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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 





Original Inventors 



In use on nearly all the principal Railroads in the United States and Great Britain. 


[Dormant and Portable ;] 

On Wheels, lor Foundries, Rolling Mills, Iron Houses, &c. &c, 


Hailroad, Hay and Coal ScaIe.S; 

Made entirely of Iron anJ Steel, 
Are set in avy part of the Country at short notice, hy experienced icorJcmen. 

Dir SCALES graduated to FOREIGN STANDARDS, and suitably packed for Shipping, 
furnished on reasonable terms, and at short notice. 
CI7" These Scales have been long known and severely tested ; and the universal con- 
fidence felt in their accuracy and perfect adjustment is such, that they are now regarded as 
THE STANDARD, from which there is no appeal. 

FAIRBANKS & EWING, General Agents, 

No. 335 Market Street, Phila.delphin. 

( 4 ) 


No. 3 and 5 Branch Street, above Third Street 




Tin Plate, 1 c to 1 xxxx. 

do. 14-20, 1 c to 1 xxxx. 
Leaded Plate 
^ Black Taggers 


American Sheet Iron, No. 

8 to 28 
English do No. 8 to 28 
Russia do 10 to 16 

Imitation do 20 to 27 

Galvanized do 16 to 28 

Hoop Iron, 1-2 to 2 in. 
Round Iron, 3-16 to 34 in, 
Teazle Iron 


Common Wire, No. 000 to 36 
Annealed do 000 to 36 


Sheet Brass, No. 1 to 40 
Platers' Brass, to 0000 
Brass Sheets, 2-4 
Lamp Metal, No. 20 to 40 
Brass Kettles, 8 to IS in. 
Brass Dippers 
Copper Dippers 
Brass Branch Pipes 


Tinn'd Rivets, 8 oz. to 12 lbs, 







000 to 36 
000 to 36 
3 to 20 
000 to 50 
000 to 50 

German Silver Wire 
Steel Wire 


Pig Lead 

Pig Copper 

Pig Tin 


Sheet Zinc, 26 to 40 in. 

Sheet Lead, 3 to 8 lbs. 



Babbit Metal, warranted 

Ingot Copper 

Old Copper 

Old Brass 

Bar Tin. stamped 

Bar Lead, stamped 

Bar Solder, stamped 

Cierman Silver, No. 10 to 40 

Braziers' Solder 

lo do 

3 to 8 p. 

1-4 to 1-2 in. 

0. H. head 
do do 
C. S. head 


and Burrs 

Black do 
Cooper do 
Boiler do 
Black do 
Copper do 

Do do 

Do do 
Hose do 
Brass do 
Zinc Nails 
Copper Nails 

Do Trunk Nails 

Do Floor Nails 


Brass Tubing, 1-4 to 3 in. 





Cast Steel, host, square 
Do do round 
Do do oval 
Do do common 
Die Steel 
Files, Files 
Bake Pans, oval 

Do round 
Frying Pans, short handles 
Vices, Cotter Key, 30 to 

100 lbs. 
Vices, common, 30 to 100 lbs 
Iron Chains, 8 to 30 
Brass Chains, 8 to 30 
Silver Plated Chain 
Sheathing Copper, 14 to 34 Safety Brass Chain 
o?i. |Stamped Tin Ware 

Sheathing Copper, tinned. Pie Plates 

14 to 16 oz. Fluted Patties 

Braziers' do 9 to 150 lbs. Scolloped Plates 
Copper Bottom, 14tol00in.:C. S. Bottoms 
Boiler do oval, B. B. JButter Kettle Lids 
Do do round, T. K. C. Stick Springs 
Do do do D. P. Egg Beaters 
Bolt Copper, 1-2 to 3 in. iFlesh Forks 
Copper Nails, 2 to 16 p. [Wire, Wire 
Copper Tacks, 3-8 to 1 in. iLadles and Skimmers 

Gravy Ladles 

Basting Spoons, 10 to 18 in. 

Table do 

Tea do 

Iron Sauares 


Beak Irons 
Blowhorn Stake 
Creasing do 
Square do 

Candle Mould Stake 
Needle Case do 
Hollow Punch, 3-16 to 4 in. 
Solid do 
Creasing Swedge 
Cullender do 
Shears, No. to 6 

Do Hand, No. 7 to 9 

Do Lever 

Do Circular 

Do Snips 
Roofing Tongs, IJ to IJ in. 

Do Groover 
Solder Irons, 1 to 3 lbs. 
Wire Gauges 

Plyers, round and flat nose 
Wire Cutters 
Hammers, Riveting, 1-2 to 

2 lbs. 
Hammers, Penning, 1-2 to 

2 lbs. 
Hammers, Bright, J"1;o 5 lbs. 


Folding Machines 
Grooving do 
Wiring do 

Setting Down Machines 
Turning do 

Burring do 

Beading, No. 1 to 4 
Forming Machines 
Sheet Iron Folding 
Hand Drills 
Dipper Handle 


Black, No. 8 to 7 
Tinned, do 
M. Cast Iron 


File Handles 
Bucket Handloa 
Hammer do 
Solder lid'h Handles 

Mallets ^ 

Pump Spear and Blocks ^ 


Black Lead ® 

Black Lead Crucibles, No. ^ 

3 to 80 '^ 

Cast Iron Fire Pots q| 

Saucepan Handles, Black, dfc 

5 to 9 in. ^ 

Do Tinned, 5 to 9 in. ^ 

Do Socket, do ^ 

Hoop and Screw Feeders ® 

Do for Miner's Lamp 3? 
Brass Knobs y? 

Metal do fancy ^ 

Do Rings, do ^ 

Brass Cloth ^ 

Pierced Tin Qfi 

Brass Ornaments for stoves, CB 

&c. ^ 

Mica, or Ising Glass ^ 

Reed Hoins yi 


Hydrant Rods W 

Do Keys (3 

Do Stays & 

Do Handles ^ 

Do Pave ^ 

Plumbers' Pots ™ 

Do Irons Cw 

Do Shavehooks & 
Do Ladles, 3 to 8 in. ^ 

Copper Wire ^ 

Do Tacks 31 

Silver Plated Chain ^ 

GAS. 9? 

Gas Wrenches ^ 

Gas Keys 

Gas Plate 

Gas Hooks 

Gas Rods 

Gas Plyers 

Brass Tubing 

Lamp Metal 

Brass Washers 

Brass Safety Chain 


Turn Buckles, 6 kinds 
Damper Rods 
Stove Ketches 
.Stove Latches 
Churn Handles 
Urn Handles, fancy 
Burrs for Stoves 
Ears for Copper Kettles 


wiQ^aira^Ka i^um® 



J General g^^soriment 

Coiastantly ou hand, at tlie ioivest prices. 





liaSely Ecmored from the Old Ssnnd, 48 Cheslmnt Street, 

194 CHESTNUT STREET, below Eighth, 




Spy Glassesi 

Opera Glasses, 
Tape Measures, 



Platina Points, 


Electrical Machines, 

&c. &c, &c. 

Our -Priced and ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical 
Instruments, furnished on application, and sent by Mail free of charge. 

f^^g KBlm m^m^l^ r, ^ Bm ^ um»m » B^7, '^9llB^ ^ln w u^m ll^^:^sms 

?S '■■ 

( 8) 



Corner of Ninth St and Girard Avenue, 

Ail l¥ork ^S¥ari*anted and Terms McasonaMe. 

J®"" Orders left at 46^ Walnut St. will be promptly attended to. 

C. J. PRICE &. CO. 





No. 7 Hart's Building, Second Story, 


C J. p. & Co., import to order weekly from England, France and Germany, and 
confining their attention exclusively to Foreign Books, 

Purchasers may depend on having their orders promptly 
attended to on the most reasonable terms. 


[F®[^[ia©ra [Lairi^/^TO^i 



^y^Cafdogufss furnished ^GRATIS on application. ,jj\ 


( 9 ) 




No. 7 Hart's Buildings, (2d Story,) iSixth St. above Chestnut. 1 


Francis White, . 
John Macpherson, 
Clement Biddle, 

James Hardie, 
a a 

Edmund Hogan, 
Thomas Stephens, 
Cornelius Wm, Stafford, 

James Robinson, 





John Adems Paxton, 
B. & T. Kite, 
James Robinson, 

Edward Davies, 
John Adems Paxton, 

Edward Wbitely, 














M'Carty & Davis, 

Robert De Silver, 

Thomas Wilson, 
Robert De Silver, 

A. M'Elroy, 


TEAR. ^ 

1821. gj 

1822. m 

1824. (^ 

1825. ^1 

1828. ^ 

1829. 8f 

1830. m 
1836. S^ 


1839. K 

1840. 5 

1841. §g 

1842. m 

1843. m 

1844. p 

1845. ^ 

1846. g 

1847. m 

1848. m 

1849. m 

1850. ^ 

1851. gl 

1852. m 

1853. m 

1854. m 

1855. m 

\ Thence to Water Street 
) Water Street -width 

Ji Square to Willow, 

3j Willow Street 
jj/ Square 

i'j Beach Street 
^'j Square 

§•( Twenty-tbird Street 
^j) Square 

gJ^ Twenty-second Street 
3^. Twenty-first Street 
' Square 

Twentienth Street 

Nineteenth Street 
W Eighteenth Street 
%A Square 

8Q Seventeenth Street 
|-( Square 

s:\. Sixteenth Street 
J; Square 

i% Fifteenth Street 
'3j Square 

fe^( Broad Street 

From Sch. to East side 
Broad, inclusive 

Juniper Street 
p3v Square 

Thirteenth Street 

'£^ Amount carried forward. 



Beginning at ScLuylkill low water mark on South Street 







Amount brought forward, 78 
Twelfth Street width 50 

Eleventh Street 50 

Tenth Street 50 

Ninth Street 50 

Eighth Street 50 

Seventh Street 50 

Sixth Street 50 

Fifth Street 50 

Fourth Street 50 

Third Street 50 

Second Street 60 

Front Street 60 

Penn Street 50 

New Water Street 30 

To the end of wharf 

From Broad to Delaware, 768 

Total feet from Schnylkill 
to Delaware, 

Vine Street 

Jj Race Street 
7 Square 

'pi Cherry Street 

Arch Street 

Filbert Street 

Market Street 

Chestnut Street 

George Street 


Amount carried forward, 


50 Amount brought forward, 447 

width 50 


Walnut Street 




Locust Street 




Spruce Street 




Pine Street 




Lombard Street 




South Street 





Total feet, 







10.597 3 

12,098 3 ^M 



<Jl0mmt0£iioner0 to take ^cknotolcigmcnts, &f. ^ 


David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 

Hugh W, Tener, 20 S. Third street. 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 

Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street. 
John H. Frick, ^^ Dock street. 


1^ Davia B. Birney, 88 Market street. 

1^ Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

M^ George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. 

1^ Edward Carpenter, 109 Walnut street. 

|<Ei John H. Frick, 15^ Dock street. 

^^ Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

^jg Thompson Westcott, 24 Sansom st. bel. 7th. 


1^ David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 

ky Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

1^ John H. Frick, 75;J Dock street. 

|<I3 Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 


^ Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

1^ John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 


|<g David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 

1^ Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

1^ John H. Frick, 75| Dock street. 

1^ Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 


Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 

Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

Henry Palmer, 120 S. Fourth street. 
David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. 


Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 
David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

IOWA. Itii 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street. rj^ 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. tj>| 

Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street. eJP 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. |^ 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut, ip 


David B. Birney, 88 Marlcet street. .-|^i 

Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street. F^ 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. t^ 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. fj^ 

George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. ||^ 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. .^ 


Edward Armstrong, office N. Penn. R. R. 123 ||^ 

Walnut street. Si&l 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street. ^ 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. B^ 

Henry Palmer, 120 S. Fourth street. ^ 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. ^ 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. ^ 


David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 'S^ 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. ^ 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. ^ 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. ^ 


David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. ^ 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 1^ 

Edward Carpenter, 109 Walnut street. ^p 

John Clayton, 179 Walnut street. [^ 

John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. ^| 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. ^ 

Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 
David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 
Arthur M, Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 
John H. Frick, 7&^ Dock street. 
George Griscom, 72 S. Tliird street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut 






Il^ David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street. 

1^ Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street. 

^ Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

|<f3 John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 

g^ George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. 

i«3 Edward Sliippen, S. E. cor. Sixth &• Walnut. 


^ David B, Birney, 88 Market street. 

fm Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street. 

^ Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 

^3 Edward Carpenter, 109 Walnut street. 

1^3 John H. Frick, 75J Dock street. 

P«^5 George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. 

1^ Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

g^ Thompson Westcott, 24 Sansom st. bel. 7th. 


in David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 

^ Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth sueet. 

^ John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 

1*3 Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 

^ Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street. 


^ John H. Frick, 7S^ Dock street. 
^G George Sergeant, 116 Walnut street. 


The foUowjug are the only commissioners 
for New York, residing in Philadelphia, au- 
thorized to take acknowledgments, and affida- 
vits, &c., to be used in New York, viz : — 
Henry Palmer, 120 S. Fourth street. 
Edward Armstrong, office N. Penn. R. R. 123 
Walnut street, and 88 S. Fourth street. 
George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. 
David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut. 


David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 


John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street. 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut 

David B. Birney, 88 Market street 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut 


Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
Edward Armstrong, office N. Penn. R. R. 123 
Walnut street, and 88 S. Fourth street. 
David B. Birney, 88 Market street 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street 
John H. Frick, 70^ Dock street 
George Griscom, 72 S. Third street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut 


David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street. 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut 


David B. Birney, 88 Market street 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street 
William Shippen, jr., 30 S. Fifth street 


David B. Birney, 88 Market street 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street 
ArtlAu M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street 
George Griscom, 72 S. Third street 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Walnut 


G. Morgan Eldridge, Commissioner, 72 South Sixth street. 

David B. Birney, No. 88 Market street 
Arthur M. Burton, 101 S. Fifth street 
S. Kingston McCay, 139 Walnut street 
Hugh W. Tener, 20 S. Third street 
John H. Frick, 75^ Dock street. 
Edward Shippen, S. E. cor. Sixth & Wahiut 













lEfflftteentli 3E5ttfoit, 

[ The names of Subscribers^ in this edition, are printed in Capitals, and the same 
course will be pursued in all future editions.] 























1 Thursday 
1 Friday. 


January. . . 












5 6 






























23 24 


26 27 


23 24 





29 30 31 


30 31 

Febeuaky. . 




August. . . . 






5 6 












12 13 













20 21 


















30 31 

March. . . • 






























12 13114 





















25 26 





April. . . . 


2 3 





October. . . 






































25 26 






30 31 








November. . 

1 2 













8 910 













1516 17 












22 23124 











June, .... 



December. . 













6 7 











































Adams Henry S., bill broker, 33 Strawberry, h 362 

ALBRO 8c HOYT, oil cloths, 1 Jones' al 
ALLEN GEORGE, vice consul for the Pontifical 

States, 17th bel Walnut 
Anderson James, salesman, 18 and h 234 Chestnut 
ANDRZEYKOVIEZ J., manufac. chemist, 852 

ARMSTRONG GEORGE H., alderman, office 

Lombard E Broad 
Ashmead Albert S., mer., 14 S Del av, k 7th and 

Bridge (M V) 
Ashmead John E., mer., 93 Market and 22 Church 

al, h 115 S3d 

CHRISTIAN SAMUEL J., com. mer. 48 N Del 

av, h 97 N Water 
Clark B. Franklin, ins. and real est- broker, 92 Arch 
Clarke & Co., agents Clarke's water filter, 141 

COLCORD B. L., broker, 17 S 6th 
Colhoun William, 435 Spruce 
CONARROE GEORGE W., artist, 392 Vine 
COOKE J. &; G., chemists and druggists, S E 8th 

and Race 
Crofut Geo. A., 12 Prune 

CROSS BENJAMIN C, music teacher, 105 S 17th 
Cuthbert Geo., gent. 359 Arch 
Cuthbert Samuel, 7th and Sansom 

Bailey Joshua L., office 252 Chestnut, h 153 Filbert 
BALDERSTON MARK, carp. Sc builder, 46 N 

8th, h 391 Green 
Ba^l, M'Laen & Co., shipping and com. mers., 88 S 

■ Del av 
BARNITZ D. G., stock and bill broker, 3 Harmony 

ct, li 2 Palmyra Row Vine ab 10th 

• toavvrjl Tlinrasts F., attorney and counsellor at law, 

• 30 S uh 
BELCHER t.'k.T. H., dry goods, 96 Sp Garden, 

h 509 Green 
Belcher'Joseph, Rev., "lOg Green 
BERRY CH * LKEY, rtTz-ctory, Odd Fellows' Hall 

S W 6th aad Haines, h92 N.6th 
BERRY C. M., Ben-y's Hotd, 10 Library 
Biddle Edward C, publisher, 8 Minor . 
BIDDLE E. C. & J., bookselltt-s and publjshers, 8 

Minor -l •',.> 

Biddle James S., Lieut. U. S: ;Nav^;4l4 Locust ab 

Biddle John, publisher, 8 Minor, R^SN 15th 
BIRD HENRY, gent. 2 Clinton 
Bird James S., clerk, 8 N 3d 
Bird William H., clerk, 8 N 3d -' 
BLEFGEN A., tavern, 598 N Front 
BOERICKE & TAFEL, homceopathic pharmacy, 

18 S 7th 
BOGGS h KIRK, whelesale grocers, 45 Mirket 
BOND SAMUEL S., druggist 741 N Front 
Bond Wm. M. Jackson, druggist, S E 8th & Race 
Brink Philander C, iron com. &; rail read agency*, 9 

R R Building, h 671 Arch 
BRODIE E. J., druggist, N E 5th and Jefferson 
BROOME k DECHERT, attorneys and couns. 89 

S 5th 
Broome Jacob, attorney and couns. 89 S 5th, h Lan- 
caster and Crammond (W P) 
Bunting Wm.,24 Carver 
Burk Mary Ann, millinery, 304 Chestnut 
BURTON & CLEMENT, shipping mers. 10 S 

Del av 
Butcher Thos. T., office 1 Drinker's al n Front 

Campbell John R., 73 S 4th, h 410 N 8th 
Carter Paul B., N E 7th and Noble 

Dean Wm. F., 99 Walnut 

DICKINSON MAHLON II., bricklr. !s builder, 

534 N Front ab Otter 
Dilworth, Branson k Co., 59 Market 
Dorrance Henry B., 101 N Front 
Dunlop Mary, dressmr. 341 N 13th 
Dunning Robt. D. Sc Co., com. mers, 101 N Front 
Dunning Richard O'B., com. mer. 101 N Front 
Dunning Robert, com. mer. 101 N Front 

EGAN J. H., 186 Race 

ENGLISH JOHN B. & CO., imprs. English antl 

French gloves, 21 Chestnut 
Evans h Newcomber, Union Hotel, 111 Arch 
Evans Robert, measurer, 112 Wallace bel 10th 
EXPRESS MESSENGER, (A. L. Stimson & Co.) 

116 Chestnut 
EYRE JOS. K., com. mer. 37 Dock 

Fagan & Hopkins, civil engineers and surveyors, 80 

Walnut bel 4th 
Fernly John, mer. 151 Market, h 338 N 5th 
FIELD, LANGSTROTH & CO., hardware mers. 

166 Market 
FREEMAN A. k. E. W., millinery 308 Walnut 
Freeman W. H., M. D., 34 Girard 
FRENCH C. & CO., York av. Crown k Callowhill 
Fry H. B., broker, 68 S 3d, h 5 Clinton sq 
Fry J. R. &c H. B., stock & bill brokers, 68 S 3d 

Gaskens J. R. & Co., cedar ware, &c. 27 N 3d 
Gerhart A. L., pump rar. S W Broad and George, 

h George W 17th 
Gill Thomas R., com. mei-. 54 Chestnut 
GILLESPIE & ZELLER, wholesale grocers, N W 

6th and Market 
GIRARD HOUSE, 271 Chestnut 
Graham John S.,coal mer. 35 Walnut, h 13 S 13th 
GRUNDY EDMUND & CO., imps. 16 Church al 

Jiaffelfinger C. C, salesman, 20 N4lh,h 718 Green 

Halsey W., M. D. N W 7th and Pine 

Handy & Brenner, hardware merchants, 23 [& 25 

N 5th 
Hassall Wm. S., mer. 223 Qiestnut 

Hazard Samuel, editor Penna. Archives, 20 Sansom 

St Hall, h Locust W 17th 
Homer A. P., Temple of Fancy, 206 Chestnut 
Hood Wm. B., atty. & couns. 131 Walnut, h 73 


KELLEY PATRICK, liveiy stables, 9 Filbert 
Kei-show Edward P., ice dealer. Broad ab Arch, h 

Arch ab Broad 
KNIGHT REEVE L., beddings k carps. 148 S 2d 

LEIBRANDT, M'DOWELL & CO., Philadelphia 

stove works, Noble st whf Del 
Lloyd Ann, Mrs. N E 7th and Noble 
LOVE T,, 124 Chestnut 


LAROL WM. H., mer. 48 S 4th 

Maull Jas., jr., & Co. 9 N Del av 

Maull Raymond T., mer. 9 N Del av , h 83 Pine 

OSGOOD S. M. Rev., agt. Am. Bap. Mis. Union, 
office & house 20th st, 1st door bel Pine 

Riddle, Pennock & Co., dry goods, 103 Market 

warehouse, 127 Walnut 

Work, Young & M'Couch, ex. brokers, 24 S 3d 

A. M' E tr MO Y'S 




Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor, av avenue, 
bel below, bet between, (B H) Bush Hill, b h boarding- house, c corner, ct court, E East, 
F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (F V) Francisville, g-ent. g-entleman, gentw. gentlewoman, 
G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, M Moyamensing, manuf. 
manufacturer and manufactory, M V Mantua Village, mer. merchant, mers. merchants, mr 
maker, n near, N North, N L Northern Liberties, O Y Old York, P Passyunk, P T Penn 
Township, R Ridge, Rd Richmond, S South, Sch. Schuylkill, W West, whf wharf or wharves, 
(W P) West Philadelphia. 


Aarons Aaron, tailor, 146 Poplar 
Aaronson Abraham, mer. 23 S 2d 
Aaronson G. P., carp. 186 Poplar 
Aaronson Robt. S. clerk, 246 S 2d, h 56 GaskiU 
Abadie Victor J., ?92 S 8th 
Abbett Mrs. S. M., milliner, 109 N 5th 
Abbey Charles, gold br., 26 Pear, h 71 Spruce 
Abbey Chas. O., gold beater, 26 Pear 
\ .ABBEY CHARLES & SONS, gold beaters, 26 

Abbey George P., 26 Pear 
Abbey Rosewell, machinist, 42 S 3d, h 578 N 5th 
Abbey William M., clerk, 27 N Water 
Abbey Wm. R., gold beater, 26 Pear, h 10th ab 

Abbot Samuel, book keeper, 17 S Del. av., h 

S E 17th and Chancellor 
Abbott A.ntrim, lab. Ash below Duke (R) 
Abbott Chas. H., mer. 16 N 4th, h 6 Clinton 
Abbott Catharine, 15 Gaskill 
Abbott Chas. R., 496 N 3d 

% ABBOTT C. H. & G., hardware, 16 N 4th 
Abbott Edward, mer. 49 & 51 Chestnut, h 285 

Abbott Edward, gent. 49 Parrish 
Abbott Edwin W., tninkmr. Crown bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Abbott Francis A., brickh. 387 Catharine 
Abbott Geo., mer. 16 N 4ih, h 183 Arch 

V Abbott & Hill, vinegar, 170 N 5th 
Abbott Isaiah, police, 8 Hallowell 
Abbott James, mer. 112 Market, h 245 Walnut 
Abbott Jas. E., clerk, Park bel Washington 


'Abbott James G., 244 Marshall 
Abbott John, grocer, N E Broad and Race, h 

Vine ab Broad 
ABBOTT, JOHNES & CO., silk goods, 153 

Abbott Joseph E., hatter, 180 Wharton 
ABBOTT & LAWRENCE, stove works. Brown 

above 4th 
Abbott Mary, 285 N 6th 
Abbott Mary, 21st bel Lombard 
Abbott Mary Ann, washer, rear 9 Emeline 
Abbott Patrick, boatman, 21st ab Cedar 
Abbott Redman, mer. 153 Market 
Abbott Samuel, lab. 102 Penn (K) 
Abbott Samuel A., scalemr. 9th and Melon, h 

9th bel Melon 
Abbott Samuel W., 10 Girard 
xVbbott Sarah, ia2 Penn (K) 
ABBOTT S. A. & CO., scale manuf. 333 Mar- 
ket, & 9th and Melon 
Abbott Theodore, carp. 27 Nectarine 
Abbott Thomas, stovemr. h 244 Marshall 
Abbott Thos., car di'iver. Mechanic ab Poplar 
Abbott Thos., shoemr. Emerald ab Hart la 
Abbott Wm., hardware, 2d 8c Coates,h Marshall 

bel Parrish 
ABBOTT WM. H., atty. & coun. 16 N 7th, h 

Vine W Broad 
Abbott William S., mer. 85 Chestnut, h 6th ab 


Abbott Wilson, brewer, 285 N 6th 
A'Beckett Thos., comedian, 3 Rodman 
Abel A. M., dressmr. 60 Green 



Abel Cath., wid of Joseph, Ulriclis 

Abel Charles, painter, 60 Green 

Abel Chas. R., tinsm. 380 N 2d, h 450 N 4th 

Abel George, shoemr. 13 Charles 

Abel Heniy, carter, Tyler ab Poplar 

Abel H. A., dressmr. 17 Nectarine 

Abel Jacob C, baths, rear 124 S 2d 

Abel Janies, lab. Marion ab 2d 

Abel James, lab. rear 483 N 3d 

Abel John, bricklr. 2 Log-an 

Abel John, fisherman, 235 Allen (K) 

Abel John, chairmr. Kennedy's ct 

Abel John, salesm. 132 Market, h 8 Lew is (S G) 

Abel John, watchman, Wallace bel 13th 

Abel Joseph, police, 242 St John 

Abel Martha, tailoress, Myrtle bel 13th 

Abel Peter, cordw. Earl bel West 

Abel Peter, paper hanger, 447 Poplar 

Abel Peter, clerk, Bedford bel Elm 

Abel Robert K., watchcase maker. Alder below 

Girard av 
Abel Samuel, whf. builder, 13 Ross (K) 
Abel Samuel, gas fitter, 98 New Market 
Abel Sarah M., 196 Noble 
Abel Wm., brickh-. Allen ab F road 
Abel Wm. A., carp. Lewis ab Master 
Abel W. W., conductor, 60 Green 
Abeles Bernai-d, mer. 142 S 2d 
Abeles Seligman, trimmings, 83 N 2d 
Absll A. B., coach painter. Vine and Crown, h 

623 Girard. av 
Abell Jos. A., cooper, Ogden bel 15th 
Abell Sophia, Howard ab Master (K) 
Abell Wm. J., artist. Queen ab Sarah (K) 
Abels George, baker. Filbert n 22d 
Abentrole Daniel, cabinetmr. 51 Howard (K) 
Abei-nethy James, lab. Hamilton ab Broad 
Ab erne thy John, carter, 15th n Willow 
Aberswine Com-ad, Alder ab Girard av 
Abicht F. W., bootmr. 201 Race 
Able Peter, shoemr.. Wheeler bel Charlotte 
Able Susan, 491 N 5th 
Abnet Jos. C, 15th ab Barclay 
Abnett &. Jones, bricklayers, 27 N 7th 
Aborn Jos. K., plasterer, Marsliall ab 5tli 
Aborn R., dressmr. Washington bel 7th 
Abraham Isaac, vict. 263 Green 
Abraham John, vict. 614 N 11th 
Abraham John, tav. 404 N 2d 
Abraham Jos., butcher, Adams ab Oxford (K) 
Abrahams Moses, gent. 136 N 13th 
Abram Robert, tobacconist, 20th n Pine 
Abrams Abraham, jr., brickmr. 126 William 
Abrams Alfred, tailor, S E 2d and Dock 
Abrams David, vict, 125 George 
Abrams George, butcher, 4th bel Jefferson 
Abrams Joseph, atty. and coun. 175 Race 
Abrams Joseph, brickmr., 1144 N 5tli 
Abrams Margaret, 21 Lilly av 
Abrams Mich., carpenter, rear 364 St. John (K) 
Abrams Moses, 335 St. John (K) 
Accoo Jesse, coachman, 13 Watson's al 
Accor Samuel M., shoemr. Carroll ab 13th 
Acestecott Chas., dealer, Jackson 
Acestecott Clu'istian, dealer, Jackson 
Acheson Charles, flour mer. 387 Market, house 

Cramond bel Washington (W P) 
Acheson James, baker, 742 Wood 

Acheson John, carter, Norris ab Howard 
\cheson & Rommell, flour mers. 387 Market , 
AchiUes George, patternmr, 25 Brandy wine 
Achuff" James, turner, Lewis bel Oxford (K) 
Achuff" Jos., prison officer, 372 Wharton 
Acker Henry, baker, S E Girard av and Alder 
Acker James, segarmr. St. John and George (K) 
Ackerman Jacob, tailor, Randolph ab F av 
Ackerman John, butcher, 6th bel G T road 
Ackerman John, carp., 20th ab Spruce 
Ackerman Joshua, grocer, S W 12th & Parrish 
Ackerman Nicholas, tailor, Benton n William 
Ackerson Wm., builder. Green n Till (W P) 
Ackley Caroline, Spring Garden & Linden 
Ackley Elizabeth, 297 S Front 
Ackley John, engineer, F road ab Marlboro (K) 
Ackley John N., pattern fitt. Worth ab Franklin 
Ackley Myers F., machinist, Fitzwater n Broad 
Ackley Remington, salesman, 15 Bank and 16 

Ackley Thomas W., mer., 177 Market, h 133 N 

Ackley Wm., paper boxmr. 638 N 3d 
Ackley Wm. H. clerk, 63'8 N 3d 
Ackroyd Wm., weaver, Hope and Master (K) 
Acoby Job, porter, h Shield's ct 
Acor Stephen, marble mason. Deal bel F road 
Acorn Adam, farmer, F road n Reading- av 
Acorn Michael, farmer, F road n Reading av 
Acton John, cutter, 8 Louisa av 
Acton Nathaniel, lab. rear 698 Lombard 
Acton Wm. R., ladies cloak mr. 260 Chestnut 
ADAIR HARVEY W., hatter, 45 R av 
Adair John, printer, JeflTerson bel 12th 
Adair Robert, Rev., Sec. Phila. H. M. Society, 

386 Chestnut, h 350 Filbert ab 17th 
Adaix Wm., stone cutter, Myi'tle ab 13th 
ADAIR WM., shoemr. 144 N 10th 
Adair Wm. S., clerk Bank Commerce, h 350 


Adam Paul, tinsm. 207 S 2d 
Adam Wm. E., saloon, 207 S 2d 
Adams Alex., brushes, 31 Market, h 11th and 

Adams Alexander, drajmian. Walnut al 
Adams Alexander, drayman, 201 Hope (K) 
Adams Amos, bootfinisher, 13 Commerce, h 

rear 4 Rose (K) 
Adams And. W., clerk, 53 Market, h Camden 
Adams A. Mrs., hat springs, h 218 N 11th 
Adams A. L., blank books, 228 N 3d, house 522 


Adams Boyd, varnisher, Higgin's ct 
Adams B. W., broker, 46i Walnut, h 388 Arch 
Adams Catharine, Cheri-y (K) 
Adams Catharine, Fairview and 19th 
ADAMS CHARLES, chy goods, S E 8th and 

Arch, h 320 N 12th, 5 drs bel Wallace 
Adams Charles, waiter, Helmuth bel 17tli 
Adams Charles, clerk, 19 N4th, h Girard av ab 

Adams Charles J., com. mer. 45 N Water, h 138 

ADAMS CHAS. J. & CO., com, mers. 45 N 

Water, and S E Broad & Locust 
Adams Chas L. Girard av ab 15th 
ADAMS & CO., package expi-ess, 116 Chestnut 
Adams David, provis. dealer, Laui'el & Rachel 



Adams David, grocer, S E 2d and Poplar 

Adams David B., waiter, 10 Burd's ct 

Adams Eleanor, 11 Hazel 

Adams Ellis, tavern, William and Richmond 

Adams Elizabeth, Rose ab School (K) 

Adams Elizabeth, 518 Lombard 

Adams Elizabeth,}Beach ab Warren 

Adams Eliza Ann, 3 Young's al 

Adams Enels J. H., 290 Lombard 

Adams Francis, lamp finisher, Coates ab 13th 

Adams Fred. M., atty. and coun. h 162 Pine 

Adams F., laundress, Price's ct 

Adams George W., bricklr. 152 Diamond 

Adams Gilbert, drygds. 21 S 8th, h391 N 12th 

Adams Hannah, finisher, Norris bel Front (K) 

Adams Henry, musician, rear 25 Barle)'^ 

Adams Henry S., acct. 54 and h 362 Chestnut 

Adams Howard J., clerk, 45 N Water, h 248 

Adams Jacob, driver, Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Adams James, cordw., 6 Myer's ct 
Adams James, Norris below Front (K) 
Adams James, bricklayer, Jefff rson W 17th 
Adams Jas., bricklr., 11 Hazel 
Adams Jas., biscuit baker, Hamilton's ct 
Adams Jas., plasterer, 24th ab South 
Adams Jas., weaver, Hope bel Master 
Adams Jas., lab. Nixon and Pearl 
Adams Jas., lab., rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Adams Jas. B., grocer, 6 S Water, h 12th ab 

Adams Jas. C, galvanized iron, 14 N 10th, h 127 

N Juniper 
Adams Jas. W., machinist, 6 Nectarine bel 11th 
Adams John, lab, 6th ab Master 
Adams John, clothing, 40 Penn 
Adams John, cordw. Vienna ab Queen 
Adams John, blacksm. Locust and 14th 
Adams John, grocer, 481 S Front 
Adams John, weaver, rear 27 Evans 
Adams John, book binder, 253 Market, h Clair 

bel 6th 
Adams John, segarmr., Redwood ab 5th 
Adams John D., brass turner, 29 Hutchinson 
Adams John F., plasterer, 652 Pine 
Adams John G., clerk, 151 Market, h 344 Mar- 
Adams John H., mer., 7 Commerce 
Adams John L., stone cutter, Moore ab 16th 
Adams John L., moulder 7 Whitehall 
Adams Jonathan, cordw., Mechanic ab George 

Adams Joseph, driver, Filbert E 19th 
^.dams Joseph, fisherman, Ash be] Duke (R) 
Adams Jos., whf. builder. Bakers court n Palmer 

/Vdams Jos. A., mnke'eper, 210 N Water, h Cal- 
lowhill ab Front 
Adams J. B., conveyancer, 19 Wallace 
Adams J. B., atty. and coun., 46 S. 6th 
Adams Leo, moulder, 15th and Parrish 
Adams Leo, shoemr. Rachel's row 
Adams Leo, 22 South 
Adams Lydia, Decatur ab Corn 
Adams L. H., druggist, 57 Union 
Adams Margery, 185 S 13th 
Adams Marg., rear 27 Evans 
Adams Mary Ann, b h, 138 S 11th 

Adams Michael, tavern, 151 S 6th 

ADAMS MATHILDA, MRS., ladies' and chil- 

di-en's furnishing, 362 Chestnut 
Adams Nicholas, sugar refiner, Sowers ct 
Adams Philip, 276 Apple 
Adams Richd., bookr. h Franklin ab Crown 
Adams Richd., bank elk., h 161 Vine 
Adams Robert, mariner, 34 Beck (S) 
Adams Robert, lab. 380 S 13th 
Adams Robert, dealer. Federal ab 12th 
ADAMS ROBT. Jr., coal dealer. Water ab Cal 

lowhill, h 284 Beach ab Marlboro (K) 
Adams Robt., weaver, Duke and Earle 
Adams Robt. & Co., commission merchants, 20 

Adams Robt. H., clothing, 222 Market, h 13 N 

Adams R., mer. 20 Walnut, h S E 12th & Walnut 
Adams Samuel, cabmr. 439 Sprvice 
Adams Sarah J., Jefferson W of 17th 
Adams & Stager, clothing, 222 Market ■v-'*"** 
Adams Stephen L., blank book binder, 56 Nod, 

h Barclay W Broad 
Adams & Sutter, mers. 6 S Water 
Adams Thomas, weaver, 8 Brinton 
Adams Thos., cordw., Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Adams Thos., mer. 220 Race 
Adams Thos., weaver, 8 Brinton 
Adams Thos., carter, S W Pearl and Nixon _ 
Adams Thomas R., grocer, 24 Market, h Pllm 

limmon pi 
Adams Thos. F., lampblack manf. Coates and 

25th, h Girard av ab 15th. 
Adams Thos. H., saddle tool mr., S Bayard 
Adams Thomas M., N W 7th and Poplar 
Adams Thomas J., druggist, N E 16th and Lom- 
Adams Timothy, machinist, 11th ab Coates 
Adams Wm., blacksm., rear Poplar ab 12th 
Adams Wm., cordw., G. T. road ab Somer st 
Adams Wm., cordw., 6th and G T road 
Adams Wm., beer house, 80 Locust 
Adams Wm., Lieutenant of Police, Leopard ab 

Otter (K) 
Adams Wm., collector, 26 York av 
Adams Wm., coach trimmer, 15th and Jones 
Adams Wm., engineer, F road bel Lehigh av 
Adams Wm., copper plate printer, 369 S 10th 
Adams Wm. B., cooper, 233 N 9th 
Adams Wm. G., blacksm. 6 Howard pi 
Adams Wm. H., carp., Baker's com-t n Palmer 

Adams Wm. H., sec. Gr. Lodge, Hall S 3d, h 

155 N •14th 
Adams Wm. M., drayman, Duke below Vienna 

Adams W^. W., moroc. leath. manuf., 499 N 9tli 

Adamson Henry, lab. 3d and York 

Adamson Hessel, carp., 120 Catharine 

Adamson James, 3d n York 

Adamson Joseph, mer., 30 N 4th, h 327 Wood 

Adamson Mary Ann, 471 N 9th 

Adamson Thos. Jr., dry goods, 246 N 2d 

Adamson Thos., dry goods, Poplar and 10th 

Adamson Wm., manuf., 922 N 2d 

Adare Robert, coachmr. 15th bel Carlton 

Adare Robt., carter, 6 Union 

Adare Wm. J., carp., 24th ab Callowhill 




Adcock Phoebe, South ab 12th 
Adderson Washn., waiter, Bedford bel 12th 
Addicks John E., mer., 159 Market, h 77 N lOtli 
'^ and shoes, 159 Market 

Addis Amos, dag-uerreotypist, 245 N 2d 

Addis Chas., brickmr., Harmstead n 20tli 

Addis Chas., brickmr., Shippen la bel South 

Addis Charles, brickmr. Lombard W 20tli 

Addis John C, miller, 52 Howard (K) 

Addison Eliza, Front bel Navy Yard 

Addison Wm., weaver, 1 Watt 

Addison Wm., jeweller, 210 Wood 

Ada Henry, furniture, 239 Far 

Adelberg-er Louis, baker, 10th and Washington 

Adey Wm. J., dyer, Brinton bel Oxford (K) 

Adg-er Robert, baker, 22 Barclay 

Adler C. F., white leather manuf. WiUow n 

New Market 
> ADLER GEO. S., leather manuf. 21 Marg'aret- 

ta, h Oxfoi'd and Plank road 
Adler John B., moroc. dresser, 145 Buttonwood 
Adler Samuel, dry g-oods, 268 N 2d 
Adolph Alfred W., hatter, 30 N 2d, h 24 Coates 
Adolph E. A., waiter, h 26 Watson's al 
Adolph G., carp., 24 Coates 
Adolph & Keen, hatters, 30 N 2d 
Adolphus Moses J., 169 Spruce 
Adshead Jeremiah, clerk, 8 New Market 
Adshead Jno., huckster, 8tli bel Reed 
Aersten James M., mer. 58 Walnut, h Pine 

and Blig'ht 
Aersten John P., mer., 150 Market, h 100 George 
AfPerbach Charles, police, 53> Howard (K) 
Affterbacb Wm. g-unsm., 621 N 2d (K) 
Afflick Morris E., bricklayer. 107 Franklin 
Afflick Sarah Mrs., milliner, 49 n 2d 
Ag-ar Henry, lab., rear 4 Og^den 
Agar Jas., lab., rear 20 Ogden 
Agar Jas., lab., rear 4 Ogden 
Agen Isaac, currier, 5o Coates 
Agen Dennis, lab. 761 N 10th 
Ag-en John, lab. Beach ab Walnut 
Agen John, cordw. 24 Swanwick 
Agen Mary, washer, 19th n Pine 
Agen Wm., lab. Carroll ab Dauphin 
Agerstalt John H , huckster, 4 Jackson 
Aggins James H., cutter, 18 Wesley 
Aginton Robert, whip mounting, 4 Nagle 
Agnew & Co., fancy diy goods, 196 Chestnut 
Agnew Elizabeth, washer. 2d ab Dauphin 
Agnew David, lab. William ab Hamilton 
Agnew Dennis, lab. Washington ab Jefferson 
Agnew D. Hayes, (M. D.) 8 N 11th 
Agnew Geo. W., clerk, 7 Church al 
Agnew Mary, wid. of Henry, Pink ab Master (K) 
Agnew Henry, clerk, 9 S 3d, h 17th and Jones 
Agnew Henry O., blacksm. 17th and Jones 
Agnew Isabella, Walnut bel Till (W P) 
AGNEW JOHN, fire engine br. FranklinWorks, 

340 Vine, h 12 Morgan 
Agnew John, cooper. Rising Sun 
Agnew John, quarryman, Sp. Garden ab 20th 
Agnew John, foundiyman, 20 Hallowell 
Agnew John C, bookkr. 9 S 3d 
Agnew Michl., liquors, Masters and Hancock 
Agnew Robt., brickmr. Fitzwater n 21st 
Agnew Samuel, publisher, 12 N 11th 

Agnew Wm., cai-p. 195 Washington 

Agnew Wm., fancy dry goods, 196 Chestnut, h 

228 S 9th 
Agnew Wm. G. E., teacher, 48 N 7th. 
Ahem Pat., lab. 254 N Front 
Ahern B. M., umbrella mr. 468 South 
Ahern Eugene, bookbinder, 298 S 10th 
Ahern John, clerk, 4 Filbert av 
Ahern Michael, 3 La Grange pi 
Ahn Leander, tinsm. rear 27 St. John 
Ahn Louis, segarmr. 53 Wood 
Ahn Sarah, 16th and Sp. Garden 
Aiken Jesse B., music writer. Till n Oak (WP) 
Aikens David, salesman, 272 S 4th 
Aikens Francis, tobacconist, 72 Carpenter 
Aikens Rachel, h Locust bel Broad 
Aikin Jas., lab. Filbert bel 23d 
Aikin John, Allen and Shackamaxon 
Aikins Alice, furniture car, 25th ab Sp. Garden 
Aikins James, cabinetmr., 57 Pine 
Aikman John, hat blockmr. 33 Dock, li 162i 

S 2d 
Ailes A. H., shoemr. 37 S 4th 
Ailes Jos., cordw. 306 S 5th 
Ailes Wm., cordw. 306 S 5th 
Aims Elizabeth Mi'S., milliner, 68 Maiden (N 1.) 
Aineck Margt. Mrs., Jas. ab 7th 
Ainscow Rachel, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Ainsworth Edw., Hazel bel 2d 
Ainsworth T., Regatta house 30th n Schuylkill 
Airey Elizab., widow, Fraley's al 
Airej^ John, soap boiler, 24 CaHowhiU, h 230 N 

Airth Catiiai-me, semp., Phoenix ab Cadwalader 

. (^^) 
Airth Mary A., semp. 161 Howard pi (K) 

Aisles Eliza, wid. of Hamilton, Fitzwater near 

Aitken Charles S., bartender. Alder bel Girard 

Aitken Joseph, boots and shoes, 21 Dillwyn, h 

657 N Front ab Otter 
Aitken Thos. P., tailor, William ab Otter 
Aitken Wm. B., pattern mr. 327 N 13th 
Aitken Wm., gent., 5 Lebanon row 
Akens Saml. S., blacksmith. Oak below Mansion 

Aker Jas., painter, Cumberland and Howard 
Akeroyd Wm., lab. Diamond ab 2d 
Akers Joseph, salesman, 317 Market, h 35 Fil- 
Akers Thomas 8c Son, china and queenswai'e,v/ 

317 Market ^ 

Akers Thomas, mer. 317 Market, h 35 Filbert 
Akers Wm., mer. 317 Market, h Camden 
Akin David, box mr. 9 Margaretta 
AKINS CHARLES S., carp. 402 Lombard, h 

13 Redwood 
Akins Caroline, nurse, 10 Morris 
Akins John, bootmr. Oliver's pi 
Akins Robt., lab. 1 Fair pi 
Akins Samuel, jeweler. Palmer ab Queen (K) 
Akins Samuel, blacksmith. Oak below Mansion, 

Akinson S., marble mer. h 11th bel Spruce •' 

Akir John, moulder, 98 New Market 
Alberger John, 98 Arch 
Alberger Miss, teacher, 133 Jefferson av 

ALB i 

Alberg-er Wm., trunk mr. Brown bel Front 

Albert Andrew, tailor, 208 Diamond 

Albert Charles, segar boxmr. rear 171 Lawrence 

Albert Jacob, carp. St John ab George (K) 
Albert John, macht. Wood ab 13th 
Albert Mary Ann Mrs., 23 Beaver 
Albert Michael, crimper, Franklin ab 4th 
Albert Michael, tailor, 101 Apple 
Alberti Geo. F., cupper, 9 Clair bel Carpenter 
ALBERTSON BENJ., Friend's Book Store, 84 

Arch, h 79 N 6th 
Albertson Charles, cordw. 76 Hanover (K) 
Albertson Charles, conveyancer, Girard av and 

12th, h 79 N 6th 
ALBERTSON CHARLES S., real est. 605 S 5th 
Albertson Enoch, police off. 565 S 9th 
Albertson Gilbert, lab. 18 Sylvester 
Albertson Henry, hatter, 221 Catharine 
Albertson Hir^m, shipwr. Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Albertson Isaac, 63 Noble 

Albertson Jacob, boat builder, Beach bel Marl- 
borough (K) 
Albertson James, shipwr. 92 Marlborough (K) 
Albertson Joseph, shoes, 107 Queen bel Marl- 
borough (K) 
Albertson Joseph, boat builder, 94 Allen (K) 
Albertson Lewis, liquor store, 218 S 3d 
Albertson Mark, clerk, Cowperthwaite pi 
Albertson Marmaduke, & Co., boat builders, 

Beach ab Marlborough (K) 
Albertson Mary K., gentw. 74 Dillwyn 
Albertson Peter, cordw. Allen ab Hanover (K) 
Albertson Richard, drayman, 149 F Road 
Albertson SamuelW., carp. 27Coates, h Frank- 
Albertson Thomas S., cordw. 48 N '^d, h 17 

Albertson Wm., cordw. 55 Queen (K) 
Alblit Conrad, lab. Rising Sun 
Albrecht Christian, carp. 21 Prime 
Albrecht George, carpt. weaver, 123 Callowhill 
Albrecht J. F., shoemr. 13 N 10th 
Albright Adam, harness mr. G T road and 6tli 
Albright Ann, Dornsler's ct (K) 
^Albright & Bowne, dry goods, 260 N 2d 
Albright Carl, cabinet mr. 5 Relief 
Albright C, carp. Phillip bel Columbia 
Albright Conrad, ostler, Girard av ab Ridge av 
Albright David M., butcher. Palmer andF. road 
Albright Elizabeth Mi-s., 292 N 3d 
Albright Jacob, plasterer, rear 71 German 
Albriglit Jacob, seaman, 80 German 
Albright Jacob, packer, 10th bel Buttonwood 
Albright Jacob, police, 56 Duke 
Albright James, rigger, rear 71 German 
Albright John, carter, Howard bel Oxford 
Albright John W., tailor, 186 Chestnut, h 16th 

ab Spruce 
Albright Michael, lab. 463 Vine 
Albright Wm. C, rear 71 German 
Albright Wm. D., mer. 398 N 13th 
Albright W. E., salesman, 97 Market, h 56 N 
\ .ALBRO & HOYT, oil cloths, 15 Church al 
' Alburger Abraham, painter, 651 N 2d (K) 
Alburger Abraham, vict., 281 Callowhill 
Alburger Charles, plumber, h 721 N 11th 



Alburger Christian, butcher, Powell ab Ann 
Alburger Christ., butcher, Haverford & Powell 
Alburger Edward, book binder, 16 Wesley 
Alburger H. M., trunkmr. Brown bel Front 
Alburger Jacob T., provis. 200 S Front, h 617 S 

6th bel Wliarton 
Alburger James, trunkmr, Front bel Laurel 
Alburger John G., vict., 259 Callowhill 
Alburger Mary K., 8 Ellen (K) 
Alburger Philip, lab. Prime ab 8th 
Alburger & Stratton, painters, N 2d bel Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Alburger Wm., gilder, 27 S 4th 
Alburger Wm. M., plumber, Wallace bel 13th, 

h 13th bel Wallace 
ALBURGER & WOOD, plum, and gas fitters, 

63 Sp Garden ab 7th 
Alcock John, grocer, Oxforcl and 11th 
Alcock S. P. Mrs., varieties, F ab 2d 
Alcorn And'w, carp, manuf. 18th bel Filbert 
Alcorn Ann, h Sycamore ab Locust 
Alcorn George, lab. Winter ab 21st 
Alcorn George, tobacconist, 122 Queen 
Alcorn George, shoemr. South ab 18th 
Alcorn James, baker, S W 21st and Summer 
Alcorn James, 427 S 13th 
Alcorn James, carter. Filbert n 21st 
Alcorn John, cordw. Filbert bel 19th 
ALCORN R. S., tavern, 17 Filbert 
Alcorn Samuel, carter. Filbert n 21st 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, S E 13th and Ogden 
Alcorn Thomas R., butcher, Lan. Pike (W P) 
Alcorn Wm., lab. Montgomery bel 2d (K) 
Alcorn Wm., carter, W 20th 
Alcott Robert, carp. N E Duane and Parrish 
Alden Joseph P., mach. 8 Perry 
Aldermos Nicholas, blacksm. L Washmgton bel 


Alderston , agent, 605 S 5th 

Aldrich Cynthia, Jefferson row 

Aldrich Isaiah, mer. 410 Market, h 4 Oak 

Aldrich & Sargeant, feed cutters, 410 Market 

Aldrid Geo. H., varnisher, 7th bel G T road 

Aldridge Geo., lab. Hutchinson ab Poplar 

Aldridge George, sr., 575 N 10th 

Aldridge Saml. H., blacksm. Houston bel West 

Aldi-idge Samuel H., mer. N E 4th and Market, 

h 380 N 8th 
Aldridge Wm., brickmr. Tyler ab Thompson 
Aleck Geo., mach. Grier's av ab 10th 
Aleer Pat., tavern, S W 6th and St. Mary 
Alexander Able, lab. 358 Marshall 
Alexander And., stone cutter, Parrish bel 12th 
Alexander Benj. U., cabinet maker., rear 547 

N 2d (K) 
Alexander Cornelius, carp. Jarvis' la ab Front 
Alexander David, tavern, South ab 19th 
Alexander & Edwards, brushmrs. 21 St. James 
Alexander Eliza, 18 Combes' al W of William 
Alexander Elizabeth, 56 Wistar 
Alexander Emma, school, N W 10th & Coates 
Alexander F. R., print cutter, 21st and Winter 
Alexander Geo., grocer, N E 3d and Coates 
Alexander Henry C, merchant, 10 N 4th, h 127 

Alexander Hibberd, clerk. Oak bel Moore (WP) 
ALEXANDER HUGH, dry goods, 260 Chest- 

nut, h Arch n 18th 

ALG • < 

Alexander Hug-h, combmr. Marlborough bel 

Franklin (K) 
Alexander Hug-h, liquors, 10th and Thompson 
ALEXANDER H. C. & CO., combs, &c., 10 

Alexander Isaac, lab. 10 Pearl 
Alexander Jas., carp, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Alexander James, manuf. 248 Filbert 
Alexander James, constable, 8 Harmony ct 
Alexander James, weav. Shippen la bel South 
Alexander James, bartender. Rising' Sun 
Alexander James C, Ball (R) 
Alexander John, drayman. Tulip ab Dauphin(R) 
Alexander John, morocco manuf. 14 Peg-, h 433 

Alexander John, carp. William n 22d 
Alexander John, drayman. Wood ab 16th 
Alexander John, wines, &c., N E 2d and Oxford 
Alexander John, mer. h 178 Sp Garden 
Alexander John, painter, 51 M road 
Alexander John, fire brickmr. 2d & Denmark 
Alexander John, shoemr. 207 Locust 
Alexander John, china packer, 46 Brandywine 
ALEXANDER JOSEPH, Custom House off. 94 

S Del av, h 101 Christian 
Alexander Jos., lab. Front bel Greenwich (S) 
Alexander Joseph, weaver, 23d ab Callovvhill 
Alexander J. C, 77 S whfs., h Till (W P) 
Alexander L., porter, Prvor's ct 
Alexander Martin W., clerk, 19th bel Callowhill 
Alexander Morris D., 17th ab Filbe.rt 
Alexander Mrs. M., dressmaker, 42'n 16th 
Alexander M. J., conveyancer, 59 S 4th 
Alexander Peny, white washer, Prosperous al 
Alexander Robert, weaver, 19 Carver 
Alexander Robt., weaver, Wihiam n Edward (K) 
Alexander Robert, mason, 58 Queen (S) 
Alexander Robert, lab., Lancaster bel Reed 
Alexander Robert J., clerk, 184 Olive 
Alexander Saml., mould. Duke ab Marlboroug-h 
Alexander Sarah, 15 Redwood 
Alexander Susan, Pearl ab 19th 
Alexander Theodore, cordw. 96 German 
Alexander Thomas, Spencer's ct 
Alexander William, cooper, 62 M road 
Alexander Wm., combmr. Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Alexander William, baker, 2d and G T road 
Alexander Wm., chaplain Phila. Co. Prison, 115 

Jeflerson av 
Alexander Wm. G., g-ent. Banks of Schuylkill 
Alexander WilHam G., Pres. Phil, and Trenton 

R. R., 46 S Delaware av 
Alexander William G., paper stainer, 931 Cal- 
Alexander Wihiam J., bootmr. 388 Market, h 

25 Howard 
Alford James, laborer, Howell, n 20th 
Alford John, barber, 16 Emeline 
Alford Mary, 14 Wallace 

Alford Wm., bookkr. 26 N 2d, h 128 Christian 
Alfrey Marg-aret, huckster, St. John's pi 
Alg-ier John, brakesman, Lancaster Pike n 

Park (W P) 
Algeo James, conveyancer, 186 Queen 
Algeo James W., clerk, 188 Queen 
Alg-eo Rebecca, 1 Morris 
Alg-eo Wm., sheet iron worker, Arrison's cl 
Alg-er J. H., cooper, Linden n Benton 

• ALL 

Alg-ie Henry, cooper, 5 Linden 
Alg-ie John, lab., Columbia n 6th 
Algie William, macht., Carlton ab 15th 
Alg-ie Wm., paper hanger, Marshall ab Master 
Algoard Abrm., cabinetmr. h 76| Lombard 
Alison F., porter, 9 N 4tli, h S E 13th and Race 
Alkins Geoi'ge, bookkeeper, 31 N Delaware 

av., h S^& N 12th 
AUaine E. Miss, teaclier of French, music and 

drawing, 303 Pine 
Allaneese Rachel, washer, 2 Little Pine 
Allburger John, butcher. Marker ab 2d 
Allbutt Stephen, tavern, 28 Strawberry 
Allchin George, gilder, Haverford ab Logan 
Alleback Hannah, Lawrence & Culvert (N L) 
Alleback Jos., groc. Culvert & Lawrence (NL) 
Allebaugh Elizabeth, 8th ab Glrard av 
AUeborn J., M. D. 464 N 4th 
AUee Sarah Eliza, b. h., 13 Filbert 
Allen Aaron R., bricklayer, Slessman 
AUen &. Adolph, sashmrs., Brown ab 4th 
Allen Andrew, moulder, Marseilles' pi 
Allen Andrew, tailor, Gaffneysct 
Allen Ann, b h. 309 Chestnut 
Allen Ann, shop, 246 Chi'istian 
Allen Ann A., b h, 28 Green 
Allen Ann W., wid Rev. James, 100 Jeffei-son av 
Allen Anna, wid. of Lewis, 146 Spruce 
Allen Anna, 125 Swanson 
Allen Asa, sausage maker, 116 Lewis 
Allen Benjamin, bootmr.,. 15th and Barclay 
Allen Benjamin, h 252 S 11th 
Allen Benjamin, pattern store, 378 S 2d 
Allen & Brooke, coal dealers, office 117 S 3d 
ALLEN 8c BROTHER, plasterers and manufs. 

7 N 17th 

Allen Cairns, plater, Becket n 16th 
Allen Charles, bricklr. h 76^ Lombard 
Allen Charles B., sur. inst. mr. 22 S 7th, h 1000 


AUen Charles J., mer. 127 Market, h 144 Pine 
Alleh Charles T., carp. 34 Dunton 
Allen Clayton, broker, 32 S 3d, h 40 Madison 
Allen & Co., awning makers, 11 S 6th 
Allen, Collins & Crispin, weighers, 44 S Water 
Allen Daniel, dyer, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Alien David, carpenter, 2 Melon 
Allen David, weaver, Carroll ab Dauphin 
ALLEN EDMUND, tailor, 43 N 6th 
Allen Edward, shoemr., Barron bel Gaskill 
Allen Edward, weaver, Benton n School (K) 
Allen Edward, weaver, F road ab York 
Allen Elizabeth, 23 Franklin 
Allen Enoch, 250 Cherry 
Allen Ephraim, Larch ab Ann (R) 
Allen E., 13th ab Girard av 
Allen Francis, driver. Walnut n Park (W P) 
Allen George, prof lang. 17th bel Walnnt 
Allen George, boots and shoes, 326 Market 
Allen George, driver, rear Prime ab 8th 
Allen Georg-e N., mer. 143 Market 
Allen Geo, O., shoemr., R road ab Washington 
Allen George W., chairmaker. 400 S 4th, h 15 

Charles (S) 
Allen George W., mer. 31 Market, h Till ab 

Market (W P) 
Allen George W., clerk, 250 Marshall 
Allen George W., lampmr. Coates bel 9th 



Alien Georg-ianna Mrs., Rose (K) 

Allen (i. W., M. D., 326 N 7th 

Allen Hen. H., refreshments, F road ab York (R) 

Allen Henry S., mer. 98 S Front, h 146 Spruce 

Allen Israel, boot black. Centre bel 13th 

Allen I., grocer, 273 Queen (K) 

Allen James, baker, 209 Spruce 

Allen James, alderman, Chestnut & Till (WP) 

Allen Jas., carp. 17 Norris al., h 4 Harper's pi 

Allen James, weaver, Hope bel Master (K) 

Allen James, shoemaker, Penn ab Poplar (K) 

Allen James, weaver. Rainbow (K) 

A.llen James, lab. rear 321 Lombard 

Allen James, brickmr. rear 652 Lombard 

Allen James, sailmr. 18 China 

Allen Jas. B., wirewr. Franklin n Crown (K) 

Allen James C, 16 Rodman 

Allen James C, 7th ab Poplar 

Allen James T. plasterer, Pine bel Till (W P) 

Allen Janette, weaver, Bedford n Broad 

Allen John, bricklayer, 376 Pine 

Allen John, laborer, 20th bel Pine 

Allen John, captain, 261 Parrish 

Allen John, salesman, 5 N Del av, h 458 N 6th 

Allen John, teacher, 274 N 7th 

Allen John B. A., mer. 7 S Delaware av., h 

Chestnut n 19th 
Allen John C, 179 S 5th 
Allen John C, clerk, 20 N 5th, h Chestnut and 

Till (W P) 
Allen John F., pattern mr.. Harmony pi., h 548 

S 8th 
Allen John H., grocer. Bank and Sorrel (R) 
Allen Jno. H., & Co., woodenw. 2 St 4 Chestnut 
'Allen John M., tinsm. 123 N 11th 
Allen Jos , cabinetmr. 136 S. 2d, h Green ab 11th 
Allen Joseph, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Allen Joseph, S E 8th and Emeline 
Allen Joseph, driver. Master- bel 6th 
Allen Joseph O., Ward House, 8th & Federal 
Allen Joseph S., vict. 144 Crown 
Allen Jos. W., barber. Dale House, h 16 Gaskill 
Allen Joshua, seaman, Townsend ab Tulip (R) 
Allen Joshua, cordw. Swanson and Prime 
Allen Josiah J., mer. 23 S Delaware av., h 155 

Allen Julius B., clerk, 145 Chestnut 
Allen J., washerwoman, h Green bel Spruce 
-ALLEN J. B. A. & S., oil mers., 7 and 8 S De- 
laware av 
Allen J. M., M. D., Locust n 17th 
Allen J . T. & Brother, plasterers, 7 N 17th 
Allen Levin, drover, Lancaster pike (W P) 
Allen I,e\vis M., mer., 98 S Front, li 11 Button- 
Allen Lydia, 2 Mayland 
Allen Margaret, 2 Scott's ct 
Allen Maria, 29 Barclay 
Allen Mary, grocer, 211 Shippen 
Allen Mary, trimmings, 271 S 4th 
Allen Mary P., artist, 303 Pine 
Allen M. A., cup. and leecher, 188 Shippen 
Alien M. M., mer. 48 N 6th, h 148 Spruce 
•S^Allen M. M., & Co., liquors, 48 N 6th 

A.LLEN & NEEDLES, oil mers. 23 S Del av, 
\/ and 35 S Water 
Allen Rebecca, gentw. 146 Pine 
Allen Richard, dentist, 150 Spruce 

Allen Richd., stonecut. rear 644 Lombard 
Allen Richard S., dry goods, 60 Queen (K) 
Allen Robert, cotton factory, Norris n F road, h 

F i-oad bel Canfield 
Allen Robert, distiller, S W S^d and Monroe, h 

276 S 3d 
Allen Robert, carp. Pine ab 6th 
Allen Robert, weaver. Brown ab Hanover 
Allen Robert, clerk, 97 Market 
Allen Robert L., N W 9th and Filbert, h 345 

ALLEN SAMUEL, mer. 7 S Delaware av., and 

High Sheriff; State House, h 352 N 6th 
Allen Samuel, weaver, Dugan and McMakin ct 
Allen Samuel, weaver. Perry bel York 
Allen Samuel, lab. 13 Liberty ct 
Allen Samuel D., bricklr., Girard av. bel 12th 
Allen Sarah, 2 Mayland 
Allen Sarah, gentw. 248 Cedar 
Allen Squire, sash and blindmr. Marshall ab 

Girard av 
Allen & Stewart,' pattern mrs.. Harmony pi 
Allen Sweeten, laborer, Jackson ct (N L) 
Allen Thos., plaster. Chestnut and I'ill (W P} 
Allen Thomas, gent. 250 Marshall 
Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead 
Allen Thomas, tailor, S W cor Ann and 17th 
Allen Thomas, tailor, Catharine bel 13th 
Allen Thomas, manfrs. Michael's hotel, Wash- 
ington ab Rose (W P) 
Allen Thos., awningmr. 11 S 6th, h 118 Shippen 
Allen Thomas, laborer, Shippen ab 15th 
Allen Thomas, shoemaker. So Harmony (S) 
Allen Thomas B., clerk, h 14 Jefferson row 
Allen Thomas G., atty. and coun. 145 Walnut 
Allen Thomas G., law student, 55 N 2d 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., h 14 Jefferson row 
Allen Thomas H., N W 5th and Pine 
Allen Thomas K., tavern, Lombard ab West (R) 
Allen Thomas M., clerk, 147 Market 
Allen William, carp. 117 Wharton 
Allen Wm., alderman, P road ab Federal 
Allen William, baker, Crown n West (K) 
Allen William, sailmaker, 81 S Carpenter 
Allen William, hair di-ess. 6 S 9th, h 200 Quince 
Allen Wm., jr., cabtmr., 136 S 2d, h 259 N 11th 
Allen William, weaver, Bedford bel Crown 
Allen William, tailor, Catharine bel 13th 
Allen William, tailor, 10 Orchard 
Allen William, engineer, Franklin ab 4th 
Allen William, stonecut. Mary n Centre (WP) 
Allen William, rigger, 32 Mead " 
Allen William, weaver. Perry bel Master (K) 
Allen William, barber, 50 Quince 
Allen William C, woodenw. 1 & 3 Chestnut h 

126 Wallace 
Allen AVm. C, carp. 13th bel Wharton 
Allen William E., cooper, 34 Newton 
Allen Wm. G., weighmaster, 44 S Water, h 194 

Allen Wm. H., hardw. 31 Market, h 214 Cherry 
Allen William H., pres. Girard College 
ALLEN WILLIAM & J., furniture, 136 S 2d 

and 12th n Buttonwood 
Allen William M., tailor, 240 Market, house 39 

Allen Wm. M., dry goods, N W 7th and Green 
Allen William R., clerk, 24 N 3d 




Allen Wiliiam S., sashmr.. Brown n 4th, h 560 

Allen William S., gent. 90 N 9th 
Allen William W., merch. 60 Chestnut, li 376 

\„^llen & Wyand, japanners, 158 Race 
\_Allen W. H. 8c G.'w., hardware, 31 & 33 Market 
Allevach John, carp. Master bel 7th 
Allaly John, wharf br., Marlboro ab Allen (K) 
AUeson Hannah, gentw., Sansom 
Allgier Christian, gardener, 10 Baj'ard 
Allibone, James, bricklr. 7 Larch 
ALLIBONE & JENKS, com. mers, 16 N Dela- 

wai'e av. and 29 N Water 
AUibone S. Austin, mer. 16 N Delaware av. h 

254 Arch 
Allibone Thomas, cigars, 17 N 10th 
Allibone Thomas, pres. bank of Penn., h Wal- 
nut and William (W P) 
AUingham William, carp., Jones n 19th 
Allington Aaron, grocer, School and Rose 
Allinson Samuel, 356 Walnut 
Allison David A., clerk, 12th ab Melon 
Allison James, tailor, 316 Market, h 151 Filbert 
Allison James, carp. 12 Truxton 
ALLISON JAMES I., di-uggist, S E 11th and 

Allison John, stone cutter, 43 Charles (S) 
Allison John, laborer. Pearl bel Broad 
Allison John H., upholst. 177 Sp Gai-den,h 308 

ALLISON JOHN H. & CO., upholst. 177 Sp 

Garden, h 308 Green 
ALLISON JOSEPH, judge, Walnut, N side W 

Chestnut av (W P) 
Allison Robert, type caster, 242 S 15th 
Allison Thomas, tailor, S W 10th and Pine, h 

Lombard E 15th 
Allison Walter, carp. 166 S 17tli 
AUison William, 402 Green 
AUison William C. car builder, Broad n Vine, h 

N 19th ab Market 
Alliss Amos, cabinetmr. 134 Summer 
Allman C. M., 280 Chestnut, h 527 N 12th 
Allman Edward, hatter, h 318 N 12th 
Allman Geo., litliog. 5 Ranstead pi 
Allman James C, carp, rcai- 7 Lebanon 
Allman John, manfr. Lancaster Pike ab Moore 

Alhnan Joseph, hatter, 31 Melon 
L ALLMAN THOMAS, jr., flour and hops, S E 
V 4th and Vine, h 10 York av 

Allmond Thos., carp. 16 Ivy 
Allmond Thos. W., carp. 16 Ivy 
Alloway Geo. W., painter, Franklm n Ash (R) 
Alloway Isaac, cordw.. Brown ab Beach 
Alloway Samuel, cooper, 10 Mary 
Alloway Wm., cai-mari, Dauphin & Lemon (R) 
Alls Wm., shoemr. 9th bel Prime 
AUspach I., baker, 572 N 7th 
AUsip Margt., Fox ct 
Almai-is Joseph, mach. Franklin 
Almeida Robert, confect. 71 S 5th 
Almeier Geo., lab. Thompson ab 8th 
Almeier John, carp. Thompson ab 8th _ 
Almeir Mich., di-iver, Dauphin bel Tulip (R) 
Almen Arnst, chinamr. Front ab Oxford 
Almond Joseph, painter, Oxford ab 5th 

Almond John, manufac, Lancaster pike bel 

Moore (W P) 
Almond Mary A., teacher, Haverford and 6th 
Almond Peter, lab. Haverford bel 8th (W P) 
Almond William, Haverford and 6th (W P) 
r\.lp David, cordw. Hope ab Phcsnix (K) 
Alrich John, machinist, Franklin ab Cherry (K) 
Alrich Peter, blacksmith, 4 State 
Alrich Samuel, tailor. Beach n Palmer 
Alrich Samuel, blacksmith, 53 Houston (K) 
Alrich William, machinist, 53 Houston 
Alsas John, lab. York road 

Alsentzer Wm., baki-. 59 St. John ab Beaver (R) 
Alsop Amy, wid. of Richard, 93 S 4th 
ALSOP ROBERT, atty. and coun. 57i S 4th, h 

361 N 6th 
Alsop Thomas, laborer, 16 Ann 
Alston James, combnu-. rear 647 N 3d 
Altermatt Jerome, cordw. Poplai- ab 6th 
ALTEMUS & CO., bookbinders, 44 N 4th, h 

426 N 8th 
Altemus George, baker, Nicetown lane 
Ahemus George W., clerk, 9 Bank, h 274 Mar- 
Altemus Henry, bookbinder, 44 N 4tli, h 426 

N 8th 
Altemus J., h 16 Quince James, const. Otter ab G T Road 
Altemus Jerome, cordw. Bi own's ct 
Altemus Joseph B., mer. 18 Chestnut 
Altemus Samuel T., treas. Locust Mount, coal & 
iron Co. 88 S 4th, h Locust & Wmiam(W^ P) 
Altemus Susan Mrs., 38 Cadwalader 
Altemus Thomas, gent. 44 N 4th, h 5 Ellen 
Altemus Wm. W., cai-p. Cadwabder ab Frank- 
lin av 

Alteneder Theodore, math, instmr. 100 Poplar 
Alter Rachel, cordw. S E Front and Shippen 
Alter Jacob, grocer, 450 N 6th 
Alter Jacob, baker, 16 S 10th 
ALTER JOHN, tavern, N E 5th and Lombard 
Alter Solomon, grocer, h 191 N 5th ^^ 
Alter & Williston, grocers, 143 N 2dV-''''''^ 
Alter Wm. W., salesman, 9 N 3d, h 456 N 6th 
Althaus Jacob, cord.. West bel Palmer (K) 
Althaus John, cordw. Cherry ab Duke 
Althius H., lager saloon, Washington (W P) 
Althouse Enis, 109 Apple 
Althrop Thos., bookkr. 41 Commerce, h 364 

Alton James, 1057 Coates 
Alton Thomas, 1057 Coates 
Alverson Elwell, farmer, Banks of Sch, ab F M 
Alvord C. C, carp. 9 St James, h 203 Button- 
ALVORD JAMES B., clerk, 97 Market, h 485 

Al^^■ard H. M., ladies shoemi'. 3 R av 
Alwell J as., cordw. Spring ct 
Alwine Chas., supt. 7th ab L Poplai* 
Alworth J., grocer, 15th ab Wood j 

Aman Chas.., cabinetmr. 88 Hope ab Franklin av 
Aman Jacob, sashmr.. Centre bel Mary (W P) 
Aman AVm., carp., M;uy bel Green (W P) 
Amarelli Y. de, prof lang. 224 Walnut 
Amberg H. W., pianomr. 181 Spruce 
Amberg Joseph, turner, 181 Spruce 
Ambler Chaulkey, milkman, 249 Parrish 



Ambler David, brickli*. 20 S Lewis 

Ambler John, jr. & Co., tinsmith, S W Marshall 

and S Garden, h 275 Franklin 
Ambler John, milkman, 249 Parrish 
Ambler John, milkman, 49 Ogden 
Ambler Septimus, milkman, 249 Parrish 
Ambler Thos., tinsm., 45 Ogden 
Ambler Wm., cabinetmr. 726 N 11th 
Ambrose Chas., Helmuth bel 17th 
Ambrosi Jacob A., painter, 15 N 13th, h 153 N 

Ambrosi J. A. & Son., painters, 15 N 13th 
Ambrosi Thomas C, painter, 15 N 13th, h 31 

Ambruster David, bricklr., Citron ab 12tli 
Ambruster Joseph, lab. Bender's ct 
Ament Polce, Hanley's ct 
Amer John, ladies shoes, Osten bel Wharton 
Amer John, mould., Oak ab Bridgewater (W P) 
Amer Joseph H. Mrs., Chestnut n 21st 
Amer Thos. silversm., Lafayette bel lOth 
Amer Thos., weaver, 9th bel Christian 
Amer Wm., morocco dr. h Green bel Franklin 
■ Amer Wm. & Co., morocco dr., N W 3d and 
CIETY, 118 Arch 
ETY, S E Water and Spruce 
nut ab 3d 

S E 4th and Walnut 


Amerly Andrew, carter, 53 Georg-e (S) 
Amerson Jas., weav. Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Ames Elizabeth, sempstress, William's ct 
Ames Henry, pianomr. 335 Market, N E 9th 

and Locust 
Ames Josiah, ship master, 182 Catharine 
Ames M., moulder, 6th bel Dauphin 
Ames Wm., mariner, 7 Washington 
Amet C. P., ag-ent, 321 Callowhill 
Amey And. J., blacksm. 6th and G T rd 
Amey Christian, cooper, Nicetown lane 
Amey John, sailmr. Nicetown lane 
Amey Peter, cooper, Nicetown lane 
Amey Samuel, cooper, Nicetown lane 
Amej^ Wm., g-rocer, 6th ab Dauphin 
Amies Israel, embosser and g-ilder, 25 and 27 

Minor, h 9 Clark 
Amies Margaret, b h, 260 Filbert bel 13th 
Amies Thomas K., salesman, 234 N 3d, h 521 

Amlung Henry, cordw. 74 N 11th 
Ammidon Otis, Treasurer Lehigh Coal and Na- 
vigation Co., 82 S 2d, h 171 S 3d 
Amon Christian, baker, 141 Beach (K) 
. Amos Chas. T., stovemr. 197 N 2d, h 67 Tam- 
( many 

^Amos & Ditzler, stoves, 197 N 2d 
^ Amos Earnest F., butcher, 5th n Oxford 
Amos Elizabeth, 116 New Market 
Amos George, shoemr. 21 Allen (K) 

Amos Jacob, carp., Coates' a], h 67 New 
Amos Jno., grocer, Avistin ab Madison 
Amos John, sailmr.. Mechanic 
Amos John, lab. 1181 N 5th 
Amos Jonathan, tailor, 456 Poplar 
Amos Joseph, engineer, 14 Philip (K) 
Amos Nathan, well digger. Oak n Till (W P) 
Amos Lisie, wid Henry, Williamsons ct 
Amos M. A., 7 Harrison's ct (K) 
Amos Thos. H., porter, 9th bel Christian 
Amreight George, carp.. Front n Chatham (K) 
Amsler Theodore, math, instmr. 211 Chestnuit 
Amthor Andrew, chairmr. 584 N 7th 
Anable Misses, teachers, 311 Walnut 
Anathon M., tobacco, 156 N 3d, h 84 Dillwyn 
Anck Valentine, tailor, rear 322 Poplar 
Ancker Adolph, clerk, 74 Market, h 384 Green 
Ancker J. P., book-keeper, 255 Market, h 384 

Ancker Mitchell, mer. 384 Green 
Anders Emily, 461 N 4th 
Anders Fredk., shoemr. F rd ab Sergeant 
Anders George, shoemr. 20 Queen (K) 
Anderson Abigail, washer, rear 5 Lisle 
Anderson Alex., marble wr., Carlton ab 17th 
Anderson Amelia G., dressmr. 131 Wood 
Anderson Andw., police, Norris and Kressler 
Anderson Andw., carp., Rhoads ab 18th 
Anderson Andw., watermn., Swanson bel Queen 
Anderson Ann M., 181 Mellon 
Anderson A., washer, h 1 Miles al 
Anderson B., lab. Barker N 18th 
Anderson Benj., waiter, 3 Ann 
Anderson Benj., weaver, Gulielma 
Anderson Cath., spooler, 562 Shippen 
Anderson Cecilia, white washer, 312 Cedar 
Anderson Chas., butcher, Marion and Rye, and 

P road bel Carpenter 
Anderson Charles, tavern, 72 Callowhill 
Anderson Chas. P., mer. 27 S 4th, h 352 Pine 
Anderson Chas. W., barber, 5 S 3d, h 6 Bay 
Anderson Christopher, waiter, 6 Washington 
Anderson David, plasterer, Parrish ab 15th 
Anderson David, baker. Palmer and Duke (K) 
Anderson David, baker, 252 G T road 
Anderson David, weaver, 11 Philip (K) 
Anderson David, engineer, rear 97 Noble 
Anderson David P., carp. 11 Gebhard bel Race 
Anderson Edward, mer. 2 N 3d, h 609 S 4th 
Anderson Edward, bricklr., rear Evans 
Anderson Elizabeth, 88 Crown (C) 
Anderson Elizabeth, conf. 321 Pine ab 12th 
Anderson Ellen, Hope ab Master 
Anderson Emma, Union n Duke 
Anderson Evan, cordw. 3d bel Wharton 
Anderson E. R., William ab Pratt 
Anderson Flora, h 7 Leyden ct 
Anderson George, shop, 331 South 
Anderson George, engraver. Carpenter bel 11th 
Anderson George, porter, 3 Gray's al 
Anderson George, 3 «rame.s 
Anderson George, porter, 45 N Water 
Anderson Gilroy, cordw. 98 Wharton 
Anderson Henry, weaver, Hope ab Jefferson 
Anderson Henry, shoemr. 556 Cedar 
Anderson Henry, lab., Oak n Till (W P) 
Anderson Isabella, talloress, 24 Dunton (K) 
Anderson Jacob W., barber, 4th ab Jefferson 




Anderson James, weaver, Callowhill n 21st 
Anderson James, stonecut., 38 Wistar 
Anderson James, lab., Sprag-g's av 
Anderson James, eng-ineer, 3 Van Buren pi 
Anderson James, weaver. Woodland bel Walnut 
Anderson James, ropemr., Clymer n Front K) 
Anderson James, weaver. Phoenix & Perry (K) 
Anderson James, weaver, 144 Howard (K) 
Anderson James, weaver, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Anderson James, weaver, 4 Brinton 
Anderson James, porter. Baker bel 8th 
Anderson Jas., carter, 15 Paul 
Anderson James, lab. 53 West 
Anderson Jas., weaver, Fitzwater ab Broad 
Anderson James B., dry g-oods, 91 S 6th 
Anderson James H., salesman, 172 Market 
Anderson James L., fancy goods, 340 N 2d 
Anderson Jesse, lab., Mackey bel Rye 
Anderson John, furniture, 240 Lombard 
Anderson John, tailor, 10 Spruce 
Anderson John, mariner, 30 South 
Anderson John, weaver, rear 228 F road 
Anderson John, millwi-t. 518 Green bel Broad 
Anderson John, wheelwrt., rear 450 S 3d 
Anderson John, weaver. Vine n Nixon 
Anderson John, clerk, 381 Callowhill 
Anderson John, clerk, 123 Walnut, h 19th bel 

Anderson John, shoemr. 464 N 13th 
Anderson John, bootmr. h 155 Locust 
Anderson John, moulder, 4 Duane bel Parrish 
Anderson John, hod canier, Lancaster pike and 

Haverford (W P) 
Anderson John, lab., banks of Schuylkill 
Anderson John, Naval Asylum 
Anderson John, lab. 266 Broad bel South 
Anderson John, rigger, 32 Almond 
Anderson John, boiler mr. 21 Allen (K) 
Anderson John B., blindmr. 9 S 13th 
Anderson John L., tobacco., 187^ S 2d 
Anderson John R., tailor, 31 Union (S) 
Anderson Joseph, lab. 88 Bedford 
sAnderson Joseph, salesman, 219 Market 
Anderson Joseph, grocer, 78 S 2d 
Anderson Joseph, blacksm., 216 Federal 
Anderson Joseph, musician, 252 Lombard 
. Anderson Joseph, lab.. Front ab Greenwich 
Anderson Jos., express driv., Washington (W P) 
Anderson J. A., clerk, 17th and Market 
Anderson J. L. Mrs. dry goods, 410^ N 2d 
Anderson J. W,, barber, 869 N 4th 
Anderson Lafitte, combmr., 215 Marlboro' (K) 
Anderson Levi, file manf.. Palmer ab Franklin 
Anderson Lewis, bootbr.. Wan-en 
Anderson Margaret, 265 Wood 
Anderson Margaret, Master bel Hancock 
Anderson Mary Ann, washer, 327 Lombard 
Anderson Mary, gentw., 3d and Catharine 
Anderson Mary, trimmings, N E Catharine and 

Anderson Michael, drayman, 18 Baker 
Andersbn M., M. D., 366 Spruce 
Anderson Nich., carter, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Anderson Philip, mariner, 14 Washington 
Anderson Philip P., bootblack, 98 N 4th, h 16 

Anderson Rachel, 34 Parker 
Anderson Rebecca, Cumberland ab Tilton 

Anderson Robert, coachmr., Broad ab Poplar 
Anderson Robert, weaver. Mechanic ab Linn 
Anderson Robert, carter, 21 S New Market 
Anderson Robt., polish., Oak ab Mansion (W P) 
Anderson Robt., shoemr. 86 Queen, h 89 Hano- 

over (K) 
Anderson Robert, blacksmith 20th ab Pennsyl- 
vania av 
Anderson Robt., fancy store, Callowhill bel 21st 
Anderson Robt., driver. Front ab Dauphin 
Anderson R. G., venitian blind mr.. Poplar ab 2d 
Anderson Samson, police. Race ab 15th 
Anderson Samuel, trimmings, S E lOth and 

Anderson Saml., ship carp. 5 Louisa av 
Anderson Saml., provis. st. Washington bel Till 
Anderson Saml., shoemr. 766 N 11th 
Anderson Saml., painter, 13 Federal 
Anderson Saml. M., mer. 73 Market, h 203 S 8th 
Anderson Sarah, milliner, 6th bel Green 
Anderson Stephen D., editor, 26 Ellen (N L) 
Anderson Steward, blacksm. Amber ab Phoenix 
Anderson Theodore, gTocer, 309 Callowhill 
Anderson Thos., collect., 122 N 4th, h 176 N 9th 
Anderson Thomas, shoemr. 229 Brown 
Anderson Thomas, weaver, Amber ab York (K) 
Anderson Thos., lab., rear Russell 
Anderson Thos., bootmr. 569 Cedar 
Anderson Wesley, mer. 34 S wharves, h 786 

Anderson Wm., porter, 10 Raspberry 
Anderson Wm., weaver, 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Anderson Wm., flour mer., Shippen ab 11th 
Anderson Wm., morocco dress., Union ab West 
Anderson Wm., chandler, rear 10 Rugan 
Anderson Wm., weav., Jefferson ab Howard (K) 
Anderson Wm., combmr., 213 Marlboro' (K) 
Anderson Wm., di-ayman, 21 New Market 
Anderson Wm., clerk, 381 Callowhill 
Anderson V/m., di'ayman, 73 Mai-ket 
Anderson Wm., 1 Watt 
Anderson Wm., 786 Pine 
Anderson Wm., bootmr.. Burton ab 15tli 
Anderson Wm., carp. 20 Charlotte (K) 
Anderson Wm., h 26 Ann 
Anderson Wm. B., blindmr. 671 N 2d 
Anderson Wm. F., clerk, 15 Market, h S E 10th 

and Fitzwater 
Anderson Wm. S., boots and shoes, 120 Mai-ket 
Anderson Wm. V., gent., 242 Spruce ay 
Anderton Ann, milliner, 279 Walnut 
Andrade Joseph, mer., 86 S Front, h 141 Spruce 
ANDRE GUSTAVUS, music store, 19 S 9tli 
Andre Jacob, cordw. 8th bel Green 
Andreas Charles, lab. 2d ab Cumberland 
Andress & Brother, trimmings, 53 N 8th 
Andre ss C, coachmr., h 31 Chester 
Andress C. B., bricklr. 18 Noble 
Andress & Durell, trimmings, S W 2d & Coate.*? w 
Andress George, cordw. 802 N 4th 
Andress George, cabinetmr., Linden pi 
Andress Isaac T., mer. 53 N 8th, h Wallace bei / 

8th, south side 
Andress Joseph, police, 17 Orchard 
Andi-ess Michael, bricklr. 84 Noble 
Andress Michael M., bricklr. 18 Coates 
Andi-ess Saml. C, mer. 53 N 8th, h Buttonwood 

ab 8th, north side 




Andress Zachary, blacksm. Worth bel 5th 
Andrew John, weaver, 734 N Front 
Andrews Alonzo R., clerk, 33 S 3d 
Andrews A. R., clerk, 15th ab Arch 
Andrews Benj., trunk manuf. 86iV Market, h 185 

N 6th 
Andrews Benj. I., ag-ent, 7th ab Master 
Andrews Catharine, 15th ab Sassafras 
Andrews Chas , chairmr. rear Marshall ab Poplar 
Andrews Christ., coachmaker, N 4th ab Georg-e 
Andrews ]3anie], carp. Rio Grande pi 
Andrews David, lab. rear 339 Sliippen 
Andrews David W., machinist, 9 Wilcox 
^^T'ANDREWS & DIXON, furnaces and ranges, 

380 Chestnut 
Andrews Edward C, clerk, 3 S 5th, h 4 Park pi 

Locust bel 20th 
Andrews Geo., warper, 63 Shippen la 
Andrews Geo., cabinetmr. Linden pi 
Andrews Geo., tailor. West ab Vienna 
Andrews Geo. J., shop, 105 N 14th 
Andrews G. W. D., rec. serj. U. S. A. Filbert W 


Andrews Henry, brass mould.. Elm ab Bedford 
Andrews Henrv W., com. mer. T! S Front, h 

444 W Walnut 
Andrews Isabel, 18 Pearl 
Andrews Jacob, lab. Cherry bel F av (K) 
Andrews James, iron founder, 380 Chestnut, h 

8 Union sq 
Andrews James, clerk, 35 S 2d 
Andi'ews James B., printer, 610 N 11th 
Andrews Jas. C, iron foundry, 8 Union sq 
Andrews Jesse, stevedore, 24 Union al 
Andrews John, tobacco. 285 S 3d, h 126 Queen 
Andrews John, mineral water est. h 181 S 11th 
Andrews John, lab., Oak n Till (W P) 
Andrews John, brewer, 6 Decatiu" 
Andrews John, tavern. Prime and Jefferson 
Andi-ews Joseph, clerk, 28 N 4th 
Anch-ews Joshua, bricklayer and measurer, N E 

12th and Washington 
Andrews J. B., 271 Pine 
Andrews J. R., salesman, 89 Market, h 47 Arch 
Andrews Rachel, dry g-oods, 10th bel Thompson 
Andrews Robert, brewer, 11 Ann 
Andrews Robert, lab. 20th and Willow 
Andrews Robt, drayman, 826 N 11th 
Andrews Robt. P., umbrella mr., N W 4th and 

Andrews Saml., mer. 10 Market 
Andrews Saml. C, mer. 53 N 8th, h Noble ab 8th 
Andrews Saml. S., brickk. S W 12th & Wash 

Andrews Sarah Ann, washer, 3 Acorn al 
Andrews Sophia, Fairview n 19th 
Andi-ews Thos., seaman, 4 Burd 
Andrews Thomas A., g-ilder, 210 Chestnut, h 

River and Morrison (W P) 
Andrews Thos. Cecil, music store, Sp Garden 

ab Franklin 
■Andrews & Thorne, grocers, 10 Market 
\ Andrews Washington, biscuit baker, rear 70 M 

Andrews Wm., carter. Twelve Feet al 
Andrews Wm., tailor, Vienna ab West (K) 
Andrews Wm. Augustus, mer. 143 Market, h 

365 Marshall 

ANDREWS WM. S., architect, N W 7th and 

Sansom, h N E 12tli and L Washington 
Angel Sarah, Alder ab Poplar 
Angelo John, shipsm.. Maiden n Beach (K) 
Angelo Reb., gentw. 5th and Haverford (M V) 
Angeroth Charles, upholsterer, M'Ginley's ct 
ANGNEY JOHN R., M. D., druggist, N E 5th 

and Spruce 
Anholt Benjamin, lab. Clinton bel Pan-ish 
Anketell Edward, mason, 26 Charles 
Ankins Maylin, engin. 7th bel Haverford (WP) 
Annadown Wm. B., mer. 6 Wallace 
Anne Fred., cordw., 311 S 6th 
Annear John, blacking manuf. 94 Spruce 
AnneUy John, bookbr., 26 S 3d, h 382 S 5th 
Annelly Wm. F., silversm. 382 S 3d 
Anners Henry F., bookseller, 48 N 4th, h 2 

Jefferson row 
Anney James, tailor, 4 Ried's av 
Anning John B., painter, P road bel Federal 
Anotis John, lab. Hamilton ab 25th 
Anser Mary Ann, Chestnut n Till (W P) 
Ansley David, carp. Washington (W P) 
Ansley John, plasterer, 232 S 14th 
Ansley Wm. 4 Jackson ab Adams 
Anspach, Jacoby & Co., dry goods, S W 3d 8c 

Anspach J., jr., pres. Locust Mountain Coal Co., 

88 S 4th 
Anspach John, mer., 74 N 3d, h Broad & Poplar 
Anspach T., jr., 74 N 3d, h Broad and Popkr 
Anspach Wm., mer. 74 N 3d, h 345 N 6th 
Antelo A. J., mer. 21 S Delaware av, h 180 S 10th 
Anthony David, cordw. 5 Lebanon 
Anthony George, harness mr. 291 Callowhill 
Anthony Heniy P., carp. Bedford ab Hanover 
Anthony H. L., printer, 22 S 3d 
Anthony Jacob, carp.. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Anthony Joseph, blindmr., 283 S 3d 
Anthony Joseph, carp., Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Anthony Jos. W., mach. 6 ab Morris 
Anthony Richard, lab. 247 S 7th 
Anthony Samuel, cordw. Fraley's al 
Anthony Simon, cordw. rear 35 Charlotte 
Anthony Simon, lab. 504 N 2d bel Laurel 
Anthony William, clothes, 50 N 2d, h 15 Little 

Antonian Joseph, cabinetmaker. Charles above 

Antrim John, Keeler's lane and Church 
Antrim Richard B., turner, 430 N 13th 
Antrobus John, weaver, Wallace W Coates 
Apelgate Daniel, bricklr. 40 Carpenter 
Apker Henry, rope mr., Marriott bel 6th 
Apker Henry, sheet iron wr., 8th bel Federal 
Apker Sarah, Hughes' ct (S) 
App George, jr. pumpmr. 100 F road 
App Jacob, cabinetmr. Norris bel Front (K) 
App Mary, wid. of George senr., 46 F road n 

Queen (K) 
App Samuel, watchmr. F road bel Queen 
Apple Aaron, tailor, 604 N 7th 
Apple Eleanor, rear Meredith ab 22d 
Apple Henr}^, ganger and cooper, 59 S Water, 

h 79 York av 
Apple Henry, cooper, 10 Aubuni 
Apple Henry, jr., ganger & cooper, 59 S Water, 

h 79 York ay 




Apple Hemy & Son, coopers, 59 S Water 
Apple Jacob, coppersmith, 6 Jackson ct 
Apple Jacob, brassfounder, Rhoacls ab 19th 
Apple John, alderman, 360 N 3d 
Apple Mary Ann, N W 22d and Mulberry 
Apple Michael, New Market and Noble 
Apple T. A., cooper, 1 Norris al 
Applebee John, weaver, 112 New Market 
Applebee Jonathan, carter, 50 Quince 
Applegate Danl. L., furnace set. 144 Greenwich 
Applegate David, leather. Church bel Canal 
Applegate Elizabeth, 354 S 5th 
Appleg-ate Ezekiel, lab. Banks of Schuylkill 
Appleg-ate Furman, lab., 5 Benton av 
Appleg-ate Georg-e, Banks of Schuylkill ab F M 
Appleg-ate Geo., mlkmn, Bks of Schuylk'l ab F M 
Appleg-ate Harriet, 25 Mary 
Appleg-ate James, Wharf bel Gray's 
Appleg-ate John, lab., rear 93 Christian 
Appleg-ate John, waterman, 25 Mary 
Applegate John F., tailor, 33 Redwood 
Appleg-ate Joseph C, carp. 248 Hutchinson 
Appleg-ate Robert, bricklr. 27 Brandywine 
Appleg-ate Robt., lab. Banks of Schuylkill 
Appleheiser Michl., blacksm. Wood bel Parker 
Appleton D., cordw., 2 Branch al 
Appleton E. Mrs., 621 Arch 
Appleton Geo. W._, tailor, 43 N 6tli, h 268 Mar- 
shall bel Parrish 
Appleton Henry A., coach painter, 6 Summer 

av (W P) 
Appleton James, insurance ag-ent, h 494 Locust 

bel 21st 
Appleton John, moulder, rear 80 F road 
Appleton John, lab. Washington n Till (W P) 
Appleton John L., teacher, 212 N 6th 
Appleton Jos. Douglass, bookbr. 2 Branch al 
Appleton Jos. W., clerk, 136 Market, h 87 New 
Appleton Samuel, carp., 528 Lombard 
Appleton Samuel, dyer. Cherry ab F road 
Appleton Thomas, cooper, 80 Church 
Appley Luther, bookseller, 38 Arcade 
Apprentices' Library Company, 5th and Arch 
Apt Jacob, cabinetmr. 9 Kensington av 
Arbelo Jos., pm'ser, 13 Pine 
Arboll John, carp. 24 Marshall 
Arbothnot Alex., lab. Lombard E 21st 
Arbuckle Andrew, spooler, Shippen ab 12th 
Arbuckle Arch., morocco dr.. Green n Front 
Arbuck'e David, shoemr. 3 Vine ct 
Arbuckle E. J. wid. of Joseph, lab. o7 Mechanic 
Arbuckle Margaret, Union ab Franklin (K) 
Arbuckle Saml., carrier, 13 Lewis (S G) 
ARCHAMBAULT A. L., machinist, 15th bel 

Hamilton, h 356 N 12th 
Archambault Joseph, 417 Market 
Archambault Lafayette, salesman, 103 Market, 

h Coates bel 13th 
Archambault Napoleon B., foreman, 15th below 

Hamilton, h 132 DiUwyn 
Archambault V. E., dry goods, N E 11th and 

Market, h 292 Sp Garden 
Archbold Wm., seaman, 3 Scott's ct 
Archdeacon & Brother, coach trimmers. Prune 

bel 6th 
Archdeacon Dennis, coach painter, Christian ab 

Archdeacon Fredk., 4 Cedar row 

Archer Charles, oysters, Lybrand's ct (K) 
Archer Charles L., brushmr., 50 Marriott 
Archer EUis S., lamps, 119 Chestnut, h N W 

17th and Arch 
Archer Geo., tavern, Oxford and Philip (K) 
Archer George, lab. rear Evans 
Archer Isaac, drayman, Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Archer John, cordw. Federal bel 11th 
Archer John, lab. Cadwalader ab Jefterson 
Archer Pearce, carter, 468 Poplar 
Archer Saml., liv. stable, office 9 & h 5 Filbert 
Archer Thomas, lab. 27 Fitler 
Archer Thos. G., tobacconist, 20 Larch 
ARCHER & WARNER, gas fixtures &. lamps, 

119 Chestnut and 130 Race 
Archer Wm., ship jolnei-, Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
Archer Wm. V., clerk, 88 Market 
Archibald John, sil. plater, Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Archibald Mary, Washington ct 
Ard Joseph B., M. D., 608 Arch 
Ardis Elizabeth, rear 71 Queen 
Ardis George, waterman, 15 Reckless 
Ardis H. A., Mrs. 33 Sears 
Ardis Wm. C, cutler, 8^ La Grange pi 
A.rdis Wright, carp. 113 Dickerson 
Ardley Alex., mer. 80J Walnut, h 62 S 5th 
Ardrey Robt., mach. Woodbine ab Wharton 
Ardwick Wm., painter, 536 S 10th 
Arensfelt Henry, locksm. 89 S 2d, h 5 Union 
Arentrue Mary, dressmr. Parrish ab 8th 
Arey Henry W., att'y and coun., and sect. G 

College, 153 S 9th ' _ 

Arford John, lab. F road n Reading av 
Argue David, plasterer, 605 Poplar 
Arguelles L. De Onis, bartender, 264. Market 
Arick Albert, tobacco. Cadwalader bel Master 
Arick John, musician, Phoenix and Cadwalader 
Arkright Thos., weaver, Washington ab Master 
Arleth Fredk., tailor, Rachel ab Poplar 
Ai-lin Edward, mariner, Higgin's ct 
Arline James, coach driver, 2 Harlinger's row 
Armand Francis, baker. Pine bel 13th 
Armbmster Geo. B., post office, h 415 N 11th 
Armbruster John G., brushmr. 136 Callowhill 
Armbruster Peter & Brother, brushmi-. 172 N „ 

3d, h 81 Callowhill '^ 

Arment Oliver, cai-p. Locust W 21st 
Armhold Max., shoe store, 58 N Lewis 
Armington Sarah, 494 N 12th 
Armitage Charles W., blacksm. 22d & Summer 
Armitage Robert, police, 9 Perry 
ARMITAGE THOMAS, white and black sm.,'. 

Vine n 12th, h N E 15th and Cherry 
Armitage Thos. J., blindmr. 9 S 13th, h 29 Jef- 
Armor John, clerk, 315 Pine 
Armor John C, salesman, 249 Market 
Ai-mor Mary, N W 17th and South 
Armor S. N., 267 Coates 
Armor Thomas, carp. N W 17th and South 
Armour John, carter, Gulielma 
Armrod Thos., weaver, F road ab West (K) 
Arms J. C, manuf. 6 Jones al (C) 
Armstead David, mach. F road n York 
Armstead Wm., carp. Wood bel Broad 
Armstrong Abm., cooper. Myrtle bel 13th 
Armstrong Alexander, stone mason, 13th and 





Armstrong- Andrew, tobac. 51 S Front, h 14th 

ab Spruce 
Armstrong- Andrew, painter, Goodman's al (K) 
Armstrong- Ann, shop. Pearl ab 12th 
Armstrong- & Austin, painters, 34 Queen (K) 
Armstrong- Catharine, N E 13th and Ogden 
Armstrong- Chas., blacksm. G T R n Somerset 
Armstrong- Chas. E., mer. 27 S 2d, h 117 New 
Armstrong- David, bricldr. 137 Howard (K) 
Armstrong- David, stone mas., 704 Lombard 
ARJISTliONG EDWARD, atty. & coun. 88 S 
4th, sect. N. Pa. R. R. Co. 123 Wahiut, h 
109 S 4th 
Armstrong- Edward, carter, Orange 
Armstrong- Edward, lab. Baker's ct ab Palmer 
Armstrong- Edward, 460 S 9th 
Armstrong- Edward, lab. Wyatt ab 7th 
Armstrong- Eliza, 266 S Broad 
Armstrong- Elizabeth A., 67 Sharswood 
\rmstrong- Ellen, Salmon n Emory 
Armstrong- Ellen, milkwoman, Front ab Hai-rison 
Armstrong- Francis, feed store, Callowhill above 

Broad, h 141 G T road (K) 
Armstrong- Georg-e, Wesley ab od 
Armstrong- George, lab. Brazier n 15th 
Armstrong- Georg-e, butcher, 72 Garden 
Armstrong- Geo., weav. rear Shippen la bel South 
Armstrong- Henry, waiter, 9 Little Pine 
Armstrong- Horatio G. stationery, 209 Callowhill 
Armstrong- Hume, tavern, 97 S 5th 
Armsti'ong- Jackson, lab. Phoenix ab Howard 
Armstrong- Jac, stove finisher, 1182 N 5tli 
Armstrong- Jas., weav., G T road bel Phoenix 
Armstrong- James, acct., 9 & 10 S Delaware av, 

h 12 Thompson 
Armstrong- James, eng-ineer, 14 Dugan 
Armstrong- James, lab. Baker's ctab Palmer (K) 
Armstrong- James, bricldr. 400 S 13th 
Armstrong- James, whipmr. 1182 N 5th (K) 
Armstrong- James, paint. Philip & Jefferson (Iv) 
Armstrong- James, dyer, 39 Perry (K) 
Armstrong James, weaver, Hamilton ab 24th 
Armstrong- James, carp. Buttonwood and 9th 
Armstrong- James, lumb. mer. Orchard ab Rawle 
Armstrong John, lab. 5th n Elm (W P) 
Ai'mstrong- John, tailor, 399 South 
Armstrong- John, shoemi-. Baker's ct ab Palmer 
Armsti'ong- John, lab. Ann bel Larcli (R) 
Armstrong John, plasterer. Burton ab 16th 
Armstrong- Joseph, lab. Brazier n 15th 
Armstrong Joseph, machinist, 13 John 
Armstrong- Jos. T., ship carp. 12 John 
Armstrong Joshua, 19 Plover 
Armstrong Julia, Anthracite (R) 
Armstrong Lydia, shoebr. 24 Shippen 
Armstrong- Martha, 765 N Front 
Armstrong Patrick, lab. Fisher ab Huntingdon 
Armstrong Peter E., dealer, 431 N 5th 
Armstrong Rebecca, 302 S 10th 
Armstrong Rebecca, 13th ab Catharine 
Armstrong Robert, bricklr. 398 S 13th 
Armstrong Robert, bricklr. Kates 
Armstrong Robt. Rev., 1025 Coates 
Armstrong Robt., blacksmith, 518 N 13th 
Armstrong Robt., stone mas. 409 S 13th 
Armstrong- Robt., clerk. Juniper ab Spruce 
Armstrong Robert, carter. Clay n Sch Beach 
Armstrong Robert, carter, Hay ab 6th 

Armstrong- Samuel, shoe store, 334 N 2d 
Armstrong Samuel, factorist, 7th bel Dickerson 
ARMSTRONG SAML. S., cur. & leather dealer, , 

N W St John & Willow, h 343 N Front 
Armstrong Thos., engin'r, Howard bel Jefferson 
Armstrong Thos., lab. 22 Apple 
Armstrong Thomas, baker, Lombard n 20th 
Armstrong Thomas, lab. Monroe ab 17th 
Armstrong Thomas G., dental depot, 114 Arch, 

h 146 Sp Garden 
Armstrong- Wm., lab. 553 Catharine 
Armstrong Wm., tailor, 343 N Front 
Armstrong Wm., 13th ab Christian 
Armstrong Wm., 581 N 10th 
Armstrong Wm. & Co., M. D., botanic medicines 
and herb store & pharmaceutical inst. 254 
Armstrong Wm., cabinetmr. Norris al, h 500 

Armstrong Wm., stone mas. Lombard ab 17th 
Armstrong Wm., stone mason, Perry ab Franklin 
Armstrong Wm., porter, 486 S 5th 
Armstrong AVm., 443 Race 
Armstrong Wm. G., engraver, 25 Minor 
ARMSTRONG WM. H., atty. and coun. S E 5th 

and Library, h 329 Chestnut 
Arn Daniel, cooper, Dauphin ab Carroll 
Arnel Robert, carp. 5 York pi 
Arnest Benjamin, mariner, 48 Church 
Arnest James D., clerk, 108 Market 
Arnet Wm., segarmr. h Bird's av 
Arney Elizabeth, 10 Ronaldson 
Arnize Victor, cooper, Gulielma ct n Hanover 
Arnold Andrew, lampmr. West bel Earl (K) 
Arnold Caroline, fancy milliner, 56 Arch 
Arnold Christian, baker, 3 Exchange place 
Arnold Conrad, baker, 16th and Thompson 
Arnold E., mer. 74 Market, h 18 Chatham 
Arnold Francis, math. inst. 33 N 7th, h 77 Char- 
Arnold Francis, mechanic, 77 Charlotte (K) 
Arnold Frank E., clerk, 188 Market, h 284 Race 
Arnold Fred., cooper. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Arnold George, gent. 6 Girard 
Arnold Geo.'p., mer. 52 Chestnut, h 6 Girard 
Arnold G. C, Rev., N W 18th and Lombard 
Arnold Henry, upholsterer, 15th ab Race 
Arnold Henry, bootmr. 76 Race 

Arnold Jacob, baker, 258 N Front 

Arnold Jacob, tobacconist, N W 9th & Callowhill- 

Arnold James, tavern, 70 P road 

Arnold James, shop, 61 Bedford 

Arnold John, tailor. Prosperous alley 

Arnold John H., bookbinder, Franklin Building, 
h 5 Logan 

Arnold John, bootmr. 25 James .^ 

Arnold Jno., bootmr. 361 Lombard 

Arnold Jos., cordw. 90 Garden 

Arnold Laybold, pedlar, 41 Orchard 

Arnold Mayer, 246 N 5th 

Arnold Nich., jeweller, 33 S 3d, h 118 N 8th 

clothing 70i N 3d 

Arnold Philip, cardriver. Brown bel 11th 

Arnold Samuel, shoemr. 28 Pen-y 

Arnold Sarah A., hotel. Beech n York (R) 

Arnold Simon W., mer. 70 J N 3d, house 246 
N 5th 




ARNOLD, SPRINGER & CO., diy goods, 74 

Arnold Wm., machinist, 646 N 2d 
Arnold Wm., shoemr. Pine and Quince 
Arnold Wm. G., bookbinder, 61 Ridge av 
Arnolt Charles, grocer, 392 N Broad 
Arnot Geo. I., marble cutter. Path n Moore 
Arnot Joseph, turner, G T road ab 6th 
Arnt Conrad, rag- dealer, rear 467 N 4th 
Arold John, tailor, 433 Poplar ab 8th 
Aronheimer A., clothing store, 210 N 2d 
Arrandts Rich". B., sailor, F av ab Cherry (K) 
Arrison John, bricklr. 973 N Front 
Arrison John C. brickmr. Poplar bel 16th 
Arrison John P., home mission, 25 E North, h 

466 Race 
Ari-ison Jos., carter, Prime bel Arsenal 
Arrison Matthew, gent. N E 16th and Poplar 
Arrison Matthew W., bricklayer, 16th bel Poplar 
An-ison R. S., teacher, 36 Perry 
Arrison & Smith, 142 Ridge av 
Arrott CoIIn,-M. D., Poplar E 17th 
Arrott James, gent., N W Poplar and 16th 
Arrott John, cutler, 74 Swanson 
Arrott Wm., porter, 128 Market 
Arsell Lewis, waterman, rear 134 F Z'oad 
Art Jacob, carp. 18 Almond 
Ai-ter Jones, comb mr. 6th ab G T road 
Artery Jacob, lab. 791 N Front 
Artery Jos., lab. 11 Scott court 
Arthur A., boot & shoe store, High bel 18th 
Arthur & George, sashmrs. Broad bel Wallace 
Arthur J. W., coal dealer. Broad ab Spruce, h 

33 Owen 
Arthur Mary, gentw. Oxford ab Washington 
Arthur Michael, coachman, Pearl bel 19th 
Arthur Robert, coal mer. Broad ab Spruce, h 

33 Owen • 
ARTHUR ROBERT, sashmr. Broad and Wal- 
lace, h Callowhill and 15th 
Arthur Robert M. & Bro., grocers, NW5th and 

Arthur Robt. & Bro., coal mer. Broad ab Spruce 
Ai-thur S., teacher, S W cor 13th and Locust 
Arthur T. S. & Co. pub. Home Gaz. 107 Wal- 
nut, h Green ab 12th 
Arthur Wm., clerk, 7 Rittenhouse 
Arthur Wm. H., gro. N W 5th and Lombard, h 

2 Florence av 
Artis Saml., carter, Fisher ab 8th 
Artist John, mate, 1051 N Front 
Artist Wm., mate, 1051 N Front 
Artlist Isaac, furniture, 232 South 
Artman John, carter, G T r ab Somerset 
Artson Rich'd, lab. Hancock ab Phcenix (K) 
Artz William, provisions. Master bel 8th 
Artzt Christian, clerk, 40 N 4th, h Mervine bel 

Arundel Ann, wid. of Thos., rear of Cadwalla- 

der ab Master 
Arundel Geo. W., atty. & coun. 59 S 7th, h Broad 

below Poplar 
Arundel John M., att'y. 89 Race, h Broad bel 

Arundel Pat, weaver, Beatty's ct (K) 
ARUNDEL R. J., atty. and coun. 89 Race, h 

Broad bel Poplar 
Arwin John, weaver, Howard bel Jefferson 

Asay Abraham M., dentist, 355 Race 

Asay Chas., lab. 157 Marlboro' 

Asa_\ E. L., trimmings, 219 Green 

Asay John, shoe manuf. Green ab 8th 

Asay Wm., salesman, 130 Market, h 4th and 

ASBURY SAM'L & CO., importers, 85 S Front _^ 

Asbury Saml., mer. 85 S Front, h 110 S Broad '^ 

Ashbury Saml. R., 85 S Front, h 110 S Broad 

Asch & Brothers, furriers, 82 Arch, h 101, , 
Spruce ^ 

Asch Isaac M., dry goods, 174 Spruce 

Asch Joseph, furrier, 82 Arch, h 101 Spruce 

Asch Mauas, dry goods, 174 Spruce 

Asch M. J., M. D., 101 Spruce 

Ascough Thos., blacksmith G T road and Hay- 

Ascough Wm., blacksm. rear 277 New Market 

Ash Charles, vict. Mechanic bel Thompson 

Ash Curtis, waiter, 7 Rodman 

Ash Elizabeth, 393 N 3d 

ASH FRANKLIN P., carp. Cherry W 21st 

Ash George W., convey. S W 7th and Wood 

Ash Geo. W., carp Melon bel 10th 

Ash Geo. W., gold beater, Haverford ab Wy- 
oming (W P) 

Ash Henry St. Clair, M. D., druggist, S E 11th 
and Vine 

Ash James, tavern, 184 Callowhill 

Ash Jas., lab. Pine bel 20th Jas., stone cuttei-, 971 N Front 

Ash Jno. M., clerk, 17th bel Walnut 

Ash John T., carp. 188 Swanson 

Ash Joseph, chairmr. Rachel ab Poplar 

Ash Joshua P., com. mer. 68 Market, h 106 S 8th 

Ash Maria, 98^ S 4th 

Ash Michael W., atty. and alderman, 10th ab 

Ash Morgan, broker, 24 Pear, h Race W 20th 

Ash Maria L., wid. of Robert, 415 Coates 

Ash M. Miss, h 136 S 10th 

Ash Samuel, carter, 17 Fitzwater 

Ash Sarah, washer, 220 S 7th 

Ash Sebastian, confectioner, 171 Green 

Ash Thos., carp. Anita bel 12th 

Ash Wm., hotel and livery stable, N W Coates 
and Kessler 

Ash Wm. H., salesman, 68 Market, h 131 S 3d 

Ash Wm. R., clerk, 3 Oneida pi 

Ash & Zane, carps. Olive bel 13th 

Ashbidge George, brickmr. N. Front ab Oxford 

Ashbridge Mary K., 207 Pine 

Ashbridge Thomazin Mrs., 321 Arch 

Ashbridge Wm., gent. 321 Arch 

Ashbrook James, grocer, S E 2d and Queen, h 
401 S 3d 

Ashbrook Joseph, sailmr. 113 Christian 

Ashbrook Thos., carp. 39 Washington 

Ashburn Benj., mer. Washington bel William 

Ashburn James C, jeweler, 72 Market, h 160 

Ashburner Algernon E., mer. 14 N Del av, h 
19th ab Arch 

Ashburner Aug., gent. Chestnut ab Till (W P) 

Ashburner Benj. Mrs., Till n Locust (W P) 

ASHBURNER BENJ. T., com. mer. 3 Straw- 
berry, h Washington bel Till (W P) 




Ashburner John, clerk, 14 N Del av 
Ashburner T. Aug-ustus, sulesman, 16 S Front, 

h Chestnut ab Till (W P) 
Ashby Frank., hatter, 136 Market, h 116 N 5th 
/Ashby & Rocap, hatters, 136 Market 
"^ Ashcraft H., lab., Cherry bel F road (K) 
Ashcraft John, lumber mer. 60 Almond 
Ashcraft, Front ab Washinj^ton 
Ashcraft Josiah, jr., lab. 15 Beck 
Ashe John, baker, 78 Spruce 
Ashenfelder Josiah, coachmr. Cadwalader near 

Ashenfelder Sarah, St. Johns ab Ceorg-e (K) 
Asher Abraham, g-ent. S 2d and Marion 
Asher Jeremiah, Rev. 7 Rodman 
Asher Michael, dyer, 242 South 
Ashford Adolphus, 5 Nag-le 
Ashfcrd Henry, moidder, 11 Jackson's ct 
Ashford Jno. R., g-love manuf 235 CallowhlU 
Ashford Wm. H., g-love and shoemr. 93 N 8th 
Ashing- Casper, mason, Mervine bel Montg-omery 
Ashing-burk Geo., lab. 478 Master 
Ashley Henry, hosier, 187 Market 
Ashley John, carp. 1024 N Front (K) 
Ashhurst John, mer. 80 Market, li 59 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis R., mer. 80 Market, 1* "Walnut 

W Broad 
Ashhurst Richd., mer. 80 Market, h 263 Arch 

80 Market 
Ashhurst W H., mer. 80 Market, h 498 Walnut 
Ashman Ann, wid, of Peter, dealer 43 Bayai-d 
Ashman H. N., paper hang-er, Og-den bel 12th 
Ashman Peter, g-ent. Bridg-e n 3d (W P) 
Ashman Thomas, shoes, 109 S 9th 
Ashman Wm., tailor, 384 N 3d 
Ashman Wm. T., clerk, 88 Market 
Ashmen John, brickmr. Perry bel Diamond (K) 
Ashmen Saml. S., steel rod mr. Moiris bel lOtli 
Ashmead Albert S., mer. 14 S Delaware av, h 

437 Race 
Ashmead Charles J., convey. 205 Catharine ' 
Aslimead Georg-e, drug-gist, 235 Market, h Ger- 

ASHMEAD GEORGE L., att'y. and coun. 317 

(^ASHMEAD & HART, shoe findings, 32 N 4th 
■ ASHMEAD ISAAC, printer, Georg-e ab 11th, 

h Girard av and 16th 
Ashmead Jas., cordw. 362 Wliai'ton 
ASHMEAD JOHN W., att'y. and coun. 224 

Walnut, h William and Walnut (W P) 
Ashmead Samuel, mer. S W 11th and Barley 
Ashmead Samuel B., mer. 32 N 4th, h 11th bel 

Ashmead Thos., custom-house, h 427 Race 
Ashmead Thos. E.,mer. 30 Chestnut, h S E 15th 

and Chestnut 
Ashmead Wm., M. D., Germantown 
Ashmore Abraham V., carver, 117 N 12th 
ASHMORE MARY, wid of John, cutler, 50 N 2d 
Ashmore, Jas., marble works, Cuthbert bel 21st 
Ashmore Phoebe, 451 Vine 
Ashmore Susan, 8 Castle 
Aslimore, Thos,, forwarder, 44 S 4th 
Ashmore Wm., saw mr. 16 Wilson 
Ashmore Wm. II., savvmr. 50 N 2d 
Aahorn Chas., clerk, 32 S 3d 

ASHTON A. H., M. D., 349 S 9th 

ASHTON, BROTHERvS, conveyancers and real 

est. ag'ts., S W 10th and South, h 349 S 9th 
Ashton & Co., planing- and mould, mill, Wash- 
ington st wharf (S) 
Ashton Cath., dealer, 8 Ronaldson 
A,shton Dan. R., teacher, S W 10th and Arch 
Ashton Ely, grocer, Oxford and Bilyeu 
Ashton Georg-e, store, Nicetown la 
ASHTON GEORGE H., drug-g-ist. 294 Market, 

h 154 S 9th 
Ashton Henry, mer. 63 N 3d 
Ashton Hiram, cooper, 374 S Front 
Ashton Isaac, collector, h 300 Vine 
ASHTON ISAAC M., hats, 172 Market, h 412 

Ashton Isaac S., conveyancer, 10th and South, 

h 349 S 9th 
Ashton James, waterman, 374 S Front 
Ashton James, Rev., 9 Ellen 
Ashton John, brickmr. Perry n Diamond 
Ashton John, h Filbert W 18th 
Ashton John, jr., tailor, 156 Market, h 347 S 9th 
Ashton Jonathan, gent. 329 S 5th 
Ashton Joseph, agt. and collec. 203 Beach (K) 
Ashton Joseph, boatman. Federal bel 15th 
Ashton J. R., clerk, 164 Catharine 
Ashton Samuel, mariner, 36 Beck 
Ashton Samuel, printer, 21st and Winter 
Ashton Samuel, cabinetmr. Orchard n Jackson 
ASHTON SAMUEL K., M. D., S E 9th &Pine 
Ashton Saml., city museum, h 116 Crown 
Ashton Thomas, macliinist, Columbia n 2d (K) 
Ashton Thos., leather dr. Wall 
Ashton Thos., searg-'t police, 577 N 10th 
Ashworth Andrew, clerk, 1 S 3d, h 35 Lewis 

(P D) 
Ashworth James, eng-ineer, 148 Hutchinson 
Ashworth Nicholas S., macht. 7th ab Poplar 
Ashworth Samuel C, hatter 39 Julianna 
Asken Edw., drug-g-ist, N E 5th and Chestnut 
Askew Jos. W., clerk, 151 Market, h 35 Wallace 
Askin John, salesman, Haverford n 6th (W P) 
Aspen John, driver, 40 Bayard 
Asperg-er Chas., jeweller, 231 N 9th 
Aspinall Shepherd, carpet weaver, 6th ab Mont- 

Aspinwall Mrs. A., widow of Georg-e W., 378 

Aspinwall Isaac, sexton, 577 Christian 
Aspinwall Nathan, cabinetmr. 577 Christian 
Aspinwall Wm., warper, 579 Christian 
Asselin Louis, hatter, 9 Paschal 
Asson William T., mer. 9 Commerce, h 643 

Astie Peter, butcher. Linden bel Front 
Astlev James, waiter, 4 Prosperous 
Aston Samuel, mach. Watson ab 5th 
Atack Daniel, weaver, 998 N Front 
Atcheson Jane, dressmr. Bedford & Hanover (K) 
Atcheson Jolm, tailor, 33 Irp 
Atcheson Mary, Bedford and Hanover (K) 
Atchinson Charles, grocer, Nicetown 
Atchison Nathan, saddler, 728 N 2d 
Atchison Robt., fireman, 5th ab Pierce 
ATHENEUM, 6th and Adelphi 
Atherholt Jacob, brickmr. 989 W Cedar 
Atherholt Christ., brickmr. Adams bel Oxford 




Atherley Jno., faiTn., Allen ab Shackamaxon (K) 
Atherly John, fish dealer, Union bel West (K) 
Atherson Robert, wheelwrig-ht, 183 Shippen, h 

Carpenter ab 9th 
Atherton Henry, broker, Walnut ab 6th 
Atherton Humphrey, real estate, Walnut n 6tli 
Atlierton H. & Son, real estate brokers. Walnut 

ab 6th 

Atherton Nathan, carp. S W 11th and Lombard 
Atherton Nathan, watchmr. 113 S 12th 
Atlioway Isaac, carter, 573 N 5th 
^ Atkin Samuel, car agent. Garden bel 6th 
Atkins Eliza, Crown n West (K) 
Atkins Hanson E., merchant, 227 Market, h 15 

Log-an sq 
Atkins James B., cabinetmr. Marion ab 2d 
Atkins Jos., carp., rear 77 Dock, h 191 Queen 
Atkins Robt., plasterer, Pine n 20th 
Atkins Thomas, ship carp, rear 145 Beach 
Atkins Thomas, carp. 77 Dock and 26 Straw- 
berry, h Queen and Weccacoe 
Atkinson Amos W., corder, 87 Myrtle 
Atkinson Anna Mrs., manf. cylinder brushes, 

&c., 5 & 9 N 2d 
Atkinson Archibald, carter, 83 Master (K) 
Atkinson B. G., tailor, 64 Chestnut 
ATKINSON CHAS., grocer, N E South and 

Water, & N W South and Delaware av 
Atkinson Chas. B., coachmr. 431 N 10th 
Atkinson Eliza, gents fm-nishing, 16 S 7th 
Atkinson Elizabeth, tailoress, 13th n Coates 
Atkinson F. T., acct., 164 Market, h 33 Wistar 
Atkinson Hannah, 13th n Coates 
Atkinson Henry, gents furnishing store, 80 S Sd 
Atkinson Henry, watchmr. 13th n Coates, h 12 

Atkinson Henry P., 117 Marshall 
Atkinson Isaac S., umbrellamr. 29 Spruce 
Atkinson James, driver, Cuthbert 
Atkinson James, carter, Whyte's pi 
Atkinson John, grocer. Market and 20th 
Atkinson John, engin. Charlotte ab Franklin av 
Atkinson John, lab. rear 1 Prospect alley 
Atkinson John, dry goods, 5 N 2d, h 9 N 2d 
Atkinson John, weav. Hancock n Diamond (K) 
Atkinson John C, tailor, Charlotte ab Marshall 
Atkinson John C, furnace. Willow ab 19th 
Atkinson John P., carp. 11 Olive 
Atkinson Joseph, h 130 Baker 
Atkinson Joseph E., dry goods, 2d ab Callow- 
hill, h 98 Parrish 
Atkinson Jos. L., brickh*. 413 S 2d 
Atkinson J. D., S E 18th & Carlton 
Atkinson Lavinis, painter, 12th bel Catharine 
Atkinson Marshall B., baker, Washington above 

Park (W P) 
Atkinson P. J., clerk, Oak ab Bridgewater 
Atkinson R. D., prof, of music, 29 Spruce 
Atkinson Saml., botanic physician, 617 N 2d 
Atkinson S. M., New Market ab Noble 
Atkinson Thomas, 13th ab Coates 
Atkinson Thomas, wool sorter, 12 Norri^ 
Atkinson Thos., grocer, 435 Pine ab 11th 
Atkinson Thos. H., provisions, 22 Poplar 
Atkinson T. B., baker, S E Washington and 

Moore (W P) 
Atkinson William, trader, 542 S IGth 
Atkinson Wm., farmer, 49 Russell 

Atkinson Wm. B., M. D., 29 Spruce 

Atkinson Wm.W., paint. New Market ab Noble 

Atkinson William W., jr., painter. New Market 

ab Noble 
Atlee Adam, shingle shaver, 8 W George 
Atlee Edwin, 36 S Del av, h 386 Arch 
Atlee & Evans, com. mers. o& S Delaware av 
Atlee Walter F., M. D., 22 S 15th bel Chestnut 
ATLEE W. L., M. D., 418 Arch 
Atmore Fred. B., grocer, 205 Buttonwood 
Atmore R., grocer, N W 10th and Buttonwood 
ATMORE R. & F., grocers, N W 10th and But- 
Atmore Wm. P., carp. Tower n 21st 
Atsek Sylvester, mach. Prospect pi 
Attmore W. T., salesman, 159 Market 
Attwood Wm. N., undertaker, 61 N 8th 
Atwell George, blacksm. 2 Madison 
Atwell John, baker, 18th ab Cedar 
Atwill George, grocer. Broad bel Shippen 
ATWOOD & CO., diy goods, 162 Market^/ 
Atwood John IL, com. merchant, 5 Walnut, 

h 362 Walnut 
Atwood John M., mer. 162 Market, h 362 Walnut 
Atwood Wm. C, salesman, 162 Market, h 362 

Atz Jacob, Bledisloe pi 

Aub Jac, lithographer, 80 Walnut, h 582 N 7th 
Aube Peter R., carver, 16 Decatur, h 230 Queen 

ab 5th (S) 
Aubin, P. J., mer. 41 Market, h 328 Pine 
j^uble Hampton, carrier, 11th bel Girard av 
Auble Nathan, currier, 63 Willow, h 68 Olive 

bel 12th 
Auble Valentine, basket maker, Nicetown la 
Auble Wm., tavern, S W 8th and Cherry 
Auchamlech John, 15 Vernon 
Audenried Anna C. Mrs., 314 N 7th 
Audenried Jane M., 322 N 6th 
Audenried Lewis, coal dealer, 42 Walnut, h 314 

AUDENRIED LEWIS & CO., coal mers. 42 

Audenried Wm., coal dealer, 42 Walnut, h 322 

N 6th 
Auderbert Fred., lampmr. 9th st avenue 
Audsley Joseph, spinner, 21st ab South 
Auer Chas., brass turn. Canal ab George (NL) 
Auerbach Simon & Co., importers, 80 N Front 
Auffort Fanny, Wood ab Queen (K) 
AufFort Fred'k, cordw. Wood ab Queen (K) 
AufFort Fred'k, jr., fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Auge Clinton, atty. and coun., 112 Walnut, h S 

W 6th and Sp Garden 
Auge Henry, tinsmith, 15tli and Coates 
August Jacobj lab. Dyott's ct (K) 
Augustine Elizab., tailor, rear 152 Jefferson av 
Augustine Mary, millinery, NE Race & Lybrandt 
Augustine Mary F.. confectioner, 123 S 3d 
Augustine Peter, bricklayer, Robertson 
Augustine Lewis, tin plate worker. Market n 22d 
Augustine Wm. S., clerk, 183 Market, h 15th 

and Wood 
Augustus George, waiter, 7 Ronaldson 
Augustus Wm., lab. 105 Bedford 
Auld Andrew, warper, Bedford bel Broad 
Auld Maria, 502 N 10th 
Auld Mary, tailoress, 8th ab Vine 




Aull James A., mer., 13J S Front, h Merchant's 

Hotel, N 4th 
Aull John, tailor, York n Front 
Aull W. M., lab. 25 Lee 
Aumont James P. E., mer. 145 Market, h Arch 

n 18th 
Auner Alfred W., stationer, 18th and Market 
Auner Chas. E., sheet iron worker, 113 Myrtle 
Auner C. H., clerk, 19 Madison 
Auner G. A., carp. 18 Minor, h 18 Madison 
Auner Israel B., book binder, Ogden ab 13th 
Auner Wm., baker, 13th ab Poplar 
Aupperle John, porter, 36 Market, h 16 Orang-e 
Aurand Daniel F., tailor, 3 Wall 
Aurocker & Delestatius, locksmiths, 13tli and 

Aurocker Thos., locksm. 13th and Cherry, h 

8 Hides' ct 
Aurr David, tailor, Amber and Dauphin 
Austie Henry, mer. 129 Market, h 386 Arch 
Austin B. C, g'rocer, Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Austin Charles, hatter, 16th ab Ridg-e av 
Austin Charles, carter. Brown bel 5th 
Austin Chas. B., ag-ent, Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Austin Chas. S., coach painter, 16 York 
Austin Cornelius, jr., Xing' bel Race 
Austin David, weaver. Deal bel F road 
Austin Eliza, Pine ab lOtli 
Austin Enoch, clothing-, 52 Market 
Austin Geo., shoe manuf., 14 Thompson ab 3d 
Austin Georg-e, painter, Fraley's al 
Austin George, g^lass blow. G F road bel South 
Austin Hester, Young^'s pi 
Austin John, brass founder, 136 New Market 
Austin John B., cashier Southwark Bank, h 272 

Austin Lewis L., mariner, Coates n William 
AUSTIN & OBDYKE, tin roof & iron workers, 

7Z7 Market n 17th 
Austin Oliver, brewer, 2 Rodman 
Austin Robert, umbrella manuf. h 5 Lemon 
Austin Saml. H., atty. aiid coun. 63 S 7th 
AUSTIN SETH, tavern. Flag- of the Union, 

Franklin ab F road 
Austin Wm., tin smith, 737 Market W 17th, 

h Coates W 17th 
Austin Wm., grocer, 99 Fitzwater 
Authur Georg-e, carter. Willow and Spruce 
Authur James, carter, 13 Wilcox 
Autz John, ingrain weaver, Mifflin bel Oxford 
Auvache E., crape dr. Carbeny's ct 
AVERILL ELISHA & CO., butter dealers, 176 

Averill E., butter dealer, 176 Callowhill, h 832 

Avery Enoch, fishing tackle, 125 Beach 
Avery Henry, dentist, 127 N 10th 
Avery John, carp. 6 Linden (K) 
Avery Mary, 74 George (S) 
Avery Sam. J., clerk, 107^- Market, h 241 N 9th 
Avery Wm. M., engraver, 74 George 
AVISE M., watchmr. 72 N 2d 
Awl Ann C, 222 Green 
Awll Charles, potter, 110 Crown 
Axe Conrad, shoemr. Summer bel the Canal 
Axe Wm. H., clerk, 101 Market, h 120 Randolph 

ab Poplar 
Axe W. H., sawmr. Philip ab Jefferson 

Axford Edward J., mei\ tailor, 165 Spruce 

Axford Joseph W., 165 Spruce 

Axson J., restaurant, 178 Vine 

Axt Fred., barber, F road and York 

Ayars Alice, dressmr. Parrish bel 6th 

Ayer Charles C, bookkeeper Franklin House, 

Chestnut and Franklin pi 
Ayers Joshua B., mer. 88 N 3d, h 326 Noble 
Ayetskeys John, baker, 35 Queen (K) 
Aykroyd Henry, vict. Brown ab 12th 
Ayres Ann, 15 Parrish 
Ayres Bacon, P road 
Ayres E. A., tobacconist, 59 S 3d 
Ayres Geo., baker, 18 Carpenter 
Ayres Geo. R. & Co., mers. 58 N whfs., h 221 Sp 

AYRES HENRY R. & CO., dry goods, 49 N 8th 
Ayres Hiram, h 221 Sp Garden 
Aja-es John, stocking weaver, 10 Ulrich row 
Ayres John, cordw. Catharine & Shippen la 
Ayres John B., wharf builder, 483 S Front 
Ayres Jonathan B., blacksm. Olive bel 13th 
Ayres Robert B., suspender mr. 646 Poplar 
Ayres Robert B., tailor, 161 E Lombard 
Ayres Samuel W., tobacconist, 59 S 3d, h 283 

S 8th 
Ayres Wm., mer. 42 N 3d, h 15 Palmyra sq 
Ayres Wm., weaver, Shippen la ab Catharine 
Azpell Richard, farmer, 574 Wood 
Azpell Thomas F., M. D., 210 S 3d 
Azpell Thomas T., mer. 210 S 3d 
Azpell T. p., coal agent, 51 S Water 

Baac Edward, musical iiostltute, 78 N 3d 
Baamber Louis, lab. 54 Swanson 
Baar Abraham, shoemr. Shippen and 7th 
Babbit William W., merchant, 7 Commerce, h 26 

Babcock Elizabeth, Locust E Park (W P) 
Babcock John K., cordw. 64 Lawrence 
Babe George, hatter, 450 N 6th 
Babe James, carter, Mullin's ct 
Babe John, cigar dealer, 3 Hart's Building, h 

Sp Garden bel 11th 
Babe Owen, dealer, Crown bel Duke 
Babe Wm., police, 27 Leonard 
Babey Celestine, cordw. \\ Locust 
Babington John, brushmr. 178 Christian 
■Babnew Joseph, carp. 318 S 2d, h 174 Federal 
Bach Daniel, farmer, Olive bel Broad 
Bach Emma, milliner, 130 Poplar 
Bach Jacob, 528 N 5th 
Bach Louisa, 130 Poplar 
Bache Ellen, Bayard bel 8th 
Bache Franklin, M. D., S E Spriice & Juniper 
Bache Hartman, U. S. A., 66 S 13th 
Bache Hewson T., M. D., S E Spruce & Juniper 
Bache Maria, 16th and Vine 
Bache Richard M., surveyor, 66 S 13th 
Bache Theodore, 2 Park av 
Bachell Marshall, carp. Oak bel Mary (W P) 
Bachelleet John, clerk, 467 N 3d . 
Bachelor John, tobac. Beach and Coates 
Bachelor Samuel, cordw. 6th and G T road 
Bacherach R.,-. clothier, 148 N 2d, , :. 

Bachman Anne, tobac, rear 5th bel Franklin 




Bachman Charles, tailor, Ajjple ab Franklin 
Bachman C. & J., confects. N W Sp Garden Sc 

Bachman Feist, teacher, 17 Dillwyn 
Bachman Henry, pianomr. Cherry ab F road 
Bachman H. F., clerk, N W 3d and Market, h 

17 Dillwyn 
Bachman Jacob, carp. 114 Green 
Bachman John, inspector, George E ISth 
Bachman Saml., tobacco, 383 ^larshall 
Bachman Solomon, clothier, 49 South 
Bachman Wm. & M. Geiselman, box mrs. N W 

New Market and AVillow 
Bachmeier John, lab. St John bel G T road 
Bachmeyer Fred., 10 Gay's ct (K) 
Backer Francis, rear 295 St. John 
Backer Moses, clothier, 18 Juliana 
Backes John, shop, 109 Apple 
Backman L. L., grocer, N E 13th and Poplar 
Backman Mich., lab. Gaul bel "Wood (K) 
Backmeister Theo., ag-ent, 474 Cheny W 15th 
Backus Fredk. R., Treas. Lehig-h Iron Co., 44 

N Delaware av, h 377 N 6th ab Green 
Backus F. B., bookkeeper, 165 Market, h 377 

N 6th 
Bacon & Adams, grocers, 24 Market 
Bacon Alexander, broker, 93} Walnut, h 507 N 

Bacon Allyn, paper boxmr. 20 Spruce and 6 

Decatur, h 12 Comptroller 
Bacon Anna A., dressmr. rear 215 S 7th 
Bacon Benjamin, g-lass blower, 103 Wood (K) 
■♦Bacon Benj. C, ag-ent, 39 N 5th 
Bacon Benjamin R., undertaker. Queen below 

Marlborough (K) 
Bacon Chas. W., gent. 331 Green 
Bacon Chas. W., Sec'y. Sch. Nav. Co., 72 Wal 

nut, h 254 Marshall 
Bacon Charles W., jr., mer. 24 Market, h Parrish 

bel 8tli 
Bacon Dennis, lab. 2 Eag'le ct 
i^acon Denny, blacksm. 122 Beach (K) 

Bacon Edmond P., mer. 6 Vine, h 331 Green 
' Bacon Edmund, mer. 17 N Water, h 4 S Penn 
Bacon Edward, mer. 18 S 2d, h 302 N 7th 
Bacon Enos, druggist, 122 Beach (K) 
• Bacon Enos, tailor, 182 Market, h Carroll ab 12th 
Bacon Francis, 53 S 4th, h 117 Race 
Bacon Franc. S., clerk, 33 Chestnut, h 556 N 5th 
Bacon F. W., agent, 37 Strawbeny 
BACON FRANKLIN, mer. 13 S Front, h Wal- 
nut bet AVilliam and Till (W P) 
Bacon Fred., lab. 128 Adams (K) 
Bacon G. V., Treas. Pa. R. R. Co., 70 Walnut, h 

16 N 11th 
Bacon Henry, Rev., 98 S. 16th 
Bacon Hosea H., boilermr. Randolph bel Poplar 
Bacon Isaac, seaman, 37 Barley 
Bacon James W., M. D., 124 s'9th 
Bacon Jane, 122 Beach (K) 
Bacon Job, 4 S Penn sq 
B:icon John, weaver, Lombard n 17th 
Bacon John, gent,, office, 70 Walnut, h 117 

Bacon Jos., wharf builder, Bagg's ct 
Bacon Jos. K., paper boxes, 23 & 25 N 4th, h 157 

BACON JOS. M., undertaker, 102 Queen below 

Bacon Jos. M., bricklr.. Wood and Franklin (R) 
Bacon Josiah, mer. 127 Market, h 63 Marshall 
BACON J. W., com. mer. 95 S Delaware av, h 

31 Pine 
Bacon Margaret, washer, 37 Barley 
Bacon Marj', 302 N 7th ' 
Bacon, Price & Co., coal dealers, 53 S 4tli, and 

N W Front and Walnut, yard. Spruce st 

whf. Sch 
Bacon Richard, carp, and undertaker, Marlboro, 

ab Bedford (K) 
Bacon Richd. W., mer. 131 Market, h 91 Mar- 

Bacon Samuel, 11th bel Washington 
Bacon Sarah Mi-s., Chestnut bel 'Mary (W P") 
Bacon Thos. H., cordw. 241 Catliarine 
Bacon Uriah, cabt., 9 P road 
Bacon William, ship joiner, 145 Beach 
Bacon Wm., lab. rear Fitzwater bel 13th 
Bacon Wm., ship carp. Hanover ab Franklin av 
Bacon Wm., macht., 3 Randolph 
Bacon Wm. H., mer. N W Front and Walnut, h 

212 Race 
Bade Christian, tailor, Morris bel 5th (S) 
Badeler Joseph, cabinetmr. 944 N 2d 
Badger Edmund R., atty. & coun. 110 S 3cl, h 

Federal ab 10th 
Badger Joseph M^ shoe manuf. 21 Logan 
Badger Saml., jr., atty. & coun. Pine ab 17th 
BADGER SAMUEL, atty. & coun, office, 110 

S 3d, h 16th 3 doors bel Spruce 
Badger Wm., attv. at law and county solicitor, 

110 S 3d, h N W 9th and Pine 
Baelrman Christ., pedlar, G T road ab Oxford 
Baemish ^Mi-s. S., store, 15 Union sq 
Baemond James, cordw. 27 Barker 
Baen Hen., jewel. 21 Franklin pi, h ISHallowcH 
Baer Chas.F., salesman, 16 S 5th, h 229 Pii>e 
Baer Michael, upholsterer, 17 Charlotte 
Bag Tobias, cordw. Randolph ab Far 
BAGALEY, WOODWARD & CO., grocen, -^ 

221 Market "^^ 

Bagat Mi'S., di-essmr. Elm and 5th (W P) 
Bagge Elizabeth, 20 Carpenter 
Bagge J., carp. 9 Laurel 
Bagge Saml., carp. 24 Monroe 
Bag-gott Charles, wire v/orker, h 76i Lombard 
Baggott Thomas, wire worker, 76} Lombard 
Baggott T. & C, wire workers, 385 Market**, y'' 
Baggs Henry, weaver, 10 Lindsay's av 
Baggs James B., tailor, 180 Chestnut, h 542 

Baggs James B., jr., tailor, 180 Chestnut 
BAGGS J. B. & SON, merchant tailors, 180 

Baggs Rebecca, York n Tulip (R) 
Baggs AVm. H., clerk, 183 S 20th 
Bag'iot Julius L., cordw. 49 S 4th, h rear 360 S 2d 
Bagley John, cordw. Cran's ct 
Bagley John, spinner, Adams ab JefFcrson 
Bagley William, tailor, Kenney pi 
Bagman Joseph, cordw. Johnston's ct 
Bagot Jos., glass blowr. Sch road n Wire Bridge 

(W P) 
Bagot AVilliam, glass blow. Sch road near Wire 




Bagshaw Wm., tool mr. Suffolk 
Baier Andrew, store, 313 Callowhill 
Bail Jos., dealer. Filbert W 20th 
Bailey Aaron, shoemr. Carlton n York 
Bailey Amos N., mer. 160 N 20th 
Bailey Catharine, Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Bailey Chancellor, bookkeeper, 19 N 3d 
Bailey Chas., bootfitter, 4th bel Thompson (K) 
Bailey Charles, box mr. Franklin la 
-i;-.,BAILEY & CO., jewelers, 136 Chestnut 
^'j Bailey Daniel, brickmr. 264 Hutchinson 
Bailey Edward, brassfounder, 3d ab Oxford 
Bailev Edward, carp. 7 Quarry, h School ab 

Otter (K) 
Bailey Elizabeth, dealer, 175 Wharton 
JJailey E. Headley. cust. house brok. 59 S 4th, 

h 41 Lombard 
Bailey E. Westcott, 136 and h 388 Chestnut 
Bailey Garrison, lalD. Griffith's ct 
Bailey Georg-e, brewer, 7th ab Dauphin 
Bailey James H., mer. 398 N 10th 
Bailey J. M., milk. Washing-ton ab Logaa (WP) 
Bailey John, dealer, 5 St. Mary's 
Bailey Jno., cordw. 9th bel Prime 
Bailey Jno., furniture, 327 South 
Bailey Jno., waterman, 13 Elmion al 
Bailey Jno., porter, 237 Market 
Bailey John, weaver. South bel 13th 
Bailey John S., blacksm. 20 Federal 
Bailey Jonathan, carp. 11th bel Brown 
Bailey Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Charles 
Bailey Joseph, macht. Walnut bel Margaretta 

(W P) , 
Bailey Joseph, clerk, Brandywine bel Broad 
Bailey Jos., stone cut. Clinton ab Franklin (K) 
Bailey J., plaotog-raphist, S E 8th & Chestnut 
Bailey Leonard F., cordw. 178 Buttonwood 
Bailey Lewis J., grocer, S W 13th and Coates 
Bailey Lloyd, carp. Lancaster R n Haverford R 
Bailey Lydia R., printer, 26 N 5th 
Bailey Margt. Mrs., milliner, 659 Poplar 
Bailey Mary, tin ware, 243 Shippen 
Bailey Moses, tavern, S E 16th and South 
Bailey M. L., wid. of Jos., 390 Chestnut 
Bailey Nathan St Co, conveyancers, 33 N 5th 
Bailey Nathan, stove fin. G T r n Somerset 
Bailey Peter, lab. Woodland n Park (W P) 
BAILEY SAMUEL, conveyancer, 139 N 6th, h 

440 N 10th 
BAILEY SAMUEL B. & SON, lumb. 20 Laurel 

(C) & 2d wharf ab Catharine 
Bailey Saml., B. lumber mer. 20 Laurel (C), h 

57 Pine 
Bailey Thos., grocer, 8 Jackson 
Bailey Thos., cordw. Dauphin n Carlton 
Bailey T. C, prefect of Girard Colkg-e 
Bailey Wm., dyer, Hanover bel Franklin (K) 
Bailey Wm., clerk, 162 Market 
Bailey Wm., g-rocer, 303 S 8th 
Bailey Wm. II., cordw. 255 S 12th 
Bailey Wm. R., printer, 26 N 5th 
Bailey Wm. S., conveyancer, 33 N 5th 
Bailie Christiana, b h, 303 Arch 
Bailleul N. C, painter, 135 S 9th 
Bailley J. T., Georg-e E 14th 
Bailly Jos. A., S E 11th and Chestnut 
BAILY & BROTHER, carpet warehouse, 252 


Baily Edwin, carp. 211 Buttonwood 
Baily Everard, brickl. 211 Buttonwood 
BAILY JACOB, jr., iron foundry, Broad bel 

Spring- Garden, h Race n 16th 
BAILY JOEL J., mer. 69 Market, h 144 N 5th 
Baily Joshua L., mer. 101 Market, h 153 Filbert 
Baily Samuel L., mer. 252 Chestnut, Penn (C) 
Baily Thos. L., mer. 252 Chestnut, h 137 Filbert 
Baily Thos W., mer. 216 Market, h 358 Green 
Bally Wm., watchmr. 216 Market, h Spring- Gar- 
den ab 11th 
Baily Wm.L., mer. 252 Chestnut, h 137 Filbert 
Baily Wm. & Son, jewellers, 216 Market 
Bain Jas. IL, casemr. 11 Paul 
Bain John, clerk, Salmon bel Somerset (R) 
Bain M. Mrs., milliner, 72 S 11th 
Bain Robert, cotton twistei-, Harmstead bel 2l3t 
Bainbridg-e Radcllffe, cordw. P road ab Christian 
Bainbridg-e Robert, tailor, rear 247 Shippen 
Bainbridg-e Susan, 320 Walnut 
Baines Chas. J., clerk, 52 S Front, h Poplar W 

Bains Ann, wid. of Richd., Marshall ab Coates 
Bains Edward, salesman, 4 N 3d, h Woodab 5th 
Bains Geo. B.,trunkmr. 6 N 4th and 92 Market, 

h 328 Franklin 
Bains Henry B., trunkmaker 92 Market, h 220 

Baird Andrew, watchman, 2 Jones 
Baird Ann, 8 Nonnater's ct 
Baird Chas. P., Sadler, 118 Shippen 
Baird C, 4 Craig-'s ct 

Baird & Cunningham, soap and cand. 74 South 
Baird Danl., chandler, Florida 
Baird David, tavern, N E 11th and Federal 
Baird David, blacksm. Harmstead 
Baird Edw. C, clerk, 7 Ilai-t's building, h 27 

Baird Geo., carp, rear William n 18th 
BAIRD HENRY C, publisher and bookseller y 

7 Hart's buildings, h Pine bel Broad 
Baird James, grocer, N E 13th and Shippen 
BAIRD JAMES, Southwark Hotel, S W 2d & 

Baird James, dra)'man. Wood and Nixon 
Baird Jas., queensware, S E South and Ship- 
pen la 
Baird Jas., grocer, 155 Shippen 
Baird James, porter, 98 Market 
Baird John, police, 140 Summer 
Baird John, tavern, Lancaster Pike n 6th (W P) 
Baird John, Front bel Otter 
BAIRD JOHN, marble works, R av ab Sp Gar- 
den, h Sp Garden ab 13th 
Baird John, carter, Hamilton n 20th 
Baird Marg., tavern, N E Broad and Shippen 
Baird Matthew, clerk, 10th ab Washington 
Baird Matthew M., cordw. 151 Lewis 
Baird Robert, shoe store, S E Lombard & 20tli 
Baird Thos. R., contractor, 451 Brown 
Baird Wm., manuf. 11 N Front, h 124 Beach (K) 
Baird Wm. H., currier, George bel Apple 
Baird Wm. M., mer. 5c, S Del av, h 107 Pine 
Baird William M. & Co., com. mers. 5Z S Delav 
Baird Wm. S., mer. 43 N 3d, h 200 Market 
Baird Wm. J., clerk, &5 N Front, h 32 Arch 
Baitzel Geo., printer, 5th bel Federal 
Baitzel Danl., farmer, F R ab Hart la i , 




Bakeman Josephine, 217 St John 
, Bakeoven Geo., fisherman, Wood ab Queen (R) 
Bakeoven Jno., fisherman, Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Bakeoven Pet., fisherman. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Bakeoven Wm., fisher'n. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Baker Abigail, 217 Swanson 
Baker Abraham, mer. 2 S 5th, h 166 Arch 
Baker Albion, bo otmr. 5 S 6th, h 319 Market 
Baker Alfred G., mer. 38 S Front, h 166 Arch 
Baker Ambrose, chairmr. 82 Culvert 
Baker Andrew J., pawnbroker, 352 South 
Baker Anna, Cornelian ct (K) 
Baker Anthony, chainnr. Perkinpine pi 
Baker Benj., rig-ger, S W Front and South 
Baker Benj., printer, Aspin n 7th (W P) 
Baker Benj., porter, 259 Market, h North ct 
Baker Charles, morocco dr. 33 Mai'garetta, h 

Front ab Poplar 
Baker Chas., varnishmr. Pine ab Warren 
Baker Chas. E., agt., 240 S 2d 
Baker Charles H., merchant, 57 S 4th, h 310 

Baker Chas. H., jr., com. mer. 41 Chestnut, h 

310 Arch 
Baker Charles M., painter, 155 Marshall 
Baker Christian, upholsterer, 394 Lombard 
Baker Con'd, waterman. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Baker Conrad, farmer, Nicetown la 
Baker Conrad P., fisherman. Queen ab Vienna 
Baker Cors., grocer, Cadwalader & Little Green 
Baker Daniel, currier, 4 Nectarine 
Baker Daniel M., combmr. Hope ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Baker David, 9 Marion 
Baker David, wall painter, Wood ab 12th 
Baker Eliza Ann, 7th and Brown 
Baker Elizabeth, Carroll ab 13th 
Baker Elizabeth, 206 Christian 
Baker Elizabeth, varieties, N E 12th &. Spruce 
Baker Elizabeth, gentw. 166 Arch 
Baker Elizabeth, Brandy wine ab 13th 
Baker Elizabeth M., wid. of Benj., 236 N 4th 
Baker Ellis, 2 Carrol's av 
Baker Enoch T., upholsterer, 64 S 4th 
Baker Ernst, blacksmith, F road and Price 
Baker E., milliner, S 5th ab Spruce 
Baker E. G. A., jeweller, 55 N 3d, h 328 N 6th 
Baker Ferdinand, lab. rear 391 N 3d 
Baker Fredk., sugar house, 31 Sansom's alley 
Baker George, baker, Cuthbert W 19th 
■ Baker George, casemr. 66i- S 4th, h Hancock ab 

Baker Geo., hair dresser, 215 Chestnut 
Baker Geo. C, fisherman. Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Baker Geo. N., lumb. mer. S W 5th and Brown, 

h 106 Marshall 
Baker Hemy, coal yard, Sch Willow bel Locust, 

h Locust n 20th 
Baker Henr)', cabinet mr. St John bel Brown 
Baker Henry, clerk, 516 Brown 
Baker Hetty, wid. of John L., 661 Pine 
Baker H. Chas., chair caner, 1027 N Front 
Baker H., Brown bel Vienna (K) 
•Baker H., blacksm. Palmer bel Franklin av (K) 
Baker Isaac F., lamp manuf. 176 Chestnut, h 

393 Ai'ch 
Baker Isaac N., clerk, h 21 Wlster 
Baker Isaac, carp. Coates ab 20th 

Baker Isaac, shoemr. Miles' ct ab Charlotte 

Baker Israel, saddler, Princeton pi 

Baker Issacher, Goldsmith's ct 

Baker Jacob, dyer, 134 William 

Baker Jacob, shoemr. Odd Fellows' av ab Brown 

Baker Jacob, segarmr. 167 N 2d, h Perry above 

Franklin (K) 
Baker Jacob G., carp. 402 Brown 
Baker James, coachman, 9 Raspberry 
Baker Jas., mer. 18 New Market 
Baker Jas., cai-p. 18 Periy bel Vine " 

Baker Jas., carp. Pearl ab 15th 
Baker Jas., carter, Green n William 
Baker Jas. T., clerk, N W 10th and Market, h 

Baker Jarius, mer. 43 N Delaware av, h 18 New 

BAKER JESSE, bandbox mr. 21 Bank, h 7th > 

above Master 
Baker John, ropemr. Franklin bel Cheny (K) 

and 5th ab George 
Baker John, cake baker. Baker ct ab ililler 
Baker John, dealer, Washington ab Logan 
Baker John, lab Oak n ;Mary 
Baker John, bandbox nu\ 759 S 7th 
Baker John, fanner, P road bel Dickerson 
Baker John, carp. 38 Owen 
Baker John, lab. Duke ab Hanover (K) 
Baker John, ship carp. Palmer bel Franklin av 

Baker John, nutmr. 7 Quigg's Row 
Baker John, weaver, Clymer bel Non-is (K) 
Baker John C. druggist, 100 N 3d, li Vine W 

of 17th 

Baker John C. & Co., druggists, 100 N 3d— » y^ 
Baker John C, D. D., Coates ab Franklin ^ 
Baker John D., cooper, 3d and Cheny (K) 
Baker John F., lab. Rye n Mackey 
Baker John H., paper box mr. 21 Bank, h 7th 

ab Master 

Baker John J., stoves, 409 N 2d, h 9th ab Coates 
Baker John L., actor, 176 Filbert 
Baker John L., chairmr. Stiles ab Deacon 
Baker John R., mer. 150 Market, h 24 N 11th 
Baker Joseph, salesman, 120 N 14th 
Baker Joseph, sea capt., Bath and Sorrell (R) 
Baker Joseph, 9 York 
Baker Joseph B., whalebone cutter, 19 N Front, 

h 257 Buttonwood 
Baker Jos., baker, 153 S 6th 
Baker Jos., carman, Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Baker Jos., metals, 14 Rachel, h 5th ab Brown 
Baker Jos., belt mr. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Baker Jos., pedlar, 5 Kayser's Place 
Baker Jos., grocer, 29 "Coates 
Baker Jos. F., clerk, 29 Coates 
Baker Jos. P., wadding manufact. 257 Buttonw'd 
Baker Joshua, pattern mr. 20th ab Reeves 
Baker J. & W., tobac. 167 N 2d 
Baker J., com. mer. 184 N Front 
Baker J., gent., 13th ab Pine 
Baker J. G., morrocco finisher, 402 Brown 
Baker Leopold, tailor, 12 Oi'leans 
Baker Lewis, blacksm. 88 Nectai-ine 
Baker L., com. merchant. Broad ab Race, h 585 


Baker Maiy, 39 Barley 
Baker Mary, 4 York 




Baker Maiy A., 10 Myrtle 

Bakei- Michael, ropemr. Crown below Franklin 

av (K) 
Baker Michael, lumber, 5th and Brown, h 115 

Baker Michael V., g-entleman, 7 Sansom ab 7th 
Baker Mich., ag-t. h 8th ward house S 12th 
Baker Mich., lab. Hancock ab Master 
Baker M. A. Mrs., milliner, 366 Chestnut 
Baker Peter, lab. 4 Linden ct 
Baker Peter, ship carpenter Queen ab Vienna 
Baker Peter, drover. Poplar ab 16th 
Baker Peter, reed mr. Perry bel Master 
Baker Peter, lab. Front st r 
Baker Peter W., furnaces, 406 Market, h 7 

Baker Philip, lampmr. William's ct 
Baker R. H., feed store, Master and 6th 
Baker Saml., waterman. Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Baker Samuel, rear Rose bel William (K) 
Baker Samuel, paster, 47 Quince 
Baker Samuel, mariner, rear 1 38 Swanson 
Baker Saml., cordw. 3 Steam Mill al 
Baker Samuel, fisherman, 221 Queen (K) 
Baker Sarah, 74 Brown 
BAKER & SHOEMAKER, lumb. mers. S W 

5th and Brown 
Baker & Son, ship chandlers, 46 N Del av 
Baker Stephen G., accountant, 109 N 3d,h 285 

BAKER & STETSON, shipping- mer. 43 N 

Del av 
Baker Susanna, 74 Crown 
Baker Sydney, boat capt. 5 Vine 
Baker Sylvester J., book keeper, N E 6th and 

Arch, h 20 Laurel (N L) 
Baker Theo. W., Goldsmith's Hall 
Baker Thomas, carp. 217 Swanson 
Baker Thomas M., printer, 109 Catharine 
Baker T. M., carp. 402 Brown 
Baker Valentine, tailor, S W Water & Walnut, 

h 80 Shippen 
Baker Valentine G., tailor. Grays ct 
Baker Val., fisherman. Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Baker Wm., seaman, 11 Union (S) 
Baker Wm., painter, 7 Rachel (N L) 
Baker Wm., segarmr. 167 N 2d, h Perry above 

Franklin (K) 
Baker Wm., rag- dealer, 3d ab Columbia 
Baker Wm., 38 N 7th 

Baker Wm., seaman, 2d ab Laurel, h 114 F rd 
Baker Wm., cabinetmr. Graff bel 12th 
Baker Wm., tailor, 62 Washington av 
Baker Wm., cordw. New Market n Brown 
Baker Wm. C, merchant, 176 Chestnut, h 393 

Baker William D., engraver, 116 Chestnut 
Baker William D., atty. and coun. 24 N /th, h 

Walnut ab Chestnut av (W P) 
Baker William E. S., acct. 117 N Water 
Baker William G., wadding manuf. 19 N Front, 

h 257 Buttonwood 
Baker William H., book keeper, 142 Market, h 

S W 16th and Arch 
Baker Wm. R., clerk, 19 N Front, h 257 But- 
BAKER & WILLIAMS, furnace and range 

manufs. 406 Market 

Baker W. S., conveyancer, 73 S 4th, h 406 

N loth 
Bakerfield John, morocco dr. rear 31 Charlotte 
Balbirnie Charles, dyer, 4 Cedar row 
Balch Thomas, atty. and coun. 30 S 5th, h 38 S 

Bald, Cousland & Co., bank note engrs. 74 Wal- 
Bald Daniel, chairmr., Hurtz bel Girard av 
Bald J. Dorsey, engraver, 74 Walnut, h 54 N 

Bald Henry, furniture, F rd and York 
Bald Robert, gent. 54 N 12th 
Bald William R., grocer 2d and Poplar 
Balderson Jonathan, 104 Broad bel Walnut 
Balderston Mark, carp. 46 N 8th, h Green ab 9th 
Balderston S. F., paper, 138 Sp Garden, h Green 

bel 9th 
Baldinger Jacob, tavern, 45 Prune 
Baldt Christian, Hanover n F av (K) 
Baldt Mary, Hanover and Franklin (K) 
Baldwin Adam, glass blower, Vienna bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Baldwin Charles, saddle-tree mr.. Willow ab 

11th, h 474 Callowhill 
Baldwin Enoch, coach trimmer, 13th ab Brown 
Baldwin Elizabeth, baker, rear 45 South 
Baldwin Hannah M., 30 N 9th 
BALDWIN ISAAC H., & CO., White Swan, 

108 Race 
Baldwin Joseph, painter, 17 Jacoby 
Baldwin L. M., file mr. Master bel Mervine 
BALDWIN M. W. & CO., machinists, locomo- 
tive and engine builders, Broad and Hamil- 
Baldwin Mathew W., locomotive br. Broad and 

Hamilton, h 335 Spruce 
Baldwin E. Mrs., gentlewoman, George E 15th 
Baldwin N. B. Rev., 348 S 4th 
Baldwin & Prudden, saddle-tree mrs., Willov/ 

ab 11th 
Baldwin Sarah, gentw. 549 Walnut 
Baldwin Stephen, mer., S W Fi'ont and Wal- 
nut, h 258 Walnut 
BALDWIN STEPHEN, & CO., com. mers., S 

W Front and Walnut 
Baldwin Sarah, 549 Walnut 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, 7th and Race 
Baldwin Wm., weaver, Adams ab F rd 
Balentine John, cordw. real* Kates 
Bales Amor, driver, 46 W^inter 
Bales John E., acct.. Winter E 21st 
Bales Paton, driver, 46 Winter 
Bales WiUiam, driver, 46 Winter 
Baley H., steward. Middle al ab 6th 
Balf Jos. Rev., 18th and Race 
Balfe Thos., 18 Plymouth bel 20th 
Ball Alexander, boot fitter, 21 Lebanon 
Ball Ann, 12 Knight's ct 
Ball Charles H. Mrs., 19th ab Chestnut 
Ball Elizabeth, Loud bel 10th 
Ball Elizabeth J., confect. 458 Vine 
Ball Emerald, cajoinetmr. 514 N Front 
Ball George, cabinetmr. 514 N Front 
Ball George H., clerk, 63 Market 
Ball George W. I., convey. 142 Walnut, h Green 

near Harvey 
Ban Harvey S., painter, 587 N 7th 




Ball Horace, clerk, 5 St Joseph av 

Ball Henry, jr., clerk 9 Merchant's Exchang'e, 

h 515 N 8th 
Ball Hemy, agent, 232 N 10th 
Ball Jacob, shoemr. 93 Dillwyn 
Ball James, boot fitter, 7 Marshall's ct 
Ball Jesse K., dry g-oods, N W 4th and Queen 
Ball John, bootfitter, Grubb 
Bail Jno., shoemr. 10th ab Federal 
Ball John Y., carp. 399 S 6th 
Ball Joseph H., h 16 Chatham 
Ball Joseph S., painter, 142 Federal 
BaU J. R., shoes, 372 S 2d 
BaU Mahlon, shoemanuf. 8 Commerce, h 168 S 

Ball Richa^ weaver, Federal ab 12th 
Ball Ricliard M., clerk, 83 Market, h 169 But- 

BaU Samuel H., drayman, rear 590 Poplar 
Ball Samuel P., carp., 458 Vine 
Ball Susan Mrs., 308 Washing-ton 
Ball Theo. L., carp. 8th bel Green 
Ball Wm., bonnetpr. Streeper's ct (N L) 
Ball William S., capt., 26 Arch 
Ballard Brown, brickmr. 9 Florida 
Ballard Christopher, weaver, 726 Lombai-d 
Ballard Hager, S E Locust and Quince 
Ballard John, waiter, 33 Prosperous al 
Ballard John, seaman, 10 Middle al 
Ballard John, mer. 179 Market, h Washing-ton 

Ballbcck Uavid, stonecutter, Washington and 

M road, h 106 M road 
Ballbeck Geo., foundry, 540 S Front 
Ballen Wm., lab. Amber n York 
Balleng-er Alfred, locksm. 42 N 7th, h Poplai- 

ab 12th 
Balleng-er Aaron, salesman, 244 St John 
Balleng-er Benj., watennan, 113 Shippen 
Balleng-er Cath., 133 N 5th 
Ballenger Jacob, blacksm. 4 Winter's ct 
Balleng-er James, plasterer, 3d ab Redwood 
Balleng-er Richard, porter, 5 N 5th 
Balleng-er Wesley, carp.. Weaver n Green, h 7th 

ab Jefferson 
Balleng-er William, 417 S 3d 
Ballier John, hotel, S W 4th and Brown 
Ballin Geo., G F r n Federal 
Balling-er Alfred, locksm. Poplai- ab 12th 
Balling'er Edward A., bookbinder, 2 Merchant, 

h 3 Traquair's ct 
Ballinger Enoch, Naval Asylum 
Balling-er Geo., plasterer, 295 Washington 
Balling-er Mary J., Atherton 
Ballintine Wm., lab. Lombard bel 16th 
Bailor Philip F., pianomr. 197 S 4th 
Balls Francis, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Balls Wm., Naval Asylum 
Balls William H., rigger, 58 Federal 
Balmain Georg-e, envelop manuf. 1 Ranstead pL, 

h Markoe (W P) 
BOAT CO. 19 S Delaware av 
Balshaw James, lab. M'Duffie n 21st 
Balshaw John, carp. M'DufRe n 21st 
Balshaw Richd., lab. M'Duffie n 21st 
Balshaw Wm., brickmr. M'Duffie n 21st 
Baity DanLjmelodean mr. Sycamore ab 7th(WP) 

Baity Geo., stovemr. rear 467 N 4th 

Baltz Chai-les, Matamora Hall, 183 N 2d 

Baltz David, cordvv., Bedford bel Broad 

Baltz & Eckei't, tailors, 344 N 3d 

Baltz Frederick, barber. West ab Houston 

Baltz Henry, butcher, Mifflin ab Oxford (K) 

Baltz Henry W., carp.. Grape n 7th (W P) 

BALTZ J. P., brewery, 340 N 3d 

Baltzer Louis, corkcutter, 719 N 5th 

Bamberger Adam, baker, 277 S 4th 

Bambrey William J., turner, 200 Randolph 

Banan Isaac D., clerk. Market and Moore (W P) 

Bance J., shop 262 S 6th 

Bancker Charles G., Sec. Franklin Fire Insur. 

Co. 163-i Chestnut 
Bancker Charles N., Prest. Franklin Fire Insur. 

Co. 163-|- Chestnut 
Bancker Geo., shoemr. Marshall (S) ab 4th 
Bancroft Addison, books, 124 Arch, h 460 N 

Bancroft Edward, machine shop, Beach ab Han- 
over, h 683 Vine 
Bancroft George H., painter, 533 W Chest- 
BANCROFT & BOUSTEAD, coal mers. N E 

8th and Willow 
Bancroft G. K., blacksm., 395 S 3d, h Christian 

and P road 
Bancroft Harvey, mer. 9 N 3d, h 13 St. John 
Bancroft James, capt., 15th bel Lombard 
Bancroft John, blacksm., 125 Christian 
BANCROFT JOHN & SON, soap and cand.'v 
manuf. 19 Wood • 

Bancroft John, jr., soap manuf. 19 Wood, h 24 

St. John 
Bancroft John, clerk, 253 Market, h 260 N 7th 
Bancroft Lydia, 260 N 7th 
Bancroft & Lee, trimmings, 9 N 3^.y^ 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 15 Winter 
Bancroft M. & E., trimmings, 4A N 8th 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksm., 13 Decatur, h 11 

Bancroft R. F. & G. K., blacksmiths, 13 Deca- 
tur and 6th and P road 
BANCROFT & SELLERS, machinists, Penn- 

sylvania av. n 16th 
Bancroft William, bookkeeper, 16th and Penna 

av, h 65 Buttonwood 
Band John, lab. rear 119 F rd 
Band Robert, mach. Benton (K) 
Bandel John, tailoi-, 3d bel Cherry (K) 
Bane John, jeweller, Marriott bel P road 
Bane John C., lab. 527 N 5th 
Baner Benj., confect. 590 Poplar 
Baner Mark, carter. Little Crown bel Green 
Baner Samuel, confec. 474 Poplar 
Baner William, cordw. N 12th ab Vine 
Baner William, cordw. 10 Prime 
Bauers B C, matron nurses home, 337 Race 
Banes Benjamin C, carp, 92 Mechanic (N L.) 
Banes Charles, turner, 4th bel Franklin 
Bancs Hannah, 222 Wallace 
Banes Jos., segarmr. 341 Christian 
Banes Thomas, coach springmr. 130 and 132 

New Market 
Banes W. A., carter, 1008 N 2d 
Banfield James, mor. dress. 15 Charlotte 
Banford Martha, 18 Erie 




Banford Robert, blacksm. York bel Queen 
Banford Saml., macht., Shippen la bel Bedford 
Bang-er T., 39 Madison 
Bang-er William, clerk, 851 Callowhill 
Bang-ert Geo. Wm., manfr. 4th bel Moore 
Bangert John A., tailor, Williams ct 
Bangs Andrew, rigger. Senate 
Bangs & Maxwell, com. mcrs. 14 S Front 
Bangs William H., convey, and brok. 44 Wal- 
nut, h 430 Poplar 
Bangs Wm. P., mer. 14 S Front, h 8 Montgomery 
Banig-an James, tavern, G T road bel Master 
Banister David, blksm. York bel F road 
Banister David, 7 Wilson 
Banker Conrad, cordw. 64 Pcnn 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 55 Chestnut 
BANK. OF NORTH AMERICA, Cliestnut ab 3d 

bel 3d 
Banker George, vict. Pike bel 6th (W P) 
Banker James, police, Johnston's la 
Banker Lansing, shoemr., 11 Lane's ct 
Banker William, boilermr. 65 Jarvis ab 2d 
Bankhead Ilobt., weaver, Leopard ab Franklin 
Bankhead Thomas, weaver. Otter ab Front (K) 
Banks Alexander, carp., rear 12 Rodman 
Banks Ciiarles, lab. 9 Gulielma 
Banks Henry, Bridge ab 7th (W P) 
Banks Isaac, packer, 205 Market 
Banks James, convey. 3 Pearl 
Banks Mary, 493 Coates 
Banks Murrill, basketmr. 2 Bird's ct 
Banks Robert M., clerk, 312 Callowhill 
Banks Thos. C, laborer, 22 Washington (S G) 
Banks Wilson, laborer, McCormick ct 
BANKS & YARN ALL, druggists, S E 15th & 

Bannan Francis B., salesm. 67 Market, h 41 S 6th 
Bannan J. J., carp. Beach av ab Locust 
Bannan S. N., carp. Beach av ab Locust 
Bannantyne Robert, tailor, 282 Market, h 1 

Bannen William R., carp. 38 Lewis (P D) 
Banner Christopher, lab. Callowhill ab 12th 
Banniart Chas. A., druggist, 5th and Coates 
Banning John, carp., Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Banning Sarah, rear 23 John 
Banning- William L., atty. and coun. 24 S 5th, 

h 278 Broad ab Parrisli 
Bannister E. M., milliner, 186 S 2d 
Bannister James, supt. Rainbow (K) 
Bannister Thomas, chandler, Margaretta pi 
Bannister Z., millinery, 186 S 2d 
Bannvoit C. A., clerk, N E 5th and Chestnut, h 

129 Arch 
Banton William, boot cleaner, 104 Gaskill 
Bants Isaac, clerk, 17 Owen 
Bants Wm., plasterer, 17 Owen 
Bants Wm. H., bricklr. 17 Owen 
Baptist Eugene, cabinetmr. 3.3 Barclay 
Baratct Amelia, di'essmr. 79 S 11th 
BarbazcUe Sophia, Washington (S) 
Barbc Francis, tobact. 91 Walnut 
Barbelin Rev. Felix J., Willings al 
Barber Alexander, cordw., N F. 13th & Filbert 
Barbc r & Co., opts. S E 2d & Cliestnut, up stairs 
Barb.''" I> ivid, constable, 18th bel Lombard 

Barber Allen, lab. 39 Bedford 

Barber Edward, paint, and glaz. 292 Green, h 

520 N 8th 
Barber Edward S., wines and liquors, 415 Mar- 
ket, h 339 Vinf- 
Barber Esther, milliner, 594 N 2d 
Barber H. A., coal dealer, yard 9th ab Poplai;, 

h 480 Coates 
Barber Isabella, 20 Carver 
Barber James, lieut. of police, 16th ab Arch 
Barber Jas., bricklr., 7th ab Haverford (M V) 
Barber James, clock dealer, S E 2d and Chest- 
nut, h 404 N 10th 
Barber Jane, wid of John, Gulielma bel 15th 
Barber Joseph, machinist, 138 N 13th 
Barber Richard, Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Barber Robert V., bricklr. 207 Marlborough 
Barber Samuel, bricklr. 532 N 12th 
Barber Samuel, carp. 33^ Vine 
Barber Samuel, tailor. Flower's ct 
Barber & Smith, carps, and builderSj 9th ab Sp 

Barber Thomas, drayman, 8 Wilcox 
Barber Wm., optician, 78 N 6th, h 115 Wood 
Barber William, gent., 349 South 
Barber Wm., confect., Franklin ab Hope (K) 
Barber Wm. F., packer, Randolph ab Master (K) 
Barbier Amable, furrier, 51 S 2d, h 51 Spruce 
Barbier Francis W., tailor, 190 Race, h 5th ab 

Barbier Maria, 269 N 5th 
Barbier M. F., plasterer, 269 N 5th 
Barbier P. M., plasteree, 269 N 5th 
Barclay Andrew C, mer., 40 N Delaware av., h 

147 Arch 
Barclay Blanche, Mrs., 1 William's ct 
Barclay Cora, Cuthbert W 21st 
Barclay C, gent., 267 Locust 
Barclay David, laborer, 3 P^isher's ct 
Barclay Felix, lab. 10th bel Master 
Barclay Georg-e, paver, 69 N 16th 
Barclay Henry, sexton St. Luke's, 9 Perry 
Barclay James, marble cutter. Spruce ab Aspen 
Barclay James J., atty. and coun.. New Athene- 

um, h 219 Spruce 
Barclay John, laborer, rear 562 Vine 
Barclay John, conductor, 4th and Elm (W P) 
Barclay John, 44 S IStli 
Barclay John, furn. car, rear 107 Christian 
Barclay John A. V., Pres. Columbia Mutual Ins. 

Co., 5 Exchange 
Barclay John K., mer. N W 3d and Callowkill, 

h 147 Arch 
Barclay John M., 14 Portico sq 
Barclay Joseph, currier, 810 N 2d 
Barclay Joseph O., capt., Congress 
Barclay & Kennedy, mers. 40 N Delaware av 
Barclay Margaret, 105 Callowhill 
Barclay Michael, cordw. Skill's pi 
Barclay Robert, stove manuf. Church bel Mifflin 
Barclay Robert, paint., 5 Little Pine,h 208 S 7th 
Barclay Samuel, 4 Park av bel 20th 
Barclay Wm., rear 644 Lombard 
Barclay Wm. K., h 147 Arch 
BARC'rOFT, BKAVER & CO., dry goods, 161 

and 163 Market 
Barcroft John, gent. 199 Spruce 
Barcroft S. B., mer. 163 Market, h 2 ILogan sq 




Barcroft Tunis Q., grocer, Buttonwood & York 

Barcus Catharine, 16th n Cherry 
Bard Allen, carp. 541 N 7th 


BARD CONRAD & SON, silversmiths, 116 

Bard Edmund H., gold pen mr. 115 Market 
Bard E. Milford, silversmith, 116 Arch, h 480 

Bard Joel, moulder, 809 G T road 
Bard Mary, 21 Chester 
Bard Sarah, washerw. rear 2 Ogden 
Bai-d Sarah, 78 Buttonwood 
Bard & Wilson, gold pen mrs. 115 Market 
Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, 46 Lewis 
Bardens John, lab. 8 Washington pi 
Bardenwerper Otto, bookkeeper, 195 Chestnut, 

h 210 N 7th 
Barder John, carpet, Clymer bel Norris 
Bardin Levi, capt. 361 S Front 
Bardrell Wm., cai'pet weaver, 19 Marker 
Bardsley Ann, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Bardsley Betty, store, 882 Lombard 
Bardsley James, books, S W 5th and Market, h 

Prime and Wistar 
Bardsley John, books, 46 Arch, h Lombard ab 

Barenger John, house carp. 12 Jackson 
Barfeld Nichl., cordw. Hope ab Franklin ay 
Barford Jos., moulder, 495 Brown 
Barford Saml., moulder, 5th bel Pierce 
Barford Thomas, moulder, 32 Duke (K) 
Barford Wm., moulder, 4th bel Moore 
Barger Benj., morocco fin., William's av 
Barger Benj., cooper, 4 Dewitt's ct 
Barger Charles, cordw. Gray bel York (R) 
Barger George, tobacco store, 463 N 4th 
Barger Jacob, cooper, Cadwalader bel Master 
Barger John, 175 Brown 
Barger John, basketmr. 6th ab Cumberland 
Barger Jos., painter. Ridge av ab Buttonwood 
Barger Thomas J., atty. & coun. 103 S 5th 
Barger Thomas W., 244 S 11th 
Barger Wm., painter & glazier. Race and 11th, 

h 26 W North 
Barger Wm., brickmr. and tavern, 421 N 4th 
Barger Wm., U. S. Arsenal 
Bargh Wm., mer. 52 Commerce, h 259 N 11th 
Baringer Matthias, carp, rear Nectarine ab 10th 
Barker Abraham, broker, 16 S 3d, h 400 Spruce 
BARKER, BROTHERS & CO., exch. brokers, 

16 S 3d 
Barker Calvin H., Shackaniaxon ab Queen (K) 
Barker Charles C, ship plumber, Shackamaxon 

ab Queen 
Barker Daniel, ice dealer, 25th and Lombard 
Barker Elizabeth, Myrtle ab 12th _ 
Barker Henry, plasterer, rear 2 Prime 
Barker James, boot cutter, 34 Nagle 
Barker Jesse, M. D., 112 Filbert bel 11th 
Barker John, paper carrier, Queen bel Ball (K) 
Barker John, tavern, 308 Shippen 
Barker John, tailor, 769 Coates 
Barker Jno. R., mer. 161 Market, h 518 Chestnut 
Barker Joseph, tailor, P road ab Washington 
Barker Peter, shoemr. 9th bel Marriott 
Barker Peter, saddler, Girard av ab Lewis, li 

417 N 11th 

Barker Richd., book keeper, 41 S Front, h 191 

Bai-ker Samuel, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 

Barker Sarah, 5th bel Federal 

Barker Thomas, lab. P road 

Barker Thomas M., clerk, Shackamaxon above 

Barkley Eliza, N W Race and Beach 

Barkley Jas., tobacco, Rodman 

Barlow Ann, Mrs., 17 Frances 

Barlow Geo., pocket book manuf. 10 Arch 

Barlow James H., vict. Sailor's ct 

Barlow James, butcher, rear 87 Catharine 

Barlow Jos., plasterer, 8 Anita 

Barlow J. weav. rear Washington ab Master 

Barlow Thos., blacksm. 69 andh 67 Maiden 

Barlow Thos. A., plasterer, Wharton ab 3d 

Barm Louis, tavern, 318 G T road 

Barnard, Adams & Peck, druggists, 37 Straw- 

Barnard A. C, grocer, 11 Queen (K) 

Barnard t3has. G., coal, 150 Queen (K) 

Barnard Edmund, trunk manf. 70 Dillwyn 

Barnard Emma, 11 Queen 

Barnard George W., clerk. 111 Market, h 64 
Steven, Camden 

Barnard James, tailor. Queen bel Hanover (K) 

Barnard John, 40 Lewis (P D) 

Barnard John, 78 Lombard 

Barnard & Jones, printers, 10 Decatur 

Barnai-d Joseph C., 126 Catharine 

Barnard Margaret, Dickson's ct 

Barnard Robert, jr., compositor, 506 S 5th 

Barnard Robert W., printer, 10 Decatur, h 125 

Barnard Wm., clerk, 50 Palmer 
Barndollar Daniel, cooper, 612 N 3d 
Barndollar Wm. S., printer, 352 Coates 
Barndt Henry, wall paper, 159 N 3d, h 324 

Barndt Sophia, Mrs., 169 Charlotte (N L) 
Barned Absalom, clerk, 161 Sp Garden 
Barned Hannah, millinery, 161 Sp Garden 
Barnen Patrick, butcher, Lewis ab Master 
Barnes Abraham, gent. Randolph ab I'ranklin av 
Barnes Albert, Rev., Walnut ab Rose (W P) 
Barnes Alfred, salesman, 74 Maiden 
Barnes Andrew J., carp. 35 Commerce 
Barnes Anna, dressmr. 24 Jacoby 
Barnes A. L., shoemr. 16th ab Girard av 
Barnes Catharine, nurse, 15 Nectarine 
Barnes Charles, carp. Centre ab Brown 
Barnes Chas., sailmr. G T road ab Columbia 
Barnes Edw. F., tel. oper., 98 Chestnut, h 723 

Barnes Francis, Reed bel Church 
Barnes Geo., painter. Wood bel Broad 
Barnes Georg-e, capt. 22 Catharine 
Barnes George, power loom, Wallace W 23d 
Barnes George H., salesman, 14 N 4th 
Barnes Geo. W., ship carp. Ma.rshall ab 3d (S) 
Barnes Hannah, 68 Quince 
Barnes Henry, dealer. Steel ct 
Barnes Henry, Naval Asylum 
Barnes Henry, gent. 6 Park pi, Locust bel 20th 
Barnes Henry M., clerk, 117 Pari-ish 
Barnes Jacob, carp. 600 Brown ab loth 
Barnes James, plumber, 453 S 2d 




Barnes James, lab. Christian n 17th 

Barnes Jane, tailoress, 84 Shippen la 

Barnes John A., book binder, 222 Noble 

Barnes John C, wheelwt. 161 Ogden 

Barnes John 11., carman, 6th bel Montg-omerj 

Barnes Jonathan, 758 Pine 

Barnes Joseph, confect. Og-den ab 13th 

Barnes Joseph, corker, 10 Parham 

Barnes Joseph, blindmr. Jackson n Parrish 

Barnes Joseph, plasterer. Centre bel Parrish 

Barnes Joseph, carp. Lewis W 17th 

Barnes Joseph, boat builder, 61 Prime 

Barnes Lucinda, washer, 38 Burd's ct 

Barnes Mary, Cuthbert bel 23d 

Barnes Merrick, band box manuf. 6 Bread 

Barnes M. A., trimming-s, 344 South 

Barnes Paul, cooper, 311 S Front 

Barnes Redding- B., 152 Lawrence ab Broad 

Barnes Robt., rig-g-er, Johnson's la bel 5th 

BARNES RUFUS L., map publisher, 6 S 7th, 

: h 390 Vine 
Barnes Sanford, blacksm.. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Barnes Sarah, b h, 1137 N 5th 
Barnes Spencer, carman, 22 John 
Barnes Thos., lab., Jefferson n Philip 
Barnes Thomas, blacksm. Front ab Franklin 
Barnes Thomas, g-rocer. Front bel Chatham 
Barnes Thos. T., weaver, Front n Chatham (K) 
Barnes Thornton, mer. 42 S Water, h 16th ab 

Barnes William, bricklr. 66 George (S) 
Barnes Wm., band boxmr. Auburn ab 8tli 
Barnes Wm., shop, 171 Shippen 
Barnes Wm., g-rinder. Wood ab Gaul (K) 
Barnes Wm., Rev., 615 N 5th 
Barnes Wm., combmr. 9 Rachel 
Barnes Wm., carp. 117 Myrtle 
Barnes Wm., sr., painter, 380 N 7th 
Barnes Wm., moroc. dr., 1131 N 5th 
Barnes Wm. H., booksel. 84 N 3d 
Barnes Wm. W., printer, 48 Marriott 
Barnes W. W., baker, Catharine and P road 
Barnet Hannah, 4 Swanson 
Barnet John, paver, Cadwallader ab Master (K) 
Barnet J., mer. 137 N Water 
Barnett Geo., file cr. Dunton ab Otter 
Barnett Henry R., tailor, Johnson's la ab 3d 
Barnett Hervey, seg-armr. Ill Christian 
Barnett Jacob, lab. Charlotte bel Thompson 
Barnett John, lab. Cuthbert E 20th 
Barnett Joseph, mer. 62 N whfs., h 59 N 7th 
Barnett Mary, 40 John 
Barnett Moses, waterman, 119 Swanson 
Barnett, Nesbit & Garretson, flour mers., 62 N 
; Delaware av, and 129 N Water 
Barnett Robert, gro. S E 6th and Lombard 
Barnett Thomas, starch manuf. 10th and P road 
Barnett Thomas, trunkmr., rear Wheat ab Reed 
Barnett Wm., carp. Emerald E 17th 
Barnett Wm., starchmr. 10th and P road, h 368 

S 9th 

Barnett Wm., packer, Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Barnett Wm., Fox's ct 

Barnett Wm., g-rocer, Duke and Hanover (K) 
Barnett Wm. F., carp. Lane's ct 
Barnett Wm. J., sawmr. Dunton bel Franklin(K) 
Barnett Wm. P., trunkmr. 58 N 4th, and 7 Wil 

low, h 118 N 5th 

Barney Alonzo, tailor, S E 2d and Dock, h 29 

Barney David, lab. Salmon ab Emory 
Barney Obed, oil manuf. h 207 Catharine 
Barney Richard Rev., rear 294 Pine 
Barney Wm. J., clerk, 52 S Front 
Barnhard Fred., cordw. 6 Quigg-'s row 
Barnhill Thomas, cordw. South ab 15th, h 557 

Barnholt Henry, vict., 15th n Coates 
Barnholt Henry, vict. Callowhill bel 20th 
Barnholt Philip, vict. Parrish ab 11th 
Barnholt Wm., vict. Pleasant bel R road 
Barnhurst Jos., sr., g-ent., Francis and 18tli 
Barnhurst Joseph, jr., umbrella furniture manuf. 

Ann ab 19th (F V) 
Barnhurst Louisa, 297 Parrish 
Barnhurst Saml., gent., Powell (F V) 
Barnhurst Thos., mach., Olive ab 13th 
Barnitz David G., banker, 3 S 3d, h 2 Palmyra 

Barns James, coach ti-immer, 1 Sears 
Barnstead James H., clerk, Morris 
Barnstead Robert P., mastmr. 486 S 2d 
Barnstead Thos. S., dry goods, 45 N 2d, h 32 

S Washington 
Barnwell Richard, cordw. 62 Brown 
Barnwell Robert, agent, 373 S 10th 
BARNWELL ROBERT, supdt. American and 

Emigrant Friend S., 5 Dock, 2 doors ab 

Baroux Nathaniel T., combmr. and tobacconist, 

30 N 6tli 
Barr Alex., st. mason, 12 Anita 
Ban- Benj., weaver. West ab Crown 
Barr Charles, blacksm. 19 Charles 
Barr Cornelius, tavern, P road and Man-iott 
BARR DANIEL, tavern, 139 N Front and 13& 

N Water 
Barr Daniel, tavern, 8th bel P road 
Barr Edwin, saddler, 22 Leonard 
Barr Geo. W., lab. Houston bel West 
Barr Hugh, Globe Hotel, 42 S 6th 
Barr James, bookseller, 407 Market 
Barr James, lab. 14 Pratt 
Barr Jame.s, clerk, Haines ab 12th 
Barr James, lab., S W South and Front 
Barr Jeremiah, shoemr. 5 Baker ct 
Barr John, lab. Oak n Bridgwater 
Barr Joseph, boilermr. Crown bel West (K) 
Barr Mary A., real- 24 Brook' 
Barr Michael, tavern, 95 N 3d 
Barr Niell, moulder, 27 Lafayette 
Barr Philip, lab. Anthracite (R) 
Barr Peter, plasterer, 8th and Dickersorii 
Barr Robert, lab. Kates 
Barr Robei-t, porter, 17 Commerce, h Charles 

and Buttonwood 
Barr Robert, carp. 2 Stewart 
Barr Robert J., jr., clerk, 5 N Water, h Charles 

and Buttonwood 
Barr Samuel, weaver, 23d ab Race 
Barr Samuel, liquor store, 861 South 
BaiT Sarah, b h, 195 N 7th 
Barr Thos., tobacconist. Market ab 17tk 
Barr Thomas, engineer, 581 N 10th 
Barr Thos. T, salesman, 47 N Water 
Barr Wm., lab. rear 129 Plum 




Barr Wm., Mechanic n William 
Barr Wm., lab. 42 W South 
Barr Wm. J., 144 S 11th 
Barr Wm,, drayman, 3 Temple 
Barr Wm., tailor, Rhoads 
, ,' Barr Wm., ropemr. 11 Alway 

Barr Wm.j bricklr. Brook n Coates 

Barr Wm., carman, 293 Parrish 

Ban-al John, cooper, F I'oad and Deal 

Barras Alfred, batcher, Rubicam pi 

Barras Isab., Blockley and Monument r (W P) 

Barras John B., jeweler, 226 Market, h 18th and 

Barras Jos. J., jeweler, 25 E North 
BARRAS & STELLWAGEN, jewellers, 226 

Barratt Caleb R., salesman, 141 Market 
Barratt Dorance, lab. Larch bel Ann (R) 
Barratt James, jr., com. mer. 85 S Delaware av, 

h 273 Pine 
Barratt John, Sorrel bel Larch 
Barratt John, lab. Salmon ab William (R) 
Barratt John, lab. Salmon ab Somerset (R) 
Barratt William, lab. West ab Somerset 
Barret John, lab. Meredith ab 23d 
Barrett Andrew, lab. 12 Rodman 
Barrett Benj., clerk, 22 S Front, h 1055 N Front 
Barrett Charles, driver, 314 N 5th 
Barrett Chas. B., clerk, 77 Washington 
Barrett Eliza, cook, 12 Emeline 
Barrett Ellen, 32 Marriott 
Barrett F. V., embroidery, 534 N 2d 
Barrett Henry, 7 Thompson 
Barrett Hugh, shoemr. 27 N 4th 
Barrett James, blindmr. 3 Relief 
Barrett James, lab. 2 Bradford's al 
Barrett John, lab. Harris' ct 
Barrett Jas,, brushmr. 239 Market, h 493 N 4th 
Barrett James, lab. 22 Green (C) 
Barrett Jos., seaman, Vienna bel Duke (K) 
Barrett Patrick, carder, Sutherland av bel South 
Barrett Richd., lab. Mervine ab Oxford 

Hotel, 300 N 2d 
Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, 274 Market, 

h 146 S 10th 
Barrett Wm., police, 7 Faries' ct 
Barrett Wm., harness mr., Pai-k & George (W P) 
Barrett Wm., jr., lab. Powder Mill la 
Barrington Edmond, printer, 27 N 6th, h 65 

S 18th 
Barrington Frances, professor of music, Cherry 
ab 16th 
^'BARRINGTON & HASWELL, booksellers, 27 
'■'^ N 6th 

Barrington John, ship joiner, 28 Catharine 
Barrington Wm., clerk, S W 13th and Market 
Barrlte Geo. B., gent. Mechanic bel Franklin 
Barron Archibald, restaurant, 262 N 2d, h 3 

West av 
Barron Archibald, bartend, rear 29 New Market 
Barron Edw., lab. Larch bel Ann 
Barron Elizabeth Miss, dry goods store, 161 Pine 
Barron George, mer. 174 N 3d, h 336 N 6th 
Barron Jacob, wheelwt. 25 Mervine 
Barron John, shoemr. 17th bel Pine 
Barron Jolin P., hosiery, 63 S 8th 
Barron Maurice, 181 S 6th 

Barron Michael, carp., 148 Marlborough 

Barron Philip, stone cut. Story near 7th (W P) 

Barron Wm., blacksm., rear 110 Catharine 

Barrot A., U. S. N., h 727 N nth 

Barrott Samuel H., barber, 107 N 9th 

Barrow Geo. M. D., 581 Coates 

Barrow John, Lancaster Pike ab Westminster 

av (W P) 
Barrows A., iron found.. Front & Reed, h Front 

bel Navy Yard 
Barrows John, clerk, 8 Sch av bel Quince 
Barry Abraham, carp. St. John ab Beaver (K) 
BARRY CHRISTIAN, 6 Brannen al 
Barry Dennis, vict. Carpenter bel 10th 
Barry David H., cooper, rear 264 Poplar 
Barry E., 57 Mellon 
Barry Garrett, lab., 5 Bell's ct 
Barry Henry, gardener, Greenwich bel 2d 
Barry Henry, carp. 238 Wharton 
Barry Mary, Jarvis ab 2d 

Barry James, salesm. Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Bai-ry James, lab. 3 Leed's av 
Barry James, tailoi-, 4 Centi-al pi 
Barry James L., agent, H. of Refuge, h N E 7thi 

& Arch 
Barry John, weaver, 848 N 2d 
Barry John, weaver, Philip ab Oxford 
Barry John, lab. Walnut W of 20th 
Harry John, clerk, h 20 Dean 
Barry John, agent, 599 Poplar 
Barry John, lab. 9 Federal 
Barry John L., hardware, 184 R road ab Sp 

Barry John Q., tui-ner, Jefterson ab 6th 
Barry Joseph, porter, 89 Market, h 23 S 2d 
Barry Jos. B., conveyancer, 142 S 3d 
Barry J. R., mach., h 12 Montgomery 
Barry Lawrence, chairmr., 1 Clymer 
Barry L. Mrs., 342 N 13th 
Barry Mrs. Mary, wid. of Mich., Carrol ct 
Barry Mlchl., drayman, 89 Market, h Lewis bel 

Jefferson (S G) 
Barry Margt., wid. of John, 9 Federal 
Barry Michl, carp., 20 Dean 
Barry Patrick, acct., 15 Bank, h 653 N 2d 
BaiTy Samuel, messenger, li 18 Latimer 
Barry Samuel, watchman, Rhoads 
Barry Thomas, porter, 8 Strawberry 
Barry Thomas, porter, Caledonia ct 
Barry Wm., tobacconist, 34 Hallowell 
Barstow Jos., carp, 6 Linden (K) 
Barstow Joseph M., dentist, 45 N 11th 
Barstow Wm. Rev., 45 N lltli 
BAUT/VLOTT & BLYNN, hatters, 71 N 3d ,-^ 
Bartalott George, hatter, 71 N 3d, & Callowhlll 

bel 3d, h 8th ab Coates 
Barth Edvvd., bal manuf., 7th bel Grape ( W P) 
Barth Edward, bal. manuf. h Melon ab 9th 
Barth Gottlieb M., mach. 610 N Front ab Otter 
Barth John, shoem. 4 Temperance ct 
Barth John F., mach., 15th bel Parrish 
Barth Philip, fui-nishing store, 281 N 10th 
Bartholomew A., acct. Cherry E 16th 
Bartholomew B., coal. Broad bel CallowhiU 
Bartholomew Benj., lab. Passayunk 
Bartholomew G. W., grocer, N W 13tli and Par- 
Bartliolomew Harriet, 113 Dickerson 




Bartholomew Jacob, carp., 486 S 4th 
Bartholomew Jos., tavern, 10th bel Thompson 
Bartholomew Robert, clerk, 148 New Market 
Bai'tholomew Samuel, lab. Prime bel 10th 
Bartholomew Tlios., 22 Marion 
Bartliolomew Wm. M., lampmr. 88 Dillwyn 
Bartin G., wireworkei", 149 N 5th 
Bartine Uanl. W., Rev., 99 N 8th 
Bartis John, steward, 92 Gaskill 
Bartle Chas., mach. Parrish ab 5th» 
Bartle Fredk., carter, rear 7 Brown 
Bartle Geo., printer, 285 N 8th 
Bartle Henry, cordw., 194 N 13th 
Bartle H. G., stove manuf., 207 N Front 
Bartle Jacob, Penn ab 13th, h Coates n 13th 
Bartle Joseph D., coppersmith, 9 Myrtle 
Bartle John, spar mr., Allen & F road 
Bartle Philip, lab. Front and Dauphin 
Bartle Wm. T., jr., sparmr., Shackamaxon bel 

Bartle Wm., sr., pump and blockmr. Allen ab 

F road 
Bartleman John W., acct. 68 Walnut, h 215 Pine 
Bartleson Benj. H., jeweller, 15 Charles (S) 
Bartleson H. B., driver. Oak n Mansion (W P) 
Bartleson Lewis, carp., Winter ab 21st 
Bartlett Edwin, clerk, 43 Market, h 185 N 9th 
Bartlett Edw. M., clerk post office, h 424 S 4th 
Bartlett Elizabeth, sempstress, 49 Georg-e (S) 
Bartlett Enoch, hardware store, 67 Coates 
Bartlett Geo. W., vict. 10 Mag-nolia 
Bartlett Joseph, warm air furnaces, N W 13th 

and Filbert, h Callowhill ab 11th 
Bartlett Job, bricklayer, S W 13th and Filbert, 

h 449 Callowhill 
Bartlett Mary, crockery, 118 Green 
BARTLETT & REYNOLDS, warm air fur- 
naces, N W 13th and Filbert 
Bartlett Thos. H., lum mer., F road ab Vienna 
Bartlett Wm., tailor. Harper's ct 
Bartlett Wm. F., Price n Front 
Bartlev Jane, 123 N 16th 

BARTLE Y JOHN, clothing-, N E 7th and South 
Bartling- Eliza, nurse, 162 N 15th 
Bartman Jacob, carp., Hancock ab Franklin (K) 
Bartman John W., Carlisle bel Og'den 
Bartol B. H., 276 South 10th 
Bartolemie Jno. M., butcher, 5th bel Pierce 
Barton Benj., mer, 8th and Green 
Barton Bfenj. H., farmer, Passyunk r 
Barton B., i72 S 4th 
, Barton & Co., g-rocers, S E 3d and New 
Barton Frank, S W Juniper and Chestnut 
Barton Georg-e, hatter, 29 German 
Barton Georg-e, lab., 188 Shippen 
Bai-ton Hetty & Elizabetli, Broad bel Chestnut 
• Barton Isaac, grocei-, 137 N 2d, h 30 Race 
H>. BARTON ISAAC & CO., dry g-oods, 27 S 2d 
f Barton Irene, salesman, 1 S 9th 

Barton James, grocer, S E 3d and New, h 123 

Barton Jane, Sycamore ab Locust 
Barton John, clerk. Walnut n Park (W P) 
Barton John, dealer, N E 7th & Bedford 
Barton John, b h., 333 Market 
Barton John, liatter, 138 S 5th 
Barton John M., clerk, 147 N 3d ! 

Barton Joseph, hatter, 104 South 

Barton J. Hervey, conveyancer, 216 Sp Garden 

Barton J. Rhea, M. D., S. W. 14th & Chestnut 

Barton Lewis, wheelrig-ht 3 Palmer 

Barton Mary, 172 S 4t'h 

Barton Rebecca, 172 S 4th 

Barton Samuel & Co., g-rocers, S E 3d and New \y' 

h 67 Vine 
Barton Thos., jr., printer, 29 N 13th 
Bai-ton Thos., carp., Enterprise bel 5th 
Barton Thomas, lab., Marlboro ab Queen (K) 
Barton I'hos., carter. Burton ab 17th' 
Barton Thos. I., g-ent., 29 N 13th 
Barton Wm., lab., Williams' ct 
Barton Wm., grocer, 431 Market,- h S W 11th 

Barton Wm. J., carp., Harmstead ab 21st 
Barton Wm. P. C, M. D'., 519 Chestnut 
Bartram Gath., 166 Pine 
Bartram Isaac, salesman, 85 Market, h 262 N 7th 

ab Green 
Bartram Lewis, tanner, Philip ab Columbia (K) 
Bartram Rebecca, g-entw., 150 N 12th 
Bartram Samuel D., mer., 85 Market, h 262 N 7th 
Barussi B., sculptor. Porcelain E 21st 
Barwell Ann, g-entw. 228 Wood 
Barwell William, seg-armr., Clinton bei Poplar 
Barwell John, vict. Apple bel Master 
Barwig- Jacob, grinder, 113 Race 
Bas Henry, tailor, 378 Wharton 
Bascom H., M. D. 19 Sp. Garden fl 56 Arch) 
Bascone Joseph, ship carp. 23 Saranack 
Bascone Rosamio, mariner, 43 Mead 
Bash Charles, plasterer, 605 N 10th 
Baskerville, Jas., tailor, 41 Gaskill 
BASKETTER & FOWLER, feed, NE South & 

Basketter Jno., sr., 1 Owen 
Basketter Jno., jr., 1 Owen 
Baslar Geo., oyster.s, 143 Beach (K) 
Baslar John G., baker, 176 Pine 
Baslar Mary, 16 Lilly al 
Basler Dav. morocco fin. 628 S 4th 
Basley John, whf. build. Vienna ab Duke 
Basley John, shipsm. 25 Mead 
Basley John Wm., whf. builder, 25 Crown (K) 
Basley Saml., whf. br. Beach ab Warren 
Bass C., hair dresser, 12th bel Spruce 
Bass Jno., hair dresser, 12th bel Spruce 
Bass Mary, b h, Vaug-han n Locust 
Bass Samuel B., hair dresser, 12th bel Spruce 
Bass Thos., 24 Charlotte ab Far 
Bass Wm. A., collector, 35 Pratt 
Basentine L., manuf. 130 Beach (K) 
Basser A., furniture, 257 S 5th 
Bassett Ag-y, washer, rear Beford ab 12th 
Bassett A., "carter, Earl bel West (K) 
Bassett Daniel, wheelwt. 63 Howard (K) 
Bassett Henry, cook, Franklin House, Chestnut 
Bassett Jas., watchman, rear 7 Vine 
Bassett Josiah, salesman, 223 Market, h N W 

7th and Callowhill 
Bassett Shedrack, hominy mr. 498 S 4th 
Bassett S., 81 Green 

Bassford Geo., billiard saloon, 169 Chestnut 
Basso Ann, shop, 28 Fltzwater 
Basso John Daniel, printer, 72 Jarvis ab 2d 
Bast G., coal mer. 40 Walnut 
Basteret Geo,, musician, 24 Marion 




Bastian Anthony, paper stainer, 366 Wharton ' 
Bastian Edvvui, cooper, 366 Wharton 
Bastian Geo., g^ent, S E 7th and Spruce 
Bastian Geo., gardener, P road bel Wharton 
Bastian Jas., paper hanger. Federal ab 11th 
Bastian John, potter, 334 S loth 
Bastian John, farmer, Passayunk r 
Bastian John R., carpenter, 366 Wharton 
Bastian Mary A., store, 593 S 2d 
Bastian Moses, tav. N E Swanson & Washington 
Bastian Washington, 122 Chestnut, h Locust bet 

19th and 20th 
Bastian Wm., lab., P road ab Reed 
Bastian Wm., lab. Passyunk 
Bastible Danl., st. mason, Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Bastible E., stone mason, Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Bastible J., stone mason, Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Baston Geo., wheelwrt. P road bel Federal 
Baswell Saml., tailor, 231 S 6th 
Baszler Christ., Randolph and Franklin 
Batchelder Alexander S., messenger, Jefferson 

and Saranack 
Batchelor Wm., segar mr., 203 N 3d 
Bateman James, mer., 66 S Front, h 240 Frank- 
lin ab Green 
Bateman Joel B., seaman, 33 Green 
Bateman John, carter, 205 Parrish 
Bateman M A Miss, teacher Girard College 
Bateman S., cabinetmr., 124 South 
Bateman Wm., cabinetmi-., 332 S Front 
Bates Bartine, moiTocco dresser, 40 Ogden 
Bates Benj., tobacconist, Randolph ab Parrish 
Bates Charles, lab., Huntingdon ab Duke (R) 
BATES & COATES, importers, 9 Church al 
Bates Corn., moulder. Beach bel Pelmer 
Bates Daniel W., Rev., 615 N Front 
Bates David, ex. broker, 17 S 3d, h 336 Coates 
Bates Geo., lozenges, Bedford bel Hanover CK) 
Bates Geo., tailor, Olive bel 12th 
Bates Geo., watchman, Penn ab Poplar 
Bates G. L., grocer, N W Poplar and Charlotte 
Bates Hannah, 248 Beach (K) 
Bates H., Coates and Franklin 
Bates Jacob, boots and shoes, 96 S 2d, h Wash- 
ington bel 3d 
Bates John, baker, 643 N 5th 
Bates Jno. H., dry goods, 238 N 9th 
Bates Joseph R., cabinetmr., 10 Beck (S) 
Bates Joseph S., clerk, 298 Marshall 
Bates Joseph T., bookseller and stationer, 34 S 

3d, h 8th ab Master 
Bates Joseph W., mer., 9 Church al, h Chestnut 

7th door W 18th 
Bates Rebecca, gentw. 79 Filbert 
Bates Richard, pattern mr. Otter bel G T r 
Bates Robert, cordw., 131 S 9th 
Bates Robt., elocutionist, cor 9th and Locust 
Bates Wm., carp., Fedei-al ab 11th 
Bates Wm., brewer, Jones E 18th 
Bates Wm. J., Coachman, Duke n Cherry i.K) 
Batesel John, Dugan's ct 
Bateson John, carp. 8th bel Shippen 
Batezell Wm., shoemr. F. rd ab Montgomery 
Bath Jno., saddler, 133 N Front 
Baton Aug. J., stock and note brok. rear 95i 

BATON EDGAR F., card and seal engr, 99 
Walnut, h 70 S 3d 

Batson E., 491 Brown ab 13th 
Batt David, lab. 16th and Sp Garden 
Batt John P., clerk. School ab Rose (K) 
Batt Richd., blksm. Salmon ab Huntington 
Batteaux Elizabeth, shop, Barclay bel 15th 
Battelia Geo., shop, 152 Lombard 
Battersby Wm., lab. Huston and R road (R) 
Batties Rhoda, washerw. Stewart ab Catharine 
BATTIN SAMUEL, grocer, S W 2d & Noble, 

h 304 N-2d 
Battin, Cope & Christman, grocers, Callowhill 

and 2d 
Battis Chas., lab., Moore bel Church 
Battis James, barber, 404 S 8th 
Battis John, oysters. Spruce street wharf, h 72 

Battis Jno., mariner, 92 Gaskill 
Battis Susan, b. h. Allen bel Hanover (K) 
Batton Wm., brickmr. h 30 Burd's ct 
Battris Geo., printer, 3 Ranstead pi 
Batts John, carp. King ab 10th 
Batts John, boot mr., 16 Brown 
Batts Saml., shoemr. 16 Brown 
Batts Wm. J., cordw. near 200 Queen 
Batturs Mrs. Sophia, 8 19th ab Market 
Batturs Richd. M., 8 19th ab Market 
Batturs Samuel Archer, ag-ent, 19th ab Market 
Batty James, blacksm. Hope ab Master 
Batty Saml., cabinetmr.. Front and Phoenix 
Baty Hannah, tailor. North ab Franklin 
Baty William, lab. 21 Federal 
Batzig Jno., hotel, 200 N 8th 
Batzold Jno., skindr. 2d st r 
Bauchman Ludwig, store, Nicetown la 
Baude Eliza, wid. of Stephen, 2 Mead 
Baude Stephen R., blacksm. Ton al, and 106 

Swanson, h N E 2d and Wharton 
Bander Fred., cordw., 185 CallowhiU 
Bauder Jacob F., provisions, 401 S Front 
BAUENDAHL & CO., cloth imp. 69 Chestnut 
Bauer C, baker, 198 N 17th 
Bauer Fred., 124 Charlotte (N L) 
Bauer George, baker, 779 Norris 
Bauer George M., baker, 187 Callowhill 
Bauer G. L., baker, 81 Buttonwood 
Bauer Herman, confect., Hancock bel Master 
Bauer Joseph, shoes. Far and Mechanic 
Bauer John, pianomr., 204 Market, h 98 St. John 
Bauer Jno., baker, 193 Parrish 
Bauer Jno., 126 N 2d 

Bauer John A., cabmr., 157 S 2d, h 26 Lombard 
BAUER JOS., tavern, West and Wood (K) 
Bauer Peter, tanner, 525 N 4th 
Bauer Philip, cabinet mr. 36 Pegg 
Bauerman J., prof music, 14 Morgan 
Bauersach John N., 260 Market 
BAUERSACHS L. C, importer 170 Market, h 

657 Spruce 
Bauger Philip, chalk mr. Clymer bel Morris 
Baugh Franklin, att}r. and coun., off 5^ S 6th, 

h 70 Washington 
Baugh Samuel, leather, 85 S 2d, h 3 Collonade 

Baugh Samuel, plasterer, h 177 Wood ab 9th 
Baugh Stephen, blksm. Warren ab Pine (W P) 
Baugher Elias D., gro. 11th and Callowhill, h 

57 Carlton 
Baum Cath., dry goods, h 129 N 10th 




Baum Charles, book-keeper, 58 Chestnut 
Baum Charles, spring- mattress, 137 N 6th 
BAUM GEORGE W., grocer, 395 S 3d 
Baum Jacob, lab. Culvert ab 4th 
Baum J. S., coal yard, S W Broad & Arch 
Baum Saml., farmer, Oxford bel Broad 
Baum Wm., calico printer, Ralston ct 
Baum Wm., cai-p., 7 Lyndall's al 
Baum Wm., clerk, 88 S Delaware av 
Bauman Carl, rag picker, 3d ab Columbia 
Baumann Chas., locksmith, 196 Locust 
Baumann Henry, tailor, St. Mary's n 7th 
Baumann J. Henry, baker, 40 George (S) 
Baumann Matthias, hotel, 239 G T road above 

Baumback Henry, cordw., 642 Poplar 
Baumeister Geo., linsm. 5th bel Morris 
Baumeister Margrite, 4th bel Pierce 
Baumeister M., tin store, 209 F road 
Baumer Wm^ beer house, 3d bel Columbia 
Baumgaertner Vincent, coach pr. Heiss pi (K) 
Baumgard Jacob, cordw., 65 Hope (K) 
Baumgardner Lewis, stovemr. Oldham ct bel 

SL John 
Baumgartner Joseph, barber, Jefferson bel Front 
Baumg'ai-tner Jos,, locksm. 5 S 13th 
Baumners C, beer and porter h. West n Earl (K) 
Baunt John, teacher, Passyunk 
Baur Baldas, cigars, Jefferson bel 5th 
Baus John, carp., G T road and Little Poplar 
Baush Philip, tailor, 15 Fayette 
Bauzenberg-er Christ'n, pianomr. 5 Rowland's ct 
Bavington Geo., cabinet mr. 82 Lewis 
Bavington John, oS7 Green 
Bavis Daniel S., b h, 159 Shippen 
Bavis Edmund F., compositor, 2 Madison (S) 
Bavis Samuel A., compositor, 458 S 2d 
Bawn Geo., Naval Asylum 
Bawn Mary, 8 Lindsay's av 
Baxter Florella, porter h., 716 Front ab Phoenix 
Baxter Geo., lab. Clay and Sch. Beach 
Baxter Georg-e W., hardware, 244 S 2d 
ware, 244 S 2d 
BAXTER DE WITT C, engraver, N E 6th & 

Cliestnut, h 225 Sp. Garden 
Baxter Isaac B., gent. N E 5th and Washington 
Baxter Isaac B. jr., hardware, 54 Pine 
Baxter Jane, Linn ab 23d 
Baxter Jane, N E Shippen la and Rose 
Baxter James C, carp. 6 Townsend's av 
Baxter John, grocer, 2d and Mary, and 2d and 

Christian, h 2d bel Christian 
Baxter Jno., brickmr. 6 Washington pi 
Baxter John H., cutter, 52 Market 
Baxter Mitchell, 244 S 2d, h Washington & 5th 
Baxter Robt., lab., Queen ab G run (K) 
Baxter Sarah, 15 Emlen's ct 
Baxter Thos., clerk, 25 Emlen 
Baxter Thos., carp., Haverford n 9th (W P) 
Baxter Thos., carp. 25 S 18th 
Baxter Thos., currier, Wayne's ct 
Baxter Thomas E., gent. 208 S 8th 
Baxter Wm., mer. 41 Market, h Camden 
Baxter Wm., painter, rear 460 S 5th 
Baxter Wm. Q., cooper, 56 Queen 
Bayard Benj., lab. Charles ao Franklin 
Bayai'd Cai-oline, 372 W Chestnut 

Bayard Charles P., saddler, 324 S 2d, h Frton 

bel Washington 
Bayard C. P., broker, 53 Chestnut ^•-""^ 
Bayard Geo., sr., dealer, 367 S 6th 
Bayard Geo., jr., carp. 367 S 6th 
Bayard James, att'y and coun. 159 Walnut 
Bayard Richard B., 286 Walnut 
Bayard Richard H., 286 Walnut 
Bayard Thos. A., carp. 363 S 6th 
Bayer Fred , elk. 303 Chestnut, h 3 Ninth st av 
Bayer Jos., beer h. S E George & Shippen (S) 
Bayer Michael, cordw. 292 N 2d 
Bayersdorfer Moses M., trimmings, 31 N 2d 
Bayes James, oil manuf. 6 Minor, h 20 N 18th_ 
Bayes James & Co., rail road grease anr oil 

manufs., 6 Minor 
Bayle Frank., gardener, 357 Fitzwater 
Bayle John, Naval Asylum 
Bayle Pat., dyer, 34 Fulton 
Bayle Samuel, lab., Fulton 
Bayle Wm., gardener, Naval Asylum 
Bayley C, Mrs., 22 S 12th 
Bayley John, prof music, Blight n Pine 
Bayley John, porter, 53 Commerce, h Otter ab 

G T road 
Bayley Lloyd, carp. Lancaster Pike and Haver- 
ford (W P) 
Bayley Marg., mantua mr. Buck's ct ab 11th 
Bayley Robt., acct., 13 N 5t]i, h 150 Ogden 
Bayley Wm. R., musician, 54 Duke 
Baylie Chas. T., butcher, Federal bel 11th 
Baylie George, blacksm., Jefferson av bel Jarvis 
Baylie John^E., cordw. Jefferson bel Jarvis 
Baylie Robert, bricklr. Mervine ab Master 
BAYLIS & BROOKER, auctioneers, 6 N3d 
Baylis Else, h rear 18 Rodman 
Baylis Isabella, milliner, 142 S 12th 
Baylitt John, auctioneer, 6 N 3d, h 10th above 

Bayliss, Darby 8c Lynn, wire workers, 21 Arch 
Ba3diss Joseph, wire weaver, 36 Hutchinson 
Bayliss Wm., carp. 142 S _12th 
Baylitt Benj., cooper, Clair 
Baylitt Davis, shoemr. 115 Queen 
Bayly J. W., painter, Young's al 
Baymire Samuel, shipwrt. 2 Sommer's ct 
Baymon R., b h, 42 Union 
Baymore Brazilla, waterman, Ann bel Larch 
Baynard Daniel, lab. 36 Burd's ct 
Baynard Eliza, shoemr. 115 German 
Baynard Wm. C, shoemr. 20th ab Spruce 
Bayne George, grocer, N E Bridge and 6th 

(W P) 
Bayne James, bookbind., 23 Parker 
Bayne James, gas fitter, Fisher 
Bayne John D., district clerk, 359 S 5th 
Bayne Joseph, police, 18 S Rittenhouse 
Bayne Joseph A., gas fitter, 18 Rittenhouse 
Bayne Robt. E., undertaker, Rio Grande 
Bayne Samuel, plumber, Anita bel 12th 
Bayne Saml., bookbr. 65 M Road 
Baynon N. E., currier, h 18 Marshall 
Bazin Xavier, perfumer, 114 Chestnut 
Bazley Abraham, Naval Asylum 
Bazley J. F., acct. 20 Sansom 
Bea John, tailor, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Beach C. Nichols, merchant, 76 Walnut, house 

19 Union pi 




Beach Jacob, lab. Steinmetz's ct 
Beach James, tanner, 171 S Carpenter 
Beach Jerry, vvhipmr. Apple ab Norris 
Beach R. B., manuf. of porcelain, h Poplar ab 

Beach Thos., eng'ineer, rear 65 Carroll 
Beach Wm., manuf. of curry combs, Willow ab 

12th, h 34 Rittenhouse 
Beadling- Henry, capt.. Senate 
Beag-an Park, salesman, 4th ab Master 
Beag-le Abram., clerk, 13th and Market, h 448 

Marshall (K) 
Beagle Henry, blacksm. and harness mr.. Wil- 
low and Magnolia, h 224 N 5th 
Beag-le H. & T., blacksmiths and harness mrs.. 

Willow and Magnolia 
Beag-le Thomas, blacksm. and harness mr.. Wil- 
low and Magnolia, h 210 Noble 
Beal & Forman, showcase mr., 102 N 4th 
Beal Robert, brush finisher, 7 Appletree al, h 

317 N 10th 
Beal Wm., showcase mr. 7 Laurel 
Beale George, milkman, Parrish bel 9th 
Beale John, bonnet presser. Spruce ab 21st 
Beale Matthias, clerk, 28 S Marshall 
Beale Stephen T., M. D., dentist, 535 Walnut 
Beale Wm., bricklr.. Burton ab 15th 
Beale Wm., silversm., h Laurel ab Front 
Beale Wm., butcher, Mantua & Hutton (W P) 
Beale Wm., butcher, 783 N 11th 
Beale Wm. A., tailor, 62 S 10th, h 531 Vine 
Beam Isaac R., druggist, N W 21st & Chestnut 
Beam Jacob, hardware mer. 3d bel Vine, h 77 

Beam Jacob S., sign painter, S E 4th and Wal- 
nut, h 131 N 8th 
Beam John, cordw., 354 N 10th ab Parrish 
Beam John M., drug-gist, N W 21st & Chestnut 
Beam J. B., bricklr., Oak bel Park (W P) 
Beam Peter, cordw. 360 Coates 
Beam Wm., match manuf Marshall ab 4th 
Beamer Dewitt C, printer, 6th ab S Carpenter^ 
Beamish E., Vienna ab Queen 
Beamish John, hatter, 577 S 2d 
Beamish J. Mrs., wid of John, 27 Plover 
Bean Albert, paper hang-er. Enterprise bel 5th 
Bean Enos & Co., blindmrs. 200 Race 
Bean Henry, jeweler, 24 Hallowell 
Bean James, cooper, 6 Brooks 
Bean Peter, shoemr. Nicetown la 
Bean Susan, washer, 5 Bradford's al 
Beans Caroline, washer, Bedford ab 13th 
Beans Catharine, g-entw., 505 N 8th 
Beans Charles, clerk, 505 N 8th 
Beans Chas. T., bookkeeper, 28 N 3d 
Beans Jacob Z., clerk, 98 Market 
Beans John, saddler, 9th and Buttonwood 
Beans Marj^ b h, 25 N 10th 
Beans Sarah Mrs., 3 Little Crown 
Bear Cath. C. Mrs., wid of Rev. John M., 82 

Bear Daniel, lab. Alder ab Girard av 
Beard David A., dep. sheriff, 12th & Catharine, 

h Carleton n 13th 
Beard Grace, dressmr. 60 Penn 
Beard James, drayman, 8 Wilcox 
Beard James, Richard bel 17th 
Beard John, tavern, Lancaster Pike n Park 

Beard Margaret, tav.. Broad bel Shippen 

Beard Martha, dressmr. 60 Penn 

Beard Nicholas, vict. 5th bel Oxford 

Beard Timothy, seaman, 584 S 2d 

Beard Wm., vict. 36 Charlotte 

Beard Wm., carp. Oak bel Park (W P) 

Beardslee Thos. B., carp., Front bel Reed 

Beare Wm. H., laces, 25 Bank, h 639 N 7th 

Bearer E., 2 Southampton ct 

Bearu Charles, carp. 39 Cadwalader 

Beasley Edward, waterman, 282 St John 

Beasley Thos., cordw. rear Marriott bel 6th 

Beaston George, com. mer. 48 S Del. av 

Bearswood Sophia, 47 Howard (K) 

Beates, Jacoby & Miller, druggists, 132 N 3d / 

Beates James, gent, lltli and Pine 

Beath David, grocer, 13th and Federal 

Beath Henry, warper, rear M'Duffie n 21st 

Beath Jennet, shirts, 20th bel Lombard 

Beath Robert, weaver, Fulton 

Beatlev Chas., g-lass blower, 152 Randolph bel 

Beattes Jacob XL, coach trimmer, 32 Dock, h 

215 Queen 
Beattie Robert, marketman, Cuthbert n 21st 
Beattie S., Miss, upholsterer, 15 Perry 
Beatty Andrew, tavern, Front bel Fedeiwl 
Bcatty Caroline, Mifflin bel Front 
Beatty David, clerk, Hanover ab Franklin av 
Beatty Georg-e, lab., Lewis ab 16th 
Beatty Henry, varnisher, 77 Sp Garden 
Beatty Hugh, weaver, 13th ab Christian 
Beatty James, manuf 842 N 2d (K) 
Beatt}' James, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Beatty James, drayman, Jones E 20th 
Beatty James, cutter, 5 Louisa av 
Beatty James, carp. 16 Ontario 
Beatty James, lab. Shippen bel Broad 
Beatty James, drayman, 5th and South 
Beatty John, lab. Rose bel Broad 
Beatty John, contractor, 806 N 2d (K) 
Beatty John, grocer, S E 21st and Lombard 
Beatty John & Son, curb stone and coal yard^ 

foot of Warren in Beach 
Beatty Moore, carp. Catharine bel Broad 
Beatty Mordecai M., puddler, 591 N Front 
Beatty Patrick, dealer, 99 Crown 
Beatty Robt., beamer. Union bel F road (K) 
Beatty Robt., stoves, N W 4th and Christian 
Beatty Robert, weaver, 313 F road 
Beatty Robert W., mer., S AV Water and Chest- 

nut, h 353 Pine 
Beatty R. H., acct., 61 Gaskill 
Beatty Samuel, 3 Bonsail 
Beatty Samuel, mer. 353 Pine 
Beatty Samuel, salesman, 108 Market 
Beatty Susan, store, Franklin av bel Union 
Beatty Thos., carter, Hancock ab Franklin 
BEATTY, WATT & CO., produce mers. N W, 

Water & Chestnut 
Beatty AVm., manuf, 844 N 2d 
Beatty AVilliam, blacksmith, Salmon and Hunt- 

ing'don (R) 
Beatty Wm., cig-ar store, Phoenix bel Front 
Beatt};- Wm., grocer, N W Fi'ont and Jefferson 
Beatty Wm. H., macht., 60 Allen (K) 
Beaty Hug-h, warper, Harmstead n 21st 
Beaty Isabella, Shippen n 15th 




Beaty James, porter, 15th and Bedford 

Beaty John F., clerk, 13th 8c Market, h Powell 

ah Francis (M V) 
Bcaufay Dennis, carver, 3 Griswold's al 
Beaulieu E., deslg-ner, 99 Walnut 
Biraum A., tailor, S W 6th and Montg-oinery 
Beaumont Albert, g-rocer, 180 S 2d 
Beaumont G. H., M. D., 234 N 6th 
Beaumont Jacob K., painter. Redwood ab 5th 
Beaumont John, cloth dresser, 204 S 4th 
Beaux Edmund, Walnut and William (W P) 
Beaver Charles, lab. 239 Lombard 
Beaver E. G. "Mrs., N W 12th and Filbert 
Beaver Thos., mer. 163 Market, h 10 Log-an sq 
Beavers Charles, tailor, 30 Castle 
Beazley Richard, grocer, 13th and Carroll 
Bebler Charles, cedar co(^er. Green ab Moore 
Bebler George, cooper. Harmony ct (K) 
Becher Chas., harnessmr. 6th and G T road 
Becher Hannah, 45 Citron 
Becher Joseph, harness maker, G T road opp 

Bechler John, g-rocer, S W Crown and Wood 
Kechler Louis, painter, 194 Randolph 
Bechman Francis, g-lass works, Tilton 
Bcchtel Abraham, porcelain manuf. 229 Coates 
Bechtel Abraham B., g-rocer, N E Poplar and 

Bechtel Anthony, tavern, N E Coates & 7th 
Bechtel Benj., grocer, Franklin & Dunton (K) 
Bechtel Cath. H., g-entw. 215 N 9th 
Bechtel C. G., baker, 10 Ferry 
Bechtel D. B., artist, 137 Green 
Bechtel George H., acct. 5 Minor, h 766 Poplar 
Bechtel Jacob, driver, Coates W 25th 
Bechtel John, superintendent, Duane & Parrish 
Bechtel J. A., leather mer. 2d ab Columbia 
Bechtel Marg-aret, 135 Wallace ab 12th 
BECHTEL MARTIN H., Commonwealth hotel, 

Callowhill and Marsjiall 
Bechtel Samuel, tav.. Vine n Sch 
Bechtel Thomas, Vine n Sch 
Bechtel Wm., tuj-ner. Oak bel Mansion (W P) 
Bechtel Wm. E., stationer 85 S 4th 
Bechtold Wm., baker, 198 R road 
BECK ANTHONY, hatter, 226 S 2d 
Beck &. Cui'ns, tobacconists, 290 Market 
r.eck Chas., mer., 35 N Front, h 236 Catharine 
Beck Chai-les, carp. Grier's av 
Beck Chas. A., 371 Marshall 
Beck Chas. F., M. D., 310 Chestnut 
Beck Chas. W., painter, 179 York av 
Beck Christiana, 16 Charlotte 
Beck Christopher, confect. Fairview ab Broad 
Beck Clementine, 1 Truxton 
\^{eck & Co., perfumery & fancy articles, 14N2d 
Beck Daniel W., police. Melon bel 13th 
Beck Edwin, harness mr., 50 Dock 
Beck Eliza A., N W 6th and Washinglon 
Beck Euhard, cabtmr., 179 Sp Garden, h 740 

N 10th 
Beck E., carriage repository, 48 Dock 
Beck Fredericka, 321 Wood 
Beck &. Fruhling-, tailors, 304 N 3d 
Beck George, mer. 35 N Front, h Brown 3d 

door W Ridg-e av 
Beck George, lab., 5 Ogden 
Beck Geo. P., gilder, 206 S Front 

Beck Geo. W., dealer. Market n 15th, h 9th bel 

Heck Henry, ladies' shoes, 37 Federal 
Beck Henry, combmr., 13th ab Poplar 
Beck Henr)', paper stainer. Cherry ab 15th 
Reck Henry F., tobacconist, 400 N 3d 
Deck Henry Paul, 347 Chestnut 
Beck Jacob, mer., 35 N Front, h 5 Comptroller 
Beck Jacob, macht. 2 Seneca ct 
Beck Jacob, pianomr. 2 Kinslie's ct 
Beck Jacob, tobac. 35 N Front, h 5 Comptroller 
Beck Jacob, clerk, 165 Christian 
Beck Jacob, liquors, 59 S Front, h 165 Christian 
Beck Jacob P., varieties, Callov/hill & St John 
Beck Jacob & Sons, tobacco wai-ehouse, 25 N ; 

Beck Jacob Wm., musician, 70 Quince 
Beck James, pumpmr. 8th ab Oxford 
BECK JAS. N., music dealer, 10 and 12 S 9tb, 

h 6th and Prune 
Beck James S., sig-n 8c house paint. 341 N Front 
Beck James S, sign and house painter, 73 Froad 

ab Queen (K) 
Beck James M., musician, 212 S 3d, h 212 S 3d 
Beck John, turner, 12 N 17th 
Beck John, driver, 617 Philip 
Beck John, hat presser. Rye ab Wharton 
Beck John, engineer, 1009 Coates ab Nixon 
Beck John, tailor, 6th bel Montgomery 
Beck John G., tailor, Morris n 5th 
Beck Joseph, 276 Apple 
Beck Josh., lab. 30 Reed 
Beck Levi, tobacconist, 290 Market 
Beck Lewis, vict. S W ISth and Market, h 180 

Buttonwood ab 10th 
Beck Lewis, toy shop, 214 Callowhill 
Beck Lewis D., baker, 41 Queen 
Beck L. G., Rev., 12th ab Poplar 
Beck Maria, 50 St John 
Beck Mary, driver, 617 Philip 
Beck Michael, lab. Franklin bel Dauphin 
Beck M. J. Miss, music teaclier, 236 Catharine 
Beck Peter, cabinetmr. Coates ab 12th 
Beck Rich. H., mach. 100 Beach (K) 
Beck Robert, mach. 36 Chancellor 
Beck Samuel, engineer, 8 Russell 
Beck Samuel H., printer, 50 St John 
Beck Susan, 56 Christian 
Beck Thomas, shoemr. 122 N Front 
BECK THOS. B., mer., 249 and 251 N Front, 

and 240 N Water, h 648 Green 
Beck T., baker, 340 Richmond 
Beck T. W., produce dealer, 511 Market 
Beck Wm., carter, 26 Fitzwater 
Beck Wm., carp. 367 Marshall 
Beck Wm., distiller, Marion ab 2d 
Beck Wm. P., tool manuf. Porceli;.in W 20th 
Beckel James C, organist, h 214 N 11th 
BECKEL J. C. & SON, music store, Chestnut 

and 8th, h 214 N 11th 
Beckenbach Jacob, packer, 602 N Front 
Beckenbach John, founder, h 12th bel Poplar 
Becker Adam, weaver, 44 Garden 
Becker B., tailor, 214 N 8th 
Becker & Dell, clothing, 154 N3d, h 20 Juliana 
Becker George, barber, 476 Green 
Becker G. J., prof, of drawing, Girard College 
Becker Henry, hos. manuf. Brown ab Harrison 




Becker Jacob, M. D., 108 Union 
Becker Jacob, G T road ab Diamond 
Becker J., bootmakei-, 10th and Parrish 
Becker Philip, blacksm. Williams' ct 
Becker Philip, saddles and harness, 182 N 3d 
Becker Wm., harness mr. 4 Baker's ct 
Beckers Louis, chemist, 56 N oth 
Becket Isaac, lab. 1 Little Pine 
Beckett Andrew, coachman, 2 Church av 
Beckett Elizabeth, washerwoman, 2 Warren 
Beckett Hester, washer, 4 Gulielma 
BECKETT & HUDSON, Farmers' Hotel, 10 

Beckett John W., 165 Marlboro (K) 
Beckett Samuel, clerk, 10 Vernon 
BECKETT THOMAS J., sup. M. F. Hall, 70 

Beckett Wm., tailor, 24 Greenwich 
Beckhart Abraham, pedler, 531 N 4th 
BECKHAUS, ALLGAIER & CO., coach manuf. 

F road ab Franklin av (K) 
Beckhorn Mary, 428 S Front 
Becklause Joseph, Franklin bel Crown 
Beckley Jacob F., tavern, Callowhill ab 19th 
Beckley Nich., clerk, 182 Market, h 1 Wan-en 
Beckman Cath., tailoress, Ogden ab 13th 
Beckman Christian, baker, Austin ab Wharton 
Beckman Daniel, Winter (N L) 
Beckman Francis, lab. Cadwalader n Jefferson 
Beckman James, bootmr. 214 N 3d, h Wager 

bel 6th 
Beckman Joseph, g-rocer, 11 Chem- 
Beckman Nicholas, tailor, 3 Gatchell pi 
Beckman Thomas, plane mr. Winter (N L) 
Beckman Wm., harness mr. 969 N 2d 
Becraft Alexander, tui-ner, rear 110 Walnut, h 

342 S 2d 
J3EDELL & PEARCE, importers, 57 N 3d 
' Bedell William, merchant, 57 N 3d, h 112 Wal- 
Bedenk Adam, baker, 46 Filbert 
Bedford Beni". \V., painter, N W 6th 8c Coates 

and 698'n 5th, h 5th bel Wager 
Bedford Isaac T., bricldayer. 111 Noble 
Bedford Thomas, health office, h 378 N 5th 
Bedford Thos., lab. 23 Little Oak 
Bedichimer Henrj-, pedlar, 131 Charlotte 
Bedlock Edward, convey. S E 3d and Walnut, 

h 597 Spruce 
BEDLOCK & PASCHALL, conveyancers, 177 

AValnut ab 7th 
Bedlock Wm. J., Race n 17th 
Beebe Ann, Mis., rear Traquair ct 
Beebe George, plasterer, 26 Whailon i 

BEEBE JAMES C, plasterer, 654 S 2d 
Beebe Lewis, printer, Mer^"ine ab Master 
Beebe L. H., dentist, Menine ab Ma.ster j 

Beebe ^,1. & E., milliners, 201 Sp Garden j 

Beech Ebenezer, tinsm. 1 Jackson's ct i 

Beech Ebenezer, tinsm. 117 Callowhill • 

Beecher Jacob F., clerk, 14 N 3d, h rear 81 

N 5th 
Beecher Joseph, G T road ab Somerset 
Beecher Wm., mer. 147 Market, h 115 N 7th 
Beechey Alfred, glass blower. West and Mon-is 
Beechey Obadiah, teach., West and Norris (R) 
Beechman Michael, b h, 116 N Water 
Beehler Jacob, barber, 449 South 

Beehler Tobias, manuf. 20 Commerce, h Mar- 
shall bel Green 
Beek Ann & Marj^, 1 Providence ct 
Beekin C, M. D., N E W^ood and Crown 
Beeklev Nathan S., clerk, 45 N Water, h 106 

N 5th 
Beeler Charles H., engi-aver, 260 Swanson 
Beeler C. H., teamster, 260 Swanson 
Beeler John, tavern, 408 N Front 
Beenken John, grocer, York av and Callowhill, 

h Franklin ab Poplar 
Beens Charles, lab. 2 Wilcox 
Beer Wm., tailor, 18 Lombard 
Beere Rachel, 167 Cai-penter 
Beerhalter Henr}-, confectioner, 188 S 4th 
Bcerly Jac. L., stone cutter, F road ab Hart la 
Beers Andrew, tinsm^ 13th and Can'oU 
Beers David, painter, 1 Ogden 
Beers John, tin worker, lUth ab Federal 
Beers John D., inspector, W barton bel 9th 
Beesey Catharine, Mrs., 64 Federal 
Beesey Henry, ladies shoes, 64 Federal 
Beesley Jacob, pattemmr. 52 Ogden 
Beesley James, cordw. 10 N 12th 
Beeslev R., cab mr. 18 Hibberd 
BEESLEY THEOPH. E, M. D., N W 10th & 

Beesley W., tailor, L. Washington 
Beeson Gregg, hatter, Gaifney av 
Beeson Maria, gentw. 375 S 10th 
Befner A. Charles, butcher, Dauphin n Front 
Begeley Jos., printer, 4 Kayser's av 
Beggs Henr\-, cordw. 31 Citron 
Beggs Jno., blacksm. 220 N Front, h 141 N Mar- 
Beggs & Rowland, blacksm. 220 and 222 N 

Begley Sarah, South bel Broad 
Begley Thos., last mr. 18 Paul 
Begley Thomas S., mer. 4 N 2d, h 129 Catharine 
Behlcns C, grocer, 662 N 5th 
Behh Jacob, baker, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Behney Aaron, cabinetmr. 322 Market 
Behr Augustus, frame mr. 145. Phoenix (K) 
Behring Caspar H., car. Hutchinson n Girard av 
Beidelman Chas., Custom House agent, Necta- 
rine bel 10th 
Beidelman Daniel, grocer, 273 High, h Green 

bel 11th 
Beidelman Franklin, tailor, Bedford n Ross 
BEIDELMAN & HAY'WARD, grocers, 273 ./^ 

Beideman Daniel S., coal dealer, 47 S 4th and 

Green st wharf, h 53 Vine 
BeidenmiUer John, vict. 6th bel JeflTerson 
Beidler James, store, G T road n Somerset 
Beidler Jos., gi'ocer, G T road and Dauphin 
Beidler Samuel, store, G T road n Somerset 
Beigel Adolph, book keep. 84 & 86 Chestnut 
Beir Augustus, cabinetnar. 599 S 5th 
Beirgman Martin, cordw. N 3d bel Cherr}^ (K) 
Beisel Fred. V., operator, 101 Chestnut 
Beisel James, salesman, 115 N Juniper 
Beishlez George, butcher. Woodland bel Wal- 
nut (\y P) 
Beisner Henry, cordw. 21 Prime 
Beisswanger Jacob, butcher, 54 Penn 
Beisswanger J. C, bootmr. Coates bel 12tii 




Beitel George J., baker, 114 N 8th 
BEITLER ABRAHAM, tavern, Market W 16th 
Beitler Daniel B., liv. stables, 17th ab Market & 

Filbert W of 16th 
Beitler David, clerk, 123 Market W 16th 
Beitler Joseph, coal mer. 123 Market W 16th 
Beitler Joseph, coal mer. Broad bel Walnut 
Belair Lewis D., g-ent. 150 Coates 
Belcher Jas., foundry, Johnson's la ab 3d 
Belcher Jos., Rev., 281 Parrish 
W:. BELCHER T. & T. H., dry goods, 96 Sp Garden, 

h 281 PaiTish 
Belden J. J. L., Spruce bel 19th 
Beler Jacob, barber, h 449 South 
Belfield H., brass founder. Broad ab Willow, h 

303 N 12th 
Belford James, plumber, 90 Randolph 
Belford Jane, shop. Rose al 
Belin Chas. A., acct. 72 Walnut 
Belinger Catharine, 644 Poplar 
Belknap E. J., jeweler, 27 Log-an 
Belknap Stephen, jeweler, 354 Coates, h 13 

Bell Abraham, weaver, rear Otter n G T road 
Bell Adolph, carver, 2 St John's pi 
Bell Alexander, carp. 13th bel Wharton 
Bell Alexander, grocer, Coates ab 20th 
Bell Alex. W., periodicals, 312 Race 
Bell Ann, Mom'oe n 17th 
Bell Benjamin, waiter, 194 Shippen 
Bell Caleb, porter, Griffith's ct 
Bell Dav. H., cabinetmaker, 250 Chestnut, h 20 

Bell Edward, flour store, S E Brown and 11th 
Bell Ellen, 19th bel Shippen 
Bell Elijah, coachmr. 44 Dock 
Bell Francis, gardener, 18th and Catharine 
Bell George, druggist, N W 13th and Market 
Bell Hannah, 9 Powell 
Bell Harriet, 572 N 12th ab CarroU 
Bell Harriet, 104 Hope bel Phoenix (K) 
Bell Henry, dyer, G T road bel 6th 
Bell Henry F., paint. 270 Call, h Front bel Master 
Bell Hezekiah, wood sawyer, 5 Taylor's al 
Bell Isabella, gentw. Caliowhill n 19th 
Bell Isaac, carp. 22d n Cuthbert 
Bell Israel H., visit, of poor, Cadwalader ab Co- 
Bell James, lab. 23d ab Arch 
Bell James, lab. rear 652 Lombard 
Bell James, butcher, Monroe n 17th 
Bell James, warper, 41 Charlotte 
Bell James, dyer, 344 S 13th 
Bell James, weaver, rear Carroll ab Dauphin 
Bell James, sexton, 149 Queen 
Bell James, patternmr. Caliowhill ab 20th 
Bell James, painter, 173 South, h 29 Congress 
Bell Jas., alderman, Front bel Master (K) 
Bell Jas. E., 68 Walnut, h 376 S 9th 
Bell Jas. S., plasterer, 21 Redwood 
Bell James W., carp. Till ab Washington (W P) 
Bell Jane, Brazier n 15th 
Bell John, collector, 405 Lombard 
Bell John, M. D., 227 Spruce 
Bell John H., wholesale & retail liquor store, 

N W 6th and South 
Bell John, confectioner, 431 N 3d 
Bell John, cabinetmr. 219 Diamond (K) 

Bell John, lab. Cherry bel F av (K) 

Bell John, sawmr. Columbia ab Washington 

Bell John, gluemr. 6th ab Oxford 

Bell John, gas works, Dunlap st 

Bell John A., clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 3d belo\r 


Bell John M., clothing, 113 N 2d, h 12 Lisle 
Bell John P., clerk, 50 S 3d, h 384 S 9th 
Bell John T., 15 Girard 
Bell Jos., plasterer, Marshall ab Coates 
BELL LEVI H., flour and feed, 123 South 
Bell Lewis, U S Arsenal 
Bell Mary, Palmer ab Franklin av 
Bell Mary, Cedar la n Pratt (W P) 
Bell Mary, shop, 20 Green 
Bell Mary H., 61 Queen 
Bell M. A., 184 Spruce 
Bell Rebecca J., spinner, 104 Hope (K) 
Bell Rebecca, Brazier n 15th 
Bell Reece J., clerk, 97 Market 
Bell & Reed, pawnbr. S W 8th and Fitzwater 
Bell Richard, bricklr. 104 Hope (K) 
Bell Robert, clerk, 550 N 6th 
Bell Robert, cabinetmr. 202 Caliowhill, h 6th 

ab Dauphin (E K) 
Bell Saml., jr., mer. 26 S Delaware av, h 255 

Bell Samuel, tavern, 39 Congress 
Bell Samuel, brickh. 702 Pine 
Bell Samuel W., 40 Erie 
Bell Sarah, 1141 N 6th 
Bell Sarah, shop keeper, 19tli and Market 
Bell Thos., carp. 66 Addison 
Bell Thomas, grocei-, 6th and Wager 
Bell Thos., grocer, 2d and Edward (K) 
BELL THOMAS, broker, 80J Walnut, h 453; 

Bell Thomas, baker. Federal bel 12th 
Bell Thos., uphosterer, 58 Mechanic 
Bell Thos. F., waiter, 5 Tailor's al 
Bell Thos. F., auctioneer, 67 S 4th, h Lombard' 

n 15th 
Bell Thos. M., painter, 149 Queen 
Bell Thos. S., flour and feed, 401 Brown 
Bell Thomas S., atty. & couns. 21 Sansom 
Bell Walter D wight, iron. 111 N Water & 53 If 

Del av., h 11th and Arch 
Bell Wm., dyer, 511 Shippen 
Bell Wm., daguerreotypist, 168 S 2d, and S E- 

5th and Chestnut 
Bell Wm., flour mer. 338 N 2d, h 364 N 5th 
Bell Wm., carp. 56 Addison 
Bell Wm., lab. Murgitroyde pi 
Bell Wm., porter, 36 S Front, h 13 Monroe ct 
Bell Wm., carp. Cadwalader bel Oxford 
BeU Wm., bootmr. 95 Charlotte (K) 
Bell William H., Grebble's ct 
BeU William J., cordw. Brown bel Huntingdon. 

Bell Wm. J., cordw. 104 Hope (K) 
Bell Wm. M., trunkmr. 107 Reed ab 2d 
BeU Wm. W., printer, 47 Carlton 
Bellak Jas., music teacher, 131 Spruce 
Bellangee Isaac, bricklr. 134 Green 
BeUanger Benj., bricklr. 134 Green 
Bellas Jas., mer. 21 N 4th, h 66 N 15tli 
BeUas Thomas, mer. Broad and Cherry,, house- 
Arch W 18th 




Bellerjeau Henry, brushmr. 122 N Sd, h 192 

N 5th 
Bellerjeau Jacob, brush manuf. 87 W Callowhill 
Bellerjeau Susan, dry goods, Beach ab Poplar 
Bellier Wm., butcher, G T road ab Columbia 
Belling Andrew, jr., combmr. Hanover bel Duke 
Belling- Andrew, sr., combmr. Hanover bel Duke 

Belling-ham Mrs. E., milliner, Lombard W 19th 

Bellis Georg-e, tavern. Vine st wharf, h Beach 

ab Marsh (K) 
Bellis John, shoemr. Helmuth bel 17th 
Bellman C, confect. 225 South 
Bellows John D., bootmr. 21 James 
BELLOWS MARTIN, boot manuf. 13 Com- 
merce, up stairs, h 460 N 8th 
Bellows Wm. K., printer, 2 Mferchant, h Ran- 
dolph ab Parrish 
Belsterling- John F., atty. & coun., 294 N 3d 
Belrose John, Arch bel 15th 
Belrose John, jr., salesman, 100 Chestnut, h 

Schuylkill av 
Belrose Louis, paper hang-ings, 100 Chestnut, 
fac. Catharine ab 11th, h 10th bel Fitzwater 
Belsing-er Samuel, variety store, 288 N 2d 
Belville Jacob, lab. Washington ab William 

Belz A., bar keeper, 3 Carter's al, h Trot- 
ter's al 
Bemas Abijah, silversm. River bel Hutton 
founders and machinists, CallowhiU ab 20th 
Bement Wm. B., draftsman, 20th ab Vine, h 176 

Benaux M., 298 Vine 
Bence John, lab. 6 Palm 
Benchinger John, milkman, Olive bel Broad 
Benckert Jas. M., cordw. 65 Mai-shall (S) 
Benckert Geo. F., cordw. 65 Almond 
Benda F. A., corset mr. 69 Race 
Bendall Israel, bricklr. 80 Lewis (S G) 
Bendall Jonah, weaver. Bank and Lombard 
Bendel Fred., tavern, 4th ab F av 
Bender Adam, blacksm. 471 N 13th 
Bender Adam, tailor, 10 Freed's av 
Bender C. W., Star Hotel, 71 and 73 Dock, h 

238 N 4th 
Bender C, W. & Co., planing mill. Beach and 

Bender David, bricklr. 7th ab Dauphin 
Bender Edwin, carp. Dillwyn ab Tammany, h 

6th bel Franklin 
Bender Elizabeth, 9 De Witt's ct (K) 
Bender Henry, saddler, rear Front ab Otter (K) 
Bender Jacob, cutter, Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
Bender John, shipwt. Allen ab Shackama'n (K) 
Bender John A., carp. 57 Charlotte, h 117 Ran- 
Bender John L., tobacconist, 202 G T road 
Bender Lewis, Naval Asylum 
Bender Philip, engineer, rear Hanover n Jack- 
Bender Wm. F., druggist. Melon ab 12th 
Bender Z., cordw. 109 Beach (K) 
Bendere Wm. H., M. D., Edward n 2d (K) 
Bendernagle Philip, beerhouse, 76 Shippen 
Benedict Fred., clerk, 36 S 2d 
Benedict John A. S., saddler, 106 Ridge av 

Benedict Wm., coachman, 371 S 10th 
Beneke Chas. H., mer. 10 Strawberry 
Beneke Elizabeth, Wood bel 20th 
Benerman Spencer N., printer, 19 St James, h 

20 Appletree al 
Benerman M. F., printer, 19 St James, h 84 

BENESOLE CHARLES, hairdresser, S E 12th 

and Washington (S G) 
Beneson Samuel, Loyd bel Shippen 
Benezet John S., 170 Filbert 
Benfer Henry, glass, Vienna ab West 
Benfer John, tailor, Marshall bel Poplar 
Benfer J. C, 14 Coates 
Benger John, tinner, 446 Lawrence 
Benger Levi, grocer, N W Frankford road and 

Benhardt John, barber, 491 N 4th 
Bening Edwd., lab. Filbert W 19th 
Benjamin Elizabeth, tailoress, 182 N 15tli 
Benjamin Jos., 134 Chestnut 
Benjamin Joseph H., miller, 29 Nagle 
Benker Abraham, tailor, 15 Anita 
BENKERT CASPER, bootmr. 40 S 4th, h 125 

N 6th 
Benkert Geo., bootmr. 161 Coates ab 4th 
Benkert John, police. Sears' st 
Benkert John, grocer, 346 S 6th 
BENKERT LEONARD, bootmr., 209 Chest- 

Benkert Philip, bookkr. 209 Chestnut 
Benn George, saddle and harness mr. Oak bel 

Mansion (W P) 
Bennage WiUiam D., stoves, 412 Market, and 

shovelmr. 9th bel Poplar 
Bennan Mi-s., 5 Little Washington 
Bennentyne Robt, clerk, h 1 Ralston 
Benner Aaron, Lagan's ct (K) 
Benner Adam, trader, 7th ab Diamond 
Benner Adam, lab. Dauphin ab G T road 
Benner Albert, blacksm. Willow ab 19th 
Benner Andrew, conductor, 15th ab Locust 
Benner Benj. J., cooper, 338 S 5th 
Benner & Brother, grocers, Washington and 

Moore (W P) 
Benner Charles, gent. Washington and Moore 

Benner Charles S., gro. Washington and Moore 

(W P) 
Benner Elias, frame mr. 5 George (N L) 
Benner Enos, bootmr. 29 Centre 
Benner Ezekiel, stone mason, Rhoads W 18th 
Benner Fred., hatter, 5th and Bridge (W P) 
Benner Geo., carp. Citron ab Orange 
Benner Geo. H., baker, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Benner Henry L., pres. National Safety Ins. and 

Trust Co., S W 3d and Walnut 
Benner Jac, cablemr. 2 Brown (K) 
Benner Jac, currier, Charlotte ab George (N L) 
Benner Jac, 58 Stewart 

Benner James, fur. car, Bedford bel Crown (K) 
Benner John, brickmr. 221 Locust 
Benner John, com. mer. 426 N Front 
Benner J. H. N. gro. Washington and Moore 
Benner Mary, tailoress. Queen av 
Benner Mary, 372 St Johns (K) 
Benner Mary, 7 Vaughn 
Benner Mattliias, brickmr. Spruce ab 13th 




Benner Peter, jr., driver, 6 Vaughn 

Banner Samuel, Jesamine n 15tli 

Benner Thomas, ostler, 821 G T road 

Benner Wm., blacksm. Citron bel 13th (S G) 

Benner Wm., brickmr, 377 S 10th 

Benners Ann, 323 Christian 

Benners & Brother, fruiterers, 31 S Delaware 

Benners Georg-e, wine mer. 117 N 2d, h 219 


liquors, 117 N 2d 
Benners G. W., clerk, 219 Coates 
Benners Henry B., mer. 27 S Front, h 463 Cal- 

Benners H. B., g-ent. Green and Logan 
BENNERS H. B. & J. M., office 27 S Front, 

Dyottville glassworks (K) 
Benners Isaac B., mer. 31 S Del av, h 426 N 

Benners James, wine merchant 117 N 2d, h 142 

Benners James M., manuf. 27 S Front, h 219 

Benners John D., 31 S Del av, h 426 N Front 
Benners John H., corkcutter, N E Race & Path 
Benners Wm. J., clerk, 117 N 2d, h 405 N 8th 
Benners William S., vict. Oak ab Margaretta 

Benneson M. &. E., milliners, 56 N 8th 
Benneson Nathaniel, carpenter, Green n Moore 

(W P) 
Bennett Abel, fisherman, Franklin av ab Hano- 
ver (K) 
Bennett Abel, sen., fisherman. Queen Sc Cherry 


Bennett Alfred, Mi-s., fancy goods, 14 N 8th 

Bennett Anna, 14 Allen 

Bennett Catharine, wid. of Wm. Marlborough, 
bel Bedford (K) 

Bennett Chas., clerk, 30 Parrish ab Marshall 

Bennett Chas., carp. Pepper (R) 

Bennett Chas. K., driver, Monroe ab Palmer (K) 

Bennett Chas. L., salesman, 182 Market, h Stan- 
ley bel 4th 

Bennett Chas. W., 406 N 12th 

BENNETT & CO., Tower Hall, 182 Market 

Bennett David, ship carp. Vienna bel Franklin 

Bennett David, brickmr. Philip ab Cumberland 
Bennett David, jeweller, 3 Carpenter 
Bennett Elisha J., porter, 41 Commerce, h 14 

Bennett Edward, mer. 20 N Front, h 17 S 16th 
Bennett Edwd., weaver. Harmony ct (K) 
Bennett Elisha, clerk, 14 Montgomery 
Bennett Elizabeth, 7 Sommers' ct 
Bennett Emerson, author, Prime ab 9th 
Bennett E. A., mer. 7 N 4th, h S W 11th and 

Bennett Edw. J., salesman, 28 N 3d 
Bennett Geo., carter, Bedford bel Crown (K) 
Bennett Geo., cordw. 3d ab Franklin av 
Bennett Grace, Hughes' ct M road 
Bennett Henry, hardw., 47 Market, h 296 N 7th 
Bennett Henrv K., bookkeeper, 34 S Front, h 

403 S 4th 
Bennett Hiram, cordw. 11 Duane 

Bennett Jacob, jeweler, 122 Chestnut, h 53 

S 5th 

Bennett Jacob, fisherman. Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Bennett Jacob G., fisherman, Vienna n Frank- 
lin (K) 

Bennett James, tavern, 13 Callowhill 
Bennett Jas., engineer, Fairmount ab Sp Garden 
Bennett James D., atty. and eoun. N E 7th and 


Bennett Jeremiah, pilot, 93 Catliarine 
Bennett John, fuller, 303 S Front 
Bennett John, shoe findings,, Franklin av below 

Bennett John, dealer, Clinton and Oxford 
Bennett John F., mer, 169 Market, h 10 City 

Bennett John R., salesman, 77 Franklin 
Bennett John R., salesman, 122 Market, li 49 

Washington (S G) 
Bennett Joseph, grocer, Marlboro' & Allien (K) 
Bennett Joseph M., mer. 182 Market, h F road 

opp Richmond 
Bennett Lewis, hotel, 215 Chestnut 
Bennett Lewis, blacksm. Charles ab Federal 
Bennett Mich., 4 Hickory ct 
Bennett N. O., watchmr. 166 Race 
Bennett Robert, salesman, 74 Market 
Bennett Robt. H., jeweller, 42 Hutchinson 
Bennett Robt. V., livery stables, 605 N Front 
Bennett Sarah, dressmr. h 5 Mercer 
Bennett Stephen, pi-inter, 7th ab Reed 
Bennett Thomas, cigars, 78 F road 
Bennett Thomas, engineer, 10 Harmstead 
Bennett Thos., carp. 3 Headman's pi 
Bennett Warner, clerk, 327 Vine 
Bennett Whitman, real estate agent, F road bel 

Bennett Wm., printer, Jefferson W Ridge av 
Bennett Wm., saddler, Atkinson ct (S) 
Bennett Wm., clerk, 76 Myrtle 
Bennett Wm. H., photogt. 246 N 2d, house 571 

Bennett Wm. H., painter, Penn above Maiden, 

h Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Bennett Wm. P., carp. Marshall ab Girard av 
Bennett Wm. R., boots & shoes, 247 F road (K) 
Bennett Wm. V., flour and feed, F road and 

Bennett Wm. W., salesman, 100 Market 
Bennis C. S., trimmings, Washington ab Park 
Bennis Henry, salesman, 31 Logan 
Benson Alexander, broker, 2 S 3d, h 103 S 8th 
Benson Alexander, jr., broker, 9 S 3d, h 103 

S 8th 
BENSON ALEX. & CO., stock and exchange 

brokers, 2 S 3d 
Benson Charles, clerk, 16 Sylvester 
Benson C, 20th and Cuthbert 
Benson E. J., 555 Catharine 
Benson George, lab. Susanna (R) 
Benson George, rigger, rear 3 Grocer 
Benson George E., broker, 2 S 3d, h 113 S 4th 
Benson Gustavus A., mer. 86 Marshall 
Benson Gustavus S., broker, 2 S 3d, h 113 S 4th 
BENSON H. S., Ashland House, 253 and 255 

Benson John, plasterer, 16 Sylvester (S) 
Benson John, barber, Jefferson ab 5th (K) 




Benson John H., porter, 38 Prosperous al 
Benson John H., ladies shoemr. Florence av 
Benson John S., carp. Lewis 
Benson Mary, waiter, 8 Bradford's al 
Benson Richard W., 92 Chestnut, h 86 Mar- 
Benson Sarah, 69 Queen (S) 
Benson Wm., lab. 10 W South 
Benson Wm. T., lab. rear 506 S 2d 
Bent H., M. D., 290 N 8th 
Benthall Elizabeth, Blig-ht n Pine 
Bentley Benjamin, mer. 130 N 3d, h 148 Spring- 
Bentley David B., coppersmith, 162 N 3d, h 1 

Bentley D. & Sons, coppersms. 162 N 3d 
Bentley John, coppersm. 281 N 13th 
Bentley John, bookkeeper, h 181 S 11th 
Bentley Wm., dyei-, Blair n Wood ■ 
Benton Albert & Co., lumber merchants. Front 

bel Nav}- Yard 
BENTON & BROTHER, gold pens & jewehy, 

141 Chestnut 
Benton Chas. C, M. D., 12 Union pi 
Benton C. C, g-old pens, 141 Chestnut, h Ame- 
rican Hotel 
Benton Edwin K., dry goods, 329 N 10th 
Benton John, foreman, 83 S 14th 
Benton John, George E 15th 
Benton & Smith, brass founders, 1 Margaret 

BERGER JACOB, Black Horse Hotel, 228 N 2d 
Berger Jas. S., mer. 146 Market, h 234 N 3d 
Berger Mary, gentw. Ill Marshall 
Berges Jacob, d3"er, Apple ab Thompson 
Berghauser Henrv, merchant, 105 High, h 195 

'n 12th 
Berghauser Jacob, merchant, 30 ChiU'ch al, h 

278 N 7th 
Berghauser Wm., clerk, 30 Church al, h Ciown 

ab Bedford 
Bergin Danl., conductor, 54 Addison 
Bergin Mary, 2 Gaffney's av 
Bergin Wm., drayman, Freelander ab Cherry 
Bergman Nicholas, wheelwt. rear 156 Poplar 
Berg-mann Charles C, bookkr. 312 Marshall 
BERGNER GUSTAYUS, lager beer brewer, 

586 N 7th 
Bering James, hosiery, 6 N 9th 
Beringer A. D., salesman, 51 Market, h 244 St 

Beringer Jacob, tailor, 99 Wood 
Berk P., pork dealer, 10 Noble 
Berkelbach Wm., planemr. 212 Diamond (K) 
Berkmire Bastian, tailor, 2d ab Cumberland 
Berks John, grocer, N W 2d & Willow, hNW 

4th and Tammany 
Berks W"m. T., grocer, Callowhill and Front 
Berl David, furnishing store, 318 S 2d 
Berlett Philip, chemist, 51 Kressler 
Berlin Moses, carp. 302 St. John 

BENTON STEPH., atty. and coun. 139 Walnut JBermas, Elkus & Co., 85 N 3d 

Bentrick Chas., stevedore, 261 Washington 
Bentz Jacob, tavern, N E 4th and Coates 
Bentz John, driver, 15th bel Ogden 
Bentz John, boot fitter, Mechanic bel Thompson 
Bentz Valentine, barber, 4th bel Shippen 
Benz Francis J., tailor. Church bel Mon-is 
Beorghein John, printer. Emerald & Dauphin 
Bepingec C, shoemr. Coates bel 12th 
Berens Augustus, prof, music, 264 N 6th 
Berens Bernard, M. D., 351 Arch 
Berens Joseph, M. D., 264 N 6th 

Bermas Jacob, capmr. 85 N 3d, h 3 Wood 
Bermas Morris, capmr. 85 N 3d, h 3 Wood 
Bernadou Francis, mer. 103 S Del av, h 263 S 

Bernadou G. W., mer. 103 S Del av, h 263 S 

Bernadou G. W. & Brother, mers. 103 S Del av 
Bernadou J. B., mer. 103 S Delaware av, h 263 

S Front 
Bernard Alfred, conveyancer, 61 N 4th, h 66 N 


Beresfcrd C. W., conveyancer, 81 Chestnut, hiBerner Andrew, driver, Girai-d av ab Ridge av 

164 S 10th 
Beresford John, drayman. Path ab Race 
Beresford Randolph, paper hanger, 164 S 10th 
Beresford Robert H., collector, 164 S 10th 
Beresford Wm., cutter, 129 Chestnut, h 639 

BERG CHRISTIAN, bootmr. 51 S 4th 
Berg Christian, dyer, 16 Ogden 
Berg Gottleib, baker, G T road above Thomp- 
son (K) 
Berg Henry, cigar mr. 29 S 4th, h 302 St John 
Berg Henry, cigar mr. Grim's ct 
Berg Joseph F., Rev., 474 8th ab Brown 
Berg Leon, clothing, 26 Bank, h 233 Pine 
Berg Leon & Co., clothing, 26 Bank 
Bergdoll L., brewer, 176 Vine 
BERGDOLL & PSOTTA, tavern, 176 Vine 
Berge John, carp. 6th ab Far 
Bergenzaum Chas. A., machinist, 16 Allen (K) 
Berger Albert, salesman, 8 N 2d 
Berg-er Augustus, carp. 15th ab Brown 
Berger C. F., design. 124 Arch, h 284 Wood 
Berger Fred., spruce beer, 284 G T road and 

Berger George, baker, 691 N 2d 

Bernai-d Anthony, cabinetmr. 266 N 10th 

Bernard Edmund, ti-unkmr. 11th &Buttonwood 

Bernard Wm., printer, 138 Christian 

Bernardo M. A., dressmr. 37 Winter ^ 

BERND ADOLPHUS grocerv & fruit, 60 N4tk/ 

Bernd Julius, clerk, 500 N 10th ^ 

Bernd Levi, gent. 500 N 10th 

Bernefer John, beer house, N. Market ab Poplar 

Berney Wm., carpet, Front ab HaiTison 

Bernh'ai-d Charles, fishei-man, 41 Brown 

BERNHARD JOSEPH, brass founder, 78 N 

6th, h 69 Cherrv 
BERNHARDT JOHN A., barber, 267 Chest- 
nut, 1) 491 N 4th 
Bemheim & Hockstadter, clothing, 44 N 2d'.-'"' 
BERNHEIM MORRIS, mer. 11 S 2d, h 106 S 

Bernheim Simon, clothg. 44 N 2d, h 13 DlUwyn 
Bernhcimer Lazanis, pedlar, 72 Charlotte 
Bernheimer Levy, rag dealer, 587 N 3d 
Berrell Geo. R., assist, appraiser, 22 Walnut, h 

254 Filbert 
Berrell James, wine mer. 1148 Ridge av 
Berrengartner Jacob, cabinetmr. Dugan ab Pine 
Berret Beaver B., raach. Enterprise bel 5th 




BeiTet Patrick, butcher, Irp ab 8th 
Berriman James, blacksm. 9 Lewis 
Berriman John, carp. 6 Keefe 
Ben-oth Lewis, cig-ar mr. Brown ab 9th 
BeiToth Louisa, dry g-oods, S E Palm & Bi'own 
Berry Benjamin, engineer, 678 N Front 
Berry Benjamin, carp. 2 China ab Front 
Berry Benjamin L., g-ent. 122 Catharine 
Berry Charles, currier, 36 Queen (S) 
^ Berry C. M., gent. Reed and Rye 
Beny Danl., millwt. Washington bel Diamond 
BeiTy David, carter, Front ab Phoenix 
Berry Elizabeth, wid. of Oliver, 216 N 4th 
Beny Henry W., mariner, 71 South 
Berry Henry, gent. Passyunk road 
Beny Horace G., salesman, 85 Chestnut, house 

Poplar ab Marshall 
Berry James, bookbr. 885 N 8th 
Berry James, envelope manuf. 1 Ranstead pi 
Beny James W., dry goods, 4 N 9th 
Berry John, furniture cars, 8 Sommer's ct 
Berry John, carp. Jones W 15th 
Beny John, ice dealer. Walnut n 20th 
Berry John, vet. surgeon, Shackamaxon ab F av 
Beny John, hostler, rear 7 Vine 
Berry John C, clerk, 108 Market, h 216 N 4th 
Berry Mary, Howard ab Oxford 
Berry Onner, Shippen ab 17th 
Berry Pati'ick, porter, 36 Stamper's al 
Berry Richard, dealer. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Beny Richard, blacksmith, 31 Charles 
Beny Richard M., potter, Greenwich ab 2d 
Berry Robert, grocer, 8th and Dickerson 
Berry Samuel, carter, 680 N Fi'ont 
Berry Samuel, hatter, 164 Christian 
Berry Thos., hotel, 84 Race 
Berry Thos., shoemr. 9th bel Prime 
Beny Thos., lab. rear L Washington bel 10th 
Berry Wm. D., tobacconist, 93 S 6th 
Berry Wm. H., mer. 153 Market, h 4th below 

Berryman Chas., blacksm. Palmer ab Queen (K) 
Berryman Matt. W., cabinetmr. Hallowell n 7th 
Benyman Samuel H., ship carpenter. Palmer ab 

Duke (K) 
Bersch Ehzabeth, baker. Bayard and 7th 
Bersch Henry, baker, P road ab Federal 
Berten Thos., moulder, G T road n York 
Berthout F., watch case mr. 10 Louisa av 
fiertolet Daniel, salesman, 41 N 3d 
Bertolet Ezra, salesman, 234 N 3d 
Berton Bernard, 69 St John 
BERTRAM & CO., perfumers, 11 N 6th 
Bertram George, mer. 11, & h 36 N 6th 
Bertram Theodore, cooper, 356 Apple (K) 
Bertron Geo. W., macht. 190 N 13th 
Bertshinger Rudolph, watchmr. 553 S 8th 
Berwick John, Penn ab 12th (S G) 
Berwino J., guitar mr. George W 15th 
Berwind Paul, tailor,- 55 Redwood 
Besh Charles, morrocco dr. Sower's ct 
Bespot Jacob, lab. 4th ab Montgomery 
Besselievre Jno., jeweler, Wistar bel Prime 
Besselievre Jno. A., jeweler, 1 Exchange place, 

h Washington bel 8th (S) 
Besson Charles A., mer. 206 S 2d, h 179^ S 3d 
Besson Jacob, cabtmr. Washington ab Oxford 
Besson John M., merchant, 206 Chestnut 

BESSON & SON, mourning store, 206 Chestnut 

Bessonet John, jr., clerk, 82 S 2d, h 84 Lombard 

Best Adam, William Penn Hotel, 6 Lastitia ct 

Best Eliza, Monroe n 17tli 

Best E. S., engraver, 370 Chestnut 

Best Freeman, b. h. 446 Market 

Best Hiram, tailor. Queen av 

Best Hugh, lab. Wood ab Amber (K) 

Best John, boilermr. Oak ab Moore (W P) 

Best Robert, engineer, 79 Shippen 

Beswick Joseph, tavern, 94 Race 

Bethell Charles P., M. D. 578 Frankford road 

BETHELL GEORGE S., architect, 90 S 4th, h 

328 Sp Garden 
Bethell John P., M. D., office 314 N 3d 
Bethell Joshua M., agent, Marlborough above 

Duke (K) 
Bethell Robt., atty. at law, 33 S 5th bel Chest- 
nut, h 328 Sp Garden 
Bethell Robt., milkm. Passyunk road 
Bethell Wm. R., acct. 578 F road 
Bethmier Francis, 482 G T road 
Betson Oscar F., Corn bel Wharton 
Betson Robert W., cordw. 6th ab Washington 
Betterton H. M., Washington ab Crammorid 
Bettle Samuel, jr., mer. 101 N 10th 
Bettle William, 14 S 3d, h 244 N 6th 
Bettron Jos., carp. Rose bel Oak (W P) 
Betts Andi-eas, shoemr. Crawford ct 
Betts Cath., 22 Union 
Betts Jacob, cooper, 751 N 6th 
Retts James, 321 Walnut 
Betts Letitia, rear 237 N 2d 
BETTS RICHARD K., measurer of carpentry, 

297 Filbert 
Betts Samuel, salesman, 5th ab Jefferson 
Betts Wm., police, 487 Brown 
Betz Caspar, lab. Spragg av 
Betz Godfried, beer house, 506 Queen 
Betz James, millwrt. Willow ab 18th 
Betz Renard, macht. Caldwell 
Betz & Stein, lager beer house, 3 Carters al 
Betzold C, cabinetmr. Willow and Julianna 
Beucler Geo., confectioner, 262 Catharine 
Beuerle Jacob, lab. Beaver ab 3d 
Beusse Henrietta, 515 N 7th 
Beutell Theresa, Horn's ct 
Be van D., painter, 4 S 5th, h 423 S 3d 
Bevan D., Mrs., 349 Mulberry 
Bevan George, mer. broker, 69 S Front, h 49 

N 8th 
Bevan Henry, painter, 52 Almond 
Bevan & Humphreys, mers. 13 Walnut 
BEVAN JOHN, paint. & glaz. N W Front and 

Bevan M. L., gent. 349 Arch 
Bevan Washington, trunkmr. 53 Chester 
Bevans A. F., 267 Green 
Bevans John S., carter. Front bel Wharton 
Bevans Jos., baker. Ridge av 
Bevans Robert, tavern, 405 S Front 
Bevans Saml., sheet iron, 116 S 12th, h 216 S 

Bevans Thomas, coachman, Bedford ab 12th 
Bevans Thos., cordw. h 14 Mercer 
Beveridge P. H., Rev., 100 N 21st .. 
Beverlin Sheridan, barber, 244 S Front 
Beverly Lydia, wiisher, 8 Gray's al 




Bevridg'e Jas., weaver, 25 Brinton 

Beward Wm., carter, Pag-oda n Pennsylvania av 

Bewley Isaac, grocer, 210 S 2d, h 30 Union 

Bewley Isaac K., watchman, Wood ab Duke (K) 

Bewley Jesse, watchman, 406 Catharine 

Bewley John, driver, Coates W Nixon 

Bewley Jos., seg-armr. Haverford W 6tli (W P) 

Bey Mary, vict. 15th bel Vine 

Beyer C. H., Mrs., 147 S 10th 

Beyer Carl, cordw. 153 Race 

Beyer Geo., butcher, 140 Greenwich 

Beyer John, cooper. Diligent av 

Beyerly Percival, 89 Dillwyn 

BEYLARD HENRY D., mer. 71 Chestnut, h 

111 S 10th 
Bezard John, bootmr. 77 S 8th & 17 S 9th 
Bezard Louis P., police, Nonnan's al 
Bezby Richard, grocer, 586 N 10th 
Beziat J. M., tobacco, 78 F road 
BIAS J. J. GOULD, M. D. 189 S 6th 
Bibble Hezekiah, waterman, 2 Lisle 
Bibighaus S. H., plane manuf. Willow bel 4th 
BIBIGHAUS S. H. & CO., hardware, 166 N 3d, 

h 4th ab Willow 
Bible Sophia, Prime ab 7th 
Bickel Adam, Fair hill g'ardens, Marshall and G 

Bickel Augustus, toymr. 448 N 4th 
Bickel Jacob, blacksm. 11 Lawrence 
Bickel Jacob, blacksm. Leopard ab Linden 
Bickel John M., Treas. Coal Run Improvement 

& R. R. Co. 88 S 4th 
Bicker Augustus, cordw. 94 N 4th 
Bickerton Benj., clerk, 45 Harmony 
Bickerton Benj., coop. 68 S 3d, h 45 Harmony 
Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 12 Jacoby 
Bickerton Sarah, Race n 16th 
Bickerton Thomas, cooper, h 46 Almond 
Bickerton Thomas, jr., upholsterer, 46 Almond 
Bickhard Nathaniel, gardener, 678 Lombard 
Bicking Charles R., printer, 124 Arch ab 6th, h 

281 N 8th 
BICKING & GUILBERT, printers, 124 Arch 
Bicking- Geo. H., mer. 9 Gold 
Bickle Jno. A., cabinet mr. Franklin pi 
Bidder Christian, baker. Elm ab 6th 
Bickly Ann, Mrs., 585 S 3d 
Bickley Daniel, 444 N 5th 
Bickley David, sawmr. Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
BICKLEY H., stables, 17th and Barker, h Locust 

bel 18th 
Bickley Mary Mrs., dressmr. rear 84 Nectarine 
Bickley William, 7th bel Federal 
Bickley Wm., engineer. Aspen ab 6th 
Bicknell Rufus, M. D., Washington bet William 

and Mary (W P) 
Bidemen Richard S., ship cai'p. 19 Allen 
Biddle Alex., brok., 50 S 3d, h 8 York Buildings 
Biddle Anthony, lab. Church ab 22d 
BIDDLE CALDWELL K., atty. at law, 152 

Walnut, h S W Spruce and Juniper 
Biddle Catharine, 237 Lombard 
BIDDLE CHAPMAN, atty, 8c coun. & consul of 

Peru, 47 S 5th, h 348 Chestnut 
Biddle Charles, 68 S 18th 
Biddle Charles J., atty. & coun. S7 S 7th 
BIDDLE CLEMENT, jr., atty. & coun., office 

8 York Buildings 

Biddle Clement, gent. 164 Arch 

Biddle Clement C, prest. Saving Fund, h Spruce 

n 13th 
Biddle Craig, atty. & coun. S7 S 7th, h 77 Fil- 
Biddle C. C. Mi-s., 68 S 18th 
Biddle Edward C, publisher, 39 S 4th 
Biddle Elizabeth, gentw. Locust and 15th 
BIDDLE £. C. h. J., booksellers & publishers, 

39 S 4th 
Biddle Frances, Asst. Mat. Girard College 
BIDDLE GEORGE W., atty. & coun. 30 S 5th, 

h 5 Dugan row 
Biddle Geo., sign painter. Brown bel 7th 
Biddle Henry J., stock broker, 50 S 3d, h 284 

Biddle Jas., hod carrier. Green bel Spruce 
Biddle Jane M., gentw. 260 Walnut 
Biddle John, publisher, 39 S 4th, h 48 N loth 
Biddle John B., M. D., Spruce ab 11th 
Biddle John W., sen., carrier, 534 N 3d 
Biddle John W., painter, 157 Coates 
Biddle Jonathan, moulder, 6th and G T road 
Biddle Jos., carter, 8 Joy 
BIDDLE J. WILLIAMS, atty. at law, 6 York 

Biddle Margaret, 5 Butler av 
Biddle Owen, police, 7 Ann 
Biddle Robert, china store, 204 R road 
Biddle Robert, mer. 47 Market, h 341 Race 
BIDDLE R. & W. C. & CO., hardw.,47 Market 
Biddle Sarah C, S W 14th and Spruce 
Biddle Thomas, stock broker, 50 S 3d, house 8 

York Buildings 
Biddle Thos., jr., atty. & coun. 88 S 4th 
Biddle Thomas A., stock broker, 50 S 3d, h 17 

BIDDLE THOS. & CO., stock brokers, 50 S 3d 
BIDDLE WM., druggist, N W 11th and Arch & 

sec. M. H. & S. H. R. R. Co. Franklin Inst. 
Biddle Wm. C, mer. 47 Market, h 139 N 10th 
Bideman Geo., picker, 18 Brown 
Biederman A., cordw. 277 F road 
Biederman Geo., tailor, F road ab West (K) 
Bidlingmayer Gotlieb, hotel, Sp. Garden ab 

Bieg J., tailor, 335 S 4th 

Biehl Lorenzo, cigars, Franklin av bel G T rd 
Biehl Peter, cordw. 249 G T r 
Biehl M., lager beer, 47 Franklin av bel 5th 
Bier Christian, lab. Glenwood 
Bier J., barber, 40 Pegg, h 104 St John 
Bieber John H., carp. Cherry ab F road (K) 
Bieber Mary, gentw. Clierry ab F road (K) 
Bielefeld Anthony, carp. Marshall n Wager 
Biepsinger Ignaz, carper, 5th ab Thompson 
Bier B. carp. 3d ab Columbia 
Bierbrauer Francis, vict. 623 N 3d 
Biershenk Conrad, shoe. 267 S 4th 
Bierman Michael, tailor, Grays 
Bies Ann, washer, h Eagle's ct 
Bietsl John, White's ct (K) 
Bieser Henry, Marshall and Poplar 
Biford Adam, lab. Wheat bel Marion 
Bigelow Sarah, trimmings, 305 Callowhill 
Bigelow Stephen C, carp. Coates ab 13th 
Bigelow Thos. L., carp. Coates ab 13th 
Biggard George, 20 Lafayette 



Big-gart Andrew, lab. Cedar ab 18th 

Big'g'art Hannah, Pearl bel 13th 

Big-g-art Robert, cordw. 714 N Front 

Big-gart Saml., cordw. N Clinton bel Thompson 

Big-g-er Wm. H., lab. Fitler and Harrison (K) 

Big-g-ers Alfred S., porter, 347 Shippen 

Bigg-in Thos., oak cooper, Hawe's ct 

Bigg's Henry, plumber, 7 N 9tb, h 31 Citron 

Big-gs James, gas fitter, 7 N 9th 

Biggs James, driver, 22 Morris 

Biggs J. A., store. Rising Sun 

Biggs Wm., foreman, rear 15 New Market 

Bigham Jas., lab. St. Andrews and 22d 

Big-ler Christian, lamp mr. 10th ab Oxford 

Bigler Jos., book-keeper, 75 Union 

'Bigier Mary, Mrs., 3d ab Beaver 

Bigler Valentine, tailor, Mosley's pi 

Bigler Washington, inspector, 690 Pine 

Bigler Wm., butcher, Dickerson bel 10th 

Bigley Charles, 40 Murray 

Bigiey James, store, Jefferson bel G T road 

Bigley Jas., lab. 65 L. Washington 

Bigley Pat., weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 

Big-lej Thos., 7 Leed's av 

Bignell Catharine, dressmr. Poplar ab 7th 

Big-aell John, bookbinder, 324 Parrish 

Bignell Thos., hatter, 151 Market, h 177 Coates 

Bigonet Jacob, di-uggist, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

ab Fitzwater 
Bigot Alphonso, artist, 3 N 10th 
Bilbrough Saml., brickmr. Locust n Beach 
Bilbrough Thomas, manuf. Locust n Beach 
Bilderback Eliza, 52 Tammany 
Bilerbeck Julius, 208 Poplar 
Biles E. R., bookkr., 213 Market, h 112 S 16th 
Biles George W., clerk, 233 Filbert 
Biles Joseph S., carp. 235 Filbert 
Biles Joseph T., carp. 112 S 16th 
Biles L., gas fitter, 112 S 16th 
Biles Samuel, carp. 233 Filbert 
Biles William., watchman, 15 Brandywine 
Bilger Augustus, mer. 149 N 6th 
Bilger Chas. lab. 705 Apple 
Bilg-er Isaac, tavern, 216 N 3d 
Bilger James M., salesman, 12 Bank, h 216 N 3d 
Bilger & Taylor, flour mers. 215 N Front 
Biliard Samuel, carter, 1149 N 6th 
Bilingsfent Thos., carp. 5 Gebhard ab Cherry 
Billbrow Matthew, lab. Sorell bel Larch 
Bille de Steen, Charge d' Affairs from Denmark, 

h 9 Colonnade row 
Bille Henry, lampmr. Summitt ab 5th 
Billenstein Eliza Mrs., gentw. 17th ab Race 
Billger Louis, 506 N 2d 
Billger Mahlon M., salesman, 53 N 2d 
Billger Samuel, cordw. 1149 N 6th 
Billhart Wm., ostler, Salmon ab Huntingdon (K) 
Billin Wm. G., mer. 80 Market, h 729 Pine 
Billinger Jacob, farmer, York rd 
Billings Ann Eliza, tailoress, rear 214 8th 
Hillings Caleb, car builder, 1021 Coates 
Billings James B., Girard House, 271 Chestnut 
Billings Jas. M., mer. 3 Church al, h 153 S 16th 
Billings Sai-ah, School bel Frankhn (K) 
Billings Sylvester, hatter, 3 Jefferson row 
Billington & Emery, factory finds. 10 Decatur 
Billington James H., mer. 10 Decatur, h Thomp- 
son W 18th 

Billington Jos., weaver, Lindsay ab Fitzwater 

Billingworth Jno., confect. 9 Lindsay av 

Billmeyer Wm. M., print. 15 School ab Rose (K) 

Bills Francis, milkman, Passyunk 

Bills Jeremiah, ship carp. 15 Marion 

Bills Thomas, milkman, Passyunk 

Billsland John, lab. 130 William 

Billsland J., bricklayer, William E 22nd 

Billsland Wm., plasterer, 130 William 

Bilyeu A. P., lumb mer. 8th and Oxford, h 365 

Girard av ab 16th 
Bimmer G., coi-dw. 243 St John 
Bimmer Jacob, leather dr. Jefferson ab 6th 
Binder Chas., boot crimper, 183 Coates 
Binder Christopher, carp. Master bel 7th 
Binder Daniel, carp., 124 Randolph 
BINDER FRED. W., alderman, 1023 Coates 
Binder George, carp. 268 Coates 
Binder George A., carp. 310 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, carp. 304 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, hatter, 347 Mar.shall 
Binder J. & G., lumber yard, S E 6th & Oxford 
Binder Peter, druggist, 478 Coates 
Binder Wm. W., carp. 55o N 7th 
Binder Wm. W., jr., carp. 578 N 11th 
Bindschedler John, g-oldsm. 14 Laurel 
Bine Chas., super. Master ab Marshall 
Bine Mary Ann, dry goods. Master bel 7th 
Bines Saml. M., Franklin Inst. 38 Buttonwood 
BINES & SHEAFF, coal yard. Arch st whf 

Bing J., Ogden bel 16th 
Bingaman Susan, 4 Shield's al 
Bingham Amos, Rev. 138 N 14th 
BINGHAM, DAVIS & CO., forwd. and com. 

mers. 276 Market 
Bingham James, jeweler, 112 Chestnut, h 125 

Bingham John, mer. 276 Market, h 18 N 11th 
Bingham John, carp. Mervine n Thompson 
Bingham John, milk. Front and Hazel 
Bingham Margaret, 160 N 15th 
Bingham Richard, grocer, 123 Fitzwater 
Bingham Samuel, lithographer, 97 Chestnut, 

confect. 1162 N 2d 
Bingham Thos., trunkmr. 125 Summer 
Bingham Wm., turner, 38 Leonard 
Binghams & Dock, fordw. mers. 276 Market 
Bingle Francis, lamp mr. 28 Olive 
Binker John, Fraley's al 

Binker Thomas, grocer, F av and Cherry (K) 
Binkert Matthew, segars. Front & Dauphin 
Binley John, carp. Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Binner Mary, seamstress, 6th ab Bridge (W P) 
BINNEY HORACE, counsellor, office 85, h 

83 S 4th 
BINNEY HORACE, jr., atty. & coun. 61 S 6th 
Binney John, type founder, 42 S 3d, h 536 S 

Binney Joseph, locksmith, 73 S 5th 
BINNS JOHN, commissioner of the United 
States and for 31 States, office 46 S 6th, 
opp. Court House 
Binns J. C, Coates ab 11th 
Binns Moses, carp., sash, &c., 21st ab Chestnut, 

h 76 N Washington 
Binns Peter, lab. Earl bel West y 

N Sd:*^ X-' 

J Binswanger & Eger, trimmings, 81 




Binswang'er Isadore, mer. 81 N 3d, house 146 

Bioren Mary, trimmings, 188 CaUowhill 
Birch Ahraham, power loom, Mervinbel Master 
Bu-ch David, M. D., Franklin bel Crown (K) 
Birch Geo., carman, Lepriva ab Wood (R) 
Bircli Georg-e, bookkeeper, 360 Market 
Birch James W., chairmr. China bel 2d 
Birch John, cordw. 16 S 4th, h Front ab Hazel 
Birch John, clothes, 5 Gulielma 
Birch John, cutter, 19 I)ean 
Birch John, cordw. Simpson's ct 
Birch John T., cabtmr. 358 S 5th 
Birch Robert, lab. 20 Pine (S) 
Birch Thomas, President City ConMnlssioncrs, 

h 15 Cherry E 17th 
Birchall Wm., sheet iron plate worker, 3 N 9th, 

h ISth ab Coates 
Birchell James, gent. 130 Beach (K) 
Birckhead Ella, Blight House, Chestnut n 16th 
Birckhead Pollard E., Treas. Phil. Fire and Life 

Ins. Co. 149 Chestnut, h 16th and Chestnut 
Bircks Henry, cabinetmr. 32 Cai-roll ab 12th 
Bird Albert G., engraver, 67 Pine 
Bird Alfred W., tailor, 5 Hart's Buildings 
Bird A. D., carp. 38 Kurtz 
Bird Cliarles, drover, 320 CaUowhill 
Bird Christian, biUiard saloon, 10 Exchang-e pi, 

h o7 York av 
BHID EDMUND M., hotel, S E 2d 8c Lombard 
Bird Edward, mer. Brazier n 15th 
Bird Edward, tailor, rear 170 Federal 
Bird E. H., Mrs., S W 9th and Chestnut 
Bird Frederick, tobacconist, 560 N 2d 
Bird George U., cutter, 182 Market 
Bird Henry, gent. 2 Clinton 
Bird Henry, 99 Walnut 
Bird Isaiah, carp. 510 N 5th 
Bird James M., teacher, 27 Catharine 
Bird Job, clerk, W Market n 18th 
Bird Joel, moulder, G T road n York 
Bird John, cordw. 9 Smith's ct 
Bird John, tailor, 59 Mervine 
Bh-d John S., clerk, 229 Wharton 
Bird J. F., M. D., 11th and Green 
Bird J. Stanly, clerk, 8 N 3d, h 27 Catharine 
Bird Matthias, 320 CaUowhill 
Bird P. A., laundress, Carlton n 13th 
Bird Richard A., barber, 20 & 21 Arcade, h 12 

Bird Tliomas, clothier, 5 Hart's Buildings, h S 

Rittenhouse sq W 18th 
Bird Thomas, weaver, Poplar ab 2d 
Bird Thomas, S E 11th and Clinton 
Bird Thomas, jr., S E 11th and CUnton 
Bird Wm., iron moulder, Crown bel Franklin av 
Bird Wm., brushmr. h 95 N 9th 
Bird Wm., drover, 320 CallowhiU 
Bird Wm., dry goods, 548 South 
Bird Wm. H.," 27 Chatham 
Birely George, upholsterer. White's ct (K) 
Birely Isaac, ship carp. Wood and F av (K) 
Birely Jacob, ship wright, Beach and Hanover, 

h 161 Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Birely Theodore, ship builder, Beach & War- 
ren, h 159 Queen (K) 
BLrgfeld Adolph, mus. teacher, 19 Perry 
Biringer J., locksm. 5th bel Jefferson 

i Birkett Sarah, b h, N E 5th and Pine 

i Birkey John, dentist, 79 S 6tli 

iBirkey John, sen., dry goods, 67 S 5th 

iBirkev John Q., dentist, 79 S 6th 
Birkev Thomas W., dentist, 79 S 6th 

iBirkey Wm. J. A., 2>I. D., dentist, 126 S 8th 

jBirkinbine H. P. M., machinist, 16 Arch, h S W 

' Vine and Lybrand 

:Birkinbine & Trotter, mach. 16 Arch 
Birkmeyer James, clerk, Franklin 8c Hancock 

IBirks John, laces, 8 Bank, h Germantown 

JBirley John, ship carp. Queen ab Marlborough 

i Birmingham C. B., grocer, NE 7th and Poplar 
Birmingham James, razor manuf. 424 Parrish 
Birmingham John, lab. 3 Lagrange 

, BiiTuingham Pariset W., ivory carver & turner, 

i 188 Noble, h 389 Poplar 

BJrnbaum Charles, baker, 316 Pine -' 

Birnbaum Geo. W., grocer, 370 N 4th 
Birnbaum John, U S Mint, h 262 Juniper 
Birnbaum Louisa, Madison av 

I Birnbaum Peter, baker, 165 P road 

jBirney Charles, carp. Pagoda n Pennsylvania av 

jBIRNEY DAVID B., commissioner of deeds, 

I 88 Market, h Nicetovrn la 

' Birney John, weaver, 53 W South 

1 BIRNEY WM., publisher 8c printer, 22 S 3d, h 

I Bridge W 6th (W P) 

j Bioren John, clerk, 49 and 51 Chestnut, h 40 

I Filbert 

jBirshaux Mrs., 56 S 13th 

iBirt George, tanner, Nelson al 

jBisbe Wm., lab. Tyson bel Dauphin 
Bisbee Mrs., 42 Cadwalader bel Phoenix 
Bisbing Chas. M., tobacconist, rear Catharine 

be'l 13th, h 192 S 4th 
Bisbing Jacob, moulrler, 807 G T road 
Bisbing Jacob, varnisher, 110 St John 
Bisbing Jacob H., carp, h 11th ab Thompson, 

shop, Lewis ab Girard av 
Bisbing John, carp. Woodland bel Walnut 
Bisbing John W., carp. Locust bel Park (WP) 
Bisbing M. A., dressmi-. 126 Charlotte (N L) 
Bisbing Oliver, moulder, 807 G T road 
Bisbing P. S., weaver, 126 Charlotte 
Bisbing Samuel, h Woodland bel Walnut (W P) 
Bisbing Samuel, lab. rear 95 York av 
Bisbing Stephen, copper plate printer, 12th bel 

Bischoff" Chas., mach. St John ab Coates 
Bishop Abner, porter, 9 Lombard row 
Bishop Benj. F., jeweler, S E Dock 8i Walnut, 

h 7th and CaUowhiU 
Bishop & Bevans, trunkmrs. 88 CaUowhiU 
Bishop Charles, police, 164 Parrish 
Bishop Charles, barber, Franklin and Hanover 
Bishop Chas. J., clerk, 215 Market, h 363 N 7th 
Bishop Daniel, mer. 36 N Del. av. h 16 Madison 
Bishop D. F., M. D., 315 N 6th ab Buttonwood 
Bishop Elizabeth, 258 Arch 
Bishop Ephraim, grocer, 9 S Del. av., h 3d bel 

Bishop Francis, moulder, rear 80 F road 
Bishop Francis, carter, Lewis bel 9th 
Bishop Geo. W., sawmr. 6 Grape ct 
Bishop Gotleib, tailor, 15 Ogden 
Bishop Gustave, barber, Wasliington bel Mont- 




Bishop Isaac, blacksmith, 4 Ross (K) 

Bishop Jacob F., vict. Lawrence (N L) 

Bishop Joaquim, macht. 5 Pear, h 137 S 5th 

Bishop John, oysters, 569 Coates 

Bishop John, lab. Jones 

Bishop John R., tailor, 54 S 4th, h340 Franklin 

bel Pan-ish 
Bishop Louisa, b h 149 S 9th 
Bishop Marg-t. S., milliner, S E 7th & Callowhill 
Bishop Mary, chandler, 50 Race 
Bishop Monroe, trunkmr. Poplar ab St John 
Bishop Nancy, teacher, 42 Plum 
Bishop N., barber, h 6 Warren 
Bishop & Patterson, ship joins. Penn ab Maiden 
Bishop Peter, foundryman, 7& F road 
Bishop Robert, 11 La Grange pi 
Bishop Robert, macht. 51 Howard (K) 
Bishop Robt. P., oysters, 662 N 2d, h Cadwalader 
Bishop Rosanna, nurse, 6 Warren 
BISHOP, SIMONS & CO., shippers, 36 N Del av 
Bishop Stratton, sailor, Penn ab Marsh 
Bishop S. S., mer. 36 N Del av, h 23 Pine 
Bishop Theodore H., ship carp. Shackamaxon 

ab Queen (K) 
Bishop Thos., platemr. 34 Erie 
Bishop Thomas, tavern. Prune bel 5th 
Bishop U. C, fui-niture, N E 17th and Market 
Bishop AVm., sea capt. 94 Christian 
Bishop Wm., clerk, 93 N 13th 
Bishop Wm., g-rocer, Thompson & Clinton 
Bishop Wm., mach. Federal n 9th 
Bishop Wm. W., dentist, 7th and Callowhill 
Bishuff Henry, lab. 6th st rd 
Bispham Benj., H., trunkmr. 10 Sarah (K) 
Eispham Daniel, agent, 24 Queen (K) 
Bispham Daniel F., seg-ar store, 24 Queen (K) 
Bispham Ellis, clerk, 261 Market, h 171 N 6th 
BISPHAM JAMES L., drugg-ist, 298 S 2d ■ 
Bispham John S., merchant, 261 Market, h 171 

Bispham J. B., mer. 14 S Front, h 619 Spruce 
Bispham Martha C, 77 N 16th 
Bispham Samuel, grocer, 261 Market, h 171 

Bispham Saml. A., mer. 261 Market, h 59 Mar- 
BISPHAM S. & SONS, grocers, 261 Market 
Bispham Wm. D., attorney, 40 S 7th 
Bissell Geo., Arcade Hotel, Chestnut n 6th 
Bissell Israel M., Broad n Pine 
Bissex Henry T., bootmr. 21st and Vine 
Bissex J. R., bootmaker, Washington bel Mar- 

Bissinger Anthony, cordw. 482 N 3d 
Bisson Samuel S., carp. Hutchinson n Girard av 
Bitel James, morocco dr. 13th ab Brown 
Bitler Charles, butcher, 5 Marker 
Bitler Joseph, moulder, 38 S Juniper 
Bitler Jos. H., moulder, 1019 Coates 
Bitler Michael, foundry, 17th bel Filbert 
Bitter Sarah, Mrs., 18th and Jones 
Bitters Lorenzo C, cordw. 13 Tammany ct 
Bitting Andrew, tailor, 11 Hutchinson 
Bitting Charles, blacksm. Van Buren's pi 
Bitting Geo. W., carp. Hutchinson bel Master 
Bitting Hiram, contractor, 570 N 10th 
Bitting John, blacksm. Van Buren's pi 
Bitting John, lab. King ab 10th 

Bitting Joseph, cooper, rear 11 Charles 
Bitting J. D., fire brickmr. 21st and Ma,rket, h 

496 N 11th 
Bitting Knight, boiler mr. Van Buren pi 
Bitting Lewis, mer. 220 Market, h 10th above 

Washington (S G) 
Bitting Thos. R., grocer, 194 N 3d, h 6th and 

Bittle Wm. H., boileriTir. Latimer bel Franklin 

Bittles Jas., lampblackmr. Penna av n Falrmount 

Blttorf Valentine, bootmr. 415 Apple 

Blven Jackson, clerk, Williams n Pratt 

Bivin John, whipmr. Mellon bel 11th 

Blvlns Chas., stonecut. Jefierson av bel Wharton 

Biwzel Wm., tailor, rear 460 N 3d 

Bixenstein Frederick, baker, 284 Coates 

Blabon & Carson, oil cloths, 90 N 3d 

Blabon Geo. W., oilcloths, 90N3d,h 225 N 8th 

Blace Philip & John, curriers, 390 N 3d 

Black Adam, bootmr. 9th ab Larch 

Black Alex., Leiper's rov/ 

Black A. S., dressmr. h 142 S 10th 

Black Catharine, Nectarine bel lltb 

Black Charles, carp. 264 21st 

Black Crawford, cordw. 27 Evans 

Black D. W. C, carp. 866 N 4th 

Black Edgar, milkman, 654 Poplar 

Black Francis, shoemr. Lombard n 22d 

Black Francis F., painter, 240 Queen 

Black Geo., lab. Brown's ct 

Black Geo., hotel, 213 N 8th 

Black Geo., plasterer. Wood bel Lepriva (R^ 

Black Gideon, farmer. Till bel Locust (W P) 

Black Henry, insur. real est. agt. 866 N4th 

Black Hugh, weaver, 3 Philip (K) 

BLACK JAMES, grocer, N W 15th and Mar 

ket, h 16 Howard 
Black James, painter, 314 S 6th 
Black James, weaver, 15 Evans 
Black James, lab. 22d and Filbert ' 

Black James, gent. 104 N 11th 
Black James, steward, rear 27 Bonsall 
Black Jas., lab. Burton ab 17th 
Black Jas., painter, 866 N 4th 
Black James J., mer. 87 Lombard 
Black James R., dagutjrpe, 6th bel Washington 
Black Jane, rear Meredith, ab 22d 
Black Jenks, blacksm. 2d bel York, h 222 

Black John, distiller, 934 Callowhill 
Black John, barber, 122 M road 
Black John, sexton, 15th bel Parrish 
Black John, 21 Mfflin 
Black John, lab. Patterson ct 
Black John, lab. 650 Lombard 
Black John, watchmr. 84 Christian 
Black John, carter, 15 Federal 
Black John, stone cut.. Orange ab 11th 
Black John, lab., Salmon n Emory (R) 
Black John, blacksm., 12 Fetter's la, h 52 Wood 
Black John A., superintendent, 265 Chestnut, 

h 11 Plymouth 
Black John H., 16th and Arch 
Black John L., pumpmr., 89 S Delaware av, h 

19 Swanson 
Black Joseph, awnlngmr., 84 Swanson 
Black Jos., spinner, rear of Philip bel Jefferson 




Black Joseph, weaver, Cadwalader ab PhoenLx 

Black Mary, washer, h 50 Quince 

Black Mary Ann, Georg-e bel Marg-aretta (W P) 

Black Mathias, shop, Till bel Locust (W P) 

Black Matthew, shoemr., 11th ab Federal 

Black Prince, waiter, 43 Chestnut, h 50 Quince 

Black Robert, lab. rear Meredith ab 22d 

Black Robert Rev., 564 Marshall 

Black Robert, lab. 624 S Front 

Black Robt, carter, Tilton bel Emory (R) 

Black Robt., shoemr., 465 Shippen 

Black Robt., merchant, S W 17th and Market 

Black R., blacksm., Georg-e below Park (W P) 

Black R. T., merchant, 148 Market, h 13 S 4th 

Black Saml. W., teacher, Chatham, h 379 N 7th 

Black Saml. A., accountant., 31 N Del av, h 162 

Black Sarah, widow of John., Cumberland ab F 

Black S. A., grocer, N E Broad and Arch 
Black Thomas, weavei', Cadwalader ab Phcenix 
Black Thomas, chemist, rear 155 Apple, bel 

George (N L) 
Black Thomas, waiter, Lombard bel lltli 
BLACK THOMPSON, grocer, NW Broad and 

Chestnut, h 4 Colonade row 
Black Wm., warper, Shippen ab 12th 
Black Wm., stone cut., Lombard ab 17th 
Black Wm., music, 96 Barker 
Black Wm., wai-per. Larch 
Black Wm., lab. Coates W 20th 
Black Wm., lab. 208 S 6th 
Black Wm., lab. 22d bel Lombard 
Black Wm., founder. Wheat ab Wharton 
Black Wm^ warper, L Washington bel 10th. 
Black Wm., weaver, 9 Bauersach's ct (K) 
Black Wm., weaver, 19 Fitler 
Black Wm. D., black and whitesm., Jai'vis bel 

Jefferson av 
Black W. R., carp., 18 Federal 
Blackburn Alex. W., high constable, Morris 
Blackburn Chas., shoemr. F road ab Hart la 
Blackburn Fredk., shoemr. F road ab Hart la 
Blackburn Geo., tavern, 767 N 10th 
Blackburn Jeremiah, shoemr., 227 South 
Blackburn John, conveyancer, 48 S 4th, h 122 

S 16th 
Blackbui-n Jno., tailor, 368 Market, h 221 Catha- 
Blackburn Johanna, wid. of Wm., Prospect ab 

Blackburn Stewart, furniture car, 5 Meyers' ct 
Blackburn Thos., comedian, 7th and Catharine 
Blackburn Wm., painter, 181 S 9th 
Blackburn Wm., lab. Prospect ab Master 
Blackburn Wm., gent. 79 Filbert 
BLACKBURNE C. J., broker, 21 S 3d, h S E 

10th and Filbert 
Blackburne Francis, Sec. Phila. Fire and Life 
Ins. Co., 149 Chestnut, h Oak and Soutli 
Penn Sq 
Blackburne Geo., liquors, 10th and Girard av 
Blackburne Oliver, lab., 5 Meyers' ct 
Blackenberger Cora, shop. Market W 17th 
Blacker Patrick, carp. Loyd ab Fitzwater 
Blackford Geo., bricklyr., 358 Pine 
Blackford Geo., tailor, 117 Ogden 
Blackford John A., salesman, 144 Market 

Blackman Andrew, capt., 15 Salmon (R) 
Blackman Enoch, gent., Riclimond ab William 
Blackman Louisa, Ann and Larch (R) 
Blackman R. G., tavern. Bank ab William (R) 
Blackman Wm. T., U S insp. Larch ab Ann (R) 
Blackson John, Filbert W 16th 
Blackson Moses, potter, Salmon ab Ann (R) 
Blackstone Ellen, washer, 37 Prosperous 
Blackstone Thos., gent., 68 N 11th 
Blackwell Theodore, agent, Goldsmitli's Hall, 

h 58 N 16th 
Blackwell Thomas, silversm. Hay bel 7tli 
Blackwell Thos., silversm., 11 N 2d 
BLACKWOOD & CO., mer., 159 Chestnut 
Blackwood Joseph, mer., 159 Chestnut, h Arch 

W 16th 
Blackwood Wm., Rev., 18tli and George 
Blackwood Wm., picture frames, 8 Traquair ct 
Blackwood Wm., M. D., Arch ab 16th 
Blackwood Wm. H. carp., h 9th ab Federal 
Blade Jas. R., cordw.. Union bel Franklin (K) 
Bladen Ann, 358 N 6th 
Bladen Thos., japanner. Federal bel 11th 
Bladen Thomas P., clerk, 98 Chestnut, h 358 N 

Bladen Washington, S., atty. &. coun., 66 S 6th 
Bladen Wm. E., clerk, 210 Catharine 
Blace John, currier, 279 Coates 
Blace Philip, currier, 279 Coates 
Blades Samuel, ship joiner. Queen bel Hanover 
Blaese Adam, tav., S W 5th and Master (K) 
Blaese Sophia, trimmings, Coates ab 7th 
BLAESS & BERGMANN, brewers, 88 New, & 

184 St John 
Blagrave Richd., shoemr., 11 College pi 
Blaich John, tavern, 105 Poplar 
Blain James, weaver, 1 Brinton 
Blaine Jas. S., teacher, Penna. Inst, for Blind 
Blair Anna, dressmr., Hamilton n South 
BLAIR & BARRET, feotel, 95 N 2d 
Blair Beulah, shop, 138 G T road 
Blair Edmund J., gas fitter, 6 N 7th, h 27 Mont- 
Blair Elizabeth, washer, rear 8 Pine (S) 
Blair Esther Mrs., 79 Otter 
BLAIR HENRY C, drug., S W 8th & Walnut 
Blair James, grocer, Logan and Sp Garden 
Blair James, mach., 477 N 2d 
Blair James, carp., 38 Perry 
Blair John, coal mer. Anita bel 12th 
Blair John, warper, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Blair John, whipmr., Franklin ab Wood (K) 
Blair Maynet, rear 658 Lombard 
Blair Samuel, cordw., L. Washington ab 9tli 
Blair Saml. R., gas fitter, 6 N 7th, h 172 Cherry 
BLAIR SAMUEL R. & BRO., gas fitters, 6 N 

Blair Stewart, cap manuf.. Woodland, bel Lo- 
cust (W P) 
Blair Thomas, macht. 1040 Market 
Blair Thomas, tavern, Mai-ket W 19th 
Blair Wm., grocer, S W 17tli and George 
Blair Wm., gent. 22 Laurel (N L) 
Blair Wm., Naval Asylum 
Blair Wm., gardener, Hamilton and South 
Blair Wm. C, salesman, 26 N 4th 
Blair Wm. H., tea dealer, 33 8 Front, h 21 N 




Blair & Hutton, tea dealers, 33 and 35 S Front 

Blaise Augustus, cordw., S W 12th and Og-den 

Blaise Henry, cordw., S W 12th and Ogden 

Blake Anson, acct. 5 Jones' al, h 565 N 10th 

Blake Catharine H., milliner, 291 Coates 

Blake Elizabeth, tobacco, 90 Swanson 

Blake F. R., M. D., Richmond and Marple (R) 

Blake George E., music store, 13 S 5th 

Blake Henry, confec. 182 S 6th 

Blake Jas., mariner, rear 199 J Lombard 

Blake John, lab., rear 46 Fitler 

Blake John, coachman, 15 Bay 

Blake Mary Ann, b h, 82 N 9th 

Blake Mary, cook, 12 St Mary's 

Blake Mary C, millinery, 291 Coates 

Blake Patrick, Rosberry n 4th (W P) 

Blake Patrick, lab., Huntingdon ab Duke 

Blake T. W., acct.. Willow st whf, h 35 Wistar 

Blake Wm., porter, 7 Coombes al 

Blake Wm., stovemr., 54 Currant al 

Blakely David, weaver, S W Chatham & Front 

Blakely John, lab. 49 Fitler 

Blakely Wm., oil cloths, Fairview n 18th 

Blakeman Wm., steward, h 18 Gaskill 

Blakemore A. W., salesman, 139 Market 

Blakemore Chas., ship carp. Lewis E 18th 

Blakemore Francis, locksmith, 1024 Market 

Blakemore Henr}-, japanner, 7 Appletree al, h 

51 Washington 
Blakemore Jas., 2 Mellon 
Blakemore Thos. F., mer., 125 Market, h 279 N 

Blaker Edwin, brassfr. Deal bel F rd (K) 
Blaker Ulysses, jr., plumber, 34 Centre 
Blakiston Geo. R. & Co., mers.. West end Mar- 
ket street Bridge (W P) 
Blakiston Geoi'ge R., merchant, Woodland bel 

Blakiston Harriet, Woodland ab West Chester 

road (W P) 
Blakiston John R., coal mer. 63 Walnut, h 5 S 16th 
Blakiston Presley, bookseller, 25 S 6th, h Wal- 

nut W William (W P) 
Blakley Robt., lab. Germantown rd ab Master 
Blamley G., lampmr. rear 29 New Market 
Blanc Louis, watch case polisher, 219 S 5th 
Blanc Thos., carp. Dilk's ct 
Blanchard Benj., clerk, 45 Dock, h 17th below 

Blanchard H. B., upholster. 227 Chestnut, h 86 S 

Blanchard H. B. & Co., upholst., 227 Chestnut 
Blanchard John D., mer., 215 Coates 
Blanchard J. W., gent. 86 S 12th 
BLANCHARD & LEA, publishers, S E 4th & 

BLANCHARD & ROCK, manufs. paper hangs. 

227 Chestnut, factory West Philadelphia 
Blanchard Theodore A., mer. 227 Chestnut, h 

86 S 12th 
Blanchard Wm. A., bookseller, S E Chestnut & 

4th, h 467 Walnut 
BLANCHARD WILLIAMS J., mer., 101 Mar- 
ket, h Marshall bel Green 
Blanche Louis, editor and ])roprietor Sunday 

Press, N E 3d and Chestnut 
Blancjour F., teacher of music, 8 N 9th 
Blanckenhorn Jacob, lab. rear 638 N 4th 

Bland A., gardener, F road ab Allen 

Bland Benj., tailor, 48 Market 

Bland John D., welder, Dickerson ab 5th 

Bland Samuel, watchmr., S E 3d and Market, 

h 212 Spruce 
Blandner Joseph, pict. frame manuf., 297 Mar- 
ket, h 2 Little Brown 
Blaney James, tailor, Marriott bel 9th 
Blaney Mary, 1 Turner 
Blaney Richard, cork cutter, 156 S 6th 
Blaney William, cordw. Price ab York 
Blaney Willis H., 166 Buttonwood 
Blaney Willis H., jr., clerk, 166 Buttonwood 
Blanford Wm., Cherry n 21st 
Blankarn John, skin dr., Duke n Marlboro (K) 
Blanken Samuel, butcher, rear 20 Baker 
Blankley Deb., Lancaster pike bel Washington 
Blankley J., Pratt ab Logan (W P) 
Blankley Mary, Pratt ab Logan, (W P) 
Blankman Hen. G. A., dent. 258 Washington (S) 
Blanner John P., cabinetmr. 159 St John 
Blanner Magdeline, huckstei-, 15 Lilly al 
Blarck Mrs., 1172 N 5th 
Blase Louis, shoemr., S W 12th and Ogden 
Blatchford Stephen, gent. Washington bel Till 

Blatner Ann Maria, Coates bel 10th 
Blattner Eugene J., painter, 404 Poplar 
Blattner Francis, raoroc. finis. Gilbert ab 9th 
Blau Adolph, carp, weaver. Orchard bel Jackson 
Blaw & Bros., trimmings, 87 South 
Blaw Isaac, trimmings, 87 South 
Blaw Samuel, trimmings, 87 South 
Blaylock John, butcher, 5th and Carpenter 
Blaylock John, Francis bel 6th 
Blaylock Louis, hatter. Cherry bel 10th 
Bleartz Philip, flirmer, F road ab Hart's la 
Blee Francis J., mint, 1 Park av 
Blee George, mint, 6 Robinson ct 
Blecher Zacharias, baker, 238 St John 
Bledenhiser John, tinsm., Wharton bel 5th 
Blee Bernard, bottler, N E Lombard and 17th 
Blee Chas., brickmr., 9 Ann 
Blee Edward, shop, 108 Filbert 
Blee Hugh, cordw.. Willow bel Spruce 
Blee John, brickmr., 3 Wilcox 
Blee Letliim, grocer, N. W 12th and Lombard, 

h Adams bel 13th 
Blee William, drayman, 423 S 4th 
Bleight John D., atty. & coun., 48 S 4th, h N E 

13th and Chestnut 
Bleight Mary, Mrs., 13tli and Chestnut 
Bleii Fred, baker, 227 Diamond (K) 
Bleknard Michael, tailor, 361 Apple 
Blelock James, boiler mr., 13 Jefferson W 17th 
Blelock Jas., jr., printer, 13 Jefferson W 17th 
Blemadell David, clothier, 127 N 2d 
Blenk John, baker, 52 Swanson 
Blenney Robert, lab. Front bel Chatham 
Blesgen Aloys, tavern, 598 N Front 
Blessing George, lab. York road 
Blessner Gustave, prof music, 3 Sansom ab 7th 
Blest Thos. T., grocer, 19th and Ridge av 
Bleuit Levin, lab., Owen ab 13th 
Bleuit Thomas, carp. Richard ab 16th 
Blew Ellen, milliner, 548 S 2d 
Bley George, jr., M. D., druggist, 485 N 4th 
Bley Henry, liquor store, Mintzer ab Coates 





Bley John, drug-g'ist, F road opp Hanover 

BLEYER JOHN M., tavern, 6th and Brown 

Bleyler Thomas, dealer, 70 Monroe 

Blicker Henry, cooper, 13th ab Vine 

Blickham S.,port., 265 Market, h M'Maneniy's ct 

Blight Charles, 58 S 13th 

Bliglit James H., ag-ent, 56 Walnut 

Blight John, attorney, N E 13th and Chestnut 

Blight Joseph, brushmr., 9 West 

Blight Maria, gentw., 351 Chestnut 

Blight Samuel, lab. Monument & Bloekley road 

Blight Wm S., 693 Spruce 

Blind Conrad, tavern, Olive and 13th 

Blinkhorn John, painter, M'Makin's ct 

Blinkhorn Saml., tailor, Leon n L Washington 

Blinn Jacob, gent, rear 448 N 4th 

Blirin Margaret, b h, Phoenix bel Clinton 

Bliss Anson, 582 S 5th 

Bliss Robert, mer., 96 S Del. av, h Pine ab 16th 

Bliss Theodore, bookseller, N E 3d and Arch, 

h 560 Vine 
JBLISS ZENAS, domestic goods broker, 41 S 

Front, h 511 Green 
Blittersdorf Augustus, turner, Apple bel Master 
Blittersdorf C. H., cutler, 143 N 4th, h 16 Willow 
BLITZ SOLOMON L., clothing, 90 South 
Blizzai-d David, lab., 24th bel Lombard 
Blizzard Joseph, waterman, 17 Federal 
Bloch John, ti-immings, 516 N 2d 
Bloch John, cabinetmr. 7 Gold 
Blocksom Mary Ann, 73 Jarvis ab 2d 
Bloechleger C. J., 106 Sp Garden ab 8th 
Bloecker Fred., painter, 8 S 8th, h Wood n 8th 
Bloecker 8c Wolf, painters, rear Wood ab 8th 
Blood Roland, bootmr, 6 N 5th, h 23 Penna. av. 
Blood William, cabman, G T road and 6th 
BLOOD'S DESPATCH, 30 and 32 Arcade 
BLOODGOOD J. B., Walnut street House, 2 

Bloom Christopher, 304 N 8th 
Bloom John, tailor, Lewis ab Poplar 
Bloom M. G., M. D., 18 Union 
Bloom Peter, salesman, N W 10th 8c Market, h 

304 N 8th bel Buttonwood 
Bloom Sarah, wid. of George, Oxford ab 13th 
Bloombar Sarah, b h, 23 Howard 
Bloomer Adam, tailor, 5th and Buckley 
Bloomer A., shop. South bel 3d, h 6 Wall 
Bloomer Bernard, lab. 10th bel Christian 
Bloomer Elizabeth, Mrs., Federal ab 12th 
Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 25 Lebanon 
Bloomer Thomas, lab. 13th ab Federal 
Bloomer AVilliam, cordw. real" 145 Carpenter 
Bloomer William L., baker, 159 Christian 
Bloomfield J., blacksm. Olive bel Broad 
Bloomingdale Chas., mer. 78 Market, h 191 N 7th 
Bloomingdale Nazareth, shoemr. 4th ab Coates 
BLOOmNGDALE 8c RHINE, clothg.78 Market 
Blotter Hen., sur. inst. mr. Dauphin ab Trenton av 
Blotz Mai'tin, cordw. 21 Queen (K) 
Blow Robt. W., salesm., 39 Chestnut, h 116|- S 3d 
Blowe George, watch case mr. 5'^ Church 
Bloxman Woodman, waterman, 5 John 
Blucher Ann, 8 Saunders ct 
Blucher Xavier, lithographer, Marriot ab 6th 
Bluecannon Isaac, foundry, Worth bel 5th 
Blum B., mer. 79 N 3d, h 82 Vine 
Blum Charles, bootmr. 40 S 4th, h 154 S 4th 

Blum Francis, baker, 993 N 2d (K) 

Blum Herman, horse dealer, 9 Poplar 

Blum Jacob, cordw. 54 Franklin av 

Blum John F., baker, 47 Brown 

Blum Peter, cabinetmr., Franklin ab Front (K) 

Blum Peter, shop G T road ab 9th 

Blum Saml. 8c Co., clothing, 218 N 2d, h 52 Vine-.X' 

Blum Samuel, tailor, 439 N 2d 

Blumenthal Abraham, pedler, 102 Poplar 

Blumenthal M., clothing, 346 N 2d 

Blumenthel Samuel, tailor, 190 N 2d 

Blumer David, bricklayer, 276 Federal 

Blumer John, lab. rear 46 Fitler 

Blumhardt Lewis, tinman, G T road and 2d 

Blumley John, sawyer. Union bel West 

BLUMNER CHARLES E. Jr. 8c CO., tobac. 3 S 

Blumner Chas. E., sr., mer., h 248 N 3d 
Blumner Chas. E., jr., tobacconist, 3 S Front 
BLUMNER HENRY C, machinist, 170 N 5th 

h 6tlTL ab Parrish 
Blunden James, carpet weaver, 317 S 3d 
Blunk Charles R., carp. 556 S 7th 
Blve Henrv, mer., h 102 St. John 
Blye JohnH., diygoods, 16 8c 17 N 8th 
Blye Sarah, dry goods 264 N 2d 
Blyler Henry, painter, rear 111 N 3d 
Blynn Henry, Cooper's Point (Camden) 
Blynn Michl., hatter, 71 N 3d, h Roxborough 
BLYTH 8c GODDARD, BROS., com. mers. 10 

Blythe George, ropemr. 15th bel Cherry 
Blythe James, lab., Biddle n William ., i 

Blythe Marv, Mrs., b h, 394 Chestnut / 

Blythe R. D. Mrs., upholsterer, S W 6tb 8c Pine 
Boal Hen., coop., 5 Franklin pi, h Carver n 17th 
Boal James, carter. Federal n G F road 
Boal Janie-s, tailor, 807 South 
Boal John, stone mason, Ciuwer n 17th 
Boale James, grocer, 353 F av 
Boaler J. M., cooper, 62 S Front 
BOARD OF EDUCATION of Presbyterian 

Church, 265 Chestnut 

CHURCH, 265 Chestnut 
Boardman F. H., Dr. 6 Chancery la 
Boardman Hen. A., Rev., D. D., Locust ab Broad 
Boardman Hen. S., manuf. 95 Arch, h 150 Wood 
Boardman John, mach. 10 Duke 
Boardman Robt., satchelmr., Duke n F road (K) 
Boas John P., White Swan Hotel, Race n 3d, 

h 26 St John 
Boas Matthew, lab. Pai-ker ab York 
Boate George, upholsterer, 123 S 2d 
BOASTON CLUB, 24 Sansom 
Boate Geo., jr., upholsterer, N 4th ab Franklin 
Bobb Henry, brickmaker, 458 Spruce 
Bobb Peter, brickmr., 458 Spruce 
Bobb Peter, jr., brickmaker, 458 Spruce 
BOCH ANTHONY, hair di-esser and wig mr. 

18 Arcade 
Boch Maximilian, tailor, Franklin bel Dauphin 
Bock Frederick carp., 19 Logan 
BOCKIUS 8c BROTHERS, saddlers, 50 Market W 
Bockius Charles R.,mer. 67 N 2d, h Germuntown ^ 
Bockius Christopher, leather manuf. 27 and 29 

Margaretta, und 30 Willow, h 163 N 4th 
Bockius, Christopher, saddler, 50 Market 




\' r. 

Bockius C. G., mer, 3 N 3d, h 399 N 7th 
. BOCKIUS C. G. & J. C, trim. & varieties, 3 N 3d 
Bockius E., h 5 Lemon 

Bockius Geo., brush manuf. Fraklin ab Coates 
Bockius Georg-e, leather manuf., S E St. John 

and Willow, h 4th and Cooper (C) 
,Boickius & Gorg-as, china, 67 N 2d 
Bockius Hannah, crockery, 535 Market 
Bockius Henry J., carp. 213 S 9th 
Bockius Isaiah, sadlr, 50 Market, h 30 Wallace 
Bockius Jac, brushmr. Franklin ab Coates 
Bockius Jac. U., saddler, 50 Market, 757 N 11th 
Bockius John, carp. 217 S 9th 
Bockius John C, g-rocer, Franklin ab Coates 
Bockius J. C, mer. 3 N 3d, h 156 Franklin 
BOCKIUS J. & SON, brus manufs. 192 N 2d, 

h 156 Franklin 
Bookman William, boxmr. 11 West 
Bodamer Philip, cordw. 630 Brown 
Bodd John, turner, 563 N 3d 
Bodder Levi D., M. D., 61 Locust 
Boddy Sarah, 1 Short ct 
Bode Charles, tailor, Grubb 
Bode Christian, sugar house, 95 St John 
Bode P'erdinand, grocer, N E 6th and Queen 
Bode William, shoemr., rear 111 Carpenter 
Boden James M., U S mint, h Wood bel 12th 
Bodenhofer Joseph, varnish manuf. 405 N 3d 
Bodenstein A. F., carpet weaver, 488 N 2d 
Bodenstein F. A., weaver, Martin's ct (K) 
Bodin Alexander H., bookbinder, 190 N 13th 
Bodin Joseph, tobacconist, 25 N 4th 
JBodine, Baeder & Co., glue manufs. 5th & G T 
road and 86 Market, and 6th ab Columbia 
Bodine Budd S., clerk, Shackamaxon ab Bed- 
ford (K) 
Bodine Elizabeth, tailoress, 1 Oneida pi 
Bodine Francis C, 5 Lybrand 
Bodine J. E., M. D., 7o Race 
B'odine J. Y., mer. agt, 14 Church al, h 131 N 

BODINE F. L. & Co., lumb. mers. Washington 

st wharf 
Bodine M., agent, Salmon ab Ann (_R) 
Bodine Samuel, gunsm. 3 Jackson bel 5th 
Bodine Saml. T., mer. 86 Market, h 334 N 7th 
Boeg John, stone cutter, 102 Barker 
Boehm A. W. mer. 64 N Front, h 248 Arch 
Boehm George C, matchmr. 55 Redwood 
Boehm George L. bootmr. 24 N 12th 
Boehm Henrietta, 520 Green ab 13th 
Boehm John, bricklr. 520 Green ab 13th 
Boehm William, tobacconist, 461 N 9th 
Boehme Theodorej cabinetmr. 601 S 5tli 
Boehmer F., gasfitter, 454 S 4th 
Boehrer Sebastian, mach. Pleasant ab 12th 
Boekel William, lampmr. 37 Brandywine 
Boekemkamp Chas. H. sugar refiner, 10 Tam- 
many ct 
Boeiter Adolph, cabinetmr. 461 Vine 
Boenning Casper, cabinetmr. 4 Rowland's ct 
Boenning Casper, steam saw and turning mill, 

14 Pegg 
Boerlcke Francis E., mer. 24 S 5th, h 419 N 10th 
BOERICKE & TAFEL, pharmaceutists and 

booksellers, 24 S 5th 
Boerickel John, tailor, 227 Randolph 
Boeringcr John, tailor, Hanly's ct 

Boerner Chas., button mr., 6 Grier's ct 

Boerum S., seg-ar store, 160 Callowhill 

Boettcher Julius, tailor, Anita bel 11th 

Boettling Wilhelm, tavern, 88 St. John 

Bog-an Luke, weaver, 32 Hampton 

Bog'an Thomas, carter, Federal and G T road 

Bogan Walter, ladies shoemr. Ogden ab 13th 

Bogart Sarah, 25 Ogden bel 10th 

Bog'gs Alexr., conductor, 214 S 8th 

Boggs Andrew, porter, 19th ab Pine 

Boggs Charles, clerk, 171 Market, h 104 N 2d 

BOGGS DAVID W., clocks, S W 8th and South 

Boggs George, chairmr. 185 N Front, &, sup. of 

pavers 95 Queen bel Hanover (K) 
Boggs Geo. C, chairmr. 168 N. Front, h Queen 

bel Marlboro' 
Boggs George W., ex. driver, 116 Chestnut, h 

Vll Pine 
Bog-gs Jas., broker, 8 Gold, h 19th ab Walnut 
Bog'gs Jas., chairmr. 82 and 95 N Front, h 144 

Queen (K) 
Boggs John, weaver, 587 Shippen 
Boggs John, wheelwrt. 12 Beck pi 
Boggs John, 1 Acorn al 
Boggs John C, clerk, 13 S 3d 
Bog-gs Margaret Ann, dressmr. 2 Hunter 
Boggs Samuel, ship carp., F I'oad n Otter (K) 
Boggs Samuel, wheelwrt., G T road ab Laurel 
Boggs Wni. L., mer. 17 N 5th, h Germantown 
Bogia Francis, salesm. 379 S 10th 
Bogdes Ralph, laborei-, 550 Shippen 
Bohem Daniel, lab. Banks of Sch'll 
Bohem Philip, farmer. Banks of Sch'l 
Bohl Jos., caulker, Schuvlkill ab Bridge (W P) 
BOHLEN HENRY, mer' 69 S 4th, h 393 Walnut 
Bohlen Jane, 238 Walnut 
Bohlen John, atty. and coun., N W 6th and 

Walnut, h 238 Walnut 
BOHLER DANIEL & CO., essence of coflTee 

manufs. 218 Callowhill 
Bohlinger Fred., bootmr. 40 S 9th, h 9 Strousct 
Bohn Christian, tailor, 59 Redwood 
Bohn Hannah M., confr. 56 Penn 
Bohn Philip, tailor, 572 S 6th 
Bohn RichiU'd, seaman, Moore bel Front 
Bohnert A., cordw., Front bel Noble 
Bohrer Henrietta, 106 Crown 
Bohrer Joseph, blindmr. 336 Ridge av 
Boil Hugh, lab. William E 21st 
Boile Cath., 24th ab Sp Garden 
Boileau Albanis, salt manuf. 102 Noble 
Boileau Albt. D., clerk, 70^ N 3d, h 79 G T road 
Boileau Isaac, clerk, 94 N Lewis (P D) 
Boileau Isaac, jr., clerk, 94 N Lewis (P D) 
Boileau John, salt manuf. 102 Noble 
Boileau John, blacksm. 31 Lewis (P D) 
Boiles Jas., lab. Tryon ab 21st 
Bok Frederick, 4 Howard's ct 
Bok John, tailor, 12 Exchange pi., h 50 Gaskill 
BOK JOHN & CO., tailors, 12 Exchange pi 
Bokee F. A., acct. 50 S Delaware av., h 110 S 

BOKER, BROTHERS & JONES, boots, .shoes, 

straw g'oods, 158 and 160 Market, 2d story 
Boker C. S., Brest, Girard Bank, h Walnut n 18th 
Boker C. S., M. D., S W Chestnut & Broad 
Boker E. D., mer. 158 Market 
Boker George H., Walnut n 18th 




Bokei- Joseph, mer. 158 Market, h 468 Arch 

Boker Thomas, clerk, 2 Nicholson 

Boker W. A. salesman, 158 Market, h 637 Arch 

Boker W. C, mer. 158 Market, h 637 Arch 

Boland D., blacksm., rear 17 Franklin 

Boland John J., com. mer. 29 & 30 S Del av, 

h 22d bel Vine 
Boland Jno., store keeper, 52 L Washington 
Bolbeere Hermann, netmr. 5 Charles 
Bolden Richard, laborer, Washing-ton ct. 
BOLDIN GEORGE, oil mer. 31 N Del. av., h 

493 Arch 
Boldin Rich., lab. Pearl bel Broad 
Boldrick Geo., lab. 6 Colleg-e pi 
Boleman Wm., weaver, Montg-omery ab F r 
Boles John, laborer, Salmon ab Emery (R) 
Boles Wm., express, 92 Chestnut, h 623 South 
Boley Frederick, sr., 101 Dillwyn 
Bolfinch John, lab. Shippen n i5th 
Bolian Geo. W., moulder, Summer bel the canal 
Boll Jos., weaver, Nicetown la 
Bollano Richd., shop, Carpenter below 9tli 
Bolle Doct., G T r ab Cohmibia 
Bolle Georg-e H., weaver, 329 Callowhill 
Bollenbach Geo., jr., sug-arhouse, rear 11 Lilly al 
Boiler H. J., mer. S7 S 4th, h Spruce ab Broad 
Bollis Jesse N., artesian wells, 7th ab Master 
Bolster Richard, dry g-oods, 202 S 15th & Pine 
Bolt Michl., butcher, Hay ab 6th 
Bolter C. J., potter, 789 N 11th 
Bolter Joseph, hosier, Oxford bel G T road 
Bolter May, 789 N 11th 
Bolton Christopher, tailor. Burton ab 15th 
BOLTON & CATTELL, lumber com. mers. 

WiUow St. wharf (Del) 
Bolton Elizabeth, widow, 667 Wood 
Bolton Joseph R., clerk, 514 Green 
Bolton Mary E., 440 Callowhill 
Bolton Samuel, lumber com. mer.. Willow st. 

wharf, h 206 N Front 
BOLTON WILLIAM P., carver, S E 8th and 

Arch, h 551 N 7th 
Bolyer Sam., coal mer. Corn bel Wharton 
Bomberg-er J. H. A., Rev. D. D. 117 Wood 
Bomeisler Chas. M., jeweller, 21 N 3d, h 244 


Bomeisler E. L., mer. 215^ Market, h 244 N 5th 
Bomeisler Lewis, mer., h 244 N 5th 
Bomeisler S. lamp black & varnish, 177 N 10th 
Bomford John, carter, Hope bel Jeflerson 
^omg-ardner S. G., salesman, 147 Market, h S 

W 8th and Sp Garden 
Bommersine John, carp. 8th bel Montg-omery 
Bon C, eng-raver, 141 Walnut 
Bonar John, lab. 24th and Sp Garden 
Bonard Lucien, lithog-rapher, 5 Ranstead pi 
Bonbrig-ht James, mer. 189 Market, h 381 Race 
Bond Adam J., cordw. S7 N 3d, h 141 Melon 
Bond Alexander, tailor, 87 York av 
Bond Amos, lastmr. 222 N 5th, h 626 N 11th 
Bond Benjamin F., trunkmr., h Brown ab 13th 
Bond Benj. S., carriag-e manuf. 7th bel Franklin 
Bond Calvin H., salesman, 71 Buttonwood ab 8th 
Bond Charles, coachman, Lombard bel 12th 
Bond David, printer, N E 4th & Chestnut, h 43 

BOND & DENCKLA, tea dealers, N E Front 


Bond Eliza M., milliner, 178 N 13th 

Bond Elizabeth, trimming-s, o77 Race 

Bond Georg-e, printer, 4 Atheneum Buildings, 

h 56 Shippen 
Bond Georg-e M. clerk, 4 N 3d, h 13th ab Jef- 
Bond Henry C, salesman, N E Front & Chestnut 
Bond Henry, Ledg-er carrier, 19 Nectarine 
Bond H., M. D., 1 N 9th, 3d door bel Filbert 
Bond James, engineer, 101 Carpenter 
Bond Jas., M. D., druggist, S E 10th & Locust 
Bond James, M. D., Passyunk road 
Bond James F., grocer, N W Parker and Wash- 
Bond James R., engineer, 101 Carpenter 
Bond John, butcher, Owen bel 6th 
Bond Joseph, mach. 45 N 2d, h Reeves bel 21st 
Bond Joseph, blacksm., 22d n Market 
Bond Josiah, dealer, 12th bel Wallace 
Bond L. Montgomery, mer., N E Front and 

Chestnut, h 535 W Chestnut 
Bond Richard J., moulder, 12 Mechanic 
Bond Samuel B., clerk, 41 S Water, h 668 N 11th 
Bond Saml. S., di-uggist, Whiteman's pi (K) 
Bond Sarah, grocer, S W 5th and Catharine 
Bond Thomas, trader, Howard ab Phoenix 
Bond Thomas, weaver, 29 Lebanon 
BOND THOS., mer. 41 S Water, h 359 N 6th • 
Bond Thomas, M. D., 1 Sp Garden 
Bond Wm., lab. 10 Boyd's av 
Bond Wm., drayman, 5 N 5th 
Bond Wm., grocer, 251 S 6th 
Bondy Gabriel, tailor, 53 Brown 
Bonefon Jno., oysters, 175 S 3d 
Bonebarger Fred., mor. dr. Lawrence ab Oxford 
Boner Daniel, lab., George ab Ashton 
Boner Dennis, lab., Salmon ab William (R) 
Bonei James, plasterer, 17th and Christian 
Boner John, lab. 38 Howell 
Boner Mrs., Loyd bel Shippen 
Boner Patrick, lab., Lewis (R) 
Boner Wm., cordw. Boyle's ct 
Boner Wm., lab. Passyunk r 
Boner Wm., lab., Montgomery and Fitler (K) 
Bones George, slioemr. 20th ab South 
Bonewitz Theo., cabt. mr. 3d bel Cherry (K) 
Boney Thos. S., moulder, Front bel Canal 
Bonfield James, plasterer, 1 Deacon 
Bongaardt Wm. F., oysterman, 283 St John 
Bongard Catharine, Race ab 15th 
Bonham Wm., liquors, S W Jefferson and Ger- 

mantown road 
Bonham Wm., liquors, 1198 N 2d 
Bonhom Hai-riet, shop, 188 S 6th 
Bonhoft Christian, mason, Nicetown la 
Bonine C. G., paper hr. 568 N 2d, h Apple ab 

Boning Wm., jeweler, 20 Franklin pi, h 84 New 
Bonn Philijj, carp. Vine bel 13th 
Bonnaffon Albert L., mer., 6 Chestnut, h 14 W 

Bonnaffon Eliza, Mrs., 6 N 11th 
Bonnaffon Sylvester, impt. di'v good, 6 Chest- 
nut, h 6 N 11th 
Bonnami Eugene, plaiter, 163 S 10th 
Bonnar James B. D., Rev., 24 Chancellor 
Bonnell Samuel, cash. Globe Ins. Co., h 186 N 




Bonner Daniel, carter, 397 S 8th 

Bonner James, poler. Temple 

Bonner James, mor. fin. 59 Georg-e (N L) 

Bonner Michael, tavern, S W Water and Race 

Bonney Miss M. L., serainaiy, 525 Chestnut 

Bonnin Lucretia, trimmings, N W Green and 

Bonsai Edmund C., jeweler, 72} Market, h 298 

S 5th 
Bonsai John L., bookbinder, 61 S 5th 
Bonsall & Budd, drug-g-ists, N E lltl\ & Walnut 
Bonsall Clement S., turner, Walnut place 
Bonsall Elwood, S E 9th and Wood 
Bonsall E. C, g-old chain mer. 74 Market, h 298 

Bonsall E. H., convej^ 5th and Librar)^, h 35 

Bonsall E. H. & J., conveyancers, S E 5th and 

Bonsall Henry, convey. 98 Walnut, h 22 Girard 
Bonsall Isaac S., elk custom house, h 214 S 9th 
Bonsall Jeremiah, conveyancer, S E 5th and 

Library, h Bridg'e ab 3d (W P) 
Bonsall John, convey, offi., 98 Walnut, h 22 

Bonsall John, conductoj'. Washing-ton (W P) 
Bonsall John, chair mr. 11th bel Girard av 
BONSALL JOHN & CO., conveyancers, 98 

Bonsall Jonathan, clerk, 154 Og-den 
Bonsall Mary A., trimming-, 196 N 13th 
Bonsall Mary W., trimming-s, Callowhill ab 15th 
Bonsall Robt., brickmr. Williamson's c 
Bonsall Spencer, citv surveyor, 9 S 5th, h 218 

S 11th 
Bonsall T. S., S E 9th and Wood 
Bonsall Wm. R., M. D., 602 Frankford r 
Bonsall Wm. S., tinsm., Washington bel Man- 
sion, h Darby road ab Chestnut (W P) 
Bontempt Hannah, 141 Spruce 
Boocks Benj., grocer. Washing-ton (W P) 
Boocks Martin, carp., Washington (W P) 
Book Daniel, farmer. Banks of Sch'll 
Book George, lamp mr. 995 N 2d 
Book George H., upholsterer, 4 Whitehall 
Book Joseph, tobact., Carlisle bel Parrish 
Booker John, blacksm., 20 Lebanon 
Booker Lewis, coachman, 18 Lebanon' 
Bookhammer A. H., flour mer. fish & provisions 

54 N Del. av, h 608 N 5th 
BookJiammer Jac, H., furniture cars, 766 Apple 
Bookhammer S., barber, S W 6th and Willow 
Bookley Geo., mach. Adams ab F r 
Boom Wm. F., clerk, N E 4th and Market, h 

200 Market 
Boon David, lab., rear Bedford ab 13th 
Boon Francis O., gent., Westley 
Boon George, blacksm., Washington, h Oak ab 

Bridgewater (W P) 
Boon Henry L., omnibus, Washington (W P) 
Boon Horace, porter, 4 Bird's ct 
Boon John, carman, Lancaster Pike ab Wash- 
ington (W P) 
Boon John, lab. Washington 
Boon Margaret, b h, 7oi Market 
Boon Peter, tav., Beach n Shackamaxon (K) 
Boon Wm., weaver, rear Union bei West 
Boon Wm., jr., Mint, 7 Ann n 20th 

Boon Wm. B., carpt. 23 Noble 

Boone Joseph B., salesman, 158 Market 

Boone Rebecca, 394 Vine 

Boone Robert, shoes, N E 2d and South, h 278 

Boone William F., att'y & coun. 18 S 7th, h 69 

N 16th 
Boose Samuel B., carp.. Van Buren pi 
Booth Alpheus D., sawyer, 20 Union a] 
Booth A. C, gentw. 115 Brown 
Booth Benj., harness mr. 131 N5th 
Booth Edmond, acct., 213 Wallace 
Booth Edward, tobact.. Wheat bel Marion 
Booth Edwin, broker, 61 Walnut, h 421 Coates 
Booth Georg-e, salesman, Parrish ab 10th 
Booth Henry, barber, h 3 Fothergill 
Booth Henry, fur. store, F road and Hanover 
Booth Isaac C, cooper, 200 Christian 
Booth Isaac H., agent, 579 Poplar 
Booth James, 17th n South 
Booth James, waiter, 28 Emeline 
Booth James, jr., barber, 4th and Shippen 
Booth James C, prof, chemistrj'^, h 300 Pine, 

off. 10 College av rear St Stephen's church 
Booth John, dry goods, 479 Market 
Booth John, engineer, 516 S Front 
Booth Joseph, cabinetmr. 25 Queen 
Booth Margaret, Wheat bel Marion 
BOOTH & MILLS, Union Works, L Washing- 
ton bel 9th (S.) 
Booth Thomas L., restaurant, 2d and Brown, h 

45 Laurel 
Booth Wm., warper. Aspen 
Booth Wm., grocer, Lombard ab 17th 
Boothoyde Abrm., foreman, Fraley's al 
Booz Alice G., 534 N 10th 
Booz Edwin, clerk, 558 Bi'own 
Booz E. G., mer. 87 S Front 
Booz John, carp. 37 Hazel 
Booz Valentine, pianomr., Jarvis bel 2d 
Boozer Adam, boot treer, 26 S 4th 
Boraef Lawrence, vict. 361 N 13th 
Boraef Valentine, 549 Brown 
Borall Joseph, brickh*. Thompson bel 4th 
Boran Francis, seaman, 21 Little Oak 
Borbeck Philip, boots and shoes, 18 N 3d, h 

Borbidge & Gibson, ford, mers., 274 Market -v ^ ^^^ 
Borbidge John W., fordw. mer. 274 Market 
Borbridge Charles, hatter, 4 Louisa av 
Borden Edward P., att'y and coun. 104 S 5th . / 
Borden & Hitchens, dry goods, 79 Market and -r"' 

8 Church al 
Boi'den Samuel, mer. 79 Market, h Germantown 
Borden Thos. D., moulder, Dunton n Franklin 
Border Geo., coachmr., Parrish bel 12th 
Bordereaux A., grocer. Water ab Callowhill 
Bordley A., cook, h 34 Duponceau 
Bordley M. A., washer, h 32 Burd's ct 
Bordley Stephen, lab., Wharton n 7th 
Borer Charles, watch case mr. Reed and Rye 
Borg-art Michael, lampmr. Horst ct 
Borger J. J., boot crimper, 2 Buchanan's pi 
Borhek Charles, prof, of music, 169 S 9th 
Borhek Edward, optician, 126 Chestnut, h 103 

Borie A. E., mer. 45 Dock, h 329 Spruce 
Borie Chas., broker, 329 Sjiruce 




BORIE CHARLES & HENRY, bill brokers, 63 

Borie Francis J., blacksmith, Fotherg-ill, h 331 

S 5th 
Borie Georg-e F., clerk, 419 Catharine 
Borie H., broker, 97 S 4th 
Borie Hemy S., let. carrier, 419 Catharine 
Borie Hemy S., tobac. S W 10th and South 
Borie J. J., Mrs. 97 S 4th 
Borland David, cordw. 22d ab Spruce 
Borland David, shoemaker, Lancaster Pike n 

Bridg-e (W P) 
Borland James, lab. Duke 
Borland John, gent. 23 Girard 
Borland Wm., bootmr. N E Market and 15th 
Born B., baker, 5th ab Jefferson (K) 
Born George, milkman, Amber and Price 
Born George, weaver, Lemon ab Wood (R) 
Born J., tavern, 210 Jefferson 
Born Lewis, weaver, 371 Wood (R) 
Borneman Fred., toy & variety store, 130 N 8th 
Bomman Catharine, Masters ab 4th 
Bornmann Edward, machinist, 25 N 9th 
Bornmann Henry, vict.. Union bel Hanover 
Bornmann Sarah, 99 Hanover 
Borns Barney, lab. Moore's av 
Bornschener Conrad, cordw., Hope n Otter (K) 
Bornung Gotlieb, fur dr. Chatham ab Wag-er 
Borradail John, clerk, 634 N 3d 
Borradail T., tobacconist, 6 Walnut, h 458 N 6th 
Borradale T., tobacconist, 6 Walnut 
Borrall John, cooper. Rising Sun 
Borridge T. H., draughtsman, Hamilton ab 19th 
Borthwick S., upholsterer, George and 11th 
Bortwell Wm., M'Duffie n 20th 
Borzel Geo., cordw., G T road ab Oxford (K) 
Borzel Wm. F., tailor, 2 Exchange pi 
Bos Wm., painter, 231 South 
Bosbyshell William, jr., coal, Bi'oad & Lom- 
bard, h G T road ab Oxford, off. 154 Spruce 
Bosch George, paper car. Willow ab Franklin 
Bosch John G., baker, 46 Lawrence 
Boshart Geo., artificial limbs, 553 N 10th 
Boshart John, cooper, 13th ab Pleasant 
Bosler Chas., butcher, Hancock ab Franklin av 
Bosler John, brickmr.. Bush Hill, h Filbert and 

Bosler John, vict. 5 Hancock (K) 
Bosler Mary, Mrs., 4th ab George C^ L) 
Boss Jas., dial mr., 72 Dock, h 7th ab Thompson 
Bosse Margaret, waiter, 8 Gray's al 
Bossard Conrad, carp. Elm bel F av 
Bossel Martin, glue mr. 6th ab Oxford 
Bossert A., acct. 222 Callowhill 
Bossert Charles, pianomr., 96 and h 126 CheiTy 
Bossert Chas., salesman, 205 Market, h Wallace 
Bossert Enos, cabtmr. 185 Randolph 
Bossert Henry, frame mr. 560 N 3d 
Bossert Joseph F., fur. car, 449 Vine 
Bossert Sarah, 13 Wallace 
Bostick George, lab. 49 Quince 
Bostick Rachel, washei-, 5 Lombard row 
Boston Jacob, v/hitewasher, 86 Gaskill 
Boston John, ship carp. Duke ab Hanover 
Boston Julian, washer, Little Oak 
Boston Mich., moroc. dress.. Winter ab Geoi-ge 
Boston Wm'., shoemr. 4th ab George, h Charlotte 
Boswell B. G., acct, 84 Chestnut, h 192 Pine 

Boswell Chas. A., tavern, M road and Federal 
Boswell Charles A., carp. 128 S 6th 
Boswell Jas. J., mer.. Locust ab William (W P) 
Boswell John, carpet. Front ab Chatham 
Boswell Joseph H., actor, Charles ab James 
BOSWELL LAVINIA M., school for boys, 192 


Boswell Saml., lab. 35 Charles (S) 
Boswell Wm. R., printer, 128 S 6th 
BOSWORTH DAVID C, agent, S E 15th and 


Bothan Henry, pedlar, Cuthbert W 21st 
Bothell John, oak cooper, 15th bel Parrish 
Bothell Wm., cooper, Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Bothner Godfrey, mach., Cumberland ab Emory 
Botholomew Chas., lampmr. S W 13th & Brown 
BOTHWICK ROBERT, upholsterer, N Elltli 

and George 
Bothwell Ann, Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Bothwell Georg-e, brickmr. Ham.pton ab 20th 
Bothwell James, carpet weaver, 837 Lombard 
Bothwell John, weaver, Front ab Phoenix 
Bothwell Orr, police, Harrison bel 21st 
Botner Mary, confect., 479 Race 
Botner Wm., printer, 479 Race 
Botten Stephen, baker, 4 Concord 
Botthoff Charles, tailor, 2?7 Randolph 
Botthoff Conrad, barber, Buttonwood ab 8th 
Bottlioff Constantine, barber, 107 N 7th, h 227 

Randolph ab F av 
Botthoff Joseph, cabinetmr. Girard av ab 11th 
Bottles Henry, weaver, 120 Leopard 
Bottles Joseph, blindmr. 269 Washington 
Bottomley John, spinner, Lemon's ct 
Bottomley Thos., gard. Adams bel Columbia 
Bottomly James, wool dealer, rear 93 N 4th, h 

407 Poplar 

Boucher Benj., wheelwrt., N W 12th and Penn 
Boucher James, tailor, 4 Castle ct 
Boucher James, store, Nicetown la 
Boucher James H., prof. Polytechnic College, 

h 555 Pine 
Boucher Josiah, cordw. Gilbert ab 9th 
Boucher W^m., Tacony House, h 88 Arch 
Boud S., cordw., R road and Wallace 
Boude S. B., 197 N 12th 
Boudroll Harman, butcher. Rising Sun la 
Boudrow A. D., trader, Nicetown la 
Boudwin John, wheelwrt. 140 Wharton 
Boudwin Michael, cigars, 68 Race 
Boudwin Peter, jr., tobacco., 472 S Front _ 
Bouge Thomas, cordw., Sch Willow ab Pine 
Boug-ham George A., dealer, 178 Queen 
Bougraan Thomas J., 19 Eutav.^ 
Boulaigh J., cook, Buckley ab 5th 
Boulden Jesse, clerk, 47 Market 
Boulden Jesse F., Rev., 30 Russell 
Boulder Jehu R., cordw. 304 Green 
Bouler Adelaide, 48 Garden 
Boulter Henry C, hair dresser, 459 Vine 
Boulton Amos G. salesman, 29 Market, h 11 

Boulton Giles, druggist, 2d and Catharine • 
Boulton Joshua, jeweller, 4 Porter ct (N L) 
Boulton Joshua, pencil mr. 5 Ranstead pi 
Bounds John, shoemr.. Bayard 
Bourguenot P. F., workmans league, 46 Julianna 
Bourguignon F., saddler, Palm bel Brown 




Bourk Jas., bootmr. 162 Chestnut, h 74 S 11th 
Bourk Mary, Thomas' ct 
Bourke A. M., intelligence office, 39 Union 
Bourke & Cassady, Misses, millinery, 850 Pine 

and Palo Alto 
Bourke Edward J., bookkeeper, N E 8th and 

Chestnut, h 39 Union 
BOURNE & CO., express, 3i S 3d 
Bourne Edward, 649 N 15th 
Bourne Ezra, express, 3^ S 3d, h 12th ab 

Girard av 
Bourne Mary A., teacher, 522 Lombard 
Bourne S., cordw., Hamilton ab 24th 
Bournonville Augustus C, M. D., 59 N 4th 
Bourquard Joseph, baker, 44 Race 
Bourquin Charles, lithographer, 5 Ranstead pi 
Bourquin Charles A., watchmr., 104 N 12th 
Bourquin Eveline, di'essmr. 170 S 11th 
Bourquin E. F., trimmings, 208 Callowhill 
Bovu'quin Fred., lithographer, 5 Ranstead 
Bourrows Jas., U. S. Mint, h 22dbel Chestnut 
Boustead Wm., currier, h 106 Ogden bel 13th 
Bousted James, currier, 8th and Willow, h 6th 

and Willow 
Bousted John, coal mer., 8th & WiUow, h 146 

Bousted Thomas, weaver, 27 Lebanon 
Boutcher Lydia, milliner, 246 CallowhiU 
Boutcher Robert, carpenter, 246 Callowhill 
Boutcher Thomas, cordw. Fraley's al 
Boutelje Simon, jr., 182 Shippen 
Bouvard Robert, weaver. Union ab Duke 
Bouveird Robert, carter, rear 27 Evans 
Bouverd Geoi'ge, weaver, Hope n Otter 
Bouvier David, butcher, 2d ab Morris 
Bouvier George, 2d and Reed 
Bouvier John, butcher, Greenwich ab 2d 
Bouvier Michael, mahogany & marble, 93 S 2d 

h Broad & Thompson 
Bouvier Peter, tavern, M road and Greenwich 
.Bouvier Philip, tavern, 4th and Shippen 
Bouvier Robert, carman, George E 21st 
Bovaird John, plasterer, 131 William 
Bovard Wm., tailor, Parrish n 11th 
Bovell Sarah, cloak mr. 21 Prune 
Bovell Thomas W., lithographer, 57 S 3d 
Bovell Wm. S., printer, 301 S 11th 
Bowden Benj., painter, Becket ab 17th 
Bowden John, plasterer, 10th bel Master 
Bowden Mary, Orange ab 12th 
Bowden Wm., seaman, 76 German 
Bowditch Emily, b h, 428 Market 
Bowditch George C, h 428 Market 
Bowditch Wm. H., 21 Carpenter 
Bowen Allen, printer. Sear bel 7th 
Bowen Benj., trunkmr. 9th and Federal 
Bowen D. M., convey. 7 Sansom, h 19th & Earp 
Bowen D. H., shoemr. Queen bel Marlboro' (K) 
Bowen David H., undertaker, 411 S 2d 
Bowen Delia, Mrs. Spruce ab 16th 
Bowen Elizabeth, Norris bel Kressler 
Bowen Enos, spar mr. 154 F road 
Bowen Geo. D., Rev., Callowhill ab 18th 
Bowen James, carp. 11 Salmon (R) 
Bowen John, lithographer, S E 13th & Filbert, 

h 674 Green 
Bowen John, engineer. Wood n Duke 

Bowen John E. tavern, 12th and Locust 

Bowen Joseph, sawmr. 154 F road 

Bowen Joseph E., tailor, Sch. Beach ab Walnut 

Bowen J., tavern, Front and Dock 

BOWEN J. T., lithogr. S E 13th and Filbert, h 

674 Green 
Bowen Mary, b h, F road ab Franklin (K) 
Bowen Nicholas S., porter, 237 S 10th 
Bowen Phil., mer. 11th & Prime, h 238 Catharine 
Bowen Samuel, tavern, 44 Washington av 
Bowen Smith, mer. h 140 N 5tli 
Bowen Thomas, tailor, Sumner ab 9th' 
Bowen Wm., boiler mr. 3d bel Wharton 
Bowen Wm., capt., Salmon bel R road (R) 
Bowen Wm. E., mer. 55 Che'ut, h Spruce Wl5tk 
Bowen Wm. H., clerk, 635 N 7th 
Bowen Wm. M., di'uggist, New Market & Brown 
Bowen Wm. M., printer, 26 Logan 
Bowen Wm. M., U. S. Mint, 10 Olive 
Bowen Wm. T., mariner, rear 20 Rodman 
Bower Chas. P., vict. Francis ab R road 
Bower Christian, lamp mr. Mifflin ab Master 
Bower Edwin, omnibus agent, 350 Frankford(K 
Bower Fred., blacksm. 3 Pennsylvania av 
Bower Fredk., 436 Ridge av 
Bower Fred., tailor, 57 Wood 
Bower Fred., butcher, 4th ab Master 
Bower F. barber, 286 R av 
Bower George, jr., clerk, 22 S 3d 
BOWER GEO. C, pharmaceutist, N E 6th and 

Bower Henry, drug bro. 7 S Front 
BOWER HENRY A., drug., N E 6th & Green 
Bower Jas. E., druggist, 40 Race 
Bower John, butcher, Coates n 25th 
Bower John, carp. Barday's ct 
Bower John, collector, 363 Ridge av 
Bower John, saddler, Williams' ct 
Bower John, baker, 193 Parrish 
Bower John, baker, 751 N 10th 
Bower John, music professor, 7 Union sq 
Bower John, baker, 17th bel Callowhill 
Bower John, combmr. F road bel Norris 
Bower Jos., bricklr. 154 Beach (K) 
Bower Josh., hatter, 152 Beach (K) 
Bov/er L., manuf. Front and York 
Bower Pauline, cabinetmr. Alder bel Jefferson 
Bower Rich'd C, bricklr. F road bel Norris (K) 
Bower Robt. F., tavern, F road and Norris (K) 
Bower Robt. N., carp. 241 Marshall 
Bower Robert S., druggist, 3d and G T road 
Bower Rudolph, turner. Queen bel Vienna 
Bower Saml., carp. 3 Cai-oline bel Marshall 
Bower Saml. C, mer. 877 N 8th 
Bower Saml. D., shipwt. 877 N 8th _ 
Bower Susan, rear Front bel Franklin 
Bower Wm., mach. Beach (K) 
Bower Wm., lab. 15th bel South 
Bower Wm., cabinetmr. 174 N 4th 
Bowers Adam, di-ayman, 152 Lawrence (N L) 
Bowers Alex., wheelwright, 680 S 2d 
Bowers Allen, macht. Grap (W P) 
Bowers Catharine, Harrison n 21st 
Bowers Daniel, cordw. 8th ab Girard av 
Bowers David, wheelwrt. Cumberland bel 2d 
Bowers D. P., daguerreotypist, 217 N 2d 
Bowers E., artist, 292 Chestnut 
Bowers Geo., M'atchm. 5th bel Raspberry (MV) 




Bovrers George, brictmr. Shippen la bel South|Bo\syer John, salesman, 198 Market, h Callow- 
Bowers Henn' H., watchman, 20 Palm '; hiU ab 4tli 
Bowers Jesse, brickmr. Federal n Irish Tract lajBowyer W. C, prefect, G Colleg-e 

Bowers John C, tailor, 71 S 2d 
Bowers John E., baker, 20th ab South 
Bowers Margaret, di'ess mr. 11 Union sq 
Bowers Martha, b h, 276 Chestnut 
Bowers Peter, brickmr. Jessamine n lotli 
Bowers P. G., post office, h 60 Buttonwood 
Bov."ers Eich'd, shoemr. West bel Palmer 
Bowers Robert, carp. Perrj- ab Jefferson 
Bowers Solomon, boatmr. 21st bel Pine 
Bowers Thos., saddler, 10th ab Thompson 
Bowers Thos., cutter, 71 S 2d, h o53 South 

:BoT William, dry goods, 451 N 2d 

JBoyce Andrew, liquor, Master and Mervine 

iBoyce Ann, corsets, 69 Arch 

iBoyce Francis, lab. Linden pi X of Bedford 

jBoyce Henrj-, lab. 766 Wood 

jBoyce Henry, lab. Point house road bel Church 

(Boyce James, lab. 29 Hurst 

Boyce John, milkman, Salmon bel William 
: Boyce John, lab. 307 S Front 

Boyce John C, coppersm. 80 Charlotte 
: Boyce Mary, milliner, 348 Race 

Bovrers Wm., brickmr. Federal n Irish Tract la Boyce Michael, gasman. Pine n Sch Willow 

Bowers Wm., reg. wifls, S. H., h 424 X 5th 

Bowes J., chainnr. 40 Maria 

Bowes J. M., o06J- Race 

Bowes Mai'tin, lab. 27 Hutchinson 

BOWLBY & BREXXER, hardware, 25 X 5th 

Bowlby E., mer. 25 X 5th 

Bowlby Samuel L., stock and note broker, 56 Boyd Ales., mer. 6 X Del av, h 7 Wood 

Walnut, h 165 S 3d Boyd Alex., cordw. 562 Shippen 

Bowlby & Son, conveyancers real estate Park Boyd Alexander, clerk, 128 S 6th 

, Bovce Samuel, grocer, 13th and Carrol 
'BOYCE & OTTERS OX, livery stable, 85 Ridge 

avenue and James 
jBoyce Wm. H., stove store. Ridge avenue aad 
I James, h 51 James 
Boyd Alexander, weaver, 18 Fitler 

and Washington (W P) 
Bowlbv Thos. Y., conveyancer, Seneca &. Onei- 
da (W P) 
Bowler Elizabeth, shop, 14 S 10th 
Bowles Benjamin H., porter, 72 Washington 
Bowles Geo., lab. Prospect ab Thompson 
Bowles James, lab. Murray W 20th 

Boyd Andrew, vreaver, rear Cutl^bert E 20tli - 

Boyd Andrew, blacksm. Madison n Austin 
I Boyd Andrew, collector, 211 Lombard 

Boyd Anna, ^Irs., milliner, 43 X Sth 

Bovd Bridget, rear 3 Clark 

jBOYD & BROTHEP4 dry goods, 103 Market 
and :52 Church al 


Bovrles James R., jr., carp. Clinton ab Franklin [Boyd Catharine, stone cut. CarroU ab 13th 
Bowles John L., coffee roaster, 134 X 2d, h Boyd Cornelius, lab. Mullen ct 

Hanover ab West (K) 
Bowles M., variety store, 242 S 2d 
Bowles Sarali, ^Mi's., 6 Hunter 
Bowman Abiel, tailor, 8 Stephen's pi 
Bowman Abrm., waiter, 3 Carolina pi 
Bowman Benjamin, trimmings, 144 P road 
Bowman Christian, store, 26 Marshall 
Bowman Elizabeth, spooler. Rose bel Broad 
Bov,'man Elizabeth, [Mrs., 75 G T road 

Boyd Daniel, lab. 8 White's ct 
[Bovd David, gent. 18th and Hamilton 

BOYD DAATD, Jr., cloths, 32 S 4th, h ISth & 
j Hamilton 

I Boyd Dennis, cordw. 29 Hurst 

Boyd Edwin, carp. Master and Randolph (K) 
;Boyd Eli, dyer, Fraley's al 

Bovd Elizabeth S., b h, 138 Pine 

BOYD E. S., upholsterer, 117 N 5th 

Bowman Franklin, moulder, 2d ab Cumberland Boyd George, grocer, Lewis ab Master 

Bowman Geo. AY., cordw. Eraser's ct 
Bowman Jacob, M. D., 587 Lombard ab 15th 
Bowman James K., grocer, 609 X 15th 
Bowman John, lab. Olive bel 13th 
Bowman John, letter canier, 24 Combe's al 
Bowman John, hatter, 471 X 2d 
Bowman John S., trimmings, 60 Laurel 
Bowman Jonas, grocer, 210 X 3d, h 78 Yine 
Bowman Joseph K., locksm. 344 Race 
Bowman Jos., shoemr. Olive bel 13th 
Bowman Lewis A., lab. 17 Wesley ab 3d 
Bowman Margaret, 290 Yine 
Bowman M., mer., 118 X 3d, h 215 X 5th 
Bowman Saml., printer, 26 Beck pi 
Bowman Samuel, lab. Xicetovrn lane 
Bo-mnan Sarali, b h, 55 X 2d 

I Boyd George, printer, 46 Lebanon 
Bovd George, white washer 5 L Washington 

JBoVd Geo., grocer, S W I2th & Market, h 188 

j ■ Fdbert 

[Boyd Geo., Filbert ab Wharton 

■ Boyd George J., merchant, 103 Market, h 338 

jBoyd Geo. W., mach. 17 Brandi'wine 

:Boyd Henry, chairmr. 3d ab Oxford (K) 
Boyd Henry, tavern. South bel Broad 

JBoyd Hugli, tailor, 10 Owen ab 13th 

'Boyd Hugh, 3 Watt 

: Bovd Hugh, tailor, 264 Mai-ket, h Howard ab 
Master (K) 

iBoyd H. B., clerk, 806 W Market 

'Boyd James, cordw. Dunton bel Franklin (K) 

Bowman Thomas, mer. 62 Walnut, h 53 X 15th. Boyd James, printer, 6 Flower 

Bowman Wm., 624 Callowhill 
Bo^vman Wm, H., paper dealer, 640 X 3d 
Bownes Richard, lab. 4 Gulielma 
Bovvney Pati'ick, lab. Beach ab Walnut 
Bowser Da%-id B., sign painter, 177 N 4th 
Bowser Isaac, porter, Gulielma 
Bowser James, porter, 345 Lombard 
Bowyer Jacob, carp. 2d st road 

Boyd James, baker. Winter W 21st 

Bovd James, stockingmr. Duke and Marlboro' 

Bovd James, dver, 261 S 17th 

Boyd Jas. W., mer. 103 Market, 268 Pine 

Boyd Jane, 13 Perry ab Franklin av 

Boyd Jane, Bm-ton ab 15th 

Boyd John, lab. Leopard bel Phoenix(K) 

Boyd John, machinist, 48 Marshall 





Boyd John, lab. Federal n 7th. 

Boyd John, tailor, 150 N Water, h 161 N Front 

Boyd John, machinist, Hope ab Jefferson (K) 

Boyd John, lab. Richmond (R) 

Boyd John, mach. Deal 

Boyd John, carp. Oak ab "William (W P) 

Boyd John, packer, 273 Market, h Sharswood 

Boyd Jno. L., stone cutter, 497 Brown 

Boyd John Oliver, merchant, 103 Market, h 278 

Boyd John T., mer. 77 Chestnut, h 15 S 16th 
Boyd John W, clerk bank Commerce, Till ab 

Washing-ton (W P) 
Boyd J. Oliver & Co., dry g-oods, 103 Market 

and 32 Church al 
Boyd J. J., 643 N 15th 
Boyd J. S., tobacconist, 123 S 5th 
Boyd Nath. B., student at law, 188 Filbert 
Boyd Pat., carter, Hanover ab Brown 
Boyd Rebecca, Henry n Lombard 
Boyd Robert, printer, 46 Lebanon 
Boyd Robert, ostler. Brown n Ostler 
Boyd Rog-er, lab. G T road ab Somerset 
Boyd Saml., boatman, 22d n Hamilton 
Boyd Samuel, lab. Cuthbert bel 20th 
Boyd Samuel, tailor, N W Water and Atc\ h 

21 Race 
Boyd Stewart, hostler, Marriott ab 8th 
BOYD & STROUD, china ware,'26 N 4th 
Boyd Tliomas, lab. rear Master and Amber 
Boyd Thomas, tailor, 20 Lafayette 
Boyd Thomas, eng-ineer, Pag-oda 
Boyd Thomas, carp. 23 Jones al, h 4 fe'armer 
Boyd Thos., bootmr. 19th n Duffie 
Boyd Thos., lab. 18 William ab Otter 
Boyd Thos., carp. 4 Farmer 
Boyd Thos., stove finisher, 43 Duke 
Boyd Thos. A., mer. 26 N 4th, h 93 Filbert 
Boyd Thomas A., plumber, 457 Market, h 117 

N 5th 
Boyd Thomas C, clerk, 26 N 4th 
Boyd Wm., tallow chandler, 121 N 5th 
Boyd Wm., g-rocer, 806 W Market 
Boyd Wm., waiter. Pearl ab 13th 
Boyd Wm. S., grocer, 13 S Water, house 128^ 

OYD WM. S. & CO., grocers, 13 S Water 
BOYD WM. S. & CO., boots and shoes, 76 S 2d 
Boyden Mary, 367 S 5th 
Boye Martin H., Prof. Chemistry Hig-h School, 

h 598 Poplar 
Boyed E., dressmr. Shippen ab 13th 
Boyer Abram, potter, Apple bel Jefferson (K) 
Boyer Alexander, gate keeper, Nicetown la 
Boyer Ann, Mrs., gentw. 302 N 3d 
Boyer Anthony, shop, Buttonwood ab 10th 
Boyer Charles, feed store, 621 S 2d 
Boyer Chas. A., musician, 4 Wood 
Boyer Daniel, shoemr. 522 S Front 
Boyer Daniel L., teach, of music, 109 N Juniper 
Boyer Edwin, bookbinder, 44 N 4th, h Marshall 

n Master 
Boyer Elizabeth, gentw. 158 N 9th 
Boyer Evan M., ship carp. Church above Wash- 
Boyer Franklin A., mer. 23 S 2d 
Boyer Franklin J., broker, 45 S 4th, h 143 Olive 
Boyer Geo., carter, G T road ab 5th 

Boyer Henry, seaman, rear Shippen ab 13th 

Boyer Hiram L., bricklr. Girard and Lewis 

Boyer Jacob, carp. Union and F road 

Boyer Jacob, brickmr. 572 Apple 

Boyer Jacob, lab. Kressler n Norris 

Boyer Jesse, saddler. Oak ab Moore (W P) 

Boyer John, carp. 6 Wood 

Boyer John, basket mr. Price n Front 

Boyer Littleton, cooper, 522 S Front 

Boyer Nathan, cabinetmr. 102 Prime 

Boyer Saml. D, clerk, 48 N 4th, h Parrish n 16th 

Boyer Sarah L., teacher, rear 51 Federal 

Boyer Sidney, salesman, 41 S 2d 

Boyer William, combmr. 660 Poplar 

Boyer Wm., h 406 N 10th ab Green 

Boyer Wm., plasterer. Winter ab 21st 

Boyes B. C, macht. 5 Hart's Buildings, h Noble 

ab 8th 
Boyle And. lab. Blockley and Monumentr (W P) 
Boyle Andrew, lab. Jefferson bel 10th 
Boyle Bernard, lab Washington (W P) 
Boyle Cornelius, lab. rear Bedford ab Shippen la 
Boyle Cornelius, lab. 5th bel Pierce 
Boyle Catharine, 2 Willow ct 
Boyle Catharine, 1 Church av 
Boyle Chas., lab. 10 W George 
Boyle Chas., lab. Dickerson bel 8th 
Boyle Edward, lab. Lloyd ab Shippen 
Boyle Edward, Cadwallader bel Master 
Boyle Edw., gent. Marriott's la ab 8th 
Boyle Elizabeth, b h, 4 Powell 
Boyle Geo., mate, 29 Bayard 
Boyle Geo. W., moulder, Fraley's al 
Boyle Henry, lab. Filbert n 20th 
Boyle Hugh, Cadwallader ab Phoenix (K) 
Boyle Hugh, plasterer, George E 18th 
Boyle Hugh, lab. 26 W South 
Boyle Hugh, lab. Murray n 20th 
Boyle Hugh H., moulder, 36 Reed 
Boyle James, blacksm. Washington bel Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Boyle James, lab. Wester's ct 
Boyle James, lab. rear 19th bel Lombard 
Boyle James, lab. Mary bel Centre 
Boyle James, lab. Sutherland av n Christian 
Boyle James, Prime ab 8th 
Boyle Jas., weaver, Cadwallader ab Jefferson 
Boyle John, coachsm. N W 10th and Wood 
Boyle John, printer, 2d & Brown, h 494 N 3d 
Boyle John, lab. Locust bel 22d 
Boyle John, lab. Harmstead ab 20th 
Boyle John, lab. Sutherland av n Christian 
Boyle John, waterman. Reed bel Church 
Boyle John, weaver, 25 McDuffie 
Boyle John, lab. 21st and George 
Boyle John, lab. Watts' ct 
Boyle John, spooler, rear Brinton 
Boyle John, lab .Washington (W P) 
Boyle John C, confect. CallowhiU bel 21st 
Boyle Joseph, hackman, Prime ab 9th 
Boyle Margaret, 597 S 7th 
Boyle Margaret Mrs. Oak n Margaretta (W P) 
Boyle Martin, dealer, 422 S Front 
Boyle Mary Back, 56 Fitzwater 
Boyle Matthew, lab. Pine n Sch WiUow 
Boyle Michael A., carp. 482 S 8th 
Boyle Mr., Rev., 312 Pine bel 12th 
Boyle Neal, lab. Leyden's ct 




Boyle Patrick, painter, 9th and Wharton 
Boyle Patrick, lab. NichoFs av 

Boyle Patrick, shop, 187 South 

Boyle Patrick, lab. Brown and R rd (R) 

Boyle Patrick, lab. 8 Scott's ct 

Boyle Patrick, carman, Summer bel the Canal 

Boyle Peter, lab. Wire Bridg-e Hotel (W P) 

Boyle Peter, lab. Wagoner's ct 

Boyle Philip, gi'ocer. Filbert and 22d 

Boyle Robert, painter, 9th and Wharton 

Boyle Robert, dealer, 26 Benton 

Braden Wm., coachman, 3 Marshall's ct 
jBraden Wm., weaver, Milton bel 12th 
iBraderr," Benj. F., toioacconist. Pine ab 2d 
JBrades Arthur, com. mer. 131 S Front, h 77 
I Dock 

Bradfield Alfred, behhanger, Centre ab 19th 
'Bradfield Chas., 246 Marshall 

Bradfield Jas. F, locksm. 155 X 12th, h 19S 
, Arch 

Bradfield Jeremiah, macht. Worth bel 5th 

Bradfield Jeremiah, macht. 31 Hazel 

Boyle Robert, whipmaker. 61 Dock, h 2 Fish- Bradfield J. B., bell hanger, 16 Olive 

er's ct 
Boyle Sarah, 82 Swanson 
Boyle Thos. J., dyer, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Boyle Wellington H., clerk, 56 Chestnut, h 

Laurel (C) 
Boyle Wm., cedar cooper, 347 Market, h 

Boyle Wm., gardener, George W 19th 
Boylen Jas., painter, Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Boylen John, lab. KeifF's av 
Boylen Nicholas, dealer, St Paul's av 
Bovles Geo., blacksm. 989 N 2d 

Bradfield Marj- C, di-essmr. 16 Olive 
Bradfield Oliver, plasterer, 461 Poplar 
Bradford Charles, dealer, Germantown road ab 

i Bradford Cornelius J., clerk, Washington ab 

11th (S G) 
I Bradford Hamiah, Marriott ab 5th 
Bradford Heniy, shoemr. Xicetown la 
Bradford Henrietta, eating house, 246 Market 
Bradford J. B., bookkeeper, X W 10th Sc Fil- 

bert, h 77 Washington (S G) 
Bradford John, carp. Sei'geant n F rd 
Boyles Jackson, coach trimmer, 13th bel But- Bradford Jno., moulder, Amber ab Phoenix (K^ 

tonwood Bradford Man,-, 3 Lawrence 

Boyles Jas., bookbind. 9J Sansom, h 310 X 7th Bradford Rebecca, shop, 165 Lombard 

Boj-nton A., M. D., 98 S 4th 
Boys Nathan, capt. 7^ Chuixh 
Boyter Louisa, 446 Marshall (K) 
Bozarth Hudson, lab. 11 Pine (S) 
Bozarth Wm., stair builder, 96 Alder 
Bozarth Wm., Thompson ab 16th 
Bozorth William T 

Bradford Reuben, shoemr. Xicetown la 
[Bradford Samuel, Treas. Phil. & Reading Rail- 
road Co., 4th and Wihing's al, h 474 Wal- 
I nut n 17th 

I Bradford Samuel, cordw. 27 Temon 
'Bradford Sarah, gentw. 169 St John 
cordwainer. Beach above Bradford Stephen, cooper, 3 La-svTence pi 
Bradford Theophilus, shoemr. Nicetown la 

Braceland Bridget :M., upholsterer, 153 Wahiut, BRADFORD ^TXCEXT L., attorney at law, 5 

h 29 Sansom j Sansom 

Braceland Chas., lab. 22d bel Arch Bradford Walter, bookseller, 139 S 11th 

Braceland Charles, 253 S 12th iBRADFORD WM., gent. 167 S loth 

Braceland Jas., lab. Fitzwater n 18th Bradford Wra., weaver, Hamilton W 22d 

Braceland Patrick, milkman, 71 Xoble Bradier Chas., shoemr. 6th and G T rd 

Brach Christ., stove finisher, 7 Garden Bradin Oliver, carp. Juniper ab Arch 

Brachh old Hen., mason, Jefferson av bel Marion Bradley Abigail, 8 Ukich row 
Brachold Andrew, cooper. Federal n 7th Bradley Andrew, lab. 9 Marker 

Brachvogel Oscar, apoth. & chem. 147 Coates i Bradley Ann, Mifflin n 13th 

Bracier, jevreUer, T\ orth ab Franklin 
Brack M., h 116 S 8th 
Bracken James, polisher, 122 Locust 
Bracken Peter, lab. rear 12 Lawrence 
Bracker & Matthias, lith. engs. 15 Minor 
Brackin Henry, brass founder, 15 Perry 
Brackin Richard, carp. 5th bel Sycamore (WP) 
Brackinridge James, lab. Jones n 21st 
Brackney Chas., painter. Enterprise bel 5th 
Brackney Hassady, driver. South vv'ark n 7th 
Bradburry Samuel, clerk, 14 Bank 

Bradley Ann, confec. h 78 Locust 
Bradley A., daguer. 34 Turners 
Bradley Bamet, lab. 24th bel Lombard 
Bradley Bernard, baker, 561 S 8th 
Bradley Bernard, tavern, Callowhill n Fairmount 
Bradley Chas., drover, Storey n 7th (W P) 
Bradley Charles, taveni, 12th and Christian 
, Bradley Charles, lab. 565 Christian • 
; Bradley Charles, Storey n 7th (W P) 
I Bradley Chi'ist., dra^Tnan, rear Howard ab Jef- 
j ferson (K) 
'Bradley David, butcher. Prime bel 3d 

Bradbmy- Jos., stone mason, Ann W 17th 

BradbuT}- M., livery stables, G T rd ab Wager .Bradley David, baker, 208 Carpenter 
Bradbury Man.', trimmings, G T road and 4th ^ Bradley Dominick, tavern, 165 Shippen 
Bradbuiy Robert, cotton dealer, X3d ab Green, Bradley D., tavern, 166 P road 

Braddock Brazilla, bricklr. 628 X 11th 
Braddock Darnell, carp. F road and York 
Braddock Ira, salesman, 1 Dedaker's ct 
Braddock Israel, porter, rear Clifton 
Braddock L., painter, 90 X 10th, h 568 Vine 
Braddock Reuben, carp. Price ab F road 
Braden J., carp. South ab Broad 
Braden Mar}-, 561 Wood 

Bradlev Edward, carp. Anita ab 11th 

Bradley Edward, lab. 94 X 11th 

Bradley Elizabeth, 44 Hampton 
: Bradley Frances, seamstress, Dorsey n 13th 
.Bradley Francis, lab. 39 Murray 
; Bradley Francis, carter, Lombard ab Broad 
i Bradley Francis, melter, Bridge ab 9th (W P) 

Bradley George, cordw. Christian bel 7th 




Bradley Geo., coppersm. 6 Washinglon pi 

Bradley Henry, Carpenter bel 11th 

Bradley Henrj^, weaver, 8 Philip 

Bradley Jacob, lab. 72 Kessler 

Bradley Jas., weaver, 13th bel Shippen 

Bradley James, lab. Soirell bel Larch (R) 

Bradley James, drover. Storey n 7th (W P) 

Bradley James, lab. Shippen ab 19th 

Bradley James, liquors, 11th and Milton 

Bradley James E., machinist, Winter bel 21st 

Bradley James, baker, 285 South 

Bradley James, lab. 13th bel Federal 

Bradley Jas., g-rocer, Cadwalader & Phoenix (K) 

Bradley Jas., lab. 10th bel Prime 

Bradley James & John, restaurant, 104 N 3d, h 

cor Wood and Dillwyn 
Bradley John, carp. 8th bel Marriott 
Bradley John, tailor, 295 S 3d 
Bradley John, macht. Winter bel 21st 
BRADLEY JOHN, tavern, 143 S Front and 142 

S Water 
Bradley John, weaver, 6 Washing-ton pi 
Bradley John, tailor, Marriot bel 9th 
Bradley John, lab. Orang-e bel 12th 
Bradley John, blacksmith, 13 Philip 
Bradley John, carp. Leonard n 8th 
Bradley John J., sea capt. 274 S Front 
Bradley John O., shoemr. 6 N 5th, h 633 5th ab 

Bradley Jos., macht. 163 Washington 
Bradley J. W., publisher, 48 N 4th, h 478 N 8th 
Bradley Lawrence, lab. 2 Bell's ct 
Bradley Marg-., Beach bel Hanover (K) 
Bradley Martha, washer, Kirkpatricic's ct 
Bradley Michael, weaver, 19 Philip (K) 
Bradley Michael, porter, 8 Abbott's ct 
Bradley Michael, lab. Hall 
Bradley Nancy Mrs. 561 S 8th 
Bradley Patrick, pedlar. Flower 
Bradley Patrick, lab. 531 Christian 
Bradley Patrick, lab. 21st bel Lombard 
Bradley Patrick, baker, 561 S 8th 
Bradley Peter, cabman, S E 10th and Race 
Bradley Peter R., salesman, 164 Market 
Bradley Philip, cordw. Wall 
Bradley Philip, carp. 281 S 17th 
Bradley Sherman, baker, Lombard n 20th 
Bradley Thomas, carp, h 542 Pine 
Bradley Thomas, painter, Philip bel Columbia 
Bradley Thomas, coachman, 316 S 7th 
Bradley Timothy, boatnaan, 22d bel Spruce 
Bradley & Waterman, dag-uerreotype, 82 South 
Bradley Wm., switch tender, Shippen ab 12th 
Bradley Wm., lab. 561 S 8th 
Bradley Wm., weaver, 847 Lombard 
Bradley Wm., lab. St Mary's n 7th 
Bradrack Jane Mrs., 28 Plover 
Bradshaw E., huckster, Marlboro bel Bedford 


Bradshaw James, carter, 9th ab Federal 
Bradshaw John, ship carp. Marlboro bel Bed- 
ford (K) 
Bradshaw John, sawmr. 75 Maiden 
Bradshaw Jos., Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Bradshaw Joseph T., clerk, S AV 5th and Minor 
Bradshaw Sarah, wid. of John, 8 J La Grang-epl 
Bradshaw Sarah, teacher. Spruce ab 16tli 
Bradshaw Wm., painter, 162 Lawrence (N L) 

Bradshaw Wm. K., accountant, 306 N 8th 

Bradway Isaac, bookstore, 89 Sp Garden 

Brady Alex., store, rear 10 Shippen 

Brady Amelia, g-entw. 120 Lombard 

Brady Ann, shop, 10 Baker 

Brady Arthui-, tailor, 10th bel Pi-ime 

Brady A. E., g-rocer, Ridge av op Francis (F V) 

Brady A. M., 106 Union 

BRADY BERNARD, liquors & wines, 186 Race 

Brady Bernard, milliner, Lombard E 21st 

Brady Bernard, clerk, S E 6th and Minor 

Brady Bridget, 19th and Lombard 

Brady Bridget, spooler, rear Shippen la below 

Brady Catharine, Catharine bel Broad 
Brady Charles, agent, 6 Whitecar's ct 
Brady Charles, lab.Cuthbert n 23d 
Brady D. C. E., mer. 4 Chestnut ab Front, h 

High sti-eet, Germantov»-n 
BRADY EDWARD, manufacturer, Washington 

bel Till (W P) 
BRADY EDWARD F., com. mer. 27 N Front, 

h 77 Buttonwood 
Brady E. A., 8th bel Carpenter 
Brady Francis, weaver, Columbia bel 3d 
Brady Francis, lab. West (R) 
Brady George, cigarmr. 120 South 
Brady George, lak 714 N 10th 
Brady Hannah, 169 Locust 
Brady Hannah, 131 Q.ueen (S) 
Brady Hugh, lab. 38 South n 19th 
Brady Hugh, salesman, 396 :Market, h 1 Jackson 
Brady James, cabtmr. h 10 Nectarine 
Brady James, tavern, 13th and Bedford 
Brady James, engraver. Wall 
Brady James, lab. George bel Margaretta (W P) 
Brady James, lab. rear Shippen n 15th 
Brady James, lab. rear Shippen la bel South 
Brady James, E 22d ab Market 
Brady John, printer, 474 S 8th 
Brady John, shop, Shippen ab 7th 
Brady John, sash manuf. Deal (K) 
Brady John, lab. West (R) 
Brady John, shoemr. 24 Hurst 
Brady John H., pawn broker. Locust & Quince 
Brady John K., carp. Willow bel 7th 
Brady Joseph, lab. Cuthbert 
Brady Joseph, carman. Front bel Greenwich 
Brady Mary, shop. Brown ab 4th 
Brady Mary, Burton ab 17th 
Brady Mary, Sutherland av n Christian 
Brady Mary, 50 S 2d, h St Stephen's pi 
Brady Mary, 3 Traquair's ct 
Brady Mary, Mrs., Thompson ab 9th 
Brady Mary E., Maple and Mechanic 
Brady Mary Wm., Washington (W P) 
BRADY MAT. I. & CO., carp. Otter & Leopard, 

and sash manuf Beach bel Shackamaxon, 

h School n Franklin (K) 
Brady Matthew I., carp. & sash manuf, Beach 

bel Shackamaxon, h School n Franklin (K) 
Brady Michael, cordw. rear Griswold al 
Brady Michael, lab. Cuthbert 
Brady Patrick, lab. Brown ab Lehigh av 
Brady Patrick, lab. rear Lehigh (R) 
Brady Patrick, lab. Pink ab Master (K) 
Brady Patrick, lab. Cuthbert 
Brady Patrick, shop, 224 Shippen 




BRADY PAT. F., grocer and ship chand. Sch; 
Beach bel Chestnut j 

Brady Peter, bricklr. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Brady Peter, tailor, 2 Reed 
Brady Philip, mason. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Brady Philip, cordw. Salmon bel Ann 
Brady P., mer. 4 Chestnut, h 397 Arch 
Brady P. & Co., mer. 4 Chestnut ab Front 
Brady Robert, Caledonia ct 
Brady Samuel, weaver, Blair bel Wood (K) 
Brady Samuel, carp. Cadwalader bel Oxford (K) 
BRADY SAML. A. & CO., Eagle Hotel, 139 N 

Brady Thomas, furnishing- store, 360 N 2d 
Brady Thomas, cordw. 871 South 
Brady Thomas, weaver, 38 W South 
Brady Thomas, carp. Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Brady Thos. F., mer. 105 Market, h 358 Spruce 
Brady & Townsend, sash and blind factory, 

Maiden bel Front (N L) 
Brady Wm., tavern, Beach ab Poplar 
Brady Wm., Leonard ab 8th 
Brady Wm., lace weaver, 13 Elder 
Brady Wm., lab. Ogden ab 15th 
Brag-don David, lab. Georg-e E 21st 
Brag-don Thos., lab. George E 21st 
Bragen David, lab. George E 21st 
Brager R., weaver, 43 Pegg 
Bragler Wm., sugar refiner, 399 Apple 
Brainerd Thos. Rev., D. D., 190 Pine 
Braithwaite Fred., carp. Marriott bel 5th 
Braithwaite Thos., draym. Bedford ab Palmer 
Braker Joseph, painter, Miles' ct (K) 
Braman G. G., com. straw goods, 16 N 4th, h 

369 Girard av 
Bramble Chas. W., painter. Oak n Mansion 
Bramble Joseph, cabinetmr. 226 Queen (K) 
Bramble Joseph H., brass founder, Franklin and 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Bi*amble M., store, 3d bel Spruce 
Bramble Sarah, Queen ab Palmer 
Bramble Wm., 26 Mechanic 
Brampton Isaac, tavern, 5th bel Master (K) 
Brand Albert C, tinsm. 345J Market, h Button- 
wood bel Broad 
Brand B., brushmr. h Maple and Mechanic 
Brand Chas. F., tinman, 23 Division 
Brandaw Henry, cutter, 45 N 2d 
Brandaw Nicholas, cordw. 476 Master 
Branden Thos., plasterer, Wharton ab 8th 
Branden Thomas, lab. Barker n 6th 
Brandes Theodore, druggist, S W 7th and Race 
Brandet Otto, tobacco, 20 Buttonwood 
Brandford Henry, gilder, 252 Federal 
Brandow Henry, tailor. Shoemaker's ct 
BrandrifF Henry, cigars, F av and Crown 
Brandstetter Hedwig, Mrs., butch. 43 Callowhill 
Brandstetter Jacob, butcher, Coates ab Nixon 
Brandstetter John G., tobacconist, 569 F road 
Branes Thomas, lab. 5th bel Pierce 
Brandt Christian, confect. 88 -South 
Brandt Henry, pedlar, 7th bel Wharton 
Brandt John, blacksm. 6 Carroll av 
Brandt John, lab. Harmony ct 
Brandt John, lab. 457 S 4th 
Brandt John, tavern, 4th and Catharine 
Brandt John, pawnbroker, 448 South 
Brandt Sophia, b h, 130 Beach (K) 

Brandt Wm., baker, 253 S 7th 
Branigan Daniel, lab. 8 John 
Branigan John, weaver, 2d ab York 
Branigan John, cabinetmr. 10th bel Christian 
Branin John, carter. 603 N 6th 
Brankin Edward, weaver, Adams ab Jefferson 
Brankin Patrick, weaver, 4th and G T road (K) 
Brannan Cath., wid of Patrick, 36 Hampton 
Brannan Catharine, P road ab Marriott 
Brannan Charles, carter, 8th and P road 
Brannan Dennis, shoemr. 11th ab Federal 
Brannan Edward, weaver, 36 Hampton 
Brannan Edward, lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Brannan James, cordw. 292 Richmond (R) 
Brannan James, lab. 6 Stewart 
Brannan John, huckster, 7 Lsetitia ct 
Brannan John, blacksm. Prosperous al 
Brannan John, stone cutter, Meredith ab 23d 
Brannan John, lab. 17th bel Christian 
Brannan Michael, dealer, 242 Shippen 
Brannan Michael, shoemr. Columbia row ab 

Pennsylvania av 
Brannan Pat., 21st bel Filbert 
Brannan Patrick, lab. 14 Concord 
Brannan Patrick, lab. rear 1 Clymer 
Brannan Rich., bootbr. P road ab Marriott 
Brannan Thomas, tanner, Almira pi 
Brannan Thomas, lab. Shirker's al 
Brannegan John, lab. Charlotte ab Thompson 
Brannegan Pat., weaver. Baker's ct (K) 
Brannegan Patrick, lab. Benton n William (K) 
Brannegan Peter, mason, 2 Reid's av 
Brannegan Thos., lab. rear 246 Shippen 
Brannen Sarah, 4 Prospect al 
Brannen Thomas, lab. 2 Wilcox 
Brannen Thomas, lab. Christian and 10th 
Brannen Wm., stone cut. Lancaster pike (W P) 
Brannon Abijah, cigars, 282 Master 
Brannon Abijah, carp. 284 Master; 
Brannon John, lab. Huston ab Duke (R) 
Brannon Michael, lab. Houston ab Brown 
Brannon Patrick, rag dealer, Lepriva 
Brannon Thos., tin smith, 525 F road (R) 
Brano Joseph, artist, 126 Queen 
Bransby Wm., cooper. Till n Oak (W P) 
Branson Ann, shoe binder, Olive ab 12th 
BRANSON ELLIS, coal dealer, Callowhill n 

Broad, h 158 Frankliii ab Noble 
Branson Isaac, ship carp. 74 F road 
Branson John, oysterman. Noble and Emlen's ct 
Branson John, hotel, T}der and Poplar 
Branson Lewis, clerk, 12 N 6th, h 6 Wistar 
Branson Rebecca, intel. office, 115 Race 
Branson Samuel, mer. 59 Market, h 245 Spmce 
Branson Sarah A., gents, fui'nishing store, 76 S 

8th, h 45 George 
Branson Thos., stocking manuf. 2d bel Oxford 
BRANSON THOMAS, coal dealer, Broad n 

Lombard, h 37 S 15th 
Brant Charles, bricklayer, 688 N Front 
Brant Henry, mill stones, 272 Apple 
Brant John, blacksm. 6 Carroll 
Brant Jos., carp. 755 N Front 
Brant Theodore, grainer, 273 Queen 
Brantigano John, baker, 256 Catharine 
Brase Thos., tinsm. Oldham ct bel St John 
Brash Charles, cordw. 66 Charlotte 
Brash John, whipmr. Washington bel Diamond 




Brasler Amable J., gent. Washington ab Till 

Brasier Eliza., g-entw. Washington W Till (W P) 
Brasier John, missionary, 9th st av 
Brasington John, hardware, 214 Randolph 
Brasius Calip, drugg'ist, 20 Myrtle 
Brason James, lab. 19th bel Lombard 
Brass Jacob, lab. Queen and Ball (K) 
Brassy Charles, sawyer, rear 7 Lisle 
Brattick John, 5 Pleasant av 
Bratton Ezra B., agent. Prime bel 10th 
Bratton Geo., bricklayer, 59 German 
Bratton Isaac, carp. Ontario and Myrtle 
Bratton Sarah Ann, gentw. 19 S Rittennhouse 
Bratton Wm. H., Christian bel Lebanon 
Braun Charles, shoe findings, 88 N 4th 
Bi-aun C, baker, 165 Vine 
Braun Eliza, wid of Fred., Front &. Diamond 
Braun George, innkeeper, Rising Sun 
Braun John, butcher, 265 Federal _ 
Braunewell Frederick, blacksmith, 22 Dunton 
Brautigam John H., druggist, William & Larch, 

h Richmond and William 
Brautigam Margaret, b h, William & Larch (R) 
Brawley Thos., lab. William bel Richmond 
Brawnwell Wm., lampmr. 24 Garden 
Bray Charles, tavern, 80 South 
Bray Daniel, mer. 217 Vine 
Bray E. F., Mrs., 374 Parrish 
Bray Henry K., bricklayer, 32 Monroe 
Bray James H., glass cutter, 82 Allen (K) 
Bray John, grocer, S W Franklin and Coates 
Bray John, mer. 52 Chestnut, h 142 Marshall 
Bray J. W., mer. 163 Market, h Franklin House 
Bray & Mercer, glass cut. Branch ab 3d 
Bray Samuel, clerk, 517 N 6th 
Bray Wm., cordw. Wash'ton rear Park (W P) 
Bray W. K., gent. 47 Summer 
Brayman Benj. H., chair manuf. 59 N Front, h 

208 N 2d 
Brayman Mary, Truxton bel Budd 
Braynard J. D., 212 Shippen bel 11th 
Brayne Richard, lab. rear South ab 18th 
Brazao Joseph, melter, 170 Shippen 
BRAZER CHRISTOPHER, alderman, 61 N 5th 
Brazer John, tailor, 188 Federal 
Brazier Geo. T., sailmr. Shackamaxon 8c Ann 
Brazier Thomas, driver, 7th bel Dickerson 
Brearley James, sawmr. 3 Fries' ct 
Brearley Preston, shipwr. 614 S Front 
Brearley R., wid. 3 Lancaster 
Brearley Wm., ship carp. 602 S Front 
Breason John, shoemr. Knowles' av 
BREBAN JAMES M., pub. int. tables, 89 S 3d, 

cor Pear & 3d, h 597 Spruce 
Breban J. J., note br. 89 S 3d, h 597 Spruce 
Brechemin Chas., tobacconist, 86 S 3d 
Brechemin Lewis, jeweler, 120 S 2d 
Brechemin Lewis, jr., acct. Redwood bel 4th 
Brecht Wm., musician, Hope n Otter 
Breck Samuel, gent. 422 Arch ab Broad 
Breckenridge Hugh, lab. 261 P road 
Breckenridge Wm., bookbinder, 8th bel P road 
Breece Sulivan, turner. Queen ab Palmer 
Breed Samuel D., agent, 414 Vine 
Breed Wm., M., dry goods 414 Vine 
Breeding James O., painter, 2d bel Reed 
Breen James, tailor, Salmon ab WiUiam (R) 

Breen John, blacksm. 6th bel Whai-ton 
Breen John, weaver, 17th and Helmuth 
Breen John, tailor, 878 N 11th 
Breen John, porter, 7 Commerce, h 1 Gaffney's 


Breen Michael, grocer, 9th and Larch 
Breen Owen, weaver. White n 15th 
Breen Patrick, tailor, 19 Marker 
Breen Patrick, lab. 2 Wilcox 
Breen Peter, distiller, 143 S 10th 
Breen Timothy, weaver. White n 15th 
Breen Thomas, clerk, 143 S 10th 
Breese David, lab. Passyunk 
Bregy F. A., 134 Wallace 
Brehm Francis, brewery, 129 Coates ab 3d 
Breich Wm., basket mr. Prime n Long la 
Breidenbach C, cordw. 102 Ridge av 
Breidenhart John C, merchant, 115 S Front, h 

Ciiestnut W 19th 
Breidenlach Saml., rag dealer, rear 470 N 3d 
BREIDING CHv^RLES H., grocer, N W Cal- 

lov/hill and 7th, h 259 Wood 
Breier Peter, morocco fin., rear 115 Poplar ab 

Breinbach Moses, rag dealer, 207 Brow'n 
Breinig David E., M. D., 30 Chatham 
BREINIG, FRONEFIELD & CO., druggists, 

187 N 3d 
Breinig- George, tavern. Crown and Vine 
Breinig Jac, grocer, N E 3d & Vine, h 357 N 7th 
Breintnell George N., tea mer. 337 Market, h 

305 Wood 
Breish John, vict.. Master bel 4th (K) 
Breish Joshua, jr., butcher. Master bel 4th 
Breish Mary, tavern, S W Poplar & Lawrence 
Breish Wm., butcher. Front and Norris (K) 
Breitbart Wm., cabinetmr. Watkin bel 4th 
Breiter A. R., prof, music, 9th and Wood 
Breisford Chapman, shoemr., Lyndall's al 
Brelsford Francis, Charlas n Buttonwood 
Breisford John, potter, Newmarket & G T road 
Brelsford Jonathan, cabinetmr. 30 Saranak 
Breslsford Roland H., salesman, 141 Chestnut, 

h Green ab 9th 
Bremer Henry, mai'iner, 33 Mead 
Bremer John L., mer. 87 Market, h 8 Franklin 
Bremer Lewis & Son, tobac. 190 N 3d 
BREMER & REICHERT, dry goods, 87 Market 
Bremer Saml., 89 Crown 
Bremeyer Geo. W., mer. 89 S Front 
Bremner John, printer. Centre ab Brown 
Brendlinger Hannah Ann, b h, 5 Lombard 
Brenizer J. A., cutter, S W 5th and Market, h 

176 Federal 
Brenman Michl., store, 211 Race 
Brenman Nich., cordw. 309 S 11th 
Brenn Jno. W., butcher. Front and Diamond 
Brennam Patrk, porter, 45 N 3d, h M'Leods' ct 
Brennan Margaret, tailor, 17 Farmer 
Brennan Mich., ropemr. Waterloo ab Clearfield. 
Brennan Peter, provision store, S W 10th and 

Brennan Thos., weaver. Federal n 15th 
Brenneke J. H., book kr. 83 Chestnut 
Brennen Ambrose, dealer, 39 Penn 
Brennen Couner, carter, Monroe ab 17th 
Brennen Geo., cabinet mr. 18 Watson's al 
Brennen Wm., dealer, 39 Penn 




Brenner Dominick, coal mer. Locust W 21st 
Brenner Fredk. W., baker, F road opp Oxford 
Brenner Henry W., baker, Wood n Franklin 
Breraier John, macht. and tav. 13th ab Coates 
Brenner John G., mer. 25 N 5th, h 18th & 

Brenner Wm., shoemr. Palmer and Duke 
Brenning-er Godfrey, bootmi-. 40 Hancock 
Brenton Wm. J., stables, 12th and Vine, h 200 

N 12th 
Breslan Patk., g-rocer, 138 Lombard 
Bressel Jas., weaver, Houston ab Jackson (K) 
Bresson Cornelius, cordw. Stewai't 
BrethofF Henry, mate, 21 Vernon 
BRETT ALPHONZE, lithographer, 4 and 6 

S 7th, h 26 N 7th 
Brettan & Alcock, 95 Melon 
BRETTARGH & STEDMAN, paper hangers, 

63 N3d 
Bretz Maria, 357 Race 
Breuer Christian, tavern, 480 Coates 
Breuker Fred., foundry. Worth ab Franklin (S) 
Breuker Geo., photographist. Worth ab Frank- 
lin (S) 
Breunig Francis, beer house, 216 N 6th 
Breuninger Christopher, turner, 179 Noble 
Brew Jas., rear 179 N 10th 
Brew John, umbrella cutter, 12 Concord 
Brew Wm., seaman, 5 Parham 
Brewer Ann, herbalist, rear 84 Walnut 
Brewer Chas., ice dealer, 48 Duke 
Brewer Chas. B., cordw. G T r and York 
Brewer Edward, miUwrt. 25 Phoenix (K) 
Brewer Elizabeth, Jefferson n G T road 
Brewer George, lab. Eldridge row 
Brewer James, porter, 41 Commerce, h Emer- 

ick ct 
Brewer John, chairmr. Clinton bel Poplar 
BREWER JOHN, sen., tavern, Marlborough 

bel Duke (K) 
Brewer Jos., rope manf, Woodbine"ab Wharton 
Brev.'er Richard, weaver, William (K) 
Brewer Robert, cabinetmr. 216 N 2d, h 69 

Brewer Robert, ship joiner. East av 
Brewer Samuel, ornamental painter, 5| S 3d 
Brewer Thos. A., watchmr. 191 CaUowhiU 
Brewer Wm., collector, 38 Sears 
Brewer Wm., lab., 1 Jefferson bel G Tr 
Brewster Andrew, weaver, 13th ab Wharton 
*Brewster Benjamin H., att'y and coun. 130 S 3d 
Brewster Chas. O., book kr. 124 Market 
Brewster Daniel, tailor, 95 Wood 
Brewster Enoch C, att'y at law, 76 S 6th 
BREWSTER FRED'K C, att'y & coun., 48 

S 6th 
Brewster Geo., lab. Somerset ab Brown 
Brewster Geo., seaman, h 40 Duponceau 
Brewster Jac. M., waterman. Berry's ct 
Brewster Job, cordw. 7th ab V/ashing-ton 
Brewster Jos. S., att'y and coun., 65 S 5th 
Brewster Rebecca, Story ct (K) 
Brewton Daniel, lab. 134 Federal 
Bre'wton Edw., plumber, 74 Carpenter 
Breyer Lewis, toys, 133 Arch 
Brezell James, shoemr. Bedford n 18th 
Brian Chas. H., salesman, 62 Market, li Charles 

n Buttonwood 

Brian Robt., carter, 28 Barker 

Brian Wm., tailor, 141 Chestnut, h Charles near 

Brian Wm., drayman, Lewis W 17th 
Briant Chas., seaman, 270 Prime 
Briar Valentine, lab. Kline's Row 
Brice Ephraim, 275 S 5th 
Brice Jos., grocer, 4th and Noble 
Brice S. H., 336 Pine 
Brice Wm., com. mer. Broad bel Race, h 172 

N 12th -*• 
Briceland Benj., tavern, 121 N 6th 
Brichert Michael, gilder. 
Brick A. D., lawyer. Arch W 19th 
Brick Edmund, clerk, 14 S Front 
Brick Elizabeth G., trimmings, 462 N 4th 
Brick John, lab. Hancock ab Norris 
Brick Lizetta, 662 W Green 
Brick Saml., acct., 12 Commerce, h 420 N 12th 
Brick Samuel R., engineer. Arch W 19th 
Brick Wm. W., morocco dr. 462 N 4th 
Brickman Jacob, grainer, 498 N 10th 
Brickner Francis, porter, 265 Market, h 8th & 

Bride Betty, Mrs., Wager bel G T road 
Bride Jas., lab. West ab Coates 
Bridemire Geo., lab. Orchard bel Jackson 
Bridenshart Jno., Chestnut n 20th 
Bridenthall Peter, clerk, 125 Market, h 307 

Bridervis Jac, lab. Lemon n R R (K) 
Bridge & Clyde, liquors, 114 G T road 
Bridge David, warper. Aspen st 
Bridge James C, 456 Vine 
Bridges F. G., salesman, 144 Market 
Bridg-es Robert, M. D., 20th bel George 
Bridges S. A., elk, 140 Market, h 276 Chestnut 
BRIDGES & WEST, Jones' Hotel, 152 Chestnut 
Bridges Wm. C, Sec. R. B. Ferry Co., 83 Wal- 
nut, h 32 Clinton 
Bridport Hugh, gent. 631 Arch 
Brier Jos., silversm. 5 Ranstead pi, h HaUowell 

bel 7th 
Briens Francis, weaver, Biddle ab Nixon 
Brier Robert, silversm. 5 Ranstead pi, h 1 

Swartmore pi 
Briei-ton John, drayman, Lewis ab Thompson 
Brierty Thomas, carp. 314 S 8th 
Briffey And., dryer, F road ab Seargeant 
Briggeman John, tailor, rear 308 St Johns 
BRIGGS AMOS, att'y & coun., 128 Walnut, h 

598 Coates 
Briggs Andrew, wheelwrt. 271 N 11th 
Briggs Ann, laundress, Clinton ab Oxford 
Briggs & Callahan, manuf cotton goods. Orange 

and 12th 
Briggs Elizabeth, millinery, 120 South 
Briggs George, wool sorter, 43 Market, h Oak 

bel Rose (W P) 
Briggs G. W., collector, 8 Gebhard 
Briggs John, bleeder, 47 N 7th 
Briggs John, jr., conductor, 47 N 7th 
Briggs John, baker, L Washington bel 9th 
Briggs Joseph, manuf.. Orange, h 18 Florida 
Briggs Jos., watchman, 9th bel L Washington 
Brig'gs Moses, painter & glazier, 4th bel Spruce 
Briggs Nicholas, shoemr. h 90 Lombard 
Briggs Russel M., moulder, 18th and Wood 




Brigg-s Samuel, tailor, 29 N 4th, li 346 Lombard 
Brig-g-s AVm., carp., S E 12th and Shippen 
Brig-ham Charles, printer, 1 Lodg-e alley h 222 

S 9th 

Brig-ham E. A., broker, 101 Walnut, h 88 Wood 
Brig-ht E. A., rear Erowii bel Hanover 
Bright Mich., 349 N 7th 
Bright N., ship carp. 74 Jarvds 
Bright Wm., police. Corn ab Reed 
Bright Wm. S., M. D.,N E 8th and Brown 
BRIGHT WM. S., wines, corks, and liquors, 30 

N 3d, h 349 N 7th 
BRIGHTLY FREDK. C, att'y, and coun. 

Goldsmith Hall, h Haines Germantown 
Brine Henry, moulder, rear 80 F road 
Briley Jos., spinner. Biddle ab 21st 
Briley Thos., carp. Domans 
Brill Elizabeth Franklin ab Crown (K) 
Brill George, cabtmr. 304 N 5th 
Brill Henry, cabinetmr.. Senate and Front 
Brill John H., 4 Dugan's av (K) 
Brill Nicholas, tailor, Elizabeth's ct 
Brim Bartle, potter. Christian ab G T road 
Brinckle Joshua G., att'y and coun. N E 7th & 

Brinckle Wm. D., M. D., 335 Chestnut 
Brindle John F., gunsm., Sarah bel Bedford (K) 
Brindon Wm., spooler, 368 S 13th 
Brines James, cordw. Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
Brines Robt., weaver, 24th ab Callowhill 
Brines Wm., boxmr. Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
Bringhui-st George, mer. 182 CallowhiJl, h 286 

Bringhurst Isaiah, harness mr. 62 Brown 
Bringhurst Jesse, macht. 172 Randolph (N L) 
Bringhurst John, druggist, S E 10th & Chestnut, 

h 451 Chestnut 
Bringhurst Jolxn H., saw factory, Washington ab 

Jefferson, h 147 Shackamaxon ab Franklin 
Bringhui-st John K., printer, 254 Franklin 
Bringhui-st Joseph, police, 138 S 9th 
Bringhurst Mary, wid. of Thos., 562 Marshall 
BRINGHURST ROBT. R., undertaker, 20 N 

Bringhurst R. M., plumber, 54 S 6th, h 20 N 11th 
J3ringhurt & Ridgley, flour dealers, 182 Callow- 
hill bel 5th 
Bringhurst Sarah, trim'gs. Poplar bel 8th 
Bringhurst Wm. H., undertaker, 20 N 11th 
Brinig Wm., tailor. Elm bel F av 
Brink P. C, railway agency, 73 S 4th 
Bi'ink Jacob, 103 Coates 
Brink Schultz, soap and candles, 5 Maria 
Brinkley Ann, Bay bel 7th 
Brinkley Geo. W., muscian, 349 Lombard 
Brinkley Harriet, 1 Bay 

Brinkley Rich., laundress, Marriott's la bel 6th 
Brinkley Sarah, waslier, 17 Emeline 
Brinkman Henty, confectionei', 352 S 2d 
Brinkworth Wm., lab. York n Front 
Brinley Edward L., merchant, 68 Market, h 512 

Spruce ab Broad 
Brinnesholtz Ann, Church ab Reed 
Brinton C. J., boots and shoes, N E 9th & Wood 
Brinton Elizabeth, mantuamr. 289 Chestnut 
Brinton Emmor, salesman, 32 S 2d, h 74 N 7th 
Brinton Evans, engineer, York ab F road 
Brinton George, 1 S Broad 

Brinton John F., att'y at law, 22 N 7th 

Brinton Jos., carp. 6 Arrison's ct 

Brinton R. B., mer. 232 Pine 

Brinton Wm. L., shoe finder, 96 N 7th 

Brintzinghoffer Chas., brushmr. 367 Alarket, 

139 Wallace 
Briny Jacob, milkman, 2d bel York 
Briscoe A. H., dentist, 315 Walnut 
Briscoe Hautree, tavern, 2 N Front 
Briscoe James H., dentist, 247 Walnut 
Briscoe Jos. C, clerk, 117 Chestnut 
Brison James, di'iver, Rubican pi 
Brison Jas., ostler. Pine bel Sch Willow 
Brison Jos., boots and shoes. South ab 13th 
Brister Charles, porter, 12 Bay 
Bristol Andrew S., stoves, 364 South 
Bristol Augustus, dealer, 244 S 3d 
Bristol Laura, shoebinder, 108 Gaskill 
Bristow Saml., tav. S E 12th and Bedford 
Britner Danl., musician. White's ct (N L) 
Britner Geo., turner, 418 N 4th 
Britt Mich., lab Harriet's ct 
Britt Pati'ick, carter. Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Britt Thos., lab. Alder bel Jefferson 
Brittain Benj., pap. hang.. Brown bel Ridge av 
Brittain Daniel, coal mer., 82 Richmond 
Brittain Wm., frame mi-., 92 Charlotte ab Popla: 
Brittin Jane, tobacconist, 494 N 2d 
Brittin Thomas, U. S. Mint, 34 Jacoby 
Brittner Peter, musician, 181 Coates 
Brittin Reuben S., bricklr. James and Rugan 
Britto Vincent, agent, 18 Flower 
Britton Alice, tailoress, 27 Filbert 
Britton Abrm., blindmr., 40 N 2d, h Washingtoi 

bel 6th 
BRITTON A. & CO., blindmr., 40 N 2d— - 
Britton Hannah, milliner, Washington (W P) 
Britton James, lab.. Filbert n 20th 
Britton Jacob, silversm., 3 Boyle's ct 
Britton Jno., liquors, 13th and Ogden 
Britton Joshua A., cordw., Clair 
Britton, Kemble & Bro., brickh-s. and builders 

N E Locust and Broad 
Britton L., millinery, Washington (W P) 
Britton M., lab. h 48 Quince 
Britton M. F., tobacconist, 149 Locust 
Britton Peters, seaman, rear 10 Emeline 
Britton Rebecca, whitewasher, 27 Washington 
Britton Robert, baker, Cuthbert W 19th 
Britton Samuel, blacksm., Ross ab Queen (K) 
Britton Samuel L., blindmr., 40 N 2d 
Britton Wm., Lombard, E 19th 
Britton Wm. H., salesman, 7^ S 2d 
Britts Geo., segar mr. 301 S lltli 
Britz Jacob, di'ayman, Lawrence ab Poplar 
Briunger John, Ijar tender, rear 103 Poplar 
Broadbeck Fred., locksm. 4 Yeager's ct 
Broadbent Daniel, lab., 86 Jarvis 
Broadbent E., Mrs., tav., 20 Dock 
Broadbent Giles, blacksm. F road ab R av 
Broadbent Samuel, photographist, 136 Chestnut 

h 22 Powel 
Broadbent Y/. A., cloth finisher, 4-3 Chestnut 

^ h Broad and Cuthbert 
Broadfield Jno., moulder, 14 Sears 
Broadhead James, conductor, 104 Barker 
Broadhurst Jas., weaver, 922 N 11th 
Broadhurst John, weaver, 751 N 2d 




Broadwater Caleb, blacksm., Centre bel Parrisli 
Broadwater D., fisherman, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Broadwater Edmund, waterman, Hope n School 
Broadwater Josh., fisherman, Ash bel Franklin 
Brobeck Mich., 92 Hope ab Far 
Brobhet Fredk., cordw. Warner's ct (N L) 
Brobston Joseph, notary public, 5 Library, h 443 

Brobston Wm., missionary, 384 S 3d 
Brock Georg-e E., 97 & 99 N 3d, h 253 Arch 
Brock John, grocer, 97 & 99 N 3d, h 253 Arch 
BROCK JOHN, SONS 8c CO., g-rocers, 97 and 

Brock Jonathan, mer., N 5th ab Brown 
Brock J. P., attorney and coun. 152 Walnut, h 

101 S 4th 
Brock Samuel Z., mer., N E 4th and Branch, h 

141 Wood 
BROCK STEPHEN, jr., fancy dry goods, 39 N 

3d, h 5th ab Brown 
Brock Thomas, 30 N 10th 
Brock Wm., captain, 26 Redwood 
Brock Wm. P., mer., 97 N 3d, h 253 Arch 
Brockelhurst Levi, macht., M'Duffie n 21st 
BrockerhofF Hannah, 492 N 9th 
Brockerman Benj., iron dealer, 67 Howard 
Brockerman & Ford, iron store, G T road above 

Brockerman John H., confect., 2 Wilcox 
Brockerman Wm. F., trunkmr., 88 Hope (K) 
Brockman Henry, cooper, 64 Penn 
Brockway Philip, watchman, Duke ab Cherry 
Brod Walter, police, Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Broderick Edwd., shop.. Carpenter bel 9th 
Broderick Jno., tailor, 89 W Market E 18th 
Brodhead & Roberts, boots, shoes and straw 

goods, 135 N 3d 
Brodhurst Jas., weaver, 1200 N 2d 
Brodie Andrew, lumber yard, Oxford bel 8th 
Brodie E. J., druggist, N E 5th and Jefferson 
Brodie James T., metallic roofer, 29 N 7th, h 

527 N 8th 
BRODIE ROBERT C, di'uggist 20th and Cal- 

;Srodie Simon, cap maker, 22 Coombe's al 
Broffey Wm., dyer, F road ab Cumberland (R) 
Brogan Henry, bottler, Bedford bel 13th 
Brogan Hugh, tailor, 23 d n Market 
Brogan Jas., lab., Cran's ct 
Erogaa Pat., morrocco finisher, 1 LaA\Tence pi 
Brogan Philip, lab., Lewis ab Emory (R) 
Brogdan Wm., porter, 191 Lombard 
Brogden Abm., brickmr. 1 Anthony 
BROGNARD J. R. B., com. mer., cotton duck, 

bags, &c. 6 Jones' al, h 384 N 6th 
Brognard L. Ney, mer., 11 Bank, h 104 Marshall 
Brokate H. W., grocer & agent, F av & Cherry 
Brokensha David, china, F av and O'Neil 
Broker Daniel, carp., 19 Carpenter 
Broker Jas., painter, Emerald and Dauphin 
Brolasky Henry C, mer., 406 Walnut 
Brolasky Jefferson H., 475 Chestnut 
Brolasky Joseph P., M. D., 475 Chestnut 
Brolasky Simon P., 406 Walnut 
Brolasky Wm., gent., 392 Walnut 
BroUay Thos., cordw., Golder's ct 
JBrombach Adam, tinsmith, rear 45 Charlotte 


Brombach Jacob, rear 45 Charlotte (N L) 

Bromley Arthur, bleacher, 442 Beach 

Bromley John, weaver, G T road ab 5th, h Mor- 
ris bel Kressler 

Bromwell Geo., milkman, rear 59 Olive 

Brong Ellen, tailoress, 16 Buttonwood 

Bronker Robt., coachmr., h 12 Mercer 

Bronson John, fish tacklemr., 29 South 

Bronstup F., machinist, 18 Library, h 386 N 4th 

Brook George D., car builder. River n Hutton 
(M V) 

Brook Stephen, mer., 140 Market, h 276 Chest- 

Brook Thos. H., tailor, 302 Market 

Brooke C. E., 444 Callowhill 

Brooke Elizabeth, gentw. 712 Pine 

BROOKE & FULLER, trimmings, 25 N 3d 

Brooke Hiram, mer., 25 N 3d 

Brooke John S., grocer, 19th and Pine 

Brooke Joseph, clerk, 27 N Water, h 49 On- 

Brooke Joseph, blacksm., 175 Wharton 

Brooke Lewis P., mer., N W Front and Wal- 
nut, coal yard. Broad ab Wood, h Walnut 
bet William and Till (W P) 

Brooke Margaret, 37 Castle 

Brooke Mary A., b h., 8 Sansom 

Brooke Nathan, mer., 62 Market, h N W 8th & 

Brooke Nath., porter, Trinity pi bel 7th 

Brooke Stephen H., mer., 140 Market, h 276 
Chestnut ^ , 

Brooke, Tyson & Rehn, mers, 140 Market •■*' -i*^ 

Brooker Benj. C, auctr., 6 N 3d, h 344 S 8th t^ 

Brooker John, shoemr., Moore bel Front 

Brooker Thos. B., bricklr., Leonard bel 9th 

Brookfield Joseph, M. D., Juniper and Filbert 

Brooks Amos, trader, G T r bel 6th 

Brooks Anna D., Mrs., 16 N 7th 

Brooks Benj., milkman, PassjTink 

Brooks Benj., jr., lab., Passyunk 

Brooks Cath., Wood ab Queen (K) 

Brooks Cath., Federal bel 11th 

Brooks Chas., dry goods, 1026 Market 

Brooks Chas., china, 233 Ridge av 

Brooks Chas. W., plumber, 16 Magnolia, h 115 
N 6th 

Brooks Christiana, 433 S 5th 

Brooks Christopher, carp., Union ab West (K) 

Brooks Clarissa M., 181 Wallace 

Brooks Daniel, 239 S 11th 

Brooks David, brickmr., Harrison ab 20th 

Brooks David, supt., 101 Chestnut, h 20 S 18th 

Brooks Edmund, macht., Carlisle bel Poplar 

Brooks Ellet, macht., 10 Raid ct 

Brooks Eliza, Dehaven's ct (K) 

Brooks Eliza S., confectioner, 68 S 2d, h 14 

Brooks Elizabeth, 33 N 15th 

Brooks Elizabetli, 28 PeiTy 

Brooks Enoch, sea capt, 40 Christian 

Brooks Geo. L., blacksm., 34 Lewis 

Brooks G., Mrs., 2 N 9th - 

Brooks Henry, mer., 10 S Water, h 734 Pine 

Brooks Henry, corkmr., 211 Shippen 

Brooks Isaac, grocer, 19th and Wilcox 

Brooks James, engineer, Cuthbert E 21st 

Brooks James, 164 S 17th 




Brooks James, twister, 238 Beach (K) 
Brooks James, mach., F road ab Hart la 
Brooks Jas. W., store, Nicetown la 
Brooks Jane, grocer, 16th and Stone 
Brooks John, cooper, 167 N 4th 
Brooks Jno., chinaware, 869 Market 
Brooks John, ship joiner. Beach ab Marlbo- 
ro' (K) 
Brooks Jno., waiter, 229 Lombard 
Brooks Jno., blacksm., 574 S Front 
Brooks John F., barber, 18th and South 
Brooks John H., clerk, 178 Shippen 
Brooks John L., ]v., bricklr., 39 Lewis (P D) 
Brooks John T., iDOobkind., 25 S 3d, h 564 S 7th 
Brooks Jos., saw mr., Townsend ab Wood (R) 
Brooks Joseph, tobacconist, 49 Ontario (K) 
Brooks Jos., saw mr., William (K) 
Brooks Joseph H., drugt.. Beach ab Maiden (K) 
BROOKS JOS. W., book st., 7 Sp Garden 
Brooks Josiah D., mer., 24 Chestnut, h 256 Mar- 
Brooks J. M., mer., 24 Chestnut, h 454 Arch 
Brooks J. R., brakesman, Oak bel Mary (WP) 
Brooks Lydia, semp., 16 Mag-nolia 
Brooks L. S., jeweller, William and Richmond, 

h Richmond ab Ann 
Brooks Margaret, lab. 62 L. Washington 
Brooks Matthew, capmr., 93 N 3d 
Brooks M. & Brother, 93 N 3d 
Brooks Phoebe, Mrs., 562 S 7th 
Brooks Robert, Fairmount and Centre 
Brooks & Roach, com. mers., 24 Chestnut 
Brooks Saml., roller, 21st ab Market 
Brooks Sarah, gentw. 422 N Front 
Brooks S. B., 2d tel. bk N. Am., h 17th bel Filbert 
Brooks S. S., M. D., 407 Arch 
Brooks Thomas, blacksm., 574 S Front 
Brooks Thos., clerk. 93 N 3d, h Parrish bel 10th 
Brooks Thos. E., grocer, S W 3d and Washing- 
ton pi, h 112 Washington pi 
Brooks Thos. J., clerk, 433 S 5th 
Brooks Wm., teacher, 594 N 13th 
Brooks Wm., mer., 25 S 2d, li 194 Catharine 
Brooks Wm., diy goods, 1108 N 5th 
Brooks Wm., trader, 6th ab Dauphin 
Brooks Wm., clothier, 22d ab CallowhiU 
Brooks Wm., carp., Hancock and Jefferson 
Brooks Wm., macht. 11 Mary 
Brookse Theo., coachmr., 130 Brown 
Broom Chas., carpenter, 11th bel Federal 
Broom Chas., dealer, 125 CallowhiU 
Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, h 
'^ 147 York av 

.-Broom G. L. & Co., sugar refiners, 13 Bread 
Broom Isaac, trader, 380 Wharton 
Broom James, Alder bel Jefferson 
Broom John Z., plasterer, P road bel Wharton 
Broom J. M., g-ent., Chestnut bel Park (W P) 
Broom R., Miss, teacher, 31 S 15th 
Broom Thos., ship carp., 101 Prime 
Broom Wm., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, h 29 Vine 
BroomaU L. R., watches 8c jewellery, 110 N 2d 
BROOME JACOB, atty. & coun., 20 Sansom, h 

Lancaster ab Crammond (W P) 
Broome Mrs. Mary Ann, trinigs., 77 S 15th 
Broome Thos., morocco case mr., 3d and Mar- 
ket, h Paul ab 6th 
Broomell Peter A., grocer, Catharine 8c Morris 
Broomfield Geo., white wr.. Beach ab Warren 

Broomhall Uriah R. R., hotel, Washington 

Brophy Jas., lab., Ralston ct 
Brophy Jas., moulder. Locust ab 20th 
Brophy John, weaver, 13th and Federal 
Brophy Wm., dyer, F road ab Cumberland 
Broply Michael, cordw., 2 Flower 
Brosius Caleb M., clerk, 241 Market 
Brosius Jos. P., clerk, 47 Market, h 102 N 7th 
Bross Edmund R., cordw., 324 Vine 
Broston Mary, 8th and Christian 
Brother Edward, macht. 180 Randolph (N L) 
Brother Thaddeus, 180 Randolph 
Brotherhead Wm., booksel., N E 6th and Mar- 
ket, h 10 Cowperthwaite pi 
Brothers Chas., hatter, 151 Market, h 182 N4th 
Brotherton Gibson, printer. Federal bel 7 th 
Brough Mich., blacksm. 174 Adams 
Brough Saml., blacksm. 2 Clark 
BroughaU R., 141 N 2d, h Columbia House 
Broughhall Saml., mach., 4th bel Franklin 
Broughton Jas., 15th bel Parrish 
Broughton Jas., engineer, 279 N 12th 
Broughton M. A., astrologer. Palm bel Brown 
Brounley John, wharf builder, Evans 
Brous W. A., cordw., 884 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Broussier Chas., clerk, h 7 Elmslie's ct 
Brow Geo., dealer, 160 Diamond 
Brow John, dealer, 160 Diamond 
Brower Ann, gentw., 14 Swanwick 
Brower Charles, confect., 28 Queen (K) 
Brower Cornelius P., cordw., 98 Filbert 
Brower Joseph, rope and twine, 7^ N Front, h 

Woodbine ab Wharton 
Browers Catharine, 37 Lawrence ab Poplar 
Browers Peter, cordw., Clymer ab F road 
Brown Abraham, dealei', 227 Shippen 
Brown Abraham C, plumber, 309 Market 
Brown Adolphus, turner, Gray's ct 
Brown Albert J., 568 N 10th 
Brown Alexander, gent., 387 Walnut 
Brown Alexander, lab., 23d n Pine 
Brown Alexander, ice, Grace n 17th 
Brown Alex., gent, 504 N 5th 
Brown Alex., clerk, 18th bel South 
Brown 8c Allison, carp., 19th bel Pine 
Brown Amos P., merchant, 38 S Front, h Arch 

ab 8th 
Brown Andrew, dealer, 94 Bedford 
Brown Andrew, carp., Jefferson av bel Wharton 
Brown Ann, washer. Pearl bel Broad 
Brown Ann, 311 S 11th 
Brown Ann, Cuthbert, E 20th 
Brown Ann, Rose ab School (K) 
Brown Ann, Brazier n 15th 
Brown Ann, tailoress, 125 Monroe 
Brown Annie, 9th ab Carpenter 
Brown Anthony Z., gunmr., 515 N 3d 
Brown Arch., cordw., 206 Market, h 16th and 

Brown Arthur, Harmstead ab 19th 
Brown Austin, oil cloths, 110 N 3d, h 19th ab 

Ridge av 
Brown A., dry goods, S W 12th and Coates 
BROWN BENJ., hotel, Broad and Wood 
Brown Benj., waiter, 184 Pine 
Brown Benj., Rev., 55 Hanover 
Brown Benj., F., grocer, S E Water 8c Walnut, 
h 11 Cong-ress 




Bro\vnBenj.F.,hatter,Adelpliiaal,hl07 Spruce, Brown Elizabeth, dressmr. 541 Tine 

Bro\vn Benjamin H., lumber, Queen & Ash (K) 'Brown Elizabeth, 486 N 15th 

Brown Benj., M., tailor, 456 Market, h 472 Cal-| Brown Elizabeth, 4 N 19th ab Ridge av 


Brown Benj. F., tobacconist, 45 Franklin av 
Brown Bernard, cabman, Vaug-hn ab Locust 
Brown B., 289 F av 
Brown B. S., dealer, 32 South 
Brown Caroline, white washer, 7 Leyden ct 
Brown Catharine, washer, rear Shippen ab 13th 
Brou-n Catharine, 111 S 9th 
Brown Cath., shop. Beach ab Georg-e 

Brown Elizabeth, washer, 9 Barlev 
I Brown Elwood J., ship carp. Palmer ab Duke 
I Brown Emanuel D., soapmr. 50 Ogden 
! Brown Emma, washer, 245 S 7th 
! Brown Ennis, lab. 207 Shippen 

Bro^^■n Ephraim, engineer, 190 S 13th 

Brown Esther, 29 ilarj- 

Brown Evan, dealer, 44 Queen 

Brown E., 137 'Marlborouarh 

Brown Charles, Collector Custom House, h 33'Bro\\Ti Francis, ice dealer, St Paul's av 


Brown Charles, waterman, 10 Green 
Brown Charles, tailor, 160 Diamond (K ) 
Brown Charles, clerk, 32 Pratt 
Brown Charles, S W Broad and Vine 
Brown Charles, lab., Brown ab Hanover 
Brown Charles Rev., 748 Vine near 21st 
Brown Charles, lab., Pagoda n Penna. av 
Brown Charles, carp.. Till n Green 
Brown Charles, oysterhouse, 397 Apple 
Brown Charles, tailor, Edward (K) 

Brown Frank, grocer, N E 5th and Christian, h 
j 109 Dickerson 

IBROYrX FREDERICK, druggist. Is E Chest- 
nut and 5th, h Spruce n 10th 
Brown Frederick E., clerk, 159 Ogden 
I Brown Fred. E,, clerk, 31 S 4th, h 387 Spruce 

41 N 3d 
Brown Frederick W., manufac. britannia ware, 

532 S 3d 
Brown Geo., carp. 237 S 17th, h 168 S 17th 

Brown Charles A., booksr, NW 4th & Arch, h 6 Brown Geo., barber, 2 "Walnut, h 226 Lombard 


Brown Charles H., tailor, Poplar bel 10th 
Brown Charles AV., Broad ab Locust 
Brown Charlotte, dressmr., 6 Bonsall 
Brown Christian, cabtmr. Front bel Wood 
Brown Cornelius, lab. Reed bel Church 
Brown C, Mi's., corset mr. 125 Arch 

i Brown George, hatter, 414 Market 
Brown George, cooper, 53 M road 
I Brown George, machinist, 193 Washington 
;BroA\"n George, porter, 12 Washington 
JBro^^m George, cabinet maker, W'est n Cherry 
I Brown George, mariner, 2 Penn 
I Brown George, William's ct 

v^T^ROWN C. A. & CO., booksellers, N W 4th & Brown George, barber, Walnut ab Del av 


Brown Daniel, furniture cars, 21st and Winter 
Brown Daniel, lab. 6 Gaffney's av 
Brown Daniel, lab. rear 70 L Washington 
Brown Daniel H., glass blower and innkeeper, 

Hanover n F road (K) 
Brown David, carp. W'orth bel 5th 
Brown David, tailor, 22 Temple 
Brown David, weaver, 328 S 13th 
Brown David, waiter, rear 1 Ronaldson 
Brown David, carter, Fainnount 
Brown David, Naval Asvlum 

Brown George, lab. Ice ct 

BrowH. George, weaver, 22 Fitler 

Brown George, lab. 1027 N 6th 

Brown George B., broker, Essex 

Brown George F., captain, 5 Salmon (R) 

Brown George H., grocer and teas, N W 17th 

and Vine 
BroAvn George H., Mrs., gentw. 295 Chestnut 
Brown Geo. M., salesman, 18 S 2d, h 627 N 6th 
Brown Geo. T., mer. 21 N 4th, h Arch ab 16th 
Brown Geo. T., mer. 24 N 3d, h 338 Coates 
Brown George T. & Co., gi-ocers, 21 N 4th • 

Brown David, salesm. 322 Market, h 15 Filbert ;Bro^-n Geo. W., gi'ocer. Rule n Wheat 

Brown David D., tobacco, 162 N 4th 
BROWN DAVID PAUL, atty. and coun. 249 

Brown David Paul, jr., atty. at law, 45J S 5th, 

h 249 Walnut 
Brown David S., com. mer. 38 S Front, h Walnut 

E 18th 
Brown Da^-id S., jr., mer. 65 Chestnut, h 22 Erie 
BROWN DAVID S. & CO., domestic goods, 

38 and 40 S Front 
Brown Deborah, gentw. 295 Chestnut 
Brown D. H., coachman, 14 Bay 
Brown D. M., atty. Sc coun. 7 Sansom 
Bro^v-n Ebenezer, merchant, 50 S 3d, h Spring | Brown Henry &. Son, cabinetmrs. Washington 

BROWN GEORGE W., grocer, S E 9th and 
Locust, h 84 Locust 

Brown George W., carp. 19 Elbow la, h 4 Rod- 
ger's ct 

Brown Gilbert, 9 Barley 

BROWN & GODWIN, commis. mers., 78 S 
Del av 

Brown Gotleib, shoes, 160 Poplar 

Brown Gowen A., shoemr. 579 S 3d 

Brown Gowen E., plumber, 12 Filbert, h State 
ab Green (WP) 

Brown Gurdon A., 72 S 3d, h 430 N 8th 

Brown G., tavern, 49 Walnut 

Garden bel 11th 
Brown Egbert, furnitiu"e, 471 N 3d 
Brown Elias, marble mason, Columbia av ab 

Brown Elijah, gent. 51 S 5th 
Brown Eliza, washer, 17 Ronaldson 
Brown Eliza, milliner, 15 S 10th 
TJtown Eliza, washer, rear Flower 

ab Moore (W P) 
Brown Henrj-, porter, Jones n 18th 
Brown Henry, pattemmr. 151 N 2d, h 602 S 5th 
Brown Henn-, morocco drs. 43 Harrison 
Brown Henry, cooper, 6 Logan 
Bro-wn Henry, mer. 411 Chestnut 
Brown Henry, print, 2 Vr'ashington 
Brown Henry, huckster. Miller bel Broad 




Brown Henry A., print. 98 Chestnut, h 65 N 15th 
Brown Henry A. B., liquor store, Callowhill ab 

2d, h 238 N 11th 
Brown Henry H., carp. 2 Nag-le 
BROWN HILL & CO., com. mer. 40 N Front 
Brown Hugh, blacksm. 20 Sears 
Brown Hugh, cow keeper, 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown Hugh, butcher, Chnton ab Jefferson 
Brown Hugh, lab. Fitz water n 15th 
Brown H., Buckley E 6th . 
Brown H., 37 Middle al 
Brown H. J., M. D., 446 N 5th 
Brown H. W., chandlei*. Ridge av 
Brown Ida, dressmr. 33 Hutchinson 
Brown Isaac, bottler, 569 S 6th 
Brown Isaac, white washer, 2 Barley 
Brown Isaac, sash mr. Prospect bel Master 
Brown Isaac, carter, 125 Jefferson av 
Brown Isaac H., carp. Silbert ab Reed 
Brov/n Isabella, washer. Crass al 
Brown Isaiah, waiter, 2 Bird's av 
Brown I. Newton, conveyanceri.S E Broad and 

Brown Jacob, grocer, Franklin and Union (K) 
Brown Jacob, jr., paper han. 4'th bel Franklin 
Brown Jacob, porter, rear 7 Emeline (K) 
Brown James, dealer, Dickerson bel P road 
Brown James, mason, F road ab Dauphin (R) 
Brown James, shoemr. rear 234 G T road 
Brown James, weavei-, 840 N 2d 
Brown James, lab. Filbert bel 19th 
Brown Jas., mer. 20|^ S Front, h 15th bel Locust 
Brown James, drayman, 6 Fries' ct 
Brown James, wheelwt. 76 Jefferson av, h 11 

Marshall (S) 
Brown James, omnibus prop. 12 China 
Brown James, machinist, F yoad ab Columbia 
Brown James, provisions, 21st bel Pine 
Brown James, dealer, 11th bel South 
Brown James, waiter, 1 Ohio 
Brown James, jeweller, Lombard n 16th 
Brown James, lab. rear 18th ab South 
Brown James, weaver, Catharine bel 13th 
Brown James, mach. Oak n Rose (W P) 
Brown James, lab. 18th and South 
Brown JameSj clerk, 3d bel Wharton 
Brown James, tavern, S E Prime & Jefferson 
Brown James, butcher, Apple ab NoitIs 
Brown James, lab. Nicetown 
Brown James, waiter, 1 Ohio 
Brown James, tavern, 255 S 7th 
Brown James, weaver, F road ab Norris (R) 
Brown James, bricklr. 18 Hallowell 
Brown James D., art. flowers, h 351 N 2d 
Brown James E., saddler, 41 S 4th 
Brown Jas. M., grocer, N E 6th & Buttonwood 
Brown James P., mer. N W 4th and Arch, h 6 

Brov/n James T., granite setter, Franklin av ab 

Brown Jas. W., mer. 125 Market, h 411 Chestnut 
Brown James W., acct. 14 N 5th, h 3 E 13th & 

Brown Jane, 11 Bird 
Brown Jane, 3d bel Prime 
Brown Jane, washer, 32 Burd's ct 
BrowQ John, porter, 24 Moms 
Brown John, tailor, Sower's ct (K) 

Brown John, grocer, 277 Market, house 15th ab 


Brown John, coachman, 27 Prosperous 
Brown John, lab. South bel 19th 
Brown John, gent. 21 Green 
Brown John, janitor, 28 Watson's al 
Brown John, boiler mr. Hanover ab Beach (K) 
Brown John, b h 52 Shippen 
Brown John, collector, 481 N 9th 
Brown John, lab. Marriott ab 4th 
Brown John, coach painter, Columbia av ab 8th 
Brown John, brickmr. 12th bel Bedford 
Brown John, car driver, 19th & Spring Garden 
Brown John, lab. Carlton n Broad 
Brown John, waiter, Franklin House 
Brown John, lab. rear 23 Prime 
Brown John, painter, Jones W 17th 
Brown John, tailor, 293 S 5th 
Brown John, carter, 6 Laurence 
Brown John, lab. Union ct 
Brown John, lab. 304 S 7th 
Brown John, cloth finisher, Fairmount ab Biddle 
Brown John, weav. Wood bel Blair (K) 
Brown John, white washing, 2 Barley 
Brown John, 277 Market 
Brown John, cabinetmr. Rye bel Marion 
Brown John, porter, 24 N Front, h Front and 

Brown John, musician, rear Marriott ab 5th 
Brown John, lab. Master ab Howard 
Brown John, brickmr. Federal and Bank 
Brown John, engineer, Pine bel Sch Beach 
Brown John, tailor, 19th ab Pine 
Brown John, print colorer, h 190 S 13th 
Brown John, carter, Arch 
Brown John, lab. Harmstead n 20th 
Brown John, watchman, 49 South 
Brown John, stationeiy, 197 Callowhill 
Brown John, lab. William n Locust (W P) 
Brown John A., supervisor, Lancaster Pike & 

Stivers (W P) 
Brown John A., mer. S E 12th and Chesnut 
Brown John A., carp. & build. 12th ab Girardav 
Brown John D., printer, h 69 Gaskill 
Brown John E., 9 S 11th 
Brown John F., shoemr. 12th bel Locust 
Brown John H., blacksm. Union ab Bedford (K) 
Brown John H., teacher, 10th ab Poplar 
Brown John H., mer. 125 Market, h Walnut W 

Brown John H., clerk, 147 Market, h 59 S 13th 
Brown John H. & Co., dry goods, 125 Market 
Brown John L., shoe store, 381 South 
Brown John P., house ckrp. 10 Elm 
Brown John P., white washer, 7 Barley 
Brown John P., blacksm. 2d and Montgomery 

h Marlborough ab West (K) 
Brown John Q., mach. 132 Summer 
Brown John T., brushmr. 134 New Market 
Brown John T., jr. hardware, 431 N 2d, h Otter 

bel 2d 
Brown John W., macht. York (R) 
Brown John W., foreman, 9 N 4th, h 507 N 8th 
Brown John W., mach. G T road ab Front, h 

Norris bel Queen (K) 
Brown Jonathan W., packer, 223 Market, h 

Waterloo ab Richmond 
Brown Jos., ship carp. Hanover ab Beach (K) 




Brown Jos., carp. Perty ab Franklin (K) 
Brown Jos., whf. builder. Brown b el Emory (11) 
Brown Jos., ship carp. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Brown Joseph, lab. 2 Pleasant av 
Brown Joseph, butcher, Columbia av ab 2d 
Brown Jos. D., gent, office 23 Minor, h 167 Arch 
Brown Joseph F., liquor store, 588 Brown 
Brown Joseph S., mer. 13 N 2d, h Sp Garden 

b el 9th 
Brown Jos. S., clei-k, 125 Market 
Brown Josias, h 1 Ann 
Brown Juliet, nurse, 30 Hibberd 
Brown J. clothes, 95 S 2d, h 217 Lombard 
• Brown J. D., clerk, h 156 S 3d 

Brown J. Johnson, 38 S Front, h 504 Walnut 
Brown J. Newton, Rev., editorial Sec. Am. Bap. 

Publication Society, 118 Arch 
Brown Lewis, waiter, 7 Carter 
Brown Lewis, Mrs., 100 Marshall 
Brown Lewis T., mer. 22 Merchant, h 100 N 

Brown Louis, g-rocer, S W 4th and Coates, h 

428 N 5th 
Brown & Ludwig", liquors, 68 Callowhill 
Brown Marcus, carp. 6 Bonsall 
Brown Margaret, rear Beach, ab Warren 
BROWN MARGARET, tavern, 45 S 16th 
Brown Margaret, 353 S 6th 
Brown Margaret, Washington bel Till (W P) 
Brown Margt., dry goods, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Brown Margai'et, washer, rear 18 Rodman 
Brown Mai'gt., washer, 3 Acorn al 
Brown Maria, laundi-ess, 35 Prosperous al 
Brown Martin, Star Hotel, N E 11th & Cherry 
Brown Mary, 4 Willow ct 
Brown Mary, trimming store, 416 N 5th 
Brown Mary, 3 John's ct 
Brown Mary Ann, wid of Richard, Palm below 

Brown Mary Ann, Wiley's ct 
Brown Mary A., Oak ab Till (W P) 
Brown Matthew, watchman, rear 73 Queen 
Brown Maurice, engineer, 24 State 
Brown Michael, pedlar, 125 Plum 
Brown Michael, lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Brown Michael, lab. S Carpenter ab 7th 
Brown Mich., lab. 4 Ranstead pi 
Brown Mich., boilermr. 34 Clair 
Brown Michael, mach. Catharine ab 6th 
Brown Michael C, printer, 15 E North 
Brown Minus J., porter, 14 Washington 
Brown Mrs. Margaret, 562 N 7th 
Brown Moi'ris, shoemr. 359 South 
Brown Morris, finisher, 486 N 15th 
Brown Morris E., cooper, 90 Carpenter 
Brown Moses, boots and shoes, 4 S 4th, h 20th 

bel Race 
Brown Moses, gent. 108 Arch 
Brown Moses, jr., 19 Chestnut, h 108 Arch 
Brown M., steward, 4 Eagle's ct 
Brown Nathl. H., mer. 65 Chestnut, h 77 N 9th 
Brown Neal, lab. Atherton 
Brown Nicholas, lab. 3 John's ct 
Brown N. W., shoemr. 765 N 2d 
Brown Patrick, lab. Cuthbert n 23d 
Bi'own Patrick, lab. Sch Water and Lombard 
Brown Patrick, lab. 5 Buchanan pi 
Brown Pat., lab. 10th ab Master 

Brown Peter, moulder, Vienna ab Queen 
Brown Peter, basketmr. 793 G T road 
Brown Philip N., hatter, 471 Lombard 
Brown Philip S., clerk, 7 N 4th, h N W 4th and 


Brown Phillipine, wid. of Isaac, 6th ab Jefferson 
Brown P. T.. hatter, Wharton and Caroline 
Brown Quintius C, groc. S W 10th & Lombard 
Brown Rachel, 97 Allen 
Brown Rachel, cook, Watson's al 
Brown Rachel, trimmings, 358 Coates 
Brown Rachel, washerw. 9 Carver 
Brown Randolph, boatman, rear 1 Flower 
Brown Rebecca, 574 N 12th 
Brown Rebecca, 73 Spruce 
Brown Rich., collec. & agent, Wharton bel 5th 
Brown Richard, hatter, 27 P road 
Brown Richard H., ship carp. 18 Ellen 
Brown Robert, gardener. Shirker's al 
Brown Robert, gas fitter. Burton bel 18th 
Brown Robt., mach. Johnson's la bel 4th 
Brown Robert, carp. Helmuth ab 16th 
Brown Robert, lab. rear Williams n 19th 
Brown Robert, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Brown Robert E., atty. at law, 45J S 5th, h 249 

Brown & Ross, plumbers, 4 S 10th 
Brown R. H., marble mason, Girard av ab 13th 
Brown Samuel, waiter, 26 Ivy 
Brown Samuel, watchman, Jones ab 16th 
Brown Samuel, dyer, Florida 
Brown Samuel, bell hanger, 34 Clair 
Brown Samuel, carpet weaver. Filbert W 19th 
Brown Saml., pumpmr. P road bel Washington 
Brown Samuel, fire works. Gale's ct 
Brown Samuel, lab. 4 Hallowell 
Brown Samuel, lab. rear 2d ab Master 
Brown Saml., macht. 4 Winter 
Brown Saml., lab. 17th bel Lombard 
Brown Saml., waiter, 18 Burd's ct 
Brown Saml., boxmr., 555 Catharine 
Brown Saml., weaver, Shippen la bel Fitzwater 
Brown Samuel A. C, painter, 88 Race 
Brown Samuel B., grocer. Till ab Pratt (W P) 
Brown Samuel M., moulder, 13 Winter 
Brown Sarah nurse, 515 S 6th 
Brown Sarah, 143 N loth 
Brown Sarah, 588 Brown 
Brown Sarah, spooler, Wagner's al 
Brown Sarah, dealer, Shippen ab 11th 
Brown Sarah Ann, widow of Roger, mer. 323 

Market, h 50 Filbert 
Brown Sarah A., gentw. 432 N 5th 
Brown Sarah A., semp. Rose bel Green(W P) 
Brown S., 238 Spruce 

Brown S. P., M. D., 275 N 11th bel Wallace 
Brown Solomon Dr., 413 Race 
Brown Theodore, capmr. Lewis ab Poplar 
Brown Thos., tailor, 19th ab Pine 
Brown Thos., jr., tailor, 19th ab Pine 
Brown Thomas, waterman, 382 S 2d 
Brown Thos., lab. Hope bel Jefferson (K) 
Brown Thos., carter, Cadwalader bel Norris (K) 
Brown Thos., 1 Relief pi 
Brown Thos., carter, Steam Mill al 
Brown Thomas, tavern, 296 G T rd 
Brown Thomas, h 136 N 12th 
Brown Thos., weaver, Parker and Wood (R) 




Brown Thomas, salesman, 657 Pine 

Brown Thomas, lab. 24 Pratt 

Brown Thomas, ship carp. Houston ab Duke (K) 

Brown Thomas, tavern, 98 N 2d 

Brown Thomas, boots and shoes, 44 Market, 

h 589- N 7th 
Brown Thos., grocer, N W Spruce and Dean 
Brown Thomas, cordw. 196 S 2d 
Brown Thomas, diy goods, F road bel Phoenix 
Brown Thomas, carp. Hudson's al, h 139 Lom- 
Brown Thomas, carp. 416 S Front 
Brown Thomas, seaman, 7 Little Pine 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 385 S 10th 
Brown Thomas, lab. Georg-e n 17th 
Brown Thomas, plumber, S W 9th and Walnut, 

h 136 N 12th 
Brown Thos. C, boot fitter, Halloway's ct 
Brown Thos. H., salesman, 110 Market, h 196 

Brown Thomas R., boots and shoes, 44 Market, 

h 8th ab Thompson 
Brown Thomas S., clerk, 21 N 4th, h 12th ab 

Girard av 
Brown Thos. W., cabinetmr. 12 Sylvester 
Brown T. Horace, 126 N 3d, h 521 Arch 
Brown T., S W 13th and Spruce 
Brown T. N., real est. ag-t. 6th ab Jefferson 
Brown T. Wistar, merchant, 19 Chestnut, h 108 

BROWN T. W. & M., domestic com. mer. 19 

Brown Walter, painter, 486 N 15th 
Brown Walter, mer. 43 Market, h 489 Race 
Brown Warren, book keeper. Palmer belFrav 
Brown Wash., mer. 40 N Front, h 473 Arch 
BROWN WASHINGTON, com. boots &shoe.s, 

141- s 4th, h Broad bel Brown 
Brown WiUard S., clerk, 521 Arch 
Brown Wm., cordw. 327 Ridg-e av 
Brown Wm., lab. Cooper W 20th 
Brown Wm., carter, G T rd ab Somerset 
Brown Wm., wheelwrt. 9 Frances 
Brown Wm., grocer, 16th and Spruce 
Brown Wm., painter, 19th ab Pine 
Brown Wm., stable, Cuthbert W 15th 
Brown Wm., carman, Filbert W 20th 
Brown Wm., weaver, 47 W South 
Brown Wm., gent. 207 Filbert 
Brown Wm., weaver. Poplar 
Brown Wm., drayman, 2 Chancery la 
Brown Wm., grocer, N E 5th and Christian 
Brown Wm., teamster. Locust E 17th 
Brown Wm., ropemr. Apple and Diamond 
Brown William, 6 Marshall 
Brown Wm., clothing, S W 7th and Market, h 

8th ab Green 
Brown Wm., plumber, 4 S 11th, h 17th above 

Brown Wm., blacksm. 2d and G T road, h Ed- 
ward n 2d 
Brown William, lab. Millar's al 
Brown Wm., cordw. 690 N Front 
Brown Wm., carp. 5th bel Redwood 
Brown Wm., weaver, 22d n Cheny 
Brown Wm., mer. 5 Strawberry 
Brown Wm., M. D., Coates ab 12th 
Brown Wm., waterman, Southwark n 7th 

Brown Wm., carp. 4th ab Master (K) 

Brown Wm., acct., 4th ab Willow 

Brown Wm., stocking weaver. Alder n Girard av 

Brown Wm., carp. 20th n Penna av 

Brown Wm., waiter, 37 Middle al 

Brown Wm., warper, Madison av 

Brown Wm., draughtsman, 431 N 13th 

Brown Wm., refectory, 7 Shield's ct 

Brown Wm., bootfr. 3 Randolph 

Brown Wm., confec. 8 Burd's ct 

Brown Wm., porter, 55 Currant al 

Brown Wm., bartender, Shippen ab 12th 

Brown Wm., 257 Broad bel Bedford 

Brown William, cordw. Mechanic bel F av 

Brown William, carp. 19th ab Chestnut 

Brown William, cabinetmr. 635 Poplar 

Brown Wm. A., cai-p. 108 Federal 

Brown Wm. A., shoes, 31 M road 

Brown Wm. B. sailmr. Leonard ab 8th 

Brown Wm. H., mer. 41 N 3d 

Brown Wm. H., ship carp., Hanover ab Beach 

Brown Wm. H., broker office, 3d and Chestnut, 

h 17th and Filbert 
Brown Wm. H., mer. 108 Market, h 148 S 9th 
Brown Wm. H., jeweler, 7 Lindsay's av 
BROWN WILLIAM H. 8c CO., dry goods, 108 

Brown Wm. J., clerk, 5 Mer. Exchange, h 436 

Marshall (K) 
Brown Wm. J., carp. Carlton bel 11th 
BROWN WM. LINN, atty. & counsellor, 50 

Brown Wm. L., bookkr. 2 Norris ct 
Brown Wm. L., 267 Market, h rear 33 New 

Brown W. L., 137 Marlborough 
Brown Wm. R., clerk, 88 Market 
Brown Wm. S., jeweller, S E 12th and Pine 
Brown & Woelpper, lumber mers. Queen and 

Gunner's Run (K) 
Browne Hannah, gentw. 90 Marshall 
Browne N. B., atty. 33 S 5th, h S W Till and 

Spruce (W P) 
Browne Peter A., gent. 331 Walnut 
Browne Samuel, lumber mer. 451 Callowhill 
Browne William G., mate, 54 Redwood 
Browne Zebedee, stevodore, 5 Ohio 
Brownell George, coppersmith, Latimer above 

Wood (R) 
BROWNING & BROTHERS, druggist, 28 and 

30 N Front 
Browning Bernard, brickmr. G T r ab Master 
Browning Chas., mer., 28 N Front, h Broad and 

Browning Edward, druggist, 28 N Front, house 

Broad bel Walnut 
Browning Elizabeth, G T road ab Master 
Browning Ellen, 14 Coombes al 
Bx'owning Genge, merchant, 28 N Front, h 406 

Browning James, packer, 2 Cowperthwait pi 
Browning Jas. X., porter, 141 Market 
Browning John, cordw. Linn ab 22d 
Browning Maurice, druggist, 28 N Front, h 

Browning Sarah, tavern. Marsh & Penn (K) 
Browning Thos., grocer, Spruce and 22d 




Browning" Thos. jr., stonecr. Spruce and 22d 
Browning- Wm., stonecr. Spruce and 22d 
Browning Wm., brickmr. G T road ab Master 
BROWNS & BOWEN, bankers, 55 Chestnut 
Bruce C. E., fancy millinery, 346 South 
Bruce George F., carp. 605 S Front 
Bruce Isaac, grocer, S W 16th and Cherry 
Bruce Joseph W., bricklayer, 59 Jarvis ab 2d 
Bruce Levis, engineer, L. Pike n 6th (W P) 
Bruce Luke, waiter, 6 Barclay 
Bruce Matthew, farmer, rear Benton bel School 
Bruce Matthew W., carp. Johnston's la, house 

Wharton ab 4th 
Bruce Peter, grocer, 174 S 11th 
Bruce Rebecca, g-entw. 2 Union ct 
Bruce Samuel, weaver, Hope bel Master (K) 
Bruce Wm., baker, 75 Wharton 
Bruce Wm., waiter, 346 South 
BRUDER GEORGE, bootmr. 29 N 6th 
Bruen Edward B. Rev., 499 Chestnut 
Bruen James, g-ent. 499 Chestnut bel 16th 
BrufF Eliza, Marlboro' and Bedford (K) 
Bruker Jacob, lab. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Brulte Joseph, printer, rear 56 P road 
Brulte Peter, printer, rear 75 German 
Brumaker Margt. Mrs., 56 Carroll 
Brumaker Wm., plasterer, 56 Carroll 
Brumer Hiram, tailor, Grays 
Brumer John, cooper, rear 254 St John 
Brumbach Guado, cordw. 75 R av 
Brumflick Mai-tin, rear 247 Shippen 
Brumley John, sawyer, 534 N 3d 
Brumley R C, lab. 44 Almond 
Brundage Joseph, grocer, S W Frankford r and 

Brunell Andrew, shop, 210 Hanover (K) 
Bruner Cyrus G., refiner, 62 Ogden 
Bruner Elizabeth, 539 N 7th 
Bruner John A., clei-k, 26 Beach 
Bruner J. P., factory, cor Nixon and Hamilton, 

h 687 Vine 
Bruner Wm., 4 Peg-g- 
Bruner Wm., gluemr. Houtes row bel 6th 
Brunet John, sr., 207 S 2d 
"^ ' Brunet John, jr., medicines, 207 S 2d 
Brunner Abraham, watchman, 54 Ogden 
Brunner Adam, tailor, rear Wall 
Brunner Deborah, 159 Dillwyn 
Bi-unner Henry, shoemr. 125 Spruce 
Brunner Isaac, clerk, 84 Chestnut, h 3 Holmes 
Bi-unner John F., carp. 39 Wallace 
Brunner John K., mint, h 287 N 12th 
Brunner J. S., 54 Ogden 
Brunner Maria, 162 Marshall 
Brunner Wm., wool business, N 10th ab Brown 
Brunner Wm., imp. 4 Strawberry, h Girard 

v.^,BRUNNER WM. & CO., imps, silk g-oods, 4 

Brunough Mrs., washer, Smith's ct 
Brunough Stephen, waiter, Smith's ct 
Bruns John, g-as fitter, h 60 Zane 
Brunson Ann, 119 Shackamaxon (K) 
Brunswick R. H., wholesale dealer in watches 

and jewellry, 219 Marshall 
Brunt John, lab. 234 S 13th 
Brunt Thomas, drayman, 7 Weccacoe 
Brunton James, porter, 8 Charles pi 

Brurien Chas., Military Hall, 14 Library 

Brurien Frank, 14 Library 

Brush Jesse, g-ents. furnishing store, 14 N 6th 

Brush John D., macht. 231 Allen (K) 

Brussier Maria, 360 South 

Brusstar Ann, confect. 121 Sp Garden 

Brusstar Geo. H., baker, 276 S 4th 

Brusstar James S., cordw. 26 Queen (K) 

Brustche J., water color manuf. 29 S 10th 

Bruster Wm., weaver, S E 13th and Bedford 

Brustle Jacob, baker, 469 N 13th 

Brutche John, clerk, 141 Market 

Bruten Albert, steamboat mr. 4 Dewees ct ab 

Bruten Ann, 7th and Barclay 
Bryan Abram L., barber, N E 4th & Chestnut 
Bryan Catharine, 6 Lafayette (M) 
Bryan Francis M., seaman, Bedford ab 12th 
Bryan Geo. H., mer. 126 S 9th 
Bryan 8c Holland, printers, 44 N 8th 
Bryan Isaiah, cabinetmr.' 125 S 2d, h 192 Wood 

ab 11th 
Bryan Jacob E., com. mer. 21 Montg-omery 
BRYAN JAMES, M. D., N E 10th & Arch 
Bryan James, dyer. Filbert W 19th 
Bryan Jesse, macht. York bel F av 
Bryan John, cabinetmr. 159 N 4th 
Bryan John, grocer, N W 11th and SheafF's al 
Bryan John, weaver, Hope n School (K) 
Bryan John, silversm. Madison bel 11th 
Bryan Joseph T., fancy goods, 4 N 9th 
Bryan J. R., M. D., 354 Green 
Bryan J. W., 58 S 10th 
Bryan Mahlon, salesman, 200 Market, h Broad 

and Sp Garden 
Bryan Mary, Pennsylvania av ab 18th 
Bryan Mary, rear South ab 10th 
Bryan Patrick, shoemr. Philip ab Master 
Bryan Samuel, dyer, Cuthbert E 21st 
Bryan Thomas, engineer, 288 Hanover 
Bryan Thomas, shoemr. rear 216 Chestnut . 
Bryan T. M., mer. 185 Market, h 6 Madison 
Bryan Wm. L., printer, 44 N 8th 
Bryans Lise, Mrs., 682 S 4th 
Bryans Thomas, Carpenter bel 6th 
Bryant Isaac C, mach. 8 Minor, h 131 Ridge av 
Bryant Wm. Henry, cabinetmr. 5 Sch av below 

BRYANT JOHN, clerk, 20 S Del av, h 107 

Biyant John, moulder. Redwood bel 6th 
Bryant John G., distiller, 340 N Front 
Bryant John H., clerk. Federal ab 3d 
Bryant J. D., M. D., 16th ab Arch 
Bryant Wm., sr., carpt. weaver, 184 S 4th 
Bryant Wm. C, clerk, 322 N 12th 
Bryens Rosbrough, 9 Parker 
Brynan Ann, 80 Crown 
Brynan Edward, book keeper, 8 S 3d, h 219 

S 2d 

Brynan John, umbrellas, 219 S 2d 
Brynan Mary M., umbrellas, 219 S 2d 
Bryning F., stove finisher, 1159 N 5th 
Bryning-er Fred., tavern, 6th ab Jefrerson 
Bryson Alexander C, printer, 2 N 6th 
Bryson Andrew, cordw. George n 16th 
Bryson Hugh, cordw. 5 W George 




Bryson James H., printer, 2 N 6th, h 328 Fil- 
Bryson John M., furnishing' store, 15 S 8th, h 

98 Wallace 
Bryson Margaret, shop, 186 Shippen 
Bryson Susan M., trims. 131 N 5th 
Bryson Wm., cordw. 573 S 8th 
Buchanan Abraham C., salesman, 27 S 4th, h 

285 Market 
Buchanan Augustus, tailor, 572 S 7th 
Buchanan A. P., seminary, 607 N 11th 
Buchanan David, clei-k, Wilcox 
Buchanan David, macht. 12th ab Girard av 
Buchanan Edward, dry goods, 162 S Carpenter 
Buchanan Francis, grocer, S E Cadwalader and 

Jefferson (K) 
Buchanan George, police, rear 10 Quince 
Buchanan Geo., hat fin. Washington ab Oxford 
Buchanan Geo. R., hotel, Broad and Prime 
Buchanan Geo. H., coachsm. Grape bel 8th 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterer, 129 Walnut, h 

N E Catharine and 3d 
Buchanan Henry, lab. Simpson's ct 
Buchanan Isaac, brickmr. Addison 
Buchanan James, brickmr. Prime bel Arsenal 
Buchanan James, jr., grocer. Juniper & CheiTy 
Buchanan James, grocer, Capitol and Parrish 
Buchanan James, Brown bel Emory (R) 
Buchanan James, bxickmr. 9 Dean 
Buchahan James, dyer, 24 Owen 
BUCHANAN JAMES R., grocer, 210 S 2d 
Buchanan Jane, 17th ab Pine 
Buchanan John, wheelwt, Washington (W P) 
Buchanan John, cordw. 17th bel Lombard 
Buchanan John, 28 Barker 
Buchanan John, lab. Salem ab Emory 
Buchanan John, weigher, Brown bel Emory 
Buchanan Martha, washer, rear 3 Little Pine 
Buchanan Philip, b h, 187 Lombard 
Buchanan Rebecca, Cuthbert n 19th 
Buchanan Richd., grocer, 166 S 2d 
Buchanan Richd., bonnet press. 8 Laurel (N L) 
Buchanan Robert, lab. 567 Shippen 
Buchanan Robt., Wm. Penn Hotel, Washington 

bel William (W P) 
Buchanan Robert, tailor, 18th ab South 
Buchanan Robert, salesman, Juniper bel Lom 

Buchanan S. P., teacher of music, 607 N 11th 
Buchanan Thomas, trader. South n 21st 
Buchanan Walter, lab. South av 
Buchanan Washington H., paint. Grape bel 8th 
Buchanan Wm., carp. Marriott and 7th 
Buchanan Wm., lab. Sp Garden n 12th 
Buchanan Wm., lab. Lewis bel Emory 
Buchanan Wm., dyer, Lloyd ab Shippen 
Buchannan George, sexton, 19 Hovifard 
Buchannan James, drayman, 113 Monroe 
Buchannan James, weaver, Carroll ab Dauphin 
Buchannan Sophia, Meredith ab 22d 
Buchannan Wm., lab. Gabble's ct 
BUCHERT B. J., tavern, 171 Callowhill 
Buchner Charles, cabinetmr. 269 N 3d 
Buchner Chas., cabinetmr. 4 Whyte's pi 
Buchner C, Lemon pi ab Lemon 
Buchner Frederick, tavern, N E Poplar and 3d 
Buchner Frederick, bootmr. h 7 Lemon 
Buchner George, musician, Lafayette pi 

Buchwald John, tailor, 456 N 4th 

Bucious Jackson, lab. Maiden pi 

Buck Albert, cordw. 64 Penn 

Buck B. M., barber, 96 N 2d, h 27 Laurel 

Buck Caroline, trimmings. Poplar bel lotli 

Buck Caroline, Mrs., 750 Vine 

Buck Charles, hod carrier, Pearl ab 13th 

Buck Chas. E., chemist, 34 N Front, h N E 12th 

and Arch 
Buck Chauncey, tin plate worker, 447 Market 
Buck Christopher, shoemr. 572 N 4th 
Buck Daniel, furn. dealer, 237 N 2d, house 44 

Buck Elizabeth, Front bel Greenwich 
Buck Elizabeth, wid. of Joshua, Clinton av 
Buck Erastus, tinsm. 118 N Juniper 
Buck Francis N., Prest. of Little Sch Naviga- 
tion R. R. and Coal Co., 80|^ Walnut, h N E 

12th and Arch 
Buck Fred., engineer. Front ab Master (K) 
Buck Geo., cooper, 419 N 2d, h Franklin near 

Elm (K) 
Buck George, lab. Lisle bel Shippen 
Buck Harriet, 14 Somer's ct 
Buck Henry, cordw. Crown ab Bedfox-d (K) 
Buck Hugh, blacksm. 174 Shippen 
Buck James, tavern, 798 N 2d n Master 
Buck James, carter, S 11th ab Pine 
Buck Jasper, tinsm. Market bel 17th, h 118 N 

Buck Jeremiah M., 113 Market, h 9 Logan sq 
Buck John, Filbert n 19th 
Buck John, lab. Moore bel Church (K) 
Buck John, lab. Fitler and Harrison 
Buck John, lab. Warren bel Pine (W P) 
Buck John, tailor, W 50 GaskiU 
Buck John, blacksm. 7th ab Sycamore 
Buck John, lab. Moore bel Church 
Buck Jos., bookseller, 4 Hart's B., h 32 John 
Buck Levi, sailor, 330 South 
Buck Lot, tail. N E 2d & Union, h Wharton ab 3d 
Buck Margaret, Mechanic ab Culvert 
Buck Mary A., sempstress, Hancock bel Phoenix 
BUCK, MORGAN & STIDFOLE, diy goods, 

113 Market 
Buck Robert, 12th ab South 
Buck Samuel, mor. manuf. Willow bel 2d & 31 

Margaretta, h 181 8th bel Vine 
Buck Saml. F., painter, 14 Sommer's ct 
Buck Sarah, Mrs., b h, 16 N 12th 
Buck Miss S., dress mr. Clinton av 
Buck, Simmons & Co., nickle, cobalt, refiner, 

Howard and Putman 
BUCK, SIMONIN & CO., manuf chemists, 34 

N Front 
Buck Wm., butcher, 21 Perry 
Buck Wm., lab. William's ct ab Pleasant (S G) 
Buck Wm. B., grocer, S W 12th and Chestnut 

h 415 Arch 
Buck Wm. H. teamster, Mansion ab Oak (W P) 
Buckby Sarah, Mrs., 10th bel Thompson 
Buckingham Chas. P., agent. 229 N 6th 
BUCKINGHAM ISAAC, tailor, 6 Hart's B., h 

71 Crown 
Buckingham James, coach trimmer. Union ab 

Franklin (K) 
Buckingham John R., 229 N 6th 




Buc;kingham Martha, 229 N 6th v 
Bucking-ham T. L., dentist, 165 N 9th 
Buckious Aaron, cooper, Prime n G F road 
Buckious Ii'vin, Arsenal 
Buckius Francis, vict. F road ab Hart la 
Buckius John, carp. 668 N 2d ab Franklin av 
Buckius Peter F., turner, Front st R 
Buckius Rudolph, butcher, F road ab Hart la 
Buckius William, vict. F road ab Hart la 
Buckler Sarah, tailor, 7th bel Prime 
Buckley Anna, washer, 45 Quince 
Buckley Arnold, hatter, Glenwood 
Buckley Chas. H., feed St., Lacaster pike (WP) 
Buckley Clement A., g-ent. 411 Spruce 
Buckley Daniel, cloth fin. Nichols' av 
Buckley Edward, moulder, 14 Elm 
Buckley Edward, cabinetmr. Lancaster pike n 

Park (W P) 
Buckley Edward S., N W 10th and Clinton 
Buckley Henry P., carp. Howell 
Buckley James, mul. spinner, Marlboro' below 

Duke (K) 
Buckley Jas., painter, Salmon ab Maple 
Buckley Joel, weaver, 2d st Road 
Buckley John, carp. Capitol bel Parrish 
Buckley John, lab. 3 Diligent 
Buckley Jos., macht. Lancast. pike ab 6th (W P) 
Buckley Margt, 857 Lombard 
Buckley Mary, huckster, HaiTis' ct 
Buckley Matthew, lab. Higgin's ct 
Buckley Michael, shop, Lombard ab 21st 
Buckley Michael, 855 Lombard 
Buckley Morton, g-rocer, 399 Vine 
Buckley M. Brooke & Son, 56 Walnut, h N W 

10th and Clinton 
Buckley M. S., Richmond bel Lehig-h 
Buckley Pat., lab. rear Murray W 20th 
Buckley Sarah, Green n Sloan (W P) 
Buckley Thomas, tinman, 11 Diligent av 
Buckley Thos., carp. 17 Shippen 
Buckley Timothy, earner, 19 Gaskill 
Buckley WiUiam, clerk, S W 11th and Arch, h 

South ct 
Buckley William, lab. 696 N 10th 
Buckley Wm., wool sorter, 867 N 8th 
Buckley Wm., lab. Jefferson bel 11th 
Buckman Jac, dealer, Montg-omery n G T road 
Buckman Christian, tailor, 1169 N 5th 
Buckman Lewis, clerk, 437 10th bel Coates 
Buckman Morris, coal mer. h 401 N 8th 
Buckman Robert, alderman, office 115 Wallace, 

h N E 10th and Wallace 
Buckmaster Chas., trunkmi-. 141 Lombard 
Buckmaster Eze, waterman, Dewitt's av 
Buckmaster Thomas, clerk, h 140 Pine 
Bucknell Joseph, Rev., 8th ab Master 
Bucknell Wm., broker, 62 Walnut, h N E 17th 

and Walnut 
Bucknor A. J., mer. 41 N Water, h 150 S 3d 
BUCKNOR, M'CAMMON & CO., tobacco, 16 
y^ N Del av, and 41 N Water 

Buckth Misses, seminary, 595 W Spruce 
Bukston James M., seaman, 580 S 7th 
Buckwalter Hiram, tinsm. 134 N Juniper 
. Buckwalter Isaac W., machinist, 8 Lybrand 
Buckwalter Jacob, macht. 8 Lybrand 
Buckwalter Lewis, machinist, 8 Lybrand 
Buckwalter R. F., clerk, 5 Minor 

BUDD & COMLY, com. mers. 8c flour factors, 

66 N Del av and 139 Water 
Budd J. D., jr., atty. at law, 169 Walnut 
Budd Harriet, dry goods, S E 10th and PaiTlsh 
Budd Henry, mer. 66 N whfs, h 7th ab Button- 
Budd Hemy, locksm. 10 Exchange pi, h 780 


Budd Henry, Rev., 201 N 7th 
Budd Henry G., clerk, 30 S 3d, h 61 Spruce 
Budd Isaac, bricklr. 17th bel Latimer 
Budd Isaac D., broker, 30 S 3d, h 61 Spruce 
Budd James, tinsm. Columbia ab Washing-ton . 
Budd John, cordw. 780 N 2d 
Budd Joseph, 287 Coates 

Budd J. B., com. mer. 45 Walnut, h 423 Spruce 
Budd J. D., jr., atty and coun. 169 Walnut 
Budd Sam., locksm. 780 N 2d 
Budd Sarah, binder, Townsend n Tulip (R) 
Budd Sarah, Mrs., 124 Wallace 
Budd Susan, Race bel 16th 
Budd Thomas A., atty. & coun. 169 Walnut 
Budd Thos. W., g-ilder, 90 N 9th, h Lewis ab 


Budd Walter J., atty. and couns. 42 S 6th 
Budd William, builder, 715 Pine 
BUDD WILLIAM A., exchang-e broker, 30 S 

3d, h 61 Spruce 
Buddy John, baker, S W 8th and Locust 
Buddy Lewis, baker, 467 Chestnut 
Buddy Margaret, Mrs., Leonard bel 9th 
Buder William, turner, Hope n Otter 
Buechner Jacob, weaver, 368 Coates 
Bueliler John, mer. 195 Market, h Madison and 


Buehler John, candymr. 2d ab Phoenix (K) 
Buehler Martin, hardware, 195 Market, h Broad 

ab Brown 

hardware, 195 Market \ ^,- 

Buel A., 21 Citron 

Bueye Judith, b h, Bath bel Ann (R) 
Buff B., washer, 58 Quince 
Buffington Isaac, cabinetmr. 87 S 11th 
Buffington Jos., organ builder, 87 S 11th 
Buffington Lee W., M. D., 344 Filbert 
Buffington Wilson, b h, 381 Market 
Buffum Joshua, mer. h Ashland House 
Buffum M. P., mer. 122 Chestnut 
Bughl Chi'istian, baker. Front bel Marsh 
Bugless Chas. P., grocer, Deacon and Stiles 
Bugless, Jas., bootmr. 26 S 4th, h R road above 

Francis (F V) 
Buhl Francis, tailor. Sowers ct 
Buhl Francis, cordw. 341 St. Johns (K) 
Buirkley C. F., baker. 111 Wharton 
Buirkley J. P., baker, 59 Federal 
Buist James, carp. 585 Lombard ab 15th 
BUIST ROBERT, florist, 322 Market 
Bukalter Fred., blacksm. 6 Astor pi 
Buley Saml., lab. 47 Mechanic 
Bulfinch Thos., baker, 563 South ab 12th 
Buliug-h Jeremiah, 3 Little Pine 
Bulls Thomas, bootmr. 175 Noble 
Bulkau Peter, toys, 456 South 
Bulkley Chas., hatter, 128 Chestnut, h 235 S 9th 
Bulkley Chauncey, att'y. and coun. 20 Prune 
Bulkley EUzabeth, 20 Prune 




Bulkley James H., lieut. police, Mayor's office, 

h 424 Race 
Bulkley Michael, lab. Court alley 
Bull Abigail, b h, 15 Olive 
Bull Eborn, baker, 42 Beck 
Bull Elizabeth, 40 Beck 
Bull Teg-le, dealer, 105 Prime 
Bull Thos., waterman, 23 Union al 
Bull Wm. G., 16 Farham ct 
Bullard Edwin C, bookbinder, 386 Arch 
Bullen Chas. T., elk., 161 Arch, h 562 S 5th 
Bullinger John, packer, 34 Dunton (K) 
BuUis Laura J.,, 48 Gaskill 
BULLITT & FA*RTHORNE, att'y and couns. 

20 S 3d 
Bullitt John C, atty. and coun. 20 S 3d 
Bullock A. S., carp. R. R. bel Parrish 
Bullock Benj., wool warehouse, 32 N 3d 
,.- BULLOCK BENJ. & CO., wool dealers, 32 N 3d 
Bullock Benj., jr., woolmer. 32 N 3d 
Bullock B., wid. of Robert, millwrt. 24 Lewis 
Bullock Charles, drug-gist, N E 6th and Arch 
BULLOCK & CRENSHAW, drug-gists, N E 6th 

and Arch 
Bullock David B., clerk, 70 Ogden 
Bullock D. Barton, salesman, 143 Market, h 80 

Bullock Francis, 109 S 10th 
Bullock Geo. W., mer. 32 N 3d, h 154 N 5th 
Bullock Jno. mer. 21 S 3d 
Bullock John M., sashmr. 5 Providence ct 
Bullock Jonathan, carp. 511 N 7th 
BULLOCK JOSEPH W., coal, 148 N Broad, h 

498 N 5th 
Bullock Joseph, M. D., 161 S 9th 
Bullock Letitia, confect. 89 N 6th 
Bullock & Rush, carps. Poplar bel 8th 
Bullock Saml. M. blindmr. Brazier av's 
Bullock Susan, 80 Almond 
Bullock Wm., carp. 552 Poplar 
Bullstell Rich'd, tanner, rear 91 Charlotte (N L) 
Bulmer Adam, boatman, S Willow ab Spruce 
Bulmer Rich'd, lab. Mary S. Willow 
Bultzer Lewis, jr., carp. 16th bel Cabbot 
Bultzer Lewis, sr., lab. 16th bel Cabbot 
Bum Cath., washer, rear Bedford ab Shippenla 
Bum Edw., tinsm. Charlotte ab Beaver 
Bumbaugh Anthony, blindmr. rear 331 N 3d 
Bumbaugh Wm., painter. Wood ab F road (K) 
Bumgard Jno., cordw. Palmer bel Duke 
Bumgard Philip, brickmr. Pratt below Logan 

Bumm & Brother, mers. NE Race and Water, h 
Bumm Chas., lab. Penn bel Maiden 
Bumm Elizabeth, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Bumm Hannah, Marlboro' ab Bedford (K) 

328 Beach (K) 
Bumm Jacob, umbrella framemr. Broad below 

Hanover (K) 
Bumm John, silver plater, 106 Marlborough 
Bumm John, whip mr. Palmer ab Franklin av 
Bumm Mary, Cherry bel F. av (K) 
Bumm Richd., caulker, Duke bel Palmer 
Bumm Robt., carp. 242 Carpenter 
Bumm Samuel, grtun dealer, store Race and 

Water, h Union ab Bedford (K) 
Bumm Samuel H., caulker, 95 Allen ct 
Bumm W., salt store, 274 Hanover n F road (K) 

Bundick Wm., porter, Gulielma 

Bundick Zarobabel, waterman, Corndaffers ct 

Bundy B., cordw. Wood and Cherry 

Bundy E., waiter, rear 5 Duponceau 

Bundy Thos., lab. Cross al 

Bund}"" Thos. R., waiter, 356 South 

Bunker Ann, confectioner, 145 Coates 

BUNKER BENJ. M., mer. 41 S Del av, house 7 


Bunker Chas., sailor, Bath bel Ann 
Bunker Wm., Rev., Logan ab Washington(W P) 
Bunn Albert G., spin. 163 I-awrence (N L) 
Bunn Alex. J., mer. 259 Race, h 27 Wistar 
Bunn Horace F., salesman, 91 N 3d 
BUNN, RAIGUEL & CO., dry goods, 91 N 3d " 
Bunn S. M., dry goods, 91 N 3d, h Logan sq & 

Bunnell David S., lumber counter, Coates street 

whf., h 670 N 11th 
Bunny Peter, bootmr. 6th and Marriott 
Bunting Chas., stove store, 234 Ridge av 
Bunting Chas. W.,hardw. 473 N 2d, h 345 N 8th 
Bunting Daniel, pol. officer, 41 N 15th 
Bunting Henrietta, widow, 119 S 5th 
Bunting Jacob T., mer. 14 S Del av, h 65 Pine 
Bunting Jacob S., clerk, N E 2d and Market, h 

22 S 2d 
Bunting Jac, h 22 S 2d 
Bunting John, mor. dr. King's ct 
Bunting John, weaver. Derringer's av 
Bunting & Middleton, hardware, 473 N 2d 
Bunting Richard, ship join. Otter bel G T road 
Bunting Saml. salesman, 78 Market, h 7 Lodge 
Bunting Samuel C, real estate agent, 70 Dock, 

h Walnut bel William (W P) 
Bunting Samuel C, jr., agent, 70 Dock 
Bunting Samuel S., N E 10th ab Spruce 
Bunting Steward, 634 S 6th 
Bunting Thos., clerk, Florida 
Bunting Thomas C, M. D., S W Seventh and 

Lodge al 
Bunting Thomas H., clerk, 12 Commerce 
Bunting T. Crowell, M. D., 119 S 5th 
Bunting Wm., porter, 554 Shippen 
Bunting Willaim H., coal yard, N E 12th and 

Burbidge William, tallow chandler. West ab 

Burch Chas. E., 87 N 3d, h 384 Vme 
Burch Eliza, Mrs., 43 Filbert 
Burch Jos., druggist, 16 Barker 
Burch & Riley, millinery, 268 N 2d 
BURCH THOS., Jr., mer. 87 N 3d, h 384 Vine • 
Burchard Jabez, U S commis. 209 Queen (S) 
Burchell Henry, plasterer, 2d and Queen 
Burcher John, blacksm. Maiden bel Beach 
Burd Eliza H., S W 9th and Chestnut 
Burd Sarah, gentw. 233 Chestnut 
Burden Andrew M., M. D., 10th ab Federal 
Burden Jesse R., M. D., insp. Moy. prison, h 505 

Burden Jos., waterman. Wood bel Broad 
Burdett Samuel D., M. D., 242 Franklin 
Burdick Jane, Rio Grande pi 
Burdick Joseph A., 1-eal est. broker, 107 Wal 

nut, h 7th bel Girard av 
Burdsall J. H., clerk, 187 Chestnut 
Burgaine Thomas, 492 Poplar ab 10th 




Burgard Joseph, cabinet maker. Alder ab 

Girard av 
Burgauer B., ink manuf., 552 N 3d 
Burgauer Lewis, cordw., 71 Poplar 
Buger Frank, tailor, 334 St Johns (K) 
Burger Henry, carp.. Brown bel Hanover (K) 
Burger Lewis, Parrish ab 19th 
■Burgess Hemy E., acct. 26 Melon 
Burgess Robt. macht. F road and Y av 
Burgess AVm. S., clerk, 43 N 8th 
Burgesser Jas. R., salesm. 147 Market (up stairs) 
Burgett Charlotte, 15th and Carver 
Burgin Chai-les F., mer. 26 N Front, h 185 S 5th 
Burgin Geo. H., jr., mer. 26 N Front, h 18th & 

Burgin Geo. H., M. D. and mer., 26 N Front, h 

175 S 5th 
Burgin James, cedar cooper, 9th st Avenue 
Burgin John H., clerk, 26 N Front, h 175 S 5th 
Burgin Joseph, salesm. 213 Market, h Camden 
BURGIN & SONS, green glass ware, 26 N 
Front, glass works, Cherry ab Franklin (K) 
Burgner Peter, fancy goods, 63 N 8th 
Burhert E. W., turner, N. E. Olive and Broad 
Burk Anthony, lab., Lancaster ab Reed 
Burk Charles, cordw., 15 M road 
Burk Charles, lab., rear 17 Swanson 
Burk Edwd. D., clerk, 1 Gilbert av 
Burk Ely, bricklr. 544 N 5th 
Burk Geo., carp. F road ab Hart la 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 147 Spruce 
BURK JAMES, dying and print., Ransteadpl,h 

788 Vine 
Bui-k James, lab., SpafFord bel Shippen 
Burk Jas., porter, 98 Market 
Burk Jas., lab. Hutchinson bel Master 
Burk James A., mer. 28 S Front, h 214 N Front 
Burk Jehu, lab. 9 Emeline 
Burk John, lab., Bevan, n R R (R) 
Burk John, lab , 7 Jones' ct 
Burk John, carter, Esher's av 
Burk John, carp. F road ab Haii; la 
Burk John, lab. Cooper n 20th 
Burk John, weaver, 2 Gulielma 
Burk John, lab. Acorn al 
Burk John, lab. Warren and Green (W P) 
Burk John F., grocer, 23 Chester 
Burk John G., carp. 12 Nagle 
Burk Joseph, lab. Jefferson bel 11th 
Burk Joseph, 280 Fitzwater 
BURK JOSEPH M., Ward House, S E Callow- 
hill and 21st 
Burk Lawrence, currier, Essex 
Burk Lewis, tinman, 7th ab Shippen 
Burk Lewis, tobacco, 35 S 3d, h 57 Brown 
Burk Michl., tavern, N E Hutchinson & Master 
Burk Michl., slater, 10th bel Master 
Bvu'k Michael, lab. Sorrel bel Larch 
Burk Mills, lab., Johnson's la ab 4th 
Biu-k Moses, foreman, Blair n Wood (K) 
Burk Owen, lab. Son-el bel Larch 
Burk Patrick, waiter, 3 LyndaU's al 
Burk Pat, lab. 5 Coombs' al 
Burk Paul, watchman, 149 Howard 
Burk Richd., lab. Houston ab Salmon 
Burk Simon, coal mer. 40 Parrish n 6th 
Bui"k Thomas, grocer, S E 2d and Franklin av 
Burk Thos., elk. 14 N 3d, h 6th ab Master (K) 

Burk Thos., gardener, George bel Park (WP) 

Burk Thos., lab. Cuthbert bel 21st 

Burk Thos., carter, Wahmt E Beach ' 

Burk T., Mrs., washer, 1 Sharp's av 

Burk Walter, driver. Nectarine bel 9th 

Burk William, carp., h 260 Arch 

Burk Wm. A., clerk, h 260 Arch 

Burk Wm. E., bookkeeper. 77 Chestnut, h Ger- 

BURK WM. G., druggist, 244 Lombard 
Biu'kart A. L., turner, 115 Sp Garden 
Burkart A. L., Mrs. 117 Sp Garden 
Burkart Edwin, tui-ner, 115 Sp Garden 
Burkart H. S., turner, 6 Deacon 
Burkart Isaac W., convey. 67 S 4th, h 30 Ap- 

pletree al 
Burkart Samuel, bnishmr., 238 Callowhill h 414 

Burkart Valentine, jr., convey. 163 Arch 
Burke Chas., tailor, Vernon bel 11th 
Burke Dennis, cordw., R av bel Ogden 
Burke Dominick J., cordw. Duke ab Cherry 
Burke Edmund-, macht. 13th ab Brown 
Burke Edwd., lab., Richmond and R R (R) 
Burke Edwd., lab., 10th bel Thompson 
Burke Edwd., upholsterer, 13 Howard 
Burke Edwd., foreman, Lewellen's av. W Beach 
Burke Francis, carter. Beach bel Chestnut 
Burke Garrett, mariner, 10 Pleasant av 
Biu-ke Henrj^, dealer, 150 Federal 
Burke Jacob, acct. 57 S 3d, h 69 G T road 
Burke James, lab. Mervine ab Oxford 
Burke Jeremiah, lab. 9 Chancery la 
Burke John F., mer. 324^ Market 
Burke Jno., tailor, 31 Hurst 
Burke Jno., shoemr. 1 Prime ab 8th 
Burke John J., atty. and coun. 73 S 4th 
Burke L. F., com. mer. 643 S 4th 
Burke Mary Ann, milliner, 172 Chestnut 
Burke Martin, shop, 38 Strawberry 
Burke Martin, grocer, 6th and Paul 
Burke P., waiter, 3 LindeU's alley 
Burke Raymond, tailor. Federal bel 8th 
Burke Thomas B., porter, 17 Commerce 
Burke Walter, cabtmr.. Federal ab 8th 
Burke Wm., ink manuf., 4 Exchange pi 
Burke Wm., shoe., 2 Zephr av 
Burke Wm., shoe. 1 Prime ab 8th 
Burke Wm. C, tailor, Ann ab 17th 
Burkert John, vict. 322 St John (K) 
Burkett Arthur, founder, Wlieat bel Wharton 
Burkett Joseph, turner, rear 117 Christian 
Burkey John, cordw. 452 S 3d 
Bm-khard M. W., chairmr., 59 N Front, h 19 

Shippen y 

BURKHARDT GEORGE, brewer, 56 New n/ 

Market ^ 

Burkhardt George J., carp., Franklin ab Brown, 

h 410 N 12th 
Burkhardt Hannah, 85 Fi-anklin 
Burkhardt J., dealer, 253 S 5th 
Burkhart Chas., h 312 N 5th 
Burkhart Eleanor, Marshall bel Green 
Burkhart George W., steam vat manuf, S E But- 

tonwood and Broad, h S W 12th & Melon 
Burkhart H., waiter, 20 Raspberry 
Burkhart Isaac, sea capt., 100 N 7th 
Burkhart John C, paper hangings, 203 N 2d 




Burkhart Julius, hotel, Pennsylvania av and 

Burkhart J. C, mer., Marshall bel Green 
Burkhart L. S., clerk, office Froth. Ct. C. Fleas, 

h Marshall bel Green 
Burkliart Peter, 283 Race 

Biu-khart Robert, carp., 23 Jones' al, h 69 Tam- 
Burkhart Sarah, wid of Robt., 72 N Front 
Bui'khart Wm., musician, 10 Pascal 
Burkhart Wm. J., acct., 62 N Front, h 283 Race 
Bm-khart Wm. T., 72 N Front 
Burkheimer Jesse, mason, 27 Og-den 
Burkitt Thos., bricklr. Wharton bel 5th 
Burkley James, lab. Jefferson bel 11th 
Burkman John, 95 Perry (K) 
Burkman Chas. U., clerk, 6 Salmon (K) 
Burkmann Fred. W., store, 283 Poplar 
Burkner Jno., piano mr. Apple ab Diamond (K) 
Burlah Chas., lab. 33 Bonsall 
Burleigh Francis, M. D., 212 Cai-penter 
Burley Jno., cigars, rear 25 F road 
Burley John, weaver. Crown ab Franklin av 
Burley Wm. A., runner, 74 Market, h 382 S 9th 
Burling- B. S., mer. 101 N Front, h Logan sq ab 
^. Burling B. S. & Co., mers. 101 N Front 

Burlinghame Chas., machine tender, St. An- 
drews ab 21st 
Burlock Samuel D., bookbinder, George ab 

11th, h 8th and Brown 
Burman Nich., police, CadwaUader ab Phoenix 
Burman Wm., vict. 94 Mechanic 
Burmen Edward, cordw., Bedford bel 13th 
Burneson Saml. W., engineer. Pagoda n Fair- 
Burnett John, sign pr. 100 West 
Burnett Jos., blksm. Allen bel Marlboro' 
Burnett Jos. B., 165 N 2d 
Burn Barnet, brickmr., Mervine ab Oxford 
Burn Farmer, gent., 244 N Front 
BURN JOS., watchmr. and jeweller, 77 Sp. 

Garden ab 7th, h 36 CarroU 
Burnell Benj., 33 Logan sq 
Burnell W. W., M. D., 34 Logan sq 
Burnet George, mer. 250 S 10th 
Burnett Abby, b h, 7 Belmont pi 
Burnett A. W., 6 Benton 

Burnett Bern'd, cab., 7th and Haverford (W P) 
Burnett Eli S., dry goods mer. 165 Market, h 

Chestnut bet William and Till (W P) 
Burnett Jeffrey, tailor, 11 N 2d 
Burnett J. S., mer. h N W Locust and Park 

Biumett Thomas, tailor, 11 N 2d 
Burnett Wm., weaver, Elizabeth pi (K) 
' Burnes James, Naval Asylum 
Burnes James, shop, 2 Grape 
Burnham George, clerk, 338 N 13th 
Burnham N. C, roofer, 56 Walnut, h 218 S 11th 
Burns Abraham, confect. Walnut & Margaretta 

Burns Alex., blacksm., N W Sch Beach & Lo- 
cust, h 20th and Spruce 
Burns Andrew, boilermr., Howard ab Jefferson 
Burns Ann, shop, Bedford n 7th 
Burns Ann, tailoress, 433 S 6th 
Burns Ann O., agent, 70 N 7th 

Burns A., bookbind., 259 N 7th 

Burns Barnard, milkman, Garden bel 8tli 

Burns Bernard, weaver. Federal ab 12th 

Burns Benj., gilder, 322 S 8th 

Burns Byard, salesman, 37 N 3d 

Burns Charles, paper stain.. Burton bel 18th 

Burns Charles C., photographer, 46 N 8th 

BURNS CHAS. C, com. mer. 29 Church al, h 
183 S 5th 

Burns Charles J., tavern, 50 George 

Burns Charles M., Sec. Columbia Mutual Insu. 
Co., 5 Exchange, h 7 Portico sq 

Burns Charles W., salesman, 32 & 34 Bank al, h 
361 Poplar 

Burns Christo., carp., Warren bel May (W P) 

Burns Cornelius, lab. 6th and Garden (W P) 

Burns C. K., Mrs., store 64 S 12th 

Burns Daniel, lab. 9 Budd 

Burns David, banker, h 2 Palmyra Row 

Burns Dennis, founder, 19th and Fairview 

Burns Dennis, lab., Fisher bel Huntingdon 

Burns Edward, groc, 20th and Vine 

Burns Edward, butcher, Jefferson bel G T road 

Burns Edwd., lab. Pine bel Beach 

Burns Eliza, laundress, 12 Mercer 

Burns Francis, lab. 4 Tammany ct 

Burns Francis, bricklr. 404 Fitzwater 

Burns Geo., tailor, 31 Sears 

BURNS GEO. H., express agent, 116 Chestnut, 
h 11 Prune 

Burns Gertrude, Miss, 117 Filbert 

Burns Henry, lab. Truxton bel Budd 

Burns Henry, grocer. Front and Phoenix . 

Burns H., grocer, F road n Deal 

Burns James, carter, William E 22d 

Burns James, dyer, Hope ab Master 

Burns Jas., clerk, 34 Garden 

Burns James, rear 218 Christian 

Burns James W., books and stationery, 109 Sp. 

Burns Jeremiah, tailor, 21 Harrison 

Burns John, seaman, 387 S Front 

Burns John, locksm. 209 Shippen 

Burns John, lab. 4 Leed's av 

Burns John, lab.. Amber ab Phoenix 

Burns John, blacksm., Warren bel Park (W P) 

Burns John, lab. Alder bel Master 

Burns John, shoemr. 9th ab L Washington 

Burns John, lab. 1 Monroe ct 

Burns John, lab. Loyd ab Shippen 

Burns John, runner, 55 Chestnut, trimming store 
64 S 12th 

Burns John, carp. Washington n Moore (W P) 

Burns John, weaver, Lombard n 21st 

Burns John, milkman. Garden bel 8th 

Burns John, sailor, 83 Swanson 

Burns John M., mer. 237 Market, h 10 Montgo- 

Burns John S., clerk, 46 Erie 

Burns Margaret, shop, 323 Spruce 

Burns Margerj^, shop. Ridge avenue ab Button- 

Burns Martin, blacksm. 3 Faries' ct 

Burns Marj^, 11 Prune 

Burns Mary, Washington ab Logan (W P) 

Burns Mary, Mrs., 10 Nonnater's ct 

Burns Michael, constable, Jefferson and Cad- 




Burns Michael, weaver, Howell n IQth 
Burns Mich., lab. 103 Bedford 
Burns Morgan, weaver, Lombard n 21st 
Burns Nicholas, lab. 12 Beach ab Brown 
Burns Pati-ick, tailor, Reed bel Front 
Burns Patrick, lab., Simpson's ct 
Burns Pat., lab. Sloan (W P) 
Bui-ns Pat., lab. Fitler n Harrison (K) 
Burns Pat., lab. Harrison n 2d (K) 
Burns Pat., lab. rear L Washington and 10th 
Burns Peter, lab.. Middle ct 
Burns Peter, boater, Suthei-land av and Bedford 
Burns Peter, bricklr.. Burns bel Montgomery 
">/ Burns P., stone cutter. Locust ab 21st 
^ Bums Samuel, carp.. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Burns Saml., brickmr. 16th and Federal 
Burns Saml. H., dealer, rear Prime ab 8th 
Burns Saml. S., tailor, 600 S 7th 
Bui'ns S., harness mr. 6th and G T road 
Burns Thomas, lab. 195 N 16th 
Burns Wm., tobacco, 290 Market, h 252 But- 

Burns Wm., feed, 54 P road 
Burns Wm., tailor, 600 S 7th 
Burns Wm., street inspector, h 19 Hazel 
Burns Wm. H., dealer, rear Prime ab 8th 
Burnside George W., tobacconist, N E 2d and 

Burnside James, carter, G F road bel Cedar 
Burnside James, Leed's al rear 562 Vine 
Burnside Jos., lab. Fitler and Montgomery 
Burnside Wm., glass blow.. Cherry ab Queen 


Burnside Wm., carter, 13 Commerce, h Fitz- 

water ab 13th 
Burnside Wm., 58 N 15th 
Burr Alex., paint, and glaz., 1 S 18th, h Warren 

bel Mary (W P) 
Burr David T., merchant, S W 2d and Market, 

h Rittenhouse W 17th 
Burr D., carp., 640 Vine 

Burr Geo. W., collect.. Phoenix bel G T road 
BuiT Hope, 281 Race 
Burr Hudson S., dentist, 365 Walnut 
BURR H. COOPER, tailor, 35 N 6th 
Burr John I., mer. 41 Commerce, h 191 N 10th 
Burr John P., barber, 322 South 
Burr Joseph, 2 Comptroller 
Burr J. Earle, tailor, 307 N 10th 
Burr Margaret, Mrs., 342 Green 
Burr M. A., trimmings, N W 10th and Wood 
Burr M. L., 274 S 10th 
Burr Richard, M. D., 78 Richmond (R) 
Burr Rebecca, 428 Coates 
Burr Samuel, carp. 9th bel Christian 
BuiT Thos., carpenter, 5 Greble's ct 
Burr Thomas E., cutter, S W 4th and High 
Burr William, clerk, 45 S 4th, confect. S W 13th 

and Pamsh 
Burr Wm., clerk m bank, 288 Wood 
Burras John, cordw., 3 Passmore pi (N L) 
Burrell Ai-cher, waiter, 4 Bedford bel 13th 
Burrett John, gardener, Nicetown la 
BURRICHTER CLEMENS, stoves, 341 South 
Burrin Wm., gent. 6th and Race (W P) 
Burris Benj., shingle shaver, 6 Centre ab Brown 
Burris Wm., waiter, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Burris Wm., waiter, 4th ab Thompson 

Burris Wm., police, 38 Vernon 

Burrmoore Jos., salesman, S E 6th and Market, 

h 60 Pine 
BuiTough Benj. F., rear 377 Marshall 
Buri'ough Thos., salesm. rear 377 
Burroughs Edward J., way transpor. agent, 44 

S Del. av 
BuiToughs H. N., mer. 7S Market, h 280 Spruce 
Burroughs James P., clerk, 98 Market 
Burroughs John, mer. 103 Mai-ket 
Bm-roughs Margaret, 193 Walnut 
Burroughs M., b h. 178 Chestnut 
Burroughs Wm., atty. and coun., 193 Walnut 
Burrows Charles, 73 Noble 
Burrows Charles P., agent, 30 N 11th 
Burrows Dan., waterman, 18 Duke 
Burrowes Edwd. R., bookkeeper, 12 S 5th, h 1 

Whitecai's' Row 
Burrows H., engraver, 245 N 2d 
Burrows Isaac, cordw. rear Carpenter bel 6th 
Burrows Jesse A., carp., Littleboy's ct, h 631 

N 10th 
Burrows John, watchman, Lombard ab Carbon 
Burrows Maria, b. h., 483 Vine 
Burrows Wm., tailor, 282 Market, h George ab 

Bui-rows William O., printer, 2 Newton 
Burrows Wm., driver, Orchard ab Culvert 
Burson Wm. carriage trim., Prospect bel Master 
Burt Arthur A., mer., N W 12th and Walnut 
Burt Ebenezer, grocer, S W Broad and Walnut, 

h 16th ab Cherry 
Burt E. R., trimmings, 162 S 2d 
Burt Fred., surveyor, Sepriva bel Dauphin (B) 
Burt John, carp., Addison ab 18th 
Burt Jos., macht. Rye ab Reed 
Burtis Aaron H., plasterer, 107 Filbert 
Burtis Edward T. bricklr. 172 N 15th 
Burtis Jane, 202 Beach (K) 
Burtis John, 202 Beach (K) 
Burtis S R., music teacher, 318 Coates 
Burton Amos, painter, 9 N 8th, h 15th bel Poplar 
Burton Arthur M., att'y at law, 101 S 5th 
Bui-ton A. B., railroad conti-actor, N W 12th & 

Burton A. F. B., ship^vt. Beach and Marsh 
Burton Benj. C, shipwt.. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Burton Catharine, 32 Currant al 
Burton Catharine, washer, 46 Quince 
Burton & Clement, shipping mer., 10 S Del. av 
Burton Cyrus, coachman, 25 Eagle ct 
Burton Daniel, carter, rear 21 Mifflin 
Burton Edward, intel. office, S E 3d and Spruce 
Bui'ton Edward, paper hang. 124 & 142 Arch 
Burton E. P., grocer and com. mer. 83 S Del 

av, h S E 3d and Pine 
Burton Francis, carp.. West bel Palmer 
Burton Francis, jr., carp. Wesl bel Palmer 
Burton George, laborer, rear 339 Shippen 
Burton George, lab. 30 Burd's ct 
Burton George, lab. 40 CuiTant al 
Burton George L., cordw. Beach ab Palmer 
Burton George R., sawyer, 213 S 4th 
Burton George W., mer. N E Front and Arch, 

h 410 Walnut 
Burton Gideon, mer. h 357 Spruce 
Biu-ton Guy, waiter, 137 Lombard 
Burton G. M., dressmr. 137 Lombard 




Burton Hannah, washer, S W 8th Sc Lombard 
Burton Harriet, washer, 7 Little Pine 
Burton Henry, ship carp. 148 Bedford (K) 
Burton Henry, waiter, 46 Quince 
Burton Hen. F., ship carp., Bedford ab Shacka' 

Burton H. A., paper hang-. 93 N 6th, h 155 

Burton James, porter, 16 Russell 
Burton James, 40 Beck 
Burton James, porter, 50 Hubbell 
Burton John, M. D., 294 N 11th 
Burton John, mer. 34 S Delaware av., h 410 

Burton John, dry goods, 514 S 2d bel Prime 
Burton John, printer, 2 Harper's pi 
Burton Jonathan P., merchant, 15 Bank, h 300 

Burton Joseph W., whipmr. 94 Marlborough 
Burton J. R. S., clerk, 113 S Del av 
BURTON & LANING, pap. hang. 124 Ai-ch, 

manuf. 6th and Columbia av 
Burton Lavinia, 18 Raspberry 
Burton London, laborei-, 503 Shippen 
Burton Peter, cabinetmr. 18 Stamper's al 
Burton Peter, porter, 18 Barclay 
JBURTON & REED, grocers, N E Front & Arch 
BURTON ROBERT, mer. 91 S Delaware av., 

h 410 Walnut 
Burton Robert, tinman. West bel Palmer 
Burton Robert J., tinsmith, 148 Race 
Burton Sarah C, trimmings, 161 Vine 
Burton Smith, clothing store, 458 Poplar 
BURTON WM., diy goods, 4th and Spruce, h 

184 N 2d 
Burton Wm., bookkr. 118 Market, h 161 Vine 
Burton Wm., ship builder, 12 S 3d 
Burton Wm R., book keeper, 212 Hanover (K) 
Burton Woolsey, shipwt. 94 Marlborough (K) 
Burts Edmund, trader, Whiteman's ct 
Burwell Catharine, 58 Hampton 
Burwell David S., tailor, 434 S 4th 
Busch A., M. D., 18 Union 
Busch Joseph, turner, 203 Buttonwood 
Busch J. F., book binder, N E 6th and Minor, 

h 7 Wistar 
Busch Miers, mer. 54 Pine 
Buschner Ludwig, bookbr. 2d bel Dickerson 
Bush A., nurse, Sevan's' pi 
Bush Charles, watchmaker. Brown ab 3d 
BUSH CHARLES J., Alleghany House, 280 

Bush Elizabeth, milliner, 359^ N 2d 
Bush Fred., paper stainer, 332 S 13th 
Bush John, porter, 3 Rose 

Bush John, coachman, Dauphin and Tulip (K) 
Bush John, lab. 8 Hurst 
Bush Samuel H., tobacco, 230 N 3d, h 107 Cal- 

Bush Van Camp, mer. 91 N 3d, h Logan sq. and 

Bush Wm., butcher, 3d ab Oxford 
BUSH WILLIAM H., Merchant's House, 237 

N 3d 
Bushby William, carp., 412 S 11th 
Busher Charles, cooper, 11 Roger's ct 
Bushnell Edward W., macht., S E 3d and 

Franklin, h 636 N 5th 

BUSHNELL & TULL, machts., 64 Dock and 

S E 3d and Franklin (K) 
Bushner Patrick, lab. rear 700 Lombard 
Bushor Charles, carver, S E 2d and Dock 
Businger Fred., weaver, 22d ab Arch 
Buskirk George, chair mr. Vine bel 13th 
Busman John, bleeder, 388 N 8th 
Busquet Peter, gent. 228 Spruce • 

Busser Jac, feather renovator. Barker ab 17th 
Bussier Ann, teacher, 53^ Pine 
Hussier B., ink manuf. 98 S 3d 
Bussier D. P. mer. 154 N 9th 
Bussier George, vict. 606 S 2d 
Bussier Joseph B., mer. 27 S Delaware av., h \/- 

53 i Pine '¥ 

Bussier Wm., grocer, 606 S 2d 
Bussinger Jacob, blacksm. 137 Summer 
Bussum Thomas, moulder, Filbert W 20th 
Bustard Adam, lab. Mechanic ab Linn 
Bustard James, shoes, South ab 12th 
Bustell Charles, portei-, Scott's ct 
BustiU Charles H., plasterer, Palm 
Bustill David, plasterer, 152 Callowhill 
Bustill James M,, plasterer, 228 Lombard 
Butcher Alexander, tailor, rear 592 S 7th 
Butcher Ann M., dressmr. 149 N Juniper 
Butcher & Brother, prod. mer. 112 N Front Jii . 
Butcher Clement, lastmr. 1 Maple 
Butcher George Washington, mer. 112 N Front, 

h 147 N 6th 
Butcher Henr}^, nailer, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Butcher Jacob, engineer, Lancaster pike n 

7th (W P) 
Butcher James, stone mason, Cherry E 22d 
Butcher James W., tobacconist, 23 Logan 
Butcher John, mer. 112 N Front 
Butcher Matilda, tailoress, 3d and Noble 
Butcher Peter, blacksm.. Front & Franklin (K) 
Butcher Saml., cordw., P road bel Washington 
Butcher Thomas T., mer., h 6th (W P) 
Butcher Washington, mer. 112 N Front, h 11 

Logan sq 
Butcher William, tin roofs, &c., S W 12th and 

Filbert, h 97 Filbert 
Butcher Wm., clerk, 199 Wharton 
Butcher Wm. A., tin roofs, &c., S W 12th and 

Filbert, h 97 Filbert 
Butcher W. M., clerk, h 97 Filbert 
Butcher W. 8c S., agency, 24 Commerce 
Butcher W. & Son, tin roofers, ranges and 

heaters, 30 and 32 N 12th 
Bute Charles L., sugar refiner. Crown and Wil- 
low, h 120 Crown 
BUTE & SMITH, sugar refiners. Willow and v/ 

Rutland John, saw manuf. 58 P road 
Butland Samuel B., saw manuf. Almond and 

Butler Adam, painter, rear 292 St. John 
Butler Andi-ew A., salesman, 16 S Front, h 34 

Butler Augustus, shoemr. 9 Boyd's ct 
Butler Catharine 178 N 8th 
Butler Charity, 16 Fayette 
Butler Charles, milkman, P road (W P) 
Butler Courtland, 19 Hazel 
BUTLER EDWARD., bookseller, 109 Chest- 




Butler Eliza, milliner, 404 Lombard 

Butler Elizabeth, 9th ab WiUow 

Butler Esther, 81 G T road 

Butler E., bootmkr., 11th ab Jefferson 

Butler E. H., publisher, 67 S 4th, h Germantown 

BUTLER E. H. & CO., bookseUers, 67 S 4th 

Butler Francis, wid. of Andi'ew, 34 N 5th 

Butler Francis, wid of Henry, 8 Torr's ct 

Butler Franklin, watchmr, 105 N 2d, h S W 

12th and Penn 
Butler Georg-e, brushmr., 21 Reckless 
Butler Henry, jeweller, h 357 Market 
Butler Henry L., printer, 2 Merchant, h Prime 

bel P road 
Butler Horace, 219 Market, h 111 Spruce 
Butler Ira, cai-p. Hope ab Franklin av 
Butler Isaiah, di'iver, 19 Little Washington 
Butler James, milkman, P roa4 (W P) 
Butler James Peters, bookbinder, 253 Market, 

h 15th ab Toplar 
Butler Jeremiah, mer. 219 Market, 111 Spruce 
Butler John, clerk, 13 N Front 
Butler John, Mrs. 462 W Walnut 
Butler John M., copper pi. printer, 84 Chest- 
nut, h N W 10th and Fitzwater 
Butler Joseph, carter, 16 Carlton 
Butler Joseph, mach. Allen ab Marlborough 
Butler Joseph, teamster, L Pike & Numerine 
Butler Joseph, g-un mr. 82 Otter (IC 
Butler Joshua M., cooper, 80 N Water, h 29 New 
Butler J. G., Rev., Chestnut n Till (W P) 
Butler J. H., booksel. 253 Market, h 194 S 11th 
Butler J. P., bookbinder, 15th ab Poplar 
Butler Letitia, washer, Oak ab Till (W P) 
Butler Martha, 29 Mary 
Butler Mary, 116 Dillwyn 
Butler & M'Carty, silversms. 105 N 2d 
Butler Michael, waiter, 15th n Shippen 
Butler Michael, carter. Oak n Margaretta 
Butler Morg-an, grocer, Washington bel Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Butler Patrick, saddler. Front bel Phoenix 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 7 Emeline 
Butler Peter, carp.. Flower 
Butler Philip, milkman, P road (W P) 
BUTLER PIERCE, gent. Walnut W 16th 
Butler Pierce, 288 P road 
Butler Robert, laborer, 3 Lodge pi 
Butler Robert, Naval Asylum 
Butler Samuel, blacksm., Crammond and Chest- 
nut (W P) 
Butler Samuel, tailor, 456 Market, h Kershow 

ab Cherry 
Butler Samuel, porter, 357 Lombard 
Butler Samuel, carp., 136 M road 
Butler Samuel G., painter, 136 S 9th 
Butler Samuel M., salesman, 140 Market 
Butler Thomas, barber, 4 N 13th 
Butler Thomas, tin pi. worker, 7 S 7th 
Butler Thomas J., cutter, 9 N 4th, h 92 N 5th 
Butler Thomas S., painter, 404 Lombard 
Butler T. H., clerk, 253 Market, h 77 S 5th 
Butler Ward C, agent, 48 Gaskill 
Butler William, paver, 120 Prime 
Butler William, bootmr., S W 3d and Coates 
Butler Wm., cook, Bark's ct ab 11th 
Butler Wm., carp. 253 S 7th 
Butler Wm., Naval Asylum | 

Butler Wm. H., coach trimmer, 48 Gaskill 
Butler William T., sec. Fire Associa. 34 N 5th, 

h 343 Franklin bel Parrish 
Butler W, H., alderman, 333 Callowhill 
Butt Chas. H., printer, 62 Walnut, h 16 Beck pi 
Butt C. H., printer, S W 3d and Walnut 
Butter Isaac, provision. Summer ab 9th 
Butter James, portei-, Jefferson av bel Wharton 
Butterfield, Brothers, importers, 7 Chvu-ch al 
Butterfield Jesse S., engineer, F road ab Jef- 
Butterfield Sarah, wid of Benj., F road opp 

Butters Thomas, 267 P road 
Buttersuay Reese, foundry, 8th bel Federal 
Butterworth Adam, engineer, 166 Callowhill ab 

Butterworth Edmond, twister, Washington and 

Butterworth Henry W., tin plate worker, 90 
Market, and Hay dock below Front, h 61 
Butterworth Jacob, washing boards, 177 Poplar, 

h Mechanic and Poplar 
Butterworth John, wool, Hope n Otter 
Butterworth John, 45 Laurel (N L) 
Butterworth Jos., tavern, 91 S Water 
Butterwortli Thos., mach. Rose bel Oak (W P) 
Butterworth Wm., washboard mr. 255 Poplar 
Buttersworth Jas., cordw., Hope n School (K) 
BUTTON STEPHEN D., architect, 23 Mer- 
chant's Exchange 
BUTTS CHAS. A., gents furnishing, 21 N 8th 
Butts Wm., 233 Randolph 
Buxborberger John, lamp mr. William's ct 
Butz Adam, mer. 87 N Water, h 8 Florence row 
Butz Edward, cordw., 301 N 2d 
Butz Geo., brewer, 3d ab Poplar, h 458 N 5th 
Buxton Gilbert, cordw. 500 N 12th 
Buxton Miss, di'essmr. 8th and Grape 
Buzard Edwin, macht., Becket bel 17th 
Buzby Anna K., teacher, 797 N 5th 
Buzby Benjamin C, mer. 131 Market, h 541 W 


BUZBY & CO., for. & com. mers. 365 Market 
Buzby E. H., mer, 365 Market, h W Penn sq 
Buzby G. L., mer. 365 Market, h W Penn sq 
Buzby Harman, mason, 206 Ridge av 
Buzby Maria, West Penn sq n Filbert 
Buzby H., jr., 313 N 8th, h 8th ab Girard 
Buzby John L., mer. 365 Market, h 392 Chest- 
nut n Broad 
Buzby Mary H., cupper and leecher, 127 S 8th 
Buzby Mordecai, mer. 7 Church al 
Buzby William, cordw., R av op. Ogden 
Buzzard Robert, manuf. 15th bel Parrish 
Buzzinger Lawrence, lab. Rising Sun 
Byard Ann, 10 S 10th bel Federal 
Byard Jacob, 5 Pleasant av 
Byard Mary Ann, cook, rear 3 Little Pine 
Byard William, stove store, 6 Plum al 
Bye Samuel K., carp. 135 N 12th 
Byer Frederick, missionary, 9th st av 
Byer John, canemr. Lybrand bel Vine 
Byerly Ann, gentlew. 394 Arch 
Byerly Franldin, clerk, 394 Arch 
Byerly George W., act. 45 N Water, h Green 
bel Logan 




Byerly James D., salesman, 24 S Front, h 162 

S 4th 
Byerly Rebecca, 120 N 10th 
Byerly William, tavern, S E 4th and Stanley 
Byers Alexander, blacksm. 34 Morris 
Byers Fred., carriag-e trimmer, 19 Charles pi 
Byers Hans, waterman, 155 Swanson 
Byers Henry, g-ent 564 S 6th 
Byers Thos., lab. 5 Grover 
Byington W. C, saddler, 135 Sp Gai'den 
Byllesby L., g'ent, 22 Morg'an 
Byram Edward, yarn manufactory, 21st ab Fil- 
Byram J. H., engraver, 374 S od 
BYRAM SAMUEL, tavern, 95 S Water 
Byrne Catharine, shop, William and Willow 
Byrne Charles, shoemr. 409 Vine 
Byrne Edward, weaver, Cran's ct 
Byrne Edward, porter, 103 New Market 
Byrne Felix, carter, P rd bel Federal 
Byrne James, laborer, 35 Almond 
Byrne James, bootmr. 40 Little Washington 
Byrne John, bootmr. 40 Little Washington 
Byrne John, weaver, Wm. and Weaver 
Byrne Michael, laborer, rear 109 DiUwyn 
Byrne Michael, carter, 8th bel Reed 
Byrne Michael, gent. Truxton bel Budd 
Byrne Owen, cutter, 162 Market 
Byrne Pat., tailor, Marriott ab 5th 
Byrne Pat, bootmr. Larch 
Byrne Patrick, shoemr.. Plover n 7th 
Byrne Pierce, grocer. Market ab 18th 
Byrne Thos., cordw. 6 Beck 
Byrne WiUiam, cordw. 282 S Front 
Byrnes Garrett, carter. Elm n 6th (W P) 
Byrnes James, tailor, 7th bel Marriott 
Byrnes John, weaver, G T rd bel Camac 
Byrnes John, lab. 64 Church cor Washington 
Byrnes J. F., atty-at-law, 633 N Front 
Byrnes Rich. J. clerk. Merchant's Bank, h 273 

Byi-nes Timothy A., mer. 33 Chestnut, h 273 N 

Byrnes Timothy, gent. 273 N 7th 
Byrnes William, porter, Middleton's ct 
Byron Thos., deal. William n Washington (WP) 
Bywood Augustus, clothier, 144 South 


Cabale Louis, hair dr. 68 S 4th 

CABEEN & CO., com. mer. 143 N Water & 

N Delaware av and Willow st wharf 
Cabeen Robert B., com. iron mer. 143 N Water, 

h Gei-mantown 
Cabot T. L., mer. 13 Walnut 
Cabot Joseph, mer. 13 Walnut, h Linden place. 

Spruce ab 11th 
Cadbury Joel, mer. 32 S Front, h 9 Franklin 
Cadbury Richard, merchant, 37 Chestnut, h 294 

Cadbury William W., clerk, 16 and 18 N 5th, 

h 9 Franklin 
Cade John, waterman, Marlboro' ab Duke 
Cade Saml. W., tobacconist, 18 S 4th, h 301 N 

Cadmus Fredk., clerk, 90 Market, h 22 Apple- 
tree al 

CADMUS JEREMIAH, boots and shoes, 266 ./ 

Cadmus Michael C, mer. S W 3d & Market, h 
28 E North 

Cadwalader Cyrus, 777 N 7th 

CADWALADER GEO., gent. 299 Chestnut 

Cadwalader John, atty. & coun. 114 S 4th 

Cadwalader J. G., 191 S 9th 

CADWALADER & SELLERS, com. & fordw. / 
mers. Broad bel Vine 

Cadwalader Thos., 353 Chestnut 

Cadwalader Wm., 49 Wistar 

Cadwalader Wm., 18th n Cherry 

Cadwalader Wm. R., elk., 3 Minor, h 10 Jackson 

Cadwallader Chas. N., clerk, 146 Market 

Cadwell E. J., carp. 6 Church av 

Gaffey Barney, lab. 21st bel Filbert 

Cafferty Vanroom, bricklr. 120 Christian 

Caffray John, bricklr. Allen ab Warren. 

Caffrey Margt., Stamper's al 

Caffrey Owen, foundiy. Wheat ab Wharton 

CafFrey Stephen, clerk, 106 Chestnut, h 3 Duke 

CafFry Michael, collector. Locust ab 19th 

Cahill Daniel, shop, 1 E Penn sq 

Cahill James, weaver, Hamilton ab William 

Cahill Jas., moulder, 6th and G T rd 

Cahill Jno., teamster, Brown ab Sommerset 

Cahill John H., iron worker, 3 Coui'tland pi 

CAHILL MARTIN, tavern, 88 N 5th 

Cahill Mich., slater, 499 N 11th 

Cahill Michael, lab. 5 Brook's (N D) 

Cahill Patrick, porter, Franklin ab 8tli 

Cahill Pati-ick, manuf. 8 Cortland pi 

Cahill Rebecca, Warren (W P) 

Cahill Thos., lab. 9 Gaskill 

Cahill Thos., cordw. Cran's ct 

Cahill Thomas, contractor. Pine and Carbon 

Cahill Thomas E., coal mer. office 101 Wal- 
nut, yard Willow W 15th, wharf Pine st 
(Sch) h 854 Pine 

Calm Abraham, clothing-, 174 N 2d, h 18 New 

Cailhopper Chas., carp. 287 St John 

Cailly Hubert, hair dr. 311^ Chestnut 

Cain Hamilton, Capt., 9 Beck pi 

Cain John, dyer, G T road ab Master 

Cain John, porter, 719 South 

Cain Lawrence, shop, 306 Cherry 

Cain Louis, lith. 5 Ranstead pi 

Cain Matthew, liq. store, Murray & Sp Garden 

Cain Michael, coachman. Sharp av 

Cain Misser, 148 S 7th 

Cain Morris, capt. 5 Beck pi 

Cain Peter, carp, rear 13 Meade 

Cain Samuel S., cordw. 57 N 3d, h 4th & Pine 

Cain Thos., lab. 3 Yeager's ct 

Cain Thos., lead wr. 28 Mai-ion 

Cain Thomas, coal merchant, 75 Dock, h 486 

Cain Wm., cabtmr. N E 17th & Market, h 16tli 
bel Pine 

Cain Wm., tobacco, Washington (W P) 

Caines Wm., carp. 175 Carpenter 

Cairling Christopher, lab. G T rd ab 5th 

Cairnes John, Ledger carrier, 377 Wood 
CAIRNES WM. G., Am. Em. Friends' Office, 

S E Spruce and Water 
Cau-ns & Fulton, distillers, 196 Columbia (K) 




Cairns Joseph, di'ayman, 78 S 20th 

Cairns Wm., hatter, 246 Market, h 46 N 7th 

Cake Chas. H., paper hang-er, Ulricks 

CAKE JACOB F., mer. 3 Market, h 188 N Front 

Cake Joseph, 363 N 7th 

Calahan Daniel, 41 Penn 

Calahan David, clerk, S E Market and 18th 

Calahan Eliza, 15th and Carver 

Calahan James, brass founder, 136 New Market 
-Calahan Jolm, 41 Penn 

Calahan John, stone mason, 20th bel Arch 

Calahan M., liquors, 485 Poplar 

Calahan P., lab. Jones W 17th 

Calahan Terrence, lab. 15 Barker 

Calahan Thos., vi^eaver, 146 Adams 

Calbaum & Swai-tz, chinaware mrs. Orchard & 

ton sq 

Caldcleugh Robt. C, M. D. 13 Clinton sq 

Caldcleug-h S. E., atty. & coun. 13 Clinton sq 

Calder Samuel, seg-armr. 57 Green 

Calderhead Isabel, carpet weaver, 1 Barker, h 
St. Joseph's av 

CaldweU Alex., hotel, 5& Fitzwater 

Caldwell And., packer, 11 Howell 

Caldwell And., lab. rear 642 Lombard 

Caldwell Ann, 44 J Penn 

Caldwell Benjamin, liquor. Brazier and 15th 

Caldwell Charles, Og-den bel 13th 

Caldwell Chas., g-old watch casenir. 87 M road 

Caldwell Charles H., 10 Chestnut 

CALDWELL CHAS. P., whipmr. 4 N 4th, h 
Haverford and 6th (W P) 

Caldwell Charlotte, 28 Prosperous al 

Caldwell Clark, brass brazier, Shippenbel 13th 

Oaldwell C. W., ag-ent, 168 S 4th 

Caldwell David, crockery, 994 Market 

Caldwell David, dyer, 21st ab Filbert 

Caldv/eU David, g-rocer, 12th and Coates 

Caldwell Edmund B., mer. 29 Strawberry 

Caldwell Eliza, Adams bel 13th 

Caldwell & Eng-lish, mers. 52 S Front and 10 

CALDWELL FRANCIS M., diy g-oods, N E 
8th and Lodg-e al, h 124 N 10th 

Caldwell & Green, provisions, 49 N Water 

Caldwell & Ghriskey, hardware, 16 & 18 N 5th 

Caldwell H. A., com. mer. 49 N Water, hl6& 

Caldwell James, plasterer. Watt bel 20tli 

Caldwell James, tailor, 21 Mintzer 

Caldwell James, carp. Leonard ab 8th 

Caldwell James, 262 Walnut 

Caldwell James E., v/atchmr. 140 Chestnut, h 
627 W Arch 

CALDWELL JAS. E. 8c CO., jewelers, 140 

CaJdvv^ell James S., g-ent. 164 N 9th 

CaldweU John, paper stainer. Broad oc Shippen 

Caldwell John, blksm. 4th bel Pierce 

Caldwell John, gi-ocer, N W 3d and Monroe 

Caldwell John, porter, 23 Chestnut, h 21 La- 

Caldwell John, porter, 501 Shippen 

Caldwell John, printer. Fox ct 

Caldvi^ell John, importer, 13 Bank, h Spruce & 
William (W P) 

Caldwell John, currier, 348 S 2d 

Caldwell John A., com. mer., 16 & 18 N 5tli, h 

198 S 3d 
Caldwell Jonathan, collector, 87 M road 
Caldwell Jos., lab. 7th bel Reed 
Caldwell Jos. W., bookkeeper, 98 Market 
Caldwell Matthew, carp. Bedford W Broad 
Caldwell Robert, weaver, Biddle n Nixon 
Caldwell Robt. S., clerk, 9 N 3d, h 789 N 7th 
Caldwell Samuel, sup. State Yard, h 13th and 

Caldwell Stephen A., mer. 18 S Front, h 14 

CALDWELL S. W., jr., drug-gist, N E 20th & 

Caldwell Thos., coal mer. 12th ab Callowhill, h 

425 Green 
CaldweU Thos., mer. 10 Chestnut, h 358 Locust 
Caldwell Tim. clerk, 394 Brown 
Caldwell Wm., carp. Addison n 18th 
CaldweU Wm., lab. 7 W South 
Caldwell Wm., printer, 22 Charles 
Caldwell Wm., blacksm. P road ab Federal 
CaldweU Wm., shop, Coates W 16th 
Caldwell Wm., lab. 3 Church ay 
Caldwell Wm. G., mer. 23 N 8th, h 164 N 9th 
Caldwell Wm. S., gent. 87 M road 
CaldweU Wm. W., salesman, 83 Market, h 117 

Calely Edward, coach lace weaver, 17 Perry (K) 
Caley John, lab. Geoi-ge E 21st 
Caley Samuel, 20 Summer 
Calhoun Ezra, tobacconist, Erie bel Catharine 
Calhoun Geo., mer. 309 Spruce 
CaUioun Humphrey, bookkeeper, 211 Lombard 
Calhoun James, brickmr. 18th bel Lombard 
Calhoun James, grocer, 660 Lombard 
Calhoun John, macht. Olive ab 12tli 
Calhoun John, lab. 31 M'Duffie 
Calhoun John C, carp. 633 Christian 
Calhoun Joseph, bootmr. 306 S Front 
Calhoun Moses, weaver, Clymer n Front 
Calhoun Samuel, lab. Olive ab 12th 
Calhoun Saml., mer. h 317 Spruce 
Calhoun Wm., whf. builder, Gatchell's pi 
Calhoun Wm., sr., butcher, 301 S 11th 
Calhoun Wm., gent. 435 Spruce 
Calhoun Wm., 4 Virginia row 
■G^l^un Wm., stove moulder, 6th & G T road 
CafHian T., hotel, 68 S 3d 
Calkin E., S^i WiUiam (R) 
Call Chas., lab. Somerset bel Brown 
Call James, lab. William bel Brown (R) 
CaU Jas., M. D. 3 Portico sq 
Call Mary, South ab 16th 
Calladine Silas, 5th ab Poplar 
Callahan Ann, Newton 
CaUahan Bernard, shop. Carpenter bel 9th 
Callahan Christie, lab. Almond (R) 
Callahan Cornelius, lab. Hickory 
CaUahan Ellen, Rog-ers' ct 
Callahan Hugh, manuf. 305 S 10th 
Callahan James, cordw. 2 Clymer 
Callahan James, lab. WiUiam E 21st 
Callahan Jeremiah, moroc. fin, 6th ab Parrish 
Callahan John, 29 Union 
Callahan John, weaver, Philip bel Jefferson 
Callahan John, mason, Jackson n Brown 




Callahan John, cordw. real' South ab 18th 
Callahan John, tav. 17th and Lombard 
CJallahan John, lab. Catliarine bel 13th 
Callahan John, waiter. Marble ct 
Callahan John, packer, 223 Market 
Callahan Michael, lab. Ann bel 2Uth 
Callahan Michael, carp. Shippen ab 12th 
Callahan Patrick, porter. 27 N 5th, h 11th and 

Callahan Patrick, blacksm. James ab 7th 
Callahan Peter, lab. Carlton n 21st 
Callahan Peter, cordw. Jackson n Brown 
CaUahan Richard, packer, 223 Market, h 14 Paul 
Callahan Robert, stoves, P road and 5th and 290 

S 2d, h Queen bel 5th 
Callahan Rose, millinery, 146 S 11th 
Callahan Rose, Randolph ab Master 
Callahan Thos., lab. Buttonwood ab 13th 
Callahan Wm., lab. Hamilton ab 22d 
Callahan Wm., lab. Pine ab Sch Willow 
Callahan Wm., hatter. Story bel 9th (W P) 
Callahan Wm., lab. Georg-e ab Marg'aretta (W P) 
Callahan Wm., weaver. Phoenix ab Front (K) 
Callahan Wm., dealer. South bel Broad 
Callahan Wm., dealer, 6 Christian 
Callalen Thos., lab. 3 Cooper ab 20th 
Callect Wm. B., agent, 395 N 13th 
Callan David, cordw. rear 24 Cuthbert 
Callan John, furn. car, 12th bel Catharine 
Callan John, porter, 365 South 
Callan Mary, shop, Cuthbert 
Callan Robert, carp. 302 Carpenter 
Callan Thos., eng-ineer, 72 M road 
Callan Wm., stone mason, 360 S 10th 
Callan Wm., shoemr. 16th bel Lombard 
Callbreath Jas. F., ladies' shoes, 59 N 8th 
Callen John, packer, 16th ab Race 
Callen W., iron shoes, 629 Lombard ab 17th 
Callender Benj., carp. 13th and Wallace 
Callender Chas., cordw. 343 Callowhill 
Callender Jas. T., hotel, 4th ab Tliompson 
Callender Thos. R., periodicals, 88 S 3d 
Calley James, tavern, 209 S Front 
Callihan Edw., liquor mer. N W Front & Prime 
Calling-ham James, salesman, 395 S 4th 
Callis Edw., printer, cor Budd and 13th 
Gallis John, book keeper, 10 Commerce, h 132 

S 10th 
Calloway Georg-e H., cabinetmr. Concordia av 
Calloway Jas., lab. 69 Jervis 
Callum Elish., Fraley's ct 
Caiman Bernard, varnish manuf. 353 N 3d 
Calver Georg-e, printer, 46 Georg-e (S) 
Calver Rebecca, wid. of James, G T road bel 

Calver Wm. G., straw millinery g-oods, 59 N 2d 
Calverly Henry, Britania ware, 145 Beach (K) 
Calverly & Holmes, Brittania workers, 109 Race 
Calverly John, 68 New 

Calverly John, manuf. candle n.oulds, 109 Race 
Calverly Wm., tinsm. 197 Sp Garden 
Calvert Alice, shop, 97 Hanover 
Calvert Chas. W. F., salesman, 35 S 4th 
Calvert & Co., die sinkers, 53 S 3d 
Calvert E. H., 122 N Juniper 
Calvert & McClain, die sinkers, 48 S 3d 
Calvert Rachel, cupper and leeclier, Callowhll] 

ab 11th 

Calvert R. T., 53 S 3d, h S Camden 
Calvert Thomas, chairmr. 8 Redwood 
Calvert Thos., expressman, 435 Ridge av 
CALVERT THOMAS B. & Co., envelope 

manuf. and embosser, 48 S 3d 
Calvert William, dentist, 85 N 11th 
Calvert Wm., printer, 97 Hanover 
Calvin John, lab. School ab Otter (K) 
Camac Samuel, brickmr. 14 M'Duffie 
Camac Wm., M. D., 257 Locust 
Camblin John, lab. Catharine bel 7th 
CAMBLOS & BROTHER, brokers, 35 S 3d / 
Camblos Charles, broker, 26 S 3d 
Camblos Geo. W., broker, 35 S 3d, h 691 Vine 
Camblos Henry S., broker, 35 S 3d, h 691 Vine 
Camblos L. E., baggag-e mast. 356 Cai-penter 
Cambrey Michl., rigger, 14 Meade 

Delaware av 
Camel Francis, shop, 12 S 10th 
Camel John, 14 Benton 
Camel Nicholas, lab. 15 Barker 
Camel William, clerk, 12 Benton 
Cameron Alex., tailor, 391 S 10th 
Cameron Alex., lab. 3 Seiser's ct 
Cameron And., weaver. Rainbow (K) 
Cameron Angus, law book seller, 193 Market, h 

862 N 4lii 
Cameron Anna, 204 Hanover 
Cameron, Brown & Moore, plumbers and gas 

fitters, 12 Filbert 
Cameron David W., carp. 862 N 4th 
Cameron Eli, agent, 470 Callowhill 
Cameron Elijah, coal mer. 527 N Front 
Cameron Hugh, baker, 2d ab Master 
Cameron James, mer. 40 Chestnut 
Cameron Jas., plumber, Richard ab 16th 
Cameron Johanna, Richard ab 13th 
Cameron John, barber, 10 S 6th 
Cameron John S., clerk, 862 N 4th 
Cameron Major Wm., tobac'ist. Brown & Burns 
Cameron Mary, Wood bel Franklin (R) 
Cameron Robt., gas fitter, 12 Filbert, h 32 Erie 
Cameron Samuel, grocer, S E Washington and 

Camm Chas G., mer. 41 S Front, h 696 Green 
Camm Edward M., mer. 29 N 3d, h 356 Arch 
Camm Wm., gent. 356 Arch 
Cammer Man., cooper, 596 N Front 
Camp Benj. H., salesman, 109 Prime 
Camp David, carter, Olive bel Broad 
Camp Edward, seaman, 146 Beach (K) 
Camp John, ship carp. Catharine ab 6th 
Camp J. Henry, lithographer, Ranstead pi, h 41 

Camp Solomon, cordw. 143 S 11th 
Camp Philena, tailoress, 91 Catharine 
Campbell Adam, tavern. Phoenix and Periy 
Cainpbell Alexander, mason, 28 Pratt 
Campbell Alex., keep, of M. prison, h 572 S 4th 
Campbell Alex., gent. 349 Chestnut , 
Campbell Alex., paver, Say and Moore 
Campbell Alex., salesman, 1 Strawberry, h 11th 

and Callowhill 
Campbell Alex., lab. Fairmount ab Sp Garden 
Campbell Alex., shoemr, Harmstead n 20th 
Campbell Alex. H., oil manuf. Screw Dock & al- 
cohol distil'ry, Penn ab Maiden, h 410 N 8th 




Campbell Andrew, blacksm. Hamilton ab 17th. ' 
Campbell Andw., carter, Sloan (W P) 
Campbell Ann, shop, 11 Duponceau 
Campbell Ann, g-entw. Anita bel 11th 
Campbell Ann, Lewellan's av W Beach 
Campbell Ann, Jones E 18th 
Campbell Anthon}', tavern, 290 N Front 
CampbeU Anthony, lab. William ab Benton (K) 
Campbell Archibald, dry goods, 425 N 2d 
Campbell Archibald, plasterer, 89 Buttonwood 
CampbeU Archibald, constable, 998 Pine 
Campbell Arthur-, lab. Cuthbert bel 20th 
Campbell Barnet, lab. Anthracite 
Campbell Barnet, lab. William bel Centre 
Campbell Bernard, lab. Monroe pi (K) 
Campbell Bernard, lab. 39 Leonard 
Campbell Bernard, shop, Georg-e E 20th 
Campbell Bridg-et, wid. of John, Tan Buren ct 
Camdbell B., g-rocer, Columbia & Philip (K) 
Campbell B., Mrs., 427 Christian 
Campbell Caroline Ann, 11 Castle 
Campbell Catharine, Larch bel 10th 
Campbell Catherine, laundi'ess, 47 South 
Campbell Charles, weaver, Monroe pi (K) 
Campbell Chai-les B., 109 N Water, h 113 S 9th 

tea, and 54 N Delaware av 
Campbell Char. L., macht. 25th ab Sp Garden 
Campbell Charles S., grocer, 7th and W^harton 
Campbell Chris'r, grocer, Salmon bel Emory 
Campbell C. W., soapbr. 294 South 
Campbell Daniel, lab. 9 Mj'er's ct 
Campbell Dan., lab. F road ab Hart la 
Campbell Dennis, cordw. Vaughn n Locust 
Campbell Edv>'ard, grocer, Richmond ab Hunt- 
Campbell Edwd., lab. Race and Path 
Campbell Edwd., type founder, 257 N 8th 
Campbell Edward S., attornej-, 179 N 6th 
Campbell Elizabeth, confectionery, 51 R av 
Campbell Elizabeth, widow of Alex., distiller, 

586 Front bel Otter 
Campbell Felix, lab. Redwood al) 4th 
Campbell Francis, dealer, 454 Market 
Campbell Francis, Cuthbert AV 19t]i 
Campbell Francis, breaksman, Warren bel Mary 
Campbell George, b h, 33 Penn 
Campbell George, carter. Bishop (K) 
Campbell George, b h, 4 Penn 
Campbell George, atty. & coun. 203 Arch. 
Campbell George, carter, Benton's Place 
Campbell George, painter, Robinson ct 
Campbell George, weaver, 1 Philip (K) 
Campbell George, eating house, S W 18th and 

Market, h N W 6th and South 
Campbell Geo. W., mach. 25th ab Sp Garden 
Campbell Graham, tavern. Front and Phoenix 
Campbell Hamilton, carter, 15th and Fitzwater 
Campbell Hanse, carter, Jefferson ab Front 
Campbell Henr}', moulder. Front n Franklin 
Campbell Hiram, 20 Hazel 
Campbell Hugh, mer. 94 Market, h 33 Girard 
Campbell H., tailor, 217 Catharine 
^ji^CAMPBELL H. & J. R., diy goods, 94 Market 
Campbell Isaac, 29 Concord 
Campbell James, carman, Hope and Jefferson 
Campbell James, rigger, 77 Swanson 
Campbell James, tavern, N W Master &. Howai-d 

Campbell James, charcoal, 17th and Christian 
Campbell James, carp. 5 Greer's ct 
Campbell James, coachman, 11 Cuthbert 
Campbell James, Custom House, h 17 Carver 
Campbell James, iron moidder, 228 S 12th 
Campbell James, dry goods, 7ci7 N 10th 
CampbeU James, Shippen W Broad 
Campbell James, di-ajonan, 15th and Fitzwater 
Campbell James, Rev., Maria ab 4th 
Campbell Jas., brass tiu'ner. Church ab 22d 
Campbell Jas., lab. Hamilton ab 24th 
Campbell Jas., Custom house, h N E 11th and 

CampbeU Jas., mer. 329 N 12tli 
Campbell Jas., barber, 16^ Gaskill 
Campbell Jas., plasterer, 727 South 
Campbell Jas., lab. Bridgewater and Oat (WP) 
CampbeU Jas.j lab. Naval Asylum 
Campbell Jas., weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Campbell Jas., plasterer, Franklin la 
Campbell Jas., weaver, Hancock ab Norris 
Campbell Jas., lab. L Washington bel 10th 
Campbell Jas., weaver, Carroll ab Dauphin 
Campbell James A., measurer, N W 8th & Fitz- 
Campbell James D., hatter, Front ab Otter (K) 
Campbell Jas. L., tav. N E 3d and Shippen 
Campbell James R., mer. 94 Market, h. 284 

Campbell James W., grocer, S W 2d and Wal- 
nut, h 344 S 4th 
Campbell Jas. W., paper hang. 620 Brown W 

Campbell Jane, b h, 292 Washington 
CampbeU Jane, Jefferson bel Cadwalader (K) 
Campbell Jane, Lombard n 17th 
Campbell Jane, wid. of Jas., L Washington bel 

Campbell Jeremiah O., com. mer., 4 N Del av 

h 56 N 8th 
Campbell Joanna, 5 Richard 
Campbell John, restaur. 74 S 3d, h 1 Harmony ct 
CampbeU John, bookseUer, S ElBth&Lombard 
CampbeU John, clerk, 620 South 
CampbeU John, tailor, AsUand 
Campbell John, weaver. Master bel Hancock 
CampbeU John, lab. Filbert W 19th 
Campbell John, carter, 15th bel Willow 
Campbell John, mach. 82 Alonroe 
CampbeU John, tailor, 22 P road 
Campbell John, chandler, 22 Almond 
Campbell John, weaver. Federal bel 13th. 
Campbell John, bootmr. 421 Christian 
Campbell John, bricklr. 7 Winter 
Campbell John, store. Winter n 21st 
Campbell John, brickmr. 7th ab Little Poplar 
Campbell John, carp. Washington pi 
CampbeU John, weaver, P road bel Federal 
Campbell John, shoemr. Wheat ab Reed 
Campbell John, carter, Harper's ct 
Campbell John, cordw. Beech ab Locust 
Campbell John, lab. South n 19tli 
CampbeU Jokn, carter, 47 AV South 
CampbeU John, lab. Oak n Rose (AV P) 
CampbeU John, weav. Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
Campbell John, lab. Monroe pi (K) 
CampbeU John D., h 2 N 8th 
CAMPBELL JOHN H., atty 8c coun. 188 N 6th 




Campbell John H., tobacconist, 6th and Poplar 
Canapbell Jonathan, carp. 86 Lewis ab Girard av 
Campbell Joseph, mer. 4 N Del av, h 513 N6th 
Campbell Joseph, miller, Pleasant ab 12th 
Campbell Joseph, tailor, 27 Hazel 
Campbell Joseph, driver, Beach and Shippen 
Campbell Joseph, Gulielma bel 15th 
Campbell Joseph, carter. Federal & G F road 
Campbell J. L., dealer, S W Front and Green 

mers. 4 N Del av 
Campbell J. S., dry goods, 425 N 2d 
Campbell Kenneth, dyer, 3d ab Oxford 
Campbell Lewis, lab. Dauphin n Front (K) 

,^ CAMPBELL & M'CAULEY, fancy dry goods, 

V" N E 4th and Market 

Campbell Malcolm, exchange broker, 26 S 3d, 

h 270 S 10th 
Campbell Margt., weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Campbell Margt., spinner, Pink ab Master 
Campbell Margt., seamstress, 2 Ann E 20th 
Campbell Martin, watchman, Howell 
Campbell Maiy, 122 Pine 
Campbell Mary, Cherry bel Franklin (K) 
Campbell Mary, shop, 15th ab Fairview 
Campbell Mary, Fulton bel Race 
Campbell Matthew, 700 NlOth 
Campbell Matthew, lab. Broad ab Wallace 
Campbell Matthew, Perry ct 
Campbell Michael, cab. Sutherland avbel South 
Campbell Michael, cordw. Sch Beach ab Walnut 
Campbell Neal, Inspector U. S. Arsenal 
Campbell Neal, cordw. William ab Salmon (R) 
Campbell N., 3 Truston 
Campbell Oliver, mach. Story n 6th (WP) 
Campbell Owen, lab. Bath and William 
Campbell Patrick, weaver. Crown bel Duke 
Campbell Patrick, baker, Lewis op Emory (R) 
Campbell Patrick, lab. Bedford 
Campbell Patrick, tailor, 389 S 4th 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, 5 Monroe pi (K) 
Campbell Paul, 9 Kelly's ct 
Campbell Peter, carp. Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
Campbell Peter, boatman, Sch Willow ab Pine 
Campbell Peter, weaver, 218 Fitzwater 
Campbell Peter, weaver, Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Campbell Peter, lab. Whiteman's ct (K) 
Campbell Peter, dyer, Adams ab Oxford (K) 
Campbell & Pharo, lumb. mers. Broad ab Green 
Campbell P., Wood bel 22d 
Campbell Quintin, 124 S 8th 
Campbell Quintin F., mer. N E 4th & Market 
Campbell Randolph U., waiter, Bedford bel 12th 

><: Campbell & Regar, fancy goods, 65 N 2d 
Campbell Richard, tailor, 224 S 6th 
Campbell Robert, lab. 20 South 
Campbell Robert, dyer, Patterson ct n- Wil- 
liam's ct 
Campbell Robert, weaver, Bauei'sach's ct 
Campbell Sabina, store. Winter W 21st 
Campbell Samuel, butcher, F road ab Hart la 
Campbell Saml, carter, rear Front bel Navy Yard 
Campbell Samuel S., clerk, 74 S 2d, h 461 N 3d 
Campbell Sai-ah, washer. Marble ct 
Campbell Sarah, map colourer, 105 AVood 
Campbell Sarah, 36 Harrison 
CAMPBELL ST. GEORGE T., atty. and coun. 
94 S 4th 

Campbell Step. B., mer. 65 N 3d, h Doylestown 
Campbell Susan, milliner, 53 Queen (K) 
Campbell S., lab. Hamilton ab 22d 
Campbell Thomas, tavern, N W 2d & Phoenix 
Campbell Thomas, mason, 2d ab Master 
Campbell Thomas, lab. Cuthbert E 20th 
Campbell Thomas, carp. 393 S 13th 
Campbell Thomas, tavern, N E 5th & Monroe 
Campbell Thomas, hatter, 540 N 2d 
Campbell Thomas M., tailor, Lombard ab 20th 
Campbell Thomas P., miller, 213 Buttonwood 
Campbell Wescott, 169 Marlborough 
Campbell Wm., coachman, Lewis W 17th 
Campbell Wm., carp. Cuthbert West 19th 
Campbell Wm., lumb. mer. h Callowhill ab 11th 
Campbell Wm., grocer, S E 7th and Pine 
Campbell Wm., fur. cars, 15th ab Race 
Campbell Wm., lab. rear Biddle n Nixon 
Campbell Wm., carp. Cedar lane & Pratt (WP) 
Campbell Wm., boatman, 10 Sommer's ct 
Campbell Wm., carter, Bedford bel Broad 
Campbell Wm., drayman, 527 Catharine 
Campbell Wm., Church ab 22d 
Campbell Wm., lab. 23d ab Callowhill 
Campbell Wm., baker, 5 W South 
Campbell Wm., cooper, 39 Union al 
Campbell Wm., lab. Wesley's ct 
Campbell Wm., lab. 1057 N Front 
Campbell Wm. H., 15th ab Fairview 
Campen Herman, factor}^. Worth ab Franklin 
Camperson James, blacksm. Benton n 18th 
Campion Jos. H., cabtmr. 161 S 2d, h 62 Pine 
Canall Timothy, weaver. Federal ab 12th 
Canan John, tailor, 313 N 2d 
Canavan Bernard, tailor, St John and Matamoras 
Canavan Hugh, blacksm. 504 Callowhill 
Canavan Jas., wool dealer, 5th ab Franklin 
Canavan John, carter, 12th and Willow 
Canavan John, sawyer, Washington ab Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Canavan Susan, Amber ab Otter 
Canavan Thomas, painter. Federal ab 12th 
CANBY & BROTHER, plumbers & gas fitters, 

115 Arch 
Canby George, plum. 115 Arch, h 64 N 15th 
Canby Isaiah, 17th ab Arch 
Canby John, pluniber, 115 Arch, house 12th ab 

Canby Jos., china ware, N W 8th and Cherry 
Canby Samuel T., mer. 163 Market, h 237 Vine 
Ganders Catharine, 39 W South 
Candidus Wm., piano mr. 887 N 8th 
Candy Thomas D., mach. Allen ab Marlboro' 
Cane , lampmr. rear 5th bel Oxford 
Cane Catharine, Sheaff al and Madison 
Cane John, lab. 11th bel IVIaster 
Cane John, lab. Anthony bel Dickerson 
Cane John, lab. William E 21st 
Cane Joseph P., actor, Olive ab 13th 
Cane Matthew, stone cutter, 21st ab Filbert 
Cane Thomas, 203 Jefferson 
Caner Margaret P., widow of John, 355 N 6th 
Caner Michael, coachmr. 205 S 7th 
Caner Wm. J., manuf 108 N Front, h 355 N 6th 
Canfield D. B., S E 5th & Library, h 20 Girard 
CANFIELD D. B. & CO., Law Agency, SE 

5th and Library 
Canfield Frederick, 9 Sp Garden i 




Canfield Patrick, lab. 23d bel Walnut 
Canfield Theodore, hatter, 83 Sp Garden, h 42 

Caning- Pat., tailor, 225 Chestnut, h 9 Lane's ct 
Cahn F. bricklr. Coates bel 21st 
Cann James M., eng-ineer, 23 Nag-lee 
Cann John, ag-ent, Townsend n Tulip (R) 
Cann Margaret, h 7 Kelly's ct 
Cann Mary, 20 Olive 
Cann Michael, lab. Penn ab Poplar 
Cann Wm., coach painter, 20 Olive 
Cannan Wm., eng-ineer, Richard bel 17th 
Cannell S. W., mer. 72 Chestnut, h Walnut E 

Canner Nicholas, tinsm. 8 Relief pi 
Canning- Georg-e, printer, 3 Ranstead pi 
Canning George R., clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 18th 

bel Spruce 
Canning Mark, atty. at law, 7& S 6th 
Canning Matthew, stone cut. 350 Master 
Canning Robert, clerk. Perry and Budd 
Canning S. & L., dressmr. 131 S 11th 
Canning Robert, salesman, 3 Perry 
Cannon Arthur, reporter, 32 Jacoby 
Cannon Catharine, 213 S 7th 
Cannon Charles, lab. 24th ab Sp Garden 
Cannon Daniel B., gent. 73 Pine 
Cannon Dudley, grocer, 246 S 7th 
Cannon George, barber, 493 Ridge av 
Cannon Henrj^, stevedore, Anthony ab Franklin 
Cannon Hannah, shop, 298 S Broad 
Cannon H., carver, Wharton bel 9th 
Cannon Isaac, Putnam ab Clinton 
Cannon James, tinsmith, 240 Callowhill 
Cannon James, salesman, 41 N 3d, h Green bel 

10th, south side 
Cannon James, lab. 21st and Filbert 
Cannon James, lab. L Washington 
Cannon John, driver, 512 S 8th 
Cannon John, lab. Harper's ct 
Cannon John, lab. Cuthbert E 21st 
Cannon John, bookb. 15th bel Vine 
Cannon John, lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Cannon John, stone mason, 17th and Shippen 
Cannon Michael, lab. Cherry W 22d 
Cannon Neal, lab. Houston ab West 
Cannon Pat., porter, 249 Market, h 16 Pearl 
Cannon Philip, M. D., 10th n P road 
Cannon Richard, gent. 73 Pine 
Cannon R. B., drug broker, 83 S Front 
Cannon Sarah, Shippen n 15th 
Cannon Thomas, stone cut. 15th bel Vine 
Cannon Thomas B., clerk, 34 S 3d, h To Pine 
Cannon Wm. A., stove store, Laurel and 2d 
Cannon Wm. A., tinsm. 2d and Laui'el, h Wood 

bel Broad 
Cantador L., mer. 84 and 86 Chestnut 
Canter J. H., variety store, S W 8th and Arch 
Can thorn Richard, lab. Harper pi 
Cantlin Mary, 54 Monree 
Cantner Rebecca, Mrs., Streeper's av 
Canton Patrick, shoemr. Marriott bel 9th 
Cantrell John A., druggist, 2d and Carpenter 
Cantwell James, grocer, S W 20th and Chestnut 
Cantwell Jas. R., distiller, G T road and Master 
Cantwell Michael, di'ayman, 15 Gray's al 
Cantwell Nicholas, Rev., 124 Queen 
Cantwell Patrick, porter, 15 Gray's al 

Canty Jeremiah, weav. Philip bel Jefferson (K) 

Canty Michael, weaver. Master bel Hancock (K) 

Canty Miles, lab. Murray W 20th 

Cany Mary, gentw. 500 Vine 

Cape George, rammer mr. Brooks ab Coates 

Capehart Daniel, policem. Frontab Phoenix (K) 

Capeliart George, carp. Houston ab Duke (R) 

Capehart Henry, 139 Harmstead 

Capehart Henry, cordw. Norris ab AVest (R) 

Capewell & Brother, glass manuf. 11' Minor 

Capewell James, mer. 11 Minor, h Kaign's P 

Capewell John, mer. 11 Minor, h Kaighn's P 

Capewell Jos. E., clerk, 11 Minor, h 2 Olive 

Capler Philip, saddler, 23 Morgan 

Capp John C, note broker, 32 S3d,h 158 N 12th 

Capp John S., spectacle mr. 33 Brandywine 

Capper John, weaver, Bedford ab Hanover 

Capper Samuel, stove fin. G T road ab Laurel 

Caragan Richard, heaver, H. mpton bel 21st 

Carberiy James, lab. Lemon n Huntingdon 

Carberry John, hatter, rear 260 Christian 

Carberry John, lab. 733 N 4th 

Carberry Lawrence, lab. Sutherland n Bedford 

Carberry Pat., blacksm. rear 109 Dillwyn 

Carberry Peter, sawyer Union ab Franklin av 

Carberry Rose, Lemon n Huntingdon 

Carberry Thomas, shop, 38 St Mary 

Carberry Wm., weaver, 19 Fitler (K) 

Carberry Wm., liquors, 90 William 

Carbett Cornelius, weaver. Lime ab 22d 

Carbin Augustus, carp. 91 German 

Carbin Tim., watchman, Salmon bel Duke (K) 

Carboy Wm., carder, 125 S 12th 

GARDEN NICHOLAS, Star tavern. Broad and 

Cardeza Jos. M., agent, 18th ab Lombai-d 
Cardot John, weaver, Hewston ab West 
Cardwell Arthur, bootmr. Baker bel 7th 
Cardwell George, clerk, 16 Cox 
Cardwell John, painter, 23 Plover 
Cardwell Robert T., dentist, h 173 Pine bel 6th 
Cardwell Thomas C, mer. 15 Church al 
Cardwell Wm., painter, 21 Plover 
CardweU Wm., lab. Phoenix and Clinton (K) 
Care Lewis, tinsmith, 52 Winter 
Jare Wm., currier, h 15th ab Fairview 
Cards George, tavern, 60 N 10th 
Carels John H., clerk, N E 2d and Market, h 

45 Citron 
Caress Richard, cabinetmr. 293 N 3d 
Carey Ann Eliza, teacher, 1 Rose al 
Carey Bryan, lab. 3 Scott's ct 
Carey Eli, plasterer. Federal ab 11th 
Carey Ellis, porter, N W 6th and Market, h N 

E Washington and Jefferson 
Carey Eliza Jane, P road and Federal 
Carey Francis, morocco dr. 271 St John 
Carey Frank, bank br. 68 & 70 Market, h 151 

Carey Gertrude, Mrs., seminai-y, S W Pine and 

Carey James, lab. Mary E S Willow 
Carey James, pilot, Hughe's 
Carey James, lab. Beck's ct 
Carey John, lab. 2d bel FrankHn 
Carey John, grocer, 640 Cedar 
Carey Maria, 290 Walnut 
Carey Martin, lab. Mary E S Willow 




Carej'- Michael, shop, 10th n South 

Carey Patrick T., lab. Nicetown la 

Carey Rachel, wid. of Robert, 183 Washington 

Carey Robert, roller, Robinson ct 

Carey Stephen, eng-ineer, 264 Poplar 

Carey Wm., lab. William ab Brown (R) 

Carey Wm., shop, 364 S 8th 

Carey Wm., cordw. George ab 2d 

Carfiery Wm., shoemr, Oxford ab 5th 

Carford H., boatman, Sennlff's ct 

Carhart Samuel, cordw. N W Little Dock and 

Spruce, h 48 Almond 
Carie John, stone cutter, 42 Barker 
Caris Wm., 645 N 3d 
Cariss Marj-', school, Carlisle ab Ogden 
Carl Christopher, 15th bel Cabot 
Carl Owen, lab. 8 Oak 

Carle Jos., glass blower. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Carlen L., baker, 14U F road 
Carles George W., printer, 1 Boyd's ct 
Carles Joseph, looking glass framer, rear 33 

Sheaff al 
Carles Wm., Merchant's House, 1 Merchant 
Carleton Lvdia, stationer, 58 N 8th 
Carlie Heli'na, 480 K 12th 
Carlile Amos, soap & candle mr. 204 Wallace 
Carlile Hudson, gent. Park ab Walnut (W P) 
Carlile John, cordw. 630 Callowhill 
Carlile Joseph, gent. Haverford (W P) 
Carlile Rebecca, millinery goods, 136 Sp Garden 
Carlin Ann, shop. 19 Charles 
Carlin Catharine, washer, 14 Prime 
Carlin Clii'istopher, di-ayman, Chestnut bel Man- 
sion (W P) 
Carlin Daniel, lithographer, 5 Ranstead pi 
Carlin Edward, lab. Jeff'eison pi 
Cai'iin Ellen, shop. Carpenter bel 8th 
Carlin Francis, shoemr. 5 Fitzwater 
Carlin George, carp. Charlotte ab Culvert 
Carlin Henry, cigars, 511 F av 
Carlin Hugh, tavern, S E 3d and Shippen 
Carlin James, lab. Fairview n 19th 
Carlin James, rigger, 13 Louisa a.v 
Carlin JoJm, lab. 15th and Sp Garden 
Carlin John, leather, 2d ab Dauphin 
Carlin John, lab, Fleming E 21st 
Carlin J. & A., hotel, 98 S 2d 
Carlin Jonathan, tavern, S W Lawrence and 

George (N L) 
Carlin Mary, milliner, 293 South 
CARLIN MICHAEL, hotel, S E Front & Vine 
Carlin Michael, cordw. 18th bel Lombard 
Carlin Patrick, shoes, 1050 Callowhill 
Carlin Philip, trader, Shoers ct ab Marion 
Carlin Philip, feed. Broad bel Lombard, and 

Carpenter bel 9th 
Carlin Sarah, 13 Boyd's ct 
Carlin Wm., stone mason, 4 Tiller's ct 
Cai'lin Wm., weaver, rear 132 Monroe 
Carlin Wm., jr., stone mason, 4 Tiller's ct 
Carlin Wm., carter, 367 Fitzwater 
Carlin Wm., cordw. 247 South 
CARLIN W. J., tavern. Dock and Walnut 
Carlisle Chas. H., seaman, 3d ab Federal 
Carlisle Hen., combmr. 38 N 8th and 19 St James 

Carlisle Thompson, cordw. Little Washington 

bel 12th 
Carlisle W. B., shoes, 4 S 16th 
Carll Thomas, lab. George ab Beach 
Carlley Eliza, brushmr. CorndafFei-'s ct 
Carlley George W., tobac. 562 S 2d 
Carlon A. L., iron moulder, Middle al bel 7th 
Carlon Chas., tailor, 36 Middle al 
Carlon C. H., police officer. Middle al bel 7th 
Carlton Thomas, carp. 190 Cherry 
Carlyle Wm., 132 N 11th 

Carman Chai-les V., cordw. Front ab Chatham 
Carman Hannah, 390 S 3d 
Carman -James, H., saddletreemr. Washington 

ab 5th 
Cannan Mary, 20 Green ab Pine 
Carman Mary, 21 Green ab Pine 
Carman Samuel, watchmr. 413^ Market 
Carman Stephen, locksm. 10 Chester 
Carman Wilson P., varnishmr. 4th and Marshall 
Cannichael Jas., plasterer, rear Bedford ab 12th 
Carmichael James, oil cloth manuf. 656 N 2d 
Cannichael Jennett, 4th ab Thompson 
Carmichael John, lab. Catharine bel Broad 
Carmichael Jos., cordw. rear Fitzwater bel 13th 
Carmick Louis, 99 S Front, h Pine W 20th 
Carmick Susan, Mrs., 135 Lombard 
Carmony Wm., clerk, 107-^ Market, h N W 3d 

and Cherry 
Carn Jane, Lombard n 19th 
Carnahan D. K. Miss, teacher, 268 N 6th 
Carnahan Jane, milliner, 15 N 12th 
Carnahan John, tailor, N E 11th and Chestnut, 

h Say n 16th 
Carnahan Robei-t, weaver. Rose bel Broad 
Carnahan Sarah, tailor ess, Woodbine bel Front 
Carnahan S. R., Montezuma Hall, Bridgewater 
Carnathan David, telegraph, 63 Federal 
Carncross Jacob, engineer, 32 Chester 
Carnell Charles, brick press manuf. G T road 

ah 5th (K) 
Carnell Jacob C, grocer, L pike & HestonviUe 

(W P) 
Carnell Lafayette, confectioner, G T road ab 5th 
Garner Rachel, South n 12th 
Carney Bernard L., hatter, Lewis bel 9th 
Carney Catharine, Salmon bel William (R) 
Carney Edward, lab. 23 Mifflin 
Carney Hugh, lab. Park n Locust (W P) 
Carney James, brickh\ Lafayette ab 9th 
Carney John, paver, 4 Twelve Feet al 
Carney John, weaver, L V/ashington bel 12th 
Carney John, lab. Flower 

Carney John, tailor, 225 Chestnut, h 336 Market 
Carney Joseph, lab. Carrol ct 
Carney Lise, wid. Robt. Prime ab P road 
Carney Margaret, shop, 84 Locust 
Carney Mary, Filbert n 23d 
Carney Owen, lab. Margaretta bel Washington 
Carney Patrick, lab. Lombard n 22d 
Carney Patrick, dry goods, 11th bel Christian 
Carney Patrick, floui- and feed, 8th bel Suffolk 
Carney Susan, wid. of Michael, 4th & Haverford 

(W P) 
Carney Thomas, lab. Almond (R) 
Carney Thomas, lab. Somerset (R) 

Carlisle James, capt. Sommer's ct 

Carlisle John, court plaster mr. Ogdenbel 15th I Carney Wm., lab. weaver, 15th bel Shippen 

Carlisle Patrick, chemist. Maple bel Richmond |Carnon John, tailor, 16 Union 





Cams Charles, ropemr. Tyson ab 6tli 

Cams Charles W., brickmr. 834 Lombard 

Cams Edward, lab. Larch 

Cai'ns Hemy, sr., fisherman, Poplar ab Beach 

Cams Henr)', jr., ship joiner. Poplar ab Beach 

Cai'ns Mary, 5th ab Poplar 

Carolus Elizabetli, cupper, Charlotte ab Brown 

Caron Eliza A., chy goods, 266 S 2d 

Carpenter Aaron, clerk, 41 S 2d 

Carpenter Albena, confect. 333 Vine 

Carpenter Caleb, salesman, 223 Market 

Carpenter Caleb, dealer, 2 Barley ct 

Carpenter Charles A., ship sm. 78 Penn (S) 

Carpenter Charles R., morocco dr. 481 Coates 


York av and Willow, h 307 N 6th 
Carpenter David, weaver, 19 N Clinton 
Carpenter D. H., surg-. inst. mr. h 616 N 4th 
Cai-penter D. L., teacher of dancing-, S W 9th 

and Spring Garden, h 434 Callowhill 
CARPENTER EDWARD, conveyancer, 109 

Walnut, h 165 S 15th 
Carpenter Eliza S., 375 Vine 
Carpenter E. B., druggist, 694 Green 
Carpenter Francis, tailor, 267 Chestnut, h N 

W 3d and Cypress 
Carpenter George, clerk, 13th bel Wood 
Carpenter George W., druggist, 301 Market, h 

Cai-penter Georgiana, b h, 217 S 5th 
CARPENTER G, W. & CO., druggists, 301 


Carpenter Henry M., shoes, 265 S 2d 
Carpenter Jacob, brickmr. 16 Ivy 
Carpenter Joseph, lab. Prime n 18th 
Carpenter James, dyer. Powder Mill la 
Carpenter James B., 39 Commerce 
Carpenter James H., cabman, 16th ab Filbert 
Carpenter John, book br. 296 Shippen 
Carpenter John D., blacksm. 459 N 5th 
Carpenter John E., rulemr. 514 N 4th 
Carpenter John S., carp. Clinton ab Brown 
Carpenter Joshua, 226 S Juniper 
Carpenter Joseph C, carp. 287 N 11th 
Carpenter ?,Iargt., Freestone's ct 
Carpenter Mary A., 81 Buttonwood 
Carpenter M. H., hatter^ 313 N 2d 
Carpenter Rosalthe, Mrs., 100 Marshall (S) 
Carpenter Samuel, collector, 47 Wood 
Carpenter Samuel H., jr., 501 Walnut 
Cai'penter Samuel H., 7^ Walnut, h 501 W 

Carpenter Samuel P., bookkeeper, 301 Market, 

h 383 N 11th 
Carpenter Sai-ah C, milliner, 17 S 2d 
Carpenter Thos. C, clerk, 566 N 12th 
Carpenter Thos. M., tailor, Clinton ab Parrish 
Carpenter Wm., lab. 5 Lombard ct 
Carpenter Wm., carman, 50 Shippen 
Carpenter Wm., tailor, 267 Chestnut, h 597 Arch 
Carpenter Wm. H., carp. 33 Nagle 
Carpenter Wm. L., surg. inst. mr. 4th above 

CARPENTER W. & F., tailors, 267 Chestnut 
Cai-pentier Francis, gent. 413 Spruce 
Carpentier John C, oil manuf. Chestnut (W P) 

office, 123 S Front 
Carr Abigail, washer, 10 Lane's ct 

CaiT Adam, hardware, 13th ab Jefferson 
Carr Alice, wid Pat., Harmstead ab 21st 
Carr & Brothers, plumbers, 166 N 4th 
Carr Calvin, brickmr. 13th ab Wharton 
Carr Catharine, Islxs., 11 Charlotte (N L) 
Carr Charles, warper, G T road bel 6th 
Carr Charles, sawyer, Hanover and Allen (R) 
Carr Chas., instrumentmr. 106 South 
CaiT Christy, grocer, 9th and L Washington 
Carr Daniel, grocer, S W 7th and Baker 
Carr Edward, lab., N E cor Beach and Spruce 
Can- Edward, mer. h Rose Cottage (W P) 
CaiT Edward W., newspaper & telegraph agent, 

N W 3d and Walnut, h 440 N 4th 
Carr Edwin, jeweler, 140 Chestnut, h Charlotte 

ab Beaver 
Carr Eliza, diy goods, 619 S 2d 
CARR GEO. W., whale bone cutter, 16 WUlow, 

h 48 CallowhiU 
Carr Hemy, brickmr. William n 19th 
Carr Henry, lab. 24th ab Pine 
Carr Hugh, farmer, Nicetown 
Carr H., George E 20th 
Carr Jacob, 10 Salmon 
Carr James, shop, 148 Locust 
Carr Jas., bricklr. 4 Harberger's row 
Carr Jas., police, 23d bel Walnut 
Carr Jas., 270 Duke (K) 
Carr Jas., shoemr., rear 652 Lombard 
Carr James H., conveyancer & real estate agt., 

141 Walnut 
Carr Jane, b h, 131 S 3d 

Carr Jno., gla. blower. Cherry bel Franklin (K) 
Carr John, dealer. 111 Carlton 
Carr John, lab. 250 Clinton 
Carr John, vict. Brown ab Huntingdon (R) 
Carr John, sheet iron worker, 925 Callowhill 
Carr John, lab. 13 Vernon 
Carr John, ship carp. Hope ab Master 
Can- John, lab. Reed bel Front 
Carr John, clerk, 104 Barker 
CaiT John, weaver, Harrison bel 21st 
Carr John, weaver, 18th bel South 
Carr John, Naval Asjdum 
Carr J. E., 7th ab Poplar, h 203 Melon 
Carr Lang, boatman. Pine bel Sch Beach 
Carr Littleton, carter, 27 Rodman 
Carr Mary, 13 Pine 
Carr Marg. H., S 19th n Chestnut 
Carr Maria, gentw. 52 Lombard 
CaiT Maria, nurse, 534 N 3d 
Cai-r Matthew, plumber, 19th ab Pine 
Carr Matthew, lab., Salmon bel Emory 
Carr Michael, weaver, G T road bel Jefferson 
Carr Michael, lab. Fisher bel Emory (R) 
Carr Miles, lab. Salmon n Ann (R) 
Carr Morgan, clerk, S 19th n Chestnut 
Carr Patrick, lab. Christian ab Broad 
Carr Patrick, lab. 247 S 4th 
Carr Pat., moulder. Native 
Carr Nehemiah, oyster, 143 Lombard 
Carr Peter, blacksm., Adam and Clymer 
Carr P. W., lab. 12tli bel Spruce 
Carr Richard, lithog. printer, 213 Jefferson av 
Carr Robert, engineer, Reed bel Front 
Carr Robert, gent. Powell bel Cherry (W P) 
Carr Robt., lab., Johnson's ct 
Carr Robt., lab., 44 W South 




Carr Robt., lab., 28 W South 

Carr Samuel, blacksmith, Marlboro' ab Frank' 
lin av 

Carr Samuel, lab. Lewis bel Master 

Carr Saml. M., letter carrier, 234 Wood 

Carr Thomas, carp., 179 Lewis 

Carr Wm., carter. Plover n 7th 

Carr Wm., weaver, Shippen W Broad 

Carr Wm., tailor, Fitzwater ab Broad 

Carr Wm., bootmr. 497 Vine 

Carr Wm., furniture cars, 161 N 15th 

Carr Wm., lab. Hope bel Phoenix 

Carr Wm., oysterman, 9th ab Morris 

Carr Wm., clerk, S 19th n Chestnut 

Carr Wm., carp., 68 Charles 

Carr Wm. Hart, Sec. Hempfield R. R. Co., 70 

Carrag-her Christopher, Chancellor bel 17th 

Carrahar James, lab. James n 8th 

Carre Lewis J., tinsm., 344 Market, h Winter 
bel 21st 

Carrell James, carp. Russell 

Carrell John, tavern, Swanson and Beck 

Carrell Pat., boatman. Pine bel Sch WiUow 

Carrell Thomas, Friendship house, S W Arch 

and Del av 
CARRELL THOS., hotel, 30 Market 

Carrick Alex., baker, 19th ab Market, h 466 

Filbert bel 19th 
Carrick Antone, butcher, Kessler n Diamond 
Carrick David, grocer, 23d and Callowhill 
Carrick James, packer, 23 Richard 
Carrick John, lab. Filbert n 19th 
Carrick Robt., lab., rear 19th ab Lombard 
Carrick Thos., blacksm. Callowhill ab 21st 
Carrick Wm., baker. Filbert n 21st 
Carrier Wm., cordw., 26 Larch 
Carrig-an Ann, vestmr. 8 Charles (S) 
Carrigan Daniel, lab. Locust bel 20th 
Carrigan Edward, clerk, 23 Spruce 
Carrigan Heniy, starch mr., 92 Master 
Carrigan Jacob, 23 Spruce 

Carrigan Jacob J., clerk, Hanover bel West (K) 
Carrig-an Jas., lab. 15 Bowery pi 
Carrigan John, waiter, 8 Boyd's av 
Carrigan Matthew, dealer, 2 Boyd's ct 
Carrigan Pat., lab., William bel Richmond 
Carrig-an Pat., weaver, Hancock bel Master 
Carrigan Peter, weaver, rear Rose bel Broad 
Carrington Wm. M., mer. 22 Chestnut, h 342 

Carrig-ue Sarah M., milliner, 235 Arch 
Carroll Amelia, 216 S 7th 
Carroll Anthony, porter, 223 Market 
Carroll Bridget, Christian ab 8th 
Carroll Catharine, Harrison n 21st 
Carroll Dennis, 83 Swanson 
Carroll Elizabeth, 343 S 7th 
Carroll Geo., hatter, 56 Market 
Carroll Henry, carp. 22 Mary 
Carroll Hugh, groom, Fairmount ab Sp Garden 
Carroll Hugh, lab. Church and Moore 
Carroll H. Mrs., 510 Walnut 
Carroll Jas., bootmr. rear 218 Christian 
Carroll Jas., harnessmr. 208 Shippen 
Carroll James, drayman, 8th bel Catharine 
Carroll James, milkman, Passyunk 
Carroll John, weaver, Lombard ab 17th 

CARROLL JOHN, hotel, N W Master & Cad- 

Carroll John, produce, 11 Marshall's ct 
Carroll John, fruiterer, rear 240 Christian 
Carroll Joseph, weaver, Brinton bel 13th 
Carroll Louden, piano manfr. 29 Vernon 
Carroll Matthew, milkman, 8th bel Reed 
Carroll Maurice, shoemr. 18 Jones' al,h 2 Chan- 
cery la 
Carroll Mich., lab. Rose bel Oak (W P) 
Carroll Michael, lab Elm and Duke (R) 
Carroll Michael, cowkeeper, 9th and P road 
Carroll Mich., lab., Miller ab Somerset 
Carroll Nicholas, lab., 20 Wilson 
Carroll N., blacksm., Lewellan's av 
Carroll Patrick, tailor, 382 N 12th 
Carroll Patrick, porter, James 
Carroll Patrick, lab. Lehigh (K) 
Carroll Pat., carp. Washington ab Moore (W P) 
Carroll Pat., lab., 8 Federal 
Carroll Pat., mach., Murray W 20th 
Carroll Pat., lab., Cuthbert bel 21st 
Carroll Pat., lab.. Ice Court 
Carroll Peter, blacksm.. Clay E Sch Willow 
Carroll Saml., painter, 184 S 13th 
Carroll Thos., tailor, 79 Market bel 18th 
Carroll Thos., cordw., Biddle and 20th 
Carroll Thomas, tailor, 1 Pleasant ct 
Carroll Timothy, watchmr. 66 Og-den 
Carroll William, grocer, N W 2d and Jeifer- 

son (K) 
Carroll Wm., rag-s, 63 N Front 
Carroll Wm., lab., Passyunk 
Carrow John, jewelry manuf. 104 Chestnut, h 

362 Locust 
Carrow Lawrence, carp., Filbert W 19th 
Carrs John, frame mr. 6 Lybrand 
Carruthers John, shoes, 119 G T road 
Carryl Edw. W., fancy g-oods, 378 Chestnut 
Carryl George W., clerk, 169 Chestnut, h 173 

CARRYL WM. H., curtain materials, 169 Chest- 

nut, h 173 Walnut 
Carse Mary, shop, Froad ab Huntingdon (K) 
Carskadden John M., clerk, 98 Market 
Carsley Joseph, blacksm. Clair 
Carson Amos, furniture car, 2d bel Dickerson 
Carson Charles, gard., Stirling ab Fitzwater 
Carson C, gas fitter and plumber, 291 R road 
Carson Edw., carder, Eagle n Otter 
Carson E. S., b h. Wood ab 13th 
Carson Francis, lab., Rainbow (K) 
Carson George, lab. 514 Lombai-d 
Carson Geo. C, mer. 39 S Del av 
Carson Henry, carp. Morris ab Catharine 
Carsan Henry, cot. brok. 65 S Front, h 106 S 8t'- 
Carson, Head & Strauch, machts., Snowden's 

Carson Henry W., carp. 7 Bread, h 11th bel 

Carson Hugh, handle mr., 1053 N Front 
Carson H. L., mer. Chestnut ab Front 
Carson James, saddler, Temple bel 13th 
Carson James, lab Jones n 18th 
Carson Jas. N., mer., 172 Market, h Arcade 

hotel. Chestnut 
Carson Jane, b h, 51 N 7th 
Carson John, hatter, 10 Sterling h al 15 Noble 




Carson John, carp. 381 Marshall 
Carson John, di'over, Fairmount n Sp Garden 
Carson John, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson 
Carson John, dyer, 16th n Catharine 
Carson John, weav., Fitler & Montgomery (K) 
Carson Jos., M. D., 1 Virg-inia row 
Carson Jos., weaver, Lombard n 21st 
Carson & Leslie, grocers. Market ab 16th 
Carson Matthew, weaver, Biddle n Nixon 
H^CARSON & NEWBOLD, mers. 39 S Del av 
Carson Rachel, 12th bel Spruce 
Carson Rachel, 16th n Catharine 
Carson Robt., weaver, Front ab Master 
Carson Robert, varnisher, 32 Larch 
Carson Robt., lab., 17th bel Lombard 
Carson Robt., bricklr.. Centre bel Mary (W P) 
Carson Samuel, weaver, 255 S 3d 
Carson Samuel, Kenny's pi 
Carson Samuel, lab., F R ab Norris 
Carson Thos., grocer, 476 Callowhill 
Carson Thos., mer. 36 Marshall 
Carson Thomas, salesman, 103 Market 
Carson Thomas, gard., L Pike and Numerion 

Carson Thos., weaver, Front ab Dauphin 
Carson Thos. B., real est. broker, Girard av ab 

Carson Wm., cordw. Dewees' ct 
CARSON WM., Southwark restaurant, S E 2d 

and South, h 36 South 
Carson Wm., tavern, South ab 15th 
Carson Wm., lab., Bridge ab Till 
Carson Wm., gro., P road and Christian 
Carstairs Chas. S., mer. 86 S Front 
Carstairs James, mer. 112 S whfs, h31 Lombard 
Carstairs Jas., jr., clerk, 31 Lombard 
Carstairs Thomas, mer. 86 S Front, h 31 Lom- 
Carswell Ellen, Mrs., King bel Race 
Cartan Jas., tavern, 23d n Hamilton 
Carter Albert, carp. 3 Steinmetz ct 
Carter And., engineer, 597 Philip (K) 
Carter Ann, Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Carter Charles, wheelvvrt. 370 R avenue, h 36 

Carter Chas., M. D., 478 Walnut 
Carter Charles Ignatius H., Rev., Sp Garden ab 

Carter Edward, bricklr. Pleasant bel 13th 
Carter Eliza C, wid. of D. B., 71 S 13th 
Carter Elizabeth, b h, 136 N 8th 
Carter Elizabeth, dressmr., Bedford bel Broad 
Carter E. L., M. D., S W 9th and South 
Carter Fredk., capt., 519 S Front 
Carter George, real est. broker, 90 N 5th 
Carter George, stone mason, Lancaster Pike ab 

6th (W P) 
Carter Geo. M., chair manuf. 211 N 2d & 319i 

Market, h 5 New Market 
Carter Humphrev, waiter, 1 Jones' ct 
Carter H., waitei^ Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Carter Jacob, china, 9th and Wallace, h 609 N 

Carter Jas., cooper, 25 Concord 
Carter Jas. jr., note broker, 274 N 8tli 

• Carter James T., h 39 N 15th 
■ Carter John, lab. Gilback's pi (K) 

• Carter John, chem. 84 Arch, h 105 S 12th 

Carter John, shipwt. Story's ct (K) 

Carter John, jr., Story's ct (K) 

Carter J. G., cooper, 45 Commerce, h 9th above 


Carter Joseph, cabinetmr. 195 S 7th 
Carter Lavinia, 13 Green (C) ab Pine 
Carter Mahlon B., cordw. Washington (W P) 
Carter, Margaret, trimmings, N W 5th &. Spruce 
Carter Margaret, gentw. 137 N 9th 
Carter Mary, wid. of Enoch, 10 Elmslie's al 
Carter Noah, waiter, 1 Lisle 
Carter O. B., 164 Chestnut, h American hotel 
Carter Patrick, shoes, 21st n Market 
Carter Paul B., atty. at law 99 S 5th 
Carter Reginald W., capt. Washington below 


Carter Richard, waterman, 19 Union al 
Carter Robt., engineer, Duke and Hewston (R) 
Carter Robt. T.,"mail agent, h 432 S 5th 
Carter Samuel D., printer, 18 Winter 
Carter Samuel H., coppersm. 9 and 11 Branch 
Cai'ter & Scattergood, manuf. chemists, officev^ 

84 Arch, and laboratory N W Beach and 


Carter Sharon, collector, 105 Buttonwood 
Carter Thaddeus W., cutter. Division 
Carter Thos. S., jeweller, 5 Clark 
Carter Wm., Ontario and Ogden 
Carter Wm., patternmr. Shackamaxon (K) 
Carter Wm. J., druggist, S W 16th & Chestnut 
Carter Wm. M., mer. 45 S 3d, h 71 S 13th 
Carter Wm. T., broker, 274 Pine 
Carteret Elizabeth, trimmings, 248 South 
Carteret Emily, capmr. 187 Pine 
Carteret Jos. W., 340 S. 5th 
Carteret Wm. M., book keeper, 248 South 
Cartledge Jos., stone cut. Federal bel 10th 
Cartledge Steph. G., stonecut. Federal bel 10th. 
Cartney Hugh, lab. 147 South 
Cartney Susan, milliner, 147 South 
Carton Danl., wood sawyer, 51 Currant al 
Cai-ti'ee Aneas, cartel-, 5th ab Dickerson 
Cartwell Thos. painter, James n 7th 
Cartwright H., 90 Washington 
Cartwright Mary, 200 George (S) 
Cartwright Matthew, tin worker, 574 N 5th 
Carty Alexander, butcher, 100 Jefferson ar 
Carty Andrew, blksm. Coates ab 21st 
Carty Chas., blacksm. Coates ab 21st 
Carty J. Nichols, gro. S E 6th and PaiTish 
Carty Nicholas, carp. 413 Coates 
Carty Sumpter, cordw. 22 W North 
Carty Wm., store. Laurel ab Spruce 
Carath Henry C, mer. 154 Market, h 201 Arch 
CARUTH, TERRY & DEAY, hardwai-e, 154 v/ 

Market and 25 Merchant V 

Carvaszie Edwd., v/atchmr. 6 Relief pi 
Carver Alexander B., convey. S W 9th and Fil- 
bert, h 464 Arch 
CARVER A. B. & CO., conveyrs. S W 9th and 

Carver Hannah, b h, 78 W Willow 
Carver Isaac, turner, 31 Dock, h 415 S 3d 
Carver Jacob, umbrelhis, Palmer n F road 
Carver Jacob, convey. S W 9ih and Filbert, h 

410 Vine 
Carver Jac, carrier, 61 Lancaster 
Carver John, jiorter, 9 S 3d, h 5 Little Dock 




CARVER JOHN E., architect and engineer, 51 

N 6th, h 235 N 9th 
Carver John R., carp. 8 Rittenhouse 
Carver Joseph L., wine and liquor, 299 Vine 
Carver Margt, Palmer bel F road (K) 
Cai-ver Samuel, atty. at law, S W 9th & Filbert, 

h 464 Arch 
Car\'er Sarah, nurse, 6 Shield's ct 
Carver Strickland, carp. Bedford n Ross 
Carver William B., conveyancer, S W 9tli and 

Filbert, h 464 Arch 
Carver Wm. B., printer, 491 N 13th 
Carvill Wm., g-rocer, 789 N 2d bel Masters 
Garvin Jas., lab. Susannah (R) 
Gary Isaac, morocco dresser, 405 N 3d 
Gary Gertrude J. Mrs., young- ladies seminary, 

15tli and Pine 
Casanova Trocencis, planter, 100 N 11th 
Casdoaff Louisa, 33 Monroe 
Case Fred., hatter, Addison ab 17th 
Case John, tailor, 16 Nagle 
; Case Samuel H., chy goods, 1 S 9th 
Casely Alex., ca.rp. 397 S 3d 
Caser Wm., carter. Brown bel 12th 
Casey Arthur, pap. stainer, Becket ab 16th 
Casey Christ., cordw. Carpenter ab 8th 
Casey Daniel, lab. Kelly pi 
Casey Daniel, porter, 239 Market 
Casej^ David, huckster, Federal ab 7th 
Casey Eliza, layer out of dead, 21 Garden 
. Casey Henry, carp. Coates W 17th 
Casey Henry, carp. Coates W 17th 
Casey James, ostler, 12 Hide's ct 
Casey James, grocer, N E Bedford and 6th 
Casey Jas., note and bill broker, 46^ Walnut 
Casey James, lab. Filbert E 20th 
Casey James, broker, 342 Chestnut 
Casey James, hatter, rear 21 Garden 
Casey James, lab., Lombard n 18th 
Casev James D., glass cutter, Quarry n Bread, 

h 55 Vienna'(K) 
Casey James M., bricklr. rear 21 Garden 
Casey Jane, wid. 13 Maria 
Casey John, salesman, 198 Market, h Pleasant 

ab 11th 
Casey John, grocer, 152 N 12th 
Casey John, liquor store, Washington (W P) 
Casey John, 22 South 
Casey John, ostler, 1 Filbert av 
Casey John, clerk, 279 S Front 
Casey John, weaver, 77 Otter 
Casey J., gent., 531 Walnut 
Casey Mich., carp. 1061 Coates 
Casey Michael, shoemr. 35 Crown 
Casey Michael, lab. 15 Barker 
Casey Michael, R. R. agent, 92 George 
Casey Peter, lab. 19th and Lombard 
Casey Peter, shop, 279 S Front 
Casey Peter, jr., tavern, 78 N Water 
Casey Thomas, varnisher, 10th and Carpenter 
Casev Wm., lab. 20th and Locust 
CASH A. D. & L. H. REDNER, convey., 78 S 4th 
Cash Andrew D., convey. 78 S 4th, h Spruce ab 

Cash Elizabeth, wid. of Thomas, 73 S 13th 
Cash Geo. S., mer. 11 N 6th, h Lancaster Pike 
CASH THOMAS M., Phila. railway agency, 78 

4th, h 159 S 16th 

Cashaw Draper, lab. 5 Little Oak 
Cashin J., mer. 91 S Front 
Cashmire Henry, cordw. 31 Cherry 
Casilear J. W., bk. note engr. 78 Walnut 
Caskey Benj., steelmr. 17 Linden 
Caskey John, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Caskey Jas., carp. Twadeil's ct 
Caskey Jos., gent. 225 Spruce 
Caskey Martha, 9 Locust 
Caskey M., grocer, 15th and Ogden 
Caskey Wm., lab. Marlboro' bel Duke 
Caslaw John, weaver, 365 S 10th 
Caslin Danl., tavern, 57 S Wharves 
Caslin Timothy, lab. 10 Beach ab Brown 
Casner John, morocco dr. Wagner's ct 
Casperson Erasmus, sailor, 9 Senate 
Cass Adolphus, cutter. Woodbine ab Wharton 
Cass Jas., porter, 5 Southampton 
Cass N. B., oculist and dental surgeon, 46 Rich- 
mond ab Cumberland (R) 
Cassabone Henry, tavern, 177 S Front 
Cassaday James W., grocer, 264 S 2d 
Cassaday Mich., lab. 2d st rd 
Cassaday Wm., planer. Prospect al 
Cassady Alex., charcoal, S E Wheat and Keef 
Cassady And., tailor, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Cassady And., tailor, 10th bel Prime 
Cassady Barney, lab. 3 Horstman 
Cassady Bernard, dealer, 293 S 7th 
Cassady Catharine, Little Oak and Shirker's al 
CASSADY CORNELIUS D., bak. 459 Market 
Cassady Edward, seaman, 13 Federal 
Cassadv Edw., gent.. Carpenter ab 11th 
Cassady Francis, carter, 539 N 5th 
Cassady Felix, carter, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Cassady Francis, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Cassady Francis, weav., G T road bel Jefferson 
Cassady Henry, lab. Shippen n 15th 
Cassady Hugh, collector, 306 Pine 
Cassady James, driver, 1 Willow ct 
Cassady James, weaver. Weaver's ct 
Cassady Jas., 15 Swanson 
Cassady James, lab. Peter's al 
Cassady John, baker, 15th ab Girard 
Cassady John, carp. 308 S Carpenter 
Cassady John P., clerk, N E 10th and South 
Cassady J., corn mer. 60 S Del av 
Cassady J. B., florist, 6th n Little Poplar 
Cassady Margt. Mrs., James ab 7th 
Cassady Michl., blacksm. 12 Larch 
Cassady Michl., weaver, Loyd ab Fitzwater 
Cassady Patrick, sup. Moy. prison, Federal ab 

Cassady Patrick, carpet weaver, Weaver's ct 
Cassady P. H., baker, 10 N 9th, h 29 Logan sq 
Cassady Rose Mrs., 5 Washington pi 
Cassady Ruth, 27 Pine 
Cassady Thos., mast mr., 16 Beck 
Cassady Wm., tailor, 9 L Washington 
Cassady Wm. D., undertaker, Christian bel 10th 
Cassal John, hod carrier, 130 Adams (K) 
Cassaly Matthew, tailor, 8 Lane's ct 
Cassan Lewis, capt. 21 Carpenter 
Casseday Charles A., sti-aw hat finisher, 43 

Casseday C, lab. Sch Willow bel Spruce 
Casseday Edgar, acct. 43 Lombard 
Casseday Hugh, pedlar, Sch Willow bel Spruce 




Casseday James 8c Son, grain mers., 121 S 

Water, h 27 Pine 
Casseday Joseph A., mer., 121 S Water, h 27 

Casseday Mich., lab. Sch Willow bel Spruce 
CASSEDY FRANCIS A., book agl. 62 Almond 
Cassedy Francis, weaver, G F rd bel Jefferson 
Cassedy Francis, lab. Hewston ab Salmon 
Cassedy Francis, painter, 12 Keefe 
Cassell Jesse, lab. Lawrence (N L) 
Casselberry G., boot crimper, 4 Orang'e 
Casselberry J. R., mer. 49 N 8th 
Casselbeny Samuel S., N AV 9th and Filbert 
Cassen Wm., lab. Nicetown 
Casserty Pat., lab. N E L. Washington and 10th 
Cassiday Ann, shop, crown ab Franklin av 
Cassiday Ann, 4 Shippen pi 
Cassiday Arthur, stovemr. 4 Shippen pi 
Cassiday Lewis C, atty. at law, 47 S 6th, h 372 

S 8th 
Cassiday Phcrbe, dressmr. 33 German 
Cassidy Henr}-, fisherman, 123 F rd 
Cassidy Hugh, mer. 32 AValnut, h N E Carpen- 
ter and Lewis 
Cassidy Jas., lab. Church ab Moore 
Cassidy John, porter, 28 S Front, h Carpenter 

ab 7th 
Cassidy John H., sailor's home, 204 S Front 
Cassidy Saml., tailor, 3 Cai-penter 
Cassidy S., butcher. Reed ab 8th 
Cassidy T., coal yard, rear Naval Asylum 8c 61 

Cassidy AA'm., jeweller, 18 N 6th 
Cassin John, 7S Union 
Casson Andrew, weaver, 924 N 2d 
Castello A. H., pumpmr., Entei'prise ab 4th 
Caster Chas., cai-p. Front st Rd 
Castillon G. E., importer, 16 AA'alnut 
Castle James H., atty. and coun., ofhce 33 S 

5th, h 5 Portico sq 
Castle Joseph, Rev., 328 Parrish 
Castle Joseph, lab., 12th ab Federal 
Castle Robert, rag- store, R av and Pleasant 
Castle AA'm., printer, 14 State 
Castlebury Isaac, grocery, 421 Coates 
Castledine Ann, 34 Shippen 
Castledine Rich., 310 S Front 
Castner John H., painter, 450 N 4th 
Castner Samuel, mer., 67 S wharves, h 269 S 

Casto Levi P., sailor, SoiTel bel Larch 
Castor Edwd. S., cordw. Poplar bel 6th 
Cateon John, carp. 534 Brown 
Caterson John, brickmr. 1 Temperance ct 
Caterson AVm., lab. 8 M'Duffie 
Gates Jacob, baker, P rd bel Reed 
Cathcart Alex., shoemr., 208 Queen 
Cathcart Andrew, milkman, Bedford bel 17th 
Cathcart James, pol. officer. Filbert W 19th 
Cathcart John, pol. officer, 16th bel Lombard 
Cathcart Sarah, Carver ab 15th 
Cathcart Thomas, carp. Hudson's al, h 401 Lom- 
bard ab 11th 
Cathcart AA^m., shoemr., George ab 16th 
Cathcart AV., cooper, 3 Mary 
Catherall George, paper hanger, 68 Coates 
Cathrall A. M., Cherry, AV 16th 
Catlirall Geo., tobacco store, 418 N 2d 

Catherwood Andi'ew J., mer., agent for Ulster 

Banking Co., 62 N 2d, h 28 Race 
Catherwood Hugh, mer., 62 N 2d, h 425 Walnut 
Catlierwood H. Wilson, mer. 62 N 2d, h 425 

AA'alnut . • 
CATHERAVOOD H. 8c H. W., wines 8c liquors, 

62 N 2d 
Catherwood M. A. R. Q., clerk, 45 N 3d, h 425 

Catherwood Samuel B., mer., 62 N .2d, h 425 

Catherwood Wm., clerk, 425 Walnut 
Catlin Edwd., sawyer, Beach ab Marlboro' 
Catlin John, tobacconist, N W Front 8c Almond 
Catmull Leonard AV., clothing, 45 N 4th 
Catmull Samuel, dry goods, 649 South 
Caton Ed.,mor. dres., Shackamaxon ab Bedford 
Caton Jesse, sailor. Maiden bel Beach 
Caton John, oak cooper, Maiden ab Beach 
Caton John, blacksm. Lombai'd n 18th 
Caton Michael AV., 20th n Market 
Cattell Alex. G., com. mer., 13 N Del av, h 88 

N Front 
Cattell Andrew C, mer., 67 Chestnut, h 108 

CATTELL A G 8c CO., com mers., 13 N Del 

av and 23 N AA'ater 
Cattell David, blacksm. 208 Christian 
Cattell Elijah 8c Co., lumber mer.. Willow street 

whf., h 202 N Front 
Cattell Samuel AV., mer., 80 N 4th, h N Ritten- 

Catts AVm., cordw., AA'arren bel Mary (AA' P) 
Cauet Armand, sugar ref., 37 St John, h 57 Vine 
CaufPman Jacob, 70 AA'allace 
Cauffman James, farmer, Buttonwood la 
Cauffman John, ti'immer, Lafayette 
CaufTman Marcus, mer., 62 N 3d, h 391 N 6th 
Cauffman R. S., mer., 26 N 3d, h 125 N 9th 
Cauffman Sarah F., 125 N 9th 
Cauffman T. F., mer., 26 N 3d, h 20th ab Race 
Caughlin John, lab. 28 Clinton 
Cauldwell EUen, washer, 148 S 12th 
Cauldwell Samuel, 7 Charles 
Caidin Catharine, shop, AA'illiam 8c Benton 
Caull Fred, shop. Market AA' 17th 
Caullett Sarah, 187 AA'harton 
Caulk Thos., currier, 600 S 2d 
Cavanaugh Caroline, h 23 Chatham 
Cavanaugh John, porter, 147 Market, h 10 Ken- 
wort liy's ct 
Cavanaugh John, Tyler ab Thompson 
Cavanaugh John, lab. 18 Jones' al 
Cavanaug-h John, coachman, 11 Dean 
Cavanaugh John, 5 Hahn ct, rear Cuthbert 
Cavanaugh John, lab. Alervine bel Oxford 
Cavanaugh Joseph, porter, 147 Market, h 42 

Cherry ab 4th 
Cavanaugh J., tailor, Swain's ct 
Cavanaugh Matthew, porter, 31 Chestnut, h 14 

Cavanaugh Michael, painter, 33 Hampton 
Cavanaugh Mich., lab., 726 N 10th 
Cavanaugh Peter, lab. Jackson bel Parrish 
Cavanaugh AA^m., carter, Oxford and Mifflin, S 

AV Master and Lewis 
Cavanaugh AA'm., lab., 65 Federal 
Cavanaugh AVm. H., jewelry eng. 99 AValnut 




Cavarly Rich., hatter, Southwark, ab 7th 

Cave Henry, millvvt. Nicetown la 

Cave Jefferson, engineer, Ogden'ab 15th 

Cave Robei-t, farmer, F road ab Hart la 

Cave Sarah, b h, 15 Lagrange pi 

Cave Sarah T., Chestnut ab 18th 

Cave Thomas, farmer, F road ab Hart la 

Caven John, carter, Summer W 22d 

Caven Joseph L., Winter W 21st 

Caven Wm., lab. 7 Church av 

Cavenaugh Edward W., wood mer. Snowden 

whf., h 2 Christian 
Cavenaugh George, printer, 2 Merchant 
Cavenaugh Michael, 90 Queen (S) 
Cavenaugh Wm., 398 S 3d 
Cavender E. M., acct., 83 Chestnut, h RaceW. 

Cavender Jane, Mrs., cigars, 273 Callowhill 
Cavender John, cordw. 144 Beach (K) 
Cavender John H., convey., S W Chatham and 

Green, h 205 Green 
Cavender Robert, carter, F road ab Sargeant 
Cavender Thos. S., convey 5th and Green 
Caverow W;n., ormanental plasterer, Lewis and 

Thompson, h 712 N 10th 
Caves Thomas, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Caviat James, dealer, 314 S 7th 
Cavin M. D., plasterer, 1 S 16th 
Cavin Samuel, pap. hanger, 607 S 4th 
Caviston Richd., grocer, Sorel bel Larch (R) 
Cawman Alex., millwright, 13 Wilson 
Cawman Nathan, millwt. 15 Wilson 
Cayot Henry, cabtmr., 52 Zane 
Cecil John, gilder, Cheny and Powell (W P) 
CECIL THOMAS, Mrs., bottler, 356 Front 
Cecil Wm. J., carp., 18 Rittenhouse 
Ceck Chas. H., paper hanger, Cumberland 
CeeriU S., waiter, 35 Middle al 
Cemencher James, Front and Coates 
Cephas Thomas, carter. Front ab Canal 
Ceppaline Chai-les, baker, 4 Ashland pi 
Cerad Jos. H., trunk mr., 7 Clark 
Cerney George, waiter, 17 Pratt 
Certier Geo., watch springmr., 53 Union 
Cetcham John, carp. 450 N 8th 
Cever Francis, cordw. 21 Concord 
Cevile W.ash., tailor. Woodbine ab Wharton 
Chadderton George, tavern, 529 N Front 
Chaddy Moses, brewer, Piper pi ab Shippen 
Chadwick Elijah M., tailor, 4th ab Franklin 
Chadwick Francis, salesman, 16 Noble 
Chadwick G. H., packer, Marlboro' ab Frank- 
lin av 
Chadwick Henry, cabinetmr., 9 Short's ct 
Chadwick H. A., clerk, Girard House 
Chadwick John, K., manuf. 6th &. G T road 
- CHADWICK & MILLER, manuf. Neat's foot 
\/ oil, 6th and G T road 

CHADWICK Thos., hardware, 533 S 9th, cor L 

Chadwick Thomas, tobacco, 195 S 20th 
Chadwick T. B., baker, Lombard n 20th 
Chace Jonathan, mer. 65 Chestnut 
Chaffee James, mer., 164 Market, h 352 Green 
Chaffee Wm., mer., 164 Market, h 350 Green 
^ CHAFFEES, STOUT & CO., dry goods, 164 

Market, and 35 Mei chant 
Chain Thomas H., barber, Callowhill ab 15th 

Chalfant H., tavern, Lehigh (R) 

Chalfant John E., salesman, 19 Chestnut, h 254 

Chalfant Robt., salesman, 59 N 3d, h 96 Dillwyn 
Chalfman Isaac, lab. Alder ab Thompson 
Challen Howard, publisher, 5 Hart's Building 
Challen James, Rev., publisher, 5 Hart's Build- 
ings, h 545 Green ab 13th 
Challen J., 146 Wallace 
Cliallick Andrew, tailor, 8 Cadwalader 
Chalmers Ann, N E Carroll and 13th 
Chaloner Wm., prest. Florence & Keyport Co. 
S E Dock and Walnut, h 15th bel Spruce, 
Chamberlain Abner M., 774 Vine 
Chamberlain B. E., trimmings, 66 N 8th 
Chamberlain Chas., carp., Ogden ab 15th 
Chamberlain Chai-les A., booksr. 533 N lOth 
Chamberlain Elizabeth, gentw., 533 N 10th 
Chamberlain Geo., clerk, Fraley's al (K) 

and Shippen 
Chamberlain Henry, carp., 134 Ogden 
Chamberlain Horatio, clerk, 297 Parrish 
Chamberlain James R., cordw.. Federal n G F 

Chamberlain John, guager, Pan-ish ab 15th 
Chamberlain John T., dentist, 141 Spruce 
Chamberlain Joshua, fireman, 7th and Haver- 
ford (W P) 
Chamberlain Lloyd, sect'y and treas. Beaver 

Meadow R. R. Co., 84 Walnut 
Chamberlain M. L., Mrs., 163 Spruce 
Chamberlain Thomas, blacksm., Cuthbertn21st 
Chamberlain William H., potter, Lawrence bel 

Chamberlain W. J. bookkeeper, 32^ N 3d 
Chamberlaine Samuel, bookbr.. Oak ab Bridge 

av (W P) 
Chamberlaine Saml., M. D., N W 2d & Spruce 
Chamberlin Elizabeth, 5 Ross (K) 
Chambers Alexander R., trimgs., 154 Franklin 
Chambers Alex. W., capt. 64 Jarvis 
Chambers Andrew, carter, 717 South 
Chambers Andrew, weaver, Clymer n Front 
Chambers Andrew H., mer., 67 & 495 Chestnut 
Chambers Ann, 12th and Federal 
Chambers Anna M., millinery, 30 S 17th 
Chambers A. H., trimmings, 12 N 2d, h 154 

Chambers A. M., tailoress, Davy 
Chambers & Cattell, leath. dealers, 67 Chestnut 
Chambers David, lab., 2 Rose bel Broad 
Chambers David, bricklay.. Carpenter ab 3d 
Chambers David M., mer., 85 N 3d 
Chambers D. C, oysterman, 119 Swanson 
Chambers Elizabeth, vestmr. 5 Gaskill 
Chambers George, boatman, Cuthbert bel 23d 
Chambers Geo. K., fruit, 13 N Water, h N W 

10th and Castle 
Chambers George W., clerk, 88 Market, h 25 

Chambers k. Godbean, painters, 306 Callowhill 
Chambers G. W., tinsm., rear Allen ab F road 
Chambers G. W., M. D., S W 4th and Monroe 
Chambers Hannah, variety store, 250 S 6th 
Chambers Henrietta, 214 Christian 
Chambers Isaac, waiter, 4 Mercer 
Chambers Jacob., brickly., James n 7th 




Chambers James, boatman, 14 Beach 
Chambers James, jr., phimber, 306 Callowhill 
Chambers James, spooler, 30 South 
Chambers James, plumber, 147 R av 
Chambers James, plasterer, 4 Jefferson 
Cliambers John, lab., Morris bel Pine 
Chambers John, stone cut., 512 Wood 
Chambers John, Rev., 402 Walnut 
Chambei's John, ship joiner, Lancaster above 

Chambei-s John, 12 R av ab Buttonwood 
Chambers John, weaver, 89 Master (K) 
Chambers John, whf. builder, Corn ab Reed 
Chambers John, tav., Howard bel Jefferson (K) 
Chambers John, weaver, F road ab Master 
Chambers John, lab. Gable's ct 
Chambers John H., mer., 67 Chestnut, h 483 

Chambers John M., builder, Ogden ab 15th 
Chambers & Johnson, trims. & varieties, 12 N 2d 
Chambers Joseph, boxmr., 7 Monroe 
Cliambers Joseph, waterman. Front & Reckless 
Chambers J. J., salesman, 171 Market 
Chambers Martha, 5 Philip 
Chambers Montgomery, M. D., 178 Spruce 
Chambers N., waiter, 19 Watson's al 
Chambers Peter, confect. 445 N 4th 
Chambers Robert grocer, N E Thompson and 

Chambers Robt., harness mr., 8 Wall 
Chambers Robert, tinsm., 124 Howard (K) 
Chambers Richard, vinegar manuf., 12th below 

Chambers Samuel, 354 Noble 
Chambers Sarah, trukmr. 86 Hope (K) 
CHAMBERS THOMAS, pres. Montour Iron 

Co., 72, S 4th, h 511 Chestnut 
Chambers Thomas, lab., Richard ab 16th 
Chambers Wm., stone cut., Catharine bel 13th 
Cliambers Wm., marketman, 457 N 12th 
Chambers Wm., lab. George ab Beach 
Chambers Wm., lab. Gable's ct 
Chambers Wm. B., artist, 68 S 12th 
Chambers Wm. B., grocer, N E 5th and Pine 
Chambers Wm. C, M. D., 68 S 12th 
Chambers W. J., umbrella mr. 512 Wood 
Chamblin John T., dealer, 8th bel Whai-ton 
Chamecin Ulysee, salesman, 38 Church al 
Champion C. Collins, clerk, 149 Market, h 5th 

bel Poplar 
Champion David B., tavern, &6 Wasliington av 
Champion John B., salesman, 239 Market 
Champneys B., judge, 14 N 7th 
Clian Sophia, 134 Brown 
Chance George, segar mr. Simpson's ct 
Chance John, mariner, 22 Union al (S) 
CHANCE J. C, dry goods, 530 and 532 W 

Chance Robt. C, com. mer. h 113 Marshall (S) 
Chance Thomas, waterman, rear 11 Concord 
Chance Thomas, waterman, Front ab Canal 
Chance Wm., hardware. Front bel Master (K) 
Chancellor Cath., dry goods. Wood and R road 
Chancellor Wharton, 337 Chestnut 
Chancellor Wm., gent., 337 Chestnut 
Chandlee Geo., carp., Sheaff al, h 16th below 

Chandler Ann, 17 L Washington 

CHANDLER CHARLES H., 164 Chestnut, h 

227 Queen (K) 
Chandler Geo., Rev., 184 Queen bel Palmer 
CHANDLER JAMES B., printer, 123 Chest- 

niit, h 97 N 10th 
Chandler John, plasterer, Goodbread pi 
Chandler John, grocer, 159 S 6th 
Chandler John, moulder, rear 110 F road 
Chandler John R., book-keeper, 59 Market, h 

50 Shackamaxon 
CHANDLER JOSEPH R., gent., 109 N 10th 
Chandler Susan, shoebinder, 32 Rachel 
Chandler Tliomas J., bricklr., 26 Castle 
Chandler Wm., printer, 64 Wood 
Chandler Wm. J., conveyancer, 273 Race 
Channel I., turner, 99 Melon 
Cbanoweth J. F., druggist, N W9th &. Chestnut 
Chantry Alfred W., tailor, 192 Market, h 232 

Chantry E. R., clothing, 192 Market, h Race & 

Chapatt Joseph, watchmr. 7th bel Wharton 
Chapin L., letterer, Haines ab 12th 
CHAPIN OLIVER B., Orleans Hotel, 193 

CHAPIN WM., principal. Institute for Blind, 

20th and Race 
Chapin Wm., F., capt., 380 S 3d 
Chaplain William J., acct. 201 Market, h 149 

N 11th 
Chapman Alfred, grocer, Washington ab Co 

lumbia (K) 
Chapman Chas. S., bricklr. 3 Logan 
Chapman D. J., grocer and coffee roaster, 70 

Dillwyn, h 15th ab Abbott 
Chapman Edwin A., coppersm. F r bel Adams 
CHAPMAN ENOS, carp. Sp Garden ab Broad, 

h 142 N 13th 
Chapman Francis, rigger, 7 Penn 
Chapman Francis J., Warren bel Mary (WP) 
Chapman Geo., weaver. Rose ab Shippen la 
Chapman Hannah, Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Chapman & Keys, di'uggists, 6 Callowliilln Fair- 
Chapman Henry, tea packer, 3 S Front 
Chapman Henry B., clerk, 4th and Haverford 

(M V) 

Chapman James, carp. Warren bel Mary (WP) 
Chapman Jas. L., ice cream, 12th and Girardar 
Chapman John, sign writer. School av ab 12th 
CHAPMAN JOHN, broker, S W 7th & Shippen 
Chapman Jonathan, clerk, 327 N 10th 
Chapman Joseph, mason, 28 George (K) 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 12 N 10th 
Chapman Jos., painter, 151 Sp Garden 
Chapman Mary, 99 Wood 
Chapman M. L., Mrs., stock manfr. Vine ab 

Chapman Nath., M. D., 332 Chestnut 
Chapman Rich., stationery, 517 N 2d 
Chapman Robt., gent. 209 N 6th 
Chapman Samuel, M. D., Callowhill n Fairm'nt 
Chapman Saml., cordw. Franklin av ab 3d 
Chapman Sarah Ann, b h, 151 S 10th 
Chapman Theodore, bricklr. 216 N 9th 
Chapman Thomas, carp. 18th and George 
Chapman Thomas, coachman, S W Shippen & 





CHAPMAN THOS. B., macht. 32 Beach (K), 

h 132 Queen 
CHAPMAN T. ELLWOOD, stationery and 

blank books, 1 S 5th, h 125 Wallace 
Chapman Truman, mach. 6th ab Morris 
Chapman Warner, coal dealer, 9th ab Poplar 
Chapman Wm., bricklr. 289 N 8th 
Chapman Wm., jr., bricklr. 289 N 8th 
diapman Wm. H., concentrated coffee manfr. 

183 N Front 
Chapman Wm. R., coal dealer, 220 N 11th 
Chapouty S. Mrs., g-entw. 321 S 8th 
Chappelle Jas. H., publisher fashions, 6 Hart's 

Building's, h 35 New 
Chapron J. B., atty. 30 S 5th, h 116 S 17th 
Charanue A., 16 Powell 
diarbonnier Henry, lithog-rapher, 5 Ranstead 

pi, h L Washinglon n 7th 
Chard Wm., g-rocer, Shackamaxon and Bedford 
Chard Wm., miller, Bath ab Sorrel (R) 
Charicketer Edw., butcher, 9th bel G T rd 
Charle Rachel, doctress, St John bel G T r 
Charlon, Boutelg-e & Co., clothing-, 182 Shippen 
Charlon Philip, clothing-, 182 Shippen 
Charles Benj., salesman, 13th ab Vine 
Charles David, confect. 286 S 8th 
Charles Georg-e, stereotyper, 9 Sansom, h 865 

North 8th 
diaries John, carp. Nicetown la 
Charles Jno., car, Marlboro' bel Allen 
Charles Remnent, blksm. Fisher ct, h loth and 

Charles Robt., carter, 496 Richmond (K) 
Charlesworth Geo., stone cutter, 2 Aspen ct 
Gharlesworth J. C, stone cutter, 2 Aspen ct 
Charleston Edw., mor. dr. rear 20 Og-den 
Chai-lton Chas., mor. finisher, 222 F road 
Chai*lton Fredk., carver, Carpenter ab 10th 
Charlton John, boot fitter, School ab Rose (K) 
Charlton John, stationer, Carpenter ab 10th 
Charlton John P., clerk, 26 S 4th 
Charlton Mary Ann, 331 S 3d 
Charlton Martha, 15th ab Arch 
Charlton Robert, hatter, 19 Mechanic 
Charlton Robert, paper hanger, S E 6th & Arch 
Charlton Susan, janiti-ess, Simpson's ct 
diarlton Wm., bank note presser, 8 L Wash- 
Charnock Theo., carp. 26 Bonsall 
Charter Henry A., broker, 10 S 3d 
Charters Mary Mrs., Park n Church (W P) 
Chartre Jerome, gent. 431 Coates 
Chartton Hugh, tavern, Broad ab Locust 
Chary Robt., butcher, 11th bel Federal 
Chase C. C, mer, S W Front and Chestnut, h 

37 Girai-d 
Chase B. W., mer. S W Front and Chestnut, h 

37 Girard 
Chase Ebenezer, coi-dw. Locust belPark (WP) 
Chase Ebenezer, sr., coi-dw. Green ab Moore, 
Chase Edwin T., atty. & coun. 77 S 5th, h 20 S 

Chase Horatio G., painter, 15th ab Cabot 
Chase Isaac, janitor, 6 Lisle 
Chase James, insurance broker, 107^ Walnut, h 

504 Locust E 21st 
Chase John C, Alpin n Locust (W P) 
Chas Jos., saihiir. 35 Church 

Chase J. G., acct. 66 New 

Chase Mary, washer, 2 Duponceau 

Chase Moses M., ladies' shoemr. 37 S 4th, h 273 

h Green 
Chase Philip B., com. mer. 39 N Front, h 682 

Chase Pliny E., stove dealer, 390Market, & 145 

N 2d ab Race, h Franklin bel Buttonwood 
Chase Robt., driver. Oak n Till (W P) 
Chase Robt., shoemr. Sloan n Pratt (W P) 
Chase, Sanderson & Co., com. mer. S W Front 

and Chestnut 
Chase Stephen, cordw. 37 S 4th, h Mary ab 

Green (WP) 
Chase Thomas, coachman, 52 Mechanic 
Chase Thomas G., M. D., Green and 17th 
Chasteney Jaiie, 37 S 17th 
Chatham Eliza, shoes, N E 8th and Walnut 
Chatham Joseph, carp. Orange ab 7th, h 207 S 

Chatham Joseph, grocer, 77 Locust 
Chatham Rebecca. F., F road ab Franklin 
Chatham S. C, waterman, S E Mackey & Rye 
Chattan David, gas wks. Summer W 22d 
Chatterton D., cabinet mr. 21 1 N 2d, h 187 N 7th 
Chatterton Henry, engineer, Penna. n Fairm'nt 
Chattin Edw., ship joiner. Cherry bel Franklin 
Chauncy C, 87 Walnut 
Chavellier Leonard, lith. 5 Ranstead pi 
Chauncey Henrietta, 157 Walnut 
CHAUNCEY NATHANIEL, atty. & coun. 89 

CHAUVEAU A. J., imp. confect. 242 Market, k«.> 

571 Arch ^ 

Chauvenet A., grocer, 397 S 6th, 
Chaytor Thomas, mer. 24 S 4th, h 334 Green 
Cheaverns Wm. E., variety, 60 Coates 
Cheehan Edw., lab. Park n Locust (W P) 
Cheeseman Anm-ew, M. D., 556 Pine 
Cheeseman Geo., brickmr, 16 Barker 
Cheeseman J. V., accountant, 174 Market, h 377 


Cheesman John, cordw. 6-^- Burd 
Ciieeseman L., Rev., 4 Union pi Pine 
Cheesman Richd. C, lab. 16 Barker 
Cheesman Thomas W., salesman, 120 Chestnut, 

h 12th ab Girard av 
Cheetham James, hatter. Vine n Sch 
Cheetham Wm. H., variety store, 4th and G T r 
Cheevers John, clerk, rear 122 Queen 
ChefFrey Chas., carrier. Prime ab Church 
Cheill Jno., driver, 512 S 8th 
Cheller Cunnard, police, 5 W South 
Chemins Augustus F., baker, 187 S Front 
Clienenell Jules, cook, Bucklev ab 5th 
Cheny D. B., 523 Vine 

Cherer Jos., lab. Margaretta bel Washington 
Cherry Maria, weaver, Oxford ab F road (K) 
Cherry James, watchiiir. Franklin ab Front (K) 
Cherry Jas., waterman, 238 Beach 
Cherry John, lab. 3 Grape ct 
Cherry John, lime burner. South ab 23d 
Cheri-y John, wood Avharf, n Naval Asylum 
Cherry Samuel, lab. rear 228 F road 
CKESEBROUGH, A. F., mer. 5 N Del av, h 

7 Colonade row 
CHESEBROUGH C. & CO., provis. 16 S Del 





Chesebrough E. C, provisions, 4 S Water, h 

464 N 6th 
Chesley Hannah B., gentw. 104 Arch 
Chesney Thomas, tailor, 2 Hunter 
Chesnut John, bricklr. Leon n L Washington 
Chesnut Jno., stone cut. 11 Marshall (S) 
Chesnut Mary, 69 Pine 
Chesnut Saml., shoemr. Bedford ab Broad 
Chesnut Sarah, wid. of John, bricklay. 11th bel 

Chesnut John, blacksm. 13 Cuthbert ab 15th 
Chesnut Wm., grocer, 6 Market, h 276 Wood 
Chester Albert^A., Queen ab Wood (K) 
Chester Chas., ropemi-. Richmond bel Lehigh 

avenue (R) 
Chester Hiram, cordw. 190 Franklin (K) 
Chester Jno., ropemr. Salmon bel Lehigh av (R) 
Chester Jno., brickmr. 13 Wilcox 
Chester Jno., carter, 13th bel Parrish 
Chester Leonard, scrivener, Norris 8c Tulip (K) 
Chester Lewis, ropemr. and ship chandler, 141 

N Water & 67 N Del av, h 17 Vine 
^CHESTER LEWIS & CO., rope mrs. and ship 
V chandlers, 141 N Water and 67 N Del av 
Chester Saml., brickmr. 15 McDuffie 
Chester Sarah, 87 Walnut 

Chester Wm., Rev., associate sec'y, 265 Chest- 
nut, h 2 Franklin sq 
Chesterman John, boot crimper. Mechanic 
Chesterman W., lab. Reckless ct 
Chestnut Benj., weaver, Bedford W Broad 
Chestnut Isabella, Jefferson ab Front 
Chestnut Jas., weaver. Deal (K) 
Chestnut John M., clerk, N W 2d and Market 
Chestnut Martin, weaver. Lemon's ct 
Chestnut Robert, tavern, N W 13th & Federal ° 
Chestnut Saml., weaver, rear Howard ab Jef- 
Chestnut Thos., weaver, Jackson's ct 
Chestnut Wm., clerk, Cuthbert bel 22d 
Chevers Chas. T., brushmr. 1 Wood 
Chew C, waiter, 33 Currant al 
Chew Harvey S., carriage propr. 6 China 
Chew Henry B., executor. Locust ab 15th 
Chew Jeffery, confectioner, 152 South 
Chew John, hairdr. and wigmaker, 2 Hart's 

buildings, h 259 S 9th 
Chew John F., shoemr., P road bel 8th 
Chew John P., cordw., 187 Franklin (K) 
Chew Jos., jr., clerk, 52 S Front, h Broad and 

Chew Joseph D., shoemr. S E 4th and Red- 
wood, h 60 S Marshall 
Chew Nathan, grocer, 3d ab Washington 
Chew Totten, carter, 2d ab Greenwich 
Chew Wm., cigar mr. Crown ab Queen 
Chew Wm., clothes, N W 2d & Walnut, h 191 

Cheyney Charles H., real est. agent and con- 
veyancer, 130 Arch 
Cheyney Geo. 14 Crown 
Cheyney Geo. D., leather store, 157 N 3d 
Cheyney Waldi'on J., clerk, 67 S 4tn, h 3^6 N 

Chickling Peter, boot fitter, 409 Apple 
Chilcot Allen, grocer, 905 N 8th 
Child Henry T., M. D., 104 Arch 
Child James, carp. Oak ab William (W P) 

Child John, 104 Arch 

Child S. & T., watchmrs. 452 N 2d, h 249 St. 

Childs Abra'm, stone mason, George ab Park 

(W P) 
Childs Edw., painter, 601 Wood 
Childs Geo. W., publisher, 124 Arch, h Jones' 

hotel Chestnut 
Childs G. K., silversm. 114 Spruce 
Childs Isaac, clerk. Palmer n Duke 
Childs John, lithogr. N E 3d and Walnut, h 14 

Childs John, wheelwt. 305 N3d, h 132 Marshall 
Childs John, cai-p. Warren n Prime (WP) 
Childs John A., Rev., supt. Epis. Reading Room, 

146 Walnut, h 246 S 15th 
Childs Jonathan, carp. 89 Buttonwood 
Childs Stephen D., refectory, 134 Swanson 
Childs S. Henry, clerk, 45 N od,h 132 Marshall 
Childs Richd. S., lamp black manf. 76 Almond 
Childs S. L. wid. of Geo., 13 Perry 
Childs William, carter. Sun ct 
Chillas Arthur, gent. 342 Chestnut 
Chillas A. R., S E 5th and Library 
Chillas David, lithogr. 50 S 3d,h 7 S Penn sq 
Chillman James, bookbinder, Kurtz ab Poplar 
Chilv John, boxmr. Front ab Wood 
Chipman C. W., M. D., 218 N 7th 
Chippey Joshua, saddler, Lemon bel Pepper (R) 
Chiquoine ServiUe, pilot, 198 F road (K) 
Chiquoine Miss T., milliner 198 F road (K) 
Chisholm Jno., macht. 127 WiUiam 
Chism Geo., brickmr. 10 McDuffie 
Chism Geo., beamer, 12 M'Duffie 
Chism Isaac, S E 9th and Arch, h 105 Sp Garden 
Chism Jas., lab. 19th ab Pine 
Chism John, lab. Loyd bel Shippen 
Chingtow E., 37 Clinton 
Chittick Gerrard, grocer, Addison ab 17th 
Chittick Irwin, porter, rear Evans ab Catharine 
Chittock Saml., Chestnut n 8th 
Chiwing Charles, locksm. Harvey's place (R) 
Chizel J., boots and shoes, Queen ab York (C) 
Choate Aaron, shop, Clymer n Amber (K) 
Choate John, saddler and clerk in P. O., Marl- 
boro' ab Duke (K) 
Choate John, manuf. West bel Parrish 
Choate Thomas J., printer, 126 Carpenter 
Choice Richai'd, carp. Dickerson ab 5th 
Chorman Catharine, gentw. 7th ab Bayard 
Chormann Ernest G., die sinker, 41 N 6th 
Christ Frailey, salesman, 27 N 3d 
Christian Fred. W., clerk, 48 N Del av, h 302 

S 3d 
Christian James, moulder, 25 Jefferson av 
Christian John, jr., 79 Catharine 
Christian John, sr., 73 Catharine 
CHRISTIAN S. J., agent for the sale of Peru- 
vian guano, 48 N Del av. & 97 N Water, 
h 114|- S 3d 
Christiansen Mary, 26 Auburn 
Christie Andw., engineer, 23d and Cherry 
Christie Chas., lab., Murray bet 21st and 22d 
Christie Francis, cordw. 2d ab Jefferson 
Christie Harman, tavern, 15th &. Sp Garden 
Christie Isaac, engineer, Cumbei'land ab 7th 
Christie Jacob, brickmr., 734 N 10th 
Christie Jas., cordw. 35 Pratt 





Christie John, macht., Charles (K) 
Christie Jno., coachman, 3 St. Joseph's av 
Christie John, drover, Dauphin ab 6th 
Christie Marg-t., upholst. 143 Chestnut 
Christie Robt., cordw. Filbert bel 22d 
Christie Thos., moulder, 16th ab Og-den 
Christie Wm., weaver, Murray W 20th 
Christie Wm., bricklr., 113 N Juniper 
Christin Jac, butcher, York ab F road 
Christine Thos., carp. F road ab Dauphin (R) 
Christlich Charles, lock mr., 1 Union pi 
Christman Charles, baker, 322 Poplar 
Christman Chas. H., mer. 99 S Front, h 6th bel 

Christman Henry, gent., Shackamaxon & Allen 
Christman John B., M. D., 261 Arch 
Clu-istman Jos. C. D., acct. 114 Chestnut, h 573 

Christman Thos., bricklr., 21st bel Chestnut 
Christman Wm., harness mr. 644 Poplar 
Cliristman Wm., g-rocer, 2d and Callowhill, h 

Green bel 7th 
Christman William A., clerk, 195 Franklin 
Chi'istmann Edw., perfumer, 168 Chestnut, h 58 

Christoph Jos., tailor, 38 S 3d, h 12 Jane 
Christopher Ann, 8 Duke ab F road 
Christopher Moses, mariner, 11 Hurst 
Christy Benj. F., C. H. officer. Reed and Rye 
Christy James, china, 96 G T road 
Christy Jas., carmr. 3 Wood ab 13th 
Christy Jane, Pine ab 24th 
Christy John, cordw., 886 South 
Christjr John, tailor, 3 Steel's ct 
Christy Mary, washer, 2 Elliott's ct 
Christy Robt. F., lawyer and convey., 89 Fitz- 

Cliristy Sarah, dry g-oods, 512 N 4th 
Christy Wm., umbrellamr. 192 Franklin av (K) 
CHRISTY WM. M., statr. 65 S 3d, h Mary bel 

Chestnut (W P) 
Chryse Jacob, shoemr.. Brown bel Charlotte 
Chudleig'h Richard, tailor. Summer bel 22d 
Chuler Cath., wid of John, Coates bel 11th 
Chulte T., sig-n painter, S W Randolph & Par- 

Chur A. T., note bro., 9 Gold, h 179 Wallace 
Chur Jacob, 13 Serg-eant 
Chur J. F., clerk, 47 Market 
Church Charlotte, wid of Julius, 66 New 
Church Clii'istopher, lab., Hamilton ab 22d 
Church Frederick H., iron founder, 209 N 2d, 

h Filbert W Broad 
.Church F. H. & Co., iron founders, 209 N 2d, h 

201 Filbert 
Church John, salesman, 3d ab Oxford 
Church John, lab. rear 64 Catharine 
Church Richard, sailor, 13th bel Wharton 
CHURCH WM. A., bookkr., 123 Chestnut 
Churchill John, shoemr. 88^ and h 64 S 8th 
Churchill L., silver plater, 145 N 5th 
ChurchiU Wm., Allen ab F road 
Chm-chman Charles W., com. mer. 30 S Front, 

h 5 mile stone, Germantown 

mers., Broad and Green 
Chui-chman Henry, dealer, Apple ab Thompson 
Churchman Henry, tailor, 3d bel Cherry (K) 

Churchman Robert, lumber mer. h 129 N9th 

Churchville Patrick, lab. 5 Leed's av 

Churchville Thos., lab., 13 Myer's ct 

Chute Francis B., chairmr., 2 IJibberd 

Cills Alfred, 27 Chatham 

Cills Georg-e, seg-ar store. Beach ab Poplar 

Cills Wm., tobacconist, 2d and G T road, h 34 
Edward (K) 

Cisco Henry, cook, 6 Lisle 

Citti John, imagemr. 387 Market 

Citti Orelius, lith., 5 Ranstead pi 

CITY COMMISSIONERS, State House, Chest- 

CITY LAUNDRY, office 27 S 5th 

Civil John, carter, 512 I^ombard 

Claflin O. S., shoemr. 211 Market, h Carlisle 
and Poplar 

Claghorn Charles E., mer. 42 S Front, h 439 

Clag'horn Eug^ene, mer. 439 Coates 

CLAGHORN & FRYER, com. merchants, 42 S 

Clag'horn John W., g-ent., 383 Arch 

Clag-horn J. L., auctr. S W Bank and Market, h 
446 Arch 

Clag-horn W. C, merchant, 8 Chestnut, h 437 

Clahan Julia, wid., 8 Lagrang-e pi 

Clahan Mich., lab., Penna. av W 23d 

Clair Chas., cabtmr.. Styles ab 17th 

Clair James, wheelwr. Lancaster Ptfce ab Wash- 
ing-ton (W P) 

Clair Wm., brass worker, rear i9N 8th 

ClampfFer Wm. F., pudler, Coafees W 23d 

Clampft'ner Harriet, 85 Buttonwood 

Clampitt Geo. W., jeweler, 77'Pine 

Clampitt John, pilot, 77 Pine 

Clancy Bridg-et, washer, 1 Hiurst 

Clancy Jeremiah, police, 3 Marley*s ct 

Clancy Mary, 528 N 13th 

Clancy Pati-ick, 7 Scots*s ct 

Clancy Timothy, waterman, 351 N Front 

Clancy Michael, lab., Murray ab 20th 

Clannan Pat., 3 W South 

Claphamson John, baker, R av ab Coates 

Claphamson Jos., eordw., Hay's ct 

Claphamson Saml., baker,, Pleasant bel 10th 

Clapier J. L., tobacco., 434 N 2d» h 765 N 7th 

Clapier Mary, 216 S Front 

Clapier Theresa A., 216 S Front 

Clapp B. F., 297 Chestnut 

Clapp Enoch, M. D., h 152 Race 

Clapp Mary, 43 James ab 10th 

dlapp N. T., mer. 11 N 2d, h 126 N 9th 

Clapp Saml., bricklr.. Union ab F av 

Clapper John, gas works, FaLrmount n Coates 

Clai'e Charles, carter, Washington and Charles 

Clare Henry, lab. Perkinpine ct 

Clare James, coachman, 581 N 10th 

Clare John, carter, 5 L Washington 

Clare Peter, oysterman, Evans ab Federal 
Clarenback Chas., cutter, 207^ Chestnut, h 371 

CLARENBACH 8c HERDER, cutlers, 207J :^ 

Chestnut ' 

Clarey Richd.,. clerk, 100 Marshall 
CLARIDGE WM. R.^ druggist, Queen bel 
Ross, (K) 




Clai-k Abram, cloth finisher, Franklin and G T 

Clark Alfred, butcher, 9 Queen (K) 
Clark Alex., weaver, Whiteman's ct (K) 
Clark Alice, b h,' N W 10th and Melon 
Clark Andi-ew, lab. 174 S 6th 
Clark Ann, 13th ab Christian 
Clark Anna M., Lombard n 13th 
Clark Archibald F., carp., rear 20 Ogden 
Clark Arthur, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Clark Arthur J., paint, 11th bel Callowhill 
y .^OLARK & AULL, tea dealers, 13J S Front 
V Clark A., 2 S Delaware av 

Clark A. D., umbrella mr., 20 Arch 

Clark Barclay, lab., Clymer n F road 

Clark Benj., lab. 5 Smith's ct 

Clark Bernard, lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 

Ciark B. Franklin, ins. and real est. brok., 32 S 

3d, h 92 Arch 
CLARK & CADMUS, shoes, S W 3d & Market 
Clark Caleb, dealer, 660 Wood 
Clark Caroline, 6 Kensington av (K) 
Clark Charles, cordw. Wharton n 4tli 
CJark Charles, shoemaker, Marlborough ab 

Queen (K) 
Clark Chas., g-ent., Anita bel 12th 
Clark Charles, lab. 278 S Front 
Clark Charles, carter, 15th ab Fitzwater 
Clark Charles, coachman, 627 Christian 
Clark Charles, weaver, Sp Garden ab 24th 
Clark Charles, brickmr., G F road ab Christian 
Clark Charles, blacksm., 5th ab Pierce 
aark Charles E., upholst. 227 Chestnut, h 260 

Clark Chai-lcs E., gent. Buttonwood ab Frank- 
Clark Chas. S., pianomr. 261 Buttonwood 
Ciai-k Chas. S., tailor, 3 Carpenter 
Clark Christoph., lab., Sutherland av bel South 
Clark Clement, clerk, 176 Catharine 
Clark & Co., Spring Garden ab 12th 
dark C. H., broker, 25 S 3d, h 623 Spruce 
dark Daniel, dealer, Callowhill bel 13th 
Clark Daniel, seaman, rear 56 Christian 
Clark David, macht., 15th bel Parrish 
aark D. D., M. D., 118 S 4th_ 
Clark Edward, grocer, Catharine & Stewart ct 
CSark Edward L., mer. 45 N Delaware av, h 

^^^'^^■aark Edwd. W., broker, 25 S 3d, h 623 Spruce 

ab 15th 
Clark Eliza, b h, 199 S 7th 
dark Eliza, 11th bel Oxford 
C!ai-k Eliza H., Mrs., 134 Randolph (N L) 
Clark Elizabeth, Queen n Shackamaxon 
Clark Ehzabeth, 19 W South . 
Clark Ehzabeth, Mrs., 113 Randolph 
Clark Elizabeth H., ven. blinds, 143 S 2d 
Clark Ellen, 10th ab Buttonwood 
Clark EUen, shop, 224 Shippen 
Clark Enoch W., 25 S 3d,h 623 Spruce W 15th 
Clark Ephm., upholst. 295 Market and N AV 

4th and Vine, h 115 Marshall 
Clark Ephraim, jr., mer. 93 S Front 
Clark E., millinery, 325 S 2d 
CLARK E. W. & CO., bankers, 25 S 3d 
Clark E. W., trimmings, 333 S 2d, h Congress 
Clark Francis, cooper, Carpenter bel 7th 

Clark Francis, weaver. Cox's ct 

Clark F. J., clerk, 77 Market, h 316 S 2d 

Clark George, lab.. Tower n 21st 

Clark Geo., boot crimp. Duke bel Cherrj 

Clark George, hatter, 6 Charles (S) 

Clark George, vict., G F road ab Christian 

Clark George, blacksm. 52 Wistar 

Clark George, macht. Jefferson ab 6th 

Clark Geo., brickmr., Sch Water and Lombard 

Clark Geo. D., store, 144 N 2d, h 6 Brook's ct 

Clark Geo. G., painter, 282 Wood 

Clark George G., engineer, 370 S 8th 

Clai-k George W., paintei-, 112 Crown 

Clark George W., tailor, 186 S loth, h 870 

Clark Harrison G., printer, 128 Carpenter 
Clark Henriette, wid. Wm., 11th ab Federal 
Clark Henry, lab., rear Fitzwater bel Broad 
Clark Henry, waiter, 240 S 10th 
Clark Henry, driver, Alder ab Poplar 
Clark Henry, stone cut.. King ab 10th 
Clark Henry K., bricklr., 61 Buttonwood 
Clark Hugh, grocer, N W 10th and Spruce 
Clark Hugh, alderman, 4th bel Master 
Clark Hugh, tailor, rear Shippen la bel South 
Clark Hugh, weaver. Derringer's av 
Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, 90 Allen 
Clark Jacob, clerk, 375 Marshall 
Clark Jacob H., patent leg mr. 637 Chestnut, h 

390 S 5th 
Clark Jacob M., painter, Union (W P) 
Clark Jacob W., plumber, 199 N 3d, h 338 

Clark James, blacksm. Bedford bel 13th 
Clark James, tailor, F road bel West 
Clark James, jr., carp. 272 S 9th 
Clark James, tailor, 350 Catharine 
Clark James, grocer, S E 5th and Prune 
Clark James, moulder, Austin bel Federal 
Clark James, painter, 14 Dugan 
Clark James, teacher of book keeping, 182 

Chestnut, h 31 Mui'ray 
Clark James, clerk, rear 664 Lombard 
Clark James, farmer, Passyunk road 
Clark James, butcher, Lafayette ab 9th 
Clark James, gent. 160 Jefferson av 
Clark Jas. C, packer, 163 Market, h 115 Vine 
Clark James G., gent, office, 132 Arch 
Clark Jas. H., salesman, 172 Market 
Clark Jane, 11 Little Dock 
Clark Jane, embroiderer, 18 Cypress 
Clark Jane, 38 N 5th 
Clark Jehu W., blacksm. Broad ab Race, h 

197 Melon 
Clark Jeremiah, lab. rear 325 Lombard 
Clark Jesse S., hay and feed, h 29 Queen (S) 
dlai'k John, shoemr. 8 Maiden 
Clai'k John, express driver, 116 Chestnut, h 8th 

and Lewis 
Clark John, weaver, 5 White's ct 
Clark John, harness mr. 22 Wayne 
Clark John, combmr. Taylor's pi (K) 
Clark John, lab. rear Fitzwater bel Broad 
Clark John, tavern, N W 2d and Green 
Ciark John, grocer, 20th and Pearl 
Clark John, mer. 13 J S Front 
Clark John, driver, 8th and Lewis 
Clark John, livery stable. Arch ab Broad 




Clark John, mason, 880 Vine bel Nixon 

Clark John, glass blower. Pine bel Sch Willow 

Clark John, carter. Pine bel Sch Willow 

Clark John, conveyancer, 6th and Walnut 

Clark John, weaver, Loyd ab Fitzwater 

Clark John, Naval Asylum 

Clark John, g'ardener, Jefferson ab Marion 

Clark John C, print. & stat. 68 Dock, h 120 S 8th 

Clark John G., lab., Keeler's la 

Clark John H., carp. 222 Beach (K) 

Clark John M., upholsterer, 287 N 13th 

Clark John M., lab. Sch Water and Lombard 

C^ark John M., bricklr. 257 Christian 

JOHN JOHN S., stoves, 324 Market, h 468 

Clark John T., gilder, 27 S 4th, h 106 Ogden bel 

Clark John T., undertaker, 283 Christian 
Clark John W., bookbinder, 652 Green 
Clark Joseph, weaver, Biddle n Nixon 
Clark Joseph, weaver, Dauphin and Cedar 
Clark Joseph, Elm bel F ar 
Clark Joseph, shoemr. Myrtle bel 13th 
Clark Joseph, lab. Passyank 
Clark Joseph, fui-n. cai's, Jefferson ab Howard 
CJark Joseph W., confect. Philip & Columbia 
Clark Josiah H., blacksm. 17 Rittenhouse 
Clark Julia, 8 Raspbeny al 
Clark J. A., atty and coun. 33 Sansom 
Clark J. A., commercial inst. 182 Chestnut 
Clark J. C, M. D., 16 Buckley 
Clark J. Ross, law stationer, Dock bel Walnut, 

h 115 Marshall 
Clark J. S., carp. 39 Paul 
Clark Lewis, carter, 13th ab Willow 
Clark Levi^is M., saddler, 473 Brown 
Clark Louisa, dressmr. Lombard n 13th 
Clark L. G., gent. 713 W Chestnut 
Clark Manfield, tailor. School av ab 12th 
dark Margaret, Spruce n 16th 
Clark Maria, Taylor's pi (K) 
Clark Marian, 227 S Front 
Clark Martha S., 115 Vine 
Clark Mary, washerw. 22 Little Oak 
Clark Mary, shop, Sch Water and Lombard 
Clark Mary, rear M'Duffie n 20th 
Clark Mary, 1 Pearl ab 11th 
Clark Mary, b h. Wood ab 13th 
Clark Maskline, mer. 7c> S Front 
Clark Matthew, tailor, 363 Brown 
Clark Michael, Pleasant bel lltli 
Clark Michael, lab. 9 Plover 
Clark Michael F., mer. 90 Market, h 157 Arch 
Clark Michael W., shoes, 112 P road 
Clark Owen, tailor, William bel Richmond (R) 
Clark Patrick, lab. Catharine bel 13th 
Clark Patrick, lab. Cedar and Pepper (R) 
Clark Patrick, coppersm. 1 Myer's ct 
Clark Philip, lab. Hancock bel Master 
Clark Rebecca, 154 Christian 
Clark Rebecca, dressmr. 79 S 13th 
Clark Rebecca J., washer, 9 St Mary's 
Clark Reuben, carp. R road bel Brown 
Clark Richard, map publisher, 115 Wharton 
Clark Richard T., clerk, 45 Kurtz 
Clark Robert, boatman, 19 W South 
Clark Robert, lumb. mer. mer. 156 Christian, h 

117^- S 3d 

Clark Robert, Benton bel William (K) 
Clark Robert, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Clark Robert, waiter, 11th n Lombard 
CLARK ROBERT, jr., lumber mer., 9th and 

Wharton, h 414 S 3d 
Clark Robert, 15th ab Shippen 
Clark Robert & Son, stove mrs. 385 S Front 
Clark Robert S., gent, 8 City row 
Clark R. & W., lumb. mers. 156 Christian 
Clark Samuel, lab. :i6 W South 
Clark Samuel, lab. 19th ab Pine 
Clark Samuel, engineer, F road ab Cumberland 
Clark Samuel, weaver, Lloyd W Broad 
Clark Samuel, weaver, rear 862 South 
Clark Samuel, carter, 20th ab Spruce 
Clark Samuel, 160 N 9th 
Clark Samuel A. Rev., 16 Marshall 
Clark Samuel D., tailor, 127 S 2d, h Christian 

bel 2d 
Clark Sarah, b h, 104 Filbert 
Clark Sarah, 33 Sansom 
Clark Sarah, 33 Larch 
Clark Stephen, bi-iclkr. Lafayette bel 10th 
Clark Susan, Butler'"s av E 14th 
Clark Susan, dry goods, F road and Queen 
Clark Theresa, 758 Vine 
Clark Thomas, book binder. Grape ab 8th, h 64 

Clark Thomas, trimmings, 84 Arch, h 1 Arch 
Clark Thomas, machinist, 4th bel Jefferson 
Clark Thomas, foundry, 69 Carpenter 
Clark Thomas, carp. Lewis ab Thompson 
Clark Thomas, macht. Gulielma ab Hanover (K) 
Clark Thomas, carter, 8th bel Reed 
Clark Thomas, teacher, 10 Franklin 
Clark Thos., Coates bel Schuylkill 
Clark Thos., Naval Asylum 
Clark Thos., cab driver, rear 216 N 8th 
Clark Thos., watchman, 7 Jackson ct Maiden 
Clark Thomas, lab. Amber bel Dauphin 
Clark Thomas C, plasterer, 584 Brown 
Clark Thomas H., cabinetmr. 569 S 2d 
Clark Thomas J., lab. rear Ross and Bedford 
Clark Thos. L., U. S. mint, State n Green (W P) 
Clark Thomas M., 370 N 10th 
Clark Timothy, lab. Larch ab William (K) 
Clark T. Wright, watch mr. 142 Market, h 345 


Clark Walter, lathemr. 725 N 4th (K) 
Clark Wesley, express, 9 Citron 
Clark Wm., brickmr. Thompson ab 10th 
Clark Wm.,lumb. mer. 156 Christian, h 414 S 3d 
Clark Wm., mason, 880 Vine 
Clark Wm., boatman, 229 S 19th 
Clark Wm., clerk, 24 Prune 
Clark Wm., Reading rail road, Marshall's pi E 


Clark William, tailor, 457 N 2d 
Clark Wm., trunkmr., rear Otter ab G T road 
Clark William, tailor, 76 New Market 
Clark William, laborer, Grape n 5th (W P) 
Clark Wm., clerk, 14 Bank 
Clark Wm., carp. Laurel ab Spruce 
Clark William, shoemr. 15th ab Shippen 
Clark William, cordw. 2 Larch- 
Clark William, carp. 251 Federal 
Clark Wm. C, clerk, 15 N Del av, h 479 N 9th 
Clark William E., grocer, 43 Church 




Clark William H., deiitist, 33 Spruce 
Clark William H., seg-armr. 141 South 
Clark Wm. H., dry goods, N E 5tli & German 
Clark Wm. M., clerk, Post Office, h560 Marshall 
Clark William P., chairmr., Dean n Bedford 
Clark William P., salesm. N E 10th & Lombard 
Clark Wm. P., salesman, S E 8th and Market, h 

10th and Lombard 
Clark William T., macht., 52 Wistar 
Clark William W. drug-gist. Chestnut bel Mary 

(W P) 
Clark W., inst. mr. Little Dock bel Spruce 
Clark W. T., capt. 6 Beck pi 
Clarke A. R., gent. 332 Filbert 
Clarke Charles, manufactui'er and dry goods, 

799 N 4th 
Clarke Edwd. S., mer. 74 and 76 S Front, h 468 

Spnice . 
Clarke Ezekiel, cutter, 183 S 2d, h 4 Randolph 
Clarke John W., bookkeeper, 26 S 5th, h New 

Market ab Bi'own 
Clarke J. W., umbrellas, 303 S 2d 
Clarke M. G., Rev. 18th ab Arch 
Clarke R. G., acct. 234 Pine 
Clarke Samuel, Sec. O. F. Mut. Ins. Co., 50 S 

4th, h 160 N 9th 
Clarke Thomas C, editor, 141 Chestnut 
CLARKE WM., grocer, N W 12th and Race 
Clarke William F., macht., Olive bel 13th 
Clarke William M., acct. 234 Pine 
Clarke W. M., acct. 234 Pine 
Clarkson A. A. coal mer., S W Callowhill and 

Broad, h 16th ab Filbert 
Clarkson George, broker 56 Walnut, h 226 Pine 
Clarkson G., clerk, 101 Chestnut, h 98 Wallace 
Clarkson Jacob, book keeper, 10 Chestnut, h 

Locust & Park (W P) 
Clarkson John, sexton, Jackson ab Adams 
Clarkson Jos., engineer, 7th & Sp Garden (W P) 
Clarkson M., shop. Pine ab 6th 
Clarkson R., coal dealer, 125 Vine, h 346 Filbert 
CLARKSON SAMUEL, printer, 26 S 3d, h 98 

Clary Richard, porter. Pleasant ab 12th 
Clary Richard R., clerk, 15 N 2d, h S W Marsh- 
all and Sp Garden 
Clary Rodger, chandler, Coates ab 20th 
Clary Wm., porter. Church al, h3 Tammany ct 
Clasey Daniel, lab. 4 Clinton 
Class James, copper pi. printer. Plover bel 8th 
Clat Valentine, tinsm. Fitzwater ab 11th 
Glauber Petre, lampmr. Williams' ct 
Clause Henry, surg. inst. mr. 27 Charles 
Clause John H. 464 Poplar 
Clausen Joint, saddler, 7th bel G T road 
Clausen Walter, carp. 103 Poplar 
Clausen William, tobac. 63 Gaskill 
Clavill Lucius, cabinetmr. rear Wistar bel Prime 
Clavy John, tinman, Newton 
Clawges Jacob, painter, 187 Poplar 
Clawges John S., carp. 1142 N 5th 
Clawges Joseph, bricklr, 15 Hibberd 
Clawges Jos. C, brushmr. 9th bel Sp Garden 
Clawges Phil. S., mei-. 139 Market, h 536 Coates 
Clawges Ruth A., 15th ab Chestnut 
Clawson Elizabeth, Mrs., Logan's ct 
Clawson Rebecca M., Logan's ct 
Clawson Robt. M., weaver. Front bel Morris 

Claxton Edmund, bookseller, 20 N 4th, h 49 

Clay Alexander, hotel keeper, 6th ab G T road 
Clay Andi'ew, 2 Myers' ct 

Clay And. M., jr., clerk, N W Broad & Chestnut 
Clay Ann, Mrs. 211 S 10th 
Clay George, clerk, Penna. Bank, h 17th bel 

Clay George, dyer. Front ab Chatham 
Clay George, lock and whitesm. 340 Ridge ay 
Clay George F., drayman, 477 N 5th 
Clay Geo. F., plumb, 676 N 5th ab Franklin av 
Clay Jacob, rear 155 Apple bel George (N L) 
Clay James, blacksm. Tower n 21st 
Clay James, clothier, 79 N 2d, h Linden n 17th 
Clay James, sawyer, Bedford bel 17th 
Clay James, weaver, Higham's ct 
Clay John, engineer, 47 Prime 
Clay John, gasman, rear Poplar ab 12th 
Clay Joseph A., atty. and coun. 47 S 5th h 161 

S 15th 
CLAY JOSEPH A. & H. G. JONES, jr., attys. 

and couns. 47 S 5th 
Clay J. C, Rev. D. D., Swanson bel Christian 
Clay Mary Ann, Mrs., Orchard ab Culvert 
Clay Richard E., Water & Walnut, h Swanson 

bel Cliristian 
Clay Robert, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson 
Clay Samuel, tavern, Dauphin and Coral 
Claydar Abrm., cordw.. Mechanic & Creek (R) 
Cl,aypoole Abraham, capt. 42 Washington 
Claypoole A. H., shoe manuf. 227 Chestnut, h 

630 Poplar 
Claypoole John, tavern, Long la bank 
Claypoole Mary, cordw.. Crown bel Franklin av 
Clayton Allen, Sec. Weymouth Farm & Agri- 
cultural Co., 131 Walnut, h 40 Madison 
Clayton A.nn, b h, 208 N 2d 
Clayton Aug., lab. 44 Leopard 
Clayton Charles, feed st. 4th and George (NL) 
Clayton Curtis, shoe dealer, S E 17th & Market 
Clayton Edward, collector, 9 Howai'd 
Clayton Elias, watchmr. 83 Queen 
Clayton George A., carp. Franklin av 
Clayton Henry M., printer, Barclay ab Broad 
Clayton James, lab. Albert's av 
Clayton James, finisher. Pagoda 
Clayton James A. B., shoemr. 99 N 9th 
Clayton Jesse, stoves, 22d n Market 
Clayton John, atty & coun. 179 Walnut 
Clayton John, 18 Gay's ct (K) 
Clayton Joseph, manuf. Burton ab 17th 
Clayton Margaret, Budd and 13th 
Clayton Mary, 182 S 11th 
Clayton Powell F., manuf. boots and shoes, 

179 N 3d, h 17th and Market 
Clayton R., packei", 25 L Washington 
Clayton Samuel, watchman. Federal n 8th 
Clayton Susan, 182 11th 
Clayton Thomas, 95 Wharton 
CLAYTON THOS. J., atty. at law, 99 S 5th 
Clayton William, boots and shoes, 670 Wood 
Clayton William, machinist. Race bet 22d and 

Clayton W. L., salesman, 75 Chestnut, h 498 

Locust E 21st 
Clear Uriah, dyer, Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Cleary John, hotel, 303 Shippen 




Cleaver Abraham P., mer. 237^ N 3d, h Lewis 

ab Glrard av 
Cleaver Elias, restaurant, 168 Callowhlll 
Cleaver Elias, 125 Franklin 
Cleaver H., 199 Walnut 
Cleaving-er William S., teacher, 12th & Locust, 

h Woodland ab Mansion (W P) 
Cleaver R. W., confect., Coates ab 18th 
Cledhill Wm., daguer. 378 Market 
Clee Benjamin, salesman, 32 & 34 Bank, h 614 

Cleeland Margt, wid. of John, tavern, 499 Vine 
Cleeland Robert, 36 N 2d, h 60 Perry 
Cleemann Gustavus, mer. 29 Exchang-e, h 9 

Cleemer John, lab. Passyunk rd 
Cleeton G., carpet weaver, 462 Vine 
Clegg- Ann, Wyon bel 22d 
Cleg-g- Edwd., tailor, 66 S 4th, h 61 Catharine 
Cleg-g- Georg-e, carp. 144 Hanover (K) 
Cleg-g- Henry, tailor, 266 S 3d 
Cleg-g' Isaac, manuf. 248 Hanover 
Clegg 8c Rodgers, tailors, 64 S 4th 
Clegg Samuel, spinner, 22 Cadwalader 
Clein Jacob, grocer, N W 9th and Race 
Clemens James, lab. 8 Kelly's ct 
Clemens Michl., iron rail manuf. 13 Bank, h 73 

CLEMENS & SANDS, manufs. iron railing, 13 

Clemens Wm., polisher, 284 Hanover 
Clemens Wm., weaver, Brown bel Hanover (K) 
Clement Aaron, agent, smoker and curer. Ship- 
pen ab 9th, h South ab 9th 
Clement Augustus, vict.. Brown bel Broad 
Clement Charles W., bricklr. 154 S 10th 
Clement Jas., cabinetmr. 209 S 11th 
Clement John, brushmr. 219 Apple bel Master 
Clement Joseph C, hardware, h 116 Randolph 
Clement J. B. Mrs., h Walnut W 16th 
CLEMENT SAMUEL L., alderman & convey. 

227 N 6th 
Clement Samuel W., tavern, 106 S whfs 
Clements Joanna, 60 Allen 
Clements John M., bootmr. 11 Mechanic (N L) 
Clements Joseph P., carp. Apple ab Jefferson 
Clements Richard, M. D., 139 Walnut 
Clements Thos., weaver, 10 Norris 
Clements William, porter, 305 S 3d 
Clementson J. D., clerk, 187 Market 
Clemmans Edwd. D., constable. Rising Sun 
Clemmans Thos. G., agent, Rising Sun 
Clemmens Rodrigo, engineer, Franklin la 
Clemmer Abraham, 2 Saybolt's ct 
Clemmer John, 1 Saybolt's ct - 
Clemmonson Jos., painter, 468 Poplar 
Clemmonson Wm., plasterer, 468 Poplar 
CLEMONS JOHN R., daguerreotypist, 522 N 

2d, h George bel 5th (K) 
demons Jos., ostler, 116 F rd 
Clency Jas., grocer, 26 Pratt 
Clency William, laborer, 137 S Front 
Clendaniel Jehu, h 35 Pine 
Clendaniel John, laborei-, 524 S Front 
CLENDANIEL & PARKER, flour and provi- 
sions, 84 S Delaware av 
Clendaniel William, M. D., 35 Pine * 
Clendenin Thos. J., currier. Queen bel Ross 

Clendening John, saddler. Prime n 9th- 
Clendenning Charles, laborer, 245 Green 
Clendenning James, saddler, 26 Temple 
Clendenon M. I»Ii-s., 520 Brown 
Clendinning Jas., cordw. 447 S 3d 
Clendinning Phoebe, Washington pi (S) 
Clendinning Richard, bricklr. 4 Washington pi 
Clennigan Jos., clerk, 57 S 18th 
Clery Edward D., hatter, 252 Market, h 214 S 

Cleveland C. D., young ladies school, 3 Ciintou 
Cleveland Henry, Lombard n 13th 
Clevinger Henry, soap, Franklin av bel 4th 
Clew Jeremiah, brickmr.. Say bel 16th 
Clew Peter, brickmr.. More 
Clew Samuel, brickmr. 9 Moore 
Clewell C. R., music teacher, 37 Kurtz 
Clewell Sidney, clerk, 232 N 4th 
Click Moses, pedlar. Cedar bel Dauphin 
Clifford Cornelius, lab. 1 Pleasant ct 
Clifford Edwd., lab. Beach and Pine 
Clifford E., lab. Market n 22d 
Clifford Geo., lab. Nichol's av 
Cliffoi'd James, coachman, 55 S Juniper 
Clifford John, dyer, G T rd bel Master 
Cliflbrd Patrick, lalDorer, Margaret bel 10th 
Clifford Richard, weaver, Nicetown la 
Clifford Robt, lab. Somerset bel Almond 
Clifford Ruben, carp. Nicetown la 
Clifford Sarah, tailoress, 350 S 6th 
Clifford Sarah A. Mrs., Townsend av 
Clifford Wm. Earned, salesman, 12 Bank, h 29 

Clift Edward, watchman, 413 S 2d 
Clift Elizabeth, Vienna bel F av (R) 
Clift George, coach trimmer, 20 Olive 
Clift Henry S., tin store, 547 S 2d 
Clift J. W., turner, S W Julianna and Wood 
Clift Nathaniel, painter, 14 Olive 
Clift Wm., plasterer, pine ab Warren (W P) 
Clifton D., tailor, 197 S 2d 
Clifton Eiwood, ganger, 531 Poplar 
Clifton Francis F., clerk P. O., h 32 Jacoby 
Clifton James, clerk, 50 Walnut, h 11 Wood 
Clifton John, cartel', 46 German 
Clifton J., tailor, 197 S 2d 
Clifton Matthias, tailor, 193 S 2d, h 419 S 3d 
Clifton Robert D., tailor, 2d and Dock, h Cathar- 
ine bel 7th 
Clifton Sarah, wid. of Isaac, 11 Wood 
Clifton Thos., baker, N W Catharine & Lebanon 
Clime William, dealer, 21 S Rittenhouse 
Clinch John, tailor, Madison bel S 11th 
Cline Abraham, gent. Washington bel Oxford 
Cline Adam, brickmr.. State n 16th 
Cline Charles, grocer, G T road and 2d 
Cline Chas., blksm. 43 N 13th 
Cline Charles, silver plat.. School ab Rose (K) 
Cline Christ., turner. Elm bel F av 
Cline Daniel, silver plater, 41 Cherry 
Cline Derbin, blacksm., Tilton ab Cumber- 
land (R) 
Cline D. & P., silver platers. Willow bel 6th 
Cline E. C, cupper, 15th ab Brown 
Cline Geo., carp. 3 Brandywine 
Cline Hannah, Harriett (K) 
Cline Hannah, Poplar ab St John 
Cline John, coachmr. 557 Coates 




dine John, blksm. 12 Sears 

Cline John F., tobacconist. Market n 18th, h 117 

N 15th 
Cline John G., butcher, Lancaster pike (W P) 
Cline Philip, silver plater, Willow b el 6th, h 41 

Cline Philip, whf. builder, Penn bel Duke 
Cline Richard, upholsterer, 527 W Market, h 75 

Cline Saml., brickmr. Harrison ab 20th 
Cline Thomas, brickmr., Lawrence ct, h 89 

Cline William, dealer, Spruce ab 17th 
Cline Wm. H., hatter. Woodbine bel Federal 
Cling- Wm., cordw. Mechanic and Culvert 
Cling-bord Fredk., stonecutter, 22d & Meredith 
Cling-er Daniel, farmer, 187 Og-den 
Clinijer Wm. H., stair builder, 47 N 10th 
Clinton Catharine, Coates ab 20th 
Clinton Christopher, lab. 13th ab Poplar 
Clinton Edwin, brushmr. 36 8 4th, h 90 Federal 
Clinton Francis, carp. 275 Christian 
Clinton James, ship carp. 69 Palmer 
Clinton John, conductor. Wood ab 16th 
Clinton Mary W., teacher, 107 Otter n G T road 
Clinton Robert, acct., Otter n G T road 
CLINTON & RHOADS, brushmrs. S6 S 4th 
Clinton Wm., ship carp. Bedford ab Palmer (K) 
Clinton "\^'^illiam, acct., 7 Hart's Building-s, h 447 

S 3d 
Clinton Wm., clerk, 447 S 3d 
Clkm John, cabinetmr. 222 F rd 
Cloak Charles, macht. 7 Winter 
Cloak Daniel, lampmr., 7 Winter 
Cloak E., watchman, 9 Griswold 
Cloak Geo. H., bricklr. 22d ab Race 
Cloak Morris, capt. 19 Clark 
Cloak Samuel F., 142 N 15th 
Cloak Wm., carter, 32 Parker 
Cloak William, moulder, Olive bel Broad 
Clohosev M. & A., furn. goods, 59 S 4th, h 469 

S F'ront 
Clohosey Thomas, painter, 469 S Front 
Clony James, laborer, Carlton bel Broad 
Close Charles S., carp, and district regailator, 

384 and h 254 S Front 
Close Edwd., weaver, Hope bel Master 
Close Edwd., jr., plasterer, Hope ab Phoenix 
Close Henry, gent, 181 Coates 
Close Thomas, waterman, 66 Mead 
Close Thomas J., carp., 368 Brown 
Closius Joseph, hotel, 4th and Culvert 
Closs Phihp, glass, 22d bel Lombard 
Clossin Alex., cabinetmr. 27 Paul 
Closson Jos., lab. Mechanic ct (N L) 
Closson Sarah, Walnut pi 
Closterman Jos., shoes, 226 S Front 
Clothier Caleb, bricklr. and flour, o5 N 5th 
Clothier Conrad F., book keeper, 19 N Water 
Clothier Jacob, coUec, 79 Hanover 
Clothier James, grocer, 32 Market, h 291 N 6th 
Clothier John W. & CO., stationers, 52 N 4th 
Clothier John, sparmr. 6 Dunton 
Clothier Susan, Allen ab F rd 
Clothier Wm., brickmr.. Orchard n Jackson 
• Clothier William, clerk, 208 Wood (K) 
Clotworthv Hugh, bricklr. 23 Duke 
Cloud Enoch W., 160 Cherry 

Cloud Jno. M., coachsm. Green bel Mary (W P) 
Cloud Wm., paper stainei', 274 Parrish 
Cloudell Francis, moulder, 801 G T road 
Clouden George, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Clouden Jacob, butcher. Union bel AVest 
Clouden John, purser, 2d & Montgomery (K) 
Clouds John, jr., ship joiner. Crown bel Bed- 
ford (K) 
CLOUDS JOHN, alderman, 103 Marlboro' bel 

Franklin (K) 
Cloug-h Jas., eng-ineer, Dedaker's ct 
Clough John, stone cut. 255 Broad 
Clough Robert, woollen manuf. 60 Linden (K) 
Clouser Abraham, huckster, 592 N 3d 
Clouser C, Plymouth n 20th 
Clouser Levi, carp. 592 N 3d 
Clover Thomas, tailor, 167 S 2d, h 19 Saranac 
Clow Samuel, plasterer, 107 Prime 
Clowes Martin, 125 Monroe 
Clowney James, cai-p., Milton bel 12th 
Clowney Nevin, carter, Irish Tract lane n Fitz- 

Clovvney Samuel, plasterer. Redwood bel 6th 
Clugston Hugh, shoemr. 3 Plover ab 7th 
Clugston Wm., porter, Kates 
Cluley Andrew P., lamp and window shades, 

789 S 5th 
Cluley Henrietta, 63 German 
Clune Theresa, shop, 21 Frog row, Philip (K) 
Clunet Anna Maria Mrs., 165 Christian 
Clunet Augustus D., clerk, 16 S Del. av, h 165 

Clunn David, ship carp. 12 Union (K) 
Clunn Francis, salesman, 12 N 3d 
Clunn Jacob, caulker. Union ab Bedford (K) 
Clure Jacob, grocer, N E Master & Randolph 
Clusey George, carter. Willow bel 12tli 
Clutch C. R., ladies' shoemaker, Wharton and 

Clyde John, carp. Washington ab Master 
Clyde Marg-aret, 17th bel Coates 
Clyde Robert, lab., Galbraith's ct 
Clymer George, 9 S 3d, h 35 Charles (S)' 
Clymer George, porter, 35 Charles 
Clymer Henry G. carp. Emerald & Hart la 
Clymer Jacob, grocer}', G T road ab 4th 
Clymer John, huckster, Tyler bel Master 
Clvmer Levi, lab. 1145 N 6th 
Clymer Robt., carpenter, 20 Coates' al, h 12 St 

CljTner Robert M., sashmr. 109 German 
Clymer Sarah, 141 Wallace 
Clymer Wm. G., paper hanger, 19 Anita 
Coachman James, porter, 23 Pearl 
Coachran Edward, porter, 23 Pearl 
Coady Daniel, carp., Cadwell 
Coady James, stone cutter, Clair 
Coady Michael, 464 Poplar 
Coale Buelah, shoemr. 19 Rachel 
Coane Charles P., salesman, 22 S Front, h Green 

ab 10th 
Coane Robt. C, Green ab 10th 
Coarse John K., boilermr., Wharton ab 4th 
Coates Abraham, jeweler, S E 6th and North 
Coates And., mer. 9 Church al 
Coates Ann, seamsti-ess, Salmon 8c William (R) 
Coates Azel, ship carp., 341 Wood (R) 
Coates A., tanner, 467 N Front 




Coates Benj., mer., 43 Market, h 210 Arch 
Cbates Benj. H., M. D., 168 Arch 
Coates & Brown, wool mer. 43 Market 
Coates Colins, stone cut. Ontario ab Poplar 

141 Market, h 585 Arch 
Coates Georg-e M., 210 Arch 
Coates H. C, salesman, 263 Market, h 243 N3d 
Coates John, printer, 416 Market, h Church n 

Coates John W., lab. 1 Alton ct 
Coates Mary, 4 St John pi 
Coates Nathan C, hardware, 82 N 2d 
Coates Robert, lab., Maria 
Coates Samuel, baker, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Coates Seneca, carp. 104 Ogden 
Coates Sidney & Sarah, 330 Arch 
Coates Susan, teacher, Catharine ab 3d 
Coates Wra., hosiery and trimmings, 512 N 2d 
Coates Wm. H. R., cigars, 469 Poplar 
Coates W. C, mer. 11 Bank, h 367 Race 
Coats Benj. W., brickmr. Richard ab 16th 
Coats Henry C, 243 N 3d 
COATS JACOIJ B., alderman, 243 N 2d 
Coats John, lab. 18th bel Shippen 
Coats John M., lab. 19th bel Shippen 
Coats Thos., Washington bel Till (W P) 
Coats William, 303 Race 
Cobb Ebenezer, jr., cupper, bleeder h leecher, 

403 Vine 
Cobb Elknah, mer. 21 N 5th 
Cobb Georg-e, carp. 500 N 5th 
Cobb Henry C. & Co., iron found. 4 Shoemaker 
Cobb James, bricldr. 3 Reckless 
Cobb Joshua C, bookbind. 535 N 10th 
Cobb Josiah, pencil mr. 5 Ranstead pi 
Cobb & Miller, box mrs. Marshall ab Poplar 
Cobb Thomas, carp. 32 Sheaff al 
Cobb Wm., carp., rear Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Cobb Wm., jr., carp., Oxford and Franklin 
Cobb Wm. D., telegraph, 610 N 13th 
Cobean David, 6 Madison 
Cobean Wm., weaver, 7 White's ct 
Coberry Geo., harness mr., Olive bel Broad 
Cobleager L., cabinet mr. 206 F road 
Cobourn John, carp., Hamilton W Nixon 
Cobourn M. A., b h, 274 Chestnut 
Coburn Aaron, conductor R R., 125 N 16th 
Cob urn J. D., M. D., 259 Pine 
Coburn Robert, gent. 259 Pine 
Coch John, coachmr. rear 5 Brown (K) 
Cochlan Catharine, ^Mrs., Carroll ab Dauphin 
Cochlan Michl., brickmr. Carrol ab Dauphin 
Cochlan Pat., brickmr. Carroll ab Dauphin 
Cochlin James, lab. Murray W 20th 
Cocho Otto, tailor, 4 Courtland pi 
Cocbi-an Agnes, Harmstead n 19th 
Cochran Andrew, real estate broker, 143 Wal- 
nut, h 81 N 7th _ 
Cochran Andrew, weigher, 294 Wharton 
Cochran Catharine, Coral n Dauphin (K) 
t^ochran Charles, engineei', Golden's ct 
Cochran Daniel, boatman, Sch Water & South 
Cochran Daniel J., dry g-oods, h 121 Lombard 
Cochran G. F., weaver, G T road bel Jefferson 
Cochran Henry, clerk, 185 Market, h 21 Castle 
Cochran Hugh, waterman. Larch bel Maple (R) 
Cochran Isaac, carp. 48 Church 

Coclu-an James, lab., William ab Salmon 
Cochran James, driver, 212 Carpenter 
Cochran James H., clerk, 124 Market, h 11th 

bel George 
Cochran Jefferson, dyer. Gable's ct 
Cochran John, carter, 9th ab Poplar 
Cochran John, lab., rear 49 George (S) 
Cochran John, blacksm. 5 Howard 
Cochran John, weaver, 20th and Coates 
Cochran John, hatter, 5 Howard pi 
Cochran John, waterman, 7 Reckless 
Cochran John, lab. Hamilton ab 16th 
Cochran John M., liquor dealer, 21st & Filbert 
Cochran Josh., 82 W Market 
Cochran J. Harvey, mer., 32 N Del av and 63 

N Water, h 101 New 
Cochran Maria, 505 Market 
Cochran Matthevv', carp., S E 13th and Brinton 
Cochran Mich., type moulder, 11 Larch 
Cochran Peter, Shippen n 15th 
Cochran Philip, grocer, 6th and Marriott 
Cochran Philip, porter, 123 Chestnut 
Cochran Robert weaver, rear 648 Lombard 
COCHRAN & RUSSELL, com. mers., 32 N 

Del. av and 63 N Water 
Cochran R., gent. S Juniper ab Pine 
Cochran Samuel, 612 Callowhill 
Cochran Susan, 15th ab Poplar 
Cochran Thomas, cordw. rear Bedford bel 13th 
Cochran Thomas, drayman, 55 N 15th 
Cochran Thomas, atty. at law, 6 Hart's Build- 
ing-, h 402 Green 
Cochran Travis, mer. 72 Walnut, h 415 Chestnut 
Cochran Wm., paper carrier, 409 Catharine 
Cochran Wm., di^ayman, 17 Evans 
Cochran Wm., jr., mer. 72 Walnut, h 415 Chest- 

Cochran Wm., lab., Marriott's la and 6t]i 
Cochran Wm., lab. Hamilton ab 16th 
Cochran Wm. G., wine mer. 72 Walnut, h 415 

COCHRAN WM. G. & CO., wine mer., 72 Wal- 
Cochran WilUam S., cutter, 260 Market, h 47 

Cocker Lot, weaver, Apple ab Jefferson 
CockerlU Thomas, cig-ar mr., M road bei Fede- 
ral, and N E Front and South 
Cocking Henry, varnisher, 53 Beaver (N L) 
Cocklin Dennis, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Cockroft Thos., clerk, 6 Market, h 11 Louisa av 
Codding-ton Henry, weaver, Milton ab 11th 
Cody Joanna, dressmr. 83 Gaskill 
Cody John, stone mason, Nixon bel Coates 
Cody John, stone cutter, 13 Nectarine 
Cody Michael, tailor, 2 Wistar's av 
Cody Sarah, 6 Hallowell 

Coe John E., bookkr. N W 13th and Chestnut 
Coe Mrs., wid of Richard, 169 Wood 
Coff Richard, shoemr. 208 S 2d 
Coffay John, porter, 24 S Front, h 93 N Juniper 
Coffee Alias, Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Coffee Daniel, painter, 2d bel Prime 
Coffee Edward F., mer. h 137 York av 
COFFEE EDWARD ZANE, morocco dr. 1 N 

3d and 541 N 2d 
Coffee EHzabeth, Mrs., 603 S Front 
Coffee John, weaver. Crown bel Duke 




Coffee John, lab. Washington belRose (W P) 

Coffee ]yiary M., cigai's, Franklin ab Brown (K) 

Coffee Michael, lab. 7 Penn 

Coffee Robt. M., mor. fin. Franklin av ab Queen 

Coffee V.'m., carp. 22 Bayard 

Coffee ^^'m. F., printer, Og-den bel Ridge av 

Coffield Jeremiah, 12th ab Shippen 

Coffield Thomas, lab. Fainiew and 20th 

Coffin Arthm- G., Pres. Ins. Co. N. America, 60 

'iValnut, h 37 Clinton 
Coffin Eliza, tailoress, 13 Coates 
Coffin John H., broker, 55 S 4th 
Coffin Lemuel, mer. 18 Chestnut, h 16 Clinton 
Coffin Lewis P., lapidist, 13th ab Coates 
Coffin Louisa, tavern, Coates &. Ulrick 
Coffin Mary W., 3d ab "Washington 
Coffin Samuel L., 5th and South 
Coffin Stephen, mer. 34 N 3d, h 368 N 6th 
Coffin Wm., shoemr., rear 214 Clu^istian 
Coffman Charles, vict. 594 X 5th 
Coffman Henry, cabinetmr. 56 Howard (K) 
Coffman John," jr., boots & shoes, 808 N 2d 
Coffman Wm., silversm. 78 Buttonwood 
Coffre James, mach. 196 Queen 
Cogan Edward, dealer in paintings, 47 S 8th, h 

519 S 6th 
Cogan Mary Ann, store, F road bel Master 
Cogg C, h 1 Boyd av 

Coggins E. H., engi-aver, 30 N 8th,_h 891 N 8th 
Coggins John C, carp., rear Nectarine ab 10th 
Coggins Jonathan, painter, 213 N 9th 
Coggins Thomas H., store, Lancaster Pike and 

^Nlerrimac (AV P) 
Coggins Wm. F., plaster manuf. 12th ab Brown 
Coggshall Heniy R., agent, 145 Chestnut, house 

Jones Hotel 
Coghlan Charles, gardener, 19 Mui-ray 
Coghlan Michael, lab. N E Beach and Spruce 
Cogill T. G., sashmr. 279 N Front, h 7 Noble 
Cogill & Wilt, sash & vent, shutter manuf. 279 

N Front 
Cohen Aaron, M. D., 12 Lebanon 
Cohen AbiTQ., broker, S W 4th and I,ombard 
Cohen A. M., 631 Spruce bet 15th and 16th 
Cohen Barnet, undertaker, 146 S 5th 
Cohen Emanuel, steward, 389 Catharine 
COHEN HENRY, import, stationery, 42 N 4th, 

h 16 S Rittenhouse sq 
Cohen Hiram, chem. 125 N 2d, h 9th bel Poplar 
Cohen Isaac, tailor, 349 Shippen 
Cohen Jacob, clothing, 30, 60 and A5i South, h 

76 South 
Cohen Jonas, tailor, 64 South 
Cohen Joseph, clotiiing, 159 South 
Cohen Joseph S., att'y and coun. 99 Walnut, h 

631 W Spruce 
Cohen Joseph S., manifold manuf. Greenwich 

bel 2d 
Cohen J., clothier, 502 Mai'ket 
Cohen Lewis J., fui-nitui'e, 115 S 2d, h 117 Lom- 
Cohen Lewis J., salesman, 47 N 3d, h 220 South 
Cohen Myer D., fiirrier, 86 Arch, h 35 Marshall 
Cohen Philip, lab. Clymer n Amber 
Cohen Robert, lab. Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Cohen Samuel, clothing, 566 Market 
Cohen Solomon, packer, Addison ab 18th 
Cohen &. Steppacher, shirt manufs. 79 Poplar 

Cohill Charles, portrait punter, 140 Chestnut, h 

362 Coates 
Cohill George, P road be! Marriott's la 
Coil John, sailor, Lombard W 20th' 
I Colahan John B., att'v and coun. 78 S 8th, h Till 
i and Spruce (W P) 

Colbert C. Stroud, 55 S 4th, h 114 Walnut 
Colbert Pat., carter, Lewis ab Thompson 
Colbert Robert, shop, 7th and Baker 
COLBERT WILLIAM, manuf. and impt. stat. 

and paper bags, 55 S 4th, h 114 Walnut 
Colburn Charles, dealer, Hamer av 
Colby G. W., platform scales, 225 Market, h 41 

Colclazer H., Rev., h 168 N 13th 
COLCORD ENOCH L., m.oney broker, 19 S 

5th, h 17th bel Arch 
Colcord Horace F., mer. 121 S Front, h 17th 

bel Arch 
Colcord John P., clerk Post office, 109 Cathariiie 
I Cole Chas., butcher, Lan. Pike ab 6th (W P) 
Cole Christopher, dealer, 149 Jefferson av 
Cole CourtJand, M. D., 28 Brown 
'cole C, Pearl bel Broad 

■ Cole David, morocco dr., Apple n Diamond (K) 
jCole Eliza S., rear Otter n G T road 
I Cole Elizabeth, washer, 41 Curi'ant al 
jCole F. W., bookbinder, 25 Magnolia 

COLE GEO. W., sec. & treas. L. Sch. Nav. & 
[ R. R., 123 Walnut, h 21 N 15th 

:Cole G. B. Poplar ct 

Cole Howard, bookbinder, 15 Charles 

Cole Jacob, cordw., Tan Buren pi 
;Cole James, lab. Helmuth ab 16th 
I Cole John, carter. Willow bel Garden 

Cole John, collector, 2 Concord 
I Cole John, tinsm. 23 S 17th 
jCole Jonathan, polisher, 5 Ranstead pi 
'Cole Joseph, carter, 72 Bedford 

Cole Joseph H., waiter, 27 Barclay 

Cole Joseph P., lab., 80 Market, h 10 Barley 

Cole Mary, 20th ab Vine 

Cole Neil, brickmr. Nichol'sav 

Cole Randal, Julianna bel Willow 

Cole Robert, mo. shaver, rear 529 N 4th 

Cole Sarah, Cuthbert E 20th 
jCole Sarah, 26 Federal 

■ Cole Thomas H., cordw. 386 Race 
'Cole T. M., dra}-inan, Hope bel Master 
jCole Wm., butcher, Olive bel 13th 

Cole Wm. J., ship carp. Crown ab Queen (K) 
Colehower Conrad, contractor, Washington ab 

Colehower Henrj-, di'iver. State (W P) 
i Colehower R. Isaac, carp. Green ab Rose (WP) 
} Coleman Anna C, widow of Edward, 12th and 

I Coleman Daniel, carp. Filbert W 20th 
{ Coleman Elijah, mer. 21 N 3d, h 5th ab Poplar 
Coleman Ellen, Cran's ct 
Coleman Ezra, manuf 48 and h 50 S 5th 
Coleman E. 8c P., coach screw mrs., S E 21st & 

Cuthbert, h Arch E 21st 
Coleman George, weaver. Queen ab Marboro' 
Coleman Gotleib, glazier, Dauphin ab G Troad 
Coleman HaiTiet, gentlewoman, 8 Clinton sq 
COLEMAN HARRIS, oil mer. 28 N Water, h 
199 N 9th 




Coleman Helen, 5th bel Queen 
Coleman Henr}', silversmith, 114 Arch 
Coleman Henry, carp., 347 S 13th 
Coleman Henry T., atty. 66 S 6th 
Coleman Jacob, dry g-oods, 419 N 2d 
Coleman Jas., cordw. rear 133 Carpenter 
Coleman James, seaman, rear 135 Carpenter 
Coleman John, Rev., 318 S Front 
Coleman Jno., mastmr. Queen bel Marlboro' 
Coleman Jno., coppersm. 419 N 2d 
Coleman Jno., seaman, 544 S 4th 
^"COLEMAN JOHN M., importer, 32 and 37 
Arcade & 21 N 3d, h 554 N 5th, & receiver 
of taxes, State House 
Coleman John T., marb. mason, 214 Shippen 
Coleman J. F., 4 Haines ab 12th 
Coleman & Kelton, iron, 113 N Water 
Coleman Lyman, Rev. D. D., teacher, 341 Mar- 
ket, h 19th bel Chestnut 
Coleman Martha A., tailoress, 14 Clark 
Coleman Michael, porter, 39 Chestnut, h 13 El- 

freth's al 
Coleman Moses, clothing-, 58 South 
Coleman Nicholas Sc Son, wheel\vrt.565N Front, 

h Front bel Franklin (K) 
Coleman Patrick, porter, 159 Market 
Coleman Pat., currier. 111 Dillw^ai 
Coleman Philip, cai-p. 65 Coates 
Coleman Philip E., conveyancer, 4th bel Wil- 
low, h 22 Noble 
Coleman P., 540 Market W 16th 
Coleman Robt. W., wheelwt. 40 Leopard (K) 
Coleman Samuel, bricklayer, 65 Coates 
Coleman Samuel L., barber, 31 S 3d 
Coleman Sylvester, waiter, 21 Rodman 
Coleman T., cm-rier, 279 N 2d, h 111 Dilwyn 
Coleman T. M., reporter, N E 3d and Chestnut, 

h 408 Brown 
Coleman Wm. B., musician, 245 F road (K) 
Coles Edward, gent. 409 Spruce 
Coles Jos., carter, Crane, n Till (W P) 
Colesberry Isaac G., mer. 24 S 17th 
Colesberry John, saddler, 25 & 27 Arch 
Colesberry Sarah A., 21 Carpenter 
Colflesh John, tavern, 11th and Master 
Colg'an Charles, driver, Samuel bel 22d 
Colg-an Patrick, tavern, N W 7th & Bedford 
Colg-an Robei-t, tavern, 250 S 7th 
COLGAN THOS. P., bookseller, 89 South 
Colgan T. J., teacher, 231 S 3d 
Colg-ate John, lab. Stewart n Marg-aret 
Colgate John, porter, 32 Bonsall 
Colhouer & M'Donald, coopers, 26 Strawberry 
Colhouer Thomas H., cooper, 26 Strawberry 
Colhoun Adam, brickmr. Federal n G F road 
CoUioun, Andrew, carter. Federal n G F road 
Collioun & Cowton, produce mers. Broad above 

Cherry, & N E 4th and Chestnut 
Colhoun David, butcher, 16th bel Pine 
Colhoun Geo., mer. 59 S Front, h 309 Spruce 
Colhoun Humphrey, bookkeeper, 3 Ranstead 

pi. h 211 Lombard 
Colhoun Mrs. M., Chestnut W 19th 
Colhoun Wm., N W Lombard and Aspen ct 
Colhoun Wm. H., broker, rear 56 Walnut, h 4 

Virginia row 
Colie Alexander, mechanic, 11th ab Federal 
Colie Peter, mechanic, 11th ab Federal 

Coling Benj., huckster, 10 Little Pine 

Coling John, waiter, 2 Smith's ct 

Colket Coffin, 312 N 7th 

Coll Hugh, WiUow bel 8th 

Coll John F., baker, 406 Lombard 

Coll Wm., liquor, 6th and Jefferson 

CoUaday Chas., mer. 29 Church al, h Chestnut 

and Margaretta (W P) 
Colladay Chas. D., clerk, 404 N 13th 
Colladay F. S., bookkeeper, 403 Race 
CoUaday Edward H., acct. h 108 N 10th 
COLLADAY GEORGE W., conveyancer, 3 

Goldsmith Hall, h 652 Vine 
Collady Hannah, Oak ab Margaretta (W P) 
Colladay Jacob, carp. 682 Green 
COLLADAY SAMUEL R., trimmings, 62 Mar- \ > 
ket, h 161 Chestnut ^ 

Colladay Sarah W., b h, 1Q8 N 10th 
Colladay Theodore, carp. 403 Race 
Colladay T. S., carp. 19 Barclay 
Colladay Wm., carp. N E Race and Lybrand 
Colladay Wm. M., carp., N E l^^ogan & Wallace 
Colladay Wm. Y., mer. 99 Market, h 274 N 11th 
Collar Anna, Queen and Cherry (K) 
Collar Mich., whf. builder. Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Collar Michael, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Collar Saml., fisherman, Cherry and Queen (K) 
Collar Wm., ship carp.. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Collard Jonathan, millinery, 129 South and 128 

Collard J., bonnet manufr. 225 N 2d 
CoUegan John, tavern, 27 Walnut 
Coller Frank, lab. Till ab Locust (W P) 
CoUer Henry, lab. Nicetown 
Coller Henry, engineer. Lemon n R R (R) 
Collet Mark, M. D., Broad ab Pine 
Collett C, Mrs., 17 Ellen 

Collett John, baker and confect. 9th and Prime 
Collier John, trader, Federal bel P road 
Collier Sam. jr., salesm'n. 111 Market, h 47 Arch 
Collier Thomas, weaver. Rose bel Broad 
Collier Wm., weaver, Diamond bel Brinton 
Collin Jas., tailor, 3 Willow ct 

Colling Morgan, rear Hancock bel Phcenix 

Collins Abraham, M. D., office 26 Lombard, h 
187 Catharine 

Collins Alexander, Washington House, S W 
Vine and Perry 

Colhns Alfred M., pap. manuf. 6 Minor, h S W 

Rittenhouse and Plymouth -^ 

COLLINS ALFRED M. & CO., paper ware.. ^ 
house, 6 Minor ^^ 

COLLINS & ANDERSON, druggist, 27 S 4th ./ 

Collins Andrew, 42 Murray 

Collins Ann, trimmings, 339 Parrish ab 13th 

Collins Anna S., 282 Filbert 

Collins & Autenricth, architects, 123 Walnut 

Collins Barthol'w., weav. Cadwalader n Oxford 

Collins Bartley, brickmr. Clymer bel Noms( K) 

Collins Bernard, 141 Shippen 

Collins Catharine, huckster, Sarah bel Bedford 

Collins Chas., Corn bel Wharton 

Collins Charles, weaver, Harmony ct (K) 

Collins Charles, sr., tailor, 234 Market, h 8th ab 

Collins Chas., agent, Lancaster pike ab Wood 
(W P) 

Collins Daniel, shoemr. Cadwalader ab Master 




Collins David, lab. Cadwalader n Montgomery 
Collins Dennis, collector, Catharine ab 8th. 
Collins Dennis, lab. 18 Barrow 
Collins Diana, Alder ab Thompson 
Collins D. C. & Co., photographists, 100 Chest- 
nut & S E 7th and Chestnut 
COLLINS EDWARD, architect, 135 Walnut, 

h 192 Fitzwater 
Collins Edwd. G., painter, 10 Lebanon 
Collins Eli, blacksmith, 50 West (K) 
Collins Elizabeth, dress mr. 32 N loth 
Collins Franklin, sergt. police, 577 N lOtli 
Collins Frederick, brewer, N W 10th & Filbert, 

h 23 S 16th 
Collins Geo., ship carpt. Stony's ct 
Collins Geo. C, att'v at law, S'W 6th 8c Locust, 

h 22d ab Race ' 
COLLINS G., bookseller, 1 S 6th, h 73 S 6th 
Collins Isaac, 6 Minor, h Oak and Filbert 
Collins laaac, jr., weigher, 44 S Water, h Pine 

W 17th 
Collins Isaac, gardener, 340 Pine 
Collins James, lab. South ab 10th 
Collins James, segar, 36 Buttonwood 
Collins Jas., tailor, 10 S 19th 
Collins Jas., milk. Chestnut n 20th 
Collins Jas., carpt. Warren bel Marj- (W P) 
Collins Jas., lab. Washington bel Bridgewater 

Collins Jas., cab driver, rear 216 N 8th 
Collins James A., police, 574 N 13th 
Collins James C., rags and iron, 232 N Water 
Collins Jesse C, brushmr. 3 Crier's pi 
Collins John, carp., Wyoming ab Bridge (W P) 
Collins John, lab. 3 Willow ct 
Collins John, ropemr., Washington ab 13th 
Collins John, ropemaker, 13th and Melon 
Collins John, comedian, 88 S 11th 
Collins John, lab. Auburn 
Collins John, watei-man, 474 S 2d 
Collins John, bootmr., Margaretta ab 9th 
Collins John, cordw. 3 Wilson 
Collins John, lab. Charles ab Gunner's run 
Collins John, ropemr. S Washington ab 13th 
Collins John, lab. Griswold's al 
Collins John, lab. 8 Gulielma 
Collins John, lab. 3 Willow ct 
Collins John, lab., Wallace bel 16th 
Collins John, waterman, rear 47 Buttonwood 
Collins John, confect. Park and Oak (W P) 
Collins John, morocco finisher, 732 N 7th 
Collins John, lith. 5 Ranstead pi 
CoUins John C, carpt. Lewis ab Girard av 
Collins John E., salesman, 108 Market 
COLLINS JOHN H., druggist, 140 Race, h 11th 

ab Callowhill 
Collins John M., att'y and coun. S E 6th and 

Collins Jonathan, wai-per, 34 Charlotte (N L) 
Collins Jon., man. cot. mills, 78 Shackamaxon 
Collins Jonathan, mer. 44 N Delaware av, h 5 

Collins Joseph, waterman, 64 Swanson 
Collins Joseph, lab. Penn ab Poplar 
Collins Joseph, 19th bel Wood 
Collins Joseph, dyer, Shippen ab 15th 
.Collins Joseph H., lumber mer. 8th ab Girard 
av, h Brown bel 8th 

Collins Lewis, blacksmith, Brinton bel 11th 

Collins L. P. clerk, 95 S Delaware av 

Collins Marg., shop. Rainbow (K) 

Collins Margt., shop, Washington (W P) 

Collins Matilda, widow Jas., Marshal ab] Master 

Collins Matthias, cordw. porter, 38 Market 

Collins Mich., weaver, Adams ab Columbia 

Collins Michael, lab. 9 Gaffney's av 

Collins 8c M'Leester, type founders, 1 Lodge al 

Collins, Mrs., tea dealer. Federal bel 11th 

Collins Patrick, cooper, 307 S Front 

Collins Patrick, lab. Walnut bel Park (W P) 

Collins Patrick, lab. 4 Southampton ct 

Collins Percival, mer. 6 Minor 

Collins Peter, ironwr. rear 298 Vine 

Collins P., dry goods, 85 R av 

Collins P. G., printer, 1 Lodge al, h N W Coates 

and Franklin 
Collins Rebecca, assist, matron. Blind Asylum 
Collins Robert, oysters, 153 Locust 
Collins Robt., brickmr. Wager bel Apple 
Collins R. A., shop, 31 Strawberry 
Collins Samuel, waiter, 13 Barley 
Collins Samuel C, type founder, 1 Lodge al 
Collins Simeon, daguerreotypist, 100 Chestnut, 

h 5 N 11th 
Collins S. Jeffries, carpt. shop Woodbine and 

Collins Thomas, hatter. Winter (N L) 
Collins Thos., carter, Shippen bet 16th 8c 17th 
Collins Thomas, slater. Federal n 11th 
Collins Timothy, carpt. Woodbine bel Federsi 
COLLINS T. K. 8c P. G., printers, 1 Lodge al 
Collins T. K., printer, 1 Lodge al, h S AV 10th & 

Collins T. K., jr., bookseller, 8 N 6th, h S W lOtli 

and Wallace 
Collins T. L., Union House, 140 N Water 
Collins Walter, capt. 189 Catharine 
Collins Wm., lab. Rainbow (K) 
CoUins Wm., tobacco, Charlotte ab Brown and 

220 N 6th 
Collins Wm., shoemr.. Melon and R road, h 

Montgomery House 
Collins Wm., lab. Penn ab Poplar 
Collins Wm., carpt. 542 S Front 
Collins Wm. M., 6 Minor, h 98 N 10th 
Collins Wm. M., mer. Front and New, h 456 

Collison Franklin, plasterer, 5 Union ct 
Collison Joseph, clerk, N E 3d and Walnut, h 

187 S 9th 
Collison Louis M., bookkeeper, 14 S Del ar 
Collom Albert, 30 Kurtz 

Collom Geo. W., bricklr.. New Market ab Laurel 
Collom John, clerk, N E 13th and Market 
Collom Judah, carp. 101 M}Ttle 
Collom Martha, dressmaker, 27 Filbert 
Collom Rebecca, milliner, 666 N 2d 
Collom Wm., carpt.. Chandler's ct (K) 
Collomb J., 385 N 4th 
Collot A. G., professor. West Penn sq 
Collv Daniel, shoemr. 56 Quince 
Colly M., b h, 2 Chester 
Colsher David, clerk. Race and 20th 
Colsher Peter, blacksm. Carroll ab 12th 
Colsher Wm., wheelwrt., Broad ab Green, h 

16th ab Parrish 




COLTON & BURT, grocers, S W Broad and 

COLTON & CHARTER, brokers, 10 S 3d 
Colton, Code & Co., meter makers, ISth & Jones 
Colton David, planemr. 327 Market, h Oak bel 

Park (W P) 
Colton David, cloth folder, 4 Norris 
Colton Geo., vict., N E Pine and Perrj^, h N W 

8tli and Filbert 
Colton John, weaver, 23 W South 
Colton John, planemr. & hardware, 379^ Mar- 
ket, h Chestnut and Mary (W P) 
Colton John, broker, 10 S 3d, h 10th bel South 
Colton Oren, g'ent., S 16th ab Spruce 
Colton Sab in W., daguerreotypist, 265 Race 
Colton Simon, grocer, S W Broad and Walnut, 

h 423 Callowhill 
Colton Susan Mrs., 4 NoitIs 
Colton Wm., Price ab Frankford road (K) 
Coltor James, weaver, 11 Bauersachs ct (K) 

Colville Hemy, oil clo. mr. Hamilton ab 23d 
Colville Marg., rear Blddle ab 23d 
Colville Robt., carp. Biddle ab 23d 
Colvin Wm., lab. Shippen ab 9th 
Colwell Celia, washer, rear 3 Little Pine 
COLAVELL & CO., iron mers., 53 N wharves, 

and 111 N Water 
Colwell Edwd., farmer, 56 L Washington 
Colwell Edward, 4 Ralston 
Colwell John, mer. Spruce and William (W P) 
Colwell Richard, carter, 8 Maiden 
Colwell Stephen, iron manuf., 53 N wharves, & 

111 N Water, h N E 11th and Arch 
Comber John, stone cutter, 488 George 
Comber John, stone cut. Port lane n 20th 
Comber Michael, stone cut., Chestnut E 16th, h 

Porcelain W 20th 
Comber Patrick, stone cut., George W 20th 
Comber Pat, lab. 163 N Front 
Comber Thos., sheet iron worker, 144 M road 
Combes Mary, trimmings, 71 S 11th 
Combes Wm. G., salesman, 141 Market, h Beach 

and Maiden (K) 
Combs Gilbert, teacher, 121 and h 168 Marshall 
Combs John, leather mer. Lombard bel 15th 
Combs John C, carter, 237 Lombard 

Comly Amanda, confect. 13 S 10th 

Comly E., gent. 83 N 10th 

Comly Franklin A., President Buck Mountain 

Coal Co. 82 Walnut 
Comly F. Nathan, clerk, 78 S Front 
Comly Henry, mer. 25 and h 39 N 2d 
Comly H. & A., mers. 25 N 2d 
Comly Isaiah, lab. 1006 Pine 
Comly Martin, boots, Lewellan's c* 
Comly Mrs. M., trimmings, 345 Race 
COAU.Y ROBERT, auctioneer, 78 S Front 
Comly Samuel, com. mer. 78 S Front, h Poplar 

Comly S.I., 66N Del av & 139 Water, hl89N6th 
Comly T. J., printer, 13th S 10th 

110 Chestnut 

S E 7th and Chestnut 
Commost Benj., cordw. 134 F rd 

STATE OF PENNA., 62 Walnut 
Compston Geo., lab. Capitol bel Pan-ish 
Compton Horace B., George E 18th 
Compton Saml., printer, 559 Coates 
Compton Wm. M., printer, Mervin ab Stiles 
Comstock Andi-ew, M. D., vocal gymnasium, 102 

Comyn Thos., spring mr. 247 Parrish 
Conahey John, carp. Irp bel 9th 
ConalHe Bridget, 38 MuiTay 
Conard A., collector, 728 Coates 
Conai-d Charles, acct., h 217 Marshall 
Conard David, blksm. Hamilton & Callowhill 
Conard Henry S., clerk, 97 Market 
Conard Isaac, ship carp. 549 Shippen « 

CONARD JOHN R., coal yard, S W 9th and 

Masters, h Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Conard Lewis R. machinist, 20 Monroe 
Conard Saml., mer. S E 9th and Market, h 224 

Conard Silas, carp. 86 Nectarine 
Conarroe George M., atty. and couns. 260 Arch 
Conarroe G. W., portrait painter, 392 Vine ab 

Conarroe J. L., salesman,36 N Front,h 560N7th 

Combs John F., cm-rier, 200 S 6th, h Lombard Conarroe Rich'dR.,acct. 36NFront, h 560 N7th 
n 15th I ConaiToe Thomas, acct. 36 N Front, h 560 N 7th 

Combs Rachel, wid. of Jacob, 4 Dewee's ct ab Conaty Terrence, lab. Charles bel Dickerson 

Combs Thomas, plasterer, 7 Nagle 
Comegys Benj. B., cash. Phil. Bank, h 268 Pine 
Comegys Cathai-ine, gentw. 42 N 8th 
Comegys Wm., h 92 S 12th 
Comegys W. H. J., clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 92 S 

Comelius Denny, lith. 5 Ranstead pi 
COMFORT AARON, Thomsonian medicines, 

295 Market, h 124 N 10th 
Comfort Cyrus C, carp. 5 Randolph 
Comfort Jesse, flour and feed, foot of Brown and 

Queen bel Wood (K) 
Comfort John W., M. D., 19 N 10th 
Comfort Saml., 20 Citron 
Comlth Lewis, M. U., 485 N 5th 
Comly AUen, mer. 25 N 2d, h 83 N 10th 

Conaughy F. M., atty. & coun. 7 Sansom 

Conaway Geo. S., cordw. 9 Jenning's Row 

Conaway Joseph, lab. 7 Pine (S) 

Conaway Samson, bricklr. 4th ab Thompson (K) 

Conaway Susan, Linden 

Conaway AVilliam, sawmr. 24 Chei-ry, h 9th ab 

Concan Geo., carman, 10 Willing's al 
Conderman B., mineral water, 58 Dillwyn 
Condie D. F., M. D., 127 Catharine 
Condon John, weaver, 17th bel Shippen 
Condon John, cordw. Marriott ab 6th 
Condon John, clerk, 282 Hanover (K) 
Condon Morris, paper mer. Jones a), h 11th bel 

Condon M. G., 382 N 8th 
Condon Pat., porter, 29 Jones' al 




Condon Thomas, lab. 29 Jones' al 
Condon Thos., blksm. Barclay ab Broad 
Condy Elizabeth, Philips ct 
Condy John S., mer. Philip and Oxford (K) 
Condy Richd., cordw. 367 Franklin av (K) 
Condy Robert, grocer, 778 N 2d 
Condy Thos., trader, Cadwalader bel Master 
Condy Wm., sr., 101 N Juniper 
Condy Wm., letter carrier, 101 N Juniper 
Cone Amelia M., trimmings, 70 S 8th 
Cone Julius, pedlar, 593 N 3d 
Cone Martin, lab. rear 450 S Front 
Conevry Francis, bootmr. Scott's ct n 4th 
Cong-ar Chas., cordw. Poplar and New Market 
Cong-ar Wmi., shoemr. 98 New Market 
Congar Wm., umb. mr. Clinton bel Phoenix (K) 
Congdon Ann, dressmr. 282 Hanover 
Congdon A. D. Miss, dressmr. 282 Hanover 
Congdon Jas. C, 11 S Del av, candle and oil 
manuf. CallowhiU near Wire Bridge, h 648 

Congdon Jno., clerk, 34 N Front, h282 Hanover 
Conger Ann, shop, 31 Laurel 
Conger Ann, nurse, 309 Green 
Conine Peter, blacksm. 662 N 2d 
Conigan Emma, 90 Gaskill 
Conimins Robt., lab. Nicetown 
Coninghan William, lab. Salmon n Ann (R) 
Conkle Francis A., clerk, 27 S Front 
Conkle H., cord manuf. 2 S 3d, h 4 Buttonwood 
Conkle W. H., 52 S Front 
CONKLIN E. JK., livery stable, Grape n 9th, h 

Chestnut ab 8th 
Conlan Patrick, lab. Fitler & Montgomery 
Conlen Alex., bootmr. 4 Somer's ct 
Conlen Patrick, Carroll ab 13th 
Conley Elizabeth, shop, 502 S Front 
tConley Felix, tavern, Randolph ab Master 
Conley Francis, hatter, 11 Dilk's ct 
Conley James, moulder, Chestnut n Crammond 

(W P) 
Conley James, carter, 867 South 
Conley Jas. H., ship carp. 63 Church 
Conley John, grocer, William and Biddle 
Conley John, lab. 20 W South 
Conley Margaret, tailoress, rear 37 Baker 
Conley Mary, 13th ab Pleasant 
Conley Mary, Crown ab Franklin av 
Conley Pajrick, cordw. Huston & R road (K) 
Conley Pati-ick, machinist, 10 Pearl 
Conley P. Timothy, di'a_yman, 7 North 
Conley Robert, bricklr."24th ab South 
Conley Thos., cordw. Beach ab Poplar 
Conley Thos. A., gas fitter, 44 Lebanon 
Conley Wm., printer, Cadwell 
Conley Wm., gardener, 805 G T rd 
Conlin Bernard, lab. 402 Apple 
Conlin Dennis, lab. 5 Helly's av 
Conlin Edward, lab. 402 Apple 
Conlin E. & T., milliners, Lombard W 17th 
Conlin James, watchman, Carroll bel Ontario 
Conlin James, lab. Carpenter bel 13th 
Conlin John, 242 Christian 
Conlin John, Lombard W 17th 
Conlin Patrick, lab. Wood ab 18th 
Conlin Peter, hatter, Yost 
Conly Patrick, lab. Oak n Rose (W P) 
Conn Isas-c, pedlar, Clinton bel Parrish 

Conn James, trader, G T road ab Franklin 
Conn James, tinman, 15th bel Vine 
Conn John, brickmr. M'Duffie n 21st 
Conn John, trader, 311 St John's (K) 
Conn Joseph, dealer, F rd ab Hart la 
Conn Sarah, G T road bel Franklin av(K) 
Conn Wm., trader, Hancock ab Franklin av (K) 
Connan Mary, Carlton n York 
Connard Anne, Acorn al 
Council Ann, rear 246 Shippen 
Connell Charles, lab. Cuthbert bel 21st 
Connell Charles, shoemr. Washington n Logan 

(W P) 
Connell Daniel, 14 Swanson 
Connell Dennis, lab. 6 Buchanan pi 
Connell D. S., ship mas. 14 Swanson . 
Connell Edwd., boatman. Beach ab Walnut 
Connell Ellen, wid. 3 La Grange ct 
Connell Fredk., glass stainer, office 21 S 7th^ h 

10 Winter 
Connell Geo., conveyancer, 108 Walnut 
Connell George, real estate agent, 4 Lodge, h 

Broad and Lombard 
Connell Henry, farmer, Nicetown la 
Connell Henry, grocer, 18th and Lombard 
Connell James, lab.:247 21st 
Connell James, manuf. 31 Fitler (K) 
Connell James, lab. 6 John's ct 
Connell James, manufr. Adams bel Oxford (K) 
Connell John, farmer, Nicetown la 
Connell John, slater, Jefferson bel Alder 
Connell John, porter, 7 Wood 
Council John H., conveyancer, 217 N 4th 
Connell John S., bar tender, Wiley's ct 
Connell Margt., shlrtmr. 385 South 
Connell Mary, b h, 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Connell Matthias, overseer, 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Connell Pat., lab. 6 Buchanan pi 
Connell Patrick, stonecut. 385 South 
Connell Patrick, cordw. Menlge's ctbel 10th 
Connell Philip, carter, Duane bel Parrish 
Connell T., ckover, 16th and Race 
Connell Wm., lab. 6 La Grange 
Connell Wm. B., salesman, 159 Market 
Connellman P., grocer, 13th and Temple 
Connelly Ann, Stewart bel Fitzwater 
Connelly Bartholomew, lab. Murray's ct 
Connelly Chas., grocer, Coates n Schuylkill 
Connelly Charles C, clerk, 27 S 4th 
Connelly Daniel, cordw. Margaretta 
Connelly Daniel, carver. Phoenix ab 2d 
Connelly Dennis, tailor, S 20th n Market 
Connelly Dennis, lab. h 3 Kelly's ct 
Connelly Edwd., lab. 17 W George 
Connelly Edw., tailor, 19? Christian 
Connelly Eliza, 282 Sp Garden 
Connelly Ellen, store, 97 N 8th 
Connelly Francis, lab. William n 18th 
Connelly Francis, shoemr. Spencer ct 
CONNELLY HARRY, wines and liquors, N W 

7th and Chestnut, h Spruce ab 12th 
Connelly James, cordw. Rhlle (K) 
Connelly Jas., waterman, rear 371 S Front 
Connelly John, tailor, S 20th n Market 
Connelly John, lab. 6 Relief pi 
Connelly John, cabinetmr. Wood bel Broad 
Connelly John D., printer. Wood bel Broad 
Connelly Lawrence B., 119 Garden 




C onnelly Mary, shop, 318 Poplar 

Connelly Mary, Cherry above Franklin av (K) 

Connelly Patrick, Pearl bel 12th 

Connelly Patrick, lab. Jackson n L Washington 

Connelly Patrick, Lewis above 17th 

Connelly Patrick, warper. Phoenix ab 2d 

Connelly Peter, lab. Passyunk rd 

Connelly Rich'd B., clerk, 137 Market 

Connelly Thomas, gas fitter, 465 South, h 44 

Connelly Tlios., weaver, 29 W South 
Connelly Wm., lab. 3 Prosperous al 
Connelly Wm., printer, 2 Merchant 
Connelly Wm., dealer, 244 Shippen 
Connelly Wm., printer, 2 Merchant 
Conner Anthony, rear 372 S Front 
Conner Bernard, cooper, Hebron's ct 
Conner Bernard, lab. Carroll ab 13th 
Conner Bernard, lab. 392 N 23d 
Conner Charles, Naval Asylum 
Conner Clayton, driver, Norris n 4th 
Conner David, Commodore, h 87 S 4th 
Conner David, drayman, 6 Wistar av 
Conner Dennis, laborer, 7 Buchanan place 
Conner Edward, cordw. Pine bel Sch Willow 
Conner Edward, oysters, 29 S Water 
Conner Geo., porter, 265 Market 
Conner Geo., carp. Pine n 21st 
Conner Hamilton, cordwainer, Harrison 
Conner Henry, cordw. South ab 17th 
Conner James, skin dresser, Pink ab Master 
Conner James, lab. Walnut W 20th 
Conner James G., hatter, 376 S 3d 
Conner Jeremiah, lab. Rose n Washing'ton 
Conner John, hatter, 36 George (S) 
Conner John, brickmr, 122 Lawrence 
Conner John, enginr., Fairmount ab Sp Garden 
Conner John, laborer, Huntingdon ab Duke (R) 
Conner John, lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Conner John, lab. 555 S Front 
Conner Jos., shoemr. Benton ab 17th 
CONNER J. S., druggist, 1033 Coates 
Conner Luke, coachman, 8 Cowperthwait pi 
Conner Margaret, Fisher bel Emery (R) 
Conner Matthew, laborer, 918 N 11th 
Conner Michael, weaver. Front ab Dauphin 
Conner Michael, porter, Smith's court 
Conner Miles, laborer, 92 Shippen 
Conner Richard, glass blower. Wood bel West 
Conner Harriet, wid. of Richai'd, waterman, 73 

Conner Robert, cordw. Lombard n 18th 
Conner Stephen, lab. 3 Grape ct 
Conner Susan, tavern, 535 S 10th 
Conner Thomas, lab. Race W 15th 
Conner Thomas, lab. 41 Penn 
Conner Thomas, paper stainer, 23 Randolph 
Conner Thomas, laborer, 16 Bedford 
Conner Thomas, weaver, 55 West (K) 
Conner Wm., manufactui'er, 403 Wood (K) 
Conner Wm., stevedore, 637 S 2d 
Connolly James, salesman, Loutj^'s ct 
Connolly John, grocer, William and Biddle 
Connolly & Mahon, gas fitter, 510 Callowhill 
Connolly Nicholas, liquor, 157 Lombard 
Connolly Patrick, cordw. Hewston ab Duke (R) 
Connolly Patrick, lab. 4 Atkinson ct 
Connolly Philip, gas fitter, 510 Callowhill 

Connor Andrew, tavern. Front ab Canal 

Connor Hamilton, macht. Lybrand bel Vine 

Connor Isaac, dealer, Bedford n Shippen la 

Connor James, grocer. Spruce and 22d 

Connor James, stone cutter, 2 Cox 

Connor James, engineer, Tower ab Arch 

Connor James, painter, 254 Hutchinson 

Connor John, rags, 101 Bedford 

Connor John, tinman, 16th ab Gu-ard 

Connor John, lab. Clay W Sch Beach 

Connor John, lab. 6 Kepler pi 

Connor John, cuttei-, 415 S 6th 

Connor John, shoemr. St Paul's row 

Connor John, cabm. 68 Lombard 

Connor Matthew, blacksm. Madison av 

Connor Patrick, blacksm. Quigg's ct 

Connor Patrick, lab. Fisher bel Emory (K) 

Connor Philip, laborer, 10 Griswold 

Connor Sarah, Mrs., 591 S Front 

Connor Thomas, boatman, Pine bel Sch Willow 

Connor Thomas, weaver, 26 Diamond 

Connor Terrence, St. Paul's avenue 

CONOVER & BROTHERS, shoes and bonnets,\ 

190 Market 
Conover Charles D., carp. 481 Coates 
Conover D. H., currier, 100 Charlotte (N L) 
Conover Jacob, combmr. Vienna bel F av (K) 
Conover J. B., mer. 190 Market 
Conover J. R., cai-p. 349 Coates 
Conover Lewis T., 268 S 10th 
Conover Mich., salesm. 389 Market, h 7 N 11th 
Conover Michael, tavern, 276 S 7th 
Conover O. H. P., mer. 190 Market, h 100 S 3d 
Conover Sarah A., Mrs., 7 Francis 
Conover S. D., teacher, Girard College 
Conover Wm., shoemr. Shafer's ct 
Conover Wm. P., mer. 190 Market,h 368 S 4th 
Conoway Jos., cooper, Young's pi 
Conquery Patrick, letter carrier, 13 Mercer 
Conquest Georg-e, 35 John 
Conquest W. T., mer. 149 N 7th 
Conquest W. T.& Co., dry goods, NW 2d & Pine 
Conrad Aaron, coal dealer, Callowhill ab 12th 
Conrad Anthony, butcher, 12th above Brown 
Conrad Charles, mer. 35 Market, h Darby 
Conrad David, bricklr. 7 Redwood 
Conrad Frederick, beer house, 3d & Columbia 
Conrad Geo., carp. Cherry bel F road 
Conrad George W., merchant, 104 Market, h N 

E Spring Garden and Marshall 
Conrad Harry, merchant, 123 N 3d, h 382 Arch 
Conrad H., boots, P road ab Marriott 
Conner H. W., printer, 15 Olive 
Conrad Isaiah, plasterer, R road ab Wallace 
Conner Jacob, clerk, 3d & Wood, h 3 Lodge al 
Conrad James, dry goods trim. Girard av ab 11th 
Conrad Jas. M.,hardw. 255 Market,h 130 N 12th 
Conrad Jno., shoemr. 45 S 4th, h 7th bel Mamott 
Conrad John, M. D., apothecary. Pa. Hospital 
Conrad John, butcher, 258 Ridge av 
Conrad John, paper carrier, 493 N 3d 
Conrad Jos., bootmr. 43 and h 58 S 4th, 
Conrad J. R., coal yard, 9th and Master 
Conrad J. H., coal office, 63 Dock, h 95 N 5th 
Conrad Margaret, rear 24 Monroe 
Conrad Michael, lab. Gatch ell's pi 
Conrad Mrs., boarding, 639 S Front 
Conrad Osborn, gent. 101 Walnut 




Conrad Peter, 110 Queen 
Conrad Peter, clerk of market, 17th and Race 
CONRAD PETER, boots and shoes, 41 S 8th 
Conrad Peter, clerk market. Race below irth 
Conrad Richard, Rev., Marj^bel Chestnut (WP) 
CONRAD ROBT. T., Mayor of city, h 12 Girard 
Conrad & Roberts, hardw.mers., 123 N 3d 
Conrad Samuel, grocer, 207 Girard av 
Com-ad Solomon, dry goods, 19 Market, h N 

7th ab Noble 
jDONRAD THO^rPSON & CO., boots and shoes 

104 Market 
CONRAD & WALTON, hardware 255 Market 
Conrad Washington, butcher, 288 Parrish 
Conrad Wm., g-ent., S W 10th and Washington 

Conrad Wm., bricklr. Shakamaxon ab Queen 
Conrad Wm. C, mer. 39 N Del av, h Pine ab 8th 
Conrad Wm. H., butcher, Parrish below 12th 
Conral Cath., GafFney's ct 
Copran Joseph, conductor, 292 Richmond (R) 
CONROW & BARBER, gi-ocers, 159 N 3d 
Conrow Chas., 19 Beck 
Conrow Thornton, g-rocer, 95 N 5th 
CONROW WILLIAM G., alderman office, NE 

Ridge av & 13th, h 13th above Green 
Conroy Bryan, lab. Anthony ab Dickerson 
Conroy John, lab. 480 N 4th 
Conroy John, lab. 37 W North 
Conroy Alich., laborer, Hewston bel Duke (R) 
Conroy Patk., weaver. South and Sch Bank 
Conroy Patk. W., tavern, 10 S 5th 
Conroy Thomas, lab. 7 Ralston 
Conry Andrew, watcliman, 4 Moore 
Constable John, 354 Walnut 
Constant Gustavus, tailor. Orchard (N L) 
Constant Michael, shoemr. Hancock ab Norris 
Conver Benj., dealer, Oldham ct bel St John 
Conver Eliza, shoebr. Cherry bel F av (K) 
Converse A. Rev., editor Christian Observer, 48' 

S 4th, h 481 Broad below Poplar j 

Convery Alex., coal. Broad bel Vine, h CheiTy 

ab 15th 
Convery John, 18 Chancellor 
Convery Patrick, laborer. South ab 12th 
Convery Peter, mor. dresser, Cadwalader above 

Conver}- Thomas, lab. Cadwalader ab Master i 
Conway Alex., shovel mr. Randolph bel Poplar' 
Conway Alice, 216 N 7th 

Conway Bernard, wine st. NW 2d & Columbia 
Conway Bernard, grocer, 11th and Christian 
Conway Catharine, 214 G T road 
Conway Charles, tailor, Cran's ct 
Conwaj- Chas., clerk, 4 Mechanic's av 
Conway Chas., b h, 21 Sergeant 
Conway Dennis, slater, 304 Cherry 
Conway Edward, lab. Harmony ct bel Jefferson 
Conway Francis, soap factory, 10 & h 14 Relief 

al, manuf 185'and 187S 4th 
Conway George, drayman, 65 Bedford 
Conway Hamilton, 7 Randolph 
Conway Hannah A., milliner, 162^ S 2d 
Conway James, blacksm., 190 Lawrence (N L) 
Conway James, blacksm. rear 644 Lombard 
Conway James, carter, 619 S 7th 
Conway John, lab. Clay W Sch Beach 
Conway John, 27 Grier's av 

Conway John, dealer, 700 Lombard 
Conway John, livery stables, 271 N 5th 
Conway John, lab. Oak n Rose (W P) 
Conway John, tailor, rear 247 Shippen 
Conway John, lab., 13th bel Federal 
Conway John, confect., 21 Lewis (P D) 
Conway John, shoes, 164 S 2d 
Conway Margaret, vest mr. 3 Cowperthwait pi 
Conway Mary B., dressmr., 28 N 11th 
Conway Martha, tailoress, 9th bel L Washington 
Conway Michael, tavern, S E 8th and South 
Conway Michael, lab. Pine bel Sch Sch Willow 
Conwav Michael, lab. Bridge bel Wyoming 

Conway ilichael, lab. Green n Mary 
Conway Mich., porter, llCommerce, h Clymer 
Conway M., Mrs., milliner, 68 Vine 
Conway Neal, innkeeper, Cailowhill and Water 
Conway Patrick, 6 Moore 
Conway Patrick, baker, Hamilton ab 24th 
Conway Pati'ick, bottler, 8 Hunter, house 112 

Conway Patk., letter carrier, 4 Union sq 
Conway Peter, boatman, Lombard n 18th 
Conway Peter, lab., Hope ab Phoenix 
Conwav Philip, tavern, S E Cailowhill & Water, 

h il N 11th 
Conway Philip, weaver, 2d ab York 
Conway Rebecca, 17 La Grange pi 
Conway Samuel, dry goods, 751 N 2d 
Conway Thomas, lab. L Washington ab 9th 
Conwav Wm., soap & candle manuf., 9 and 11 

Comptroller, and 168 S 2d 
Conwell James, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 
Conwell John, lab. 719 N Front 
Conwell Jolm D., gent. 25 Hazel 
CONWELL MARY ANN, Mi-s., tavern, N E 

5th and Cailowhill 
Conyers John, clerk, 160 Mai-shall 
Conyers Thos. B., carp.. Tulip ab Norris (R) 
Conyers Walter, diy gds., S AY Broad & Parrish 
Conyngham Wm. L., mer. 188 Market, h 259 

Cooey Wm., morocco dresser, rear 51 Duke 
Coogan Ann, Fitler and Harrison 
Coogan Owen, weaver, 10 Shippen la 
Coogan Wm., cordw., 14 Flower 
Cook Alexander, printer, 2 Beck pi 
Cook Alex., tavern, 11th and Nectarine 
Cook Arthur, painter, 79 G T road 
Cook Ashur, grocer, 990 W Mai-ket 
Cook Ashur C, bricklr., 86 J N 9th 
Cook Benj. John, salesman, 9th and Auburn 
Cook Charles, carp., 318 New Market 
Cook Charles, carp., 2 Lindsay's av 
Cook Chas., cordw., 7th n Federal 
Cook Chas. D., salesman, 162 Market, h 362 S 

Cook Chas. W., chemist, Warren bel Park 
Cook Christ. H., vict., 17 Nagle 
Cook Conrad, grocer, 19th and Girard av 
Cook David, cordw., Race ab Broad 
Cook Dorothy, 169 Lawrence (N L) 
Cook Edward waiter, 253 Lombard 
Cook Edward, weaver, Shippen bel 12th 
Cook Edward, ledger carrier, 8 Pennsylvania ar 
Cook Edwin R., tobac, 95 Brown 
Cook Ellas, chandler. Say n 16th 




Cook Elisha W., clerk, Prime st. wharf, house 

Spruce ab 16th 
Cook Eliza, 114 Nectarine 
Cook Eliza, wid of Jeremiah, lab., rear 7 Mead 
Cook Fredk., cordw. 11 ab Carpenter 
Cook Geo. H., 169 Lawrence bel Frs.nklin av 
Cook Gibson, waiter, Bedford bel 12th 
Cook Hannah, tailoress, 11 Rodger's ct 
Cook Henry, tailor, 1 Moore's al 
Cook Henry, lab., 484 Locust W 20th 
Cook Henry A., tailor, 129 S 2d, h 71 Gaskill 
Cook Henry B., carp., 8th and Carpenter 
Cook Hen.D., varnisher, 335 Market, h 11 Plea- 
sant Retreat 
Cook Henry N., g'old beater. 35 S 4th, h Yhost 
Cook H., porter. Beach ab Walnut 
Cook Isaac J. prod, dealer, 105 Market W 17th 
Cook James, fruiterer, S W 8th and Market & 

1 S 8th, h 6 Filbert av 
Cook James, carter, 330 Pine 
Cook James, lab. 625 Christian 
Cook Jane, 10 Paschall 
Cook Jasper C, bookkeeper, 119 Chestnut, h 

Ridg-e av and Oxford 
Cook Jesse M., coal, 75 Dock, h 151 Dillwyn 
Cook Joel, alderman, 189 Chestnut 
' Cook Joel, superintendent, N W 10th & Prime 
Cook John, soap and candles. Market E 17th, h 

Cherry W 16th 
Cook John, cordw., 10 Sears 
Cook John, boatman. Beach ab Walnut 
Cook John, lab. Sorrel bel Larch 
Cook John, hotel, St John and Coates 
Cook John, M. D., 23d ab South 
Cook John, carp. Washing-ton n Marg-aretta 
Cook John D., tobac, 486 G T road 
Cook John G., carp, weaver. Christian ab 4th 
Cook John H., dealer. Cherry ab West (Kl 
Cook John H., book-keeper, 112 Shackamaxon 

bel Franklin av 
Cook John W., paper hang-er, 39 Nectarine 
Cook Joseph, carter, Haines ab 12th 
Cook Joseph, confect., 2 and h 20 Arch 
Cook Joseph H., grocer. Front and Laurel, h 5 

Cook J. E., clerk, R av ab Jefferson 
Cook Kilian, varnisher, L Washington ab 11th 
Cook Louis, tailor, 795 N 2d 
Cook & M'Ginnis, tailors, 129 S 2d 
Cook Mary, 314 Pine 
Cook Mary, shop, 7th and Paul 
Cook Michael, lab., 248 S 4th 
Cook Michael, cordw., 78 German 
Cook Moses, combmr., Charlotte bel Beaver 
Cook M., boatman. Beach ab Walnut 
Cook Patk., lab., Sorrell bel Larch (R) 
Cook Patrick, boatman, 484 Locust W 20th 
Cook Peter, tailor, 1114 N 5th 
Cook P. J., rigger, 150 Carpenter 
Cook Robt., stone polish., Buttonwood bel 13th 
Cook Samuel, carp., 6th ab Little Poplar 
Cook Samuel, brushmr., 79\ South 
Cook Samuel, lab., 13th bel. L Washington 
Cook Samuel, tobac, 5 Arch, h 556 N 3d 
Cook Saml. C, auctr., 68 S Front, h 108 S 16th 
Cook Samuel J., whip mr., Halloway's ct 
Cook S. C, letter carrier, P. O., h 463 N 5th 
Cook Thomas, macht., Broad and Sp Garden 

Cook Thomas, g'ent., 16 Pine 

Cook Thomas, carver & gilder, 263 Poplar 

Cook Thomas G., clerk, 23 Ellen 

Cook Valentine, locksm., 1 Hulseman pi (K) 

Cook Wm., cordw., 1218 N 2d 

Cook Wm., bricklr., 330 Wharton 

Cook Wm., engineer, Marley's ct 

Cook Wm., comb manuf. Tyler ab Thompson 

Cook Wm., tailor, 182 Carpenter 

Cook William, waterman, 45 Mechanic" 

Cook Wm., carp., 530 N 7th 

Cook Wilham, lab. 112 Monroe 

Cook V/m., druggist, S W 7th and Brown 

Cook Wm., bandbox mr. 160 S 11th 

Cook Wm., tobacco, 113 Noble 

CookWm., carter, Lyndsey ab Fitzwater 

Cook Wm., butcher, Monroe ab 17th 

Cook Wm. B., g-rocer, 2d and Diamond 

Cooke Adelia, wid of Thomas, M. D., 31 N 6th 

Cooke Asher E., bricklr. 86J N 9th 

Cooke Benj. J., clerk, 31 N 3d, h 9th ab Suffolk 

Cooke Charles E., saddler, 658 S 2d 

Cooke Jacob, tobac, 4 N Front, h 113 Noble 

Cooke Jane, milliner. 111 Buttonwood 

Cooke Jaj^ ex. broker, 25 S 3d, h 262 Pine 

Cooke John, gent., 93 S 3d 

COOKE SYDNEY, restaurant, 117 Chestnut 

Cooke Tamar, 2 Yorke 

Cooke Wm., tobac, 4 N Front, h 113 Noble 

Cooke William, band bos mr.,360 Market, h 160 

Cooke Wm. T. B., M. D., 180 Race 
Cooker Henry, butcher, 7th ab Bridge (W P) 
Cooker John, cordw., 31 Charles 
Cooker J., h Marion 
Cooker Wm., ropemr. Maple (R) 
COOKMAN & BROTHER, coal & forwarding 

mers. Market bet 19th and 20th 
Cookman Frank, salesman, 124 Market, h 361 

Cookman George, mer., 589 Arch 
Cookman John E., 361 Race 
Cookman Mary, Mrs., gentw. 361 Race 
Cookman Wm. W., mer. 361 Race 
Cookson Chas., tallow chandler, 21 Frances 
Cooley Augustus, tinsm. 3 Cuthbert 
Cooley A. B., mer., 57 S Del av,h Summer ab 16th 
Cooley John, oysters, Vernon n 10th 
Cooley Thomas, driver, 60 Dillwyn 
Cooley Wm., 110 S Broad 
Cooley Wm. S., classical sem., 386 W Market 
Cooley Wm. C, Rev., 297 Washington 
Coolidge Edwin, boots and shoes, 181 Mai'ket, li 

84J Marshall 
Coolidge Eliza, b h, 23 Filbert 
COOLIDGE & DURBOROW, boots and shoes, n/ 

181 Market 
Cooling James, carp., N W George and Plum 
Cooling Patrick, lab., 13 German 
Coombe P., Rev., 222 Queen (K) 
Coombes John, surgical inst, maker, WaiTen 

bel Mary (W P) 
Coombs Benj., gent., 311 S 3d 
Coombs B. H., flour & feed, 2d bel Christian, k 

10 Marriott 
Coombs J., surg. inst. mr. 47 S 8th 
Coon Gibson, car driver. Wag-goner's ct 
Coon Lewis, miller, 2 Linden (K) 




Coon Wm., milk, Norris bel Tulip (R) 

Coonan Rody, lab. Brown n R R (R) 

Coones Gilbert, coachman, 4 Ohio 

Coones Harriet, washer, 4 Ohio 

Cooney John, g-rocer, N E 9th and Auburn 

Cooney John, lab. 4 John's ct 

Cooney Nicholas, lab., rear 12 Reed 

Cooney Patrick, carter 371 South 

Cooney Patrick, lab. 21st bel Filbert 

Cooney Thos., silver plater, Truxton bel Budd 

Coonis Chloe, 361 Lombard 

Cooper Aaron, waiter, 13 I^y 

Cooper Ann, Master ab Howard (K) 

Cooper Anna M., 56 X 12th 

Cooper A. H., clerk, 3 &: 3 Branch, h 89 S 3d 

COOPER BEXJ., tavern, 150 Lombard 

Cooper Benjamin C, real est. broker, 48 S 4th,! Cooper Julia, Lida ab Powell 

Cooper James R., 69 and 200 S Water, h 192 S 

Cooper John, ti-immings, 295 S 11th 
Cooper John, weaver, William ab 18th 
Cooper John, ship carp. CheiTy ab Queen (K) 
Cooper John, carter. Garden ab 6th 
Cooper John, cabinetmr. 150 Carpenter 
Cooper John, weaver, 2d ab Cumberland 
Cooper John, beer house, 2d ab Cumberland 
Cooper John E., house cai-p.. Wood ab Frank- 
lin av (K) 
Cooper John, Mrs., 8 Linden pi, Spi-uce ab 11th 
Cooper John W., boot fitter, 1 Stamper's al 
Cooper Joseph, lab., Sorel bel Larch (R) 
Cooper Jos. P., dry g-oods, X W Market Sc 19tli 
Cooper Jos. T., Rev., 134 Queen (K) 

h 4 Portico sq 
Cooper Benj. C, carp., 13th bel Girard av 
Cooper Catharine, G T road ab Wager 
Cooper Charles, g-rocer, 1087 X 2d 
Cooper Charles, cabinetmr. 4 Shield's ct 
, Cooper Charles, mach. 62 Clinton 
YJ^COOPER & CONRAD, diy g-oods, S E 9th and 
V^ Market 

Cooper Cordelia, 125 Callowhill 

Cooper Julia A., Mechanic ab Poplar 

Cooper J. C, M. D., 29 Arch 

Cooper La%\-i-ence, ladies' shoemr., Buttonwood 

and Garden 
Cooper Lewisjbroker, 2 Harmony ct, h Pine bel 

Cooper, Lippincott, Coffin & Co., dry g-oods, 34 

Cooper Mary, Mrs., washerwoman, 8th bel Reed 

Cooper C. B., mer., 34 N 3d, h Chestnut and Cooper Michael, collector, 13 Fitzwater 

Park (W P) 
Cooper C. B., bricklr. Chestnut W 20th 
Cooper C. C, M. D., 50 X 13th 
Cooper C. D., Rev., 225 Vine 
COOPER DAVID, mer., 9 X Del av 
Cooper Deborah, 7 Yirg-inia row 
Cooper Ebenezer, coachman, Maria bel 5th 

Cooper & Miller, cai-ps.. Christian bel lOth 
Cooper Milton, shoe mer., N W 3d and Arch, h. 

Georg-e W 17th 
Cooper M. A., drug-g-ist, X W 2d & Christian 
Cooper Peter, lab., rear 9 Charles 
Cooper P. C, watchman, West and Georg-e 
Cooper Redman, mer. 27 S 2d, h 3 Pahnyra row 

Cooper Edmund, cabinetmr. rear 7 X 9th, h. Cooper Richard, coachman, 6 Eag-le's ct 

1004 Jefferson : Cooper Richard, confect. 368 Poplar 

Cooper Edward, seaman, 132 Prime j Cooper Richd. M., cake baker, Apple & Poplar 

Cooper Edwd., undertaker, 392 X 3d Cooper Robei-t, cooper, 305 S Front 

Cooper Elizabeth, shop. Path ab Race Cooper Robert, lab. Harmstead n 21st 

Cooper E. W., painter, 3 Prime : Cooper Robt. H., watchmr., G T road and 2d 

Cooper Francis, clerk, 53 S Del av, h Cherrj-bet Cooper Robt. M., oak cooper, 19 Stamper's al 

20th and 21st 
Cooper Frank, 13th bel Cheny 
Cooper F. & Co., mers. 46 Vv'alnut 
Cooper Georg-e, confect. 490 X 2d 
Cooper Georg-e, copperplate pr., 19 Bayard 
Cooper Georg-e, brass founder, G T road ab 6th 
Cooper Georg-e, waiter, 3 Ivoiy 
Cooper Georg-e, brickmr. Busk's ct ab 11th 
Cooper Georg-e W., lab. East ct ab Broad 
Cooper Geo. '\^'., boilennaker, 6 Kepler pi 

Cooper Rosalinde, Mrs., Woodbine bel Federal 

Cooper R. T., tavern, P road ab 7th 

Cooper Samuel, weaver, G T road ab Master 

Cooper Samuel, Acorn al 

Cooper Samuel, gent. Sch Beech ab Clay 

Cooper Samuel, b h, 20 Minor 

Cooper Samuel, tailor, 53 Coates 

Cooper Samuel C„ real estate ag-ent, 6 Hart's 

Building, h 89 S 3d 
Cooper Sarah, 328 Walnut 

Cooper Georg-e W., watchmr., 492i X 2d, h 145: Cooper Sarah, di-essmr., S E 14th and Lombard 


Cooper Hannah, nurse, rear 1 Ronaldson 
Cooper Hemy J., cooper, 7 Hubbell 
Cooper Hemy W., jr., brassfounder, 618 X 2d 
Cooper H., fai-mer, Oak ab Rose (W P) 
Cooper Isaac, mer., S E 9th and Market 
Cooper Jacob, driver, Denmai-k bel Franklin 

Cooper Sarah Ann, dr}' goods, 207 Queen (K) 
Cooper Stephen H., bookkeeper, 36 S 2d, h 71 

COOPER THOMAS, brushes, brooms & steel 
j pens, 3 X Front, h 91 X 10th 
Cooper Thomas, spinner, 20th bel Lombard 
I Cooper Thomas, cabinetmr. 20th bel Lombard 
Cooper James, pres. Sunbui-y & Erie R. R., 501 Cooper & Walter, snuff mill, 11th and Melon^.x 

S 3d Cooper Warden, lab. Harmstead n 21st 

Cooper James, weaver. Amber ab Phoenix (K) ' Cooper Wm., carp., Catharine bel 13th 

Cooper James, spmner, Ann E 20th 
Cooper James, blacksm., 500 X 11th 
Cooper James B., carp. Morris ct, h 53 Franklin 
Cooper James E., driver, 2d st road 
Cooper James M., carp., Chi-istian n lltli, h 386 

Cooper Wm., watchman, 19} Stamper's al 
Cooper Wm., shoemr. 665 G T road 
Cooper Wm., book-keep., 23 S 4th, h 653 S 4th 
Cooper Wm., weaver, 2d ab York 
Cooper Wm., chair gild., 147 G T road 
Cooper Wm., shingle dr. William (K) 




Cooper Wm., boots & shoes, 40 N2d, h Rodman. 
Cooper Wm., cartel", 16 Bonsall 
Cooper Wm., clerk, 653 S 4th 
Cooper Wm., coachman, 44 Church av 
Cooper Wm. G., bootmr., 318 Wharton 
Cooper Wm. H., mer., 109 S Front, h 82 Spruce 
Cooper Wm. H., mer., 31 Sansom 
Cooper Wm. M., cooper, 69 and 200 S Water, h 

192 S Front 
Cooper Wm. M. & Co., coopers, 69 and 200 S 

Water, and 71 Church 
Cooper Wm. R., salesman, lOf Market 
Coot Thomas J., Nectarine bel 10th 
Coots Reuben N., shoemaker, Washington bel 

Cope Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut 
Cope Caleb, merchant, 183 Market, h Walnut 

and Quince 
-^CCOPE CALEB 8c CO., silk goods, 183 Market 

and 18 Commerce 
Cope Charles, grocer, 7th and Plover 
Cope Chas., carp. 26 Church 
Cope Clatus, cabinet mr., 2d ab G T road 
Cope Edwin R., mer., office 67 S 4th 
Cope Francis R., mer., 1 Walnut, h 7 Clinton 
Cope Georg-e, mer., 355 Walnut 
Cope Geo., salesman, 9 Harrison av 
Cope Georg-e W., accountant, 39 S Del av, h 4 

Logan sq 
Cope Hannah, dealer, 89 M road 
Cope Henry, vict., 167 M road 
Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h 4 Logan sq 
Cope Herman, off 70 Walnut, h 4 Logan sq ,_ 
COPE H. & A. & CO.,mers.,l Walnut 
Cope Isabella, nurse, 33 John 
Cope Israel, g^ent, 186 Arch 
Cope Jacob J., Cashr. Com. Bank, 110 Chesnut 
Cope Jasper, gent. 391 Arch 
Cope John, 287 N 11th 
Cope John, cooper, Mechanic ab Culvert 
Cope John, carp. 26 Church 
Cope John, vict., Wistar bel Prime 
Cope John E., mer. 76 S 2d, h 19 S 16th 
Cope Marmaduke C, 286 Filbert 
Cope Perry C, sea capt. 163 Christian 
Cope Thomas, whitewasher, Lawrence ct 
Cope Thomas P., mer. 272 Spruce 
Cope Thomas P., jr., mer. 1 Walnut, h 272 Pine 
Cope Wm., g-unner, U. S. Navy Yard 
Cope Wm., carp., Nicetown la 
Cope Wm., sr., 10 Keefe 
Cope Wm., lab., Wyatt ab 7th 
Copeland Asa, ship carp. 99 Prime 
Copeland Hugh, imp. embroideries, 32 S 4th, 

h 125 Franklin 
Copeland Isaac, tailor, 23 N 17th 
I Copeland James & Brother, imp. embroideries 
^ and laces, 32 S 4th 

Copeland John, looking glass, 10 Jefferson 
Copeland Rachel, wid. John, 5 Gulielma 
Copeland Russell, weaver, Union bel West (K) 
Copeland Saml., jr., carp., Barker n 18th 
Copeland Saml., sr., carp., 23 N 17th 
Copeland Thomas, shoemr.. Miller ab 13th 
Copeland Thomas B., stone cut. Washington n 

8th, h Madison ab 10th 
Copeland Wm., carp., 3d and Marriott 
Copely Pierce, agent, 6 Melon 

Copes Beverly, bookbr., 4 Russell 
Copes Chas. F., carp. 34 Lancaster 
Copes Henry P., spar mr., rear 3 Clark 
Copes M. V. K., collector. Sears bel 7th 
Copestick M., boot and shoe store, 165 Spring 

Copes Georg-e V., waterman, 25 Queen 
Copes John, lab. rear Lisle bel Shippen 
Copes Savage, lab.. Queen's av 
Copiver Jacob, g^ent.. Pine bel 7th 
Copp Gas., tobacconist, 436 N 3d 
Copp George, undertaker, 153 Vine 
Coppel Geo., farmer, P road 
Coppel Hen., founder, L Washington &. P road 
Coppel Jacob, brickmr. Harmstead n 20th 
Coppel Jacob, lab., P road 
Copper James C, laboratory, 9th and Parrish, h 

260 Marshall 
Copper John C, engraver, 18 Minor, h 283 N 8th 
Copper Thos., bookkr., 631 N 11th 
Copper Thomas A., clerk, 18 Minor, h 631 N 

Copping-er John, weaver, Helmuth bel 17th 
Coppinger JohnD., clerk, 265 Chestnut, h 501 

Copping-er Wm., editor Colo. Herald, 143 Wal- 
nut ab 6th, h 40 Addison 
Copple Daniel, Hotel, Caller's al and Exchangee 
pi, and Broad and Prime, house 43 Spruce 
Coppuck George W., clerk, 61 Buttonwood 
Coppuck Joseph C, mer. 30 N Front, h 120 N 

Coppuck M. M., salesman, 11 Bank, h 120 N 

Cops Chas., serg-eant, 17 Marion 
Corbel Christian, carp. 201 Jefferson 
Corbett John, harness mr. Oxford bel 11th 
Corbit Israel, gent, rear 590 Poplar 
Corbit John, glass blower, Wood bel Broad 
Corbit Joseph, g-ent. 409 Chestnut 
Corbit Margaret, rear 15 Keefe 
Corbit Mary L., 456 Vine 
Corbit Sarah, 61 Union 
Corbit Thomas, lab. 5 Western av 
Corbitt John, capt., Weldon's ct bel Rye 
Corbitt Wm., carp.. Federal ab 10th 
Corbon Charles, printer, 13 Rachel 
Corboy John, lab.. Filbert bel 23d 
Corbyn & Jennings, vet. surgeons, 17 Filbert 
Corbyn T. J., vet. surg'eon, 17 Filbert, h 4 Mor- 
Corckney Maurice, lab., Penna. av W 23d 
Corcoran Ann, West n Rail road (K) 
Corcoran John, boilermr., rear Marriott ab 4th 
Corcoran Mary, 8 Ashton pi 
Corcoran Pat., porter, 141 Market, h Parry's ct 
Cord Barney, weaver, 717 N 2d 
Cord Samuel T., broker, 17 S 3d 
Cordeil Thomas, Path n Race 
Cords Henry, clerk, 8 Strawberry 
Cordy John, weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Core Pat., lab., M'Atee's ct 
Corey Chas., eating saloon, 4 &. 6 N 6th 
Corey Geo., cordw., 16th ab Girard av 
Corey Horatio N., mer. 157 Market, h 321 N 6th 
Corey Samuel S., salesman, 157 Market 
Corfield Charles S., dentist, 186 N 4th 
Corfield 8c Company, com. mers., 54J N Del av 




Corgee A. W., carp. Jar^-is ab 2d 
Corg-ee Thomas, carp. 119 Dickerson 
Corg-ie Barbara, 330 S 4th 
Corinth Frederick W., hatter, 230 N2d 
Corinth "Wm., cooper, "Washington ab Front 
Cork Ridg-eway, tanner, 93 Alder 
Corkin Pat., lab., Salmon ab R R (R) 
Corkin Wm., porter, Jackson bel Parrish 
Corkrey John, carp., L Washington bel 10th 

Cornish Yeoman, clerk, 3 Chiu'ch al, h 32" S 5th 
Cornman George F., cig-ar mr. 216 Poplai- 
Cornman Oliver P., acct. 217 Wallace 
Cornog- David A., visitor of the poor, 12 Madison 
Cornog Henri", clerk, 12 Madison 
Comwell Abig-ail, washer, 9 Poplar ct 
Cornwell Catharine, Dyott's ct (K) 
Cornwell Charles, carp. Vienna bel Franklin 
Comwell Charles R., salesman, 39 Chestnut, h 
63 S 18th 

Corkrey John, cordw., Fisher ab Emory (R) 

Corkrey Timothy, carp. 310 Carpenter" ab 10th [ Comwell James, carp. Dvott's ct (K) 
Corkrin Anth'y G., dry g-oods, S E 4th & Gaskill ■ Cornwell Jas., brickmr., Meredith n 24th 
Corkrin Marg-aret, g-entw. Erie ab Catharine i Cornwell Robert H., carp. Hewston bel Franklin 
Corl Pat., liquors, N E 6th and Jefferson j Cornwell R. A., Mrs., b h, 111 Washington 

Corless John, grocer, F road ab York (R) I Cornwell Wm., ship carp. 109 Wood (K) 

Corley James, baker, rear 15 N 13th iCorpion Geo., tailor, Chai-lotte bel Franklin av 

Corley John, clerk, N W 4th and Chestnut, hjCorr Bernard, liquor store, Oak 8c Brown 

2 Elizabeth ct (S) 
Corley Nicholas, box mr. 2 John's ct 
Corley Pat., packer, Elizabeth ct 
Corlies Britton, mer. 13 N 3d, h 151 N 13th 
Corlies Eliza W^., S73 Arch 
Corlies Jacob W., 373 Arch 

Corr James, carter, Front bel Moore 

Con' John, liquors, S E 4th and Jefferson 

Corr Joseph, huckster, Lehigh (R) 

Corr Joseph, lab., Monroe pi (K) 

Corr Michael, liquors, 2d ab Montg-omery (K) 

Corr Owen, weaver. Rose bel Broad 

CORLIES S. FISHER, atty. at law, 51 N 6th,! Corr Patrick, grocer, 4th and Jeff'erson 

h 629 Arch 
Corliss Daniel, grocer, F road and Oxford 
Corliss Hannah A., dry goods, 241 F road 
Corliss Wm., macht., 154 F Road 
Cormack James, awning mr. 662 Lombard 
Corman Andrew, tailor, Brown's ct (K) 
Corman Georg-e F., bricklr. 69 Nectarine 
Cormany Georg-e, macht. 20th bel CallowhUl 
Cormany Geo., macht.. Enterprise bel 5th 
Cormick David, capt. 512 S Front 
Cormick James, M. D., Naval Asylum 
Corndaff'er Jac, g-lass cut., Reed's av 
Comdaff'er Nich., lab.. Brown (K) 
Corndaff'er Samuel, carter, Duke bel Vienna 

Corr Pat., lab., Salmon ab Somerset (R) 
Corr Pat., weaver. Baker's ct (K) 
Corran Daniel, cabs, 331 Vine ab 9th 
Corran Patrick, tailor, 288 Richmond (R) 
Correll David, machinist, 17th ab Pine 
Correll Henry, pumpmr., 26 Plover 
CoiTell Joseph, carter, Wyatt ab 7th 
CORRIE GEORGE J., music teacher. Jumper 

and Pine 
Corrie Henrv, org-an builder, 322 Mai-ket, h 

7 S 16th' 
CORRIE W. A., organ builder, 322 Mai'ket, h.y 

Summer bel 22d '^ 

Corrigan Hugh, cabman, 278 Fitzwater 
Coi-rigan Jas., lab. 553 Catharine 

CORNELIUS, BAKER 8c CO., lamps 8c chan- 
\y^ deliers, 176 Chestnut, 181 Cherry and 5tli,iCoiTigan John, lab. Nelson 

and Columbia av i Corrigan John, lab., 489 Shippen 

CORNELIUS 8c CO., lamps, 181 Cherrj- 8c 176iCon'igan Mich., clerk, 28 N Water, h 84 N 7th 

Chestnut, and 5th and G T road 
Cornelius R., lamps, 176 Chestnut, h 401 Arch 
Cornelius Sarah, Mrs., 4 Franklin 
Cornell Chas., brickmi-., G T road ab 5th 
Cornell Chas. H., carp. 702 N 10th 

Corrigan Thomas, cordw., 2d bel Master 
Corrtwright Isaac, fisherman, 12 Philip 
Coriw Chas., grocer, 350 N 2d 
CORRY JOHN, produce, 11 S Front, h 10th 8c 

• Cornell Chas. V., pawnbroker, 6 N 13th, h 504 Cony John R., packer, 12 Lagrange pi 

Coates ab 13th 

-CORNELL 8c HENDRY, ice dealers, 7 N 8th 

Cornell Marv, 1 Citv row 

kCORNELL THEOP., grocer, 330 N 2d 
Cornell Wm., ice dealer, 7 and h 9 N 8th 

•Comer Geo., pudler, Sarah bel Bedford 

■Comett John, lab., G T road ab 5th 

-Corney Bartholomew, lab.. Front bel Franklin 
Corney Joseph, vict., Carroll ab 13th 

• Cornish Abigail, cook, 13 St. Mary's 
Cornish David, waiter, 18 Ronaldson 
Cornish Geo., tailor, Higgin's ct 
Cornish Henry, druggist, 177 Walnut 
Cornish Henry C_ cordw. 13 St Mary 
Cornish James, sailmr. rear Bedford ab 13th 
Cornish John, shoemr., Scott's ct 
Cornish ilary, shop, S E 8th and Lombard 
Cornish Orlando, plasterer, 775 Coates 
Cornish Saml. N., barber. Arcade W av 
Cornish Scipio, lab., Carlton bel 13th 

Corse James, M. D., 319 Race 
Corsey James, coachman, 15 Watson's al 
Corsey J. W., oysters, 244 S 7th 
Corsey Trim, coachman, 15 Watson's al 
Corson Bai-bara, b h, 124 Summer 
Corson Cliristian, shoemr., 491 S 2d 
Corson Cornelius, mate, 36 Senate 
Corson E., tavern. Bank ab William (R) 
Corson Jacob, ladies' shoemr. 188 S 3d 
Corson James, sen., shoes, Charles and L Wash- 
Corson John W., shoemr. 26 Mechanic 
Corson Joshua, lab. Rose bel Bedford 
Corson Lewis, waterman. Crown ab Duke (K) 
Corson Tsl., ti'immings, 2d ab Reed 
Corson Nathan, shoemr., 13 Charles 
Corson Robeit, mariner. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Corson Wm., watchman. Maple (R) 
Coir\"aizier Jules, bootmr. 76 S 3d 
Cor}' George R., glove manuf. 448 N 5th 




Corvin Bernard, lab. 5 Leonard 

Cory Magdaline, Fraley's al 

Coryell Emanuel, cooper, Wyatt ab 7th 

Cosfeldt F., machinist, 44 Dock, h 8 Carter's al 

Cosfeldt F., pressmr., 46 Dock 

Cosfeldt John, pressman, 375 Marshall 

Cosg-rave J. S., mer. 221 Market, h Locust ab 

William (WP) 
Cosg-rave J. S., ag-ent. Locust ab William (W P) 
COSGROVE DANIEL, shoemr., 65 L Wash- 
ington bel 10th 
Cosg-rove James, hotel, Lancaster av and 6th 

Cosgrove John, tavern, 289 Vine 
Cosgrove Luke, blacksm., 2 L Washington 
Cosgrove Thomas, carter, 222 Carpenter 
Cosin Icrod, cabtmr., 2 Lodge al 
Coscaden Geo., lab., Helmuth ab 16th 
Cosker James, cordw. 283 S 3d 
Cossart Geo., cordv/., Rachel (N L) 
Cossart John, ti-unkmr., Sarah ab Queen 
Cossart John, cordw., Rachel n Laurel 
Cost Joshua S., hat finisher, F road ab Dauphin 
Cost Martin, baker, 3d bel G T road 
Coste Nicholas, tobacconist, 8th bel Reed 
Costello Bernard, lab., Vine bel 13th 
Costello & Dewitt, undertakers, N E 9th and 

Costello Jane, Catharine bel 13th 
Costello John, jr., tailor, 4 Ranstead pi 
Costello John, 523 Christian 
Costello John, lab. 14 Leed's av 
Costello Joseph C, atty. and coun. 21 Prune, h 

Washington bel 9th 
Costello Lawrence, lab. Walnut n Sch Beach 
COSTELLO MICHAEL, stamp cutter, 6 Shoe- 
Costello Michael F., printer, 25 Larch 
Costello N. F., carp. 218 S 9th 
Costello Thos., groc. N W Catharine & Swanson 
Costello Wm., weaver, Philip ab Jefferson 
Costello Wm., grocer, 261 S 7th 
Costen Levin M., 7th ab Parrish 
Costen S. H., dentist, 7th ab Parrish 
Coster Abraham, framemr., St John n Noble 
Coster John, cigarmr, R road ab Callowhill 
Costigen Thomas, blacksmith, Washington ab 

COTTER & BARBIER, tailors, S W 6th and 

Cotter James, tailor, 6th and Green 
Cotter James, bootmr. 10 Flower 
Cotter Michael, engineer, Robinson ct 
Cottingham Mary, trimmings, Lombard n 22d| 
Cottman Geo., hotel, 416 N 2d 
Cottman Geo., hotel keeper, near Somerset 
Cottman John, salesman, 507 Market 
Cottny Isaac, warper, Fulton 
Cotton Edward, car owner, 143 F road 
Cotton Elizabeth, Mrs, Phoenix and Hope 
Cotton & Lipp, 7 Union Benevolent Association 

Building.?, 7th and Sansom 
Cottonham Jas., capt. 12 Catharine 
Cottonham Nathaniel, carpt. 12 Catharine 
Cottrell John F., merchant, 109 N Water, h U S 

Cottringer Joseph F,, mer, 80 Chestnut, h 12th 
ab Cherry 

C0UENHOVEN JAMES, music store, 162 
Chestnut, h 114 N 7th 

Coughlin Francis, grocer. Little Washington 
bel 13th 

Coughlin Daniel, watchmr. 5 Monmouth ct 

Coulden Robert, lab. Fitler bel Harrison 

Coulomb Chas. A., prof, of langs. 10th and Ca- 

Coidston Charles, carp. L. Washington, bel 13th 

Coulston Charles, carp. 12th ab. Stiles 

Coulston Jesse C, carp. 9th ab Poplar 

Coulston Malinda, 629 N 12th 

Coulston Wm., lab. Fisher ab Huntingdon (R) 

Coult Marg. F., 567 Wood 

Coultas Harlan, botanist, Pratt n Logan (W P) 

Coulter Andrew, Buttonwood bel 12th 

Coulter Davis, varnisher, 13 Owen 

Coulter Fanny, 576 Brown 

Coulter Henry, basketmr. 49 S 2d & 46 Chestnut 

Coulter James, lampmr. 27 Duke 

Coulter James, 49 M road 

Coulter Jane, h 645 South 

Coulter John, Buttonwood bel 12th 

Coulter John, paver, 25 Owen bel Broad 

Coulter John, waiter, 9 Watson's al 

Coulter John, shoes, 6 S 9th 

Coulter Joshua H., carp. 9th ab Coates 

Coulter Samuel,- mach. 27 Duke 

COULTER STEPHEN, real est. bro. rear 56 
Walnut, h 260 Pine 

Coulter Wm., lampmr. 27 Duke 

Coulter Wm., lab. 21st bel Filbert 

Coulter Wm., lab. 3 Washington pi 

Coulter Wm. B., di-uggist, 212 Market, h 253 S 

Coulton Andrew J., cordw. 11 Sander's ct (K) 

Council Mary, Shippen ab Shippen la 

Council Thos., lab. Riley's ct bel Wesley 

Counsellor Thomas, porter, 4 Jones 

Countiss Hannah, 493 S 2d 

Countryman Wm., tobacconist, P road ab Car- 

Courier John, shipwrt, AUen ab Shackamaxon 

Coursaxilt A. G., cabinetmr. 221 S 5th 

COURSAULT A. G. & O. C, cabinetmrs. 221 
S 5th 

Coursault Leopold, cabinetmr. 6 Concord 

Coursault Oliver C, cabinetmr. 221 S 5th, h 
319 S 6th _ 

Coursey Christiana, 213 S 7th 

Coursey S., white washer, 249 S 7th 

Court Edward, clothing, 65 S 2d, h 191 S 6th 

Court Margt., milliner, 191 S 6th 

Courter Jacob, coach trimmer, 119 George bel 
5th (N L) 

Courtier Eliza, wid. Hawse's ct 

Courtier Wm morocco dresser. Hawse's ct 

Courtnay James, iron moulder, George ab Mar- 
garetta (W P) 

Courtney Geo. S.,' cottage fur. 4 and 6 S 7th 
and 228 Arch 

Courtney Joseph, carp. 8 Farmer 

Courtney Mary, Palmer n Franklin (K) 

Courtney Michael, blacksm. Prospect al 

Courtney Patrick, lab. 263 N Front 

Courtney Samuel P., tobacconist, 86 South, h 
Shackamaxon ab Queen 

Courtney Thos,, trader inhorses,21st ab Market 




Courtney T. M., salesman, 140J Market 
Courtney Wm., grocer, N E Hamilton and South 
COURTNEY & WILLETTS, furniture, 4 and 

6 S 7th and 228 Arch 
Courvoisier 8c Berthoud, watch case mrs. 52 S 

Couse Catharine, trimming's, N E 10th and Wood 
Cousen John, vict. 15 Hazel (S) 
Cousey Ann, cook, 6 Pleasant av 
Cousland William, engraver, 74 Walnut, h 456 

Cousley Hester, 19th bel Lombard 
Coussaines Nich., tanner, 96 Collins al 
Cousty Eliza B., 588 Vine 
Cousty John, grocer, 236 N 11th 
Cousty Joshua, clerk, 78 5 2d 
Couteau Mary, dyer, 90 Spruce 
Couturier Frederick, dyer, 104 Crown 
Covel E. H., House's tel. office 
Coverley Enos, locksm. rear 65 Carroll 
Covert Francis, turner. Chestnut ab 21st 
Covert Isaac, jr., turner. Chestnut ab 21st 
Covington Wm. H., cordw. Front bel Reed 
Cowan Andw., plumber, 309 Buttonwood 
Cowan Calvin, driver, 24 Green bel Spruce 
Cowan Henry, porter, rear 10 Quince 
Cowan Henry, salesman, 180 Market 
Cowan Henry H., book keeper, 33 S 4th 
Cowan John, moulder, Harrison ab 20th 
Cowan John, gard. Buck road ab Bread 
Cowan Joseph W., Sec. Ins. Co., S E 3d and 

Walnut, h Walnut W William (W P) 
Cowan Robert, driver, 24 Green bel Spruce 
Cowan Saml., hack driver, 24 Green bel Spmce 
Cowan Wm., lab. Shippen ab 19th 
Cowan Wm. D., clerk, 85 S Front 
Cowan Wm. F., clerk, 119 Chestnut 
Coward Charles P., carp. 24 Kurtz 
Coward Chas., trukmr. 18 N 4th, h 31 Parker 
Coward John, bootmr. 34 Market, h 4 Leper 
Coward Jas., ti-unkmaker 
Coward Jas., printer. Church ab Pi-ime 
Coward James, ropemr. 18 Tyson 
Coward James, carpt. h 32 Leopard ab Otter 
Coward Joseph, tailor, S E 2d and Market, h46 

Coward Mary, 36 Mechanic 
Coward Mary F., trimmings, 88 N 2d 
Coward Perry, baker, 21 Morris (M) 
Coward Samuel T., pattenimr. 172 S 3d 
Coward Tyler, printer. Rye bel Reed 
Cowden James, druggist. Queen ab 10th, h Green 

bel 11th 
Cowden James, carp. Federal ab 7th 
Cowden John, carp. 9th ab Federal 
Cowdrick Charles, plater, George ab 9th, h 1^1 

Cowdrick Edward, bricklr. 52 Lewis 
Cowell Henry R., mer. S W 7th and Chestnut, h 

43 S 13th 
Cowell John V., mer. S W 7th and Chestnut, h 

128 S 8th 
Cowell Jos. M., hatter, 176 Market, h Spruce bel 

Cowell Christopher, cordw, White's ct (K) 
COWELL & CO., hatters, 176 Market 
COWELL J. V. & SON, housekeeping dry 

goods, S W 7th and Chestnut 

Cowell & Stone, tinsm. 5^ N Front 

Cowell Wm., tinsm. 57 N Front, h 40 Cherry 

Cowen John, miner, 7th bel Prime 

Cowens John, ropemr. Apple ab Diamond 

Cowgill Sophia, Ross ab Queen (K) 

Cowk Henry, lab. Girard av ab Ridge av 

Cowley D., M. D., 100 S 9th 

Cowley Richd., stone mason, R road ab Jefferson 

Cowperthwait C. J., macht. h Paul ab 6th 

Cowperthwait & Co., upholsterers, 15 S 5th 


booksellers, 253 Market 
Cowperthwait Edwin, mer. 5 Commerce, h 75 

Cowperthwait Emmor, upholsterer, 15 S 5th, h 

276 Lombard 
Cowperthwait Hulings, mer. Nicetown la 
Cowperthwait H., mer. 253 Market, h 134 Arch 
Cowperthwait Joseph, Pres't. Phil. Ins. Co., 44 

Walnut, h 75 N 13th 
Cowperthwait'J. B., 253 Market, h Jones' hotel 
Cowperthwait Margaret, N W 12th and Green 
Cowperthwaite Thomas B., clerk, S W 4th and 

Cowperthwaite Wm., plasterer, 17 Jefferson row 
Cowpland Joshua, looking glasses, 27 S 4th, h 

3 S 16th 
Cowpland J. C, 27 S 4th, h 10 Jefferson row 
Cowten Catharine, 306 South 
Cowton Arthur, mer. Broad bel Race, house 163 

Cox Alfred G., clerk, 14 N 3d, h 199 Noble 
Cox Andrew, carp. 13 Beaver (K) 
Cox Andrew, brickmr. 979 South 
Cox Annie, 84 Nectarine 
Cox Chas., H., painter, 52 Buttonwood 
Cox Chas., lab. Passyunk road 
Cox Charles, carter, 6 State 
Cox Charles, brickmr. 635 G T road 
Cox Charles D., restu. N E Water and Walnut 
Cox Charles P., saddler, 330 N 5th 
Cox Christopher, mer. 94 New 
Cox C. E., N E 8th and Sansom 
Cox Daniel, packer, Philip ab Columbia 
Cox Daniel, bar tender, rear 574 N 2d 
Cox Daniel B., painter, 9 Queen 
Cox Edward, fai-mer, Passyunk road 
Cox Edwin, capt. 109 Cai-penter 
Cox Elizabeth, S E 7th and Race 
Cox & Fisher, dry goods, N W 12th and Market 
Cox George H., express, 92 Chestnut, h 31 

Marriott's la 
Cox Geo. S., ship joiner, Penn, h 167 Reach 
Cox Gideon, h 266 Spring Garden 
Cox George W., ship joiner, 128 F road ' 

COX, HAGAR & CO., stove works, 58 N 2d>^ — 
Cox Hannah J., 13 Division \ 

Cox Isaac, bricklayer, 17 Mifflin 
Cox James, U S Court, h 288 CheiTy 
Cox James, engineer, 7 Paul 
Cox James, Prest. Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co., 82 

S 2d, h Walnut n 15th 
Cox James H., moulder, 33 Carroll ab 12th 
Cox James M., mer. N W 12tli and Market 
Cox Jane C, trimmings, 60 Passyunk road 
Cox Jesse, mer. 76J S Front, h 94 New 
Cox John, wheelwr. 20 Division 
Cox John, 744 Wood 




Cox John, basketmr. 16th and Federal 

Cox John, stone mason, 12 N 9th 

Cox John, hay presser, Johnson's la ab 3d 

Cox John, eng'ineer, Sd and Haverford (W P) 

Cox John, lime dealer, 26 G T road, h 325 New 

Cox John F., blindmr. 91 Prime 
Cox Joseph, coal dealer, 605 N Front 
Cox Joseph, stone cutter, Jesamine n 15th 
Cox Joseph, confect. 20 Market, h 13 Division 
Cos Joseph, cordw. 7 Paul 
Cox Joseph, printer, Owen n Broad 
Cox Joseph, stovemr. 58 N 2d, h 5th ab Race 
Cox Jos., G., wirewr. 46 N Front, h 147 Dillwyn 
Cox Lawrence, U S Arsenal 
Cox Lewis W., manuf. 471 N 5th 
Cox & Lynn ship joiners, Penn ab Maiden 
Cox Margaret, milliner, 314 Pine n 12th 
Cox Mai-gt., wid of John, Adams bel Oxford 
COX MARTIN M., mer. 32 Market, h 345 N 12th 
Cox Mary, Spruce ab 15th 
Cox Mary Ann, trimming-s, 6 Arcade, h 4 N 7th 
Cox Mary, Mrs., 365 Apple 
Cox Mary H., tailoress, Mary bel Washington 

(W P) 
Cox Matthew, miller, Madison ct 
Cox Mich., lab. Leopard ab Otter 
Cox Pat., lab. Washington n Rose (W P) 
Cox Patrick, lab. Pennsylvania av W Nixon 
Cox P. J. Rev., Catharine bel 7th 
COX RICHARD W., tinsm. 178 N 2d 
Cox Robert, dealer, Spafford and Bedford 
Cox R. P., 365 S 9th 
Cox Salathael, tavern, Coates ab 12th 
Cox Samuel C, coal yard, Linden bel Front, h 

Edward (K) 
Cox Sarah, ladies' shoemr. 12 N 9th 
Cox Sarah Ann, matron deaf and dumb institu- 
tion, Broad and Pine 
Cox Terrence, weaver, Adams ab Jefferson 
Cox Terrence, plumber, 4th ab Master 
Cox Thomas, bootmr. 4th bel Moore 
Cox Thomas F., gent's, furnishing, 13 S 6th 
Cox Uriah, dyer, 814 N 2d 
Cox Wm., trader, rear, 20 Rodman 
Cox Wm., milkman, Passyunk 
Cox Wm., 15 W North 
Cox William, carpenter, 368 S 3d 
Cox William, bricklayer, Ash and Duke (K) 
Cox William, dyer, Cadwalader bel Master 
Cox William, brickmaker, 635 G T road 
Cox William, tavern, 2d ab Franklin 
Cox William C, clerk, 17 Bank, h 105 Randolph 
Cox Wra. P., coal mer. 63 Walnut, h 236 N 7th 
Cox Wm. S., carpenter. Myrtle bel 13tli 
Cox W. George, tailor, 274 Diamond 
COXE CHARLES S., 520 Spruce 
Coxe Charles, livery stable, 208 N 7th 
Coxe Charles W., mer. 12 Chestnut, h 65 N lltfe 
Coxe Edmund, Spruce ab 15th 
Coxe Ferdinand, U. S. N., Broad ab Pine 
Coxe James E., clerk, 579 N 6th 
Coxe John Redman, M. D., Broad ab Pine 
Coxe John R., jr., M. i)., 400 N 10th 
Coxe J. H., 315 Market 
Coxey Jas., groc. Till ab Pratt (W P) 
Coxey John H., jr.. Till ab Washington (W P) 
Coxey Jno. H., groc. Till ab Washington (W P) 

Coxey Wm., carpt. Franklin la 

Coxey Wm. J., grocer, Washington ab William 

Coxhead John, 35 Brandywine 

Coxhead Wm. R., tailor, 2 Parke 

Coy Henry, dental surgeon, 38 S 7th 

Coyle Alex. C, attorney and counsellor, 92 -N 

6th, h 10th bel Girard av 
Coyle B., lab. Salmon bel Ann (R) 
Coyle Charles, japanner, 199 Noble 
Coyle Dennis, cordw. 37 Murray ; 

Coyle Elizabeth, Prime n Arsenal 
Coyle Henry, carter, 268 Shippen 
Coyle Hug-h, machinist, 5 Benton 
Coyle James, shop, Tryon bel 22d 
Coyle James, weaver, Wagnei"'s al 
Coyle James, teamster, Washington (W P) 
Coyle James, dealer, Lombard n 18th 
Coyle John, dealer, 194 South 
Coyle John, coachman, 20 Wilcox 
Coyle John, blacksmith, 20th and Market 
Coyle John, lab. Charles bel Dickerson 
Coyle John, grocer, 418 S 10th 
Coyle John, livery stable, 10 Jefferson 
Coyle John, gardener. Cherry W 21st 
Coyle Michael, shoemr. 16 Pearl ab 15th 
Coyle Michl., lab. rear Biddle ab 23d 
Coyle Michl., lab. Clay E Sch Beach 
Coyle Patrick, cordw. Prime bel Arsenal 
Coyle Patrick, store, Callowhill bel 22d 
Coyle Pat., lab. Murray ab 20tli 
Coyle Pat., lab. 3d and Dauphin 
Coyle Patrick G., gardener, 268 Shippen 
Coyle Peter, Western Hotel, 288 Market 
Coyle Philip, lab. 1 Centre 
Coyle Samuel A., merchant, 237 Market, h 17 

Coyle Sophia, Fairmount n Sp Garden 
Coyle Terrence, lab. rear 8th bel Christian 
Coyman Peter, tavern, 4th and Coates 
Coyne John, hotel, 96 Monroe 
Cozens Benjamin E., plasterer, Stiles ab 13th 
Cozens Delia, 371 Walnut 
Cozens Henry D., bricklayer. Hay n 7th 
Cozens Wm. D., bricklr. 78 Federal 
Cozins Elizabeth, gro. 559 S 2d 
Cozins E. E. & S., teachers, 135 Spruce 
Crabb W. A., senator, 16th and Cuthbert 
Crabbe H. S., sec. to com. N. Yard, house 197. 

CRABBE WM. H., attorney, 197 Walnut 
Crabtree Benj., saw polisher. School n Otter (K) 
Craddon Pat., decorator, West bel Parrish 
Craden Henry, lab. Passyunk r 
Cradock Joseph T., agent, 33 S Front, h Wash- 
ington below Broad (S G) 
Craft Augustus, driver, Tyler ab Poplar 
Craft Bernard, tinsm. Prospect bel Master 
Craft David D., bookbinder, 40 Gaskill 
Craft Elizabeth, Clinton ab Parrish 
Craft James W., dry goods, 421 S Front 
Craft Jas. L., book binder,"-4f) Gaskill 
Craft Jereh., blacksm. 603 Front bel Otter (K) 
Craft Michl., fisherm. Beebe's ct bel Wheat 
Cragar Wm., carp. Rising Sun 
Cragg Wm., cabinet mr. 11 Watson's al 
Cragg Wm., undertaker, 10 College a^i^ 
Craig Albert, clerk, 170 S 9th 
Craig Alexander, lab. Sloan n Crane (W P) 





Craig- Alexander, Marriott bel 5th 

Craig- Alexander, g-ardener, 38 Pratt 

Craig- Andrew, brickmr. 193 Lawrence bel 

Franklin av 
CRAIG ANDREW C. & CO., wines and liquors, 

80 S Front 
Craig- Andrew C, mer. 80 S Front, h S W 13th 

and Walnut 
Craig- Benjamin, dyer, Clinton bel Phoenix 
S^CRAIG & BELLAS, com. and forwd. mers. N 
""'^ Cherry and Broad 

Craig- Catli. Mrs., 199 Buttonwood 

Craig- Charles, flour and feed, 179 N Front 

Craig- Chas., waterman, 116 F road ab Otter 

Craig- Chas., manuf. Arch ab Broad 

Craig- Elias D., tinsm. Market n 18th 

Craig- Eliza, b h. 25 W Georg-e E 17th 

CRAIG & FULTON, stationers, 19 S 8th 

Craig- George, lab. rear 20 Woodbine 

Craig- Georg-e, lumber mer 443 Race 

Craig- Geo., frame mr. Gays' ct 

Craig- Gerard, engineer, 217 Franklin 

Craig- Graham, clerk, S W 13th and Market 

Craig Hannah, weaver, 491 Shippen 

Craig Hyland, printer, 7 Hibberd 

Craig Hugh, mer. N W Broad and Cherry, house 

17th n Cherry 
Craig Hugh, lab. Biddle and Nixon 
Craig James, furniture, 277 South 
Craig James, lab. Huntingdon n Canal (R) 
Craig James, grocer, 5th and Diamond 
Craig James, tavern, N W 12th and Brinton 
Craig Jas., lab. 110 Barker 
Craig Jas., gas works, 23d and Simes 
Craig Jas., lab. Beach n Walnut 
Craig James E., warper, F road ab Phoenix 
Craig Jared, printer^ 116 Chestnut, h 193 S 9th 
Craig Jno., printer, 22 Willow 
Craig Jno., shoemr. Richard bel 17th 
Craig Jno., lab. 21st bel Filbert 
Craig John, stone cutter. Broad and Barclay, 

h Granite W 17th 
Craig John, printer, 3 Clifton 
Craig John G., carp. Washington bel Till (W P) 
Craig John G., painter, 21 N 7th, h 401 Market 
Craig John P., 252 N 7th 
Craig Joseph, printer, 197 Locust 
Craig J. B., wine mer. 80 S Front, h Franklin 

Craig Mary, Acorn al 
Craig Martin, Lombard n 19th 
Craig Moses, lab. George and West 
Craig Nathaniel, lab. Huntingdon n Canal 
Craig Pat., stone cutter, 8th ab Carpenter 
Craig Robert, coachman, 8 Marble ct 
Craig Robert, ship carpenter, h 28 Federal 
Craig Robert, weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Craig Robert, weaver, 19 M'Duffie 
Craig Robert, lab. Otter ab F road (K) 
Craig Robert, lab. Diamond 
Craig Robert, carter. Lemon n Cumberland (K) 
Crarg Saml., lab. McDuffie ab 19th 
Craig S., 5 Rasberry 
Craig Thos., drayman, 273 Market, h Cherry 

and 20th 
Craig TJ^os., jr., manuf. Arch ab Broad 
Craig ThoiTias, manuf. Arch ab Broad 
Craig Thomas W., M. D., 119 N 4th 

CRAIG WM., flour and feed, Clinton bel Master 

Craig Wm., U. S. N., 487 N 8th 

Craig Wm., Prest. Am. Mutual Ins. Co., 56 Wal- 

_ nut, h 515 Walnut E 17th 
Craig Wm., lab. Passyunkr 
Craig Wm. S., blacksm., Mary and Oak (W P) 
Cralge Albert B., clerk, 20 N 4th, h 170 S 9th 

bel Lombard 
Craige Chas., salesman, 177 Market, h 171 Wal- 
Craige Seth, gent. 364 Arch 
CRAIGE THOMAS & SON, riding school and 

livery stable, 4th ab Wood, h 119 N 4th 
CRAIGE THOS. H. & CO., manufs., Howard & 

Jefferson (K) 
CRAIGE WM. H., chemist, 12th and Prime, h 

364 Arch 
Cram Samuel, acct. 15 S 15th 
Cramen Ann, 211 N 13th 

Cramer Frederick, wheelwt. 2d ab Cumberland 
Cramer David, moulder, Dunton n Franklin 
Cramer David, carp. 9th ab Sp Garden, h 453 

Cramer Henry, druggist, 118 Race 
Cramer John L., brushmr., Queen bel Marlboro' 
Cramer John P., ship carp., 4 Harmony pi 
Cramer Jos., lab. rear G T,r ab 5th 
Cramer Joseph P., clerk Phil. Bank, Allen ab 

Marlborough (K) 
Cramer J. H., moulder, 422 Parrish 
Cramer Thos., lab. White n 15th 
Cramer Wm., mate. Court al 
Cramer Wm., weaver, 161 Howard 
Cramer Zephyr, lockmr. Hawse's ct 
Cramlich George M., baker, 634 N Front 
CRAMOND HENRY, att'y and coun., 149 Wal- 
nut ab 6th, h 539 Chestnut 
Cramp Alfred, fisherman. Queen bel Wood (K) 
Cramp Catharine, Queen bel Wood (K) 
Cramp Catharine, Mrs., Webster's ct (K) 
Cramp Charles, ship carp. 67 Palmer (K) 
Cramp George, fisherman, Bedford ab Palmer 

Cramp Jacob, fisherman. Queen n Wood (K) 
Cramp John, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., Vienna n Queen (K) 
Cramp Mai-tin, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Cramp Peter, boat & ship builder, Bedford ab 

Palmer (K) 
Cramp Wm., ship carp., yard Palmer 8c Beach, 

h 65 Palmer (K) 
Cramp William G., boat builder, 52 Palmer (K) 
Crandall A. L., wood turner, 28 Centi-e 
Crandall Matthew, coach trimmer, rear 446 S od 
Crane Charles, stove finisher, Chiu-ch bel Mifliin 
Crane Chas. W., cabinetmr. 579 S 2d 
Crane & Co., advertising agents, 57 S 3d 
Crane Eleanor, 32 Queen (S) 
Crane Geo. W., turner, 57 Queen 
Crane Isabella, 248 St John 
Crane Philip, lab. Susannah (R) 
Crane Wm. E., 57 S 3d, h 629 Girard av 
Crane William H., cordw., 190 S 13th 
Crane Wm. W., brickli'. 66 German 
Craneger John, moulder, Carlton bel Broad 
Craner Wm., lab. 3 Monroe ct 
Crangle George, china ware, S E Shippen and 




Cfangle Nicholas, china, 107 Franklin (K) 
Crankshaw Catharine, 39 Shlppen 
Cranly Thos., lab. Pine bel Sch Willow 
Cranmer Abraham W., sea capt., Richmond ab 

William (R) 
Cranmer J. S., 6 N 9th, h 174 Cherry 
Grans & Greg-ory, conveyancers, 300 S 5th, and 

538 S 5th ab Queen 
Crans Peter, att'y and coun., 110 S 3d 
Cranston George P., baker, rear 97 Noble 
Cranston Robert, weaver, 379 S 13th 
Crap Chas. F., engraver, 5th and Cherry, h 245 

Crap George M., h 245 Federal 
Crap Joseph G., umbrellamr., 245 Federal 
Crap Samuel E., tilism. Brown ab Hunting-don 
Crap Wm. II., ^g-raver, Inquirer Buildings, h 

245 Federal 
Crapper Henry, 24 F road ab Maiden (K) 
Craran Wm., lab. 23d n Pine 
Crass S ami. E., tinsm. 202 Richmond 
Craton Alex., lab. Federal bel 15th 
Crauthers James, brickmr., 183 Lewis 
Cravat Geo., 296 S 2d 
Craven Aaron, U S Mint, 5 St Joseph's av 
Craven David R., lab. Flower 
Craven Ishi, broker, 32^ S 3d, h 231 S 9th 
Craven Ishi H., 32 J S 3d, h 231 S 9th 
CRAVEN I. & CO., note and stock broker, 32§ 

Craven James C, tin plate worker, 306 S 10th 
Craven Joseph H., clerk, 187 Market 
Craven Martha, Palm bel Brown 
GRAVEN THOMAS, agent, 4 Minor, h Sp Gar- 
den ab Broad 
Graven Thos., U S Mint, 129 Race ab 15th 
Graven Thos., cordw. Bank n Federal 
Graven Wm., carter, Marlborough bel Bedford 
Crawford Alex. 21 Howard 
Crawford Andrew, lab. Clay E Sch Willow 
Crawford Ann E., 646 Coates 
Crawford Anna S., teacher, Catharine ab 3d 
Crawford A. C. L., clerk, 219 Market, h 548 N 

Crawford A. E., dressmr. 2 Orange 
Crawford A. L., grocer, Noble and Front 
Crawford Benj., clothing, 48 Market, h 169 N 7th 
Crawford Benj., boat and ship builder, Hanover 

ab Allen 
Crawford B. A., tanner, 6th ab Girard av, h 520 

N 7th 
Crawford Christopher, shoemr. 3 Boy's av 
Crawford David, lab. 260 Fitzwater 
Crawford Elizabeth, Spruce bel 19th 
Crawford Francis, driver. Filbert n 20th 
Crawford Geo., gent. Anita ab Federal 
Crawford Geo. L., lawyer, Ix 219 N 7th 
Crawford Henry, engineer, 41 Clark 
fv/ CRAWFORD HENRY M. & CO., leather deal- 
%?'" ers, 204 N 3d and 19 Dillwyn 

Crawford Henry M., mer. 57 Market, h 13 Noble 
Crawford Jacob, restaurant, Franklin av 8i How- 
ard, h 148 Adams (K) 
Crawford James, collector, 84 S 3d, h 17th ab 

Crawford James, carp., Cliristian ab 2d, h 187 

Crawford James, gent., Millar's al 

Crawford James, carp, weaver, 3d ab Franklin av 
Crawford James, jr., plumber, S E Coates and 

Crawford James, painter, Ann and Larch (R) 
Crawford James, iron, Lombard and Aspen 
Crawford Jas. & Son, coal mers. Broad ab^ace 
Crawford Jno., George E 20th 
Crawford Jno., tav. 499 Vine 
Crawford Jno., clerk, 7 Lemon 
Crawford Jno., lab. Margaretta n Locust 
Crawford John, weaver, Front ab Jefferson 
Crawford John, drayman, 162 Parrish 
Crawford John, 150 Howard bel Master 
Crawford John, hotel. Washing-ton (W P) 
Crawfoi-d Joseph, lab., Sager pi n 19th 
Crawford Joseph, weaver, Shippen n 15th 
Crawford Margai-et, 3d & St Joseph's av 
Crawford Mary, 419 S 6th 
Crawford Mary, Broad bel South 
Crawford Matthew, contractor, 337 N Front 
Crawford N., foundryman, Church ab Reed 
Crawford Rebecca, 176 Randolph (N L) 
Crawford Robert, carpets, 401 R road 
Crawford Robert, trimmings, 314 N 2d 
Crawford Robt., tobacconist, 140 Lombard 
Crawford Robert, lab., S Willow & Spruce 
Crawford Roderick M., cordw. 8th bel Wharton 
Crawford R. L., acct. 626 Coates 
Crawford Samuel, drayman, 138 Howard ab 

Crawfoi-d Samuel, leather dealer, 5 Noble 
Crawford Samuel, carp. 133 William 
Crawford Samuel H., gent. 10th bel Melon 
Crawford Samuel W., Rev., 6 Summer 
Crawford Sarah, rear 648 Lombard 
Crawford Stephen R., Pres. U. S. Life Ins. Co., 

S E 3d and Chestnut, h 27 Girard 
Crawford Theodore, carp., 419 S 6th 
Crawford Thomas, weaver, 44 Fitler (K) 
Crawford Walter, lab. Carroll ab Cumberland 
Crawford Wm., boatman, Cuthbert W 21st 
Crawford Wm., grocer, 17th & Rittenhouse 
Crawford Wm., driver. Wood ab 16th 
Crawford Wm., lab. Shippen bel Broad 
Crawford Wm., cordw., Clifton bel Cedar 
Crawford Wm. H., engineer. Winter bel 21st 
Crawford Wm. H., gent., 219 N 7th 
Crawford William S., salesman, 245 Market, h 

Union hotel 
Crawley Abraham, brushmr. Silbert ab Wharton 
Crawley Abram, mach. 265 Coates 
Crawley Jos. S., clerk, 265 Coates 
Crawley Wm. H., clerk, S W 3d and Market, h 

Washington ab 3d 
Crawson Chas., lab. Front st r 
Crawther Jer., spinner, Tryon bel 22d 
Craycroft Benj. B., mer.. Market st whf, h 320 

S Front 
Craycroft Jos., cordw., M road ab Washington 
Crayton Robt., lab. rear 1009 N 2d 
Creach Thos., shoemr. 20th & Lombard 
Creagmile & Brother, carpets, 44^ N2d.,^^<*'*" 
Creagmile Chas., carpets, 44^- N 2d, h Sp Gay- 
den ab 8th 
Creagmile Wm., carpets, 44J N 2d, h 5th ab 

Creagmill Thos., sup. lum. yard, 5th ab Coates 
Creak Louis, waterman, 69 Penn 




Creamer George C, ship carp., N E Bedford 8c 

Crown (K) 
Creamer James, spinner. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Creamer Joseph, clerk, Dunton bel Franklin 
Creamer Margaret, Marlboro' bel Bedford 
Creamer Mary Anne, 559 N 5th 
Creamer Sarah, wid. of Michael, 104 Lawrence 

Crean Alex., drug-gist, 12th and Carlton 
Crean John, jr., clerk, 33 Commerce, h 12th & 

Crean John N., hardware, 208 N 12th 
Crease Charles J., manuf. 13 N Front 
Crease Henry, clerk, 13 N Front 
Crease Orlando, clerk, 87 Chestnut 
Crease Wm. G., tailor, 117 N 3d 
Creasey Chas. C, moulder, 2d bel John 
Creasey Edw. J., pattern mr. 28 Saranac 
Creauther Wm. W., clerk, 2 N 3d 
Creden John, lab. 11 Relief pi 
Cree Wm., macht. 552 S 8th 
Ci'eed H. B., salesman, 41 S 2d 
Creed Mary, shop, Washington ab Moore (W P) 
Creed Philip, lab., Washington ab Moore (W P) 
Creelman Haslett, lab. F rd ab Hart la 
Creely Elias, drayman. Elm bel Franklin (K) 
Creely E. V., h N E 15th and Lombard 
Creely Jacob, joiner, 56 Washington av, h 400 

N Front 
CREELY M. H., grocer, N E 11th and Fitz- 

, Creeman Wm., dyer, 5 Wagner's al 
Creeiy Watson, shop, 18 Brown 
Crees F. T. G. C, teacher languages & music, 

353 Market 
Crees John, shoemr. Fisher ct ab Miller 
Crees M. J. E. C, lampmr. 5 S 6th, h 63 Locust 
Cregai- B. N., bookkeeper, 45 N 3d, h 498 Vine 
Cregar Chas., bootmr. 290 N 8th 
Cregar Chas., lab. Alder bel Master 
Cregar Geo., bootmr. 290 N 8th 
Creig Henry, marble polisher, N W 7th and 

Cregar P. A., teacher, 384 N 12th 
Creig James, distiller, N W 7th & Federal 
Creig James & Brotlier, distiller.s, N W 7th & 

Creighton Garrett, shoes, 16th and Cuthbert 
Creighton Hugh, salesman, 10 S Front 
Creighton John, foreman, 2d and Phcenix 
Creighton John, carp., William n 19th 
Creighton Jos., weaver. Rainbow (K) 
Creighton Richd., moulder, 2d ab Montgomery 
^'Creighton Robert, mer., 10 S Front, h 510 W 

Creighton Rob't, soap boiler, Almira pi 
Creiglon L., h 13 Short's ct 
Cremine Pat., porter, 158 Market 
Crenshaw Edm. A., drug., N E 6th and Arch, h 

39 Clinton 
Cress Elizabeth, gentw. 30 Garden 
Cress Georg-e, gent. 87 Buttonwood bel 8th 
CRESS GEORGE, jr., druggist, N E 8th and S 

Cress Henry, vict. 580 Brown 
Cress James, vict. 580 Brown 
Cress James, tin wr. 520 N 10th 
Cress James, bricklr. 175 Coates 

Cress John, coach trim. 4th bel Franklin, h 536 

Brown bel 13th 
Cress Maximilian, coach lamp mr., 63 Locust 
Cress Samuel S., bricklr.. Nectarine bel 10th 
Cress Wm., lab. 580 Brown 
Cresse John, carpt. 19 Marshall (S) 
Cressee George F., grocer, 41 Beck (S) 
Cressman Catharine, sempstress, 141 Harmstead 
Cressman F., tobacconist, 204 F road 
Cressman George, stone cutter, 30 Wistar 
CRESSMAN ISAAC, hotel, 12th & S Garden 
Cressman Jos., tobac. 329 N 2d, h 74 Coates 
Cressman Margaret, regalia mr. 15 Melon 
Cressman Reudy, tobacconist, 318 Vine 
Cressman Wm. R., tobacconist, Girard av ab 8th 
Cresson Chas C, 496 Chestnut 
Cresson Clement, clerk, 32 S Front, h 22 Erie 
Cresson Deborah, 174 Filbert 
Cresson Elizabeth T., 22 Erie 
Cresson Emlen, N W 8th and Spruce 
Cresson James H., 174 Filbert 
Cresson John B., clerk, 174 Market, h 28 Chat- 
Cresson John C, engin. gas works, 32 Summer 
Cresson Jolin E., upholst. 43 N 4th 
Cresson Joseph, 363 Race 
Cresson J. F., clerk, 197 Fitzwater 
Cresson M Mrs., gentw. 30 Sansom 
Cresson Rachel, 84 Marshall 

foundiy. Willow ab 13th 
CRESSON WALTER, mer. 29 Commerce ^^ 
Cresson William, 29 Commerce 
Cresson William P., iron foundry. Willow 

13th, h Arch ab 17th 
Cresswell Mary, Lancaster bel Reed 
Cresswell Matthew, clerk, 211 Market 
Cresswell Robert, mer. 211 Market, h 503 Arch 
Cresswell Robert, Rail Road Hotel, Market ab 

CRESWELL S. J., brass and iron founder & 

stove mr., 288 and 290 Race, h 18th ab ' 

Creutzborg Samuel L., mer. 169 Market, h 157 

Crevcling J. W. K., coachmr.. Front ab Master, 

h Beaver bel 3d 
CREW B. J., druggist, N W 5th and Callowhill y 
Crew J. Lewis, druggist, F rd and Phoenix (K) 
Crhall C. E., clerk, 109 Market 
Crib William, baker, Carlton ab 13th 
Criballear Peter, confect. 8 Marriott 
Crich John, miner, N E Fitzwater & Diamond 
Crider George, cordw. 101 Vine 
Crider Mary Ann, shoebinder, 88 New Market 
Cridland Eliza, 7th ab Poplar 
Cridland Leander, carp. 457 Pai-rlsh 
Cridland Sylvester, clerk, 4 Rose al 
Crighton Richd., macht. Johnson's la ab 3d 
Crill Francis, lab. 21st bel Lombard 
Ci'illman Hazlett, lab. Emerald ab Hart la 
Crilly Alexander, carter, 7 Clymer 
Crilly Andrew, painter, Callowhill bel 15th 
Crilly Bridget, washer, 15 Strawberry 
Crilly Bridget, tavern, 2^ S 7th 
Crilly George, butcher, 156 Phoenix (K) 
Crilly Henry, grocer, N W 3d and Thompson 
Crilly Michael, baker, 239 S 6th 




Crflly Marg-aret, Phoenix and Wistar ct (K) 
Crilly Pat., lab. 12 Cl3'mer 
Crilly Thos.. lab. G F rd & South 
Crilly Thos., jr., salesman, 17 N 4th 
Crimm Christian, butcher, Washington ab Co- 
Crims William, lab., Huston ab Salmon (K) 
Cripen E. J., grocer, 55 S 3d, h 134 S 3d 
Cripps John, basketmr.. Church & Wilson 
Cripps John F., stone cutter, Girard av ab 13th, 

h Nectarine ab 10th 
Ci-ipps Rich'd M. L., cordw. 159 Buttonwood 
Crispenn James C, bricklr.. State (W P) 
Crispenn Mary H., dressmr., S E 4th and But- 
Crispin Benj. F., weigher, 44 S Water, h 147 

Wallace n 11th 
Crispin Edward T., trunks, 112 and 184 Mar- 
ket, h rear 11 Minor 
Crissey Aug-ustus, reader, 548 N 10th 
Crissey Chas. W., ship joiner, 85 Otter 
Crissy James, printer and publisher. Goldsmith's 

Hall, h 322 Arch 
Crissy John, tailor, 446 Poplar, h 105 Clinton 
Crissy &. Markley, printers, booksellers and 

binders. Goldsmith's Hall 
Crist Alfred, att'y and coun. 48 S 6th 
CRIST GEORGE W., tavern, Phoenix and 

Leopard (K) 
Crist Hen., glass blow.. Wood ab Franklin (K) 
Crist Jane, Vienna ab West 
Crist John, butcher, Mary ab Green (W P) 
Crist Hannah, rear Hanover n Jackson 
Crist R., 21 Spruce 
Crist Sarah, Franklin bel Palmer (K) 
Crist Thomas, vict., Hanover n West (K) 
Crist Wm., mor. dr. Beach ab Palmer (K) 
Cristenshaffer Lewis, tailor, Olive ab 12th 
Cristiani Richard S., chemist, 70 N 2d, h 236 N 

Cristy John S. E., S 6th and L Pine 
Cristy Margt. S. E., S 6th and L Pine 
Criswell Isaac J., looking glasses, 299 Market, 

h Bankson and Melon 
Criswell Jno. A., salesman, 2 N 9th 
CRITTENDEN S. H., Commercial Institute, S 
E 7th and Chestnut, h 293 Pine 
*y Croasdale Albert, car. 154 F road 

CROASDALE EBER, superintendant, 19 Mer- 

Croasdale J., com mer. 8 S Del av 
Croasdill Chas. W., mer. 32 N 3d, h 155 Arch 
Crocker Franklin, cordw. 255 N 7th 
Crocker Samuel, laborer, 43 Prime 
Crockett Joseph S., blacksm.. Maiden bel Front, 

h 70 Maiden 
Crocks Fred., silver plater. Liberty al 
Crocks Henry, cordw., Maria ab 4th 
Crofferd Richd., lab. Jackson bel Parrish 
Croft John, lab. Linden 
CROFT SAMUEL, mer., 53 Commerce 
...^Z;^ROFT THOMAS F. & CO., agricul. wareh., 
p^ 309 Market, h N W William and Coates 
Crofton Philip, mer. 7 S Front 
Crofton Robt. E. A., book keeper, 7 S Front 
Crofton Thomas F., mer. 7 3 Front, h 18th ab 

Crofton Thomas F. & P., com. mers. 7 S Front 

Crofut George A., U. S. Journal, White Bear, 

Race n 4th 
Croley William, tailor, Essex ab Christian 
Croll Christ., tailor, 147 Chestnut, h 458 N 8th 
Croll Elizabeth, 3 Saybolt's ct 
Croll Minor B., seaman, 24 Beck 
Croll M. J., tailor, 147 Chestnut, h 6 S Penn sq 
CROLL M. J. & CO., tailors, 147 Chestnut 
Croll Peter, brickmr. M'Diiffie n 20th 
Croll Samuel R., cutter, S E 7th & Market 
Croll Wm., boarding school. Park & Locust 
Croll Wm., tailor, 147 Chestnut, h 197 Queen 
Crombargar John, salesman, 20 N 3d, 8c brush 

maker, Bankson n Coates 
Crombargar Peter, salesman, 57 N 3d 
Crombarger Thomas S., com. of deeds, 46^ Wal- 
nut, h 29 Jacoby 
Cromberg John, tailor, 8 Vernon 
Cromberg Wm., cabinetmr. 13th bel Oxford 
Cromelien Jas. M., liquors, 431 Chestnut, h 141 

N 13th 
Cromelien Rowland, wine mer. 13 Walnut, h 

141 N 13th 

h 273 Franklin 
Cromley George, shoemr. 9 Willing's al 
Cromley James, 142 S 12th 
Cromley John, brickmr. 20th bel Walnut 
Crommie A. J., tailor, South ab 11th 
Crommiller John, butcher, 139 Hancock 
Cromney George, tavern. Front bel Franklin 
Crompton John, fancy boxmr. 70 N 3d, h Au- 
burn ab 8th 
Cromwell Bradford, watchmr. 72 Market 
Cromwell James J., carver, 16th n Cherry 
Cromwell James S., clerk, 16th n Cherry 
Cromwell John, sailmr. 159 Lombard 
Cromwell John, jr, bricklr. 17th and Spring 
Cromwell Samuel V., dealer. Race bel 22d 
Cromwell Wm., carder Cadwalader ab Franklin 
Cromwell Willis, shop. Rye ab Reed 
Cronin Bartholomew, dealer, 3 Monmouth ct 
Cronin Daniel, porter, 2 McCloskey's ct 
Cronin Edmund, shoemr. 942 Coates 
Cronin Wm., porter, 3 Newton 
Cronnell Michael, shop 24th and Biddle 
Crooker & Co., silk & straw goods, 27 Bank '"\^-^ 
CROCKER J. HUDSON, silks and straw goods,, ^ 

27 Bank 
Crooks George R., Rev., 536 N 5th 
Crooks Hugh, driver, Leiper's row 
Crooks James, tavern, S E 17th and Pine 
Crooks James H., tavern, S E 20th and Pine 
Crooks John, laborer, Monroe ab 17th 
Crooks Thomas, shoemr. 144 Swanson 
Crooks Wm. J., store, F road bel Bedford 
Crookshanks John, flour and feed. Front bel 

Croopman Henry, sugar refin. Jackson bel 5th 
CROPLEY JOHN S., coppersm. N W Barron &. 

South, h Barron ab South 
Cropper Ezekiel, confect. 377 South 
Cropper Harriet, 8 Gray's al 
Cropper Isaac, porter, 6 Liberty ct 
Cropper Isaiah, salesm. Anthony bel DickersoE 
Cropper Jeremiah, waiter. Pearl ab 13th 
Cropper John M., N. England House, 14 Dock 
Cropper Levi, stevedore, 105 Bedford 




Cropper Lomax, N W 15th and Callowhill 
Cropper Saml. P., surveyor Am. Fire Ins. Co., 

586 S 3d 
Cropper Wm., hod carrier, Pearl bel Broad 
Crosbury David, dealer, 17 Barley 
Crosby C, Mrs., 20th ab Georg-e 
Crosby Elizabeth, 74 S 12th 
CROSBY E. R., coal dealer. Broad bel Shippen 
Crosby F. J., mer. 262 Chestnut, h N E 8th & 

Crosby Geo., clerk, 316 Chestnut, h 279 N 11th 
Crosby Jas., barber, William bel Richmond (K) 
Crosby John, restaurant, 101 Chestnut 
Crosby John, boot fitter, 11th ab Federal 
Crosby John W., plasterer, 436 S 6th 
Crosby Theodore B., salesman, 199 Market 
Crosby Thomas, boots and shoes, 978 W Market 
Crosdell Edward, seaman. Enterprise bel 5th 
Croser Thomas J., mor. fin. Slessman al 
CROSKEY HENRY, lumber, 1st whf bel Green 

h Rittenhouse ab 19th 
Croskey Joseph, macht., 1 Sansom's al 
Crosley Frank J., clerk, 8th and Noble 
Crosley Michael, lab. Houston n R R (R) 
CROSMAN GEORGE H., Major Qr. Mast. U. S. 

A., office 39 Girard, h 66 S 19th 
Cross Benj., teacher of music, 192 Filbert 
Cross Benjamin, mach. Wood bel Broad 
Cross Benjamin C, teacher of music, 105 S 17th 
Cross Charles, cabinetmaker. Mechanic below 

Georg-e (N L) 
Cross Edwd., clerk, 22 S 3d, h Filbert bel 13th 
Cross Francis E., coal mer., 59 S 4th, h 15th 

bel Girard av 
CROSS GEORGE W., mer. 272 S 10th 
Cross Henry, cordw. 10 Bayard 
Cross Henry C, clerk, 22 S 3d, h Filbert bel 

Cross James, salesman, 172 Market 
Cross Marg-aret, dressmaker, 26 Howard 
Cross Michael, laborer, 5 Southampton ct 
Cross Peter F. engr. U. S. Mint, h 11 Madison 
Cross William, warper, 7 M'Duffie 
Crossan Daniel, plumber. Carpenter bel 8th 
Crossan Edward, drayman, 300 S 7th 
Crossan James, milkman. Carpenter bel 8th 
Crossan Thos., boatman, Meredith ab 23d 
Crossen James, waterman, Trinity pi 
Crosset John, jr., Amber ab Phoenix 
Crosset John, winder, rear Amber ab Phoenix 
Crossin Patrick, lab. Beach ab Spruce 
Crossin William, tailor, 5 Bonsall 
Crossin William, hatter, 5 Howai-d pi 
Crossley Georg-e, eng-ineer, Biddlen Falrmount 
Crossley 8c GUbert, black and whitesms.. Broad 

bel R av 
Grossman A., gent. 24 Dunton (K) 
Grossman J. M,, mer. 503 Walnut 
Grossman William, tinman, 17 Lombard 
Crosson Patrick, lab. F road ab Hart la 
Crosta Francis, barber, 216^ N 9th 
Crosta Julius, boot crimper, Peakert's ct 
Croswell George, shoes, 208 S 2d 
Crothers John P., cordw. 479 Poplar bel 10th 
Crothers Matilda, gentlew. 389 Arch 
Crothers Wm. S., 389 Arch 
Crotts Charles, shoemr. Nicetown la 
Crotts Samuel, shoemr. Nicetown la 

Crouch C. W., shoemr. 187 Green 
Crouch Henry, trader, 4th ab Columbia (K) 
Crouch John, weaver. Rose ab 13th 
Crouisillat Margaret, W Rittenhouse sq 
Crousdale Heniy, salesman, F road ab Hart la 
Crouse Catharine, nurse, 2 Gilbert ab 9th 
Crouse David, cigarmr. 27 Mifflin 
Crouse Edward, brickmaker. Mechanic ab Cul- 
vert (N L) 
Crouse Joseph, carp. 61 Howard (K) 
Crouse Michael, painter, Esher's av 
Crouse Peter, salesman, 87 Chestnut 
Crouse P. P., salesman, 87 Chestnut, h Willow 

bel Garden 
Crouse Samuel, dealer, Duke ab F road 
Crout Benjamin, lab. Busk's ct ab 11th 
Ci'out Daniel, card manuf. 18 Franklin pi., h 

224 Green 
Crout John, blacksm.. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Crout Jno., blacks., Washington ab Mary (W P) 
Crout Mahlon, carp. 2 Church av 
Crout Sylvester, mer. 21 N 5th 
Crouzat H., wine & beer house, 10 Pear 
Crow Alexander, weaver, Callowhill n 21st 
Crow Charles, tailor, Norris n 4th 
Crow George, laborer, 18th ab South 
Crow Hugh, moulder, 578 N 15th 
Crow James, boatman, Shippen ab 17th 
Crow James, vict. 184 Buttonwood 
Crow William, laborer, 17 Evans 
Crow Wm., tavern, 176 Race 
Crowdher George, spinner, 56 Hampton 
Crowell & Collins, com. mers. 50 N Del av 
Crowell Cyrus, dry goods, 232 Wharton 
Crowell David B., watchcasemr. 496 Green, h 

56 Walnut 
Crowell & Dunkerly, watchcase mrs. 56 Walnut 
Crowell Edward, clerk, 29 Owen 
CROWELL ELISHA, alderman, office S W 

6th and Pine, h 217 S 5th 
CROWELL ELISHA, M. D., office, Washing- 
ton ab Park (W P) 
Crowell Ellis B., mer. 13 S 15th bel George 
Crowell James W., tobacco, N E 10th and But- 
Crowell Peter, painter, 502 CaUowhiU 
Crowell Smith, tailor, S E 2d and Union 
Crowell Thomas, painter, 124 Randolph 
Crowell Thos. M., salesman, 32 S 2d, h 12 Prune 
Crowell W. G., Penn. Fire Ins. Co., 134 Wal- 
nut, h 270 Lombard 
Crowford Mrs., gentw. Federal ab 10th 
Crowford Whitfield, shoemr. 51 Marshall (S) 
Crowfort Jane, shoebr. Ill Myrtle 
Crowfort Matilda, shoebr. Ill Myrtle 
Crowley Chai-les, laborer, 7 Monroe pi (K) 
Crowley Daniel, porter, 45 N 3d, h 5 Hei-mit- 

age pi 
Crowley David, b h, 6 Crokit's ct 
Crowley Dennis, weaver, Philip bel Jefferson 
Crowley James D., real estate agent & convey. 

18 Prune, h 552 W 12th 
Crowley John, cordw. 5 Buchanan pi 
Crowley John, silver chaser, Cliestnut n 21st 
Crowley Margai-et, 15 Stamper's al 
Crowley Michael, weaver, 4 Charles (C) 
Crowley Michael, weaver, Biddle n Fairmount 
Crowley Timothy, gardener, Penn ab WiUiam 





Crowley Timothy, dry g-oods, 528 S 10th 
Crowley T. Stanton, M. D., Chestnut n 21st 
Crown Robert, barber, 29 Nectarine 
Crowney James D., convey. 3d bel Federal 
Crowsley E., lab. 3 Mile's ct 
Crowther John, turner, New Market 8c G T road 
Crowther John, jr., turner, 364 St John (K) 
Crowther Josepli, turner, 92 G T road 
Crowther Joseph, carp. Shippen ab 17th 
Crox Charles, blacksm. 152 N Juniper 
Crox Henry, kettlemr. 152 N Juniper 
Crox John, mach. 152 N Juniper 
Crox John, restaurant. Walnut bel 9th 
Crozar James, carp. Bedford bel Broad 
Crozer James G., mer. 65 S Front, h S E 14th 

and Chestnut 
CIIOZET EARNEST, printer, S E 13th and 

Crozet E. J., printer, Jackson ab Adams 
Crozet L. B., printer, Jackson ab Adams 
Crozier Alexander, roller, Robinson's ct 
Crozier Andrew, 65 Christian 
Crozier Benjamin, 228 Queen 
Crozier Catharine, baker, 15th and Carver 
Crozier Frederick, cordw. 91 Carpenter 
Crozier James, moulder, 872 Spruce 
Crozier Martha, Mrs. 659 S 4th 
Crozier Robert, eating- house, 244 Market 
Crozier Robt, seaman, rear Bedford bel Broad 
Crozier William, weaver. South n Fox 
Crozier Wm., driver, 372 S 13th 
Crucks Enos, bricklr. Spring'et bel 21st 
Cruice J. P., provision and family g-rocery, 

Salmon and Rail road (R) 
Cruikshank Robert J., millinery, 7o South 
Cruis James, lab. 15 Carver 
Crumback EUen, shirtmr.. Walnut ab Marg-aretta 
Crumback George W., lab. Vine ab 23d 
Crumback Peter, cordw. Union ab Franklin av 
Crumback Philip, fisherman. Vine ab 23d 
Crumback Wm. H., waterman, 102 Marshall (S) 
Crumley James, intellig-. office, 297 Chestnut 
Crumley John, oysters, 3975 Market, h 214 

Crumley L., tailoress, Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Crumley Martha, dealer, rear 327 S 6th 
Crummel Gilbert, mach. hotel, Washington ab 

Rose (W P) 
Crummer David, foreman, Wood ab F i-oad (K) 
Crummer Robt., cart. Hancock ab Phoenix (K) 
Crump Charles, printer, 137 Christian 
Crump John, architect & build. Cherry ab 19th 
Crump William H., editor, 57 S 3d 
Crumpton John C, manuf. 63 S Front, h 746 

Crundwell Elizabeth, store, S W 13th 8c Green 
Cruse Albert, gold beater, 530 N 13th 
Cruse Henry, cordw., South bel 18th 
Cruse James, messeng-er, 7 Perry 
Cruse Lewis, moulder, 112 Buttonwood 
Cruse Samuel, capt. 66 Queen 
Crusemire John, brickmr. Deal (K) 
Crusemire Nicholas, macht., Lewis bel Master 
Crutberger J., baker, 11th bel Oxford 
Crutchley Samuel, china, 766 N 2d 
Crutty Andrew, lab. Blockley and Monument 

road (W P) 
Cubberly 8c Hag-aman, hatters, 124 N 2d 

Cubberley James H., cordwainer, h Centre ab 

Cub bin Wm., shoemr. Front ab Dauphin 
Cucknell Edward, tavern, N E Front 8c Spruce 

h 5 Addison 
Cuddy James, painter, 12th and Spinice 
Cuddy Lawson, bootmr. 224 N 13th 
Cue John, shoemr.. Christian bel Lebanon 
Cue William, shoemr. 6th and Redwood 
Cuesta L. de la mer.. Pear 8c Dock, h 547 Walnut 
Cuinet F., bootmr. 34 S 7th 
Cuish Thomas, lab. 1 La Grange ct 
Culberson Thomas, weaver, Hope ab Master 
CULBERT JOHN, manuf. 74 Market, h 11 

Shippeu bel 13th 
Culbert John, waiter, Shippen n 15th 
Culbert John, blacksm. Rug-an and Willow 
Culbert Jonathan, tavern, 673 N 2d 
Culbert Joseph, grocer, S E 11th and Wood 
Culbert Patrick, lab. Lewis ab Thompson 
Culbert Robert, grocer, S W 8th and Green 
Culbertson D. H., grocer, 75 S Front, h 280 

Sp Garden 
Culbertson Isabella, spooler, 8 Washington pi 
Culbertson James, lab. Philip ab Cumberland 
Culbertson Jas., weaver. Amber 8c Phoenix (K) 
Culbertson James, weaver. Fox ct 
Culbertson John, lab., Cljoner 8c Campbell 
Culbertson John, laborer, 1 Campbell 
Culbertson John, lab. Philip ab Cumberland 
Culbertson John H., clerk, 66 S 3d, h George 

W 15th 
Culbertson Joseph, carter, 18th and Coates 
Culbertson Jos., gunsm. Shippen bel Broad 
Culbertson Robert, bootmr. 455 Poplar ab 9th 
Culbertson Robert, dyer, 25 Bedford bel 13th 
Culbertson Samuel, gent. George W 15th 
Culbertson Stephen, mer. 75 S Front, h 280 Sp 

Culbertson S. 8c D. H., grocers, 75 S Front^^^^,.^ 
Culbertson Wm., dyer, 9 Washington pi 
Culbertson Wm., carter, 321 S 6th 
Culbertson Wm., weaver. Fox ct 
Culbreth Thomas, clerk, 95 Market 
Culin A. J., mer. 17 N Delaware av, house 165 

S 9th 

Culin Elizabeth, b h, 292 Market 
Culin George, bookbinder, 139 Noble 
Culin George, tailor, S E 2d 8c Market, h 8 

Culin Geo., carrier, 8 Benton 
Culin Geo. F., elk. h 139 Noble 
Culin Isaac V., pawnbroker, 165 and 167 South 
Culin John, 215 S 5th 
Culin John, tailor, 14 Market 
Culin John, whcelwrt. N E Locust and Marga- 

retta (W P) 
Culin John, drover, 5th and Elm (W P) 
Culin John, mer. bro. 63 S Front 
Culin John D., conductor, 4 Fries ct 
Culin Robert S., mer. 11 S Del av, h 331 N 13tli 
Culin, Stille 8c Co., ship mers. 17 N Del av 
Cullen Chas., blksm. Sch Rd ab Bridge 
Ciillen Dennis, stone cutter, Coates ab 20th 
CuIIen Edwai'd, chandler, Shippen bel 8th 
Cullen Elizabeth, 19th bel Shippen 
Cullen George, grocer, 6 S 15th 
Cullen James, sea captain, Sorrel ab Bank (R) 




Cullen John, lab. 19th bel Shippen 

Cullen Lawrence, drayman, P road ab Reed 

Cullen Michael, blacksm. St John bel G T road 

h Thompson ab Apple (K) 
Cullen Hannah, Mrs., Phoenix ab Howard (K) 
Cullen Robt. D., Read. R. R., Broad bel Wahiut 
Cullen Pat., lab. Salmon ab Somerset 
Cullen Pat., M. D., 88 Cherry 
Cullen Pat. J., cordw. rear 23 John 
Cullin Chas., blksm. Biddle ab 23d 
Cull in John, tailor, 450 Race 
Cullin Peter, chandler, 289 South 
Culliu Robert B., shoemr. Palm bel Brown 
Cullin Thomas, lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
CULLIN WALTER P., tavern, Vine and Front 
Cullin Wm., tavern, N W 2d and Master (K) 
Culling- John, carp. 18th ab Penna. av 
Culling-s F., brewer, 23 S 16th 
Culliss Wm., moulder, 11th ab Federal 
Cullivan Thos.,cond'tr., Spring- ab Somerset (R) 
Cully James, weaver, Master bel Hancock (K) 
Culmire Henry, lab. 1 Lafayette ct 
Culp Christian Mrs., 131 Franklin 
Gulp James W., 334 Noble 
Culp John, brickmr. 22d bel Spruce 
Culp Thos., brickmr. S 22d n Spruce 
Culver Daniel, atty. at law, 76 S 4th 
Culver Maria, Mrs., b h, 13 N 7th 
Culvern Lyman, produce, 22d bel Lombard 
Culvin Andrew, lab. 9 Shippen la 
Cummines Wm., waterman, 16 Union al 
Cumming- & Brodie, copper and tin roofers, 29 

Cumming- Charles, manuf 6th and Columbia, h 

446 N 6th 
M:;UMMING CHARLES & CO, g-lue manuf. 6th 

and Columbia and 1 S 3d 
Cumming- Edward, tin roofer, 29 N 7th, h 6th 

ab Poplar 
Cumming- James, tinsmith, Pleasantbel Ridg-e av 
Cumming- Jos., carp. Bedford ab Broad 
Cumming- Jos., diy g-oods, 449 N 2d, h 220 N 4th 
Cumming- J. K., metallic roofer, 276 N 2d, h 

220 N 4th 
Cumming- Richd. P., metallic roofer, 276 N 2d, 

h 220 N 4th 
Cumming- Richard P., metallic roofer, 276 N 2d, 

h 220 N 4th 
Cumming- Saml. W., compositor, 504 Lombard 

n 13 th 
Cumming- S. T., liquor store, 38 Union 
Cumming- Wm. B., roofer, 832 Callowhill 
CUMMINGS ALEXANDER, publisher Even- 
ing Bulletin, 50 S 3d, h Girard av W Broad 
Cummings Ann, 18th bel Lombard 
Cumming-s Ann, Mrs., dry g-oods, 21st & Winter 
Cummings A. B., sect'y A. & O. Tel. Co., 101 

Chestnut, h AVashinglon House 
Cumming-s Bradley, blacksm. 21st and Winter 
Cumming-s Benj., lab. 7 Carver 
-CUMMINGS k CO., varieties, 74 N 3d, 
Cumming-s Charles H., g^rain, 101 N Water, h 9 

Cummings Edward, cik, 97 Market, h 503 N 6th 
CUMMINGS E. P., dnig-gist, Fr & Wood (K) 
<JUMMINGS G. PARKER, S E 7th and San- 

som, h Washington House 
; Cumming-s Henry, police, 349 nhristjan 

|Cumming-s Henrj", cordw. 33 Mechanic 
I Cumming-s Isaac,' clerk, 324 Christian 
I Cumming-s Isaac, jr., clerk, 324 Christian 
I Cumming-s Jac, police, Parrish ab 10th 
Cumming-s James, weaver, Duke ab F road 
Cumming-s Jas. A., mer. 173 Wood 
Cumming-s Jane, shoe binder, 504 Lombard 
Cumming-s John, boilermr. Fraley's al 
Cumming-s John, weaver, 789 Apple 
Cummings Jonathan, G T road ab 5th 
Cumming-s Joseph, dry g-oods, 449 N 2d 
Cumming-s J. S., mer. 74 N 3d, h 21 Log-an sq 
Cumming-s J. W., engineer, 103 G T r 
Cumming-s L., lab. 10th ab Thompson 
Cumming-s Mary, 29 Dugan 
Cumming-s Moses, coachman, 2 Jones' ct 
Cumming-s Richd., lab. 7 Carver 
Cumming-s Robert, weaver, Master ab Howard 
Cummings Robert, morocco dr. rear 484 N 3d 
Cummings Samuel, driver, Truxton 
Cummings Sarah A., Lindsay ab Fitzwater 
Cummings Thomas, clerk, 7 AsMand Pi 
Cummings Thomas, lab. 144 Alder 
Cummings Tlios., seaman, McAlpin n Walnut 
Cummings Wm., tailor, 516 W Market 
Cummings Wm., grocer, 77 S whfs. h 21 Pine 
Cummings Wm., gunsmith, 107 Charlotte 
Cummings Wm., carter, 23 Elm 
Cummings Wm., lab. Fitzwater ab 12th 
Cummings Wm., boiler mr. Crown bel Duke ^ 
Cummings Wm. & Co., grocers, 77 S Del ay >y -^ 
Cummins Daniel, cordw. 1 Harper's pi 
Cummins Daniel B., mer. 282 Walnut 
Cummins Edward, ice cream & post office, 292 

Richmond (R) 
Cummins Elizabeth, Washington bel 3d 
Cummins Jane, 187 Brown 
Cummins John, printer, 2 Merchant 
Cummins Lewis, carp. State bel Pratt (W P) 
Cummins Patk., books, stationery, 143 N Front 
Cummiskev Eugene, publisher and bookseller, 

130 S"6th 
Cummiskey Jas., porter, 3 Lewis 
Cummiskev Mar}-, wid. 4 Pleasant ct 
Cumpton Julia Ann, lab. 5 St Mary's 
Cunin John, lab. Passyunk r 
Cunliff Wm., barber, 467 S Front 
Cunneen Michl., carp. 745 N 10th 
Cunner Wm., founder, Haverford n Schll river 
Cunney Edwd., lab. 21 Murry 
Cunnicam Hugh, lab. Filbert n 21st 
Cunnigan Anna, 259 Locust 
Cunnigan Sarah, 259 Locust 
Cunningham Alex., lab. 7 Clair 
Cunningham Andrew K., porter, 165 Market, h 

13th and Shippen 
Cunningham Arch., lab. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Cunningham Chas., founder, Marshall bel 5th 
Cunningham Chas., lab., 23d ab Callowhill 
Cunningham Chas., hotel, 62 Penn 
Cunningham David, tailor. Sycamore ab Locust 
Cunningham David, cordw. 75 Howard (K) 
Cunningham David, hat presser, 148 Carpenter 
Cunningham Ellen, Miss, gentw. 619 S 5th 
Cunningham Elizabeth M., South ab 15th 
Cunningham Elizab'h ^Irs., Howard ab Phoenix 
Cunningham Francis R., cordw. Smitli's ct 
Cunningliam George, fireman, York bel Lemon 




Cunningham Hannah, dressmr. 406 Lombard 
Cunning-ham Isaiah, tailor, 15 Charles 
Cunningham James, lab. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Cunningham James, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Cunningham James, painter, 9th and Willow 
Cunningham James, shop, Biddle n William 
Cunningham Jas., brass foundr. Wheat n Crown 
Cunningham Jas., carter, rear Cuthbert W 20th 
Cunningham Jas., Rev., 15th ab Arch 
Cunningham Jas., lab. 40 Garden 
Cunningham Jane, 17th ab South 
Cunningham John, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix 
Cunningham John, tanner, 16 Harrison 
Cunningham John, store. Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Cunningham John, tavern, 348 South 
Cunningham John, chandler, 37 Plum 
Cunningham John, lab. South bel loth 
Cunningham John, shop. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Cunningham John, shoemr. F road ab Phoenix 
Cunningham John, weaver, Philip ab Master 
Cunningham John, book agt., 619 S 5th 
Cunningham Jno. H., printer, 323 Wood 
Cunningham Jno. K., porter, 110 Market 
Cunningham John R., salesman, 164 Market 
Cunningham Joseph, grocer, Pearl bel Broad 
Cunningham Joseph, stone cut. Lee n 19th 
Cunningham J. F., M. D. Race bel 15th 
Cunningham Martha, Carver ab 15th 
Cunningham Martin, waterman, 109 Queen 
Cunningham Patrick, clerk, 6 Chestnut 
Cunningham Peter, Shippen n 13th 
Cunningham Peter F., bookseller and stationer, 

104 S 3d 
Cunningham Robert, combmr. 323 Wood 
Cunningham Robert, engineer, Campbell 
Cunningham Robt., shoemr. 341 Ridge av 
Cunningham Robt., carter, Filbert bel 22d 
Cunningham Robt., salesman, 324 Market, h 4 

Cunningham Robt., hatter, 463 S 5th 
Cunningham R. H., tavern, 64 P road 
Cunningham Saml.,lab.Haydock ab Front (NL) 
Cunningham Saml. H., carp. 14th bel Lombard 
Cunningham Samuel W., shoe store, 436 N Front 
Cunningham Sarah, Carver ab 15th 
Cunningham & Smith, drug brokers, 30 N Front 
Cunningham Thomas, lab. Fitz water W 15th 
Cunningham Thomas, cardmr. 100 Wallace ab 

Cunningham Thos., carter. Filbert bel 22d 
Cunningham Wm., lab. Spruce W 22d 
Cunningham Wm., weaver, Shippen n 13th 
Cunningham Wm., carp. Federal ab 11th 
Cunningham Wm., lab. Harmstead ab 21st 
Cunningham Wm., driver. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Cunningham Wm., dealer, Bedford ab 5th 
Cunningham Wm., weaver, Philip ab Master(K) 
Cunningrapn Wm., iron railing, 40 Garden 
Cunningnam Wm., weaver. Rainbow 
Cunningham Wm., weaver. Phoenix ab Howard 
Cunningham Winthrop, mer. 30 N Front, h 64 

S 13th 
Cunnington W. H., engraver, 55 S 3d 
Cunnington W. P., 193 Fitzwater 
Curby John S., cooper, 14 Little Water, h 52 

Curby Mich., cooper, 112 S Front, h 65 German 
Curby Wm. B. H., Ill Lombard 

Curl Wm., carp. Oak bel Railroad (W P) 
Curlet Lewis, cordw. William n 19th 
Curley Martin, stone mason, 6 Pleasant 
Curley Martin, lab. Anthony ab Uickerson 
Curlis Oliver, printer, Marriott bel 5th 
Curly Cath., crockery, 265 S 4th 
Curran Elizabeth, Fairmount n Sp Garden 
Curran James, lab. Maple (R) 
Curran Jas., lab. Golden ct 
Curran Jane, trimmings, Plymouth and 20th 
Curran John, lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Curran John, lab. Vienna ab F av 
Curran John, coachman, Cuthbert n 22d 
Curran Jno,, lab. Sorrel bel Larch 
Curran Jno., upholsterer, 5 Reid's ct 
Curran John C, cashier, S W Spruce and 2d 
Curran John P., M. D., druggist, 6th & G T road 
Curran Michl., lab. rear Cadwalader ab Master 
Curran Pat. H., salesman, 72 Market, h 10 Ash- 
Curran Samuel, lab. Fisher ab Cumberland (R) 
Curran Thomas, blindmr. Leonard bel 8th 
Curran Thomas, lab. Beach bel Maiden 
Curran Thos., moulder, 35 Charles 
Curran Wm., M. U., 386 Arch 
Curran Wm., lab. rear Rye bel Reed 
Currell Jno., carp. King ab 10th 
Curren Edward, lab. Vaughan bel Walnut 
Curren Edwd., lab.Nicetown la 
Curren F. K., clerk. Post Office 
Curren Jas., lab. 26 Gaskill 
Curren John, lab. Beach ab Pine 
Curren John, lab. Cuthbert n 22d 
Curren John, lab. 26 Gaskill 
Cui-ren Martin, com. mer. 119 S Front, h N E 

8th and Orange 
Curren Patk., tailor, 26 Gaskill 
Curren W^m., gent. 96 S 5th 
Currey Robert L., carp., 4th and Haverford 
Currey Wm., importer, 50 Chestnut, h N E 5th 

and Pine 
Currle Charles, painter. Christian ab Morris 
Currle Alex., lab. Wheat ab Reed 
Currie And., weaver, Fairmount n Sp Garden 
Currie John, William E 21st 
Currie John, painter, Hallowell's ct ab 7th 
Cun-ie John A., picture cleaner, 7th &, Chestnut, 

h 144 Spruce 
Curi-ie Mary, Mrs., Clay E Sch Willow 
Currie William & Mrs., gent, talbotypists, 107 

Currin Jas. W., manuf. of jewelry. Pearl ab 2d 
Currin James W., jeweler, Haines bel 13th 
Curry Adeline, Wheat ab Wharton 
Curry Alex., St David 

Curry Charles, lab. Fairmount ab Sp Garden 
Curry Daniel, St David's 

Curry David, eiigineer, Pennsylvania n Nixon 
Curry Dorothy, shop, 3 Clair 
Curry Elizabeth, 8th bel Christian 
Curry Enoch, wood turner, 9th bel Poplar, h 

Lewis bel Girard av 
Curry Francis, lab. Cuthbert W 21st 
Curry Fred., carp. Callowhill ab 18th 
Curry George, lab. William E 21st 
Curry George, jeweler, Frances bel 6th 
Curry Hamilton, saddler, 8th ab Reed 
Curry Hugh, lab. 27 Dugan 




Curry James, eating- house, X E 2d and South, 

h 23 Vernon 
Curry John, sr., cordw. 170 Christian 
Cuny John, jr., printer, 170 Christian 
Curry John, rig-g-er, 2 Collins' al 
Curry John, carter, Apple ab Jefferson (R) 
Curry John, silversmith, 487 G T road 
Curry John, fireman, 5th and Elm (W P) 
Curry John, carter, 2od ab Callowhill 
Curry John, trader, 495 N 4th 
Currj- John A., watch case mr. 23 Leonard 
Cuny John L., clerk, 138 Market 
Curry Jos., cashier, 256 Market, h 10th n AVash- 

ington (S) 
CuiTy Jos. R., clerk, Dickerson ab 8th 
Cuny Lewis Y., clerk, 22 Palmer 
Curry Marshall, weaver, Patterson ct 
Cuny Matthew, Chancellor bel 17th 
Curry Robert, brass finisher. Front ab Hai-rison 
Curry R. D., Mrs., 147 Catharine 
Curry Saml. lab. rear 8th bel Christian 
Curry Washington, boiler mr. rear Vienna bel 

Franklin av (K) 
Cuny "William, carp. 166 Ridg-e av 
Cuny Wm., lab". Carpenter ab 13th 
Cui-ry William, mer. 118 Chestnut, h Callowhill 

and 22d 
Gurn,- Wm., cordw. 12 Boyd's av 
Curry Wm. L., painter, C'oates ab 20th 
Curtin Daniel, weaver, Hanover ab Duke (K) 
Curtin John, lab. Becket ab 16th 
Curtis Ann, b h, 115 S 3d 
Curtis Anthony, waiter, 62 Gaskill 
Curtis B., 56 Chestnut, h La Pierre House 
Curtis B. T., mer. 41 and 43 Commerce, h 400 

Curtis Cephas, combmr. Shackamaxon ab Queen 
{Jurtis Charles C, barber, 255 Race 
Curtis E. H., dry goods, 297 S 5th 
Curtis Georg-e R., grocer, 197 N 9th, h 150 Sp 

CURTIS & HAND, hardw. 41 & 43 Commerce 
(Curtis Henry, driver, Tyson 
Courtis John, brass founder, 5th and Redwood 
fJurtis John H., jr., real estate agent, 145 AVal- 

nut, h 3 Ashland pi 
Curtis John H. & Son, real estate agents and col- 
lectors, 145 Walnut 
Curtis Joseph, lamp mr. 480 N 13th 
Curtis Joseph, Orleans Hotel, 193 Chestnut 
Curtis Levi, M. D., 88 Wood 
Curtis L. Si B., importers, 56 Chestnut 
Curtis Margaretta, wid. of Elihu, 4 Chancery la 
Curtis Patrick, di-ayman, Cuthbert n 20th 
Curtis Sarah, wid. of John, Marshall ab Coates 
Curtis Stephen, jeweler,35 S 3d, h 161 Chestnut 
Curtis Thomas, potter. Alder bel Jefferson 
Curtis Thos., book st. 134 Arch, h Race ab 6th 
Curtis Thomas F., agt. and col 129 German 
Curtis William, grand Secretary, S W 6th and 

Haines, h 304 N 7th 
Curtis William, carpet, 1016 X Front 
Curtis Wm. H., book keeper, 76 Market, h 725 

X 11th 
Curts Jos. L., clerk, 58 Market 
Cusack James, lab. Cuthbert bel 23d 
Cusack Wm., baker. Market n 20th 
Cush John, tavern and b h, 72 Penn 

Cushmore Geo. W., ropemr. Deal (K) 

Cushmore John, lab. Dutton bel Front 
Cushing David L., boots and shoes, S E 2d and 

Market, h 95 Pine 
Cushing Richard, shop, 96 Spruce 
Cushler Samuel, carter, Fitler and Hanison 
Cushman G. H., miniature painter, 48 S 4tli, h 

3 Girard 
Cushman R. W., 224 S 11th 
Cushman Wm. J., brick maker, 169 Randolph 
Cushmore Christopher, ropemr. Cherry below 

Frankford road 
Cusick George, porter, 46 Wood 
Cuslck Mary, 1 Ann 

Cusick Michael, currier. Alder bel Thompson 
Cuskaden Jas., lab. 5 Sager pi n 19th 
Cuskaden John, soap boiler, 322 Callowhill 
Cuskeren Jas., lab. Washington ab Master (K) 
Cuspit Edward, oak cooper, Frances ab 5th 
Cussick P., provision dealer, 10th & Sergeant 
Custard Henry, carter, Passyunk road 
Custer Albert, bonnet presser, 70 Lawrence 
Custer Daniel, carp. 558 X 10th 
CUSTER ISSACHAR, bonnets, 424 N 2d, h 

27 Brown 
Custer John, raach. Townsend bel Tulip 
Custer Xathan, black and whitesmith, Tyler ab 

Poplar, h 443 X 5th 
Custings William, painter, 143 X 11th 
Custis Emeline, dress mr. 62 Gaskill 
Custis Georg-e, carriag-e mr., 18 AVashington 
Custis Lewis, 10 Washington 
Custis Thomas H., porter, rear 17 Rodman 
Custis Wm., hack di-iver, 10 Washington 
Cusworth Joseph, stone }-ard, F st ab 22d 
Cusworth Wm., Lewis E 20th 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist, 480 Poplar 
Cutcheon James, book keeper, 486 X 4th 
Cuthbert Allen, Chinese goods, 22 S 8th, h 276 

Cuthbert A. J., 205 S 9th 
Cuthbert Mary, 359 Arch 

Cuthbert Wm., restaurant, NEoth & Franklin av 
Cutler John, carp. Cumberland ab Amber 
Cutler Jonathan, Garden and Xoble 
Cutler Thomas, rigger, 76 Swanson 
Cutter Charles, lab., M road bel Wharton 
Cutter Thos., carter, Jefferson ab bel Wharton 
Cutter William G., police, York av ab Button- 
Cutwaltz Henr}-, cordw., 234 Hutchinson 
Cuyler Eleanor, wid. of Rev. C. C, Walnut ab 

Washington sq 
CUYLER THEODORE, att'y & coun., 3 York 

Build. Walnut, 2 doors ab Washington sq 
Cyle Robt., stone mason, Shippen ab 15th 


Dace John, macht. Becket n 17th 
JDace Peter, drai,Tnan. Coates ab 21st 
]Da Costa A. L. & Co., ti-imming-s, 9th & Maple 
Da Costa David, trimmings, 5JN2d, h 9th and. 


Da Costa David, gent. 179 N 10th 
Da Costa David A., clerk, 459 Vine 
Da Costa Geo. T., mer. 141 X Water and 67 N 
Delaware av 




Da Costa & Henriques, trimming's, 65 N 8th 
Da Costa Henry, trimmings, 5-^ N 2cl, h 10th 

bel Vine 
Da Costa H. & Co., trimming-s, 5^- N 2d 
Da Costa John, M. D., 140 S 11th 
Da Costa R. B., tooth wash manuf. 459 Vine 
Da Costa J. C, Pres. Cam. & Atl. R. R. Co., N 

E Front and Race, h 216 N Front 
Da Costa J. R., trimming-s, 198 Wood 

Da Costa , h 386 Arch 

D'Arcy Arthur, hotel, 37 Penn 

Dachter Chas., carp. Summer bel the Canal 

Dachter John, carp. Summer bel the Canal 

Dade Lang-, di-y g-oods, 146 N 10th 

Dadeker Georg-e, mason, F road ab R av 

Dadgan Pat., lab. 5th ab Dauphin 

Dady Hug-h, porter, 6 Bell's ct 

Dady Jolm, 22 Prune 

Dady John, porter, 22 Cypress 

Daffin Cecilia, 219 Lombard 

Daffy Dennis, lab. William bel Larch (R) 

Dag-an Jas., lab, 18 Hubbel 

Dag-en Edward, di-ayman, 3 Stewart 

Dag-en James, cordw. Clinton ab Girard a-v 

Dag'er Charles, potter, 154 F road 

Dag-er Matthew, wheelwr. Front bel Phoenix 

DAGER PETER, William Penn Hotel, S E 

10th and Master 
Dagerson Philip, lab. rear 468 N 3d 
Dag-etz Daniel, tailor, 172 Adams 
Dag-it John, barkr. U S hotel 
Dag-ney Bernard, stone mason, 47 Fitzwater 
Dag-ney Edward, tailor, 270 Marriott 
Dahl Wm., lab. Filbert n 22d 
Dahmann B., cordw. 228 South 
Dailey Bernard, lab. Olive bel Broad 
Dailey David, agent, 429 N Fi'ont 
Dailey D. E., ship carp. Palmer ab Queen (K) 
Dailey Mary, 21st bel Pine 
Dailey Patrick, lab. 23d 
Dally" Arthur, lab. Federal ab 12th 
Daily Bernard, lab. Olive bel Broad 
Daily Christian, cordw. BaU (K) 
Daily Daniel, dealer, Shippen ab 8th 
Daily Eliza, 2 Campbell 
Daily Hugh, boatman, Spruce W Aspen 
Daily Hugh, weaver, 397 S 13th 
Daily James, dealer, Perkinpine ct 
Daily John, boiler mr. Wood bel Franklin (K) 
Daily John, driver. Elk and Otter (K) 
Daily John, tavern, Front and Harrison (K) 
Daily John, lab. Clay n Sch Beach 
Daily John, morocco finisher, Dillwyn pi 
Daily John, shop, 29 Mayland 
Daily Joseph, glass blower, York (K) 
Daily Martin, lab. 138 Union 
Daily Michael, clerk, 65 Race, h 3 Marshall 
Daily Owen, shoemr. Perry and Master (K) 
Daily Patrick, lab. Ball (K) 
Daily Patrick, lab. Lehigh n Canal (R) 
Daily Peter, glass blower, 487 Queen (K) 
Daily Peter, driver, rear Clifton 
Daily Philip P., Front and Haydock 
Dain E., 42 Jacoby 

Dainty James, morocco dr. Maria bel 5th 
Dainty John, manuf. 57 N 3d, h 106 N 5th 
Daisey Aaron, capt. Washington bel 4th 
DALBEY DANIEL, Bald Eagle Hotel, 234 N3d 

Dalbey L., chair mr. 530 N 3d 
Dalby Henry C, clei%, 147 Market 
Dalby Wm., lampmr. Oxford ab Franklin 
Dale Edw. C, insp. M. Prison, h 383 Spruce 
Dale Edward W., clerk, 125 Market 
Dale George, hotel, N W Kurtz & Poplai 
Dale Gerald F., mer. 122 Market, h 146 S 4th 
Dale Jemima, seamstress, 35 Garden 
Dale John, carp. N E 17th and South 
DALE JOHN D., moulding manuf. & planing 
machines, fac. Willow bel 13th, office, S W 
4th & Chestnut, ii Richards' house, S W 
8th and Sp Garden 
Dale Mary, Mrs., 7 Dugan's row 
Dale Peter, ropemr. 243 S Washington 
Dale Richard, clerk, 116 Chestnut, h 383 Spruce 
Dale Richard C, mer. 122 Market, h 161 S 5ih 
Dale Roelof, dealer, 198 Shippen 
DALE, ROSS & WITHERS, merchants, 122 

Dale Wm. H., carter. Federal bel 6th 
Dales Edward, paper stainer, 6j S 3d, h Locust 

bel Park (W P) 
Dales Hiram, M. D., 694 N Front (K) 
Dales John B., Rev., 36 E. Penn sq 
Dales Jas. H., machinist, 4 Howard 
Daley Carroll, 186 N Water 
Daley Chai-les, cai-ter, 94 Penn 
Daley C, weaver, 9 S 17th 
Daley Daniel, lab. Fairview ab 13th 
Daley Daniel, weaver, Higham's ct 
Daley Daniel, lab. rear 302 S 3d 
Daley Dennis, carter. Prospect al 
Daley Elizabeth, 4 Budden's ct 
Daley Francis, lab. 16th bel Lombard 
Daley George, lab. Brown bel Cherry (K) 
Daley James, cabman, 5 Porter's ct 
Daley James, porter, rear 129 Cherry 
Daley James, baker, 405 Christian 
Daley Jas., port. 41 Commerce, h 3 Bunting's av 
Daley James, shoemr. Pennsylvania av ab 25th 
Daley John, 198 S 5th 
Daley John, grocer, 33 New Market 
Daley Mary, Mrs., Church and Moore 
Daley Matthew, poi-ter, h 39 George 
Daley Michael, lab. rear G T road ab Master 
Daley Owen, lab. F road and Market (R) 
Daley Patrick, store, Lehigh ^^ 

Daley Patrick, stevedore, 77 Swanson ^^^ 
Daley Patk., drayman, Hope bel Master (K)^ . 
Daley Peter, morocco dr., rear 681 N Front 'S\ 
Daley & Porter, coal mers. Washington ab 8th 
Dalej Samuel, dealer, Marlboro' ab Duke 
Daley Thomas, weaver, 381 Carpenter 
Daley Thomas, cordw. 30 Auburn 
Dallam John, coal mer. 9th ab Poplar, h 493 8th 

bel Parrish 
Dallam John M., M. D., Rising Sun 
Dallam J. W., druggist, 2d and Callowhill, h 13 

DALLAS GEORGE M., atty. and coun. 259 

Dallas Jacob, grocer, N E 13th & Brinton 
Dallas James, lab. Green n Front 
Dallas John, manuf. 89 Master (K) 
Dallas John J., wheelwrt. P road bel Wharton, 

h 9th bel Wharton 
Dallas Joseph, shipwrt. 553 S 2d 





Dallas Philip N., atty. & coun. 55 S 5th, h o59iDamar Jolin, sug-ar refiner, 33 Charlotte 

Danion Lorenzo, X E 7th &; Market, h 23 Mont- 

I g-omen^ 

Damman Raymond, mer. 80 Chestnut 
iDampman John, carp. Tower n 22d 
IDanahar Michael, lab. Washington bel 10th 
• Danaker James, watchman, Fitzwater bel 13th 
iDanan Frederick, cutter, Coates ab Broad 

Dallas Robert, manuf. 91 Masters 
Dallas Sarah, William n 19th 
Dallas Thomas, lab. Fairview & 19th 
DALLAS T., alderman, Broad n Shippen 
DALLETT, BROTHERS, ship mers. 96 

Delaware av 
Dallett Elijah, mer. 36 Market, and Pres. PennJDanby Byron, macht. 328 Prime 

Township Bank, h 257 N 10th IDanby Joseph, silversmith, 11 Hibberd 

Dallett Elijah J., mer. 36 Market, h 257 N lOthJDancey Thomas, mach. 44 Winter 
N^,J)ALLETT G. &: CO., soap and candles, 56 8c:Dando Jos. C, clerk, o6 S Front, h 28 Madison 

491 Market and N E 10th and Callowhill i DAXDURAND ESTHER, refectory, 437 Chest- 
Dallett Gillies, mer. 36 Market, hNW Marshall nut 

and Xoble I Danenhower Charles R., merchant, 25 N. Water,>s 

h 17 Green ^ 

Dallett Henry C, mer. 96 S Delaware av, house: 

Pine bel 10th 
Dallett John, mer. 96 S Del av, h 239 Pine 
Dallett Sarah, 3 ?Jarker 
Dallett Thomas H., merchant, 36 Market, h257 

N 10th 
Dalling- Marg-ai-ct, booksr. 25 S 8th, h71 Locust 
Dally James, tailor, Perkenpine pi 
Dalmas Charles, teacher, 179 Chestnut 
Dalrympl-j Evan, shoes, 218 S 5th 
Dalrymple Jos-ph, Naval Asylum 

Dalsen Chas. M., stereoty. St James, h 206 Pine ! Danfield Saml. D., carp. Dai'by road bel Wahwit 
Dalton Hug-h, lab. Lancaster Pike and West- (W P) 

minster (W P) Danfield Wm., blacksm. 3 Perry 

Dalton James, carp. 5th bel Queen 
Dalton Martin, lab. Hunting-don (R) 
Dalton Patrick, ti-ader, 36 Lebanon 
Dalton Robert, lab. Ward's Retreat 
Dalton Thomas, tailor, Jefferson bel 11th 
Dalton "Wm., boatman, Pine n Beach 
Dalton Wm., weaver. Master ab G T road 
Daltry Benjamin, tavern, 15th & Sp Garden 
Daly Alex., lab. Sutherland av n Christian 
Daly Bridg-et, spooler, Cadwalader bel Master 
Dalv Charles, stone cut. Front bel Chatliam 
Daly Darby, lab. 24th ab Biddle 
Daly James, milkman, 45 Cadwalader 
Daly James, lab. 5 Diamond 
Daly Jane, Rhoads 
Daly Jane, Somei-set 
Daly John, broker, 185 South 
Daly John, grocer, 25 St Mary's 
Daly John, shoe black, Columbia ab Philip 
Daly John, lab. Wasliington n William 
Daly John, lab. F road ab R av 
Daly John, jr., boot fitter, 11 Culvert 
Daly John, capt. 442 S Front 
Daly John, liquors, Cadwalader and Oxford 
Daly INIatt. lab. Somerset 
Daly Michael, lab. 168 Adams (K) 
Daly & Parker, coal }-ard, Washing-ton ab 8th 
Daly Patrick, shop, 275| S 5th 
Daly Sarah, shop, 10th bel Christian 
Daly Stephen, salesman, 159 Chestnut 
Daly Thomas, shipwt. Ash ab Queen (K) 
Dalv Thomas, surveyor and regr. Washington 

■ bel 10th 
Daly Thomas, teacher, Thompson ab 16th 
Dalzell Chas., baker, 21st bel Lombard 
Dalzell James, clerk. Vine st wharf, h 368 S 5th 
Dalzell Thomas, foreman, 985 N 2d 
Dalzell Wm., clerk, 19 S Delaware av 
Damai Edwd., hatter, 51 Arch, h 17 Xew Market 

DANENHOWER & HARRIS, tobacco & com.x 
mers. 25 N Water and 14 N Del av V 

Danerley James, weaver, 20th ab Callowhill 

Danes Thomas J., grocer, 36 John 

Danfield Conrad, 3 Perry 

Danfield Conrad, jr., Carlton ab 12th 

Danfield James, cutter, 556 S 6th 

Danfield John H., salesman. Chestnut st wharf, 
h 34 Wallace 

Danfield Josiah, carp. Parrish W 15th 

Danford John, jeweler, 29 Cedar ab 19th 

Danford William, weaver, 51 Soutli 

DANFORTH, AVRIGHT & CO., bank note en- 
gravers, 95^ Walnut (up stairs) 

Dangerfield Benj., waiter, 8 Gulielma 

Dangerfield Julia, washer, 8 Gidielma 

Danguy Canelle, hairdr. & work. 279 Chestnut 

Daniel Bernard, mach. 91 Shippen 

Daniel Elizabeth, 80 Ogden 

Daniel E., police, Sepriva bel Dauphin (K) 

Daniel James H., jeweler, 10 N llth 

Daniel Wm., tiiilor, Morris n 5th 
! Daniels Edgar R., bricklr. 10th bel Auburn 
I Daniels Elias, brickmr. 1155 N 6th 

Daniels Elizabeth, 189 Callowhill 

Daniels James, mer. 309 Market, h Germantown 
i Daniels Joshua, jeweler, 350 S Front 
i Daniels Thomas, cumer, rear 506 S 2d 
I Daniels William, blacksm. Ash bel Duke (K) 
: Daniels Wm., clerk. Chestnut W Sch 2d 

Daniels AVilliam, ship carp. Allen below Marl- 

Daniely J., lab. Hay's ct 

Daniely Samuel, gas fitter. Hay's ct 

Dankci Charles, vict. 2d bel Morris 
'Dankel Henry, coach trim., 5 Marshall ab 3d 
jDanks Thomas, engineer. Reed ab Lancaster 
'Dankworth John, saddler, 261 N 9th 
JDanlen Patrick, b h, 119 N Front 

Danion P., tavern, 23 Walnut 

Danlev Thomas, cutler, Lancaster Pike ab 6th 


Dannahy Wm., porter, 14 Chancerj- la 
Dannaker Cliristian A., currier, 143 N 3d, h 

Dannenberg William, 154 Hope 
Dannenhauer Christ., iron moulder, 632 Coates 
Dannenhauer John C, baker, 752 N 5th 
Dannenhower Rex, Carroll av 
Danree Geo. B., porter, Butler's av E Juniper 




Dantz Elizabeth, tavern, Willow and Dillwyn 
Danver Andrew, moulder, foundry Reed st whf, 

h 315 S 8th 
Danver James, melter, 565 S Front 
Danver Saml., moulder, Wheat ab Reed 
Danzeisen Frederick, baker, Apple & Thomp 

son (K) 
Darah James, hatter, rear 248 Shippen 
Darby Edward, lab. 4 Harper's pi 
Darby Jos., seaman, rear 500 S Front 
Darby John, weaver, rear 295 G T road 
Dardine James, tavern, N E 9th and Brown 
Dardis Francis, nailmr. Parker n Washin^on 
Dardley Edward, Filbert E 19th 
Dare Andrew, clerk, 445 Chestnut 
Dare Charles B., clerk, 660 Pine 
Dare Daniel, moulder, 481 N 13th 
Dare Ephraim, nailor, Randolph and Wager 
Dare George, agent, 7 Lagrange pi 
Dare Isaac B., alderman, 173 Queen (K) 
Dare James B., Court Q. Sessions, 655 N 2d (K) 
Dare Jane, b h, 443 and 445 Chestnut 
Dare Jos., oysterman, rear 81 South 
Dare Nathan S., tailor. 111 Chestnut, house 37 

Darick Wm., ship joiner, 544 S Front 
Daring John, tavern, Girard av bel 7th 
Darins Louisa, 347 South 
Darious Louisa, 26 E North 
Darkin Wm., weaver, Wood ab 16th 
Darkir Wm., sr., manuf., Pratt n Logan (W P) 
Darkir Wm., cord manuf. Mary ab Green (W P) 
Darkis James, vict. 758 N 4th 
Darley W. H. W., music teacher, 75 Filbert 
Darling Amos B., boots and shoes, 126 N 3d, h 

19 Logan sq 
Darling, Elliott & Graff, boots & shoes, 64 N 3d 
Darling Henry Rev., 6 Montgomery sq 
Darling Jos. W., surgeon U. S. N., 542 S Front 
Darling Thomas, mer. 64 N 3d, h 123 York av 
Darlington Ellen, dry good.s, 8 S 8th 
Darlington Isaac, engineer, Allen ab Shacka- 

maxoa (K) 
Darman Levi, 37 Currant al 
Darnell Henry Y., measurer, 148 Washington 

ab 5th 
Darnell Wm. S., measurer, 457 S 4th 
Dames Mrs., dressmr. 317 Pine 
Darr Caroline, baker, 32 Strawberry 
Darr John C, baker, 16th bel George 
Darra Chas., barber, h 3 Ann 
Darrach Wm., M. D., 268 Arch 
Darrach James, M. D., 268 Arch 
Darragh Elizabeth, 357 N 12th 
Darragh G. W., carp., Green n Till (W P) 
Darragh John, 771 Coates 
Darrag-h John J., cabinetmr. 405 S 8th 
Darragh Patrick, shoemr. 140 N Juniper 
Darragh Richd. H., dry goods, 18 Jacoby 
Darragh Sarah, Brown bel Emory 
Darrag'h Thos., rear William n 19th 
Darsh J., lamp mr., Mifflin ab Masters 
Darvin Barney, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Dary Elizabeth, sempstress, rear 37 Barley 
Dash Caleb H., mer. 110 N 3d, h 129 Dillwyn 
Dash R. H., 8 Douglass av 
Dasley Mary A., wid of Jos., Lombard n 17th 
Dasley Thomas, di-iver, 76 New Market 

Dattmor Hen., dyer, Russell 

Dau August, cabinetmr. 10 Exchange pi 

Daub Cath., 130 N 13th 

Daub Henry F., clerk, 88 High, h Penn & 13th 

Daub Saml., driver. Orchard ab George (N L) 

Dauderman Sarah, Gays ct (N L) 

Daudt G. A., M. D., 539 N 5th 

Daudt Henry, sugar refiner, 203 N 5th 

Daugherty Abel H., capt. 34 Arch 

Daugherty Jas., lab., 19th W George 

Daugherty Wm., messenger, 16th and Spring 

Daughters John, cordw., Johnson's la ab 4th 

Daulta John, weaver, Forst ct 

Dauman Chris., blacksm., Washington ab Cram- 

mond (W P) 
Dauman Rebecca, Washington ab Crammond 

Dauner Jacob, tailor. Orchard ab Culvert (N L) 
D'Autrechy Paul, agent, 29 Mervine 
Davault John, brickmr. 3 Carroll av 
Davelin Mich., brickmr., Cadwalader ab Jef- 
Davenport Chas., sawmr. Front ab Chatham 
DAVENPORT & ELDRIDGE, hardware, 212 

S 2d 
Davenport Elias F., shoemr. 288 Prime 
Davenport & Ellis, morocco case makers, 33^ 

S 8th 
Davenport Henry H., lab. 17 Marker 
Davenport James, coal mer. Prime bel 10th 
Davenport Jas., case mr. oo^ S 8th, h 512 S 5th 
Davenport Jas. W., lab. 17 Marker 
Davenport John M., bk. elk., 22 Pine 
Davenport Jos., baker, Marlboro' ab Bedford 
Davenport Robert W., hardware, h 97 Pine 
Davenport Wm., 353 Walnut 
Daverin Timothy, coachman, Butler's ct 
Davey Eliza, Ridge av 
Davey John, carp. 7 Spragg av 
Davey Thos., blacksm., Sp Garden Retreat 
David Edward W., clerk, office proth. ct. com. 

David Julius, artist, George ab 12th 
David wid. of Louis, hotel, 2>5 Dock 
David Marshall, Vicker's ct 

David Mme. J., bleacher, George ab 12th t 


goods, 167 Market ^^ 

David Wm. K., mer. perfumery, 73 N 3d, h 39 

David Wm. M., mer. 167 Market, h 88 Marshall 
David Wm. M., stone cut. Aspen ab Spruce 
Davidheiser Jacob, carp. 30 Naglee 
Davids House, Mm. Ve David proprietress, 184 

Davids Wm., blacksm., William ab 13th 
Davidson Alex., sailmr. 18 Saranack 
Davidson Alexander, currier, h 32 N 9th 
Davidson Alexander W., painter, 18 Saranak 
Davidson E. W., mer. 150 Market 
Davidson Jane Ann, milliner, 330 S 2d 
Davidson Jas. B., book-keeper, 12 Bowery 
Davidson Julius, M. D., vapor baths, 217 Walnut 
Davidson Mary, dressmr., 8 Ralston 
Davidson Robert B., broker, 101 Walnut 
Davidson Samuel K., carpet mr. 24 N 3d, h 19 

Davidson S. K., furrier, 24 N 3d, h 89 Fra 




Davidson T. F road ab Oxford 
Davidson T. Wm., diy goods, 188 S 2d 
Davidson Wm., feed store, 460 N 4th 
Davidson Wm. M., acct. 76 Walnut, h 32 N 9th 
Davles Annie, 697 S 2d 

Davies Charles E., broker, S W Dock & Wal- 
nut, h 186 S 10th 
Davies C3TUS C, mer. 32 Commerce, h 478 N 6th 
Davies Eliza, 461 Parish 
Davies Jas. P., clerk Commercial Bank, h Broad 

bel Parrish 
Davies John, wines and liquors, 107 W Market 
Davies John L., pattern mr.. Redwood bel 6th 
Davies Peter A., clerk, 68 Market, h 186 S 10th 
DAVIES SAMUEL N. & SON, brokers, S W 

Dock and Walnut, h 186 S 10th 
Davig-e B., g-ent., 103 S 4th 
Davige R., gent., 103 S 4th 
Davis Abraham, jeweler, rear 497 N 3d 
Davis Alex., dry goods F road ab Norris 
Davis Allen, plasterer, 53 Chester 
Davis Ann, b h, 48 Penn 
Davis Ann, wid Thomas, Charles (S) 
Davis Ann, bookseller, 473 Market 
Davis Ann, dressmr. 8 St Joseph's av 
Davis Ann, huckster, 5 Bridges ct 
Davis Ann, 132 N 13th 
Davis Ann, washer. South ab 10th 
Davis Ann, Maria ab 4th 
Davis Anthonv, gent. 425 N 5th ab Coates 
DAVIS ARMON, alderman, 20 S 7th 
Davis Augustus, plumber. Hazel 
Davis Augustus B., scalemr. 15th ab WiUow, h 

15th bel Barclay 
Davis A B. & Co., platform scale mr., 15tli ab 

DAVIS AZEL P., tavern, N E 3d and Green 
Davis A. G., brickmr. h 204 Arch 
Davis Benjamin, 368 Walnut 
Davis Benjamin, glass mr. 3d bel Reed 
Jlavis Benjamin, brickmaker, Washington n 

7th, h Broad ab Poplar 
Davis Benj., gent. 36 S 17th 
Davis Benj., brickmr., Jackson n L Washington! 
Davis Benj., lab., Mervine bel Master 
iDavis Capt., Mrs., 264N 5th 
iDavis Chambers C, tavern, N W 13th 8c Race, 

h Perry and Clair 
Davis Charles, vict. Palmer ab Franklin (K) 
Davis Chas., glass blower, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Davis Charles, 1045 Coates 
Davis Charles, brushmr., Alton ct 
Davis Charles, mariner, 273 S Front 
Davis Charles, porter, 28 Burd's ct 
Davis Charles, clerk, 5 Traquair's ct 
Davis Chas. C, blacksm. Pan-ish W 15th 
DAVIS CHAS. H., bookseller and stationer, 

62 N 8th ab Arch, h 210 N 6th 
'Davis Chas. J., inspector, 22 Rittenhouse 
'Davis Charles P., carp., 444 N 11th 
Davis Cliloe L., dressmr. 15 S 8th 
iDavis Collin K. 8c Co., mer. 37 N Delaware av 

and 73 N Water 
Davis Collin K., mer. 37 N Delaware av 
Davis Collin K., jr., mer. 37 N Delaware av, b 

475 N 6th 
-DAVIS 8c CULIN, rosin oil works and fluid, 
12 S Del av and Queen ab Gunner's run 

Davis C. C, mer., 32 Commerce, h 6th ab Par- 
Davis C. T., blacksm. Hanover bel Duke 
Davis Daniel, potter, rear 543 N 2d 
Davis Daniel, rigger, 409 S Front 
Davis Daniel, sexton, Hanover ab Duke 
Davis Daniel A., segar mr., 1 Boyd's ct 
Davis Daniel S., tailor, 1 Boyd's ct 
Davis David, carp. 9th bel Poplar 
Davis David, agent Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co., 

209 Queen bel Palmer, h 339 N 13th 
DAVIS DAVID, tavern, 281 S Front 
DAVIS DAVID, Tiger hotel, 121 Vine 
Davis David, mer., 648 Callowhill 
Davis David, jr., clerk. Palmer bel F av 
Davis David, blacksm., Washington, h Oak ab 

Bridgewater (W P) 
Davis David, lab., Shippen ab 18th 
Davis David A., collector, 50 George (S) 
Davis David J., tobacco, Jarvis ab 2d 
Davis David L., sawmr. 3 Branch al 
Davis 8c Dolby, carps.. Beach ab Shackamaxon 
Davis Dorothy, 3 N 13th 
Davis Edward, shoemr. 4th ab Carpenter 
Davis Edward, bartender. Rising Sun 
Davis Edward H., carp. 26 Marion 
Davis Edward M., mer. 15 Bank 
DAVIS EDW. M. 8c CO., importers, 15 Bank 

and 16 Strawberry 
Davis Elijah, manuf. 101 S Front, 81 lead works 

Richmond 8c Lehigh (R), h 224 N 4th 
Davis Elijah J., waiter, 27 Bonsall 
Davis Eliza, house keeper Pub. School, 196 S 

Davis Eliza, 4 Filbert av 
Davis Elizabeth, wid of Wm., 93 Prime 
Davis Elizabeth, 3 N 13th 
Davis Elizabeth, washer, 184 Pine 
Davis Elizabeth, 10 Sansom 
Davis Ellwood, merchant, 30 S Front, h 368 

Davis Ellwood B., salesman, 91 Mai-ket, h 77 

S 5th 
Davis Emanuel, shoemr. S E 4th and Race 
Davis Ephraim, hotel, Market st ferry 
Davis Ephraim C, butcher, 12th and Carpenter 
Davis Ephraim 8c Co., hotel. Market st. feiTy 
Davis Esther, milliner, 71 Arch 
Davis E. C. Mrs., fancy goods, 18 S 8th 
Davis E. 8c Rigg, white lead manuf 101 S Front, 

factory Lehigh st., Richmond 
DAVIS Sc'fITLER, lumb. merchants, 4th ab 

George (K) 
Davis Frederick, lab. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Davis George, bookseller, 473 Market 
Davis George, carter. Black Hawk row (K) 
Davis George, cordw. Tilton bel Emory (R) 
Davis George, Filbert bel 22d 
Davis George, Suffolk 

Davis George, farmer. Front ab Reading av 
Davis George, lab.. Front ab Reading av 
Davis Geo. W., clerk, h 222 Cherry 
Davis G. 8c E., hatters, 84 N 2d^<l*-''^ 
Davis Harrison, tobacconist, 187 N 2d 
Davis Henry, compositor, Catharine bel 7th 
DAVIS HENRY, leather store, NE Marshall - 

and Willow, h 714 Poplar 
Davis Henry, tailor, Maple 





Davis Henry, cordw. Linden pi 

Davis Henry, lab., 2d ab Reading- av 

Davis Henry Rev., African book store, 203 

Lombard, h 287 S 8th 
Davis Henry C, silversm. 210 N 6th 
Davis Henry E., whf. bnilder, Norris ab "West 
Davis Henry J., salesman, 69 Market, h 4 N 12th 
Davis Henry R., stock & ex broker, 97 Walnut, 

h Spruce ab 12th 
Davis Hester, tailoress, 7 Doug-las av 
Davis Hetty, Miss, Oak ab Till (W P) 
Davis H., cordw. Prune bel 5th 
Davis Isaac, machinist, 195 Melon 
Davis Isaac, porter, 21 Lawi-ence 
Davis Isaac, carp. 16 Houston 
Davis Isaac, salesman, 103 Market 
Davis Isaac, dealer, 69 Queen 
Davis Isaac, porter, 21 Apple 
Davis Isaac R., sugar refiner, 27 Church al 
Davis Israel, porter, Maria ab 4th 
Davis Jacob, comp. F rd op Otter 
Davis James, coal dealer, 22d bel Chestnut 
Davis James, coachman, Gulielma bel 15th 
Davis James, carp. Hancock ab Master 
Davis James, seaman, Hebron's ct 
Davis James, restaurant, 22 S 3d 
Davis James, clerk, 67 Market, h 52 Marshall 
Davis James, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Davis James, shoemaker. Mechanic & Linn 
Davis James, lumb. mer. 679 Vine 
Davis James, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Davis James, shoemr. 152 S 5th 
Davis James, cordw. M road and Prime 
Davis James, Chestnut bel Mansion (W P) 
Davis James, weaver, Harper ct 
Davis James B., blindmr. Slessman's al 
Davis" James H., coachmr. Adams bel Oxford 
Davis Jas. P., surveyor, F av ab Mai-lboroug-h 
Davis Jas. R., chairmr. 7th bel Wharton 
Davis James W., coal dealer. Market n 22d, h 

22d bel Chestnut 
Davis Jas. W. & Co., coal mer. Market n 22d 
Davis Jane H., 50 Perry 

Davis Jeremiah, sen., looking- g-lasses, 52 Queen 
Davis Job M., blacksm. Carroll ab 13th 
Davis John, jr., paper hang-er, 222 N 5th 
Davis John, lab. 7 Pleasant av 
Davis John, ship carp. 311 S 3d 
Davis John, porter, 77^ Market 
Davis John, rear 27 Evans 
Davis John, macht. 40 Howard (K) 
Davis John, cooper, 570 S Front 
Davis John, lab. Buttonwood la 
Davis John, cordw. N E Fitzwater and 13th 
DAVIS JOHN, furs, 51 N 2d, h 320 S 10th 
Davis John, lab. Fitzwater and 17th 
Davis John, dealer, 22 Vernon 
Davis John, cordw. Auburn and 10th 
Davis John, paper hang-er, 222 N 5th 
Davis John, sweep master, 52 Quince 
Davis John, lab. 27 Coates al 
Davis John, cordw. 9th ab Federal 
Davis John, whf. builder, Vienna ab Duke 
Davis John, g-lass blower, Vienna ab Duke 
Davis Jno., eng-ineer, Cherry bel F avenue (K) 
Davis John, vict. 685 N 5th 
Davis John, eng-ineer, 764 N 10th 
Davis John, carp, 137 Queen 

Davis Manuel, lab. Washington n Morris (K) 

Davis Margt., 224 F rd 

Davis Mary Ann, b h, 16 N 10th 

Davis Mary Ann, 8 Pine (S) 

Davis Michl., lab. Buttonwood la 

Davis John, lab. Tilton & Cumberland (R) 

Davis John C, lumber mer. 10th and Callowhill, 

h 276 Chestnut 
Davis John C, plasterer, 123 Ogden 
DAVIS JOHN C, mercbaat, 133 N 3d, h 159 

Davis John G., gent. 160 Franklin ab Coates 
Davis John G., g.ordw. Goodbread pi 
Davis John H., tailor, N W Washington & Mary 

(W P), h 203 N 20th ■ 
Davis John L., di-uggist, S W 10th & Ogden 
Davis John M., lead and paint manuf. Beach 8c 

Marlboro, h 70 Hanover 
Davis John M., clerk, Salmon ab Lehigh av (K) 
Davis John O., tailor, 33 Strawberry 
Davis John R., Orange ab Melon 
Davis John R., pianomr. Poplar pi 
Davis John S., tinner, N E 9th and S Garden, h 

36 Alder ab Poplar 
Davis John S., carp. 30 Erie 
Davis John W., Rev., 617 Christian 
Davis Jonathan, druggist, 1 Barclay 
Davis Joseph, pap. hang. 34 Catharine 
Davis Joseph, coachman, Gulielma bel 15th 
Davis Joseph, weaver. Perry ab Phoenix 
Davis Joseph, paperhanger, Enterprise bel 5th 
Davis Jos. D., blacksm. 6 Clare 
Davis Joseph K., turner, Carlton ab 12th 
Davis Josiah, lab. Washington ab Logan (W P) 
Davis J., 138 N 12th 
Davis J., potter, Otter bel 2d 
Davis J. J., clerk, office Recorder of Deeds, N 

E 15th & Race 
Davis Lavinia, 105 Bedford 
Davis Lawrence, ropemr. Front n Jefferson 
Davis & Leeds, lumber, Front ab Willow 
Davis Leonard, mariner, 6 Mary (S) 
Davis Lewis, capt. 62 Queen 
Davis Lloyd J., painter, 71 Nectarine 
Davis L., 11 Acorn al 
Davis L. N., soap and candle, 645 South 
Davis Margaret, shop, 121 Queen 
Davis Margaret, shop, 5th bel Jefferson (K) 
Davis Margaret, 45 Church ab Wa.shington 
Davis Marg., 224 F road 
Davis Maria, Randolph bel Wagner (N L) 
Davis Marcus A., cabinetmr. 19 Russell 
Davis Mark, porter, rear 5 Duponceau 
Davis Matthew, carter, 10 M'Duffie 
Davis Milton, carp. 7th and Grape (AV P) 
Davis Mon-is, com. mer. 75 N Broad, h Green ab 

Davis Moses, 10 LiUy al 
DAVIS & MUNNS, restaurant, 22 S 3d 
Davis M., lab. Oak ab TiU (W P) 
Davis M. A., cabinet mr. Ill Walnut, h 19 Rus 

sell W 13th 
Davis Nathan B., carp. 478 N 6th 
Davis Oliver, clerk, 152 South 
DAVIS O. WILSON, atty. at law, 10 Mercantile 

Library Building, h 392 Walnut 
Davis Peter, Naval Asylum 
Davis Philip, porter, 1 Barley 





Davis Rebecca, Vienna bel Duke 

Davis Rebecca, Washing-ton n May (W P) 

Davis Rebecca, 314 N 3d 

Davis Richd., watchmr. 104 R av 

Davis Richd., trunks, Davy 

Davis Richd. Theo., shiptender, 5th ab Pierce 

Davis Richard, cabinetmr. 203 S 7th 

Davis Robert, stone mason, 8 St Joseph's av 

Davis Robt. C, drug-g-ist, S E 16 & Vine 

Davis Robt. D., clerk, 20 S 3d, h 97 N 8th 

Davis Robt. M., cordw. 560 S 2d 

Davis Saml., corder, Maiden st whf, h 193 Coates 

Davis Samuel, plasterer, 8th ab Sp Garden 

Davis Samuel B., jeweler, 14 Clark 

Davis Samuel H., lumber mer., 4th and Georg-e, 

h7th bel Parrish 
Davis Samuel L., h 234 N Front 
Davis Samuel T., tobacco, 46 N 8th, h 234 

N Front 
Davis Sarah, tailoress, rear 6 Carpenter 
Davis & Sowers, plumbers, N E 9th and Button- 
Davis Susan, 3 N 13th 

Davis Susannah, g-rocer, William and Hamilton 
Davis S., saddler, 2 Elmstus ct 
Davis S. Mrs., ladies shoes, 322 Race 
Davis Thomas, dealer, Stanly bel 4th (S) 
Davis Thomas, g-ent.. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Davis Thomas, boiler mr. Union bel Franklin 
Davis Thos. Rev., Nicetown la 
Davis Thos., eng-ineer, 45 Marshall 
Davis Thos., plasterer, Suffolk 
Davis Thos., 1045 Coates 
Davis Thos., hotel, 840 Callowhill 
Davis Thos., tanner. Steam Mill al 
Davis Thomas, tailor, 280 S 7th 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmr. 44 Plum 
Davis Thomas, shoemr. 3 Marion 
Davis Thomas, oysters 198 Pine, h Woodbine 
Davis Thomas, custom house, h 328 N 5th 
Davis Thomas, carp. 40 Carpenter (C), h 114 

Davis Thomas F., shoe mr. 610 S 2d 
Davis Thomas H., barber, N E 11th and Race 
Davis Thomas M., hatter, 19 Perry 
Davis Thomas M., for. & com. mer. 276 Market, 

h 18th bel Spruce 
Davis Thomas S., g-ent. 6 Belmont pi 
Davis Thomas S., contractor, 752 N 10th 
Davis Thos. W., dry g-ds. 67 Market, h 243 N 6th 
Davis Thos. W. & Co., dry g-oods, 67 Market 
Davis T. F. Miss, g-entw. 342 Chestnut 
Davis T. M., book-keeper. 368 Broad, h 1 Ash- 
land pi 
DAVIS & THOMPSON, manufs. bonnet wire, 

Plymouth wks., 5 Shoemaker 
Davis T. Rusling-, dentist, 323 N 6th 
Davis, Turner & Cooper, boots & shoes, 40 N 2d 
Davis Walter, weaver, Orange ab 12th 
Davis Washington, lab. Front ab Reading av 
Davis Wm., farmer, Buttonwood la 
Davis Wm., ivory turner, rear 47 Chester 
Davis Wm., weaver, rear Shippen ab 11th 
Davis Wm., shoemr. 250 Federal 
Davis Wm., plasterer, Suffolk 
Davis Wm., Naval Asylum 
Davis Wm., shoemr. 708 South 
Davis Wm., tailor, 18th bel South 

Davis Wm., Naval Asylum 

Davis Wm., sawmr. 74 F road 

Davis Wm., moulder, Hewston (K) 

Davis Wm., painter, Oxford ab Philip 

Davis Wm., gent. No. 14 Marshall 

Davis William, carp. 62 Allen 

Davis William, 138 N 12th 

Davis William, 7 Tiller's ct W Vaughn 

Davis William, shop, 238 S 4th 

Davis Wm., grocer, 11th and Jefferson 

Davis Wm., horse shoes, Washington (W P) 

Davis Wm., tavern, Washington & Moore (W P) 

Davis Wm., lab. South ab Broad 

Davis Wm., lab. 8 Pine st. (S) 

Davis Wm., weaver, rear 399 Shippen 

Davis Wm., carp. 227 N 7th ab Brown 

Davis Wm., lab. Huston (R) 

Davis Wm., blacksm. Warren bel Maiy (W P) 

Davis Wm., lab. Scott's court 

Davis Wm., engineer, 68 Moyamensing road 

Davis Wm. A., M. D., 140 Race, h 430 Coates 

Davis Wm. B., tobacconist, 148 Race 

Davis Wm. H., teacher music, Rawle 

Davis Wm. H., waiter, 6 Bradford's al 

Davis William H., harnessmr. 102 Market, h 85 

Davis William H., fluid and oil, 12 S Del av, h 

Davis Wm. J., tobacconist, 4 N 12th 
Davis Wm. M., sugar refiner, 27 Church al 
Davis Wm. M., carp. 373 S 10th, shop Shippen 

ab 8th 
Davis Wm. P., lawyer, 210 S 4th 
Davison Alex., weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Davison David, boatman, 33 Pratt 
Davison Edw., sackmr. 49 N Front, h 85 Master 

ab Hancock 
Davison Francis, clerk. Auburn ab 8th 
Davison George, weaver, Fulton 
Davison H., ti-immings, 625 South 
Davison James, weaver, Wood ab F road 
Davison Jas., weaver, Jefferson bel Cadwaladter 
Davison John, glassbr. Vienna ab Queen 
Davison &. Mai-tin, Callowhill bel 21st 
Davison N. H., stonecut. 298 S 8th 
Davison Richd., lab. Kates 
Davison Robt., lab. Harpei*'s ct 
Davison Theo., acct. 181 Market, h 14 E North 
Davison Wm., hotel, 278 R road 
Davison Wm., carter, Haydock ab Front 
Davison Wm., weaver, 6 Diamond 
Davison Wm., weaver, Biddle 
Davison Wm., drayman, Howell 
Davison Wm. P., 156 Brown 
Davisson Charles, acct. Catharine bel 6th 
Davy Eliza, b h, 427 Chestnut 
Davy John, hardware, 13th and Girard av 
Davy Wm., toll gate, Washington ab Oak( W P) 
Dawes J. C., druggist, N W 11th and Locust 
Dawsey Elizabeth, cook, rear 4 Lisle 
Dawson Albert, weaver, Hanover ab F road 
Dawson Daniel, moulder, Hope n Otter (K) 
Dawson D., washer. Currant al 
Dawson Edwd., lab. Clay W Sch Beach 
Dawson Geo., lab. Parrish W Carlisle 
Dawson Hammond, porter, 35 Bonsall «.i 

DAWSON & HANCOCK, mers. 52 S FrontCt 
Dawson Jacob, confect. 186 S 6th '• 




Dawson James, painter, 5 Madison 

Dawson James, painter, 63 Ontario 

Dawson James, seaman, Shippen pi ab 7th 

Dawson James V.. whipmr. Front and Haydock 

Dawson Job, dry goods, 208 S 2d 

Dawson John, dyer, Mechanic bel Franlclin (K) 

Dawson John, steelwr. 116 F rd 

Dawson Jno. C, book keeper, 55 Chestnut 

Dawson Josiah, 318 Arch 

Dawson J. T., seaman, 208 S 2d 

Dawson Mary, 143 N 12th 

Dawson M. L.,g-ent. 10th and Filbert, h Spruce 

ab Broad 
Dawson Owen, waiter, 11 Carver 
Dawson Paul, tailor. Hatter's ct 
Dawson & Rigg, dyers, Charlotte bel F av 
Dawson Thomas, cordw. 39 Charles 
Dawson T. R., clerk, 147 Market 
Dawson Wm., carp. 21 Coombs' al, h 325 N 10th 
Day Aaron R., 56 Arch, h 662 W Green ab 16th 
Day Alfred, navy ag-'t, 24 Pear, h 51 Almond 
Day Anna Maria, grocer, N W 10th and Poplar 
Day B. Franklin,mer. 5 Church al,h 269 Coates 
Day Chas., cordw. Queen bel Marlboro' (K) 
Day Chas., tailor and clothier, 293 N 2d 
Day Charles F., flour, &c. Queen bel Hanover, h 

Queen & Marlboro' (K) 
Day Conrad B., salesman, 28J, N 3d, h Bedford 

ab Hanover (K) 
Day Elizabeth, laundress, 29 Barclay 
Day Geo., jr., carp. Hanover bel F av 
Day George, cai-p., Hanover below F avenue 
Day Geo. W., mer. 5 Church al, h 612 Arch 
Day Henry Foster, 662 W Green 
Day Henry M., mer. 115 Chestnut, h ^5& Wood 
Day Jacob, teller, 538 N 8th 
Day James, weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
Day Jane, shop, L pike n 16th (W P) 
Day Jane, 18 IBurd's ct 

Day Jane Mrs., Lancaster Pike ab 6th (W P) 
Day John, carter, 252 Mervine 
Day John, lab. 3 Nonnater's ct 
Day John, liquor store, 6 Bedford 
Day Joseph, ship carpenter, 45 Christian 
Day Joseph, cai'p. 468 Poplar 
Day Mary, b h, 385 N 4th 

Day Michael, weaver, Jefferson n Washington 
Day Michael, gent. Marlborough ab Queen (K) 
Day Nancy, 285 Race 
, Day N. B., hatter, 123 Garden 
>V5=-DAY N. B. & CO., hatters, S E 6th and Market 
Day Peter, baker, 154 Queen (K) 
Day Peter, carp. 468 Poplar 
Day Robert, Bedford ab Hanover (K) 
Day Robert, lab. 18 Burd's ct 
Day Samuel, constable, 401 Market 
DAY & SEVENING, importers, 5 Church al 
Day Sylvester, book keeper, 5 Church al 
V-DayS. M. comb & var. store, ION 4th, h 127Arch 
Day Wm., cordw. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Day & Wright, marble yard. Queen n Hanover 
Dayly Margaret, 21 M'Duffie 
Days Elijah, gratemaker, 7 Providence coui-t 
Dayton Joseph, segarmr. 109 Queen, h Allen & 

Dazaby James, wine store, 908 N 2d 
Deacon Ann, bonnet maker, 18th above South 
Deacon Edm'd, publish. 66 S 3d, h 6th ab Green 

Deacon Geo., waterman, Union ab Franklin (K) 
DEACON ISRAEL R., coal mer., yd 9th ab 

Poplar, h 676 N 11th 
Deacon John C, blacksm. Hewston ab Duke (K) 
Deacon Maiy, b h, 486 N 6th 
Deacon Neal, brickmr. Cooper n 20th 
Deacon & Peterson, publishers Saturday Even- 
ing Post, 66 S 3d 
Deacon Thomas, captain, 33 Crown (K) 
Deacon Wm. K., hotel, 158 N 8th 
Deahl David F., cordw. 170 N 4th 
Deakyne A. C, M. D., 131 Wharton 
Deal Catharine, Marlborough bel Duke 
Deal Chas., teller Manuf & Mechanics' Bank,h 

22 Palmyra square 
Deal Chas., pap. deal. S W 5th and Commerce, 

h N E 10th and Green 
Deal Daniel, mer., S W 6th & High, h 169 N 6th 
Deal Daniel, butcher, 108 Broad 
Deal Daniel, butcher, 508 Brown 
Deal Elizabeth, Amber above Phoenix (K) 
Deal F. Francis, vict. Trinity pi bel 7th 
Deal George, blacksmith, Becket ab 16th 
Deal & Goshline, tailors, 93 N 8th 
Deal Jacob, butcher, G T road and Columbia (K) 
Deal Jacob, potter. Winter (N L) * 

Deal Jacob, butcher, 2d ab York (K) 
Deal Jane F., Allen above Shackamaxon (K) 
Deal John, carter, Decatur 
Deal John, grocer, 580 N 15th 
Deal John, comr. 224 Pine 
Deal John F., baker, 184 Race 
Deal John F., morocco finisher. Alder ab Poplar 
Deal Joseph, burnisher, Oxford bel Howard (K) 
Deal Joseph R., police, 100 Dillwyn 
Deal Leonard S., mach. 9 Schoolhouse av 
Deal Martin, weaver. Ridge av above Francis 
Deal Michael, carter, M road above Wharton «., 

Deal, Milligan & Co., dry goods, S W 6th and )^ 

Deal Samuel, carpet, F lane 
Deal William, butcher, Apple ab Norris (K) 
Deal William, Broad ab Masters 
Deal William, police, 70 Olive 
Deal Wm., brass finisher, Hope ab Franklin av 
Deal Wm., carter, Jeff'erson av bel Wharton 
Deal WilHam H., clerk, S W 6th and Chestnut, 

h 169 N 6th 
Deal Wm. H., vict. Shackamaxon (K) 
Deal Wm. Y., tailor, 521 N 8th 
Dealy Arthur, weaver. Federal ab 2d 
Dealy Dennis F., bookkeeper, 13 Commerce 
Dealy James, shoe findings and tools, 18 P road 
Dealy James, lab. Lewis ab Emory 
Deamer Harriet, 791 N 11th 
Deamer Henry, saddler, 523 Market 
Deamer Jacob, gardener. Palmer n F road 
Deamer Jacob, jr., tailor. Palmer bel F road 
Dean Chas., blacksmith, 84 Penn, h 90 Penn 
Dean Charles, engraver, 207 S 9th 
Dean Charles A., confectioner, 53 Coates 
Dean Daniel, coachmaker. Melon bel 13th 
Dean Godfrey, tobacconist, 9th ab Carpenter 
Dean Henry, calico print. Callowhlll n 20th 
Dean Jane G., 19th bel Carlton 
Dean John, tailor. Orchard ab Rawle 
Dean John, police. Quince n Lombard 




Dean John, carpet weav. Jackson ctbel F road I Decker John, tinsmith, 220 Callowhill 
Dean John D., clerk, 219 Market, h 218 S loth i Decker John, hair dresser, 345 N Front 
Dean Leonard W., driver, 29 Beaver (K) | Decker S., furniture, 200 Shippen 

Dean Martin, saw g-rinder, Benton n School (K)iDeckert Anthony, rag- mer. Harrison av 

Dean Peter, g-as -works, Winter AV 21st 
Dean Robert, Xaval Asj-lum 
Dean Thomas, weaver. Front ab Master 
Dean Thomas, carter, Fitzwater n 15th 
Dean Thomas, weaver, 9th and Man-iott 
Dean William, lab. Master above 7th 
Dean William, diy g-oods, William n Otter 

DECKERT HENRY M., atty. and coun. 89 S 

5th, h William and Pine'(W P) 
,Deckert Mary W., William and Pine (W P) 
' Deckhart Joseph, vict. 129 Prime 
'Deckman John, lab. Apple bel Jefferson av 
;DE COU & mDDLETON, iron merchants, 
: 13 N Water 

Dean William F., att'y and coun. 42 Walnut, h'DECOU ROBERT, clothmg, 141 Chestnut, h 

218 S 15th bel Pine 
Deanes Christian, g-ent. Front ab Jefferson 
De Ang-eli J., 43 N 13th 
Deany Alexander, lab. Palm (R) 
Deany Chas., lab. 103 ilarriott 
Deany James, lab. Ann below Larch (R) 
Deany John, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Deany John, lab. Ann bel Larch (R) 
Dearie Barney, carter, Oxford ab Cadwalader 
Dearie James, restaurant, 132 Market, h Callow 

hill above 18th 
Dearie James, carter, Oxford bel Broad 
Dearie John, Callowhill bel 21st 
Dearie Jolm, restuarant, 64 N Water 
Dearing- James, seaman, 9 Beck 

265 Callowhill 
Decou Wm., mer. 13 N Water, h 222 N 4th 
De Coursey Jacob, cordwainer 348 N2d 
De Coursev John, cordwainer, rear 27 Og-den 

g-oods, 149 Market 
De Coursey Saml. W., mer. 149 Maj-ket, h 619 

De Coursey Thomas, tailor, 568 N 2d 
Dedaker Catharine, 2 Dedaker's court 
Dedaker Eliza, Yienna ab Queen (K) 
Dedaker Yalentine, bricklr. Franklin ab Palmer 
Dedel John, shoemr. G T road ab 5th 
Dedker John, lab. 6th st road 
Dedrick Hannah, Mechanic above Georg-e 

De Armond Richard C, clerk, 265 Chestnut, h Dee John, porter, 193 Market 

Addison E 18th 
Dearr James, carp. Centre ab 16th 
Deary Edward, tailor, Richmond ab Emory 
Dean" Thomas, carp. 116 Barker 
Deas Catharine, widow of Geo., 30 Duke 

Deei^an Simon, laborer, Swarthmore place 
jDeely Michael C, bootmr. Hogg^s ct 

Deemar Mar}" Ann, Cheri-y bel Duke 
JDeemer E. H., clerk, 86 S Del av, h Quince n 

Deas James H., warm air furnaces, &c., arOlDeereMarg-aretjSempstress, 161 Howard (K) 

Arch, h 8th and Coates iDeering- James, rig-g-er, Christian ct 

Deaton Wm., lab. Bedford bel Broad !Deering- Wm. H., 5 Pine al 

Deats Henry, brickmaker, Passyunk road ;Deerner John, mor. shaver, 7th ab Girard av 

Deats William, brickmaker, Passyunk road Deery Charles, tavern, 3 Lybrand 
Deaver Sarah, bucks., rear Perry ab Phoenix (K) Deery Francis W., carp. 11th ab Jefferson 
Deaves Isaac, stone mason, Mervine ab Oxford : Deery James T., carp. 11th below Masters 
Deaves Margt., Orang-e above Wallace ; Deery John, carp. 11th below Masters 

Deaves Thomas, carp. 175 Carpenter [Deery John J„ carp. 773 N 11th 

Deaves T., carp. Brown bel Yienna (K) 'Deery Thomas, carpenter, 116 Barker 

De Barry John, mer. 70 Market, h 110 S 8th iDeetrj' Charles B., 57 Coates 
De Baufi-e Wm., Henderson House, 92 W Market ; Deets Mary, butcher, 14 Mag-nolia 
Debedy John, waiter, 6 Pleasant avenue ] Defeiber S^'illiam, capmaker, 134 Coates 

De Bender Samuel, oysterman, Bickham's ct iDefler John, 117 Swanson 
De Beust John, chairmaker, N W 10th and I Deford Richard, shoemaker^ 88 German 

Walnut, house 44 Perry ! Degan Daniel, laborer, Lehigh n Canal (R) 

De Beust Hannah, 176 S 11th 'Degan Emily, dressmaker, 27 S 10th 

De Beust Wm., mer. 33 Dei3n Deg-an F., tavern, Passjomk road bel Marriott 

Debilzon Chas., carter, Thompson below 16th j Degan John, cooper, P road above Carpenter 

Debinder Geo., gunsmith, 3d above Wharton 
Debinder George, gunsmith, 337 South 
Debman Silas, mach. F road n Reading av 
De Boer Henn,-, dealer, 54 George 

jDegard John, printer, California place 
JDeginther Michael, cabinetmaker, 284 Chestnut, 

h 70 George 
iDegorgue James, hotel, GF road bel Christian 
De Bohen Montgopiery, 104 Broad bel Walnut De Grasse Joseph A., printer, N E 4th & Chest- 
De Boos James, dry goods, 10th above Coates \ nut, h 28 Jane 

De Boss John, lab. Palm bel Brown JDe Gray Joseph, cabinetmr. Cumberland bel 2d 

Debozear A. M., trimmings, 54 N 8th JDe Grote Elisha, ship carp. West ab Norris (R) 

De Bozear Joseph, Melon ab 12th jDe Grote Garrett H., cordw. Parrish bel 10th 

De Brot John, clerk, 147 Market, h S E 11th & De Grote James, varnisher, 8tli ab Carpenter 


De Bruin Morris J., clothing, 185 South 
Decan Peter A., ship mastei-, 356 S 4th 
Decan Robert R., captain, 165 S 9th 
Decatur John, coach trimmer^ 7th bel Oxford 
De Chai-ms Richard, Rev., 17th n Ann 

De Hann Louis, tailor, 68 South 

De Hann Louis A., clothing, S E 6th and South 

and 278 South 
Dehart John, basketmr. 438 N 3d 
De Haven Abram. R., shoes, 132 and 134 N 8th 
Dehaven A. J., pap. hanger, Cherry bel F road 




De Haven Alexander H., clerk, 24 S 3d 

De Haven Andrew, contractor, G T road 

De Haven Chas. E., mer. 185 Market, h Arch 

W 18th 
Dehaven Georg'e, Montg-omery n Front 
Dehaven Geo., jr., clerk, Montgomery bel Front 
DEHAVEN GEORGE L., Coates & Penna. av 
Dehaven Geo. W., tobacconist. Poplar bel 8th 
De Haven Holstein, g-ent. 153 N 11th 
De Haven H., teller Phila. Bank, h 324 N 12th 
Dehaven Jacob B., coal deal. Front & Harrison, 

h 272 Hanover 
Dehaven James, butcher, 159 Summer 
Dehaven John, machinist, Oxford ab F road 
Dehaven J. David, manuf. Rising Sun 
Dehaven J. E., g-ent. 153 N 11th 
Dehaven J. Z., mer. 279 Market, h 165 Wallace 
Dehaven Mary, washer, 10 Reeve 
Dehaven Mich., bricklr. 90 Barker E 18th 
Dehl Edward, oil store, 54 Lombard 
Dehuff Henry, eng-ineer. Aspen ab 6th 
Deig-han John, tavern, 23d and Spruce 
Deily Henry, boilermr. Maiden bel Front 
Deim Georg-e, driver, Clinton ab York (K) 
Deimer John Georg-e, 172 Beach (K) 
Deimer Mary Ann, Cherry bel Duke 
Deimling- John C, 32 York av 
Deimling- Mary, 35 Wood 
Deining'er John H., shoes, &c., 48 Beach (K) 
Deining-er S., cordw. Lowry's ct 
Deinning-er Jacob, tailor, 341 St John (K) 
Deirhoth Jacob, capmr. 166 Franklin av (K) 
Deisenhover Joseph, cordw. Gray 
Deiser John, toymr. 4 Thompson 
Deisher R., Rev., 107 Wharton 
Deising-er Fred., vict. Randolph bel Master 
Deitch Louisa, washer, 365 South 
Deitman Charles, cordw. 8th ab Columbia av 
Deitweiler Abraham, tobacco, Fi-anklin av 
Deitz Chas., bnishmr. 148 Diamond (K) 
Deitz Charles B., grocer, 2d and Green, h 57 

DEITZ C. B. & CO., g-rocers, S E 2d & Green 
Deitz Georg'e, turner, 9 Dillwyn 
Deitz James L., china, 494 Coates 
Deitz John, lab. 31 Kressler 
Deitz John, lab 6th ab Camac 
Deitz M. A. C, N W Vine and Marshall 
Deitz Peter, cooper, 33 Union 
Deitz Wm., cordw. Kressler and Diamond 
Deitz Wm., plumber, 29 L Washington 
De Kalk L. John, 263 St John 
Deklyne Alexr. W., blksm. 414 N Front 
Deklyne Geo., block & pump mr. 414 N Front 
Deklyne Theo., block & pumpmr. 414 N Front 

h 40 Washington av 
Deklyne William W., pump and blockmr. 53 

De Knight Wm. H., blksm. Union ab Duke 
Delacroix C. J., prof, of languages, 31 Filbert 
Delacroix Joseph, acct. 14 Chestnut, house 221 

S 9th 
Delacroix Lewis F., mer. 410 S 2d 
De Lacey John, M. D., 220 S 4th 
Delage Peter, tailor, 210 Spruce 
De Laguna A. De L., prof, of languages, S E 

8th and Chestnut, h 220 Spruce 
Delamater Jno., bookbr. Washington ab Logan 

Delaney Edward, carver, 72 Ogden 
Delaney Elizabeth, Penna. av ab 19th 
Delaney Finton, bar tender, Shippen n 17th 
Delaney Geo., clerk, 6 Jacoby 
Delaney Jno., combmr. 222 F road 
Delaney Jno., jr., bricklr. Oxford ab 5th 
Delaney Rudolph J., P. R. R. 18th ab Lombai-d 
Delaney Simon, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Delaney Wm., engineer, P. R. R. 18th ab Lom- 
Delaney Wm., clerk, 311 Masters 
Delano Marie Miss, 8 Citron 
Delany Anna and Margaret, 13 La Grange pi 
Delany Ann, wid. 73 Master 
Delany Chas., surveyor, 43 Queen (K) 
Delany Dennis, lab. 560 S 8th 
Delany H., blacksm. Allen & Hanover, h Queen 

ab Shackamaxon 
Delany James, carter, 10th bel Jefferson 
Delany John, weaver, 846 N 2d 
Delany Joshua, lab. Carroll's ct 
Delany J., bootmr. (W P) 
Delany Martin, lab. Ward's Retreat 
Delany Michael, cabinet mr. James n 7tli 
Delany Patrick, lab. 11th bel Master 
Delany Patrick, carter, James ab 7th 
Delany Patrick, lab. Marriott ab 4th 
Delany Patrick J., tailor, 14th ab Locust 
Delany Theo. M., bookkeeper, 43 Queen (K) 
Delany Thomas, cordw. James n 8th 
Delany Wm., constable, 21 Gaskill 
Delany Wm., acct. 196 Market, h 127 Spruce 
Delany Wm., book keeper, 127 Spruce 
Delany Wm., gilder, 324 S 6th 
Delany Wm. S., gilder, 324 S 6th 
Delap John, teacher, 264 N 5th 
Delap J. H., silversmith, 71 S 2d, h 264 N 5th 
Delap J. H., silversmith, Frances bel 6th 
Delasalle Judith, dressmr. 150 S 10th 
Delavau Isaac, rear Wheat bel Marion 
Delavau John, brushmr. 81 Buttonwood 
Delavau Joseph, tobacconist, 162 S 6th 
Delavau J. W. S., druggist, 6th & Wood 
Delavaux Jas., brushmr. 81 Buttonwood 
Delavaux Wm., cordw. Vienna bel F av 

S E 3d and Walnut 
Delbert Simon, chandler, Alarket W 23d 
D'Elbert S., mer. 20th ab George 
Delborie Fred., macht. 110 Lewis 
Deles Alexander, grocer, 220 F road 
Delestatius Alfred, 13th & Cherry, h 273 Cherry 
Delestatius Alloway, stationer, 178 Race 
Delight Saml., ship jr. 1 Innis 
DelissaSaml., shirt manuf. 109 N 3d, h 55Race 
Dell Casper, tailor, Apple ab PYanklin av 
Dell Joseph S., mer. 128 Callowhill 
Delmore Ellen, shop, Spafford 
Delleker Geo. F., U. S. Mint, 18th ab George 
Delleker W. J., notary pub. & ship brok, 128 

Chestnut, h 110 S 16th 
Dellow George, hatter, Caldwell 
Delong Andrew, founder, 486 Coates 
Delong Daniel, founder, 486 Coates 
Delong David, clerk, 486 Coates 
Delp josiah M., carp. Centre ab Brown 
Delp Wm., shoemr. West and Hewson 
Delton Mrs. Sarah, Pine ab Sch Willow 




Delury John, umbrellamr. 6 John's ct 
Demartin M., steward, 4 Eagle's ct 
Demaul Adam, trunkmr. 130 Market 
Demby Andrew P., 10 Liberty ct 
Demery Thomas, weaver, Wagner's al 
Demery Wm., 116 R av 
Deming- Sarah A., 24 Cox 
Demme Charles H., clerk, 41 N 4th 
Demme C. R. Rev., D. D., 41 N 4th 
Demme G., butcher, Sprag-g's av 
DemoU A. J., saddler, 4 Church av 
Demonn Gotlleb, tinsm. Marshall ab Poplar 
Demorest M. W., fancy store, 17 N 8th 
Dempsey E. J., druggist, Callowhill ab 15th 
Dempsey George, lab. rear 491 S 2d 
Dempsey James, coachman, 7 Prosperous al 
Dempsey James, vict. 11th ab Jefferson 
Dempsey John, cordw. 147 F road 
Dempsey John, brewer, F road ab Otter (K) 
Dempsey John, lab. 8 Stewart 
Dempsey John, stove moulder, 17th bel Coates 
Dempsey John, butcher, Warren bel Park 
Dempsey Robert, lab. N E 13th 8c Shippen 
Dempsey Wm., cordw. 7 Grape's ct 
Dempster Henry, printer, 155 N 15th 
Dempster R., plasterer, 103 Melon 
Demsey Cornelius, lab. Cuthbert W 22d 
Demuth John, mer. h 77 Wood 
Denaby Fred., 7 Ashland 
Denby Wm., actor, 23 Mifflin 
Denckla Ann, wid. of A. H., Juniper and Arch 
Denckla A. H.,mer. oo Commerce, h Arch and 

Denckla C. R., clerk, 33 Commerce, h Arch and 

Denckla C. P., salesman, 33 Commerce, h Arch 

and Juniper 
Denckla H. Albert, mer. N E Front 8c Chestnut 
Denckla Paul, gent. 2 N 11th 
Dencla Chas., tailor, 1187 N 5th 
Dencla Jno., tailor, 1187 N 5th 
Dendler Louis, lab. Spruce ab Aspen 
Denegre Joseph, carpenter 16 Lybrand, h 138 

N Juniper 
Dener H., stone mason, Vienna below Duke 
Denger Catharine, store, 130 Vine 
Denham Wm., cordw. 43 N 13th 
Denhard Geo., glue mr. 8th ab Columbia 
Deninger Barbara, shop, 37 Bonsall 
Denis N. F. H., chem. lab. Vine n 16th, house 

3 Logan sq 
Denizat N., locksmith, 13 Ashland 
Denier Chas., furrier, Renscheler pi ab Char- 
Denn Wm., cordw. Seubert's av (K) 
Denn Wm., G T r-oad ab Morris 
Dennan Lewis R., cabtmr. 19 Concord 
Denneber John, lab. 170 Wood 
Dennen John, lab. Lehigh bel Richmond (R) 
Dennen John A., carp. 62 Mead 
Denner Daniel, sugar ref. 2 Jackson 
Denner David, butcher, Hancock bel Master 
Denner Fred., confec. St John bel Beach (K)' 
Denney Charles A., leather and shoe findings, 

654 N 2d 
Denney John, milkman, 178 Columbia 
Denney Thomas W., paper hanger, 414 S 2d 
Denney Wm., dealer, Wheat ab Reed 

Denney Wm., carp. Baker bet 17th and 18th, 

h 17th bel Market 
Dennin Bryant, brickmr. State bel Pratt (W P) 
Dennin Dennis, grocer, Lancaster Pike below 

Park (W P) 
Dennin Jas., carter, 24th ab Pine 
Dennin John, store, Lehigh (R) 
Dennin Thomas, lab. Lehigh (R) 
Denning Isaac W., shovelmr. Court al Brown 

bel Front 
Denning James, lab. Carlton ab 19th 
Denning John, distiller, 23d bel Chestnut 
Denning Mordecai M., printer 137 Wood 
Denning Robert, cabtmr. Tyler ab Poplar 
Denning S., tobacconist, 264 N 3d 
Dennis Littleton, lab. Marriott's la 
Dennis Rebecca, 381 Noble 
Dennis Samuel J., shoemr. Sears ab 6th 
Dennis Sarah E., 103 Swanson 
Dennis Seph, factorist, Greenwich ab 2d 
Dennis Stephen, ice dealer, rear 29 New Market 
Dennis Theo. H., ladies' shoemr. 15 Nagle 
Dennis Wm., treas, Phila. and Sav. St. Ship Co., 

Vine and Del. av, h 194 Filbert 
DENNIS WM. H., oil factory. Christian bel 7th, 

h 369 S 3d 
Dennis Wm. L., atty, & coun. 33 S 5th, cor 10th 

and North 
Dennis Wm. P., capt. 103 Swanson 
Dennison Benj. C, printer, 20 Carter 
Dennison David, 104 Broad bel Walnut 
Dennison Edward F., actuary Art U., 210 Chest- 
nut, h 525 N 8th 
Dennisson Andw., grocer, N W 10th and Race 
Denniston E. E., salesman, 138 Market 
Denny Cath. A., tobacco, 337 Vine 
Denny C. A., mer. 60 Chestnut 
Denn}- Daniel, 40 Murry 
Denny Edwd. carp. Spruce E 22d 
Denny Francis, gent. 8 Carpenter 
Denny James, diy goods, S Eolith and Lombard 
Denny James, waterman, 2 Concord 
Denny Jas., stone cutter. Brown ab 13th 
Denny Jno., 2 Concord 
Denny Robert, pedlar, La^vrence ab Brown 
Denny Robert, harness, 50 Dock, h Walnutbel 

William (W P) 
Denny Thomas, wheelw. 1125 N 5th 
Denny Thos., lab. Sch Water and Lombard 
Deno Henry, ropemr. Norris bel Hancock 
Deno James, brickmr. Dauphin n Coral (K) 
Deno Mary J., Dauphin n Coral (K) 
Dent Wm., lab. Parker bel Adams (K) 
Dentler John, tailor, 1185 N 5th 
Denvir Cornelius, cordw. 15 Westley 
Denvir James, cordw. 9 Flower 
Denvir Richard, tailor, M'Manemy's ct 
Denz Englebert, jeweller, Steinmetz ct 
Denz Joseph, jeweler, Steinmetz ct 
Depee Nathaniel W., tailor, 334 South 
Deperven Henry, undertaker, 497 Poplar 
De Pesti-e, Mi-s., Pine ab Broad 
De Pew Wm. R., clerk, 13 N Del av, h 369 

Depoe David, 312 N 12th 
Depoe Mrs. F. A., 242 Walnut 
Deppe J., tobacconist, 7th ab Wharton 
Deppee Charles, baker, 7th h. L Washington 




Deppen Elizabeth, segarmr. 93 Callowhill 
De Putron John, bootmr. 494 S 4th 
Deputy H. C, ship architect, 63 Prime 
Deputy Sylvester, silk dyer, 50 Lombard 
DEPUY JONATHAN V., dry g-oods, 41 N 8th 
DEPUY J. STEWART, carpets, 223 N 2d, h 

191 Coates 
Depuy Thos., carpet store, h 191 Coates 
Depuy Watson, carpets, S W 8th and Spring- 
Garden, h 6 Linden 
Derbyshire A. J., mer. 33 N Del av, h 19 New 
DERBYSHIRE A. J. & Co., com. mer. 33 N Del 

av & 65 N Water 
Derbyshire Georg-e, spinner, 2d ab Oxford 
Derbyshire Georg-e, ship carp. F av ab Ci'own 
Derbyshire John, mer, 65 N Water, h 19 New 
Derbyshire Jno., cotton manf. Beach ab Shack- 

Derbyshire Joseph, butcher, Aber ab Norris , 
Derbyshire M. J., milliner, Franklin ab Front 
Derbyshire Wm., sen., dyer, 407 Apple ab Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Derbyshire Wm., jr., dyer, Franklin n Crown 
DERCUM EARNST, book store, 116 N 4th, h 

9 Torrs 
DERCUM JACOB, saloon, 262 Market, h 108 

Dercum Jacob, lager beer saloon, 108 Crown 
Dergej^ John, mach. Carlton bel 13th 
Derham James, grocer, N W St Mary 8c 7th 
Derhing James, seaman, Christian ct 
Derickson W. R., capt. 440 S Front 
Dering Fred., carter, George ab Charlotte (N L) 
Dering Jacob, cordw. rear 693 N 3d 
Deringer Calhoun M., Sec. Board Wardens, 31 

Walnut, h 487 N 5th 
Deringer Henry, rifle and pistol manuf. h 370 

N Front 
Deringer T. T., clerk, 1 1 Green 
Derouse George, boot crimper, 4 Lombard ct 
Derouse Rees, waiter, 23 L Washington 
Derr Alex. M., lamp mr. Filbert ab 11th 
Derr Elias, carp. Eldridge pi 
Derr George L., tax collector, 465 N 5th 
Derr John, tobacconist, Coates ab 6th 
Derr John, carter, Thompson bel Apple (K) 
Derr Leonard, lab. Beaver ab St Johns (R) 
Derr Martin, janitor. Filbert ab 11th 
Derr Michael, sawyer. Phoenix &. Leopard (K) 
Derr Wm., fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Derr Wm., grocer, 749 N 10th 
Dei-rdine John L., shoemr. 152 Diamond (K) 
Derrick Mich., rags, Vienna ab Duke 
Derrickson Abr. H., elk. 24 S 4th h 404 S 13th, 
Derrickson H., carman, 36 Duponceau 
Derrickson Samuel, 15 Dugan 
Derrickson Samuel B., mer. 93 Mark|^t, h 298 

Derrickson & Son, marble yard. Spruce ab 15th 
Deri-ickson Thomas W., grocer, 415 Ridge av 
Derrigh Jos., gi-ocer, 13th and Wharton 
Derry Charles C, hair dresser. South ab Broad 
Derringer Henry, tailor, Lewis ab Thompson 
Derry George, mach't. Oak and Mansion (W P) 
Derry Jas., boatm., St David 
Derry Maria, washer, 6 Lombard row 
Dervaux D., Townsend pi bel Sprnce 
Desabaye Lewis, paint. Charles bel Buttonwood 

Desabaye Sarah, 9th bel Brown 

Desanna Wm., mach. Penn bel 13th 

Desauque Charles L., mer. 139 N 9th 

Desbordes John, tassels, &c., 144 S 2d 

Desch Wm., tailor, 13 Burd 

Deschamp Edward, agent, 322 Riclimond (R) 

DESCHAMPS G. J.'b., Omnibus Depot, G T 

road and 6th, h 322 Richmond (R) 
Deschner Augustus, baker, 50 Penn 
De Schweinitz Edmund, Rev., 91 Wood 
Desgranges Clarence C, elk., 177 S 9th 
Desgi-anges Leon P., clerk, 147 Market, h 177 

Desgranges Paul L. J., 177 S 9th 
Desgranges 3. A., merchant, 147 Market, h 177 

S 9th 
Desher Abram, drayman, F road ab Jefferson 
Desher Samuel, combmr. St John & Canal 
Desher Wm., combmr. rear Schlersman's al 
Desher Wm., morocco dresser, Slessman's p 
Desilver Charles, mer. 253 Market, h German- 
Desilver Frank, mer. 73 Chestnut 
Desilver R. Wilson, S Del av, h 103 17th 
Desilver & Thomas, tea dealers, 7o Chestnut 
Desmond Charles F., Sec'y Sweet Brier Ice Co, 

N E 6th Minor, h Filbert W 20th 
Desmond Humphrey, lab., Washington ab Cram- 

mond (W P) 
Desmond James T., mer.. Filbert W 20th 
Desmond John, lab. 22 Bonsall 
Desmond Joseph, 74 Coates 
Desmond Timothy, porter, Washington abovs 

Crammond (W P) 
Desmond Wm., 5 Arcade, h 4 N 7l;li 
De Souza Henry, clerk, 134 Chestnut, h 508 

Dessalet Alexander, cordw., York bel F road 
Dessalet Charles, lab., Palmer bel Duke 
Dessalet John, grocer, Hanover & West (K) 
Dessart & Bro., hatters, 341 N. 3d \ ...---^ssr' 
Dessart Victor, hatter, 619 N 3d 
Dessert Alex., lab. Lombard n 17th 
Destouet J. E., mer. 11 Church, h 385 Walnut 
Destouet S., mer. 11 Church al, h 385 Walnut 
D'Esterre Duncan, conveyancer, 80 Walnut, h 

487 S 9th 
D'Esterre L., store, 70 Race 
Detch Martin, butcher, 350 Panrisli 
Dethmore Wm., engineer, William E 21st 
Detre Christian H., carp. 558 Vine 
Detterer Edward, metallic roofer, 30 Lewis ab 

Detterer Maiy, grocer, Lombard E 19tb 
Detterline Margt., widow Henry, Emerald and 

Dettiy Henry F., 23 S 3d 
Dettry & Myers, tavern, 23 S 3d 
Detwiler Abram, tobacconist, Master bel 7thi 
Detvviler Elias, carter, F av ab Wood 
Detwiler Henry, founder, Duke ab Houston 
Detwiler Martin, Buck Hotel, 130 N 2d 
Detwiler Miles A., glass blower, Latimer &h 

Detwiler Rudolph, 1 Bryan's ct 
Deusch Conrad, cordw., rear 7 Cliarles 
Deusch Henry, cordw. 13 James 
Deutz Adam C, jeweler, 2 Merchant 




Deutz & "Winsel, jewelers, 2 Merchant 

Deval Pasco, lab. 25th bel Coates 

Devark Elizabeth, cook, rear 228 Lombard 

Develin Alexander, lab. Milton bel 12th 

Develin Alexander, lab. 19th ab Filbert 

Develin Ann, g-rocer. 180 S 4th 

Develin Bernard, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 

Develin Bernard, lab. Steam Mill alley 

Develin Bernard, lab., Cheny's ct (K) 

Develin Bernard, overseer. Mechanic ab Creek 

DEVELIN & CAMPBELL, eating- house, S W 

5th & Market 
Develin Catharine, Bedford bel 13th 
Develin Edwd., carter, Apple bel. Jefferson 
Develin Edwd., shoemr., Oxford bel G T road 
Develin Edwd., manuf. 2d bel Columbia 
Develin Felix, weaver, M'Atee's ct 
Develin Francis, lab. Kenan's ct 
Develin Henry, weaver, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Develin Henry, jr., carp. Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Develin Henry, weaver, rear G T rd ab Master 
Develin Hugh, weaver. Master n G T road 
Develin James, lab. Charlotte bel Thompson 
Develin Jas., tailor, 3d and Queen 
Develin Jas., S W 5th and Market, h 227 S 6th 
Develin Jas., weaver, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Develin John, weaver, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Develin John, tavern, 298 S 7th 
Develin John, 194 Cadwalader 
Develin John, weaver, G T. road, c Jefferson 
Develin John, weaver, Washington bel Oxford 
Develin John, lab. Master ab Hancock 
Develin John, gro. 11th and L Washington 
Develin Jos., weaver, 22 Fitler 
Develin Lewis, weaver, 194 Cadwalader 
Develin Margl., wid Fredk., Maria bel 5tli 
Develin Margt., shop, Marriott ab 5th 
Develin Mary, Lombard n 15th 
Develin Mary, sempstress, rear 18 Maria 
Develin Michael, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Develin Michael, lab., rear 96 Prime 
Develin Michael, lab. 1 Fisher's ct 
Develin Michael, shoemr. 259 S 17th 
Develin Mich., weav., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Develin N., grocer, N E South and 3d 
Develin Patrick, grocer, 13th and Locust 
Develin Patrick, weaver, Baker's ct 
Develin Patrick, weaver, 906 N 2d 
Develin Patrick, lab.. Mariner ab 13th 
Develin Pat., lab. 11th bel Federal 
Develin Peter, sailmr., Gaffney's av 
Develin Peter, cordw., Bedford bel Broad 
Develin Peter, lab. Apple bel. Jefferson 
Develin Thomas, weaver, Crown bel Duke 
Develin Wm., lab. Gable's ct 
Deveney Hugh, lab., Graham bel Green (W P) 
Deveney John, omnibuses, 20th and Pine 
Deveney Pat., lab. 23d & Spruce 
Devenney Charles, dealer, 401 S 10th 
Devenney Connell, carp. Hamilton ab 23d 
Devenney Henry, lab. Brazier n Loyd 
Devenney Jas., lab., 2 John's ct 
Devenney John, tav., N W 8th and Catharine 
Devenney John, lab. Lombard n 22d 
Devenney John, dry goods, Margaret 
Devenney Julia, S W 22d and Lombard 
Devenney Patrick, box mr. 11 Hubbard 
Devenney Patrick, carp.. Burr's ct 

Devenny James, 12 Citron 

Devenshire J., bootmr. 1002 Pine 

Devenshire William, boatman,Cuthbert W 19th 

Dever Anthony, grocer, 248 Lombard 

Dever Brian, lab. Brown and Anthracite (K) 

Dever Catharine, Shippen ab 19th 

Dever Edwd., lab. Beach av. 

Dever Jas., lab. M'Duffle n 19th 

Dever Jas., carter. Say ab 15th 

Dever Jas., tailor. Redwood ab 3d 

Dever Michael, grocer, 264 Cedar 

Dever Samuel, lab. n 17th 

Dever Samuel, lab.. Walnut and Sch Beach 

Devereux Edwd., saddler, Carlton n Broad 

Devereux Geo. T., artist, 184 S 10th 

DEVEREUX JAMES, mer. 86 S Del. av, h 89 

Devereux James, Nectarine ab 10th 
Devereux John, tailor, 15th bel Parrish 
Devereux John, mer. 79 S Del. av, h 396 Walnut 
Devereux John, porter, 14 Mulberry al 
Devereux Mich., glass bl., Brown ab Lehigh (R) 
Devereux Michael, glass blower, Vienna above 

Franklin av 
Devereux Nicholas, milk, 7th bel Reed 
Devereux Nicholson B., artist, New Atheneum 
Devereux Peter, gent, Clinton bel Poplar 
Devereux Richd. G., 86 S Del av, h 89 Pine 
Deverin Elizabeth, 5 St John's pi 
Devers Danl., blacksm. Till ab. Pratt 
Deversline John, lab. 2d and Montgomery 
Devert Saml., lab. Haverford n Sch road (WP) 
Devine Arthur, salesman, 11th ab Federal 
Devine Bernard, 2 Quigg's ct 
Devine Catharine, Washer, Shippen ab 12th 
Devine Edward, dealer. Market E 18th 
Devine Eliza, M'Duffie n 21st 
Devine Hugh, elk., rear 31 Marriott 
Devine Hugh, grocer. Middle al 
Devine James, grocer, 125 S 8th 
Devine James, painter, Lombard E 18t,h 
Devine James, carter, Essex 
Devine James, waiter, rear South ab 10th 
Devine John, segars, rear Bigham ct 
Devine John, driver, rear 20 Baker 
Devine John, drayman, 7 Lawrence 
Devine John, lab .7th bel Marriott's la 
DEVINE JOHN, grocer, S W 15th and Market 
Devine John, tailor, 45 Harrison 
Devine John, oysters, 385 South 
Devine John, lab., Brown bel William (R) 
Devine John, lab., 11th ab Fitzwater 
Devine John, tailor, 158 Phoenix (K) 
Devine Marg. F., b h, 9 S 7th 
Devine Mark, flour store, N E 2d and Green, h 

372 N 4th 
DEVI5IE MARK & CO., N E 2d and Green 
Devine Owen, gas inspector, 22 Wilcox 
Devine Patrick, lab. 137 Locust 
Devine Patrick, trunkmr., Carlton ab 19th 
Devine Patrick, lab., Fisher ab Emory (K) 
Devine Pati'ick, tailor, Loyd 
Devine Patrick, lab., Salmon ab William (R) 
Devine Patrick, lab., 12th ab Columbia av 
Devine Peter, lab., Mariner ab 13th 
Devine Philip, S W 10th and Christian 
Devine Philip, carter, Chi-istian ab 17th 
Devine Quinton, 324 S 3d 




Devine Thomas, confect. 188 N 2d 

Devine William, tninkmr. 372 S 13th 

Devine William, lab., rear Baker bel 8th 

Devine Wm., lab. Gran's ct 

Deviney Mich., tavern. Front and Montgomery 

Devinney Alex., carp. Olive's pi 

Devinny Hender, boatman, 24th ab South 

Devinny Georg-e, chairmr., Oxford bel Front (K) 

Deviny A., shoemr. 2d ab York 

Devir Edward, clothing-, 189 S 2d 

Davits H. B., botanic med., Poplar bel Marshall 

Devitt Catharine, N E Shippen and 12th 

Devitt Charles, dry goods, 2d and Queen 

Devitt Elizabeth, 75 Fitzwater 

Devitt John, hardware, 397 S 2d 

Devitt J. E., clerk, 41 S 2d 

Devitt Sarah, Tilton bel Emery (R) 

Devitt Terrence J., baker, 75 Fitzwater 

Devitt Thomas, carter, rear 215 Christian 

Devitt WiUiam, Mellon bel 11th 

Devlin Andrew, lab. 565 South 

Devlin Archibald, tavern, Cadwalader & Master 

Devlin Bernard, shoemr., 10th and Nectarine 

Devlin Bernard, lab.. Bridge ab 9th (W P) 

Devlin Catharine, spooler, Thompson ab 3d 

Devlin Charles, book binder, 13 N Clinton 

Devlin Edward, carter, China row (K) 

Devlin Felix, weaver, M'Atees ct (K) 

Devlin Francis, shop, 340 Shippen 

Devlin Francis, porter, 287 Market Ia,h Shippen 

Devlin Henry, weaver, rear 307 G T road 

Devlin Henry, lab. Clay bel Sch Beach 

DEVLIN HENRY J., tavern, 13th and Wood 

Devlin Hugh, weaver, Crown ab Franklin av 

Devlin Hugh, weaver. White's ct 

Devlin Isabella, Mrs., liv. stable, 97 York av 

Devlin James, lab. Nelson al n 15th 

Devlin James, lab. 6 Boyd's av 

Devlin Jane, Mrs., Federal bel 13th 

Devhn John, 178 N 17th 

Devlin J. & M., jeweler, 423 N 3d 

Devlin Mark, liquors, 251 G T road 

Devlin Martha, Brazier n 15th 

Devlin Mich., weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 

Devlin Patrick, lab., 12 Reed 

Devlin Patrick, salesman, 80 Race 

Devlin Peter, ostler, 6 Fisher's ct 

Devlin Peter, letter carrier, Cadwalader bel 

Devlin Peter, gardener, 23d ab Callowhill 
Devlin Peter, carriage driver, 3 Pritchet's 
Devlin & Quinlan, furniture, 239 S 4th 
Devlin William, lab. PeiTy bel Master 
Devonshire Robt., scroll cutter, West bel Parrish 
Dew James C, mer. 154 Market, h 61 N 16th 
Dewaele James M 414 N 5th 
Dewall Grafton, carpet, F. road ab Hart la 
Dewald C, mer. 8 Chestnut, h 268 N Marshall 
Dewan William, porter, 245 Market 
Dewan William, lab. 19th bel Shippen 
Dewees B. F., salesman, 183 Market, h Brown 

Dewees Charles, gilder, 122 German 
Dewees Charles W., lastmr. 150 S 5th 
Dewees Elizabeth, dry goods, 51 N 8th 
Dewees George W., lastmr. 20 & h 1 St John 
Dewees Henry, cordw. rear 506 S 2d 
Dewees Henry, musician, Johnson la ab 4th 

Dewees John, cordw.. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Dewees John, paper box mr. 51 N 2d 
Deewes Joseph, Styles ab 17th 
Dewees Peter, lastmr. 31 and h 36 Callowhill 
Dewees Samuel, shoemr., Washington ab Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Dewees Samuel, lastmr. 20 James, h 1 James 
Dewees William P., carp. 17 Grier's av 
Deewes W., store, 176 S 2d 
Dewev William, coal mer., Queen st whf, h 1 

N 9th 
Dewhurst H., 4 Crown 

De Witt Saml., coachmr. Darby rd bel Walnut 
Dewley James, lab. F road ab Hart la 
Dewmen Mary, dressmr., Washington (W P) 
Dewmen Robert, dressmr., Washington (W P) 
Dewmen Susan, dressmr., Washington (W P) 
De Wolf Charles H., ink manuf. 181 N Fiont, 

h 167 N 10th 
De Wolf Erastus, Rev., 39 S 19th 
Dewolf Patience R., b h, 173 Wharton 
Dexheimer Jacob, tailor. Vine ab Franklin, h 

Charles ab 'Noble 
Dexheimer & Kornbau, tailors, 4 Vine ab Frank- 
Dexter James, confect. 123 N 12th 
Dexter James R., confectioner, N W 11th and 

Vine, hill Wood 
Dexter Linus W., 582 Coates 
Dey Joseph, police, 88 Lewis ab Girard av 
Dey Ralph L., brass finish. Amber ab Phoenix 
Dey Wort, lab. Mervine bel Oxford 
Deyo John, tavern, S E Front & Washington 
De Young Emily Jane, dressmr. 300 N 3d 
De Young Isaac, fancy goods, 215 Chestnut, h 

145 N 7th 
De Young Joseph, fancy goods, 215 Chestnut 
DE YOUNG PHILIP, M. D., 109 CallowhiU ab 

Dialogue Henry, 24 E North 
Dialogue John, china ware, 292 N 2d, h 433 

DIALOGUE & SERRILL, fire hose manuf. 24 

E North 
Diamond Anna, h 207 S 4th 
Diamond Frederick, stationer, N W 4th and 

Diamond Henry, lab., Philip ab Master (K) 
Diamond Henry, agent, Wharton bel 9th 
Diamond Henry, mor. dr. Master bel G T road 
Diamond James, packer, 169 Market, h 264 

Diamond Johanna, distilleiy, 203 South 
Diamond John, lab. Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Diamond John, weaver, Jefferson ab 2d 
Diamond Patrick, rear 208 F road 
Diamond Peter, weaver, Washington ab Master 
Diamond Rhoda, weav. Wasiiington bel Oxford 
Diamond Wm., weav. Washington ab Jefferson 
Dibble J. W., U. g. Navy, Catharine and 7th 
Dice Henry, tailor. Summit ab 5th 
Dice H. B., 170 S Front 
Dick Charles, tailor, 33 M road 
Dick D. D., japanner, Wheeler's ct, h 3d bel 

Dick Francis B., Janitor med. dept. University, 

9th ab Chestnut 
Dick Henry C, ship carp. Trelles ab Front 




Dick James, clerk, 101 Chestnut, h Lombard 

ab 12th 
Dick Jas., salesman, 141 Market, h 613 Poplar 
Dick James, grocer, 2d and Dickerson 
Dick James, weaver, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Dick James, weaver. Brassier n Lloyd 
Dick John, seaman, 146 M road 
Dick John, clerk, 14 Erie 
Dick John, dealer, 3 Robertson 
Dick John B., clothing-, 450 Market, h 601 S 2d 
Dick Ludwig-, tailor, Ross (K) 
Dick Mary, tavern, 13th bel Carpenter 
Dick Matthias, furniture car, 101 Wharton 
Dick Pati'ick, paper car. 417 Catharine 
Dick Peter, cordw. 419 S 6th 
Dick Philip, painter. Church bet Washington 

and Prime 
Dick Sarah, Ogden ab 11th 
Dick Thomas, cabman. Corn bel Wharton 
Dick Thorn, driver, Decatui' and Corn 
Dick Walter B., optician, h 393 N 8th 
Dick Wm., tailor, Decatur and Corn 
Dick Wm., gent. 67 S 4th, h 15th bel Locust 
Dick Wm. H., bookkeeper, 253 Market, h 15th 

bel Locust 
Dickel Cliristian, tailor, Duke ab Crown 
Dickel Cliristian, tailor, 112 Otter <K) 
Dickel Henry, weaver, 114 Otter 
Dickel Henry, cabtmr. 363 Marshall 
Dickel Louisa, dressmr. 386 N 3d 
Dickel & Mangan, cabtmrs. 360 N 6th 
Dickens Elias, machinery, 18 Spruce, h 6 Union 
Dickens Fowler, gunmr. Brown bel Front 
Dickens Hugh, lab. Wallace bel 16th 
Dickens Wm., cabinetmr. 7 Harmony ct 
Dickensheet Anthony, tan. 120 Charlotte (NL) 
Dickensheet Wm., restaurant. Broad ab Vine 
Dickenson G. W., carp. 588 S 5th 
Dickenson Joseph, bookkeeper, 588 S 5th 
Dickenson Mary Mrs., 5th bel Federal 
Dickerman Lemuel, mer. 26 S 4th, h 98 Wash- 
ington (S G) 
„DICKERMAN L. & CO., boots & shoes, 26 S 4th 
Dickerson Alfred, blacksm. Nicetown la 
Dickerson Benj., rigger, rear 156 Swanson 
Dickerson David, paper hang., Queen & Crown 
Dickerson Eliza, seamstress, P roadab Belmont 
Dickerson John, hatter, 2 S 2d, h 50 Union 
Dickerson John, hotel, S W 6th and Master 
DICKERSON JOS. R., atty & coun., 103 S 5th 
Dickerson J., Rev., 7th and Bridge 
Dickerson N., tailor, 21 Clark 
Dickerson Valentine, gent. 250 Marshall 
Dickerson William, waterman, G R road ab 7th 
DICKERSON WM. R., atty and coun., 47 S 6th 
Dickes Catharine, Elm bel Franklin av 
Dickes Daniel, carpenter and undertaker, F R 

ab Jefferson (K) 
Dickes Dan. M., carp., F road ab Jefferson 
Dickes Isaac, cordw.. Queen bel Palmer 
Dickes John, wheelwt. Crown bel Bedford (K) 
Dickes Peter, confect. 103 Queen 
Dickeson M. W., M. D., 33 Lombard 
Dickeson Wm. T. W., M. D., 33 Lombard 
Dickey Elizabeth, Mrs., 31 N 13th 
Dickey David, shoe find.. South ab Shippen la 
Dickey James, flour and feed, Franklin bel 2d 
Dickey, Lyle & Dickey, paper wh. 8 Decatur 

Dickey Patrick, manuf. Washington bel Oxford 
Dickey Samuel J., dentist, 31 N 13th 
Dickhart Jacob, vict., 113 Prime 
Dickhart Michael, vict. Passyunk road 
Dickhart Michael, vict. 2d bel Federal 
Dickinson A. C, M. D., 38 N 7th 
Dickinson Benj., hosier, 2d ab Chatham (K) 
Dickinson Benj., seaman, 142 Swanson 
Dickinson Chai-les, flour mer. 404 N Front 
Dickinson Elhanan W., clerk, 9th & Buttonwood 
Dickinson Eliza, lab. 4 Jones' ct 
Dickinson Eliza, lumber mer. 268 Sp Garden 
Dickinson Eliza, Jones' ct 

Dickinson Elizab., 9 Jefferson, 17th bel Locust 
Dickinson Elizabeth, seamstress, 9 Jefferson 
Dickinson Elizabeth Ann, b h, 188 N 13th 
Dickinson Enoch, gate keeper, Lancaster pike 
Dickinson E. W., clerk, 25 S 2d 
Dickinson Henry, picture frames, 264 Arch 
Dickinson Jesse, N W 9th and Buttonwood 
Dickinson John, tailor. Locust bel Park (W P) 
Dickinson John, glazier's diamonds manuf. ISO 

Dickinson John G. carp. Leonard bel 9th 
Dickinson Jos., bookkr. 43^ S Front, h 588 S 5th 
Dickinson Joseph R., clerk, 9th &. Buttonwood 
Dickinson Mahlon H., bricklr., 534 N Front 
Dickinson Martha, flour and feed, G T road & 

Front, h 534 N Front 
Dickinson Mary, b h, L. Pike and Hestonville 
Dickinson Morris, carp. Locust bel Broad 
Dickinson M. John, printer, 11 Church 
Dickinson Robert, lab. Cai-ver ab 17th 
Dickinson Richard, blacksm. Miller ab 13th 
Dickinson R. S. S., Rev., N W 9th & Spruce 
Dickinson Samuel, drayman, Duke ab Palmer 
Dickinson Sarah, di'essmr., St. Joseph's av 
Dickinson Sarah N., gentw., 344 Arch 
Dickinson Solomon, 3d bel Thompson 
Dickinson Theodore C, salesman, 197 Mai'ket 

h N W 9th and Buttonwood 
Dickinson Thos. S.. wheelmr. 4 Beck's pi 
Dicks Mary, Church ab Moore 
Dicks Milton, lab. 7th bel Dickerson 
Dicks Noah, lab. Anthony bel Dickerson 
Dickson Albert, 367^ Ridge av 
Dickson A. T., manuf. 580 N 3d 9 

Dickson Charles, cooper, rear 71 German 
DICKSON DAVID, distiller, 38 Master 
Dickson David W., clerk, 9 Commerce 
Dickson & Edel, carders, Edward n School 
Dickson Edwd., rear Fiztwater bel 13th 
Dickson Ephraim, barber, 6 Ivy 
Dickson Geo., lab. Washington and Till (W P) 
Dickson Harriet, Osbourn ct 
Dickson Isaac, jeweller, 158 S 10th 
Dickson Isaac A., brushmr. 239 Mai-ket, 25 N 

8th, h 27 Montgomery 
Dickson James, lab., Johnston's la bel 5th 
Dickson James, Naval Asylum 
Dickson James, lab., Maria bel 4th 
Dickson James N., mer. 152 Market, h Spruce 

ab 11th 
Dickson James N., painter, 579 Coates 
Dickson John, ladies' shoes, 502 N 2d 
Dickson John, manufacturer, 175 Charlotte ab 

George (N L) 
Dickson John, clerk, 19 Sergeant 




Dickson Joseph, Juniper bel Filbert 
Dickson J. H. brushmr. 17 Jacoby 
Dickson Levi, mer. 173 Walnut 
Dickson Margaret, g-entw. 129 N 17th 
Dickson Mrs., g-entw. 130 Pine 
Dickson Richard, clerk, 3 Comptroller 
Dickson Richard, clerk, 6 Strawberry, h N W 

Front and Union 
Dickson Robert, lab. Cuthbert bel 20th 
Dickson R. L., teacher writing-, 59 S 3d, h 52 

Dickson Samuel, g-ent. 505 N 5th 
Dickson Samuel, barber, 20th bel Pine 
Dickson Thomas, serg-eant police, 118 George 

bel 5th (N L) 
Dickson Thomas, blacksm. Linn ab 23d 
Dickson Thomas, wood mould. Prime bel Jef- 
ferson av 
Dickson Thomas, carp. Amber and Serg'eant 
Dickson Thos. J., brushmr. 66 S 2d, h 390 N 8th 
Dickson Warren, tailor, 12 Prime 
Dickson William, bricklr. 13th bel Lombard 
Dickson William, cordw., F road and Duke 
Dickson William, gent. 175 Catharine 
Dickson William, weaver, 9 Clymer 
Dickson William, weaver, Oxford bel 2d 
Dickson Wm., overseer, Pine ab 20th 
Dickson Wm. H., ship carp., Hanover bel F av 
Diedrich Charles, macht., 31 Vine 
Dieff'enbach Abraham, baker, 742 Wood 
DiefFenbach Henry, tavern, 38 S 6th 
Dieffenbach P., painter, 275 N 10th 
Diehl B. B., whitewasher, Ogden bel 12th 
Diehl Charles F., mer. 34 N'3d, h 340 N 5th 
Diehl Edwin A., mer. 30 N Del av, h 54 I^ombard 
Diehl E. C., conveyancer, S E 5th and Library, 

h 454 Spruce 
Diehl Fred., dealer, 4th ab Montgomery 
Diehl Henry, salesman, 265 Market 
Diehl John, watchman, Fidler & Montgomery 
Diehl John H., Pres. Indept. Mut. Ins. Co. 46 

Walnut, h 722 Pine 
Diehl John P., grocer, 16th and Thompson 
Diehl Michael, tanner, 376 St John (K) 
Diehl Thomas, sen., com. mer., N E Front and 

Chestnut, h 23 N 10th 
DIEHL THOMAS J., atty. at law, 7 Samson ab 

7th, h 454 Spruce 
DIEHL & WERTZ, wines & liquors, 46 N 2d 
Diehl William, mer. 46 N 2d, h 164 N 5th 
Diehl Wm., carter, 684 Wood 
Diehl Wm. R., clerk, 234 S Juniper 
Diehm Augustus, cooper. Porter's, ct (N L) 
Diehl- Philip, silver plater, 10th ab Brown 
Diemer Catharine, tavern, 418 N 4th 
Diemer George, carter, Cadwalader bel Mont- 
Diemer Peter, tavern, 413 N Front 
Diemer R. E , grocer, R av and Poplar 
Diener John, baker, 165 Buttonwood 
Diener Peter, carter, rear 5 Brown 
Dienstbach G., grocer, 4th and Franklin 
Dierks Corne., seaman, 2 Dewees ctab Pi-ime 
Diese E., M. D., 163 ISI 4th 
Diesinger Joseph, bootmr. 93 S 5th 
Diesinger Wendall, grocer, 2d ab Dauphin 
Diestenberg Henry, lab. 18 Lilly al 
Dieter Christopher, tailor, 5th ab Wharton 

Dieter Henry, tailor, Morris bel 5th 
Dieterich G. V., clerk, 105 Market 
Dieterich John, baker, 282 R av 
Dieterich M., paper stainer, Franklin ab Cherry 
Dietrich Adam H., carp. & build. 249 Randolph 
DIETRICH DANIEL P., india rub. goods, «8 

Chestnut, h 178 S 15th 
Dietrich Henry, M. D., 203 N 10th 
Dietrich Joseph, store, F av bel Cherry (K) 
Dietterle Charles, lab. Alder bel Masters 
Dietz Abrm., carp. Wood ab 23d 
Dietz Catharine, Dewitt's av 
Dietz John, weaver, York n Front 
Dietz Jos., artist, 519 Brown 
Dietz M. C., cai-ter, Wallace and Orange 
Dietz William, weaver, York n Front 
Diezel Charles F., dealer, Dickerson bel P rd 
Difer John, blksm. Farmer 
Difer William, sawmr. 34 Farmer 
Differ Peter, U. S. Mint, h George E 20th 
Diggs Ephraim, waiter, 22 Iry 
Dignan J. W., acct. N W 10th & Filbert, h N E 

8th & Filbert 
Diihl Adam, butcher, 121 St John 
Dilge William, framemr. 128 New Market 
Dilhom William, cordw.. Quince n Lombard 
Dilkes E., Brook's ct 
Dilkes Wm. S., salesman, 13 N 3d, h Walnut n 

Park (W P) 
Dilks Ann, wid Jacob, tailoress, 29 Plover 
DILKS CHARLES E., gas fitter & plumb., 401 

DILKS & COLLINS, lumber yard, 8th ab 

Girard av 
Dilks Frederick M., cordw. Charles & Federal 
Dilks Gabriel, tailor, 8 Pratt 
Dilks George, lumber yard, 8th and Poplar, h 

395 N 6th 
Dilks Hannah, 7 Relief al 

Dilks Israel, carp. Union and Hestonville (WP) 
Dilks James, Jarvis bel 2d 
Dilks Jane, tailoress. Federal ab 5tli 
Dilks Joseph, fisherman. Ash ab Franklin (K) 
Dilks Sickels, dealer, 22 Clark 
Dilks Thomas D., fancy stationery, 221 S 2d 
Dilks Wallace, collector, 7 Relief 
Dilks William, macht.. Market n 18th 
Dill Alfred, lab. 6 Madison ct 
Dill David, carp., Wilcox 
Dill Jas., lab. Jefferson bel 11th 
Dill Jane, cook, rear 238 Lombard 
Dill Matthew, clerk, 146 Market 
Dill Sarah, dressmr. 20 N 9th 
Dill Thomas P., salesman, S W 4th and Market, 

h Cohimbia av bel Broad 
Dillahurty Eliza, seamstress, 34 Fulton 
Dillan Thos., lab. N E Beach & Spruce 
Dillard George E., cooper, 88 Jarvis ab 2d 
Dillard Thomas, M. D., 714 Pine 
Dillaye Harriette A., prin. semin. 525 Chestnut 
Diller Adam, gen. com. mer. 125 Vine, h 380 

8th ab Green 
Diller Charles, butcher, 54 Maste»- (K) 
Diller John, waterman. Beck's ct 
Diller Peter, salesman, 14 N 5th 
Dillin Edwin, clothing, 30 S 2d, h 168 Locust 
DILLIN ELI, dry goods. Ridge av & Green 
Dillin & Fisher, dry goods, 374 Vine 




Dillin Hannah, gaiter binder, 28 Corn 

Dillin Jesse, milkman, 173 N 10th 

Dillin Mary, lab. 2 Lagrange 

Dillin Mercy, 393 Wood 

Dillin Owen, plasterer, 9th ab Parrish 

Dillin Sarah, laundress, 8 Gray's al 

Dillin Sarah Ann, dry goods, 374 Vine 

Dillinger Charles H., clerk, 3 N 3d 

Dillinger Christiana, 472 N 7th 

DILLINGHAM CHARLES C, atty. & coun. 

207| Chestnut, h 385 Arch 
DILLINGHAM SIMEON, dentist, 192 Arch 
Dillingham W. H. Mrs., 385 Arch 
Dillis Wm., shoemr. Miller ab 13th 
Dillmore John, carp. 6 Reed 
Dillmore Wm., farmer, Passyunk 
Dillon Benj., blksm. Grape and 4th (W P) 
Dillon David, blacksmith, Larch above Rich- 
mond (R) 
Dillon Edward, weaver. Weaver's ct 
Dillon Edward, lab., Washington n 10th 
Dillon James, millinery, 513 F rd (K) 
Dillon James, watchman, 235 S 6th 
Dillon John, moulder, 21st bel Arch 
Dillon John, trader, 10 Kepler pi 
Dillon John, drayman, 539 Catharine 
Dillon John, laborer, 66 Bedford 
Dillon Lawrence, carman, rear 233 Christian 
Dillon Mary, 102 Carpenter 
Dillon Mary, 1 Prospect al 
Dillon Micli., weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Dillon Patrick, tailor, James n 7th 
Dillon Robei-t, weaver, 8 Brinton 
Dillon Thomas, tavern, 22 Barrow 
Dilts Charles, saddler, 299 St. John 
DILWORTH, BRANSON & CO., hardw., 59 

Dilworth Charles, 503 Chestnut 
Dilworth John, turner, 10 Norris's al 
Dilworth William, mer. 59 Market, h 141 Arch 
Dilworth William, painter, 10 Morris's al 
Dimock John, cordw. 8 Clair 
DIMOND ANDW., mer. 8 and h 216 S 4th 
Dimond Ann, wid. of Jas., Apple bel Jefferson 
Dimond Catharine, 45 Union 
Dimond John, blacksm. 23d bel Spruce 
Dimond John, carp. 60 Lombard 
Dimond Pat., porter, 8 S 4th 
Dimond Pat, lab. 303 S Front 
Dinan John, laborer, rear 371 S Front 
Dinan Margaret, 1 John's ct 
Dinan Mary, shop, 167 N 13th 
Dinan Thomas, dealer, 6 Lawrence 
Dinan Timothy, grocer, Locust and Sch Beach 
Dineen Pat., printer. Federal ab 5th 
Dingan Thos., lab. 7 Grape ct 
Dingas Geo., farmer. Hart la ab F rd 
Dingas Geo., carp. Rising Sun 
Dingas Johr,, lab. Hart la ab F rd 
Dingas John, jr., farmer. Hart la ab F rd 
Dingas Samuel, farmer. Hart la 
Dingas Sarah, 626 N 3d 
Dingas Wm., lab. Hart la ab F rd 
Dingee & Brother, com. mers. 97 S Front 
Dingee Charles, brickmr. 514 N 7th 
Dingee Charles H., mer. 97 S Front, h 3 Lom- 
Dingee Edmund, brickmr. 540 N 7th 

Dingee Jacob, brickmr. 8th ab Girard av 
Dingee John H., mer. 97 S Front, h 551 Pine 
Dingee Latoria, Christian ab 13th 
Dingee Lewis, brickmr. 10th ab Master 
Dingee Thomas, moroc. dresser, Beaver ab 3d 
Dingee William H., brickmr. 555 N 6th 
Dingfunder Conrad, blksm. Hancock ab York 
Dingfunder Geo., 115 Diamond 
Dingle Chas., mariner, Griffith's ct 
Dingle Geo., mariner. Little Oak 
Dingle John, tailor, 21 Harrison av 
Dingle John, manuf. of bitters, 284 Hanover 
Dingier G. D., tin roofer, 166 Girard av 
Dingier John T., macht.. West n F road 
Dingier Louis, baker, 12 Collins 
Dingier William, gunsmith, rear 337 N 3d 
Dingus Jacob, lab. Taylor's ct (K) 
Dininger John J., shoemr. 3 Yeager's ct 
Dinkelacker H., lager beer, 323 Callowhill 
Dinkier Michael, huckster, rear 159 Poplar 
Dinmore Andrew, farmer, 6 Reed 
Dinmore Saml., cooper, 6 Reed 
Dinny John, gent. Austin bel Federal 
Dinsman Jos. W., combmr. 41 Charles 
Dinsman Peter G., segarmr. 41 Charles 
Dinsman Saml. K., pattern mr. 1187 N 5th 
Dinsman Thomas, comb mr. 71 Howard (K) 
Dinsmore Henrj^, tavern, 22d ab Filbert 
Dinsmore Saml., stevedore, rear 110 Catharine 
D'INVILLIERS C, stock broker, 15 Mer- 
chants' Exchange 
Dinwiddle Robt., milkman, Wood bel Tulip (K) 
Dipher Conrad, weaver, 916 N 5th 
Dirks Mary, 159 Jefferson av 
Dirks Rudolph, cabinetmr. 165 Coates 
Dirstine Henry, dry goods, 266 N 2d 
Discherry David, lab.. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Diseon Robt., marble sawyer, Catharine ab 9th 
Disert John, cor Richard & 17th 
Disher Wm., brickmr. Long la & Prime 
Disinger Jos. W., gunsm. 2d ab Dauphin • 
Dismant Enos, clerk, N E 11th Sp Garden 
Disney Robert, cordw.. Wheat n F road 
Disston Charles, saw mr. 144 Union 
DISSTON HENRY, Keystone saw wks. Maiden 

bel Front, h 80 Brown 
Distler John, tailor. Mechanic ab Franklin 
Ditel Christopher, cordw. 4th bel Jefferson 
Ditel Thos., blksm. Scott's ct 
DITHMAR & BUTZ, brewers, 520 N 3d 
Dithmar Charles, 455 N 3d 
Dithmar Fredk., jr., brewer, St John's and Car- 

roll (N L) 
Dithmar Fred., brewer, 520 and h 525 N 3d 
Ditmar John, cake baker, 52 N 8th 
Ditmar John, stove fin. 153 Marlboro (K) 
Ditmire John, lab. 6th ab Master 
Ditmore Saml., pianomr. Marshall & Willow 
Dito Chas.F.j 101 Chestnut, h S W 15th & Ritner 
Diton John, tanner, 18 Lilly al 
Ditsche Xavier, carp. 257 Apple (K) 
Dittenburger John, sugar refiner, 373 Mifflin 
Dittenburger Richard, gluemr. 373 Shippen 
Dittess C. & J., children's French clothing, 28 

Ditz Peter, combmr. 122 Lawrence (N L) 
Ditzler Frederick, stoves, 197 N 2d,h 29 Brown 
Ditzler Wm. U., tailor, N E 12th and Filbert 




Ditzlor John, combmr., S E Randolph & Wager 

Diver Chas., police, Beach ab Spruce 

Diver Jas., Emerald E 17th 

Diver Jas., tailor, 10 Redwood 

Diver John, macht. Simes 

Diver Joseph, g-ent. 208 Arch 

Diver J. Paul, forwarding- mer. 49 N 10th 

Diver Samuel, lab. Leyden's ct & Spruce 

Divers John, g-ent. 379 N 11th 

Dives Ellen, Linden 

Divin John, mer. 87 S 5th 

Divine Arthur, lab. Clay W Sch Beach 

Divine Chas., tailor, Hig-ham's ct 

Divine Edwd., watchmr. Fairview ab 17th 

Divine Hugh, painter, Richard bel 17th 

Divine Hug-h, sawyer, Marlboro ab Beach 

Divine John, tailor, Harrison ab 20th 

Divine Louisa, washer, rear 247 Lombard 

Divine Wm., carter, 251 21st 

Divine Wm., porter, 15 S 2d 

Divine Wm. manuf., S W 18th and Rittenh'se sq 

Divine William & Son, manuf., M'Duffie and 

21st, h S W 18th and Rittenhouse sq 
Divoux John, gent. 550 Coates 
Diwers John F., mer. 13 Chui-ch al., h 11th ab. 

Dix Charles, book keeper, 21 N 5th, h 6th bel 

Dix John R., grocer, S WJohn and S Front 
DIXEY CHAS., hardware & stove store, Rich- 
mond bel R R 
Dixey Mary, wid of Isaiah, McAlpine bel Locust 

Dixey Jacob, pumpmaker, 13th below Federal 
Dixey Rebecca, Broad and Spring Garden 
Dixin Ant., lab. Beach ab Walnut 
Dixon Benj., hosier, 2d ab Cumberland 
Dixon C. J., dentist, 145 N 9th 
Dixon David, clerk, 24 S 8th, h 2 Leiper's ct 
Dixon Eliza Mrs., 2 Leiper's ct 
Dixon F. E., gent. 484 Chestnut 
Dixon Geo., lab. 406 Poplar 
Dixon Geo., milkman. Wood bel Front 
Dixon Harrison, brush manufacturer, 167 N 2d 
Dixon Isaac, clock & watchmr. 124 & h 158 S 10th 
Dixon Jas., lab. Shippen ab Broad 
Dixon Jas. G., carp. 15th bel Coates,h405Broad 
Dixon James N., painter, 46 N 8th, h 579 Coates 

ab 13th 
Dixon Jno., salesman, 348 Market, h 9 Sergeant 
Dixon John W., clerk Commercial Bank, house 

Marshall above Spring Garden 
Dixon Joseph E., coal merchant, Maiden above 
Beach, house 335 7th above Spring Garden 
Dixon Saml., drover, Front ab Dauphin 
Dixon Thomas S., furnaces, &c., 380 Chestnut 
Dixon William B., clerk, 21 Ellen 
Dixson Wm., foreman, Locust ab Aspen 
Doak David, blacksmith, 501 Shippen 
Doak James, boxmr. Elfreth's al, h rear 29 El- 

freth's al 
Doak Jane, 25th bel Sp Garden 
Doak John, boxmr. Elfreth's al, h rear 29 El- 
freth's al 
Doak John, driver, 1 Philip 
Doak John N., tinsmith, S E South and Broad 
Doak R., r5th below South 
Doan Aaron, carpenter, 2 Lee 

Doan Aaron, carpenter, St. Joseph's avenue 

Doan David, carpenter, 13 Bayard 

Doan Jon., carp. Mustin's ct 

Doan Mary, Wagner's ct 

Doan Mary, 13 Wagner's court 

Doan Sarah, 8 Wagner's ct 

Doan T., currier, 63 Willow 

Doane Geo. W., carp. 102 16th below Spruce 

Dobbin Ann, 841 Market 

Dobbin James, grocer, Market W 19th, house 

Fleming and 21st 
Dobbins George W., carpenter, 13th ab Pine 
Dobbins John, tobacco, 5 Market, h S Camden 
Dobbins, White & Co., com. mers. 5 Market ~-\/<C 
Dobbins Zebedee, carp. 504 Poplar above 10th 
Dobbs Pat., weaver, 15 Philip 
Dobelbower Jas., print, rear 26 S 4th, h 52 Perry 
Dobelbower John, printer, 52 Orleans 
Dobelbower John C, printer, 19 St James, h 

13 Marshall 
DobelbowerJ.& J., prints, r 26 S 4th,h52Pen-y 
Dober Francis, tailor, Apple above Jefferson 
Dobleman J. C. & Co., fringe and cord manufs. 

15J N 8th 
Dobler Jacob C, biUiard saloon, h 20 Fayette 
Dobson Arthur, laborer, 3 Forbe's court 
Dobson Isabella, Patterson's ct 
Dobson Jonathan, shoemr., Nicetown la 
Dobson M. A., milliner, 201 Spruce 
Dobson P., silversm.. 140 N 8th 
Dobson Robt., bricklr. 4 Addison 
Dobson Samuel, millwright, 637 N 3d 
Dobson Thos., tailor, 186 Girardav bel 11th 
Dobson Wm., carp. 421 S 6th 
Dobson William H., merchant, 40 Bank 
Dobyne John, saddler, 414 Race 
Dobyne John Heni-y, saddler, 5 Cuthbert 
Dock Jacob, mer. N E 17th and Arch 
Docker Wm., macht, Capitol bel Parrish 
Dockerill Jos., accountant, 25 S 6th 
Docket Margaret, tailoress. Triplet's ct (K) 
Docterman John, ladies' shoemaker, 8 Pascal 
Dodd Carrinus, tinner, L pike bel Washington 

(W P) 
Dodd Geo., carriages, 156 Race and 102 N 5tli 
Dodd Geo., hatter, 118 Market 
Dodd Richard P., undertaker, 527 Market 
Dodd Stephen H., cabinetmaker 7 S Marshall 
Dodds Susannah, Beach ab Marlborough 
Dodel John E., painter, 527 Market 
Dodge Edwd. S., 44 S 4th, h 68 S 6th 
Dodge Geo. H., brass founder, 254 Callowhill 
Dodge Henry, shoemaker, 102 Swanson 
Dodge Nathan, carver, S W 12th and Clover 
Dodge William H., drugs and spices, N W 

Franklin and Green 
Dodling Wm., cordw., 374 Wharton 
Dodson David H., waiter, Juniper ab Market 
Dodson E., gent.. Walnut W 18th 
Dodson E., salesman, 49 N 3d, h 9 Sp Garden 
Dodson Richd. W., h Walnut W 18th 
Dodson Robert B., attorney at law, 179 S 11th 
Dodson Wm. A., clerk, N W 2d and Market, h 

179 S 11th 
Dodsworth John, book binder, 29 Flower 
Doebely Ferd., reed and suspender mr. Elm ab 

Bedford (K) 
Doebely Julia, Bedford ab Elm 




Deeding- Heniy, lab., Gay's ct (K) 

Doellbor Chas., butcher, 54 Master ab Howard 

Doerfler A., bootmaker, 1 Westford,h 12 Wood 

Doering- Fred., carpenter, 68 George (NL) 

Doering- Justus, cabinetmaker, 253 Cadwalader 

Doeringer Mich., tailor, 601 S 5th 

Doerr Charles, sashmaker, Marshall ab Master 

Doerr Henry, baker, Buttonvvood below lltli 

Doerr Philip, carpet manuf., Apple ab Jefferson 

Doerr Rosanna, baker 60 Union 

Doflein Philip, chaser, 84 N 5th 

DOHAN MICHAEL J., wine, segars and tea 

store, N W 7th and Noble 
Dohan Thos. J., grocer, S W 23d and Mai-ket 
Doherty James, coalmer. N W South &. Broad 
Doherty Jno., hat finisher, 3 College pi 
Doherty William, mer., 83 Chestnut, h Belmont 
Doherty William, painter, Fre}iag's alley 
Dohnert George W., clerk, 33 Brandywine 
Dohnert John H., 310 Green 
Dohrmann J. C, acct. SNorris' alley 
Dokernaddle Fred., baker, 394Parrish 
Dolan Christopher, lab., Cuthbert bel22d 
Dolan Daniel, shop, Lombard n 16th 
Dolan Daniel, lab.. Long la and Fitzwater 
Dolan Edward, shop, 139 S 4th 
Dolan James, grocer, 20th and Plymouth 
Dolan Jas., lab., Howard ab Cumberland 
Dolan John, shop, Lombard ab 20th 
Dolan Mary, L Pike above Sommers (W P) 
Dolan Michael, laborer, 3 Fishei-'s court 
Dolan Patrick, lab. rear 46 Washington av 
Dolan Pat. H., hair dresser, 196 Chestnut, h 132 

N 10th 
Dolan Peter, block cutter. Prospect al 
Dolan Stephen, stone cutter, George E 21st 
Dolbey Lewis, carpenter, 379 Broad bel R road 
Dolby' Chas., macht., 474 N 7tn 
Dolby Henry B., carp. Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Dolby John, accountant, 474 N 7th 
Dolby Lewis B. M., lumber mer. Congress 
Dolby Rodney, machinist, 78 N 6tla (2d story) 
Dolbv Saml., 'clerk, 474 N 7th 
Dolby Sarah A., 147 S 10th 
Dolby Thomas P., carpenter, Front bel Hazel 
Dolby William, salesman, 223 Market 
Dold Jos., watchmr., Oxford ab 5th 
Dolde Christian, weaver S W 4th and Jefferson 
Dole Aladdin, sea capt. 11 Ellen 
Dole German, boatman, 18 Maiden 
Doll E. A., salesman, 212 Chestnut, h S E 9th 

and Chestnut 
DOLL FREDERICK, buckskin glove manuf., 

414 St. Johns bel George 
Doll Fred., lab., rear 412 St. John 
Doll Fred., brewer, 94 Alder 
DOLL GEORGE, toys and variety store, lOJ 

N 6th 
Doll George, cordw., Alarshall bel Franklin av 
Doll John, toys and fancy goods, 90 N 2d 
DoUard Andi-ew, 14 Gat'chell's pi 
DoUard Philip, 15 Gatchell's pi 
DOLLARD RICHARD, wigmaker and hair cut. 

177 Chestnut 
Ddlins Catharine, 33 W South 
DoUman James, weaver, 930 N 2d 
Dolman John M., Arch near 20th 
Dolmedo Francis, macht. 601^ Penn 

Dolphin George F., bonnet manufac. 273 S 2d 
Dolton Benjamin, carpenter, Kessler ab Coates 
Dolton Chas., carp., Mechanic bel Franklin ay 
Dolton Mich., lab.. Oak bel Mansion (W P) 
Dolton Wm., carp., 39 Hazel 
Doman Isaac, currier, Charlotte n Cohocksink 
Dcman J. M., carpenter, 131 Christian 
Domble John, weaver, Clymer n Amber 
Domingus Francisco, waiter, 315 Spruce 
Dominique Chas., cabinet mr. 167 Buttonwood 
Domsler George, trunkmr. Cadwalader below 

Phoenix (K) 
Domsler Sarah, 195 Gennantown road (K) 
Domsler Thomas, bricklr. 195Germantown road 
Donagan Jas., carter, Albert's ct 
Donagan Pat., lab.. Centre 
Donagan Rich., atty. and coun. 7 Sansom, h 2 

Donagan Thos., cordw. 246 G T road 
Donaghan Jas., lab. Salmon ab Cumberland (R) 
Donaghy Charles, grocer, 264 21st 
Donaghy James, coal mer. Broad bel Locust & 

Spruce st whf (Sch), h Spruce above 19th 
Donaghy James H., boat builder, Mary E Sch 

Donaghy John, driver, 6 Dillwyn place 
Donaghy Jno., clerk, Sch Beach ab Spruce 
Donaghy Thos., spir. store, N E Front & Christian 
Donaghy William, salesman, 7th bel Washington 
Donahay Wm., police, Harmstead bel 22d 
Donahower William H., sashmaker, 20 Nagle 
Donahue Ann, dressmaker. Carpenter ab 8th 
Donahue Bernard, bricklr. 1 Diligent avenue 
Donahue Bei-nard, dealer, Biddle 
Donahue Chai'les, lab., Dickson's ct 
Donahue Danl., lab., 167 N Front 
Donahue Dennis, tinman, 505 N 2d, h Wash- 
ington ab Oxford (K) 
Donahue Dominic, blacksm. Lafayette ab 9th 
Donahue Edward weaver. Weaver's Row (K) 
Donahue Edw., milkman. Marker ab 20th 
Donahue E., Sorrel bel Larch 
Donahue F. P., printer, 22 S 3d 
Donahue George, laborer, 6 Monroe pi 
Donahue Hamilton, acct., 253 Market, h 471 

N 10th 
Donahue Henry, lab., Federal W Broad 
Donahue Henry, milkman, Anita bel 11th 
Donahue Hugh, manuf. 149 Master (K) 
Donahue Hugh, lab., Rhoad 
Donahue Hugh, lab., Milton bel 12th 
Donahue Hugh, tav.. Christian bel 10th 
Donahue Humphrey, lab., 167 N Front 
Donahue H., laborer, 167 N Front 
Donahue Isabella, hair dresser, 110 S 4th 
Donahue James, laborer, Jefferson bel 11th 
Donahue James, carter. Orange below 12th 
Donahue Jas., fruit deal., Cadwalader bel Master 
Donahue James, livery stables, 156 Vine and 

121 Noble 
Donahue Jas., weav. Cadwalader bel Oxford (K) 
Donahue Jas., weaver, 87 Washington (K) 
Donahue Jas., weav. 175 Columbia (K) 
Donahue Jane, Emerald E I7th 
Donahue Jas., lab., 3 S 18th 
Donahue John, carpenter, Fisher ab Emory (R) 
Donahue John, dealer, Shippen below Broad 
Donahue John, laborer, 3 S 18th 




Donahue John, cordwainer, Earl bel West (K) 
Donahue John, laborer, rear 37 Baker 
Donahue John, blacksm. 13 Beaver (K) 
Donahue John, g-rocer, Washing-ton ab Till 

Donahue Jno. assayerof gold, 3d ab Washing-ton 
Donahue John, weaver, 24th ab Callowhill 
Donahue John, lab., Brown bel Emory 
Donahue John, Naval Asylum 
Donahue John, lab.. Marker ab 2d 
Donahue John S., china store, 517 N 2d 
Donahue Joseph, weav. 3 Little Green (K) 
Donahue Lawrence, lab., 12th ab Federal 
Donahue L. Charles, macht., Duane ab Brown 
Donahue Mary, 548 Brown 
Donahue Matthew, 23d bel Lombard 
Donahue Mich., laborer, 10 Bledisloe place 
Donahue Mich., g^ro., 11th and Anita 
Donahue Mich., lab.. Federal bel 13th 
Donahue Morris, dealer. Christian bel 9th 
Donahue Murty, shop, 34 Bedford 
Donahue Owen, carp., Robinson bel Poplar 
Donahue Patrick, blacksmith, 10 Barker 
Donahue Patrick, laborer, Richmond (R) 
Donahue Patrick, tavern. Reed and Church 
Donahue Pat., lab.. Beach ab Warren (K) 
Donahue Pat., weaver, Blair ab Wood (K) 
Donahue Patk., lab., 15 Fitzwater 
Donahue Peter, dealer, 5 Reid's court 
Donaliue Philip, gro., Washington and Marg-a- 

retta (W P) 
Donahue Rose, AVashington and Jefferson 
Donahue Susan, trimmings, G Troad n Jefferson 
Donahue Thomas, laborer. Carpenter ab 13th 
Donahue Thomas, lab. rear Shippen la bel South 
Donahue Thomas, grocer, Cadwalader and Har- 
mony court (K) 
Donahue Thos., carter, 14 Prospect 
Donahue Wm., grocer, 271 F road (K) 
Donald David, cooper, 309 Market, h 17 Perry 
Donald John, painter. Perry and Lombard 
Donald Mary, gentw., 258 Marshall 
Donaldson Andw. Jackson, printer, 5 Weccacoe 
Donaldson David L., alderman, office Wharton 

above 2d, house Wheat above Wharton 
Donaldson Eliza A., 69 S 6th 
Donaldson Isaac M., hatter, 26 Hazel 
Donaldson Jacob N., acct., 33 Commerce 
Donaldson Jacob P., mast yard, 1st whf. below 
Almond (S), and Penn above Maiden (K), 
house Shackamaxon and Bedford 
Donaldson James, drayman, F road ab Master 
Donaldson James, weaver, 62 William (K) 
Donaldson John, cordw. Master ab G T road 
Donaldson John, broker, 50 AValnut 
Donaldson John, pile master, 3d ab Columbia 
Donaldson Jno., tailor, Washington n Park (AVP) 
Donaldson Lydia, trimmings, 321 S 4th 
Donaldson Mary, 216 Walnut 
Donaldson Mary, wid of Wm.T., Penn ab Maiden 
Donaldson Mary C, 12 Belmont place 
Donaldson P. M., furniture, 429 and h 427 

Donaldson Thos. J., gent. 481 Chestnut 
Donaldson William, laborer, F st ab 22d 
Donaldson Wm., lab., Froad ab Morris 
DonaUy Danl., lab., Harrison bel 21st 
Donat Christian, 289 Coates 

Donath James A., attorney and counsellor, 8 S 

7th, house Broad abo\e Pine 
Donavan Danl., candy, Gay's ct 
Donavan George, cordwainer, Gaffney's avenue 
Donavan James, lab., Willing's al ab 4th 
Donavan Mary, 19 Cresson's alley 
Donavan Mich., laborer, 11 Gray's alley 
Donavan Mich., clerk, 433 Ridge av 
Donavan Timothy, laborer, 170 HaUowell 
Donaway John, waiter, 125 S 12th 
Donbeck Nich., 4 St. Stephen's pi 
Donecliffe Wm., bricldr., Rose bel Broad 
Donegan & Co., mers., 35 N Del av 
Donegan Israel, dyer. Mechanic and Creek 
Donegan John, mer. 35 N Del av, h 27 Race 
Donegan John, tinsmith. Mechanic and Creek 
Donegan John, shoemr. 198 S 5th 
Donegan Pat., coi"d., Salmon 
Doneghu Bernard, dry goods, 28 N 13th 
Donehower W. H., sashmaker, 20 Nagle 
Doner Jacob, tailor. Dew's coui't 
Dongan Jno., clerk, 428 Brown 
Donlan Edward, lab., 21st bel Filbert 
Donlay Jas., coal, Broad &, Vine, h Juniper n 

Donley Ann M., 50 Mead 
Donley Ellen, 599 Philip 
Donley Michael, lab., York 
Donnagha Thomas G., cab maker, 342 Race 
Donnald Saml., carter, Singler's ct 
Donnaldson John, Secretary Phil. Mutual Ins. 

Company, 50 Walnut, house 615 Spruce 
Donnaldson Joseph, pap. stainer, Lewis E 18th 
Donnaldson William, laborer, Lewis near 18th 
Donnallay Ulum., painter, 21 Harrison's av 
DONNALLY HUGH, baker, 519 F road (R) 
Donnel Hugh, gardener, rear 41 Charlotte 
Donnell David, carter, 2d ab Montgomery 
Donnell Francis, laborer, 7 Lodge pi 
Donnell Jas., lab., Bedford ab Broad 
DONNELL JAS. C, Cash.Bank of Commerce, 

h 70 S 18th 
Donnell John, tailor, 6 Mustin ct 
Donnell Jos., groc, N W cor. 17th & Addison 
Donnell L. F., grocer, S W Christian & Swanson 
Donnell Robert, grocer, N W 8th and Walnut 
Donnell WiUiam, carter, 5 Griswold's alley 
Donnelly Andrew, lab., Huston & Railroad (K) 
Donnelly Ann, washer, 5 Steel's ct 
Donnelly Arthur, lab. Huntingdon 
Donnelly Arthur, laborer, Megargee's ct (KJ'j 
Donnelly Bernard, laborer, Norris ab ClintoDi 
Donnelly Catharine, Mrs., Gay's ct (N L) 
Donnelly Daniel, tavern, 138 S 4th 
Donnelly Dermot, lab. 1 Jackson's ct (N L) 
DONNELLY EDWARD, M. D., druggist, 256 

G T road 
Donnelly Edwd., lab. Cooper n 20th 
Donnelly Edwd., lab. Lewis ab 9th 
Donnelly Felix, butcher, 360 S I3th 
Donnelly Felix, grocer, 869 South 
Donnelly Francis, lab. M'Cristle's al (K) 
Donnelly Francis, cooper, Stewart 
Donnelly Francis, Somerset bel West 
Donnelly Fred., vict. 6th n York 
Donnelly, Gibbons & Co., com. mers. 41 Chest- 
Donnelly Henry, lab. F road bel R av 




Donnelly Henry, lab. 2d ab Master 
Donnelly Hug-h, 3 Sag-er pi 
Donnelly Hug-h, lab. 22d & Spruce 
Donnelly Hug-h, lab. 2d ab Master 
Donnelly Hug-h, drayman, 6 Plover 
Donnelly Ig-natius, atty. & coun. 179 Spruce 
Donnelly Isaac, wool sorter, rear 2d bel Oxford 
Donnelly James, second hand furn. 305 South 
Donnelly James, combmr. 62 Lawrence 
Donnelly James, lab, Murray n 21st 
Donnelly James, lab. ReifF's av (K) 
Donnelly James, lab. 23d ab Pine 
Donnelly Jas., lab. Barker n 19tli 
Donnelly Jas., jr., bricklr. Murray bet 19th and 

Donnelly Jas., shoemr. Lombard bel 16th 
Donnelly Jas., hostler, 5 Nonnater's ct 
Donnelly Jane, talloress, 382 S 13th 
Donnelly John, lab. Donnelly's ct 
Donnelly John, lab. M'Makin's ct 
Donnelly John, di'iver, Ann n 13th 
DONNELLY JOHN, matches, 106 N 4th 
Donnelly John, porter, Lybrand ab Race 
Donnelly John, lab. 4 Peach 
Donnelly John, baker, 126 Penn ab Poplar 
Donnelly John, lab. Stewart bel Fitzwater 
Donnelly John, lab. 195 N Front 
Donnelly John, lab. Donnelly's ct 
Donnelly John, weaver, Adams ab Jefferson 
Donnelly John, carp. Lewis bel Jefferson 
Donnelly Jno., painter, 691 G T road 
Donnelly Jno., carter, Fisher bel 9th 
Donnelly Jno., lab. rear 22d and Locust 
Donnelly Jno., lab. William n 19th 
Donnelly Jno., blacksm. 837 N 2d 
Donnelly Jno., weaver, Hope ab Master 
Donnelly Jno., porter, 115 Chestnut 
Donnelly Jno., tailor, 673 N 2d 
Donnelly Jno. A., tav. 8th and Fitzwater 
Donnelly John J., plasterer, 58Peny 
DonneUy Jno. W., cordw. 281 S 5th 
Donnelly Joseph, drayman, 225 Howard 
Donnelly Joseph A., mer. 41 Chestnut, h S W 

12th and Walnut 
Donnelly Joseph P., pawn broker, 280 South 
Donnelly Luke, lab. 13 Dilk's ct 
Donnelly Marg-aret, shop, 44 South 
Donnelly Mary, spooler, Fitzwater bel Broad 
Donnelly Mary, tailoress, Jefferson and G T r 
Donnelly Mary Ann, 20 Powell 
Donnelly Math., lab. Ogden bel 16tli 
Donnelly Michael, butcher, 16th and Carpenter 
Donnelly Mich., lab. Oxford bel 11th 
Donnelly Mich., lab. Hewston bel Brown 
Donnelly Mich., lab. 8th ab Federal 
Donnelly Nicholas, teacher, 440 Christian 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. Cuthbert n 23d 
Donnelly Patrick, brickh-. Mm-ray bet 20 & 21st 
Donnelly Patrick, 10 York 
Donnelly Pati-ick, lab. 475 Locust 
Donnelly Patrick, coachman, 10 Laurel (C) 
Donnelly Patrick, confr. 479 N 2d 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. 2d ab Master 
Donnelly Patrick, liquors. Phoenix and G T rd 
Donnelly Patrick, cellar dig-g-er, Oxford below 

Clinton (K) 
Donnelly Peter, flour & feed, 10th bel Christian 
Donnelly Robert, lab. Irp bel 9th 

Donnelly S. A., Budd bel 14th 
Donnelly Theodore J., tailor, 63 S 5th 
Donnelly Thomas, dealer. Christian ab 11th 
Donnelly Thos., porter, S W 2d and Market, h 

2 Furlong-'s ct 
Donnelly Thos., painter, 32 Mon-is 
Donnell}^ Wm., lab. 24 Barker 
Donnelly Wm., porter, 101 Market, h Carver 

ab 15th 
DonneUy Wm., boatman. Brown ab Lehigh (R) 
Donnohie Mich. J., tavern, Salmon and Lehigh 
Donney Sam., ladies shoes, Sears bel 7th 
Donney Thos., shoemr. Sears bel 7th 
Donnohower Chas. R., lab. Culvert ab Mechanic 
Donnen James, hatter, N E 6th & Chestnut 
Donoghue Charles, com. mer. 11 S Water 
Donoho Matthew, lab. Richmond ab Emery (R) 
Donohoe Cornelius, fireman, 18 Jones' al 
Donohoe Pat., lab. 693 N 16th 
Donohoe Philip, gi-oceries and seed, Washing- 
ton above Moore (W P) 
Donohoe Rosanna, Washington bel Rose (W P) 
Donohow Samuel, boot &. shoemr. 208 S 2d 
Donohue Charles, lab. 3 Dickson ct 
Donohue Charles, milkman, 4 Bryan's ct 
Donohue Daniel, lab. 5 Willow ct 
Donohue Dennis, tinner, 115 Washington 
Donohue D., lab. Lafayette n 9th 
Donohue Francis, brakeman, 292 Richmond (R) 
Donohue George W., note broker, gas coal agt, 

108 Walnut, h 320 Coates 
Donohue Hamilton, accountant, 471 N 10th 
Donohue Henry, shoemr. 24 Arch 
Donohue Jas., lab. 39 Bedford 
Donohue Jas., weaver, Colvunbia ab Phillip 
Donohue John, lab. 3 Monmouth's ct 
Donohue Jos., moulder, Hamilton n 20th 
Donohue Mary, hardware, 191 South 
Donohue Pat., lab. rear 20 Ogden 
Donohue Pat., lab. Washington (R) 
Donohue Yarney, lab. Biddle 
Donohue Wm., lab. 232 S 6th 
Donoldson Isaac, 15 Howard 
Donovan Daniel, hats, &c., 196 Market 
Donovan Daniel, lab. Carlton ab 17th 
Donovan Daniel, candymr. 8 Say's ct 
Donovan Dennis, cordw. Cadw^ader n Perry 
Donovan Dennis, pattern mr. 548 N 8th 
Donovan James, lab. Marshall's ct 
Donovan John, cabinet mr. Nelson al 
Donovan Mar}', shop. Perry & Norman 
Donovan Michael, weaver, Beatty's ct (K) 
Donovan Michael R., locksm. 167 R ay 
Donovan Michl., lab. 5 Stampers al 
Donovan Richd., weaver, 837 N 2d 
Donovan Tim., lab. 170 Callowhill 
Donovan Y., mach. Green ab R av, 
Donuhue Michl., lab. F r ab Hart la 
Dooby Lewis, lab. Sch Water and Lombard 
Dool David, lab. Fitler ab Montgomery 
Dool Jas., boatman, Sch Water and Lombard 
Dool Jas., lab. 5th and Diamond 
Doolan Patrick, cordw. Prosperous al 
Doolan Pat., lab. Houston bel Duke 
Doolay Danl., lab. Can-oil and Sergeant 
Dooley John, grocer, 573 S Front 
Dooley Thomas, cordw. 17 N 12th 
Doolin John, porter, 28§ N 3d 




Dooling- Edward, cordw. James n 7th 

Dooling' Jno. W., coachmr. Oak ab Margretta 

Doolittle David, boatman. Wood ab F av 
DOOLITTLE H. &. CO., bankers, 45 and 47 

Doolittle Nelson Rev., 43 Marshall 
Dooner Lydia, Mullen ab Somerset 
Dooner Patrick, tavern, Fairview ab 16tli 
Dooner Peter, lab. Midlen ab Somerset 
Doores Chas., clerk, 18 Mag-nolia 
Doores \Vm. C, jr., clerk, 32 Coates 
Dootson Wm., nailmr. Shackamaxon n F av 
Doran Ann, shop, 7th 8c Wall 
Doran Bernard, lab. Fisher ab Huntingdon (R) 
Doran Catharine, 15th & Race 
Doran Cath., Mrs., 562 S 7th 
Doi-an Chas., tailor. Queen and Shackamaxon 
Doran Charles R., M D, 313 S 3d 
Doran Daniel, shoes, 626 Callowhill 
Doran Edwd., lab. Sloan (W P) 
Doran James, lab. Murray n 20th 
Doran James, lab. Jackson's ct (N L) 
Doran Jas., M. D. 289 S 3d 
Doran Joanna, confec. 666 Callowhill 
Doran John, brakesman, Taylor ct (K) 
Doran John, weaver. White's ct 
Doran John, watch case mr. 10 S 17th 
Doran John, weaver, Price and Amber 
Doran John, express driver. Emerald E 17th 
Doran John, lab. Hewston (K) 
Doran John, weaver, 38 Clinton (K) 
Doran John, weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Doran Joseph, Naval Asylum 
Doran Michael, lab. Buttonwood la 
Doran Michl., lab. Water ab Callowhill 
Doran M. A., shop, 10th ab Walnut 
Doran Patrick, moulder, 12 Reed bel Church 
Doran Patrick, carp. L Washing-ton bel 10th 
Doran Patrick, lab. Alder ab Poplar 
Doran Rosanna, 3 TiUer's ct W Vaughn 
Doran Thos., lab. Morris 
Doran Thos., moulder, Wheat ab Reed 
Doran Wm. B., tailor, 11th bel Master 
Doran Wm. P., railmr. F road ab Norris 
Doran Wm. P., miller. Mechanic 
Dordal Samuel, dyer, F road & Clearfield (R) 
Dore Robt. Nelson, carp. 24 Clair 
Doremus P. P., builder, Girard av ab 19th 
Doren James, weaver, 83 Shippen la 
Doret A: M., druggist, 84 Chesnut, h 55 N 2d 
Dorey Daniel, bookbinder, 113 Chestnut, house 

Washington ab 6th 
Dorey Henrietta, tailoress, 8 Jackson 
Dorey James, segarmr. Front bel Wharton 
Dorey Thomas, cigarmr. Burchell ct 
Dorff Albert, tinsm. 616 Callowhill 
Dorff Canfield, clerk, 190 Market 
Dorff Eliza, 636 Callowhill 
Dorff George, mer. 190 Market, h 211 Queen 
Dorff John, silver plater, rear 89 York av 
Dorg-an Daniel, cabinetmr. 165 Ogden 
Dorgan Wm., lab. Brown and Market (R) 
Dorheimer Ferdinand, turner. Winter 
Doriot Peter, uphol. 307 Walnut 
Doriss Anna L., dry goods, 13th bel Buttonwood 
Doriss Henry, gas man, 23d bel Spruce 
Doriss Neal, lab. 16 Wilcox 

Doriss Terrence, lab. George n 21st 

Dorian Amos, mer. 19 Logan sq 

Dorian John, carp. Queen ab F road, h Shacka 

maxon bel Bedford (K) 
Dorian Nathan, feed and flour, 9th and Master, 

h 12th ab Girard av 
Dorman Corn., chandler, 24th ab South 
Dorman Howell, clerk, P T Bank, h 12th ab 

Dorman Jas., mariner, 10 Reckless 
Dorman John, store, 312 Master 
Dorman John, paper stalner. Broad bel South 
Dorman Marie, washer, 6 Acorn al 
Dorman Mary, shop, 24th bel Lombard 
Dorn Gotlieb, driver, Clinton ab Norris 
Dorn Peter, cordw. 127 Callowhill 
Dorn Philip, baker. Queen &, Crown (K) 
Dorn Wm., groc. Washington bel Logan (W P) 
Dornan Robt., lab. 249 S 21st 
Dornan Wm. J., printer, 11th ab L Washington 
Dornen Jacob, weaver, 14 Wagner's al 
Doron Enos T., clerk, 57 N 3d 
Dorothy Thos., coachman, Morris ab 8th 
Dorothy Wm., lab. 2d bel Greenwich 
Dorothye George, seaman. Reckless ct 
Dorr Benjamin, Rev., DD., S E 13th & Arch 
Dorr Christopher, lab. Hancock bel Diamond 
Dorr J. H., M. D. 1 Collonade row 
Dorran Jac, weaver, Washington ab Oxford 
Dorran Wm., lab. Hart la ab F road 
Dorrans Alex., weaver, Penna. av ab Nixon 
Dorrans Jas., weaver, Penna. av ab Nixon 
Dorrel Mary, tailoress, 272 Prime 
Dorrey H., Adams ab Jackson 
Dorrick Michl., store, 102 N Front 
Dorrinblaizer Benj., carter. Miller ab 13th 
Dorrington Charles, lab. 6 Reed 
Dorrington Michael, brushmr. 2 Paul 
Dorris Jno., waiter, 20 Dugan 
Dorrough Robt., paver, 26 Fulton 
DorschiemerH. M., baker, 25 N 7th 
Dorsey Aug., clothes, 16J S 2d, h 22 Barker 

crockery ware, 125 N 3d 
Dorsey George W., macht. 5 Lagrange, h Wood 

bel West (K) 
Dor.sey Geo. W., bkbr. Callowhill n 19th 
Dorsey James, 6 Rodman 
Dorsey Jas., lab. S W Ann and 17th 
Dorsey John, oysterman, 44 Mead 
Dorsey John, 47 S Juniper 
Dorsey John, lab. 24 Mead 
Dorsey John, bookbinder. Wood ab 18th 
Dorsey Matilda, Mrs., 593 N 4th 
Dorsey M., presser, 22 Barker 
Dorsey M., lab. Hewston n R R (R) 
Dorsey Nicholas, porter, 4 Pleasant av 
Dorsey Peter, marble finisher, Callowhill n 19th 
Dorsey Robert R., 27 Clinton 
Dorsey Saml., shop, 34 Bonsall 
Dorsey Thomas J., waiter, 166 Locust 
Dorsey Wm., mer. 125 N 3d 
Dorsey Wm. brlckmr. rear 13th ab Federal 
Dorsh Geo., tailor, 6 Butz's ct 
Dorton John, vict. 2d bel Montgomery 
Dorton Jos., butcher. Perry bel Oxford 
Dorwart Geo., boatman, Lewis and 16th 
Dorwartli Ulrich, tailor, Hancock bel Master 




Doscher Diederich, confec. 553 S 2d 
Dospassos Manuel J., shoemr. rear 8th below 

Dos Santos A. F., prof, music, 161 Pine 
Doster Michael, spec, manuf. 155 St John 
Dotg-er Casper, cars, Girard av & Clinton 
Dothard Mrs., dressmr. 145 S 11th 
Dott Jacob, lab. New Market ab F road 
Dotter John, beer house, 62 Shippen 
Dotter Theo., dyer & scourer, 83 New Market 
Dotterer Charles, currier, Carpenter ab 9th 
Dotterer James A., currier. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dottro Jesse, shipmr. Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Dottro Maria, 366 G T road 
Dotts Peter, gas fitter, Olive bel Broad 
Doublebower Lewis, 371 S 3d 
Doublebower Jno. H., org-an br. Union bel F 

road (K) 
Douden Patk., lab. Cadwalader ab Master 
Douds Jno., lab. 41 W South 
Doug-herty Alex, ostler, 5 Marshall's ct 
Doug-herty Alex. E., Sec. & Treas. Tiog-a Rail 

Road Co., 25 Exchange, h 439 Walnut 
Doug-herty Andrew, cordw. 122 Cherry 
Doug-herty Ann, washer. Spruce W Aspen 
Doug-herty Ann, Post la n 20th 
Doug-herty Ann, clothing, 48^- South 
Dougherty Ann, 4 St Mary 
Dougherty Anthony, carter, rear Plover 
Dougherty Anthony, shoemr. Perry ab Phoenix 
Dougherty Arthur, lab. Gable's ct 
Dougherty Barney, mach. Walnut E Beach 
Dougherty Bernard, lab. Salmon ab Somerset 
Dougherty Bernard, carp. N E 13th & Bedford 
Dougherty Bernard, shoemr. 18th bel Lombard 
Dougherty Bern., draym. Howard bel Jefferson 
Dougherty Bernard, lab. Arch W 23d 
Dougherty Bernard, lab. Hazel ab Front 
Dougherty Bridg., wid Chas., shop, 4 Philip (K) 
Dougherty Catharine, WiUow bel 12th 
Dougherty Charles, butcher. Steward 
Dougherty Charles, lab. 18th bel Lombard 
Dougherty Charles, blacksm. 4 Lybrand 
Dougherty Charles, lab. Bath ab William (R) 
Dougherty Charles, painter, 6 Lewis 
Dougherty Charles, lab."rear 119 F road 
Dougherty Charles, shop, 189 South 
Dougherty Charles, lab. Duke ab Anthracite 
Dougherty Charles, tailor, 13 Prosperous al 
Dougherty Chas., weaver. White's ct & Bedford 
Dougherty Charles J., stoves, 330 S Front 
Dougherty Cornelius, eng. G F road n Federal 
Dougherty Corn., waterman, rear Reed 8c Front 
Dougherty Corn., drayman, rear Plover 
Dougherty Corn., clerk, Tilton ab Cumberland 
Dougherty Daniel, cordw. \yilliam n 19th 
Dougherty Daniel, restaurant, 22 S 3d, h 3 

Quigg's ct 
Dougherty Daniel, grocer. Pine n 12th 
Dougherty Daniel, lab. Wager n G T road 
Dougherty Daniel, atty, and coun. 68 S 6th, h 

20th bel Race 
Dougherty Daniel, carter, 562 Wood 
Dougherty Daniel, lab, Howell ab 19th 
Dougherty Daniel, tavern. Vine & Nixon 
Dougherty Daniel, porter, 1 Zephyr 
Dougherty Dennis, clerk, William & Bath (R) 
Dougherty Dudley, lab. South ab 12th 

Dougherty Edw., cordw. Richmond n Emory (R) 
Dougherty Edward, plumber. Steward below 

Dougherty Edward, mach. Walnut ab Beach 
Dougherty Eliza, 14 York 
Dougherty Eliza, Harmstead ab 20th 
Dougherty Elizabeth, 25 Farmer 
Dougherty Elizabeth, 21st ab Market 
Dougherty Elizabeth, Hamilton & Penn. ar 
Dougherty Francis, cordw. 116 Pliilip (K) 
Dougherty Francis, 612 Wood 
Dougherty Francis, cordw. 10 Hubbell 
Dougherty George, foreman, 226 Hutchinson 
Dougherty George, carp. Shippen bel Broad 
Dougherty George, lab. L Washington bel loth 
Dougherty George W., capt. 23d n George 
Dougherty George L., atty. 32 S 5th, h 579 

Dougherty Henry, porter, 9 Commerce, h 7 

Myer's ct 
Dougherty Henry, lab. Cuthbert n 23d 
Dougherty Henry, tailor, 28 Murray 
Dougherty Henry, confect. 10th bel Fitzwater 
Dougherty Henry, waiter. Pine ab 23d 
Dougherty Hester, dressmr. 60 German 
Dougherty Hugh, driver, Sloan (W P) 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. Beach ab Locust 
Dougherty Hugh, carter. Orange ab 12th 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. 18tli bel Lombard 
Dougherty Hugh, tailor, 225 S 5th 
Dougherty Hugh, biscuit baker. Green ct ab 

Dougherty Hugh, lab. Salmon & Rail road (R) 
Dougherty Hugh, carter, Salmon n William (R) 
Dougherty H. H., cordw. Capitol ab Brown 
Dougherty Isabella, Jane's pi 
Dougherty Isabella, shop, 93 Master (K) 
Dougherty James, lab. Silbert bel Wharton 
Dougherty James, tailor, Howell 
Dougherty James, bookbinder, 576 Wood 
Dougherty James, medicines, 232 Callowhill 
Dougherty James, watchman & tavern, S Car- 
penter ab 7th 
Doughert)^ James, tobacconist, 342 S 6th 
Dougherty James, lab. Mustin ct 
Dougherty James, founder, 170 N 20th 
Dougherty James, lab. 17th ab Race 
Dougherty James, lab. Cooper n20th 
Dougherty James, lab. 22d bel Spruce 
Doughei'ty James, bricklr. 1 Howard pi 
Dougherty James, blacksmith, 28 Clinton (K) 
Dougherty James, messenger, 46 J Walnut 
Dougherty James, lab. Sorrel bel Larch] 
Dougherty James, plasterer, 40 Bayard 
Dougherty James, lab. 13th bel Federal 
Dougherty Jas., fur. car, Charles bel Dickerson 
Doug'herty James, carp. Hamilton ab 23d 
Dougherty James, lab. Beach ab Walnut 
Dougherty James, cordw. 7 W George 
Dougherty James, stone mason. Cooper ab 20th 
Dougherty James, brickmr. M'Duffie n 21st 
Dougherty James, Williamson's ct 
Dougherty James, lab. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Dougherty Jane, talloress, S E Winter & 21st 
Dougherty John, shoemr. Cuthbert W 15th 
Dougherty John, mach. Walnut ab Beach 
Dougherty John, morocco dr. Rachel bel Poplar 
Dougherty John, lab. 5th and G T road 




Dotlg-herty John, Till n Washington (\V P) 1 
Doug-herty John, lab. 8 Stewart 
Doug-herty John, lab. Lancaster bel Reed , 

Dougherty John, barkeeper. Federal bel 12th 
Doug-herty John, tavern, G T road n 3d (K) 
Doug'herty John, lab. Beach n Palmer (K) 
Doug-herty John, shoemr. Salmon n Hunting-don 
Dougherty John, lab. Evans 
Dougherty John, 115 Carpenter 
Dougherty John, di-ayman, Perry bel Master (K) 
Dougherty John, Leiper al 
Dougherty John, lab. River (R) 
Dougherty John, lab. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dougherty John, lab. Say n 15th 
Dougherty John, weaver, Benton (K) 
Douglierty John, draym. Clinton ab Franklin (K) 
Dougherty John, lab. Wayne 
Dougherty John, lab. Ann n Larch (R) 
Dougherty John, lab. River (W P) 
Dougherty John A., distiller, cor 2d & Poplar 
DOUGHERTY JOHN A. & SONS, distillers. 

Front bel Franklin (K) 
Dougherty La\vrence, lab. AVashington (W P) 
Dougherty Lewis, brickl. 156 Brown 
Dougherty Letitia, P road and 8th 
Dougherty Mary, b h, 2 Cypress 
Dougherty Mary, rear 110 Catharine 
Dougherty Mary A., 24th bel Lombard 
Dougherty Michael J., atty. & coun. 57 Prune 
Dougherty Michael, drayman, Burchell ct 
Dougherty Michael, lab. 416 S 10th 
Dougherty Mrs., Morris ab 8th 
Dougherty Neil, coachman, rear 7 Vine 
Dougherty Neil, grocer, 3d and Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Sorrel ab Path (R) 
Dougherty Patk., lab. Fitzwater n 15th 
Dougherty Patk., dealer, Cuthbert W 19th 
Dougherty Patk., distiller, 524 S 8th 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Emerald n Cumberland 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. 28 Barker 
Dougherty Patrick, shoemr. rear 80 Shippen 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Arch W 20th 
Dougherty Patrick, carter, 17th and Linden 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Williamson's ct 
Dougherty Peter, weaver, White's ct & Bedford 
Dougherty Philip, lab. Passyunk 
Dougherty Philip, tavern, 249 Shippen 
Dougherty &. Powers, omnibus proprietors, Vine 

and Nixon 
Dougherty Robert, painter, Rubicam's pi 
Dougherty Robert, driver, Auburn ab 9th 
Dougherty Robert, lab. 44 W South 
Dougherty Robert, pawnbroker, 272 South 
Dougherty Robert, lab. Carver n 17th 
Dougherty Robert, capt. Callowhill n Hamilton 
Dougherty R. &. J., grocers, 388 N 2d 
Dougherty Samuel, lab. Willow bel 12th 
Dougherty Sarah, William ab 21st 
Dougherty &: Smith, stone cutters, 19th and 

Dougherty Susan, gentw. 103 Filbert 
Dougherty Thomas, lab. 22d and Spruce 
Dougherty Thos., lab. Brown ab Lehigh av (R) 
Dougherty Thomas, lab. Wallace ab 16th 
Dougherty Thomas, 6 Ashland row 
Dougherty Thomas, lab. Wyoming ab Pratt 
Dougherty Thomas, lab. Lewis bel Jefferson 
Dougherty Wm., stoverar. Austin ab Wharton 

Dougherty Wm., fonnder, 13th ab Federal 
Dougherty Wm., butcher, Clyme 
Dougherty Wm., baker, 407 Christian 
Dougherty Wm., wheelwrt. 22d and William 
Dougherty Wm., spinner, Hamilton ab 23d 
Dougherty Wm., cordw. Willow bel Spruce 
Dougherty Wm., lab. 20th and Ann 
Dougherty Wm., carp, loth ab Fitzwater 
Dougherty Wm., lab. Boyles ct 
Dougherty Wm., lab. Fisher ab Cumberland (R) 
Dougherty Wm., lab. 8 Fayette 
Dougherty Wm., blacksm. Barker n 19th 
Dougherty Wm., moulder. Auburn ab 9th 
Dougherty Wm., brickmr. 135 William 
Dougherty Wm., coachman, 269 Spruce 
Dougherty Wm., groc. 325 Market, h 346 N 6th 
Dougherty Wm., umbrella, 129 Marlborough 

bel Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Wm., carp. 7th bel Carpenter 
Dougherty Wm., lab. Barker n 19th 
Doughten Fanny, 88 Francis (F V) 
Doughten Wm., clerk, 97 Market 
Doughter Peter, dealei-. Fairview ab 19th 
Doughty C, tailoress. Larch ab William (R) 
Doughty Geo. M., ship carp. Franklin bel Cherry 
Doughty Lavinia, preserver, 72 Fitzwater 
Doughwit Thomas, weaver, M'Duffie ab 19th 
Dougin David, lab. Hamilton ab 16th 
Douglass Ann, 15 Pearl 
Douglass Ann, 15 Perry (K) 
Douglass Ann, teacher, 121 S 11th 
Douglass Benj., steel filer, Jackson ab Adams 
Douglass Daniel, lab. Carroll ab Dauphin 
Douglass Edw., carp. James ct (K) 
Douglass Elizabeth, Mrs., b h, 570 S Front 
Douglass E. B., stereotypist, 63 Marshall 
Douglass Geo. S., musician, 3 California ct 
Douglass Henry, b h, Oak ab Bridge water (W P) 
Douglass Jacob M., Rev., 378 Coates 
Douglass Jas., grocer 8c car, 76 F road 
Douglass James, tobacconist, 22 N 6th 
Douglass James, 13th ab Willow 
Douglass James, hotel, 46 N 6th 
Douglass James, clerk, Cuthbert n 20th 
[)ouglass Jas., ladies' shoemr. 433 Pine 
Douglass James F., barber, 54 Arch 
Douglass Jane, book fold. 88 S,4th, h 311 S 11th 
Douglass John, warper, 13th ab Federal 
Douglass John, cooper, 570 S Front 
Douglass John, tobacconist, 174 Race 
Douglass John, Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Douglass John, weaver, 17 Fulton 
Douglass John, stone cutter, 118 Federal 
Douglass Jos., weaver, Choner and F road 
Douglass Josiah, waterman, 29 Beck 
Douglass J. J. N., 88 S 5th 
Douglass Margaret, Mrs., Worth ab Franklin 
Douglass Robert, artist, 54 Arch 
Douglass Robert, weaver, 17 Fulton 
Douglass Robert, dyer, 150 Adams (K) 
Douglass Robert, dyer, Fitler bel Harrison 
Douglass Samuel, seaman, 9 Beck 
Douglass Samuel, lab. Fleming E 21st 
Douglass Samuel C, sailmr. 548 S Front 
Douglass Wm., Naval Asylum 
Douglass Wm., lab. 2 Leyden's ct 
Douglass Wm. Rev., 32 Powell 
Dougless Elizabeth, shop, 33 Perry ab Pine 




Doule Thomas, 396 Coates 

Doulin Andi-ew, carp. Cherry bel F av 

Doull James, china, 125 S 4th 

Doun Louis, G F road n Federal 

Douredoure B., chandler, Arch E 17th 

Dove John S., clerk, 218 Clii-istian 

Dove Wm., confectr. N E 16th and Filbert 

Dover Aug-ustus, lab. F road ab Hart la 

Dover James, barber, 18th and South 

Dover James, waiter, 19 Rodman 

Dover Levi, jr., lab. Buttonwood la 

Dover Levi K., g-ardener, Buttonwood la 

Dover Michael, lab. F road ab Hart la 

Dow John, lab. Brown bel Lehigh av(R) 

Dow John, painter. Chestnut ab Till (W P) 

Dow Phinehas, macht. 50 N 6th, h 14 Powell 

Dow Thomas, lab. Huston (R) 

Dowalt John, brickmr. 8th and Oxford 

Dowd James, Brown bel Lehig-h av 

Dowd John, lab. Brown bel Lehig'h av 

Dowdell Abner, turner, 177 Lewis 

Dowden Susanna, 125 Callowhill 

Dowdey J., lab. 478 Queen (K) 

Dowdle James, lab. Suplee's row (W P) 

Dowdle Louisa, F av ab Marlboroug-h 

Dowdle Peter, lab. Bush hill ab 15th 

Dowdy James C, engineer, 526 F road 

Dowdy Thomas, cordw. 952 N 2d 

Dowell Eliza, grocer, Washing-ton ab Logan 

Dowick James, blacksm. F road op Otter 

Dowler Elizabeth, wid of John, h N W 11th & 

Dowling Benj., salesman, N W 10th & Market 
Dowling Bryan, porter, 85 Market 
Dowling Catharine, 8 Can-oil av 
Dowling Edward, plasterer, Evans 
Dowling Edward, shoemr. 10 Flower 
Dowling E., lab. 21st bel Filbert 
Dowling James, lab. Fisher ab Huntingdon (R) 
Dowling John, omnibus proprietor, 278 S 10th 
Dowling John, Rev., D. D., 224 S 10th 
Dowling John, bricklr. 724 Lombard 
Dowling Martha, old iron store, 20th ab Filbert 
Dowling Matt., bricklr. Schrader's ct (N L) 
Dowling Michael, 15 Union sq 
Dowling Michael, shop, 12 CarroU 
Dowling- Michael, gent. Essex 
Dowling Michael, eating house, 16 Pine 
Dowling Thomas, porter, 69 Market 
Dowling Wm., 14 Evans 
Dowman James, lab. Williamson's ct 
Dowman Wm., lab. Penn bel Maiden 
Downer Charles, 121 Market, h 7 Stackhouse ct 
Downer Charles, weigher, 18 N Water, h 116 

Downer George, mer. 484 Pine bel 17th 
Downes Wm., clerk, 30 S 2d, h 516 Lombard 
DOWNEY ALEX., Phoenix house, F road and 

Phoenix (K) 
Downey Ann, shop, 126 German 
Downey Bernard, morocco dresser. Perry ab 

Downey George, potter, 15th n Railroad 
Downey George, jr., brass moulder, Cadwell 
Downey Henry, lab. P'ront ab Harrison 
Downey Hannah B., 216 S 8th 
Downey James, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Downey James, weaver, 2d ab Master 

Downey James, lab., 18 Concord 

Downey Jas., super. Huntingdon ab Salmon (R) 

Downey James, cordw. L Washington bel 12th 

Downey John, gilder, 24 Auburn 

Downey John, liquor store, N W Coates & 13th 

Downey John, lab. Hickory ct * 

Downey Michael, lab. 700 Lombard 

Downey Patrick, weaver, Beattie's ct (K) 

Downey Patrick, porter, 115 Chestnut, and 

grocer, 205 Shippen 
Downey Robert, lab. Dauphin bel Amber 
Downey Sarah, gentw. Clark and 4th 
Downey Wm., lab. Lynn ab William 
Downie Robt., mer. 25 S 2d, h La Pierre House 
Downie Sarah, 12th ab Buttonwood 
Downie William, tailor, 568 N 2d 
Downie William, macht. 986 N Front 
Downie Wm., cordw. Deal's av 
Downing Andrew, Shippen n 15th 
Downing C. H., coach trim. 126 Filbert, h 349 

Washington (S G) 
Downing Dorcas, Bedford bel 8th 
Downing George, baker, 648 N 2d (K) 
Downing George, mer. 52 J Market, h 200 Arch 
Downing Henry, bookbinder, 271 George 
Downing Jane, 15th ab Fairview 
Downing Jas., carp. weav. Montgomery bel Front 
Downing James R., blacksm. River and Myrtle 
Downing John, tavern. Maiden bel Front 
Downing John, dra3'man, Phoenix ab Howard 
Downing John, chandler, Sliippen n 15th 
Downing John, manuf. 244 Clinton 
Downing John R., acct. 287 Market 
Downing John S., com. mer. 50 S Delaware av 
DOWNING JOHN W., di-y goods, 21 Chestnut, X 

h 251 Spruce ' 

Downing Lydia, tailoress, 272 George 
Downing Margaret, Duke ab Cherry (K) 
Downing Mary, Mi-s., 8 Faj'^ette 
Downing Oliver, weaver, 4 Passmore's pi 
Downing Richard H., mer. 16th and Market, h 

Race ab 16th 
Downing Robert, 22d ab Callowhill 
Downing Robert W., bookkr. 1 Tyler (K) 
Downing S. C, real estate agent, 105 Walnut, 

h 14 S 18th 
Downing S. G., gi-ocer, 13th and Davis 
Downing Wm., Miles' ct (K) 
Downing Wm., morocco dr. Sower's ct (K) 
Downs Fermen, brushmr. 3 Ring ct bel N 3d 
Downs Mary, Mrs., Coates W 20th 
Downs James, clothing, 23 S 2d, h 103 Lombard 
Downs John, tailor, 1 P'arries' ct 
Downs John, bottler, 127 Vine 
Downs John, bricklayer, Wistar n Prime 
Downs John, carp. Buttonwood bel Broad 
Downs John, hatter. Pleasant ab 11th 
Downs Michael J., drug. 259 Market, h 127 Vine 
Downs Pares, lab. Chestnut n Till (W P) 
Downs Thomas, cordw. Sheaf al 
Downs Thomas, boots & shoes, 499 Arch 
Downs Wm., 516 Lombard 
Downs Wm. H., mariner, 54 Queen 
Downs Wm. H., 69 Beach (K) 
Downton Wm. D., ropemr. 997 Jefferson 
Downy Wm., carp. 483 Shippen 
Dowty Thomas, lab. 301 S Front 
Doyle Andrew, hatter, 20 Buckley 




Doyle Cornelius, dealer, Shippen bel 8tli 

Doyle David, tavern, N E 10th and Girard av 

Doyle Dennis, lab. 134 Baker 

Doyle Edvi^ard, hatter, 20 Buckley 

Doyle Edward, Lewis ab Thompson 

Doyle Eliza, milliner, 210 Walnut 

Doyle Elizabeth, dressmr. 2 Roger's ct 

Doyle E. A., 8 Jefferson 

Doyle Georg-e, fancy chairmr. 20 N Clinton (K) 

Doyle James, waterman, Steam Mill al 

Doyle James, brakesman, William ab Brown 

Doyle James, carp, rear 373 Race 

Doyle James, tavern, 46 Prune 

Doyle James, lab. Kenny pi 

Doyle James, furniture, 124 South 

Doyle James, tailor, rear 56 Passyunk road 

Doyle John, lab. 299 S Front 

Doyle John, lab. AVashing-ton (W P) 

Doyle John, carp. 172 N 17th 

Doyle John, slater, Madison ab lOtli 

Doyle John, hatter, 20 Buckley 

Doyle John, dry goods, N E 13th and Fulton 

Doyle John, dealer, 305 Callowhill 

Doyle John, hatter, 8th bel Catharine 

Doyle John, lab. 7 Grape ct 

Doyle John, porter, 19 Chestnut, h Lodge al 

Doyle John C, lab. 20 State 

Doyle Joseph, hatter, 20 Buckley 

Doyle J., mer. 99 S Front 

Doyle J. C, clerk, 552 S 6th 

Doyle Lawrence, lab. Seniff' and Ashton 

Doyle L. C, tavern, 154 Summer 

Doyle Martin, carp. 18 Pearl 

Doyle Michael, lab. 525 Locust 

Doyle Michael, dealer, P road bel Wharton 

Doyle Michael, lab. 7 Dilk's ct 

Doyle Morgan, music & variety store, 122 South 

Doyle Patrick, lab. Stewart ab Catharine 

Doyle Patrick, weavei". Baker's ct(K) 

Doyle Patrick, agent, Kennedy's ct (N L) 

Doyle Patrick, lab. 20 Wilcox 

Doyle Patrick, hatter, 4 Charles 

Doyle Patrick, lab. Mervine ab Oxford 

Doyle Patrick, printer, 21 Sergeant 

Doyle Patrick, porter, 23 S Del av 

Doyle Peter, jr., tavern, N W 2d and Wharton 

Doyle Peter, trimmings, 305 Callowhill 

Doyle Peter, hatter, 20 Buckley 

Doyle Robert, lab. 2 John's ct 

Doyle Robei-t, porter, 75 Market, h 14 Jones' al 

Doyle Robert, lab. 4 Nonnater's ct 

Doyle Rosanna, wid of Peter,643 S Front 

Doyle Thomas, sign painter, 132 Poplar 

Doyle Timothy, cooper, Fisher ab Emery (R) 

Doyle Wm., lab. Cuthbert W 21st 

Doyle Wm. T., stone mason, 50 Lewis (P D) 

Doyle Winfred, 10 Benton 

Drain Patrick, lab. William E 21st 

Drais Wm. P.,brushmr.319 N 10th 

Drake Alfred, M. D., N W 15th and Locust 

Drake B. Chas., lozenges manuf. S E 11th and 

Drake Elizabeth, 6th bel G T road 
Drake Francis, weaver, Fitler ab Harrison 
Drake Franklin, cordvir. Jackson 
Drake John, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Drake John, tailor, 347 Market 
Drake John, bootmr. 31 N 3d, h 15 Winfieldpl 

Drake Joseph, spinner, Shippen bel Broad 

Drake J. C, gent. 217 Coates 

Drake Matthias D., clerk, 17 Randolph 

Drake Misses, teachers, 15th ab Spruce 

Drake R. D., 15th ab Spruce 

Drake S. B., 239 Wood 

DRAKE THOS., manuf., M'Duffie n 21st, and 

21st and Pine, h 17th and Locust 
Drake Timothy, gent. 19 Duke 
Drake Uriah, boot fitter,23 Parrish 
Drake Wm., dry goods, 15th and Cabot 
DRAKE, WILSON & CO., fordw. mers. Dela- 
ware av ab Vine 
Drane John, weaver, 19th bel Shippen 
Drane Mary, 19th bel Shippen 
Drane Wm. L., printer, 59 Gaskill 
Dranfield Edward, engineer, Buttonwood la 
Draper Charles, white washer, 18 Pearl 
DRAPER EDMUND, math, and opt. instru- 
ment mr. 22 Pear 
Draper Elias, waiter, 18 Prosperous al 
Draper George, seaman, South bel 12th 
Draper Henry, engineer, 2d ab Reading av 
Draper Henry, coachman, 4 Ivy 
Draper John, waiter, 6 Ohio 
Di'aper John, gent. Elwood bel 6th 
Draper Milby, lab. Pearl ab 12th 
Draper Nancy, washer, Maria bel 5tli 
Draper Robt., engraver, 22^ Mer. Exchange 
Draper Solomon, waiter, 64 Bedford 
DRAPER, TIFT & CO.,jeweIers, 26 S 3d 
DRAPER, WELSH & CO., bank note engra- 

vers, 22J Mer. Exchange 
Dray John, milkman, 413 G T road 
Drayton H. E., M. D., 13 Portico sq 
Drayton M. Mrs., 13 Portico sq 
DRAYTON W. H., atty. & coun., 92 S 4th 
Drean Henry, clerk, W Bank, h 76 Vine 
Drean John, weaver, 18th bel Shippen 
Dreby Mary, wid of C, cooper, 233 Market & 

244 N 2d 
Dreer Ferdinand J., jeweler. Goldsmith Hall, 

Library, h 16th ab Spruce 
Dreer Frederick, gent. Bridge bet 4th and 5th 
■DREER & HAYES, jewelers. Goldsmith Hall, /^ 

Dreer Henry A., seedsman, 59 Chestnut, h Elm 

and 6th (W P) 
Dreespie William, baker, 64 Monroe 
Dreher Michael, cordw., G T road ab 2d (K) 
Dreisbach Henrj^, police, 31 Crown 
Dreiziler Charles, shoemr. 2 York pi 
Dreka Lewis, piano mr. Haverford & 7th (W P) 
Dreler George, sailor, 8 Shippen 
Drennen John, dry goods, 247^- South 
Drennon Thomas, lab. 4 Carroll's av 
Dreser Wm., lithographer, 153 Wharton 
Dresser John S., carp. 20 Ogden 
Dressier Frederick J., agent German Emigrant 
Society, N E 2d and Chestnut, h 12^ N 2d 
Dressier John, earthenware, 158 Poplar 
Drew Anna, rear 24 Brook 
Drew Arthur P., clerk, 318 Wood 
Drew Bernard, lab. Lemon n R R (R) 
Drew Charles, tin workrr, 10 Farmer 
Drew Frank N., comedian, 51 Buttonwood 
Drew Henry, lab. 36 Shippen 
Drew Henry, 12 Pine (S) 




Drew James K., bartender, Division 
Drew John, actor, 30 Buttonwood 
Drew John, ship carp. 418 S Front 
Drew Keziah, tobacco and segars, 378 S 4tli 
Drew Nancy, spooler, Shippen ab 13th 
Drew Patrick, lab., Lehig-h n Canal (R) 
Drew Vv'm. B., upholst. 41 S 10th, h 15 Lee 
Drexel A. J., broker, 22 S 3d, h 3 S Ritten- 

house sq 
DREXEL & CO., ex. brokers, 22 S 3d 
Drexel Francis M., broker, 22 S 3d, h S W 19th 

and S Rittenhouse 
Drexel F. A., broker, 22 S 3d, h 33 Race 
Drexel Joseph W., broker, 22 S 3d, h S W 19th 

and S Rittenhouse 
Drexler C, bird stuffer, 22 Almond 
Drexler David, whf. build. Brown Sc Cherry (K) 
Drine James, stone cutter, 98 Barker 
Drinkhouse Aaron, cabman, 29 S 16th 
Drinkhouse Andi-ew, carp. 11 Xonnater's ct 
Drinkhouse Hiram L., stoves, 37 P road 
Drinkhouse H., stable, 16th ab Market 
Drinkhouse Louisa, 35 Paul 
Drinkhouse Wm, tinsni., 58 South, h 474 S Front 
Dripps John, weaver, rear 122 Leopard 
Dripps John, grocer. Amber and Phoenix 
Drips David, oil cloth manuf., Coatesbel Broad 
DriscoU Cornelius, cabinetmr. 4 Grape ct 
Driscoll Cornelius, porter, 1 Filbert av 
DriscoU E. P., di-essmr. Quince ab Pine 
Driscoll Jeremiah, 9 Mervine 
Driver Adam S., Rev. 345 S 4th 
Driver Jane, shop, 13 Perry 
Driver Geo. W., book keeper, 9 N 4th 
Driver Samuel, mill\\-rt. 598 S 2d 
Drome Chas., tinsmith, George E 21st 
Dropsie Gabriel A., mer. 6 Hart's Buildings 
DROPSIE MOSES A., att'y and coun., 6 Hart's 

Droughman Charles, watchmr., Front ab Coates 
Drouin Felix, French school, 2 Dugan row 
Droven M., milliner, 202 Chestnut 
Drowerv Zebulon, barber, 6th & Callowhill 
. DROWis' WM. A., umbrella.s, 86 Market, h 18 

DRUCK F. & D., Misses, ladies hair dressing, 68 

Sp Garden 
Druckinmiller Chas., goldsm. 12 Rachel 
Druding Anthony, jeweler, rear 8 Shippen 
Druding Francis, jeweller, 82 Shippen 
Druding Lucy, 261 Christian 
Drukeniller Martin, weaver, Dauphin 
Drum Andi-ew, sheetman, 5 Ranstead pi, h 388 

Drum Conrad, dealer, Barclay ab Broad 
Drum David S., hotel, S ^V 8th &. Buttonwood 
Drum Fredk. R., cutter, 605 S 5th 
Drum Francis, lab. Jones W 15th 
Drum James, lab.. Anthracite (R) 
Drum John, vict. 304 N 8th 
Drum John, lab., Anthi-acite (R) 
Drum Mary, 210 Buttonwood 
Drum Terrence, lab., Mun-ay W 20th 
Drum William, gent. 302 N 8th 
Drumel E., blacksm.. Castle ct 
Drumel Philip, cordw. 4 Elder 
Dnimgold Peter, coachman, 22 Bonsall 
Drummond Anna Maria, washer, Emeline ab 8th 

Drummond George, baker, 252 G T road bel 

Drummond John, tinsm., Cuthbert bel 22d 
Drummond Joseph, musician. Walnut bel Mar- 
gar etta 
Drummond Lewis, shoemaker, 42 Carpenter, 
Drummond William C, Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Drury John, cordw., 28 Charles 
Dryburgh A., florist, S W 19th and Race 
Drji'den Augustus, smith, Amber & Price 
Drysdale Thomas M., M. D., 591 Race ab 16th 
Drvsdale Wm., watchmr., 354 Market, h Race 

ab 16th 
Duane William, att'v at law, 138 Walnut, h 

734 Pine ab 18th 
Duane William J., office 138 Walnut, h Locust 

W 16th 
Dubarry Jos., engineer, Lombard n 11th 
Dubasee Edward P., jeweller, Charles 
Dubasee Eliza, sempstress, 7 Morris 
Dubasee George, P road ab Federal 
Dubassee Edwd P., jeweller, 43 N 8th, h Char- 
les ab Federal 
Dubassee Joseph, chairmr. 8 Charles 
Dubois Alexander, regulator of house numbers, 

422 N 10th 
Dubois Alex., combmr. 138 Charlotte (N L) 
Dubois Alexander, painter, 12th ab Brown 
Dubois Alexander N., printer, 165 Queen 
Dubois Cornelius, confect. 306 N 2d 
Dubois Enoch, combmr. 545 N 10th 
Dubois Ephraim F., combmr. 12 Mp-tle 
Dubois Henry, sawyer, 25 George (K) 
Dubois James, dyer, 13th and Budden's al 
Dubois James, lumber, Huntingdon and Gun- 
ner's run canal, h Larch and Maple (R) 
Dubois John, carter, 18th and Peaid 
Dubois Joseph A., upholst. 15 Ontario 
Dubois Louis P., jeweller, 74 S 3d 
Dubois H.L., dry goods. S E 11th & Coates 
Dubois Morris, combmr. Fraley's al 
Dubois Philip H., turner, 9 Pear 
Dubois Thomas, refect. 260^ N 3d, h 47 Button- 
Dubois Theo., paper hanger, 273 N 2d 
Dubois T. J., jr., barber, 57 Callowhill, h 47 

Dubois Wm., bottler, 513 S Front 
Dubois William E., assistant assayer, U S Mint, 

h 135 N 13th 
Dubois Zaccheus, combmr. 29 Ogden 
Dubosq A. H., Carpenter ab 3d 
DUBOSQ, CARROW & CO., jewelers, 104 ^ 

Dubosq Francis P., jeweler, 104 Chestnut, h 

Race ab 16th 
Dubosq, Fuller & Co., lumber and wood, Snow- 
den's whf 
Dubosq Geo., jewL, 76 N 2d, h 158 Catharine 
Dubosq Hen., jeweler, 5 Gold, h 154 Catharine 
Dubosq Henry, brickmr. Buck rd n Brown 
Dubosq Henry A., silversmith, h 595 S 3d 
Dubosq HeTirv A., jeweler, 3d ab Wharton 
DUBOSQ HENRY & BROTHERS, jewelers & ^ 

silversmiths, 5 Gold 
Dubosq Peter, jeweler, 5 Gold, h 424 S 3d 
Dubosq P. L., jeweler, 5 Gold, h 128 Catharine 
Dubosq Theo., 90 S 11th 




Dubosq Wm. A., lumber, Snowden's whf, h Car 

penter ab 3d 
Dubosq William H., jeweller, 104 Chestnut 
Du Bouchet Charles, segars, 33 S 8th 
Du Bouchet Charles A., M. D., dentist, 133 

Duboyce Deborah, shop, 13 Carpenter 
Duboyce Sanford, moulder. Rye bel Reed 
Dubourg- John, dealer, Jones W 17th 
Dubourg- Robert, bricklr., Jones W 17th 
Dubree Alex. L., brass founder, Marseilles pi 
Dubree Amos, brushmr., 321 N 3d 
Dubree Homer, confect. 13th 8c Pearl 
Dubree John, 767 N 5th (K) 
DUBREE JNO. W., N E Wharton & Woodbine 
Dubs Samuel R., M. D., Spruce bel Broad 
Ducachet Henry W., D. D., 8 Girard 
Ducasse Francis H., tobacco, 354 Green, h 17 

Duchar Albert, g-ardener, 2 Pratt 
Duchar Thomas, g-ardener, 2 Pratt 
Duck Francis, butcher, Hancock bel Oxford 
Duckett Abraham, acct. Western Bank, 5 Zane 
Duckett Cokely, 253 Market 
Duckett John, milkman, Passyunk 
DUCKETT JOSEPH H., mer. 15 Commerce, 

h 444 N 6th 
Duckett Saml., porter, 151 Market, h Boyd's av 
Duckett Samuel P., tobacconist, 31 N 9th, h 5 

Duckett Thos., porter, Craig-'s ct 
Duckett Wm. H., acct. 15 Commerce, h 444 N 

Duckstein Wm., coachmr. 572 N 13th 
Ducomb J. F., bookbinder, 7 Hart's Bullding-s, 

h 278 N 10th 
Ducommun H., watchmr. and watch tools, 31 S 

4th, h 127 N 3d 
Ducorrow Paid, diy goods, 102 Sp Garden 
Duddy Bernard, tailor, Catharine bel 9th 
Duddy Ellen, 18th ab South 
Duddy Mich., lab. 407 Lombard 
Dudley Jacob, carp, and dry g-oods, Otter near 

School (K) 
Dudley John, g-irth web. Quarry ab 2d, h 3 

St John 
Dudley Margt., Helmuth ab 16th 
Dudley Nich. V., salesman, 95 Chestnut, h 68 

S 6th 
Dudson John, warper, 389 Apple 
Dudson S., weaver, 415 G T rd 
Dudy Daniel, lab. Kelly pi 
Duff Clirist'r, carter, 15 Washington 
Duff Edward, hatter, 9th ab L Washington 
Duff Edwd., livery stables, 20 Merchant 
Duff Edwd. & Jas., livery stables, 2 Merchant, 

h 20 Merchant 
Duff Jas., livery stables, 20 Merchant 
Duff James, lab. Sergeant bel R R (R) 
Duff John B., carp. 116 Palmer 
Duff Mich., carriage, 1 College pi 
Duff Philip, livery stable, 20 Merchant 
Duff Saml., sheet iron worker, 42 New Market 
Duff William, carp. Lafayette ab 9th 
Buff William, porter, 20 Merchant 
Duff William, lab., Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Duff William A., acct., 181 Cherry, h N Wash- 
ington bel 10th. 

Duff & Whiteside, saddlers, N E 2d & Columbia 
Duffe Martin, blksm. 248 Clinton 
Duffee F. H., broker & ins. agent, 4th and Har- 
mony ct 
Duffee Jas., carp. Wyoming ab Pratt (W P) 
Duffee Washington J., M. D., 297 S 8th, h 

Green bel lOth 
Duffee Wm., sr., cordw. 24th ab Hamilton 
Dufliel James, cordw. 7th ab Wa.shington 
Duffel Luke W., clerk, 17 Carpenter 
Duffey Charles, lab. 275 Washington 
Duffield Benj., purser U S N., 305 Pine 
Duffield C. Mis., actress, 305 Pine 
Duffield Chas., wheehvr't, Hanover ab Franklin 
Duffield E. R. & I. L. Tresel, N W Charles 8c 

DUFFIELD GEORGE, jr.. Rev., 439 N 8th 
Duffield Henry, carp. F road ab Oxford 
Duffield Henry, M. D., office 152 Pine 
Duffield Jas., baker, 6th ab Montgomery 
Duffield Jacob, lab. Winter bel 21st 
Duffield Joseph, bootmr., Oxford ab F road 
Duffield Reuben, ship carp. Front ab Read av 
Duffield Robt. K., bottler, 46 Tammany & 268 

N Front, h 43 Wallace 
Duffield Samuel M., bookkeeper, 112 Market, 

h 147 Pine 
Duffield Samuel, vinegar manuf. Putman & How- 
ard (K) 
Duffield Thomas, carp. 466 F road 
Duffield Thos., painter, 15th ab Barclay 
Duffield Thos., whcelwt. Palmer bel F rd 
Duffield AVm. H., book keeper, 109 N Water, 

h 147 Pine 
Duffin Chas., barber, 359 Lombard 
Duffin James, liq. dealer, Salmon n Emery (R) 
Duffy Andrew, lab. 4th ab Master 
Dufi[y Andrew, stovemr. Hawse's ct 
Duffy A., painter, 30 Lebanon 
Duffy Bridget, 212 S 4th 
Duffy Bridget, Fitler and Harrison 
Duffy Charles, 77 S 11th 
Duffy Chas., lab. Essex 
Duffy Edward, porter, 120 Market, h Barker n 

DUFFY EDWARD & SON, soap and candles 

and bottling est., 44 Filbert 
Duffy Ellen Mrs., 337 Federal 
Duffv Francis, stables, 180 Locust 
Duffy Francis, lab. N E Beach and Locust 
Dufty Francis, weaver. Orange ab 12th 
Duffy Hugh, glass house, h Vienna bel Duke 
Duffy Hugh, lab., South bel Sch Water 
Duffy Hugh, hat dyer, P road bel Marriot 
Duffy Hugh, carter, 21st bel Market 
Duffy Hugh, shoemr. 14 Harrison 
Duffy James, tavern, 395 S 13th 
Duffy James, lab. 7th & Baker 
Duffy James, fur. car, Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Duffy James, clerk, 23 S 7th 
Duffy James, carter. Summer W 22d 
Duffy James, lab. 21st ab Filbert 
Duffy James P., math, instruments, 91 S 8th. 
Duffy Jane, 7th bel Clvristian 
Duffy John, lab. Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
Duffy John, lab. Reed bel Front 
Duffy John, hotel. South ab Broad 
Duffy John, porter, 44 Filbert 




Duffy John, lab., 15 S 13th 
Duffy John, lab., Simes n 22d 
Duffy John, carter, Cherry bet 20th and 21st 
Duffy John, grocer, 27 Harrison 
Duffy John, lab. Wistar's ct 
Duffy John, lab. Sutherland av & Bedford 
Duffy John, soap and candles, Maiy's al 
Duffy John, cordw. Alder n Franklin av 
Duffy John, lab. Pine bel Sch Willow 
Duffy John H., 681 N 11th 
Duffy John W., clerk, 180 Locust 
Duffy Lawrence, driver. Wall 
Duffy Mary, Sutherland and Bedford 
Duffy Mary, 223 Filbert 
Duffy Mary, shop, 21st and M'Duffie 
Duffy Mich., tailor, Richmond and R road (R) 
Duffy Michael, porter, 4 Chestnut, h 46 Union 
Duffy Michael, tavern, 9tli & Marg'aret 
Duffy Mich., lively stable, 31 Barker 
Duff}' Michael, lab. 25 Linden 
DUFFY & M'GOWAN, livery stable, 31 Barker 
Duffy M., 218 Walnut 
Duffy M. & J., store, S W 12th 8c Locust 
Duffy Owen, car driver, Lewis bel Jefferson 
Duffy Patrick, carter. Clay n Sch Willow 
Duffy Patrick, dealer, Fulton 
Duffy Pat., lab. 19th & Catharine 
Duffy Pat., tavern, 406 N 3d 
Duffy Pat., dealer. State ab Green (W P) 
Duffy Patrick, tavern, N W 7th and Zane 
Duffy Patrick, tavern, 3 Baker 
Duffy Patrick, lab., Washington (W P) 
Duffy Philip, bottler, 44 Filbei-t, h 42 Filbert 
Duffy Philip, sr., contractor, William bel Rich- 
mond (R) 
Duffy Philip, jr., clerk, William bel Richmond 
Duffy Philip, lab., Essex 
Duffy Richard A., lithographer, 337 Federal 
Duffy Rodg-er, dyer. Wood ab 13th 
Duffy Sarah, b h, 144 Water 
Duffy Terence, cabman, 517 Shippen 
Duffy Thomas, tailor, 215 Lombard 
Duffy Thos., soap and candles, Mary's al 
Duffy AVilliam, painter, 33 S 3d,hGeorg'eab 11th 
Duffy William, weaver, 6th ab Jefferson (K) 
Duffy William, g-ent., Pratt bel Log-an (W P) 
Duffy William, painter, 89 Georg-e 
Duffy Wm., jr., drover, Pratt bel Log-an (W P) 
Duffy Wm., music dealer, 531 9th 
Duffy Wm., farmer, Passyunk r 
DUFFY WM. F., music store, 15 S 8th, h 531 

S 9th 
Dufour Georg-e, mer. 16 Walnut, h Walnut bel 

Dufrene Edward, artist, 32 S 7th 
Dug-al Thos., b h. Perry bel Vine 
Dugan Daniel, mer. 60 L Washington 
Dugan Francis, carp. Jones W 15th 
Dugan Francis, drayman, rear 7 Vine 
Dugan George, harness mr. Jackson ab Orchard 
Dugan Henry, skin dress., 5 Lloyd's ct 
Dugan Hugh, weaver, 9th bel Chi-istian 
Dugan Isabella, 348 Pine 
Dugan James, carter, Kelly's ct 
Dugan Jas., bottler, Master ab Cadwalader (K) 
Dugan John, moroc. dr.. Master ab Cadwalader 
Dugan Jno., carter, rear 31 Fitler (K) 
Dugan Jonathan, shoemr. Nicetown la 

Dugan Joseph J., druggist, 3d and South 
Dugan Michl., lab. 11 Relief pi 
Dugan Patrick, carter, rear 1 Flower 
Dugan Patrick, cabman, 6 Monmouth ct 
Dugan Patrick, drayman, rear Clinton ab Frank- 
lin av (K) 
Dugan Rosy, Hampton bel 21st 
Dugan Thomas, cordw., rear 458 Poplar 
Dugan Thomas, builder, N E 10th and Wash- 
ington (S G) 
Dugan William, carter. Master ab G T road (K) 
Dugan William W., refectory, 211 Arch, h 62 

Dugan Wm., shoemr. York road 
Dugan W., lab. Helmuth ab 16th 
Dugdale Edward, broker, rear 74 S 3d 
Dugee Rachel, 280 Marshall bel Poplar 
Duggan Corn., carder, Callowhill n Fairview 
Duglass Wm., carp. 10 Prospect 
Duhadway Jabez C, salesman, NW2d & Market 
Duhring Caspar H., mer. 22 N 4th, h 177 N 9th 
Duhring George, M. D., 134^ Arch 
Duhring Henry, mer. 22 N 4th, h 167 N 6th 
Duhring Henry & Co., hosiery and small wares, y 
22 N 4th ■^^ 

Duhring Wm. T., mer. 22 N 4th, h 167 N 6th 
Duke A. G., cordw. Wood bel 18th 
Duke Charles, upholsterer, 193 Carpenter 
Duke Mary, b h, 31 Spruce 
Duke Thomas, laborer, 80 Bedford 
Dukehart P., barber. Bay bel 7th 
Dukes Ann, 103 Christian 
Dukes Peter, waterman. Maiden ab Beach (K) 
Duley John, lab. Jefferson bel 10th 
Dulger Jas., milkm. Silbert bel Wharton 
Duling Thos., capt. 5 Carpenter 
Duling Wm., tailor, 3 Prime ab 8th 
Dull Charles, h 227 N 18th 
Dull Christian, drayman. Front bel Master ! 

Dull Gabriel, tobacconist, 72 N 5th 
Dull Georg-e, carman, 245 St. John 
Dull George, tavern, 440 N 2d 
Dull George W., carp. 6th bel Montgomery 
Dull Jacob, blacksm. 120 & h 50 Richmond (R) 
Dull James, drayman. Crown bel West (K) 
Dull Jno. S., milkman, Charles bel Buttonwood 
Dull Justice R., carp. 374 N 7th 
Dull Manuel, tavern, N E St John and Brown 
Dull Valentine, carter, Thompson ab 4th (K) 
DULLES, EARL & COPE, druggists, 76 S 2d 
Dulles Jos. H., mer. 49 Chestnut, h 270 Pine 
Dulles J. H., jr., mer. 76 S 2d, h 270 Pine 
Dulles J. Welsh, 91 Pine ab 3d 
Dulles Wm., com. mer. 49 and 59 Chestnut 
Dulles & Hewson, com. mers. 49 & 51 Chest- 
DULTY WILLIAM, boots and shoes, 98 Mar-^ 

ket, h 336 Arch 
Dumas Guy B., mer. 107 Market, h 67 N 10th 
Dumec John F., cabinetmr. 18 S 5th, h 3 Fitz- 

DUMMIG CHARLES, imp. mus.inst. 207 Chest- 
nut, & 33 N 8th, h 75 N 7th _ 
Dumond John, macht. 12 Mechanic 
Dumont A. J., acct. 74 Maj ket, h 306 MarshaH 

near Poplar 
Dumont Harriet, seamstress. Tariff pi 
Dumont J. A., mer. 32 Olive 




DUMONT J. T.B., g-ents. fur. store, 321 Market, 

h 306 Marshall 
Dumont Peter, cordw. Sutherland av n Chris- 
Dumont Samuel, clerk, 321 Market, h 98 Wood 
DU MOULIN AUGUSTUS, g-ilder, 65 S 8th, h 

Pine W 15th 
Dumphy John, carp. Bath and Allen (K) 
Dumphy Thos., baker, rear 7 Mead 
Dun Timothy, James n 7th 
Dunbar Adam, lab. Long" la 
Dunbar Alexander,. driver, Jackson's ct (N L) 
Dunbar Alex., lab. AVoodbine n Wharton 
Dunbar Elon, h 104 S 9th 
Dunbar Henry, contractor, 244 S 12th 
Dunbar Hugh, weaver, P road bel Federal 
Dunbar James, lab. 7th bel Reed 
Dunbar Jas., carter, 25th ab South 
Dunbar Morris, carp. 13th bel Brown 
Dunbar Samuel, boots and shoes, 76 S 2d, h 6 

Dunbar Thos., lab. Sch South ab 24th 
Dunbar Wm., lab. Long- la 
Dunbar Wm., blacksm. 12 Russell 
Dunbauch Henry, tailor, Orchard ab Rawle 
Duncan Adam, drayman, Bache n Race 
Duncan Alex. B., tavern, Ridg-e road and 16th 
Duncan A., acct. 200 Fitzwater 
Duncan A. H., 392 Chestnut 
Duncan Caroline, g'entw. 211 S 8th 
Duncan Catharine, wid. Francis South 
Duncan Daniel, weaver, Hope n York 
Duncan David, coal dealer. Broad bel Lombard, 

and Shackamaxon ab Queen (K) 
Duncan Francis, seaman, 17 Shippen 
Duncan Georg'e W., hardware, 12 N 4th, h G T 

road ab 5th 
Duncan Jacob M., bkkr. S E 13th and Market, 

h 58 N 15th 
Duncan James, dry g'oods, 420 S 10th 
Duncan Jas., drayman, Jones E 18th 
Duncan Jas., cordw. 24 Evans ab Catharine 
Duncan Jas. J., mer. 12 N 4th, h 311 Spruce 
Duncan John, dealer, Passyunk 
Duncan John, mariner, G F r and South 
Duncan John, Naval Asylum 
Duncan John McKim, Rev., 516 Brown 
Duncan Joseph, cordw. Carlton n Broad 
DUNCAN J. & CO., hardware, 12 N 4th 
Duncan Moses, porter, 1 Lagrange court 
Duncan M., milliner. Market W 18th 
Duncan Noah, carp. 64 Almond 
Duncan Peter, seaman, 1 Louisa av 
Duncan Robt., mach. Gulielma 
Duncan Sarah, cook, rear 228 Lombard 
Duncan Susannah, lab. Juniper and Pine 
Duncan T., Market W 18th 
Duncan Wm., 92 Wood 
Duncan Wm., lab. Passyunk 
Duncan V/m. B., merchant, 12 N 4th, h 346 

Dundas James, paver, F road ab Phoenix (K) 
Dundas James, N E Broad and Walnut 
Dundas John, tavern, 16th and Calvert 
Dundon J. D., porter, h 111 Monroe 
Dunfee Samuel, wood turner, 642 N 2d 
Dunfee Wm., umbrella mr. Stogden's ct 
Dungan Chas. S., drug. Ogden ab 13th 

Dungan C. B., treas. N L Gas Works, h Arch bel 

Dungan Elizabeth, 443 N 11th 
Dungan E., Mrs., milliner, 766 N 11th 
Dungan Geo. H., ship carp. F pi (K) 
Dungan John, gent. 372 N 7th 
Dungan Joseph, china worker, 585 N 7th 
Dungan Robt., druggist, 5th bel Pierce 
Dungan Robt. W., drugs. 69 N Front, h 13 New 
Dungan Robt. W., jr., clerk, 69 N Front 
Dungan Thos. M., carp. Master & Hancock (K) 
Dungey Stephen, bird shop, Coates ab 12tli 
Dungey Wm., bird shop, Coates ab 12th 
Dunglison Robley, M. D., 18 Girard 
Dunglison Wm. L., salesman, 18 Girard 
DUNHAM AZERIAH, cordw. 52^ Market, b 

York (K) 
Dunham Charles, waterman, 43 Filbert 
Dunham James, oyster h., 23 N Del av, h 48 Race 
Dunham James R., book-keeper, 41 N Water, h 

Dunham James S., lab. Carlton ab 13th 
Dunham Jno., carter, 17 Carver 
Dunham Mary A., select school, 230 Franklin 
Dunham Thos. S., city missionary, 35 Chester 
Dunigan Francis, weaver, Sch Willow n Spruce 
Dunk Chas., basketmr. 16th bel Catharine 
Dunk Charles, basketmr. Lancaster Pike betw 

6th and 7th (WP) 
Dunk Charles, basketmr. 16th ab Catharine 
Dunk Robt. lab, Passyunk 
Dunkerley Mary Ann, dressmr. 76 Nectarine 
Dunkerly Geo., casemr. 56 Walnut, h 76 Nee 

Dunlap Alex., widow 4 Church av 
Dunlap A. H., 44 Chatham 
Dunlap &. Bispham, com. mers. 14 S Front 
Dunlap Chas. W., com. mer. 4 Chestnut ab 

Front, h 15th ab Ogden 
DUNLAP & CO., coachmrs. 5th & Buttonwood ^ 

100 York av 
Dunlap C. W., clerk, Periy bel Spruce 
Dunlap David, lab. Brown ab Emery 
Dunlap David, lab. Jefferson ab Howard 
Dunlap Henry, carriage builder, 113 York av 
Dunlap James, gent. 36 N 10th 
Dunlap James, gent, cor Jackson andBudd 
Dunlap James, blksm. 496 Richmond (K) 
Dunlap James, distiUer, 198 Carpenter 
Dunlap James, mer. 14 S Front, h 110 S Broad 
Dunlap James, carp. Bowery pi 
Dunlap James assistant, 8 Little Green (K) 
Dunlap Jas. H., mer. 81 Market, h Brown bel 8th 
Dunlap John, lab. Bush Hill 
Dunlap John, tailor, Phoenix bel 2d 
Dunlap John, moulder, Whiteman's ct 
Dunlap John, car driver, 29 Pratt 
Dunlap John, weaver, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Dunlap John D., blacksm. 24 Chatham 
Dunlap Joseph, whitesm., 12 Melon 
Dunlap Joseph S., confect. 254 S Washington 
Dunlap Misses, fancy milliners, 36 N 10th 
Dunlap Robert, laborer, 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Dunlap Robert, gent. 372 Filbert 
Dunlap Robt. S., boots and shoes, 47 N 3d, h 

398 Green 
Dunlap Robert W., carp. 8 Little Green (K) 
Dunlap Sallows, mer. 14 S Front, h 53 Marshall ; 




DUNLAP THOMAS, atty. & coun. 32 Wash- 
ington sq corner Locust 
Dunlap Thos., sexton, George ab 16th 
Dunlap Thos., brickmr. 62 Jefferson 
Dunlap Thomas, weaver, Bedford n 19th 
Dunlap Wm., weaver, Brady's ct 
Dunlap Wm., clerk, 132 Howard (K) 
Dunlap Wm., coachmr. 5th &. Buttonwood, h 

64 York av 
Dunlap William, painter. South n 12th 
Dunlevy George, porter & b h, 4 Union 
Dunlevy Lewis, driver. Steward n Catharine 
Dunlevy Richard M., captain, 418 S 3d 
Dunlevy Robt. silversm. 20 Franklin pi, h 184 

Dunlevy Sarah, 85 M road 
Dunlevy 8c Wise, silversms. 20 Franklin pi 
Dunley F., ship carp. 9 Elm 
Dunlop Jas., h 2 S 12th 
Dunlope David, weaver, Carrol ab Dauphin 
Dunn Andw., bookbinder, 388 Wharton 
Dunn Ann, Boyle's ct 

Dunn A. J., West Chester House 701 Market 
Dunn Cyrena, vest maker, 4 Gay's ct 
Dunn D., bottler, cor Dean and Locust 
Dunn Edw. P., bookbinder, George bel Apple 
Dunn Ellen, crockery, 315 S 6th 
Dunn P'rancis, lab. Keifs' av (K) 
Dunn Geo., hatter, 125 Christian 
Dunn Geo. R., mer. 26 S Del av, h 16 N 10th 
Dunn Geo. R. & Co., patent oil manuf 26 S 

Del av 
Dunn Grace, dress mr. Alder bel Girard av 
Dunn Harper, mach. Dauphin bel F r (K) 
Dunn James, calico eng. Wood ab 13tli 
Dunn Jas. livery stable, 19th bel Spruce 
Dunn James, 62 Linden (K) 
Dunn Jas., shoemr. 16th ab Girard av 
Dunn Jas., weaver, Hancock bel Diamond 
Dunn Jeremiah, weaver. School ab Rose (K) 
Dunn John, shoemaker, 374 S 6tli 
Dunn John, laborer, 816 N lllli 
Dunn John, carp. 15 Hallowell 
Dunn John, segar mr. 3 Paul 
Dunn John, weaver, Milton bel 12th 
Dunn John, laborer, 6 Steel's ct 
Dunn John, lab. 19th bel Shippen 
Dunn Jos. H., acct. 19 N 4th, h 309 Chestnut 
Dunn Lawrence, coachman, 6 Skemtt's ct 
Dunn Margaret, huckster, 7 John's ct 
Dunn Marg., boots and shoes, 362 Market 
Dunn Mary, wid Michael, 10 Scott's 
Dunn Michael tailor, 5 McClusky ct 
Dunn Michael, lab. Carpenter ab 13th 
Dunn Michael, butcher, Irish Tract lane & Car- 
DUNN MICHAEL, superintendent Merchants' 

Exchange, h 57 Gas^ill 
Dunn M. Miss, millinery & dress, 185 S Garden 
Dunn Neal, lab. Salmon n Huntington (K) 
Dunn Patt, lab. Oak n Margaretta (W P) 
Dunn Patrick, lab. Fisher ab Huntington (R) 
Dunn Patrick, shoemr. 5 M'Kean's ct 
Dunn Patrick, cordw. 319 S 8th 
Dunn Patrick, laborer, Antliracite (R) 
Dunn Robert, blacksm. 392 I.ombard 
Dunn Robert, ladies' cordw. 21 Mechanic 
Dunn Robt, porter, 109 Filbert 

[Dunn Samuel dry goods. 15th and Stiles 
Dunn Sarah, 7 Burd 
I Dunn Thos., lab. Centre & Nixon 
Dunn Thomas, tailor, rear 237 N 2d 
Dunn Thomas, tavern, 11th and Carpenter 
Dunn Timothy, porter, 267 Market, h 5 Grape ct 
Dunn AVm., foundry, Hampton bel 21st 
Dunn Wm., Moulder, Chestnut ab Bridgewater 

(W P) 
Dunn Wm., lab. Washington bel Rose (W P) 
Dunnet John C, carp. Pan-ish bel 10th 
Dunnicliff Abr., weaver, Brinton n 13th 
Dunning Alice, 22 S 6th 
Dunning George F., mer. house 221 Filbert 
Dunning Francis, lab. 25th W South 
Dunning James, lab. 25th W South 
Dunning John H., clerk, 41 N 3d 
Dunning Margt., dressmr. Carver bel 18th 
Dunning Rich. O'B., merchant, h 221 Filbert 
Dunning Robt., weaver. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Dunning Susan, dressmr.. Carver bel 18th 
Dunnohew John B., painter, rear 88 Nectarine 
Dunnott Joseph L., carpt. 333 F road 
Dunot Charles, carp. 114 Dillwyn 
Dunphy Patrick, lab. Nicetown la 
Dunseith Saml., 286 S 10th 
Dunson Thos., barber, N E 4th and Chestnut 
Dunster Wm., lab. 5th ab Pierce 
Dunstin John, waiter, Wharton ab 7th 
Dunton Albert, salesman, 212 S 8th 
Dunton Anna, gentw. 58 Pine 
Dunton Eugene, salesman, 36 S Front, h 13 

Montgomer}^ sq 
Dunton Geo., h 62 Tammany 
Dunton John L., sea captain, 353 Washington 

ab 13th (S G) 
Dunton Mary, widow of Isaac, 236 Pine 
Dunton Sc Ninesteel, dry goods, 28 Jones' al 
Dunton Wm. M., locksm. 66 Nectarine 
Dunton AVm. R., M. D., 236 Pine 
Dunton Wilson, mer. 92 Mai-ket, h 58 Pine 
Dunton W. W., dry goods, 28 Jones' al, h 377 

Dunwoody Evan, salesman, 3d & Cherry, h 285 

Dunwoody Harris, 163 Race 
Dunwoody Ruth, 163 Race 
Dupell James, engineer, 6th ab Haverford 
Duplaine B. C, mer. 163 Market, h 248 N 4th 

above Noble 
Dupper Jacob, vict. Church bel Moore 
Dupree Chai-les W., copper plate prrinter, 39 

Dupree Edwd., innkeeper. Market and Water, 

h Cowperthwait pi 
Dupree Edwd., eating saloon, S W Water and 

Dupree John, copper plate pr. Charles ab Fe- 
DUPREE WM. T., tailor, 172 Market, h 3 Bos-^y 

ton pi 
Dupuy B., gent. 75 N 15th 
Dupuy M. R. Mrs., 18th ab George 
Durand A., drugg-ist, 184 Chestnut, h 116 S 

Durand Elias, gent., 116 S 9th 
Durand Samuel, paper hanger, Rio Grande pi 
Durand Teresa, Mrs., 256^ Arch 




DURAND & TOURTELOT, druggists, ISijDuross Neal, bottler, Stewart ab Catharine 

Chestnut, op Masonic Hall jDuross Neal, bottler, rear 332 S 6th 

Durang Caroline, dancing school, N W 12th|Duross Terrence, plasterer, 24 Jane 

and Chestnut, h 304 Vine 
Durang Charles, dancing master, N W 12th and 

Chestnut, h 304 Vine 
Durang Edwin F., architect, 304 Vine 
Durang John F., gent. Oliver ab 12th 
Dui'ang Oscar, printer, 304 Vine 
DURAR ENOCH, Exchange Coffee House, 3d 

and Dock, h Walnut n 16th, north side 
Durbin J. P. Rev., 491 Arch 
Durborow A. C, mer. 181 Market, h 158 N 9th 
Durborow Hugh Jas., printer, 2d and Prime 
Durborow Mary, 172 S 9th 
Durborrow Chas. B., auct. 78 Market, house 66 

Durborrow Geo. Rev., Callowhill n 22d 
Durborrow John, salesman, 15 Bank and 16 

Durborrow Wm. H., carp. 750 Wood 
Durbrow Townsend, shoemaker, 12th ab Vine 
Durell Anderson, trim, and hosiery, 63 N 6th 
Durell John, tavern. Vine ab Front, h Astor pi 

ab Brown 
DURELL KINSEY, tavern, Front bel Poplar 
Durell T., stove manuf. 88 N 6th, h 97 Dillwyn 
Durell AVm., waterman, 23 F road 
Durell Wm., cordw. 42 Hallowell 
Dui-fer Edwd., victualler, 257 M 8th 
Durfor Francis, carrier, 196 Wood (K) 
Durfor Wm. A., clerk, 200 S Front 
Durham Benj., carter, P road ab Reed 
Durham Elijah, lab. Reed bel Church 
Durham Eliza, bar tender. Brook 
Durham Elizabeth, Swedes ct 
Durham Elizabeth, stockmr. 178 N 13th 
Durham Israel, sr., b h 3 Perry's ct 
Durham Israel, jr., baker, 3 Perry's ct 
Durham John, refectory, 165 Carpenter 
Durham Richd., tobacco. Perry's ct 
Durham Samuel, oysters, Emeline ab 8th 
Durham Sarah, washer, 165 Carpenter 
Durham Thomas, baker, 262 Fitzwater 
Duriot F., cook, Buckley ab 5th 
Durkies R., 6 Acorn al 
Durnell Henry, tobacconist, 8 S 9th, h Depo 

bel Linden 
Durnell Jas., blacksm. 156 & h 308 Race 
Durnell John, silversm., rear 69 Noble 
Durney Eliza, Mrs. 113 Catharine 
Durney John, clerk, 102 Fitzwater 
Durney Joseph, brushmr. 108 Union 
Durney Tobias M., confect. 288 S 2d 
Durney V. P., clothing, 129 Chestnut and S E 

2d and Spruce, h 358 S 3d 
Durning Jas. A., grocer, 36 Church 
Duron E. L., dressmr. 148 S 10th 
Duress Cornelius, printer, 3 Black Horse a], h 

N E 5th and Vine 
Duross Henry P., printer, 3 Black Horse al, h 

N E Fith and Vine 
Duross Jas., grocer, SEP road and Catharine 
Duross Jas., liquor mer. h 11th and Cliristian 
Duross John, cabtmr. 221 South, h S E P road 

and Catharine 
Duross John, printer, SBlackhorse al, hN E 5tli 

and Vine 

Duross Wm., bookseller, 7 Arcade, h N E 5th 

and Vine 
Durr Alex., tailor, 111 Chestnut 
Durr Henry, tavern, 20 Greenwich ab Front 
Durr John, blacksm. 15th and Styles 
Durr John, butcher, 4th ab Columbia 
Dvirrah Hugh, plasterer. Citron ab 12th 
Durvin R., lab. 2 Prospei-ous al 
Dusch Anthony, cordw. 31 N 3d, 2 Orchard 
Dusenberg Charles, shoemr. Federal n 7th 
Dusenberry Benj., 20th ab Race 
Dusenberry Francis, lab. rear Lancaster bel Reed 
Dusenberry John, carp. 569 S Front 
Dusenbery L. M., salesman, N W 5th and Mer- 

ket, h 16 N 10th 
Dushane John M., mason, Lancas. pike (W P) 
Du Solla J. M., teacher Hebrew language, 451 

Duswald Saml., copper plate mr. 21 W North 
Dutch Alex., cordw. S E 10th and Sergeant 
Dutch Thos., waterman, 29 Reckless 
Dutcher Aaron R., mer. 88 N 2d 
Dutcher & Coward, dry goods, 88 N 2d 
Dutcher Samuel & Co., shoe str. 133 Sp Garden 
Dutilh Ciias., 497 Arch 
Dutilh Edmund G., mer. 41 N Delaware av, h 

417 Spruce 
Dutton Alex. L., boots and shoes, S E 6th and 

Market, h S E Franklin and Wood 
Dutton P., boots and shoes, S E 6th and 

Market, h S E Franklin and Wood 
Dutton A., carter, 267 Carpenter 
Dutton A. L. & A. P., boots and shoes, S E 6th 

and Market, h S E Wood and Franklin 
Dutton B. Frank, 573 N 13th 
Dutton C. Mrs., gentw. S E Wood &. Franklin 
Dutton Elizabeth L., b h, 192 N 6th 
Dutton Isaac, carp. 177 Wasliington 
Dutton I. M., clerk, P. R. R. Co., h 488 Coates 
Dutton John G., collector, 157 S 6th 
Dutton Jolin M., Sec. Manure Co., 12 Gold- 
smith's Hall, h Summer W 21st 
Dutton John R., store. Melon bel 13th 
Dutton Joseph L., carp. 24 Union 
Dutton Lewis T., shoes, 184 Market, h N W 

5th and North 
Dutton Lydia, b h, 12 Prune 
Dutton Rachel, grocer, 87 Pearl 
Dutton Richard R., boots and shoes, 132 Market, 

li N W 5th and North 
Dutton Saml. P., carp. Washington ab 7th 
Dutton Wm., clerk, Owens bel Broad 
Dutton Wm. R., Quarry ab 2d, h River and 

Hutton (C) 
Duval Dayton, gents, furnish, store, 5 Arcade 
Duval P. S., htho. Ransteadpl, h 293 Walnut 
DUVAL P. S. & CO., lith. 5 Ranstead pi 
Duval Wm. L., tobacconist, 72 S 2d 
Duvall James, lab. Crown ab Bedford 
Duvall Richd., founder, Wyatt ab 9th 
Duvall Samuel, carter, Marlboro' n Allen 
Duvall Samuel, lab. 206 Allen 
Dux S. M., dry goods, 20 Bank 
Duy Chas. A., acct. 160 Market, h 253 S 11th 
Duy David, hatter, 14 Whitehall 




Duy Wm., hatter and watchman, 32 Whitehall 

Duy Wm. J., hatter, 32 Whitehall 

Dwig-ht Francis G., mer. 97 Market, h Washine-. 

ton (S G) 
D-wining- C. S., clerk, S W 2d and Arch 
Dwyer Dan., fisherman & groc. Queen & Bishop 
Dwyer Henrj^, fisherman, F av ab Wood 
Dwyer John, carp. 7 Nonnater's ct 
Dwyer Wm., boatbr. Ash bel F av 
Dyball Robert furnishing- g'oods, Sp Garden and 

Dych John, coppersm. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Dych John, lab. Bank n Federal 
Dych Mary Ann, Duke ab Earl 
Dych Michael, china, 247 Franklin av (K) 
Dye John H., surveyor, F ab Marlboro' 
Dye Joseph R., tailor, 23 Queen, h Hanover bel 

West (K) 
Dye & Morris, tailors, Queen n F road (K) 
Dye Wm., lab. Bank n Federal 
Dyer & Bechler, paints. 113 N4th, h 84 Crown 
Dyer Benj., lab. 58 Carroll ab 13th 
Dyer Chas., salesman, 24 N 2d, h 131 S 4th 
Dyer Chas. P., carp. 86 Swanson 
Dyer Chas. S., salesm. 23 Chestnut, h 140 S4th 
Dyer Georg-e, 129 Vine 
Dyer H. P., milliner, 131 S 4th 
Dyer Isaac, cordw. Apple bel George 
Dyer James W., gent. 517 S Front 
Dver John W., h 44 S 2d 
Dyer Julia A., 44 S 2d 
Dyer Laon, 327 N 12th 
Dyer P. E., milliner, 508 N 2d 
Dyer R. S., dealer, 452 S Front 
Dyer Timothy J., brassfounder, 519 S Front 
Dyke John, barber, 8th bel Washington 
Dykes Elizabeth, dress mr. 11 L Washing-ton 
Dyncan Thos., weaver. Crown bel Duke 
Dyott C. W., gent. Spruce ab 13th 
Dyott J. B., M. D., 132 N 2d, h 301 N 11th 
Dyott M. B. & Kent, lamps, &c., 74 S 2d 
Dyott M. B., mer. 74 S 2d, h Walnut W 19th ■ 
Dyott T. W. Sc Sons, drug-gists and com. mer. 

132 N 2d 
D>-ott T. W., M. D., 132 N 2d 
Dyott T. W., jr., 132 N 2d 
Dysert Jos., clerk, 229 Market 
Dyson Christopher, Allen ab Hanover 

Each us Wm. F., elerk, 7 Castle 

Eachton E. D., mechan. trade, Peny bel Spruce 

Eadin Wm., clerk, 2 Parker 

Eadline James, tailor, 132 Beach (K) 

Eagan Patrick, conductor. West ab Somerset 

Eager Alexander, shoes, 8 Lombard 

Eager Charles, blacksm. 110 F road (K) 

Eager Lafayette, umbrellas, 110 F road 

Eager Wm., cigars, 149 F road 

Eager Wm., moulder. Union bel Franklin (K) 

Eager William, ship carp. 110 F road (K) 

Eagin Ann, Mrs., Hope bel Franklin av 

Eagin James, porter, 149 Market 

Eagin Jas. H. cordw. Thompson bel 4th (K) 

Eagin W. W., clerk, 51 Market 

Eagle Jerome, mer., Locust bel Till (W P) 

Eagle Joseph B. printer, 16 Ashland 

I Eagleton Samuel E., mer. 122 Market, h 298 

Eakin Augustus, gas fitter, rear 74 S 2d, h 22 

Eakin Benjamin, teacher, 505 Green 
Eakin C. M., topogr. engineer, William and 

Chestnut (W P) 
Eakins Augustus, gas fitter, 22 Phoenix 
Eakins James, moulder, 704 N Front 
EAKINS SAMUEL, gilder, 3 Ranstead pi, h 14 

Eakins Samuel, burnisher, 5 Randstead place, 

h Maiden (K) 
Ealer Catharine B. trimming-s, 324 Poplar 
Ealer Lewis W. gunsm. 556 N 10th, h Adams 

and Wager 
Ealer Margt., wid of Jacob, pub. schoolteacher, 

421 N 9th 
Eames D., coal mer. 28 Walnut, h Lombard ab 

Eames William, cordw., Suffolk bel 9th 
Earinger Fred., cabinetmr. 975 N 12th 
Earl Cristopher, cordw. Currant al 
Earl Geo. W. druggist, 56 N Front 
Earl John L., cordw. S W 10th and Locust, h 

85 P road 
Earl J. W. cordw. 8 Commerce, h rear 29 Coates 
Earl Martin, polic officer, Logan & Pratt (WP) 
Earl Mercy B., 400 Locust bet 20th and 21st 
Earl Saml. W., mer. 76 S 2d, h 405 Poplar n Broad 
Earle Eliza J. Mrs. tailor, 175 Chestnut, h 10 

Montgomery sq 
EARLE GEO. H. atty. & coun. 74 N 5th, h 303 

N 11th 
Earle Hai'rison, gent. 249 Pine 
Earle Henry, engrav. 76 Walnut, h 38 Erie 
Earle Henry, acct. 15 Bank, h 224 Arch 
Earle Hem-y R., 14 S 15th 
Earle James, gent. 402 N 10th 
EARLE JAMES S. paintings & looking glasses, 

212 Chestnut, h S E 9th 8c Chestnut 
Earle John, butcher, Haverford road (M V) 
Earle John H. tailor, 88 S 8th, h 369 South 
Earle Mary, 224 Arch 

Earle Peter, driver, Haverford n 8th (W P) 
Earley Benj. lab. 624 S Front 
Earley Edward S., undertaker, 442 N 10th 
Earley Christian, drayman, 117 F road 
Earley David, lab. rear Howard ab Jefferson ' 
Earley Hiram, carp. 42 Buttonwood 
Earley James, lab., Seniff and West 
Earley James W. corder, Catharine st whf, h21 

Earley Samuel, carp. 34 Temple 
Earley Samuel, cordw., Jones n 21st 
Earley William C, carter, 69 German 
Earls Ann, milliner, 140 S 5th 
Earls Patrick, lab. 8 Concord 
Early Christ., vict. Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Early Dennis, foundryman, 4 Boyle's ct 
Early Jacob, cabinetmr. Juliana and Willow 
Early Jane, 11 Paynter's ct 
Early John, tailor, 260 Market, h 7 Monroe ct 
Early John, mach. Callowhill n 13th 
Early John, jr., carver, 392 Market 
Early Wm., mer. 12 Market, h 227 N 6th 
Early "NA'illiam, carter, Sutherland av bel South 
Earnest Charles, mer. 32 and 33 Arcade 




Earnest Charles M., cordw. Lepriva 1 

Earnest Christian, 6 Sander's ct (K) 

Earnest David, bookkeeper, 267 Chestnut, h 32 

Owen bel liroad . 
Earnest James M. file mr. 410 N4th 
Earnest John D. bricklayer, 510 Lombard 
Earnests Wm., clerk, 246 Marshall 
?:arnhaidt Sarah, rear 525 N 4th 
Earnhart Wm., musician, Gray- 
Earns J. J., bookbr. 682 Pine ab 16th 
Earnst Joseph, weaver. Front ab Harrison 
Earp Ann, vvid. of George, 302 Arch 
Earp Edwin, mer. 63 S Front, F road bel Alle- 
ghany av (R) 
Earp Georg-e, jr., mer. 10 Union pi 
Earp G. Bakewell, mer. N E 4th and Market, h 

481 Arch 
Earp Mary A. wid. of Robt. 329 Chestnut 
Earp Thomas, jr., mer., 78 N Front, h Chest- 
nut Hill 
Earp Thos., 7th and Arch, h 16 Montgomery sq 
Earp & Fobes, prod. com. mer., 78 N Front 
Easby John, cooper. Church bel Washington, h 

182 S Front 
Easby Wm. cooper, 55 S Water, h 175 S 9th - 
Easier & Manderfield, brokers, 4 Gold 
Easier Wm., broker, 4 Gold, h 362 S 2d 
East John, weaver. Brazier n Lloyd 
East John, weaver. Rose bel Broad 
East Wm. Federal and P road 
Eastburn Amos, carp. 448 N 11th 
Eastburn F. R., ladies' seminary, 373 Vine 
Eastburn John, sailmr. 400 S 3d 
Eastburn John, sail mr. rear 386 S 2d 
Eastburn Samuel, cooper, Wharton bel 5th 
Eastburn Wilson, Venetian blinds and shades, 

163 Sp Garden 
Eastdale John, Philip ab Oxford 
Easterday John, farmer, Nicetown la 
Easterday Peter, milkm., Jefferson av ab Morris 
EastlackA. bootmr. 183 Walnut 
Eastlack Clark, painter, Charlotte ab George 
Eastlack R. W. 8th ab Brown 
^Eastlack R. W. 8c Co., bakers, 105 N Front 
V Eastlack William C, dentist, 463 N 8th 

Eastman Benj., manuf. of spring beds, 410 Mar 

het, h 114 N Juniper 
Eastman John H., cabinetmr. 410 Market, h 

13th ab Vine 
Eastman Thomas, 8 Farmer 
Eastwick A. M., office S W 6th and Locust, h 

Eastwick Margt., gentw., 251 Lombard 
Eastwick Thomas, plasterer, Vienna (K) 
Eastwood E., sail mr. 12 Carter 
Eastwood James, moulder, 262 St John 
Eastwood Samuel, shop, 5 Farmer 
EASTWOOD WM., cotton yarns, 7^ N Front, 

h Wissahickon 
Eastwood Wm. millwt. 52 West (K) 
Eaton A, vegeta. chem. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Eaton & Co. trimmings, 10th and Melon 
Eaton Emily, teacher, 596 S 5th 
Eaton Francis, bleacher, 23 Plum 
Eaton Joseph M., engineer, 9 Senate 
Eaton John, clerk, 249 Parrish 
Eaton Joseph, stove mr. 915 G T road 
Eaton Margaret N., tailoress, 728 Lombard 

Eaton O. lab. Corn bel Wharton 

Eaton Theophilus, lab. Corn bel Wharton 

Eavenson Andrew J., lab. 43 Barker 

Eayre Joseph W., engraver, 273 P road 

Eberbach Marg. L., wid of John C, 262 S Front 

EBERHARD JOHN, Turner Hall, 96 N Front 

Eberhardt P'loretta, baskets, 27 S 8th 

Eberhardt J. C, clerk, 43 N Front, h 37 Chester 

Eberhart David, tobacconist, 434 N Front 

Eberhart John, chairmr. 498 N 4th 

Eberhart John, cordw. rear 128 New Market 

Eberle David, comedian, 11 Cedar row 

Eberle Michael, lab. F road ab Hart la 

Eberman S. F., clerk, h Montgomery House 

Eberly Daniel, currier, 97 Noble 

Eberman Albert F., mer. 50 N Front 

Ebers Theodore, artist, Crown and Wood 

Ebert Amos, 36 Wallace 

Ebert Frederick, paint. & glaz. 612 N Front 

Ebei-t James L. hair dress. 107 Race 

Ebert Peter, dentist, 64 Coates 

Eberte George, umbrellas, 333 G T road 

Eberwein Martin, cordw. 340 G T road (K) 

Ebling D. Mrs. herbs, 329 Race 

EBY, CONYNGHAM &; HERR, grocers, 188 

Eby Ephraim C, mer. 188 Market, h 95 

Ebner Jacob, carp.. Larch bel Ann (R) 
Eccle James, mach. Buttonwood la 
Eccles David, grocery, 15tii and Poplar 
Eccles John, grocer, 15th and Styles 
Eccles Mai-garet, Mrs., 163 N 6th 
Eccles Samuel, macht., F av n Marlborough 
Eccles Samuel, jr., machinist, F av n Marl- 
Eccles Thomas, grocer, 10th and Coates 
Eccles William, gent. 5th ab Pierce 
Eccles Wm., salesman, 1 S 9th, h 10th ab Coates 
Eccleston John, painter, rear 240 Christian 
Echart B., porter, 205 Market 
Echeverria John, rear 161 Christian 
Echternach Daniel, tailor, 175 Chestnut 
Echternach H. W. tavern, S E Sch Beach and 

Echternach Rudolph, grocer, St. John and Me- 

tamora (K) 
Eck Charles, basketmr. 3d ab Columbia 
Eckard Abraham, Clinton ab Girard av 
Eckard Charles, 451 S 4th 
Eckard Frederick, 2d ab Dauphin 
Eckard Herman, packer. Diligent av 
Eckard John, sawyer, 48 Mead al ab Front 
Eckard Lewis, shoemr. Penn ab 12th (S G) 
Eckard Margaret, Ontario ab Poplar 
F.ckard Thos. scroll sawyer, 5 Queen av 
Eckel Andrew, tobac, S W Market and Oak, h 

ECKEL & AUNER, printers, S E 18th & Market 
Eckel, Horning & Co., wood and willow ware, 

137 N 3d 
Eckel John, Mrs., gentw. 163 N 6th 
Eckel John, printer, W Market n 18th 
Eckel Lewis, 137N3d, h 156 Franklin 
Eckel Wm., cabmr. Warren bel Centre (W P) 
Eckendorff' G. bookseller & edge gilder, 61 S 

5th, h 787 Vine 
Ecker Adam, gent. 427 N 12th 




Ecker Adam, jr., 425 N 12th 

Ecker E. Mrs., 303 N 7th 

Ecker Fred, soap and candles, Marlboro' below 

Bedford (K) 
Ecker John, grocer, 250 Race 
Eckert Benjamin, Winter W 21st 
Eckert Christian, cooper, 233 Market, h 66 

Eckert Emily, baker. Winter W 21st 
Eckert Geo., printer. Noble ab 8th 
Eckert Geo., salesman, 130 N 3d, h Arch ab 7th 
Eckert George, brushmr., Juniper bel Walnut 
ECKERT GEORGE jS'., M. D., 4 Girard 
Eckert Jacob, tailor, 59 N 3d, h 556 N 6th ab 

Eckert John, beer house, 4tli ab Franklin 
Eckert John, coachmr. 31 Marriott 
Eckert John, cordw. 3d ab Oxford 
Eckert John B., printer, Rittenhouse n 17th 
Eckert Mary, wid of Martin, Olive bel Broad 
Eckert Rebecca, b h, 11 Wilson 
Eckert Thomas H., .scroll sawyer. Queen's av 
Eckert William B., printer, S E 12th and Mar- 
ket, h 169 N 4th 
Eckfeldt George, macht. 12th ab Wallace 
Eckfeldt Jacob R. assayer U S Mint, h 13 City 

Eckfeldt Wm., fire hose manuf. 130 N 13th, h 

S E Girard av and Corinthian av 
Eckharde Wm. F., 56 Coates 
Eckhardt A. H., chandler, 326 N 2d, h 480 N 

Eckhardt H., tinware. Palmer ab F ay 
Eckhardt Wm. G., baker, 130 Callosvhill 
Eckhart Cliarles, hotel keeper, 9th ab Dauphin 
Eckley Jacob W., cai-p. 241 Marshall 
Eckman D., collector, Rees bel P road 
Eckroid Jeremiah, dyer, Harmstead ab 21st 
Eckstein Andrew, Kremkan's ct 
Eckstein Edwin E., clerk, 193 Market, h 46 

Eckstein George W., 36 N3d, h 309 X 12th 
Eckstein Horatio G., brushmr. 36 Nod, h 16tli 

and Cherry 
Eckstein John'& J., Union mills, R av and Wal- 
Eckstein John Sc Son, brush 8c bellows manufs., 

36 N 3d, h 309 N 12th 
Eckstein Lewis, skin dress. 35 Brown 
Eckstein Marv, wid. of .Samuel, 46 
Eckstein Misses E. & S. 118 N 4th 
Eckstein Saml., clerk, 256 R av, h 309 N 12th 
Eckstein Wm., butcher, 4th bel Montgomery 
Eektenbrine Heniy, cabtmr., 2 Green 
Ecky George F., acct. 50 Wahiut, h N W 10th 8c 

ECKY JOHN H., druggist, 158 Lombard, hN W 

10th Sc Lombard 
Edams Hugh, hotel, Richmond 8c Lehigh av (K) 
Edare Saml., lab., Johnson's la ab 4th 
Eddey Joshua P. B., shop, 183^ South 
Eddey Josiah, furniture, 218 S 6th 
Eddinger Christopher, lab., 4tii and Elm (W P) 
Eddis Hannah, St John & Sander's ct 
Eddis Isaac, combmr., rear 163 La\\Tence (NL) 
Eddis Samuel, cordw. St John ab Beaver 
Eddis S. M., dressmr., St John ab Beaver 
Eddowes Joshua, engineer, 101 Wood 

I Eddow-es Mary, 234 N Juniper 

! Eddowes Mrs. L. 101 Wood 

I Eddy Albert C, India rubber shoes, 25 N 4th, 

h 1 Swanwick 
Eddy 8c Fairlamb, carps. 108 Currant al 8c rear 

7 N 9th _ 
Eddv Josiah, dealer, 6 Russell 
EddV Oliver T., artist, N E 11th and Chestnut, 

"h 247 S 10th 
Eddy Theodore, carp., Currant al ab Spruce, h 

Green bel 9th 
Edel Ann, George ab 2d 
Edel Ann, 108 Mechanic (N L) 
Edel John, chair mr., 1148 N 5th 
Edel Matthias, twister, 11 Elm bel Franklin and 

Edv, ard n School 
Edel Wm., grocer, 10th and Wallace 
Edele Fred., shoemr., Oxford ab 5th 
Edeline Joseph, macht., Dauphin n Tulip (R) 
Edelman George W., USB Slint, New York 
Edelman George W., jr., acct. 22 Madison 
Edelman Isaac, carp., Walnut al, h 22 Madison 
Edelon Edward J., plane mr., 19 Benton 
Eden Robert, chemist, M'Duffie n 20th 
Edenliorn Benjamin, planemr., rear 7 N 9th, h 

351 Parrish 
Edenborn Jacob, grocer, 351 Parrish 
Edenborn Jos., roofer, 351 Parrish 
Edenborn J. A. h Co., tobacconists, N E 3d 8t - / 

Edenborn J. E., tobacco, 99 N 4th, house 184 

Edenborn Mary, 351 Parrish 
Edenborn Philip, currier, 351 Pan-ish 
Edenborn P. H., 134 Vine 
Edenborn Saml., carp. 212 N 13th 
Edett Wm., coal, 638 S 6th 
Edgar Corn., printer, 47 Carlton 
Edgar Heniy, carp., Ogden bel 16th 
Edgar James, cabtmr., 12 Abbott's ct 
Edgar James, sen., doorkeeper, U S Mint, h 

1 Union sq 
Edgar John, hosier, William bel Edward (K) 
Edgar John, bookbr. 16 N 4th, h 40 Franklin 
Edgar Jonathan, clerk, Catharine ab 6th 
Edgar Margaret, dressmr. 81 S 11th 
Edgar Owen T., grocer, Jefferson av and Sa- 

Edgar Samuel, bookbr. 20 Logan 
Edgar Thomas, cooper, 8th bel Wharton 
Edge John, book keep., Shippen la bel Shippen 
Edge Richard, weaver, Duke ab F road (K) 
Edge Thomas, morocco fin.. Front ab Franklin 
Edger Benj., rigger, 41 German 
Edinger Solomon, carter, rear 237 N 2d 
Edinger M'm. tailor, 253 Parrish 
Edixson Garret, barber, 5th and German, h 173 

Edler Charles, 7 Fayette 

Edmonds John, engineer, 4 Engineer's row (R) 
Edmonds Jos. S. H., painter, 59 Dock, h 9 Car- 
Edmonds N., house agent, 116 Lombard 
Edmonds Wm. W., painter, 47 Dock, h M road 

ab Carpenter 
Edmondson John, painter, Olive bel 12th 
Edmonson John, tailor, .12 N 10th 
Edmonson John, painter, 63 Ogden 




Edmonson Wm., assistant, 33^ Market, h Pop- 
lar bel 12th 
Edmonson Wm., paper mr., 420 Poplar 
Edmund Andrew, seg-armr.. Miller bel Broad 
Edmunds Franklin, agent, 130 Catharine 
Edmunds John, harness mr., Miller bel Broad 
Edmunds L. C, painter, 3d & Cypress, h 365 

Edmunds Parson, mer. 34 S Water, h Front bel 

Edson & Co., cabtmrs., Mary and Green (W P) 
Edson Sc Harrington, lumber merchants. Otter 

bel Front (K) 
Edson Henry, cabtmr.. Green and Mary 
Edson N., cabtmr., Mary and Green (W P) 
" EDSON SILAS D. & CO.,boots & sh., 12 N4th 
Edson Silas D., mer. 12 N 4th, h 286 N 7th 
Edson Wm. D., acct., 12 N 4th, h 286 N 7th 
Edson Wm. F. lumb. mer. Allen n Shackamaxon 
Edward Chas M., segar mr., 36 Queen 
Edwards Ann, Mrs., 4 Lawrence 
Edwards Ann, b h, 2 S 12th 
Edwards Augustine F. W., 95^ Walnut, h Lo- 
cust W 16th 
Edwards Baldwin, carp. Dickerson's ct 
Edwards Benj., clerk, 78 Market, h 149 N 6th 
Edwards Charles, segars, 36 Queen (K) 
Edwards Chas., stevedore, 27 Auburn 
Edwards Charles., cooper, 18 Queen 
Edwards Charles, waiter, rear 25 Baidey 
Edwards Charles C, 144 N 12th 
Edwards Daniel, mariner, 9 Lombard 
Edwards Daniel, Hancock ab Phoenix 
Edwards David, tailor, 114 Race 
Edwards Davis, foundry, 22 Division 
Edwards Edmund, cooper. Union ab Franklin 
Edwards Edwd. B., mer. 221 N Front 
Edwards Elizabeth, vest mr., 34 Stamper's al 
Edwards Evan E., jr., carp. 89 Apple 
Edwards Evans, cooper, 89 Apple 
Edwards Francis, grocery, 45 William, h Wil- 
liam and Bath (R) 
Edwards George, cooper. Elbow la, h Catharine 

bel 4th 
Edwards George W., gent., 18th and Walnut 
Edwards Henry, jun., cabinetmr., 61 Mead 
Edwards Henry, cabtmr., Catharine ab 3d 
Edwards Issachar, piano maker, 57 S 5th, h 38 

Edwards Jacob, carter, 7 Baker's ct 
Edwards James, cordw., Williamson ct 
Edwards James G., 18th bel Locust 
Edwards Jane A., 360 Chestnut 
EDWARDS & JENNESS, wool dealers & com. 

mers., 6 N Front 
Edwards Jno., sr., cooper," Elbow la, h 44 Coates 
Edwards John, mariner, 304 Richmond (R) 
Edwards John, carp. 251 Jefferson 
Edwards John, brickmr., Washington n Norris 
Edwards Jolm, carp., Green n William (W P) 
Edwards John, cordw. 56 Fitzwater 
Edwards John, dealer, Filler and Montgomery 
Edwards Joseph, flour mer., 288 S 2d, h 46 

Edwards Jos. A., com. mer., Ranstead pi 
Edwards J. C, coach painter, 158 Parrish 
Edwards J. & Son, coopers, Elbow la 
Edwards Mary, Dickerson's ct 

Edwards Mary, segars. Juniper ab Market 
Edwards Matthew, carp., Rhoads bel 17th 
Edwards Nathan, carp., Rhoads bel 17th 
Edwards Peter, watch case mr. 22 Wistar 
Edwards P., dry goods, 120 W Market 
Edwards Richard, hatter, Wall n 7th 
Edwards Richard L., upholsterer, S E 13th and 

Edwards Robert, cooper, rear 460 S 5th 
Edwards Samuel, porter, 47 Quince 
Edwards Samuel, teacher, h 174 S 15th 
Edwards Saml H., mer., 40 Market, h 192 Spruce 
EDWARDS, SANDFORD & CO., foreign ex- 
press agents and bankers, 116 Chestnut 
Edwards Sophia, George ab Broad 
Edwards S. K., Mrs., 4 Grover 
Edwards S. R., chairmr. 84 & 90 Callowhill 
Edwards Thomas, driver, Hanover n F road 
Edwards Thomas, agent, Lewis ab Thompson 
Edwards Thomas, jr., gent., 18th bel Locust 
Edwards Wm., pilot, 426 S 3d 
Edwards Wm., express driver, 116 Chestnut, h 

28 Latimer 
Edwards Wm., express driver, George E 18th 
Edwards Wm., seaman, 21 Marion 
Edwards William B., bookbr., 141 Chestnut, h 

92 P road 
Edwards William Cunningham, com. mer. 110 

S Front, h N W S 11th and Washington 
Edwards Wm. D., shoemr. 525 F road (R) 
Edwards William F., pilot, 426 S 3d 
Edwards Wm. J., brush manuf. 21 James, h 288 

S 8th 
Edwards Wm. L., mer. 6 N Front, h 37 Arch 
Edwards Wm. L., carp. Howell 
Edwards Wm. S., boat build. 36 Queen 
Edwards W. A., S E 18th and Walnut 
Eells Edward F., seaman, 58 Penn 
Effinger John, locksm., 10th ab Coates 
Effas Fred., blacksm. 5 Penn av 
Egan John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Egan John, lab., Campbell 
Egan John, lab. 15 Barker 
Egan Maurice, boilermr. 6th ab Washington 
Egan Michael, carver, 243 N Front 
Egan Pat., lab. 22d ab Filbert 
Egbert Daniel, M. D., 110 S 9th 
Egbert Hannah, 15th ab Fairview 
Ege Jacob, police. Pine n 12th 
Egee Charles, gas fitter, Goldsmith's ct (N L) 
Egee George, shoemr. 13th ab Parrish 
Egee Robert, gardener, 5th ab Buttonwood 
Egee Susan, Mrs., Goldsmith's ct (N L) 
Egen Danl., dyer, 2d ab Master 
Egenhafer G., tailor, 444 N 2d 
Eger Fred., shoes, R road and Washington 
Eggeling John H. C, turner, 35 W North 
Eggeling J. H., b h, 35 W North 
EGGERT CHAS. H., druggist, 249 F road 
Eggleston George B., brushmr., 205 S 2d 
Eggleton Albert, agent. Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Eggleton Jno., skin dr., 16 Mechanic bel Poplar 
Eggleton Jonathan, shipsm., h Crown ab Queen 
Eggleton William, carter. Cherry & Howard 
Eginton Francis, whip ornaments, 552 N 6th 
Eglee J. L., clerk, 98 Chestnut, h 19 Frances 
EGNER & GREGG, wine store, 208 Market ,, 
I Egner John, carter, Salmon (R) 





Eg-ner J. H., wines & lIq.20S Market, h 381 N 8th 
Egold John, huckster, Dauphin bel Front 
Eg-olf Georg'e, blacksm. 2 Rachel 
Egolf John G., tailor, 660 N 2d ab Franklin av 
Eliing- John, stone cutter, Coates ab 18th 
Ehmann Fred., piano mr., 12th ab Federal 
Ehrenberg- Caspar, lab. Collins' al 
Ehrenberg- Frank, baker, 120 Swanson 
Ehrenpfort Charles, tavern, F road ab Duke 
Ehret Michael, jr., carp., 38 Thompson (K) 
Ehret William, tobacco., 244 G T road (K) 
Ehi'hardt H., cordw. Coates and 25th 
Ehrlen Charles, wheelwrig-ht, P'ilbert bel 12th 
Ehrlen John, wheelwrig-ht, Rising Sun 
Ehrlicher Henry, tailor, 189 N 3d 
Elirman J., baker, 276 N 3d 
Ehrman Marg., shop. Rose and Shippen la 
Ehrmann Francis, lab., Lewis ab Thompson 
Eibell Ferdinand, tailor, 78 Market, h 151 Whar- 
Eiberg- Ferd., tailor, 151 Wharton 
Eichberger Rudolph, Culvert bel Apple 
Eichelberg-er J. A., salesman, 30 N 4th, h 248 

Eichert Adam, baker, Marlboroug-h bel Allen 
Eichhorn Amos, cordw., 46 Clinton 
Eichman Adam, tailor, rear 112 Randolph 
Eichman Jacob, tailor, 169 Randolph 
Eichmer John, cabtmr., Oxford bel 2d 
Eichmyer Henry A., dagtype. casemr. 62 Wal- 
nut, h 5 Ashland 
Eick A., Bolivar House, Beach bel Hanover 
Eifert John, tailor, 72 Lawrence 
Eifert John, tailor, 36 Lawrence 
Eilber John D., carp.. Canal ab George (K) 
Eiler Henry, cordw. R av ab 13th 
Eill Wm., shoemr., 15 Frances 
Eimer L., bootmr. Ridge av ab Coates 
Einstein Abraham, upholsterer, 316 Callowhill 
Einstein Joseph, jeweler, 269 N 2d 
Einwecher Henry, boot fitter, 193 Lawrence 
Einwechter Geo., bricklr. Front bel Master (K) 
Einwechter Hen., bricklr. Front bel Master (K) 
Einwechter Maria, Lawrence bel Franklin 
Einwechter Wm., sr., bricklr. 19 Perry (K) 
Einwechter Wm., bricklr. West ab Cherry (K) 
Einwechter William, carp.. White's ct (N L) 
Eiry R., 11 Quince 
Eisele Henry, tailor, 82 Noble 
Eisele John, locksmith, 4 St James' ct 
Eiseman &. Brother, clothing-, 560 W Market 
Eiseman Henry, 560 W Market 
Eiseman Jacob, 170 N 15th 
Eisen & Henderson, soap & candle manuf. 136 

Green ab St John 
Eisenberg Lawrence, carp. 24 Hibberd 
Eisenbrand Louis, groceiy, 11 Duke 
Eisenbraun Fred., cordw. 334 Callowhill 
Eisenbrey Edwin T., saw mill. Pear & Dock, h 

81 Pins 
Eisenbrey Frank A., clerk, 128 S 6th 
Eisenbrey John, ji-., mer. Pear & Dock, h Pine 

opp Penn. Hospital 
EISENBREY JOHN, SON & CO., mahogany 

steam mill, Pear & Dock 
Eisenbrey J. Alfred, Pine ab 8th 
iiisenbrey Wm., tailor, N E 5th &, Race, h 111 

Eisenhart Geo., whipmr. Mechanic ab Georg-e 

Eisenhart Jno., superintendent coal yard. Bank * 

bel Ann (R) 
Eisenhower Urias, cordw. R rd n Tollgate 
Eisenhut John D., jr., tinsmith, 564 N 2d and 

186 Washington ab Columbia 
Eisenlohr Wm., tobacco, 47 S 10th 
Eisenman J., iron safemr. Woodbine ab Whar- 
Eiserman D. & G., jr., painters & glaziers, 59 

Eiserman Geo., painter, 680 N 11th 
Eishen Margaret, cordw. 19 Charlotte (K) 
Eisinhower E., cordw. R road below Jefferson 
Eisinhower Jon., cordw. rear 277 New Market 
Eisler Geo., shoe findings, 29^ N 4th 
Eisler Geo., cutter, 46 Green 
Eisler Wm., 362 S 2d 
Eiting Conrad, cabinetmr. 542 N 4tli 
Elasser Gottleib, tailor, Apple &. Oxford (K) 
Elbert Wm. T., Treas. Sixpenny Saving Fund, 

S W 5th & Walnut, h Pine E of Broad 
Elbow Elias, clothing-, 18 Market, h 6 Gilberts' 

Elder Anna, milliner, 104 W Market 
Elder Henry L., pres. Eq. Ins. Co., 105 Walnut, 

h 36 Summer E 17th 
Elder John, lab. Oxford ab Washington (K) 
Elder Jos., lab. 28 W South 
Elder Walter, gardener, 25 Ann 
Elder William, atty. and coun. h Washington 

ab 9 th 
Elder Wm., brushmaker, 462 N 3d 
Elder Wm. I., drayman. Brazier 
Elder Wm. S., grocer, 4th and George 
Elders Jas., 110 William 
Eldridge Albert, carp. 5th n Norris (K) 
Eldridge Amos, brickyd. 10th & Oxford 
Eldi-idge Charles, book keeper, S E 7th and 

Market, h 69 Wallace 
Eldridge D. W., agent N Y Steampship Co. 7th 

ab Pine 
Eldridge Eli, spoke turner, Shackamaxon near 

Bedford (K) 
Eldridge Ephraim, bookbr. 123 Chestnut, h 514 

N 12th , 

ELDRIDGE E. H., tailor, S E 7th & Market, hW 

81 N Washington ^ 

Eldi-idge Geo., shoemr. 8 Beck's pi 
ELDRIDGE G. MORGAN, atty. & coun. 72 S 

6th, h 241 Spruce 
Eldridge Henry, cigars, 54 Lewis bel Girai-d ay 
ELDRIDGE H. H., carpets, 41 Strawberry, h 

384 S9th 
Eldridge Isaac, spoke mr. 587 N Front 
Eldridge Jas. W., real estate agt. 156 Christian 

h 219 S 9th 
Eldridge Jeremiah E., carp. 498 G T roadab 5th 
Eldridge Robt. T., tinsm. 1 Wiley's ct 
Eldridge S. Tuston, hardware, 212 S 2d 

123 Chestnut 
Elfelt Louis E., mer. 62 N 3d, h 140 Franklin 
Elfelt Simon, gent. 140 Franklin bel Noble 
Elford Lewis, grocer, 3d & Vine, h315 Wood 
Elfreth Ann, 169 N 13th 
Elfreth Jacob R., acct. 82 S 2d, h 245 N 6th 




Elfreth Jos., salesman, 19 Market, h 88 Stevens, 

Elfrey John J., cooper, 537 N 5th, and basket 

toys, &c., 185 Sp Garden 
Elfrey Mary A., 44 Howard (K) 
Elfrey Thos., cooper, Ridge av and Poplar 
Elg-er Anton, tailor, Morris ab 4th 
Elias Chas., waiter, 38 Quince 
Elias Henry, gent. 61 N 15th 
Eliot F. A., mer. 40 N Front, h Broad bel Wal- 
Elison John A., boots 8c shoes, 49 N 3d, h 133 

Elison Wm., shoe store, 49 N 3d, h 133 N 9th 
Elk Fredk., lab. Garden ab Willow 
Elkin Abm., gent. 172 S 10th 
Elkin James, weaver, liose bel Broad 
Elkin Lewis, 172 S 10th 
Elkin Samuel, 172 S 10th 
Elkins George, wheelwright, Apple n Diamond 
Elkins E., ladies' furn. store, 114 S 8th 
Elkins John, milkman, Passyunk r 
Elkins John, jr., lab. Passyunk r 
Elkinton Emerson G., dry goods, 100 Market, 

h American Hotel 
ELKINTON, GILLAM & CO., fancy goods, 100 


candle manuf. 12 Margaretta 
Elkinton John, tailor, 200 Market, h 200 Wood 
Elkinton John A., M. D., Mrs., 143 Arch 
Elkinton Joseph, soap and candle manuf. 377 

S 2d 
Elkinton Lindley M., soap and candles, 12 Mar- 
Ella John, mer. h 51 S loth 
Ellefson Charlotte, 12 Christian 
Ellegood John, salesman, 37 Carpenter 
EUegood Wm. H., acct, N W 10th and Filbert, 

h 47 Carpenter 
Ellender George, waiter, 319 S 11th 
Ellender Wm., painter, 721 South 
Elles J. D., liquor mer. 193 3d, h 11 Palmyra 

Ellet George, Jones ab 18th 
ELLICK CLEMENT, tavern, Ridge road ab 

/ Ellick John, macht. Townsend bel Tulip 
EUicott Richard W., mariner and dry goods, 691 

S 2d 
BUiff' Thos., cordw. 27 Otter (K) 
ELLIGER GEO. M. D., 224 Sp Garden ab 11th 
EUinger Christian, bootmr. 11th ab Oxford 
Ellinger Moses, turner, Dunton bel Franklin 
Ellingsworth Benj,, weaver, 22 Fitler 
Elliot Frank, 104 Broad bel Walnut 
Elliot Frances, 18 Haines ab 12th 
Elliot Henrietta G., 6 Oak W Penn sq 
Elliott Ambrose B., tinpjater, 19 Evans 
Elliott Andrew, weaver, 2 Derringer's av 
Elliott Andrew, cordw, 569 South 
Elliott Andrew, carp. White n 15th 
Elliott Andre w, watchman. Filbert E of 21st 
Elliott AnOi laundress, rear 96 Randolph 
Elliott Benj,, macht Redwood 
Elliott Benj. P., watchmr. 3 S 13th 
Elliott Catharine, millinery, 104 W Market 
-Elliott Chas,, h 313 N 6th" 

Elliott Edwd., vict. 9th ab Reed 

Elliott Edward R., carp. 45 Jones, h Race and 

Elliott Elizabeth, 314 Pine 
Elliott Elizabeth, grocer, 19th and Market 
Elliott E. & W. wines and liquors, 7 Market 8c , 

12 N Water 
Elliott Fanny, teacher, Haverford 8c 6th (W P) 
Elliott Fanny Mrs., 254 Buttonwood 
Elliott Francis, school teacher. Garden bel 6th 

(M V) 
Elliott Fred., architect, 30 Jacoby 
Elliott Gabel, tavern, 2d ab Montgomery 
Elliott Geo., book-keeper, 10th ab Coates 
Elliott Geo., lab. Tilton ab Cumberland (R) 
Elliott Geo., tinplate worker, 471 Market 
Elliott George, mer. 332 Vine 
Elliott George, grocer, Salmon ab Huntingdon 
Elliott Geo. F., hotel, Charles and Shippen, h 

N E 4th and Stanly 
Elliott Henry M., cordw. Auburn ab 9th 
Elliott H., seamstress. Poplar and Ontario 
Elliott H. W. R., Green bel Logan 
Elliott Isaac, convey. 81 Chestnut, h W Penn sq 
Elliott Isaac, carp. Styles ab 17th 
Elliott Jas., cabtmr. 25 N 13th 
Elliott Jas., blksm. 158 Christian 
Elliott James, mer. 38 Chestnut 
Elliott James, currier, 10 Fayette 
Elliott James, Lynn ab 23d 
Elliott James, dry goods, 100 Sp Garden 
Elliott Jas., tavern, S E 20th and Market 
Elliott Jas. L., M. D., h 12th ab Callowhill 
Elliott Jane, trimmings, 5th and Wood 
Elliott John, wines and liquors, 97 Walnut, h \ 

196 Wharton 
Elliott Jolin manuf. Front ab Phoenix 
Elliott John, gent. 41 N 5th 
Elliott John, lab. Cuthbert n 23d 
Elliott John, laborer, Lynn ab Williams 
Elliott John, cordw. 4 Jenning's Row 
Elliott John, bootmr. Hunter bel 11th 
Elliott John, clerk, S 3d bel Reed 
Elliott Joseph, carp. 191 Catharine 
Elliott Joseph, clerk, Evans 
Elliott Joseph P., salesman, 163 Markeli 
Elliott Martha, 28 Castle 
Elliott Mary, tailoress, Mifflin n 13th 
Elliott Mary, 22 Willow 
Elliott M. J., clothing, h 38 Pine 
Elliott Richard, lab. rear 52 Beach (K) 
Elliott Robert, gro. N E Lombard 8c Juraper 
Elliott Robt., manuf. 137 G T road 
Elliott Robt., cordw, S E South and 15tli 
Elliott 8c Robinson, conveys. 81 Chestnut 
Elliott Stephen, lab. Fisher ab Emory (K) 
ELLIOTT THOS., Green Tree, 153 S Front 
Elliott Thos., gent. 246 Lombard 
Elliott Thos., carp. Elm n 6th (M V) 
Elliott Wm., mer. 7 Market, h 641 Christian ^ 
Elliott Wm., carp. 8 Harrison 
Elliott Wm., ship joiner, Bedford bel Hanover 

Elliott Wm., collector, 246 Lombard 
Elliott Wm., mer. 64 N 3d, h 326 N 6th 
EUiott Wm., bootmr. Huater bel 11th 
Elliott Wm., carter, 846 N Front 
'Elliott Wm. A., bookbinder, 19th 8c Market 




Elliott Wm. B., dry goods, 552 W Market 
Elliott Wm. B., phrenologist, 359 Chestnut 
Elliott Wm. B., mach. 8 Courtland 
Elliott Wm. B., coal mer. 52 Beach and N E 

Front and Dock, h 489 N Front 
Elliott Wm. H., painter, 3 Gray's ct 
Elliott Wm. H., Rev., 314 Parrish 
Elliott W. P., umbrellamr. N E 5th & Catharine 
Ellis Albert H., carp. & builder, 322 Noble 
Ellis Ann, 236 Market 
Ellis Anne Mi-s., Wheat ab Reed 
Ellis A., Broad ab Poplar 
Ellis & Bartram, cloths, 85 Market 
Ellis Carey, Mrs., Jefferson & Marshall 
Ellis Chas., shoemr. 15 Nectarine 
Ellis Chas., drug-g-ist, 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th 
ELLIS CHAS. & CO., druggists, 56 Chestnut 

and laboratory 6 Morris 
Ellis Chas. J., cloths, 85 Market, house 7th ab 

Ellis David, gent. 259 Franklin ab Green 
Ellis David, undertaker, 9 Anita 
Ellis Edwd., ladies' shoemr. State ab 7th 
Ellis Evans T., mer. 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th 
Ellis George, beef packer. Filbert E 21st 
Ellis George D., surgical instrument mr. Ill 

Race, h Wood bel 13th 
EUis Hannah W., M. D., 7th ab Thompson 
Ellis Hester, 155 Pine 
Ellis Hiram, agent, N W 3d and Chestnut, h 

144 S 12th 
Ellis Jacob, acct. 156 Market, h 185 N 9th 
Ellis Jacob M., mer. 7 N 2d, h 350 N 7th 
Ellis James, liquors, Lombard n 19th 
Ellis James, lab. 107 Leopaj-d (K) 
Ellis Jas. P., mer. US Water, h 360 N 7th 
Ellis Jesse, coach lampmr. 32 Dock, h Olive ab 

Ellis Jolin, lively stables, 13 Raspberry, h 180 

S 15th 
Ellis John, laborer. Story's court 
Ellis John, tinsm. 2 Little Green 
Ellis John, vet. surgeon, 12 S 3d 
Ellis John, sawyer. Deal's av (K) 
Ellis John D., acct. 173 Chestnut, h Parrish ab 

Ellis John P., acct. 103 Wood 
Ellis Joshua, brickmr. 591 N 10th 
Ellis Jos., casemr. 5 Paul 
Ellis Jos., stonecut. 4 Linden pi 
Ellis Josiah, brickmr. 813 N 11th 
Ellis J. Alder, mer. 15 N 3d 
EUis J. D., mer. 11 Palmyra sq 
Ellis Larr^', grocer, Marshall and Jefferson 
Ellis Lydia, ladies' shoes, 156 S 5th 
Ellis Maria, Queen opp BaU (K) 
Ellis Mary, 325 Lombard 
Ellis Mary Ann, 12 Marriott 
^EUIs 8c Middleton, dry goods, 7 N 2d 
Ellis Nathan W., 7th ab Thompson 
Ellis Pat., watchman, Wood ab 3d 
Ellis P. H., mer. 42 N 2d, h 257 Mai-shall 
Ellis Robt., watchman, Jones n 18th 
Ellis R., Mrs. S Juniper 
Ellis Sabina, sr., Clinton ab Franklin (K) 
Ellis Sabina, jr., moulder, School and Lydia (K) 
Ellis Samuel, L pike n Passyunk 
Ellis Saml., brickmr. 7th ab' Thompson 

Ellis Sarah, dressmr. York 

Ellis Thomas, liquors. Market and 20th 

Ellis Thomas, clerk, 504 Queen (K) 

Ellis Thos. B., tailor, 19 S 3d, h 353 N 7th 

Ellis Thos. S., auct. 65 and 67 S 4th 

Ellis Wm., shoe manuf 10 S 3d, h44 Marriott 

Ellis Wm., grocer, 144 Cherry 

Ellis Wm., druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 479 Arch 

Ellis Wm., Crocker, 153 N 2d 

EUis Wm., pi'inter, Marshall ab Brown 

Ellis Wm. H. builder, 338 N 7th 

Ellis Wm. P. convey. 7th ab Thompson 

Ellis Wm. S., hatter, rear 21 Chatham 

ELLIS W. H. & N. W., carpenters & builders, 

7th ab Thompson 
Ellison John, tavern, S E 9th and Vine 
Ellison John A., clerk, 133 N 9th 
ELLISON JOHN B. & SONS, cloths. 111 V^ 

Ellison John B.,mer. Ill Market, h 342 N 7th 
Ellison Mary, washer, rear Fitzwater bel 13th 
Ellison Rodman B., mer. 111 Market, h 179 N 

ELLISON WM. C, mer. 32 Bank, h 67 S 18th 
Ellison Wm. P., mer. Ill Market, h 293 N 6th 
Ellmaker Peter C, real est. broker, 46^ Wal- 
nut, h Race E 17th 
Ellmaker & Crombarger, real est. and collect. 

agency, 46i Walnut 
Ellmore Mary, 726 N 10th 
EllsbeiTy Sarah, Essex 
Ellwanger Eberhardt, vIct. 35 Laurel 
Elmann Aug., baker, 124 Richmond (R) 
Elmer L. Q. C, harness mr. 86 Lombard 
Elmes Abner, hatter, 69 N 3d, h 10 Marshall 
Elmes Charles S., seaman, 28 Almond 
Elmes Howard, clerk, 10 Marshall 
Elmore Augustus, printer, 24 Pan-ish bel 6th 
Elmore Geo., painter, 7 Prime 
Elmes Chas. E., clerk Philadelphia bank, h 340 

N 10th 
Elmos Marj', Walnut ab Park (W P) 
Elmslie Alex., gent. 232 S Front 
Elsaser F., pressman, 22 S 3d 
Elsasser John, baker, 85 Race 
Elsea Wm. H., engineer, 612 S Front 
Elsegood W. A., tobacconist, N W AValnut and 

6th, h 53 Ontario 
Elsegood AV. H., bootmr. N W 6th & Walnut, 

h 58 George 
Elsey Abram, lab. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Elsey Maria, washer, S W Washington and Mar- 

Elsey N., lab. Oak bel Park (W P) 
Elson Michael, watchmr. 2 New Market 
Elston Maria, Wood ab Queen (K) 
Elton Anthony, jr., salesman, 115 Chestnut, h 

Wharton ab 6th 
Elton Anthony, confectioner, 33 Lam'el 
Elton George, currier, 45 Coates 
Elton Joseph, printer, 45 Coates 
Elton Thomas M., 474 Coates 
Eltonhead Geo., blacksm. Buttonwood la ^ 
Eltonhead & Gray, jewelers, 48 S 2d 
Eltonhead Jas., jeweler, 48 and h 283 S 2d 
Eltonhead John, stove fin., Carroll & Sergeant 
Eltonhead Wm.B., watchmr. & jewel. 184 S 2d 
Ehonhead Wm. D., spect. mr. and jew. 283 S 2d 




ELWEIX EVAN, Astor House, rear 58 Market, 

h N W Marshall and Buttoiiwood 
Elwell Hemy, shipsm. 82 Christian 
Elwell H. C, paper hang-er, 19 Lewis (P D) 
Elwell Lydia, 10 Florida 
Elwell Saml., shipsm. 124 Catharine 
Elwell Saml., seaman, 53 Mead 
Elwell Samuel B., varnisher, 12 Prospect (SG) 
Elwell Thomas, blacksm. Steward ab Catharine, 

h 309 S 10th 
Elwell Wm. S., dealer, 445 S Front 
Elwert C. F., importer seg-ars, S W 3d and 

Elwyn Alfred L., M. D., 414 Walnut 
Ely Cvnthia, 507 N 7th 
Ely D. S., macht. 131 N 13th 
Ely Eleazer, capt. 7th ab Washington 
Ely Elizabeth, 507 N 7th 
Ely Elizabeth, washer, Shippen bel 13th 
Ely Ezra B., ag'ent Del. & Raritan Canal Steam 
Torw Boat Co., 44 E Del av, h 76 S Carpen- 
ter street 
Ely Ezra Stiles, Rev., D. D., 351 N 7th 
Ely Isaiah, 218 N 4th 
Ely James, gent. 16 Portico sq 
ELY JOHN & CO., mers. 59 N 3d 
Ely John, gent. 16 Portico sq 
Ely John, mer. 59 N 3d 
Ely Sarah, 507 N 7th 
Ely Thos., carp. S W Norris and Clinton 
Ely Wm., clerk, 7th ab Washington 
Ely Wm. B., acct. 145 N 3d 
Ely Wm. P., mer. 59 N 3d 
Emanuel J. M., acct. 42 N 4th 
Emanuel L. M., druggist, S E 11th and Vine 
Embech Daniel, cordw. 250 G T road 
Embley John, carp. 102 S 12th 
Embree Norris J., real estate dealer, 273 Race, 

h 346 Green 
Embree Rebecca, gentw. 344 Arch 
EMBREE & TAYLOR, real est. agts., 273 Race 
Emeck John, carter, 5 Roger's ct 
Emerick Alb., silversm. Shackamaxon bel Allen 
Emerick Albert G., artist, Brandywine 8c 13th 
Emerick Augustus, mer. 377 Market, h 517 Arch 
EMERICK AUGUS. &, SON, hardwr. 377 Mar- 
ket, h 507 Arch bel Broad 
Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker, 72 S 8th 
Emerick Conrad, tailor, 489 N 3d 
Emerick David, carp. West bel Hanover (K) 
Emerick David, collector. Palmer ab West (K) 
Emerick Dav. jr., bricklr. Palmer ab West (K) 
Emerick Fred., ship carp. Palmer ab West (K) 
Emerick Geo., com. merchant, N W 13th aTid 

.EMERICK JACOB 8c CO., crockery, 215 N 3d, 
h N 4th bel Noble 
Emerick John M., tinsm. 397 Ridge av 
Emerick Jos., cordw. rear 171 Lawrence (NL) 
Emerick Wm., 186 Coates 

Emerick Wm., umbrellamr. Palmer n West (K) 
Emerick Wm. B., bottler, 214 N Water, h Cal- 

lowhill bel New Market 
Emrick Wm. B., varnisher, 17 Keefe 
Emerick W. W., mer. 377 Market, h 517 Arch 
Emerson Gouverneur, M. D., 352 Walnut 
Emerson Jas., gate keeper, Nicetown 
Emerson Mary, shop, 52 Charlotte 

Emerson Mary, shop, 8th bel Green 

Emerson Sarah, washer, 4 Pryor's ct 

Emerson V., jr., cook, Sch av bel Quince 

Emery Benj. F., carter, Townsend (R) 

Emery Catharine, florist, 537 F road (R) 

Emery Catharine, washer, 4 Liberty ct 

Emeiy Chai'les, painter, 13th ab Vine 

Emery Enoch, waiter 8 Barclay 

Emery Geo., whipmr. Allen ab WaiTcn 

Emery Geo., carter, 18 Lawrence 

Emery Geo. W., police, 573 N 3d 

Emery John, grocer, Edward n School (K) 

Emery Moses H., mer. Decatur, h 18th ab Styles 

Emery Peter, whf builder, 60 Christian 

Emery Peter, lab. Nicetown 

Emery Samuel, huckster, 23 Kressler 

Emery Silas H., 504 N 12th 

Emery Wm., lab. Buttonwoodla 

Emery Wm., waiter, 128 Locust 

Emery William, furniture car, Coates below 

Emiah Christian, cordw. 141 Apple bel George 

Emich Wm., lab. rear 13 Lilly al 
Emlen George, 105 Locust 
Emlen Jas. N., gent. 206 Pine 
Emlen James V., M. D., 13th bel Green 
Emlen Samuel, N E 7th 8c Market, h 244 N 5th 
Emlen Wm. F., real est, broker, h 307 Chest- 

Emley Gilbert, mer. 51.Buttonwood 
Emly Mary, Dauphin bel F road (R) 
Emmerhng Jacob, baker, 338 Callowhill 
Emmett John, tailor, Apple bel Masters 
Emmitt M., rear 21 F road 
Emmongs Maiy Ann, 43 Queen 
Emmons Daniel, lab. 14 Mercer 
Emmons Edward J., clerk, 43 Queen 
Emmons Samuel, 26 Vernon 
Emmons Susan B., 3 Bay 
Emmons Wm., blacksmith, Pleasant bel 13th 
Emmick Jaradus, currier, 7 York la 
Emmitt John W., clerk, 97 Market 
Emmuk Jac, brewer, Charlotte Sc George (NL) 
EmickJohn, shoemr. Vienna bel Duke 
Emig L., baker, 64 Coates 
Emory Chas., broker, 9 S 3d, h 131 S 3d 
Emory Charles G., painter, 320 N 12th 
EMORY CHAS. h CO., stock and ex. brokers, 

9 S3d 
Emory Conrad, brass fr. Wintej W 21st 
Emory John, broker, 9 S 3d,h 242 Spruce 
Emory Theo. D., salesman, 30 S Front 
Emright Geo., carpet. Front bel Chatham 
Enburg Andrew, wheelwrt. 11 Ross(K) 
Endebrock H., confect. 333 N 3d 
Endicott John, waterman, 47 Citron 
Endriss Geo., tinsm. 131 Coates 
Eneu Elizabeth, nurse, 477 S Front 
Eneu Joseph, alderman, 468 S 8th, h 10th bel 

Eneu Rebecca, 55 Carpenter 
Engal Conrad, glue mr. Columbia bel 6th 
Engard Abraham,' painter, 6th ab Girard av 
Engard Abraham, carp. Lewis ab Muster 
Engard Adam, carp. 491 N 5th 
Engard Charles, shoemr. 7 Vine 
Engard Christopher, chairmr. 35 Charlotte 




Eng'ard Edwd., carp. Apple n Jefferson 

Engard Geo., 189 Noble 

Engard Joseph, tailor, 74 S 4th, h 17 Erie 

Eng-ard Marg., Race b el 16th 

Engard Samuel, boiler mr. Pamsh bel 11th 

[English Geo., bricklr. 3 Olive 

'English Gustavus, merchant, 10 Chestnut, h 339 

: English H., grocer, 3 Arch, h291 Green ab 6th 
: English Henry, paper hanger, 177 S 3d 

Engard Samuel, watchmr. 310 X 2d, h 340 N 2d: English Henry F., paper hanger, 174 Lewis 

Engard Tiiaddeus, bricklr. 9th ab Ogden 
Engard Thomas, carter, Court al 
Engard Wm., farmer. Rising Sun la 
Engard Wm., combmr. Hewston n F av 
Engard William, morocco dresser, 336 Franklin 
Engel Christian, butcher, Otter ab F road 
Engel John, tailor, 68 Charlotte (N I.) 
Engel Joseph, mer. 144 Randolph (N L) 

ENGLISH HORACE N., tailor, 8th & Chestnut, 

2d stor}', h 160 S 10th 
English Hugh, blacksm. Harmstead n 19th 
English Hugh, blacksmith, 38 Cherry, h 42 N 

English H. & J., blacksm. llth & R av, h 375 

English James, blacksm. 102 & h 99 Filbert 

Engel Julius, sheet iron wr. 7 L Washington j English James, lab. Oak n TiU 

•ENGEL & WOLF, brewers, 24 & 26 Dillwyn ! ENGLISH JAMES C, paper hanger, 489 N 2d 

Engelke ;Martes, lab. George ab Charlotte (NL) English Japhet, pap. hang, rear Schleisman's al 

English John, collector, 388 N 6th 

English John, paper hanger, 177 S 3d 

English John, porter, rear 14 Rodman 

English John, salesman, 27 St John 

Englisli John A., bookseller, 36 N 6th, b 307 

English John B., mer. 21 Chestnut, house 314 

English J. E., tailor, 19 S 3d, h Green ab 5th 

Engelman Charles, tobacconist, 492 N 9th 
EngeJman John C, grocer, 226 R road 
ENGEL S WM., tavern, 256 N 3d 
Enger Charles, bootmr. 3 Zane 
England Elias, 12th ab Girard av 
England James, moroc. dress. 8 Nagle 
England Jas. B., atty. & coun. 61 S 4th, hll8 

S 3d 
England Job, carp. 15 Melon 
England Lemuel D., shoemaker, Washington ab ; English L. Beck, feed, 23d and South 

Moore (W P) | English Matthew, jeweller, 5 Ranstead pi 

England L. C, 93 Pine j English Michael, waterman, rear 4 Grover 

England L. M., clerk, 209 Market, h 6 Nagle | English Mizeal, paper hanger, 177 S 3d 
England Robert, druggist, S AV iOth and Catha-' English Mizeal, jr., paper hanger, 177 S 3d, h 

rine ' Enterprise 

England SamL, cabt. mr. Palmer ab Queen Englisli Nathan, plasterer, 40 SheafF's al 

Engle Aaron C, dry goods, 395 N 2d English Robert, blacksm. 57 N 15th 

Engle Edwin, flour and feed. Market ab 17th,: English Samuel, clerk, Washington above Wil- 
li 24 Barker \ liam (W P) 
Engle Miss, rag shop. Master ab Lewis i English Suml. P., mer. 21 Chestnut, h 314 Walnut 
Engle M. J., clothing, 772 W Market English Sarah, widow of Samuel, 314 Walnut 
Engle M. P., shop, 9th and Nectarine ! English Thomas B., clerk, F. & M. Bank, h288 
Engle Wendel, cord, rear 246 Poplar I S iOth 
Englebert Cornelius, ladies' shoemaker, 277 English T., drayman, Passmore pi 

Walnut I English Wm., acct. 107 Walnut, h Washin^n 

Englebert J., ladies' shoemr. 529 Chestnut ' ab 13th 

Englehard , M. D., 349 S 3d English W. A., agent, 14 Richmond (R) 

Englehart William F., tin plate worker, 23 Nee-'Enhart Henry, umbrella mr. 41 Coates 

tarine :Enis Fred., butchar. Wood bel Front 

Engleman H. P.^ tobacconist, 173 N 3d, h 258|Ennis Chas. B.. curr., 175 Lewis 


Engleman Joseph, confect. 9 Cuthbert 
Engleman Wm. B., farmer, 2d st road 
Engles Ann, Lombard ab Broad 
Engles Jane, trimmings, 347 Pine 
Engles Joseph P., publisher, 265 Chestnut, h 

71 Filbert 
Engles Lewis B., diy goods, 83 Market, h 287 

Engles Wm., watch case mr. Marriott bel 6th 

Ennis James, plasterer, 144 Monroe 

Ennis John, lab. WiUiam ab Richmond (R) 

Ennis J. J., paper hanger, 489 Brown 

Ennis Mary, shop, St Mary 

Ennis Rachel, dressmr. 142 S 5th 

Ennis llichard, glass blower, Meredith n 24th 

Ennis Robert, combmaker, 418 N 9th 

Ennis Thomas, lumbermr. 70 Lewis 

Ennis Wm., cordw. P road bel Wharton 

Ennis Wm. A., clerk, 43 N 2d, h 418 N 9th 

Engles Wm. M., Rev., editor, 265 Chestnut, h \ Ennis W. A., umbrella mr. 7 Lewis 

Filbert W Broad 

Eno George A., burnisher. Wood ab 13th 

English Abram, ladies' shoemr. 50 Market, h 30! Enoch Isaac, wheelwr. New Water ab Cherry 

New Market 
English Beverlv, clerk, 14 S 2d, h 7o Race 
Enghsh Charles, com. mer. 13 Chestnut 
English Christie, lab. M'Coiinick's av 
English David, capt. 3 Engineer's row 
English Edw. B., grocer, 3 Arch, h 419 Green 
English 8c Ellis, tailors, 19 S 3d 
English E., 7th bel Washington 

Enoch John, carpet, G T road ab 7tli 
Enoch Joseph, rope mr. G T road ab 7th 
Enoch Joseph, 25 Linden (K) 
Enochs Enoch, stone cutter, 16th & Winter 
Enochs George, stone cutter, 68 Citron 
Enochs Lewis, ropemr. GTroad ab7th 
Enos D. C, real estate broker, 63 Dock, h S W 
Chestnut and Park (W P) 




Enrig-ht Daniel, tavern, 76 N Water 
Enrig-ht John, b h, 9 Norris al 
Enser Georg-e, lag-erbeer, Froacl& Vienna 
Ensly John, bootmr. Orchard ab Rawle 
Enterline Amos, salesman, 98 Market 
Entres John G., cordw. Beaver bel Charlotte 
Entrikin Wm., machinist, 26 Citron 
Entwistle John, victualler, Marlborough and 

Duke (K) 
Enyard Charles, cordw. 520 N 2d 
Enyard Isaac A., hosier, 524 N 2d 
Enyard Jacob D., jr., paper hanger, 520 N 2d,h 

77 G T road 
Eooler Joseph, lab. William's ct 
Ephraim J. A., jeweler, 260 South 
Ephrer Samuel, dealer. Crown and Vine 
EjDler Daniel, eg'g' dealer, 35 Callowhill, house 

Epler Daniel, mer. 519 N 8th 
Epler Georg'eB., 42 Charlotte 
Epley Charles, 2 Lewis 
Epley Georg'e, billiard saloon, N E 6th and 

Chestnut, h 366 S 10th 
EPLEY JOSEPH, tavern, 1 Decatur 
Epley William, cordw. Anita bel 12th 
Epp Peter, 5 Lewis ab Poplar 
Eppehimer Jonas, tailor, 59 N 3d, h 304 St John 
EPPELSHEIMER A., g-rocer, N W 10th and 

Spring Garden, h Broad ab Brown 
Eppelsheimer Daniel, 11 New 
EPPELSHEIMER D. & SON, leather 8c find- 
ings, 155 N 2d 
Eppelsheimer Edward, grocer, S E 5th 8c Vine 

h 376 Coates 
Eppelsheimer John F., 155 N 2d, h 183 Green 
Eppelsheimer Lewis, grocer, N W cor 10th and 

Spring Garden, h Broad ab Brown 
Eppelsheimer P. 8c Co., wines and liquors, 97 

Eppinger Joshua, cordw. St. John ab Beach 
Eppwright Wm., ship carp. Denmark bel 2d 
Epstein Elias, tailor, 139 ButtonwoodJ 
Epstein J., tailor, 438 N 10th 
Epstein Mary, 193 N 10th 

Erb George, coffee roaster, Union ab West 
Erb Jeremiah, clerk, rear 69 Noble 
Erb Philip, furniture cars, 793 N 5th 
Erb Simon, lab. 7th ab Poplar 
Erben Henry G., druggist, S W 12th 8c Vine 
Erben John M., cabtmr. 6 Tyler 
Ei-ben Peter C, manuf. Nixon 8c Hamilton and 

20th ab Race,h Logan sq ab Race 
Erbsmehl Ferdinand, tailor, 104 Vine 
Erdman D. R., pumpmr. Ridge av and Francis, 

h Powell and Ann 
Erdman Francis, bricklayer. Beach ab Marlboro 
Erdman Fredk., engineer, Parrish ab Broad 
Erdman George, pattern mr. Callowhill ab 18th 
Erdman Henry, vinegar manuf. F road above 

Erdman John, driver. Diamond n G T road 
Erdman Malcolm, lab. 4th ab Montgomery 
Erety George, alderman, 284 N 3d 
Erety Wm.,' bookseller, S W 4th 8c Race, h 686 

N 11th 
Erfert Theresa, washerw. reai* 18 Ogden 

Ergood Levi, carp. 11th ab Coates 

Erhardt Caroline, wid of Wm. P., cap manuf. 

140 N 3d, h 502 N 5th 
Erhardt Francis, tobacco, 9 Torr's ct 
Erhardt Gotlieb, tanner, 35 Hazel 
Erhardt Mary, teacher of music, 502 N 5th 
Erichson C. F., atty 8c coun. Sansom. bel 7th 
Erichson Jane S., 6 William's ct 
Erkel Fred., pedlar, 521 G T road 
Erkel Frederick, saddler, G T road ab 5th 
Ernest Charles, cabinetmr. Clinton av 
Ernest Jacob, liquor, 14 Redwood 
ERNEST M. H., ladies' fur. store, N E 3d 8c Pine 
Ernst Anthony, lab. 11 Lilly al 
Ernst Daniel, bookbinder, 3d bel Federal 
Ernst E., 87 S 3d 
Ernst Jacob, tailor, 551 N 3d 
Ernst Jacob, gent. S Washington bel 3d 
Ernst Michael, tailor, 4 Hyde's ct 
Ernst Wm., atty. at law, 136 Walnut, h 132 L. 

Ernst William, teacher of music. Crown and 

Ernwood Wm., cordw. Fraley's al 
P^rowin David, lab. 8 W South 
Errickson Michael, carp. Juniper ab Pine, h 382 

Pine ab 13th 
Erringer Fredk., 81 Cherry 
Erringer Frederick, cabinetmr. AnnW 17th 
Erringer J. Livingston, mer. 37 Chestnut, house 

Pine bel Broad 
Erringer Philip, grocer, N E 3d and Vine, h 91 

Errisman Jacob, cabinetmr. Harrison 
Erskine Emelia, 53 Fitzwater 
Erskine Joseph, cordw. 74 S 11th, h 380 S 9th 
Erskine Martin, bootmr. 81 N 9th 
Erskine Richard, carp. Helmuth bel 17th 
Erskine Rufus M., 112 N 8th 
Ertel Philip, tavern, 122 Brown 
Erthall Philip, lab. 10 School (K) 
Ertlip Henry, bootmr. Front ab Harrison 
Ertlip Israel, bootmr. Front ab Harrison 
Erven Samuel R., bottler, 461 and h 459 S 4th 
Ervien Robert, flour mill, 201 S Front, house 38 

Ervin Alexander, manuf. 854 2d ab Master (K) 
Ervln David B., acct. 43 N 3d, h 854 N 2d 
Ervin Ellen, upholsterer, Moore and Say 
Ervin George, Moore and Say 
Ervin Henry, Moore and Say 
Ervln James S., blacksm. Grape ab 7th (M V) 
Ervln Philip T., carver, P road bel Wharton 
Ervin Randall M., blacksm. 15th ab Fairview 
Ervin Thomas, carp. 15th ab Fairview 
Ervin Wm. C, bootmr. 6| Lagrange pi 
Erwin Edward, varnisher. Winter ab 21st 
Erwin Elizabeth, dressmr. 21 Julianna 
Erwin Francis, weaver, Milton ab 11th 
Erwin George W., carpet, Houten la ab 5th 
Ei'win James, 201 17th bel Pine 
ERWIN JOHN, waiter, 8 Raspberry 
Erwin John, weaver, 25 Bedford bel 13th 
Erwin John, lab. Miller ab 13th 
Erwin Joseph E., 350 Market 
Erwin J. Warner, conveyancer, 5th 8c Libraiy, 

h S E 19th and Cherry 
Erwin Margaret, nui'se, rear 35 Charlotte 



Erwin Patrick, lab. Sorel bel Larch (R) 
Erwin Philip, furn. car, 12th ab Brown 

Erwin Rebecca C. S., 18th and Chestnut 

Erwin Robert, shipping- master, 297 Front 

Erwin Robt., weaver, Shippen bel Broad 

Erwin Sarah A., trimming-s, 662 Poplar 

Erwin Stewart, lab. Filbert and 20th 

Erwin Susan, g-entw. 340 Arch 

Erwin Wm., weaver, Hope ab Master 

Erwin Wrig-ht, mattress manuf. 23 1§ Callowhill 

Escher Charles, music store. Brown and Jones 

Eschmann Louis, b h, 25 Sti-awberry 

Esconbone Charles, scourer, 368 Chestnut 

Esconbone Jolly, dressmr. 368 Chestnut 

Esenwien Fred., morocco dress, Union ct 

Esenwien Mary, 249 Noble 

Eshbach David B., tavern, S W 2d & Oxford 

Eshbach W., lab. 124 G T road 

Esher Ann M., 41 James ab 10th 

Esher Conrad M., bricklr. 23d bel Spruce 

Esher Coiirad S., grocer, S W 9th and Cheny, 

h 127 N 12th 
Esher & Cranmer, ladies boots & shoes, 6N9th 

ab Arch 
Esher Jacob, gro. 64 and 66 N 4th, h 209 N 6th 
Esher Jacob, carp. Lancaster Pike and West- 
minster (W P) 
Esher John, shoemr. 2 Doug-lass 
Esher John, tailor, Thompson bel 17th 
Esher John, brickmr. 868 Lombard 
Esher John, grocer, Coates and Schuylkill 
Esher T. W., 6 N 9th ab Arch, h 127 N 12th 
Esher Wm., brickmr. Beech ab Spruce 
Esher Wm., 221 N 6th 
Esherick Amanda, 149 N 6th 
Esherick Jos., mer. 148 Market, h 211 N 4th 
ESHERICK, PENN Sc CO., diy goods, 148 

Eshleman L. S., M. D., 108 N 5th 
Eshner Anthony, shop. Mechanic 8i Culvert 
Esick Catharine, Hickory ct 
Esihenbacher John, tavern, 126 Coates 
Eskin Henry, clerk, Haverford (M V) 
Esler Benjamin, gent. 20 S 15th 
Esler B. K. & Co., ice dealers, Shippen st, whf. 

and 18 S 15th, h 209 S 16th 
ESLER GEO., JR., importer of Havana cigars, 

211 Chestnut, h 498 N 6th 
Esler Geo., sr., carp. 93 Crown 
Esler John, turner, George E 17th 
Esler J. & R. B., turners, 15th and Linden 
Esler Lewis H., house carp. Crown above Cal- 
Esler Mary, china, 462 S Front 
Esler Michl., lab. Van Buren pi 
Esler Robert B., 109 S 16th 
Eshng Ann C, 51 Filbert 
Esling L. Theodore, clerk, sheriff's office, h 57 

Esmiol P. A., cook, 4 Paynter's ct 
Espy Mills B., 152 S Front, h 17th bel Walnut 
Espy Rebecca, 17th bel Walnut 
Esray John, jr., corder, 509 S Front 
Esrey Wm. P., M. D., 474 Vine 
Essen Rudolph, cordw. 88 Ogden 
Essen Wm., baker, 129 Race 
Esseneivein Edward, plasterer, Cadwalader ab 

Esser J., bootmr. 520 N 4th 

ESSICH E^HL, lager beer, 335 Market, h N 

E 8th and Vine 
Essich Jacob, trader. Phoenix bel G T road 
Essick Jacob, mason, N E Washington and 

Essick Paul J , gas wks. 158 Summer 
Essig Christian S., turner. Poplar ab 6th 
Ester Ferdinand, tailor, Morris (S) 
Esterlon Ann, 244 South 
Esterly Frederick, carp. Seneca ct 
Estes Wm., dealer, 30 Lombard 
Estlack Geo., bricklayer, 61 S 16th 
ESTLACK THOS., JR. & CO., druggists, N E 

Front and Market 
Estlack Thos., jr., mer. Front & Market, h 642 

W Chestnut 
Estlen Jno., broker, cor. 7th and Barclay 
Estlin John, cooking stoves, 87 N 5t!r 
Estlow Chas. K., tailor, 18 John 
Estrange Thos., dealer, h 4 Pritchet's ct 
Estreicher Catharine, Perry bel Phoenix 
EtchellJno., spinner. Union ab F av 
Etchell Jas., cordw. 33 Perry 
Etchells Isaac, lab. rear 33 Peny 
Etchman Francis, barber, 173 Locust 
Ethedge Jas., waterman, Court al 
Etris John, agt. 128 Monroe 
ETRIS JOHN M., marble yard Palmer bel F 

road (K) 
Etris Joseph, bricklayer, Sutherland 
Etris Samuel, ship joiner, 416 S Front 
Etter David, collector, 183 Catharine 
Etter Geo., jeweler, 40 Federal 
Etter Wm., tailor, 26 Plover 
Etters & Smith, lumber, Lehigh and Richmond 
Etting Benj., mer. 46 N Delaware av and 93 N 

Water, h 421 Spruce 
Etting Edward J., iron mer. 46 N Delaware av 

and 93 N Water, h S W 15th and Spruce 
Etting E. J. & Brother, com. mers. 46 N Dela- 
ware av and 93 N Water 
Etting Hen., purser U S N., 16th ab Spruce 
Etting Horatio, mer. 125 S Front, h 16th above 

Etting Simon, gent. 18 Union 
Ettinger Abrra., 305 N 2d 
Ettinger B., mer. 63 N 3d, h 6th ab Poplar 
Ettinger C. H. W., 98 Arch 
Ettinger Wm., bricklayer, 26 Chatham 
Ettinger Wm., clerk, 16 N 3d, h 253 Parrish 
Ettinger Wolf, clothing, 304 N Front 
Ettla D. R., salesman, 165 Market, h Camden 
Ettla Geo. H., salesman, 179 Market 
Etzel Wm., tailor, Mifflin ab Master 
Euler Geo., cooper, S E Charles and Shippen 
Eustace M. L., toys Sc fancy goods, 303 Walnut 
Eustis Michl., lab. Fitzwater ab 15th 
Eustis Pat., lab. Fitzwater n 15th 
EUSTON BELLAMY B., ornamental penman- 
ship and stationer, 20 S 6th 
Euston James, wooden ware, 108 N 3d, h 192 

N 11th 
Euston Jas., model mr. 33 Union 
Eva John, tailor, Vienna (K) 
Evans Aaron, carp. 30 Logan 
Evans Albert, blksm. 203 Noble 
Evans Andrew W. grocer, 9th and Coates 





Evans Ann, dealer in preserves and confec. 125 

Evans Ann, trimmings, 466 S 9th 
Evans Anna, Juniper ab Pine 
Evans Anna, b h, 443 Spruce 
Evans Arthur, lab. William bel Edward (K) 
Evans Benj. currier, 149 S Front, h 11 Senate 
Evans Benj. C. mer. 11 Bank, h 404 N 6th 
Evans Benj, M. grocer, 276 South 
Evans B., Mrs. 48 Winter 
Evans Cadwalader, 417 Arch 
Evans Chalkley, York 
Evans Charles, daguerrotypist, 388 Market, h 

S Vv^ 13th and Chestnut 
Evans Chas. mach. Quarry ab 2d, h 100 Vine 
Evans Chas. boot 8c shoemr. Green 8c L Green 
Evans Chas., M, D., 182 Arch 
Evans Charles M., clerk, 120 Arch, h 406 Brown 
Evans Charles R., cordw. Ball (K) 
Evans Clotworthy, mechanic, Harrison bel 21st 
Evans C. D., shoemr. N W 3d andKace 
Evans Daniel G., com. mer, 36 S Delaware av 
Evans David, M. D. 427 Chestnut 
Evans David, jr., h 41 Senate 
Evans David, fire proof chest manuf. 26 S 4th, h 

S W Marshall 8c Buttonwood 
Evans David, ropemr. Latimer ab Wood 
Evans David H., waterman, Sorrell ab Larch 
Evans David R., lumber counter, Montgomery 

House, 6th and Willow 
EVANS DAVID Z. groc. 5 S 5th, h N W 16th 

and Girard av 
Evans Edward, tin man, 648 N 2d (K) 
Evans Edward, slater, 102 Parrisli bel 8th 
Evans Edward, carter, Brasier n Loyd 
Evans Edwd., bricklr. 11 Erandywine 
Evans Edward R., clerk, 9 S 3d 
Evans Edwin, biscuit baker, 24 Division 
Evans Elizabeth, Gilbert ab 9th 
Evans Ellen, milliner, 20 N 8th 
Evans Ellis, shoemr. 76 Lombai'd 
Evans Enoch, bookkeeper, 812 N 11th 
Evans E. F., carp. 20 Decatur,h Wallace bel 10th 
Evans E., Mrs., washerwoman, 25 Bay 
Evans Francis, chairmr. 393 Poplar 
Evans Franklin, mer. 63 Market, h 24 Summer 
Evans Geo., wagon and carriage grease mauuf. 

423 Brown 
Evans Geo. tavern, N W 13th and South 
EVANS GEO. C, druggist, 6th and Poplar 
Evans Geo. O. mer, 51 N 3d, h 176 N 4th 
Evans Geo. W. dry goods, 2 N 9th 
Evans G. Rees, cigarmr. Olive bel 12th 
Evans Hannah J. 29 Wood 
Evans Henry, elk. Locust n Moore (W P) 
Evans Henry, elk. Till n Washington (W P) 
Evans Horace, M. D. 163 Walnut 
Evans Howell, printer, 4th bel Chestnut, h 332 

N 7th ab Brown 
Evans Isaac, grocer, Lewis and Master 
Evans Isaiah, engineer, 31 Mary 
Evans Jacob, inspect. 88 Cherry 
Evans James, brickmr. 9 Owen 
EVANS JAS., silver plated ware, N E 10th and 

Evans Jas. D. cordw. 480J N 2d 8c 7 Queen (K) 
Evans Jas. E. gun mr. 86 South 
Evans John, jr., carp. 400 N 13th 

Evans John, moulder, 34 Charlotte 

Evans John, carp. 39 Brandywine 

Evans John, teacher, 21Perry 

Evans John, cordw. 7 Rubican's pi 

Evans John, carter, 11 Brandywine 

Evans John, carp. Green bel Mary (W P) 

Evans John, lab. Carlton bel 13th 

Evans John H., clerk, 46 S 3d, h 320 S 12th 

Evans John M. mer. 387 N 8th, h 144 Marshall 

Evans John M. carpets, 217 N 2d 

Evans John P., 648 South 

Evans John S., salesman, S E 9th and Market, h 

13 N 7th 
Evans Jonatlian G., gilder, 8 Bayard 
Evans Jonathan, Mrs. grocer, 10th bel Poplar 
EVANS JOSEPH, leather mer. 241 S 5th, h 

Paschal bel 11th 
Evans Joseph agent, 109 Parrlsh 
Evans Joseph, cordw. 135 Wood (K) 
Evans Joseph, variety store, 233 S 2d 
Evans Jos., Crammond n Chestnut (W P) 
Evans Jos. R. 8c Co., com. mers. 31 S Del av 
Evans Joseph R. mer. 31 S Del. av, h 101 Pine 
Evans Josiah, jr. tailor, 209 N 9th 
Evans Josiah, Mrs., George E 21st 
Evans Josiah, measurer, 509 N 7th 
Evans Lemuel L., druggist, N E 13th 8c Mont- 
Evans Margaret, wid. of Joseph R., 103 Pine 
Evans Mary, Duke ab Hanover 
Evans Mary, b h, 8 Quince 
Evans Matthew, weaver, Diamond 
Evans Miles, lab. Somerset (R) 
Evans Moses, chemist, 5 Church av 
Evans M. M., trimmings, Charles 8c Buttonwood 
Evans Nathaniel K. carp. Melon n 10th 
Evans Nehemiah, lumber mer. Lancaster pike 

and Westminster (W P) 
Evans Oliver, coi-dw. William bel Richmond (R) 
Evans Oliver, refrigerators, 8cc. 61 S 2d, h 229 "^ 

Evans Othniel V., paper hanger, 82 N 9th, h 86 J 

N 9th 
Evans Owen, china, 194J Market, h 172 Filbert 
Evans Owen B. lime, 9th and Sp Garden, h N 

W 10th and Green 
EVANS 8c QUINCEY, china 8cc., 194^ Market 
Evans Richard, watchman 4tli bel Redwood 
Evans Richd. tailor, 9 Wesley 
Evans Richard C. bricklr. h 144 S 13th 
Evans Robert, measurer, 98 Wallace 
Evans Robert E., salesman, 73 Market, h Ger- ^ 

Evans Robert T. 542 Chestnut 
Evans Rowland C. carp. 10th bel Sp Garden 
Evans Rowland E. idty. h coun. 417 Arch 
Evans Ruth, mer. 148 Wood 
Evans R., vet. surgeon, 12 Buckley, h 375 Pine 
Evans Samuel, porter. Centre ab 12th 
Evans Samuel, stone mason, 432 N 9th 
Evans Samuel R. gent. Green bel 11th 
Evans Sarah, 11 Brandywine 
Evans Sarah, cupper, 86^- N 9th 
Evans Seniah, feed store, Blockley plank road 
Evans S. A., Mrs., 2 Clinton square 
Evans Theodore, scale mr. 2 Hutchinson 
Evans Theo., salesman, 85 Market, h 49 Green 
Evans Thomas, collector, 391 N 10th 




EVANS THOMAS W., & CO., dry goods, 214 
& 216 Chestnut 

Evans Thos., bookkeeper, 6th bel Master 

Evans Thos., 5 Fries' ct 

Evans Thos., mer. 63 Market, h Race bel 17th 

Evans Thos. gent. 180 Arch 

Evans Thos., gardener, Dauphin &, Lepriva (R) 

Evans Thos., Race E 17th 

Evans Tlios., blksm. Van Biu-en pi 

Evans Thos., waterman, Steam MiU al 

Evans Thos., clerk, 126 Market, h 757 N 6th 

Evans Thos. L. mer. 246 Sp Garden 

Evans Thos. W., bricklr. 222 N 5th 

Evans T. & F. cloths, 63 Market 

Evans T. Walhs, dry goods, 214 Chestnut 

Evans Walter F. engraver, Austin bel FederiA 

Evans & Watson, salamander safes and refriger- 
'■' ators, 26 S 4th, factory Lawrence ab 8th 

Evans & Wells, window fr. 8c sash mrs. Wood- 
land and Washington (W P) 

Evans Whitton, clerk. Chestnut ab Till (W P) 

Evans Wm., seaman, Louty's ct 

Evans Wm. carp. 4 Monmouth ct 

Evans Wm., jr., 102 Union 

Evans Wm. drug. 134 S Fi'ont, h 102 Union 

Evans Wm, seaman. Trinity pi 

Evans Wm., painter, 197 Ogden 

Evans Wm., painter. Wood ab 12th 

Evans Wm. E., Pres. Carbon Run Improv. Co., 
6 Carpenter's ct 

Evans Wm. M., real estate agent, Market & 
Lancaster, h Mary ab Centre (W P) 

Evans Wm. R., mer. 388 Market, h 15th above 

Evans Wm. R. dry goods, 105 Market h 75 
N 10th 

Evans Wilson, salesman, 4 S Front, h 324 Noble 

Evans W. Elbert, Locust W 16th 

Evans Zachariah, watchman, 109 Market 

Evard Richd., grocer. Pearl bel Broad 

Evaul Eliza, oysters, 556 N 2d ^ 

Eve Lewis, blacksm. 67 Mead 

Eve Wm. cordw. rear 73 Jarvis ab 2d 

EVELAND DANIEL, moroc. dresser, 65 Wil-j 
low, h 160 Franklin 


Ever James, tailor, 410 Apple 

Everall Jno., stonemason, Buttonwood bel 9th 

Everest Cornelius, jeweler, 20 S 8th 

Everest H. G., jeweler, 20 S 8th 

Everett Benj. C. surgeon's bandages and instru- 
ments, 4 N 9th, h 6th door ab Market, W 

Everett Charles, mer., 83 Market, h 141 N 9th 

Everett & Engles, cloths, 83 Market 

Everett Horace, mer. 78 N Front, h Locust bet 
19th and 20th 

Everett Newman, botanic doctor, 146 Beach (R) 

Everett Robert, printer, 120 Olive 

Everett Saml., gardr., Mervine bel Montgomery 

Everham Wm. wheelwr. Broad ab Green, h 
15th and Barclay (S G) 

Everhart Anthony, driver, T3 Queen 

■ Everhart C, 37 Chester 

Everhart David, coachmr. 7th ab Masters 

iEverhart Geo., lab. Harrison av 

Everhart James M. cordw, Dehaven's ct (K) 

iEverhart Maria, Lisle bel Shippen 

Everhart Wm., driver, 7o Queen 

Everitt Davis, coachmr. 291 Jefferson 

Everitt Elisha, tm-ner, 11th bel Oxford 

Everitt John, lab. Passyunk 

Everitt Maria, shop, 39 W North 

Everitt Robt., lab. Passyimk 

Everling John, brushmr. Otter ab G T road (K) 

Everly Adam, gent. 354 Arch 

Everly Christian, lab. rear York and Tulip 

Everly George M., capt. 305 S Front 

Everly M. N., button factory, 238 Christiaq, h 

87 Catharine 
Everly Wm. A. mer. 225 Market, h 398 Arch 
Everly Olivia K., dry goods, 312 Pine 
Everman John W., R. R. agent, William n Pratt 

Evers Christian, confec. 79 S 2d 
Evers John A. leather, 50 and 52 South 
Evers Wm., sur. inst. mr. 30 Strawberry 
Everson Rachel, 12 Madison 
Evert Geo., Girard av ab Ridge av 
Evertz Ferdinand, cutler, 2 Hide's ct 
Every Samuel, lab. Sch Water and Lombard 
Eves Ann, b h, 1 S 9th 
Eves Jas., salesman, 9 Cowperthwait pi 
Eves Philip, gas fitter. Brazier's av 
Eves Susan, b h, 1 S 9th 
Evis Chas., carter. Wood ab F av (K) 
Evleth Clayton M., brewer, 173 S 11th 
Evleth J. Granville, clerk, 173 S 11th 
Ewald Chas. J., dry goods, 528 N 6th 
Ewald Geo. F. tailor, 541 N 2d, h 146 F road 
Ewe John, shoemr.35 Irp 
Ewell Edwd. waiter, '4 Reckless 
Ewell Ellis, carp, rear Union ab Bedford 
Ewell Esther, wid of Wm., shop, 61 Mai-shall (S) 
Ewell Saml., chairmr. 4 Reckless 
Ewell Solomon, oyster house, 67 Dock, h 78 

Ewell Thos., waterman, 4 Reckless 
Ewing Alex., blksm. Lombard n 20th 
Ewing Bridget, 6 Bridget 
Ewing Charles, cordw. 261 S 6th 
Ewing Geo. H. rigger, 182 Swanson 
Ewing James, lab. Salmon ab Emory (R) 
Ewing James, lab. 52 Hampton 
Ewing James, painter, Mary E S Willow 
Ewing James, lab. South bel 22d 
Ewing James K., 386 S 2d 
Ewing John, boatman, 248 S Juniper. 
Ewing John ID. mer. 31Chestnut, h Locust ab 15th 
Ewing J, O. gent. Broad bel Pine 
Ewing Mary, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Ewing Robert, com. mer. 27 Minor, house 221 

EWING ROBERT, mer, 31 Chestnut 
Ewing Samuel, lab. 562 Vine 
Ewing Samuel, hotel, Charles & James 
Ewing Samuel, lab. Bedford bel 13tli 
Ewing Sam. Wm., waterman, rear 375 S Front 
Ewing Sarah, nurse, 229 S 5th 
Ewing Wm. E., clerk, 348 Lombard 
Ewilt Maiy, rear Bank bel Lombard 
Exley Wm. flovu- and feed, 5th and Franklin 
Exley Wm. blacksm. Wood & Dillwyn, house 

Franklin and Wallace 
Ey Balderston, macht. 6 Craig's av 
Eyanson Thos., tailor, 50 Zane 




Eynon David, turner, 25th bel Locust 
Eyre A., dressmr. Franklin ab Crown (10 
Eyre Abrm., whf. br. Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Eyre Edward E. mer. S W 4th & Arch, house 

97 N 5th 
Eyre E., Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Eyre Franklin, whf. br. 187 Queen (K) 
Eyre Geo. W., clerk, 11 N 3d, h 298 Marshall 

ab Poplar 
Eyre Isaac P., salesman, h 29 N 15th 
Eyre Jehu W. whf. builder. Beach above Har- 

over (K) 
Eyre John R. carp. 504 N 8th 
Eyre Joseph K. com. mer. 37 Dock 
Eyre & Landell, dry goods, S W 4th and Arch 
Eyre Lewis, carp. 18 Logan 
Eyre Mary Ann, 298 Marshall 
Eyre Richd., whf. br. Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Eyre Rbbt. W., 298 Marshall 
Eyre Thomas, eating house, 22|^ N Del av, h 

Franklin ab Union 
Eyre Thos. comb mi\ Franklin ab Union 
Eyre, Ward & Co., hardware agency, 2 Ran- 

stead pi 
Eyre Wm. carp. 29 N 15th 
Eyre Wm. H., book keeper, 74 N 3d, house 18 

Eyres John, gent. 76 George (N L) 
Ezekiel Simon, mer. 94 N 3d, h 47 Duke 

Faahan John, shoemr. Washington bel Rose 

Faas Anthony, accordeon, 41 N 6th, h 380 N 4th 
Faber Alex., Girai-d av bel 12th 
Faber Christian, tailor, 6 Harriges' ct 
Faber Jacob, carp. Adams ab Oxford (K) 
Faber Wm., silversm. 124 N 5th 
Faber Wm. T., silversm. 53 Lewis (P D) 
Fabian Chas., shoemr. 58 Citron 
Fabian Jos., basketmr. Passyunk r 
Fabian Mary, b h, 349 Market 
Fabel Conrad, shoes, 200^ South 
Fable Alfred, umbrella, 286 Master 
Fable Barbara, 268 9th ab Noble 
Fable E., umbrella mr. 268 9th ab Noble 
Fable J. A., umbrella mr. 286 Master 
Fable Wm. L., bdokbr. 543 N 5th 
Fackender John, morocco, 3 Northampton ct 
Fackler Louis F., baker 35 New Market 
Fackney John, gent. 286 Race 
-Facon & Fine, clothing, 59 N 3d 
Facon Thomas, mer. 59 N 3d, h 254 S 10th 
Fadely Abraham, bricklr. Hope ab Master (K) 
FadelyRobt, police, 717 N 10th 
Fagan Catharine, WiUiams' av (S G) 
Fagan Catharine, Somerset (R) 
Fagan Catharine, Sp. Garden and WilHam 
Fagan Daniel, lab. Passyunk road 
Fagan Daniel, engineer. Summer near Belmont 
Fagan Frederick, lab. rear 270 New Market 
Fagan Francis P., boot mr. 25 Kurtz 
Fagan James, shuttle mr. Spooner's av (K) 
Fagan John, stereotj'pe foundry, 19 St James, h 

209 Filbert 
Fagan Mary, spooler, rear 6 Bedford bel 12th 
Fagan Michael, lab. 17 Murray 

Fagan Mich. V., shoemr. 42 Fitzwater, h 5 Gaff- 

ney's av 
Fagan Patrick, weaver, 7th bel Fitzwater 
Fagan Patrick, 5 Boyd's av. 
Fagan Peter, lab. Salmon ab R R (K) 
Fagan Peter, lab. Factory n Sch Beach 
Fagan Peter, blacksm. 16th ab Wood 
Fagan Peter, carpt. weaver, 7th ab Fitzwater 
Fagan Peter A., cutter, 141 Chestnut, h 7th bel 


Fagan P. A.., grocer, N E 8th and Bedford 
FAGAN STEPHEN, grocer, S E 8th & Lom- 

Fagan Thomas, milkman, Salmon bel William 
Fagan Thos. H., plasterer, Ann ab Salmon (R) 
Fagely Joshua, tanner, Jefferson's place 
Fagely Lewis, lab. 12th bel Columbia av 
Fagan W. H., let. car. post office, h 409 S 11th 
Fagenbush Jacob, cordw. Grays 
Fager Daniel, engineer, Story bel 8th (W P) 
Eager Henry, shop. 34 Alder 
Fagin Alexander, shoes, 134 S 10th 
Fagioli Francis, cordw. 81 S 8th, h 284 Parrish 
Fagundus G. K., clerk, 6 Saranack 
Fagundus Wm. F., tailor, 127 Chestnut, h Wil- 
low W 18th 
FAHNESTOCK B. A., 209 Market, h S W 18th 

and Arch 
FAHNESTOCK B. A. & CO., druggists, 209 

Fahnestock Edwin, clerk, 47 Market 
Fahnestock George, salesman, 26 N 2d 
FAHNESTOCK G. W.,mer. 209 Market, h 698 

Fahy Daniel, lab. 198 N Front 
Fahy Mark, lab. Carbon place 
Fahy Mary, Apple ab Franklin (K) 
Fair John, carp. 4 Shoemaker, h 127 Locust 
Fair Robert, carp. 4 Shoemaker ct. h 127 Locust 
FAIR THOMAS, grocer, S E 13th & Fitzwater 
Fairbrothers James, driver, Ash ab Franklin av 
Fairbanks Drury, boxmr. Coates ab 21st 
FAIRBANKS E. & T., scale manufs. 225 Market 
Fairbanks S. II., cordw. Washington bel Logan 
Faires J. W., seminary, h 16th bel Locust 
Fairlamb George W., carp. Currant al, h 14 Perry 
Fairlamb Hannah K., wid. of Jonas P., 20th bel 

Fairlamb Jos., shoes, 1 N 5th, h Chestnut n 22d 
Fairman James, butcher, 15tli ab Parrish 
Fairman Samuel, carp. 486 N 10th 
Fairman William, carp. 15th ab Parrish 
Fairgrieve James, clerk, 82 S 2d 
Fairman Jane, shop, 15th and Parrish 
Fairman G. W., clerk, S W Pine & 17th 
Fairman H. B., mer., S W 3d & Cherry, h 98 

Fairthorne Fredk., attv. and coun. 20 S 3d, h 

106 S 9th 
Faith Nancy, Front ab Harrison 
Falck Valentine O., clerk, 33 Church al. h 4 

Falconer John, moroccodr. Northampton's ct 
Falconer John G. 8c Co., mer. 57 Chestnut - .■ 
Falconer John G., mer. 57 Chestnut 
Falden Philip, chemist, Amber n York 
Fales Geo., mer. 6 S Front, h 131 Race 
Fales Harriet, mantuamr. Willing's al ab 4th 




Fales Joel, cabinetmr. 208 N 5th, h 5th Sc Wood 
Fales Lewis R., mer. h 131 Race 
Fales Saml B., g-ent. 138 Walnut 

4-: Fales, Lothrop & Co., mers. 6 S Front and 22 

"^ Market 

Faley Thomas, lab. Hamilton ab 19th 

Faloney James, watchman, Catharine bel Broad 

Faling Henry, tailor, 455 N 3rd 

Faling John, lab. Vienna bel Duke (K) 

Faling- John, vict. Reed's av (K) 

Falterman Stevens, lab. rear 4 Orchard 

Fallan Bridget, washer, rear 246 N Front 

Fallbright John, shoemr. Hutchinson bel Master 

Fallbrig-ht AVilliam, shoemr. Van Buren place ^ 

Fallen Barney, lab. 4 Almirapl 

Fallers Adam, baker, 8th and Shippen 

Faller A., clockmr. Pleasant bel R road 

Fallon Ann C, wid. Wm., 514 S Front 

Fallon Charles, clerk 88 Market 

FALLON C. & J., attys. and coun. 142 Walnut 

Fallon John, atty. and coun. 142 Walnut 

Fallon John, stone cutter, Rhodes ab 19th 

Fallon Joseph, 112 S 9th 

Fallon Mary, 9th Street av 

Fallon Thomas, cordw. 302 N 5th 

Falloney John, cordw. 25 Evans 

Fallows William, stonecr. Gadern bel 6th (M V) 

Falls Marv, Storv's ct. 

Falls Allen, liquors, 268 S 6th 

Falls Francis, g-ratemr. 83 N 6th 

Falls John, chandler, 99 Dillwyn 

Famier Henry, cabinetmr, 101 Mervine 

y-PANFERNOT & DULAC, importers and com. 

r^ merchants, 22 Church al 

Fanfernot Emile, mer. 22 Chui'ch al 

Fanlin John, tavern, 21 N 3d 

Fannin John, ropemr. 82 Cadwalader 

Fannin John, lab. 9 M road 

Fannin William, mach. 8 Elm 

Fanning- John W., trimmings, 178 S 5th 

Fanning- Patrick, clothing-, Juniper ab Market 

Fanning- Wm., dry goods, 139 S Garden 

Fanz Marj'', Mechanic bel Thompson 

Farbeaux J. C., barber, 201 Locust 

FAREIRA JOHN, hatter, 284 Market 

Fareira Joseph, hatter, 404 Lombard 

Faries James, broker, 28 S 3rd, h 47 Carpenter 

Faries James, coachmr. 47 Carpenter 

Faries Wm., 102 Washington (S G) 

Fai-ington Corn., blksm, Duke ab Wood (K) 

Farington George, cordw. Union ab F av 

Faris Arthur, lab. Penn (K) 

Farls Edward, tanner, 23d and Cherry 

Faris Marj', tailoress, Penn (K) 

Farity Ellen, shop, 10th bel L Washington 

Farling Richard, tailor, Lewellen's ct 

Farker John, weaver, rear Lombar n 21st 

Farley Bernard, mason. Auburn ab 8th 

Farley Edward, lab. 22d ab Arch 

Farley Edward, blksm. 223 P road 

Farley Edward, blksm. 613 S 7th 

Farley Francis, conductor, 292 Richmond (R) 

Farley Francis, 3 Watt 

Farley Francis, weaver, Front ab Phoenix (K) 

Farley James, lab. Pearl ab 15th 

Farley James, lab.. Palmer ab Beach (K) 

Farley James, lab. 8 Buchanan pi 

Farley John, weaver, Coral bel Price (K) 

Farley John, stone cutter. Carpenter ab 10th. 

Farley John, lab. Auburn bel 10th 

Farley Joseph W., M. D. and druggist, S W 

7th and Poplar 
Farley Michael, lab. Auburn bel lOih 
Farley Patrick, cellar digger, L Washington 

bel 10th 
Farley Thos., lab. 25 Duponceau 
Farley Thos., lab. Norris n 4th 
Farley Thos., stone cutter, Carpenter n 10th 
Farley Michael, grocer, 221 Shippen 
Farley William, oils, 2d ab York 
Farlow John, weaver, Carroll ab Dauphin 
Farlow Mary Mrs., Rose (K) 
Farlow Robert, carter, 45 Filler (K) 
Farlow Smith, lab. Burton 
Farmer Peter, waiter. Smith's ct 
Farmer Patrick, grocer, 12th & Milton 
nut ab 4th. 
Farnack John, 25 Barley 
Farndell George, stonecr. Loyd and Brazier 
Farnham B. A., mer. 60 Chestnut, h Broad below 

FARNHAM, KIRKHAM & CO., com. mers. 60 

Farnlander Leonard, tailor. Orchard ab Culvert 
Farnon Peter, mach. 267 Button^v^Dod 
Farnum Elizabeth, gentw. 16th ab Spruce 
Farnum George W., mer. 34 S Front 
Farnum Heniy, mer. 12 Chestnut, li389 Walnut 
FARNUM HENTIY & Co., mers. 12 Chestnut 
Farnum Jas. A., com. mer. 63 Chestnut, h 16th 

ab Spruce 
Farnum John, mer. 26 S Front, h 257 Arch 
FARNUM JOHN 8c CO., com. mers. 26 S Front 
FARNUM, LARNED & CO., mers. 34 S Front 
Farnum Peter, mer. 26 S Front, h 477 Chestnut 
Farnum Peter, waterman, 3 Smith's ct 
Farnum Chas. E., mer., 26 S Front, h 477 Chestnut 
Farnum Edward J., mer. 34 S Front, h S W 3d 

and Spruce 
Faron Edward, coachsm. Oxford ab 5th 
Faron Edw., coachsm. Columbia ab 2d 
Faron William W., engineer, 94 Catharine 
Farquhar Edw. Y., conveyancer, 56 Walnut, h 

S E 17th and Walnut' 
Farquhr Thomas, liquor store, N W 10th and 

Farr Edward, bookbinder, Ogden ab 13th 
Farr Earl C, clerk, 7 Sergeant 
Farr Geo. spademr. 3 St John's pi 
FARR GEO. W., tailor, US 9th, h 215 N 6th 
FaiT Geo. W., jr., mer. 112 Chestnut 
Farr James, gent. 151 N 6th 
Farr John C, mer. 140 Chestnut, b 171 S 5th 
Farr Mary Jane, 151 N 6th 
Farr Thomas, painter, 13th ab Vine 
FARR & THOMPSON, watches & jewelry, jv. 

112 Chestnut ^V 

Farr William, dyer, G T road ab Master 
Farr Wm. A., ins. agent, S W 4th and Chestnut 
Farr William. M., mer., 112 Chestnut, h 121 

Farrady Jas., surg. inst. mr. 11 Elder 
Farran'cbarles, gent, L Washington ab 11th 
Farran Hugh, carter, Murray n 20th 
Fai-ran John, lab. rear 24th ab CallowhiU 




Farran Margaret, 74 Bedfoid 
Farran Thos., charcoal, Christian ab 17th 
Farrand Stephen, carver. Filbert n 19th 
\ FARUEI, & CO., iron sates, 34 Walnut, and 
^""^ 25 Granite 

Farrel Elias, carter, Oak ab Till (W P) 

Farrell Ann, Marlborough and Allen 

Farrell Bridget, shop, Broad ab Race 

Farrell Bridget, 8 Pleasant row 

Farrell Cath., Goodwill al 

Farrell Catharine, 661 Pine 

Farrell Cornelius, bricklr. Donnelly's ct 

Farrell C, bottler, 156 S 11th 

Farrell Daniel, lab.. Crown ab F av 

Farrell Edw.,lab. York (WP) 

Farrell Edw., bar tender, 23 S 7th, h Linden and 

Farrell Edward, safe mr. 34 Walnut, h 419 Cal- 

Farrell Edward A., Jefferson House, M road 

bel Carpenter 
Farrell George, weaver, Carlton bel Broad 
Farrell Geo., clerk, 133 Wood (K) 
Farrell Geo. L., stencil cutter, 45 S 4th, h 186 

N 12th 
Farrell Henry, clerk, 97 N 4th 
Farrell Jacob, farmer, Passyunk road 
Farrell James, lab. 9 Tam.many ct 
Farrell James, grocer, 9th and L Washington 
Farrell James, furniture ware room, 177 Poplar 
Farrell James, porter, 263 Market, h 281 S 17th 
Farrell James, painter, Myrtle ab 11th 
Farrell James, lab. 252 N 'Water 
Farrell James, lab. 281 S 17th 
Farrell James, looking-glass maker, rear 66 

Farrell James, frame mr. 27 S 4th 
Farrell John, ship joiner, Marlboro' n West 
Farrell John, lab. Brown and Lehigh av 
Farrell John, drayman, Hamilton's ct 
Farrell John, lab. 632 N Front 
Farrell John, tailor. Hickory ct 
Farrell John, lab. 9 Tammany ct 
Farrell John, cordw. 572 S 7th 
Farrell John, segarmr. Lawrence (N L) 
Farrell John, 34 Walnut, h 419 CallowhiU 
Farrell John, shoemr. 9 Benton av 
Farrell John, lab. Cuthbert n 22d 
Farrell John A., varnisher, 118 Lombard 
Farrell John B., carpenter, 66 Gaskill 
Farrell John W., merchant, 33 Chestnut, h 271 

N 6th 
Farrell Joseph, b h, 393 Market 
FaiTell Lewis, superintendt. 122 Richmond (R) 
FaiTell Michael, lab. 7th and Baker 
Farrell Patrick, coachman, Jefferson ab 17th 
Farrell Patrick, drayman, 263 N Front 
Farrell Patrick, lab., 130 Richmond (R) 
J Farrell Peter, lab., Salmon bel William (R) 
y Farrell Peter, lab. Salmon above R road (K) 
Farrell Peter, bottler, Lewis ab Thompson 
Farrell Robert, tailor, 4 Boyd's ct 
Farrell Rosanna C, 66 Gaskill 
Farrell Thos. grocer, 300 Richmond (R) 
Farrell Thomas, lab., Salmon bel William (R) 
Farrell Thomas, blksm. 118 William 
Farrell Thomas C, Carpenter navy yard 
Farrell William, hatter, 15 Flower 

Farrell William, lab., Marlboro' bel West 

Farrelly James A., bon. presser, 119 South 

Farren Ann, 284 Christian 

Farren B., Crown bel Duke 

Farren Daniel, carp, 16 Morris 

Farren Edwd., lab., George bel Park (W P) 

Farren Edwd., carp., Suffolk 

Farren Jas., carp., 509 S 6th 

Farren John, painter, 119 German 

Farren Loblone, engin., SWF road & Cherry 

Farren Margaret, 19 Vernon (S) 

Farren Mary, 119 German 

Farren Pat., lab.. Powder la 

Farren Robt., carp., G T road ab 5th 

Farren Rosanna, washer. Barker n 19tli 

Farren Wm., carp., Suffolk 

Farres Alex., lab., 317 S 5th 

Farrier Coll, cordw., Bedford bel 12th 

FaiTington Henry F., merchant, 78 Market, h 
422 Vine 

Farrington Marg., 86 M road 

Farrlngton Mary, b h, 68 S 6th 

Farrington Richd., lab., Shackamaxon 

Farris Araraintha, Mrs., 50 Redwood 

Farron Gideon, trimmings, 55 Pine 

Farrow Ephraim, vict., Robinson's ct (K) 

Farrow Francis, cm-rier, 27 Magnolia 

Farrow Wm., painter, 2d bel Columbia (K) 

Farry Andw., lab., 11 New Market 

Farry Barney, brickmr.. Federal bel 12th 

Farry Mich., lab. Front opp Hazel 

Farry Mich., lab., 9 Rogers' ct 

Fai'son Davis, cabtmr., Ill Walnut 

Farson Enoch, S., wooden ware, 60 Dock, h 
134 Wharton 

Farson Saml. F., clerk, 60 Dock, h 746 N Front 

Farson Wm. carp. Norris' al, h 40 M road below 

Farthing John vict. F road ab Palmer 

Farwell Wm., Naval Asylum 

Fass Edmund, shop, 6th ab Pine 

Fassitt Alfred, mer. 201 Market, h 245 Pine 

FASSITT & CO., dry goods, 201 Market •■.,/^" 

Fassitt E. C. Mrs., 8 Portico sq 

Fassitt H. L., mer., h 329 Arch 

Fassitt James W., mer. 201 Market 

Fassitt Louis M., M. D., 100 Walnut 

Fassitt Mrs. wid. of Thomas, 327 Arch 

Fassitt R. F., mer., 100 Walnut 

Fassitt T. S. R., gent. 318 Chestnut 

Faster Fred., cordw. 22 Lilly's ct 

Fastnacht Augustus, clerk, 27 N 2d 

Fasy Catharine Ann, Wood ab 15th 

Fasy Geo., wine and liquor, 44 N 3d 

Fasy Henry J., cordw. 401 Race 

Fasy John H. printer. Wood bel 16th 

Fasy Lewis, Wood ab 15th 

Fasznacht Valentine, tailor. Worth ab Franklin 

Fatal Peter, tailor, 42 George 

Fatal Theo., 550 Wood 

Fater Jacob, grocer, S E Apple and Thompson 

Faucett Aaron P., barber shop. Poplar n 13th 

Faucett Hiram W., acct. 11 Florida 

Faugeas J., cabtmr. 44 Union 

Faught Vindel, carp., 331 N 3d 

Faulk George, capt., 445 CallowhiU 

Faulkner Edward H., manuf.. Broad & Hamil- 
ton, h Wood ab 5th 




Faulkner Henry, tailor, 156 Market, h 3 Jay 
Faulkner & Hoopes, window frame and door 

makers, Hamilton ab Broad 
Faulkner James, machinist, Xing' bel Race 
Faulkner John, cor. Adam nnd Clymer 
Faulkner J. H., painter, 60 Catharine 
Faulkner Mich., Wood ab 19th 
Faulkner Pat., carter, Caldwell ab Sch Beach 
Faulkner Pat., Coates bel Nixon 
Faulkner Robt., tailor, 25 Pratt 
Faulkner Thos., g-ardener, 20th n Market 
Faulkner Thos., tailor, 52 Fidler 
Faulkner Wm., cordw.. Vine bel 21st 
Faulkner William, lab. 12 Bedford 
Faulkner Wm., Carp., Green n Mary (W P) 
Faulkner ^Vm. H., carp., 829 Coates 
Faunce Benj., fisherman, 273 Queen (K) 
Faunce Caspar, butcher, 795 Apple 
Faunce Christian, fisherm.. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Christian, fisherm.. Queen ab Cherry(K) 
Faunce Conrad, fisherm. c Vienna & Queen (K) 
Faunce Daniel, fisherm. Queen bel Vienna (K) 
Faunce David, g'lassblow., Vienna & Bedford (K) 
Faunce Geo., fisherm.. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Georg-e, butcher, 2d ab Hart la 
Faunce Hannah, Charlotte & Culvert (N L) 
Faunce Henry, g'lassblow., Wood n Duke (K) 
Faunce Henry M., fisherm. Woodab Queen (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fishei-mn., Queen bel Cherry (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fishermn.. Queen bel Wood (K) 
Faunce Isaac, jr., fisherman, 273 Queen (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fishermn.. Cherry n Franklin (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fisherman, 268 Duke (K) 
Faunce Jacob, butcher, 2d ab Reading- av 
Faunce Jacob D., fisherman, Bedford bel Vi- 
enna (K) 
Faunce Jacob H., fishermn. Queen bel Palmer 
Faunce John, carter, Carroll ab 12th 
Faunce John, mor. fin., Charlotte ab Culvert 
Faunce John, fisherman, Queen bel Vienna (K) 
Faunce Jno. C., fishermn., Crown ab Bedford(K) 
Faunce John H., clerk, drug-g-ist. Wood ab F 

Faunce John H., clerk, 8 S 3d 
Faunce Lawrence, lab., Buttonwood la 
Faunce Mary, Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Faunce Mich., fishermn., Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Mich., fishermn.. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Peter M., fisherm., Bedford bel Ash (K) 
Faunce Samuel H., glass blower, Wood ab F 

av (K) 
Faunce Sarah, jr.. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Faunce Sarah, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Faunce Susan, g-entw.. Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Faunce Wm., County com., h Hanover & Bed- 
ford (K) 
Faunce Wm., glassblower. Ash bel Duke (K) 
Faunce Wm., fisherman, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Faunce William, ship carp., Hanover and Bed- 
ford (K) 
Faunce William, carter, Clinton ab Norris (K) 
Faurer Chas., lab.. West and Hewston 
Fauser Frederick, shop, Apple bel Master (K) 
Fauss John, Naval Asylum 
Fausset Chas., gent., 466 Spruce 
Fausset John, h 466 Spruce 
Faussett & Greer, dry goods, 389 S 5th and 412 

Faussett Joseph, book bind., 253 Market, h 452 

Faust David, mer., 45 N 3d, h 304 N 7th 
Faust Ernest, carp., Leis ct 

Faust Henry, mason, 32 Carroll ab 12th >" 

Faust, Winebrenner & Co., hardware, 45 N 3d \J^ 
Fauver C, 495 N 4th 

FAVEY ALBERT F., drug., 16th & Ridge av 
Favre Henry, watch case mr. 632 S 6th 
Fawcett Charles, wigmr., S E 5th & Chestnut 
Fawcett Hiram W., book keeper, 350 Market, 

h 12 Florida 
Fawdry George, weaver, Menn's ct 
Faxon N. S., com. mer. 57 N Del av 
Fay C. M., varnishes and japans, 101 Arch, h 

384 N 8th , / 

Fay Edward, dyer, 9 Hampton f 

Fay Henry, bricklr., N E Boyce and Small 
Fay Maryj 8 M'Dufiie 
Fay Newell, broker, h 512 N 8th 
Fay Pat., dairy, 2 Baker bel 7th 
Fav Thomas, grocer, S E 6th and Powell 
FAYETTE LEWIS, cabinetmr. 356 S 2d 
Fayles Elizabeth, 84 S Juniper 
Feairheller George, carp. 386 Apple (K) 
Feairheller Henry, lab. G T road ab 6th 
Feairheller John, carder, Apple ab Jefferson 
Feairheller Wm., spinner, Apple ab Jefferson 
Fearheller Geo., carp. 848 N 4th 
Fearon Francis, merchant, 15 S Water, h 166 

Fearon H., b h, 151 N 12th 
Fearon Jos., mer. 15 S water, h 203 S 9tli 
FEARONS 8c SMITH, grocers, 15 S Water \y 
Fease J., shoemr., 10 Chester 
Feaster William, silversmith, 93 Nectarine 
Feather Alexander S., merchant, 45 N 3d, h358 

N 8th 
Feather John, omnibuses, Fraley al 
Feather John, lab., 146 Duke 
Feather Mrs., Kershaw ab Cherry 
Fechter Conrad, lab., Washington ab Cram- 

mond (W P) 
Federal Chas., cabtmr.. Alder bel Poplar 
Federle Andrew, shoemaker, Apple above 

Fee Bridget, clothing, 233 South 
Fee Edwd., dyer, 9 Hampton 
Fee John, shoemr., 635 South ab Juniper 
Fee Mary, Marriott bel 9th 
Feehan Danl., cordw., Mullen ab Somerset 
Feelooney Hugh, tailor, 13th bel Catharine 
Feely Brian, 11 Concord 
Feeney George P., carp., rear 193 Carpenter 
Feeney John, tailor, 46 Gaskill 
Feeney John, carter. Carpenter bel 10th 
Feeny Dennis, lab., Murray ab 20th 
Feeny Henry, cordw., Murray 
Feeny Wm. P., printer, P road ab Wharton 
Fees Jacob, carp, 13 Bledisloe pi 
Fees John, pianomr. 14 Bi'ooks 
Fecter Leonard, lamp mr., Scott's ct n 4th 
Fegan B., stables, 100 Union 
Fegan B., lab., Lewis ab Emory (K) 
Fegan John, lab., Mullen bel Somerset (R) 
Fegen Peter, carp, weaver, 555 S 2d 
Fegenbush Catharine, 430 N 6th 
Fegenbush Jacob, elk., rear 36 Mechanic (N L) 




Fegenbush J., shoe store, 446 N 2cl 
Feigel Fred., cordw., Kinsler's ct 
Feig^el Levi, 64 Lombard 
Feinour Catharine, dressmr. 41 Georg-e (S) 
Feinour Joseph, stove fin. and tin and iron pi 
\y worker, 213 and 215 S Front 
Feinour &, Nixon, paper nir. 54 N 5th 
Feist Chas., tailor, 900 Coates 
Feitig George, wine house, 84 Green 
Feitig J. P., carp., 18 Bank, h 81 Brown 
Feitig & Meyer, packing boxes, 18 Bank 
Felby Saml., sparmr., 115 Jefferson av 
Feldman Lewis, sugar house, rear 20 Lilly al 
Feldmann Augustus, grocer, N W od and Co- 
Feldmann Charles, baker, 10th and Pleasant 
VjFeldmann & Gunsenhauser, 67 N 3d 
^Feldmann Henry, bootmr., 572 S 7th 
Feldon John B., weaver. Wood ab Amber (K) 
Felie Catharine, 19 Mifflin 
Felker Eliza, 51 Howard (K) 
Felker George, tailor, 51 Howard 
Felker Maria, dressmr., 517 S Front 
Felker Wm. D., tobacco., N3d bel George 
Fell Aai-on, cabtmr., 157 Ogden 
Fell Charles E., painter. Poplar bel 12th, h 7th 

and Parrish 
Fell C. J., currier. Front 8c Coates, h 10 Coates 
FELL C. J. & BROTHER, choco. manuf., 64 S 

Fell David, 67 Howard (K) 
Fell David C, miller, Pi-ime bel 3d 
Fell Franklin, mer., 64 S Front, h 472 Arch 
Fell George, butcher. Canal n Ann (R) 
Fell Geo., currier, 1 Duke 
Fell Jesse A., printer, 10 Charles 
Fell John, weaver. Price n Amber (K) 
Fell Joseph, Bucks County Hotel, 448 N Fi-ont 
Fell Joseph, farmer, Harrowgate la 
Fell Joseph G., coal mer. 81 Walnut, h 94 Mar- 
FELL 8c KINSLER, curriers, N W Front and 

Fell Penrose, tailor, 74 S 4th, h 104 S 16th 
Fell Philip, tailoi', Townsend bel Tulip 
Fell Reese D., stock brok. 83^ Walnut, h F road 
Fell Samuel H., printer, 19 Marriott 
FELLGER A., M. D., 473 N 5th ab Poplar 
Fellger Henry, confect.. Sycamore ab Spruce 
Fellheimer M. 8c Brothers, clothing, 324 N 2d, 

h Lawrence bel Poplar 
Fellowes Caleb, gent., 28 Clinton ab 10th 
Fells James, carp. 11 Washington 
Felmeth Jno., baker, 165 Buttonwood 
Felmy Edw'd, Williams' ct (K) 
Felt George, ship carp., 86 Church 
Felten Jacob, moro. finisher, 1 Porter's ct (N L) 
Felths Mark, carter, Hutchinson n Franklin av 
Feltman Josh., grocer. Poplar and New Market 
Felton Anthony, gardener, E. Poiitentiary 
Felton Edward, farmer, Front ab Reading srv 
Felton George, express driv., 116 Chestnut, h 

6 Lodge al 
Felton Henry, frame mr., 9 St James, h Poplar 

bel 10th 
Felton Jacob, piano mr., 189 Ogden 
Felton Jos., gardener, 189 Ogden 
Felton Lewis, farmer, Front ab Reading av 

Felton Philip, farmer, Harrowgate la 

Felton S. M., Pres. Phila. 8c Baltimore R. Road, 

h 13 Union pi 
Felton Thos., pumpmr. 6th and Vork 
Felts George, coachman, 3 Richardson's ct 
Feltus Henry J., sugar refiner, N E Race and 

Crown, h 4 Boston row 
FELTUS, ZIMMERLING 8c CO., sugar refin. 

N E Race and Crown 
Feltwell Benj. M., furnace setter, 146 Walnut 

h 19th ab Chestnut 
Felty Charles, bricklr., 336 Pine 
Felty George, cordw., 91 W Callowhill 
Felty Samuel H., machinist, 9 Tammany 
Felty Thomas, pump mr. G T r ab 6th 
Felty Wm., stone mason, Pearl bel 12th 
P'elty Wm., blacksm. 12 School av 
Femington T. M., N E 3d and Federal 
Fenderson Boston H., barber, 10th and Pine, h 

7 Barley 
Fender James, bookkeeper, 101 Chestnut 
Fender John, seaman, rear 13 Mead 
Fenimore J. L., 17 South Penn sq 
Fenin Barclay, sawyer, Point House lane bel 

FENLIN JOHN, Rotterdam hotel, 120 N 3d 
Fenn Titus, shoemr., 8 Union pi 
Fennell James P., wire worker, 32 N 6th, h 67 

Fennell Susan, 390 N Front 
Fennell Wm., city gas works, 8 S 7th, h N W 

15th and Lombard 
Fenner Andrew J., tobacconist, 125 Dillwyn 
Fenner Ann, seamstress, 28 Howard 
Fenner A. K., tobac, GT road and 2d 
Fenner Charles, segarmr., O'Neil bel Franklin 
Fenner H. P., tobacconist, 324 Callowhill 
Fenner Jno., trunkmr. 75 Marshall (S) 
Fenner John F., tobacco, 253 N Front 8c 129 


Fenner John F. jr., tobacco, 253 N Front 
Fenner Lavell P., tobacconist, 93 N 4th 
Fenner Peter, tobacconist, R road and Wood 
Fenner R., umbr. manuf. 126 Market, h 118 Pine 
Fenney Wm., printer, 378 Wharton 
Fenney Wm. H., music teacher, 356 Lombard 
Fenney AVm. M., music teacher, 356 Lombard 
Fennimore Isaac H. carp., Penn ab 13th, house 

Coates bel 13th 
Fennimore J., lab., Bailey's ct (K) 
Fennimore Martha, b h, 238 Market 
Fennimore Mrs., tobacconist, 367 R av ab Brown 
Fennimore R. J., Mrs., 87 N 6th 
Fennimore Susanna, Master ab 7th 
Fennimore Wm., tailor, 562 S 2d 
Fenton And. J., sail mr. Allen and Marlboro' 
Fenton Ellen, Mrs., P road and I'ederal 
Fenton E., dry goods, 302 S 2d 
Fenton Geo., trunk mr. 16 S 4th, h 15 Short ct 
Fenton James S., salesman, 12 N 3d, h 114 Lom- 
Fenton James S., grocer, S W 6th and Arch 
Fenton Randall, alderman, F road 8c York 
Fenton Richard, dress mr. 99 Queen 
Fenton Samuel, conductor, Courtland pi 
Fenton Thomas H., mer., 25 S 4th, h 647 Vine 
Fenton Wm. C, mer. broker, 87J S Front, h 

13 Franklin 




Feny Danl., lab. Willlm bel Richmond 

Feraille M. A., 16tli bel Chestnut 

Ferat Charles M., confectioner, 290 S 4th 

Ferat J. P., confectioner, 93 Passyunk road 

Ferber G., rear 187 Poplar 

Ferber Henrj', g'ent., 1 Rihl ct 

Ferby Jacob, Almond and Front 

Ferby Saml., lab, 67 Monroe 

Ferg-us Wm., eng-ineer, G T road ab Laurel 

Ferg-uson Alex., cordw. Girai'd av ab 10th 

Ferg'uson Ales. S., cordw. 7 N 7th 

Ferg-uson A., lab., Sch Beach and Walnut 

Ferg-uson Benj., liquors, School and Howard 

Ferg-uson Benj., blacksm., 5th ab Norris 

Ferg'uson Bryant, salesman, 47 Market, h 471 

Ferguson Charles, 364 Walnut 
FergTison Chai-les, coachsm. Clinton ab Pariish 
Ferg-uson David, lab. 52 Fitler 
Ferg'uson Edward, moulder, 114 N 16th 
Ferguson Eliza M., trimmings, 154 Girard av 
Ferguson Henry, carp. 5 Ashton pi 
Ferguson H. A., tailor, 5 Hart's Building, h 

Nectai'ine and 9th 
Ferguson James, metal wr. 5th bel Diamond 
Ferguson James, clerk, 38 Arch 
Ferguson James, salesman, 130 Market, h Front 

and Jefferson 
Ferguson James, sailmr., U S Na\y, 15 Wharton 
Ferguson Jas., gi-ocer, N W 13th & Callowhill 
Ferguson Jas. W., clerk, Ogdenbel 16th 
Ferguson Jesse R.. printer, 23 Turner 
Ferguson John, carter. Wager bel G T road 
Ferguson John, coffinmr., 632 South 
Ferguson John, lab. 4th bel Montgomery 
Ferguson John, carter, 2 Philip (K) 
Ferguson John, moulder, 4 Spring 
Ferguson John, tailor, 54 Lawrence 
Ferguson John, lab. Hamilton bel Broad 
Ferguson John, carp. Mary n Pratt (W P) 
Ferguson John, weaver, 13th bel Shippen 
Ferguson John P., carp. 5th ab Master (K) 
Ferguson J. L., stone cutter, 304 S Front 
Ferguson Malcom, carp. Pine n 19th 
Ferguson Marj^, millinery, 639 N 2d 
Ferguson Mary, Crans' ct 
Ferguson Robt., carp. F road ab Reading av 
Ferguson Robt., carp.. Wheat bel Wharton 
Ferguson Robt., stone cutter, 21st ab Spruce 
Ferguson Samuel, cordw. Marshall & Dauphin 
Ferguson Saml., plasterer, Fitzwater n 6th 
Ferguson Saml., weaver, 1 Wagner's al 
Ferguson Thos., carp. Rye bel Reed 
Ferguson Wm., cordw. 3 Prime 
Ferguson Wm., carter. Wager bel Germantown 

Ferguson Wm., jr., grocer, 297 S 13th 
Ferguson Wm., cordw. 474 S 9th 
Ferguson Wm. J., IStli ab South 
Ferguson Wm. J., carp. 3 Hazel 
Ferguson Wm. K., engraver, 80 Walnut h Juni- 
per & George 
Ferkler Henry, baker, S W 4th & Redwood 
Ferling Gester, macht. Clinton bel Parrish 
Fernald Chas. H., salesm. 25 S 6th 
Fernan Francis, weaver. Rose ab 13th 
FERNBERG CHARLES, coal dealer, 18lh and 
Pennsylvania av, h 252 Marshall 

Fernberger Samuel, clothier, 108 N 2d 
Fernley John, mer., 151 Market, h 60 York av 
Fernley J. E., bonnet manuf. Sp Garden bel 9th 
Fernon Geo. W., clerk, 70 Walnut, h 82 G T road 
Fernon John, ship carp., Froad ab Bedford (K) 
Fernon Thos., Pratt ab Logan (W P) 
Fernon Thos. S., Pres. N. Penna. R. R. Co., 123 

Walnut, h 213 N 4th 
I Fernon Wm. H., clerk. Post Office, h 9 Marshall 
Fernpeg Augustine, lab. 4th ab Montgomery 
Ferrall James, tavern, Callowhill 8c William 
FeiTall Jos., tav. CallowhiU n Fairmount 
Ferree Jas. B., mer. h 210 S 8th 
Ferree Saml. B., Crittenden's Institute, S E 7th 

and Chestnut, h 210 S 8th 
Fen-ellBenj. O., mach. 315 Washmgton 
Ferrell David, grocer, 8th and P road 
Fen-ell Enoch H., millwt. 13 Magnolia 
Ferrell Hugh, lab. Bayard n 8th 
Ferrell Jas., MlUar's al 
FeiTell Jas., packer, 7th and Wyatt 
Ferrell Jas., foundrj-, 23 Rugan 
Ferrell Maiy, provisions, Olive bel 13th 
Ferrell Samuel, sawver, Lancaster n Washing- 
ton (W P) 
Ferrell Thos., ship carp. 81 Wharton 
FerreU Wm. H., shoemr. Marshall ab 5th 
Ferren Pat., lab. Hewston ab Duke 
Ferres James, bricklr. 177 AVharton 
Ferrett Edmund, bookkeeping-, 6th and Bridge 
FerriU M., whitewasher, 27 Quince 
Ferris Alex., varnisher, 16 Baker 
Ferris Bryan, lab. Ann n 20th 
Fen-is Cath., 4 Reed's ct • 

Ferris Charles, cordw. 10 Hutchinson 
Ferris Daniel, stevodore, 10 Relief pi 
Ferris Daniel, dealer in sti-aw and fanc%' goods, 

321 Chestnut 
Ferris Edw., mer. o5 S 4th 
Ferris Edw. B., salesman, 136 Chestnut, h 3 

Ferris Geo., shoes, 15 Barker 
Ferris Isaac, cordw. 32 Reed ab Front 
Ferris Jas., brass finisher, Oxford bel Howard 
Ferris Jas., painter, 58 Wood 
Fen-ls Jas., lab., Sch Ann E 20tli 
Ferris James, bricklr. Reed ab 2d (S) 
Ferris James, shop, 18 Division 
Ferris James D., clerk, 83 Market, h N E 3d & 

Stamper's al 
Ferris Josiah, cordw. 58 Wood 
Ferris Levi, shoemaker. Carpenter bel 8th 
Ferris Michl., porter, 38 Fitzwater 
Fen-ls Peter, watchmr. 8c fancv drv goods, 263 

N 2d 
Ferry Catharine, sempstress, 16 Quince 
Ferry Edwd., gas fa-. Poplar ab 8th 
Ferry Edw., lab. Passyunk road 
Ferry Fredk., driver, Pine ab Wan-en (W P) 
Fen-y Geo., liquor store, N W 8th and Shippen 
Ferry Henrv, sup. Girard House, h 18 Chester 
Ferry John,' lab. Murray W 20th 
Ferry John, lab. Caldwell ab Beach 
Feriy^ John, drayman. Prime ab 8th 
Ferry Stephen, drayman, 519 Christian 
Fern- Thomas, weaver, Jones W 19th 
Ferry Thos., drayman, rear 7 Vine 
Fen-y. Timothy, lab. Jones W 19th 




Fesmire C. S., clerk, 40 Sorrel (R) 

Fesmire Georg-e S., carp. Sorrel ab Bath (R) 

Fesmire Joseph, moulder, Diamond ab 2d (K) 

Fesmire Samuel, carter, 40 Sorrell (R) 

Fast Alfred, watchmr. 375 N 2d 

Fest Charles C, jeweler and watchmr. 506^ 

N 2d, h 495 N 6th 
Fest Edwy, watchmr. 270 Race 
Fest John, watchmr. 495 N 2d, h 525 N 5th 
cers, 195 N 2d 
Fetherston Hannah, b. h. 152 S 2d 
Fetherston Samuel S., clerk, 152 S 2d 
Fethrolf Amos, g-rocer, 17 St John 
Fetter Jno., omnibus propr. Fraley's al 
Fetter Jno., lab. 146 Duke 
Fetter Jno., Orange ab 12th 
Fetter W. L., salesman, 30 N 4th 
Fetters Benjamin, MD., 200 GTroad 
Fetters Chas., lab. rear 146 F road 
Fetters Chas., shoemr. 4 Kressler 
Fetters Frederick, basketmr. 611 N 2d 
Fetters Jacob R., trader, 200 G T road 
Fetters James, drayman, 475 N 5th 
Fetters James, cai-man, Mills (K) 
Fetters John, cai-ter, Hammit's av (K) 
Fetters John P., tailor, Randolph ab Poplar 
Fetters Matilda, washer, 35 German 
Fetters Rachel, Mrs., rear 115 Poplar 
Fetters Saml., teacher, 376 Wharton 
Fetters Wm., chairmr. Union bel West 
Fetting-er Henry, plasterer. Pleasant ab 12th 
Fetzer Philip, painter, S W Little Pine and 7th 
Feustmann B. H., trimming's, 161 N 2d 
Fewkes Thos., eng-ineer, Clay n Carbon 
Feyhl Wm., machinist, 17 Ontario 
Fichsel Fred., gro. Franklin and Callowhill 
Fichtel Chas., watchmr. 12 Clinton 
Fick Fredk., architect. Stiles bel 16th 
Fick Henry, baker, 96 Crown 
Fickert Charles W., pocket-bookmr. 63 Walnut 
Fickinger Jno., varnisher, L Washington ab 11th 
Fiddler John, moulder, Marseilles place near 

Fidier Francis A., tailor, S E 4th &. Walnut, h 

31 Erie 
Fidier F., locksmith, rear 80 George 
Fidier James B., watches & jewelry, 12 S 2d 
Fidier John, carp. Cherry ab Duke (K) 
Fidier Jno. A., bkkr. 12 S 2d 
Flechtner Fred., butcher, 75 Garden 
Fiedler Jacob, moroccodr.. Diamond 8c 5th (K) 
Fiedler John D., butcher, Clinton ab Norris (K) 
Fiegel George R., acct. 30 S Front, h 6 Larch 
Fiegel Lewis, jeweller, 502 Wood 
Fiegel Remy, blacksm. & coal yard, 9th above 

Poplar, h Parrish ab 10th 
Fiehrer J., veterinary surgeon, 108 preen 
Field Benj., mer. 166 Market, h 137 S 3d 
Field Benjamin L., restaurant, 89 N 10th 
Field Charles Mrs., Rittenhouse square and Ply- 
Field Charles, plater, h Franklin ab Brown 
Field Charles J., hardware, 257 Market, h 274 

Field C, 139 S 3d 
Field David, farmer, Passyunk road 
Field Frank, clerk. Park ab Oak (W P) 

Field George, porter, 58 George 
Field Geo., blksm. 53 Ogden 
FIELD & HARDIE, hardware, 257 Marketx^^ 
Field Henry, h 4 City row 
Field Isaac, carp. 83 Buttonwood 
Field James, mer. 21 Montgomeiy sq 
Field John, moulder, 22d bel Summer 
Field John, carp. Washington n Margaretta 
Field John, brickmr. 20 Garden 
Field John, bk keeper, 5 Bank 
Field John C, salesman, 158 Market, h Ameri- 
can Hotel 
Field John W., mer., 81 S Front 
Field Jonas W., clerk, N E 9th and Chestnut, 

h Pine and 20th 
Field & Keehmle, mer. brokers, 79 & 81 S Front 
FIELD & LANGSTROTH, hardware, 166 


Field Mary, Catharine bel 7th 
Field Mary, b. h. 304 Arch 
Field O. T., hardware, 11 Redwood 
Field Paul J., hardware, 341 S 2d, h 11 Red- 

Field Peter, paint. 16 N 12th, h Wood bel 16th 
Field Richard, tavern. Ridge road ab Jefferson 
Field Richard J., manuf. 23^ S 2d 
Field Rudolph, farmer, P road bel Federal 
Field Samuel, lab. Amber n York (K) 
Field Saml., furniture, 449 Market 
Field Saml., M. D., druggist, 135 Callowhill 
Field Samuel, merchant, 79 S Front, h Till bel 

Spruce (W P) 
Field Samuel, tailor, 28 Julianna 
Field Saml. E., shoemr. 25 Coombs' al 
Field Sarah, store, 113 Beach (K) 
Field Stewart, bonnet press, rear 36 N 2d,h 5th 

bel Diamond 
Field Thomas, Parrish E 16th 
Field Thomas, blacksm. 53 Ogden 
Field Wm., mer. 19th & Ridge road 
Field William, Naval Asylum 
Field Wm. G., clerk, N W 2d and Market, h 

153 Buttonwood 
Field W. Y., weigh master, 79 S Front, h 544 

Fielding James, stone cut. 7 Ashton pi 
Fields Edmund, cordw.. Alder ab Poplar 
Fields Geo. F., provisions. Queen and Cro\\Ti, 

h Crown bel Franklin (K) 
Fields Charles, lab. Passyimk road 
Fields Frances, lab. Passyunk road 
Fields George, lab. Washington ab Master 
Fields George, constable, Lafayette bel 10th 
Fields Mary B., dressmr. 226 S 7th 
Fields Othar, engineer. Myrtle ab 13th 
Fields Rebecca, gaiter binder, Washington bel 

Fields Thomas, lab. 10 Lilly al 
Fields Thomas, weaver, 37 South bel 20th 
Fields Wm., farmer, 2 Linden (K) 
Fields Wm., brickmr. Front ab Harrison 
Fields Wm., clerk, 153 Buttonwood 
Fiersh B., Mrs., 28 Clinton (K) 
Fierst John, bootmr. 91 Brown 
Fife James, driver, 21st and Wood 
Fife John, paper hanger, 23 Howard 
FIFE MATT., boxmr.. Elbow la, h 46 Race 
Fife Samuel, carter, 18th bel South 





Fife William, teacher of writing-, 55 N Wash- 
Fifer Jesse, lab., Palmer n F road (K) 
Fig-gins Richard, tailor, Ralston n Juniper 
Figueira F. J., mer. 43 Walnut, h 64 S loth 
FIGUEIRA & LANGSTROTH, importers, 43 

Fihrer Valentine, 82 Hope ab Franklin av 
File Hannah, store, Locust ab 11th 
File John, carter. Oak ab Bridg-ewater (W P) 
Filemyr Anthony & Co., flour and feed, Otter 

and 2d (K) 
Filemyr Henry, grocer, G T rd ab Tliompson* 
Filemyr Wm., grocer, Franklin &, Howard (K) 
Filer John, shoemr. 10th ab Oxford 
Files John, skin dresser, 40 Charlotte 
Files John, lab. rear 529 N 4th 
FILLEY HARVEY silver plater, 436 Market 
Fillius Jos., city police, 4 Robinson's ct 
Fillman Levi, cordw. rear 306 Marshall 
Fillot Adolphe, artist. Walnut n 6th, house 198 

Fillot Alexander, mer. 54 Walnut, h 98 S 8th 
Filson Jacob, clerk, 114 Market, h 430 N 11th 
Filson John B., bookkeeper, 6 S 3d, house 215 

Hanover (K) 
Fimple T. J., Cadwalader ab Master 
Finch Alice D., nurse, 61 Mead 
Finch George, carp., Froad ab Vienna 
Finch James, bootmr.. Brown bel Front 
Finch John, driver, 516 S 2d 
Finch Richard, coachmr. 49 Lewis (P D) 
Finch Samuel, shoemr. 2 Schoolhouse av 
Finch ure James, dr.ayman, 16 Ronaldson 
Findlay Charles, plasterer, G T road ab 5th 
Findlay George, carp. 272 S 13th 
Findlay James K., clerk, rear 630 South 
Findlay John K., atty. & coun. 77 S 6th 
Findlay Samuel, cordw. 10 Wilcox 
Findlay Wm., mer. 9 Merchant, h 144 Christian 
Findlay Wm., bookbinder. Filbert W 19th 
Fine Henry M., gent., Pine n 18th 
Fine Jacob Y., mer. 59 N 3d, h 283 N 6th 
Fine John, confec. 471 South 
Fine Thomas, wheelw.312 S 6th 
Finigan Elizabeth, dressmr. Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Fink Caspar H., cabinetmr. 52 Callowhill 
Fink Charles W., moroc. dr. 8 Culvert 
Fink Daniel, painter, 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Fink Daniel, grocer, F road bel Bedford (K) 
Fink George, shop, G Troad ab Franklin (K) 
Fink George, police, Apple bel Master 
Fink Jacob, carter, 2 Palm ab Brown 
Fink Jacob, lab. Sarah (K) 
Fink Jacob, baker, 356 N 3d 
Fink Jacob, ropemr. Chai-lotte above Thomp- 
son (K) 
Fink Jacob, blaclcsmith, o56 N 3d 
Fink John, liyery stable, 6 Pennsylvania av 
Fink Julius, cooking range manuf., S W Broad 

and George, h 44 S 13th 
Fink Martin, blacksm. 112 Lewis 
Fink Reuben carp. Watson ab 5th 

ink Samuel, mach. Baker ct 
FINK WM., hotel, Callowhill ab 13th 
Fink W., store, 44 S 13th 
Finkbault John, barber, 276 N 3d 
Finkbeiner John, shoemr. 113 Buttonwood 

Finkenouer Willam, cabinetmaker, Alder ab 

Girard av 
Finlay James K., clerk, rear 630 Broad 
Finletter John T., manuf. Oxford n Apple (K) 
Finletter Thomas K., atty. at law, 288 N 3d 
Finley Andrew, collector 121 S 2d 
Finley Catharine, Mrs., Green W 18th 
Finley E., milliner, 121 S 2d 
Finley Francis, stableman, Meredith ab 23d 
Finley George, clerk, 25 Pratt 
Finley George, mason, Washington (W P) 
Finley Hannah, wid of George, 27 Pratt 
Finley Hugh, weaver, William n 18th 
Finley Hugh, tavern, iSth & Carpenter 
Finley Jacob, coach painter, 3 Maria 
Finley James, carp. 58 West 
Finley James, clerk, 23d ab Race 
Finley John, dyer, Fitzwater n 15th 
Finley John R., clerk, 97 Market 
Finley J. M., grocer, 18th & Carver 
Finley Margaret, 381 N 7th 
Finley Margai-et J., millinery, 627 N 2d 
Finley Mary, b h, 13th bel Shippen 
Finley Moses, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Finley Richard, carp. Thompson ab 10th, h 678 

Finley Richard, weaver, 551 Shippen 
Finley Richai-d, weaver, 16 Perry (K) 
Finley Richard, Lombard & 21st 
Finley Richard, brickmr. Lombard n 22d 
Finley Saml., shop, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Finley Saml. C, 1 Nonnater's ct 
Finley Samuel G., gilder, 121 S 2d 
Finley S. J., shingle shaver, Master ab 11th 
Finley Thos., baker, 627 N 2d 
Finley Thos., carpet manuf., 529 N 4th 
Finley Wm., warper, 296 S 13th 
Finley Wm., weaver. West Lombard n 22d 
Finley Wm., manuf. York and Front 
Finley Wm., weaver, Fulton 
Finley Wm., coachman, Maria bel 5th 
Finley Wm., William ab 18th 
Finley Wm., 17th bel Lombard 
Finley Wm., bookbr. 36 Murray 
Finley Wm. A., carter, 2 Smith's ct 
Finn James, tailor, 5 Douglass av 
Finn James C, paper hanger, 156 Chestnut, h 

Washington House 
Finn M., Ridge av ab Jefferson 
Finn Wm., lab. rear 117 Carpenter 
Finneg-an Francis, watchman, 209 S 6th 
Finneg-an John, lab. Susannah (R) 
Finnegan John, brickmr. Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Finnegan Michael, lab. Wood ab Tulip 
Finnegan Michael, tailor, 9 Randell's ct 
Finnegan Owen, lab. Lewis ab Emory 
Finnegan Patrick, baker. Carpenter bel 8th 
Finnegan Patrick, lab. Willow bel 2d 
Finnegan Patrick, lab. Alder bel Girard av 
Finnegan Thomas, lab. 73 Shippen la 
Finnegan Wm., shop, 297 S 7th 
'Finner Andrew, tailor, Fitzwater bel 16th 
Finner John, stone cutter, 217 Christian 
Finney Ann Jane, tailoress, 4 Sp Garden 
Finney Charles, hatter, N lOth and Vernon 
Finney Christiana, gentw. 350 Chestnut 
Finney Edvvard, cordw. 494 Poplar 
Finney Francis, manuf. 71 S 2d, h 33 York av 




Finney Henry, carver, 63^- Callowhill, h 10th & 

Finney Jas., china store, Girard av ab 10th 
Finney J., store, 25 Union 
Finney Mary, shop, 569 Shippen 
Finney Rose, spooler, rear Fitzvvater bel Broad 
Finney Samuel, lab. 115 Apple (N L) 
Finney Wm., lab. Brown's ct 
Finney Wm., lab. 4 Moni'oe ct 
Finniberg-er Benjamin, lab. Apple bel Master 
Finnig-an John, lab. 68 George 
Finning- Henry, weaver, Wag-ner's al 
Finsel Caspar, tailor, Alder ab Poplar 
Finton Edward, coach trimmer. Perry n York 
FIOT J. R., pianomr. 355 Market 
Firehouk Henry, sugar baker, 2d bel Franklin av 
Firth Henry, tailor, 289 S 10th 
Firth James, grocer, 123 F road 
Firth John, blacksm. Shackamaxon ab F av 
Firth John, queensware, 658 W Market 
Firth Joseph, baker, 82 N 11th 
Firth Mary Ann D., tobacconist, 122 Walnut 
Firth Samuel, furn. dealer, 492 Callowhill 
Firth Thomas T., sec, P. R. R. Co., 70 Walnut, h 

138 N 13th 
Fischer Christian cordw. Trotter's al 
FISCHER GEORGE, toys and fancy goods, 

294 Chestnut 
Fischer Gustave, watchmr. 3d 8c Thompson 
FISH ASA I., atty. and coun.,5th and Libraiy, 

li Lombard n Broad 
FISH AUGUSTINE H., M. D., 542 Vine 
Fish Benj., coachsm. 286 N 5th 
Fish Charles S., druggist, 22 S 2d 
Fish Hiram, whf. build. 118 Wharton 
Fish Israel L., plasterer, 398 N 13th 
Fish Israel P., plasterer, 10 Green ab 12th 
Fish Jacob S., plasterer, h 60 Melon (S G) 
Fish Lemuel, laborer, Otter bel Front 
Fish Levi, dealer, 223 Shippen 
Fish Timothy, weaver, 6 Brinton bel 13th 
Fishblatt Lewis, manuf. fancy furs, 46 Arch 

Fisher Aaron, porter, 61 Chestnut, h 4 Ohio 

Fisher Aaron, waiter, 6 Ohio 
Fisher Abel, engineer, 422 Poplar 

Fisher Abraham, bookseller, IS N 6th, h 335 

Fisher Albert G., agent, 92 Haydock 
Fisher Alexander, comedian, 502 Callowhill 

Fisher Alfred, clerk, 365 N 6th 

Fisher Andrew, cabinetmr.. Van Buren pi 

Fisher Ann, 175 Beach (K) 

Fisher Ann, rear 318 S 3d 

Fisher Anna, dry goods, S E 9th and Lombard 

Fisher Archibald J., jeweller, 39 Church 

Fisher Barney, carter, 14 Green 

Fisher Benjamin, drayman, 7 Liberty ct 

Fisher Bernard, cordw. 721 N 5th 

FISHER & BROTHER, pub, and booksellers, 
15 N 6th 

Fisher Catharine, tavern, 13th ab Willow 

Fisher Catharine, Tulip ab Palmer 

Fisher Charles, carter, Sp Garden and 16th 

Fisher Charles, painter, 16 Grier's av 

Fisher Charles, cabinetmr. Olive and 12th 

Fisher Charles, 116 N 7th 

Fisher Charles, tailor, Osten bel Wharton 

Fisher Chas. Henry, 7 Libraiy, h S W 10th and 

Fisher Chas. N., rigger, 11 Sommer's ct 
Fisher Chas. S., carp. 1 Vernon 
Fisher Charles W., Treasurer Bloomsburg Iron 

Co., 117 _N Water and 56 N whfs 
Fisher Christian, blacksm. Front ab Moore 
Fisher Christian, founder, Morris bel 5th 
Fisher Christopher, tinsm. 493 Poplar 
Fisher Coleman, broker, 313 Chestnut, h 54 S 

Fisher Colemnn C, 2 Union pi, Pine 
Fisher Daniel, cake baker, 518 Market 
Fisher Edward, waiter, 12^ Middle al 
Fisher Elhannen W., dry goads, N W 12th and 

Fisher Elizabeth, vict.,302 Callowhill 
Fisher Frederick, baker, 352 Callowhill 
Fisher Frederick, cordw., Sarah & Queen, (K) 
Fisher Fred., shoemr. 215 Coates 
Fisher Fred., tailor, 72 Little Washington 
Fisher F., morocco dresser, 79 & h 106 St John /■ 
Fisher George, victualler, Shackamaxon, ab 

Fisher George, carman, 7th and G T road 
Fisher George, lab. Pearl ab Broad 
Fisher George, whipmr. rear 248 G T road 
Fisher George, gent. 5th ab Oxford 
Fisher George, carp. Front and Wood 
Fisher George R., tailor, 83 Monroe 
Fisher George R., tailor, 21 S 7th, h 226 S 11th 
Fisher George W., clothes, 324 South 
Fisher G. Frederick, brushmr. 231 Christian 
Fisher G. L., cars, Winter ab 21st 
Fisher Henry, lab. Oak n Moore (W P) 
Fisher Henry, polisher, 4 Pennsylvania av 
Fisher Henry, butcher. Palmer and Duke (K) 
Fisher Henry, carp. Apple bel Jefferson 
Fisher Henry, hatter, 202 N 2d, h 29 Wood 
Fisher Henry, chair mr. P road ab 7th 
Fisher Henry, umbrella mr. 21 Charles 
Fisher Henry, butcher, 118 Diamond (K) 
Fisher Henry, sashmr. Beaver ab 3d 
Fisher Henry G., printer, 10th bel Prime 
Fisher Henry G., painter, N W 10th Sc Locust, 
"* h 14 Raspberry 
Fisher Henry J., jeweller, 14 Charles 
Fisher Henry W., sashmr. 1 Sansom's al 
Fisher H., waterman, Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Fisher Isaac, waterman, Marriott bel 6th 
Fisher Jabez B., salesman, 104 Market 
Fisher Jacob, butclier. Wood bel Lepriva (K) 
Fisher Jacob, vinegar, 220 Poplar 
Fisher Jacob, shoe store, G T road bel Master 
Fisher Jacob F., farmer, Nicetown la 
Fisher Jas., bookseller, 15 N 6th, h 58 Chester 
Fisher James C, M. D., teacher, Haverford & 

6th, (W P) 
Fisher James C, gent.. Walnut W 17th 
Fisher John, tobacconist, 4 Steiiimetz ct 
Fisher John, undertaker. Laurel & 2d, h 185 G 

T road 
Fisher John, lab. Vine ab 23d 
Fisher John, clerk. Oak ab Mansion (W P) 
Fisher John, vict. Hope ab Phoenix 
Fisher John, carp. 6th ab L. Poplar 
Fisher John, carp. 716 N 10th 
Fisher John, sr,, vict,, Duke ab Hanover 




Fisher John A., whf. builder, Palmer & Queen 
Fisher John D., painter, h 203 Buttonwood 
Fisher John G., framemr. 598 N 3d 
Fisher John Henry, basketmr., 498 N 2d 
Fisher John J., cordw. Lawrence ab Poplar 
Fisher John M., carp, rear 7 N 9th, h Wistar 

ab 11th 
Fisher John M., hardware, 216 S 5th 
Fisher John S., saddler, Locust ab Margaretta 
Fisher Jonathan, dealer, 9 S Washington 
Fisher Jonathan, carp. 42 Howard (K) 
Fisher Joseph, tailor, Wagner's ct 
Fisher Joseph, 114 Arch 
Fisher Jos. D., carp. 7th and Elm (W P) 
Fisher Joseph S., merchant, 1 S 5th, h 421 

Fisher J. F., atty. and coun., 255 Walnut 
Fisher J. & P.. undertakers, 2 and 5 Laurel 
Fisher Lavinia, 270 N 7th 
FISHER LEONARD, tavern, 481 Market 
Fisher Lewis, mach. William's ct 
Fisher Lewis, bootrar. 517 F road (R) 
Fisher Lewis, cordw. G T road and 4th (K) 
Fisher Lewis, bottler, 6 Noble 
Fisher Lewis S., grocer, Master & 7th 
Fisher L., lab.. Orchard bel Rawle 
Fisher L., bootmr. 884 N 4th 
Fisher Margaret, gentw. 202 Arch 
Fisher Mary Ann, school 409 Poplar 
Fisher Matthew, spooler, Alder bel Jefferson 
Fisher Math., brewer, 3d ab Columbia 
Fisher, Michael, lab., Separd n Otter (K) 
FISHER, MORGAN & CO., Duncannon iron 
works, nails and bar iron, 117 N Water, & 
56 N Del av 
Fisher Myers C, gilder, 54 Lewis (P D) 
Fisher Peter, vict. h 126 Shackamaxon bel 

Fisher Philip, collar mr. 356 Parrish 
Fisher Phihp, undertaker. Laurel & 2d, h 187 G 

T road 
Fisher P., cook, 33 Middle al 
Fisher Rebecca, School and Howard (K) 
Fisher Richard, lab., rear 337 N 3d 
Fisher Rodney, h 173 S 10th 
Fisher Samuel, carter, Jones W 18th 
Fisher Samuel, peai-1 wr. 83 Summer 
Fisher Samuel, bricklayer, Rachel ab Brown 
Fisher Samuel, carp. Ogden bel 16th 
Fisher Samuel, shoes, 208 S 2d 
Fisher Samuel D., tailor, 503 N 2d 
Fisher Samuel F., atty. & coun., 76^ Walnut, h 

Walnut W 18th 
Fisher Samuel H., mer., 7th n Franklin 
Fisher Sarah, gaiter binder, 102 Marshall (S) 
Fisher Sarah Ann, dry goods, 374 Vine 
Fisher Sarah W., 463 Walnut E 15th 
Fisher Sidney G., atty. and coun. 11 Sansom 
Fisher Theophilus J., shoemr. 223 P road 
Fisher Thomas, dry goods, 42 N 4th 
Fisher Thomas, seaman, 40 Duponceau 
Fisher Thomas, lab., rear 307 G T i-oad 
Fisher William, prof, of music, N E Crown and 

Fisher William, cooper, 19 Brinton 
Fisher Wm., umbrella maker, F av ab Cherry 
Fisher Wm., shipwr., Marlborough ab Beach 
Fisher Wm., h 1 Gebhard 

Fisher Wm., grocer, George & St John 

Fisher Wm., cordw., Lewis ab Thompson 

Fisher William, cooper, 558 S 8th 

Fisher Wm. Reed, clerk, 73 S 4th h 313 Chestnut 

Fisher Wm., jr., lawyer, F av Cherry (K) 

Fisher Wm., butcher, Adam ab Oxford 

Fisher Wm., cooper. Chestnut ab Mansion (WP) 

Fisher Wm. L., jr., 117 N Water 

Fisher Wm. S., collar mr. 320 Styles 

Fisher William W.312 Chestnut 

FISHERS & ROBINSON, manufs. and imps.,, >' 

lace goods, 115 Chestnut 
Fisk Chas. E., jr., acct. 14 N 5th, h 357 Market 
Fisk C. E., b h, 357 Market , 

Fisk L. H., stencil engi-aver, 1 N 6th (basement), / 

h 357 Market / 

Fisk Pliny, actuary U. S. Life Ins. Co. S E 3d & 

Fisk R. C, store, 13th ab Pine 
Fisler Anton, lab., 7 Harrigues' ct 
Fisler Chas. H., ship brok.8Library,h432 N5th 
Fisler Felix, liquor store, 458 Poplar, h Kurtz 

ab Poplar 
Fisler Jacob, 58 Chestnut 
Fisler Jacob H., register Schuyl. Water Works, 

h 365 N 6th 
Fiss Aai-on W., carp., shop 13th ab Willow, h 

166 Olive 
Fiss Eliza Ann, gentw. 386 S 3d 
Fiss Elizabeth, Myrtle ab 12th 
Fiss George, cordw. 6 York 
Fiss Henry C, grocer, Hanover and Queen 
Fiss Jacob L., tobacconist, Poplar bel 9th 
Fiss James, butcher, Olive bel 12th 
Fiss John, vict. 5th ab Franklin 
Fiss Jos., bookbr. 299 Callowhill 
Fiss Mary, 1 Branch al 
Fiss Samuel, cabtmr. Juniper bel Spruce 
Fister Mar^^, store, Queen bel Crown (K) 
Fitch Bernard, dealei-, 9 N 13th 
Fitch Edwd., bricklr. 433 N 11th 
Fite Benjamin, moulder, 15th bel Vine 
Fite George, carp. 425 N 9th 
Fite George, 208 S 9th 
Fite Henry, lab. Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Fite Henry, vict.. Pleasant bel 10th 
Fite John B., 4 Gebhard 
Fite Jacob, lab. Wood bel 23d 
Fite Jos., driver, Shippen n 15th 
Fite Samuel, stonecut., 9th ab Coates 
Fite Samuel, brewer, 15th n Vine 
Fite Wm., tobacconist, 177 S 3d 
Fithian Aaron B., salesman, 4 S 2d, h 509 N5th 
Fithian Chas., publisher, 663 S 4th 
Fithian Charles B., mer. 77 Market, h 234 N 7th 
Fithian Cooper P., clerk, 383 S 10th 
Fithian David, tinsm. 8th ab Vine 
Fithian Eliza Mrs., 89 Charlotte (N L) 
Fithian Francis E., clerk, 556 N 5th 
Fithian Geo., collect, and agent, 93 N 9th 
Fithian George R., sexton, Cobb 
Fithian Hannah, gentw. 410 Brown 
Fithian Jarvis, ladies' shoemr. Johnson's la ab 

Fithian John B., sr., glassworks. Crown ab Bed- 
FITHIAN, JONES & CO., dry goods, 77 Mar- n/ 
ket & 4 Church al 




Fithian Joseph B., salesman, 175 Market, h 33 

Cresson's al 
Fithian Lemuel S., mer. 77 Market, h 727 Pine 
Fithian Robert, coi-dw. 4 Ridg'e av 
Fithian Wm. D., trunkmr. rear 134 F rd 
Fithin Chas. C, waterman, rear 237 N 2d 
FITLER ALFRED, convey., 51 N 6th, h 2d 

& Otter 
Fitler, Mrs., widow of Daniel, gentw., S E 

Coates & Logan 
Fitler Edwin H., mer., 19 N Water, h N W Front 

and Vine 
FITLER ISAIAH P., conveyancer, 203 N 6th 
Fitler Joseph P., M. D., 2d & Beaver, (K) 
Fitler Theoph., lumber mer., 7th bel Parrish 

Fitting- Jacob, baker, Girard av ab 11th 
Fitting Philip, baker, George E 21st 
Fitzcharles Edward, lab. 700 Lombard 
Fitzcharles W., carp. 68 Penn (S G) 
Fitzclifford Jos., clerk, 138 Market 
Fitzell Wm., lab. 4 Skerrett's ct 
Fitzer C, cordw. SIS N 3d 
Fitzer Gotleib, tailor, 57 5 N 3d 
Fitzgerald Austin, lab. rear L Washington bel 

Fitzgerald & Co., City Item, 50 S 3d 
Fitzgerald Garret, lab. Wyoming ab Bridge 

FITZGERALD H. N., mer. 11 N W*ater and 508 

N Front, h Broad bel Poplar 
Fitzgerald James A., surg. inst. mr. 21 Frankhn, 

h 19 Cypress 
Fitzgerald Jeremiah, waiter, rear 242 Lombard 
Fitzgerald Jesse, mer. 91 N 3d,h 143 N 20th 
Fitzgerald John, ladies' shoemr.. Plover 
Fitzgerald John, 47 George 
Fitzgerald John D., dealer, 21 Fitzwater 
Fitzgerald John, tavern, 10 Little Water 
Fitzgerald John H., vict, 1 Depot 
Fitzgerald Mary, huckster, 4 Southampton ct 
Fitzgerald Margaret, shop, Shippen la n South 
Fitzgerald Michael, shop, 22 St Mary's 
Fitzgerald Morris, coachman, 31 Jones' al 
Fitzgerald Rachel H., cooper, 5 Franklin pi, h 

Fitzgerald Thos., lab. Becket W 16th 
Fitzgerald Thomas, lab. Lancaster pike n Park 

Fitzgerald Thomas, editor City Item, 50 S 3d, h 

125 N 10th 
Fitzgerald Wm., waiter, 5 Shield's al 
Fitzgerald Wm. L., shoe store, 4 S 2d, h Mellon 

ab 10th 
Fitzgerald Wilson, cooper, 2 Merchant 
Fitzgibbons James, dealer, Callowhill ab New 

Fitzimmons Cath., 6 Charles 
Fitzinger Samuel, teamster. Beach & Yienna 
Fitzler Gotleib, taUor, 341 St John (K) 
Fitzlerr John, shoemr. 263 Federal 
Fitzmorris Thos., gas fitter, Wilcox n 18th 
Fitzpatrick Ann, Sutherland av n Chi-istian 
Fitzpatrick Ann, tailoress, 7 St Mary 
Fitzpatrick Bartholomew, brewer, 5 Norris ct 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, porter, 245 Market, h 6 

Jackson's ct 
Fitzpatrick Bernard, tanner, 5 Dillwyn pi | 

Fitzpatrick Catharine, Cedar la n Pratt (W P) 
Fitzpatrick David, lab. West (R) 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, clerk, S7 N 2d 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, lab. 18 Jones' al 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, tavern, Girard av ab 11th 
Fitzpatrick F., weaver, M'Alravy 
Fitzpatrick H., clerk, 6 Jackson ct 
Fitzpatrick H. M., ladies' shoemr. 4 Flower 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. 24th ab Biddle 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. William bel Brown (R) 
Fitzpatrick James, tailor, White bel Shippen 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. 137 Salmon (R) 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. West (R) 
Fitzpatrick James, bonnet presser, 30 Chester 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. Duke ab Tioga (R) 
Fitzpatrick James, tailor, 749 Lombard E 19th 
Fitzpatrick James, lab. Berk's ct ab Lawrence 
Fitzpatrick James, maltster, Hutchinson below 

Fitzpatrick John, lab. West ab Somerset 
Fitzpatrick John, carp. L Washington bel 10th 
Fitzpatrick John, weaver, rear Bank bel Lom- 
Fitzpatrick John, lab. Oak n William 
Fitzpatrick John, painter, 10th bel Fitzwater 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, stone cutter, Middleton's ct 
Fitzpatrick Joseph, engineer, 41 Duke 
Fitzpatrick Lawrence, painter, 267 P road 
Fitzpatrick Mary, 18th bel Lombard 
Fitzpatrick Mary, 10th ab Master 
Fitzpatrick Mary, wid.of Jas., Apple bel Oxford 
Fitzpatrick Martin, bonnet presser, Walker's ct 
Fitzpatrick Matthew, cordw. Mullen's ct 
Fitzpatrick Michael, lab., Milton bel 12th 

booksellers and stationers, 39 N 6th 
Fitzpatrick Nancy, seamstress, 7 St Mary's 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, lab. 12 Relief pi 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, lab. Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Fitzpatrick Pat., 5 Salmon (R) 
Fitzpatrick Pat., blacksm. 9 Mechanic 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, com. mer., S W Front and 

Dock, h 160 S 4th 
Fitzpatrick Pat., carp., L Washington bel 10th 
Fitzpatrick Peter, lab. 5th ab Dauphin 
Fitzpatrick Philip, dealer, 321 S Front 
Fitzpatrick Thos., weaver, 6 Washington pi 
Fitzpatrick Thos., lab. Meredith and Carbon 
Fitzpatrick Thos., jr., musi. Master ab Clinton 
Fitzpatrick Thos., sr., musi. Master ab Clinton 
Fitzpatrick Thos., tavern, 30 St Mary 
Fitzpatrick Thos., lab . rear Lehigh (R) 
Fitzpatrick Wm., weaver. White bel Shippen 
Fitzsimmon Ann, assist, matron H. of Refuge, 

Coates and Ridge road 
Fitzsimmons Elizabeth, b h, 122 Lombard 
Fitzsimmons John, lab. rear 140 P road 
Fitzsimmons John, bootmr. 12th ab Callowhill 
Fitzsimmons John, jr., bookfn. W P, h 12th & 

Fitzsimmons Jos., spool. Murray bet 20th & 21st 
Fitzsimmons Pat., waiter Franklin House, h 3 

Fitzsimmons Sarah, teacher, Thompson 
Fitzsimmons Thos., waiter, 4 W George 
Fitzsimmons Thos., lab., Jarvis ab 2d 
Fitzsimmons Walter, lab.. Reed bel Church 
Fitzwalter Wm., shoemr., 19 Flower 




Fitzwater Jacob, livery stables, 302 N 8th 
Fitzwater John, foundry, 104 N 11th 
Fitzwater Thos., carp., 17 N 17th n Race 
Fiusz John, lager beer saloon, 117 Brown 
Fizell Andrew, ship carp. Allen ab Hanover 
Flzell A., paper hang-er, 20 N 9th, h 296 Wood 
Fizell Eli, 5 SheafF's al 
Fizell E., paper hanger, 397 N 13th 
Fizell Lewis, ship carp. Lybrand's ct (K) 
Fizell Thomas, ship carp., Allen bel Hanover 
Fizone Lewis, cordw., 3 Hickory 
Fizone Mordecai, coach painter, 49 Prune, h 

Flagg J. F. B., M. D., dentist, 190 Arch 
Flagg Samuel A,, macht. Essex 
Flagler Geo., 27 E North 
Flagler Mary, 27 E North 
Flaherty Ann, lab. Carlton ab 19th 
Flaherty John, grocer, Masters and F road 
Flaherty Jno., lab. rear Richmond ab R road (R) 
Flaherty John, tailor, 403 S 5th 
Flaherty John, grocer, N E 6th & Washington 
Flaherty Michael, lab. 7 John's ct 
Flaherty Michael, cordw. Bath ab William 
Flaherty Patrick, oysters, Lewis bel 9th 
Flaherty Thomas, lab. 13 Scott's ct 
Flaherty Wm., clerk, 167 Shackamaxon 
Flaig Mary, trimmings, 13th bel Buttonwood 
Flake Elizabeth, Brown ab Vienna (K) 
Flake Samuel, sliip carp. 12 E Noi'th 
Plake Saml., jr., ship carp., 12 E North 
Flammer Ch., japanner, N W Front & Race, h 

266 Race 
Flamming Jas., lab. Olive bel 12th 
Flanagan Bridget, shop, 146 St John 
Flanagan Charles, lab. Hall 
Flanagan Francis, weaver, 4 Sch Beech 
Flanagan Hugh, lab.. Phoenix ab Clinton 
Flanagan James, 50 Pine 

Flanagan James, letter carrier, Beach ab Walnut 
Flanagan Jos., cabinetmr. 236 Christian 
Flanagan J. R., 18th and George 
Flanagan Lawton, h 50 Pine 
Flanagan Mary, trimmings, N 142 Broad 
Flanagan Mary, gentw. isth bel Spruce 
Flanagan Michael, lab. Cuthbert n 22d 
Flanagan Pat. lab. 20th ab Filbert 
Flanagan Pat, weaver, Bedford bel Shippen 
FLANAGAN ROBERT, tavern, 112 N 6th 
Flanagan Robt. L., plumber, 64 Spruce, h Wash- 
ington ab 5th 
Flanagan Stephen, agent Com. Trans. Co., 68^ 

S Del av, h 16 Congress 
Flanagan Thomas, carp. Carpenter ab 11th 
Flanagan Wm. G., plumber, 45 Walnut, h 39 

Flanagen George W., bottler. Beech ab Hano- 
ver and 27 Minor, h Queen ab Hanover (K) 
FLANAGEN JAS., Monument House, Beach 

ab Hanover (K) 
Flanagin George H., mer., 5 S Water, h 71 

Flanagin Jas. S., mer., 5 S Water, h Green ab 8th 
Flanagin John, mer. 5 S Water, h 347 N 6th 
Flanagin John & Sons, mers., 5 S Water 
Flanders Frances, candy, Queen & Marlboro' 
Flanders Henry, atty, & coun. 98 Walnut, h 5 E 
Penn square 

Flanders James, brickmr. 21 Barley 
Flaney John, comb mr. Nicetown 
Flanigan Edward, lab. Shippen ab Broad 
Flanigan James, carter, Rye ab Wharton 
Flanigen Joseph R., publisher Daily News, 74 

S 3d, h 18th bel Chestnut 
Flanigen William C, dry goods, 190 S 2d 
Flannagen Edward, carter. Wood ab 13th 
Flannery Martin, lab. 241 S 4th 
FLANNERY WM., tavern, 84 N Front 
Flargarty Bernard, lab. 34 Murray 
Flately John, cordw. Carberry ct 
Flately Robert, cordw. Carberry ct 
Flatt George, shoemr. rear 24 Brown 
Flattery James, ostler, 1 Traquair ct 
Flattly Batty, Carpenter bel 9th 
Flavell Ann, Master and Howard 
Flaxman Jacob, carp. Coates W 17th 
Fleck Benj., moulder, 18th ab Callowhill 
Fleck Geo. J., shop, 13th and Carlton 
Fleck John, barber, 70 Penn 
Fleck Wm., baker, 13th ab Carroll 
Fleckensteln Andrew, lab. 270 Apple (K) 
Fleckenstein Charles, baker, 586 N 13th 
Flecksteiner F., cable mr. 220 F road 
Fleet John, lab. Pagoda n Fairview 
Fleet Reub., wheelwr., 9 St. James, h 736 N 7th 
Fleet Richard, dealer, 1 Vine ct 
Flegel J. G., dry goods, 437 N 2d 
Fleischer John, fringe & tassel mr. rear 17 N 8th 
Fleischman K. A., Rev., 549 N 10th 
Fleisher C. B., dry goods, 161 South 
Flem Lewis, lab. F road ab Hart la 
Flemens James, lab. Passyunk road 
Fleming Aaron, cabinetmr., Bedford bel Ross 
Fleming Alfred W., chemist, 95 S Front, h 327 

Fleming Andrew, weaver, 12th ab Prime 
Fleming Ann, Johnston la bel 5th 
FLEMING 8c BROTHER, produce, 40 S 


Fleming Charles, carter. Prosperous al 
Fleming Christopher, macht. F road ab Hart la 
Fleming Ehzabeth, 18 Pine (S) 
Fleming Elias, mer. Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Fleming Geo., produce, 40 S Water, h 160 

College av 
Fleming Geo., milkman, St Andrew W 21st 
FLEMING GEORGE M., stock broker, 29^ S 

3d, h Chestnut E 16th 
Fleming Isabella, 3 Spring Mill ct 
Fleming James, produce, 40 S Water, h 147 

Fleming James, lab. Williams ab Sp Garden 
Fleming James, grocer, 206 Shippen 
Fleming James, bootmr. 301 S Front 
Fleming James, cordw. 20th and Lombard 
Fleming James E. carp. 35 Hallowell 
Fleming Joanna, seamstress, rear 7 Lebanon 
Fleming John, coachman, Lombard n 22d 
Fleming John, Locust and Prospect al 
Fleming John, lab, 2 Dillwyn pi 
Fleming John, cai-p. 355 S 13th 
Fleming John, weaver, Brinton bel 13th 
Fleming Jolm, police, Ann n 13th 
Fleming Jos., boatman, 1008 Pine 
Fleming Joseph, manuf. Hamilton and Willianj, 

his Logan square 




Fleming- Joseph, lab. 24th ab Callowhill 
Fleming Lavinia, dry g-oods, 102 Locust 
Fleming Lawrence, draym. rear Hope n School 
Fleming- Richard, dyer, Mechanic ab liinn 
Fleming- Saml., cooper, rear Catharine bel 13th 
Fleming- Thos., carter, 48 Passyunk road 
Fleming Thos., dyer, Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
Fleming Thomas, gent. 327 Walnut 
Fleming Thomas M., 327 Walnut 
Fleming T. M., chem. 97 S Front, h 327 Walnut 
Fleming- Wm., blacksm. 298 S 4th 
Fleming Wm., lab. Lombard n 17th 
Fleming Wm., Tilton ab Emory (R) 
Fleming Wm., sail mr. 3 Home pi 
Fleming Wm., stone cutter. South bel 24th 
Fleming W. J., M. D., 18 Logan square 
Fleming W. R., mer. 153 Market, h 334 Chest- 
Flemming' H., dress mr. Richmond 
Flemming James, lab. 24th ab Sp Garden 
Flemming James, grocer, 147 Summer 
Flemming James, coachmr. Fitzwater ab 11th 
Flemming- John, lab. Beach ab Walnut 
Flemming Saml., weav. Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
Flemming Wm., mach. Lynn n 24th 
Flenchbach Charles, vict. Coates W Nixon 
Flenner Lewis, tailor, S E Vine and 2d 
Fletcher Benjamin, engraver, 8 Lebanon 
Fletcher Danl., portrait painter, Sp Garden ab 

Fletcher Edward, printer, 488 Locust W 20th 
Fletcher Eliza, book folder, 213 Lombard 
Fletcher Geo., refinisher of goods, 40 Market, 

h 264 N 4th 
Fletcher Geo., comb mr. Clinton ab Girard av 
Fletcher Geo., wool, 55 Howard (K) 
Fletcher Geo., bricklayei-, 2 James 
Fletcher Hugh, carman, 6th bel G T road 
Fletcher James, tavern, Washington bel Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Fletcher James, agent, 423 N 11th 
FLETCHER JAMES W., Prothonotary of the 
District Court, State House Row, h 56 
Fletcher Jolui, dyer, 10 South 
Fletcher John, upholsterer, 85 N 7th 
Fletcher L. R., atty, S E 13th & Sp Garden 
Fletcher Rebecca, 22 Pratt 
Fletcher^^ichard, blacksm. 119 Prime 
Fletcher Robert, weighmaster, Howell bet 19th 

and 20t1i 
Fletcher Robert C, sash & shuttle fact., 362 

Ridge av 
Fletcher StcM'ard, lab. 22 Pratt 
Fletcher S., locksm. 58 Green 
Fletcher Thomas, 47 S 13th 
Fletcher Thomas, lab., Marriott's la bel 6th 
Fletcher Veron, artist, 216 Chestnut, h 188 Noble 
Fletcher Wm , 47 S 13th 
Fletcher Wm., cabinetmr. Miles (K) 
Fletcher Wm. H., clerk, 47 S 13th 
Fleurer Christine, Mrs., 146 Greenwich 
Fleutet Maur., salesman, 15 Bank, & 16 Straw- 
Flevell Henry, engineer, rear 450 Poplar 
Fhck Catharine, baker, N W Broad & Shippen 
Flick Chas., chairmr., Queen bel Marlboro' (K) 
Flick Geo. L., Ill and h 147 N Front 

Flick Jacob, fisherman. Queen n Palmer 

Flick Louis, lithographer, 3 Ranstead pi 

Flick L., baker, N E Bedford and Shippen la 

Flick Michael, carp. 5 Bryant ct 

Flick Wm., cordw. 8 Washington row (N L) 

Flick Wm., fisherman. Bishop (K) 

Flicker A., mer. 31 Sansom 

Flickwir D. Henry, builder. Front bel Almond, 

h 160 S 3d 
Flickwir Jos. W. carp. 24 German 
Flieshman John, cabinetmr. 8 St Joseph's pi 
Fligel John, blacksm. Orchard (N L) 
Fhhr Peter, cordw. 302 N Front 
Fling C. milliner, 188 N 5th 
Fling Hannah, gentw. 432 N 2d 
FLING HENRY, atty. at law, 95^ Walnut, h 752 


Fling Howard, painter, 62 Noble 
Fling James B. bootmr. 432 N 2d 
Fling Wm., lab. 13 Scott's ct 
Fling Tlios. S., printer, 62 Noble 
Fling Wm., clerk, 133 Market, h 746 Pine 
Fling William B., office rear 95^ Walnut, h 752 

Flink Abraham, trader, G T road n Somerset 
Flinn Ann, 133 German 

Flinn Bartley, hat finisher. Juniper and George 
Flinn David, lab. William n Duke (R) 
Flinn Edward, M. D., 6 Shippen 
Flinn Eliza, Filbert E 18th 
Flinn James W., omnibus propr. Bull's Head 

hotel, Washington and William 
Flinn John, tailor, 373 N 3d 
Flinn John, engineer, Carroll bel F road 
Flinn John O., trader, 174 N 17th 
Flinn Miles, huckster, Catharine bel Broad 
Flinn Nicholas, lab. Vista bel Locust 
Flinn Patrick, lab. 10 Cottage pi 
Flinn Pati-ick, lab. rear 632 South 
Flinn Sarah, N E Juniper and George 
Flinn Thomas, ostler. Wire Bridge Hotel (W P) 
Flinn Thomas, lab. 10 College pi 
FSnn Thomas, lab. Marion ab 2d 
Flinn Thomas, lab. Margaret bel 10th ' 
Flinn Timothy, lab. 597 AVood 
Flinn Wm., currier, Lawrence bel Franklin av , 
Flinn Wm., butcher, 808 N 11th 
FUnn Wm., 13 Scott 

Flint Andrew, mach. Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Flint James, confect. Coates n Sch 
Flint John, atty & coun. 1 Mer. Lib. Building-, 

5th and Library 
Flint Thos. cordw. 37 S 4th h 14 Providence ct 
Flint Wm. bookbinder, 14 Providence ct 
Flitcraft Wm. H., 52 Commerce 
Flogous Frederick, shoemr. Sower's ct 
Flomerfelt Armstrong I. sailmr. Lombard st. 

whf , h 100 Catharine 
Flood Artliur, letter carrier. Front ab Jefferson 
Flood Bernard, lab. Huntingdon ab Duke (R) 
Flood Edwd. saddler, 269 S 3d 
P'lood Edward, house carp. Huston (R) 
Flood Eliza, 1 Mechanic's av 
Flood Geo. W. paper stainer, 21st & William 
Flood Henry, gardener, F rd ab Reading av 
Flood Isaac, cordw. 430 S 5th 
Flood Jas., cordw. 24 Hurst 
Flood Jas., lab. Lazxh & Ann 




"Flood James, jeweler, 29 Redwood 

Flood James, lab. 9 Coombe's al 

Flood James, drayman, 4 Prospect 

Flood John, gent! oil N lOth 

Flood John, weaver, Front ab Jefferson 

Flood John, lab. Larch & Ann 

Flood John, packer, 12 N 4th, h 264 Catharine 

Flood Jos. moulder, Hewston 

Flood Lawrence, currier, shop 37 Dillwj-n, h 5tli 

ab Franklin 
Flood Matthew, lab. Sutherland av bel South 
Flood Nich., marble polisher, Pearl bel Broad 
Flood Patrick, lab. 88 Richmond (R) 
Flood Peter, carpet wear. F road bel Bedford 
Flood Samuel, carp. Brinton bel Oxford (K) 
Flood Saml. F., att. and alderman, 430 S 5th 
Flood Terrence, lab. Huntingdon bel Brown (R) 
Flood Thomas, porter, 35 Chestnut, h 10th ab 

Flood Thos., dra}-man, Kline's row- 
Flood Washington, moulder, 8 Ontario 
Flood AVm. tavern, 158 N Water 
Flood Wm., stone polisher. Pearl bel Broad 
Flood Wm. waterman, Brinton (K) 
Flora Thos., druggist, Laurel & New Market, h 

581 Coates 
Florance J. L. gent. Chestnut E 16th. 
Florance Wm. S E 18th and Locust 
Florence Andi'ew, boat builder, 5 Pai'ham 
Florence James, waterman, 18 Queen 
Florence Thos. B., hatter, 48 Lombard 
Florsheim Meyer, shoemr. Galbraith's ct 
Flory Marg., b h, 136 N Juniper 
Flory Wra., oyster cellar, 136 N Juniper ' 

Flounders Geo. B., coachsm. 20th h. George | 
Flower Reese AY., gent. 21 Flower I 

Flower S., 11th bel Spruce | 

Flower Thomas, chairmr. 18 Myrtle 1 

Flowers Ann Mrs., di-essmr. 160 Federal \ 

Flowers Cath., Cherrj' AV 15th ; 

Flowers Charles, hay, &c. 5th Sc Coates, house j 

Pamsh bel 12th 
Flowers John, brushmr. AVheat ab Reed 
Flowers Robert, portrait painter, Beaver below 

Flowers AYm., dealer, Rio Grande pi 
Floyd Ann, gentw. 9th bel Pine 
Floyd Geo., driver, 1 Adams 
Floyd Geo., 149 Broad bel Spruce 
FLOYD HEXRY, gi-ocer, 12th Sc Lombard 
Floyd James, grocer, S \f 9th and Catharine 
Floyd John, gent, h 401 S 4th 
Floyd John, lab. 5 Norris' al 
Floyd John N. tailor, Pine bel 2d 
Floyd Samuel, merchant, 152 Market, h Pine 

ab 13th 
Floyd Thos., mach. 3d bel Wharton 
Floyd AY. E., book keeper, 27 and 29 S Water, h 

271 S 3d 
Floyers John, cooper, 144 Poplar 
Flubacher Jacob, shoemr. 8 Depot 
Fluck Samuel, cordw. 87 Coates 
Flues B., dress trimmings, 200 Arch 
FLUES & CO., importers of trimmings, &c., 

9 Church al 
Flues Eberhard, 9 Clmrch al, h 28 N 5th 
Flum B. coachmr. R road ab Sp Garden, h Sp 

Garden ab 12th. 

FLURER FRED., Flurer's Hall tav. Front and 

Fku-er Julius, painter, 6th bel Federal 

Flynn Bridget, AA'ashington ab AVilliam (W P) 

Flynn Edward porter, 33 Conunerce, h 3 Mine- 
ral pi 

Flvnn James, carter. Crown ab Queen (K) 

Flynn John, M. D., 19tli ab Market 

Fh'nn Patk., porter, 9 Mineral pi 

Flynn Patrick, shoemr. Ill Lombard 

Flvnn Thos., lab. Hewston bel Palmer 

Flynn Thos., lab. 5 Vail'spl 

Flynn Timothy, shop, 28 Franklin pi 

Flynn AA"m., liquors, Richmond bel Allen 

Flynn AA'm., dealer, 2 Monmouth ct 

Fo'bes Geo. S., mer., 78 N Front, h 23 Mont- 
gomery sq 

Fobes G. A\\ mer. 23 Montgomery sq 

Fobes John, carter. Filbert E 18th 

Fobes Thos., mer. 63 Chestnut, h 19th ab Arch 

Fobes AVm., carter. Filbert E 18th 

Focer Franklin, tmnkmr. 24 Edward, house 52 

Focert John, tailor, St John pi 

Fodell John, carp. 20 Magnolia 

FodeU John C, convevancer, 20 Magnolia 

Foell Lewis, baker, 459 S 2d 

Foering Abraham, clerk, N E 10th and Brown 

Foering Albert R. stovemr. 87 N 2d, h Wash- 
ington ab 10th (S G) 

FOERLN'G BENJAMIN F. Sc Co., coal dealers, 
S AV Broad and Race 

Foering Benj. F., coal, S AV Broad & Race 

FOERING FREDERICK & SON, stove mers.\/ 
87 N 2d ^ 

Foering Fred., stove manuf. 87 N 2d, h. 1 Crown 

Foering Saml., clerk, 116 Arch, h AA'illow ab 5th 

Foering AA'm. stationer, G T road ab 4th 

Foertch And., shoemr. Hallowell's ct ab 7th 

Foertsch H., bootmr. 315 Poplar 

Fogel John, butcher, Mervine bel Montgomery 

Fogel Leopoldt, tailor, St John pi 

Fogel AY., shop, 92 St John 

Fogel John, 10 Letitia ct 

Fogel Jos. B., salesman, 12 N 3d, h254 Wood 

Fogerty Michl., AA^ard's Retreat 

Fogertj' Thos., tanner, Jefferson's pi (NL) 

Fogg Aaron, bricklayer, 5 AA'" North n 10th 

FO'gG & BOYD, plumbers and gas fitters, 457 

Fogg Elisha, plumb., 457 Alarket, h 286 Cherry 

Fogg Elma Mrs., 135 Gu-ard av 

Fogg Evan, teacher, 135 Girard av 

Fogg IMartin, n Naval Asylum 

Fogg Samuel, ropemr. P road bel AA'harton 

Fogg Samuel, bricklayer, 286 Cherry 

Foght Heniy, drajTiian, G T rd ab 5th 

Foglesore G., liquor dealer, 11th bel Parrish 

Folback Chas., tailor. Canal (AV K) 

Folchi Peter Rev., AA'illing's al 

Foley Catharine, washei-w. 52 Penn 

Foley Chas., varnisher. Pine ab 22d 

Foley Daniel, grocer, N AV AA'ashington and Jef- 
ferson (K) 

Foley David, saddler, 31 S 10th 

Foley David, distiller, S AA^ PhUip and Jefferson 

Foley David F., clerk, 326 Coates 

Foley Edward, glassbl. Queen belAlenna 





Foley Geo., varnisher, Dickerson bel 8th 

Foley James, machinist, 585 F road (R) 

Foley Jeremiah, shoemr. 3 Prospect al 

Foley John, lamp manuf. 10 Cypress 

Foley John, weaver, 17th bel Shippen 

Foley John, blacksm. 2 Galbraith's ct 

Folej' John, cordw. Marriott bel 6th 

Foley Michael, lab. 7th n Christian 

Foley Morris, lab. Harris ct 

Foley Owen, lab. 9 Coombes' al 

Foley P., lab. 9 S 17th 

Foley Rebecca, 23 Castle 

Foley Thos., weaver, 5 PhiUip (K) 

Foley Wm., tinsm. rear 299 G T road 

FOLIOT EUGENE, spring- mattress manuf. and 

upholsterer, 59 S 4th bel Walnut 
Folk Fredk., watchman, 41 Lewis (P D) 
Folk John, cooper, 447 N 11th 
Folkrod Anna S., shirt maker, Cuthbert 1st bel 

Folki-od Eleanor, 55 Chester 
Folkrod Ehzabeth, 296 Vine 
Folkrod Georg-eW., boot fitter, Davy 
Folkrod Wm. B., jeweler, 40 and h 127 N 6th 
Foil Adam, drayman. Linden (K) 
Foil Henry, cordw. Palmer ab Beach 
Folm Fredk., boot ci-imper, 167 St John 
Foltz F., b h, 16 Castle 
Foltz Jacob, weaver, G T rd ab 5th 
Foltz Martin, tailor, Morris ct 
Foltz Rebecca, 593 N Front 
Folwell Cliarles S., secr'y. 74 S 4th 
Folwell C. F. tailor, 162 Cherry 
y Folwell Godfrey G. silver chaser, 1 Dillwyn 
Folwell James, accountant, N. A. Bank, house 9 

Folwell John, clerk, h 226 N 4th 
FOLWELL JNO. W., feed store, 241 N Front, 

h Montg-omery hotel 
Folwell Joseph, turner, 496 N 4th 
Folwell J. K. conveyancer, 207 N 6th, h 69 Wood 
Folyard John, bookseller, Market & Juniper, h 

N E Race and Perry 
Folyer Matthias, lab. 22 Parrish 
Fonderwer Edward, tailor, 66 Hope (K) 
Fondey John, M. D., 20 Log-an sq 
Fontaine John, rnach, Allen ab Marlboro' 
Fontaine Louis, ladies' shoemr. 204 Walnut 
Fontanell Maria, blindmr. 497 N 3d, h 514 N 5th 
Fontanges F. B., atty. & coun. 63 Dock, house 

Spruce bel 20th 
Foutanges P. F. 63 Dock, h Spruce n 20th 
Fontar Mary Ann, Palm bel Brown 
Foods John, lab. Susannah (R) 
Foote Benj. plumber, 447 Vine 
FOOTE GEO. R. & CO., plumbers and gas fit- 
ters, 229 Ridge av bel Wallace 
Foote Hezekiah, brickmr. Federal n G F rd 
Foote Isaac, brickmr. Federal n G F road 
Foote James, grocer. Federal n G F road 
Foote John, piano mr. 355 Market, house 146 

Foote Marg., tailoress, 19th bel Market 
Foote Margt., Loyd ab Shippen 
Foote Nison, gilder, Burton bel 18th 
Foote Skelton, watchman County Prison, Pi-une 

bel 10th 

Fopless Thos. L., blacksm. 21st bel Lombard 
Forastel Richard H., acct. 52 Commerce, h 204 

5 9th 

Forbes Andrew, brickmr. rear 14 Evans 
Forbes Chas. jeweler, 5 Clair 
Forbes Henry, weavei-, Hancock ab Non-is 
Forbes Hugh, shoemr. 49 W South 
Forbes James, Lombard n 16th 
Forbes James, capt. Leopard ab Otter 
p'orbes John, carter. Filbert W 18th 
Forbes John, stone cutter, 10th below L Wash- 

Forbes John, watchman, Sp Garden and 21st 
Forbes Marcellus, seaman, 82 Penn (R) 
Forbes Robert, carter. Barker n 18th 
Forbes Sarah, Fidler and Montgomery 
Forbes Thos., pi-inter, Charles ab Federal (S) 
Forbes Thos. H., painter. Auburn ab 9th 
Forbes Wm., boatbr. Lynn ab 23d 
Forbes Wm., carter, Forbes' ct E 18th 
Forbes Wm. H., brickmr. N W 17th & South 
Forbes Wm. J., cordw. Harmstead ab 19th 
Forbs Wm., weaver, 46 Hampton 
Force Harrison, Aspen and 7th (M V) 
Force John, cordw. 142 Greenwich 
Force John, hide Salter, 5 School House av 
FORGE THOMAS, Reed St. House, S E Reed 

6 Front 

Forcum Eliza, Evans bel Prime 

Ford A., clerk, 15th & Rittenhouse 

Ford Ann M., 185 Lombard 

Ford Charles, feed store. Wood ab 11th 

Ford David, carp. Woodbine bel Federal 

Ford David, carp. 550 W Market 

Ford David, ivory turner, 83 Race, h 193 N 5th 

Ford Edwin, turner, 83 Race, h 260 N 5th 

Foi'd E. & D. turners, 83 Race 

Ford Fergus, lab. 8 John's ct 

Ford Franklin, window shades, 2^ S 8th, h 9th 

bel Locust 
Ford Geo. W., agent, 72 S 3d 
Ford Hugh, 9 Penn 

Ford H. J., mer. 97 S Front, h 386 Arch 
Ford II. J. & Co., importers, 97 S Front 
Ford Isaac, mer. 18th bel Vine 
Ford James, tailor. Steward 
Ford James, plasterer. Cherry W 15tli 
Ford John, mach. 550 W Market 
Ford John, mer. 24 Rittenhouse 
Ford John, lab. 31 Jones' al (C) 
Ford John, lab. Say 
Ford Jno. G. accountant, 57 S 3d, h N 18th and 

Ford John M., plated saddlery, 32 N 3d, h 12 

Ford Joseph P., bricklr. Mervine h Stiles 
Ford Mary, Race n 15th 
Ford Mary A- 15th and Rittenhouse 
Ford Michael, lab. Brasier's ct 
Ford Michael, lab. 1226 N 2d 
Ford Pat., lab. Hamilton and 24th 
FORD P., boots & shoes, 47 N 3d,h 225 N 2d x.-^ 
Ford Richard D. math. inst. mr. 5 ElmsUe's al 
Ford Robert, clerk, 44 Gaskill 
Ford Robert H. tinware, 291 Market, house 176 

S Queen 
Ford Saml. C, pres. N Am. Coal Co., 98^ S 4th 
Ford Thomas, engineer, 66 Redwood 




Ford Thomas, carp. 5 Hutchinson (L G) 

Ford Thos., refec, 53 S 3d, h Dannaker's av 

Ford Thos. grocer, 351 Market, h 13 Morgan 

Ford T., Mrs., gentw. 164 N 11th 

Ford Wm., mer. 32 N 3d, h 250 N 4th 

Ford Wm. bricklayer, Parrish ab 9th 

Ford Wm. iron dealer, 247 Randolph 

Ford Wm., 32 N 3d, h 250 N 4th 

Ford Wm. D., salesman, 12 N 4th, h 15th and 

Ford Wm. D., agent, 550 W Market and Ritten- 
Forder Rudolph, bricklr. 748 Wood 
Forder Samuel, plasterer, 13th ab Brown 
Forder Wm., plasterer, 748 Wood 
Fordham Benj., glass blower, Warren bel Queen 
Fordham John, glass blower. Queen bel Cherry 
Fordham Mary, Cherry ab Queen (K.) 
Fordney Henry, gun stockmr. 334 F road 
Fordney Mar}', 5d3 Vine 

Foi-ebaugh Wm., tobac. 184 NSth, h 13 Ontario 
Forehand Samuel, printer, 312 S 8th 
Foreman Jas., porter, 341 Lombard 
Foreman Jno., hod carrier. Front and Moore 
Foreman Peter, white ■& blksm. Willow ab 8th 
Foreman Richd., driver, 7th bel Dickerson 
Foreman Robt. R., cabinet mr. 4th ab Race, h 

11 Laurel (N L) 
Foreman Wm., lab. rear St Marys 
Forpaugh Adam, dealer, 1017 Jefferson 
Forepaugh Geo. E., trunkmr. 526 N 9th 
Forepaugh J. F. currier. Vine bel 3d, h 44 

Forpaugh Margt., 285 N 13th 
Forepaugh Wm. F., jr., tanner, G T road &. Otter 

h 240 N 5th 
Forepaugh W. F. currier, 4th and Race, h 240 

N 5th 
Forgarty Pat., milkman. Front bel Franklin 
Forgrave James, weaver. Front bel Jefferson 
Forest :Mrs. Elizabeth, gentw. 678 S 4th 
Forman James, porter, 24 N 3d, h 341 Lombard 
Forman John, stairbr. 16t]i bel Green 
Forman Mrs., 350 Lombai'd 
Forman Robt. R. cabinetmr. reai- 7 Cherry, h 

9 Laurel 
Forman Wm. H., macht. 13th ab Coates 
Forman Wm. L., house paintei', 576 S 5th 

Forster Theo., car, rear 123 F road 
Forster Wm., ladies shoemr. Austin ab Wharton 
Forster Wm. A., lab. Swanson ab Prime 
Forsjlh Albert, carp. 441 N 11th 
FORSYTH & BROTHER, plumbers, 17 S 7th 
Forsyth Hugh, butcher, ISIom-oe ab 18th 
Forsyth Jas., butcher. Lemon n Hmitingdon (R) 
Forsyth John, butcher, G T road bel Master 
Forsyth Joseph, perfumer. Brazier n Loyd 
Forsvth Joseph W., plumber, 17 S 7th, h 64 

Forsyth Mary, 4 Barker 
Forsyth Presley B. plumber, 17 S 7th, h 552 

Pine bel Broad 
Forsyth Robt., canvasser, Blair n Wood 
Forsyth Robert J., porter, 91 Market, h 27 

Coombes' al 
Forsj'th Susan, Mrs., Orchard (N L) 
Forsyth Saml., cordw. 370 S 13th 
Forsyth Thos. H. carpenter, 11th bel Brown 
Forsyth Wm., painter, 441 N 11th 
Forsyth Wm., blacksm. James n 7th (C) 
Forsyth Wm. T., carp, shop. Market W 19th, h 

256 Cherry 
Forsythe Henry, clockmender, N E 13th and 

Forsythe John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Fort C. v., 78 Queen 
Fort G. E., clerk, 18 Wallace 
P'ort Hemy, lab.. Wood n Fi'anklin (K) 
Fort James, carpenter shop, Charles ab York, h 

Franklin ab AVood (Iv) 
Fort Sarah, widow, 13 Gaskill 
Fort Levi, tobac. 290 S Front 
Fort Thos. R., tailor, William bel Larch 
Forten Charlotte, 92 Lombard 
Forten Margaretta, 92 Lombard 
Forten VYm., 92 Lombard 
Fortescue Francis, plasterer, 146 Chestnut 
FortescueH C, printer,4Atheneum Buildings, 

h Queen ab 3d 
Fortescue Jas., weaver, 22d bel Spruce 
Fortescue Joseph L., reporter, 6xh bel Prime 
Fortescue Thomas S., bricklr. 6th bel Pi-ime 
Fortescue Thos. S., sr., carp. 146 Christian 
Fortesque Pat. weaver, Pine n 21st 
Fortin Samuel, hosier, 13th bel Coates 
Fortinner Ellis, harness mr. 254 St John 

Forner Rosannah, widow of Christopher, 120|FortnerGeo. W., ship carp. 1 Kensigton av 


Forner Wm. C, clerk, 59 S 3d, h 103 P road 
Forney AV., 22d bel Chestnut 
Forrest Ann, spooler. Sycamore N of Locust 
Forrest Edwin, tragedian, 144 N 10th 
Forrest George, driver, 362 Marshall 

}I'orrest George AV., 362 Alarshall 

.Forrest Isaac, Church ab 22d 

fiForrest Jas., lab. Filbert n 22d 
TForrest Robert, lab., Petei-'s al 
Forrest Samuel, cordw. Rye ab Reed 
Forrest Thos., stone cutter, 7 Moore 
Forrest AVm., varnisher, 4 Kessler's al 
Forrester Richard, acct. 204 S 9th 
jFon-ester, Thos., lab. 6 Bell's ct 
.Forshee Cornelius, real estate broker, Haimony 

pi, h 234 N 6th 
Forster Adolph, toy & vai'iety store, 215 S 2d 
■Forster Ferdinand, 612 N 2d 

Fortner Ichabod, cooper, 65 Penn 
Fortnum Charles, chandler, 16 Brown 
Fortnum AVilliam, chandler, 57 Race, h 586 N 6th 
Fortrums Edwin, chandler, 587 N 6th 
Fortune Misses J. 8c T., milUners, 326 S 2d 
Fortune Pat. shoemr. 33 Quince 
Fortune Sutherland, waiter, rear 10 Emehne 
Forty ilaiy Ann, washer, 14 St Marys 
Fosbemer John K., tobacco, 164 Franklin 
Frosbenner Danl., vict. Randolph bel Master 
FOSS CYRUS AV., ins. agent. S. AV. 4th and 

Foss Edmund, gardener, 11 Hampton 
Foss & Farr, ins. agency, S AV 4th & Chestnut 
Foss G. AV., manuf., S E Front and Market 
Foss Thos. capmr., 15th ab Fairview 
FOSS, AVOOLSTON & CO., silk manuf., 
I Front 
JFossard Virginia, restaurat'r., 222 AValnut 

1 S 




Fossert Maria, Burton ab 16th 
Foster Alfred, car, Shackamaxon ab Bedford 
Foster Anna, 165 Summer 
Foster Anthon}^, brewer, Racliel's row- 
Foster Arthur, weaver, 3 Watt 
Foster CaroHne, 188 S loth 
Foster Catharine, trimming-s, 120 S 10th 
Foster Catharine, Hancock and Master 
Foster Chas. mer. 21 Church al, h 219 Filbert 
Foster Chas. house painter, 62 N 4th, h 45 York 

Foster Chas., printing- press manuf., W P, h 732 

Foster Chas., weav., 21 Thompson (K) 
Foster Chas., painter, 391 Coates 
Foster Chas. P., capt. 3d and Carpenter 
Foster C. B. dentist, 237 Arch 
Foster D. H. cordw. 383 S 2d 
Foster Edw., potter. Crown ab Franklin 
Foster Edwd. F., 46 Citron 
Foster Elizabeth, shirt mr. 16 Bread 
Foster Elizabeth A., milliner, 48 Arch 
Foster E. B. stencil engraver, 260 N 3d h 221 

FOSTER FEUD., books and stationery, N E 

2d and Mead 
Foster Francis T., stencil engi-aver, 37 S 3d, h 

190 Sp Garden 
FOSTER & GEBHARD, hatters, 49 S 3d 
Foster Geo. W. ship carp., 61 M road 
Foster Henri L., 125 Marlboroug-h 
Foster Hiram, mould., 59 Garden 
Foster Isaac, butcher, 24 Phoenix 
Foster Jacob, lab. rear 50 Green 
Foster Jacob, printer, Callowhill n 18th 
Foster Jas. collector, Ohio 
Foster Jas. paper stainer, Fairview and 18th 
Foster James, sen., g-ardener, Chapman bet 8th 

and 9th 
Foster James, drayman, Filbei-t n 21st 
Foster Jno., clerk, 433 Coates 
Foster John, ship cai-pt, Hewsonab Duke 
Foster John E. hatter, 49 S 3d, h N W Newton 

and Washington 
Foster John G. tobacconist, Allen above Marl- 

Foster Joseph, mer. 38 Arch 
Foster Joshua, teacher, Deaf and Dumb Institu- 
tion, Broad bel Spruce 
FOSTER J. H., awning maker, 259 N 3d, h 180 

S Front 
Foster Leonard, police, Henry n Lombard 
Foster Lydia, 73 S 6th 

Foster N. L. book agt., Marlboro' ab Franklin 
Foster Peter, farmer. Bank and Lehigh (R) 
Foster Robt., foreman, 5 S 4th, h 5 Lemon 
Foster Robt, M. D., 449 Chestnut 
Foster Saml. shipwrt., Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Foster Saml. H., cordw. 4tli bel Wharton 
Foster Saml. M., painter, 19 Carpenter 
Foster Saml. N, embosser, rear 26 S 4th, h 198 

Fitz water 
Foster Sarah Mrs., trimmings, 141 Green 
Foster Stephen, cordw., Suffolk 
Foster Summers, saddler, shop 56 Brown, h New 

Market and Flower al 
Foster Thomas, machinist, Gi*een ab R road 
Foster Thomas, cordw. 7th bel Wharton 

Foster Thos., farmer, Cumberland & Salmon (K) 
Foster Thos., boatm.. Elm bet 4th & 5th (W P) 
Foster Thos., weav., 4 Philip (K) 
Foster Thos., G T road and 7th 
Foster Walter, morocco dress. 9th st av 
Foster & Weginbaurer, cabntmrs. 614 N 7th 
Foster Thomas S. merchant, 163 Market, h 8 

Logan sq 
Foster Wm., carp. 17 Salmon (R) 
Foster Wm. B., 3 S Oak 
Foster Wm. B., jr., vice pres. Pa. R R Co., 70 

Walnut, h 3 WPenn sq 
FOSTER WM. H., exchange office, 1 Library, h 

412 S 3d 
Foster W. H., clerk, Moore n Washington (W P) 
Fotterall S. G., gent., 2 Portico Square 
Fotterall William F., gentleman, N W 13th and 

Fottler Jno., gas fitter, 318 N 8th 
FOUCHE WM. W., M. D., dentist, 147 N 6th, 

h Girard av bel 13th 
Fougeray Arthur R., tobacco, 3 S Front, h 24 

Fougeray Aug. P., custom house, 173 Callowhill 
Fougeray Francis A., stovemr. 133 N 2d 
Fougeray H. J., 15th bel Lex 
Fougy Alfonza, mariner, 2 Marriott 
Fouladoux J. F., hairwork., 137 Chestnut 
Foulds Robt., clerk, 171 South 
Foulk Cath., 483 Coates 
Foulk Jac, cabinet mr. Adams bel Oxford 
Foulk Mark, lab. Townsend bel Linn 
Foulk Michl., lab. Front ab Reading av 
Foulk Morris, blksm. Mansion ab Chestnut (WP) 
Foulk Step. C, carpt., 33 N 2d, h 379 Vine ab 

Foulke A. Dr., 343 N 7th 
Foulke Capt. Geo., 445 Callowhill 
Foulke Chas., coachmr., 132 Buttonwood 
Foulke Edwd. H., tailor, 132 Buttonwood 
Foulke Eleanor, S E 12th and Arch 
Foulke Eliza M., b. h. 49 George 
Foulke Everard, lab. 113 Apple 
Foulke Henry, clerk, 153 Market, h 343 N 7th 
Foulke Joseph, M. D., 659 S 2d 
Foulke Lucy D., b. h., 96 S 11th 
Foulke Mary, Miss, S E 12th and Arch 
FOULKE RICHARD, tailor, 59 N 4th, h 194 

Foulke Richard P., 34 Sansom 
Foulke Rowan, printer, 641 S 4th 
Foulke Wm. P., att'y & coun., 34 Sansom 
Foulkes Chas., sea capt., 26 Green 
Foulkrod Alfred, boots. New Market ab Poplar 
Foulkrod Emanuel, cordw., Haines bel 13th 
Foulkrod John, cordw. 143 Charlotte 
FouUcrod Joseph, carpt. Buttonwood la 
Foulks Benj. S., 594 Brown 
Foulks Chas. T., atty & coun., N E 7th & Sansom, 

h Coates bel 13th 
Foulon Robert J., plasterer, Callowhill ab 19th 
Foulton Robt., tailor, Wharton bel 9th 
Fouly Wobericli J., lab. rear 265 St John 
Fountain Abraham, ship carpenter. Palmer bel 

Franklin (K) 
Fountain Magdalena, tailoress, Church ab Reed 
Fourestein Joseph, 152 N 5th 
Fouse Mahlon C, engineer. Baker's ct 




Fouser H., brickmr., Apple and Diamond 
Fouser John, engineer, 5th & Elm (M V) 
Foust Elizabeth, chair caner, Brown bel Front 
Foust George N., stone cutter, 306 Vine 
Foust Henry, moulder, 5th and Diamond 
Foust Hiram H., salesman, 79 Market 
Foust James B., tinsmith, 36 Market, h 4th bel 

Foust John, 153 N 10th 
Foust R. M., treas. Am. Life Ins. Co., 70 S 3d, 

h Brown bel 8th 
Foust Wm., stone mason, Jackson bel Parrlsh 
Foust Wm. H., stone cutter, Ogden ab 15th 
Fow Catharine, Prosperous al 
FOW DAVID, vict, Cherry ab Duke (K) 
Fow Elizabeth, Crown ab Duke 
Fow George, butchej-, Marlborough below 

Fow George, police officer, 20th bel George 
Fow Henry, vict.. Crown ab Duke 
Fow Jacob, vict.. Crown n Duke 
Fow John, Deal av bel F road 
Fow Joseph, butcher, 2d ab Reading av 
Fow Lewis, vict. Hanover bel F av 
Fow Wm., brickmr. Wharton n P road 
Fow Wm., grocer, Wharton and P road 
Fow Wm., cordw. 107 German 
Fowl Jacob, fisher. Christian bel Front 
Fowl Lewis, vict, Hanover n F av 
Fowler Ann, gaiter binder, 394 S 8th 
Fowler Edw., bartender, rear Rye bel Wharton 
Fowler Edward, Naval Asylum 
Fowler E. M., dry goods, 44 N 8th 
Fowler George, vict. 132 Carpenter 
Fowler Henry, potter, Allen ab Innes (K) 
Fowler Jacob P., hardware, 276 N 2d, h 648 

N 5th 
Fowler James E., cordw, 16 Hancock (K) 
Fowler Jesse, lab. Palmer ab F av 
Fowler John, 58 Green 
Fowler John, 237 S Broad 
Fowler John A., author, h 4th ab Master 
Fowler Joseph C., salesman, 426 Market, house 

Norris al ab Juniper 
Fowler Jos. G., barkeeper, Sp Gai'den ab 9th 
Fowler J., coi-dw. Green 8c Graham (WP) 
Fowler Lewis, oak cooper, 4 Sch av 
Fowler Mahlon, tailor, 367 N 2d 
Fowler Peter, blacksm. 124 N 2d 
Fowler Rebecca, wid of John, 4th ab Master 
Fowler Rennels, tailor, 526 N 2d (K) 
Fowler Reuben, brushmr. Poplar bel 8th 
Fowler Susan, 92 Pennsylvania av 
Fowler S.,bh, 140 S 9th 

Fowler Thomas, blacksmith, 4th and G T road 
Fowler William, leather and shoe findings, 28 

Fowler Wm., rulemr., 336 N 3d 
Fowler Wm., Tower E 22d 
Fowler Wm. carp. 237 Parrish 
Fowler Wm., carter. Wheat 
Fowler Wm., morrocco dr. 2d ab Reading av 
Fowler Wm. A., macht.. Willow ab 15th 
Fowler William H., glass blower. Queen and 

Ross (K) 
Fowler Willis, 160 S 5th 

Fowlei's, Wells &, Co., phrenologists & pub 
^ lishers, 231 Arch ab 6th 

Fox Alex. M., grocer, 511 N 2d, h 277 New 

Fox Andrew, sawyer, Ann bel Richmond 
Fox Ann, Biddle ab 23d 
Fox Ann, grocer, 20th 8c Cuthbert 
Fox Ann, tobacco, 205 Girard av 
Fox Anna, Mrs., Union Hotel, Market W 23d 
Fox Bern., dyer, Ann bel Richmond (R) 
Fox Bryan, mahog. sawyer, 19 Crown 
Fox Charles, police, Lombard n 16th 
Fox Charles, wheelwt. 7 Elk (K) 
Fox Christian, cordw., Ridge R ab Broad 
Fox Christian, 965 N 2d 

Fox Christian, boot and shoe mr., 138 Brown 
Fox Christ., sawyer, 375 Richmond (R) 
Fox Daniel, ship chand. 5 Coates ab Beech 
Fox Daniel, truck mer. G T road ab 6th ■ 
Fox Daniel D., lab. rear 11 Emeline 
Fox Daniel M., conveyancer, 339 N 3d 
Fox Dennis, baker, 640 South 

Fox Edward, spinner, Mechanic's ct (N L) y 

Fox Edward J., messenger, 5 Montgomery 
Fox Elijah J., bricklayer, 401 S Front 
Fox Elizabeth M., 491 Chestnut 
Fox Evan, carp., 521 N 5th 
Fox Francis, lab., Tilton bel Emory (R) 
Fox Francis A., furniture, 178 South 
Fox Fred., grocer, Marlboro' bel Duke 
Fox Fred., cordw., Emery's ct (K) 
Fox Fred., farmer, Passyunk road 
Fox Geo., sailmr. 6 Hart's Building, h 8 Wood 

ab 15th 
Fox Geo. morocco di\ Marlboi-ough ab Queen 
Fox George, lab. F road ab Reading av 
Fox George S., 55 Chestnut, h 260 Cherry 
Fox Henry, tailor, 5th and JeflTerson 
Fox Henry C, glassmr. rear Naval Asylum, h 

22d bel Lombard 
Fox Henry J., real est. broker, 59 S 4th, h 4 

S 10th 
Fox Henry J., coachman, 390 Race 
Fox Isaac, sawyer, 13 Salmon (R) 
Fox Isaac, bricklayer, Nicetown la 
Fox Jacob, macht, 7th bel Federal 
Fox Jacob, coi-dwainer, 102 New Market 
Fox Jacob, weaver, 4 Monroe 
Fox Jacob, porter, 215 Market 
Fox Jacob, clerk, Charlotte ab Thompson 
Fox James, blacksm., Lepriva ab Dauphin (R) 
Fox Jas., sawyer, 4 Salmon (R^ 
Fox James, lab. 23d bel Walnut 
Fox James, oysterman, rear 123 Christian 
Fox John, custom house officer, 116 Green 
Fox John, ropemr.. Brown ab Cherry 
Fox John, vict. 4th bel Master (K) 
Fox John, sawyer, York and Charles (K) 
Fox John, lab. 23d bel Walnut 
Fox Jolm, dry goods, William and Larch 
Fox John, shop, 19th and M'Duffie 
Fox John, lab. 4th ab Thompson 
Fox John, founder, L Washington ab 7th 
FOX JOHN D., real estate agent 8c conveyancer, 

319 Callowhill 
Fox John E., ex. brok,, 5 S 3d, h214 S 8th 
Fox John J., chairmr.. Wheat 
Fox John M., clerk, 12 S 3d, h 5 Montgomery 
Fox Joseph, surveyor, Bridge ab 9th (W P) 
Fox Joseph, coachman, 29 Currant al 




Fox Joseph L., Melon ab 10th 

Fox Justus, grocer, Franklin av and Palmer 

Fox Lawrence, lab. 10 Palm 

Fox Lepold, pedlar, Slessman's av 

Fox Lewis, lirickmr. Robinson bel Montgomery 

Fox Michael, brushmr. 23 Market, h 1 St John 

Fox Michael, vict. 4th ab Thompson (K) 

Fox Michael, jr., vict. Master ab 4th 

Fox Nich., dealer. South & Hurst, h Lombard 

ab Quince 
Fox Nicholas, jr., tav., 270 S 6th 
Fox Pat., carp., Jones W 19th 
Fox Pat., cordw., Wall 
Fox Pat., contractor, Brasier 
Fox Peter, rig-ger, 18 Queen 
Fox Peter, carp., 4th bel Wharton 
Fox Peter, framemr., rear 17 Orchard 
Fox Peter, lab. Somerset and Almond 
Fox Philip, engineer, 123 Walnut 
Fox P. L., gent.. Broad ab Coates 
Syi^ox & Ramsey, grocers, 511 N 2d 

Fox Samuel, grocer, 290 N 2d, h 180 N 4th 

Fox Samuel, brickmr. 52 N 16th 

Fox Samuel A., cabinet mr. 264 S Front 

Fox Samuel M., brickmr. 52 N 16th 

Fox Samuel M., gent., 55 S Broad 

Fox Sarah Ann, bel Richmond (R) 

Fox & Wagner, awning rai's. 6 Hart's Building 

Fox Wm., tailor, 196 N 2nd 

Fox Wm., varnisher, 8th bel Reed 

Fox Wm. A., capt. police, 16 Perry 

Fox Wm. P., clerk, h 15th and George 

Foxall Wm., weaver, 5th ab Franklin av 

Foxcroft Susan, Walker's ct n Willow 

Foy Anthony, lab., 146 S 12th 

Foy David, shoemr.' 1 Southwark ab 7th 

Foy John, shoemr. 19lh bel Locust 

Foy John PL, salesman, 50 S 2d, h 144 S 2d 

Foy Joseph, cordw., 13th 8c Green 

Foy Valentine, liquor store, Washington above 

Foy Wm., tailor, 222 Callowhill 
Foyle Edward, lab. 8 Tammany ct 
Frail Charles, lab. 573 S 8th 
Frailey J. Madison, U S N, h 607 Race 
Frailey Leonard, gent. Haverford bel 6th (W P) 
Frailey Thomas B ., farmer, Rising Sun 
Fraine Sarah, 13 Acorn al 
FRAISER JAMES, plasterer, 105 Pine (S) 
Fraiser Joseph, plasterer, 105 Pine 
Fraizer Joshua, mer. 189 Market, h 230 N 7th 
Fraley Chas. R., sawmr.. School n Franklin (K) 
Fraley D., bonnets and shoes, 3^ S 2d 
Fraley Enoch, paint shop, S W Front & Brown 
Fraley E. L. Mrs. professor music, 333 Race 
Fraley Frederick, Pres. Sch Navigation Co., 72 

Walnut, h 365 Race 
Fraley Geo. W., cordw. Duke bel Marlboro' (K) 
Fi-aley Hester, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Fraley Isaiah, shoemr. 86 New Market 
Fraley Jeremiah, finisher. Beach ab Poplar 
Fraley John U., 81 N 10th 
Fraley Peter B., saw & tool manuf., Lydia (K), 

h G T road bel Rose 
Fraley Thos. F., mer. 223 Market, h 8 Button- 
wood ab 5th 
fYaley Wm. K., 172 Callowhill 
Fraley W. W., veterinarian. Beach bel Maiden 

Fralick Christian, baker, 680 N 10th 

Franlel Julius, acct. 18 La Grange pi 

Frambes P., shoe store, 131 N 2d 

Frame George, boatman, Sch Willow bel Spruce 

Fi'ame George F., turner, Nicetown la 

Frame John, baker, Franklin lands ab 2d 

Frame Saml., farmer, Warren bel Park (W P) 

Frame Samuel, grocer, 197 Locust 

Frame Sarah, 10 Acorn alley 

FRAME WM., saloon, 24 s" 8th 

France Abraham, tavern, Callowhill W William 

France Christian, inkmr. rear 20 Lilly's al 

France David, butcher, Greenwich ab 2d 

France Elias, grocer, Apple and Poplar, h 163 

Randolph (N L) 
France Lambert, weaver, 94 Master (K) 
France Lissie, Shaffer's ct 
FRANCE & MUSSELMAN, grocers, S E Pop- 
lar and Lawrence 
Prance Robert, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
France Thomas, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
France Wm., dyer, Fairmount 
France Wm., segariftr. rear 35 Charlotte 
Francis Benjamin H., painter 8& glazier. Green & 

Rose (W P) 
Francis Charles, oysterman, 4 Bonsall 
Francis Charles, tinsmith, 440 Race 
Francis Charles, agent, 92 Carpenter 
Francis Christ., cooper, rear 2 Lilly al 
Francis George, caulker, 21 Vernon 
Francis Henry, bookbr. State ab 7th 
Francis James, waiter, 243 S 7th 
Francis James, sweepmaster, 90 Bedford 
Francis James B., clerk, 68 Market, h 106 S 8th 
Francis James S., clerk, 84 Chestnut, h 2 Whit- 
taker's ct 
Francis James AV., potter, Jones E 18th 
Francis John, Naval Asylum 
Francis Joseph, black & white smith, 26 Dock, 

h62i Union 
Francis J. K., grocer, 69 New Market, h 222 N 

FRANCIS LAWRENCE C. phi. inst. mr. S W 

10th and George, 2d story 
Francis Louisa, 117 S 12th 
Francis Margaret, 159 Sp Garden 
Francis Philip,- carter, Hutchinson bel Master 
Francis Philip, lab. Quarry ct 
Francis Sarah, h 410 Green 
Fi-ancis Teagle, waiter, George ab 16th 
Francis Thos., japan. 80 N 2d, h 11 th bel Wallace 
Francis Wm., barber, Ogden bel 15th 
Francisco John, cordw. 24 Hurst 
Franciscus A. H., cotton laps, 65 Market, h 

436 Race 
Franck John, segarmr. Washington (W P) 
Franck Wm. auctioneer, N W 2d & Buttonwood, 

h 403 N 7th 
Franey James, tailor, Margaretta pi 
Frank Abraham, clothing, 331 N 2d 
Fi-ank Adam, basketmr. Rising Sun 
Frank Conrad, baker, Favn Cherry 
Frank Gotleib, drayman, Vienna ab West 
Frank Gotleib, morocco finisher, 440 N Front 
Frank Henry, tailor, N E 4th and Walnut, h 119 

Fi-ank Henry, pedler, Washington row (N L) 
Frank Herman, drover, 343 St John (K) 




Frank IsaaCj pedlar, PeiTv ab Phoenix (K) 

Frank Isaac, trader, 11 ?»Ietamorapl (K) 

Frank Jacob, baker, 340 S Front 

Frank Jacob, cordvr. 174 N 5th 

Frank Jacob G., carter. Cherry bel Duke 

Frank Jesse, carp. Shafer's ct 

Frank John, cordw., Duke & Union 

Frank John, carver, rear St John ab Beaver 

Frank Joseph, coachmr. 360 Marshall 

Frank Joseph, cordw. 1 Brown's ct 

Frank J., painter, oQ7 Green 

Frank J. & S., watchmrs. 4 N 6th 

Frank Leon, tailor, 357 N 2d 

Frank Leopold, machinist, rear 497 N 3d 

Frank Levi, drover, Spooner'sav(K) 

Frank Maiy, Dewitt's av 

Frank Peter, watchman, 1157 N 5th 

Frank Peter, 1 Brandywine 

Frank Saml., clothier, 47 N 3d, h 19 New Market 

Frank Samuel, 64 G T road 

Frank Sebastian, baker, Froad ab Wood 

Frank Solomon, cap manuf. 107 Buttonwood 

Frankel Isadore, 13 W N(?rth 

Frankenbach Antoine, cabinetmr. Phoenix n 

Clinton (K) 
Frankford Charles, cabinetmr. 7 Boyd's ct 
Franklin Andrew, grocer, Coates ab 16th 
Franklin Benj., wheelwrt., 24 & h 18 Dock 
Franklin B., Rev., 323 Brown 
FRANKLIN EDWARD, shoes & bonnets, S E 

10th & Market 
Franklin Elizabeth, b. h., N E 4t]i & Arch 
FRANKLIN FIRE INS. CO., 163 & 163^ Chest- 
Franklin Henry, plastr. 21st ab Spruce 
Franklin James, porter, 5 Mile's al 
Franklin James, lab. 4 W George 
Franklin Jas., plasterer, Harmstead bel 22d 
FRANKLIN JOHN, stamp mr., 6 Wharton, bet 

Front and 2d 
Franklin John, rag store, Willow and Garden 
Franklin John G., mer., 51 N 3d, h 166 Catha- 
Franklin Joshua, lab. 23d bel Market ■ 
Franklin J. L., coal office, 318 Race, h 88 Jef- 
ferson av 
Franklin Levi R., painter, Poplar ab 9th 
Franklin :Mary, shop, 70 Bedford 
Franklin Mary, Mrs. 582 N 10th 
Franklin Mrs. J. E., 308 N 12th 
Franklin Richd., lab., Morris ab 8th 
Franklin Ruth, 107 Poplar 

Franklin Wm.H., organ build. Fitzwater ab 9th 
Franklin ^\. W. dealer, 582 N 10th 
Franks Chas., cooper, 85 Callowhill 
Franks Geo., moulder, Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Franks Henry, tobacco, 372 N 4th 
Franks Henrj', carp., Wallace and Preston 
Franks Herman, moulder, Otter 8c Dunton (K) 
Franks James, looking glass manuf., 606 S 2d 
Franks John, brush mr. Lemon bel lltli (S G) 
Franks John A., cooper, 65 & h 85 Callowhill 
Franks J. A., jr., cooper, 85 Callowhill 
Franks S. F., 144 N 3d 

Franks Wm. D., segar mr. Ridge road ab Wash- 
ington (S G) 
Frannan Charles, shop, 18th bel Lombard 
Frantz John, hatter, 336 Mai-ket 

Frantz Uriah G., clerk, 3 N 3d, h 39 York av 
Frantz Zachai-iah, carter, 128 Leopard bel Phoe- 
Eraser Adam, tobacconist, S W 5th & Spruce, 

h State ab 7th 
ERASER FREDERICK G. upholsterer, 411 

Eraser James H. millinery & trimgs., 214 R av 
Eraser John, cordw. 360 Vine 
Eraser John, lab. Bedford bel 12th 
Fraser John, architect, 360 Market, h 20th ab 

Fraser Jno., stone cutter, 21st ab Spruce 
Fraser Joseph, jr., stevedore, 1 Grover 
Fraser Joseph, jr., jeweler, 1 Grover 
Fraser Robert, trunkmr.. Carpenter n 7th 
Fraser R. & W., laces, &c., 268 Chestnut 
Eraser Thos. N., arch., So S 3d 
Fraser Yolney J., upholst. 3 Howai-d 
Fraser Wm., mer. 268 Chetsnut 
Fraser Wm., varieties, 356 S 2d 
Frass John, tailor, Fisher 

Eratas Samuel, machin. Dauphin ab Lemon (R) 
Frates Anthony, seaman. Plum (K) 
Eratt Henry, drayman, Hope bel Master 
Eratz Mich., tailor, 15 Deacon 
Fravel Jno., art. limb mr.. Wood ab 13th 
Fray Francis, hat presser, 6 Charles 
Frayne John, dealer. Prime ab 8th 
Erazer C. stone cutter, 584 N 10th 
Erazer C. L., clerk, 138 Market 
Erazer Henry, trunkmr. 117 Spi'uce 
Erazer James, b h, 117 Spruce 
Erazer John, manuf., 469 Lombard 
Erazer Capt Jno., 2 Linden pi 
Erazer John E., profess. Walnut ab 15th 
Frazer Philip, 165 N 2d 
Erazer Richd., grocer, 142 Locust 
Erazer Robei-t, atty. & coun. N E Front 8c Race, 

h 15th ab Lombard 
Erazer Robt., smith. Crown 8c Yine,h 144 Vine 
Frazer Wm., weaver. Rose bel Broad 
Erazer Wm., watchman, Southwark n 7th 
Frazier Anthony, carp. 150 S Juniper 
Erazier Ann, tailoress. Wheat ab Reed 
Frazier Ann, Somerset ab Salmon 
Frazier Caleb, porter, 16 S Washington 
Frazier Cornelius, wheelwTt., 596 N 13th 
Frazier George, waiter, Lyndsey ab Fitzwater 
Frazier John, boot fitter, Beaver ab St John (K) 
Erazier Jno., carp., 150 Juniper 
Frazier Jno., Naval Asylum 
Frazier Levi, cigar mr. Beaver 8c the Bridge 
Erazier Nalbro, mer., 13 Walnut, h 7 Linden pi 

Spruce ab 11th 
Frazier Nalbro, jr., atty. 8c coun. 25 Sansom 
Frazier S. H., daguer, 2d 8c Otter (K) 
Erazier Wm. M., driver, Essex 
Frazier William W., 13 Walnut, h 252^ Walnut 
Freas Caspar, blacksm. 16th and Coates 
Ereas Henry R. jr, cupper 8c bleed, 125 Queen 
Freas Jacob, grocer, N E 5th 8c Race, h 345 

Freas Jacob Sc Co., grocers, N W 7th 8c Poplar 
Freas Jno., wharf builder. Prime bel Front 
Freas John Q., grocer, Wallace and 12th 
Freas Joseph, st. mas,.M'Alpin n Locust (WP) . 
Freas Sarah, Park bel Walnut (W P) 




Freasz Michael, rag dealer, Poplar pi bel Poplar 

Freeh John, cordw. 13 Providence ct 

Freck Mrs., cloakmr. 127 N 6th 

Fred Ann, vestmr. 60^ Penn 

Fred Wm., tailor, 60^ Penn 

Frederick Adam, moulder, 18th ab Callowhill 

Frederick & Buck, grocers and provisions, F 

av and Elm 
Frederick D. B., ex. driv., N E 4th & Chestnut 
Frederick Marg-., Wood n Duke 
Frederick Frank., elk. 83 ilarket, h 160 Cherry 
Frederick Geo., fisherman. Wood & Queen (K) 
Frederick George M., tobacco, 1032 W Market 
Frederick John, pedlar, William bel Rose (K) 
Frederick John, baker, Marriott & Atherton 
Frederick John, mer., 41 N 3d, h 270 N 6th 
Frederick John, piano mr. 11 St Stephen's pi 
Frederick Jno., carter, F road bel Master 
Frederick Jno., West bel Vienna 
Frederick Jno., cabtmr., rear 2 Mead 
Frederick Jno. A., builder. Green n Rose (W P) 
Frederick John L., eng-r., 53 S 4th, h 5 City row 
Frederick M. L., engraver, 53 S 4th, h 100 S 

16th abPine 
Fredei'iek Peter, butcher. Front ab Wood 
Frederick Reuben, stables. Poplar ab 5th, h 132 

Frederick Wm. S., 348 Callowhill 
Fredericks Charles, eabinctmr. 23 Hazel 
Fredericks Daniel, lampmr. 1135 N 6th 
Fredericks Geo. M., macht., Pine ab Warren 

(W P) 
Fredericks Isaac, cabtmr., Mechanic 
Fredericks Jacob, fisherman, 141 Queen (R) 
Fredericks Jno., book bind., Gilbert bel 10th 
Fredericks Martin, engineer. Beach ab Warren 
Fredericks W. Sam., printer, 23 Francis 
Frederickson Augustus, gard.. Brazier n Loyd 
Frederltze Joseph, ladies' shoes, 59 New 
Free Elizabeth, sempstress, Wood ab 12th 
Free Elizabeth, 5th ab Vine 
Free George, livery stable, 16th bel Walnut, h 

17th ab Walnut 
Free George, lab., Clinton ab Master 
Free Joseph, sailmr., 3 Dock, h Redwood ab 4th 
Free Joseph, express driver. Walnut n Marga- 

retta (W P) 
Free Martin, reed blind & shade manuf., 518 

N 2d (K), h 351 St John (K) 
Free Samuel, clerk, S W 3d & Chestnut, h 269 

Free Sarah, sempstress, 319 Campbell 
Free AVm., plasterer, Havei'ford ab 10th (W P) 
Freeberger Charles R., clerk, 305 S 11th 
Freeborn Benjamin, clerk, 9 Wistar 
Freeborn Noble, labourer. Say. 
Freeburger M. A., milliner, cor Juniper & Wal- 
Freed Anthony, supt. M. prison 
Freed David, mer., 315 Market, h 308 N 6th 
Freed & Fi"ees, saddlers. Ridge av 
Freed George W., clerk, 166 Market, h Erie bel 

Catharine ^ 

Freed Geo., cordw., 133 Marlboro' 
Freed Joseph, carp. 1159 N 6th 
Freed Joseph M., mer., 315 Market 
Freed, Ward & Freed, flour and for. mers. 315 
' ' Market 

Freedley Edwin T., pub. 109 Walnut 
Freedley J. K., marble depot, Walnut st. whf. 

Sell, h 19th & George 
Freedley Saml., clerk, 115 Chestnut 
Freedly Samuel, M. D., S E Green & Marshall 
Freeland Albeit G., hatter, 54 N 2d, h Marshall 

bel Green 
Freeland & Brother, hatters, 54 N 2d 
Freeland David S., hats, 56 Market, h 26 Race 
FREELAND DAVID S., & SON, hatters, 56 

Fi-eeland E., matron H. of Refuge, Thompson 
Freeland Edwd. L., varieties, 281 Callowhill 
Freeland Jas., brewer, rear 179 N 10th 
Freeland Nathan S., hatter, 56 Market, h S W 

7th and Sp Garden 
Freeland Thos. M., hatter, 54 N 2d, h 133 Wood 
Freeland William N., hatter, 56 Market, h 330 

Freeman Alexander, distiller, 9 N Juniper 
Freeman A. & E. W., milliners, 308 Walnut 
Freeman Benj. pianomr. 159 Chestnut, h Fede- 
ral bel 6th 
Freeman Caroline, shop, Lisle bel Shippen 
FREEMAN CHARLES D. atty. and alderman, 

5 Library 
Freeman Elizabeth, 39 Mon-is 
Freeman George, porter, 9 Prosperous al 
Freeman George M., auctioneer, 106 Walnut, 

h 274 Chestnut 
Freeman Gouldsberry, \vaiter, 21 Currant al 
Freeman Henry G., atty. and coun., 34 Girard 
Freeman James A., auctioneer, 106 Walnut, h 

386 Vine 
FREEMAN JAMES B., atty. & coun. 203 Arch 
Freeman Nath., ven.bhndmr. Queen ab Vienna 
Freeman & Simpson, distillery, 23d bel Vine 
FREEMAN WALTER, freight agent C. & A. 

R. R. Co., 46 S Del av, h 95 S 3d 
Freeman Wm. G., 7 Washington (C) . 
FREEMAN WM. S., 46 S Del av 
Freese Christian, driver, 3 Flower 
Freeston Chas., stone cut., 488 S 2d 
Freeston Hannah, gentw. 488 S 2d 
Freeston Sand., spar mr., 488 S 2d 
Freeta Joseph, brushmr.. Spruce W Aspen 
Freeth Geo., pencil mr., 5 Eanstead pi 
Freibus Adam, tailor, G T road ab 15th 
Freidman John, store, 184 Vine 
Freiling Francis, machinist, 1043 Coates 
Freilly Henry, fisherm. 15 Vernon 
Frem John, shoemr., 19th and South 
Fremmer Frank., carp., Fowl ct 
FBENAYE MARK A., St. John's Church, 13th 

bel Market 
Frenaye Peter, professor, 59 S 11th. 
French Chas. wheelwrt. Cumberland ab Amber 
French Charles C, agent, 155 N 9th 
French Charles S., salesman, 27 Church al 
French Clayton, druggist, 10th & Market, h 230 

N 10th 
French C. & Co., plaster, Y av & Callowhill 
French Eliza, Marshall ab Poplar 
French Elizabeth, 83 Pleasant 
French Fredk. H.,mer., 213 Market 
French George, rigger, 116 S Del av n South, 

h 46 Mead 
French John, carp., rear 77 Queen 




French Jno., polisher, 5 Ranstead pi 
French John boot cutter, 9 N 4th, h 1 Head- 
man's pi 
French John E., acct., 27 Church al, h Addison 

bel 18th 
French Joseph, cordwainer, L pike n Paschall 

(W P) 
FRENCH & RICHARDS, drug-gists and imp. 
plate & other window glass, French zinc, 
&c., N W 10th and Market 
French Rich., Broad ab Vine, h 11th bel Wal- 
lace (S G) 
French Sabilla, 223 Spruce 
French Samuel H.,4l Franklin 
French Samuel, coal dealer, yd 9th ab Poplar 

h 580 N 7th 
French Sarah, 4 Clarence row 
French Sarah Ann, washer, 9 Carver 
French Wm., 23 Shippen 

FRENCH WM. H., plasterer & plaster paris or- 
nament manuf., 18th and Chestnut, h Lo- 
cust W 17th 
Freno Ann, gentw. 28 Spruce 
Freno Christopher L., comedian, 28 Spruce 
Freno Jacob C, atty. & coun. 16 S 6th, h 28 

Frens Jas., weaver, 22d bel Lombard 
Freshman Jac, 293 N 11th 
Fretth Geo., goldsm., rear 444 N 4th 
Fretton F., vict., 285 Poplar 
Fretz Augustus, lab. Dauphin ab G T road 
Fretz C.J. L., clothing, 430 N 2d 
Fretz Wm., lab., Buttonwood la 
Freund Fred., tailor, 5th and Redwood 
Freund Fred. W., tailor, 5tli and Redwood 
Freund Jos. A., baker, 282 N 3d 
Freund Philip, cordw., 238 S 7th 
Frey Conrad, beer house, 586 N 3d 
Frey John, tailor, Franklin av ab G T road 
Freyberger A., umbrella maker, 298 Vine 
Freyling Jacob, lonzenges, 401 G T road 
Freymuth Charles, bookbinder, 5 Ranstead pi, 

h 339 S 4th 
Freytag Godfrey, mer., 14 N 3d 
Frian Jas., lab. Salmon bel Emery 
Fribel John, shoemr. 20 Marion 
Frick Christian D., carp. 52 Dillwyn, h 39 York 

Frick Geo. L., stoves, 11 1 N Front, h 147N Front 
Frick Jacob, brass foundry, 364 N 3d 
Frick Jacob, M. D., 12 Buttonwood 
Frick John, clerk collectors office, Fairmount 

h (W P) 
Frick John H., com. of Deeds and convey. 75^ 

Dock street, h 12 Buttonwood street 
Frick John L., grocer, F road & Dauphin 
Frick Sarah, 147 N Front 
Frick Sophia, Mervine bel Montgomery 
Frick Wm. S., M. D., 503 N 6th ab Parrish 
Fricke Albert, M. D., 141 N 6th 
Fricke Chas., lab. William's ct 
Fricke George, baker, Thompson ab 17th 
Fricke George, mer., 14 N 3d, h 294 N 7th 
Fricke Henry, mer. Coates and Schuylkill 
Fricke Henry, mer., 14 N 3d, h Germantown 
V-Fricke H. & G., saddlery hardware, 14 N 3d 
Fricke Jacob, 37 Garden 
Fricke Jacob, runner, 22 S 3d 

Fricke John, tailor, Williams ct 

Fricke John, book keeper, 25 George (K) 

Fricke Susan Mrs., 209 St John 

Fricker John, wigmr. 3d ab Columbia 

Friday Henry, tailor, 9 Paynter's ct 

Fridereci Louise, b h 18 La Grange pi 

Fried Henry, saddler, G T road 

Fried Geo. M., cork cutter, 95 S 5th 

Fried John, cork cutter. Park n Locust (W P) 

Fried John cork cut., 95 S 5th 

Fried John, tinman, 1 Linden 

Fried Mary M., saleswoman, 50 S 2d, h 95 S 5th 

Friedel A. H., Rev., Duke ab Hanover 

Friedlein John, jeweller, 511 S 3d 

Friedline Chatles F., painter, 275 N 5th 

Freidline Geo. S., bookbr. 275 N 5th 

Friedline Henry, jeweler, Wharton bel 5th 

Friedline Sarah, 275 N 5th 

Friedly Francis, weaver, George & St John (K) 

Friedman John, tobacco, 105 Apple bel George 

Friedman Max., mer. 441 Market 

Friedman Solomon, mer. 109 Market, h 311 N 

Friel H. & P., grocers, S E Catharine and 11th 
Friel Edward, grocer, N W 9th &. Sp Garden 
Friel Edwd., lab. 2 W South 
Friel Fredk., glass, 22d and William 
Friel Hugh, gent. 20 Florida 
Friel James, baker, Shippen bel 12th 
Friel Jas., lab. S Willow ab Locust 
Friel Jas., lab. 2 Kelley's ct 
Friel John, tavern. Market W 22d 
Friel John, tailor, 77 Howard (K) 
Friel Martha, 37 Hampton 
FRIEL MICHAEL, grocer, 21st & Cuthbert 
Friel Patrick, grocer, S E 11th and Cathai-ine, h 

Friell Patk., lab. Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Friell Patk., lab. Brown ab Lehigh av (R) 
Friend & Aub, lithographers, 80 Walnut 
Friend Jacob, barber, 412 N 3d 
Friend John, brickmr. Coates st. wljf., h 5th and 

Wager (N L) 
Friend Jos., huckster. Sergeant n R R (R) 
Friend Martin, macht. Elm ab Bedford (K) 
Friend Norman, lithographer, 80 Walnut, h 132 

N 10th 
Friends' Bookstore, 84 Arch ab 3d 
Fries Aaron, mer. 43 N 2d 
Fries Albanus, machinist, 112 Wood 
Fries Ann, 175 N 10th 
Fries Fredk., jeweller, 473 Vine 
Fries Fredk., pencilmr. 5 Ranstead pi 
Fries Henry, umbrella mr. 123 N 9th 
Fries Hugh, wheelwrt. 2d ab Phoenix 
Fries John, watchmaker, 160 N 2d 
Fries John, lab., Simes 
Fries John, lith. 5 Ranstead pi 
Fries Leonard, St John and George 
Fries & Magee, cloths, 43 N ^d"-,,,-^!^!^ 
Fries P., watchmaker, 353 N 2d 
Fries Saml., shingle dresser, 112 Wood 
Fries Saml., carp. 112 Wood 
Friese Charles, china, Lit Marshall & Dauphin 
Frieser Geo., bootmr. 787 N 10th 
Friest Daniel, G T road ab Somerset 
Friger John, lab. F road ab Hart la 
Fril John, dyer, Spafford and Shippen 




Frill Jane, 49 William (R) 1 

Frink John, clerk, 4 Little Dock 

Frisby Anna, South n 12th 

Frisby Anna, washer, rear 2 Little Pine 

Frisby Elizabeth, washer, rear 2 Little Pine 

Frisby Geo. P., waiter, 44 N 13th 

Frisby Geo. W.,lab. 10 Little Pine 

Frisby Jeremiah, carter, 35 Currant al 

Frisby Marg-t., washer, rear 17 Rodman 

Frisby Thos., waiter, rear 7 Harmony (S) 

Frisch Ferdinand, 9 St Stephen's pi 

Frisch James, silverplater, 6th ab Montg'omery 

Frisch Valentine, baker, S E 13th 8i Shippen 

Frise John, lab. 25 Murray 

Frishmuth Ben]., paper hang-er, h 70 S Garden 

Frishmuth Benj. B. & D. M., paper hang-ers, 70 

Sp Garden 
Frishmuth & Brother, tobacco, 105 N 3d 
Frishmuth Charles, tobacconist, 259 Coates 
Frishmuth Daniel M., paper hang-., 10 Pleasant 

Frishmuth Edmund H., tobacconist, 105 N 3d, h 

Arch W 17th 
Frishmuth Michael, cooper, 70 Spring- Garden 
Frishmuth Sarah Ann, 88 Federal 
Frishmuth Wm. trimming-s, 259 Coates 
Frishmuth Wm. D., tobac, 105 N 3d, house Arch 

W 17th 
Fritz Adam, lab. 5 Drinker's al 
Fritz Aug-., 9th and G T road 
Fritz Chas., cliina, 665 G T road 
Fritz Christian, tobacco, 295 Callowhill 
Fritz Francis, lab. Auburn 

Fritz Fredk., blacksm. 9 Boyd's ct, h 14 Bow- 
ery pi 
Fritz Fred., marble yard, N W 4th. and Race, h 

15th ab Brown 
Fritz Geo., tailor, 8 Brown (K) 
-Fritz Henry C, mer. 29 N 3d, h 127 N 4th 
\^R1TZ, HENDRY 8c CO., mor. drs., 29 N3d Sc 

15 Marg-aretta 
Fritz Jacob, cabtmr. h 124 N Juniper 
Fritz Jacob, comb 8c variety store, 196 N 3d 
Fritz James, brickmr. Hallowell's ct 
Fritz John, cordw. rear Linden ab F road 
Fritz Jolm, combmr. Brooks 
Fritz John S., g-ilder, Catharine bel 8th 
Fritz Joseph, lab. Hutchinson bel Master 
Fritz Joseph, whipmr. 4tli ab Thompson (K) 
Fritz J. W., tobacco, N W c 6th and Noble 
Fritz Louis, 982 Market 
Fritz Peter, marble mason, 226, 8c h 214 Race 
Fritz Wm., brickmr. 85 Randolph 
Fritz Wm., tinsmith. Wood bel 13th 
Fritzing-er John, lab. 973 N Front 
Fritzing-er John D., sea capt. Richmond ab Ann 
Frobe Christian, Cordwainer, F road and York 
Frobe Philip, cordw. F road and York 
Frochlich Conrad, cabinetmr. Oxford ab Adams 
Frock Jacob, founder, 283 N 13th 
Frolinger N., gardener, Palmer 
Fromberg-er John H., M. D., 328 S Front 
Fromer Christian, baker, 11 th ab Jeflerson 
Fromhag-en Fi-ed N., hair workei-, 147 N 4th 
Fronefield Chas., drugg-ist, 187 N 3d, h 482 N 

Fronefield Joseph, carp. 528 N 2d 
Frost Charles, mach., 13th bel Brown 

Frost J., blacksm. L Brown (K) 

Frost John, publisher, N E 6th 8c Minor, h 15th 

bel Walnut 
Frost Silas, brass found., 49 8c h 105 N 7th 
FROST WM., fruiterer, S E 3d and Market, h 

7S 3d 
Frostwert Chas., machinist, Albert ct 
Frow John, cordw. Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Frowert C. E.,bricklr. 207 N 9th 
Frowert Daniel, 280 N 10th 
Frowert Isaac, boot 8c shoemaker, 62 N 5th 
Frowert John, bookbinder, 8th bel Wharton 
Frowert Lewis H., bootmr. 4 Howard pi 
Frowert Lewis H., jr., Shippen ab 11th 
Frowert Wm. H. plumb, Washington ab Wallace 
Frueh John, teacher and organist, 15 Brook 
Frugley Jos., jr., tanner, 22 Duke 
Fry Anna, Apple ab Norris (K) 
Fry August, painter, 34 Race 
Fry Bernard, cordw. 391 St Johns (K) 
Fry Chas., cordw. 767 N 4th 
Fry Edmund, cooper, 10 Filbert, h 13 Hyde's ct 
Fry Elmer, waterman, Westley ab 3d 
Fry Francis, cordw. 216 S 3d 
Fry Francis, tailor, 598 N 3d 
Fry Geo., carp. Barclay ab Broad 
Fry Geo. R., tailor, 24 Ontario 
Fry Horace B., broker, 85 Walnut, li 5 Clinton 

sq W Chestnut 
Fry Jacob, lith. 5 Ranstead pi 
Fry Jacob, tobac, 3d and Quarry, h 26 Baker 
Fry Jacob, butcher, 1159 N 2d 
Fry Jacob S., mer. 53 N 2d, h 219 Coates 
Fry Jacob W., clerk, 458 N 5th ab Poplar 
Fry Jesse, plasterer and store, 553 N 5th 
Fry John, pordw. Franklin bel Apple 
Fry John, iDOokkeeper, 85 Chestnut 
Fry John A., bookkr. 1 S 9th, h Washington ab 

9th (SG) 
Fry John L., tailor, 29 Lawrence 
Fry Joseph G., tailor, 29 Lawrence 
Fry Joseph R., broker, 68 S 3d, h 5 Clinton sq 

ab Broad 
Fry Joshua, shoemr. Dauphin bel Amber 
Fry Marg., 106 Locust 

Fry Paul J., salesman, 77^^ Market, h 58 S 12th 
Fry Robt. T., pencil mr. 45 Walnut, h 214 Eut- 

Fry Saml., dealer, Dauphin, ab G T road 
Fry Samuel B., mer, 38 S Front, h 385 Race 
Fry Sarah, 157 N 10th 

Fry Sarah, M., semsp. Riley's ct bel Westley 
Fry Wm., shoemaker, Mifflin ab Master 
Fry Wm.,gent. 96 S 11th 
FRY WM., hotel, 241^ N 3d 
Fry Wm. C, engraver, 18 Minor, 270 N 8th 
FRY WM. H., bookseller and bookbinder, 18 

Franklin pi 
Fry Wm. L., barber, 52 N 6th, h Smith's ct 
Fry Wm. T., desks and dressing case manuf 128 

Fry Wm. W., salesman, 15 N 3d 
Fry Wm. W., plane mr. 467 Poplar 
Fryer Bernard, huckster, G T road bel 7th 
Fryer Christian, huckster, G T road bel 7th 
Fryer George, bootmr. 10 Ellet's av 
Fryer Geo., dry goods, 38 S 2dh 254 Chestnut. 
Fryer Geo. H., carp. 70 Buttonwood 




Fryer Greville, acct. 67 Market, h 92 S 8th 
Fryer John, tailor, 206 Race, h 8 Nicholson 
Fryer J. Caldwell, mer. 42 ~ ~ 

Fryer Wm., gent., 38 S 2d 
Frj-er Wm. M., piano mr. 70 Biittonwood 
Fryhart Josephine, Mr., Dewitt's av 
Fuchs J. F., carver, Clinton bel Thompson 
Fuchs J. M., teacher of German and French, 

287 Walnut 
Fudge Miss E., millinery & trim., 166 Ridge av 
Fueslin Chas., cloakmr. 18 Orleans 
Fugate Oliver H. P., trimmings, 531 Chestnut 
Fuguet Stephen O., mer. 83 S Front, h 165 Pine 
Fuguet S., mer. 83 S Front, h 165 Pine 
'Fl>GUET S. &, SON, com. mers. 83 S Front 
Fuguet Wm. C, clerk, 165 Piue 
Fuguet Wm. H., mer. 83 S Front, h 165 Pine 
Fuhrman Henry M., tailor, rear 322 Poplar 
Fulas John, farmer, Passyunk 
Fulce Elizabeth, b h 13 Olive 
Fulce Ethan, shoemr. 13 Olive 
Fulce Jacob, sashmr. 13 Olive 
Fulenwider R. B., salesman, 145 Market 
Fulforth Jos., clerk, N E 4th and Cherry, h 487 

Fulham Thos., tailor, Silbert bel Wharton 
Fullen Henry, custom house. Master ab 11th 
Fullen James, coachman, 174 Locust 
Fullen Margt., washer, 86 Bedford 
Fuller Abbott, mer. 25 N 3d 
Fuller Archibald, carter, Wharton and Jeffer- 
son av 
Fuller Daniel, 159 S 9th 
Fuller James, 33 Perry 
Fuller John, huckster, 9 Bradford's al 
Fuller John, senr., pilot, 479 S Front ' 
Fuller John, jr., lumber mer. 545 S Front 
Fuller John P., cordw. 228 N 9th 
Fuller Lester, contvactoi-, 479 S Front 
Fuller Marvin G., cordw., 15th bel Ogden 
Fuller Oliver, mer., 11 N 4th, h 117 S 5tli 
Fuller Sarah Ann, 2 Williams' ct 
Fuller Thos. D., pilot, 59 Jefferson av 
Fuller AVm., pilot, 477 S Front 
Fuller Zelotes, Rev., editor, 223 Sp Garden 
Fullerton Alexander, clerk, 182 S 13th 
Fullerton Alexander, mer. 264 Spruce 
Fullerton Benj., boat builder, Hanover below 

Fullerton Charier, lab. Sloan n Crane 
Fullerton Edward, gard. 339 Fitzwater 
Fullerton Heniy, weaver. Master and Clinton 
Fullerton Isaac, ship carp. Hanover bel Franklin 
Fullerton Isaac, ivory turner, 90 Hanover bel F av 
Fullerton James, paper mr. Lombard W 20th 
Fullerton John, lab. 10 Barker 
Fullerton Jolm, jr., brass foundry. Beach above 

Shack am axon 
Fullerton John, sr.. Beach ab Shackamaxon 
Fullerton John R., bricklayer, Franklin below 

FuUei-ton Louisa, Hanover bel Franklin 
Fulleiton Martha Mrs., Gilbert bel Wharton 
Fullerton Robt., folder, Shippeu ab Broad 
Fullerton Stephen B., plasterer, 33 N 9th, h 470 

Fullerton Wm., tailor, Bedford bel Broad 

Fulleway Charles, trunks, 23 Shippen 
Fullmer Martin, lab. Lilly's al 
S Front, house 21 Pullman James, wall colorer. Oak n Margaretfa 
Fullmar Bernard, tailor, rear 287 St. Johns 
Fullridae Philip, cabinetmr. 11 Monroe 
Fullmer John J., publisher, 48 Filbert 
Fulmer Andrew J., carp. Palmer bel West 
Fulmer Ann, 9 Brandywine 
Fulmer Bennet, clerk, 32 N 2d, h Washington 

ab 13th 
Fulmer Caspar, carp., Otter bel G T road (K) 
Fulmer Geo., carp. Becket W 16th 
Fulmer Henry G., restaurant, 483 Market 
Fulmer Jacob K., miller, 11 Hutchmson 
Fulmer John, carp.. Palmer bel West (K) 
Fulmer Michael, butcher, 6 Lebanon row 
Fulmer Philip, china packer, rear 123 Crown 
Fidmer S. C, acc't, 87 Mai'ket, h 119 Pine 
Fulmer Wm. lab. School ab Rose (K) 
FULMER AVM. AV., gent., 284 Race 
Fulton Alex., varnisher. Phoenix bel Perry (K) 
Fulton Alexander, weav., Rose ab 13th 
Fulton Alexander, weav., Oxford bel 2d (K) 
Fulton Jas., stone mason, AVilliam n 18th 
Fulton James, t^iilor, 26 Lebanon 
Fulton James, carpt. weaver, Columbia ab 2d 
Fulton James A., rags. Federal bel 8th 
Fulton John, gent. 2 Owen 
Fulton John, paver, 2d and Phoenix 
Fulton John, agent, 11 Linden ab Sp. Garden 
Fulton John, painter, 23 Erie 
f-'ulton John L., coachmr. Filbert ab 10th, h 3 
George bel Juniper ' 

Fulton John R., Newton 
Fulton Lewis D., tailor, 30 Lombard 
Fulton Mahlon, wheelwright, 5 Hunter, h 14 

Fulton Margaret, 188 N 17th 
Fulton M. & J. L., wheelwrights. Filbert ab lOtk 
Fulton Dyre, 186 N 17th 
Fulton O., bill broker, rear 91 Walnut 
Fulton Samuel, lab. Mary E S AVillow 
Fulton Saml.H., stationer, 19 S 8th, h 193 S 9th 
Fulton Sarah, 419 South 

Fulton Theodore S., painter. Prune, h 23 Erie 
Fulton Thomas, lab. Sch. AA^ater and South 
Fulton Thomas, painter, 419 South 
Fulton T., sign painter, 27 Prune 
Fulton AVm., carder, 19th ab South 
Fulton Wm., manuf. Philip and Master 
Fulton AVm., lab.. Earl bel AVest 
Fuhon AVm. H., carpenter, 16 S 15th bel Mar- 
ket, h So S Juniper 
Fulton AVilliam J., manuf. Hancock ab Jefferson 
Fultz Henry E., hotel, 21st and Coates 
Fulty Jacob, baker, 22 Hazel 
Funck John, harnessmr. 64 G T road 
Funk Andrew, mechanical dentist, 114 Arch, h 

Otter bel Front 
Funk Charles F., cabinetmr. 587 N 3d 
Funk Chas. AV., mer. 6 Chestnut, h 183 AValnut 
FUNK FRANCIS, agent, Penn. R. R., Emigrant 

Line, 129 S Front, h 12 Spruce 
Funk Henry, carp. Richmond bel Ann (R)_ 
Funic Henry, tobacconist, 11th and Christian 
Funk Isaac, wheelwr. Salmon (R) 
Funk Jacob, real- AA^heat ab Reed 




Funk James M., carp., 25 Nagle 
Funk John, conductor, 9 Pennsylvania av 
Funk Jno. T., chemist, Hancock below Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Funk Mary, g-aiter binder, rear 116 G T road 
Funk Mary Ann, rear 116 G T road 
Funk Mary Ann, b h, 325 Richmond (R) 
Funk Michael, wheelwrt. Larch ab William (R) 
•Funk Samuel, boatman, 4th & Sycamore, (WP) 
Funk Sarah Ann, capmr., rear 116 G T road 
Funk Wm. chemist, Bedford and Union 
Funk Wm., butcher. Oak ab Marg-aretta (W P) 
Funkenhauser Chas., shoemr.. Brown n Cherry 
Funston C. A., painter, shop F R op Master, h 

208 Hanover 
Funston John, manuf. brush blocks, Edward n 

School, h F av bel Crown 
Funston Marg'aret, 17th bel Lombard 
Funston Oliver, warper. Crown bel Franklin 
Funston Robert, engineer, 79 Howard (K) 
Funston Thomas G., silversm., Leonard bel 9th 
Funston Wm., confect. Hope & Master 
Furay Thos., shoes, 118 W Market 
Furber Henry B., billiard room N E 8th and 

Chestnut, h 147 S 3d 
Furber H. B., confr. 147 S 3d 
Furber James, coachmr. 6 Prospect 
Fui'ber Thomas, coachsm. Hogg-'s ct 
Furby Edward, porter, 4 Gillis' al 
Furguson Cornelius, boilermr. 10 S 15th 
Furgusson Andrew, carpenter, 775 N 5th 
Furgusson George, butcher, Washington ab 

Furgusson James, clerk. Front ab Jefferson 
Furgusson John P., carp. 773 N 5th 
Furley Francis, driver, 751 N Front 
Fui'long A., seamstress, Powel ab 6th 
Furlong James, lab. Jefferson bel 10th 
Fui-long Nicholas, lab. 1 Stewart's pi 
Furlong Patrick, Jab. Jefferson bel 10th 
Furlough Jame;., lab. 107 Leopard (K) 
Furlough Margaret, Hope bel Jefferson 
Furlow Robt., lab. Spence's ct 
Fuvman & Appleton, tailors, 43 N 6th 
Furman David, tailor, 62 N 6th, h 6th bet Par- 

rish and Poplar 
Furman Elijah, chairmr. 23 Phoenix 
Furman Henderson, bartender, 16 Charles 
Furman Richard P., cooper, 30 Commerce, h 

2 Nicholson 
Furman Samuel, bookkeeper, S W 2d & Market 

h S5 New 
FURMAN S. E. & BRO., carpenters, 9th and 

Poplar, h 524 Green 
Furren Flester, 8 Lombard row 
FURNESS, BRINLEY & CO., auctioneers and 

com. mers. 68 Sc 70 Market 
Furness James T., auctioneer, 68 & 70 Market, 

h Pine &. Mon-is 
Furness Wm. H. Rev., Pine bel 15th 
Furrows Francis, burnisher, 5 Ranstead pi., h 

15 Filbert 
Furey Jno. W., jewl. Harmony ct bel 4th 
Fury En OS, eating house, 12 N Front 
Fury John, cordw. Hai-rison ct (K) 
Fury Matthias, lab. Reed's ct 
Fury Michael, grocer, Lombard & 7th 
Fury Michael, 13th ab Catharine 

Fary Patrick, lab. Charles ab Franklin 

Fury Robert L., type finisher, 68 Queen (K) 

Furst Charles, turner. Summit ab 5th 

Fusselbach W. D., printer, 11 Charles pi 

Fussell B. H., confec. S W Jacoby & Race 

Fussell Edwin, M. D., 460 N 5th 

Fussell Henry B., umbrellas, 2 N 4th, h 497 N 

Fussell Joseph, jr., flour mer, 3dandNoble, h 12 

FusseirSamuel, farmer, Harrogate lane 
Fussellback John cooper, 520 N 10th 
Futcher William, bootmaker, 122 W Market 
Fwey Francis, bartender, Carberry ct. . > 

Gabb J. H., milliner. Poplar ab 4th 

Gabel Caspar C, blksm. Spragg av 

Gabel Chas. cordw, 7th bel Franklin 

GABEL DANIEL, turner, Edward n School, »•. 

Queen and Marlborough (K) 
Gabel Daniel, segar maker, 669 G Tread 
Gabel Geo., brush blockmr. 6th ab Montgomery 
Gabel Henry, lab. Quarry ct 
Gabel John, turner, G T road ab Camac 
Gabel John, lab. Hancock n Norris 
Gabel Peter, bricklayer, 325 F road 
Gabel Samuel, mariner, 11 Little Water 
Gabel Wm., carp. Crown ab Duke 
Gabell George T., plumber, 6 N 12th 
Gabell & Son, plumbers, 6 N 12th, h 8 S 15th 
Gabill Samuel, wood letters, Eldridge pi 
Gable Joseph, painter. Front ab Brown 
Gable Peter, sr., carp. 3 Brown ab Front 
Gable Peter, jr., carp. 15 Brown ab Front 
Gadsby Edw., knitter, 10 Fetter la, h 66 Mar- 
shall (S) 
Gady H., porter, 6 Bell's ct 
Gafert Martin, carp. Washington bel. Diamond 
Gaffney Bernard, 326 S 7th 
Gaffney Ehza, 40 N 15th 
Gaffney James, porter, 13 S 8th 
Gaffney James, porter, 25 Laurel 
Gaffney James, grocer, N W 4th and Master 
Gaffney John, bottler, 15 Merce'r 
Galfney Patrick, lab. Till bel Locust 
Gaffney Ten-ence, gent. 326 S 7th 
Gaffney Thomas, weaver. Federal ab 12th 
Gafney Bridget, grocer, N W 4th & Master (K) 
Gafney John, lab. Mullen 
Gafney John, tavern. Front bel Franklin 
Gafrey Michael, lab. 8 Kessler pi 
Gagan John, M. D., 218 S Front 
Gagan James, lab. Filbert n 20th 
Gagan Mich., weaver. Pink ab Master (K) 
Gagan Wm., blacksm., 74 Redwood 
Gahagen James, weaver. West (R) 
Gahagen Lewis, lab., Richmond and Susanna 
Gaher James, tailor, 527 Locust 
Gahm Fredk. Geo., baker, 600 N Front 
Gainer James, lab. Styles ab 17th 
Gainer John, shoemr. Filbert bel 20th 
Gainer Lewis, horn straightner, Westab Hanover 
j Gaines Henry, shoemr. 64 Redwood 
Gaines John, porter. Centre ab 12th 
Gaines Richard, lab., 30 Duponceau 
Gakeler Daniel, butcher, James' ct (K) 




Gakeler Jac, butcher, Hanover and Jackson (K) 

Gakeler Jacob F., butcher, 158 PhcEuix 

Gakeler John G., turner, Marlboro' ab Queen 

Galahue Michael, lab. Rhoads 

Galasher John, foreman, Wallace W 23d 

Galatin Alfred, porter, rear 27 Barley 

Galberry Ann, Fairview ab Broad 

Galbraith Andw., box mr.. Filbert bel 20th 

Galbraitli Andrew J., g-ilder, 2 Aubui'n 

Galbraith Alex., bird stufFer, 168 Chestnut 

Galbraith Catharine Mrs., 2 Scott's ct 

Galbraith David, boxmr. 4 Ohio 

Galbraith Hugh, 17 W South 

GALBRAITH JAMES, wood whaif. Water and 

Noble, h 116 New Market 
Galbraith James, lab. Winter bel 21st 
' Galbraith James, clerk, S W Pine and 7th 
Galbraith John, porter, 20 Georg-e E 17th 
Galbraith John, lab., Lewis bel i6th 
Galbraith John, lab., Shippen W Broad 
Galbraith Joseph, morocco dr., rear 1 Hunter 
Galbraith Josepli, weaver, Front and Jefferson 
Galbraith Mag-., b h.. Green n Sloan (W P) 
Galbraith Robert, lab., 48 W South 
Galbraith Robert, painter, 19th ab Pine 
Galbraith Robt., Cutlibert W 19th 
Galbraith Robert, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Galbraith Thomas, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Galbraith Wm., drayman, 239 Juniper 
Galbraith Wm., lab., Shippen W Broad 
Gale Benjamin, 15 St. Mary's 
Gale Jas., barber, 201 South 
Gale James, barber, Mai-ket ab 19th, h Oak n 

Gale Jane, widow, Kensington av 
Gale Thomas, bank teller, 21 S 18th 
Gale Wm., weighmaster, Shippen 1 bel South 
Galen Gustavus E., di'uggist, 3 W 5th & Wharton 
Galen Peter, shop, 26 Perry 
Gales L., lab. 34 Burd'sct 
Galey Robert, lab. rear 552 Shippen 
Gall T. D., barber, 98 St. John 
Gallaghan Jos., lab., Sutherland av. n Christian 
Gallagher Alex., shoemr. Kershaw 
Gallagher A. F. X., bootmr., 497 Race, h Ker- 

show bel Race 
Gallagher A. J., stoves, 205 N 2d, h Wallace 

ab 10th 
Gallagher A. Mrs., 139 Wallace 
Gallagher Bernard, lab. 3 Jones 
Gallagher Catharine, Watson ab 5th 
Gallagher Charles, saddler, Ostenbel Wharton 
Gallagher Chas., mason, rear South ab 18th 
Gallagher Corn., cowkeepei-, Carpenter ab 8th 
Gallagher C. H.,iron foundry, R road & Coates, 

h 410 N 13lh 
Gallagher Daniel, bottler, Frazern 15th 
Gallagher Daniel, baker, 3 Lathbury's ct 
Gallagher Dan., lab., Salmon bel Ann 
Gallagher Dan., lab., Ontario ab Poplar 
Gallagher David, lab., Richard n 17th 
Gallagher Dennis, coachman, George n Juniper 
Gallagher Den., dealer, Bedford & Freytag's al 
Gallagher D., lab., George and West 
Gallagher Edward, driver, Hamilton n 24th 
Gallagher Francis, grocer, N W 10th & Federal 
Gallagher Francis, lab.. Brown and Huntingdon 
.^Gallagher Francis, cordw., Stewart ab Catharine 

[Gallagher George, lab. West bel Wood 
j Gallagher Geo., lab., 23d ab Spruce 
i Gallagher Hugh, lab.. Ice ct 
Gallagher Hugh, jr., dealer, Clay n Sch Beach 
Gallagher Hugh, lab., Hight's ct 
Gallagher Hugh, lab., 24Brinton 
[Gallagher Hugh, lab. 314 S Carpenter 
[Gallagher Hugh, lab., Clay 
Gallagher Hugh, boatm., Salmon ab Huntington 
I Gallagher James, shoemr., Fairview ab 19th 
Gallagher James, lab., Biddle 
Gallagher James, lab., Simes n 23d 
Gallagher James, lab., Helmuth bel 17th 
Gallagher James, waiter, Murray W 20th 
Gallagher James, blacksm.. Crown bel Duke 
Gallagher James, lab., Sch Water & Lombard 
Gallagher James, lab., 2d ab York av 
Gallagher James, baker, 2d and Reed 
Gallagher James, tav. N E Broad and Christian 
Gallagher James, jeweler, 136 Chestnut, h 

291 S 10th 
Gallagher James, lab., Salmon bel Emoiy 
Gallagher James, lab.. Brown bel Emory 
Gallagher James, lab.. Palmer (R) 
Gallagher James, lab.. Brown ab Emory 
Gallag-her James, lab. 6 Federal 
Gallagher James, tailor, Lloyd AV Broad 
Gallagher James, boiler mr., Haydock bel Front 
Gallagher Jane, Lombard E 17th 
Gallagher John, clerk, 512 N 12th 
Gallagher John, lab., Somerset bel West 
Gallagher John, hostler, George bel Juniper 
Gallagher John, lab ., Margaretta bel Washing- 
ton (W P) 
Gallagher John, carp. Warner nPark 
Gallag-her John, brewer, 14 Dilk's ct 
Gallagher John, lab.. Pink ab Master 
Gallag-her John, shoemr., 682 S 4th 
Gallagher John, lab., 13th bel Federal 
Gallagher John, whitesmith, 9 Eutaw 
Gallagher John, lab. 12 Perry ab Franklin av 
Gallagher John, bookkeeper, 25 Walnut 
Gallagher John, lab. Murray W 20th 
Gallagher John, distiler, E 17th and Shippen 
Gallagher John, wines and liquors. Chestnut and 

Sch Beach 
Gallagher John, carp.. Federal ab 5th 
Gallagher John, waiter, 2 Lyndall's al 
Gallagher John, capt., 33 Congress 
Gallagher John, drayman, 398 S 8th 
Gallagher John, tailor, Mechanic ab Poplar 
Gallagher John, rag mer., 239 N Front, h 11 

Prosperous al 
Gallagher John J., clerk, 249 S 6th 
Gallagher John J., porter, 77 Market 
Gallagher Mahlon J., dentist, 19 S 13th 
Gallagher Mary Ann, sempstress, 11 Mechanic 
Gallagher Mary A., store, Penn. av ab Nixon 
Gallagher Mary, washer. South ab 18th 
Gallagher Mary, Anthracite (K) 
Gallagher Mai-y, nurse, William ab Salmon 
Gallagher Mai-y, 17th 8c Carver 
Gallagher Mrs. Mary, 3 TiUer's ct W Vaughn 
Gallagher Mrs., 2 Prime ab 8th 
Gallagher Michael, Locust n Crammond (W P) 
Gallagher Michael, drayman, 341 S Carpenter 
Gallagher Michael, lab. P road & L Washington 
Gallagher Patrick, lab. Salmon n William (R) 




Gallagher Pat., lab. 6 Federal 
Gallag-her Pat., lab., Essex 
Gallag-her Pat., drayman. Brazier n 15th 
Gallagher Patrick, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 
Gallag-her Patrick, lab. rear Sutherland av 
Gallagher Patrick, lab. rear 129 Plum 
Gallagher Patrick, pedler, 3 Workman's ct 
Gallagher Pat., lab. rear 246 N Front 
Gallagher Pat., lab. Bath ab William 
Gallagher Peter, tailor, h 10 Lawrence 
Gallagher Peter, lab., Mun-ay W 20th 
Gallagher Philip, lab. 7 Myers' ct 
Gallagher Richard, ostler, 278 S 6th 
Gallagher Rosanna, washer. Baker bel 8th 
Gallagher Saml. cordw., F road h AUen (K) 
Gallagher Samuel C, 7th & Haverford (W P) 
Gallagher Thomas, cupper, 867 South 
Gallagher Thomas, trader, William ab Salmon 

Gallagher Timothy, coachman, Walnut W 23d 
Gallagher Wm., cordw. Watson 
Gallagher William, saddler, 50 S 11th, h 14 

Gallagher Wm., morocco dresser, 173 N 4th 
Gallagher Wm., lab. Salmon and Emory 
Gallagher Wm., saddler, 204 Shippen 
Gallagher "Wm., Hamilton n South 
Gallagher Wm., porter, 18 Farmer 
Gallagher Wm., lab., 10 Charles 
Gallagher Wm. J., porter, 5 N Water, h Ship- 
pen ab Broad 
Gallagher Wm. J., lab., Loyd ab Shippen 
Gallagher Wm. M'K., clerk, 20^ S Front 
Gallaghin Bernard, carman, 1 Pine alley 
Gallaher William, M. D., 7th and Haverford 

Gallen Chas., tavern, 6th & Prune, h 135 S 6th 
Gallen Charles, ostler, 8 Hubbell 
Gallen George, lab. James bel 8th 
Gallen Thos., stone fin., 2 Middleton's ct 
Galleno Raphile, b h, N E Front and South 
Gallet Auguste, wig maker, 38 S 4th 
Galley Joseph E., bookbinder. 111 Wood 
Galliard James, paintei-, 16tli ab Chestnut, h 

N E 19th and George 
Galligan John, lab. 282 S 7th 
Galliner Alfred, mer. 19 Church al 
Gallon James, lab. rear 315 S 6th 
Gallon Mar}*-, seamstress, 2 Gaffney's av 
Gallon ey Chas., clerk, S W 4th and Arch, 

Wallace & Preston 
Galloney George, painter, 57 Garden 
Gallopp Fanny, wid of Wm., 15 Shippen 
Galloway Alex. S., rigger, 11 Union 
Galloway Ann, 189 N 10th 
Galloway Benjamin, silk dyer, 25 Rodman 
Galloway Isaac, coachman, 22 Watson's al 
Galloway James, stevedore, Mechanic 
Galloway James L., 197 N Front 
Galloway John, hatter, 52 Race 
Galloway Robei-t, weaver, Roche's ct 
Galster Martin, coi'dw. Franklin n F road 
Gait John, weaver, 3 Harrison av (K) 
Galvin John, blacksmith, 452 Callowhill 
Galvin Pat., lab. rear Baxter's av 
Galvin Thomas P., com. mer. 15 N Del av, h 

258 Marshall 
Galwin Daniel, lab. 1 Buchanan 

GALUSHA JOHN J. & Co., bowling saloon, 169 

and 171 Chestnut 
Gaman George, lab. Passyunk road 
Gaman Thos., bricklr. Tyson 
Gamble Alex., dyer, Shippen bel 12th 
Gamble Alexander, plasterer, 9th ab Coates 
Gamble Alexander, oil cloth. Burton bel 18th 
Gamble Ann, Elizabeth pi (K) 
Gamble Catharine W., dressmr., 10 Pratt 
Gamble Charles S., shoemaker, 377 S 3d 
Gamble Elizabeth, 838 Pine 
Gamble Elizabeth R., trimmings, Washington 

ab Moore (W P) 
Gamble Geo. P., coppersm. 308 Marshall 
Gamble George W., gent. 315 Brown 
Gamble Henry, lab. Pagoda, h Penn av 
Gamble Hugh, grocer, Fitzwater n 13th * 

Gamble Jas., lab., Brown ab Huntingdon (R) 
Gamble James, foreman, 2 Elizabeth pi (K) 
Gamble James, warper, AVagner's al 
Gamble John, gent., 316 N 7th 
Gamble John, weaver, Wagner's al ^ 
Gamble John, weaver, Shippen ab 13th 
Gamble John, Mrs., Shippen ab llth 
Gamble J. K., morrocco dr. 5 Margaretta 
Gamble J. K. & Brothet-s, morocco manuf., 5 -i 

Gamble Robert, engineer, 2 Elizabeth pl(K) 
Gamble Robt. B., moroc. manuf., 6 Margaretta, 

h 157 Franklin 
Gamble Samuel, stone cutter, Lyndsey ab Fitz- 
Gamble Sarah, Bath ab Sorrell 
Gamble Wm., morocco finisher. Front & York 
Gamble Susannah, Mrs., 452 N 7th 
Gamble Warren, waterman, 265 N Front 
Gamble William, cordwalner, 325 Green 
Gamble Wm., morrocco factory, 5 Margaretta, 

h 63 Dillwyn 
Gambling & Whilt, blind manuf. 215 Callowhill 
Gambling Wm., cabtmr. rear 345 Callowhill 
Games L. T., barber, S E 8th and Vine 
Games Wm., barber, S E 8th and Vine 
Gamester Ebenezer, lab. Passyunk road 
Gamester Evan, lab, 5 Mary 
GamewellJChas., tailor, 231 N 6th _ 

Gampher Catharine, cooper, 5th ab Catharine, h 

230 S 2d 
Gampher John, cooper, S 5th bel Queen 
Gampher John, blacksm., 148 Federal 
Gance Peter, carp. 1001 Jefferson 
Gandner George, huckster, 21 Charlotte 
Gane John, shoemr. Perry bel Oxford 
Gann John, cabinetmr. Apple ab Franklin av 
Gannon Catharine, 65 Fitzwater 
Gannon Edward, coachman, 290 N 5th 
Gannon F. P., dry goods, 79 William (R) 
Gannon George, stoves, 7 Hubbell 
Gannon James, rear 9 Vernon 
Gannon John P., store, 411 S 6th 
Gannon Pat., teacher. Cherry bet 20th 8c 21st 
Gannon Philip James, packer, 65 Fitzwater 
Gannon Thos., books, &c., 298 Richmond (R) 
Gano George, tailor, 3 Poplar 
Gano Stacy, Charlotte & George 
Cans Casper, lab. rear 60 Catharine 
Gans Casper H., shop, 206 Queen 
Gans Daniel, mer. 16 N 3d, h 350 N 6th 




Gans James, ropemr. 5th and Orchard 
Y-^^ANS, LEBERMAN & CO., tailors, 16 N 3d 
^^ ^ans & Moyer, clothing, 66 N od 
' Gans Myer, clothing-, 16 N3d, h 350 N 6th 
Gans Solomon, mer., 66 N 3d, h 205 N 7th 
Gans Solomon, mer., 16 N 3d. h 84 Vine 
Ganser John, cordw. Gray 
Gansz Lewis, brass founder, 3 Randolph 
Gantt Georg-e, printer, Queen and 5th 
Gantz John, mach. Pleasant bel 13th 
Gantz Peter, lab. Passyunk road 
Ganung' Henry, painter, Dauphin ab Trenton av 
Ganung- S. G., mer. Bank ab Ann, h Sorrel bel 

GANUNG & WIGHTMAN, lumb. mers. Queen 

ab Gunner's run, Dyottville (K) 
* Ganzhorn John G., flour and feed, "West and 

Garbendine Fred., lab. F road ab Hart la 
Garber Ann, coal, Broad ab Spruce, dry goods, 

& h 20 Spring Garden 
Garber Christian, carp. 552 N 7th 
Garber F. W., grocer, 9th and Larch 
Garber John, lab. 31 Nagle 
Garber Samuel J., coal yard. Broad ab Spruce, 

h 338 Green 
Garber Theodore, clerk, Master ab 7th 
Garde John, silversm., 23 Dean 
Garde Richard, silversm. 23 Dean 
Gardel B., teacher, 419 Chestnut 
Garden Charles S., hatter, 437 Brown 
Gai-den C. Henry, hatter, 196 Market, h 378 N 

GARDEN C. H. & CO., hats, caps, &c., 196 

Garden Wm., printer, 5 Hyde's ct 
Garden Wm. A., M. D., 426 N 13th 
Gardener Samuel, lab. rear 632 South 
Gardener Wm., M. D., 538 Poplar 
Gardessa A., baker, 182 Locust 
Gardette Chas. D., M. D., 246 Walnut 
Gardette E. B., M. D., dentist, 246 Walnut 
Gardiner Alexander, bricklr. 14 Marshall 
Gardiner Charles C, clerk, 473 N 9th 
Gardiner Daniel H., burnisher, 636 Poplar 
GARDINER DANL. R., M. D., 95 Catharine 
Gardiner Geo., lab. Hamilton ab William 
Gardiner Geo., lab. Vienna ab West 
Gardiner George, rigger, Bedford n Ross (K) 
Gardiner Henry S., salesman, 109 S Front, h 5th 

bel Carpenter 
Gardiner Jacob, lab. 224 Lombard 
Gardiner John, cordw. 55 Duke 
Gardiner John, cigars, Lehigh 
Gardiner John H., upholsterer, 18 N 12th 
Gardiner J. K., police, Cadwaladerab Franklin 
Gardiner J., jr., brewer, 10th and Filbei-t, h 63 

GARDINER RICHARD, M. D., 200 Spruce 
Gardiner Robert, musician, 4 &, 6 S 7th, h 13th 

and Wood 
Gardiner Simon B., varriisher, 636 Poplar 
Gardiner Wm. A., M. D., 120 N 10th 
Gardiner Wm. H.,tin plate woi-ker, George and 

Charlotte (N L) 
GARDINER WlLLIAM W., tailor, 97 N 9th 
Gardkan Robert, lab. Federal ab 5th 
Gardner , Cumberland and Howard 

Gardner Albert, ivory carver, 113 Race, h 523 

N 6tl) 
Gardner Alex., carp.. Nectarine bel 10th 
Gardner Andrew, drover, Carlton ab 13th 
Gardner Ann, umbrella mr. 293 Vine 
Gardner Daniel, equestrian, 346 Lombard 
Gardner Daniel W., 454 S 6th 
Gardner Edward, brushmr. 4 Toit's ct 
Gardner Eliza, Burton ab 16th 
Gardner Geo., police, Cadwaladerab Franklin 
Gardner Geo. H., coach mr. 493 N 13th 
Gardner George W., clerk. Melon bel 13th 
Gardner Gotlieb, carter, Montgomery ab 9th 
Gardner Henry S., clerk, 499 S 5th 
Gardner Jacob, 293 Vine 'Y 

Gardner Jacob H.,skindresser,311 Vine 
Gardner Jacob L., carp. 293 Vine 
Gardner James, blacksm. Lombard ab 17th 
Gardner James, lab. Oak n Rose (W P) 
Gardner John, carp. South n 15th 
Gardner Joseph, cooper, 3d ab Oxford 
Gardner Joseph, lab., Lilly al 
Gardner Mahlon, baker, U. S. arsenal 
Gardner Richard, dealer, 636 Poplar 
Gardner Richard, lab. 7 W South 
Gardner Robert, musician. Wood bel 13th 
Gardner Saml. C, cordw. Cumberland ab F road i 
Gardner Sarah, wid. of John, 47 Franklin y^ 

Gardner Thos. W., tailor, 12th ab Brown 
Gardner Wm., skin dresser, 29 Logan 
Gardner Wm., cabinetmr. 3 Dunton 
Gardner Wm., house carp. Scott ct bel Poplar 
Gardner Wm., carp. South n 15th 
Gardner Wm. H., clerk, 101 Chestnut, h 502 

Gardner W. D., coach painter. Prune bel 5th, h 

454 S 6th 
Gardom George, drugs & colours, 11 S 7th 
Gardwin Joseph, sailmr. 20 Prime 
Gardy Joseph, carp. Hanover & Brown (K) 
Gai-elanger Washington, bricklr. Parrish below 

Garenigg Maria, fisher, Woodab Queen (K) 
Garety Edward, cordw. 30 Jane 
Garey Horatio, tailor. La Fayette ab 9th 
Garey Jacob, lab. Cuthbert bel 23d 
Garey Joseph, carp. 24th ab Sp Garden 
Garey Thomas, lab. 46 Fitler 
Garey Wm., cordw. F R ab Sergeant 
Garity Philip, lab. James n 8th 
Garland James, confect., 34 N 8th 
Garland Joseph, confect. 148 N 13th 
Garlanger Henry J., bricklr. Myrtle bel 12th 
Garlanger J. B., bricklayer, 54 Richmond 
Garman Charles, cabinetmr. Non'is bel G T road 
Garman David, salesman, 1 Cowperthwait 
Garman John, brickmr, Oxford and Robinson 
Garman Thomas, bricklr. 11 Tyson 
Garner Cyrus, carter, Franklin pi 
Garner Jacob, lab.. Winter bel 21st 
Garner Jacob, bricklr. Winter bel 21st 
Garner John, bricklayer, Carlton ab 13th 
Garner Michael, blacksm. York Beach (R) 
Garner Robt. E., waterman, 383 S Front 
Garner Tbos. W., stocking mr. G T road ab 5th 
Garner Washington, coachmaker, h Walnut n 

Margaretta (WP) 
Garnet E, Jane, seminary, 49 Wood 




Garnet S., oysterman, 28 Duponceau 

Garoh Robert, tailor, Market bel 18tli 

Garraty Timothy, carter, Oak bel Brown 

Gan-etson Benj. R., clerk, 124 Market 

Garretson David, gent. 261 Locust 

Garretson Jacob, mer. 125 Market 

Garretson J. M., 243 Ridge av 

Garretson Maria B., 53 Catharine 

Garrett Amos, Lancaster bel Washing-ton 

Garrett Ann, washer, 8 Plum al 

GaiTett Casper, paper and rag wareh., 5 S Front, 

h 186 Noble 
Garrett Elizabeth, 142 N Juniper 
(ian-ett Ezra T., tailor, S E 5th &. Race 
/-GARRETT E. & C, paper and rags, 5 S Front 
' Garrett Henry, 19th and Wood 

Garrett Henry, baggage mr. 22 Winter 

Garrett Hugh, coachman. Juniper bel Walnut 

Garrett James, 102 N loth 

Garrett James Henry, boatman, 31 Barclay 

GaiTett John, Naval Asylum 

Garrett John, grocer, 186 Market, house Ger- 

Garrett John B., elk., 39 S 4th, h 6 Palmyra row 
Garrett Lewis, lab. 11 Brown ab Front 
Garrett Lewis J., bookkeepei-, 141 Chestnut, h 
11 Brown 
/^Garrett & Martin, grocers, 186 Market 
Garrett Mary Mrs., 13th n Melon 
Garrett Samuel, currier, 56 Nectarine 
Garrett Tliomas, blacksm. Washington ab Lo- 
gan (.W P) 
Gai-rett Thomas C, mer., 122 Chestnut, h 6 
Palmyra sq 
y. GARRETT THOMAS C. & Co., dealers in 
watches and jewelry, 122 Chestnut 
Gan-ett Walter, mer. 128 S Front 
Garrett Wm., gent. Locust ab William (W P) 
Garrett Wm. E. & Son, snuff" manufs. 128 S 

Garrett Wm. L., clerk, 16 N 4th, h 3 Marshall 
Garrett Wm. T., confect. 16th and Chestnut 
Garrett W. E., tobacconist, 128 S Front, house 

Pine ab 8th 
Garretty Peter, lab. Broad and South 
Garrigan Mary, b h, 279 Christian 
Garrlgan Patrick, tavern, Nixon & Callowhill 
Garrig-iies E. B., druggist, N E 10th and Coates, 

h 403 Coates 
GARRIGUES E. B. & S. S., druggists, N E 

10th and Coates 
Garrigues Franklin, clerk, h 181 N 7th 
Garrigues Isaac B., marble ag't. 1st whf. below 

Noble, h 181 N 7th 
Garrigues James R., clerk, 50 S 3d, h Wallace 

bel 11th 
Garrigues John H., clerk. 111 Walnut, h 181 N 

Gan-igues M., 27 Rittenhouse 
Garrigues Saml., carp. Till ab Washington (WP) 
Garrigues Sarah, Race bel 16th 
Garrigues S. S., chemist, N E 10th & Coates 
Garrigues Wm. collector, Washington and Mar- 
gar etta (AV P) 
Garrigues Wm. H., 1st teller Bank N. America 
Garrison Chas., frame mr. 170 Wallace 
Garrison Uavid R., lumber mer. Queen ab Rich- 
mond, h 92 Franklin 

Garrison Eli, timber mer.. Broad ab Green, li 

Shackamaxon ab Queen (K) 
Garrison Firman, baker, 4th bel Dickerson 
Garrison Hannah, rear 69 Church 
Garrison Isaac, wheelwrt. 13th ab Federal 
Garrison Israel, baker, Donan's ct 
Garrison James, potter, Plioenix bel G T road 
Garrison James, driver, 29 Mechanic (N L) 
Garrison John, waiter, 18 Washington 
Garrison John, mer., 38 Walnut and 43 Dock, 

h 366 Arch 
Garrison John & Co., wines and liquors, 38 Wal- 
nut and 43 Dock 
Garrison Jos., farmer, 186 S Carpenter 
Garrison Louisa, Fraley's al 
Gsu-rison Mary A., dry goods, 206 R av 
Garrison Samuel P., victualler, 33 Federal 
Garrison William, bootmaker, 10 S 10th 
Garrison Wm. F., lab., 15 Beck 
Garrits Moses, clothing, 259 S 7th 
Garrity Matthew, tailor, Anthony bel Reed 
GARSTDE JOSEPH, manuf. Maiden bel Front 

and Haydock bel Front 
Garside Richd., manuf. F rd ab Hart's la 
Garson John H., brakesman, 4th bel Carpenter 
Garson John H., hatter, 27 L Washington 
Garson Michael, sexton, 15 Race 
Garson Wm., restaurant, S E 2d and South 
Garson Wm., painter, 65 L Washington 
Garter Mary, 187 Wood 

Gartin Geo. H., barber, 67 N Front, h 5 Stock- 
; house ct 

Gartland John, coachman, 118 S 14th 
Gartland Michael, 199 Shippen 
Gartland Patk., weaver, Jefferson ab Washing- 
ton (K) 
Gartland Samuel, lab. 2 Pleasant's ct 
Gartland Simon, undertaker, 21 S 13th 
Gartley J. C, mach. 16 Arch, h 294 Cherry 
GARTLEY & MATLACK, steam engines, &c., 

16 Arch 
Gartley Samuel W., acct. 15 S Front 
Gartmer Peter, lab. Master bel 5th 
Gartner Jacob, grocer, 316 Marshall 
Garton Hiram, glass blow. Vienna bel Franklin 
Garton Jonathan, waterman, Randolph ab Parrish 
Garton Jos., glassbr. Reed's av 
Garton Joseph N., salesman. Queen ab Palmer 
Garton Owen, glass, Vienna ab West (K) 
Garton Peter, plasterer, N W M road & Wharton 
Gartsell Wm., mariner, 159 Christian 
Garty Edward, lab. Amber bel Dauphin 
Garvey James, 9 N 12th 
Garvey Peter, stone cut. Murray W 20th 
Garvin Alex. C. vict. Haverford ab 7th (W P) 
Garvin Archibald, tavern, 631 1>1 2d ab Frankhn 
Garvin Benj. F., engineer, 158 Catharine 
Garvin Dennis, stone cutter, 9 Shippen la 
Garvin James, liquor store, 16th bel Lombard 
Garvin James, ostler, 596 S Front 
Garvin Jas. P., student, 173 Catharine 
Garvin John, carter. Carver ab 15th 
Garvin John, jr., capt., 173 Catharine 
Garvin Jolin J., sea capt. 173 Catharine 
Garvin Margt., Sloan (W P) 
Garvin P. E., carp. 173 Catharine 
Garvin Robt., lab. Franklin la 
Garvin Roger, lab. 19th and Fairvicw 




Garvin Saml., trunkmi- 2d ab Han-ison 
Garvin Saml., coachsm. 8th ab Sp Garden 
Garvin Stephen, weaver, 419 S Uth 
Garvin Thos., ship carp. 569 S Front 
Garvin Wm., painter, Park bel Locust (W P) 
Garwood Alex. M., tailor, 3 Fayette 
Garwood Alick, tailor, Parrish ab 6th 
Garwood John, cordw., 20 Clair 
Garwood Jolin, carp. Federal ab 7th 
Garwood Richd., capt. 248 S lOtli 
Garwood Wm. D., upholsterer, 20 Clair 
Garv>rood Wm. H., 118 Charlotte 
Gary Wm., boatman. Smith's ct n St David 
Gas Fred., butcher, 2d ab Greenwich 
Gascoigne Chas., lace cap manuf. 9 Little Dock 
Gasfler Christian, carp. 3d ab Columbia 
Gaskill Aaron W., plasterer, 10th bel Melon 
Gaskill Abner, lab. Fitzwater n 21st 
Gaskill Benjamin, bookbinder, Ranstead pi 
Gaskill Benj., engraver, 18 Minor, h Cheriy E 

Gaskill Benj. F., clerk, 22 S 4th, h 256 N 5th 
Gaskill diaries, lab. Marlboroug-h bel Duke (K) 
Gaskill Chas. C. g-enl. 158 Camden 
Gaskill Chas. T.,soap manuf. Jefferson bel 10th 
Gaskill, Copper & Fr}^, book binders' tool cut- 
ters and engravers, 18 Minor 
GASKILL EDWARD, book bind., Ranstead 

pi, h 12 Palmyra row 
Gaskill Ellwood, trav. agent, 4 Mary 
Gaskill Ellwood, plasterer, 32 Kurtz 
Gaskill F., mil. fur. 116 Lawrence (N L) 
Gaskill H. R., bricklr. 8 Wallace 
Gaskill John, Pleasant ab 12th 
Gaskill John, book binder, 114 Market, h 105 N 

Gaskill John T. eng-ineer. Queen av 
Gaskill Joseph W., mer., 15 N Delaware av, h 

Gaskill Joshua W., salesman, 14 N 5th, h 425 N 

GASKILL J. W. & CO., com. mers. 1 5 N Del av 
Gaskill Maria, wid. 20 Saranak 
Gaskill Peter Penn, 523 Chestnut 
Gaskill Susan, washer, 13 Lisle 
Gaskins Jas. R., mer. 27 N 3d, h N E 12th and 

Gaskins John W., acct. 43 Market 
Gaskins Thos., Aspen ab 6th (M Y) 
Gasney Isaac, second hand clothing, 153 South 
GASS JAMES, dry goods, 7 Bank, h 232 N 6th 
Gass John, pattern mr. 544 Federal 
Gasser Oswald, mach. 17th bel Coates 
Gassner John, barber, 521 N Front 
Gastinger Leopold, tailor, rear 287 St John's 
Gast Benj., carter, rear 55 Prime 
Gaston Danl. Rev., 544 G T road ab Wager (K) 
Gaston Hugh, carter, S E Federal and 7th 
Gaston Simepn, Lewis ab 17th 
Gatchell & Binns, sash & blinds, 21st ab Chest- 
Gatchell F. R., h 201 Sp Garden 
Gateheimer Conrad, cordw. Philip ab Columbia 
Gately Wm., shoemr. 98 Williams 
Gater George, porter, Scott's ct 
Gates Edward, seaman, 8th bel Wharton 
Gates John, porter, rear 13th ab Poplar 
Gates John, carter, 15th ab Fairview 

Gates Mary, Worth n 4th 

Gates Nathaniel, carp., 4th ab Marshall (S) 

Gates Wm., ship carp. Worth bel 5th 

Gatons John, boilermr. rear Charles 

Gatta Chas., sugar refiner, 6 Cowperthwait 

Gatter Wm., cooper, rear 337 N 3d 

Gattings John, shoemr. Lombard ab 20th 

Gatzmer Alex. C, acct. Camd. &Amboy R road, 

office 45 S Delaware av, h 227 S 9th 
Gatzmer Wm. H., agent Camd. 8c Amboy R road, 

office 45 S Delaware av 
Gaudon Geo., carp. Marriott's la bel 6th 
Gauff Robert W., clerk, 145 Randolph (N L) 
GAUGHRAN MARGT., tavern, 87 S Del av 
Gaul Alfred, Walnut W 16th 
Gaul C. W., real est. agt. Wood bel 13th 
GAUL FREDERICK, brewer. New Market & 

Callowhill, h 511 Walnut 
Gaul Geo., moulder, 7th and Wyatt 
Gaul Geo. J., brushmr. Johnson's la ab 3d 
Gaul Jacob, gent. 164 Franklin 
Gaul John, basket mr. Green bel Moore (WP) 
Gaul John F., carp., 10 Wesley 
Gaul John M. basket maker, Woodland bel Pai-k 

(W P) 
Gaul Jno. U., music. Green n MargarettaCW P) 
Gaul Jno. W., basketmr. Green bel Moore (W P) 
GAUL & LEWIS, malt and hops, 55 N 4th 
Gaul Morton, 55 N 4th, h 110 S Broad 
Gaul Simon M., bricklr. Kurtz ab Poplar 
Gaul Susan, 14 Plover 
Gaul Thos., shoemr. 21 Charles 
Gaul Wm., 55 N 4th, h Walnut ab 18th 
Gaule Louis, perfumer, 14 Franklin pi 
Gault Elizabeth, grocer, c Clinton and Poplar 
Gault H. W., 376 Wood 
(iault Wm., cordw. h 12th and South 
Gaumer Jonathan, lab. 239 St John 
Gaun Geo. T., tailor, Fraley's al (K) 
Gaun Henry, drayman, 58 Linden (K) 
Gaun Margaret, 58 Linden (K) 
Gaun Peter, drayman, 2 York 
Gaun Saml. T., 58 Linden (K) 
Gaun Thos., pattern mr. Allen bel Marlboro' 
Gauntt Chas. S., druggist, S W 7th and Button- 
Gauss G., confect. 314 Yine 
Gauss Jacob F. baker, 165 N 12th 
Gauss Theodore, confec. 31 Yine,h Shaffer's ct 
Gauss Wm. F., gas fitter, 6 N 12th 
Gaut J. R., teacher, i5th ab Poplar 
Gautz Chas., lab. Passyunk rd 
Gavan John, lab. West ab Locust 
Gavett Robert S., painter, Queen ab 3d, h 2 

Gavett Samuel, macht. Filbert n Broad 
Gavin John, tailor, 1030 Market 
Gavistine John, carp. Hay ab 6th 
Gavit Albert, machinist. Cherry E 16th 
Gavit Conrad, basketmr. 309 G T rd 
Gavit Gorden, machinist. King ab Cheri'y 
GAViT NELSON, machinist. Broad & Filbert, 

h Cherry E 16th 
Gaw Alex. G., clerk, 19th bel Chestnut 
Gaw E. Mrs., 518 N 6th 

Gaw Gilbert, tailor, 292 Market, h 209 N 10th 
Gaw G. W., chair ornamenter, Swanson & Ship- 
pen, h 46 Federal row 





Gaw Henry L., broker, 93^ Walnut, h Broad 

bel Spruce 
Gaw Jason, dry goods, 232 & 234 S 2d 
Gaw John, g-ent. 4th bel German 
Gaw John, gent. 252 South 
Gaw John, weaver, Fitler and Harrison 
Gaw Mary Ann, dry goods, 234 S 2d 
GAW, MACALESTER & CO., brokers, 93^ 


Gaw Robert M., engraver, Washington ab 11th 
Gaw Samuel S., book keeper, 179 Market, h 8th 

ab Brown 
Gaw Thomas, weaver, Franklin ab Hope (K) 
Gaw William, merchant, h 395 S 2nd 
Gaw William P., acct., 474 N 8th ab Brown 
Gaw W. C. clerk, 13 Stamper's al 
Gawan Michael, painter, 240 Clinton 
Gay Edward F., civil engineer, Washington 

ab Mansion (W P) 
Gay James, real est. agent, 632 N 3d (K) 
Gay James, grocer, 628 N 3d 
Gay John, 162 Randolph 
Gay Mrs. N., 2 Richard ab 16th 
Gayley Andrew, M'Duffie n 20th 
Gayley Andrew, carter, 29 M'Duffie 
GAYLEY ANDREW W., druggist, S W Chest- 
nut & 18th 
Gayley Chas., lab. Lombard n Bank 
Gaylej' James, lab. Bedford bel 18th 
Gayley John, lab., 22 M'Duffie 
Gayley John, weaver, 22 M'Duffie 
Gayley John, weaver, 6 M'Duffie 
Gayley Wm., driver, 17th ab Fitzwater 
Gayley J. F., M. D., 69 S 18th 
Gaynor Thos., clerk, 144 Swanson 
Gaze John, machinist, 1 Lybrand 
Geach Edward, saddler, 411 S Front 
Geach E., harness maker. 213 Arch, h Arch 

ab 6tli 
Gear Joseph, bricklr., Olive bel Broad 
Gearhait Abm., 147 Melon 
Gearhart Jac, lab. Jones ab Coates 

manufs. St John ab Poplar 
Gearing J. A., gard. N W 8th and Master 
Geary Benjamin, shop, 126 N Front 
Geary Edward, hatter, 442 N 2d 
Geary Jos., grocer, George & Charlotte (NL) 
Geary & Stowman, j'r., hatters, 77 Queen (K) 
Geaweilir Adam, lab. Bledisloe's pi 
Gebel.Theo., rear 16 Lilly al 
Gebhard James, hatter, 49 S 3d, h 92 Germaiv 
Gebhard Lewis P., M. D., 216 Race 
GEBHARD L., hotel, 4th and Wood 
Gebhard L. H., M. D., 216 Race 
Gebhard Samuel O., carpenter, N E Juniper & 

Gebliard Wm., carp. N E Juniper & Ralston 
Gebhart James, salesman, Hancock ab Franklin 
Gebhartswauer Conrad, tailor, Charlotte above 

Geble George, Morris n 4th 
Gebler Charles F., M. D., Coates ab 13th 
Geckler Godfried, baker, 6th and Buttonwood 
Geddes Wm. F., printer, Franklin pi n Chest- 
nut, h 152 Christian 
G«dian Caspt P., Naval Asylum 
Gedi&ke Charles, cordw. 199 N 4th 

Gedney Jos. F., plate printer, 123 Chestnut, h 

238 Market 
Gedney Phoebe, 473 Poplar 
Gee Freer, framer, Perry bel Columbia (K) 
Gee John, rope maker, 2nd n Master (K) 
Gee Sarah, wid. of Joseph, Poplar ab 7th 
Gee Sarah C, 179 Pine 
Geehr Chas. H., pies, 218 Green 
Geel S., honey deal., Haverford bel 6th ( W P) 
Geer Emanuel, shoemaker, rear 56 P road 
Geese David M., mer., 13 Church a], h 442 Cal- 

Geeszel Conrad, Elk and Cedar (R) 
Gegan Emanuel, shoemr. rear 56 P road 
Gegan John, M. D., druggist, S E Front & 

South, h 218 S Front 
Gegan Mich., book keeper, 18 Perry 
Gegan Michael, lab. 9 Coombe's al 
Gegan Thomas, lab. 9 Coombe's al 
Gegan Thomas druggist, N E 10th and Wal- 
Gegenheimer John, cedar cooper, 440 N 4th 
Gegenheimer Ludwig, cooper, 385 St John (K) 
Gegenheimer Philip, butcher, N W Apple and 

Gegler Christian, cabt. mr. 164 Shippen 
Gegner Andrew, butcher, G T road ab 5th 
Gehall Barney, carter, 10th ab Master 
Gehb Conrad, umbrella mr. St John bel G T road 
Gehen Patrick, shop, 19 Strawberry 
Gehman Henry M., grocer, 11th and Ogden 
Gehman Sarah, dressmr. George ab 2d (K) 
Gehr Nicholas, Rev., 440 Marsliall (K) 
Gehrung Carl, shoemr. 218 Shippen 
Geib Wm., jr., book keeper, 163 Market, h 115 

Geib W., M. D., 177 N 11th 
Geiger Andrev/ J., salesman, h High bridge whf 
Geiger Christopher, 292 Lombard 
Geiger Henry, lab. Cadwalader & Oxford (K) 
Geiger H., M. D., 227 N 8th 
Geiger John, shop, 388 N 3d 
Geiger G., shoemr. 12th ab Cumberland 
Geiger Kenzie, book keeper, King bel Race 
Geigt John, tanner, St John pi 
Geikle Andrew, turner, Bender's ct 
Geikler Mary, midwife, 37 Cherry 
Geiler Charles, tobacconist, 5th and O Y ar 
Geiler John, tobacconist, 422 N 3d 
Geiselmann M., lager beer, 319 St John (K) 
Geisenberger Joseph, clothing. Poplar bel 2d, 

h 6th bel Poplar 
GEER GEORGE, sup. streets, 408 G T ar 
Geisenburger Isaac, clerk, 24 Clinton (K) 
Geisenhofier Philip, tailor, 16 Norris al, h STji, 

Geisfinger Henry, patternmaker Tyler ab. 

GeisingerD., commodore U. S. Navy, h 742 Pine- 
Geisinger Geo. F., 742 Pine 
Geisking Henry, tailor, 553 N Front 
Geisler Charles, butcher, Front and Norris 
Geisler Ferdinand, butcher, 515 F road 
Geisler Henry, butcher, Front n Norris 
Geisler John, butcher, Norris ab F av 
Geisler Wm., butcher, Norris bel Clinton 
Geisse Edward C, mer., 60 S Front, h 290 Sp. 





GEISSE GEORGE W., manuf. chemistry, 14 N 

Front, li F road ab Hart's lane 
Gelsse Herman C, mer., 60 S Front^ 

Geisse Theodore F., mer. 60 S Front 
Geisse AViUiamj merchant, 60 S Front 
GEISSE WM. & SONS, import, looking glass 
plates, 60 S Front 
. GEISSEL JOHN G., tailor, 412 N 2d 
Geissert August, currier, 83 Randolph 
Geisz Joseph, 717 N 5th 
Geither Godfrey, milkman, 615 Norris 
Gelbach George, brass founder, Howard above 

GELBACH &; METZGER, brass founders, 79 

Gelberts Wm., baker, 91 Arch 
Gellespie Thos., lab. Dickerson ab 7th 
Gelpin Patrick, shoemr. N E Beach & Spruce 
Gelpke Rudolph, compositor, 188 N 4th 
Gelston Wm. J., sheet iron worker, 12 S 8th, h 

Wigtar n 7th 
Geltz^ohn, cordw. F road and York (R) 
, GEMMILL & CRESSWELL, diy goods, 211 
^'' Market 

Gemmill F., glue mr. 6th ab Oxford 

GemmiU Jas. R. Mrs., 255 Pine 

Gemmill Zachariah, mer., 211 Market, h 501 

GEHRIG JACOB H., surgical instru. mr., 43 

S 8th, h 201 S 7th 
Genari Philip, sailmr. Coates W 17th 
Genay Edward, tobacconist, 123 Locust 
Genay Edward, jr., tobacconist, 3 N 7th 
Gendell John A. 8c Co., iron works, Mansion bel 

Walnut, h Locust ab Till (W P) 
Gendell John A., iron founder, S W 7th & Zane 
Gender Geo., glass cut. 24th bel Lombard 
Gender Wm., gent. F road ab Hart's la 
Gengebre P. W., prof. Girard college, French 

classes, Zane ab 7th 
Genner Geo., gardener, Clinton bel Parrish 
Gennon Jas. lab. Knowles' av 
Gensley H. F., plasterer, 34 Kurtz 
Gentel John, blockmr. 266 Duke 
Genth Frederick, dry goods, G T road and Ox- 
ford (K) 
Genth F. Augustus^ chemical laboratory, 107 

Genther Aram, plasterer, 855 N 4th 
Genther Chas., blacksm. Wistar bel 12th 
Genther Edward, blacksm. Wistar bel 12th 
Genther Henry, lab. Wistar bel 12th 
Genther Valentine, lab. Wistar bel 12th 
Gentle Albert, cooper, Nicetown lane 
Gentner Fred., stone quarry, 146 Brown 
Gentner Fred., lamp mr. G T road & York 
Gentner Frederick, & Co., stone yard, 9th & 

Gentner Gotleib, butcher, Front and Price 
Gentner John, lab. Price n Front 
Gentner John, carp. Nicetown 
Gentner J., lager beer, 4th bel Chewy (K) 
Gentry Lewis, cake baker, 7th ab Brown 
Gentry Rachel, Mrs., Towsend av 
Gentry Wm. T., dry goods, 2 Merchant, h Girard 

Gentsch Fred., cabt. mr., 19 Carter's al 
George Ann D., Callowhill ab 15th 

George Brown, shoemr. Miller ab 10th 

George Conrad, rear 787 N 3d 

George Edwin, driver, Washington n Morris 

George Enoch, cooper, 22 Sears 

George Henry, carter, Jefferson ab Hope (K) 

George Henry, hatter, Reid's ct 

George Irvin, stonecut. Cherry E 21st 

George James, lab. rear 347 S 5th 

George James C, custom house broker, 57^ S 

4th, h 349 S 10th 
George James S., paper hangings, 349 South, h 

Pine n 11th 
George John, mer., h Cherry E 17th 
George John, chairmr. 30 Concord 
George John D., ins. broker, 50 Walnut, h 198 

George Margaret Miss, 15th & Cherry 
George Mary, 293 Pine 
George Mary Ann, 2 Sergeant 
George M., shoe cutter, 4 Maple 
George Richai-d, agent, 43 N Front, li Shippen 

ab 10th 
George Richard S. H., customhouse, h 356 

5 3d 
George Thomas, grocer, N W 2d and Catharine, 

6 413 S 2d 
George William, Mrs., 16 Mead 
George Wm., blacksm. South ab 15th 
George Wm., laborer, 25 Kressler 
Gerber Jos., carpt. weaver, 219 Catharine 
Gercke John, baker, Buttonwood ab 12th 
Gereth Philip, vinegar, 526 N 5th 
Gerhard Arthur, moulder, 35 Clinton 
GERHARD BENJAMIN, atty. & coun., lOOJ S 

Gerhard W. W., M. D., 301 Walnut 
Gerhart A. L., clerk, George W 17th 
GERHART CIJAS., tavern, Girard av &, 6th 
Gerhart Charles, clerk, 43 Ogden 
Gerhart Edward, carter, 1139 N 5th 
Gerhart Geo. L., clerk, 4th ab Columbia 
Gerike A., brushmr. 619 G T road 
GERKER & BEEHLETl, glue manuf, 20 Com- 
merce & 5th ab Camac 
Gerker Henry, mer. 20 Commerce, h 5th ab 

Gerlety Henry, weaver, 174 Washington 
German David, cooper. Brown and Cherry (K) 
German Elizabeth, trimmings. Hay ab 6th 
German Wm., Palmer n West 
German Wm., lab., Passyunk road 
German Wm., Jr., lab., Passyunk road 
Germon F. A., mach., 256 Prime 
Germon W. L., druggest, 160 Chestnut, h 70 

Gery Peter B., cordw., 57 Ontario 
Gerrick Hendrick, pedlar, Washington ab Cram- 

mond (W. P) 
Gerrish E. Mrs., 92 Poplar 
Gerritt John, fanner. Buck r ab Broad 
Gerstley M., tailor, 320 Market 
Gesey Geo. W., cabntmr. Smith's ct 
Gesper Louis, barber, 1 N. 8th, h 1 Bu-ds av. 
Gessert Henry, tailor, Janes pi 
Gessler Andrew, machinist, rear 111 Carpenter 
Gessler B., tailor, Rihl 
Gessler George, furniture, 460 Queen (K) 
Gessler Thos. M., barkeeper, Rights ct. 




GEST JOHN B., atty. & coun, 45^ S 5*, li 

179 S rth 
Getchall C, store cor Cypress and 4th 
Gethen M. T. g-entw. 112 Spruce 
Getler Andrew, cordw. 41 Mechanic 
Getman Jacob, carp., Wag-er bel 6th 
Gettel Mary J., spooler, Philip ab Jefferson (K) 
Getting's And., tailor, rear 13 Strawberry 
Gettlng-s James, painter. Otter ab ^F road 
Getty Archd., mer. 3 Dock, h 54 Union 
Getty Hug'h, porter, 188 Market, h 7 Tra- 

quair's ct 
Getty James, lab. Philip n Oxford 
Getty John, clerk, 219 Chestnut, h 475 Lom- 
Getty John W., weaver, Jefferson ab Howard 
Getty Robert, carter, 5th ab Wharton 
Getty Robt., carver, S W 2d & Dock, h 635 S 

Getty Thos. tailor, Catharine ab 6th 
Getty Wm., salesman, 199 Market, h 119 N 7th 
Getz Bernard, lab. Palmer n Jackson 
Getz Barnard, Jr., lab., Palmer bel F road 
GETZ & BUCK booksellers, 4 Hart's Build- 
Getz Charles, farmer, Passyunk road 
Getz Frauds W., bookseller, 138 N 2d, h 473 

F road (K) 
Getz Fredk., carp. 445 N 6th bel Poplar 
Getz Georg-e, hats, &c. 346 N 2d, h 485 N 6th 

bel Poplar 
Getz Henry, lab., Passyunk road 
Getz Hem-y S., bookseller, 4 Hart's Building', 

h 407 N 11th 
Getz Jacob, cordw. Elk (K) 
Getz Jacob F., gun smith, Buck r n Federal 
Getz John, porter, 15 Commerce, h 13th ab 

Getz John, Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Getz John, lamp mr., 39 Mechanic (N L) 
Getz J. H., feed store, 17th and Ridg-e 
Getz Mary, Palmer n F road 
Getz Mary, 156 St. John 

GETZ MATHIEU, fun-ier,7i S 2d,h41 Spruce 
Getz Wm. carp. 871 N 4th 
Getz Wm., lab. Palmer n F road 
Getz Wm. F., salesman, 70 Chestnut 
Getze Jacob A., music teacher, 129 N 10th 
Getman Nich., Jr., seg-ar mr, 29 S 4th, h 4th 

and Kresler's al 
Gettigan Edward, 306 S 7th 
Gettis Geo., waiter, 7 Lombard ct 
Geukler J. A., 208 Jefferson (K) 
Geusquirell Jacob, cooper, 275 St. John 
Geverd Christian, basketmr. Green n Marg'aretta 
Gevin Ann, dressmaker. Wood ab 17th 
Gevelot Marg-aret, 7S7 N 6th 
Geyer George C, alderman, 316 N 8th 
Geyer Geo. W., leather, S W 3d and Lombard 
Geyer John H., bookkeeper, 21 S Del av, h 74 

Geyer Reuben, carp. Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Geyer Simon, 436 Callow hill 
Geyer Wm. B., leather dealer, S W 3rd 8c Lom- 
bard, h 74 Lombard. 
GEYELIN EMILE, hydraulic engineer, Jonval 

Turbinie office, Franklin Inst. 
Gheen John R., Western Droveyard (W P) 

Ghegan BartholomeAv, stove finisher, 151 S 2d, 

h Sarah ab Queen 
Ghegan Elizabeth, tailoress, 6 Burd 
Ghegan George, iron founder, 17th andCoates, 

h 1015 Coates 
Ghriskey C. M., mer. 16 N 5th, h Walnut W 20th 
Giager C, carp. Union bel F road 
Giard Levy, carp. 10 Anita 
Gibb Isabella, shop, 142 Race 
Gibb David, sf., shirt store, 307 S 11th 
Gibb David, jr. painter, 207^ Race, h 13th ab 

Gibb John, carpet weaver, 210 S 5th, h 145 

S Carpenter 
Gibb Robt. moulder, 51 Randolph 
Gibboney John, grocer. South ab Broad 
Gibboney Luke, spinner, Harmstead n 20th 
Gibboney Wm., manuf.. South ab Broad 
Gibbons Ann, Spi'uce E 22d 
Gibbons Catharine, teacher, 22d & Pine 
Gibbons Cath., Beach ab George 
Gibbons Charles, attorney & coun., 79 Walnut 

h Locust E 19th 
Gibbons Dr. Daniel, Spruce bel 22d 
Gibbons Dennis, tailor, 18th bel Lombard 
Gibbons Geo. W., mer. 41 Chestnut, h 586 Vine 
Gibbons James, Northern Advertiser, 262 N3d, 

h 384 Front 
Gibbons Jas., painter, 188 Ogden 
Gibbons Jas., dry goods, 10th bel Christian 
Gibbons James S., mer. 80 Chestnut, house 20 

Gibbons John, harnessmr. Tyler ab Thompson 
Gibbons Lawrence, tailor, Murray E 21st 
Gibbons Marsh, clerk, bankofPenna 
Gibbons Mary, shop, Sch Beach ab Locust 
Gibbons Nathaniel, weav. Leopard bel Phoenix 
Gibbons Thos., spring finisher, Sch Willow ab 

Gibbons Thos., mach. Church bel Morris 
Gibbons Thos. P. M. D. 92 S 11th 
Gibbons Wm., boatman, 24th and Sp Garden 
Gibbons Wm., boatman, Salmon 
Gibbons Wm., stone mason, Shippen ab Broad 
Gibbs Aai'on A., coachsm. Carpenter's ct 
Gibbs Alex., blacksm. M la bel 6th 
Gibbs Ann, corset mr. 506 N 12th 
Gibbs A. Halsey, clerk, 82 Market, h 3 City row 
Gibbs A. v., mer. 82 Market 
Gibbs Charles, grain mer., 51 N Water, h 130 N 

Gibbs C. E., clerk, 33 Chestnut, h 130 N Front 
Gibbs Elogius, cordw. 10 Deacon 
Gibbs Halsey, mer. 3 City row 
GIBBS HENRY, collect., 154 Race bel 5th 
Gibbs & Hopkins, carpts. 222 N 5th 
Gibbs Isaac, carp, h 521 N 5th 
Gibbs Jas. D., grain mer. 51 N Water, h 130 N 

Gibbs Job R., carp., 155 Parrish ab 9th 
Gibbs John, police, 232 Spruce 
Gibbs Joseph, carter, 2 Ivy 
Gibbs Joseph D. wood corder, 24 Wlstar 
Gibbs John W., mer. 381 Spruce 
Gibbs John W., gent. 119 S 6th 
Gibbs J. W., Mrs., Pine ab 13th 
GIBBS J. W. & SONS, cloths, 82 Market -^ ..-' 
Gibbs Maria, Eagle ct 




Gibbs Maria, lab. Buck's ct ab 11th 

(Jiibbs Melvina, 81 S Juniper 

Gibbs Peter C, carp, h 5th n George 

Gibbs Rachel, washer, rear 238 Lombard 

Gibbs Richard, driver. Earl ab Duke 

Gibbs Richard, carp., 33 Dock, h 12th and 

Gibbs Thos., workman Navy Yard, h43 Wood- 

Gibbs Wm., gent. Parker ab York 

Gibbs Wm., trunkmr. 18 Hazel 

Gibbs Wm., country produce, 142 N Front 

Gibbs Wm., trunk mr., 13 P road 

Gibbs Wm., mouldei-, 592 S 7th 

Gibbs Wm., pearl worker. 11 S 18th 

Giberson Jos., driver, 2 Linden 

Giberson Noah, stove fin., 56 Melon 

Giberson Thomas, engineer, Sarah n Queen 

Gibley Wm., coppersm. Fisher's 

Gibner Wm., glass bl. Palmer ab F av 

Gibney James, painter, 3 John's ct 

Gibler T., carter, 26 Howard 

Gibson Alex., poller, 32 Market, h Monroe bel 

GIBSON ALFRED C, liquors, N Market and 
Brown, h 344 N 7th 

Gibson Archd. H., dealer, real- 70 M road 

Gibson David, tailor, 10 Ann 

.Gibson E. 3 Freed's av 

Gibson E. O. 1001 Coates 

Gibson George, bookbinder, 282 Poplar 

Gibson George, machinist, Tilton ab Cumberland 

Gibson Geo. R., macht. 18 Mary 

Gibson George W., wheelw. Salmon above Le- 
high av 

Gibson Henry C. mer. 116 S Front, h 253 N 6th 

Gibson Hug-h, segar mr. 533 Locust ,. 

Gibson Isabella, Lynn ab 22d 

Gibson Jacob, printer, 8 Parker 

Gibson James, watchman. Centre bel 13th 

Gibson James, seaman, 608 S Front 

Gibson James G., Prot. Ct. Com. Pleas, h 11th 
& Graff 

Gibson James M., tinsmith, P & M la 

Gibson Jas., gent. S E cor 8th and Spruce 

Gibson Jas., weaver, Caldwalader bel Jefferson 

Gibson Jas., lab. 2d ab Dauphin 

Gibson John, house painter, decorator & glass 
stainer, 79 S 11th 

Gibson John, weaver, 10 Ann 

GIBSON JOHN, SON & CO., importers wines 
and hquors, 114 & 116 S Front 

Gibson Jno., mer., 116 S Front, h 253 N 6th 

.Gibson Jno., plasterer, 531 Locust 

.Gibson John F., coal, 5th &. Willow, h 279 N 5th 

Gibson Jno. R., cordw. 514 S 2d 

Gibson J. W. C, Shirkei-'s al 

Gibson Lydia, Boyd's al 

Gibson Maiy, tailoress, 6 Jenning'srow 

Gibson Maiy, 6th ab Tyson 

Gibson Maiy Ann, 28 Lewis 

Gibson Mary Ann, 534 N 7th 

Gibson Merrit, cordw., 514 S 2nd 

Gibson Noah, mach., 2 Fayette 

Gibson Pati'ick, blacksm. Redwood ab 4th 
t Gibson Richard, cordw. 2 Pratt 

Gibson Robert, tinplate worker, 358 S 2d 

Gibson Robt., shoes, 198 Market, h 23 Centre 

Gibson Robt. C, clerk, 511 N 6th 

Gibson Samuel, bootmr., L Washington ab 7th 

Gibson Samuel, painter, Boyd's al 

Gibson Saml., printer, 510 S Front 

Gibson Saml., brickmr. 16th ab Federal 

Gibson S. Theodore, acct., 263 Market, h 534 

Gibson Thos., cordw. George W 16th 
Gibson Thos., sheet iron worker, 96 Carpenter 
Gibson Tliomas, gun mr. 12 Saranack 
Gibson Thomas, plumber, Carroll ab 12th 
Gibson Thomas, tailor, 2 Budden's al 
Gibson William, sash mr., 547 S 7th 
Gibson Wm., lab. 662 Lombard 
Gibson Wm., jeweller. Chestnut bel Margaretta 

Gibson Wm., 1 Lawrence 
Gibson Wm., lab., Philip ab Master (K) 
Gibson Wm., weav. Green ab Margaretta (W P) 
Gibson Wm., lab. Brown bel Emery 
Gibson AVllliam, M. D., N E 12th & Coates 
Gibson Wm. E., hair di-esser, 83 S 3d, h 78 

Gibson Wm. R., clerk, 8 N 5th, h Germantown 
Gicker C. B. flour & feed, 507 & 509 F road 
Gicker William B., hay pressing, flour mill and 

feed, 77 and 79 Maiden, h 81 Maiden 
Gideon Casper, rear 81 Washington 
Gideon Jacob, oysters, Poplar ab 13th 
Gideon Mary, Wood ab 8th 
Gidron Henry, vict. 202 N 8th 
Giebler Lewis, tailor, 9 Beach 
Gier Geo., lab. 24 Kressler 
Giering Fredk., tobacconist, 4 York pi 
Gies Peter, tailor, Olive bel 12th 
Giese David, mer. Church al, h 442 Callowhill 
Giese Otto, tavern, 104 Shippen 
Giese Wm., cabtmr. 54 Race 
Giffin Barnard, stove mr. rear 507 N 3d 
Gifford Bethuel, grocer, cor 5th & George 
Gifford E. B., clerk, 69 Mai-ket, h 91 N 8th 
Gifford James, porter, 253 Market 
Gifford John, cordw. 36 Hallo well 
Gifford Mrs. P. A., West bel Parrish 
Gifford Thos. paper carrier, 8 Hai-rison 
Gifford Thos.L., carp. 50 S 3d, h 19 Concord 
Gifford Wm., lab., Ross ct 
Gifford Wm., printer, 472 S 9th 
Giger F. S., M. D. 22 N 11th 
Giger Herman H., lab. Perkenpine ct 
Giger John, watchman, Dauphin ab Carroll 
Gigon Adam, turner, 876 N 11th 
Gigon Gustavus, watch case mr. 8 Phoenix 

block, h 149 Wharton 
Gigon Zephirin, watch case maker, 8 Phoenix 

Block, h 16 Powell 
Gigon Z. & G., watch case mrs. 8 Phoenix Block 
Gihon Albert L., M. D., 240 Catharine 
GIHON &. CO., mers., 9 Bank &. 10 StrawbeiTy 
Gihon James, book binder, 98 Chestnut, h 21 

Gihon James L., bookbinder, 146 Chestnut, h 

lOtli ab Green 
Gihon John H., M. D. 240 Catharine 
Gilbert Aaron, tavern, 322 N 2d 
Gilbert Aaron D., salesman, 295 Market 
Gilbert Alexander, grocer, 3d ab Columbia 
Gilbert Andrew J., lab, Passyunk r 




Gilbert Benj. S., police, 139 New Market 
Gilbert Charles, cordw.Brinton ab Jefferson(K) 
Gilbert Chas., stoves, 249 N 2d, h 343 Vine 
GILBERT CHARLES & CO., stove manuf., 249 

Gilbert Chas. M., cabt. mr. 247 N 2d, h 180 Sp 

Gilbert Cyrus H., express waggon, 8 Craig's av 
Gilbert Daniel, brickmr. 16th bel Federal 
Gilbert Daniel, dag-uer. Peal ab 13th 
Gilbert David, mach. 32 Perry 
Gilbert David, M. D., profes. Penn. Col., 267 

Gilbert Frederick E., clerk, 182 Market, h S W 

4th and Federal 
GILBERT F. B., upholsterer, 38 and 40 Ridge 

av, h 205 N 10th 
Gilbert George, cordw. rear 260 Fitzwater 
Gilbert Geo., farmer, Passyunk r 
Gilbert G. A., washer, 22 Burd's ct 
Gilbert Geo. D., collector, 294 S Front 
Gilbert Henry, blksm. Porcelain E 21st 
Gilbert Henry, carter, 10 Barley 
Gilbert Henry S., 211 S 2d 
Gilbert Henry M., wheelwt. 35 Carroll ab 12th 
Gilbert Henry W., potter, 35 Carrol ab 12th 
Gilbert John, druggist, h 69 Vine 
Gilbert John, blacksm. M'Cormic's ct 
Gilbert John, blacksm. 139 Lewis 
Gilbert Jos., carp.. Wood bel 17th, h 595 Chest- 
nut ab 18th 
Gilbert Jos., coal dealer & grocery, 21 Queen (K) 
Gilbert Leigha, lab. 8th bel Wharton 
Gilbert Lemuel, cordw. 49 Howard (K) 
Gilbert Louisa, Mrs., 15 Locust 
Gilbert Margaret, 10th and P road 
Gilbert Maris, coachmr. 10th ab Girard av 
Gilbert Mortimore, brickmr. 16th bel Prime 
Gilbert Nich., carp. Cherry W 21st 
Gilbert Noble, carp., Pearl bel 18th 
Gilbert Oliver, confect. 272 Shippen 
Gilbert Peter, cordwainer, 49 Howard (K) 
Gilbert Richardson, lab. Pearl ab 13th 
Gilbert Robt. machinist. Union ab Bedford 
Gilbert R. G., confect. S W 8th and Coates 
Gilbert Samuel, weaver, Nicetown lane 
Gilbert Samuel, stovemaker, 249 N 2d, h 50 Cal- 

Gilbert Samuel M.,brushmr. Randolph bel F av 
Gilbert Saml. Saylor, stone cut. 35 Carrol 
Gilbert Saml. T.*, cabbage cut. 35 Carrol 
Gilbert Sarah, 310 South 
Gilbert Susan, 395 Arch 
Gilbert Thomas, lab., Locust bel 13th 
Gilbert Thomas, cordwr., Newton 
Gilbert Thos. driver, Dunton bel Franklin (K) 
Gilbert Thos. W., clerk Post Office, h 184 N 15th 
vvGilbert, Wentz & Co., drugs, 177 N 3d 
* Gilbert Wm., tinsm., 5^ S 7th 

Gilbert Wm., shoemr. George n Crammond 
Gilbert Wm., bricklr. Cherry W 21st 
Gilbert W. Kent, M. D. 171 S 9th 
GILBERT WM. J., hotel, 211 S 2d 
Gilbert Wm. R., tobacco, 116 N 6th 
Gilbraith Andw., bricklr. Filbert E 20th 
Gilbraith Geo., weaver. Fowl ct 
Gilbraith Jas., lab. Filbert E 20th 
Gilchler James, waiter, Howell 

Gilch Frederick, shoemr. 163 Lombard 

Gilchrist Cath., 126 William 

GILCHRIST JAMES, mahogany dealer, 48 N 

Gilchrist John, lab., Fitzwater n 15th 
Gilchrist John, lab. Brown bel Huntingdon 
Gilchrist Robt., lab. Anthracite 
Gilchrist Wm., mint, h 17 Howard 
Gilchrist Wm., jr., mint, h 17 Howard 
Gilday Geo. W., shoemr., Atherton 
Gildea H. A., custom house, h 199 S Washington 
Gildea Wm., lab., Peg bel New Market 
Gildenmier Fredk., cordw. 458 N 3d 
Gildner Chas., cabinetmr. 12 Elm 
Gilece M., furn. car, 2 Winter ct 
Giles Ezra G., clerk, N W Front 84 Walnut, h 

Filbert E 20th 
Giles Geo., grocer, 504 S 2d 
Giles M., trimmings, 18 S 8th 
GilfiUan Henry, milk, 4th bel Reed 
Gilfillan John, machinist, F r ab Hart la 
GILFILLAN ROBERT, grocer, S E 3d and 

GilfiUen Robt., porter. Say ab Path 
GilfiUen John, weaver, Lloyd W Broad 
Gllfillen John, drayman. Say and Path 
GilfiUen Joseph, milk. Christian ab 16tli 
Gilfoyle Danl., weaver, 12th ab Federal 
Gilfoyle John, weaver, Hancock ab Norris (K) 
Gilfoyle Martin, lab. Cooper W 201h 
Gilfrey Robert, carver, 226 Wallace 
Gilfry Catharine, widow, 129 New Market 
Gilfry Elizabeth, Federal ab M road 
Gilfry Mathias, inn keeper, Passyunk road 
Gilkey John, tobac, P road & Catharine 
Gilkey John, bookkeeper, 34 Owen 
Gil|;ey Wm., carter, 2d bel Franklin 
Gilkinson John, weaver, rear Front bel Jefferson 
Gill Davis, conductor, Addison n 17th _ , 
Gill & Edenborn, flour and feed, 97 N 4th 0^. 
Gill Edmund, 12 Chatham 
Gill George, ostler, rear 48 School 
Gill George, conductor. Prime bel 10th 
Gill Geo., mer., 346 S Fourth 
Gill Geo. W., salesman, 92 Market, h416 S 4th 
Gill Henry, carp. Beaver and Charlotte (N L) 
Gill Hugh, lab.. Filbert bel 15th 
Gill Isaac N., store, 17th bel Coates, h 18th and 

Gill James, lab. 60 Wilham (R) 
Gill James, tavern, S W 13th and Vine 
Gill Jas., lab. Marlboro' bel Queen 
Gill Jolin, grocer, 18th and Addison 
Gill John J., varnisher, Wharton ab 2d 
Gill John J., varnisher, 30 Shippen 
Gill John L., cordw., 310 Callowhill 
Gill John S., carp., 106 F road 
Gill Jose