S 5th, h 

6 Girard 
BALD, COUSLAND & CO., bank note engrs. 

74 Walnut 
Bald Daniel, chairmr., Hurtz bel Girard av 
Bald J. Dorsey, eng-raver, 74 Walnut, h 54 N 12th 
Bald Matthew, sjioemr, o5 Cherry 
Bald Miciiael, vict.. Hay and South 
Bald Roliert, g-ent. 54 N 12th 
Bald William R., g-rocer 2d and Poplar 
B.ilder.ston S. F., paper, 138 Sp Garden 
BaldJ:ig-er Jacob, tavern, 45 Prune 

Raldt Christian, Hanover n Duke (K) 
Maklt Frederick, cordw. rear 296 St John 
Baldt John, carp. 30 Elm (K) 
Baldt Mary, Hanover bel Franklin (K) 
Baldt William, carp., Hanover and Franklin 
Baldwin Adam, g-lass blower, Vienna bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Baldwin Andrew J., supt. Phlla. and Wilkes- 

barre Tel. Co. 101 Chestnut 
Baldwin Charles, saddle-tree mr., Willow ab 

11th, h 474 Callowhill 
Baldwin C. H., carp., Edwin and Grape (F V) 
Baldwin David, hj-icklay.. Wood ab 17th 
Baldwin Edwin, macht., 29 Cherry 
Baldwin Enocli, coacii trimmer, 13th ab Brown 
Baldwin Hanna, 314 Race 
BALDWIN ISAAC H., & CO., White Swan, 

108 Race 
Baldwin John ^Irs., Georg-e W Broad 
Baldwin Joseph, painter, 17 Jacoby 
Baldwin Joseph B., cordw., Beach ab Brown 
BALDWIN M. W., machinist, locomotive and 
engine builder, Broad and Hamilton, h 335 
Baldwin & Prudden, saddle-tree mrs.. Willow 

ab 11th 
Baldwin Stephen, mer., S W Front and Wal- 
nut, h 258 AValnut 
BALDWIN STEPHEN, & CO., com. mers., S 

W Front and Walnut 
Baldwin Sarah, 549 Walnut 
Baldwin Sarah, 233 Parrish 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, rear 49 N 7th 
Bale Israel, saddler, Princeton pi 
Balentine Samuel, weaver, Bailey's ct (K) 
Bales Amor, driver, 46 Winter 
Bales John E., acct., Winter E 21st 
Bales Paton, driver, 46 Winter 
Bales William, driver, 46 Winter 
Balimen John, laborer, Dyott's ct (K) 
Balkman Michael, laborer, Houston and Gaul 
Ball Alexander, boot jitter, 21 Lebanon 
Ball Ann, seamstress, 44 German 
Ball Ann, 12 Knig-ht's ct 
Ball A. W., mer. h 288 Che-stnut 
Ball Benjamin, g-ent. 709 Chestnut 
Ball Elizabeth, Loud bel 10th 
Ball Elizabeth J., confect. 458 Vine 
Ball Elizabeth M., 19th ab Chestnut 
Ball Georg-e, cabinctmr. 514 N Front 
Ball Georg-e, turner, 4 Elfreth's al 
Ball George H., clerk. Washing-ton ab 9th 
Ball Georg-e W. I., convey. 142 Walnut, h 67 

Ball Harvey, painter, 350 Master 
Ball Henry, jr., clerk 9 Merchant's Exchang-e, 

h 515 N 8th 
Ball Henry, ag-ent, 232 N 10th 
Ball Jacob, shoemr. 93 Dillwyn 
Ball James, boot fitter, 7 Marshall's ct 
Ball Jesse R., dry g-oods, N W 4th and Queen 
Ball John, bootfitter, Grubb 
Ball John R., carp. 24 S Marshall 
Ball Joseph S., painter, 142 Federal 
Ball J. R., shoes, 372 S 2d 
Ball J. R. J., moulder, 15th and Say 
Ball Martin D., ag-ent, 20 S Delaware av 
Ball Mary, 16 Chatham 




Ball Richard, weaver, Federal ab 12th 

Ball Richard G., stoves, Kates 

Ball Richard M., clerk, 83 Market, h 169 But- 

Ball Samuel II., laborer, rear 590 Poplar 
Ball Samuel P., carp., 458 Vine 
Ball Sarah, sempstress, 82 Swanson 
Ball Sarah, sempstress, 119 Plum 
Bull Stephen, blacksm., Warren bel Pine 
Ball William, glass cutter, 13 Drinker's al., h 

Crown ab Duke 
Ball William S., capt., 26 Arch 
Ballanger Catharine, 135 N 5th 
Ballard Brown, brickmr. 9 Florida 
Ballard Hager, S E Locust and Quince 
Ballard John, waiter, 33 Prosperous al 
Ballard John, seaman, 10 Middle al 
Ballard John, mer. 179 Market, h Washington 

Ballbeck David, stonecutter, Washington and 

M road, h 106 M road 
Ballenger Aaron, salesman, 10 Little Crown 
Ballenger Jacob, blacksm. 4 Winter's ct 
Ballenger James, plasterer, 3d ab Redwood 
Ballenger Thos., plasterer, 6th bel Washington 
Ballenger Wesley, carp., Weaver n Green, h 7tli 

ab Jefferson 
Ballenger William, 417 S 3d 
Ballier John ¥., tavern, S W 4th and Brown 
Ballinger Charles, laborer, 909 N 8th 
Ballinger Mary, shoe binder, rear 200 Queen 
Ballinger Thos., skin dresser, 335 Cailowhill 
Ballinger Thomas, carp. 7 Mark's la 
Bailor Pliilip F., pianomr. 197 S 4th 
Balls William IL, rigger, 58 Federal 
Bulmain George, envelop manuf. 1 Ranstead pi., 

h 540 S 4th 
Balsh Thomas, attorney, 6 Girard av 
Bait Hcnrv, cabinetmr., F road ab York (K) 
BOAT CO. 19 S Delware av 
BALTZ CHARLES, Matamora Hall, 183 N 2d 
Baltz Da\ id, cordw., Bedford bel Broad 
BaUz & Eckert, tailors, 355 N 3d 
Baltz Frederick, barber. West ab Houston 
Baltz Frederick, tailor, 355 N 3d 
Baltz Henry, butcher, Mifflin ab Oxford (K) 
Baltz Henry W., carp.. Grape n 7th (W P) 
IJaltz J. P.,'brewery, 340 N 3d 
Baltzer George, varnisher, 377 Marshall 
Bamberger Adam, baker, 277 S 4th 
Bambrey William G., 200 Randolph 
Bambrey William J., turner, 83 Race 
riamford Roljert, blacksm., York (R) 
{amount Henry, laborer, rear 115 N 14th 
Hamount J., 7 Alway 
IJanber William, engraver, Coates n 20th 
Bance J., shop 262 S 6th 
Handler A. V., tailor, Broad ab Locust 
Uancker Charles G., Sec. Franklin Fire Insur. 

Co. 163^ Chestnut 
Bancker Cliarles N., Prest. Franklin Fire Insur. 

Co. 163i Chestnut 
Bancroft Addison, di-ygoods, 124 Arch, h 158 


Bancroft Danl., sea captain, 151 S Wa.shington 
Bancroft Edward, macliine shop. Beach ab Han- 
over, h Hanover bel Bedford (K) 

BANCROFT GEORGE H., painter, 533 W 

Bancroft G. K., blacksm.. Christian and P road 
Bancroft Henry, carp., Morris n 2d 
Bancroft Harvey, mer. 9 N 3d, h 13 St. John 
Bancroft James, capt., 15th bel Lombard 
Bancroft John, blacksm.', 125 Christian 
BANCROFT JOHN & SON, soap and cand. 

manuf 19 Wood, and 5 N 6th 
Bancroft John, jr., soap manuf. 19 Wood, h 24 

St. John 
Bancroft Lvdia, 260 N 7th 
BANCROFT, LEE & CO., trimmings, 9 N 3d 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 15 Winter 
Bancroft M. & E., trimmings, 4^ N 8th 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksm., 13 Decatur, h 11 

Bancroft R. F. & G. K., blacksmiths, 13 Deca- 
tur and 6th and P road 
BANCROFT & SELLERS, machinists, Penn- 
sylvania av. n 16th 
Bancroft William, bookkeeper, 65 Tammany 
Bandnew Joseph H., carp. 174 Federal 
Bane Bernard, bartender, h 31 Juniper 
Bane Joseph, stones, 4th and Johnston's la 
Baner Benj. & Samuel, confects. 474 Poplar 
Baner Jame.s, carp. 268 Poplar 
Baner Mark, carter, Little Crown bel Green 
Baner William, cordw. N 12th ab Vine 
Baner William, cordw. 10 Prime 
Baner William R., clerk, 21 Hibberd 
Baners B C, inatron nurses home, 337 Race 
Banes Ann, 134 N 11th 
Banes Benjamin C, carp, 92 Mechanic 
Banes Charles, turner, 4th bel Franklin 
Banes Charles H., salesman, 162 Market, h 132 

New Market 
Banes C. J., mer.. Poplar W 15th 
Banes Hannah, 222 Wallace 
Banes James, carp. 268 Poplar ab 4th 
Banes Tlioma.s, coach springmr. 130 and 132 

New Market 
Banes W. A., carter, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Banfield James, mor. dress. 15 Charlotte 
Banford Martha, 18 Erie 

Banford Saml., macht., Shippen la bel Bedford 
Bangart John, turner, 446 Apple (K) 
Banger George S., conveyance, office 665 N 2d, 

h 274 Franklin 
Banger T., 39 Madison 
Banger William, clerk, 851 Cailowhill 
Bangor Adam, baker, 6 Charles 
Bangor Thoma.s, mor. case mr., Wallace ct 
Bangs Andrew, mate, 9 Cox 
Bangs & Maxwell, com. mers. 14 S Front 
Bangs William, tanner. Pearl ab Nixon 
Bangs William H., convey, and brok. 44 Wal- 
nut, h 430 Poplar 
Bangs Wm. P., mer. 14 S Front, h 8 Montgomery 
Banigan James, tavern, G T road bel Master 
Banister David, 7 Nelson 
Banister Thomas, chandler, 1 Margaretta pi 
BANK OF COMMKKCI"-, 55 Chestnut 
liANK OF NOUIII AMERiCA,Chestnutab3d 

be) 3d 
Banker (;eorge, vict., Pike bel 6th (W P) 
Banker James, machinist, Johnston's la 




Ranker Lnnsing', shoemr., 11 Lanes ct 

Banker William, 199 Locust 

Banker William, bcilermr. Jarvis ab 2d 

Bankliead llobt., weaver, Leopard ab Franklin 

Bankhead Thomas, weaver, Otter ab Front (K) 

Banks Alexander, carp., rear 12 Rodman 

Banks Benjamin J., porter, 6th and Cherry 

Banks Emilv, teacher, h 17 Owen 

Banks Henry, 64 N 16th 

Banks James, convey. 3 Pearl 

Banks Mary, 445 Coates 

Banks Murrill, basketmr. 2 Bird's ct 

Banks Robert M., clerk, 312 Callowhill 

Banks Solomon, porter, 21 Quince 

Banks Thos. C, laborer, 22 AVashinglon (S G) 

Banks Wilson, laborer, McCormick ct 

Bankson Lloyd, g-ilder, 71 N 16th 

Bannen Anne, William n Oak (W P) 

Bannen Paul, carp.. Hutchinson bel Master (K) 

Bannen Rachel, rear 3 Eutaw 

Bannen William R., carp. 38 Lewis 

Banning- Christian, b. h., 31 Green 

Banning- James, lightning- rod mr., Hig-g-in's ct 

Banning- John, laborer, Higg-in's ct 

Banning- John, carp., Hutchinson ab Thompson 

Banning- William L., atty. and coun. 24 S 5th, 

h Broad ab Parrish 
Bannister David, blacksm., Adams ab F road 
Bannister E. M., milliner, 186 S 2d 
Bannister Joseph, mer. 5 N 2d 
Bannister Z., millinery, 186 S 2d 
Banson G. A., 353 Spruce 
Banson Richard W., 353 Spruce 
Banton William, boot cleaner, 104 Gaskill 
Baptist Eugene, cabinetmr. 33 Barclay 
Baratet Amelia, dressmr. 94 S 8th 
Barbary Annie, Court al. n Brown 
Barbary Mary, Court al. n Bi'own 
Barbazette Sophia, 308 S 4th 
Barbe Francis, tobact. )402 Chesnut ab 6th 
Barbelin Rev. Felix J., Willing-s al 
Barber Alexander, cordw., N E 13th & Filbei-t 
Barber Burtis, painter, N W Green & Franklin 
Barber, Conrow & Barber, dry g-oods, 211 N 2d 
Barber & Co., opts. S E 2d & Chestnut, up stairs 
Barber David, constable, 233 S 20th 
Barber Edward, paint, and g-laz. 292 Green, h 

520 N 8th 
Barber Edward, mer. 154 S 9th 
Barber Esther, milliner, 598 N 2d 
Barber George, plasterer, h 265 Marshall 
Bai'ber H. A., coal dealer, yard 9th ab Poplar, 

h 480 Coates 
Barber Jas., bricklr., 7th ab Haverford (M V) 
Bai'ber James, clock dealer, S E 2d and Chest- 
nut, h 404 N 10th 
Barber James, dealer, South bel 18lh 
Barber John, peddler. Otter n School 
Barber Joseph, machinist, 138 N 13th 
Barber J., 16th and and Grace 
Barber Richard, AVarren bel Mary (W P) 
Barber Robert V., bricklr. 207 Marlboroug-h 
Barber Samuel, bricklr. 532 N 12th 
Barber Samuel, carp. 154 S 9th 
Barber Samuel, tailor, 7 Elk (K) 
Barber Thomas, laborer, Gulielma 
Barber William, optician, Quany ab 2d, h 115 

Barber William, gent., 349 South 

Barber Wm., confect., Franklin ab Hope (K) 

Barber William, clerk, 190 Market 

Barber AVilliam, die sinker, Coates ab 20th 

Barber Wm. F., packer, Randolph ab Master (K) 

Bai-ber William W., 154 S 9th 

Barbery Thomas, laborer. Barker n 19th 

Barbet Alphonse, U. S. N., 190 Sp Garden 

Barbier Amable, furrier, 51 S 2d 

Barbier Francis W., tailor, 190 Race, h 5th ab 

Barclay Andrew C, mer., 40 N Delaware av., h 

147 Arch 
Barclay Cora, Shalcross W 21st 
Barclay C, gent., 267 Locust 
Barclay David, laborer, 3 Fisher's ct 
Barclay George, paver, 69 N 16th 
Barclay Henry, sexton St. Luke's, 9 Perry 
Barclay James J., atty. and coun., New Athene^ 

um, h 219 Spruce 
Barclay John, laborer, rear 562 Vine 
Barclay John K., grocer, 12th and Washington 
Barclay John K., mer. N W 3d and Callowhill 

h 147 Arch 
Barclay John M., 14 Portico sq 
Barclay Joseph, currier. Park bel Dauphin (K] 
Barclay Joseph O., capt., 15 Scheetz 
Barclay & Kennedy, mers. 40 N Delaware av 
Barclay Margaret, 105 Callowhill 
Barclay Robert, stove manuf. 1171 N 5th 
Barclay Robert, painter, 5 Little Pine, h 20f 

S 7th 
Barclay Robert, clerk, Phillip n Oxford '' 
Barclay Wm., bookbinder. Master ab 7th 
Barclay Wm., carp. Norris n 2d 
Barclay Wm. J., acct. 135 S Front 
Barclay Wm. R., tobacco, 63 N 3d, h 147 Arch 
BARCROFT, BEAVER & CO., dry goods, 165 

Barcroft S. B., mer. 163 High, h 2 Logan sq 
Barcroft Tunis Q., grocer, Tammany and York 

Barcus Catharine, 16th n CheiTy 
Barcus John, U. S. Mint, Carlton ab 20th 
Barcus Stephen, lab. Reeves ab 20th 
Bard Allen, carp. 7th and Poplar 
Bai-d Conrad, silversmith, 116 Arch, h S W 14tl 

and Vine 
BARD CONRAD & SON, silversmiths, IK 

Bard Edmund H., gold pen mr. 115 Market 
Bard E. Milford, silversmith, 116 Arch, h 215 

Bard Godfrey, lab. Houten's row 
Bard Joel, moulder, 809 G T road 
Bard Mary, 21 Chester 
Bard Sarah, washerw. rear 2 Ogden 
BARD & WILSON, gold pen mrs. 115 Markel 
Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, 46 I>ewis 
Bardcn Bernard, sailmr. 169 St John 
Bardcns John, lab. Bedford bel 13th 
Bardin Levi, capt. 361 S Front 
Bardsell Nicholas, cordw. 90 Hope (K) 
Bardsley James, store, locksmith, 882 Lombard 
Bardslcy John, books, 46 Arch, h Lombard 

Bardsley Robert, tin and sheet iron worker 

Wood bel 20th -' 




Barndt Henry, paper hanger, 3 Girard av 
Barndt Henry, wall paper, 159 N 3d, h 278 

Bamecout James, tailor, Shackamaxon and Bed- 
ford (K) 
Earned Absalom, clerk, 161 Sp Garden 
Earned Hannah, millinery, 161 Sp Garden 
BarneU Georg-e, drover. Vineyard n R R 
Barnervitz Theo., cabmr. 1 Mulberry al 
Barnes Abraham, g-ent. Randolph ab Franklin 

Barford Jos., moulder, 495 Brown 
Barford Thomas, moulder, 32 Duke (K) 
Barker Adeline, 244 S 11th 
Barg-er Eenj., morocco fin., William's ct 
Barg-er Eenj., cooper, 4 Dewitt's ct 
Barg-er Georg-e, watchman, 419 N 4th 
Barg-er George, police. Mechanic bel George 
Barger Jacob, cooper, Cadwalader bel Master 
Earg-er John, printei-, Penn bel Broad (S G) 

Barger John, watchman, 175 Brown , „..., j,^.... ..„.„,„,j,,. „.^ ^ ,,„ 

Barger Jos., painter. Ridge av ab Buttonwood ! Barnes Albert, Rev., Bridge n 6th (W P) 
Barger Wm., painter & glazier, Race and 11th, Barnes Alfred, morocco dr. 74 Maiden 

h 26 W North | Barnes Anna, dressmr. 23 Jacoby 

Barger Wm., brickmr. and tavern, 421 N 4th Barnes Catharine, nurse, 15 Nectarine 
Bai-gh Wm., mer. 52 Commerce, h 259 N 11th Barnes Charles, carp. Centre ab Brown 
Bargs Eliza, Houston ab West (K) JEanies Chas., sailmr. Eldridge's pi 

Bargs Maiy, Houston ab West (K) iBarnes Daniel, lab. Prime n Navy Yai-d 

Baringer Chas., carman, 1126 N 5th Bames Daniel, 5 Brown's ct 

Barington Geo, cab mr. 82 N Lewis Barnes & Denny, iron chest mrs., 3 Fetter la & 

Barker Abraham, broker, 16 S 3d, h 400 Spruce 144 N 2d ' 

BARKER, BROTHERS & CO, exch. brokers, Barnes Edw. F., tel. oper., 98 Chestnut, h 358 

16 S 3d 
Barker Calvin H., Shackamaxon ab Queen (K) 

Barker Catharine, 94 Plum 

Barker Elizabeth, 241 N 9th 

Barker Henrj-, plasterer, rear 2 Prime 

Barker Jacob, danc. master, 6th bel Carpenter 

Barker James, boot cutter, 78 N Lewis 

Barker Jesse, bootmr. Summer and 22d ^„ .^. ^ ., ^... ^., ,^„ ^, ^^i^. 

Barker John, paper carrier. Queen bel Ball (K) Barnes Jacob, carp. 600 Brown ab 13th 
Barker John, tavern, 308 Shippen j Barnes James, 144 N 2d and 3 Fetter la 

Barker John J., lumber mer. 638 Vine jEarnes James, boat builder, 61 Prime 

Barker John R., mer. 161 High, h 518 Chestnut Barnes James, captain, 68 Queen 

Barnes Francis W., Reed bel Church 
Barnes Geo. W., ship carp. Marshall ab 3d (S) 
Bai-nes Geo. W., painter, 39 Apple 
Barnes Hai-riet, 93 Gaskill 
Bames Henry, dealer, Steel 
Barnes Henry M., clerk, 117 Parrish 
Barnes H. F., M. D., 110 N 10th 

; Barnes James, coach trimmer. Hay ab 6tli 
Barnes James, plumber, 453 S 2d 
Barnes James M., watch case mr. 4 Eletts ay 
Barnes Jane, tailoress, 84 Shippen la 
Barnes John, carp. 4th ab Jefferson (K) 

Barker Joseph, tailor, P road ab Washington 
Barker Joshua, tailor, 769 Coates 
Barker Mary Ann, Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Barker Peter, shoemr. 9th bel Marriott 

Barker Peter, saddler, Girard av ab Lewis , ,,. _.. „„ „.„^.ow.. (^«; 

Barker Ftichd., book keeper, 41 S Front, h 191 Barnes John A., book binder, 222 Noble 

Catharine '" t_u.. -kt ^.t , ,-.i i — 

Barker Sarah, 5th bel Federal 

Barker Thomas S., printer, 241 N 9th 

Barker AVm., watennan, Lombard ab Beach 

Bark ley J;ls., tobacco, Rodman 

Bark man Jane, Sycamore ab Locust 

Barlow Ann, 15 Woodbine 

Barlow Benj., ink manuf. 5 Phoenix Block, h 

Reed bel Front 

Barnes John, N W 15th and Pine 
j Barnes John II., carman, 6th bel Montgomery 
j Barnes Joseph, corker, 10 Parham 
iBarnes Joseph, blindmr. Jackson n 
Barnes Joseph, plasterer. Centre bel Parrish 
Barnes Joseph, carp. Lewis W 17th 
Barnes Jos. B., carp. 66 George (S) 
Barnes J. E., farmer, 15tli and Pine 
Barnes Lucinda, washer, 38 Burd's ct 

Barlow Chas. E., ship join., Palmer bel Franklin i Barnes Martha, 2 Rent.shler ct 

n.ivlr.lir |...,i..c rv^.,«,.^ I J , „ llr-.H: 11 >• • 1_ 1,1 1 

Barlow James, manuf. Penna. av n William 
Barlow James H., vict. Sailor's ct 
Barlow John, artist, 550 Cedar 
Barlow Jos., pla.sterer, Woodbine bel Federal 
Barlow Thos., blacksm. 69 and h 67 Maiden 
Barlow Thos. A., plasterer, Wharton ab 3d 
Barlow Washington, carp. 37 Jidianna 
Barlsley Chri.stian, tailor, Amos pi (K) 
Barnard A. C, grocer, 11 Queen (K) 
Barnard Chas. G., coal, 150 Queen (K) 
Barnard James, tailor, Queen bel Hanover (K) 
Barnard John, 78 Lombard 
Bai-nard .loiin G., U. S. military engr, 33 S 5th 
Barnard Uobert, Carroll bel 13th 
Barnard Robert, jr., compositor, 37 Clark 
Barnard l{o!)ei-t W., printer, 10 Decatur, h 125 

Barndoll:ir Daniel, cooper, 48 Laurel (N L) 
Bamdollar Harriet, grocery, Otter n G T road 

Barnes Merrick, band box manuf. 6 Bread 

Barnes M. A., trimmings, 342 South 

Barnes Paul, cooper, 311 S Front 

Barnes P. C, barber, 141 N 3d 

Barnes Robert, lab. Watt 

BARNES RUFUS L., map pub, N E 7th and 

Market, h 390 Vine 
Rarnes Sanuul, hatter, Gobbert's ct 
Barnes Sanford, blacksm.. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Barnes Spencer, carman, 22 John 
Bi-.rncs Tlio.s., lab., Jeflenson n Philip 
Barnes Thos. T., weaver. Front n Cliatham (K) 
Rarnes Thornton, mer. 16th ab Cherry 
Barnes William, bricklr. 66 George (S) 
Barnes Wni., band boxnir. Auburn ab 8th 
Barnes Win., 77 (iarden 
B;tnu s Wni., grinder. Wood ab Gaul (K) 
Barnes Wm., 615 N 5th 
Barnes Wni., combmr. 9 Rachel 




Barnes Wm., sr., painter, 380 N 7th 

Barnes Wm., waterman, Reed bel Church 

Barnes Wm., moroc. dr., 1131 N 5th 

Barnes Wm. H., booksel. 84 N 3d 

Barnes Wm. W., printer, 48 Marriott 

Barnes W. W., baker, Catharine and P road 

Barnet Hannah, 4 Swanson 

Barnet John, paver, Cadwalhider ab Master (K) 

Barnet J., mer. 137 N Water 

Bai-nett Jas., hib. Murray ab 17th 

Barnett John, lab. Doro'thy E 20th 

Barnett Joseph, mer. 62 N whfs., h 59 N 7th 

Barnett Mary, 40 John 

Barnett Moses, waterman, 119 Swanson 

Bai-nett, Nesbit & Garretson, flour mers., 62 N 

Delaware av, and 129 N Water 
Barnett Robert, kib. rear 137 Phmi 
Barnett Richd., shop, 92 Shippen 
BARNETT THOMAS, starch manuf. 10th and 

P road 
Barnett Thomas, trankmr., rear Wheat ab Reed 
Barnett Wm., packer, Uunton bel Franklin (K) 
Barnett Wm., Fox's ct 

Bai-nett Wm., grocer, Duke and Hanover (K) 
Barnett Wm. F., carp. Lane's ct 
Barnett Wm. J., sawmr. Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Barnett Wm. P., trvmkmr. 58 N 4th, and 7 AVil- 

lovv, h 118 N 5th 
Barney Alonzo, tailor, S E 2d and Dock, h 19 

M road 
Barney Obed, oil manuf. h 207 Catharine 
Barney Wm. J., clerk, 52 S Front 
Barnhard Fred., cordw. 6 Quigg-'s row 
Bai-nhill Thos., cordw. South ab 15th 
Barnholt Elizabeth, 237 St John 
Barnholt Henry, vict., 15tli n Coates 
Barnhoh Henry, vict. Callowhill bel 20th 
Barnholt Wm., vict. Pleasant bel R road 
Barnholt Wm., mach. 590 Poplar 
Barnhurst Jos., sr., gent., Francis and 18th 
Barnhurst Joseph, jr., umbrella furniture manuf. 

Ann ab 19th (F V) 
Barnhurst Saml, g-ent., Powell (F V) 
Barnhui'st Thos., mach., Olive ab 13th 
Barnitt P., paper hanger, 507 S 2d 
Barnstead James H., clerk, Morris 
Barnstead Robert P., mastmr. 486 S 2d 
Barnstead Thos. S., dry g-oods, 45 N 2d, h 32 

S Washing-ton 
Barnwell Richard, cordw. 62 Brown 
Barnwell Robert, agent, 373 S 10th 
Barnwell Robert, bonnet presser, 5 N 10th 
Barou P. J., Alleghany House 
Baroux Natliuniel T., combmr. 30 N 6th 
Barr Alex., st. mason, 12 Anita 
Barr Anthony, shop, 172 Buttonwood 
Barr Chiules, blacksm. 8tli ab Plover 
BARR DANIEL, tavern, 139 N Front and 136 

N Water 
Barr Daniel, tavern, 8th bel P road 
Barr Felix, dealer, 203 G T road 
Barr Henry, drug-gist, 147 Coates 
BARIt HUGH, Globe Hotel, 42 S 6th 
Barr James, bookseller, 8 N 13th 
Barr James, clerk, Haines ab 12t]i 
Barr James, lab., S W South and Front 
Ban" James, lab., 18th bel Pine 
Barr Jane, 144 S 11th 

Barr John, weaver, 13th ab Federal 

Barr John, liquors, 260 S 21st 

Barr John, lab., Ringg-old bel Brown 

Barr John H., gunsm. Lemon bel 11th 

Barr Joseph, fisherman, Cathai-ine st wharf 

Barr Jo.seph, boilermr. 68 Hope (K) 

Barr Micliael, tavern, 95 N 3d 

Barr Niell, moulder, 27 Lafayette 

Barr Philip, lab. 141 Salmon (R) 

Barr Peter, plasterer, 8th and Dickerson 

Barr Robert, lab., 539 Catharine 

Barr Robert, Charles and Buttonwood 

Barr Robert, carp. 2 Stewiu-t 

Barr Robert J., jr., Charles and Buttonwood 

Barr Samuel, weaver, 23d ab Race 

Barr Samuel, liquor store, 861 South 

Barr Sarah, b h, 195 N 7th 

Barr Thos., tobacconist. Market ab 17th 

Barr Thos., salesman, 47 N Water 

Barr Washington, lab. Houston bel West 

Barr Wm., lab. rear 129 Plum 

Barr Wm., Mechanic n William 

Barr Wm., ropemr. 11 Alway 

Barr Wm., brickh". Brook n Coates 

Barr Wm., carman, 293 Parrish 

Barr Wm., g-rocer. South bel 13th 

Barras Alfred, butcher, Rubicam pi 

Barras Fredk., carp. 824 N 11th 

Ban-as John, 886 Vine 

Barras John B., jeweler, 226 High, h 17th and 

Banas Jos. J., jeweler, 25 E Noi-th 

Barras Wilhelmina M., 73 Log-an 

Barratt Caleb R., salesman, 141 Market 

Barratt Dorance, lab. Larch bel Ann (R) 

BARRATT JAMES & SON, com. mers. 85 S 

Delaware av, h 273 Pine 
Barratt John, lab. Salmon ab William (R) 
Barratt John, lab. Salmon ab Sommerset (R) 
Barratt T. E., min. painter, S E 5th & Chestnut 
Barren Sebastian, mach. Pleasant bel 13th 
Barret Henry, cordw. St John n George (K) 
Barrett Benj., pedler, Charles and Franklin 
Barrett Chas., 77 Wallace 
Barrett Chas. B., clerk, 77 Washington 
Barrett David, seaman. New Market ab Coates 
Barrett David L., mach. Quany ab 2d, h 9 

Barrett Debrisa, 76} Lombard 
Barrett Dorcas, Corn bel Marion 
Barrett Edward, saddler, 3 Lister's pi 
Ban-ett Eliza, cook, 12 Emeline ' 

Barrett Ellen, 32 Man-iott 
Barrett George, silversmith, 98 MulbeiTy 
Barrett Geo. W., mer. 194.] Market, h 2 Boston pi 
Barrett Hugh, shoemr. 27 N 4th 
Barrett James, blindmr. 3 Relief 
Barrett Jas., brushmr. 239 Market, h 493 N <th 
Barrett James, lab. 22 Green (C) 
Barrett Jane, washer, 6 M'Leod's pi 
Rarrett Jos., seaman, Clierry bel Franklin (K) 
Barrett F. V., 534 N 2d 
Barrett Patrick, carder, Sutherland av 
Barrett Itichd., lab. Alder and Tlionipson 
Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, 274 Market,' 

h 146 S 10th 
Barrett Wm., police, 7 Faries' ct 
Barrett Wm., harness mr.. Park & George (W P) ' 





BaiTett Wm. P., printer, Crawford's ct 
Barringlon Andw. T., salesman, 102 Chestnut 
Barring^on Edmond, printer, 27 N 6th, h 35 

5 18th 

HARRINGTON & HAS WELL* bookseUei-s, 27 

N 6th 
Barring-ton John, ship joiner, 28 Catharine 
Biirrish Michael, cordw. 91 Shippen 
Barrite Geo. B., g-ent. Mechanic bel Franklin 
Barron Benj. M., pilot, Marlboro' bel Bedford 
Barron Daniel, carter, Bedford W Broad 
Barron Edw., lab. Larch bel Ann 
Barron Elizabeth, shop, 161 Pine 
Barron Georg-e, mer. 174 N 3d, h 336 N 6th 
Barron Hiram, shoemr. Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Barron Jacob, wheelwt. Lemon ab 10th 
Barron James, lab. 17th bet Christian and Car- 
Barron John, shoemr. 17th bel Pine 
Barron John, lab. 4 Charles 
Barron John D., acct, 37 Bank 
Barron John P., hosiery, 63 S 8th 
Barron Michael, carp., 148 Marlboroug-h 
BaiTon Michl., weaver, Bedford & Shippen 
Barron Philip, stone cut. Story near 7th (W P) 
Barron Philip, stonecut., Nixon bel Pratt 
Barron Wm., blacksm., rear 110 Catharine 
Barron Wm. R., carp., 38 N Lewis 
Barron & Ming-en, oyster saloon, 262 N 2d 
Barrott Samuel H., barbeer, 107 N 9th 
Barrows A., iron found.. Front & Reed, h Front 

bel Navy Yard 
Barrow John, Lancaster Pike ab Westminster 

av (W P) 
Barrowes Nelson, sawj^er. Front & Reed 
Barry Abraham, carp. St. John ab Beaver (K) 
Barry Ann, 20 Dean 
Barry Catharine, Seniff & Schuyl. Beach 
Barry David, cordw., 284 S 6th 
Barry David H., cooper, rear 264 Poplar 
Barry Garrett, lab., 5 Bell's ct 
Barry Hannah, b h, 4 Ranstead pi 
Barry Henry, carp., 85 S Carpenter 
Barry Israel, lab., Jarvis ab 2d 
Barry James, bookbind., 885 N 8th 
Barry James, lab. Lced's av 
Bany James, lab., rear 7 Federal 
Barry James, tailor, 4 Central pi 
Barry James L., assist. H. of Refug-e, h N E 7th 

6 Arch 

Barry John, chairmr., 1 Harper's pi 

Barry Jolin, weaver, 848 N 2d 

Barry John, clerk, 113 Chestnut 

Barry John, weaver, Philip ab Oxford 

Barrv John L., hardware, 184 R road ab Sp 

Garden, h 198 Parrish 
Barry John H., turner, Jettoi-son ab 6th 
Barry Josepli, g-ent., 246 S 8tli 
Barry .Joseph, printer, 41 Walnut 
l$arry Julia, dress nu"., 154 S 4th 
Barry J. B., convey., 93 S 3d, h 10th bel South 
Barrv Lawrence, chairmr., 1 Clynier 
Barry L. Mrs., 342 N 13th 
Barry Mich., lal)., 348 Lombard 
Barry Michl., lab., Lewis be! Jefferson (S G) 
Barry Michl, carp., 20 Dean 
Barry Patrick, acct., 15 Bank, h 653 N 2d 
Barry Samuel, n»es.sen{jer, h 18 Latimer 

Barry Samuel, watchman, Hamilton ab Nixon 
Barry Thomas, lab. L Washing-ton near 10th 
Barry Thos., salesman, 15 Bank 
Barry Wm., tobacconist, 34 Hallowell 
Barsantee H. J., Beach (K) 
Barstow James, carp., 6 Linden (K) 
Bar.stow Joseph M., dentist, 45 N 11th 
Barstow Wm., baker, 45 N 11th 
Bartalott & Blynn, hatters, 71 N 3d 
Bartalott Georg-e, hatter, 71 N 3d, & Callowhill 

bel 3d 
Bartenback John, baker, 354 S 2d 
Barth Edwd., ball manuf., 7th bel Rroad (W P) 
Barth Edward, bal. manuf h Melon ab 9th 
Bai-th Gottlieb M., mach.. Elk near Otter (K) 
Barth John, shoem., 2 Fre}'tag-'s al 
Barth John F., mach., 15th bel Parrish 
Barth Susan W., b h., 15th bel Parrish 
Bartholomew A., acct. Cherry E 16th 
Bartholomew Chas., lampmr., 13th & Brown 
Bartholomew George, lamp maker, Powell bel 

Ann (F V) 
Bartholomew G. W., g-rocer, N W 13th and Par- 
Bartholomew Jacob, carp., 486 S 4th 
Bartholomew Jos., vict., 47 N Lewis 
Bartholomew Marg-ai-et, 47 Lewis (S G) 
Bartholomew Susan, 226 Vine 
Bartholomew Thomas, rear 63 N 4th 
Bartholomew Thos,, 22 Marion 
Bartine Danl. W., Rev., 99 N 8th 
Bartis Henry, di'ug-g-ist, Coates ab Franklin 
Bartis John, steward, 92 Gaskill 
Bartle Henry, cordw., 194 N 13th 
Bartle H. G., stove manuf., 207 N Front 
Bartle Jacob, Pcnn ab 13th, h Coates n 13th 
Bartle James D., coppersmith, 9 Myrtle 
Bartle Jesse, cooper, Coates ab 13th 
Bartle John, spar mr., Allen &. F i-oad 
Bartle Wm. T., jr., sparmr., Shackamaxon bel 

Bartleman John W., acct. 68 Walnut, h 215 Pine 
Bartleson Benj. H., jeweller, 15 Charles (S) 
Bartleson Jame.s, g-as fitter, 4 Olive 
Bartleson James, dentist, 64 S 11th 
Bartleson James, gas fitter, 4 Olive 
Bartleson Lewi.s, carp., Winter ab 21st 
Battleson Elizabeth, 199 Spruce 
Bartlett Edw. M., clerk post ofiice, h 326 S 4th 
Bartlett Elizabeth, sempstress, 49 George (S) 
Bartlett Enocli, g-rocer, N W 11th and M\rtle 
Bartlett Jas., mariner, 28 Spruce 
Bartlett Jas. D., oysters, 189 S 4th 
Bartlett .lob, bricklayer, S W 13th and Filbert, 

h 449 (Jallowhill 
Bartlett John, dealer, 177 St. John 
Hai-tlett Matilda, b h., 426 Spruce 
Bartlett Wm. G., blacksm., Allen's ct 
Bartlett Thos. II., liim nur., V road ab Vienna 
BARTLETT & HKYNOLDS, warm air fur- 
naces, 13tli and Filbert 
Bartlev Jane, 123 N 16th 
Hartley John, clothin;^, 253 Cedar 
Hartley Jolm, lab., 2Utii n .Vi'urket 
Hartley John, blacksm.. Burden's ct (K) 
Hartling- C. ('., Hroad n Brown 
Hartling- Eliza, nurse, 162 N 15th 
Hartman Jacob, carp., Hancock ab Franklin (K) 




Bartman John W., bookeep., 68 Walnut, h Pine 

bel 13th 
Bartol B. H., 276 Soutli 10th 
Barton A. S. W., currier, Parrish ab Broad 
I5arton & Boulton, grocers, S E 3cl and Green 
Barton Ellen, music teacher, 9 Winter 
Barton Edward, teacher, 243 Spruce 
Barton George, hatter, 29 German 
Barton Georg-e, lab., 188 Shippen 
Barton Hetty & Elizabeth, Broad bel Chestnut 
BARTON ISAAC, grocer, 137 N 2d,h 30 Race 
Barton Isaac & Co., dry g-ood.s, 27 S 2d 
Barton James, gi-ocer, S E 3d and New, h 123 

Barton Jas., 5J S 11th 
Ballon John, clerk, 147 N 3d 
Barton John, dealer, N E 7th & Bedford 
Barton John, lab., 1 Ball Alley 
Barton John, b h., 333 Market 
Barton John, hatter, 138 S 5th 
Barton John, cabinetmr., 108 S 2d 
Barton John, 9 Winter 
Barton Joseph, hatter, 38 George (S) 
Barton J. Hervey, conveyancer, 216 Sp Garden 
Barton J. Riiea, M. D., S. W. 14th & Chestnut 
Barton Lewis, wheeh-ight 3 Palmer 
Barton Mary, 3 Carberry 
Barton Mary, 172 S 4th 
Barton Rebecca, 172 S 4th 
Barton Robert, com. mer., 25 S Front, h 11th ab 

Barton Samuel & Co., grocers, S E 3d and New, 

h 67 Vine 
Barton Thos., gent., 29 N 13th 
Barton Thos., jr., printer, 29 N 13th 
Barton Thos., "carp., 274 S Front 
Barton Thomas, lab., Marlboro ab Queen (K) 
Barton Thos., carter, Burton 
Barton Wm., lab., Williams' ct 
Barton Wm., 449 N 2d 
Barton Wm., carter, rear 449 N 2d 
Barton Wm., grocer, 431 Market, h S W 11th 

Barton Wm. J., carp., 100 William near 21st 
Barton Wm. P. C, M. D., 519 Chestnut 
Bartram Isaac, salesman, 14 N 2d 
Bartram Jame5, gent, rear 264 S 3d 
Bartram I.ewi.s, tanner, Pliilip ab Columbia (K) 
Bartram Rebecca, gcntw., 150 N 12th 
Bartram Samuel D., mer., 14 N 2d, h 262 N 7th 
Barts Martin, lab. Sower's ct (K) 
Barwell William, segarmr., 137 N 11th 
Bascone Joscpli, ship carp. Saranack n M road 
Bascone Rosai-nio, mariner, 43 Mead 
Baskerville, Jas., tailor, 41 Gaskill 
Ba.sketter Jas., tailor, 1 Owen 
Basketter & Foweller, feed,N E South & Broad 
Baslar John G., baker, 176 Fine 
Basley Edwd., clerk, 41 S 6th 
Basley Heni-y, cordw. Federal bel P road 

Basley ,' gent., 41 S 6th 

Basley John Wni., whf. builder, 25 Crown (K) 

Basley John, whf. build. Vleiuia ab Duke 

Bass Mary, b ii, Vaughan n Locust 

Bass Samuel B., hair dresser, 12th bel Spruce 

Ba-ss Sarah, Miss., tailoress, Vaughan n Locust 

Biws Wm. A., collector, 35 Pratt 

Basser A., furniture, 257 S 5th 

Bassett Agy, washer, rear Beford ab 12th 
Bassett A., carter. Earl bel West (K) 
Bassett Daniel, weaver, 63 Howard (K) 
Bassett Hannah, tailoress, 84 Culvert 
Bas.sctt Henry, cook, 68 Quince 
Bassett Hester Ann, dressmr. 248 Barley 
Bassett Isaac, carp., 214 Federal 
Bassett Jacob, ship joiner. Ash ab Queen (K) 
Bassett Josiah, salesman, 5th and Wood 
Bassett Maria, 81 Green 
Bassett Peter, lab., 88 S 4th 
Bassford Abraham, billiard saloon, 169 Chestnut 
Basso Ann, shop, 28 Fitzwater 
Basso Daniel, printer, 72 Jarvis ab 2d 
Basteret Geo. T., musician, 24 Marion 
Bastian Edwin, cooper, 366 Wharton 
Bastian Geo., gent., S E 7th and Spruce 
Bastian Geo., gardener, P road bel Wharton 
Bastian John, cabinetmr., 123 Shippen 
Bastian John, potter, 334 S 13th 
Bastian Mary A., wood, 545 S 8th 
Bastian Moses, tav.N E Swanson & Washington 
Bastian M., tavern, 24 Swanson 
Bastian Joseph, seaman, 545 S 8th 
Bastian Joshua, paper hangei". Auburn 
Bastian Washington, 122 Chestnut 
Bastian Wm., lab., P road ab Federal 
Bastible Danl., st. mason, Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Bastible E., stone mason, Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Bastible J., .stone mason, Pratt bel Logan ( W P) 
Baszler Christ., Randolph and Franklin. 
Batchell Ann, Winter W 16th 
Batchelder Alexander S., messenger, 20 New 
Batchelor Wm., segar mr., 203 N 3d 
Bateman James, mer., 66 S Front 
Bateman Joel B., seaman, 33 Green 
Bateman John, carter, 205 Parrish 
Bateman S., cabinetmr., 124 South 
Bateman Wm., cabinetmr., 332 S Front 
Bates Allen, blacksm.. Larch ab Wallace 
Bates Bartine, morrocco dresser, 275 N 10th 
Bates Benj., tobacconist, Randolph ab Parrish 
Bates Charles, lab., Huntingdon ab Duke (R) 
Bates & Coates, importers, 9 Chuixli al 
Bates D., 317 Race 
Bates Daniel U., Rev., 615 N Front 
Bates David, ex. broker, 17 S 3d, h 310 Coates 
Bates George, tinman, 12 Madison 
Bates Geo., lozenge-s, Duke bel Palmer CK) 
Bates Geo., tailor, 70 Randolph 
Bates Geo., watchman, Penn ab Poplar 
Bates Geo., cordw., 34 Clinton (K) 
Bates G. L., grocer, N W Poplar and Charlotte 
Bates Hannali, 248 Beach (K) 
Bates Isaiah, stovemr., 317 Race 
Bates Jacob, boots and shoes, 96 S 2d, h Wash- 
ington bel 3d 
Bates James, gent., 195 S 11th 
Bates John, baker, 433 N 5th 
Bates John, lab., 24 South 
Bates Josepli R., cabinetmr., 10 Beck (S) 
Bates Joseph S., clci-k, 20th ab Race 
Bates Joseph T., bookseller, Mer. Exchange, h 

478 Brown 
Bates Joseph W., mer., 9 Church al, h Chestnut 

W 18th 
Bates Margaret, linen, 133 S 4th 
Bates Matild:^ 21st and Carlton 




Bates Rebecca, 13 Howard 

Bates Robert C, ag-ent, Alleghany house 

Bates Robert, cordw., 131 S 9th ' 

Bates S,, Thompson and 16th 

Bates Sarah J., teacher, Larch and Maple (R) 

Rates Sarah, 20th ab Race 

Bates Wm., cai-p., Federal ab 11th 

Bates Wm., shoemr., Houston bel West (K) 

Bates Wm. J., coachman, Duke n Cheny (K) 

Bateson John, carp., 8th bel Shippen 

Baton Aug-ustus, J., 344J S 4th 

Batson E., 491 Brown ab 13th 

Batt David, lab., 17th. and Sp Garden 

Batt John P., clerk, School ab Rose (K) 

Batteaux Elizabeth, shop, Barclay, bel 15th 

Battersby Wm., lab., Huston and R road (R) 

Battin John, sculptor, 388 Georg-e 

BATTIN SAMUEL, g-rocer, S W 2d & Noble 

Battin & Cope, grocers, Callowhill and 2d 
Battis Chas., lab., Moore bel Chuixh 
Battis John, oysters. Spruce street wharf, h 72 

Battis Nicholas, fisherman, 31 Prime 
Battis Susan, Allen bel Hanover (K) 
Batts Elijah, cordw., Otter ab F road (K) 
Batts H., coal dealer, rear 200 Queen 
Batts John, Wister's ct 
Batts Jolin, boot mr., 227 St. John 
Ratturs Samuel Archer, ag-ent, 19th ab Market 
Batturs Chas., waiter, Edward n School 
Batty George, contractor, Hanover bel Phoenix 
Batty Saml., cabinetmr., Front and Phoenix 
Bauckman Wm., carp., 246 St. Joiin 
Baude Stephen R., blacksm. Ton al, and 106 

Swanson, h N E 2d and Wharton 
Bauder Jacob F., provisions, 401 S Front 
Bauder Fred., cordw., 185 Callowlilll 
Bauer C, t;ivern, 11 Decatur 
Bauer Fred., 124 Charlotte 
Bauer P'red., lag-er beer, 523 N 4th 
Bauer Georg-e M., baker, 187 Callowhill 
Jlauer G. L., baker, 81 Buttonwood 
Bauer Herman, confect., 3d and Franklin 
Bauer Jacob F., tailor, 77 Shippen 
Bauer John, pianomr., 319 Callowiiill 
Bauer John A., cabmr., 157 S 2d, li 26 Lombard 
Baucrbread C, baker, 195 N 17th 
Bauersach John N., 260 Market 
Bauersaciis L. C, importer 170 Market, h 60 S 

Baugh Catharine, 291 Vine 
Baug-h Franklin, atty. and conn., off 24 N 7tli, 

h School av. 
Baugh Geo., turner, 4 Elfretli's al 
Bau'g-h Harnuin, turner, 10 Sc 11 Elfreth's al 
Baugli Samuel, leatlier, 85 S 2d, li \79\ S 3d 
Baug-h Samuel, pia.sterer, 1» 177 Wood ab 9th 
Baug-h Wm., blacksm., 25 Elfretli's al 
Baubof .(olwi, lab., 63 Catharine 
Baulk I'red., whipmr., Franklin & Hancock (K) 
Baulk H., shoemr., (Jrown ab Bedford (K) 
Baulk Wm., carp., Franklin av is. Hanover (K) 
Baum Cliarks, book-keeper, 20 Cliurcli al 
Baiim Charles, spring- mattress, 137 N 6th 
Maum Ernst, cordw., 8 Beach ab Brown 
Baum Georg-e W., g-rocer, Mellon &. Barton, h 

35 Carroll 

Baum Hiram C, mer., 67 N 8th 

Baum Jacob, gunsm., 134 N 2d 

BAUM JOHN E., 67 S 12th 

BAUM J. S., coal yard, S W Broad & Arch 

Baum Saml., ostler, Oxford bel Broad 

Baum Wm., calico printer, Ralston ct 

Baum Wm., carp., 7 Lyndall's al 

Baumann Chas., locksmith, 196 Locust 

Baumann Henry, tailor, 11 Carleton 

Baumann J. Henry, baker, 40 George (S) 

Baumann Matthias, hotel, 239 G T road above 

Baumback G, boots and .shoes. Ridge av ab 12th 
Baumback Henry, cordw., 642 Poplar 
Baumgard Jacob, cordw., 65 Hope (K) 
Baumgartner Joseph, barber. Front bel Jeffer 

son (K) 
Baumgartner Jos., locksm. 5 S 13th 
Baumners C., att'y and coun., West n Earl (K) 
Baur Herman, confect., Franklin av and 3d (K) 
Baur Jos., hotel. West and Wood (K) 
Baurle Jacob, lab., Beaver ab 3d 
Baus Geo., cabtmr., rear 139 Catharine 
Bans John, carp., G T road and Little Poplar 
Bauzenberger Christ'n, pianomr. 5 Rowland's ct 
Bavington Jolin, o57 Green 
Bavis Daniel S., b h, 126 Shippen 
Bavis Edmond, compositor, Madison 
Bavis Saml., compositor, 458 S 2d 
Bawman Fredk., locksm., Hei-mitage 
l?awn Marv, 8 Lindsay's av 
BAXTER' ISAAC B. jr. & BROTHER, liard- 

ware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter De Witte C, engraver, 14 Morgan 
Baxter Florella, porter house, 666 N 2d 
Baxter George W., hardware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter Isaac B. jr., hardware, 64 Pine 
Baxter James C, carp. 6 Townsend's av 
Baxter John, grocer, S E 6th and Green 
Baxter Robt., lab., Queen ab G run (K) 
Baxter Saml., carp. 497 N 3d 
Baxter Samuel, rear 460 S 5th 
Baxter Sarah, 15 Enden's ct 
Baxter Thos., carp., Haverford n 9th (W P) 
Baxter Thos., carp. 9 S 18th 
Baxter Thos., currier, rear 484 N 3d 
Baxter Thomas E., hardware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter Wm., carter, Wharton bel 7th 
Baxter Wm., mer. 45 Market 
Baxter Wm. Q., cooper, 56 Queen 
Bayard Caroline, 372 W Chestnut 
Bavard Charles P., saddler, 324 S 2d 
B.\YAI{D C. P., broker, 5o Chestnut 
Bayard James, att'y and coun. 159 Walnut 
Bayard John, 53 Ciiestnut 
Bavard L\clia, waslier, 155 Lombai'd 
Bayard Richard B., 286 Walnut 
Bayard Hicliard II., 286 Walnut 
Bayard Wm., lab., Po|)lar ct 
Bayersdorfer M., trimmings, 508 N 2d 
Bayes James, oil manuf 15 Minor, h 20 N 18th 
BAYES JAMES & CO., rail road greiise and 

oil manufs., 15 Miiu)r 
Baylay Jolm, clerk, 12th ab Stiles 
Bavle Frank., gardener, 357 Fitzwater 
Bayle Nath., stoves, 808 G T road 
Bayle Pat., dyer, 34 Fidton 
Bayle Sanuiel, lab., Fulton 




Bayle Wm., gardener, Kelson al 

Bayles Peyton, driver, 7th bel Franklin 

Bayley Ann, Dean ab Locust 

Bayley John, prof, music, 12th ab Christian 

Bayley John, waterman, 18 Union (S) 

Bayley J. B., carp. 102 Barker 

Bayley Marg-., mantua mr. Wilson's ct 

Bayley N., lab. 4 Middle al 

Bayley Robt., acct., 13 N 5th, h 150 Ogden 

Bayley Wm. R., musician, 54 Duke 

Baylie George, blacksm., M road bel Jarvis 

Baylis & Brooker, auctioneers, 6 N 3d 

Baylis John, auctioneer, 6 N 3d, h 10th above 

Bayliss Joseph, wire weaver, 34 Hutchinson 
Bayliss Benj., cooper, Clair 
Bayliss Wm., carp. 142 S 12th 
Baylitt Davis, shoemr. 115 Queen 
Bayman Saml., gent. 24 Beck 
Baymont Mary, Margaretta bel 13th 
Baymore Brazilla, waterman, 42 Union 
Baymore Joseph, b h, 42 Union 
Baymont Valentine, plasterer, 10 Jacoby 
Baynard Daniel, lab. 36 Burd's ct 
Baynard Stephen S., trunkmr. 3 Clair 
Bayne Geo., clerk, 213 Wallace 
Bayne James, bookbind.. Carpenter bel 7th 
Bayne James, jr., boilermr. 186 Catharine 
Bayne John D., district clerk, 359 S 5th 
Bayne Joseph W., gas fitter, 18 Rittenhouse 
Bayne Richard, driver, 64 Federal 
Bayne Robert D. S., cabinetmr., N E Shippen 

and Swanson 
Bayne Robt. E., undertaker, 50 Mead 
Bayne Robt. E., undertaker, 12 Saranack 
Bayne Samuel, plumber, Christian bel 9th, h 

Anita n 10th 
Bayne Saml., 182 S Carpenter 
Baynon N. E., currier, 218 N 3d, h 18 Marshall 
Bayoune Joseph, perfumer, 134 S 6th 
Bazier A. J., dentist, 205 Spruce 
Bazier Grace, washer, 230 Lombard 
Bazin Charles, bookkeeper, 20 Church al 
Bazin Xavier, perfumer, 114 Chestnut 
Bea John, tailor, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Beach C. Nichols, merchant, 76 Walnut, house 

14 Union pi 
Beach James, tanner, 171 S Carpenter 
Beach R. B., manuf. of porcelain, h 763 N 7th 
Beach Thos., moulder, rear 65 Carroll 
Beach Wm., manuf. of curry combs, Willow ab 

12th, h 34 Rittenhouse 
Beache Maria, S W Vine and 16th 
Beachell J. H., 22 Wood 

Bead Owen, dealer, Crown ab Franklin av (K) 
Beadley Charles, glass blower, 132 Randolph 
Beadling Henry, capt., 7 Cox 
Beagle Henry, ])lacksm. and harness mr.. Wil- 
low and Magnolia, h 224 N 5th 
Beagle H. & T., blacksmiths and harness mrs.. 

Willow and Magnolia 
Beagle Thomas, blacksm. and harness mr.. Wil- 
low and Magnolia, h 210 Noble 
Beal & Fonnan, showcase mr., 102 N 4th 
Beal John, cordw., 341 St Jolm 
Beal Robt., bruslunr., 317 N 10th 
Beal Robert, brush mr., 7 Appletree al, h 317 
N 10th 

Beal Wm., showcase mr. 573 N 3d 

Beal William, fancy card rack mr.. Nectarine 

bel 11th 
Beal Wm. L., dealer, 11th ab Jefferson 
Beale Chas., clerk, 58 Chestnut 
Beale C, clerk, 134 Chestnut 
Beale C. & H., cby goods, 571 Vine 
Beale Frederick, musician, 87 N. Market 
Beale John, bonnet presser. Spruce ab 21st 
Beale Louis, baker, Elk 
Beale Matthias, clerk, 28 S Marshall 
Beale Stephen T., M. D., dentist, 335 Walnut 
Beale Wm., bricklr.. Burton 
Beale AVm., silversm., h 573 N 3d 
Beale Wm., butcher. Wood n Amber (K) 
Beale Wm. A., tailor, 62 S 10th, h 531 Vine 
Bealer Louis, lab., Crawford's ct 
Beam August, cabtmr., 599 S 6th 
Beam Chas., tobacco, 167 Lombard 
Ream Isaac R., di-uggist, N W 21st & Chestnut 
Beam Jacob, clerk, 77 Crown 
Beam Jacob S, sign painter, S E 4th and Wal- 
nut, h 13J S 8th 
Beam John, cordw., 354 N 10th ab Parrish 
Beam John, tobacco and segar store, 4 Arcade 
Beam J. B., bricklr.. Oak bel Park (W P) 
Beam Peter, cordw. 360 Coates 
Beamer Dewitt C, printer, 6th bel S Carpenter 
Beamish John, hatter, 577 S 2d 
Beamish J. Mrs., 27 Plover 
Bean Edward, mach., 10th bel Master 
Bean Enos & Co., blindmrs. 200 Race 
Bean Heniy, jeweler, 24 Hallowell 
Bean James, cooper, 6 Brooks 
Bean John, jeweler, 31 Paul 
Beans Caroline, washer, Bedford ab 13th 
Beans Catharine, gentw., 761 N 7th 
Beans Jacob Z., clerk, 98 Market 
Beans John, saddler, 9th and Buttonwood 
Beans Mary, b h, 25 N 10th 
Beans Matt., harness mr.. Willow bel 7th 
Beans Sarah Mrs., 3 Little Crown 
Bear Cath. C. Mrs., wid of Rev. John M., 246 

Bear Michael, upholsterer, 17 Charlotte 
Bear H., carp., R road ab Jefferson 
Bear Thomas, weaver, 11 Philip (K) 
Beard Ann, tailoress, 275 S 4th 
Beard David A., dep. sheriff, h Carleton n loth 
Beard John, glue mr., 6th ab Camac 
Beard Mary, 29 Noble 
Beard Marg-aret, tav., Broad bel Shippen 
Beard Morton, cordw., 151 Lewis (S G) 
Beard Nicholas, vict. 5th bel Oxford 
Beard Thomas, carp., Rhoads W Sch 5th 
Beard Wm., vict. 36 Charlotte 
Beard Wm., lab., Coombes' ct 
Beardslee Theodore, clerk, 84 Chestnut 
Beardslee Thos. B., carp.. Front bel Reed 
Beare Wm. H., laces, 25 Bank, h 639 N 7th 
Bearsley John, butcher, 58 Master (K) 
Beaston George, com. mer. 48 S Del. av 
Beaston Joseph, sawyer, Lancaster bel Wash- 
ington (W P) 
Beates, Baker & Co., druggists, 132 N 3d 
Beates H., druggist, 132 N 3d, h Coates above 

Beath David, grocer, 13th and Federal 




Beath Robert, weaver, Fulton 

Beattes Jacob H., coach trimmer, 32 Dock, h 

215 Queen 
Beattie Robei-t, marketman, Shallcross n 21st 
BEATTY ANDREW, tavern. Federal & Front 
Beatty Georg-e, lab., Lewis ab 16th 
Beutty Georg-e, cabtmr., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Beatty Hannah, Rentshler ct 
Beatty Hannah, 7th and Hay 
Beatty Hugh, weaver, 13th ab Christian 
Beatty James, manuf. 842 N 2d (K) 
Beatty James, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Beatty James, drayman, Jones E 20th 
Beatty James, cutter, 5 Louisa av 
Beatty John, lab. 351 Fitzwater 
Beatty John, conti-actor, 806 N 2d (K) 
Beatty John, g-rocer, S E 21st and Lombard 
BEATTY JOHN & SON, curb and stone, foot 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Beatty Joseph, weaver, Front n Jefferson 
Beatty Mordecai M., puddler, 4 Linden (K) 
Beatty Patrick, dealer, 99 Crown 
Beatty Robt., mer., S W Water and Chestnut, h 

353 Pine 
Beatty Robt., watchman. Union bel F road (K) 
Beatty Robt., stoves, N W 4th and Christian 
Beatty Robert W., mer.. Water and Chestnut, h 

353 Pine 
Beatty R. H., acct., 61 Gaskill 
BEATTY R. & R. W., produce, N W Water & 

Beatty Samuel, 3 Bonsall 
Beatty Samuel, mer. 353 Pine 
Beatty Samuel, watchman, Smith's ct 
Beatty Sarah Jane, 5 Louisa av 
Beatty Thos., carter, Hancock ab Franklin 
Beatty Wm., manuf., 844 N 2d 
Beatty William, blacksmith, Salmon and Hunt- 
ing-don (R) 
Beatty ^Vm., porter, 2 Monmouth ct 
Beatty Wm., macht., 54 Allen 
Beatty Wm., g-rocer, N W Front and Jefferson 
Beaty John F., clerk, 394 Coates 
Beaty Joseph F., tel. oper., 98 Chestnut, h 208 

Wallace ab 10th 
Beaty J. F., Alleg-hany House 
Beaty Martha, Perry bel Phoenix 
Beaueridge James, weaver, 25 Brinton 
Beaug-ureau A., bookseller, 13th ab Locust 
Beaug-urcau Philibeil, teacher, New Atheneum, 

h 184 S 9th 
Beaulicu K., desig-ner, 99 Walnut 
Beaumont (J. H., M. D., 234 N 6th 
Beauinont Jacob K., painter, 150 M road 
Beaumont Jolin, cloth dresser, 84 Arch 
Beaumont Mary M., Itobb's ct 
Beavimont Wm., driver, (iirard av ab R road 
Beaux Adoipii, manuf 700 Pine 
Beauxay Dennis, carver, 3 Griswold's al 
Beaver E. G. Mrs., 12tli and Filbert 
JJeaver Thomas, mer. 163 High, h 10 Log-an sq 
Beavers Cbarle.s, tailor, 30 Castle 
Beazley Uicliard, g-rocer, 13tli and Carroll 
Bel>ler diaries, cedar cooper, Green ab Moore 
Beclier Joseph, harness maker, G T road opp 

Bechler John, g-rocer, S W Crown and Wood 
Bechlcr Louis, ^lainter, 174 Randolph 

Bechtel Abraham B., g-rocer, N E Poplar and 

Bechtel Benj., g-rocer, S E 2d and Marion 
Bechtel Benj. P., g-rocer. Noble bel Garden 
Bechtel C. G., baker, 10 Perry 
Bechtel Georg-e, carp., Carlton bel 18th 
Bechtel Georg-e, cordw., rear, 527 N 4th 
Bechtel Jacob, tavern, S E Broad and Sp Gar- 
den, h Hamilton ab 17th 
Bechtel Jacob H., stationer, Wallace bel 13th 
Bechtel John, macht., 3 Peai-1 n 21st 
Bechtel John, superintendent, Duane & PaiTish 
Bechtel Margaret, 135 Wallace ab 12th 
Bechtel Martin, Commonwealth hotel. Callow- 
hill and Marshall 
Bechtel Samuel, tav.. Vine n Sch 
Bechtel Wm., tui-ner. Oak bel Mansion (W P) 
Bechtel Wm. E., stationer 85 S 4th 
Bechter A., lag-er beer, N E 7th and Coates 
Bechtold Eliza, saleswoman, 260 Chestnut 
Bechtokl Georg-e H., acct. 5 Minor 
Bechtold G. C.', baker, 9 Elfreth's al 
BECHTOLD SAMUEL, real estate broker and 

land ag-ent, 80 N 6th 
Bechtold Sarah, saleswoman, 31 S 2d 
Bechtold Wm., baker, 198 R road 
Beck Adam, police off., Drinkei"'s al 
Beck Alex., weaver, 14 Western av * 

Beck Allen, lab., rear 9 Tamarind 
BECK ANTHONY, hatter, 226 S 2d 
Beck & Burns, tobacconists, 290 Market 
Beck Chas., mer., 35 N Front, h 236 Catharine 
Beck Chas. A., 371 Marshall 
Beck Chas. F., M. D., 310 Chestnut 
Beck Chas. W., painter, 179 York av 
Beck Christian, mach., rear 224 Vine 
Beck Christianii, 14 Charlotte 
Beck Clementine, 1 Truxton 
Beck Edwin, harness mr., 50 Dock 
Beck Eliza A., N W 6th and Washinglon 
Beck Euhard, cabtmr., 177 N 2d and 29 Mai-ga- 

retta, h 740 N 10th 
Beck Frederick, tailor, 296 G T road 
Beck P'redericka, 321 Wood 
Beck Georg-e, mer. 35 N Front, h 261 Wc^od 
Beck George, lab., 5 Ogden 
Beck Geo. P., gilder, 206 S Front 
Beck Geo. W., dealer. Market n 15th, h 9th be 

Beck Gotlicb, corder, 5 Furlong's ct 
Beck Henry, ladies' shoes, 37 Federal 
Beck Henry, stoves, 47 Walnut, h 3 Comptroller 
Beck Henry, comlinir., 13th ab Poplar 
Beck Hem-}', paper stainer, Clierry ab 15th 
Beck Henry A., 144 Sp Garden 
Beck Henry Paul, 347 Chestnut 
Beck Isaac, engineer, Parrisii bel 15th 
Heck Jacob, mer., 35 N Front, h 5 Con)pti-oller 
Beck Jacob, carp. 275 N 7th 
Beck Jacob, macht. 2 Seneca ct 
Beck Jacob, pianonn-. 2 Kinslie's ct 
Beck Jacob, baker, 182 Washington (K) 
Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 5 Comptroller 
Beck Jacob P., varietie.s, Cailowiiill & St John 
Beck Jacob &. Sons, tobacco warehouse, 35 N 

Beck Jacob Wm., nmsician, 70 Quince 
Beck James, pumpmr. 8lh ab Oxford 




Beck Joseph, shop, 178 Washing-ton (K) 
Beck James, sign and house painter, 73 F road 

ab Queen (K) 
Beck James M., musician, 212 S 3d, h F road & 

Queen (K) 
Beck John, hat presser, Rye ab Wharton 
Beck John, engineer, Coates ab Nixon 
Beck John, tailor, 44 St John 
Beck John, carter, Duke ab Tioga (K) 
Beck John, lab. 2 Young's al 
Beck John, liquor. Poplar and 13th 
Beck John D., feed, 22d bel Lombard 
Beck John G., tailor, Morris n 5th 
Beck Josh., lab. 32 Reed 
Beck Leon, scourer, 50 Plum 
Beck Levi, tobacconist, 290 Market 
Beck Lewis, vict. 180 Buttonwood ab 10th 
Beck Lewis, baker, 128 Beach 
Beck Lewis, to}' shop, 214 Callowhill 
Beck L. G., Rev., 12th ab Poplar 
Beck Margaret, 1 Goodwell al 
Beck Marg-t., 8 Charlotte 
Beck Maria, 50 St John 
Beck Maria, supt.. Reed and Lancaster 
Beck Mary, carpet bag mr., 1200 N 2d 
Beck Peter, cabinetmr. Coates ab 12th 
Beck Philip, frame mr. Charlotte ab George 
Beck P. H., upholsterer, 37 Federal 
Beck Rich. H., mach. 100 Beach (K) 
Beck Samuel, engineer, 509 S Front 
Beck Susan, 65 Christian 
Beck Thos. B., mer., 249 and 251 N Front, and 

240 N Water, h 648 Green 
Beck Walter, lab. 4 Quarry 
Beck Wm., carter, 26 P'itzwater 
Beck Wm., blacksm.. Oak bel Park (W P) 
Beck Wm., carp. 367 Marshall 
Beck Wm., distiller, Marion ab 2d 
Beckel James C, organist, 3 N 10th, h 214 N 

Beckel J. C, music store, Sp Garden ab 11th 
Beckenbach Jacob, packer, 602 N Front 
Beckenbach John, founder, h 12th bel Poplar 
Beckenbach Robert, boot and shoemr. 171 St 

Becker B., tailor, 214 N 8th 
Becker & Dell, clothing, 154 N 3d 
Becker John, eating house, 63 Dock 
Becker J., bootmaker, 496 N 10th 
Becker Leopold, tailor, 23 New Market 
Becker M., clothing, 154 N 3d, h 20 Juliana 
Becker Philip, saddles and harness, 182 N 3d 
Becker P., baker, 201 New Market 
Becker & Wilier, wines and liquors, 193 N 3d 
Becker Wm., ovster huuse, 6th and Cherry 
Becker Wm., rear 107 N 9th 
Becker Wm., police officer, 4 Baker's ct 
Becket Wm., jr., Marlboro' bel Duke (K) 
Beckers Louis, chemist, 56 N 5th 
Becket Isaac, lab. 1 Little Pine 
Becket John, shing-les, 165 Marlboro 
Beckett Andrew, coachman, 2 Church av 
Beckett Elizabeth, washerwoman 
Beckett Ilenrj', S W 7th and Sansom 
Beckett Isaac, lab. Poplar 
Beckett Samuel, clerk, 10 Vernon 
Beckett T. J., sup. M. F. Hall, 70 
Beckett Wm., tailor, 24 Greenwich 

Beckhart Abraham, pedler, 26 Mintzer 
Beckhorn Mary, 428 S Front * 

Beckley Jacob F., tavern, Callowhill ab 19th 
Becklev Jacob S., acct. 45 N Water, h 106 

Beckley John, cooper, rear 128 N 5th 
Beckley Nicholas, clerk, 6th ab Fitzwater, h 1 

Beckley Wm., engineer. Pearl ab 19th 
Beckman Cath., tailoress, Ogden ab 13th 
Beckman Christian, baker, 408 Federal 
Beckman Christian, baker. Cox's al 
Beckman Daniel, Winter 
Beckman Francis, lab. Cadwalader n Jefferson 
Beckman James, bootmr. 214 N 3d, h Wager 

bel 6th 
Beckman John, bootmr. 1 Bowerj' pi 
Beckman Joseph, grocer, 11 Cherry 
Beckman & Kienle, engravers, 80 S 2d 
Beckman Nicholas, tailor, 3 Gatchell 
Beckman Thomas, plane mr. Winter 
Beckman Wm., planemr. Rose (K) 
Beckman Wm., engraver, 80 S 2d 
Becktell Catharine, 215 N 9th 
Beckwith Wm., th-ayman, Court al n Brown 
Becraft Alexander, turner, rear 110 Walnut, h 

342 S 2d 
Bedell & Pearce, importers, 57 N 3d 
Bedell William, jr., mer. 57 N 3d, h 112 Wal- 
Bedenk Adam, baker, 46 Filbert 
Bedenk Michael, baker, 300 N Front 
Bederman George, cun-ier, 18 Brown n New 

Bedford Benj. W., painter, N W 6th & Coates, 

h 5th bel Wager 
Bedford Isaac, collector, Callowhill n Nixon 
Bedford Isaac T., bricklayer. 111 Dillwyn 
Bedford Thomas, health office, h 378 N 5th 
Bedford Thos., lab. 23 Little Oak 
Bedlock Edward, convey. S E 3d and Wahiut, 

h 597 Spruce 
Bedlock Francis, teacher, 8th and Fitzwater 
BEDLOCK & PASCHALL, conveyancers, S 

E 3d and Walnut 
Bedlock Wm. J., Race n 17th 
Bedloe Thos. H., tavern, 98 N 4th 
Bedson James, dyer, Peter's ct ab Callowhill 
Beebe Chas., seaman, Hope n Otter 
Beebe M. & E., milliners, 201 Sp Garden 
Beebe Wm. N., 17 Filbert 
Beech Ebenezer, tjnsm. 117 Callowhill 
Beecher Jacob T., clerk, 14 N 3d, h rear 81 

N 5th 
Beecher Wm., dry goods, N E 8th & Arch 
Beecher Wm., mer. 147 High 
Beechey Obediah, teach., West and Norris (R) 
Beechler Geo., boat mr., Ross ab Queen 
Beedeman G. H., currier, 18 Brown 
Beehler Cassimer, lager beer saloon. Wood ab 

Franklin av (K) 
Beehler Chas. H., carter, 260 Swanson 
Beehler Jacob, barber, 449 South 
Beehler J. O., tavern, 408 N Front 
Beehler Tobias, manuf 20 Commerce, h Mar- 
shall bel Green 
Beehli Nicholas, trunkmr. 259 S 6th 
Beeholder Henry, varnisher, 1 Darragh's ct 




Beehy Elizabeth, 585 N 3cl 

Beek Ann & Man, 1 Providence ct 

Beeken Dr., 85 Wood 

Beekley Joseph, fetate House bell 

Beekley Nathan L., clerk, 106 N 5th 

Beeler Charles H., engraver, 8 Sansom 

Beeler Peter, 150 N 13th 

Beenken John, grocer, Adelphia al, h 382 

N 11th 
Beenwood Pauline, b h, 47 Howard (K) 
Beer Abraham, clothing-, 108 Queen 
Beer HaiTiet, teacher. S W 7tli and Pine 
Beer Wm. H., 639 N 7th 
Beers Andrew, tinsm., 13th and Carroll 
Beers David, painter, 1 Og-den 
Beers Franklin, cordw. 5 Little Dock 
Beers James B., atty. & coun. 44 N 5th 
Beesan Maria, 375 S 10th 
Beers & Mayhew, painters, 119 Sp Garden 
Beesley James, cordw. 10 N 12th 
Beeslev R., cab mr. 18 Hibberd 
BEESLEY THEOPH. E., M. D., N W 10th 


Beesley W., driver, L. Washington 
Beeson Gregg-, hatter, GafTney av 
Beetley Daniel, sawmr. Sarah (K) 
Beetley Robert, lab. Oak ab Rose (W P) 
Beggs James, lab. Federal n 6th 
Beggs Jno., black. 220 N Front, h 141 N Market 
Beggs & Rowland, blacksm. 220 and 222 N 


Begley Samuel, 14th bel Race 
Begley Sarah Ann, rear 385 S Front 
Begley Sarah, South bel Broad 
Begley Thomas S., mer. 4 N 2d, h 129 Catha- 

Begley Thos., last mr. 18 Paul 
Begley Wm., cai-ter, 7th n Reed 
Begley Wm., tailor, 1 Kenney's pi 
Behan Henry, morocco dr.. Triplet's ct (K) 
Behan Mary, tailoress. Triplet's ct (K) 
Behl Edward, architect, 23 Mer. Exchange, h 

61 Union 
Behlens C, grocer, 662 N 5th 
Behm Cliarles F. W., capt., 26 S 18th 
Behnst Ernest, tailor, 253 Apple (K) 
Behr Augustus, frame mr. 145 Phoenix (K) 
Behrcns Jacob, cigar mr. Front op Hazel 
Behri ng Caspar H., carrier, 532 N lltli 
Behringer John G., weaver, 6 Haines 
Be idler Jos., grocer, G T road and Dauphin 
Heidelmun Daniel, grocer, 273 High, h Green 

bel nth 

Beidelman Chas., Custom House agent. Necta- 
rine bel 10th 
Beidcman Daniel S., coal dealer, 47 S 4th and 

Green st wharf, h 53 Vine 
Beidenmillcr John, vict. 6th bel Jefferson 
Beihl Peter, cordw. 243 G T road (K) 
Bcirlien Henry, lamp mr. (;oodl)rcad pi 
Bei.sel Fred. V., operator, 101 Chestnut 
Bei.sel James, salesman, 107 N 14th 
Beisii George, driver, Sharswood n Ridge R 
Beishlez (iiorge, butcher, Woodland bel Wal- 
nut (W P) 
Beissner Henry, cordw. 21 Prime 
Beisswanger Geo., carp. Pcrrv ab Phoeni.x (K) 
Beitel George J., baker, 114'n 8th 

Beitler Abraham, tavern, Market W 16th 

Beitler Daniel B., liv. stables, 17th ab High 

Beitler Jacob, weaver, Franklin bel School (K) 

Beitler Joseph, coal mer. Broad bel Walnut 

Beiwort August., tailor, 262 South 

Belair Lewis D., gent. 150 Coates 

Belcher Edward, finisher, Cumberland ab F 

Belcher John, capt. 3 Wilcox 
Belcher Jos., Rev., 281 Parrish 
Belcher Wm., packer, 91 N 3d 
Belcher Wm., brickmr. 989 South 
Belficld H., brass founder. Broad ab Willow, h 

303 N 12th 
Belford James, plumber, 90 Randolph 
Belford Jane, shop. Rose al 
Belin Chas. A., acct. 72 Walnut 
Belingfelt Thos., joiner, 5 Gebhard 
Belk Wm. W., tavern, 269 S 4th 
Belknap Alfred M., salesman, 28 N 4th 
Belknap Jeremiah, jeweler, 27 Logan 
Belknajy Stephen, jeweler, 354 Coates, h 13 

Bell Aaron, cordw. Carlton bel 16th 
Bell Abraham, weaver. Mechanic ab George 
Bell Adolph, carver, 2 St John's pi 
Bell Alexander, porter, 97 York av 
Bell Alex. W., periodicals, 312 R;ice 
Bell Alexander, grocer, Coates ab 20th 
Bell Benjamin, waiter, 194 Shippen 
Bell Caleb, porter, Griffith's ct 
Bell Chas., carp, rear 88 Nectarine 
Bell & Clayton, photographists, S E 5th and 

Bell Daniel, lab.. Alder ab Girard ab 
Bell David, jr., engineer, 14 Bread 
Bell David, pattern mr. 14 Bread 
Bell David H., cabtmr. 20 Barker 
Bell Elijah, coaciimr. 44 Dock 
Bell Fredk., bookseller, I>onibard n 15th 
Bell George, druggist, N W 13th and Market 
Bell (ieo. W., stoves. Front bel Master (K) 
Bell Hannah, 9 Powell 
Bell Harriet, 12th ab Carroll 
Bell Harriet, Hope bel Piioenix (K) 
Hell Henry, dyer, G T road bel 6th 
Hell Isabella, gentw. Callowhill n 19th 
Bell Isaiah, 18th ab Arch 
Bell Israel H., supt., Cadwaladcr ab Columbia 
Bell Jacob, whitewa.sher, 12 Liberty ct 
Bell James, dyer, 344 S 13th 
Bell James, weaver, rear Dauphin ab F road 
Hell James, sexton, 149 Queen 
Hell Jame.s, lab. Dorothy n 2Uth 
Bell James, patternmr. Caliosvhill ab 20th 
Bell James, painter, 173 South, h 12th n Ohio 
Hell Jame.s, lab. Brown bel Huntingdon (|{) 
HKLL J AS., alderman. Front bel .Master (K) 
Hell Jas. E., 68 Walnut, h 376 S 9tli 
Hell James F., Ill S 12th 
HKLL JAMKS & J()H.\, wholesale and retail 

licjuor .store, N W 6th and South 
Hell .las. S., plasterer, 21 Itedwood 
Hell James AV., carp. 7tli bel Haverford (W P) 
Hell .lolin, shornw. Hrasier E 15lh 
Hell .lohn, bar keeper, H Vail's pi 
Hell .loliii, collector, 405 Lombard 
Hell John, M. D., 227 Spruce 



h 4 


Bell John, confectioner, 431 N 3(1 
Bell John, 56 German 
Bell John, weaver, Crown ab Franklin av 
Bell John, cabinetnir. 219 Diamond (K) 
Bell John A., clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 3d below- 
Bell John M., clothing-, 113 N 2d, h 12 Lisle 
Bell John P., clerk, 50 S 3d, h 384 S 9th 
Bell John T., 15 Girard 
Bell Jos., bricklr. rear 77 G T road 
Bell Julia A., 39 Scheetz 
Bell Levi H., flour and feed, 123 South 
Bell Louis, ship wrig-ht, 616 S Front 
Bell Marg-aret, spinner, 104 Hope (K) 
Bell Mary, Cedai- la n Pratt (W P) 
Bell Mary, shop, 20 Green 
Bell Mary A., 4 Salem al 
Bell Rebecca J., spinner, 104 Hope (K) 
Bell & Reed, pawnbr. S W 8th and Fitzwater 
Bell Richd., salesman, 48 S 2d, h 515 N 7th 
Bell Richard, bricklr. 104 Hope (K) 
Bell Robert, clerk, 550 N 6th 
Bell Robei-t, lab., F road ab Norris (K) 
Bell Robert, eng-ineer, 14 Bread 
Bell Robert, cabinetmr. 202 Callowhill, 

Bell Saml., jr., mer. 26 S Delaware av, h 

Bell Samuel, flour, 338 N 2d, h 366 N 5th 

Bell Samuel, tavern, S W 6th and Shippen 

Bell Samuel, 40 Erie 

Bell Samuel, bricklr. 702 Pine 

Bell Sarah, 1141 N 6th 

Bell Sarah, shop keeper, 19th and Market 

Bell Sophia, Hope n School (K) 

Bell Sterling-, clerk, 26 S Delaware av 

Bell S. K., clerk custom house, h 139 Walnut 

Bell Thos., 443 Spruce 

Bell Thos., capt. rear 21 Duke 

Bell Thos., vict. 512 S 8th 

Bell Thos., carp. 13th bel Catharine 

Bell Thos., grocer, 2d and Edward (K) 

Bell Thomas, broker, 56 Walnut 

Bell Tliomas, baker. Federal bel 12th 

Bell Thos., uphostercr, 58 Mechanic 

Bell Thomas, waiter, 26 Barclay 

Bell Thos. F., auctioneer, Lombard n 15th 

Bell Thos. F., clerk, 67 S 4th 

Bell Thos. H., capt. 459 S Front 

Bell Thos. M., painter, 149 Queen 

Bell Thos. S., flour and feed, S E 11th & Brown 

BELL THOMAS S., atty. & couns. 53^2 S 4th 

Bell Walter D wight, iron. 111 N Water & 53N 
whfs., h 11th and Arch 

Bell Walter W., painter, 512 S 8th 

Bell Wm., dyer, 511 Shippen 

Bell Wm., carp. 30 Crans 

Bell Wm., stone cutter. Tower W 21st 

Bell Wm., dagueiTcotypist, 168 S 2d, and S E 
5th and Chestnut 

Bell Wm., lab., 6 Unity 

Bell Wm., flour mer. 338 N 2d, h 364 N 5th 

Bell Wm., bootmr. 2 Pa.ssmore pi 

Bell William H., carp. Sevan's ct, Washington 

bel 3d 
Bell Wm. J., cordw. Brown bel Hunting-don (R) 
Bell Wm. J., cordw. 104 Hope (K) 
Bell Wm. M., trunkmr. 66 German 

Bell Wm. W., printer, 47 Carlton 
Bell W. & S., flour mer. 338 N 2d 
Bellak Jas., music teacher, 131 Spruce 
Belland Clayton, dag-uerreotypes, 168 S 2d - 
Bellang-ee Benj., waterman, 3 Freg-tag's al 
Bellang-ee Tsaac, bricklr. 134 Green 
Bellas Jas., mer. 21 N 4th, h 66 N 15th 
Bellas Thomas, mer. Broad and Cherry, house 

Arch W 18th 
Bellerjeau Henr)^, brushmr. 122 N 3d, h 192 

N 5th 
Bellerjeau Jacob, brush manuf. 87 W Callowhill 
Bellerjeau Susan, dry g-oods, Beach ab Poplar 
Bclliant Louis, tailor, 146 F road (K) 
Bellier John, baker, 122 Brown ab 4th 
Belling- Ancb-ew, combmr. 3d bel Cherry (K) 
Belling- Archer, combmr. Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Belling- Godfrey, plasterer, Clinton ab Girard av 
Bellis Georg-e, tavern, Vine st wharf 
Bellis Isaac^H., acct., 95 N 2d 
Bellman C, confect. 225 South 
Bellows John D., bootmr. 39 James 
BELLOWS MARTIN, boot manuf. 13 Com- 
merce, h 460 N 8th 
Bellows Wm. K., printer, Randolph ab Parrish 
Belsterling- John F., atty. 294 N 3d 
Belrose John, Arch bel 15th 
Belrose John, jr., salesman, 100 Chestnut, h 

Schuylkill av 
Belrose Louis, paper hang-ing-s, 100 Chestnut, h 

10th bel Fitzwater 
Belrose Thos., paper hang-. 17 Marriott 
Bclsing-er Samuel, variety store, 299 N 2d 
Belsley James, brickmr. 129 William 
Beltz Adam, boxmr. 2 Fetter la 
Beltz Nicholas, cordw. 783 N 4th 
Belville Thos., bricklayer, 12th ab Poplar 
Belz A., bar keeper, 3 Carter's al, h Black- 
horse al 
founders and machinists, Callowhill ab 20th 
Bement M. B., macht., Callowhill W 20th 
Bement Wm. B., draftsman, 20th ab Vine, h 176 

Benard Anthony, cabinetmr. 266 N 10th 
Bence Christian, lab. 22 Palm 
Bence John, lab. 6 Palm 
Benckert Geo. F., cordw. 65 Almond 
Benda F. A ., corset mr. 69 Race 
Bendall Israel, bricklr. 80 Lewis (S G) 
Bender Adam, blacksm. 471 N 13th 
Bender Adam, tailor, 10 Freed's av 
BENDER C. W., Star Hotel, 71 and 73 Dock, 

h 238 N 4th 
Bender C. W. & Co., planing- mill. Beach and 

Bender Edwin, carp. Dillwyn ab Tammany, b 

6th bel Franklin 
Bender Elizabeth, 9 De Witt's ct (K) 
Bender Fred., painter, Charlotte ab Poplar 
Bender Geo. C, 23 Union 
Bender Geo. P., ferry ag-ent, 27 Catharine 
Bender Henry, saddler, rear Front ab Otter (K) 
Bender Jacob, cordw. 21 Beaver (K) 
Bender John, shipwt. Allen ab Shackama'n (K) 
Bender John A., carp. 57 Charlotte 
Bender John L., tobacconist, 202 G T road 
Bender Leonard, 90 Cherry 2 



Bender Robert P., carp. Randolph ab Poplar 
Bender Wm., stone cut. Ashton n Race 
Bender Wm. F., drug-gist. Melon ab 12th 
Bender Wm. If., M. D., Edward n 2d (K) 
Bendernag-le Philip, beerhouse, 76 Shippen 
Benedict Fred., clerk, 36 S 2d 
Bene'dict John A. S., saddler, 7 Tiller's ct 
Benedict Wm., coachman, 371 S 10th 
tjeneke Chas. H., mer. 10 Strawberry 
Beneke Elizabeth, Wood bel 20th 
Benerman Olivia, 20 Appletree al 
Benerman Spencer, printer, 20 Appletree al 
Bene sole Cliarles, hairdresser, S E 12th and 

Benezet John S., 234 Filbert 
Benfer John, tailor, Marshall bel Poplar 
Benfer J. C, 14 Coates 
Beng-el W. Prof., 487 N 13th 
Benhart Chas., fishentian, 41 Brown 
Benhardt G., lab. Adelphia al 
Benhardt John, barber, 491 N 4th 
Bening Jac, caqj. 473 S 2d 
Beninger John, lab. rear 115 14th 
Benion Richard, blacksm. 17 "S'ernon 
Benjamin Alfred, com. mer. 15 Chestnut, h S E 

5th and Pine 
Benjamin C. D., gent. 420 Poplar 
Benjamin Elizabeth, tailoress, 182 N 15th 
Benjamin Joseph H., miller, 29 Nagle 
Benjamin Jacob, brushmr. 33 Penn 
Benjamin Saml., seaman, Mariner 
BENKARD & HUTTON, importers, 19 Church 

Benkert Casper, bootmr. 40 S 4th 
Benkert Geo., bootmr. 161 Coates ab 4th 
Benkert Geo., bootmr. 20 S Marion 
Benkert John, tailor, Sears' st 
BENKEKT LEONARD, bootmr., 209 Chest- 

Benkey Jolin, carter, Front n Hazel 
Benn James, clerk, 87 Chestnut, h 15th below 

Bennan Tlios., lab. Almira pi 
Bcnner Albert, blacksm. Willow ab 19th 
Benner Andrew, conductor, 15th ab Locust 
Benner Andrew, driver, Girard av ab R av 
Benner Benj. J., cooper, 338 S 5th 
Benner & Brother, grocers, Washington and 

Moore (W P) 
Benner (Charles, confec. 73 Sharswood 
Benner Edwin, 205 Locust 
Benner Elias, frame mr. 5 George (S G) 
Benner Eiios, bootmr. 29 Centre 
Benner E/.ekiel, stone mason, Rhoads W 18th 
Benner Fred., Iiatter, 205 Locust 
Benner (Jeo., carp, (jitron ab Orange 
Benner Geo. H., Ijaker, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Benner Henry, coachsm. 19 Sliippen 
Benner Henry L, pres. National Safety Ins. and 

'["rust Co., 62 Walnut, h 377 S 3d" 
Benner Isaac, 426 N Front 
BeiuKT Isaac, confec. 77 Sharswood 
BeniuT Isaac, carter, Marlboro bel Duke (K) 
Benner Jac, 58 Stewart 
Benner John, brickmr. 221 Locust 
Benner John, waterman, 46 Clinton (K) 
Benner John, com. mer. 426 N Front 
Benner John D., 426 N Front 

Benner John H., cork cutter, 3 South ct 

Benner John R., 138 N 14th 

Benner L., weav., Francis and Powell (F V) 

Benner Mary, tailoress. Queen av 

Benner Matthias, brickmr. Sprnce ab 13th 

Benner Peter, jr., driver, 2 William's ct 

Benner Samuel, 15th ab Locust 

Benner Sai*ah, 58 Steward 

Benner Thomas, ostler, 821 G T road 

Benner Wm., blacksm. Citron bel 13th (S G) 

Benner Wm., bricklayer, 377 S 10th 

Benners & Brother, fmiterers, 31 S Delaware 

Benners Catherine, 290 Green 
Benners George, wine mer. 117 N 2d, h 219 


liquors, 117 N 2d 
Benners Hemy B., mer. 25 S, Front, h 463 Cal- 

BENNERS H. B. & J. M., Dyottville glassworks 

(K) and 25 S Front 
Benners Isaac B., mer. 31 S Del av, h 426 N 

Benners Jas., wine mer. 117 N 2d, h 142 N 5th 
Bennei-s James M., manuf. 25 S Front, h 219 

Benners John D., 31 S Del av, h 426 N Front 
Benners Wm. J., clerk, 117 N 2d, h 405 N 8th 
Benners Wm. S., vict. Chestnut bel Mai-garetta 

Benneson M. & E., milliners, 56 N 8th 
Benneson Nathaniel, carpenter. Green n Moore 

(W P) 
Bennett Abel, fisherman, rear Vienna n Frank- 
lin av (K) 
Bennett Abel, sen., fisherman, Queen & CheiTy 

Bennett Alfred, Mi-s., fancy goods, 14 N 8th 
Bennett Andrew, rig-ger, 142 Swanson 
Bennett A., 328 Vine 
Bennett A. T., mer. 39 S 4th 
Bennett Catharine, wid. of Wm. Marlborough, 

bel Bedford (K) 
Bennett Chas., waiter, Paschall's al 
Bennett Chas., clerk, 30 Parrish ab Marshall 
Bennett Chas., carp. Choral (K) 
Bennett Chas. A., safes and paj)er, 39 S 4tli, h 

645 Poplar 
Bennett Ciias. K., driver, Monroe ab Palmer (K) 
Bennett Chas. L., salesman, 182 Higli, h Stan- 
lev bel 4th 
Benneit Chas. W., 406 N 12tl) 
BENNETT & CO., Tower Hall, 182 High 
Bennett David, .sliij) carp. Vienna bel Franklin 

Bennett David, jeweller, 55 M road 
Bennett Edward, mer. 20 X Front, h 17 S 16th 
Bennett Edwd., weaver, Harmony ct (K) 
Bennett Elislia, clerk, 14 Montgomery 
Bennett Eliza, trimming store, (ierman n 5t]i 
Bennett Elizabetli, 7 Sonuners' ct 
Bennett Emerson, author, Prime ab 9th 
Bennett E. A., mer. 7 N 4th, h S W 11th and 

Bennett Edw. J., salesman, 28 N 3(1 
Beimett (ieo., carter, Bedford bel Crown (K) 
Bennett (ieo., sailor, rear 115 Cierman 




Bennett Geo., cordw. 31 School (K) 

Bennett Grace, Hug-hes' ct M road 

Bennett Henry, hardware, 371 N 7tli 

Bennett Henry K., clerk, 3d ab Wharton 

Bennett Hiram, cordw. 11 Duane 

Bennett Jacob, jeweler, 122 Chestnut, h 53 

S 5th 
Bennett Jacob, fisherman. Queen ab Warren (K) 
Bennett Jacob, brushmr. Cherry bel F road (K) 

Bensak John, blacksm. Pearl ab 15th 
Bentseng-er John, lab. Olive ab 13th 
Bensing-er John, milkman, Olive 
Benson Alexander, broker, 2 S 3d, h 103 S 8th 
Benson Alexander, jr., broker, 9 S 3d, h 103 

S 8th 
BENSON ALEX. & CO., stock and excliang-e 

brokers, 2 S 3d 
Benson Augustus, printer, 20 Harmony (S) 

Bennett Jacob, watchman. Queen bel Bishop [Benson C, 20th and Dorothy 

Bennett Jacob G., fisherman, Vienna n Frank- 
lin (K) 
BENNETT JAMES, tavern, 13 Callowhill 
Bennett James, lab. Fairmount ab Sp Garden 
Bennett James, drayman, rear 666 N Front 
Bennett James D., atty. and coun. 49 N 6th 
Bennett Jeremiah, pilot, 93 Catharine 
Bennett John, fuUer, rear 116 G T road (K) 
Bennett John, dealer, 426 N Front 
Bennett John, boots and shoes, 67 G T road 
Bennett John, dealer, Clinton and Oxford 
Bennett John, jr., plumber, 67 G T road 
Bennett John F., mer. 169 High 
Bennett John R., salesman, 77 Franklin 
Bennett John R., salesman, 122 High, house 49 

Washington (S G) 
Bennett Julianna, whitewasher, Hancock above 

Phoenix (K) 
Bennett Joseph, grocer, Marlboro' & Allen (K) 
Bennett Jos., cordw. 8 Union 
Bennett Joseph M., mer. 182 High, h 52 Filbert 
Bennett Lewis, hotel, 40 S 6th 
Bennett Lewis, blacksm. Charles ab Federal 
Bennett Lewis, oysterman, 4 Mechanic ct 
Bennett Margaret, licjuors, G T road ab Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Bennett Mary, 40 Howard (K) 
Bennett Mich., 4 Hickory ct 
Bennett N. O., jeweler, 166 Race 
Bennett Peter, lalj. 20 St. Mary 
Bennett Robert H., carp. Marlborough below 

Bridge (K) 
Bennett Thos., carp. Washington ab Jefferson 
Bennett Thos., stationer, G T road ab Franklin 
Bennett Thomas J., segarmr. Moms bel Cath- 
Bennett T., tailor, rear 122 N 4th 
Bennett AVarner, clerk, 329 Vine 
Bennett Wliitman R., boots & shoes, 247 F road 
Bennett Wm., printer, Jeflerson W Ridge av 
Bennett Wm., saddler, Atkinson ct (S) 
Bennett Wm., coi'dw. 8 Union 
Bennett Wm., clerk, 76 Myrtle 
Bennett Wm., block cutter, 345 Pine 
Bennett Wm., flour. Union bel Y road (K) 
Bennett Wm. H., photogt. 246 N 2d, house 571 

Bennett Wm. H., painter, Pcnn above Maiden, 

h Queen liel Palmer (K) 
Bennett Wm. P., carp. Marshall ab Girard av 
Bennett Wm. R., boots & shoes, 247 F road (K) 
Bennett Wm. V., flour and feed, F road 

Bennis Henry, hatter, 31 Logan 
Bennis Mitchell, clerk, 15 Julianna 
Bennison Joseph, pap. .stain. Budd bel Juniper 
Benny Chas., .sugar refiner, 9 Fai-ies ct 

Benson David E., clerk, U S Mint, h 4 Girard 

Benson E. J., 555 Cathai'ine 

Benson George, lead factory, Susanna (R) 

Benson George, baker, rear 3 Grocer 

Benson Gustavus S., broker, 2 S 3d, h 113 S 4tli 

Benson Henry, lab. 595 Wood 

BENSON H. S., Ashland House, 253 and 255 

Benson John, plasterer, 16 Sylvester (S) 
Benson John, barber, Jefferson ab 5th (K) 
Benson Jolin H., porter, 38 Prosperous al 
Benson John S., confect. Lewis 
Benson Juliana, whitewasher, Hancock above 

Phoenix (K) 
Benson Philip, lab. 12 Middle al 
Benson Richard, lab. 10 South 
Benson Samuel, st. mason, Lloyd bel Shlppen 
Benson Sarah, 15 Middle al 
Benson Sarah, 69 Queen (S) 
Benson Wm., painter, 153 Catharine 
Bensted John M., letter earner, r 105 N 2d 
Bensted St Tatem, chairmrs. 83 N Front 
BenthaU J. D., Blight ab Lombard 
Bentley Benj., mer. 130 N 3d, h 148 Sp Garden 
Bentley David B., coppersmith, 162 N 3d, h 1 

Bentley D. B. & Sons, coppersms. 162 N 3d 
Bentley John, coppersm. 281 N 13th 
Bentley John, hosier, William bel School (K) 
Bentley Moses, printer, 162 N 3d 
Bentley Robert, cutler. Master n Front 
Bentley Thos., oil manuf. 15th ab Parrish 
BENTON ALBERT & CO., lumber mers. Front 

bel Navy Yard 
BENTON & BROTHER, gold pens & jewelry, 

141 Chestnut 
Benton Chas. C, M. D., 12 Union pi 
Benton C. C, gold pen.s, 141 Chestnut 
Benton Edwin K., dry goods, 329 N 10th 
Benton Henry, hatter 89 Shlppen 
Benton John, foreman, 83 S 14th 
Benton John, waiter, 26 CiuTant al 
Benton &. Smith, brass founders, 1 Margaret 
Benton Stephen, atty. and coun. 116 Walnut 
Benton Z. H., gent. 12 Union pi 
Bentrick Chas., china, 221 S 5th 
Bentz Fred., tailor, 78 F road 
Bentz Jacob, tavern, N E 4th and Coates 
Bentz John, bootmr. 3 AVarncr's ct 
Bentz John, ropemr. 599 N 3d 
Bentz Peter, wagoner. Earl bel West 
Bentz Valentine, barber, 4th bel Sliippen 
and Henzuiger G., slioemr. 125 Marlborough (K) 
Benuenton Chas., weaver. Crown bel Duke (Kj 
Benyuard Eugene C, jeweler, 396 S 5th 
Benz P'red., tailor, 93 Sliippen 
Boon Andre\^, tailor, 6th and Montgomery ' 
Bera Elizabeth, b h, 2 Soutliampton ct i 




Berbwer Francis, butcher, 623 N 3d 
Berens Berniird, M. D., 351 Mulberry 
Berens Joseph, M. D., 264 N 6th 
Beresford Randolpli, paper hang-er, 164 S 10th 
Beresford Robert, printer, Federal ab 5th 
Beresford Robert H., collector, 164 S 10th 
Beresford Wm., cutter, 129 William 
BERG CHRISTIAN, bootmr. 51 S 4th 
Berg- Christian, dyer, 160 Ogden 
Berg Gottleib, baker, G T road above Thomp- 
son (K) 
Berg John D., harnessmr. Front & Master (K) 
Berg Joseph F., Rev., 8th ab Brown 
Berg- Leon, clothing, 26 Bank, h 233 Pine 
Berg Thos., lab. 6th ab Master 
Bergan Daniel, cordw. 2 Gaffney's av 
Bergan Henry, bottler, 34 Pine (S) 
Bergantz Francis, lab. Wheat bel Wharton 
Bergdoll L., brewer, 176 Vine 
Bergdoll & Psotta, tavern, 176 Vine 
Bergenzaum Chas. A., machinist, 16 Allen (K) 
Berger Andrew J., clerk 14 N 3d 
Berger Ann, teacher, 133 M road 
Berger Asben, scarf sewer, 278 Apple (K) 
Berger & Butz, hav & straw, 87 & 89 N Water 
Berger C. F., design. 116 Chestnut, h 284 Wood 
BERGNER C. W., brewer, 586 N 7th 
Berger Francis, tailor, 334 St. John (K) 
Berger Fred., spruce beer, 284 G T road and 

Berger George, baker, 691 N 2d 
Berger Jacob, tavern, 228 N 2d 
Berger Jas. C, clerk, 146 >Iarket 
Berger John, milkman, Duke ab Tioga (R) 
Berger John, ostler, 645 N 2d 
Berger John, butcher, 322 St. John (K) 
Berger John, basketmr. Sower's ct (K) 
Berger Mary, gentw. Ill Marshall 
Berger Wm'., mer. 87 N Water, h 157 N 6th 
Berges Jacob, dyer, Apple ab Thompson 
Berghauser Henry, mer. 105 High, h 195 N 12th 
Bergiiauser Jacob, merchant, 30 Church al, h 

278 N 7tli 
Berghauser Wm., clerk, Crown ab Bedford 
Bergin Danl., conductor, Charles bel South 
Bergin Wm., drayman, Freelander ab Cherry 
Bergmann Charles C. grocer, 12th bel Stiles 
Bergnan .Martin, cordw. 642 N 3d 
Bergnan Nicholas, carriage mr. rear 156 Poplar 
Bergner C. Wm., lager beer brewer, 586 N 7th 
Berhinger John, gunsm. 134 N 2d 
Berhinger M., lab. rear Nectarine ab 10th 
Berigle Jacob, tailor. Mechanic ab Franklin (K) 
Berin Henry, tailor, N W Front and Unioiij 
Bering J:iines, liosien,', 20 S 8th 
Beringard John C, oysters. Palmer bel Duke 
Berk P., pork dealer, 10 Noble 
Berkeibach ^Vm., planemr. 210 Diamond (K) 
Berks .lolin, grocer, N W 2d & Willow, h N W 

4th and Tammany 
Berks Jolui W., grocer, 232 N 2d, h 8th above 

Berl David, furnishing store, 318 S 2d 
Berlin George, tin.smith, 102 S 10th 
Berliner .Moses, carp. 302 St. John 
Berma.s, Eikus & Co., capmrs. 85 N 3d 
Bermas Jacob, ca[)inr. 85 N 3d, h 3 Wood 
Hennas Morris, capmr. 85 N 3d, h 3 Wood i 

Bernadou Francis, 103 S Del av, h 263 S Front 
Bernadou G. W., mer. 103 S Del av, h 263 S 

Bernadou G. W. & Brother, mers. 103 S Del av 
Bernadou J. B., mer. 103 S Delaware av, h 263 

S Front 
Bernard Edmund, trunkmr. 11th &Buttonwood 
Bernard H. W., baiber, S W P'ront and Shippen 
Bernard Joseph, brass founder, 78 N 6th, h 69 

Bernard Wm., printer, 138 Christian 
Bernardo M. A., dressmr. 37 Winter 
Bernd Adolphus, dealer, 500 N 10th 
Bernd Julius, clerk, 500 N 10th 
Bernd Levi, gent. 500 N 10th 
Berneter John, tavern, 81 New Market 
Berney James, M. D. 229 Vine 
Bernhard B., brass caster. Miller's ct 
Bernhard Catharine, 18 Cresson's al 
Bernhai'dt John A., barber, 48 N 3d, house 491 

Bernheim Mon-is, mer. 11 S 2d 
Bernhelm Simon, clothing, 44 N 2d, h 72 New 
Bernheimer Lazanis, pedlar, 72 Charlotte 
Bernheimer Levy, rag dealer, 587 N 3d 
Bernhein & Hockstadter, clothing, 44 N 2d 
Berrell Geo. R., assist, appi-aiser, 22 AValnut, h 

254 Filbert 
BeiTell Jeremiah, 263 Franklin 
Berrell Sarah, 6th ab L Poplar 
Berrett Richard, .store, Thompson ab 10th 
Berridge Geo., salesman, Rio Grande pi 
Berridge Geo., coffee roaster, M road ab Reed 
Berridge Leeds K., grocer, S E Haverford and 

6th (W P) 
Berriman Matthew, cabinetmr. 38 Hallowell 
Berriman Robt., constable, 22 Clare 
Berringer John, locksm. 784 N 5tli 
Berringer John, lampmr. 12 Jackson 
Berriiiger M., lab. Nectarine 
Berrisford John, drayman. Path n Race 
Berry Benjamin, blacksm. 678 N Front 
Berry Benjamin L., gent. 122 Catharine 
Berry Chalklev, refect. Odd Fel. Hall, S W 6th 

and Haines, h 92 N 6th 
Berry Ch:U'les, currier, 36 Queen (S) 
Berry Charles, seaman, N E Queen and 4th 
Berry Christian, tailor, 16 Brenner's al 
Berry C. M., gent. 2d ab Jarvis 
Berry David, carter, Fi'ont ab Phoeni.x; 
Beny Denni.s, vict. Carpenter ab 9th 
Bern' Edw., blacksm. Adams ab JcHerson (K) 
Berrv Elizabetli, wid. of Oliver, 216 N 4th 
Berry Isabell;^ Linden W 16tli 
BERRY JAS., envelope manuf. 1 Ranstead pi 
Berry James W., dry goods, 4 N 9th 
Berry Jane, dealer, 2 Harrison av 
Berry John, porter, 8 Sonnner's ct 
Berry JoJin, carp. Jones W 15th 
Berry Jolin C., clerk, 108 Market, h 216 N 4th 
Berry John (i., tailor, Newton ab Wxsiiington 
Berry Joseph L.. 12 Wiley's ct 
I$erry Mary, Howanl ab Oxford 
Beny Patrick, porter, 74 German 
Berrv Klcliard, tavern, 100 Slil])pen 
Berry Kieiiard, dealer. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Beny Ifieliard, 31 Charles 
Berry Ricliaid M., potter, Greenwich ab 2d 



Berry Robert, weaver, 8th and Dickerson 

Berry Robert, bricklr. 54 Lewis 

Beny Samuel, carter, 680 N Front 

Berry Samuel, hatter, 164 Christian 

Berry Washington, grocer, S E Columbia and 

Berr}^ Wm., paper hang-er, 179 Queen 
Berry Wm. B., chair manuf. 50 Ridg-e av 
Berry Wm. D., tobacconist, 93 S 6th 
Berry Wm. H., mer. 153 Market, h 4th below 

Berry Wm. J., carp. 27 Concord 
Bcrryford John, lab. Linn n Nixoii 
Ben-j-man Chas., blacksm. Palmer ab Queen (K) 
Berryman John, carp. 3 Powell's row 
Benyman Matt. W., cabinetmr. Hallowell n 7th 
Berr\'man Samuel H., ship carpenter, Palmer ab 

Duke (K) 
Bersch Elizabeth, baker, P road bel Marriott's la 
Bersender John, machinist, 170 Beach (K) 
Berstler Jonah, mer. 7 S 5th, h 7th ab Poplar 
Berstler & Stearly, paper & rags, 7 S 5th 
Berstlet John, mer. 7 S 5th, h 3d bel Federal 
Bert Arthur, currier. Willow bel 2d 
Bert Charles, printer, 121 Race 
Bert Edward G., confectioner, 121 Race 
Bert E., morocco dress. Willow bel 2d 
Bert Michael, morocco dress. Willow bel 2d 
Bertelow Mrs., 12 Brown 
Bertolet Daniel, saleman, 237 N 3d 
Bertolet Ezra, salesman, 234 N 3d 
Bertolette D., clerk, 145 N 3d 
Berton Berner, mer. 144 Poplar 
BERTRAM & CO., perfumers, UN 6th 
Bertram George, mer. 11, & h 38 N 6th 
Beiti-am Theodore, cooper, 356 Apple (K) 
Beruher E., tailor, rear 2 Ball alley 
Berwins James, gent. George n 15th 
BesselievTe Jno. A., jeweler, 1 Exchange place, 

h Washington bel 8th (S) 
Besser Edward, patternmr. 9 James 
Besser Heniy, campliine, Marshall and Poplar 
Bessier John B., wharf builder, 5 Mayland 
Bessinger John, coffee roaster, Cedar ab DaU' 

phin (R) 
I?esson Charles A., mer. 52 S 2d, h 7 Lodge st 
Besson Jacob, cabtmr. Washington ab Oxford 
Besson John M., merchant, 52 S 2d 
BESSON & SON, mourning store 52 S 2d 
Bessonet John, jr., clerk, 82 S 2d, h 89 Lombard 
Best Adam, William Penn Hotel, 6 Lartitia ct 
Best Fleming, lal). 22 S 13th 
Best Hiram, tailor, Queen av 
Best Hugh, lab. Wood ab Amber (K) 
Best John, boilci-mr. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Best Lewis, coach trim. 266 S 6th 
Best Robert, engineer, 79 Shippen 
Best Thompson, boilermr. 76 Redwood bel 5th 
Beswick Joseph, tavern, 94 Jlace 
Betancourt A., gent. 336 Coates 
Betchtel E., West ab Palmer (K) 
Beth Susan, Franklin av bel Union 
Bethel John, Shackamaxon ab Franklin (K) 
Bethel John, carp. Norris ab Apple 
Bethcll Cliarles P., 578 Frankford road 
Bethell George S., architect, 90 S 4th, h 328 Sp 

Bethell John P- M. D., office 314 N 3d 

Bethell Joshua M., agent, Marlborough abo^c 

Duke (K) 
Betliell Robt., atty. at law, 33 S 5th bel Chest- 
nut, h 328 Sp Garden 
Rethiled John, clerk. 111 Franklin (K) 
Betnovin Eliza, Truston pi 
Betson Oscar F., Corn bel Wharton 
Betson Robert W., cordw. 6th ab Washington 
Bettle Samuel, jr., mer. 101 N 10th 
Bcttle Samuel, sen., 14 S 3d 
KETTLE WILLIAM, 14 S 3d, h 244 N 6th 
Bettle William, 509 MulbeiTy 
Betti-on Jos., carp. Rose bel Oak (W P) 
Betts Andreas, shoemr. Crawford ct 
Betts Charles, b h, 71 Cherry 
Betts Cyrus, dry goods, 151 Sp Garden 
Betts Jacob, cooper, 310 Master 
Betts James, 321 Walnut 

Betts Richard, blacksm. Hope and Phoenix (K) 
Betts Richard K., carp. 297 Filbert 
Betts Ruth Ann, 72 N 7th 
Betts Samuel, salesman, 5th ab Jefferson 
Betts Simpson, carp. 799 N 5th 
Betz Godfried, beer house, 506 Queen 
Betz Henry, cordw. Adelphia al 
Betz James, millwrt. Willow ab 18th 
Betz Peter, carp. 3 Central pi 
Betz Wm., alderman, 32 Olive 
Betzel L., shoemr. Houston ab Queen 
Betzell Solomon, oysters, 1 Hyde's ct 
Betzold C, cabinetmr. Willow and Julianna 
Beucler Geo., confectioner, 168 N 5th 
Bculah Henry, lab. 24 Burd's ct 
Beusse Henrietta, 515 N 7th 
Bevan D., painter, 4 S 5th, h 423 S 3d 
Bevan D., Mrs., 349 Mulberry 
Bevan George, mer. broker, 69 S Front, h 203 

Bevan Henry, painter, 52 Almond 
Bevan John, paint. & glaz. N W Front & Pine 
Bevan Joseph H., lab. 55 Lewis (S G) 
Bevan Wa.shington, trunkmr. 53 Chester 
Bevan William, driver. Master ab 11th 
Bevans Hezekiah, seaman, 2 Lisle 
Bevans John S., carter. Front bel Wharton 
Bevans Robert, tavern, 326 S Front 
Bevans Thomas, coachman, Bedford ab 12th 
Beverlin Sheridan, barber, 244 S Front 
Beverlv Lydia, washer, 8 Gray's al 
Bevins's., 216 S 12th 
Bevridge Thomas, Rev., 173 Sassafras 
Beward Wm., carter. Pagoda n Pennsylvania av 
Bewley Charles, 33 Bonsall 
Rewley George, printer, 9 Lindsay's av 
]3ewley Henry, lab. 24 Burd's ct 
Bewley Isaac, grocer, 210 S 2d, h 30 Union 
Bewley Isaac, watchman. Wood ab Duke (K) 
Bewley Jeffrey, waiter, 41 Currant al 
Bewley Jesse, watchmr. 406 Catharine 
Bewley John, plumber, rear 119 N 15th 
Bewley John, driver, Coates W Nixon 
Bewley Jos., segai-mr. Haverford W 6th (W P) 
Bey Mary, vict. 15th bel Vine 
Beyer Chas., cordw. Ill S 5t]i 
Beyer C. H., trimmings, 147 S 10th 
Beylard Henry D., mer. 4 Strawben-v, house 66 

S 5th 
Beylle M. L., gentw. 184 Spruce 




Bezard John, bootmr. 77 S 8th 8c 17 S 9th 
Bezard Sophia, plaiting-, fluting-, &.c. 17 S 8th 
Beziat J. M., tobacco, S E 6th and Buckley 
Bhielar Andrew, bootmr. 511 S 2d 
Bibig-haus Charles H., M. D., 137 Coates 
Bibig-Jiaus J. T., carpenter, 41 Brook 
Bibig-haus S. H., plane manuf. Willow bel 4th 
BIbIgHAUS S. H., hardware, 166 N 3d, h 4th 

ab Willow 
Bible Elizabeth, teacher, 4 Howard hall 
Bible Sophia, 5 P road 
Bichbois Augxist, lithog-., 69 S 5th 
Bickam Georg-e, carp. Parrish bel 13th 
Bickel Aug-ustus, to\Tnr. 121 Arch 
Bickel Jacob, blacksm. 11 Apple 
Bickel Jacob, blacksm. Alder n Girard av 
BICKER AUGUSTUS, cordw. 94 N 4th 
Bicker Casper, tailor, 76 N 4th, h Lemon pi 
Bickerton Benj., clerk, 45 Harmony 
Bickerton Benj., coop. 68 S 3d, h 45 Harmony 
Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 12 Jacob 
Bickerton Sarah, Race n 16th 
Bickerton Thomas, cooper, h 46 Almond 
Bickerton Thomas, jr., upholsterer, 46 Almond 
Bicking- Charles R., printer, N E 3d & Arch, h 

281 N 8th 
BICKING & GUILBERT, printers, N E 3d & 

Bicking- Geo. H., mer. 9 Gold 
Bicking- John, printer, 281 N 8th 
Bickler Christian, baker. Elm (W P) 
Bickley Daniel, 444 N 5th 
Bicklev H., stables, 17th and Barker, h Locust 

bJl 18th 
Bickley Mary Mrs., dressmr. rear 84 Nectarine 
Bickley William, 7th bel Federal 
Blcknell Rufus, M. D., Washington bet William 

and Mary (W P) 
Bidclspavig-h Levi, ostler. Brown ab Clearfield 
Bideman Georg-e, g-as fitter, 18 Brown 
Bideman Samuel, ship broker, 117 Randolph 
Bidemen Iticliard S., ship carp. 19 Allen 
Bidleman John, carp. 118 Coates 
Bidding- John, lab. Hatter's ct 
BiddleAle.x., brok., 50 S 3d, h 8 York Buildinfrs 
BIDDLE CALDAVELL K., atty. at law, 128! 

Walnut, h S W Spruce and 14th 
BIDDLE CHAPMAN, atty, & coun. & consul of 

Peru, 47 S 5th, h 348 Chestnut 
BIDDLE CHARLES J., atty. 8c coun. S7 S 7th 
Biddlc Clement, g-ent. 164 Arch 
BIDDLE CLEMENT, jr., atty. 8c coun., office 

8 York Buildings 
Biddlc ( k-mentC, prest. Saving- P'und,h Spruce 

n 13th 
ISiddle Craig-, atty. 8c coun. 57 S 7th 
Biddle Edward, g-ent. 431 Walnut 
Biddle Edward C., publisher, 6 S 5th 
niddle JJi/.abeth, g-entw. Locust and 15th 
BH)1)LK E. C. & J., booksellers 8c publishers, 

6 S 5th 
Biddle I'lanccs, Asst. Mai. Girard Colleg-e 
Biddle Georg-e, tailor, rear 283 St John 
BIDDF.E t;EOR(;E W., atty. h. coun. 30 S 5th, 

ii 5 Diig-an row 
Biddle Hannah, Brinton's al bel 11th (S (J) 
BiddK- Henry J., .stock broker, 50 S 3d, h 8 

York Buildinjjs 

Biddle Jacob, police, 7 Gebhard 

Biddle Jane M., gentw. 260 AValnut 

Biddle John, publisher, 6 S 5th, h 48 N 13th 

Biddle John B., M. D., Spruce ab 11th 

Biddle John W., sen., carrier, 534 N 3d 

Biddle John W., painter, 157 Coates 

BIDDLE J. WILLIAMS, atty. at law, 177, 8c h 

175 Walnut 
Biddle Marg-aret, 5 Butler av 
Biddle Owen, police, 7 Ann 
Biddle Robert, china store, 204 R road 
Biddle Robert, mer. 47 Market, h 341 Race 
BIDDLE R. 8c AY. C. 8c CO., hardw.,47 Market 
Biddle Sarah C, S AV 14th and Spruce 
Biddle Thomas, flour, Somerset (AV P) 
Biddle Thomas, stock broker, 50 S 3d, house 8 

York Buildings 
Biddle Thomas A., stock broker, 50 S 3d, h 17 

BIDDLE THOS. 8c CO., stock brokers, 50 S 3d 
Biddle AVesley, lab. Columbia ab AA'ashington 
BIDDLE WM., cb-uggist, N W 11th and Arch 
Biddle Wm. C, mer. 47 Market, h 139 N 10th 
Biederman Geo., tailor, F road ab AVest (K) 
Beiderman Mary, N E 5th and Harmony 
Bieg Jacob, carter, 3 Steinmetz ct 
Bieg J., tailor, 335 S 4th 
Biegemann Adolph, colorist, 53 New 
Biegemann AA'm., piano maker. So New 
Biehl Lorenzo, beer h., Franklin 8c Chai-lotte 
Biehl M., lager beer, 47 Franklin 
Biel Charles, M. D., 28 Vine 
Bier Christian, lab. 40 Pegg 
Bier J., barber, 40 Pegg, h 104 St John 
Bierau Charles, mer. 14 Norris' al 
Bierman Fredericka, Charlotte bel Franklin (K) 
Biever Jacob, glass blower. Cherry ab F road 
Biever John H., carp. Cherry ab F road (K) 
Biever Mary, gentw. Cherry ab F road (K) 
Bigelow Sarah, trimmings, 305 Callowhill 
Bigelow Stephen C, carp. Coates ab 13th 
Bigelow Thos. L., carp. Coates ab 13th 
Biger AVm., brushmr. 4 Faries' ct 
Biggard George, lab. 200 Lafayette 
Bigg-ard John, packer, rear 525 N 2d 
Biggard AVm. S., cordw. AVaterloo 8c Amber (R) 
Biggart Andrew, lab. Cedar ab 18th 
BiggiU-t Hannah, Pearl bel 13th 
Biggart Robert, cordw. 714 N Front 
Biggart Saml., cordw. N Clinton bel Thompson 
Bigger James, wheelwrt. Wood bel Front 
Biggerd John, 8 Ix'wis 
Biggins Edward, Howell n 19th 
Biggie AVilliam, boilcrnn-. 319 Wood (R) 
Biggs Henry, bootmr. 31 Citron 
Biggs James, gas fitter, 31 Citron 
Biggs J. B., salesman, '?>'2> S 4th 
Biggs J. J., mer 182 S 10th 
Bigham Jas., blacksm. (ioodwill al 
iVigkr Catliarine, b li, 103 Locust 
Bigler AVashington, inspector, 690 Pine 
Bigley Charle-s, 40 Murray 

Biglcy James, weaver, Jed'erson bel G T road 
Bigley Joseph, clerk, 100 Union 
Biglev Pat., weaver, Philij) ab Master (K) 
Bigley AVm., vict. 7th bel Reed 
Big-nell (Catharine, dressnu". 1 AVood 
Bignell Irene, saleswoman, 50 S 2d 




BigTiell John, bookbinder, 324 Parrish 
Bigonet Jacob, druggist, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

ab Fitzwater 
Bihin Joseph, Lombard and 23d 
Bilbroug-h Joseph, carp. 32 Olive 
Bllbrough Thomas, manuf. Locust n Beach 
Bilbroug-h Thos., lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Bilderback Eliza, 52 Tammany 
Biles E. R., bookkr., 213 Market, h 112 S 16th 
Biles Joseph T., carp. 112 S 16th 
Biles Samuel, carp. 233 Filbert 
Biles William., watchman. Vine ab 12th 
Bilger Chas. lab. 6th bel G T road 
Bilger Isaac, tavern, 216 N 3d 
Bilharts Francis, g-un "stockmr. 40 Orchard 
Bilks Thos., baker, 340 Richmond (R) 
Billbrough Matthew, lab. Sorell bel Larch 
Bille de Steen, Charg-e d' Affairs from Denmark, 

h 9 Colonnade row 
Billenstein Eliza Mrs., g-entw. 18th ab Lombard 
Billger Samuel, cordw. 1149 N 6th 
Billhart Wm., ostler, Salmon ab Hunting-don (K) 
Billin Wm. G., mer. 80 Market, h 334 Walnut 
Billingham Elizabeth, millinery, Lombard n 20th 
Billing's Asa, upholsterer, 1 Webb's al 
Billings Caleb, car builder, 1021 Coates 
Billings James B., Girard House, 271 Chestnut 
Billings Jas. M., mer. 3 Church al, h 153 S 16th 
Billings Sarah, School bel Franklin (K) 
Billings Sylvester, hatter, 3 Jefferson row 
Billings Thos. S., printer. Bread and Quarry 
BH^LINGTON & EMERY, factory findings, 10 

Billington Hen., stairrods, 81 S 5th, h 49 Sansom 
Billington James H., mer. 10 Decatur, h Thomp 

son W 18th 
Billingworth Jno., confect. Ill Plum 
Billmeyer Samuel T., real est. broker, 24 S 5th 
Billmeyer SusaSi, 194 Franklin 
Billmeyer Wm. M., printer. School ab Rose 
Bills Jeremiah, ship carp. 15 Marion 
Billsland J., bricklayer, William E 22nd 
Billyer Samuel, cordw. 1149 N 6th 
Bilyeu A. P., lumb mer. 8th and Oxford, h 365 

Girard av 
Bimbaum Louisa, Madison ct 
Bimmer G., cordw. 243 St John 
Binder Chas., boot crimper, 183 Coates 
Binder Daniel, carp., 124 Poplar 
Binder Fredk., gent. 1023 Coates 
Binder George, carp. 268 Coates 
Binder George A., carp. 310 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, carp. 304 Marshall 
Binder J., hatter, 286 N Front 
Binder J. & G., lumber yard, S E 6th & Oxford 
Binder Peter, druggist, 478 Coates 
Binder Wm. E., brush finisher, 188 Poplar 
Binder Wm. W., carp. 425 N 7th 
Bindschedler John, goldsm. 14 Laurel 
Bine Chas., super. Master ab Marshall 
Bines Saml. M., Franklin Inst. 38 Buttonwood 
BINES & SHEAFF, coal yard. Arch st whf 

Bingaman Susan, 4 Shield's al 
Bingham Amos, Rev. 138 N 14th 
Bingham H. H., clerk, 591 N Front 
Bingham James, jeweler, 112 Chestnut, h 125 

Bingham John, mer. 183 Market, h 18 N 11th '; 
Bingham John, carp. Frankford road ab Ann (R) 
Bingham John, milk. Front and Hazel ■ 

Bingham Margaret, 160 N 15th \ 

Bingham Richard, grocer, 123 Fitzwater • 

Bingham Samuel, lithographer, 1162 N 2d 
Bingham Thos., trunkmr. 125 Summer 
Bingham Wm., turner, 5 Fitzwater 
BINGHAMS 8c DOCK, fordw.mers. 276 Market 
Binker John, jr., U. S. Mint, h Little Brown 
Binker Thomas, grocer, F road and Cherry (K) 
Binkey John, 2 Marshall's ct 
Binkley Jos., engraver, 20 Union 
Binks Thomas, chairmr. 387 Pearl 
Binley Fredk., carp. Palmer ab Bedford (K) 
Binley John, carp. Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Binney Charlotte, 126 Pine 
BINNEY HORACE, coun. office 85, h 83 S 4th 
BINNEY HORACE, jr., atty. & coun. 61 S 6th 
Binney John, type founder, 10th ab Federal 
Binney Joseph, locksmith, 73 S 5th 
BINNS JOHN, commissioner of the United 

States, office 46 S 6th, opp. Court House 
Binns J. C, Coates ab 11th 
Binns Moses, carp. 49 Prune, h 76 N Washington 
Binns Sarah, 3 Gray's al 
Binswanger & Eger, trimmings, 81 N 3d 
Binswanger Isadore, mer. 81 N 3d, house 146 

Bioren John, clerk, 3 N 9th 
Bioren Mary, trimmings, 188 Callowhill 
Bioret Charles, cabtmr. N W 3d and Lombard 
Bipperier John, beer house, 5th ab Columbia 
Birch Abraham, power loom, Mervin bel Master 
Birch David, M. D., Franklin bel Crown (K) 
Birch Geo., carman, Leprlva ab Wood (R) 
Birch Geo., clerk, 70 S 3d 
Birch Jas., di-uggist, 21st ab Lombard 
Birch James W., chairmr. China bel 2d 
Birch John, cordw. Front ab Hazel 
Birch John, clothes, 5 Gulielma 
Birch John, cutter, 19 Dean 
Birch John T., cabtmr. 161 Catharine 
Birch Michael, soap & candle manuf. 155 F road 
Birch Peter, cabtmr. 2 Horstman's ct 
Birch Robert, lab. 10 Pine (S) 
Birch Thomas, President City Commissioners, 

h 15 Cherry E 17th 
Birch Wm., confect. Rugan bel Willow 
Birchell Henry, bootmr. 77 Queen 
Birckhead Ella, Blight House, Chestnut n 16th 
Birckhead Pollard E., Phil. Fire and Life Ins. 

Co. 149 Chestnut, h 16th and Chestnut 
Bird Albert G., engraver, 126 S 5th 
Bird Alfred W., tailor, 5 Hart's Buildings 
Bird A. D., carp. 38 Kuitz 
Bird Charle,s, plasterer, 507 N 5th 
Bird Clu-istian, billiard saloon, 10 Exchange pi, 

h 37 York av 
Bird Edmund M., cordw. 455 S 2d 
Bird Edward, gent. 6 Stewart 
Bird Emeline, shop, 8th bel Green 
Bird Fi'ancis, cordw. Brown and New Market 
Bird Frederick, tobacconist, 560 N 2d 
Bird George U., cutter, 182 Market 
Bird Henry, horse dealer, 1 Miller's ct 
BIRD HENRY, gent. 2 Clinton 
Bird Henry, printer, 137 Marriott's lane 




Bird Isaiah, carp. 510 N 5th 

Bird James M., teacher, 72 Lombard 

Bird John, waterman, 569 S Front 

Bird John, cordw. 9 Smitli's ct 

Bird Joseph, clerk, 74 W Market 

Bird J. F., M. D., 11th and Green 

Bird J. Stanly, clerk, 8 N 3d, h 72 Lombard 

Bird, Leps & Watkins, publishers, 61 Dock 

Bird Marv, 128 Frankford road (K) 

Bird Matthias, 320 Callowhill 

Bird Mrs., trimmings, 548 South 

Bird Samuel, carp. Sharswood W Ridg-e av 

Bird Robert M., M. D., publisher, 66 S 3d, h 60 

BIRD THOMAS, tailor, 5 Hart's Buildings, h S 

Rittenhouse sq W 18th 
Bird Thomas, weaver. Poplar ab 2d 
Bird Thomas, gent. 5 Clinton 
Bird Thomas, jr., gent. 5 Clinton 
Bird Wm., iron moiJder, Union ab Franklin av 
Bird Wm., brushmr. h 95 N 9th 
Bird Wm. E., printer, 61 Dock, h Marriott 
Bird Wm. H., convey. 170 Christian 
Bird Wm. H., jr., clerk, 8 N 3d, h 170 Christian 
Birdens Samuel, brickmr. 10th ab Federal 
Birdey Christian, sugar refiner, 95 St John 
Birely Isaac, ship carp. Wood and Queen (K) 
Birely Jacob, ship wright. Beach and Hanover, 

h 161 Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Birely Jacob, ship carp. 161 Queen (K) 

Blsbing Jacob H., caj-p. h 11th ab Thompson, 

shop, Lewis ab Girard av 
Bisbing John, copperplate print., 19th & Rhoads 
Bisbing Joseph, grocer, F road and Wood 
Bisbing P. S., weaver, 126 Charlotte 
Bisbing Samuel, h Woodland bel Walnut (W P 
Bisbing Samuel, lab. rear 95 York av 
Bisbing Stephen, copper plate printer, 12th bel 

Bishop Abner, porter, 9 Lombard row 
Bishop Benj. F., jeweler, S E Dock & Walnut 
Bisliop &. Bevans, ti-unkmrs. 88 Callowhill 
Bishop & Bevan, dag'rtype, 458 N od 
Bishop Charles, hatter and grocer, 42 Church 
Bishop Charles, barber, Franklin and Hanover 
Bishop Christopher, barber, 180 Washington 
Bishop Daniel, mer. 36 N Del. av. h 16 Madison 
Bishop Edward, butcher, G T road n 5th 
Bishop Elizabeth, 258 Arch 
Bishop Ephraim, grocer, 9 S Del. av., h 3d bel 

Bishop Geo. W., sawmr. 6 Grape ct 
Bishop Gotleib, tailor, 15 Ogden 
Bishop Jacob F., vict. 169 Apple 
Bishop Jane, b h, Callowhill W Nixon 
Bishop Joaquim, macht. 5 Pear, h 137 S 5th 
Bishop -John, oysters, 569 Coates 
Bishop John R., tailor, 54 S 4th, h Franklin bel 

Bishop Louisa, b h 149 S 9th 

Birely John, ship carp. Queen ab Marlborough Bishop Margt. S., milliner, S E 7th & CallowhiU 

Birely John, weaver, Marlboro' ab Franklin av 
Birelv John & Son, ship yd. Beach ab Palmer 
BIRELY THEODORE, ship builder. Beach & 

Warren, h 159 Queen (K) 
BIRGFELD ADOLPH, mus. teacher, 19 Perry 
Birkbaum Peter, baker, P road ab Christian 
Birkett Sarah, b h, N E 5th and Pine 
BIRKEY JOHN, dentist, 79 S 6th 
Birkey John, sen., drv goods, 67 S 5th 
Birkey John Q., dentist, 79 S 6th 
Birkev Thomas W., dentist, 79 S 6th 
Birkey Wm. J. A., M. D., dentist, 126 S 8th 
Birkinbine Henry, brickmr. 14th bel Walnut 
Birkinbine H. P. M., machinist, 16 Arch, h S W 

Vine and 14th 
BIRKINBINE & TROTTER, mach. 16 Arch 
Birkley Michael, bootmr. 9th and Auburn 
Birkmeyer James, clerk, P'ranklin & Hancock 
Birks John, laces, 42 Bank, h 123 Locust 
Birley (;has., carp. Pagoda n Penna. av 
Birmingham C. B., grocer, N E 7th and Poplar 
Birmingham (ieorge. Vineyard and Powell 
Birmingluim James, razor maiuif. 19tU ab R road 
Birmingliam John, lab. 3 Lagrange 
Biriningliam Pariset W., ivory carver & turner, 

188 Noble 
BIRNBAUM CHARLES, baker, 316 Pine 
Birnl)aum Geo. W., grocer, 370 N 4th 
IJIKNKY DAVID B., commissioner of deeds, 

88 High, h 25 Jacoby 
Bimey George, clerk, N E 3d and Chestnut 

BISHOP & MERCIER, grocers, 9 S Del. av 

Bishop Monroe, trunkmr. Poplar ab St John 

Bishop Nancy, teacher, 42 Plum 

Bishop Peter, foundiyman. Miller's ct 

Bishop Preston, hatter, 34 N 2d 

Bishop Rachel, oysters, 18 Rachel 

Bishop Robert, macht. 51 Howard (K) 

Bishop Robert, oysters, 622 N 2d, h Cadwalader 

Bishop Robei-t, macht. 51 Howard (K) 

Bishop Rosanna, nurse, 6 Warren 

BISHOP, SIMONS & CO., shippers, 36 N Del av 

Bishop S. S., mer. 36 N Del av, h 47 Union 

Bishop Theodore, ship carp. Shackamaxon ab 

Queen (K) 
Bishop Thos., platemr. 34 Erie 
Bishop Thos., platemaker, rear 10 Branch, h 29 

Bishop U. C, furniture, N E 17th and Market 

Bishop Wm., sea capt. 383 S 3d 

Bishop Wm., clerk, 93 N 13th 

Bishop Wm„ tavern, 151 Green 

IJishop Wm., mach. 3 Larch 

Hishop Wm. W., dentist, 7tii and Callowhill 

Bishop Wm. W., jeweler, S E Dock & Walnut, 
h S E 7th and Callowliill 

Bisler Win., tailor, 10 Rusberry al 

Bispliam Benj., H., trunknu". 10 Sarah (K) 

IJispliam Daniel, segar store, 24 Queen, h Queen 
ab F road (K)' 

Hispham Ellis, 171 N 6th 

Hispliam John S., mer. 261 Market 

BIRNEY WM., ed. & publisher Daily Register,! Hispliiim J. B., mer. 14 S Front, h 619 Spruce 

N E 3d and Chesnut, h 3 Marshall jUispliam Samuel, grocer, 261 Market, h 171 

Bisbing Jolm W., carp. Locust bel Park (W P) N 6th 

Bisbee Mrs., Cadwalader bel Phoenix Bispham Saml. A., mer. 261 Market, h 171 N 6th 

Bisbing Chas. M., tobacconist, 192 S 4th BISPHAM S. &. SONS, grocers, 261 Market 

Bisbing Jacob, moulder, 807 G T road Bispham Wm. D., attorney, 40 S 7tli 




Bissell Israel M., Broad n Pine 

Blssell Jas., jr., nurseryman, M road bel Reed 

Bissett James, 20 Pratt 

Bisselt John, clerk, 25 Walnut 

Bissex Henry T., bootmr. 21st and Vine 

Bissex J. R., bootmaker, Washing-ton bel Park 

Bissick Jas., lab. 67 S Front 

Bissing-er John, weaver, Hancock ab Franklin 

Bissing-er J., carp, weaver, 701 N 5th 

Bisson Samuel S., carp., shop, Hutchinson ab 

Poplar, h Girard av ab 10th 
Bisswonder Jacob, butcher, 54 Penn (S G) 
Bitlar Daniel, stables, 320 and 295 Filbert 
Bitler Joseph, moulder, 38 S 14th 
Bitler Jos. H., moulder, 1019 Coates 
Bitner Felix, tailor, Oxford ab 5th (K) 
Bitps Adam, blacksm. Front bel Master 
Bitter Henry, dentist's filemr. 3 Wistar 
Bitter Sarah, Mrs., 18th and Jones 
Bitters Lorenzo C, cordw. 13 Tammany ct 
Bitting- Andrew, tailor, 11 Hutchinson 
BITTING &. CO., fire bricks, S E 21st &. Hig-h 
Bitting- J. D., fire brickmr. 496 N 11th 
Bitting- Hiram, contractor, 570 N 10th 
Bitting- Knig-ht, boiler mr. Van Buren pi 
Bitting- Lewis, tailor, 452 N 3d 
Bitting- Lewi.s, mer. 220 Market, h 10th above 

Washington (S G) 
Bitting- Philip, clerk, 184 Swanson 
Bitting- Thos. R., g-rocer, 194 N 3d 
Bitting- Walter, boiler mr. 42 Lewis 
Bittlc Wm., boilermr. Ash bel Franklin (K) 
Bittles James, lab. Hamilton ab William 
Bittorf Valentine, bootmr. 435 N 4th 
Blvens Rosanna, 21 Woodbine 
Bivin John, whlpmr. Mellon bel 11th 
Bivins Thomas, cordw. 14 Mercer 
Bixensteln Frederick, baker, 284 Coates 
BLABON &. CARSON, oil cloths, 90N 3d 
Blabon Geo. W., oil cloths, 79 N 3d, h 287 N 8th 
Black Adam, bootmr. Marriott ab Lai-ch 
Black Alex., Leiper's row 

Black Alexander A., clerk, N E 4th & Chestnut 
Black Andrew, miller. Almond and Tiog-a (R) 
Black Catharine, Nectarine bel 11th 
Black Crawford, grocer, 27 Evans 
Black Cyrus, clothing-, 79 N 2d, h 305 Pine 
Black Daniel, lab. Irish Track la bel Fitzwater 
Black Ebenezer, scourer, 14 Barclay 
Black Edward, restaurant, S E 3d and Chestnut 
Black E., gentw. 16 Federal 
Black Geo., bar tender, 213 N 8th 
Black Geo., chair painter, 110 Nectarine 
Black Geo., plasterer. Wood bel Lepriva (R) 
Black Gideon, flirmer, Till bbel Locust (W P) 
Pdack Harriet C, drcssmr. 99 Arch 
BLACK HENRY, insur. real est. ag-t. 866 N 4th 
Black Hugh, weaver, 3 Philip (K) 
Black Isaac, stone cut.. Dean ab Locust 
Black Jackson, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
BLACK JAMES, grocer, N W 15th and Mar- 
ket, h 16 Howard 
Black James, painter, 314 S 6th 
Black James, carver, 92 S Lewis 
Black James, 16 Howard 

Black James, clerk, 134 Chestnut, h 142 S lOtii 
Black James, weaver, 15 Evans 
Black Jas., lab. Orange bel 12th 

Black Jas., weaver, rear G T road ab Master (K) 
Black Jas. G., cutler, 177^ Mai-ket, h S E 12th 

& Race 
Black James J., mer. 213 S 16th 
liluck James R., dagutype, 6th bel Washington 
Black Jenks, blacksm. 222 Diamond 
Black Jesse, porter, Centre ab 12th 
Black Jessie, b h, S W 17th and Summer 
Black Jno., lab. West n Parrish 
Black Jos. M., clerk, 223 Market 
Black John, distiller, 934 Callowhill 
Black John, inspector, 174 Federal 
Black John, barber, 122 M road 
Black John, lab., 129 Dickson 
Black John, cooper, Cumberland ab F road 
Black John, stone cut.. Orange ab 11th 
Black John, lab., Salmon n Emory (R) 
Black John, blacksm., 12 Fetter's la, h 52 Wood 
Black John, macht., Broad ab Locust 
Black John A., 11 Plymouth 
Black John L., pumpmr., 89 S Dela-ware av, h 

Shippen ab Front 
Black John, waiter, rear Baker bel 8th 
Black John, lab.. Brown bel Huntingdon (K) 
Black Joseph, awningmr., 84 Swanson 
Black Joseph, ribber, 1208 N 2d 
Black Lafiiyette, trunkmr., 503 N 10th 
Black Mary Ann, George bel Margaretta (W P) 
Black Mathias, shop. Till bel Locust (W P) 
Black Matthew, shoemr.. Federal ab 11th 
Black & Mingin, restaurant, S E 3d & Chestnut 
Black Peter, 149 S 10th 

Black Prince, waiter, 43 Chestnut, h 50 Quince 
Black Rebecca, dry gopds, 418 Race 
Black Robt., weav., Cadwalader & Higham'sct 
Black Robt, carter. Brown bel Emery (R) 
Black Robt., shoemr., 465 Shippen 
Black Robt., merchant, S W 17th and Market 
Black Robert, coppersm., 110 Nectarine 
Black R., blacksm., George below Park (W P) 
Black R. T., merchant, 148 Market 
Black S. A., 162 Wood 
Black Sarah, Philip ab Master (K) 
Black Saml. W., teacher, Chatham, h 379 N 7th 
Black Saml. A., acct, 31 N Del av, h 162 Wood 
Black Thomas, weaver, Hope ab Jeft'crson (K) 
Black Thoma.s, waiter, Lombard bel 11th 
BLACK THOMPSON, grocer, N W Broad and 

Black Wm., warper, Shippen ab 12tli 
Black Wm., stone cut., Lombai'd ab 17th 
Black Wm., farmer. Brown bel Huntingdon (R) 
Black Wm., music, 96 Barker 
Black Wm., warper, Milton bel 12th 
Black W. R., carp., 18 Federal 
Black Wm., printer, 9 Larch 
Black Wm., warper, L Wa.shington bel 10th 
Black Wm., weaver, Howard bel Jefl^'erson 
Black Wm., weaver, 9 Bauersach's ct (K) 
Black Wm. C, mer., 101 S Front 
Black Wm. D., black and whitesm., Jarvis bel 

M road 
Blackburn Alex. W., reporter, Melrose pi 
Blackburn Jeremiah, shoemr., 227 & 247 South 
Blackburn John, conveyancer, 24 S 5th, h 122 

S 16th 
Blackburn John, tailor, 221 Catharine 
Blackburn Joseph, lab. rear 20 P road 

* BLA 



Blackburn Stewart, furniture car, 5 Meyers' ct ] 
Blackburn Thos., comedian, 7th and Catharine 
Blackburn Wm., collector, P road and Federal 
BLACKBURNE C. J., broker, 21 S 3d, h S E 

10th and Filbert I 

Blackburne Francis, Sec. Phila. Fire and Life 

Ins. Co., 149 Chestnut, h 18th ab Arch | 
Blackburne Oliver, lab., 5 Meyers' ct 
Blackford Ged., bricklyr., 358 Pine 
Blackford Geo., tailor, 117 Og-den 
Blackford George, hatter, 76 N 4th 
Blackford John A., salesman, 144 Market 
Blackman Andrew, capt., 15 Salmon (R) 
Blackman Enoch, gent., Richmond ab William 
Blackman J. J., Ann and Larch (R) 
Blackman R. G., tavern, Bank ab William (R) 
Blackman Wm., seaman, 18 Gaskill 
Blackman Wm. T., U S insp. Larch ab Ann (R) 
Blackmore F., locksmth., 1024 W Market 
Blackson Moses, potter, Salmon ab Ann (R) 
Blackson Rachel, drcssmr., 353 Lombard 
Blackstone Ellen, washer, 37 Prosperous 
Blackstone Thos., gent., 68 N 11th 
Blackwell Theodore, agent. Goldsmith's Hall, 

h 58 N 16th 
Blackwell Thos., silversm., 25 Bayard 
Blackwood Jos., well digger, 64 L Washington 
Blitckwood Joseph, mer., 159 Chestnut, h 229 

Blackwood Thoma.s, carp., 114 14th 
Blackwood Wm., Rev., 18th and George 
Blackwood Wm. H. carp., h 9th ab Federal 
BLACKWOOD 8c CO., mer., 159 Chestnut 
Blade Jas. R., cordw.. Union bel Franklin (K) 
Rladcn Ann, 358 N 6th 
Bladen C, teacher, 358 N 6th 
Bladen Thomas P., clerk, 98 Chestnut 
Bladen Wa.shington, S., atty. & coun., 66 S 6th 
Bladen Wm. C, clerk, S W 3d and Chestnut 
Bladen Wm. E., clerk, 15 Callowhill 
Blacse .\dam, tav., S W 5th and Master (K) 
Blaese John, ctirrier, 279 Coates 
Blaese J. P. &, Co., currier.s, 390 N 3d 
Blacse Philip, currier, 279 Coates 
BLAESS & B ERG MANN, brewers, 88 New, & 

184 St John 
Blagrae liichd., shoemr., 11 College pi 
Bluich E. F., cigarmr., 131 Franklin bel 3d 
Blaich Geo., tobacconist, 129 ?>anklin bel 3d 
Blaikie Sarah, b h 178 Beach (K) 
Blaikie Thos. L., plumb. Front bel Phoenix (K) 
Blaine Jas. J., teacher, Penna. Inst, for Blind 
Blair Anna, drcssmr., Hamilton n South 
Blair Beiilah, sho^ 138 (i T road 
Blair Edmund J., gas fitter, 27 Montgomerj- 
Blair Edwd., 295 Race 
Blair Eliza, Mrs., 2 Tamarind 
Bluir Elizabeth, washer, rear 8 Pine (S) 
Blair Frances Ann, b li, Fitzwatcr bel 13th 
BLAIR HENRY C, dniggist, S W 8th and 

Blair Jame.s, weaver, 144 Howard (K) 
Blair James, mach., 138 G T road 
Blair Jame.s, gent., G T road ab Thompson (K) 
Blair James, carp., 38 Perry 
Blair James, weaver, 1 Briiiton 
Blair John, litjuor store, N W 7th and Federal 
Blair John, warper, Fitzwatcr bel 13th 

6 ' 

Blair John, manif , Front bel Master (K) 

Blair John, whipmr., Franklin ab Wood (K) 

Blair John, clerk. Wood bel Franklin (K) 

Blair John, plasterer, 2d ab Master (K) 

Blair Mary, 24 AVasliington 

Blair Peter, painter, 18th ab Pine 

Blair Robt., lab., 133 Plum 

Blair Robert, bootmr., rear Shippen 1 bel South 

Blair Robt., lab., 2d ab Master (K) 

Blair Susannah, 121 Pearl 

Blair Samuel, cordw., L. Wa.shington ab 9th 

BLAIR SAIMUEL R. 8c BRO., gas fitters, 6 N 

7th, h 85 N 8th 
Blair Stewai-t, cap manuf., Woodland, bel Lo- 
cust (W P) 
Blair Thomas, tavern. Market W 19th 
Blair Wm., grocer, S W 17th and George 
Blair Wm. II., tea dealer, 33 S Front, h 21 N 

BLAIR & HUTTON, tea dealers, 33 atid 33 S 

Blair 8c Roop, carps., Lybrand bel Vine 
Blaise Augustus, cordw., S W 12th and Ogden 
Blaise George F., nunier, 23 Mayland 
Blaise Henry, cordw., S W 12tli and Ogden 
Blake Bridget, Brown and William (R) 
Blake Elizabeth, Wood n 22d 
Blake Francis, rear St Mary ab 7th 
Blake Francis R., M. D., Ri'cUmond (R) 
Blake Garrett, lab., 5 P road 
Blake George A., music store, 13 S 5tli 
Blake Hannah, washer, Warner's ct 
Blake John, coachman, 15 Bay 
Blake Margaret, washer. Miles' al 
Blake Mary Ann, b h, 59 N 7th 
Blake Mary C, millinery, 291 Coates 
Blake Patrick, Rosberry n 4th (W P) 
Blake Pati-ick, lab., Huntingdon ab Duke 
Blake Samuel, waiter, rear 129 Walnut 
Blake Teresa, shop, S E Swanson 8c Mead 
Blake T. W., office, 13 S 5th, h 24 Merchant 
Blake Wm., cord., 8 Union 
Blake Wm., stovemr., 54 Curraiit al 
Blake Wm. R., bar keeper, rear 93 N 4th 
Blakely Chas., cordw., 598 N Front 
Blakely David, weaver. Crown bel Duke 
Blakely Wm., oil cloths, Fairview n 18th 
Blakeman Thomas F., clerk, 125 Market, h 6th 

ab Noble 
Blakemore Henr}', japanncr, 7 Appletrec al, h 

51 Washington 
Blakemore Thos., mer., 192 Market, h 279 N 6th 
Blaker John, tailor, Cadwallader ab Master (K) 
Blaker Uly.sses, 370 Brown 

Blakiston Geo. R. 8c Co., mers.. West end Mar- 
ket .street Bridge (W P) 
Blakiston Cko. R., mer., Woodh-nd bel Market 
Bl.:kiston Harriet, Woodland ub West Chester 

road (^V P) 
Blakiston John !{., coal mer. 63 Walnut, h 5 S 16th 
Blaki.ston Preslev, bookseller, 25 S 6tli, h Wal- 
nut W William (AV P) 
Blanehard Benj., clerk, 45 Dock, h 17th below 

Blanehard Emma, 213 S 4th 
Blanehard I'pliraim, manuf .sand pr., 779 N 7th 
nlancliard II. B., iipliol.ster.,44 S 4th, li 86 S 12th 
BLANCHAUD H. B. 8c Co., upholst., 44 S 4th 




Blanchard John, ship carpenter, Hanover above 

Queen (K) 
Blanchard John D., mer., 215 Coates 
BLANCHARD & LEA, publishers, S E 4th & 

BLANCHARD & ROCK, manufs. paper hang-s. 

165 Chestnut, factory West Piuladelphla 
Blanchard Theodore A., mer. 165 Chestnut, h 

86 S 12th 
Blanchard Wm. A., bookseller, S E Chestnut &. 

4th, h 20th N Itth 
Blanchard William L, mer., 101 Mai-ket, h M.u-- 

shall bel Green 
BLANCHE LOUIS, editor and proprietor Sun- 
day Press, N E 3d and Chestnut 
Blanchfield Michael, lab. rear 4 Charles (S) 
Blanchfield Thomas, lab., 19th and Hamilton 
Blanck Wm., carp., Cherry E 20th 
Blanckenheim C. F., Cherry W 16th 
Blancjgur F., teacher of music, 8 N 9th 
Bland Benj., tailor, 48 Market 
Bland Georg-e, book-keep., 45 N Del av, h 20tli 

below Vine 
Bland John D., welder, 5th ab Franklin (S) 
Bland Samuel, watchmr., S E 3d and Market, 

h 212 Spruce 
Blandner Chas., music teacher, 2 Little Brown 
Blandner Joseph, pict. frame manuf., 2 Little 

Blane John, clerk, 67 G T road (K) 
Blaney James, tailor, Marriott bel 9th 
Blaney Mary, 1 Turner 
Blaney Richard, cork cutter, 156 S 6th 
Blaney R., jun., cordw., Phoenix ab Cadwallader 
Blaney W'illis H., jr., clerk, 166 Buttonwood 
Blanford Henry, gilder, 16 L Washinglon 
Blanford Wm., Ann E 20th 
Blank A. M., Mrs., Shaeff" al bel 12th 
Blankiu-n John, skin dr., Duke n Marlboro (K) 
Blankley Elijah, Pratt ab Logan (W P) 
Blankley J., Pratt ab Logan (W P) 
Blankley Mary, Pratt ab Logan, (W P) 
Blankman Hen. G. A., dent. 258 Washington (S) 
Blanner Margaret, huckster, 15 Lilly al 
Blase Louis, shoemr., S W 12th and Ogden 
Blatchley S., bootmr., Apple ab Diamond (K) 
Blasteiner Fred., tailor, 6tii bel Muster 
Blatner Maria Ann, Coates bel 10th 
Blatner Adolph, 36 Carroll 
Blatner Adolphus A., Coates bel 10th 
Blattenbergtr Isaac, Cooper ab 4th 
Blattinger J., barker, 599 Coates 
Blattner Eugene J., painter, 404 Poplar 
Blau Isaacc, Trimmings, 87 South 
Blaylock John, barber, 5th and Carpenter 
Blaylock Louis, hatter, 46 N 8th 
Blayney Robt., cordw.. Front near Chatham (K) 
Blayney Marg., rear 65 Carroll 
Bleass "N'alcntine, bottler, 6 Noble 
Blecker Patrick, carp., Lloyd W Broad 
Bledenhi.ser John, tinsni., WHiarton bel 5th 
Blee Bernard, bottler, 336 Cedar 
Bice Chas., brickmr., 9 Ann 
Blee Edward, manuf., 108 Filbert 
Blee Hugh, cordw.. Willow bel Spruce 
Blee Jolin, brickmr., Wdcoeks n 20th 
Blee Lethim, grocer, N. W 12th and Lombard 
Blcich Eai'ues^ segar manuf., 131 Franklin av 

Bleich Geo^ trimmings, 129 Franklin av 
Bleight John D., atty. St coun., 24 S 5tli, h N.E ' 

13th and Chestnut 
Bleight Marv, Mrs., 13th and Chestnut ' 
Bleil Fred, baker, 227 Diamond (K) 
Blein Jos., rigger. Queen bel Weaver 
Blelock James, boiler mr., Jefferson W 17tli 
Blelock Jas., jr., printer, Jefferson W 17th 
Blenk John, baker, 52 Swanson 
Blennerhasset Wm. W., bookbinder, 6 Benezet 
Blessing Wm., lab., Venango bel Richmond 
Blessner Gustave, prof, music, 3 Sansom ab 7th 
Blest Thos. T., grocer, 19th and Ridge av 
Bletcher Elizabeth, 238 St John 
Bleult Levin, lab., Owen ab 13th 
Blew Adolph, carp, weaver, 5 Orchard 
Bley George, jr., M. D., di'uggist, 485 N 4th 
Bley John, di'uggist, F road opp Hanover 
Bleyney Wm., cordw., Clymer ab F road 
Bleyer John M., tavern, 6th and Brown 
Bleyler Thomas, dealer, 70 Plum 
Bleyler Thomas, T., carp.; Doman's pi 
Blich John, beer house, 105 Poplai" 
Blight Charles, 58 S 13th 
Blight James, 276 Chestnut 
Blight James H., agent, 56 Walnut 
Blight John, attorney, N E 13th and Chestnut, 
Blight Joseph, brushmr., 9 West 
Blight Maria, g-entw., 351 Chestnut 
Blinkhorn John, painter, M'Makin's ct 
Bliss Anson, 22 Pai'ker 

Bliss Robert, mer., 96 S Del. av, h 16 Spnice 
Bliss Theodore, bookseller, N E 3d and Arch, 

h 560 Vine 
Bliss Zenas, mer., 39 S Front, h 411 Green 
Blittersdorf Augustus, tui'ner, Apple n Franklin 
Blittersdorf A., cutler, 143 N 4th, h 16 Willow 
Blitz Solomon L., clothing, 90 South 
Blizzard David, lab., Harrison n 21st 
Blizzard Joseph, waterman, 17 J'ederal 
Blizzard Nathaniel, sailor, SS Prime 
Bloch Theodore, lab., Marriott ab 8th 
Block John, lab., 4 Lagrange 
Blocksom Mary Ann, Jarvis ab 2d 
Bloede Gustavus, M. D., 16 Sansom 
Bloednar Martin, tailor. Plover n 8th 
Bloni John F., baker, 47 Brown 
Blome Albert, tailor, 324 S 3d 
Blomer A., shop, 457 S Front 
Blood Caleb, cordw., 196 S Front 
Blood Roland, bootmr, 6 N 5tli, h 23 Pennsyl- 
vania av 
BLOOD'S DESPATCH, 30 and 32 Arcade 
BLOODGOOD J. B., Walnut street House, 2 

Bloom George, baker, Race n Gebhard 
Bloom M. G., M. D., 18 Union 
Bloom Peter, 8th bel Buttonwood 
Bloom Samuel, clothing, 403 N 6th 
Bloomer A., shop, 6 Wall 

Bloomer John, carp., Master bel Charlotte (K) 
Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 25 Lebanon 
Bloomer Robert, carter, Blair ab AVood 
Bloomer William, oysternian, 486 S 5th 
Bloomer William, trader, Carleton bel 21st 
Bloomer William L., baker, rear 277 S 3d 
Bloomer William L., bar keeper, 79 P road 
Bloomercdden William, boxmuker, 45 Duke 




BloQnifield J., blacksm. Olive bel Broad 
Blooming-dale Chas., mer. 78 Market, h 230N 5th 
BLOC MINGD ALE & RHINE, clothg-.78 Market 
Blotter Henry, sur. inst. mr. 792 N 5th 
Blotz Martin, cordw. 21 Queen (K) 
Blourne John, ship carp., h 5 Pleasant row 
Blow Robert W., salesman, 65 Chestnut 
Blowe Georg-e, watch case mr. 33 Church 
Bloxman Woodman, waterman, 5 John 
Bluch H., carp. 22 Apple 
Blucher Ann, 8 Saunders ct 
Blucher Xavier, lithographer, Mari'iot ab 6th 
Blue John, brickmr., F road bel Ann (R) 
Bluer B., laborer, Christian bel 10th 
Blum B., mer. 79 N 3d, h 82 Vine 
Blum Elizabeth, 255 Parrish 
Blum Francis, baker, 993 N 2d (K) 
Blum Herman, horse dealer, 9 Poplar 
Blum Jacob, cordw. 476 N 4th 
Blum Peter, cabinetmr., Front ab Franklin (K) 
Blum Peter, shop G T road ab 9th 
Blum Robei-t, beer house, 290 N 3d 
Blum Saml., clothing-, 131^ N 2d, h 403 N 6th 
Blum Samuel, tailor, 439 N 2d 
Blum ?c Simpson, dry g-oods, 79 N 3d 
Blumenthal U. & M.,' clothing-, 127 N 2d 
Blumenthal Abraham, pedler, 102 Poplar 
Blumenthal Bernard, pedler, 4 Harvey's ct (K) 
Blumenthal Lazarus, cordw. 413 N 4th 
Blumenthel Samuel, tailor, 161 N 2d 
Blumer Frederick, lab., rear 46 P road 
Blumhardt Lewis, tinman, G T road and 2d 
Blumlev John, sawven, Union bel West 
BLUMNER CHARLES E. & CO., tobac. 3 S 

Blumner Henry, C, eng-ine manuf., N 5th bel 

Vine, h 413 Green* 
Blunden William, carpet weaver, 317 S 3d 
Blunden Wm., keeper peni'v., Andrews W 21st 
Blunder A milliner, Sharwood W R av 
Blnnk Charles R., carp. 556 S 7th 
Blunt James, carp., Master ab 7th 
Bluty G., .stove fini.sher, P"ranklin av ab Union 
Bive Henry, mer., h 102 St. John 
Blve John H., drvg-oods, 17 N 8tli 
Bl'ye Sarah, dryg-'oods 264 N 2d 
Blyler Peter, painter, 167 Marshall 
Blynn Henry, 43 Sp Garden 
Blvnn Henrv, hatter, 71 N 3d 
Blynn MichL, hatter, 71 N 3d, h 13th bel Green 
Bl\ th James, warper, 1 Linn (F M) 
Blvthe James, lab., Biddle n William 
BIythe R. D. Mrs., upholsterer, S W 6th and 

Boag- Jolin, stone cutter. Barker n 18th 
lioak James, weaver, York al) Amber (K) 
Boake Israel P., salesman 492 S 2d, h 1 Mary 
Boal James, tailor. South ab 17th 
RIAN CHURCH, 265 Chestnut 

CIll'RCH, 2.55 Che.stiuit 
Boardnian Ann, shop 814 N 11th 
Hoardinan F. H., Dr. 6 Cliancery la 
Boardnian Ili-n. A., Rev., 1). 1)., Locust ab Broad 
Koanhnan Hen. S., manuf. 95 Arcii, h 150 Wood 
Boardnian l{obt., satehelinr., Duke n V road (K) 
Boardnian W. furniture store, 116 G T road 

Boardman W. E., Rev., 316 Chestnut 

Boas Patrick, laborer, rear Marion ab 2d 

Boate Georg-e, upholsterer, 123 S 2d 

Boate Geo., jr., upholsterer, N 4th ab Franklin 

Boate William E., carp., 6 Mellon 

Bobb Peter, brickmr., 558 Spruce 

Boch Anthony, hair hresser, 18 Arcade 

Bock P'rederick carp., 19 Log-an 

Bockill G. W., fringe manuf '227 New Market 

Bockius Aaron, cooper. Arsenal 

Bockius & Brothers, saddlers, 50 Market 

Bockivis Catharine, 380 S 3d 

Bockius Charles R., mer. 67 N 2d 

Bockius Christopher, leather manuf. 27 and 29 

Marg-aretta, and 30 Willow, h 163 N 4th 
Bockius, Christopher, saddler, 50 Market 
Bockius C. G., mer, 3 N 3d, h 587 N 6th 
Bockius C. G. & J. C, brushmrs. 3 N 3d 
Bockius Georg-e, leather manuf., S E St. John 

and Willow, h 4th and Cooper (C) 
Bockius & Gorg-as, china, 67 N 2d 
Bockius Hannaii, crockery, 535 Market 
Bockius Henry J., carp. 213 S 9th 
Bockius Isaiali, sadlr, 50 Market, h 30 Wallace 
Bockius Jacob U., saddler, 50 Market 
Bockius John, carp, weaver, 34 Bread 
Bockius John, carp. 217 S 9th 
Bocklett, Conrad, cooper, rear 273 S 3d 
Bockman Nicliolas, tailor, Adelphia 
BODDER LEVI D., M. D., 61 Locust 
Boddy Charles, carp. 591 N Front (K) 
Boddy Daniel, prison keeper. Federal n 9th 
Boddy John, patternmr. 2 Short ct 
Bode August, clerk, 195 Chestnut 
Bode Ferdinand, grocer, N E 6th and Queen 
Bode Henry, turner, 12th and Stiles 
Bode William, shoemr., rear 111 Carpenter 
Bodel Jolin, weaver, Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Bodder James R., cordw., 14 Tamarind 
Boden James M., tailor, Wood bel 12th 
Bodenhofer Joseph, varnisli manuf. 405 N 3d 
Bodin Joseph, tobacconist, 25 N 4th 
Bodin Nich., porter, 14 Tammany ct 
Bodine Ann, tailoress, 6 Cvpress 
BODINE, BAEDER & CO., glue manufs. 5th 
and G T road and 86 Market, and 6th ab 
Bodine Budd S., clerk, Shackamaxon ab Bed- 
ford (K) 
Bodine Elizabeth, tailore.s.s, 1 Oneida pi 
Bodine Francis C, 5 Lybrand 
Bodine J. E., currier, 65 Race 
Bodine J. F., mer. 131 N 13th 
Bodine Lewi.s,, 132 S Front 
Bodine M., agent, Salmon ab Ann ^,R) 
Bodine Sand! T., mer. 86 Market, h 334 N 7tli 
Bodine S., gunsm. 3 .(ackson 
Body Stephen, .shipsmith, N E 2d and Wharton 
Boecklev J T. 506 Coates 
Boehm A. W. mer. 64 N Front, h 248 Arch 
Boehni George L. bootmr. 24 N 12th 
Boehm Henry, tobacco, rear 57 Olive 
Boehni William, tobacconist, 461 N 9th 
Boehnier F., ga.sfitter, 70 Queen 
Boekel V>'iUiam, lanijimr. 37 Brandy wine 
Boekenikainp Chas. H. sugar refiner, 10 'l\un- 

many ct 
Boekringer Jacob, tailor, 17 Wood 




Boelton Adolph, c;iblnetiiir. 461 Vine 
Boemher Henry, maclit., Barclay ab Coates 
Boenning- Casper, cabinetnir. 4 Rowland's ct 
Boenning- & Nas.s, steam saw mill, Kowland's ct 
Boericke Francis E., mcr. 24 S 5th 
BOERICKE & TAFEE, pharmaceutists and 

booksellers, 24 S 5th 
Boerum S., seg-ar store, 160 Callovvhill 
Boesbcar William, lampmr. 824 N 5th 
Boers J. F. A., shop 115 Shippen 
Boesser Frederick, cabinetmr. o7 Stanley 
Bog-an Daniel, shoemaker, Lemon bel 11th 
Bog-an Thomas, carter, J'ederal and G T road 
Bog-an Walter, ladies shoemr. Ogden ab IStli 
Bogart Sarah, Og'den bel 10th 
Bog-gs Andrew, porter, 19th ab Pine 
Boggs Charles, clerk, 104 N 2d 
Boggs David, clocks, S W 8th and South 
Boggs George, chaii-mi-. 185 N Front, h Queen 

bel Hanover (K) 
Boggs George W., ex. cb-iver, 116 Chestnut 
Boggs Jas., broker, 8 Gold, h 19th ab Walnut 
Boggs Jas., chairmr. 82 and 95 N Front, h 144 

Queen (K) 
Boggs John, weaver, 13 Ann 
Boggs John, wheelwrt. 12 Beck pi 
Bogg-s John, 1 Acorn al 
Boggs John C, clerk, 13 S 3d 
Boggs Margaret Ann, dressmr. 2 Hunter 
Boggs Samuel, ship carp., F road n Otter (K) 
Boggs Samuel, wheelwrt., G T road ab Laurel 
Boggs Wm. L., mer. 17 N 5tli, h 11 Merchant 
Bog-ia Angelo, engineer, 269 N 10th 
Bogia Francis, cordw. 379 S 10th 
Bogles Ralph, laborer, 550 Shippen 
Bogue & Co., hair cb-esser, 216 Chestnut 
Bohel D., laborer, 6 Ewing's ct 
BOHLEN, HENRY, mer. 69 S 4th, h 393 Walnut 
Bolilen Jane, 238 Walnut 
Bohlen John, attv. and coun., N W 6th and 

Walnut, h 238 Waliuit 
BOHLER DANIEL & CO., essence of coffee 

manufs. 218 Callowhill 
Bohn Christian, tailor, 59 Redwood 
Bohn Conrad, macht. 55 Redwood 
Bohn Hannah M., 56 Penn 
Bohn Philip, tailor, 572 S 6th 
Bohn Richard, seaman, Swanson ab Prime 
Bohnert A., cordw.. Front bel Noble 
Bohr Henry, cooper, 115 Shippen 
Bohrer Henrietta, 106 Crown 
Bohrer Jacob, printer, 106 Crown 
Bohrder Joseph, blindmr. 336 Ridge av 
Bohrder F. W., blindmr. 336 Ridge av 
Boile Michael, 2 Moore (S G) 
Boileau Albanis, salt manuf. 102 Nol)le 
Boileau Albt. D., clerk, 70^ N 3d, h 79 G T road 
Boileau J?. P. blacksm., Duane 
Boileau Edwin B., alderman, 135 Walnut, h 

Landing av 
Boileau Geo. W., stove mould., Mackey ab 2d 
Boileau Isaac, clerk, 95 N Lewis 
Boileau Isaac, jr., clerk, 95 N Lewis 
Boileau John W., convey., 10th ab Girard av 
Boileau John, salt niaiuif. 102 Noble 
Boileau Jolni, blacksm. 31 Lewis (S G) 
Boileau Mary, 370 S 8th 
Boilcs Staten, printer, Vine ab 12th 

Boiles William, watchman, Vine ab 12tli 

Boisaubert A., 86 Locust 

Boiseau Charles, stoves 187 S 2d, h 71 German 

Roizer Jeremiah, coal, Parker W Corn 

Bok Frederick, 4 Howard's ct 

Bok John, tailor, 12 Exchange pi., h 50 Gaskill 

BOK JOHN & CO., tailors, 12 Exchange pi 

Bokee F. A., acct. 50 S Delaware av., h 110 S 

BOKER, BROTHERS & JONES, boots, shoes, 

straw goods, 158 and 160 Market 
Boker C. S., Brest. Girard Bank, li Walnut n 18th 
Boker C. S. jr., mer. 84 Chestnut 
Boker E. D. mer. 158 Market, h Merchants* 

Boker George H., Walnut n 18th 
Boker Joseph, mer. 158 Market, h 468 Arch 
Boker Thomas, clerk, 2 Nicholson 
Boker W. A. salesman, 158 Market 
Boker W. C, mer. 158 Market, h 637 Arch 
Bokley Jacob, brewer, 9 Lodge pi 
Boland Daniel, marble polisher, 7 Thome's ct 
Boland David, cordwainer, 22d ab Spruce 
Boland D., Willow ab 8th 
Boland John J., book keeper, Vine and Nixon 
Boland Richard, moulder, Carpenter bel 9th 
Bolas William II., grocer, 623 South 
Bolden Richard, laborer, Washington ct. 
Bolden Spencer, waiter, 61 Currant al 
Bolden William E., wlif. builder, Leonard n 3d 
Boldin George, mer. 31 N Del. av., h 493 Arch 
BOLDIN & PRICE, oil mers.31 N Delaware av 
Boler Patrick, distiller, Front bel Franklin (K) 
Boles John, laborer, Salmon ab Emery (R) 
Boley Frederick, sr., 101 Dillwyn 
Bolger William, porter, rear 64 N 2d 
Boling S. D., milliner, 350 South 
Eolle George H., weaver, 329 Callowhill 
Bollen John, iron. Little Washingington 
Bollenhey Hemy, dyer, rear 671 N 2d 
Boiler Catharine, 177 Wallace 
Boiler H. J., mer. 40 Walnut, h Spruce ab Broad 
Bolster Richard, dry goods, 380 George 
Bolt John, carp. 16 Cherry 
Bolter Joseph, hosier, Oxford bel G T road 
BOLTON & CATTELL, lumber com. mers. 

Willow St. wharf (Del) 
Bolton Elizabeth, widow, 667 Wood 
Bolton Joshua, jeweller, 4 Porter ct 
Bolton Joseph R., clerk, 514 Green 
,Bolton Mary E., 440 Callowhill 
Bolton Samuel, lumber com. mer., Willow St. 

wharf, h 206 N Front 
Bolton William P., carver, S E 8th and Arch, 

h 423 N 7th 
Boltz Michael, b. h., 50 Dillwyn 
Boman, Sarah, Hanover bel Fi'anklin av 
Bombalagan George, painter, 327 Wood (K) 
Bomeisler E. L., liier. 215^ Market, h 244 N 5th 
Bomeisler Lewis, mer., h 244 N 5th 
Bomeisler S. lamp black & varnish, 177 N 10th 
Bomnci.ster G., cordw., 492 G T road 
Honafont John, restaurant, 175 S 3d 
Bonbright Geo., clerk, 137 Market, h 381 Race 
Pionbriglit James, mer. 189 Market, h 381 Race 
Bond Adam J., cordw. 2d bel Prime 
liond Alexander, tailor, 87 York av 
Bond Amos, & Hunn, lastmr. 222 N 5th 




Bond Amos, lastmr. 222 N otli, h 626 N 11th 
Bond Ann, 3 Bath 

Bond Benjamin F., trunkmr., li Brown ab 13th 
Bond Benj. S., carriag-e manuf. 7th bel Franklin 
Bond Casper, chairmr., rear 440 N 3d 
Bond Charles, coachman, Lombard bel 12th 
Bond Charles, carp., Dauphin ab Amber 
BOND & DE^XKLA, tea dealers, N E Front 

Bond Eliza M., miUiner, 178 N 13th 
Bond Elizabeth, Duke bel Crown 
Bond Elizabeth, trimming-s, 377 Race 
Bond Ellen, 201 Queen 
Bond George M. clerk, 211 N 13th 
Bond Henry, bootmr. 7 Charles 
Bond Henrv, Ledg-er carrier, 19 Nectarine 
Bond H., M. D., 1 N 9th, 3d door bel Filbert 
Bond H., laborer, rear 9 Maria 
Bond H. Calvin, clerk, 319 N 8th 
Bond James, engineer, Charry ab Duke 
Bond Jas., M. D., di-ug-gist, S E lOth & Locust 
Bond James F., grocer, N W Parker and Wash- 
Bond John, saddler, rear Bedford bel Broad 
Bond John, butcher, 610 S 5th 
Bond John, clerk, 56 Race 
Bond Joseph, g-lass blower, Wood ab Duke 
Bond Joseph, carp. 377 Race 
Bond Joseph, blacksm. 1 Clark 
Bond Joseph, blacksm., 7th bel Washington 
Bond Josiah, dealer, 12th bel Wallace 
Bond Lewis, watchmr. 3 Brook (N L) 
Bond L. M., mer., N E Front and Chestnut, h 

535 W Chestnut 
Bond Noah, porter, 8 Emeline 
Bond Richard, clerk, Greenwich ab 2d 
Bond Richard J., moidder, 12 Mechanic 
Bond Saml., 147 N 3d 

Bond Samuel B., clerk, 41 S Water, h 2 Wistar 
Bond Theodore, grocer, S W 5th and Cathai-ine 
Bond Tiiomas, trader, Howard ab Phoenix 
Bond Thomas, weaver, 29 Lebanon 
BOND THOS., mer. 41 S Water, h 359 N 6th 
Bond Thomas, M. D., 1 Sp Garden 
Bond Wm., lab. 10 Boyd's av 
Bonekam Herman, cabtmr.. Front and Frank- 
lin (K) 
Boner Daniel, lab., George ab A.shton 
Boner Denni.s, lab., Salmon ab William (R) 
Boner Edward, moulder. Perry bel Master (K) 
Boner John, lab., Pine W 20th 
Boner John, lab., Lewis (R) 
Boner John, lab., J'isher ab Cumberland 
Boner Patrick, lab., Lewis (R) 
Boner Pat., lab., Sch Beech and Walnut 
Boner Wm., lab., Higiuim's ct (K) 
Bones George, shoemr. 20th ab South 
Bones Joiin W., carp. 500 Wood 
Bonlield James, plasterer, 25 Mervine 
Bonford John, carter, Hope bel Jeflerson (K) 
Bongaardt Wm. F., oysterman, 283 St John 
Bongard Catharine, Itace ai) 15th 
Bonliam Han-iet, shop, 188 S 6tli 
Honham .lohn, dealer. Front ab Reed 
Bonhani Jonatlian, 35 New 
Bonliam .Joseph A., 35 New 
Boniiam Wm., liquors, 1198 N 2d 
Bonine C. G., paper hr. 568 N 2d, h 381 Apple 

Boning- Wm., jeweler, 20 Franklin pi, h 84 New 

L?onn Philip, carp. 419 Wood 

Bonnaffom Albert L., mer., 95 Mai-ket, h 14 W 

Bonnaff on Sylvester, impt. di'v good, S W Front 

and Chestnut, h 6 N lltii 
Bonnanii Eugene, plaiter, 163 S 10th 
Bonnar James B. D., Rev., 24 Chancellor 
Bonnar Mich., lab.. Brown's ct n Nixon 
Bonnar William, grocer, William ab S Garden 
Bonnel Hugh, lab., Ann bel Larch (R) 
Bonnell Samuel, cash. Globe Ins. Co., h 186 N 

Bonner Daniel, lab., George and Sch Beech 
Bonner Daniel, jr., lab., George and Sch Beech 
Bonner Daniel, carter, 397 S 8th 
Bonner Elizabeth, West and George 
Bonner James, moulder. Middle ct 
Bonner James, Lombard n 22d 
Bonner Michael, tavern, S W Water and Race 
Bonney Miss M. L., seminary, 525 Chestnut 
Bonnin Luci'etia, trimmings, N W Green and 

Bonsai Edmund C, jeweler, 72J Market, h 298 

S 5th 
Bonsai John L., bookbinder, 61 S 5th 
Bonsall Cleinent S., turner, reai- 84 Walnut 
Bonsall E. C, 298 S 5th 
Bonsall E. H., convey. 5th and Library, h 35 

BONSALL E. H. & J., conveyancers, S E 5th 

and Library 
Bonsall Francis, beer hou., 184 Washington (K) 
Bonsall Henry, convey. 48 S 4th, h 22 Girard 
Bonsall Isaac S., elk custom house, h 214 S 9th 
Bonsall Jeremiah, conveyancer, S E 5th and 

Library, h 4th and Bridge (W P) 
Bonsall Jesse S., tailor, 14 Bayard 
Bonsall John, convey, offi., 48 S 4th, h 22 Girard 
Bonsall John, conductor, Washington (W P) 
BONSALL JOHN & CO., conveyancers, 48 

S 4th 
Bonsall Jonathan, clci'k, 154 Ogden 
Bonsall Joseph, cigarmr., 65 S 12th 
Bonsall Marj' A., trimmings, 196 N 13th 
Bonsall Sarah, rear 4 Fetter la 
Bonsall Spencer, citv surveyor, 9 S 5th 
Bonsall Wm., clerk, 224 Qu"een 
Bonsall Wm. S., tinsm., Woodland (W P) 
Bontolomy Charles, tailor, 138 Plum 
Boocks Benj., grocer, Washington (W P) 
Boocks Martin, carp., Washington (W P) 
Hook George H., upholsterer, 4 Whitehall 
Book Joseph, tobact., Carlisle bel Parrish 
Book Joseph, furniture store, 25 Queen 
Book Mary, 52 Chester 
Booker Jane, washer, 22 Lebanon 
Booker John, blacksm., 20 Lebanon 
Booker Lewis, coachmr., 18 Lebanon 
Bookhammer A. IF., flour mer. 54 N Del. av 
Bookhammer &. Budd, flour mers., 54 N Del. av 
Bookhammer Jacob H., furnitiu'e cars, 23 State 
Bookhannner S., b:irl)Lr, S \\' 6th and AVillow 
Bookman Chi'istian, ctibtmr., 506 (;oates 
Boom Wm. P., clerk, N E 4tli and Market, h 

200 Market 
Boon David, la!)., rear Bedford ab 13th 
Boon Francis O., gent., West (S) 




Boon George, blacksm., Washington, h Oak ab 

Bridgewater (W P) 
Boon Henry L., omnibus, Wasliington (W P) 
Boon Horace, porter, 4 Bird's ct 
Boon Letitia, washer, Mackey ab 2d 
Boon Peter, tav., Beach n Shackamaxon (K) 
Boon Thomas, wheclwt., 1 Bowery pi 
Boon Wm., jr., lab. 7 Ann n 20th 
Boon Wm. B., carpt. 23 Noble ' 

Boone Rebecca, 394 Vine 
Boone Robert, shoes, N E 2d and South, h 278 

Boone William F., att'y & coun. 18 S 7tli, h 69 

N 16th 
Boose Samuel B., carp., Van Buren pi 
Booth Benj., harness mr. 131 N 5th 
Booth Edmond, acct., 222 S 14th 
Booth Edward, tobact.. Wheat bel Marion 
Booth Edwin, broker, 61 Walnut, h 441 Coates 
Booth Emanuel, news agent, Lancaster Pike ab 

6th (W P) 
Booth Enoch, butcher, Washington (W P) 
Booth George, salesman, 6tli ab Master 
Booth Isaac C, cooper, 200 Christian 
Booth Isaac H., agent, 579 Poplar 
Booth James, 17th n South 
Booth James, waiter, 28 Emeline 
BOOTH JAS. C, prof, chemistry, h 300 Pine, 

off. 10 College av rear St Stephen's church 
Booth John, brace bitt mr. 26 La Fayette 
Booth John, dry goods, 479 Market 
Booth John, jr.', 26 La Fayette 
Booth Thomas L., restaurant, 2d and Brown, h 

45 Laurel 
Booth William, plane mr. 115 Brown 
Booth Wm. J., morocco finisher. Rose n School 
Booth Zora, lab., Dewees' ct 
Booz Alice G., 534 N 10th 
Booz Valentine, pianomr., Jarvis bel 2d 
Boping Uillman B., cordw.. Crown ab Frank- 
lin av 
Boraef Lawrence, vict. 361 N 13th 
Boraef Valentine, 549 Brown 
Boran Francis, seaman, 21 Little Oak 
Borbeck Philip, boots and shoes, 18 N 3d 
Borbridge Charles, hatter, 4 Louisa av 
Borbridge & Gibson, ford, mers., 272 Market 
Borbridge John W., fordw. mer. 272 Market 
Borcheller Adam, buttonmr. 278 Apple (K) 
Borden Asa, lab. 411 N 4th 
Borden Edward P., att'y and coun. 104 S 5th 
Borden E., dressmr. 264 Chestnut 
Borden Hamilton, coachmr., 14 Branch 
Borden John, bricklr. 14 Branch 
Borden Samuel, mer. 79 Market 
Borden Theo., coachmr. 14 Branch 
Borden Thomas, moulder, Dunton n Franklin 
Border Geo., coachmr., Parrish bel 12th 
Bordley Stephen, lab., Uickerson n 7t]i 
Borduct Adolph, grocer, Water bel Callowhill 
Borel Joseph, bricklr. 28 Thompson (K) 
Borcn James, lab. 286 G T road 
Borer Jacob, bricklr., Charlotte and Thompson 
Borer Joseph, lab. 91 New 
Borer Saml., coach painter, 91 New 
Bol-gcr Cath., launA-es.s, Carpenter ab 8th 
Borgcr Wm., U. S. Arsenal 
Borhek Charles, prof, of music, 169 S 9th 

Borhek Edwai-d, optician, 71 Chestnut, h 145 

Borie Anna, 296 S 10th 
Borie A. E., mer. 45 Dock, h 329 Spruce 
Borie Chas., broker, 329 Spruce 
Borie Chas., jeweller, 107 Spruce 
BORIE CHARLES & HENRY, bill brokers, 63 

Borie Francis J., blacksmith, Fotliergill, h 331 

S 5th 
Borie Henry S., let. carrier, 419 Catharine 
Borie Henry S., S AV 10th and South 
Borie J. J., Mrs. 97 S 4th 
Borie J. J., att'y and coun., 128 Walnut 
Boring Thos. W., teach. & acct. 154 Queen (K) 
Borland Stephen, 258 Walnut 
Borman Edward, machinist, 172 Cherry 
Borman Henr}', vict.. Queen and Hanover (K) 
Borman & Sadler, tool mrs., rear 7 N 9th 
Born B., baker, 5th ab Jefferson (K) 
Bornerman Wm., harness mr., 13 Ki'essler (K) 
Bornman Catharine, 4 Tamarind 
Bornman Lewis, vict. 4th bel Master 
Bornman Nich., vict. 76 Cadwalader 
Born^hine Conrad, cordw., Hope n Otter (K) 
Borradail John, clerk, 634 N 3d 
Borradail Thomas, tobacconist, 6 Walnut, h 458 

Borradail Thos., jr., tobac. 6 Walnut, h 458 N 6th 
Borrer Catharine, rear 17 Concord 
Borrows George, cord., Callowhill and 20th 
Borthman Wm., shop, 448 N 4th 
Borzel Geo., cordw., G T road ab Oxford (K) 
BOSBYSHELL WM., jr., coal. Broad & Lom- 
bard, h G T road ab Oxford, off". 154 Spruce 
Bosch Adam, founder, 120 Brown 
Bosch Chas., watchmr., 120 Brown 
Bosch John G., baker, 46 Apple 
Boser Frederick, bookbind., 9 Freas av 
Boshart Geo., hair seive manuf. 1 Shephard's a! 
Boshart Geo., artificial limbs, 553 N 10th 
Rosher G., bootmr. 402 Federal 
Bosler Chas., butchei', St John ab George (K) 
Bosler George W., blacksm. 17th bel Shippen 
Bosler John, brickmr.. Bush Hill, h Filbert and 

Bosley Frederick, brickmr. 4th ab Thompson 
Bosley Henry, printer, 165 S 5th 
Boss Jas., dial mr., 72 Dock, h 7th ab Thompson 
Boss John, carpt., Salmon ab Cumberland (R) 
Ross Tliomas, mariner, 9 Green 
Ross Wm., painter, 6 Flower 
Bossard &. Mette, restaurant, 101 Chestnut 
Bossardt Frederick C, jeweler, 17 Quarry 
Bossert Charles, pianomr., 96 and h 126 Cherry 
Rosscrt Enos, cabtmr. 185 Randolph 
Rossert Henry, cordw., Olive bel 13th 
Rossert Henry, frame mr. 560 N 3d 
Rossert Joseph F., fur. car, 449 Vine 
Rossert Sarah, 13 Wallace 
Rossle Jos., silver plater, Franklin, n 3d (K) 
Rostick George, lab. 49 Quince 
Roslick Rachel, washer, 5 Lombard row 
Rostick Henry, lab., 2 I^uckley 
Roston & Henderson, barbers, 10th bel Pine 
Roston Jacob, whitewashcr, 86 GasklU 
Roston Julian, wa.sher, rear 17 P road 
Boston Mich., moroc. dress., Winter ab George 




Boston Wm., shoemr. 4th ab George, h Charlotte 

Bostweek , salesman, 57 N 4th 

Boswell A. J., sign painter, 5 N 9th, h 342 Par- 

rish ab 13th 
Boswell R. G., acct, 84 Chestnut, h 192 Pine 
Boswell Chas. A., tavern, M road and Federal 
Boswell .las. J., mer., Locust ab William (W P) : 
Boswell Saml., lab. 35 Charles (S) 
Boswell S., tailor, 97 Brown ' 

Boswell Wm. R., printer, 128 S 6th | 

Bosworth David C., agent, S E 15th and Locust 
Boszler Frank, vict.. Nectarine ab 9th 
Boteler Tiiomas, clerk, 11 S 4th 
Bothell John, oak cooper, 15th bel Parrish 
Bothell Wm., cooper, Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Bothner Godfrey, mach., Cumberland ab Emory 
Bothwell Alex.,'blacksm. Penn bel P road (S G) 
Both wick Robei-t, upholsterer, N E lltli and 

Botner Mary, confect., 479 Sassafras 
Botner Wm., printer, 479 Sassafras 
Botsford Alva, St Joseph's av W 17th 
Bott Charles F., musician, 42 Julianna 
Bott J. M., turner, 563 N 3d 
Bott Wm., lab., Randolph ab Franklin 
Botten Stephen, baker, 4 Concord 
Bottliofi' Constantine, barber, 107 N 7th, h But- 

tonwood ab 8th 
Bottiioff Joseph, cabtmr. 504 Callowhill 
Botti Doct., 244 N Front 

Bottom George, cordw., Apple ab Franklin (K) 
Bottomly Henry, foreman, 2 Little Green (K) 
Bottomly James, wool dealer, rear 93 N 4th 
Bouclier Ann, Maria ab 4th 
Boucher Benj., wheelwrt., N W 12th and Penn 
Boucher Ellen, vest maker, 3 Laurel (C) 
Bouclier James; tailor, 4 Castle ct 
Bouclier Josiah, cordw. 3 Parrish 
Boucher Sarah, nurse, 83 N 9th 
Bouchner Jacob, carpets, 366 Coates 
Boucot &. P'ield, bonnet pressers, rear 36 N 2d 
Boucot Xevia, varnisher, rear 36 N 2d, h 69 

Boud Joseph, blacksm. 200 Catharine 
Bond S., cordw., R road and Wallace 
Boudwin John, wheelwrt. 80 Wharton 
Boudwin Peter, gent. 158 Swanson 
Boudwin Peter, jr., tobacco., 472 S Front 
Bouet Ellen, cigar mr. 610 F road 
Bouet Jo.scpli, blacksm., 615 S 2d 
Boug Tlionias, cordw.. Sell ^Villow ab Pine 
Bougher & Flicker, grocer, lltli and Callowhill 
Bougham George A., dealer, 178 Queen 
Bougman Tlionias J., 19 Eutaw 
Boukious Eliza, 4 Lemon 
Boulas Saml., lab., Garden ab Willow 
Boiilden Cliarle.s, cordw. 117 Prime 
Boulden Jesse, clerk, 47 Market 
Bonier Adelaide F., 47 Ciarden 
Boulten Edw., acct., 43 Walnut, h 321 Spruce 
BOULTKU ( IIAULES J., potter, 357 R road, 

h 896 N mil 
Boulter Meiuy ('., hair dresser, 459 Vine 
Boulton (iiies, druggist, 2d and Catharine 
Boulton .lolin, nier. 621 Spruce 
Boulton Joseph, turner, 6Ui ab Montgomery 
Bounds John, slioemr., Bayard 
Bourcaw Jacob, tavern, 347 N Front 

Bourdenstock Henry, druggist, 24 Green 
Bourgnon Florian, cordw., rear 156 Poplar 
Bourguenot P. F., workmans leag-ue, 46 Julianna 
Bourhust Jas., saw finisher, rear Front ab Otter 
Bourk James, bootmr. 11 N 4th, h 74 S 11th 
Bourke Edward J., sexton, 39 Union 
Boiu-ke Mich., clerk, S W Washing-ton & Church 
Bourman Jacob, jr., macht.. West ab Vienna 
Bournais Joseph, cook, 3 Buckley 
Bourne Ezra, 24 Melon 
Bourne S., cordw.. Pearl ab 13th 
BOURNONVILLE A. C, M. U., 59 N 4th 
Bourquard Joseph, baker, 44 Race 
Bourcjuard Joseph, tavern, 2 Locust 
Bourquin Charles A., watchmr,, 104 N 12th 
Bourquin Eveline, ch"es.smr. 170 S 11th 
Bourquin E. F., china store, 210 N 2d 
Bourquin J. H., undertaker, rear 77 Franklin 
Boustead Wm., currier, N E 13th and Myrtle 
Bousted Sarah, 102 Wallace 
Boustcd Thomas, weaver, 27 Lebanon 
Bout B., segar mr., Jefferson ab 4th (K) 
Boutalier Charles, 39 S 10th 
Boutard Joseph, M. D., 446 S Front 
Boutcher Lydia, milliner, 246 Callowhill 
Boutcher Robert, carpenter, 246 Callowhill 
Bouvier George, hotel, S W 2d and Reed 
Bouvier John, butcher, Greenwich ab 2d 
BOUVIER MICHAEL, mahogany and marble, 

93 S 2d 
Bouvier Peter, tavern, M road and Greenwich 
Bouvier Philip, tavern, 4th and Shippen 
Bovaird George, weaver, Hope n Otter (K) 
Bovard Wm., tailor, Parrish n 11th 
Bovell Sarah, cloak mr. 21 Prune 
Bovell Thomas W., lithographer, 57 S 3d, h 21 

Bowden John, plasterer, 10th bel Master 
Bowden Lydia, Becket bel 17th * 
Bowdca Wm., seaman, 76 German 
Bowdoin & Savage, fancy goods and toys, 4 and 

6 S 7th 
Bowe Robt. M., salesman, 77 N 3d 
Bowen A., 12 Wilson 
Bowen Chas., hatter, Cai-tei's al and Exchange 

BOW EN, COWELL & CO., hatters, 176 Market 
Bowen Daniel M., convey. 109 Walnut, h 205 

N 20th 
Bowen David II., .shoemr. Queen bel Marlboro' 

Bowen David H., undertaker, 411 S 2d 
Bowen Eliza, whitewasher, 36 Paschal's al 
Bowen E., hatter, 176 Market, h 134 N 12th 
Bowen Fred., tanner. Elk (K) 
Bowen Fi'ed., blacksm. 5tli ab Pierce 
Bowen George A., bricklr. 8lli ab Bayaitl 
Bowen John, trader, 607 S I'roiil 
Bowen John, eiigini er. Wood n Duke 
Bowen John, 24 Melon 
Bowen John, lab. Olive bel 13th 
Bowen John, lab. Norris bel G T road 
Bowen Josi ph E., tailor, Sell. Beach ab Walnut 
Bowen J. 'I'., litliogr. 12 and 14 S Broad 
Bowen Mary, F road al) Franklin (K) 
Bowen Fliilip, mer. lltli and i'riiiie, house 238 

Bowen Smith, mer. 80 Chestnut, h 1 10 N 5Ux 




Bowen Wm., boiler mr. Johnson's la 
Bowen Wm., capt., Salmon bel R road (Tl) 
Bowen Wm. E., mer. 55 Clie'ut, h Spruce W15th 
Bowen Wm. H., clerk, 633 N 7th 
Bowen Wm. M., drug-g-ist. New Market & Brown 
Bowen Wm. M., printer, 26 Logan 
Bowen Wm. M., U. S. Mint, lo'oiive 
Bower Abrm., bootmr. 6 Ma\ land 
Bower Chas. P., vict. Francis ab R road 
Bower Christian, butcher, Queen ab Vienna 
Bower C. J., salesman, 74 N 3d, h 64 New 
Bower Edwin, omnibus ag-ent, F road bel Nor- 

ris (K) 
Bower Eliza, tailoress. Front bel Master (K) 
Bower Fred., blacksm. 3 Pennsylvania av 
Bower Fredk., collector, 248 N'9th 
Bower Fred., lab. Lewis ab Jefferson (S G) 
Bower Fred., carp. 480 N 4th 
Bower F. & Co., barbers, 286 R av 
Bower Georg-e, vict. 53 Master (K) 
BOWER GEO. C, drug-g-ist, 6th and Vine 
BOWER HENRY A., drug-., N E 6th & Greene 
BOWER JAS. E., ch-ug-gist, 40 Sassafras 
Bower John, wood moidding-, 15th ab Willow, 

h 4 Union sq 
Bower John, baker, 751 N 10th 
Bower John, combmr. F road bel Norris 
Bower Jos., bricklr. 154 Beach 
Bower Jos., cordw. Mechanic and Franklin (K) 
Bower J. E., baker, 20th bel Lombard 
Bower J. D., collector, R road ab Brown 
Bower Maria, F road bel Norris (K) 
Bower Maiy, g-entw. Georg-e n 15th 
Bower Peter, rag- g-atherer, Brinton (K) 
Bower Philip, cabinetmr. 36 Pegg- 
Bower Rich'd C, bricklr. F road bel Norris (K) 
Bower Robt. F., tavern, F road and Norris 'Jv) 
Bower Robert S., drug-gist, 3d and G T road 
Bower Rudolph, turner. Queen bel Vienna 
Bower Saml. D., shipwt. 877 N 8th 
Bower Solomon, lab. Aspen ab Spruce 
Bower Wm., cabinetmr. 174 N 4th 
Bower Wm., coachman, rear 13 Mead 
Bowers Adam, drayman, 152 Apple 
Bowers Alex., wheelwright, 680 S 2d 
Bowers Allen, macht. Grap (W P) 
Bowers Catharine, Harrison n 21st 
Bowers Christopher, cabinetmr. 1 Robert's ct 
Bowers Daniel, cordw. 8th ab Girard av 
Bowers David, actor, 34 Chancellor 
Bowers Geo., watchni. 5tli bel Raspberry (M V) 
Bowers Geo., watchman, 2d ab Cumberland 
Bowers George, brickmr. Shippen la bel South 
Bowers Henry H., watchman, 20 Palm 
Bowers Jacob, book keeper, rear 116 G Troad 
Bowers John, butcher, Coates ab Nixon 
Bowers John C, tailor, 71 S 2d 
Bowers Josiah, chairmr. 40 Maria 
Bowers Martha, b h, 276 Cliestnut 
Bowers Peter, brickmr. Jessamine 
Bowers P. G., millinery goods, 33 N 4th 
Bowers Rich'd, slioemr. West bel Palmer 
Bowers Robt. W., carp. 412 N 5th 
Bowers Saml., grocer, N E 7th and Federal 
Bowers Saml., piano mr. 198 Locust 
Bowers Solomon, boatmr. 21st bel Pine 
Bowers Thos., saddler, 10th ab Thompson 
Bowers Thos., cutter, 71 S 2d, h o55 Soutli 

1 Bowers Thos. J., 355 South 
iJ?owers Wm., reg. wills, S. H., h 424 N 5tli 
I Bowers Wm., gilder, 498 Callowhill 
I Bowes Cath., rear 38 Union 
Bowes J. M., 306^ Race 
Bowes Martin, lab. 27 Hutchinson 
Bowes Wm., weaver, rear 524 N 3d 
Bowie Jas. A,, 282 S 2d 
Bowie John B., clerk, 282 S 2d 
Bowie Roswell, hatter, rear 666 Front above 

Bowin John, bootmr. 4 Rachel Row 
Bowke David, boatman, Wood bel Nixon 
Bowlby & Brenner, hardware, 25 N 5th 
Rowlby E., mer. 25 N 5tli 
Bowlby Samuel L., stock and note broker, 56 

AValnut, h 165 S 3d 
Bowlby & Son, conveyancers real estate Park 

and Washington (W P) 
Bowlby Thos. V., conveyancer, Seneca & Onei- 
da (W P) 
Bowler Elizabeth, shop, 14 S 10th 
Bowles James, lab. Mui-ray W 20th 
Bowles James R., jr., carp. Clinton ab Franklin 
Bowles John L., coffee roaster, 134 N 2d, h 109 

Queen (K) 
Bowles M., variety store, 242 S 2d 
Bowman Ann, 3 Dungan's av (K) 
Bowman Benj., tobacconist, 121 S 6th 
Bowman Christian, store, 26 Marshall 
Bowman Fred., tailor, rear 224 Vine 
Bowman Geo. W., cordw. Eraser's ct 
Bowman Jacob, M. D., 587 Lombard ab 15tli 
Bowman Job, Mustin ct 
Bowman John, lab. rear 3 Stewart 
Bowman John, stove mr. 431 N Front 
Bowman John, lab. Olive bel 13th 
Bowman John, clerk, 24 Combe's al 
Bowman John, hatter, 471 N 2d 
Bowman John M., stone cutter, 3 Dungan's ar 
Bowman Jonas, grocer, 210 N 3d, h 78 Vine 
Bowman Jos., clerk, rear L. Washington & 8th 
Bowman Joseph K., locksm. 344 Race 
Bowman Lewis, boot crimper, rear 691 N 2d 
Bowman Lewis A., lab. Wesley ab 3d 
Bowman L., eng., Jeff'erson W Ridge av 
Bowman Magdaline, Charlotte above Thomp- 
son (K) 
Bowman Mary, 3 Caroline pi 
Bowman M., 215 N 5th 
Bowman & Pfleger, mers. 118 N 3d 
Bowman Saml., printer, 26 Beck pi 
Bowman Sarah, b h, 55 N 2d 
Bowman Thomas, mer. 62 Walnut, h 53 N 15th 
Bowman Thomas, 53 N 15th 
Bowman Thos. J., 19 Eutaw 
Bowman Wm., 624 Callowhill 
Bowman Wm. H., paper dealer, 640 N 3d 
Hownas Jas., chandler, Arch E 21st 
Bown Ben., trunkmr. Federal n 9th 
I5ows Matthew, lab. Parker bel Adams (K) 
rjowser David B., sign painter, 177 N 4th 
Bowser Isaac, porter, Gulielma 
Bowser James, porter, 345 Lombard ' 

Bowser Jeremiah, oyster house, 177 N 4th 
]$()yce Andrew, liquor. Master and Mervine 
Bo}ce Ann, corsets, 69 Arch 
Boyce Francis, lab. Willow n Spruce 




Boyce Henr}^, clerk, 48 Race 

Boyce James, 7th ab Thompson 

Boyce John, cordw. Franklin and Vienna 

Boyce John E., macht. 80 Charlotte 

Boyce Mary, milliner, 348 Race 

Boyce Samuel, grocer, 13th and Carrol 

BOYCE & OTTERSON, livery stable, 85 Ridge 

avenue and James 
Boyce Wm. II., stove store. Ridge avenue and 

James, h 51 James 
Boyd Albert, painter, Becker E 17th 
Boyd Alex., mer. 6 N Del av, h 7 "Wood 
Boyd Alex., cordw. 562 Shippen 
Boyd Andrew, blacksm. Madison n Austin 
Boyd Andrew, collector, 211 Lombard 
Boyd Benj., huckster, P road ab Federal 
Boyd Charles, shop, 18th bcl South 
Boyd Chas., tailor, 6 Grubb 
Boyd Charlotte C, 98 S 5th 
Boyd Claudiene, teacher, 3d and Callowhill 
Boyd Daniel, lab. 8 White's ct 
Boyd David, gent. 18th and Hamilton 
Boyd David, jr., cloths, 123 Chestnut, h 39 N 

12 th 
Boyd David L., stone cut. Carroll ab 13th 
Boyd Edwin, carp. Muster and Randolph (K) 
Boyd Elizabeth S., b h, 138 Pine 
Boyd Emelia S., upholsterer, 125 N 5th 
Boyd G.'orge, grocei', 465 Poplar 
Boyd George, printer, 46 Lebanon 
Boyd George, whitewasher5 L Washington 
Boyd George J., merchant, 103 Market, h 338 

Boyd "Geo. W., rear 17 Brandywine 
Boyd ILnry, chairmr. 3d ab Oxford (K) 
Boyd II .nry, tavern, South bel Broad 
Boyd Hugli, tailor, 10 Owen ab 13th 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, Howard ab Master (K) 
Boyd Hugh, police, 3 AVatt 
Boyd Hugh, foreman, York bel Lemon (R) 
Boyd H. B., clerk, 106 W Market 
Boyd James, cordw. Duuton bel Franklin (K) 
Boyd James, gaidener, Jones ab 18th 
Boyd J^imes, blr.cksm. (Jlearfield (R) 
Boy<l James, printer, 6 Flower 
Boyd James, blacksm. 11th bel Federal 
Bovd James, lab. Franklin (K) 
Bovd James C, clerk, 68 W; I'nut, h 55 Gaskill 
Boyd Jas. W., mer. 103 Miuket 
Boyd J.ine, Burton 

Boyd JoIiM, lab. Phoenix n I>eopard (K) 
Boyd John, machinist, 540 S Front 
Boyd John, lab. Federal n 7th 
Boyd John, carpet weaver, Marlboro' ab Duke 
Boyd John,, 6 Franklin Row, h 2d 

::n<l Arch 
Boyd John, Evans ab Federal 
Boyd John, tailor, 150 N Water, h 161 N Front 
Boyd John, lab. Leopard bel Phoenix 
Bovd John, lab. 899 Wood 
Boyd John, machiiilsl, Hope ab Jefferson (K) 
Boyd Jolin, lab. 18th bel South 
Boyd J no. L., .'itone cutter, 497 Brown 
Boyil John Oliver, merchant, 103 Market, h 278 

Boyil Joirn 'P., mer. 77 Chestnut, h 100 S 3d 
Boyd John W, cUrk bank Commerce, Cedar 

la n Pratt (W P) 

BOYD J. OLIVER & CO., diy goods, 103 Mar- 
ket and 32 Church al 
BOYD & KING, dry goods, 103 Market and 32 

Church al 
Boyd Mary, vestmr. 597 Philip (K) 
Boyd M., Harrison av (K) 
Boyd Pat., carter, Hanover ab Brown 
Boyd Robert, shoemr. Front ab Master 
Boyd Samuel, lab. 20th & Ann 
Boyd Samuel, tailor, N W Water and Arch, h 

21 Race 
Boyd Saml., bricklr. rear 33 ShaefPal 
Boyd Saml., clerk, S W 17th and Mai-ket 
Boyd Stewart, hostler. Miller's ct 
Boyd & Stroud, china ware, 26 N 4th 
Boyd Thomas, watchman. Pagoda 
Boyd Thoma.s, caipenter, 23 Jones al, h 4 Far- 
mer (C) 
Bovd Thos., bootmr. 19th n Duffie 
Boyd Thos., lab. William ab Otter 
Boyd Thos., carp. Farmer 
Boyd Thos., stove finisher, 43 Duke 
Boyd Thos. A., mer. 26 N 4th, h 93 Filbert 
Boyd Thos. A., plumber, 115 Arch, h 117 N 5tli 
Boyd Wm., 19th and George 
Boyd Wm., tallow chandler, 121 N 5th 
Boyd Wm., lab. Green n Front 
Boyd AYm., painter, 613 South 
Boyd Wm., painter, Lombard n 11th 
Bo}d Wm., g-rocer, 106 W Market 
Boyd AVm., waiter. Pearl ab 13th 
Boyd Wm., lab. 9th ab Wharton 
BOYD AVM. S., grocer, 13 S Water, house 128J 

Boyd Wm. S. & Co., boots and shoes, 76 S 2d 
Boyd Wm. S., agent, N W 3d and Chestnut, h 

59 Pine 
Boyden Mary, 367 S 5th 
Boye Martin H., Prof. High School, h 5 Second 

St. Camden, N J 
Boyer Abrani, potter, Apple bel Jefferson (K) 
Boyer Abra'm., carp. Broad bel Coates 
Boyer Ann, washer, rear 116 Plum 
Boyer Charles, agent, 17 Prime n Swanson 
Boyer Chas. A., musician, 4 Wood 
Bf)yer Edward, waver, Shippen W Broad 
Boyer Elizabeth, gentw. 158 N 9th 
Boyer ?'van M., ship carp. Church above Wash- 
Boyer Franklin A., mer. 23 S 2d 
Boyer Franklin J., broker, 33 S 4th, h 143 OUt* 
Boyer F., 40 Vine 
Boyer Geo., carter, G T road ab 5th 
Boyer Heniy, seaman, rear Shippen ab 13th 
Boyer Hiram L., bricklr. Girard'and Lewis 
Boyer Jesse, saddler, Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Bo> cr John, carp. 6 AVood 
Bi 'yer Littleton, cooper, 522 S Front 
!)Oyer Maria, washer, rear Federal bcl 7th 
Boyer Nathan, cabinetmr. 102 Prime 
Boyer Saml. D., clerk, 48 N 4th, h Broad aboT« 

Boyer Sarah L., teacher, 79 German 
Boyer Thos., .sexton, 4 Relief pi 
Boyer Wm., seaman, Marriott's la bel 6t!x 
Boyer Wm., h 406 N lUth ab (ireen 
Boyer Wm., pla.sterer, AVinter ab 21st 
Boyes B C, macht. Noble ab 8th 




Boj'le Andi-ew, hackman, 10th and Prime 
Boyle Andi-ew, twister, Oxford bel 2d (K) 
Boyle Ann, Cadwallader bel Master 
Boyle Bernard, lab Wasliinglon (W P) 
Boyle Bernard, cabinetmr. 91 P road 
Boyle Catharine, 2 Willow ct 
Boyle Catharine, 1 Church av 
Boyle Catharine, 2 Marriott ab 8th 
Boyle Chas., lab. 10 W Georg-e 
Boyle Chas., lab. 2d n Cadwallader (K) 
Boyle Dennis, lab. 4 Charles 
Boyle Edward, lab. Lloyd ab Shippen 
Boyle Edw., clerk, S W 2d and Chestnut 
Boyle Edw., gent. Marriott's la ab 8th 
Boyle Eliza, teacher, Howard Hall 
Boyle Elizabeth, b h, 4 Powell 
Boyle Emma, wid. of Lawrence, b h, 5NorrIsal 
Boyle George, machinist, I'ear 244 Shippen 
Boyle Henry, lab. Filbert n 20th 
Boyle Hugh H., moulder, 36 Reed 
Boyle Hugh, Cadwallader ab Phoenix (K) 
Boyle Hugh, lab. N E Reed and Church 
Boyle Hugh, lab. Murray n 20tli 
Boyle James, lab. Somerset (R) 
Boyle James, weaver, "Washington bel Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Boyle James, weaver, Hanover bel F road (K) 
Boyle Jas., carter, 610 N Front (K) 
Boyle James, lab. 128 Richmond 
Boyle James, lab. George and Sch Beach 
Boyle James, lab. Factory 
Boyle James, 3 Gaffney's avenue 
Boyle Jas., weaver, Cadwallader ab Jefferson 
Boyle John, coachsm. N W 10th and Wood 
Boyle John, printer, 2d & Brown, h 494 N 3d 
Boyle John, lab. Locust n 21st 
Boyle John, weaver, 25 McDuffie 
Boyle John, lab. 21st and George 
Boyle John, lab. Watts' ct 
Boyle John, spooler, rear Brinton 
Boyle John, lab Washington (W P) 
Boyle John C, confect. Callowhill bel 21st 
Boyle Joseph, hackman. Prime ab 9th 
Boyle Margaret, b h, Cumberland ab F road 
Bovle Margaret, 597 S 7th 
BOYLE MARTIN, dealer, 15 Scott's ct 
Boyle Mary, sempstress, 25 Elfreth's al 
Boyle Matthew, lab. Pine n Sch Willow 
Boyle Michael A., caip. 226 S Carpenter 
Boyle Neal, Spruce n 21st 
Boyle Nicholas, dealer, St Paul's av 
Boyle Patrick, clerk, 100 Richmond 
Boyle Peter, lab. River bel Bridge (W P) 
Boyle Peter, lab. Wagoner's ct 
Boyle Philip, grocer. Filbert and 22d 
Boyle Robt., painter, 35 Bayard 
Boyle Robert, dealer, 26 Benton 
Boyle Robt., stone cutter, Carlton bel 18th 
Boyle Robert, whipmakcr. 61 Dock, h 2 Fish 

er's ct 
Boyle Sarah, 82 Swanson 
Boyle Thomas, clerk, 88 High 
Boyle Thomas, lab. 200 N 17th 
Boyle Thomas, dry good, 82 N 11th 
Boyle Thos. J., dyer, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Boyle Thos. M., ladies' shoes, 469 Poplar 
Boyle Wellington H., clerk, 56 Chestnut, h ' 
Laurel (C) 

Boyle Wm., cedar cooper, 347 Market, h Shall-' 

cross W 21st 
Boyle Wm., coachman, 5 Mineral pi 
Boyle Wm., lab. Fitzwater ab Broad 
Boyle Wm., lab. Tilton bel Emory (R) 
Boyle William. V., groc. 35 S Water, h 9 S 

Penn sq 
Boylen Jas., tavern, N W 8th and George 
Boyles Jas., bookbind. 9J Sansom, h 310 N 7th 
Boyne John, waterman. Reed bel Church 
Boyley James, 1 Boston row, Chestnut ab 12th 
Boys John, lab. 119 Prime 
Boys Nathan, capt. 76 Church 
Boys Wm., chy goods, 451 N 2d 
Bojter Louisa, 528 N 7th 
Bozarth Hiram, carp. 32 Nagle's ct 
Bozarth Hudson, lab. 11 Pine (S) 
Bozarth Richard F., machinist. Marble (F V) 
Bozarth Wm., carp. Oxford and Mervine 
Bozorth Wm., carp. 11th ab Callowhill, h 11 

Bozorth William V., cordwainer. Beach above 

Brabant Mary Ann, 5 St John 
Brace Thomas, tinsm. 8 Oldham ct 
Braceland Bridget M., upholsterer, 153 Walnut, 

h 29 Sansom 
Braceland Chas., lab. 22d ab Market 
Braceland Charles, 253 S 12th 
Braceland Jas., lab. South n 17th 
Bi'aceland James, tobacconist, 399 S Front 
Braceland John, lab. Cooper W 20th 
Braceland Mich., moroc. fin., 8 Northampton ct 
Braceland Neal, cordw. Stuart n Christian 
Brachald Andrew, cooper. Federal n 7th 
Bracken James, polisher, 122 Locust 
Brackin Henry, brass founder, 15 Perry 
Brackin Richard, carp. 5th (W P) 
Brackin Thomas, carp. 5 Lewis 
Brackinridge James, lab. Jones n 21st 
Brackney Archer, painter, 219 Christian 
Brackney Chas., painter, 6 Larch 
Brackney Maria, 3 Mark's la 
Bradbury Jos., stone mason, Ann W 17th 
Bradbury Mary, ti-immings, G T road and 4th 
Bradbury Matthew, spinner, 2d ab Norris 
Bradbury Robei-t, cotton dealer, 4 Cherry 
Braddock Brazilla, bricklr. Myrtle bel 12th 
Braddock Darnell, carp. F road and York 
Braddock Jacob, salesman, 1 Dedaker's ct 
Braddock John, lab. 5 Pleasant av 
Braddock L., painter, 90 N 10th, h 568 Vine 
Braddock Reuben, carp. F road ab Dauphin 
Braddy Israel, porter, rear Clifton 
Braden William, stone cutter, Fairview above 

Braden William, founder, McAlravy 
Braden Wm., coachman, 3 Marshall's ct 
Brader Wm., lab. Bedisloe pi 
Brades Artliur, com. mer. 131 S Front, h 77 

Bradfield Alice, nurse, 108 Gaskill 
Bradficld Geo. W., brass founder, 93 N 8th 
Bradfield Jas. F., locksm. 155 N 12th, h 198 

Bradfield Jeremiah, macht. Wheat ab Reed 
Bradfield Mary C, dressmr. Barclay ab Broad 
Bradfield Oliver, plasterer, 461 Poplar 




Bradford Cornelius J., clerk, Washington ab 

11th (S G) 
Bradford Hannah, Marriott ab 5th 
Bradford John, moulder, 7 Bauer's ct (Ki 
Bradford Rebecca, shop, 165 Lombard 
Bradford Samuel, Treas. Phil. & Reading Rail- 
road Co., 4th and Willing-'s al, h 474 Wal- 
nut n 17th 
Bradford Samuel, cordw. 27 Vernon 
Bradford Sarah Ann, g-entvv. 169 St John 
Bradford Stephen, cooper, 3 Lawrence pi 
Bradford Thos. A., soap and candles, 58 Brown 
BRADFORD VINCENT L., attorney at law, 5 

Bradford Walter, bookseller, 139 S 11th 
Bradford Wm., gent. 167 S 15th 
Bradin Oliver, carp. Walnut al 
Bradley Abigail, 8 Ulrich row 
Bradle}- Ann, Mifflin n 13th 
Bradley A., daguer. 68 M road 
Bradley Bernard, baker, 561 S 8th 
Bradley Bernard, tavern, CallowhlU n Fairmount 
Bradley B. F., tobacconist, 45 Pine 
Bradley Catharine, 330 S 6th 
Bradley Christ., di'ayman, rear Howard ab Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Bradley Daniel, cooper, 5 Mulberry al 
Bradley David, butcher, 104 AVharton 
Bradley David, grocer, 10th bel Christian 
Bradley D., huckster, 330 Cathai'ine 
Bradlev D., tavern, 166 P road 
Bradley Edward, lab. 94 N 11th 
Bradley Francis, lab. Howell n 19th 
Bradley Francis, carter, Lombard ab Broad 
Bradley Francis, melter. Bridge ab 9tli 
Bradley George, cordw. Christian bel 7th 
Bradley Geo., coppersm. 6 Washington pi 
Bradley Henry, Carpenter bel 11th 
Bradley Henry, weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Bradlev Jacob, lab. 72 Kesler 
Bradley Jas., weaver, 906 N 2d 
Bradley Jas., weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Bradley James, roler cov. Market W 22d 
Bradley James, lab. Soirell bel Larch (R) 
Bradley James, carter, Dauphin (R) 
Bradley James, liquors, lltli and Milton 
Bradley James, machinist. Winter bel 2d 
Bradley James, baker, 407 Market 
Bradley James, lab. 13th bel P'ederal 
Bradley James, lab. Ridge av ab Ann (F V) 
Bradley James, lab. Donnelly's ct 
Bradley Jas., grocer, Cadwalader & Phoenix (K) 
Bradley Jas., lab. 10th bel Prince 
Bradley James &. John, restaurant, 104 N 3d 
Bradley John, carp. 8th bel Marriott 
Bradley John IL, waiter, 101 Russell 
Bradley John, tailor, 295 S 3d 
Bradley John, carp. Federal bel 11th 
Bradley John, tailor, Marriot bel 9th 
Bnulley John, tavern, 119 S Water 
Hradlcy John, lab. Orange bel 12th 
Hradley John, blacksmith, 13 Philip 
Hriidky John, watchman, 74 Locust 
Bradley John, carp. Leonard n 8th 
liradley Joiui J., sea capt. 274 S Front 
Bradley John O., shoemr. 5th ab Wharton 
BRADLEY J. W., publisher, 48 N 4th, h 478 

Bradley Lawrence, lab. 2 Bell's ct 
Bradley Martha, washer, Kirkpatrick's ct 
Bradley Mar}-, teacher, Penn. District School 
Bradley Michael, weaver, 9 Frog row (K) 
Bradle}' Michael, carter, Dauphin (R) 
Bradley Michael, tailor, 9 Baker 
Bradley Michael, porter, 8 Abbott's ct 
Bradley Pati-ick, pedlar. Carpenter bel 9tli 
Bradley Patrick, lab. 531 Christian 
Bradley Paul, cordw. S W 5th and Vine 
Bradley Peter R., salesman, 164 Market 
Bradley Peter, cabman, S E 10th and Race 
Bradley Philip, carp. 281 S 6th 
Bradley Sherman, baker, Lombard n 20th 
Bradley Thos., lab. Lancaster Pike ab 6th (W P) 
Bradley Thomas, carter, Dauphin (R) 
Bradley Timothy, boatman, 22d bel Spruce 
Bradley & Waterman, daguerreot}-pe, 82 South 
Bradley Wm., switch tender, Shippen ab 12th 
Bradley Wm., lab. 561 S 8th 
Bradley Wm., lab. Lemon bel 11th 
Bradley Wm., weaver, 847 Lombard 
Bradley Wm., lab. Biddle and William 
Bradshaw Elizabeth, 306 N 8th 
Bradshaw James, carter, 9th ab Federal 
Bradshaw Joseph H., cordw. Poplar ab 3d 
Bradshaw Joseph T., clerk, 4 N 5th 
Bradshaw Sarah, widow of John, 16 Bread 
Bradshaw Sarah, teacher. Spruce ab 16th 
Bradshaw Wm., macht., L. Washington n 7th 
Bradshaw William, capt. watch, 162 Apple 
Bradshaw Wm. K., accountant, 306 N 8th 
Bradshaw Wm. M., turner, rear 112 AValnut 
Rradway Isaac, bookstore, 89 Sp Garden 
Brady Alex., lab. 11 Lombard 
Brady Alex., store, rear 10 Shippen 
Brady Alice, 60 Harmony (S) 
Brady A. E., shop, Ridge av opp Francis (F V) 
Brady A. M., 106 Union * 

Brady A. >L-s., cupper and leecher, Nectarine 

bel 9th 
BRADY BERNARD, liquors & wines, 186 Race 
Brady Bridget, shop. Wood and Middle al 
Brady Bridget, spooler, rear Shippen la below 

Brady Caspar, cordw. rear Orchard n Jackson 
Brady Catharine, 1 EUct's av 
Bradv Catharine, soap and candle, 1 Truxton, 

and 110 S 12tli 
Brady Chai-lcs, agent, 1 Whitecar's ct 
Brady Charles, lab. Ann n Ashton 
Brady Charles, watch case mr. 226 Catharine 
Brady &. Co., carps. Beach n Shackamaxon (K) 
Brady I). C. E., mer. 44 S Front, h High street 

Bradv Edward, manufacturer, Washington ab 

Wihiam (W P) 
BRADY EDWARD F., com. mer. and teas and 

liquors, 27 N Front, h 77 Buttonwood 
Brady Edward G., bootnir. 142 Lombard 
Brady Ellen, grocer, N E 4th and Gei-man 
Bradv Francis, l;ib. West (U) 
Brady Fredk., wheelwr., 28 Harmony (S) 
Brady George, cigarnu". 7 Shippen pi 
Brady George, lai). rear Catholic Church (B) 
Brady fieo. A., lampnir. Pleasant bel 12th 
Bradv Hannah, 169 Locust 
Brady Hannah, 131 Queen (S) 




Brady Hug-li, lab. 38 South 

Brady Hug-h, lab. Small ab 5th 

Brady James, brass founder, 222 N 15th 

Brady James, cabtmr.322 Murketh lONectarine 

Brady James, tavern, 246 Shippen 

Brady James, carp. 74 N 16tli 

Brady James, g-rocer, 19th and Lombard 

Brady James, lab. Somerset (U) 

Brady James, E 22d ab Market 

Brady John, printer, 474 S 8th 

Brady John, lab. 98 German 

Brady John, shop, Shippen ab 7th 

Brady John, weaver, Ciiarlotte ab Thompson(K) 

Brady John, lab. 13 L. Washington 

Brady John, brass moulder. South W 18th 

Brady John, hotel, Fairmount and Callowhill 

Brady Jolin, sash manuf. 80 Hanover (K) 

Brady John, lab. West (R) 

Brady John H., pawn broker. Locust &, Quince 

Brady John K., carp. 15 Duke 

Brady Joseph, lab. 10 Bickam 

Brady Joseph, carman. Front bel Greenwich 

Brady Lawrence, dealer, 145 S Front 

Brady, Leibfreed & Co., sash and blind factory. 
Maiden bel Front (K) 

Brady Lucy, Cadwalader bel Jefferson (C) 

Brady Mary, saleswoman, 50 S 2d 

Brady Mary E., Maple and Mechanic 

Brady Mary Wm., Washington (W P) 

Brady Matthew, weaver, 991 N 2d 

Brady Matthew, lab. Brown's ct 

Brady Mat. L, carp. Otter &. Leopard, h School 

n Franklin (K) 
Brady Michael, tailor, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Brady Michael, cordw. rear Griswold al 
Brady Michael, lab. Slialcross 
Brady Patrick, lab. Bi'own ab Lehigh av 
Brady Patrick, lab. rear Susannah (R) 
Brady Patrick, lab. rear 10 Clymer 
Brady Patrick, lab. 163 Shippen 
Brady Patrick, lab. Pink ab Master (K) 
Brady Patrick, lab. Slialcross 
Brady Patrick, lab. 621 N Front 
Brady Patrick, shop, 224 Shippen 
Brady Patrick F., g-roccr and ship chand. Sch 

Beach bel Chestnut 
Brady Patrick Mrs., shop, 10 Barker 
Brady Peter, kb. Penn bel 12th (S G) 
Brady Peter, lab. 38 Soutli 
Brady Peter, carter, 49 Fitzwater 
Brady Peter, bricklr. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Brady Peter, tailor, 8 Reed 
Brady Philip, mason. Oak ab Moore (WP) 
Brady P., mer. 44 S Front, h 397 Arch 
.JUIAUY P. & CO., mer. 44 S Front 
Brady Samuel, weaver, Blair bel Wood (K) 
Brady Sanuiel, carp. Cadwalader bel Oxford (K) 
Brady Samuel A., ag-ent, 108 Race 
J?rady Susan, widow, 22 N 5th 
Brady Terrence, lab. rear 8 Pratt 
Brady Thomas, furnishing- store, 360 N 2d 
Brady Thos. F., mer. 105 Market, b 231 S 9th 
Brady Wm., tavern. Beach ab Poplar 
lirady Wm., carter, W alnut and Sch West 
Brady N^'ni., printer, N W 7th and Bayard 
Brady Wm., lace weaver, 13 Elder 
Brady Wm., shoemr. Nectarine bel 9th 
Brady Wm., carp. 633 N Front (K) 

Brady Wm., book binder, 5 Eutaw 
Bragdon David, lab. Georg^e E 21st 
Bragdon Thos., lab. Georg-e E 21st 
Brager 11., weaver, 43 Peg-g- 
Brag-hold Andrew, cooper, Fedei-al n 7th 
Braham Conrad, cabinetmr. 248 St John 
Brahm Conrad, cabinetmr. 57 tallowhill 
Braidwood Thomas W., supt. school of desig-n 

for women, 1942 Spruce 
Braincrd Thos. Rev.,' D. D., 190 Pine 
Brake Theresa, tobacconist, 25 Swanson 
J5rakeman David, painter, 2 Turner 
Braker Joseph, painter. Miles' ct (K) 
Bramali James, carp. Front ab Chatham (K) 
Bramble Joseph, cabinetmr. 226 Queen (K) 
Bramble Joseph H., brass founder, Franklin and 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Bramble Wm., 22d bel Vine 
Bramhall Thos., hotel, 652 N 4th 
Bramon Thos., blacksm. 6 Garrig-ue's ct 
Brampton Isaac, tavern, 5th bel Master (K) 
Branag-an John, cab driver, 102 S Front 
Brand Albert C, tinsm. 345^ Market, h Button- 
wood bel Broad 
Brand Aug-ustus R., tinsm. 75 N 6th 
Brand Benjamin F., Menn's ct 
Branden Thos., plasterer, 10th bel L. Wash- 

Branden Thomas, lab. Barker n 17th 
Brandes Theodore, drug-g-i-st, S W 7th and Race 
Brandon Nicholas, cord\\'. 874 N 11th 
Brandon Wm., clerk, 131 Market 
Brandshaw Eliza, Marlboroug-h 
Brandster Jacob, butcher, Coates ab Nixon 
Brandstetter John G.,, 569 F road 
Brandt Christian, confect. rear 176 Shippen 
Brandt Christian, confect. 88 South 
Brandt Henry, pedlar, 7th bel Wharton 
Brandt John, blacksm. 6 Carroll av 
Brandt John, lab. Harmony ct 
Brandt John, lab. 6th and Christian 
Brandt John, tavern, 4th and Catharine 
Brandt John, baker, 114 Swanson 
Brandt Joseph, bricklayer, h 256 N Front 
Brandt Lewis, cigar mr. 139 St John 
Brandt Sophia, b h, 130 Beach (K) 
Brandt Wm., baker, 253 S 7th 
Brangen Thos., cordw. Federal bel 12th 
Branieg-ha Lewi.s, clerk, 15 Duke 
Branig-an John, cabinetmr. 10th bel Cliristian 
Branigan John, ostler, 11 Truxton 
Braning- John, stone cutter, Biddlc n 22d 
]$rankin Edward, weaver, Adams ab Jefferson 
Brankin Patrick, weaver, 4th and G T road (K) 
Brannan Charles, carter, 8tli and P road 
Brannan James, eng-ineer, 10 Brown 
Brannan John, lab. L. Washing-ton bel 9th 
Brannan John, hiickster, 7 Loetitia ct 
Brannan John, blacksm. Prosperous al 
Brannan Jos., lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Brannan Michael, dealer, 242 Shippen 
Brannan Owen, lab. Monroe ab 17th 
Brannan Pat., In-ickmr. 502 Carpenter 
Brannan Pat., 21st bel Filbert 
Brannan Patrick, lab. 16tli and Wallace 
Brannan Patrick, lab. rear 1 Clymer 
Brannan Kog-er, mer. 50 Filbert 
Brannan Sarah, 4 Prospect al 




Brannan Thomas, weaver, Federal W Broad 
Brannegan John, Uib. Charlotte ab Thompson 
Branneg-an Mrs., spooler, 286 G T road 
Branneg-an Pat., weaver. Baker's ct (K) 
Branneg-an Peter, mason, 2 Re id's av 
Brannegan Thos., lab. rear 246 Shippen 
Brannen Wm., stone cut. Lancaster pike (W P) 
Branner John G., 6 Logan square 
Brannewell Fred., blacksm. Leopard n Franklin 
Brannon Abijah, carp. 169 Charlotte 
Brannon John, lab. Huston ab Duke (R) 
Brannon John, lab. South bel 16th 
Brannon Michael, shoemr. Pennsylvania av bel 

Brannon Pat., lab. Ann and Ashton 
Brannon Patrick, lab. 14 Concord 
Brannon Thomas, lab. Shirker's al 
Brannon Thos., tin smith, 527 F road (R) 
Brannon Wm., lab. Huston ab Salmon (R) 
Brannon Wm., lab. Cherry bel 6th (W P) 
Bransby Wm., cooper, G T road ab Camac 
Branson Ann, .shoe binder, Olive ab 12th 
Branson Edwin R., grocer, 115 Race 
Branson Ellis, coal dealer, Callovvhill n Broad 
Branson Isaac, sliip carp. 74 F road 
Branson John, oysterman, Noble and Emlin's ct 
Branson Jolin, hotel, Tyler and Poplar 
Branson John W., cordw. 130 S 12th 
Branson Lewis, clerk, 6 Wistar 
Branson Peter, brass found. 7 Brinton ct 
Branson Rebecca, intel. office, 115 Race 
Branson Samuel, mcr. 59 Market, h 245 Spruce 
Branson Sarah A., gents, fui'nishing store, 76 S 

8th, h 45 George 
Branson Thos., stocking manuf. 2d bel Oxford 
BRANSON THOMAS, coal dealer, Broad n 

Lomljard, h 2>7 S 15th 
Brant Charles, 23 Division 
Brant Charles, bricklaj-er, 688 N Front 
Brant James, carp. 755 N P'ront 
Brant Jas., cordw. 755 N P'ront (K) 
BRANT JOHN, pawnbroker, 448 South 
Brant Josiah, painter, 77 Arch, h 627 N 6th 
Brant Thos., bricklayer, 688 N Front 
Branton James, 279 N 12th 
Bra.sier Amable J., gent. Washington ab Till 

(W P) 
Brasler Eliza., gentw. Washington W Till (W P) 
Brasington John, hardware, 641 N 2d 
l{rass Jacob, lab. Queen and Ball (K) 
Bratchell John, 75 Maiden 
liratton Ezra B., agent. Prime bel 10th 
Jlratton (ieo., bricklayer, 59 German 
Bratton Isaac, carp. Ontario and Myrtle 
Bratton Sarah Ann, gentw. 2 Plover 
Bratton \\'m. H., Cliristian Ijel I.,ebanon 
Braun Jacob, grinder, 47 (ieorge 
llRAU'l'KiAM JOHN H., druggist & reporter, 

Williimi &. Larch, h Larcii ab Ann (R) 
Brautigani Margaret, b h, William & I-arcii (R) 
Bravenikr Edward, tailor, 32 Cresson's al 
Brawley Ja.s., cordw. rear Amber bel Phoenix 
Bray Ciiarks, tavern, 80 South 
Bray Daniel, mer. 217 Vine 
Brav Henrv K., bricklaver, 32 Plum 
Bray James H., glass cutttr, 82 Allen (K) 
Bray John, grocer, S W Franklin and Coates 
Bray John, nier. 52 Chcstimt, h 142 Marshall 

Bray J. W., mer. 163 Market 

Bray & Mercer, glass cut. Branch ab 3d 

Bray Samuel, clerk, 517 N 6th 

Bray Wm., cordw. Wush'ton rear Park (W P) 

Brayman Martha, 10 Dean 

Bravman Mar) , Gra\- bel York (R) 

Braynard J. D., 212' Shippen 

Brazao Joseph, melter, 170 Shippen 


Brazer Geo. W., silversm. Washington 8c Pem- 

Brazer John, tailor, 307 S Washington 
Brazer Wm. P., ai-^.ist, 61 N 5th 
Brazier John Geo., tailor, 177^ Market, h 214 

Brearley James, sawmr. 3 Fries' ct 
Brearlcy Preston, shipwr. 60 Federal 
Breai'ley R., wid. 3 Lancaster 
Brearley Wm., ship carp. 602 S Front 
Breason Charles, porter, 8 Kenworthy's ct 
Breason James, cordw. Steward and Christian 
Breason Michael, carter, 17 Milton 
Breason Neal, cordw. Steward bel Christian 
Breathwait Wm. P., shoemr. 2d bel Greenwich 
Breathwaite Fred., carp. Marriott's la bel 5th 
BREBAN JAMES M., pub. int. tables, 89 S 3d, 

h 597 Spruce 
Breban J. J., note br. 89 S 3d, h 597 Spruce 
Brechemin Chas., tobacconist, 86 S 3d 
Brechemin Lewis, jeweler, 120 S 2d 
Brechemin Lewis, jr., acct. Redwood bel 4th 
Brechman Lewis, bookkeeper. Redwood 
Breck Samuel, gent. Arch ab Broad 
Breckenridge ^^'m., bookbinder, 8th bel P road 
Bredcn Henry, tavern, S W 17th &, Lombard 
Breece Sulivan, turner. Queen ab Palmer 
Breed Samuel D., agent, 414 Vine 
Breed Wm., M., dry goods 414 Vine 
Breeding James O., painter, 2d bel Reed 
Breeding Wm. P., painter, rear Lancaster 
Breen Ann, grocer, 143 S 10th 
Breen James, tailor, Salmon ab William (R) 
Breen John, blacksm. S W 5th and German 
Breen John, weaver, 17th and Helnmth 
Breen John, lab. Pearl 
Breen John, tailor, 878 N 11th 
Breen Michael, weaver, 9th and Larch 
Breen Peter, distiller, 143 S 10th 
Breen Thomas, clerk, 143 S 10th 
Breeth Geo. Fred., gunsmith, 44 St Maiy 
Breeze E., lab. 61 Currant al 
BREllM FRANCIS, brewery, 129 Coates ab 3d 
Brehme O., clerk, 80 Ciiestiiut 
Breidenbach C, cordw. 102 Ridge av 
BREIDENHAR r JOHN C, mer. 115 S Front, 

1) Chestnut W 19th 
Breidenhart Plioebe J., b h, 51 George 
BREI1MN(; CHAIH.ES H., grocer, N W Cal- 

lowhill and 7tli, h 259 Wood 
Breiding Han-iet, trimmings, 301 Arch 
Breier Peter, morocco fin., Meredith ct 
Breiners Martin, cordw. Front bel Otter (K) 
Breinig David E., M. I)., 30 Chatham 
BREINIC;, FRONEIIELD &, CO., druggists, 

187 N 3d 
Breinig Jac, grocer, N E 3d & Vine, h 357 N 7th 
Breiningle Gottlieb, mor. dr. St John ab George 




Brelsch Henrietta, 1135 N 5tli 
Breish John, vict., Master bel 4th (K) 
Brelsh Joshua, tavern, S W Poplar &, Apple 
Breish Wm., butcher, Front and Norris (K) 
Brelsford Chapman, shoemr., Lyndall's al 
Brelsford John, potter, Newmarket & G T road 
Brelsford Jonathan, cabinetmr. 30 Saranak 
Brelsford J. E. K., weigher, Randolph above 

Brelsford Thos., bootmr. Prospect ab Thompson 
Bremer Henry, mariner, 35 Mead 
Bremer John L., mer. 87 Market, h 8 Franklin 
Bremer Jos. A., clerk, 81 Market, h 190 N 3d 
Bremer Lewis & Son, tobac. 190 N 3d 
BREMER & REICHERT, cby goods, 87 Market 
Bremeyer Geo. W., mer. 89 S Front 
Brendling-er Hannah Ann, b h, 5 Lombard 
Brenet Francis, tailor, 122 Swanson 
Brenizer J. A., tailor, Federal ab 5th 
Brennan Jas., lab. 2 Warder's place 
Brennan John, cordw. 22d bel Spruce 
Brennan John, shoemr. 35 Cherry 
Brennan J., tailor, 17 Farmer 
Brennan Mich., ropemr. Waterloo ab Clearfield 
Brennan Peter, provision store, S W 10th and 

Brennan Richard P., bookbinder, 116 Chestnut, 

h P road and Marriott 
Brennan Wm., cabtmr. 16 Tammany ct 
Brennen Wm., .shoemr. Palmer and Duke 
Brenner Dominick, coal mer. Locust W 21st 
Brenner Fredk. W., baker, F road opp Oxford 
Brenner Henry W., baker. Wood n Franklin 
Brenner John, macht. and tav. 13th ab Coates 
Brenner John G., mer. 25 N 5th, h 8 Logan sq 
Brent Charles, seaman, 270 L Washington 
Brent Theodore, grainer, 273 Queen (K) 
Brentel Charles, instiniment mr. 59 Wood 
Brenton Wm. J., hotel, 405 Vine 
Breskter George, lab. 200 Richmond 
Bressel Christian, cordw. 3 Gay's ct (K) 
Bresson Wm. S., cordw., 504 N Front 
Brestling Catli., teacher Penn Disti-ict school 
Brethoff Henry, mate, 21 Vernon 
Brett Alphonze, lithographer, 4 and 6 S 7th, h 

159 S 3d 
Brettargh John, mer. 63 N 3d, h New ab 2d 
BRETTARGH & STEDM.ANT, paper hangers, 

63 N 3d 
Bretz Maria, 357 Race 
Breuer Christian, tavern, 480 Coates 
Breunig Francis, beer house, 216 N 6th 
Brew John, umbrella cutter, 12 Concord 
Brew Wm., seaman, 5 Parham 
Brewar Richd., warper, William n Edward (K) 
Brewer Ann, herbalist, rear 84 Walnut 
Brewer A. L. Mrs., artif. flower mr., Marlboro' 

bel Bedford 
Brewer Edwai-d, millwrt. 25 Phoenix (K) 
Brewer Elizabeth, Jefferson n G T road 
Brewer George, lab. Eldridge row 
Brewer John, chairmr. Clinton bel Poplar 
BREWER JOHN, sen., tavern, Marlborough 

bel Duke (K) 
Brewer John, pearl wr., Marlborough and Bed- 
Brewer Robt., cabmr. 216 N 2d 
Brewer Robert, cabinetmr. 69 Franklin 

Brewer Robei-t, ship joiner. East av 
Brewer Samuel, ornamental painter, 5^ S 3d 
Brewer Thos. A., watchmr. 191 Callowhill 
Brewer Wm., collector, 12 AVharton 
Brewer Wm., brickmr. Jefferson bel G T road 
BREWSTER BENJAMIN H., att'v and coun. 

130 S 3d 
Brewster Daniel, tailor, 95 Wood 
Brewster Enoch C, att'y at law, 76 S 6th ■*- 
BREWSTER FRANCIS E., att'y and coun. 48 

S 6th 
BREWSTER FRED'K C, att'y & coun., 48 

S 6th 
Brewster Job, cordw. 7th ab Washington 
Brewster Jos. S., att'y and coun., 65 S 5th 
Brewster Rebecca, Story ct 
Brewster Thos. S., dentist. Rye and Wharton 
Brewton Daniel, lab. 134 Federal 
Breyer Lewis, toys, 133 Arch 
Brian Wm., tailor, 141 Chestnut, h Charles near 

Brice Ephraim, 275 S 5th 
Brice S. H., 336 Pine 
Brice Wm., lab. 2 Rose 
Brice Wm. H., grocer, 4th and Marriott 
Briceland Benj., tavern, 121 N 6th 
Brick Edmond, clerk, 14 S Front 
Brick Elizabeth G., triuunings, 462 N 4th 
Brick Saml., acct., 12 Commerce, h 224 Noble 
Brick Samuel R., engineer, 597 Arch 
Brick Wm. W., morocco di-. 462 N 4th 
Brickman Jacob, gi'ainer, 498 N 10th 
Brickwcrth G., bricklayer, Dauphin (R) 
Bridenthall Peter, clerk, 95 Market 
Bridge & Clyde, liquors, 114 G T road 
Bridge James C, 456 Vine 
Bridges F. G., salesman, 144 Market ' 

Bridges John, porter, 19th ab Spruce 
Bridges N. W., Jones' Hotel, 152 Chestnut 
Bridges Robert, M. D., 32 Clinton bel 11th 
Bridges Samuel, 276 Chestnut 
Bridges Samuel A., clerk, 140 Market 
BRIDGES & WEST, Jones' Hotel, 152 Chestnut 
Bridges Wm. C, Sec. R. B. Ferry Co., 62 Wal- 
nut, h 32 Clinton 
Briddle James, lab. 11 Green 
Bridport Hugh, gent. 631 Arch 
Brier Jos., silversm. HaUowell bel 7th 
Brierleg Thomas, carp. 314 S 8th 
Briers Robert, silversm. 1 Swartmore pi 
Brierton Eliza, Elm (R) 
Briest Lewis S., reporter, 10 Jane 
Briggs Amos, att'y & coun., h 598 Coates 
Briggs Andrew, wheelwrt. 271 N 11th 
Briggs & Callahan, manuf. cotton good.s, Orange 

and 12th 
Briggs Chas. N., 136 S 9th 
Briggs Edward, wool spin., Oxford bel 2d (K) 
Briggs Elizabeth, millinery, 120 South 
Briggs George, wool sorter, 43 Market 
Briggs George, tavern, Bank & Lehigh (R) 
Briggs Geo., wool sorter. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Briggs G. W., collector, 8 Gebhard 
Briggs John, bleeder, 47 N 7th 
Briggs John, jr., clerk, 47 N 7th 
Briggs John, baker, 13th ab Federal 
Briggs Joseph, manuf. Orange, h 18 Florida 
Briggs Jos., cai-ter, 9th bel Little Washington 




Brig-gs J., plasterer, Kates 

Brigg's Moses, painter and glazier, S E 4th and 

Briggs Rosa, laundress, Pollard 
Briggs Russel M., moulder, 18th and Wood 
Briggs Samuel, tailor, 29 N 4th, h 346 Lombard 
Brig-g-s Theodore, seaman, 33 Penn 
Briggs Thomas, 33 Penn 
Briggs Wm., carp., S E 12th and Shippen 
Brigham Chas., printer, 222 S 9th 
Brigham E. A., broker, 121 Walnut, h 88 Wood 
Brigham Jas., overseer E Penitentiary 
Bright Alfred, porter, 3d bel Cherry (K) 
Bright Mich., 349 N 7th 
Bright N., ship carp. 74 Janis 
Bright Samuel E., carp., rear 9 Little Crown 
Bright Wm., vict., Rve ab Reed 
Bright Wm. S., M. D., S E 8th and Race 
BRIGHT WM. S., wines, corks, and liquors, 30 

BRIGHTLY FREDK. C, att'v, 1 Goldsmith 

Brightly Henrj' A., engraver, h 582 N 10th 
Brightwell Sarah, 169 St John 
Brill Christian, locksm., N W Cox and Front 
Brill Ehzabeth Bull, Franklin ab Crown (K) 
Brill Georg-e, cabtmr. 5 Meredith's ct 
Brill Henrj-, cabinetmr., N W Cox and Front 
Brill John H., 4 Dugan's av (K) 
Brill Nicholas, tailor, 32 German 
Brinch Jacob, stone cutter, 5th &. Jefferson (K) 
Brinckle Joshua G., att'y and coun. S E 5th & 

Brinckle Wm. D., M. D., 335 Chestnut 
Brindle John F., gunsm., Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
Brine John, lab. Sch Clay 
Brines Francis, weaver, Biddle n Nixon 
Brines James, cordw. Sliippen la ab Fitzwater 
Brines Thos., lab. 613 S 7th 
Bringhurst George, mer. 14| S 4th, h 286 N 6th 
Bringhurst John, druggist, S E 10th & Chestnut 
Bringhurst John H., sawmr., Shackamaxon ab 

Franklin (K) 
Bringhurst John K., printer, 254 Franklin 
Bringhurst Joseph, police, 138 S 9th 
Bringhurst Robt. R., undertaker, 239 Arch 
Brink John, lab. Hancock ab Norris (K) 
Brink Levi, 343 Vine 
Brink Martin, cabtmr. 239 S 5th 
Brinkley Harriet, 1 Bay 

Brinkley Rich., launch-ess, Marriott's la bel 6th 
Brinkley Richard C, porter, Bedford n Broad 
Brinkley Robert, waiter, 5 Bay 
Brinkley Sarah, washer, 17 Emeline 
Brinkman Henry, mason, Jefferson n Lewis 
Brinkman Henry, confectioner, 352 S 2d 
Brinley Edward L., merchant, 68 Mai-ket, h 512 

Spruce ab Broad 
Brinneslioltz Ann, Church ab Reed 
Brinton C. J., boots and shoes, N E 9th & Wood 
Brinton Elizabeth, mantuamr. 122 Chestnut 
Brinton Emmor, clerk, 12.] N 2d 
Brinton Evans, engineer, F road ab Huntingdon 
Brinton George, 1 S Broad 
Brinton John, M. D., 1 S Broad 
BRINTON JOHN F., att'y at law, 22 N 7th 
Brinton Joseph, carp. 16 Marseilles pi 
Brinton R. B., mer. 232 Pine 

Brinton Wm. L., shoe finder, 96 N 7th 
Brintzingh offer Chas., brushmr. 367 Market, h 

139 Wallace 
Briscoe A. H., dentist, 214 Walnut 
Briscoe Hautree, tavern, 2 N Front 
BRISCOE JAMES H., dentist, 247 Walnut 
Brison Hugh, cordw., 12 Richards 
Brison James, cb-iver, Rubican pi 
Brisson Wm. H., cordw. 504 N Front 
Brister Charles, porter, 12 Bay 
Bristner John, lab., Austin bel Federal 
Bristol Andrew S., stoves, 364 South 
Bristol Augustus, dealer, 124 Shippen 
Bristol Martin, 37 Coates' al 
Brit Patrick, carter. Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Brittain Benj., pap. hang., 12 Haines' 
Brittain Chas., printer, 43 Filbert 
Brittain Daniel, coal mer., 82 Richmond 
Brittain T., tobacconist, 113 Beach 
Brittain Wm., frame mr., 78 Richmond 
Brittin Jane, tobacconist, 494 N 2d 
Brittin Thos., tobac, BroAvn n High Bridge 
Brittin Thomas, U. S. Mint, 34 Jacoby 
Brittner Peter, musician, 181 Coates 
Britto Vincent, agent, 18 Flower 
BRITTON A. & CO., blindmr., 40 N 2d 
Britton Abrm., blindmr., 40 N 2d, h Washington 

bel 6th 
Britton Austin G., bricklr., Ann bel Powel 
Britton James, lab.. Filbert n 20th 
BRITTON JAMES, wines & liquors, S W Cal- 

lowhill and 15th 
Britton Jacob, silversm., 3 B_oyle's ct 
Britton John, marble polisher, rear 555 N 10th 
Britton Joseph F., butcher, 20th n Parrish 
Britton Joshua A., cordw., Clair 
Britton Julia A., gentw., Bridge n 4th (W P) 
Britton L., millinery, Washington (W P) 
Britton Michl., tailor, Apple bel Jefferson (K) 
Britton M. F., tobacconist, 149 
Britton Peters, seaman, rear 10 Emeline 
Britton Robert, baker, 64 W Market 
Britton Samuel, blacksm., Ross ab Queen (K) 
Britton Samuel L., blindmr., 40 N 2d 
Britton Thomas, jeweller, 139 Queen 
Britton Wm., Lombaj-d, E 19th 
Britton Wm., lab., 8th bel Wharton 
Brizcl James, weaver, Hanover ab West 
Broad Mrs. W., 275 Franklin 
Broadbent Daniel, lab., 86 Jarvis 
Broadbent Elijah, tav., 20 Dock 
Broadbent Jas., spinner, Adams ab Oxford (K) 
Broadbent Jos., Mariner, Hope n School (K) 
Broadbent Michl. egg dealer, 78 Hope (K) 
Broadbent Samuel, daugerro., 22 Powell 
BROADBENT SAMUEL, pl^otographist, 136 

Chestnut, h 22 Powel 
Broadbent W. A., cloth finisher, 637 N 3d 
Broadfield John, lub., 615 S 3d 
Broadhead James, conductor, 104 Barker 
Broadhurst Jas., weaver, 918 N 11th 
Broadwater Caleb, blacksm., Centre bel Parrish 
Broadwater I)., fisliei-nian, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Broadwater Josh., fisherman. Ash bel Franklin 
Broadwell Edw., painter, 5 Workman's ct 
Brobson Joseph, notaiy public, 5 Library, h 443 

Brobston Wm., missionarv, 384 S 3d 




r>rock Alexander, mariner, 461 S 6th 
Hrock Chas. C, nier, 28 Log-an sq 
Hrock Elizabeth, Haverford n 5th (W P) 
Brock Georg-e E., 97 & 99 N od, h 253 Arch 
Brock Jolin, grocer, 97 & 99 N 3d, h 253 Arch 
Hrock John, collector, rear 22 Elfreth's al 
BROCK JOHN, SONS & CO., g-rocers, 97 and 

99 N 3d 
Brock Jonathan, mer., N 5th ab Brown 
Brock J. P., attorney and coun. 152 Walnut, h 

9 Union pi 
Brock Samuel Z., mer., N E 4th and Branch 
Brock Steplien, jr., fancy dry g-oods, 127^ N 3d 
Brock Wm., captain, 26 Redwood 
Brock Wm. P., mer., 97 N 3d, h 253 Arch 
Brockclhurst Chas.,, Tulip ab Non-is 
Brockelman & Co., ex. brokers, 29J S 3d 
Brockerman Benj., iron dealer, 67 Howard 
Brockerman & Ford, iron store, G T road above 

Brockerman John H., confect., 2 Wilcox 
Brockerman Wm. F., trunkmr., 88 Hope (K) 
Brockway Philip, watchman, Duke ab CheiTy 
Broderick Edwd., shop., Carpenter bel 9th 
Brodhcad D. D., mer., 135 N 3d 
BUODHEAD & ROBERTS, boots, shoes and 

straw g-oods, 135 N 3d 
Brodle Andrew, lumber yard, Oxford bel 8th 
Brodie James T., metallic roofer, 29 N 7tli, h 

527 N 8th 
Brodie Robert C, drug-g-ist 20th and Callowhill 
Brochick Wm., cordw., 23 Brandywine 
BrofFey Wm., dyer, F road ab Cumberland (R) Gil)bons, coachman, Perry 
Brogan James, printer, 2 Shaeffer's av 
Brog-an Pat., morrocco finisher, 1 Lawrence pi 
Brogan Philip, lab., Lewis ab Emery (R) 
Brog-an Rosanna, 2 Shaffer's av 
Brog-an Sarah P., washer, 5 Harmony (S) 
l?rogdfin Wm., porter, 191 Lombard 
Brogxlom Abraham, lab., Antliony n Dickerson 
Brog-nard Joseph R., com. mer., 6 Jones' al, h 

384 N 6th 
Brog-nard N. L., mer., 11 Bank, h Locust ab 13th 
Broker Daniel, carp., 26 Beck 
Broker John, blacksm., Franklin av n Arch 
Brokman Henry, cooper, 64 Penn 
Brolasky Henry C, gent., 392 Walnut 
Brolasky Jefferson H., 475 Chestnut 
Brolasky Josej))! P., M. D., 475 Chestnut 
Brolasky SiniHU P., Walnut and Broad 
Brolasky Wm., gent, 392 Walnut 
Bromley Arthur, bleacher, 442 Beach 
Bromwcll Geo., milkman, rear 59 Olive 
Bronson Jolin, fish tacklemr., 29 South 
Bronstup F., machinist, 18 Librar}^ h 386 N 4th 
Brook Chas., tininkmr., 1026 W Market 
Brook George D., car builder, River n Hutton 

(M V) 
Brook Nathan, P., Trinity pi 
Brook. Stephen, 276 Chestnut 
Brook Wm. F., macht., 12 Thompson (K) 
Brooke A., Miss, cloakmr., 79 Green 
Brooke C. E., 444 Callowhill 
Brooke E. F., gentw., Bingham pi 
Brooke & Fuller, trimmings, 25 N 3d 
Brooke Tfirani, mer., 25 N 3d 
Brooke H. J., milk depot, N W 8th & Callowhill 

Brooke Jas. K., salesman, 69 N 3d, h 14 Coates 
Brooke James J., produce, S W Water & Chest- 
nut, h 519 Green 
Brooke Lewis P., mer., 15 Walnut, h Walnut 

bet William and Till (W P) 
Brooke Margaret, 37 Castle 
Brooke Mary, dressmr. 79 Green 
Brooke Mary A., b h., 8 Sansom 
Brooke Nathan, mer., 62 Market 
Brooke Stephen H., mer., 140 Market, h 276 

BROOKE, TYSON & REHN, merchants, 140 

Brooke Wm., carp., Jefferson 8t Hancock (K) 
Brooker Benj. C, auctr., 6 N 3d, h 344 S 8th 
Brooker John, shoemr., Moore bel Front 
Brookfield Joseph, M. D., Juniper and Filbert 
Brookfield Wm., stone cut., Buttonwood and R 

road, h 11th ab Buttonwood 
Brooks Allen E., acct., 36 Walnut 
Brooks Amos, ti-ader, G T r bel 6th 
Brooks Chas., trunkmr., Ogden ab 16th 
Brooks Christopher, carp., Union ab West (K) 
Brooks Clarissa M., 181 Wallace 
Brooks David, brickmr., 105 William 
Brooks David, supt., 101 Chestnut, h 154 Pine 
Brooks Edmund, macht., Carlisle bel Poplar 
Brooks Ellet, macht., 10 Re id ct 
Brooks Eliza S., confect., 68 S 2d, h 14 Union 
Brooks Elizabeth, 33 N 15th 
Brooks Elizabeth, 28 Perry 
Brooks Enoch, sea capt., 40 Christian 
Brooks G., Mrs., 2 N 9th 
Brooks George, carp., 45 Swanson 
Brooks Geo. L., blacksm., 34 Lewis 
Brooks Henry, agt., 98 S 3d 
Brooks Henry, mer., 10 S Water 
Brooks Isaac, grocer, 19th and Wilcox 
Brooks James, engineer, Dorothy E 21st 
Brooks James, 164 S 17th 
Brooks James, twister, 238 Beach (K) 
Brooks James, ti-ader, 381 South 
Brooks Jane, grocer, 16th and Stone 
Brooks Jane, cook, 35 Larch 
Brooks John, waterman, 146 Swanson 
Brooks John, cooper, 167 N 4th 
Brooks John, cap manuf., 63 Coates 
Brooks John D., Rev., 223 Christian 
Brooks John H., clerk, 178 Shippen 
Brooks John F., barber, 18th and South 
Brooks John L., jr., bricklayer., 39 Lewis 
Brooks John T., boobkind.' 564 S 7th 
Brooks J. R., brakesman. Oak bel Mary (W P) ■ 
Brooks Joseph, saw mr., 309 AVood (R) 
Brooks Joseph, tobacconist, 49 Ontario (K) 
Brooks Jos., stables, rear 271 Green 
Brooks Jos., tobacco, 49 Ontario (K) 
Brooks Joseph H., di-ugt.. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Brooks Josiah D., mer., 24 Chestnut, h 256 Mar- 
Brooks J. M., mer., 24 Chestnut, h 454 Arch 
Brooks Lydia, scmp., 16 Magnolia 
Brooks L. S., jeweller, William and Richmond, 

h Richmond ab Ann 
Brooks Mary, Walnut ab 14th 
Brooks Matthew, capmr., 93 N 3d 
Brooks M. A., dressmr., 7 Ralston 
Brooks Robert, Fairmount and Centre 




( Brooks & Roach, com. mers., 24 Chestnut 
: Brooks Samuel, 68 S 2cl 
I Brooks S., Harrison pi 
i Brooks Sarah Ann, 12th bel Willow 
I Brooks S. B., 2d tel.bk N. Am., h 17th bel Filbert 
' Brooks S. S., M. D., 407 Arch 
I Brooks Thomas, blacksm., 574 S Front 
Brooks Thos., carp., 25 Green 
i Brooks Thos., clerk., 93 N 3d, h Pleasant bel 

Brooks Thos. E., grocer, 112 Shippen 
Brooks Wm., cooper, Washing'ton ab Oxford 
Brooks Wm., teacher, 22 Hibberd 
Brooks Wm., police officer. Star al 
Brooks Wm., mer., 25 S 2d, h 214 Randolph 
Brooks Wm. K. Mrs., grocer, S E 5th & Wash- 
ington Market pi 
Brooks & Massey, restaurant, N E 7th & Pine 
Broom Ann, Miss, trimg-s., 77 S 15th 
Broom Chas., carpenter, 81 Swanson 
Broom Christopher, Haydock 
Broom Geo., Girard av bel Broad 
Broom Georg-e L., sug'ar refiner, 13 Bread, h 

147 York av 
Broom G. L. & Co., sugar refiners, 13 Bread 
Broom Harriet, tailoress, 11 Shippen pi 
BROOM JACOB, atty. & coun., 20 Sansom, h 

Lancaster ab Crammond (W P) 
Broom John Z., plasterer, P road bel Wharton 
Broom J. M., g-ent.. Chestnut bel Park (W P) 
Broom Mrs. J., SI'S 15th 
Broom R., Miss, teacher, 31 S 15th 
Broom Thos., ship carp., 101 Prime 
Broom U. R., hotel, Wa.shingi:on (W P) 
Broom Wm., King bel Race 
Broom Wm., sug'ar refiner, 29 Vine 
Broom Wm., sugar ref., 13 Bread, h Vine bel 2d 
Broomall L. R., watches & jewellerj'^, 110 N 2d 
Broome Thos., morocco case mr., 3d and Mar- 
ket, h Paul ab 6th 
Broomell Peter A., grocer, Catharine & Morris 
Brophy Andrew, dyer, F r ab Cumberland (K) 
Brophy James, lab., 579 F road 
Brophy John, weaver, Milton bel 12th 
Broplv Michael, cordw., 2 Flower 
Brosius Caleb M., clerk, 27 S 4th 
Bross Edmund R., cordw., 324 Vine 
Bro.ston Mary, b h., 28 Plover 
Brother Cath., Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Brotlicrhcad VV., booksel., 3 N 6th, h 10 Cow- 

pcrttiwaite pi 
Brothers Chas., hatter, 151 Market, h 248 N 4th 
B4-otlicrs Tliaddeus, 180 Randolph 
Brothei-ton Hugh, 5th bel Rccd 
Brough James, lab., (^lierry (K) 
Brougli Jos., lab.. Carpenter ab 8th 
Broiii,'-hall Kol)ert, Lciper's al 
BKOUGHALL li., 141 N 2d, h Columbia House 
Brougiiton Isaiah H., ckrk. Deacon ab Girard av 
Brougliton M. A., a-strologer, Pahn bel Brown 
Brounas Constant, cook, 4 'I'cmperancc 
Brounitv Jolin, wliarf builder, Evans 
Brous W. A., cordw., 884 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Browcr Ann, gcntw., 14 Swanwick 
Browcr Charles, confect., 28 Queen (K) 
BrowiT (Jorntlius 1'., cordw., 98 Filbert 
Browcr F. M., actor, 244 S 1 Itli 
Blower Henry, 11 Farie's ct 

Browers Peter, cordw., Clymer ab F road 

Browlcy James, coachman, Budden's al 

Brown Abraham C, plumber, 307 Market 

Brown Alexander, gent., 387 Walnut 

Brown Alexander, lab., Howell n 20th 

Brown Alexander, ice, Grace n 17th 

Brown Alex., gent, 504 N 5th 

Brown Alex., soap & candles, Parrlsh ab 6th 

BROWN ANDREW, dealer, 94 Bedford 

Brown Ann, washer, Pearl bel Broad 

Brown Ann, Rose ab School (K) 

Brown Ann, Dorothy, E 20th 

Brown Ann, nurse, 10 Vail's pi 

Brown Anna, washerw., 17 Barley 

Brown Anthony, gunsm., 134 N 2d 

Brown Anthony, hatter, 61 S 3d, h N E Woo<l 

and Marshall 
Brown Anthony, shoemr., 395 S Front 
Brown Anthony J., gimmr., 515 N 3d 
Brown Archibald, stone cut., Harmstead W 21st 
Brown Asariah, waterman, Johnson's la n 4th 
Brown Austin, oil cloths, 110 N 3d, h 19th ab 

Brown A., dry ^oods, S W 12th and Coates 
Brown A. J., 581 Coates 
Brown A. Spiers, mer., 30 S 3d, up stairs 
Brown Benj., hotel. Broad and Wood 
Brown Benj., F., grocer, S E Water & Walnut, 

h 11 Sheets 
Brown Benj . F., hatter, Adelphia al,h 107 Spruce 
Brown Benjamin H., lumber, Queen 8c Ash (K) 
Brown Benj. H., lumber mer.. Queen & Ash (K) 
Brown Benj., M., tailor, 456 Market, h 472 Cal- 

Brown Benj. T., tobacconist, 45 Franklin 
Brown Bernard, cabman, Vaughn ab Locust 
Brown B. S., dealer, 32 South 
Brown Caroline, vest mr. 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Brown Caroline, white washer, 7 Leyden ct 
Brown Caroline, tailoress, 945 N 2d 
Brown Catharine, huckster, 5 Grape ct 
Brown Catharine, gcntw, S W 13th & Spruce 
Brown Catharine,*lll S 9th 
Brown Cephas, cordw. 13 Owen 
Brown Cliarlcs, Collector Custom House, h 33 

Brown Charles, waterman, 10 Green 
Brown Charles, lab. rear Russell 
Brown Charles, police, Lciper's al 
Brown Charles, tailor, 160 Diamond (K ) 
Brown Charles, rigger, 10 China 
Brown Charles, dealer, rear 42 Noble 
Brown Charles, clerk, 26 Pratt 
Brown ('liarles, clerk, 2H:irmony ct 
Brown Cliarlcs, 144 N Broad 
Brown Charles, spooler, 257 Broad 
Brown Charles, lab. 18th and South 
Brown Charles, lai). Little Brown 
Brown Charles, sash maker. Coral (K) 
Brown Charles Rev., 748 Vine near 21st 
Brown Charles A., bookseller, N W 4tJi & Arch, 

h N E 13th and Budd 
Brown ("harles D., Dugan 
Brown Charles H., ImI). 245 S 7th 
Brown Clnrles P., dealer. Chestnut st wharf 
Brown Charles H., tailor, Poplar bel lOlh 
Brown Cliarlcs W., Broad ab 
Brown Christian, cabtmr. Front bel Wood 




r.rown Conrad, grinder, Braceland ct 

Brown Cornelius, lab. 19 Beck 

BROWN C. A., &. CO., booksrs, N W4th Sc Arch 

Brown Daniel, lab. 272 Federal 

Brown Daniel, furniture cars, 21st and Winter 

Brown Daniel, lab. 6 Gafi'ney's av 

Brown Daniel H., g-lass blower and innkeeper, 

Hanover n F road (K) 
Brown Daniel II., ivory turn. Hanover n F road 
Brown David, carp. Worth bel 5tli 
Brown David, tailor, 22 Temple 
Brown David, weaver, 328 S 13th 
Brown David, waiter, rear 1 Ralston 
Brown David, carter, Fairmount 
BROWN DAVID PAUL, atty. and coun. 249 

Brown David Paul, jr., atty. at law, 45| S 5th, 

h 249 Walnut 
Brown David S., com. mer. 38 S Front, h Walnut 

E 18th 
Brown David S., jr., mer. 21 N 4th, h 22 Erie 
BROWN DAVID S. & CO., domestic goods, 

38 and 40 S Front 
Brown Deborah, gentw. 295 Chestnut 
Brown D. S., Dr.,"856 N2d 
BROWN EBENEZER, mer. 50 S 3d, h Spring 

Gai'den bel 11th 
Brown Edmund S., bricklayer, rear 89 N 14th 
Brown Edward, segarmr. rear 101 Dillwyn 
Brown Egbert, furnitiu-e, 471 N 3d 
Brown Elias, marble mason, 789 N 11th 
Brown Elijah, gent. 51 S 5th 
Brown Eliza, washer, 17 Ralston 
Brown Eliza, Wood bel Front (K) 
Brown Elizabeth, dressmr. 571 Vine 
Brown Elizabeth, washer, Campbell 
Brown Elizabeth, 486 N 15th 
Brown Emanuel D., soapmr. 50 Ogden 
Brown & Embly, carps. Lewis n 15th 
Brown Emeline, sempstress, 3 Gray's al 
Brown Emma, art. flowers, 368 South 
Brown Esther, 29 Mary 
Brown Francis, ice dealer, St Paul's av 
Brown Frank, grocer, N E 5th and Christian, h 

126 Dickerson 
Brown Frederick, druggist, N E Chestnut and 

5th, h 70 S 5th 
Brown Frederick E., clerk, 31 S 4th 
Brown Frederick E., N W Spruce and Dean 
Urown Frederick W., manuf'ac. britannia ware, 

532 S 3d 
Brown Garden A., 62 Walnut, h 430 N 8th 
Brown George, lab. 6th ab Columbia 
Brown Geo., carp. 237 S 17tb, Ji 20th n Lombard 
Bjown George, barber, 2 Walnut, h rear 252 

BROWN GEORGE, hatter, 414 Market 
Brown George, cooper, 55 M road. 
Brown George, lab. 136 Apple 
Brown George, machinist, 117 Shackamaxon 
Brown George, porter, 12 Washington 
Brown George, cigar maker, 85 S 12th 
Brown George, cabinet maker. West n Chcny 
Brown George F., captain, 5 Salmon (R) 
Brown George II., grocer and teas, N W 17th 

and Vine 
Brown George H., gent. 295 Chestnut 
Brown George R., Essex n Christian 

Brown Geo. T., mer. 21 N 4th, h Arch ab 16th'' 
Brown Geo. T., mer. 24 N 3d, h 338 Coates 
Brown George T. & Co., grocers, 21 N 4th 
Brown Geo. W., grocer. Rule n Wheat 
BROWN GEORGE W., grocer, S E 9th and 

Locust, h 84 Locust 
Brown George W., carp. 4 Rodger's ct 
Brown Gilbert, 9 Barley 

BROWN & GODWIN, com. mers., 78 S Del av 
Brown Gotleib, shoes, 160 Poplar 
Brown Gowen A„ shoemr. 579 S 3d 
Brown G. A., broker, 430 N 8th 
Brown Hannah, launch-ess, 3 Acorn al 
Brown Harriet, shop, P road and Washington 
Brown Henry, cabinetmr. Washington ab More 
Brown Heniy, cedar cooper, 40 Julianna 
Brown Heniy, porter, Jones n 18th 
Brown Henry, patternmr. 151 N 2d, h 602 S 5th 
Brown Henry, carter, Swanson ab Washington 
Brown Henry, 65 N 15th 
Brown Henry, carp. 20 Pear 
Brown Henry, lab. 36 Bulkley 
Brown Henrj^, morocco drs. 338 S 2d 
Brown Henry, cooper, 6 Logan 
Brown Henry, mer. 411 Chestnut 
Brown Henry, print, 2 Washington 
Brown Henry, baker, Wood n Front (K) 
Brown Henry A., print. 98 Chestnut, h 65 N 15th 
Brown Henry H., carp. 2 Nagle 
BROWN HILL & CO., com. m^r. 40 N Front 
Brown Hugh, blacksm. 20 Sears 
Brown Hugh, lab. rear 6th ab Callowhill 
Brown Hugh, cow keeper, 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown Hugh, butcher, Clinton ab Jefferson 
Brown H. J., M. D., 446 N 5th 
Brown Isaac, carter, rear Robertson 
Brown Isaac, bottler, 94 Christian 
Brown Isaac, weaver. Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Brown Isabella, laundress, 3 Gray's al 
Brown Isaiah, waiter, 260 Lombard 
Brown Jacob, grocer, Franklin and Union (K) 
Brown Jacob, jr., paper han. 4th bel Franklin 
Brown Jacob, blacksm. Federal n 5th 
Brown Jacob, cordw. Columbia ct (K) 
Brown Jacob, butcher, Columbia ab 2d (K) 
Brown Jacob, porter, rear 7 Emeline (K) 
Brown James, weaver, 13th and Federal 
Brown James, dealer, rear AVashington ab 8th 
Brown James, mason, F road ab Dauphin (R) 
Brown James, shoemr. Cherry bel Franklin ar 
Brown James, weaver, 840 N 2d 
Brown James, lab. Filbert bel 19th 
Brown Jas., mer. 20^ S Front, h 15th be Locustl 
Brown James, drayman, 6 Fries' ct 
BROWN JAMES, Eagle Hotel, 193 Chestnut 
Brown James, wheelwt. 76 M road, h Front a 

Brown James, omnibus prop. 12 China 
Brown James, lab. 18 Ball al 
Brown James, machinist, Rhoads ab 19th 
Brown James, 130 N 12th 
Brown James, lab. South av 
Brown James, cigar mr. 85 S 12th 
Brown James, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Brown James, provisions, 21st bel Pine 
Brown James, dealer, 11th bel South 
Brown Jame-s, weavei-, Brinton bel 13th 
Brown James, grocer, South ab 15th 




Brown James, waiter, 1 Ohio 

Brown James, tavern, 255 S 7th 

Brown James, weaver, F road ab Norris (R) 

Brown James, waiter, h 23 Green 

Brown James, lab. 112 N Water 

Brown James, farmer, 171 Carpenter 

Brown Jdmes, bricklr. 18 Ilidlowell 

BROAVN JAMES D., art. flowers, h 351 N 2d 

Brown James E., .saddler, 41 S 4th, h 112 S 8th 

Brown James L., 147 N 3d 

Brown Jas. M., g-rocer, N E 6th & Buttonwood 

Brown James P., mer. N W 4th and Arch, h 6 

Brown James T., granite setter, 305 Franklin av 
Brown Jas. W., mer. 125 Mai'ket, h 411 Chestnut 
Brown Jane, 11 Bird 
Brown Jane, 3d bel Prime 
Brown Job G., tavern, 49 Walnut 
Brown John, carter, Aich ct 
Brown John, porter, 24 Morris 
Brown Tohn, tailor. Sower's ct (K) 
Brown John, chandler, 651 N 2d 
Brown John, g-rocer, 277 Market, house 15th ab 

Brown John, coachman, 27 Prosperous 
Brown John, weaver. South bel 19th 
Brown John, g-ent. 21 Green 
Brown John, blacksm. Callowhill ab Nixon, h 

Callowhill and 21st 
Brown John, janitor, 28 Watson's al 
Brown John, boiler mr. Dyott's ct (K) 
Brown John, vict. Federal n 7th 
Brown John, b h 52 Shippen 
Brown John, collector, 481 N 9th 
Brown John, lab. Marriott ab 4th 
Brown John, 5th bel Coates 
Brown John, coacli painter, 8th ab Oxford 
Brown John, brickmr. 12th bel Bedford 
Brown John, carter, 19th and Spring" Garden 
Brown John, lab. Master ab Howard (K) 
Brown John, weaver, 46 Fitler (K) 
Brown John, weaver. Wood bel Blair (K) 
Brown John, lab. rear 23 Prime 
Brown John, dyer, Pennsylvania av n William 
Brown Jghn, machinist. Elm (W P) 
Brown John, clerk. Post Oflice 
Brown John, painter, Jones M' 17th 
Brown John, tailor, 4 James ct 
Brown John, M. D., 360 Coates 
Brown John, clerk, 157 Catharine 
Brown John, carter, 6 Laurence 
Brown John, lab. Brady's ct 
Brown Jolin, lab. 32 Naglee's ct 
Brown John, 27 Dean 
Brown John, 15 S 10th 
Brow n Jolin, lab. 12 Boyce's ct 
Brown John, lab. 218 S "l2th 
Brown Jolni, clotli finisher, Fairmount ab Biddlc 
Brown John, carp. weav. Wasliinf^on ab Eog-an 
Brown Jolin, periodicals, 197 Callowhill 
Brown John, white washing-, 2 Barley 
Bj-ow II John A., mer. S E 12th and fMiesnut 
Brown John F., .slioemr. Broad n Arch 
Brown Jolui F., salesman, 89 Shippen 
Brow n Jolin 11., blacksm. Cnion ab Hcdford (K) 
Brow n Jolin II., teacher, 10th ab Po])lar 
Brown John II., mer. 125 Market, h Walnut W 


Brown John H., clerk, 147 Market 

BROWN JOHN H. & CO., dry- goods, 125 

Brown John L., shoe store, 381 South 
Brown John P., house carp. 10 Elm 
Brown John P., blacksm. 2d and Montgomery, 

h Marlborough ab West (K) 
Brown John T., brushmr. 134 New Market 
Brown John T., jr. brushmr. 505 N 2d, h Otter 

bel 2d 
Brown John W., macht. York (R) 
Brown John Y., capt. 4 S Marshall 
Brown Jonathan, 581 Coates 
Brown Joseph, 520 N 13th 
Brown Joseph, lab. G T road bel 6tli 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 54 S 4th ^ 

Brown Jos., ship carp. Hanover ab Beach (K) 
Brown Jos., carp. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Brown Jos., whf. builder, Brown bel Emory (Rl 
Brown Jos. supt. Co. Buildings, h 21 Harmony 
Brown Jos., lab. 73 Otter (K) 
Brown Jos., lab. 1 Black Horse Row (K) 
Brown Jos., ship carp. Palmer ab Queen 
Brown Jos., cordw. 21 Harmony 
Brown Jos. D., gent, office 23 Minor, h 167 Arch 
Brown Jos. S., mer. 13 N 2d, h Sp Garden bel 9tli 
Brown Jos. S., clerk, 125 Market 
Brown Juliana, washer, rear 23 F road 
Brown Juliet, nurse, S E 8th and Poplar 
Brown J. clothes, 95 S 2d, h 217 Lombard 
BROWN J., plai. &. saw. mill, Penn ab Maiden 
BROWN J. U., Arcade Hotel, Chestnut street 
Brown J. D., millinery, 351 N 2d 
Brown J. Henry, min. painter, 59 S 13th 
Brown J. M., weaver, Charles ab Federal 
Brown J. Newton, Rev., editorial Sec. Am. Bap. 

Publication Society, 118 Arch 
Brown J. Pemberton, booksel. N W 4th & Arch 
Brown Lawrence, accountant, rear 93 4th 
Brow^n Leonard, clerk, 32 S 3d, h 69 Gaskill 
Brown Lewis, Mrs., 100 Marshall 
Brown Lewis T., mer. 22 Merchant, h 100 N 

Brown Louis, grocer, S W 4th and Coates 
Brown Lower, plumber, 24 Carpenter 
Brown & Ludwig, liquors, 68 Callowhill 
Brown Margaret, Bedford ab Marlborough 
BROWN MARGARET, tavern, 45 S 16th 
Brown Margaret, 553 S 6th 
Brown Margaret, Washington bel Till (W P) 
Brown Margaret, washer, 7 Hai-mony (S) 
Brown Margt., dry goods, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Brown Margt., saleswoman, 185 S 13th 
Brown Maria, laundress, 35 Prosperous al 
Brown Maria, 219 Slarshall 
Brown Maria, washer, Shippen bel 8th 
Brown Maria, b h, Hanover 
Brown Maria, gentw. 246 S 10th 
Brown Martin,"star Hotel, N E 11th & Chen-y 
Hrown Mary, laundress, 3 Gray's al 
Brown Mary, dress maker, 225 Lombard 
Hrown Mary, w id., rear 7 Bread 
Brown Mary Ann, Wiley's ct 
Brown Mary A., Oak ab" Till (W P) 
Brown Matthew, watchman, rear 73 Queen 
Hrown Michael, pedlar, 125 Plum 
Hrown Michael, lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Brown Michael, lab. Carpenter ab 7th 




Brown Michael, mach. Catharine ab 6th 

Brown Michael C, printer, 6 E North 

Brown Minus J., porter, 14 Washington 

Brown Morris, engineer, 24 State 

Brown Morris, shoemr. 359 South 

Brown Morris ,E., cooper, 13 Russell 

Brown Moses, boots and shoes, 85 N 3cl, h 20th 

bel Race 
Brown Moses, mer. 108 Arch 
Brown Moses, jr., 19 Chestnut, h 108 Arch 
Brown Nathl. il., mer, 19 Chestnut, h 77 N 9th 
Brown Nathaniel P., atty. & coun. 430 N 11th 
Brown Neal, lab. Atherton 
Brown Neal, lab. 49 Fitz water 
Brown Nicholas, lab. 9th ab Carpenter 
Brown Nicholas, lab. 3 John's ct 
Brown Nicholas, hack driver, 14th & Cherry 
Brown N. W., slioemr. 6th and Marriott's la 
Brown Paul S., 411 N 10th 
Brown Pat., blacksm. rear 11 Ogden 
Brown Pat., lab. 10th ab Master 
Brown Peter, moulder, Vienna ab Queen 
Brown Peter, basketmr. 793 G T road 
Brown Peter, lab. SliarswoodW Ridge av 
Brown Philip N., furniture, 491 South 
Brown Philip S., clerk, N W 4th and Pine 
Brown P. N., 6th ab Jefferson 
Brown Quintius C, groc. S W 10th & Lombard 
Brown Rachel, trimmings, 358 Coates 
Brown Rachel, washerw. Gulielma 
Brown Rebecca, 73 Spruce 
Brown Rebecca, laundress, Carpenter ab 8th 
Brown Rich., coUec. & agent, Wharton bel 5th 
Brown Richard, hatter, 27 P road 
Brown Richard H., ship carp. 18 Ellen 
Brown Robert, brass turner, rear 237 Green 
Brown Robert, mariner, 23 Green ab Pine 
Brown Robert, gardener, Shirker's al 
Brown Robei-t, cordw. Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Brown Robert, gas fitter, William n 18th 
Brown Robert, wood whf., Spmce st whf, (Sch) 

h 12 S 13th 
Brown Robert E., atty. at law, 45\ S 5th, h 249 

Brown Robert H., weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Brown Roger, mer. 323 Market, h 50 Filbert 
BROWN ROGER & CO., distiller, 323 Market 

and 133 W Market 
Brown Samuel, waiter, Ivy n 11th 
Brown Samuel, watchman, Jones ab 16th 
Brown Samuel, dyer, Florida 
Brown Samuel, bill sticker, 20 Paul 
Brown Samuel, lumber mer. 45 Callowhill 
Brown Samuel, carpet weaver, P'ilbert W 19th 
Brown Saml., pumpmr. P road bel Washington 
Brown Samuel, fire works, Gale's ct 
Brown Samuel, lab. 4 Hallowell 
Brown Samuel, lab. rear 2d ab Master 
Brown Samuel A. C, painter, 88 Race 
Brown Samuel B., grocer, S E Washington and 

Margaretta (W P) 
Brown Samuel M., moulder. Winter 
Brown Sarah, 143 N 13th 
Brown Sarah, 520 N 13th 
Brown Sarah, spooler, Wagner's al 
Brown Sarah, dealer, Shippen ab 11th 
Brown Sarali A., semp. (iraliam bel Green (W P) 
Brown Sarah A., 474 N 5th 

Brown Sarah A., semp. 6th bel Federal 

BROWN, SMITH & CO., clocks, 82 N 3d 

Brown Susan, 110 Wharton 

Brown Susannah, Willow bel 7th 

BROWN Sc SWIFT, hatters, 61 S 3d 

Brown S., 238 Spruce 

Brown S. P., M. D., 110 N 10th 

Brown Thomas, waterman, 382 S 2d 

Brown Thos., lab. Hope bel Jefferson (K) 

Brown Thos., carter, Cadwalader bel Norris (K) 

Brown Thos., tailor, Edwards n School (K) 

Brown Thomas, lab. Hammill's al 

Brown Thomas, grocer, 717 South 

Brown Thos., weaver, Lepriva and Wood (R) 

Brown Thomas, letter cai-rier, P. O., h 416 S 

Brown Thomas, 657 Pine 
Brown Thomas, lab. 24 Pratt 
Brown Thomas, ship carp. Houston ab Duke (K) 
Brown Thomas, tavern, 98 N 2d 
Brown Thomas, boots and shoes, 44 Market, 

h 589 N 7th 
Brown Thos., grocer, N W Spruce and Dean 
Brown Thomas, cordw. 196 S 2d 
Brown Thomas, dry goods, F road bel Phoenix 
Brown Thomas, carp. Hudson's al, h 139 Lom- 
Brown Thomas, carp. 416 S Front 
Brown Thomas, seaman, 7 Little Pine 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 385 S 10th 
Brown Thomas, coppersm. 10 Farr 
Brown Thomas, lab. George n 17th 
Brown Thomas, blacksm. Hope ab Master 
Brown Thos. C, boot fitter, Halloway's ct 
Brown. Thos. F., cordw. Brown ab Clearfield (R^ 
Brown Thomas H., clerk, 110 Market, h 19e 

S 2d 
Brown Thomas R., boots and shoes, 44 Market. 

h 8th ab Girard av 
Brown Thos. S., clerk, 21 N 4th 
Brown Thos. W., cabinetmr. Sylvester 
Brown T., mer. 137 N Water 
Brown T. Horace, 126 N 3d 
Brown T. Wistar, merchant, 19 Chestnut, h 10£ 

Brown U. R., hotel, Washington (W P) 
Brown Venable D., gent. 167 Mulberry 
Brown Waltei-, missionary, h Pine ab 16th 
Brown Walter, mer. 43 Market, h 489 Race 
Brown Warren, book keeper, 138 Allen 
Brown Wash., mer. 40 N Front, h 473 Arch 
BROWN WASHINGTON, com. boots & shoes, 

14} S 4th, h Broad bel Brown 
Brown Willard S., clerk, 134 S 2d 
Bi-own Wm., cordw. 327 Ridge av 
Brown Wm., lab. Cooper W 10th 
Brown Wm., gent. 107 Filbert 
Brown Wm., weaver. Poplar 
Brown Wm., drayman, 2 Chancery la 
Brown Wm., grocer, N E 5th and Christian 
Brown Wm., teamster. Locust E 17th 
Brown W^m., weaver, 47 W South 
Brown William, 6 Marshall 
Brown Wm., clothing, S W 7th and Market, h 

8th ab Green 
Brown Wm., salesman, 126 N 3d 
Brown Wm., plumber, 9 S 7th, h 17th above 





Brown Wm., blacksm. 2d and G T road, h Ed- 
ward n 2d 
Brown William, lab. Millar's al 
Brown Wm., cordw. 690 N Front 
Brown Wm., carp. 5th bel Redwood 
Brown Wm., rigg-er, rear 399 S Front 
Brown Wm., weaver, 22d n Cherry 
Brown Wm., mer.\5 Strawberry 
Brown Wm., M. D., Coates ab 12th 
Brown Wm., lab. Reed bel Church 
Brown Wm., waterman, Bayard n 7th 
Brown Wm., beer house, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Brown Wm., carp. 4th al) Master (K) 
Brown Wm., jeweler, 636 Wood 
Brown Wm., carp. 18 Grier's av 
Brown Wm., acct., 4th ab Willow 
Brown Wm., carter, 925 N 7th 
Brown William, cordw. Orchard and Green ct 
Brown William, carp. 19th ab Chestnut 
Brown William, hatter, 106 N 5th 
Brown William, 295 Chestnut 
Brown William, cabinetmr. 635 Poplar 
Brown Wm. A., carp. 108 Federal 
Brown '»Vm. A., shoes, 31 M road 
Brown Wm. F., gunsm. 99 Clierry 
Brown William G., mate, 54 Redwood 
Brown Wm. H., mer. 108 Market, h 148 S 9th 
Brown Wm. H., jeweler, 7 I-indsay's av 
Brown Wm. H., macii. 431 N 13th 
BROWN WM. H. & CO.,drygoods, 108 High 
Brown Wm. &. John, g-rocers, 277 High 
Brown Wm. J., clerk, 5 Mer. Exchange, h 436 

BRO^VN WM. LINN, atty. & counsellor, 50 

N 7th 
BROWN & WOEIjPFER, lumber mers. Queen 

and Gunner's Run (K) 
Brown W. L., printer, 72 Wallace 
Brown W. L., 137 Marlborough 
Browne Hannah, gentw. 90 Marshall 
BROWNE N. B., atty. 33 S 5th, h S W Till & 

Spruce (VV P) 
Browne Peter A., gent. 331 Walnut 
BrowncU George, coppersmith, Latimer above 

Wood (R) 
Browning & Brothers, druggist, 28 N Front 
Browning Chas., mer., 28 N Front 
Browning Edward, druggist, 28 N Front, house 

Broad bel Walnut 
Browning Elizabeth, G T road ab Master 
Browning George, merchant, 28 N Front, h 406 

Browning Maurice, cbniggist, 28 N Front 
Browning Sarali, tavern, Marsli & Penn (K) 
BrpwniTig William, gold beater, 45 Prune, 
Browning Wm., brickmr. G T road ab Master 
Browning Wm., carder, I^oinbanl n 19th 
BROWNS & BOW EN, bankers, 55 Chestnut 
Brownwcll E., 1015 Coates 
Browiiwcll Heni'v, Ijlacksm. Farr and Arch 
Brua J. P., gent.' 96 W Market 
Brubraeker Clirist., lab. 139 (i T road 
Bruce George F., carp. 605 S Front 
Bruce Isaac, grocer, .S W 16th and Clierry 
Bruce James, veneers, 48 N Front 
l$rucc Jas. H., intellig. oHice, 242 Callowhill 
Bruce Josepli W., bricklayer, Jarvis n 2d 
Bruce Levis, engineer, L. Pike n 6th (W P) 

Bruce Luke, waiter, 6 Barclay 

Bruce Matthew, farmer, rear Benton bel School 

Bruce Matthew W., carp. Johnston's la, house 

Wharton ab 4th 
Bruce Samuel, weaver, Howard bel Master (K) 
Bruce Wm., baker, 75 Wharton 
Bruce Wm., waiter, 346 South 
Bruckma Francis, shop, G T road bel Columbia 
Bruckner August., book keeper, 81 N 3d 
BRUDER GEORGE, cordw. 29 N 6th 
Bruen Edward B. Rev., 499 Chestnut 
Bruen James, gent. 499 Chestnut bel 16th 
Bniff Elizabeth, Marlboro' and Bedford (K) 
Bruff James U., clerk, 219 Wallace 
Bruggemann John, tailor, rear 383 St John 
Bruker Jacob, lab. Wood ab Cherry 
Brulon Job, shoemr. 128 Beach 
Brulte Joseph, printer, rear 56 P road 
Brumaker Andrew, tavern, 16th and Callowhill 
Brumberg Sarah, b h, 23 Howard 
Brumer John, cooper, 257 St John 
Brumfield George, wheelwt. Beach ct 
Bnmmier Bernard, mer. 70 N 3d 
BRUMMER & JACKSON, clothing, 70 N 3d 
Brundeag Susan, tobacco, 63 Christian 
Brunell Andrew, shop, 210 Hanover (K) 
Bruner B., eng., 205 Girard av 
Bruner Cyrus G., refiner, 62 Ogden 
Bruner Jacob, weaver, Jefferson bel 5th (K) 
Bruner Philip, cordw. 573 S 3d 
Bruner J. F., carp. 39 Wallace 
BRUNER J. P., factory, cof JJixon and Hamil- 
ton, h 687 Vine 
Bruner Wm., 4 Pegg 
Brunet John, sr., 207 S 2d 
Brunet Wm., lab. Houtens row 
Brunley Robt. W. C, lab. 34 Almond 
Bnmner Abraham, watchman, 54 Ogden 
Brunncr George, lab. 246 Marshall 
Brunner Henrj-, shoemr. 125 Spruce 
Brunner Jolin, clerk, 46 Beach 
Brunner John K., carp. 39 Wallace 
Brunner John K., mint, h 287 N 12th 
Brunner Maria, 162 Marshall 
Brunough Mrs., wa.sher, Smith's ct 
Brunson Ann, 119 Shackamaxon (K) 
Brunt John, lab. 234 S 13th 
Brunt Thomas, drayman, 7 Weccacoe 
Brunton James, porter, 8 Charles pi 
Brunton Mary Ann, taiioress, rear Front below 

Brurien Chas., Military Hall, 14 Library 
Bnirien Frank, 14 Library 
Brush Jesse, gents, furni.sliing store, S E 8th &. 

Ciicstnut, h 79 S Sth 
Bnusli John J., muclit. 231 Allen (K) 
Brusli Philip, tiiilor, 11 Wagner's ct 
Hrushniliin Cornelius, lab. Spafford 
Bru.ssier Maria, 360 Soutli 
Brusstar Ann, confect. 121 Sp Garden (;eo. H., I)aker, 176 S 4tii 
Brusstar James S., cordw. 26 Queen (K) 
Brustche J., water color maiuif. 29 S 10th 
Bru.ster Wm., weaver, S E 13th and Bedford 
Brustle Jacob, baker, 469 N 13th 
Bruten Edward, plumber, 74 S Carpenter 
Brute n Miks, liouse carj). (irover ab Christian 
Bnitz John, tailor, 5 Drinker's al 




iJryan Catharine, 6 Lafayette (M) 

Bryan Eliza, 137 S Carpenter 

Bryan Francis M., seaman, Bedford ab 12th 

Bryan Geo. H., nier. 126 S 9th 

Brj'an George W., tobacconist, Shalcross W 21st 

Bryan & Holland, printers, 46 N 8th 

Bryan Isaiah, cabinetmr. 125 S 2d, h 56 Union 

Bryan Jacob E., com. mer. 2i Montg-omery 

BRYAN JAMES, M. D., N E 10th & Arch 

Bryan James, tailor, 12 E North 

Bryan James, dyer. Filbert W 19th 

Bryan James W., salesman, 96 N 2d 

Bryan Jesse, macht. Adams ab G T road 

Bryan John, lab. 15 Collin's al 

Bryan John, cabinetmr. 159 N 4th 

Brjan John, grocer, N W 11th and SheafPs al 

Bryan Joseph T., fancy goods, 4 N 9th 

Bryan J. R., M. D., 354 Green 

Bryan Priscilla, launcbess, 18 Rasberry al 

Bryan Thomas, shoem.r. rear 216 Chestnut 

Bryan Thomas, shop, S 5th bel Marriott 

Bryan T. M., mer. 185 Market, h6 Madison 

Brjan Wm., lab. 137 Carpenter 

Brjant Charles A., grocer, 131 Ridge av 

Bryant Enoch, coi'dvv. 7 Pratt 

Bryant Isaac C., real estate broker, 8 Minor, h 

131 Ridge av 
Br}'ant Jacob, lab. 17 Paschall's al 
Bryant John, clerk, 107 Myrtle 
Bryant John G., distiller, 340 N Front 
Bryant J. D., M. D., S W 17th and Smnmer 
Bryant Wm., sr., carpt. weaver, 184 S 4th, h 

George and Sch Beach 
Bn'ant Wm. Rev., 754 Vine 
Bryant Wm. C, clerk, 322' N 12th 
Brvnan Edward, book keeper, 8 S 3d, h 219 

S 2d 
Brynan John, umbrellas, 219 S 2d 
Bryning F., stove finisher, 1161 N 5th 
Bryson Andrew, cordw. George n 16th 
Bryson James, o-stler. Factory n Beach 
Biyson James, coi'dw. South ab 13th 
Bryson James, weaver, 11th and Milton 
Bryson James H., printer, 2 N 6th, h 328 Fil- 
Brvson John M., furnishing store, 15 S 8th, h 

98 Wallace 
Bryson Joseph, cordw. South ab 13th 
Bryson Susan M., trims. 94 N 5th 
Bryson Wm., cordw. 573 S 8th 
Buchanan Andrew, porter, 149 S 2d 
Buclianan Buckley, bonnet presser, 8 I.,aurcl 
Buchanan Daniel, macht. 12th ab Girard av 
Buchanan Edward, dry goods, 162 S Carpenter 
Buchanan Edward, cupper and bleeder, 236 

S 5th 
Buchanan Franci.s, grocer, S E Cadwalader and 

Jefferson (K) 
Buchanan Geo. H., coachsm. 258 Hutchinson 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterer, 129 Walnut, h 

N E Catharine and 3d 
I'uchanan Isaac, brickmr. 53 W South 
Buchanan Isaac, 17 Newton 
liuchanan James, brickmr. Prime bel Arsenal 
Buchanan James, jr., grocer, 14th and Cherry 
Buchanan James, grocer, 16th and Ogden 
Buchanan James, Tilton bel Emory (R) 
Buchanan James, brickmr. 9 Dean 

Buchahan James, dyer, 24 Owen 
Buchanan James R., grocer, 210 S 2d 
Buchanan Jane, 17th ab Pine 
Buchanan John, teacher. Coral bel Price (K) 
Buchanan John, wheelwt., Washington (W P) 
Buchanan John, cordw. 17th bel Lombard 
Buchanan Mary A., 18 Larch 
Buchanan Patrick, cordw. Lombard n 22d 
Buchanan Rebecca, Dorothy n 19th 
Buchanan Richd., grocer, 166 S 2d 
Buchanan Robert, tailor, 18th ab South 
Buchanan Robert, salesman, Juniper bel Lom- 
Buchanan Samuel, lab. Salmon ab Cumberland 
Buchanan Sarah, h, 187 Lombard 
Buchanan S. P., teacher, Mervine ab Stiles 
Buchanan Thomas, lab. Shippen n 16th 
Buchanan Thomas, trader. South .n 21st / 

Buchanan Thomas, Larch bel Melon 
Buchanan Walter, lab. South av 
Buchanan Wa.shington H., painter, Duke near 

Buchanan Wm., dyer, Lloyd ab Shippen 
Buchanan Wm., lab. Bedens av 
Buchanan Wm., Pearl bel 18th 
Buchanan Wm., porter, 6 Pine (S) 
Buchannan George, sexton, 19 Howard 
Buchannan George, lab. 158 Shippen 
Buchannan James, carter, 113 Plum 
Bucher John, blacksm. 90 Hope (K) 
Bucliler Wm., coachman, 15 Quince 
Buchner Charles, cabinetmr. 269 N 3d 
Buchner George, musician, Lafayette pi 
Buchner Frederick, beer house, 4th ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Buchner Washington, mer. 11 Logan sq 
Buck Adam, weaver, rear 182 John 
Buck B. A., clerk, 88 Market 
Buck B. M., barber, 96 N 2d, h 27 Laurel 
Buck Catharine, b h, 54 Redwood 
Buck Charles, hod carrier, Pearl ab 13th 
Buck Chauncey, tin plate worker, 447 Market 
Buck Christopher, shoemr. 572 N 4th 
Buck Daniel, furn. dealer, 237 N 2d, house 44 

Buck Elizabeth, Front bel Greenwich 
Buck Francis N., Prest. of Little Sch Naviga- 
tion R. R. and Coal Co., 80^ Walnut, h N E 
12th and Arch 
Buck Frederick, cordw. 572 N 4th (K) 
Buck Fred., engineer, Front ab Master (K) 
Buck Fred. P., patternmr. Front ab Master (K) 
Buck Geo., coopei-, 419 N 2d, h Franklin near 

Elm (K) 
Buck George, lab. Lisle bel Shippen 
Buck George L., painter, James' ct fK) 
Buck George, W., boiler mr. Perry bel Mas- 
ter (K) 
Buck Ilenrjr, machinist, 407 N 6th 
Buck Hugh, blacksm. 174 Shippen 
Buck Jacob, bar tender, Vienna ab West 
Buck James, tavern, 798 N 2d n Master 
Buck James, carter, S 11th ab Pine 
Buck Jas., weaver, 140 Howard (K) ' 

Buck Jasper, tinsm. 16th and Market, h 118 N 

Bvick Jeremiah M., 113 Market, h 9 Logan sq 
Buck John, brickmr. h 1 Cooper 




Ruck John, lab. Moore bel Church 

liuck John, lab. Warren bel Pine (W P) 

Buck John G., shop, 130 Vine 

Buck Jos., bbilermr. Perry bel Master (K) 

Buck Jos., bookseller, 4 Hart's B., h 32 John 

Buck Julia, laundress, 58 Quince 

Buck Lot, tailor, N E 2d and Union, h Wharton 

ah 3d 
Buck Margaret, Mechanic ab Culvert 
Buck Mary A., sempstress, Hancock bel Phoenix 
Buckth Misses, seminary, 595 W Spi-uce 
BUCK, MORGAN & STIDFOLE, diy goods, 

113 Market 
Buck Nicholas, baker, N E German and P road 
Buck Philip, bar tender, 556 N 2d 
Buck Robert, 12th ab South 
Buck Samuel, mor. manuf. 63 Noble 8c Willow 

above 2d 
Buck Saml. F., painter, 14 Sommer's ct 
Buck Theodore, cordw. rear 5 Peach 
Buck Wm., cordw. 573 N 4th 
Buck Mm., butcher, 21 Perry 
Buck Wm., lab. William's ct ab Pleasant (S G) 
Buck Wm. B., grocer, S W 12th and Chestnut, 

h 415 Arch 
Buck Wm. H. teamster, Mansion ab Oak (W P) 
Buck Wm. J., mer. 8 Montg-omerj- sq 
Buckby Richard, weaver, 10th bel Thompson 
Buckcr Chas. F., sugar refiner, 38 Sansom al 
Buckhart, George, lab. 27 Mayland 
Buckingham Henry, sugar refiner, 11 Tam- 
many ct 
Buckingham Is:iac, tailor, 6 Hart's B., house 15 

Penn.sylvania avenue 
Buckingham James, coach trimmer. Union ab 

Franklin (K) 
Buckingham Jas., bootmr. 228 Catharine 
Buckingham Jas., carpenter, 89 Race 
Buckingham Martha, 229 N 6th 
Fiuckingham T. L., dentist, 165 N 9th 
Buckious W., carp. Warren ab Moore (W P) 
Buckley Arnold, hatter, Adclphi al 
Buckley Clement A., gent. 411 Spruce 
Buckley Daniel, cloth fin. Perry bel Master 
BucklV-y Daniel, lab. Jefferson ab 11th 
Buckk-y Kdward, moulder, 391 St. John (K) 
Buckley Edward, cabinetmr. Lancaster pike n 

Park (W P) 
Buckley Edward S., N W 10th and Clinton 
-Buckle} Geo., macht. Allen ab Frankford road 
Buckley Henry P., carp. Howell 
Buckley James, nml. spinner, Marlboro' below 

i)uke (K) 
Buckley James, machinist 123 S Water 
Buckley James, lab. Jefferson ab 10th 
Buckley John, 6th ab Jefferson 
Buckley Jos., maciit. Park bel George (W P) 
Buckle}' Margt, grocer, I>ombard n 21st 
Buckley Mary, huckster, Harris' ct 
Buckley Michael, 855 I,ombard 
Buckley Morton, grocer, 399 Vine 
Buckley M. Hrooke &. Son, 56 Walnut, h N W 

10th and Clinton 
Buckley I'at., lab. rear Murray W 20th 
Buckley Thoma.s, tinman, 11 Diligent ar 
Buckley Timothy, lab. Mariner 
Buckley Tiuiotliy, carrier, 266 S 6th 

Buckley Wm., wool sorter, 867 N 8th 
Buckley Wm., lab. 10th bel Master 
Buckley Wm., vict. Gray 
Buckman Aug., tailor, Lewis ab Thompson 
Buckman Chas., shipping master, Salmon belovr 

Richmond (R) 
Buckman Josephine, 217 St. John 
Buckman Lewis, clerk, 437 lOtii bel Coates 
Buckman Morris, coal mer. h 401 N Btli 
BUCKMAN ROBERT, alderman, office 115 

Wallace, h N E 10th and Wallace 
Buckman Sarah, 198 Christian 
Buckner Chas., cabinetmr. 4 Whyte's pi 
Buckness Chas., variety store, 6th ab Poplar 
Bucknell Joseph, Rev., 8th ab Master 
Bucknell Wm., broker, 69 Chestnut, h 260 Pine 
Bucknor A. J., mer. 41 N Water, h 150 S 3d 
BUCKNOR, M'CAMMON Si CO., tobacco, 16 

N Del av, and 41 N Water 
Buckus Aaron, cooper. Prime bel Arsenal 
Buckwalter David, 378 N 7th 
Buckwalter Hiram, tinsm. 134 N 14th 
Buckwalter Isaac W., machinist, 8 Lybrand 
Buckwalter Jacob, macht. 8 Lyl)ranci 
Buckwalter Lewis, machinist, 8 Lybrand 
Buckwalter R. F., clerk, 5 Minor 
Budd Casper, mason, 243 Randolph 
BUDD & CO]SILY, com. mers. & flour factors, 

66 N whfs and 139 Water 
Budd J D., jr., atty. at law, 169 Walnut 
Budd Harriet, dry goods, S E 10th and Parrish 
Budd Henry, mer. 66 N whfs, h 7th ab Button- 
Budd Henrv, locksm. 10 Exchange pi, h 780 

Budd Henry G., clerk, 30 S 3d, h 61 Spruce 
Budd Isaac, bricklr. 17lh bel Latimer 
Budd Isaac D., broker, 30 S 3d, h 61 Spruce 
Budd John, cordw. 780 N 2d 
Budd John M., waterman, rear Marion ab 2d 
Budd Joseph, 287 Coates 
BUDD J. B., com. mer. 45 Walnut, house 423 

Budd Sam., locksm. 780 N 2d 
Budd Sarali, binder, Townsend n Tulip (R) 
Budd Susan, Race bel 16th 
BUDD THOMAS A., atty. & coun. 169 Walnut 
Budd Thos. W., gilder, 327 Market, h Lewi? 

ab Jefferson 
Budd Walter J., atty. and couns. 42 S 6th 
BUDD WILLIAM A., exchange broker, 30 S 

3d, h 61 Spruce v 

Buddenbaum Wm., tailor, 20 Plover 
Buddy John, baker, S W 8tli and Locust 
Buddy Lewis, baker, 467 Clu.stiHit 
Buddy Saml., shoemr. Thompson bei 17th 
Budean Wm., turner, rear 47 Coates ^ 

Bucckcr C, tailor, Lenu)n j)I 
l$uegc Judith, b h, B.itb bel Ann (R) 
Buehl Francis, tailor, Sowei-'s ct (K) 
Buehler John, mer. 195 High, h Madison & Vine 
Buehler John, ice dialer, Coates n Nixon 
Buehler John, candymr. 2d a!) Phoenix (K) 
Buehkr Martin, hardware, 195 Market, h Broad 

ab Brown 

harilware, 195 Market 
Bucl A., 21 Citron 




Buel Joseph J., gas fitter, 21 Citron 

Buerner John, baker, G Troadbel Monroe (K) 

Buffing-ton B. F., dentist, 450 Callowhill 

Buffing-ton Isaac, cabinetmr. 87 S 11th 

Buffing-ton Jos., org-an builder, 87 S 11th 

Btiffington Lee w'., M. D., 344 Filbert 

Buffing-ton Wilson, b h, 381 Market 

Buffman M. P., mer. 122 Chestnut 

Bugh Stephen, blacksm. Weaver n Pine (W P) 

Bugless, Jas., bootmr. R road ab Francis (F V) 

Buist James, carp. Lombard ab 15th 

BUIST ROBERT, florist, 97 Chestnut 

Bulali Chas. H., spectacle mr. 33 Bonsall 

Bulah Saml., lab. 47 Mechanic 

Bulfinch Thos., baker, South ab 12th 

Bulls Thomas, bootmr. 283 St. John 

Bulkau Peter, toys, 456 South 

Bulkley Chas., hatter, 128 Chestnut, h 235 S 9th 

Bulkley Chauncey, att'y. and coun. 20 Prune 

Bulkley Elizabeth, 20 Prune 

Bulkley James H., lieut. police, Mayor's office, 

h 424 Race 
BULKLEY M. S., Richmond belLehig-h av, (R) 
Bulox, clothes, 253 S 5th 
Bull Abigail, b h, 15 Olive 
Bull Eborn, baker, 27 Parham 
Bull Edw'd v., tinsm. 109 Charlotte 
Bull Hannah, 30 Burd's ct 
Bull John, oysterman, 40 Beck 
Bull Lewis G., N W 18th and Jones 
Bull Tegle, dealer, 105 Prime 
Bull Thos., waterman, rear 569 S Front 
Bull William M., attorney and counsellor, h 217 

Bullard Edwin C, bookbinder, 386 Arch 
Bidlinger John, clerk, 18 Otter (K) 
BULLITT & FAIRTHORNE, att'y and couns. 

20 S 3d 
Bullitt John C, atty. and coun. 20 S 3d 
Bollman Thos., weaver, Philip ab Ma.ster 
Bullmer Wm., weaver, Mariner 
Bullock A., carp. R. R. bel Parrish 
Bullock Benj., wool warehouse, 32 N 3d 
BULLOCK P.ENJ. & CO., wool dealers, 32 N 3d 
Bullock B., wid. of Robert, millwrt. 24 Lewis 
Bullock diaries, druggist, N E 6tli and Arch 
BULLOCK & CRENSHAW, druggists, N E 6th 

and Arch 
Bullock David B., clerk, 70 Ogden 
Bullock Geo. AV., mer. 32 N 3d, h 154 N 5th 
Bullock Jacob, M. D., 18th and South 
Bullock John M., sashmr. 5 Providence ct 
Bullock Jonathan, carp. 511 N 7th 
BULLOCK JOSEPH W., coal, 148 N Broad, h 

498 N 5th 
Bullock Joseph, M. D., 161 S 9th 
BULLOCK LETITIA, confect. 89 N 6th 
BuUock Susan, 80 Almond 
Btdlock Wm., carp. 552 Poplar 
Bulson Gilbert, mer. 4 N Del av 
Bumb Christain, fisher'n, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Bumbaugh Anthony, blindmr. rear 331 N 3(1 
Bumbaugh Charjcs M., painter, L. Washington 

n 8t'h 
Bumbaugh Wm., painter, Wood ab F road 
Bumfoni Thos., lab. rear 70 Bedford 
Bumgard Philij), brickmr. Pratt below Logan 

(W P) 

Bumgarden Philip, brickmr. 13th bel Federal 
Bumm & Brother, com. mers. N E Race and 

Bumm Conrad, Brook n Green 
Bumm Elizabeth, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Bumm Geo. S., brickmr. South ab 17th 
Bumm Elizabeth, b h, 662 N 2d 
Bumm Hannah, Marlboro' ab Bedford (K) 
Biunm Henry, coppersmith, 33 Callowhill 
Bumm Henry, mer. N E Race and Water, h 

323 Beach (K) 
Bumm Jacob, umbrella framemr. Union below 

Franklin (K) 
Bumm John, silver plater, 106 Marlborough 
Biimm John, whip mr. Palmer ab Franklin ay 
Bumm Samuel, caulker. Union ab Bedford (K) 
Bumm Samuel H., caulker, 95 Allen ct 
Bumm W., salt store, 274 Hanover n F road (K) 
Bumner James, lab. Salmon n Huntingdon (R) 
Bunce Mary, upholsterer, 47 Spruce 
Bundick Wm., lab. Gulielma 
Bundick Zarobabel, waterman, 20 Union al (S) 
Bundy B., cordw. Wd and Cherry 
Bundy Chas., barber, 171 S 2d 
Bundy Thos., lab. Cross al 
Bundy Thos. R., waiter, 356 South 
Bunheim Henrietta, Alder ab Poplar 
Bunker Ann, confectioner, 145 Coates 
BUNKER BENJ. M., mer. 41 S Del av, house 7 

Bunker Chas., tavern, William bel Richmond 
Bunker Eldery, boatman, William bel Larch (R) 
Bunker Henry, carp. 9 Christian 
Bunn Albert G., spin. 163 Apple 
Bunn Alex. J., mer. 259 Race, h 27 Wistar 
Bunn Geo., carp. Lemon bel Townsend (R) 
Bunn Horace F., salesman, 91 N 3d 
Bunn Michael, lab. rear 109 Dilwyn 
BUNN, RAIGUEL & CO., dry goods, 91 N 3d 
Bunn S. M., dry goods, 91 N 3d, h Logan sq & 

Bunnell David S., lumber counter, Coates street 

whf., h Coates bel 8th 
Bunny Peter, bootmr. 6th and Marriott 
Bunting Alfred, clerk, 85 N 3d 
Bunting Chas., h 577 N 10th 
Bvmting Chas. W.,hardw. 473 N 2d,h345N8tJi 
Bunting Daniel, pol. officer, 41 N 15th 
Bunting Henrietta, b h, 119 S 5th 
Bunting Henry, packer, 94 Market 
Bunting Jacob T., mer. 14 S Del av, h 65 Pint 
Bunting Jas., weaver, 4 Derringer's av (K) 
Bunting & Middleton, hardware, 473 N 2d 
Bunting Mich. S., tobacconist, 162 N 2d 
Bunting Pat., tobacconist, 162 N 2d 
Bunting Richard, ship join. Otter bel G T road 
Bunting Robert, tailor, 768 N 2d 
Bunting Saml. salesman, 78 Market, h 6 Lodge 
Bunting Samuel C, real estate agent, 70 Dock, 

h S E 11th and Clinton 
Bunting Samuel C, jr., hardw. 327 Market 
Bunting Samuel S., N E 10th ab Spruce 
IJunting Steward, 493 S 6th 
Bunting Thos., clerk, Florida 
Bunting Thomas, mer. 92 S 8th 
Bunting Thomas C, M. D., insp. Moy. prison, h 

S W 7th and Lodge al 
Bunting Thomas H., clerk, 33 Commerce 




Bunting" Wm., porter, 554 Shippen 

S W 7th and Lodge al 
BUNTING WM. H., coal yard, N E lltli and 

Burbank Sidney, g"ent,, 183 S 9th 
Bui-bridg-c Wm., tallow chandler, W of F road 
Biirch Chas. E., 87 N 3d, h 384 Vine 
Burch Henry, baker, P road ab Federal 
Burch Thomas, CheiTy, E 17th 
BURCH THOS., Jr., mer. 87 N 3d, h 384 Vine 
Burchard Jabez, U S commis. 209 Queen (S) 
Burchell Henry, plasterer. Pine n 21st 
Burcher John, blacksm. Maiden bel Beach 
Burck & Riley, millinery 268J N 2d 
Burd A. G., eng'raver, S E 10th and Lombard 
Burd Eliza H., S W 9th and Chestnut 
Burd John, lab. Menine bel Columbia av 
Burd Sarah, gentw. 233 Chestnut 
Burden Andrew M., M, D., 10th ab Federal 
Burden Jesse R, M, D., insp. Moy. prison, h 505 

Burdett Samuel D., M. D., 242 Franklin 
Burdick John, printer, rear 76 S 2d 
Burdick Joseph A., real est broker, 107 Wal- 
nut, h 7tli ab Girai'd av 
Burg'aine Thomas, Poplar ab 10th 
Burgauer B., ink manuf., 552 N 3d 
Biu-g-auer Lewis, cordw., 71 Poplai* 
Bui'g-e Gottlieb, confect., 358 N 3d 
Burg-er B., lab., Charlotte and Thompson (K) 
Burg-er Chai-les, baker, 337 Vine 
Bui-g^er Henrj'. carp., Brown bel Hanover (K) 
Burg-er Jidius, lag-er beer, 255 G T road (K) 
Burg-eson Israel, sexton, Division ab Ann (F V) 
Burg-ess Henry E., acct. 26 Melon 
Burg-ess James, weaver, Hanover ab AVest 
Bui-g-ess John, stone cut., Market W 23d 
Burg-ess Joseph W., actor, Chew's ct 
Uurg-ess Phillis, laundress, rear 7 Richard 
Burgess Rebecca, 30 W North 
Burg-iiardt Frederick, cordw. 112 Plum 
Bui-g-in Charles F., mer. 26 N Front, h 185 S 5tli 
Burg-in Geo. H., jr., mer. 26 N Front, h 18th & 

Burg-in Geo. H., M. D. and mer., 26 N Front, h 

175 S 5th 
Burg-in James, cedar cooper, 9th st Avenue 
Burg-in Joseph, salesman, 213 Market, h 2 Jef- 
ferson row 
BURGIN & SONS, f^reen glass ware, 26 N 
Front, glass works, Cherry ab Franklin (K) 
Burg-in Wm., lal)., rear 194 Cherry 
Burg-ncr Peter, fancy g-oods, 63 N 8th 
Burk Antliony, lab., Lanca.ster ab Reed 
Burk Hridg-et, Washington (W P) 
Burk Ch;u-les, cordw., 15 M road 
Burk Charles, lab., rear 110 Christian 
Hurk Daniel, lal)., Huston ab Brown (R) 
Murk David, lab., Bedford ab 6th 
Burk Elv, bricklr. 544 N 5th 
Burk George, slater, lOtli bel Master (K) 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 147 Spruce 
Burk Jame.s, dying and print., Ranstcad j)I, h 

Vine and 
Burk Jame.s, lab., Spafibrd bel Shippen 
Burk James A., mer. 28 S Front, h 214 N Front 
Burk Jehu, lab. 9 Emeline 
Burk John, cordw., Aubui'n bel lOtl* 

[Burk John, lab., 9 Emeline 
Bui'k John, lab., Duke n Richmond 
Burk John, lab.. Cedar bel 20th 
Burk John, lab., 7 Jones' ct 
Burk John, weaver, Apple ab Franklin (K) 
Burk John, lab., 7 Bread 
Burk John F,, grocer, 23 Chester 
Burk John G,, seaman, 36 Burd's ct 
Burk John G., carp. 12 Nag-le 
Burk Joseph, trunkmr. 84 Penn (S G) 
BURK JOSEPH M., Ward House, S E Callow- 
hill and 21st 
Burk Lawrence, currier, Essex 
Burk Lewis, tinman, 7th ab Shippen 
Burk Lewis, tobacco, 55 S 3d, h 57 Brown 
Burk Mary R, tavern, Ann and R road (F V) 
Burk Matthew, lab. 15 Barker 
Burk Michl., tavern, N E Hutchinson &. Master 
Burk Michael, pedlar, Tulip (R) 
Burk Mills, lab., rear 371 S Front 
Burk Moses, foreman, Blair n AVood (K) 
Burk Patiick, waiter, 3 LyndaU's al 
Burk Pat, lab. 5 Coombs' al 
Burk Pat, weaver, M'Alravy 
Burk Pat, lab. 12 Budden's al 
Burk Paul, watchman, 49 Howard 
Biu-k RajTTiond, tailor, Federal ab 7th 
Burk Simon, coal mer. 40 Parrish n 6th 
Burk Thomas, grocer, S E 2d and Franklin 
Burk Thomas, clerk, 6th ab Master (K) 
Biu-k Thomas, lab. 6 Thomas' ct 
Burk Thom.os, gardener, Washington bel Till 
Burk Walter, cli-iver, Nectarine bel 9th 
Burk William, carp., h 260 Arch 
Burk Wm., carpt., 188 S 5th 
Burk Wm., lab., 2 Zephvr av 
Burk Wm. E., hatter, 69 N 3d 
Burk Wm. G., di-uggist, 244 Lombard 
Burkard John, flour & feed, Thompson ab 15th 
Burkard Robert, pattern mr. 47 Howard (K) 
Burkart A. L., turner, 115 Sp Garden 
Burkart A. L., Mrs. 115 Sp Garden^ 
Burkart Edwin, turner, 115 Sp Garden 
Burkart George, clerk, 48 N 4th, h 414 N 9th 
Burkart Isaac W., convey. 145 Walnut, h 30 

Appletree al 
Burkart Samuel, billshmr., 238 Callowhill h414 

N 9th 
Burkart Thos. F., turner, 163 Arch 
Burkart T., organ mr., E Donnelly's ct 
Burkart Valentine, clerk, 163 Arch 
Burkart Valentine, jr., convey. 163 Al'ch 
Burke A. &, E., dressmrs. 3 Eutaw 
Burke Charles, lab., I,aws' ct 
Burke Dennis, cordw., ill av bel Ogden 
Burke Dominick Z., cordw. 5tli and Thompson 
Burke Edmund, maclit. 13tli ab Brown 
Burke Edwd., lab., Richmond and R R road 
Burke Edwd., lab., Tlionipson bel Hutchinson 
Burke Francis, carter. Beach bel Chestnut 
Burke Henry, dealer, 150 Federal 
Burke Jacob, acct. 57 S 3(1, h 69 G T road 
Miirke James, cordw., Marriot ab 5th 
Burke James W ., wool carder, Hutchinson ct 
l?urke Jeremiah, lab. 9 (.'hancery la 
Miuke John, lab. 4 Esher's av 
Burke John, lab., Coxe's ct 
Burke John F., mer. 324^ Market 




Burke L., com. mer. 643 S 4th 

Burke Mary Ann, milliner, 172 Chestnut 

Burke Martin, g-rocer, 6th and Paul 

Burke M. A., clerk, 1 Bank 

Burke Pat., lab. 383 Pearl 

Burke Saml., cordw., rear Rose ab School (K) 

Burke Walter, cabtmr., Federal ab 8th 

Burke Wm., ink manuf., 4 Exchang-e pi 

Burke Wm., lab.. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 

Burke Wm. C, tailor, Ann ab 17th 

Burkett Henry, waiter, 20 Raspberry 

Burkett Joseph, turner, rear 117 Christian 

Burkey John, coi-dw. 452 S 3d 

Burkhard M. W., chainnr., 59 N Front, h 19 

Burkhardt Georg-e, brewer, 56 New Market 
Burkhardt Georg;e Jacob, carp., 31 Dilwyn, h 

410 N 12th 

Burkhardt Georg-e J., carp., Franklin ab Brown 
Burkhardt Hannah, 85 Franklin 
Burkhardt Henry, jr., drug-.. Green ab Franklin 
Burkhardt Lewis, shop, 218 Coates 
Burkhardt Maria, 89 Green 
Burkhai't Eleanor, teacher, Marshall bel Green 
Burkhart Georg-e W., steam vat manuf., S E But- 

tonwood and Broad, h S W 12th & Melon 
Burkhart H., turner, 6 Deacon 
Burkhart Isaac, sea capt, 100 N 7th 
Burkhart John C, paper hang-ing-s, 203 N 2d 
Burkhart Julius, hotel, Pennsylvania av and 

Burkhart J. C, mer., Marshall bel Green 
Burkhart L. S., clerk, office Proth. Ct. C. Pleas, 

h Marshall bel Green 
Burkhart Peter, 283 Race 

Burkhart Robert, carp., 21 Jones' al, h 69 Tam- 
Burkhart Sarah, wid of Robt., 72 N Front 
Burkhart Sarah Ann, 117 Sp Garden 
Burkhart Wm., musician, 320 S 12th 
Burkhart Wm. J., acct., 62 N Front, h 283 Race 
Burkhart Wm. T., 72 N Front 
Burkitt Wm., cigar mr.. Smith's ct (S) 
Burkley Christ']-, baker, N W Wharton and 3d 
Burkley John, 3 Diligent av 
Burkley John Peter, baker, 59 Federal 
Burkman Wm., 233 Randolph 
Burleig-h Cyrus M., editor, 31 N 5th 
Burley John, weaver. Crown ab Franklin av 
Burley Wm. A., runner, 382 S 9th 
Burling- B. S., mer. 101 N Front, h Logan sqab 

Hurling- B. S. & Co., mers. 101 N Front 
Burling-ame James, macht.. Watts' ct n William 
Burlock Samuel D., George ab 11th, h 8th and 

Burly Christ., baker, Front bel Master (K) 
Burman Elizabeth, Park bel Locust (W P) 
Burman Nich., police, Cadwallader ab Phoenix 
Burman Wm., vict. 94 Mechanic 
Burmer Edward, cordw., Bedford bel 13th 
Burn Barnet, brickmr., Mervine ab Oxford 
Hurn Farmer, gent., 244 N Front 
Burnbum John, mint, 262 S 14th 
Burncll Benj., paper manuf 34 Logan sq 
Burnell W..W., M. D., 34 Log-an sq 
Burnes Charles H., broker, 331 N 12th 
Burnet Georg-e, mer. 250 S 10th 

Burnett Abby, b h, 360 Chestnut 

Burnett, Ashburner & Co., comniis. mers., 54 

Bm-nett A. W., 6 Benton 

Burnett Bern'd, cab., Lancas. Pike n 6th (W P) 
Burnett Eli S., dry goods, 54 Chestnut, h Chest- 
nut bet William and Till (W P) 
Burnett Jeffrey, tailor, 165 S 5th 
Burnett J. S., mer. 54 Chestnut, h N W Locust 

and Park (W P) 
Burnett Thomas, salesman, 11 S 4th 
Bui-nctt Wm., weaver, Elizabeth pi (K) 
Burney David, lab., Salmon and Emery (R) 
Burney Jacob, tinsm. 5th and Thompson (K) 
Burney Pat., lab., Burd's ct 
Burnham George, clerk, 338 N 13th 
Burnham Jonathan, cordw. 18 Brown 
Burnham N. C, roofer, 56 Walnut, h 218 S 11th 
Burnham T. D., mer.. Winter ab 3d 
Burns Abraham, confect. 15th ab Walnut 
Biu-ns Alex., blacksm., N W Sch Beach &. Lo- 
cust, h 20th and Spruce 
Burns Andrew, boilermr.. Van Buren ct 
Burns Ann, shop, Bedford n 7th 
Burns Ann, tailoress, 433 S 6th 
Burns Ann O., agent, 70 N 7th 
Burns Arthur, grocer, 160 Lombard 
Burns A., bookbind., 259 N 7th 
Burns Bai-ney, tailor, 15th and Carlton 
Burns Benjamin, shingle dress., 6 Centre 
Burns Bernard, weaver. Federal ab 12th 
Biu-ns Bridget, Mary bel Centre (W P) 
Burns Catharine, 5 Vernon 
Burns Catharine, tailoress. Amber bel Phoenix 
Burns Charles, stone mas., 20th bel Willow 
Burns Charles, fur. car, 22 Mayland 
Burns Chai-les, paper stain., William n 19th 
Burns Charles, weaver, Mariner ab 13th 
Burns Charles, lab., Keenan's al (K) 
Bui'ns Charles J., tavern, 50 George 
Bui-ns Charles J., clerk, 131 Market 
Burns Charles M., Sec. Columbia Mutual Insu. 

Co., 5 Exchange 
Burns Charles W., salesman, 361 Poplar 
Burns Christo., carp., Warren bel May (W P) 
Burns Cornelius, lab. 6th and Garden (W P) 
Burns C, lab. 2d n Cadwalader (K) 
Burns Daniel, lab. 9 Budd 
Burns Dennis, founder, 19th and Fairview 
Burns Dennis, lab., Fisher bel Huntingdon 
Burns Edward, groc, 2Gth and Vine 
Burns Edward, lab. 564 Wood 
Burns Edward, butcher, Jefferson bel G T road 
Burns Edward, weaver, Evans' ct 
Burns Eliza, Reeve bel 21st 
Burns Eliza, laundress, 12 Mercer 
Burns Elizabeth, b h, 257 N 7th 
Burns Felix, milkman, 93 Phoenix (K) 
Burns George, tobacconist, 5 Madison 
BURNS GEO. R., express agent, 116 Chestnut, 

h 11 Prune 
Burns Harriet, 361 Poplar 
Burns H., grocer, F road n Deal 
lUirns H., Mrs., 10 Marble pi 
Burns James, fuiniture car, rear 562 Vine 
Hums James, carter, William E 22d 
Hums James, dyer, Hope ab Master 
Burns James, cordw. 33 Coates 




Burns James, lab. 5 Watt 

Burns James, rear 218 Christian 

Burns James, painter, 4 Union 

Bui"ns James K., clerk, 361 Poplar 

Burns James W., 213 Spruce 

Burns John, seaman, 387 S Front 

Bums John, lab., Marriott bel 6th 

Burns John, locksm. 209 Shippen 

Burns John, lab. 4 Leed's av 

Burns John, lab.. Amber ab Phoenix 

Burns John, blacksm., Warren bel Park (W P) 

Burns John, 234 S 8th 

Burns John, coachman, N E 5th and Prune 

Bui-ns John, lab., 15 York 

Bui-ns John, cordw. 11 P'lower 

Burns John, weaver, G T road ab Camac (K) 

Burns John, lab. 10 Nonnater's ct 

Burns John, weaver, Milton bel 11th 

Burns John M., mer. 237 Market, h 10 Montg-o- 

Burns J. F., conveyancer, 633 N Front (K) 

Burns Lewis, farmer, Wood n Lepriva (R) 

Burns Marg-aret, shop, 138 S 11th 

Burns Marg'ery, shop, Ridg-e avenue ab Button- 

Bui-ns Martin, blacksm. 3 Faries' ct 

Burns Marj-, 11 Prune 

Burns Mary, dealer, 404 Fitzwater 

Burns Mary J., tailoress, Amber bel Phoenix 

Burns Matthew, lab. 5 Hermitag-e 

Burns Michael, con.stable, Jefferson and Cad- 

Burns Michael, lab., Howell n 19th 

Burns Mich., lab. 10 Truxton 

Burns Morg-an, weaver, Lombard n 21st 

Burns M., Mrs., 117 Filbert 

Burns Nicholas, lab. 12 Beach ab Brown 

Burns Patrick, tailor. Reed bel Front 

Burns Patrick, lab., Simpson's ct 

Bums Pat., macht. 250 S 8th 

Burns Peter, lab.. Middle ct 

Burns Peter, boater, Sutherland av and Bedford 

Burns Peter, bricklr., Mervine ab Oxford 

Burns P., stone cutter, and George 

Bums Robert W., b h, 238 N 3d 

Burns Samuel, carp.. Oak ab Till (W P) 

BURNS S. W. & M. R., teachers, 213 Spruce 

Burns Thoma.s, lab., Tavlor n Filbert 

Burns Thoma.s, lab. 195 N 16th 

Burns Thoma.s, syring-cs, &.c. 297 S Front 

Burns Thomas, cordw., 6 Beck 

Bums Wm., tobacco, 290 Market, h 252 But- 

Bums Wm., feed, 54 P road 

Bums Wm., sailor. Church bel Moore 

Bums Wm., tailor, 600 S 7th 

Bums Wm., feed, 2d bel Reed, h 19 Hazel 

Bums Wm., lab. 28 Charles 

Bums Wm., lal)., Middleton ct 

Hums Wm., blacksm., Devis ct 

Burnside (ieorg'e W., tobacconist, N E 2d and 

Burnside James, carter, G F road bel Cedar 

Burnside Rebecca, Franklin bel Clierry (K) 

Burnside Wm., g'lass blow., Franklin bel Cher- 
ry (K) 

Burnside Wm., carter, Fitzwater ab 13th 

Burnside Wm., 58 N 15th 

Burnwood S. R., saddler, Pearl ab 16th 

Burr Alex., paint, andg-laz., 1 S 18th, h Warren 

bel Mary (W P) 
Burr Charles, 402 Vine 
Burr Charles, clerk, 98 Market 
Burr David T., salesman, S W 2d and Market, 

h Rittenhouse W 17th 
Burr U., carp., 640 Vine 

Burr Geo. W., collect.. Phoenix bel G T road 
Burr Hope', 281 Race 
Burr Hudson S., dentist, 365 Walnut 
BURR H. COOPER, tailor, 35 N 6th 
Burr John, fancy boxmr. 41 Marshall 
Burr John I., mer. 41 Commerce, h 191 N 10th 
Burr John P., barber, 322 South 
Burr Joseph, 2 Comptroller 
Burr J. Earle, tailor, 307 N lOlIi 
Burr Margaret, Mrs., 342 Green 
BuiT M. L., 274 S 10th 
Bun- Nicholas, baker, 48 Vine 
Burr Richard, M. D., Richmond bel Cumberland 
Burr Rebecca, 428 Coates 
Burr Samuel, carp. 9th bel Christian 
Burr Thomas E., cutter, S W 4th and High 
BiuT William, clerk, 33 S 4th, h S W 13th and 

Burr Wm. E., confect., S W 13th and Pan-ish 
Burr Wm. H., boiler mr., 36 Perry 
Burr Wm. R., tailor, 288 Wood 
Burrell Archer, waiter, 4 Bedford bel 13th 
Burrichter Clemens, stoves, 341 South 
Bun-is Benjamin, cordw., Benfers' ct (K) 
Burris James,, rear 21 Little Oak 
Burris James, seaman, Bedford bel 6th 
Burris John, cordw., Martin's ct (K) 
Burris Mary, school, 18 Uuke 
Burris Wm., waiter, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Burrough Adolphi, F road and Jeff'erson 
BuiTough Eli za'th, teacher, F Road ab Jefferson 
Burroughs Edwai'd J., way transpor. agent, 44 

S Del. av 
BuiToughs H. N., mer. 73 Market, h 280 Spruce 
Burroughs Isaac, shoemr.. Carpenter ab 5th 
Burroughs James P., clerk, 98 Market 
Burroughs Margaret, 193 Waliuit 
Burroughs Wm., clerk, Hanover n F road (K) 
Burroughs Wm., atty. and coun., 20 Sansom 
Burrows A. J., book agent, 120 Shippen 
Burrows Ciiarlcs, 73 Noble 
Burrows Charles P., agent, 30 N 11th 
Burrows Edwd. R., bookkeeper, 2 Kenney's pi 
Burrows KIizal)cth, laundress, 140 Swanson 
Burrows H., engraver, 245 N 2d 
Burrows James, Broad ab Wallace 
Burrows Je.sse A., carp., Littleboy's ct, li 633 

N 10th 
Burrows Josepli, stovemr. George E 18th 
Burrows J. L., Rev., Broad bel Poplar 
Burrows Maria, b. h., 483 Vine 
Burrows Mary, b. li., 178 Chestnut 
Burrows Rachel, laundress, 4 Warren 
Burrows Wm., tailor, 282 Market, h 4 Diamond 
Burrows William ()., printer, 2 Newton 
Burson Wm. carriage trim., Prospect bel Master 
Burt Arthur .\., mer., N W l-'th and Walnut 
Burt Ebciuzer, grocer, N E 10th and Chestnut 
Burt E. R., trimmings, 162 S 2d 
Bint John, carp., Addison ab 18th 




Burtis Aaron H., plasterer, 107 Filbert 

Burtis Edward 'I . bricklr. 172 N 15th 

Burtis John, 202 Beach (K) 

Burtis Samuel, 1025 Coates 

Burtis Samuel B., morocco dr. 318 Coates 

Burtis S R., music teacher, 318 Coates 

Burtis William A., moulding mill, Buttonwood 

bel Broad 
Burtlett Enos, hardw, 67 Coates 
BURT FREDERICK, surveyor, York n Lemon 
Burt Phoebe Ann, 19th and' Wood 
Biu^on Alexander, laborer, Lombard n 21st 
Burton Amos, painter, 9 N 8th, h 85 N 5th 
Burton Arthur M., att'y at law, 101 S 5th 
Burton Benj. C, shipwt.. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Bvu-ton Catharine, 32 Currant al 
Burton Cyrus, coachman, 25 Eagle ct 
Burton Daniel, carter, rear 21 Mifflin 
Burton Edward, intel. office, S E 3d and Spruce 
Burton Edward, paper hang. 142 Arch 
Burton Eliza, dressmaker, 137 Lombard 
Burton Elizabeth, cook, 23 Middle al 
Burton E. A., 82 Union 
BURTON E. P., grocer and com. mer. 83 S 

Del av, h S E 3d and Pine 
Burton Francis, carp.. Little Green ab G T road 
Burton Francis, jr., carp. 15 Little Green (K) 
Burton George, laborer, rear 339 Shippen 
Burton George W^ mer. N E Front and Arch, 

h 410 Walnut 
Bmton Henry, waiter, 46 Quince 
Burton Hen. F., ship carp., Ross ab Queen (K) 
Burton H. A., paper hang. 93 N 6th, h 155 

Burton James, porter, 16 Russell 
Burton James, rear 33 Beck 
Burton James, mariner, 17 Green 
Burton James, porter, 50 Hubbell 
Burton John, M. D., 294 N 11th 
Burton John, mer. 34 S Delaware av., h 410 

Burton Jolin, dry goods, 514 S 2d bel Prime 
Bui-ton Jolin, carp. 12th ab Federal 
Burton John, gold beater, 14 Cherry- 
Burton John, printer, 2 Harper's pi 
Burton Jonathan P., mer., 15 Bank, h 300 N 11th 
BURTON & LANING, pap. hanj. 134 Arch, 

nianuf. 6th and Columbia av 
Burton Lavinia, 18 Raspberry- 
Burton London, laborer, 503 Shippen 
Burton Matilda, white washer, 231 Lombard 
Burton Moses, cook, 28 Stanley 
Burton O., millwt, 2 Heiss pi 
Burton Peter, cabinetmr. 18 Stamper's al 
Burton Peter, porter, 18 Barclav 
BURTON 8c REED, grocers, N E Front & Arch 
Burton Richard 5 Caroline pi 
BURTON ROBERT, mer. 91 S Delaware av., 

h 410 Walnut 
Burton Robert, tinman, 15 Little Green (K) 
Burton Robert J., tinsmith, 148 Race 
Burton Sarah C, trimmings, 161 Vine 
Burton Thomas C, bootmr. 59 Arch 
Burton William, dry goods, 184 N 2d 
Burton William H., ship carp., Bedford ab 

Burton Wm R., book keeper, 212 Hanover (K) 
Burton Woolsey, sliipwt. 94 Mai-lborough (K) 

l?urwell David S., tailor, 135 S Washington 
Hurwcll Jackson, cordw.. Federal n 10th 
Burwich John, carp. 11 Penn (S G) 
Biuygard Valentine, lampmraker, Brinton ab 

' Oxford 
Busbee Andrew, cordw. 214 Poplar 
Busch A., M. D., 18 Union 
Busch J. F., book binder, N E 6th and Minor, 

h 7 Wistar 
Busch Miers, mer. 54 Pine 
Buscher John, baker, 330 N Front 
Bush Anna Maria, mantilla mr. 274 Diamond 
Bush A., nurse, Bevan's pi 
Bush B., wheelwt., Carlton n 20th 
Bush Charles, ostler, Mervine ab Oxford 
Bush Elizabeth, milHner, 359^ N 2d 
Bush Fred., paper stainer, 332 S 13tli 
Bush George, sawyer, 3d bel Federal 
Bush John, porter, 3 Rose 
Bush John, tavern, 38 Pine 
Bush John, coachman, Dauphin and Tulip (K) 
Bush John, porter, 2 Taylor's ct 
Bush Joseph, turner, 82 Penn (K) 
Bush Samuel H., tobacco, 230 N 3d, h 107 Cal- 

Bush Theodore, cutter, 416 N 9th 
Bush Van Camp, mer. 91 N 3d, h Logan sq. and 

BUSH WILLIAM H., Merchant's House, 237 

Busha James P., cordw. 5 Knight's ct 
Bushby William, carp., 412 S 11th 
Bushel Edward, coachmr., Federal ab 11th 
Busher Charles, cooper, 11 Roger's ct 
Bushman John, dentist, 388 N 8th 
Bushman R., cig-armr. 34 Pegg 
Bushnell Edward W., macht., S E 3d and 

Franklin, h 636 N 5th 
BUSHNELL & TULL, machts., 64 Dock and 

S E 3d and Franklin (K) 
Bushor Charles, carver, S E 2d and Dock 
Bushor Chas., shop 184 Leonard, h 57 Almond 
Businger Fred., weaver, 22d ab Arch 
Businger Ros., w-id., G T road ab Camac 
Buskirk M., Garden and Lepriva (R) 
Busman E., cordw. 1 Bryan's ct 
Busquet Peter, gent. 228 Spruce 
Bussell John, shoemr., 19th n Barker 
Busscr Jac, feather renovator. Barker ab 17th 
Busserd Conrad H., carp. 28 Elm 
Bussert Sel^astian, baker, 35 Coates 
Bvissier Ann, teacher, 53-J Pine 
Bussier B., ink manuf. 98 S 3d 
Bussier D. P. mer. 154 N 9th 
Bussier Elizabeth, 90 Christian 
Bussier Jane, 319 S 2d 
Bussier Joseph B., mer. 27 S Delawai'e av., h 

53^ Pine 
Bustard James, shoes. South ab 12th 
Bustill Charles H., plasterer. Palm 
Bustill David, plasterer, 152 Callowhill 
Bustill James M., plasterer, 11th bel Parrish 
Buswell John, carp. 1045 N Front 
Butcher Alexander, tailor, rear 592 S 7th 
Butcher Ann M., dressmr. 149 14th 
BUTCHER & BROTHER, produce mer. 112 

N Front 
Butcher B. F., clerk, 1 Commerce 




Butcher Clement, lastmr. 2 Richard 

Butcher Georg-e Washington, mer. 112 N Front, 

h 147 N 6th 
Butcher Henry, nailer, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Butcher Jacob, eng-ineer, Lancaster pike n 

7th (W P) 
Butcher James, Alleg'hany House 
Butcher James, stone mason. Cherry E 22d 
Butcher James W., tobacconist, 23 Log-an 
Butcher John, watchman, 2 Wheelow pi 
Butcher John, mer. 112 N Front 
Butcher Matilda, tailoress, 1 Rachel's row 
Butcher Peter, blacksm., Front & Franklin (K) 
Butcher Saml., cordw., P road bel Washington 
Butcher Thomas T., mer., h 6th (W P) 
Butcher Washington, mer. 112 N Front, h 11 

Log-an sq 
Butcher William, tin roofs, &c., S W 12th and 

Butcher W. M., clerk, 35 Catharine 
Butcher W. & S., ag-ency 24 Commerce 
Butcher W. & Son, stove makers, 30 and 32 

N 12th 

Bute Ciiarles L., sug-ar refiner. Crown and Wil- 
low, h 120 Crown 
BUTE & SMITH, sug'ar refiners, M'illow and 

Butland John, saw manuf. 58 P road 
Butland Samuel B., saw manuf. Almond and 

Butler Adam, painter, rear 292 St. John 
Butler Andrew A., salesman, 16 S Front, h 34 

N 5tli 
Butler Caleb, laborer. Baker bel 7th 
Butler Catharine 178 N 8th 
Butler Catharine, 463 Melon 
Butler Charity, 16 Fayette 
Butler Edw;u-d, bookseller, 109 Chestnut 
Butler Edward, laborer, Lewis ab Tioga (R) 
Butler Elizabeth, 9th ab Willow 
Butler E., bootmkr.. Spruce and Little Dock 
Butler K. H., publisher, 67 S 4th, h Germantown 
BUTLKR E. H. & CO., booksellers, 67 S 4th 
Butler Francis, wid. of Andrew, 34 N 5th 
Butler Franklin, watchmr. 105 N 2d, h S W 

12th and Penn 
Butler George, 1 S 12th 
Butler Georg-e, bru.shmr., 29 Mary 
Butler Harriet, mer. 557 Market 
Butler Henry L., printer, Wasliinglon bel 8th 
Butler Ira, carp. 1138 N 5th 
Butler Isaiab, driver, 19 Little Washington 
Butler Jeremiah, mer. 219 Market, 111 Spruce 
Butler John, laborer, rear Jarvis ab 2d 
Butler John M., copper pi. printer, 84 Chest- 
nut, h N W lOth and Fitz water 
Butler Joseph, carter, 16 Carlton 
Butler Joseph, lockmr., rear G T road ab 2d 
B\itler Joshua M., cooper, 80 N Water, h 29 New 
Butler J. {;., Rev., Chestnut n 'I'ill (W P) 
Butler J. H., book.sel. 253 Market, h S W 12th 

and Walnut 
Butler J. v., bookliinder, 15th ab Poplar 
Butler Letitia, vva.slur, Oak ab Till (W P) 
Butler Margaret, shop, 962 W Market 
Butler .Marv, 116 Dillwyu 
BU'I'LER & M'CARTY, silversms. 105 N 2d 
Rut]( r Michael, laborer, 144 N Front 

Butler ilichael, waiter. White n Shippen 
Butler Michael, laborer, Lewis ab Tioga (R) 
Butler Michael, carter. Oak n Mai-garetta 
Butler Mrs. John, 462 W Walnut 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 7 Emeline 
Butler Peter, carp.. Flower 
Butler Peter A., laborer, 15 Paschall's al 
Butler Pierce, gent.. Walnut AV 16th 
Butler Pierce, Wharton n 8th 
Butler Robert, laborer, 3 Lodge pi 
Butler Samuel, blacksm., Crammond and Chest- 
nut (W P) 
Butler Samuel, tailor, Kershow ab Cherrj' 
Butler Samuel, porter, 357 Lombai'd 
Butler Samuel, carp., 136 M road 
Butler Samuel G., painter, 136 S 9th 
Butler Samuel M., salesman, 140 Market 
Butler Sarah, 1 Howard ct 
Butler Thomas, barber, 4 N 13th 
Butler Thomas, stone cutter, 16th and Wallace 
Butler Thomas, tin pi. worker, 7 S 7th 
Butler Thomas S., painter, 404 Lombard 
Butler Ward C, agent, 48 Gaskill 
Butler William, gent. 463 >lelon 
Butler William, paver, 132 Prime 
Butler William, bootmr., S W 3d and Coates 
Butler William T., sec. Fire Associa. 34 N 5tli, 

h 343 Franklin bel Parrish 
BUTLER W. H., alderman, 333 Callowhill 
Butt Chas. H., printer, 62 Walnut, h 16 Beck pi 
Butteitield Benjamin, gunsm., F road opposite 

Buttei-field, Brothers, importers, 7 Church al 
Butterfield Henry L., clerk, 194^ Market, h 11 

Butterfield Jesse S., engineer, F road ab Jef- 
Buttersuay Reese, can-ier, Hatter's ct 
Butterworth Adam, engineer, 110 William 
Butterworth Edmond, twister, Washington and 

Butterworth Henry W., tin plate worker, 90 
Market, and Haydock below Front, h 60 
Butterworth Jacob, washing boards, 177 Poplar, 

h Mechanic and Poplar 
BUTTERWORTH JOS., tavern, 91 S Water 
Buttersworth James, cordw.. Lemon n Hun- 
tington (R) 
BUTTON STKPHEN D., architect, 23 Mer- 
chant's Exchang'e 
Butts Charles A., gents furni.shing, 21 N 8th 
Butts Thomas, cabinetmr. 132 S 12th 
Butts Thomas furniture, Shippen ab 11th 
Butworth Joim wool sorter, Ho])e n Otter (K) 
Butz Adam, mer. 87 N Water, h 8 Florence row 
Butz Ivluard, cordw., St. John ab Beaver (K) 
Butz Peter, tailor, rear 120 Dillwvn 
Bu.xton (iilbert, cordw. 500 N 12th 
Buyers Andrew C, clerk, 113 Market 
Muzard Edwin, macht., Princeton pi 
Buzby Anna K., teacher, 797 N 5th 
Buzby Binjaniiu C, mer. 131 Market, h 541 W 

Buzby &. Co., forward & com. mers. 365 Mai'ket 
Buzby Gc-orgc I)., tailor, 4'3 Brandywine 
Buzliy G. L., mer. 'M)5 Market, li \V Penn sq 
Buzby llarman, mason, 43 Brandyw ine 




Buzby Harman, jr., butcher, 43 Brandywine 

Buzby Hezekiah, W Penn sq n Filbert 

Buzby H., jr., 105 Sp Garden 

Buzby John, clerk, 43 Brandywine 

Buzby John L., mer. 365 Market, h Chestnut 

n Broad 
Buzby Mary H., cupper and leecher, 127 S 8th 
Buzby Mordecai, mer. 7 Church al 
Buzby William, cordw., R av op. Og-den 
Buzzerd Robert, manuf. 15th bel Parrish 
Bwoen Samuel, tavern, Washington avenue n 

Byard Benjamin, Scott's ct 
Byard Charles, saddler, h 42 Beck 
Byard Georg'e, carp., 367 S 6th 
Byard George, gent. 367 S 6th 
Byard Henry, cMver, 363 S 10th 
Byard Thomas, carp. 363 S 6th 
Bye Samuel, shoemr. 19th ab Girard av 
Bye Samuel K., carp. 135 N 12th 
Byer Samuel H., paper hang. 5^ Cresson's al 
Byerly Ann, gentlew. 394 Arch 
Byerly Edward, att'y and coun. 30 S 5th 
Byerly Franklin, clerk, 394 Arch 
Byei-ly George, upholsterer, White's ct (K) 
Byerly Georg-e W., act. 45 N Water 
Byerly Isaac, ship carp. 117 Wood (K) 
Byerly James D., salesman, 24 S Front, h 120 

N 10th 
Byerly William, tavern, S E 4th and Stanley 
Byers Alexander, blacksm. 18 Morris 
Byers Eliza, washerw. 3 Ann 
Byers P'red., carriage ti-immer, 19 Charles pi 
Byers Hance, waterman, 155 Swanson 
Byers Hannah, laundress, 1 Warren 
Byers John, basketmr., Price n Front (K) 
Byers Joseph M., clerk, 15 N 6th 
Byers Timothy J. brass founder, 521 S Front 
Byington W. C, saddler, 135 Sp Garden 
Byllesby L., gent., 22 Morgan 
Byram Edward, tan manuf. 907 N 8th 
Byram J. H., engraver, 210 Chestnut 
Byran Joseph, engraver, 103 Wharton 
Byren John, tavern, 139 G T road 
BYRIAM SAMUEL, tavern, 95 S Water 
Byrne Ann, tailoress, Hamilton's ct 
Byrne Bi'idget, Shaffer's av 
Byrne Charles, shoemr. 409 Vine 
Byrne Edward, porter, 103 New Market 
Byrne I'elix, carter, 112 Plum 
Byrne James, laborer, 35 Almond 
Byrne John, milk dealer, Garden n 7th (W P) 
Byrne Mary, trimmings, 541 N 2d 
Bynie Michael, laborer, rear 109 Dillwyn 
B}Tne Michael, carter, 8th bel Reed 
Byrne Oliver, civil engineer, 4th ab Jefferson 
Byrne Patrick, shoemr.. Plover n 7th 
Byrne Peter, bookbinder, Shaffei''s av 
Byrne Pierce, grocer, 21st and Wood 
Byrne Timothy, porter, 273 N 7th 
Byrne William, cordw. 282 S Front 
Byrnes Garrett, carter. Elm n 6th (W P) 
Byrnes James, tailor, 7th bel Marriott 
Byrnes John, weaver, Penn. av n Fairmount 
Byrnes Peter, laborer, 6 Thorn's ct 
Byrnes Rich. J. clerk. Merchant's block, h 273 

Byrnes William, porter, Middleton's ct 

Byron Thos., deal. William n Washington (W P) 
Bywater Maurice, bookbr. 56 S 13th 
Bywaters Mary Ann, 106 Wood 
By waters William S., tinsm. 123 N 11th 

Cab ale Louis, hair dr. 68 S 4th 

CABEEN & CO., com. mer. 143 N Water & 68 

N Delaware av 
Cabeen Robert B., com. iron mer. 143 N Water, 

h Germantown 
Cable Henry, lab. Quarry ct n Callowhill 
Cabot Joseph, mer. 5 Walnut, h Linden place, 

Spruce ab 11th 
Ca Ca Antoine, lab. E Donnelly's ct 
Cadbury Joel, mer. 32 S Front, h 9 Franklin 
Cadbury Richard, salesman, 37 Chestnut, h 294 

Cadbury William W., clerk, 137 Market, h 9 

Cade Henry, bar tender. Beach bel Poplar 
Cade Saml. W., tobacconist, 15 N Water, h 301 

N 10th 
Cade Wm., b h, 98 Walnut 
Caddella Kenneth, shoemr. rear 399 S Front 
Cadmus Frederick, clerk, 90 Market, h York av 
Cadmus Jeremiah, boots & shoes, 266 Market 
Cadmus Michael, mer. S W 3d & Market, h 22 

Appletree al 
Cadney James, matchmr. rear 178 South 
Cadwalader Allen, clerk, 534 N Front 
Cadwalader Charles, carp. 130 N 2d 
CADWALADER GEO., g-ent. 299 Chestnut 
CADWALADER JOHN, atty. & coun. 114 S 4th 
Cadwalader J. G., 191 S 9th 
CADWALADER & SELLERS, com. & fordw. 

mers. Broad bel Vine 
Cadwalader Wm.,-49 Wistar 
Cadwalader Wm., 18th n Cherry 
Cadwalader Wm. R., clerk, 10 Jackson 
Caffer Daniel, glassblower, Houston 
Caffer George, glassblower, Houston 
Cafferty John J., bricklr. 75 Union 
Cafferty Vanroom, bricklr. 120 Christian 
Caffrey Stephen, clerk, 106 Chestnut, h 3 Duke 
Cafley Jas., clerk, 13th bel Callowhill 
Cagheimer L., cooper, 385 St John (K) 
Cagney Michael, polisher. Brown ab 13th 
Cahan Jno., teamster. Brown ab Sommerset 
Cahill Benj., conductor, Lancas. Pike bel Mary 
Cahill James, weaver, Hamilton ab William 
Cahill John, lab. 73 Master (K) 
Cahill John H., iron worker, 3 Couilland pi 
Cahill Mich., slater, 499 N 11th 
Cahill Micliael, huckster, 305 N 2d 
Cahill Michael, lab. 11 Brook's (N D) 
Cahill Patrick, porter, rear 137 Plum 
Cahill Patrick, manuf 8 Cortland pi 
Cahill Thomas, contractor, 854 Pine 
CAHILL THOS. E., coal mer. office 101 Wal- 
nut, yard Willow W 15th, wharf Pine st 

(Sch) h 854 Pine 
Cahley James, b h, 8 Lombard 
Cahn Abraham, clothing, 174 N 2d, h 18 New 
Cahn Thos., cordw. Evan's ct \ 

Cailhopper Chas., carp. 287 St John 
Cailly Hubert, hail- dr. 311^ Chestnut 




Cain Chas., porter, rear Fitzwater bel 13th 

Cain Geo., corder, Howard 

Cain Georg-e, cordw. 71 Howard (K) 

Cain John, dyer, G T road ab Master 

Cain Lawrence, shop, 306 Cherry 

Cain Matthew, liq. store, Murray & Sp Garden 

Cain MoiTis5, capt. 5 Beck pi 

Cain Tliomas, coal mer. 75 Dock, h 486 N 10th 

Cain Thos. W., tailor, South ab 15th 

Cain IVm., cabtmr. N E 17th & Market, h 16th 

bel Pine 
Cain Wm., tobacco, 20th bel Pine 
Cain Wm., tobacco, (W P) 
Caines Wm., carp. 175 Carpenter 
Cairl Louden S., cabmr. 29 Vernon 
Cairl S. E., teacher, 29 Vernon 
Cairnes John, lab. Larch (R) 
Cairnes John, lab. Larch (R) 
CAIRNES AVM. G., Am. Em. Friends' Office, 

S E Spruce and Water 
Cairns & Fulton, distillers, 196 Columbia (K) 
Cairns Henry, cordw. 3 Adams 
Cairns Joseph, dra\-man, 78 S 20th 
Cairns Wm., hatter, 2 Furlong- ct 
Cake Chas. H., paper hang-er, V2 Peach 
Cake Elizabeth, Chatham bel Green 
Cake Jacob F., mer. 3 Market, h 188 N Front 
Cake Joseph, 363 N 7th 
Calahan C, lab. 4 Hickory ct 
Calahan John, stone mason, 20th bel Arch 
Calahan P., lab. Jones W 17th 
Caldcleugh Robert, M. D., 13 Clinton sq 
Calder Samuel, segarmr. 57 Green 
Calder W. A., wheelwrt. 33 Federal 
Calderback Matthias, shop, 4th bel Master 
Calderiiead A., carpet weaver, 1 Barker, h St. 

Joseph's av 
Calderhead Wm., weav. Edward n School (K) 
Caldwell Adam B., painter, Carlton ab 17th 
Caldwell And., plumber, Penn ab 13th (S G) 
Caldwell Ann, 44^ Penn 
Caldwell A. D., g-ent. WiUiam bel Brown 
Caldwell Benjamin, liquor. Brazier 
Caldwell Charles, Og-den bel 13th 
Caldwell Charles H.', 10 Chestnut 
Caldwell Clias. P., whipmr. 4 N 4th, h 412 Coates 
Caldwell Clark, brazier, Shippcn bel 13th 
Caldwell C. W., agent, 168 S 4th 
Caldwi 11 David, dyer, 21st ab Filbert 
Caldwell David, grocer, S E Poplar and 9th 
Caldwell Edmund B., mer. 33 Bank 
Caldwell Eliza, Adams bel 13th 
Caldwell Ellen, washer, 148 S 12th 
CALDWELL & GREEN, provisions, 49 N 

CALDWELL &. GHRISKEY, hardware, 16 & 

18 N 5tli 
Caldwell Hen., oil cloth mr. Hamilton W Nixon 
(Caldwell H. A., com. mer. 49 N Water, h 168 

Caldwell James, 262 Walnut 
Caldwell James E., watchmr. 140 Chestnut, h 

627 W Arch 
CALDWELL J AS. E. & CO, jewelers, 140 

Caldwell James S., gent. 164 N 9th 
Caldwell Jane, b h, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Caldwell John, grocer, N W 3d and Plum 

Caldwell John, porter, rear Fitzwater ab 6th 

Caldwell John, porter, 501 Shippen 

Caldwell John, printer, 148 S 12th 

Caldwell John, importer, 13 Bank 

Caldwell John, bottler, 153 Cherry 

Caldwell John, currier, 348 S 2d 

Caldwell John A., com. mer., 16 Sc 18 N 5th, h 

198 S 3d 
Caldwell John R., mer. 99 Arch 
Caldwell Jonathan, collector, 87 M road 
Caldwell Jos., hotel. Broad bel Christian 
Caldwell Jos. AV., bookkeeper, 98 Market 
Caldwell Margaret, Federal ab 4th 
Caldwell Mary Ann, 394 Brown 
Caldwell Matthew, carp. Bedford W Broad 
Caldwell Robert, weaver, Biddle n Ni.\on 
Caldwell Robt. S., clerk, 88 S 4th, h 789 N 7th 
Caldwell Seth, jr., clerk, 20 Walnut, h 91 S 8th 
Caldwell Stephen A., mer. 18 S Front, h N W 

7th and Pine 
Caldwell Stephen B., com. mer. 17 N Delaware 

av, h 337 S 3d 
CALDWELL & ST. GEORGE, provisions, 17 

N Delaware av 
Caldwell S. W., sr., cashier N. L. Bank, h S W 

7th and Buttonwood 
Caldwell S. W., jr., druggist, S W 7th & But- 
Caldwell Thomas, grocer, 9th and Poplar 
Caldwell Thos., coal mer. 12th ab Callowhill, h 

425 Green 
Caldwell Thomas, mer. 10 Chestnut, h 

n 15th 
Caldwell Wm., printer, 22 Charles 
Caldwell Wm., blacksm. P road ab Federal 
Caldwell \\'m., bricklayer, Adam n Oxford 
Caldwell Wm., shop, Coates n 16th 
Caldwell Wm., lab. 3 Church ar 
Caldwell Wm., 12 Carter's al 
Caldwell AVm. W., salesman, 83 Market, h 158 

Cale W., Addison bel 19th 
("alehoff" Henrj', segarmr. KorndafTcr's ct 
Calely Edward, coach lace weaver, 17 Perry (K) 
Caley Samuel, 20 Summer 
Calhoun Adam, brickmr. Federal & G F road 
Calhoun Andrew, carter. Federal & G F roatl 
Calhoun David, carter, 16th ab Federal 
Calhoun George, weaver, Bedford I)el Hroad 
Calhoun Hugh, weaver. Federal ab 11th 
Calhoun Irvine, lab. 13 Barker 
Calhoun Isabella, rear 125 York av 
Calhoun James, brickmr. 18th bel Lombard 
Calhoun Jame.s, grocer, 660 Lombard 
Calhoun James, wheelwrt. 81 Otter (K) 
Calhoun John, macht. Olive ab 12th 
Calhoun John, lab. 29 M'Duffic 
Calhoun John, grocer, 19th and M'Duffie 
Calhoun John C, carp. 633 Christian 
Calhoun Joseph, cordw. 306 S Front 
Calhoun Moses, weaver. Elk (K) 
(Jalhoun Sa7iiuel, watchman, 1 M'Duffic 
(jalhoun Sanuicl, carp. 5 Howard ct 
Calhoun Wm., 4 Virginia row 
Calhoun Wm., stove moulder, 6th & G T road 
Calhoun Wm., grocer, Lombard and Aspen 
Calhoun Wm., 33 Fourteentli 
Calhoun Win., George and Sch Beach 




Calkin E., 53 William (R) 
Call Cath., Adams bel Oxford (K) 
Call Edwai-d, lab. Salmon n William (R) 
Call James lab. William bel Brown (R) 
Call James, lab. 15lh bel South 
Call Patrick, lab. M'Atees ct (K) 
Call Stephen, William bel Brown (R) 
Callahan Andrew, weaver, 353 Lombard 
Callahan Andi-ew, stoves, P road and 5th 
Callahan Bernard, carman, Jackson n Brown 
Callahan Bernard, shop. Carpenter bel 9th 
Call.ahan Christie, lab. Almond (R) 
Callahan Conner, lab. 7 Moore's al 
CaUahan David, Tylai- ab Poplar 
Callahan Dennis, lab. 286 Richmond 
Callahan Francis, lab. rear 306 Cherry 
Callahan Hannah, ti-imming-s, Lombard ab 17th 
Callahan Hugh, manuf. 305 S 10th 
Callahan James, stovemr. 224 Ridge road 
Callahan James, cordw. 2 Clymer 
Callahan James, 32 Perry 
Callahan James, cordw. 210 Carpenter 
Callahan James, weaver, rear 848 N 2d 
Callahan Jeremiah, moroc. finisher, 341 PaiTish 
Callahan John, shoes. Carpenter bel 9th 
Callahan John, watchman, 29 Union 
Callahan John, lab. Huston and Richmond 
Callahan John, lab. 218 S 4th 
Callahan John, lab. William ab Pratt 
Callahan John, weaver, 4 Wagnei-'s al 
Callahan John, weaver, Philip bel Jefferson 
Callahan John, mason, Jaekson n Brown 
Callahan Julia, 28 Franklin pi 
^Callahan J. T., hotel, N W 9th & Washington 
Callahan Mary, bookfolder, 74 S 3d 
Callahan Matthew, rear 124 Plum 
Callahan Michael, carp. Shippen ab 12th 
Callahan Michael, cordw. Sommerset (R) 
Callahan Patrick, blacksm. James ab 7th 
CaUahan Patrick, lab. 544 Catharine 
Callahan Peter, lab. Willow ab 15th 
Callahan Peter, cordw. Jackson n Brown 
CaUahan Richard, salesman, 135 Poplar 
CaUahan Robert, stoves, P road and 5th and 290 

S 2d, h Queen bel 5th 
CaUahan Rose, millinery, 146 S 11th 
CaUahan Thos., weaver, Philip n Columbia (K) 
Callahan Tlios. F., oysters, rear 89 Swanson 
CaUahan Wm., lab. George ab Margaretta ( W P) 
Callahan Wm., weaver, Phoenix ab Front (K) 
CaUahan Wm., dealer, South bel Broad 
Callahan Wm., dealer, 10 Shalcross 
Callan David, cordw. rear 446 S 3d 
CaUan James, jr., lab. George E 20th 
CaUan John, lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
CaUan Mary, shop, Shalcross 
CaUan Mary Ann, washerw. rear 79 P road 
CaUan Robert, carp. 302 Carpenter 
Callan Wm., stone mason, 360 S 10th 
Callanan George D., police officer, 18th n Arch 
CaUas Edward, printer, 60 S 13th 
Callaway James, lab. Davis ab 2d 
CaUaway Andrew, cordw. 84 Marriott 
Callaway James, lab. Davis ab 2d 

CO., 55 S 4tli 
Callbreath Jas. E., ladies' shoes, 59 N 8th 
CaUcn IsabeUa, laundi-ess, 350 N Front 

Callenback Mich., boot fit. Apple ab Thompson 

Callender Benj., carp. 13th and Wallace 

Callender Jas. T., hotel, 4th ab Thompson 

Callender Thos. R., periodicals, 88 S 3d 

Callenham Edward, carp. 13th bel Callowhill 

Callenham John, carp. 13th bel Callowhill 

Callet Eugene P., strop manuf. Parrish E 16th 

Callevar Hemy, sugar refiner, Walter's ct 

Calley Thomas, lab., Salm.on (R) 

Calley Timothy, lab. Fisher ab Cumberland 

Callingham James, salesman, 395 S 4th, 

Callis Isaac, gardener, 186 S 11th 

CaUis John, toys, 132 S 10th 

Calloway George H., cabinetmr. Concordia av 

Cally John, di'over, Oxford ab Adams (K) 

Caiman Bernard, varnish manuf. 353 N 3d 

Calver George, printei-, 257 S 3d 

Calver James, straw & miU. goods, G T road bel 

CALVER WM. G., bonnet presser, 59 N 2d 
Calverly Henry, Britania ware, 145 Beach (K) 
Calverly & Holmes, Brittania workers, 109 Race 
Calverly John, 27 New Market 
Calverly John, manuf. candle moulds, 109 Race 
Calverly Thomas, express, 435 Ridge av 
Calverl}' AVm., tinsm. 197 Sp Garden 
Calvert Alice, shop, 97 Hanover 
Calvert E. H., 122 N Juniper 
Calvert Rachel, cupper and leecher, CaUowhill 

ab 11th 

Calvert Samuel, seaman, 72 M road 
Calvert Thomas, chairmr. 8 Redwood 
Calvert Thomas B. & Co., envelope manuf. and 

embosser, 48 S 3d 
Calvert WiUiam, dentist, 327 CaUowhill 
Calvey Joseph, 55 N 6th 
Calvin James, music teacher, 115 N 5th 
Calvin John, lab. Otter and Elk (K) 
Calvin Mary, MarshaU ab Brown 
Calwell Wm., carp. Addison n 20th 
Camac Israel, lab. 20 Bay 
Camac Samuel, brickmr. 14 M'Duffie 
Camac AVm., M. D., 257 Locust 
Camblin John, lab. Catharine bel 7th 
Camblos & Brother, broker, 26 S 3d 
Camblos Charles, broker, 26 S 3d 
Camblos Geo. W., broker,*26 S 3d, h 691 Vine 
Camblos Hemy S., broker, 26 S 3d, h 691 Vine' 
Cambridge Samuel, seaman, 16 Richard 
Cambridge Thomas, saddler, Clinton bel Poplar 
Cambridge Wm., waterman, P road bel Reed 

Delaware av 
Cameron Alex., ttilor, 391 S 10th 
Cameron Alex., lab. 3 Seiser's ct 
Cameron Angus, clerk, 193 Market, h 862 N 4th 
Cameron Anna, 204 Hanover 
Cameron David W., carp. 862 N 4th 
Cameron Eli, agent, 470 Callowhill 
Cameron Haniiorah, Truxton n Adam 
Cameron Hugh, flour mer. Howard bel Master' 
Cameron James, mer. 40 Chestnut 
Cameron James, weaver, 50 Master (K) 
Cameron James, cordw. 444 Vine 
Cameron John, weaver, Philip bel Oxford 
Cameron John, barber, 10 S 6th 
Cameron John D., painter, 160 CaUowhill 
Cameron Mary Ann, Ringgold pi 





Cameron Mary, Wood bel Franklin (R) 
Cameron Robei-t, baker, 839 N 2d 
Cameron Robt., gas fitter, 14 S 8th, h 32 Erie 
Cameron Rose, dressmr. 19th and Bhmiston av 
Cameron Samuel, grocer, S E Washington and 

Cameron Westly, 166 Queen (K) 
Cameron Wm., weaver, Front bel Master (K) 
Cameron AV., blacksm. 166 Queen (K) 
Camfield Theo., 42 Charles 
Camfin Mich., lab. Alder ab Master 
Camm Chas G., mer. 41 S Front, h 10 City row 
Camm Mary, 20 Olive 
Camm Wm., gent. 356 Arch 
Cammerais George, mer. 681 Vine 
Cammeron Archibald, shoemr. Carleton ab 15th 
Camp Benj. H., salesman, 109 Prime 
Camp David, carter, Olive bel Broad 
Camp Edward, seaman, 146 Beacli 
Camp Frederick, tailor, Moore bel Front 
Camp J. Henry, litliographer, Ranstead pi, h 41 

Camp L., cordw. 602 N 2d 
Camp Nathaniel, seaman, 121 Prime 
Camp Solomon, cordw. 143 S 11th 
Campbell A., plasterer, 96 Biittonwood 
Campbell Adam, tavern, Phoenix and Perry 
Campbell Alexander, mason, 28 Pratt 
Campbell Alex., keep, of M. prison, h 572 S 4th 
Campbell Alex., gent. 349 Chestnut 
Campbell Alex., paver, Say and Moore 
Campbell Alex., lab. Palmer bel Franklin av 
Campbell Alex. H., oil manuf. Screw Dock and 

alcohol distillery, Penn ab Maiden, h 410 

N 8th 
Campbell Andi'ew, blacksm. 335 Parrish 
Campbell Ann, shop, 11 Duponceau 
Campbell Ann, Church n 22d 
Campbell Ann, Jones E 18th 
Campbell Ann, Poplar ab Charlotte 
Campbell Ann, Fairmount 
Campbell Antliony, tavern, 290 N Front 
Campbell Anthony, lab. William ab Benton 
Campbell Archibald, dry goods, 425 N 2d 
Campbell Archibald, plasterer, W 18th 
Campbell Arcliibald, plasterer, 89 Buttonwood 
Campbell Arthur, carter, 134 Phoenix (K) 
Campbell A. B., M. D., 289 Walnut 
Campbell Barnet, lab. Anthracite 
Campbell Barnet, lab. William bel Centre 
Campbell Bernard, shop, 266 ^ 21st 
Campbell Brother & Co., produce, 4 N Del av 
Camdbcll B., grocer, Columbia & Philip (K) 
Campbell B., 427 Christian 
Campbell ('arolinc Ann, 11 Castle 
Campljcil (Catharine, b h, 10 Jones 
Campbell Catharine, siiop. Larch bel 10th 
Campbell (Catherine, laundress, 47 South 
Campl)ell Charles, carp, lotli ab Tliompson 
Campbell Charles, weaver, 15 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Campbell Ciiarles B., 109 N Water, h 113 S 9tli 

tea, and 54 N Delaware av 
Campbell Ciiarles P., mer. 495 S Front 
Campbell 8c Co., brusiunrs. Franklin av ab 

Campbell Ciiristophcr, grocer, Pine & Carbon 
Campbell C. F. H., M. D., 12th and Wallace 

Campbell C. W., soapbr. 294 South 
Campbell Daniel, lab. 9 Myer's ct 
Campbell Daniel, lab. Lombard ab 17th 
Campbell Daniel, stone mason, 27 Brown 
Campbell Daniel, carter, Hope n Jefferson (K) 
Campbell Dennis, cordw. Vaughn n Locust 
CAMPBELL EDWARD, grocer, Richmond ab 

Campbell Edward, weaver, Jefferson ab Philip 
Campbell Edward S., attorney, 179 N 6th 
Campbell Elizabeth, widow of Alex., distiller, 

586 Front bel Otter 
Campbell Felix, lab. Redwood ab 4th 
Campbell P'rancis, dealer, 454 Market 
Campbell Francis, Dorothy W 19th 
Campbell Frank, clerk, 97 Market 
Campbell Frederick, salesman, 36 N 4tli 
Campbell George, b h, 4 Penn 
Campbell Georg-e, atty. & coun. 203 Arch 
Campbell George, carter, Benton's Place 
Campbell George, painter, Robinson ct 
Camptudl George, lab. Vienna bel Queen (K) 
Campbell George, weaver, 1 Philip (K) 
Campbell George, eating house, S W 18th and 

Campbell Graham, tavern. Front and Phoenix 
Campbell Hamilton, mer. 9 Washington sq 
Campbell Hanse, carter, Jefferson ab Fi"ont 
Campbell Henry, lab. Leopard (K) 
Campbell Henry, moulder, rear 681 N Front 
Campbell Henry, dyer, 163 Howard (K) 
Campbell Hiram, 20 Hazel 
Campbell Hugh, 7iier. 94 Market, h 33 Girard 
Campbell Hugh, lab. Brazier n Shippen 
Campbell Hugh, collector, 299 S 7th 
CAMPBELL H. & J. R., dry goods, 94 Market 
Campbell James, carman, Hope and Jefferson 
Campbell James, N E 11th and Callowhill 
Campbell James, rigger, 22 South 
Campbell James, tavern, N W Master & Howard 
Campbell James, charcoal, 17th and Christian 
Campbell James, carp. 5 Greer's ct 
Campbell James, lab. 4 Little Dock 
Campbell James, coachman, 11 Bickham 
Campbell James, Custom House, h Guliclma 
Campbell Jame.s, paper mr. 13 Engineer's row 
Campbell Jame.s, iron moulder, 228 S 12th 
Campbell James, warper, 737 N 10th 
Campbell Jame.s, charcoal, 22d and Chestnut 
Campbell James, Shippen W Broad 
Campbell James, ch-ayman, 15th and Fitawater- 
Campbell James, lab. Shippen ab Broad 
Campbell James, weaver, Bauersach's ct (K) 
Campbell James, lab. 33 Federal 
Camjibell James A., measurer, N W 8th 8c Fitz- 

Canii)l)e]l James D., hatter. Front ab Otter (K) 
Campbell James H., grocer, N E 3d &. Shippen 
Cuniphell James R., mer. 94 Market, h 368 

CAMPBELL JAMES W., grocer, S W 2d and 

AValnut, h 344 S 4th 
(3am|)l)cll Jas. W ., paper hang. Brown W Broad 
(',ami)!)ell Jane, b li, 112 Filbert 
(',ampl)t]l Jane, washerw. Levy's ct 
(Janii)bell Jane, Jefferson ab Philip (K) 
Campbell Jeremiah O., com. mer., 4 N Del ar, 

h 56 N 8th 




Campbell Joanna, 5 Richard 
Campbell John, restaurant, 74 S 3d 
Campbell John, bookseller, S El 8th &. Lombard 
Campbell John, lab. Arch ab 19th 
Campbell John, weaver, 22 Winter 
Campbell John, lab. 3 S 18th 
Campbell John, clerk, 620 South 
Campbell John, porter, Winter W 16th 
Campbell John, tailor, Ashland 
Campbell John, weaver. Master bel Hancock 
Campbell John, lab. Filbert W 19th 
Campbell John, carter, 15th bel Willow 
Campbell John, mach. 13 Winter ab 10th 
Campbell John, weaver, Jefferson ab Philip (K) 
Campbell John, tailor, 22 P road 
Campbell John, saloon, 74 S 2d, h 293 S 5th 
Campbell John, chandler, 22 Almond 
Campbell John, watchman, 5 Howard's ct 
Campbell John, weaver. Federal bel 13th 
Campbell John, tobacconist, 6th and Poplar 
Campbell John, shoemr. South 
Campbell John, clerk, 420 N Front 
Campbell John, weaver, Jeff"erson ab Philip (K) 
Campbell John, d3'er, 163 Howard (K) 
Campbell John, weaver, 4th and Jeff'erson (K) 
Campbell John, shoemr. 116 Race 
Campbell John, milkman. Carpenter ab 8th 
Campbell John, bootmr. 421 Christian 
Campbell John, blacksm. Hunter n Race 
Campbell John, salesman, 17 N 4th 
Campbell John, helper, R road ab Francis (F V) 
Campbell John, printer, Vaughn and Locust 
CAMPBELL JOHN H., atty\ coun. 188 N 6th 
Campbell John P., lab. Crown bel Duke 
Campbell Jonathan, carp. 466 Poplar 
Campbell Joseph, mer. 4 N Del av, h 432 N 5th 
Campbell Joseph, miller. Pleasant ab 12th 
Campbell Joseph, tailor, 27 Hazel 
Campbell Joseph, lab. Beach bel South 
Campbell Joseph, liquors. Federal & Prime Sch 
Campbell Joseph, driver. Beach and Shippen 
Campbell Joshua, tailor. Smith's ct 
Campbell J. L., dealer, S W Front and Green 
Campbell Kenneth, dyer, 163 Howard (K) 
Campbell Lesnir, carp. Leonard n Wharton 
Campbell Lewis, lab. Dauphin n Front (K) 
Campbell Malcolm, sect. & treas. Philada. and 

Wil. & Bait. R. R. Co., 7 Library, h 270 S 10th 
Campbell Marg-t., weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Campbell Marins, cooper, 591 N 3d 
Campbell Mary, 122 Pine 
Campbell Mary, Culvert ab 4th 
Campbell Mary, 32 Crown 
Campbell Mary, Master bel Thompson (K) 
Campbell Mary, Cherry bel Franklin 
Campbell Mary, N E Fitzwater and Lisle 
Campbell Matthew C, hatter, 540 N 2d 
Campbell Michael, cordw. Sch Beach ab Walnut 
Campbell Murdock, tailor, 16 Flower 
Campbell Ncal, 80 Union 
Campbell Ncal, Inspector U. S. Arsenal 
Campbell Neal, cordw. William ab -Salmon (R) 
Campbell Neil, weaver, Jefferson ab Philip 
Campbell Oliver, mach. Story n 6th (W P) 
Campbell Owen, lab. Perry bel P'ranklin (K) 
Campbell Patrick, distiller, NAV Master & Lewis 
Campbell Patrick, blacksm. S W 19th Market, h 

Murray W 19th 

Campbell Patrick, weaver. Crown bel Duke 
Campbell Patrick, omnibus ag-ent, Lewellan's 

avW Beach 
Campbell Patrick, spooler, Kates 
Campbell Patrick, lab. Lewis ab Emory (R) 
Campbell Patrick, lab. 286 S 7th 
Campbell Patrick, tailor, 389 S 4th 
Campbell Peter, weaver, 216 Fitzwater 
Campbell Peter, tailor, Milton ab 11th 
Campbell Peter, weaver, Cadwaladerab Oxford 
Campbell Peter, moulder, rear 681 N Front (K) 
Campbell Peter, lab. Leopard (K) 
Campbell Peter, dyer, Adams ab Oxford (K) 
Campbell & Pharo, lumb. mers. Broad ab Green 
Campbell P., Wood bel 22d 
Campbell Quintin, 124 S 8th 
Campbell Richard, tailor, 224 S 6th 
Campbell Richard, lab. Salmon ab Emory (R) 
Campbell Richard, g-ent. 295 7th ab Coates 
Campbell Robert, lab. Simes and 22d 
Campbell Robert, lab. Wilcox 
Campbell Robert, lab. 30 South 
Campbell Robert H., salesman, 162 Market 
Campbell Rudolph, waiter, Bedford bel 12th 
Campbell Saml, carter, rear Front bel Navy Yard 
Campbell Samuel, stone cutter, Mariner 
Campbell Samuel, di-ayman, 5 Howard's ct 
Campbell Samuel S., clerk, 74 S 2d 
Campbell Sarah, spooler, 288 G T road 
Campbell Sarah, map colourer, 105 Wood 
Campbell Sarah, 11 Harrison 
CAMPBELL ST. GEORGE T., atty. and coun. 

94 S 4th 
Campbell Step. B., mer. 65 N 3d, h 89 Franklin 
Campbell Susan, milliner, 53 Queen (K) 
Campbell Thomas, bottler, 4th and Jefferson (K) 
Campbell Thomas, mason, 733 N 4th ab Master 
Campbell Thomas, lab. Ann E 20th 
Campbell Thomas, weaver, 273 William 
Campbell Thomas, carp. 393 S 13th 
Campbell Thomas, bar tender, N E 5th & Plum 
Campbell Thomas M., tailor, 819 Lombard 
Campbell Thomas P., miller. Pleasant bel 13th 
Campbell Towns, brushmr. Queen ab G run 
Campbell Tristam, 119 New Market 
Campbell T., hatter, 540 N 2d 
Campbell Wm., coachman, Lewis W 17th 
Campbell Wm., carp. Dorothy West 19th 
Campbell Wm., weaver, 778 N 2d 
Cnmpbell Wm., lumb. mer. h Callowhill ab 11th 
Campbell Wm., dealer, 11 Kenworthy ct 
Campbell Wm., blacksm. rear 5 Bread 
Campbell Wm., engraver, 22d and Vine 
Campbell Wm., grocer, S E 7th and Pine 
Campbell Wm., fur. cars, 15th ab Race 
Campbell Wm., morocco fin. rear 95 York av. 
Campbell Wm., lab. rear Biddle n Nixon 
Campbell Wm., carp. Cedar lane &. Pratt (WP) 
Campbell Wm., boatman, 10 Sommer's ct 
Campbell Wm., wheelw. Salmon ab Lehigh (R) 
Campbell Wm., lime burn. Nixon ab Callowhill 
Campbell Wm., lab. M'Manemy's ct 
(Campbell Wm., drayman, 527 Catharine 
Campbell Wm., drayman, 12 Benton 
Campbell Wm., cordw. 73 Howard (K) 
Campbell Wm. Y., printer, 8th and Fitzwater 
r'umpcrnelle J., sheet iron worker 153 S Front 
Campion Jos. H., cabtmr. 161 S 2d, h 25 Spruce 




Campion N. F., real estate broker, Ann n F road 
Canall Michael, gardener, Randolph (R) 
Canan Marg., shop, 999 N 2d 
Canarty Terrence, Johnston's la bel 5th 
Canavan Bernard, tailor, St John and Matamoras 
Canavan James, wool dealer, 5th ab Franklin 
Canavan John, carter, 12th and Willow 
CANBY & BROTHER, plumbers & g-as fitters, 

115 Arch 
Canby George, plum. 115 Arch, h 64 N 15th 
Canby Isaiah, 17th ab Arch 
Canby John, plumber, 115 Arch, house 12th ab 

Canby Jos., china ware, N W 8th and Cherry 
Canbv J., 17th and Grace 

Canby Samuel T., mer. 163 Market, h 158 N 5th 
Canby Wm. J., convey. S E 4th and Harmony, 

h 36 Branch 
Candadon L., Woodland bel Chestnut (W P) 
Candelet Allen, 393 Apple (K) 
Candelot Allen, dry goods, Hope bel Master 
Canders Catharine, 39 W South 
Candidus Wm., piano mr. 887 N 8th 
Candifan Jno., lab. Washington & Jefferson (K) 
Candy John, lab. Master ab Clinton (K) 
Candy Thomas, baker, 8 Jay 
Candy Thomas D., mach. Allen ab Marlboro' 
Cane Catharine, Sheaff al and Madison 
Cane John, lab. rear 55 N 10th 
Cane Matthew, stone cutter, 21st ab Filbert 
Cane Mercy, Chester ct 
Caneflf Owen, lab. 102 N Front 
Caner Margaret, Mrs., 355 N 6th 
Caner Margaret P., widow of John, o55 N 6th 
Caner Michael, coachmr. 205 S 7th 
Caner Wm. J., manuf. 108 N Front, h o55 N 6th 
Canin S., carter, Putnam and Hancock (K) 
CANFIELU I). B. & CO., Law Agency, SE 

5th and Library 
Canlen John, mach.' 129 N 16th 
Canley E. combmr. 15 N 5th 
Cann Caroline, laundress, rear 25 Callowhill 
Cann Henry, gasft. 1047 Coates 
Cann James M., engineer, 23 Naglee 
Cann John, agent, Townsend n Tulip (R) 
Cann Mary, 20 Olive 
C'inn Michael, lab. Penn ab Poplar 
Canncll S. W., mer. 72 Chestnut, h Walnut E 

Canning George R., clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 18th 

bel Spnice 
Canning Hannah, trim. Beach abFitzwater 
Canning Isabella, provis. Callowhill n William 
Canning James, boxmr. 8 Myer's ct 
fJanning James, tailor, 46 P road 
Canning Mark, atty. at law, 76 S 6th 
(Janning Mark, clerk, 27 N 4th 
Canning Mary, drcs.smr. 131 S 11th 
Caiming Matthew, stone cut. Federal ab 12th 
Canning Pat., tailor, 9 Lane's ct 
Canning Robei-t, .salesman, 5 Ried's av 
Canning R., dressmr. 22d bel Spruce 
("anning Samuel, .stone cut. (Clinton ab Poplar 
(;anning Thomas, cordw. 9 Nonnater's ct 
Cannon Arthur, repoi-t(;r, 32 Jacoljy 
Cannon Catli., widow, N E Stewart St Christian 
f 'annon Daniel B., gent. 73 Pine 
Cannon Deborah, rcarCenti-e bel Parrish 

Cannon Elijah, lab. Beach bel Poplar 
Cannon James, tinsmith, 240 Callowhill 
Caniion James, sale.sman, Larch ab Wallace 
Cannon James, lab. 21st and Filbert 
Cannon James, huckster, Alroy 
Cannon James, lab. L Washington 
Cannon John, cb-iver, Sylvester n 5th 
Cannon John, tinm. 8th & Market, h 13 Filbert 
Cannon John, lab. Harper's ct 
Cannon John, lab. 30 Milton bel 11th 
Cannon John, lab. Dorothy E 21st 
Cannon John, cordw. Jones W 19th 
j Cannon John, bookb. 15th bel Vine 
j Cannon John, lab. 3 York 

Cannon John H., clerk, 84 Chestnut, h 73 Pine 
; Cannon John S., bookbinder, 116 Chesnut 
j Cannon Pat., lab. 16 Pearl 
Cannon Philip, M. D., 10th n P road 
I Cannon Richard, gent. 73 Pine 
Cannon Thomas, stone cut. 15th bel Vine 
Cannon Thomas, gent. 7o Pine 
Cannon Thomas, lab. Becket bel 17th 
Cannon Wm., stone cut. rear W Market 
Cannon Wm., shoemr. Lombard n 16th 
Cannon Wm., stove store. Laurel and 2d 
Canon Sarah, dressmr. 35 Dugan 
Canon W. W., engineer. Vine ab Broad 
Canot Benj., cordw. 134 F road (K) 
Canry Lawrence, lab. rear 254 N Front 
iCantelon Pati-ick, lab. 4 Forrest pi 
Cantlln Mary, 10 Paynter's ct 
Cantlin Richard, lab. 3 Harper's pi 
Cant F., cordw. Charlotte bel Thompson 
Cantador L., mer. 20 S Front, h Darby road and 

Chestnut (W P) 
Cantelo Wm. J. jr., engineer, S E 3d and Dock 
Canter J. H., variety store, S W 8th and Arch 
Canton Jacob, trader, 17 Carlton 
Canton Patrick, shoemr. Marriott bel 9th 
Cantrell John A., druggist, 2d and Carpenter 
Cantwell James, grocer, N E 8th and Race 
Cantwell Jus. R., distiller, G T road and Master 
Cantwell Michael, drayman, 15 Gray's al 
Cantwell Nicholas, Rev., 124 Queen 
Canty Jeremiah, weav. Philip bel Jefferson (K) 
Cantv Michael, weaver, bel Hancock (K) 
Canty Miles, lab. MuiTay W 20th 
Cany Maiy, gentw. 500 \'lne 
Capehart Daniel, ropemr. Frontab Phoenix (K) 
Capehart George, carp. Townsend ab South (.R) 
Capehart Henry, 139 Harmstead 
Capehart Henry, cordw. Norris ab West (R) 
Capehart Jolin, bootmr. 'I'ownscnd ab Lemon 
Capehart John, bricklayer. Lemon bel York (R) 
Cu])ehart Wm., brickl. rear Amber bel Phoenix 
Cupel Daniel, gent. 486 N 4tli 
CAPEWELL & BROTHEIt, glass manuf. 11 

Cape well James, mer. 11 Minor, h Kaign's P 
Cape well John, mer. 11 Minor, h Kaighn's P 
Capewell Jo.s. E., clerk, 11 Minor 
(Japie Joseph, waterman, rear 33 Catharine 
Capp John C., note broker,32 S3d,h 158N 12tli 
Capp Samuel, 13 Race 
(Supper John, weaver, Bedford ab Hanover 
Cajjron E. W., repoi-ter, N E 3d and Chestnut 
Carberry James, lal). Lemon n Huntingdon 
Carberry John, hatter, rear 260 Christian 




Carberry John, kb. 733 N 4th 

(.'arberry Lawrence, lab. Sutherland n Bedford 

(barberry Pat., blacksm. rear 109 Dillwyn 

Carberry Peter, atty. &, coun. Union ab Franklin 

Carberry Tliomas, shop, 38 St Mary 

Carberry Wm., grocer. Vine and 22d 

Carbin Aug-ustus, carp. 91 German 

Carbin Tim., lab. Salmon bel Duke (K) 

Carboy Wm., carder, 125 S 12th 

CARDEN NICHOLAS, Star tavern. Broad and 

Carden Thomas, dealer, Cherry ab 11th 
Carder John, drayman. Cherry bel Franklin av 
Cardet John, weaver. Crown ab Duke . 
Cardeza Jos. M., ag-ent, 18th ab Lombard 
Cardwell Arthur, bootmr. Baker bel 7th 
Cardwell P'rancis, salesman, 8th ab Dickerson 
Cardwell Henry, conductor, South n Pepper (R) 
Cardwell John, painter, 23 Plover 
Cardwell Robert T., dentist, h 173 Pine bel 6th 
Cardwell Thomas C, mer. 15 Church al 
Cardwell Wm., painter, 23 Plover 
Cardwell Wm., lab. Hancock bel Master (K) 
Care M. J., Miss, b h, 212 Chestnut 
Care Wm., currier, h 15th ab Fairview 
Carelan John, cordw. 5 Rodg-er's ct 
Carels John W., frame mr. 6 Lybrand 
Carels Wm., jr.. Merchant's House, 1 Merchant 
Cai-ess Richard, cabinetmr. 293 N 3d 
Carey Bryan, lab. 3 Scott's ct 
Carey Eliza Jane, P road and Federal 
f/arey Henry, Clay n Sch Beach 
Carey Henry, blacksm. Howard bel Jefferson 
Carey James, tavern, Georg-e and Juniper la 
Carey James, pilot, rear 75 Catharine 
Carey James, lab. Beck's ct 
Carey John, lal). 2 Beaver ct 
(^arey John, g-rocer, 640 South 
Carey John, lab. Sommerset (R) 
Carey John, lab. rear 249 G T road 
Carey John, weaver, Coates ab W^illiam 
Carey Maria, 290 Walnut 
Carey Michael, shop, 10th n South 
Carey Rachel, wid. of Robert, 183 Washin^on 
Carey Stephen, eng-ineer, 264 Poplar 
Carey Thomas, lab., Moore n Chvirch 
Carey Wm., lab. Sommerset ab Brown (R) 
Carey William, flour & feed store, h Market 

W 20th 
Carey Wm., shop, 364 S 8th 
Carey Wm., cordw. Georg-e ab 2d 
('arfrey Charles, shocmr. rear 25 Mary 
Carhart Samuel, cordw. N AV Little Dock and 

Spruce, h 38 Almond 
■('arick David, grocer, Callowhill and Nixon 
fJarie Jolin, stone cutter, 108 Barker 
(^arig-an Jame.s, Bowery pi 
Caris Wm., 645 N 3d 
Cj-av\ Jacob, 11 Pennsylvania av 
Carl Patrick, lab. 8 Federal 
(3arl Sebastian, scgar mr. 50 Leopard (K) 
(larl Thoma.s, lab. George and West 
fJarland Jas., morocco dresser, rear 4 Charles(S) 
Carles John, lab. 47 Citron 
Carles Joseph, looking- g-lass framer, rear 33 

Sheaflf al 
Carleton Lydia, .st;itioner, 58 N 8th 
Carley Ann, Elizabeth ct 

Carley Edward, blacksm. 2 Galbraith's ct 

Cai-ley Eliza, brushmr. Korndaffer's ct 

Carley Michael, Auburn bel 10th 

Carlie Helina, 480 N 12th 

Carlile Amos, soap and candle mr. 19 Citron 

Carlile Hudson, g-ent. Park ab Walnut (W P) 

Carlile Joseph, g-ent. Haverford (W P) 

Carlile Rebecca, saleswoman, 31 S 2d 

Carlile Thos. J., clerk, 147 N 3d, h 480 N 12th 

Carlile Wm. B., ladies' shoes, 4 S 16th 

Carlin Catharine, washer, 14 Prime 

Carlin Chas., tailor, 36 Middle al 

Carlin Christian, drayman. Prime ab 8th 

Cai-lin Christopher, salesm. 7th ab Washington 

Carlin Daniel, bricklayer, 112 Barker 

Carlin Edward, hatter, rear 5 Catharine 

Carlin Edward, lab. Jefferson av 

Carlin Frederick, stone mason, 4 Tiller's ct 

Carlin Hugh, tavern, S E 3d and Shippen 

Carlin James, lab. Fairview n 19th 

Carlin James, lab. Margaretta 

Carlin John, baker, 33 New Market 

Carlin John, hotel, 98 S 2d 

Carlin John, lab. Irish Tract la and Federal 

Carlin Jonathan, tavern, S W Apple & George 

Carlin Martha, Lombard n 17th 

Carlin Mary, widow of Charles, 69 S Front 

Carlin Mary, milliner, 293 South 

Carlin Mary, St John n G T road 

Carlin Michael, lab. Carlton n 21st 

CARLIN MICHAEL, hotel, S E Front & Vine 

Carlin Pati-ick, hatter, rear 302 S 3d 

Carlin Patrick, shoes, 1050 Callowhill 

Carlin Peter, lab. 4 Gvdielma 

Carlin Philip, feed. Broad bel Lombard, and 

confect. Carpenter bel 9th 
Carlin Samuel, stevedore, 12 Vail's pi 
Cai'lin Thomas, engineer, Pine n 20th 
Cai'lin Wm., stone mason, 4 Tiller's ct 
Carlin Wm., weaver, rear 132 Plum 
Carlin Wm., clerk. Post Office 
Carlin Wm., jr., stone mason, 4 Tiller's ct 
Carlin Wm., carter, 367 Fitzwater 
Carlin Wm., cordw. 174 S 6th 
CARLIN W. J., tavern, Dock and Walnut 
Carling Geo. D., chairmr. Brook's ct 
Carlisle Chas. H., seaman, 3d ab Federal 
Carlisle Henry, comb maker, 38 N 8th and 19' 

St James 
Carlisle James, capt. Sommer's ct 
Carlisle James D., salesman, 91 N 3d 
Carlisle Patrick, cordw. rear 112 Plum 
Carlisle Patrick, chemist. Maple bel Richmond 
Carlisle Thompson, cordw. N W 14th and Ju- 
Carll James H., mer. 80 N 2d 
Carlley Frank, lab. Pink ab Master (K) 
Carlley George W., tobac. 562 S Front 
Carlon Daniel, lithog. Marriott ab 6th 
Carlon Elizabeth, washer, McMakin's ct 
Carlon John, tailor, h 76 Union 
Carlon Sarah, 13 Boyd's av 
Carlton Mary, 226 Hutchinson 
Carlton Thomas, carp. 190 Cherr)' 
Carlton Wm., drayman. Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Carlv James, riggei-, 13 Loiusa av 
Carlyle Wm., 132 N 11th 
Carman Charles V., cordw. Front ab. Chatham 




Carman Elon, stone mason, Green Hill pi 

Carman Hannah, 390 S od 

Carman James, H., saddletreemr. Washington 

ah 5th 
Carman Mary, 20 Green ab Pine 
Carman Mary, 21 Green ab Pine 
Carman Stephen, locksm. 10 Chester 
CaiTTian Thomas J., salesman, 182 Market, h 

285 Race 
Carman Wm., lab. 3 Lynnall's al 
Carman AVilson P., varnishmr. 4th and Marshall 
Carmichael Isabella, 23th ab Fitzwater 
Carmichael Jas., plasterer, rear Bedford ab 12th 
Carmichael James, oil cloth manuf. 656 N 2d 
Carmichael Jennett, 4th ab Thompson 
Carmick Louis, mer. 99 S Front, h Pine W 20th 
Carmick Susan, Mrs., 135 I^ombard | 

Carmony Wm., clerk, 107>t High, h N W 3d & 

Carnahan D. K. Miss, teacher, 268 N 6th 
Carnahan Jane, milliner, 15 N 12th 
Carnahan John, tailor, N E 11th and Chestnut, 

h Say n 16th 
Carnahan Robert, weaver. Rose bel Broad 
Carnahan S. R., Montezuma Hall, Bridgewater 
Carnathan David, Prime bel Front 
CARNELL CHARLES, brick press manuf. G 

T road ah 5th (K) 
Carnell Lafayette, tobacconist, G T road ab 5th 
Carnell Wm., coachmr. G T road ab 5th (K) 
Carnell Wm., moulder, Apple ab Norris (K) 
(Barnes Jeanett, washerw. rear Fulton 
Carney Arthur, tavern, Green 8c Washington av 
Carney Barth., lab. Front bel Greenwich 
Carney Bernard L., hatter, 188 S 5th 
Carney Catharine, Salmon bel William (R) 
Carney Catharine, Front ab Laurel 
Carney Edward, lab. 2 John's ct 
Carney Francis, 20 Cypress 
Carney Henr\', police. Prime n 8th 
Carney James, bricklr. Lafayette ab 9th 
Carney John, stone cutter, 16tli ab Callowhill 
Carney John, paver, 4 Twelve Feet al 
Carney John, weaver. Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Carney John, lab. Flower 
(yarney Joseph, lab. 26 Almond 
Carney L., packer, 6 Hennitage pi 
Carney Margaret, shop, 84 Locust 
Carney Patrick, driver, 8tli and P road 
Carney Robert, lab. Western av 
Carney Robert, lab. 46 South 
Carney Robert, tavern, 15th and Wagoner's ct 
('arney Thomas, lab. Almond (R) 
Carney Thomas, lab. Sommerset (R) 
(/arney Thos., cordw. Stewart 
Carney Wm., lab. William bel Brown (R) 
('arney ^^'m. H., butclier, rear 472 Poplar 
("arns Ciiarles W., brickmr. 834 Lombard 
('arns PMward, well digger, Prime bel 10th 
("arns Mary, 5tli ab Po])lar 
(Jarolan J. E., engineer, 6 Plover 
(Caroline Christian, salesman, 7th ab Wa.shington 
Carolus Elizabeth, cupper, (::liarl()tte ab Brown 
Caron Eliza A., dry goods, 266 S 2d 
Carothers Ann, F road ab Orleans (R) 
Orothers Wm., coachmr. F roadab Orleans (R) 
('arpenter Aaron, clerk, 8 Lee 
Carpenter Albena, confcct. 333 Vine 

Carpenter Benj., tavern. Broad ab Locust 
Carpenter Caleb, dealer. Barley 

Crown and Willow, h 307 N 6th 
Carpenter Conrad, butcher, R road ab Girard aT 
Carpenter David, weaver, 19 N Clinton 
Carpenter D. H., surg. inst. mr. h 616 N 4th 
Carpenter D. L., teacher of dancing, S W 9th 

and Spring Garden, h 434 Callowhill 
CARPENTER EDWARD, conveyancer, 109 

Walnut, h 165 S 15th 
Carpenter Eliza S., '!>75 Vine 
Carpenter Francis, tailor, 267 Chestnut, h N 

W 3d and Cypress 
Carpenter George, clerk, 13th bel Wood 
Carpenter George W., druggist, 301 Market, h 

Carpenter Georgiana, b h, 217 S "5th 
Carpenter G. W., carp. 14 Perry 
CARPENTER G. W. & CO.," druggists, 301 

Carpenter Henry M., shoes, 265 S 2d 
Carpenter James B., tailor, 39 Commerce 
Carpenter James H., cabman, 16th ab Filbert 
Carpenter John, book br. 296 Shippen 
Carpenter John D., blacksm. 459 N 5th 
Carpenter John E., rulemr. 514 N 4th 
Carpenter John S., carp. Clinton ab Brown 
Carpenter Joshua, 226 S Juniper 
Carpenter Joseph C, carp. 287 N 11th 
Carpenter Margt., Freestone's ct 
Carpenter Marv A., 81 Tammany 
Carpenter Miles N., 95 N 2d 
Carpenter M. H., hatter, 313 N 2d 
Carpenter Richard, brickmr. 11 Green ab Pine 
Carpenter Rosanna, Marshall n 6th (S) 
Carpenter Samuel H., jr., 501 Walnut 
Carpenter Samuel H., 76^^ Walnut, h 501 W 

Walnut , 

Carpenter Samuel P., clerk, 383 N 11th 
Carpenter Samuel R., 501 W Walnut 
Carpenter Sarah, trimmings, 64 S 12th 
Carpenter Sarah C, milliner, 17 S 2d 
Carpenter S. Mrs., dress and cloak maker, 25 N 

Carpenter Wm., 92 S 8th 

Carpenter AVm., morocco dr. 370 St Jolm (K) 
Carpenter Wm., lab. 5 Lombard ct 
Carpenter Wm., carman, 50 Shippen 
Carpenter Wm., tailor, 267 Chestnut, h 597 Arch 
Carpenter Wm., ice dealer, h 81 Tammany 
Carpenter Wm. L., surg. inst. mr. 105 Apple 
CARPENTER W. & F., tailors, 267 Chestnut 
Carpentier Franci.s, gent. 413 Spruce 
Carpentier John C, oil manuf. Chestnut (W P) 

oflice, 123 S Front 
Carpentier, the Misses, young ladies' school, 

326 Walnut 
Carpet 'I'imothy, lab. West (R) 
Carr Charles, warper, G T road bel 6th 
Carr Cliarle.s, s:iwyer, Price (R) 
(Jarr Charles, bricknu-. 13th bel Federal 
Carr (;harles, l)lacksni. 102 Wharton 
Carr (Jha.s., in.strumentmr. 106 South 
Carr Chas., pedlar, Richmond bel Maple (R) 
('arr (^onlin, i)ricknu-. 13th bel Federal 
Carr & Brothers, ])lumbers, 166 N 4th 
Carr B. H., butcher, 146 Marlborough 




CaiT Daniel, feed store, Callowhill ab 21st 

Carr Daniel, lab. Salmon n Ann (R) 

Carr Daniel, grocer, S W 7th and Baker 

Carr David R., confect. 15th and Willow 

Carr Edward, lab. Aiin E 20th 

Carr Edward, mer. 23 Church al, h Rose Cot- 
tage (W P) 

CaiT Edward W., newspaper & telegraph agent, 
N W 3d and Walnut, h 440 N 4th 

Carr Edwin, jeweler, Charlotte ab Beaver 

Carr Eliza, dry goods, 619 S 2d 

Carr Esther, 5 Harmony (S) 

Carr George, painter, 7th bel Wharton 

Carr George, lab. 1 Reid's ct 

CARR GEO. W., whale bone cutter, 16 Willow, 
h 48 Callowhill 

Carr Henry, coachman, rear 25 Apple ti-ee al 

Carr Henry, brickmr. William n 19th 

Carr H. W., clerk, telegraph office, N E 3d and 
Chestnut, h 26 Perry 

Carr James, weaver, Norris bel Front (K) 

Carr James, lab. 2 St Mary 

Carr James, shop, 171 Locust 

Carr James, lab. Plynlimmon pi 

CARR JAMES H., conveyancer and real estate 
agent, 141 Walnut 

Carr Jane, b h, 131 S 13th 

Carr John, weaver, Harrison 

Carr John, lab. 76 Richmond 

Carr John, glass blower. Ash bel Franklin (K) 

Carr John, dealer. 111 Carlton 

Carr John, lab. 1 Quigg's row 

Carr John, lab. 250 Clinton 

Carr John, lab. Becket bel 17th 

Carr John, weaver, Norris bel Front (K) 

Carr John, vict. Brown ab Huntingdon (R) 

Carr John, weaver, rear Cadwalader ab Master 

Carr John, sheet iron worker, 925 Callowhill 

Carr John, lab. 13 Vernon 

Carr John, fetiip cai-p. William ct bet Crown & 

Carr John, lab. rear 492 N 3d 

Carr John, lab. Reed bel Front 

Carr Joseph, lab. Pearl n Nixon 

Carr Joseph, plumber, 9 Magnolia 

CaiT J. E., 7th ab Poplar 

Carr J. G. & G. H., dry goods, S E 5th and Pop- 
lar and 135 N 3d, h 48 Callowhill 

Carr Littleton, porter, 2 Salem 

Carr Maria, gentw. 52 Lombard 

Carr Mary, grocer, 109 Cherry 

Carr Mary, Almond (R) 

Carr Mary, 10th bel Jefferson 

Carr Martha, 2 Thome's ct (S G) 

Carr Matthew, plumber, 19th ab Pine 

Carr Michael, weaver, G T road bel Jefferson 

Carr Michael, lab. Fisher bel Emory (R) 

Carr Miles, lab. Salmon n Ann (R) 

Carr Mrs. F., school, George and Ashton 

Carr Patrick, lab. Christian ab Broad 

Carr Patrick, lab. Summer (R) 

Carr Pat., blacksm. Harmstead ab 21st 

Carr P. G. M., painter, 516 S 7th 

Carr Richard, lithog. printer, 213 M road 

Carr Robert, engineer, Reed bel Front 

Carr Robert, gent. Powell bel CheiTy (W P) 

Carr Robert, lab. 13th bel Federal 

Carr & Roberts, Misses, teachers, 118 Spruce 

Carr Samuel, blacksmith, Marlboro' ab Frank- 
Carr Samuel, weaver. Front ab Jefferson (K) 
Carr Samuel, lab. Lewis bel Master 
Carr Samuel, jr., blacksm. 146 Marlborough 
Carr Saml. M., letter carrier, 234 AVood ' 

Carr Sarah, binder, 155 Wood 
Carr Sarah, 117 N 10th 

Carr Stephen M., whale bone manuf. 29 Cherry 
Carr William, grocer, 130 N 2d 
Carr William, carp 130 N 2d 
Carr Wm., carter, Plover n 7th 
Carr Wm., weaver, Shippen W Broad 
Carr Wm., lab. Richard 
CaiT Wm. J., blacksm. Howell n 19th 
Carr Wm., tailor, Fitzwater ab Broad 
Carr Wm., bootmr. 497 Vine 
Carr Wm., furniture cars, 161 N 15th 
Carr Wm., lab. Wilcox 
Carr Wm., lab. Hope bel Phoenix 
Carr Wm. R., oysterman, 143 Lombard 
Carrahar James, lab. James n 8th 
Carre Lewis J., tinman, 344 High, h Winter 

bel 21st 
Carrell Hugh, lab. Church and Moore 
Carrell James, carp. Russell 
CarreU John, tavern, Swanson and Beck 
CaiTett Henry, pumpmr. Little Washington ab 

P road 
Carrice Wm. F., cordw. 13 Lebanon 
Carrick Alex., baker 19th ab Market 
Carrick James, packer, 23 Richard 
Carrick John, lab. Filbert n 19th 
Carrick Robt., lab. 17th and Lombard 
Carrick Thos., blacksm. Callowhill ab 21st 
Carrigan Ann, vestmr. 8 Charles (S) 
Carrigan Bernard, lab. rear 31 Plum 
Carrigan Chas., gent., 357 N 12th 
Carrigan Daniel, lab. Locust bel 20th 
Carrigan Edward, clerk, 23 Spruce 
Carrigan Jacob, 317 Race 

Carrigan Jacob J., clerk, Hanover bel West (K) 
Carrigan Jas., umbrella mr., 342 S 4th 
Cai-rigan Jas. lab. rear 139 Catharine 
Carrigan John, waiter, 8 Boyd's av 
Carrigan John, lab. S E 5th and Spruce 
Carrigan Matthew, dealer. Eagle ct 
Carrigan Pat., weaver, Hancock bel Master 
Carrington Wm. M., mer. 11 Chestnut, h 342 

Carroll Amelia, 216 S 7th 
Carroll Bridget, St. Paul's av 
Carroll Catharine, Harrison n 2lst 
Carroll Chas., lab. Sommerset ab Brown (R) 
Carroll Chas. W., clerk, Master ab Howard (K) 
Carroll Christ., mason, Cadwalader near Mont- 
Carroll Edward, lab. 9th ab L Washington 
Carroll Edward, cordw. 1083 Callowhill 
Carroll Edw., clerk, 4 Chancery la 
Carroll Henry, lab. Plover n 7th 
Carroll Hugh, lab. Church and Moore 
Carroll Jas., bootmr. rear 218 Christian 
Carroll Jas., harnessmr. 208 Shippen 
Carroll Jas., lab. 107 Swanson 
Carroll James, stone mason, Carroll's ct 
CJarroll James, drayman, 8th bel Catharine 
Carroll James, cai'ter, Centre bel 13th 




(i.ii'oll James, cordw. Biddle u William 
(• uToll John, weaver, Lombard ab 17th 
Carroll John, porter, rear 102 N Front 
(J;uToll John, tavern, N W Master and Cadwal- 

Carroll John, produce, 11 Marshall's ct 
Carroll John, porter 3 Shaffer'sct 
Carroll John, port, rear 44 Shippen 
Carroll John, lab. Ross' ct 
Carroll John W., agent, 260 Federal 
Carroll Joseph, dealer, Wvatt ab 7th 
Carroll Joseph, weaver, Briiiton bel 13th 
Carroll Joseph C, papermr. 12 Decatur, h 27 

Carroll Martin, shoemr. 17 Arch 
Carroll Mary, saleswoman, 41 S 2d 
Carroll & Matlack, brlcklrs. 75 Race 
CarroU Maurice, shoemr. 18 Jones' al,h 2 Chan- 
cery la 
Carroll Mich., lab. Rose bel Oak (W P) 
Carroll Michael, lab. 8th and Dickerson 
Carroll Michael, lab. William and Bath (R) 
Carroll Michael, lab, M'Cann's ct 
Carroll Michael, cowkeeper, 9th and P road 
Carroll Nicholas, fireman, 627 S 3d 
Carroll Patrick, tailor, 243 Ridg-e road 
Carroll Pati-ick, porter, James 
Carroll Patrick, bricklr. 5 Central pi 
Carroll Patrick, lab. rear Lehig-h 
Carroll Patrick, bricklr. 5 Central pi 
Carroll Patrick, liquor store, Pine n Lombard 
Carroll Pat. lab. 1U2 S Front 
Carroll Pat., carp. Washington ab Moore (W P) 
Carroll Patrick, carp. 8 Federal 
Carroll Patrick, carp. 5 Wistar av 
Carroll Pat., lab. 396 N Front 
Carroll Peter, weaver, Wallace W Coates 
Carroll Robert, weaver, 2d ab Montg-omery (K) 
Carroll Saml., painter, 2 Orleans 
CARROLL THOMAS, tavern, 30 Market 
Carroll Tlios., tailor, 1 Pleasant's ct 
Carroll Timothy, watchmr. 66 Og-den 
Carroll Wm., g-rocer, N W 2d and Jefferson (K) 
Carroll Wm., rag-s, 63 S Front 
Carroll Wm., lab. 71 Otter (K) 
Carrow Jolm, jewelry manuf. 104 Chestnut, h 

Locust E ieth 
Carruthers James, whipmr. 30 Church 
Carryl Gto. W., clerk, 169 Chestnut 
CARRYL WM. H., curtain materials, 169 Chest- 
nut, h 94 Arch 
Caron Eliza A., dry g-oods, 266 S 2d 
Carse Wm. H., g'ardener, F road ab Hunting-don 

Carsey Susanna, 2 Black Hoise road (K) 
Carskad<kr Joiin M., clerk, 98 Market 
Carsley Josc|)li, blacksm. Clair 
Carson Alfred, tninkmr. 8th bel Wharton 
Car.son Anna, dressmr. 36 Coates al 
Carson C, g-as littt-r and plumber, 291 R road 
Carson Edw., carter, Linden ab F road 
Carson Enos, hackman, 2d n Jarvis 
Carson Coorg-e, lab. 514 l^ombard 
Carson (ico. C, mer. 39 S Del av 
Carson Harljert J., seaman, 35 Penn 
CARSOX & HELMU TH, mer. bro. 65 S Front 
Carson Henry, carp. 7 Bread, h York av 
Carson Henry, cot. brok. 65 S Front, h 106 S 8Ui 

Carson Henrv W., carp. 7 Bread, h 99 York av 

CARSON H.'l., mer. 12 S Front 

Carson James, saddler. Temple bel 13th 

Carson James, lab Jones n 18th 

Carson Jas. W., mer. 79 N 3d 

Carson Jane, b h, 51 N 7th 

Carson John, hatter^ 10 Sterling- h al 15 Noble 

Carson John, carp. 381 Marshall 

Carson John, drover, Faii-mount n Sp Garden 

Carson John, morocco dresser, Justice's ct 

Carson John, wea:\-er, Philip ab Jefferson 

Carson John M., brickmr. Pearl bel l5th 

Carson Jos., weaver, Lombard bel 21st 

Carson Jos., M. D., 1 Virg-inia row 

Carson Mary, Miller's ct 

Carson Matthew, weaver, Biddle n Nixon 

CARSON & NEWBOLD, mers. 39 S Del av 

Carson Rachel, 12th bel Spruce 

Carson Robt., weaver. Front ab Master 

Carson Robert, varnisher, 32 Larch 

Cai-son Samuel, weaver, 255 S 3d 

Carson Samuel, lab. F road ab Norris 

Carson & Sharp, hatters, 10 Sterling- al 

Curson Thos., grocer, 476 Callowhill 

Carson Thos., mer. 36 Marshall 

Carson Thomas, sultsman, 158 Market 

Carson Thos. B., 399 Brown 

Carson Wm., cordw. Dewees' ct 

Carson Wm., weaver, Philip bel Oxford 

Carson Wm., oysters, S E 2d and South, h 36 

• South 
Carson Wm., tavern. South ab 15th 
Carson Wm., tavern. South st. wharf 
Carstairs Chas. S., mer. 86 S Front 
Carstairs James, mer. 112 S wlifs, h 31 Lombard 
Carstairs Thomas, mer. 86 S Front, h 31 Lom- 
Carsteans John, tailor, 9 Collin's al 
Carswell Matthew W., 7th ab Brown 
Carter Abraham, carp. 78i N Front, h 30 El- 

freth's al 
Carter Albert, carp. 3 Steinmetz ct 
Cai-ter Ann, Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Carter Ann, 153 S 9th 
Carter A., carter. Orange ab Washington 
Carter Charles, wheelvvrt. 370 R avenue, h 56 

Carter Chas., M. D., 478 Walnut 
Carter Charles Ignatius H., Rev., Sp Gaiden ab 

Carter Daniel, lab. 51 Currant al 
Carter Edward, bricklr. Pleasant bel 13th 
Carter Eliza C, wid. of D. B., 46 S 13th 
Carter Elizabeth, 530 Brown 
Carter Elizabeth, b h, 29 York av 
Carter Ellis, gas fitter, 18 Brown 
Carter E. L.,\vi. D., S W 9th and South 
Carter Francis, bar tender, 17 Rodman 
CAR'I'Eli GEORGE, real est. broker, 90 N 5th 
Carter (ii. orge, stone mason, Lancaster Pike ab 

6th (W P) 
Carter Geo. C, Clerk, 169 Chestnut 
Carter Goo. M., chair manuf. 211 N 2d 
Carter Humphrey, waiter, 1 Jones' ct 
Carter H., waiter. Oak bel Hose (W P) 
Carter Jacob, china, 9th and Wallace, h 609 N 

Carter Ja-s., cooper, 25 Concord 




Carter James T., h 39 N 15th 

Carter John, lab. Gilback's pi (K) 

Carter John, cheni. 84 Arch, h 105 S 12th 

Carter John, cordw. 29 York av 

Carter J. G., cooper, 45 Commerce, h 9th above 

Carter Joseph, cabinetmr. 195 S 7th 
Carter Jos., framer. Perry bel Columbia (K) 
Carter Jos., carter, Brown's ct ab Nixon 
Carter Lavinla, 13 Green (C) ab Pine 
Cai-ter Marg-aret, trimmings, N W 5t}i &. Powell 
Carter Margaret, g-entw. 137 N 9th 
Cai'ter Martha, washerw. rear 1 Harmony (S) 
Carter Mary, wid. of Enoch, 10 Elmslie's al 
Carter Mary Ann, 519 S Front 
CiU'ter Noah, waiter, 1 Lisle 
Carter Paul D., atty. at law 99 S 5th 
Carter Reginald W., capt. Washington below 

Carter Robert, engineer, Huston and Railroad 

Carter Robt. T., mail agent, h 132 S 5th 
Carter Samuel H., coppersm. 9 and 11 Branch 
Cai-ter & Scattergood, manuf. chemists, office 

84 Arch, & N W Beach and Shippen 
CARTER SHARON, collector, 105 Buttonwood 
Cai-ter Wm. J., druggist, S W 16th & Chestnut 
Carter Wm. M., mer. 45 S 3d, h 46 S 13th 
Carter Wm. T., broker, 274 Pine 
Carteret Elizabeth, trimmings, 248 South 
Carteret Emily, capmr. 187 Pine 
Carteret Jos. W., 340 S. 5th 
Carth John, confect. 66 George (N L) 
Cartledge Jos., stone cut. Federal bel 10th 
Caitwright Isaac, dealer, 607 Philip (K) 
Cartwright Jane, washerw. rear Russell 
Cai-twright Mary, 200 George (S) 
Caitwright Matthew, tin worker, 574 N 5th 
Carty Alexander, butcher, 29 Concord 
Carty Chas., blacksm. Coates ab 21st 
Carty Charles, capt. 72 Catharine 
Carty Josiah, hatter, 2 James 
Carty Micliael, lab. Ward's ct 
Carty Randolph F., hodmr. 2 James 
Carty Sumpter, cordw. 22 W North 
CARUTH, TERRY & DEW, hardware, 154 

Caruth Henry C, mer. 154 Market, h 201 Arch 
Carver Alexander B., convey. S W 9th and Fil- 
bert, h 464 Arch 
CARVER A. B. & CO., conveyrs. S W 9th and 

Carver David, Vine and 20th 
€ai-ver Eli, b h, 25 New 
Carver Hannah, b h, 78 W Willow- 
Carver Lsaac, turner, 31 Dock, h 415 S 3d 
Carver Jacob, umbrellas, Palmer n F road 
Carver Jacob, convey. S W 9th and Filbert, h 

410 Vine 
Carver Jolin E., architect, 51 N 6th, h 233 N 9th 
Carver Jolin R., carp. 8 Rittenhouse 
Carver Joseph L., drover, 636 Coates 
Carver Margt., Palmer bel F road (K) 
Carver Samuel, atty. at law, S W 9th & Filbert 
Carver Strickland, carp. Bedford n 
Cai'ver William B., conveyancer, S W 9th and 

Carver Wm. B., printer, 491 N 13th 

Carvin Robert, clerk, 17 S 10th 

Carvill Wm., weaver, Peary bel Master 

("arwell John, painter, 17 Plover 

Gary Pat., weaver, Mariner ab 13th 

Case Fred., hatter, Addison ab 17th 

Case Jesse P., 147 N 3d 

Case John, tailor, 16 Nagle 

Case Samuel H., dry goods, 4 S 13th 

Casely Alex., carp. 409 S 3d 

Casey Arthur, pap. stainer, Becket ab 16th 

Casey Daniel, lab. 7 Prospect alley 

Casey Elizabeth, washer, 8 Laurel 

Casey Francis, weaver, Cadwalader n Oxford 

Casey & Guyant, glass cutter, Quarry n Bread 

Casey James, ostler, Hyde's ct 

Casey James, tailor, 144 P road 

Casey James, lab. 4 Widfield pi 

Casey James, grocer, N E Bedford and 6th 

Casey James, waiter, 353 S 13th 

Casey James, waiter, 567 Christain 

Casey Jas., note and bill broker, 46^ Walnut 

Casey James, weaver, 139 G T road 

Casey James, lab., Lombard n 18th 

Casey James D., glass cutter. Quarry n Bread, 

h 55 Vienna 
Casey John, porter, 189 S Front 
Casey John, lab. Pleasant ab 11th 
Casey John, lab. 76 Walnut 
Casey John, grocer, 152 N 12th 
Casey John, liquor store, Washington (W P) 
Casey John, lab. 314 South 
Casey John, ostler, 11 Hyde's ct 
Casey John H., mer. 98 Market 
Casey John J., tailor, 148 Pine 
Casey J., geiit., 531 Walnut 
Casey Mary, sempstress, rear 262 South 
Casey Mich., carp. Coates ab Nixon 
Casey Michael, shoemr. 35 Crown 
Casey Michael, lab. 15 Barker 
Casey Patrick, lab. rear 12 Cresson's al 
Casey Pat., mor. dress. 13 Apple 
Casey Peter, shop, S E Pine and Penn 
Casey Peter, jr., tavern, 78 N Water 
Casey P., lab. 4 South ab Broad 
Casey Richard, confectioner, 275^ S 5tli 
Casey Thos., lab. 2 Relief pi 
Casey Thomas, grocer, 10th and Carpenter 
Casey Thos., lab. rear 27 Ogden 
Casey Wm., lab. 20th and Locust 
Casey Wm. M., 324 Spring Garden 
CASH ANDREW D., convey. 80 Walnut, h 422 

Spruch ab 12th 
Cash Elizabeth, wid. of Thomas, 73 S 13th 
Cash Geo. S., mer. UN 6th, h 6 Lancaster Pike 

(W P) 
Cash John, superintendentR. R.Lancaster Pike 

(W P) 
Cash Thomas M., 18th n Vine 
Cashin Martin, clerk, 83 Shippen 
Caskel Elizabeth, b h, Paschal's al bel 5th 
Caskey Ann, b h, 9 Washington sq 
Caskey Benj., steelmr. 27 Beach 
Caskey John, weaver, Hope ab -Phoenix (K) 
Caskey Joseph, 235 Spruce 
Caslaw John, weaver, 365 S 10th 
Caslin Timothy, lab. 10 Beach ab Brown 
Casner Jacob, carp. Vienna bel Franklin ay 
Casperson Ann, rear 14 German 




Cassabone Heniy, tavern, 177 S Front 

Cassaday James W., grocer, 264 S 2d 

Cassaday Pat., porter, 149 S 2d 

Cassaday Wm., tailor, L Washington ab 7th 

Cassaday Wm., planer, Fitler n 2d (K) 

Cassady Alex., charcoal, S E Wheat and Keef 

Cassady Bernard, 293 S 7th 

Cassady & Burke Misses, dry goods, Pine near 

■ 20th 
Cassady Catharine, Little Oak and Shirker's al 
Cassady Chas., weaver, 2d ab Master (K) 
Cassady Cornelius D., baker, 459 Market 
Cassady Daniel, mason, Philip belJefferson (K) 
Cassady David B., M. D., 27 Pine 
Cassady Dennis, painter, 4 Furloughs ct 
Cassady Edw., g"ent,. Carpenter ab 11th 
Cassady Eliza, tailoress. Baker bel 8th 
Cassady Elizabeth, Cassady's ct 
Cassady Felix, carter, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Cassady Francis, weaver, G T road ab Master 

Cassady Francis, weav., G T road bel Jeft'erson^Castner & Rothermel, coal yai-d. Broad n Cal- 

Cassady Henrj'^, lab. Carpenter ab 13th 

Cassady Henry, seg-armr. 301 S 3d 

Cassady Ilug^h, collector, 306 Pine 

Cassady James, driver, 1 Willow ct 

Cassady James, lab. Market and 20th 

Cassady Jas., 15 Swanson 

Cassady James, lab. 20th bel Willow 

Cassady John, baker, 15th ab Girard 

Cas.sady John, carp. 308 S Carpenter 

Cassady J. B., florist, 6th n Little Poplar 

Cassady Marg'aret, tailoress, Washington pi 

Cassady Margaret, rear 125 Christain 

Cassady Michael, weaver, N W 3d and Stanley 

Cassady Patrick, sup. Moy. prison. Federal ab 

Cassady Patrick, tailor, 10th & L. Waseington 
Cassadv Pat., shop 512 N Front 
Cassady P. H., baker, 10 N 9th, h 29 Logan sq 
Cassady Richard, porter, Wilson ct 
Cassady Thos., mast mr., 16 Beck 
Cassal John, hod carrier, 130 Adams (K) 
Casseday Charles A., straw hat finisher, 43 

Casseday Davis B., M. D., 27 Pine 
CASSEDAY JAMES & SON, grain mers., 121 

S Water, h 27 Pine 
Casseday Joseph A., mer., 121 S Water, h 27 

Casscdy Francis A., "book agt., 62 Almond 
Cassedy James, vict., Reed ab 8th 
Cass<:(ly Patrick, gent, 10 Little Washington 
Cassel Wm., dravman, rear St Jolin ab George 
Ca.s.selberry Han'nah, 435 N 2d 
Casselbeny Isaac D., tninkmr., 421 Coates 
Cassellxrry &, Brother, chuggist, N W 2d and 

Cassel! Frederick, cordw., 64 Vine 
43a.sseiman Jolin, l)()otmr., 9tli ab Wallace 
Casserly Jolin, siiip carp., 60 George (S) 
Ca.ssey Joscpli, 269 S 9th 
Cassiday llugii, mer., 32 Walnut, h 9 Lewis 
Cassiday James, weaver, 6 Weaver'.s ct 
Cassiday Lewis C, atty. at law, 130 S 3d, h 244. 

S Stii 
Cassiday Mich., shop, crown ab Franklin av 
Cassiday Wm. shop, 158 New Market 
Casbidy Cornelius, lab., Willow ab Pine 

Cassidy Edwd., cordw., 5 W^ashington pi 

Cassidy Henry, lab., 141 Fitzwater 

Cassidy James, blacksm., 10 Gaffney's av 

Cassidv Jas., lab., 15 Swanson 

CASSIDY JOHN H., sailor's home, 204 S Front 

Cassidy Thos., dealer, 160 Shippen 

Cassidy Pat., weaver, Lloyd n Shippen 

Cassin John, 7o Union 

Castello A. H., pumpmr., Worth bel 4th 

Castello Wm., lab., 144 N Front 

Caster Edmund, shoe mr., 326 Poplar 

Castillon G. E., importer, 16 Walnut 

CASTLE JAMES H., atty. and coun., office 

33 S 5th, h 5 Portico sq 
Castle Joseph, Rev., 340 N 13th 
Castle Joseph, lab., 12th ab Federal 
Castle Robert, rag store, R av and Pleasant 
Castle W'm., printer, 14 State 
Castner John, mer., 117 S 3d, h 26 Union 
Castner John H., painter, 450 N 4th 

CASTNER & ROTHERMEL, coal mers., 117 

Castner Samuel,mer., 67 S whfs., h 269 S Front 
Castor George, gas fitter, rear 74 S 2d 
Castor John lab., 58 Callowhill 
Castor Samuel, farmer, 137 Melon 
Caswell Mahlon, clerk, 8 N 3d 
Caswell Wm., awingmr., 7th bel Federal 
Catanach Arch., carp., Lombard E Broad 
Caterson Mary Ann, 25 Sansom 
Caterson Wm. M., gilder, 25 Sansom 
Cath Thomas, 18tli ab Vine 
Cathcart Alex., shoemr., 208 Queen 
Cathcart David, lab., Norris & Hancock (K) 
Cathcart James, tavern, Franklin ab Hancock 
Cathcart James, pol. officer. Filbert W 19th 
Cathcart John, pol. officer, 16th bel Lombard 
Cathcart John M., cooper, 96 N Water, h rear 6 

Elfreth's al 
Cathcart Margaret, Franklin ab Hancock 
Cathcart Thomas, carp., Hudson's al, h Lombard 

ab nth 
Cathcart Wm., shoemr., George ab 16th 
Cathcart W., cooper, 3 Mary 
(^atherall Benj., paper hanger, 9th and Brown 
Catherall B &, Son., pap. hangers, S E 9tli and 

Catherall George, paper hanger, 68 Coates 
GATHERS J. M., alderman, 325 Richmond (R) 
(Jathrall A. M., Cherry, W 16th 
(Jatherill Hannah, .saleswoman, 41 S 2d 
Cathervvood Andrew J., mer., agent for Ulster 

Banking Co., 62 N 2d, h 28 Race 
Catherwood Hugh, mer., 62 N 2d, h 425 Walnut 
CATHERWOOD II. & SON, wines & liquors, 

62 N 2d 
Catherwood John, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Catherwood Samuel B., mer., 90 W Mai-ket, h 

425 Walnut 
Catlet Wm., seaman, 13 Emeline 
Catlin Edwd., sawyer, Beach bel Marlboro' 
Catlin John, tobacconist, N W Front & Ahnond 
CatmuU Leonard W., clotliing, 45 N 4th 
(Jatmuil Sanuiel, dry goods, 649 South 
Cato Hestt r, washer, 17 Mayiand 
Caton Eil.,mor. dres., Shackamaxon ab Bedford 




Caton John, oak cooper, Maiden ab Beach 

Catsenberger Nathan, shop, 66 Union 

Catt Henry, lab., Beatty's ct (K) 

Cattell Alex. G., com. mer., 13 N Del av, h 88 

N Front 
Cattell Andrew C, mer., 67 Chestnut, h 108 

CATTELL A G & CO., com mers., 13 N Del 

av and 23 N Water 
Cattell Elijah, lumber mer.. Willow street wlif., 

h 202 N Front 
Cattell James, lab., Hamilton ct 
Cattell Samuel W., mer., 80 N 4th, h N Ritten- 

Catts Mich., mach., Broad ab Wallace 
Catts Wm., cordw., Warren bcl Mary (W P) 
Cauet Armand, sug-ar rcf., 37 St John, h 57 Vine 
Cauff Ridgeway, tanner, 93 Alder 
Cauffman A., blacksm., Clearfield bel Waterloo 
Cauftrnan Craig-, carp., Waterloo ab Amber (R) 
Cauffman Joseph, clerk, 944 Callowhill 
Cauffman Joseph, chair mr., 42 Union 
Cauffman Marcus, mer., 62 N 3d, h 391 N 6th 
Cauffman, Rog-g-enburger & Co., dry goods, 62 

Cauffman R. S., mer., 26 N 3d, h 125 N 9th 
Cauffman Sarah F., 125 N 9th 
Cauffman T. F., mer., 26 N 3d, h 20th ab Race 
Caulbert Wm., lab., Lehigh ab Richmond 
Caull Fred, shop. Market W 17th 
Caullett Sarah, 187 Wharton 
Caulk Thos., currier, 600 S 2d 
Caum Wm., 634 N 3d 
Causey John, tailor, rear 65 Carroll 
Cavanaugh Caroline, h 23 Chatham 
Cavanaugh D., Alder ab Poplar 
Cavanaugh James, carp., 726 N 10th 
Cavanaugh John, porter, 147 Market, h 10 Ken- 

wortliy's ct 
Cavanaugh John, Tyler ab Thompson 
Cavanaugh Jos., porter, 147 Market, h Cheny 

ab 4th 
Cavanaugh Joseph, porter, 8 Quigg's row 
Cavanaugh J., tailor, Hanley's ct 
Cavanaugh Mary, 12 Lybrand 
■Cavanaugh Michael, 90 Queen (S) 
'Cavanaugh Mich., lab., rear o7S S Front 
•Cavanaugh Mich., lab., 726 N 10th 
^Cavanaugh Peter, lab., 20 Almond 
Cavanaugh Sarah, rear 7 Dillwyn 
Cavanaugh Thomas, lab., 782 N 10th 
Cavanaugh Thomas, lab., 20 Almond 
Cavanaugh Wm., 102 Fitzwater 
Cavanaugh Wm., lab., 65 Federal 
Cave James, weaver, Madison bcl Carpenter 
Cave ^arah, b h, 15 Lagrange pi 
Cave Sarah T., Chestnut ab 18th 
Caven Robert, manuf.. Winter W 
Cavenaug'h Edward W., clerk, 232 Wharton 
Cavenaugh John, lab., Philip n Jefferson (K) 
Cavende'r E. M., acct., 26 S 2d, h Race W 17th 
Cavender Jane, Mrs., cigars, 273 Callowhill 
Cavender John, coachman, 11 Dean 
CAVENDER JOHN H., convey., S W Chatham 

and Green, h 205 Green 
Cavender John L., Front ab Master 
■Cavender Midi., lab., 21st and Arch 
Cavender Tiios. S., convey 5th and Green 

Caverow Wm., plasterer, 712 N 12th 
Caves Thomas, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Cavester Edwd., conductor, 292 Richmond (R) 
Caviat James, dealer, 314 S 7th 
Cavin Samuel, pap. hanger, 607 S 4th 
Caviston Richd., grocer, Sorel bel Larch (R) 
Cawley Samuel B., bricklr., 90 S Washington 
Cawnian Alex., millwright, 13 Wilson 
Cawman Mary, 22 Almond 
Cayot Henrj', cabtmr., 52 Zane 
Cead John W., waterman, 178 Marlborough 
Cecil John, gilder, 4th bel Franklin (K) 
Cecil Thomas, Mrs., bottler, 356 Front 
Cecil Wm. J., carp., 18 Rittenhouse 
Cefheil Daniel, grocer, Laurence and 14th 
Celvern John, lab., Hope n Howard (K) 
Ccoughlin Mich., grocer. Beach and Spruce 
Cephas L., carter, 49 Moore bel Front 
Cephas Thomas, carter, 89 German 
Cerad Jos. H., trunk mr., 7 Clark 
•Certier Geo., watch springmr., 53 Union 
Cetti Andrew C, examiner, 22 Walnut 
Chadwick Elijah M., tailor, 4th bel Reed 
Chadwick Francis, salesman, 16 Noble 
Chadwick Henry, cabinetmr., 9 Short's ct 
Chadwick H. S., packer, Marlboro' bel Frank- 
lin av 
Chadwick Peter B., broker. Cedar bel 20th 
Chadwick Rebecca, confect., 415 S 2d 
Chadwick Thomas, watchmr., 474 S 9th 
Chadwick Thomas., carp., 9th bel Washington 
Chadwick Thoma,s, tobacco, 195 S 20th 
Chadwick T. B., baker, Lombard n 20th 
Chaflin O. S., Poplar W Broad 
Chaffant John E., salesman, 9 Vine 
Chaffee James, mer., 164 Market, h 352 Green 
Chaffee Wm., mer., 164 Market, h 350 Green 
CHAFFEES & STOUT, dry goods, 164 Mar- 
ket, and ciS Merchant 
Chainlaver Chas., macht., 371 Carlton 
Chalfant Robert, salesman, 59 N 3d 
Chalon J., clerk, 146 Wallace 
Chaloner A. D., M. D., 15th bel Spruce 
Chaloner Wm., prest. Florence & Keyport Co. 
S E Dock and Walnut, h 15th bel Spruce, 
Chall Patrick, tanner, 7 Esther pi, h Front ab. 

Chamberlain Abner M., 774 V ne 
Chamberlain Chas., carp., 197 Parrish 
CHAMBERLAIN C. R, M. D., dentist, 16., 

Chamberlain Elijah, 461 Arch 
Chamberlain Elizabeth, gentw., 533 N 10th 
Chamberlain Geo., 13 Harrison av (K) 

and Shippen 
Chamberlain Henry, carp., 134 Ogden 
Chamberlain Horatio, clerk, 297 Parrish 
Cliamherlain James R., cordw.. Goldsmith's ct 
Clianiberlain John, guager, Parrish ab 15th 
Chamberlain John, trader, 8th bel Wharton 
Cliamherlain John T., dentist, 141 Spruce 
Chamberlain Joshua, fireman, 7th and Haver- 
ford (W P) 
Chamln'rlain Lloyd, sect'y and treas. Beaver 

Meadow R. R. Co., 84 Walnut 
Chamberlain Taylor, nilllwt., 218 Huttonwood 
Chamberlain Thomas, blacksm., Siialcross n 2d 




rhamberlain Wm., weaver, 719 N 10th 
Chamberlain William H., potter, Apple below 

Chamberhiine Samuel, bookbr.. Oak ab Bridge 

av (W P) 

and Spruce 
Chamberlin Wm., blacksmith, Green near Gra- 
ham (W P) 
(Chambers Abraham, 8 Juniper 
('hambers Alexander R., trimg-s., 154 Franklin 
Chambers Andrew, carter, 719 South 
Chambers Andrew R., mer., 67 & 495 Chestnut 
Chambers Ann, South ab 15th 
Chambers A. H., trimming-s, 12 N 2d 
Chambers Cath., 15 IJarclay 
CHAMBERS & CATTELL, leather dealers, 

67 Chestnut 
Chambers Elizabeth, tailoress, 462 S 4th 
Chambers David, lab., 452 Race 
Chambers David, bricklay.. Carpenter ab 3d 
Chambers David M., mer., 85 N 3d 
Chambers D. C, oysterman, 119 Swanson 
Chambers Edwd. W., rigg-er, 12 Beck 
Chambers Ezra, seaman, rear 11 Crown 
Chambers Francis, paper stainer, 12 Hari'ison's 

av (K) 
Chambers Geo., marble polish., Carlton ab 21st 
Chambers Geo. K., g'rocer, 13 N Water, h N W 

10th and Castle 
Chambers G. W., tinsm., 482 N 3d 
Chambers G. W., M. D., S W 4th and Plum 
Chambers Hannah, variety store, 250 S 6th 
Chambers Henry P., clerk, N W 5th & Powell 
(chambers Henrietta, 197 Christian 
Chambers Isaac, waiter, 4 Mercer 
Chambers Jacob., brickly., James n 7th 
Chambers Jame.s, boatman, 14 Beach 
("hambers James, jr., plumber, 306 Callowhill 
Chambers James, spooler, 30 South 
Chambers Jame-s, clerk, 165 S llthj 
Chambers James, plumber, 147 R av 
('hambers Jame.s, painter, 306 Callowhill 
('hambers Jas. S., printer, 25 Madison 
(JhaiTibers John, weaver, 226 Howard (K) 
(Jhambcrs John, lab., Morris bel Pine 
(Chambers John, .stone cut.. Wood ab 15th 
(Chambers John, Rev., 402 Walnut 
Chambers John, ship joiner, Lancaster above 

(Chambers John, 12 R av ab Buttonwood 
(Chambers John, weaver, 89 Ma.stcr (K) 
(;hambers John, whf. builder. Corn ab Reed 
(Chambers John, baker, 40 W South 
('hambers John, machinist, 4th bel George 
Chambers John, tav., Howard bel Jefferson (K) 
('hanil)ers John H., ven. blindmr., 165 Shippen 
Chambc rs John H., mer., 67 Chestnut, h 483 

<'ham!)ers Joseph, boxmr., 7 Plum 
(;haml)ers Martha, 5 Philip 
Ciianibcrs Montgoniery, M. D., 178 Spnice 
Chami)crs N., waiter, 19 Watson's al 
Clianibers Robert grocer, N E Thomp.son' and 

Chanil)ers Robt., harness mr., 8 Wall 
Chaiiibt IS Rol)ert, carter, Bedford l)el Broad 
Chambers Robert, tinsm., 226 Howard (K) 

Chambers Richard, vinegar manuf, 12th below 

Chambers Samuel, 357 Noble 
Chambers Sarah, laundress, 2 Watson's al 
Chambers Thomas, lab., Richard 
Chambers Wm., artist, 68 S 12th 
Chambers Wm., stone cut., Catharine bel 13th 
Chambers AVm., weaver, rear 87 Master (K) 
Chambers Wm., marketman, 457 N 12th 
Chambers Wm. B., artist, 68 S 12th 
CHAMBERS WILLIAM B., grocer, N E 5th 

and Pine 
Chambery John J., salesman, 169 Market 
Cliamblin Isaac, waterman, rear 78 Catharine 
Champion C. Collins, clerk, 99 Market, h 5th 

bel Poplar 
CHAMPION DAVID B., tavern, 66 Washing- 
ton av 
Champion Israel, stoves, Simpson's ct 
Champneys B., judge, 14 N 7th 
Champrony John B., fringe mr., 85 N 3d 
Chan Isaac, let. carrier, P. O., h 120 Dillwyn 
Chan Sophia, 134 Brown 
Chance John, mai-iner, 22 Union (S) 
CHANCE J. C, diy goods, 530 and 532 VT 

Chance Robert C, com. mer., h 114 Redwood 
Chance Spencer, waterman, Front bel Green- 
Chance Thomas, waterman, rear 11 Concord 
Chance Wm., hardware. Front bel Master (K) 
(Chancellor Cath., dry goods, Wood and R road 
Chancellor Wliarton, 337 Chestnut 
Chancellor Wm., gent., 337 Chestiuit 
(Chandlee Thomas, turner, 143 Phoenix (K) 
Chandlee Geo., carp., Sheaff' al, h I6th below 

Chandler Ann, 71 S 2d 
Chandler Ann, 17 L Washington 
CHANDLER CHARLES H., 164 Chestnut, h 

184 S Queen 
Chandler Geo., Rev., 184 Queen bel Palmer 
Chandler James B., acct., 97 N 10th 
Chandler John, sign painter, Scliool av 
Chandler John, plasterer, (ioodbrcad pi 
Chandler John, grocer, 159 S 6th 
Cliandler Jolin B., book-keeper, Shackamaxon 
CHANDLER JOSEPH R., gent., 109 N 10th 
Chandler Joshua, waterman, Front bel Green- 
Chandler Roberts, gardener, Nixon ab Penna ay 
Cliandler Thomas J., bricklr., 9 Union pi 
Chandler W. G., convey., 189 N 3d 
Chandler Wm., printer, 64 Wood 
Cliandler Wm., merchant, 76 Redwood 
Channel J., turner, 99 Melon 
Chantry Alfred W ., tailor, 192 Market, h 2312 

N 6th 
Chantz Adam, cordw., 48 Brown 
Chapenian Samuel, cordw., Franklin bel Char^ 

lotte (K) 
CHAPIN W.M., principal. Institute for Blind, 

20th and Race 
Chapin Wm., F., capt., 380 S 3d 
Chaplin Wm. J., acct. 48 Market, h 149 N lltb 
(Chapman Alfied, grocer, Washington ab Co- 

luniljia (K) 
Chaiiinan Chas. S., bricklr. 10 Logan 




Chapman D. J., grocer and coffee roaster, 70 

Dillwyn, h Thompson W 15th 
Chapman Edwin A., coppersm. Carroll ab 12th 
Chapman Enos, carp. 18 Cailtcn 
Chapman Francis J., Warren bel Mary (WP) 
Chapman Geo. R., dealer, Sp Garden bel 15th, 

h 142 N 13th 
Chapman Hamilton, weav. Philip ab Master (K) 
Chapman Hannah, Warren bel Mary (W P) 
CHAPMAN & HEYS, dnig-gists, 6 Callowhill 

n Fairmount 
Chapman Henry, tea packer, 3 S Front 
Chapman Henry B., clerk, 4th and Haverford 

Chapman James, carp. Warren bel Marj' (WP) 
Chapman John, sig-n writer, 151 Sp Garden 
Chapman John, tobacconist, 511 S 2d 
Chapman John, sign painter, 12th ab Brown 
Chapman John, weaver. Mariner bel Broad 
Chapman John, broker, S W 7th and Shippen 
Chapman John, lab. West (R) 
Chapman John V., clerk, 2 Prime 
Chapman Jona., clerk, 327 N 10th 
Chapman Joseph, mason, 28 Georg-e (K) 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 12 N 10th 
Chapman Mary, 99 Wood 
Chapman Mary A., shirtmr. 34 Milton 
Chapman Nath., M. D., 332 Chestnut 
Chapman Rich., M. D., 444 N Front 
Chapman Rich., stationery, 517 N 2d 
Chapman Samuel, M. D., Callowhill n Fairm'nt 
Chapman Sarah Ann, b h, 151 S 10th 
Chapman Theodore, bricklr. 216 N 9th 
Chapman Thomas, carp. 18th and Georg'e 
Chapman Thomas, coachman, S W Shippen & 

Chapman Thos. B., macht. 132 Queen, h Queen 

bel Hanover (K) 
Chapman T. EUwood, stationery and blank 

books, 1 S 5th, h 125 Wallace 
Chapman Wm., bricklr. 289 N 8th 
Chapman Wm. R., coal dealer, 220 N 11th 
Chapouty S. Mrs., g'entw. 321 S 8th 
Chappelle Jas. H., publisher fashions, 98 Arch 
Chapron J. B., atty. 30 S 5th, h 116 S 17th 
Charbonnier Henry, lithographer, L Washing-- 

ton n 7th 
Chard Wm., g-rocer, Shackamaxon and Bedford 
Chard Wm., miller, Bath ab Sorrel (R) 
Charde Chas., Long- Lane and Prime 
Chardon Samuel, clerk, 331 Lombard 
Charier Madam F. M., teacher, 156 S 4th 
Chaiion Philip, clothing-, 182 Shippen 
Charles David, confectl 286 S 8th 
Charles Georg-e, stereotyper, 9 Sansom, h 865 

North 8th 
Charles John, watchman, 64 G T road 
Charles John, lab. Richmond and Lehig-h (R) 
Charleston Edw., mor. dr. Deacon ab Girard av 
Charlton Ann, Brown's ct 
Charlton Chas., mor. finisher, 222 F road 
Charlton John, boot fitter, School ab Rose (K) 
Charlton John, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Charlton John P., clerk, 26 S 4th 
Charlton Mary Ann, 331 S 3d 
Charlton Martha, 15tli ab Arch 
Charlton Robei-t, hatter, 19 Mechanic 
Charlton Susan, janitiess, Simpson's ct 

Charlton Thomas, mer. 10 Commerce 
Charman Joseph, shoemr. 93 Lombard 
Charman Caleb, cordw. 93 Lombard 
Charnock Theo., carp. 26 Bonsall 
Charter Henry A., broker, 10 S 3d 
Charters Mary Mrs., Park n Church (W P) 
Chase Amelia, cook, rear 18 Emeline 
Chase B. W., mer. S W Front and Chestnut, h 

37 Girard 
Chase Ebenezer, cordw. Locust bel Park (WP) 
Chase Ebenezer, sr., cordw. Green ab Moore, 

(W P) 
Chase Edwin T., atty. & coun. 77 S 5th, h 20 S 

Chase Gasaway, barber, 10th and Catharine 
Chase Henry, waiter, 6 Lisle 
Chase Horatio G., painter, 447 N 10th 
Chase Isaac, janitor, 6 Lisle 
Chase James, express office, 1 S 4th, h 625 Gi- 
rard av 
Chase John C. M'Alpin n Locust (W P) 
Chase Jonathan, mer. 37 Market 
Chase Joseph, stone cut. Ann bel Division 
Chase J. G., acct. 66 New 
Chase Moses M., ladies' shoemr. 273 Green 
Chase Nicholas, carp. L. Washing-ton n 7th 
Chase Philip B., com. mer. 39 N Front, h 682 

Chase Pliny E., teacher, 390 Market, h 152 S 

Chase Robt, driver. Oak n Till (W P) 
Chase & Sanderson, com. mer. S W Front and 

Chase Stephen, cordw. Mary ab Green (W P) 
Chase Thomas, coachman, 4 Eutaw 
Chase Thomas G., M. D., 137 Sp Garden 
Chasteney Jane, 37 S 17th 
Chater Henry C, cutler, Christian ab 4th 
Chatham Eliza, shoes, N E 8th and Walnut 
Chatham Joseph, carp. Orang-e ab 7th, h 207 S 

Chatham Joseph, grocer, 77 Locust 
Chatham S. C, waterman, S E Mackey & Rye 
Chattener Abisha, mason, Carlton ab 15th 
Chatterton D., cabinet mr. 402 N 2d 
Chatterton Henrj', eng-ineer, Penna. n Fairm'nt 
Chattin Ann, grocer, F road ab Allen 
Chattin Edw., ship joiner. Cherry bel Franklin 
Chauncey Henrietta, 157 Walnut 
CHAUNCEY NATHANIEL, atty. & coun. 89 

Chaussi Francis, 209 Queen 
Chauveau A. J., imp. confect. 242 Market, h 

571 Arch 
Chauvenet A., grocer, 397 S 6th 
Chaytor Thomas, mer. 24 S 4th 
Cheatle Mary, Carlton bel Broad 
Cheavens Wm. E., variety, 60 Coates 
Chemick Adam, varnisher, 10 St. Stephen's pi 
Chemick Louis, cabinetmr. 10 St. Stephen's pi 
Cheek Fred., lampmr. rear 159 Marshall 
Cheek Mich., boiler mr. F road ab Allen 
Cheney D. B., Rev., 699 Race 
Clicney Nich., South n Broad 
Clieeseman Andrew, Dr., 13th ab Lombard 
Cheeseman J. V., accountant, 377 N 11th , 
Cheesman John, cordw. 6J Burd 
Cheesman Richd. C, lab. rear 120 Christian 




rlicesman Richard, carp. 272 S 21st 
Cheesman Thomas B., Myrtle ab 11th 
Cheesman Thomas W., salesman, 123 Chestnut, 

h 12th ab Girard av 
Cheetem Thomas, tavern, G T road ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Cheethani James, hatter, Vine n Sch 
Cheetham Wm. H., manuf. 4tli and G T road 
, Chemins Aug'ustus F., baker, 187 S Front 

CheiTy Ann, weaver, Oxford ab F road (K) 
! Cherry Henrietta, 13 S 13th 
S Cherry James, watchmr. Franklin ab Front (K) 
( Cheny John, lab. 3 Grape ct 
I Cherry John, watchmr. 13 S 13th 

Cherry Moses, weaver, Fife's ct n Shippen 
Cherry Wm., watchmr. 13 S 13th 
Cherry Robt., dealer, 1 1th bel Federal 
Cherry Samuel, lab. rear 228 F road 
Chesebrough A. F., mer. 5 N Del av, h 7 Co- 

lonade row 
CHESEBROUGH C. & CO., provis. 16 S Del 

Chesebroug-h E. C, provision.s, 4 S Water, h 

464 N 6th 
Chesline Saml., whf. build. Queen ab Cherry 
Chesnut John, bricklay. 11th bel Prime 
Chesnut John, blacksm. 13 Bickham 
Chesnut Matthew, lab. South av 
Chesnut Robert, tavern, N W 13th and Federal 
Chesnut Samuel, brickmr. M'Duffie 
Chesnut Wm., grocer, 6 Market, h 276 Wood 
Chester Alfred H., carp, rear 312 Queen (K) 
Chester Chas., ropemr. Richmond bel Lehig-h 

avenue (R) 
Chester Hiram, cordw. 190 Franklin (K) 
Chester Jno., ropemr. Salmon bel Lehigh av (R) 
Chester John K., bricklr. 16 Chancellor 
Chester Leonard, scrivener, 791 N 2d 
CHESTER LEWIS, ropemr. and ship chandler, 

141 N Water & 67 Del av, h 17 Vine 
Chester Sabra, saleswoman, 791 N 2d 
Chester Sarah, 87 Walnut 

Chester Wm., Rev., associate sec'y, 265 Chest- 
nut, h 2 Franklin sq 
Chesterman John, boot crimper. Mechanic 
Chestnut Benj., weaver, Bedford W Broad 
Chestnut Isabella, Jefferson ab I'ront 
Chestnut John, clerk, N W 2d and Market 
Chestnut Robert, tavern, N W 12tii &. Federal 
Chestnut Samuel, weaver, Howard ab Jefferson 
Chestnut Wm., clerk, Shallcross n 20th 
Chevalier Felix, btiggage master, 32 Beach 
Clievallie Henrj', mer., 8 Strawberry, h 20th & 

Chevers Chas. T., biiishmr. 62 Almond 
Chew Andrew J., cordw. 7 Charles 
Chew Benj., tinsm. Vienna ab 
Chew Harvey S., tavern, 10 Vernon 
Chew Henry B., 104 S 4th 
Chew Jas. M., chaimir. Hannony bel 4tli 
Chew Jeffer}', confectioner, 152 South 
Cliew John, hairdr. and wigmaker, 2 Hart's 

building.s, h 259 S 9th 
Chew John F., shoemr., P road bel 8th 
Chew Jolin P., cordw., 183 Franklin (K) 
Chew Jo.seph, ladies' .slioeinr. 39 S 8th 
Chew Jos., jr., clerk, 52 S Front, h Broad and 

Chew Joseph D., shoemr. S E 4th and Red- 
wood, h 60 S Marshall 
Chew Margt., Hope n School (K) 
Chew Nathan, grocer, 3d ab Washington 
Chew Sylvester, driver. Perry bel Columbia (K) 
Chew Totten, carter, 2d ab Greenwich 
Chew Wm., cigar mr. Crown ab Queen 
Chew Wm., clothes, N W 2d & Walnut, h 191 

Cheyney Charles H., real est. agent and con- 
veyancer, 130 Arch 
Cheyney Geo. 14 Crown 
Cheyney Geo. D., leather store, 157 N 3d 
Cheyney Waldron J., clerk, 23 Miner, h 396 N 

12th / 

Chilcot Allen, grocer, S W Apple & Oxford (K) 
Child Henry T., M. D., 104 Arch 
Child S. &"t., watchmrs. 452 N 2d, h 249 St. 

Childs Abra'm, stone mason, York ab Park ( W P) 
Childs Asher M., chemist, S3 Sheaff" al 
Childs Chas. N., wheelwt. 223 Marshall 
Childs Edw., painter, 601 Wood 
Childs E., dressmaker, 129 S 8th 
Childs Geo. W., publis., 124 Arch, h Joneshotel 
Childs G. K., silversm. 114 Spruce 
Childs Isaac, clerk. Palmer n Duke 
Childs James, carp. Oak ab AVilliam (W P) 
Childs John, lithogr. N E 3d and AValnut, h 14 

Childs John, wheelwt. 305 N3d, h 132 Marshall 
Child John, 104 Arch 

Childs John, carp. W'aiTen n Prime (WP) 
CHILDS JOHN A., Rev., supt. Epis. Reading 
Room, 146 AValnut, h Shackamaxonn Allen 
Childs Jonathan, carp. 89 Tammany 
Childs Stephen D., refectorj-, 134 Swanson and 

281 South 
Childs William, carter. Sun ct 
Chillas David, lithogr. 50 S 3d,h7 S Penn sq 
Chillman James, bookbinder, Kurtz ab Poplar 
Cliipman C. W., M. D., 218 N 7th 
Chippey Joshua, saddler. Lemon bel Pepper (R) 
Chiquoine Serville, pilot, 198 F road (K) 
Chiquoine Miss T., milliner 198 F road (K) 
(."hinizel J., boots and shoes, Queen ab York(C) 
Chislett Geo. mor. dr. 29 Perry (K) 
Chism Geo., weaver, 12 M'Duffie 
Ciiism J., clerk, 134 Chestnut, h 105 Sp Garden 
Cliittick Gerrard, grocer, Addison ab 17th 
(^hittick Irwin, porter, rear Evans ab Catharine 
Choatc David L., bootmr. 182 Race 
Choate Joiin, sadiller, Marlboro' ab Duke (K) 
Choate John, manuf. Myrtle bel 13tb 
Choate John, clerk, post office 
Choate Stoplien li., cane seater, 182 Race 
Choate Thom:is J., printer, 25 Turner 
Choice Richard, carp. Dickerson ab 5th 
Chorman Catharine, g-entw. 7tli ab Hay 
Choi-maun Eniest G., die sinker, 117 Arch 
Christ F. N., naval construe. 437 Marshall 
Clirist G. W., tavern. Leopard and Phoenix (K) 
Clu-ist Theo. S., salesman, 25 N 3d 
(;hrist Wm., mor. dr. Beacli n Palmer 
Ciu-istian Fred. W., clerk, 48 Del av, h 19 Car- 
Christian Harriet, rear 3 Gray's al 

Christian Jac, butcher, York and Tulip (R) 




Christian James, moulder, Reed and Rye 

('hristian John, jr., 79 Catharine 

Christian John, sr., 75 Catharine 

Christian S. J., com. mer. 48 N Del av, h 114^ S 

Christian Wm., clothier, Green bel 7th 
Christianson Mary, 26 Auburn 
Christie Francis, cordw. 2d ab Jefferson 
Christie Harman, tavern, 15th & Sp Garden 
Christie Jas., cordw. 35 Pratt 
Christie Jas., glass blower, Charles (K( 
(Christie John, boatman, 4 Joseph's av 
("hristie John, weaver, 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
<;hristie Margt., upholst. 143 Chestnut 
(Jhristie Mary, Mariner ab 13th 
Christie Robt., cordw.Tilbert bel 22d 
Christie Wm., weaver, Murray W 20th 
Christie Wm., sawyer, 9 Crown 
Christie Wm., macht. Queen opp Ball (K) 
Christin Henry, superintend. Richmond (R) 
Christine Thos., carp. Y road ab Dauphin (R) 
Christman Charles, baker, 322 Poplar 
Christman Chas. H., mer. 17 Walnut, h 6th bel 

Christman Henry, gent., Shackamaxon & Allen 
Clirlstman John B., M. D., 261 Arch 
Christman Jos. C. D., acct. 114 Chestnut, h N E 

Franklin and Brown 
Christman Wm., harness mr. 644 Poplar 
Christman William A., clerk, 92 Allen 
Chi'lstmann Edw., perfumer, 168 Chestnut, h 58 

Christof Cath., Buffalo al 

Christoph Jos., tailor, 38 S 3d, h 18 Green (C) 
Christopher Ann, Duke ab F road 
f ;hristopher Jesse M., keeper Moy. prison 
Christy Alex., drover, 140 Diamond (K) 
Christy Benj. F., tavern, Front and Catharine 
Christy Eliza, shoe bindei", 15 Fitzwater 
(Jhristy Elizabeth, china, 96 G T road 
(Christy Isaac, lab. Cumberland av n F road 
Christy Jas., carmr. 3 Wood ab 13th 
Christy Jas. C, mer. 2 Merchant 
Christy Joseph, tailor. Green ab Pine 
Christy Peter W., 6 Sheets ct 
(Christy P. W., tobacco. South and Penn 
(yhristy Robt., type caster, 6 Rules ct 
(;hristy R. ¥., editor, h 87 Fitzwater 
Cliristy Sarah, dry goods, 512 N 4th 
Christy Wm., engineer, 9th bel Coates 
Christy Wm. C, umbrellamr. 192 Hancock (K) 
CHRISTY WM. M., statr. 65 S 3d, h 746 Vine 
Chrizel J., cordw. 462 Queen (K) 
Chubb Samuel, dry good.s, 251 S 2d 
Clmdleigh Richard, tailor, 502 Callowhill 
Chugrua John, hatter, Addison ab 17th 
CHUR A. T., note bro., 9 Gold, h 179 WaUacc 
(;hur Jacob, 13 Sergeant 

Church & Co., pubs. Bizarre, 4 Hart's Buildings 
(^;HURCH FREDERICK H., boots and shoes, 

85 N 3d, h Filbert W Broad 
Church F. H. & Co., stoves, 209 N 2d, h 201 

("Ihurch Henry, seaman, 21 Prime 
Church John, salcsnnin, 2 St George's al 
Church John, lab. rear 64 Catharine 
Church Joseph M., publisher Bizan-e, 4 Hart's 

Buildings , 

Church Julius, 66 New ' 
Cluirch Richard, sailor, 13th bel Wharton 
Churchill John, shoemr. 88^ and h 64 S 8th 
Churchill L., silver plater, 145 N 5th 
Churchill Wm., sailor, Hanover bel Franklin ay 
CHURCHMAN CHARLES W., com. mer. 30 

S Front, h 5 mile stone, Germantown 

mers.. Broad and Green 
Churchman M., dealer, h 360 S Front 
Churcliman Robert, lumber mer. 73i Dock, h 

129 N 9th 

Churchman W. H. steam apparatus, h 648 Vine 
Churchville Patrick, lab. 5 Leed's av 
Churn Saml., 6 Felnour pi 
Chuvenall Jacob, builder, 11th bel Glrard av 
Cills Alfred, morocco dresser, 27 Chatham 
Cills George, segar store. Beach ab Poplar 
Cills George, oysters, 49 N Delaware av 
Cills Wm., tobacconist, 2d and G T road, h 34 

Edward (K) 
Cimmel Joseph, tailor, 253 Apple (K) 
Cisco Wm., cook. Lisle bel Shippen 
Citti John, imagemr. Diamond 
CITY COMMISSIONERS, 5th and Chestnut 
CITY POLICE STATION, District No. 4, Fil- 
bert bel 16th 
CITY POLICE STATION, District No. 1,94 

Clabby Wm., cordw. Ann bel Inarch (R) 
Claflin O. S., shoemr. 211 Market, h Carlisle 

and Poplar 
Clag Henry, driver. Alder ab Poplar 
Claghorn Chai-les E., mer. 42 S Front, h 439 

Claghorn Eugene, mer. 439 Coates 
CLAGHORN & FRYER, com. merchants, 42 S 

claghorn John W., gent., 383 Arch 
Claghorn J. L., aucti-. S W Bank and Market, h 

446 Arch 
Claghorn W. C, mer. 8 Chestnut, h 437 Coates 
Clair Jacob, carp. 6 Diligent av 
Clair James, wheelwr. Lancaster Pike ab Wash- 
Clair John, carp. 6 L Washington 
Clair Samuel, book binder, 8 Shoemaker 
Clair Samuel, painter, 15 Woodbine 
Clair Wm., brushmr. 808 G T road 
Clamp David, carter, Olive bel Broad 
Clamp Edward H., plasterer, Olive bel Broad 
Clampfer Wm., lab. Quany bpl Biddle 
Clampffner Harriet, 85 Tammany 
Clampitt Chas. L., barber, 239 S 4th 
Clampitt John, pilot, 382 S 3d 
Clancy James, shop, 26 Pratt 
Clancy James, lab. rear 46 Passyunk road 
Clancy John, lab. rear 46 Washington 
Clancy Mary, 528 N 13th 
Clancy Patrick, 14 Scots's ct 
Clancy Timothy, waterman, 351 N Front 
Clancy John, acct. 39 Walnut, h Carlisle above 

Glrard av 
Claney Michael, lab. 21st and Locust 
Claphamson Benj., shoemr. 81 N3d,h 13 Beaver 
Claphamson John, baker, R av ab Coates 
Claphamson Samuel, baker, Vineyard n Powell 




Clapier J. L., tobacconist, 434 N 2d 

Clapier Mary, 216 S Front 

CLAPP ENOCH, M. D., real estate ag-ent, 72 

Dock, h 152 Race 
Clapp N. T., mer. 11 N 2d, h 126 N 9th 
Clapper John, g-as works, Fairmount n Coates 
Clare Charles, carter, AVashing-ton and Charles 
Clare Henry, lab. Perkinpine ct 
Clare Peter, oysterman, 13 Federal 
Clare Robert, lab. Evin ct 
Clarenbach & Herder, cutlers, 207^ Chestnut 
Clarey John, carp. 2 Thomas' ct 
Clarey Wm., porter, 3 Tammany ct 
Claridg"e Wm. R., drug'g'ist, h Queen bel Ross 
Clai-k Abram, cloth finisher, Franklin and G T 

Clark Adam, chair mr. 63^ Callowhill, h 413 

Clark Albert, butcher, 9 Queen (K) 
Clark Alex., weaver, Whiteman's ct (K) 
Clark Alex., lampmr. 104 Filbert 
Clark Alfred, Mrs., Spring Garden ab 12th 
Clark Alice, b h, N W 10th and Melon 
Clark Andrew, lab. 166 S 6tli 
Clark Ann, 37 Noble 

Clark Archibald F., carp. Georg'e bel Apple 
Clark Arthur, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Clark Arthui- J., paint, 11th bel Callowhill 
CLARK & AULL, tea dealers, 13^ S Front 
Clark A., 2 S Delaware av 
CLARK A. R., grocer, N E Broad and Arch, h 

332 Filbert* 
Clark Bernard, lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Clark B. Franklin, ins. bro. 32 S 3d, h 666 N 

CLARK B. F., M. D., 32 S 3d, h 15th & Stiles 
CLARK & CADMUS, shoes, S W 3d 8t Market 
Clark Caleb, dealer, 660 Wood 
Clark Caroline, Hanover bel Franklin 
Clark Charles, cordw. Wharton n 4th 
Clai-k Cliarles, Ridge av and Broad 
Clark Clias., shoemr. Marlboro' ab Queen (K) 
Clark Chas., gcntw. Federal bel 12th 
Clark Charles, lab. 1 Baxter's av 
CJark Charles, carter, 15th ab Fitzwater 
Clark diaries, 120 S 8th 
Clark Cbarles, coachman, 24 Prime 
Clark Charles E., upholst. 77 S 12th 
Clark Charles E., gent. Buttonwood ab Frank- 
Clark Chas. S., pianomr. 261 Buttonwood 
Qark Clement, clerk, 12 Asbland 
Clark Clement, cordw. Wlieat and Marion 
Clark h. ("At., plumbers, Ridge av and Sp Garden 
Clark Daniel, dealer, 444 Market 
Clark Daniel, seaman, 612 S 12tli 
Clark D. D., M. D., 118 S 4th 
Clark Eilward, weaver, 4tli n Master 
C3ark K Iward, printer, 55 Harmony (S) 
Clark Edward, lab. rear 555 N 4tli (K) 
Clark E Iward L., mer. 45 N Delaware av, h 

?^\3 Aicli 
Clark Edward W., broker, 25 S 3d 
Clark Ellas II., agent, 32 S 2d 
Clark Eliza, b li, 2 Jefierson row 
Clark Eliza, 647 N 11th 
Clark Eliza, w;islierw. rear 85 Bedford 
Clark Elizabeth, semp., 3 Derringer' .s av (K) 

Clark Elizabeth, Park bel Walnut (W P) 

Clark Elizabeth, Bankson ab Coates 

Clark Elizabeth, 345 Arch 

Clark Elizabeth, Queen n Shackamaxon 

Clark Elizabeth H., ven. blinds, 143 S 2d 

Clark Ellen, IGth ab Buttonwood 

Clark Ellis, bookseller, 18 S 4th, h 66 N 13th 

Clark Enoch W., 25 S 3d,h 623 Spruce W 15tk 

Clark Ephm., upholst. 295 Market and N W 

4th and Vine, h 115 Marshall 
Clark Ephraim, jr., mer. 93 S Front 
Clark Ephm. G., sawyer, Beaver bel 4th 
Clark & Estrada, importers, iS Walnut 
Clark Ewen, weaver, 7 Derringer's av (K) 
Clark E., trimmings, 325 S 2d 
Clark E. Mrs., Bankson ab Wallace 
Clark E. T., carp. Wiles' row (S G) 
CLARK E. W. & CO., bankers, 25 S 3d 
Clark E. W., trimmings, 333 S 2d, h 30 Scheete 
Clark Francis, cooper. Carpenter bel 7th 
Clark F., tailoress, 7Z S 11th 
Clark F. J., clerk, 17 Market, h 316 S 2d 
Clark George, lab. Taylor n Filbert 
Clark Geo., boot crimp. Duke bel Cherry 
Clark George, hatter, 6 Charles (S) 
Clark George, vict., Chri.stian ab G F road 
Clark George, jeweler, ^,57 Spruce 
Clark George, blacksm. Olive bel 13th 
Clark George, macht. Jefferson ab 6th 
Clark George, lamp mr. Olive bel 13th 
Clark Geo. D., clerk, 6 Brook's ct 
Clark George G., engineer, Higgins' ct 
Clark George W., painter, 112 Crown 
Clark George W., tailor, 186 S 13th 
Clark Gideon, engraver. Grape, h Powell near 

19th (F V) 
Clark Harrison G., printer, 128 Carpenter 
CLARK & HESSER, booksellers, 18 S 4th 
CLARK HUGH, grocer, N W 10th and Spruce 
CLARK HUGH, alderman, 4th bel Master 
Clark H., segar store, Hanover bel Franklin av 
Clark Iranus, carpt. Lewis' ct 
Clark Isaac, bricklr. 470 S 8th 
Clark Isaac, carp. Carlton n 15th 
Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, Allen 
Clark Jacob, clerk, o75 Marshall 
Clark Jacob, cordw. Ill Alder 
Clark Jacob H., patent leg mr. 637 Chestnut, k 

390 S 5th 
Clark Jacob M., printer. Union (W P) 
CLARK JACOB W., plumber, 199 N 3d, k 

338 Coates 
Clark James, blacksm. Behford bel 13th 
Clark James, tailor, F road bel West 
Clark James, skin dresser, 4tli n Muster 
('lark James, carter, Olive ab 13th 
Clark James, carp. 206 Wliarton 
Clark James, jr., carp. 272 S 9Ui 
Clark James, M. D. 16 HuckKy 
I'lark James, tailoi", oo\i Catharine 
(;lark James, grocer, S E 5th and Pnmc 
Clark Jame.s, moulder, Austin bel Federal 
(Jiark James, lab. 8 Owen 
Clark James, lab. 206 N 11th 
(Mark James, pap -r carrier, 13th ab CliristiaB 
Clark James, vict. L.ifayette ab 9ih 
Clark .lauKS U., oysterman, 385 S Front 
(Mark Jauies G., gout, office, 132 Arch 



Clai-k Jas. H., salesman, 172 Market 

Clark James J., math. inst. mr. 98 Arch 

Clark James V., lab. Watches' ct (K) 

Clai-k Jane, 38 N 5th 

Clai-k Jefferson, agent, Elm (W P) 

Clark Jehu W., blacksm. Broad ab Melon, h 

798 Melon 
Clark Jesse S., hay and feed, h 38 Queen (S) 
Clark John, tailor, 212 Green 
Clark John, brickmr.. Walnut W 20th 
Claik Jolui, shoemr, 8 Maiden 
Clark John, express driver, 116 Chestnut 
Clark John, weaver, 5 White's ct 
Clark John, harness mr. 5 Scheaff 
Clark John, Walnut W 20th 
Clark John, combmr. Taylor's pi (K) 
Clark John, 120 S 8th 
Clark John, tavern, N W 2d and Green 
Clark John, grocer, 20th and Pearl 
Claik John, mer. 13 i S Front 
Clark John, driver, 8th and Lewis 
Clark John, livery stable. Arch ab Broad 
Clark John, mason, 880 Vine bel Nixon 
CLARK JOHN C, print. &stat. 68 Dock, hl20 

S 8th 
Clark John H., carp. Walnut W 20th 
Clark John M., bricklr. Wall 
Clark John S., stoves, 322 Market, h 265 Cherry 
Clark John T., g-ilder, 7 Merchant, h Og-den bel 

Clark John T., undertaker, 283 Christian 
Clark John W., bookbinder, 652 Green 
Clark John W., stocking manuf. 2 Wiley's ct 
Clark Joseph, brickmr. 21st ab South 
Clark Joseph, chair mr. Front and Chatham 
Clark Joseph, porter, 10 Brenner's al 
Clark Joseph, 20th ab Spruce 
Clark Joseph, weaver, Biddle n Nixon 
Clark Joseph T., baker, 11 Citron 
Clark Joseph W., confect. Philip & Columbia 
Clark Josiah H., blacksm. 17 Rittenhouse 
Clark J. S., Alleghany House 
Clark J. W., plumb. 199 N 3d 
Clark Lewis, cai-ter, 13th ab Willow 
Clark Lewis M., saddler, 473 Brown 
Clark Louisa, dressmr. Lombard n 13tlii 
Clark L. G., gent. 713 W Chestnut 
Clark Margaret, Spruce n 16th 
Clark Marg., 17 Segcant 
Clark Maria, Taylor's pi (K) 
Clark Marian, 227 S Front 
Clark Martha S., 115 Vine 
Clark Mary, washerw. 22 Little Oak 
CLARK MASKLINK, mer. 73 S Front 
Clark Matthew, tailor, 363 Brown 
Clark Michael, Pleasant bel 11th 
Clark Michael, paver, 30 Arch 
Clark Michael, lab. 9 Plover 
Clark Michael F.,mer. 90 Market, h 157 Arch 
Clark Michael W., shoes, 112 P road 
Clark M. G. Rev., 18tl» ab Arcli 
Clark Owen, tailor, William ab Richmond (R) 
Clark Owen, lab. 35 Zane 
Clark Patiick, lab. 3 Hunter 
Chirk Patrick, 4th and Master 
Claik Patrick, lab. South and Pepper (R) 
Clark Patrick, lab. Murray W 20th 
Clark Patrick, coppersm. 1 Myer's ct 

Clark Philip, lab. Front ab Franklin 

Clark Philip, math. inst. mr. 504 Callowliill 

Clark Phihp, lab. West (R) 

Clta-k Rebecca, 154 Christian 

Clark Rebecc:^ 157 8 12th l)el Lombard 

Clai-k Rebecca, dressmr. 79 S 13th 

Clark Reuben, carp. R road bel Brown 

Clark Richard, map publisher, 42 M road 

Clark Ricliai-d, tavern, 117 S Front 

Clark Richard, contractor, Linn and WiUiam 

Clai'k Robert, lumb. mer. mer. 156 Chi-istian, h 

117^ S3d 
Clark Robert, Benton bel William 
Clark Itobert, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Clark Robert, waiter, 11th n Lombard 
CLA.RK ROBERT, jr., lumber mer., 9th and 

Washington, h 414 S 3d 
Clark Robert, stove mr. 385 S Front 
Clark Robert, 402 Lombard 
Clark Robert C, importer, 35 Walnut 
Clark Robert C, druggist, R av and Wallace 
Clark Robert S., gent., 8 City row 
Clark R. Mrs., confect. R av bel Broad 
CLARK R. & W., lumb. mers. 156 Christian 
Clark Samuel, lab. 19th ab Pine 
Clark Samuel, engineer, F road ab Cumberland 
Clark Samuel, weavei', Lloyd W Broad 
Clai-k Samuel, weaver, rear 862 South 
Clark Samuel, carter, 20th ab Spruce 
Clark Samuel, weaver, 13 Mai'iner 
Clark Samuel, clerk, 86 S 5th 
Clark Samuel, mate, 64 Queen 
Clark Samuel, 160 N 9th 
Clark Samuel A. Rev., 16 Marshall 
Clark Samuel D., tailor, 127 S 2d, h 4th above 

Clark Sarah, b h, 104 Filbert 
Clark Sarah, 33 Sansom 
Clark Sarah, 33 Larch 

Clai-k Sarah, shop, P road and L Washington 
Clark Stephen, briclkr. Lafayette bel 10th 
Clark Susan, dry goods, F road and Queen 
Clark Susan, Clinton ab Girard av 
Clark Theodore M., gent., 370 N 10th 
Clark Theresa, 758 Vine 
Clai-k Theresa, b h, 99 Spruce 
CUuk Thomas, book binder, Grape ab 8th, h 6i 

Clark Thos., clerk, 63 S 2d 
Clark Thos., math. inst. mr. 504 Callowhill 
Clark Thomas, trimmings, 84 Arch 
Clark Thomas, carp. S W J'ront and Whartoi 
Clark Thoma.s, machinist, 4th bel Jefl'erson 
Clark Thomas, foundry, 69 Carpenter 
Clark Thomas, carp. Lewis ab Thompson 
Clark Thomas, macht. Gulielma ab Hanover 
Clark Thos., hosier, William bel Edward 
Clark Thos., lab. Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Clark Thomas, clerk, 228 S 5th 
Clark Thomas, carter, 8th bel Reed 
Clark Thomas, clerk, 121 Chestnut 
Clark Thomas, teacher, 10 Franklin 
Clark Thomas, lab. Salmon ab William (R) 
Clark Thomas, lab. 121 N 14th 
Clark Thomas C, lab. Wheat and Mariner 
Clark Thomas C, plasterer, 17 Julianna 
Clark Thomas H., cabinetmr. 569 N 2d 
Clark Timothy, lab. Larch ab William (K) 




Clark T. Wright, watch mr. 142 Market, h 345 

Clark Walter, lathemr. 725 N 4th (K) 
Clark Wesley, express, 9 Citron 
Clark Wm., bootmr. 17 Flower 
Clark Wm., lab. Thompson ab 10th 
Clark Wm.,lumb. mer. 156 Christian, h 414 S 3d 
Clark Wm., mason, 880 Vine 
Clark Wm., boatman, 19 South 
Clark Wm., clerk, 46 Prune 
Clark Wm., lab. 8 Pearl 
Clark M'm., Reading- rail road, Marshall's pi E 

Clark William, potter, 638 N 3d 
Clark William, tailor, 457 N 2d 
Clark Wm., trunkmr., rear Otter ab G T road 
Clark William, tailor, 76 New Market 
Clark William, laborer. Grape n 5th (W P) 
Clark William, packer, rear Evans 
Clark William B., clerk, 36 N 4th 
Clark William E., g-rocer, 43 Church 
Clark William E., salesman, 91 N 3d 
Clark William H., dentist, 33 Spruce 
Clark William H., seg-armr. 141 South 
Clark Wm. H., dry goods, N E 5tli & German 
Clark William H., carp. 7 Laurel, (C) h N E 

Wood and Marshall 
Clark William J., macht., Olive bel 13th 
Clark Wm. M., clerk. Post Office 
Clark William P., chairmr.. Dean n Bedford 
Clark William P., slioe manuf. 98 Washington 
Clark William P., salesman, 197 Cherry 
Chu-k W. S., porter, 288 Wa.shington 
Clark W. T., capt. 6 Beck pi 
Clarke A. R., grocer, N E Broad and Arch, h 

332 Filbert 
Clarke Charles, manufacturer and dry goods, 

799 N 4th 
Clarke Edwd. S., mer. 74 and 76 S Front, h 468 

Clarke Ezekiel, cutter, 183 S 2d, h 4 Randolph 
Clarke Isittell, tailor, 4 Randolph 
Clarke J. W., umbrellas, 303 S 2d 
Clarke Robert A., artist. Chestnut n 21st 
Clarke R. G., acct. 234 Pine 
Clarke Samuel, Sec. O. F. Mut. Ins. Co., 50 S 

4th, h 160 N 9th 
Clarke Thomas, foreman, 12th ab Prime 
Clarke Thomas C, editor, 141 Chestnut 
CLAliKE WM., grocer, N W 12th and Race 
Clarke William F., macht., Olive bel 13th 
Clarke William M., acct. 234 Pine 
Clarke W. M., acct. 234 Pine 
Clarkson A. A. coal mer., S W Callowhill and 

Broad, h 16th ab Filbert 
.Clarkson P',dvvard. engraver and printer, 182 

CLAUKSr).\ GEORGE, broker 56 Walnut, h 

226 Pine 
('larkson (ieorge, blacksm. 2d ab Master. 
Clarkson G., clerk, 101 Chestnut 
Clarkson Jacob, book kcf-per, 10 Chestnut, h &, I'ark (W I») 
Clarkson John, sexton, Mifflin n 13th 
Clarkson U., coal dealer, 125 Vine, h 346 Filbert 
Clarkson Sanuicl, jjrintcr, 26 S 3d 
Clary Richard, porter, rear 148 Rare 
Clary Rodger, chandler, Coates ab 20th 

Class Anna, 15 Short ct 

Class James, copper pi. printer, 26 Duke 

Claude Peter, lampmr., William's ct 

Claus Martin, cabinetmr., Fitzwater ab 12th 

Clause Henry, surg. inst. mr. 27 Charles 

Clause John H. 464 Poplar 

Clausen Christopher, bookbind. 19 Branch 

Clausen John N., moroc. fin. 21 Dunton 

Clausen Walter, carp. 103 Poplar 

Clausen William, tobac. 63 Gaskill 

Clauss Charles, tailor, Hamilton's ct 

Claurz Henry, tailor, 6 Horstman's ct 

Claveloux Francis, macht. 95 S 2d, h 24 Bread 

Clavy John, tinman, Newton 

Clawges Jacob, painter, 187 Poplar 

Clawges John S., carp. 1142 N 5th 

Clawges Joseph, bricklr. 15 Hibberd 

Clawges Philip S., mer. 139 Market, h 15th bel 

Clawges Ruth A., 15th ab Chestnut 
Clawges, Sarah, 24 Dillwyn 
Clawson Henrj-, gold beater. Culvert be! 4th 
Clawson Marv, Marlborough ab West 
Claxton Edmund, bookseller, 20 N 4th, h 49 

Claxton Elizabeth, 25 Hallowell 
Clay And. M., jr., clerk, N W Broad 8c Chestnut 
Clay Ann, Mrs. 211 S 10th 
Clay George, clerk, Penna. Bank, h 17th bel 

Clay George, dyer. Alder bel Girard av 
Clay George, lock and whitesm. 437 Poplar 
Clay George F., drayman, 477 N 5th 
Clay George F., plumber, 152 Poplar 
Clay Henry, laborer, 346 N Front 
Clay James, clothier, 79 N 2d, h Linden n 17th 
Clay James, sawyer, 17th and Spruce 
Clay James, weaver, Higham's ct 
Clay John, engineer, 47 Prime 
Clay Joseph A., atty. and coun. 47 S 5th h 161 

S 15th 
CLAY JOSEPH A. & H. G. JONES, jr., attys. 

and couns. 47 S 5th 
Clay J. C, Rev., Swanson bel Christian 
Clay Robert, weaver, Higham's ct 
Clay Samuel, tavern, Dauphin and Coral 
Claypoole Abraliam, capt. 42 Washington 
Claypoole A. H., shoe manuf. 628 Poplar 
Claypoole John, cordw.. Crown bel Franklin av 
Clayter John, cordw.. Mechanic and Creek (K) 
Clayton B. E., clock & watch mr. 83 Queen (K) 
C'layton Charles, feed store, 4th and George 
Clayton Chas., barber, Richmond & AA illiam (R) 
C:layton Curtis, shoe dealer, S E 17th & Market 
Clayton Curtis, sr.. Eastern Penitentiary 
Clayton Edward, collector, 9 Howard 
Clayton Esther, 160 N 20th 
Clayton Jacob B., livery .stables, 156 N 8th 
Clayton James, finisher. Pagoda 
Clayton Jas., jeweller, Charlotte ab Thompson i 
Clayton Janu's A. B., .sho( mr. 99 N 9th 
Clayton Jeremiali, laborer, 257 S Broad 
CF.AYTON JOHN, atty & coun. 179 Walnut 
Clayton John, IS Gay's ct (K) 
Clayton Jonathan, 48 Erie 
Clayton Joseph (;., shoe store, 50 F road 
Clayton Lyiirand, ])hotogr., S E 5th & Chestnut 
Clayton Margaret, 28 Marion 




Clayton Manning' R. shoe store, 647 F road (R) 
Clayton Mary, 182 S 11th 
Clayton Melchor L., shoemr. 125 Swanson 
CLAYTON POWELL F., manuf. boots and 

shoes, 179 N 3d, h 17th and Market 
Clayton Richard, bar tender, 18 Kurtz 
Clayton Ritten, cordw. 50 F r6ad 
Clayton R., packer, 9 Fayette 
Clayton Samuel, watchman, Federal n 8th 
Clayton Samuel F., carp., Marseilles pi E Broad 
Clayton Thomas, Saranac n Rye 
CLAYTON THOS. J., atty. at law, 99 S 5th 
Clayton & Vandegrift, livery stables, 134 Cherry 
Clayton Wm., di-iver, R av bel 19th (F V) 
Clayton William, 670 Wood 
Clayton William, shoemr. Wood & Middle ct 
Clayton Williafli, macht.. Race bet 22d and 23d 
Clayton & Williams, provisions, S W South & 

Clayton W. L., clerk, 60 Market, h 99 Summer 
Cleary John, carter, Waterboroug-h ab Amber 
Cleary John, lab., rear Oxford ab Adams (K) 
Cleary Michael, laborer. Brown (R) 
Cleary Patrick, laborer, 724 N 10th 
Cleaveland Eliza, 88 Franklin (F V) 
Cleaver Abraham P., mer. 2372 N 3d, h 474 

N 13th 
Cleaver Elias, restaurant, 168 Callowhill 
Cleaver Elias, 125 Franklin 
Cleaver James G., 57 S 3d 
Cleaver R. W., confect., Coates ab 18th 
Cleavinger M^illiam S., teacher, 12th & Locust, 

h Woodland ab Mansion (W P) 
Cleckner Mary, 227 Christian 
Clee Benjamin, salesman, 614 N 4th 
Cleeland John, tavern, 499 Vine 
Clceland Robert, weaver, 4 S 7th, h 60 Perry 
Cleemann Gustavus, mer. 29 Exchang-e, h 9 

Cleeton G., carpet weaver, 462 Vine 
Clegg Edwd., tailor, 66 S 4th, h 61 Catharine 
Clegg- George, carp. 144 Hanover (K) 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 266 S 3d 
Clegg Isaac, manuf. 248 Hanover 
Clcgg Sarah, Front and Phoenix (K) 
CLEIN JACOB, grocer, N W 9th and Race 
Clemens Amanda M., gentw. 158 Marshall 
Clemens Benj. S., mus. inst. mr. 167 Buttonwod 
Clemens John M., bootmr. 11 Mechanic 
Clemens Michl., blacksm. 29 Bank, h 72> Gaskill 
Clemens Phil., lumber mer.. Christian ab P road 
Clemens Saml,. laborer. Brown bcl Huntingdon 
Clemens William, weaver, PlicEuix bel 2d (K) 
Clement Aaron, agent smoker and cui'er, Ship- 
pen ab 9th, h South ab 9th 
Clement Augustus, vict.. Brown bel Broad 
Clement Charles W., bricklr. 154 S 10th 
Clement Edward, clerk, Watnut W 16th 
Clement John W., coach trimmer, Spragg's av 
Clement Joseph C, hardware, h 116 Randolph 
Clement J. B., mer., h Walnut W 16th 
Clement Richard, artist, 376 Chestnut 
Clement Robert, Howell n 19th 
<:LEMENT SAMUEL L., alderman & convey 

227 N 6th 
Clement Samuel W., tavern, 106 S whfs 
Clements E., grocer, Fuirmount n Callowhill 
Clements Joanna, 54 Allen 

Clements John, macht.. Wood bel 21st 
Clements Jno., wag-goner. Cherry ab West (K) 
Clements Jos., g-rocer Penn. av & Fairmount 
Clements Jos. C, salesman, 169 Market, h 116 

Clements Louisa H., Auburn ab 8th 
Clements Mary, dealer, 53 Fltzwater 
Clements Richard, M. D., 139 Walnut 
Clements Thos., weaver, 46 West bel Hanover 
Clements Walter, macht., Hanover ab Allen 
Clements William, 284 Hanover 
Clements William, porter, 305 S 3d 
Clemmer Abraham, 2 Saybolt's ct 
Clemmer John, 1 Saybolt's ct 
demons John R., daguerreotypist, 516 N 2d, h 

George bel 5th (K) 
Clency Jeremiah, police officer, Marley's ct 
Clency William, laborer, 137 S Front- 
Clendaniel Jehu, h 35 Pine 
Clendaniel John, laborer, 524 S Front 
CLENDANIEL & PARKER, floui- and provi- 
sions, 84 S Delaware av 
Clendaniel William, M. D., 35 Pine 
Cledenin Thos. J., currier. Queen bel Ross 
Clendening John, saddler. Prime n 9th 
Clendenning Charles, laborer, 25 Nagle 
Clendenning James, saddler, 26 Lebanon 
Clendenning John, manuf. 36 Hancock (K) 
Clendenning Joshua, agent, Bankson ab Coates 
Clendenning M. Mrs., 113 Melon 
Clendinning Phoebe, Washington pi (S) 
deny Barney, dry goods, R av ab Ann 
Clermont Henry W., combs, Brenner's al 
Clery Anna, teacher, 214 S 8th 
Clery Edward D., hatter, 214 S 8th 
Cletner Mary, segar mr. 62 Steward 
Cleveland C. D., young ladies school, 3 Clinton 
Cleveland Henry, 234 Walnut 
Clew Elizabeth, b. h. 77 Arch 
Clew Jeremiah, brickmr.. Say bel 16th 
Clew Peter, brickmr.. More 
Clew Samuel, brickmr. 9 Moore 
Clew William, lampmr. 77 Arch 
Clewell Charles R., tailor, o7 Kurtz 
Clewell Edward, shoemr. 793 N 10th 
Clewell Sidney, clerk, 232 N 4th 
Cliff Rachel, washer, 28 Lombard 
Clifford James, coachman, 91 George 
Clifford James, laborer, 593 Philip (K) 
Cllflbrd James, oysterman, rear 89 Swanson 
Clifford John, dyer, 612 N Front 
Cliftbrd Patrick, laborer, Marg-aret bel 10th 
Clifford Robert, stove finish. 211 Howard (K) 
Clifford Robert, Rev., 550 N Front 
Clifford Rosanna, Gaffiiey's ct 
Clifford Sarah, tailoress, 350 S 6th 
Clifford Sherburne, macht. 4 Bread 
Clifford William, salesman, 12 Bank 
Clift Chai-les, mason, 130 N 2d 
Cilft Edward, matchmr. 413 S 2d 
Cllft Elizabeth, Duke ab Wood (R) 
Clift George, coach trimmer, 20 Olive 
Clift Henry S., tin store, 547 S 2d 
Clift J. W., turner, S W Julianna and Wood 
Clift Nathaniel, painter, 14 Olive 
Clifton Elwood, gauger, 531 Poplar 
Clifton Francis F., clerk P. O., h 32 Jacob/ 




Clifton Isaac, hatter, 11 Wood 
Clifton James, clerk, 50 Walnut, h 11 Wood 
Clifton John, carter. Coomb's ct 
Clifton Matthias, tailor, 193 S 2d, h 419 S 3d 
Clifton Rachel, 5 Saranac 

Clifton Richd., blacksm., Franklin av ab Palmer 
Clifton Robert D., tailor, 2d and Dock, h Cathar- 
ine bel 7th 
Clifton Thos., baker, N W Catharine & Lebanon 
Clig'g'itt John, laborer, 43 Coates al 
Clime Samuel, 383 N 9th 
Clime William, dealer, 21 S Rittenhouse 
Climer Andi'cw, currier, China bel 2d 
Cline Adam, brickmr., State n 16th 
Cline Albert, dentist, 48 Brown 
Cline Charles, grocer, G T road and 2d 
Cline Charles, silver plat.. School ab Rose 
Cline Charles A., clerk. Union ab West (K) 
Cline Christ., turner, N East av n Marlboroug'h 
Cline Clara, Mrs., washer, 200 Coates 
Cline Daniel, silver plater, 41 Cherry 
Cline David, laborer, Orang-e ab Wallace 
Cline Derbin, blacksm., Tilton ab Cumber- 
land (R) 
Cline Edward, clothing-, 464 N 2d 
Cline E. C, cupper, 15th ab Brown 
Cline Hannah, Harriett's ct 
VA'ine Hannah, Poplar ab St John 
Cline Henry, carp.. School and Rose (K) 
(^line James, bootmr., rear 11 Apple 
Clime John, Master op Duke 
Cline John F., tobacconist. Market n 18th, h 117 

Cline John G., butcher, Lancaster pike (W P) 
Cline Louisa, 192 Noble 
Cline Peter, dealer. Cox bel 18th 
Cline Philip, silver plater, Willow bel 6th, h 41 

Cline Philip, whf. builder, Penn bel Duke 
Cline Rebecca, 10 Rihl's ct 
Cline Richard, upholsterer, 527 W Market, h 75 

Cline Thomas, brickmr., LawTence ct 
Cline William, dealer. Spruce ab 17th 
Cline William F., captain, 1069 Callowhill 
Cline William R., clerk, 103 N 3d 
Clincfeldt Henry, cutter, 47 Noble 
Cling' Charles H., dealer, Lombard n 21st 
Climg'ljcrry William, piano mr. 2 Darrag-h's ct 
Cling-er Albert, cordw.. Willow bel 7th 
Clinijer Daniel, fanner, 187 Og-den 
Clinijcr Wm. H., .stair builder, 474 NlOth 
Clinton f^atliarine, Coates ab 21st 
CLINTON EDWIN, bru.shmr. 36 S 4th and 204^ 

Clinton James, ship carp. 69 Palmer 
Clinton John, conductor. Wood ab 16t]i 
Clinton Joseph, carp. 137 Lombard 
Clinton Mary .M., teacher, 107 Otter n G T road 
Clinton Thomas W., bricklr., 1043 N Front 
<Minton Robert, acct., Otter n (i T road 
Clinton William, acct., Federal ab 5th 
C;lpak Charles, muclit. 7 Winter 
Clxjak Christian, packer. 111 Shippen 
(;loak Daniel, lampmr., 7 Winter 
C;loak Daniel, eng-ineer, 7 Winter 
(^loak E., watchman, 16 Perry 
Cloak Geo. II., bricklr. 22d ab Race 

Cloak Samuel, 142 N 15th 
Cloak William, moulder, Olive bel Bro«d 
Clohosey Thomas, painter, 469 S Front 
Clony James, laborer, Carlton bel Broad 
Clopp Frederick, blacksm. 4 Grier's ct 
Clopp Gewrg'e, turner of brass, 4 Grier's ct 
Clopp John G., tobacconist, R av ab Girard av, 

h Washin^on (W P) 
Clopp William, turner, 4 Grier's ct 
Clopp Wm. A., cai'p. 9 St. James, h 344 Green 
Close Charles S., carp, and district regulator, 

384 and h 254 S Front 
Close Henry, g-ent, 181 Coates 
Close John, quarryman, Carlton bel 18th 
Close Thomas, waterman, 49 Mead 
Close Thomas J., carp., 3 Jacoby 
Closius Joseph, hotel, 4th and Culvert 
Closson James H., shop, R av n Broad, h 222 

Closson Josiah L., coachmakr, Division above 

Ann (F V) 
Closson Mary, Division (F Y) 
Closson Sarah, rear 84 Walnut 
Cloth John, lab.. Broad bel Shippen 
Clothier Ann, Marlborough 
Clothier Caleb, bricklr. and flour, 35 N 5th 
Clothier Charles, tailor, 23 Harmony (S) 
Clothier Charles, 208 N 6th 
Clothier Conrad F., book keeper, 19 N Water 
Clothier Geo., butcher. Larch n Kettlewell (R) 
Clothier Jacob, tax collec, 79 Hanover 
Clothier James, grocer, 32 Market, h 291 N 6th 
CL'OTHIER JOHN W. &. CO., stationers, 52 

N 4th and 22 N t2th 
Clothier "Wm., brickmr.. Orchard n Jackson 
Clothier William, clerk, 208 Wood 
Clothier William, clerk, AVood bel West 
Clotworthy Hugh, bricklr. 23 Duke 
Clotz John, b h, 441 Market 
Cloud Enoch W., 160 Cherry 
Cloud Francis, lab., rear 1 Brook (N L) 
Cloud John, baker, Milton ab 11th 
Cloud Joseph, gent. 352 N 13th 
Clo\id Wm., paper stainer, 274 Parrish 
Cloud Wm. S., butcher. Palmer bel West 
Cloudell Francis, moulder, 801 G T road 
Clouden George, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Clouden Jacob, butcher. Union bel West 
Clouds John, alderman, Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Clougli John, stone cut. 255 Broad 
Clough Robert, woollen manuf. 1 Linden (K) 
Clouser Al)raham, huckster, 999 N 2d 
Clouser Charles G., gas fitter, 12 Plymouth 
Clouser C, Plymouth n 20th 
Clouser I.,evi, carp. 592 N 3d 
Clouston Wm. M., 2 Davis' ct (S) 
Clover Tlioma.s, tailor, 167 S 2d, h 19 Saranac 
Clovis Herman, coppersm., Conard's ct 
Clowney James, carp., Milton bel 12th 
f:]owney John, weaver, 862 South 
Clowney Samuel, plasterer, 4t]i bel Wharton 
Clowney Wm., lab. 639 N Front 
Cluley Andrew P., chair ornaments, 63 Gorman 
Cluley Henrietta, 63 (iennan 
Clumpp B., chandler. Brook (N L) 
Clune Theresa, .shop, 21 Frog row, Philip (K) 
Clunet Augustus D., clerk, 16 S Del. av, h 163 




dungeon Wm., boat build., h Allen bel Palmer 

Clunn David, ship carp. 12 Union 

Clunn Jacob, caulker, Union ab Bedford (K) 

Clusey Georg-e, carter, Penn ab 12th (S G) 

Clusey Peter, carp. 19th ab Girard av 

Clutch C. R., ladies' shoemr., Wharton and Rye 

Clyde James, engineer, 17th bel Coates 

Clyde Robert, lab., Galbraith's ct 

Clyde Thomas, hatter, 92 N 2d 

Clymer Charles, blacksm. 14 Anita 

Clymer David M., tailor, 409 S 4th 

Clymer Jacob, grocery, G T road ab 4th 

Clymer James M., carp. 409 S 4th 

Clymer John, shop, Hutchinson bel Master 

Clymer Levi, lab. 1145 N 6th 

Clymer Rebecca, Mrs. 116 Marshall 

Clymer Robt., carp. 20 Coates' al, h 12 St John 

Clymer Robert M., sashmr. 109 German 

Clymer Sarah, 141 Wallace 

Cnopf Henry, turner, 78 New Market 

Coachman Jame.s, porter, 23 Pearl 

Coad Patk., patentee galvanic battery, 493 Race 

Coady Daniel, carp., Cadwell 

Coakley Daniel, lab. 18 Jones' al (C) 


CO., 88 S 4th 
Coane Robert, Green ab 10th 
Coane Robt. C., Green ab 10th 
Coar Charles, cordw. 21 Alder 
Coarse John K., boilermr., Wharton ab 4th 
Coates Abraham, jeweler, 33 N 6th 
Coates And., mer. 9 Church al 
Coates Azel, ship carp., Townsend & Lepriva 
Coates A., tanner, 467 N Front 
Coates Ben]., mer., 43 Market, h 210 Arch 
Coates Benj. H., M. D., 168 Arch 
COATES & BROWN, wool mer. 43 Market 
Coates George Morrison, cloths, &c., 141 Mar- 
ket, h 585 Arch 
Coates George M., 210 Arch 
Coates Henry, printer, 62 Almond 
Coates Holland, stone cut. 71 Ontario 
Coates Jacob B., alderman, 243 N 2d 
Coates John, 18th bel South 
Coates John, printer, 416 Market, h Church n 

Coates John, waterman, 1 Feinour pi 
Coates John, jeweller, 19 Christian 
Coates John W., lab. 1 Alton ct 
Coates Jos. M., 587 Arch 
(Coates Mary, 4 St Jolin pi 
Coates Nathan C, hardware, 82 N 2d 
Coates Robert, lab., Maria 
Coates Sidney & Sarah, 330 Arch 
Coates Susan, teacher, Catharine ab 3d 
Coates Wm., hcsicry and trimmings, 512 N 2d 
Coates W. C, mer. 11 Bank, h 367 Race 
('oats Henry, weaver, 906 Coates 
Coats John, lab. 18th bel Shippen 
floats Thos., inspector, 510 Vine 
Coats Wm. H., tobacco, 520 N 11th 
Cobb Baily, acct. Sharswood 
Cobb Daniel, waterman, 1 Catharine 
('obb Ebenezer, jr., 403 Vine 
Cobb Elknah, mer. 21 N 5th 
Cobb George, carp. 500 N 5th 
Cobb Henry, com. mer., 3 N Del. av 
Cobb H., iron moulder. Oak bel Park (W P) 

Cobb Isaac H., carp., Vienna n Duke 
Cobb James, bricklr. 3 Reckless ct 
Cobb Joshua C, bookbind. 535 N 10th 
Cobb Julia, w. of Wm. Shackamaxon ab Franklin 
Cobb Wm., carp. 18th ab Vine 
Cobb Wm., carp., rear Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Cobb Wm., jr., carp., Oxford and P'ranklin 
Cobb Wm. D., telegraph, 7 Deacon 
Cobden Wm., tailor, 11 Dugan 
Cobean David, 6 Madison 
Cobean Wm., weaver, 7 White's ct 
Coberry Geo., harmess mr., Olive bel Broad 
Coble Fredk., butcher, Clinton and Master (K) 
Cobourn John, carp., Hamilton W Nixon 
Cobourn M. A., b h, 274 Chestnut 
Cobourn Rachel, 39 Melon 
Coburn Aaron, conductor R R., 125 N 16th 
Coburn Henry, cabtmr., rear 76 S 2d 
Coburn Robert, gent. 259 Pine 
Cochlan Charles, gardener, 32 Murray 
Cochran Alex., cordw. 13th ab Christian 
Cochran Andrew, real estate broker, 143 Wal- 
nut, h 81 N 7th 
Cochran Andrew, drayman, 8th bel Wharton 
Cochran Benj., drayman, N E 5th and Plum 
Cocliran Catharine, Coral n Dauphin (K) 
Cochran Geo., cordw.. Master ab G T road 
Cochran Geo., waterman, 6 Workman's ct 
Cochran Henry, 21 Castle 
Cochran Isaac, carp. 7 Reckless 
Cochran James, lab., rear 321 S 3d 
Cochran James, lab., Salmon and Ann (R) 
Cochran James H., clerk, 124 Market 
Cochran James, driver, 212 Carpenter 
Cochran John, lab. 9th ab Poplar 
Cochran John, lab., rear 49 George (S) 
Cochran John, blacksm. 5 Howard 
Cochran John, weaver, 20th and Coates 
Cochran John, hatter, 5 Howard pi 
Cochran John, waterman, 7 Reckless 
Cochran John, liquor dealer, Taylor 
Cocliran John, macht., Marriot's la ab 4th 
Cochran John, clerk, 185 Market, h 21 Castle 
Cochran Josh., 82 W Market 
Cochran J. Harvey, mer. 32 N Del. av 
Cochran Lewis, tavern, 174 Lombard 
Cochran Martha, Gampher's ct 
Cochran Matthew, carp., S E 13th and Brhiton 
Cochran Mich., type moulder, 11 Larch 
Cochran Pat., lab., Salmon n Huntingdon (R) 
COCHRAN & RUSSELL, com. mers., 32 N 

Del. av and 63 N Water 
Cochran Susan, 15th ab Poplar 
Cochran Thomas, harness mr. 313 P road 
Cochran Thomas, di-ayman, 55 N 15th 
Cochran Travi.s, mer. 72 Walnut, h 415 Chestnut 
Cochran Wm., paper caiTiei', 409 Catharine 
Cochran Wm., lab., rear 321 S 3d 
Cochran Wm., jr., mer. 72 Walnut, h 415 Chest- 
Cochran Wm., lab., Marriott's la and 6th 
COCHRAN WM. G. & CO., wine mer., 72 Wal- 
nut, h 415 Chestnut 
Cochran Wm. S., cutter, 47 Chester 
Cockerill Thomas, cigar mr., M road bel P'ede- 

ral, and N E Front and South 
Cocklln Dennis, watcliman, 13th ab I'ederal 
Cockrell Cath., 15 Morgan 




Coddinglon Henry, weaver, Milton ab 11th 

Cody Daniel, lab. 9 Marble pi 

Cody Joanna, dressmr. 83 Gaskill 

Cody John, stone mason, Nixon bel Coates 

Cody Michael, tailor, 2 Wistar's av 

Coe Ann, 169 Wood 

Coe Rebecca G., saleswoman, 104 Arch 

COE RICHARD, import. 27 Bank 

Coffee Daniel, painter, 2d bel Prime 

Coffee Elizabeth, Mrs., 603 S Front 

Coffee John, weaver, Crown bel Duke 

Coffee Marv, shop, 1 Meredith 

Coffee Mich., lab. 17 Elfreth's al 

Coffee Wm. F., printer, 10 Melon 

Coffield Jeremiah, 12th ab Shippen 

Coffin Arthur G., Pres. Ins. Co. N. America, 60 

Walnut, h 37 Clinton 
Coffin Eliza, tailoress, 13th Coates 
Coffin John H., broker, 55 S 4th 
Coffin John H., real estate broker, 42 S Water 
Coffin Lemuel, nier. 18 Chestnut, h 16 Clinton 
Coffin Louisa, tavern, Coates & Ukick 
Coffin Maiy W., 3d ab Washing-ton 
Coffin Samuel L., 12 Catharine 
Coffin Stephen, mer. 34 N 3d, h 265 Coates 
Coffin Wm., shoemr., rear 214 Christian 
Coffin W^m. & Co., refiners, cobalt and mickel, 

34 N P'ront 
Cofljnan Andw., painter, 355 N 3d, h 525 N 5th 
Coffhian Charles, vict. 594 N 5th 
Coffman Francis, 20th ab Race 
CoffVnan Isaac, grocer, Penn (S G) 
Coff'man Samuel, driver, rear Evans 
Coff'man Saml. 608 Callowhill 
Coff'man Wm., silversm. 78 Tammany 
Cofrode W., stove mould., Franklin av ab W^ood 
COGAN EDWARD, dealer in paintings, 140 

Cogan John, gas fitt., 677 N Front 
Coggins Chai'les, carp., Eyard's ct 
Coggins David, gent. 141 Buttonwood 
Coggins E. H., engraver, N W 8th and Market 
Cogg'ins John C, carp., rear Nectarine ab 10th 
Coggins Jonathan, painter, 213 N 9th 
Coggins Solomon, 20 Mayland 
('oggins Wm. F., pla.ster manuf. 12th ab Brown 
(Joggshall Hcnrj- R., agent, 145 Chestnut, house 

Jones Hotel 
Coghlan Micii., painter, 347 Pearl 
Co'gill , sashmr. 279 N Front, h 7 Noble 
C^ohen Aaron, M. D., 12 Lebanon 
Cohen Abrm., broker, S W 4th and Lombard 
Cohen A., 3 Franklin row 
Cohen A. M., 631 Spruce bet 15tli and 16th 
Cohen Ematuiel, steward, 389 Catharine 
Colien (iottk'ilj, butclier, 69 Howard (K) 
COHEN HENIiY, import, .stationery, 42 N 4tli, 

h 16 S sq 
Cohen Hiram, clumist, 9th bel Poplar 
Cohen Jacol), clothing, 60 and 222J South, li 76 

<3ohcn Jacob, tailor, 98 Poplar 
Cohen Jonas, tailor, 220 Soutli 
Cohen Jose])li, clothing, 159 Soutli 
Cohen Joseph S., att'y and coun. 99 Walnut, h 

631 W Spi»ice 
Cohen Lewis I., furniture, 115 S 2d, h 117 Lom- 

Cohen Lewis J., salesman, 47 N 3d, h 220 South 

Cohen Martin, lab., rear 450 S Front 

Cohen Mich., lab., Carlton ab 17th 

Cohen Myer D., furrier, 86 Arch, h 86 N 7th 

Cohen Owen, weaver, 23d ab Pine 

Cohill Charle-s, portrait painter, 140 Chestnut, h 

362 Coates 
Cohill George, P road bel Marriott's la 
Coin Martin, cordw.. Vine ab Nixon 
Coking Henry, varnisher, 53 Beaver 
Colahan John B., att'y and coun. 78 S 8th, h Till 

and Spnice (W P) 
Colbe Charles, bai-ber, 228 S 12th 
Colbert C. Stroud, 55 S 4th, h 114 Walnut 
Colbert Pat., carter, Lewis ab Thompson 
COLBERT WILLIAM, manuf. and impt. stat., 

55 S 4th, h 114 Walnut 
Colbert William, boilemr., Lehigh (R) 
Colbert Wm. F., fancy goods, 81.} N 3d 
Colburn L., dealer, George and 20th 
Colby Gilbert A., macht. 20tli and Winter 
Colbv G. AV., 240 Market 
Colbv Robei-t, butcher, 137 Hancock (K) 
COLCORD ENOCH L., money broker, 19 S 

5th, h 17th bel Arch 
Colcord Horace F., mer. 121 S Front, h 17th 

and Ann 
Colcord John P., clerk Post office, 99 Catharine 
Colden James, carp. 50 Fitler (K) 
Coldrich John, tavern, 240 Christian 
Cole Chas., butcher, Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Cole Christian, cordw. 4 Sanders' ct (K) 
Cole Courtland, M. D., 28 Brown 
Cole C, Pearl bel Broad 

Cole David, morocca dr., Apple n Diamond (K) 
Cole Eliza, 5 Meredith ct 
Cole George, tailor, Ross and Bedford 
Cole Geo. W., coal mer. 80| Walnut, h 21 N 15th 
Cole Jacob, cordw.. Van Buren pi 
Cole James, coachman, 54 Mechanic 
Cole John, bricklr. 78 German 
Cole John, tinsm. 138 S 12th 
Cole Joseph H., waiter, 27 Barclay 
Cole Joseph P., lab., 10 Barley 
Cole Lewis, tailor, 572 N 2d 
Cole L.Mrs., 38 N 15th 
Cole Mary, 20tli ab A'ine 
Cole M. G., ti-immings, 390 S 2d 
Cole Peter, mason, Brown bel 20tl\ 
Cole P. B., b h, 8 S 5th 
Cole Randal, Julianna bel William 
Cole Robert, mo. sliaver, Apple n Diamond (K) 
Cole Samuel, clerk Phil. Bk., h N E 4th & Arch 
Cole Sarah, Dorothy E 20th 
Cole Sarah, 26 Federal 
Cole Thomas H., cordw. 386 Race 
Cole Ustine, Meredith ct 
Cole Wm., lab. 158 S Water 
Cole Wm., bookl)ind. 25 Magnolia 
jColehower Conrad, contractor. Cedar la n Pratt 
Coleliower l{. Isaac, carpenter, tircen n Gra- 

liam (W P) 
Coleman Ann, trimmings, S E New Maiketand 

Coleman Anne (;., wld of Edw., 497 W Chcstmit 
Coleman Daniel, carp. 13th bel t;irard av 
Coleman Fanny M., 144 S 14th 
Coleman Ellen, tailoress, Evans' ct 




Coleman Ellen, 466 S 5th 

Coleman Ezra, manuf. 48 and h 50 S 5th 

Coleman E. & P., coach screw mrs., S E 21st & 

Dorothj', h Arch E 21st 
Coleman Georg-e, weaver, Qneen ab Marboro' 
Coleman Georg'e W., dancing- academy, 5th and 

Callowhill'; h Hanover bel West 
Coleman Harriet, g-entlewoman, 8 Clinton sq 
Coleman Henry, seaman, 125 Plum 
Coleman Henry, carp., 347 S 13th 
Coleman Henry T., atty. 56 S 6th 
Coleman Horace B., carpt. 16 Redwood 
Coleman Jacob, dry g-oods, 419 N 2d 
Coleman James, seaman, rear 135 Carpenter 
Coleman John, Rev., 318 S Front 
Coleman John, coppersm. 419 N 2d 
Coleman John, dver, rear 266 S 10th 
COLEMAN JOHN M., importer, 32 and 37 
Arcade, and countv treasurer. State House, 
h 554 N 5th 
Coleman John T., marb. mason, 214 Shippen 
Coleman J. F., 4 Haines 
COLEMAN & KELTON, iron, 113 N Water 
Coleman Lvman, Rev. D. D., teacher, 341 Mar- 
ket, h 19th bel Chestnut 
Coleman Martha A., tailoress, 14 Clark 
Coleman Mary, washerw. 17 Wag-ner's al 
Coleman Matilda wid of Jacob B., 22 Noble 
Coleman Michael, porter, 13 Elfreth's al 
Coleman Mich., waterman. Front & Callowhill 
Coleman Moses, g-lazier, Buttonwood bel 8th 
Coleman Nicholas, wheelwrt. 565 N Front, h 

Front bel Franklin (K) 
Coleman Pat., currier, 111 Dillwyn 
Coleman Philip, cai-p. 65 Coates 
Coleman Philip E., conveyancer, 4th bel Wil- 
low, h 22 Noble 
Coleman P., 540 Market W 16th 
Coleman Robert, Summer n 21st 
Coleman Samuel, bricklayer, 65 Coates 
Coleman Samuel L., barber, 31 S 3d 
Coleman S. L. Mrs., millinery, 245 F road 
Coleman Thos., carp. 275 N Front 
Coleman T., currier, 281 N 2d, h 111 Dilwyn 
Coleman T. M!, reporter, N E 3d and Chestnut, 

h 408 Brown 
Coleman Walter, waiter, 5 Fisher's ct 
Coleman Wm., eng-ravcr, 186 S 11th 
Coleman Wm. B., musician, 245 F road (K) 
Coleman Wm. H., 87 Fitz water 
Colen H., 183 Brown 
Coler Jos., vict. 21 Alder 
Coles Asa, priliter, 4 Rose (K) 
Coles Edward, g-ent. 409 Spruce 
Colesberry Isaac G., mer. 5 Serg-eant 
Colesberry Elizabeth, 301 N 2d 
Colesberry John, saddler, 21 & 25 Arch 
Coiflesh John, tavern, 24 S 8th 
Colg-an Bartly, lab. 45 South 
Colg-an Charles, driver, Hamilton n 22d 
Colg-an Dennis, weav., Shippen bet 16th & 17th 
Colg-an John, tailor, 266 S 4th 
Colg-an Patrick, tavern, N W 7th Sc Bedford 
Colg-an Robert, tavern, 250 S 7th 
COLGAN THOS. P., bookseller, 89 South 
Colt^an T. J., teacher, 231 S 3d 
Colg-an Wm., cabinetmr. 594 N 3d 
Colgate John, lab. Stewart n Marg-aret 

COLHOUN ANTH. K., F road n Alleghany av 
COLHOUN & COWTON, produce meis. Broad 

ab Cherry, & N E 3d and Chestnut 
Colhoun Geo., mer. 60 N Front, h 309 Spruce 
Colhoun Geo. C, 1^1 Chestnut 
Colhoun & M'Donald, coopers, 26 Strawberry 
Colhoun Mary M., 98 S 3d 
Colhoun Samuel, mer. Broad bel Race 
Colhoun Thomas H., cooper, 26 Strawberry 
Colhoun Wm., 4 Virg-inia row 
Colhoun Wm. & Hug-h, mers. 61 N Front, h 98 3d 
Colhoun Wm. H., broker, rear 56 Walnut, h 4 

Virg-inia row * 
Colket Coffin, 312 N 7th 
Coll Hugh, Willow bel 8th 
Coll John, lab. Hight's ct 
Coll Wm., liquor, 6th and Jefferson 
CoUaday Chas., mer. 29 Church al, h Chestnut 

and Margaretta (W P) 
Colladay Chas. D., clerk, 404 N 13th 
Colladav Chas. D., clerk, off. Recorder of Deeds, 

h 15th bel Vine 
Colladay F. S., bookkeeper, 403 Race 
Colladav Edward H., coun. auditor, h 108 N 10th 
COLLADAY GEORGE W., conveyancer, 3 

Goldsmith Hall, h 641 Vine 
Colladay Jacob, carp. 679 Vine 
Colladay James, weaver, 6 Philip (K) 
Colladav Samuel R., trimmings, 62 Market, h 

h 161 Chestnut 
Colladay Sarah W., b h, 108 N 10th 
Colladay Theodore, carp. 403 Race 
Colladay T. S., carp. 19 Barclay 
Colladay Wm., carp. N E Race and Lybrand 
Colladay Wm. M., carp., N E Logan & Wallace 
Colladay Wm. Y., mer. 1 Bank, h 197 N 12th 
Collahan Patrick, lab. 10 Louisa av 
Collar Anna, Queen and Cherry ^ 

Collar Mich., whf. builder. Queen ab Cherry 
Collar Michael, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen 
Collar Wm., ship carp.. Beach ct 
Collard David, mach. Callowhill n Hamilton 
Collard Jonth'n, milln'y, 129 South & 128 N 8th 
Collavan Thomas, lab. Huston bel Brown (K) 
CoUegan Bernard, carter, 82 George (S) 
Collegan James, carp. 340 W South 
Collegan John, tavern, 27 Walnut 
Collenback John, waiter. West (K) 
(3ollenberg Solomon, cordw. 23 Charlotte 
Coller Frank, lab. Till ab Locust (W P) 
Collet Mark, M. D., 92 S 11th 
Collett Christian, baker, 415 S 11th 
Collett Henry, seacapt. 17 Ellen 
Collie Alexander, clock mr. 11th ab Federal 
Collier Jno., dealer, 33 Saranak 
("oilier Sam. jr., salcsm'n. 111 Market, h 41 Arch 
Collier Thomas, weaver, 13 Ann 
Collier Wm., weaver. Diamond bel Shippen 
Collins Abraham, M. D., office 26 Lombard, h 

187 Catharine 
COLLINS ALEXANDER, Washington House, 

S W Vine and Perry 
Collins Alexander, weaver, 11 Gay's ct (K) 
Collins Alexander, weaver, 212 S 4th 
Collins Alfred M., pap. manuf 15 Minor, h S W 

Rittenhouse and Plymouth 
COLLINS ALFRED M. & CO., paper ware- 
house, 15 Minor 




COLLINS & ANDERSON, druggist, 27 S 4th 

Collins Andrew, mer. 21 S Front 

Collins Ann, trimmings, 339 Parrish ab 13th 

Collins Ann, 12 Barclay 

Collins Ann B., Race n 17th 

Collins Carnard, 141 Shippen 

Collins Barthol'w., weav. Cadwalader n Oxford 

Collins Bartley, brickmr. Clymer bel NoiTis( K) 

Collins Caleb G., cordw. 625 G T I'oad 

Collins Charles, weaver. Harmony ct (K) 

Collins Charles, sr., tailor, 234 Market, h 8th ab 

Collins Con., engineer, Franklin av bel Vienna 
Collins C, painter, 10 Lebanon 
Collins C, oysters, 100 N 4th 
Collins Dennis, collector, Catharine ab 8th 
Collins Dennis, lab. rear 302 S 3d 
Collins David, lab. Cadwalader n Montgomery 
Collins D. C. & Co., photographists, 100 Chest- 
nut & S E 7th and Chestnut 
COLLINS EDWARD, aichitect, 92 Walnut 
Collins Edw;u-d, 249 N 11th bel Sp Garden 
Collins Edward, barber, 100 N 4th 
Collins Edward, barber, 4 Preston 
Collins Edward, confectioner, 20th ab Spruce 
Collins Edwd. T., block & mastmr. 216 N Water 

& Pcnn ab Marsh, h 136 Beach (K) 
Collins Eli, blacksmith, 27 West 
Collins Elii«S, waiter, rear Shippen ab 7th 
Collins Elizabeth, mr. 32 N 13th 
Collins Elizabeth, Lewis ab 17th 
Collins Frederick, brewer, N W 10th & Filbert, 

h 23 S 16th 
Collins Geo. C, att'y at law, S W 6th & Locust, 

h 22d ab Race 
COLLINS G., bookseller, 1 S 6th, h 147 Pine 
Collins Hugh, carter, M'Anamy's ct 
Collins Isaac, 15 Minor, h Oak and Filbert 
COLLINS ISAAC, jr., weigher, 44 S Water, h 

Pine W 17th 
Collins James, lab. South ab 10th 
(jollins James, grocer, William (W P) 
Collins James, scgar, rear 484 N 3d 
Collins James, cai'p., Crans' ct 
Collins James, carter, M'Anamy's ct 
Collins James, packer, rear 12 Noble 
Collins James, tailor, 2Gth ab Spruce 
(>ollins James, lab. Poplar 

Collins James A., planing machinery, 32 Cari'oll 
Collins James A., carter, rear 12 Noble 
(jollins James C, rags and iron, 232 N Water 
Collins James C, carp., CheiTy W 21st 
Collins James H., provisions, 11th and Federal, 

h 3 Redwood 
Collins, brickmr. Apple n Norris (K) 
Collins Jesse C, bru.shmr. 3 Crier's pi 
(^ilins .John, carp., Charlotte ab George 
Collins John, lab. 3 Willow ct 
Collins John, ropemr., Wa.shington ab 13th 
(lollins John, ropeniaker, 13th and Melon 
Collins John, comedian, 88 S 1 1th 
Collins John, lab. Laud 
Collins John, waterman, 37 Catharine 
Collins John, bootnir., Margarettu ab 9th 
Collins John, cordw. 3 Wilson 
(Jollins John, lab. Queen a!) (iunner's run 
CoiHiis.lohn, i-opemr. S Washington ab 13th 
(jollins John, lab. Griswold's al 

Collins John, seaman, N W Ball al & Pine 
Collins John H., druggist, 27 S 4th, h 11th ■ 

Collins John J., carp. 69 Carroll 
Collins John M., att'y and coun. 35 S 6th 
Collins John M., clerk, 88 Market 
Collins Jonathan, wai-per, Pennsylvania av n 

Collins Jon., man. cot. mills, 78 Shackamaxon 
Collins Jonathan, mer. 44 N Delaware av 
Collins Joseph IL, lumber mer. 8th and Poplar, 

h Brown bel 8th 
Collins Joseph, waterman, 72 Swanson 
Collins Joseph, lab. Penn ab Poplar 
Collins Joseph, 19th bel Wood 
Collins Lewis, blacksmith, Brinton bel 11th 
Collins Mary, J'ront bel Hazel 
Collins Mary, shop, Duke bel Vienna 
Collins Matthias, cordw. Olive bel Broad 
Collins Michael, lab. 9 Gaffney's av 
Collins Michal, shop, 9 Vernon 
Collins &. M'Lecster, type founders, 18 Minor 
Collins Morris, lab. 4 M'Closkey's ct 
Collins Patrick, founder, 71 Howard (K) 
Collins Patrick, lab. Walnut bel Park (Vv' P) 
Collins Patrick, lab. 4 Southampton ct 
Collins Percival, mer. 15 Minor 
Collins P., ch-y goods, S E Vine and 13th 
Collins P. G., printer, 1 Lodge al, h N W Coates 

and Franklin 
Collins Robert, carp. 19th ab South 
Collins Robert, oysters, 153 Locust 
Collins Samuel C, type founder, 18 Minor 
Collins Simeon, dagueiTeotypist, 100 Chestnut, 

Collins Susan, seamstress, 5 Bryan's ct 
Collins Thomas, hatter, Winter 
Collins Thos., carter, Shippen bet 16th & 17th 
Collins Thomas, slater. Federal n 11th 
Collins T. K. & P. G., printers, 1 Lodge al 
Collins T. K., printer, 1 Lodge al, h S W 10th & 

Collins T. K., jr., bookseller, 8 N 6th, h S W lOtl* 

and Wallace 
Collins T. L, Union House, 140 N Water 
Collins Waller, capt. 189 Catharine 
Collins Wm., jr., lab. Sarah ab Queen (K) 
Collins Wm., curp. 60 Prime 
Collins Wm., tobacco, Charlotte ab Brown and 

220 N 6tii 
Collins Wm., shoemr.. Melon and R road 
Collins Wm., lalj. Finn ab Poplar 
Collins Wm. M., 15 Minor, h 98 N 10th 
Collison Isaac, cordw. S V. 2d and Raci; 
CoUison Joseph, clerk, N E 3d and Walnut, k 

187 S 9th 
Collme Tlieotlore, inst. maker, 238 Wood 
(Jollom Clement, carp. 666 N 2d 
Collom Cieo. W., brlcklr.. New Market ab Laurel 
Collom Judali, carp. 101 Myrtle 
Collom J. (i., chainnr. 3 Hermitage 
(k)llom J. S., tailor, 154 (Joates 
Collom Mary, 132 Coates 
Collom Rebecca, niilliner, 666 N 2d 
Collon Albert, 30 Kurtz 
ColloM} John, carp. Willow and 18th 
Collot A. (;., professor, West Perm sq 
CoUowell llemy, salesman, Francis ii Powell 




Colly Daniel, shoemr. 56 Quince 

Colly Jacob, lab. Penn ab Poplar 

Collj" Michael, crockery, 464 Poplar 

Coll}' Mrs., nurse, 33 Nectarine 

Colsher David, clerk. Race and 20th 

Colsher Peter, blacksm. Carroll ab 12th 

Colsher Wm., whcelwrt., Broad ab Gi'cen, h 

16th ab Parrish 
Colton Andrew J., cordw. 11 Saunder's ct (K) 
COLTON & BURT, grocers, N E 10th and 

COLTON & CHARTER, brokers, 10 S 3d 
Colton, Code & Co., meter makers, 15th & Jones 
Colton David, planemr. 327 Market, h Oakbel 

Park (W P) 
Colton Geo., vict., 493 Pine and N E Pine and 

Colton James, weaver, 11 Bauersachs ct (K) 
Colton John, planemr. 8c hardware, 379^ Mar- 
ket, h Chestnut and Mary (W P) 
Colton John, broker, 10 S 3d', h 10th bel South 
COLTON OREN, g-ent., S 16th ab Spmce 
Colton Sabin W., daguerreotypist, 265 Race 
Colton Simon, gTocer, N E 10th and Chestnut, h 

423 Callowhill 
Colton Walter, Mrs. 549 Walnut 
Colton Wm., Price ab Frankford road (K) 
Colton Wm. B., M. D., 238 Market 

Colver Hiram W.,.springbeds., 159 Chestnut 
Cohvell Alexander, lab. 15 Baker 
COLWELL & CO., iron m.ers., 53 N wharves, 

and 111 N Water 
Colwell George, lab. Wilson's ct 
Colwell John, mer. Spruce and William (W P) 
Colwell Josh., oysterman, 7th bel Reed 
Colwell Stephen, ii'on manuf., 53 N wharves, & 

111 N Water, h N E 11th and Arch 
Colwill Wm., 202 Shippen 
Comber John, stone cutter, 488 George 
Comber John, stone cut. Port lane n 20th 
Comber Michael, stone cut.. Chestnut E 16th, h 

4 Lewis 
Comber Patrick, stone cut., George W 20th 
Comber Thos., sheet iron worker, 144 M road 
Combes Maiy, tiimmings, 71' S 11th 
Combes Wm. G., salesman, 141 Market, h Beach 

and Maiden (K) 
Combs Gilbert, teacher, 121 and h 168 Marshall 
Combs John F., currier, 200 S 6th, h R road ab 

Combs Jos. blacksm. & wheclwt. Franklin ab 4th 
Combs Thomas, plasterer, 7 Nagle 
Comegys Benj. B., cash. Phil. Bank, h 268 Pine 
Comegys Catliarinc, gentw. 42 N 8th 
Comegys Wm., h 92 S 12th 
Comegys W. H. J., clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 92 S 

Comtort Aaron, Thomsonian medicines, 295 

Market, h 124 N 10th 
Comfort Cyinis C, cai-p. 5 Randolph 
Comfort Jesse, flour and feed, foot of Brown 
Comfort John W., M. D., 19 N 10th 
Comfort Saml., 20 Citron) 
Comly Allen, mer. 25 N 2'd, h 83 N 10th 
Comly E., gent. Franklin ab Wistar 
Comly E., 121 Franklin (S G) 

Comly Franklin A., President Buck Mountain 

Coal Co. 82 Walnut 
Comly Henry, mer. 25 and h 39 N 2d 
Comly H. & A., mer.s. 25 N 2d 
Comly J. T., printer, Wharton and Corn 
Comly Margaret, boots and shoes, Lewellan's ct 
Comly Mrs. M., trimmings, 345 Race 
Comly Nathan, clerk, 78 S Front 
COMLY ROBERT, auctioneer, 78 S Front 
Comly Samuel, com. mer. 78 S Front, h Poplar 

Comly S.I., 66 N Del av & 139 Water, h 189 N 6th 
Comly T. J., printer, 13th S 10th 

110 Chestnut 

140 Chestnut below 5t\f. 

99 Walnut 

and Thompson 
Commings John, tavern, Oxford and G T road 
Commings Mary, G T road beL Oxford 
Cominsey Geo., pavier, F road ab Read (K) 
Committi & Bro., tobac. 267 Brown 
Commons Benj., blacksmith, 7 Carver 
Compton C. B., 130 N 14th 
Compton Hoi'ace B., 130 N 14th 
Compton Jos., brass finisher, 15 Lagrang-e pi 
Compton Julia A., scrubber, 5 St. Mary 
Compton Wm., macht. A'ienna bel West 
Compton Wm. M., printer, Mervin ab Stiles 
Comrathan David, telegraph, 63 Federal 
Comstock Andrew, M. D., vocal g-ymnasium, 102 

Comstock David, hat bodymr. 14 Branch 
Conard Abraham, mason, rear 69 Apple 
Conard Charles, acct., h 217 Mar.shall 
Conard Henry S., clerk, 97 Market 
Conard J. R., bricklr. Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Conard J. R., coal yard, S W 9th and Master, li 

Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Con;u-d J. & Co., 137 Callowhill 
Conard Lewis R. machinist, 20 Plum 
Conard Silas, carp. 86 Nectarine 
Conarroe George M., atty. and couns. 260 Arch 
CONARROE G. W., portrait painter, 392 Vine 

ab 11th 
Conarroe J. L., salesman, 36 N Front, h 560 N 7th 
Conarroe Rich'd R., acct. 36 N Front, h 560 N7th 
Conarroe Thomas, acct. 36 N Front, h 560 N 7th 
Conaty Mich., oysters, 43 Morris 
Conaway Chas., coachman, L^ger pi 
Conaway Edward, lah. Harmony ct (K) 
Conaway Geo. S., cordw. 9 Jenning's Row 
Conaway H., shoe mr. Randolph bel Poplar 
Conaway James, driver, 7th ab Wharton 
Conaway Jas., lab. 5 York 
Conaway John, dealer. Mariner ab 13th 
Codaway Joseph, lab. 7 Pine 
Conaway Jo.seph, trimmings, 751 N 2d 
Conaway Samson, bricklr. 4th ah Thompson (K) 
Conaway Wm., sawmr. 24 Cherry, h F road ab 

York (R) 
Condaflfer Jacob, glass blower, Houston ab West 
Conde P'rances, 114 N 5th 
Condell Robt., glass cut., 1 Yhost 
Condell Thos., ag'ent. Locust n 20th 




Conderman B., mineral water, 58 Dillwvn 

Condie D. F., M. D., 127 Catharine 

Condon E. Miss, dressmr. 282 Hanover 

Condon John, cordw. Marriott ab 6th 

Condon John, clerk, Hanover ab F road 

Condon Pat., porter, Knig'ht's ct 

Condon Thomas, lab. 7 Lag-rang^e 

Condon Wm,, blacksmith, 3 Hoffman's al 

Condy James, cordw. 98 Bedford 

Condy John, lab. Philip and Oxford (K) 

Condy Richard, tailor, Jefferson bel 11th 

Condy Richd., cordw. 367 Franklin 

Condy Robert, grocer, 778 N 2d 

Condy Thos., trader, Cadwalader bel Master 

Condy Thos., lab. rear 4 Charles 

Condy Wm., sr,, 101 N 14th 

Condy Wm., letter carrier, 101 N 14th 

Cone Amelia M., trimming's, 70 S 8th 

Cong-ar Chas., cordw. Poplar and New Market 

Cong-ar Wm., shoemr. 98 New Market 

Cong-ar Wm., umb. mr. Clinton bel Phoenix (K) 

Congdon Jas. C, 11 S Del av, candle and oil 

manuf. Gallowhill n Wire Bridg-e 
Congdon Jno., clerk, 34 N Front, h282 Hanover 
Cong-er Ann, shop, 31 Laurel 
Conger Ann, niu-se, 309 Green 
Conger John A., 31 Laurel 
Conger Wm., morocco dr. 110 Hanover 
Conin Sarah, Jefferson bel Gennantown road 
Conine Peter, blacksm.9 St. James, h 377 N 7th 
Conkle Francis A., clerk, Buttonwood n 5th 
Conkle H., cord manuf 2 S 3d, h 4 Buttonwood 
Conkle W. H., 52 S Front 
Conklin Emory, seaman, 90 Gaskill 
Conklin Garrison, engineer, 176 St. John 
Conklin Matthew, coachman, 307 Pine 
Conklin Wm., dyer, Philip n Jefferson (K) 
Conlan Bernard, lab. Adams bel Frankford road 
Conlan Michael, chandler, 5th bel Master 
Conlen Alex., bootmr. 22 Carter's al 
Conley Ann, Wilcox, n 19th 
Conlcy Anne, Crown ab Franklin av 
Conley Cornelius, carp. 2 Cresson's al 
Conley Frances, tailoress, rear 352 S 2d 
Conley Jas. H., ship carp- 91 Prime 
Conley John, grocer, William and Biddle 
Conley Margaret, tailores.s, rear 37 Baker 
Conley Mary, Crown ab Franklin av 
Conley Patrick, cordw. Huston & R road (K) 
Conley Patrick,, 10 Pearl 
Conley Pat., dealer, Milton ab 11th 
Conley Priscilla, Carlton ab 12th 
Conley Thos. A., gas fitter, 27 Lafayette 
Conky Thos. \., g-a.s fitter, 44 Lebanon 
Conlin Dennis, lal). 5 Helly's av 
Conlin Kdw., boatman. Sell. Beach and Walnut 
Conlin Francis, biickmr. 37 South 
C;onlin James, watchman, Carroll bel Ontario 
Conlin Jame.s, lab. Carpenter bel 13th 
Conlin Jolin, 37 Carj)enter 
Conlin John, b h, 31 ('lieiTy 
Conlin Mich., brusiimr. 31 Cherry 
Conlin Patrick, lab. Wood ab 18th 
Conlon Andrew, tailor, 4 Union 
Conlon James, clerk, 4th and .lefferson 
Conly Henry, lab. 11 Aail's pi 
(Joiiniey Thos., driver, New .Markets, GTroad 
Conn Andrew, milkman, Ann n'Railroad 

Conn James, trader, G T road ab Franklin 
Conn James, tinman, 15th bel Vine 
Conn James, milkman, Ann n Railrood 
Conn Sarah, G T road bel Phoenix (K) 
Conn Thomas, milkman. Wood bel Tulip (R) 
Conn Thos., jr., milkman, Wood bel Tulip (K) 
Conn Wm., milkman, Norris bel Tulip (R) 
Conn Wm., trader, 149 Hancock (K) 
Connan Neal, lab. Brown bel Elm (R) 
Connator Stephen, copyist, 10 Prune 
Connel Charles, cordw. 22d ab Spruce 
Connel Francis, lab. West and Raih'oad (R) 
Connelan John, manufr. 620 N 3d 
Council Alex., carter, 593 Wood 
Connell Dennis, lab. 6 Buchanan pi 
CONNELL GEO., real estate agent, 4 Lodge, h 

Broad and Lombard 
Connell Henry, grocer, 18th and Lombard 
Connell James, lab. 247 21st 
Connell James, huckster, 6 John's ct 
Connell James, manufr. Adams bel Oxford (K) 
Connell John, lab. Clymer 
Connell John, shoemr. 17 Arch 
Connell John, sailmr. 20 South 
Connell John H., conveyancer, 217 N 4th 
Connell J. M., Rev., 96 S 11th 
Connell Mary, b h, 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Connell Matthia.s, overseer, 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Connell Pat., lab. Front below Greenwich 
Connell Pati'ick, driver, Carroll bel Ontario 
Connell Pat., lab. 6 Buchanan pi 
Connell Thomas H., clerk, 84 Chestnut 
Connell T., drover, 16th and Race 
Connell Wm. B., salesman, 159 Market 
Connellman P., grocer, 13th and Temple 
Connelly Ann, Stewart bel Fitzwater 
Connelly Bartholomew, lab. Murray's ct 
Connelly Chas., grocer, Coates n Schuylkill 
Connelly Daniel, cordw. Margaretta 
Connelly Daniel, lab. 90 Passyunk road 
ConnellV Edw., tailor, 197 Christian 
ConnellV FAiza, 282 Sp Garden 
CONNELLY HARRY, wines and liquors, N W 

7th and Chestnut, h Spruce ab 12th 
Connelly Hester, wid. of Terrence, Fisher's ct 
Connelly James, cordw. Stiltz's ct 
Connelly .las., watchman, 23d below Pine 
Connelly James, tailor, 3 Dugan 
Connell}' Jas., watemian, rear 471 S Front 
Connelly Joseph, grocer, I^ocust W 20tli 
Connelly I-awrence B., 119 Garden 
Connelly Mary, shop. Beach 
Connelly Mary, shop, 318 Poplar 
Connelly Mary, Cherry above Franklin avenue 
Connelly Michael, lai)orer, rear 318 S 3d 
Connelly Mich., lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Connelly Michael, cordw. 60 P road 
Connelly Pat., weaver, Milton bel 11th 
Connelly Patrick, 27 Wood 
Connelly Patrick, Lewis above 17th 
Connelly Peter, hod carrier, 26 Bread 
Connelh Richard, cordwainer, 14 Dugan 
Connelly Rich'd H., clerk, 31 N 3d 
Connelly T., gas fittir, 465 South 
Connelly Wni., lab. 3 Pro.sperous al 
Connellv Wni., weaver, Jeffer.son ab Philip (K 
Connelly Wm., lab. 808 G 'I' road 
Conner Alexander, weaver, 335 S 5th 




Conner Alex'er, weaver, PeiTy bel Phoenix (K) 

Conner Bernard, carter, 22d. and Ashton 

Conner Bernard, cooper, Hebi'oii's ct 

Conner Bernard, lab. Carroll ab I3th 

Conner Bernai-d, lab. 392 N Front 

Conner Charles, tailor, 1 Bread 

Conner Clayton, tavern, 946 N 2d 

Conner David, Commodore, h 87 S 4th 

Conner David, drayman, 6 Wistar av 

Conner Dennis, laborer, 16 Jones alley (C) 

Conner Dennis, laborer, 7 Buchanan place 

Conner Edmund, jr., waterman, 15 Little Water 

Conner Edward, moulder, 338 N Front 

Conner E. O., 19th n Girard 

Conner Geo., carp. Pine n 21st 

Conner Geo. P., pilot, 84 Church 

Conner Hamilton, cordwainer, HaiTison 

Conner Henry, cordw. Burton 

Conner Henry, lab. 152 Phoenix (K) 

Conner Jacob, brushmaker, 4th above Master 

Conner James, painter, 254 Hutchinson 

Conner James, lab. 766 Wood 

Conner James G., hatter, 376 S 3d 

Conner Jeremiah, lab. Walnut bel Park 

Conner Jessie, shoe dealer, 64 Apple 

Conner John, hatter, 36 Georg'e 

Conner John, brickmr. 122 Apple 

Conner John, eng-inr., Fairmount ab Sp Garden 

Conner John, coachman, 13 Barker 

Conner John, grocer, 8th and Carpenter 

Conner John, laborer, Clay and Sch. Beach 

Conner John, laborer, 309 Germantown road 

Conner John, laborer, 765 N 10th 

Conner John, laborer, Huntingdon ab Duke (R) 

Conner John, laborer. Brown n Tioga (K) 

Conner John, lastmr. 350 S 3d 

Conner John, 216 Market 

Conner John S., bar tender, 2 Wiley's ct 

Conner Joshua, shoemr. 414 S 2d 

Conner J. S., druggist, 1033 Coates 

Conner Margaret, Fisher bel Emery (R) 

Conner Mary, Simes n Ashton 

Conner Matthew, laborer, Lewis bel Jefferson 

Conner Michael, porter. Smith's court 

Conner Michael, Iramemr. 387 Callowhill 

Conner Michael, tailor, Chester and Maple 

Conner Michael F., merchant, 32 Ridge road 

Conner Miles, laborer, rear Charles bel South 

Conner Morris, laborer. Weaver & Moore's ct 

Conner Patrick, laborer, 30 Bedford 

Conner Richard, glass blower. Wood bel West 

Conner Richard, waterman, 73 Catharine 

Conner Robert, cordw. Lombard n 18th 

Conner Sar. widofEdmund, shoemr. 591 S Front 

Conner Stephen, lab. 3 Grape ct 

Conner Thomas, lab. 9 Hatter's ct 

Conner Thomas, laborer, 16 Bedford 

Conner Thomas, weaver, 55 AVest (K) 

Conner Wm., laborer, 4 Kelley's court 

Conner Wm., manufacturer, 403 Wood (K) 

Conner Wm., stevedore, 637 S 2d 

Conner Wm., laborer, 9 Lagrange place 

Conner Wm., cordwainer, 245 S 6th 

Connolly John, grocer, William and Biddle 

Connolly Nicholas, porter, 124 Market 

Connor Hamilton, maclit. Lybrand bel Vine 

Connor Isaac, dealer, Bedford n Shippen la 

Connor James, grocer, Spmce and 22d 

Connor Job, tailor, 16 Flower 
Connor John, cabm. 68 Lombard 
Connor Matthew, blacksm. Madison av 
Connor Patrick, cow keeper. Carpenter ab 13th 
Connor Philip, laborer, rear 16 Bedford 
Connor Susan, shop 144 S Water 
Connor Thomas, weaver, 26 Diamond 
Connor Thomas, tailor, Johnston's court 
Connor Terrence, St. Paul's avenue 
CONOVER & BROTHERS, shoes and bonnets, 

190 Market 
Conover J. B., mer. 190 Market 
Conover Lewis T., shoe store, 114 and h 268 S 

Conover O. H. P., mer. 190 Market 
Conover Wm., shoemr. Shafer's ct 
Conover, Wm., carp. 2 Madison 
Conover Wm. P., -mer. 190 Market,h 368 S 4th 
Conoverrel Thee, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 
Conoway Thomas, lab. L Washington ab 9th 
Conquest George, 7 Carpenter 
CONRAD AARON, coal dealer, Callowhill ab 

Conrad Anthony, butcher, 12th above Brown 
Conrad Ajax, collector, 728 Coates 
Conrad Charles, mer. 35 Market, h 131 N 9th 
Conrad David, bricklr. 7 Redwood 
Conrad Edward, tinsmith, rear Plum ab 3d 
Conrad Frederick, carpenter, 93 Wallace 
Com-ad Geo., painter, 502 Carpenter 
Conrad George W., merchant, 104 Market, h N 

E Spring Garden and Marshall 
Conrad Harry, merchant, 123 N 3d, h 382 Arch 
Conrad Hugh, stenographer, 493 N 3d 
Conrad H., boots, P road ab Marriott 
CONRAD ISAAC H., boots & shoes, 85 N 2d 
Conrad Isaiah, plasterer, R road ab Wallace 
Conrad Isaiah, wheelwt. Olive bel Brown 
Conrad Jas., lab. Fisher ab Cumberland (R) 
Conrad Jas. M.,hardw. 255 Market, h 130 N 12th 
Conrad Jno., shoemr. 45 S 4th, h 7th bel Marriott 
Conrad John, 35 Mellon 
Conrad John, hai-dware, 16th bel Thompson 
Conrad John, convey. 546 Coates 
CONRAD JOS., bootmr. 43 and h 58 S 4th, 
Conrad J. G., flour mer. 4th ab Crown, h 52 Apple 
CONRAD J. R., coal yard, 9th and Master 
Conrad J. H., coal office, 63 Dock, h 95 N 5th 
Conrad Margaret, rear 22 Plum 
Conrad Osborn, gent. 101 Walnut 
Conrad Peter, 110 Queen 
Conrad Peter, clerk of mai-ket, 17th and Race 
CONRAD PETER, cordwainer, 41 S 8th 
Conrad Peter, clerk market. Race below 17th 
Conrad Robt. T., h S E 10th and Morgan 
CONRAD & ROBERTS, hardw. mers., 123 N 3d 
Conrad Samiel, grocer, 207 Girard av 
CONRAD SOLOMON, dry goods, 19 Market, k 

263 Coates 
Conrad Thomas, lab. Pearl above Nixon 
CONRAD THOMPSON & CO., boots and shoes 

104 Market 
CONRAD & WALTON, hardware 255 Market 
Conrad Washington, butcher, 288 Parrish 
Conrad Wm., gent., S W 10th and Washington 

Conrad Wm. C, mer. 39 N Del av, h Pine ab 8th 




Conrad Wm. H., butcher, Pamsh below 12th 1 
Conran Joseph, conductor, 292 Riclimond (R) 
Conveil Edw'd, dyer, Sarg-eant n Trenton av (R), 
Conrow & Barber, g-rocers, N E 4th and Vine 
Conrow Chas., 19 Beck 
Conrow Thornton, g'rocer, 95 N 5th 
CONROW WILLIAM G., alderman office, N E 

Ridg-e av & 13th, h 13th above Green 
Conroy Daniel, 98 Prime 
Conroy James, lab. rear 306 Cherry 
Conroy James, lab. Anthracite (R) 
Conroy James, carter, Sorrell bel Larch (R) 
Conroy John, lab. 37 W North 
Conroy Mich., laborer, West (R) 
Conroy Patk., weaver. South and Sch Bank 
Conroy Patk. W, tavern, 10 S 5th 
Con^- Catharine, 849 N 4th 
Considin Sylvester, carriage mr. 52 Penn 
Constable John, 354 Walnut 
Constable Wm., cordwainer, Tyler ab Poplar 
Constantine Chas., cabmr. 3d bel George (N L) 
Constantine Gustavus, cabinetmr. 3d bel Georg-e 
Convent John, mariner, 108 Prime 
Conver Elijah, shoemr. Duke ab Palmer 
Conver John, shoemr. Duke ab Palmer 
CONVERSE A. Rev., editor Christian Observer 

216 Chestnut, h 481 Broad below Poplar 
CONVERY ALEX., coal. Broad bel Vine 
Convery Felix, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 
Convery Patrick, laborer, rear 282 South 
Convery Pat, let. carrier P. O., h 4 George W 

Convery Peter, mor. dresser, Cadwalader above 

Conveiy Thomas, carter, 263 Oherry 
Conway Bernard, grocer, 10th and Margarretta 
Conway Bernard, lab. Charles 
Conwa}' Bridget, seamstress 14 Scott's ct 
Conway Caroline, sempstress, 16tli and Linden 
Conway Charles, George W 16th 
Conway Chas., clerk, rear 7 Lawrence 
Conway Clias., b h, 30 Farmer 
Conway Dennis, .slater, 304 Cherry 
Conway Eliza., Cadwalader, bel Jefferson (K) 
Conway Francis, leather, Reed and Front 
Conway Franci.s, teacher, 11th and Pascall 
CONWAY FRANCIS, soap foctorv, 10 & h 14 

Relief al, manuf. 185 and 187 S 4th 
Conway Hamilton, 7 Randolph 
Conway Hannah A., milliner, 162i S 2d 
Conway James, lab., Ashton and Pine 
Conway Jas., bar tender, 78 New, h 8 N Market 
Conway James, blacksm., 190 Apple 
Conway James, saddler, 68 Vine 
Conway James, drayman, Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Conw:i\' John, tailor, rear 247 Shippen 
Conway John, lab., Salmon bel William (R) 
Conway John, lab., 13th bel Federal 
Conway John, confect., 21 Lewis 
Conway John, shoes, 164 S 2d 
Conway John, baker, Carlton ab 18th 
Conway John D., gent., 25 Hazel 
Conway Jos., O., cooper, 115 Queen 
Conway & Limlan, slates, S W 12tli and Wash- 
ington (S G) 
Conway Mary B., dressmr., 28 N 1 1th 
Conway MicliacO, cordw., rear 262 South 
Conway Michael, tavern, S E 8th and South 

Conway Michael, porter, 2 Clymer 

Conway Michl., porter, 2 Clymer 

Conway M., Mrs., milliner, 68 Vine 

Conway M., shoe binder, Cabot bel 15th 

Conway Neal, innkeeper, Callowhill and Water 

Conway Patrick, 6 Moore 

Conway Patrick, baker, William ab Biddle 

Conway Patrick, bottler, 8 Hunter, house 112 


Conway Patk., weaver, Cadwalder ab Phoenix 
Conway Patrick, porter, 4 Pleasant ct 
Conway Peter, lab., Hope ab Phoenix 
Conway Philip, tavern, UN 11th 
Conway P. S., lab., 2 Young's al 
Conway Rebecca, 216 N 7th 
Conway Susan, dressmr., rear 175 Green 
Conway Susan, 264 S 3d 
Conway Thomas, h 478 N 7th 
CONWAY WM., soap & candle manuf., 9 and 

11 Comptroller, and 168 S 2d 
Conwell Edwd., coach trim., 442 Christian 
Conwell George, pilot, 586 S 3d 
Conwell Hubert, driver, rear 198 South 
Conwell John D., gent. 25 Hazel 
Conwell Patk., tavern, N E Callowhill and 5th 
Conwell Wm., glass manuf., 379 N Front 
Conwill Leah, pedler. Otter ab G T road 
Cony B., comedian, 374 Lombard 
Conyers John, clerk, 160 Marshall 
Conyers Thos. B., carp.. Tulip ab Non-is (R) 
Conyers Walter, dry gds., S W Broad & Parrish 
Conyngham Wm. L., merchant, 188 Market 
Coogan Wm., cordw., 10 Flower 
Cook Alexander, plasterer, Nectarine and 10th 
Cook Alexander, printer, 2 Beck pi 
Cook Alex., tavern, 11th and Nectarine 
Cook Andrew, lab., Howell ab 19th 
Cook Anthony, cabinetmr., 83 Swanson 
Cook Archibald, blacksm", 2d ab Harrison (K) 
Cook Ashur, grocer, 990 W Market 
Cook Ashur C., bricklr., 86.} N 9th . ^ 

Cook Charles, carp., 318 New Market 
Cook Charles, carp., 2 Lindsay's av 
Cook Chas., cordw., 260 Federal 
Cook Chas. D., salesman, 162 Mai-ket, h 326 S 

Cook Chas. W., chemist, Warren bel Park 
Cook Catharine, shop. West and Union 
Cook Cliristopher, vict., 17 Nag-le 
Cook David, oysterman, rear 7 Mead 
Cook David, cordw.. Race ab Broad 
Cook Dorothy, shop, 169 Apple 
Cook E., boot manufr., 6 Filbert av 
Cook Edward waiter, 353 Lombard 
Cook Edward, weaver, Shippen bel I2th 
Cook Edwin R., tobac, 477 N 2d 
Cook Elias, chandler. Say n 16th 
Cook Elislia W., clerk. Prime .st. wharf, hovisc 

Spnice ab 16th 
Cook Eliza, Cherry ab West (K) 
Cook Fredk., lab.,' Carlton ab 16th 
Cook G., varnisher, 8 Miistin'sct 
Cook (iibson, waiter, 15 Lisle 
Cook Hannah, tailoross, 11 Rodger's ct 
Cook Henry, saddler, Girard ab Ridge road 
(3()()k I hiu-y, tailor, 1 Moore's al 
Cook Henry, lat)., Howard ab Master 
Cook Henry, lab., Sch Beach ab Walnut 




Cook Henry A., tailor, 129 S 2cl 
Cook Henry B., carp., 8th and Carpenter 
Cook Hen. D., varnisher, 335 Market, h 11 Plea- 
sant Retreat 
Cook Henry N., g-old beater, 35 S 4th, h Yhost 
Cook Isaac, lab., Harmony ct 
Cook James, lab., 6 College pi 
Cook James, plasterer, 10th and Nectarine 
Cook James, fruiterer, S W 8th and Market, h 

6 Filbert av 
Cook James, carter, 330 Pine 
Cook James, cooper, Grover 
Cook Jane, 10 Pascall 
Cook Jeremiah, lab., rear 7 Mead 
Cook Jesse M., coal, 75 Dock, h 151 Dillwyn 
COOK JOEL, alderman, 189 Chestnut 
Cook Joel, superintendent, N W 10th & Prime 
Cook John, soap and candles. Market E 17th, h 

Cherry W 16th 
Cook John, cordw., 3 Sears 
Cook John, tailor, 4 Powell 
Cook John B., lumber com. mer.. Willow below 

Cook John D., tobac, G T road bel Master 
Cook John E., 4 Brook's ct 
Cook John F., painter, Sch Beach & Walnut 
Cook John G., basket mr. Mechanic ab Franklin 
Cook John G., carp, weaver. Christian ab 4th 
Cook John H., dealer, Cherry ab West (K) 
Cook John H., book-keeper, Laui'el ab G T road 
Cook John H^ book-keeper, 38 Shackamaxon 

bel Franklin av 
Cook John W., paper hang-er, 5 Traquair's ct 
Cook Josh., tavern, N E Plum and George 
Cook Joseph, carter, Haines ab 12tli 
Cook Joseph, confect., 2 and h 20 Arch 
Cook Joseph H., grocer, Front and Laurel, h 5 

Cook J. E., clerk, R av ab Jefferson 
Cook Lewis, tailor, 795 N 2d 
Cook Matthew, watchman, 254 S 5th 
Cook Mary, 585 Wood 
Cook & M'Ginnis, tailors, 129 S 2d 
Cook Michael, lab., rear 114 Plum 
Cook Michael, cordw., 78 German 
Cook Moses, combmr., Charlotte bel Beaver 
Cook &. Pierce, bricklrs., 80 N 6th 
Cook Patk., lab., Sorrell bel Larch (R) 
Cook P. J., rigger, 150 Carpenter 
Cook Robt., stone polish., Buttonwoodbel 13th 
Cook Samuel, carp., 6th ab Little Poplar 
Cook Samuel, brushmr., 79^ South 
Cook Samuel, lab., 13th bel. L Washington 
Cook Samuel, bricklr., 81^ Buttonwood 
Cook Samuel, tobac, 5 Arch, h 556 N 3d 
Cook Saml. C, auctr., 68 S Front, h 108 S 16th 
Cook Samuel J., whip mr., Halloway's ct 
Cook Stephen G., 736 Wood 
Cook S. C, letter carrier, P. O., h 463 N 5th 
Cook Thomas, macht.. West bel Wood (K) 
Cook Thomas, gent., 16 Pine 
Cook Valentine, locksm., 1 Hulseman pi (K) 
Cook Wm., dealer, 313 S 7th 
Cook Wm., stone cut., 10th and Nectarine 
Cook Wm., cordw., 9 Frankford road (K) 
Cook Wm., tailor, 116 Race 
Cook Wm., cordw., 7th ab Washington 
Cook Wm., bricklr., 330 Wharton 

Cook Wm., engineer, Marley's ct 

Cook Wm., combmr., 199 Randolph 

Cook Wm., tailor, 182 Carpenter 

Cook Wm., cordw^ 617 South 

Cook Wm., macht,, rear Palmer bel Franklin 

Cook Wm., boatmr., 24 Parham , 

Cook William, waterman, 45 Mechanic 

Cook Wm., carp., 530 N 7th 

Cook Wm. E., grocer, 10th bel Thompson 

Cook Wm. K., carp., New ab 2d, h 64 Arch 

Cooke A. B., painter, 79 G T road 

Cooke Benj. J., clerk, 82 N 3d, h 9tli ab Suffolk 

Cooke Chas., D., mer., 362 Broad 

Cooke Catharine, rear G T road ab 5th 

Cooke Jacob, tobac.,4 N Front, h 113 Noble 

Cooke Jay, ex. broker, 25 S 3d, h 262 Pine 

COOKE JOHN, gent., 93 S 3d 

COOKE SYDNEY, restaurant, 117 Chestnut, h 

58 S 4th 
Cooke Tamar, 2 Yorke 
Cooke Thomas, M, D., 31 N 6th 
Cooke Wm., tobac, 4 N Front, h 113 Noble 
Cooke Wm., cordw., 132 S 6th 
Cooke Wm., jr., tobac, N W 3d and Arch, h 113 

Cooke William, band box mr.,360 Market, h 160 

Cooker Catharine, rear G T road ab 5th 
Cooker Eliza, vestmr. rear G T road ab 5th 
Cooker Henry, provisions, S E R av &. Poplar 
Cooker John, cordw., 31 Chai-les 
Cooker Sarah, Lancaster bel Wharton 
COOKMAN & BROTHER, coal & forwarding 

mers.. Walnut street whf. Sch., and Market 

bel 20th 
Cookman Fran., clerk, 124 Market, h 361 Race 
Cookman George, mer., 589 Arch 
Cookman Mary, gentw., 361 Race 
Cookson Chas., tallow chandler, Townsend bel 

Lepriva (R) 
CooleyA. B., mer., 57 S Del av,h Summerabl6th 
Cooley George, lab., 10 Scott's ct 
Cooley John, driver, Adam ab Norris (K) 
Cooley John, oysters, Vernon n 10th 
Cooley Lemon, 15 E No]^h 
Cooley Mary, tailoress, 4 Grover 
Cooley Sarah, shop 92 Shippen 
Cooley Wm. S^ classical sem., 562 W Market 
Cooley Wm. C, Rev., 297 Washington 
Coolidge Edwin, boots and shoes, 181 Mai'ket, h 

84 J Marshall 
Coolidge Eliza, b h, 23 Filbert 
COOLIDGE &, DURBOROW, boots and shoes, 

181 Market 
Cooling James, carp., N W George and Plum 
Cooling Pati'ick, lab., 13 German 
Coolmer Frederick, lab., 7 Gray 
Coombe P., Rev., 513 N Front 
Coombes Nathan, lab.. Reed bel Church 
Coombs Benj., gent., 311 S 3d 
Coon Gibson, car driver, Waggoner's ct 
Coon Lewis, miller, 2 Linden (K) 
Coones Chas., lab., G T road al) Montgomery 
Coones Harriet, washer, 20 Currant al 
Cooney Christopher, japanner, Truxton 
Cooney Christopher, lab., 103 Bedford 
Cooney Edwd., rear 385 Race 
Cooney John, grocer, N E 9th and Auburn 




Cooney Nicholas, lab., rear 12 Reed 

Cooney Patrick, rear 385 Race 

Cooney Patrick, carter 371 South 

Cooney Peter, porter, 9th bel Christian 

Cooper Alfred, mer., 109 Market 

Cooper Ann, Master ab Howard (K) 

Cooper Ann V., 13th n Cherry 

Cooper Anna M., 246 Filbert 

Cooper A. H., clerk, 3 8c 5 Branch, h 72 S 5th 

Cooper Benj., blacksm., 252 S 5th 

COOPER BENJAMIN C.,real est. broker, 24 

S 5th, h 271 N 6th 
Cooper Benj. C, carp., 13th bel Girard av 
Cooper Caroline, 522 N 13th 
Cooper Charles, grocer, 1087 N 2d 
Cooper Conrad J., jeweller, 522 N 13th 
Cooper Conrad & Co., dry g-oods, S E 9th and 

Cooper Cordelia, ^ Fayette 
Cooper Cornelia, widow of Arthur, N E 3d and 

Cooper C. B., mer., 34 N 3d, h Chestnut and 

Park (VV P) 
Cooper C. C, M. D., 50 N 13th 
Cooper C. D., Rev., 225 Vine 
COOPER DAVID, mer., 9 Del av 
Cooper David, lab., 20 Sylvester 
Cooper David B., 140=V S 2d 
Cooper Deborah, 7 Virginia row 
Cooper Ebenezer, coachman, 158 Green 
Cooper Edward, seaman, 132 Prime 
Cooper Edwd., undertaker, 392 N 3d 
Cooper Elizabeth, shop. Path ab Race 
Cooper Elizabeth, teacher, 30 Parker 
Cooper Eugene G., painter, N W 4tli & Cherry, 

h 522 N 13th 
Cooper E. J., clerk, 88 Market 
Cooper Francis, 30 Prime 
Cooper Francis, tobac. 341 Market 
Cooper Francis, clerk, 53 S Del av, h Cherry bet 

20th and 21st 
Cooper George, confect. 490 N 2d 
Cooper George, sink digger, Pearl bel Broad 
Cooper George, copperplate pr., 19 Bayard 
Cooper George, ropemr., Maple ab Richmond 
Cooper George, waiter, 3 Ivory 
Cooper Geo. W., boilermaker, Oxford bel 11th 
Cooper George W., watchmr., 492^ N 2d 
Cooper &c Haines, carp., Penn bel 12th (S G) 
Cooper, Henderson & CO., dry goods, 109 

Cooper Henry J., cooper, 7 Hubbell 
Cooper Henry W., jr., br:issfo under, 618 N 2d 
Cooper Howell, lab., York n Frankford r (R) 
Cooper Hugli D., turner, Wiles' row 
Cooper H., farmer. Oak ab Rose (W P) 
Cooper Isaac, mer., S E 9th and Market 
Cooper Isaac, clothing, 2d and Spruce, h 34 

Cooper Isaac, dealer, Front bel Moore 
Cooper James, weaver, Amber bel Phoenix (K) 
Cooper James, spinner, Ann E 20th 
Cooper James, blacksm., Powell n Vineyard 
Cooper James B., clerk 5 N 4th 
Cooper James M., carp., Ciiri.stian n 11th, h 386 

S 9tli 
Cooper James & Son, cooper, 204 S Water, h 

205 S Front 

Cooper John, bottler, 741 N 4th (K) 
Cooper John, ti-immings, 247^ South 
Cooper John, weaver, William 
Cooper John, carter, Moore's al 
Cooper John, hosiery, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Cooper John E., house cai-p.. Wood ab Frank- 
lin av 

Cooper John, Mrs., 8 Linden pi. Spruce ab lltli 
Cooper John M., cabinet mr., 31 N 5th 
Cooper John M., pub. of Pennsylvanian 46 S 3d 
Cooper Jonathan, tailor. Stiles ab Cai'lisle 
Cooper Jonathan, tailor, 48 Chester 
Cooper Joseph, blacksm^ Powell n Vineyard 
Cooper Joseph, lab., Sorel bel Larch (R) 
Cooper Joseph P., dry goods, N W Market and 


Cooper Joseph T., hatter, corn ab R.ed 
Cooper Jos. T., Rev., 134 Queen (K) 
Cooper Julia A., Mechanic ab Poplar 
Cqoper Lawrence, ladies' shoemr., Buttonwood 

and Garden 
Cooper Lewis, broker, 2 Harmony ct, h Pine bel 


goods, 34 N 3d 
Cooper Lydia, Randolph bel Franklin 
Cooper Michael, collector, 13 Fitzwater 
COOPER &. \nLLER, carps., Clu-istian below 

Cooper Milton, shoe mer., N W 3d and Arch 
Cooper P. F., min. painter and talbotypist, 106 

Cooper Peter, lab., rear 9 Charles 
Cooper P. C, watchman. West and George 
Cooper Rachel, 160 N 15th 
Cooper Redman, mer 27 h 2d, h 425 Callowhill 
Cooper Richard, coachman, 6 Eagle's ct 
Cooper Robt. H., watchmr., 96 G T road 
Cooper Robert M., bootmr., N W Franklin and 

Cooper Richd. M., cake baker, Apple & Poplar 
Cooper R. T., di-uggist, 13 Federal 
Cooper Samuel C„ real est. agent., 72 S 5th 
Cooper Sarah, 328 Walnut 
Cooper Sarah, dressmr., S E 14th and Lombard 
Cooper Sarah Ann, dry goods, 207 Queen 
COOPER THOMAS, brushes, brooms &. steel 

pens, 3 N Front, h 91 N lOtli 
Cooper Thomas, weav., Jeflerson &. Adams (K) 
Copper Thomas A., bookkeeper, 631 N 11th 
Cooper T. Franklin, mer., 109 Market 
Cooper Uriah, porter, Marshall's ct 
Cooper & Walter, snuff mill, Uth and Melon 
Cooper Wm., carp., Catharine bel 13th 
Cooper Wm., watchman, 19i Stamper's al 
Cooper Wm., clerk, 259 S 14th 
Cooper Wm., Rev., 244 S Uth 
Cooper Wm., book-keep., 23 S 4th, h 258 S Uth 
Cooper Wm., book-keeper, 14 Dock 
Cooper Wm., chair gild., 147 G T road 
Cooper Wm. G., boatman, 318 Wharton 
Cooper Wm. H.,mer., 109 S Front, h 18 Ashland 
Cooper Wm. M., cot)per, 69 and 200 S Water, h 

192 S Front 
Cooper Wm. M. Si Co., coopers, 69 and 200 S 

Water, and 71 Church 
(;oo])ingt T Henry, baker, 532 N 3(1 
Coot Thomas J., Nectarine bel lOtli 




Coots Reuben N., shoemaker, Washington bel 

Cope Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut 
Cope Beverly, bookbr., 4 Russell 
Cope Caleb, merchant, 183 Market, h Walnut 

and Quince 
COPE CALEB & CO., silk goods, 183 Market 

and 20 Commerce 
Cope Charles, grocer, 7th and Plover 
Cope Cornelius, cabinet mr., 2d ab G T road 
Cope Edwin R., mer., office 67 S 4th 
Cope Eli, carp., Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Cope Elias G., clerk, N W 2d and Arch, h 287 

Cope Francis R., mer., 1 Walnut, h 7 Clinton 
Cope George, mer., 355 Walnut 
Cope Georg-e W., accountant, 39 S Del av, h 335 

Cope Hannah, dealer, 89 M road 
Cope Henry, vict., 167 M road 
Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h 102 S 4th 
Cope Herman, off 70 and h 555 Walnut, 
COPE H. & A. & CO., mers., 1 Walnut 
Cope Israel, gent., 186 Arch 
Cope Jacob, manuf., 20th bel Pamsh 
Cope Jacob J., Cashr. Com, Bank, llOChesnut 
Cope Jasper, gent. 391 Arch 
Cope John, 287 N 11th 
Cope John, cooper, Mechanic ab Culvert 
Cope John, carp. 26 Church 
Cope John E., mer. 76 S 2d, h 19 S 16th 
Cope Marmaduke C, 286 Filbert 
Cope PeiTv C, sea capt. 163 Christian 
Cope Philip, cooper, 35 Christian 
Cope Thomas, whitewasher, Lawrence ct 
Cope Thomas P., mer. 272 Spruce 
Cope Thomas P., jr., mer. 1 Walnut, h 272 Pine 
Cope Wm., gamner, U. S. Navy Yard 
Cope Wm., sen. 10 Keefe 
Cope Zeno, tobac. 2d and G T road 
Copeland Alice, 52 Mechanic 
Copeland Amelia, teaclier, Catharine ab 3d 
Copeland Asa, ship carp. 99 Prime 
Copeland Ellen, Wallace and 13th 
Copeland Geo., bricklr. 8 Mark's la 
Copeland Jane, vest mr. 289 S Broad 
Copeland Margaret, 99 Prime 
Copeland Mary, 40 Phoenix (K) 
Copeland Russell, weaver. Union bel West 
Copeland Samuel, carp. 15th and Jones, h Jones 

ab 18th 
Copeland Thomas B., stone cut. Washington n 

8th, h Federal bel 11th 
Copely Pierqe, agent, 6 Melon 
Coper Thomas A., clerk, 18 Minor, h 631 N 

Copestick M., boot and shoe store, 165 Spring 

Copes Georg'e V., waterman, 25 Queen 
Copes John, lab. rear Lisle bel Shippen 
Copp George, undertaker, 153 Vine 
Coppage James, bedding, 183 Callowhill 
Coppel Jacob, brickmr. Harmstead 
Copper James C, laboratory, 9th and Parrish, h 

260 Mar-shall 
Copper John C, engraver, 18 Minor, h 283 N 8th 
Coppinger Wm., editor Colo. Herald, 143 Wal- 
nut ab 6tli 

COPPLE DANIEL, Hotel, Carter's al and Ex- 

change pi, and Broad and Prime, house 43 

Coppuck George W., clerk, 61 Buttonwood 
Coppuck Joseph C, mer. 30 N Front, h 120 N 

C orbit Elizabeth, S W Willow and Rugan 
Corbit Israel, gent, rear 590 Poplar 
Corbit John, lab. 1 Monroe ct 
Corbit John, watchman, Biddle n William 
Corbit John, harness mr. Oxford bel 11th 
Corbit Joseph, gent. 409 Chestnut 
Corbit Margaret, rear 15 Keefe 
Corbit Mary L., 456 Vine 
Corbit Sarah, 61 Union 
Corbit Thomas, lab. 5 Western av 
Corbitt Wm., carp. 515 S 7th 
Corbon Charles, Post Office, 13 Rachel 
Corcoran Ann, West n Rail road (K) 
Corcoran John, lab. 14 Swanson 
Corcoran Maiy, 8 Ashton pi 
Corcoran Matthew, music inst. mr. 137 South, 

h 238 S 4th 
Corcoran Wm., lab. Jackson's ct 
Cordes Jacob, box mr. 81 Sansom's al 
Cordes John, distiller, St David 
Cordeil Thomas, Path n Race 
Cordon Patrick, lab. 314 Carpenter 
Cordrey Henry, waterm. Richmond n Ann (R) 
Cordrey Joel, bar keeper, 2 Allen's ct 
Cordy John, weaver, Cadwalader and Jefferson 
Corey Horatio N., mer. 157 Market, h 321 N 6th 
Corey Samuel S., salesman, 157 Market 
Corey. W. E., salesman, 213 Market 
Corfield Charles S., dentist, 186 N 4th 
Corfield Edward F., lamp manuf, 152 S 2d, h 

137 York av 
CORFIELD HENRY C, lamp mr. 454 N 2d, 

h 186 N 4th 
Corfield Wm., burning fluid, 274 and 280 N 3d, 

h 224 N 4th 
Corgee A. W., carp. Jarvis ab 2d 
Corgee Thomas, carp. Lancaster bel Wharton 
Corgie Barbara, 330 S 4th 
Corinth Frederick W., hatter, 230 N 2d 
Corinth Wm., cooper, Washington ab Front 
Corkrey John, lab. Philip bel Jefferson 
Corkrey John, cordw. 76 Richmond (R) 
Corkrey Timothy, carp. 310 Carpenter ab 10th 
Corkrin Ann H., dry goods, S E 4th and Gaskill 
Corkrin Anth'y G., dry goods, S E 4th & Gaskill 
Corkrin Margaret, g-entw. Erie ab Catharine 
Corkrin Michael, lab. Donnelly's ct 
Corley James, baker, S E Broad and Bedford 
Corley Nicholas, box mr. 2 John's ct 
Corlies Britton, mer. 13 N 3d, h 151 N 13th 
Corlies Jacob W., 373 Arch 
Corlies Samuel, atty. at law, 629 Arch 
Corlies S. Fisher, atty. at law, 51 N 6th, h 629 

Corlies Thomas, mer. 23J S 2d Daniel, grocer, F road and Oxford 
Corliss Hannah A., dry goods, 241 F road 
Connack James, awning mr. 662 Lombard 
Gorman George F., bricklr. 69 Nectarine 
Cormany George, macht. Reeves ab 21st 
Cormick James, M. D., Naval Assyhun 
Corndaffer Samuel, carter, Duke bel Vienna 




ComdafPer Wm., lab. Orang-e ab 12th 
CORNELIUS, BAKER &'cO., lamps & chan- 
deliers, 176 Chestnut, 181 Cherry and 5th, 
and Columbia av 
CORNELIUS & CO., lamps, 181 Cherry and 

176 Chestnut, and 5th and G T road 
Cornelius R., lamps, 176 Chestnut, h 401 Arch 
Cornelius Sarah, Mrs., 4 Franklin 
Com Cliarles, cabtmr. rear 19 Vernon 
Corn Deborah, 70 Brown 

Comeil Georg-e, shoemr. Houston bel Frank- 
lin av 
Cornell Charles, whf builder, Torphin bel Tioga 
Cornell & Hendry, ice dealers, 7 N 8th 
Cornell Isaac, whf builder, Torphin bel Tioga 
Cornell Mary, 1 City row 
Cornell Philip, lab. Duane bel Parrish 
Cornell Samuel, farmer, Torphin bel Tioga (R) 
Cornell Theop., grocer, 330 N 2d 
Comet Augustus, segar mr. Tyson 
Cornet Mary, cigars, 182 St John 
Cornish Aimy, washerw. 15 Ralston 
Comish Ann H., 177 Walnut 
Comish Henry, 177 Walnut 
Cornish David, waiter, 18 Ralston 
Cornish Henry C, cordw. 13 St Mary 
Comish James, sailmr. rear Bedford ab 13th 
Cornisli Orlando, plasterer, 13th ab Jefferson Yeoman, clerk, 327 S 5th 
CORN>L\N ADAM, University, 9th ab Chest- 
Cornman George F., cigar mr. 216 Poplar 
Cornman Oliver P., acct. 217 Wallace 
Cornman Ruth Ann, 111 Green 
Corner Thomas, janitor, 107 Walnut 
Comog David A., visitor of the poor, 12 Madison 
Cornog Henrj', clerk, 12 Madison 
Comt Louis, cook, 4 M'Leod's pi 
Comwell Abigail, washer, 9 Poplar ct 
Cornwell Catharine, Dyott's ct 
Comwell Charles, carp. Vienna bel Franklin 
Comwell Charles R^ salesman, 39 Chestnut, h 

63 S 18th 
Comwell James, carp. Dyott's ct 
Cornwell Robert H., carp. Houston bel Franklin 
Cornwell Samuel, Adams's Expr., hill Green 
Cornwell Wm., .ship carp. 109 NVood (K) 
Corr Edward, lab. 286 Richmond (R) 
Corr Felix, weaver, Jefferson and Adams 
Corr James, carter, St Paul's av 
Corr James, glass cutter, Duke bel Wood (K) 
Corr John, liciuors, S E 4th and Jefferson 
Corr Josepli, huckster, Leliigii (R) 
Con- Micliuei, licjuors, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Corr Patrick, grocei-, 4th and Jefferson 
Corran Daniel, cabs. Vine ab 9th 
Conan Hugh, cordw. 69 Noble 
Corran Patrick, tailor, 288 Richmond 
Correll David,, 17lh ab Pine 
Corrie (Jeorge J., music teacher, 14th and Pine 
Con-ie Wm., dry goods, 8 S 15th 
Coirigan Christian, lamp nw. 19 Branch 
Corrigan Hugh, cabman, 278 Fitzwater 
Conigan John, lab. Nelson 
Cor.igan Peter, weaver, rear Rose bel Broad 
Conigan \N ni., Iam|) nir. 19 Blanch 
Coriv Isaac, dealer, Front bel (ireenwich 
CORRY JOHN, produce, 50 S Water 

Corry John R., packer, 12 Lagrange pi 

Corse James, M. D., 30 N 5th 

Corsey J. W., oyster.s, 144 Lombard 

Corsey S., washer, 249 S 7th 

Corsey Trim, coachman, 15 Watson's al 

Corson Anna M., di-ess maker, William ab Otter 

Corson Cornelius, mate, 36 Cox 

Corson Eliza, shoe bind. Larch ab William (K) 

Corson E., 293 S Front 

Corson E. V., clerk, 69 William (R) 

Cor.son Jacob, ladies' shoemr. 188 S 3d 

Corson James, sen., shoes, 491 S 2d 

Corson Jeremiah, Summer, W 21st 

Corson John W., cordw. Clark & S Washington 

Corson John W., shoemr. 26 Mechanic 

Corson Joshua, lab. Rose bel West 

Corson Lewis, w^aterman. Crown ab Duke 

Corson Robert, mariner, Larch ab William (R) 

Corson Robert, mason. Centre bel Mary (W P) 

Corson Wm., glass shearer. Cherry bel Franklin 

Corvaizier Jules, bootmr. 76 S 4th 

Cory George R., glove manuf 448 N 5th 

Cosfeldt F., machinist, 44 Dock, h 8 Carter's al 

Corfeldt John, pressman, 375 Marshall 

CORREA G. A., bookseller and importer, 232 

Chestnut, h 267 South 10th 
Corrin Patrick, weaver, rear 307 G T road 
Corval Anna, 203 S 7th 
Corvin Bernard, lab. Church ab Moore 
Coryell Aug. E., mach. Wood ab 15th 
Coryell Henry L., moulder, Wood ab 15th 
Coryell Samuel H., brickl. Wood*ab 15th 
Corjell Wm. P., brickl. Wood ab 15th 
Coscaden John, lab. Richmond and Lehigh (R) 
Cosgrave J. S., mer. 221 Market, h Locust ab 

WilHam (WP) 
Cosgrave J. S., agent. Locust ab William (W P) 
COSGROVE JAMES, hotel, Lancaster av and 

6th (W P) 
Co.sgrove John, tavern, 289 Vine 
Co.sgrove John, baker, 10th bel Fitzwatar 
Cosgrove Thomas, carter, 222 Carpenter 
Co.sgrove Thomas, lab. rear 294 S 7tli 
Cosh Andrew, porter, 61 N 7th 
Cosker James, cordw. 4 Concordia av 
(; Joshua S, hat finisher, F road ab Dauphin 
Costa Jacoby, musician, E Donnelly's ct 
Coste Nichola.s, tobacconist, 8th bel Plover 
Costello (Cliarles, lab. Somerset (It) 
Co.stello John, jr., tailor, 6 M'Claskcy's ct 
('ostello John, 523 Christian 
Costello John, lab. 14 Leed's av 
(Jostello Jos. C., atty. and coun. 21 Pmuc 
Costello Lawrence, lab. Walnut n Sch l{each 
Costello Michael, huckster, rear 6 Elfreth's al 
(Costello Michael, .stamp cutter, 6 Shoemaker 
Costello Michael F., jjrinter, 25 Larch 
Co.stello M. F., carp. Suffolk bel 9th 
Costello Thos., groc. N \V Catharine & Swan.son 
Costello 'I'homas, baker, 275 N Front Ho Wni., chairnir. N E Shippen &. Swanson 
Costen S. H., dentist, 7th ab Parrish 
Co.sten W ni., hatter, 40 Coates' al 
(;oster John, cigarmr. R road ab 10th 
Coster .lose ph N., cordw. Brown's ct ab Nixon 
Co.ster Robiit, carp. 4 Pearl n 16th 
Costigen Thomas, blacksniitli, Washington ab 





Coston Ezekiel, jewelry, 45 Lily al 

Cotter Chas. J., butcher, Tiog-a & Torphin (K) 

Cotter James, tailor, 125 N 6th 

Cotter James, bootmr. 4 Benton's av 

Cotton Edward C, grocer, 243 F road 

Cotton & Lipp, 7 Union Benevolent Association 

Building-s, 7th and Sansom 
Cotter Michael, eng-ineer, Robinson ct 
Cotterall James, fireman, Plynlimmon pi 
Cotterell Richard, g-ent. 19 German 
Cottingham James, mariner, 22 Mead 
Cottingham Mary, trimmings, Lombard n 22d 
Cottingham Nathaniel, ship cai-p. 22 Mead 
Cottnv Isaac, warper, Fulton 
Cottrell John F., merchant, 109 N Water, h U S 

Cotti-inger Joseph F., mer. 80 Chestnut, h 12th 

ab Cheny 
Cotz Dickerson, carp. 178 Callowhill 
Couchlan John, lab. 28 Clinton (K) 
COUENHOVEN JAMES, music store, 162 

Chestnut, h 114 N 7th 
Couenhoven Moses, shop, 163 Lombard 
Coughlin Francis, grocer, 260 Fitzwater 
Coughlin Thomas, carp. Brown bel 13th 
Coughlin Timothy, lab. Lancaster Pike n 6th 
Coulk Oliver, saddler, Park ab Washington 
Coulomb Henry, brickl. 18 Wharton 
Coulston Charks, carp. 12th ab Stiles 
Coulston Jesse C, carp. 9th ab Poplar 
Coulston Nathan L., 652 Poplar 
Coulston Wm., lab. Fisher ab Huntingdon (R) 
Coultas Harlan, botanist, Pratt n Logan (W P) 
Coulter Andrew, Buttonwood bel 12th 
Coulter Charles, 278 William 
Coulter Fanny, 576 Brown 
Coulter Henry, basketmr. 49 S 2d 
Coulter James, lampmr. 419 N Front 
Coulter James, 49 M road 
Coulter Jane, 419 N Front 
Coulter John, Buttonwood bel 12th 
Coulter John, paver, 25 Owen bel Broad 
Coulter John, waiter, 9 Watson's al 
Coulter John, drayman, 97 Market 
Coulter Joshua H.", carp. 9th ab Coates 
Coulter Samuel, mach. 419 N Front 
COULTER STEPHEN, real est. bro. rear 56 

Walnut, h N W 10th and Lombiu-d 
Coulter Wm., lampmr. 419 N Front 
Coulter Wm. B., di-uggist, 212 Market 
Council Mary, Shippen ab Shippen la 
Counsellor Thomas, portei-, 4 Jones 
Countiss Hannah, 493 S 2d 
Countryman Joseph, ladies' shoemr. Yhost 
Countryman Wm., tobacconist, P road ab Car- 
Courier John, shipwi-t, Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Coursault ti. A., collector, 319 S 6th 
Coursault Leopold, cabinetmr. 6 Concord 
Coursault Maiy, 1 Workman's ct 
Coursault Oliver C, cabinetmr. 213| S 5th, h 

289 S 5th 
Coiirsey Emorv', 213 S 7th 
Coursey S., whitewasher, 249 S 7th 
Court Edward, clothing, 65 S 2d, h 191 S 6th 
Courtnay James, iron moulder, Georg'e ab Mar- 

garetta (W P) 

Courtnay Joseph, carp. 8 Farmer 
Courtnay Mary, Palmer n Franklin (K) 
Courtney Courvoisier J., watch case maker, 169 

Courtney George S., fur. 4 and 6 S 7th 
Courtney Michael, blacksm. 2 M'Leod's pi 
Courtne)^ Patrick, lab. 263 N Front 
Courtney Samuel P., blindmr. 61 Arch 
Courtney Wm., steward, 109 S 10th 
Couse Catharine, trimmings, N E 10th and Wood 
Cousland William, engraver, 74 Walnut, h 456 

Cousty Eliza B., 588 Vine 
Cousty John, grocer, 236 N 11th 
Cousty Joshua, clerk, 78 S 2d 
Couteau Mary, dyer, 90 Spruce 
Couturier Frederick, dyer, 104 Crown 
Coveney Michael, carp. 1 Kelly's ct 
Coverley Enos, blacksm. rear 65 CaiToll 
Covert Francis, turner, 42 Jacoby 
Covert Isaac, jr., turner, 42 Jacoby 
Covert Isaac, sr., blockmr. 5 Roberts' ct 
Covington Isaac, watchman, 7 Freed's av 
Covington Samuel B., sailmr. 20 Almond 
Covington Wm. H., cordw. Front bel Reed 
Cowan Calvin, driver, 24 Green bel Spruce 
Cowan Henry, clerk, 91 S 3d 
Cowan Henry H., book keeper, 33 S 4th 
Cowan Isaac, clerk, 91 S 3d 
Cowan Isaac F., clerk, 11 S 4th 
Cowan Joseph W., Sec. Ins. Co., 9 Exchange, h 

Walnut W William (W P) 
Cowan Mary F., mer. 88 N 2d 
Cowan Robert, driver, 24 Green bel Spruce 
Cowan Saml., hack driver, 24 Green bel Spruce 
Cowan Wm. F., clerk, 119 Chestnut 
Coward Charles, carp. Penn bel 13th (S G) 
Coward Charles, Oxford ab Frankford 
Coward James, ship carp 32 Leopard ab Otter 
Cowai'd Joseph, tailor, 46 Federal 
Coward Peny, baker, 21 Morris (M) 
Coward Samuel T., patternmr. 4 Ross 
Coward Tyler, printer, 60 Jarvis 
Coward William, trader, Logan ab Green 
Cowden James, druggist. Queen ab 10th 
Cowden James, carp. Federal ab 7th 
Cowden John, carp. 9th ab Federal 
Cowdrick Charles, plater, George ab 9th, h 181 


Cowdrick Edward, bricklr. 52 Lewis 
CoweU Christ., potter, 3 Sander's ct (K) 
Cowell Henry R., mer. S W 7*h and Chestnut, h 

43 S 13th 
CowellJohnV., mer. S W 7th and Chestnut, h 

128 S 8th 
Cowell Jos. M., hatter, 176 Market, h 396 Vine 
COWELL J. V. & SON, housekeeping- dry 

g-oods, S W 7th and Chestnut 
Cowell & Stone, tinsm. 57 N Front 
Cowell Robert, lab. L Washington bel 10th 
Cowell Wm., tinsm. 57 N Front, h 40 Cherry 
Cowen Robert, grocer, 1210 N 2d 
Cowgill Sophia, Ross ab Queen (K) 
Cowley D., M. D., 100 S 9th 
Cowley Richd., stone mason, R road ab Jefferson 
Cownover J., 344 N 7th 
Cowperthwait C. J., macht. h Paul ab 6th 
Cowperthwait & Co., upholsterers, 15 S 5th 




Cowperthwait Edwin, mer. 5 Commerce, h 193 

Cowpertliwait Emmor, upholsterer, 15 S 5th, h 

276 Lombard 
Cowperthwait H., mer. 253 Market, h 134 Arch 
Cowperthvvait Joseph, Prcs't. Phil. Ins. Co., 44 

Walnut, h.75 N loth 
Cowperthwait Margaret, N W 12th and Green 

LE1{, booksellers, 253 Maiket 
Cowperthwaite Thomas B., clerk, S W 4th and 

Cowperthwaite Wm., plasterer, 17 Jefferson row 
Cowpland Ellen, Wallace bel 13tlx 
COWPLAND JOSHUA, looking g-lasses, 27 S 

4th, h Cherry \V 16th 
Cowpland J. C.,. 27 S 4th 
Cowsley Esther, semp. 19th bel Lombard 
Cowton Artliui", mer. Broad bel Race, house 163 

N lUth 
Cox Abraham, mer. 58 N 2d 
COX ABRAHAM & JOSEPH, stoves, 58 N 2d 
Cox Alfred G., clerk, 14 N 3d 
Cox Andrew, carp. 13 Beaver (K) 
Cox Andrew, brickmr. 979 South 
Cox Bernard, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Cox Charles, bricklayer, 203 Jefferson 
C;ox Charles, carter, 6 State 
Cox Charles, brickmr. 635 G T road 
Cox Charles U., Mount Vernon House, 95 N 2d 
Cox Charles P., saddler, 330 N 5th 
Cox Clement, coachman, 218 Noble 
Cox &, Clothier, grocers, 32 Market 
Cox Daniel, bar tender, rear 574 N 2d 
Cox Daniel B., painter, 9 Queen 
Cox Elizabeth, S E 7th and Race 
Cox Elizabeth, rear 9 Crown 
Cox &. Fisher, dry goods, 353 Market 
Cox George H., express, 31 Marriott's la 
Cox Geo. S., ship joiner, Penn, h 167 Beach 
Cox Gideon, h 266 Spring Garden 
Cox George \V., ship joiner, 128 F road 
Cox Hannah J., 13 Division 
Cox Hewson, 241 Walnut 
Cox Isaac, barber, Rodman bel 11th 
Cox James, U S Court, h 288 Cheny 
Cox James, mariner, 7 Paul 
Cox James, Prest. Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co., 82 

S 2d, h Walnut n 15th 
Cox James H., moulder, 33 Carroll 
Cox Jesse, mer. 76^ S Front, h 94 New 
Cox John, M. D., Arch ab 16th 
Cox John, sec. hand fur. Ridge av bel Sp Gai'den 
Cox John, weaver, Apple n Jefferson 
Cox John, engineer, 3d and Ilaverford (W P) 
Cox John, lime dealer, 26 G T road, h 325 New 

Cox Joliii F., blindmr. Prime bel Front 
Cox Jolm Redman, >f. D., Broacl ab Pine 
Cox John H., wheelwriglit, 39 Nectarine 
Cox John M., watchman, 20th ab Race 
Cox Joseph, printer, Owen n Broad 
Cox Jo.seph, comi)mr. HON 9th 
Cox Joseph, .stovenn-. 58 N 2d, h 5th ab Race 
Cox Josej)li, stone cutter, Je.s.samine 
Cox Jose])h ti., wirewr. 46 N Front, h 165 N 4th 
Cox Lelitia, teadier, Mary (W P) 
Cox Lawrence, moulder, Apple ab Norris (K) 

Cox Lawrence, U S Arsenal 

Cox Lewis W., manuf. 471 N 5th 

COX & LYNN, ship joiners, Penn ab Maiden 

Cox Margaret, 525 Brown 

Cox Margaret, milliner, 314 Pine n 12th 

Cox Martin M., mer. 32 M:n-ket, h 345 N 12th 

Cox Mary, Spruce ab 15th 

Cox Mary, 274 Diamond (K) 

Cox Mary,, 113 Swanson 

Cox Mary Ann, trimmings, 6 Arcade, h 4 N 7th 

Cox Matthew, miller, Madison ct 

Cox Patrick, lab. Pennsylvania av W Nixon 

Cox P. J. Rev., Catharine bel 7th 

Cox Richard W., tinsm. 178 N 2d 

Cox Richard, 263 S 9th 

Cox Robert, lab. WiUiam bel Centre 

Cox Robert, dealer, Spafford and Bedford 

Cox Samuel C, coal yard. Linden bel Front, h 

Edward (K) 
Cox Sarah, ladies' shoemr. 12 N 9th 
Cox Sarah Ann, mati-on deaf and dumb institu- 
tion. Broad and Pine 
COX S. G., ship joiner, h 167 Beech (K) 
Cox Terrence, weaver, Adams ab Jefferson 
Cox Thomas F., gent's, furnishing, 13 S 6tli 
Cox Uriah, dyer, 814 N 2d 
Cox Valentine, bootmr. 38 Plum 
Cox William, lime, Franklin and Cadwalader 
Cox WiUiam, carpenter, 368 S 3d 
Cox William, bricklayer. Ash and Duke (K) 
Cox Wm., bricklayer, 203 Jefferson 
Cox William, blacksm. 6th ab Hallowell 
Cox William, dyer, Cadwalader bel Master 
Cox William, brickmaker, 635 G T road 
Cox William, tavern, 2d ab Franklin 
Cox William, coachman, G T road n Master 
Cox William C, clerk, 17 Bank, h 105 Randolph 
Cox Wm. P., coal mer. 63 Walnut, IV 238 N 7th 
Cox Wm. S., carpenter. Myrtle bel 13th 
Cox W., ship joiner, Penn and Maiden 
Coxe Charles S., 520 Spruce 
Coxe Charles W., mer. 12 Chestnut, h 65 N 1 1th 
Coxe James E., clerk, 579 N 6th 
Coxe John, lab. 16th ab Federal 
Coxe John R., jr., M. I)., 400 N IGth 
Coxe J. H., 315 Market 

Coxey Jas. &. Son, groc. Washington ab Williant 
Coxey John H., jr.. Cedar la bel Pratt (W P) 
Coxey Jno. H., groc. Washington ab Till ( W P) 
Coxey Thomas, Superintendent of Penitentiar}-, 

Francis n Powell 
Coxhead John, 39 N Washington 
Coxiiead Mary, teacher, 39 N Washington 
Coy Henry, dental sui'geon, 550 Pine 
Coyle Alex. C, attorney and counseller, 92 N 

6th, h 10th bel Girardav 
Coyle B., lab. Salmon Ixd Ann (R) 
Co_\ le diaries, jaj)anner, 199 Noble 
Coyle Edward, carter, 5 Harrison av 
Coyle Frank, lab. Sp llarden bel William 
Coyle James, weavei', Wagner's al 
Coyle James, team.ster, Washington (W P) 
('oyle Jame.s, dealer, Lombard n 18th 
Coyle Jane, 550 Market 
Coyle John, dealer, 194 South 
Coyle Jolm, coadiman, 20 Wilcox 
Coyle Jolin, black.smith, 201i» and Market 
Coyle John, warper, 815 Lombard W 20U» 




Coyle John, blacksmith, King- ab Cherry 

Coyle John, grocer, 418 S 10th 

Coyle John, livery stable, 10 JeflTerson 

Coyle John, milkman, 12 Milton 

Coyle John, carter, Charles bel Front 

Coyle John, g'ardener. Cherry W 21st 

Coyle Mary, widow, quilter, 50 Race 

Coyle Michael, shoemr. 16 Pearl ab 15th 

Coyle Owen, lab. Serg'eant n Trenton av (R) 

Coyle Patrick, lab. Murray W 20th 

Coyle Patrick, cordw. Prime bel Arsenal 

Coyle Patrick, store, Callowhill bel 22d 

Coyle Patiick, carpenter, Reeves n 21st 

Coyle Patrick, carter, Milton ab 10th 

Coyle Patrick G., g'ardener, 268 Shippen 

COYLE PETER, Western Hotel, 288 Market 

Coyle Philip, lab. 1 Centre 

Coyle Philip, lab. 9th bel Prime 

Coyle Rose E., dressmr. 416 Lombard 

Coyle Samuel, 17 Sansom 

Coyle Terrence, lab. 3 Baxter's av 

Coyle William, umbrella maker, rear 22 Lily al 

Coyne Thomas, lab. Davis' ct 

Cozen Wm. D., bricklr. N W 3d and Redwood 

Cozen W. B. N., mer. 37 S 4th, h 126 Marshall 

Cozens Benjamin E., plasterer, 161 Ogden 

Cozens Delia, 371 Walnvit 

Cozens Henry D., bricklayer. Hay n 7th 

Cozier Felix, carpenter, 65 S 12th 

Cozins E. E. & S., teachers, 135 Spruce 

Crabb James T., M. D., Washington ab William 

Crabb W. A., senator, 16th and Bickham 

CRABBE H. S., sec. to com. N. Yard, house 197 

CRABBE WM. H., attorney, 197 Walnut 
Cradock Joseph T., agent, Washington below 

Broad (S G) 
Craft Augustus, driver, Tyler ab Poplar 
Craft David D., bookbinder, 40 Gaskill 
Craft Deborah, 7th bel Franklin 
Craft Elizabeth, Clinton ab Parrish 
Craft James W., dry goods, 421 S Front 
Craft Jas. L., book binder, 10th bel Buttonwood 
Craft Jereh., blacksm. 603 Front bel Otter (K) 
Cragg Wm., currier, 92 N 2d 
Cragin Francis, weaver, 16th bel Catharine 
Craig Alexander, gardener, 38 Pratt 
Craig Alexander, gardener, Reeves bel 21st 
Craig Allen, printer, 7 Hibberd 
Craig Ambrose, lab. Elk (K} 
Craig Andrew, carpenter, Olive n 18th 
CRAIG ANDREW C. & CO., wines and liquors, 

80 S Front 
Craig Andrew C, mer. 80 S Front, h S W 13th 

and Walnut 
Craig Benjamin, dyer, Clinton n Phoenix 
CRAIG & BELLAS, com. and forwd. mer.s. N 

Cherry and Broad 
Craig Charles, printer and stationer, 19 S 8th 
Craig Charles, flour and feed, 183 N Front 
Craig Charles, clerk, 171 Wallace 
Craig Daniel, clerk, 448 Pine 
Craig David, blacksmith, 319 S 6th 
Craig D. G., clerk, 6 Rittcnhouse 
Craig Elias D., tinsm. Market n 18th 
Craig Ellen, inirse, 797 N 2d 
CVaig George, lab. rear 20 Woodbine 
Craig George, lumber mer. 443 Race 

Craig Gerard, engineer, 217 Franklin 

Craig Hannah, 3 Hubbell 

Craig Hannah, weaver, 491 Shippen 

Craig Hugh, mer. N W Broad and Cherry, house 

17th n Cheriy 
Craig Hugh, lab. Biddle and Nixon 
Craig James, tavern, N E 16th and Market, h 

George ab 16th 
Craig James, furniture, 277 South 
Craig James, lab. Antliracite (R) 
Craig James, lab. Mervine ab Oxford 
Craig James, weaver. Wood bel Nixon 
Craig James, weaver. Leopard bel Phoenix 
Craig James, grocer, 5th and Diamond 
Craig James, tavern, N W 12th and Brinton 
Craig Jas. D , tavern, Richmond and Lehigh (R) 
Craig James E., cordw. F road ab Phoenix 
Craig Jared, printer, 116 Chestnut, h 193 S 9th 
CRAIG JOHN, stone cutter. Broad and Barclay, 

h Granite W 17th 
Craig John, printer, 3 Clifton 
Craig John, car builder, Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Craig John, cordw. 8 Marble pi 
Craig John, weaver, 312 Carpenter 
Craig John, mer. 227 Market, h 19th ab Market 
Craig John G., painter, 21 N 7th, h 401 Market 
Craig John P., 252 N 7th 
Craig Joseph, printer, 197 Locust 
Craig Joseph, gent. 417 Coates 
Craig Joseph B., mer. 80 S Front 
Craig Lewis, lab. 461 S 8th 
Craig Mary, b h, Randolph and Trenton av (K) 
Craig Moses, lab. George and West 
Craig Patrick, stone cutter, Marriott's la bel 6th 
Craig Robert, coachman, 8 Marble 
Craig Robert, ship carpenter, h 28 Federal 
Craig Robert, weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Craig Robert, weaver, 19 M'Duffie 
Craig Robeit, lab. Otter ab F road (K) 
Craig Robert, lab. Diamond 
Craig Robert, carter, Lemon n Cumberland (K)- 
Craig Samuel, lab. Worth ab 4th 
Craig Saml. R., elk. post offi., h 199 Buttonwood 
Craig Thos., drayman, Cherry and 20th 
Craig Thomas, manuf. Arch ab Broad 
Craig Thomas, drayman, Marriott's la bel 5th 
CRAIG THOMAS W., M. D., 119 N 4th 
Craig Wm., flour and feed, Clinton bel Master 
Craig Wm., lab. Parker n Corn 
Craig Wm., U. S. N., 542 S Front 
Craig Wm., Prest. Am. Mutual Ins. Co., 56 Wal- 
nut, h 515 Walnut E 17th 
Craig Wm. S., blacksm., Mary and Oak (W P) 
Craige Albert B., clerk, 20 N 4th 
Craige Ciias., salesman, 177 Market, h 171 Wal- 
CRAIGE SETH, Marion dye works, 12th and 

Washington, h 364 Arch 
CRAIGE THOMAS & SON, riding school and 

livery stable, 4th ab Wood, h 119 N 4th 
Craige Thomas H. & Co., manufs., Howard and 

Jefferson (K) 
Craigen Frank, weaver, 16th ab Catharine 
Crakbone Lewis, blacksm. 13 Short ct 
Ci-am Charles W., cabinetmr., 64 German 
(;ram Joseph, baker, rear Otter ab G T road 
("ram Samuel, acct. 15 S 15th 
Cramer Abraham, tailor, 474 S 2d 




Cramer Andrew, wheelwrt., Seubert's av (K) 
Cramer Anthony, dryg-oods, 77 Poplar 
Cramer Charles, cabhietmr., West ab Vienna 
Cramer Charles W., gent. 540 N Front 
Cramer David, moulder. Otter and Dunton 
Cramer David, carp. 9th ab Sp Garden, h 453 

Cramer Fanny, laundress, rear 129 Walnut 
Cramer Fredk., lab. 10 Collin's al 
Cramer Georg-e, 449 N 13th 
Cramer Henrj-, drug'gist, 118 Race 
Cramer John, scavenger. Mechanic bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Cramer Jonathan, cordw., 23d ab Race 
Cramer John L., brushnir., Queen bel Marlboro' 
Cramer John P., ship carp., 4 Harmony pi 
Cramer Joseph P., clerk Phil. Bank, Allen ab 

Marlborough (K) 
Cramer Lewis, shoemr.. West bel Houston 
Cramer Wm., gent. 540 N Front 
Cramlich George M., baker, 634 Front 
Cramond Henrj', att'y and coun., 149 Walnut ab 

6th, h 539 Chestnut 
Cramp Alfred, fisherman. Queen bel Wood (K) 
Cramp Catharine, Queen bel Wood 
Cramp Charles, ship carp. ()7 Palmer 
Cramp George, fisherman, Bedford ab Palmer 
Cramp Jacob, fisherman, Queen n Wood (K) 
Cramp John, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., Vienna n Queen (K) 
Cramp Martin, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen 
Cramp Peter, boat & ship builder, rear Palmer 

ab Queen (K) 
Cramp Wm., ship carp., yard Palmer & Beach, 

h 65 Palmer 
Cramp William G., boat builder, 52 Palmer (K) 
Cramphom James, silversm., 98 Arch 
Crampton Henry, 5th ab Christian 
Crancross Joseph C, 24 Chester 
Crandall A. L., wood turner, 28 Centi'e 
Crandall Matthew, coach trimmer, rear 446 S 3d 
Crandol Elihu, tailor, 2 Peach 
Crandol S., dre.ssmr. 2 Peach 
Crane Charles, stove finisher, 1188 N 5th 
CRANE & CO., adverti.sing agents, S7 S 3d 
Crane Eleanor, 32 Queen (S) 
Crane Isabella, Poplar bel 3d 
Crane Wm., gent. 394 Chestnut 
Crane Wm. E., 57 S 3d, h 629 Girard av 
Crane William H., cordw., Callowhiil bel 18th 
Craneger John, moulder, Carlton bel Broad 
Craner John, cutler. Oak bel Mansion (W P) 
Craney Bernard, store, R road bel Ann (F V) 
Crangle Catharine, crockery, 265 S 4th 
Crangle George, china ware, S E Shippen and 

Crangle Nichola.s, china, 107 Franklin (K) 
C>anksliaw (Catharine, 39 Shippen 
Crankstraw Hamilton, 208 G T road 
(Iranmcr Abraham W., sea capt., Richmond ab 

William (R) 
Cranmer J. S., 6 N 9th 

CRANS &. GREGORY, conveyancers, 300 S 5th 
Crans John S., clerk, 538 S 5th 
Crans Peter, jr., att'y and coun., 300 S 5th 
Crans Samuel, 261 Washington 
Cranston Barclay, <kaler, 1 Elmslie'sal 
Cranston George P., baker, rear 97 Noble 

Cranston Robert, weaver, 379 S 13th 
Crap Chas. F., engraver, 23 S 8th, h 245 Federal 
Crap George M., h 245 Federal 
Crap Joseph G., umbrellamr., 245 Federal 
Crap Samuel E., tinsm. 494 S 2d 
Crap Wm. H., engraver, 23 S 8th, h 245 Federal 
Crasher John, carp., 1178 N 5th 
Crauthers James, brickmr., 183 Lewis 
Cravat John A., barber, 7 N 8th, h 40 Middle al 
Craven Aaron, U S Mint, 5 St Joseph's av 
Craven Angelina, shoe binder. Winter 
Craven & Haslett, painters, Richmond ab Wil- 
liam (R) 
Craven James C, tin plate worker, 306 S 10th 
Craven Ishi, broker, 32J S 3d, h 231 S 9th 
Craven Ishi H., clerk, 32i S 3d, h 231 S 9th 
CRAVEN I. & CO., note" and stock broker, 32^ 

CRAVEN JOHN, painter, 339 Richmond, house 

Somerset ab Salmon (R) 
Craven Letitia C, tailoress, N E 13th and South 
Craven Martha, Palm bel Brown 
Craven Peter, shop, 83 Lewis 
Craven Thomas, agent, 4 Minor, h 77 Union 
Craven Wm., carter, Marlborough bel Bedford 
Crawford Alex. 21 Howard ^ 

Crawford Anna S., teacher, Catharine ab 3d 
Crawford A. C. L., 548 N 6th 
Crawford A. J., clerk, '^5 S 4th 
Crawford A. L., grocer. Noble and Front 
Crawford Benj., tailor, 198 Market, h 169 N 7th 
Crawford Benj., boat and ship builder, Hanover 

ab Allen 
Crawford B. A., tanner, 6th ab Girard av, h 520 

Crawford Charles, tailor, Fitawater and Broad 
Crawford Christopher, shoemr. 3 Boy's av 
Crawford David, blacksm., 3d & St Joseph's av 
Crawford Hannah, 87 N 9th 
Crawford Hannah, nurse, rear 9 Brooks 
Crawfoi'd Henry, boatman, Seniff and Beech 
Crawford Henry, engineer, 41 Clark 
Crawford Henry M. & Co., leather dealers, 204 

N 3d and 19 Dillwyn 
Crawford Henry M., mer. 57 Market, h 13 Noble 
Crawford Jacob, waterman, 148 Adams (K) 
Craw ford James, collector, 84 S 3d, h 17th ab 

Crawford James, carp.. Christian ab 2d, h 187 

Crawford James, gent., W'ood bel 16th 
Crawford Jame.s, tailor, 4 Powell 
Crawford James, carp, weaver, 236 Hutchinson 
Crawford Jame.s, jr., plumber, S E Coates and 

Crawford James, painter, Ann and Larch (R) 
Crawford James, iron, Lombard n 21st 
Crawford Jolm, Liiukn n 16th 
Crawford John, coachsm. 356 N Front 
Crawford John, driver, S K 5th and Spruce 
Crawford Jno., boiKnin-. 5 Hannony pi, E Beach 
Crawford John, weaver, I'ront ab JeH'erson 
Crawford John, draj man, 162 PaiTish 
Crawford Jolin, 150 Howard bel Ma.ster 
Crawford John, baker, 831 Lomliard 
Crawford John, driver Carver 
Crawfi)r(l Jolm, hotel, Wa.shington (W P) 
Craw ford John, dealer, Parker btl Adams (K) 




Crawford Joseph, lab., Sag'er pi n 19th 
Crawford Joseph, weaver, Penn'a av W Nixon 
Crawford Joseph S., Georg-e W 17th 
Crawford Launcclot, lab., Rhoads n 19th 
, Crawford Marj-, 419 S 5th 
Crawford Matthew, contractor, 337 N P'ront 
Crawford Rebecca, 176 Randolph 
Crawford Richard, Rev., 74 Kesler 
Crawford Robert, carpets, 401 R road 
Crawford Robert, carter, 20th bel Pine 
Crawford Robert, trimming-s, 314 N 2d 
• Crawford Robert, 376 S 13th 
Crawford Robert, lab.. Clay n vSch Willow 
Crawford Robert, tailor, rear Campbell 
Crawford Samuel, drayman, Howard ab Oxford 
Crawford Samuel, leather dealer, 5 Noble 
Crawford Samuel H., g-ent. 10th bel Melon 
Crawford Samuel W., Rev., 18 Summer 
Crawford & Son, coal deal. Broad ab Race 
Crawford Stephen R., Pres. U. S. Life Ins. Co., 

S E 3d and Chestnut, h 27 Girard 
Crawford Theodore, carp., 419 S 6th 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, Howard bel Master 
Crawford Thomas, lab.. Spruce n 19th 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, 16 Fitler (K) 
Crawford Wm., tailor, 277 Green 
Crawford Wm., boatman, Shallcross W 21st 
Crawford Wm., g'rocer, 17th n Locust 
Crawford Wm., cordw.. Brown bel Hunting-- 

don (R) 
Crawford Wm., cordw., Clifton bel Cedar 
Crawford Wm. H., engineer. Winter 
Crawford Wm. H., g-ent., 219 N 7th 
Crawley Bernard, book pub. 6 Benton av 
Crawley Wm. PL, clerk. Washing-ton ab 3d 
Crawshaw James^-weaver, Howard ab Jefferson 
Craycroft Benj. B., mer., Market st whf, h 320 

" S Front 
Craycroft Jos., cordw., M road ab Washington 
CREAGMILE & BROTHER, carpets, 44| N 2d 
Creag-mile Cluis., carpets, 44^ N 2d, h Sp Gar- 
den ab 8th 
Creag-mile AVm., carp. 44J N 2d 
Creamer Chas., carp., "104 Apple 
Ci'eamer Georg-e C, ship carp., N E Bedford & 

Creamer Henry, bricklr. 2 Pearl ab 15th 
Creamer James, spinner. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Creamer Joseph, clerk, Hanover bel Bedford 
(h-eamer Sophia, store, Marlboro' bel Bedford 
("reamer Sarah, wid of Michael, 104 Apple 
r'rean Henry, carp. 149 N 13th 
Crean John, jr., clerk, 33 Commerce, h 12th & 

Crean John N., hardware, 208 N 12th 
Crease Charles J., manuf 13 S Front 
<'i-ease Orlando, clerk, 87 Chestnnt 
Crease Wm. G., tailor, 117 N 3d 
Creasey Edw. J., pattern mr. 12 Saranac 
(,'reasey John, lab. 156 S Water 
Creauther Wm. M., clerk, 23 N 3d 
Tree Wm., macht. 552 S 8th, h 187 Catharine 
Creed John, lab., Simes n 23d 
Creed Mary, shop, Wasliington ab Moore (W P) 
Creed Philip, lab., Washing-ton ab Moore (W P) 
(^reeden Dennis, lab., Meredith bel William 
('reelier Morris, varnisher, rear 77 George (S) 
(;reely Andrew, lab., Crown bel Duke 

Creely Elias, drayman. Elm bel Franklin (K) ( 
Creely E. V., dry goods, 55 N 8th, h N E 15th 

and Lombard 
Creely Georg-e R., bricklr. 207 Cherry 
Creely Jacob, joiner, 56 Washington av, h 400 

N Front 
CREELY M. H., grocer, N W 6th and Pine,,h 

392 S 8th 
Creely Samuel T., milkman, 3d and Coates, h 

N E 11th and Fitzwater 
Creely Susan, Green n Front 
Creeman Wm., dyer, 13th ab Shippen 
Crees Joshua, lab., 113 S Washington 
Crees M. J. E. C, lampmr. 5 S 6th, h 63 Locust 
Cregar Chas., bootmr. 290 N 8th 
Cregar N. B., bookkeeper, 45 N 3d, h 498 Vine 
Cregar P. A., teacher, 17 Madison 
Creghe Stephen, blacksmith, Piper's ct 
Creighton Charles L., umbrella mr.. Mechanic 
Creighton Edward, upholsterer, Coates bel 11th 
Creighton Garrett, shoes, 16th and Bickham 
Creighton Henry, manuf. 2d and Phoenix 
Creighton Henrj', carp., N E 2d and Phoenix 
Creighton Hugh, salesman, 10 S Front 
Creighton John, foreman, 734 N Front 
Creighton John, cai-p., William n 19th 
Creighton Kennedy, stone cutter, N E 2d and 

Creighton Rich'd, bricklr., N E 2d and Phoenix 
CREIGHTON ROBERT, mer., 10 S Front, h 

510 W Spruce 
Creighton Rob't, soap boiler, Almira pi 
CREIGHTON WILLIAM., tavern, N E 2d & 

Phoenix (K) 
Cremer & Creutzburg, grinders, 78 N 6th 
Crenshaw Edm. A., di-ug., N E 6th and Arch, h 

39 Clinton 
Cresmer Wm., clerk, 106 Poplar 
Cress Elwood, bricklr. 175 Coates 
Cress George, gent. 87 Buttonwood bel 8th 
Cress George, jr., di-uggist, 8th and S Garden 
Cress H. W., gent. 435 N 11th 
Cress Isaac, lab.. Crown ab Duke (K) 
Cress James, bricklr. 175 Coates 
Cress John, coach trim. 4th bel Franklin 
Cress Maximilian, coach lamp mr., 63 Locust 
Cress Samuel S., bricklr., Nectarine bel 10th 
Cress Wm., lab. 77 Green 
Cressee Aaron, chairmr. 83 M road 
Cressee George F., g-rocer, 41 Beck (S) 
Ci-essee John, carpt. 605 S 2d 
Cressman Catharine, sempstress, 141 Harmstead 
Cressman Daniel, segar mr. 851 N 4th 
Cressman F., tobacconist, 204 F road 
Cressman George, stone cutter, 30 Wistar 
Cressman Isaac, tobacconist, 235 N 3d, h 428 

Cressman Jacob, lab. 514 S 4th 
Cressman Joseph, tobacconist, 329 N 2d, h 63 

Cressman J. W., tobacconist, 49 Brook 
Cressman Margaret, regalia mr. 15 Melon 
CreSsman Reudy, tobacconist, 318 Vine 
Cressman Wm. R., segar mr., Girard av ab 8th 
Cressman Wm. R., tobacconist, Girard avab 8th 
Cresson Chas C, 496 Che-stnut 
Cresson Chas. M., 32 Summer 
Cresson Deborah, 1 74 Filbert 




Cresson Elliott, Sec. Pa. Col. Soc, N W 6tli & 

Walnut, h 30 Sansom 
Cresson Emlen, N W 8th and Spruce 
Cresson John B., clerk, 28 Chatham 
Cresson John C, eng-in. gas works, 32 Summer 
Cresson Joseph, 363 Race 
Cresson Joshua, Penn. Rail Road, h 32 Hazel 
Cresson J. F., clerk, 197 Fitzwater 
Cresson J. F., clerk, 70 Walnut, h 197 Fitzwater 
Cresson M. Mrs., g-ent. 30 Sansom 
Cresson Rachel, 84 Marshall 
Cresson Sarah E., wid., 496i Chestnut 
Cresson Walter, mer. 29 Commerce 
Cresson William, 29 Commerce, 84 Marshall 
Cresson Wm. P. & Co., iron foundry, Willow 

ab 13th, h 3 Palmyra row 
Cresswell Matthew, clerk, 211 Market 
Cresswell Richard, painter, 333 S 6th 
Cresswell Robert, nier. 211 Market, h 503 Arch 
Cresswell Robert, Rail Road Hotel, Market ab 

Cresswell Sarah, N E 10th and Walnut 
CRESSWELL S. J., brass and iron founder & 
stove mr., 288 and 290 Race, h Cherry ab 
Crest Saml., lab., Orang-e n West 
Creth Alexander, tailor, h 476 S 8th 
Creutzborg Samuel L., mer. 169 Market, h 157 

Creveling- J. W. K., coachmr., Beaver bel 3d 
Crew B., drug-g-ist, N W 5th and Callowhill 
Crew Henrv, macht. 27 Brandywine 
CREW J. LEWIS, druggist, F Road and Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Crib William, baker, 112 N 5th 
Crider George, cordw. 101 Vine 
Crider Margaret, 1 Madison 
(Jridland Eliza, di'e.ssmr.. Poplar ab 7th 
Cridland Sylvester, clerk, 4 Rose al 
f'rilly Alexander, carter, 7 Clymer 
Crilly Andrew, painter, Callowhill bel 15th 
Crilly Bridget, washer, 15 Strawberry 
Crilly Bridget, tavern, 2^ S 7th 
t.'rilly Georg-e, butcher, 156 Phoenix (K) 
Oilly Henrv, grocer, N W 3d and Thompson 
Crilly Michael, baker, 239 S 6th 
(frilly Mich., clerk, 2J S 7th 
('rillv Margaret, Plioenix and Wistai- ct (K) 
Crilly Tiiomas, 262 South 
Crinis William, lab., Huston ab Salmon (K) 
Crippcn Robei-t, cordw. 360 St John (K) 
f^ripps (ieorgc, brewer, 10 Freed's av 
Cripps (icorge, mer. 25 Grier's av 
Cripps John, basketmr., Higgins' ct 
Cripps John F., stone cutter, Willow bel 10th, 

h 281 N lOtli 
Cripps Rich'd M. L., cordw. 159 Buttonwood 
Crisp Ckorge, lab., St Jolin bel (ieorge (K) 
Oispinn James C, bricklr., St Jo.seph's av W 

Crispenn Mary H., drcssmr., S E 4th and Tam- 
(Crispin Benj. F., weigher, 34 S Del av, h 147 

Wallace n 11th 
Crispin Edward T., trunks, 112 and 184 Mar- 
ket, li rear 11 Minor 
fjrisscy John, tailor, Pojjlar al) 9th 
Crissy Jacob, cordw. 119 Brown 

Crissy James, printer and publi.sher. Goldsmith's 

Hall, h 322 Arch 
Crissy John, tailor, 446 Poplar, h 105 Clinton 

CRISSY & MARKLEY, printers, booksellers & 

binders, Goldsmith's Hall 
Crissy Moses, printer, Callowhill and Marshall 
Crist Alfred, att'y and coun. 48 S 6th 
Crist Chri.stopher, vict.. Centre ab Park (W P) 
Crist Geo. W., tavern. Phoenix and Leopard 
Crist Hen., glass blow.. Wood ab Franklin (K) 
Crist Jane, Vienna ab AVest 
Crist John, butcher, Mary ab Green (W P) 
Crist Samuel, vict., rear Hanover n Jackson 
Crist Sarah, Franklin bel Palmer (K) 
Crist Thomas, vict., Hanover n West (K) 
Cristiani Richard S., chemist, 70 N 2d, h 236 N 

Criswell Isaac J., looking glasses, 299 Market, 

h N E 8th and Noble 
CRITTENDEN S. H., teacher of bookkeeping 

and accountant, 140 Chestnut, h 293 Pine 
Criviller Peter, confect., 8 Madison 
Croasdale B. R., salesman, 45 N 3d 
Croasdale Eber, police, 19 Mervine 
Croasdale J., China store, 164 N 3d 
Croasdill Chas. W., mer. 32 N 3d, h 155 Arch 
Crocker Franklin, cordw. 255 N 7th 
Crocker Pasco, tailor, Wiley's ct 
Crockett Hannah, rear 243 New Market 
Crockett Joseph S., blacksm.. Maiden bel Fron*i 

h 70 Maiden 
Crocker Leonard, mer. 42 Catharine 
Crocker Samuel, labor, 12 Prime 
Crockferd Geo^-ge, cordw. 36 Clinton (K) 
Crocks Henry, cordw., Maria ab 4tli 
Crocks John, tavern, 227 Walnut 
Croft George B., blacksm. 102 Barker 
(;roft Henry, wool puller, 4th ab George 
Croft Hugh, macht.. Queen op Ball (K) 
Croft Samuel, mer., 53 Commerce 
CROFT THOMAS F. & CO., agricul. wareh,, 

309 Market, h N AV AVilliam and Coates 
Croft William, tailor. Perry ct 
Crofton Philip, mer. 7 S Front, h 18th al) Vine 
Crofton Thomas F., mer. 7 S Front, h 18th ab 

Crofton Thomas ¥. & P., com. mers. 7 S Front 
Crogun Bernard, weaver, Catharine bel Broad 
Croker Daniel, laborer, Lehigh (R) 
Croley William, tailor, Essex ab Christian 
Crolius A. Mrs., 127 Noble 
Croll, tailor, 147 Chestnut, h 458 N 8th 
Croll Elizabeth, 3 Saybolt's ct 
Croll (;eorge, clerk, Sarah bel 10th 
Ooll M. J., tailor, 147 Cliestnut, h 86 Marshall 
CROLJ. M. J. & CO., tailors, 147 Che.stnut 
Croll Wm., tailor, 147 Chestnut, h 197 Queen 
Crollc y F., laborer, 5 Hermitage pi 
(^rombarger Joiin, brushnir., IJankson n Coates 
C;rombarger Mary, 136 N 13th 
Crombargei* Thomas S., com. of deeds, 46^ Wal- 
nut, h 29 Jacoby 
Cromberg William, clerk, 216 Market 
Crondev James, 142 S 12th 
Cromelien (Jeo., imp., 39 Walnut, h 216 N 10th 
Cronulien Rowland, wine mer. 13 AValnut, h 

141 N 13th 




Cromelien Washington, mer., 283 Market, h 273 

Cromcy Jehn, weaver, Mariner n 13th 
Cromil Willis, shop Rye ab Reed 
Cromley Georg-e, shoemr. 9 Willing's al 
Cromly Sarah, Willow 
Crommer Henry, 172 Cherry 
Crommer Robert, laborer, Edward n School 
Crommer Shadrach, laborer, 11 Washin^on 
Cromiller John G., vict. shop, G T road and Jef- 
ferson, h Hancock bel Jefferson 
Crompton John, fancy boxmr. 70 N 3d, h Au- 
burn ab 8th 
Cromwell Ann, 63 S 18th 
Cromwell James J., carver, 16th n Cherry 
Cromwell James S., clerk, 16th n Cherry 
Cromwell John, jr, bricklr. 17th and Spring- 
Cromwell Samuel V., dealer. Race bel 22d 
Cromwell Wm., carder Cadwalader ab Franklin 
Crondart Christian, shomr. 7 Vernon 
Crondart Jacob, hackman, 7 Vernon 
Cronhauser Philip, cordw. 78 Shippen 
Cronin Bartholomew, dealer, 3 Monmouth ct 
Cronin Daniel, porter, 2 McCloskey's ct 
Cronin James, laborer, 8 Pasmore 
Cronin Jeremiah, plasterer, 1053 N Front 
Cronnell Michael, shop William and Biddle 
Crook Fulton, chemist, West ab Wood 
Crookington Charles, morocco dresser, 5th bel 

CROOKER J. Hudson, silks and straw g'oods, 56 

Crooks Ann, 868 N 4th 
Crooks Catharine, 204 Race 
Crooks Georg-e R., Rev., 536 N 5th 
Crooks Hannah, stockmr. 204 Race 
Crooks James, tavern, S E 17th and Pine 
Crooks James H., tavern, S E 20th and Pine 
Crooks Jeremiah, cutter, 313 N 2d 
Crooks John, laborer, James and 7th (S) 
Crooks Wm. J., laborer, 17 Frog row, Philip (K) 
Crookshirst John, flour and feed, F road and 

Cropley John S., coppersm., N W BaiTon and 

South, h Barron ab South 
Cropper Ezekiel, confect. 377 South 
Cropper Harriet, 8 Gray's al 
Cropper Henry, hotel, F road and Canal 
Cropper Isaac, porter, 6 Liberty ct 
Cropper Isabella, Winter W 21st 
Cropper Jeremiah, waiter, Pearl ab 13th 
Cropper John M., N. England House, 14 Dock 
Cropper Lemix, N W 15th and Callowhill 
Cropper Samuel L., metre manuf, Winter 

ab 21st 
Cropper Saml. P., letter carrier, P. 0. 12 Queen 
Cropper Wm., hod carrier. Pearl bel Broad 
Crosby Arunah, cooper, Brown ab Cumberland 
Crosby Elizabeth, 74 S 12th 
Crosby Emanuel, 32 Powell 
Crosby Geo., clerk, 316 Chestnut, h 279 N 11th 
Crosby & Gilbei-t, black and whitesms.. Broad 

bel R av 
Crosby Jas., barber, William ab Richmond (K) 
Crosljy John, plasterer, Francis ab Powell 
Crosby John W., plasterer, 436 S 6th 
Crosby L. B., carp. 95 Apple ab Culvert 
Crosby Theodore B., salesman, 199 Mai-ket 

Crosby Thomas, boots and shoes, 978 W Market 
Crosby William, carp., 57 Dock 
Crosgrove William, gardener, 252 S 5th 
CROSKEY HENRY, lumber, 1st whf bel Green 
Croskey Mrs. E., 121 Summer 
Croskey Joseph, macht., Hight's ct 

office 39 Girard, h 66 S 19th 
Cross Benj., teacher of music, 252 W Filbert 
Cross Benjamin C, teacher of music, 15th and 

Cross Ellen, dressmaker, 152 Howard 
Gross Francis E., coal mer., 47 S 4th, h 15th 

bel Girard av 
Cross George W., mer. h 272 S 10th 
Cross Henry, eordw. 340 Shippen 
Cross James, salesman, 172 Market 
Cross Margaret, di-essmaker, 26 Howard 
Cross Michael, laborei", 5 Southampton ct 
Cross William, warper, 7 M'Duffie 
Crossan Daniel, plumber. Carpenter bel 8th 
Crossan Edward, drayman, 300 S 7th 
Crossan James, milkman. Carpenter bel 8th 
Crossan Patrick, laborer, 128 Richmond (K) 
Crossan William, tavern, 15 Willow 
Crosscup Albert, cordw. 8 Haines 
Crosset John, winder, rear Amber ab Phcenix 
Crossen Joseph, porter, rear Baker bel 8th 
Crossin James, laborer, 128 Richmond (K) 
Crossin John, laborer, 21st ab Pine ^ 

Crossin Mary, spooler, 21st ab Pine 
Crossin Patrick, coachman, Jones ab 7th 
Crossin Sarah, shop, 27 Barron 
Crossin William, tailor, 5 Bonsall 
Crossin William, laborer, 19 Charles (S) 
Crossin William, hatter, 5 Howard pi 
Crossley Chas., file manuf.. Brown bel 15th 
Crossley George, macht., Edward n William 
Crossley & Gilbert, black and whitesms,, Broad 

bel R av 
Crossley William, wool sorter, 95 S Water 
Grossman John, carp. 10 Wesley 
Grossman J. M., mer. 503 Walnut 
Grossman William, tinman, 17 I.,ombard 
Crosson James, deputy marshal, 61 Plum 
Crosson Mary, 624 N 3d 
Crosta P'rancis, barber, 216^ N 9th 
Crosta Julius, boot crimper, Peakert's ct 
Crothers Hance, weaver, Front and Otter (K) 
Crothers John P., cordw. 23 Julianna 
Crothers Matilda, gentlew. 389 Arch 
Crothers Thomas J., jeweller, 202 and h 193 

Crotton Thomas, seaman, 6 Shippen 
Crouch C. W., shoemr. 187 Green 
Crouch Henry, trader, 4th ab Columbia (K) 
Crouch Isaac, engineer, Goldsmith's ct 
Crouch John, weaver. Rose ab 13th 
Crouisillat Margaret, W Rittenhouse sq 
Crouse Charles S., carp. 384 S Front 
Crouse Charlotte, rear Pleasant ab 10th 
Crouse PMward, brickmr.. Merchant ab Culvert 
Crouse Edward, macht. 582 Brown 
Crouse John, plasterer, 476 Callowhill 
Crouse Joseph, carp. 61 Howard (K) 
Crouse Michael, bar tender, 23 Sherr's av 
Crouse Rchnold, laborer, rear 225 Callowhill 
Crouse Robert, cordw., Oxford and J'ranklin 




Grouse Samuel, dealer,*Duke ab F road 
Grouse Thos, carman, Norris, bel G T road (K) 
Grout Daniel, card manuf. 18 Franklin pi., h 

224 Green 
Grout John, blacksm.. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Grout Jno., blacks.. Washing-ton ab Mary (W P) 
Grout Sylvester, mer. 21 N 5th 
Crow Alexander, weaver, Gallowhill n 21st 
Grow Georg-e, laborer, 18th ab South 
Grow James, vict. 184 Buttonwood 
Grow James, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Grow Thomas, weaver. Mariner 
Grow William, laborer, 372 S 13th 
CROW WM., cloth finisher, 176 Race 
Growder Josephus, iron moulder, rear Earl ab 

GROWELL & COLLINS, grocers, 44 N Dela- 
ware av 
Growell Gyrus, dry g-oods, 85 R av 
Growell David B., watchcasemr. 496 Green 
Growell Edward, clerk, 29 Owen 
GROWELL ELISHA, alderman, office S AV 

6th and Pine, h 217 S 5th 
Growell Elisha, M. D., Washington ab Mary 

(W P) 
Growell Ellis B., jr., mer. 18 S 15th bel George 
Growell Emma, 260 S Front 
Growell James, 552 N 12th 
Growell James W., tobacco, N E 10th and But 

ton wood 
('rowell Minor B., 9 Union 
Growell Payson, 44 N Delaware av 
Growell Susannah, b. h.. Front and Union 
Growell Thomas, painter, 104 Randolph 
Growell Thomas M., clerk, 32 S 2d, h 384 S 5th 
Growell W. G., salesman, 162 Market, h 270 

Crowley Bartholomew, bookseller, 112 S 3d 
Crowley Charles, laborer, 7 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Crowley Cornelius, shoemr. 4 Buchanan pi 
Crowley David, tavern, 144 South 
Crowley Donald, laborer, 267 N Front 
Crowley Frank, tinsm., W Market n 2Gth 
Crowley James, laborer, rear 5 Quarry 
CROWLEY JAMES D., real estate agent and 

convey. 18 Prune, h 552 W 12th 
Oowlcy Jolm, cordw. 5 Buchanan pi 
Crowley J. Staunton, M. D., N W 21st and 

Crowley Margaret, 15 Stamper's al 
Crowley .Michael, lab. 17 Vernon 
Crowley Michael, weaver, 4 (Charles (C) 
(Jrowley Michael, weaver, Biddle n Fairmount 
Crowley 'I'iiomas, butcher, 8th ab Reed 
Crowley Timothy, gardener, Penn ab William 
Growtiier John, turner, 364 St. John 
Oowtiier Joseph, baker, 91 S Water 
Grox Ann, Liberty al 
Croze r James (i., mer. 65 S Front, h S E 14th 

and (Chestnut 
Grozet Earnest, printer, S E 13th and Market 
Grozier Andrew, grocer, 65 (Christian 
Grozier ('atharine, baker, 15tii and Carver 
Grozier Margaret, Bedford bel Broatl 
Grozier Mary, Randolph ab Master (K) 
Grozier Robert, cordw., Pliilip ab Ma.ster 
Grozier Robei-t, eating house, 244 Market 
Grozier Robt, seaman, rear Bedford bel Broad 

Grozier William, weaver. South n Fox 
GRUICE J. P., provision and family grocery, 

Salmon and Rail road (R) 
Cruikshank Robert J., millinery, 73 South 
Crumback Ellen, shirtmr., Walnut ab Margaretta 
Crumback Peter, cordw.. Union ab Franklin 
Crumback Thomas, cordw. 29 Beck (W P) 
Crumback Wm. H., waterman, 237 Gatliarine 
Grumberg John, tailor, 8 Vernon 
Crumley Charles, farmer, F road bel Ann (R) 
Crumley George, Front bel Greenwich 
Crumley James, intelligence office, 19 Arcade 
Crumley John, oysters, 397^ Market, h 214 

Crumley John, brickmr. 82 S 20th 
Crummer David, foreman. Wood ab F road (K) 
Crummer Robt., carter, Putnam & Hancock (K) 
Crump William H., editor, 57 S 3d 
Crumpton John C., manuf., S E Front & Chest- 
nut, h 851 Vine 
Crundwell Elizabeth, store, S W 13th & Green 
Cruse Albert, gold heather, 530 N 13th 
Cruse Henry, cordw.. South bel 18t]i 
Cruse James, messenger, 7 Perry 
Cruse James, laborer, 15 Carver 
Cruse John, rigger, 121 Grown 
Grusemire John, macht. 204 Jefferson (K) 
Crusemire Nicholas, macht., Lewis bel Master 
Grutchley John, gent., 639 N 2d 
Crutchley Richard, laborer, 635 N 2d 
Cshaw Draper, seaman. Little Oak 
Cubberley H. B., cordnv. 32 Centre 
Cubberley James H., cordwainer, h Centre ab 

Cubbler Geo., contractor, Pratt and William 
Cuchlett Jos., carp.. Mechanic and Franklin (K) 
Cucknell Edward, tavern, N E Front & Spruce 
Cuddy James, painter, 12th and Spruce 
Cuddy Lawson, bootmr. 224 N 13tli 
Cue John, shoemr.. Christian bel Lebanon 
Cue Richard, laborer, 19th ab Pine 
Cue William, shoemr. 6th and Redwood 
Cuff John, hodman, 8 Liberty ct 
Cuick John, confectioner, 3 Tammany ct 
Culbert Hannah, tavern, N E 7th and Baker 
Culbert John, manuf. 74 Market, h Shippen 

bel 12th 
Culbert John, seaman, Clymer and Campbell 
Culbert John, manuf., Mai-ket bel 3d, h 11 Ship- 
pen bel 13th 
Cidbert Jonathan, tavern, 673 N 2d 
Culbert Joseph, grocer, S E 11th and Wood 
Culbeit Robert, grocer, S W 8th and Green 
Culberson l'>dward, laborer, Br;isier 
(Julbertson D. H., grocer, 75 S Front, h 280 

Sp Garden 
Culbertson James, carp., Brown ab (;herry 
Culbertson Jas., weaver. Amber bel Piiocnix (K) 
Culljert.soii John, lab.. Front al) Harri.son 
Culbert.son Jolm, laborer, 1 Campbell 
Culbertson John H., clerk, 66 S 3d, h George 

W 15tli 
Culbertson Jo.seph, carter, 18th and Goates 
Culbertson Robt., grocer, R av ab (iirard av 
Culbertson K()l)ert, bootmr. 455 Poplar ab 9th 
Culbert.son Robert, dyer, 25 Bedford bt 1 13th 
Culbertson Samuel, gent. George NV Sell 8th 
Culbertson Sarah, semp. Shippen bel Broad 



. CUM 

Culbertson Stephen, mer. 75 S Front, h 280 Sp 

Cutbeitson S. & D. H., grocers, 75 S Front 
Culbertson Wm., weaver, Howard bel Master 
Culbertson Wm., dyer, 8 Washing'ton pi 
Culbertson Wm., carter, 321 S 6th 
Culbertson Wm., clerk, Girard Bank, h 37 N 2d 
Culbreth Charles, clerk, 95 High 
Culin Aaron B., 1 Vail's pi 
Culin A. J., mer. 17 N Delaware av, house 165 

S 9th 
Culin Charles C, clerk, 133 G T road 
Culin Elizabeth, b h, 292 Market 
Culin Garrett B., supt. 4 Horstman's ct 
Culin Georg-e, tailor, S E Swanson and Queen 
Culin Georg-e, bookbinder, 139 Noble 
Culin George, tailor, S E 2d &. Market, h 8 

Culin Isaac V., pawnbroker, 165 and 167 South 
Culin John, tailor, 450 Race 
Culin John, 215 S 5th 
Culin John, tailor, 14 Market 
Culin John, wheelwrt. N E Locust and Marga- 

retta (W P) 
Culin Eawrence, drajTnan, P road ab Reed 
Culin Robert S., mer. N E 4th and Cherry 
Culin Samuel, shocmr. 4 Horstman's ct 
CULIN, STEELE & CO., ship mers. 17 N 

Delaware av 
Cull Abraham, macht. 30 Clark 
Cullen Chai'les, shoemr. Wood ab Queen (K) 
CuUen Dennis, stone cutt»r, Coates ab 20th 
Cullen Edward, chandler, Shippen bel 8th 
Cullen George, grocer, 6 S 15th 
Cullen James, sea captain. Sorrel ab Bank (R) 
Cullen John, lab. 18th bel Shippen 
Cullen Matthew, lab. Centre n Nixon 
Cullen Michael, blacksm. G T road bel Frank- 
lin, h Thompson ab Apple (K) 
Cullen Mrs., Phoenix ab Howard (K) 
Cullen Patrick, currier, 3 York 
Cullen Pati-ick, lab. 799 N 10th 
Cullen Patrick, porter, 13 Brook's ct 
Cullen Peter, waterman, N W Swanson and Ca- 
OuUen Robert p., Reading R. R., 18th ab Arch 
Cullen Thomas, tea dealer, Federal ab 10th | 
Cullen Wm., lab. Salmon bel William (R) 
CuUian David, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
CuUin Bernard, weaver, 149 Master (K) 
Cullin George, letter carrier, 8 Benton 
CuHin Michael, weaver, 116 Adams (K) 
Cullin Peter, chandler, 289 South 
Cullin Robert B., shoemr. Palm bel Brown 
Cullin Thomas, lab. Maple bel Larch (R) 
Cullin Walter P., tavern. Vine and Front 
Cullin Wm., tavern, 2d and Master (K) 
Culling Charles, cordw. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Cullinton James, lab. 8 Ashton pi 
Cullis Wm., moulder, 191 Wharton 
Cullman L. Mi'S., ti'immings 130 N 8th 
Cully James, weaver. Master bel Hancock (K) 
Culp Christian Mrs., 131 Franklin 
Culp George, brickmr. Hannsted n 22d 
Culp James W., clerk, 334 Noble 
Culp John, brickmr. 5 Harrison 
Culp John, carter, Clinton bel Parrish 
Culp J., dyer, rear 109 Christian 

Culp Washington, lab. 19 Green 

Culver Daniel, atty. at law, 7& S 4th 

Culver Richard, 207 Spruce 

Culyen James, agent,Juniper al 

Cummines Wm., waterman, 16 Union al 

Gumming & Brodie, copper and tin roofers, 29 

GUMMING CHARLES, glue manuf. 6th and 

Columbia and 1 S 3d, h 446 N 6th 
Gumming Edward, tin roofer, 29 N 7th, h 6th 

ab Poplar 
Gumming James, tinsmith, Buttonwood below 

Ridge av 
Gumming Richard P., metallic roofer, 276 N 2d, 

h 220 N 4th 
Gumming Sarah, Hope and Flings pi (K) 
Cummings Abraham, weaver, 48 Master 
CUMMINGS ALEXANDER, publisher Even- 
ing Bulletin, 50 S 3d, h Girard av W Broad 
Cummings Ann, 18th bel Lombard 
Cummings A. B., sect'y A. & O. Tel. Co., 101 

Chestnut, h Washington House 
Cummings Bradley, blacksm. 21st and Winter 
CUMMINGS & CO., varieties, 74 N 3d, h^l73 

Cummings Charles, grain S E Water and Race, 

h 9 Pine 
Cummings Charles H., grain, 101 N Water, h 9 


Cummings Edward, clerk, 97 Market 
Cummings Elizabeth, Washington bel 3d 
Cummings George W., clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 

Columbia House 
Cummings Henry, cordw. 33 Mechanic 
Cummings Isaac, clerk, 324 Christian 
Cummings Isaac, jr., clerk, 324 Christian 
Cummings James, weaver, Duke ab F road 
Cummings James, oy.sterman, 333 N Front 
Cummings Jane, shoe binder, 504 Lombard 
Cummings John, painter, 5 Harmony ct 
Cummings Jonathan, G T road ab 5th 
Cummings Joseph, dry goods, 485 N 2d 
Cummings J. S., mer. 74 N 3d, h 21 Logan sq 
Cummings J. W., tavern. Beach bel Hanover 
Cummings li., lab. 10th ab Thompson 
Cummings L., lab. rear 30 Mayland 
Cummings Mary, 29 Dugan 
Cummings Moses, coachman, 2 Jones' ct 
Cummings Matthew, blacksm. shop, 9th above 

Poplar, h Clinton ab Poplar 
Cummings Robei-t, weaver, Ma.ster ab Howard 
Cummings Robert, morocco dr. 361 N Front 
Cummings Samuel, driver, Truxton 
Cummings Thomas, clerk, 7 Ashland row 
Cummings Thomas, clerk, Washington and 

Bridgewater (W P) 
Cummings Thomas, lab. 144 Alder 
Cummings Wm., grocer, 77 S whfs. h 21 Pine 
Cummings Wm., gimsmith, 107 Chailotte 
Cummings Wm., carter, 23 Elm 
Cummings Wm., clerk, 324 Christian 
Cummings Wra., clerk, metalic roofer, 832 Cal- 

Cummings M^m., boiler mr. Crown bel Duke 
CUMMINGS WM. & CO., grocer.?, 77 S Del av 
Cummins Alex., 282 Walnut 
Cummins Charles, M. D., 198 G T road 
Cummins Daniel, cordw. 1 Harper's pi 




Cummins Daniel B., mer. 282 Walnut 
Cummins Edward, tavern, 292 Richmond (R) 
Cummins Jane, 187 Brown 
Cummins John, cordw.rear 266 S 5th 
Cummins Patrick, iron dealer, 143 N Front 
Cummins Thos., waterman, M'Alpin ab Walnut 
Cummiskev Eug-ene, publisher and bookseller, 

130 s'eth 

Cummiskev J., lab. Huston and Somerset (R) 
Cummiskey Patrick, lab. William and Linn 
Cummisky John, lab. Randolph (R) 
Cuncannon Georg-e, carter. 9 Marshall's ct 
Cunce Anthony, blacksm. 22 Charles 
Cunius Jacob, cordw. 13 Mark's la 
Cunliff James, blacksm. Miller n Prime 
Cunliff Wm., barber, 467 S Front 
Cunliffe James, stove fur. &c. 300 F road 
Cunning-ham Alex., lab. 7 Clair 
Cunningham Alexander, cabinetmr. 268 South 
Cunningham Arch., lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Cunningham B., stevedore, 18 Ma:rket 
Cunningham Catharine, 3 Harrison's ct (K) 
Cunningham Charles, polisher, 8 Myer's ct 
Cunningham Chas., store, 37 Plum 
Cunningham David, tailor. Sycamore ab Locust 
Cunningham David, cordw. 75 Howard 
Cunningham David, hat presser, 148 Carpenter 
Cunningham George, fireman, Emily n Tulip 
Cunningham Elizabeth M., South ab 15th 
Cunningham Elizabeth, South ab 15th 
(3unning]iam Elizabeth, 2 Loxiey's ct 
Cunningham Jas., blacksm. Richmond & Lehigh 
Cunningiiam James, lab. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Cunningham James, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Cunningham James, weaver, rear 592 South 
Cunningham James, painter, 9th and Willow 
Cunningham James, lab. 148 N Front 
Cunningham Jas., brass foundr. Wheat n Crown 
Cunningham Jas., weaver, Howard ab Phoenix 
Cunningham James, shop, Biddle n William 
Cunningham John, weaver, Hope bel Phoenix 
Cunningham J"olm, macht. Charles & Plum (K) 
Cunningham John, tanner, Harrison 
Cunningham John, shoemr. F road ab Phoenix 
CUNNINGHAM JOHN, tavern, 348 South 
Cunningiiam John, chandler, 37 Plum 
Cunningham Jolin, lab. Almira pi 
Cunningham John, lab. 8 Lombard 
Cunningham John, shop. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Cunningham John, .shoemr. F road ab Phoenix 
Cunningham John U., salesman, 164 Market 
Cunningham Joseph, lab. 38 Bread 
(/unniiigliam Joseph, .stone cut. Lee n 19th 
Cunningiiam M., lab. rear 382 S 2d 
Cunningiiam Natiianiel, weaver, Bailey's ct (K) 
Cunningiiam Peter, Shippen n 13th 
f Uinningham Peter F., bookseller and stationer, 

104 S ,3d 
Cunningiiam P., .seaman, Patton's ct 
Cunningiiam Rachel, Woodland bel Chestnut 
(,'unningiiam Robert, lab. 23d n Market 
Cunningiiam Robert, combmr. 407 Race 
Cunningiiam B()i)ert, cordw. Clinton ab Parrish 
Cunningiiam Koliert, carter, 10 Washington av 
Cunningiiam It. H., tavern, 64 P road 
Cunningiiam Saml. H., carp. 14th bel Lombard 
Cunningiiam Samuel W., shoe .store, 436 N 


CUNNINGHAM & SMITH, dinig- brokers, 30 

N P'ront 
Cunningham Stephen, plasterer. Crown below 

Cunningiiam Thomas, lab. Fitzwater W 15th 
Cunningham Thomas, cardmr. 100 Wallace ab 


Cunningham Wm., lab. Spnice W 22d 
Cunning-ham Wm., weaver, Shippen n 13th 
Cunningham Wm., carp. 10th bel Prime 
Cunningham Wm., lab. Harm.stead 
Cunningham Wm., driver. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Cunningham Wm., dealer, Small ab 5th 
Cunningham Wm., weaver, Philip ab Master(K) 
Cunningham Wm., weaver. Front ab Chatham 
Cunningham Wm. P., 436 N Front 
Cunningham Winthrop, mer. 30 N Front, h 185 

S 7th 
Cunnington W. P., 193 Fitzwater 
Cunny Marg., laundress, 11th n Christian 
Cuperry George, harness mr. Olive bel Broad 
Cupp Augustus, cordw. Lawrence ct 
Cur Hugh, cordw. rear 20 Fitzwater 
Curby John S., cooper, 14 Little Water, h 472 

S 2d 
Curby Mich., cooper, 112 S Front, h 65 German 
Curby Thomas, foundryman, 9 Marble pi 
Curden James, clerk, 74 F road 
Curl Isaac K., silversm. Vine bel 2d 
Curl Margaret, Penn.sylvania av ab William 
Curl Wm., carp. Oak bel Railroad (W P) 
Curlet Lewis, cordw. 124 Barker 
Curlett Wm., plasterer, Carlton ab 17th 
Curley Martin, stone mason, 6 Pleasant 
Curlley Mich., founder, St Andrew's W 21st 
Curran A. D., superintendent Franklin square, 

h 50 Chester 
Curran Barnet, plssterer, Hamilton n William 
Curran Jane, trimmings, Plymouth and 20th 
Curran James, lab. Maple (R) 
Curran John, lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Curran John, lab. Vienna ab West 
Curran John, coachman, Shalcross n 22d 
Curran John, macht. 20th and Callowhill 
Curran John C, cashier, S W Spruce and 2d 
Cun-an John P., M. D., druggist, 6th 8c G T road 
Curran Joseph, plumber, 15 College av 
Curran Michael, lab. 61 Cherry (K) 
Curran Richard, cordw. Federal be' 12th 
Curran Samuel, lab. Fi.sher ab Cumberland (RV 
Curran Thoma.s, idindmr. Leonard bel 8th 
Curran Thomas, lab. 65 Beach 
Curran Wm., lab. 149 S 2d 
Curran William, hatter, 463 S 8th 
Curran Wm., M. D., 386 Mulberry 
CuiTan Wm., lab. rear Rye bel Reed 
Curn n Edward, lab. Vaiighan bel Walnut 
Cun-en Ellen, trimming-.s, N W Callowhill and 

f urren F. K., clerk, OfRcc 
Currcn Martin, com. mer. 119 S Front, h N E 

8th and Orange 
Curren Wm., 96s'5th 

Cun-ey Roi)crt L., 4th and Haverford (W P) 
Currey Win., importer, 50 Chestnut, h N E 5th 

and Pine 
Ciirrie Ciiarles, painter. Christian ab Morris 
Currie James, lab. Federal ab 12th 




Currie John A., picture cleaner, 76 Walnut, h 
144 Spruce 

Currie Juan, port, painter, 216 Chestnut 

Currie William & Mrs., g-ent. talbotypists, 107 

Curry Adeline, Wheat ab Wharton 

Curry Alex., St David 

Curry Dorothy, shop, 16th ab Wood 

Curry Elizabeth, 8th bel Christian 

Curry Enoch, wood turner, 9th bel Poplar 

Curry Francis, lab. Shalcross W 21st 

Curry Hamilton, saddler. Carpenter ab 11th 

Curry Hugh, lab. 27 Dug-an 

Curry Isaac, ag-ent, 11 Mary 

Curiy James, lab. Susannah (R) 

Curry John, rig-g-er, 2 Collins' al 

Curry John, carter, Apple ab Jefferson (R) 

Curry John, silversmith, 487 G T road 

Curry Lewis V., clerk, 22 Palmer 

Curr}' Marg-ai'et, milliner, 448 Vine 

Curry M., bricklr. 25 N 9th 

Curry Nicholas, lab. James (M) 

Curry Robert, carp. 6 Bedford bel 12th 

Curry Robert, brass finisher. Front ab Harrison 

Curry R. D., Mrs., 147 Catharine 

Curry Saml. lab. rear 8th bel Christian 

Curry Samuel, pattern mr. 27 Clark 

Curry T. B., confcct. 232 Callowhill 

Curry Washington, boiler mr. rear Vienna bel 
Franklin av 

Curry William, carp. 166 Ridge av 

Cun-y Wm., lub. Carpenter ab 13th 

Currv William, mer. 118 Chestnut, h Callowhill 
and 22d 

Curry Wm., cordw. 12 Boyd's av 

Curry Wm., bricklayer, Logan ab Wallace 

Curry Wm., lab. 123 Swanson 

Curry Wm. L., painter, Coates ab 20th 

Curtin Daniel, weaver, Hanover ab Duke (K) 

Curtin John, lab. Becket ab 16th 

Curtis Ann, 132 S 9th 

Curtis Ann, b h, 115 S 3d 

Curtis Anthony, waiter, 62GaskilI 

Curtis B. T., mer. 41 and 43 Commerce, h 400 

Curtis Cephas, combmr. Shackamaxon ab Queen 

Cui'tis Charles, packing box mr. Sansom al 

Curtis Charles C, barber, 255 Race 

Curtis Edward, clerk, 88 Market 

Curtis E. C, dry goods, 297 S 5th 

Curtis George R., grocer, 197 N 9th 

CURTIS & HAND, hardw. 41 8c 43 Commerce 

Curtis Henry, driver, Tyson 

Curtis James, seaman, rear 10 Emcline 

Curtis James, drayman, Waggoner's ct 

Curtis James, carter, Carlton ab 12th 

Curtis John, clerk, 114 S Front 

Curtis John, brass founder, 5th and Redwood 

Curtis John, tailor, 373 S 3d 

Curtis John, waiter, 4 Middle al 

Curtis John H., jr., real estate agent, 121 Wal- 
nut, h 64 S l*2th 

Curtis Jolin H. & Son, real estate agents and col- 
lectors, 121 Walnut » 

Curtis John O., surgical case mr. 129 German 

Curtis John O., case mr. 129 German 

Curtis Levi, M. D., 88 Wood 

Curtis Margarctta, wid. of Eliliu, 4 Chancery la 

Curtis Patrick, drayman, Dorothy n 20th 

Curtis Stephen, mer. S E 5th and Chestnut 

Curtis Thos., 9th ab Arch 

Curtis Thomas, tailor, 54 N 8th 

(yurtis Thomas F., agt. and col 129 German 

CURTIS WILLIAM, grand Secretary, S W 6th 

and Haines, h 304 N 7th 
Curtis Wm. H., book keeper, 76 Market, h 106 


Curvin John, shoemr. 9 Pearl 
Cusack James, dealer, reai- 133 S 2d 
Cusack Mary, washer, 1 Ann 
Cusack Peter, grocer, 10th and Sergeant 
Cusack Wm., baker. Market n 20th 
Cush John, tavei-n and b h, 96 Spruce 
Cush Thomas, lab. 1 Lagrange 
Cushing David L., boots and shoes, S E 2d and 

Market, h 95 Pine 
Cushing Richard, shop, 96 Spruce 
Cushing Wm. F., com. mer. 43 N Delaware av 
Cushman Bridget, 12th and Carpenter 
Cushman G. H., miniature painter, 3 Girard 
Cushman R. W., 224 S 11th 
Cushman Wm. J., brick maker, 169 Randolph 
Cushmore Christopher, ropemr. Cherry below 

Franklin av 
Cushmore Lawrence, lab. Vienna ab Duke 
Cusick George, porter, 46 Wood 
Cusick Michael, currier, Alder bel Thompson 
Cusick Wm., carp. Jones E 21st 
Cuskaden Elizabeth, rear 124 German 
Cuskaden John, soap boiler, 322 Callowhill 
Custa L. De La, acct. Dock and Pear, h Walnut 

W 17th 
Custar Reuben, teamster, Washington (W P) 
Custard Amos J., stovemr. Worth n 4th 
Custer Daniel, carp. 558 N 10th 
CUSTER ISSACHAR, bonnets, 424 N 2d, h 

270 Brown 
Custer Nathan, black and whitesmith, Tyler ab 

Poplar, h 443 N 5th 
Cussack Wm., blacksm. Market n 20th 
Custings William, painter, 143 N 11th 
Custis George, carriage mr., 18 Washington 
Custis George, carter, 26 Bird's ct 
Custis Theodore W., captain 410 S 3d 
Custis Thomas H., porter, rear 17 Rodman 
Custis Wm., hack driver, 10 Washington 
Cusworth Joseph, Lewis ab 20th 
Cusworth Wm., Lewis n 20th 
Cutaiar Amelia, school, 480 Poplar 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist, 480 Poplar 
Cutchley Samuel, crockery, 799 N 2d 
CUTHBERT ALLEN, Chinese goods, 22 S 8th 
Cutlibert Allen, 276 Chestnut 
Cuthbert A. J., 205 S 9th 
Cuthbert J. W., teacher, Johnson's la 
(kithbert Mary, 359 Arch 
CUTHBERT WM., restaurant, N E 5th and 

Franklin av 
Cutler Edwin, hatter, 250 Buttonwood 
Cutler Mary, teacher, 47 George 
Cutler Thomas, saddle tree mr. M road below 

Cutler 'I'homas, rigger, 76 Swanson 
Cutter Charles, lab., M road bel Wharton 
Cutter William G., police, York av ab Button- 




Cutts J. Smith, lamps, &c., 100 Chestnut 
Cutwaltz Henry, cordw., 234 Hutchinson 
Cuyler Eleanor, wid. of Rev. C. C, Walnut ab 

Washington sq 
CUYLER I'HEODORE, att'y & coun., 3 York 

Build. Walnut, 2 doors ab Washing-ton sq 
Cyester Daniel W., carp. 22 Jane 

DabrjTnple Evan, cordw. 21»S 5th 

Dace John, macht. Becket n 17th 

Dace Peter, blacksm. Coates ab 21st 

Da Costa David, trimming-s, 5^ N 2d, h 321 

Dacosta Geo. T., mer. 141 N Water and 67 N 

Delaware av 
Da Costa H. & Co., trimming's, 5h N 2d 
Da Costa John, M. D., 140 S 11th 
Da Costa Julia, trimming's, 442 Vine 
Da Costa J. C, Pres. Cam. & Atl. R. R. Co., N 

E Front and Race, h 216 N Front 
Da Costa J. R., trimniing-s, 295 N 6th 
Dade Lang-, dry g-oods, 146 N 10th 
Dady Emily, matron, 22 Prune 
Dady Heber, 16th and Vine 
Dady Hugh, porter, 6 Bell's ct 
Dady John, porter, 22 Cypress 
Daeing- John, cooper, Amber ab Phoenix (K) 
Daffin Cecilia, 219 Lombard 
Daffy Dennis, lab. William be! Larch (R) 
Dag-an Jacob, combmr. Brinton ab Master 
Dag-en & Sister, children's clothing-, 28 N 8th 
Dag-er Matthew, wheelwr. Front bel Phoenix 
Dag-er Peter, William Penn Hotel, S E 10th & 

Dagncy Bernard, stone mason, 47 Fitzwater 
Dag-ney Patrick, lab. 788 N 2d 
Dahmann , cordw. 228 South 
])ahoney Edward, trader. Pleasant ab 12th 
Daighan John, tavern. Spruce and 23d 
Dailey Bernard, lab. Olive bel Broad 
Dailey D. E., drugg-ist, Duke bel Cherry 
Dailey Jas., pedler, Pennsylvania av n William 
Dailey James, mason, 182 Jefferson 
Dailey Jame.s, milkman, 45 Cadwalader 
Dailey Stephen, salesman, 159 Chestnut 
Daily Arthur, lab. Federal ab 12th 
Daily Bv;rnard, lab. Olive bel Broad 
Daily Charles, book binder, 365 Carleton 
Daily Ciirist., lab. Cedar (R) 
Daily Christ., cordw. Ball (K) 
Daily Daniel, dealer, Shippen ab 8th 
Daily Daniel, lab. Fairview ab 16th 
Daily Edward, 182 Jefferson (K) 
Daily Henry, clerk, 607 S Front 
Daily Hugii, weaver, 397 S 13th 
Daily James, lab. Lewis (It) 
Daily James, dealer, Perkinpine ct 
^Dailv John, boiler mr. Wood bel Franklin (K) 
Daily John, lab. rear 223 S 3d 
Daily John, lab. 25 New Market 
Daily John, driver. Elk and Otter (K) 
Daily John, tavern. Front and Harrison (K) 
Daily Joiin, lab. Clay n Sch Bcacli 
Daily .lohn, morocco finishei-, Dillwyn pi 
Daily John, sliop, 29 .Vlayland 
Daily Michael, clerk, 65 Race, h 3 Marshall 

Daily Owen, shoemr. Perry and Master (K) 

Daily Patrick, lab. Ball (K) 

Daily Patrick, lab. Lehigh n Canal (R) 

Daily Peter, glass blower, 487 Queen (K) 

Daily Peter, driver, rear Clifton 



Dail}- Thomas, lab. 11th bel Fitzwater 
Dainone Thomas, weaver, 139 G T road 
Dainty James, morocco dr. Maria bel 5th 
Dainty John, manuf Dyottsville, h 106 N 3d 
Daisey Aaron, capt. Washington bel 4th 
Daisey G. W., seaman, 94 Catharine 
Daisey Martin, lab. 67 Plum 
Daisey Thomas, carter, Dillwyn n Willow 
Dake Margaret, washer, 2 Flickwir's ct 
Dakin Chas., ropemr. M road n Wharton 
Dalahunty Thomas, stone cutter, 162 Wood 
DALBEY DANIEL, Bald Eagle Hotel, 234 

Dalby Henry C, clerk, 147 Market 
Dalby L., chair mr. 455 N 5th ab Brown 
Dalby Wm., lampmr. 42 Kurtz 
Dale Alexander, groc, F road bel Master (K) 
Dale Edw. C, insp. M. Prison, h 383 Spruce 
Dale Edward W., clerk, 125 Market 
DALE GEORGE, hotel, N W Kurtz & Poplar 
Dale Gerald F., mer. 122 Market, h 146 S 4th 
Dale Margaret, 7 Dugan's row 
Dale Michael, macht. 95 New Market 
Dale Peter, cordw. Ogden ab 15th 
Dale Peter, ropemr. 243 S Washington 
Dale Richard, clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 383 Spruce 
Dale Richard C, mer. 122 Market, h 161 S 5th 
DALE, ROSS & WITHERS, merchants, 122 

Dale Samuel, cordwaincr, rear Wayne above 

W^ashington _ 
Dale Wm. H., carter, Federal bel 6th 
Dales Edward, paper stainer. Locust bel Park 
Dales Hiram, M. 1)., 694 N Front (K) 
Dales John B., Rev., 14th n Filbert 
Daley Ann, Cadwalader bel Master (K) 
Daley Charles, carter, 94 Penn 
Daley Daniel, weaver, Higham'sct 
Daley Daniel, lab. rear 302 S 3d 
Daley Eliza, washer, 394 S 6th 
Daley Elizabeth, 4 Budden's ct 
Daley Francis, lab. 16th bel Lombard 
Daley George, lab. Brown bel Cherry (K) 
Daley James, cabman, 5 Porter's ct 
Daley James, porter, rear 129 Cherry 
Daley James, baker, 405 Christian 
Daley Jesse, watchman, Duke bel Ash 
Daley Micliael, morocco dr. 681 N Front 
Daley Micliael, lal). rear G T road ab Master 
Daley Patrick, stevedore, 77 Swanson 
Daley Patk., drayman, Hope bel Master (K) 
Daley Peter, morocco dr., 681 N Front 
Daley Peter, cordw. 554 N 4th 
Daley & Porter, coal mers. Washington al) 8lh 
Daley Samuel, dealer, Bedford n Rose 
Daley Terrence, shop, 42 St Mary's ct 
Daley Tlionia.s, weaver, 381 Carpenter, h 30 

Daley Tlioma.s, shoemr. 467 S Front 
Dallam .lolin, coal mer. 9tJi ab Poplar, h 8th bel 





Dallam J. W., drug-gist, 2d and Callowhill, h ISlDalzell Chas., baker, 21st bel Lombard 


Dallas George M., atty. and coun. 259 Walnut 

Dallas James, lab. Green n Front 

Dallas John, nianuf. 91 Master (K) 

Dallas John J., wheelwrt. P road bel Wharton, 
h 10th and Wharton 

Dallas Joseph, shipwrt. 555 S 2d 

Dallas Philip N., atty. & coun. 55 S 5th, h 359 

Dallas Richard, shoemr. Thompson bel Apple 

Dallas Thomas, weaver, Washington ab Oxford 

DALLAS T., alderman, Broad n Shippen 

Dallas William, atty. and coun. 135 S 3d 

DALLETT, BROTHERS, ship mers. 96 S 
Delawai'e av 

Dallett Elijah, mer. 36 Market, and Pres. Penn 
Township Bank, h 257 N 10th 

Dallett Elijah J., mer. 36 Market, h 257 N 10th 

DALLETT G. & CO., soap and candles, 36 & 
491 Market and N E 10th and Callowhill 

Dallett Gillies, mer. 36 Market, hNW Marshall 
and Noble 

Dallett Henry, mer. h Pine bel 10th 

Dallett Henry C, mer. 96 S Delaware av, house 
Pine bel 10th 

Dallett John, mer. 96 S Delaware av, house 239 

Dallett Thomas H., merchant, 36 Market, h257 
N 10th 

Dalling James, booksr. 25 Locust, h 71 S 8th 

Dalmas Charles, teacher, 179 Chestnut 

Dalmore Peter, lab. 5 Spafford 

Dalsen Chas. M., stereoty. St James, h 119 Pine 

Dalsen Hanna, 206 Pine 

Dalton Edward, boatman, 56 Richmond (R) 

Dalton Hugh, lab. Lancaster Pike and West 

minster (W P) 
Dalton Martin, lab. 78 New 
Dalton Maurice, boatman. Pine Sch Willow 
Dalton Patrick, trader, 36 Lebanon 
Dalton Patrick, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Dalton Sarah, Clay 
Dalton Thomas, tailor, Warner's ct 
Dalton Wm., boatman, Pine n Beach 
Dalton W"m., weaver. Master ab G T road 
Daltry Benjamin, tavern, Nixon and Wallace 
Daltry Thomas, Wallace W Broad 
Daly Ann, Cadwulader bel Master 
Daly Augustin C, printer, 6 Flickvvir's ct 
Daly Bridget, spooler, Cadwalader bel Master 
Daly Darby, lab. Vine n Sch 
Daly Edward, printer, 216 Market 
Daly Henry, 1 Burd's ct 
Daly James, milkman, 45 Cadwalader 
Daly John, lab. Elk 
Daly John, porter, 200 S 5th 
Daly John, capt. 442 S Front 
Daly Jolin, liquors, Cadwalader and Oxford 
Daly John J., printer, 6 Flickwir's ct 
Daly Joseph, teaclier, 781 N 2d 
Daly Michael, lab. 168 Adams (K) 
Daly Peter, lab. Poplar bel Broad 
Daly Rosanna, tailoress, Cadwalader n Master 
Daly Sarah, b li, Washington n Oxford 
Daly Thomas, shipwt. Ash ab Queen (K) 
Daly Thomas, surveyor and regr. Washington 
bel 10th 

Dalzell James, clerk, 19 S Delaware av 
Dalzell Thomas, foreman, 985 N 2d 
Dalzell Walter, tailor, Madison n Austin 
Dalzell Wm., clerk, 19 S Delaware av 
DAMAI EDWARD, hatter, 51 Arch, h 17 New 

Damman Raymond, mer. 9 Church al 
Damon W>lliam, milkman. Wood ab 17th 
Dampman John, carp. Tower n 22d 
Danahan Michael, lab. Washington bel 10th 
Danby Byron, macht. Washington bel 5th 
Danby Joseph, silversmith, 11 Hibberd 
Dance Samuel, carp. Brown ab Broad 
Dancy F., 44 Winter 
Dando Joseph C, clerk, 36 S Front 
Dandurand Esther, refectory, 165 Chestnut 
Daneiley James, weaver, 20th ab Callowhill 
Danenhower Charles R., merchant, 45 N Front, 

h 17 Green 
Danes Thomas J., g-rocer, 14 Shippen 
Danes Thomas J., grocer, 36 John 
Danfield Conrad, 3 Perry 
Danfield Conrad, jr., Carlton ab 12th 
Danfield John H., salesman, S E 6th & Market 
Danfield John H., salesman. Chestnut st whaa-f, 

h 34 Wallace 
Danfield Josiah, carp. 15th bel Ogden 
Danford John, jeweler, 29 Cedar 
Danford William, weaver, 51 South 
DANFORTH, WRIGHT & CO., bank note en- 
gravers, 952 Walnut (up stairs) 
Dangerfield Julia, washer, 8 Gulielma 
DANGUY CANELLE, hairdr. and worker, 279 

Danham John, seaman, rear 260 Christian 
Daniel Elizabeth, New Market ab Poplar 
Daniel Eva, umbrellamaker, 189 Callowhill 
Daniel Henry Y., jr., acct. 148 Wa.shington- 
Daniel James H., jeweler, 10 N 11th 
Daniel Wm., tailor, Morris n 5th 
Daniels Elizabeth, 181 N 8th 
Daniels George, carp. 3 Schell av 
Daniels Harriet, b h, 122 N 4th 
Daniels Joseph, mariner, 1 M'Keon's ct 
Daniels Joshua, jeweler, 350 S Front 
Daniels Sarah, I'Oth ab Washington (S G) 
Daniels William, blacksm. Ash bel Duke (K) 
Daniels Wm., clerk, Chestnut W Sch 2d 
Daniels William, ship carp. Allen below Marl- 
Daniels Wm. B., printer. Carpenter bel 11th 
Daniels William Y., tobac. 386 N 2d, h 234 St 

Daniels William Y., tobac. 386 N 2d, h Laurel 

and New Market 
Daniely J., lab. Hay's ct 
Danicly Samuel, gas fitter, Hay's ct 
Danilly William, cordw. 95 Brown 
Dankel Henry, coach trim., 5 Marshall ab 3d 
Danks Thomas, engineer. Plain ab Lancaster 
Dankworth John, saddler, 261 N 9th 
Danley Thomas, cutler, Lancaster Pike ab 6th 
Dannaker Chj'istian A., currier, 143 N 3d,h 107 

Dannaker Wm., vict. 11th ab Oxford 
Dannenberg William, 154 Hope 
Dannenhauer John C, baker, 752 N 5th 




Danneher John, lab. Wood ab 17th 
Dannenhower Charles R., mer. 45 N Front, h 

17 Green 

DANNENHOWER & HARRIS, tobacconist, 44 

N Water and 45 N Front 
Dantz Elizabeth, turner and tavern, Willow and 

DANVER" ANDREW, moulder, foundry Reed 

St whf, h 315 S 8th 
Danver James, melter, 565 S Front 
Danwuld Girson, store, 23 Mag'nolia 
Dany Michael, lab. Brown bel Railroad (R) 
Danzeiseisen Fredk., baker, Apple and Thomp- 
son (K) 
Darand Frederick, tailor, 3 Coates ab Beach 
Darbin H. C, clerk, Penn and 13th (S G) 
Darby Edward, lab. 4 Harper's pi 
Darby James, seaman, Higgin's ct 
Darby John, weaver, rear 295 G T road 
Dardine James, hotel, 9th bel Coates 
Dardine James, tavern, N E 9th and Brown 
Dardine John L., cordw. 152 Diamond (K) 
Dardis Francis, nailmr. Parker n Washington 
Dare Andrew, clerk, 443 Chestnut 
Dare Charles P., conveyancer. Brown bel 12th 
Da:-e Conrad, brickmr. Adams bel Frankford 

road (K) 
Dare C. V., M. D., 171 N 13th 
Dare Daniel, moulder, 481 N 13th 
Dare Edward, mariner, 6 Mechanic 
Dare George, agent, 7 Lagrange pi 
Dare & Grant, conveys. 505 Brown 
DARE ISAAC B., alderman, 173 Queen (K) 
Dai'e James B., Court Q. Sessions, 655 N 2d(K) 
Dare Jane, b h, 445 Chestnut 
Dare Nathan S., tailor. 111 Chestnut, house 37 

Dare Wm. A., stone cutter, rear 57 Carroll 
Darham Mary, 17 Parham 
Daringer John, grocer, S7 Bonsall 
Dai-kir Wm., cord manuf. Mary ab Green (W P) 
Darkis James, vict. 758 N 4th 
Darkis Robert, weaver, Milton bel 11th 
Darkis Wm., vict. 758 N 4th 
Darky AV. H. W., music teaclier, 75 Filbert 
Dai'ling Amos B., boots and shoes, 126 N 3d, h 

18 Logan sq 

Darling & Elliott, boots and shoes, 64 N 3d 
Darling Henry Rev., 6 Montgomery sq 
Darling Henry J., 131 N 3d, h 33 Logan sq 
13arling Thomas, mer. 64 N 3d, h 555 N 7th 
Darlington Ellen, dry goods, 8 S 8th 
Darlington Isaac, engineer, Allen ab Shacka- 

maxon CK) 
Darlington Samuel P., salesman, 169 Market 
Darly Samuel, carp. 415 Front 
Darmudy Wm., lab. Golilett's ct 
l)ai-nal)y Joseph, seaman, 245 Wharton 
Darnell Charles H., mea.surer, Catharine ab 8tli 
DaiMiell Henry Y., measurer, 148 Washington 

ab 5th 
Darnell Wm. S., measfirer, 457 S 4tli 
Darr Jacob, baker, 32 Strawberry 
Darr Janus, carp. Centre n 19th 
Darr John C, baker, 16th n George 
Danach Wm., M. I)., 268 Arch 
Darragii Eli/.abeth, 439 S 10th 
Darragli Jolin, coachman. Eastern Pcnitcntiar}- 

Darragh John, lab. Cherry bel 14th 

Dai-ragh John, grocer, 4th and Thompson 

Darragh John J., cabinetmr. 405 S 8th 

Darragh Patrick, shoemr. Plymouth n 20th 

Darragh Richd. H., dry goods, 18 Jacoby 

Darragh Thomas, porter. Cherry n 14th 

Darton Owen, Vienna ab West 

Dash Caleb H., mer. 110 N 3d, h 129 Dillwyn 

Dasley Thomas, driver, 76 N Market 

Datta Wm., weaver, Mariner 

Dau August, cabinetmr. 10 Exchange pi 

Daub Henry F., clerk, 88 High 

Daub Samuel, driver. Orchard ab George 

Daub Wm., cai-p. Jefferson ab 6th 

Daubert Conrad, tailor, 593 N 3d 

Daudt G. A., M. D., 539 N 5th 

Daudt Henry, sugar refiner, 31 N 5th 

Dauey Charles, barber, Rodman bel 11th 

Daugh Sarah, Brown ab Cumberland (R) 

Daugherty Wm., messenger, 16th and Spring 

Daum Wm., cordw. 5 Meyers' ct 

Dautreshay Paul, agent, 34 Naglee 

D'AUVILLE A., prof. French, 315 Walnut 

Davault John, brickmr. 3 Carroll av 

Davarue Peter, Clinton bel Poplar 

Davenport Chas., sawmr. Front ab Chatham 

DAVENPORT & ELDRIDGE, haidware, 212 

S 2d 
Davenport Elias F., shoemr. Crown n Franklin 
DAVENPORT & ELLIS, morocco case mrs. 

33^ S 8th 
Davenport James, coal mer. Prime bel 10th 
Davenport Jas., case mr. 33 J S 8th, h 512 S 5th 
Davenport Jos., baker, Marlboro' ab Bedford 
Davenport Robert W., hardware, h 97 Pine 
Davenport Wm. D., 553 Walnut 
Daverin Timotliy, coachman, rear 86 Locust 
Davey John, carp. 7 Spragg av 
David Edward W., clerk, office proth. ct. com. 

David Julius, ai-tist, George ab 12th 
David wid. of Louis, hotel, 35 Dock 
Uavid Marshal], Vicker's ct 
David Richard, 103 S 4th 

goods, 167 Market 
David Wm. K., mer, perfumeiy, 73 N 3d, h 39 

S 2d 
David Wm. M., mer. 167 Market, h 88 Marshall 
David Wm. M., stone cut. Aspen ab Spruce 
Davidhei.ser Jacob, carp. 30 Naglee 
Davidson Alex., sailmr. 18 Saranack 
Davidson Ann, 13tli ab Brown 
Davidson E. W., mer. 150 Market 
Davidson James, weav. Jefl'erson ab Philip (K) 
Davidson Jane Ann, milliner, 330 S 2d 
Davidson Jeanette, F road ab Oxford 
Davidson Joseph, teaclier, 16th bel Locust 
Davidson Julius, M. I)., vapor batlis, 217 Walnut 
Davidson liobrrt 1$., broker, 101 Walnut 
Davidson Samuel K., carpet mr. 24 N 3d, h 96 

N 8th 
Davidson Sarah, sliop, 652 N 2d 
l)avids(m T. F road ab Oxford 
Davidson T. Wm., dry goods, 188 S 2d 
Davidson Wm., cordw. .33 Pratt 
Davidson Wm. M., acct. 76 Walnut, h 173 Sp. 




Davies Charles E., broker, S W Dock & Wal- 
nut, h 186 S 10th 
Davies Cyrus C, mer. 32 Commerce, h 478 N 6th 
Davies Edward S., salesman, 91 N 3d, house 21 

Davies Jas. P., clerk Commercial Bank, h Broad 

bel Parrish 
Davies John, wines and liquors, 107 W Market 
Davies M., carp. Francis ab 18th (F V) 
Davies Peter A., clerk, 68 Market, h 186 S 10th 
DAVIES SAMUEL N. & SON, brokers, S W 

Dock and Walnut, h 186 S 10th 
Davis Aaron, shoes, 364 Ridg-e road 
Davis Aaron, whf. builder, Houston bel F av 
Davis Abraham, jeweler, rear 497 N 3d 
Davis Adam C, 159 N 5th 
Davis Adam P., ship carp. 14 Linden 
Davis Adam P., ship carp. Cherry n F road 
Davis Albert, mer. 368 Walnut 
Davis Alex., dry g-oods F road ab Norris 
Davis Alexander, printer, 6th and Race 
Davis Alexander, lab., Union ab Little Penn 
Davis Allen, plasterer, 53 Chester 
Davis Ann, b h, 48 Penn 
Davis Ann, Charles (S) 
Davis Ann, bookseller, 473 Market 
Davis Ann, dressmr. 8 St Joseph's av 
Davis Ann, huckster, 5 Bridges ct 
Davis Ann, 132 N 13th 
Davis Ann, 14 Marshall 
Davis Ann, washer, South ab 10th 
Davis Ann, rear 41 Chester 
Davis Ann E., hat trimmer, 6 Nonnater's ct 
Davis Anthony, g-ent. 425 N 5th ab Coates 
Davis Armon, alderman, 20 S 7th 
Davis Asa, blacksm. Ellis bel Wallace 
Davis Ashton J., cordw. 13 School 
Davis Aug^ustu-s, plumber, Hebron's ct 
Davis Aug'ustus B., scalemr. 15th ab Willow, h 

29 Melon 
Davis Azel P., clerk, 332 N Front 
Davis A. G., brickmr. 7th ab BroM^n 
Davis Benjamin, 368 Walnut 
Davis Benjamin, g-lass mr. Summer n 21st 
Davis Benjamin, brickmaker, M^ashing-ton n 

7th (S G) 
Davis Benj., g-ent. 56 S 17th 
Davis Benj., brickmr. Federal ab 11th 
Davis Benj., lab. 445 N 11th 
Davis Catharine, b h, 114 N 6th 
Davis Catharine, seamstres.s, 1 Weccacoe 
Davis Chambers C, tavern, N W 13th & Race, 

h Perry and Clair 
Davis Charles, vict. Palmer ab Franklin (K) 
Davis Chas., glass blower. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Davis Charles, porter, 237 S 7th 
Davis Chas. C, blacksm. Parrish W 15th 
Davis Chas. C, blacksm. Crow n F avenue 
DAVIS CHAS. H., bookseller and stationer, 

62 N 8th, h 210 N 6th 
Davis Chas. J., inspector, 22 Rittenhouse 
Davis Chloe L., di-essmr. 15 S 8th 
Davis Collin K. & Co., mer. 37 N Delaware av 

and 73 N Water 
Davis Collin K., mer. 37 N Delaware av, h 209 

N 7tli 
Davis Collin K., jr., mer. 37 N Delaware av, h 

209 N 7th 

DAVIS & CULIN, rosin oil works. Queen ab 

Gunner's run and N E 4th and CheiTy 
Davis Cyrus, paper mr. 478 N 6th ab Parrish 
Davis C. C, clerk, South bel Ash 
Davis C. T., blacksm. Hanover bel Duke 
Davis Daniel, potter, rear 543 N 2d 
Davis Daniel, rigger, 409 S Front 
Davis Daniel, waiter, Shippen lane 
Davis Daniel S., tailor, 7 Boyd's av 
Davis Daniel S., broker, 1 Harmony ct 
Davis David, carp. 9th bel Poplar 
Davis David, agent Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co., 

209 Queen bel Palmer 
Davis David, candy, 28 South 
Davis David A., collector, 50 George (S) 
Davis David J., tobacco, Jarvis ab 2d 
Davis David L., sawmr. 3 Branch al * 

Davis David Z., agent, 173 Melon 
Davis Edmvmd, hatter, 84 N 2d, h 64 N 8th 
Davis Edward, carp. Proud n Prison 
Davis Edward, bricklr. rear 2 Cadwalader (K) 
Davis Edward, shoeini-. 4th ab Carpenter 
Davis Edward, 21 Jacoby 
Davis Edward, carp. 10th bel Reed 
Davis Edward, awningmr. 85 Master (K) 
Davis Edward H., carp. 26 Marion 
Davis Edward H., 117 Melon 
Davis Edward M., mer. 15 Bank 
DAVIS EDW. M. & CO., importers, 15 Bank 

and 16 Strawberry 
Davis Elijah, manuf. 101 S Front, & lead works 

Richmond & Lehigh (R), h 224 N 4th 
Davis Elijah J., waiter, 27 Bonsall 
Davis Elijah M., tailor, 304 Market, h 16 Melon 
Davis Eliza, washer, 115 German 
Davis Elizabeth, 10 Sansom 
Davis Ellwood, mer. 30 S Front, h 368 Waln\it 
Davis Emanuel, shoemr. S E 4th and Race 
DAVIS EPHRx\IM & CO., hotel. Market street 

Davis Esther, milliner, 71 Arch 
Davis Evans, police officer, 31 Harrison 
Davis E. C. Mrs., fancy goods, 18 S 8tli 
Davis E. M., mer. 16 Melon 
Davis E. & Rigg, white lead manuf 101 S Front, 

factory Lehigh st., Richmond 
Davis Fanny, 154 S 11th 
Davis & Fitler, lumb. mers. 4th ab George 
Davis Francis, lab. Lisle bel Shippen 
Davis Francis B., bi-icklr. 224 F road 
Davis Frederick, lab. Brown ab Cheny 
Davis Frederick, chairmr. 584 N 7th 
Davis Gainer, wid of Charles, 42 Arch 
Davis George, bricklr. 148 Adams (K) 
Davis George, clothing, 115 N 2d 
Davis George, bookseller, 473 Market 
Davis George, carter, ^Jlack Hawk row (K) 
Davis Geoi-ge, hatter, 84 N 2d 
Davis George, cordw. Tilton bel Emory (R) 
Davis Geo. V., clerk, h 222 Cherry 
Davis G. & E., hatters, 84 N 2d 
Davis Hai-rison, tobacconist, 187 N 2d 
Davis Henry, compositor, Catharine bel 7th 
Davis Henry, leather store, N E Marshall and 

Willow, h 44 Button wood 
Davis Henry, tailor, Charles ab 3d 
Davis Henry, cordw. Vienna ab Duke 
Davis Henry, cordw. Linden pi 




Davis Henry, Rev. 287 S 8th 

Davis Henry E., whf. bnilder, Norris ab West 

Davis Henry R., stock & ex broker, 97 Walnut, 

h Spruce ab 12th 
Davis Hester, tailoress, 7 Dougleas av 
Davis Hetty, Miss, Oak ab Till (W P) 
Davis Isaac, dealer, 65 Queen (S) 
Davis Isaac, machinist, 195 Melon 
Davis Isaac, porter, 21 Apple 
Davis Isaac, carp. 16 Houston 
Davis Isaac B., carp. 6th ab Race 
Davis Isaac R., mer. 27 Church al 
Davis I., potter, Otter bel 2d 
Davis Jacob, waiter, 5 Salem al 
Davis James, shoemaker. Mechanic & Linn 
Davis James, lumb. mer. Arcli W 17th 
Davis James, cabmr. Preston bel Wallace 
Davis James, weaver. Federal W Broad 
Davis James, shoemr. 31 Prune 
Davis James, cordw. 6 Christian 
Davis James, g-rave digger, Hanover bel Duke 
Davis James, cordw. M road and Prime 
Davis James, Chestnut bel Mansion (W P) 
Davis James, weaver. Harper ct 
Davis James, blindmr. 43 Coates 
Davis James H., coachmr. 9 Dilig-ent ct 
Davis James M., Jones n 18th 
Davis James N., M. D., 121 Arch 
DA^'IS JAS. P., suiveyor, Franklin ab Marl- 
Davis Jas. R., chairmr. 7tli bel Wharton 
Davis James W., coal dealer, Broad n Wood h 

439 N 10th 
DAVIS JAS. W. & CO., coal mer. Broadn Wood 
Davis Jane H., 50 Perry 

Davis Jeremiah, sen., painter, Marlboro' & Allen 
Davis Jeremiah, waiter, 4 Emeline 
Davis Jolm, cordw. N E Fitzwater and 13th 
DAVIS JOHN, furs, 51 N 2d, h 320 S 10th 
Davis John, lab. Fitzwater and 17th 
Davis John, dealer. Front ab Washington 
Davis John, cordw. Auburn and 10th 
Davis Joiin, paper hanger, 222 N 5th 
Davis Jolin, sweep master, 52 Quince 
Davis Jolin, lab. 27 Coates al 
Davis John, harnessmr. 40 Quince 
Davis John, cordw. 9th ab Federal 
Davis John, whf. builder, Vienna ab Duke 
Davis Jolm, glass blower, Vienna ab Duke 
Davis John, engineer. Cherry bel ¥ avenue 
Davis John, vict. 685 N 5th 
Davis John, engineer, 764 N 10th 
Davis Jolin, carp, rear 73 Catliarine 
Davis Jolin, ship carp. 18 Packliam 
Davis John, lab. N E 5tli and Prune 
Davis John, grocer, William and Hamilton 
Davis Jolin, lab. Tilton &. Cumberland (R) 
Davis John C, lumber mer. lUth and Callpwhill, 

h 276 Chestnut 
Davis John C, plasterer, 123 Ogden 
Davis John C, merchant, 133 N 3d, and 295 

N nth 

Davis John D., dealer, rear 234 South 
Davis John (J., gent. 160 Franklin ab Coates 
Davis John (i., cordw. (iootlbread pi 
Davis Jolm H., tailor, N W Wa.shington 8c Mary 

(W I'), h 535 Vine 
Davis John H., carp. 137 Queen 

Davis John J., clerk, office Recorder of Deeds, 

15th ab Race 
Davis John K., engjneer, 9 Winter 
DAVIS JOHN L., druggist, S W 10th & Ogden 
DAVIS JOHN M., lead and paint manuf. Beach 

and Marlboro' 
Davis John JI., clerk, Salmon ab Lehigh av (K) 
Davis John R., Orange ab Melon 
Davis John R., pianonir. Ball's ct 
Davis John S., tinner, N E 9th and S Garden, h 

167 N 12th 
Davis John S., carp. Rodman ab South, h 30 Erie 
Davis John W., Rev., 617 Christian 
Davis Jonathan, druggist, 1 Barclay 
Davis Jonathan, shoemr. 11 Green 
Davis Joseph, pap. hang. 34 Catharine 
Davis Joseph, Oxford bel Broad 
Davis Jos., frame mr. 253 S 11th 
Davis Joseph C, shoemr. 133 S Front 
Davis Jos. D., blacksm. 6 Clare 
Davis Joseph K., turner, Carlton ab 12th 
Davis Josiah, lab. Washington ab Logan (W P) 
Davis J., 138 N 12th 

Davis Lawrence, ropemr. Front n Jefferson 
DAVIS & LEEDS, lumber. Front ab Willow 
Davis Leonard, mariner, 6 Mary (S) 
Davis Levin, porter, 190 Shippen 
Davis Lewis gent. 630 N 11th 
Davis Lewis, capt. 62 Queen 
Davis Lloyd J., painter, 71 Nectarine 
Davis I>. N., soap and candle, 645 South 
Davis Margaret, shop, 121 Queen 
Davis Margaret, shop, 5th bel Jefferson (K) 
Davis Margaret, 45 Church ab Washington 
Davis Margaret, S E 7th and Coates 
Davis Maria, Randolph ab Poplar 
Davis Mark, porter. Pearl ab 13th 
Davis Mark Z., cabinetmr. 19 Russell 
Davis Martha, Washington ab Mary (W P) 
Davis Mary, b h, 160 Pine 
Davis Mary, Washington n Mary (W P) 
Davis Mary Ann, tailoress, 57 Prime 
Davis Matthew, carter, 10 M'Duffie 
Davis Milton, carp. 7th and Grape (W P) 
Davis Morris, lime burner. Wood n 21st 
Davis Morri.s, com. mer. 75 N Broad, h Wood ab 

Davis Moses, 10 Lilly al 
Davis M., lab. Oak ab Till (W P) 
DAVIS M. S. Mrs., milliner, 210 N 6th 
Davis Oliver, clerk, 152 South 
Davis Oranzo, blacksm. rear 334 S 2d 
Davis O. Wilson, atty. at law, 10 Mercantile Li- 

braiy Building 
Davis Philip, porter, 1 Barley 
Davis Rebecca, Vienna bel Duke 
Davis Rebecca, Washington n May (W P) 
Davis Itebecca H., vest mr. 42 Ogden 
Davis Richard, dentist, S W Linden and Green 
Davis Richard, cabinetmr. 203 S 7th 
Davis Robert, oyster house, 395 N 4th 
Davis Robert, waterman. Harper's ct 
Davis Robert, lab. 26 Pa-schall's al 
Davis Robert, stone mason, 8 St Joseph's av 
DAVIS IJOMKKT C. druggist, S E 16 &. Vine 
Davis IJobert H., carp. 23 Earl 
Davis Sanil., cordir. Maiden st whf, h 193 Coates 
Davis Samuel, plasterer, 25 Coates 




Davis Samuel, bricklr. Willow bel 7th I 

Davis Samuel, boxmr. rear 2 Cadwalader (K) 
Davis Samuel, shoemr. 12 N 2d 
Davis Saml. A., wheelwrt. Salmon ab Clearfield 
Davis Samuel B., jeweler, 14 Clark I 

Davis Samuel H., lumber mer., 4th and Georg'e, 

h 7th bel Parrish 
Davis Samuel L., h 234 N Front 
Davis Sarah, washer, 15 S Washing'ton 
Davis Sargent, shoes. Race ab 9th 
Davis Susan, 2 N 13th 
Davis Susan E., Orchard ab Culvert 
Davis S. Mrs., ladies shoes, 322 Race 
Davis Tamar, Orcliard ab Culvert 
DAVIS THOMAS, Diamond House, Broad ab 

Davis Thomas, dealer, Stanly bel 4th (S) 
Davis Thomas, carp. I3th & Federal 
Davis Thomas, shoemr. rear 1 Hunter 
Davis Thomas, gent.. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Davis Thomas, boiler mr. Union bel Franklin 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 280 S 7th 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmr. 44 Plum 
Davis Thomas, shoemr. 3 Marion 
Davis Tliomas, oysters 198 Pine 
Davis Thomas, custom house, h 328 N 5th 
Davis Thomas, carp. 40 Carpenter (C), h N W 

16th and Spring- Garden 
Davis Thomas F., shoe mr. 610 S 2d 
Davis Thomas H., barber, N E 11th and Race 
Davis Thomas M., hatter, 19 Perry 
Davis Thomas M., cordvv. Dehaven's ct 
Davis Thomas S., g-ent. 6 Belmont pi 
Davis Thomas S., contractor, 752 N 10th 
Davis Thos. W., dry gds. 67 Market, h 243 N 6th 
Davis T. M., book-keeper. 368 Broad 
Davis Walter, weaver. Orange ab 12th 
Davis William, carp. 62 Allen 
Davis William, grocer, 502 Lombard, h Lom- 
bard ab 13th 
Davis Willii.m, 138 N 12th 

Davis Wm., carp. S 8th ab Shippen, h 403 S 8th 
Davis William, Vaughan ab Locust 
Davis William, shop, 238 S 4th 
Davis AVm., 11th and Jefferson 
Davis Wm., horse shoes, Washington (W P) 
Davis Wm., tavern, Washington (W P) 
Davis Wm., macht. Woodbine bel Federal 
Davis Wm., lab. 27 Bedford bel 13th 
Davis Wm., lab. 8 Pine st. (S) 
Davis Wm., weaver, rear 399 Shippen 
Davis Wm., carp. 227 N 7th bel Brown 
Davis Wm., lab. Hu.ston (R) 
Davis Wm., blacksm. Warren bel Maiy (W P) 
Davis Wm., lab. Scott's court 
Davis Wm., engineer, 68 Moyamensing road 
Davis Wm., shoemr. 27 Combe's al 
Davis Wm., macht. rear Wallace W Coates 
Davis Wm., tailor, 59 N 3d 
Davis Wm., waiter, 6 Bedford al 
DAVIS WM. A., M. D., 140 Race, h 430 Coates 
Davis Wm. B.,, 148 Race 
Davis Wm. H., corder, Rawle 
Davis Wm. H., harnessmr. Goodbread pi 
Davis Wm. H., lamps and oil, N E4th &, Cherry 
Davis Wm. J., tobacconist, 4 N 12th 
Davis Wm. M., .sugar refiner, 27 Church al 
Davis Wm. M., hotel, Lewis and Girard av 

Davis Wm. M., carp. 373 S 10th, shop Shippen 

ab 8th Wm. P., lawyer, 210 S 4th 
Davison Alex., sailmr. Saranack ab 2d 
Davison H., trimmings, 280 Fitzwater 
Davison Edw., sackmr. 49 N Front, h Master ab 

Davison George, weaver, Fulton 
Davison Gilbert S., musical inst, 340 N 2d 
Davison Isaac, rigger, 102 Swanson 
Davison James, weaver. Wood ab F road 
Davison John, sailor, rear 372 S 3d 
Davison Saml., cordw. 191 Washington 
Davison S., china, 173 Sp Garden 
Davison Theo., acct. 181 Market 
Davison Wm., weaver, 18th bel Shippen 
Davison Wm., hotel, 278 R road 
Davison Wm., carter, Haydock ab Front 
Davisson Chai-les, acct. Catharine bel 6th 
Davy Eliza, b h, 427 Chestnut 
Davy John, hardware, 13th and Girard av 
Daw John H., carp. Spragg's av 
Daw Wm. A., capt. 122 N Front 
Dawdon Jos., butcher. Perry ab Jefferson (K) 
Dawes Charles S., Girard av ab Sch 4th 
Dawes J. C, druggist, N W 11th and Locust 
Dawson Albert, weaver, Hanover ab F road 
Dawson Daniel, moulder, Hope n Otter (K) 
DAWSON & HANCOCK, mers. 52 S Front 
Dawson Jacob, confect. 186 S 6th 
Dawson James, painter, 5 Madison 
Dawson James V.. whiprpr. Front and Haydock 
Dawson Job, dry goods, 208 S 2d 
Dawson John, dyer. Mechanic bel Franklin (K) 
Daw.son Jno. C., book keeper, 55 Chestnut 
Dawson Josiah, 318 Arch 
Dawson M. L.,gent. lOth and Filbert, h Spruce 

ab Broad 
Dawson Paul, tailor. Hatter's ct 
Dawson Simon, sadler, 17 Citron 
Dawson Stephen, lab. Queen ab Gunner's R^w 
Dawson Thomas, cordw. 39 Charles 
Dawson T. R., clerk, 147 Market 
Dawson Wm., lab. rear 13th ab Federal 
Dawson Wm., carp. 21 Coombs' al, h 325 N lOth 
Day Aaron R., 99 Arch, h 404 Green 
DAY Alfred', navy ag't,24 Pear, h 57 Almond 
Day Anna Maria, grocer, N W 10th and Poplar 
Day B. Franklin,mer. 5 Church al,h 269 Coates 
Day Casper, pedler, 83 Shippen 
Day Chas., carpt. Hanover ab F avenue 
Day Chas., flour, &c. Queen bel Hanover, house 

Day Chas., tailor and clothier, 291 N 2d 
Day Conrad B., salesman, 28^, N 3d, h Queen 

above Vienna 
Day Edward, cordw. 20J Race 
Day Elizabeth, laundress, 29 Barclay 
Day George, tailor, 125 Vine, h 49 Wood 
Day George, carp., Hanover below F avenue 
Day Geo. W., mer. 5 Church al, h 612 Arch 
Day Henry M., mer. 115 Chestnut, h 656 Wood 
Day Jacob, carpt. Hanover bel F avenue 
Day Jacob H., carp. 251 Queen 
Day Jane, 282 S 2d 

Day Jane Mrs., Lancaster Pike ab 6th (W F) 
Day John, tavern, N E Small and Bojce 
Day Joseph, ship carpenter, 45 Chiistian 




Day Joseph R., ship carpenter, F road and Otter 

Day Mary, b h, 385 N 4th 

Day Mary Ann, shoe binder, rear 20 Og-den 

Day Matthew, dealer, 123 Garden 

Day Michael, weaver, Jefferson n Washington 

Day Michael, g-ent. Marlboroug'h ab Queen (K) 

Day N. B. & Co., hatters, S E 6th and Market, h 

Garden bel Buttonwood 
Day Peter, baker, 154 Queen (K) 
Day Robert, lab. 18 Burd's ct 
DAY & SEVENING, importers, 5 Church al 
Day S} Ivester, book keeper, 5 Church al 
Days. M. comb & var. store, 10N4th,h-127Arch 
Day Wm., cordw. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Day & Wrig'ht, marble yard, Queen n Hanover 
Dayly Lawrence, cordwainer, Buchell court 
Days Elijah, gratemaker, 7 Providence coui"t 
Dajlon Hiram, cordwainer, 9 Lewis 
Dajton Joseph, seg-armaker, Allen & Hanover 
Deacon Ann, bonnet maker, 18th above South 
Deacon Edm'd, publish. 66 S 3d, h 6th ab Green 
Deacon Geo., waterman. Union ab Franklin (K) 
DEACON ISRAEL R., coal mer. 18Wahiut,yd 

9th ab Poplar, h 676 N 11th 
Deacon Mary, b h, 486 N 6th 
Deacon Neal, brickmr. Cooper n 20th 
Deacon John C, blacksmith, 180 Marlboroug'h 
DEACON & PETERSON, publishers Saturday 

Evening- Post, 66 S 3d 
Desicon Thomas, captain, 108 Morlborough 
Deacon Wm. K., hotel, 158 .N 8th 
Deahar Hiram, dealer, 131 St. John 
Deal Alfred, clerk post office 
Deal Chas., teller Manuf. & Mechanics' Bank,h 

22 Palmyra square 
Deal Cha-s., p'ap. dealer, 12 N 5th, h 440 N 6th 
Deal Chas. H., ship carp. 125 Randolph 
Deal Daniel, mer., S W 6 & High, h 169 N 6th 
Deal Daniel, butcher, 108 Broad - 
Deal Elizabeth, Amber above Phoenix (K) 
D»al Fred., rag- g-ath. Cadwalader above Mont 

g-omery (K) 
Deal Georg-e, bootmaker, 4 Hig-ht's court 
Deal George, blacksmith, 473 N 9th 
Deal George, jr., clerk, 31^ N 3d 
Deal & Goshline, tailors, 93 N 8th 
Deal Jacob, butcher, G T road and Columbia (K) 
Deal Jane V., Allen above Shackamaxon (K) 
Deal John, stone cutter, rear 95 York aveime 
Deal John, caiter. Rye and Wharton 
Deal John, waiter, 52 Mechanic 
DEAL JOHN F., baker, 184 Race 
Deal John F., morocco finisher. Alder ab Poplar 
Deal Joseph, burnisher, Oxford bel Howard (K) 
Deal Muiiin, weaver. Ridge av above Francis 
Deal Michael, tanner, 376 St. John (K) 
Deal Michael, carter, M road above Wharton 
Deal, Milligan & Co., dry goods, S W 6th and 

Deal Reuben, PerrA" and Clair 
Deal Rulof , dealer,' 198 Shippcn 
Deal Sam. B., keeper Penitentiarj', 1 Trinity pi 
Deal Wm., N 5tli above Brown 
Deal Wm., brass finisher, Hope n Phoenix 
Deal AVillium, police, 70 Olive 
Deal William, police officer, 70 Olive 
Deal William K., clerk, 234 S Juniper 
Deal Wm. V., tailor, 93 N 8lh 

Dealy James, shoe findings and tools, 18 P road 
Deaman John, shop, 53 Charlotte 
Deamer Jacob, gardener, Palmer n F road 
Deamer Harriet, 791 N 11th 
Deamer Henry, saddler, 523 Market 
Dean Benj., weaver, Jackson below Palmer 
Dean Chas., blacksmith, 84 Penn, h 90 Penn 
Dean Charles A., confectioner, 53 Coates 
Dean Chas. W., clerk, 95 Market 
Dean Daniel, coachmaker. Melon bel 13th 
Dean Godfrey, tobacconist, 9th ab Carpenter 
Dean Hannah, nurse, 2d below Greenwich 
Dean Henry, calico print. Callowhill n 20th 
Dean James, 722 Pine 
Dean John, police. Quince n Lombard 
Dean John, carpet weav. Hanover ab F road 
Dean John D., clerk, 218 N 15th 
Dean Leonard W., driver, 29 Beaver (K) 
Dean Martin, saw grinder, Benton n School (K) 
Dean Moses, coachmaker, rear 10 Little Pine 
Dean Peter, gas works. Winter W 21st 
Dean Thoma.s, carter, 350 Fitzwater 
Dean Thomas, weaver, 9th and Marriott 
Dean Thomas, salesman, 213 Market 
Dean William, lab. Master above 7th 
DEAN WILLIAM F., att'y and coun. 42 Wal- 
nut, h Chestnut below Park (W P) 
Deaner H., stone mason, Vienna below Duke 
Deanes T., carp. Vienna below Duke 
Deanes William, blacksm. Vienna bel Duke 
Deany Alexander, lab. Palm (R) 
Deany Chas., lab. 103 Marriott 
Deany Daniel, painter, Mui-ray W 20th 
Deany James, lab. Ann below Larch (R) 
Deany John, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Deany John, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Dearinger Henry, tailor, 162 Lewis 
Dearie James, restaurant, 132 Market, h Callow- 
hill above 18th 
Dearie Jame-s, carter, Oxford bel Broad 
Dearie John, Callowhill bel 21st 
Dearie Thomas, carp. 116 Barker 
Dearing James, seaman,*9 Beck 
Dearmond Eliza, trimmings, 222 Callowhill 
Derrr Hen., segarmr. 48 S Del av, h 192 St. John 
Deas Catharine, widow of Geo., 30 Duke 
Deas Elizabeth, 27 Marlboro' above Queen 
DEAS JAMES H., warm air furnaces, &c., 270 

Arch, h 8th and Coates 
Deas Wm., macht. Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Deaton Wm., lab. rear Bedford bel Broad 
Deaver Sarah, bucks., rear Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Deaves Isaac, stone mason, Mervine ab Oxford 
Deaves Margt., Orange above Wallace 
Deavor Saml., watchman, Spruce and 22d 
Deary E.," Jefft-rson above Ridge avenue 
I)e Aiigeli J., 20 N 12th 
I)c Harry John, mer. 70 Market, h 110 S 8th 
l)e BaufreWm., Henderson House, 92 W Market 
Debebreer Moses, wireworker, 143 S Juniper 
Debedy John, waiter, 6 Pleasant avenue 
De Bender Samuel, oysterman, Bickham'sct 
De Berger Adolph, carp, rear 320 S 6th 
De Beust Chas. W., chairmaker, N W 10th and 

Walnut, house 44 Perry 
De Beust Hannah, 176 S ll'th 
De Beust John, painter, 60 George 
Debibgen Chas., carter, Thompson below 16th 




Debillser Chas., carter, Thompson below 16th 
Debinder Geo., gunsmith, 3d above Wharton 
Debinder George, gunsmith, 337 South 
Debinder J., pap. hang. Wahiut bel Margaretta 
De Boer Henry, dealer, 54 George 
De Boos James, dry goods, 10th above Coates 
Debozear A. M., trimmings, 54 N 8th 
Debozear Lewis, brass & bell founder, 7 Bread, 

house 15th and Poplar 
Debrot John, clerk, 147 Market 
De Bruin, Abraham, dealer, 227 Shippen 
De Calb John S., clothing, 263 St. John 
Decan Peter A., ship master, 356 S 4th 
Decan Robert R., captain, 165 S 9th 
Decatur John, coach trimmer, 16th above Race 
De Charms Richard, Rev., 17th n Ann 
Decker Ann, hotel, Prime below Arsenal 
Decker James, cabinetmaker, 331 S 4th 
Decker John, tinsmith, 220 Callowhill 
Decker John, hair dresser, 345 N Front 
Decker P I., Mrs., ;i7th below Arch 
Decker S., furniture, 200 Shippen 
DECKERT ELIJAH, real estate broker, 89 S 

5th, h William and Pine (W P) 
Deckhart George, victualler, Wharton bel 7th 

Dccklyne A. 414 N Front 

Decklyne G. W. 414 N Front 

Decklyne Theo., ship chand. 40 Washington av 
Decklyne Thos., pump maker, 414 N Front 
De Costa David, 179 N 10th 
DECOU ROBERT, clothing, 141 Chestnut, h 

265 Callowhill 
Decou Wm., mer. 13 N Water, h 222 N 4th 
Decoumb John, bookfoldcr, 278 N 10th 
De Coursey Jacob, cordwainer 348 N 2d 
De Coursey John, cordwainer, rear 27 Ogden 

goods, 149 Market 
De Coursey Saml. W., mer. 149 Market, h 619 

De Coursey Thomas, tailor, 568 N 2d 
De Crouzet Henry, wines & liquor, 10 Pear 
De Cuesta L., 547 Walnut 
Dedaker Catherine, 2 Dedaker's court 
Dedaker Eliza, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Dedaker Valentine, bricklr. Franklin ab Palmer 
Dedrick Hannah, Mechanic above George 
Dedwiler Henry, blacksmith, Raili-oad court 
Deeds Martin, butcher, 112 Myrtle 
Deegan Michael, laborer, 9 Coombe's alley 
Deegan Patk., carter, Franklin bel Parrish 
Deegan Simon, laborer, Swarthniore place 
Deegan Thomas, laborer, 9 Coombe's alley 
Deemer James A., patent medicines, 246 Vine 
Deemer Peter, tavern 413 Front 
DEERY CHAS., tavern, S E 7th and Fitzwater 
Deery Francis P., carp. 11th below Master 
Deery James T., cai-p. 11th below Master 
Deery John, carp. 11th below Master 
Deere Margaret, sempstress, 161 Howard (K) 
Deery Thomas, carpenter, 116 Barker 
Deets Mai y, butcher, 14 Magnolia 
Defeiber William, capmaker, 301 Callowhill 
Deffenbosp Julius, lamp maker, 6 Charles pi 
Deford Richard, shoemaker, 88 German 
Defrades Joacjuin, waterman, 145 New Market 
Defrain & Maguire, pattern mrs. 206^ N 5th 
Defreitas Sarah, 558 S Front 

Degan Daniel, laborer, Lehigh n Canal (R) 
Degan Edward, laborer, Shippen above 8th 
Degan Emily, dressmaker, 219 S 5th 
Degan F., tavern, Passyunk road ab Marriott 
Degan James, cordw. Clinton ab Girard avenue 
Degan John, cooper, P road above Carpenter 
Degard John, printer, California place 
Deginther Michael, cabinetmaker, 284 Chestnut, 

h 70 George 
Degitz Daniel, tailor, 172 Adams (K) 
Degitz George, tailor, 176 Adams (K) 
Degner Francis, lab, Fisher ab Huntingdon (R) 
Degnin John, weavei, 855 N 4th 
De Gourgent Joseph, tavern. Federal 
De Grasse Peter C, cooper, rear 362 S 3d 
De Grasse, printer, 28 Jane 
De Grote Elisha, ship carp. Lemon & Pepper (R) 
De Grote GaiTett H., cordw. Pai-rish bel gOth 
De Grote James, vai-nisher, 8th ab Carpenter 
De Hann Louis, tailor, 68 South 
De Hann Louis A., clothing, S E 6th and South 
De Hann Sarah, Milton above 10th 
De Hann Solomon, dealer, 224 Shippen 
Dehaven Abrm. R., shoes, 132 and 134 N 8th 
DehavenCh. E., mer. 185 Market,h Arch W 18th 
Dehaven George, Montgomery n Front 
Dehaven Geo., Jr., clerk, Montgomery bel Front 
Dehaven Geo. W., tobacconist, Poplar bel 8th 
Dehaven Holsteln, gent. 153 N 11th 
Dehaven H., teller Phil Bank, h 324 N 12th 
Dehaven Jacob B., coal deal. Front Si Harrison, 

h Oxford ab F road 
Dehaven John, machinist, Oxford ab F road 
Dehaven John R., carp. School ab Rose 
Dehaven J. Z., mer. 279 Market, h 165 Wallace 
Dehaven Mary, washer, 10 Reeve 
Dehaven Mich., bricklr. Barker E 18th 
Dehaven Wm., vict. Wood bel 21st 
Dehaven & Young-, tavern, Pratt and William 
De Haviland J. V. S., atty. & coun. 205 Spruce 
Dehuhardtz George, weaver, 205 Franklin (K) 
Dehuhaj-dtz Jacob, cordw. 205 Franklin (K) 
Deighan John, tavern, 23d and Spruce 
Deighton James S., painter, 9 Ciistle 
Deiiy Peter, glass blower, 489 Queen (K) 
Deily Philip P., machinist, Maiden bel Front, 

h 561 N Front 
Deim George, driver, 6 Warner's ct 
Deimer Catharine, tavern, 488 N 4th 
Deimer John George, 172 Beach (K) 
Deimer Mary Ann, Cherry bel Duke 
Deimer Peter, tavern, 413 N Front 
Deimling John C, 32 York av 
Deimling Mary, 35 Wood 
Deininger John H., shoes, &c., 48 Beach (K) 
Deishoth Jacob, capmr. 166 P'ranklin (K) 
Deitsenberg Henry, lab. 18 Lilly al 
Deity James, china, 512 Coates 
Deitz Chas, brushmr. 148 Diamond (K) 
Deitz C. B., grocer, 57 Coates 
Deitz George, turner, 9 Dillwyn 
Deitz Henry, tobacconist, 394 N Front 
Deitz Henry, lab. 394 N Front 
Deitz John, lab 6th ab Camac 
Deitz Joseph, artist, 519 Beaver 
Deitz Lawrence, ostler, Girard av ab R road 
Deitz M. A. C, 67 Locust 
Deitz Peter, cooper, 33 Union 




Deitz Wm., plumber, 478 S 6th 

Deklyne William H., pump and blc/ckmr. 53 

Deklyne Wm. W., blockmr. 22 N Del av, h 640 

De' La Cova Victor, stock broker, 95 J Walnut, 

h 93 Pine 
Delacroix C. J., prof, of languages, 31 Filbert 
Delacroix Joseph, acct. 14 Chestnut, house 221 

S 9th 
Delacroix Lewis F., mer. 122 S Front, h 159 

DE LACEY JOHN, M. D., 220 S 4th 
Delate Peter, tailor, 210 Spruce 
De Laguna A. De L., prof, of languages, S E 

8th and Chestnut 
Delaney Daniel, 18th ab Lombard 
Delaney Edward, carver, 72 Ogden 
Delaney Samuel, shoemr. 4 Quarry 
Delaney Samuel, weaver, Carpenter ab g^th 
Delaney Wm., accountant^ 196 Market 
Delano Marie Miss, 8 Citron 
Delany Chas., surveyor, 43 Queen (K) 
Delany H., blacksm. Allen &, Hanover, h Queen 

ab Shackamaxon 
Delany James, carter, 10th bel Jefferson 
Delany James, carp. 89 Race 
Delany John, gilder, 6 Jacoby 
Delany John, miller. Master bel 8th 
Delany John, weaver, Oxford n Mifflin 
Delany John, weaver, 846 N 2d 
Delany John, painter, 20 Quince 
Delany John, lab. Clay n Sch Beach 
Delanv Joshua, lab. Carroll's ct 
Delany J., bootmr. (W P) 
Delany Martin, lab. Ward's Retreat 
Delany Mich., weaver. South bel 18th 
Delany Mich., lab. rear Washington ab 8th 
Delany Patrick, carter, James ab 7th 
Delany Patrick, lab. Mannott ab 4th 
Delany Patrick J., tailor, 14th ab Locust 
Delany Thoma.s, cordw. James n 8th 
Delany Thos. M., bookkeeper, 43 Queen (K) 
Delany Turner, engraver, Market n 20th 
Delany Wm., constable, 21 Gaskill 
Delany Wm., clerk, 311 Master 
Delanv Wm., lab. 9 Spafford 
Delap"j. H., silvcrsmitli, 71 S 2d, h 264 N 5th 
Delasalle j!idith, dressmr. 150 S 10th 
Delattre Heniy, artist, 69 Locust 
Delavau John, brushmr. 81 Tammany 
Delavau Joseph, tobacconist, 162 S 6th 
Delavau J. W. S., druggist, 6th &. Wood 
Delavau Wm., cordw. 7 Dewitt's ct (K) 
Delavaux Wm., cordw. Bradv's ct 

9 & 10 Merchants' Exchang-c 
Delbcrt Simon, chandler. Market W 23d 
Delcambre Alexander, hatter, 9 Pascal 
Delcamp Thomiis F., bookkeeper, 91 N 3d 
ye Leon A. J. ('., wines &, liquors, 15 Walnut, 

h 274 N nth 
Deles Alexander, grocer, 220 F road 
Delestatius Alfred^ 13th & Cherry, h 273 Cherrj' 
Delherb Francis, bootmr. 38 Plum 
DelLssaSaml., sliirt manuf 109 N 3d, h 55Race 
Dell Joscpli J., clothing, 154 N 3d, house 128 


Dell Joseph S., mer. 128 Callowhill 
Delleker Geo. F., U. S. Mint, 18th ab George 
Delleker W. J., notary pub. & ship brok. 128 

Chestnut, h 386 Arch 
Dellemaker John, bookbinder, Washington ab 

Logan (W P) 
Dellow George, hatter, 2 N E av 
Delong Andrew, founder, 486 Coates 
Delong Daniel, founder, 486 Coates 
Delong David, clerk, 486 Coates 
Delp John, gas fitter, 2 Preston 
Delp Josiah M., carp. Centre ab Brown 
Delp Mrs. H., b h, N W 7th & Callowhill 
Delp Wm., shoemr. West and Hewson 
Delury John, umbrellamr. 3 M'Leod's pi 
Deman John A., carp. 62 Mead 
Demas Lewis, blacksm. 103 Apple 
Demby Andrew P., 10 Liberty ct 
Demellow John, shoemr. Spragg av 
Demlze James, lab. 22 St Mary 
Demme Charles H., clerk, 41 N 4th 
Demme C. R. Rev., D. D., 41 N 4th 
Demme G., butcher, Spragg's av 
Demery Thomas, weaver, Wagner's al 
Demery Wm., R av bel Buttonwood 
Demorest M. W., fancy store, 77 N 8th 
Demott E., bricklayer, Girard av ab 19th 
Dempsey George, lab. rear 491 S 2d 
Dempsey James, coachman, 7 Prosperous al 
Dempsey James, vict. 11th ab Jefferson 
Dempsey John, cordw. 144 F road 
Dempsey John, cordw. 14 P road 
Dempsev Jolm, brewer, F road ab Otter (K) 
Dempsey John, lab. 326 S 7th 
Dempsey J. K., seaman, 102 Wharton 
Dempsey Lydia, b h, 73 N 8th 
Dempsey Robert, lab. N E 13th 8c Shippen 
Dempsey Wm., cordw. Wistar's ct (K) 
Dempster Henrv, printer, 155 N 18th 
Dempster R., plasterer, 103 Melon 
Demuth John, mer. h 77 Wood 
Demuth John, salesman, 90 N 3d, h 70 Wood 
Denart Christian, cordw. Adelpliia al 
Denby James, saloon, Callowhill ab Nixon 
Denby Wm., actor, 6 Richards 
Denby Wm., lab. rear 306 Shippen 
Denckla A. H.,mer. 33 Commerce, h Arch and 

Denckla Charles R., clerk, 33 Commerce 
Denckla C. P., salesman, 33 Commerce 
Denckla Henry J., grocer, N W 11th & Market 
Denckla H. Albert, mer. N E Front & Chestnut 
Denckla Mrs., wid. of A. H., Juniper and Arch 
DENCKLA & PARKER, grocers, NW 11th & 

Denckla Paul, 2 N nth 
Dencgre Joseph, carpenter 16 Lybrand, h 138 

N Juniper 
Denegree Joseph, arch. Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Denell Julius, dentist, 165 Apple 
Denham Francis, 101 Cherry 
Denier Elizabeth, F road bel Bedford (K) 
Denight Samuel, ship join. 1 (iunncr bel Queen 
Denis Francis, cooper, 3 Jenney's row 
Denis N. F. H., chem. lab. Vine n 16th, house 

3 Logan scj 
Denlap J., seminary, 264 N 5th 
Denman Jas. W., sewing mach. 20 Chancellor 




Denn Joseph, brickl. Washington bel Diamond 
Denn Wm., cordw. Seubert's av (K) 
Dennan John P., caulker, 62 Mead 
Dennan Lewis R., cabtmr. 7 Scott's ct 
Dennen John, lab. Lehigh bel Richmond (R) 
Dennenhower Charles, paper str. Sycamore bel 

Denner David, butcher. Front bel Master 
Denney John, baker, Austin n 10th 
Denney Miles, carp. 170 S Front 
Denney Thomas, wheelwr. 1125 N 5th 
Denney Thomas W., paper hang-er, 557 N 4th 
Denney Wm., locksmith, 3 Fetter's la 
Denney Wm., carp. Baker bet 17th and 18th, 

h 17th bel Market 
Dennin Dennis, grocer, Lancaster Pike below 

Dennin Thomas, lab. Lehig-h (R) 
Dennin Wm., lah. Lehig-h (R) 
Denning Isaac W., shovelmr. Court al Bi'own 

bel Front 
Denning James, lab. Carlton ab 19th 
Denning John, distiller, 23d bel Chestnut 
Denning Robert, cabtmr. Parrish ab 8th 
Denning S., tobacconist, 264 N 3d 
Dennington John, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Dennis Albert, carp. 266 S 11th 
Dennis John M., Rev., Cherry n West (K) 
Dennis Littleton, lab. Marriott's la 
Dennis Rebecca, 381 Noble 
Dennis Robert, engineer and trimmings, Ridge 

bel Francis (F V) 
Dennis Samuel J., shoemr. Sears ab 6th 
Dennis Sarah E., 103 Swanson 
Dennis Theo. H., ladies' shoemr. 15 Nagle 
Dennis Wash., huckster, 206 Lombard 
Dennis Wm. H., oil factory. Christian bel 7th, 

h 369 S 3d 
Dennis Wm. L., atty. & coun. 55 S 5th 
Dennison Benj. C, printer, 20 Coates al 
DENNISON EDWARD F., actuary Art U., 210 

Chestnut, h 525 N 8th 
Dennison James, shoemr. rear 400 S 5th 
Dennison Ruth Ann, 824 R av 
Dennisson Andw., grocer, N W 10th and Race 
Denniston E. E., clerk, 138 Mai-ket 
Denny Charles A., leather and shoe findings, 

654 N 2d 
Denny C. A., mer. 34 S Front 
Denny Evan, lab. Jarvis la ab 2d 
Denny James, tailor. South ab 12th 
Denny James, waterman, 2 Concord 
Denny Joseph, melter, 65 S 2d 
Denny Mary, Hanover ab West (K) 
Denny Patrick, printer, Federal ab 5th 
Denny Robert, carter, 34 Burd's ct 
Denny Robert, harness, 50 Dock, h Walnutbel 

William (W P) 
Denny Thomas, wheclw. Apple and Diamond 
Denny Wm., iron chests, 144 N 2d 
Dcno Daniel, brick yard, 933 G T road 
Dtno Henry, ropemr. Norris bel Hancock 
Deno James, bricknu*. Dauphin n Coral (K) 
Deno Mary J., Dauphin n Coral (K) 
Dent Wm., lab. Parker bel Adams (K) 
Dentler John, tailor, 1185 N 5th 
Denvir James, cordw. 9 Flower 
Denvir Richard, tailor, M'Manemy's ct 

Denz Joseph, jeweler, Steinmetz ct 

D'Ouville A., prof. Fr. language, 315 Walnut 

Depart John, basketmr. 438 N 3d 

Depau Francis A., agent, 20, h 242 Walnut 

Depee Nathaniel W., tailor, 334 South 

Deperven Henry, undertaker, 497 Poplar 

De Pestre, Mrs., Pine ab Broad 

Depew Wm., clerk, 369 Noble 

De Pew Wm. R., clerk, 13 N Del av, h 369 

Depoe David, 279 N 11th 
Depoe Hannah, 17 Mark's la 
Deppee Charles, baker, 7th & L Washington 
Deppee John, tobacconist, 7th & L Washington 
Deppen Michael, segarmr. 93 Callowhill 
De Prefontaine Joseph, tailor, 120 Chestnut 
De Putron John, bootmr. 494 S 4th 
DEPUY JONATHAN V., dry goods, 48 N 8th 
DEPUY J. STEWART, carpets, 223 N 2d, h 

191 Coates 
Depuy Watson, carpets, 136 Spring Garden 
Derborrow Wm., carp. 750 Wood 
Derbyshire A. J., mer. 33 N Del av, h 19 New 
Derbyshii'e A. J. & Co., com. mer. 33 N Del av 

& 65 N Water 
Derbyshire F., butcher, Cumberland av 'ab F 

Derbyshire Fran., bricklr. Montgomery n Front 
Derbyshire George, spinner, 2d ab Oxford 
Derbyshire George, ship cai'p. Cherry bel F av 
Derbyshire Henry, butcher, 943 N 2d 
Derbyshire H., tav. F road ab Queen (K) 
Derbyshire James, dealer, Franklin ab Front 
Derbyshire John, mer. 65 N Water, h 19 New 
Derbyshire Joseph, butcher, York n Tulip (R) 
Derbyshire M. J., milliner, Franklin ab Front 
Derbyshire Wm., sen., dyer, 407 Apple ab Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Derbyshire Wm., jr., dyer, Franklin n Crown 
Dercum Ernest,music, 116 N 4th 
Derfler John, cordw. 123 Swanson 
Derham Elijah, clerk, 13 Brook 
Derham James, grocer, N W St Mary & 7th 
Derham John, lab. 17 Cai-ver 
Derham Michael, baker, Callowhill bel 21st 
Derhing James, seaman. Christian ct 
Deringer Calhoim M., Sec. Board Wardens, 31 

Walnut, h 487 N 5th 
Deringer Henry, rifle and pistol manuf. h 370 

N Front 
Deringer John, machinist, Carlton ab 12th 
Dering-er T. T., clerk, 11 Green 
Derringer Henry, tailor, Lewis ab Thompson 
Derringer Philip J., tailor, 341 St John (K) 
Derouse George, boot crimper, 4 Lombard ct 
Derr Albert, stone cutter. Carleton ab 19th 
Derr Alex., tailor, 8 Mayland 
Derr Elias, carp. Eldridge pi 
Derr George L., tax collector, 465 N 5th 
Derr John, tinman, rear G T road opp. 4tli 
Derr John, cordw. Dillwyn bel Noble 
Derr John, 374 Coates 
Derr John, tobacconist, Coates ab 6th 
Derr John, carter, Thompson bel Apple (K) 
Derr Michael, lab. Phoenix ab F road (K) 
Derr Robert, paver, 26 Fulton 
Derr Wm., fisherman, Dyott's ct 
Derr Wm., grocer, 749 N 10th 




Derrick Christopher, locksm. Lafayette pi bel 

Derrick Wm., cabinetmr. 544 S Front 
Derrick Wm. W., provision, 2 Marion, h 544 

S Front 
Derrickinson W. R., capt. 440 S Front 
Dericks Rudolph, cabinetmr. 165 Coates 
Derrickson Nathaniel, lab. 12 York la 
Derrickson John W., salesman, 54 Market 
Derrickson Samuel, clerk, 364 S 4th 
Derrickson Samuel, U S Mint, 15 Dugan 
Den-ickson Samuel B., mer. 93 Market, h 298 

Derrickson Samuel V., combmr. Myrtle bel 13th 
Derrickson Thomas W., U S Mint, Clair 
Derry Charles C, hair dresser, South ab Broad 
Deny Georg-e, mach't, Warren ab Park (W P) 
Derry Louisa, sempstress, 347 South 
Derry Maria, washer, 6 Lombard row 
Dervin Nichohis, gent. Washington ab Moore 
Derwin Bridget, washer, 17 Prosperous al 
Derwin Eliza, baths, 308 Callowhill 
Desabaye Lewis, paint. Charles bel Buttonwood 
Desabaye Sarali, 319 Callowhill 
Desales Mary, teacher, 19 Prune 
De Sanno Charles, macliinist, Penn bel 13th 
Desauque Charles L., wine mer. 139 N 9th 
Desbordes John, tassels, &c., 144 S 2d 
Deschamp Edward, agent, 322 Richmond (R) 
DESCHAMPS G. J.^B., Omnibus Depot, G T 

road and 6th 
De Schaw James, plasterer, Race bel 21st 
Deschel Barbara, 2d ab Edward 
Deschner Augustus, baker, 50 Penn 
De Schweinitz Edmund, Rev., 74 Race 
Desgranges Leon P., clerk, 147 Market, h 177 

Desgranges .S. A., mer. 147 Market, h 177 S 9th 
Desher Abram, drayman, F road ab Jefferson 
Desher Samuel, drayman, 316 F road 
Desher Samuel, combmr. St John & Canal 
Desher Wm., combmr. rear Schlersman's al 
Deshon Morris, 153 Ogden 
Desilver Charles, mer. 253 Market, h 444 Arch 
Desilver Frank, mer. 73 Chestnut 
Desilver R. Wilson, Treas. Philad. Oil Co., 12 

S Del av, h 111 S 10th 
Desilver & Thomas, tea dealers, 73 Chestnut 
Desmond Charles F., Sec'y Sweet Brier Ice Co 

8 Minor, h Filbert W 20th 
Desmond Daniel, lab. 97 South 
Desmond Humphrey, lab., Oak above Moore 
Desmond James T.,'mcr., Filbert W 20th 
Desmond John, lab., Prosperous al 
Desmond Timothy, porter, 41 Penn 
De Sowza Henry, clerk, 134 Chestnut, h 435 

Desposs Matthew, rigger, rear 52 Shippen 
Dessalet Alexander, cordw., Front ab (Jreen 
Dessakt (Jharle.s, lab., I'almtr bc-1 Diike 
Dcssalot John, grocer, Hanover & West (K) 
Dessart Victor, hatter, 619 N 3d 
Des.sel Peter, match box mr. 460 S 5th 
Destouet J. E., mer. 1 1 Churcli, h 385 Walnut 
Destouct S., mer. 11 (Jiuirch al, h 385 Walnut 
Detennier Hans, sugar baker. Leopard n Ox 

ford (K) 
Detre Christian H., carp. 558 Vine 

Detterer Joseph, tinsm., 8 Larch 
Detterline Henry, weaver, Norris bel Front 
Dettn- Henry F.', 23 S 3d 
DETTRY & MYERS, tavern, 23 S 3d 
Detwiler Benjamin, miller, Vine ab 22d 
Detwiler Elias, carter, Franklin n Ash (R) 
Detwiler Elias, carter, F av ab Wood 
Detwiler Henry, founder, Duke ab Houston 
Detwiler Isaac, 395 Brown 
Detwiler Jacob, miller, 7 Randolph 
Detwiler Martin, Buck Hotel, 130 N 2d 
Detwiler Miles, glass blower, Latimer ab Wood 
Detwiler Rudolph, 1 Bryan's ct 
Detwiller Thomas W., clerk, 100 N 3d 
Detyler Frederick, stovemr. 28 Brown 
Deusch Conrad, cordw., rear 7 Charles 
Deusch Henrj-, cordw. 13 James 
Deutz Adam C, jeweler, 2 Merchant 
Deutz & Winsel, jewelers, 2 Merchant 
Develin Alexander, lab. 19th ab Filbert 
Develin Bernard, lab., Cheny's ct (K) 
Develin Bernard, overseer. Mechanic ab Creek 
Develin Bernard, spooler, Gaffney's av 
Develin & Campbell, eating house, S W 5th & 

Develin Catharine, 535 Christian 
Develin Charles, blacksm. 244 Thompson 
Develin Francis, porter, 7 Mary's ct 
Develin Hugh, weaver, Master n G T road 
Develin James, lab. Charlotte bel Thompson 
Develin Jas., tailor, 3d and Green 
Develin Jas., S W 5th and Market, h 227 S 6th 
Develin Jas., weaver, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Develin Jas., liquors, 261 G T road "~ 

Develin John, police, Church n Canal 
Develin John, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Develin John, weaver, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Develin John, tavern, 298 S 7tli 
Develin John, 7 Weaver's ct 
Develin Lewis, weaver, 3 White's ct 
Develin Mary, sempstress, rear 18 Maria 
Develin Michael, lab., rear 96 Prime 
Develin Michael, lab. 1 Fisher's ct 
Develin Michael, shoemr. 259 S 6th 
Develin Michael, lab. 180 S 4th 
Develin Mich., weav., Catlwalader ab Jefferson 
Develin N., grocer, N E South and 3d 
Develin Patrick, grocer, 13th and Locu-st 
Develin Patrick, weaver, Baker's ct 
Develin Patrick, weaver, 906 N 2d 
Develin Patrick, lab., Mariner ab 13th 
Develin Peter, sailmr., Gaffney's av 
Develin Peter, cordw., Bedford bel Broad 
Develin Thoma.s, weaver. Crown bel Duke 
Deveney Hugh, lab., Graham l)el Green (W P) 
Deveney John, omnibusis, 20th and Pine 
Deveney John, trunkmr. 17th bel Pine 
Devenev Joseph, iron rail manuf 521 Arch, h 

12 Citron 
Deveney William, lab., Lombard n 19th 
Devenney Bridget, 21st l)el Lombard 
Devenney Charles, dealer, 401 S 10th 
Devenney J;is., lab., Brassier 
Devenney John, tav., N W 8lh and Catharine 
Devenney John, brickmr. 104 William 
Devenney Joseph, lab. 12 John's ct 
Devenney Patrick, box nir. 11 Hubb:ud 
Devenney Patrick, carp., Pleasant ab 12tli 




Devenny John, mason, 212 Carpenter 
Devenshire William, boatman, Dorothy W 19th 
Dever Brian, lab. Brown and Anthracite (K) 
Dever James, lab., M'Duffie ab 19th 
Dever Jas., tailor, Redwood ab 3d 
Dever Michael, grocer, 264 Cedar 
Dever Samuel, lab.. Walnut and Sch Beach 
Deverell R. R. & A., tea packers, N E PYont & 

Devereux Edwd., saddler, Carlton n Broad 
DEVEREUX JAMES, mer. 86 S Del. av, h 89 

Devereux John, mer. 79 S Del. av, h 396 Walnut 
Devereux John, porter, 14 Mulberry al 
Devereux Joseph, machinist, Vernon 
Devereux L., clerk. Federal bel 11th 
Devereux Mich., glass bl., Brown ab Lehig-h (R) 
Devereux Michael, glass blower, Vienna above 

Devereux Nicholas, milk, 7th bel Reed 
Devereux Nicholson B., artist. New Atheneum 
Devier James, tailor, 10 Redwood 
Devine Arthur, lab., Clay and Sch Willow 
Devine Bernard, lab. 8 Lombard 
Devine Bernard, 2 Quigg's ct 
Devine Bridget, 16 Dugan 
Devine Charles, hatter, Alleghany House 
Devine Edward, 9 S 7th 
Devine Edward, dealer, Market E 18th 
Devine Edward, carter, Fairview ab 16th 
Devine Francis, weaver. Poplar 
Devine Hen., fisherman, Franklin ab Wood (K) 
Devine Hugh, painter, Richard n 17th 
Devine Hugh, grocer. Middle al 
Devine James, grocer, 125 S 8th 
Devine James, painter, Lombard E 18th 
Devine James, moulder, L Washington n 7th 
Devine James, lab., Ann bel Larch (R) 
Devine James, lab., 2 Baker 
Devine James, painter, rear Fulton 
Devine James, lab., 134 Plum 
Devine Jas., weaver. Mariner ab 13th 
Devine James, lab., Essex bel Christian 
Devine John, drayman, 7 Lawrence 
Devine John, lab. 7th bel Marriott's la 
Devine John, grocer, S W 15th and Market 
Devine John, lab., Penn bel 12th (S G) 
Devine John, tailor, 45 Harrison 
Devine John, oysters, 385 South 
Devine John, lab., Brown bel Elm (R) 
Devine John, lab., 11th ab Fitzwater 
Devine John, tailor, 158 Phoenix (K) 
Devine Marg, shop, 139 Marriot 
Devine Mark, flour store, N E 2d and Green, h 

273 N 4th 
DEVINE MARK & CO., N E 2d and Green 
Devine Owen, gas inspector, 22 Wilcox 
Devine Patrick, shoemr. 278 South 
Devine Patrick, lab. 137 Locust 
Devine Patrick, trunkmr., Carlton ab 19th 
Devine Patrick, lab., Fisher ab Emory (K) 
Devine Patrick, tailor, Burton n 15th 
Devine Patrick, lab., Salmon ab William (R) 
Devine Patrick, lab., Mervine ab Oxford 
Devine Peter, lab.. Mariner ab 13th 
Devine Philip, S W 10th and Christian 
Devine Philip, carter, Christian ab 17th 
Devine Quinton, 324 S 3d 

Devine Thomas, confect. 188 N 2d 
Devine William, tnmkmr. 372 S 13th 
Devine William, lab. 200 N 17th 
Devine William, lab., rear Baker bel 8th 
Devinny C, carp., Hamilton and 22d 
Devinny George, chairmr., Oxford bel Front (K) 
Devinny John, dealer, Margaretta 
Devinny Mahala, tav., Front and Montgomery 
Devir Edward, clothing, 189 S 2d 
Devits H. B., botanic med.. Poplar bel Marshall 
Devitt Charles, dry goods, 2d and Queen 
Devitt John, hardware, 397 S 2d 
Devitt J. E., clerk, 41 S 2d, h 215 Catharine 
Devitt Sarah, Tilton bel Emery (R) 
Devitt Terrence J., baker, 75 Fitzwater 
Devitt William, carp., Rentshler 
Devlin Archibald, tavern, Cadwalader & Master 
Devlin Barney, lab., Steam Mill al 
Devlin Bernard, winder, Cadwalader ab Master 
Devlin Bernard, shoemr., 10th and Nectarine 
Devlin Bernard, lab.. Bridge ab 9th (W P) 
Devlin Catharine, spooler, Thompson ab 3d 
Devlin Charles, book binder, 13 N Clinton 
Devlin Edward, cordw., Washington n Oxford 
Devlin Edward, carter, China row (K) 
Devlin Edward, manuf. 937 N 2d 
Devlin Felix, weaver, M'Atees ct (K) 
Devlin Francis, lab., Kienan's ct 
Devlin Henry, lab.. Clay bel Sch Beach 
Devlin Henry, weaver, Cadwallader bel Ox- 
ford (K) 
Devlin Henry, weaver, rear 307 G T road 
Devlin Hugh, weaver Crown ab Franklin av 
Devlin Hugh, lab., Philip ab Master 
Devlin James, lab. 6 Boyd's av 
Devlin John, lab. 3 Weaver's ct 
Devlin John, lab., Lehigh n Canal (R) 
Devlin John, weaver, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Devlin J. & M., jeweler, 423 N 3d 
Devlin Mark, lab., Duane bel Parrish 
Devlin Mich., weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Devlin Michael, lab.. Federal n 13th 
Devlin Michael, liv. stable, 97 York av 
Devlin Neil, grocer, 214 S 3d 
Devlin Pati-ick, lab., 12 Reed 
Devlin Patrick, salesman, 80 Race 
Devlin Patrick, lab., rear Reed bel Church 
Devlin Patrick, coachman, 132 Locust 
Devlin Peter, lab. 11 Duponceau 
Devlin Peter, ostler, 6 Fisher's ct 
Devlin Peter, lab., China row (K) 
Devlin Peter, letter carrier, Cadwalader bel 

Devlin Richard, 271 N 5th 
Devonshire Engle, 104 Federal] 
Devonshire J. B., Lewis n 20th 
Devor Samuel, watchman, Lombard ab 17th 
Devry Charles C. barber. South ab Broad 
Dew James C, mer. 154 Market, h 61 N 16th 
Dewaele James M 414 N 5th 
Dewald Aaron, clerk, 9& N 3d 
Dewald C, mer. 8 Chestnut, h 268 N Marshall 
Dewald F., 191 St John 
Dewees Abraham, tailor, Shippen bel 10th 
Dewees B. F., salesman, 183 Market, h 4 
Dewees Charles, gilder, M'Maneniy's ct 
Dewees Cornelius, jr., gilder, rear 321 S 3d 
Dewees Elizabeth, dry good.s, 51 N 8th 





Dewees George W., carver and gilder, rear 6 

Dewees Henry, musician, Johnson la ab 4tli 
Dewees Jane, g-entw. 4 Wlstar 
Dewees John, cordw.. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Dewees John, paper box njr. 51 N 2d 
Dewees Peter, lastmr. 31 and h 26 CallowhlU 
Dewees Samuel, shoemr., Washington ab Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Dewees Samuel, lastmr. 20 James, h 1 James 
Dewees William P., carp. 17 Grier's av 
Dewetta William, Moore bel Church 
Dewey Charles, clerk, 375 Pine 
Dewev William, coal mer., Queen st whf, h 1 

N 9th 
Dewmen Marj', dressmr., Washington (W P) 
Dewmen Robert, dressmr., Washington (W P) 
Dewmen Susan, dressmr., Washington (W P) 
Dewolf Hyman, clothing, 169 Shippen 
De Wolf John, teacher, Willings al 
Dewolf Patience K., b h, 173 Wharton 
Dexheimer Jacob, tailor. Vine ab Franklin, h 

Charles ab Noble 
Dexlieimer & Kornbau, tailors, 4 Vine ab Frank- 
Dexter Daniel J., seaman. Little Oak 
Dexter James, confect. 123 N 12th 
Dexter James R., confectioner, N W 11th and 

Dexter Linus W., 582 Coates 
Dexter John, cooper, rear 50 Green 
Dey Eliza, 277 F road 
Dcy Jcscph, millwrt., Poplar bel 13th 
Dey Ralph L., brass finisher, 458 Queen (K) 
Dey Stephen, whitesmith, Washington pi 
Deyer Leon, gent., 327 N 12th 
Deyer Nathan, tailor, 3 Pleasant Retreat 
De Young Isaac, fancy goods, 215 Chestnut, h 

145 N 7th 
De Young Joseph, fancy good.s, 215 Chestnut 
De Young, port, paint. 107 Walnut 
De Young M. H., mer. 7 Gold, h 15th ab Lom- 

De Young Philip, M. D., 109 Callowhill 
De Young Theodore, distiller, Logan ab Green 
Dialogue' Henry, 24 E Nortii 
Dialogue John, china ware, 292 N 2d, h 433 

N 5th 
DIALOGUE & SERRILL, fire hose manuf. 24 

E North 
Diam.ond Andrew, book .store, 216 S 4th 
Diamond Catharine. 45 Union 
Diamond Frederick, stationer, N W 4th and 

Ch( rry 
Diamond Henry, lab., Hancock bel Master (K) 
Diamond Henry, agent, Hall ab 10th 
Diamond James, packer, 169 Market, h rear 

315 S 6th 
Diana. nd John, distiller, 172 South, h 207 S 4th 
Diamond Matthew, sash mr. 41 S 15th 
Diamond Paul, weaver, Washington ab Master 
Diamond Rhoda, weaver, Washington bel Ox- 
Diamond Richard, weaver, Fc<leral bel 13th 
Dice l);ivid, Alk);liany House 
Dick Charles, tailor, 33 M road 
Dick I). I)., japanner, Wheeler's ct, h 3d bel 

DICK FRANCIS B., Janitor med. dept. Univer- 
sity 9th ab Chestnut 
Dick Fred., Janitor at University 
Dick Jas., salesman, 141 Market, h 613 Poplar 
Dick James, grocer, 2d and Dickerson 
Dick James, weaver, Fitz water bel 13th 
Dick James, weaver, Brassier 
Dick John, seaman, 146 M road 
Dick John, clerk, 35 Perry 
Dick John, dealer, 3 Robertson 
Dick John B., clothing, 450 Market, h 601 S 2d 
Dick Lewis, lampnir, 10 York 
Dick Lewis G., 87 Arch 
Dick M. J., clerk, 87 Arch 
Dick Patrick, paper car. 417 Catharine 
Dick Sarah, Ogden ab 11th 
Dick Thomas, cabman. Corn bel Whai-ton 
Dick Walter B., optician, h 87 Arch 
Dick Wm., clerk, 67 S 4th, h 15th bel Locust 
Hick William, lab., Lombard ab 12th 
Dick William, tailor, rear Square 
Dick Wm., tailor, rear 8 Orchard 
Dickel Amelia, Linden (R) 
Dickel Clu-istian, tailor, 112 Otter (K) 
Dickel George, tailor, 572 N 2d 
Dickel Henry, weaver, 114 Otter 
Dickel Henry, cabtmr. 363 Marshall 
Dickel John, cabmr., rear 159 Marshall 
Dickel John B., hotel, Franklin R and Clear- 
field (R) 
Dickel Louisa, dressmr. 386 N 3d 
Dickel Louisa, cordr. 673 N 2d 
Dickel & Mungan, cabtnirs. 360 N 6th 
Dickens Elias, machinery, 18 Spruce, h 6 Union 
Dickens Mary Jane, trimmings, 7th bel Car- 
Dickens Solomon, paper hanger, 3d bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Dickensheet Anthony, tanner, 120 Charlotte 
Dickenson Mary Mrs., 5th bel Federal 
Dickerman Lemuel, mer. 26 S 4th, h 98 Wash- 
ington (S G) 
Dickerman L. & Co., boots & shoes, 26 S 4th 
Dickerson Abby &. Ellen, dressmrs. 20 Larch 
Dickerson David, paper hang.. Queen & Crown 
Dickinson Edwin, mer., 3 Minor, h 297 Chest- 
Dickinson Elizabeth, scmpsti-ess, Jefferson W 

Dickerson E. W., clerk, 25 S 2d 
Dickerson John, hatter, 2 S 2d, h 50 Union 
Dickerson John, hotel, S W 6th and Master 
Dickerson Joseph, clerk, 588 S 5th 
DICKERSON JOS. R., atty and coun., 74 S 6th 
Dickerson N., tailor, 21 Clark 
Dickerson Warner, tailor, 19 Clark 
Dickerson William, waterman, G R road ab 7th 
DICKERSON WILLIAM K., atty and coun., 74 

S 6th 
Dickes Daniel, carpenter and undertaker, F R 

ab Jefferson (K) 
Dickes Dan. M., carj)., F road ab JefPer.son 
Dickes Isaac, coi-dw., Quien Ik 1 Palmer 
Dickes Peter, dry goods, 85 Queen 
Dickey (^atliarine, saleswoman, 41 S 2d 
Dickey Chas., cabtmr.. Wheat and Keef 
Dickey David, weaver, real- Howard ab Jef- 




Dickey David, shoe find., South ab Shipper) la | Dickson Joseph, clerk, 66 S 2d 

Dickey James, flour and feed, Franklin bel 2d 
Dickej' John, manuf., 179 Howard 
Dickey, Lyle & Dickey, paper wh. 8 Decatur 
Dickey Michael, mer., 166 N 5th 
Dickey Natha'l, weaver, Howai-d bel Jefferson 
Dickey Samuel J., dentist, 31 N 13th 
Dickey Stephen, lab. 18 Jones al (C) 
Dickhart Geo., police, P road ab Federal 
Dickhart Jacob, vict., M road bel Wharton 
Dickinson Abig-ail, 20 Larch 
Dickinson A. C, M. D., 38 N7th 
Dickinson Benj., hosier, 2d ab Chatham (K) 
Dickinson Benj., seaman, 142 Swanson 
Dickinson Charles, flour mer. 404 N Front 
Dickinson Eliza, lab. 4 Jones' ct 
Dickinson Elizabeth Ann, b h, 188 N 13th 
Dickinson Enoch, gate keeper, Lancaster pike 
Dickinson G. D., 406 Poplar 
Dickinson Jesse, N W 9th and Buttonwood 
Dickinson John, printer, 11 Church 
Dickinson John, tailor. Locust bel Park 
DICKINSON JOHN, diamonds, 180 Chestnut 
Dickinson John G., carp.. Federal bel 6th 
Dickinson John N., tailor, 25 Mintzer 
Dickinson Jonat'n, blacksm., Charlotte ab Win- 
Dickinson Mahlon H., bricklr., 534 N Front 
Dickinson Margaret, 152 Marshall 
Dickinson Margaret, 229 Marshall 
Dickinson Martha, flour and feed, G^T road & 

Front, h 534 N Front 
Dickinson Mary, 588 S 5th 
Dickinson Morris, capt.. Locust bel Broad 
Dickinson M. W., M. D., 33 Lombard 
Dickinson Robert, lab. Spruce n 21st 
Dickinson Sarah, dres.smr., St. Joseph's av 
Dickinson Sarah N., gentw., 344 Arch 
Dickinson Theodore C, salesman, 197 Market 
Dlckison Mary, N E Wallace and Logan 
Dicklson Mary E., wid. of John, 508 N 6th 
Dicks Jeremiah, distiller. Vine bel 21st 
Dicks Mary, Church ab Moore 
Dickson A. T., manuf 530 N 3d 
Dickson & Co., brushmrs. 239 Market 
Dickson David, distiller, 38 Master 
Dickson & Edel, carders, Edward n School 
Dickson Edwd., rear Fiztwater bel 13th 
Dickson Elizabeth, gentw. 130 Pine 
Dickson Elizabeth, Chestnut n William 
Dickson F. E., mer. 101 South, h 12 Portico sq 
Dickson Geo., lab. Washington and Till (W P) 
Dickson George, weaver. Wood bel Fi-ont (K) 
Dickson George W., salesman, N W 3d & Arch 
Dickson Graham, tavern, 10th and Lafayette 
Dickson Isaac A., brushmr. 239 Market, 25 N 

8th, h 27 Montgomery 
Dickson James, manuf.. Front ab Dauphin 
Dickson James, beamer, Front n Chatham 
Dickson James, lab., John.ston's la 
Dickson James, lab., Maria bel 4th 
Dickson James N., mer. 152 Market, h Spruce 

ab nth 
Dickson John, ladles' shoes, 502 N 2d 
Dickson John, manuf, Charlotte ab George 
Dickson John, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Dickson John, dentist, F road bel Master 
Dickson John, weaver. Amber n Master 

Dickson Joseph R., Park and Oak 
Dickson J. H. brushmr. 17 Jacoby 
Dickson Levi, mer. 173 Walnut 
Dickson Malinda, washer, 2 Shippen la 
Dickson Richard, clerk, N W Front and Union 
Dickson R. L., teacher writing, 59 S 3d, h 52 

Dickson Samuel, gent. 505 N 5th 
Dickson Samuel, drayman, Duke ab Palmer 
Dickson Susan, 31 Perry 
Dickson Thomas, carder, 578 N 3d 
Dickson Thos. J., brushmr. 66 S 2d, h 390 N 8th 
Dickson William, police, 8 Sch West 
Dickson William, bricklr. 13th bel Lombard 
Dickson William, cordw., F road and Duke 
Dickson William, gent. 175 Catharine 
Dickson William, lab. 8 Sch West 
Dickson William, gardener, 281 S 5th 
Dickson William, weaver, 9 Clymer 
Dickson William, weaver, Oxford bel 2d 
Dickson Wm. H., ship carp., Hanover bel F av 
Dlddleback Henry, turner, 166 Hutchinson 
Didle Christ., cordw., Randolph ab Franklin 
Dldle Christopher, medicine. Alder bel Master 
Dldley George, tailor, rear 136 Apple 
Dledrich Charles, macht., 31 Vine 
Diedrlch M. J., tinsm. 86 Brown 
Dieffenhach Abraham, baker, 33 N 16th 
Dleffenbach Henry, tavern, 38 S 6th 
Dieffenbach P., painter, 487 N 13th 
Diehel Joseph, lab. 19 Mentzer 
Diehl B. B., white washer, Ogden bel 12th 
Diehl Charles F., mer. 34 N 3d, h 340 N 5th 
Diehl Edwin A., mer. 37 Del. av., h 54 I.,ombard 
Diehl Jacob, tailor, 16 Parham 
Diehl Jacob, vict. G T road opp Columbia 
Diehl John, bottler, 99 Fitzwater 

Diehl John, commis. of city prop. 224 Pine 

Diehl John H., Pres. Indept. Mut. Ins. Co. 46 
Walnut, h 722 Pine 

Diehl Thomas, sen., com. mer., N E Front and 
Chestnut, h 23 N 10th 

Diehl Thomas J., atty. at law, 134 S 6th, h 454 

Diehl William, mer. 46 N 2d, b 164 N 5th 

Diehl William, 170 N 5th 

Diehr Philip, silver plater, 10th ab Brown 

Diely Henry, boiler mr.. Maiden bel Front 

Diely Philip, macht.. Front and Haydock 

Diemer Peter, tavern, 87 New Market 

Dlemer & Peterson, grocers, R av and Poplar 

Diener Christian, carter, Hanover bel Duke (K) ' 

Dierkes J. L., tailor, 1 Mulberry al 

Dierlein John, tailor, 172 Market 

Dierliner Barnard, wire worker, reai- 300 N 

Diese E., M. D., 7 Dlllwyn 

Diesh Herman, shocmr. 244 S 3d 

Diesinger Joseph, bootmr. 93 S 5th 

Dieter Christian, tailor, 94 P road 

Dieter George, tailor, Morris n 5th 

Dieter William, shoemr. 96 P road 

Dieterlch G. V., clerk, 105 Market 

Dieterich John, baker, 282 R av 

Dieterlch M., paper stainer, Franklin ab Cherry 

DIETRICH DANIEL P., India rub. goods, 68 
Chestnut, h 178 S 15th 




Dietrich Henry, M. D., 203 N 10th 

Dietrich Joseph, Willow bel 6th 

Dietz Christian, tavern, 5th and Oxford 

Dietz Henry H., carp. 13 Harmony 

Dietz John, cordw., HoUoway's ct 

Dietz Joseph, basket mr., S E Front & Parham 

Dietz M. C, carter, Wallace and Orange 

Dietz Patrick, comb mr. 122 Apple 

Dietz William, tavern, 618 Callowhill 

Dietz William, plumber, Cox bel 2d 

Dictzcr John, tailor, Jefferson ab 6th 

Diezel Charles P., dealer, 264 S 9th 

Difer William, sawmr. 34 Farmer 

Digg-in David, laborer, 11 Gray's al 

Digman John, fruiterer, Mcrch'ts. Ex. 114 N 8th 

Dig-man John, dealer, 114 N 8th 

Dikes Christian, tailor. West n Wood 

Dikes Christian, weaver. Cherry bel Duke 

Dikes John, wheelwrt., Crown bel F. av 

Dillaboug-h John, gasfitter, Wash'tn av ab Noble 

Dillahurty Eliza, seamstress, 34 Fiikon 

Dilge William, framemr. 128 New Market 

Dilhom William, cordw.. Quince n Lombard 

Dilkcs E., Brook's ct 

DILKS & COLLINS, lumber yard, 8th and 

Dilks Frederick M., cordw. 29 Plover 
Iks Gabriel, tailor, 8 Pratt 
Iks George, lumber yard, 8th and Poplar, h 

395 N 6th 
Iks Hannah, 7 Relief al 
Iks Isaac, ship carp., rear 20 Brook (N L) 
Iks Jacob, grocer, 26 Tammany 
Iks James, Preston bel Melon 
Iks Jane, tailoress, Johnson's la n 5th 
Iks Joseph, fisherman, Ash ab Franklin (K) 
Iks Joseph W., machinist, 5 Loxley's ct 
Iks Josiah H., clerk. Larch bel Ann (R) 
Iks Matild;^ b. h., 301 Arch 
Iks Sickels, dealer, 22 Clark 
Iks Stacv J., car driver, Union and F road 
Iks Thomas 1)., tailor, 221 S 2d 
Iks William, macht.. Market n 18th 
Iks Wm. S., dry goods. Walnut n Park (W P) 
11 Ca.sper, tailor, Apple ab Franklin 
11 David, carp., AVilcox 
11 Martlia, clerk, 146 Market 
11 Mary Ann, washer, 18 Ball al 
11 Montgomer}', waterman. Bayard 
11 Philemon R., carp., G T road opp 4th 
11 Sarah, drcssmr. 220 Cherry 
11 Thomas P., salesman, S W 4th and Market, 

h 28 Dugan 
llan Alexander, blacksm. 25 Saranac 
llan A. P., blacksm. 21 Sears 
Hard George E., cooper 7 and 8 S Delaware 

av., h Jarvis bel M road 
Hard George E., cooper, 51 Redwood 
Hard Robert K., S W 8th and Arch 
Hard 'I'lioniius, M. D., Bingliam pi Pine 
llaye H. A., prin. seminary, 525 Chestnut 
Hepunt Mary, washer, 15 Washington 
Her Adam, h 8th ab Green 
Her Charles, butcher, 54 Master (K) 
Her Jolin, la!). 44 Sliippen 
Her Peter, sale.sman, 14 N 5th 
Hin Daniel, lab. 2 Lagrange 
Hin Edwin, clothing, 30 S 2d, h 168 Locust 

Dillin & Fisher, dry goods, 374 Vine 
Dillin Hannah, gaiter binder. Corn 
Dillin Jesse, milkman, 173 N 10th 
Dillin Sarah, laundress, 8 Gray's al 
Dillin Sarah Ann, dry goods, 374 Vine 
Dillinger Charles H., clerk, 3 N 3d 
Dillinger Christiana, 472 N 7th 
DILLINGHAM CHARLES, Chancery atty. 8c 

coun. 72 S 6th, h 385 Arch 
Dillingham Simeon, dentist, 192 Arch 
Dillingham W. H., atty. &: coun. 385 Arch 
Dillman Edward, shoe store, George bel Apple 
Dillman John, lab. 268 St. John 
Dillmore John, carp., Washington 
Dillon Archibald C, cordw. 2 Meyer's ct 
Dillon Cornelius, tailor, Maria ab 4th 
Dillon David, blacksmith. Larch above Rich- 
mond (R) 
Dillon Edward, weaver, 180 Columbia (K) 
Dillon Edwai'd, lab., Washington n 10th 
Dillon James, laborer, Lehigh n Canal (R) 
Dillon James, watchman, 235 S 6th 
Dillon John, moulder, 21st bel Arch 
Dillon John, laborer, SpafFord bel Bedford 
Dillon John, fireman, 17 F road 
Dillon John, sr., drayman, 102 Carpenter 
Dillon Lawrence, carman, rear 233 Christian 
Dillon Lawrence, drayman, F road ab Deal 
Dillon Mary, 1 Prospect al 
Dillon Mich., weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Dillon Patrick, tailor, Federal bel 8th 
Dillon Pati'ick, 5 Coombe's al 
Dillon Rachel, tailoress, Bevan's pi 
Dillon Robert, weaver, Shippen la ab Catharine 
Dillon S. Mrs., Corn bel Wharton 
Dillon Thomas, tavern, N W Boyce 8c Bedford 
Dilts Charles, saddler, 298 St. John 
DILWORTH, BRANSON &; CO., hardw., 59 

Dilworth Charles, 503 Chestnut 
Dilworth John, turner, 10 Norris's al 
Dilworth William, mer. 59 Market, h 141 Arch 
Dilworth William, painter, 10 Morris's al 
Dimock John, cordw. 8 Clair 
DIMOND ANDW., mer. 8 and h 216 S 4th 
Diniond Catharine, shirtmr., Waser's ct 
Dimond Henry, tanner, 406 Apple 
Diniond James, laborer, 43 Cadwalader 
Dimond James, laborer, rear 315 S 6th 
Dimond John, blacksm. 23d bel Spruce 
Dimond John, carp. 60 Lombard 
Dimond John, weaver, 846 N 2d 
Dimond John, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d 
Dimond John, laborer, Cadwalader al) Jefferson 
Diniond Rodney, Washing-ton ab Jeflerson 
Dimond Wm., weaver, Wasliington bel Oxford 
Diiian John, laborer, rear 371 S Front 
Dinan Margaret, 1 John's ct 
Diiian M:u-y, .shop, 167 N 13th 
Dinan Tlioma.s, dealer, 6 Lawrence 
Dinan 'I'imothy, grocer. Locust and Sch Beach 
Diner Daniel, ostler, Jackson 
Diner Richard, laborer, Baker bel 7lh 
Dingas Sarah, 626 N 3d 
Dingce Si Brotlu r, com. mers. 97 S Front 
Dingee Ciiarles, l)rickmr. 514 N 7t]i 
Dingee Charles H., mer. 97 S Front 
Dingee Edmund, brickmr. 540 N 7th 




Dingee Jacob, brickmr. 8th ab Girard av 
Ding-ee James, carp., Pearson's ct 
Dlng-ee John H., mer. 97 S Front, h 551 Pine 
Uing-ee Latoria, Christian ab loth 
Dingee Lewis, brickmr. 10th ab Master 
Ding-ee Thomas, moroc. dresser, Beaver ab 3d 
Dingee William H., bricknn-. 555 N 6th 
Dingle John, 140 Hanover 
Dingle Johnson, huckster, Eagle 
Dingier Geo. C, plasterer, Rose ab School (K) 
Dingier John, baker, Collin's al 
Dingier John T., macht., West n F road 
Dingier William, sheet iron worker, 21 Penn- 
sylvania av 
Dingier William, g-unsmith, rear 337 N 3d 
Dininger John J., shoenu'., Lawrey's av 
Dinmore W. R., 41 Washington ab 10th 
Dinsbach Henry, b. h. 2 Lagrange pi 
Dinsman Saml. K., curry comb mr. 742 W 10th 
Dinsman Thomas, comb mr. 71 Howard 
Dinsmore Henry, tavern, 22d ab Filbert 
Dinsmore Mary, 376 S 13th 
Dinsmore Saml., stevedore, rear 110 Catharine 
Dinsmore William, drayman, rear 2 Rose 
D'lNVILLIERS C, stock broker, 15 Mer- 
chants' Exchange 
Dinvviddie Robt., milkman, W'ood bel Tulip (K) 
Dirham William, cordw., Mellon and 13th 
Discherry David, lab., Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Disert John, grocer, N E 17th and Lombard 
Disher Henry, brickmr., 1 Jefferson (C) 
Dismant Enos, clerk, N E 11th Sp Garden 
Dismant John, dealer, 123 New 
Disney Robert, cordw.. Wheat n F road 
Dison Christopher, cooper, Allen ab Hanover 
Disse Adam, laborer, 121 Swanson 
Dissol Jacob, carp., Thompson ab 8th 
Disston Chai-les, saw mr. 82 Otter 
Disston Henry, saw mr., Maiden bel Front, h 

80 Brown 
Ditel Christopher, cordw. 4th bel Jefferson 
DITHMAR & BUTZ, brewers, 520 N 3d 
Dithmar Charles, 455 N 3d 
Dithrnar Conrad, mouJdei', Jefferson & Benton 
Dithmar Fred., brewer, 520 and h 525 N 3d 
Dithmar Margai-et, rear 23 St John 
Ditmar John, cake baker, 52 N 8th 
Ditmore Henry, dyer, 59 Morris 
Ditmurch Augustus, veterinary siu-gcon, 504 

Ditmurch Charles, cigar mr. 504 Callowhili 
Dito Charles F., S W 15th and Ritner 
Dito John M., grocer, Washington ab Mary 

(W P) 
Dito Sherry, 15th ab Spruce 
Diton John, tanner, 18 Lilly al 
Ditsche Xavier, carp. 257 Apple (K) 
Dittenburger Richard, gluemr. 5th ab Master 
DITTERICH JOSEPH J., musical insts. 78 N 

2d, h 271 Noble 
Dittus Jolin W., cordw. 19 New Market 
Dittus William, cordw.. Miller n Broad 
Ditzlcr Frederick, stoves, 197 N 2d 
Ditzler Wm. U., tailor, N E 12th and Filbert 
Ditzlor John, combmr., S E Randolph &, Wager 
Diver John, laborer, Shippen n 19th 
Diver Joseph, gent. 2U8 Arch 
Diver J. Paul, forwarding mer. 49 N 10th 

Divers Edward, lead factory, 22d and Simes 

Divers John, gent. 379 N llth 

Divin John, mer. 87 S 5th 

Divine Michael, bricklayer, 41 Lebanon 

Divine Wm. manuf., S W 18th and Rittenh'se sq 

Divine William & Son, manuf., M'Duffie and 

21st, h S W 18th and Rittenhouse sq 
Divoers Robert, paper ruler, 116 Chestnut 
Divoux John, gent. 550 Coates 
Divver John William, carp. 14 Redwood 
Divvers John F., mer. 14 Church al., h llth ab 

Dix Charles, book keeper, 21 N 5th, h 247 N 3d 
Dix John R., grocer, S W John and S Front 
Dixexey Hannah, wid. of Wm., Carlton ab 21st 
Dixey Isaiah, jr., carp. Walnut bel Margaretta 

Dixey Isaiah, painter, Carlton above 21st 
Dixey Isaiah, carp. Mc Alpine bel Locust (WP) 
Dixey Jacob, pmnpmaker, 13th below Federal 
Dixey John, carp. Margaretta bel Locust (WP) 
Dixey Jona., carp. Richmond belRead. R.R. (R) 
Dixey Margaret, 129 N 10th 
Dixey Rebecca, Broad and Spring Garden 
Dixon David, hatter, 18 Rittenhouse 
Dixon F. E., mer. 101 N Frcnt, h 12 Portico scf 
Dixon F. M., dentist, 7th and Buttonwood 
Dixon Harrison, bi-ush manufacturer, 167 N 2d 
Dixon Isaac, clock & watchmr. 124 & h 158 S lOtli 
Dixon James & Sons, agency, 2 Ranstead place 
Dixon Jas. G., carp. 15th bel Coates, h 405 Broad 
Dixon James N., painter, 579 Coates above 13th 
Dixon John, stovemaker, 19 Sergeant 
Dixon John W., clerk Commercial Bank, house 

Marshall above Spring Garden 
Dixon Joseph E., coal merchant. Maiden above 

Beach, house 337 7th above Spring Garden 
Dixon & Korn, painters, 46 N 8th 
Dixon Samuel, barber, 20th below Pine 
Dixon Thomas S., furnaces, &c., 380 Chestnut 
Dixon William B., clerk, 21 Ellen 
Dizenger Daniel, baker, 6 Cherry 
Doak David, blacksmith, 501 Shippen 
Doak John N., tinsmith, S E South and Broad 
Doak Joseph F., locksmith, llth and Ogden 
Doak Mary, grocer, 614 and 616 S 2d 
Doak R., 15th below South 
Doan Aaron, carpenter, 2 Lee 
Doan Aaron, carpenter, St. Joseph's avenue 
Doan Charles L., cordw. S E Spruce & Perry 
Doan David, carpenter, 13 Bayard 
Doan T., currier, 33 Willow 
Doan Mary, 13 Wagner's court 
Doan Sai-ah, 8 Wagner's ct 
Doane Geo. W., carp. 102 16th below Spinice 
DOBBIN ALEXANDER F., merchant. Market 

above 19th, house 19th above Market 
Dobbin Ann, 841 Market 
Dobbin James, grocer, Market W 19th, house 

Fleming and 21st 
Dobbin James, baker. White below 15th 
Dobbins George W., carpenter, St. Joseph ay 
Dobbins Jane L., 178 N 8th 
Dobbins John, tobacco, 5 Market 
Dobbins John, laborer, Lambert and 14th 
Dobbins Zebedee, carp. 504 Poplar above 10th 
Dobbyn William A., gent. 156 S 13th 
Dobelbower Jas., print, rear 26 S 4th, h 52 Perry 




Dobelbower John L., printer, 13 Marshall 
])obelbo\verJ.& J., prints, r 26 S 4th, h 52 Perry 
Dobelbower Lewis H., jr., agent, 371 S 3d 
Dober Francis, tailor, Apple above Jefferson 
DOBLEMAN J. C. & CO., fringe and cord 

manufacturers, 15 J N 8th 
Dobler Jacob, billiard saloon, h 20 Fayette 
Dobler Joseph G., laborer, rear 262 South 
Dobson Arthur, laborer, 3 Forbe's court 
Dobson Charles J., constable, 363 Georg'C 
Dobson Chris. L.^ plaster. 7th bel Washington 
Dobson John, laborer, Norman's alley 
Dobson Martha, trimming's, 303 Walnut 
Dobson Samuel, millwrig-ht, 637 N 3d 
Dobson Thomas, laborer, 313 N Front 
Dobson Thomas, tailor, Girard avenue bel 11th 
Dobson William H., merchant, 40 Dank 
Dock Jacob, mer. N E 17th and Arch 
Dock William, jr., merchant, 7 N 4th 
Dockerill Jos., accountant, 25 S 6th 
Docket Marg-aret, tailoress. Triplet's ct (K) 
Docterman John, ladies' shoemaker, 8 Pascal 
Dodd Geo., carriag-es, 156 Race and 102 N 5th 
Dodd Richard P., undertaker, 527 Market 
Dodd Stephen H., cabinetmaker 7 S Marshall 
Dodd Susan, b h, 527 Market 
Dodd William, painter, Hanover above Franklin 
Dodg-e Geo. H., brass founder, 254 Callowhill 
Dodg-e Henrv, shoemaker, 184 Moyamen. road 
Dodg-e William, 601 N 10th 
Dodg-e William H., di-ug-s and spices, N W 

Franklin and Green 
Dodson David H., waiter, 14th above Market 
Dodson Richard, w^iiter, 29 Barclay 
Dodson Robert B., attorney at law, 179 S 11th 
Dodson Wm. A., clerk, N W 2d and Market, h 

179 S 11th 
Dodsworth John, book binder, 29 Flower 
Docbeiv Ferd., reed and suspender mr. Elm ab 

Bedford (K) 
Doerfler A., bootmaker, 1 Westford,h 12 Wood 
Doerfling-er F., tavern, 496 Callowhill 
Doerfling-er F., beer saloon. Broad & Ridg-e av 
Doering- Fred., carpenter, 68 Georg-e (N L) 
Doering- Ju.stus, cabinetmaker, 253 Cadwaladcr 
Doerr Charles, sashmaker, Marshall ab Ma.ster 
Doerr Henry, baker, Buttonwood below 11th 
Doerr Rosanna, l)aker 60 Union 
Doflein Philip, cliaser, 84 N 5tli 
Dohan Michael J., g-rocer, N W 7th and Noble 
Dolian Thos. J., g-rocer, S W 23d and Market 
Doherty Edward, bar tender, 290 N Front 
Dolierty James, coal mer. N W South 8c Broad 
Dolierty & Sloan, merchants, 6 Bank 
Doherty William, merchant, 6 Bank, h Belmont 
Dohei-ty William, painter, Freytag's alley 
Dohnert George W., clerk, 38 Brandywine 
Dolinert John H., 310 Green 
Dohrmann J. C, acct. 8 Norris' alley 
Dolan Catharine, 562 S 7th 
Dolan Clii-i»lf)plier, lab. Sell Beach ab Spruce 
Dolan Daniil, shop, Lombard n 16th 
Dolan Edward, sliop, 139 S lib 
Dolan I'Mward, dealer, 2 Lagrange place 
Dolan Ellen, shop, 28 Chester 
Dolan Franci.s, carpenter, 5 Fetter's lane 
Dolan James, grocer, 20th and I'lymouth 
Dolan John, laborer, Somerset (R) 

Dolan John, dealer, 25 Hubbard 

Dolan John, laborer, Salmon near Emory (R) 

Dolan J., grocer, 20th and Plymouth, coal and 

wood, N E wharf and Shippcn 
Dolan Mary, L Pike above^Sommers (W P) 
Dolan Michael, laborer, 3 Fisher's court 
Dolan Patrick, lab. rear 46 Washington av 
Dolan Pat. H., hair dresser, 216 Chestuut, h 132 

N 10th 
Dolan Stephen, stone cutter. Post lane n 20th 
Dolan Thomas J., patternmaker, Clare bel 6th 
Dolbey Lewis, carpenter, 379 Broad bel R road 
Dolby Ann, teacher, 8th & Fitzwater, h 106 S 8di 
Dolby Henry B., carp. Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Dolby James, mer. Penn below Shippen 
Dolby John, accountant, 474 N 7th 
Dolby Lewis B. M., lumber mer. 26 Scheetz 
Dolby Rodney, machinist, 78 N 6th (2d story) 
Dolby Sarah A., 13 Rittenhouse square 
Dolby Sarah B., teacher, 11th and Pascall 
Dolby Thomas P., carpenter. Front bel Hazel 
Dolby William, salesman, 223 Market 
Dolde Christian, weaver S W 4th and Jefferson 
Dole Eunice, tailoress, 454 S 4th 
Dole German, boatman, 18 Maiden 
Doley John, blacksmith, Lombard n 20th 
Doll Frederick, skin dresser, 585 N 3d 
Doll George, toys and variety store, 10.\ N 6th 
DOLL JOHN, toys and llmcy goods, 90 N 2d 
Doll Joseph, shoe maker. Whitehead's court 
DOLLARD RICHARD, wigmaker and hair cut. 

177 Chestnut 
DoUman James, weaver, 8 Thome's ct (S G) 
Dollmarr John M., Arch near 20th 
Dolphin George F., bonnet manufac. 273 S ?d 
Dolphin James, shoemaker, M'Alravy 
Dolphin John, laborer, 137 S Front 
Dolton Benjamin, carpenter, Kessler ab Coates 
Dolton William, carpenter. Poplar square 
Doman Isaac, currier, Charlotte n Cohocksink 
Dcman J. M., carpenter, 131 Christian 
Domingberg Michael, 4 St. Stephen's place 
Domingues F., 315 Spruce 
Dominique Cha.s., cabinet mr. 139 Buttonwood 
Domsler George, trunkmr. Cadwalader below 

Phoenix (K) 
Domsler Sarah, 195 Germantown road (K) 
Domsler Thomas, bricklr. 195(icrniantown road 
Donagan John, cordw. 198 S 5th 
Donagan Patrick, cordw. Salmon & Emery (R) 
Donagan Rich., atty. & coun.74S4th,h2 Librarj- 
Donaghan Jas., lab. Salmon al) (.'umberland (K) 
Donaghue Bernard, dry goods, 28 N 13th 
Donaghy Charles, tinsmiiii. Pine above 19th 
Donaghy David, segar inr. 12 Weaver 
Donaghy James, coal mer. Broad bel Locust Sc 

Spruce st whf (Sch), h Spruce above 19th 
Donaghy John, flour, 6 Dilluyii ])lace 
Donaghy Thos., spir. store, N E l"r()nt&. Christian 
Donaghy William, jiolice, 128 AVilliam 
Donaghy Willian\, salesman, 7th bel AVashington 
Donahie J. .M., tavern, Pine and Sch Willow 
Donahower Rex., laborer, 9 Carroll a\enue 
Donahower William H., sashmaker, 20 Nagle 
Donahui- Aim, di-essniaker, Carpi-nter ab 8th 
Donahue Bernard, dr\' goods, 28 N 13th 
Donahue Bernard, l)ricklr. 1 Diligent avenue 
Donahue Catharine, Buffalo alley 




Donahue Cath., spinner, Cachvaladcr ab Master 

Donahue Charles, shop, 264 S 21st 
Donahue Daniel, driver, 5 Willow court 
Donahue Dennis, tinman, Washington above 

Oxford (K) 
Donahue Dominic, blacksm. Lafayette ab 9th 
Donahue Edward weaver. Weaver's Row (K) 
D.pnahue E., huckster, rear Perry ab Phoenix 
Donahue George, laborer, 6 Lloyd's court 
Donahue Henry, milkman, Federal W Broad 
Donahue Henry, laborer, Margaretta 
Donahue Hugh, manuf. 149 Master (K) 
Donahue H., laborer, 167 N Front 
Donahue Isabella, hair dresser, 110 S 4th ■ 
Donahue James, weaver, Cadwaladerbel Master 
Donahue James, laborer, Lewis above Master 
Donahue James, carter. Orange below 12th 
Donahue Jas., fruit deal., Cadwalader bel Master 
Donahue James, livery stables, 156 Vine 
Donahue James, milkman, Sibert near Wharton 
Donahue James," watchman, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Donahue James, laborer, Lehigh (R) 
Donahue Jas., oil cloth mr. 6th ab Dauphin 
Donahue Jas., weav. Cadwalader bel Oxford (K) 
Donahue Jas., weaver, 87 Washington (K) 
Donahue Jas., weav. 175 Columbia (K) 
Donahue John, carpenter, Fisher ab Emory (R) 
Donahue John, dealer, Shippen below Broad 
Donahue John, baker, rear 206 Cherry 
Donahue John, laborer, 3 S 18th 
Donahue John, cordwainer, 143 Beach (K) 
Donahue John, keeper, Marriott below 9th 
Donahue John, laborer, rear 37 Baker 
Donahue John, blacksm. i-ear 120 Beach (K) 
DONAHUE JOHN, grocer, Washington above 

Till (W P) 
Donahue Jno. assayerof gold, 3d ab Washington 
Donahue John S., china store, 517 N 2d 
Donahue Joseph, weav. 3 Little Green (K) 
Donahue J., blacksm. Court al. Brown bel Front 
Donahue Mary, hat trimmer, G T road above 

Thompson ; 

Donahue Mary, 1 Diligent avenue 
Donahue Matthew, 23d bel Lombard 
Donahue Mich., laborer, 10 Bledisloe place 
Donahue Mich., carter. Alder below Jefferson 
Donahue Owen, laborer, Carlton above 17th 
Donahue Patrick, blacksmith, 10 Barker 
Donahue Patrick, laborer, Riclimond (R) 
Donahue Patrick, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson 
Donahue Patrick, carriage driver, 121 Shippen 
Donahue Patrick, watchman. Reed and Chui-ch 
Donahue Patrick, laborer, rear 22 Ogden 
Donahu* Pat., weaver, Blair ab Wood (K) 
Donahue Peter, dealer, 5 Reid's coui-t 
Donahue Rose, Washington and Jefferson 
Donahue Sarah, Carlton below 21st 
Donahue Susan, trimmings, G, T road n Jefferson 
Donahue Thos., pedlar, Cadwaladerbel Master 
Donahue Thomas, laborer. Carpenter ab 13th 
Donaluie Thomas, lab. rear Sliippen la bel South 
Donahue Thomas, grocer, Cadwalader and Hai-- 

mony court (K) 
Donahue William, laborer, Carlton below 21st 
Donahue William, cabinetmaker, 10 Wilson 
Donakin Patrick, lab. Centre below Fairmount 
Doiiald David, cooper, 309 Market, h 17 Perry 

Donald John, painter, Perry and Lombard 
Donald John, painter. Perry and Pine 
Donald John, tailor, 6 Mustin's court 
Donaldson Andrew Jackson, printer, 321 S 4th 
Donaldson & Brotlier, mast yard, 61 Swanson 
Donaldson David L., alderman, office Wharton 

abo^'e 3d, house Wheat above Wharton 
Donaldson Eliza A., 69 S 6th 
Donaldson Hugh, gent. 58 N 16th 
Donaldson Isaac, 13 Howard 
Donaldson Isaac M., hatter, 26 Hazel 
Donaldson Jacob, stone mason, NoiTis n Apple 
Donaldson Jacob P., mast yard, 1st whf. below 

Almond (S), and Penn above Maiden (K), 

house Shackamaxon and Bedford 
Donaldson James, sashmr. 264 S Front 
Donaldson James, weaver, Benton near School 
Donaldson James, drayman, F road ab Master 
Donaldson James, weaver, 62 William (K) 
Donaldson Jane, wid of Robt., William ab Rose 
Donaldson John, cordw. Master ab G T road 
Donaldson John, gent. 481 Chestnut 
Donaldson Jno., tailor, Washington n Park(WP) 
Donaldson Joseph, hatter, 369 Callowhill 
Donaldson Lydia, trimmings, 321 S 4th 
Donaldson Mary, Duponceau 
Donaldson Mary, wid of Wm. T., Penn ab Maiden 
Donaldson Maiy C, 12 Belmont place 
Donaldson Thos., macht. N W Front and Union 
Donaldson William, lab. South below 18th 
Donaldson William, laborer, Lewis above 20th 
Donals Joseph, grocer, 17th and Addison 
Donat Christian, grocer, 12th and Melon 
Donath James A., attorney and counsellor, 8 S 

7th, house Broad above Pine 
Donavan Dennis, laborer, 19th and Hamilton 
Donavan Dennis, lab. Walnut bel Park (W P) 
Donavan Dennis, weaver, Milton below 10th 
Donavan Dennis, pattern mr. 458 N 8th 
Donavan George, cordwainer, Gaffney's avenue 
Donavan Mary, 19 Cresson's alley 
Donavan Mich., laborer, 11 Gray's alley 
Donavan Timothy, laborer, 170 Hallowell 
Donavan Timothy, dealer, rear 125 Arch 
Done Jonathan, jr., carpenter, 8 Mustin court 
Donegal John, 27 Race 
Donegan Israel, dyer. Mechanic and Creek 
Donegan John, mer. 35 N Del av, h 27 Race 
Donegan John, tinsmith. Mechanic and Creek 
Donehower W. H., sashmaker, 20 Nagle 
Doner Jacob, tailor, Devu's court 
Donlan James, City Gas Works, Barker E 19th 
Donlan Patrick, tavern, 119 N Front 
Donlay Jas., coal. Broad & Vine, h 14th n Vine 
Donlervey James, laborer. Pleasant above 10th 
Donley Ann M., 50 Mead 
Donley Mary, sempstress, 13 Concord 
Donnagha Thomas G., cab maker, 342 Race 
Donnaldson John, Secretary Phil. Mutual Ins. 

Company, 50 Walnut, house 615 Spruce 
Donnaldson William, laborer, Lewis near 18th 
Donnally John, painter, Germantown roa & 6th 
Donnell Francis, laborer, 7 Lodge placed 
Donncll Jas. B., Cash. Bank of Commerce, h 70 

S 18th 
Donnell Joseph, blacksm. rear 11 S 20th 
Donnell L. F., grocer, S W Christian & Swanson 
Donnell Robert, grocer, N W 8th and Walnut 




Donnell Robert, laborer, Lombard above 12th 
Donnell Samuel, laborer, 7 Ulrick's court (K) 
Donnell William, carter, 5 Griswold's alley 
Donnelly Allen, painter, 21 Harrison's av (R) 
Donnelly Andrew, lab., Huston & Railroad (K) 
Donnelly Andrew, weaver, 9 Philip (K) 
Donnelly Arthur, laborer, :Meg-urg-ee's ct (K) 
Donnelly Bernard, laborer, 10 Frog- Row (L) 
Donnelly Bernard, jr., weaver, 9 Frog Row (K) 
Donnelly Catharine, 179 Spruce 
Donnelly Charles, silversmith, 2d above Federal 
Donnell}- Chas., weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Donnelly Daniel, tavern, 138 S 4th 
Donnelly Daniel, 10 York 
Donnelly Ann, shop, Poplar 
Donnelly Barney, tailor, Erinton's alley bel 11th 
Donnelly Dennis, porter, 10 Gray's al 
Donnelly Dermot, lab. 1 Jackson's ct 
Donnelly Edward, di-ug-gist, 256 G T road 
Donnelly Edward, weaver, rear 286 G T road 
Donnelh Edward, waterman, rear 366 N Front 
Donnelly Ellen, 682 N 2d 
Donnelly Felix, butcher, 360 S 13th 
Donnelly Felix, grocer, 869 South 
Donnelly Francis, lab. M'Cristle's al (K) 
Donnelly Frank, cooper, Stewaii; 
Donnellv Georg-e, tailor, 2 Prosperous al 
DONNELLY, GIBBONS &. CO., com. mers. 

41 Chestnut 
Donnelly Henr)-, lab. F road bel R av 
Donnellv Hug-li, 3 Sag-er pi 
Donnelly Hugh, lab. 22d & Spruce 
Donnelly Hugh, lab. 2d ab Master 
Donnelly Hugh, baker, 519 F road (R) 
Donnelly Ignatius, atty. 8c coun. 179 Spruce 
Donnelly James, second hand furn. 305 South 
Donnelly James, combmr. 62 Apple 
Donnelly James, shop, 230 Shippen 
Donnelly James, weaver, Murray n 21st 
Donnelly James, lab. Rcifl's av (K) 
Donnelly James, drayman, rear Howard above 

Donnelly Jas., weaver, rear G T road ab Master 
Donnelly James, lab. 23d ab Pine 
Donnelly James, rear 102 N Front 
Donnelly Jane, tailoress, 382 S 13th 
Donnelly John, lab. Donnelly's ct 
Donnelly John, lab. M'Makin's ct 
Donnelly John, driver, Ann n 13th 
Donnellv John, lab. Barker n 17th 
DONNELLY JOHN, matches, 106 N 4th 
Donnelly John, porter, L} brand ab Race 
Donnelly John, lab. 4 Peach 
Donnelly John, baker, 126 Penn ab Poplar 
Donnelly John, lab. Stewart bel Fitzwater 
Donnelly John, lab. 195 N Front 
Donnelly John, seaman, 94 Plum 
Donnelly John, lab. Donnelly's ct 
Donnelly John, weaver, Adams ab Jefferson 
Donnelly John, carp. Lewis bel Jefi"er.son 
Donnelly John J., plasterer, 58 Perry 
Donnelly Joseph A., mer. 41 Chestnut, h S W 

12tl'i and Walnut 
Donnelly Joseph P., pawn broker, 280 South 
Donnellv Joseph 1'., chandler, 53 Christian 
Donnelly J. W., shoes, 281 H 5tli 
Donnelly Margaret, shop, 44 South 
Donnelly Maiy, spooler, Fitzwater bel Broad 

Donnelly Mary Ann, 20 Powell 
Donnelly Michael, lab. 8th ab Wharton 
Donnelly Nicholas, teacher, 440 Christian 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. 20th ab Spruce 
Donnelly Patrick, clerk, 440 Christian 
Donnelly Patrick, coachman, 10 Laurel (C) 
Donnelly Patrick, 10 York ct 
Donnell}' Patrick, cellar digger, Oxford below 

Clinton (K) 
Donnelly Peter, flour & feed, 10th bel Cliristian 
Donnelly Philip, weav. Jefferson ab Cadwalader 
Donnelly Robert, lab. Marriott's la ab 5th 
Donnelly Theodore J., tailor, 63 S 5th 
Donnelly Thomas, dealer, Christian ab 11th 
Donnelly Thos., weav. rear GT road ab Master 
Donnelly Wm., lab. 24 Barker 
Donnelly Wm., cooper, Carpenter ab 8th 
Donnelly Wm., porter, Carver 
Donnelly Wm., boatman. Brown ab Lehigh (R) 
Donnohower Chas. R., lab. Culvert ab Mechanic 
Donnen James, hatter, N E 6th & Chestnut 
Donoghue Charles, com. mer. 11 S AVater 
Donoho Matthew, lab. Salmon ab Emery (R) 
Donoho Thomas, agent, 86 N 2d 
Donohoe Philip, groceries and seed, Washing- 
ton above Moore (W P) 
Donohoe Rosanna, W:ishington bel Rose (W P) 
Donohoe Wm. M., bookkeeper, 84 Chestnut 
Donohough Martin, lab. 67 Plum 
Donohow Samuel, boot & shoemr. 208 S 2d 
Donohue Charles, lab. 3 Dickson ct 
Donohue Charles, milkman, 4 Bryan's ct 
Donohue D., lab. Lafayette n 9th 
Donohue Francis, brakeman, 292 Richmond (R) 
Donohue George W., note broker, 41 S 4th, h 

320 Coates 
Donohue G., refinisher, 3d ab Washington 
Donohue Hamilton, accountant, 471 N lOth 
Donohue Henry, shoemr. 24 Arch 
Donohue Hugh, manuf. 149 Ma.ster (K) 
Donohue John, bricklr. 358 S 5th 
Donohue John, lab. 3 Monmouth's ct 
Donohue John, groc. Washington abTill (WP) 
Donohue AVm. J., blacksm. Martin's ct (K) 
Donohue Lawrence, bricklr. 11 Lombard 
Donohue Marty, lab. 34 Bedford 
Donohue Mary, rear 10 Rugan 
Donohue Michael, teacher, Willings al 
Donohue Patrick, grocer. Reed & Church 
Donohue Patrick, brakeman, 292 Richmond (R) 
Donahue Thomas, lab. Prospect bel Master 
Donohue \'arney, lab. Biddle 
Donohue Wm., lab. 232 S 6th 
Donough P., shop, 15 Fitzwater 
Donovan Catharine, sempt. 678 N 2d 
Donovan Daniel, lab. Carlton ab 17th 
Donovan Daniel, candymr. 8 Say's ct 
Donovan Dennis, cordw. Cadwalader n Perry 
Donovan James, lab. Marshall's ct 
Donovan Mary, shop, Perry & Norman 
Donovan Michael, lab. 93 Master 
Donovan Michael, weaver, Bcatty's ct (K) 
Donovan Michael H., locksm. 167 U av 
Doodley Robert, weaver, Fulton 
Dool Jesse, mason, 16 Dugan 
Doolan Bryan, lab. S E 7th &. Baker 
Doolan Patiick, cordw." Prosperous al 
Dooley John, grocer, 573 S Front 




Dooley Susan, Hallowell bel 7th 

Doolcy Thomas, corchv. 17 N 12th 

Dooling- Edward, cordvv. James n 7th 

Dooling- Jer., painter, 12 Sommer's ct 

Dooling- Lawrence, 123 Catharine 

Doolittle David, boatman, AVood ab F av 

Doolittle Nelson Rev., 43 Marshall 

Dooner Michael, dyer, Philip bel Jefferson 

Dooner Patrick, tavern, Fairview ab 16th 

Doores Wm. C, jr., clerk, 32 Coates 

Doores Wm. C, tailor, 18 Mag-nolia 

Doran Alexander, weaver. South bel 19th 

Doran Alice, 10 S 17th 

Doran Ann, shop, 7th & M^all 

Doran Bernard, lab. Fisher ab Ilunting-don (R) 

Doran Catharine, 15th & Race 

Doran Charles R., M D, 313 S 3d 

Doran Hug-h, weaver, 4 Federal ab 12th 

Doran James, lab. Murray n 20th 

Doran James, lab. 56 Green 

Doran Jenkins, weaver, Fitzwater 

Doran John, lab. Dyott's ct 

Doran John, weaver, 38 Clinton (K) 

Doran John, weaver, 13th bel Shippen 

Doran John, ostler, 9 Lodg-e pi 

Doran Joseph M., atty. at law, 289 S 3d 

Doran L. Mrs., milliner, Ontario ab Parrish 

Doran Michael, lab. Fairview ab 19th 

Doran Michael, lab. rear 46 P road 

Doran Patrick, moulder, Reed bel Church 

Doran Patrick, carp, rear 464 S 5th 

Doran Patrick, lab. Alder ab Poplar 

Doran Robert, weaver, 249 S 21st 

Doran Wm. B., tailor, 574 N 12th 

Doran Wm. P., miller, Mechanic 

Dordal Samuel, dyer, F road & Clearfield (R) 

Dorell Elizabeth, dressmr. 72 L. Washing-ton 

Dorell Mary Mi-s., Washing-ton bel 6th 

Doremus P. P., builder, Girard av ab 19th 

Doren James, weaver, 83 Shippen la 

Dorenbach H., carpet weaver, Crown ab Duke 

Dorer Philip, weaver, Apple ab Jefferson 

Doret A. M., cbuggist, 84 Chesnut 

Dorey Daniel, bookbinder, 113 Chestnut, house 

Washing-ton ab 6th 
Dorey Henrietta, tailoress, 8 Jackson 
Dorey Thomas, cigarmr. Burchell ct 
Dorff Albert, tinsm. 616 Callowhill 
Dorft' Canfield, clerk, 190 Market 
Dorff Eliza, 636 Callowhill 
Dorff Georg-e, clerk, 211 Queen 
Dorgan Daniel, cabinetmr. 165 Og-den 
Dorheimer Ferdinand, turner. Winter 
Doris St. John O., com. mer. 28 Lombard 
Doriss Felix, blacksm. rear Baker bel 8th 
Doriss Neal, lab. 16 Wilcox 
Doriss Terrence, lab. Georg-e n 21st 
Dorian John, carp. Queen bel Froad, h Shacka- 

maxon bel Bedford (K) 
Dorman Arch., wall paper, 613 Christian 
Dorman Corn., chandler, G F road & South 
Dorniun Howell, clerk, P T Bank, h 12th ab 

Dorman James, weaver. Washing-ton bel Park 
Dorman James, seaman, rear Bedford ab 7th 
Dorman John, paper stainer, 5 Pratt 
Dorman John, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Dorman Mary, .shop, G F road and South 

Dorman Robert, weaver, 21st bel Pine 
Dorman Wm., printer, 4 Howard pi 
Dorney Eve, 8 Franklin 
Dorn Peter, cordw. 127 Callowhill 
Dorn Philip, baker, Queen & Crown (K) 
Dorn Wm., g-roc. Washing-ton bel Logan (W P) 
Dornon Samuel, cordw. Howard bel Jefferson 
DoronChas., tailor, Queen & Shackamaxon 
Doron Emos T., clerk, 51 N 3d 
Dorothy Wm., lab. 2d bel Greenwich 
Dorothye Georg-e, .seaman. Reckless ct 
Doroun John, stevedore, rear 492 N 3d 
Dorr Benjamin, Rev., DD., S E 13th & Arch 
Dorr Christopher, lab. Hancock bel Diamond 
Dorrety John, driver, Morris n 8th 
Dorringlon Charles, lab. 6 Reed 
Dorrington Michael, brushmr. rear 2 Paul 
Dorschiemer Maria C. & H. M., bakers, 25N7th 
Dorseman Henry, sug-ar refin. Brown bel Front 
Dorsey Aug-., clothes, 6U S 2d, h 22 Barker 
DORSEY BENEDICT '& SONS, g-lass and 

crockery ware, 125 N 3d 
Dorsey Elizabeth, washer, rear Lisle bel Shippen 
Dorsey Georg-e W., macht. 5 Lagrang-e, h Wood 

bel West (K) 
Dorsey Hammond, 35 Bonsall 
Dorsey James, 6 Rodman 
Dorsey John, oysterman, 44 Mead 
Dorsey John, lab. 31 S 14th 
Dorsey John, lab. 24 Mead , 

Dorsey John, bookbinder. Wood ab 18th 
Dorsey John M., moroc. finisher, 593 N 4tli 
Dorsey Mary, 52 Quince 

Dorsejr Monnington, ciurier, 58 New Market 
Dorsey Nicholas, porter, 4 Pleasant av 
Dorsey Patrick, Milton bel 12th 
Dorsey Robert, 27 Clinton 
Dorsey Samuel, dealer, 20 Rodman 
Dorsey Stanton, mer. 125 N 3d 
Dorsey Thomas J., waiter, 166 Locust 
Dorsey Wm., lab. Marriott's la 
Dorsey Wm., mer. 125 N 3d 
Dorsey Wm. brickmr. rear 13th ab Federal 
Dorsey Wm., sheet iron worker, 10 Bread 
Dorsey William C, wheel wr. I'ranklin above 

Dorsh Georg-e, tailor, 6 Butz's row 
Dorton John, vict. 3d bel Montg-omery 
Dorton John, weaver, 193 Hope 
Doshir H., confec. 17th ab Coates 
Dosliir Theodore, confec. 553 S 2d 
Dospassos Manuel J., shoemr. reai* 8th below 

Dos Santos A. F., prof, music, 161 Pine 
Doster C. A., tobacconist, 374 N Front 
Doster Michael, spec, manuf. 155 St John 
Dotg-er Casper, cordw. Poplar & Clinton 
Dotiiard Abrm., shoemr. 145 S 11th 
Dotler James, bootmr. 10 Lilly al 
Dotter John, beer house, New Market and Cal- 
Dotter Theo., dyer & scourer, 83 New Market 
Dotterer Charles, cun-iet, Carpenter ab 9th 
Dotterer James A., currier. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dottro Maria, 366 G T road 
Dotts John, bricklr. 65 Carroll 
Doublehower Lewis, 371 S 3d 
Doug-herty Alex, ostler, 5 Marshall's ct 




Doug-herty Alex. E., Sec. &. Treas. Tiog-a Rail 

Road Co., 25 Exchange, h 439 Walnut 
Doug-herty Andrew, cordw. 122 Cheny 
Doug-herty Ann, Post la n 20th 
Doug-herty Ann, clotliing, 118 South ' 

Doug-herty Ann, 4 St Mary 
Doug-herty Anthony, shoemr. Perry ab Phoenix 
Doug-herty Bernard, lab. Salmon ab Somerset 
Doug-herty Bernard, carp. N E 13th &. Bedford 
Doug-herty Bernard, shoemr. 18th bel Lombard 
Dougherty Bernard, drayman, rear 303 G T road 
Doug-herty Bernard, lab. Arch W 23d 
Doug-herty Bernard, lab. Hazel ab Front 
Dougherty &, Bunting, stoves, 117 S Garden 
Dougherty Catharine, Willow n 18th 
Dougherty Charles, waiter. Steward 
Dougherty Chai-les, lab. 18th bel Lombard 
Dougherty Charles, shop, 4 Philip (K) 
Dougherty Charles, blacksm.4 Lybrand 
Douglierty Charles, lab. Carlton ab 17th 
Dougherty Charles, lab. 128 Richmond 
Dougherty Charles, lab. Bath ab William (R) 
Dougherty Corn., clerk, Tilton ab Cumberland 
Dougherty Daniel, grocer. Pine n 12th 
Dougherty Daniel, lab. Wager n G T road 
DOUGHERTY DANIEL, atty. and coun. 68 S 

6tli, h 20th bel Race 
Dougherty Daniel, distiller, 32 Vine 
Dougherty Daniel, carter, 562 Wood 
Dougliertv Daniel, lab. Howell ab 19th 
DOUGHERTY DANIEL, tavern. Vine & Nixon 
Dougherty Daniel, porter, 1 Zephyr 
Dougherty Daniel, lab. 57 Mead 
Dougherty David, drayman, 24 Hubbell 
Dougherty Dennis, lab. 133 S Front 
Dougherty Dennis, lab. 139 Salmon (R) 
Dougherty, clerk, William & Bath (R) 
Dougherty Dudley, lab. South ab 12th 
Dougherty Edw., cordw. Richmond n Emily (R) 
Dougherty Edward, lab. 387 Market 
Dougherty Edward, lab. Ellen (W P) 
Dougherty Edward, plumber, Steward below 

Dougherty Edward, cordw. 23d & Chestnut 
Dougherty Edward, printer, 189 Market 
Dougliertv Elizabeth, refectory, 116 Shippen 
Dougherty Elizabeth, Hamilton & Penn. av 
Dougherty Francis, cordw. 116 Philip (K) 
Douglierty Cicorge, lab. 13th bel Federal 
Dougherty George, capt. 23d n George 
Dougherty George, o.stler, rear 198 South 
DouglK-rty George L., atty. 32 S 5th, h 579 

DouglKTty Henry, cabman, 7 Myer's ct 
Douglierty Henry, stone cutter. Willow bel 12th 
Douglii-rty Henry, lab. Perry ab Phoenix 
Dougherty Henry, lab. Ann n 23d 
Dougherty Henry, lab. 42 Hallowell 
Douglu rty Henry, 30 Murray 
Douglurty Horace, tailor, 3 Short ct 
Douglierty Hugh, lab. 13th bel Lombard 
Doiigiu-rty Hugh, tailor, 225 H 5tli 
Dougherty Hugh, biscuit baker, Green ct 
Dougherty Hngli, la!). Hrown & Rail road (R) 
Douglu rty Hugh, portrr, 189 .Market 
Dougherty Hugli, carter, Salmon n William (R) 
Dougherty Isaac, eiigr., (Jallowhill &. Hamilton 
Dougherty Isabella, shop, 335 N Front 

Doughertj- Isabella, shop, 93 Master (K) 
Dougherty James, lab. Silbert bel Wharton 
Dougherty James, tailor, 23d n Market 
Dougherty James, tailor, 3 Steward 
Dougherty James, book binder, 14 Dugan 
Dougherty James, medicines, 9th & Callowhill 
Dougherty James, watchman &. tavern, S Car- 
penter ab 7th 
Dougherty James, tobacconist, 342 S 6th 
Dougherty James, lab. 12th Sc Montgomery 
Dougherty James, founder, 170 N 20th 
Dougherty James, lab. Filbert E 20th 
Dougherty James, lab. Cooper n20th 
Dougherty James, stone mason. Cooper n 20th 
Dougherty James, lab. Ann n 20th 
Dougherty James, clerk, 110 N 3d 
Dougherty James, lab. 22d bel Spruce 
Dougherty James, lab. Chatham n Ann (R) 
Dougherty James, carp. Morris n 9tl\ 
Dougherty James, lab. 5 Bonsall 
Dougherty James, bricklr. 1 Howard pi 
Dougherty James, blacksmith, 183 Shippen j^ 
Dougherty James, weaver, Duke n F av 
Dougherty James, lab. back 18 Rachel 
Dougherty James, blacksmith, 28 Clinton (K) 
Dougherty James 11., messenger, 46J Walnut 
Dougherty Jane, corner Adams & CljTner 
Doug-herty Jane, Bank st (R) 
Dougherty John, tavern, G T road n 3d (K) 
Dougherty John, shoemr. Wood n 2lst 
Dougherty John, lab. Beach n Palmer 
Dougherty John, .shoemr. Salmon n Huntingdon 
Dougherty John, Evans 
Dougherty John, 115 Carpenter 
Dougherty John, lab. Simes 
Dougherty John, lab. Nelson n Shippen 
Dougherty John, Arch n 21st 
Dougherty John, cordw. Philip n Oxford 
Dougherty John, lab. 358 S 13th 
Dougherty John, drayman, PeiTy bel Master (K) 
Dougherty John, Leiper al 
Douglierty John, lab. River (R) 
Dougherty John, lab. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dougherty John, painter, 91 New 
Dougherty John, lab. Say n 15th 
Dougherty John, dealer rear 133 S 2d 
Dougherty John, carp. 22 Bread 
Dougherty John, lab. Addison n 20th 
Dougherty John, weaver, 1 Philip (K) 
Doug-herty John, draym. (^'linton ab Franklin (K) 
Dougherty John, lab. 8 \'aux's ct 
Douglierty John, tobacconist, 82 Locust 
Doug-iiertj John, cordw. Shippen bel 8th 
Douglurty John, 8 S 12th 
Douglurt) Jolin, hatter, 178 Locust 
Douglierty John, lab. Queen ab York 
Dougherty John, lab. Salmon bel Emory (R) 
Dougherty John, morocco ilr. tireen n Front 
Dougherty John, lab. Ann n Larch (R) 
Dougherty John, lab. Uiver(VV P) 
Douglierty John A., distiller, cor 2d & Poplar 
Dougherty John A. & Sons, distillers, Fiont bcl 

Franklin (K) 
Douglurty John K., 287 S 5th 
Douglu rty J. Siuitli,. stone cutter, 19tii &. Walnut 
Douglurty Lawrence, lab. Washington (\V P) 
Douglu rty Lewis, brickl. 156 IJrowii 
Dougherty Letitia, P road and 8th 




Doug'lierty ilarciis, hotel, Richmond n Emily 
Doug-herty Mar]*y 195 Cherry 
Doug-herty Mary, b h, 2 Cypress 
Doug-herty Mary P., teacher, 6 Eng-ineer's row 
Doug-herty Michael, plasterer, Boyce bel South 
Doug-herty Michael J., atty. & coun. 57 Prune 
Doug-herty Michael, weaver, Penn ab Phoenix 
Doug-herty Michael, cb-ayman, Burchell ct 
Doug-herty Mich., lab. 5th and G T road 
Doug-herty Neil, coachman, rear 7 Vine 
Dougherty Neil, grocer, 3d and Franklin (K) 
Doug-herty Patrick, lab. Perry ab Phoenix 
Doug-herty Patk., lab. 353 Fitz water 
Doug-herty Patrick, lab. Cherry E 22d 
Dougherty Patk., dealer, Dorothy W 19th 
Doug-herty Patk., 7 Colleg-e pi 
Doug-herty Patrick, brakeman. Brown bel Elm 
Doug-herty Pati-ick, lab. Sorrel ab Path (R) 
Doug-herty Patk., tavern, F road bel Washington 
Doug-herty Patrick, lab. Columbia n 2d 
Doug-herty Peter, weaver. White's ct & Bedford 
Dougherty Peter, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Dougherty Peter, porter, Budden's ct 
Dougherty Peter, weaver, Nixon and Vine 
Dougherty Philip, tavern, 249 Shippen 
Dougherty &, Powers, omnibus proprietors, Vine 

and Nixon 
Dougherty Robert, carter, Essex and Flower 
Dougherty Robert, lab. 44 W South 
Dougherty Robert, weaver. Front n Jefferson 
Dougherty Robert, pawnbroker, 272 South 
Dougherty Robert, cordw. Barker n 19th 
Dougherty Robert, lab. Carver n 17th 
Dougherty Robert, capt. Callowhill n Hamilton 
Dougherty R. & J., grocers, 388 N 2d 
Dougherty Samuel, carp. Reed n 8th 
DOUGHERTY & SMITH, stone cutters, 19th 

and Walnut 
Dougherty Susan, gentw. 105 Filbert 
Dougherty Thomas, lab. 22d and Spruce 
Dougherty Thos., lab. Brown ab Lehigh av (R) 
Dougherty Wm., lab. rear 11 Duponceau 
Dougherty Wm., lab. rear Gaffney's av 
Dougherty Wm., lab. 8 Baker 
Dougherty AVm., lab. 391 S Front 
Dougherty Wm., lab. Fisher ab Cumberland (R) 
Do-agherty Wm., lab. 8 Fayette 
Dougherty Wm., blacksm. Barker n 19th 
Dougherty Wm., moulder, Auburn ab 9th 
Doug-herty Wm., carp. Shippen bel Broad 
Dougherty Wm., barlier, Washington bel R road 
Doug-herty Wm., carter. Orange ab 12th 
Dougherty Wm., carter. Arch W 22d 
Dougherty AVm., brickmr. 135 William 
Dougherty Wm., coachman, 269 Spruce 
Dougherty Wm., groc. 325 Market, h 346 N 6th 
Dougherty Wm., umbrella, 129 Marlboroug-h 

bel Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Wm., carp. 7th bel Carpenter 
Doug-herty Wm., brand cutter, rear 115 N 2d 
Dougherty Wm., lab. Barker n 19th 
Dougherty Wm., lab. 50 W South 
Doughert}^ W^m., Locust E Sch Beach 
Doughten Fanny, 88 Francis (F V) 
Dougliten Wm., clerk, 97 Mai-ket 
Doughty C, tailoress. Larch ab William (R) 
Doughty Geo. M., .sliip carp. Franklin bel Cherry 
Doughty Jonathan Sv., Howard bel Jefferson 

Doughty Lavinia, preserver, 72 Fitzwater 
Douglass Ann, 15 Pearl 
Douglass Ann, 15 Perry (K) 
Douglass A., carp. 53 Sharswood 
Douglass Edw., carp. James ct (K) 
Douglass Francis, chase, 124 Peai-1 
Douglass George, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix 
Douglass Jacob, tobacco. Callowhill ab Broad 
Douglass Jacob M., Rev., 378 Coates 
Douglass James, tobacconist, 22 N 6th 
Douglass James, clerk, Dorothy n 20tli 
Douglass James, 13th ab Willow 
Douglass James, hotel, 46 N 6th 
Douglass James, roller, 16 Maiden 
Douglass Jas., ladies' shoemr. 248^ Lombard James F., barber, 54 Arch 
Douglass John, warper. Federal ab 13th ab 
Douglass John, cooper, Fi-ont bel Morris 
Douglass John, carp. Sliackamaxonbel Franklin 
Douglass John, tobacconist, 174 Race 
Douglass John, Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Douglass John, cordw. 186 Shippen 
Douglass John, cooper, 570 S 2d 
Doug-lass Joseph V. grocer, Wood and Nixon 
Douglass J. J. N.,88 S 5th 
Douglass Sarah M., teacher, 54 Arch 
Douglass Robert, sign painter, 54 Mulberry 
Douglass Robert, dyer, 150 Adams (K) 
Douglass Samuel, 9 Beck 
Douglass Samuel, carter, rear Barker n 19th 
Douglass Samuel C, sailmr. 548 S Front 
Douglass Thomas, cordw. 16th n Stiles 
Douglass Wm.,lab. 2 Leyden's ct 
Douglass Wm., painter, 848 South 
Douglass Wm. Rev., 319 Pine 
Dougless Elizabeth, shop, 33 Perry ab Pine 
Dougless George S., musician, 2 California pi 
Dougless H., tavern and heaters, Washington 
Dougrell Joseph, weaver, Vine and Hatter's ct 
Doule Thomas, 396 Coates 
Doull James, china, 125 S 4th 
Douredoure B., cliandlei-. Arch E 17th 
Douthert Samuel, weaver. Rose ab 13th 
Dounton James, grocer, S E Washington and 

Columbia (K) 
Doux Balan C, manuf letter signs, 10 Gold- 
smith's Hall 
Dove John S., clerk, 218 Christian 
Dove AVm., confectr. N E Sch 16th and Filbert 
Dover George, saddler. Perry n Franklin 
Dover James, waiter, 19 Rodman 
Dover James, lab. Say ab 15th 
Dow John, lab. Brown bel Lehigh av(R) 
Dow John, painter. Chestnut ab Till (W P) 
Dow Phinehas, macht. 50 N 6th, h 14 Powell 
Dow Thomas, lab. Huston (R) 
Dow Wm., tankmr. Filbert n 19th 
Dowd Francis, lab, rear 165 S 7th 
Dowdcn Susanna, 125 Callowhill 
Dowden Wm., stone c\itter, Chester 
Dowdcy James C, engineer, 286 Hanover 
Dowdey J., lab. 478 Queen (K) 
Dowdle Abncr, turner, Kurtz ab Poplar 
Dowdle Louisa, F av ab Marlborough 
Dowdle Samuel, tiu'ner, rear 76 S 2d 
Dowdier James, blacksm. Thompson (K) 
Dowdrick Samuel, cordw. rear 249 S 7th 
Dowdy Thomas, cordw. 174 Columbia (K) 




Dowell L, carp. 11 Ellen 

IJowell James, lab. Washing-ton ab Moore (WP) 

Dowell Wm., wig- mr. 18 S 5th 

Dowert Aug^ist, tailor, 341 St John 

Dowler Jacob, pottery, 9th ab Poplar, h N W 

11th and Coates 
Dowler William, potter, Melon and Barton 
Dowlin John, lab. Lewis bel Jefferson 
Dowling Benjamin, salesman, 21 N 6th 
Dowling- Catharine, 8 Carroll av 
Dowling- Edward, plasterer, Evans 
Dowling- Edward C., bricklr. Addison n 17th 
Dowling- E., lab. 21st bel Filbert 
Dowling James, lab. Fisher ab Hunting-don (R) 
Dowling- John, plasterer, Carlton ab 21st 
Dowling John, agent, 278 S 10th 
Dowling John, gent. 286 S 6th 
Dowling John, Rev., D. D., 224 S 10th 
Dowling Joseph, combmr. 163 Marshall 
Dowling- Martin, 15 Union sq 
Dowling Michael, shop, 12 Carroll 
Dowling Michael, gent, Essex 
Dowling Michael, weaver, IStli ab Federal 
Dowling Michael, e£^ng house, 16 Pine 
Dowling Michael, stone cutter, Salmon below 

William (R) 
Dowling Wm^ 14 Evans 
Downer Charles, porter, 7 Stackhouse ct 
Downer Chas^ weigher, 18 N Water, h 34 Arch 
Downer George, mer. 484 Pine bel 17th 
Downes Wm., clerk, 30 S 2d, h 516 Lombard 
Downey Alexander, Phoenix house, F road and 

Phoenix (K) 
Downey Bernard, saddler, 24 Murray 
Downey Bernard, morocco dresser. Perry ab 

Downey Eliza, Perry n Master 
Downey George, potter, 15th n Railroad 
Downey Heniy, lab. Front ab Harrison 
Downey James, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Downey James, lab. Jones ab 18th 
Downey James, lab., 18 Concord % 
Downey Jas., super. Huntingdon ab Salmon (R) 
Downey James, cordw. N W 14tii and South 
Downey John, gilder, 24 Auburn 
Downey John, corder. Front opp Hazel 
Downey Patrick, lab. 8 Lombard 
Downey Patrick, weaver, Beattie's ct (K) 
Downey Patrick, grocer, 205 Shippen 
Downey Robert, lab. 12 Perry (K) 
Downey Sarah, gentw. Clark and 4th 
Downey Thomas, cordw. Wharton ab 5th 
Downc}' Wm., lab. Lynn ab William 
J)ownic Robert, mer. 25 S 2d 
Downie Sarah, 12tii ab Buttonwood 
Downie William, tailor, 568 N 2d 
Downie Wiillain, niaciit. 986 N Front 
Downing Benj. C, macht.3 and h 10 Bread 
Downing Catharine, 1 Kelly 
Downing C.H., coach trim. 126 Filbert, h 349 

Wasiiington (S G) 
Downing Daniel, dealer, Clifton bel South 
Downing George, baker, 648 N 2tl (K) 
Downing George, salesman, 25 Bank 
Downing Hannah, 216 S 8th 
Downing James, carp. Rasj)berry la 
Downing Jas., carp. weav. Montgomery bel Front 
Downing James R., blacksni. River and Mvrtlc 

Downing John, painter, 3 Irwine 
Downing Jolin, grocer, Maiden bel Front 
Downing John, carter, Dauphin (K) 
Downing John, stone mason, 402 N Front 
])owning John, chandler, Shippen n 15th 
Downing John S., com. mer. 5U S Delaware ay 
DowningJno.W., coal, 21 Chestnut, h 251 Spruce 
Downing Levi, 37 Currant al 
Downing Lydia, tailoress, 272 George 
Downing Oliver, weaver, 4 Passmore's pi 
Downing Richard H., mer. 16th and Market, h 

Race ab 16th 
Downing S. C, agent real estate, 14 8 18th 
Downing Wm., jr., morocco dr. Miles' ct 
Downing Wm., Miles' ct (K) 
Downing Wm., morocco dr. Sower's ct (K) 
Downing Wm., carp. 15th bel Christian 
Downs Andw., cai-p. weaver, St Andrews n 20th 
Downs Andrew J., hatter, N E Vine and Garden 
Downs Ann, washer. South bel 12th 
Downs \nn, astrologer, Buttonwood ab 13th 
Downs Furnam E., brushmr. Lydia n Franklin 
Downs John, tailor, 1 Parries' ct 
Downs John, bottler, 127 Vine 
Downs John, bricklayer, Wistar n Prime 
Downs Daniel, seaman, 120 Shippen 
Downs Pares, lab. Chestnut n Till (W P) 
Downs Thomas, cordw. 8 Branch al 
Downs Thomas, boots & shoes, 499 Arch 
Downs Wm., salesman, 516 Lombard 
Downs Wm. H., 69 Beach (K) 
Dowrick Nicholas, stevedore, 102 N Front 
Dowty Thomas, lab. Queen opp Ball (K) 
Doyle Andi-ew, hatter, 20 Buckley 
Doyle Benjamin, macht. Carroll ab 13th 
Doyle Bridget, laundres.s. Little Brown 
Dovle Cornelius, dealer, Shippen bel 8th 
Doyle CM., milliner, 90 S 8th 
Doyle David, tavern, N E 10th and Girard ar 
Doyle Dennis, lab. 134 Baker 
Doyle Edmund, porter, Allen's ct 
Doyle Edward, hatter, 20 Buckley 
Doyle Edward, 8 Jefferson 
Doyle Edward, Lewis and Tliompson 
Doyle Eliza, milliner, 210 Walnut 
Doyle Elizabeth, dressmr. 2 Roger's ct 
Doyle Francis, lab. 12 Harmony ct 
Doyle George, fancy cliairmr. 20 N Clinton (K) 
Doyle George, hatter, S E Shippen pi 
Doyle James, waterman, Steam Mill al 
Doyle James, rag.s, 13tli ab Federal 
Doyle Jame.s, conductor, 292 Richmond (R) 
Doyle Jame.s, lab. 10th ab Thompson 
Doyle James, agent, 668 N 2d 
Doyle James, carp, rear 373 Race 
Doyle James, tavern, 46 Prune 
Doyle James, porter, 20 Wilcox 
Dovle John, ostler, Movd's al 
Doyle John, lab. 299 .S Front 
Doyle John, lab. Wasiiington (W P) 
Doyle John, carp. 172 N 17th 
Doyle John, slater, Marriott's la ab 4tli 
Doyle John, hatter, 20 Buckley 
Dovle John, dry goods N E 13th and Fulton 
Doyle John C.,"Scott hotel, 10th and Poplar 
Doyle John ("., clerk,9 Prune 
Doyle John ('., lab. Pearl a!) 15th 
Doyle Joseph, hatter, 2U Buckley 



Doyle J. W. & Co., grocers, S E 2cl and Green 
Doyle Lawrence, lab. Seniff and Ashton 
Doyle Luke, carter, Lewis bel Jefl'erson 
Doyle I-. C, tavern, N E Callowhill and Front 
Doyle Marg-aret, b h, 84 N 7th 
Doyle Mary, laundress, Ann bel Larch (R) 
Doyle Michael, lab. 801 N 10th 
Doyle Michael, dealer, P road ab Wharton 
Doyle Michael, lab. Jones n 21st 
Doyle Nancy, washer, 301 S Front 
Doyle Patrick, lab. Stewart ab Catharine 
Doyle Patrick, weaver, Baker's ct(K) 
Doyle Patrick, watchman, Kennedy's ct 
Doyle Patrick, lab. 20 Wilcox 
Doyle Peter, porter, 20 Wilcox 
Doyle Peter, jr., tavern, N W 2d and Wharton 
Doyle Peter, trimming-s, 305 CallowhiU 
Doyle Peter, seaman, 643 S Front 
Doyle Peter, hatter, 20 Buckley 
Doyle Rebecca H., millinery, 222 N 15th 
Doyle Robert, lab. 2 John's ct 
Doyle Robert, lab. 14 Jones' al 
Doyle Stephen, brass founder. Baker's ct 
Doyle Timothy, cooper, Fisher ab Emery (R) 
Doyle Wm., lab. rear 5 Bread 
Doyle Wm., lab. Shalcross W 21st 
Doyle Wm. J., printer, 58 M road 
Doyle Wm. T., stone mason, 50 Lewis 
Doyle Winfield, 10 Benton 
Drag-an Joshua, lab. 17th ab Coates 
Drais Wm. P., brushmr.319 N 10th 
Drain John, lab. Cedar (R) 
Drain Samuel, slater, 512 N Front 
Drake Francis, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Drake Franklin, cordw. Jackson 
Drake Hiram, clerk, 15 Winfield pi 
Drake John, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Drake John, weaver, 9 Philip (K) 
Drake John, tailor, 347 Market 
DRAKE JOHN, bootmr. 31 N 3d, h 15 Win- 
field pi 
Drake Joseph, spinner, Shippen bel Broad 
Drake Matthias D., clerk, 17 Randolph 
Drake Misses, teachers, 15th ab Spruce 
Drake Samuel, cordw. 484 N 3d 
Drake Thomas, manuf., M'Dufiie n 21st, and 

21st and Pine, h 17th and Locust 
Drake Timothy, g-ent. 19 Duke 
Drake Uriah, boot fitter, 105 St John 
DRAKE, WILSON & CO., fordw. mers.. Dela- 
ware av ab Vine 
Drake Zach., lime burner, Carlton bel 21st 
Drane Wm. L., printer, 59 Gaskill 
Dr'iper Abraham P., liotel, Washington and 

William (W P) 
Draper Charles, white washer, 18 Pearl 
DRAPER EDMUND, math, and opt. instru- 
ment mr. 22 Pear 
Draper Elias, waiter, 18 Prosperous al 
Draper John, barber, 20 Arcade, h 19 Eag-le ct 
Draper Milby, lab. Pearl ab 12th 
Draper Robt., eng'raver, 22| Mer. Exchang'e 
DRAPER, TIFT & CO., jewelers, 26 S 3d 
DRAPER, WELSH & CO., bank note engra- 
vers, 22^ Mer. Exchang'e 
Draper Wm., carp., Julian ab Callowhill 
Drayton H. E., M. D., 13 Portico sq 
Drayton M. Mrs., 13 Portico sq 

DRAYTON W. H., atty. & coun., 92 S 4th 
Drean Henry, clerk, AV Bank, h 76 Vine 
Drean John, weaver, 18th bel Shippen 
Dreby C, cooper, 233 Hig-h and 244 N 2d 
Dreer Ferdinand J., jeweler. Goldsmith Hall, 

Library, h 16th ab Spruce 
Dreer Frederick, gent. Bridge bet 4th and 5th 
DREER & HAYES, jewelers. Goldsmith Hall, 

DREER HENRY A., seedsman, 59 Chestnut, h 

Elm and 6th (W P) 
Dreespie William, baker, 64 Plum 
Dreher Michael, cordw., G T road ab 2d (K) 
Dreisbach Henry, police, 31 Crown 
Dreka Lewis, trimmings, 151 S 4th 
Drenkel D. R., carp., Parrish n 16th, h Girard 

av and 19th 
Drenner John, carp. 362 Vine 
Drenner Sarah, trimmings, 362 Vine 
Drennon Isaac, cordw., Lewis ab Master 
Drennon Thomas, lab. 3 Ward's Retreat 
Dreshter John, cordw. 337 St John (K) 
Dresser John S., carp. 20 Ogden 
Dressier Fred. B., coach laceweav. Harrison's av 
Dressier Frederick J., agent German Emigrant 

Society, N E 2d and Chestnut 
Dressier John, earthenware, 158 Poplar 
Dressier J. N., china ware, 393 N 2d 
Drevet L., clerk, 147 Market 
DREW ARTHUR P., clerk, 318 Wood 
Drew Catharine, confec. 13th and Pearl 
Drew Cyrus, clerk, 12 Prime 
Drew Frank N., comedian, 345 Noble 
Drew Henry, lab. 448 S Front 
Drew John, ship carp. 418 S Front 
Drew Keziah, tobacco and segars, 378 S 4th 
Drew John, actor, 269 S 10th 
Drew Nancy, spooler, Shippen ab 12th 
Drew Patrick, lab., Lehigh n Canal (R) 
Drew Wm., upholst. 84 Jarvis 
Drexel A. J., broker, 22 S 3d, h S Rltten- 

house sq 
DREXEL & CO., ex. brokers, 22 S 3d 
Drexel Francis M., broker, 22 S 3d, h S W 19th 

and S Rittenhouse 
Drexel F. A., broker, 22 S 3d, h S W 19th and 

S Rittenhouse 
Drexel Joseph W., broker, 22 S 3d, h S W 19th 

and S Rittenhouse 
Drexler C, bird stuffer, 22 Almond 
Drexler David, wharf builder. Cedar (R) 
Driesbach Hartman, chairmr. 2 Harmony ct 
Driesch Michael, baker, Franklin and Hancock 
Drinkhouse Aaron, cabman, 29 S 16th 
Drinkhouse Andrew, carp. 11 Nonnater's ct 
Drinkhouse Hiram L., stoves, 37 P road 
Drinkhouse H., stable, 16th ab Market 
Drinkhouse Jacob, coal dealer, 1 N 6th, h 191 

Sp Garden 
Drinkhouse Louisa, 35 Paul 
Drinkhouse Mary, washer, 11 Nonnater's ct 
Drinkhouse Wm, tinsm., 58 South, h 474 S Front 
Dripps Alexa., weaver, Leopard bel Phoenix 
Dripps John, grocer. Amber and Phoenix 
Dripps John, 662 N 2d 

Dripps Robert, grocer, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Drips David, oil cloth manuf, Coates bel Broad 
Driscoll Cornelius, porter, 1 Filbert ay 




Drlscoll Dennis, lab. 17th ab Coates 

Driscoll Jeremiah, Deacon bel Stiles 

DriscoU Thomas, Deacon bel Stiles 

Driver Adam S., Rev. 345 S 4th 

Driver Hannah, cook, 15 Washington 

Driver Jane, shop, 13 Perr}' 

Driver John, macht. 67 G T road 

Driver Samuel, millvvrt. 598 S 2d 

Droege John, harness mr. 3 Mechanic 

DROPS! E MOSES A., att'y and coun., Hai-t's 

Drost John, shop, F road and Harrison (K) 
Droughman Charles, watchmr., Front ab Coates 
Droughman Charles, watchmr. 5 Ridge av 
Drouin Felix, French school, 2 Dugan row 
Drovin Constance G., bookseller, N E 3d and 

Chestnut, h Loxley's ct 
Drovin F. A., stationer, 448 Vine 
Drovin Isabella, milliner, 448 Vine 
Drowerv Zebulon, barber, 227 Callowhill 
DROWN WM. A., umbrellas, 86 Market, h 18 

Droz Hannah, watchmr. 118 Walnut 
Druck F. & D., Messrs., ladies hair dressing, 68 

Sp Garden 
Druddling Francis, jeweler, 82 Shippen 
Drudger Catharine, 381 S Front 
Druding Anthony, jeweler, rear 8 Shippen 
Druding Lucy, 261 Christian 
Drullinger Jacob, stone ma., Clinton bel Poplar 
Drum Conrad, dealer, Barclay ab Broad 
Drum David S., tavern, S W 8th & Buttonwood 
Drum Elizabeth, N E Cherry and 16th 
Drum Francis, lab. Locust W 20th 
Drum James, lab., Anthracite (R) 
Drum John, vict. 194 Parrish 
Drum John, lab.. Anthracite (R) 
Drum Joseph, lab.. Spring (R) 
Drum Mary, 210 Buttonwood 
Di"um Patrick, driver, Marriott's la bel 6th 
Drum Patrick, driver. Federal bel 5th 
Drum Terrence, lab., Murray W 20th 
Drum William, gent. 302 N 8th 
Drumel E., blacksm., Wiley's ct 
Drumel Philip, cordw. 4 Elder 
Drumm Thomas, teacher, 5 Myrtle 
Drummond And., boot mr. 86 Hope 
Drummond Anna Maria, washer, Emeline ab 8th 
Drummond George, baker, 252 G T road bel 

Drummond James, .sashmr. 44 Barker 
Drummond John, tinsm.. Arch ab 19th 
Drummond Joseph, musician. Walnut bel Mary 
Drummond Lewis, shoemaker, 42 Carpenter, h 

Mansiiall's ct 
Drummond L., waiter, 496 Carpfenter 
Dnmunond Stephen, upholst. 20 Flower 
Drunnnond William C, 119 Siiackamaxon 
Drury Jolm, cordw., rear 262 South 
Drury John, lab. 19th ab South 
Dnirv Patrick, cordw. 154 S 6th 
1)RV'hUR(;H a., florist, S W 19th and Race 
Dr} loos Abraham, .salesman, 62 N 3d, h 372 N 

Dryfuss Samuel, lab. 3 Mu.stin's ct 
Dr\sdal(- Marv, nurse, 35 Almond 
DRYSDALETHO.MAS M., M. D., 591 Race ab 

Drvsdale Wm., watchmr., 354 Market, h Race 

ab 16th 
DUANE WILLIAM, att'y at law, 138 Walnut, 

h 734 Pine ab 18th 
Duane William J., office 138 Walnut, h Locust 

W 16th 
Dubasee Edward P., jeweller, N E 5th and Ca- 
Dubasee Eliza, sempstress, 7 Morris 
Dubasee George, P road ab Federal 
Dubasee John, ropemr., Christian & 8th 
Dubassee Joseph, chairmr. 5 Charles 
Dubois Alexander, regulator of house nmnbers, 

422 N 10th 
Dubois Alexander, combmr. 138 Charlotte 
Dubois Alexander, painter, 12th ab Brown 
Dubois Alexander N., printer, 1 Queen's av 
Dubois Ann, gentw. 31 Perry 
Dubois Benjamin, carp., Robertson, h 13 Cairoll 
Dubois Cornelius, confect. 306 N 2d 
Dubois & Co., paper hang., 273 N 2d 
Dubois Enoch, combmr. 545 N 10th 
Dubois Ephraim F., combmr. 12 Myrtle 
Dubois Henry, sawyer, 25 George (K) 
Dubois James, dyer, 13th and Budden's al 
Dubois James, lumber, Huntingdon and Gun- 
ner's run canal, h Larch and Maple (R) 
Dubois John, clerk, 384 S 5th 
Dubois John, carter, rear Palm ab Gilbert 
Dubois Joseph A., upholst. 15 Ontario 
Dubois Louis P., broker, 69 Chestnut, h 17th 

bel Vine 
Dubois L. P. & Co., stock broker, 69 Chestnut, 

h 17th bel Vine 
Dubois Maria, milliner, 159 S 2d 
Dubois M. E., milliner, 48 Filbert 
Dubois Philias, weaver, F road and Otter 
Dubois Philip, turner, 9 Pear 
Dubois Thos., refect. 260 N 3d, h 47 Tammany 
Dubois Theo., paper hanger, 273 N 2d 
Dubois T. J., jr., barber, 57 Callowhill, h 47 

Dubois William E., assistant assayer, U S Mint, 

h 135 N 13th 
Dubois Zaccheus, combmr. 29 Ogden 
DUnOSQ, CARROW & CO., jewelers, 104 

Dubosq Francis P., jeweler, 104 Chestnut, h 

Race ab 16th 
Dubosq, Fuller &, Co., lumber and wood. Snow- 
den's whf 
Dubosq George, jeweler, 3d ab Catharine 
Dubosq Geo., jewl., 76 N 2d, h 3d ab Caharine 
Dubosq Hen., jeweler, 5 Gold, h 154 Catharine 
Dubosq Henry A., silversmith, h 595 S 3d 
Dubosq Henrv A., jcwikr, 3d ab Wliarton 

silversmiths, 5 Gold 
Dubo,sq Peter, jeweler, 5 (iold, h 424 S 3d 
Dubosq Philip L., jeweler, 5 Gold, h 128 Catha- 
Dubosfj Theo., 90 S 11th 

Dubos(| Wm. A., lumber, Snowdcn's whf, h Car- 
penter ab 3d 
Dubosq William H., jeweller, 104 Chestnut 
l)u lloucliet Chai-les, segai-s, 2>o S 8th 
Du liouchct Charles A., M. D., dentist, 133 




Dubourg John, dealer, Jones W 17th 

Dubourg Robert, bricklr., Jones W 17th 

Dubree Alex. L., brass founder, Marseilles pi 

Dubree Amos, brushmr., 321 N 3d 

Dubree John, 767 N 5th (K) 

Dubs Joseph, mer., Bridg-e ab 6th 

DUBS SAMUEL R., M. D., Spruce bel Broad 

Ducachet Henry W., D. D., 8 Gu-ard 

Ducasse Francis H., tobacco, 354 Green, h 17 

Duchar Thomas, g-ardener, 14 Pratt 
Duck, Shipman & Co., lumber and com. mers., 

Coates st whf 
Duckett Abraham, acct. Western Bank, 5 Zane 
Duckett Abraham, porter, 143 Cheny 
Duckett Joseph H., mer. 15 Commerce, h 444 

Duckett Samuel P., tobacconist, 31 N 9th 
Duckstein \Vm., coaclimr. 572 N 13th 
Duckworth Mary, Girard av ab R av 
Ducomb J. F., bookbinder, 7 Hart's Building's, 

h 278 N 10th 
Ducommun Charlotte, wid. of Henry, 127 N 3d 
DUCOMMUN H., vvatchmr. and watch tools, 31 

S4th, hl27N3d 
Duddy Bernard, tailor, Catharine bel 9th 
Duddy Mich., lab. 407 Lombard 
Duddy William, varnisher, Leiper's ct 
Dudell P'rederick, printer, Haines ab 12th 
Dudley Jacob, carp.. Otter n School (K) 
Dudley James, weaver, 246 G T road 
Dudley John, girth web, Quarry ab 2d, h 244 

G road 
Dudreau John, gent., 22 Griswold's al 
Duey Caleb, cordw., rear 385 Race 
Duff" Christ'r, carter, 15 Washington 
Duff" Edward, hatter, 9th ab L Washington 
Duff" James, saddler, Oxford ab Front 
Duff" John, lab. 760 N 10th 
Duff" John B., carp. 116 Palmer 
Duff John L., clerk, Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Duff" Mich., blacksmith, 61 Hutchinson 
Duff" Philip, livery stable, 20 Merchant 
Duff" William, carp. Lafayette ab 9th 
Duff' AVilliam, porter, 20 's 4th 
Duff" William, lab., Warren bel Marv (W P) 
Duff" William A., acct., 181 Cherry, h N Wash- 
ington bel 10th 
Duff'ee D., 297 S 8th 

Duff'ee F. H., broker & ins. agent, 8 Gold 
Duff'ee Washington J., M. D., 139 S 5th 
Dufl^ee Wm., sr., cordw. Hamilton n William 
Duff'el James, cordw. 7th ab Washington 
Dufl^el Luke W., clerk, 17 Carpenter 
Duflf"ell Isaac, eating cellar, 44 South 
Dufl^ev Charles, store, 275 Washington 
Duffield Benj., purser U S N., 305 Pine 
Duffield Chas., wheelwr't, Hanover ab Franklin 
Duffield Edward R., 9lerk, 55 S 3d 
Duffield George, jr.. Rev., 439 N 8th 
Duffield Henry, car]). F road ab Oxford 
DUFFIELD HENRY, M. D., 38 S 7th, h Wash- 
ington House 
Duffield Jacob, lab. AVinter bel 2d 
Duffield .Foseph, Ijootnn-., F road ab Oxford 
Duffield Bobt. K., bottler, 46 Tammany &, 268 

N Front, h 43 Wallace 
Duffield Samuel, bookkeeper, 112 Market 

Duffield Samuel, vinegar manuf. Putman & How- 
ard (K) 
Duffield Thomas, carp. 466 F road 
Duflin James, liq. dealer, Salmon n Emery (R) 
Uuflin John, lab., Jeff'erson ab Philip (K) 
Duffin Lydia, 3T1 Lombard 
Duff'y A., painter, 30 Lebanon 
Duffy Bernard, lab. W Market ab 22d 
Duff'y Bernard, lab., Spaff"ord bel Shippen 
Duflr Bernard, lab., Hazel ab Front 
Duffy Bridget, 212 S 4th J 

Duff'y Bryan, shop, 3 Vine 
Duffy Charles, 77 S 11th 

Duff"y Charles, lab., Salmon n Huntingdon (R) 
Duflry Charies, lab., Tilton bel Emery (R) 
Duffy Dennis, carpet weaver, G T road bel Jef- 
DUFFY EDWARD 8c SON, soap and candles 

and bottling est., 44 Filbert 
Duff"y Edward, 22d and Arch 
Duffy Eugene, shoe store, 243 S 2d 
DUFFY FRANCIS, stables, 180 Locust 
Duffy Francis, weaver, Orange ab 12th 
Duffy Hugh, glass house, h Vienna bel Duke 
Duffy Hugh, shoemr. Salmon and Emery (R) 
Duffy Hugh, lab.. South bel Water 
Duff"y Hugh, hat dyer, P i-oad bel Marriot 
Duff"y Hugh, carter, 21st bel Market 
Duff"y Hugh, lab. 46 Washington av 
Duff'y James, tavern, 395 S 13th 
Duff"y James, lab., rear St Paul's av 
Duff"y James, ostler. Juniper and Cherry 
Duff"y James, shop, 21st and M'Duffie 
Duff'y James, fur. car, Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Duff"y James, baker, Eldridge pi 
Duffy James, Baker bel 8th 
Duff"y James P., math, instruments, 91 S Stli 
Duff'y John, tavern, 4 N Water 
Duffy John, tailor, M'Alravy 
Duff'y John, lab.. Reed bel Front 
Duffy John, lab., Simes n 22d 
Duff'y John, hackman, 15 College av 
Duff'y John, chandler, 25 Hubbell 
Duff'y John, carter, Cherry bet 20th and 21st 
Du^'y John, Brook's ct 
Duffy John, di-ayman, 18 Market 
Duff'y John H., 681 N 11th 
Duff'y John W., clerk, 180 Locust 
Duff'y John W., stable keep., rear Baker bel 8th 
Duff'y Maiy, Sutherland and Bedford 
Duff'y Mich., tailor, Richmond and Rroad (R) 
Duff'y Michael, porter, 46 Union 
Duff'y Owen, printer, 13 Hallowell 
Duff"y Owen, dealer. Market ab 22d 
Duff'y Owen, printer, 285 S 5th 
Duff'y Patrick, carter. Clay n Sch Willow 
Duffy Patrick, bottler, 406 N 3d 
Duff'y Patrick, dealer, Fulton 
Duff'y Patrick, tavern, N W 7th and Zane 
Duff'y Patrick, tavern, 5 Baker 
Duffy Patrick, tavern, 3 Baker 
Duff"y Patrick, iron works, Carltoii ab 12th 
Duffy Patrick, lab., Washington (W P) 
Duff'y Philip, bottler, 44 Filbert, h 42 Filbert 
Duff'y Pliilip, sr., contractor, William bel Rich- 
mond (R) 
Duff'y Philip, jr., clerk, William bel Richmond 
Duff'y Philip, lab., Essex 




DuflTv Richard, coachman, 3d bel Cherry (K) 

Duffy Richard, lab. 582 Pearl 

Duffy Richard A., lithographer, 337 Federal 

Duffv Rosanna, 1 Melon pi 

Duffy Sarah, b h, 144 Water 

Duffy Sarah, b h, 99 George 

Duffy Terence, cabman, 517 Shippen 

Duffy Thomas, tailor, 215 Lombai-d 

Duft'y William, painter, 33 S 3d, h Erie bel Fitz- 

Duffy William, weaver, 6th ab Jefferson (K) 
Duffy William, gent., Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Duffy William, painter, Erie 
Duffy A^'m., jr., ch-over, Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Dufour George, mer. 16 Walnut 
Dufrene Edward, artist, 32 S 7th 
Dugan Bridget, washer woman, 4 Mayland 
Dugan Cormack, lab., Caldwell ab Sch Beach 
Dugan Edward, morocco dr., Master ab Cad- 

Dugan Felix, tailor, 19 Fayette 
Dugan Henry, skin dress., 5 Lloyd's ct 
Dugan Hugli, weaver, 9th bel Christian 
Dugan H., dry goods, Ross ab Queen (K) 
Dugan Isabella, 348 Pine 
Dugan James, carter, Kelly's ct 
Dugan Jas., bottler, Master ab Cadwalader (K) 
Dugan John, cordw., 1 Freji;ag^s al 
Dugan John, lab. 9 Little Oak 
Dugan John, moroc. dr.. Master ab Cadwalader 
Dugan John W., hatter, Larch ab Wallace 
Dugan Joseph, grocer. Lemon bel 11th 
Dugan Joseph J., cbiiggist, 3d and South 
Dugan Michael, lab. 119 N Front 
Dugan Patrick, cabman, 6 Monmouth ct 
Dugan Pati'ick, drayman. Phoenix bel 2d (K) 
Dugan Thomas, cordw., rear 458 Poplar 
Dugan Thoma.s, builder, N E 10th and "Wash- 
ington (S G) 
Dugan Thomas, b ii, 136 N Juniper 
Dugan Timothy, weaver, 2d ab Master (K) 
Dugan William, carter. Master ab G T road (K) 
Dugan William W., refectory, 211 Arcli, h 62 

Dugan Wm. W., N E 9th and Chestnut 
Dugdale Edward, broker, rear 74 S 3d 
Dugdale Patrick, lab. 108 Fisher (R) 
Dugee Charles P., accoutant, 280 Marshall 
Dugee Rachel, 280 Marshall bel Poplar 
Dugerv Rodger, lal). Salmon bel Ann (R) 
Duhriiig Ca-spar H., mer. 22 N 4th, h \77 N 9th 
Duhring George, M. 1)., 134J Arch 
Duhring Henry, mer. 22 N 4'th, h 167 N 6th 
DUHRING HENRY 8c CO., hosieiy and small 

wares, 22 N 4th 
Duhring Wm. T., clerk, 22 N 4th, h 167 N 6th 
Duke A. G., cordw. Wood bel 18th 
Duke diaries, upholsterer, 193 Carpenter 
Duke Mary, b h, 81 Lombard 
Duke Tliomas, laborer, Federal bel 5th 
Duke Thos., gas fitter, rear Amber bel Phoenix 

Dukt ^ .\nii, 13J Cliristian 
Diiki s Peter, waterman. Maiden ab Beach (K) 
Dukes Hirliard, waterman, 16 .Mary 
Dulanl/ .lereiniali, lab. 85 Wasliington (K) 
Duley William, cuirier, rear 115 Race 
Duling James, lab. Charles and Front 

Duling Thos., capt. 5 Carpenter 

Duling Wm., tailor, 5 Beck 

Dull Charles, h 192 Fitzwider 

Dull Christian, drayman, Front bel Master 

Dull Gabriel, tobacconist, 72 N 5th 

Dull George, carman, 245 St. John 

Dull George, tavern, 440 N 2d 

Dull George W., carp. 6th bel Montgomery 

Dull Henrv, milkman, Charles bel Buttonwood 

Dull Henrv, lab. West (R) 

Dull Jacob, blacksm. 120 & h 50 Richmond (R) 

Dull James, drayman. Crown bel West (K) 

Dull Joseph, lampmr. rear 88 Nectarine 

Dull Justice R., carp. 374 N 7th 

Dull Prudence, 374 N 7th 

Dull Valentine, carter, Thompson ab 4th (K) 

Dulles & Aertsen, com. mers. 49 & 51 Chestnut 

DULLES, EARL 8c COPE, druggists, 76 S 2d 

Dulles Jos. H., mer. 49 Chestnut, h 270 Pine 

Dulles J. H., jr., mer. 76 S 2d, h 270 Pine 

Dulles Wm., com. mer. 8 S Front 


com. mers. 8 S Front 
Dulty William, boots and shoes, 98 Market, h 

336 Arch 
Dumas Guy B., mer. 107 Market, h 67 N 10th 
Dumbert H., tailor, rear Orcliard bel Rawle 
Dumec John F., cabinetmr. 3 Fitzwater 
Dummig Charles, imp. mus. inst. 207 Chestnut, 

8c 33 N 8th, h 26 N 7th 
Dumond John, macht. 12 Mechanic 
Dumont A. J., acct. 74 Majket, h Marshall near 

Dumont A. P., acct. 306 Marshall 
Dumont J. A., mer. 239, Franklin bel Green 
Dumont J. T. B., gents, fur. store, 319^ Market, 

h 306 Marshall 
Dumont Margaret, washer, rear 126 Shippen 
Dumont Samuel, clerk, 98 Wood 
Dumont Thomas, Tariff place 
Dumphries John, carter, 12th and Haines 
Dumple John, ship carp. Larch n Maple 
Dumproff Andrew, boots and shoes. Queen ab 

Du Moulin Augustu.s, gilder, 65 S 8th, h Pine 

W 15th 
Dunbar Alex., lab. Woodbine n Wharton 
Dunbar Eloii, h 104 S 9th 
Dunbar Hugh, pedler. Federal ab 12tli 
Dunbar James, lab. 7tli bel Reed 
Dunbar Joseph, lab. Meridilh bel Nixon 
Dunbar Lawrence, cordw. rear 310 Race 
Dunbar Morris, carp. 13th l^el Brown 
Dunbar Richard, chemist, 22d and Spruce 
DUNBAR SAMUKL, boots and shoes, 77 S 2d, 

h 6 Prime 
Dunbar Thos., lab. Sch South ab Beach 
Dunbar Wm., blacksm. 63 Moy road, house 96 

Duncan Adam, drayman, Bachc n Race 
Duncan Agnes, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Duncan Alex. B., tavern. Ridge road and 16th 
Duncan A., acct. 200 Fitzwater 
Duncan David, salesman, 80 Chestnut 
Duncan David, coal dealer. Broad bel Lombard, 

and Sliackamaxon ab Queen 
Duncan Francis, seaman, 17 Siiippen 
Duncan George, carp. 7 McLeod pi 




Duncan George W., Hardware, G T road ab 5th 
Duncan Jacob, waiter, 363 Lombard 
Duncan James, carp. 420 S 10th 
Duncan James, lab. 2 Horstman's Row 
Duncan Jas. J., mer. 177^ High, h 311 Spruce 
Duncan James J. & Co., hardw. 1772 High 
Duncan John, salesman, 87 N 3d 
Duncan John, collector, 85 S 3d 
Duncan John, tailor, 4 Powell 
Duncan John, Allegheny House 
Duncan John, collector, 84 Church 
Duncan John A , mariner, 1 Louisa av 
Duncan Joseph, cordw. Carlton n Broad 
Duncan Louisa Mrs., Chestnut n Broad 
Duncan Morris, porter, 1 Lagrange court 
Duncan Moses, lab. Juniper and Pine 
Duncan M., milliner, 643 High 
Duncan Noah, carp. 64 Almond 
Duncan Peter, seaman, 1 Louisa av 
Duncan Robert, Filbert E 18th 
Duncan Robert, stone cutter, 21st and Murray 
Duncan Wm., 92 Wood 
Duncan Wm., merchant, 346 Chestnut 
Dundas James, paver, F road ab Phoenix (K) 
Dundas James, N E Broad and Walnut 
Dundin James, cai*penter, rear 133 Plum 
Dundon Michael, lab. Federal n 13th 
Dunevan Jacob, waiter, 363 Lombard 
Dunfee Samuel, wood turner, 642 N 2d 

and 108 Marshall' 
Dungan Chas. S., drug. Washington & Master 
Dungan C. B., treas. N L Gas Works, h 573 Arch 
Dungan John, gent. 372 N 7th 
Dungan John, salesman, 312 S 8th 
Dungan John, salesman, 5th and Diamond (K) 
Dungan Joseph, 87 N 3d 

Dungan Robt. W., drugs. 69 N Front, h 13 New 
Dungan Thomas, gent. 410 N 2d 
Dungan Thos. M., carp. Master & Hancock (K) 
Dungan William J., 105 Chestnut 
Dungey Wm., bird shop, Coates ab 12th 
Dunglison Robley, M. D., 18 Girard 
Dunglison Wm. L., salesman, 94 Market, h 18 

Dunham Charles, waterman, 43 Filbert 
Dunham David, lab. Brown bel Huntingdon (K) 
Dunham Ezeriah, cordw. York (K) 
Dunham James, oyster h., 23 N Del av, h 48 Race 
Dunham James R., book-keeper, 41 N Water 
Dunham James S., lab. Carlton ab 13th 
Dunhan Maiy A., select school, 230 Franklin 
Dunliam Thos. S., tobacconist, 257 Race, h 39 

Dunk Chas., basketmr. 16th bel Catharine 
Dunk Charles, basketmr. Lancaster Pike betw 

6th and 7th (WP) 
Dunk Charles, dasketmr. 16th ab Catharine 
Dunkelberry Daniel, clerk, 57 William (K) 
Dunkerley Geo., casemr. 76 Nectarine 
Dunkerley Mary Ann, dressmr. 76 Nectarine 
Dunkery Thomas, weaver, Crown bel Duke 
Dunlap Alex., hat fin. 4 Church av 
Dunlap Andrew, store, Clierry & Gebhard 
Dunlap A. H., 44 Cliatham 

DUNLAP & BISPHAM, com. mers. 14 S Front 
Dunlap Chas. W., com. mer. 44 8 Front, h Sch 

bel Girard av 

DUNLAP & CO., coachmrs. 5th & Buttonwood 

off S E Green and Chatham 
Dunlap David, lab. Jefferson ab Howard 
DUNLAP & FORD, boots and shoes, 47 N 3d 
Dunlap Henry, carriage builder, 4 Morgan 
Dunlap James, distiller, 198 Carpenter 
Dunlap James, mer. 14 S Front, h 110 S Broad 
Dunlap James, carp. Boweiy pi 
Dunlap James weavei-, 8 Little Green (K) 
Dunlap Jas. H., mer. 81 Market, h Brown bel 8th 
Dunlap John, car driver, 29 Pratt 
Dunlap John, With n 19th 
Dunlap John, whipmr. 30 Nagle 
Dunlap John, weaver, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Dunlap John D., blacksm. 24 Chatham 
Dunlap Joseph, whitesm., 12 Melon 
Dunlap Joseph S., confect. 254 S Washington 
Dunlap Lilly, South n 12th 
Dunlap Mary, dressmr. 173 S 11th 
Dunlap Misses, fancy milliners, 36 N 10th 
Dunlap Robert, laborer, 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Dunlap Robert, gent. 372 Filbert 
Dunlap Robt. S., boots and shoes, 47 N 3d, h 

398 Green 
Dunlap Robert W., carp. 8 Little Green (K) 
Dunlap Sallows, mer. 14 S Front, h 53 Marshall 
DUNLAP THOMAS, atty. & coun. 32 Wash- 
ington sq corner Locust 
Dunlap Thos., sexton, George ab 16th 
Dunlap Thomas, weaver, Bedford n 19th 
Dunlap Wm., lab. Tllton bel Emory (R) 
Dunlap Wm., carpenter, 8 Little Green (K) 
Dunlap Wm., coachmr. 5th & Buttonwood, h 

54 York av 
Dunlap William, painter. South n 12th 
Dunlevy George, poller & b h, 4 Union 
Dunlevy Lewis, driver. Steward n Catharine 
Dunlevy Richard M., captain, 418 S 3d 
Dunlevy Robt. silversm. 20 Franklin pi, h 184 

Dunlevy Sarah, 85 M road 
Dunlevy St Wise, silversms. 20 Franklin pi 
Dunlop John, tailor, 768 N 2d 
Dunn Andi'ew, bartender, 12 Mercer 
Dunn Ann, Hope ab School 
Dunn Anna, 10 Castle 

Dunn Chas. C, mer.NE3d& Dock, h 6 Summer 
Dunn Edw'd, porter, 27 Strawberry 
Dunn Edw. P., bookbinder, George bel Apple 
Dunn Ellen, crockery, 315 S 6th 
Dunn Francis, lab. Keifs' av (K) 
DUNN GEO. R. & CO., patent oil manuf. 26 

S Del av, h 16 N 10th 
Dunn Gottlieb, driver, 10th ab Oxford 
Dunn James, cordw. Cabot n 15th 
Dunn James, weav., Hancock bel Diamond (K) 
Dunn Jas. livery stable, 17th and Spruce 
Dunn James, 62 Linden (K) 
Dunn Jeremiah, weaver. School ab Rose (K) 
Dunn John, shoemr. 374 S 5t') 
Dunn John, coffee house, 76 Chestnut 
Dunn John, shoemaker. Federal ab 5th 
Dunn John, laborer, 816 N 11th 
Dunn John, carp., 194 Wharton 
Dunn John, lab. Corn bel Decatur 
Dunn John, lab. Poplar 
Dunn John, carp. 15 Hallowell 
Dunn John, segar mr. 3 Paul 




Dunn John, weaver, Milton bel 12th 
Dunn John, laborer, 6 Steel 
Dunn John L., clerk, 57 Gaskill 
Dunn Joseph, laborer, 313 N Front 
Dunn Lawrence, coachman, 6 Skerritt's ct 
Dunn Marg-aret, huckster, 7 John's ct 
Dunn Marg-aret, 112 S 12th 
Dunn Marg., boots and shoes, 362 Market 
Dunn Michael, butcher, Irish Tract lane & Car- 
DUNN MICHAEL, superintendent Merchants 

Exchang-e, h 57 Gaskill 
Dunn Michael, laborer, Somerset (R) 
Dunn M. Miss, millinery & dress, 185 S Garden 
Dunn Neal, lab. Salmon n Huntington (K) 
Dunn Nich., laborer, 11 ScoLt's ct 
Dunn Patrick, lab. P'isher ab Hunting1:on (R) 
Dunn Patrick, shoemr. 5 M'Kean's ct 
Dunn Patrick, cordw . 7 Howard ct 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, Anthracite (R) 
Dunn Patrick, chaise driver, 19th ab Pine 
Dunn Robert, blacksm. 392 Lombard 
Dunn Robert, ladies' cordw. 21 Mechanic 
Dunn Samuel dry goods. 15th and Stiles 
Dunn Sarah, 7 Burd 
Dunn Sarah, cook, 2 St. Mary 
Dunn Thomas, chairmr. 17th and Spruce 
Dunn Thos., lab. Centre &, Nixon 
Dunn Thos. R., trader. Prospect bel Master 
Dunn Thos. R., brass moulder, 201 S 16th ab 

Dunn Timothy, lab. James n 8th 
Dunn Timothy, laborer, 5 Grape ct 
Dunn Walter, seaman, 8 Centre 
Dunn Wm., stone cutter, Howell W 19th 
Dunn Wm., coachman, 8 Fisher's ct 
Dunn Wm., lab. Washington bel Rose (W P) 
Dunn Wm., blacksm. 662 N 2d 
Dunn Wm., blacksm. 779 N 2d 
Dunnaman Thoma.s, macht. Green ab R av 
Dunnet John C, carp. PaiTish bel 10th 
Dunniclift" Abr., weaver, Brinton n 13th 
Dunning David, blacksm. Peny ab Franklin 
Dunning George F., mer. 17 Walnut, house 221 

Dunning John, clerk, 50 Green 
Dunning .lolin, moukkr, 502 Callowhill 
Dunning Ricb. O'B., merchant, 17 Walnut, h 221 

Dunning Robt., weaver, Perry ab Franklin (K) 
DUxNNlNG R, D. & CO., com. merchants, 17 

Dunnohew John B., painter. Ogdenbcl 13th 
Duniiott Jostpli L., carpt. 333 F road 
Dunnott Robert, lab. Charles h Uickerson 
Dunot Chailes, carp. 114 Dillvvyn 
Dunot E. Mrs., 134 N 13th 
]nm|)liy Ciiarlcs, saddler, 7 Hoffman's al 
Dunpliy Eliza., huckster, 7 HoHnuin'sal 
Dunpliy Jolianna, sempstress, 278 S 6th 
Dunpliv Tlios., (Uakr, 11 Mead 
DiinsfoVd Josepli, iiookl/inder, 189 N 9th 
Dunster Wm., lal). Bayard 
Dunstin .lolin, waiter, Wbarton ab 7th 
Dunton Albert, .salesman, 212 S 8th 
Dunton Caroline, 211 S 8th 
Dunton & Co., dry goods, 35 Jones al 
Dunton Eleanor, 66 Nectarine 

Dunton Geo., h 62 Tammany 

Dunton John L., sea captain, 353 Washington 

ab 13th (S G) 
Dunton Mary, widow of Isaac, 236 Pine 
Dunton & Ninesteel, dry goods, 28 Jones' al 
Dunton Wm. M., locksm. 66 Nectarine 
Dunton Wm. R., M. D., 236 Pine 
Dunton Wilson, mer. 92 Market, h 58 Pine 
Dunton W. W., dry goods, 55 Jones' al 
Dun woody Ruth. 163 Race 
Duparr James, cordw. Prospect bel Master 
Dupee Conrad, plasterer, 716 Wood 
Dupignac Geo. W., 5th ab Federal 
Duplaine B. C, mer. 163 Market, h 248 N 4th 

above Noble 
Dupper Jacob, vict. Church bel Moore 
Dupree Thos., cordw. P road n Washington 
DUPREE WM. T., tailor, 172 Market, h 3 Bos- 
ton pi 
Dupuj B., gent. 75 N 15th 
Dupuy M. R., 18th ab George 
Duraind Teressa, milliner, 211 Chestnut 
Durand A., gi'ocer, 296 New Market 
Durand A., druggist, 184 Chestnut, h 116 S 

Durand Elias, gent., 116 S 9th 
Durand Samuel, paper hanger, Rio Grande pi 
DURAND & TOURTELOT, druggists, 184 

Durang Charles, dancing master, 140 Spring 

Durang Israel, weaver, Pen-y's court 
Durang John F., gent. Oliver ab 12th 
Durang John T., rear 112 Olive 
Durang Maria, umbrellamr. 1 Locust 
DURAR ENOCH, Exchange Coffee House, 3d 

and Dock, h Walnut n 16th, north side 
Durbin J. P. Rev., 491 Arch 
Dvu-borow A. C, mer. 181 Market, h 158 N 9th 
Durborow Hugh Jas., printer, 2d and Prime 
Durborow Mary, 172 S 9th 
Durborow Parker, engineer, Pearl ab 19th 
Durborow Parker, engineer, Rasberry and 4th 

(W P) 
Durborrow Chas. B., auct. 78 Market, house 66 

Durborrow Fred., musician. Master bel Han- 
cock (K) 
Durborrow Geo. Rev., Callowhill n 2'2d 
Durborrow John, salesman, 15 Bank, house 261 

Durbrow Townsend, shoemaker, Winter n 20th 
Durell Edward H., mer. S W 2d and Coates 
DURELL KINSEY, tavern. Front bel Poplar 
DurcU Tlios., stove manuf. 88 N 6tb, h 97 Dill- 

Durell Wm., watchman, 23 F road 
Durell Wm. M., 8 Pleasant Ketreat 
Duif'or Win., carp. 370 S 9tli 
Duriiani Benj., carter, P road bel Reed 
Duiliam Bernard, Little Washington 
Durliam Elizabeth, stocknn-. 178 N 13th 
Durliain James, oystcrman, 1 Emeline 
Durham John, refectory, 165 (Jarpenter 
Durham Mary, Middle alley 
Durham Nicholas, oysters, Bonsall n 10th 
Durham Samuel, oysters, Emeline ab 8tii 
Durham Sarah, washer, 165 Carpenter 




Burbam Thomas, baker, 262 Fitzwater 

Durham Thomas, porter. Perry's ct 

Duriot F., cook, 7 Lemon 

Durnell Henry, tobacconist, 4^ S 9th, h Depot 

bel Linden 
Durnell J as., blacksm. 156 Si h 308 Race 
Durnen James, carpenter, 3 Comptroller 
Durnen Thomas, lab. 1 Juniper 
Durnett Jesse, hatter, Carlton ab 12th 
Durnett Wm. K., gent. 382 N 6th 
Durney Eliza, Mrs. 113 Catharine 
Durney Henry, stone cutter, 7 short ct 
Durney Joseph, brushmr. 108 Union 
Durney Tobias M., confect. 288 S 2d 
Durney V. P., clothing, 344^ Market and 129 

Chestnut, h 113 Catharine 
Duross Cornelius, printer, 131 N 2d 
Duress Jas., grocer, SEP road and Catharine 
Duross Jas., liquor mer. h 11th and Christian 
Duross John, cabtmr. 221 South, h S E P road 

and Catharine 
Duross John, printer, SBlackhorse a],hl31N2d 
Duross Neal, bottler, rear 332 S 6th 
Duross Ne£^ drayman, 32 Milton 
Duross Pat. H., printer, 131 N 2d 
Duross Peter, 22 Jane 
Duross P., bottler, 181 Catharine 
Duross Wm., bookseller, 7 Arcade, h 131 N 2d 
Durpon Francis, wood carver. Wood ab Duke 
Durr Henry, tavern, 20 Greenwich ab Front 
Durr John, blacksm. 10 Weaver 
Durr John, blacksm. 4th and Columbia 
Durrah Hugh, plasterer. Citron ab 12th 
Durrenberger Philip, boot crimper, Hancock 

bel Philip (K) 
Dusch Anthonv, cordw. 2 Orchard 
DUSCH CHRIST., hotel, 618 N 2d (K) 
Dusch Christopher, lampmr. Coates ab 13th 
Dusch George, cordw. 27 Mayland 
Dusch Henry, blacksm. 618 N 2d 
Dusenberry Benj., 20th ab Race 
Dusenberry Francis, lab. rear Lancaster bel Reed 
Duswald John, sawmr. F road ab Daupiiin (K) 
Dutch A.lex., cordw. S E 10th and Sergeant 
Dutch Thos., waterman, 29 Reckless 
Dutcher Aaron R., mer. 88 N 2d 
Dutcher &. Coward, dry goods, 88 N 2d 
Dutcher Samuel, shoe str. 133 Sp Garden 
Duterte Francis A., undertaker, 200 Lombard, 

h 288 Lombard 
Dutilh Chas., 497 Arch 
DUTILH EDMUND G., mer.N E 3d &. Dock, 

h 417 Spruce 
Dutson John, warper, 899 N 8th 
Dutterline Nathan, cordw. Cadwell ab 13th 
Dutton A., carter, 267 Carpenter 
Dutton A. L. &. A. P., boots and shoes, S E 6th 

and Market 
Dutton B. Frank, 572 N 13 
Dutton C. Mrs., gentw. S E Wood & Franklin 
Dutton Elizabeth S., b.h, 192 N 6th 
Dutton Isaac, carp. 177 Washington 
Dutton John M., Sec. Manure Co., 12 Gold- 
smith's Hall, h Summer and 21st 
Dutton Joseph L., carp. 24 Union 
Dutton J. M., clerk, P. R. R. Co., h 488 Coates 
Dutton Lewis T., shoes, 184 Market, h N W 

5th and North 

I Dutton Lydia, b h, 12 Prune 
Dutton Rachel, grocer, 87 Pearl 
Dutton Richard H., mach, 12 Prune 
DUTTON RICHARD R., boots and shoes, 132 

Market, h N W 5th and North 
Dutton Saml. P., carp. Washington ab 7tli 
Dutton Sidney & Rachel, seminary, Stai* Hall 
Dutton & Smedley, metallic caps, Quarry ab 2d 
Dutton Wm. R., Quarry ab 2d, h River and 

Hutton (C) 
Duval Bassett, carter, Pennsylvania av n Fair- 
Duval Davton, gents, furnish, store, 5 Arcade 
DUVAL P. S., litho. Ransteadpl, h 293 Walnut 
Duval Wm. L., tobacconist, 56 Walnut 
Duvall James, lab. F road and Bedford 
Duvall Samuel, carter, Marlboro' n Allen 
Duvall Samuel, lab. F i-oad and Bedford 
Duvane Jane, laundress, Donnelly's ct 
Duware Mich., lab. 741 N 10th 
Dux S. M., dry goods, 20 Bank 
Duy David, hatter, 14 Whitehall 
Duy Wm., watchman, 32 Whitehall 
Duy Wm., hatter, 32 Whitehall 
Dwight F'rancis G., mer. 97 Market, h 218 Race 
Dwyer Catharine, washer, Pleffenberg pi 
Dwj^er Dan., fisherman & groc. Queen &. Bishop 
Dwyer Edward, shoemr. 4 Little Dock 
Dwyer Honora, fisherman, F av ab Wood 
Dwyer Honora, shop, 47 Prune 
Dwyer J., painter. Whitehead's ct 
Dwyer Wm., lab. 8 Lilly al 
Dyas Jos., weaver, Pennsylvania av ab William 
Dyball Caroline, gentw. 385 Callowhill 
Dj'ball Robert furnishing goods, Sp Garden and 

Dych John, coppersm. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Dych John, china, 247 Franklin (K) 
Dye John, plater, 366 N 4th 
Dye John, 20 State 
Dye Joseph R., tailor, 23 Queen, h Hanover bel 

West (K) 
Dye & Morris, tailors. Queen n Froad (K) 
Dyer & Bechler, painters, 113 N 4th, h 84 

Dyer Chas. P., carp. 86 Swanson 
Dyer Elizabeth, wid. 75 G T road 
DYER GEORGE, tavern, Vine and Crown 
Dyer Herman, D. D., Arch ab 16th 
Dyer Isaac, coi'dvv. Apple bel George 
Dyer James W., gent. 517 S Front 
Dyer John, stevedore, rear 190 South 
Dyer John, lab. 10 Griswold's al 
Dyer Nathan, tailor, 3 Pleasant retreat 
Dyer Philip, morocco dress. Steam Mill al 
Dyer P. A., milliner, 60 N 8th 
Dyer R. S., dealer, 452 S Front 
Dyer Sarah, gentw. 97 Green 
Dyer Timothy J., brassfounder, 519 S Front 
Dyer Wm. D., daguerreotypes, 144 Chestnut, h 

500 N 15th 
Dyke John, barber, 8th bel Washington 
Dyke John, jr., painter, 16 Buttonwood 
Dyke J. Mrs., boys clothing, 16 Buttonwood 
Dyke P. B., clerk, 29 Montgomery 
D}kes Elizabeth, dress mr. 11 L Washington 
Dyott C. W., gent. Spruce ab 13th 
Dyott J. B., M. D., 132 N 2d, h 301 N 11th 




DYOTT M. B. & KENT, lamps, kc, 74 S 2cl 
Dyott M. B., mer. 74 S 2d, h Walnut W 19th 
DYOTT T. W. & SONS, druggists and com 

mer. 132 N 2d 
Dyott T. W., M. D., 132 N 2d 
Dyott T. W., jr., 132 N 2d 
Dyre ^Milton, book binder, Logan ab Green 
Dysert Jos., clerk, 7 Commerce 
Dyson E., b h, 210 Cherry 
Dyson John, shawl presser, Oxford ab 5th (K) 

Eadline James, tailor, 132 Beach (K) 
Eady & Bizzard, shoes, 2d n Federal 
Eagan William, 14 Lemon 
Eager Charles, blacksm. 110 F road (K) 
Eager Matthias, boiler mr. 110 F road 
Eager Wm., moulder, Union bel Franklin (K) 
Eager W^illiam, ship carp. 110 F road (K) 
Eagers Bartle, cordw., Apple ab Franklin (K) 
Eagin Jas. H. cordw. Thompson bel 4th (K) 
Eagin Wm., Washington ab Oxford 
Eagle Jerome, mer., Mary and York (W P) 
Eagle Joseph, AUcghany House 
Eagle Joseph B. printer, 6 Shield's ct 
Eagleton Samuel E., mer. 122 Market, h 298 

Eahar Henry, lab. 13 Margaretta 
Eakers William, 7 Castle 
Eakin Augustu.s, gas fitter, rear 74 S 2d, h 12 

Eakin C. M., topogr. engineer, William and 

Chestnut (W P) 
Eakin, Muledore & Co., gas fitters, rear 74 S 2d 
Eakins Augu.stus, gas fitter, 22 Phrcnix 
Eakins James, moulder, 704 N Front 
Eakins Samuel, gilder, 25 Library, h 14 Palmer 
Ealer Cathaiine 13. trimming-s, 324 Poplar 
Ealer Lewis W. gunsm. 11th ab Coates 
Eames D., coal mer. 28 AValnut, h Lombard ab 

Eames William, cordw., Suffolk bel 9th 
Earhart .\ntliony, cordw. 128 Coates 
Earick Henry, boatman, 76 Green 
Earl Abraham, cordw. 19th n Barker 
Earl Geo. W. druggist, 56 N Front 
Earl James, weaver, Mariner 
Earl John L. cordw. 104 Locust, h 85 P road 
Earl J. ^V. cordw. 3 Hermitage 
Earl Saml. W., mer. 76 S 2d, h 405 Poplar n Broad 
Earle Eliza J. Mrs. tailor, 175 Chestnut, h 10 

Montgomery sq 
EARLK GKO. H. atty. & coun. 74 N 5th 
Earle Harrison, gent. 249 Pine 
Earle Henry, engrav. 76 Walnut, h 38 Eric 
Eai-le Henry, acct. 15 Bank, h 224 Arch 
Earle Henry, salesman, 124 Arch 
Earle James, gent. 402 N 10th 
Earle James S. paintings and looking glasses, 

216 Chestnut, h S E 9th &, Chestnut 
Earle John, butcher, Havcrford road (M V) 
Earle John, carp. 216 Locust 
Earle John II. tailor, 91 S 3d, h 369 South 
Earle Martin, cooper, Logan and Pratt (W P) 
Earle Mary, 224 Arch 

Earle Peter, driver, Havcrford n 8th (W P) 
Earler Mary, teacher Penn Dis. School 

Earley Benj. lab. 624 S Front 

Earley Edward S., cabinetmr. 371 S 2d, h 162 

Earley James, lab., Seniff and 23d 
Earley James, Harbing-er pi 
Earley James W. cordei-, Catharine st whf, h21 

Earley John H. cabtmr. Middle al & Pearl 
Earley Samuel, carp. 34 Temple 
Earley Samuel, cordw., Jones n 21st 
Earley Wm, coachman. Lemon ab 10th 
Earley William, cordw., Filbert and Ashton 
Earley W'illiam C, carter, 69 German 
Earls Ann, milliner, 140 S 5th 
Earls Archibald, 682 Pine 
Earls Henrv, foreman, Leiper's ct 
EarlsJohn J., 682Pine 
Earls Patrick, lab. 8 Concord 
Early Edward, lab., Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Early Edward, boatman, Sorel ab Bath 
Early Jeptha, tavern, 121 Shippen 
Early John, macht., Howard bel Jefferson (K) 
Early Wm., mer. 12 Market, h 227 N 6th 
Early William, boatman, Sorel bel Larch (R) 
Early William, carter, Sutherland av bel South 
Earnest Charles, mer. 172 S 11th 
Eai-nest Christian, 6 Sander's ct (K) 
Earnest David, clerk, 32 Owen bel Broad 
Earnest Jacob, liquors, 14 S Marshall 
Earnest James M. file mr. 410 N4th 
Earnest John D. bricklayer, 309 Pine 
Earnest Martha, Madison 
F^arnhardt Sarah, William bel Edward 
Earnhart George, cutter, 11 ilargaretta 
Earp Ann, wid. of George, 302 Arch 
Earp Edwin, mer. 63 S Front, F road bel Alle- 
ghany av (R) 
Earp George, 302 Arch 
Earp Geoi-ge, jr., mer. 10 Union pi 
Earp G. Bukewell, mer. N E 4th and Market, h 

481 Arch 
Earp Mary A. wid. of Robt. 329 Chestnut 
Earp Philip, carman, 793 N 5th 
Earp Thos., 7th and Arch, h'l6 Montgomery sq 
Earps, Haven & Tucker, com. mers. 63 S Front 
Easby John, cooper, Church bel Washington, h 

182 S Front 
Easby Wm. cooper, 53 S Water, h 175 S 9th 
Easier &. Manderfiekl, brokers, 4 Gold 
Easier Wm., broker, 4 Gold, h 362 S 2d 
East John, weaver, White bel Sliippcn 
East Sarah A. live ab Reed 
East Wm. 402 Federal 
Eastburn Amos, car]). 460 BroM'n 
Eastbu'u F. R., ladies' seminary, 373 Vine- 
I'!lasthurn John, sailmr. 400 S 3d 
Eastburn R. K., clerk, 46 Crown 
EasLburn Wilson, Venetian blinds and shades,, 

163 Sp Garden 
Easter John, carp., William n 21st 
Easterday Geo. lab. Church ah Moore 
Easterly Frederick D. 4 Seneca ct 
Eastlack A. bootnir. 183 AValiuit 
Ea.stlack Hannah E., saleswoman, 3 S 2d 
Eastlack R. W. 8tli ab Brown 
Eastlack William ("., dentist, 463 N 8th 
Eastman Benj,, maiuif. of spring beds, 410 Mar- 

hct, h 114 N Juniper 




Eastman John, 18 Hallowell 

Eastwick A, M., office S W 6th and Locust, h 

Eastwick James D., 6 Shippen 
Eastwick John W. plasterer, 6 Shippen 
Eastwick Margl., gentw., 251 Lombard 
Eastwick Thomas, plasterer, Keyser 
Eastwick William, 6 Shippen 
Eastwood David, g-rocer, 6th ab Jefferson (K) 
Eastwood Samuel, shop, shop. 5 Farmer 
Eastwood Wm. millwt. 29 West 
Eaton Anna, sempstress, Corn bel Wharton 
Eaton A, cordw. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Eaton 8c Co. trimming-s, 10th and Melon 
Eaton Edward, carp. 480 S 6th 
Eaton Emily, teacher, 596 S 5th 
Eaton Francis, bleacher, 23 Plum 
Eaton Isabella, teacher, Newton and School 
Eaton James, engrav. 5th bel Federal 
Eaton James, lab. 24 Mayland 
Eaton Joseph, stove mr. 915 G T road 
Eaton John C. carp. Hancock bel Piioenix 
Eaton John D. cai-p. Washington bel Oxford 
Eaton Margaret N., tailoress, 728 Pine 
Eaton Mary, huckster, 61 Howard (K) 
Eaton O. lab. Corn bel Wharton 
Eaton R., M. D.. 297 Washington 
Eaton Thomas, lab.. Corn bel Wharton 
Eaverson Davis, car builder. Green ab Moore 

(W P) 
Eayre Joseph W., engraver, 273 P road 
Ebden Cliarles, gold beater, 14 Cherry 
Eberliardt C, clerk, 366 Vine 
Eberliart John, ostler. Mechanic bel Thompson 
Eberle David, comedian, 11 Cedar row 
Eberle Josepli, umbrellamr. 333 GTroad 
Eberling Andrew, butcher, 795 Apple (K) 
Eberly Christian, laborer, Emily (R) 
Eberly Daniel, currier, 97 Noble 
Eberly Gtorge M. capt. 305 S Front 
Ebtrnian Albert F., acct. 5'J N Front 
Khernian Edward M., acct. 53 S 4th 
Ebert Amos, 36 Wallace 
Ebert Frederick, ])aint. &. glaz. 612 N Front 
Ebert Geo. lab. Girard av bel K av 
Ebert Gotlieb, Girard av ab R av 
Ebert James L. hair dress. 107 Race 
Ebert Peter, dentisi, 64 Coates 
Ebert Reuben, whcelwt., 415 Front 
Ebert Samuel, carp. 407 N 5th 
Ebert Thomas, boot crimper, 415 Front 
Ebcrwein Martin, cordw. 184 Fr.mklin (K) 
Ebling D. Mrs. lierbs, 329 Race 
EHY, CONYNGHAM &. IIEKR, grocers, 188 

Eby Ephraim C, mer. 188 Market, h 95 

Eby E. C, mer. 200 Wood 
Ebner Jacob, carp.. Larch bel Ann (R) 
Eccles David, grocery, lOtli and Coates 
Eccles Samuel, niucht., F av n Marlboroug-h 
Eccles Samuel, jr., machinist, F road n Marl 

Eccles William, gent. 5th ab Pierce 
Echardt C. IL, cordw. 355 S 4th 
Echardt William F., soap manuf. 56 Coates 
Echtenbiine IJcnry, cabinetmr. 2 Green 
Echtermeyer John, weav. Carpenter ab 13th 

Echternach Daniel, tailor, 175 Chestnut 
Echternach Rudolph, grocer, St. John and Me- 

tamora (K) 
Echtcrnoch H. W. tavern, S E Sch Beach and 

Eckard Charles, 451 S 4th 
Eckard John, sawyer. Mead al ab Front 
Eckard John, grocer, 506 N 6th 
Eckard Lewis, shoemr. Penn ab 12th (S G) 
Eckard Susan R. 68 8 8th 
Eckard Thos. scroll sawyer, 5 Queen av 
Eckel Andrew, tobac, S W Market and Oak 
Eckel Andrew, laborer. Broad n Wood 
Eckel John, Mrs. tobacco, 163 N 6th 
Eckel Lewis, 137 N 3d, h 156 Franklin 
Eckel &. Johnson, printers, S E 17th & Market 
Eckel & Robinson, wood and willow ware, 137 

Eckel William, hackman. Green ab Marga- 

retta (W P) 
Eckelbower John, 130 N 2d 
Eckendorff" G. bookseller & edge gilder, 61 S 

5th, h 787 Vine 
Ecker Adam, gent. 427 N 12th 
Ecker E. 3(J3 N 7th 
Ecker Fred, soap and candles, Marlboro' below 

Eckert Abraham, shop, 8th and Thompson 
Eckert Adam, box mr. 3 Hermitage pi 
Eckert Bartholomew, blacksm. Swarthmore's pi 
Eckert Benjamin, Winter n 22d 
Eckert Christian, cooper, 66 Redwood 
Eckert Edward, cigarmr., 202 Diamond (K) 
Eckert Emily, baker, 94 W Callowhill 
Eckert Frederick, tailor, 22 Cherry 
Eckert Fred., fringe weav., 3d ab Oxford (K) 
Eckei't Geo., printer. Noble ab 8th 
Eckert George, 130 N 3d, h Arch ab 7th 
Eckert George, brushmr.. Juniper bel Walnut 
Eckeit George N., M. D., 4 Girard 
Eckert Jacob, tailor, 59 N 3d, h 556 N 6th ab 

Eckert John, beer house, 4th ab Franklin 
Eckert John, coachmr. 31 Marriott 
Eckert John B., printei-, Rittenhouse n 17th 
Eckert J ., tailor, 355 N 3d 
Eckert Samuel, cordw., Carroll ab 13th 
Eckert William B., printer, S E 12th and Mar- 
ket, h 169 N 4th 
Eckfeklt Adam, moulder, 130 N 13th 
Eckfeldt Charles, silver plater. Little Brown ab 

Eckfeldt George, macht. 12th ab Wallace 
Eckfeldt Jacob R. assayer U S Mint, h 13 City- 
Eckfeldt Wm., fire hose manuf. 130 N 13th, h 

12th and Wallace 
Eckiiardt A. II., chandler, 326 & 530 N 2d, h 

480 N 5th 
Eckiiardt H., tinware. Palmer ab F av 
Hckhardt Wm. G., baker, 130 Callowhill 
Eckhart Frederick, cordw. 244 S 3d 
Eckley Wm., carter, Walter's ct 
Eckstein Pklward E., clerk, 191 Market, h 46 

Eckstein George W., 35 N 3d 
Eckstein Horatio G., brushmr. 36 N 3d, h Sch 
7lU and Cherry 




Eckstein Jacob, 2 Man-'s ct 
Eckstein John, marble saw mill, R av and Wal- 
lace, h 36 N 3cl 
Eckstein John & Son, brushmrs. 36 N3d 
Eckstein Lewis, skin dress, 35 Brown 
Eckstein Mary, wid. of Samuel, 46 Wistar 
Eckstein Misses E. & S. 118 N 5th 
Eckstein Susan, 36 N 3d 

Ecky Georg-e F., acct. 50 Walnut, h 30 Clinton 
Ecky John H., druggist, 158 Lombard, h 30 

Edain Anne, Union ab Duke 
EDAMS HUGH, Hotel, Richmond and Lehigh 

av (K) 
Edams John, macht., Richmond and Lehigh (R) 
Edel Ann, 108 Mechanic 
Edel Frederick, cordw.. Elk (K) 
Edelen Edward J., plane mr. 19 Benton 
Edeline James A., blacksm., Townsend n Tu- 

lip (R) 
Edeline Joseph, macht., Dauphin n Tulip (R) 
Eddinger William, oysters, rear 366 N Front 
Eddis Hannah, St John & Sender's ct 
Eddis Isaac, combmr., rear 163 Apple 
Eddis Mary, 472 Race 
Eddis Samuel, cordw. 163 St John 
Eddis S. M., dressmr., St John ab Beaver 
Eddowes Maiy, 234 N Juniper 
Eddowes Mrs. L. 101 Wood 
Eddowes Thomas, bookbind. 101 Wood 
Eddy Albert C, clerk, 1 Swanwick 
Eddy & Fairlamb, carps. 108 Currant al 
Eddy Jason, coacliman, 85 N Juniper 
Eddv Josiah, dealer, 6 Russell 
EddV J. P. B., barber, 244 S 3d 
Eddv Oliver T., artist, 247 S 10th 
Eddy Richard, barber, 247 N 8th 
Eddy Theodore, carp., Currant al ab Spruce, h 

Green bel 9th 
Edel Ann, George ab 2d 
Edel Matthias, twister, 11 Elm bel Franklin and 

Edward n School 
Edelman George W., USB Mint, New York 
Edelman George W., jr., acct. 22 Madison 
Edelman Isaac, carp., Walnut al, h 22 Madison 
Edels Wm., grocer, N W 10th &. Wallace 
Edenborn Benjamin, planemr., rear 7 N 9th, h 

351 Parrish 
Edenborn Edwin R., 134 Vine 
?:dcnborn J., 163 &. h 144 N 13th 
Edenborn J. A. &, Co., tobacconists, N E 3d &. 

Edenborn J. E., tobacco, 99 N 4th, house 184 

Edenborn Mary, 351 Parrish 
Edenborn P. H., 134 Vine 
Edgar Benjamin, rigger, 41 German 
Edgar James, cabtinr., 12 Abbott's ct 
Edgar James, sen-, doorkeeper, U S Mint, h 

1 Union sq 
Edgar Jobn, hosier, William bel Edward CK) 
Edgar .lolin, bookbr. 16 N 4th, h 40 Franklin 
Edgar Jolm, printer, 375 Callowhill 
Edgar Jonatluin, clerk, Catharine ab 6tli 
Edgar M.irgaret, dressmr. 81 S 11th 
Edgar Robert, carp. Uichard 
Edgar Samuel, bookbr. 20 Logan 
Edgar Thomas, cooper, 8tli bel Wharton 

Edgar^Wm., coach trimmer, 589 Wood 

Edgar Wm., carp. 344 Callowhill 

Edgar Wm., carp. Master bel 8th 

Edge Richard, weaver, Duke ab F road (K) 

Edge Thomas, morocco fin.. Front ab Franklin 

f^dger Theodore, saw manuf. Earl ab Duke 

Edgell Wm. S., 114 N 3d, h 237 N 3d 

Edinger Francis, beer house, 600 N 5th 

EditafF R., gas fitter, 24 Green 

Edixson Garret, barber, 5th and German, h 173 

Edklris Wm., engraver, 107 Walnut 
Edler Emily, 7 Fayette 
Edmond Wm., carp. 1 Wistar av 
Edmonds John, engineer, 4 Engineer's row (R) 
Edmonds Jos. S. H., painter, 59 Dock, h 9 Car- 
Edmonds N., house agent, 34 Ai-ch 
Edmonds Wm. W., painter, 47 Dock, h M road 

ab Carpenter 
Edmondson John, painter, Olive bel 12th 
Edmonson John, tailor, 140 Olive 
Edmunds Franklin, book kr., 130 Catharine 
Edmunds L. C, painter, 160 & h 365 S 3d 
Edmunds Parson, mer. 34 S Water, h Front bel 

Edson, Bucklev & Co., cabinetmrs., Marj' and 

Green (w"p) 
Edson Francis, brooms, 394 Market 
Edson Francis, brooms, 219 N Front 
Edson & Harrington, lumber merchants, Otter 

bel Front (K) 
Edson N., cabtmr., Mary and Green (W P) 
EDSON SILAS D. & CO., boots and shoes, 

37 N 3d 
Edson Silas D., mer. 37 N 3d, h 286 N 7th 
Edson Wm. F. lumb. mer. Allen n Shackamaxon 
Edward Elizabeth H., 7th bel Franklm 
Edwards Amos, clerk, Richmond bel Reading' 

Railroad (K) 
Edwards Anne, confectionary, 3^ ab Wharton 
Edwards Augustine F; W., 95^ Walnut, h Lo- 

Edwards Baldwin, carp. Dickerson's ct 
Edwards Bartine, waterman, 597 N Front 
Edwards Benjamin, clerk, 564 Vine 
Edwards Charles, segars, 36 Queen (K) 
Edwards Charles C, 144 N 12th ' 
Edwards Chas. W , carp. 4 Stewart's pi 
EDWARDS DAVID, tailor, 114 Hace 
Edwards Davis, foundry, 22 Division 
Edwards Edmund, cooper. Union ab Franklin 
Edwards Edwd. B., mer. 221 N Front 
Edwards Eli, carp., rear 90 & h 133 Cherry 
Edwards Emma, 27 S 5th 
Edwards Evans, cooper, 89 Apple 
Edwards Francis, grocery, 45 William, h Wil- 
liam and Batii (R) 
Edwards Fredk., segarmr. Catharine ab 3d 
Edwards George, cooper, I"2lbow la, h Catharine 

bel 4th 
Edwards George W., gent., 18th and Walnut 
Edwards Henry, jun., cabinetmr., Ciiarles ab 

Edwards Henry, cabtmr., Catharine ab 3 
Edwards Henry H., Camel tavern, 140 N 2d 
Edwards Issachar, piano maker, 57 S 5th, h 38 





Edwai-ds Jacob, carter, 7 Baker's ct 
Edwards James, salesman, 28 N 4th 
Edwards Jane A., 15th n Lombard 
Edwards & Jenness, wool dealers & com. mers., 

6 N Front 
Edwards Jno., sr., cooper. Elbow la, h 44 Coates 
Edwards John, mariner, 304 Richmond (R) 
Edwards John, cai-p. 251 Jefferson 
Edwards John H., acct. N W Washing-ton 8c 11th 
Edwards Joseph, tobac. 10th bel Buttonwood 
Edwards Joseph, flour mer., 288 S 2d, h 46 

Edwards Joseph J., carp., 553 Chestnut, h 7 

N 20th 
Edwards J. C, coach palntei-, 158 Parrish 
Edwards J. & Son, coopers, Elbow la 
Edwards Mary, Dickerson's ct 
Edwards Maiy, segars, 14th ab Market 
Edwards Peter, watcli case mr. 22 Wistar 
Edwards P., dry goods, 120 W Market 
Edwards Richard, hatter. Wall n 7th 
Edwards Richard L., upholsterer, S E 13th and 

Edwards Robert, cooper, rear 460 S 5th 
Edwards Samuel, porter, 47 Quince 
Edwards Samuel, teacher, Washington below 

Till (W P) 
Edwards Samuel, white washer, 8 Eutaw 
Edwards Saml H., mer., 40 Market, h 192 Spruce 
EDWARDS, SANDFORD & CO., foreign ex- 
press agents and bankers, 116 Chestnut 
Edwards Sarah, b h, 38 Sansom 
Edwards Sophia, 7 Clover 
Edwards S. R., chairmr. 84 & 90 Callowhill 
Edwards Thomas, driver, Hanover n F road 
Edwards Thomas, agent, 86 Lewis 
Edwards Thomas A., gent., 18th bel Locust 
Edwards Wm., carp. Howell 
Edwards Wm., driver, 28 Latimer 
Edwards Wm., pilot, 426 S 3d 
Edwards Wm., sailor, 9 Prime 
Edwards Wm., express driver, 116 Chestnut, h 

28 Latimer 
Edwards William B., bookbr., 141 Chestnut, h 

122 P road 

mer. 110 S Front 
Edwards Wm. D., shoemr. 525 F road (R) 
Edwards William F., pilot, 426 S 3d 
Edwards Wm. J., brush manuf. 21 James, h 330 

S 8th 
Edwards Wm. L., mer. 6 N Front, h 37 Arch 
Edwards W. A., S E 18th and Walnut 
Eells Edward F., seaman, 58 Penn 
Egan Catharine, teacher, Catliarine ab 6th, h 

281 Market 
Egan James, dry goods, 9tli and Carpenter 
Egan John, lab.'Sch Beach and "Walnut 
Egan John D. bookbr., S E 7th and Market 
Egan John H., clerk, 186 Race 
Egan Patrick, brakeman, Somerset n Chatham 
Egan Thos., wca^■cr, 13th ab Federal 
Egan Wm., marble worker, Lemon ab 10th 
Egbert Daniel, M. D., 110 S 9th 
Ege Jacob, police. Pine n 12th 
Ege John, varnisher, Latour ct 
Egee George, shoemr. 13th ab Parrish 
Egee Robert, gardener, 5th ab Buttonwood 

Egeline Adam, fringe weaver, 884 N 4th 

Egenhaufter G., tailor, 444 N 2d 

Eger David, mer., 81 N 3d, h 14 New 

Eger Fred., shoes, R road and Washington 

Eger Wm., moulder. Union bel F av 

Egerty Patrick, lab. 168 Callowhill 

Eggeling H., coachman. Cherry and Juniper, h 

24 Kressler 
Eggeling- H., turner, 8 Branch 
Eggeling John H. C, turner,. 35 W North 
Eggleston George B., brushmr., 205 S 2d 
Eggleton Albert, agent, Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Eggleton John, teamster, Franklin bel Union 
Eggleton Jonathan, shipsm., h Crown ab Queen 
Eggleton William, carter, Cherry & Howard 
Eglee J. L., clerk, 98 Chestnut, h 3 Redwood 
Egleton Samuel, mer. 298 Chestnut 
EGNER &. GREGG, wine store, 208 Market 
Egner John, carter, Salmon (R) 
Egner J. H., wines & liq. 208 Market, h381 N 8th 
Egner Samuel, brickmr. 43 Harrison 
Egnu John, cab inetmr, Oxford and Perry (K) 
Egolf George, blacksm. 2 Rachel 
Egolf John G., tailor, 97 Poplar 
Ehan Caspar, mason, Lewis ab Thompson 
Ehing John, stone cutter, Coates ab 18th 
Ehler Daniel R., clerk, 121 Chestnut 
Ehlmann Aug., baker, 124 Richmond 
Ehrenberg Caspar, lab. Collins' al 
Ehrenberg Frank, baker, 120 Swanson 
Ehrenpfort Charles, tavern, F road ab Duke 
Ehrenzeller Henrietta, Pine and Pratt 
Ehret Joseph, carp. 38 Thompson (K) 
Ehret Michael, jr., carp., 38 Thompson (K) 
Ehret Michael, cordw., Apple ab Poplar 
Ehret William, tobacco., 244 G T road (K) 
Ehrhardt H., cordw. 129 Vine 
Ehrlen George M., brewer, 123 Green 
Ehrman Heni-y, tailor, 162 Franklin (K) 
Ehi-man J., baker, 276 N 3d 
Ehrman Marg-., shop, Rose and Shippen la 
Eibell Ferdinand, tailor, Wharton n 4th 
Fiber George, macht. rear 21 Chatham 
Eichardt John, saddler, 49 Noble 
Eichelberger J. A., salesman, 65 N 3d, h 248 

N lOt'h 
Eichert Adam, baker, Marlborough bel Allen 
Eichliold Eliza, Parrish bel 12th 
Eichmyer Henry A., dagtjpe. casemr. 62 Wal- 
nut, h 5 Ashland 
Eifert Jolm, 614 N Front, h G T road n 4th (K) 
Eiler Henry, cordw. 145 St John 
Filer Peter, tm-ner, 2 Walter's ct 
Eimer L., bootmr. av ab Coates 
Einstein Aliraham, upholsterer, 19 Cherrj 
EINSTEIN JOSEPH, jeweler, 269 N 2d 
Einstein Max., faifcy goods, 478 N 6tli 
Einwechter Chas., bricklr. Howard ab blaster 
Elnwechter Geo., bricklr. Front bel Master (K) 
Einwecliter Hen., brlckh-. Front bel Master (K) 
Einwechter Maria, Apple bel Franklin 
Einwechter Wm., sr., bricklr. 19 Perry (K) 
Einwecliter Wm., bricklr. Union ab Franklin 
Einwetciier George, bricklr. Wood bel Tulip 
Eisele Henry, tailor, 82 Noble 
Eiselc Jolui, locksmith, 4 St James' ct 
Eis(. ly Pliilij), baker, Church n Canal 
Eiseman &, Brotliei-, clotliing, 560 AV Market 




Eiseman Isaac, pedler, 8 Coates 

Eisen Danl., soap and candle manuf. 136 Green 

ab St John 
Eisenberg" Charles, cordw. Federal n 7th 
Eisenberg- Lawrence, carp. 24 Hibberd 
Eisenbrand Louis, grocery, Duke 
Eisenbraun Fred., cordw. 334 Callowhill 
Eisenbi-ey Edwin T., saw mill. Pear & Dock, h 

81 Pine 
Eisenbrey P'rank A., clerk, 174 Market 
Eisenbrey John, jr., mer. Pear & Dock, h Pine 

opp Penn. Hospital 
EISENBREY JOHN & SON, mahogany steam 

mill. Pear & Dock 
Eisenbrey Mary A., dressmr. 34 Dunton (K) 
Eisenbrey \Vm., tailor, N E 5th and Race 
Eisengait Joseph, tailor, rear 315 S 3d 
Eisenhart Geo. F., cooper, 882 N 5th 
Eisenhart John, omnibus di'iver, Richmond and 

Ann (R) 
Eisenhut jolin D., jr., tinsmith, 564 N 2d and 

186 Washington ab Columbia 
Eisenlohr Wm., tobacco, 47 S 10th 
Eisenman John, blksni. 25 Woodbine 
Eisenman & Mangold, iron safe manuf. 156 Vine 
Eiserman D. & G., jr., painters & g'laziers, 59 

Eiserman Geo., painter, 19 Filbert 
Eishelburgcr John A., salesman, 248 N 10th 
Eishen Peter, cordw. 19 Charlotte (K) 
Eisinhower Jonathan, cordw. II road below Jef- 
Eisle Geo., cordw. 51 Noble 
Eisler F., cordw. Franklin ab Front (K) 
Eisler Geo., shoe findings, 293 ^" ^tli 
Elasser Gottleib, tailor, Apple &. Oxford (K) 
Elberson Samuel, carp. 892 N 11th 
Elbert Wm. T., 93 S Front, h Locust W 15th 
Elbow Elias, clothing, 18 Market, h 6 Gilberts' 

Elbow M., clothing, 8 Courtland pi 
Elder Anna, milliner, 104 W Market 
Elder Cyru.s, salesman, S7 N 4th 
Elder Elizabeth, 445 Vine 
Elder Elizabeth, 71 Logan 
Elder Henry L., prcs. Eq. Ins. Co., 105 Walnut, 

h 36 Summer E 17th 
Elder John, lab. Oxford ab Washington (K) 
Elder Walter, g'ardener, 25 Ann 
Elder William, atty. and coun. h Washington 

Elder Wm., bru.shmaker,462 N 3d 
Elder Wm. S., grocer, 4th and Georg-e 
Eldred N. B., Naval Officer Custom House 
Eldridge Albert, carp. 5th n Norris (K) 
Eldridge Charles, 69 Wallace 
Eldridge Eli, cabinctmr. 32 Elfreth's al 
Eldridcfc Eli, spoke turner, Shackamaxon near 

Eldridge Ephraim, 514 N 4th 
Kldridge E., b h, 381 Shippen 
F,l(h-idgc E. H., tailor, S E 7th & Market, h 81 

N Washington 
ELDRIDGE G. MORGAN, atty. &. coun. 72 S 

6th, h 241 Spruce 
Eldridge H. II., carpets, 41 Strawberry, h 384 

Eldridg'e Isaac, spoke mr. 587 N Front 

Eldridge Jas. W., real estate agt. 156 Christian 

h 219 S 9th 
Eldridge Jeremiah E., carp. 498 G T road ab 5th 
Eldridge John, jeweler, 25 Plum 
ELDRIDGE LEVI, general agt. Union Steam- 
ship Co. and shipping- mer. 7 N Delawai'e 
a^', h 94 S 5th 
Eldridge Matilda, rear 112 Beach 
Eldridge Robt. T., tinsm. 1 Wiley's ct 
Eldridge Wm., cordw. Pleasant bel 12th 
Eldridge Wm., mer.381 Shippen 
Elems Molinda, 4 Carroll av 
Elensworth Caroline, semp. S7 Queen 
Elfelt Louis E., mer. 62 N 3d, h 140 Franklin 
Elfelt Simon, e:ent. 140 Franklin bel Noble 
Elfreth Jacob R., acct. 82 S 2d, h 245 N 6th 
Elfrey Ann, 169 N 13th 
Elfrey John J., cooper, 557 N 5th, and basket 

toys, &c., 185 Sp Garden 
Elfrey Maiy A., 44 Howard (K) 
Elgeshanoer Andrew, basketmr. Morris 
Eli John W., morocco, 19 Lily al 
Elias Chas., waiter, 38 Quince 
Elias Henry, gent. 61 N 15th 
Eliot F. A.,' mer. 40 N Front 
Elison Andrew, brushmr. rear 296 N Front 
ELISON JOHN, Laurel House, S E 9th &. Vine 
Elison John, hotel, 576 N 5th 
Elison John A., boots &, shoes, 33 N 3d, h 133 

N 9th 
Elison Wm., shoe store, 33 N 3d, h 133 N 9th 
Elk Fredk., lab. Garden ab Willow 
Elkin Abm., gent. 172 S 10th 
Elkin John, weaver, Rose al) 13th 
Elkin Solomon, gent. 425 Callowhill 
Elkington Emerson G., dry goods, 100 Market, 

h American Hotel 
Elkins George, wheelwrig-ht, Apple n Diamond 
Elkins Thos'., ladies' shoemr. 114 S 8th 
Elkinton, Gillam & Co., fancy goods, 100 :Market 
Elkinton George M. & Son, soap and candle 

manuf 12 Margaretta 
Elkinton John A., M. D., Mrt., 143 Arch 
Elkinton Joseph, soap and candle manuf. 377 

S 2d 
Elkinton Lindley M., soap and candles, 12 Mar- 
garetta, h 14 Margaretta 
Elkus Loviis, capmr. 85 N 3d 
Ella Eliazer, machinist, 5th ab Wharton 
Ella John, mer. 42 Commerce, h 51 S 13th • 

Ella Rachel W., 200 Locust 
Ellcock J., grocer, S W 2d and Franklin (K) 
Kllems Charles, 236 Franklin 
Elks Wm., tailor, 10 Orchard 
Ellender George, waiter, S E 11th and Fitz- 

Ellender Wm., painter, Hamilton 
Ellct George, Jones ab 18th 
Elict Wnv, car]). 8 Harrison 
Elliot Mary, 22 Willow 

Ellick Clement, tavern, Ridge road ab Co.itcs 
iMIick John, maclit. I'lanklin av bel Cherry 
Kllick Philip, slioiHii-. rear Barclay ab 15th 
Ellicott Riciiard W., mariner, Jarvis and 2d 
KlUiiistone Robert, capt. 12 Chjistian 
Ellingcr Louis, acct. 79 N 3d, h 409 N Front 
Ellingsworth Hartley, shop. Otter and William 




Elliot Henrietta G., 6 Oak W Penn sq 
Elliot Hugh, 14 N 4th, h 454 Arch ab 15th 
Elliott Ambrose B., tinplater, 19 Evans 
Elliott Andrew, weaver, 2 Derring-er's av 
Elliott Arclrew, watchman. Filbert E of 21st 
Elliott Ann, laundress, rear 96 Randolph 
Elliott Henj., macht. Redwood 
Elliott B.nj. P., watcl)mr. 5 S 13th 
Elliott Catharine, millinery, 104 W Market 
Elliott Chas., h 313 N 6th 
Elliott Edward R., carp. 45 Jones, h Race and 

Elliott Elizabeth, grocer, 19th and Market 
Elliott Fred., architect, 30 Jacoby 
Elliott F , mer. Pine ab Broad 
Elliott Geo., lab. Fisher ab Cumberland (R) 
Elliott Geo., stonecut. 254 Buttonwood 
Elliott Geo., tinplate worker, 471 Market 
Elliott George, mer. 358 N 12th 
Elliott George, grocer, Salmon ab Huntingdon 
Elliott Geo. F., hotel, Charles and Shippea 
Elliott George S., acct. Ranstead pi 
Elliott George W., pattern maker, Coates above 

Elliott Hamilton, weav. Howard bel Master (K) 
Elliott Heniy, vict. 9th ab Reed 
Elliott Isaac, convey. 81 Chestnut, h W Penn sq 
Elliott J as., cabtmr. 25 N 13tli 
Elliott Ja-;., 158 Christian 
Elliott James, lab. Brown bel 12th 
Elliott James, mer. 38 Chestnut 
Elliott James, salesman, 87 N 3d 
Elliott Jas., tavern, S E 20th and Market 
Elliott Jas. L., M. D., h 12th ab Callowhill 
Elliott Jane, trimmings, 196 N 5th 
ELLIOTT JOHN, wines and liquors, 97 Wal- 
nut, h 196 Wharton 
Elliott John manuf. Front ab Phoenix 
Elliott John, carter, 35 South n 3d 
Elliott John, gent. 41 N 5th 
Elliott John, lab. Ann n 23d 
Elliott John, laborer, I-vnn ab Williams 
Elliott John, furn. cars,' 52^ N 6th 
Elliott John, cordw. 4 Jenning's Row 
Elliott John, carter, 124 N ll'th 
Elliott John, bootmr. Hunter bel 11th 
Elliott Joseph, carp. 191 Catharine 
Elliott Joseph, watchman, Evans 
Elliott Josiah, seaman, rear Russell 
Elliott J. Thomas, salesman, W Penn sq 
Elliott Margaret, wid. of James 4 Quarry 
Elliott Margt., 5 Kenworthy's ct 
Elliott Martlia, 1 Castle 
Elliott Murv, tailoress, Mifflin n 13th 
Elliott Mary, 22 Willow 
Elliott Matthew, bootmr. 28 Castle 
Elliott Patrick, lab., Brown ab Cumberland (R) 
Elliott Richard J., lab. rear 28 Beach 
Elliott Robt., manuf 137 G T road 
Elliott Robert, weaver. Arch W 22d 
Elliott Robt., cordw. S E South and 15th 
Elliott & Robinson, conveys. 81 Chestnut 
Elliott R. M. & Co., diy goods, 552 Market 
Elliott Stephen, lab. Fisher ab Emory (K) 
ELLIOTT THOS., Green Tree, 143 S Front 
Elliott Thos., carp. Elm n 6th (M V) 
Elliott Thos., cordw. 42 Howard (K) 
Elliott Wm., mer. 7 Market, h 641 Christian 

Elliott Wm., ship joiner, Bedford bel Crown 

Elliott Wm., machinist. Arch E 21st 

Elliott Wm., liquor mer. 641 Christian 

Elliott Wm., collector, 246 Lombard 

Elliott Wm., mer. 64 N 3d, h 326 N 6th 

Elliott Wm., bootmr. Hu.iter bel 11th 

Elliott Wm., insp. Moy. prison 

Elliott Wm. A., bookbinder, 19th & Market 

Elliott Wm. B., phrenologist, 194 Chestnut 

Elliott Wm. B., mach. 15 Quarry 

ELLIOTT WM. B., coal mer. 52 Beach and N 

E Front and Dock, h 480 N Front 
Elliott Wm. H., painter, 3 Gray's ct 
Elliott Wm. H., Rev., 340 Parrish 
Ellis Alexander, drayman 129 Shippen 
Ellis Amos P., carp. 19 Hamilton ab 22d 
Ellis Ann, 236 Market 
Ellis Sc Bartram, cloths, 14 N 2d 
Ellis Benj. F., hatter, 29 Cherry 
Ellis Carey, Mrs., Jefferson & Marshall 
Ellis Carter, plumber, F road ab Wheat 
Ellis Catharine, 18 Mayland 
Ellis Chas., shoemr. 15 Nectarine 
Ellis Charless, ship carp. Washington av and 

Ellis Charles, waterman, 537 N 10th 
Ellis Chas., druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th 
ELLIS CHAS. & CO., druggists, 56 Chestmit 

and laboratory 6 Morris 
Ellis Chas. J., cloths, 14 N 2d, house 7th above 

Ellis David, gent. 259 Franklin ab Green 
Ellis Elizabeth, 155 Pine 
Ellis Elizabeth. 13 Ellen 
Ellis Esther A., teacher, 155 Pine 
Ellis Evans T., mer. 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th 
Ellis George, beef packer. Filbert E 21st 
Ellis George, grocer, Salmon above Huntingdon 

. (^) 
Ellis George D., surgical instrument mr. Ill 

Race, h 137 Noble, 
Ellis Hannah W., M. D., 7th ab Thompson 
Ellis Jacob, acct. 156 Market, h 185 N 9th 
Ellis Jacob M., mer. 7 N 2d, h 350 N 7th 
Ellis James, moroc. dr. 620 N 3d 
Ellis James, liquors, Lombard n 19th 
Ellis James, lab. 147 Leopard (K) 
Ellis Jas. P., mer. 11 S AVater, h 360 N 7th 
Ellis Jesse, coach lampmr. 32 Dock, h Olive ab 

Ellis John, livery stables, 13 Raspberry 
Ellis John, laborer. Story's court 
Ellis John, seaman, 30 Mead 
Ellis John D., acct. 173 Chestnut, h Parrish ab 

12 th 
Ellis John P., acct. 103 Wood 
Ellis Joshua, brickmr. 591 N 10th 
Ellis Josiah, brickmr. 813 N 11th 
Ellis J. Alder, mer. 15 N 3d, h 11th ab Market 
Ellis J. D., mer. 10 Palmyra sq 
Ellis Maria, b h, 480 Queen (K) 
Ellis Maria, Queen opp Ball (K) 
Ellis Mary, 325 Lombard 
Ellis Marv Ann, 12 Marriott 
ELLIS Sc' MIDDLETON, dry goods, 7 N 2d 
Ellis Nathan W., 7th ab Thompson 
Ellis Pat., watchman, Wood ab 3d 
I Ellis P. H., mer. 127 Arch, h 257 Marshall 




Ellis Robt., watchman, Jones n 18th 

Ellis Kobt. F., clerk, 82 N 3d, h 200 Market 

Ellis Sabina, sr., Clinton ab Franklin (K) 

Ellis vSiibina, jr., moulder, School and Lydia (K) 

Ellis Saml., brickmr. 7th bel Thompson 

Ellis Sarah, dressmr. 12 Green 

Ellis Stephen, dealer, Washington above Logan 

Ellis Susannah H., M. D., 306 Race 

Ellis Thomas, g-lass packer, Queen n Lehigh 

Ellis Thomas, liquoi's, Market and 20th 

Ellis Thomas, clerk, 504 Queen (K) 

Ellis Thos. B., tailor, 19 S 3d, h 353 N7th 

Ellis Til OS. S., auct. 93 Walnut 

Ellis Wm., grocer, 144 Cherry 

Ellis Wm., driver, Ann ab Salmon (R) 

Ellis Wm., druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 479 Arch 

Ellis ^\m., Crocker, 153 N 2d 

Ellis Wm., printer, Marshall ab Brown 

Ellis Wm. A. pattern mr. Bedford bel Ross 

Ellis Wm. H. builder, 338 N 7th 

Ellis Wm. P. convey. 7th ab Thompson 

Elhs Wm. S., hatte'r, rear 21 Chatham 

Ellison Charles, painter, 5 Cherry 

P'llison, Newport Ik Co., coal. Broad ab Spruce 

Ellison John, tavern, S E 9th and Vine 

Ellison John A., clerk, 133 N 9th 

ELLISON JOHN B. &. SONS, cloths, 111 

Ellison John B.,mer. Ill Market, h 40 Arch 
Ellison Rodman B., mer. Ill Market, h 179 N 

Ellison Wm., mer. 133 N 9th 
Ellison Wm. P., mer. Ill Market, h 293 N 6th 
Ellmakcr Peter C, real est. broker, 46^ Wal- 
nut, h Race E 17th 
Ellmaker & Crombarger, real est. and collect. 

agency, 462 Walnut 
Ellwangcr Kberhardt, vict. 35 Laurel 
Elmes Abner, hatter, 69 N 3d, h 10 Marshall 
Elmore Augustus, printer, 24 Parrish bel 6th 
Klmore .lolin, carp. 632 Callowliill 
FJ.nKS C1k.s. E., cLik Piiiladelphia bank, h 236 

Elmos Mary, Walnut ab Park (W P) 
Elmslie Ale.x., gent. 232 S Front 
Elroy James F. .M., carpet, Sutherland 
Elsaser Joiin, baker, 85 Race 
Elsberg F.nima, milliner, 522 W Market 
Elsbeny Clias., waiter, 22 Stanley 
Elsea Wm. II., engineer, 131 Christian 
Elsegood W. A., bootinr., 53 Ontario 
ELSFGOOl) W. H., bootmr. N W 6th 8c Wal- 
nut, it 58 Cleovge 
Elsey Ahrani, lul). Washington ab Margaretta 
Klsey Maria, washer, S W Washington and Mar- 
Elsey N., lab. Church n Park (W P) 
Elson Mieli., watchmr. 2 New Market 
Elton Antlioiiy, jr., salesman, 115 Chestnut, h 

11 Vine ■ 
Elton Anthony, confectioner, 33 Laurel 
Elton (leorge, cuirier, 45 Coatcs 
Elton J()S( pli, printer, 45 Coatcs 
Elton .M., 123 Buttonwood 
Eltonhead ,lohn, stove fin., Duke bel Cherry 
Eltonlicad Wm. I)., spect. mr. and jew, 271S 2d 
Eltonhead W. B., watchmr. 81 jeweler, 184 S 2d 
Elvert John, 150 S 7th ^ 

Elvins Andrew, tailor and trimmings, 504 S 2d 
Elwell Eleazar, salesman, 10 Florida 
ELWEIX EVAN, restaurant, rear 58 Market, 

h N W Marshall and Buttonwood 
Elwell Henry, shipsm. 14 Elm ab Bedford 
Elwell H. C, paper hanger, 19 Lewis 
Elwell John, carp. 11 Knight's ct 
Elwell Saml., shipsm. 124 Catharine 
Elwell Saml., seaman, 53 Mead 
Elwell Samuel B., varnisher, 12 Prospect (S G) 
Elwell Thomas, blacksm. Steward ab Catharine, 

h 309 S 10th 
Elwell Wm. S., dealer, 445 S Front 
Elwert C. F., importer segars, S W 3d and 

ELWYN ALFRED L., M. D., 414 Walnut 
Elwine Mary, Mrs., Chuich ab Reed 
Elwitsel Matilda, teacher, 11th and Vernon 
Ely B. C, 6th ab Franklin 
Ely Cynthia, 507 N 7th 

Ely EzraB., agent Del. & Raritan Canal Steam 
Tow Boat Co., 44 E Del av, h 96 S Carpen- 
ter street 
Ely Ezra Stiles, Rev., D.D.,351 N 7th 
Ely Isaiah, 218 N 4th 
Ely James, gent. 16 Portico sq 
ELY J OIIN, mer. 59 N 3d 
Ely John, gent. 16 Portico sq 
Ely Jos. O., dry goods, 42^ N 3d 
Ely Michael, carp. 2 J'lickwir's ct 
Ely Thos., carp. Mechanic ab Culvert 
Ely Wm., carp. 9th bel Brown 
Ely Wm. B , grocer, h 674 N 11th 
Ely Wm. B., acct. 145 N 3d 
Elyler John, drayman, Vienna ab West 
Emach John, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Emanuel D., stationer, 193 Spruce 
Emanuel J. M., acct. 42 N 4th 
Emanuel Levita, Cedar bel Dauphin (R) 
Emberger J., lab. Lewis ab Thompson 
Emblev John, caip. 102 S I2th 
EMBUEE NOKUIS J., 189 N 3d h 346 Green 
Embech D niel, cordw. 250 G T road 
Emendorff Chas., tailor, L Washington ab 7tb 
Emenekor Joseph, beer house, S W Front and 

F^merick Albert, Shackamaxon bel Allen 
Emerick Ann, 186 Coales 
Emerick Angus. 8c Son, hardwr. 377 Market, h 

57 N nth 
Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker, 72 S 8lh 
Emerick Conrac', tailor, 489 N 3d 
Emerick Daniel B., tinsmith, 72 S 8th 
Emerick David, car]). West bel Hanover 
Emerick David, collector. Palmer ab West 
Emerick David, jr., brickh-. Palmer ab West 
Emerick Frederick, ship carj). J'alnier ab West 
Emerick Geo., com. merchant, N W 13th and 

Brand} wine 
Emerick George, carp. Palmer ab ^^■est 
Emerick (ieoige, jr., carp- Jackson bel Palmer 
Emerick Jacob, crockery, 215 N 3d, h N 4tli 

bel Noble 
Emerick .loseph, cordw. rear 171 Apple 
Emerick Wm. B., bottler, 214 N Water, h 5 

Holmes al 
Emerson (iouverneur, M. D., 352 AValnut 
Emerson James, lab. Cadwulader ab Jellerson 




Emerson Mary, shop, 52 Charlotte 

Emerson Mai-y, washerw. rear Fitzwater bel 

Emery Benj. S., builder, 60 Christian 
Emery Conrad, florist, 537 F road (R) 
Emery Conrad, g-as fitter, Winter W 21st 
Emery Enoch, waiter 8 Barclay 
Emery Geo., carter, 18 Apple 
Emery Geo. W., police, 12 Culvei-t 
Emery Henry, mariner, 27 Middle al 
Emery Henry, mer. 97 and 99 N 3d, house 131 

Franklin ab Willow 
Emery John, g'rocer, Edward n School (K) 
Emery John, lab. 3d bel Cherry (K) 
Emery Margaret, Brinton (K) 
Emery Peter, whf builder, 60 Christian 
Emerv Robert, waterman. Brown ab Clearfield 
• (R) 
Emery Silas H., 504 F 12th 
Emery Wm., ship builder, 60 Christian 
Emery Wm., waiter, 128 Locust 
Emery AVilliam, furniture car, Coates below 

Emhardt Chas. S., tailor, 39 Sansom 
Emick John, carter, 5 Rogers 
Emig" Leonard, baker, 64 Coates 

S Front 
Emlen & Fisher, real est. and stock brokers, 95 

Emlen George, 105 Locust 
Emlen James, V., M. D., 13th bel Green 
Emlen Samuel, 244 N5th 
Emlen Wm. F., real est. broker, 95 Walnut, h 

307 Chestnut 
Emley Gilbert, mer. 51 Buttonwood 
Emley Samuel, ag-ent, 2 Russell 
Emly Mary, Dauphin bel F road (R) 
Emmerllng- Jacob, baker, 338 Callowhill 
Emniett Robert, sawmaker, Benton above Wil 

liam (K) 
Emmons Daniel, lab. 14 Mercer 
Emmons Edward J., clerk, 43 Queen 
Emmons Samuel, 26 Vernon 
Emmons Susan B., cook, 3 Bay 
Emmons Wm., blacksmith. Pleasant bel 13th 
Emmick Jaradus, curriei', 7 York la 
Emmitt John W., clerk, 97 Market 
Emmiik Jacob, brewer, Charlotte & George 
Emick Charles, bootmr. 141 Apple 
Emick John, shoemr. Vienna bel Duke 
Emick Philip, lab. rear Fav 
Emory Augustus, lab. 4 Liberty al 
Emory Chas., broker, 9 S 3d, h 131 S 3d 
Emorv Charles G., painter, 320 N 12th 
EMORY CHAS. & CO., stock and ex. brokers, 

9 S 3d 
Emory John, broker, 9 S 3d, h 242 Spruce 
Emory Lewis, broker, 2, & h 131 S 3d 
Emslev Henrietta, 20 Little Pine 
Enchctemacht Peter, lab. 323 Wood (R) 
Enddebrock H., confect. 333 N 3d 
Enders Fredk., shoemr. F road bel Hunting'don 

Endi-ess Catharine, 309 S 8th 
Endress Charles C, coachmr. 31 Chester 
Endriss Geo., tinsm. 262 N 3d 
Endry Adam, stove finisher. Smith's ct (K) 

Eneu James, jr., 167 Shippen 

ENEU JOSEPH, alderman, 468 S 8th, h 10th 

bel Prime 
Eneu Rebecca, 55 Carpenter 
Eng-ard Abrahain, painter, 6th n Franklin 
Engard Adam, carp. 491 N 5th 
Engard Edwd., carp. Apple n Jefferson 
Engard Geo., 189 Noble 
Engard George, Dauphin n Front (K) 
Engard Joseph, tailor, 74 S 4th 
Engard Mai-g., Race bel 16th 
Engard Thaddeus, bricklr. 9th ab Ogden 
Engard Thomas, carter. Court al 
Engard Wm., combmr. Houston n F av 
Engard William, morocco dresser, 336 Frank- 
Engel Conrad, tailor, rear 72 George (K) 
Engel John, sparmr. 62 Richmond )R) 
Engel M. G., shop, 9th and Nectarine 
Engel Sebastian, grocer, Richmond & Hunting- 
don, h 148 Richmond (R) 
ENGEL & WOLF, brewers, 24 & 26 Dillwyn 
Engell Wm,, cordw. rear 264 Poplar 
Engelman Jacob, carp. 1 James 
EngeJman John C, grocer, 226 Rroad 
Engcr Charles, bootmr. 3 iZane 
Enger John, tailor, 68 Charlotte 
Engers Peter, tailor, 15 Peach 
England Elias, gent. 12th ab Girard av 
Eng-land George, tanner, 30 Clinton (K) 
England James, moroc. dress. 8 Nagle 
England Jas. B., atty. Sc coun. 51 S 4th, h 118 

S 3d 
England Joseph, cordw. 389 S Front 
England Lemuel D., shoemaker, Washington ab 

Moore (W P) 
England L. M., clerk, 209 Market, h 20th n 

England Robert, druggist, S W 10th and Catha- 
England Saml., cabt. mr. Palmer ab Queen 
England Thos., gent. 6 Nagle 
Eng-le Aaron C, dry goods, 395 N 2d 
Eng-le Christian, peddler, Brady's ct 
lingle Edwin, flour and feed, Mtu-ket ab 17th, 

h 24 Barker 
Engle Henry, lab. 6thab Camac 
Engle Joseph, mer. 146 Randolph 
E)igle Miss, rag shop. Master ab Lewis 
Engle M. J., clotliing, 772 W Market 
Engle Wm., polisher, Marriott's la 
Engle h Zaiss, hotel. Lemon Hill 
Englebert Cornelius, ladies' shoemaker, 277 

Englebert J., ladies' shoemr. 419 Chestnut 
Englehart M., jeweller, 52 Crown 
Englehart William F., tin plate woi'ker, 23 Nec- 
tarine " 
Engleman Chas., tobacconist, 272 N 2d 
Engleman Elizabeth, 302 Race 
Eng-Jeman Francis, tobacconist, 39 N 12th 
Engleman Joseph, confect. 9 Dorothy 
Engles Jane, trimmings, 347 Pine 
Engles Joseph P., publisher, 265 Chestnut, h 

71 Filbert 
Engles Lewis B., dry goods, 83 Market, h 212 

N 6tli 
Engles Mi#kael, cordw. 44 Apple 




Engles Wm. M-, Rev., editor, 265 Chestnut, h 

Filbert W Broad 
English Abram, ladies' shoemr. 50 Market, hSO 

New Market 
English A. & Co., ladies' shoe manufacr's. 50 

English Beverlv, clerk, 14 S 2d, h Richmond bel 

Cumberland (R) 
English Charles, com. mer. 13 Chestnut 
English Christie, lab. M'Cormlck's av 
English David, capt. 3 Engineer's row 
English Edw, B., grocer, 3 Arch, h 102 New 
English & Ellis, tailors, 19 S 3d 
English Elizabeth M., 127 S 8th 
English E., 7th bel Washington 
English Geo., bricklr. 3 Olive 
English Gustavus, mer. 10 Chestnut, h 121 S 8th 
English Henry, grocer, 3 Arch, h 291 Green ab 

English Henry, paper hanger, 177 S 3d 
English Henry F., paper hanger, 174 Lewis 
English Hugli, blacksm. 38 Cherry, h 42 N 6th 
English H. & J., blacksm. 11th & R av, h 375 

English H. M., tailor, S E 8th & Chestnut 
English James, blacksm. 102 & h 99 Filbert 
ENGL1.SH JAMES C, paper, 489 N 2d 
English Japhet, pap. hang, rear Schleisman's al 
Englisii John, collector, 388 N 6th 
English John, steward, Salem al 
English John, paper hanger, 177 S 3d 
English John B., mer. 21 Chestnut, house 314 

English John, 18th n Lombard 
English John A., bookseller, 36 N 6th, h 307 

N7th J. E., tailor, 19 S 3d, h Green ab 5th 
English Levi, South & G F road 
English Michael, waterman, rear 4 Grover 
English Mizeul, paper hanger, 177 S 3d 
English Mizeal, jr., paper hanger, 177 S 3d, h 

English Monnington, print. Nixon bel Callowhill 
English Mycr, lab. Vienna bel F av 
English Nutlian, plasterer, 40 SbeaflT's al 
ENGLISH N., tailor, 198 Chehtnut, 2d story, h 

160 S 10th N.F., clerk, Post Office! Robert, blacksm. 57 N 15th 
English Saml. I'.,mer.21 Chestnut,h3l4 Walnut 
English Sarah, widow of Samuel, 314 Walnut 
English Thomas B., clerk, F. & M. Bank, h 288 

Englisli T., drayman, Passmore pi 
English Wm., acct. 107 Walnut, h Washington 

ab 13th 
Englisli W. A., clerk, Richmond bel Cumber- 
land (R) 
Enhafler Michael, 197 Apple 
Enos JohnN., bricklr. 9 I'arker 
Enos Wm., salesman, 43 N 2d 
Ennis CIkis. B., curr., Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Ennis Isaac, 4 Lyndall al 
Knnis James, plasterer, 144 Plum 
Ennis Joshua, bootmr. Hammill'sct 
Ennis John, carp, rear Washington n 7th 
Ennis John, lal). William ab Uichmond (R) 
Ennis J. J., piper hanger, 489 BroWn 

Ennis Mary Ann, shop, Coates bel 9tli 

Ennis Mary, shop, St Mary 

Ennis Mrs., fashionable millinery, 26 Sp Garden 

Ennis Richard M., 26 Spring Garden 

Ennis Robert, combmaker, 418 N 9th 

Ennis Thomas, himbermr. 70 Lewis 

Enoch Isaac, wheelwr. Duke bel Palmer 

Enoch Joseph, 25 Linden (K) 

Enochs Enoch, stone cutter, 16th & Winter 

Enochs George, stone cutter, 68 Citron 

Enochs Lewis, ropemr. G T road ab 7th 

Enos D. C, real estate broker, 63 Dock, h S W 

Chestnut and Park (W P) 
Enos John, slater, Clinton ab Poplar 
Enos Wm., cordw. 535 S 7th 
Enos Wm., cordw. 8th ab Federal 
Enright Daniel, tavern, 76 N Water 
Enrowen Michael, lab. 12th ab Prime 
Ensley John, bootmr. 17 Orchard 
Ensor George, lager beer, P'roadSc Vienna 
Ent Algernon, S. L., painter, rear 130 F road 
Enterline Amos, salesman, 98 Market 
Entriken Millicent, embroideries,9th bel Coates 
Entrikin Thos., carp. Coates ab Broad 
Entrikin Wm., machinist, 26 Citron 
Entwisel John, web manuf. 97 Cherry 
Entwistle John, victualler, Marlborough and 

Enyard Charles, cordw. 520 N 2d 
Enyard Isaac A.', hosier, 524 N 2d 
Envard Jacob D., jr., paper hanger, 520 N 2d, h 

' 77 G T road 
EohgL'lmier Adolph, tiu-ner, 88 Hope (K) 
Eoller Henry, brass founder, 94 Hope 
Ephraim J. A., jeweler, 231 Shippen 
Epler Daniel, 'egg dealer, 55 Callowhill, h 284 

Epley Charles, 2 Lewis 

Epley George, billiard saloon, N E 6th end 

Chestnut, h 382 N 4th 
Eplev George B., 42 Charlotte 

Epley John, 215 St John 

Epley Joseph, tavern, 1 Decatur 

Epk•^ Sarah, 8 Emlen's ct 

EPLEY AVILLIAM, cordw. real- Bedford bel 

Epp Peter, 5 I-cwis 

Eppehimer Jonas, tailor, 59 N 3d, h 334 St John 

Eppelsheimer A., grocer, N W lOth and Spring 
Garden, h Broad ab Brown 

Eppelsluimer Edward, grocer, S E 5th &. Vine 

Eppelsheimer Lewis, grocer, N W cor 10th and 
Sring (iarden, h Broad ab Brown 

Eppelsheimer P. & Co., wines and liquors, 97 

Eppewright M:;ry, drcssmr. Front bel Reed 

Eppinger.Iolin, l()cksm.7 Irwin 

Ei)])lesheinier Daniel, 1 1 New 

Epplesbeimer 1). &. S<m, leather and findings 
155 N 2d 

Epplesheinur E., 376 Coates 

Eppk-sheinier Wm.. HON 16th 

Eppwriglit Wm., ship carp. 32 Reed 

Ei)stein Elias, tailor, 220 Marshall 

Ep.stein J., tailor, 438 N 10th 


Erb Simon, lab. 7lh ab Poplar 




Krben Henry G., druggist, S W 12th & Vine 

Erben John M., cabtnir. 6 Tyler 

Erben Peter C, manuf. Nixon & Hamilton and 

20th ab Race,h Logan sq ab Race 
Erbsmehl J'erdinand, tailor, 3 Faries' ct , 
Krdle R. H., blacksm. Lafayette n 9th 
Erdman Christian, shoemr. 42 Cherry 
Erdman D. R., pumpnir. Ridge av and Francis, 

h Powell and Ann 
Erdman E. G., provisions, Ridge R & Pan-ish 
Erdman Francis, bricklayer, Beach ab Marlboro 
Erdman Fredk., engineer, Parrish ab Broad 
Erdman Henry, vinegar manuf. F road above 

Erdman Rebecca, Beach ab Marlboro 
Ereg Thomas, cordw. 3 Brook 
Eret John, lab. 67 Race 
ERETY GEORGE, alderman, 288 N 3d 
Erety George, atty. 288 N 3d 
Erety Wm., bookseller, S W 4th & Race 
Erfert Theresa, washerw. rear 18 Ogden 
Erhart George, tailor, rear 70 Bedford 
Erhardt Gotlieb, tanner, 'iS Hazel 
Erman Francis, lab. Lewis ab Thompson 
Ernhart Wm.. violinist. Gray 
Erhardt Wm. P., cap manuf. 140 N 3d, h 556 

N 5th 
Ernest Martha, ladies' furn. store, N E 3d & Pine 
Ernst Felix, stone cutter. Perry bel Columbia 
ErnstN.S.,MD., 315 Pine 
Erich.son C. F., atty &, coun.32 S 6th 
Erkel Frederick, saddler, G T road ab 5th 
Erl George, coffee roaster, Vienna ab West 
Erly David, lab. 4th bel Montgomery (K) 
Ernst Daniel, bookbinder, 3d bel Federal 
Ernst Estlier, 87 S 3d 
Ernst Jacob, tailor, 551 N3d 
Ernst Jacob, gent. S Washington bel 3d 
Ernst Jacol), rear 129 Clierry 
Ernst Michael, tailor, 4 Hyde's ct 
Ernst Wm., atty. at law, 136 Walnut 
F^rnst Wm., blacksm. Crown ab Duke 
Ernst Wm. S., foreman, Brown bel 7th 
Errickson Jane S., 5 William 
Errickson Michael, carp. Juniper ab Pine, h 382 

Pine ab 13th 
Erring-cr Fredk., 81 Cherry 
Erringer Frederick, cabinetmr. 17 W Ann 
Eninger J.Livingston, mer. 37 Chestnut, house 

Pine bel Broad 
Errisman Jacob, cabinetmr. Harrison 
Erskine Joseph, cordw. 74 S 11th, h 380 S 9th 
Erskine Martin, bootmr. 81 N 9th 
Erskine Hacliei, carp. 40 Hflmuth 
Er.skine Rufus M., 278 Callowhill 
Ertehelmcr Philip,cordw. Mechanic bel Thomp 

Ertcl Hliilip, tavern, 122 Brown 
Ertel Philip, lab. 10 School (K) 
Erven Andrew, caprt. M'.Mravys 
Erven Samuel R., bottler, 461 and h 459 S 4th 
Ervien Robert, flour mill, 201 S Front, house 28 

Erviky John, printer, Duke ab Mailboro 
tlivin Alexander, manuf. 854 2d ab Master (K) 
Ervin Catharine, Green bel 13th 
Ervin George, agent, 41 S 15th n Spruce 
Ervin Samuel, engineer, rear 1 Brook 

Ervin Thomas, carp. 15th ab Fairview 

Ervin Thomas, lab. Somerset n West (R) 

Ervin Wm.C, bootmr. 65 Lagrange pi 

Erwin Elizabeth, dressmr. 21 Julianna 

Erwin Ellen, seampstress, Lombard n 22d 

Erwin Francis, morocco dresser, 3 Dillwyn 

E^rwin Francis, weaver, Milton ab 11th 

Erwin Francis, 19th ab Market 

Erwin Harriet, milliner, 330 Race 

Erwin James, weaver, 187 How:ud (K) 

Erwin James, blacksm. 591 Philip (K) 

Erwin Jane, 14 Harmstead 

Erwin John, carpet manuf. Howard bel Jefferson 

ERWTN JOHN, waiter, 8 Raspberry 

Erwin John, drayman, Hamilton's ct 

Erwin John, shoemr. 39 South 

Erwin Joseph E., 350 Market 

Erwin Joseph, painter, 29 Cherry 

ERWIN J. AVARNER, conveyancer, 5th and 

Library, h S E 19th and Cherry 
Er^vin Mary, trimmings, Richmond ab Jlunting- 

don (R) 
Erwin Patrick, lab. Sorel bel Larch (R) 
Erwin Philip, furn. car, 12th ab Brown 
Erwin Robt., weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Erwin Robert, lab 4 Heiss pi 
Erwin Robert, rei-r 240 F road 
Erwin Samuel, oysterman, rear 224 F road 
Erwin Sarah A., trimming.s, 662 Poplar 
Erwin Susan, gentw. 340 Arch 
Erwin T., carp. 52 Queen 
Escandal Antiiony, tobacconist, 13 Shippen 
Escerel Jacob, oak cooper, rear 124 F road 
Escher Antoine, butcher, Apple bel Thompson 
Eschert John, weaver, Franklin bel School 
Esdel Thos., lab. 20th ab Callowhill 
Esenwien Augustus, trimmings, 60 l^aurel 
Esenwien Fred., morocco dress, Union ct 
Eshbacii David B., tavern, S W 2d &, Oxford 
Eshbach W., lab. 124 G T road 
ESHER CONRAD S., grocer, S W 9tli &. Cherry, 

h 127 N 12th 
Esher &. Cranmer, ladies boots St, shoes, 6N9th 

ab Arch 
Esher Jacob, grocer, 64 and 66 N 4th, h 209 

Esher Jolin, shoemr. 2 Doug-lass 
Esher John, Thompson bel 17th 
Esher John, tailor, Tliompson bel 17th 
Fisher John, brickmr. 868 Lombard 
Esher T. VV., 6 N 9th ab Arch, ii 127 N 12th 
Esher Wm., brickmr. Beech ab Spruce 
Esher Wm., 221 N 6th 
Esherick Amanda, 149 N 6th 
Esherick Jos., mer. 148 Market, h 211 N 4th 
ESHERICK, PENN & CO., dry goods, 148 

E.shleman L. S., M. D., 108 N 5tli 
Esler B. & Sons, turners, 15th and Linden 
Esler B. K. &, Co., ice dealers, Shippen st. whf. 

and 18 S 15th, h 209 S 16th 
Esler Christ., cordw. Apple and Culvert 
ESLEIl (iEO., JR., ini]iorter of Havana cigars, 

211 Chestnut, li 360 S 3(1 
Eslei- Geo., sr., carp. 93 Ciown 
Eskr John, turner, 17 Howard 
Esler Lewis H., house carp. Crown above Cal 





Esler Man', china, 462 S Front 

Esler Robert, turner, 16th ab Lombard 

Esling- Ann C, 51 Filbert 

Esling' Catharine, 57 Buttonwoorl 

F^sling' L. Theodore, clerk, sheriff's office, h 57 

Esmiol P. A., cook, 4 Paynter's ct 
Espy Mills B., 152 S Front, h 17th bel Walnut 
Espy Rebecca, 17th bel Walnut 
Esray John, jr., coi-der, 443 S Front 
Esrev Geo., cutler, Green bel Marg'aretta(WP) 
Esrey AVm. P., M. D., 474 Vine 
Essen Rudolph, cordw. 317 Callowhill 
Essen Wm., baker, 129 R;ice 
Essenbaugh John, turner, rear 76 Race 
Esseneivein Edward, plasterer, Cadwalader ab 

Esser J., bootmr. 520 N 4th 
Essey Charles, lab. Marlboro' bel Duke 
Essich Catliarine, 5 Hickorv ct 
ESSICH E.MIL, lag-er beer, 256 N 3d & .335 

Market, K N E 8th and Vine 
Essich & Eugles, lager beer, 256 N 3d 
Essich Jacob, trader. Phoenix bel G T road 
Essig Christian S., turner. Poplar ab 6th 
Essig George, bricklr. 21 Beiver (K) 
Essler Michael, lab. Van Burcn pi 
Ester Ferdinand, tailor, Morris (S) 
Esterlon Ann, 244 South 
Esterlj- Franklin, carpenter, Richmond below 

Lehigh av 
Esterly Frederick, lab. Seneca cl 
Esterman Fred., grocer, 5th and Summit 
Estlack Clark, painter, 561 N 3d 
Estlack Geo., bricklayer, 61 S 16th 
V'stlack Samuel, dealer, 2 Pavnter's ct 
ESTLACK THOS., JR. & CO., druggists, N E 

Front and Market 
Estlack Tlios., jr., mer. Front &. Market, h 514 

W Chestnut 
E.stlin John, cooking stoves, 87 N 5th 
Estlow Ciias., stevedore, 1 M'Manamy's ct 
Estlow Chas. K., tailor, 18 John 
Estrada Esteban D., mer. o5 Walnut 
Estreicher Catharine, Perry bel Pliocnix 
Estreiclier John, tailor, 122 Charlotte 
Etchells Isaac, lab. rear 33 Perry 
Etciiman Francis, barber, 173 Locust 
Etley John, butcher, Meredith bel William 
Eton K., oystermun, 20 School (K) 
Etris Joiui M., marble yd. Palmer bel F road(K) 
Etris Joseph, bricklayer, Sutherland 
Etris Robert, druggist, F road ab Master 
Etris Samuel, sliip joiner, 416 S Front 
P'tris Samuel, ship joiner, 20 China 
Etter David, collector, 183 Catharine 
Etter Geo., jeweler, 40 Federal 
Etter Geo. Y., brickmaker, 13th bel Federal 
Etter James, tailor, 24 Plover 
Fitter Wm., tavern, 26 Plover 
Etting Asher, 16th ab Spruce 
Etting Henj., mer. 46 N Delaware av and 93 N 

Water, li 421 Spiiice 
Etting Edward .F., iron mer. 46 N Delaware av 

and y3 N Water, h S W 15th and Spruce 
Etting V,. .]. h I^-other, com. mers. 46 N Dcla 

ware av and 93 N Water 
Etting Hen., purser U S N., 16th ab Spruce 

Etting Horatio, mer. 125 S Front, h 16th above 

Etting Simon, gent. 18 Union 
Ettinger Abrm., oQS N 2d 
Ettinger B., mer. 63 N 3d, h 6th ab Poplar 
Ettinger Sarah Ann, milliner, 50 Arch 
Ettinger Wm., brjcklayer, 26 Chatham 
Ettinger Wm., clerk, 16 N 3d, h 253 Parrish 
Ettinger Wm., tailor, 253 Parrisli 
Ettinger Wolf, clothing, 304 N Front 
Ettla D. R., salesman, 11 S 4th, h 177 N 7th 
Ettla Geo. H., salesman, 179 Market 
Ettling Frances Mrs., 190 N Front 
EtzelWm., tailor, 2d ab Edward (K) 
Euler Geo., cooper, S E Charles and Shippen 
Eurs Charles, tailor, 10 Courtland pi 
Eusqurell Jacob, carp. 275 St John 
Eustis Pat., lab. Fitzwater n 15th 
Euston James, wooden ware, 108 N 3d, h 192 

N nth 

Eva James H., grocer, Apple n Oxford (K) 

Eva John, glass blower. Wood n Lemon (R) 

Evans Aaron, carp. 30 Logan 

Evans Agne.s, seamstress, 80 George (S) 

Evans Andrew W. grocer, 9th and Coates 

Evans Ann, china, 125 Locust 

Evans Ann, trimmings, 466 S 9th 

Evans Anna, Juniper ab Pine 

Evans Anna, b h, 443 Spruce 

Evans Arthur, lab. William bel Edward (K) 

Evans Benj. currier, 149 S Front, h 11 Cox 

Evans Ben). C. mer. 11 Bank, h 404 N 6th 

Evans Benj, M. grocer, 276 South 

Evans B., Mrs. 46 Winter 

Evans B. B., undertaker, 11th ab Callowhill, h 

271 Spring Garden 
Evans Chalkley, 15 Winter 
Evans Charles, sashmr. 377 N 13th 
Evans Charles, daguerrotypist, 380 Market, h 

Chestnut ab Broad 
Evans Chas. mach. Quany ab 2d, h 100 Vine 
Evans Chas. boot & shoemr. 130 Green 
Evans Chas., M, D., 182 Arch 
Evans Charles M., clerk, 406 Brown 
Evans Charles R., cordw. Ball (K) 
Evans Christopher, lab. Fairview ab Broad 
Evans Daniel G., bookkeeper, 36 S Delaware av 
Evans David, jr., h 41 Cox 
Evans David, jr., leather, 241 S 5th 
Evans David, lab. 9 Gulielma 
Evans David, fire proof chest manuf 26 S 4th, h 

S W Marshall &. Huttonwood 
Evans David, ropemr. Latimer ab Wood 
Evans David 11., waterman, 4 Estiier pi ab Brown 
Evans David R. painter. State E 16th 
EVANS DAVID Z. groc. 5 S 5th, h 780 Vine 
Evans ?>l\var(l, tin man, 648 N 2d (K) 
Evans Edward, slater, 102 I'arrish bel 8th 
Evans F-dward, jjiscnit baker, 24 Division 
Evans Edward, carter, Brasier 
Evans Edward R., clerk, 9 S 3d 
Evan.s Klkn, milliner, 20 N 8th 
Evans Ellis, shoemr. 76 Lombard 
Evans VAV/m, 16 Itittenhouse 
Evans Enoch, bookkeeper, 812 N 11th 
Evans Evan, weaver, 153 S Front 
Evans Evan, blacksm. 10 Bread 
Evans Francis, chairmr. 393 Poplar 




Evans Franklin, mer. 63 Market, h 24 Summer 

Evans Geo. tavern, N VV 13th and South 

Evans Geo., barber. 111 Arch 

Evans Geo. C, drugg-ist, 335 N 2d 

Evans Geo. O. salesman, 51 N 3d, h 176 N 4th 

Evans Geo. W. dry goods, 1 S 9th 

Evans Hampton W. carp. Penu bel 13th 

Evans Hannah J. 29 Wood 

Evans Horace, M. D. 163 Walnut 

EVANS HOWELL, printer, 4th bel Chestnut, 

h 332 N 7th ab Brown 
Evans Isaac, grocer, Lewis and Master 
Evans Isaiah, engineer, 31 Mary 
Evans Jacob, cordw. Queen ab Bedford (K) 
Evans Jacob, inspect. 88 Cherry 
Evans James, brickmr. 9 Owen 
Evans Jas. D. cordw. 480^ N 2d (K) 
Evans Jas. E. gun mr. 86 South 
Evans Jas. G., clerk, 279 S Front 
Evans John, carp. 13th ab Wallace 
Evans John, moulder, 34 Charlotte 
Evans John, carp. 39 Brandywine 
Evans John, teacher, 21 Perry 
Evans John, 648 South 
Evans John, lumber insp. 49 Green 
Evans John, cordw. 7 Rubican's pi 
Evans John H., clerk, 343 S 9th 
Evans John M. mer. 387 N 8th 
EVANS JOHN M. carpets, 217 N 2d 
Evans Jonathan, gilder, 8 Bayard 
Evans Jonathan, Mrs. grocer, 10th bel Poplar 
Evans Joseph, leather mer. 149 S Front, h Pas- 
chal bel 11th 
Evans Joseph agent, 109 Parrish 
Evans Joseph, cabtmr. rear 211 Cherry 
Evans Joseph, painter, rear Fulton 
Evans Joseph, cordw. 135 Wood (K) 
Evans Joseph, variety store, 233 S 2d 
Evans Joseph B. brickl. 460 Poplar 
EVANS JOS. R. & CO., com. mers. 31 S Dela- 
ware av 
Evans Joseph R. mer. 31 S Del. av, h 101 Pine 
Evans Joshua D., New York 
Evans Josiah, jr. tailor, 209 N 9th 
Ev&ns Josiah, Mrs., George E 21st 
Evans Josiah, measurer, 509 N 7th 
Evans J. R., morocco dress. 509 N 7th 
Evans Leon, waiter, 25 Bay 
Evans Margaret, wid. of Joseph R., 103 Pine 
Evans Mark H., tavern, N E 6th and Parrish 
Evans Mary Jane, rear 9 Crown 
Evans Miles, lab. Somerset (R) 
Evans Moses, chemist, 5 Church av 
Evans M. M., trimmings, Charles & Buttonwood 
Evans Nathaniel K. carp. Melon n 10th 
Evans Ohver, cordw. William bel Richmond (R) 
Evans Oliver, refrigerators, &.c. 61 S 2d, h 229 

Evans Oliver J. daugerro. 376 Filbert 
Evans Owen, china, 201 Market, h 172 Filbert 
Evans Owen B. lime, 9th and Sp Garden, h N 

W 10th and Green 
EVANS &. QUINCE Y, china &c., 201 Market 
EVANS RANDOLPH W., coal dealer, Rail 

road &, F road, h F road ab Ann (R) 
Evans Rebecca, waslier, 25 Bedford 
Evans Rees C. Rev. 198 Noble 
Evans Richard, watchman 56 Redwood 

Evans Richd. tailor, 9 Wesley 

Evans Richard, watchman, 3 Addison 

Evans Richard C. bricklr. Ii 144 S 13th 

Evans Robert, measurer, 98 Wallace 

Evans Robert, Mrs. S E 10th and Parrish 

Evans Robert E. mer. 73 Market 

Evans Robert T. 542 Chestnut 

Evans Robert T., 178 N 9th 

Evans Rowland C. carp. 10th bel Sp Garden 

EVANS ROWLAND E. atty. &. couii. 417 Arch 

Evans Ruth, mer. 127 Chestnut 

Evans R., vet. surgeon, 12 Buckley, h 374 S 4th 

Evans Samuel, porter, Centre ab 12th 

Evans Samuel, lab. rear 38'J S 3d 

Evans Samuel, stone mason, 432 N 9tli 

Evans Samuel R. .salesman, Green bel 4th 

Evans Sarah, hat trim. Millei's ;t 

Evans Sarah, 11 Brandywine 

Evans Sarah, cupper, 86f N 9th 

Evans S. A., Mrs., 2 Clinton square 

Evans Theodore, scale mr. 2 Hutchinson 

Evans Thos., bookkeeper, 6th bel Master 

Evans Th(^s., bricklr. 16 Nectarine , 

Evans Thos., Parrish bel 10th 

Evans Thos., 5 Fries' ct 

Evans Thos., mer. 63 Market, h Race bel 17th 

Evans Thos. gent. 180 Arch 

Evans Thos. Mrs. N E 17th and Latimer 

Evans Thos, clerk, L. Washington ab 7th 

Evans Thos., gardener, Dauphin & Lepriva (R) 

EVANS THOMAS, collector of water rents, 

391 N 10th 
Evans Thos. E., boots and shoes, Sp Garden and 

Ridge avenue 
Evans Thos. L. mer. 246 Sp Garden 
EVANS THOMAS W., &. CO., dry goods, 214 

Evans T. & F. cloths, 63 Market 
Evans T. Wallis, dry goods, 214 Chestnut 
Evans Walter F. engraver, Austin bel Federal 
EVANS & WATSON, salamander safes and 

refrigerators, 26 S 4th 
Evans Whiton, gent. Chestnut ab Till (W P) 
Evans Wm., seaman. Wheat bel Marion 
Evans Wm. carp. 4 Monmouth ct 
Evans Wm., jr., 102 Union ' 
EVANS WM. drug. 134 S Front, h 102 Union 
Evans Wm. seaman, Trinity pi 
Evans Wm. E., Pres. Carbon Run Improv. Co., 

4 Carpenter's ct 
EVANS WM. M., real estate agent. Market & 

Lancaster (W P) 
Evans Wm. R., mer. 388 Market, h 15th above 

Evans Wm. p. dry goods, 105 Market, 

N 10th 
Evans Wilson, mer. 324 Noble 
EVANS W. ELBERT, Locust W 16th 
Evanson Jones, drover, 15th bel Coates 
Evars Tiios., painter, 22 F road 
Evart Peter, carter, Piiilip & Montgomery (K) 
Evas Chas., carter, 107 Woocl (Iv) 
Evaul Eliza, oysters, 556 N 2d 
Eve Andrew, tailor, 67 Mead 
Eve Lewis, blacksm. 67 Mead 
Eve Wm. cordw. Federal ab 2d 
Eveland Daniel, moroc. dresser, 65 Willow, h 

160 Franklin 


h 75 




Eveland Michael, saddletreemr. Pemberton st 
Everd Richard, macht. Pearl ab 15th 
EVEREST CORNELIUS, jeweler, 206 Chest- 
Everest H. G.,je\veler, 206 Chestnut 
Everett Benj. C. surgeon's bandag-es and instru- 
ments, 4 N 9th, h 6th door ab Mai-ket, W 
Everett Charles, merchant, 83 Market, h 141 

N 9th 
Everett D. coach manuf. Brown ab 12th, h 141 

Everett D., coach manuf. Jefferson ab 6tii 
Everett &. Engles, cloths, 83 Market 
Everett Fredk., blacksm. P'airmount 
Everett Jacob R, tailor, 11 Lee 
Everett John, saddler, Haines bel 13th 
Everett Newman, botanic doctor, 146 Beach (R) 
Everett Robert, printer, 120 Olive 
Everett Robert, publisher, 84 S 3d,h 120 Olive 
Everham & Colslier, wheelwts. Broad ab Green 
Everham Samuel, wheelwr. N W Penn & Whe- 

lock's pi (S G) 
Everham Wm. wheelwr. Broad ab Green, h 

15th and Barclay (S G) 
Everhart Anthony, driver, 73 Queen 
Everhart & Chariesworth, stone cutters, Willow 

bel 5th 
Everhart David, cigars, Tyler ab Poplar 
Everhart Edward F., clerk, Willow bel 6th 
Everhart James M. cordw. Dehaven's ct 
Everhart John, chairmr. 4th bel Poplar 
Everhart Maria, Lisle bel Shippeu 
Everhart Wm., driver, 73 Queen 
Everitt Horace, agent, 78 N Front, h 22 Lati- 
Everitt Maria, shop, 39 W North 
Everitt Mary, b h, S E 7th and Arch 
Everitt Wm., gunsm. 134 N 2d 
Everling John, brushmr. Otter ab G T road (K) 
Everly Adam, gent. 354 Arch 
Everly George M., capt. 305 S Front 
Everlv M. N., button factory, 238 Christian, h 

190 Catharine 
Everly Wm. painter, 23 Federal 
Everly Wm. A. mcr. 225 Market, h 398 Arch 
Eveiman Bristec, restaurant, S E 3d and Chest- 
nut, h 1 Dean's al 
Evers Christian, confec. 79 S 2d 
Evers John, tailor, rear ^'ienna bel F av 
Evers .(olm A. leather, 50 and 52 South 
Evers Thomas, lab. Bedford bel Vienna 
Everson Martha, Catliarine bel 9th 
Everson Tliomas, cloth finisher, 652 N 4th 
Evert Leonard, lab. 121 Swanson 
Flverwine (Christian, cordw. 92 Hope (K) 
Evervvine Matthias, cordw. 92 Hope (K) 
Every Enocli, fisiiing tackle, 125 Heach (K) 
Eves Philip, gus fitter, Brazier's av 
Evett \Vni., gold beater, Adams ab F road 
Evleth Clayton M., brewer, 173 S 11th 
Evletli J. (;runville, clerk, 173 S 11th 
Evrall .lohn, mason, 126 Buttonwood 
Ewald Chas. J., drv goods, 528 N 6th 
Ewald (ieo. F. tailor, 541 N 2d, h 146 F road 
Ewclings Peter, stevedore, rear 4 Grover 
Ewell Edwd. waiter, 4 Reckless 

Ewell Ellis, carp, rear Union ab Bedford 
Ewell Solomon, oyster house, 67 Dock, h 78 

Ewen Joseph, dry goods, 15 S 2d, h 177 Pine 
Ewing Catharine, vest mr. 16th bel Pine 
Ewing Charles, cordw. 553 S 8th 
Ewing Geo. H. rigger, 32 Christian 
Ewing James, lab. Salmon ab Emory (R) 
Ewing James K., barber, 386 S 2d 
Ewing John D., acct., 31 Chestnut 
Ewing J. O. gent. Broad bel Pine 
Ewing Mary, tailoress, 6 Reed 
Ewing Mary, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Ewing Moses, grocer, 136 Locust 
Ev/lng Robert, blacksm. Pearl ab Nixon 
Ewing Robert, com. mer. 27 Minor, house 221 

EWING ROBERT, mer, 31 Chestnut 
Ewing Samuel, blacksm. Brown's ct 
Ewing Samuel, lab. 562 Vine 
Ewing Wm. blacksm. 269 Wharton 
Ewing Wm. E. clerk, 348 Lombard 
Exley Wm. flour and feed, 5th and Franklin 
Exley Wm. blacksm. Wood & Dillwyn, house 

Franklin and Wallace 
Extim Samuel, tailor, 182 Marshall 
Ey Balderston, macht. 6 Craig's av 
Eyre Edward E. mer. S W 4Ui &; Arch, house 

97 N 5th 
Eyre Geo. W., clerk, UN 3d, h 298 Marshall 

ab Poplar 
Eyre Jehu W. whf. builder. Beach above Hai - 

over (K) 
Eyre John, shoemr. Catharine ab 13th 
Eyre John R. carp. 504 N 8th 
Eyre Joseph K. com. mer. 37 Dock 
Evre Joshua, clerk, 97 Market 
EYRE & LANDELL, dry goods, S W 4th and 

Eyre Lewis, carp. 18 Logan 
Eyre Mary Ann, 298 Marshall 
Eyre Thos. dry goods, 12th and Vine 
Eyre Thos. combmr. Franklin ab Union 
Eyre, Ward &. Co., merchants, 2 Ranstead pi 
Eyre Wm. carp. 29 N 15tli 
Eyre Wm. H., book keeper, 74 N 3d, house 18 

Eyre Wilson, atty. &. coun. 359 Chestnut 
Eysler George, tailor, 46 Green 
Ezekiel Sunon, mer. 94 N 3d, h 236 N 2d 

Faas Anthony, accordeon, 380 N 4th 
Faas Robert, 402 N 3d 

Faas Sebastian, cabinetinr. Cherry bel F road 
Faass tieo. F. wines and liqviors, 444 N 3d 
Faber Christian, tailor, 6 Harrigcs' ct 
Faber Jacob, carp. Adams ab Oxford (K) 
Faber Win., silversm. 124 N 5th 
Faber Wm. T., silversm.53 Lewis 
Fabian Chas., shoemr. 11 Linden 
Fal)ian Jos., oculi-.t, 44 Nine 
Fable IJarbara, 268 9lh ab Noble 
Fable Wm. L., bookbr. 543 N 5th 
Fabre Francis A., prof Anatomy, 24 Haines 
Fabruius Saml., cordw. 14 Tammany, house 27 




Fackender John, morocco, 3 Northampton ct 

Fackler Louis F., baker 35 New Market 

Fackney John, g-ent. 286 Race 

Facon & Fine, clothing', 59 N 3cl 

Facon Thomas, mer. 59 N 3(1, h 254 S 10th 

Faddis Ezekiel, cordw. Hermitag'e 

Fadely Abraliam, bricklr. Hope ab Master (K) 

Faderly Andw., cordw. 354 Apple (K) 

Fadin John, lab. Sch Beach ab 22d 

Fag-an Alexander, ladies' shoemr. 134 S 10th 

Fag-an Bernard, lab. Lewis n Emory (R) 

Fag-an Bernard, stables, 67 Union, h 52 Penn 

Fagan Catharine, Williams' av (S G) 

Fagan Catharine, Somerset (R) 

Fagan Corn., shoemr. 35 Cherry 

Faoran Daniel, engineer, Summer near Belmont 

Fagan Edw., 555 S 2d 

Fagan Francis P., book keeper, 25 Km-tz 

Fagan James, shuttle mr. Spooner's av (K) 

Fagan John, stereotype foundry, 19 St James, h 

209 Filbert 
Fagan John, lab. 13th ab Federal 
F:igan John, lab. Murray W 20th 
Fagan Mary, shop, 1 S 13tli 
Fagan Mich. V., shoemr. 42 Fitzwater, h 5 GafF- 

ney's av 
Fagan Patrick, weaver, 7th bel Fitzwater 
Fagan Peter, lab. Factory n Sch Beach 
Fagan Peter, blacksm. 16th alj Wood 
Fagan Peter, carpt.weaver, 7th ab Fitzwater 
Fagan Peter A., tailor, 141 Chestnut, h 7th bel 

Fagan P. \., grocer, 307 S 8th 
FAGAN STEPHEN, grocer, S E 8th &. Lom- 
Fagan Thomas, stone cutter, Lexington and 

L Turnpike (M V) 
Fagan Thos. H., plasterer, Ann ab Salmon (R) 
Fagan W. H., letter cairier post office, h 409 

S 11th 
Fagander Jacob, lapper, rear F I'oad ab Master 
Fagely Jesse, saddler, 1 S 9th 
Fagenbush John J., coi-dw. Gray 
Fager Henry, shop. 34 Alder 
Fagioli Francis, cordw. 81 S 8th, h 284 Parrish 
Fagley James, drover, G T road ab 5tli 
Fagunbush Caroline, 430 N6th 
Fagundus Eliza, 2 Miller's ct (S G) 
P'agundus G. K., clerk, 6 Saranack 
Fagundus Wm., tailor. Willow W 18th 
Faher Mich., cordw. William ab Bath (R) 
Fahertv Ellen, shop, 10th bel L Washington 
FAHNESTOCK B. A., 209 Market, h S VV 18th 

and Arch 
FAHNESTOCK B. A. & CO., druggists, 209 

Fahnestock Edwin, clerk, 47 Market 
FAHNESTOCK G. W., mer. 209 Market, h 698 

Fahy Daniel, lab. 198 N Front 
Faliy Mary, Apple ab Franklin CK) 
Fahy Martin, cordw. Apple ab Franklin (K) 
Fahy Thos., lab. 6 Jqhn's ct 
Fahy Wm., lub. 106 S Front 
Fair John. carp. 4 Shoemaker, h 137 Locust 
Fairbank Wm., dealer, square and Corn 
Fairbanks Chas. H., printer, N E 4th and Chest- 
nut, h 4tli bel Federal 

Fairbanks Drury, boxmr. Coates ab 21st 
FAIRBANKS E. & T., scale manufs. 240 Market 

4th and Chestnut 
Fairbanks S. II., cordw. Washington bel Logan 
Fairbound Fredk., waiter, Ashland House, Arch 
Fairchild Wm., printei', 120 S 2d 
Faires J. W., seminary, h 16th bel Locust 
Fairgrieve James, clerk, 82 S 2d 
Fairlamb George W., carp. Currant al,h 1 How- 
ard pi 
FAIRLAMB JONAS P., jr., atty. at law, 7 San- 

som, h 8 Summer n 16th 
Fairman Jane, shop, 15th and Parrish 
Fairman G. W., clerk, S W Pine & 17th 
Fairman G. W., clerk. Broad ab Vine 
Fairman H. B., mer. 76 N 3d, h 215 N 9th 
Fairthorne Fredk., attv. and coun. 20 S 3d, h 

106 S 9th 
Fakler George, cordw. 21 Beaver (K) 
Falby James, police officer, 107 M road 
Falck Valentine O., clerk, 4 Chatham 
Falconer John G., mer. 57 Chestnut 
Falconer Robt., tailor, 25 Pratt 
Fales George, cabinetmr. 208 N 5th 
Fales Geo., mer. 6 S Front, h 131 Race 
Fales Lewis R., mer. 131 Race 
FALES, LO THROP & CO., mers. 6 S Front & 

22 Market 
Fales Oliver G., stonecut. Tower n 22d 
Fales Samuel B., gent. 138 Walnut 
Fallbright John, shoemr. Hutchinson bel Master 
Faller A., clockmr. Pleasant bel R road 
Fallan Bridget, washer, rear 246 N Front 
Fallon Bernard, lab. Almira pi 
FALLON C. & J., attys. and coun. 142 Walnut 
Fallon John, stone cutter, Rhodes ab 19th 
Fallon Joseph, ins. agent, 154 Race 
Fallon Mary, 9th and Ridge av 
Fallon Thomas, cordw. 302 N 5th 
Fallon Thos., lab. 470 Poplar 
Falloney John, cordw. 25 Evans 
Fallonv Hugh, tailor, Kates 
Falls Allen, liquors, 268 S 6th 
Falls Francis, gratemr. 83 N 6th 
Falls John, chandler, 99 Dillwyn 
Falls Wm., butcher, 171 Shippen 
Famous John, lab. Jones E 21st 
Fanell John, fireman, Hope bel Phoenix 
FANFERNOT & DULAC, com. merchants, 22 

Church al 
Fannin John, lab. 9 M road 
Fanning Patrick, clothing. Juniper ab Market 
Fanning Wm., dry goods, 139 S Garden 
Faran Catharine, Lynn ab Williams 
Farbeaux J. C, barber, 201 Locust 
FAREIRA JOHN, hatter, 284 Market 
Fareira Joseph, hatter, 404 Lombard 
P'arendell Geo. H., stone cutter, Lloyd ct bet 

Shippen and Fitzwater 
Faries James, baker, 28 S 3d, h 47 Carpenter 
Faries Wm., sailmr. 9 Raspberry al 
Faries Wm., 102 Washington (S G) 
Faringer Margarette, dry goods, S VV Prime & 

M road 
Farington Richard, lab. Shackamaxon above 

Fans Elizabeth, 511 N 10th 




Parity Harriet, dressmr. S W 6th and Pine 

Farkiers Henry, bakery, 4th and Redwood 

Farl Mrs., 44 Murray 

J'arley Ann, tavern, 510 Market 

Farley Bernard, mason, Auburn ab 8th 

Farley Edward, lab. 22d ab Arch 

Farley F"rancis, conductor, 292 Richmond (R) 

Farley Francis, g-rocer, 21st ab South 

Farley Francis, weaver. Front ab Phoenix (K) 

Farley James, lab. Pearl ab 15th 

Farley James, lab., Palmer ab Beach (K) 

Farley James, lab. 8 Buchanan pi 

Farley John, weaver, (;o;al bel Price (K) 

Fai-lev John, stone cutter. Carpenter ab 10th 

FARLEY JOSEPH W., M. D. and druggist, 

S W 7th and Poplar 
Farley Patrick, iron weigher, 6 Faries' ct 
Farley Patrick, lab. rear 94 N 11th 
Farley Peter, blacksm, Federal n 7th 
Farley Thos., lab. Watt's ct n William 
Farley Thos., lab. 25 Duponceau 
Farley Thos., stone cutter, Pine bel 11th, house 

Carpenter n 10th 
Farlin Michael, grocer, 221 Shippen 
Farlow Rol)ert, carter, 45 Filler (K) 
Farlow Smith, lab. Burton 
Farmer Amelia, cook, Smith's ct 
Farmer James S., collector, 11 Alroy 
Farmer Joseph, drayman, 78 George (S) 
Farmer Patrick, weaver, 12th & Milton 
Farmer R., tailor, 30 Branch 

J'arniiam B. A^ mer. 34 S Front, h Broad below 

FARNHAM, KIRKHAM & CO., com. mers. 34 

S Front 
Farnon Peter, mach. 267 Buttonwood 
Farnsworth Daniel, bricklayer, S W Church &. 

Farnum Elizabeth, gentw. 16th ab Spruce 
Farnum George AV., mer. 29 Chestnut 
Farnum Henry, mer. 12 Chestnut, h3H9 Walnut 
FARNU.M HENRY &. CO., mers. 12 Chestnut 
Farnum &. Imbrie, mers. 63 Chestnut 
Farnum Jas. A., com. mer. 63 Chestnut, h 16th 

ab Spruce 
Farnum Jolin, mer. 26 S Front, h 257 Arch 
FARNUM JOHN & CO., com. mers. 26 S Front 
Fainum, Earned St Co., mers. 27 & 29 Chestnut 
Farnum Peter, mer. 26 S Front, 1» 477 Chestnut 
Farnum Peter, waterman, 3 Smitli's ct 
Faron Edw., coachsm. Columbia ab 2d 
Farcjuhar Edsv. Y., conveyancer, 56 Walnut, h 

S E 17tli and Walnut' 
P'arr Di'.nicI, morocco tlr. 91 Charlotte 
Fan- Earl C, clerk, 67 N 8th 
Farr Edward, bookl)in(ler, Ogdcn ab 13tli 
Farr Geo. clerk, 3 St John's pi 
Farr Geo. W., jr., mer. 112 Chestnut 
Farr (Jeo. W., tailor, 11 S 9tli, h 215 N 6th 
Farr James, gent. 151 N 6th 
Fan- John C, mer. 112 Chestnut, h 171 S 5th 
I'ari Jo!in T., bookseller, 205 Cliestiuit, li S E 

12lh and Penn 
Farr Marv, gentw. Og<len ab 13th 
FARR &." THOMPSON, watches & jewelry, 

112 Chestnut 

Farr Wm. A., ins. agent, S W 4th and Chestnut 

Farr William. M., mer., 112 Chestnut, h 121 
I Catliarine 

;FaiTady Jas., surg. inst. mr. 1 1 Elder 
iFarrady Wm. W., confect. 133 I' road 
jFarran Hugh, tailor, 4 Powell 

Farran Hugh, carter, Muntiy n 20th 

Farran James, carpenter, 63 Plum 
■Farran Margaret, 74 Bedford 

Fairan Thos., charcoal, (^lu-i.stian ab 17th 
' Farran Tliomas, lab. 5 Reid's ct 
jFarrand .las. H., confect. 281 Chestnut 
iFarrantl Steplien, carver, Filbert n 19th 
JFarrand Wm. P., foundry. Willow ab 12th, h S 

E 5th and Buttonwood 
iFarrall James, waiter. Miller's al 
JFarrall John, lab. lyth and Hamilton 
Iparrar Joseph, dealer, rear 18 P road 
jFARREL JOHN, iron safes, 34 Walnut, and 

25 Granite 
iFarrel Mary, 138 Olive 

Farrell Andrew, lab. Pine ab Beck 

I'arrell Ann, 4 Reed's av 
! Farrell Bridget, shop, Broad ab Race 
jp'arrell Cath., Goodwill al 

Farrell Cornelius, bricklr. Donnelly's ct 

Farrell Daniel, lab., Crown ab F av 
j Farrell David, gipcer, 8th and P road 
, Farrell Edw., lab. York (W P) 
; Farrell Edw., bar tender, 4 Sharp's av 

Farrell Edward A., Jefferson House, M road 

bel Cai-penter 
'Farrell Elizabeth, 19 Powell 

Farrell Cieo., clerk, 133 Wood (K) 
T'arrell Geo. 1,., stencil cutter, 33 S 4th, h 186 

N 12tli 
i Farrell Henrv, clerk, 42 Marshall 

Farrell Hugh, lab. 34 Bayard 

Farrell James, weave)-, M'AIravy 

I'arrell James, lab. 9 Tanmiany ct 

Farrell James, grocer, 9th and L Washington 

Farrell Jame.s, toolmr. 2 Farmer 

Farrell .lames, furniture ware room, 177 Poplar 

P'ariell James, shop, 571 S Front 
'Farrell John, sliip joiner, .Marli)oro' n West 
' Farrell .John, lab. Sahnon ab Emory (R) 
, Fai-reJl .John, dray man, Hamilton's ct 
I Farrell John, lab. 632 N Front 

Farrell John, tailor, Hickory ct 

FaricU ,lohn, lab. 9 Tammany ct 

Farrell John, cordw. 245 S 6th 

I'arrell John, segarnn-. 96 .\pple 
' Farrell John W.', mer. 33 Chestnut, h 316 N 6th 

Farrell .loseph, capt. 382 N Front 

Farrell Josejih, tavern, ('allf)vvhill n Sch 
I P'arrell Joseph, currier, 71 St ,lohn 
! Faircll Patrick, coaeliman, Jeflerson ab 20th 
I Turrell Patrick, drayman, 26.1 N Front 

I'arieli Patrick, painter, 5 Poplar 
I Farnii Patiic k, lab., Salmon ah Emorv (R) 
! Farrell Peter, bottler, 156 S lltli 
' Farrell I'l ter, lab., Salmon b> 1 William (R) 
I Ian i II Rosanna, washer, Barker n 19th 
' I'arrell Thos. grocer, 300 Richmond (R) 

Farrell 'I'homas, lab., Salmon bel William (R) 

Kariell Thomas C, Car|)enter navy \ard 
'Parrell Walter, 18 Benti n 

I'arrell \\illiam, hatter, 15 Flower 




Farrell William, bUicksm., 556 S Front 
Farrell William, lab., Marlboro' bel West 
Farrelly .lames A., bon. pressor, 119 Soulh 
Ffwren Ann, 284 Cliristian 
Farren Daniel, carp, 16 Morris 
Farren Francis, weaver, Cadwalader and Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Farren Hugh, carter, 599 Philip 
Farren Joseph, shoemr. 9 VVilliiig's al 
FaiTen Margaret, 19 Vernon (S) 
Farren Mary, 119 German 

Farren Robert, weav., Jefl'erson and Adams (K) 
Farrer William, shoemr. 244 S 3d 
Farries M., dressmr., 547 S od 
Farrington George, cordw. Union ab Franklin 
Farrington Thomas, weaver, Earl ab Duke 
Farris Bernard, lab.. Federal bel 11th 
Farris Isaac, cordw., 445 S 6th 
Farris James, coachmr., 47 Carpenter 
Farrison Charles, 119 Fine 
Farron Gideon, trimmings, 55 Pine 
Farrow Wm., painter, 2d bel Columbia (K) 
Farrow Ephraim, vict., Robinson's ct (K) 
Farry Mich., lab. Front ab Hazel 
Farson Enoch, S., wooden ware, 60 Dock, h 

134 Wliarton 
Farson James, car driver, 96 Catharine 
Farson Samuel F., clerk, 60 Dock, h N W 9th 

and Wood 
Farson Wm. carp. Norris' al, h 40 M road below 

Farthing John vict. ¥ road ab Palmer 
Faser Christian, stonecnt. 584 N 10th 
Faser Jacob, sword mounter, 36 Alder 
Fasnacht Aug., salesman, 103 N 2d 
Fass Christopher, 210 St. Joh i 
Fassinere Antonio, mariner, 28 Spruce 
Fassitt Alfred, mer. 48 Market, h 245 Pine 
Fasbitt & Co., dry goods, 48 Market ab 2d 
Fassitt E. C. Mrs., 8 Portico sq 
Fassitt H. L., mer., h 329 Arch 
Fassitt James W., mer. 48 Market, h Spruce ab 

Fassitt Louis M., M. D., 100 Walnut 
Fassitt Mrs. wid. of Thomas, 327 Arch 
Fassitt T. S. R., gent. 318 Cliestnut 
Faster Fred., cordw. 22 Lilly's ct 
Fasy Catharine Ann, Wood ab 15th 
Fasy Henry J., cordw. 401 Race 
Fasy John H. printer, Wood bel 16lh 
Fater Jacob, grocer, S E Apple and Thompson 
Faucett Aaron P., barber shop, 617 Poplar 
Faucett Hiram W., acct. 11 Florida 
Faugeas Eustache, cabinetmr. rear 128 S 2d 
Fauk Nicholas, lab. 11 Emlen's ct 
Faulk George, sea capt., 445 Callowhill 
Faulkner Edward H., nianuf, 7 State, h Wood 

ab 5th 
Faulkner Henry, tailor, 156 Market 
Faulkner Henry, tailor, .52 Logan 
FAULKNER &, HOOPES, window frame and 

door makers, Hamilton ab Broad 
Faulkner James, macliinist. King bel Race 
Faulkner J. H., painter, 60 Cathaiine 
Faulkner Pat., lab., Sp Garden n Fairmonnt 
Faulkner Pat., carter, Caldwell ab Sell Beach 
Faulkner Tliomas, bricklr., Hazel ab Front 
Faulkner Thomas, cordw. 122 N 4tli 

Faulkner Wm., cordw., Vine bel 21st 
Faulkner William, lab. Carpenter ab 8th 
Pauls Hugh, lab., Story's ct n Allen 
Faunce Benj., fisherman, 273 Qvieen 
Faunce Christian, fislierm., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Christian B., fisherm., Queen ab Cherry 
Faunce Christian M., fisherm.. Wood ab Queen 
Faunce Conrad, fisherm. c Vienna & Queen (K) 
Faunce C. Jacob, fisherman, Duke ab Hou.ston 
Faunce Daniel, fisherm. Queen bel Vienna (K) 
Faunce David, glassblow., Vienna & Bedford 
Faunce Edward, printer, 611 N 3d 
Faunce Geo., fisherm.. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Hannah, Geoi-ge ab Charlotte 
Faunce Henry, glassblow.. Wood n Duke (K) 
Faunce Henry M., fisherm. W^oodab Queen (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fishermn.. Queen bel Cherry (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fishermn.. Queen bel Wood (K) 
P'aunce Isaac, jr., fisherman, 273 Queen (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fishermn.. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fishermn., Queen bel Cherry 
Faunce Jacob, fishermn., Cherry n Franklin (K) 
Faunce J.acob, fisherman, Vienna bel Duke 
Faunce Jacob D., fisherman, Vienna ab Queen 
Faunce Jacob H., fishermn. Queen bel Palmer 
Faunce John, carter, Cai roll ab 12th 
Faunce John H., clerk, 8 S 3d 
Faunce Jno. C, fishermn., Queen ab ClieiTy (K) 
P'aunce Mary, Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Faunce Mary A., 11th and Willow 
Faunce Mich., fishermn., Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Mich., fishermn.. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Peter M., fisherm., Bedford bel Ash (K) 
Faunce Sarah, Queen ab Vienna 
Faunce Sarah, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Faunce Susan, gentw.. Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Faunce Wm., County com., h Elm ab Bedford 
Faunce Wm., glassblower. Ash bel Duke (K) 
Faunce Wm., fisherman, Vienna ab Queen 
Faunce William, ship carp.. Crown bel F. av 
Faunce William, carter, Clinton ab Norris (K) 
Faunce Wm. H., fisherman, 273 Queen 
Faurest Charles, marble yard, Broad &, Cherry 
Fauser Frederick, shop, Apple bel Master (K) 
Fausett & Green, dry gds. N E 13th & Lombard 
Fausset John, sec'y N. W. Mining Co., 46^ Wal- 
nut, h S W 13th and Chestnut 
Faussett & Greer, diy goods, 389 S 5th 
Faussett James, gent., 91 Crown 
Faussett James, S W 5th and Catharine 
Faust David, mer., 45 N 3d, h 189 N 7th 
'Faust Henry, cordw., 367 N Front 
Faust William T., Bankson bel Coates 
FAUST, WINEBRENNER & CO., hardware, 

45 N3d 
Fauver C, 495 N 4th 

P'auver John, foundryman, rear 21 Lilly al 
Favey Robert, founder, 717 N lOtii 
Fawcett Charles, wigmr., S E 5th & Chestnut 
Fawcett Robert, grocer, N E Wood &. 16th 
Fawcett Wm. 24 Logan's sq 
Fawcett William K., cutter, 40 Church al 
Fawdry Georgey, weaver. Menu's ct 
P'aws Godfrey, umbrellamr., 150 Ogden 
Faxon N. S., com. mer. 57 N Del av 
Fay C. M., boots & shoes, 16 N 4(h, h 484 N 8th 
Fay Elizabeth, wid. of Edwd., washer, 14 Chan- 
cery la 




l-'ay Edward, dyer, 9 Hampton 

Fay Henry, bricklr., N E Boyce and Small 

Fay Martin, carp., 349 N Front 

Fay Mary, 8 M'Duffie 

Fav Newell, broker, h 128 Mai-shall 

FAY & SOUDER, boots and shoes, 16 N 4th 

Fay Thomas, g'rocer, S E 6t!i and Powell 

Fayaux George, painter, 49 N 4th, h 11 New 

Faye John, clerk, 98 S Water 

Faye John, lab. 422 S Front 

Fayette Lewis, cabinetmr. 356 S 2d 

Fayles Elizabeth, teacher, Tower ab Arch 

Fazel Peter, tailor, 209 S 6tli 

Feairheller Henry, lab. G T road ab 6th 

Feairheller John, carder, Apple ab Jeft'er.son 

Feairheller George, carp. 085 Apple (K) 

Feairheller Wm., spinner, Apple ab Jeffei'son 

Fealy Barnard, cabtmr. 11 Concord 

P'earon Francis, mer., 15 S Water, h 166 S 4th 

Fearon Francis, cigarmr. 16th and Federal 

Ffearon H., b h, 151 N 12th 

Fearon Jos., mer. 15 S water, h 203 S 9th 

Fearon Michael, distiller, 144 Beach (K) 

Fearon Patrick, blacksm., c Spruce and Pratt, 

h Vaiighan bel Walnut 
FEARONS & SMITH, grocers, 15 S Water 
Feary Jeremiah E., carp., rear 458 Poplar 
Fca.ster John, silversmith, 93 Nectarine 
Feastcr Maria, laundress, 93 Nectarine 
Feaster William, silversmith, 93 Nectarine 
Fcatlicr Alexander S., merchant, 35 N 3d, h 358 

N 8th 
Feather Charles S., acct. 177 Market, h 76 Vine 
P'eather John, omnibuses, Fraley al 
Feather John, lab., 146 Duke 
Febser Philip, painter, 214 S 7th 
Feder Gottleib, cabtmr., 
Federal Thomas, cabtmr. 6th and Franklin 
Federschmid Gotlieb, baker, 212 S 6th 
F(e Bridget, clothing, 233 South 
Fee .lohn, slioemr., 635 South ab Juniper 
Fee Mary, Marriott bel 9th 
Feehan J., cordw., Wasliington n Rose (W P) 
Fcely P'rancis, weaver, George and St John 
Feenan Hart., sawjer, Bath bel Sorel (R) 
Feeney George P., carp., rear 193 Carpenter 
Feeney Jolui, tailor, 46 Gaskill 
Feeney Jolin, carter, Shippen bel 10th 
Feenc-y Mary, tavern, 566 Shippen 
Feeney Michael, tailor, M'Mackin'sct 
Feeny Henry, cordw., Penn av n Nixon 
Fccny Wm. P., printer, 1» road ab Wiiarton 
Fees Jacob, car[), 13 IJIedisioe pi 
Fees .lohn, j)ianomr. 14 Brooks 
Fees J. v., boots and shoes, 91 Brown 
Fegan Jolm, lab., Sahnon bel Emory (R) 
Fcgi-nbusli Catharine, 430 N 6th 
Fegonbush J., shoe store, 446 N 2d 
Fclilerson Joshuii, moroc. dress., 27 Beaver (K) 
Fchlerson William, morocco dresser, 27 Ueav- 

er (K) 
J'chling Henry, tailor, rear 486 N 3d 
Feigel Levi, 64 Loml)ar(l 
Feim Wm., boot and shoe mr., 25 Apple 
Feinour (Catharine, dressmr. 41 George (S) 
Feinour Joseph, stove fin. and tin and iron pi. 

worker, 213 and 215 S Front 
Fcilig Geoige, wine house, 84 (jrceu 

Feitig J. P., carp., 18 Bank, h 81 Brown 

Feldman & Gunsenhau.ser, dry goods, 67 N 3d 

Feldman Joseph, grocer, Poplar and N Market 

Feldman Jos., mer., 67 N 3d, h 173 N 5th 

Feldmann Charles, baker, lOtli and Pleasant 

Feldman Lewis, hostler, rear 20 Lilly al 

Feldon John B., weaver. Wood ab Amber (K) 

Fclger Henry, Sycamore bel Locust 

Felix Madame A., dressmr., 141 N 11th 

Felker Georg-e, tailor, 51 Howard 

Felker Maria, dressmr., 517 S Front 

Felker Wm. D., tobacco., N 3d bel George 

Fell Aaron, cabtmr., 157 Ogden 

Fell Charles, carp., Franklin ab Hope 

Fell Charles E., painter, Poplar ab lOth, li Par- 

rish ab 8th 
Fell C. J., currier, Front & Coates, h 10 toates 
FELL C. J. & BROTHER, choco. manuf., 64 S 

Fell David, grocer, 2d ab Phoenix 
Fell David C, miller. Prime bel 3d 
Fell Elizabeth, 84 Juniper 
Fell Francis, tinsm., Carlton ab 15th 
Fell F'ranklin, mer., 64 S Front, h472 Arch 
Fell George, butcher. Canal n Ann (R) 
Fell Jesse A., printer, Little Washington 
Fell John, weaver. Price n Amber (K) 
Fell Joseph G., coal mei-. 81 Walnut, h 94 Mar- 
FELL & KINSLER, curriers, N W Front and 

FELL PENROSE, tailor, 74 S 4th, h 104 S 16th 
Fell Reese D., stock brok. 83^ Walnut, h r road 
Fell Samuel H., printer, 13 Marriott 
Fellerman Abraham, dealer, 210 Shippen 
Fellger A., M. D., 473 N 5th 
Felliieimer M. &. Brothers, clothing, 324 N 2d 
Fellln A., baker, .Marriott bel 9th 
FcUowes Caleb, gei\t., 28 Clinton ab lOth 
Fellowes &. Releam, stone cut., Garden (W P) 
Fells James, carp. 11 Washington 
Felmy Edw'd, 317 G T road 
Feloon Edw'd, lab., Lancaster bel Reed 
Felsberg Paul, cordw., rear 5 Ogden 
Felt George, ship carp., 86 Church 
Felten Henry, frame mr. 477 Poplar 
Felten Jacob, moro. finisher, 1 Porter's ct (N L) 
F. Ithauseii G. W., cigar dealer, 115 N 4th 
Feltliausen J., printer, 266 N 8th 
Feltinan Augt. W., grocer. Green and Brook 
I'elton (Jeorge, expn ss driv., 116 Chestnut 
Felton George M., clerk, post oflice 
Felton (i., brickmr., 19th and Ridge ar 
Felton Henrv, frame mr., 9 St Jame.s, h Popla 

bel lOtli 
Felton .facob, jjiano mr., 189 Ogden 
Felton Samuel K., cleric, 80 N 4th 
Felton S. M., Pres. Pliila. &. Haltimorc R. Road, 

h 13 Union pi 
Felts G'.orge, coachman, 3 Richardson's ct 
Feltus Henry .!., sugar refiner, N E Race and 

Crown, li 4 Hostou row 
FEL'ICS, ZIMMKULI.M; & CO., sugar rcfin. 

N E Race and Crown 
Fcltwell Henj. M., fiunace .setter, 146 Walnut 

hl9th a'b Chestnut 
I'llfy Charles, bricklr., 9 Orleans 
Felly George, coixlw., 91 W Callowhill 




Felty Samuel FT., machinist, 9 Tammany 
Felty Wm., blacksm. 12 School av 
Femington T. M., N F, 3d and Federal 
Fence John, lab.. Cherry bcl F road 
Fenck Gotleib, tavern, 88 Washing-ton av 
Fender James, bookkeeper, 101 Cliestnut 
Fender John, seaman, rear 13 Mead 
Fenimore J. L., 17 South Penn sq 
Fenin William, machinist, 8 Elm 
Fenian Julia, rear 223 S 3d 
Fenlin John, Rotterdam hotel, 120 Nod 
FENLIN PATRICK, Commercial house, 78 New 
Fenn Titus, shoemr., P road ab Federal 
J'ennell James P., wire worker, 32 N 6th, h 71 

Fennell Susan, 390 N Front 
Fennell Wm., city gas works, 8 S 7th, h N W 

15th and Lombard 
Fenner Andrew J., tobacconist, 68 Race 
Fenner A. K., tobac, G T road and 2d 
Fenner Charles, segarmr., O'Neil bel Franklin 
Fenner Eliza, 93 N 4th 
Fenner H. P., tobacconist, 324 Callowhill 
Fenner John F., tobacco, 253 N Front & 129 

Fenner John F. jr., tobacco, 253 N Front 
Fenner Lavell P., tobacconist, 93 N 4th 
Fenner Peter, tobacconist. R road and Wood 
Fenner R., umbr. manuf. 126 Market, h 118 Pine 
Fennimore Eliza, Mrs., Queen ab Wood (K) 
Fennimore Isaac H. carp., Penn ab 13th, house 

Coates bel 13th 
Fennimore J., lab., Bailey's ct (K) 
Fennimore Mrs., tobacconist, R av ab Brown 
Fennimore Susanna, Master ab 7th 
Fennimore Wm., tailor, 562 S 2d 
Fenny Edward, cordw., 494 Poplar 
Fenny John, gilder, Bowery pi 
Fenny Wm. U., music teacher, 356 Lombard 
Fenton Albert, sailmr., 74 Coates 
Fenton Andrew, sailmr. 42 N Del. av 
Fenton David, carter, P road ab Federal 
Fenton E., dry goods, 302 S 2d 
Fenton James H., salesman, 12 N 3d 
Fenton James S., clerk, S W Front & Christian 
Fenton Joseph, ckrk, Penn bcl 12th (S G) 
Fenton Randall, alderman, F road 8c York 
Fenton Samuel, conductor, Courtland j)I 
Fenton Theophilus, 28 Howard 
Fenton Thos., cabinet and blind mrs., 66 N 6th 
Fenton Thomas IL, mer.,25 S 4ti), h 647 Vine 
Fenton Wm. C, mer. broker, 87^ S Front, h 

13 Franklin 
Ferat Charles M., confectioner 290 S 4th 
Ferat J. P., confectioner, 93 Passyunk road 
Ferber G., rear 187 Poplar 
p'erber Henry, gent., 1 Rilil ct 
Ferber Louis, lab. 101 Apple 
Ferby Napoleon, waterman, rear 75 Christian 
Fergerson Adam, maciiinist, Becket ab 16tii 
Fergerson Joim, Hamilton bel 16th 
Fergerson Peter, lath cutt., Hamilton ab Broad 
Fergus Wm., engineer, G T road ab Laiu-el 
FERGUSON ALEX. S., cordw. 7 N 7th 
Ferguson Andrew, carp. 5tl) ab Master (K) 
Ferguson Ann Mrs., Penn bel 12th (S G) 
Ferguson A., lab., Sch Beach and Walnut 
Ferguson Benj., liquors. School and Howard 

iFerguson Benj., blacksm., 5th ab Norns 
I Ferguson Benj., blacksm. 1150 N 5th 
Ferguson Bryant, clerk, 20 S Front, h 471 Arch 
Ferguson Charles, 364 Walnvit 
Ferguson Charles, coachsm. Clinton ab Parrish 
Ferguson Daniel, Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Ferguson Daniel, weav. Philip ab Master 
Ferguson Edward, moulder, 4 Spring 
Ferguson Eliza M., trimmings, 154 Girard av 
Ferguson George, porter, 18th n Filbert 
Ferguson George, butcher, 2d ab Master 
Ferguson George, clerk, 1 8th and Filbert 
Ferguson Henry, carp. 5 Ashton pi 
Ferguson James, clerk. Front ab jeflfisrson 
Ferguson James, sailmr., U S Navy, 15 Wharton 
Ferguson James, tailor, rear West above Union 

Ferguson Jas., grocer, N W 13th & Callowhill 
Ferguson Jane, vest mr. School & Howard 
Ferguson Jesse R.. printer, 23 Turner 
Ferguson John, carter. Wager bel G T road 
Ferguson Jolin, coffinmr., 628 South 
Ferguson John, lab. 4th bel Montgomery 
Ferguson John, carter, 4 Philip (K) 
Ferguson John, moulder, 4 Spring 
Ferguson John, tailor, 54 Apple 
Ferguson Jolm B., clerk, 209 Market 
Ferguson John P., carp. 5th ab Master (K) 
Ferguson J. L., stone cutter, 304 S Fi'ont 
Ferguson Malcom, carp. Pine n 19th 
Ferguson Mary, millinery, 639 N 2d 
Ferguson Mary, Crans' ct 
Ferguson Neal, silversm. 2 James 
Ferguson Peter L., 471 Arch 
Ferguson Robt., carp.. Wheat bel Wharton 
Ferguson Robert, bricklayer, 80 Sliijipen la 
Ferguson Robert, dra3'man, Washington ab Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Ferguson Robt., stone cutter. Locust W 
Ferglison Robt., cab't fin. 4th and Montgomery 

Ferguson Robei-t, waterman, 1 St. John's pi 
Ferguson Samuel, cordw. Marslutll & Dauphin 
Ferguson Thomas, tavern, 74 Penn 
Ferguson Wm., tavern, Hancock & Phoenix 
Ferguson Wm., carter. Wager bel Germantown 

Ferguson Wm., dravman, Benton below School 

Ferguson Wm., jr., grocer, 297 S 13th 
P'erguson Wm., cordw. 33 Bayard 
P'erguson Wm. J., 13th ab South 
Ferguson Wm. J., carp. 3 Hazel 
Ferguson Wm. Fv., engraver, 80 Walnut h Juni- 
per & Georg-e 
Ferhem Jas., blacksm. Bedford bel Hanover 
Ferkler Henry, baker, S W 4th & Redwood 
Ferkley Peter, lab. rear 10 Lilly al 
Ferling Lewis, tailor, Lewellen's av 
Fernald Chas. II. , salesm. 25 S 6th 
Fernberg Charles, coal dealer. Brown st. wJif. 

h 252 Marshall 
Fernberger Benedict, sausage mr. Charlotte al) 

Franklin (K) 
Fernberger Samuel, clothier, 108 N 2d 
Fernley Jolui, 7ner., 151 Market, h 60 York av 
Fernley J. E., bonnet inanuf. Sp Garden bel 9th 
Fernon Geo. W., clerk, 70 Walnut, h 82 G T road 




Fernon John, ship carp., Froad ab Bedford (K) 

Fernon Sarah, 78 G T road 

Fernon Thos. S., Pres. N. Penna. R. K. Co., 123 

Walnut, h 213 N 4th 
Fernon Wm. H., clerk. Post Office 
Ferns Edw. B., 3 New Market 
Feron Edwin coachsm. 7tli bel Franklin 
Ferrall James, tavern, Callowhill & William 
Ferree Jas. B., mer. h 210 S 8th 
Ferrell Benj. O., mach. 315 Washington 
Ferrell Eliza, 315 Washington 
Ferrell Enoch H., millwt. 552 N 6th 
FeiTell Samuel, sawyer, Lancaster n Washing'- 

ton (W P) 
FERRETT EDMUND, music pub. 2 & 3 As- 
sembly Building-s, h (M V) 
Ferris Alexander, shop, 317 S 5th 
Ferns Daniel, bonnets, 10 N 2d, h Haverford & 

3d (W P) 
Ferris Edw., mer. 35 S 4th 
Ferris Edw. B., salesman, 136 Chestnut 
Ferris F. P., watches, &c., 263 N 2d 
Ferris Isai»c, cordw. Federal n 7th 
Ferris Jas., weaver, Oxford and Howard 
P'erris James, bricklr. Reed ab 2d (S) 
Ferris Jas., lab., Sch Ann E 20th 
Ferris James, shop, 18 Division 
Ferris James D., clerk, 83 Market 
Ferris Jas. V., bricklr. 618 S 5th 
Ferris John, Rev., 394 Chestnut 
J'en-is Josiah, cordw. 58 Wood 
Ferris Levi, shoemaker, N E Decatur and 

Corn (S) 
Ferry Andrew, lab. 11 Pegg 
Ferry Bernard, lab. 13th bel Prime 
Ferry Catharine, sempstres.s, 16 Quince 
Ferry John, lab. Murray W 20th 
Ferr}' Stephen, drayman, 519 Christian 
Ferry Thomas, weaver, Jones W 19th 
Fen-v Timothy, lab. Jones W 19th 
Fesmire C. S., clerk, 40 Sorrel (R) 
Fesmirc Georg-e S., caip. Sorrel ab Bath (R) 
Ferry John, drayman, Prime ab 8th 
Ferry Michael, druynian, 2 Roger's ct 
Fesmire Joseph, moulder. Diamond ab 2d (K) 
Fesmire Samuel, carter, 40 Sorrell (R) 
Fest Alfred, watchmr. 375 N 2d 
Fest Cliarles C, jeweler and watchmr. 306^ 

Fest Edwy, watchmr. 270 Race 
Fest John, watchmr. 495 N 2d, h 2d ab Cal- 

Fester August, jeweler, 47 Prune 
Fester Conrad, butcher, Washington (W P) 
Fester .lohn, weaver, Crown ab F av 
Fester Power, carp. Wasjiington (W P) 
Fethcr John, lab. HumiUon al) Nixon 
Fetlu-rston Ilannali, b. h. 152 S 2d 
Fetherston SanuKJ S., cKrk, 152 S 2d 
Fethrolf Amos, grocer, 17 St John 
Fctrich Win., gilder, F, Washington ab 7th 
Fettaii .John, weaver, 13th ab Fed(M'al 
Fetters Albert C, clerk, 73 Market 
Fetters Benjamin, .M !)., 200 GTroad 
Fetters Frederick, basketmr. 53 Noble 
Fetters .Jacob It., trader, 200 G T road 
Fetters .lames, drayman, 174 Coates 
Fetters .lames, carman, Rose (K) 

Fetters James, lab. Wharton & P road 

Fetters John J., carter, 124 Beach (K) 

Fettei's John P., tailor, 1 Courtland pi 

Fetters Louisa, Lydia n William (K) 

Fettei-s Matilda, washer, 35 German 

Fetters R., confectioner, 310 Pine 

Fetters Wm., chalrmr. rear 4 Roger's ct 

Fettigan John, blacksm. 2 Howard pi 

Fettinger Henry, plasterer. Pleasant ab 12th 

Feustmann B. H., trimmings. 161 N 2cl 

Fevris Catharine, sempstress, 4 Reid's ct 

F'eyhl Wm., machinist, 17 Ontario 

Fichtner Fredk., vict. 75 Garden 

Fick Henry, baker, 96 Crown 

Fickert Charles W., pocket-bookmr. 63 Walnut 

Fickey Thomas, clerk, 95 Walnut 

Fiddler John, moulder, Marseilles place near 

Fidler Francis A., tailor, S E 4th & Walnut, h 

31 Erie 
FIDLER JAMES B., watches & jewelry, 12 S 2d 
Fidler John, carp. Cherry ab Duke 
Fidlin Paul, hatter, 7 Moore 
Fiedler Jacob, moroccodr.. Diamond & 5th (K) 
Fiedler John D., butcher, Clinton ab Noms (K) 
Fiegel Charles, 502 Wood 
Fiegel George R., acct. 30 S Front, h 6 Larch 
Fiegel Remy, blacksm. & coal yard, 9th abore 

Poplar, h Parrish ab 10th 
Fiehrer J., veterinary surgeon, 108 Green 
Field Alice A., rear 10 Rugan 
Field Benj., mer. 166 Market, h 137 S 3d 
Field Benjamin L., restaurant, 9th ab Arch 
Field Charles Mrs., Rittcnhouse square and Ply- 
Field Charles, plater, h Franklin ab Brown 
FIELD CHARLES J., hardware, 257 Market, 

h 274 S 3d 
Field Geo., bottler, 244 S 3d 
Field George, police, Lafayette bel 10th 
Field George, porter, 58 George 
Field George F., sale.sman, 7 & 8 S Del av 
Field Isaac, carp. 83 Tammany 
Field Isaac, mer. 35 Market 
Field Isabella, 141 N Junii)er 
Field James, mer. 21 Montgomery sq 
Field James, lab. 6 Kelly's av 
Field Joiin, glovemr. 50 Walnut 
Field John B., carp. Dauphin & Cedar (R) 
Field John W., mer., 81 S Front 
FIELD &. KEEHMLE, mer. brokers, 79 & 81 

S Front 
FIELD St LANGSTBOTH, hardwr. 166 Market 
Field Mary, 291 Marshall bel Parrish 
Field Marv, Catharine i)el 7tii 
Field .Mary. b. h. 204 Chestnut 
Field Michael, lab. Duke n Hanover 
Field Moses, waterman, rear 137 Green 
Field M. A., dressn\r.39 C:liatham 
Field Paul J., hardware, 341 S 2d, h 11 Red- 
Field Peter, paint. 16 N 12th, h M'ood bel 16th 
Field llicharil, tavern, Uiilge road alj JeiVerson 
Field Richard J., manuf. 25 S 2d 
Field Rudolph, basket nu-. P road bel Fede 
Field Samuel, lab. Amber n York (K) 
FieUl Saml., furniture, 449 Market, h Washing- 
ton &, Wavne 




Field Saml., M. D., drug-gist, 135 Callowhill 

Field Saml., mer. 79 S Front, h W P 

Field Samuel, tailor, 28 Julianna 

Field Samuel, broker, Washington & M'Alpin 

Field Saml. E., slioemr. 25 Coombs' al 

Field Stewart, bonnet press, rear 36 N 2d, h 5th 

ab Non'is (K) 
Field Thoma-f, blacksm. 53 Ogden 
Field Wm., mer. 19tl^ & Ridge road 
Field Wm. G., clerk, 21 Wallace 
Field Wm. G., clerk, 153 Buttomvood 
Field W, Y., weig-h master, 79 S Front, h 544 

Fielding Henry, tailor, 455 N 3d 
Fielding Jeremiah, spice manuf. 12 German 
Fields Abraham, dealer, 226 S 7th 
Fields Edmund, cordw.. Alder ab Poplar 
Fields Geo. F., provisions, Queen and Crown, 

h Crown bel Franklin 
Fields James, lab. William bel Brown 
Fields John, blacksm. 39 Julianna 
Fields Othar, eng-ineer, Mvrtle ab 13th 
Fields Thomas, lab. 10 Lilly al 
Fields Thomas, coachsm. Franklin ab F road 
Fields Thomas, weaver, 37 South bel 4th 
Fields Wm., fanner, 2 Linden (K) 
Fields Wm., brickmr. Front ab Han-ison 
Fieliemier Henriech, g-rocer, 241 GTroad 
Fife James, driver, Shippen W Broad 
Fife Mat., boxmr., Biddle's al, h 46 Race 
Fife William, teacher of writing", 55 N Wash- 
Fifer Georg-e, g-rocer, Redwood & 4th 
Fifer Jesse, lab., Palmer n F road (K) 
Fig-le Fredk. cordw. 4Kcnsler's ct 
Figley Joseph, tanner, Uuke bel Crown 
Figley Joseph, lab. Jefferson pi 
Fig-ueira F. J., mer. 43 Walnut, h 64 S 13th 

importers, 43 Walnut 
File Frederick, vict. 8th bel P road 
File John, lab. rear 529 N 4th 
Filemvr Anthony & Co., flour and feed, Otter 

and 2d (K) 
Filemvr Wm., g-rocer, Franklin & Howard (K) 
Fill Jacob, waterman, Hancock & Master 
FILLEY HARVEY silver plater, 436 Market 
Fillin Michael, lab. Marshall's ct 
Fillins Jos., city police, 4 Robinson's ct 
Fillman Mary, Dunton & William 
Fillmore Joseph, cigar boxmr. 13 West 
Fillot Adolphe, artist. Walnut n 6th, h 96 S 8tb 
Filiot Alexander, mer. 54 Walnut, h 98 S 8th 
Filman Philip, fireman, Clearfield bel F road (R) 
Fils John, skin dresser, 40 Charlotte 
Filson Hannah, Clierry n 16th 
Filson Jacob, clerk, 114 Miuket, house Cherry 

W 16th 
Filson John B., bookkeeper, 63 S 3d, house 215 

Fimple John R., umbrellamr. 29 Spruce 
Fimple T. J., 60 N 8th 
Finch George, carp., F road ab Vienna 
.1^ Finch James, bootnir.. Brown bel Front 
Finch Richard, coachmr. 49 Lewis 
Finch Wm., hotel, 503 Callowhill 
Find Dennis, weaver, Cadwaladcr ab Master (K) 
Findlay G. W., carrier, 11 Otter (K) | 

Findlay John K., atty. & coun. 77 S 6th 
Findlay Wm., agent, 144 Christian 
Findhiy Wm., bookbinder. Filbert W 19th 
Fine Edward, carp. Suffolk bel 9th 
Fine Henry M., gent.. Pine bet 17th and 18th 
Fine Jacob Y., rner. 59 N 3d, h 200 N 5th 
Fine John, confec. 137 S 6th 
Fine Thomas, wheelw.312 S 6th 
Fines Edward, ship carp. Huntingdon ab Sal- 
mon (R) 
Finigan Elizabeth, dressmr. Brazier 
Flnigan Michael, carter, Wood bel F road (R) 
Finig-an Owen, lab. Lewis bel Emery (R) 
Finister Dennis, lab. Lehig-h (R) 
Finity Owen, lab. Lehig-h (R) 
Fink Charles W., moi-oc. dr. 8 Culvert 
Fink Conrad, tailor, G T road bel 5th 
Fink Daniel, painter, 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Fink Daniel, grocer, F road bel Bedford (K) 
Fink Fredk., oysters, 127 Callowhill 
Fink Georg-e, shop, G T road ab Franklin (K) 
Fink Jacob, carter, 4 Melon pi 
Fink Jacob, lab. Sarah (K) 
Fink Jacob, baker, 356 N 3d 
Fink Jacob, ropemr. Charlotte above Thomp- 
son (K) 
FINK JULIUS, cooking- rang-e manuf., 44 S 

Fink Samuel, mach. Baker ct 
Finkbeiner John, shoemr. 113 Buttonwood 
Finkeldey John F., litliographer, 46j Walnut 
Finkeni Frederick S., boxmr., 29 Dillwyn, h 

11th bel Parrish 
Finlay Chas., g-ent. 185 S 3d 
Finlayson Isabella, colourist, S E 4th & Walnut, 

h 215 S 5th 
Finletter James D., chandeliermr. 576 N 3d 
J'inletter John T., manuf Oxford n Apple (K) 
Finletter Thos., manuf 576 N 3d 
Finletter Thomas J., atty. at law, 576 N 3d 
Finley Andrew, collector 121 S 2d 
Finley Hug-h, weaver, rear William n 19th 
Finley Hug-h, weaver, Shippen la 
Finley Hug-h, tan. 12th & Carpenter 
Finley James, carp. 58 West 
Finley J. M., g-rocer, 18th & Carver 
Finley Marg-aret, 381 N 7th 
Finley Marg-aret J., millinery, 627 N 2d 
Finley Matthew, grocer, Ann & Waterloo (R) 
Finley Moses, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Finley Richard, carp. Thompson ab 10th, h 678 

N 10th 
Finley Richard, weaver, 551 Shippen 
Finley Richard, weaver, 16 Perry (K) 
Finley Richard, Lombard & 21st 
r"inley Robert, cordw. Schleisman's al 
Finley Saml., shop, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Finley Saml. C, hotel. Poplar and 11th 
Finley Samuel G., gilder, 121 S 2d 
Finley S. J., shingle shaver. Master ab 11th 
Finley Thos., baker, 627 N 2d 
Finley Thos., carpet manuf, 529 N 4th 
Finley Wm., warper, 296 S 13th 
Finley Wm., weaver, 35 West Lombard n 22d 
Finley Wm., painter, 3 Maria 
Finley Wm. A., carter, 2 Smith's ct 
P'inn David, lab. Hickory ct 
Finn James, tailor, 5 Douglass av 




Finn James C, paper hanger, 156 Chestnut, h 

40 Filbert 
Finn Daniel, iab. Brown & Railroad (R) 
Finn Edward, dry g-oods, 11th bel Christian 
Finn John, lab. Jones n 21st 
Finn Patrick, brakeman, Huston ab Brown (R) 
Finn Robert, g-rocer, RRoad & Jefferson 
Finn Wm., lab. rear 117 Carpenter 
Finn Mary, dressmr, 18 Quince 
Finneg-an Fi'ancis, watchman, 209 S 6th 
Finneguii John, lab. 68 Georg-e (S) 
Finneg-an John, shop, 214 Lombard 
Finneg-an John, lab. Susannah (R) 
Finnegan Patrick, baker. Carpenter bel 8th 
Finnegan Patrick, carp, Dickerson's al 
Finneg'an Patrick, lab. 197 N Front 
Finnegan Wm., shop, 308 S 7th 
Finnemore John, lab. North ct 
P'inney Charles, gent. 10th and Vernon 
FINNEY CHAS. jr., marble yd, 12th ab Sp Gar- 
den, h 10th 8c Vernon 
Finney Christiana, gcntw. 350 Chestnut 
Finney & Delap, silver spoonmrs. 71 S 2d 
Finney Edward, cordw. 494 Poplar 
Finney Francis, manuf. 71 S 2d, h 33 York av 
Finney Henry, career, 63X Callowhill, h 10th & 
J Vernon 

P'inney Jas., china store, Girard av ab 10th 
J'inney Joseph, bricklayer, Somerset n West (K) 
Finnick Clara, w'a.sher, Rose al 
J'innick John, waiter, 2 Barley 
Finzi Abraham, sexton, Cheny ab 3d 
Fiot.J. R., pianomr. 355 Market 
Firehouk Henry, sugar baker, 2d ab Master 
Firing Sophia, trimmings, 279 Coates 
Firman Francis, weaver, Howard bel Jefferson 
Firman John B. 486 N 6th 
Firman Samuel, carp. 486 N 6th 
First Andrew, lab. 81 Swanson 
Firth Eli as, gas fitter, 78 N 2d, h S E 12th and 

Firth John, queensware, 658 W Market 
Firtli .loseph, baker, Vine and 18th 
Fii-tli Mary Ann D., tobacconist, 176 N8th 
Firth Samuel, cloth manuf, 492 Callowhill 
Firth Samuel, tailor, 341 N Front 
Firtli Thomas, gent. 138 Walnut 
Firth Thomas T., sec, P. R. R. Co., 70 Walnut, h 

138 N I3th 
Firth Wm. J., blacksm., F av ab F road 
Fibl)y George, carter. Corn ab Mackey 
FISH ASA I., atty. and coun., 5th and Library, 

h I,onil)ard n Broad 
Fish Henj., coachsm. 286 N 5th 
Fisii Edward, cooper. Wheat ab Reed 
Fish Hiram, whf. build. 27 Wharton 
Fish Israel L., plasterer, 398 N 13th 
FLsh Jacob S., plasterer, h 60 .Melon (S G) 
Fish James, sea capt. 41 Wallace Joseph H., carp. 3 Marble pi 
Fish Lemuel, lal)orer, F av bel Crown 
Fitth Levi, dealer, 223 Shippen 
FibhbKitt Lewis, furnace, 46 Arch 
Fisher \ bel, engineer, 422 Poplar 
Fisher Abraham, bookseller, 15 N 6th, h Vine 
n 20th I 

Fisher Albert G., agent, 92 llaydock j 

Fisher Amelia, sempstress, Hamilton W 15th 

Fisher Andrew, baker, 8 Weaver 

Fisher Andrew, cabinetmr.. Van Buren pi 

Fisher Ann, 175 Beacli (K) 

Fisher Ann, rear 318 S 3d 

Fisher Anna, dry goods, S E 9th and Lombard 

Fisher Archibald J., jeweller, 39 Church 

Fisher Barney, carter, Stearley's ct 

Fisher Benjamin, drayman, 7 Liberty ct 

Fisher Bernard, tailor. 111 N 2d 

Fisher Bernard, cordw. 377 Marshall 

FISHER & BROTHER, pub. and booksellers, 

15 N 6th, h Vine n 21st 
Fisher Bridget, Philip n Jefferson (K) 
Fisher Caleb, seaman. Reed ab 2d 
Fisher Caleb, carter, Front bel Moore 
Fisher Caroline, milliner, 6th bel Federal 
Fisher Catharine, tavern, 13th ab Willow 
Fisher Charles, carter, Sp Garden and 16th 
Fisher Charles, vict., Powell 8c Francis (F V) 
Fisher Chas., hotel, beer house, 7 Cherry 
Fisher Chas. Henry, 7 Library, h S W I'Oth and 

Fisher Chas. N., rigger, 11 Sommer's ct 
Fisher Chas, S., carp. 1 Vernon 
Fisher Charles W., Treasurer Bloomsburg Iron 

Co., 117 N Water and 56 N whfs 
Fisher Christian, shoemr. Harris' ct 
Fisher Christian, shop, 173 Brown 
Fisher Christian, tailor, 41 Peny, (K) 
F'isher Christian, blacksm. 16 Prime 
Fisher Christian, tailor, 196 F road 
Fisher Coleman, broker, 95 Walnut, h 54 S 13th 
Fisher Colemnn C, 2 Union pi 
F'isher 8c Co., bruslimrs. 231 Christian 
Fisher 8c Co., oysters, 8cc. 300 Cherry 
Fisher Daniel, cake baker. Linden av 
Fisher David, waiter, 170 Pine 
Fisher Edward, waiter, 12^ Middle al 
Fisher Enos, macht. 68 G T road 
Fisher Elizabeth, school 409 Poplar 
Fisher Elizabeth, vict., 302 Callowhill 
Fisher E. W., Alleghany House, 280 .Market 
Fisher Frederick, baker, 352 Callowhill 
Fisher Frederick T., bruslmir. 544 S 5th 
Fisher Fred., cordw., Sarah and Queen (K) 
Fisher F., morocco dresser, 79 8c h 106 St John 
Fisher Geo., vict., Shackamaxon, ab Franklin 
F'isher George, letter carrier, h 127 Shacka- 
Fisher George, 113 Race 
FISHER GEORGE 8c CO., toys 8c fancy goods, 

294 Chestnut 
Fisher George R., tailor, 40 S 8th, h 26 S 11th 
Fi.sher Geo. S., custom house, Jefferson E 15th 
Fisher George W., combmr. 130 It;indoIph 
Fisher Gotlieb, coppersm. 155 Apple 
Fisher G. L., cars. Winter ab 21st 
Fisher Hannah, gentw.. Steam Mill al 
Fisher Henry, butcher, Palmer and Duke (K) 
F'isher Henry, carp. Apple bel Jefferson 
Fisher Henry, chairmr., 185 P road 
F'isher Henry, mach., Howard pi 
Fisher Henry, hatter, 202 N 2d 
F'isher Henry, chair mr. N E 5th 8c Catharine 
Fisiier llcnr}', 117 N .luni|)er 
Fisher ili-nry, umbrella mr. 21 Charles 
Fibber Henry, butcher, 118 Diamond (K) 




Fisher Henry G., printer, 10th bel Prime 
Fisher Heniy G., painter, N W 10th &. Locust, 

h 14 Raspberry 
Fisher & Homeyer, manvif. wood letters, 113 

I'islier H., waterman, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Fisher Isaac, waterman, Marriott bel 6th 
Fisher Jabez B., salesman, 104 Market 
Fisher Jacob, butclier, Wood bel Lepriva (K) 
Fisher Jacob, vineg-ar, 155 Poplar 
Fisher Jacob, shoe store, G T road bel Master 
Fisher Jacob, cordw. 494 Poplar 
Fisher James, 163 Wood 

Fisher Jas., bookseller, 15 N 6th, h 58 Chester 
Fisher Jas., clerk Custom House, 5 Willow ab 3d 
Fisher James C, M. D., teacher, Haverford & 

6th, (W P) 
Fisher James C, gent., Walnut W 17th 
Fisher John, 3 Ellett's av 
Fisher John, tobacconist, 4 Steinmetz ct 
Fisher John, undertaker, Laurel & 2d, h 185 G 

T road 
Fisher John, carp. 716 N 10th 
Fisiier John, silversm. 403 S 6th 
Fisher John, confect., S E South and Juniper 
Fisher John, sr., vict., Duke ab Hanover 
Fisher John A., g-rocer, S E 6th and Christian 
Fisher John A., whf. builder. Palmer & Queen 
Fisher John D,, painter, h 203 Buttonwood 
Fisher John F., blucksm., Duane bel Parrish 
Fisher John G., framemr. 598 N 3d 
Fisher John Henry, basketmr., 498 N 2d 
Fisher John M., carp, rear 7 N 9th, h Wistar 

ab 11th 
Fisher John M., hardware, 216 S 5th 
Fisher John S., saddler, Locust ab Marg'aretta 
Fisher Jonathan, oysters, 300 Cherry 
Fisher Joseph, thermometer mr., 58 Chestnut 
Fisher Joseph, carp., Duke ab Front 
Fisher Joseph S., merchant, 1 S 5th, h 421 

Fisher J. F., atty. and coun., 255 Walnut 
Fisher J. & P.. undertakers, 2 and 5 Laurel 
Fisher Lavinia, 270 N 7th 
Fisher Leonard, tavern, 481 Market 
Fisher Lewis, much. William's ct 
Fisher Lewis, bootmr. 517 F road (R) 
Fisher Lewis, cordw. G T road and 4th (K) 
Fisher Lewis, bottler, 6 Noble 
Fisher Lewis S., grocer, Master & 7th 
Fisher L., lab., Orchard bel Rawle 
Fisher Margaret, gentw. 202 Arch 
Fisher Martin, tavern, 21 Walnut 
Fisher Mary Ann, teacher, Palmer bel Franklin 
Fisher Matthew, spooler. Alder bel Jefferson 
Fisher, Michael, lab., Lepard n Otter (K) 
FISHER, MORGAN & CO., Duncannon iron 

works, nails and bar iron, 117 N Water, & 

56 N whfs 
P'isher Myers C, gilder, 54 Lewis 
Fisher Peter, vict. h Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Fisher Philip, collar mr. 356 Parrish 
FLsher Philip, undertaker. Laurel 8c 2d,h 187 G 

T road 
Fisher Rebecca, School and Howard (K) 
Fisher Richard, lab., rear 337 N 3d 
Fisher Rodney, h 173 S 10th 
Fisher Samuel, carter, Jones W 18th 

Fisher Samuel, pearl wr. 83 Summer 

Fisher Samuel, bricklayer, Rachel ab Brown 

Fisher Samuel, tin & sheet iron wr., 14 Lybrand 

Fisher Samuel D., tailor, 503 N 2d 

Fisher Samuel F., atty. & coun., 76^ Walnut, h 

Walnut W 18th 
Fisher Samuel H., mer., 7th n Franklin 
Fisher S., pearl wr.. Branch ab 3d 
Fisher Sarah Ann, dry goods, 374 Vine 
Fisher Sarali W., 290 Chestnut 
Fisher Sidney G., atty. and coun. 11 Sansom 
Fisher Theophilus J., shoemr. 223 P road 
Fisher Thomas, dry goods, 42 N 4th 
Fisher Thomas, seaman, 40 Duponceau 
Fisher Thomas, gent. 110 S Front 
Fisher Thomas, lab., rear 307 G T road 
Fisher Virginia, b h, 242 Race 
Fisher Wm., butcher, Duke ab Tioga (R) 
Fisher William, prof, of music, N E Crown and 

Fisher William, cooper, 19 Benton 
Fisher William, basket mr. 622 N 2d 
Fisher Wm., umbrella maker, 1 Pleasant Retreat 
Fisher Wm., shlpwr., Marlborough ab Beach 
Fisher Wm., h 1 Gebhard 
Fisher Wm., sugar refiner, George & St John 
Fisher Wm., cordw., Lewis ab Thompson 
Fisher Wm. D., cooper, St. John ab George (K) 
Fisher Wm. L., jr., 117 N Water 
Fisher Wm. R., clerk, 73 S 4th, h 54 S 13th 
Fisher William W.312 Chestnut 

Fisher , brass smelter. Leopard ab Franklin 

FISHERS & ROBINSON, manufs. and imps. 

lace goods, 115 Chestnut 
Fisk Chas. E., jr., acct. 14 N 5th, h 357 Market 
Flsk John M., book-keeper, 77 Market, h 10 

Flsk Pl'iny, actuary U. S. Life Ins. Co. S E 3d & 

Flsler Anton, lab., 7 Harrigues' ct 
Fisler & Bacon, glass manuf. 4 Vine 
Flsler Chas. H., ship brok. 8 Library,h432 N5th 
Flsler H., salesman, 492 N 9th 
Fisler Jacob, 37 N 15th 
Fisler Jacob H., register Schuyl. Water Works, 

h 365 N 6th 
Flss Aaron W., carp., shop 13th ab Willow, h 

166 Olive 
Flss Geo., tobacconist, 18 Branner's al 
Flss George cordw. 6 York av (K) 
Flss George, cordw. 6 York 
Flss Henry C, grocer, Hanover and Queen 
Fiss Jacob L., tobacconist. Poplar bel 9th 
Flss James, butcher, Olive bel 12th 
Flss John, vict. 5th ab Franklin 
Fiss Mary, 1 Branch al 
Flss Samuel, cabtmr. Juniper bel Spruce 
Fitch Bernard, dealer, 9 N 13th 
Fitch Edwd., brlcklr. 433 N 11th 
Flte Aaron, brlckmr. Brown ab Cherry 
Fite Benjamin, himp mr. 15lh bel Vine 
Flte George, 208 S 9th 
Fite Henry, lab. Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Fite Henry, vict., Pleasant bel 10th 
Fite Jacob, cordw., 4th and Franklin 
Flte John B., 4 Gebhard 
Flte Martin, lab., Fisher bel Emory (R) 
Fite Samuel, stonecut., 9th ab Coates 




Fite Samuel, brewer, 15th n Vine 

Fite Wm., tobacconist, 177 S 3d 

Flthian Aaron B., millinery, 184 N 13th 

Fithian Charles B., mer. 77 Market, h 234 N 7th 

Fithian Cooper P., clerk, 383 S 10th 

Fithian Elizabeth, 87 Cherry 

Fithian Ephraim, carter, Court al 

Fithian Geo., collect, and ag-ent, 93 N 9th 

Fithian George R., sexton, Cobb 

Fithian Hannaii, g-entw. 410 Brown 

Fithian John B., glassworks. Crown ab Bedford 

Fithian, Jones & Co., dry goods, 77 Market & 

Fithian Jos., tailor, 33 Cresson's al 
Fithian Joseph B., salesman, 175 Market, h 33 

Cresson's al 
Fithian Lemuel S., mer. 77 Market, h 721 Pine 
Fithian Richard B., bottler, S W 2d &. Chestnut 
Fithian Robert H., cordw., 3 Laurel 
Fithian Terris R., cordw., Clark's ct 
FITLER ALFRED, convey., 51 N 6th, h 2d 

& Otter 
Filler D.'iniel E., S E Coates and Logan 
Filler, Mrs., widow of Daniel, gentw., S E 

Coates & Logan 
Fitler Edwin H., mer., 19 N Water, h N W Front 

and V'ine 
Fitler Eliza, 2d and Otter (K) 
Fitler Isaiah P., conveyancer, 203 N 6th 
Fitler Joseph P., M. D., 2d & Beaver, (K) 
Fitler "Washington, manuf , 340 Coates 
Fitterman Richard, white washer, Carlton n 15th 
Fitting Philip, baker, George E 2lst 
Fitz Ann, washer, Olive bel 12th 
Fitzcharles James, drayman, 726 N Front 
Fitzcharles W., carp. 68 Penn (S G) 
Fitzell Wm., lab. 4 Skerrett's ct ' 
Fitzgerald Adam, gardener, 124 Wharton 
Fitzgerald & Co., City Item, 50 S 3d 
Fitzgerald Daniel, shop, 12th ab Pine 
Fitzgerald Daniel, hotel, 176 Lombard 
Fitzgerald David, bootmr., 1 Bread 
Fitzgerald Dennis, porter, 8 Knight's ct 
Fitzgerald E. H., Alleghany House 
Fitzgerald Hor. N., mer. UN Water and 508 N 

Front, h Broad bel Poplar 
Fitzgerald James A., surg. inst. mr. 21 Franklin, 

h 19 Cypress 
Fitzyerald J esse, mer. 91 N 3d, h Logan sq & Vine 
Fitzgerald Jolin, ladies' shoemr.. Plover 
Fitzgerald John, dealer, 21 Fitzwater 
Fitzgerald John, lab., 15 Mead 
Fitzgerald John, tavern, 10 Little Water 
P'itzgerald John H., vict. 1 Depot 
Fitzgerald John R., tailor, 234 South 
Fitzgerald Kieran, gent., 317 S 2d 
Fitzgerald Mary, huckster, 4 Sotithampton ct 
Fitzgerald Mary, vest mr., 9 Louisia av 
Fitzgerald Margaret, shop, Shippen la n South 
Fitzgerald Michael, tanner, 337 N Front 
Fitzgerald Miclil., lab., 2 Drinker's al 
Fit/gei-ald Michl., lab., lU Lilly al 
Fitzgerald Morris, coachman, 31 Jones' al 

Fitzgerald Thomas, cordw. 14 Arch 
Fitzgerald Thos., Rose, (W P) 
Fitzgerald Thos., cordw., 4 Buchanan pi 
Fitzgerald Wm., waiter, 2 Roliert's ct 
Fitzgerald Wm., waiter, 5 Shield's al 
Fitzgerald Wm. L., shoe store, 4 S 2d, h 10th ab 

Fitzgerald Wilson, cooper, 2 Merchant 
Fitzgibbon Bridget, 29 Coombe's al 
Fitzgibbons Jas.,deal. Callowhill ab New Market 
Fitzimmons Pat., ship carp. 4 Rule's ct 
Fit::inger James, stone mason, 5 Browne ct 
Fitzingcr John, carter, Hope ab Oxford 
Fitzing'er Samuel, teamster. Beach & Vienna 
Fitzler Gotleib, tailor, 341 St John (K) 
Fitzmorris Thos., gas fitter, Wilcox n 20th 
Fitzpatrick Ann, tailoress, 7 St Mary 
Fitzpatrick Bartholomew, brewer, 5 Norris ct 
Fitzpatrick Bartholomew, moroc 5 Dilwyn 
Fitzpatrick Cath., shop, Carlton ab 20th 
Fitzpatrick Catharine, Cedar la n Pratt (W P) 
Fitzpatrick David, lab. West(10 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, clerk, 57 N 2d 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, lab. 18 Jones' al 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, tavern, Girard av ab 11th 
Fitzpatrick Edward, cordw. 24 P road 
Fitzpatrick Edw., carp.. Federal ab 7th 
Fitzpatrick Francis, porter, 160 S 4tli 
Fitzpatrick Francis, M. D., 18 Branch 
Fitzpatrick F., weaver, M'Alravy 
Fitzpatrick H. M., ladies' shoemr. 4 Flower 
Fitzpatrick Jas., stone cut., Apple bel Oxford 
P'itzpatrick Jame.s, lab. William ab Biddle 
r-'itzpatrick James, lab. William bel Brown (R) 
Fitzpatrick James, tailor, Wiiite bel Shippen 
Fitzpatrick James, cordw. Watts ct n William 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. 137 Salmon (R) 
Fitzpotrick James, lab. West (R) 
Fitzpatrick James, bonnet presser, 30 Chester 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. Duke ab Tioga (R) 
Fitzpatrick Joim, painter, 267 P road 
Fitzpatrick John, morocco manuf. 4 Collin's al 
Fitzpatrick John, moi-occo fin. 4 Collin's al 
Fitzpatrick John J., clerk, 134 ("licsliuit, h 108 

Fitzpatrick Joseph, stone cutter, Middleton's ct 
T''itzpatrlck Joseph, engineer, 41 Duke 
Fitzjiatrick Lawrence, painter, 61 Almond 
Fitzpatrick L., painter, 7 Fitzwater 
Fitzpatrick Martin, bonnet pressor, Walker's ct 
Fitzpatrick Matthew, cordw. 328 S 6th 
Fitzpatrick Michael, bookseller. 39 N 6th 
F'itzpatrick Michael, gt nt. >\"ood n West 
Fitzpatrick Michael, lab., M Iton bel 12th 
publishers, booksellers and stationers, 6th 
and F North 
Fitzpatrick Pati-ick, lab. Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Fitzpatrick Pat., 5 Salmon (K) 
I'itxpatrick Pat., black^m. 9 Mechanic 
jl'itzpatrick Patrick, Cf)m. mer., S W Front and 

Dock, h 160 S 4th 
j Fitzpatrick Pat., carp., L Washington bel 10th 
Fitzpatrick P< tir, lab. 4 Collin's al 

Fit/gerald Patrick, shoemr. 196 N 9th 

F'itzgerald Rachel II., cooper, 5 Franklin pi, h Fitz])atrick I'liilip, lab. Sjiring (R) 

99 N 2d I Fitzpatrick PliLlip, dealer, 66 Mead 


S 3d, h 125 N 10th I 31 Margaretta 

INSON, moroc. manuf. 




Fitzpatr'.ck Rosanna, seamstress, 6 Lister's pi 
Fitzpatrick Thos., jr., musi. Master ab Clinton 
Fitzpatrick Thos,, sr., musi. Master ab Clinton 
Fitzpatrick Tlios., tavern, 30 St Mary 
Fitzpatrick Tlios., lab. rear Susannah (R) 
Fitzpatrick Wm., weaver. White bel Shippen 
Fitzsimmon Ann, assist, matron 11. of Kefug'e, 

Coates and Ridg-e road 
Filzsimmons Bernard, com. mer., Washing'ton 

St wharf, h 122 Lombard 
Fitzslmmons John, bootmr. 12th ab Callowhill 
Fitzsimmons Thos,, lab., ,larvis ab 2d 
Fitzsimmons Walter, lab., Reed bel Church 
Fitzsimmons W., .1., brushmr. 228 Wharton 
Fitzwalter Wm,, shoemr., 19 Flower 
Fitzwater Ann, 30 Marion 
Fitzwater Thos., carp^ 17 N 17th n Race 
Fitzell Jonathan, Federal n 7th 
Fizell A., paper hang-er, 296 W^ood 
Flzell Eli, 5 Sheaft''s al 

Fizell Lewis, ship carp, Allen bel Hanover 
Fizell Thomas, ship carp., Allen bel Hanover 
Fizone Ann, rear 19 Sterhng-'s al 
Fizone Charles, varnisher, rear 19 Stirling- al 
Fizone Lewis, cordw,, 3 Hickory 
Fizone Mordecai, coach painter, 49 Prune, h 

Fizone Samuel, tool mr. rear 19 Stirling- al 
Flacher John, weaver, 97 Fitzwater 
Flack John, plasterer, 9 F road 
J'lae Chas., basket mr. Harrison av (K) 
Flagg- J, F, B,, M, D., dentist, 190 Arch 
P'lag-g- Stanley G,, dry g-oods, 292 Green 
Flagler Mary', 27 E North 
Flaherty Ann, silk dyer, 50 Lombard 
Flaherty Dennis, lab,, Carlton ab 16th 
Flaherty John, tailor, 403 S 5th 
Flaherty Jolin, g-rocer, N L 6th & Washing-ton 
Flaherty John, weaver. Carpenter ab 13th 
Flaherty Michael, lab, 7 John's ct 
Flaherty Tiioma.s, lab. 13 Scott's ct 
Flaig- Matthew, tavern, 175 S Front 
Flake Klizabeth, Brown ab Vienna (K) 
Flake James, ship carp. 28 Crown (K) 
Flake Samuel, ship carp. Crown n Bedford 
Flake Saml., ir., sliip carp.. Crown bel Bedford 
Flake Wm., currier, 249 N 7th 
Flamer Christian, painter, lUO N 12th 
Flamer Wm. H., cordw.. Washing-ton bel Till 
Flanagan Alice, shirtmr. 0;ik n Mansion (W P) 
Flanag-an Charles, porter, rear 1 Webb's al 
Flanagan Cliarles, lab. Hall 
Flanagan Dennis, ag-ent, 169 Chestnut, h 11 

Brooks ct 
Flanag-an F'rancis, weaver, 4 Sch Beech 
Flanag-an Hu.g-ii, lab., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Flanagan Isaac, cooper, rear 97 Noble 
P'lanagan James, slater, Van Buren pi 
Flanagan James, grocer, Green ab 8th 
Flanagan John, morocco dress. 5 Warder's pi 
Flanagan John, morocco dress. Carlton ab 12tli 
Flanagan ,los., 18th and George 
Flanagan Mary, Shippen W Broad 
P'lanagan Mar\-, trimmings. Broad bel Vine 
Flanagan Mary, gcntw. 18th bel Spruce 
Flanagan Owe'n, 359 S 7tii 
Flan, gan Pat. lab. 20tli ab Filbert 
Flanagan Pat., weaver, Pink ab Master 

Flanagan Pat., weaver, Bedford bel Shippen 
FLANAGAN ROBERT, tavern, 112 N 6th 
Flanagan Robt. L., plumber, 64 Spruce, h Wash- 
ington ab 5th 
FLANAGAN STEPHEN, agent Com. Trans, 

Co., 68^ S whfs., h 16 Scheetz 
Flanagan Thomas, carp. Murray ab Biddle 
Flanagan Wm,, 146 S 11th 
Flanagan Wm,, lab. Bath ab Ann (R) 
Flanagan Wm., lab. Biddle W Hamilton 
Flanagan Wm. G., plumber, 45 Walnut, h 39 

Flanagen George W., bottler. Beech ab Hano- 
ver and 27 Minor, h Queen ab Hanover (K) 
FLANAGEN JAS., Monument House, Beach 

ab Hanover (K; 
Flanagin George H., mer., 5 S Water, h 71 

Flanagin Jas. S., mer., 5 S Water, h Green ab 8th 
Flanagin John, mer. 5 S Water, h 347 N 6th 
FLANAGIN JOHN & SONS, mers., 5 S W,ater 
Flanagin John, salesman, Bridgewater (W P) 
P'landers Alfred, clerk. Queen ab Marlboro' 
Flanders Frances, candy, Queen & Marlboro' 
Flanders Henry, atty, & coun, 48 S 4th, h 5 E 

Penn square ^. 

Flanders Nathaniel, cordw. Powell ab Vineya'd 
Flanigen Joseph R., publisher Daily News, 74 

S 3d, h 18th bel Chestnut 
Flanigen William C, dry goods, 190 S 2d 
Flanneiy Martin, lab. 241 S 4th 
Flannery Martin, lab. Bedford ab 6th 
Flannery Patrick, trunkmr, 15 Combe's al 
Flatherty Benj., stone cutter, 34 Jklurray 
Flattely J. J., agent, 11 Gold, h 291 Marshall 
Flattish Joseph, bootfitter, Ogden ab 13th 
Flavel Henry, engineer, rear 450 Poplar 
Flavell Ann, Master and Howard 
Flaxman Jacob, carp. 614 N P'ront 
F^leck Anthony, fruiter, 128 N 5th 
Fleck Benj., moulder, 18th ab Callowhill 
Fleck .lohn, barber, 70 Penn -• 

Fleck Wm., baker, 32 Margaretta 
Fleck Wm., baker, 13th ab Carroll 
Fleckenstein Andrew, lab. 270 Apple (K) 
Fleet Reub.,wheelwr., 9 St. James, h 507 N 8th 
Fleetwood Elizabeth. 87 N 9th 
P'leetwood Mary, 87 N 9th 
P"legel J. G., dry goods, 439 N 2d 
Fleischmar K, A,, Rev,, 15 Hutchinson Fredk, A,, furrier, 57)^ Arch 
Pleisher Meyer, dry goods, 161 South 
Flegman Charles, butcher, 830 N 5th 
Fleming Aaron, cabinetmr, Bedford bel Ross 
Fleming Alfi-ed W., chemist, 95 S P'ront, h 327 

Fleming Andrew, 208 F road 
Fleming Andrew, weaver, 380 S 13th 
Fleming Andrew, clerk. Church W 22d 
P'leming Ann, Johnston la bel 5th 
P'leming Chas, seaman, rear 13 Mead 
Fleming Charles, carter. Prosperous al 
PMeniing Elias, mer. Alien ab Shackamaxon 
l-'lcming Elias 8c Co,, produce, 3 N Del, av 
P'leming Geo., milkman, St Andrew W 21st 
FLEMING GEORGE M., stock broker, 291 § 

3d, h Chestnut E 16th 
Fleming Horatio, Joy 




Flemlng^ Isabella, 3 Spring' Mill ct 

Fleming- Jas., tavern, Callowhill n Nixon (F M) 

Fleming James, marble mas. Addison n 17th 

Fleming- James, lab. Williams ab Sp Garden 

Fleming James, g-rocer, 202 Shippen 

Fleming- James, tobacco, 353 S lUth 

Fleming- Jane, 2 Brinton 

Fleming- John, warper, Wood n 22d 

Fleming- John, Locust and Prospect al 

Fleming- John, lab. 2 Dilhvyn pi 

Fleming- John, carp. 355 S 13th 

Fleming- John, weaver, Brinton bel 13th 

Fleming- John, plastei-er, Wood ab 20th 

Fleming- John, police, Ann n 13th 

Fleming- Jos., boatman. Willow bel Spruce (Sch) 

Fleming Joseph, manuf. Hamilton and William, 

h 18 Log-an square 
Fleming- Joseph, lab. Mechanic ab Linn 
Fleming Lavinia, dry goods, 102 Locust 
Fleming- Lawrence, dj-a\man, Ruff's av (K) 
Fleming- Richard, dyer. Mechanic ab Linn 
Fleming- Robert E., 5 S Water 
Fleming Saml., cooper. Rose ab 13th 
Fleming- Saml., driver. Phoenix ab Cadwalader 
Fleming Thos., carter, Hope and Montgomery 
Fleming Thos., dyer, Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
Fleming Thomas, gent. 327 Walnut 
Fleming- Thomas M., 327 Walnut 
Fleming T. M., ciiemist, 327 Walnut 
Fleming- Wm., weaver. Carpenter ab 8th 
Fleming- Wni., blacksm. 298 S 4th 
Fleming Wm., warper, William & Spring Millet 
Fleming Wm., lab. Lombard n 17th 
Fleming Win., Tilton ab Emory (R) 
Fleming Wm., sail mr. 3 Home pi 
Fleming Wm., stone cutter. South bel 23d 
FLEMING WM. "\V., manuf. of cobalt nickel & 
German silver, 95 S Front &. factory Coo- 
per's creek, Camden, h 347 Arcli 
Fleming W. J., M. ])., 18 Logan square 
Fleming W. R., mei-. 153 Market, h 334 Chest- 
Flemming James, lab. Olive bel 12th 
P'iemming Samuel, gas-dener, Hugh's ct 
Flemming Samuel, lab. 19 Federal 
Flemming- Wm., bookseller, 76 S 3d 
Fleubeng B., lab. Charlotte bel Tiiomp.son (K) 
Flenchljach Charles, vict. Coates W Nixon 
Flenncr E., milliner, 66 Vine 
Flenner Henry, cordw. Sibert ab 16th 
Flenner Lewis, tailor, S E Vine and 2d 
Flerx Jacob, lab. Washington ct 
Fletcher Amelia, teacher, 8th and Fitzwater, h 

Fletcher Anthony, drayman, 28 Stanley 
Fletcher Ann, g-rocer, Bridge n 9th (W P) 
Fletcher Benjamin, engiaver, 8 Lebanon 
Fletcher i'roton, tavern, S E 2d and Greenwich 
I'letcher Daniel, portrait painter, 242 N 4th ab 

Coat<-s » 

Fletcher Eliza, book folder, 213 Lombard 
Fletcher (ieo., bricklayer, 2 James 
J-'Ietcher .lames, Uivern, Washington bel Wil- 
liam (WP) 
Fletcher James, agent, 423 N 11th 
FLETCHF.U JAMKS W., Alderman, 248 Ship- 
pen, li 56 lA-banon 
Fletcher John, blacksm. Ann bel Powell (F V) 

Fletcher John, upholsterer, 85 N 7tli 

Fletcher Joshua S., editor, 3d opp Dock 

Fletcher L., farmer, 40 Pratt 

Fletcher L. R., atty, S E 13th & Sp Garden 

Fletcher Milford, jjorter, 6 Osborn's ct 

Fletcher Rebecca, 40 Pratt 

Fletcher Richard, blacksm. 127 Prime 

Broad and Coates, h 630 Coates 
Fletcher Robert, weighmaster, Howell bet 19th 

and 20th 
Fletcher Robert C, sash & shuttle fact., S W 
Fletcher S., locksni. 58 Green 
FLETCHER THOMAS, proth. Dist. Court, h 

47 S 13th 
Fletcher Thomas, lab., Marriott's la bel 6th 
Fletcher Veron, artist, 216 Chestnut, h 188 Noble 
Fletclier AVm , 47 S 13th 
Fletcher Wm. H., clerk, Prothon. office District 

Court, h 47 S 13th 
Fleutet Maurice, salesman, 15 Bank, h 224 Arch 
Flheenty John W-, grocer, F road & Master (K) 
Flick Catharine, baker, N W Broad & Shippen 
Flick Charles, chainnr.. Elk n Otter (K) 
Flick Geo. L., Ill and h 147 N Front 
Flick Geo. J., tailor, 15 AVesley ^ 

Flick Jacob, fisherman, Queen n Palmer 
Flick John, weaver, Fitzwater W Broad 
Flick L., baker, N E Bedford and Shippen la 
Flick Michael, carp. 5 Bryant ct 
Flick Sarah, 147 N Front 
Flick AVm., cordw. 8 Wasliington row (N L) 
Flick Wm., fisherma"h, Omnibus ct 
Flickwir D. Henry, builder. Front bel Almond, 

h 160 S 3d 
Flickwir Jer. W., druggist, 693 Race 
Flickwir Jos. W. carp. 24 German 
Flieshman John, cabinetmr. 8 St Joseph's pi 
Fling C. milliner, 188 N 5th 
Fling Henry, .atty. at law, 95^ Walnut, h W Rit- 

tenhouse sq 
Fling James B. bootmr.432 N 2d 
Fling Wm., lab. 13 Scott's ct 
Flinn Thos., lab., .Marriott's la bel 4th 
Fling Thos. S., printer, 62 Noble 
Fling Win., clerk, 133 Market, h 746 Pine 
Fling Wm. B., W Rittenhouse sq 
Flinn David, lab. William n Duke (R) 
Flinn Edward, M. 1)., 282 Race 
Flinn Eliza, Filbert E 18th 
Flinn Isabella, shop, 18tli bel LomI)ard 
Flinn James, dealer, 12 Arch 
Flinn Jolm, printer, 110 Walnut 
Flinn .lohn O., trader, 174 N 17th 
Flinn Michael, lab. 286 l{ichmond(R) 
Flinn Thomas, lab. Huston 
Flinn Timothy, lab. 597 Wood 
Flint Andrew, much. Dunton bel Franklin (K); 
Flint Jame.s, confect. Coates n Sell 
Flint John, clerk, 14 Providence ct 
Flint Thos. cordw. 14 Providence ct 
Flint Wm. bookbinder, 14 I'rovidence ct 
PMileraft Win. H., 52 Commerce 
Flocus John, cooper, 141- Pojjlar 
Floinerfelt Armstrong I. sailmr. Lombard St.. 

whf, !i 1(^0 Catliurinc 
Flood Brrnard, lal). Huntingdon ab Duke (R) 
Flood Kdwd. saddler, 269 S 3d 
I'lood Kdward, house carp. Huston {li) 




Flood Eliza, 1 Mechanic's av 

P'lood Felix, weaver, rear, 782 N 2d 

Flood Geo. W. paper stainer, Carroll's ct 

Flood James, jeweler, 529 S 2d 

Flood James, lab. 9 Coombe's al 

Flood Jas., paper stainer, Nixon bel Callowhill 

P'lood James, drayman, 4 Prospect 

Flood John, lab. Almira pi 

Flood John, lab. Almond (R) 

Flood John, gent. 431 Green 

Flood John, weaver, rear Wood ab Jefferson 

Flood John, lab. Huston and Ridge road (R) 

Flood John, currier, 277 N Front 

Flood Jos. moulder, 27 Duke 

Flood Lawrence, currier, shop 57 Dillwyn, h 12 

Crown and Little 
Flood Matthew, lab. Sutherland av 
Flood Nich., marble polisher, Washington bel 

Broad (S G) 
Flood Patrick, lab. 88 Richmond (R) 
Flood Peter, carpet weav. F road bel Bedford 
Flood Samuel, carp. Brinton bel Oxford (K) 
FLOOD SAML. F. attorney and alderman, 430 

S 5th 
Flood Terrence, lab. Huntingdon bel Brown (R) 
Flood Thomas, lab. Federal n 13th 
Flood Washington, moiddcr, 8 Ontario 
Flood Wm. tavern, 158 N Water 
Flood Wm., book binder, 294 Wood 
Flood Wm., stone polisher, Pearl bel Broad 
Flood Wm. oysterman, Brinton (K) 
Flora Thos., druggist. Laurel & New Market 
Floragan James, letter carrier P. O., h Beach ab 

Florance J. L. gent. Chestnut E 16th 
Florance Wm. S E 18th and Locust 
Florence Andrew, boat builder, 5 Parham 
Florence Thos. B., hatter, 48 I,omburd 
Florence Wm., cordw. 245 S 6th 
rlorslicim Me\ er, shoenir. 1 Drinker's al 
Flott Thomas, drayman, 673 N 10th 
rioundcrs (ico. 1?., coMclism. 70 V.' Market 
Flowei' Reese W., gent. 21 Flower 
Flowers Charles, hav, &c. 5tli &. Coates, house 

Parrish bel 12tli 
Flowers G.,carp. Duke ab Wood (K) 
Flowers Maiia, widow of James, 8 Drinker's al 
Flowers Robert, portrait painter, Beaver below 

Flowers Wm., dealer, 2d ab Federal 
Floyd Elijah, lab. Larch ab Wallace 
Floyd Geo., driver, 7th ah Fitzwater 
Floyd Henry, grocer, 12th St Lombard 
Floyd Jame-s, lab. Milton ab 11th 
Floyd James, grocer, S W 9th and Catharine 
FUn d John, grocer, 401 S 4th 
Floyd John, lab. 5 Norris' al 
Flovd John, gent. 265 S 3d 
Floyd John N. tailor, 305 Wasliington 
Floyd Samuel, merchant, 152 Market, h Pine 

" ab 13 th 
Floyd Wm. E., book keeper, 27 S Water, h 271 

S 3d 
Fhibacber Jacob, shoemr. 8 Depot 
Fluck Ahraliam, 967 G T road 
Fluck Jacob, hotel, 54 Callowliill 
"■'ck Samuel, cordw. 87 Coates 
B., clerk, 12 N 5th 

FLUES & CO., importers of trimmings, &c., 

12 N 5th 
Flues Eberhard, mer. 12 N 5th 
Flum B. coachmr. R road ab Sp Garden, h Sp 

Garden ab 12th 
Flurer Elizabeth, China row (K) 
Flurer Frederick, vict. Greenwich ab 2d 
Flurer Julius, painter, 6th bel Federal 
J'lurer Julius D., painter, 56 S 5th 
Fiynn Ann, Gei-man bel 5th 
Fiynn Bartley, hatter. Juniper and George 
Flyim Bridget, Washington ab William (W P) 
Fiynn Daniel, cordw. 14 Concord 
Fiynn David, lab. rear 7 Bread 
Fiynn Edw. porter, 3 Mineral pi 
Fiynn Francis, porter, 1 Beaver «t 
Fiynn James, tailor, German bel 5t!i 
Fiynn James, carter. Crown ab Queen (K) 
Fiynn John, M. D., 19th ab Market 
Fiynn John, lab. rear 266 S 3d 
Fiynn Patk., porter, 9 Mineral pi 
Fiynn Thos., lab. 3 E Shippen pi 
Fiynn Thos., lab. 5 Vail's pi 
Fiynn Thos., tinsm. Jefferson ab 2d 
Fiynn Wm., vict. 11th ab Oxford 
Foard Sarah, 7 S 11th 

Fobes Geo. S., salesman, 23 Montgomery sq 
Fobes G. W. mer. 23 Montgomery sq 
Fobes John, carter. Filbert E 18th 
Fobes John, cordw. Carlton pi 
Fobes Thos., mer. 63 Chestnut, h 19th bel Arch 
Fobes Wm., carter. Filbert E 18th 
Focers Franklin, trunkmr. 24 Edward, house 52 

Foclet Daniel, clerk, 145 N 2d, h Eagle Hotel 
P'odell John, carp. 20 Mag-nolia 
Fody Wm., lab. Larch ab William (R) 
I'oclit Hii-ani, salesman, 19 S Water 
Fof 11 Lewis, baker, 459 S 2d 
Foering Abraham, ckrk, N E 10th and Brown 
Focring Albert R. stovemr. 87 N 2d 
Foering Benjamin F. & Co., coal dealers, S \f 

Broad and Race 
Foering Benj. F., coal, 21 Bankson 
Foering Chas. M., carp. 224 Coates 
Foering Frederick 84 Son, stove mers. 87 N 2d 
Foering Fred., stove manuf. 87 N 2d, h 1 Crown 
F'oering Saml., clerk, 116 Arch, h Willow ab 5tU 
F'oering- Wm. stationer, G T road ab 4th 
F'oerster Paul, tavern. New Market & Pegg 
Foertch H., bootmr 315 Poplar 
Fogel Bcnj:, shop, 92 St John 
F'ogel ("lias, tailor, 3 Farr 
Fogel David, butcher, Marlboro' ab West 
Fogel John, 10 Letilia ct 

Fogel Jos. P., salesman, 12 N 3d, h 150 Wood 
Fogel Leonard, tailor, 572 N 2d 
Fogel Valentine, lab. 3 New Market 
F'ogcrty John, bootmr. 438 Chri.stian 
Fogcrty Patrick, lab. Front bel Greenwich 
Fogg Aaron, bi-icklaycr, 5 W North n lOtU 
FOGG ELiSHA, plumber, 142 N 12th k Mont- 

goniei}', h 286 Cherry 
Fogg .lohn, wheelwt. 135 Girard av 
F'ogg Samuel, ropemr. P road bel Wharton 
F\)gg Samuel, bricklayer, 286 Cherry 
Folback Clias., tailor. Canal (W K) 
Folchi Peter Rev., Willing's al 




Foley Andrew, blacksm. With n 5th 
Foley Catharine, washerw. 375 S Front 
Foley Daniel, grocer, N WWashing-ton and Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Foley Uavid, saddler, 31 S 10th 
Foley David F., clerk, 326 Coates 
Foley Edward, dyer, Jefferson hel 3d 
Foley Elizabeth, Juniper bel Cherry 
Foley James, machinist, 585 F road (R) 
Foley James, tailor, 170 P road 
Foley James, lab. 706 Wood 
Foley Jerem.iah, shoemr. 3 Prospect al 
Foley John, tailor, 8 Mary 
Foley John, tailor, Primeab 8th 
Foley John, blacksm. 2 Galbraitli's ct 
Foley John, lab. rear 127 N 3d 
Foley John, cordw. Marriott bel 6th 
Foley John, weaver, rear Cabot bel 15th 
Foley John, cordw. 10 Cvpress 
Foley Michael, lab. 7th n Christian 
Foley Owen, lab. 15 W North 
Foley Thos., weaver, 5 Phillip (K) 
Foley Wm., tinsm. r^ar 299 G T road 
Folg-er Mary, washerw. rear 188 Lombard 
Folg-land Wm., engineer, 7 Gaskill 
FOLIOT EUGENE, spring mattress manuf. and 

upholsterer, 85 S 4th 
Folk Maurice, blacksm. Mansion ab Chestnut 
Folkrod Anna S., gent. fur. st. 86 Walnut 
Folkrod Eleanor, 55 Chester 
Folkrod Elizabeth, 296 Vine 
Folkrod George W.,boot fitter, 114 New Market 
Folkrod Wm. B., jeweler, 24 Magnolia 
Foil Adam, drayman. Otter 
Foil Henry, cordw. Palmer ab Beach 
Follmer Bernard, tailor. 111 N 2d 
Foltz Martin, tailor, Morris ct 
Foltz Rebecca, 593 N Front 
Folwell diaries S., secr'y. 74 S 4th 
Folwell C. F. tailor, 162 Cherry 
Folwell Godfrey G. silver chaser, 1 Dillwyn 
Folwell James, accountant, N. A. Bank, house 9 

Folwell John G. clerk Philadelphia Bank 
Folwell Josepli, turner, 496 N 4th 
Folwell Joseph N. Rev., 11 Wistar 
Folwell J. K. conveyancer, 207 N 6th 
Folwell Wm., Reed ab Vienna 
Folyard John, bookseller. Market & Juniper 
Folyer Matthias, lab. 79 Poplar 
Folzer Andrew, brewer, 2 Rachel row 
Fondey John, M. D.,20 Logan sq 
Fondorf .Meyers, pcdltr, 148 Poplar 
Fontaine Louis, ladies' shoemr. 204 Walnut 
Fontanell Maria, blindmr. 497 N 3d, h 514 N 

5 th 
P'ontanges F. B., atty. & coun. 63 Dock, house 

Spruce bel 20th 
Fontanges P. F. 63 Dock, h Spruce n 20th 
Fooks Ep., blacksm. Townstnd n Lemon (R) 
Foos Danl., lab. Noble bel 2d 
Foos John, lab. 7th ab Oxford 
Foote B(;nj. plum!)er, 447 Vine 
Foote Ciiarlotte, tailoress, 19t.h and Market 
Foote (no. R. &. (;o., plumbers and gas fitters R 

road bel Wallace 
Foote Isaac, hrickmr. Federal n G F road 
Foote James, grocer, Federal n G F road 

Foote John, piano mr. 334 Market, house 146 

Foote Marg., tailoress, 19th bel Market 
Foote Skelton, watchman County Prison, 8th 

bel Bayard 
Fopless Thos. L., blacksm. Jarvis' la 
Forastel Richard H., acct. 52 Commerce, h 204 

S 9th 
Forber Henry, weaver, Adams & Jefferson (K) 
Forbes Andrew, brickmr. rear Evans 
Forbes Chas. jeweler, 5 Clair 
Forbes Chas., lab. Corn ab Wharton 
Forbes Geo., stone cutter, Lafiiyette bel 10th 
Forbes Hugh, shoemr. 49 W South 
Forbes James, Lombard n 16th 
Forbes John, stone cutter, Austin bel Federal 
Forbes John, watchman, York and Gray (R) 
Forbes Marcellus, seaman, 3 Rachel 
Forbes Robert, carter. Barker n 18th 
Forbes Stewart, brickmr. 623 Lombard 
Forbes Thomas, printer, Cliarles (S) 
Forbes Thos. H., painter. Auburn ab 9th 
Forbes Wm., carp. 112 Wharton 
Forbes Wm. H., brickmr. 623 Lombard 
Force Ann Eliza, 22 Marg'aretta 
Force George, ship carp. Greenwich ab 2d 
Force Harrison, Aspen and 7th (M V) 
Force Simpson, cordw. rear 96 Randolph 
Force Thomas, brushmaker, S E Reed &. Front 
Ford Aaron, baker, 12th and Anita 
Ford David, ivory turner, 83 Race, h 193 N 5th 
Ford Edwin, turner, 83 R;ice, h 260 N 5th 
Ford E. & D. turners, 83 Race 
Ford Fargus,lab. Front and Callowhill 
Ford Francis, lab Fisher ab Huntingdon 
Ford Franklin, window shades, 2^ S 8th, h 148 

N 8th 
Ford Geo., carp. 54 Plum 
Ford Geo., carp Locust W 21st 
Ford Geo. W., agent, 62 Walnut, h 338 Vine 
Ford & Ghenier, grocers, S W 11th & Og'deii 
Ford Hugh, 9 Penn 

Ford FL J. &. Co., importers, 97 S Front 
Ford Isaac, mer. 18th ab Vine 
Ford James, tailor, Steward 
Ford James, plasterer, Clieriy W 15th 
Ford Joana, washer, 5 Lyndall's al 
Ford John, lab. 20 Green 
Ford John, mer. 24 Rittenhouse 
Ford John, lab. 31 Jones' al (C) 
Ford .lohn, lab. Say 

Ford Jno. G. acct. 57 S 3d, h N 18th and Arch 
FORD JOHN M., plated saddlery, 32 N 3d, h 

12 Franklin 
Ford Louisa, 3 Fayette 
Ford Maria, 185 Lombard 
Ford Mary, Race n 15th 
Ford Mary A. 15th and Rittenhouse 
Ford Michael, lab. Brasier's ct 
Ford M. T., b h, 110 N 10th 
Ford iMiilip, clerk, 358 N Front 
Ford Philip, mer. 47 N 3d 
Ford P., l)oots &. shoes, 47 N 3d, house Franklin 

Ford Randolph, bricklayer, 47 Nectarine, h 493 

Ford Uicliard D. math. inst. mr. 5 ElmsUe'i al 
Ford Robert, clerk, 44 Gaskill 




Ford Robert, clerk, 482 Race 

Ford Robert H. stovemr. 291 Market, house 176 

S Queen 
Ford Saml. C, pres. N Am. Coal Co., 98] S 4th 
Ford S., shop, 37 N 12th 
FORD S. H., broker, 101 Walnut 
Ford Thomas, eng-ineer, 66 Redwood 
Ford Thomas, carp. 5 Hutchinson 
Ford Thos., refec, 53 S 3d, h 44 Bread 
Ford Thos. grocer, 351 Market, h 13 Morg-an 
Ford Wm., mer. 32 N 3d, h 250 N 5th 
Ford Wm., weaver, 30 Dunton (K) 
Ford Wm. bricklayer, Parrish ab 9th 
Ford Wm. iron dealer, 70 G T road 
Ford Wm. U., salesman, 177^ Market, h 15th ab 

Forder Jacob, plasterer, Locust W 21st 
Forder Samuel, plasterer, 13th ab Brown 
Forderer Alb. shoemr. rear 18 Cresson's al 
Fordham Benj., glass bjower, Warren bel Queen 
Fordham John, glass blower, Queen below 

Fordham Mary, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Fordney Henry, gun stockmr. 334 F road 
Fordney Mary, 5o3 Vine 
Forebaugh Solomon, segarmr. 8 Sansom al 
Forebaugh Wm., tobac. 184 N8th, h 13 Ontario 
Forehand Samuel, printer, 312 S 8th 
Foreman H., machinist, 16 Divison 
Foreman John, carp. 141 Melon 
ForemanJohn, macliine mr. G T road ab Camac 
Foreman Wm., painter, 23 Parker 
Foreman Wra. A., chair mr. Front bel Coates 
Forepaugh Geo. E., trunkmr. 526 N 9th 
Forepaugh J. F. currier. Vine bel 3d, h 44 


Forepaugh Wm. F., jr., tanner, G T road & Otter 
FOREPAUGH W. "F. currier, 4th and Race, 

h 240 N 5th 
Forest Sag-ee, harness mr. 2 G T road 
Foi-fivard Hannah Mi-s., 271 N 6th 
Forgarty Mich., lab. Ward's Retreat 
Forges Jules, chairmr. 11th and Coates 
ForgTave James, weaver, Front bel Jefferson 
Forgus W., clerk, 182 Market 
Forker John W. ladies' shoemaker, 479 Poplar 
Forker Samuel, tailor, 182 Market, h 119 Char- 
Forley R. Mrs., 23 Castle 
Forman Chas., gent. 350 Lombard 
Forman Fredk., boot fitter, 167 St John 
Forman James, porter, 341 Lombard 
Forman Jolm, macht. G T I'oad bel Columbia 
Forman Robt. R. cabinetmr. rear 7 Cherry, h 

156 Apple 
Forman Saml., blacksm. 8th bel Shippen 
Forman Wm., stone cutter, 193 N lOtli 
Formosa Geo., superintendent. Jay bel Coates 
Forner Clu-istopher, P road bel Catharine ^ 
Forner Wm. C, clerk, 59 S 3d, h 103 P road 
Forney Wm. V., clerk. Post Office 
Forney W., 348 S 8th 
Forrest Edwin, tragedian, 144 N 10th 
Forrest Isaac, Church ab 22d 
Forrest James, 3 Centre 
Forrest Jas., lab. Filbert n 22d 
Forrest Robert, lab.. Arch n 21st 
Forrest Samuel, cordw. Rve ab Reed 

Forrest Thos., weaver. Pearl & Nixon 

Forrest Wm., varnisher, 4 Kessler's al 

Forrester Joseph, 152 N 5th 

Forrester J. K., tailor, Scliool & Franklin 

Forrester Richard, acct. 204 S 9th 

Forrester, Thos., lab. 6 Bell's ct 

Forshee Cornelius, real estate broker, HaiTnony 

pi, h 630 Vine 
Forshee C, livery stables, 126 N 7th 
Forst Frederick, upholstei-er, 85 S 11th, h 16 


Forster Adolph, tpy & variety store, 215 S 2d 
FORSYTH &. BROTHER, plumbers, 17 S 7th 
Forsyth Jas., butcher. Lemon n Huntingdon (R) 
Forsyth John, butcher, G T road bel Master 
Forsyth Joseph W., plumber, 17 S 7th, h 64 


Forsyth Mary, 4 Barker 
Forsyth Presley B. plumber, 17 S 7th, h 552 

Pine bel Broad 
Forsyth Robt. J., porter, 27 Coombes' al 
Forsyth Tiios. H. carpenter, 11th bel Brown 
Forsyth Wm., blacksm. James n 7th (C) 
Foi-svth Wm. T., carp, shop. Market W 19th, h 

"256 Cherry 
Forsythe Henry, clockmender, N E 13th and 

Forsythe Jane R., Richard 
Forsythe John, weaver, 4 Philips (K) 
Forsythe John, weaver, Sliippen bel Broad 
Forsythe Susan, 135 Howard (K) 
Fort C. v., 66 Queen 
Fort D. M., M. D., 9th and Buttonwood 
Fort G. E., clerk, 18 Wallace 
P'ort Henry, lab.. Wood n Franklin (K) 
Foil James, carp, shop, Hanover n Bedford, h 

Franklin ab Wood (K) 
Fort John, carp. Hanover ab Allen 
Fort Sarah, widow, 13 Gaskill 
Fort Levi, tobac. 290 S Front 
Fort Thos. R., tailor, William bel Larch 
F^rten Charlotte, 92 Lombard 
Fortescue H. C, printer, 146 Christian 
Fortescue Joseph L., reptn-ter, 90 Carpenter 
Fortescue Thomas S., bricklr. 6th bel Prime 
Fortescue Thos. S., sr., carp. 146 Christian 
Fortescue Valentine, bookseller, Washington 
Fortesque Pat. weaver. Pine n 21st 
Fortin Samuel, hosier, 13th bel Coates 
Fortner A., Hay's ct fr Penn 
Fortner Charles, sail mr. Little Brown 
Fortney Ichabod, cooper, 65 Pena 
Fortnum Charles, chandler, 16 Brown 
Fortnum William, chandler, 57 Race, house 43 

New ■ 
Fortune Misses J. 8c T., milliners, 326 S 2d 
Fortune Pat. shoemr. 33 Quince 
Fortune Sutherland, waiter, rear 10 Emeline 
Fosbemer John K., tobacco, 164 Franklin 
Foslcr Jeremiah, sea capt., Brown ab Beach 
Foss Cyrus W., ins. agent. S. W.4th & Chestnut 
Foss Edmund, g-ardener, 11 Hampton 
FOSS 84 FARR, ins. agency, S W 4tli 81 Chest- 
Foss Francis, traveller, 1047 F road 
Foss G. W., manuf., S E Front and Market 
Foss Lewis, ins. mr. 3 Howery pi 
Foss Thos, capmr., 18th ab Fairview 




Foss, Woolston & Co., silk manuf., S E Front & 

Fossard Virginia, restaurat'r., 222 Walnut 
Foster Anna, Carlisle bel Parrish 
Foster Anna, 165 Summer 
Foster Arthur, weaver, 3 Watt 
Foster Caroline, 188 S 15th 
Foster Catharine, trimmings, 120 S 10th 
Foster Catharine, Hancock and Master 
Foster Chas. mer. 21 Church al, h 304 Arch 
Foster Chas. house painter, 45 York av 
Foster Chas., printing press manuf., 420 Brown 
Foster Chas., weav., 21 Thompson (K) 
Foster Chas., 89 New 
Foster Chas. P., carp. 33 Washington 
Foster C. B. dentist, 237 Arch 
Foster D. H. cordw. 383 S 2d 
Foster Edwin, potter. Crown ab Franklin 
Foster Edwin, carter, Wesley n 3d 
Foster Elizabeth, shirtmr. 16 Bread 
Foster E. B. stencil engraver, 260 N 3d h 221 

Foster Ferd., cordw. rear L Washington 
Foster Ferdinand, cabtmr., 7 Whittam's row 
Foster Fred. carp. 14 Ogden 
FOSTER FRANCIS T., stencil engraver, 37 

S 3d, h 5 Wistar 
FOSTEli & GEBHARD, hatters, 49 S 3d 
Foster Geo., mould.. Stile's ct 
Foster Geo. W. ship carp., 61 M road 
J'oster Hiram, mould., 59 Garden 
Foster Isaac, butcher, 24 Phoenix 
Foster Isaac, white wxsh., South bel 9th 
Foster Ja.cob, lab. rear 50 Green 
Foster Jacob, printer, Callowhill n 18th 
Foster J as. collector, Ohio 
Foster Jas. paper stainer, Fairview and 18th 
Foster James, carter, 15th ab Girard av 
Foster James, jr., lab. 8th bel Shippen 
Foster James, sen., gardener, 8th bel Shippen 

Foster Saml. N. embosser, rear 26 S 4th, h 198 

P'itz water 
Foster Sarah Mrs., trimmings, 141 Green '' 
Foster Stephen, cordw., 35 Washington 
Foster Summers, saddler, shop 56 Brown, h New 

Market and Flower al 
Foster Theod. A., Alleghany House 
Foster Thomas, machinist, Green ab R road 
Foster Thomas, cordw. 7th bel Wharton 
Foster Thos., farmer, Cumberland & Salmon (K) 
Foster Thos., boatm., Elin bet 4th & 5th (WP) 
Foster Thos., weav., 4 Philip (K) 
Foster Thos. S. mer., 163 Market, h 8 Logan sq 
Foster Walter, morocco dress. 22 Paschall's al 
Foster Wm., carp. 17 Salmon (R) 
Foster Wm., cai-ter Water ab Callowhill 
Foster Wm., plasterer. Front ab Franklin 
Foster Wm., waterman, Swanson below Wash- 
Foster Wm., cordw., Austin bel Federal 
Foster AVm. B., 3 S Oak 
Foster Wm. B., jr., vice pres. Pa. R R Co., 70 

Walnut, h 3 W Penn sq 
Foster Wm. J., capt. S7 Marriott 
FOSTER WM. H., exchange office, 1 Library, h 

412 S 3d 
Fotterall S. G., gent., 2 Portico Square 
Fotterall William F., gentleman, N W 13th and 

FOUCHfi WM. W., dentist, 147 N 6th 
Fougeray Francis A., stovemr. 133 N 2d 
Fouladoux C, hairwork., 137 Chestnut 
Foulk Fred., butcher, 18 Hazel (S) 
Foulk Richard, tailor, 194 N 5th 
Fo'ilk Step. C, carpt., 33 N 2d, h Vine ab loth 
Foulke A. Dr., 343 N 7th 
Foulke Chas., 41 Sansom 
[-Foulke Eleanor P., S E 12th and Arch 
'Foulke Eliza M., b. h. 49 George 

Foulke Everard, lab. 37 Apple 
Foster John, loom and f. lathe maker, Hope and Foulke Henry, clerk, 153 Market 

Jefferson ^Foulke John, cooper. Front ab Market, h 11th 

Foster John, salesman, 247 Wood ab Poplar 

Foster John, ship carpt., Hewson ab Duke Foulke Lucy D., b. h., 96 S 11th 

Foster John, wheelwt. 16th ab Poplar IPoulke Richard, tailor, 59 N 4th, h 194 N 5th 

Foster John E. hatter, 49 S 3d, h N W Newton Foulke Richard P., 34 Sansom 

and Washington j Foulke Rowan, printer, 641 S 4th 

Foster Jolm G. tobacconist, Allen above Marl- Foulke Wm. P., att'y &, coun., 34 Sansom 

Foster John J., 34 Sheaff'al 
Foster John W. shoemr. 17 Wilson 
Foster Joseph, mer. 38 Arch 
Foster Joseph, 6 Lemon 
Foster Jose])h, slater, Ma.ster ab 11th 

Foulkes Chas., sea capt., 8 Margarctta 
Foulkrod Emanuel, cordw., Haines bel 13th 
Foulkrod Joseph, l)0()kl)ind., 43 Brandywine 
Foulks Benj. S., 594 Brown 
Foulks Chas. T., atty &. coun., 14 Sansom 
Foulks Jacob, hackman, Marlboro' ab F av 

Foster Joshua, teacher. Deaf and Dumb Institu- Foulon Roljcrt J., ])lasterer, Callowhill ab 19th 

Poultry John, waterman, Vienna ab West 
Fountain Ai)rahani, ship carpenter, Palmer bel 

Franklin (K) 
Fountain John, ship carpt., Palmer bel Duke 
FoiMitain .1., brushmr., 172 S IHh 
Fountain Magdalena, tailoress, Church ab Reed 
Foucjuet Chas., butcher, 115 Marshall 
Fourtsh Andrew, cordw., Holioway'sct 
Fouse Malilon C, engineer, Baker's ct 
Fouser Frederick, shop, Apple &. Master 
Fouser H., brickmr., 163 R:ind<)l|)h ab Poplar 
Fouser John, engineer, 5tli & Elm (M V) 
Foust Flizabetli chair cuner, 1204 N 2d 

tion. Broad bel Spruce 
Foster J. H., awning maker, 259 N 3d, h 180 

S Front 
Foster Leonard, police, Henry n Lombard 
Foster Lydia, 73 S 6th 
Foster Margaret, Wood ab Nixon 
Fo.ster M. Chambers, jeweler, 247 Wood 
Foster N. L. book agt., Marll)oro' ab Franklin 
Foster Peter, macht., Ikerii and Ball (K) 
Foster Peter, carter, Washington (W P) 
Foster Ifobt., M. D., 449 Chestnut 
Foster Satnl. shipwrt., Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Foster Saml. H., cordw. 4th bel Wharton 




Foust George N., stone cutter, 306 Vine 
Foust Henry, moulder, 5th and Diamond 
Foust Hiram H., salesman, 79 Market 
Foust James B., tinsmith, 36 Market, h 4th bel 

Foust R. M., bookseller, h 144 Marshall 
Foust Wm. H., stone cutter, Og-den ab 15th 
Fow David, vict., Cherry ab Duke 
Fow Elizabeth, Crown ab Duke 
Fow Georg-e, butcher, Marlborough below 

Fow Henry, vict.. Crown ab Duke 
Fow Jacob, vict., Crown n Duke 
Fow Samuel, vict., Spafford & Prosperous al 
Fow AVm., brickmr. Wharton n P road 
Fow Wm., grocer, Wharton and P road 
Fowl Jacob, fisher. Christian bel Front 
Fowl Lewis, vict, Hanover n F av 
Fowl Michael, weav. 595 N 3d 
Fowler Ann, gaiter binder, 394 S 8th 
Fowler Edw., bartender, rear Rye bel Wharton 
Fowler Elizabeth. 298 St John 
Fowler Henrj^, pvAter, Allen ab Innes (K) 
Fowler Jacob P., hardware, 276 N 2d, h 648 

Fowler James, rulemr., 336 N 3d 
Fowler Jesse, lab. Palmer ab F av 
Fowler John, 58 Green 
Fowler John, waterman, 10 Tammany ct 
J'owler John, portei-, 25 Mayland 
Fowler John A., salesman, 11 Gold, h 4th ab 

Fowler Jonathan, Moore bel Front 
Fowler J., cordw. Green & Graham (WP) 
Fowler K. B., waterman, Stanley bel 4th 
Fowler Lewis, oak cooper, 4 Sch av 
FOWLER MAHON, tailor, 367 N 2d 
Fowler Margaret, 132 Carpenter 
Fowler Rennels, tailor, 526 N 2d (K) 
Fowler Thomas, blacksmith, 4th and G T road 
Fowler William, leather and shoe findings, 28 

P road 
Fowler Wm., rulemr., 336 N 3d 
Fowler Wm., Tower E 22d 
Fowler Wm. carp. 237 Parrish 
Fowler Wm., carter, Monroe bel Cherry 
Fowler Wm. A., maclit.. Willow ab 15th 
Fowler Wm. H., glass blow., Queen & Ross (K) 
FOWLERS, WELLS & CO., phrenologists & 

publishers, 231 Arch ab 6th 
Fowles James H. Rev., Locust ab 15th 
Fowss Jacob, vict.. Crown n Duke 
Fox Alex. M., grocer, 511 N 2d, h 107 New 

Fox Ann, grocer, 20th & Dorothy 
Fox Ann, tobacco, 205 Girard av 
Fox Bern., dyer, Ann bel Richmond (R) 
Fox Bryan, maliog. sawyer, 19 Crown 
Fox Casper, tailor, 117 Swanson 
Fox Chas., grinder, Oxford ab Washington 
Fox Charles, police, Lombard n 16th 
Fox Chas., vict. 4th ab Tiiompson (K) 
Fox Christian, cordw.. Ridge R ab Broad 
Fox Christian, lager beer, Mechanic & Culvert 
Fox Christian, boot and shoe mr., 138 Brown 
Fox Christian, tailor, 354 S 2d 
Fox Christ., sawyer, 375 Richmond (R) 
Fox Daniel, ship cliand. 5 Coates ab Beech 

Fox Daniel M., conveyancer, 339 N 3d 

Fox Dennis, baker, 640 South 

Fox Edward J., Police Office, 139 N 6th 

Fox Elijah J., bricklayer, 401 S Front 

Fox Elizabeth C, 113 Green 

Fox Elizabeth M., 491 Chestnut 

Fox Emanuel, pedlar, 2 Melon 

Fox Evan, carp., 521 N 5th 

Fox Francis, carver, 151 S 2d, h 31 Spruce 

Fox Francis, lab., Tilton bel Emory (R) 

Fox Francis A., furniture, 178 South 

Fox Frederick, grocer, 206 N 8th 

Fox Fred., grocer, Marlboro' bel Duke 

Fok Fred., corpw., Emery's ct (K) 

Fox Geo., sailmr. 8 Wood ab 15th 

Fox George, lab.. Brown bel Vienna (K) 

Fox Geo. morocco dr. Marlborough ab Queen 

Fox George, M. D., Broad ab Locust 

Fox Geo., ship carpt.. Little Brown 

Fox George P., gas fitter, 11 Green 

Fox Henry, tailor, 5th uid Jefferson 

Fox Henry, blacksm. 401 S Front 

Fox Henry A., carp.. Lemon bel 11th 

Fox Henry J., real est. broker, 47 S 4th, h 4 

S 10th 
Fox Isaac, sawyer, Richmond bel Ann (R) 
Fox Jacob, macht, 276 Washington bel 7th 
Fox Jacob, cordwainer, 102 New Market 
Fox Jacob, weaver, 4 Monroe 
Fox James, blacksm., Lepriva ab Dauphin (R) 
Fox James, dyer, rear 126 German 
F'ox Jas., sawyer, 4 Salmon (R) 
Fox James, weaver, Mariner ab 13th 
Fox James, lab., railroad ab Richmond (R) 
Fox James, doubler and twister, 751 N 2d 
Fox James, salemr., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Fox Jefferson, lab. 16th and Federal 
Fox John, lab. rear 267 Wharton 
Fox John, machinist, 55 Jarvis 
Fox John, custom house officer, 116 Green 
Fox John, ropemr.. Brown ab Cherry 
Fox John, vict. 4th bel Master (K) 
Fox John, lab. 5 Quarry 
Fox John, sawyer, York and Charles (K) 
Fox John, agent, 13 Queen (K) 
Fox John, weav., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Fox John D., real estate agent & conveyancer, 

319 Callowhill 
Fox John E., ex. brok., 5 S 3d, h 214 S 8th 
Fox John J., chairmr., Scott's ct 
Fox John M., clerk, 12 S 3d, h 139 N 6th 
Fox Joseph, surveyor. Bridge ab 9th (W P) 
Fox Joseph L., Melon ab 10th 
Fox Justus, grocer, Franklin av and Palmer 
Fox Lawrence, lab. 10 Palm 
Fox Michael, brushmr. 1 St John 
Fox Michael, vict. 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Fox Nich., dealer. South & Hurst, h Lombard 

ab Quince 
Fox Nicholas, jr., tav., S E 5th and South 
Fox Patk., tailor, Crans' ct 
Fox Pat, carp., Jones W 19th 
Fox Pat., cordw., Federal ab 11th 
Fox Pat., tract carrier, Brasier 
Fox Peter, rigger, 18 Queen 
Fox Peter, carp., 4th bel Wharton 
Fox Peter, framemr., rear 17 Oichard 
Fox Philip, engineer, 123 Walnut 




Fox P. L., gent., Broad ab Coates 

Fox & Ramsey, grocers,. 511 N 2d 

Fox Samuel, grocer, 290 N 2d, h 180 N 4th 

Fox Samuel, brickmr. 52 N 16th 

Fox Samuel A., cabinet nir. 252 S Front 

Fox Sarah Ann, 464 Race 

Fox Sarah Ann, bel Richmond (R) 

Fox Thos. Union Hotel, Market W 23d 

Fox & Wagner, awning mrs. 3 N 7th 

Fox Wm., tailor, 196 N 2nd 

Fox Wm., waterman, 58 W^ashlngton 

Fox Wm., whipmr., ^Marlboro' ab Franklin (K) 

Fox Wm., waiter, S W 19th & Market 

Fox Wm. A., capt. police, 143 N Juniper 

Fox Wm. D. carp. 783 N 2d 

Fox Wm. H., printer, 11 Benton 

Fox Wm. M., mer., N W 2d and Arch 

Fox Wm. P., lab., 15th and George 

Foxcroft Susan, Walker's ct n Willow 

Foxhill John F., butcher, Callowhill ab 19th 

Foy Anthony, lab., 146 S 12th 

Foy John, shoemr. 19lh x_ Locust 

Foy John H., salesmam 50 S 2d, h 18 Branch 

Foy Joseph, cordw., l*tli h Green 

Foy Margaret, Pine ab 13th 

Foy Wm., tailor, 10 Shippen 

Foyle Edward, lab. 8 Tammany ct 

Fracer John, tailor, rear 605 N 6th 

Frader S., rear 527 N 4th 

Frailey J. Madison, U S N, h 607 Race 

Fraiser Joseph, plasterer, 105 Pine 

Fraley Chas., gUiss blow., Vienna ab Duke 

Fraley Chus. R., sawmr., School n Franklin (K) 

Fraley Conrad, cabtmr., Adams & Oxford (K) 

Fralej' D., bonnets and shoes, S^ S 2d 

Fraley Enoch, cordw. Beach ab Poplar 

Fraley E. L. Mrs. jirofessor music, 333 Race 

Fraley Frederick, Prcs. Sch Navigation Co., 72 

M'alnut, h 365 Race 
Fraley G«;o. W., cordw. !Juke bel Marlboro' (K) 
Fralev Hester, shop, ab Poplar (K) 
Fraley John U., 81 N 10th 
Fi-aley Micii., K.b. Federal and Irish Track la 
Fraley Peter B., saw Si tool manuf., Lydia (K), 

h Franklin ab F road 
Fraley iMiilip, lab., Washington (S G) 
I'raley R. wid., gentw., 135 S 3d 
Fraley Thos. F., mer. 223 Market, h 8 Button- 
wood ab 5th 
l'"raley Tliomas S. sen., farmer, Richmond near 

ketikwell (R) 
Iralev 'i'humas S., jr., farmer, Richmond n Ket- 

tkwcll (R) 
Fraley W. W., agent, Beach bel Maiden 
FralingcT Michael, gardiner. Palmer bel West 
Frame Saml., fariiier, Warren bel Park (W P) 
Frame Sarah, 10 Acorn alley 
France Abiaham, tavern, Callowhill W William 
France Christian, inkmr. rear 20 Lilly's al 
France 11., tiiiloi, 63 Orchard 
France Joseph, cabinetmr. 11 St Stephen's pi 
France Lambtrt, weaver, 94 Master (K) 
France Lewis, bar tender, 7 Central pi 
France Lissie, ShaH'er's ct 
France Jk, Musselman, grocers, S E Poplar and 

France Itubcrt, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
France 'i'homas, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 

France Wm., dyer, Fairmonnt 

Francis Albert, M D, 125 German 

Francis Ann, gentw. 106 S 8th 

Francis BLiijamin H., painter & glazier. Green & 

Graham (W P) 
Francis Charles, oysterman, 4 Bonsall 
Francis Charles, tinsmith, 440 Race 
Francis Charles, agent, 92 Carpenter 
Francis Charles, 23 Green (C) 
Francis George, caulker, 21 Vernon ^ 

Francis Henry, tinman, 80 N 2d, h 400 Green 
Francis Jacob, grocer, 69 New Market 
Francis James B., clerk, 68 Market, h 106 S 8th 
Francis James S., clerk, 84 Chestnut, h 2 Whit- 
taker's ct 
Francis James W., potter, Jones E 18th 
Francis Joseph, black &. white smith, 26 Dock, 

h 62 i Union 
Francis Lawrence C. phi. inst. mr. 13 Dock 
Francis Louisa, 117 S 12th 
Francis Mar.garet, 159 Sp Garden 
Francis Philip, lime burner, Guarry ct 
Francis Pliilip, carter, Hutchinson bel Master 
Francis Stephen, waterman, 11 Stackhouse ct 
Francis Teagle, waiter, George ab 16th 
Francis Thos., japan. 80 N 2d,'h 11th bel Wallace 
Francis Wm., cooper, 350 S Front 
Franciscus A. H., cotton laps, 65 Market, h 

436 Race 
Francisco Wm., agent. Lemon bel 11th 
Franck C, lab. 348 N Front 
Franck Henry, carp. Wallace and Preston 
Franck John, scgarmr. Washington (W P) 
Franck Wm. auctioneer, N W 2d Si Tammaoy, 

h 403 N 7th 
Franey Patrick, porter, 8 Branch al 
P^raney Wm., mason, 172 Callowhill 
Frank Abraham, clothing, 331 N 2d 
Frank Asher, dry goods, 94 N 3d, h 513 N 6th 
Frank Conrad, baker, FavnCiieny 
Frank Gotlclb, drayman, Vienna ab West 
Frank Gctlcib, gi!n finisher, 4G Noble 
Frank Henry, tailor, N E 4th and Walnut 
Frank Isaac, pcdlai-. Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Frank Isaac, trader, 11 Meatamora pi (K) 
Frank Isaac, lab. 18 Peach 
Frank Jacob, baker,o40 S Front . 

Frank Jacob, cordvr. 174 N 5th 
Frank Jacob, coachmr., 360 Marshall 
Fiank Jacob G., cartel', ('hirry bel Duke 
Frank John, cordw., Duke &: Union 
Frank Josejih, cordw. 1 Brown's ct 
Frank J., painter, 108 Noldc 
Frank J. h S., watchmrs. 4 N 6th 
Frank LeO|)okl, macliinist, rear 497 N 3d 
Frank Levi, drover, Spooner'sav (K) 
Frank Sebastian, baker, F road ab >Vood 
Frank Solomon, cap manuf. 107 Butionwood 
Frank & Wilson, painters, 1U8 Noble 
Fiaukenbach Antoine, cabinetmr. I'hoenix n 

Clinton (K) 
Franklin Andrew, grocer, Coates ab 16tl) 
I'ranklin Uenj., wluelwrt., 24 St h 18 Dock 
Franklin B., Rev., 323 Brown 
Franklin Edward, shoes & bonnets, S E 10th 8c 

Franklin Eli/aheth, Mrs. 37 S 3d 
Franklin Elizabeth, b. h., N E 4th Sc Arch 




Franklin E. Rev. 13 W North 

FRANKLIN FIRE INS. CO., 163^ Chestnut 

Franklin Henry, plastr. St Joseph av. n 18th 

Franklin James, porter, 5 Mile's al 

Franklin .lames, lab. 32 Murray 

Franklin Jolin, stamp mr., 6 Wharton 

Franklin John G., clerk, 166 Catharine 

Franklin Joseph, plasterer, Ann ab Salmon (R) 

Franklin Josluia, lab. 23clbel Market 

Franklin J. L., coal office, 318 Race 

Fi-anklin Levi R., painter. Poplar ab 9th 

Franklin Marv, shop, 70 Bedford 

Franklin Mrs.'j., 30 8 N 12th 

Franklin Ruth, 107 Poplar 

Franklin Wm. F., leather store, N W cor Gar- 
den &. Willow 

Franklin Wm. H., org-an bviild. Fitzwater ab 9th 

Franklin W. W. currier. Melon ab 11th 

Fi-anks Geo., mo\ilder, Dunton ab Otter (K) 

Franks Henry, tobacco, 372 N 4th 

Franks Herman, moulder. Otter & Dunton (K) 

Franks Isabella, Roger's ct 

Franks James, looking' glass manuf., 606 S 2d 

Franks John, painter, 307 Green 

Franks John, brush mr. Lemon bel 11th (S G) 

Franks John A., cooper, 65 & h 85 Callowliill 

Franks Joseph, bootmr. 410 N 2d 

Franks Peter, 1 Brandywine 

Franks S. F., 144 N 3d 

Franks S. P. L., clerk, 98 Market 

Franks Wm. D., segar mr. Ridge road ab Wash- 
ington (S G) 

Frantz David, butcher, 482 S 6th 

Frantz F., cigarmr. Mechanic bel Thompson 

Frantz Jacob, carp. Orchard bel Jackson 

Frantz John, batter, 336 Mai-ket 

Frantz &. Musselman, grocers, Apple & Poplar 

Frantz Uriali, clerk, 39 York av 

Frantz Zachariah, carter. Leopard bel Phoenix 

Fraser Adam, tobacconist, S W 5th & Spruce, 
hCarpenter ab7th 

Fraser & Everitt, ink & blacking, 27 S Front 

Fraser Frederick G. upholsterer, 411 Market 

Fraser James H. millinery & trimgs., 214 R av 

Fraser James P. stonecut. Wallace bel Broad 

Fraser John, cordw. 360 Vine 

Fraser John, lab. Bedford bel 12th 

Fraser John, 20th ab Race 

Fraser Robert, trunkmr.. Carpenter n 7th 

Fraser R. & W., fancy goods, 212 Chestnut 

Fraser Volney J., upholst. 3 Howard 

Fraser Wm., mer. 2l2 Chetsnut, h 20th ab Race 

Fraser Wm., varieties, 375 S 2d 

Fraser Wni., carter, Wilson's ct 

Fratas Anthony, seaman. Plum (K) 

Fratas Samuel", machin. Dauphin ab Lemon (R) 

Fratis Joseph, macht. 590 Brown 

Fratts Henry, drayman, rear Leopard n Franklin 

Frattcrs David, lab. 27 Pearl 

Frayne John, dealer. Prime n 9th 

Frazer G., blacksm.. Perry and Lambert 

Frazer Henry, trunkmr. 165 S 5th 

Frazer Isabella, 145 Poplar 

Frazer James, b h, 165 S 5th 

Frazer John, manuf., 469 Lombard 

Frazer John F., profess. Walnut ab 15th 

Frazer Joseph, stevedore, 4 Grover 

Frazer Robert, atty. &. coun., N E Front & Race 

Frazer Robt., smith. Crown &, Vine, h 144 Vine 
Frazier Anthony, carp. 150 S Juniper 
Frazier Ann, tailoress. Wheat ab Reed 
Frazier Benj. W., mer., h 2 Linden pi 
Frazier Belinda, shop, 114 Plum 
Frazier Daniel, cordw. 18th ab South 
Frazier George, waiter, 6 Lyndall al 
Frazier John, boot fitter, St John n Beaver 
Frazier Joshua, salesman, 189 Market, h 230 

N 7th 
Frazier Joshua, mer. 230 N 7th 
Frazier Levi, cigar mr. Beaver & the Bridge, 

store 448 Poplar 
Frazier Nalbro, mer., 5 AValnut, h 7 Linden pi 

Spruce ab 11th 
Frazier Nalbro, jr., atty. & coun. 25 Sansom 
Frazier Persifer, gent. 352 Walnut » 

Frazier Robert, Ea. Coa. Works, S E Vine and 

Frazier S. H., daguer, 2d &. Otter fK) 
FRAZIER WILLIAM W., agent, 37 S 3d, h 

252^ Walnut 
Frea Wilhelm, cordw. 6th bel Master 
Freany Patrick, porter, 8 Brammel's av 
Freas Caspar, blacksm. Diamond &. G T road 
Freas George, lab. 367 N Fi'ont 
Freas Henry R. ji-, cupper & bleed, 125 Queen 
FREAS JACOB, grocer, NE 5th & Race, h 

345 Franklin 
Freas Jacob & Co., grocers, N W 7th & Poplar 
FREAS JOHN, blacksm. 13th and R avenue, h 

Barclay ab Broad 
Freas Jno., wharf builder, Prime bel Front 
Freas Joseph, st. mas. M'A.lpin n Locust ( W P) 
Freas Sarah, Park bel Waliuit (W P) 
Freaser John, cordw. Master bel 11th 
Freaul Thomas, agent. Carpenter bel 6th 
Freeh John, cordw. 13 Providence ct 
Freeh John, huckster, Thompson bel 17th 
Frederick Adam, moulder, 18th ab Callowhill 
Frederick D. B., express driver, N E 4th & 

Frederick Ely, Wood n Duke 
Frederick E. J., carp. Green n Graham (W P) 
Frederick Franklin, clerk, 83 Market, h 160 

Frederick George M., tobacco, 1032 W Market 
Frederick John, pedlar, William bel Rose (K) 
Frederick John, baker, Marriott & Atherton 
Frederick John, fisherman, Franklin bel Cherry 
Frederick John, mer., 270 N 6th 
Frederick Joiui, piano mr. 11 St Stephen's pi 
Frederick John 11., jr., bookbinder, Gilbert 
Frederick John H., jeweller, 4 Holfnian's al 
Frederick ,)ohn L., engr., 53 S 4th, h 5 City row 
Frederick J-ewis, carm., Gray 
Frederick M. L., engraver, 53 S 4th, h 100 S 

16th ab Pine 
Frederick Reuben, 330 N 11th 
Frederick Wm., rear 173 N 2d 
Frederick Wm. S., 348 Callowhill 
Fredericks Chai'les, cabinetnu'. 23 Hazel 
Fredericks Daniel, silver plater, 6th ab L Poplar 
Fredericks Daniel, lampmr. 1135 N 6th 
Fredericks Daniel, lampmr. 6th ab L Poplar 
Fiederlcks (ico. N., grocer, 348 Callowhill 
FREDERICKS ISAAC, beer house, 6 Carter's al 
J'redencks Jacob, fisherman, 141 Queen (li) 




Fredericks Martin, eng-ineer, Washington ab 

Jefferson (K) 
Fredericks Wm. F., actor, 6 Sansom 
Frederitze Joseph, ladies' shoes, 59 New 
Freds Wm., spinner, 4th ab Master (K) 
P'ree Edw., jr., stables, 21 Cherry, h 18 E North 
Free Georg-e, livery stable, 4th bel Callowhill, h 

17th ab Walnut 
Free Joseph, sailmr., 3 Dock, h Redwood ab 4th 
FREE MARTIN, reed blind & shade manuf. 

518 N 2d (K) 
Free Samuel, clerk, S W3d & Chestnut 
Free Sarali, sempstress, 319 Campbell 
Freeberg'er Charles R., clerk, 67 CheiTV 
Freeborn Benjamin, clerk, 9 Wistar 
Freeborn James, clerk, 11 Howard 
Freeborn Noble, labourer. Say. 
Freeburg"er P., hatter, 9 Perry 
Freed Anthony, supt. M. prison 
Freed David, mer., 315 Market, h 308 N 6th 
Freed Edwin, salesman, 100 Chestnut 
Freed George W., clerk, 166 Market 
Freed John, blkg box mr. 1 Linden (K) 
Freed Joseph, carp. 1159 N 6th 
Freed Joseph M., mer., 315 Market 
FREED, WARD & FREED, flour and for. 

mers. 315 Market 
Freeds Henry, oysters, G T road & 6th 
Freelund Edward, bottler, 255 Christian 
Freeland D. S. & Son, hatters, 56 Market 
Freeland George, lab. 106 S Front 
Freeland John, cordw. 65 Plum 
Freedley Christian, baker, 565 N 10th 
Freediey Edwin, pub. 109 Walnut 
Freedley J. K., marble yard, Chestnut st. whf. 

Sol), h 19th ab George 
Freedly Samuel, M. D., S E Green & Marshall 
Freeh John, cordw. 13 Providenee ct 
Freeland Albert G,, hatter, 54 N 2d, h Marshall 

bel Green 
Freeland &. Brother, hatters, 54 N 2d 
P'reeland David S., hats, 56 Market, h 26 Race 
Freeland Edwd. L., varieties, 281 Callowhill 
Freeland Thomas M., hatter, 54 N2d 
Freeland Wm. N., hatter, 56 Market, h S W 5th 

& Buttonwood 
Freely Jacob, ship joiner, 400 N Front 
Freeman Alexander, distiller, 9 N Juniper 
Freeman Archib., distiller, S VV 12th & Federal 
Freeman A., trimmings, 65 N 8th 
Freeman A. & E. W., milliners, 308 Walnut 
Freeman Benj. pianomr. Federal bel 6th 
Freeman Caroline, shop. Lisle bel Shippen 
Freeman Cliarles, port, rear o Harmony (S) 
FREEMAN CHARLES D. atty. and alderman, 

6 Library 
Freeman Edward, 204 Chestnut 
Freeman Elizabeth, 39 Morris 
I'rceman Frances, tailoress, 50 N 2d 
Freeman George, clerk, 106 Walnut 
Freeman George, porter, 9 Prosperous al 
Freeman Gouldsberiy, waiter, 21 Currant al 
Freeman Flenry G., atty. and coun., 34 Girard 
Freeman Hiram, porter, 10 Juniper al 
Freeman James A., auctioneer, 106 Walnut, h 

625 Callowhill 
Freeman James R., atty. & coun. 203 Arch 
Freeman John nuisician, Buttonwood ab 12th 

Freeman John, carter, Lisle bel Shippen 
Freeman Nath., ven. blind mr. Queen ab Vienna 
Freeman N. C, clerk, 153 Market 
Freeman Walter, book keeper, 46 S Del av, li 

S 16th 
Freeman Wm., shipping master, 22 Ball al 
Freeman Wm G., 7 Washington (C) 
FREEMAN WM. S., agt. Camden & Amboy R 

Road & Union Transport. Line 46 S Del av 
Freese Christian, driver, 3 Flower 
Freese John, engineer, 10 Tammany ct 
Freeston Wm., gent. 488 S 2d 
Freevish Joseph, 6th ab Bridge (W P) 
Frehn Joseph, carp. Clinton bel Parrish 
Freil Edward, lab. 36 South 
Freiling Francis, machinist, Franklin above 

Front (K) 
Freiling Jacob, confect. G Troad opp Columbia 
Freilly Henry, fisherm. 15 Vernon 
Freischlader Wm., tailor, 114 Diamond (K) 
Frempt Samuel C, tavern, 60 N 10th 
Frenaye Mark A., St. John's Church, 13th bel 

Frenaye Peter, professor, 59 S 11th. 
French Charles, cleak, 88 Market 
French Charles C, agent, 155 N 9th 
French Clayton, druggist, 10th & Market, h 230 

N 10th 
French C. & Co., plaster, Y av &. Callowhill 
French Eliza, 10 Pleasant 
French Eliza, Marshall ab Poplar 
French Elizabeth, 83 Plea.sant 
French Fredk. H., mer., 213 Market 
French George, rigger, 116 S Del av n South, 

h 46 Mead. 
French James, slat cutter, shop, 532 N6th 
French James S., capt. 17 Cliristian 
French Jolm, carp. 16 Union 
French Joseph, carp., Shippen ab 11th, h 4th 

bel Wharton 
FRENCH & RICHARDS, druggists N W 10th 

and Market 
Frencli Rich., Broad bel Vine, h Ilth bel Wal- 
lace (S G) 
French Sabilla, 223 Spruce 
French Samuel H.,4l Franklin 
French Samuel, coal dealer, yd 9th ab Poplar 

h 580 N 7th 
French Sarah, 4 Clarence row 
French Sarah & Sabilla, 223 Spruce 
French Sarah, 223 Spruce 
French Sarah Ann, washer, 9 Carver 
Frencii Wm., rear 115 German 
French Wm. H., plasterer and plaster paris or- 
nament manuf., 9th ab W:isliington, h S W 

17lli &. Locust 
Freno Ann, gentw. 28 Spruce 
Freno Christoplier L., comedian, 28 Spruce 
Freno Jacob C, atty. & coun. 16 S 6th, h 28 

Frentz D., tavern, 52 Brown 
Frese E. L., lamp polislier, 8 Rasjjberryal 
Fresh Fredk., mason, .Mechanic ab Franklin (K) 
Fress John, t:iilor, Fisher (S; 
Fretton F., 285 Poplar 
Fret/. C.J. L., clothing, 430 N 2d 
P'retz Mary M., 9 Wilson 
Freund Fred., tailor, 5th and Redwood 




Freund Fred. A., cabinetmr., 133 & 135 N 4th 

Freund Jos. A., baker, 282 N 3d 

Freund Philip, cordw., 238 S 7th 

Frey Conrad, beer house, 586 N 3d 

Frev Jacob, butcher, 2d bel Uiamond(K) 

Frey John, tailor, 516 N 2d 

Frey John, shop, 83 Alder 

Frey John C, cordw. Franklin ab 4th (^K) 

Freyberger A., umbrella maker, 298 Vine 

J'reyldng Jacob, confec. 401 G T road 

Freymuth Charles, bookbinder, 339 S 4th 

Freytag Godfrey, mer., 14 N 3d 

Fribes Adam, tailor, G T road ab 5th 

Frick Christian D., carp. 52 Dillwyn, h 39 York 

Frick & Gaul, brass cock manuf. rear 364 N 3d 
Frick Jacob, brickmr. Master bel 8th 
Frick Jacob, brass foundry, 364 N 3d 
Frick John, clerk collectors office, Fairmount 

FRICK JOHN H., com. of Deeds and convey. 

75^ Dock street, h 12 Buttonwood street 
Frick Wm. S., M. D., 503 N 6th ab Parrish 
Fricke Albert, M. D., l4l N 6th 
Fricke George, baker, Thompson ab 17th 
Fricke George, mer., 14 N 3d, h 294 N 7tli 
Fricke Henry, mer. Coates and Schuylkill 
Fricke Henry, mer., 14 N 3d, h 311 N 6lh 
FRICKE H. & G., saddlery hardware, 14 N 3d 
Fricke John, book keeper, 25 George 
Fricke Joseph, brickmr. Hutchinson bel Master 
Fricke M. \V.,rope mr. 6th and L Poplar 
Fricke Susan Mrs., 209. St John 
Frickel John, saddler, 6 Meyer's ct 
Fricker Anthony, 31 Sansom 
Fricker John, tailor, William's ct 
Friday Henry, tailor, 9 Paynter's ct 
Fried" Geo. M., cork cutter, 95 S 5th 
Fried John, cork cutter. Park n Church (W P) 
Fried John, Eagle tavern, 62 Vine 
Fried John cork cut., 95 S 5th 
Friedel A. H., Rev., Duke ab Hanover 
Friedenfield Chas., cabinetmr. 7 Boyd's ct 
Friedley Catharine, Fink bel Jefi'erson (K) 
Friedline Henry, jeweler, 19 Marshall (^S) 
Friedline Sarah, 275 N 5th 
Friedman John, grocer, 184 Vine 
Friedman Max., mei'. 491 R.ace 
Friedman Philip, grocer, 3 Keyser's av 
Friedman Solomon, mer. 31 N 3d 
Friehardt Fredk., engineer, Dewitt's ct (K) 
Friehardt Johanna, Dewitt's ct (K) 
Friel Ann, waslierw. Lombard bel 16th 
Friel Charles, spinner, William n Callowhill 
Friel k Dougherty, grocers, S E Catharine and 

Friel Edward, grocer, N W 9th & Sp Garden 
Friel James, lab. 6 Harrisan av 
Friel James, baker, Shippen bel 12th 
Friel John, tavern, Market W 22d 
Friel John, tailor, 77 Howard (K) 
Friel John, lab. Cherry bet 21st and 20th 
Friel M. G., mer. 147 N 3d 
Friel Patrick, grocer, S E 11th and Catharine, h 

Friell Patk., lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Fried Patk., lab. Brown ab Lehigh av (R) 
Friend & Aub, litliographers, 80 Walnut 

Friend H. F., tailor, 203 Shippen 

Friend Jacob, barber, 412 N 3d 

Friend John, brickmr. Coates st. whf., h 5th and 

Wager (N L) 
Friend Martha, 654 Lombard 
Friend Martin, macht. Y av ab Hanover 
Friend Norman, lithographer, 80 Walnut, h 132 

N 10th 
FRIENDS' BOOKSTORE, 84 Arch ab 3d 
Fries Aaron, mer. 43 N 2d 
Fries Albanus, machinist, 112 Wood 
Fries Ann, 175 N 10th 
Fries Conrad, clerk, Harrison pi 
Fries Henry, umbrella mr. 123 N 9th 
Fries John, watchmaker, 160 N 2d 
Fries John, lab. Murray W 2Gth 
Fries J. F., cordw. 14 Chester 
Fries & Magee, cloths, 43 N 2d 
Fries P., watchmaker, 353 N 2d 
Fries Saml., shingle dresser, 112 Wood 
Fries Saml., carp. 112 Wood 
Friese C, Marshall ab Dauphin 
Frill Jane, 49 William (R) 
Frink A. G., 151 Chestnut 
Frink John, clerk, 4 Little Dock 
Frlsby Geo. W.,lab. 10 Little Pine 
Frisby James, waiter, 7 Richards 
Frisby Jeremiah, carter, 35.Currant al 
Frisby Joim R., clerk, 97 Market 
Frisby Thos., waiter, rear 7 Harmony (S) 
Frisch Wm., cabinet mr. rear 93 Christian 
Frisch Valentine, baker, S E 13th & Shippen 
Frischknecht John, lager beer saloon, 273 S 3d 
Frise Hugh, wheelwr. rear 784 N 2d 
Frise Hugh, agent, rear 784 N 2d 
Frise John, stone cutter, rear 784 N 2d 
Frishmuth Benj. B. & D. M., paper hangers, 70 

Sp Garden 
FRISHMUTH & BROTHER, tobacco, 105 N 3d 

Frishmuth Charles, tobacconist, 259 Coates 
Frishmuth Daniel M., paper hang., 10 Pleasant 

Frishmuth Edmund H., tobacconist, 105 N 3d, h 

Arch W 17th 
Frishmuth Jacob, jr., tobacconist, 436 N 5th 

Frishmuth J., cedar cooper, 70 Sp Garden 

Frishmuth Sarah Ann, 88 Federal 

Frishmuth Wm. D., tobac, 105 N 3d, house Arch 
W 17th 

Fritsch Charles, music teacher, 88 N 11 th 

Frith Edward, mer. 42 Commerce, house 522 

Frith James, silver plater, 85 N 6th, h 6th ab 
L Poplar (K) 

Fritz Adam, lab. 5 Drinker's al 

Fritz Aug., 9th and G T road 

Fritz Conrad, clerk, 261 Poplar 

Fritz Francis, lab. Loud 

Fritz Fred., marble yard, N W 4th and Race, h 
15th ab Brown 

Fritz Geo., tailor, S Little Brown 

Fritz Henry C, mer. 29 N 3d, h 127 N 4th 

FRITZ, HENDliY &. CO., mor. drs., 29 N 3d Sc 
15 Margaretta 

Fritz Jacob, drayman, 719 N 5th 

Fritz Jacob, cutter, 149 St John 

F'ritz Jacob, cabtmr. h 124 N Juniper 

Fritz Jacob, comb 8c variety store, 196 N 3d 




Fritz James, brickmr. Tyler ab Thompson 

Fritz Jeremiah W., bootmr. N W 6th &. Noble 

Fritz John, packer, 3 Warder pi 

Fritz John, cordw. rear Linden ab F road 

Fritz John, combmr. Brooks 

Fritz John, blacksm. S E Kressler & Brown 

Fritz John S., g-ilder, Catharine bel 8th 

Fritz Joseph, wliipmr. 4th ab Thompson (K) 

Fritz J. W., tobacco, N W c 6th and Noble 

Fritz Lawrence, cordw. 72 George (S) 

Fritz Ludwig', boot fitter, St John & Beaver (K) 

Fritz Mary, St John bel G T road 

Fritz Michael, weaver, Franklin bel School (K) 

Fritz Mich., tailor, 15 Deacon 

Fritz Peter, marble mason, 226, & h 214 Race 

Fritz Peter, baker, Bryan's ct 

Fritz Wm., brickmr. 85 Randolph 

Frizzle James, lab. Spaffbrd ab Fitzwater 

Frock Jacob, founder, 283 N 13th 

Fromberger A. J., 130 N 3d, h 30 St John 

Fromberger John H., M. D., 328 S Front 

Fromer Christian, baker, 11th ab Jefferson 

Fromhag-er Fred N., hair worker, 147 N 4th 

Frommer G., brewer, 451 South bel 10th 

Fronefield Chas., drugg'ist, 3d ab Wood, h 428^ 

Fronefield Joseph, carp. N E George & Mechanic 
Frost Charles, mach., 13th bel Brown 
Frost Geo., blacksm. L Brown (K) 
Frost Jolin, carter, Ogden ab 16th 
Frost John, publisher, N E 6th & Minor, h 15th 

bel Walnut 
Frost Silas, brass found., 49 & h 105 N Tth 
Frost Wm., fruiterer, S E 3d and Market 
Frothingliam Henry, mer. 40 Chestnut, h N W 

13th and Locust 
Frow John, cordw. Hope ab Phoenix fK) 
Frowert C. E., bricklr. 207 N 9th 
Frowert Daniel, 280 N 10th 
Frowert Isaac, boot & shoemaker, 62 N 5th 
Frowert John, bookbinder, Wliarton bel P road 
Frowert John B., painter, 20 Cresson's al 
Frowert Lewis H., bootmr. 4 Howard pi 
Frowert Samuel W., cordw. Johnston's la n 5th 
Frowert Wm. H., plumber, 53 N 4th 
Fruman Geo., lab. 6 Bradford al 
Fiy Anna, Apple ab NoriMs(K) 
Fry Au.^-ust, painter, Parrish ab 5th 
Fiy Chas., cordw. 767 N 4th 
Fry Edmund, cooper, 10 Filbert, h 13 Hyde's ct 
Prj^ Francis, cordw. lOth ab Tliompson 
Fiy Geo., carp. Barclay ab Broad 
Fry Gen., wheeiwr. 6 Castle 
Fry Horace B., broker, 85 Walnut, h 5 Clinton 

sc] AV Clie.stnut 
Frj' Jacob, mer. 385 Race 
Fry Jacob, scgar mr. 303 S 8th 
Fiy Jacob S.,'mer. 45 N 2d, h 219 Coatcs 
Fry Jacob W., clerk, 458 N 5th ab Poplar 
Fry Jolui, Ijrass founder, 15 Cherry, h Franklin 

bel Pan-ish 
Fry Jolin, cordw. 11 Ellett's av 
Fry John, clerk, 85 Chestnut 
Fry Joliii A.,diy goods, Washington ab9th (SG) 
Fry Jolui J., baker, 19 Hutchinson 
Fry John L., tailor, 29 Apple 
Fry J()S( ph, lab. Lcpriva bel Dauphin (R) 
Fry Joseph G., tailor, 29 Apple 

Fry Joseph R., broker, 68 S 3d, h 5 Clinton sq 

ab Broad 
Fry Marg., 106 
Fry Paul J., salesman, 77h Market 
Fry Peter, 205 Race 
Fry Robt. T., pencil mr. 45 Walnut, h 214 But- 

Fry Rynard, lab. 5th n Diamond (K) 
Fry Samuel B., mer, 385 Race 
Fry Sarah, 157 N 10th 
Fry Thos., mer. 191 N 3d 
Fry &. Thomas, stock brokei*s, 85 Walnut 
Fry Thomas & William, confect., 191 N 3d 
Fry Wm.,gent. 118 S 4th 
FRY WM., tavem, 241^ N 3d 
Fry Wm., mer. 191 N 3d 
Fry Wm. C, engraver, 18 Minor, h Brown ab 

FRY WM. H., bookseller and bookbinder, 13 

Franklin pi, h 339 Callowhill 
Fry Wm. L., barber, 52 N 6th, h Smith's ct 
FRY WM. T., desks and dressing case manuf. 

128 Arch 
Fry Wm. W., salesman, 15 N 3d 
Fry Wm. W., plane mr. 467 Poplar 
Fryburg Maria, b h, 9th ab Brown 
Fryer Bernard, huckster, G T road bel 7th 
Fryer Christian, huckster, G T road bel 7th 
Fryer Edward, lamp mr. 13 Ellett's av 
Fryer George, bootmr. 10 Ellet's av 
Fryer Geo., dry goods, 38 S 2d 
Fryer Henry, fringe weaver, 366 Vine 
Fryer James, foreman, Dickerson ab 2d 
Fryer John, tailor, 206 Race, h 8 Nicholson 
Fryer J. Caldwell, mer. 42 S Front, house 21 

Fryer Sarah, hair dresser, 10 Elliott's av 
Frj'er Wm. M., piano mr. 70 Buttonwood 
Frymiare A. E.,carp. 669 N 10th 
Fuchs Henry, tanner, Miller's ct 
Fuchs J. F., Clinton bel Thompson 
Fuchs J. M., teacher of German and French, 

287 Walnut 
Fudge Edmond, grocer. Front and Franklin (K) 
Fudge J. L., furniture store, Ridge av & Spring 

Fudge Miss E., millinery !k trim., 166 Ridge av 
Fuechset Fredk., grocer, 2 !6 S 3d 
Fuerl Valentine, blacl^.sm. 82 Hope (K) 
Fuerstenblerg A., piano mr. 170 N 5th 
Fugate Oliver H. P., trimmings, 531 Chestnut 
Fuguet S., mer. 83 S Front, h 165 Pine 
FUGUET S. & SON, com. mers. 83 S Front 
Fuguet Stephen O., mer. 83 S Front, h 165 Pine 
Fuhr Henrv, basket mr. rear 455 N 2d 
Fulforth Jos., clerk, N E 4th and Cherry, h 487 

Fullaway Charles, trunkmaker, 23 Shippen 
Fuilaway Enoch, tailor, rear 12 Catharine 
Fullen Henry, custom house. Master ab 11th 
Fullen James, coachman, 174 Locust 
Fuller Abl)ott, mer. 25 N 3d 
Fuller Albert G., pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller Daniel, 159 S 9th 
Fuller Johanna, scmp. Warner's ct 
Fuller John, senr., pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller John, jr., lumlur mer. 545 S Front 
Fuller John P., cordw. 192 N 9tli 




Fuller John S., atty. 8c coun. 159 S 9tli 
Fuller Lester, contractor, 479 S Front 
Fuller Marvin G., cordw., Callowhillbel 18th 
Fuller Oliver, mer.. UN 4th, h 117 S 5th 
Fuller P. B., mer., 88 Chestnut, h 258 Spring- 
Fuller Sarah Ann, 2 Williams' ct 
Fuller Thos. D., pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller AVm., pilot, 477 S Front 
F'uller Zelotes, Rev., editor, 223 Sp Garden 
Fullerton Alexander, mer. 264 Spruce 
Fullerton Benj., boat builder, Hanover below 

Fullerton Henrj', weaver. Master and Clinton 
Fullerton Isaac, ship carp. Hanover bel Franklin 
Fullerton James, paper mr. Lombard W 20th 
Fullerton James, lab. Church W 22d 
Fullerton James, printer, 51 S 3d, h 20 Red- 
Fullerton John, jr., brass foundry. Beach above 

Fullerton John, sr., Beach ab Shackamaxon 
Fullerton John R., bricklayer, Franklin below 

Fullerton Louisa, Hanover bel Franklin 
Fullerton Matthew, hatter, 1 S 18th 
Fullerton Matthew, 182 S 13th 
Fullerton Robt., folder, Shippen ab Broad 
Fullerton Stephen B., plasterer, 470 Vine 
Fullerton Wm., tailor, Bedford bel Broad 
P'ullmer Martin, lab. Lilly's al 
Fullridae Phihp, cabinetmr. 11 Plum 
Fulmer Andrew J., carp. Palmer bel West 
Fulmer Ann, 9 Brandywine 
Fulmer Bennet, clerk, 11 Division 
Fulmer Beinett, clerk, 11 Division 
Fulmer Caspar, carp.. Otter bel G T road (K) 
Fulmer Chas., teacher, Willing's al 
Fulmer Fredk., cooper, rear 284 N 7th 
Fulmer Geo., carp. Becket W 16th 
Fulmer Gottlieb, lamp mr. 16 Freed's av 
Fulmer Henry, lab. 453 S Front 
FULMER HENRY G., restaurant, 483 Market 
Fulmer Jacob K., miller, 11 Hutchinson 
Fulmer John, carp., Palmer bel West (K) 
Fulmer Michael, butcher, 6 Lebanon row 
Fulmer Philip, china packer, rear 123 Dilwyn 
Fulmer Wm. lab. School ab Rose (K) 
FULMER WM. W., g-ent., 284 Race 
Fulton Alex., varnisher, Phoenix bel Perry (K) 
Fulton Alexander, weav., rear 262 Fitzwater 
Fulton Alexander, weav., Oxford bel 2d (K) 
Fulton Alex., reporter, S W 3d and Chestnut, 

h 236 S Queen 
Fulton Andrew, sailmr., F. av ab Marlborough 
Fulton Edward, lab., Fitzwater W Broad 
Fulton Georg-e, ag-ent, 420 Brown 
Fulton Henry, lab. 8th ab Oxford 
Fulton .Fas., stone mason, William n 18th 
Fulton James, lab., Federal n 7th 
Fulton James, N W 11th and South 
Fulton James, bone turner, Hanover bel F av 
Fulton James, carpt. weaver, Scott's ct (N L) 
Fuhon James, lab. 29 i Richmond (R) 

Fulton James D., florist, P road opp Prison 

Fulton John, g-cnt. 2 Owen 

Fulton John, ranmier, Cadwallader ab Phoenix Furlow Robt., lab. 40 W South 

Fulton Jolin L., coachmr. 22 Helmuth JFurman &. Appleton, tailors, 43 N 6th 

Fulton John R., Newton 

Fulton Lewis D., tailor, 30 Lombard 

Fulton Mahlon, wheelwright, 5 Hunter, h 14 

Fulton Robt., Federal ab 5th 
Fulton R., weav., Philip and Master (K) 
Fulton Samuel, carter, Cadwalader ab Phoe- 
Fulton Samuel, weaver, 8 Jackson 
Fulton Samuel H., stationer, 19 S 8th, h 193. 

S 8th 
Fulton Sarah, 419 South 
Fulton Thomas, painter, 419 South 
Fulton Wm., carder, 19th ab South 
Fulton Wm., manuf. Philip and Master 
Fulton Wm., lab., Earl bel West 
Fulton Wm. G.. grainer, Erie ab Fitzwater 
Fulton Wm. H., carpenter, 16 S 15th bel Mar- 
ket, h 53 S Juniper 
Fulton Wm. K., 133 Green 
Fulton Wm. W., reporter, 261 S 10th 
Fulty Jacob, baker, 22 Hazel ct 
Funck John, harnessmr. 64 G T road 
Funk Charles, cai-p. 587 N 3d 
Funk Chas. F., mer. 6 Chestnut 
Funk Chas. W., mer. 6 Chestnut, h S E 6th and 

FUNK FRANCIS, agent, 129 S Front, h 12 

Funk Henry, carp. Richmond bel Ann (R) 
Funk Henry, tobacconist, 98 G T road 
Funk Isaac, wheelwr. Division (R) 
Funk Jacob, rear Wheat ab Reed 
Funk James M., carp., 17th bel Coates 
Funk Jno. T., chemist, Hancock below Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Funk Mary, gaiter binder, rear 116 G T road 
Funk Maiy Ann, rear 116 G T road 
Funk Mary Ann, b h, 325 Richmond (R) 
Funk Michael, wheelwrt. Larch ab William (R) 
Funk Sarah Ann, capmr., rear 116 G T road 
Funk Wm. chemist, Bedford and Union 
Funkenhauser Chas., shoemr.. Brown n Cherry 
Funston C. A., painter, 208 Hanover 
Funston John, manuf. bi-ush blocks, Edward n 

School, h 211 F av 
Funston Jos., car driver, Hewson ab Duke (K) 
Funston Margaret, 17th bel Lombard 
Funston Oliver, carp.. Carter ab 20th 
Funston Oliver, warper. Crown bel West 
Funston Oliver, combmr. 119 Oxford (K) 
Funston Robert, engineer, 79 Howard (K) 
Funston Thomas G., silversm., Leonard bel 9th 
Funston Wm., confect. Hope & Master 
Furay John, cordw. 2 Hairison ct (K) 
Furay Thos., shoes, 118 W Market 
Furber Jacob, tavern, N E Front and Almond 
Furbcr James, coachmr. 6 Prospect 
Furber Thos., 144 Walnut 
Fiu'bes James, weaver, 91 Master (K) 
Fiu-by Saml., lab. N W 6tli and St Mary 
Furlong Elizabeth, Broad n Parrish 
Furlong Emily, Mrs., 108 Cherry 
Furlong Nicholas, lab. 1 Stewart's pi 
Furlough James, lab. 107 Leopiud (K) 
Furlow Wm., carter, Hope n Jellerson (K) 




Furman B., tailor, 5 Lathbury's ct 
Furman David, tailor, 43 N 6th, and h 430 
Furman PUijah, chaimnr. 23 Phoenix 
Furman Jonathan, waiter, rear 305 Walnut 
FiUTnan Richard P., cooper, 30 Commerce, h 

119 Arch 
Furman Samuel, bookkeeper, S W 2d & Market 
FLRNESS, BUINLEY & CO., auctioneers and 

com. mers. 68 & 70 Market 
. Furness James T., auctioneer, 68 & 70 Market, 

h pine 8c Morris 
Furness Wm. H. Rev., Pine bel 15th 
Furter Andrew, vict. 58 Ogden 
Furter Moses, tobacco, Ogden ab 12th 
Fury Andrew J., sheet iron worker, 421 Market 
Fury Enos, trader, 13 Lagrange pi 
Fury J no. W., jewl. 83 S 3d 
Fur)' Michael, grocer, Lombard & 7th 
Fury Michael, 13th ab Catharine 
Fuiy Patrick, lab., Charles n S Franklin 
Fury Wm., clerk, Lombard n 20th 
Fusman Geo., driver, Howard bel Dauphin (K) 
Fusselbach W. D., printer, 11 Charles pi 
Fussell B. H., confec. S W Jacoby & Race 
Fussell Edwin, M. D., 456 N 5th 
Fussell Henry B., umbrellas, 497 N 13th 
Fussell James, flour merchant, 3d and Noble, 

h 12 Logan 
Fnssell Joseph, jr., h 12 Logan 
Futcher William, bootmaker, ,122 W Market 

Gabb J. H., milliner, Poplar ab 4th 

Gabby Asa, sempstress. Brown bel Emory 

Gabel George, brush blockmr. 6th ab Columbia 

Gabel George, jr., turner, 6th ab Columbia 

Gabel George, tailor, 261 Race 

Gabel John, turnej, G T road ab Camac 

Gabel John, lab. Hancock n Norris 

Gabel Peter, bricklayer, Apple ab Jefferson 

Gabel Win., carp. Crown ab Duke 

Gabcll George T., plumber, 6 N 12th 

Gabell & Son, plumbers, 6 N 12th, h 8 S 15th 

(iabill Samuel, wood letters, Eldridge pi 

Gable George, cordw., 494 Poplai* 

Gable Jo.seph, painter. Front ah Brown 

Gable Peter, sr., cai-p. 3 Brown ab Front 

Gable Peter, jr., carp. 15 Brown ab Front 

Gabriel .lohn, lab., Arch n 22d 

Gadsby Edw., knitter, 10 Fetter la, h 66 Mar- 

sluill (S) 
Gadsbv'James, knitter, 10 Fetter la 
GADSMV JOHN &. SON, manuf. of knitted 

goods, 10 Fetter la 
Gadsby Tlios. R., tavern. Bread and Fetter la 
Gaffney Ehza, 40 N 15th 
Gaffney .lames, porter, 13 S 8th 
(iaffney .lames, lab., Anthracite (R) 
Gaffney Jolin, bottler, 15 Mercer 
(iaflncy Micliael, plumber, 302 Richmond 
Gaffney Patrick, lab., Fisher ab Huntingdon 
Ciaffiiey Terrcnce, gent. 326 S 7th 
Gaffney I'liomas, stone cutter, Carlton ab 20th 
Gafliiey Thomas, weaver, Federal ab 12th 
Gaflln 'I'iioinas, cai-p. 250 Clinton 
G:.rni y Bridget, grocer, N W 4th &. Master (K) 
Gafncy John, carp. Charlotte ab Thompson 

Gafney John, tavern, Front bel Franklin 

Gagan James, lub. Filbert n 20th 

Gagan Mich., weaver. Pink ab Master (K) 

Gagan Mich., 18 Perry 

Gagan Wm., blacksm., Marriott la ab 6th 

Gagenlieimer Conrad, cordw.. Perry ab Jef- 


Gagenheimer Philip, butcher, Apple ab Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Gager John, shop, 388 N 3d 
Gager Samuel, tailor, AVood bel 18th 
Gahagen James, weaver. West (R) 
Gahagen Lewis, lab., Richmond and Susanna 
Gahm Fredk. Geo., baker, 600 N Front 
Gahman Eve, Pipers 
Gainer Michael, lab. 19th ab Callowhill 
Gaines John, porter. Centre ab 12th 
Gaines Richard, lab., 30 Duponceau 
Gakeler Daniel, butcher, Franklin ab Crown 
Gakeler Jac, butcher, Hanover and Jackson (K) 
Gakeler Jacob F., butcher. Myrtle ab 12th 
Gakeler John G., butcher, Marlboro' ab Queen 
Gajberry Dennis, carter, Fairview ab Broad 
Galbraith Andw., box mr., Filbert bel 20th 
Galbraith Daniel, stone cut., Shippen W Broad 
Galbraith & Gilder, 2 Aubui-n 
Galbraith Hugh, 20 W South 
Galbraith James, grocer, Callowhill & William 
Galbraith Jas, clerk, 116 New Market 
Galbraith James, lab. Winter bel 2d 
Galbraith James, Beach n Walnut (Sch), hrear 

116 New Market 
Galbraith James, plast. 15th ab Fitzwater 
Galbraith John, coachman, 26 S 13th 
Galbraith John, chandler, Almira pi Front and 

Galbraith John, lab., Lewis bel 16th 
Galbraith John, lab., Sliippen W Broad 
Galbraith Joseph, morocco dr., rearl Hunter 
Galbraith Joseph, weaver, I'ront and Jefferson 
Galbraith Robert, lab., 48 W South 
Galbraith Robert, painter, 19th ab Pine 
Galbraith Robt., Dorothy W 19th 
Galbraith Robert, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Galbraitli Thomrus, weaver, Front ab Jefferson 
Galbraith Wm., drayman. Cedar n loth 
Galljraith Wm., lab.', Shippen W Broad 
Galbraith Wm., lab. 23d bel Race 
Gale Chas. A., photographist, 560 W Market, 

h 413 Race 
Gale Geo. F.. salesman, 10 Strawberry, h Lemon 

n 8th 
Gale Henrietta, janitor, 30 S 5th 
Gale J:us., barber, 492 South 
Gale James, barber, Market ab 19th 
Gale .Malaclii, sen., 83 P road 
Gale Malachi, jr., plasterer, 387 Catharine 
Gale Moses Rev., 3 Emeline 
Gale Wm., watclnnan, N W Race & Beach 
Galen Charles, grocer, 494 Queen (K) 
Galen (Jeorge, stove fini.slier, 7 Marble pi 
GALEN GUSTAVUS E., druggist, 3 W 5th & 

Galen Janus, coach driver, rear 237 S 8tlx 
Galen Peter, shop, 26 Perry 
Galen Wm., clerk, S W 5th and Wharton 
(lales Win., porter, 20 Ball al 
Galey James, lab. 4 South 




Cialise Patrick, lab., Tilton bel Emory 
Galladay Marj-, Locust ab William (\V P) 
Gallag'her Ann, coatmr., 124 New 
Gallagher Aim M., Murray W 20th 
Gallag-her A. F, X., bootmr., Kershow bel Race 
Gallagher A. J., stoves, 205 N 2d, h Wallace 

ab 10th 
Gallag-her A. Mrs., 139 Wallace 
Gallag-her Bernard, lab. 3 Moore 
Gallagher B. F., perfumeiy, 139 Wallace 
Gallagher Chas., mason, rear South ab 18th 
Gallagher Chas., trunk mr., Sibert n Wharton 
Gallagher Chas., dealer, 70 Bedford 
Gallagher Chas., distiller, Shippen ab 17th 
Gallagher Chas., lab., Carlton ab 18th 
Gallagher C, lab., Nixon and Biddle 
Gallagher C. H.,iron foundry, R road & Coates, 

h 410 N 13lh 
Gallagher Daniel, baker, 3 Lathbury's ct 
Gallagher Dan., lab., Salmon bel Cumberland 
Gallagher Dan., lab., Antonio ab Poplar 
Gallagher David, lab., Richard n 17th 
Gallagher Dennis, coachman, George n Juniper 
Gallagher Den., dealer, Bedford & Freytag's al 
Gallagher D., lab., George and West 
Gallagher Edward, weaver. Federal ab 12th 
Gallagher Francis, grocer, N W 10th & Federal 
Gallagher Franci.s, lab.. Brown and Huntingdon 
Gallagher Francis, distiller, Shippen bel 17th 
Gallagher Francis, cordw., Stewart ab Catharine 
Gallagher George, lab., 23d n South 
Gallagher George, lab. West bel Wood 
Gallagher Hannah, Prime n 8th 
Gallagjier Henry, cordw., 7 State 
Gallagher Hugh, lab. 314 S Carpenter 
Gallagher Hugh, lab., Clay 
Gallagher Hugh, brickmr.', Murray W 20th 
Gallagher Hugh, boatman, 468 Queen (K) 
Gallagher Hugh, lab.. White W Broad 
Gallagher Hugh, boatman. Queen ab York 
Gallagher Hugh, lab., 10th ab Federal 
Gallagher James, baker, 2d and Reed 
Gallagher James, tav. N E Broad and Christian 
Gallagher James, jeweler, 136 Chestnut, h 

289 S 10th 
Gallagher James, lab., Salmon bel Emory 
Gallagher James, lab., Salmon bel Emory 
Gallagher James, lab.. Palmer (R) 
Gallagher James, lab., Tilton ab Emory 
Gallagher James, lab. 6 Federal 
Galluglier Jame-s, sailor, Lloyd W Broad 
Gallagher James, bar tender, 305 S 8th 
Gallaglier James, boiler mr., Haydock 
Gallagher James, lab. 119 Junip'er 
Gallagher Jane, Lombard E 17th 
Gallagher John, whitesmitli, 9 Eutaw 
Gallagher John, lalx, rear 80 Race 
Gallaglier John, store, 23d and Chestnut 
Gallagher John, lab. 1 Bi-ead 
Ciallaglier Jolin, bookkeeper, 25 Walnut 
Gallagher John, lab. Murray W 20th 
Gallagher John, baker, U. S. arsenal 
Gallagher John, star tavern, Beach ab Poplar 
Gallagher John, policeman, Jones n 15th 
Gallagher John, lab. E 17th and Shippen 
Gallagher John, wines and liquors, Chestnut and 

Sch Beacii 
Gallagher John, groc. S W 20th & Pin« 

Gallagher John, shop, 79 P road 
Gallagher John, carp.. Federal ab 5th 
Gallagher John, waiter, 2 Lyndall's al 
Gallagher John, capt., 33 Scheetz 
Gallagher John, weaver. Federal W Broad 
Gallagher John, lab., 3 Tiller's ct 
Gallagher John, drayman, 398 S 8th 
Gallagher John, tailor. Mechanic ab Poplar 
Gallagher John, lab. 11 Prosperous al 
Gallagher John J., clerk, 249 S 6th 
Gallagher John & Son, segars, N E 9th and 

Gallagher Letitia, gentw. 496 Parrish 
Gallagher Margt. A., laundress, Linton n 20th 
Gallagher Maiy Ann, sempstress, 12 Plum 
Gallagher Mary, washer, South ab 18th 
Gallagher Mary, Anthracite 
Gallagher Mary, rear 303 G T road 
Gallagher Mary, grocer, S E 2d & Federal 
Gallagher Matilda, cordw. Cadwalader above 

Gallagher Michael, drayman, 341 S Carpenter 
Gallagher Michael, lab. P road & L Washington 
Gallagher Michael, lab. rear 264 S 5th 
Gallagher Michael, lab. 23 Prune 
Gallagher Morris, lab.. Brown's ct 
Gallagher M., Cabot bel 16th 
Gallagher Patrick, lab. Salmon n William (R) 
Gallagher Pat., lab. 6 Federal 
Gallagher Patrick, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 
Gallagher Patrick, lab. rear Sutherland av 
Gallagher Patrick, grocer, 1093 Callowhill 
Gallagher Patrick, lab. rear 129 Plum 
Gallagher Patrick, pedler, 3 Workman's ct 
Gallagher Pat., lab. rear 246 N Front 
Gallagher Pat., lab. Huston and Rail road 
Gallagher Pat. H., bricklr. Washington n Plum 
Gallagher Peter, tailor, h 10 Lawrence 
Gallagher Philip, moroccodr. 14 Peach 
Gallagher Philip, lab. 7 Myers' ct 
Gallagher Richard, watchman. Wood ab 20th 
Gallagher Richard, ostler, 286 S 6th 
Gallagher Roger, lab. William ab Salmon 
Gallagher Rosanna, washer, Baker bel 8th 
Gallagher Saml. cordw., P'rankford pi (K) 
Gallagher Thos., trader, WiUiam ab Salmon(R) 
Gallagher Thos., 11 Wilcox 
Gallagher Thomas, bonnet presser, 204 Shippen 
Gallagher Timothy, coachman, Sycamore above 

Gallagher Wm., cordw. Watson 
Gallagher Wm., lab., Milton bel 12th 
Gallagher Wm., waiter, 18 Farmer 
Gallagher Wllham, saddler, 50 S 11th, h 14 

Gallagher Wm., morocco dresser, 173 N 4th 
Gallagher Wm., lab. Salmon and Emory 
Gallagher Wm. J., Federal ab 11th 
Gallagher Wm. J., dentist, 19 S 13th 
Gallagher Wm. J., rigger, 23 Union 
Gallagher Wm. M., shoemr., rear 385 Race 
Gallagher Wm. M'K., salesman, 20J S Front 
GallaherWm., M. D., 7th and Haverford road 
Gallana Patrick, shoemr. Carlton W 15th 
jallashen John, weaver, Wallace bel Coates 
Gallen'Chas., stables, 6th & Prune, h 135 S 6th 
Gallen Charles, ostler, 8 Hubbell 
Gallen Charles, lab. 8 Hubbell 




Gallen Georg-e, lab. James bel 8th 

Gallen James, lab. Nixon bel Hamilton 

Gallen James, lab. 416 S Carpenter 

Gallen James, lab. rear 315 S 6th 

Gallen James, lab. 7th bel Shippen 

Gallen Michael, lab. Hall bel lUth 

Gallen Patrick, 11 GalFney's ct 

Gallen Peter, lab. 26 Perry 

Gallen Thos., stone fin., 2 Middleton's ct 

Galleno Raphile, b h, N E Front and South 

Galliard James, painter, 16th ab Chestnut, h 

h N E 19th and Georg-e 
Galliner Alfred, mer. 19 Churck al 
Gallon Benjamin, dyer, rear 27 Kodman 
Gallon John, coachman. Little Brown 
Galloney Chas., clerk, Wallace &. Preston 
Galloney George, painter, 51 Garden 
Gallopp Wm., seaman, 15 Shippen 
Galloway Ann, 189 N 10th 
Galloway Isaac, coachman, 22 Watson's al 
Galloway James, weaver, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Galloway James, sailmr., 114 N Water, h oo El- 

freth's al 
Galloway James C, fireman, 129 S Queen 
Galloway John, hatter, 52 Race 
Galloway John Lewis, hatter, 8th bel Wharton 
Galloway Robert, weaver, Roche's ct 
Galloway Wm. J., stevedore, real- 11 Concord 
Gaily A. C, 123 Race 
Gaily Stewart, gardener. Wood bel 21st 
Galster Martin, cordw. P'ranklin n F road 
Gait Jolin, weaver, 3 Harrison av (K) 
Gait Zadoc T., atty. & coun., Norristown, Pa 
Galvin Pat., lab. rear Baxter's av 
Galvin Thomas P., com mer. 15 N Del av, h 

41 Melon 
Galwin Daniel, lab. 1 Buchanan 
Galusha John J. & Co., bowling saloon, 169 

Gaman Thos., bricklr. Tyson 
Gamble Alex., dyer, Shippen bel 12th 
Gamble Alexander, plasterer, 9th ab Coates 
Gamble Ann, Elizabeth pi (K) 
Gamble Catharine W., dressmr., Pratt 
tiamble Cliarles S., shoemaker, '^17 S 3d 
Gamble David R., painter, 4 Phoenix block 
Gamble Elizabeth, 838 Pine 
Gamble F>lizabeth R., trimmings, Washington 

ab Moore (W P) 
Gamble Fallen, 115 Plum 
Gamble Geo. P., coppersm. 308 Marshall 
Gamble George W., gent. 315 Brown 
(iamble Henry, lab. Pagoda, h Penn av 
Gamble Hugh, grocer, Fitzwater n 13th 
Gamble Jus., lab., Brown ab Huntingdon (R) 
Gamlile .lames, foreman, 2 Elizabeth pi (K) 
(iaml)le .lames, warper, Wagner's al 
Gamble John, gent., 316 N 7th 
Gamble John, police, 471 Lombard 
Gamble John, cordw. 2U2 Parrish 
(JambU- John, weavei', Wagner's al 
tJamble .lolui, weaver, Shippen ab 13th 
Gamble .lohn, Mrs., Shippen ab 11th- 
Gamble J. K., morroccodr. 5 Margaretta, h 183 

N yth 

GAMBLK J. K. & BRO., morocco mamif., 5 

Gamble Robert, engineer, 2 Elizabeth pi (K) 

Gamble Robt. B., moroc. manuf., 6 Margaretta," 

h 20 New 
Gamble Samuel, stonecut., Pine ab 17th 
Gamble Saml., coachman, Lyndall's al &. Dean 
Gamble Samuel, stone cutter, Pearl bel 2Uth 
Gamble Sarah, Bath ab Sorrell 
Gamble Wm., carp. 56 Perrj- 
Gamble Wm., morocco finisher, 248 F road 
Gamble William, cordwainer, 325 Green 
Gambling & White, blind manuf. 215 Callowhill 
Gambling Wm., cabtmr. rear 345 Callowhill 
Games Ellen, 195 Lombard 
Games L. T., barber, S E 8th and Vine 
Games AVm., barber, S E 8th and Vine 
Gamester Evan, lab. Square n Corn 
Gamester Jacob, shoemr. Sibert ab 17th 
Gamewell Chas., tailor, 231 N 6th 
Gammon Matthias, weaver, 1163 N 6th 
Gampher Catharine, cooper, 5th ab Catharine 
Gampher G. W., hotel, 39 P road 
Gampher John, cooper, S 5th be] Queen 
Gampher John, blacksm., 27 Paul 
Ganas Michael, lab. 19th ab Callowhill 
Ganby John, mach.. Pleasant bel 13th 
Gance John, baker, 16 S 18th n Spruce 
Gander Catharine, 66 Hope (K) 
Gandy Robert, dealer, Gales' ct 
Ganes Matthias, gardener, P road n Prison 
GangehoflT Charles, clerk, 72 Geoi-ge 
Ganner Francis, tailor. Front and Jefferson (K) 
Gannon F. P., dry goods, 79 William (R) 
Gannon James, rear 9 Vernon 
Gannon John, lab. 290 N 5th 
Gannon John P., store, 411 S 6th 
Gannon Pat., teacher. Cherry bet 20th &. 21st 
Gannon Peter, lab. Jefferson ab 5th 
Gannon Thos., books, &c., 298 Richmond (R) 
Gano Stacy, Ciiarlotte & George 
Gans Daniel, mer. 16 N 3d, h 350 N 6th 
Gans James, ropemr. G T road ab 5th 
GANS, LEBERMAN & CO., tailors, 16 N 3d 
Gans &. Moyer, clothing, 66 N 3d 
Gans Mycr, clothing, 16N3d, h 350 N 6th 
Gans Patrick, weaver, Mariner 
Gans Solomon, mer., ^^ N 3d, h 205 N 7th 
Gans Solomon, mer., h 84 Vine 
(lansen J., cordw. 469 N 2d 
Gansey Rachel, washer. Smith's ct 
Gansey Sarah, 115 Christian 
Gansley H. F., plasterer, 12 Parrish, 
Ganter August, cordw. 2d ab Edward (K) 
Ganter John, clockmr., F road an.l .Montgomery 
Ganung S. G., mer. Bank ab Ann, h Sorrel bel 

GANUNG & WIGHT.MAN, limib. mers. Bank 

ab Ann, & Green & (iunner'srun (R) 
Ganz Chas., tailor, 3 Poplar 
Ganziiorn Joiin G., flour &. feed. West and Earl 
Gauzy B., cahinetnu'. 53 S 12th 
GARBKIt ANN, coal, Broad ab Spruce, dry 

goods and h 20 Spring (iai-den 
Garber Christian, cai-p. 552 N 7th 
Garbcr F. W., grorer, 9tli and Larch 
Garber. lohn, lal). 31 Nagle 
Garber Li titia A., teacher, Morris & Lepriva 
Garber Sannu-l .1., coal yard, Broad ab Spruce, 

h 338 Green 
Garber Theodore, clerk, Master ab 7th 




Garberry Wm., liquor store, N W 22d & Vine 
Garde John, silversm., 23 Uean 
Garde llichard, silversm. 23 Dean 
Garden Alexander, weaver, Franklin ab 3d 
Garden Charles S., hatter, 437 Brown 
GARDEN C. HENRY, hatter, 196 Market, h 

378 N 8th 
Garden Wm., printer, 5 Hyde's ct 
(iardener Sanuiel, Harper's av 
Gardener Wm., M. D., 538 Poplar 
Gardette Chas. D., M. D., 246 Walnut 
Gardette E. B., M. D., dentist, 246 Walnut 
Gardinei" Archibald C, cake baker, Lewis ab 

Gardiner Danl. R., M. D., Ill Catharine 
Gardiner Geo., lab. Hamilton ab William 
Gardiner Geo., lab. Vienna ab West 
Gardiner Henry S., salesman, 109 S Front, h 5th 

bel Carpenter 
Gardiner John, cordw. 11 Tammany 
Gardiner J., jr., brewer, 456 Callowkill 
Gardiner Mary, 341 S 2d 
GARDINER RICHARD, M. D., 200 Spruce 
GARDINER R., M. D., 95 Catharine 
Gardiner Wm., carp. Penn ab Poplar 
Gardiner Wm. A., M. D., 34 N 9th 
Gardiner William W., tailor, 91 N 9th 
Gardissen Aug^ustus, watchman, 16 Quince 
Gardner Albert, ivory carver, 113 Race 
Gardner Alex., carp., Nectarine bel 10th 
Gardner Charles, carp, rear 375 Coates 
Gardner Chas., lab.. Poplar bel 4th 
Gardner Chas. J., machinist, Haydock bel Front 
Gardner Daniel W., cordw., 6th bel Washing'ton 
Gardner Elizabeth, 72 S Washing-ton 
Gardner George, carp.. Larch ab Wallace 
Gardner Georg-e, cordw. 568 S 2d 
Gardner Geo., butcher, Cadwalader ab Pranklin 
Gardner Geo., blacksm. 84 Washing-ton av 
Gardner Geo. H., coach mr. 493 N I3th 
Gardner Georjje W., clerk, Melon bel 13th 
Gardner Jacob, lab. rear 129 Walnut 
Gardner Jacob, 293 Vine 
Gardner Jacob, silver plater, 316 Marshall 
Gardner Jacob H., skindresser,311 Vine 
Gardner Jacob L., carp. 293 Vine 
Gai-dner James, blacl'sm. Lombard ab 17th 
Gardner John, shop, Brown ab Cleai-field (R) 
Gardner John, mach. 186 Lombard 
Gardner John II., upholsterer, 18 N 12th 
Gardner John K., police, Cadwalader ab Frank 

Gardner Joseph, carter, Robertson 
Gardner Joseph, lab., Lilly al 
Gardner Joseph R., barber, G T road ab 5th (K) 
Gardner Mahlon, baker, U. S. arsenal 
Gardner Patrick, blacksm. Wasiiing-ton ct 
Gardner P. M., overseer E Penitentiary 
Gardner Richard, dealer, 636 Poplar 
Gardner Robert, lab. 8 Soutli 
Gardner Robert, carter, Pearl bel 17th 
Gardner Samuel C, cordw. 647 V road (R) 
Gardner Sarah, wid. of John, 47 Franklin 
Gardner Sarah M., dry g-ouds, 442 Vine 
Gardner Thos. W., tailor, 12th ab Drown 
Gardner Wm., umbrellamr. 293 \'ine 
Gaidner Wm., skin dresser, 29 Log-an 
Gaidner \\'ni. II., tin plate wr., 11 Browne's ct 

Gardner Wm. H., clerk, 101 Chestnut, h 502 

Gardner W. D., coach painter, 51 Prune, h 454 

S 6th 

GARDOM GEORGE, drug's & colours, US 7th 
Gardom Wm., stove mr. rear 12 Cresson's al 
Gardy Jacob, coal mer. G T road bel 6th 
Gai-dy Joseph, carp. Hanover & Brown (K) 
Garesche Gabriel, 206 Walnut 
Garey Horatio, tailor. La p'ayette ab 9th 
Garey Isaac, feed store, S E 2d 8c Montg-omery 
Garf John, baker, 508 Callowhill 
Garitee John, salesman, 182 Market 
Garity Edward, cordw. 30 Jane 
Garity Francis, cordw. 30 Jane 
Garity Philip, lab. James n 8th 
Garland Ellen, Cai-penter bel 8th 
Garland James, baker, 34 N 8th 
Gai-langer J. B., bricklayer, 54 Richmond 
Garling Christian, cabinetmr. 18 Market 
Garman Caroline, shop, 467 N 4th 
Garman Charles, cabinetmr. Non-is bel G Troad 
Garman Jacob, tavern, G T road and Montgo- 
Garner Charles, seaman, rear 741 N 2d 
Gamer Cyrus, carter, Penn st rear Sp G bel 13th 
Garner Jacob, lab., 10 Winter 
Garner John, barber, 51 Pine 
Garner John, stocking mr. 601 G T road 
Garner John C, mach. FraakUn pi 
Garner Lawrence, lab. Orange n West 
Garner Michael, blacksm. York Beach (R) 
Garner Robt. E., waterman, 383 S Front 
Garner Saml. lab. Salmon n Emery (R) 
GarnecThos. W., stocking mr. G T road ab 5th 
Garner AVashington, coachmr., h Woodland bel 

Washington (W P) 
Garney Horatio, tailor, 25 Lafayette 
Garney John, lab. Filbert bel 22d 
Garn)^ Michael, fisherman, Wood ab Queen 
Garnon wid. of Winfield, Pleasant bel 12th 
Garoh Robert, tailor, Market bel 18th 
Garretson Benj. R., clerk, 124 Market 
Garretson Furman, baker^ S W 3d and Clark 
Garretson Jacob, mer. 125 Market 
Garretson James, pilot. 2d ab Jarvis 
Garretson James E , dentist, 6th bel Federal 
Garretson Maria B., M road bel Jarvis " 
Garretson Saml., gent. 211 Walnut 
Garrett Abraham, stone cutter, 1 Barker 
Garrett Amos, Cherry W 20th 
Garrett Andi'ew, coal mer., h 8th and Story 
Garrett Casper, paper and rag wareli., 5 S Front, 

h 56 Noble 
Garrett Casper S., mer. 5 S Front, h 186 Noble 
Garrett Cornelius, ostler, 10 Knig'ht's ct 
Garrett Ezra T., tailor, S E 5th & Race 
Garrett E. & C, paper and rags, 5 S Front 
Garrett Henry, 19th and Wood 
Garrett Henry A., U. S. Mint, 136 N Juniper 
Garrett Hugh, coachman, Juniper bel Walnut 
Garrett James, 102 N 13tli 
Garrett John, grocer, 186 Market, house Gcr- 

Gari'ett Lewis, lab. 11 Brown ab Front 
GaiTettf Mary Mrs., 13th n Melon 
Gan-ett Samuel, cabinetmr. 20 Pear 
Garrett Samuel, currier, 56 Nectarine 




Garrett Smith, carp. Carlton bel Front 
Garrett Thomas, blacksm. Washington ab Lo- 
gan (W P) 
Garrett Thomas C, coal yard. Broad bel Lom- 
bard, li N E 17th and Spring 
Garrett Thomas C, mer., 122 Chestnut, h 6 

Palmyra sq 
GARRETT THOMAS C. & Co., dealers in 

watches and jewelry, 122 Chestnut 
Garrett AValter, mer. 128 S Front 
Gari'ett Wash., engineer, Coates n Fairmount 
GaiTett Wm., gent. Locust ab William (W P) 
GARRETT WM. E. & SON, tobacconists, 

128 S Front 
Garrett Wm. F., confect. 16th and Chestnut 
Garrett Wm. L., clerk, 3 Marshall 
Garrett W. E., tobacconist, 128 S Front, house 

Pine ab 8th 
Garrety Timoth)', carter. Beach bel Brown 
Garrigan Patrick, tavern, Nixon & Callowhill 
Garrigan Samuel, lab. 26 W South 
GARRIGUES E. B., druggist, N E 10th and 

Coates, h 403 Coates 
Garrigues Isaac B., marble ag't. 1st whf. below 

Noble, h 181 N 7th 
Garrigues James R., clerk, 50 S 3d, h Wallace 

bel 11th 
Gamgues John H., clerk, 111 Walnut 
Garrigues M,, 27 Rittenhouse 
Garrigues Sarah, Race bel 16th 
Garrigues S. M., milliner, 235 Arch 
Garrigues Wm. constable, 17 N 6th, h 28 E North 
Garrigues Wm. H., 1st teller Bank N. America 
Garrison Benj.,shoemr. Carlton ab 17tli 
GaiTison Chas., frame mr. 717 N 5th 
Garrison Charlotte, 504 S 2d 
Garrison John & Co., wines and liquors, 38 Wal- 
nut and 43 Dock 
Garrison Eli, timber mer., h Shackamaxon ab 

Garrison Elizabeth, rear 12 Shippen 
Garrison Eunice, washer, 19 Parham 
Garrison Hannah, rear 69 Church 
Garrison Hubert J., waterman, rear 12 Shippen 
Garrison Israel, baker, Donan's ct 
Gamson Isaiah, restaurant, 17 Arch 
(jarrison James, potter, Plioenix bel G T road 
Garrison Jesse, vict. 19th and Hamilton 
Garrison John, mer., 38 AValnut and 43 Dock, 

h 366 Arch 
(iarrison Robt. S., agent, 48 Logan 
Garrison Samuel P., victualler, 33 Federal 
CiaiTison William, bootmaker, 10 S 10th 
GaiTison Win. V., lab., Rio (irande pi (S) 
Garside Joseph, maiuif. Maiden bel Front and 

Hayilock bel Front 
Gar.son ilolm H., hatter, 572 S 7th 
Gurson Michael, .sexton, 15 Race 
Gaitland .John, baker, H Lombard 
Gartland Michael, 199 Shippen 
Gartland Patk., weaver, Jefl'erson al) Philip (K) 
Gartland Samuel, lab. 2 Pleasant's ct 
Gartland Simon, undertaker, 21 S 13th 
Gartley Bernard, weaver, Cadwaladcr bel Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Gartley John, clerk, Hutchinson 8c Thontpson 
CJartley John, lab. Green and Front 
Gartley J. C, 294 Cherry 

Gartley Samuel W., acct. 15 S Front 
Gartley William, carter. Federal ab 12t]i 
Garton Ephraim, jeweller, Rio Grande pi 
Garton Geo. H., barber, 5 Stockhouse ct 
Garton Hiram, glass blow. Vienna bel Franklin 
Garton Jonathan, waterman, Randolph ab Parrish 
Garton Joseph N., salesman, 73 N 3d 
Garton Peter, plasterer, N W M road Sc Whar- 
Garton Samuel, cooper, 55 S Water, house 64 

Gallon Samuel, cooper, 64 Swanson 
Gartzell W'm., mariner, rear 277 S 3d 
Garver Jacob, wh. washer. Currant al ab Spruce 
Garvey James, 9 N 12th 

Garvey Joanna, widow of Patrick, rear 133 S 2d 
Gaiwin Alex. C. vict. Haverford ab 7th 
Garvin Archibald, tavern, 631 N 2d ab Franklin 
Garvin Benj. F., seaman, 158 Catharine 
Garvin Dennis, stone cutter, 9 Shijipen la 
Garvin Geo., coal dealer, 450 Lombard 
Garvin Jas. P., student, 173 Catharine 
Garvin John, carter, Caner 
Garvin John, jr., capt., 173 Catharine 
Garvin John, "lab. 278 S Front 
Garvin John J., sea capt. 173 Catharine 
Garvin Patrick, lab. 96 Prime 
Garvin P. E., carp. 173 Catharine 
Garvin Roger, lab. Cadwalader n 2d 
Garvin Thos., tailor, 73 P road 
Garvin Thos., ship carp. 569 S Front 
Garvin Thos. H., distiller, 15th &. Burton 
Garvin W'm., painter. Park bel Locust (W P) 
Garvin W^m. A., printer, 317 N 8th 
Garwood Alick, tailor, Parrish ab 6th 
GARWOOD ELIZA, tavern, 416 N 2d 
Garwood John, cordw., 20 Clair 
Garwood John, carp. 19 Charles 
Garwood Geo. M., mer. Cemetery av& Emerald 
Garwood W'm. H., 118 Charlotte 
Gary Edwin, \''ienna ab AVest 
Gasby Ann, giocer, AVashington above AA'illiam 
Gasby H.^ paper carriei;, AVashing'ton ab William 
Gascoigne Chas., lace cap manuf. 9 Little Dock 
Gasdorf John, cabt. mr. Wiley's row 
Gash Fredk, butcher, 2d ab Grcenwicli 
Gaskill Aaron W., plastere; , 10th bel Melon 
Gaskill Benjamin, bookbindei-, Ranstead ])1 
Gaskill Benj., engraver, 18 Minor, h Clierry E 

Gaskill Benj. F., clerk, 22 S 4th 
Gaskill Charles, lab. Marlborough bel Duke (K), 
(iaskill Chas., maeht. Race and 15th 
Gaskill Chas. C. gent. 158 Franklin 
Gaskill Charles T., 1 Jay 
Gaskill, Copper & Fry, book binders' tool cut-- 

ters and engi-avcrs, 18 Minor 
r.:Lskill David, mariner, Larch bel Maple 
CiASKlLL EDWAIH), book bind., Ranstead. 

pi, h 12 Palmyra row 
Gaskill Elwood, trav. agent, 4 Marv 
t;askill H. U., bricklr. 8 Wallace ' 
(iaskill John, 376 Brown 
Gaskill John T. engineer, Queen av 
Gankill , Joseph AV., mer., 15 N Delaware .-w, h 

9th bel 
Gaskins Jas., cKrk, h 387 N 12th 
Gaskins John AV., acct. 43 Market 




Gaskins Thos,,129 Dickerson 

Gass Conrad, vict. 6th ab Glrard av 

Gass James, dry goods, 7 Bank, h 211 Spruce 

Gass John, pattern mr. 544 Federal 

Gassner John, barber, 521 N Front 

Gassway Marg. Mrs., Carlton ab 17th 

Gast Nicholas, nursery & florist, Vienna ab West 

Gaston Danl. liev., 544 G T road ab Wager (K) 

Gaston Hugh, carter, S E Federal and 7th 

Gaston Simeon, Lewis ab 17th 

Gatchell Collin M., clerk, 135 S 4th 

Gatchell Colton, 135 S 4th 

Gately Wm., shoemr. 98 Williams 

Gater George, porter, Scott's ct 

Gates John, carter, 124 S Washington 

Gates John, carter, 15th and Marseilles pi 

Gates Leah, tailoress, 246 S Front 

Gates Mary, Worth n 4th 

Gates Nathaniel, carp., 4th ab Marshall (S) 

Gathnall Geo., tobacco, 418 N 2d 

Gatier Hannah, huckster, Matamora pi (K) 

Gatier Stephen B. card manuf., 402 Coates 

Gatter Catharine, rear 337 N 3d 

Gatter Wm., cooper, rear 337 N 3d 

Gatts Wm., lab. 13th bel Federal 

Gatzmer Alex. C, clerk, Camd. & Amboy Rroad 

office, 45 S Delaware av, h 227 S 9th 
Gatzmer Wm. H., agent Camd. & Amboy R road, 

office 45 S Delaware av 
Gaudon Geo., weaver, Marriott's la bel 6th 
GAUL FREDERICK, brewer. New Market & 

Callowhill, h 511 Walnut 
Gaul Geo. J., brushmi-. 107 Prime 
Gaul John, basket mr. Green bel Moore (W P) 
Gaul John F., carp., 21 Russel 
(iaul John J., jr., biass founder, 130 Coates 
G;uil Jno. M. baskt. mr. Woodland bel Park(W P) 
Gaul Jno. U., music. Green n Margaretta(W P) 
Gaul Jno. W., basketmr. Green bel Moore(WP) 
Gaid Lewis, distiller, rear 115 N 2d 
GAUL & LEWIS, malt and hops, 53 N 4th 
Gaul Simon M., bricklr. Kurtz ab Poplar 
Gaul & Smith, steam biewer.s, c lltli St Oxford 
Gaul Susan, 14 Plover 
Gaul Mm., 55 N 4th, h Walnut ab IStli 
Gaul Wm. N., Walnut W 18tli 
Gault Elizabetli, grocer, c Clinton and Poplar 
Gault Thom;is, cordw. 21 Charles 
Gaumer Jonathan, lab. 60 George (K) 
Gaun Geo. T., tailor, 58 Linden (K) 
Gaun Margaret, 58 Linden (K) 
Gaun Peter, drayman, 2 York 
Gauntt Wm., macht. Hanover ab Allen 
Gauss G., confect. 314 Vine 
Gauss Jacob F. baker, 165 N 12th 
Gauss Theodore, confec. 31 Vine,h Shaffer's ct 
Gavelit Abraham, pedler, 574 N Front 
Gavert Conrad, basket mr. 309 G T road 
Gavett Robert S., painter, 151 Queen, h Russell 
Gavett Samuel, macht. Filbert n Broad 
Gavin Ann, scmj). Fitzwater bel Broad 
Gavin Honora, washer, rear 103 Marriott 
Gavin James, liquors, N W South &. 16th 
Gavin John, tailor, 123 F road 
Gavit All)ert, machinist, Cherry E 16th 
Gavit Nelson, macliinist, Broad &. Paper al, h 

Cherry E 16th 
Gavitt Gorden, machinist. King ab Cherry 

Gaw Alex. G., clerk, 19th bel Chestnut 

Gaw Gilbert, tailor, 209 N 10th 
Gaw G. W., cliair ornamenter, Swanson & Ship- 
pen, h 46 Federal row 
Gaw Henry L., broker, 93^ Walnut, h Broad 

bel Spruce 
Gaw Jason, dry goods, 232 & 234 S 2d 
Gaw John, gent. 4th bel German 
Gaw John, gent. 252 South 
Gaw Mary, dry goods, 234 S 2d 
GAW, MACALESTER & CO., brokers, 93J 

Gaw Robert, iron moulder, Warren below Park 
Gaw Robert, alderman, 77 Shippen, h 280 S 2nd 
Gaw Robert M., engraver, Washington ab 11th 
Gaw Samuel S., book keeper, 179 Market, h 8th 

ab Brown 
Gaw Thomas, sea captain, 3d bel Prime 
Gaw Thomas, weaver, Franklin ab Hope (K) 
Gaw William, merchant, h 395 S 2nd 
Gaw William P., acct., 8th ab Brown 
Gaw W. C. clerk, 13 Stamper's al 
GAY EDWARD F., civil engineer, Washing- 
ton ab Mansion (W P) 
Gay James, real est. agent, 632 N 3d (K) 
Gay James, grocer, 628 N 3d 
Gay John, 146 Randolph 

Gay Jolui, saw mill, 22 Apple and 162 Ran- 
Gayley Abraham, wood yard, rear 116 N Market 
Gayley Andrew, carter, 29 M'Duffie 
Gayley Andrew W., S W Chestnut & 18th 
Gayley John, lab., 22 M'Duffie 
Gayley J. F., M. D., 69 S 18th 
Gay lord H. V., carp.. Orange ab 12th 
Gazey John, machinist, 1 Lybrand 
Geach Edward, saddler, 413 S Front 
Geacli E., luu-ness mr. Arch ab 6lh 
Gear Ephraim, carter. Granite (F V) 
Gear Joseph, bricklr., Olive bel Broad 
Gcarhart Arthur, moulder, Clinton bel Poplar 
Gcarhart, Walton 8c Adams, morocco manufs. 

St John ab Poplar 
Geary Benjamin, shop, 126 N Front 
Geary Edward, hatter, 442 N 2d, house 2d bel 

Geary John F., seminary, 364 Chestnut 
Geary & Stowman, jr., hatters, 77 Queen (K) 
Geauble Geo., George W 17th 
Gebel Chas. cordw, 7th bel Franklin 
Gcbhard Adam, baker, 92 German 
Gcbiiard James, hatter, 49 S 3d, h 92 German 
Gebliard Lewis P., M. D., 216 Race 
Gebhard L. H., M. D., 216 Race 
Gebhart James, salesman, Hancock ab Franklin 
Gebitas Jane, Keyser's row 
Gebler Charles F., M. D., Coates ab 13th 
Geblot Marg., gentw. 6th bel Master 
Geddes James, gent. 36 N 4th 
Cieddes John, carter, 19th n Ridge av 
(ieddes Wm. F., printer, Franklin pi n Ciiest- 

niit, h 152 Christian 
Gedicke Charles, cordw. 199 N 4th 
ticdiskie Henry, cordw. 521 N 2d 
Gcdney Phoebe, Lemon ab 10th 
Gee Freer, framer. Perry bel Columbia (K) 
Gee George, cordw. Market bel 18th 
Gee Jane, IB Union sp 




Gee John, rope maker, 2nd n Master (K) 

Geeg'er Lewis H., carp. Bedford ab Hanover 

Geeke John, blacksm. 614 N Front 

Geer Geo., provisions, 468 Poplar 

Geese David M., mer., 13 Church al, h 442 Cal- 

Gefroner Chas., turner, 1 Grape, h 4 Haines 
Gegan John, M. D., drug-g-ist, S E Front & 

South, h 218 S Front 
GEGAN THOMAS, druggist, N E 10th and 

Gegan Thoma.s, hatter, 42 George 
Gcgenheimer John, cedar cooper, 440 N 4th 
Gegler Christian, cabt. mr. 164 Shippen 
Gehen Patrick, Shop, 19 Strawberry 
Gehman Sarah, dressmr. George ab 2d (K) 
Geht Conrad, umbrella mr. St John bel G T road 
Geib Peter, shoemr. rear 18 Cressons al 
Geib Wm., jr., book keeper, 163 Market, h 119 

Geib W., M. D., 229 N 13th 
Geidt John, morocco dr. Cumberland and Canal 
Geiger Andrew J., salesman, h 24 Green 
Geiger Henn-, lab. Cadwalader & Oxford (K) 
Geiger H., M. D.,360 N 12th 
Geiger Jacob, butcher, 614 N Front 
Geiger John, harness mr. 207 15th n Carlton 
Geiger Joseph, b h, 27 N 2d 
Geiger Kenzie, book keeper, King bel Race 
Geigher Henry, clerk, 24 Green 
Geikle Fredk., cigar mr. Mechanic ab George 
Geiler Charles, tobacconist, 5th and O Y av 
Geiler John, tobacconist, 422 N 3d 
Geiselmann M., lager beer, 319 St John (K) 
Geisenberger Joseph, clothing. Poplar bel 2d, 

h 94 Poplar 
Geisenburger Isaac, clerk, 24 Clinton (K) 
Geisenhofter Philip, tailor, 16 Norris al, h 57^ 

GPISINCJER D., commodore U. S. N., Naval 

Geisinger Geo. carp. 182Coates 
Geisinger Henry, pattern mr. 503 Poplar 
Gei.sler Charles, butcher. Front and Norris 
Geisler P'erdinand, butcher, 515 F road 
Geisler Henry, butcher. Front n Norns 
(ieisler John, butcher, Norris ab F av 
Geisler Wm., butcher, Norris bel Clinton 
Geisse Edward C, mer., 60 S Front, h 290 Sp 

Geisse Geo. W., manuf. chemistry, 14 N Front 
(;eisse G. J., mer. 447 N 2d 
Geisse Herman C, mer., 60 S Front 
Geisse John, seaman, 5 Sheet's 
(Jeisse Theodore F., mer. 60 S Front 
Geisse William, merchant. 60 S Front 
GEISSE W.M.& SONS, import, looking glass 

plates, 60 S Front 
GEISSKL JOHV G., tailor, 412 N 2d 
Geissert Clias. currier, 189 Poplar 
Geissinger FMiza, milliner, 400 N 3d 
Geisz Joseph, grocer, N E 2d and Ilrown 
Geiter (Joclfny, milkman, 615 Norris (K) 
Gelbacli CJeorge, brass founder, Howard above 

Gelbach ik. Metzgcr, brass founders, 79 Howard 
(Jelden Fredk., shotmr. 115 Ship])en 
Gclnier James, shoemr. Queen and Vienna 

Geltz John, cordv/. F road and York (R) 
Gemenden John, boot fitter, Klim's ct 
Gemlin Charles, M. D., 274 St John 
Gemmill & Creswell, dry gds., 211 Market 
Gemmill Jas. R. Mrs., 255 Pine 
Gemmill Zachariah, mer., 211 JIarket, h 501 

GEMRIG JACOB H., surgical instru. mr., 43 

S 8th 

Genay Edward, tobacconist, 379 South 
Gendell Wm. B., clerk, 6 Nicholson 
Gender Peter, hosemr. Ridge av ab 10th 
Gengebre P. W., French classes, Zane ab 7th 
Genner Geo., gardner, 511 N 4th 
Geno Stephen, millwright, F av bel Cheny 
Genry John, weaver, 6 M'Duffie 
Gent Sophia, miniature painter, 107 Walnut, h 

49 S 5th 
Genth Frederick, dry goods, G T road and Ox- 
ford (K) 
Genth F. Augustus, chemical laboratory, 107 

Genthens John, cordw. 19th n Barker 
Genther Geo., tavern, 44 Brown 
Genther Wm., Wister bel 12th 
Centner P'red., stone quarry, 146 Brown 
Gentner Isaac, carter, 660 N 10th 
Gentner J., lager beer, 4th bel Cherry (K) 
Gentner Peter, hose mr. 2 Ridge av 
Gentry Lewis, baker, 329 Coates ab Bro^n 
Gentry Robert, ship joiner, 134 F road 
Gentry AYm., bricklayer, 134 F road 
Gentsch Fred., cabt. mr., 19 Carter's al 
Gentz John, lab. Higgin's ct 
Genzhorn Jacob, carpet weaver. Palmer below 

F road 
George Daniel, lumber, Lombard & 22d 
George Enoch, cooper, 22 Sears 
George Gabriel, cabinetmr., 106 N 7th 
George Henry, carter, Jefferson ab Hope (K) 
George Irvin, stonecut. Cherry E 21st 
George Israel, conveyancer, Washington below 

George James C, custom house broker, 2 Li- 
brary, h 549 S 10th 
George James S., lab.. Wood ab 17th 
George John, mer., h Cherry E 17th 
George John, bootmr. Beaver bel Charlotte 
George John, cliairmr. 30 Concord 
George John D., ins. broker, 50 Walnut, h 198 

George Joseph W., confcct. 241 S 2d 
George Margaret Miss, 15th &. Cherry 
George Mar}', 293 Pine 
George Mary, waslier, Wilson ct 
George Mary Ann, 2 Sergeant 
(ieorge M., shoe cutter, 4 Maple 
George M.H. & R. A, Jones, gents furnishers, 29 

N 9th 
George N. P., 98 S Carpenter 
George Peter, tailor, 13 Arch 
George Rebecca, washer, Swede's ct 
George Ricliard, agent, 43 N Front, h Shippen 

ab 10th 
George Richard S. II., customhouse, h 356 

*S 3(1 
George Samuel, lab. 260 S 8tli 
George Susan M., 15 15th n Cherry 




George Susanna, 9 Cresson's al 

George Thomas, carter, HayJock bel Front 

George Thos., sash mr. 349 Broad, h Callowhill 

ab 15tli 
George Thomas, grocer, N AV2dand Catharine, 

& 416 S 2d 
George William, Mrs., 16 Mead 
George Wm., blacksni. Soutli ab 15th 
Ger George, dealer, rear 1 Brook 
Geray Joseph, carp. AVilliams n Spring Garden 
Gerber Casper, carriage & wagon mr. 8th and 

Gerber Jos., carpt. weaver, 125 German 
Gerchard Abram, currier, 2 VVhelock's pi 
Gercke John, baker, 214 N 9th 
Gercke Margt. baker, 151 Cherry 
Gerdzen A., tailor, Ballal 
Gerett Philip, vinegar, 300 N 5th 
Gerhandt Joseph, barber, 345 N Front 
GERHARD BENJAMIN, atty. & coun., 100^ S 

Gerhard Jacob, boatman, Jefferson ab 5th 
Gerhard W. W., M. D., 301 Walnut 
Gerhardt Valentine, millwr. 277 N Front 
Gerhart A. I.., clerk, George W 17th 
Gerhart Charles, clerk, 43 Ogden 
Gerhart Christiana, vestmr. 5th & Jefferson (K) 
Gerhart George, tailor, 11 Bledisloe's pi 
Gerhart Geo. L., clerk, 4th ab Columbia 
Gerhart Samuel, cordw. 10 Rihle's ct 
Gericke B., pocket book mr. 172 S 3d 
Gerike A., briishmr. 617 G T road 
GERKER & BEEHLER, glue manuf., 20 Com- 
merce & 5th ab Camac 
Gerker Henry, mer. 20 Commerce, h 6th bel 

G T road 
Gerlach Eliza, washer. Juniper ab Cherry 
Gerlach J. G., dyer, 997 Callowhill 
Gerlock Jacob, engineer, Queen bel Lehigh 
Gerling John, clerk, 145 Randolph 
German Elizabeth, trimmings, 551 S 2d 
German Wm., Palmer n AVest 
Germon AV. L., engraver, 182 Chestnut, h 70 

Gerney John, clerk, 8 Sp Garden 
GerrishJohn C, 368 N Front 
Gerst Frederick, tailor, 7 Hermitage 
Gerst Philip, glass blower, 15th ab Wood 
Gerstcr Jacob, lab. 22 Dock 
Gerstley M., tailor, 320 Market 
Gery Peter B., cordw., 57 Ontario 
Gerstner Charles, carp. 22 Dock 
Gervin Thomas, carp. Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Gesel Ephraini, chandler, 160 Phoenix (K) 
Gesemyer G. J., tailor, 9 Farr 
Gesper Louis, barber, 6 S 8th 
Gesset Gustavu.s, currier, 83 Randolph 
Gessler Christian, jeweler, 93 Green 
Gessler Andrew, machinist, rear 111 Carpenter 
Gessler George, cabmr. Queen ab York 
Gessler George, furniture, 460 Queen (K) 
Gessler Susan, shoe bind. 5 Trinity pi 
Gest Benj., carter, 55 Prime 
(iest Jacob S., acct.76^> Walnut 
Gest John B., atty. &."coun. 45^ S 5th, h 179 

Gest Wm. carp. Rye bel Mackey 
Gethen Margaret, gentw. 112 Spruce 

Getler Andrew, cordw. 41 Mechanic > 

Gettel Mary J., spooler, Philip ab Jefferson (Iv) 
Gettings And., tailor, rear 13 Strawberry 
Gettings James, painter. Otter ab F road 
Getty Archd., mer. 3 Dock, h 96 S 2d 
Getty Arthur, weaver, 840 N 2d 
Getty Daniel, undertaker, 65 N 4th 
Getty Hugh, grocer, h 7 I'raquair's ct 
Getty Joseph, lab. rear Ann ab Trenton av 
Getty James, liquor store, 248 Shippen, 
Getty James, lab. Philip n Oxford 
Getty John, clerk, h 157 Pine 
Getty John, acct. 157 S 3d 
Getty S. Miss, 5th bel Marshall 
Getty Thos. tailor, Catharine ab 6tli 
Getty Wm., salesman, 199 Market 
Getty Wm., 119 N 7tli 
Getz Andrew, lab. Howard ab Jefferson 
Getz Bernard, lab. Palmer n Jackson 
GETZ & BUCK booksellers, 4 Hart's Build- 
Getz Edward, tavern, 96 N Front 
Getz Francis W., bookseller, 138 N 2d, h 468 

F road (K) 
Getz Fredk.,carp. 445 N 6th bel Poplar 
Getz George, hats. Sec, 156 St John 
Getz George, hats, &c. 346 N 2d, h 485 N 6th 

bel Poplar 
Getz Henry S., bookseller, 4 Hart's Building, 

h 479 N 6th 
Getz Jacob, cordw. Elk (K) 
Getz Jacob F., gun smith, 10th bel Prime 
Getz John, glassworker. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Getz John, lamp mr., 39 Mechanic (N L) 
Getz John, lab. Howard ab Jefferson 
Getz Joseph, fumer, 126 N 2d 
Getz J. H., feed store, 17th and Ridge 
Getz Mary, Palmer n F road 
Getz Matthias, furrier, 7^ S 2d, h 41 Spruce 
Getz S. F., carp., Brook, h 45 Chatham 
Getz Wm. carp. Culvert ab 4th 
Getz Wm., lab. Palmer n F road 
Getz Wm. F., salesman, 70 Chestnut 
Getze Jacob A., music teacher, 129 N lOtli 
Geug-hear Margt., tavern, 87 S whfs 
Geukler J. A., 208 Jefferson (K) 
Geun Thos., patternmr. Allen bel Hanover 
Gem-icke F., confect. Richmond & Lehigh av 
Geverd Henry, dealer, rear 1 Clymer 
Geyer George, sen., carp.. Garden ab Noble 
Geyer George C, alderman, 316 N 8th 
Geyer Geo., jr., tailor, Brooks 
Geyer John H., bookkeeper, 21 S Del av, h 74 

Geyer Reuben, carp. Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Geyer Simon, 436 Callowliill 
Geyer Wm. B., leather dealer, S W 3rd & Lom- 
bard, h 74 Lombard. 
Gheen John R., Western Droveyard (W P) 
Ghcen Wesley P., West Chester House, 701 

Ghegan Bartholomew, stove fini.sher, Sarah ab 


Ghegan Elizabeth, tailoress, 6 Bitrd 
Ghegan George, iron founder, Church E Front 
bel Greenwich, (S) h Greenwich ab Front 
Ghriskey C. M., mer. 16 N 5th, h Walnut W 




Giannini Francis, eating house, 107 Walnut 

Gibb David, jr., painter, 209 Race 

Gibb David,'l42 Race 

Gibb David, jr. painter, 142 Race 

Gibb John, carpet weaver, 145 Carpenter 

Gibb Rob. moulder, 51 Randolph 

Gibbard George, clerk, 18 Olive 

Gibboney John, grocer, South ab Brown 

Gibboney Wm., manuf.. South ab Broad 

Gibbons Ann, grocer, Sch Beach and Pine 

Gibbons Catharine, teacher, 22d & Pine 

Gibbons Charles, attorney & coun., 79 Walnut 

h Locust E 19th 
Gibbons Dennis, tailor, Lombard ab 17th 
GIBBONS FRANCIS, com. mer. 3 Strawberry, 

h 114^8 3d 
Gibbons Geo. W., mer. 41 Chestnut, h 588 Vine 
GIBBONS JAMES, Northern Advertisei-, 262 

N3d, h Dillwyn n Noble 
Gibbons James S., mer. 80 Chestnut, house 20 

Gibbons John, harnessmr. Tyler ab Thompson 
Gibbons Lawrence, tailor, Murray E 21st 
Gibbons Marsh, clerk, bankofPenna 
Gibbons Mary, shop^ Sch Beach ab Locust 
Gibbons Nathaniel, weav. Leopard bel Phoenix 
Gibbons Thos., blacksmith, 16th n Coates 
Gibbons Thos. blacksm. Sch Beach ab George 
Gibbons Thos. P. M. D. 64 S 11th 
Gibbs Abraham, leather finish. Black Hawk row 
Gibbs Alex., blacksm. M la bel 6th 
Gibbs Andrew, moulder, Southwark n 7th 
Gibbs A. Halsey, clerk, 82 Market, house 30 

Logan sq 
Gibbs A. v., mer. 82 Market, h 174 S 10th 
Gibbs Charles, grain mer., 51 N Water, h 130 N 

Gibbs Charles, Marple bel Salmon 
Gibbs C. E., acct. 33 Chestnut, h 130 N Front 
Gibbs Elogius, cordw. 667 N 10th 
Gibbs Halsey, mer. 30 Logan so 
Gibbs Henry, collect., 154 Racd'tjel 5th 
Gibbs & Hopkins, carpts. 222 N 5th 
Gibbs Isaac, carp, h 521 N 5th 
Gibbs Jas. 1)., seeds, 51 N Water 
Gibbs Job R., carp., 155 Parrish ab 9th 
Gibbs. Joiin M., stone merch. Marlboro' below 

Gibbs John, police, 28 N 9th 
Gibbs ,Iose])h D. wood corder, 24 Wistar 
Gibbs Joshua, coachman, 1 Buckley 
Gibbs John \V., mer. 381 Spruce 
Gibbs John VV.,gcnt. 119 S 6th 
Gibbs J. W., Mrs. 174 S 10th 
GIBBS J. W. & SONS, cloths, 82 Market 
Gibbs Maria, Fiagle ct 
Gibbs Mary, 11 S 18th 
Gibbs Mclvina, 81 S Juniper 
(iibbs Peter C, carp, ii 5th n George 
Gibbs liiciiard, driver, Brady's ct n East 
Gibbs Ricliard, carp., 33 Dock, h 12tli and 

Gibbs Rol)crt, mer. 5 S 6th, h 17th & Race 
Gibbs Tlionias, blacksm. Cai-lton ab 17th 
(;il)bs Wm., gent. 6tl> !<c (; T road 
Gibbs Win., trunk mr., 13 P road 
Gibbs AV'ni., moulder, 592 S 7th 
Gibbs Wm. &. John, pearl workers, 11 S 18th 

Giberson John, vict. N E 5th & Plum 
Giberson Mary, b h, 16 New 
Giberson Noah, stove fin., 99 Wallace 
Giberson Samuel, stovemr. 36 Olive 
Giberson Thomas, engineer, Sarah n Queen 
Gibler James, seaman, rear 186 Lombard 
Gibley Wm., coppersm. Fisher's ct 
Gibson Alex., clerk, 398 S 2d 
Gibson Alfred C. liquors, N Market and Brown, 

& 349 Market, h 45 New Market 
Gibson Archd. H., dealer, rear 70 M road 
Gibson E. 3 Freed's av 
Gibson E. O. 1001 Coates 
Gibson George, bookbinder, 282 Poplar 
Gibson George, machinist, Tilton ab Cumberland 
Gibson George W., wheelw. Sahiion above Le- 
high av 
Gibson Henry C. mer. 116 S Front 
Gibson Henry A., book binder, 2 Bai-ton 
Gibson Jacob, printer, 8 Parker 
Gihson James, watchman. Centre bel 13th 
Gibson James, lab. 608 S Front 
Gibson James, weaver, Federal ab 12th 
GIBSON JAMES G., bottler, 2N 7th, hllth 

n Vine 
Gibson James G.,Prot. Ct. Com. Pleas, hllth 

& Graff 
Gibson James M., tinsmith, P & M la 
Gibson Jolin, house painter, decorator &. glass 

stainer, 79 S 11th 
Gibson John, shoemr., Simpson's ct 
Gibson John, shoemaker, 259 Cherry 
Gibson John, weaver, 10 Ann 
Gibson John, 211 Spruce 
Gibson John, bai-ber, South ab 4th, house 322 

Gibson John, stone, 314 Wharton 
GIBSON JOHN, SON & CO., importers wines 

and Uquors, 114 & 116 S Front 
Gibson Jno., mer., 116 S Front, h 253 N 6th 
Gibson Jolui F., coal, 5th & Willow, h ^79 N 5th 
Gibson John, P road n Washington 
txibson Jolin S., baker, 15th n Jefferson 
Gibson Lydi.a, Boyd's al 
Glb.son Mary, tailoress, 6 Jenning'srow 
Gibson Mary, 6th ab Tyson 
Gibson Mary Ann, 28 Lewis 
Gibson Mary Ann, 534 N 7tli 
Gibson Merrit, cordw., 514 S 2nd 
Gibson Patrick, l)lacksm. Redwood ab 4th 
Gibson Richard, cordw. 2 Pratt 
Gibson Robert, tinplate worker, 358 S 2d 
Gibson Robt. C, clerk, 511 N 6th 
Gibson R. Q., carp. 550 Coates 
Gibson Samuel, boatman, L Wa.shington ab 7th 
Gibson Samuel, painter, Boyd's al 
Gibson Thos., sheet iron worker, 96 Carpenter 
Gibson Thomas, gun mr. 12 Saranack 
Gibson Thomas, ])liniil)er, Carroll ab 12th 
(Jihsoi) Thomas, tailor, 2 nuddi'M's al 
(;il)son William, sasli mr., 391 Christian 
Gibson Wm., lab., Phili|) ah Master (K) 
(iih.son Wm., weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
(iib.son Wm., weav. (irii-n ab VIargaretta(W P) 
Gihson Wm., blow. Franklin av ab Palmer 
Gibson William, M. 1)., N E 12tli & Coates 
(iibson Wm. E., hair dresser, 83 S 3d, h 78 





Gibson Wm. H. tin plate work. 79 Plum 
Gibson Wm. R., clerk, 8 N 5th 
Gicker C. B. flour & feed, 507 Sc 509 F road 
GIEKER WILLIAM B., hav pressing-, flour 

mill & feed, 77 and 79 Maiden, h 81 Maiden 
Gideon Anna, rear 91 S Washington 
Gideon Hillary, lab. rear 1 Harmony 
Gideon Mary, Wood ab 8th 
Gidoon Wm., lab. 4 Carolina pi 
Giebler Lewis, tailor, 9 Beach 
Giese Christiana, DaiTagh's ct 
Giese Otto, tavern, 104 Shippen 
Giese Wm.. cabtmr. 54 Race 
Gieseking- Henrj-, tailor, 353 N Front 
GiflTear Peter, mint, Georg-e E 20th 
Giflin James, weaver, 90 Master (R) 
Gifi^ord And., driver, Walter's ct 
GiflTord Bethuel, grocer, cor 5th & Georg'e 
Giff'ord E. B., 91 N8th 
Giflbrd John, cordw. 36 Hallowell 
GiflTord Mordecai, ship carp. Wood & Amber (K) 
GiflTord Thos. L., carp. 7 Laurel, h 19 Concord 
Giff'ord Thos. paper earner, 8 Harrison 
GiflTord Wm., lab., Ross ct 
Gig-er Herman H., lab. Perkenpine ct 
Gig-on Gustavus, M-atch case mr. 8 Phoenix 

block, h 115 Catharine 
Gig-on Zephirin, watch case maker, 8 Phoenix 

Block, h 16 Powell 
Gig-on Z. & G., watch case mrs. 8 Phoenix Block 
Gihon Albert L., M. D., 240 Catharine 
GIHON & CO., mers., 9 Bank & 10 Strawbeny 
Gihon James, book binder, 98 Chestnut, h 21 

GIHON JAMES L., bookbinder, 102 Chestnut, 

h W Rittenhouse sq 
Gihon John, carp. S E Queen and Swanson 
Gihon Wm. B., engraver, N E 6th and Chesnut 
Gilbach Fredk., tailor, 97 Pen-^- (K) 
Gilbee , book binder, 76" Vine 

Gilbert Aaron, tavern, 322 N 2d 
Gilbert Alexander, g-rocer, 134 Green 
Gilbert Anna, 552 Brown 
Gilbert Anna, 51 S 11th 

Gilbert Benj. S., watchman, 139 New Market 
Gilbert Charles, cordw. Brinton ab Jefferson (K) 
Gilbert Charles & Co., stove manuf., 249 N 2d, 

h 486 N 4th 
Gilbert Chas. M., cabt. mr. 247 N 2d, h 180 Sp 

Gilbert Cyrus H., express wag-g-on, 8 Craig-'s av 
Gilbert Daniel, brickmr. 13th bel Federal 
Gilbert David, M. D., profes. Penn. Col., h 181 

Gilbert Elijah, lab. 8th bel Wharton 
Gilbert Ephraim E., seg-ar mr. 211 S 2d 
Gilbert Frederick E., clerk, 182 Market, h S W 

4th and Federal 
GILBERT F. B., upholsterer, 38 and 40 Ridg-e 

av, li Duane ab Brown 
Gilbert Geo., butcher, Thompson ab 17th 
Gilbert Georg-e, cordw. rear 260 Fitzwater 
Gilbert Geo. D., collector, 294 S Front 
Gilbert Henry, turner, 15 Cresson's al 
Gilbert Henry, boatman, M'Cormic's ct 
Gilbert Henry H., chemist, 20 Gaskill 
Gilbert Henry W., potter, 35 CaiTol 
Gilbert Isaac D., oystcrman, 387 S Front 

Gilbert Jacob, gent. 391 Coates 
Gilbert James, waterman, 33 Allen av 
Gilbert James W., painter, 126 S Cai-penter 
Gilbert John, drugg-ist, 177 N 3d, h 69 Vine 
Gilbert John, comedian, 78 Walnut 
Gilbert John, blacksm. M'Cormic's ct 
Gilbert John, blacksm. 139 Lewis 
Gilbert John G., weaver, 90 Master (K) 
Gilbert Joseph, tailor, 124 S 10th 
Gilbert Jos., carp., Wood bel 17th, h 3 Summer 
Gilbert Joseph, tailoi-, 1 Loxley's court. Arch 
Gilbert Jos., coal dealer & grocery, 21 Queen 
Gilbert Josiab, brickmr. Franklin bel 5th 
Gilbert Lemuel, cordw. 49 Howard (K) 
Gilbert Margaret, 10th and P road 
Gilbert Margaret, G T road bel 6th 
Gilbert Maris, coachmr. 181 Poplar 
Gilbert Marj', Chen-y E 22d 
Gilbert Matthias, dealer, 7 Farr 
Gilbert Noble, carp.. Pearl bel 18th 
Gilbert Peter, cordwainer, 49 Howard 
Gilbert Rachel, tailoress, Front bel Master (K) 
Gilbert Rebecca, 149 N 9th 
Gilbert Robt. machinist. Union ab Bedford 
Gilbert Rosanna, Green ab Linden 
Gilbert R. G., confect. S W 8th and Coates 
Gilbert Samuel, paper stainer, rear 607 N 6th 
Gilbert Saml., stovemr. 249 N 2d, h 50 Callowhill 
Gilbert Samuel M., brushmr. 6th ab Poplar 
Gilbert Susan, 395 Arch 
Gilbert Thomas, lab.. Locust bel I3th 
Gilbert Thomas, sexton, Richardson's av 
Gilbert Thomas, cordwr., Newton 
Gilbert Thos. driver, Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Gilbert Thos. W., clerk Post OflRce.h 184 N 15th 
Gilbert William, baker, 91 Arch 
Gilbert Wm., tavern, G T road ab Phoenix 
Gilbert Wm., tinsm., 1 N 7th, h 77 N 5th 
GILBERT WM. J., hotel, 211 S 2d 
Gilbert Wm. R., tobacco, 116 N 6th 
Gilbert Wm. T., cordw. rear 246 Shippen 
Gilchler James, waiter, 12 Arch 
Gilchrist James, mahogany dealer, 48 N Front 
Gilchrist John, lab.. Broad ab Spruce 
Gilchrist John, lab. Brown bel Huntingdon 
Gilchrist Wm., mint, h 115 Barker 
Gilchrist Wm., jr., mint, h 115 Barker 
Gilday Geo. W., shoemr., Atherton 
Gildea H. A., casemr., 61 Dock,h 199 S Wash- 
Gildea Wm., lab.. Peg bel New Market 
Gildenfenny Henry, baker, 126 S 12th 
Gildenmicr Fredk., cordw. 20 Marion 
Gildner Chas., cabinetmr. 12 Elm av 
Gile Enoch E., shoe manuf 9 Pleasant Retreat 
Giles Edwai-d, shop, 233 Catharine 
Giles Ezra G., clerk, N W Front & Walnut, h 

Filbert E 20th 
Giles Geo., grocer, 504 S 2d 
Giles John, blacksm. rear 14 S Carpenter 
Giles M., trimmings, 18 S 8th 
Giles Wm., lab. 845 Lombaid 
Gilfiilan Robert, grocer, S E 3d and Poplar 
Gilfillan Robert, milk, 13th ab Federal 
Gilfillen John, weaver, Lloyd W Broad 
Gilfillen John, drayman, Say and Pratt 
Gilfillen Joseph, milk, IStii ab Federal 
Gilfoyle John, weaver, Hancock ab Norris (K) 




Gilfoyle Martin, lab. Cooper W 20th 

Gilfrej- Catharine, widow, 129 New Market 

Gilfrey Robert, carver, 226 Wallace 

Gilfrey Wm., turner, Ilaydock 

Gilfry Elizabeth, Federal ab M road 

Gilker Henry, tailor, 2 Lloyd's ct 

Gilkey James, lab., 34 Owen 

Gilkey .lohn, tobac, P road & Catharine 

Gill Davis, conductor, Addison n 17th 

GILL & EDENBORN, flour and feed, 182 Cal- 

Gill Edmund, 82 Tammany 
Gill Francis, pianno mr. Brinton bel Oxford 
Gill George, conductor. Prime ab 10th 
Gill Geo. W., salesman, 92 Market 
Gill Geo. W. Mrs., 504 Chestnut 
Gill Hugh, lab., Filbert bel 15th 
Gill James, tavern, S W 13th and Vine 
Gill John, h 1 Seisei-'s ct 
Gill John, bootmr., 14 Carpenter 
Gill John J., varnisher, Wharton ab Front 
Gill John J., varnisher, 30 Shippen 
Gill John L., cordw., 310 Callowhill 
Gill John S., carp., 106 ¥ road 
Gill Josepli, clerk, Lombard W 15th 
Gill Justice, lab. 3 Smith's ct 
Gill Lawrence E., saddler, 44 Quince 
Gill Marcus, dravman, rear Marriott bel 5th 
Gill Maiy, 20 N Callowhill 
Gill & M'Nulty, tavern, N E 7th and Fitzwater 
Gill the Misses, young ladies school, 427 Spruce 
Gill Thomas, clerk, 40 Vine 
Gill Thomas, bricklayer. Brown ab 8th 
Gill Wm. H., clerk, 103 Market ' 
Gillam Jesse, lab. Lilly al 
Gillam Lucy, >v'asher, rear Russel 
Gillam Risley, porter, 98 Russel 
Gillam Wesley, waiter, 4 Emeline 
(iillam Wm., mer., 100 Market, h 84 Washington 
Gillam Wm., mer. 143 Maiket, h 84 Washiijg- 

ton (S G) 
Gillen Charles, cordw. 340 Shippen 
Gilien CI-icc^, lab. 7th ab Poplar 
fiillen Emanuf^l, tailor, 12 Franklin pi 
Ciillen Hugii, biker, G F road 
Gillen James, lab. S W Shippen & Lisle 
Gillen James, drayman, 32 Vine 
Gillen Jas,, weaver, 3 M'Duffie 
Gillen James, weaver, Hope (K) 
Gillen James, cordw. 3 Brandywine 
Gillen John, 118 Shippen 
(iillen John, shoemr., Clinton ct 
Gillen Joim, boatman, Howell 
Gillen Miles, cordw. rear 307 S 7th 
(iillen Patrick, lab., f'actory 
(iillcn Patrick, blacksm. 133 New Market 
Gillen Patrick, driver, 6 Burton 
Gillen Patrick, soap boiler, 108 and h 124 Plum 
(iillen Thos., plasterer, Campbell 
c;ilkn Wm., cooper, 4th ab Master (K) 
(iillen Ziah, eat. cell., 4th nPine,h 137 Shippen 
(iiller John U., mer., 93 Market, h 277 S 10th 
Gillcrlane Peter, cutler, Harbcrgcr pi 
Gillespie Bernard, tailor, 277 Shippen 
Gillespie Chas. A., clerk, 22 Walnut, h 525 Pine 
Gillespie Danl. weaver, 10th ab Master 
Gillespie F., lab. William bel Brown 
Gillc^/ic James L., atty. & coun. 18 Prime 

Gillespie James, lab. Queen ab York 
Gillespie James, lab. Huntingdon ab Duke 
Gillespie James, distiller, Reeves n 21st 
Gillespie James, dentist, Washington ab Park 
Gillespie John, jr., lab. 413 S loth 
Gillespie Johii, lab. SoiTel and Larch 
Gillespie John, cabtmr. Baker bel 8th 
Gillespie John, lab. 413 S 13th 
Gillespie John, trimmings, 652 N 2d (K) 
Gillespie Letitia 13., 525 Pine 
sale grocers, N W 6th and Market 
Gillespie Patk., lab. Maple bel Larch 
Gillespie Patrick, weaver, Charlotte bel Master 
Gillespie Patrick, hatter, Lisle bel Shippen 
Gillespie Philip, dealer, Hancock n Phoenix 
Gillespie Robert, foreman. Front bel Master (K) 
Gillespie Saml., 56 and h 399 Walnut 
Gillespie Thomas, salesman, 111 Chestnut, h 2 

Louisa av 
Gillespie Thos. trader, 389 Callowhill 
Gillespie Thos. brickmr. 629 Christian 
Gillespie Thos. L.,399 Walnut 
Gillespie Thomas, L., grocer, N W 6th Sc Mar- 
ket, h 49 N 11th 
Gillespie T. L., 56 Walnut 
Gillespie Wm., grocer, 11th and Mark's la 
Gillespie Wm., tailor. Christian bel 10th 
Gillespie Wm., grocer, 7 & 9 S Water, h 109 

S 12th 
Gillet Smith, lampmr., 1 Ashland 
Gillett Alfred S., sec. G F & Marine Ins. Co., 

145 Chestnut, h American House 
Gillett & Cogshall, insurance agts. 145 Chestnut 
Gillett Paul, blindmr., Leonard 
Gillett Samuel, Campbell 
Giilhoul Henry, cordw. 57 P road 
Gilliams Jacob, dentist, 517 Walnut 
GILLIAMS JAMES S., M. D., dentist, 517 

Gilliams J. Sc Sons, dentists, 517 Walnut 
Gilliard Chas., ladies' shocmr. 2 Melon pi 
Gilliard George, clerk, 107 Walnut, h 18 Olive 
Gilliard Geo.,clerk, 18 Olive 
Gilliard Wm., gilder, 56 Chester 
Gilliard Wm., 22 Cluirtih 
Gillies Adrian, trunk mr., 198 Market, house 25 

Gillig J. W., grocer, 11th & Milton 
Gilligan Chas., lab. 48 Washington av 
Gilligan Charles, ladies' shoes, 8lh & Marriott 
(iilligan E. B., milliner, 9 Callowhill 
(iilligan John, cordw. (iaflne^-'s av 
Gilligur Andrew, painter, 15t!» and Wood 
Gillilan J. M., mer., 35 Chestnut, h 110 S Broad 
Gilliland Jacob, warper, 4th ab Master (K) 
Ciillim John, mason, William n Blddle 
Gillin Alexander, watchman, 17lli bel Shippen 
Gillin Ann, wasliei-, Ann bel Lai-ch 
Gillin Daniel, bb., 1.? Federal 
(iillin Francis, weaver, 28 W South 
Gillin Hugh, conlw. Crans' ct 
Gillin John, hatter, P road bel Christian 
Gillin Margaret, tailoress, 12 Charles 
(;illin Robert, drayman, Dauphin n Front (K) 
(iillingliam A. Mrs., b h, 4 Portico sq 
Gillingham Chas., carp. 10th bel Girard av 
Gillingham C. S., acct., 127 S Front 




Gillingham Geo., salesman, 537 N Front I 

Gilling-ham G. W., hatter, 200 S 2nd 
Gllling-ham Henry, 272 S 7th 
GiUingliam Henry B., hatter, 59^ N 2d, and 85 

Gillingliam Jonathan, iron mer., 535 N Front, h 

537 N Front 
Gilling-ham Joseph, 12th bel Sp. Garden 
Gilling-ham Josepli E., lumber, Queen and Gun- 
ners Run, h Beach and Shackamaxon 
Gilling-ham Joseph J., iron and coal mer., Laurel 

ab Front (K) 
GILLINGHAM J. & SON, iron and coal mers. 

535 N Front 
Gillingham J. Watson, Poplar bel 7th 
GiUing-ham Mahlon, mer. 46^ Walnut, h 141 N 

19th n Arch 
Gillingham Martha, 35 N 5th 
GILLINGHAM R. P., coal yard, 99 Swanson 

ab Catharine, h 176 Queen 
Gilling-ham R. P., Hazleton Coal Yard, Front ab 

Poplar, h Front ab Poplar 
GILLINGHAM SAMUEL H., lumber mer. & 

saw mill, 420 Queen, h Beach n Shacka- 
Gilling-ham William IL, M. D., 354 Chestnut 
Gilling-ham Yeamans M., merchant, 567 Arch 
Gillis Bartholomew, furnit. car, George E 17th 
Gillis Geo., weaver, 25 Brinton 
Gillis James, flour and feed, 498 G T road, h 

6th ab Camac 
Gillis John, carter, 5 Pennsylvania av 
Gillis Nathaniel, shoemr. Wood bel F av 
Gillis Peter, cordw., 512 S 2nd 
Gillis Robert, weaver, 7 Brinton 
Gillis Robert F., cordw., 526 S 2d 
Gillis Sarah, srJeswoman, 5 S 2d 
Gillise James, lab. West (R) 
Gillmore Catharine, huckster, 1 Union pi 
Gillmore James C, mer., 12 N 3d 
Gillpatrick Eliza, Willow ab 19th 
Gills Tliom:iS H., plaster mill, Lewellen av 
Gilkim Rolit., cordw., Ross ab Queen 
Gilman Ambrose, lab., 12 Mechanic 
Gilman Daniel, book store, Girard av ab 10th 
Gilman Edward, cordw., S E 3d & Race, house 

George bel Apple 
Gilman J. B., M. D., 93 Queen 
Gilmer John, tavern, 7 N 12th 
Gilmore Alex., weaver, 252 Broad bel Bedford 
Gilmore Andw., clothing-, 424 Market, h N E 

IStli and Lombard 
Gilmore Archd. blacksmith. Perry ab Phoenix 
Gilmore A., grocery, I-'itzwater and 13th 
Gilmore Arthur, lab., 363 S 13th 
Gilmore Elizabeth, 230 Catharine 
Gilmore Isaac, grocer, N E 13th and Wood 
Gilmore James, cos'chniun, 6 M'Leod's pi 
Gilmore James W., grocer, 20th and Murray 
Gilmore John, weaver, Philip bel Oxford (K) 
Gilmore John, weaver, 725 N 4th 
Gilmore John, morocco finisher, Orchard, house 

Gilmore John, lab. Garden n Tulip (R) 
Gilmore John, lab., 20th bel Chestnut 
Gilmore Lewis, waiter, rear Russel 
Gilmore Robert, ship joiner. Crown n Queen 
Gilmore Samuel, watchman, 6 Reed 

Gilmore Sarah, cook, 5 Bradford's al 

Gilmore Thomas, Justice ct 

Gilmore Thomas, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 

Gilmore Wm., milk. Garden n Tulip (K) 

Gilmore Wm., porter, 31 Thompson (K) 

Gilmore Wm., weaver, Oxford bel Front 

Gilmore Wm. E., Jefferson W Ridge av 

Gilmour Robert, shop, 62 Garden 

GILPIN CHARLES, atty. and coun., & Mayor 

of city, h 171 Walnut 
Gilpin H. D., atty, & coun., h 382 Spruce 
Gilpin John F., brok., 67 Dock, h Broad bel 

Gilpin John R., broker, 67 Dock 
Gilpin Mary, 4 Monroe pi 
Gilpin Nathaniel, lab., rear Miles' ct 
Gilpin Richai-d A., 4 Monroe pi 
Gilpin Vincent, broker, 67 Dock, h 514 Spruce 

ab Broad 
Gilpin V. &. J. F., brokers, 67 Dock 
Gilpin Wm., carter. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Gilroy Charles, cordw., 98 Wharton, h Rye bel 

Ginal Henry Rev., 485 N 5th 
Gilroy B., lab, Carbon pi 
Gilroy John, upholsterer, h 9 Rittenhouse 
Gilroy Thomas, dealer, Shippen ab 11th 
GILSENNAN JOHN, Glasgow hotel, 209 S 

Gilsennan Wm., City of Glasgow hotel, 209 S 

Gilsey Peter, lab. 152 N 2d 
Gilson Lawrence, carp. 12 Reed bel Church 
Gilson Robert, 20 John (S) 
Gilson Thos., carpt.. Reed bel Front 
Giltan Daniel, porter, 39 George 
Giltnan David, wines and liquors, 87 S Front, h 

15 Mead 
Giltnan Wm., 15 Mead 

Gimber Stephen H., engraver, 311 Shippen 
Ginder Jolin, blacksm. 4 Rentshler 
Ginder Mrs. N., rear 23 Castle 
Ginder W. A., collector, 172 Catharine 
Ginenbach John, engraver, 247 S 2d 
Gingrich Samuel B., merchant, 29 N 3d, h 113 

Ginhart John, glassblower, Vienna n Franklin 
Ginhart Joseph, fisherman, Latimer (R) 
Ginn Arch., carter, 21st and Arch 
Ginnawine John, carpt., 22 Washington av 
Ginnetj' Bernard, di-iver, George av n Darby 

road (W P) 
Ginniiigs Hester, 206 Beach al 
Ginnodo Jno. Q., carp. 234 N 11th 
Ginnodo J. & W., builders, Broad above Wash- 
Ginnodo Wm., carp.. Broad n Miller 
Ginter Lawrence, machinist, 164 CheiTy 
Gintlier David, vict., 52 School (K) 
Gintlier Geo. engineer, 16 Salmon (R) 
Ginther John, cabtmr., Julianna al) Vine 
Gintlior Joseph, miller, Amos pi (K) 
Gipson William E., barber, 83 S 3d, h 78 

GIRARD BANK, 3d bel Chesnut 
(lirard Francis, waterman, 2 Beck's ct 
(.iirard John F., prof, of lang., Poplar W 15th 
GIRARD LIFE INS. CO., 132 Chestnut 




GIRARD FIRE AND MARINE INS. CO., 145;Glanden James, diairmr., 72 G T road 

Chestnut jGlanden James, mach., Log-ans n Pratt (AV P) 

Girton Samuel, carp, Parrish ab 8th Glanney Robert, lab., Richard 

Gish Christian, lab., Haj'dock bel Front Glarden August, seg-ar mr.. Leopard n Otter 

Gissholer Henry, lag-er beer, 222 S 4th iGIasby John B., 60 Washing-toa av 

Githens A. N., collector, 305 S 10th iGlascott Wm., carp., Jones E 21st 

Githens Chas., printer, Lemon bet 17lh & 18th ! Glasgow Jesse E., wall colorer, 19 Washington 
Githens Chas., seaman, 359 S 7th [Glasg-ow Joseph, lab., 6 Lyndall al 

Githens Chas., cooper, 421 Catharine Glasg-ow Peter, plastr. 136 Fitzwater 

Githens Edward, rear 306 Cherry jGlasly John, lab., rear 112 Beach bel Brown 

Githens G. W., bootmr., 4th and Y. avenue, h Glaslj^, Saml., oysterman, rear 238 Poplar 

15 Wood 
Githens Joel, wheelwrt., 62 Laurel 
Githens John H., dentist, 216 N 4th 
Githens Joseph B., chairmr. 43 Ontario 
Githens Rebecca, Ontario ab Poplar 
Githens Rebecca, dress cutter, 27 Powell 
Githens Henry, paint. & grainer, Lancas. pike 

n 6th 
Githens Wm. M., gent. 146 Queen 
Given Andw., stone mason, 16 Winter 

Glasor L,, dry goods, N E 7th and South 
Glaspell John, grocer, S W Marsliall &. Brown 
Glaspell Mary Ann, dressmr. N 6th ab Parrish 
Glass Alex., furniture dealer, 127 Poplar 
Glass Andrew, boxmr. rear William n 18th 
GLASS A. F., Washington House, 221 Chest- 
I nut ab 7th 

Glass David, tobacco, 157 N 3d 
; Glass Geo. T., cooper, 6th bel Montgomery 
'Glass Matthew, box maker, 21 Minor 

Given Henry, lab. 370 S 13th Glass Robert, carp., Shippen W Broad 

Given Jarnes, bootmr.. Vine ab Nixon Glass Saml., spinner, rear 5tli ab Franklin 

Given Jane, grocer, 7th and Carpenter Glass Thomas, mason. Holly and Irish Track la 

Given John, vict. Lancaster pike near Haverford Glassborrow Thos., melodian manuf., 13th ab 

Glassen Ant'y C, teacher, St John bel George 
Glassen Richard, carpet weaver, St. John below 

George (K) 
Glassen Rich., jr., teacher, St John bel George 

road (W P) 
Given John, carp., 7 Lebanon 
Given John D., sailor, M'Manemy ct 
Given Joseph, broker, 195 Christian 
Given Robt. A., M. D., N E 18th & Pine 

Given Samuel J., grocer, S W 5th & Carpenter! Glasser Jolm, wlieelwriglit, Carlisle ct 
Given Wm., stone mason, Shippen ab Broad JGlassey Robert, carp., 174 Callowhill 
Givens Elizabeth, umbrella mr., 5 Hubbell jGlassmire Jacob, police, 14 Poplar 

CJivens James, conductor, I^ehigh av n Depot jGlasz A. J., trimmings & vai'iety, 173 St John 
Givens Robert, grocer, S W Shippen la & South Glauro Mary, 300 S lOlh 
Givens Thomas, saddle, 33 Dugan IGlaiise Jacob, carp., 300 S 10th 

Glace John, pattern mr. Howard ab Phoenix JGlaystine George, carp. 162 Vine 
Glacken Clarence, liquors, M;\sterand Hancock! Glaze Jolin, shoenn*., 2 Mechanic (N L) 
Glacken Daniel, hatter, rear 553 N 10th [Glazier Elizabeth, Wharton bel 4th 

Glacken James, lab.. Branch bel Brown / GLAZIKR HENRV, rordw., 132 F road 
Glacken John, shop, 216 Shippen Glazier Georg-e, silversm. 55 N 6th 

Glacken Peter, weaver, Cadwaladerab Jeffer.son I Glazier John R., brickmr., Duntt)n ab Otter (K) 
Glackin Daniel, lab. St Joseph's av W 18th Kilazier Peter, tinisher, rear 178 Master 
Glackin Sarah, 21 Christian. '(ilazur Chas. V., blindmr. Wharton n 4th 

Gladding John, books & stationery, 249 S 2d jGlea.son Ann, Johnston's la 

Glading Charles, vict. 5th ab J'ranklin(K) 
GLADING & CHRISTIAN, com. mers. 48 N 

Del av and 97 N Water 
Glading David, iron dealer, Callowhill & Crown, 

h 141 Randolph 

Gleason F. S W., assist, supt. H. of R., Coates 

and Ridge av 
Gleason James, shop, 135 Cherrj' 
(ileason James, lab., Sommerset (R) 
(ilcason Mich., Irfb., Sommerset n Larch 

Glading Klizabcth, Mrs., 181 Brown |(;lcason Mich., lab., Scott's ct 

Glading Frederick, tinsmith, Franklin above! (ileason &. Zane, stoves, 463 Market 

Ciierry & 275 N 2d Gleave John \\'., die sinker, 18 Franklin pi, n 

Glading (ieorge, hair dresser, 504 N 2d 17 S Marshall 

Glading .lames, S W Little Water and Lombard Glcckenbaclier John, tavern, 126 CoatcS 
Glading .loseph, tinsmith, (i T road opp Ca (ilcckner lleni'v, lab., 16 F.utaw 

mac, and S E 2d & Margaretta Kiifdliil! Francis B., carp. William n 22d 

Glading Mary, milliner, 53 Brown (;k-dliill Henriett;i, saleswoman, 41 S 2d 

Glading Wiliiam, merchant, 48 N Del av, h 145 (iledhill lienrv, wool sorter, N W 20th an 

sbd J McDufhe" 

GLAESER AUG., translator and agent, 188 N (.lodliill Jas., shoemr. 140 S Water 

3<1, h 210 N 7th 
Glaeser (J has., shoemr., rear 15 Harmony 
Glaeser & Stephens, printer, 188 N 3d 
Glancy Bernard, lab., rear Campbell 
Glancy Michael, lab., Washington (W P) 
Glanden Geo., morocco Hnishir, Cadwalader n 



(iledhill John, i)lksm. 34 (;harl()lte ab George 

(iledhill Wm. II., photographist, 378 Market 

Cilecson .loliii, lab., ^Va•.^^s ct 

Gleeson Pat., tobacconist, 12 Race 

Cileeson 'I'imothy, lab. 21 Parham 

(ileini Christ'n, tavern, Callowhill & Fairmoun 

Gleim Harry, clerk, 125 .Market 




Glelsner John, corchv ., hotel, N W 7th & Cherry 1 Glock B., harness mr. 533 N 4th. h 339 Poplar 

(ilencev Mich., lab., Charles | Glock Peter, saddler, 7 Randolph 

GLEXAT JOSEPH, omnibus proprietor, 12 |Glocker J., machinist, Cumberland bel Brown 

Philu. Exchange, h G T road and 6th 
Glenat Jos., omnibus depot, Richmond &, Wil- 
liam, h 507 N Front 
Glendennin,^ R., acct.. Bridge ab 6th (W P) 
Glenn Alfred, hatter, 41 N 6th 
Glenn Benj. F., acct., 387 N 13th (S G) 
Glenn Catharine, 10 Jones 
Glenn & Co., fancy goods, 180 Chestnut 
Gler.n David, weaver. Philip n Columbia 
Glenn Edwd., mer. 180 Chestnut 
Glenn George, clerk, 292 S 6lh 
Glenn Henry, boat builder. Beach av 
Glenn James, vict. Raspberry n 4th 
Glenn James, lab., Fisher ab Cumberland 
Glenn James, silver painter, n Amber bel Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Glenn Jas., silver plater, Howard bel Jefferson 
Glenn Jane, spinner, rear Amber bel Phoenix 
Glenn John, shoemr., 86 Gei-man 
Glenn John, ship carp., 16th an