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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

fiiW-f \>'Z[-P\\\r 



No. 1010 Chestnut St. above Tenth. 

The €h-eatest Invention, of the Jlge. 

GA.S c o isT s xj aye E r>, s ^a. v 1 3sr o o in-e-h-a-lf arnE i^xjel. 

Elevation of Furnace and Section of 
Brick Walls. 

Vertical Section through the Fire Pot, 
Cones, and Annular Chamber, show- 
ing the action of the heat in the 

This invention, the result of thirty years' close observation and strict practical experience, is now 
confidently presented to the public, as superior in points of economy, ca2)acifi/, durahility, ease of 
management, and the quality of its heated air, to any other apparatus extant. By it, all apartments 
to be heated are filled with fresh, healthful, warm air, perfectly free from the injurious eflfects of the 
common furnaces, and congenial with the most delicate constitution. 

This Furnace is unparalleled for Economy; retaining the Smoke and Gases in a cluster of Cones 
exposed to the reflected rays of heat, acting in the tapering surfaces of the Cones — not unlike the 
action of the sun on the sun glasses, as the rays of heat and light are brought to a focus in each 
Cone, thus burning all the gases, thereby increasing the quantity of heat, and saving a large amount 
of fuel. 

All who are desirous of obtaining the best and most economical heating apparatus, should not fail 
to examine the New Gas Consuming Cone Furnace, before purchasing any other. The attention of 
Architects and Builders is particularly requested. 

So long and favorably known to the public as the one which took the Prize Medal at the "World's Fair . 

All the latest and Improved Patterns, together with the best of the old favorites. * 


Common and Low Down for Anthracite, or Bituminous Coal. 


Of the most desired patterns, wholesale and retail, at manufacturers' prices. 

Enameled Stone Mantels from Pennsylvania Stone. These Mantels were awarded Gold and other 
Medals by the World's Fair Exhibition at London; Universal Industrial Exhibition at Paris; Mas- 
sachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, and a Special Premium at the late Fair and Exhibition 
of the Franklin Institute of this city. They represent all the rare and beautiful Antique Marbles, 
are not injured by Smoke, Coal Gas, Oil or Acids, and are sold. Wholesale and Retail, at much less 
than Marble. Call and see them. 

B. M, FELTWELL, Superintendent. Successors to S. A. Harrison. 



^NTos. 3 eiTi.<3L T KTc^rtli Si^sitlx Sti^eet, 

(Not 134 nor 612 Arch Street.) 



And Dealer in every article relating to 




Lith@graphi6 h Fan^j Printing 




JYos. 195 ^' 1S7 ^oiitli Third mreet, 





Southwest Corner Fifth and Jflinor Streets, 


Drawings on Stone, and Transfering from Steel and Copper Plates. Autographic Drawings, &c., 
<fcc„ executed in the best style of the Art. 

Particular attention paid to the Printing of Autographic Circulars, Maps, Labels, Checks, Cards, 
Bill Heads, &c., &o. A Photographic room is attached to thi^ Establishment. 
N. B. — Transfer Paper and Ink for Circulars, furnished at the Office. 




Xo. SOS Branch St., 

a. TA.Yi, 




Tiu Plate. 

Tin Plate, 1 c to 1 xxxx 

Do l-i-20 1 c to 1 xxxx 
Leaded Plate 
Black Taggers 


Amei-icau Sheet Iron, No. 

S to 28 
English do No. S to 28 
Russia do 10 to 16 
Imitation do 20 to 27 
Galvanized do 16 to 28 
Hoop Iron, 1-2 to 2 in. 
Round Iron, 3-16 to 3-1 in. 
Teazle Iron. 


Common Wire, No.OOO to 36 
Annealed do 000 to 36 







000 to 36 
000 to 36 
3 to 20 
000 to 50 
000 to 50 

German Silver Wire 
Steel Wire 


Pig Lead 

Pig Copper 

Pig Tiu 


Sheet Zinc, 26 to 40 in 

Sheet Lead, 3 to S lbs 



Babbit Metal, warranted. 

Ingot Copper 

Old Copper 

Old Brass 

Bar Tin, stamped 

Bar Lead, do 

Bar Solder, do 

German Silver, No. 10 to 40 

Braziers' Solder. 


Sheathing Copper, 14 to 34 

Sheathing Copper, tinned, 

14 to 16 oz 
Braziers' do 9 to 1.50 lbs. 
Copper Bottom, 14 to 100 in 
Boiler do oval, B. B 

Do do i'onnd, T. K. 

Do do do D. P. 

Bolt Copper, 1-2 to 3 in 
Copper Nails, 2 to 16 p. 
Copper Tacks, 3-S to 1 in. 


above Third Street, 


Itnporters of and Dealers in 

Brass. | 

Sheet Brass, To. 1 to 40 ' 
Platers' Brass, to 0000 I 
Brass Sheets, 2-4 
Lamp Metal, No. 20 to 40. 
Brass Kettles, S to IS iu 
Brass Dippers 
Copper Dippers 
Brass Branch Pipes 


Tinned Rivets, S oz to 12 lbs 
Black do do do 
Cooper do 3 to 8 p 
Boiler do 1-4 to 1-2 in 
Black do OH head 
Copper do do do 

Do do C S head 

Do do Braziers' 
Hose do and Burrs 
Brass do 
Zinc Nails 
Copper Nails 

Do Trunk Nails 

Do Floor Nails. 

Brass Tubing. 

Brass Tubing, 1-4 to 3 in 
Copper do do 

Twisted do 
Fluted do 
Fancy do 


Cast steel, best, square 
Do do round 

Do do oval 

Do do common 

Die Steel 

Files, files 

Bake Pans, oval 
Do round 

Frying Pans, short handles 

Vices Cotter Key, 30 to 100 

Vices, common, 30 to 100 lbs 

Iron Chains, 8 to 30 

Brass Chains, S to 30 

Silver-plated Chain 

Safety Brass Chain 

Stamped Tin Wai'e 

Pie Plates 

Fluted Patties 

C. S. Bottoms 

Scolloped Plates 

Butter Kettle Lids 

C. Stick Springs 

Egg Betters 

Flesh Forks 

Wire, Wire 

Ladles and Skimmers 

Gravy Ladles 

Basting Spoons, 10 to 18 in 

Table do 

Tea do 

Iron Squares. 


Beak Irons 
Blowhorn Stake 
Creasing do 
Squai-e do 

Candle Mould Stake 
Needle Case do 
Hollow Punch, 3-16 to 4 in 
Solid do 

Creasing Swedge 
Cullender Swedge 
Shears, No. to 6 

Do Hand, No. 7 to 9 

Do Lever 

Do Circular I 

Do Snips 
Roofing Tongs, l^'o 1>^ in 

Do Groover 
Solder Irons, 1 to 3 lbs 
Wire Gauges 

Plyers, round and flat nose 
Wire cutters 
Hammers Riveting, 1-2 to 

2 lbs 
Hammers, Penning, 1-2 to 

2 lbs 
Hammers, Bright, 1 to 5 lbs 


Folding Machines 
Grooving Machines 
Wiring Machines 
Setting Down Machines 
Turning Machines 
Burring Machines 
Beading, No. 1 to 4 
Forming Machines 
Sheet Iron Folding 
Hand Drills 
Dipper Handle. 


Black, No. S to 7 
Tinned do 
M. Cast Iron 

Wooden Ware. 

File Handles 
Bucket Handles 
Hammer Handles 
Solder Iron Handles 

■ -■..■.,...-, ■ . 


Pump Spear and Blocks. 


Black Lead 

Black Lead Crucibles, No. 

3 to 89 
Cast Iron Fire Pots 
Saucepan Handles, Black 

Do Tinned, 5 to 9 in 

Do Socket do 
Hoop and Screw Feeders 

Do for Miner's Lamp 
Brass Knobs 
Metal do fancy 

Do Rings do 
Brass Cioth 
Pierced Tin 
Brass Ornaments for Stoves, 

Mica, or Isinglass 
Reed Horns. 


Hydrant Rods 

Do Kevs 

Do Stays 

Do Handles 

Do Pave 
Plumbers' Pots 

Do Irons 

Do Shavehooks 

Do Ladles, 3 to 8 in 
Copper Wire 

Do Tacks 
Silver Plated Chain 

Gas Wrenches 
Gas Keys 
Gas Plate 
Gas Hooks 
Gas Rods 
Gas Plyers 
Brass Tubing 
Lamp Metal 
Brass Washers 
Brass Safety Chain 

Iron Castings. 

Turn Buckles, 6 kinds 

Damper Rods 

Stove Ketches 

Stove Latches 

Churn Handles 

Urn Handles, fancy 

Burrs for Stoves 

Ears for ' opper Kettles 



WM. RO"WLAND & Co., 


No. 948 Beach Street, Kensington, 





T. & B. RCWLAND & Co, 


IliifELi iii IPiiES, 

OFFICE— NO. 501 Commerce Street, ab 5th, 




mAm TVfAWITH? ?ftSir^ 

OFFICE— JVo. 501 Cotntnerce Street, above 5th, 




I Iie i MB Sf MIL weiiL 


Manufacturers of Plow Steel & Cast Steel, 


Also Manufacturers of COACH SPRINGS from the best brands of Swedish Iron, converted 
into Steel in our own Steel Furnaces. Best quality of Charcoal Wire Billets and Boiler Blooms 


















Nos. 120,122* 124 LOMBARD ST, FHIL'A 


HEiif i. iiiiEii 


Sansom Street above Eleventh, 






g IS 

C3 C" *^ 

o o o 
o o o 




No. 2300 


No. 2301 

No. 2200 


No. 2201 

No. 2100 


No. 2101 

No. 2000 


No. 2001 

No. 1900 


No. 1901 

No. 1800 


No, 1801 

No. 1700 


No: 1701 

No. 1600 


No. 1601 

No. 1500 


No. 1501 

No. 1400 


No. 1401 

31^ ! The Decimal System of Numbering Houses. 

One Hundred Numbers are set apart for each square, and the initial, 
or starting-points, are at the Delaware River and Market Street. 

Persons can, by merely looking at the numbers on the Houses, 
know how many squares they are from the Delaware or Market Street. 

By-Streets are numbered as though they extended to the Delaware 
or Market Street. 

Numbers properly arranged, suggest distances to the mind; but 
improperly placed, they lead to confusion. 

No. 1800' 13th. No. 1301 
No. 1200^ 12th. ; No. 1201 

No. UOOj llth- 'No. 1101 
No. 1000' 10th 

No. 900 
No. 800 

^ No. 700 


No. 1001 
No! 901 

No. 801 

No. 701 

Sixth Street. 

C O C' 

No. 500 



No. 400 

No. 300 


No. 200 


No. 100 


N.I. 2 

Del. Av 

No. 501 
Na 401 
No. 301 
No. 201 
No. 101 
No. 1 

M I O I o 



































^xomt^'5cco\\ii ©bition.. 


[ The names of Subscribers, in this edition, are printed in Capitals, and the same ^^ 
course will be pursued in all future editions.] ^^ 







fRl 1S\''~'>3) I^TESirfP' Rill sr\5»?Rl! i\ KsJ) ('S^fTvC 














January. . . 




3 4 













10 li 












17 18 







19 20 












26 27 







February. . 






August. . . . 


2 3 

























16 17 










22 23 24 


26 27 




29 30 31 

March. . . . 










6 7 












13 14 







12 13 


























April. . . . 

1' 2 

October. . . 


3 4 




8 9 



4 5 








15 16 




14 15| 




20 21 

22 23 









27 28 

29 30 


24 25 26 














6' 7 


1 2 












8 9 









20 21 












27 28 

20 21 

22 23 







27 28 

29 30 

June . . 



3 4 

December. . 













6 7 









17 18 




15 16 







24 25 



22 23 






30 1 i 


26'27 28 

29 30 





The new names are placed first, and the old name in parenthesis. 

Bartram st (Barclay's al) fr 190 S 6th 

Baseom pi (Bailev ct) N tV 31 Barley 

Bastian pi (BaUe'i-'s cl) S tV 1'20 German 

Bay Ti-ec pi (Willow ct) S fr Pine to L Pine 

Baynon pi (Brown ct) Marshall ab Poi)lar 

Beach St (Washington st) (N L) from Willow N to 

High Bridge 
Beale pi (Brook's ct) W fr St. Joseph's av 
Bean pi (Brown's ct) N fr 93 Race 
Beaumont pi (Beck's ct) N fr7 Peg 
Beckcl av (Linden av) W fr Linden (S G) 
Beckwith &t (Temple st) N fr Catharine bel 12th 
Bedell pi (Beniier's ct) N fr 39 Cherry 
Bedlow pi (Brown's ct) N fr Carlton bel Bi oad 
Beekman pi (lirazier's ct) fr Pascal al ab 4th 
Belfast 1)1 (Beck's ct N fr 4l Beck 
Belgrade ^t ^West st) fr F road to Wood (K) 
Belgrade pi (Kensington ct) bet Bedford & Frank- 

'hn (K) 
Belinda i)l (Smith's ct) N fr Bedford bel 8th 
Belrose st (Saiisom's al) fr Willow to Noble ab 3d 
Benedict pi (Baker's ct) N fr Pleasant bel 11th 
Benezet st (Prospect st) E fr lllh bel Arch 
Bennett st (.Morris st) bet 7lh & 8th bel Chestnut 
Benneville pi (Temperance pi) W fr Lisle to Rus- 
Benson pi (Kelley's ct) N fr German ah 3d 
Berks st (Chatham) fr Front to Broad 
Berlin st (diaries st) N (y South ab 4th 
Berrv pi (Butler's ct) S \'v Locust W of 9th 
Bertfand pi (Baker's ct) W fr Cadwalader below 

Berwick i)l (Baker's ct) E fr 49 N Market 
Beverly pi (Shippen pi) E fr Shippen 
Birch pi (Perry ct) W fr 116 N 8lh 
Bissell pi (Beaver ct) N fr 3' Cherry 
Blackslone st (Morris st) S fr Pine bel Broad 
Blake pi (Berk's ct) rear 69 Lawrence 
Blanche st (Rose st) N fr W^ashington to Pratt 
Bliss st (Bird'sav) W fr Raspberry 
Block pi (Bender's ct) W fr Queen ab Cherry 
Blue Bell pi (White's ct) E fr Front bel George 

Bodine st ( Adams st) N fr Jefferson to Montgomery- 
Bohemia pi (Harmony ct) E fr 4lli bel Shippen 
Boliver st (Pleiffer's al) fr New Market to 2d 
Bolivia pi (Gray's ct) E fr 157 N 11th 
Bonham pi (Bladen's ct) S fr Spruce bel L Dock 
Bonner pi (Bond's ct) fr 15 Laurel 
Borden st (Johnson's la) W fr Moyamensiug road 

bel Wliarton 
Bosler st (Boyd's al) fr rear 119 N 11th 
Boudinot or 39(li (William) N fr Washington to 

Lancaster pi'<e 
Bourbon pi (Wood ct) E fr Swanson N of Prime 
Bowen pi (Boyle's ct) W fr 17th bel Christiaa 
Bower pi (Bowman's ct) in Rachel 
Boxwood pi (Smith's ct) W fr N Sth 
Bover pi (Bovd's ct) 3 S inth 
Brabant st (B'ank st) N fr William (R) 
Brace pi (Bovd's ct) fr South to Bedford 
Bradford st (Pratt st) S fr 1612 Spruce 
Bragg pi (Kelley's ct) N fr Kelley's st to Juniper 
Bramble pi ( Boyle's ct) E fr 79 Passyunk road 
Brandy wine st (Centre st) W fr Broad bel Gi-een 
Breese st (Shield's al) fr Prosperous al to Quince 

Aberdeen (Ashland) fr Union to Spruce ab 2d 
Accomac pi. (Union ct.) fr Bedtbnl to Priiise (K) 
Adair av. (Adams av.) tV 20lh bel iiuttonwood 
Adrian (Amber) N k S fr Phoenix W of F road 
Albion (Aspen) N fr Lombard ab 21st 
Alexander (Ailams)S from Fiizwater ab 6th 
Alford St. (Allen's al.) 159 S 6th 
Algier pi. (Allen's ct.) E fr 159 S 6ih 
Allison pi. (Allen's ct.) W 84 N Front 
Almont pi. (Simmon's ct.) E fr Cadwalader bel Ox- 
Alsop pi. (Allen's ct.) S fr 150 Spruce 
Alston St. (Mary st.) fr Cherry to F road 
Amanda pi. (Smith's ct.) W IV St David's n Sell. 

Amboy st. (Robinson st.) S fr Oxford bel Broad 
American st. (Washington st.) fr Masters N ab 2d 

(W K) 
Anandale av. (Ninth st av.) E fr 9th ab Coates 
Andover |)l. (Smith's ct.) S fr Linden ab 15th 
Andross st. (Orange st.) fr Washington to Melon ab 

Ann St. (Richmond la.) W fr Delaware ab William 
Annapolis St. (Vernon st.) fr South to Shippen ab 

Antoinette St. (Wyoming st.) S fr Haverfurd road to 

Archljold pi. (Ringgold pi.) S fr 1310 Race 
Arizona st. (Venango st) W fr 20th to Dean below 

Armand pi. (Arch ct.) W 178 Marshall 
Artisan st. (Price st.) S fr Ball bel Queen 
Aslii)ury St. (Bluck Morse al) fr202 South 
Ashhurst St. (Biddle's al) 7s Maiket to Elbow la 
Atlee pi. (Atkinson ct.) W fr S\Uherland 
Atmore st. (Miller st.) bet Parrish k Brown W of 

Atwood \>\. (Atkinson ct.) Pleasant bel 11th 
Audubon pi. (Shoemaker's ct.) W fr Front above 

Augusta pi. Brook's ct.) W fr 126 N Front 
Aurora st. (Shields' al) fr9tli to RMS|)berry al 
Aurora (Ailams) 12tii to 13th bel Spruce 
Autumn St. (Summer st.) W f r lOth ( W P) 
Avon pi. (Taylor's ct.) K fr l.'iih ab Willow 
Azalia st. (Aliller's al.) E fr 15th Sc Race 

Bacus pi (Bache's ct) N fr 180 Marshall 
Baden st (Britton's al) S fr Bedford to Shippen 
Balch st (Baker's al) fr 55 New to 70 Vine 
Baldwin pi (Baker's ct) fr York av to L Crown 
Balona pi (Kelly's ct) fr Washington bel 3d 
Balsam pi (Kelly's ct) E fr 295 S 5th 
Balston pi (Kelley's ct) N fr Concord bel 3d 
Balston pi (Brown's ct) S fi- 226 Lombard 
Baltic pi (Carpenter's al) N 105 Catharine 
Banana st (Park st) N of Gerard bet 15th 8c Carlisle 
Ban-or st (Baker st) E 8c W fr 16tl. bel Shippen 
Barbnrv pi (Williams ct) E fr Vaui^hnbel Locust 
Barker st( Ash al) fr 22(1 bel Market 
Barlow pi (Baker's ct) rear of 8tli bel Fitzwater 
Barnes' pi (Baker's ct) E fr Charlotte ab George 
Barney av (Brazier's av) W 22rl ab Callowlnll 
Barnwell (Bank) fr Pine to South E of Sch River 
Barr st (Ball al) fr Delaware river to 391 X Front 
Barrow st (Ball al) S fr 120 South to 77 Shippen 
Bartell pi (Ball's ct) W fr 514 N Front 


Bremen pi (Dickinson's ct) rear of Cadwaladerab 

Bride i)l (Burr's ct] N fr Pleasant ab 12th 
Briei-pl (Burd'sct) S fr 124 Locust 
Bri;j;o; sL (Rraneli al) fr 5 Madison 
Brinkley pi (Bryan's ct) S fr 102 Cherry 
Bristol av (Xortli Eabt av) E fr Front ab Haydock 
Bristol pi (Buciianan pi) E fr 43 George 
Bristow pi (Browne's ct) E fr 19 X Market 
Brodie pi (White's ct) E fr St John (K) 
Brnj^an st (Burd's al) fr Raspberry to Watson al 
Brolaskie ])1 (Brown's ct) W fr 23d ab CallowhiU 
Bromley pi (Wheeler's ct) tr St. James 
Brunswick ]il (Davis' ct) X' fr Stanley ab 3d 
Brussels pi (Davis' ct) W fr Vork av ab 5th 
Buckingliam ])1 (Poplar pi) S fr Poplar bel 3d 
Buckeye av (Smith's av) W fr X 6tii 
Bulletin (Beck) ir 844 Swanson to 841 S Front 
Bunyan pi (Lancaster ct) E from Lancaster below 

Burbank pi (Baker's ct) E fr Lily al 
Burgess pi (Burr's ct) W fr Hanover bet Duke and : 

Franklin 1 

Burgoyne pi (Butler's pi) S fr George W of 10th 
Buvguiidy pi (X'oitli ct) W i\- 230 X 8th 
Burlington \A (Combs ct) N fr 85 German 
Button St (Buttonwood al) fr 13th to N Juniper near 

Buttonwood St (Fairview st) W fr Broad bel Spring 

Byron pi (Monroe pi) W fr Cadwalader bel Masters 

Cadbury av (Cadwalader av) Oxford bel Broad 
Cadmus pi (Campbell's ct)Wfr 19th n Carpenter 
Cahawba pi (Darraeh's cl) S fr 138 S 12th 
Cahill pi (Carper.ter's pi) E fr 5tii bel Buttonwood 
Calverl pi (Cai-rollct) S fr Lemon bel 18fh 
Calvert st (Peach st) X Si S i\- L Oak ah 5lh 
Calvin pi (I'rtnity pi) E fr 7th ab Brown 
Cameron pi (Carroll ct) 4th n G T road 
Camp 1)1 (Carson ct) fr Brown ab 4th 
Candia pi (Carlisle ct) S fr 224 Coates 
Canning st (Centre al) S 11th to Quince 
Cannon pi (Charle's j)!) Willow ah Chai-les 
Canterbury pi (Mver's pi) S from Mulberry alX of 

Cantman ])1 )Chester ct) fr 11th bel Coates 
Canton st (Charles st) fr Callouhill to Buttonwood 

ab 9lh 
Cantwell iil (Canffman's ct) S fr 14 Cherry 
Carman pi (Church al) fr Arch to 142 Cherry 
Carney av (Church av) E fr Juniper ab Locust 
Carpenter st (John st) fr Fiont to Moyamensing av 
Carpenter st (Tidmai'.sh st) fr llth to'Paynter 
Carsell av (Church av) E fr Broad bel Brown 
Carswell pi (Clare's ct) tV E Charles to Washington 

ab 6th 
Carthage j)l (Morgan's ct) E fr Chatham 
Carihage pi (King ct) bet Qneen k Bedfoi-d (K) 
Carty a"v (Church a\ ) X fr Lombard E of 20th 
Caruih pi (Clark's ct) X fr Johnson's la ab 4lh 
Caseltine av (Clark's av) S fr \Vood to Pearl 
Casper av (Wistar's av) S fr Jones bet "th and 8th 
Cassion pi (Cla\ ct) X' fr Hanover bel Franklin 
Castner av (Clay av) X fr Orchard ab Cu vert 
Catawba pi (Steel's ct) X fr German 
Catlin pi (Cami)beirs ct) X'^ fr ; 1 German 
C'adwick pi (Cobb's ct) Wfr4th S of Poplar 
Champlain av ( Kay ser' s av) "W side bet Vine and 

Canby st (Centre st) bet I2th fs. 13th ab Locust 
Chance pi (Coates ct) E fr 31 Xew Market 
Chant st (College av) E fr lOih bel Market 
Chapman st (Collins al) fr 403 S 4th to Swanson 
Charter st (Clvmer st) E fi- Ambei- to Trenton av 
Chase pi (Collins ct) W fr Xixon (F M) 

Champion pi (Coxe's ct) E fr Dunton ab Otter 
Chenango st (Benton st) fr School to William 
China st (Little Crown) X from Tammany ab York 

Chippewa st (King st) fr Moi-ris to 15th bel Pine 
Chippewa st (Water st) Schuylkill W of 22d 
Christy pi (Craig's ct) fr St jolm ab Poplar 
Chui- pi (Co()i)ei-'s ct) X fr Shippen bel 9th 
Chighoru pi (Cw)oei-'sct) fr 408 N 4th 
Claiborne st (Charles st) S fr Ball to PUirn (K) 
Clarissa pi (Smith's pi) Linden bel Green 
Clarkson pi (Waverly pi) fr W to Xoble n 4th 
Clawson st (Coxe's al) South n 12th 
Clift' pi (Carbon pi) S fr KaceW of Broad 
Clementine pi (Smith's ct) W fr Linden ab Spring 

Clematis av (Spragg's av) fr Christian 
Cliftbrd av (Moore's av) W fr Front ab Coates 
Clifton st (Pearl st) S fr Cleaifield (19th Ward) 
Clmton av X fr Pearl bel 20th 
Clyde pi (Cresson's ct) fr 01 Cherry 
Clyde st (Rex's ct) W fr Beaver ab Green 
Cohen pi (Christian's ct) W fr 328 S Front 
Coke pi (Carpenter's ct) X' of 93 Carpenter 
Cohocksiuk st (Bileii st) fr Oxford to Col av bel 4th 
Cohocksink st (Robinson st) fr Masters to Jelrersoa 

bel 8th 
Cohocksink st (^Merchant st) fr Thompson to Mas- 
Cohocksink st (Robertson st) fr Parrish to Poplar 

bel 8tii 
Colchester pi (Rentshler's pi) E fr Charlotte above 

Colebrook [A (Scott's ct) W fr 7T0 S Front 
Columbia av (Hanoverst) Delaware river to F road 

bel Palmer 
Commerce st (St. James) fr 6th to 7th ab Market 
Conestoga pi (Tower's ct) W fr 2d bel Masters 
Congress pi (Carpenter's ct) S fr Ches-tnut bel 4th 
Conway pi (Xorris' ct) E fr Xew 3Iarket ab Vine 
Cope st ( \\ est st) bet Schu Beach and 23d 
Coppt-r pi (Shippeu la) fr South n Broad to Federal 
Cordova ])1 (Taylor's ct) E fr Barron at South 
Corwin pi (Kayser's ct) W fr Xew Mar et ab Vine 
Cottingham pi (Whiteman's ct) X fr Federal ab 5ih 
Co\e pi (Steele's ct) N fr St. Mary ab 6th 
Cowley st (Clare al) tr n ISih to Junijjer 
Cowper st (Benton si) fr High's ct to Linden 
Cowslip st (Say's al) ab 15th bel Vine 
Cozzen's av (Townsend's av) from Xew Market to 

Cranmer pi (Porter's ct) W fr 950 X^ 3d 
Crampton ])l (Robinson ct) X ir Callow hill 
Ci-aven st (Coates al) fr 134 X Front to 151 N 2d 
Crease (Crown st) fr Queen to F road below Marl- 
Cregar i)l (.Marion ct) W fr 13th bel Catharine 
Cresson st (Cresson al, and Haines st) fr 5tij W bel 

Crocus pi (Smith's ct) E fr St. John n Globe Mill 
Crooked pi (Wall's elbow) fr Emleu's ct to Ivogers 

Cross st (King st) E fr Passyunk road bel Dickersoa 
Cullen st (Bradfoitl al) Wof 7lh bel Lombard 
Culp av (C\ press av) S fr Rhodes E of 20th 
Cuba pi (Siott's al) S fr Pojdar ab Front 
Cur)-an ])l (Kessler's ct) E f r X 4ii. in Coates 
Cuyler st (Cypress st) W fr 19th ab CallowhiU 

Dahlia av (South av) along Sclnivl riv ab Catharine 
Dale pi (l)avies' pi) X fr Green be! 12lh 
Dallas s-t (liavis' or Davison's al) fr S 13th to Juni- 
per ab Cbestnut 
Dalton pi (Diitkson's ct) E f r Broad ab Poplar 
Dailey pi (Dickson's ct) W fr Front bet Reed and 


Daisy av (South av) W fr 18tli ab South 
Dana st (Diikc st) tV 242 N Front lo 363 N 2(1 
Danfm-th pi (Dickson's ct) K tV G T nl ab 4th 
Daniel pi (Webster pi) bet Duke and West (K) 
Danver [)1 (iJonnelly's pi) N fr 45 New 
Darcy st (l-'iOi\)eroiis al) VV fr Si)aiVoni bel Shippen 
Darien st (Clinton st) tV Brown to Mavters (E K) 
Darling pi (Dil.wyn pi) S fr Willow bel 4th 
Dart pi (Davis'ct)fr Pleasant bel 12th 
Davenport st (Dean's al) fr 144 S 8th 
Davidson pi (Warner's ct) E fr Marshall st ab Pop- 
Dawson pi (Dean's ct) S fr Pearl ab 13th 
Day st (Dean st) N hnd S fr Franklin (Iv) 
Dayton ]jl (Derringer's ct) W frOlh bel Coates 
Deagen pi (Derringer's ct) E fr 15 Tamarind 
Dean st (Perry st) S fr Spruce ab I2ih 
Deiraling pi (Drinker's ct) S fr 66 Union 
Delany pi (Duffy's ct) fr Fitz.water bet 6th and 7tl 
Delaware av (Penn st) in I6tb and 18th Wards 
Delta pi (l)ickerson ct) N fr Olive bel Broad 
Demarpl (Duncan's ct) S fr 108 Shippen 
Denmark pi (Hazel st) bel Poplar ab 11th 
Desoto si (Joseph's al) Montgomery to Marion ab 

Diamond st (Coral) fr Front to Somerset 
Diamond st (Lebanon st) fr GT rd to the Schuyl 
Discount pi (Moi-ris ct) iv 6lh ab Market 
Dodge pi (Ross ct) N fr Little Oak 
Dougherty av (Douglass av) N fr P ne bel 12th 
Dove pi (Mussel's ct) W fr 3d ab Washington 
Dovon pi (Beck's ct)N fr 59 Coates 
Downing st ( Petar's al) N fr Callowhill ab 20th 
Drayton st (Decatur st) fr Rye to Corn bet Marion 

and Wharton 
Drury st (Diamond st) fr 13th to Juniper ab Chest- 
Dryden pi (Wistar's ct) S fr Phoenix hel G T rd 
Dubree st (Division st N fr Ann si (P^'ville) 
Dudley pi (Prospect ])1) S fr 512 Christian 
Dunsda'e pi (Mullen's ct) fr Lombard bel 21st 
Dunleilh i)l (Smith's ct) W fr N Front ab Arch 
Durham pi (Myers' ct) N fr 537 Race 

Eadline st (Elm st) N fr Haverford and W fr Schuyl 

E#gen pi (Ellis' ct) fr Pleasant bel Ridge av 
Eakin ]>I (Eagle ct)fr Haliburton's ct across Cur- 
rant al 
Eastwick av (Elizabeth's av) S fr Ogden ab 16th 
Eaton pi (Eagle pi) Otter N Frankford rd 
Eden pi (Warner's ct) fr 118 Catharine 
Edgar pi (Earl's ct) S fr 292 Pine 
Edgemont st (Brown st) N fr Gunner's run ab Sal- 

n)on (R) 
Edina pi (Warner's ct) W fr 1034 N 4th 
EdisKi st (.lones' al) W fr Lily al ab Green 
Edmond st (Elbow al) frl84 S 6lh 
Eisen av (Harrison av) W f r 4 lb bel Jefferson 
Elba pi (Stiles ct) E fr Beach bel Maiden 
Elba pi (p;, van's ct) E fi- Ontario ab Poplar 
Elgin pi (Wai'd's retreat) S fr Carroll bel 13lh 
Eli-a av (School av) W fr 12th bel Parri!^h 
Elkhurt st (Linden st) E fr Larch ab Maple 
Ella st (Price st) fr F av bel York 
Ellsworth st(Washina:ton st) W fr 8th bel Prime 
EUsin pi (Vine ct) N'fr Vine bel 12th 
Elvira pi (Smith's ct) E fr Shippen al bel South 
Elwood pi (Washington pi) S fr W Filbert 
Elwyn st (Webb's ai) fr Cherry to Race ab 9th 
Ely st (Poplar al) N IJr Locust bet Currant al and 


Emanuel pi (Elliott's pi) N fr 89 Monroe 
Emden st (Yeager's cl) N fr Shippen bel 7th 
Emmet st (Wesley) W fr Mova rd 
English st (Emleu's al) S fr Clover al to 5 Powell 

Enuest (Southwark st) bet 7th and 8th Wharton 8c 

Ennis pi (Elmes' cl) N IV Vine n Si huyl 
Ererty st (Emerald st) W fr Ifilh bel Locust 
Ernst si (Summer st) VV fr yih bet Lal'ay ette and L 

Errlcson st (Ellen si) W fr9lh bel Christian 
Ksbner [il (Stillx's tt) E fr CharlotU- ab Beaver 
Espey st (Evans st)S tV Fitzwaier bel Broad 
Eva pi (Ellen's pi) E frS/'l S Front 
Eveland pi (Emerj-'s cl) E fi- 383 St John ab Bea- 
Evelina st (York st) fr 3d to Laurel 
Everall pi (tlvan s ct) E fr 163 N 6lh 
Everett [)l (Emien s ct) fr Peg or Willow to 4 

Ewald pi (Evan's pi) fr William ab 18th 
Kxetersl (Cbatliam st) fr Ifitli to 17lli bel Chestnut 
Ezra pi (Quigg's cl) W fr Catharine ab 3d 

Faas pi (Farie's ct) N fr North ab lOlh 

Fable av (Fayette av) fr 34 Juliana st 

P'adden si (Federal al) fr Federal rd lo Arsenal 

Fat ^ .. - - -.. 

''agan av (Filberlav) S fr 1 Filbert 
^a'il pi (Fisber'scl) W f r 6 Rrxbel 

P'airbank pi (Fisher's ct) E fr 13 Laurel 
Fairchild pi (Fisher's cl) W fr Palmer bel Prince 
Fairday ])l (Flowei's ct) N fr Lawrence ab 8th 
Fairfax i)l(Reid's cl) E fr 5lh bel Christian 
Fairfield st (Wyoming st) W fr 22d ab Filbert 
Fairlamb pt (Fisber'scl) N of Toi-r's al 
Fairman pi (Floweret) N of 3Torr's ct 
Fallon st (Flower st) fr Fitzwaier lo Christian ab 

Farley ]il (Forrest pi) E fr51 George 
Earner pi (Fowler cl) W fr Philip ab Oxford 
Farn-ll pi (Fox's cl)E fr Apple bel Masters 
Faisf)n pi (Fralev'sct) belShackamaxon and F rd 

E of Beach " 
Faulkner st (Fishers st) N of Carpenter ab 3d 
Faust pi (Frankford pi) W fr 74 Frankford rd 
Fawn st (Burns st) N fr Columbia ab 12th 
Fearon av (Fulton's av) S of ^^ ashington ab 18th 
Felion st (Roberts' cl) N fr Meail 
Fenner pi ( Fromberger's ct) W ft- 34 N 2(1 
Fenton pi (Fromberger's ct) W of Ann (F'ville) 
Femon si (Fisher st) W fr 8th bel Franklin 
Filbert st (Zane st) bet 7th and 8th 
Filbert st (Farmer si) bet 6lb and 7lh 
Filson st (Willing's st) N fr Arch ab 22d 
Fishbourne pi (Washington pi) S fr Washington bel 

Fitch st (Fulton st) S of Race bel 22d 
Flood pi (Frazer's ct) W tV 6th bel Christian 
P'lorence st (Carter st) N fr Carpenter bel 11th 
Floyd ]»1 C'razer's cl) E Carpenter ab 4lh 
Ford st (Elm st) fr Pine lo Lombard ab lOtli 
Forder av (Mechanic av) N fi- Lawrence ab 12th 
Forty-first st (Logan st) N fr Haxerford rd(WP) 
Foster st (P'isber st) S fr 258 Catharine to Queen 
Framplon pi (Moore's cl) N fr Nectarine ab 10th 
Franconia pi (Franklin pi) E fr 9lli ab Coates 
P'remont st (PLIm st) W i'v Salmon bel William ( R) 
French st (Hudd st) S fr Plaverford to Bridge 
Furness st (Watson's al) fr Branch to New 

Gadsby pi (Gabell'sct) S fr Lombard n 18th 

Gaines pi (Galbrailh's ct) N of 119 Queen 

Galena pi (Stewart's ct) fr Gaskill 

Gallagher pi (Garrett's ct) N of St. Joseph's av 

Gallatin iil (St les cl) IV Washington 

Galleo st (George's al) fr New to Vine bel 3d 

Galloway si (Winter st) N fr George ab 3d (NL) 

Gaivin pi (Gaskill i.l)E of ISth 

Garber pi (Gilbert's ct) E fr 103 New Market 


Gard^'pl (Goldsmith's ct) E fr Rachel het Poplar 

and Brown 
Garland pi (Goldsmith's ft) E fr Rachel bel Laurel 
Garside st (Grafl' al) N fr 57 Race 
Garton p! (Graham's ct) fr Bedford ab 12th 
Garwin pi (Graham's ct) S fr l!24 Catharine 
Gar« ood pi (Grape ct) Grape ab 8th 
Gascon av (Gilliert's avjijet Vine and Callowhiil 
Gatzuier st (Gray's al) W of Front bel Chestnut 
Gear}' st (Grape al) fr Ann to George 
Geisler st (Gold st) W fr Salmon bel Clearfield 
Geiss st (G]-ay st) fr Dauphin to Yo;!c E of F rd 
Geneva st (Carver st) E fr 319 S 5th 
Genoese pi (MuUin's ct) S fr Masters 
Gerker st (Gufielma st) E fr Hanover ab Duke 
Germanlown av ( Germantown rd) N W fi- Laui-el 
Gibbous' st (Grav's al) 1 lib to Faries ct bel Vine 
Giitord pi (Green Hill pi) N fr O-den st oi)p 11 rd 
Ciihon pi (Green Hill ]t\) V/ of Carlisle n Girard av 
Gilijoa st (Union st) fr Moore to Crammond 
Gill pi (Green's ct) S fr 248 Shippen 
Gillingbam st (Green st) W of Cadwabider (K) 
Gilmore pi (Green's ct) ^Y fr 302 St John 
Gilpin pi (Green's ct) W fr 36 Lawrence to Orchard 
Ginnodo st (George st) S fr Ridge rd to 20th and 

Girard av (Franklin av) fi- 6th to Gunner's run 
Given pi (Greble's ct) N fr 117 Christian 
Glading pi (Grier's ct) W fr I3tli ab Coates 
Glancy pi (Gi-ier's ct) N of James ab 12th 
Glasmire pi (Grim's ct) N E fr Orchard 
Glasgow pi (Grim's ct) S fr Pojjlar near 2d 
Glazier's pi (Grim's ct) E fr 486 N 3d 
Glendide st (Lewis' al) fr Small to Plum al 
Godey st (Grubb st) fr Wall to Catharine ab 6th 
Godfrey av (Harrison av) W fr 4th ojjp G T road 
Godwin st (Watkins al) fr Bread to 3 
Gonsha st (Jones' al) N fr St Mary's aid 
Good water st (Park st) fr Washington sq to S 8th ^ 
Goodwood pi (Goodwill ct) N of Callowhiil W of 

Goshen av (Schuylkill av) fr 11th to Quince ab 

Gossamer av (Grier's av) N fr James to Pleasant ab 

Gothic st (Norris' al) fr S Front to 2d 
Grafton pi (Phillip's ct) E fr Flower bel Catharine 
Gramment pi (Wilson's ct) Nfr Carpenter bel 9th 
Grampian pi (Gray's ct) E fr 13th n Coates 
Gravdon st(Moore's al) fr Say atj 16th 
Grayson st (Granite st) W fr 17tli ab Coates 
Greenock \>\ (Stewait's ct) N fr Mark's la 
Greenville pi (Stewart's ct) W fr Vaugh 
Greenway av (Weccaeoe av) S fr Christian ab 

Greenwood pi (W-ashington ct) W fr Washington 

av ab Green 
Grinnel pi (Hari)er's ct) S of Sliippen ab Broad 
Griscom st (Green st) fr 127 Pine to 152 Spruce 
Guilford st( George st) S fr 82 South 
Gwinn pi (Gay's ct) E fr Charlotte ab Culvert 

Hacker pi (Hamilton's ct) W fr 4'h ab Washington 
Haddock pi (Haas' ct) N fr St John 
Haddon pi (Hailowell's ct) S fr Poplar ab 7th 
Hagedorn pi (Hailowell's c; ) N fr Paschall al ab 4th 
Hagner st (Hamilton st) S to Washington ab Uth 
Haileck pi (Taylor's ct) W fr Charlotte ab Thomp- 
Hamburg pi (Hank's ct) rear of 1 Budd 
Hamilton st (Pleasant st) fr Charles to 13th 
Hamilton st (Bacon st) E of Broad bel Butlonwood 
Hamlet pi (Uul-eman's pi) W fr Front ab Fraiik/in 
Hamlin st (Stewart's al) fr Cherry to Race 
Hampden st (Sterling si ) S fr Shippen ab I6th 
Hamstead pi (Stewart's pi) S fr Ogdeu ab 9th 

Hamotead ^jl (Hancock ct) Nfr Lemon bet 10th and 

Hackley st (Wager st) E fr G T rd ab 5th 
Hance pi (Harmony ct) W fr Cadwalader ab Jeffer- 
Hand st (Harrison st) E of 21st bel Pine 
Handy st (llamiltoi st) fr Ch-stnut ab Till 
Harbeson pi (Hamilton \>\) N fr Callowhiil ab 13th 
Ifarbor st (Canal st) N of Masters near Bridge 
Harding pi (Hamilton's ct) fr 76 German ab 3d 
Hare st\Pratt st) W fr William ab Coates 
Harker pi (Manser's ct) Barker bel 19th 
Harkinson pi (Howard's 1)1) N fr Baker ab 7th 
H;issinger av (Harrison av) Vv^ fr Junijier bel Cherry 
Hatton pi (Raspberry la) fr S13 Cherry to 74i) ilace 
Havanna pi (Hasnilton st) rear of Linden ab Spring 

Elavilai.'d pi (Lawrence ct) W fr Sth bel Vine 
Havre nl (Howard pi) S fr Vv'Hsliir.gton bel 9lh 
Hay ward pi ( Vv'illiams' ct) !■< fr Pleasant ab lOth 
Haywood p! (Hay's ct) fr Pleasant to James above 

Health st (Carroll st) W of 12th ab Poplar 
Heberton pi (Henry's ct) W fr 536 G l' rd 
Hebrew pi (Hermitage \)l} E of 3d opp Branch 
Heck pi (High's et) 2(1 ab Laurel 
Hec'.man j)l (Hight's ct) fr Vv^illow ab Sth 
Heckroth pi (Hiil's ct) W fr Weaver 
Hedges 1)1 (Hincle's ct) fr Pleasant bel 10th 
Heft pi (Hiiikel's ct) fr 207 Race to Bryan's al 
Heib pi (Hughes' ct) N fr Carpenter ab 6th 
lleilig pi (Hogg's ct) fr 133 Carpenter 
Heisler pi (Holloway p!) W fi' Front near Laurel 
Helena av (Young's av) N fi- 22! Christian 
Hellerman pi (Hood's ct) E fr 21 Garden 
Hemphill st (Wilson st) X fr Carpenter bel 9th 
Henrietta av (Scott's al) fr Market to Filbert 
Hepburn pi (Horstman's ct) S tr 76 German 
Herald pi (Lagrange ct) W fr 6 Lagrange pi 
Herbert pi (Pleasant ct) N fr Lawrence ab 12th 
Hero pi (Howard pi) N fr lii7 Carpenter 
Heron pi (Harmony ct) fr Shipjjen to Small 
Herschell av (Nicliol's av) N tr Harrison 
Hewitt pi (Howaj-d pi) W fr Quince bel Spruce 
Heyer pi (Howard's ct) W fr Laurel bel Pear 
Hevrnan pi (Howard's ct) N fr Hamilton bel I7tli 
Hickey st (Howard st) S fr ^Market W of ]5lh 
Highland pi (Hunter ct) E fr llth ab Market • 
Hiland pi (Keyser's ct) W fr Cadwalader bel Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Hildeburn st (Hudson's la) W fr Passyunk rd rear of 

Hilles pi (Harmony pi) E fr Beach bel Hanover 
Hillsdale st (Sterling's al) fr 319 Cherry to 320 Race 
Himmelwright pi (Elizabeth's ct) W fr S 6ih above 

Hirst pi (Harper's pi) E of 53 George 
Hobeiisack pi (Harrison pi) N fr Coates be' 2d 
Hock pi (Howard pi) S fr Brown ab Broad 
Holland pi (Harrison pi) N of Pairisii bel llth 
Holland pi (Washington ct) fr 5tli to Orchard 
Holman st (Parker st) Sfr AdantsN of Frankford av 
Holt av (Harrison av) fr New Market bel Coates 
Hoover iil (Hay's ct) E fr 3(1 ab Coates 
Hopkinson pi (Washington pi) W fr Juniper below 

Florner av (Kelley's av) E fr 13th bel Vine 
Hoskin pi (Hughes' ct) fr Federal to Marion bel M 

Hudson st (Franklin pi and Hudson al) bet Chestnut 

and Market ab 3d 
Huey pi (Howard's ct) S fr268 Race 
Hull pi (Ha}s' ct) fr Penn to Beach bel Maiden 
Hume's av (Sutherland av) fr South along Schuylkill 

Hurbert pi (York pi) E fr Sth bel Poplar 


Huron av (Smith's av) W fi- Pliilip ab Masters 
Hviiu \)\ (Hiitcliinsoii ct) W IV F id bel Otter 
Hydra pi (Howell's ct) N Ir Noble ab 4th 

Ingersoll av (Jackson's av) fr Front to Frankford rd 
Instils St (Taylor's av) fr 112 S Front to 115 S 2d 
Inquirer st (Jackson st) fr Brown to Parrish ab lOtli 
Illinois st (Harrison st) S fr Locust bel I 8lh 
lona av (Sclinol av) S fr Union near 2d 
Iraiiistan ]>\ (iNIoore's ct) N fr Gernian ab 4th 
Ireland st (Jackson st) W fr Palmer ab West 
Iron pi (Jackson ct) S fr Maiden near Fi-ont 
Irving st (Church st) fr Darby road (W P) 
Isard st (Jackson st) fr Marriott to Carpenter ab 3d 
Isemingerst (Jackson si) frBndd to Adanris bel Spruce 
Ivory pi (Jackson ct) N fr Baker 

Jamison st (James' st) W fr 7tli bel Federal 
Janitor pi (Jackson pi) N fr Jackson bel oth 
Java pi (Jaikson cl) S fr Vine bet 9lb and 10th 
Jayne st (Carpenter, Lodge, and Grape sts) fr 6th to 

9th ab Chestnut 
Jeffrey pi (Jane's pi) W fr Front ab Otter 
Jenkin pi (John ct) E fr 2(1 ab Market 
Jersey pi (Jackson's ct) S fr Philip ab Columbia 
Jerusalem pi (Smith's ct) S fr Pearl ab 12th 
Jessup pi (Jefferson pi) W fr 4C4 N Front 
Jolly pi (James' ct) N fr Bedford ab 12tli 
Jordan pi (John's ct) E fr Hamilton to Callowhill ab 

Joy pi (Johnson's ct) E fr Parker's al 
Juan pi (Johnson's ct) E fr 13th ab South 
Judah pi (Johnson's cl) AV fr Penn n Maiden 
Judd pi (Johnson's ct) E fr Passvnnk rd 
Judge pi (Jones' ct) W fi' Front bel Masters 
Julia st (Jones' al) S fr Brow n ab 2d 
Julius pi (Jones' ct) E fr 491 S 2d 
Junior pi (James' ct) fr Front to Hope 
Juvenal st (Juniper la) fr George to Walnut ab lOth 

Kansas st (Green st) W of Rose bet Washineton and 

Pratt " 

Kauffman st (Turner's st) E fr 811 S 4th 
Keating pi (Millar's ct) W fr N 2d (N L) 
Kelton st (King st) fr Race to Cherrv ab Broad 
Kemble st (Mifflin st) W i'v 12th bel iPine 
Kem])lon st (Millar's al) E fr S fith 
Kendal! st (Morris st) fr Frankfor<l avab Man" (ISth 

Ward) • ^ 

Kenilw^rth pi fNorth ct) E fr 5lh ab Wasliington 
Kensington av (Frankford av) N E of Lehigh av 
Kent st (Clay st)ab Pine near Schuvlkill river 
Kenton pi (Pemherton ct) N fr Lodge ab 2d 
Kenwood pi (Steinmetz ct) fr Pleasant ab 10th 
Kenyon st (Pemberton's al) S fr 240 Vine 
Keron pi (Millar's ct) rear of St John 
Ken- st (Jackson st) I,awrence to York av ab Poplar 
Keturah pi (Taylor's pi) E fr St John ab Beaver 
Kibben pi (Millar's ct) N fr Green 'N L) 
Kiehl st (Randoli)h st) E fr Waterloo ab Clearfield 
Kildare i)l (Ralston cl) N of Hamilton N of 22d 
Kingston st (Clark st) fr 13th lo Juniper bel Walnut 
Kinsley i)l (Millar's ct) E tV 253 Glh bel Walnut 
Kirbey pi (Millar's ct) E fr Garden N of Milton 
Kirkham pi (Miller's ct) S fr Race 
Kivley pi (Millar's ct) E fr 4th ab Branch 
Knox st (Centre st) N fr Brown bel 10th 

Lacon ])l (Krider's ct) N fr Krider's al, bet Almond 

■and Mead 
LaHarpe pi (Steinmetz ct) from Buttonwood n N 5th 
Lamsen pi (Weaver's ct) S fr German 
Lanark pi (Lowry's ct) W fr Branch ab Poplar 
Landis st (Marshall ct) fr 2f)S S 4th to 5th 
Landreth st (Margaretta st) fr 12th to 13th hcl Race 
Langdon pi (Parke's pi) W of Corn (1st Ward) 

Langdon id (Margarctta pi) fr 9tb to Margaretta st 
Lansing jil (Lf. Fayette ct) N fr South ab 4th 
Lara \)\ (Piilchett cl) E fr Duponceau 
Lardiier st (Westmoreland st) fr Broad to 15th ab 

Larkin st (Little Water) fr Lombard to South 
Latimer pi (Jeffeison si) fr Harrison lo 17lh bel 

Latimer s: (Ritner st) fi- 15lh bel Locust 
Laurel st (Maiden si) tV Del lo N Fionl & G T rd 
Lawson st (Little Willow) S fr V/ood Lei 12th 
Layman pi (Lodge pi) N fr Lodge al jib 7th 
Lavlon pi (Uobinscn's ct) W fr Peiui n Maiden 
Lc'dger pi (Lagrange pi) W fr 34tli N 2d 
Leib pi (M-Giiuiet's ct) E f r 7 Yei non 
Leighton pi (M'Giuley cl) W fr Swanson bel Wash- 
Leinau ])l (M']Mullin's ct) fr Harriet bel Ro^s (K) 
Lcisenring st (Montgomery st) W fr 12tli ab Race 
Leilligow (Mechanic st) N fr Poplar n 4th 
Lenox pi (Steinmetz ct) E from 4!h n Vine 
Levan p! (Lodge ct) W fr 9ih bel Christian 
Le\ant st (Laurel si) fr 29 Spruce to Pear 
Levering st (Mechanic st) N Ir Linn (F M) 
Levinia st (Smith's al) fr 3d to Gaskiil 
Lima (Steel's ct) N fr 643 South 
Lincoln av (Benton's av) W fr Flower ab Catharine 
Lin\ille st (Chatham si) fr Penn av to Sp Garden 
Liuwood pi (Logan pi) rear 8 N 9th 
Lisbon si (St Mary's al) N fr Gilles' al ab South 
Litchfield jil (Vernon pll S fr A^ernou ab Shippen 
Lilford pi (Mechanic ct) S fr Maiden 
Little Belt pi (Swede's ct) E fr 463 S 2d 
Lock pi (Kline cl) fr 120 Christian 
Lockland pi (La Fayette pi) N fr Cnates ab 13th 
Longfellow pi (Washington pi) fr Sliipijen ab 12tli 
Loomis pi (Russell's ct) near 22d and Callowhill 
Lorian st (Logan st) Buttonwood bel 8th 
Lorian pi (Scott's pi) E fr 4lh bel George 
Lovelace st (Paschall st) W fr Lancaster av (24th 

Louden pi (Logan pi) ]9lh ab Vine 
Lowd pi (Moore's ct) W fr Jackson ab 11th 
Lower \)\ (South row) W fi- 19iii ab Hamilton 
Lownden pi (Walker's ct) E fr 229 N 2d 
Lucas pi (Walker's ct) rear G T road and 2d (K) 
Ludlow si (Oak si) E fr Bridgewater bet Washing- 
ton and Chestnut 
Luther st (Logan's ct) E fr St John ab Beaver (K) 
Lyman av (Louisa av| N fr Lewis E of 18th 
Lynd st (Pascbail's a)l fr 4ih ab Green 
Luzerne pi (Lemon's ct) r of 218 Front ab Phoenix 

M'Donald pi (Wagner's ct) W fr IStli bel Vine 
M'Duflie st (Willi'^mi st) fr 18th to 22d 
M'Grath st (School st) E fr A|>ple (N L) 
Mailwain st (Marshall st) S t\- 3d ab Wharton 
M'Lean st (V\^ashingt.on st) N fr Otter bel William 

and Front 
M'Manus st (Monroe st) E f r G T road bel Glh 
Mackinaw (Lemon st) W Ir 230 N 8lh 
Maddox 1)1 (Thompson's ct) E from 723 S 4lh 
Maison pi (Monroe ct) fr Lawrence bel Juni|ier 
Malcolm pi (Maishall ct) W fi- G T road ab 5ih 
Manakin (Little Perry) fr Norris lo Diamond n 

N 5lh 
Mangrove jil (Williiims ct) E fr 262 South 
Alanhallan pi (Qiiigg's row) l"rPleasai;l n Ridge rd 
Manilla (Margaret'sl ) W fr 9iii btd Christian" 
Manlev (Melon) N fr Ridge rd n Girard av 
Maning (Mary st) W i'l- 2'2d to ihe Schn^lkil] 
Manor (Clymer st) N U- Mud lane bel G T road 
Mauship (Mercer) fr Warren to Locust 
Mansfield pi (Weaver's cl) E fr N Front ab Coales 
Mansure pi (Melon pi) fr Melon ab 9lh 
Manson (Mary's al) fr Gillies' al lo 519 S Glh 



Marango pi (St James' ct) fi' James ab Chai-les 
Maikei(Wasliiiigton) continued fr Permanent Bridge 

througl) West Philadeliiliia 
Maikliam (Marble si) W t'v 17ih to Granite 
Markle pi (Mary's ct) E tV S 2<t 
Markley ])\ (Lesley's cl) N i'r 3i\ Arch 
Marinion pi (Young's ]>\) i'v 221 Christian 
Marmora (Tliomas' al) fr 71 U Oak (N L) 
Marsden pi (M'Atee's pi) W t'r Cadwalader above 

Marsion (Brown) fr Biuklen to Walnut al 
Marter pi (Merchanticl) fV S50 Dillwjn 
Martindale pi (West ct) if bp Garden ab Broad 
Ma'icht r (Clinton) N k S bet Howard k, Hancock(K) 
Mattis (Little Dock) S fr 12S Spruce 
Maitson pi (Lybrand ct) E fr Crowji bel Bedford (K) 
Maurice (Little Washington) W frPassvuuk road 

bel 8lh 
Maxon (Meredith al) Poplar ab 3d 
May pi (Little Gable) S fr 1728 Lombard 
Maynard pi (Relief pi) fr 114 Relief 
Medical (Juniper al) fr S lOlh n Walnut 
Medina (State st) fr 1312 S 7ih 
Megury (Morris) E fr Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
MetileV (Little Poplar) W fr G T mad ab 5th 
Melclier pi (Meredith ct) N 3th ab Buttonwood 
Meiioy (Linden st) W fr 28 S loth 
Melvale (Larch) N frWilham bel Richmond (R) 
Melville pi (Reed's ct) fr Spruce bel L Dock 
Memphis (Lemon st) N fr Norris ?i E of Tulip (K) 
Mendon pi (Wagner's ct) W fr4G4 N 5th 
Mercurv (Monroe st) fr Ciierry to Palmer below 

Duke (K) 
Merida pi (McCoy's ct) E fr S Front 
Merino (Little Green) fr 2d to G 'I' road 
Merrick (Oak st) N k S fr Market, W Penn sq 
Merrit (Little German) W i\- Swanson bel South 
Merhhoii av (Lydia av) S fr Vienna ab J^-aiiklin (K) 
Metaniora pi (Moyamensing ct) S fr Shippen bel atli 
Metcalf(LittleOak) W fr Twelve feetal bel Shippen 
Michigan (Meredith st) bet Carbon and Willow 
Milburn pi (Lyndall ct) E fr lOlh be! Pine 
Miles (Miles a'l) W fr 200 S 10th 
Millicent av (West av) E fr 329 New Market 
Millman (Madison) M road to Lewis bel Carpenter 
Milton (Moyamensing al) W fr 9tii bel Christian 
Mineral (Mervine st) E fr 13tli to Ridge rd 
Minerva (Wislar) fr 7th to Franklin ab Sp Garden 
Minster (Liltie Pine) fr 412 S 6th 
Moland av (Madison av) E fr 13th ab Willow 
Monckton \}l (Morgan ct) N fr Vine bel 12th 
Montcalm (Morris st) S fi- Fitz water ab iUh 
Montgomery av (Clierry, K) fr G 'i"own rd to Queen 

Montrose (Clymer st) N fr Montgomery bel G T 

Morality jil (Union pi) S W Lombard & Ashton 
Moavian (Lewis) W fr 15tl) ab Walnut 
Morencie pi (Morris ct) fr Apple to Mechanic bel 

Morgan (North) W fr SSG N lOlh 
Mnro (Wagner's al) fr Fitzwater ab 12th 
Morrow (Little Washington) W fr S Front below 

Moiton av (Queen's av) fr Queen ab 3d 
Morion pi (Madison ct) N fr 23d to St Mary 
Moseley (Little Poplar) W fr 13th bel Carpenter 
Moss (Little Washington) W fr Charles bel Wash- 
Moss Rose pi (Simpson's ct) N fr 243 S Queen 
Molt (Poplar st) W fr 13th bel Carpenter 
Mountain (Lewis si) W fr 8lh ab Franklin 
Mount Vernon (Washington) W i'r 6l4 N 9th 
Moyamensing av (Jefferson av) S W fr inlei'section 

* of 2d and Christian 
Moyer (Brown st) E fr Hanover bel Duke (K) 

Mtilford (Madison st^ West fr Ashton or Austin 
Mures pi (Mary's ct) N fr 731 Cherry 
Muskingum pi (Scatiergood ct) W fr N Front ab 

Nahant pi (St John's pi) E fr 417 St John 
Narcissus jil (South ct) rear 326 N 8th 
Nassau (Ri.;hard) W^ fr 9ih bel Race 
Naudine (Meredith) VV fr 19th bel Lombard 
Navy (Benton's la) R fr S Front ab Reed 
Nav'lor (Madison pi) E fr lltii bel Federal 
Neff (Maple) W fr Del ab Ann (R) 
Nescopeck pi (Roberts' ct) N fr Mark's la ab lllh 
Neville pi (Marble ct) N fr Mulberry al ab 5'h 
Nevin pi (Yeager's ct) N i'r Carlton bel Broad 
Newbold (Middle al) S i'v Callowhill ab 19th 
Newkirk st (Lewis st) N fr CumberlantI E of Canal 
Newj)ort (Maiden la) S E fr (Cray's Ferry 
Newjiort pi (Reindeer pi) S fr Marriott bel Broad 
Niblow 1)1 (Middle ct) S fr Sp Garden bel Broad 
Nickel pi (James' ct) E fr 779 S Front 
Nineveh pi (Vail's pi) S fr German ab 3d 
Nisbet pi (Mifflin's ct) W fr Front bel South 
Noble (James) fr 428 N 9lh 
N(jrfolk (Union al) fr 852 Swanson 
Norris (Lancaster si) W fr Broad to Schuylkill 

Oakford pi (Smith's ct) S fr 230 Gaskill 

Ocean (Liberty al) N fr 113 Uuke to 112 Green 

Ohio pi (Wistar's ct) S fr Jones ab 15th 

Olivia pi (Smith's ct) W fr Cad -valader ab Jefferson 

Onas (York st) E fr 715 New Market 

Oi)elika pi (Levden ct) N fr 2125 Spruce 

Orion (Say's ct) W fr 36 N 3d 

Orkney (Orchard) N f r Norris E of 5th 

Oi-ion(Morris al) W fr S Front bel Market 

Osage av (Carroll av) S fr 1208 Carroll st 

Osbec pi (Railroad ct) W fr Jay bel Coales 

Osier av (Penn av) N fr Noble bel fith 

Osprey st (Murray st) fr S G to Centre ab 24th 

Otego pi (Benton ct) S fr 124 Prime 

Otis (Wood, K.) fr Queen N of Gunner's Run to 

Otsego (Church st) fr 26 Christian to Prime 
Ottawa pi (Pearson's ct) N fr Bedford ab Crown (K) 

Packer pi (Harmony ct or Cake ct) N fr Coales al 
Palethorj) (Perry) fr Franklin to Masters E of 2d 
Paley pi (^'an Buren pi) N fr 1023 Parrish 
Palmetto (Rittenhouse) W i'r 15ih abRace 
Palmetto [>1 (Lewis ct) N fr St Mary ab 6lh 
Panama av (Park av) E i'r 2Cth bel Locust 
Paulding pi (York pi) E i'r S75 N 5lh 
Paxton (Watson st) fr 5lli to Arabella 
Pecan pi (Walnut pi) fr Walnut ab 3d 
Pedee pi (Seiser's ct) S I'r 146 Race 
Peel (Rose al) fr Rose bet Scjiool and William 
Pembroke (Olive st) S i'r Noble ab 5lh 
Pembroke jil (Randoli)li's ct) W fr 212 N 2(1 
Pendennis pi (Renchler [)1) E fr 857 Charlotte 
Pennington (Lewis) S fr ^larriolt bel 3d 
Pensive pi (Union ct) fr lOnO Wood 
Pe<juinot pi (Nagle's ct) fr 827 St John 
Percy pi (Reid's ct) N fr 425 German 
Percy (Tyler si) N fr Poplar ab 9ih 
Perkiome'n (Powell) W fr Francis (F V) 
Perot (State st) fr 1312 S 7th (see Medina) 
Penh (Robinson st) N fr Thompson bel Slli 
Peru pi (Mule's ct) N fr Beach ab Poplar 
Pickering pi (Webster's ct) W from 26 P road 
Pine Tree (Willow al) fr Willow ab 2d 
Placid pi (Sunmier's ct) W fr S 2d bel Canal 
Plaisade pi (^Quigg's ct) N fr 205 Quarry 
Plume pi (White's cl) E and W fr Carolina pi 
Portage pi (Stump la) N E fr Girard College 
Poulson (Summer st) W fr 2d bel Canal 


Pharo ]il (Morg;an's et) fr 6th and Washington 

Pilgrim |)l (Lewis ct) N fr Callowhili ab 8th 
Plunisleail |)l (Yonnij's vt) rear 'iOtli bel George 
Pomr;)V pi (Lewis ct) S Ir Plum ab 2il 
Portlaiiil (Bi-iiitonMlley)Err49'J N Uth 
Potosi Retreat (Sp Garden Retreat) N fr Spring 

Garden bel t3tli 
Potts (Pen II St) fr Broad bel Coatcs 
Prairie av (Limlsey av) S fr 11'2'2 South 
Prescott ])! (Smith's ct) N fi- Pleasant ab 13th 
Pricilla |)l (Scott's ct) N fr 419 South 
Prosser retreat (Pleasant retreat) W fr N 7th bel 


Ransom pi (Smith's ct) E fr N 5th bel Vine 
Ratclifle av ( Pleasant av) fr 727 Lombard 
Refu<je 1)1 (Smith's ct) W fr Ai)i)le ab Thompson 
Register pi (Reid's ct) N fr Catliarine ab I'ith 
Remeiita al (Prospect alley) E fr 41 N 10th 
Repley pi (Smith's ct) S fr Market n 15tli 
Richlaiul pi (Smith's ct) N fr Allen's ct N Front 
Richmond (Linden & Queen) fr N Front to F road 

and E fr F Road 
Ridley av (Reed avenue) N fr Vienna ab West 
Ripley pi (Smith's ct) S fr Market n 15th 
Ripton pi (RihI's ct) W fr 4y2 N 3d 
Ristine (James st) fr Maple to 810 Lemon 
Robin av (Russell avenue) E fr Rnssell belShippen 
Rock (Carter's alley) E fr 13th n Wood 
Rockdale Place (Smith's ct) N 621 Lombard 
Rochlonl (M mtgomerv) W f r 19ih bel Fairview 
Rockhill 1.1 (Harrison ct) fr G T road ab Otter (K) 
Rockland (Gai'den) W fr 5th bet Haverford and 

Bri<lge(W P) 
Roderick pi (Norris' ct) N f r Carpenter n 4th 
Rodman (Ann) W fr 12th to 13ch bel Lombard 
Roilman (Washington) W fr 11 th bel Lombard 
Rodman (Owen) W f r 13th bel Lombard 
Rodney (Orange st) N from Piueab 18th 
Roxbui'v pi (Warner's ct) S Ir Shippen to German 
Ruby pi (Rule's ct) E fv 743 S 5ih 
Rupert pi (Linden ct) W fr 518 N 3il 
Rutledge pi (Union PI) N fr Union ab Front 

Sabine pi (Warner's ct) S fr Stanley to German 
Sacramento av (Shackama\on av) ab Queen (K.) 

fr Shackamaxon 
Sabn.'a pi (Lemon pl) N fr Lemon bel Chester 
Saffin pl (Og.ien ct) fr Ogden ab 9th 
Salvia pl (Temperance ct) fr 925 Bonsall 
Samp pl (Warner's ct) S fr Shippen ab 4th 
Samper pl (South ct) from 5tii ab Washington 
Sansoin (George) W fr 122 S 9lh 
Sartain (Margarelta) N fr Poplar ab Uth 
Savery (Union st) fr Bedford to F road (K) 
Saxton j)l (Pierce ct) E fr 4tli ab German 
Schell (Mechanic) S fr 8fiO Vine 
Scijta pl (Vine alley) fr N 10th ab Vine 
Scipio pl (Leiper ct) E fr 33 N lllh 
Scranton pl (Warren's ct) N' f r 5 Farmer 
Seaton pl (Minlzer ct) fr S 2d hel Pine 
SedgeM ick (Swanwick) fr 604 Sansom 
Selvisa pl (Lee's et) W fr 302 St John 
Sergeant (Castle) W f r 216 N 10th 
Serrill (Sergeant st) E & W fr Broad ab Cumber- 
Seville pl (Young's pl) N fr 235 Queen 
Shamokin (Church) W fr 22.1 ab Callowhili 
Sharon pl (Sliafer's ct) E fr 321 Garden 
Shaw pl (Sliafer's ct) fr Jlidge av ab 13th 
ShelU.ark (Walnut alley) fr N 13th ab Cherry 
Shelburiie av (Sliafer's av) fr 420 Cherry 
Shirlev (Charles st) fr Francis to George, Francis- 

Shelby pl (Shoemaker's ct) N fr Broad ab Coates 
Shehlon pl (Reckless ct) W fr Church ab Reckless 
Shock (Taylor st) fr Filbert to Jones ab 20th 
Silma Place (Lee's ct) fr 916 Pleasant 
Sidmouth (Wistar) S fr 710 Washington 
Sidmouth Place (Robinson's ct) N fr Spruce ab 18th 
Silver (Lawrence st) W fr N 12lh ab .Market 
Silvia pl (Plies ct) S fr Poplar ab 3d 
Sites (School st) fr Otter toFiunklin N &; S (WK) 
Smetliurst pl (Watt's ct) E fr 531 N 24th 
Sophia (William st) fr Otter to Edward N Sc S (K) 
Souder (Wayne st) E fr 407 S lOth 
South Penn Scpiare (Olive) fr Juniper to 15th 
Spencer pl (Wistar's ct) S fr Vine E of Broad 
Springfield pl (Shafer's ct) E fr N 4th bel Culvert 
Spring Garden (Morris) W fr Broad continuation of 

Spring Garden 
Sonora (Leiper alley) fr Vine to North ab lOih 
Sparton (Centre) fr Lanca'ter Pike ab Mary (W P) 
Stan bury Place (Moore's ct) W fr Weaver 
Stapleton f Relief alley) from Carter's al to Dock 
Steadman (Warren st) fr Dean to Quince ab Spruce 
Stanton pl (Moffit st) W fr 22d ab Oxford 
Sleiner (Preston) fi-om Melon ab 9th 
Stockton (Orleans) fr Mifflin to Lombard ab 12th 
St Omar pl (Phillip's pl) fr Lombard bel 18ih 
StratfonI pl (Poplar ct) fr Rose al to Miles ab S 

Stratton pl (RihI's ct) fr Poplar ab Front 
Strickland (Penn st) E & W fr Lancaster av (W P) 
Strnther (Marion) W fr 12lh n Vine 
Suffolk (Larch) W fr 1028 N 8th 
Summerville pl (Lawrence ct) Wfr Penn ab Marsh 
Surrev pi (Peis et) E fr St John ab Beaver 
Sussei (Oak st) S fr Graff ab 1 Uh 
Sutton (Summit st) W i\- 5th ab Masters 
Swartz pl (Ross ct) S fr 25 Concord 

Taney (Minor) N fr Coates n Fairmount 
Tangier pl (Washington ct) N fr 643 Lombard 
Tap'pan pl (Marble jd) N fr 709 Green 
Tasker (Franklin st) Wfr Moyamensing road bel 

Tecumseh pl (Lawrence pl) N fr Juliana st 
Tenor pl (Lombard ct) W fr 416 S 4th 
Thirlv-eighth (Mary) fr Lanca ter av to Darbv rd 

(W P) 

Thompson (Phoenix Sc Duke) fr G T rd to Frank- 
ford rd and fr Frankford i-d to Norris (K) 
Thurlow (Orange) W fr lllh bel Catharine 
Tilden pl (Lawrence ct) W fi- 542Chathatni 
Tilghman (Venango st) W fr 12th bel Dean 
Timothy (Rye st) S fr Graff into Madison 
Tisdale pl (Oliver's pl) fr Christian hel 3d 
Tivoli pl (Laurel) rear of Laurel st (C) 
Toronto (Palm) fr Ann ab Larch, 19lh ward 
Toronto (Warren st) W fr 33d N of Market (W P) 
Tottenham ])! (Moi'gan's ct) S fr Carpenter ab 8lh 
Tower pl (Monmouth ct) S fr Middle Jones' al 
Transci-ipt (Sycamore st) W fr Elm (W P) 
Treat v av (Penn av) N fv 7th ab Poplar 
Tremont pl (Shippen et) S fr Pearl ab 12th 
Trent pl (Moore's ct) fr Green n 6th 
Trout (Pine st) fr Ball al b.d South 
Tudor (Chai'les) S fr 722 Dickerson 
Tully pl (Perry ct) N fr South E of 13th 
Tyrone pl (Shaefer's ct) S fr Rawle ab Apple 

Unadilla (Oak st) S fr Crabb to P road 

Upshur av (Liberty av) E from 325 New Market ab 

Urbanna pl (Liberty ct) W fr 2 N 9th 
Utica pl (Smith's ct) Wfrom Fothergill 

Vanderveer (Watson's al) S fr928 Locust 



Van Horn (Rose st) E 8c W fr G T road to School 

Vasey (Lemon st) W fr 334 S 17th 

Vermont pi (Liberty av) W fr 964- N 7th 

Victoria pi (Simmons' ct) W fr N Front abCallowhill 

Vienna pi (Thorn's ct) fr 9lh n Coates 

Vincent (Lily al) N fr Tammany n 2d to 209 Green 

Vining pi (Turner's ct) X from ab 3d 

Wabash pi (Wallace ct) W fr 10 N Front 
Wade pi (Thome's ct) W fr 4tli n George (N L) 
Wadsworth ])l (Union pi) S fr 72-i Zane 
Wallace (Andrew) W fr 21st bel Coates 
Wamly pi (Wesley's ct) 2d ab Montgomery 
Wareliam pi (Price's ct) S fr 304 Lombard 
Warminster (Weaver's ct) E fr G T rd bel Oxford 
Warnnck (Lewis st) N fr 1017 Poplar 
Washington av (Washington) Prime fr 3d W fr Del 

to Schuylkill 
Waterford rd (Washington rd) bet Greeu &: Hickory 
Wellington pi (Warder's pi) X frDuke ah Fi'ont 
Welsh (Carbon) Wfr 25th ab South 
Westmore pi (Weaver's ct) E fr N 2d ab Coates 
Wetherill (Murray st) S fr Pine to Lombard above 

Wexford (Webb's al) fr Oak (N L) to 371 N Front 
Wilcox (Murray) W fr 24 to 25th bet Willow and 

Whitebread i>l (Davis or Whitebread's ct) S fr Chris- 
tian ab 2d 
Whitney (Ringgold st) E fr 1010 Passyunk rd 

Wilder (Francis ct) Wfr 1426 S .Slh 

Wier pi (Wilson's ct) rear 3 Poplar 

Wilder (Bedford K) fr Frankford road to Hanover 

Wilmer (Wert st) E fr 333 X 2d 

Wilmington pi (Wallace ct) rear Ann (F V) 

Wilton (Ann st) fr Wissahickon to Charles above 

Wimple pi (Williamson's ct) fr Swanson bel Prime 
Winchester pi (Murray's ct)fr 766 S Front 
Winchester pi (Wallace ct) Wfr Church bel Chris- 
Winder pi (Linden pi) S of Soutli W of 15th 
Windham pi (Wilson's ct) rear 132 Bnttonwood 
Wingohocking pi (Yv^ashington row) Wfr 960 Law- 
Winipy pi (Williams' ct) X fr 343 Callowhill 
Wiimcr pi (Williams' ct) X fr 79 South 
Winooska pi (Linden pi) W fr Bedford 
Winslow (Wager st) W fr 20S X 12th 
Winthrop pi (^Vil!i:imson's ct) fr William ab ISth 
Witherspoon pi (Williamson pi) X fr Cherry ab 9th 
Wirt pi (Linden pi) W fr 532 Linden 
Womrath plfWiley's ct)Xfr235 Monroe 
Wonderly pi (Webster's ct) rear Otter bel G T road 
Woodville pi (Sharpless ct) X fr Si Joseph's av 
Woodworthav (Weccacoeav)S fr Cliristian n Swan- 
Wynkoop (Wyoming st) W fr S 13th bel Locust 

Zenobia (Charlotte) Wfr S Uth bel Spruce 
Zanoni (Centre) W fr William bel Columbia R road 

C0mird$si0iter3 I0 tak ^.cliuobltijntcnts, ft. 


Artluir M. Burton, 243 S Fiftli st. 

David B. Birnev, No. 25 S Third St. 

Thfod re D. Rkiul, 32 S Third st. 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 

John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 

Edward Shippen, S E Sixth and Walnut st. 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Filth st. 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
'f'hendore D. Rand, 32 8 Third st. 
David B. Birnev, 25 S Third st. 
Hugh W. Tcnei-, 13 S Tiiird St. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 

Samuel L Taylor. 423 Walnut st. 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 

David B.Biruey,25 S Third st. 

George Griscom, 416 Walnut st. 

John H. P'rick, 233 Dock st. 

Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut st. 

David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
Edward Shipi>en, S E Sixth Sc Walnut. 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
Jolm H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 


Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock St. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixtii & Walnut. 
Samuel L. Tavlor, 423 Walnut st. 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Thi.d st. 


Frank M. Etting,210 S Fourth st. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut st. 
Theodoi'e D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S I-'ifth st. 
David B. Birnev. 25 S Third st. 
John H. Frick," 233 Dock st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut. 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
Henrv Palmer, 268 S Fourth st. 
David B. Birnev, 23 S Third st. 
John H. Frick,'233 Dock st. 
H. W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 


Samuel L. Tavlor, 423 Walnut st. 
Theodore I). Rand. 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
David B. Birnev, 25 S Third st. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
George Griscom, 416 Walnut st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth h Walnut 


Hugh W*. Tener, 13 S Third st 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 
David B. Birnev, 25 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut st. 


David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
Frank M. Etting,210 S Fourth st 
Hugh W. 'I'ener, 13 S 'I'hird st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S P'ifth st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dockst. 
Samuel L. Ta\ lor, 423 Walnut st. 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st 
George Griscom, 416 Walnut st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth &:, Walnut. 


Edward Armstrong, office 409 Walnut st. 2d story 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 

David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 

John H. Frick, 233 Dock st 

Henry Palmer, 268 S Fourth st. 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 

Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut. 


Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut st. 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
John H. Flick, 233 Dock st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut 


Frank M.Etting, 210 S Fourth st 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 
John Clayton, 717 Walnut st. 
lohn H. Frick, 233 Dock st 
Edward Shii.pen, S E Sixth & Walnut 


\rthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 
.lohn H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 


Samuel L., Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodoie I). Rand, 32 S Third st 
David B. Birnev, 25 S Thu-d st. 
John H. Frick,"233 Dock st 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 


George Griscom, 416 Walnut st. 
Samuel L., Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st 
Tluodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st 
David B. Birnev, 25 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixlh & Walnut 




Samuel L., Tavlor, 423 Walnut 
Thewlore D., Kami, S'2S Third st. 
David B. Birney, 25 S Tliird st. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Tl)ir(i st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Filth st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
George Griscom, 416 Walnut st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut. 


Samuel L., Taylor, 423 Wahiut st. 
Theodore D liand, 32 S Third st. 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut st 
Longstreth Alfred, .357 N Sixth st. 
David B.Biniey, 25 S Third st. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Filth st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
Geo- ge Grisfom, 416 Walnut st. 
Edward Sbippen, S E Sixth & Walnut. 
Edwai-d Carpenter, 337 Walnut 


David B. Birney, 25 S Tliiid st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifili st. 

David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 

Edward Armstrong, office 407 Walnut st. 2d story 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
John H. Fiick,'233 Dock st. 
C. & G. Sergeant, 432 Walnut st. 
Frank M. Etting,2I() S Fourth st. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
Samuel L., Taylor, 423 Walnut st. 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 


Edward Armstrong, office 407 Walnut st. 2d story 

Henry Palmer, 268 S Fourth st. 

David B. Birney, 25 S Thii-d st. 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 

John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut. 

Hngh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
Ddvid B. Birney, 25 S 'i'hird st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
Samuel L., Taylor, 423 Walnut st. 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 

David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
George Griscom, 416 Walnut st 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth 8c Walnut. 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut st 
Theodore D., Rand, 32 S Third st 


David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 
John H. Frick,'233 Dock st. 


David B. Birney, 25 S Tliird st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S Third st 
John H. Friek, 233 Dock st. 
Edward Shppen, S E Sixth & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut st 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st 


Frank M. Etting, 210 S Fourth st. 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S ThinI st. 
Robert N. Jeffries, 12 N Third st 
David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st. 
John H. Flick, 233 Dock st 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut 
Samuel L. •l'aylor,423 Walnut st 
Theodore D. Kiind, 32 S Third st. 

David B. Birney, 25 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
Hu-h W. Tener, 13 S Third st. 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st. 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut 
Samuel L., Ta>lor, 423 Walnut st 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fiftli st. 

Eilward Arnistrong„office 407 Walnut st. 2d story 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st. 

David B. Birney, 25 S Third st 

Hugh \V. Tener, 13 S Third st 

Jolm H. Flick, 233 Dock st. 

George Griscom, 416 Walnut st. 

Edward Shippen, S E Sixth & Walnut 


David B. Birnev, 25 S Third st 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth k Walnut 
Samuel L., la\ lor, 4-'3 Walnut st 
Theodore L). IJand, 32 b 3d 


Samuel L.Taylor, 422 Walnut st 
Theoilore 13. liand, 32 S Tliird st 
Charles Seri;eaiit, 432 Walnut st 
Franklin Shippen, S E Sixth Sc Walnut st 
David B. Birnev. 25 S Third St 
Frank M . Eiting, 210 S Fourth st 
Huijh W. Tener, 13 S Third st 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
John H. Frick, 233 Dock st 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 


David B. Birnev, 25 S Third st. 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S Fifth st 
Husjh W. Tener, 13 S Third st 
Jolin II. Fi ilk, 233 Dock st 
Edward Shippen, S E Sixth 8c Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut st 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third st 

John H. Frick, 233 Dock st 





No. 33 South. Sixtli Street, above Chestnut. 






Francis White, 


Robert De Silver, . . 1823. 

John Macpherson, 


" " 


Clement Biddle, 


Thomas Wilson, 


James Hardie, 


Robert De Silver, 

. 1828. 

" " . 


n n 

. 1829. 

Edmund Hogan, 


(( <t 

. 1830. 

Thomas Stephens, 


(< (( 

. 1831. 

Cornelius VVm. Stafford, 


(( n 

. 1833. 

H t( >( 


(( (t 

. 1835. 

a n (( 


(t (i 


t( (( i( 


A. M'EIroy, 


t( (( t( 



. 1839. 

James Robinson, 

. 1802. 


. 1840. 

H <( 

. 1803. 


. 1841. 

t( (( 

. 1804. 


. 1842. 

(( (( 




a n 



. 1844. 

i( (( 




(( (( 




tt t( ^ ■ 




(i i( 



. 1848. 

(( i( 







. 1850. 

John Adems Pa.xton, . 




B. & T. Kite, 



. 1852. 

James Robinson, 



. 1853. 

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. 1854. 

Edward Davis, 




John Adems Paxton, 




''(I (( (« 



. 1857. 

Edward Whitely, 

. 1820. 


. 1858. 

M'Carty & Davis, 



. 1859. 

M'Carty & Davis, 


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I=>I^I0:E], S2.SO. 




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3^ o E3 Xj El. O "S" ' 2B 


No. 33 SOUTH SIXTH STREET, above Chestnut. 


Alphabetical List of Names, _ . - . 1-793 

List of Aldermen — Names and Locations of Fire Companies, 794 

Business Directory, _ _ _ . _ 795 

List of Names — Camden, N. J,, - - - - 903 

List of Streets, . . - - - . 923 

City Government — Members of Council, &c., - - 943 

Literary Institutions, - - - - - 948 

Custom House Regulations, . _ . . 950 

Medical Colleges, _ - _ . . ib. 

Public Institutions, &c., ----- 953 

Churches, ------ 955 

Ministers and Consuls resident in this City, - - 959 

Public Buildings, Squares, &c., - - - - 960 

Newspapers and Periodicals, _ _ _ _ 962 

Banking Institutions, - - - - - 963 

Saving Fund Societies, ----- 965 

Insurance Companies, - - _ , - 967 

Canal Companies, &c., ----- 972 

Plank Road Companies, ----- ib. 

Telegraph Companies, ----- ib. 

Coal Companies, - - - - - - ib. 

Coal, Navigation and Railroad Companies, - - 973 

Coal and Iron Companies, - - - - 974 

Turnpike Companies, - - _ _ _ ib. 

Mining Companies, ----- ib. 

Railroad Companies, ----- 975 

Passenger Railway Companies, - - - - 976 

Steamboat Companies, ----- ib. 



Ackeiman C. M., 415 Market 

Alberison Saml. M., carp. 1103 Wood, h 320 N Cth 

Allen Caioliiie, dry goods, 203 Ritlinioiid 

AllgiJer John, 1045 i'l-ankt'ord road 

Aiitliony Mark, 248 Market, h Columbia av n Ridge 

Applelon James, from 2032 Locust to 2011 Cherry 
Aiwood, "Wiiite & Co., dr} goods, 436 Market 
Auge S. T., dry goods, 3 Bank, h 809 Sansom 
Augustine Peter, heaters & ranges, 980 Randolph 

Bacon Francis, from 427 Walnut, to 123i S 4th 
BAIRD E. W., alty. & coun, 420 Walnut 
Baker E. Mrs., dry goods, 403 Richmond 
Baldersion Jonathan, convey. & real estate agent, 

311 Walnut 
Balderston Mark, carp. 1103 Wood, h to 320 N 6th 
BARKER & JJRESER, ( Wm. J. Jiarker, Jim. 
Dreser,) lithographers h, fancy printers, 333 
BERRY JAMES, mer. tailor, 1308 Chestnut 
BEATTY WM. & SONS, edge tools, 501 Com- 
Beckiiaus Joseph, 20 Girard av 
Bog^s & Hodge, dry goods, 443 Thompson 
Bonney Mary L., Miss, seminary, 1615 Chestnut 
Borhek Charles G., prof, music, 413 S 9th 
Boulton Joshua, dry goods, 171 Girard av 
Bowen Jc Shick, drug & com. mers. 9 S Front, h 

719 Wood 
Bowen Smith, mer. 53 N 3d, h 226 N 5th 
Bowers William, Franklin ah Poplar 
Brown Horace G., from 708 to 619 Walnut 
Bryan J. Hervey, from 132 S 4th, to 142 S 6th 
Buri)ee David, M.l).,326 S 16th 
BUTLER PIERCE, address, Phila. Post Office 

Caldwell John A., com. mer. 501 Commerce, h 514 

S 3d 
Calkins Marshall, M.D., 247 N 9th 
CHANCE J. C, dry goods, 1518 & 1520 Marshall 
Clark Ephraim, upholsterer, 605 Marshall 
Clemens Wm., grocer, Columbia av & Belgrade 
Clothier Isaac H., salesman, 312 Chestnut 
COLLAUAY & BOWERS, manufs., office 209 

Colladay George W., h 2022 Vine 
Coke & Emrick, 123 N Water, & 130 N Del av 
Coke James, com. mer. 123 N Water, 8c 131; N Del 

Corlies Britton, laces, from 8 Bank to 319 Market 
Crease Henry, clerk, 123 S Front 
Crease Orlando, clerk, SO Bank 
CUESTA DE LE L., 1719 Walnut 
Cunningham & Smith, to Cunningham Winthrop & 

Son, drug brokers, 121 S Front 

David Wm. M. mer., 53 N 3d, h 506 Marshall 

Davis Charles T., flour, 235 Girard av 

Dil aye Harriette A., Miss, seminary, 1615 Chestnut 

Donahue Wm., grocer, 1407 F road 

Duiton H. B., atty. & toun., 705 Sansom 

Elfreth James, carpet warehouse, S E 9th & Filbert, 

h 2127 Mt Vernon 
English k Hill, [Mruham English, Wm. H. Hill), 

ladies' shoes, 407 Arch 

Fillmore Wm., grocer, 130 Girard av 
Fitzpatrick P., S W Front h Dock 
Frazer Persifor, 1419 Walnut 
FREEMAN BENJ., piano raanuf. 46 N 5th 

Groome S. W., coal, 154 N Broad, office 228 Walnut 

Hale Warren, from 922 N 15th to 309 Pine 
Hamman S. J., dry goods, 1025 Masters 
Heilman H. B., 40 k 42 N 3d, h 1736 Green 
Healy Patrick k Co., buckskin gloves, 204 Walnut, 
k 608 Chestnut 

JONES ISAAC C, gent. 603 Walnut, h 632 Race 
Jones Wm. F., 603 Walnut, h 632 Race 

KUHN HARTMAN, JR., gent. 917 Walnut 

Lawrence Joshua C, stockbroker, 426 Prune, h 1738 

Laws Martha, washer, rear 1030 Barley 
Laws Mary, grocer, S W 7th k Washington av 
Lawtoii James H., plumber, 642 Pine, h 1137 S 5th 
Lawton k Young, [James II. Laxvion, Geo. Yoaug,) 

plumbers and gas fitters, 642 Pine 
Lea, Richartrsnn, Tunis k Co., com. mers., from 233 

to 223 k 225 Chestnut 

Morris Elliston P., office 8C5 Market, h Main below 
School (GT) 

Newlin Cyrus, 1419 Chestnut 

Newlin Robert, brewer, 136 N 2d, h 1419 Chestnut 

Nichols W. D,, engraver to bank note engraver 

Read W. B. to Read W., conveyancer, 850 Ontario 
Reazor J. M., conv. k real est. agent, S E Ridge av 

k Sp Garden, h 13th k Buttonwood 
ROLLER JACOB F., importer and manuf. French 

boots, 29 S 9th 

SULLENDER k PASCHAL, hatters, 8 S 6tii 

Warthman Adam, contractor, Dauphin E Tulip 
Warthman k Barron, contractors, 19lh Ward 
WOODWARD CHARLES L., retailer's protective 
agency, 114 S 6th, 2d story 




Ab above — acct. accountant — al alley — att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor av avenue 

bel below — ^bet between — (Bdg) Bridesburg — (B T) Bristol Township — (Bin) Bustleton — 

(B H) Bush Hill — b h boarding house — (C Hill) Chestnut Hill — c corner — ct court — E East 

(Fkd) Frankford— (F M) Fairmount— (F V) Francisville— (Fkl) Franklin— (G T) German- 
town — G T av Germantown avenue — g'ent. g-entleman — g-entw. gentlewoman — (H Ville) Hes- 
tonville — (H corner) HoUingsville corner — h house — (Hbg) Holmesburg — (Ken) Kenderton — 
(K) Kensington — 1 lane — lab laborer — (M Ville) Maylandville — (Myk) Manayunk — (Mt A) 
Mount Airy) — (M) Moyamensing — (manuf.) manufacturer and manufactory — (M V) Mantua Vil- 
lage — (mer.) mercliant — (mers.) merchants — (mr.) maker — (N Penn) North Penn — (n) near 

(N) North— (N L) Northern Liberties— (O Y) Old York— (P) Passyunk— (P T) Penn Town- 
ship— (Penyk) Pennypack — (R) Ridge— (Rd) Richmond — (Smfid) Smithfield— (S) South — 
(Sch) Schuylkill — (T) Trenton— (W) West — (whf) wharf or wharves— (W P) West Philadel- 


Aarons Aaron, tailor, 822, 906 and 909 N 2d 

Aarons Mrs., 3 Shield's ct 

Aarons Nath., salesman, 804 Market, h 220 

Ledger place 
Aaronson C. B., carp. Buttonwood ab 13th, h 

655 N Broad 
Aaronson Geo. P., carp. 457 Allen 
Aaronson J. J., gent. 315 N7th 
Abadie Victor J., druggist, 738 S 6th, h 502 

Abbett Ezekiel M., bonnets, 261 N 5th 
Abbett Leonidas, atty & coun., 243 S 5th 
Abbett Theodore, carp. 924 Nectarine 
Abbey Charles, goldbeater, 230 Pear, h 321 

Abbey Charles O., goldbeater, 230 Pear, h N E 

16th and Sansom 
ABBEY CHARLES & SONS, manufs. dentists 

fine gold foil, 228 & 230 Pear 
Abbey Eliza, 242 N 5th 

Abbey Geo. P., mer. 308 N 3d, h 321 Spruce 
Abbey Joshua, carp. Church (Fkd) 
ABBEY & NEFF, {Geo. P. Abbey, John A. 

Neff,) Iiardware, 308 N 3d 
Abbey Wm. R., goldbr. 230 Pear, h 522 S 10th 
Abbott Abraham I., dealer, 35 Christian 
Abbott Alden, waterman, AVater, Whitehall 
Abbott Catharine, gentw. 613 Parrish 
Abbott Catharine, 217 Gaskill 
Abbott Chas. H.. mer. 18 N 4th, h 910 Clinton 
Abbott Charles R., Sec. City R R 1132 Coates 
Abbott C. H. & G., {Chas. H., Geo.,) hai-d- 

ware, 18 N 4th 


Abbott Edwd., mer. 5 Strawberry, h Broad & 

Abbott Edwin W., trunkmr. 1039 Crease 
Abbott Francis A., bricklr. 748 S 6th 
Abbott George, mer. 18 N 4th, h 513 Arch 
Abbott Isaiah, bricklr. 222 Christian 
Abbott Jas., mer. 909 Walnut 
Abbott Jas. G., 806 N 7th 
Abbott John, grocer, N E Broad and Race, 

1421 Vine 
Abbott John, carder, Paul (Fkd) 
Abbott John A , grocer, 1421 Vine 
Abbott John E., painter, N E Broad and Race, 

h 1421 Vine 
Abbott John W., clerk, 1421 Vine 
ABBOTT, JOHNES & CO., {Redman Abbott, 

Geo. W. Jones, Wm. H. Berry, Geo. J. 

Gross, Wm. T. Wilcox, Wm. H. Hurley,) 

silk goods, 339 Market 
Abbott Joseph E., hatter, 404 Chestnut, h 408 

j\bbott J. Henry, druggist, S E Broad & Parrish 
ABBOTT & LAWRENCE, {Jas. G. Abbott, 

Arch. Lawrence,) stove wks. Brown ab 4th 
Abbott Mary, b h, 2059 Lombard 
Abbott Redman, merchant, 339 Market, h 1926 

Abbott & Renouf, {Theo. Abbott, Joshua Ee- 

nouf,) carps. 628 Weaver 
Abbott Samuel, clerk, 32 S Delaware av, h 219 

S 17th 
Abbott Sarah, 1521 N2d 
Abbott S. W., 1108 Girard 



Abbott Samuel A., scalemr. 9th Sc Melon, h N E 

Parrish & Robertson 
Abbott Step. F., salesman, 610 Annapolis 
ABBOTT S. A. & CO., scale manuf. 9th and 

Abbott Wm., driver, 15 Annapolis 
Abbott Wm., pap'mr. Levering- bel Wood, Myk 
Abbott Wm., sec. Swedes Iron Co., h 2305 

ABBOTT WM. H., attv & coun. 20 N 7th, h 

1421 Vine 
Abbott Wm. L., gent. 1616 Arch 
Abbott Wm.S., raer. 241 Chestnut, h 2305 

Abbott Wilson, brewer, 136 N2d, h 109 N 5th 
Abel Araac_v B., painter, 2017 Girai'd av 
Abel Ann, g-entw. 1613 Burton 
Abel Catharine, 703 Ulrick 
Abel Charles, lab. 3d ab Columbia 
Abel Charles, painter, 40 N 5th, h 553 New 

Abel Charles R., tinsm. 820 N 2d 
Abel Edwin, shoe cutter, 819 Nectarine 
Abel George, vict. 1225 Wallace 
Abel George, cordw. 1129 Marlboro' 
Abel Jacob C, Girard av bel 10th 
Abel James, trader, 840 Orchard 
Abel James, dealer, 947 N 5th 
Abel John, fisherman, 466 Allen 
Abel John, chairmr. Kennedy's ct 
Abel John, watchman, 1225 Wallace 
Abel Joseph, collector, 816 St John 
Abel Joseph, mason. Cottage (C Hill) 
Abel & Kelly, house & sign painters, 40 N 5th 
Abel Peter, cordw. 226 Earl 
Abel Peter, cordw. 440 Poplar 
Abel Peter E., bookseller, 306 Chestnut, h 437 

Abel Robert K., watchcase mr. 1014 Girard av 
Abel Samuel H., whf builder, 1019 Ross (K) 
Abel Susan, 947 N 5th 
Abel Susanna, 1315 Wharton 
Abel Wm., bricklr. 125 Allen 
Abel W. W., baggage master, 158 Green 
Abele Christian, baker, Coates ab lOtli 
Abeles Bernard, mer. 54 S 2d 
Abeles Seligman, mer. 117 N 2d 
Abehn Fredk., cabinetmr. 1 Collins ct 
Abell James W., artist, 139 Queen 
Abendroth Daniel, cabinetmr. Reed's av 
Abendi'oth Wm., tailor, 1419 Vienna 
Abenheimer Gustavus, M J)., pat. med. 1439 

Abernethy John, lab. 411 N 15th 
Abey Simon, lab. Centre, (G Town) 
Abnett John W., bricklr, 836 Swanson 
Aboers Serna, Miss, shop, 311 Shippen 
Aborns Joshua, upholsterer, 1305 IJarlow 
Abraham Isaac, drover, 1723 Francis 
Abraham Jos., butcher, Bodine ab Oxford (K) 
Abraham Moses, tailor, 1034 St John 
Abrahams E., shop, 842 Lawrence 
Abrahams Geo., lab. Bodine ab Oxford (K) 
Abrahams Robert, cigar dealer. Rules ct 
Abrahams Wm., engineer. Shoemaker's lane 
Abrahams W., brickmr. Cherry (Fkd) 

Abrahams , clothing-, 344 South 

Abram A., brickmr. Frankford ab Unity 

Abram Isaac, tavern, 15th & Columbia 

Abram Isaac, vict. Rising Sun 

Abram Robert, tobacconist, 407 S 20th 

Abram Wm , vict. Rising Sun 

Abram Wm., vict. Rising Sun 

Abrams David, drover, 432 George 

Abrams Jacob, brickmr. Foulkrod (Fkd) 

Abrams Jos., atty & coun. 507 Race 

Abrams Margaret, 531 Vincent 

Abrams Michael, carp. Craig's ct 

Abrams M., gent. 683 N 12th 

Abrews Edwd., tailor, 1002 S 8th 

AC ADEMY OF T H E FIN E ART S, 1025 Chest- 

Accoo Catharine, 209 Duponceau 

Accoo Jesse, coachm. 219 Vanderveev 

Accor Samuel M., shoemr. 2095 Sharswood 

Ache & Graver, Nicetown Hotel, Niceton-n 

Ache Henry, Hotel, Nicetown 

Achenbach Wm., cordw. Otis 

Acheson A. D., mer. 1015 Market 

Acheson Charles, flour mer. 1015 Market, h33d 
bel Market 

ACHESON CHARLES & CO., flour and for- 
warding mers. 1015 Market 

Acliliss Jos., smith, Froad ab Cumberland 

Achuff Charles, coaciimr. Penn, Tacony 

Achuff Francis, plasterer, Haines (G Town) 

Achuff Geo., wheelwr. Somerton 

Achuff James, turner, Brussel's ct 

Achuff Jesse, Haines (G Town) 

Achuff Jesse C, shoemr. 232 Arch, h Haines 
(G Town) 

Achuff John, bleacher, Pennypack 

Achuff Jos., keeper, 916 Wharton 

Achuff Michael, carp. Pennypack 

Achuff Rebecca, Knight's ct 

Achuff Samuel, fai-mer, Welsh rd. (Bin) 

Achuff Wm., lab. Nicetown 

Achuff Wm., Main road, Nicetown 

Ack Martin, carder, 1632 N 6th 

Acker Henry, baker, 1010 Girard av 

Acker Jacob, stone finisher, N W 6th & Morris 

Acker John, mason, James (Whitehall) 

Acker Michael, mason, Main (C Hdl) 

Acker Robert, printer, 1340 Potts 

Ackerman David, baker, 1103 South 

Ackerman Francis, cordv/. Carroll 
Ackerman Hannah, 966 Marshall 

Ackerman Jacob, tailor, 1209 Randolph 
Ackerman Jas.L., tavern, Corinthian ab PaiTish 
Ackerman John, lab. G F road 
Ackerman L., painter, 429 Franklin av 
Ackerman Robert, confectioner, 664 N 10th 
Ackers Samuel, Anthony ab Dickersou 
Ackley Benj., cordw. (Holmesburg) 
Ackley Caroline, 646 N 15th 
Ackley Henry, shoemr. 1319 Market 
Ackley John C, engineer, 251 N Juniper 
Ackley John N., pattern fitter, Pierce ab S 5th 
Ackley Myers F., machinist, 1016 S 12th 
Ackley Norman, grocer, 88 Laurel 
Ackley Shreve, salesman, 15 Bank 
Ackley Thos. W., salesman, 510 Market, h 304 

N 10th 
Ackley Wm., box maker, 1210 N od 
Ackley Wm. H., salesman, 232 N 3d,h 12 Elleii 
Ackroyd Jeremiah, dyer, 2109 South 



Ackroyd John, carder, Washing'ton (Myk) 
Acoby Job, porter, Shield's al n Vanderveer 
Acton & Ayres, ( Wm. R. Acton, J. D. Ayres,) 

mer. tailors, 39 N 6th 
Acton John J., cutter, 717 Fallon 
Acton Wm., marshal, Green la (G Town) 
Acton Wm. R., mer. tailor, 39 N 6th, h 461 

Adair Edward P., paper hanger, h 1708 Filbert 
Adair John, lab. Greble's ct 
Adair John G., printer, 1124 Jefferson 
Adair Robert, Rev., Sec. Phila. H. M. Society, 

1334 Chestnut, h 1708 Filbert 
Adair Wm., shoemaker, 214 N 10th 
Adair Wm., butcher. Main (C Hill) 
Adair Wm., lab. 506 N 24th 
Adair Wm. S., Bank Commerce, h 607 N 17th 
Adaire Alex., carp. 1312 Savery 
Adaire Alex., blacksm. 1602 Deal 
Adam John, tailor, Carberry ct 
Adams Adam, pedler, 1032 N Del av 
Adams Agra, cordw. rear 902 Og-den 
Adams Alex., brushes, 113 Market, h N W 11th 

& Ogden 
Adams Alex., drayman, 1312 Walnut al 
Adams Allen B., barber, 419 S 11th 
Adams Amos, boot finisher, 2d & Susquehanna 
Adams Andrew, architect, 520 Walnut, h 304 

S 11th 
ADAMS ANDREW W., mer. 137 Market, h 

Adams Ann, 514 N 11th 
Adams Anthony, cabinetmr. 1209 Kemble 
Adams A. L., blank books, 54 S 4th, h 928 N 

ADAMS B. W., broker, 326 Walnut, h 1318 

Adams Cath., gentw. 1905 South Row 
ADAMS CHARLES, dry goods, S E 8th and 

Arch, h 1642 Green. 
Adams Charles, police, Washington, ManajTink 
Adams Chas., carp. 1250 Mervine 
Adams Chas., weaver, Paul st (Fkd) 
Adams Chas. F., carp. Main (G T) 
Adams Chas. H., book kr. S E 8th & Arch, h 

1642 Green 
Adams Chas. J., com. mer. Ill Arch, h 1936 

ADAMS CHAS. J. & CO., {Chas. J., Thomas 

J., Hoivard J.) com. mers. Ill Arch. 
Adams Chas. T., carp. Main ab Laurel (G T) 
Adams Chas. T., Girard ab 15th 
Adams Chas. W., engineer, 409 Bohemia place 
ADAMS DAVID, grocer, S E 2d and Poplar, 

and provisions. Laurel & Rachel &. 22 S 

Water, h 912 Franklin 
Adams David B., whitewasher, 210 Bird's ct 
Adams Ebenezer, rifle manuf. Haverford and 

Bridge (W P) 
Adams Eleanor, layer out dead, 1119 Hazel 
Adams Elizabeth, washerwoman, 2 Price's ct 
Adams Elizabeth, washer, 1209 Kemble 
Adams Eliz., 804 Centre 
Adams Ellis, mariner, William ab Bath 
ADAMS EXPRESS CO., 320 Chestnut 
ADxVMS EXPRESS CO., forwarding depot, S 

E Broad and Locust 
Adams E. A., merchant, 220 and 222 N 3d 

Adams E. E. Rev., Thompson bel Broad 
Adams E. E., 436 Walnut 
Adams Francis W., gas fitter, 1240 Olive 
Adams Fred. M., atty. and coun. 138 S 6th, h 

640 Pine 
Adams F. W., morrocco manf. 934 St. John, and 

rear 929 N 3d 
Adams George, lab. 938 Bonsall 
Adams Geo., weaver, Ingle (G T) 
Adams Geo., cordw, Dingler's ct 
Adams Henry, musician, rear 1027 Barley 
Adams Henry, fr work knitter. Miller (G T) 
Adams Howard J., mer. Ill Arch, h Slo 

N Broad 
Adams H. S. produce, 837 Market 
Adams Jacob, Wheat ab Frankford road 
Adams Jacob, foundryman, 848 N 15th 
Adams Jas. lab. F^hzabeth (Fkd) 
Adams James, cook, 725 Lombard 
Adams James, porter, 130 Thompson 
Adams James, weaver, 918 S 11th 
Adams Jas. B., grocer, 10 S Water, h 409 N 12th 
Adams Jas. C, galvanized iron roofer, 11th 8c 

Washington av. h 322 S 12tli 
Adams Jas. W., machinist, 1031 Nectarine 
Adams Jesse, restaurant, 134 Market, h Camden 
Adams Joanna, 102 Almond 
Adams John, clothing-, 504 S Penn 
Adams John, weaver, Oxford n G T road 
Adams Jolm, carter. Mechanic, Manayunk 
Adams John, gas fitter, 415 Redwood 
Adams John, coal, 16 Main ab Penn, Manayunk 
Adams John, provisions, 718 St Mary 
Adams John, lab. 1721 Pearl 
Adams John, waiter, 1641 Helmuth 
Adams John, lab. 507 N 18th 
Adams John, weaver, 764 S 13th 
Adams John, fisherman, 1030 Montgomery 
Adams John, weaver, Herman, (G T) 
Adams John, weaver, Miller, (G T) 
Adams John, lab, Montgomery ab Pratt 
Adams John, carter, Jackson (Myk) 
Adams John, coal mer. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Adams Jno, Bell, atty. and coun. 116 S 6th 
Adams John C, segarmr. 411 N 19th 
Adams John D., brass turner, 963 Hutchinson 
Adams John G., acct.337 Market, h 612 Parrish. 
Adams John L., moulder, 848 N 15th 
Adams John W., 1144 P road 
Adams Jonas, mariner, Melvale (R) 
Adams Jonathan, weaver, Jefferson (G T) 
Adams Jonathan, cordw. Cambi-idge N 20th 
Adams Joseph, machinist. Blocks, Manayunk 
Adams Joseph, fisherman, 1235 Ash 
Adams Jos., driver, 1612 Baker. 
Adams Jos. A., hotel, 242 S Front 
Adams L. H., conductor, Richmond bel R Rd 
Adams Margt. Ann, 608 Hemlock pi 
Adams Mary, Levering, Manayunk 
Adams Mary A.nn, varieties, Soo Lombard 
Adams Mathilda Mrs., ladies' and children's 

furnishing-, 1306 Chestnut 
Adams M. F., slices, 439 Richmond 
Adams Paul, tinsmith, 226 Stamper's alley 
Adams Paul H., stovemr. 638 Callowhill 
Adams Robert, Jr., coal office. Front and Wii 

low, h 919 N Front 
Adams Robert, mariner, 38 Beck 




Adams Robert, dealer, 1202 Federal 
Adams Robert, laborer, 762 S 13th 
Adams Robert, waiter, 1209 Kemble 
Adams Robert, moulder. Mill st (Fkd) 
Adams Robert, mer. 326 Walnut, h S E 12th & 

ADAMS ROBERT H., clothing-, S E 7th and 

Market, h 533 N 11th 
Adams R. C, me oh. dentist, 1231 Cass 
ADAMS SAMUEL, cabmr. 1337 and 1339 

Adams Saml., h Manheim (G Town) 
Adams Saml. lumber mer. 1625 Deal 
Adams Stephen L., teacher, h 1306 Melon 
Adams &. Sutter, {Jas. B. Adams, Chas. E. Sut- 
ter,) mers. 10 S Water 
Adams Thomas, lampmr, 969 Hutchinson 
Adams Thomas, weaver, 1147 S 9th 
Adams Thomas, weaver, 1224 Brinton 
Adams Thomas, cordw. Richmond ab Colum- 
bia av 
Adams Thomas, machinist, Jackson (Myk) 
Adams Thomas Mrs. 209 Thompson 
Adams Thomas, cordw. 439 Richmond 
Adams Thomas, engineer, Foulkrod (Fkd) 
Adams Thomas, Reed's ct 
Adams Thomas F., lampblack manuf, office 215 

Lodge st, li Girard av ab 15th 
Adams Thomas J., druggist, N E 16th & Lom- 
Adams Thomas M., grocer, N W 7th & Poplar 
Adams Timothy, porter, 513 Market, h 710 N 

Adams T. H., saddle-tree mr. 707 Bayard 
Adams Wm., boiler mr. 1238 N 16th 
Adams Wm., drayman, 103 Rose 
Adams Wm., currier, 851 N 9th 
Adams Wm., cordw. 1305 Catharine 
Adams Wm., shoemaker, 324, York avenue 
Adams Wm., carp. F rd ab Cumberland 
Adams Wm., carter, 946 Warnock 
Adams Wm., engineer, F road bel Lehigh av 
Adams Wm., priiiter, 1217 Peter 
Adams Wm., lab. Philip bel Diamond (K) 
Adams Wm., stone cutter. Gay (Myk) 
Adams Wm., grocer, S. W. 5th & Cathaiine 
Adams Wm., baggage master, 1329 Christian 
Adams Wm., weaver, 719 Morris 
Adams Wm., B. cooper, 929 Torr 
Adams Wm., G. blacksmith, 1321 Locust 
Adams Wm., H. Sec. Grand Lodge, Masonic 

Temple, Chestnut ab 7th. h 1626 Vine 
Adams Wm., L. trunkmr. 1204 Wood 
Adams Z., artist, 146 Richmond 
Adamson Allen C, clerk, 245 Market., h 1106 

Adamson James, lab. York ab 3d 
Adamson James, gent. 2016 Cambridge 
Adamson John H., bricklayer, 859 N 9th 
Adamson Joseph, mer., 36 N 4th, h 242 N 

Adamson Mary Ann, 859 N 9th 
Adamson Thos., dry goods, 1228 Cass 
Adamson Thos., Jr., 30 N 4th 
Adamson Thos., weaver, 1224 Brinton 
Adamson Wm., glue manuf. 14 S 4th, h 1624 

If 2d 
Adamson Wm., grocery, 614 Richmond 

Adamson Wm. B., 2126 Summer 
Adare Robert, painter, 1124 JefFerson 
Adbeckle Archd., morocco dresser, 104 Green 
Addicks John E., mer. 403 Market, h Wistar 

(G T) 

Addis Chas. brickmr. 606 Copper pi 
Addis John, lab. 1305 flortsman 
Addis Mary, 913 Hutchinson 
Addis Michael, porter 6 Allen's ct 
Addis Amos A., daguerreotypes, 1101 School 

& 160 F av 
Addis John C, miller, 1259 Darien 
Addison John, waiter, 404 Walnut 
Addison John, mer., 936 N 12th 
Addison Sarah, washerwoman, 1122 Bedford 
Adelberger Louis, baker, 1013 N 5th 
Adeline Josh., machts., Memphis ab Norris (R) 
Adey John, weaver, Pleasant, (G T) 
Adey Wm. J., stringer, 1547 Brinton 
Adger Robert, variety, 810 South 
Adkinson Wm., lab. Marker 
Adler George S., leather manuf. 131 Marga- 

retta, h Oxford and Plank road 
Adler Isaac, shop 735 Shippen 
Adler Jacob, embroideries, 105 N 8th 
Adler Jacob, clerk, 5 State House, h 903 Rachel 
Adler Jonas, gent. 438 Garden 
Adler Samuel, dry goods, 140 N 2d 
Adler John B. morocco fin. 950 N Market 
Molph Josephine, 418 N 10th 
Adolph & Keen, hatters, (Geo. Adolph, Eli 

Keen,) 42 N 2d 
Adolph H., carp. 681 N 11th 
Adolph Wm. shoemr., rear 327 Dillwyn 
Adolphus Saml. blacksm., rear 117 Christian 
Adolphus Sarah, 277 S 5th 
Adrena Wm., iron bedsteads, 145 N 6th 
Adrian Wm., engi-aver, N E 5th & Chestnut, h 

81 Auburn 
Adshead Jeremiah, clerk, 306 New Market 
Adshead John, dealer, 8th bel Reed 
Aehl Joseph, cordw., 411 Poplar 
Aelmann Julius, confectioner, 915 N 10th 
Aertsen James M., broker, S E Dock & Walnut, 
h Tulpehocken, Germantown 

Aertsen John P., Sec. 309 Walnut, h Price 
(G Town) 

Aertsen Robert B., office 410 W^alnut, h Shoe- 
makers Lane, G Town 

AfTelbach Charles, cigarmr. 1221 Howard 

Affinger Martin, 916 Hamilton 

Afflebach Wm., gunsmith, 1141 N 2d 

Affleback Fred., weaver. Front ab Diamond 

Affleback Henry, weaver, Front ab Diamond 

AFFLICK B. K., grocer, N W 7th & Noble 

Afflick Morris E., 513 Franklin 

Afflick Sarah, Mrs., 1309 S 4th 

Agar James, chemist, 721 Kessler 

AGARD & CO., {H. Gulter, Wm. H. Bacon,) 
hats & caps, 323 Market 

Agea Jacob, cordw. rear 1134 Pine 

Agen John, plate printer, 2018 Pine 

Agen John, lab., 2322 Pine 

Agen John, lab., 1322 Shippen 

Agen Mary, seamstress, 2055 Lombard 

Agen Fat'k., 177 N 22d 

Agen Peter, farrier, 1015 Carpenter 

Agen Tho., weaver, 1168 S 13th 



Agen Thos. lab., Ing-le, (G T) 

Ag-ersdoerfF Charles, confectioner, Canal ab 

Ages Daniel, porter, 620 Ronaldson 
Ages Robert, porter, 620 Ronaldson 
Aggale Jacob, butcher, 1236 N 16th 
Aggings Jos. H., cutter, 629 Federal 
Agin John, blacksmith, Somerset (R) 
Agin Pat'k. lab., Sorrell bel Melvale (R) 
Agin Pat'k. fireman, Somerset (R) 
Agnew & Co., ( Wm. Agtiew, H. W. Graeff,) 

saloon 16 S 7th 
Agnew Daniel, weaver, Cumberland ab Amber 
Agnew David carp. 1161 S 9th 
Agnew D. Hayes, M. D. College av., h 16 N 

Agnew Henry, salesman, 711 Market 
Agnew Henry O., gent. 20 N 17th 
Ag'new Isabella, Walnut ab William (W P) 
Agnew James, lab. 2214 L. Summer 
AgneM" James, 918 Morgan 
Agnew James, tavern, 940 S 10th 
Agnew Jane, 409 Washington av 
AGNEW JOHN, fire engine builder, Franklin 

Works, 922 Vine, h 918 Morgan 
Agnew John, boiler mr. 623 Paul 
Agnew John, quarryman, 34th & Elm 
Agnew John D., lab. Nicetown 
Agnew John R., carp, rear Warren ab Park 
Agnew Mary, S W 6th & Columbia 
Agnew Michl., liquors, 170 Masters 
AGNEW R. E., 421 Walnut 
Agnew Samuel, publisher, 30 N 11th 
Agnew Wm., mer. 406 S 9th 
Agnew Wm., saloon, 16 S 7th li 6th & Wood 
Agnew Wm. G. E., teacher, 1711 Vine 
Aharh Joshua, mason. Main (C Hill) 
Aherd John, lab., 1019 Carpenter 
Ahern B. M., umberella mr. 926 South 
Ahern Danl. umb., store, 926 South 
Ahern D., lab. Beach ab Warren 
Ahern E. bookbinder, 414 S 10th 
Ahern James, lab. 1200 Salem al 
Ahern Jeremiah, farmer, Fisher's lane, (G T) 
Ahern John, clerk, 23 S 6th, h 904 Wayne 
Ahern John, stone mason, 1519 Jones 
Ahern John, clerk, 812 S 8th 
Ahern Jno. P., clerk, 812 S 8th 
Ahn Leander, tinsmith. Porters' ct 
Aim Wisener, confectioner, 254 S 15tli 
Aeken Saml. lab., 1226 Crease 
Aichel J. cordw., 1306 Newkirk 
Aicher Jacob, meter mr., 1505 Carlton 
Aicher Robt., 816 Carlisle 
Aiegenpence Augusta, lab. MifRin bel 5th 
Aiken Catharine, 1307 Carlton 
Aikens David, salesman, 710 S 4th 
Aiken Eliza, 1346 Crease 
A.iken H., shoemr., 1728 Lombard 
Aiken Jas. lab., Osceola (G T) 
Aiken John farmer. Main C Hill 
Aiken Thomas, stainer, 1534 Carlton 
Aikens George, painter, 121 Beck Place 
Aikens James, drayman, 6 Hamilton ct 
Aikins James, cabinetmr. 336 S 3d, house 

1030 S 4th 
Aikins James, porter, 1035 Clare 
Aikins Thos. tailor, O'Neal N F av 

Aikin Joseph, bricklr. Ringgold Place 
Aikman John, hat blockmr. 141 Dock, h 310 

S 2d 
Ailes Joseph, cutter, 49 S 4th, h 504 S Queen 
Ailes William, shoe cutter, 49 S 4th, h 504 S 

Ails Cath., 826 S 5th 
Aimer Lawrence, cordw. 1429 Ridge av 
Aims Elizabeth, milliner, 62 Laurel 
Aims Freo., grocer, 12th and Melon 
Aims James, shoe mr. 1806 Bedford 
Aims Wm., gent. 62 Laurel 
Ainley Sidney, Levering's ct. (Myk) 
Ainscaw Rachel, 434 Thompson 
Ainscaw Richard, 434 Thompson 
Ainsworth John H., carp. 1450 Columbia av 
Ainsworth Wm., umbrellas, 116 Frankford 
Aires Fred., 619 Peach 
Aires James, mor. dr. 619 Peach 
Aires Jane, 619 Peach 
Aires Samuel, clerk, 619 Peach 
Aires Thomas, collector. Post Office, Dock 
Aires Thomas, currier, 619 Peach 
Airey John, soap & candles, 106 Callowhill, h 

344 N Front 
Airline Adam L., carver, 140 Craven 
Aisenpries Conrad, baker, 837 N 15th 
Aitken Amelia, 531 Arch 
Aitken Charles, manuf. 12 Girard av. 
Aitken D. B., clerk, S W Water & Chestnut 
Aitken E. R., clerk M and M Bank, h 708 

Aitken John, cordw. 612 Hallowell 
Aitken Joseph, lumber counter, Beach and 

Manderson, h 1121 N Front 
Aitken J. B., accountant, 1029 Shippen 
Aitken Robert, clerk, h 1121 N Front 
Aitken Robert, drayman, Fair place 
Aitken Wm., mach., 1307 Horsham 
Aitken Wm., gent., 1029 Shippen 
Aitken Wm. B., pattern mr. N W Dock & 2d, 

h 2208 Centre 
Aitkins Joseph, pt. clerk, 500 Chestnut, h 1121 

N Front 
Aked H., bookbinder, h 1111 South 
Aken Wm.,Iab. 1910 S Row 
Akens Hamilton, cordw. Belmont av 
Aker Mary, 1 Clawges ct 
Aker Michael, mason, G T av. Chestnut Hill 
Akers, Jos., mer. 815 Market, h 911 Filbert 
Akers Samuel, bricklr. 1919 Cuthbert 
Akers Thomas, merchant, 815 Market, h 911 

Akers Wm., mer., 815 Market, h 808 Cherry 
Akers W. & J., ( Wm., Jos.,) china and queens- 
ware, 815 Market 
Akin Jane, gentw. 1636 Lombard 
Akins Charles S., carp. Walton 
Akins Francis, 439 Mai-riott 
Akins George, lab. Richmond (Bdg) 
Akins James, lab. Osceola (GTown) 
Akins John, mach. 2023 Porcelain 
Akins John, cordw. 225 S 13th 
Akins Joseph F., clerk, 5 S 5th, h 414 Dean 
Akins Robert, porter, 1 Fair Place 
Akins Robert, coachman, 1808 Lombard 
Alamie Emilie, teacher of French &c., '1017 




Alban_y Andrew, spinner, Blocks (Myk) 
Albany Chas., finisher, Blocks (Myk) 
Albany Lev}-, mason, blocks, :Manayunk 
Alberger Miss, teacher, 1235 Moyamensing' av 
Albers C. B., corder, 418 Coates 
Albert Abm., inst. maker, 303 Green 
Albert Anna, 236 Beaver 
Albert A. E., Rev. Main (G T) 
Albert Chas., box mr, 1016 Mechanic 
Albert Chas., carp. Apple ab Diamond 
Albert George, 1228 Hare 
Albert John, butcher, 304 Green 
Albert Leonard, glue mr. Mausley'spl 
Albert Michael, lab. 405 Tasker " 
Albert Sigsmond, bootmr. 1132 Camilla 
Albert! George, collector, 1009 Clare 
Albertine Madam, astrologist, 611 N 12th 
Alberston Charles, conveyancer, S W 12th k 

Girard av 
Albertson Chas., cordw. 1352 Columbia av 
ALBERTS ON CHAS. S., real estate ag., 1211 

S 5th ^ 

Albertson Enoch, patent medicines, 1324 Pas- 

syunk road 
Albertson Henry, clerk, 19 S 2d 
Albertson Henry, liquor store, 533 S 3d 
Albertson Hiram, ship carp. 463 Allen 
Albertson Isaac, Beach ab Marlborough 
Albertson Jacob, boat builder, 1148 Beach 
Albertson James, shipwr. 1108 Marlborough 
Albertson James, & Co., (James, Joseph, Jacob, 
Isaac,) boat builders. Beach above Marl- 
Albertson Joseph, shoes, 250 Richmond 
Albertson Joseph, boat builder, 237 Allen 
Albei-tson Lewis, gent. 1208 S 3d 
Albertson ]SIark, George ab ilargaretta (W P) 
Albertson Marmaduke, gent. Beach ab Marl- 
Albertson Maiy K., gentw. 301 Green 
Albertson Peter, cordw. 1033 Vienna 
Albertson Saml. W., carp. 913 Ontario 
Albertson Thomas S., bootmr. 68 N 2d, h 1010 

S 8th 
Albertson Wm., convey. 12th 8c Girard av 
Albertson Wm., shoes, 220 Richmond 
Albertson Wm.,.blacksm., 429 Redwood 
Albertus Mary, 812 AYood 
Albich Leonard, tailor, Richmond (Bdg) 
Albiston P. Mrs., Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Albrecht Francis, printer. Falls Sch bel Green 

Albrecht Geo., carpt. weaver, 321 Callowhill 
Albrecht Herman, mach. 921 Sc 923 N 2d, b 

1602 N 6th 
Albrecht Herman, tailor, 930 St John 
Albrecht John F., shoemr. 15 X 10th 
Albright Anna A., 445 Garden 
Albright Charles, blacksm. 152 D.ana 
Albright Conrad, hotel, Cumberland bel Gaul 
Albright Daniel K., clerk, 1334 Pine 
Albright David M., butcher, 1316 Crease 
Albright Eliz., dry goods, 862 N 10th 
Albright George, butcher, 1519 South 
Albright George W., printer, 108 S 3d, h 445 

Albright Henry, segar mr. 919 Vine 
Albright Jacob, moulder, 152 Dana 

Albright Jacob, clerk. Walnut lane (G T) 
Albright Jacob, horse trader. Vineyard n WA- 

Albright Jacob, seaman, 326 German 
Albright John, cun-ier, 839 St John 
Albright John W., tailor, 627 Chestnut, h 404 

S Broad 
Albright Sarah, 152 Dana 
xVlb right Wm. D., mer. 644 N 13th 
Albright W. E., salesman, 227 Market, h 146 N 

Albring Archibald, farmer, CoUegeville, 23d 

Albro John, carder, Cresson ab Jackson (Myk) 
Alburger Abraham, farmer, Pennypack rd 
Alburger Abraliam, vict. 735 Callowhill 
Alburger Adam, butcher, S 2d bel Moore 
Alburger A., painter, 1247 N 2d 
Alburger A. H., 405 Franklin 
Alburger A. Jr., druggist, 1251 N 2d 
Alburger Chas., farmer, Welsh Rd (Bin) 
Alburger Charles M., plumber, h 925 Wallace 
^Mburger Christian, vict. 39th & Haverford 
Alburger Christopher, butcher. Moore ab 2d 
Alburger Edward, bookbr. 316 Wesley 
Alburger Jacob J., wheelwr. 1247 Darien 
ALBURGER JACOB T. & CO., provis. 414 S 

Alburger Jacob T., provis. 414 S Front, h 1307 

S 6th 
Alburger James, trunkmr. 1138 Day 
Alburger John, vict. Marker 
Alburger John G., vict., 705 Callowhill 
Alburger Philip, lab., 812 Washington ar 
(\Iburger Philip, sr., Pennypack, 23d Ward 
Alburger Phihp, jr.. Pennypack, 23d Ward 
Alburger Wm. C, plumber, N W Marshall & 

Noble, h 1008 Mt Vernon 
Alburger Wm. H., trunkmr. 1216 Hancock 
Alburger Wm. M., WaUace bel 13th, h 1008 

>It Vernon 
ALBURGER 8c WOOD, (Chas. 31. Alburger, 

Jas. P. Wood,) plumbers and gas fitters, 

717 Spring Garden 
Alcock 8c Bro., (Abraham, William,) painters, 

149 Laurel 
Alcorn Andi-ew, flour, 1729 Market, h 24 N 18th 
Alcorn George, lastmr., 109 Callowhill 
Alcorn George, carter, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn George J., tobacconist, 230 S Queen 
Alcorn James, laborer, r 931 Federal 
Alcorn James, carter, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn James, baker, S W 21st Sc Summer 
Alcorn James, 825 S 13th 
Alcorn Rebecca, Philip bel Columbia 
Alcorn Samuel, carter, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, 1709 Lombard 
Alcorn Wm., carter, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn Wm., lab. Perry ab Chatham 
Alcorn Wm., baker, 2024 Lombard 
Alday Edward, salesman, 215 Chestnut, h 300 

S 6th 
Aldav J. H., M D, 523 N 11th 
Alde'n Hannah M., 207 N 15th 
\lden Jos., machinist, 1316 Brandywine 
Alden Manoah, 'fan blowers Sc machinery, 15th 

8c Willow 
(Alden M., 1316 Brandywine 



Alderman Joel, rear 126 N Front 1 Alexander John, wines, &c. N E 2d8c Oxford 

Alderman Robert, cabinetmr. 732 Orange Alexander John, mer. 1004 Spring- Garden 

Alding-er Joseph, butcher, Washington (Myk) [Alexander John, painter, 1008 Otsego 
Aldred Wm., engineer, 1511 Vienna [Alexander John, fire brickmr. 2d & Denmark 

-^J:.DRICH & BUCKLY, (Isaiah ^l/ffric^, I Alexander John, shoemr. 1219 Locust 

John Buckly,) grocers, N E 6th & Button-JAlexander John, china pack. 707 Chestnut, li 

wood 1334 Brandywine 

A.ldrich Isaiah, grocer, N E 6th & Buttonwood, Alexander John, farmer, Point rd (Bdg) 

h 524 Buttonwood Alexander John, cooper, 1012 Mo3^amensing av 

Aldrich Joseph, teacher, 42 N 16th j Alexander John, jeweler, 721 S 6th 

Aldrich Silas, salesman, 3 Strawberry, h 232 Si Alexander John, carp. 1239 Catharine 


Aldrich Wm. H., clerk, 38 S 2d 
Aldridge & Co., (-S'. H. Aldridge, A. M. Austin, 

S. J. George,) trimmings, 413 Market 
Aldridge George, sawmr. 1405 Ogden 
Aldridge Henry, police, 1612 Mervine 
Aldridge Johnj baker, 918 N 3d 
Aldridge Samuel H., mer. 413 Market, h Ger- 

Aldridge Thomas, manuf. G Town av ab Her- 
man CG Town) 
Aldridge Timothy, moulder, 530 Franklin av 
Aldridge Wm., brickmr. Olney 
Aldworth Joseph, porter, 17 Watts 
Aledo Marquis, musician, 340 Pratt 
Alexander And., stone cutter 1115 Parish 
Alexander Christian, school, 335 Pine, h 228 

Alexander Cornelius, carp. 129 Jarvis 
Alexander Eliza, 18 Combes' al 
Alexander Elizabeth, dressmr. 1512 Filbert 
Alexander Elizabeth, 1122 Wistar 
Alexander E., dry goods, 44 N 9th 
Alexander Francis, print cut, 21st bel Vine 
Alexander George, blacksm. 1911 Pearl 
Alexander George, jeweler, 258 S 2d 
Alexander George, grocer, N E 3d & Coates 
Alexander Henry, sparmr. 1116 F Road 
Alexander Henry C, mer. 430 Market, h 469 N 

Alexander Henry M., clerk Post Office, h 791 

S 3d 
Alexander Hibberd, lab. Green bel Margaretta 

Alexander Joseph, custom house, h 201 Chris- 
Alexander Jos., lab. Front ab Moore 
Alexander J. & P. E., (^John, P. R.) flour, 

11th & Coates 
Alexander & Knowles, (Henry C. Alexander, 
George L. Knouiles,') fancy goods, 430 Mar- 
Alexander L., porter, 901 Prj'or's ct 
Alexander Martin W.., ex. agent, N W 5th and 

Alexander Mary, b. h. 326 Julianna 
Alexander Mary, teacher, 1056 Lawrence 
Alexander Mary R., dressmr.. Spruce ab Till 
Alexander Maurice S., 452 Library, h 37 N 17th 
Alexander Peter, lithographer, 409 Chestnut, 

h 1219 S 8th _ 
Alexander Peter, engineer, 1216 Hamilton 
Alexander?. R., flour and feed, 11th Sc Coates, 

h 1331 Coates 
Alexander Rachel, b. h. 117 Shippen 
Alexander Richard J., 228 Monroe 
Alexander Robert, lalD. Lancaster bel Reed 
Alexander Robt., marb. polisher, 108 Queen 
Alexander Robt., dyer, 1521 Carver 
Alexander Robert, sawyer, 1017 Lawrence 
Alexander Saml., mould., 708 Thompson 
Alexander Samuel, brushmr., 807 Steward 
Alexander Saml., clothing, 630 South 
Alexander Theodore, cordw., 750 S 4th 
Alexander Thomas, porter, 2220 F st 
Alexander Thos. R., clerk, 430 Market, h 469 
N 6th 

Alexander Hugh, combmr. 1128 MarlboroughjAlexander Wm., cooper, 216 Wharton 

ALEXANDER HUGH, liquors, 1260 N 10th & 

32 Strawberry 
Alexander Israel, blksmith, 1224 Marlborough 
Alexander Isaac J., book keeper, 18 Combe's al 
Alexander James, weaver, 1106 Anita 
Alexander James, constable, 127 Craven 
Alexander James, engineer, 1548 N 7th 
Alexander James, lab. 2054 Hampton 
Alexander James, carpenter Dubree & Wil- 
Alexander James, 2427 Callowhill 
Alexander James, bartender, Rising Sun 
Alexander James, drayman, Piiilip ab Oxford 
Alexander James, hatter Rising Sun 
Alexander James C, Ball n Beach (R) 
Alexander James H., printer, 1235 S 5th 

Alexander WilUam, combmr., 1123 Dayab Wil- 

Alexander Wm., Rev., 2129 Vine 
Alexander Wm., gent., 928 Lombard 
Alexander Wm., brickmr., Foulkrod (Fkd) 
Alexander Wm., engraver, S E 3d & Spruce 
Alexander Wm. J., bootmr., 1114 Market, h 25 

Alexander Wm. J., carp., 18 Combe al 
Alexander William W., clerk, 144 S 3d, h 911 

Alf-^rd Jas., lab., 1922 Howell 
Alford James, 2127 Mt. Vernon 
Alford Wm., mer., 235 Market, h 236 Chris- 
Algco Jas. R. E., agent, 1909 Pine 

Alexander John, drayman. Tulip ab Dauphin Algeo Jas. W., clerk F. & Mech's Bk., h 1909 



ALEXANDER JOHN, stationer, 52 S 4th, h Algeo John, cooper, 8 Benton 

422 Franklin 
Alexander John, shoemr. 1710 Francis 
Alexander Jolm, Railroad House, 1733 Market 
Alexander John, hotel, 1831 Lee 

Algeo Wm., sheet iron worker, 5 Church av 
lAlgie David, designer, 1315 Wood 
jAlgie Wm., mach., 430 N 19th 
I Algier Jolm, brakesman. Union & Aspen 



Algier Jos., ag-ent, 35 Aspin (W P) 

Alkins Georg-e, bookkeeper, 106 N Water, h 

920 N- 12th 
Alkins Geo., lab., 7 Caseltine av 
Alkins Heniy, cordw., 7 Caseltine av 
AUabach Peter H., agent, 152 Green 
Allaneese 'Raehel, washer, 704 Minster 
Allaway Geo., ship painter, 1168 Richmond 
ALLBUTT STEPHEN, tavern, 24 Strawberry 
ALLDERDICE JAMES, mer., 314 and 316 S 

Del av, h 235 S 3d 
AUdread Wm., victr., Burns ab Oxford 
Alleborn Elizabeth, 936 N 4th 
Allely John, wharf builder, 1011 Marlboro 
Allen Alexander, weaver, 1330 Kates 
Allen Andrew^ warper, Rainbow ab Blair 
Allen Andrew M., bricklr., Haverford ab Budd 
Allen Anna, b. h. 1013 Chestnut 
Allen Anna, 787 Swanson 
Allen Ann, 526 Christian 
Allen Ann O., 931 Sarg-eant 
Allen B. Mrs., gentw., S E Broad & Poplar 
Allen Earth., lab., 117 Keef 
Allen Benjamin, bricklr., 316 Catharine 
Allen Benj., manufr.. Miller (G Town) 
Allen Benj., leather, 9 N Front 
Allen Benj., sea captain, 435 Dickerson 
Allen Cairns, plater, Thompson & 15th 
Allen Chas., rigger, 107 Mary 
Allen Charles, cordw., 663 Steiner 
Allen Charles, mer., 238 Arcli, h 800 Pine 
Allen Chas. B., surg. inst. mr., 2110 Tower 
Allen Chas. J., mer., 104 Chestnut, h 526 Pine 
Allen Christopher, lithographer, 22 S 5th, h 

1107 Miller 
Allen Clayton, 419 Walnut, h 260 Madison 
Allen C, shoe manuf., 1306 Ridge av 
Allen C. C, 800 Pine 
Allen Danl., dyer, Waterloo (B) 
Allen David, blacksm., Paul (Fkd) 
Allen David L., wheelwright, 716 N Front 
Allen Edwd., shoemr.. Barron bel Gaskill 
Allen Edwd., carp., Sellers (Fkd) 
Allen Edwd. A., carp., 1410 Coates 
Allen Edwin, 432 Race, h 1213 N lotli 
Allen Edwin, 1213 N 13th 
Allen Ehza, Dunton bel G. ay 
Allen Elizabeth, washer, 412 Gaskill 
Allen Elizabeth, washer, 928 Alder 
Allen Ellen, sempstress, 506 Hagner 
Allen Elliott, lab., 1434 Fitz water 
Allen Elwood, lumber merchant, Richmond ab 

Allen Enoch, 1201 Montgomery av 
Allen Ephraim, Sorrel bel Melvale (R) 
Allen Francis, huckster, Church ab Park (WP) 
Allen Francis, sailor, L Green ab Pine 
Allen Francis, 247 Chester 
Allen Franklin, bricklr., 232 Stanley 
Allen Geo., millinery goods, 930 Chestnut 
Allen Geo., prof. University of Pa., 215 S 17th 
Allen Geo., boots & shoes,"326 Market, h 1124 

Allen Geo., mach., 1520 Burton 
Allen Geo., bookkeeper, 112 N 9th 
Allen Geo., blksmith, 1120 Fremont 
Allen Geo. N., mer., 327 Market 
Allen Geo. W., chairmr., 17 Charles 

Allen Geo. W., clerk, 124 N 6th, h 854 Marshall 
Allen Geo. W., mer., 113 and 115 Market, h 

314 S 15th 
Aller G. W., M. D., 810 N 7th 
Allen Geo. W., lampmr., 904 Ton- 
Allen Geo. W., cordw., 1023 Lawrence 
Allen Harriet, 840 S 3d 

Allen Heman, professor of music, 215 S 17th 
Allen Henry, tailor, Cumberland bel Amber 
Allen Henry, weaver, 1430 Fitz water 
Allen Henry, sparmr., 1165 S 11th 
Allen Herry, painter, 112 N 9th 
Allen Henry, plasterer, 1220 Shackamaxon 
Allen H. C, gentwo., 1904 Pine 
Allen Hen. H., blacksm.. Worth (Fkd) 
Allen Henr}' R., conductor, Sellers ct 
Allen Henry S., mer., 214 S Front, h 800 Pine 
ALLEN & HUGEL, (Wm. G. Allen, Adolph 
Hugel,) forvvd. produce, com. mers. and 
malsters, 242 to 248 N Broad 
Allen Israel, boot black, 1234 Centre 
Allen James, baker, 707 Spruce 
Allen James, alderman. Chestnut ab Till (W P) 
Allen James, seaman, 25 Union al 
Allen James, umbrellamr., 336 Market, h 662 

Allen James, weaver, 1342 Hope 
Allen James, captain, 1132 Day 
Allen James, restaurant, 942 N 2d 
Allen James, lab., 232 Qumce 
Allen James, carter, 15th bel Shippen 
Allen James, weaver, 1342 Howard 
Allen James, 1530 Palmetto 
Allen James C, ins. agt., 1132 Division 
Allen James C, cabmr., 240 S 2d, h 913 N 7th 
ALLEN JAMES T., plasterer, 25 N 17tli, h 

Pine ab Till (W P) 
Allen Job, grinder, 235 Race 
.Allen John, bricklayer, 714 S 10th 
Allen John, mer, 10 N Delaware av, h 260 S 2d 
Allen John, painter. Miller (G Town) 
Allen John, blacksm.. Unity (Fkd) 
Allen John, salesman, 1104 & h 1125 Market 
Allen John, police, St. Joseph's av 
Allen John, lab., Mechanic (G T) 
Allen John, weaver, 23d & Cuthbert 
Allen John, bricklr., 714 S lOth 
Allen John A. ladies' shoes, 1038 Newton 
Allen John B. A., mer. 14 & 16 S. Delaware 

av., h 1909 Chestnut 
Allen John C, biscuit baker, 321 N Front and 

322 N Water, h 335 S 5th 
Allen JohnC, music engraver, 722 Chestnut 
ALLEN JNO. H. & CO., {Geo. F. Gale, Foster 

Newell,) woodenware, 4 & 6 Chestnut 
Allen John H., grocer. Bank and Sorrel (R) 
Allen Joseph, gilder, h 660 Larch 
Allen Joseph, bricklr. 840 S 3d 
Allen Joseph, cabtmr. 240 S 2d, h 1114 Green 
Allen Joseph, grocer, Richmond & Ross (K) 
Allen Joseph, weaver, 1509 N Front 
Allen Joseph, dyer Kiehl (R) 
Allen Joseph, tavern, P road and Federal 
Allen Joseph, laborer, 1532 Bodine 
Allen Joseph, weaver, Abigail ab Amber 
Allen Josepl), carpenter, 917 Steward 
Allen Joseph L., ship joiner, 216 Dickerson 
Allen Joseph W., barber. Spruce and Water 



Allen Joshua G., M. D., 700 S loth 

Allen Josiah J., mer. 42 S Delaware av., hl320 

Sp Garden 
Allen J. B., sec. Ken. Ins. Co. 405 M alnut, h 

1240 N 11th 
Allen J. Canning-, dentist, 410 Arch 
Allen Levin, driver, Lancas'r av. n Monroeville 
Allen Lewis, huckster, 1220 Shaxamaxon 
Allen Lewis M., mer. 214 S Front, h 516 N 5th 
Allen Marg-aret, sempstress, rear 411 Orleans 
Allen Martha, 847 S Front 
Allen Mar)', grocer, 623 Shippen 
Allen Mary, trimming's, 711 S Fourth 
Allen Mary, 931 Serg-eant 
Allen Mary, nurse, 923 Hutchinson 
Allen Mary, Miss, artist, 1017 Pine 
Allen Mary Ann, 1328 Kates 
Allen Mary A., washer. Oak bel Rose, (W P) 
Allen Mary E., milliner, 529 South 
Allen Michael, lithog-rapher, 34 Hudson 
Allen Moses, laborer, 1719 Pearl 
Allen M. M., liquors, 238 Arch, h S W 8th and 

ALLEN 8c NEEDLES, (Josiah J. Allen, Wm. 

N. Needles,) oil mers. 42 S Delaware av. 

and 41 S Water 
Allen Rebecca, g-entw. 528 Pine 
AUen Richard S. salesman, 225 Market, h 203 

Richmond, (K) 
Allen Robert, cabinet maker, 915 South 
Alien Roberts, jr., clerk, 237 Market, h 716 S 

Allen Robert, B., clerk, 18 N Front, h 2119 

Allen Robert L., real est. broker, 332 Walnut, 

h 613 Spruce 
AUen Robert R., distiller, S W3d and Monroe, 

h 716 S 3d 
Allen Robert R. T., stationery, 811 Sp Garden 
ALLEN R. W. POMEROY, oils, 14 S Dela- 
ware av. h 1909 Chestnut 
Allen Sally P., gentw. 1733 St Joseph's av 
Allen Samuel, Urbanna street 
Allen Samuel, weaver, Clinton ab York, (K) 
Allen Samuel, police, 924 N 11th 
Allen Samuel, moulder, 219 Reed 
Allen Samuel, teacher, 252 S Front 
AUen Samuel, printer. Sorrel bel Melvale 
Allen Samuel W., bookbinder, 46 N 7th, h 

Frankford st (Fkd) 
Allen Sarah, 2 Mayland 
AUen Sarah Ann, trimmings, 839 N 15th 
Allen Squire, book keeper, 1410 Marshall 
Allen S., lab. Iron Place 

AUen Theo. E., mer. 129 N 3d, h 1436 N 7th 
Allen Thomas, tailor, 545 I,ombard 
Allen Thomas, gent. 854 Marshall 
Allen Thomas, mariner, 15 Mead 
Allen Thomas, shoemr. 131 Queen 
AUen Thomas, picture restorer, 914 Chestnut, 

h Chestnut ab TiU, (W P) 
Allen Thomas, sailmr. 2 Taylor's alley 
Allen Thomas, conductor, 1738 N 6th 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., 926 Lombard 
AUen Thomas H., 1904 Pine 
Allen Thomas H. & Son, real estate brokers, 

332 Walnut 
Allen Thomas K., 1019 S Front 

AUen Thomas M., clerk, 553 Market 

Allen William, clerk, 309 Wharton 

AUen William, alderman, 1142 P road 

Allen Wm., farmer, Allen's la (Mt. Airy) 

Allen Wm., sailmr. 405 Carpenter 

Allen Wm., hair dresser, 6 S 9th, h 819 Essex 

Allen Wm., carp. Gay, Manayunk 

Allen Wm., stonecut. Mary n Centre (W P) 

Allen Wm., manuf. Miller bel Wistar, (G Town) 

Allen Wm., dealer, 6^ Lagi-ange 

Allen Wm., grocer, Richmond and Ross 

AUen Wm., clerk, Salmon ab. William (R) 

AUen Wm., collector, 523 S 7th 

Allen Wm., lab. Salmon ab Ann (R) 

Allen Wm., cabmr. 240 S 2d, h 636 N 11th 

AUen Wm. B., lab. 35 Saranak 

Allen Wm. C, woodenw. 1 and 3 Chestnut, li 

1116 Wallace 
AUen Wm. G., merchant, 242 N Broad, h 2119 

AUen Wm. H., hardw. 113 and 115 Market, h 

1010 Cherry 
Allen Wm. H., L. L. D., Pres. Girard College 
ALLEN WM. H. & G., hardware, 113 and 115 

Allen Wm. J., manuf. 1358 Kates 
ALLEN WM. & J., furniture, 240 S 2d & 12th 

N E cor Pleasant 
AUen Wm. N., mer. 1335 N 8th 
Allen Wm. P., salesman, 1601 Market 
Allen Wm. R., clerk, 30 N 3d 
Allen Wm. S. cordw. 415 Reed 
Allen Wm. S., sashmr. 1424 N 6th 
Allen Wm. W., h 220 Chestnut 
Allen & Wyand, (Ed. Allen, Jacob Wyand,') 

painters, 432 Race 
Allenback F., cordw. 720 Poplar 
AUenback John, carpenter, 913 Darien 
Alleson Hannah, gentw. 618 Sansom 
AUett Mrs., 731 S 13th 
Allg'air C. F., gardener. Rising Sun 
AUgier Charles, watchmr. 609 Poplar 
AUgier John, cordw. 531 Poplar 
AUliieser Mary A., luickster, 1242 Cadwalader 
Allibone James, bricklr. 1308 Stiles 
AUibone Phil., cordw. 834 Race 
Allibone S. Austin, mer. 914 Arch 
Allibone Thos., cigarmr. 938 Market 
AUingham Rachel, 931 Darien 
AUinson Geo. B., Rev., 259 S 17th 
AUinson Samuel, 259 S 17th 
Allison Andrew, merchant, 212 S Front, h 432 

AUison David A., clerk, 681 N 12th 
AUison Eph., packer, 525 N 15th 
Allison E.. K., 821 Chestnut & 525 N 15th 
Allison Francis, porter, 13 N 4th, h 720 S 16tli 
ALLISON 8c FAY, wines and Uquors, 212 S 

Allison Henry, cordw. 816 Fitzwater 
Allison James, cai'p. 314 Truxton 
AUison James, tailor, 800 and 802 Market, h 

1307 Filbert 
AUison James I., drugg-ist, 1351 N lltli 
Allison John, stone cutter, 20 Charles 
Allison John, lab. 1338 Pearl 
Allison John, weaver, Chestnut and Centre, 





Allison John H., upholsterer, h 1005 Wistar 
Allison John T., papermr. Maylandville 
Alhson Jos., judg-e, Walnut, N side W Chestnut 

av (W P) 
Allison Joseph, weaver, 154 Apple 
Allison Jos. B., daguerreotypist, Maylandville 
Allison Taylor, papermr. Maylandville (W P) 
Alhson Thos., tailor, 1000 Pine, h 1432 Lom- 
Allison Walter, carp. 24 S 18th 
Allison Wm., 1008 Green 
Allison Wm., manuf. Centre (Myk) 
Allison Wm., jr., supr, gas works. Church, 

Allison Wm., 24 S 18th 
Allison William, weaver, Chestnut & Centre 

Allison W. C, car builder, 1916 Market, h 19th 

n Filbert 
AUkire Jeremiah, confectioner, 2 Arch 
Allmand David, diy goods, 907 S 2d 
Aliman Edward, hatter, h 534 N 12th 
AUman Francis, carp. 1021 Lombard 
AUman Henry, lab. Grape n 37th 
Aliman Joseph, hatter, 1520 Stiles 
Aliman ilargaret, 534 N 12th 
Aliman Peter, dyer. Grape n 36th (W P) 
Aliman Thos., jr., flour and hops, S E 4th and 

Vine & 207 N Broad, h 248 N 11th 
Aliman Thos., carp. 1020 Ivy 
ALLMAN & WENGER, flour and grain com. 

and ford. mers. 207 & 209 N Broad 
ALLMAN & ZEHNDER, {Thos. Aliman, jr., 

Geo. F. Zehnder^ flour dealers, S E 4th 
■^ & Tine 
Alloway Jas., cordw. 13 Brown 
Alloway Richai-d, cordw. 132 Prime 
Alloway Samuel, cordw. Dunton ab Otter 
Alloway Wm., driver, Townsend bel Sepviva 
Allrich Peter W., blacksm. Story ab 37th 
Allspach John, carter, 201 Wood 
Allspach Peter, baker, IST 2d ab Norris 
AUstadt Gusta, mer. 304 N 9th 
Allum Wm., weaver, Oxford & Hope 
AllweU John, lab. Spring bel William (R) 
AUright Benton, engineer, 1019 Keen's av 
Almeida Robt., confect, h 1141 Federal 
Almendinger Charles, dry goods, 624 N 2d 
Almendinger Wm., 807 Green 
Almendinger Wm., trimmings, 624 N 2d 
Almond Ann, Lancaster av ab 34th (W P) 
Almond Jane, 35th & Haverford 
Almond M., carp. George ab Margaretta (W P) 
Almond Wm., gent. 35th & Haverford (AY P) 
Almond Wm. P., constable, Story n 34th 
Almond Wm. H., Lancaster avab 34th (WP) 
Alp David, cordw. 1308 Hope 
Alrich George, 152 S 4th, h Beach ab Palmer 
Alrich John, machinist, 515 Girard av (K) 
Alrich Samuel, blacksm. 1346 Houston 
Alrich Susan, widow, 1408 Beach 
Alrich Wm., maciiinist, 1322 Houston 
Alsop Edward B., druggist, N E 6th and Arch, 

h 552, N 6th 
Alsop Reese F., 553 N 6th 
ALSOP ROBERT, attv & coun. 146 S 4th, h 

553 N 6th 
Alsop Thos., lab. 1237 Rodman 

Alsop Wm., car builder, 1237 Rodman 

Alsop William J., book keeper, 112 S Del av, 

h Camden 
Alspach John, carter, 209 Race 
Altemus Alfred, bookbinder, 2124 Centre 
Altemus Benj., carp. Olney 
ALTEMUS & COZENS, {Geo. W". Altemus, 

Wm. B. N. Cozens,) com. merchts, 241 

Altemus Sc Co., bookbinders, 62 N 4th 
Altemus F. S., forwd. and com. mer. 1918 Mar- 
ket, h 212 Jacoby 
Altemus Geo. W., mer. 241 Chestnut, h 1316 

Altemus Sc Hall, {Lane Altemus, James D. 

Hall,) com. mers. 48 N Del. av 
Altemus Henry, bookbinder, 62 N 4th, h 981 

Altemus James, constable, 142 Otter 
Altemus James, ti-ader, 845 Charlotte 
Altemus Joseph B., mer. 116 Chestnut, h 943 

Altemus Martha, Orchard 
Altemus Nicholas, blacksm. 1055 Beach 
Altemus Samuel P., treas. Locust Mount. Coal 

8c Iron Co., 204 S 4th, h Locust & William 

(W P) 

Altemus Thomas, h 5 Ellen 
Altemus Wm., starch factory, Penn (Fkd) 
Alteneder Theodore, math. Instmr. 229 New 
Alter George A., tavern, S W 6th 8c P road 
Alter Jacob, gent. 834 N 6th 
Aher Jacob, baker, 24 S 10th 
Alter John O., tavern, 423 S 5th 
Alter Solomon, liquor mer. 228 8c 230 S Front, 

h 1612 Locust 
ALTER 8c STREET, (Wm. W. Alter, Wm. 

P. Street,) coal yard, 935 N 9th 
Alter Wm. W., coal dealer, S W 6th 8c Spring 

Garden, h 876 Marshall 
Altermatt Jerome, cordw. 1042 Crease 
Althaus Jacob, cordw. 458 Belgrade 
Althaus Martin, huckster, 346 St John 
Althouse Enos, oysters, 951 Mechanic 
Althrop Thomas, clerk, 717 Arch 
Altmeyer P. F., confectioner, 728 Tine 
Altmier Geo., Salesm. h Dauphin ab Memphis 
Almier John, carp. 1542 N 5th 
Alton John, stocking manuf. Ashmead (G T) 
Alton Richard, spinner, 407 Jefferson 
Alvane Charles, tavern. Main ab Penn (My ) 
Alvord C. C, cai'p. 609 Commerce, h 1233 But- 

Alvord James B., sec. Girard F. 8c M. Ins. Co., 

415 Walnut, h 2108 Mt. Vernon 
Alward H. M., ladies' shoemr. 255 N 9th 
Alwine Charles, carter, 7tli 8c ;Montgomery 
Alwine John, brickmr. Buck rd n Long la 
Alwood Thomas, lab. L Wayne (G T) 
Aman 8c Brother {Wm., Jacob,) sash 8c door 

manuf. Green bel Mary (W P) 
Aman Jacob, teacher, F rd bel Dickerson 
Aman Jacob, sashmr. Green bel Mary, 36th & 

Aman Wm., sash 8c door manuf. Green bel Mary 

(WP) h Hamilton 8c 36th 
Amarelli V. de, prof. lang. 711 Spruce 
Amber Wm., hostler, 1830 Girard av 




Amber Wm. R., dyer, 710 N 10th 

Amberg- H. AY., pianomr. 617 Spruce 

Ambers John, brickmr. Mulvaney ab Oxfoi'd 

Ambers John, lab. Main (C Hill) 

Ambers John, weaver. Miller's la Mt. Airy 

Ambler Charles J., milkman, 1331 Ogden 

Ambler David, bricklr. 924 Warnock 

Ambler John, jr., stoves, 711 Sp Garden, h 633 

Ambler John, milkman, 826 N 12th 
Ambler John, milkman, 1230 Og'den 
Ambler Joseph, bookkeeper, 712 \Yood 
Ambler S., milkman, 1227 Parrish 
Ambler Thomas, stoves, N E 6th & Poplar 
Ambler Wm., cabinetmr. 1438 N 11th 
Ambrose Charles, baker, 1643 Helmuth 
Ambrose Patrick, cordw. Washington (Myk) 
Ambrose Richard, weaver, AVashington (Myk) 
Ambrose Samuel, tailor, 1610 Franklin 
Ambrose Thomas, cordw. AVashington (^lyk) 
Ambrosi Jacob A., painter, 25 N 13th, h 263 N 

Ambrosi Thos. C, painter, 140 N 13th, h 2056 

Ambruster David, bricklr. 1520 AVallace 
Ambruster Jacob, waterm. 1027 Carpenter's ct 
Ambs John, carter, 5th ab Diamond (K) 
Amech John, lab. 7 Rogers 
Amer John, cordw. 1236 Austin 
Amer Sarah A., 1511 N 11th 
Amer AA'm. & Co., (Wm., E. C. Amer, Jos. D. 

Vi'ood,) morocco manuf. 448 N 3d 


1334 Chestnut 
AMERICAN HOTEL, 517 Chestnut 


1122 Chestnut 
Amerson James, v%'eaver, American ab Masters 
Ames Henry, pianomr. 233 S 9th 
Ames Josiah, ship master, 344 Catharine 
Ames AA'm., seaman, 1005 Barley 
Amey Christian, cooper, Nicetown 
Amey John, cooper, Howard, Xicetown 
Amey John, scale builder, Nicetown 
Amey Peter, cooper, Nicetown 
Amey Samuel, cooper, Nicetown 
Amey AA'^m., manuf., G T ab Cumberland 
Amies Israel, embosser and hat tip printer, 523 

Minor, h 419 AV'harton 
Amies Thomas K., salesman, 1324 Mt. A^ernon 
Amleug- Francis, cordw. Cresson ab Grape 

Amlung Henr}-, cordw. 20 Brenner's al 
Amlung- Jacob, lab. 10 Chant 
Ammldon Otis, treas. Lehig-h Coal and Nav. 

Co., 122 S 2d, h 411 S 3d 
Ammon Chas., restaurant, 18 S 2d 
Amon Christian, baker, 1011 Beach (K) 
Amon John, cordw. rear Sliepherd al 
Amos Chas. T., stovemr. 261 N 2d, h 321 But- 

Amos Earnest F., butcher, 1525 N 5th 

Amos Elizabeth, 932 New Market 
Amos Geo., corder, 1044 Beach 
Amos Jacob, carp. Coates' al, h 217 New- 
Amos Jacob, jr., tub builder, Coates' al, h 217 

Amos Jacob and Son, carps. Coates' al 
Amos Jonathan, tailor, 1216 AA'arnock 
Amos Jos. B., moulder, 4 Alervine Place 
Amos Lewis, waiter, 223 Acorn al 
Amos Mary C, 8 Aliddle al 
Amos Nathan, whitewasher, Oak bel Rose (AA''P) 
Amos P., cordw. Till bel Locust (W P) 
Amos Sarah, Canal ab George 
Amos Stewart, m.ach. 1216 AA^arnock 
Amos Uriah F., carp. 937 Margaret 
Amrtz Lewis, sailor, 1 Champlain av 
AMSLER C. T., math, instrum. 635 Chestnut, 

h 28 N 9th 
Amthorn A., baker, 919 ilarlborough 
Anable the Misses, teachers, 1350 Pine 
Anathan il., tobacco, 117 N 3d, h 533 Dilhvyn 
Anburg Andrew, wheelwright, 1017 Ross 
Anburg AA^m., lampmaker, 1017 Ross 
Ancker Adolph, liquors, 150 N Front, h 1604 

Ancona Abra. D., clothing, 330 South 
Ancona Moses D., clothing, 622 South 
Anders Chas., tailor, 214 S 12th 
Anders John, cordw. 1037 Locust 
Anderson Abraham, lab. 2d bel Stone House la 
Anderson Alex., capt. 912 S Front 
Anderson Alex., marble polisher, 1719 Carlton 
Anderson Alex., dealer, 2 Lombard ct 
Anderson Amelia G., dressmr. 737 AA'ood 
Anderson Andrew, carp. 37th & Elm 
Anderson Andrew J., carp. 37th & Elm 
Anderson Andrews, waterman, 828 Swanson 
Anderson Ann, 1321 Melon 
Anderson Ann, shop, 108 South 
Anderson Anna C, tailoress, 120 Spruce 
Anderson A. N., tavern, 2d n Norris 
Anderson Benj., di-uggist, F road ab Wood 
Anderson Benjn. F., 206 Currant al 
Anderson Bernard, lab. 1701 Barker 
Anderson Catharine, 1931 Girard av 
Anderson Charles, printer, 322 Harmony 
Anderson Charles, 610 Ronaldson 
Anderson Charles, sen., butcher, 222 Reed 
Anderson Charles, jr., butcher, 1005 P rd, h226 

Anderson Charles, tavern, 208 Callowhill & sa 

loon 232 N 2d 
Anderson Chas., blacksm. Lancaster bel Market 

Anderson Chas. A., blacksm. Market n 33d, h 2 

Lancaster » 

Anderson Chas. P., merch. 327 Market, h 530 

Anderson Chas. W., barber, 613 Barclay 
Anderson Christian, seaman, 1224 S 3d 
Anderson David, farmer. Monument Road, (M 

Anderson David, plast. 1501 Parrish 
ANDERSON & DUNLAP, grocers, S E 19th 

and Lombard 
Anderson D. F., salesman, 130 IS 3d, h States 

Union Hotel 
Anderson D. P., shoe store, 958 N 11th 




Anderson Edward, mer. 6 N 3cl, h 1223 S 4th 
Anderson Edward R., 771 N 24th 
Anderson Elijah, bai'ber, 16 N 11th 
Anderson Ehzabeth, 320 Crown 
Anderson Ehzabeth, dra^-s, 218 Gaskill 
Anderson Ehzabeth, con'f. 1203 Pine 
Anderson Ehen, 1405 Hope 
Anderson Ellen, g-entw. Paschallville 
Anderson Emeline, washer, Cross al 
Anderson Evan, cordw. 322 S 4t]i 
Anderson E. M., tavern, 1013 Locust 
Anderson Francis, barber, 106 Market, h 336 

5 4th 

Anderson Fred., shoes, 153 N 2d 
Anderson Geo. A., mer. 29 Bank 
Anderson Geo. P., plasterer, 845 N I5th 
Anderson G. W., cordw., Cadwalader & Mont- 

Anderson Geo. W., plumber, 1221 Stiles 
Anderson Hannah, 1104 Warren 
Anderson Henry, lab. Spruce ab Park (W P) 
Anderson Henry, warper, 111 Jefferson 
Anderson Henry T., salesman, S W 10th and 

Anderson Isaac, spinner. North Paschalville 
Anderson Jacob S., tailor, Church & Bridg'e, 

Anderson Jacob W., dentist, 1505 N 4tli 
Anderson James, JI.D., 1103 Thompson 
Anderson James, stone ct., 1508 Palmetto 
Anderson James, carder, Paschallville (W P) 
Anderson James, eng-ineer, 1008 Poplar 
Anderson James, foreman, 1430 N Front 
Anderson James, weaver. Hazard ab Coral 
Anderson James, weaver, 752 S 13th 
Anderson James, porter, 510 Catharine 
Anderson James, jr., salesman, 116 Chestnut, h 

344 Christian 
Anderson Jas., weaver, Blair ab Wood 
Anderson Jas., lab. Fitler ab 2d 
Anderson Jas., porter, 24 S Front 
Anderson Jas., boilermr. Tihon 
Anderson James B., 523 Spruce 
Anderson James H., lab. Price ab Amber 
Anderson Jas. L., printer, 622 S lOlh 
Anderson James R., Rev., 623 Catharine 
Anderson John, cooper. Rising- Sun 
Anderson John, spooler, 1346 Shippen 
Anderson John, boot cleaner, 730 Lombard 
Anderson John, sec. 8c ti-eas. L. Sch. N. R. R. 

6 Coal Co., 407 Library, h 117 N 19th 
Anderson John, chandler, 660 Andress 
Anderson John, warper, Cresson & Gay (Myk) 
Anderson John, weaver, 2324 Vine 
Anderson Jolm, bricklr., 18 Boyd's av 
Anderson John, driver, 1346 South 
Anderson John, porter, 1243 Fulton 
Anderson John, g^/ocer, 1222 Budd 
Anderson John, mach., 517 N 23d 
Anderson John, musician, 1008 Shippen 
Anderson John, seaman, 323 Catharine 
Anderson John, boilermr. Tilton 

Anderson John, hair spinner, 524 Masters 
Anderson John, spinner, Haverford and Mill 

Anderson Jno., tavern, 1500 Marlboro' 
Anderson Jno., lab. Adam st. (Fd) 
Anderson Jno., weaver. Coral ab Dauphin 

Anderson Jno., weaver, 518 Jefferson 
Anderson Jno., lab. Belmont av 
Anderson John, blacksm. 1408 Surrey 
Anderson John, cordw. 322 Thompson 
Anderson John, weaver. Unity (Fkd) 
Anderson John B., Venetian blinds, 306 N 12th 
Anderson John L., dry goods, 308 N 2d 
Anderson John R., cutter, 313 S 2d, h 141 Jar- 
Anderson John T., coachmr. 1306 Carroll 
Anderson Joseph, grocer, 118 S 2d 
Anderson Joseph, blacksm. 610 Federal 
Anderson Joseph, baker, 820 S 8th 
Anderson Joseph, lab. 33d & Elm 
Anderson Jos., silversm. 1931 Girard av 
Anderson J. H., shoes, 153 N 2d 
Anderson Lafitte, combmr. 1349 Marlboro' 
Anderson Lewis, blacksm. Bustleton 
Anderson Lewis, lab. 919 Warren 
Anderson Louisa, 530 Spruce 
Anderson Margaret, rear 819 Essex 
Anderson Mary, gentw. 3d & Catharine 
Anderson Mary, trimmings, N E Catharine and 

Anderson Mary Ann, washer, 617 Middle al 
Anderson Matthew, weaver, 53 Belgrade 
Anderson Melville, clerk, 22 N od, h 221 

Anderson Nich., carter, 1514 American 
Anderson Nich., glass cutter, York ab Front 
Anderson Peter, machinist, 604 Locust 
Anderson Philip, actor, 1307 Ralston 
Anderson Philip P., bootblack, 1016 Vernon 
Anderson Rachel, cook, 1009 Bedford av 
Anderson Robert, coachmr. 1259 Mervine 
Anderson Robert, cordw. 312 Richmond, h 426 

Anderson Robert, warper, 144 Oxford 
Anderson Robert, stone mason. Market above 

Anderson Robert, carter, 172 Columbia av 
Anderson Robert, bhnd maker, 209 Poplar 
Anderson Robert, boatman. 23d bel Vine 
Anderson Robt., blindmr., 1425 Vienna 
Anderson Robert, farmer. River Road, Holmes- 
Anderson Robert H., ship carp., 912 S Front 
x\nderson Samuel, trimmings, S E 10th and 

Fitz water 
Anderson Samuel, provis.. Market bel Till, 

(W P) 
Anderson Saml., painter, 307 Russel 
Anderson Saml., salesman, 729 Lebanon 
Anderson Saml., plasterer, Dauphin bel Sep- 

A.nderson Saml. B., tobacconist, od Sc Wash- 
ington av 
Anderson Saml. M., mer. 425 Market, h 403 

S 8tli 
Anderson Sarah, trimmings, 1300 N 11th 
Anderson Stephen, moulder, 1317 Carroll 
Anderson Stephen D., editor, 108 S 3d, h 26 

Anderson Theodore, grocer, 2201 Coates 
Anderson Thomas, lab., Susanna (R) 
Anderson Thomas, blacksm. 2318 Market 
Anderson Tliomas, weaver, 1517 Frankford Rd 
Anderson Thomas, boilermr. Ella ab Norris 




Anderson Thomas, weaver, York bel Coral 
Anderson Thomas, weaver, Cora] bel York 
Anderson Thos., watchman, 917 N 3d 
Anderson Thos., bootmr., 1217 South 
Anderson Thos., collector, 227 N 10th 
Anderson Thos., tailor, 1537 South 
Anderson Washington, cordw., Orchard above 

Anderson Wm., salesman, 316 Russell 
Anderson AYm., carpet weaver, 1353 Columbia 

Anderson Wm., combmr., 1347 Marlboro' (K) 
Anderson AVm., drayman, 13 S 20th 
Anderson Wm., Church (Bdg) 
Anderson Wm., clerk, 510 Cathai-ine 
Anderson Wm.,carp., Paschalville (W P) 
Anderson Wm., macliinist, 2115 Callowhill 
Anderson Wm., sexton, 1315 Rodman 
Anderson Wm., bootmr., 333 Blight 
Anderson Wm., waiter, 720 S 16th 
Anderson Wm., waterman, William ab Bath (R) 
Anderson Wm., carpet weaver, Fraukford rdab 

Anderson Wm., weaver, Dauphin ab Coral 
Anderson Wm. B., blindmr., 1114 N 2d & 1111 

G T road 
Anderson William G., weaver, Dauphin ab F 

Anderson Wm. H., tavern, Dauphin ab Amber 
Anderson Wm. H., broker, 1U4 S Del av., h 

2325 Green 
Anderson Wm. S., salesman, 314 Market, 

1234 N 10th 
Anderson Wm. T., flour, 1114 Shippen 
Anderson Wm. V., g"ent., 628 Spruce 
Anderton N. Mrs., trimmings, 1U15 Walnut 
Andlauer Jacob, b. h., 138 Bread 
ANDRADE JOS., mer., 122 Walnut, h 517 

ANDRE G. & CO., music, 1104 Chestnut 
Andre (iustavus, music store, 1104 Chestnut 
Andreass A. R., clerk, 45 S 3d, h 102 N 15th 
Andress &, Brothers, trimmings, 57 N 8th 
ANDRES S CONRAD B., Ch. Com. Highways, 

500 Chestnut, h 128 Noble 
Andress Charles, coachmr., 1025 N 3d 
Andress & Co., hosiery and trimmings, 9 N 4th 
Andress & Durell, (Wm. Andress and Edward 

H. Durell,) trimmings, 634 N 2d 
Andress E., 2 West place 
Andress Geo., shoe store, 1040 N 2d 
Andress Isaac T., merchant, 57 N 8th, h 1110 

Andi-ess Jacob, gas. Barker's ct 
Andress Michael, bricklr., 130 Noble 
Andress Michael, carter, Tulip ab Montgomery 

Andress M. M., brickmr., 1433 Apple 
Andress Rich. P., paper hanger, 1137 Palmer 
Andress Saml. C, mer., 57 N 8th, h 809 But- 

Andress Wm., mer., 9 N 4th, h 430 N 4th 
Andrew Joseph, dyer. Wood (Myk) 
Andrew T. G., designer, 409 Chestnut, h 1312 

Andrews Augustus, bookkeeper, 963 Marshall 
Andrews Augustus, trunk manuf., 612 Chestnut 
h 947 Marshall 

Andrews A. J., com. mer.. Bridge n 34th 
Andrews Benj., trunk manuf., 116 N 4th and 

612 Chestnut, h 309 N 6th 
ANDREWS BENJ. & CO., {Boij., Augustus,) 

trunks, &c., 612 Chestnut & 116 N 4th 
Andrews Benj. J., asst. sup., 947 Marshall 
Andrews Cath., 204 N 15th 
Andi-ews Cecil, 724 Arch 
Andrews Charlotte Emily, music store, 716 Sp 

Andrews Christian, coachmr., 1116 N 4th 
Andrews C, typefounder. Bread (Roxbo) 
Andrews Daniel, lab., 833 Grover 
Andrews David, moulder, 1332 Pearl 
Andrews David W., m.achinist, 1328 Lombard 
ANDREWS & DIXON, (James Andrews and 

Thos. S. Dixon,) furnaces and ranges, 1324 

Andrews Edward, 208 Chestnut 
Andrews Frances, washer, 2 Plum al 
Andrews Geo., warper, 739 Copper Place 
Andrews Henry, carpenter, 1024 S lOth 
Andre v/s Henry, brassfounders, 1108 Fremonl 
Andrews Henry W., com. mer., 125 S Front, h 

1703 Locust 
ANDREWS & HILLIVIAN, (Henry Andrews, 

James Hillman,) brass founders, 1116 

Beach above Shackamaxon 
Andrew's James, iron founder, 1324 Chestnut, 

h 252 S 17th 
Andi-ews James, weaver, 1355 Shippen 
Andrews James, weaver, Adams ab Oxford 
Andi'ews James C, sheetiron worker, 252 S 

Andrews Jarius, printer, 834 Wharton 
Andrews John, captain, Leyden's ct 
Andrew's John, bottler, 1711 Cherry 
Andrew^s John, carter, Shippen ab 18th 
Andrews John, 133 Prime 
Andrews John, vict., 2021 Vine 
Andrews John, clerk. Limekiln pike (G T) 
Andrews John, clerk. Custom House 
Andrews John J., tobacconist, 1754 N 6th 
Andrews John T., bookkeeper, 910 Market, h 

266 S 4th 
Andrews & Johnstone, (John Andi-ews and Jas. 

Johnstone,) bottlers, 1713 Cherry 
Andrews Joseph, moulder, 960 Mechanic 
Andrews Joseph, clerk, 34 N 4th, h 414 Arch 
Andrews Joseph, coach painter, 124 Green 
Andrev/s Joshua, lab., 1515 Carlton 
Andrews Josiah R., salesman, 513 Market 
Andrews J. B., gent., 913 Pine 
Andrev/s Laura, 1234 Randolph 
Andrews Mary, Lawrance ct 
Andrews Mary, 304 N 9th 

Andrews Peter, stone cutter, rear 1212 Poplar 
Andrews P. A., boot fitter, rear 821 Charlotte 
Andrews Rich., tavern, Washington and Moya- 

mensing av 
Andrews Robt., moulder, 1908 Fairview 
Andrews Robert, brewer, 1227 Rodman 
Andrews Robert, lab., 408 N 20th 
Andrews Robert, gent., 422 N 20th 
Andrews Robert, drayman, 1628 N 11th 
Andrews Samuel, mer., 8 Market, h Camden 
Andrews Saml., bricklayer, 507 S 12th 
Andrews Sophia, washer, 1908 Fairview 




Andrews Tamor, 55 Union 
Andrews Thomas, cordw., 1436 S 8th 
Andrews Thos., desig-ner, 1312 Dorsey 
Andrews & Thorne, (Samuel Andrews, Frank. 

M. Thorns,) grocers, 8 Market 
Andi'ews T. A., 1231 Chestnut, h River and 

Button (WP) 
Andrews W. A., trunk manuf., 612 Chestnut, h 

963 Marshall 
Andrews Wm., brewer, 1711 Cherry 
ANDREYKOVICZ JULIUS, manufacturing- 
chemist, 108 Arch, h 326 S 19th 
Ang- George, lab. 1222 Hope 
Angel Sarah, b h, 923 Alder 
Angerer Earnst, bootmr. 8 Laurel 
Angeroth Charles, upholsterer, 1 Becker's pi 
Angney John, carter, 522 Thompson 
Angney John, di-iver, 1517 Mervine 
Angney John R., M. D., druggist, N E 5th and 

Anholt Sheppard, blacksm. 808 S 3d 
Anklns Martha, 729 N 24th 
Annadown Wm. B., clerk, 11 N Water, h 706 

Anne Fred., cordw. 755 S 6th 
ANNEAR JOHN, blacking and ink manuf., 127 

N Front, h 1413 N 11th 
Annelly R., trimmings, 436 German 
Annelly Wm. F., silversm. 310 Carpenter 
Anners Henry F., bookseller, 66 N 4th, h 902 

Anning John B., painter, 1337 S lOtli 
Ansby George, 1001 Academy 
Anshutz Edward, gunsm. 437 N 2d 
Anshutz John P., bookkeeper, 504 Market, h 

523 North 
Ansley David, carp. 1512 Market 
Ansley John, plasterer, 312 S Juniper 
Anson John, farmer, Bristol (B) 
Anson Matthew, fiu'mer, Bristol (B) 
Anson Vi^m., farmer, Bristol (B) 
Anspach Chas. E. mer. 130 N 3d, h 1527 Arch 
Anspach George, liner, 1339 Houston below 

Anspach J., ji'-, Pres. Locust Mountain Coal & 

Iron Co., 230 S 3d, h Broad and Poplar 
ANSPACH, REED, Sc CO., {John, William, 

Chas. E. Anspach, James M. Reed, H. B. 

Fairraan, C. B. Sellers, D. M. Swarr,) dry 

goods, S W 3d & Cheny 
Anspach Wm., mer. 130 N 3d, h 537 N 6th 
Anstead Nathan, dealer. Levering (Rox) 
Anstice Charles J., tailor, 133 N 2d, h 904 N 

Anstice Wm., gent. 904 N 5th 
Anstis Nicholas, weaver, Ennis Place 
Anstis Robert, blacksm. Ennis Place 
Ante Adam, lab. 434 W^atkins 
Ante Freas carp. Main (G T)' 
Antelo A. J., mer, 38 S Delaware av. h 1405 

Anthony Ann, nurse, 1302 Coates 
Anthony Charles, 240 Duponceau 
Anthony David, bootmr. 432 Bohemia Place, 

shop, 266 S 5th 
Anthony Harvey D., brass founder, 46 S 2d 
Anthony Henry P., carp. Wildey ab Columbia 


Anthony Jacob, carp. 443 Allen (K) 
Anthony Joseph, blindmr. 735 S 3d 
Anthony Joseph, carp. 1039 Sarah n Wildey (K) 
Anthony Joseph W., mach. 6th ab Morris 
Anthony Mark, clerk, 501 Market, h Ridge av 

ab Columbia 
Anthonv Sim., restaurant, 857 Charlotte 
Anthony Wm., clothes, 70 N 2d, h 615 Mun- 

Anthony Wm., lab. Smith's ct 
Antibus John, superintend. 2230 Clayton 
Antill Joseph, manufr. Wakefield (G T) 
Antitus Wm., 2230 Clayton 
Anton John, tinsmith, 1714 Barker 
Antonio Joseph, cabinetmr. 439 Redwood 
Antrim Jolin, bricklayer, 629 Hallowell 
Antrim Pinder, 1015 Cherry i 

Antrim Pinder, rear 1317 Carroll 
Anti'im Richard B., turner, Broad & Olive, h 

1236 Potts 
Antrim Samuel, conduetor, Richmond below 

R R road 
Antris Peter, sugar boiler, 982 Randolph 
Antrum Anna, tailoress, 1236 Parrish 
Antunes J. G., tobacco & segars, 302 S 5th 
Aolderman George, 1416 Vine 
Apel Henry, lager beer, 431 Callowhill 
Apel John, barber, 417 Callowhill 
Apeldorn C. W., tailor, 318 Race, h 608 Spring 

Apfel & Baker, (J. Apfel, Chas. Baker,) book- 

brs. 515 Arch 
Apfel J., bookbr. 535 Arch, h 628 Arch 
Apker Henry, sheet iron wr. 1203 S 8th 
Apker Sarah, seamstress, Hughes ct 
Apkey Henry, ropemr. 541 Marriott 
App I^ewis, lab. 1315 N 17th 
App Mary, 1044 F road 
Apple Daniel, shipping, 861 N 8th 
Apple Fredk., lab. 7 Winters ct 
Apple George, painter. Tulip ab Norris 
Apple Henrjr, coachmr. 820 Willow 
Apple Henrv, ganger and cooper, 121 S & 230 

N Wate'r, h 620 Parrish 
Apple Henry, cooper, 1014 S 12th 
Apple Henry, jr., cooper, 230 N and 121 S 

Water, h 430 Marshall 
Apple Henry, mariner, 3 Mary's ct 
Apple Henry, lab. Evans' ct 
Apple H. & Sons, {Henry, Henry jr., J. Ber- 
nard,) coopers, 121 S & 230 N Water and 
229 N Front 
Apple Jacob, coppersm. 813 Jackson 
Apple John, alderman, 610 N 3d 
Apple John, segarmr. 848 School 
Apple John, soap boiler, 431 Culvert 
Apple J. B., cooper, 230 N Water, h 854 Ran- 
Apple Michael, New Market and Noble 
Apple T. M., cooper, 2 Gatzmer, h Swanson ab 

Washington av 
Applebaugh'Mrs., b h, 1 N 10th 
Applebee John, weaver, 210 Green 
Applegate Daniel T., furnace builder, G13 De- 
catur, h 806 Wood 
Applegate David A., lab, Otsego bel Mifflin 




APPLEGATE DAVID C, baker, 1220 Wash- 
Appleg-ate Enoch, carp. SCkh n Bridg-e 
Appleg-ate Edward, provi|^is, 936 Rachel 
Appleg-ate Elizabeth, 940 S 5th 
Appleg-ate Francis, 940 S 5th 
Apple gate Job, miller, Graeff 
Appleg-ate John, hotel. Broad & Meado-w road 
Applegate John F., tailor, 357 Redwood 
Appleg-ate Joseph G., ice dealer, 1501 Barclay 
Applegate Rebecca, g-entlew. 15 Queen 
Appleg-ate Robert, bricklr, 1329 Brandywine 
Appleg-ate Robert, poHce, 119 Hazel 
Appleton Danl., cordw. 2 Branch al 
Appleton Geo. W., grocer, 2026 Locust 
Appleton Geo. W., tailor, 62 N 6th, h 874 N 

Appleton Hemy, coach painter, Parker (R) 
Appleton James, insurance agent, 228 Walnut, 

h 2032 Locust 
Appleton John L., att'y at law, 151 N 5th 
Appleton Joseph B., Adams st (Fkd) 
Appleton Richard W., M.D., 1709 Arch 
Appleton Samuel, carp. 1118 Fitzwater 
Appleton Wm., clerk, 14 Wayne 
Apt Jacob, cabinetmr. 456 Richmond 
Arat Catharine, Philip bel Norris 
Arbelo Jos., purser, 33 Almond 
Arble Adolp, artism. 8 Shoemaker 
Arbuckle And-tv., gent. 608 S 13th 
Arbuckle Daniel, manuf. Canal, h Main (Myk) 
Arbuckle David, police officer, 1135 Vine 
Arbuckle Jackson, clerk, 1603 Frankford road 
Archambault A. L., machinist, 15th bel Hamil- 
ton, h 1726 Green 
Archambault Joseph, capt. 21 N 11th 
Archambault L., dry goods, 1106 Mt Vernon 
Archambault N. B., machmist, 15th & Hamil- 
Archambault S. H., dry goods, S E Franklin 

and Sp Garden 
ARCHAMBAULT V. E., dry goods, N E 11th 

& Market, h 1316 Sp Garden 
Archdeacon D., coach painter, 906 Christian 
Archdeacon Jos. F., carriage trims. 216 Elder 
Archdeacon Mary, 906 Christian 
Archer Charles, 317 Wildey 
Archer Charles, auctioneer, 1041 Sarah 
Archer Charles L., brushmr. 312 Marriott 
Archer C. H. Mrs., 205 S 10th 
Archer D., hatter, 943 Ridge av 
Archer Ellis S., lamps, 718 Chestnut and 402 

Race, h 1701 Arch 
Archer Isaac, grocery 1043 Sarah 
Archer James, lab. Kingsessing 
Archer Jeremiah, porter, rear 420 Gaskill 
Arclier John, tailor, 934 Percy 
Archer John, carter, 1523 Hancock 
Archer John, shoe finds. 8th 8c Jayne, h 1027 

Archer John, boot fit. 1027 Federal 
Archer Joseph, ornaments, Buckley ab 5th 
Archer Job, wharf builder, 1201 Palmer 
Archer Jesse, mer. Good (G T) 
Archer Pearce, carter, 932 Poplar 
Archer & Pitt, (John Archer, Thomas Pitt,) 

gaiter fitters, Jayne bel 8th 
Archer Wm., dyer, Sellers & Leiper (Fkd) 

S. Archer, Redwood F. Warner, Wm. F. 
Miskey. Wm. 0. B. Merrill,') gas fixtures 
and lamps, 718 Chestnut, and 402 and 404 
Archibald John, sil. plater, 612 Thompson 
Archibald John, woolen manuf. Richmond ab 

Ann (R) 
Archibald Wm., clerk, Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Ard Joseph B., M.D., 1616 Arch 
Ardent Henry, farmer, 1702 N 3d 
Ardis Albert A., bricklayer, 1034 S 6th 
Ardls H. A. Mrs., 1329 S 7th 
Ardis Wright, carp. 126 Keefe 
Ardle Owen M., baker, Richmond ab Hunting- 

Ardley Alex., mer. 320 Walnut, h 912 Pine 
Ardrey Robert, clockmr. 2309 Hamilton 
Aregood Geo. W., brickmr. Isard 
Arensfelt Henry, locksm. 137 S 2d, h 107 Union 
Aret George, mason. Main (G T) 
Arey Henry W.. att'y and coun., and sec'y G. 

College, 257 S 9th 
Argraves Christ., weaver. Worth (Fkd) 
Argraves Isaac, machinist, 1342 Palethorp 
Argraves Moses, weaver, Worth (Fkd) 
Argraves Thomas, lab. Wortli (Fkd) 
Argue David, plasterer, 1231 Poplar 
Argue G., engineer, Cumberland bel Amber 
Arick Albert, tobacco, 1319 Cadwalader 
Arick John, musician, 1319 Cadwalader 
Arimond Peter, lab. 601 N Market 
Arman David, butcher, Canal n Coates 
Arman Samuel, butcher, Canal n Coates 
Armand Francis, baker, 1225 Pine 
Armbruster Chas., saloon, 418 Vine 
Armbruster George, collector, 915 N 11th 
Armbruster Jacob, baker, 33 Gay's ct 
Armbruster John G., brushmr. 330 Callowhill 
Armbruster Lawrence, cordw. Horner's ct 
Armbruster Peter, mer. 306 N 3d, h 312 N 

Armbruster Peter & Brother, (John C, Peter,) 

varieties, 306 N 3d, 
Arment Henry, carp. 2121 Locust 
Arment Oliver, carp. 2121 Locust 
Armhold Max, shoemr. 934 N 6th 
Armgold Max, shoemr. 456 Jackson 
Armington Sarah, 828 N 12th 
xVrmitage Arthur, weaver, Paschalville 
Armitage Edward, miller, Mechanicsville 
Armitage Chas., tobac. Market ab Bridgewater 
Armitage Jacob, miller, Byberry 
Armitage Joseph, spinner, 910 Marlborough (R) 
Armitage Robt. B., watchman, 221 Perry 
Armitag-e Sliubert, carp. 933 Jefferson av 
Armitag-e Thos., white and blacksm. 1206Vine, 

h 1439 Cherry 
Armitage Thos., boatman, Main op Penn (Mky) 
Armont James, carman, 1211 Marshall 
Armour John, carter, 1530 Burton 
Armour Joseph, clerk, 1530 Burton 
Armrod Thos., boilermr, Penn (Fkd) 
Armstead E., moulder, rear 1520 Pearl 
Armstead James, steward, 1123 Shippen 
Armstead Myers, lab. Fisher's la (G T) 
Armstrong- Abraham, cooper, 127 Edwards 
Armstrong Alex., stone mason, 1328 Catharine 




Armstrong Amelia, 38 Shippen 
Armstrong' Andrew, teleg-. op. 1727 South 
Armstrong And., tobac.51 S Pront, h 1408 Pine 
Armstrong Andrew, seaman, 27 Norfolk 
Armstrong Ann, 1213 Pearl 
Armstrong Ann, trimmings, 1829 Lombard 
Armstrong A. &. R., tobacco, 51 S Front 
Armstrong Bernard, lab. Fislier ab Cumber- 
land (R) 
Armstrong- Bernai'd, lab. Main (G T) 
Armstrong B., clerk, Brown ab R R (K) 
Armstrong Catharine, 1131 Parrish 
Armstrong Charles, lab. Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Armstrong Chas., blacksm. 591 Philip 
Armstrong Chas. E., mer. 35 S 2d, h 622 N 6th 
Armstrong David, bricklr. 1538 N 6th 
Armstrong David, mason, 1827 Lombard 
Armstrong David, jr., plasterer, 1827 Lombard 
Armstrong Edward, att'y and coun., sec'y N Pa 

R R Co. 409 Walnut, h Church la (G T) 
Armstrong Edward, cordw. 117 Almond 
Armstrong Edward, liquor dealer, Front and 

Armstrong Eliza, 1127 Pearl 
Armstrong Elizabeth, 523 Dickerson 
Armstrong Elizabeth, 2213 Hare 
Armstrong Francis, feed store, h 1516 Callowhill 
Armstrong Francis, driver, 1935 Lewis 
Armstrong Francis, dyer, Fitzwater ab 15th 
Armstrong Francis W., shoes, Main (Myk) 
Armstrong Geo., acct. 713 S 2d, h 1235 Tanner 
Armstrong George, book keeper, 262 S Front 
Armstrong Geo., dealer, 1315 Bedford 
Armstsong Geo. W., victualler, 926 Nectarine 
ARMSTRONG G. H., atty. and coun. 605 Wal- 
nut, h 1415 Lombard 
Armstrong Hetty, washer, 202 Burd's ct 
Armstrong Horatio G., books andsta. 305 N 3d, 

h 321 New 
Armstrong Hugh, lab. Geisler 
Armstrong Jacob, stove finisher. Diamond bel 

Armstrong Jacob, tin roofer, 304 Truxton 
Armstrong James, dry goods, 1210 G T road 
Armstrong James, clerk, 24 S Del. av. h 1238 

Armstrong James, engineer, 2039 Cuthbert 
Armstrong James, lab. 322 Thompson above 

Savery (K) 
Armstrong James, chemist, 1300 N4th 
Armstrong James, weaver, 1529 Philip 
Armstrong James, bricklayer, 804 S loth 
Armstrong James, carp. 822 Buttonwood 
Armstrong James, driver, Hancock ab Jefferson 
Armstrong James, salesman, 1238 Mervine 
Armstrong James, moulder, 1408 Savery 
Armstrong James, whipmr. Diamond ab 4th 
Armstrong James, coachman. School (G T) 
Armstrong James, carp. Paschallville 
Armstrong James A., drugs, N 4th & Thomp- 
son, h 1210 G T road 
Armstrong Jane, gentw. 1328 Catharine 
Armstrong John, plasterer, 18th bel South 
Armstrong John, lab. Fisher n Huntingdon (R) 
Armstrong John, lab. 34th n Elm (W P) 
Armstrong John, tailor, 31 S 7th, h 1023 

Armsti'ong Jolin, laborer, Ann bel Melvale 

Armstrong John & James, woolen manufr., T. 

Line and Wistar (G Town) 
Armstrong- John, paiirter, 1134 Columbia av (K) 
Armstrong Joseph, llj^chinist, 633 Reed 
Armstrong Joseph T., ship carp. 114 John 
Armstrong Joshua, military cap cut. 721 Plover 
Armstrong Luke, clerk, Salmon n Huntingdon 
Armstrong Lydia, shoe binder, 38 Shippen 
Armstrong Mary, 19 Benton 
Armstrong Mary A., dressmr. 38 S 17th 
Armstrong Patrick, boots and slioes, 1026 S 9th 
Armstrong Philip, printer, 767 Florida 
Armstrong Robert, bricklayer, 802 S 13th 
Armstrong Root., bricklr. 1323 Kates 
Armstrong Robt., Rev. 2146 Green 
Armstrong Robt., blacksmith, 834 N 13th 
Armstrong Robt., mer. 51 S Front, h 1408 Pine 
Armstrong Robt., stone mason, 1322 Catharine 
Armstrong R., gentwo. 418 S 10th 
Armstrong Samuel, printer, 19 Benton 
Armstrong Samuel, mach. F. road ab Wood 
Armstrong Samuel, shoe store, 615 N Second 
Armstrong Sam. S., currier, 424 St John, h 511 

N Front 
Armstrong Samuel S. & Co., (S. S. Armstrong, 

Geo. Elton,) leath. deal. 424 & 426 St John 
Armstrong Sarah, 1408 Savery ab Belgrade 
Armstrong Sarah, 11 Brooks ct 
Armstrong Thomas, seaman, 128 Dana 
Armstrong Thomas, driver, 1730 Monroe 
Armstrong Thomas, drayman, rear 1354 Hope 
Armstrong Thos., cordw., 1226 S 9th 
Armstrong Thos., engineer, 1426 Hope 
Armstrong Thos., Richmond ab Huntingdon (R) 
Armstrong Thos., carp. 2039 Cuthbert 
Armstrong Thos., weaver, 1314 Carpenter 
Armstrong Thos. G., dental depot, 520 Arch, h 

Ger T av ab Jefferson (G Town) 
Armstrong Wm., dry goods, 1829 Lombard 
Armstrong Wm., dyer, 1324 Catharine 
Armstrong Wm., tailor, 511 N Front 
Armstrong Wm., stone mason, 805 S 13th 
ARMSTRONG WILLIAM, M. D. botanic drug- 
gist & pharmaceutist inst., 722 Market, h 

903 Wood 
Armstrong Wm., cabinetmr. h 1331 Christian 
Armstrong Wm., blacksmith, 2039 Cuthbert 
Armstrong Wm., porter. Native ct 
Armstrong Wm., lab. 418 S 9th 
Armstrong Wm., drayman, 138 S Front 
Armstrong Wm. G., engraver, 517 Prune 
Armstrong Wm. H., atty. and coun. h 1107 

Arnest Benjn. N., dry goods, 1120 Myrtle 
Arnest James D., clerk, 415 Market 
Arnholt Adolph, tailor, 8 Shoemaker 
Arnholt Charles, grocery, Barclay and Broad 
Arnich Sebastian, Braddock below Lehigh 
Arnize Washington, cooper, 534 Monroe av 
Arnold Caroline, fancy milliner, 212 Arch 
Arnold Caroline, 1640 Beckett 
Arnold Christian, baker, 123 Exchange 
Arnold Crawford, 710 and h 1214 Chestnut 
Arnold Edwd., blacksmith, 1306 Kates 
Arnold Ezra W., 227 Cliestnut, h 440 N 5th 
Arnold E., cigars, 1333 G Town road 
Arnold E. mer. 150 N Front, h 516 Chatham 
Arnold George C. Rev., 1821 Lombard 




ARNOLD & CO., (E. S., U. K. Arnold, Archer 

Adolph) liquors, 150 N Front 
Arnold Geo. E., manag-erPhila Clearing House, 

429 Chestnut, h Walnut W Snh (W P) 
Arnold Henry, lab. Richmond Edg 
Arnold Henry, bootmr. 228 Race 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 747 S 5th 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 416 N Front 
Arnold James, tavern, 760 P road 
Arnold James, tavern, 627 Bedford 
Arnold John, blacksmith, 1242 Mechanic 
Arnold John, cordw. 1532 Cabot 
Arnold John, shoemaker, 2059 Lombard 
Arnold John, cordw. 626 Vincent 
A.rnold Jno., shoemaker, 29 Innes 
Arnold Joseph W., com. mer., 120 Walnut, h 

Girard House 
Arnold J., cooper, 248 N Broad 
Arnold Lewis, mason, 1430 Columbia 
Arnold Lewis F., cooper, Oak bel Mansion 

Arnold Marg-aretta, rear 120 Marion 
Arnold Mayer, 440 N 5th 
Arnold Nich. R., jeweler, 38 S od, h 156 N 


{Simeon W. Arnold, Ernst Nusbaum, 

Jacob Nirdlinger,) clothing-, 55 N 3d 
Arnold Philip, furniture car, 1440 Pink 
Arnold Salena, washer, 714 Bradford al 
Arnold Samuel, bootmr. 236 Perry 
Arnold Simon W., merchant, 55 N 3d, h 440 N 

Arnold & Smith, {Michael Arnold, Samuel 

Smith,) Falls Hotel, Ridge av 
Arnold S., liquors, 150 N Front, h 615 N 8th 
Arnold S., peddlar, 464 Jackson 
Arnold U. K., liquors, 150 N Front, h 516 Chat- 
Arnold Wm., lab. Cobb's ct 
Arnold Wm., bootmr., 1127 Pine 
Arnold Wm., machinist, 442 Thompson 
Arnold Wm. A., warming and ventilating, 1010 

Chestnut, h 813 Lombard 
Arnold Wm. G., bookbinder, 410 N 10th 
ARNOLD & WILSON, {Wm. A. Arnold, John 

W. Wilson) manufs. Chilson's patent new 

cone furnace, 1010 Chestnut 
ARNOLD & WORL, imps, and com. mers. 120 

Arnot Ann, 706 N 18th 
Arnot George, stone cutter, 1517 Say 
Arnott Fred., 808 Burns 
Arnott James, lab. 2025 Harmstead 
Arold John, tailor, 805 Poplar 
Aronheimer L., fancy goods, &c., 127 N 3d, h 

319 Julianna 
Aronson R., clothing, 241 N 20th 
Arreson Alex., carp. E Orthodox (Fkd) 
Arrison Chas., mach. 1207 Clarion 
Arrison Chas., farmer, Bustleton turnpike 
ARRISON & DINGEE, brickmrs. Washington 

av n G F road 
Arrison Henry D., grocer, 1331 Ridge av, h 

1737 Coates 
Arrison James M., mer. 1008 Chestnut, h 1519 

Arrison John C, brickmr. 608 N 17th 

Arrison John P., home mission, 531 North, h 

828 N 19th 

Arrison Joseph, carter, Washington av bel Ar- 

Arrison Matthew W., bricklayer, 859 N 16th 
Arrison Peter, cordw. Main, Holmesburg 
Arrison Peter, farmer, Bustleton Pike 
Arrison R. S., teacher, 264 Perry 
Arrison & Smith, {H. D. Arrison, R. A. Smith) 

grocers, 1331 Ridge av 
Arrison Wm., farmer, Byberry 
Arropp John, woolsorter, Haverford near Mill 

.\rrott Colin, M. D., 1618 Poplar 
Arrott James, gent. N W Poplar and 16th 
Arrott Jas. W., bookkeeper, 30 N 4th, h 1618 


Arrott Wm., acct. Shirley and Francis (F V) 
Arrrott Wm., packer, 338 Market, h 11th and 

Art Jacob, carp. 407 Market, h 19 Parham 
Arthur Andrew, storekeeper, 1503 Callowhill 

S. Arthur, Geo. Burnham, Washington 

L. Gilroy,) manufs. patent articles, 117 and 

119 S 10th 
Arthur C. Mrs., Kenworthy ct 
Arthur Enoch, M. D., Main, Holmesburg 
Arthur Enoch, lumber, 223 Frankford 
Arthur Geo., carter. Spruce and Willow 
Arthur James, lab. 301 Blight 
Arthur John, Tacony, Frankford 
Arthur John, weaver, 1325 Howard 
Arthur John T., Meadow (Fkd) 
Arthur John W. Rev., 1320 Catharine 
Arthur Joseph, salesman, 117 Lombard 
Arthur J. W., coal dealer, 271 S Broad, h 1227 

Arthur Michael, lab. 323 N 16th 
Arthur Robert, coal mer. 271 S Broad, h 1922 

Arthur Robert, carp. 712 N 17th 
Arthur Robert, weaver, Gorgas (Mt Airy) 
Arthur Robert &; Bro., {John W., Robert,) coal 

mers. 271 S Broad 
Arthur Robert M., grocer, N W Walnut & Paul 

Arthur T. S. & Co., pub. Home Mag. 327 Wal- 
nut, h 1609 Mt Vernon 
Arthur Wm., lab., Bedford ab Broad 
Arthur Wm. H., grocer, 501 Lombard 
Arthur W. M., clerk P. R. R. office, 13th and 

Market, h 2137 Summer 
Artis Robert, mariner, Orchai-d ab George 
Artis Wm., captain, 1014 Newton 
Artist Geo., waterman, 133 Morris 
Artist James, carter, Fisher ab 8th 
Artist Robert, watchman, 7 Hobensack pi 
Artoni Jos., professor, 1228 Chestnut 
Artzt Gotleib, cigars, 215 S 4th 
Arundel George W., atty. and coun. 241 Race 

h 857 N Broad 
Arundel John M., atty. 241 Race, h Chestnut 

Arundel R. J., atty. and coun. 241 Race, h 857 

N Broad 
Arwin Wm., sugar refiner, 1219 Pleasant 
ASAY A. MERRITT, dentist, 1005 Race 




Asay Charles, lab. 1239 Marlboro (K) 

Asay John, shoe manuf. 802 Green 

Asay J. Lambert, dentist, 1005 Race 

Asay Wm. B., dentist, 207 N 11th 

Asay-William H., dry goods, 5th and Poplar 

Asbury Anna Mrs., 2004 Sansom 

Asburv Clement V., mer. Ill Walnut, h 208 S 

Asbury Edward, mer. 230 S Del av, h 208 S 

Asbury Samuel, mer. Ill and 113 Walnut, h 

ASBURY SAMUEL & CO., importers, 111 & 

113 Walnut 
Asbury Thos. H., mach. 8 Howard 
Asch & Brother, furs, 302 Arch 
Asch Isaac M., furrier, 213 Arch 
Asch Jos. M., furrier, 302 Arch, h 417 Spruce 
Asch M. J., M. D. 417 Spruce 
Asch M. M., furrier, 221 Arch 
Aschaugh John B., blksm. 975 N Front 
Ascough Ann, r 931 New Market 
Ascough EUzabeth, 1015 G T road 
Ascough John, blksm. F rd bel Bodine 
Asghendorf F., tobacco, 203 Race 
Ash Charles, seaman, S 9th bel Pine 
Ash Charles, vict. 1311 N 4th 
Ash Curtis, waiter, 1013 Lombard 
Ash Francis, liquors, 17th and Chen-y 
Ash George, clerk, S W Broad and Vine, h 903 

Ash George W., convey, h 903 Lombard 
Asli George W., carp. Melon bel 10th 
Ash Geo. W., gold beater, Haverford ab Wy- 
oming (W P) 
Ash Henry St. Clair, M.D., druggist, 1712 Vine 
Ash James, finisher, Lan av n H Ville 
Ash James, hotel, 514 Callowhill 
Ash James, M.D., Main (G Town) 
Ash John, clerk, 519 Fitzwater 
Asli John, umbmr., 3 Oneida pi 
Ash John M., clerk, 213 S 17th' 
Ash John T., carp. 860 Swanson 
Ash Jonathan, printer. Orchard 
Ash Joseph, chairmr. AVinter 
Ash Joseph G.,com. mer. h 506 Callowhill Joshua P., com. mer. 429 Market, h 222 S 

Ash J. W., M. D., Prest. Alleghany R. R. and 

Coal Co. 230 S 3d, h 1721 Vine 
Ash ?*laria, 222 S 4th 

Ash Maria L., widow of Robert, 1009 Coates 
Ash Morgan, broker, h 1913 Lombard 
Ash Michael W., atty. and coun. 1118 Race, h 

Main (G T) 
Ash Norman C, clerk, 1217 N 12th 
Ash Robt;, gent., 1009 Coates 
Ash Samuel, carter, 519 Fitzwater 
Ash Sarah, washer, 418 S 7th 
Ash Sebastian, confectioner, 423 Green 
Ash Thomas, lab., 1 Jenkln place 
ASH WILLIAM, hotel and stable, 905 Coates 
Ash Wm., morocco dr., 1 Oneida place 
Ash Wm., clerk, 3 Oneida place 
A h William H., salesman, 429 Market, h 307 S 

Ashbridge George, lab., 2036 Reeves 
Ashbridge Jos., spinner, 848 Darien 

Ashbridge Mary Jane, gentw., 623 Pine 
Ashbridge Thomazin, Mrs., 823 Arch 
ASHBRIDGE T. L. & CO., auctioneers, 1334 

Ridge av 
Ashbridge T. L., auctioneer, 712 N 9th 
Ashbridge Wm., gent., 823 Arch 
Ashbrook James, gi-ocer, S E 2d and Queen 
Ashbrook Joseph, sailmr., 215 Christian 
Ashbrook Thomas, carp., 221 Reed 
Ashbrooke Thos C, tailor, 133 Rose 
Ashburn James C, jeweler, 57 S 4th, h 320 

Ashburn John, jeweler, 222 Dickerson 
Ashburner Adam, mach., li 1233 Buttonwood 
Ashburner Algernon E., mer., 16 S Del av, h 

114 N 19th 
Ashburner Benj., Mrs., Till n Locust, (W P) 
Ashburner Benj. T., com. mer., 13 Strawberrj', 

h 708 N 19th 
Ashburner John, clerk, 16 S Del ay, h Till n 

Locust (W P) 
Ashburner T. Augustus, salesman, 312 and h 

Chestnut ab Till (W P_) 
Ashbury George P , machinist, 2121 Vine 
Ashby Ellen, miss, 609 Ronaldson 
Ashby Frank, hatter, 408 Market, h 626 Arch 
Ashby & Rocap (Frank Ashby, Adam liocap,) 

hatters, 408 Market 
Ashcraft Amanda, dressmr., 966 S Front 
ASHCRAFT C. D. & CO. (c. D. Ashcraft, Jno. 

Atherly, Sr., Jno. Jr., H. S. Bright,) pro- 
duce, 3 Arch 
Ashcraft Hannah, milliner, 23 S 2d 
Ashcraft John, lumber mer., 120 Almond 
Ashcraft Louisa, b. h., 260 S 2d 
Ashe Wm. J., hotel, N W G T road & Masters 
Ashenburg Chas., potter, 1209 Oxford 
Ashendorf Chas., salesman, 1109 N 2d 
Ashendorf Frederick, segars, 203 Race 
Ashenfelder Josiah, coachmr., 1252 Cadwalader 
Asher Conrad, butcher, 1216 N 19th 
Asher Jeremiah, Rev., 1013 Rodman 
Asher Michael, dyer, 620 South 
Ashneld John, safemr., 733 Shippen 
Ashford John R., glove manuf. 607 Callowhill 
Ashford William H., gloves and shoes, 143 N 

Ashhurst John, mer., 16 S 3d, h 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis, acct., 39 S Water, h 1420 

Ashhurt Lewis R., mer., 16 S 3d, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard, mer., 16 S 3d, h 723 Arch 
Ashhurst Richard, jr., clerk F. & M. Bk. h 1420 


John, Wm. H.,) mers. 16 S 3d 
Ashhurst W. H., mer., 16 S 3d, h 1708 Walnut 
Ashley Arthur, clerk, George ab WiUiam (W P) 
Ashley Henry, mer., 23 Bank, h 332 S loth 
Ashley & Strange (Henry Ashley, Frederick 

Strange,) importers &, com. mers., 23 Bank 
Ashley Wilson, farmer, Byberiy road 
Ashman Chas. R., tobacconist, 702 N 3d 
Ashman Christ., vict., Palethorp bel Hanover 
Ashman James, stair rod maker, Morris ab 9th 
Ashman James H., cordw., 832 Leonard 
Ashman Jas. J., stair-rod maker, 708 Jamison 
Ashman N. H., paper hanger, 1142 Poplar 




Ashman Peter, supt., Bridg'e n 32d (W P) 
Ashman Stephen, blacksm., 726 N 22d 
Ashman Thos. C, clerk, 248 Market 
Ashman Wm., ice dealer, 1424 S 9th 
Ashman Wm,, tailor, 702 N 3d 
Ashman Wm. H., tavern, 335 Shippen 
Ashman Wm. N., atty. & coun., 404 Prune, h 

Ashman Wm. T., clerk, 333 Market 
Ashmead Albert, g-ent, Main (G Town) 
Ashmead Albert J., farmer, Main (G Town) 
ASHMEAD ALBERT S., mer., 32 S Del av, h 

Bridg-e and 36th (W P) 
Ashmead A. L., clerk. Main (G Town) 
Ashmead Chas. F., g-ent., G T av ab School 
Ashmead C. J., conveyancer, 1027 Shippen 
Ashmead Eliza, 158 N 9tb 
Ashmead Frank L., salesman, 32 S Del. av, h 

S W Marshall and Parrish 
Ashmead Georg-e, druggist, 603 Market, h Ger- 

mantown av bel School 
Ashmead George L., atty. & coun. 270 S 4th, 

h 335 S 12th 
ASHMEAD HENRY B., Book and Job Printer, 

George ab 11th, h Girard av bel 16th 
Ashmead Horace E., chemist and drug-gist, N E 

24th and Pine 
ASHMEAD ISAAC, printer, George ab 11th, h 

Girard av and 16th 
Ashmead John E., mer., 18 S Front, h 120 S 

Ashmead Samuel, mer., 410 S 11th 
Ashmead Thomas, custom-house, h 2311 Green 
Ashmead Thos. E., mer., 126, h 1432 Chestnut 
Ashmead Wm., M. D., G Town av bel School, 

(G Town) 
Ashmore Abraham V., carver, 213 N 12th 
Ashmore James, butter, 1018 Buttonwood 
Ashmore John, carp., 1309 Ogden 
Ashmore Mary, cutler, 70 N 2d 
Ashmore M., carp., 1237 Vine 
ASHTON ADOLPHUS H., M. D., lot S 9th 
Ashton Alfred, lab., Pennypack 
Ashton Andrew, farmer. Fox Chase 
Ashton Benj., lab., Holmesburg" 
ASHTON BROTHERS, conveyancers & real 
est. agts., S W 10th & South, h lol S 9th 
Ashton Charles, lab.. Academy road, Holmes- 
Ashton Dan. R., teacher, 929 Arch, h S W 12th 

and Mt Vernon 
Ashton Deborah, 1105 Citi-on 
Ashton George H., druggist, 832 Market, h 932 

Ashton Geo. S., drugs and spices, Girard av 

bel 21st 
Ashton Hiram, cooper, rear 216 German 
Ashton Isaac M., dep. sheriff, 10 State House, h 

1130 Vine 
Ashton Isaac S., conveyancer, 10th & South, h 

737 S 9th 
Ashton Jas., lab. Bustleton 
Ashton John, farmer, Holmesburg 
Ashton John, cordw. Fox Chase 
ASHTON JOHN, jr., city com. agency, 505 

Chestnut, h 12,5 S 9th 
Ashton John W. Rev., 1320 Catharine 
Ashton Jonathan, 815 S 5th 

Ashton Joseph, agt. 8c collec. 1081 Beach (K) 

Ashton Joseph, farmer, Holmesburg 

Ashton Joseph K., brass founder, 1105 Citi'on 

Ashton J. R., clerk, 326 Catharine 

Ashton Lewis, blacksm. Fox Chase 

Ashton Robt., mach., 412 Maria 

Ashton Robt., mach. 811 N 5th 

Ashton Saml., macht. 526 Richmond 

Ashton Samuel, mach. Watson 

Ashton Samuel mariner, 40 Beck 

Ashton Samuel, cabinetmr. 818 Orchard 

Ashton Samuel, editor Nat. Mer. S E 3d and 

Dock, h 1456 Cherry 
ASHTON SAMUEL K., M. D., S E Pine and 

Ashton Thomas, currier, 1337 Christian 
Ashton Thomas, machinist, Columbia n 2d (K) 
Ashton Thomas, dyer, Sellers, (Frankford) 
Ashton Wm., carter, Holmesburg 
Ashton Wm., fai-mer, Bustleton turnpike 
Ashwood B. W., printer, 642 Wharton 
Ashworth A. M., clerk, 1647 N 8th 
Ashworth Chas., spring gr. Rowlandville 
Ashworth Edw., lab. Cresheim 
Ashworth James, clerk, 1 Walnut 
Ashworth James, clerk, Adams, (Fkd) 
Ashworth James, engineer, 427 Aspen 
Ashworth Nicholas, machinist, Columbia ab 3d 
Ashworth Saml. C, hatter, N W 5th & Chest- 
nut, h 409 Julianna 
Askam Chas., coach maker, 131 Dock, h 1421 

Askam Jas., coachmr. 131 Dock, h 330 Lom- 

Askam 8c Son, juvenile coach mrs. 131 Dock 

Askan Lewis R., 416 Carpenter 

Askin Geo., hatter, 36th 8c Baring 

Askin Henry J., real est. agt. 112 S 4th, h Bar- 
ing (W P) 

Askin Jno., mer. 36th and Baring 

Askin John, salesman, 110 S 2d, h 36th and 
Baring, (VV P) 

Askins James, coachmr. 330 Lombard 

Aspden Thomas, dry goods, 35 Frankford 

Aspen Daniel, Reed's ct 

Aspen Robert, lab. 2110 Carlton 

Aspen Thomas, engineer, rear 1523 Cabot 

Aspinall Shepherd, cai-pet weaver, 6th ab Mont-- 

Aspinall Wm., ropemr. 6th ab Montgomery 

Aspinall Wm., weaver. Diamond bel 5th 

Aspinwall Heniy, weaver, 6th ab Montgomery 

:ispinwall Mrs., 1032 Spruce 

Aspinwall Wm., ropemr. 6th ab Montgomeiy 

Aspinwall Wm., warper, 1233 Christian 

Asselin Louis, hatter, 36 S 5th 

Assmus L., cordw. 603 Parrish 

ASSON WILLIAM T., mer. 409 Comnierce, h 
Summitt (C Hill) 

Astie Peter, fisherman, 12 Linden 

Astie Sarah, 12 Linden 

Astimus Fred., weaver, Main (C Hill) 

Astley Henry, weaver, Letterly ab Coral 

Astley James, Letterly ab Coral 
Atack Daniel, weaver. Front bel Chatham 
Atcheson James, gent. 1930 Fairview 
Atcheson James, carp., York ab F Road 
Atcheson John, lab. Front bel Chatham 




Atcheson John, lab. 1540 Thompson 1 

Atcheson Mary, Montgomery av ab F Road 
Atcheson Pat., lab. Jackson (Manayunk) 
Atcheson Robt., mar. fireman. Corn ab Wharton 
ATHENAEUM, 219 S 6th 
Atherholt Christ., brickmr. Bodine bel Oxford 
Atherholt Isaac, farmer, Whitehall 
Atherholt Jacob, brickmr, 2041 South 
Atherley John, com. mer. 223 AUen 
Atherley Jno., farmer, 1080 Beach 
Atherley Jno. ji\, produce, 3 Arch, h 223 

Allen (K) 
Atherley Jno. sr., produce, 3 Ai'ch, h 1080 

Beach (K) 
Atherly James, fish dealer, 124 Laurel 
Atherton H. P., real estate broker. Main ab 

Tulpehocken (G T) 
Atherton N., watchmr. 337 S 12th 
Atkin Henry, cordw. 1604 Market 
Atkin Wm., gent. 608 Poplar 
Atkins A. B. Rev., Tulpehocken (G Town) 
Atkins George, milk, Lan. av n Park 
Atkins Major, Washington ct 
Atkins Robert, plasterer, 1930 Pine 
Atkins Washington, farmer. Darby Rd ab Alms- 
Atkinson Amos W., police, 1929 Brown 
Atkinson Arabella, 401 Christian 
Atkinson Benj., carpt., 1137 N 2d 
Atkinson B. G., tailor, 222 Chestnut 
Atkinson Charles, grocer, N E South & Water, 

& N W South & Del av. h Aramingo 
Atkinson Chas. D., farmer. Ridge ay (Roxbo) 
Atkinson David, lab. Bustleton 
Atkinson Emily, baker. Market ab Park (W P) 
Atkinson E. F., dealer, 1015 Moyamensing av 
Atkinson F. T., mer. 523 Market, h 548 N 11th 
Atkinson Harvey, miller, Pennypack, 23d ward 
Atkinson Henrv, gents' furnishing store, 146 & 

148 S 3d, h 309 N 10th 
Atkinson Henry, engineer, Front ab Mont- 
gomery av 
Atkinson H. P., mer. 220 & 222 N 3d, h 607 

Atkinson Isaac S., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson Jacob, marble deale.i, 321 N 18th 
Atkinson James, bricklayer, 833 S 2d 
Atkinson James, fur. cars, rear of George ab 

Moore (W P) 
Atkinson Joel, gent. 1013 Cherry 
Atkinson John, mason, 2216 Callowhill 
Atkinson John, hostler, Rementer alley 
Atkinson John, grocer, 20th & Market 
Atkinson J. L., bricklayer, 833 S 2d 
Atkinson, Levi, carp. Church (Bdg) 
Atkinson Peter, marble dealer, 321 N 18th 
Atkinson Phineas, miller, Pennypack 
Atkinson Samuel, botanic physician, 1137 N 2d 
Atkinson Saml., weaver, 217 Belgrade 
Atkinson Smith, painter, 540 New Market 
Atkinson Thomas, confectionary, 1107 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, coachman, 624 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, boxmr. 2 Traquair's ct 
Atkinson Thomas, dyer. Front ab Montgomery 

Atkinson T., provision store, 2023 Pine 
Atkinson T. B., baker, S E Market and Moore 

Atkinson Wm., trader. Church (Bridesburg) 

Atkinson Wm., painter, 210 Green 

Atkinson Wm., dyer. Front ab Montgomery av 

Atkinson Wm., mach. 410 N 22d 

Atkinson Wm. B., M. D., 215 Spruce 

Atkinson Wm. H., bricklayer, 630 St Mary 

Atkinson Wm. P., acct. 3 Dock, h 702 Coates 

Atlee Edwin A., 27 N 6th, h 1604 Vine 

Atlee George B., 315 Market, h 1514 Chestnut 

Atlee Hiram, lab. 1215 Anita 

Atlee John, waiter, 1616 Sansom 

ATLEE WALTER F., M. D., 210 S 13th 

ATLEE WASHINGTON L., M. D., 1408 Arch 

Atmore Cornelia, 1233 N 19th 

Atmore Fredk. B., grocer, 1031 Button wood 

Atmore John, Herman (G Town) 

.\tmore R., grocer, N W 10th & Buttonwood 

ATMORE R. & F., grocers, N W 10th & But 


Atmore Wm., clerk. Pear st, HestonviUe Mary, 248 Franklin av 
Attmore & Co., (M. Atmore, F. Brurien,) soap 

& candles, 829 N 3d 
Attmore, M., soap & candle, 829 N 3d, h 13th 

ab Race 
Attmore Wm. P., carp. 2120 Tower 
Attmore Wm. T., merchant, 403 Market, h 

2120 Tower 
Atwell George, tavern, N W Broad and Vine^ 

h 119 Gebhard 
Atwell Leonard, waiter, rear 938 Bonsall 
Atwill George, lab. 706 S Broad 
Atwood Anthony Rev., 412 S Juniper 
ATWOOD & CO., {Jno. M. Atwood, Jno. P. 

White, John Sparhawk,) dry goods, 436 

Atwood Daniel, painter, 1353 Rose al 
Atwood John H., com. mer. 5 Walnut, h 1312 

Atwood John M. mer. 436 Mai-ket, h 1312 

wood, J. C. Ralston, T. .T. Hildeburn) 

com. carpets, 509 Market 
Atwood WiUiam C, mer. 509 Market, h 19 S 

Atwood Wm. N., undertaker, 119 N 8th 
Atz John, tailor, 21 S 18th 
Aube & Felten, {Peter R. Aube, Heiiry Felten,') 

ornam. decorators, 16 Decatur 
Aube Harry, 1018 Newton 
Aube Jacob, lithographer, 332 Walnut, h 978 

Aube Peter R., carver, 16 Decatur, h 413 Dick- 

AUBIN P. J., mer. 203 S Front, h 1914 Vine 
Auble Hampton, currier, 213 WiUow, h 481 

Auble Nathan, turner, 1222 Cass 
Auburn Fred., vict. 1523 Mascher 
Auchenleck Thos., cabinetmr. 1250 Ridge av 
Auchinleck Joseph W. D., saddler, rear 210 

Aucott George, Jr., weaver, Wakefield (G T) 
Aucott George, carp. Jefterson (G Town) 
Aucott Jos., fr. wk. kn. Miller (G Towji) 
Aucott Saml., weaver, Fisher's la (G Town) 
Audenried Anna C, 512 N 7th 




denried James, clerk, Richmond bel R R R 
denried James E., clerk, 521 Dillwyn 
denried J. T., coal. Water ab Callowhill, h 
611 N 11th 
AUDENRIED LEWIS & CO., {Lewis, Wm. G. 
Audenried, Addison Child, G. H. Potts, 
John Rommell, Jr.,) coal mers. 205 Wal- 
nut and pier 11 Port Richmond. 
Audenried Lewis, coal dealers, 205 Walnut, h 
512 N 7th 

AUDENRIED & ROMMEL, (J. T. Audenried, 
Jacob M. Rommel,) coal, Callowhill and 
Del av, and Water ab Callowhill 

Audenried Wm. G., coal dealer, 205 Walnut, h 
611 N 11th 

Audibert F., jeweler, 417 Poplar 

Audsley Joseph, spinner, Lan. av ab Hutton 

Auerbach Simon & Co., {Simon, 'Emeanuel) 
importers, 110 N Front, 103 S Water and 
625 N 2d 

Auerhammer Henry, Ivory turner, 804 Char- 

Auffort Fanny, 1108 Otis ab Richmond (K) 

AufFort Frenk., cordw., 1114 Otis ab Rich- 
mond (K) 

Auffort Frederick, Jr., fisherman, 1113 Hous 

Auffort Jac, fisherman, 1113 Hewston 

Aug-e Clinton, atty. & coun. 428 Walnut, h 300 

Auge Saml. T., mei-. 6 Bank 

Aug-hiltree Jas. W., clerk, 13 Bank 

Augusta Jno., barber 157 N 9th 

Augustin James, 1109 Sansom 

Augustine John, porter, 11 Bank, h 4 White's 

Augustine Lewis, tinsmith, 2208 Market 

Augustine Peter, bricklayer, 980 Randolph 

Augustine Wm., clerk, 2208 Market 

Augustus Eliza, 6 Hillsdale 

Augustus Maria, 406 Buttonwood 

Augustus Mary, 1 Gonsha 

Augustus Samuel, porter, 320 Chestnut, h rear 
1207 Centre 

Aulber Arthur, blacksm. 904 Melon 

Auld Andrew, warper, 1342 Bedford 

Auld John, lab. 1208 Rodman 

Auld Samuel, blacksmith, Holmesburg 

AULL JAMES A., mer. 15 S Front, h Mer- 
chants' Hotel 

Aull Wm., lab., 1825 Lee 

Aumont James P. E., mer. 331 Market, h 1807 

Auner Alfred W., printer, 801 Market, h 160 N 

Auner Chas. E., plumber, 1210 Girard av 

Auner C. H., clerk Mechanics Bank, h 

Auner George S., machinist, 1633 Seybert 

Auner G. A., carpenter, 20 Decatur, h 

Auner Israel B., book br. 247 Madison 

Auner J. G., books, 160 N 10th 

Auner Peter, potter, 1516 Thompson 

Auner Theodore, mer. 20 S 2d, h S W 10th & 

Auner Wm., machinist, 1633 Seybert 

Aunsbie Christopher, shop, 619 Bedford 



Aupperle John, saddler, 720 Market, h 1302 

Hidge av 
Aurocker Joseph, ice cream, 17 N lOlh, h 6 N 

Aurocker Thos. H., locksmith, 13th & Cherry, 

h 6 N 13th 
Austerberry Frederick, painter. Mulberry ab 

Poplar (Myk) 
Austerberry Reb., Muberry ab Poplar (Myk) 
Austie Henry, mer. oil Market, h 1314 Arch 
Austie Margaret, 917 N 15th 
Austin Albert M., mer. 413 Market 
Austin Alex., gent. 1828 Spruce 
Austin Ann E., 1304 Race 
Austin A. J., brewer, New Market & Callowhill, 

h 1928 Chestnut 
Austin Chas., carter, 1106 Hazel 
Austin Charles B., clerk, 515 Minor, h 213 

Austin Chas. S., clerk post office, h 132 York 
Austin Chas. W., cordw. 1023 Lawrence 
Austin David, weaver, N Front ab Harrison 
Austm Eliza, 1011 Pine 
Austin Edwd. B., sawmr., 435 Wildey 
Austin Franklin, 1703 Becket 
A.ustin Geo., painter, 1115 Day 
Austin Geo., weaver, Haines, (G Town) 
Austin Geo. D., shoe manuf. 1023 Lawrence 
Austin Geo. S., glass cutter, 2208 Meredith 
Austin James, dry goods, 810 S 13th 
Austin James, lab. 729 Webb 
Austin John, brass founder, 720 N 3d 
Austin John, gardener, 1342 P road 
Austin John E., hatter, Champlain av 
Austin Jno., P. Pres. Southwark Bank, 1828 

Austin Lewis, cordw. Kressler ab Non'is 
Austin & Obdyke, ( Wm. Austin, Wm. Oh- 
dyke,) tin roof & iron workers, 1705 
Austin, Obdyke & Frederick, {Wm. Austin, 
Wm. Obdyke, Wm. Frederick,) Asphaltic 
roofing 1709 Chestnut 
Austin Patrick, lab. 732 Webb 
Austin Saml., brassfounder, 1224 Darien. 
Austin Samuel H., atty & coun., 129 S 7th h 

Summit, Chestnut Hill 
Austin Seth, hotel, 15 Franklin av 
Austin S. C. lampmr., 1106 Hazel 
Austin Wm., tinsmith, 1705 Chestnut, h 1702 

Austin Wm., grocer, 818 Fltzwater 
Austin Wm., mer. Wistar (G T) 
Austin W. K., carp. 908 Race 
Austin Wm. T., plasterer, 11th bel R av 
Autburn James, saddler, 906 Steward 
Autenrieth Chas., architect, 410 Walnut 
Auter James M., barber, 317 Chestnut, h 1107 

Auvache Elizabeth, crape draper, 206 Catharine 
Auvache Thomas, picture framemr. 206 Catha- 
Auwer John, Lager Beer, 5th & G T Rd 
Avarill Israel confectionary, 1019 N 2d 
Ave Y. cabinetmr., 1002 Sansom 
Averill Rebeca, 932 Sp Garden 
Avery David, tailor, 517 Emlen 
Avery Enoch, fishing tackle, 1050 Beach (K) 




Avery Henry, dentist, 223 N 10th 

Avery Isaac, gent. 944 N 4th 

Avery James, moulder, 1714 Olive 

Avise M. watchmr. & jeweler, 122 N 2d 

Awl Ann C, 420 Green 

Awll C, watchman, 344 Crown 

Awit Geo., dealer, 1529 Wood 

Axe Conrad, lampmr. 1516 Robinson 

Axe Conrad W., carp. Front ab Mifflin 

Axe Daniel, lab. Holmesbiirg' 

Axe Fredk. S., gent., Mill St., (G. Tov/n) 

Axe John H., manuf. S7 Frankford 

Axe Winard, lab. Willow, Frankford 

Axe Wm., police, Phillip ab. Jefferson 

Axe Wm. H., clerk, 425 Market, h 635 Federal 

Axe Wm. H., painter Willow (Fkd) 

Axe Wm. W., & Co., ( W. W. Axe, John Shall- 

cross,) printers, 90 Frankford st 
Axford Edward J., mer. tailor, 535 Spruce 
Axford E; J. & Son, tailor, 535 Spruce 
xixford Joseph W., mer. tailor, 535 Spruce 
Axford Wm., lab. Lehman (G Town) 
Axt Augustus, boardh., 300 Union 
Axt Frederick, barber, F road ab York 
Axworthy Thomas, milk. Oak ab Rose (W P) 
Ayers Geo., paper manufr., Wissahickon C 

Ayers John, weaver, 933 Federal 
xiyers Joshua B., mer. 144 N 3d, h 1524 Mt. 

Ayers Robert B., suspender maker, 853 N 10th 
Aykrod Henry, vict. 1212 Brown 
Ayre Richd., wharf builder, 420 Richmond 
Ayre Wm. H., bookkeeper, 321 Market 
Ayres Andrew J., blacksmith, 16 Farmer Mar- 
ket & Logan 
Ayres Andrew J., blacksmith. Market ab Till, 

(W P) h Market bel Logan, (W P) 
Ayres Bacon, beddg. manufr. 320 Pine h 25 

Ayres Geo. R. & Co., mers. 220 N Del av. & 

217 N Water, h 1109 Sp Garden 
Ayres Hiram, mer. h 608 N 8th 
Ayres John, cordw. Catharine and Copper 

Ayres John & Son, (John Ayres, Andrew J. 

Ayres,) blacksmith. Market ab Till (W P) 
Ayres John, blacksm. Market ab Till, (W P) h 

Market bel Logan, (W P) 
Ayres John R., trader, 5th ab Diamond (K) 
Ayres J. D., tailor, 41 N 6th 
Ayres Mrs. A. W., dressmr., 517 Parrish 
Ayres Robert grocer. Church (Fkd) 
Ayres Robert B., tailor, 537 Lombard 
Ayres Samuel W., gent, 521 S 8th 
Ayres Wm., mer. 56 N 3d, h 1035 Vine 
Ayres Wm., Sec, McCauly, Mt. R. R. Co., 335 

Ayres Wm., 334 Walnut 

Baar Louis, musician, 967 Warnock 

Babb John H., cordw. 2 Clawges 

Babb Samuel, cordw. 25 Mayland 

Babb Thos., boot fr. 11 Mayland 

BABBIT CHAS. C, mer. 7 & 9 Arch, h 100 New 

Babbitt Chas. W., U. S. N., 613 Washington av 

Babbit Wm. W., mer. 407 Commerce, h 246 

Babcock John K., cordw. 870 Lawrence 
Babcock Wm. A., bkkeep. 136 S 3d, h 1219 Cass 
Babe Geo., hatter, 447 N 2d, h 1020 Randolph 
Babe Geo., 1302 Mariner 

Babe John, cigar dealer, 35 S 6th, h 236 N 8th 
Babe Owen, dealer, 1224 Crease 
Babington John, brushmr. 338 Christian 
Babnew Jos., carp. 808 and b 1306 S 2d 
Bach Fredk., M. D., 486 N 3d 
Bach Louis, barber, 805 Girard av 
Bach Wm., map printer, 480 N 4th 
Bachart Michael, carp. 1602 Wood 
Bache A. D., linseed oil manuf. Sch wharf bel 

Spruce, h 1324 Spruce 
Bache Franklin, M. D., 1324 Spruce 
Bache Theodore, 1722 Barker 
Bache T. H., M. D., 1324 Spruce 
Bachelor Chas., stone cutter, 152T Wood 
Bacher Geo., rags, 1442 Pink 
Bacher John, lager beer, 455 St John 
Bacher John D., baker, 3d ab Columbia 
Bacherach R., clothier, 470 N Front 
Bachley W., barber, 804 Cherry 
Bachman A., clerk, S E 6th and South 
Bachman Chas., teacher, 942 N 4th 
Bachman Edward, bottler, G T avab Washing- 
ton (G Town) 
Bachman Feist, teacher, 339 Dillwyn 
Bachman Henry, colorist, 213 Union 
Bachman Henrj^, ivory carver, 422 Library, h 

1506 Robertson 
Bachman Jacob, carp. 107 Darien, house 121 

Bachman John, h 717 Sp Garden 
Bachman John, trader. Front bel York ;\ 

Bachman John, printer, York pike (G Town);; 
Bachman John, turner, 422 Library, h 1506 

Bachman, Lewis, grocer, Nicetown 
Bachman Michael, 717 Gaul 
Bachman Samuel, gent. 950 N 6th 
Bachman Susan, sempstress, 523 York av 
Bachman Wm., carp. 820 St John 
BACHMANN A. & CO., {Alan W. Holt, John 

Bachman,) confectioners, 310 Chestnut 
Bachmann John & Co., {Allan W. Holt, John 

Bachman,) confectioners, N W Sp. Garden 

& Franklin 
Bachmire Fredk., lab. York pike (G Town) 
Bachret Chas., weaver, Penn ab Main (Myk) . _ 
Backes John, grocer, 961 Lawrence 
Backman Christopher, confectioner, Austin bel 


Backman , M. D., 315 Buttonwood 

Backmeister G. C, acct. 432 Walnut, h 1418 

N 6th 
Backus Fi'edk. R., treas. Lehigh Iron Co., 350 

N Del av, h Walnut & Green la (G Town) 
Backus John, porter, 10 Landis 
Bacon Alex., broker, 315 Walnut, h Penn (G 

Bacon Allyn, paper box mr. 112 Spruce, and 6 

Decatur, h 314 Comptroller 
Bacon Benj. C, agent, 107 N 5th 
Bacon Benj. R., glassblow. Wildey ab Palmer 
BACON BENJ. R., undertaker, 245 Richmond 



Bacon Catharine, tailor, 982 Randolph 
Bacon Charles L., coal, 123 S 4th, wharfs Lo- 
cust & Spruce, Sch, h 1006 MtVernon 
Bacon Chas. W., ti-eas. Sch. Nav. Co., 417 Wal- 
nut, h 1006 MtVernon 
Bacon Chas. W., jr., mer. 315 N Front, h 723 

Bacon Dennis, lab. 2 Eakin pi 
Bacon Edmund, mer. h 537 S 18th 
Bacon Edward, merchant, 6 Strawberr}'', h 500 

Bacon Enos, g-arment cutter, 518 Market, h 

1234 Carroll 
Bacon Enos H., boat builder, 1232 Carroll 
Bacon Francis, accountant, 427 Walnut, h 923 

Bacon Francis S., com. mer. 930 N 5th 
Bacon Franklin, mer. 13 S Front, h Walnut bet 

William & Till (W P) 
Bacon G. V.,%rs., 14 N 11th 
Bacon Hosea H., boilermr. 868 Randolph 
Bacon Isaac, seaman, 1040 Lombard 
Bacon James, 1117 Wistar 
Bacon Jas. W., M. D., 222 S 9th 
Bacon John, g-ent. 123 S 4th, h 923 Green 
Bacon John, tailor, 6th bel Dauphin 
Bacon John, driver, 1419 Pink (Fk) 
Bacon John, horse dealer, 982 Randolph 
Bacon Jos., porter, 519 Chestnut, h 419 S 7th 
Bacon Jos., wever, Ashmead (G Town) 
Bacon Jos., gent. 823 Marshall 
Bacon Jos. M., bricklr. 1019 Otis. 
Bacon Jos. M., undertaker, 335 Queen 
Bacon Josiah, merchant, 309 Market, house 467 

Bacon J. W., mer. 422 S Del av, h 126 Pine 
Bacon Lewis, pattern mr., 1114 Mai-boro' 
Bacon Mark, weaver, 5 Ewald place 
Bacon Marg't. E., g-entw. 823 Marshall 
Bacon Mary, g-entw. 502 N 7th 
Bacon Nathan, porter, 519 Chestnut, 419 S 7th 
Bacon Richd., carp. 1114 Marlboro' ab Bedford 

Bacon Richd., roller, 1055 Beach 
Bacon Richd. W., mer. 309 Market, h 531 Mar- 
Bacon Saml., 11th bel MtVernon 
Bacon Sarah, Chestnut bel Maiy (W P) 
Bacon Sarah, 725 S 6th 
Bacon Susan Mrs., 1222 Pearl 
Bacon S3'lvester, marble yard, Spruce ab 16th, 

h 307 Bradford 
Bacon Thos., cabinet mkr., 7th & Hallowell 
Bacon Thos. H., cordw. 7th & Hallowell 
Bacon Thos. S., 622 Noble 
Bacon Wesley, porter, 519 Chestnut, h 3 Caro- 
line ct 
Bacon Wm., ship joiner, 1126 Hewston 
Bacon Wm. H., mer. 328 Market, h Green & 

Harvey (G Town) 
Bacon W. S., mach., Oxford ab F road 
Badding- Jonathan, paper mkr., Wissahickon 

(C Hill) 
Baden James A., saw mkr., 517 Catharine 
Bader James, weaver, Hope ab Diamond 
Bader John, furniture store, 1314 F road 
Bader John, lab., 1350 Carlton 
Bader Jos., furn. dealer, 1444 F rd (K) 


Badger Benj., cooper, 14 S Del av, h Ann be 1 

Frankford (R) 
Badger Benj., carp., 33d & Story (W P) 
Badger Cornelia, 1715 Pine 
Badger Daniel, moulder, 1929 Fairview 
BADGER EDMUND R., notar}^, atty. & coun. 

139 S 5th, h 1206 S 10th 
Badger Jos, M., shoe manuf. 1302 Brown 
Badger Saml. jr., atty & coun. 1715 Pine 
BADGER SAMUEL, atty. & coun. 139 S 5th, 

h 1013 Spruce 
BADGER WM., atty. at law & coun. & Navy 

Agent, 228 Pear, h 1408 Pine 
Badger W. H., teacher, 238 Dean,h 1013 Spruce 
Badlun Jos., gent., 225 Pine 
Baeder, Charles Delany, William Adam- 
son^ glue, sand paper, and cowhide whips, 
store 14 S 4th, factory 6th ab Columbia 
Baeder Henry, lab. Kressler ab Norris 
Baen Joseph H., tobacconist, 1340 P road 
Baer Alfred D., tobacco & segar store, 1712 

Baer & Brother, {A. D. Sf D. B.,) tobacco and 

segar store, 1712 Market 
Baer Chas. F., salesman, 16 S 7th, h 530 Powell 
Baer Michael B., upholsterer, 158 Coates 
Baewald Aug., tailor, 314 South 
Bagans John F., sr., Bodine ab Columbia 
Bagge Elizabeth, 1037 S 4th 
Bagge John, carp. 1037 S 4th 
Bagge Saml. G., carp. 314 Christian 
Baggins John, hostler, Philip ab Columbia 
Baggs James, lab. Chestnut Hill (Graver's lane) 
Baggs James B., jr., 240 Chestnut, h 236 N 9th 
Baggs James B., sr., tailor, 133 S 4th, h Madison 

av n F road 
Baggs Theodore G., acct. 306 Walnut, h Madi- 
son av, n Frankford R 
Bagiot Julius L., cordw., 149 S 4th, h rear 776 

S 2d 
Bagley James, grocery, 11th & Anita 
Bagley Michael, lab., 2044 Jones 
BagnaU Thos., lab., 2 Cowperthwaite place 
Bagner Geo. M., lab., 711 N 4th 
Bagner Joseph, lab.. Sergeant (R) 
Bagot J. Elizabeth, dress mr., 413 Aspen place 
Bagot William, glass blower, 415 Aspen place 
Bagshaw Walter, tool nu-., 120 N 6th, h 1027 

Bahan Wm., lab., Kingsessing 
Baher Danl., watchman, Goodhread place 
Bahirg Casper H., gent.. Van Buren place 
Bahser Adam, lag-er beer, 709 S 5th 
Baier Andrew, confectioner, 810 Callowhill 
Baihan James, lab., Franklin (Fk) 
Bail Joseph P., black sm., 2015 McDuffie 
Bailes Nathan, cordw., 1241 Otis 
BAILEY & ALEXANDER, {E. Headley Bai- 
ley, Maurice S. Alexander,) custom house 
ins. brokers, 402 Library 
Bailey Amos N., boots 8c shoes 127 Arch, h 221 

Bailey Anna, washer, 215 Dean 
Bailey Caroline Mrs., 112 S 12th 
Bailey Catharine, wid., Park bel Lancaster av 

Bailly Catharine, Hock Place 




Bailey Chancellor, book keeper, 316 Market 

Bailey Chas., wharf builder, 618 Sears 

Bailey Christopher, brickmaker. Cooper west of 

BAILEY & CO., {E. W. Bailey, J. T. Bailey., 
Jeremiah Robbins, James R. Balding, James 
Gallagher, A. L. Raymond,) jewelers, 819 
Bailey Daniel, brick mkr., Norris ab 5th 
Bailey David, carp., 1315 Carrol 
Bailey Edwin, carp., 1111 Carlton 
Bailey Elizabeth, dealer, 1342 S 5th 
Bailey EUwood, watch mkr., 43.0 S 2d 
Bailey E. Headley, cust. house broker, 402 Li- 
brary, h 415 Franklin 
Bailey E. Westcott, 819 & h 1830 Chestnut 
Bailey Garrison, lab., 7 Smith's ct 
Bailey Geo., tobacconist, 308 Jarvis 
Bailey Geo., carp., 1351 Howard 
Bailey Geo., black sm., 113 Trellers 
Bailey Geo., Preston near P R R 
Bailey Henry W., paper hanger, 416 Redwood 

Bailey James, mill wriglit, 1122 Columbia av 
Bailey James H., acct., 113 Bread 

Bailey James "W., painter, rear 228 Christian 

Bailey Joel, mer. 219 Market, h 1126 Spruce 

Bailey John, packer, 1217 Deacon 

Bailey John, dealer, 744 South 

Bailey John, cordw. 1140 Sidney lane 

Bailey John, cordw. 805 S 9th 

Bailey John, lab. Wyoming near Bridge 

Bailey John, jr., tinsmith, 744 South 

Bailey John C, clerk, 20 N 5th 

Bailey John C, bootfitter, 1232 Cadwalader 

Bailey John J., clerk, 715 Hepburn 

Bailey John S., blacksm. 235 Catharine 

Bailey Joseph, rulemr. 2 Ranstead Place 

Bailey Joseph, stone cutter, 1232 Darien 

Bailey Joseph, 808 Wharton 

Bailey Joseph J., mer. 230 N 5th 

Bailey Joseph T., mer., 819 Chestnut, h 1126 

Bailey Leah, 611 Middle alley 

Bailey Lloyd, carp. Lancas. Pike n Haverford 

Bailey Lydia R., printer 26 N 5th 

Bailey Margt., wash woman, 719 Copper Place 

Bailey Marwood H., lumber mer. 20 Levant, h 
121 Pine 

Bailey Mary, tin ware, 723 Shippen 

Bailey M. L. Mrs., 1332 Chestnut 

Bailey Nathan & Son, conveyancers, 113 N 5th 

Bailey Peter, cordw. 1102 Warren 

Bailey Peter, cordw. Woodland n P (W P) 

Bailey Robert, tavern, 8th and Catharine 

Bailey Robert, waterman, 811 Burd 

Bailey Samuel, 317 S 15th 

Bailey Samuel, mach. Christian coui-t 

Bailey Samuel, iron safes, 130 Walnut, h 15th 
bel Spruce 

Bailey Samuel, conveyancer, 134 S 4th, h 631 

Bailey Samuel, stationer, 909 Sp. Garden, house 
631 N 17th 

BAILEY SAMUEL B. & SON,lumb. 20 Levant 
ab Spruce (C ) 

BAILEY SAMUEL B., lumber mer. Levant ab 
Spruce (C), & Catharine st. wharf, h 231 

Bailey Samuel L., carpetwr. Penn, h Penn 

Bailey Sarah, nurse, 239 N Juniper 

Bailey Sarah A., Market bel Logan 

Bailey Sai-ah D., 239 N Juniper 

Bailey & Shaw, auctioneers, 1023 Market 

Bailey S. A., 137 N 8th 

Bailey Thomas, cordw. Dauphin ab Fkd road 

Bailey Thomas A., auctioneer, 1023 Mai'ket, h 

527 South 
Bailey Thomas C, Prefect Girard College 
Bailey Wm., coachmr. Park bel Lancaster ay 
Bailey Wm. S., conveyancer, 113 N 5th 
Bailie Chi-istiana, b h, 258 S 9th 
Bailie Mary, teacher, 1625 Locust 
Bailie W. R., cordw. 992 S 4th 
Bailiff Eliza, Canal ab Lock (Myk) 
Bailiff Frazier, boatman. Green lane (Myk") 
Bailiff Humphrey, boatman, Apple (Myk) 
Bailiff William, clerk. Ridge av (Roxborough) 
Bailly Jos. A., sculptor, 1416 Saiilom 
BAILY & BROTHER, carpet warehouse, 920 

Baily Jacob, foundry. Broad bel Sp Garden 
Baily James, oysterman, 243 Currant alley 
Baily John, clerk, 501 Wood 
BAILY JOSHUA L., American and Foreign 

dry goods, 213 Market, h 1427 Filbert 
BAILY J. J. & CO., {Joel J. Bailey, Henry J. 
Davis, Eaton B. Gifford^ hosiery, 219 Mar- 
ket, & 208 Church al 
Baily Samuel L., mer. 920 Chestnut, h Shoe- 
maker lane (G T) 
Baily Thomas W., mer. 622 Market, h 649 N 

Baily Wm., watchmr. 1108 Sp Garden 
Baily William L. merch. 920 Chestnut, h 1309 

Bain Andrew, trunkmr. 706 N Market 
Bain Charles cordw. Richmond bel Lehigh av 
Bain James, jr., salesman, 23 N 4tli 
Bain M. Mrs., milliner, 120 S 11th 
Bain Walter, mer. 614 Franklin 
Bainbridge Charles, builder. Pearl (Hestonville) 

Bainbridge H., tailor, 275 S 5th 
Bainbridge Radchffe, salesman^ 116 S 2d, h 304 

Bainbridge Robert, weaver, 523 Frankford road 
Bainbridge Theodore, salesman, 313 S 2d, h 5th 

ab Spruce 
Bains Edward, mer. 8 N 3d, h 508 Wood 
Bains George, lab. Markoe (W P) 
Bains Geo. B., trunkmr. 6 N 4th, and 302 Mar- 
ket, factory 723 Cherry, h 824 Franklin 
Bains Henry B., trunkmr. 302 Market, h 1104 

Baintor Jane, dressmr. 719 S 3d 
Bair Isaac, 1121 Market, h 15 N Juniper 
Baird Alex., printer, 607 Sansom, h 647 N 7th 
Baird Ann, 253 S 12th 
Baird Andrew, lab. 1517 Jones 
Baird Cunningham, oysters, 1320 N Front 
Baird & Cunningham, soap and candles, 218 

Baird Daniel, chandler, 711 Florida 
Baird David, hotel, 1179 S 11th 
Baird E., trimmings, 820 S 2d 
Baird Finley, lab. 33d and Eadline (W P) 




Baird Frank, clerk, 414 Market 

Baird F. R., oysters, 333 S Front, h 20 S 6th 

Baird Georg-e, grocery, 1119 Federal 

BAIRD H. CAREY, publisher 406 Walnut, h 

1340 Pine 
Baird Isaac S., mach. 804 Capitol, h Callowhill 

Baird James, porter, 514 Market, h rear 210 

Baird James, Southwark Hotel, S W 2d and 

Baird James, grocer, N E 13th and Shippen 
Baird James, driver,~~i919 Wilcox 
Baird James, carpenter, 1320 South 
Baird James, lithographer, 131 Otter 
Baird John, marble works, R av ab Sp Garden, 

h Sp Garden ab 13tli 
Baird John, butcher, Lan av ab Hutton (W P) 
Baird John, hotel, 15th and Burton 
Baird John, clerk, 51 S Front 
Baird John, mor. dr. 1004 Marlborough 
Baird John, shop, Lan av and Park (W P) 
Baird John, lab. Vailes ct 
Baird John, bell tender, 230 Burd's court 
Baird John, clerk, 12 S 17th 
Baird John, collector, 344 St John 
Baird John, gent. 1062 N Front 
Baird Margaret, tavern, 515 Shippen 
Baird Mary, 215 Lybrand 
Baird Mathias, mach. & locomotive builder. 

Broad & Hamilton, h 10th ab Mt. Vernon 
Baird, Matthew, mach. 633 N 10th 
Baird Robert, shoe store, S E 20th & Lom- 

• bard 
Baird Thos. R., contractor, 332 N 10th 
Baird Wm., lab. rear 1615 Helmuth 
Baird Wm., mason, White n Broad 
Baird Wm., manuf. Aramingo, 23d Wai'd 
Baird Wm., manuf. 27 Frankford (Fkd) 
Baird Wm. B., clerk, 405 Library, h 332 N 10th 
Baird Wm. J., clerk, 47 & 49 N 2d, h 130 N 

Baird Wm. M., mer. 224 S Del av, h 333 Pine 
BAIRD WM. M. & CO., agent Phila. Steam 

Propeller Line, 224 S Del av 
Baird Wm. S., mer. 47 N 3d, h 517 Chestnut 
Baisley Amos, whf builder, 1135 Palmer 
Baisley John, whf builder, Vienna ab Thomp- 
Baisley Samuel, whf builder, 1080 Del av 
Baisley Wm., whf builder, 1025 Crease 
Baitzel Geo., printer, 620 Federal 
Baizley John, shipsmith, 118 Mead 
Bake Peter, grocer, 949 St. John 
Bakeoven Elizabeth, 1030 Ash 
Bakeoven Geo., fisherman, 1025 Otis 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, 927 Bishop 
Bakeoven Wm., fisherman, 921 Bishop 
Baker Abraham, mer. h 708 Arch 
Baker Alfred G., mer. 210 Chestnut, h 708 Arch 
Baker Ambrose, tailor, 2107 Cherry 
BAKER ANDREW J., coal mer. Broad ab 

Wood, h 519 S 10th 
Baker And., rope mr. 511 Girard av 
Baker Ann, 1722 Monroe 
Baker Annie, b h 1209 N 5th 
Baker August., grocer, h Limekiln Pike (G T) 
Baker Benj., rigger, 117 Mead 

Baker Benj. P., printer, 2120 Cuthbert 

Baker Casper, tailor, 923 Sai-tain 

Baker Chalkley, 923 Gilbert 

Baker Charles, moroc. dresser, 151 Margaretta, 

h 917 N Front 
Baker Chas., mer. 304 N. 3d, h 1233 Arch 
Baker Chas., segars, George & Leithgow 
Baker Chas., bookbr. 535 Arch, h 327 N 10th 
Baker Chas., cabinetmaker, Galloway, h 1122 

Baker Charles F., baker, rear 17 Parham 
Baker Chas. H., mer. 125 S 4th, h 1034 Arch 
Baker Chas. H., jr., mer. 127 Chestnut, h 1034 

Raker Charles H., chairmr. Diamond 8c Abigail, 

h 1034 Arch 
Baker Charles M., painter, 130 N 4th, h 631 

Baker Chas. S., M. D., N W Marshall & Masters 
Baker Conrad, \raterman, 906 Bishop 
Baker Conrad, jr., 906 Bishop 
Baker Con'd P., fisherman, 709 Richmond ab 

Baker Daniel, currier, 1302 Poplar 
Baker Daniel M., heaters, 246 Girard av 
Baker David, 1218 Marion 
Baker D. B., 923 Gilbert 
Baker Edmund M., grocery, 715 N Market 
Baker Edw. G, A., jeweler, 31 N 3d 
Baker Elizabeth, varieties, N E 12th & Spruce 
Baker Elizabeth, rear 1323 Carroll 
Baker Elizabeth, dealer, 530 Wash, av 
Baker Elizabeth, Baker ab Guy (Myk) 
Baker Elizabeth J., 351 N 10th 
Baker Ellis, porter, 135 Market, h 2 Osage av 
Baker Enoch T., upholsterer, 263 S 2d, h 635 

Baker Ernest, prof, music, 3d ab Oxford 
Baker Francis, tailor, rear 917 St John 
Baker Francis, confectr. N East av 
Baker George, grocer, 938 New Market 
Baker George, farmer. Bridge (Fkd) 
Baker George, gent., 532 Marshall 
Baker Geo., carp. 716 N Front 
Baker Geo., 668 N 13th 
Baker Geo. C, fisherm. 708 Richmond ab Bishop 

Baker Geo. W., waterman, Melvale ab William 
Baker Geo. W., lawyer, 1212 N 4th 
Baker Hannah Ann, 3 East ct 
Baker Henry, coal yard, Sch Willow bel Lo- 
cust, h 2012 Locust 
Baker Henry, cabinetmr. 727 St John 
Baker Henry, mason, Mifflin, Falls Schuylkill 
Baker Henry, ostler, Front ab Montgomery av 
Baker Henry, blacksm. 1137 Palmer 
Baker Henry, bookgilder, Wright ab 21st 
Baker Henry, sailor, 1530 Callowhill 
Baker Henry, police. Diamond bel York 
Baker Henry A., marble worker, 1710 Olive 
Baker Henry C, gent. S E Park & George (WP) 
Baker Hezekiah, engineer, Belgrade (R) 
Baker Horace, waterman, 110 Richmond 
Baker H. B., carp. Limekiln pike (GT) 
Baker Isaac, shoemr. Miles' ct ab Charlotte 
Baker Isaac, carp. Springett 
Baker Isaac surveyor Exchange Ins. Co., h 

1021 Wistar 




Baker Isaac F., lamp manuf. 710 Chestnut, h 

1019 Arch 
Baker Jacob, cig-armr. 231^ N2d, h 1238 Pale- 
Baker Jacob, driver, h 1321 Earl (K) 
Baker Jacob, trucker, 1326 Pass, rd 
Baker Jacob, carter, Meredith be] 24th 
Baker Jacob, fanner. Limekiln pike (G T) 
Baker Jacob, lab. Amber ab York 
Baker Jacob G., carp. 1024 Brown 
Baker James, coachman, 233 Raspberry 
Baker James, Budden ct 
Baker James, banker, 17 S 3d, h Limekiln Pike 

Baker James, cordw. b h 1025 Lawrence 
Baker James R., tobacconist, Frankford rd and 

BAKER JARIUS, & CO., com. mer. 138 N 

Del av. 
Baker Jarius, 138 N Del av, h 646 N 10th 
Baker Jesse, bandboxmr. 21 Bank, h 1409 N 7th 
Baker John, cabinetmr. 540 Owen 
Baker John, jr., rope mr. 511 Girard av 
Baker John, gardener, P road bel Dickerson 
Baker John, confect. Market ab Till (W P) 
Baker John, weaver, Carpenter (G T) 
Baker John, butcher, 1044 G T av 
Baker John, farmer, Bristol pike rd 
Baker John, carter. 140 Craven 
Baker John, ropemr. 11 Girard av 
Baker John, cRainmr. 1720 N 12th 
Baker John, stonecutter, 848 Ontario 
Baker John, clerk, 231 Arch, h 1238 Orr (K) 
Baker John, cordw. 220 Vanderveer 
Bake? John A., potler, 134 Onas 
Baker John C, druggist, 154 N 3d, h 110 N 18th 
Baker John C. & Co., {John C. Baker, Chas. W, 

Nolen,) druggists, 154 N 3d 
Baker John C, D. D., 1240 N 4th 
Baker John G., druggist, N E Front & Brown 
Baker John H., paper box mr. 21 Bank, h 1409 

Baker John J., stoves, 209 N 2d, h 616 Noble 
Baker John J., shipcarp. 459 Allen 
Baker John R., mer. 424 Market, h 42 N 11th 
Baker John R., cordw. 263 S 8th 
Baker John S., paper hangings, 7th & Brown 
Baker Joseph, salesman, 218 N Juniper 
Baker Joseph, sea capt. Richmond ab William 
Baker Jos., metal dealer, 820 Rachel, h 828 N 

Baker Jos., baker, 1022 Clare 
Baker Jos., carp. 131 York 
Baker Joseph, bridlebitmr. Oak ab Moore (W P) 
Baker Jos. B., col. of customs, h 120 N 18th 
Baker Jos. Crap., druggist, 7th and P road 
Baker Jos. F., ship chan. 140 N Del av, h 646 

N 10th 
BAKER JOS. S., coachmaker, 1325 Davy 
Baker Jos. S., drayman, Houston bel Tulip 
Baker Joseph & Son, (Joseph, J. W.,) metal 

dealers, 820 Rachel 
Baker Joseph W., metal dealer, 820 Rachel, h 

828 N 5th 
Baker J. F. & Co., ship chandlers, 140 N Del av 
Baker J. J. G., 26 N Del av, h 655 N 12th 
Baker J. R., woolen manuf. Canal ab toll bridge 

Baker J. & W., (J. & William,) tobacco, 231J 

Baker Levine, shoes, Mill al 
Baker Lewis, blacksm. 1018 Nectarine 
Baker Louisa, N Market ab Noble 
Baker Lucy, 518 Cresson al 
Baker L., com. merchant, 216 N Broad, h 1609 

Baker Marg., 632 N 7th 
Baker Mary, 829 Catharine 
Raker Mary, Wood & Julianna 
Baker Mary, 134 Onas 
Baker Mary A., 943 Darien 
Baker Mary A., teach, piano, 806 S 4th 
Baker Mary Ann, nurse, 301 S Juniper 
Baker M. A. Mrs., 467 Allen 
Baker Melsher, lab. Bridge st, (Bridesburg) 
Baker Michael, ropemr. 1128 Crease 
Baker Michael, lumber, 5th & Brown, h 86.6 

Baker Michael, lab. Sp Garden ab Broad 
Baker Michael, clerk, 238 S Juniper 
BAKER MICH. V., 709 Sansom, h 708 Arch 
Baker Oscar, clei-k, 124 Edward 
Baker Paul, painter, 1334 Palethorp 
Baker Peter, drover, 229 N 10th 
Baker Peter, wheelwright, Apple ab Norris 
Baker Philip, lampmr. 1004 Button wood 
Baker Philip, warper, Jackson (Myk) 
Baker Philip, lab. 812 Palm 
Baker Robert, 2111 Summer 
Baker Robert B., merch. 217 Chestnut 
BAKER ROBERT B. & CO,, oil com. merchs. 

22 N Front 
Baker Saml., waterman, 503 Queen 
Baker Saml., sea capt. 116 Beck pi 
Baker Saml., tavern, P road bel Broad 
Baker Saml., parchment, 1128 Crease 
Baker Saml., lab. Fisher's la (G T) 
Baker Saml. R., baker, 531 Marriott 
Baker Sarah & Sisters, dry goods, N W 6th & 

Baker Sarah, washer, rear 217 Duponceau 
Baker Sarah, gentw. 483 N 41h 
Baker S. D., sewing machine agt, 20 S 8th 
Baker Stephen G., accountant, 155 N 3d, h715 

Baker Sylvester J., bookkeep. N E 6th & Arch, 

h 948 N 6th 
Baker S. W., att'y at law, 144 S 6th, h 1212 

Baker Theo., carp. 3 Baldwin's pi 
Baker Thomas C, bookbinder, 923 Gilbert 
Baker Thomas M., carp, h 1024 Brown 
Baker Valentine, tailor, S W Water & Walnut, 

h 212 Shippen 
BAKER, WESTCOTT & CO., (James Baker, 

Wm. P. Westcott,) bankers, 17 S 3d 
Baker Wm., ship carp. 22 Lancaster 
Baker Wm., cordw. 721 New Market 
Baker Wm., tobacco, 231^ N 2d, h 1234 Pale- 
Baker Wm., waterman, 5 HemphiU 
Baker Wm., trader, 1253 Warnock 
Baker Wm., cordw. 617 Cherry 
Baker Wm., salesman, 137 N 3d 
Baker Wm., butcher, 1603 Randolph 
IBaker Wm., 8 Christian 



Baker W., teacher, Herman (G Town) 
Baker Wm. C.,mer.710 Chestnut, h 1019 Arch 
Baker Wm. D., atty. & coun. 21 N 7th, h Wal- 
nut ab Chestnut av (W P) 
Baker Wm. E. S., treas. 213 N Water, h Logan 

Baker Wm. F., musician, 721 New Market 
Baker Wm. G. & Son, wadding- manuf. N 19th 

Front, h 1215 Buttonwood 
Baker Wm. H., weaver, 2d ab Dauphin 
Baker Wm. H., drug-g-ist, 154 N 3d, h 1127 

Baker Wm. R., mer. 19 N Front, h 1317 Og-den 
Baker W. S., convey. 147 S 4th, h 652 N 13th 
Bakes Wm. C, drugg-ist, S W 7th and Button- 
Bakmeier F., tanner, 1006 G T av 
Balbianie Chas., dyer, 1107 South 
Balch Thomas, atty. and coun. 708 Walnut, h 

112 S 13th 
Bald, Cousland & Co., bank note engravers, 

326 Walnut 
Bald Geo., butcher, 610 Hay 
Bald J. Dorsey, engr. 326 Walnut 
Bald Wm. R., gro. 2d & Poplai-, h 914 N 6th 
Balderston &. Albertson, carpenters, 1103 Wood 
Balderston Isaiah, paper hr. 925 Torr 
Balderston Mark, carpenter, 1103 Wood, h 923 

Balderston S. F., paper hr. 912 Sp Garden 
Balding James R., 819 Chestnut, h 1803 Arch 
Baldinger Jacob, tailor, 317 Lombard 
Baldrich Richard, agt. 628 N 12th 
Baldt Fred., whip mr. 403 Girard av 
Baldt Geo. H., umbrella mr. 324 Market 
Baldt Henry, umb. mr. 1113 Palmer 
Baldt Jacob, farmer, Bristol Turnpike (Fkd) 
Baldt John, umb. mr. 1113 Palmer 
Baldt Wm., carp. 1113 Palmer 
Baldt Wm., jr., carp. 1113 Palmer 
Baldwin Adam, glass blower, 1123 Vienna 
Baldwin B. K., clerk, 811 S 3d 
Baldwin Catharine, gentw. 1721 Walnut 
Baldwin Chas. H., carp. 21st & Oxford 
Baldwin David, bricklr. 818 Belgrade 
Baldwin Eliza, gentw. Lancaster av (Heston'le) 
Baldwin Enos, coach trim. 1710 Coates 
Baldwin Hannah M., 145 N 10th 
Baldwin Isaac H., mer. 325 Arch, h 714 N 10th 
Baldwin John, paper hr. 123 Jacoby 
Baldwin Jno. Y., publisher, 149 S 4th, h 215 

Baldwin Joseph, painter, 123 Jacoby 
Baldwin Jos., cordw. 3 Hobensack pi 
Baldwin, A. B., H. E. Linderman,) mers. 
325 Arch 
BALDWIN M. W. & CO., machinists, locomo- 
tive and engine builders. Broad & Hamilton 
Baldwin M. W., locomotive builder. Broad and 

Hamilton, h 1031 Spruce 
Baldwin N. B. Rev., 1005 S 5th 
Baldwin Oliver, jeweler, 314 N 6th 
Baldwin O. P., cabt. mr. 1017 Wharton 
Baldwin O. P., watch mr. 501 Market 
Baldwin P. W., steward, 513 S 10th 
Baldwin Sarah, 1721 Walnut 
Baldwin Sarah, 1211 Clarion 

Baldwin Stephen, mer. S W Front & Walnut, 

h 924 "S^'alnut 
BALDWIN STEPHEN & CO., coiti, mers. S W 

Front & Walnut 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, N E Broad & Arch, 

3d story 
Baldwin Wm., carp. Paul (Fkd) 
Baldwin Wm. H., painter, 21st bel Ridge rd 
Baldwin W. R., cabinetmr. 1027 Maurice 
Bale Israel, saddler, 1211 Irvine 
Bale Patrick, 1238 Fulton 
Bale Saml., tailor, 1245 Fulton 
Balem Marwin, watchman, Salmon 
Bales John E., 2048 Winter 
Bales Paten, Mary near Lancaster av (W P) 
Balew Chas., lab. Westminster av 
Baley Harriet, 36th and Haverford 
Baley Jane, 312 Belgrade 
Baley Thomas, lab. 36th n Haverford (W P) 
Balf Mrs., 2121 Spruce 
Balfour Isabel, shop, 638 Lombard 
Balhs Chas. brass turner, 990 N 7th 
Ball Alex., boot fitter, 718 Lebanon 
Ball Ann, 12 Knight's ct 
Ball Ann, Frankford ab Trinity (Fkd) 
Ball Ann, rear 1210 Poplar 
Ball Anna, Clifton House, 2 Nonnater's ct 
BALL A. W., coal, 9 S 5th, h 1228 Walnut 
Ball Chas., clerk, 440 Market, h 317 N 13th 
Ball Charles A., cutter, 607 Chestnut, h 251 S 

Ball David, carp. 254 N 16th 
Ball Edw., gardener, Stone House lane 
Ball Elizabeth, washer, 930 Auburn 
Ball George, cabinetmr., 964 N Front 
Ball George H., clerk, 203 Mai-ket, h 514 

Ball Geo. W., gent., 1816 Chestnut 
Ball George W. I., convey. 520 Walnut, h 1137 

Ball Henry, ir., clerk, office S E 3d & Walnut, 

h 880 Marshall 
Ball Henry, store, 542 N 10th 
Ball Horace, clerk, 208 S Del av, h 1709 St 

Joseph's av 
Ball Israel, carp. 1117 S 3d 
Ball Israel R., gent. 200 Catharine 
Ball James, moulder, 2017 Reeves 
Ball John, carp, rear 15 N 9th, h 757 S 10th 
Ball John R., carp. 328 McUlwain 
Ball John Y., carp. 315 Wesley 
Ball Joseph S., clerk, 422 Federal 
Ball J. Mrs., dry goods, 819 Sp Garden 
Ball J. W., salesman, 215 Church al, h 23d ab 

Ball Laura, teacher, 1911 Plymouth 
Ball Leonard, weaver. Centre (G T) 
Ball Mahlon, shoe manuf. 408 Commerce, h 

1504 Poplar 
Ball Richard, weaver, 1226 Federal 
Ball Richard ]M., clerk, 14 Bank, h 925 Ma- 
Ball Saml., cordw. 6 Sanders ct 
Ball Saml. P., carp. 245 N 15th 
Ball Wallace M. B., clother, 951 Randolph 
Ball Wm., glass cutter, 205 Quarry, h 1505 

Frankford rd 
BaU Wm., bonnet presser, 940 Charlotte 




Ball Wm., watchmr. 12 S 2d, h 1232 S 6th 
Ball Wm. jr., clerk, 1505 Frankford rd 
Ball Wm., mer. 12 S 2d, h 1232 S 6th 
Ballantine James, grocer, 1319 Catharine 
Ballantine AVm. S., sr., gardener, 754 S 13th 
Ballantine Wm. S., g-ardener, 754 S 13th 
Ballard Brown, brushmr., h 715 Florida 
Ballai'd John, 229 Prosperous al 
Ballard John, waiter, 202 Acorn al 
Ballard John, 236 Currant al 
Ballenberg- Y. Mrs., dry g-oods, 715 N 2d 
BaUenger Alfred, locksmith and bell hang-er, 48 

N 7th, h Linden and Westminster av 
Ballenger Edw., bookbr. 1227 Wood 
Ballenger Thomas, plasterer, 704 Washington 

Ballenger Wm., plasterer, 1009 S 3d 
Ballentine Alex., weaver, Bodine ab Oxford 
Ballentine Robt., watcliman, 430 German 
Ballentine Saml., weaver, 1514 Howard 
BalHer John F., hotel, 311 Race 
Ballinger Christian, lab. rear 1005 Nectarine 
Ballinger Geo., plasterer, 617 Washington av 
Ballinger Jacob, blacksmith, 4 Winters' ct 
Ballinger Mark, seaman. Corn and Decatur 
Ballinger Mary J., Marion and Wheat 
Ballinger Rich. H., clerk, 1 Cadwell 
Ballinger Thos., carp. 1111 Mark's lane 
Ballinger Thos., skindr. 807 N 7th 
Ballou Moses, D.D., 846 Franklin 
Balls Wm. H., I'igger, 222 Federal 
Balmain George, envelop manuf. 510 Minor, h 

Markoe (W P) 
Balsley Henry B., printer, 126 Greenwich 
Bait Fredk., cordw. 923 St Jolm 
Bait John, carp. Townsend (R) 
Baltimore Jno., blacksmith, 928 Percy 
Baltison Jonathan, roller tur. 1036 F road 
Baltz Caroline, Metamora Hall, S W 2d and 

Baltz Christian, butcher, 716 Belgrade 
Baltz Danl. T., cab mr. 37th & Sycamore (WP) 
Baltz David, cordw. 1359 S Broad 
Baltz Fred., saloon, 457 N 3d 
Baltz Fred., gent. 716 Belgrade 
Baltz Geo., glass blower, 1334 Vienna 
Baltz Henry, butcher, Randolph ab Oxford (K) 
Baltz Henry W., carp. Grape n 36th (W P) 
Baltz Jacob & Peter, brewery, 502 N 3d 
Baltz John, carp. Grape near 36th 
Baltzer G., varnisher, 1309 N 5th 
Baltzer L., tobacco, 1309 N 5th 
Bamber Alfred, captain, 748 S 6th 
Bamberger, Brothers 8c Co., {Henry, David, 

Moses Bamberger, J. Adler,) embroideries 

& white goods, 105 & 107 N 8th 
Bamberger Geo., painter, Otis ab Memphis 
Bamberger L. & Co., (L. Bamberger, S. Auer- 

bach,) imp. cigars, 3 N Water 
Bambery Wm., ladies' shoes, S 5th bel Morris 
Bambrey Wm. G., turner, 223 Crown, h 1002 

Bameler F. A., lab. Centre (G T) 
Bamford Wm., lab. 2133 Locust 
Bamptom J. Warren, clerk, 206 S Del. av 
Bance S., shop 706 S 6th 
Bancker Charles G., ins. broker, 305 Harmony 

pi, h 667 Passj-unk rd 

Bancker Charles N., Brest. Franklin Fire Ins. 

Co., 437 Chestnut 
Bancker Conrad, tailor, 414 Worth 
Bancker David, butcher, Lancaster av and 36th 
Bancker J. W., restaurant, 811 Walnut 
Bancroft Addison, publisher, 602 Arch, h 229 

Main (Fkd) 
Bancroft & Boustead, (John Bancroft, John 

Boustead,) coal mers. N E 8th & Willow 
Bancroft Danl., clerk, 14 N Delaware av, h 527 

Bancroft Edw. Mrs., 1723 Vine 
Bancroft Geo. H., painter, 22 S 15th 
Bancroft G. K., blacksm. shop, 609 Christian, h 

937 S 3d 
Bancroft, Haines & Co., (Reuben F., Gideoffi 

K. Bancroft, Erasmus W. Haines,) manuf. 

iron railings and doors, 609 Christian and 

20 Decatur 
Bancroft Harvey, mer. 330 Market, h 1131 Cal- 

Bancroft James R., clerk, 330 Market, h 1131 

Bancroft John A., clerk, 609 Chestnut, h 711 

Bancroft John & Son, (John, John, jr.,) soap 

and candle manuf, 219, 221 & 223 Wood 
Bancroft John, jr., soap manuf. 219 Wood, h 

316 St. John 
BANCROFT J. N., coal, 9th & Girard av 
BANCROFT & LEE, (Harvey Bancroft, Robt. 

W. Lee,) trimmings, 330 Market 
BANCROFT LEWIS & CO., (Jno. Bancroft, 

Jos. S. Lewis, Napoleon Bancroft, Joseph 

W. Bancroft,) coal merchants. 111 Walnut, 

& pier 10 Richmond 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 15 S 15th 
Bancroft M. & E., hosiery, 8 N 8th 
Bancroft N., soap manuf. 1418 Marshall, & Coal 

mer. 9th & Girard av 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksm., 20 Decatur, h 

609 Christian 
Bancroft Samuel, hatter, 417 Market, h 2 Helena 

Bancroft Wm., 119 N 18th 
Band Chas.. mech. 2 Miller's ct 
Band John, dealer, 1332 Frankford (Fkd) 
Bane Barnet, bar tender, 2222 Hare 
Bane Henrj-, jeweler, 644 Hallowell 
Bane John, jeweler, 634 Hallowell 
Bane John, gent. 977 N 5th 
Bane Thos., lab. 403 N Front 
Baner Bernice C, Nurse's Home, 931 Race 
Baner Mark, carter, 541 China 
Baner Samuel, confec, 938 Poplar 
Baner Wm., ladies shoes, 218 N 13th 
Baner Wm. R., 27 N 6th, h 875 N 8th 
Banes Benj., carp. 1010 Leithgowe 
Banes Chas., salesman, 6th and James, h 941 

Banes Charles H., salesman, 436 Market, h Nevr 

Banes Fanny J. Mrs., Front ab Harrison 
Banes George J., barber. Darby Road, Paschal- 

Banes Hiram, clerk, 4 Market 
Banes John, flour mer. York av ab Sepviva 
Banes John M., druggist, 2123 Sharswood 




Banes Lot, Fox Chase Hotel, Rising Sun 

Banes Martha, shop, 7o7 S 6th 

Banes Thomas, coach spring-mr. 946 8c 948 New 

Banes Thos., sawfinr. 220 Frankford 
Banes Wm., bar tender, Rising Sun 
Banes Wm. A., coal, 2d ab Montgomery 
Banfield Jas. T., morocco finr. Nolen's ct 
Banford Saml., macht. Duke bel Fitzwater 
Banger Sarah, h 259 Madison 
Banger T., 259 Madison 
Banger William, clerk, 1933 Callowhill 
Bangs Andw., mariner, 109 Senate 
Bangs James, 831 N 15th 
Bangs & Maxwell, {Wm. P. Bangs, Ebenezer 

Maxwell,) com. mers., 123 Chestnut 
Bangs Wm. P., mer. 123 Chestnut, h 1323 Gi- 

rard av 
BanhofF Christian, mason, Nicetown 
Banister Geo., weaver. Centre (G T) 
Banister James, weaver. Centre (G T) 
Banister James, manuf. Gay ab Cresson (Myk) 
Banister Joseph, manuf. Gay (Manayunk) 
Banister Mark, plumber, Herman (Myk) 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 209 Chestnut 

bel 3d 
Banker A. B., tailor, 930 S 11th 
Banker Cecillie, wid. 1 Queen 
Banker, Geo., shoemaker, 4 Himmelwright 
Banker John H., cigar mr. Stewart's ct 
Bankert Phillip, clerk, 1125 Citron 
Bankhead Robert, weaver, Front bel York 
Bankhead Thomas, weaver, 116 Otter (K) 
Bankman Wm., lab. Wood ab Trenton av 
Banks Alexander, carp. 1014 Rodman 
Banks Edward, saloon, 10th & Race 
Banks Henry O. D;, druggist, S E 4th & Cal- 
Banks Isaac, clerk, 1223 Owen 
Banks James, contractor, M Lane, (C Hill) 
Banks Robert M., clerk, 482 Dillwyn 
Banks Saml., salesman, 1619 Linden 
Banks Thos. C, lab. 1128 Rodman 
Banks Wm., lab. 1520 Carlton 
Banks Wm. sen., plasterer, 1223 Owen 
Banks Wm. jr., bricklayer, 1223 Owen 
Banks Wilson, lab. McCormick ct N 23d 
Bankson John P., acct. 246 N whfs., h 812 


Bankson Lloyd, gilder, 50 S 4th, h 2140 Green 
Bann Geo., saddler, 10 Horner av 
Bannan Edwd., boiler mr. 232 Jarvis 
Bannan John, carp. 1243 N 10th 
Bannan Margt., 202 Green 
Bannan Mary, 33d & Elm 
Bannan Peter, lab. 1241 Shippen 
Bannan Peter, lab. 7 Butz Row 
Bannan Rose, 204 Green 
Bannan Thos., boatman, Jackson ab Washing 

ton (Myk) 
Bannantine Elizabeth, millinery, 1009 S 11th 
Bannantine Geo., galvanizer, 1009 S 11th 
Bannen H., milliner, 1243 N 10th 

Bannen Paul, carp., 1915 Markham 
Banner James, cooper, 216 Madison 
Bannin Matthew, lab. Paschall, Monroeville 
Bannister James, supt.. Rainbow (K) 
Bannister Zachaus, gent. 333 Dilwyn 
Bantley Robt., forgeman, Apple ab Diamond 
Bantlin John, cake bakery, 225 Crease 
Bantz Josh., lab. 1015 Elk 
Bantz Jacob, tobacconist, 1082 G T av 
Baptist Eugene, cabinet mr., 1109 Pine, h 222 

Prosperous al 
Baragy John, shop, 5 Rose al 
Baratet Presper A., 264 S 9th 
Barbazetta Mrs. Sophia, 234 Washington av 
Barbe Francis, tobacco and cigars, 40 S 7th 
Barbe Louis, fancy dress goods, 135 N 8th 
Barbelin F. J., Rev., WillJng's al 
Barber Abraham, lab. Orthodox (Fkd) 
Barber Ann, gentw. 33 N 13th 
Barber Burtis, painter & glaz. N W 7th and 

Barber Burtis, grocer, S E23d & Green, h525 

Barber D. D., bowling saloon, 2 S Water 
BARBER EDWARD S., wines & liquors, 1115 

Market, h Montgomery Hotel 
Barber & Fogg, grocery & provision store, S E 

23d & Green 
Barber Geo. W., barber, Pear, Hestonville 
Barber G. C, 523 Commerce, h 843 N Broad 
Barber Harriet, 911 South 
Barber Henry, carder. Cedar Grove 
Barber Isaac, mer. 307 N 3d, h 1905 Coates 
Barber Isaiah, carter, Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Barber Jas., dep. harbor master, 932 Lombard 
Barber Jas., bricklr. 36th ab Haverford (M V) 
Barber Jas., clock dealer, S E 2d & Chestnut, 

h 654 N 10th 
Barber Jane, spooler, Spence's ct 
Barber John, blacksm. Warren ab Park 
Barber Jos., machinist. Bridge, Whitehall 
Barber Jos., salesman, 2231 Virginia 
Barber Martha, rea.r 1529 Cabot 
Barber Mrs., 1619 Carver 
Barber Robert V., bricklr. 1341 Marlboro' 
Barber Samuel, bricklr. 862 N 12th 
Barber T. M., salesman, 711 N 23d 
Barber Wm., cordw. 1332 Savery 
BARBER WM., optician, 110 S 8th, h Mt 

Vernon bel 10th 
BARBER W. E. & CO., Western Investment 

agency, 23 S 3d 
Barbien Francis W., tailor, 924 Sp Garden 
Barbien P. M., plasterer, 924 Sp Garden 
Barbier Geo. H., plasterer, Haines (G Town) 
Barbier Maria, 924 Sp Garden 
Barbey John, barber, 607 S Front 
Barbour Stephen M., salesman, 518 Market, h 

307 S 2d 
Barchfield N., shoemr. 1214 Hope 
Barclay And. C, mer. 136 N Del av, h N E 12th 

& Arch 
Barclay Blanche, 1 Barbarypl 
Barclay Clement B., gent. 926 Spruce 
Barclay & Co., publishers, 734 Market 
Barclay David, lab. 3 Fisher's ct 
Barclay Esther, dressmr. 249 N 16th 
Bai-clay Geo., paver, 249 Iii^l6th 




Barclay Tddings, printer, 140 S 3d 

Barclay Jas., ag-ent, 1330 S 10th 

Barclay Jas., marble mason, S W 10th. & Spruce, 

h 1023 Dorrance 
Barclay James J., atty & coun. 219 S 6th, h 719 

Barclay John A.., Vice-Pres. Columbia Mutual 

Ins. Co., 5 Exchang-e, h 116 S 18th 
Barclay John K., mer. 129 N Water, h N E 12th 

& Arch 
Barclay Marg-aret, 301 Callowhill 
Barclay Mary, 313 Periy 
Barclay Robert, painter, 705 Minster 
Barclay Robert, cordw. Palmer ab Richmond 
Barclay Wm., carp. 1625 Carver 
Barclay Wm. J., sec.Athen., 6th & Adelphi, h 

208 S 8th 
Barclay Wm. K., mer. 4th, & h 1135 Arch 
BARCROFT & CO., {S. B. Barcroft, Lee 

Wetherill, Thos. S. Foster, Matthew P 

McEwen, J. Wesley Bray,) dry g-oods, 405 

& 407 Market 
Barcroft John, g'ent. 635 Spruce 
Barcroft S. B., mer. 407 Market, h 1803 Vine 
Barcroft Thomas, clerk, Savery 
Barcroft Tunis Q., grocer, Buttonwood and 

York av 
Barcus John, 2038 Carlton 
Barcus S., Shirley bel 19th 
Barcus Willard, waterman, 421 Christian 
Bard Allen, carp. 911 N 7th 
BARD CONRAD & SON, silversms. 528 Arch 
Bard E. Milford, silversmith, 528 Arch, h 632 

V N 11th 
Bard Jas., carp. 808 Buttonwood 
Bard John, shoemr. 524 Lombard 
Bard John J., g-rocer, N E 10th & Ogden 
Bard Robert, machinist, 1517 Jones 
Bard Sarah, washerw. rear 902 Ogden 
Bard Sarah, 808 Buttonwood 
Bard Thomas, gent. 1704 Market 
Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, 950 Wai'nock 
Barden John, baker, Rittenhouse (G Town) 
Barden Wm. W., clerk, 526 S 4th 
Bardenwerper Otto, bookkeeper, 533 Chest- 
nut, h 859 N 8th 
Bardling Henry, carp. 211 Gaskill 
Bardsley B. & Son, (John,) hardware, 2110 

Bardsley Jas., moulder, 207 S Front 
Bardsley John, books, 202 Arch, h 2119 Harm- 

Bardsley John, carp. Wistar 
Bardsley John, mach. 2134 Lombard 
Bardwell Geo. & Co., wines & liquors, 13 N 5th 
Bare Elias, hotel, 1025 & 1027 Market 
Barford Richd., mouldei', 1246 Montg-omery av 
Barger Chas., carp. 1250 Nagle 
Barger George, tobacco store, 723 N 4th 
Barger Geo., morocco finisher, 240 Oxford 
Barger Jacob, machinist, Coral bel York 
Barger James, blacksm. Richmond & WilUam 
Barger John, police, rear 606 Poplar 
Barger Jos., painter, 1128 Ridge av 
Barger J. D., lab. 425 Brown 
Barger Maiy, 310 St John 
BARGER THOMAS J., atty & coun. 242 S 

5th, h 1209 S 5th 

Barger Wm., painter & glazier, Race and 11th 

h 1039 W North 
Barger Wm., marker, U. S. Arsenal, G F road 
Barger Wm. G., cordw. 425 Brown 
Barger Wm. S., jeweler, 125 Franklin 
Bargh Wm., mer. 32 S 6th, h Media 
Barke Thos., cordw. 1343 Cadwalader 
Barker Abraham, broker, 28 S 3d, h 1118 

Barker Abraham, lab. James (Falls Sch.) 
Barker Almira, dry goods, 103 S Queen 
Barker Ann, widow, Jackson, (Myk) 
Barker Benj. K., harness mi\ 914 N 11th 
BARKER, BROTHERS & CO. (Abraham Bar- 

ker, Wm. Wharton, Jr.,) stock exchange 

brokers 28 S 3d 
Barker Bridget, dealer, N E 7th & Bedford 
Barker Calvin H., 1025 Shackamaxon 
Barker Charles, contractor, 22d and Walnut, h 

Johnson n 21st 
Barker Chas. C, plumber. Barker's ct 
Barker Chas. N., harness mr. 914 N 11th 
Barker Daniel, grain and feed, 2515, h 2517 

Barker David M., cordw. Jefferson bel 22d 
Barker Elizabeth, rear 1317 Cai-roll 
Barker E., Mrs., 865 Marshall 
Barker Geo., dealer, 1131 Christian 
Barker Geo. F., dentist, 304 N 9th 
Barker Geo. W., teacher, (G Town) 
Barker Hannah, gardener, Moyamensing av ab 

Buck la 
Barker Henry, plasterer, 1222 S 7th 
Barker Jacob, segars, 1516 Frankford rd 
Barker Jacob D., segarmr. 1516 Frankford rd 
Barker James, bar tender, Callowhill & Water 
Barker James, shoe cutter, 932 Marshall 
Barker John, dairyman, 1210 N 8th 
Barker John, mach. 211 Allen 
Barker John, gent. Amber bel Setterly 
Barker John, hatter, Richmond bel Ball (K) 
Barker John, tavern, 736 Shippen 
Barker John R., mer. 19 S 4th, h 927 Clinton 
Barker Joseph, tailor, 820 Wharton 
Barker Joseph, mach. 1718 Callowhill 
Barker Mary Ann, 1525 Cadwalader 
Barker Math. M., gent. 403 S Queen 
Barker Peter, shoemr. 933 S 9th 
Barker Peter, saddler, Girard av ab Warnock, 

h 914 N 11th 
Barker Richard, bookkeeper, 519 Chestnut, h 

633 Catharine 
Barker Robert, carriage sm. b h 1021 Leithgow 
Barker Rodman, 927 Clinton 
Barker Samuel, carter, r 1431 Cadwalader 
Barker Sarah, 710 Bayard 
Barker Thomas, hotel, Ridge av. Fall Sch 
Barker Thos., gent., 1025 Shackamaion 
Barker Wm., carp. Oxford and Howard 
Barker Wm., mariner, 2316 Lombard 
Barker Wm. G., 1215 Buttonwood 
BARKER WM. J., lith. and map pub. 23 N 

6th, h 1516 N 11th 
Barkes Stephen, jr.-, lab. 2042 Reeves 
Barkey Geo., driver, r 929 *Ogden 
Barkley Joseph O., captain, 115 Congress 
Barkley Joseph, currier, 1133 Sites 
Barkman Bernard, weaver, Dauphin ab Coral 




Barkman Jane, 67 Sycamore 
Barlow Agnes, provision store, 618 Pine 
Barlow Ashton, grocery, 1621 Gidge av 
Barlow Charles E., ship carp. 1506 Houston 
Barlow C. Y., acct., 202 N 3d, h 501 Wood 
Barlow Edward, pat. med. 813 Irp 
Barlow E., bank note eng. 772 S Front 
Barlow H. N., paintings restorer, S E 6th and 

Walnut, h 1025 S 5th 
Barlow James, butcher, 1009 S 2d 
Bai'low James, manuf. Holmesburg 
Barlow John, weaver, Bodine ab Oxford 
Barlow John, lab. Bodine ab Oxford 
Barlow Thos., gent. 218 Duke 
Barlow Thos. A., plasterer, 1322 S 5th 
Barlow Thos. C, mer. Toronto bel Melvale (R) 
Barlow Wm. M., clerk, 134 S 3d, h Camden 
Bark Henry, shoemr. 754 S Swanson 
Barnard Edmond, boxmr. Broad bel Wallace 
Barnard James, tailor, 317 Richmond 
Barnard John, prof. Com. Col. N E 7th and 

Barnard John, undertaker, 404 S 5th 
Barnard &. Jones, {Robert W. Barnard, Wm 

Heiiderson Jones,) printers, 510 Minor 
Barnard Jos. C, 238 Catharine 
Barnard Robert, printer, 222 Dock, h 335 Car- 
Barnard Robert W., printer, 510 Minor, h 227 

Barnard Wm,, undertaker, 404 S 5th 
Barnard Wm., clerk, 1016 Palmer 
Barnard Wm. C, printer, 306 Christian 
Barndollar Daniel, cooper, 1138 N 3d 
Barndollar Edward, mach. 716 N Front 
Barndollar & Scattergood, ( William Barndollar, 

David Scattergood,) printers, 121 S 3d 
Barndollar Wm., printer, 908 Coates 
Barned A. M., clerk, 911 N 11th 
Barnes Abner A., shoemr. 1231 Hibberd 
Barnes Abraham, gent. 1225 Randolph 
Barnes Adela, teacher, Girai-d College 
Barnes Albert Rev., Walnut ab Rose (W P) 
Barnes Albert C, let. car. P. Office, 1519 Apple 
Barnes Alfred, r 929 Rodman 
BARNES ALFRED H., flour and feed store, 

77, 79 and 81 Laurel, h 83 Laurel 
Barnes Andrew, liquor store, 1056 F road 
Barnes Andrew J., carp. 509 Commerce 
Barnes Anna, 216 Jacoby 
Barnes A. M., malt liquors, 615 Chestnut, h 

1718 Filbert 
Barnes Cas., printer, 869 N 5th 
Barnes Chas., weaver, Bringhurst (G Town) 
Barnes Chas., carp. 809 Centre 
Barnes Chas., sailmr. Eldridge's row (K) 
Barnes Chris., cutter, 206 Frankford (Fkd) 
Barnes Daniel, confectioner, 155 Coates 
Barnes Edward, blacksm. Ton al, h 44 Beck 
Barnes Edward L., salesman, Sansom St Hall,h 

534 N 13th 
Barnes E. T., mer., 606 and 608 Market 
Barnes Francis, waterman, 15 Reed 
Barnes Francis M., oysterman, 5 Mead 
Barnes Geo., waterm"an, 30 Catharine 
Barnes George, carpt. 1604 N 11th 
Barnes George E., carpt. 420 Thompson 
Barnes Geo. W., ship carp. 312 Mclllwain 

Barnes George W., paper maker, Levering bel 

Wood (Myk) 
Barnes Geo. W., painter, 921 Lawrence (N L) 
Barnes Geo. W., police, 520 Sylvester 
Barnes Hannah, g-entw. 116 Queen 
Barnes Henry M., clerk, 105 S 4th, h 805 Parrish 
Barnes Henry N., 1826 Rhoades 
Barnes Jacob, carp. 1320 Brown 
Barnes Jacob, lab. Morgan's ct 
Barnes James, weaver, Bringhurst (G Town) 
Barnes James, sea capt. 209 S 2d 
Barnes James, plumber, 849 S 2d 
Barnes James L., clerk, 839 Chestnut, h Juni- 
per and Lombard 
Barnes James M., watchcasemr. 4 Elliott's al 
Barnes James N., atty. and coun. 121 S 7th 
Barnes John, carp. 220 Wharton 
Barnes John, driver, 1224 Randolph 
J}arnes John, spinner. Wood (Myk) 
Barnes John, wheelw. Lancaster av ab Seneca 
Barnes John, drover, William n Hare 
Barnes Jolin, engineer, 67 Wheat 
Bai-nes John A., bookbr, 612 Noble 
Barnes Jno. R. S., medicines, 333 Chestnut 
Barnes Jonathan, porter, 28 Bank 
Barnes Jonathan, 1824 Pine 
Barnes Joseph, farmer. Fox Chase 
Barnes Joseph, confectioner, 1234 Poplar 
Barnes Joseph, ship carp. 12 Parham 
Barnes Joseph, plasterer, 836 Centre 
Barnes Joseph, carp. 1723 Moravian 
Barnes Joseph E., sparer. 1319 Juniatta 
Barnes Joseph S., boat buildei', 31 Prime 
Barnes L. & M., dressmrs. 216 Jacoby 
Barnes Martha, Rentsheler 
Bai-nes Mary Ann, dry goods, 802 South 
Barnes Merrick, band box manuf. 102 and 104 

Bread, h Rising Sun la 
Barnes Paul, cooper, 625 & 627 S Front 
Barnes Reding B., wheelwr. 1234 Haines 
Barnes Robert, farmer. Fox Chase 
Barnes Robert, carter. Church and Reed 
Barnes Robert, carp. reai-. 1027 N 4th 
BARNES R. L., map publisher, 27 S 6th, h 

1203 Race 
Barnes Sandford, blacksm. York (R) 
Barnes Spencer, waterman, 43 Norfolk 
Barnes Terence, 207 Schell 
Barnes Thornton, mer, 42 S Water, h 1909 

Barnes Thos. grocer. Front bel Chatham 
Barnes Thomas, butcher, 1234 Haines 
Barnes Wm., bricklr. 708 Guilford 
Barnes Wm., mason, Rittenhouse (G Town) 
Bai-nes Wm., grinder, 235 Race 
Barnes Wm., carp. Woelpers ct 
Barnes Wm., grindei', 1520 Otis 
Barnes Wm. sr., painter, 710 Poplar 
Barnes Wm., paper box mkr. 808 Auburn 
Barnes Wm. carp. 1006 Vernon 
Barnes Wm. H., paper hanger 828 South 
Barnett Uavid, weaver, 1316 Mariner 
Barnett David, 276 S 4th 
Barnett D, P., 112 N 6th, h Camden 
Barnett Ebenezer H., paper store S E cor 2d 

& John 
Barnett & Hume, (JoJm Barnett, Ellis Hume,) 

grocers, N E Carpenter and 6th 




Barnett Isaac, salesman, 804 Market, h 811 

Barnett James, butcher, 31 Mai'ket 
Barnett James ship carpt. 464 Allen 
Barnett Jas. H., dealer. South ab 15th, h Ship- 
pen ab 16th 
Barnett & Jenkins, (Daniel P. BarnetU Geo. A. 

Jenkins^ hose manuf. 112 N 6th 
Barnett John, paver. Rainbow and Trenton av 
Barnett Joseph gent. 729 Bangor 
Barnett Joseph carter, 5th & Diamond 
Barnett John, gardener, Somerset & Maiy 
Barnett Levi, dealer, Shippen ab 16th 
Barnett Levi, dealer. South ab 15th, h Ship- 
pen al 
Barnett Moses, waterm. 738 Swanson 
Barnett P., paperhanger, 317 Wesley 
Barnett Robert, grocer, 618 Lombard 
Barnett Robt., lab. rear 433 Monroe 
Barnett Thos. R., toolmaker, 4th ab Columbia 
Barnett Wm., starch manuf. 1316 S 10th 
Barnett Wm., lab. Lindsay ab Fitzwater 
Barnett Wm., clerk, 1313 N 5th 
Barnett Wm., carp. 1908 Cuthbert 
Barnett Wm. F., carp. 4 Lane's ct 
Barnett Wm. P., trunkmr. 126 N 4th, h 148 N4th 
Barney B. G., mer. 401 Commerce, h 1914 Mt 

Barney Bros., {Wm. J., B. (?.,) com, mers. 401 

Barney Caroline E. childrn. clothg. 625 Wash- 
ington av 
Barney U. N., agt. California Exprs. 400 Chest- 
nut, h 912 Spruce 
Barney Wm. J., commr's. mercht. 401 Com- 
merce, h 1914 Mt. Vernon 
Barnfield B. 746 N 22d 
Barnholdt Henry, clerk, 108 Elfreth al 
BarnholtFred. brick mkr. 1167 S 9th 
Barnholt Geo., vict. 2091 Sharswood 
Barnholt John, carp. 1224 Myrtle 
Barnholt Wm., vict. Pleasant bel R road 
Barnholt Wm., blacksm. Adams' av. 
Barnhurst Geo., bricklr. 1732 Francis 
Barnhurst Jos., umbr.furn. manf. Wilton ab 19th 
Barnhust P., 1749 Francis 
BARNS ANDREW, 1056 F. road 
Barns Henrietta, 315 S Jumper 
Barns James, sexton, 605 Sears 
Barns Wm., 1024 Penn 
Barns Wm. W., gent, 766 S 9th 
Barnstead Robt., spar maker, 1008 S 2d 
Barnwell Isachar, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell J. G., principal G. T. grammar school 

13 N 10th 
Barnwell Richd., cordw. 162 Brown 
Barnwell Robt., straw manuf. 13 N lOth 
Barnwell Robt., agent, 705 Southwark 
Baron Julius, upholsterer, 409 Prune 
Baroux N. T., comm'r. markets, h 34 N 6th 
Barr Alex., stone mason 1322 Bedford 
Barr Andrew, mason, Robinson (Myk) 
Barr And., J., ship carp. 1218 Shackamaxon 
Barr Benj., weaver, Collins ab Cumberland 
Barr Bridget, 146 N 20th 
Barr Cornelius, tavern, P. bel Reed 
Barr Daniel, tavern, 203 N Front & 202 N Water 
Barr Daniel, tavern, N E Catharine & Swanson 

Barr Daniel cook, 259 Currant al 

Barr Edwd., U S Arsenal, h 1170 S 10th 

Barr Geo., farmer. Laurel (G Town) 

Barr Geo. W., lab 1335 Houston 

Barr Geo., victr. Lancaster av ab Westminster 

Barr Henry, varn.manf. 131 N 4th, h Nicetown 

Barr Heniy cigar mkr. York pike (G T) 

Barr Henry, pedlar. Main ab. Penn (Myk) 

Barr Hugh, tavern, S W Front & Wharton 

Barr Jacob, boilermr., 1218 Shackamaxon 

Barr Jas., bookseller, 1105 Market 

Barr Jas., cutler, 529 Market, h 1224 Haines 

Barr James engineer, Charlotte bel Master 

Barr James, picker, Robinson ab Cresson (Myk) 

Barr John, manuf. Sharpnack (G Town) 

Barr John bricklr. 1238 N 15th 

Barr John, bricklr. Christian bel 9th 

Barr John, lamp mkr. Gilmore pi 

Barr Joseph, boiler makr. 1242 Crease 

Barr J. J. gent. 113 Wharton 

Barr Maria, Grape ab Cresson (Myk) 

Barr Michael, wines & liquors, 141 N 3d 

Barr & Norcross, {Henry Barr, Henry Norcross,) 

japan manufs. 131 N 4th 
Barr Peter, plasterer, 8th ab Dickerson 
Barr Phillip, bale Fremont (R) 
Barr Robt., mason, Bobinson (Myk) 
Barr Robt. lab. 1337 Kates 
Barr Robert, mach. Robinson ab Cresson (Myk) 
Barr Robert J., clerk, 28 S Del av h 904 But- 

Barr Robt. M., carp. 1515 Linden 
Barr Rosanna, Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Barr Saml., lab. Sellers (Fkd) 
Barr Saml. carp. Laurel (G T) 
Barr Saml., blacksm. Main n Penn (Myk) 
Barr Wm., lab. Springett 
Barr Wm., cabinetmr. 1302 N 15th 
Barr Wm., lab. 15th bel South 
Barr Wm., draj^m. Temple 
Barr Wm. J., acct. 326 Market, h 1606 Spruce 
Barrach Sol., pedlar, 340 St John 
Barrand Patk,, lab. Melvale ab William 
Barras John B., jeweler, 632 Market, h Green 

ab 17th 
BARRAS JOSEPH J., jeweler, 531 North 
BARRAS & STELLWAGON, (John B. Barras, 

Ed. Stellwagon,) jewelers, 632 Market 
Barras Wilhelmina, gentw. 1018 Olive 
Barrass David, stocking weaver, Nicetown 
Barrass David, jr., stocking weaver, Nicetown 
Barratt James, jr., com. mer. 402 S Del av. h 

1313 Pine 
Barratt Jas., sr., mer. 402 S Del av, h High (G T) 
Barratt James & Son, mers. 402 S Del av 
Barratt John, lab. Salmon ab Somerset (R) 
Bai-rell A., dealer in wood, 1425 N 10th 
Barrett And., carter. 1008 Rodman 
Barrett Ai-aminta, Gillies al 
Barrett Benj., lab. Bulah 
Barrett Benj., acct. S E 3d & Walnut, h 131 

Barrett Charles, 2020 Cambridge 
JBarrett Chas. B., elk., 1267 Mt Vernon 
Barrett Daniel, lab. 501 Penn 
Barrett David, mariner, 968 Hutchinson 
Barrett Eliza, 812 Emeline 
Barrett Fredk., carp. 1526 Mei"vine 



Barrett F. V., embroidery, 972 N 3d 
Barrett G. W., barber, Lancaster av & Bridge 
Barrett Hugb, shoemaker, 11 N 4th 
Barrett James, lab. 710 Bradford's al 
Barrett Jas., brush manuf. 420 Commerce, h 

927 N 4th 
Barrett James, lab. 1713 Wood 
Bai-rett James, blindmr. Bowery pi 
Barrett James, mer. Main (G T) 
Barrett James, dyer. Grape ab Cresson (Myk) 
Barrett Jane, 2 Richardson's ct 
Barrett John, lab. Salmon bel Cumberland (R) 
Barrett John, lab. Richmond bel. William (R) 
Barrett John, lab. 6 Tower place 
Barrrett John, lab. Sorrel bel Melvale 
Barrett John, lab. 612 G F road 
Barrett John, lab., 363 Ring-g-old 
Barrett Jos., gard. Main (G Town) h Mill 
Barrett Jos., seaman, 528 Montg-omery av 
Barrett Jos., waiter, 812 Emeline 
Barrett J. A., professor, J^ancaster avab Bridg-e 

(W P) 
Barrett Leritha, confec. h 533 Girard av 
Bai-rett Michael, lab. 1523 Charles 
Barrett Moses, agent, 727 N 23d 
Barrett M., 9 Gillies al 
Barrett Nathan, Red Lion Hotel, 472 N 2d 
Barrett Pat., lab. Sorrell bel Melvale 
Bai-rett Richd., lab. Sorrell bel Melvale 
Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, 806 Market, li 

244 S 10th 
Barrett Wm., harn. mr. Park bel Walnut, (W P) 
Barrett Wm., dyer, Sellers (Fkd) 
Barrett Wm., 702 N 19th 
Barrett Wm., jr., lab. Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Barrett Wm. A., 763 Ring'g-old 
Barrett Wm. B., grocer, 1617 Market 
Barrett Wm. P., printer, rear 132 S 3d, h 245 

Barrick Henry, lab.. Front ab Montgomery av 
Barringer A. D., clerk, 818 St. John 
Barrington A. J., booksr. 306 Chestnut 
Barrington Charles, clerk, P. R. R. Office, 13th 

& Market, h 1634 Cherry 
Barrington Edmond, booksr. 1914 Plymouth 
Barrington Frank prof, music, 1634 Cherry 
Bai-rington John, blknir. 1014 Naylor 
Barrington Saml., M. D., 112 S 18th 
Barrington Saml. jr., acct. 433 Market, h 112 S 

Barrington Wm., clerk, S W 13th & Market, 

h Powell ab Francis 
Barrite G. B., agent, 1061 Leithgow 
Barron Archibald, rest. 432 N2d, h N E Peach 

& Green 
Barron Edw., lab. Salmon bel Ann (R) 
Barron Geo., mer. h 536 N 6th 
Barron Jas., dry goods & groceries, 770 S 5th 
BaiTon James L., agent, 51 N 3d, h Dauphin E 

F road 
Barron John, shoemr. 1645 Helmuth 
Barron John P., hosiery, 131 S 8th 
Barron Maurice, shop, 507 S 6th 
Barron Michl., carp. 636 Ellis 
Barron Wm., shop, 944 Otsego 
Barrott S. H., barber, 824 Market, h 826 South 
Barrott S. W., barber, 826 Market, h 825 South 
Barrow John, buttonmf. Lan av Monroeville 

Barrow Jos., cordw. 1141 South 
Barrows A., iron found. 1209 S Front 
Barrows David, stocking weaver, Nicetown 
Barrows Nelson, manuf. screw cutters, &c., 

Otseg'O bel Reed 
Barry Bridget, 311 Gaskill 
Barry & Bro., {Michael and Patrick,') harness 

manuf. 1226 & h 830 Cherry 
Barry Christian, tailor, 16 Brenner's al 
Barry Christoph., tailcSr, 16 Brenner's al 
Barry David, lab. 1736 Carlton 
Barry David H., cooper, 1101 Sites 
Barry E., 1021 Mellon 
Barry Garrett, lab. 8 Bell's ct 
Barry Geo. E., soap and candle manuf. 14 S. 

Del av & 306 Federal 
Barry Henry, gard. 227 Greenwich 
Barry Henry, carp. 514 Wharton 
Barry Henry, ragman, 1006 Thompson 
Barry Hugh, lab. Maine (G T) 
Barry James, lab. 710 Minster 
Barry James, 7 Danaker's av 
Barry Jas. W., jewelry, 25 N 8th, h 506 Lorian 
Barry John, weaver, 97 Philip 
Barry John, agent, 1225 Poplar 
Barry John, brushmaker, 1242 Hope 
Barry John, carter, 7 West 
Barry John, dealer, 712 Shippen 
Barry John, liquor store, 1320 G T road 
Bany John Q,., lastmr. Canal ab George 
Barry Jos., porter, 1441 Warnock 
Barry Joseph, 268 S 3d 

BaiTy Joseph B., conveyancer, 268 S 3d, h GT 
Barry Lawrence, chairmr. 1023 Clair 
Barry Margt., dressmr. 258 S 20th 
Barry Martin, dealer, 16 Coombe's al 
Barry Michl., lab. 2038 Jones 
Barry Michl., 1431 Warnock 
Barry Michl., carp. 236 Dean 
Barry Morris F., packer, 20 S 4th, h 311 Gaskill 
Barry Mrs., 322 Stanley 
Barry Patk., acct. 312 Chestnut, h 12th and 

Barry Peter, tobacconist, 143 S 2d, h 942 S 

Barry Philip, contractor 315 S 6th 
Barry Philip, shop, Marshall and Willow 
Barry Saml., bookstore, 836 Race 
Bai-ry Saml. & Co. {Samuel Barry, J. Q.Henck,) 

books, 836 Race 
Barry Saml., bookkeeper, 27 Coombes' alley 
Barry Thomas, clerk, 312 Chestnut 
Barry Timothy, carver, 310 Gaskill 
Barry Walter,' liquors, S W 10th & Jefferson 8c 

12 N Water 
Bany Wm., tavern. 2d ab Columbia 
Barsantee Anna Mrs., eating saloon, 218 F av 
Barsh Thomas, lab., 1021 Poplar 
Barstow Jos. M., dentist, 127 N 11th 
Bart Phillip, hatter, b h, 914 Randolph 
BARTALOTT, BLYNN & CO. {Geo. Bartalotl, 

M. Blynn, Jno. Dicherson,) hatrs.. Ill N 3d 
Bartalott Geo., hatter, 111 N 3d, h 711 N 8th 
Bartel F., carter, 420 Moyer (R) 
Bartelome Pierre, fringe, 434 Lombard 
Bartels H. G., stoves, 430 N Front 
Barth Bankson T., gro. 36th & Grape (W P) 
Barth Edwd. M., grocer, Grape & 36th (W P) 



. Barth Geo. F., bi-asswr., Pollard 
Barth Geo. M., mach., 608 Belgrade 
Barth Jacob, weaver, 2015 Lombard 
Barth John, jr., 1825 Vinyard 
Bartelson John, seamen's'b h, 743 S Front 
Barth John, shoemr., 1825 Vineyard 
Barth Philip, furn., 439 N lOtli 
Barth Susan W., h 835 Catharine 
Bartho Mary, whitewasher, 524 Buckley 
Bartholomew A. P., acct., S W 13th 8c Market, 

h 1536 Cherry 
Bartholomew Cathai-ine, wid. of Thomas, 201 

N 5th 
Bartholomew Chas., tailor, 887 Orchard 
Bartholomew Chas., lab., 919 Torr 
Bartholomew Edw., acct., 1536 Cherry 
Bartholomew Henry, lamp mr., 1523 Jones 
Bartholomew Jacob, real est. ag-t., 904 S 2d, h 

908 S 4th 
Bartholomew Jos., tavern, 19th & CoUeg-e av 
Bartholomew J. J., jr., clerk, 48 N 3d, h 312 

Bartholomew Robt., clerk, 237 Beaver 
Bartliolomew Saml., lab., 3 Dudley place 
Bartholomew Saml., tavern, 610 Vernon 
Bartholomew Valentine, bookbinder, S W 7th 

& Cherty 
Bartholomew Wm. M., lampmr., 322 Noble 
Bartine Richard S., acct., 38 S 3d 
Bartine Wesley, teacher. River & Lancaster av 

_(W P) 
Bartis Andrew, mason, 7th ab Dauphin 
Bartle Andrew, grocer. Orthodox (Fkd) 
Bartle Frank, cordwr., 14 Placid place 
Baitle Henry, 829 Burns 
Bartle Henry, cordwr., 2127 Sharswood 
Bartle John, spar mr., Allen & F rd 
Bartle J. B., coppersm., 1255 Mervine 
Bartle Philip, carter, Dauphin ab Diamond 
Bartle Wm. R., lab., Ridge av bel Hippie lane 

BARTLE WM. T. & CO., spar & mast makers, 

Otis st whf 
Bartle Wm. T., jr., sparmr., 1032 Columbia av 
Bartleman Ellen, 716 Parrish 
Bartleman Jos. B., clerk, 420 Library, h 716 

Bartleson Benj. H., engr., 230 Marriott 
Bartleson Lewis, shoe dealer, 729 S 2d 
Bartleson Louis, carp., 1935 Hamilton 

Bartleson, C. M.Harmer,) wines & liquors, 

132 N 4th 
Bartleson Saml. A., wines & liquors, 132 N 4th 

h 729 S 2d 
Bartlett Cherning, salesman, 33d & Eadline, 

Bartlett E., auctioneer, N E 8th & Sp. Garden 
Bartlett Edw. M., clerk, 337 Washing-ton av 
Bartlett Enos, auct., h 2023 Poplar 
Bartlett Geo. W., vict., 346 Crown 
Bartlett H. A., macht., 33d & Eadline (W P) 
Bartlett Jacob, cooper, 1314 Coates 
Bartlett James, oyst. house, 429 S 4th 
Bartlett Job, bricklr., S W 13tli & Filbert, h 

1115 Callowhill 
Bartlett Levi, cooper, 1314 Coates I 

Bartlett Mary, crockery, 204 Green 

Bartlett Matilda, b h, 923 Spruce 

Bartlett N. S., 1031 Mt. Vernon 


Jesse Reynolds,) warm air furnaces, N W 

13th & Filbert 
Bartlett Wm., sexton, 118 Almond 
Bartlett Wm.. tailor, 1174 S 11th 
Bartlett Wm. G., Courtland place 
Bartley Henrv, grocer, 26th & Lombard 
Bartley Jane,' 227 N 16th 
BARTLEY JOHN, clothing-, 645 South 
Bartley Joshua, macht., 227 N 16th 
Bartley Samuel, engineer, 2144 Green 
Bartley Thos., baker, h 251 N Juniper 
Bartley Wm., brickmr., Kershaw av, (Hestonv) 
Bartley Wm., lab., 1533 Hancock 
Bartman Horatio N., carp., 1220 Hancock 
Bartman Jacob, carp., 1220 Hancock 
Barto Chas., Dove place 
Bartol B. H., supt. engineer, 716 S 10th 
Bartolet A., store, Holmesburg 
Bartolet Chas., lumber mer., Townsend 
Bartolet Eliza, Duke ab Belgrade 
Bartolet J., carp., Holmesburg 
Bartolet J., iron store, h 807 N 5th 
Bartolet Thos. H., lum. mer., F rd & Vienna 
Barton A. G. W., 1401 Parrish 
Barton Benj., gardiner, 2d ab Buck rd 
Barton Benj. C, jeweler, 1317 Coates 
Barton Buelah, 617 S 10th 
Barton Edw., bookkeeper, 1002 Anita 
Barton Eliza, spinner, 4 Derringer's av 
Barton Elizabeth C, 2003 Walnut 
Barton Geo., liatter, 36 S 5th 
Barton Geo. T., auct., 1317 Coates 
Barton Irvin, painter, 1523 Fitzwater 
BARTON ISAAC, grocer, 165 & 167 N 2d, h 

122 Race 
Barton Isaac, mer., 35 S 2d 
BARTON ISAAC & CO. (Redman Cooper, 

Chas. E. Armstrong,) shoe stuffs & carriage 

trimmings, 35 S 2d 
Barton James, tailor, 734 Market 
Barton James M., grocer, S E 3d and New, h 

729 Wood 
Barton James S., brickmr., 20 Eakin place 
Barton John, hatter, 422 S 5th 
Barton John V., Wetherill House, 603 Sansom 
Barton Joseph, high constable, 500 Chestnut, h 

248 South 
Barton J. R., clerk, 165 N 2d, h 122 Race 
Barton J. Rhea, 1326 Chestnut 
Barton Mary, shop, 540 Shippen 
Barton Mrs., 1609 Chestimt 
Barton S., liquor store, 532 N 4th 
Barton Samuel & Co. (^Samuel, Jos. M.) gro- 
cers, S E 3d and New, h 532 N 4th 
Barton & Smiley, grocers, 1129 Market 
Barton Susan, 209 Frankford (F R) 
Barton Thos., carp., 441 Enterprise 
Barton Thos., hatter, 542 Shippen 
Barton Thos., carter, 1511 Burton 
Barton William, grocer, 1129 Market, h 316 

N 11th 
Barton Wm., 1040 Newton 
Bai-tram & Brother (Isaac, Samuel, D.,) cloths, 

58 S 2d 
Bartram Isaac, merch., 58 S 2d, h 2009 Cherry 




Bartram John W., alderman, Bridge near 39th, 

Bartram Rebecca, gentw., 256 N 12th 
Bartram Samuel D., merchant, 58 S 2d, h 2009 

Barvis Saml., tailor, Church (F R) 
Barwell Ann, 820 Wood 

Barwell Wm., segarmr. 874 Darien bel Poplar 
Barwick Chas. K., baker, 408 S 6th 
Barwig" Jacob, saloon. Shoemaker bel 8th 
Barwood Aug-., tailor, 1826 Market, house 814 

Barwood & Brother, (^Elias, Augustus,) tailors, 

1826 Market 
Barwood Elias, tailor, 1826 Market, house 814 

liarzen Mathias, gent. Cresson ab Cotton (Myk^ 
Bascom H., M. D., 636 Arch 
Bascone Joseph, ship carp. 224 Reed 
Baser Ehzabeth, 1131 Market 
Basford John, stocking- weaver, 934 Alder 
Bash Georg-e, driver, Fawn ab Oxford 
Baskerville Mary, 1435 MoN'amensing av 
Basketter Charles, clerk, 1305 Rodman 
Basketter John, flour and feed, N E South and 

Broad, h 1305 Rodman 
Basketter John, jr., salesman, 1305 Rodman 
Baslar John G., baker, 1001 Moyamensing av 
Easier David, leather clerk, 519 Brook 
Basler Jacob, boot fitter, 1431 Ridge av 
Bass Henry, boot fitter, 1033 S 7th 
Bass Isaac,' carp. 1228 N 2d 
Bass John, blacksm. 5 Vincent 
Bass John, blacksm. 533 Vincent 
Bass SumuelB., hairdr.306 S 12th 
Bass Thomas, gent. 1205 Savery 
Bass Wm., currier, 1205 Savery 
Bassett A., carter, 1504 Houston 
Bassett Charles R., salesman, 430 Market 
Bassett Daniel A., wheelwr. 213 Belgrade 
Bassett Hannah, wid. 954 Marlborough 
BASSETT HENRY V., hotel, 820 Walnut 
Bassett Isaac C, coal j^ard, Moss below 9th, h 

607 Washington av 
Bassett Josiah, jr„ mer. S E 6th and Market, h 

400 N 7th 
Bassett Josiah, sr., clerk, 525 Market h. 400 N 


Bassett Louis D., salesman, rear 224 Catharine 
Bassett Shadrack, dealer, 922 S 4th 
Bassett Wm. H., carman, 1565 Palmer 
Bassitt Jacob, carpet shaker, 1105 Peai'l 
Bassler Frederick, tavern, 332 Brown 
Bassler John, gent, h 1518 N 4th 
Bassler John S., conveyancer, 1518 N 4th 
Basso Ann, shop, 528 Fitzwater 
Basso John Daniel, printer, 222 Jarvis 
Bassonet Wm., ice, 1232 Carroll 
Bast John A„ bookslr. 204 N 3d,h 1231 Coates 
BAST M., bookseller, 204 N 3d 
Bastert George, musician, 1231 Montgomery 
Bastian Anthony, paper stainer, 806 Wharton 
Bastian Christian, gardener, P rdbel Dickerson 
Bastian Edwin, cooper, 822 Leonard 
Bastian George, gent. S E 7th and Spruce 
Bastian Georg-e, lab.P rd bel Broad 
Bastian Jerome A., lith. pr. 1209 S 9th 
BASTIAN JOHN, mer. 227 S 4th 

Bastian John, potter, 716 S 13th 
Bastian John A., mach. 1303 S 8th 
Bastian John J., polish. Park bel Warren ( W P) 
Bastian Joseph W., store, 1225 S 2d 
Bastian Moses, tavern, N E Swanson 8c Wash- 
ington av 

Bastian M. A. Mrs., dry goods, 1229 S 2d 
Bastian Wm., gardener, 1336 P road 
Bastice Wm., 1017 Callowhill 
Batchelor John, coachman, 907 Shields al 
Batchelor John, segarmr. 81 Coates 
Batchelor Mary, wid. 1702 Wood 
Batchelor Wm., segarmr. 337 N 3d 
BATEMAN & CLARK, (John A. Clark, Wm. 

O. Bateman,) attorny.'s & counsellors, 23 

S 3d 
Bateman James, merchant, 122 S Front, h 508 

Bateman Joel, waterman, 133 Green 
Bateman John, carter, 1027 Parrish 
Bateman John H., bartender, 938 Coates 
Bateman Joseph, fr. wk. knitter, Nicetown 
Bateman Mary A., governess, Girard College 
Bateman S., cabinetmr. 327 South 
Bateman S. J., imp. perfumery, 1042 Sergeant 
Bateman, W., carp. 1228 S Front 
Bateman Wm., cabinetmr. 760 S Front 
Bateman Wm. O., atty. and coun. 23 S 3d, h 

223 S 8th 
Batenhouse Jacob, lab. Whitehall 
Bates Allen, blacksm. 662 Melvale 
Bates Bartine, morocco dr. 864 Darien 
Bates Chas., tailor, 1109 Fries ct 
Bates Chas., vict., 4th ab Columbia (K) 
Bates Chas., brickmr. 1810 South 
Bates Chas. E., tobacconist, 4th and Green 
Bates Charles P., vict. 5th bel Dauphin 
Bates & Coates, {J. W. Bates, A^idrew Coates,^ 

importers, 209 Church al 
Bates Conrad, tailor, 217 Green 
Bates C. S., manuf. 105 Vanhorn 
Bates David, ex. broker, 52 S 3d, h 732 Coates 
Bates Edward, bandbox mr. 121 Union 
Bates Edwin, clerk. Chestnut Hill 
Bates Frederick, cordw. 233 S 9th 
Bates George, cordw. 454 St John 
Bates George, butcher, Milestown (G T) 
Bates George, grocer, Charlotte & Poplar 
Bates Geo., lozenges, 421 Wildey (K) 
Bates Geo., watchman, 968 N Del av 
Bates Geo., tailor, 917 Wood 
Bates Hannah, 1141 Columbia 
Bates Henry, blacksm. Jefferson (G T) 
Bates Henry, frame maker, Nicetown 
Bates Isaac, bandbox mi-. 121 Union 
Bates Isaiali, acct. 308 Branch 
Bates Jacob, boots & shoes, 203 S 2d 
Bates James, gent. N E 11th and Pine 
Bates John, bricklayer, 517 S 12th 
Bates John, butcher, Milestown (G T) 
Bates John H., 16th bel Shippen 
Bates Joseph C, skins and sumac, 115 Marga- 

retta and 122 Willow, h 1529 Locust 
Bates Joseph R., mast mr. 8 Evans 
Bates Joseph W., mer. 209 Church al, h 1814- 

Bates M. M., grocer, Charlotte & Poplar 
Bates P., bootmr. Paul n Unity (Fkd) 




Bates Rebecca, g-entw. 816 Buttonwood 
Bates Keuben C, liquors, 1127 Market, h Tiog-a 

Bates Richard, ag-ent, 146 South 
Bates Robert, cordvv. 233 S 9th 
Bates R. C, 2121 Jefferson 
Bates Samuel, butcher, 1508 N 5th 
Bates Samuel F., carp. 2112 Faii-field 
Bates Sarah, gentw. 891 N 6th 
Bates Walter, stone cutter, 1219 Rodman 
Bates Walter P., carp. Treaty av ab Poplar 
Bates Wm., lab. Unity (Fkd) 
Bates Wm., carp. 1107 Federal * 
Bates Wm., coidw. 1331 Houston 
Bates Wm., tinsm. 333 Blig-ht 
Bates Wm., vict. 4th ab Columbia 
Bates Wm., butcher, 5th bel Dauphin 
Bates Wm. J., combmr. 618 Thompson 
Baterzell Althica, farmer, Bridg-e (White Hall) 
Baterzell Georg-e, farmer, Bridg-e (White Hall) 
Bateson John, carp. 2012 Pine 
Bathmier Francis, cordw. 1331 N5th 
Baton Aug-. J., stock broker, rear 327 Walnut 
Baton Charles, clerk, 423 Wildey 
Baton Edgar F., manuf. jeweler and eng^. 722 

Chestnut, h 1337 S "5t]i 
Baton Henry C, jeweler, 722 Chestnut, h 1337 

S 5th 
Batson E., 1313 Brown 
Batson John, liquors, 624 Lombard 
Batt Chalkley, lab. O'Neall n Franklin av 
Batt David, carter, 16th and Sp Garden 
Batt John, cordw. 117 Poplar 
Batt John P., grocer, 262 N 4th, h 1123 Sites 
Batt Wm. H., teacher, h 1125 Wistar 
Battersby Ellen, Sellers & Franklin (Fkd) 
Battersby James, maciist. Apple (Mky) 
Battersby Levi, lab. Worth (Fkd) 
Battersby Wm., lab. 1 Hemphill 
Batti George, painter, 718 Wood 
Battin J., sculptor, 1738 Sansom 
•Battin H. S., grocer, 871 N 6th 
Battin Samuel & Henry, grocer, S W 2d and 

Noble, h 616 N 5th 
Battis Esau, fisherman, Front bel Moore 
Battis John, lab. St. Marys ab 7th 
. Battist John, seaman, 1115 Fitzwater 
Batton Geo. A., g-as fitter, 2112 Fairfield 
Batts Elijah, 146 Otter 
Batts John, carp. 2101 Carlton 
Batts Samuel, cordw. 146 Otter 
Batturs Ricliard M., 2018 Vine 
Batturs Sophia, 2018 Vine 

Batturs W. Norris, clerk, 429 Market, 2018 Vine 
Batty David, gent. 1228 Columbia av 
Batty James, finisher, Hamilton (Myk) 
Batty John, weaver, 1413 Savery 
Batty John, finisher, Mulbei-ry (Myk) 
Batty Josh., mach. Hamilton be] Centre (Myk) 
Batty Joshua, tinsmith, Main ab Cotton (Myk) 
Batty Robert, brewer, 1413 Savery 
Batty Samuel, loom boss, Mulberry (Myk) 
Batz'ell Daniel, farmer. Bridge (Wliite'Hall) 
Batzell Fredk., cordw. 1347 Houston 
Batzell Jacob, grocery, 426 Mclllwain 
Batzig John, 219 Coates 
Batzil John, lab. Otis bel Melvale 
Bauchman Ludwig-, grocer, G T av., Nicetown 

Baude Edmund, 509 Race 

Baude Wm. A., ship smith, 405 Redwood 

Bauder Jacob F., provisions, 7T^ S Front 

Bauer A., cordw. 852 Charlotte 

Bauer A., cooper, 914 Ogden 

Bauer Fredk., tavern, 126 Callowhill 

Bauer Fredk., cordw. 509 Callowhill 

Bauer Frederick, lab. Rising- Sun 

Bauer F., tailor, rear 834 N 3d 

Bauer Georg-e, lager beer, 238 Beaver 

Bauer Geo. M., 511 Callowhill 

Bauer G. L., baker, 817 Buttonwood 

Bauer Jacob, cordw. 1204 Hancock 

Bauer John, gi-ocer, 814 Vine 

Bauer John A., cabinetmr. 255 S 2d, h 212 

Bauer Joseph, tavern, 1170 N 3d 
Bauer Joseph, tailor, Adrian bel Otis 
Bauer Sebast., porter, 513 Minor, h 1017 N 4th 
Bauersachs John, basketmr. 828 Callowhill 
Bauersachs John N., 730 Market 
Bauersachs L. C, importer, 502 Market, h 730 


Baugh David R., leather dealer, 533 N 7th 
Baugh E. P., M.D., 1102 Mt Vernon 
Baugh Franklin, att'y and coun., office 7 S 6th 

h 1102 Mt Vernon 
Baugh Geo. M., turner, 113 Elfreth's alley 
Baugh Harman, turner, 127 Elfreth's alley 
Baugh Harman, jr., watchmr. 127 Elfreth's al 
Baugh James C, tavern, Lancaster av & 34th 
Baugh Lewis D., mer. 129 S 2d 
Baugh Samuel, plasterer, 911 Wood 
Baugh Saml., leather, 129 S 2d, h 1504 Chestnut 
Baugh Stephen, blacksm. 505 German 
Baugh Wm., machinist, 124 Elfreth's alley 
Baugh V/m., printer, 112 Elfreth's al 
Baugher Elias D., grocer, Froad & Norris (R) 
Baughoefer Louis, cork sole manuf. 550 China 
Bault John, lab. Hedge (Fkd) 
Bault Wm., machinist, R R av (Fkd) 
Baum Ann, 39 N 17th 
Baum Charles, serg-eant, 248 S Front 
Baum G., morocco finisher, 838 Charlotte 
Baum H. C, mer. 14 N Water, h 1430 Marshall 
Baum Jacob S., clerk, 113 Walnut 
Baum John, teamster, 920 Wayne 
Baum John E., merchant, 113 Walnut, h 721 

Baum John E., gent. 238 S Juniper 
Baum J. E. & Co., (James S. Kirk,) coal dealers, 

113 Walnut and Pier No. 3, Richmond 
BAUM, OGLE & CO., (J. E. Baum, H. K. B. 

Ogle, J. S. Kirk,) coal dealers, 113 Wal- 
nut and Pier No. 3, Richmond 
Baum Wm., calico printer, 325 N 21st 
Baum Wm., carp. 205 S 13th 
Baum Wm., tavern, 410 S Del av 
Baum Wm. T., clei-k, 238 S Juniper 
Bauman Joseph, ivory carver, 422 Library, h 

421 N Front 
Baumann Adam, locksmith, 1206 Locust 
Baumann Jolm, 608 George's al 
Baumann John A., prof music, 431 Coates 
Baumann Mattliias, hotel, 210 N Broad 
Baumgard John, cordw. 1244 Palmer 
Baumg-arden H., cordw. Lynd 
Baumgardle Chas., tailoi', Jefferson (G T) 




Baumg-ardle Henrv, dyer, Mulberry ab Poplar, 

Baiimg'artner Francis, lager beer, 1220 N Front 
Baumgartner Jacob, shoemr. 450 Maria 
Baumg-artner Joseph, barber, 1440 N Front 
Baumg-artner Joseph, locksmith, 5 S 13th 
Baumner Charles, lager beer, Girard av 
Baumont John, cloth fin. 144 N Front 
Baund Christopher, tailor, Dauphin & F road 
Bauntz John, tanner. Home's ct 
Baur Herman H., baker, Eadline ab 35th 
Baus Geo., tavern, 409 S 6th 
BAUSH CHAS., Arctic House, 1022 Poplar 
Bavineu Josh., carp. 1306 S 2d 
Bavington Geo., cabinetmr. 1212 Warnock 
Baving-ton John, cordw. 6 Miller's ct 
Bavington John, manf. 739 Green 
Bavington Theod., mason. Sellers (Fkd) 
Bavis, Dan. S., shoemr. 423 Shippen 
Bavis Samuel A , compositor, 920 S 2d 
Bawch Christian, butcher. Church bel Moore 
Bawman S., lab. 1406 Little Franklin 
Bawn Mary, 409 Wharton 
Baxendal John, throstler, Tacony (Fkd) 
Baxendal Robert, jr., Margaret (Fkd) 
Baxendine Wm., lab. Margaret (Fkd) 
Baxter Chas., lab. 412 Shippen 
Baxter David, paper mr. Washington (Myk) 
Baxter David, papermr. Tower bel Cotton (Myk) 
Baxter De Witt C, engraver, 35 S 6th, h 454 

Baxter Geo., morocco finisher, 23 Otter 
Baxter Geo. W., hardware, 752 S 9th 
Baxter & Harley, (De Witt C. Baxter, Joseph 

S. Harley,) wood engravers, 35 S 6th 
Baxter Isaac B., gent. N E 5th & Washington av 
Baxter Isaac B. jr., hardw. 522 S 2d, h 228 Pine 
Baxter James C, carp. 6 Townsend's av 
Baxter John, grocer, S E Christian & 2d, h 947 

5 2d 
Baxter Mitchell, hardware, 522 S 2d, h N E 5th 

6 Washington av 
Baxter Robert, engraver, Holmesburg 
Baxter Sarah, 23 Otter 

Baxter Thomas, carp. Haverford & 38th (W P) 
Baxter Thomas, currier, 8 Wagner ct 
Baxter Thomas, moulder, rear 432 Morris 
BAXTER THOMAS E., hardw. mer. 910 Mar- 
ket, h 400 S 8th 

Baxter Thomas E., carp. 1728 Barker 

Baxter Wm., carter, 1207 Federal 

Baxter Wm., painter, 112 Shippen 

Baxter Wm. C, broker, 325 Walnut 

Baxter Wm. Q., coop., 17 S Water, h 840 S Front 

Bayard Caroline, 1528 Chestnut 

Bayard Chas. P., saddler, 44 South, h 839 S 3d 

Bayard C. P., broker, 209 Chestnut, h Main 

(G Town) 
Bayard James, atty. and coun. 631 Walnut 
Bayard John, broker, 209 Chestnut 
Bayard John, 522 Walnut 
Bayard Richard H., 1026 Walnut 
Bayard Saml, J., sec. Camden and Amboy R R 

Co., 208 S Del av, h Woodbury, N J 
Bayer Alexander I^., tailor, 314 Thompson 
Bayer Joseph, tavern, 907 Green 
Bayersdorfer Moses M., manuf. fancy straw 

goods & millinery, 138 N 2d 

Bayle Frank, gardener, Fltzwater ab Broad 
Bayle Joseph, engineer, S6tli ab Garden (W P) 
Bayle Saml., bookkeeper, 1321 Lombard 
Bayle S. W., acct. 1219 Chestnut, h 1321 Lomb. 
Bayle Wm., gardener, 1406 Brazier 
BAYLES &' DARBY, {Joseph Bayles, Edwd. 

Darby,) wire workers, 226 Arch 
Bayles Chas W., blacksm. Goodbread pi 
Bayley L. J., grocer, 13th & Coates 
Bayley Mary A., shop, 38 Frankford (Fkd) 
Bayley Robt., acct. 7 Commerce, h 1226 Gir. av 
Bayley Wm. R., musician, 150 Dana 
Baylie John, ruler, 1303 Pembroke 
Bay-lie Robert, bricklr. 1313 Wallace 
Baylie Thomas, jeweler, h 641 N 11th 
Baylis John, auctioneer, 325 Arch, h 760 S 10th 
Bayliss Jos., wire work. 226 Arch, h 940 Hutch- 
Baylitt Davis, shoemr. 237 Queen 
Baymore Berrzello, spar mr. Richmond ab Ann 
Baymore Jas., spar mr. Richmond ab Ann 
Baymore Jos., spar mr. 123 Almond 
Baymore Rebecca, b. h. 210 Union 
Baymore Samuel, 122 Mead 
Baymouns Wm., omnibus dr. 1534 Pearl 
Baymount Henry, lab. Spartan bel Mary (W P) 
Baynard Daniel, poet, 236 Brier pi 
Baynard Elsey, shoemr. 419 German 
Bayne James, bookbr., 2 N 6th, h 337 Wharton 
Bayne James jr., machinist, 530 Redwood 
Bayne James H., case mr. 12 S 5th, h 613 Paul 
Bayne James & Son, bookbinders, 2 N 6th 
Bayne Joseph, square mr. 1716 Rittenhouse 
Bayne Joseph W., gas fitter, 1716 Rittenhouse 
Bayne J. D., notary, 327 Walnut, h 337 Wharton 
Bayne Richard, carter, 1304 South 
Bayne Robert E.,'.undertaker, 1 Tyler 
Bayne Robert D., cabinet mr. 22 South 
Bayne Saml. P., bookbr. 2 N 6th, h 536 Redwood 
Baynon D. W., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h Harrison 

Baynon N. E., currier, h 324 Marshall 
Bazin Xavier, perfiimer, 917 Cherry, h 1031 

Bazley J. Edward, clerk, 3 Dock, h 649 N 15th 
Bea John, tailor, 1218 N 4th 
Beabe Geo., hatter, 449 N 2d, h 1020 Randolph 
Beaber Adam, holl. ware mould. 739 Thompson 
Beach Baynell, tinsmith, 729 S 2d 
Beach C. Nichols, merchant, 328 & h 514 Walnut 
Beach Elizabeth, Lancaster av above Market 

Beach Joseph, 823 Carpenter 
'Beach M. M. M.D., 1122 Vine 
Beach Wm., moulder, 1618 Helmuth 
Beach Wm., carp. 122 Carroll 
Beach Wm., manuf. of curry combs. Willow ab 

12th, h 1704 Swain 
Beachell John H., broker, 317 Vine 
Beachman Wm., sawyer, 7 Callowhill 
Beading Henrv, capt. 6 Christian 
Beagle Abram', agt. S W 13th Sc Market, h 1018 

Beagle Henry, blacksm. & harness mr.. Willow 

& Magnolia, h 410 N 5th 
Beagle Thomas, blacksm. and harness mr. 422 

Magnolia, h 505 Noble 
Beagley Elizabeth, grocery, 10th &, Melon 




Beahen Thomas, cordw. Corn bel Marion 

Beal Cabot, weaver, Nicetown 

Seal 8c Forman (Wm. Beal, Robt. R. Forman,) 
show case, 153 N 4th 

Beal Chas., dealer, 128 Benton 

Beal John, driver, 29 Marker 

Beal Joshua, dealei', 128 Benton 

Beal Joshua, carp. Perry bel Columbia av 

Beal Robert, brush finisher, 7 Appletree al, h 
507 N 10th 

Beal Wm., silverplater, 153 N 4th, h 115 Laurel 

Beale Ann, g-entw. 40th ab Myrtle, (W P) 

Beale Chas,, vict. Dauphin ab Rees 

Beale C. & H., dry g-oods, 1505 Vine 

Beale Edwd., M. D.j 21st bel Walnut 

Beale Francis, cordw. b h 917 N 3d 

Beale James, hame mr. Bustleton 

Beale Jos., M. D., U. S. N., h 1805 De Lancy pi 

Beale Josiah N., engnr. 1016 Ross 

Beale Matthias L., clerk, 332 M'lllwain 

Beale M. Mrs. Ill S 13th 

Beale Stephen T., M. D., dentist, 1223 Chestnut 

Beale Wm., butcher, Dauphin bel Rees 

Beale Wm., bricklayer, 1709 Burton 

Beale Wm., vict. 40th & Myrtle 

Beale Wm. A., tailor, 114 S 10th, h 258 N Ju- 

Beale Wm. A., jr., merchant, 31 Bank, h 407 

Beale W. Ramsey, clerk P. R. R. Office, S W 
13th and Market 

Bealer Geo., lab. 890 Poplar 
Bealer Jacob, clock mr. 1117 South 
Beall Theo. L., flour & feed, 327 & 329 S Front, 
h 3d ab Lombard 
' Beam Andw., tailor, 1229 N 5th 
Beam Charles E., paperhr. 850 N 10th 
Beam Christ., 2043 Chestnut* 
Beam E. K., salesman, 2043 Chestnut 
BEAM ISAAC R., druggist, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Jacob H., salesm.258 N 3d, h 317 Crown 
Beam Jacob S., sign painter, S E 4th & Walnut, 

h 2132 Spruce 
Beam Jesse B., bricklr. Oak bel Park (W P) 
Beam John A., sign & ornamental painter, S E 

4th & Walnut, h 2132 Spruce 
Beam John, cordw., 850 N 10th 
Beam John, coachman, 106 Bread 
Beam John M., druggist, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam J. K.; salesman, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Wm.. match nianuf., M'lllwain ab 4th 
Beaman E. A. Rev., 225 S 16th 
Beamer And., 1816 Girard av 
Beamer De Witt C, printer, 422 Library, h 

939 S 6th 
Beamer Geo. H., coachsmith, 118 Webb's al 
Beamer Saml. H., marh. 1339 Kates 
Beamish Arthur, moulder, 638 Carpenter 
Beamish Eleanor, millinery, 1304 Coates 
Bean Abr. D., weaver. Baker, (Myk) 
Bean Albert G. R., paper hr., 426 Enterprise 
Bean Caroline, wash woman 1308 Bedford 
Bean Enos, blindmaker, 133 N 6th, h 2024 

Bean Fredk., lab. Kirkbride, (Bdg) 
Bean Geo. R., 108 S 4th 
Bean Heniy H. Rev., 521 Marshall 
Bean Jackson, hotel. Main (C Hill) 

Bean James, cooper, 710 Brooks 

Bean Peter, shoemr., Howard (Nicetown) 

Bean Rachel Mrs., 1413 Callowhill 

Beans Cathai-ine, gentw. 1421 N 8th 

Beans Chas. T. clerk, 36 N 3d, h 1421 N 8th 

Beans E. K., hotel. Main (G T) 

Beans Jacob Z., mer. 26 S 4th. h 1113 Vine 

Beans John, saddler, 9th & Buttonwood . 

Beans Sarah, 110 Freidlander 

Bear Henry, builder, 1615 N 12th 

Bear John W., 1013 

Bear Wm. H., mer. Summit (C Hill) 

Beard George, paper hanger, 1618 Helmuth 

Beard James, paper stainei', Alton ct 

Beard John P., oysters, Lancaster av ab Seneca 

Beard Mary, 215 Lybrand 

Beard Nathan, waiter, 720 Fallon 

Beard Nicholas, vict. 1534 N 5th 

Beard Thomas, hotel, 2226 Market, h 2216 

Beard Timothy, 145 Morris 

Beard Wm., vict. 846 Charlotte 

Beard Wm. O., hat mf. Lawrence ab Brown, h 
626 N 8th 

Beardslee Theodore, druggist, 242 Chestnut, h 
531 Francis 

Beardsley Wm., weaver, Spring al (G T) 

Beardswood Michl., cordw. 521 S 20th 

Beardsworth Robt., lab. 2026 Hamilton 
Beare W^m. H., laces, 230 Chestnut, h C Hill 

Bearman John, gas fixtures, 222 Thompson 
Beastall Wm., carp. E. Orthodox, Frankford 
Beaston Joseph, sawyer. Till ab Darby Road, 

tes, David S. Jacoby, Wm. J. Miller, ) drug- 
gists, 224 N 3d 
Beates Henry, druggist, 224 N 3d, h 217 Ja- 
Beath David, weaver. Poplar ab 13th 
Beath Jenet, 1107 Mark's la 
Beath U obt., weaver, 1223 Fulton 
Beath Susan, 315 Girard av 
Beatham Robt., milkman, 2d bel Yellow house 
Beatley Robert, lab. Oak ab Rose (WP) 
Beaton Mary, milliner, 261 S 10th 
Beats John, 1305 Catharine 
Beats 'Wm., teacher, 1305 Catharine 
Beattes Jacob H., coach trimmer, 132 Dock, h 

917 S 6th 
Beattie James, tailor, 135 Pine, h 774 S 4th 
Beattie James, cutter, 774 S 4th 
Beattie James, tailor, Chatham, (R) 
Beattie-James, flour & feed, F Rd ab Dauphin 
Beattie Robt. H., acct. 32 S Front, h 268 S 3d 
Beattie S. A., 317 Perry 

Beatty A. Rev., Trinity Chapel, 22d & Locust 
Beatty George, cordw. Dingle's ct 
Beatty H. Clay, atty at law, 252 S 3d 
Beatty Hugh, lab. 2027 Harmstead 
Beatty Hugh, lab. 1011 Dorrance 
Beatty James, dealer, 9th and Master 
Beatty James, coachman, 4 Harberger's pi 
Beatty James, maniif 1426 N 2d (K) 
Beatly Jas., elk. 339 Chestnut, h 1332 Shippen 
Beatty Jane A., dressmr. 1711 Georg-e 
Beatty John, coal, Warren & Beach, h 1346 N 2d 




Beatty John & Son, curb stone and coal yarcl, 

foot of Warren in Beach 
Beatty Joseph, weaver, 1438 Front 
Beatty Joseph H., clerk. Commercial Bank, h 

Beatty Maiy Mrs., store, 942 N 10th 
Beatty Mary, 1102 S Front 
Beatty Moore, carp. 1509 South 
Beatty Mordecai M., puddler, 1051 N Front 
Beatty Robert, weaver, 1519 F road 
Beatty Robt., 1235 Pine 
Beatty Robert H., clerk, 304 Clark 
Beatty Samuel, 1235 Pine 
Beatty Samuel, cab. mr. Apple ab Diamond 
Beatty Samuel, carman, 2014 Filbert 
Beatty Samuel, 913 Bonsall 
Beatty Saml., watchman, 3 Smith's ct, N Front 
Beatty Wm., manuf. 1428 N 2d 
Beatty Wm., porter, Faries ct 
Beatty Wm. H., mach. 169 Allen 
Beatty Wm. S., blindmr. 913 Bonsall 
Beaty John F., ag'ent, h Powell ab Francis 
Beaty Jos. F., telegrapher, 302 Chestnut, h 1729 

Beaty Robei't, manuf. 1330 Lombard 
Beaty Wm., lab. Milestown 
Beaugureau A.,, teacher French, &c., 1530 

Beaumont G. H., M.D., 81J Arch 
Beaumont Jacob K., painter, 828 S 2d 
Beaumont Wm., dyer. Mulberry (Myk) 
Beaux Edmund, silk manuf.. South and Wm 

Sch. h Locust & William (W P) 
Beaux J. Adolphe, silk manuf. 1712 Locust 
BEAUX J. P. & CO., silk manuf 25th and 

Beaver Charles, grocer, 1032 Sergeant 
Beaver E. G. Mrs., N W 12th & Filbert 
Beaver Frank, 307 Noble 
Beaver Henry, mason, Washington and Armi- 

tage (Myk) 
Beaver Jno., carp. Warder ab Cheny 
Beaver Marg-t., 1223 Montgomeiy av 

Beaver Samuel H.,mer. 122 S Del av 
Beaver Thos., mer. 1819 Vine 
Beazy Samuel, 11 Hemphill 
Bebins Saml., mach. 34th and Grape (W. P) 
Bebler Charles, cedar cooper, Green ab 34th 

Rech Gabriel, Oak (Myk) 

Becher Henry, carp. Ridge av. Shurr la (Myk) 
Bechler Chas., baker, 1120 Locust 
Bechler Fred., oil manuf Faries ct 
Bechler John, grocer, S W Crown and Wood 
Bechler Louis, painter, 951 N 5th, b 996 Ran- 
Bechler Stephen, lab. 923 S 5th 
Bechman G. F., manuf trims. 400 N 3d 
Bechman Wm., segur box mr. 161 Belg-rade 
Becht Gabriel, gent. Oak ab Baker, (Myk) 
Becht Jacob, sailor, 530 Callowhill 
Becht P., hatter, 530 Thompson 
Bechtel Abraham, porcelain manufacturer, 521 

Bechtel Abr'm B., fancy goods, 1513 Ridge av 
Bechtel Benj. H., grocei*, S 3d and Westley 

Bechtel Catharine H., b h 347 N 9th 

Bechtel David B., artist, 9th and Sp Garden, h 

608 Franklin 
Bechtel Geo., hotel, 329 N 23d 
Bechtel Geo., papermi". Wissahickon, (C Hill) 
Bechtel Geo. H., acct. 3 Decatur, h 439 Dick- 


Bechtel J. Heniy M., driver, 915 Warnock 
Bechtel John H., restaurant, 37 and 39 S 3d, h 

1823 Vinyard 
Bechtel John, sup. 805 Duane 
Bechtel John, lab. James (Myk) 
Bechtel John, huckster, 1823 Vineyard 
Bechtel John, mach. 3 Newbold 
Bechtel Jno., lab., James (Falls Schuyl) 
Bechtel J., tanner, Cresheim (C Hill) 
Bechtel J. A., trader, 2d ab Montg-omery 
BECHTEL M. H., vinegar manuf 422 Vine, h 

h 1019 Wallace 
Bechtel Paul, carp. High (Roxbo) 
Bechtel Peter, stone mason, James (Fall Sch) 
Bechtel Peter, jr., stone cutter, James (Falls 

Bechtel Saml., tavern, 24th and Vine 
Bechtel Wm., turner. Mansion above Chestnut 

Bechtel Wm. H., machinist, 1104 Arabella 
Bechter Albert, upholster, 308 York av 
Bechter John, turner, 855 Randolph 
Bechter Susan, 1223 CaiToll 
Bechtold Arabella T. Mrs., 1212 Carlton 
Bechtold G. C, baker, 123 Elfreth's al 
Bechtold Joseph, mechanic, 1531 Warnock 
BECHTOLD SAMUEL, JR., real estate agent, 

122 N 6th , 

Bechtold Valentine, brewer, 7th ab Dauphin 
Bechtold Win., baker, 2402 Green 
Bechtle C. G., baker, 314 Dean 
Beck Alex., carpet manuf 1523 Pearl 
Beck Allen, lab. 1123 Beach 
Beck Ann, dressmaker, 217 Union 
Beck Anthony, Phila. Band, 809 Lebanon 
Beck A., cabinetmr. 1310 N 10th 
Beck Bernhardt, boot ft. 8 Hayward pi 
Beck & Burns, (Levi Beck and Wm. Burns,) 

tobacconists, 828 Market 
Beck Caspar, cabinetmr. 1305 S 8th 
Beck Chas., mer. Ill N Front, h 1237 Filbert 
Beck Chas. A., salesman, 22 S 5th, h 969 Mar- 

Beck Chas F., M.D., S E 15th & Walnut 
Beck Chas. W., painter, 611 N 5th 
Beck Christian, machinist, 1333 N 17th 
Beck Christian, glass blower, Yorkab Belgrade 
Beck Christiana, 822 Charlotte 
Beck Clementine, washer, 202 Brier pi 
Beck Daniel W., refectory, 1208 Cass 
Beck David M., saddler. Bridge av (Roxb) 
Beck Eliza, distiller, 228 Marion ab 2d 
Beck Eliza A., N W 6th and AVashington av 
Beck Frederick, sawyer, rear 1211 Buttonwood 
Beck Fred., tailor, 220 N 5th 
Beck Geo. baker. Rising Sun 
Beck George, lab. 907 Ogden 
Beck Geo., tailor, 427 Watkins 
Beck Geo., conductor, 37th and JIaverford 
Beck Gottleib, cordw. Furlong ct 
Beck Henry, stove mr. 215 Catharine 




Beck Henry, combmr. 915 N 13th 

Beck Henry F., tobacconist, 830 Vine, h 939 

Beck Henry Paul, 1101 Girard 
Beck Hester, 316 S Front * 

Beck Isaac, produce dealer, 526 Fitzwater 
Beck Isaac, carp. Hermon (G T) 
Beck Isaac, eng-ineer, 1423 Parrish 
Beck Jacob, lampmr. 1242 Apple 
Beck Jacob, clerk, 105 S Front, h 1008 S 5th 
Beck Jacob, painter, Hanley's ct 
Beck Jacob, lampmr. 1 Pensive pi 
Beck Jacob P., varieties, Callowhill & St John 
Beck Jacob V., bakery, 405 Callowhill 
Beck Jacob Wm., musician, 412 Quince 
Beck James, pumpmr. 1625 N 8th 
Beck James S., undertaker, Centre (G T) 
Beck James M., musician, 746 Florida 
Beck Jas. N., music dealer, S E Tth & Chestnut, 

h 1915 Vine 
Beck Jas. S., sig-n and house painter, 1007 F rd 
Beck Jane, dressmr. 949 N 11th 
Beck John, carp. Hermon (G T) 
Beck John, eng'ineer, 2215 Coates 
Beck John, blacksmith, 1240 Carroll 
Beck John, carpt. 1136 Day 
Beck John, 1752 N 6th 
Reck John, driver, J3iamond ab 4th 
Beck John D., salesman, 515 S 22d 
Beck John P., tailor, 1017 Hamilton 
Beck Joseph, butcher, 218 Reed 
Beck J. G. S., tobacconist, 1016 Shippen 
BECK & LAWTON, music, 632 Chestnut 
Beck Levi, tobacconist, 828 Market 
JBeck L,ewis, ostler, 6 Moore's al 
Beck Lewis, vict. SW 12th and Market, h 1010 

Beck Lewis, toy shop, 608 Callowhill 
Beck Lewis, cutler, 309 Race, h 226 N 11th 
Beck Lewis H., mach. 1201 Coates 
Beck Lewis D., baker, 1048 Richmond 
Beck Margaret, 157 N Juniper 
Beck Maria, 342 St John 
Beck Mary W., b. h. 913 N 11th 
Beck Peter, vict. 1229 N 16th 
Beck Peter, cabinetmr. 1201 N 12th 
Beck Peter H., upholsterer, 8th and Walnut 
Beck Phihp, tailor, 19 Sterling- al 
Beck Rebecca, conf. N W 12th and Coates 
Beck Richard H., reed and heddle manuf. 434 

Beck Robert, mach. 1820 Addison 
Beck Samuel, cordw. G F rd bel Norris 
Beck Samuel, carp. Herman (G Town) 
Beck Samuel, salesman, 13 Bank 
Beck Samuel H., printer, 342 St John 
Beck Saml. & Son, undertakers. Centre (GT) 
Beck Sarah, 562 Crown 
Beck Susan, 843 S Front 
Beck Theodore, shoemr. 1210 Hamilton 
Beck Theodore C, clerk City Treas. office, h 

S E Front and Beck 
Beck Thomas, lab. Tudor ab Dickerson 
Beck Thomas B., mer.342 and 341 N Front, & 

342 N Water, h 1612 Green 
Beck Walter, lab. 221 Quarry 
Beck Wm., dealer, 526 Fitzwater 
Beck Wm. P., blacksmith, 2104 Summer 

Beck Wm. P., blacksmith, S 21st bet Sansom & 

Beck Wm., dyer, 1239 Catharine 
Beck Wm., agt. York ab F rd 
Beckel A., cordw. r 833 Charlotte 
Beckel James C, org-anist, academy 505 N 8th, 

h510N 11th 
BECKEL G. W., prof, music, 1347 Manley 
Beckenbach John, plumber, 2041 Summer 
Beckenbach Robert, bootmr., 617 N 6th 
Beckendoff M. D., 225 Brown 
Becker Bernard, lager beer, 419 Brown 
Becker Bernard, tailor, 308 N 8th 
Becker Christ., tobacconist, 728 N 4th 
Becker & Dell, (Mnses Becker 4- Jos. S. Dell,} 

clothing', 33 N 3d 
Becker Ernest, prof, music, 3d ab Oxford 
Becker Fredk., tailor, 22 S 4th, h 709 St John 
Becker Geo., 860 N 15th 
Becker George, express, 7 Vine 
Becker G. J., prof, of drawing, Girard College 
Becker H., manuf. hosiery, Moyer ab Columbia 


Becker John, 627 N 13th 
Becker J., bootmr. N W 10th and Parrish 
Becker J. A., salesman, 615 Market 
Becker Leopold, tailor, 1230 Callowhill 
Becker Philip, saddles and harness, 314 N 3d 
Becker Wm., cordw., 202 N Front 
Becker Wm., saloon, r 157 N 9th 
Becker Wm., restaurant, S W 6th & Chestnut, 

h 834 Race 

Becker Wm., gatekeeper, Wissahickon (C Hill) 
Beckerford John, dealer, 1126 St John 
Beckett Andre v/, coachman, 2 Carney av 
Beckett Daniel, 1221 Marlborough 
Beckett Daniel, weaver, Apple ab Diamond 
Beckett Elizabeth, washer, 224 Currant al 
Beckett Isaac, waiter, 1 Minster 
Beckett John P., shingle shaver, 1247 Marlboro' 
Beckett Samuel, hatter, 610 Vernon 
Beckett Thos. J., sup. M. F. Hall, 810 Locust 
Beckett Thos.N., actor, 1213 Peter 
Beckett Wm. & Co., tailors, 316 Richmond 
Beckett Wm., clothing, 706 Queen 
Beckhart Abraham S., peddler, 1029 Charlotte 
haus, John Allgaier, Nick. Petry,) coach 
manuf 1204 F rd ab Girard av 
Beckhaus Jos., coachmr., 1204 F rd, h 20 Gi- 
rard av 

Beckhorn Mary, 856 S Front 
Beckley Angeline, wid. Aspen ab 35th (WP) 
Beckley Jacob F., hotel, 1918 Callowhill 
Beckley Nich., salesman, S'o& Market, h Frank- 
lin ab 4th 
Beckman A., brushmr. 408 Franklin av 
Beckman Chas., segarmr. b h 928 N 4th 
Beckman Danl., gent. Galloway 
Beckman Frank, 1510 Callowhill 
Beckman Francis, grocer, 1200 N 4th 
Beckman Francis, tavern, York and Memphis 
Beckman James, bootmr., 344 N 3d, h Wager 

bel 6th 

Beckman John, cordw. Caldvi^ell 
Beckman Joseph, grocer, 313 Cherry 
Beckman Thomas, grocer, 3d and George 
Beckmire Wm., carp, r 244 S 6th 




Beckwith Alex., painter, 423 Spruce 
Beckwith Wm., waterman. Watt's al 
Becktel, vict. 1302 Mvrtle 
BECRAFT ALEXANDER, mahogany saw 

mill, r 436 Walnut, h 756 S 2d 
Beddis Benj., spinner, Jackson (Myk) 
Beddis Charles, loom boss, Jackson (Myk) 
Beddis John, beamer, Jackson (Myk) 
Bedell Wm., mer. 61 N 3d, h 1102 Wallace 
Bedenk Adam, baker, 910 Filbert 
Bedford Alex., cordw., Catharine and Steward 
Bedford Benj. W., painter, N W 6th and Coates 

and 572"N 5th. h 5th bel Wager 

Beesley B. W., clerk, 436 Walnut, h 1001 Arcli 
Beesley Catharine, confec. 1505 South 
Beesley Edmund, waterman, 906 St John 
Beesley Edward, cordw. 14 N 12th 
Beesley Jacob, patternrar. 1114 Ogden 
Beesley Jacob 8c Co., patternmr. 424 Dillwyn 
Beesley John, farmer, Thorp's lane (C Hill) 
Beesley James, cordw. 14 N 12tli 
Beesley James, paintei", 1505 South 
Beesley Mary, gentw. 15th bel Chestnut 
Beesley Theop. E., M.D., 1001 Arch 
Beesley Wm., farmer, (Chest Hill) 
Beesley W., tailor, 720 Maurice 

BEDFORD ISAAC, alderman, 2303 CallowhilllBeez John, baker, 1131 N 2d 

Bedford Isaac T., bricklr. 321 Noble 
Bedford Wm. J., real es. agt. 2303 Callowhill 
Bedicheimer Henry, peddler, 963 St John 
Bedlock Edward, convey. 715 Walnut, h Arch 

Bedlock Hannah, gentw., 1633 Race 
Bedlock & Paschall, convey. 715 Walnut 
Bedloe Jas. M., clerk, 1105 Charlotte 
Beebe Ann Mrs., gentw. 1403 Mer\'Tne 
Beebe John, agt. 1403 Mervine 
Beebe John, milkman, Torphin (R) 
Beeby Chas., clerk, 747 S 3d 
Beech Ebenezer, saloon, 916 Callowhill 
Beech Mary, gentw. 1502 Poplar 
Beechan Michael, rope and iron, 148 N Water 
Beecher Jacob F., salesman, 47 N 3d, h 1020 

Beecher Joseph, feed, Diamond bel 6th 
Beecher Wm., mer. 337 A]-ch, h 707 Callowhill 

Beffert Wm., lab. Main (G T) 

Beggs John, P. R. R., S E 11th & Market 

Beggs John, blacksm. 338 N Front, h 555 New 

Beggs & Rowland, (JoJm Beggs and Peter S. 

Rowland,) blacksmiths, 33^8 & 340 N Front 
Begler Ignatius, brewer, 1604 N 11th 
Begley Chas., cordw. 2049 Murray 
Begley Henry, tailor, 823 Cliristian 
Begley John,' moulder, 10th & Jefferson 
Begley John, lab. 920 N 19th 
Beg-ley Jos., painter, 152 Belgrade 
Begley Patrick, carter. Main ab Herman (G T) 
Begley Patrick, Azalia 
Begley Samuel, last mr. 13th and Wharton 
Begley Thos. S., mer. 28 S 2d, h 242 Catharine 
Begley Wm., butcher, Fisher ab 8th 
Begley Wm., liquors, 823 Christian 
Beglin John, hquors. Centre (G T) 

BEECHER & RIDGWAY, dry goods, 337 Begman Joseph, boot mkr. Garwin place 


Beechey Alfred, glass blower, 540 Noms 
Beechey John, glass blower, 540 Belgrade 
Beechey Obadiah, teach. 540 Belgrade 
Beecroft Francis, store. Lane, av Hestonville 
Beecroft Geo., black sm. 2020 Carlton 
Beeh John, milkman, 802 Charlotte 
Beehler Jacob, barber, 1117 South 
Beek Ann, Providence ct 
Beek A. G., collector, 678 N 13th 
Beeken Clarris, perfumer, 1255 N 15tli 
Beeken C, M. D., N E Wood and Crown 
Beekley Nathan S., acct. 43 N Water, h Market 

n Till (W P) 
Beekter Thomas, shearer, 1417 Vienna 
Beeler C. H., jr., artist, 1813 Addison 
Beeler Evan L., mach. 1334 S 2d 
Beeler Louis, lab. rear of 26 Brook 
Beeler William, vict. 1519 Darien 
Beelzer Henry, lab. 1239 Columbia av 
Beemer John S., lab. Olney 
Beenken Daniel, grocer, 639 Callowhill 
Beenken John, grocer, 411 Callowhill, h 931 

Beer Caroline L., bookkr. 730 Chestnut 
Beer Francis, baker, 1222 Columbia av 
Beer John, millinery, 731 South 
Beere Rachel, 613 S Carpenter 
Beers Andrew, tinsm. 909 Ontario 
Beers David, painter, 903 Ogden 
Beei's John, lumber, 1332 Maurice 
Beers James, lab. rear 321 Garden 
Beers Wm. A., mer. 18 S Water 

Behlens C, grocer, 1206 N 5th 

Behler John, grocer, 210 Wood * 

Behm Carl., blksm. 324 N 21st 

Behmke John, fur. cars. Front ab Moore 

Behn Henry, morroc. dr. Howard ab Norris 

Beichus Wm., 528 Vincent 

Beickel Daniel, gent. 1226 N 4th 

Beidelman Chas., Custom House agent, 516 N 

Beidelman C. J., paper hanger, 516 N 10th 
Beidelman Daniel, grocer, 703 Market, h 1015 

BEIDELMAN & HAYWARD, grocers, 703 

Beidelman Daniel S., coal dealer, h 209 Vine 
Beidelman J. Wilmer, clerk, 703 Market 
Beideman Geo. W., dealer, 151 Coates 
Beideman Jacob, lab. 408 Culvert 
Beidenmiller John, vict. 1437 N 6t]i 
Beiderman Peter, artist, 238 S Juniper 
Beidler Jacob, weaver, Davidson place 
Beidler James, grocer, G T R bel York 
Beierlein Henrj', mach. 1417 Stiles 
Beihler Chas., lab. Gorden ab Belgrade 
Beil Chas., cabtmr. rear 1019 Nectarine 
Bein Augustus, cabtmr. 1208 S 5th 
Beine Charles, contractor, 629 Masters 
Beir Henry, box mkr. 963 Lawrence 
Beirmas Wm., baker, 1222 Parish 
Beisch Andrew, vict. 41st & Haverford (W P) 
Beisel Fred. V., 415 Commerce 
Beisel James, salesman, 223 N Juniper 
Beisel Peter, beer house, h 231 Callowhill 
Beisel Wilhelmina, G T R ab 5tli 




Beishlag- George, vict. Darby road ab Walnut 

Beisser Lewis J., baker, 1524 Race 
Beisswang-er Jacob, butcher, .Lane av and 41st 

Beiswang-er J. C, bootmr. Coates bel 12th 
Beitel G. J., conf., 152 N 8th 
Beltel James, morrocco dresser, 1216 N 8th 
BEITLER ABRAHAM, tavern, 1619 Market 
Beitler Danl. B., hv. stables, 17th ab Market, h 

1509 Filbert 
BEITLER DAVID, alderman, 38 S 7th, h 1619 

Beitler Joseph, coal merchant, 238 N Broad, h 

1619 Market 
Beittenmiller Chas., carp. Apple ab Diamond 
Bekel Joseph, dealer, 1756 N 3d 
Belair Lewis D., g-ent. 332 Coates 
Belch Wm., scale mr. 605 Maurice 
Belcher A. P., bar tender, 1214 N 3d 
Belcher C. F., dry g-oods, 541 N 8th 
Belcher Frederick, salesman, 624 Race 

Bell Henry, carp. Norris ab 5th 

Bell Henry painter, Amber ab Phoenix 

Bell Henrv, lab. Cottag-e lane (G T) 

Bell Isaac carp. 1902 M'Duffie 

Bell Israel M., Cadwalader ab Columbia 

Bell Jas., restaurant, Market & William, h Till 

ab Market (W P) 
Bell James, diy g-oods, 2000 Callowhill 
Bell James, sexton, 5 Queen av 
Bell James, painter, 439 South, h 423 Spruce 
Bell James, 1345 N Front 
Bell James, cordw. 830 Catharine 
Bell James E., 306 Walnut, h 508 S 9th 
Bell James F., 511 Powell 

I?ell James S., plasterer, 1504 Moyamensing ar 
Bell James W., carp. 336 S 19th 
Bell John, collector, 1135 Lombard 
Bell John, M. D., 727 Spruce 
Bell John, cabinetmr. Noiris bel 5th (K) 
Bell John, sawmr. Columbia ab Washing-ton 
Bell John, bartender, 1732 Burton 
Bell John, flour and feed, F rd &. Araming-o 
Bell John, lab. 1014 Montgomery av 

Belcher Jos., Rev., 1205 Green 

Belcher William, packer, 137 N 3d, h 949 New | Bell John, g-ent. 306 German 

Market Bell John, tailor, 710 Lisle 

Beldent Joseph, dealer, 1837 Spruce Bell John, flour dealer, Fkd rd ab Cumberland 

Belfield H., brass founder. Broad ab Willow, hJBell John, blacksm. 6th ab Dauphin 

621 N 12th 
Belford James, plumber, 888 Randolph 
Belger Edward, Custom House, 507 N 12th 
Beling-felt Thos., joiner, 108 Gebhard 
Belknap & Co., hair tonic, office 910 Coates 
Belknap Elbridg-e, N E Broad & Parrish 
Belknap Stephen, jeweler, 910 Coates, h 913 

Belknap Willis H., salesman, 246 Market, h 517 

Bell Aaron, white washer, 1530 Carlton 
Bell Abram, sexton, Beckel av 
Bell Adolph, ornamental carver, S E 35th and 

Church (W P) 
Bell Alexander, 25 M'Makin's ct 
Bell Alexander, carp. A ab 22d 
Bell Alexander, grocer, 2028 Coates 
Bell Alexander, porter, 1622 Mervine 
Bell Alex. W., milk, 116 N 9th 
Bell Andrew J., cigars, 508 Poplar 
Bell Arthur, manuf. 1438 G T rd 
Bell A. R., dressmr. 1607 Apple 
Bell Benj., waiter, 828 Shippen 
Bell Chas., clerk, 430 Borden 
Bell Chas., carp. Norris ab 5th 
Bell Chas. W., clerk, 304 Market 
Bell Daniel, cordw. 4 Haines 
Bell David H., cabinetmr. 250 Chestnut, h 1630 

Bell Edward, flour store, S E Brown and 11th, 

h 2221 Coates 
Bell Edwd., sand paper, Norris ab 5th 
Bell Elijah, coachmr, 144 Dock, h 115 Almond 
Bell Emeline, pawnbr., S W 8th & Fitzwater 
Bell Francis, collector, 1803 Lombard 
Bell Frederick, bookseller, 1734 Addison 
Bell George, druggist, N W 13th & Market 
Bell George, clerk R. R., 1228 Peter 
Bell Geo. W., bricklr. 2211 Ridge av 
Bell Harriet, 940 N 12th 
BeU Harriet, Lybrant 

Bell John, lab. 1738 Christian 

Bell John A., Mint agt. 320 Chestnut, h Park & 

George (W P) 
Bell John M., clothing, 268 S 2d, h 710 Lisle 
Bell John P., broker, 31 4^ Walnut, h 632 N 17th 
Bell John T., 1115 Girard 
Bell J. F., M. D., 917 Lombard 
Bell Jonathan, moulder, 1524 Mervine 
Bell Leonard H., Custom House elk, 145 N lOth 
Bell Levi H., flour and feed, 325 South 
Bell Lowry, 268 S 16th 
Bell Martin, 25th and Green 
Bell Mary, conf. 1251 N 16th 
Bell Mary, wid. 904 Sp Garden 
Bell Mary, provisions, 330 Green (C) 
Bell Mary, teacher, N E 12tli & Locust, h 1803 

Bell Maiy A., milliner, 1234 Girard av 
Bell Mary H., 116 Queen 
Bell Richard, bricklr. Lybrand ct 
Bell Richard, salesman, 11 N 2d, h 867 N 7th 
Bell Robert, clerk, 800 Lawrence 
Bell Robert, cabinetmr. 526 Callowhill, h 520 

N 10th 
Bell Robert, 113 Bread 
Bell Robert, hotel, 2002 Lombard 
Bell Robert, weaver, Adrian ab Otis 
Bell Robert, bricklr. Charter ab Trenton av 
Bell Robert, salesman, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Samuel, jr., 108 S Del av, h 268 S 16th 
Bell Samuel, mason, Shaffer (G Town) 
Bell Samuel, flour mer. 538 N 2d 
Bell Samuel, messenger P. office, 1928 Lombard 
Bell Samuel, clerk, 332 S. Queen 
Bell Samuel, clerk, Rittenhouse (GT) 
Bell Samuel J., printer, 1608 Winter 
Bell Saml. W., teller F. & M. Bk. 527 Pine 
Bell Sarah, shop keeper, 1902 Market 
Bell Selina, trimmings, 1841 Callowhill 
Bell Stirling, 108 S Del av, h 268 S 16th 
Bell Solomon, waiter, Raspberry al 




Bell S. T. C, bedding- warehouse, 329 Callowliill 

Bell Thomas, h 702 S 4th 

Bell Thomas, acct. 10 N 3d, li 848 S 2d 

Bell Thomas, grocer, 1113 N 2d 

Bel] Thomas, 1912 Lombard 

BELL THOMAS, broker, 319 Walnut, h 311 S 

Bell Thomas, bookkr. 848 S 2d 
Bell Thomas, sand paper mer. Norris ab 5th 
Bell Thomas, clerk. Church (Fkd) 
Bell Thos. F., auct., 141 S 4th, h 1724 Addison 
Bell Thos. H., sea captain, 1314 S 6th 
Bell Thos. M., painter, Morton av 
Bell Walter W., compositor, 1023 Parker 
Bell Walter Dwight, iron, 207 N Water & 205 

N Del av, h 11th and Arch 
Bell Wm., dyer, 1233 Shippen 
Bell Wm., reportei', 1103 Carlton 
Bell Wm., lab. 2045 Wood 
Bell Wm., lab. Burrows ct 
Bell Wm., porter, 2014 Murray 
Bell Wm., mer. 826 Market 
Bell Wm., weaver, Norris ab F rd 
Bell Wm., papermr. Washington (Myk) 
Bell Wm., carp. 1914 Lombard 
Bell Wm., lab. 1619 Richard 
Bell Wm., carp. 1543 Cadwalader av 
Bell Wm., bootmr. Galloway 
Bell Wm. A., carp. Somers (Rox) 
Bell Wm. H., Greble's ct 
Bell Wm. M., trunkmr. Johnson's lane ab 2d 
Bell W^m. W., bricklayer, 2211 R av 
Bellak Jas., music teacher, 279 S 5th 
Bellangee Benj., bricklr. 414 Green 
Bellangee Isaac, bricklr. 414 Green 
Bellar Jacob, lab. Bridge (Bdg) 
Bellas Mary Ann, h 156 N 15th 
Bellas Thomas, mer. Broad and Cherry, h 1805 

Bellerieau Henry, brushmr. 122 N 3d,h 314 N 

Bellerjeau Jacob, brush manuf. 172 Girard av 
Bellerjeau Jeannett, trimmings, 172 Girard av 
Bellerjeau John, mach. 942 Beach 
Bellerjeau Susan, dry goods, 942 Beach 
Bellert ChristofF, 909 S 9th 
Belling Andrew, sr., combmaker, 1250 Colum- 
bia av 
Bellington Joseph, weaver, 715 Webb 
Bellman C, confect. 608 South 
Bellmere Wm., mach. 1414 Parrish 
Belmix Eliza, wid. rear 1227 F road 
Bellew James, lab. 2508 Pine 
Bellew John, lab. Willow bel Pine 
Bellows A. J., salesman, 307 Arch 
Bellows Martin, boot manuf. 413 Commerce, up 

stairs, h 722 N 8th 
Bellows Wm. K., printer, 439 Chestnut, h N W 

Green and Marshall 
Bellwoar Frank, confect. 2048 Cuthbert 
Belisario E. H., gent. 276 S 4th 
Bellis Henrj^ V. M., staii-br , 507 Perkiomen 
Belrose Francis, 148 N 20th 
Belrose John, jr., salesman, 304 Chestnut, h 

1114 Goshen av 
Belrose I^ouis, paper hang. 304 Chestnut, fac. 

Catharine ab 11th 
Belrose Sarah Ann, 148 N 20th 

Belrose Thomas, paper hanger, Pratt ab 41st 

Belrose Wm., 148 N 20th 

Belshaw James, 2024 M'Duffie 

Belshaw James, lab. 1818 Little Chestnut 

Belshaw John, carp, 2026 M'Duffie 

Belshaw Joseph, lab. Cherry (Fkd) 

Belshaw Samuel, lab. Willow (P'kd) 

Belshaw Wm., brickmr, 1534 Burton 

Belsinger Samuel, variety store, 460 N 2d 

Belsinger Philip, dry goods, 460 N 2d 

Belson Richard, foreman, 1311 N 16th 

Belsterling J. F., atty and coun. 492 N 3d 

Belsterling Wm., conveyancer, 492 N 3d 

Belt Paul, lab. City Line (N E) 

Belt R. Grafton, M. D., 1328 Columbia av 

Beltz John, cordw. Adam (Fkd) 

Beltz John, lab. Richmond (Bdg) 

BELZ ALBERT G., hotel, 245 N 3d 

Belz John, weaver, Harrison (Myk) 

Belzer Fred., engmeer. Amber belLetterly 

Belzer James, brickmr. 2132 Lombard 

BELZER PHILIP, M. D.,N W 11th & Cherry 

BEMENT & DOUGHERTY, founders and 

manh. 2029 & 2031 Callowhill 
Bement Wm. B., draftsman, Callowhill ab 20th, 

h2102 Mt Vernon 
Bemis Franklin A., cordw. 815 Leonard 
Bemis John, Henks ct 
Bench John, druggist, 1619 N 12th 
Bencker Conrad, cordw. 940 S Front 
Benckert E., dressmr. 131 Almond 
Benckert George, shoemr. 131 Almond 
Benckert Wm., boilermr. 219 Jarvis 
Benkert James M., police, 2 Wharton 
Benckert James M., cordw., 431 M'lUv/ain 
Benckert John A., cutler, Eldridge Place 
Benda F. A., corsetmr. 223 Race 
Bendech Frank, lab. Bride pi 
Bendel Charles, tailor, 1434 N 4th 
Bendel Charles, tavern, 887 Lawrence 
Bendel Gotleib, tavern, 1246 N 4th 
Bendel Israel, bricklr. 1210 Warnock 
Bendel Jonah, carpet weaver, 22d bel Spruce 
Bender Andrew M., cabinetmr. 19 Norfolk 
Bender Charles M., rollei-, 45 Innis 
Bender Conrad, tailor, 328 Chestnut, house 246 

Bender C. W. jr., planing mill. Beach h Marl- 
boro, h 1313 Sp Garden 
Bender David, shoemr. 2215 Clayton 
Bender Edwin, carp. Dillwyn ab Tammany, h 

993 N 6th 
Bender Enos, lab. Milestown 
Bender Frank, shoemr. Penn's al 
Bender Franz, cordw. 512 N 2d 
Bender George, cabinetmr. 23 Vernon 
Bender George, tailor, 246 Chester 
Bender George, lab. 439 Belrose 
Bender George, cooper, Nicetown 
Bender Godfrey, carp. Nicetown 
Bender Godfrey, senr., carp. Nicetown 
Bender Gotleib, baker, 1539 N 11th 
Bender Henry, saddler, Dunton ab Otter 
Bender Jacob, tailor, house 1020 P'rankford 

Bender Jacob, cordw. 1319 Apple 
Bender John, weaver, 837 S 3d 
Bender John, shipwt. 219 Allen 




Bender John, carp, Nicetown 

Bender John, farmer, Nicetown 

Bender John, stone mason, Coates n Fairraount 

Bender John, boatman, 503 Richmond 

Bender John L.. tobacconist, 1218 G T road 

Bender Joseph, carman, 8 Lerant 

Bender Leonard, 526 CheiTy 

Bender Lewis, cooper, Xicetown 

Bender Peter, lab. Cumberland ab Gunners Run 

Bender Philip, butcher, 465 Allen 

Bender Robert, carp. 1202 Citron 

Bender Robert, deputy sheriff, 10 State House 

Row, h 1202 Melon 
Bender Sarah, wid. 721 N 13th 
Bender Sophia, Mrs., 927 Charlotte 
Bender Tliomas, restaurant, S E 3d Sc Chestnut 
Bender Wm., drug-g-ist, 701 N 12th 
Bender Wm. F., apothecary at Alms House 
Bendinagle Catharine, 1024 S 4th 
Benedict Ciiristian, barber, 702 Belg-rade 
Benedict Jacob, painter, rear 1341 Kates 
Benedict Wm. S., driver, 809 S 10th 
BEXEFICL^L SAV. FUND, 1205 Chestnut 
Beneke Cliarles H., mdr. 12 Strawberry, h 645 

N 13th 
Benezet John S., 1636 Cherry 
Benfer John, tailor, S E Poplar & :MarshaU 
Benfer Joseph, lab. Xicetown 
Benfer J. Christian, gent. 108 Coates 
Benf Casper, segarmr. 429 Poplar 
Beng-ert John, ivorj^ turner, Apple ab Oxford 
Benhard Jacob, carman, 1251 Charlotte 
Benhardt Louis, tailor,. Henly's ct 
Beninghohe Jacob F., carp. 1029 Moyamens av 
Beninger Wm., cordw. 124 Frankford ar 
Benjamin David, cigarmr. 817 Yost | 

Benjamin Jacob, brushmr. 769 S Front 
Benjamin Joseph, mer., 809 Chestnut, h 111 S 

Benjamin Samuel, mariner, 1311 Mariner 
Benjamin William, coal, 604 Race 
Benjamin William, coal, h 153 X 5th 
Benjamin William, 13th and Catharine 
Benkerd James, clerk, 406 S 9th 
BENKERT CASPER, bootmr. 48 S 4th, h 219 

Benkert John, boot crimper, 432 Magnolia 
BENKERT LEONARD, bootmr. 633'Chestnut 
Benkert L., cordw. 1328 Sybert 
Benkert Philip C, book keeper, 633 Chestnut, 

h 1110 Coates 
Benn Jas., clerk, N E 6th & Minor, h 766 S 9th 
Bennage Wm. D., clerk, 825 N 7th 
Benner Aaron, lab. 1019 St John ct 
Benner Albert, blacksmitli, 1918 Penn av 
Benner Andrew, omnibusses, 1011 S Broad, h 

222 S 15th 
Benner Benjamin, baker, 1210 Poplar 
Benner Benj. J., oak cooper, 924 S 5th 
Benner & Brother, {Chas. S., John H. N.,) gro- 

cer.s, Market and Moore (W P) 
Benner Charles, gent. Market and Moore 
Benner Chas., plumber, 1335 Columbia av 
Benner Chas., confect. 732 Masters 
Benner Edwin, clerk, 1235 Locust 
Benner Elias, frame maker, 418 Market, h 435 

Benner Enos D., bootmr. 831 Centre 

'Benner Ezekiel, 2211 Virginia 

Benner George H., baker, 441 Thompson 

Benner Hannah, 1335 Columbia av 

Benner Henry, farmer. Dark run road 

Benner Henrj^ L., prest. National Safety Trust 

Co., S W 3d and Walnut, h 841 S 3d 
Benner H. L., M. D. 841 S od 
Benner Isaac, confect. 732 Masters 
Benner Jacob, currier, 963 Leithgow 
Benner Jacob, furniture, 1160 Sites 
Benner James, carman, 1106 Crease 
Benner Jesse, hotel. Main & Washington (G T) 
Benner John, brickmr. 1235 Locust 
Benner John, com., mer. 411 N 5th 
Benner John, driver. Poplar ab 13th 
Benner Margt., 443 Thompson 
Benner Mary, 220 Yaughan 
Benner Mary, 957 Randolph 
Benner Mary, 930 Mel vale 
Benner Maiy B., h 105 Lombard 
Benner Matthias, macht. 1235 Locust 
Benner Samuel, collector, 1321 Christian 
Benner Samuel T., macht, 1235 Locust 
Benner Sarah, 761 Jessup 
Benner Thos. N., printer. Burs av 
Benner Wm., blacksm. 1727 Coates 
Benner Wm., cordw. Main op Hennan (G T) 
Benner Wm., brickmr. 817 S 10th 

Benner , victualer. Market n 41st (W P) 

Bennerman Spencer, printer, 1076 G T road 
Benners & Brother, {John D., Isaac B.,) fruit- 
erers, 118 S Del av 
Benners Catharine, S W Green and Lorian 
Benners Chai-les H., clerk, 118 S Del av 
Benners George W., mer. 27 S Front, h 1010 

Benners Henry B., mer. 27 S Front, h 1716 

Benners H. B. jr., clerk, 238 Chestnut, h S W 

Green and Lorian 
BENNERS H. B. & J. M. & CO. (Hejiry B., 
James M, George W.,) office 22 S Front, 
Dyottville Glassworks 
Benners Isaac B., mer. 118 S Delaware av, h 

310 New 
Benners Jacob, 1910 Pari'ish 
Benners Jacob, macht. 728 Green 
Benners James, gent. 836 N Broad 
Benners James M., manufr. 27 S Front, h 489 

Benners J., gent. 489 N 4tli 
Benners John D., 118 S Del av, h 411 N 5th 
Benners John H., cork cutter, 1507 R:ice 
BENNERS WILLIAM J., com. mer. S E Wal- 
nut and Dock, h 824 N 11th 
Bennet Emerson, author, 919 Washington av 
Bennet John, laborer. Pine (Fkd) 
Bennett Able, fisherman, Wildey ab Palmer 
Bennett Able, fisherman, 539 Richmond 
Bennett Alban G., carp. 1730 Grayson 
Bennett A. L., conveyancer, 257 N 9th 
Bennett A. M., fancv drvgoods, 20 N 8th 
BENNETT & BRO., (George, Wm. H.,) 441 

Girard av 
Bennett Cath., 317 Richmond 
Bennett Chas., carp. Hay yard bel Coral, (R) 
Bennett Charles, flour &. feed, Richmond and 




Bennett Chas. L., salesman, 1123 Marlborough 
Bennett Charles S., dealer, 512 Mercury 
Bennett Chas. V., clerk, h 907 Poplar 
Bennett & Cobb, (Wm. V. Bennett, Joseph P. 

Cobb) flour mil), 19 Girard av 
Bennett David, fisherman, 1116 Vienna 
Bennett David, brickmr. 5th ab Dauphin 
Bennett David S., jeweler, 3 Placid pi 
Bennett Edw., weaver, 150 Bodine (K) 
Bennett Edw., gent. 25 S 16th 
Bennett Elisha J., porter, 426 N 13th 
Bennett Elizabeth, 7 Placid pi 
Bennett Emma, dressmr. 1353 Christian 
Bennett E. A., mer. 11 N 4th, h S W 11th and 

Bennett Geo. W., carter, 1019 Marlborough 
Bennett Grace, 12 Hemphill 
Bennett Henry K., bookkr. 38 S Front, h 747 

S 4th 
Bennett Hester A., milliner, 1047 S 4th 
Bennett Hiram, produce dealei', 1307 Market 
Bennett Hiram, cordw. 1312 Miller 
Bennett Jacob, jeweler, 326 Chestnut, h 137 

S 5th 
Bennett Jacob, fisherman, 618 Richmond 
Bennett Jacob, jr., fisherman, 618 Richmond 
Bennett Jacob G., fisherman, 1010 Palmer 
Bennett James, tavern, 13 Callowliill 
Bennett James, lab. 2039 Wood 
Bennett James, ship carp. 312 Cluirch 
Bennett James, lab. Thomas (W Hall) 
BENNETT JAMES D., att'y and coun. 28 N 

Bennett John, trader, Daiuen and Oxfiard 
Bennett John, lab. Centre (G T) 
Bennett John, shoe finding's, 256 Girard av 
Bennett John, blacksmith, 321 N 24th 
Bennett John, gardener, Nicetown 
Bennett John, jr., plumber, 256 Girard av 
Bennett Jolin F., mer. 529 Market 
Bennett John R., salesman, 521 Market, h 1021 

Mt Vernon 
Bennett Joseph, blacksmith, 319 N 24th 
Bennett Joseph, grocer, Marlborough & Allen 
Bennett Joseph, jr., clerk, Marlborough & Allen 
BENNETT JOSEPH M., Tower Hall, 518 

Market, h Clielton (G T) 
Bennett Joseph W., drayman, 1049 Sarah 
Bennett I>ewis, blacksm. 833 Leonard 
Bennett Martha, lierbist, 609 Pine 
Bennett Mary M., 954 Marlborough 
Bennett Mich., fisherman, Wildey bel Vienna 
Bennett Mich., grocer, Bread & Quarry 
Bennett Nathan, lab. 1420 Wood 
Bennett N. O., watchmr. 504 Race 
Bennett Rachel, ti-immings, 164 Girard av 
Bennett Robt., baker, 318 Richmond 
BENNETT ROBERT H., jeweler, 1113 Mar- 
ket, h 1605 Arch 
Bennett Saml., wheelwrt. Melvale ab William 
Bennett Sarah, washer, 206 Manship 
Bennett Simon, flour & feed, Frankfiard rd and 

Columbia av 
Bennett Stephen D., printer, 707 Dickerson 
Bennett Thos., carp., 3 Headman's pi 
Bennett Tlios., engineer, 1919 McDuffie 
Bennett Wm., shoenn-. 1026 Vine 
Bennett Wm., printer, 1023 Mt Vernon 

Bennett Wm., clerk. Willow ab 13th, h 1223 

Bennett Wm. F., lab. Limekiln Pike (G T) 
Bennett Wm. H., ship painter, 424 Richmond 
Bennett W. H., ice dealer, 1059 G T road 
Bennett Wm. J., flour and feed, SWF road & 

Columbia av 
Bennett W. J., harnessmr. Higgins' ct 
Bennett Wm. P., carp. 164 Girard av 
Bennetyne Robert, salesman, 523 S Juniper 
Benning Edward, stone cutter, 1912 Filbert 
Bennis C. S., trims. Market ab Park (VV P) 
Bennis Henry, salesman, 543 Lorain 
Benson Alex., b:uiker, 6 S 3d, h 1526 Spruce 
Benson Alex, jr., broker, 15 S 3d, h 1526 Spruce 
BENSON ALEX. & CO., (Alex., Gustavus L.) 

stock & exch. brokers, 6 & 8 S 3d 
Benson Charles H., clerk, Sylvester ab 5th 
Benson Charles M., dentist, G T av (G T) 
Benson Elmer, 240 Vanderveer 
Benson George, rigger, 330 Stanley 
Benson Geo., lab. Susanna (R) 
Benson Geo. E., broker, 6 S 3d, b 1515 Spruce 
Benson Gustavus A., mer. 512 Market, h 126 

S 15th 
Benson Gustavus S., banker, 6 S 3d, h 1515 

Benson H. S., Ashland House, 707, 709, &. 711 

Benson Isaac, macht. 245 Allen 
Benson John, white washer, 624 Middle al 
Benson John, plasterer, 16 Sylvester 
Benson John, brickmr. 2314 Meredith • 

Benson John, lab. 29 Eakin pi 
Benson Jolui, barber, 510 Jeflrerson 
Benson John H., porter, 236 Prosperous al 
Benson John S., carp. 910 Pennington 
Benson Lewis, di-iver, 1335 Christian 
Benson Mary Ann, Wasiiington (Myk) 
Benson Rich., groceries, 1114 Race 
Benson Rich. W-, 248 Chestnut, h 504 Marshall 
Benson Saml., lab. 722 S Broad 
Bensc^Sarah, 125 Queen 
Benson Sarah, 602 Middle al 
Benson Stuart, marble mason, 2 Edwin 
Benson Wm., gas works, 2047 Hampton 
Benson Wm. E., 11th and Christian 
Benstead John M., P. office carrier, 233 New 
Benswanger Saml., millinery goods, 17 S 2d 
Bent Mary, shop, 217 Duponceau 
Bent Thomas, Bringhurst (G T) 
Benthall Elizabeth, 323 S 7th 
Bentlev Benj., mer. 220 & 222 N 3d, h Ritten- 

house (G T) 
Bentley David B., coppersmith, 254 N 3d, h 503 

Bentley D. & Sons, coppersms. 254 N 3d 
Bentley Geo., cordw. Dunton bel F av 
Bentley Harry, turner, 34 Leopard 
Bentley Henry, carriages, 'iSoo Nllth 
Bentley James, weaver, Herman (G T) 
Bentley Jolin, clerk, 522 Richmond 
Bentley Moses, printer, 254 N 3d 
Bentley Thomas, turnei', 34 Leopard 
Bentley Wm., dyer, 1212 Vienna 
BENTON ALBERT, lumber merchant, h 1211 

S Front bel Navy Yaid 
Benton So Bro.,gold pens & jewel., 409 Chestnut 




Benton Eliza, washer, 428 GasHll 
• Benton James, liquor 147 Jefferson 
Benton John, brass founder, 1320 Columbia av 
Benton John, waterman, T27 Guilford 
Benton John, lab. 1026 Rodman 
Benton Stephen, att'y & coun. 520 Walnut, h 

Front bel Navy Yard 
Benton Z. H., gent. 1522 Pine 
Benti-ick Charles, stevedore, 533 Washington 

Bentz Charles, machinist, 434 Moyer 
Bentz Christian, 2054 R av 
Bentz Jac. K. & Co., wines & liquors, 411 Nod, 

h 660 N 12th 
Bentz Wm., beer, 614 S 3d 
Bentz Wm., bar tender. Main (G T) 
BenA'ard Eugene C, jeweler, 1035 Mechanic, h 

'1042 S 5th 
BenyardE. C, jr. 1042 S 5th 
Benyard Jos. S., jeweler, 1042 S 5th 
Benyard S., 1042 S 5th 
Benz Jacob, beer, 345 Coates 
Benz Peter, flour, 1338 Earl 
Benzinger Geo., cordw. 931 S 5th 
Benzinger John, lab. rear 864 Darien 
Benzon Augustus, printer, 334 Redwood 
Beohm Danl., gent. Paschall & H vil (W P) 
Beohm Danl., lab. Paschall & H vil (W P) 

Beohringer , baker, 520 Poplar 

Beran Thomas, turner, 422 Library 
Berberick A., cordw. 216 Thompson 
Berch Fred., lab. Blue Bell pi 
Serdler Saml., grocer, G T rd & York 
Berens Augustus, prof music, 119 N 15th 
Berens Bernard, M. D. 909 Arch 
BERENS JOSEPH, M. D. 513 N 6th 
Beresford Adam, drayman, 1532 Burton 
BERESFORD C. W.^ atty. at law, 230 S 4th, h 

1512 Chestnut 
Beresford Randolph, paper hr. 262 S 10th 
Beresford Robt., painter, 432 Enterprise 
Beresford Robert H., collector, 262 S 10th 
Beresford Wm., cutter, 303 Chestnut, h. 1231 

Berg Edward, lab. 1841 South 
Berg Gottlelb, confect. 517 Franklin 
Berg H. C, wid. 118 N 8th 
Berg John, cordw. Simpson's ct 
Berg Jos. F., Rev. 868 N. 6th 
BERG LEON & CO. {Berg Leon, Jno. V. Wat- 
son, James A. ilfc Caw as,) clothing, 426 and 
428 Market 
Berg Leon, clothing, 426 Market, h 707 Pine 
Bei-g Nich., cordw. b h, 1133 Charlotte 
BERG WILHELMES^A, bootmr. 151 S 4th 
Bergantz Francis, ship carp. 49 Beck 
Bergdoll Geo., mer. 25th ab Coates 
Bergdoll Louis, brewer, 50G Vine 
BERGDOLL & PSOTTA {Louis Bergdoll, 
Chas. Psotta,) tavem, 508 Vine, h 32d and 
Berge Chas., 660 N 11th 
Berge John, cordw. 1215 N 2d 
Berge John H., carp. 1218 N 6th 
Bergel Jacob, baker, 16 Field's av 
Bergen Dennis, lab. Salmon ab R R R 
Bergcn.stock R., lab. 1339 N 7th 
Berger Abraham, shingleshr. Lehman (G T) 

Berger & Butz {Wm. Berger, Adam Butz,") 

wooden ware, 131 Sc 133 N Water 
Berger Chas. N., cooper, Cresham rd, Mt Airy 
Berger Christopher, pedler, 1209 Alder 
Berger C. F., design. 124 Arch, h 1018 Wood 
Berger Dennis, drayman, 2114 Summer 
Berger Francis, tailor, 16 Wheat 
Berger Fred., spruce beer, 1039 G T Road and 

Berger George, baker, 1027 N 2d 
Berger Geo., carp. Kiehl (R) 
Berger Geo. P., cooper, Creisham rd, Mt Airy 
Berger Geo. R., cooper, Lehman (G T) 
Berger Gotleib, cordw. 2 Vermont pi 
Berger Henry, glue maker. Hart's ct 
Berger Jacob, dyer, 1304 Apple 
Berger James S., 420 Market, h N W 7th and 

Berger John, lab. Braddock bel Lehigh (R) 
Berger Lewis C, jr., carp. 2127 Sharswood 
Berger Lewis C, carp. 2127 Sharswood 
Berger Mary, Mrs. 601 Marshall 
Berger Wm., woodenware, 131 N Water, h 4th 

& Nicetown lane 
Berger Wm., stone cutter, Monument R Mon- 

roeville (W P) 
Berges Heniy, lab. 619 S Broad 
Berghauser Jacob, 452 N 7th 
Berghauser Jacob, mer. 230 Church al, h 278 

Berghauser Heniy, mer. 247 High, h 1627 Mt. 

Berghauser Wra,, clerk, 1116 Crease 
Berghauser Wm., elk. 234 Church al, h Crease 

bel Girard av 
Bergin Danl., conductor, 1817 Addison 
Bergin Dennis, 8 Ashton 
Bergin Wm., drayman, 168 N 22d 
Bergman Chas., engineer, 127 Dock 
Bergman Geo., lithog. 34 Frankhn pi, h 3 Court- 
land pi 
Bergman Henry A., brewer, 306 New 
Bergman Wm., grocer, 841 N 13th 
Bergmann Chas. C, bookkr. 232 & 234 Quarry, 

h 509 Poplar 
BERGNER GUSTAVUS, brewer,32 & Thomp- 
son, saloon 239 Dock 

Bergner , tailor, rear 808 Charlotte 

Bergner T., mech. draughtsman, 1913 Callowhill 
Bering T. C, carver, 10th ab Callowhill, h 1102 

Beringer A. D., salesman, 135 Market, h 818 

St John's 
Beringer Chas., carman, 5th bel Diamond (K) 
Beringer John, tailor, 607 Wall 
Beringer Levi D., periodical, 1114 S 2d 
Berk Peter, dealer, 120 Noble 
Berkelbach Wm., planemr. 3d ab Oxford 
Berkenstock Frank, hostler, 885 Randolph 
Berkenstock John, hotel 601 Girard av 8c 1202 

N 6th 
Berkenstock Nathan, mer. 230 N 3d, h 975 N 

Berkheimer Wm., wheelwr. 1547 N 13th 
Berkhimer Jesse, tnason, 929 Ogden 
Berkhimer Michl., tobacconist, 1217 Ogden 
Berks Jolm, grocer, N W 2 &. Willow, h N W 
4th & Buttonwood 




Berks John W., M. D. 313 Race 

Berks Peter, cordw. 609 Wall 

Berkwood Robt., 323 Buttonwood 

Berl Rebecca, fur stove, 749 S 2d 

Bermas & Bro. {Jacob, Morris,)c2i^ manufrctrs 

133 N 3d 
Bermas Jacob, cap manuf. 133 N 3d, h 629 

Bermas Morris, cap manuf. 133 N 3d, h 427 

York av 
Berming-ham Sarah, 14 Herald pi 
Bernadou F. F., mer. 504 S Del. av, h 121 S 

Bernadou G. W., mer. 504 S Del. av, h 409 S 8th 
Bernadou G. W. & Bros. (G. W.. J. B., F. F.,) 

mers. 504 S Del. av 
Bernadou J. B., 504 S. Del. av, 732 Pine 
Bernaii-o Gustano, shop, 821 Carpenter 
Bernard Edmund, trunkmr. 508 N 11th 
Bernai'd Mary Ann, Green Lane ab Main (Myk) 
Bernardo M. A., dressmr. 2025 Winter 
BERNE CHRIST., tavern, 128 N Front 
Bernecker J., baker, 1029 St John 
Bernhard Bonafon, moulder, 4 Miller's ct 
Bernhard Fredk., cordw. 7th ab Parrish 
Bernhard Jos., brass found. 120 N 6th, h 156 N 

BERNHARD JOSEPH & CO. {Bernhard Jos. 
Hendermyer Jos., Ganz Louis,) brass found. 
120 N 6th 
Bernhardt John A., barber, 825 Chestnut, h 

925 N 4th. 
Bernheim, Hochstadter & Co., clothing-, 45 N 2d 
Bernheim Morris, mer. 21 S 2d, h 508 S 4th 
BERNHEIM M. & CO. {M. Bernheim Henry 

Cook,) millinery g-oods, 21 S 2d 
Bernheim Simon, clothing, 45 N 2d, h 335 

Bernheimer, Levi rag- store, 1208 N 4th 
Bernheimer Lazarus, dry goods, 914 Charlotte 
Berniaud R., gent. 757 S 9th 
Berninger John, lab. Hartleys ct 
Berrand David, wheelwrt. 8 Marseilles 
Berrell Geo. R., auctioneer, 630 N 11th 
Berrell James, wines and liquors, R av & Poplar 
Berrell Jeremiah, clerk Farmers & Mec'h bk. 

h 919 Green 
Berrell Saml., 1716 Filbert 
Berridge Geo. W., provisions, 32 Saranac 
Berrett John W., lab. 819 Vine 
Berriman James, blacksmith, 913 Pennington 
Berriman John, 913 Pennington 
Berrimith Robt. lab. 819 Burd 
Berringer John, lab., 114 N Juniper 
Berroth Lewis, cigarmr., 910 Brown 
Berry Ann, 322 Stanley 
Berry & Alexander, fire brick manufa., S 2d & 

BERRY CHALKLEY, restaurant, 136 N 6th 
BERRY CASPAR M., restaurant, N W 5th and 

Chestnut, h 418 Reed 
Berry Chas. gent. 26 Queen 
Berry Daniel, millwt., Otis ab Adrian 
Berry D ;nnis grocer, 928 Carpenter 
Berry Geo., 478 N 4th 
Berry Geo., carter, Howard ab Oxford 
Berry Helen, milliner, 249 South 
Berry Henry, machinist, 1204 Montgomery av 

Berry Henry, weaver, Mt. Airy 

Berry Isabella, r 1609 Linden 

Berry James, boot maker, 41 N 9th 

Berry James, dealer, Haverford road & 41st 

Berry James, mer. tailor, 1308 Chestnut 
Berry James, book bindei-, 1629 N 8th 
Berry James bar tender, William ab Bath 
Berry James, lab. Main (G T) 
Berry James W., 1100 Sch av 
Berry Jeremiah, farmer Jefferson (G T) 
Berry John, brickh-. 1609 Melloy 
Berry John, boatman. Bridge (Bdg) 
Berry John, plasterer rear of 1433 Cadwalader 
Berry John A., carp. 4 Howard 
Berry John C, clerk, 416 Market, h 475 N 4th 
Berry Lewis, hatter, 926 Hamilton. 
Berry Marj', Howard ab Oxford 
Berry Mrs. Mary, 219 Christian 
Berry Michael, lab. Mechanic (G T) 
Berry Richard dealer. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Berry Richd., liquor store, S. W., HalloweU & 

6th h Monroe bel 3d 
Berry Richard M., fire brick manuf 1520 S 2d 
Berry R. W., grocer. Front & Cathai-ine 
Berry Saml., packer, 800 S 9th 
Berry Samuel, carter, 1310 N Front 
Berry Samuel, hatter, 336 Christian 
Berry Saml., driver, Lancaster av ab Bridge 

OV P) 
Berry Samuel H., envelopes, 33 S 6th, h 1317 

S 9th, 
Berry Saml. W., Irwen (Bdg) 
Berry Susan, 847 S Front 
Berry Thomas, shoemr., 839 Catharine 
Berry Thos., liquors, Cumberland & Adrian 
Berry Thos. labr. Pine Frankford 
Berry Wm., carter, 1312 Hope 
Berry Wm., r 1609 Melloy 
Berry Wm., glass blower, 535 Mercuiy 
Berry Wm. B., chairmr., 1018 R av 
Berry Wm. D., tobacco, 259 S 6th 
Berry Wm. H., mer., 339 Market, h 4th bel 

Berry Wm. H., weaver, Allen's la Mt Airy 
Berryman James R., bar tender, 804 Yost 
Berryman John, carp. Keefe & Lancaster 
Berryman John, mason. Sergeant ab Coral 
Berryman Saml. H., ship carp. 1310 Palmer 
Berryman Thomas, lab. Sergeant ab Coral 
Bersch Henry, baker, 721 Bayard 
Bersch P. A. gent., agent, 815 Irp 
Bersch Wm., confect., 334 N 2d 
Berstler George, papermr. Darby road, Mav- 

Berstler George A., daguerreotypist, Mayland- 

Berstler Wm., tailor Washington ab Oxford 
Bert Chas. S., confect., 328 New 
Berter Chris., labr, Olney 
Bert Fred., surveyor, Letterly ab Coral 
Bertli Walker, driver, 902 Nectarine 
Berth W. C, carp. 815 Irp 
Bertner Henry forkmkr., Tacony (Fkd) 
Bertolet, Abraham B., mer., ^53 N 3d, 
Bortolet Ezra, mer., 253 N 3d, h 807 N 5th 
Bertolet E. & A. B., iron & steel, 253 N 3d 
Berton Robt., mach. 1502 Race 




BERTRAM GEORGE, mer., 144 N 9th, h 830 

Bertram Geo. refiner, 1125 Jefferson 
Bertram John, 1702 Mt Vernon 
Bertram John J., hatter 36 S 5th 
Bertram Lewis, wheelwright, Martha & Pep- 
Bertram Theodore, cooper, 1428 Apple 
Bertram Wm. D., j)rof. music, 830 Cherry 
Bertrand Gus., clerk, 308 S 4th 
Bertron Geo., tobacconist, 2022 Callowhill 
Berttzner Nicholas, furnit. 1222 N 2d 
Bertzold Chas. tailor, 9 Freeds ct 
Berwick Jno. carp. 118 Coates 
Berwind J., guitarmr., 1513 Sansom 
Besenback R. butcher, 249 Girard av 
Bessan Geo., cabtmr., G T av (C H) 
Bessan Bernard, lab. Main (C Hill) 
Bessan Lewis, farmer. Main (C Hill) 
Bessan Samuel, lab. Main (C Hill) 
Besse J. measurer, rear of 105 Lombard 
Besselievre John A., jeweler, 20 Hudson pi, 

h 714 AVashing-ton av 
Besselievre John P., jeweler, 20 Hudson pi, 

h 842 Suffolk 
Bessey M. baker, 1111 Ridge av 
Bessier Henry, cordw. 11 Prime 
Bessler Christian, grocery 51 9 Franklin 
Bessier Hannah, 5 Mayland 
Bessing'er Jonathan, stove manuf., 1107 N 3d 
BESSINGER JOHN, coffee roast, 246 N 

Water, h 1509 Frankford road 
Bessmer John, barber, 827 N 11th 
Besson Alfred, lab., Centre (G T) 
Besson Chas. A., mer. 808 Chestnut, h 119 S 

Besson Jacob, cabtmr., American ab Oxford 
Besson John M., merchant, 808 Chestnut, h 

228 S 8th 
BESSON & SON, mourning store, 808 Chest- 
Bessonet John, jr., coal dealer, 771 Swanson h 

328 Lombai-d 
Besport Jacob, lab., Hortz ct 
Best Adam, Wm. Penn Hotel, IC^Laetitia 
Best Edward S., hist. eng. 242 Chestnut 
Best Fleming, lab. 1622 Benton 
Best Hiram A., tailor, 7 Queen av 
Best Hugh, lab.. Warder ab Montgomery av 
Best Lewis, coach trimmer, 1025 Clare 
Best Samuel, carp. 2 Howard 
Best Wm., moulder, 1631 N 13th 
Best Wm., farmer, York pike, Bristol 
Bestor S. J., watches & jewelry, 33 S 3d 
Beswick James, gent. Gay bel Wood (Myk) 
Beswick Jos., tavern, 246 Race 
Beswick Saml., carp. Oak bel Wood, (Myk) 

Betchold carp., 716 N 23d 

Bethel Chas. P., M. D., 911 Franklin 

Bethel Saml., liquor store, 1541 S 5th 

Bethell Chas. P., M. D., Frankford Road below 

BETHELL GEO. S., architect, 520 Walnut, h 

1224 Sp Garden 
Bethell John, cordw., 1309 Davy's 
BETHELL JOHN P., M. D., office 506 N 3d 
Bethell Joshua M., druggist, N E Frankford 
road and Otis 

Bethell Robert, att'y at law, 113 S 5th, h 1224 

Sp Garden 

Bethell Wm., conv'r, Frankford Rd bel Wood 
Bethell Wm. R., conv'r, 432 Walnut, h 911 

Betson Ann, 714 Christian 
Betson Orear, janitor. Birch bel Fitzwater 
Betson Robt. W., S 6th & Clare 
Betterton Joseph, carp., Baltimore pike ab 

William (W P) 
Betterton Wm., sexton. Bait. Pike ab William 
Betticher, Coon & Co., {Madison, Ephraim 

Coon, Julius C. Betticher,) com. mers. 

29 S Water 
Bettinger Wash. J., watch mr. 326 Chestnut 
Bettle Samuel, office 26 S 3d 
Bettle Saml., clerk, 8 N Front, h 151 N lOth 
BETTLE WM., off., 26 S 3d, h 426 N 6th 
Betton Thomas F., M. D., Manheim (G T) 
Betts Benj., acct., 320 Market, h 233 Jacoby 
Betts Charles M., carpt., shop 1508 Cuthbert,h 

1511 Filbert 
Betts C. F., layer out of the dead, 105 Brown 
Betts James Mrs., supporters, 1039 Walnut 
Betts John, photograph room, 1024 Chestnut, h 

1511 Filbert 
Betts Richard K., measurer, 1511 Filbert 
Betts Ruth A., 1322 Cherry 
Betts Saml., salesman, 237 Market, h 441 Mag- 
Betts Samuel F., hotel, 2227 South 
Betz Andrew, cordw., 460 New Mai'ket 
Betz Fred., lab. Kirkbride (Bdg) 
Betz Jacob, liquor store, 1325 N 6th 
Betz James, miUwr., Philip ab Oxford 
Betz Jos., segarmr., Oxford bel G Road 
Betz Mrs. E., b h 838 N 12th 
Betz Peter, baker, 1300 Apple 
Betz Wm., clerk Post office, h 1505 N 7th 
Betzold Christian, cabinet mr., 109 Morris 
Betzold C, cabinetmr., 417 Julianna 
Betzell Jacob, moulder, Mcllwain 
Betzner Andw., vict.. Front bel Huntingdon 
Betzner Andw., stone cutter. Orchard 
Betzner Jacob, vict.. Emerald ab Dauphin 
Beulah Jeremiah Rev., 703 Minster 
Bevan David, painter, 12 S 5th, h 1015 S 3d 
Bevan Deborah, bookfolder, 1233 Marion 
Bevan Geo. E., police, Washington av (G T) 
Bevan Henry, painter, h 101 Congress 
Bevan Isaac Rev., 1129 Wistar 
Bevan John, paint. & glaz. N W Front & Pine 
Bevans John S., carter, 1230 S Front 
Bevans Joshua, weav. Palethorp ab Oxford (K) 
Bevans Josiah, Palethorp & Columbia av 
Bevans Margt., 707 Lisle 
Bevans Robt., oj-sterman, 137 Mead 
Bevans Samuel, sheet iron, 116 S 12th, h 617 S 

Bevans Wm., gent., 826 Franklin 
Bevener Geo., broker, 627 N 6th 
Bevens A. F., gent., 575 Green 
Beveridge James, 1233 Brinton 
Beveridge T. H. Rev., 126 N 21st 
Beverlin Sheridan, baker, 34 Shippen 
Beverly Lydia, washer, 16 Gatzmer 
Bevier Mar}-, r 526 Cressons 
Bevzrung Henry, cutler, 712 N 2d 




Bew Jas., warper, Chm-ch (Myk) jBickley & Son, sand, lath & coal dealers, 24th 

Bew Richard, teamster, Church (Myk) | & Walnut 

BEWLEY &. CO., {Jas. L. Bew'ley, Jno. L.,JBicknian Wm., planemr. 2d ab Norris 

Redner,) com. mers., 328 S Del'av Bicknell Chas. P., publisher, 112 S 3d, h 1500 

Bewlev Geo., printer, 1028 Federal | Chestnut 

Bewley Isaac, grocer, 2d & Arch,h 128 Union {Bicknell Rufus, M. D., Market ab Mary (WP) 
Bewley Isaac K., waterman, 1318 Otis ; Bidden Jonathan, turner, 946 Warnock 

Bewley Jas. L., mer., 328 S Del av, h AsUandi^Bidding Hannah, Mrs., Washington pi 


Bewley Jesse, watchman, 920 Catharine 
Bewlev John, plumber, 1538 State 
Bewley Wm.. clerk, 128 Norfolk 
Bey Mary, vict., 225 & 257 N 15th 
Beyer Anton ia, segars, 322 Thompson 
Beyer Carl, cordw., 331 Race 
Beyer Chas., cordw., 1502 Robinson 
Beyer C. Mrs., 1107 Pembroke 
Beyer G. T. Mi"s., 1433 Lombard 
Beylard Henry D., 132^- S 3d, h 815 Spruce 
Beylle Mary L., gentw. 508 Spruce 
Bezard John, bootmr., 207 S 8th 
Bezel Christ., baker, York bel Diamond 
Biard ilartin, cordw., 1315 N 10th 
Bias Alexander, porter, 312 Chestnut 
Bias J. J. Gould, M. D., 409 S 11th, h 1203 

Bibbon Jos., moulder, 1209 Wood 
Bibens Thos., shoemr., Currant al, h 214 Man- 
Bibighaus Jno. T., carp. 613 & 621 Brook 
Bibighaus M. A. Mrs., agent, 627 Marshall 
Bibighaus S. H., hardware and plane manf. 258 

N 3d, 8c 311 Willow, h 445 N 4th 
Bichnor Geo., prof, shooting, 30th n Wu-e b 
Bickel Augustus, toymr., 139 N 4th 
Bickel David, Washington ab Columbia 
Bickel Jacob, blacksm., 815 Lawrence 

Biddle Alex., brok. 114 S 3d, h 1626 Walnut 

Biddle Alex., waiter, 1033 Barley 

Biddle Ann P., gentw. South st, Paschalville 

Biddle Annie E., gentw. 1403 Walnut 

Biddle Caleb, farmer, Fisher's la (G Town) 

Biddle Caldwell K., attv. at law, 731 Walnut 

Biddle Catharine, 128 S 18th 

BIDDLE CHAPMAN, atty & coun. 131 S 5th, 

h 1831 Pine 
Biddle Chas., lab. 1608 N 11th 
BIDDLE CHARLES J., atty & coun. 713 San- 

Biddle Christine, wid. of Thomas, 714 Walnut 
i Biddle Clement, attv & coun. h 714 Walnut 
! Biddle Clement C.,'Mrs., 312 S 12th 
! Biddle Craig, attv & coun. 713 Sansom, h 204 
; a 5th 

I Biddle Demaris, Gay (Myk) 
j Biddle Edward C, "Prest. Westmoreland Coal 

Co., 230 S 3d, h 1116 Walnut 
BIDDLE E. C. & J., booksellers & publishers, 

508 Minor 
Biddle E. M., Mrs., 710 Walnut 
Biddle Frances, Assist. Mat. Girard College 
Biddle Geo., sign painter, NE 3d & Callowhill 
BIDDLE GEORGE W., atty & coun. 204 S 

5th, h 1226 Spruce 
Biddle Henrv J., stock kobr.ll4S 3d, i 

Biddle Jas. S., gent. 309 Walnut, h 1714 Locust 

Bickel John C, salesman, 409 Market 

Bickel John M., Pres't N. Y. and Middle Coal j Biddle Jane, widow, Somerset (W P) 

Co., 204 S 4th, h 849 Broad | Biddle John, lab. Thorp's la (G Town) 

BICKER AUGUSTUS, bootmr., 166 N 4th | Biddle John, lab. Oak ab Media R R (WP) 
Bicker Casper, tailor, 626 Arch, h 923 Marga-iBiddle John, publisher, 508 Minor, h 50N 13th 

Bickers Robt., driver, 255 S Queen 
Bickerton Benj., clerk, h 636 Catharine 
Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 116 Jacoby 
Bickham Geo., carp., 1214 Deacon 

Biddle John B., M. D., 1117 Spruce 

Biddle John M., acct. N E Front & Chestnut, h 

714 S 3d 
Biddle John M., M. D., Girard College 
Biddle John W., senr., carrier, 952 N 3d 

Bicking- Chas. R., printer, 602 Arch, h 447 Ni Biddle John W., paintei-, 3d & CaUowhill 
8th j Biddle Jonathan, moulder, G T road ab 

Bicking Geo. H., mer., 409 Merchant quehanna 

BICKING & GUILBERT, {Chas. R. BicMngJBiddle Martha, 135 Federal 


Nicholas G'uilbert,)-pvmteYs, 602 Arch 
Bicking Valentine, tailor, 326 Juniata 
Bickle Jas., forkmr. Orchard (Fkd) 
Bickler Christ., baker, Eadline ab 84th (W P) 
Bickley Daniel, lab. Smethurst pi 
Bickley David, sawmr. 1038 Sarah 
Bickley & Davis, {Henry Bickley, B. C. Davis,) 

ice dealers, 1622 Market 
Bickley Hemy, coal mer. 1022 Catharine 
Bickley Hemy E., sand whf, h 1740 Addison 

Biddle Owen, trimmings, 1222 Pine 
I Biddle Peter, dealer. Chestnut bel Mansion 
Biddle Robert, barber, 2104 Market, and Lom- 
I bard bel 11th 

Biddle Robert, mer. 131 Market, h 935 Race 
BIDDLE R. & W. C. & Co., {Robert, Wm., 

C. Biddle, Wm. M. Griscom,) hardw. 131 

Biddle Sarah C, S W Juniper & Spruce 
Biddle Sarah S., 1014 Cherry 

Bickley H., stables, 1622 Market, h 1722 1 Biddle Thos., waiter, 712 Minster 

Bickley John, cooper, 140 8 Darien 
Bickley John, city contractor, 1727 Addison 
Bickley Jos., bell ringer, State House steeple 
Bickley Maria, Star al 
Bickley Maiy M., dressmr. 602 Middle al 

BIDDLE THOMAS A., stock broker, 114 S 

3d, h 917 Clinton 
BIDDLE THOMAS & CO., {Thomas A., Henry 

J., Alexander,) stock brokers, 114 S 3d 
Biddle Wm., secretary M. H. & S. H. R. R. Co., 

Frankhn Institute 




Biddle Wm. C, mer. 131 Market, h 235 N 10th 
BIDLACK & McMLLTN, {Benj. A. Bidlach, 
P. K. McMiUin,) druggists, N E 18th & 
BIDLACK W. W., M. D., 303 N 18th 
Biderman P., photographer, 46 N 8th 
Bidmeyet- John, store, 809 Charlotte 
Bids Anna, washer, 208 Brier pi 
Bieber John, carp. Rainbow ab Blair 
Bieche Frank, engineer, 9 St Stephen's pi 
Biederman Franklin, 1036 Ross 
Biederman Geo. M., tailor, 1022 Beach 
Biede-man H., cordw. 1413 F road 
Bieg Jacob, lab. rear 1017 Hamilton 
Biegeman Adolph, colorist, 203 New 
Biegeman Wm.. pianomr. 203 New 
Biehl Peter, cordw. 1339 G T road 
Bier Abraham, dealer, 630 Shippen 
Bier J., barber, 148 Pegg, h 104 St John 
Bierbrauer Francis, vict. 1149 N 3d 
Bierden Jacob, lab. 7 Thomas' ct 
Bierdslee Thos., carp. 1305 S Front 
Bieregg Chas. A., clerk, 811 S 2d 
Bierraan Christian, bookseller, 959 Marshall 
Bierman C, tailor, 441 N 4th 
Bierman M., tailor, 813 St John 
Bierman Thos., barber, Richmond bel William 
Biers Geo., butcher, 218 Greenwich 
Biers Hugh, grocer, S E 4th & Marriott 
Bie.vs John, tinsm. 818 AVharton 
Bieser Henry, fluid, 901 Marshall 
BIESTER H., gilt frames, 804 Market, li 818 

Biflfer Wm., gardener. High (G Town) 
Bigelow Jas. H., salesman, 326 Chestnut 
Bigelow Sarah, trimmings, 821 CaUowhill 
Bigelow Sarah, 344 South 
Bigelow Stephen C, carp. 1312 Coates 
Bigelow Thos. L., carp. 1310 Coates 
Biggart Hannah, tailoress, Pearl bel i3th 
Bigger And., lab. 1805 South 
Bigger Jas., carp. 923 Reed 
Bigger Jas., jr., H50 S 9th 
Bigger Jas., wheelwr. 2517 Hamilton 
Bigger Jane, 923 Reed 
Bigger W. H., lab. Fitler & Harrison (K) 
Biggerd John, gent. 912 Warnock 
Biggerd Samuel, cordw. Perkiomen n Vinvard 
Biggs Chas. D., M. D., 525 Pine 
Biggs John, cordw. Main (GTown) 
Biggs Wm., cooper, 964 New Market 
Bigler Fred., baker, 1720 St Joseph's av 
Bigler Geo., salesman, 255 N 3d 
Bigler John, lab. Hayward pi 
Bigler Washington, inspector, 1642 Pine 
Bigley Christopher, shop. Lane, av ab West- 
minster (W P) 
Bigley Dennis, carter, 404 S 23d 
Bigley Jas., gi-oeer, 308 Jefferson 
Bigley Jos., bookkeeper, 315 Union 
Bigley Pat., lab. Bodine ab Columbia av 
Bignell John, bookbinder, 1312 Parrish 
Bignell John P., bookbinder, 1312 Parrish 
Bignell Rusling, bookbinder, 1312 Parrish 
Bignell Thos., hatter, 337 Market, h 427 Coates 
Bigot Alp., artist, 311 Chestnut, h 233 N 13th 
Bik Thomas, baker, Richmond ab William (R) 
Bliboe Matthew, lab, Salmon below R R rd (R) 

Bilbrough Henry, basketmr. Kingsessing 

Bilbrough Joseph, mer. h 2118 Center 

Bilbrough Sam]., brickmr., 2312 Locust 

Bilbrough Thomas, manuf. 2312 Locust 

Bilby Jabes, lab. Paul (Fkd) 

Bilerbeck Julius, shop, 902 Ridge av, h 304 

Biles Alfred, architect, 154 S 4th 

Biles Alfred & F. H. Knevitt, architects, 154 S 

Biles George, grocer, 803 Market, h 1503 Fil- 

Biles James, miller, Germantown av (C HiU) 

Biles Jos. S., carp. 6 Pleffenbergpl 

Biles Joseph T., carpt. 15th n Locust, h 336 S 

Biles Linford L., clerk, 718 Chestnut, h 1222 

Bilger Chas., cordw. Apple ab Norris 

Bilger Clement, Bodine ab Columbia av 

Bilger Isaac, 442 N 4th 

Bilger Lewis, cordw. Mt Airy 

Bilger Mahlon M., clerk, 2 Hai-rison av 

Bilger & Tailor, flour merchants, 317 & 319 N 

Bilger &, Taylor, (Giistavus Bilger, Joshua 
Taylor) livery stable. New Market ab Vine 

Bilger Wm. A., flour and feed, 442 N 4th 

Bill Philip, lab. Main (G T) 

Bill Mrs., 1015 Filbert 

Billenstein Maiy, 1620 Pine 

Billenstein Mrs., 1620 Pine 

Billenstein Mrs., 410 S 16th 

Billerbeck Julius, china, &c., 315 Poplar 

Billger Elizabeth, 1016 Fitzwater 

Billger Geo., mer. h 862 N 5th 

Billhart F., ostler, Salmon ab Huntingdon (R) 

Billhartz Adolph, ostler, 916 Leithgow 

BilUn Wm. G., imp. 501 Market, h Till ab Wal- 
nut (W P) 

Billing G., plasterer, 1444 Hutchinson 

Billing John, lab. 1711 N 3d 

Billing Sylvester, hatter, 36 S 5th, h 1311 Par- 

Billingkam Elizabeth, trimmings, 1227 Pine 

Billings Asa, upholsterer, 1 Webb's al 

Billings Caleb, car builder, 2227 Coates 

Billings James M., mer. 24 and 26 Bank, h 315 
S 16th 

M. Billiiigs, Samuel W. Roop, W. F. 
Washington,) imps, and com. mers.24 &. 26 

Billingsby A., lab., 512 Lombard 

Billingsfeld Thos., turner, 1423 Fairview 

Billington & Emerj", (James H. Billington, 
Moses H. Emery^ factory findings, 10 De- 

BiUington Jas. H., mer. 10 Decatiu", h Thomp- 
son and 19th 

Billmeyer Geo. P., farmer. Main bel Sharpnack 

Billmeyer Geo. P., jr., farmer. Main bel Sharp- 
nack (GT) 

Billmeyer John, Main bel Franklin (G Town) 

Billmeyer Samuel 'I"., acct. 418 Market, h Main 

I bJl Franklin (G T) 

Billmeyer Wm. M., print. 1138 Sites 




Bills Jeremiah, ship carp. 119 Mai-ion 
Bills Nicholas, lab. Rising- Sun 
Bills Thomas, milk, 432 Redwood 
]?ilson Wm., blksm. 1604 Gei-mantown rd 
Bimmer G.. cordw. 819 St Jolm 
Binder ChristopJier, carp. 928 N 7tli 
Binder Daniel, carp. 946 Randolph 
Binder Fred. W., alderman, 2229 Coates 
Binder G., lumber, Laurel sti-eet wharf, h 645 

Binder Geo., carp. 624 Coates 
Binder George A., carp, and lumber, S E 6th 

and Oxford, h 928 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, lumber, S E 6th and Oxford, h 

922 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, hatter, 945 Marshall 
Binder Joseph, carp. 1238 N 10th 
Binder J. & G., lumber yard, S E 6th & Oxford 
Binder Peter, M.D., 1238 N 10th 
Binder Wm., gent. 923 N 7th 
Binder Wm. E., author. Oak bel Media R rd 
(W P) 
. Binder Wm. W., jr., carp. 1261 N llthi 
Bines Samuel M., coal dealer, Franklin Institute 
Bines & Sheaff, {Samuel W. Bines, John F. 

Sheaff,) coal yard, W Arch st whf Sch 
Bindschedler John, g-oldsmith, 14 Laurel 
Bing- James, dry goods, N E 22d and Centre 
Bingham Amos Rev., 253 Perry 
Bingham Emma, 12 N 17th 
Bingham James, jeweler, 318 Wood 
Bingham James,je\veler, office 40 S 3d, h Oak 

ab Margaretta (W P) 
Bingham James, 6 S 3d 
Bing'ham John, mer. h 36 N 11th 
Bingham John, carp, 1129 Jefferson 
Bingham John C, 1826 Barker 
Bingham Jno. C, supt.320 Chestnut, h 2^6 N 11th 
Bingham Margt., 240 N 15th 
Bingham Richard, grocer, 928 Fitzwater 
Bingham Richard W., gardener. Main (G T) 
Bingham Robt. M., plasterer. Main (G T) 
Bingham Saml., carp. Maylandville 
Bingham Samuel, confec. 215 Girard av 
Bingham Tho., gent. Oak ab Margaretta (W P) 
Bingham Wm., turner, 505 Fitzwater 
Bingley Geo., stocking weaver, Jefferson ct 
Bingley John T., weaver, Hancock (G T) 
Bingley Joseph, engraver, 3 Landis 
Bingley Wm., weaver, Bringhurst (G T) 
Binker John, gent. 25 Innis 

inker John, Division n Ann 
Binker Thomas, bootmr. 446 Queen 
Binker Wm., M.D., engineer, 5oO Mercury 
Binkert J., tavern, c>& Frankford 
Binkin John, supt. li R St Transp. James (Falls 

of Schuylkill) 
Binkirt Mathew, Heile pi 

Binks Thomas, brass founder, Preston & Hut- 
ton (W P) 
Binley John, carp. 453 Allen 
Binley Wm., carp. 1125 William 
Binne)' Charlotte, gentlew. 1835 Chestnut 
Binney Horace, counsellor, office 245, and h 

241 S 4th 
BINNEY HORACE, Jr., attv. and coun. 227 S 

Binnis Charles, lab. Haines (G T) 

4* ' 

Binnis Geo. lab. Centre (G T) 

Binnis Richard, Centre (G T) 

Binnit Wm., lab. Main (G T) 

Binnix Jas., roller, Gray's Feny rd bel Toll gate 

Binnix John, roller. Centre ab Baker (Myk) 

Binnix & Son, grocers, Main ab Levering- (Mk) 

Binns Edwd. H., salesman, 336 Market, ii 1104 

BINNS JOHN, com. of the U. States and for 31 

States, office 116 S 6th 
Binns J. C. Mrs., 1104 Coates 
Binns Moses, carp., sash, &.C., 21st ab Chestnut, 

h 1108 Mt A^ernon 
Binns William, painter. Cotton (Myk) 
BINSWANGER & EGER, {Isadore Binswan- 
ger, David Eger,) fancv dry goods, 121 N 
ninswanger Isadore, mer., 121 N 3d, h 436 

Bintz John, lab. 3d ab Columbia av 
Bintzell Wm., coppersm. 313 N 10th 
Bioren John, mer. 205 8c 207 Chestnut, h 1523 

Birch Abram, mer. Main bel Armat (G T) 
Birch Carlton, clerk, 1717 Vine 
Birch Edwin, clerk, 1717 Vine 
Birch Elizabeth, tailoress, rear 822 Washington 

Birch Francis R., carp. 17 Ashland 
Birch Geo., soap, 1209 F road 
Birch George R., bookkeeper, 1022 Market, h 

762 Erie 
Birch Henry, soap, 1209 F road 
Birch John, tailor, 1408 Julian ct 
Bu'ch John, dyer, 526 S 15th 
Birch John, cutter, 603 Chestnut, h 235 Dean 
BIRCH JOSEPH, druggist, S E 21st & Vine 
Birch Midi., soap, 1209 F road 
Birch Thomas, auct'r and com. merchant, 914 

Chestnut, h 1717 Vine 
Birchall Wm., sheet-iron plate worker, 11 N 

9th, h 1733 Olive 
Birchell Elias, manuf. Armat, h Mill (GTown) 
Birchell Joseph, lab. Church (Fkd) 
Birchell Wm., weaver, 783 S 2d, h 225 Marker 
Birckhead Ella, Blight House, 1524 Chestnut 
Birckhead Henry P., ins. broker, h 1524 Chest. 
Birckhead Pollard E., Treas. Phil. Fire & Life 

Ins. Co., 433 Chestnut, h 1524 Chestnut 
Bird Chas., trader, Tacony rd, Whitehall 
Bird Chas., 859 N 5th 
Bird Chas., trader, 814 Callowhill 
Bird Chas., wheelwright, Frankford (Fkd) 
Bird Chas. J. D., 241 Pine 
Bird Christian, bil. saloon, 316 & 609 Chestnut, . 

h 423 York av 
Bird Conrad S., waterman, Aramingo 
Bird David, morocco dr. 149 Marg-aretta, h 1651 

N 8th 
Bird David, lab. Paschalville (W P) 
Bii'd Edmund M., grocery 3d & Mcllwain, h 307 

Bird Geo. U., cutter, 518 Marlcet, h 622 AVash ■ 

ington av 
Bird Henry, gent. 904 Clinton 
Bird James, hotel, S 6th 
Bird Jas. M., teacher, 320 S 16tli 
Bird Job, fancy goods, 1734 Market 




Bird John, cordw. 9 Prescott pi 

Bird John, lab. 1645 Mervine 

Bird John S., elk. 242 Chestnut, h 409 Catharine 

Bird J. F., M.D., 11th & Green 

Bird J. Stanh-, clerk, 12 N 3d, h 241 Pine 

Bird & Miller, cai-riag-e bulldrs. Frankford (Fkd) 

Bird Matthias, 808 CaUowhill 

Bird M., bonnet wire manuf., Girard av and 

Bird Rebecca, 1939 Vine 

Bird Thomas, clothier, 31 S 6th, h 1804 Rit- 
tenhouse sq 

Bird Thos., stocking store, 212 Poplar 

Bird Walter, 251 Perry 

Bird Wm., dry goods, 1142 South 

Bird Wm. Henry, plumber, 1804 Rittenhouse sq 

Bird Wm. Henry, clerk, 12 N 3d, h 320 S 16th 

Birdin Wm., ship carp. 205 'Crease 

Birdman Mr., 507 Buttonwood 

Birely Isaac, ship carp. 313 Crease 

Birely Jacob, shipwrt. Beach & Columbia av, h 
428 Crease 

Birelv John, ship carp. 313 Crease 

BIRELY & LINX (Jacob Birely, Jno. W. Linn,) 
shipbuilders and caulkers. Beach & Colum- 
bia av 

Birely & Son, {John, Tkeo.,) ship buUders, 
Beach & Warren 

Birely Theod., ship builder, Beach & Wan-en, h 
426 Crease 

Birely Wm., ship carp. Webster's pi 

BIUGFELD ADOLPH, piano manf. 139 S 7th, 
h 35th & Bridge (M Y) 

Blrin Mary, b h, 1027 ^Melon 

Biringer j'., locksm. 1448 X 5th 

Birins Jno., stone cutter, 1737 Addison 

Birkett Sarah, h 112 Union 

BIRIS.F.Y JOHX, dentist, 245 S 6th 

Birkev John Q., dentist, 245 S 6th 

Birkev Thos. W., M.D., 245 S 6th 

Birkev Wm. J. A., jr., dentist, 242 S 8th 

BIRKEY WILLIAM J. A., M.D., dentist, 242 
S 8th 

Birkhead Isaac, gardener, rear 1525 Cabot 

BIRKIXBIXE H. P. M., Chief Engr. Watr. De- 
part. 500 Chestnut, h S E Vine & Lybrand 

Birks John, farmer, Nicetown la 

BIRKS JOHX, laces, 207 Market 

Birmingham & Brothers, (C. P., B. W.) grocrs. 
467 & 469 N 3d, h 926 X 7th 

BIRXEY DAVID B., atty. at law & com. of 

deeds, 25 S 3d 
Birney Geo., printer, 203 Ristine 
Birney Michael, coachman, 1515 Carver 
Birnie James, lith. printer, 614 Hemlock pi 
Blsbing Henry, plast. Bovrman (G Town) 
Bisbing Jacob, moulder, G Town road ab Sus- 
Bisbing Jacob H., carp, h 6th ab Dauphin 
Bisbing John, cooper, 5 Mendon pi 
Bisbing Joseph, lab. Cumberland bel 2d 
Bisbing Stephen, boot & shoe store, 1636 Mar- 
ket, h 6 X 9th 
Bisch John, dyer, Hamson (Myk) 
Bischof Albert, di'uggist, 9 Courtland pi 
BISCHOF JOS., druggist, 124 Vine 
Bish A., coachmr. 1304 Mar.shall 
Bishcham Wm., elk, 16th and Market, h 1605 

BISHOP BENJAIMIN F., gold chain mr. S E 

2d and Dock, h 915 Chestnut 
Bishop Chas., barber, Franklin av and Colum- 
bia av 
Bishop Chas., hatter, 922 Pan-ish 
Bishop Charles, barber, American ab Colirni- 

bia av 
Bisliop Chas. J., mer. 515 Market, h 611 N 7th 
Bishop C. S.. M.D., 334 X 10th 
Bishop David, 1309 Cherry 
Bishop Ehz., 918 Arch 
Bishop Ephraim, ship chandler and grocer, 18 

S Del av, h 1202 S 3d 
Bishop Frances, 1256 X 11th 
Bishop F. J., tailor, Herman (G T) 
Bishop Geo. W., blacksmith, 6 Garwood pi 
Bishop Gustavus, barber, American above 

Bishop Isaac R., turner, 956 Marlborough 
Bishop Jacob, butcher, 1431 X 6th 
Bishop Jenet, h h, 2307 Callowhill 
Bishop John, framemr. Centre (G T) 
Bishop John, farmer, Gorgas (Mt Airj') 
Bishop John, 1310 Moyamensing av John, ckover. Front ab X^on-is 
Bishop John, music teacher, Cottage (C Hill) 
Bisliop J. L., M.D., 974 X Front 
Bishop J. R., merchant tailor, 114 S 4th, h 821 

Bishop Louisa, b h, 253 S 9th 
Bishop Margt. S., milliner, 915 Chestnut 

Birmingham C. B., grocer, 467 & 469 X 3d, h' Bishop Monroe, trunkmr. 930 St John 

926 X 7th 
Birmingham Jas., mr. 401 Ranstead 

pi, h 1503 Ridge av 
Birmingham P. W., gro. 711 Poplar 
Birnbaum AlwiU, clerk, 1028 Pine 
Birnbaum Chas., 1028 Pine 
Birnbaum Chas. H., 1232 Market, h 1028 Pine 
Birnbaum Edwin, clerk, Moland av 
Birnbaum Francis, painter, Moland av 
Birnbaum F., music, 506 Green 
Birnbaum Geo. W.. gn-ocer, X E 7th & Green 
Birnbaum Henry, janitor, 627 Arch 
Birnbaum John, engineer, Moland av 
Birnbaum John, tobacconist, 1432 South 
•Birnbaum Louisa, Moland av 
Birnbaum Peter, baker, 1108 Jefferson 
Birney Chas., carp. 2222 Church 

Bishop Rachel, 824 Rachel 

Bishop Robt., pie baker, 1230 Cadwalader 

Bishop Robt., macht. 1213 Howard 

Bishop Robt., gi-ocer, Marriott and 7th 

BISHOP, SIMOXS & CO., {8. S. Bishop, Henry 

Simons, William L. M'Fadden,') shippers, 

105 Arch 
Bishop S. S., mer. 105 Arch, h 2332 Green 
Bishop Thos., prof music, 1202 Filbert 
Bishop Theo. H., ship joiner, 230 Dickerson 
Bishop U. C, furniture, X E 17th and Market, 

h 22 S 17th 
Bishop Wm., sea capt. 141 ^Morris 
Bishop Wm., ice dealer, 1217 Myi-tle 
Bishop Wm. Rev., 343 Christian 
Bisliop Wm., cordw. Xicetown 
Bishop Wm., fai-mer, Carpenter, (Mt Airy) 




Bisnar Henry, cordw. 11 Prime 
Bispham Da'nl. F., cigar store, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Ellis, clerk, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham Geo. W., blacksmith, Fleming 
BISPHAM JAMES L., druggist, 710 S 2d, h 

263 N 6th 
Bispham John S., merchant, 629 Market, h 263 

Bispham Joseph B., mer. 14 S Front, h 1503 

Bispham Martha C, 1605 Filbert 
Bispham Samuel, grocer, 629 Market, h 263 

N 6th 
Bispham Saml. A., mer. 629 Market, h 459 

BISPHAM SAML. & SONS, grocers, 629 Mar- 
ket and 620 Commerce 
BISPHAM WM. D., atty. and counsellor, 30 

Bissell Israel M., broker, 319 Walnut, h 406 S 

Bissett Jas., florist, Moyamensing av and Green- 
Bissett John, clei-k, 333 Chestnut, h 452 Ger- 
Bissen J. R., 310 N 21st 

Bissex H. T. shoe manuf. Market above Moore 
Bissinger \I., weaver, 1303 N 5th 
Bisweinger Erhard, carpet manuf. York above 

F rd (R) 
Bitler Harry, dental inst. mr. 420 S 16th 
Bitler Jos., moulder, 204 S Juniper 
Bitler S. A., milliner, 23 N 17th 
Bitler Wm., macht. 918 N 19th 
Bitner Abraham, com. mercht. Warren ab L. 

Pine (W P) 
BITNER M., dry goods, 63 N 3d, h 716 Button- 
Bitner Philip, tailor, 1234 Warnock 
Bittel Wm. H., boilermr. York bel Richmond 
Bitters Lorenzo C, cordw. 484 N 4th 
Bitting Catharine, wid. 830 Burns 
Bitting Chas., fireman, 915 Ogden 
Bitting Geo., driver, American ab Oxford 
Bitting Geo. W., carp. 1326 Hutchinson 
Bitting Jacob, lab. 644 Ellis 
Bitting John H., blksm. 830 Burns 
Bitting Jos., cooper, rear Otsego ab Moore 
Bitting J. D., fire brickmr. 860 N 11th 
BITTING LEWIS, mer. 626 Market, h 623 

N 10th 
Bitting Wm., car agent, 808 Wallace 
Bittinymore Geo., tinsmith. Prospect bel Jef- 
Bittle Mary A., dressmr. Church (Myk) 
Bittman Godfrey, 1702 S 4th 
Bittorf Valentine, bootmr. Oxford ab 5th 
Bitz John, hostler, 218 Frankford (Fkd) 
Bitzler Charles, weaver, Haines (G T) 
Bixenstein Fredk., baker, 706 Coates 
Bize Mary, milliner, 222 N 8th 
Blabon Geo. W., oil cloths, 146 N 3d, h 451 

Blabon 8c Smith, {George W. Blahbn, S. C. 

Smith,) oil cloths, 146 N 3d 
Black Adam, gent. 1935 Wood 
Black Alex., lab. Singley's row 
Black Alex., coachman. Buntings av 

Black Andrew, carp. 208 Dean 
Black Ann, gentwo. 1509 South 
Black Anne, saloon, 643 Lombard 
Black Anthony, weaver. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Black Augustus, carter, Edgemont and Hunt- 
Black A. S., cloakmr. h 240 S 10th 
Black Charles, paper maker. Main bel Robin- 
son (Myk) 
Black Chas., lab. 523 S 21st 
Black Cyrus, clothing, 2d ab Race, h 1129 

Black C. C. Mrs., 154^ Frankford (Fkd) 
Black Daniel, painter^ 762 S 6th 
Black Daniel, lab. Ann bel F rd (R) 
Black D. W. C, carp. Columbia av and Mar- 

Black Ebenezer, clothes clr. 612 Barclay 
Black Edwd., milkman, 1425 Parrish 
Black Elbert, cooper. Tulip ab Norris (R) 
Black E.N., farmer, St Lawrence Hotel 
Black Francis, shoemr. 15th bel Shippen 
Black Francis A., painter, 511 Queen 
Black F. A., 522 Queen 
Black George, plast. Otis bel Sepviva(R) 
Black George, varn. 1036 Nectarine 
Black George D., clerk, 319 N 8th 
Black Henrj-, porter, G T road bel Diamond 

Black Henry, carp. 6th ab G T road 
Black Hugh, lab. 1524 Wood 
Black Isaac, Flshbourne place 
Black Isaac, 208 Dean 
Black Jackson, painter, 7&'2 S 6th 
Black James, weaver, Phihp ab Oxford 
Black James, moulder, 1215 Fitzwater 
Black James, carver, 242 S 9th 
Black James, printer, 402 Library, house N W 

Front and Union 
Black James, brickmr. 1923 South 
Black James, grocer, N W 15th and Market, h 

16 Howard 
Black James, dry goods, 240 S 10th 
Black James, painter, 2037 Vine 
Black James J., mer. 310 S Delav,h 329 Lom- 
Black James M., barber, 422 Library 
Black James, N. C, bookkr. 1337 Coates 
Black James R., daguerreotype, 531 Washing- 
ton av 
Black James R., painter, 2d ab York 
Black Jenks, blacksm. 222 Diamond_(K) 
Black John, weaver, Abigail ab Adrian (K) 
Black John, blacksmith, 12 Fetter's la, h 448 N 

Black John, driver, York bel Richmond (R) 
Black John, lab. Newkirk bel Huntingdon 
Black John, lab. Fisher n Emory (R) 
Black John, carriage driver, 612 Filbert 
Black John, waiter, 328 Perry 
Black John, ship carp. 129 Tasker 
Black John, boatman, 311 N23d 
Black John, grocer, 1609 Fitzwater 
Black John A., superintendent, 821 Chestnut, 

h 2218 Locust 
Black John H., barber, 2110 Moyamensing av 
Black Job n H., 1154 S 6th 
Black John S., mer. 422 Market, h 315 N 6th 




Black Joseph, engineer, Price (R) 

Black Mary, 1225 Pearl 

Black Mathias, shop, Till be! Locust (W P) 

Black Matthew, shoemr. 1146 S 12th 

Black Richard, whipmr. Queen (G T) 

Black Robert, lab. Brown ab Cumberland 

Black Robert, Rev., 1406 Marshall 

Black Robert, 1129 Shippen 

Black Robert, grocer, S W 17th and Market, 

and 18th and Chestnut 
Black Robert, cordw. 907 N 9th 
Black Robert, coach lace trimmer, rear 412 

Black Robert, lab. 2037 Vine 
Black Robert, carp. 1123 Shippen 
Black Robert, painter, Richmond bel Emory 
Black R., blacksm. Walnut bel Pard (W P) 
Black R. J., bookkr. 212 Chestnut 
Black R. T., mer. 422 Market 
Black Samuel W., real estate ag-ent, 640 N 13th 
Black Sarah, weaver, 1420 Philip 
Black Thomas, waiter, 1043 Lombard 
Black Thomas A., clerk, 134 S Del av 
BLACK THOMPSON, grocer, N W Broad & 

Chestnut, h 114 S 15th 
Black Wm., warper, 1238 Shippen 
Black Wni., stone cutter, 1640 Lombard 
Black Wm., lab. 726 Baker 
Black Wm., mariner, 702 S Front 
Black Wm., lab. Edgemont ab Emor)' (R) 
Black Wm., plasterer, Braddock bel Lehigh 
Black Washington, paintei-, 762 S 6th 
Black Wm., grocer, 505 N 18th 
Black Wm., weaver, 119 Benton 
Black Wm. A., music, 1814 Barker 
Black Wm. D., black and whitesm. 1324 Jef- 

fej'son av 
Black Wm.R., gent. 116 Federal 
Black Wm. S., printer, 52 S 4th 
Black Wm. S., printer, 1106 Masters 
Blackburn Alexander W., Fire Marshal, S W 

5th & Chestnut, h 423 Blackstone 
BLACKBURN C. J. broker, 31 S 3d, h 15 S 

Blackburn Daniel M., convey. 420 & h 1832 

Blackburn E., 8 Merrick W Penn sq 
Blackburn James, lab. Frankford near Ortho- 
dox ct 
Blackburn James, liquors, 2101 Chestnut 
Blackburn James, wines and liquors, 1441 

Blackburn James, jr., lab. Orthodox (Fkd) 
Blackburn James, clerk, 13 N 11th 
Blackburn Jeremiah, shoemr. 615 South 
Blackburn John, atty. at law, 420 Library, h 

346 S 16th 
Blackburn Patrick, coachman, 1720 Latimer 
Blackburn Stewart, stables, 12 Myers 
Blackburn Thomas, agent, 431 Christian 
Blackburn Wm., clerk Phila. Fire and Life Ins. 

Co., h 13 N 11th 
Blackburn Wm., baker, 321 N22d 
Blackburne Frans., sec. Phil. Fire & iJfe Ins. 

Co., 433 Chestnut, h Merrick & Olive, Penn 

Blacker Patk., grocer, 1030 S 9th 
Blackford George, bricklr. 1236 Pine 

Blackford George, tailor, 1109 Ogden 
Blackford John A., salesman, 413 Arch 
Blackie Thomas L., gas fitter and plumber, 

Front bel Green 
Blackinson John R., 1611 Filbert 
Blackiston B F., bookkr. 28 S 3d 
Blackman Enoch S., clerk, Richmond ab Ann 
Blackman J. N., cordw. 926 Poplar 
Blackman Louisa, Ann and Melvale (R) 
Blackman R. G., tavern, Brabant ab William 

Blackman Wm. T., Richmond ab William (R) 
Blackmore Charles, engineer, 1733 Moravian 
Blackson Anthony, mariner, rear 1035 Barley 
Blackson Ellen, 738 Lombard 
Blackson Moses, potter, Salmon ab Ann (R) 
Blackstone Ellen, washer, 233 Prosperous al 
Blackstone Mary, washer, 4 Stratford pi 
Blackstone Thos., gent. HON llth 
Blackwell Edward, 522 N 24th 
Blackwell Thos., sihersm. 631 Hay 
Blackwood Hannah, 914 Wharton 
Blackwood Joseph, mer. h 1602 Arch 
Blackwood Thomas P., carp. 214 Perry 
Blackwood Wm. Rev., 125 S 18th 
Blackwood Wm., M. D., 1602 Arch 
Blackwood Wm. Hancock, 508 Hagner 
Blackwood Wm. H., carp. 1327 S 10th 
Blade Jas. R., cordw. 1130 Savery 
Bladen Ann, 626 N 6th 
Bladen A. H. Mrs., 1102 Callowhill 
Bladen Thos. P.,.clerk, Mag. Telegraph Co. 302 

Chestnut, h 626 N 6th 
Bladen Wra. E., baker, Hazzard ab Diamond 
Bladen Wash. L., atty. and coun. 134 S 6th, 

h Torre sdale 
Blaese John P., currier, 703 Coates 
Blaese J. P. & Co., (/. P., Philip,) curriers, S W 

4th and Coates 
Blaess P., brewer, 612 St John and 306 New 
BLAESS & BERGMAN, (P. Blaess, H. A. 
Bergman,) brewers, 306 New and 612 St. 

Blaess Valentine, lager beer, 428 Coates 
Blagrave Ricliard, cordw. 11 College pi 
Blaich Geo. E., cigarmr. 1245 N Front 
Blain James, v/eaver, 1206 Brinton 
Blainjane, huckster, 1206 Brinton 
Blaine Elizabeth, 308 Pine 
Blair Andrew, weaver. Second and Oxford 
Blair Chas. Rev., 820 S 9th 
Blair Cunningham, shoemr. Stewart bel Catha- 
Blair David, Commercial House, 20 S 6th 
Blair Edmund J., gasfitter, 1220 Haines 
Blair Francis L., clerk, 223 Marriott 
Blair Henry C, druggist, S W 8th & Walnut, 

h 35th and Powelton (W P) 
Blair Henry H., clerk, 20 S 6th 
Blair James, gent. 1308 G T road 
Blair James, stair builder, shop 21st ab Chest- 
nut, h 266 Perry 
Blair James, paper ruler, 7 Douglass av 
Blair James J., Camel Hotel, 226 N 2d 
Blair John, coal mer. 12 N 19th 
Blair John, printer, 814 P road 
Blair John, weaver, 1225 Crease 
Blair Jos., hatter, 1364 Ridge av 




Blair Margaret, 1012 Ogclen 

Blair Margaret, 1130 Rodman 

Blair Mary, dr}^ goods, N E 16th & South 

Blair Mary A., 612 Tamarind 

Blair M. A. & 11., deessmrs. & trimmings, store 

610 Sp Garden 
Blair Samuel R. gasfitter, 10 N 7th 
Blair Samuel, engineer, 2047 Summer 
Blair Stewart, inkmr. 239 Perry 
Blair Thos., tavern, 1909 Market 
Blair Thos., plasterer, 1356 Cadwalader 
Blair Thomas, lab. 1505 Pearl 
Blair Wm., lab. Oxford ab Bodine 
Blair Wm., dry goods, 529 S 16th 
Blair Wm., weaver, 1337 Crease 
Blair Wm., weaver, Haverford n 41st (W P) 
Blair Wm. E., gi-ocer, N W 17th and Sansom 
Blair Wm. H., tea dealer, 33 S Front, h 23 

N 10th 
BLAIR & WYETH, druggists, S W 8th and 

Blair W. J., trimmings, 827 N 2d 
Blais Edwai'd, gent. 851 N Broad 
Blaise Geo. F., sugar refiner, 23 Mayland 
Blaise Geo. F., porter, 23 Mayland 
Blake Ed., liquors, 239 Queen 
Blake F. R., M. D. Richmond bel Huntingdon 
Blake Geo., cordw. 21 S 20th 
Blake Geo. E., music store, 25 S 5th 
Blake Henry T., dry goods, 404 S 6th 
Blake Hiram, farmer. Fox Chase 
Blake John, coachman, 612 Bay 
Blake John, porter, 308 C3fpress 
Blake John, lab.. Brush rd 

Blake Martin, type founder, Lafaj'ette bel 10th 
Blake Mary, millinery, 715 Coates 
Blake Mary, matron, Indus. Home 407 S 11th 
Blake Pat., la.b. Huntingdon ab Salmon 
Blake Peter, segarmr. Park (C Hill) 
Blake Robert S., store. Fox Chase 
Blake Samuel, cigars, Creisham (Mt A) 
Blake Thomas, brickmr. 1330 Montgomery av 
Blake T. E., shop, 754 Swanson 
Blake T. W., coal. Arch st wharf Schl, h 141 

Blake Wm. stovemr. 246 Currant al 
Blake Wm., porter, 7 Coombe's al 
Blake Wm. R., tavernkeeper 6th & Race, h 

Tecumseh pi 
Blakeley Andi-ew, laborer, rear 1008 Marble 
Blakeley John, mer. 1 029 Federal 
Biakely David, tavern, Front bel Chatham 
Blakely John, lab. 1431 Cadwalader 
Biakely Robt, manufr. 1315 Apple 
Blakely Wm., oil cloth, 18th and Fairview 
Biakely Wm., foreman. Main ab Grape (Myk) 
Blakeman Caroline, 914 S 9th 
Blakemore F., locksm, & bell hang. 1923 Market 
Blakemore Henry, japanner, 7 Appletree al. h 

1205 Mellon 
Blakemore Thos. F., mer. 307 Market, h 455 

N 6th 
Blakeny John, cordw. 513 Cresson 
Blaker Christian cabinetmr. 9 Relief 
Blaker Henry, turner, Fox Chase 
Blaker Jason, mason. Main, Holmesburg 
Blaker Robert, plumber, rear 920 Ogden 
Blaker Ulysses, plumber, rear 924 Ogden 

Blaker Ulysses, jr., lab. rear 924 Ogden 
Blaker Wm., express, Franklin (Fkd) 
Blakiston Charles, mer. West end Market st 

Bridge, h Woodland (W P) 
Blakiston & Cox, (Jno. R. Blakiston, Wm P. 
Cox) coal mer. 217 Walnut aild pier 2 
Blakiston Geo. R., coal West end Market st 

Bridge, h Woodland bel Market 
BLAKISTON G. R. & CO., (G. R. Blakiston,) 

coal. West end Market st Bridge 
Blakiston Harriet, Darby rd bel Market (W P) 
Blakiston Henry B., coal dealer, office 206 

Walnut, h 527 N 22d 
Blakiston John R., coal mer. 217 Walnut, h 

1611 Filbert 
Blakiston Presley, bookseller, 25 S 6th, li 

Blakiston & Woodward, {Charles Blakiston, ■ 
George W. Woodward,) manufs. & mers., 
West end Market st Bridge 
Blanch A., carter, Paley pi 
Blanch James, mason, 940 Alder 
Blanchard Benj., clerk, 153 Dock, h 106 S 17th 
Blanchard Ephraim, sand paper, h 1429 N 7th 
Blanchard Heniy B., mer., 1305 Chestnut, h 

310 S 12th 
BLANCHARD H. B. & CO., upholsterers, 1305 

Blanchard I. W., gent., 1305 Chestnut 
Blanchard John D., com. mer. 507 Coates 
BLANCHARD & LEA, (Wm. A. Blanchard, 

Henry C. Lea,) publishers, 105 S 4th 
Blanchard Theodore A., mer., 1305 Chestnut, h 

310 S 12th 
Blanchard Wm., mer. 105 S 4th, h 1511 Walnut 
Blanchard Williams I., sect'y Fame Ins. Co., 411 

Chestnut, h 545 Marshall 
Blanchard Wm. A., bookseller, 105 S 4th, h 

1511 Walnut 
Blanche Lewis, 1327 Parrish 
Blanck Wm., manuf. artifi. limbs, 2130 Cherry 
Bland Geo., bookkeeper. Green la (Myk) 
Bland James H. B., tailor, 134 Market, h 1630 

S 6th 
Bland John D., welder, 513 Dickerson 
Bland Joseph, lab. 1400 S 7th 
Bland Samuel, watchmr. 538 Spruce 
Blandner Chas. prof, music, 432 Marshall 
Blanes Adam, mason, baker ab Mulberry (Myk) 
Blaney Dennis, lab. Mechanic (Myk) 
Blaney James, tailor, 845 Marriott 
Blaney Pat., dyer. Levering (Myk) 
Blanford & Schofield, (William Blanford, Mark 

Schojield,) painters, Paschalville 
Blanford Wm., painter, Paschalville 
Blanford Wm., police, 1031 Ann 
Blanjour F. R., music teacher, Main (G Town) 
Blank Chas., jeweler, 722 Masters 
Blankin Mary, Jackson (Myk) 
Blankin Robt., ship joinei-, Jackson (Myk) 
Blankinhorn M., lab. 1114 Houston 
Blankley Geo., moulder, 659 Bankson 
Blankman Geo. A., painter, 210 Dock, h 1011 

Blankmire H., cabinet mr. 1405 N 8th 
Blansfield Thomas, watcliman, 1903 South Row 
iBlant Chas., cleaner, Thompson (Myk) 




Blant Wm., carder, Thompson (Myt) 

Blasdell Willard, 1339 S 10th 

Blase Geo. F., 23 Mayland 

Blase Wm., shoes, 206 Green 

Blasius, Bros., piano wareroom 1006 Chestnut 

iBlickler John, bottler, 1337 Earl 
iBligh Wm., tavern, 259 S Water 
[Bhg-ht Appleton, 1129 Chestnut 
Blight Chas., g-ent. 1824 De Lancey 
Blight James H., 218 Walnut 

Blasius Chas., piano wareroom 1006 Chestnut, Bliglit Jos., brushmr., 159 Belgrade 

Blight Maria, 1129 Chestnut 
Blight Wm. S., 1336 Spi'uce 
Blind Conrad, b h 434 Masters 
Blinkhorn John, painter, Pascall 
Blinn Jaccb, cordw., 925 Warnock 

h 338 S 16th 
Blasins Jos., segar maker, 216 Thompson 
Blatner Ann Maria, 925 Coates 
Blatter Henry, joist mr, Dauphin ab Adrian 
Blattner Adolph, mor. dr. 1225 Carroll 

Blattner Ed. R., printer, 717 N 2d, h 925 Coates Bhss Anson, 116 Wharton 

Blattner Eugene J., painter, 1118 Poplar Bliss D. F., 2204 Brandywine 

Blatzner F., engineer. Eagle av Bliss Joseph, lab. Main "(G T) 

Blau Adolph, carp, weaver, 468 Inquirer : Bliss Theo.. booksr., 113 N 3d, h 1737 Vine 

Blau Samuel, trimmings, 647 South I Bliss Zenas, cotton broker, 107 Walnut 

Blaw Isaac, trimmings, 243 South Blithe Robt., wheehvr. Ridge av bel Hippies 

Blaylock Jas. W., stair build., 1624 Melloy, h Blitz Signer, 709 Chestnut 

914 S 5th Blitz Solomon L., hotel 517 S 3d 

Blaylock John, liquors, 914 S 5th i Blizzard G., tinsmith, 1007 Pembroke 

BLAYLOCK LOUIS, hatter, 52 N 8th 'Blizzard Jos., watchman, 119 Federal 

Blayney Mary A., h 1043 Buttonwood ! Blizzard Nathl., rigger, 1316 Vienna 

Blayney Wm., clerk, 935 Washington av Bloch Mayer, india rubber, 926 St John 

Bleaker Wm., morocco dresser, 1519 Apple Blochlinger J., barber, Exchange, h 229 Lodge 
Bleakley Wm. J., teacher drawing, 110 N 11th Block Anthony, sealing wax, 441 N 13th 

Blech Theo., mariner, Corn bel Marion 
Bleck Wm., lab. 423 Borden st 
Blecker Peter, cooper, 448 St. John 
Blee Bernard, bottler, 1649 Lombard 
Blee Chas., brickmr., 2015 Locust 
Blee Chas., lab., rear 321 Garden 
Blee Chas., lab. 2405 Pine 
Blee Edward, bottler, 1020 Filbert 
Blee Edwd., lab. 2405 Pine 
Blee Geo., mint, 6 Sidmouth pi 
Blee Geo., brickmr., 1909 Wilcox 

Block Thos. & Zulick John, cabmrs. 214 Gold, 
h Cowperthwaite's pi 

Blockley Nicholas, lab. Wissahickon (GT) 

Blockson Mary Ann, 411 Washington av 

Bloctz Charles, dealer, 621 P rd 

Blodget Lorin, sec'y. Board Trade, 503 Chest- 
nut, h 246 S 8th 

Bloh Chas., cordw. 1002 Brown 

Blom M. G., M. D., 116 Union 

Blomley Arthur, gent. 526 Richmond 

Blood C, shoemr. 410 S Front 

Blee Hugh, cordw., Market west of Bridge- BLOOD'S DESPATCH Post Office, 42 S 5th 

water (W P) 
Blee James, lab. 2405 Pine 
Blee John, brickmr., 1909 Wilcox 
Blee Latham, grocer, 233 N 15th 
Blefgen Aloys, carriages, 916 St. John 
Bleigbt John D., att'y & coun., 23 N 7th 
Bleloch Jas., jr., printer, 331 Washington av 
Bleloch M. R., dressmr., 331 Washington av 
Blench Mich., liquors, 1324 Oxford 
Blending James, porter, 821 Emeline 
Blenner John P., cab. mr., 1304 Ogden 
Blenk Jno., baker, 740 Passyunk rd j 

Blessing Geo., hostler, O. Y. rd, Rising Sun 
Blessing Matthias, bottler, 1620 N 11th 
Blessner Gustave, prof, music, 705 Sansom 
Blessinger Frank L., blacksm. 4 Grampian pi 
Blest Thos. T., grocer, 19th & Ridge av 
Bletterman Isaac, chairmr. 947 St. John 
Bletterman Michael, tailor, 947 St. John 
Bletterman Michael H., farrier, 947 St. John 
Bleuit Thomas, carpt., 1601 Richard 
Bleut Levin, lab., 1316 Owen 
Blew Rebecca, tailoress, 1437 Savery 
Bley Henry, tobacco, 134 N 11th 
Bley John, druggist, F road opp Columbia av 
Bleyer John M., tavern, 6th & Brown 
Bleyler Henry, painter, Dover ct 
Bleyler Thomas, dealer, 316 Monroe 
Blickham Saml., porter, 8 S Water, h 11th bel 

Blickler Fred., bottler, 1337 Earl 

Blood Dedem, cordw. 40th & MyHle (W P) 
Blood Henry, conductor, 10th & Manley 
BLOODGOOD J.B., Walnut st. house, 2 Walnut 

'Blood Lewis, tailor, 25 Cowper 
Bloom Albert, cutter, 57 N 3d, h 1419 R rd 
Bloom Christopher, 470 N 8th 
Bloom Francis, grocer, 2d ab Dauphin 
Bloom Jos., lab. Cedar (B) 

, Bloom Joseph A., prof, languages, Till ab Pratt 

i (WP) 

! Bloom Peter, salesman, N W 10th & Market, h 

I 407 N 8th 
Bloomedale S., Lynn 
Bloomer A., salesman, h 617 Wall 
Bloomer Bernard, lab., 914 S 10th 
Bloomer Edward, grocer, 810 Shippen 

.Bloomer Jas., dealer, 2031 Reeves 
Bloomer John, lab. rear 46 Fitler 

! Bloomer Lawrence, lab. Blair (K) 
Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 724 Lebanon 
Bloomer Thomas H., grocer, 2016 Carlton 

! Bloomer Wm., china, 608 South 

i Bloomer Wm., variety, 623 South 

! Bloomer Wm., seaman, Evans 
Bloomer Wm., dealer, 2018 Carlton 
Bloomfield Joseph, blacksm. 1622 Cabot 

iBloomhardt Jno. L., grocer, Ann bel Waterloo 
Bloomingdale Charles, mer. 332 Market, h 467 

ingdale, Isaac Rhi7ie,)c\oth'mg,332 Market 




Bloomsburg Charles, boatman, Hewson 
Blotouer Henry, vict. 1548 N 5th 
Blotz John, baker, 1104 Marlboro' (K) 
Blotz Martin, cordw. 126 N Queen 
Blourne John, rig'g-er, 1820 Little Chestnut 
Blowe Georg-e, watch case mr. 22 S 5th, h 311 

Blox Rev. Father John, St. John's R. C. Church 
Bloxman Woodman, waterman, 43 Prime 
Bloxsome Edwd., bookkr. 911 Faulkner (S) 
Bloxson John, waterman, 920 Otsego 
Bloxson Robert, waterman, 107 John 
Blue John, brick moulder, 1530 Palmer 
Blue Peter, lab. 1119 Milton 
Bluett Thomas, show card writer, 523 Minor, h 

1309 S 2d 
Blum Anthony, blacksm. Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Blum B., mer. 220 Vine 
Blum Herman, drover, 1104 St John 
Blum John F., baker, 153 Brov/n 
Blum Joseph, carter, 1235 Montg-omery av 
Blum & Rau, (Sanil. Blum, Henry Rau,) cloth- 
ing-, 202 Market 
Blum Saml., clothing-, 202 Market, h 138 Vine 
Blumenthal David, clothing-, 536 N 2d 
Blumenthal L., cordw. 713 N 4th 
Blumenthal M., 548 N 2d 
Blumenthal Saml., tailor, 252 & 314 N 2d 
Bluming-dale Benner, butcher, 1005 St John 
Blumley John, ship carp., 218 Thompson 
Blumley John, tavern, 933 Charlotte 
Blumm John, tailor, 907 Warnock 
Blumm Saml., clothing-, 976 N Front 
Blumner Chas. E., sen., tobacconist, h 510 But- 

Blumner Chas. E., jr., bookkr. Corn Exchange 

Bk., h 622 Coates 
Blumner Henry C.,mach., 256 N 5th, h 856 N 6th 
Blumner H. C, elk Bank of Peim Township, h 

607 Franklin 
Blunden Jas., painter, 2142 Summer 
Blunden Jas., grocer, 771 S 3d 
Blunden Jas., store, P ville 

Blunden Jno. manuf. Senecanear Orleans (W P) 
Blunden Riclid., manufiic. H aver ford rd (W P) 
Blunden Wm., g-ent. (Paschalville) 
Blunder Anna M., dressmr. 2142 Summer 
Bluxone Jos., 704 N 19th 
Blye Geo., dry goods, 434 N 2 d 
Blye Henrv, hotel, 3d & Green 
,■ BLYE JOHN H., dry goods, S E 9th & Arch, 
and 23 N 8th 
Blye Sarah, dry goods, 434 N 2d 
Blyler Abraham, carp. 1540 Cabot 
Blyler James L., wheelwrt. Church (Fkd) 
Blyler Peter, painter, 1229 Mechanic 
Blynn Michl., hatter. 111 N 3d, h Roxborough 
Blythe Helen, teacher, N E 12th & Locust, h 

1344 Chestnut 
Blythe James, gent. 1105 Shlppen 
Blythe James, lab. 2419 Biddle 
Blythe Mary, Mrs., b h 1344 Chestnut • 
Blythe S. D., 1344 Chestnut 
Blythe Wm., lab. 2419 Biddle 
Blythe Wm., lab. 2419 Biddle 
Boah Fenton, lab. Pine (Fkd) 
Boak Jas., weaver, Onas ab Adrian 
Boal Jas., tailor, 2320 Market 

Boal James, tailor, 1705 South 

Boaler J. M., cooper, 105 Catharine 

BOARD OF HEALTH, office 6th & Sansom 

Board John, carp. 418 Watkin 

BOARD OF TRADE, rooms 505 Chestnut 

Board Patrick W., carter, 1149 Sites 

Boardman Ann, 1616 N 11th 

Boai-dman Edwd., farmer. Orthodox (Fkd) 

Boardman F. H., M. D., 6 Chancery la 

Boardman Henr)'- A. Rev., D. D., 1311 Spruce 

BOARDMAN HEN. S., manuf. britannia ware, 

243 & 245 Arch, h 608 Wood 
Boardman John, warper, Adam (Fkd) 
Boardman John, farmer, York ]Dike (G T) 
Boardman Wm., fireman, Paul (Fkd) 
Boate F. Elizabeth, upholsterer, 219 S 2d 
Boate Geo., upholsterer, 147 Brown 
Boate Wm., car. mr. 1103 Parrish 
Boate Wm , lab. Hedge (Fkd) 
Bobb H. & P., brickmrs. yd Federal bel Gray's 

.-^flFerry rd 
Bobb Peter, brickmr. 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Pete]-, jr., brickmr. 411 Quince 
Bobb Thos., bootfitter, Mayland 
Bocha F., lager beer, 229 Brown 
Bochwikl John, collector, 945 N 4th 
Bock A., wig mr. 6 Arcade 
Bock Chas., cordw. 434 St John 
Bock Nicholas, rag dealer, 733 & 735 Pass'k rd 
Bockius Abraliam R., tailor. Main (G T) 
Bockius & Bro., (Isaiah, Christopher, Jacob NJ, 

W. Bockius,) saddlers, 138 Mrket 
Bockius Chas. R., mer. 67 N 2d, h Main (G T) 
Bockius Chas. R., & Bro., mers., 67 N. 2d 
Bockius Christopher, leather manufac. S E St 

John & Willow, h Coates ab 6th 
Bockius Christopher, saddler, 138 Market 
Bockius C. G., mer. 7 N 3d, h 950 N 7th 
Bockius C. G. & J. C, trim. & varieties, 7 N 3d 
Bockius Edmund, harness. Main (G Town) 
Bockius Francis W., grocer. Main (G Town) 
Bockius George, leather manuf. 148 & 150 Wil- 
low, and 141 & 143 Margaretta, h 4th and 
Cooper (C) 
Bockius Geo. R., store, Main and Franklin (GT.) 
Bockius George W., brush manuf. 316 N 2d, h 

704 Franklin 
Bockius Hannah, crockery, 1523 Market 
Bockius Henry J., carp. 703 S 9th 
Bockius Henry J., jr., carp. 703 S 9th 
Bockius Isaiah, sadlr. 138 Market, h 732 Wallace 
Bockius Jacob C, mer. 7 N 3d, h 704 Franklin 
Bockius Jacob M., florist, Bringhvu-st (GTown) 
Bockius Jacob U., sadlr. 138 Market, h 723 

Bockius Jesse, fuller. Main (G Town) 
Bockius John, carp. 707 S 9th 
Bockius Jos.L., dry goods, 161 Frankford (F R) 
Bockius Saml. L., gent. Maine (G T) 
Roekius Saml. R., h Germantown 
Bockius S. M., livery stables, G T av ab Wistar 
Bockius Thomas, vict. 181 Frankford (F R) 
Bockius Wm., carp. 1810 Barker 
Bockman Fred., tailor, 9 Strauss ct 
Bockner Jacob, weaver, 922 Coates 
Bodamer Philip, cordw. 1422 Brown 
Bodder John S., clerk, 425 N 3d 
Bodder Levi D., M.D., 123 N 7th 




Boddy & Hendrickson, (Chas. J. Boddy, Wm. 

H. Hendrickson,) flour, feed & gro. N W 

Gii-ard av & Columbia av 
Boddy Sarah, 1 Short's ct 
Bode Christian, tailor, 424 Morris 
Bode Ferdinand, g-rocer, N E 6th & Queen 
Bode Heniy, tavern, 1139 Girard av 
Bodel John, lab. Susanna (R) 
Boden Edward L., att'y and coun. 813 Arch 
Boden Hannah, Richmond & Palmer 
Boden Jas. M., gi-ocer, Richmond & Palmer (K) 
•Boden Saml., lab. Story near 38th (W P) 
Bodenhofer Francis, seg-ar mr. 721 N 3d 
Bodenhofer Joseph, varnish manuf. 721 N od 
Bodie C, shop, 447 St John 
Bodie Herman, lab. Pear (G T) 
Bodie Wm., lab. Rising- Sun la 
Bodin Joseph, tobacconist, 133 N 4th 
Bodine & Brothers, g-lass manuf. 204 Market 
Bodine Budd S., clerk, 14 S 4th, h 1109 Shack- 

Bodine Edward S., clerk, 227 Race 
Bodine Elizabetli, 937 St John 
Bodine Francis C, hotel, 906 Cherry 
Bodine F. L., glass manuf. 107 Chestnut 
Bodine Joel, mer. 204 Market 
Bodine John M., g-ent. 227 Race 
Bodine J. E., M. D., 227 Race 
Bodine J. F., mer. ag-t. 235 Chestnut, h 207 N 

Bodine M'Clure, ag-ent, Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Bodine Saml. T., mei. S E 4th and Walnut, h 

Bodinig- John, 8 Headman's ct 
Bodkin James, baker. Diamond ab Onas 
Bodwell John A., g-rocer, N W 12th & Locust, 

h 233 S 12th 
Bodycot Joseph, fr. wk knitter, Nicetown la 
Boehm A. W., mer. 62 N Front, h 1702 Pine 
Boehm Daniel, provisions, 19 S 18th 
Boehm Edward, mach. 1239 N 16th 
'Boehm 5eo. L., bootmr. 30 N 12th 
Boehm Henry, tobacconist, 904 N 13th 
Boehm John, tinner, Wright ab 21st 
Boehm Philip Y., let. car. Warren ab 35th (W P) 
Boehm Wm., tobacconist, 718 Poplar 
Boehm Wm., provisions, 19 S 18th 
Boehmer & Brother, shirt mkrs. 104 Exchange 
Boehmer F. A., gasfitter, 335 Wakiut, h 734 

Boehmer Isabella, 1020 S 4th 
Boehringer Jacob, sailor, 419 Wood 
Boehringer Wm., chairmr. 246 N George 
Boekel Wm., lampmr. 1339 Brandywine 
Boekenkamp C. G., bookkeeper Pine st wharf 

Schuylkill, h 2432 Lombard 
Boell Wm., lithogpr. 407 Walnut, h 711 Erie 
BOENNING CASPER, hotel, 14 Decatur, h 4 

Rowland's ct 
BOERICKE F. E., homceopathic pharmaceutist 

and bookseller, 34 S 7th, h 33d & Bering 

Boerkil John, tailor, 12 Green's ct 
Boerner Charles, buttonmr. Leon 
Boes Matthew, lab. Parker ab York 
Boettlin Wm., brewer, 476 St John 
Boerum S., engraver and printer, 310 Chestnut 
Bogan Benj., lab. Mechanic (G Town) 

Bog-an Daniel, dealer, 1228 Lemon 

Bogan Luke, weaver, 2030 Hampton 

Bogan Walter, shoe store, Market ab 10th, h 

2023 Girard av 
Bogar Godfrey, rope mr. 1746 N 12th 
Bogart Chris."church (Brdg) 
Bogart Francis, segars, 1012 Filbert 
Bogart Sarah, gentw. 927 Ogden 
Bogel James, lab. Wissahickon station (Rox) 
Bogel Rhoda, AVissahickon station (Rox) 
Bogel Robt., lab. Wissahickon station (Rox) 
Boghien John, painter, 1212 N 6th 
Bogia Martha, milliner, 425 N 10th 
Bogia Valentine, gent. 425 N 10th 
Boggs And., porter, 507 Market, h 332 S 19th 
Boggs Caroline, 126 S 19th 
Boggs Charles, bookkr. 529 Market 
Boggs Charlotte, dry goods, 1108 F road 
Boggs David, teacher. Main (G T) 
Boggs George, chair manuf 919 Shackamaxon, 

h 308 Allen (K) 
Boggs Geo. W., driver, 320 Chestnut, h 1713 

BOGGS G. W., tobacconist, S W 8th & South 
Boggs H. S., flour mer. S W Marshall and Sp 

Boggs Jas., chaii-mr. Ill & 113 N Front, h 411 

Boggs John, clocks, 126 Beck pi 
Boggs John, gent. Main bel Price (G Town) 
Boggs John, clerk, 332 Federal 
Boggs John, weaver, 107 Jefferson 
Boggs John H., waiter, 206 Dean 
Boggs Joseph, lob. 913 Melvale 
Boggs Mary, wid. 443 Thompson 
BOGGS & KIRK, (Wm. L. Boggs, W. F. Kirk,) 

gro. & prov. mers. 109 Arch 
BOGGS & OAKMAN, local express, 28 S 5th 
Boggs Saml., shipwrt. 1108 F road 
Boggs Saml., jr., wheelwrt. 1019 N Front 
Boggs Thomas K., 126 S 19th 
Boggs Wm. L., mer. 109 Arch, h 927 Franklin 
Bogia Francis, Market,h 819 S 10th 
Bogle John, carter, 1706 Burton 
Bogut Chas., cordw. 317 Franklin 
Bohanna John, dyer. Story bel 37th (W P) 
Boheim John, lab. Dauphin ab Front 
Boheim John, jr., printer, Dauphin ab Front 
Bohem Anthony, silk, 2211 F st 
Boh em & Co., silk manufs. Walnut n 24th 
BOHLEN HENRY & CO., mer. 221 and 223 

S 4th, h 1317 Walnut 
Bohlen Geo., lab. Sellers (Fk) 
Bohlen Henry, 1317 Walnut 
Bohlen Jno., atty. & coun. 603 & h 1510 Walnut 
Bohler Daniel, essence of coffee, 284 N 3d, h 

612 Callowhill 

Bohler, P. C. Thompson, G. W. Weikel,) 

essence of coffee manufs. 248 N 3d 
Bohn Christian, tailor, 22 N3d, h425 Redwood 
Bohn'Fredk., tanner, Bodine ab Oxford 
Bohn Philip, tailor, 45 N 2d, h 1208 S 6th 
Bohler Casper, tailor, 529 Francis 
Bohler Charles, York bel Memphis 
Bohrer Frederick, stone cutter, 18 Hudson 

h 516 Owen 
Bohrer Jacob, painter, 340 Crown 




Bohrer Joseph & F., blindmrs. 1408 Ridge av ' 
Bohs Philip, carter, 608 Mover 
Boice Henry, N E Sth and Vine, h 140 Race 
Boice James S., drug-g-ist, 630 Market 
BOILEAU ALBERT D., Recorder of Deeds, 

3 State House Row, h 903 Franklin 
Boileau A. L., g-ent. 722 N Hth 
Boileau John, g-ent. 722 N" 11th 
Boileau John, mason, (Bustleton) 
Boileau John, blacksm. 937 Warnock 
Boileau John W., clerk, 5 State House 
Boileau Nathan, harnessmr. (Bustleton) 
Boileau Nathan, lab. (Bustleton) 
Boileau Wm., butcher, La Grang-e 
Boileau Wra. H., farmer, (Bustleton) 
Boillot Charles, engraver, 1012 S 5th 
Bois John, milkman, Salmon bel William 
Boisaabert A., cordw. 228 S 5th 
Boisbran Charles, express, Wayne (G T) 
Boisbran James, coi'dw. L Wayne (G T) 
Boisbran Stephen, carp. Queen (G T) 
Boisnot, J., M.D., 520 N 5th 
Boizard Lewis P., cordw. 1213 Myrtle 
Bok Frederick, 4 Hyer pi 

Bok John, tailor, 122 Exchange pi, h 225 Lodge 
BOK JOHN Sc CO., tailors, (John Bok, Fredk. 

Verick,) 122 Exchange 
Boke Wm., plasterer, 1242 Hope 
BOKER & BROTHERS, {Wm. C, Edward D., 

Joseph,) boots, shoes, straw goods, 432 

& 434 Market 
Boker C. S., M. D., 1622 Chestnut, h 1720 

Boker Edwd. D., mer. 432 Market, h Washing- 
ton House 
Boker .Geo. H., 1720 Walnut 
Boker Joseph, lab. Church (Fkd) 
Boker Joseph, mer. 432 Market, h 1526 Arch 
Boker W. C, mer. 432 Market 
Boland Catharine, 8 Avenue (C) 
Boland Dominick, blacksm. 2 Frank's ct 
Boland John, liquors, 332 S 6th 
Boland John, lab. 2 Hyer pi 
Boland John J., clerk, h310 N 23d 
Bold Elizabeth, Mi's., Dauphin ab Diamond 
Bold Kennedy, weaver, Dauphin ab Diamond 
Bold Thomas, weaver, Dauphin ab Diamond 
Bolden Richard, lab. 6 Washington ct 
Bolden Spencer, waiter, 248 Quince 
Boles John, lab. Salmon 
BOLDIN GEORGE, oil mer. 106 N Del av, h 

1317 Arch 
Boley Frederick, conductor, 916 Wallace 
Bolger Joseph F., tavern, 6 S 4th 
Boling John, cai-p. 23 Eagle 
Boling Thomas, seaman, 725 Lisle 
Bollander Fredk., 36 N 16th 
Bolland Isabella, store, 827 Carpenter 
Bolle George H., weaver, 813 Callowhill 
Boiler Henry J., gent, h 1412 Spruce 
Boiler Sarah, gentw. 401 S 5th 
Bolles James, brakesman, 2316 Market 
BoUes Jesse N., well borer, 533 S 11th 
Bolles N. H., rifle manuf. n Wire Bridge, h 

2322 Green 
Bolster George J., salesman, 350 S 15th 
Bolster Richard H., salesman, 350 S 15th 
Bolt John, carp. 312 Cherry 

Bolt Morris L. H., clerk, 152 & 154 N 4th, h 

207 N Juniper 
Bolt Wm., confectioner, 1232 Race 
Bolta David, lab. Creisham, Mt Airy 
Bolta Henry, lab. Creisha.m, Mt Airy 
Bolte Wm., confec. 1232 Race 
Bolton Charles, mer. Unity (Fkd) 
Bolton Daniel, brakesman, 11th and Market 
Bolton Elizabeth, Union Hotel, :Main (M}"k) 
Bolton Gideon, clerk, 226 Frankford (Fkd) 
Bolton Hannah, Penn (Fkd) 
Bolton Joseph, dyer, Edward (Fkd) 
Bolton Joseph R., clerk, 1629 Mt Vernon 
Bolton Margaret, dealer, 6 Levant 
Bolton Mary E., 1108 Callovrhill 
Bolton Michael, lab. Westminster av 
Bolton Robert, machinist, Orchard (Fkd) 
Bolton Saml., grocer, 138 Frankford (Fkd) 
Bolton Saml., lumb. com. mer. 324 N Front 
Bolton Saml.. mer. 1814 Spruce 

Bolton, Willia?n, David Vanderveer,) lumb. 

com. mers. Brown street wharf 
Bomb Anthonv, cordw. Kressler bel Diamond 
Bomberger J.H. A., Rev. D.D., 723 Wood 
Bomeisler Charles M., mer. 331 Market, h 418 

N 5th 
Bomeisler E. L., mer. 517 Market, h 418 N 5th 
Bomeisler Joseph, jeweler, 112 N 8th 
Bomeisler Saml., mer. 333 N 10th 
Bomeisler Theo., clerk, 418 N 5th 
Bomgardiner Jacob A., tailor, 1328 Pritchet 
Bomgardner J. G., salesman, 333 Market, h S W 

8th & Sp Garden 
BomhofF Henry, cordw. 527 York av 
Bomm Adam, driver, 1618 Mervine 
Bommerscheim John, carp. 8th and Montgo- 
Bonar, lab. 6 Dllk's ct 
Bonbright Geo., salesman, 427 Market, h 546 

N 10th 
Bonbright Jas, mer, 435 Market, h 1019 Green 
Bond Adam J., cordw. 444 N 8th, h 927 Manley 
Bond Alexander, tailor, 1168 S llth 
Bond Amos, lastmr. 1252 N llth 
Bond Benj. F., trunkmr. 1621 Ogden 
Bond Calvin H., varieties, 73-5 Sp Garden 
Bond Casper, chairmr. Sepviva ab Vienna 
Bond Catharine, shop, 1235 Pembroke ct 
Bond Charles, porter, 1128 Lombard 
BOND & DENCLA, (L. Montgomery Bond, 

H. Albert De^icla,) tea dealers, N E Front 

and Chestnut 
Bond George, printer, 626 Pine 
Boi?d Geo. M., acct. 8 N 3d, h 1505 N 13th 
Bond Henry, Ledger carrier, 916 Nectarine 
Bond Henry, dealer, Cove pi 
Bond Henrv C, salesman, N E Front & Chestnut, 

h Franklin House 
Bond H., M. D., 246 S 8th 
Bond James, coachman, 1128 Lombard 
Bond Jane, millinery, 413 S 13th 
Bond Jas. M. D., store S E 10th & Locust, h 

Broad bel Federal 
Bond Jas R., enginr, Apple ab Diamond (R) 
Bond John, butcher, 539 Owen 
[Bond John, provision, 413 S 13th 
Bond Joseph, glass blower, 1312 Otis 




Bond Joseph, carp. 1215 Citron 

Bond Joseph blacksm, Market ab Rose (W P) 

Bond Josiah, dealer, 622 N 12th 

Bond L. Montg-omeiy, mer. N E Front and 

Chestnut, h Tacony 
Bond Mary Jane, tailoress, 202 S Juniper 
Bond Noah, porter, 11 Bank, h 422 Gaskill 
Bond Pliilip, tobacco, rear 1018 Buttonwood 
Bond Richard, moulder, 1246 Jefferson av 
Bond Saml., clerk, 239 N 3d 
Bond Sarah, rear 627 Carpenter 
Bond Sam]., gentln. Paul, (Fkd) 
Bond Sanford, blacksm. Amber bel Tetterly 
Bond Wm., Fulton bel Race 
Bond Wm. John, engineer, 1536 Cabot 
Bond Wm., drayman, 2216 Race 
Bondolor Wm. C, printer, 908 Coates 
Boner Daniel, lab., 2131 McDuffie 
Boner Dennis, lab. Salmon ab William (R) 
Boner Hug-h, lab., Ann (R) 
Boner Hugh, spinner, Gay ab Cresson (Myk) 
Boner Jno., lab., Cumberland bel Game (R) 
Boner John, lab. Edgemontab Cumberland (R) 
Boner John, quarry. 548 N 24th 
Boner John, hotel, 2014 Lombard 
Boner Marj^, gentw., Brandywine 
Boner Mich. lab. Biddle 
Boner Owen, lab. 2014 Lombard 
Boner Patrick, lab. Newkirk (R) 
Boner Patk.,lab. Penn, (G Town) 
Boner Wm., lab.. Rainbow (K) 
Boner Wm., cordw. Corinthian ab Pan-lsh 
Bones George, shoemr. 618 S 20th 
Bones Hugh R., 306 Clark 
BonewitchTheo., cabtmr. 3d ab Columbia av 
Bonewitz, Henri, teacher, 640 Marshall 
Bonfield James, plasterer, 1200 Deacon 
Bong Fredk. tailor, 601 Brook 
Bong J., barber, 501 S 2d 
Bongaardt Wm., salesman, 935 St John 
Bonham Isaiah, stables, 913 New Market, h 

1045 G T road 
Bonham Joseph A., atty. & coun. 129 New 
Bonham William, liquors. Union and Gu-ard av 

and N 2d ab Diamond 
Bonhom Harriet, shop, 410 S 6th 
Bonhomme S. Rev., 1717 Addison 
Bonine C. G., paper hanger, 1054 N 2d, h 1315 

Boning William, jeweler, 18 Hudson, h 235 

N 5th 
Bonn Geo., lamp mfr. 133 Mead 
Bonn liobert, carpenter, 210 Gaskill 
Bonn Sarah, confecr. 1225 Tine 
Bonnaffon Albert L., mer. 102 Chestnut, h 244 

N 10th 
Bonnaffon Eliza, 205 S 9th 
Bonnaffon Sylvest., imp. drj^ gds. 102 Chestnut, 

h Girard House 
Bonnar B., boatman, Cresson ab Jackson (Myk) 
Bonnar & Farran, {Jas. Bonnar, Patk. Farran,) 

charcoal pulv. 2006 Market 
Bonnar James, charcl. pulv., 2006 Market, h 

2006 Jones 
Bonnefon, John, eating house, 416 S 3d 
Bonnell Elizabeth, seminary, 329 S 18th 
Bonnell George B., com. mer. 1232 Market, h 

8th ab Market 

Bonnell Saml., gent. 1014 N Front 
Bonneau Aug-., cordw. 1011 South 
Bonner Benjr., Red Lion, (23d Ward) 
Bonner Elizabeth, provisions, 2316 Chestnut 
Bonner James, farmer. Red Lion (23d Ward) 
Bonner Mich., gentln. 9 Cowperthwaite pi 
: Bonner M., lab. Pleasant (G Town) 
Bonner Patk. tavern, S W Water & Race 
jBonner Patrick, lab., 1008 Thompson 
i Bonner Robert, lab., 606 Hallowell 
JBonnerTheo. J., 1028 Oxford 
; Bonner Wm. B., carp. Levering (Myk) 
■Bonney Jos., gent., 934 Franklin 
•Bonney M. L., Miss, seminary, 1615 Chest- 
Bonnin Lettitia, dry goods, Main ab Green la, 

Bonnor Geo., lab.. Market ab Rose, (W P) 
Bonsai E. C, gold chain manuf. 70 N. 3d, h 

818 S 5th 
BONSALL BROS., {Ellwood, Sterling,) con- 

vevancers, 116 N 9th 
Bonsali Ellwood, convey. 116 N 9th, h 1126 

Bonsali E. H., convey. 420 Library, h 1019 

Bonsali Henry, convey. 416 Walnut, h 1120 

Bonsali Isaac, brickm.r., Tacony (W Hall) 
Bonsali Isaac S., clerk, cust. house, h. 746 S 

Bonsali James, weaver, Haines, (G T) 
Bonsali John F., flagman on Columbia R R, h 
I 7 Summer pi (W P) 
Bonsali Jeremiah, convey. 420 Library, h 2216 

Bonsali Jesse, tailor, 338 Market, h 849 Irp 
Bonsali John, convej", offi. 416 Walnut, h 1120 

Bonsali John & Co., conveyr. 416 Walnut 
Bonsali Mary A., 1217 Cass 
Bonsali Morris, 10 Glenvill pi 
Bonsali Robert, police, 268 S 21st 
Bonsali Sarah, r 4 Fetter la 
Bonsali Spencer, surveyor & regulator, 900 

Sansom, h 416 S 11th 
Bonsali Sterhng, convey. 116 N 9th h 1126 

Bonsali Thomas, gilder, 519 Minor, h 950 Ot- 
BonsaU T. W., harness mkv. 746 S 9th 
Bonsali Wm., clerk, 1426 N 11th 
BonsaU W. R., M. D., Walnut ab William 

(W P) 
Bonsor Wm., weaver, Ashmead (G Town) 
Bonstead James, tailor, 814 Fitzwater 
Bontempt Hannah, 517 Spruce 
Boobv Enoch, spinner, Levering bel AVood 

Boockner Fredk., cordw. 1436 S 2d 
Boocks Benj., blacksmith 2433 Callowhill 
Boocks Martin, car inspect. Woodland bel 

Walnut, (W P) 
Book George H., uphlsr. 262 Chester i 
Book Joseph, 951 Km*tz 
Bookbinder Simon, pedlar, 414 German 
Booker Caroline, 723 Lebanon 
Booker Jno., blacksm., 717 Lebanon 




Booker Lewis, coachman, 717 Lebanon 
Booker Samuel, lab. 246 Raspberry 
Bookhalter Fredk., smith, Clinton bel Lehigh 
Bookhammer A. H., fish, provis. &c., 204 and 

206 N Del av, h 926 N 5th 
BOOKHAMMER & BUDD, (.4. H. Bookham- 

mer, Joseph Budd,) fish, provis. &c., 204 

& 206 N Del av 
Bookhammer S., carp. Apple ab Diamond 
Bookhammer S., cordv/. 406 N & 12 S 6th 
Boom David, pedlar, 1310 Bedford 
Boomer Joseph, lab. Main (G T) 
Boon Charles, mason, Ellis (Myk) 
Boon Francis O., S E 3d and Christian 
Boon Georg-e, blacksm. Market ab Bridgewater, 

h Oak ab Media R R (W P) 
Boon Henry L., bottler, Lane av &, Haverford 

(W P) 
Boon Horace, porter, 204 Brer Place 
Boon James, bookkr. Willow (Fkd) 
Boon John, stevedore, 1331 Corn 
Boon John, bootmr. 1023 S 10th 
BoonLydia Ann, 4 Baldwin Place 
Boon Wm., melter, 40th & Haverford (W P) 
Boon Wm., stonemason. Pleasant (Myk) 
Boone Eliza, 155 N loth 

Booth, Thomas H. Garrett, Wm. Camac,') 

10 Chant 
Boone John, farmer, Green ab 34th (W P) 
Boone John, dyer, Green lane (Rox) 
Boone Joseph, bookkr. 216 Shippen 
Boone Joseph B., salesman, 432 Market 
Boone J. F., Rev., Dauphin bel Frankford road 
BOONE J. THOMAS, com. mer. 128 N Del av 
Boone Robert, shoes, N E 2d & South, h 618 

Boone R., 323 Market 
Boone Samuel, mach. 1925 Ann 
Boone Sarah, 331 N 11th 
Boone W^m., mason, Pleasant (Myk) 
Boone Wm., weaver. Front ab Dauphin (R) 
Boone Wm. F., atty & coun. h 155 N 15th 
Boone Wm. F., clerk, 414 Market 
Boop Charles, knifemr. 1238 Bodine 
Boos Joseph, capmr. rear 907 Hamilton 
Booser Adam, bootfir. 1022 Lawrence 
Booth A. C, gentw. 309 Brown 
Booth Benj., harnessmr. 1508 Palmetto 
Booth Edmond, acct. 1217 Wallace 
Booth Edwin, broker, 30 S 3d, h 603 N 11th 
Booth George, salesman, 130 N 2d 
Booth Henry, milk, 2002 M'Duffie 
Booth Isaac C, cooper, 410 Christian 
Booth Isaac H., agent, 1205 Poplar 
Booth James, 522 S 17th 
BOOTH JAMES, Star Hotel, 126 Bread 
Booth James C, laboratory, office 10 Chant, h 

1813 Pine 
Booth James H., waiter. Gillies' al 
Booth John, dry goods, 1303 Market 
Booth John, 1176 S 10th 
Booth John, tea dealer, 616 N 2d 
Booth Joseph, gardener, 106 Federal 
Booth Joseph, weaver, Penn ab 23d 
Booth Margaret, Wheat bel Marion 
BOOTH & MILLS, Union Works, and brace & 

bit manuf. Maurice bel 9th 

Booth PhcEbe, 1350 Crease 

Booth Robert, skin dr. 1036 Sarah 

Booth Sarah Ann, restaurant, 800 N 2d, h 907 

Booth Sarah Ann, Marlboro' & Thompson 
Booth Walter carp. Holmesburg 
Boothbey Enoch, gardr. 409 Enterprize 
Boothroyd Abm., dyer, W Falls Sch bel Read- 
ing R 
Boothroyd Charles, cotton waste, 139 N Front, 

h Falls Sch Bridge 
Booz Alice, 909 Poplar 

Booz Anna, millinery. Market ab 34th (W P) 
Booz Edmund G., clerk, 110 S Front, h 1310 

Booz John, carp. Market ab 34th (W P) 
Booz John G., papcrhr. Bringhurst (G T) 
Booz Nicholas, cordw. Lehman (GT) 
Booz Valentine, findings, 922 Ridge av 
Boozer Adam, bootfir. 1022 Lawrence. 
Bopen Emanuel, lab. Olney 
Bopp Henry, varnisher, 137 I>aurel 
Boraef Henry, butcher, 617 N 13th 
Boraef Lawrence, vict. 621 N 13th 
Boraef Valentine, Park House, 540 Masters 
Borall Joseph, bricklr. 326 Thompson 
Borbeck Philip, salesman, Nicetown 
Borbidge Charles W., curber, 611 S 5th 
Borbidge Thomas, coal 1825 Market, h 

1821 Market 
BORBIDGE THOMAS & CO., coal mci?., 1825 

Borden Edward P., atty & coun. 332 B 5th 
Borden Hamilton, Adams Expr.. js Office, h 

1325 Lombard 
Borden John, Adams Express Office, h 1325 

Borden John, mer. 213 Market, h 507 Franklin 
Borden John, bricklayer, 114 N 6th, li 1325 

Borden Misses, dressmrs. 1312 Chestnut 
Borden Theodore, clerk, Adams Express 

Office, 320 Chestnut, h 1325 Lombard 
BORDEN THOMAS D., iron fdi-. 119 Craven, 

h 1028 Marlboro' 
Border George, coachmr. rear 1311 Carroll 
Borer Samuel W., coachpr. 1219 Aurora 
Borer Sebastian, mach. 1020 Lemon 
Bordereaux A., grocer. Water cor Callowhill 
Bordly George, waiter, 1508 Burton 
Bordman John, mach. 209 Thomjjson 
Bordman Robert, weaver, 209 Tliompson 
Bordman Thomas, beamer, 41 Laurel 
Bordeneva Henrj-, gent. Maniieim (G T) 
Bordner Jonathan, carp. 2138 Green 
Borgar Alfred, tinsm 1333 Wood 
Borgensky J. imp., millinery goods, 120 

Borger John, boot trimmer, 2 Buchanan's pi 
Borger Joseph, saloon, 1224 Locust 
Borg-man Bernard, weaver, Front bel York 
Borgman Michael, cordw. Waterloo (R) 
Borgman Wm., boot fitter, 1234 N 3d 
Borhek Charles, prof, music, 413 S 9th 
Borhek Edward, opt. 402 Chestnut, h N E 18th 

and Green 
Borhek John G., clerk, 402 Chestnut, h N E 

18th and Green 




Borie Alfred, carver, Mulberry (Fkd) 

Borie Ashurst, g-ent. 1127 Girard 

Borie A. E., mer. 153 Dock, h 1025 Spruce 

Borie A. Mrs., dr}' g-oods, 426 S 7th 

Borie Catharine, g-entw. 1127 Girard 

Borie Charles, broker, 3 Mers. Exchange, h 

1008 Spruce 
Borie Charles, turner, Mulbeny (Fkd) 
Borie Charles, jeweler, 761 Florida 
BORIE CHARLES & HENRY, bill brokers, 

3 Merchant's Exchang-e 
Borie C, mach. Church n Oxford (Fkd) 
Borie Edward, turner. Church (Fkd) 
Borie Francis J., blacksm. 414 Fotherg-ill, h 

521 Catharine 
Borie Georg-e F., clerk, S W 3d & Chestnut, h 

Sellers (Fkd) 
Borie Henrv P., broker, 3 Mers. Exchange, h 

265 S 4th 
Borie Henry S., tobacco, S W 10th and South, 

h 761 Florida 
Borie H. S., carrier P O., h 761 Florida 
Borie Joseph, turner, Oxford (Fkd) 
Borie Joseph S., tobacco, S VV 10th and South, 

h 761 Florida 
Borie J J., 251 S 17th 
Borie Sophia Mrs., 265 S 4th 
Borland David, cordw. 2140 Spruce 
Borland David, shoemaker, I^ancaster Pike n 

Bridge (W P) 
Borm Chai-les, tailor, 102 Exchange, house 825 

Borland Henry M., M.D., 612 Richmond 
Borland Jas., lab. Thompson (R) 
Borland Robt., lab. 19th and Bedford 
Borland Wm., bootmr. 1711 Market 
Borlen Chas., weaver, York bel Diamond 
Borman E., mach. 523 Race 
Born Christopher, cordw. 1023 Lawrence 
Born Geo., weaver, Memphis ab Dauphin 
Born H., lab. r 860 N 4th 
Born John, baker, S W 10th and Hamilton 
Born John H., tobacco, 981 N 2d 
Born Lewis, weaver, 371 Otis (R) 
Borneman Adelbert, clerk, 1832 Thompson 
Bornemau Elizabeth, Mi's., 1832 Thompson 
Borneman Fred., tov and variety, 204 N 8th, h 

670 N 12th 
Bornkessel M., tobacconist, 508 S 3d 
Bornmann Hemy, butcher, 323 Culvert 
Bornmann Henry, vict. 1127 Fremont 
Bornmann Wrn., victualler, 977 N 6th 
Borradaile T., tob. 107 Market, h 101 Vine 
Borrows G., shoemr. 1912 Callowhill 
Borrows John G., clerk, 20 S 6th 
Borthwick R., upholsterer, 113 S 11th 
Borton Jas., clerk, Wildey ab Palmer 
Bortte W., vict. 1420 Apple 
Boryssewli Julia C, bitters, 844 Leonard 
Borzel Geo., crodw. 1608 G T rd (K) 
Bos Wm., painter, Market ab Moore (W P) h 

Park ab Locust 
Bosbin Chas., butcher, Frankford la (G T) 
Bosburn Stephen, wheelwright. Market (G T) 
Bosch Chas., jeweler, 724 N 3d 
Bose Ferdinand, tinsmith, 1233 Poplar 
Boser Chas., lab. Adams (Fkd) 
Bosh Jno. G., bookslr. 431 N 4th 

Boshart Geo., arti. limbs, 1232 Mervlne 

Boshart John, cooper, 4 Clarissa pi 

Bosher Geo., cordw. 126 S 8th, h 1218 Passy- 
unk Rd 

Boshert George, bookseller, 3d and Race, h 2 
Shepherd al 

Bosler Chas., butcher, 1318 Darien 

Rosier John, brickmr. S W Filbert and 16th 

Bosler John, vict. 1209 Hancock 

Bosler Levi, carp. 518 Marshall 

Bosler Robt., lab. 1927 Wood 

Boss Geo., cabinetmr. r732 S 4th 

Boss Gottlieb, Bower pi 

Bos^James, watch case mr. N W 5th & Chest- 
nut, h 1307 N 7th 

Bosse Charles, willow ware, 1203 Ridge av 

Bossert Andrew J., 422 Garden 

Bossert Charles, salesman, 505 Market, h 514 

Bossert Chars., pianomr. 606 Cherry, li NE7th 
& Cherry 

Bossert Enos, cabmr. 995 Randolph 

Bossert Henry, pianomr. 1127 Oxford 

Bossert Henry, framemr. 1026 N 3d 

Bossert Joseph F., fur. car. 1235 Vine 

Bossert J. & G., beer house, 629 Girard av 

Bossert John D., salesman, 1235 Vine 

Bossert Sarah, 709 Wallace 

Bossle Joseph, gasfitter, 1014 Lawrence 

Bosshardt Fred.", lab. 327 N 15th 

Bostick Charles, lab. Pearl ab 12th 

Bostick Geo., lab. 253 Quince 

Bostiek Wm., coachman, 232 Brier pi 

Bostick Wm., engineer, Hippie's la (Myk) 

Boston Ann Maria, 1021 Sergeant 

Boston Charlotte, washer, 408 Gaskill 

Boston Elizabeth, rear 420 Gaskill 

Boston Grace, 1021 Sergeant 

Boston Mich., morocco di'esser. Winter above 

Boston Wm., huckster, Vienna & Thompson 

BOSWELL ANDREW J., alderman, 1217 
Vine, h 1330 Parrish 

Boswell Eliz., Rye bel Reed 

Boswell Jas. I., agt. Aetna Inst. Co., office 216 
Walnut, h Locust ab William (W P) 

Boswell Joseph H., clerk, 921 Warnock 

BOSWELL & MORGAN, {Richard V. Bos- 
well, John D. Morgan,) coal merchants, 
120 S 4th, yard Broad & Willow 

Boswell Rich. V., coal mer. 120 S 4th, h 2116 
Mt Vernon 

Boswell Saml., lab. 35 Charles (S) 

Boswell Saml., tailor, 157 Franklin 

Boswell Wm. R., printer, Catharine ab 5th 

BOSWELL & WILSON, agts. Aetna Insur. 
Co., 216 Walnut 

Boteler Thomas A., salesman, 220 N 3d 

Both John, bookbinder, 1019 Hamilton 

Bothall James, weaver, 2035 Lombard 

Bothell AVm., cooper, 1 Lancaster 

Bothwell Alex., blacksmith, 1338 Penn 

Bothwell Geo., brickmr. 2025 Hampton 

Bothwell John, lab. 1311 N Front 

Bothwell Orr, porter, 248 Cliestmit, h 2046 

Bothwell Owen, shoemr. 2046 Hand 

Bothwell Wm., brickmr. 2009 M'Duffie 




Botsheart Chas., conft. 1541 Chestnut 

Bott Andrew, furnitare, Juniper & Cherry 

Bott Edwd., weaver, Bringhurst (G T) 

Bott Geo., weaver, I?ring-hurst, (G T) 

Bott John, weaver. Green (G T) 

Bott John, bricklayer. Cooper W 20th 

Bott Jos., weaver. Green (G T) 

Bott Saml., botanic doctor, 318 Union 

Bott Wm., bartendei-, 320 Stanley 

Bottels Fred., rig-g-er, 107 Hazel 

Botten Stephen, baker, 226 Concord 

Botthof Jos., cabtmr. 1032 Girard av 

Botthoff Conrad, barber, 508 N 8th 

Botthoff Const, barber, 145 N 7th 

Bottmer Godfrey, rivetter, Cumberland and 


Bottom Lawrence, bowling saloon, 1733 Market 
Bottomley Francis, spinner, Columbia av bel 

Bottomley & Himes, {R. Bottomley, John Himes,) 

enamel dial manuf. William above Green 

(W P) 
Bottomley Jas., wool dealer, Adams (R) 
Bottomley Thos., spinner, Gay (Myk) 
Botton Clifton, salesman, 238 Chestnut, h 1629 

Mt Yernon 
Bottorff Geo., roller, Wildey ab Palmer 
Botts Henry, shop, 1327 Cherry 
Botts Peter, baker, 2527 Pine 
Bottsford Alva, pearl wr. 2013 Summer 
Bottsford John, bricklayer, Park bel Walnut 
Bottsford Tim., bricklr. 1031 Mechanic 
Boucher Benj., wheelwrt. N W 12th & Potts 
Boucher Ellen M., vest mr. 4 Ralston 
Boucher Jos., alderman, 5861 G T av, Nice 

Boucher Josiah, cordw., Orthodox (F rd) 
Boucher J. H., conductor, 3 Ralston 
Boucher Mar}-, trimming- store, 542 N Market 
Boucher Mary, Oi-thodox, (Fkd) 
Boucher Thos., I.eiper (Fkd) 
Boucher Wm., carp. Cherrj- (Fkd) 
Boucher Wm. F., feed, 16th and Ridg-e av, h 

Baud S., shoe store, R road & Wallace & 1026 

Boude S. B., 339 N 12th 
Bouge Thos., cordw. Sch Willow ab Pine 
Bougel John, scissor gr. 1331 N I7tli 
Boudinot Elias E., gent. 1816 Spruce 
Boudwin & Bro., cigars, 226 S Del av 
Boudwin Geo., tobacconist, 218 Race 
Bovidwin Jos., tobac. 212 S Del av, h 218 Race 
Boudwin John, tobacconist, 212 S Delav, h 314 

Boudwin Mich., tobacconist, 218 Race 
Boudwin Peter, jr., agi:. 218 Race 
Boudwin Peter, cigarmi-. 334 Clark 
Boughton Stiles H., instmr. 1525 Palmer 
Boulais Joseph, cook, 733 S 4th 
Boulander Jacob, dealei-, Keating pi 
Boulden Chas J., gas works. Arch bet 22d & 23d 
Boulden Jesse, mer. 118 Market, h 1628 Green 
Boulden Jos., stevedore, 618 Barclay 
Bouler A., 417 Garden 
Bouler John, lab. Pine (Fkd) 
Boulter Chas. J., potter. Green bel Franklin 
Boulter Henry C, hairdr. 1307 Vine 

Boulter Jos., cotton weaver, 1530 Apple 

Boulton Byron, drugs, 774 S 5th 

Boulton Edward, mer. 127 Walnut 

Boulton Giles, druggist, 2d & Catharine 

Boulton John, gent. 1814 Spruce 

Boulton Joshua, pencil mr. Sansom ab 6th, h 

180 F av 
BOULTON WM. G., mer. 118 S Del av, hl821 

Bounce John, carp. Cottage (C Hill) 
Bound Amanda L., teacher, 427 Prune 
Bound Mich., cordw. Beach ab Norris 
Bounds John, cordw. 843 Irp 
Bounellion J., store, 1350 Hutchinson 
Bourdot SamL, 1422 N 11th 
Boui'dot & Downs, (<S'. Bourdot, H. Downs,) 

trimmings, 1422 N 11th 
Boureau Henry, agt. 132 S 2d, h 1324 N 11th 
Bourk Edward, boatman, 1333 AVarnock 
Bourk James, bootmaker, 630 Chestnut, h 1506 

Bourk Wm., shop, 712 Hubbell 
BOURKE A. M., Intel, off. 329 S 3d 
Bourke Edward D., clerk, 1222 Wood 
Bourke Edward J., booksr. 329 S 3d 
Bourke J. S., cordw. 251 Concord 
Bourke Thos., mer. 17 S 4th, h 1224 Wood 
Bourke Thos., gardener, 37th near Story (WP) 
Bourker Joseph, watchcase mr. 608 Locust 
Bourlien L., salesman, back of 413 S 2d 
Bourne Ezra, clerk, 103 S 2d, 1221 N 15th 
Bourne Fred , clerk, 1332 Columbia av 
Bourne Fred. B., bookkeeper, 122 Willow, h. 

1332 Columbia av 
Bourne Saml., shoemr. 2024 Carlton 
Bournonville Anthonv, M.D., 221 N 4th 
Bournonville Augustus C, M.D., 427 N 4th 
BOURQUARD AUGUST, lager beer, 207 S 

2d, h 318 Aberdeen 
Bourquard Jos., baker, 138 Race 
Bourquin Charles, lithog. 804 Weccacoe 
Bourquin & Co., lithographers, 602 Chestnut 
Bourquin Ernest F., 425 N 9th 
Bourquin Eveline, dressmr. 240 S 11th 
Bourquin Fred., litho. 602 Chestnut, h Camden 
Bourquin John H., cabtmr. Rising- Sun 
Bourrelon Wm., segarmr., G T road & 5th 
Bouse John, carp. 2117 Ridge av 
Boush Chas., weaver, Baker below Green lane 

Bousquet Peter, 614 Spruce 
Boustead Thos., weaver, 726 Lebanon 
Boustead Thos. A., bricklr. 2202 Market 
Boustead Wm., coal mer. S W 9th & Wallace, 

h 1117 Parrish 
Boutcher N., cordw, 40 Frankford (Fkd) 
Boutcher Thos., cordw. 41 Innis 
Bouton Chas. C, salesman, 333 Market, h 2118 

Bouvier David, butcher, Moore bel 5th 
Bouvier Geo., 220 Reed 
Bouvier John, vict. 228 Greenwich 
Bouvier John, senr., butcher, Moore bel 5th 
Bouvier John, jr., butcher, Moore bel 5th 
Bouvier Michael, mahogany and marble, 141 S 

2d, h Broad & Thompson 
Bouvier Peter, tavern, 1517 Moyaniensing av 
Bouvierd Robt., carter, Mulvanv bel Oxford 




Bovard Geo., carp, weaver, 1103 Hope 

Bovard M. M., painter, Ridg-e av (Rox) 

Bovard Wm., tailor, 1032 Parrish 

Bovaird Wm., hotel, 25th & Penna. av 

Bovell Sarah, cloakmr. 419 Prune 

Bow John, 1217 Olive 

Bowden Benj., painter, 933 Lawrence 

Bowden Hemy, mach. Thurlow ab 12th 

Bowden John, segars, 1327 N 10th 

Bowden AVin., seaman, 322 German 

Bowden Wm., mason (Holmsb) 

Bowdle Tristram, gent. 1213 Race 

Bowed Chas., boatman, 15 Annapolis 

Bowen Allen, printer, 641 Sear 

Bowen A., cabtmr. 418 Catharine 

Bowen A. G. M., 274 S 3d, h 324 S 21st 

BOWEN & CO., lithographers & colorists, S W 

11th & Chestnut 
Bowen David H., undertaker, 815 S 2d 
Bowen Delia Mrs., 1625 Spruce 
Bowen D. H., shoemr. 242 N Richmond 
Bowen D. M., conveyancer, 605 Sansom, hlOlO 

Bowen Edwd., sailmr. 769 Duke 
Bowen Emma, milliner, 753 S 4d 
Bowen Enos, spar mr. 1035 Vienna 
Bowen Ezra, broker, 13 Phila. Ex., h 324 S 21st 
BOWEN & FOX, (Ezra Bowen,^ Gen. S. Fox,) 

stock ex. & note brs., 13 Phila. Ex. 
Bowen F. H., mer. 142J S 4th, h 336 S 21st 
Bowen Isaac, mariner, Richmond & Ann 
Bowen Jas., carp. 11 Salmon (R) 
Bowen John, engineer, 729 Thompson 
Bowen Jos. E., tailor, Sch. Beach ab Walnut 
Bowen M., lab. rear 518 Marriott 
Bowen Nicholas S., porter, 515 S 10th 
Bowen Patrick, books, S E 3d & Dock 
Bowen Philip, coal mer. 11th & Washington av, 

h 514Catharine 
Bowen Saml., tavern, 89 Coates 
Bowen Sarah, rear 126 Mary 
Bowen Smith, mer. 411 Market 
Bowen Thos., tailor, 4 Sharp's av 
Bowen Wm., capt. Richmond & Ann 
Bowen Wm., Hlggins ct 
Bowen Wm. E., mer. Holmesburg 
Bowen Wm. E., banker, 211 Chestnut, h 1818 

Bowen Wm. G., bollermr. 1320 S 3d 
Bowen Wm. H., salesman, 110 Chestnut, h 8th 

bel Glrard av 
Bowen Wm. M., drug. New Market & Brown 
Bowen Wm. M., printer, 534 Lorian 
Bowen Wm. M., U. S. Mint, 1010 Pembroke 
Bowens John, foreman. Division (Myk) 
Bower Abram, bootiitter, 6 Mayland 
Bower Adam, drayman, 976 La\vrence 
Bower A., brassfr. 418 Culvert 
Bower Christian, baker, 1211 N 13th 
Bower D. F., daguerrlan, 317 N 2d 
Bower Edwin, tobacco, F road bel Norris (K) 
Bower Fred., cabinetmr. 515 Mercury 
Bower Fred., baker, 1704 Francis 
Bower F., music store, 1378 Ridge av 
BOWER GEO. C, druggist, N E 6th & Vine 
Bower G. F., painter, 1305 Coates 
BOWER HENRY A., drug. N E 6th & Green 
Bower John, cabinetmr. 1117 Isard 

Bower Jas. E., druggist, N W 2d &. Race, h 133 


Bower John, 235 Lybrand 
Bower John, cordw. G T rd ab Norris 
Bower John, F rd bel Non-is 
Bower John, saddler, 1209 Warnock 
Bower John, music professor, 1514 Sansom 
Bower John, carp. 1313 Buttonwood 
Bower John, 2310 Coates 
Bower John D., 2519 Penna av 
Bower John G., grocer, 115 Glrard av 
Bower Joseph, cabman. Green & Mary (W P) 
Bower Jos., bricklr. 1030 Beach (K) 
Bower Jos. F., ivory turner, F road bel Non-is 
Bower Josh., hatter, 1028 Beach (K) 
Bower Leonard, soap, 1319 N 4th 
Bower Maria, F road bel Norris (K) 
Bower Matthew, Coates & 25tli 
Bower Mathias, 1231 Vienna 
Bower Michl., millwright, Dehaven 
Bower Philip, carp. 333 Franklin 
Bower Philip, cordw. 929 Darien 
Bower Rich. C, bricklr. F road bel Norris (K) 
Bower Robt. F., elk. P. O., h F rd & Norris (K) 
Bower Robt. S., druggist, 3d & G T road 
Bower Saml., mach. 530 Thompson 
Bower Saml. D. S., R E agent, 530 Duke 
Bower Stephen, wheelwright, 4th ab Columbia 
Bower Wm., cabinetmr. 420 N 4th 
Bower Wm., coachmr. 1329 N 17th 

Bowers , blacksmith, 2330 Pine 

Bowers Allen, engineer, Grape nr 34th (W P) 
Bovvers Alex., wheelwright, 1510 S 2d 
Bowers Chas. P., vict. 1705 Francis 
Bowers Chris., bookbr. 2038 Hand 
Bowers Chris., butcher, 519 Richmond 
Bowers Danl., confec. 1238 N 8th 
Bowers E., artist, 1024 Chestnut 
Bowers Edwd., blacksm. 4 Ashton pi 
Bowers Geo., barber, 517 Penn 
Bowers Geo., mason, Thurlow ab 12th 
Bowers Geo., watchmr. 34th bel Grape (M V) 
Bowers Geo., brlckmr. 18th and Washington av, 

h 618 Copper pi 
Bowers Geo. A., clerk, 104 Shackamaxon 
Bowers Henry, glassbr. Richmond bel Emery 
Bowers Henry, drug & chemical works, Gray's 

Ferry road 
Bowers Henry, watchman, 830 Palm 
Bowers Jacob E., atty. & coun. 428 Walnut, h 

924 Franklin 
Bowers James, spinner, Cresham (C Hill) 
Bowers James, varnlsher. Orchard (F rd) 
Bowers John, lab. Cresham (C Hill) 
Bowers John, baker, 1015 Parrish 
Bowers John, shop, 824 N 4th 
Bowers John, tinsmith, 1509 N 12th 
Bowers John C, tailor, 115 S 2d 
Bowers John E., baker, 519 N 20th 
Bowers Jos., bricklr. 1038 Beach 
Bowers Joseph, tailor, 1217 Apple 
Bowers Lewis, tanner, Lawrence & Poplar 
Bowers Mrs. D. P., 914 Sergeant 
Bowers Peter, brickmr. Federal bel Gray's 

Ferry road 
Bowers Peter, tailor, 1017 N 4th 
Bowers P. G., carrier post office, h 722 N 3d 
Bowers Richard, shoemaker, 430 Belgrade 




Bowers Rudolph, tavern, 519 Queen 
Bowers Saml., clothes renov,50 Nh 201 S 11th 
Bowers Saml., distiller, 33d & Eadline (W P) 
Bowers Solomon, lab. 255 S 21st 
Bowers Thomas, saddler, 913 Masters 
Bowers Thomas, blacksm. Oxfoi-d & P road 
Bowers Thos., cutter, 115 S 2d, h 917 South 
Bowers Vincent, ship carp, rear 317 Garden 
Bowers Wm., brickmr. Federal bel Gray's 

Ferry road 
Bowers Wm., turner, Tackuana (Fkd) 
Bowers Wm., gilder, 304 Chestnut, h Camden 
Bowers Wm. N., 924 Franklin 
Bowes Catharine, 46 Union 
Bowes Martin, lab. 931 Hutchinson 
Bowes Martin, printer, Maloney 
Bowie Roswell, hatter, 1208 N Front 
Bowillon v., 639 Hay 

Bowker Abraham, hotel, Lai-kin bel Lombard 
Bowker James, tin & copper smith. Main ab 

Cotton (Myk) 
Bowker John, store. Main & Levering- (Myk) 
Bowlby Edw., gent. Osceola (G Town) 
BOWLBY SAMUEL L., stock broker, 230 

Walnut, h 405 S 3d 
Bowlby Thos. V., real estate office. Park and 

Market, h Park bel Locust (W P) 
Bowler Elizabeth, 1 Cowper 
Bowles Benj. H., express driver, 114 Mary 
Bowles James, carter, 2128 Lombard 
Bowles James, lab. 2115 Tryon 
Bowles James, stone cutter, 2119 Winter 
Bowles James R., carp. 169 Girard av 
Bowles John L., coffee roastei", 220 N 2d, h Co- 
lumbia av ab Belgrade 
Bowles M., variety store, 520 S 2d 
Bowles M., clerk, 709 N 23d 
Bowles Wm., express driver, 1323 South 
Bowman Adam, baker, 240 Thompson 
Bowman Chas., shoemakei-, 611 Bedford 
Bowman C, mer. 208 N 3d 
Bowman David, shoes, Main (G Town) 
Bowman David G., M. D., office S W 17th and 

Bowman David T., cordw. Main (G T) 
Bowman Emma, 1008 Sansom 
Bowman Francis, James (W Hall) 
Bowman Frank, moulder, Cnmberland bel 2d 
Bowman Fred., sheet iron, 606 Weaver 
Bowman Garrett, dealer, Harrison bel Chatham 
Bowman George, gardener, Hancock (G T) 
Bowman Geo. W., cordw., 406 Gaskill 
Bowman James, cordw. Haines (G T) 
BOWMAN JAMES K., grocer, 17th bel Green 
Bowman John, letter carrier, 24 Coombe's al 
Bowman John, stevedore. Poplar ab 13th 
Bowman John, plasterer, Mechanic (G T) 
Bowman John, collar mr., 911 VVarnock 
Bowman Jonathan, fireman, Meeting House la, 

Bowman Joseph, cordw., 940 N 13th 
Bowman Joseph K., silver plater, 934 Race 
Bowman Lewis, gai-dener, Manheim & Plank 

road (G T) 
Bowman & Logan, (Jonas Bowman, Jno. Logan^ 

grocers, 338 & 340 N 3d 
Bowman L. A. Mi's., 634 Mountain 
Bowman Martin, baker, 21st bel Locust 

Bowman Mar., gardr., Manheim & Plank Road 


Bowman M., mer., 208 N 3d, h 335 N 5th 
Bowman M. & Co., (ii£, C. Bowman,) dry goods, 

208 N 3d 
Bowman Saml., printer, 134 Beck pi 
Bowman Samuel, huckster, Nicetown 
Bowman Sarah, b h 20 N 7th 
Bowman Sarah, seamstress, 916 S 4th 
Bowman S. H., cordw. Haines (G T) 
Bowman Thos., mer. 302 Walnut, h 251 S 12th 
Bowman Wm., glassblower, Dauphin ab Bel- 

Bowman Wm., West ab Brown 
Bowman Wm. H., paper dealer, 201 Callowhill, 

h 1340 Columbia av 
Bown Benj. S., grocer, 9th & Federal 
Bowness, Ann, shop, 2122 Arch 
Bows James, 2119 Winter 
Bowser David B., sign painter, 481 N 4th 
Bowser James, porter, 36 N Front, h 1013 Lom- 
Bowthen John, milkman, 2d bel Yellow house 
Bowyer John, trader, 163 Girard av 
Boxberger John, lab 2 Hayward pi 
Boxten Josiah, lab. Aspen ab 35th (W P) 
Boyce Andrew, Uquor, 1118 Masters 
Boyce Ann, 209 Prime 

Boyce Benj., carp. Somerset ab Salmon (R) 
Boyce Francis, lab. Ringgold place 
Boyce Henry, lab. Front bel Greenwich. 
Boyce Henry, restaurant, 80 Vine, h 140 Race 
Boyce Henry L., lab. 1936 Summer 
Boyce James, U. S. Mint, 1207 Parrish 
Boyce James, lab. 2122 Wood 
Boyce James, farmer. Centre (G T) 
Boyce James, jr., carp. Centre (G T) 
Boyce John, salesman, 117 Lombard 
Boyce John, coppersmith, 708 Ulrick 
Boyce John, sail mr. 838 Swanson 
Boyce John, sail mr. 1119 Wistar 
Boyce John, waiter, 4 Randall's ct 
Boyce Lewis, mouldei', 916 Charlotte 
Boyce Marj^, milliner, 938 Race 
Boyce Michael, Washington (Myk) 
Boyce Mich., dealer, 838 Swanson 
Boyce Robert, porter. Perry ct 
Boyce Robert, carp., Somerton 
Boyce Samuel, grocer, 13th & Carrol 
Boyce Sanford, welder, 200 Saranak 
Boyce Thomas, machinist, 916 Charlotte 
Boyce Wm. H., gent.. Ridge av & Hamilton, h 

642 Callowhill 
Boyd & Adams, (Wm. Boyd, Wm. Adams,) gro- 
cers, S W 5th 8c Catharine 
Boyd Alexander, plasterer, 1725 Carver 
Boyd Alexander, weaver, Norris ab F road 
Boyd Alex., mer., 12 N Del av, h 407 Wood 
Boyd Alex., lab., Seneca (W P) 
Boyd Andrew, weaver, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Boyd Andrew, collector, 1159 S 10th 
Boyd And., liquors, 2511 Hamilton 
Boyd And., laborer, Cumberland (G T) 
Boyd Andrew G., mer., 14 S Del av, h 804 S 

Boyd Archibald, confec, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Boyd A., blacksm., P road bel Dickerson 
Boyd Barclay, di'uggist, 6 Remain block (Fkd) 




BOYD & BATES, {George J. Boyd, David 

Bates,) bankers, 52 S 3d 
Boyd Benj., huckster. West ab Coates 
Boyd Cornelius, lab. 1316 S 13th 
Boyd Daniel, lab. Sycamore 
Boyd Danl., oysters, 614 Copper pi 
Boyd David, gent. 1735 Hamilton 
BOYD DAVID, JR., cloths, 40 S 4t\i, h 1735 

Boyd Edward, driver, Levering above Cresson 

Boyd Edwin, carp., 520 Masters 
Boyd Enielia S., upholsterer, h 15 N 13th 
Boyd Geoi'ge, painter, 1337 N 11th 
Boyd George, waiter, 224 Acorn al 
Boyd Geo., grocer, S W 12th & Market, h 33 

N 15th 
Boyd Geo., 615 S 17th 

Boyd Geo., soap & candle manuf. 804 S 10th 
Boyd Geo. J., broker, 52 S 3d, h 1104 Pine 
Boyd Geo. W., mach. 1319 Brandywine 
Boyd Henry M., real estate agent, 454 N 10th, h 

1236 N 10th 
BOYD 8c HOUGH, grocers, 17 S Water 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, 1314 Owen 
Boyd Hugh, dry goods, 1929 Lombard 
Boyd Hugh, cutter, 734 Market, h Howard ab 

Boyd H. B., grocer, 1842 Market 
Boyd James, hotel, F av & Dunton 
Boyd James, weaver, Gorgas, Mt. Airy 
Boyd James, stocking mr. Norris n Front 
Boyd James, dyer, Fitzwater ab 15th 
Boyd James, clerk, 409 Market 
Boyd James, lab. Seneca near Sciota (W P) 
Boyd James, Wm. Penn hotel, 16 Girard av 
Boyd James, wines & liquors, 1738 South 
Boyd James, lab. Richmond & York 
Boyd James, gardener, 19th bel Market 
Boyd Jas., blacksmith, 1500 Darien 
Boyd Jas. N., 4th n Wharton 
Boyd James W., notebroker, 305 Walnut, h 

High and Morton (G T) 
Boyd Jane, seamstress, Woelper's ct 
Boyd John, lab. 1238 Leopard 
Boyd John, machinist, Marion and Rye 
Boyd John, lab. 724 Federal 
Boyd John, tailor, 220 N Water, h 219 N Front 
Boyd John, mach. 1512 N Front 
Boyd Jno., clerk, 1129 Oxford, h 2147 Shars- 

Boyd John, superintendent, Guy ab Cresson 

Boyd John, soap and candles, 804 S 10th 
Boyd John, mach. 1629 Deal 
Boyd John, weaver. Front bel York 
Boyd John, manager. Worth (Fkd) 
Boyd Jno. L., stone cutter, 1227 Brown 
Bovd John S., tobacconist, 136 S 10th 
Boyd John T., mer., 104 Chestnut, h 1607 Wal- 
Boyd John W., clerk bank Commerce, 211 

Boyd J. W. & Co., soap and candles, 14 & 16 

S Del av & Front bel Reed 
Boyd Margaret, 710 Fallon 
Boyd Martha, Eisen av 
Boyd Mary, 1346 Shippen 

Boyd N. B., atty. aud coun. office 419 Walnut, 

h Broad bel P road 
Boyd Robert, carter, 142 Cottage 
Boyd Robert, carter, Holmesburg 
Boyd Robert, weaver, 1358 Columbia av 
Boyd Robert, plasterer, 824 Shippen 
Boyd Robert, watchman, Adrian bel Letterly 
Boyd Robert, ostler, rear 927 Ogden 
Boyd Robert, painter, 36th & Sycamore (W P) 
Boyd Samuel, captain, 420 N 22d 
Boyd Samuel, lab. Ashton pi 
BOYD SAMUEL & R. {Samuel, Robert) gro- 
cers, S E Race and 16th 
Boyd & Stroud, {Thomas A. Boyd, Morris R. 

Stroud, F. F. Stilson,) china ware, 32 N 4th 
Boyd Susannah, Levering (Myk) 
Boyd Thomas, weaver, rear, 1432 N Front 
Boyd Thos., bootmr. 516 S 19th 
Boyd Thos., lab. 1116 Sophia 
Boyd Thos., stone cutter, 856 Darien 
Boyd Thos. A., mer. 32 N 4th, h 1210 Spring 

Boyd Tlios. F., engineer, Boyd's ct 
Boyd Wm., grocer, 1842 Market 
Boyd Wm., gi'ocer, 2058 Winter 
Boyd Wm., mer. 17 S Water, h 334 Spruce 
Boyd Wm., grocer, S W 5th and Catharine 
Boyd Wm., weaver, 249 Queen 
Boyd Wm., lab. 1320 Pearl 
Boyd Wm., lab. 1727 Ann 
Boyd Wm., mach. Norris bel Apple 
Boyd Wm., dispatcher, York bel Amber 
Boyd Wm., turner, Diamond bel 5th 
Boyd Wm., driver, Levering ab Cresson (Myk) 
Boyd William, baker, 2 Faries' ct 
Boyd William, painter, 408 Henry 
Boyd W. G. W., sailmr. 208 Allen 
Boyd Wm. H.j seaman, 1219 S 7th 
Boyd Wm. Stokes, lieut. U. S. N.709 Chestnut 
Boyd Wm. & Son, {Wm., H. B.) grocers,, 1842 

Boyd Wm. S., jr., clerk, 17 S Water 
Boyden Daniel, painter, 529 N 22d 
Boye Martin H., Prof. Chemistry High School, 

h 1216 Poplar 
Boyer Abram, teacher, 812 N 13th 
Boyer Amos, dealer, 251 Queen 
Boyer Ann, gentw. 504 N 3d 
BOYER & BARCLAY, {Wm. H. Boyer, Jno. K, 

Barclay,) linseed oil manuf. 129 N Water 

and 136 N Del av 
Boyer Charles, agent, 1229 S Front 
Boyer Charles, turner. Church (Fkd) 
Boyer Chas. A., musician, 204 Wood 
Boyer Chas. C. perfumer, 504 N 3d 
Boj'er Daniel, cordw. 1010 S Front 
Boyer Daniel L., teach, of music, 217 N Juniper 
Boyer David, tin plate worker. Market ab Park 
Boyer D. P., M. D., 1516 N 4th 
Boyer Edw. R., book binder, 206 Wood 
Boyer Ephraim, carter, 5th ab Diamond 
Boyer Evan M., ship carp. 943 Otsego 
Boyer E. F., dry goods mer., 730 Sp Garden 
Boyer Franklin A., mer. 29 S 2d, h York Pike 

Boyer Franklin J., broker, 57 S 4tli, h 637 N 

Boyer Geo., 217 N Juniper 




Boyer Geo., clerk, Mile's al 

Boyer Geo. E., seg-ar store, 617" Callowhill 

Bo3^er Geo. W., carp. Mill (G T) 

Boyer Hedley, turner, Church CFkd) 

Boyer Henry, lab. 7th bel Dickerson 

Boyer Hiram L., bricklr., 1017 Girard 

Boyer Jacob, lab. Olney 

Boyer Jacob, carp. 1427 Union and F road 

Boyer James S., mer. York Pike (G T) 

Boyer Jesse, brakesman, Oak ab Margaretta 

Boyer John, cordw. Spring- al (G T) 

Boyer John, carp. 206 Wood 

Boyer John, cordw. (G Town) 

Boyer John, painter, 417 Gardener 

Boyer Jno. A., 728 N 17th 

Boyer John P., farmer. Mill (G T) 

Boyer John W., farmer, Mill (G Town) 

Boyer Letitia, Church (Frankford) 

Boyer Lewis, lab. Oxford (Fkd) 

Boyer & Moffly, {Percival K. Boyer, John W. 

Moffly,) cloths, S E Second and Arch 
Boyer M. N., 5 Shepherd's al 
Boyer Nathan, cabinetmr. 130 Prime 
Boyer Percival K., merchant, So N Second 
Boyer Richard, porter, 10 Landis 
Boyer Robert, g'old beater, 2 Rose al 
Boyer Samuel D., clerk, 66 N 4th, h 1617 

Boyer Sarah L., teacher, rear 205 Federal 
Boyer Sydney, clerk, 805 Chestnut, h 828 

Boyer Stephen P., compositor, 422 Library, h 

1310 N 15th 
Boyer Thomas W., carp. College av. h 1220 

Boyer V., 516 Prune 
Boyer Wm., police, 2223 Virginia 
Boyer Wm., watchmr. 2325 Callowhill 
Boyer Wm., clerk, 728 N 17th 
Boyer Wm. A., mariner, 53 f Marriott 
Boyer Wm. E., cordw. 5th ab Diamond 
Boyer Wm. H., merch. 136 N Del av, h 1312 

Boyer Wm. L., mer. 1140 Market h 1029 

Boyer Wm. L., carp. 812 N loth 
Boyer Wm. L. & Bro., agricultural imps. 1140 

Boyer Wm.W., 728 N 17th 
Boyes James, farmer. Centre (G Town) 
Boyland John, clerk, Ann and Melvale (R) 
Boyland John, lab. Reiff's av 
Boyle Alex., tailor, 208 Spruce 
Boyle Andrew, lab. 1614 Mervine 
Boyle Andrew, twister, 1523 Bodine 
Boyle Bernard, lab. Green ab 34th 
Boyle Catharine, 2 Willow ct 
Boyle Charles, lab. York bel Richmond 
Boyle Charles, lab. 1620 Sansom 
Boyle Charles, lab. Wissahickon (W P) 
Boyle Cornelius, lab. Corn and Decatur 
Boyle Daniel, lab. Orchard (Fkd) 
Boyle Edmund, lab. Mullen 
Boyle Edward, awningmr. Wildey ab Palm 
Boyle Edward, blacksm. 1519 American 
Boyle Edward, lab. Lloyd bel Shippen 
Boyle Eli, dyer, Wildey ab Palm 
Boyle George, seaman, 737 Bayard 

Boyle George W., roller, 1019 Crease 

Boyle Hannah, dyer, 1213 N 4th 

Boyle Henry C., whips, S E 3d and Dock, h 49 

Boyle Hugh, iron worker, 1228 Clai-ion 
Boyle Hugh, lab. Reed bel Church 
Boyle Hugh, lab. 2015 Murray 
Boyle Hugh, lab.. Cotton (Myk) 
Boyle Hugh, moulder, Denmark bel 2d 
Boyle Hugh H., plastr. 2021 Cherry 
Boyle James, matmr. 313 Garden 
Boyle James, dealer, 505 Bedford 
Boyle James, driver, 3 Osier av 
Boyle James, driver, r Green ab 34th (W P) 
Boyle James, stables, St Mary bel 8th 
Boyle James, lab. Division (Myk) 
Boyle James, lab. Almond (R) 
Boyle James, grocer, 223 Franklin (K) 
Boyle James, tailor, 832 Catharine 
Boyle John, chandler. Spartan bel Mary (W P) 
Boyle John, lab. 1912 McDuffie 
Boyle John, weaver, 1230 Crease 
Boyle John, seaman, 14 Reed 
Boyle John, coachsm. 1000 Wood 
Boyle John, lab. 2058 Sansom 
Boyle John, printer, 2d & Brown, h 1038 

Boyle John, lab. 2058 Sansom 
Boyle John, lab. G T av (C Hill) 

Boyle John, lab. Newkirk ab Cumberland (R) 

Boyle John C, 2040 Callowhill 

Boyle Joseph, hackman, 936 "Washington av 

Boyle Mary Ann, 1514 Vine 

Boyle Margaret, 1221 S 7th 

Boyle Margt., George n Margaretta (W P) 

Boyle Matthew, lab. 2505 Pine 

Boyle Michael, carp. 734 Federal 

Boyle Michael, tavern, Lan av ab Westminster 

Boyle Michael, lab. 906 Aurora 

Boyle Nathaniel, lab. Lombard ab Carbon 

Boyle Neall, lab. r 2127 Spruce 

Boyle Owen, lab. Salmon and Huntingdon 

Boyle Patrick, spooler, 2513 Pine 

Boyle Patrick, lab. 744 Shippen 

Boyle Patrick, lab. 2041 Lombard 

Boyle Patrick, shop, 515 South 

Boyle Patrick, lab. Edgemont and R rd (R) 

Boyle Pati-ick, foreman, Salmon bel Huntings- 
don (R) 

Boyle Patrick, grocer, 22d and Cuthbert 

Boyle Peter, lab. Sycamore bel 34th (W P) 

Boyle Philip, grocer, 22d and Cuthbert 

Boyle P. C, liquors, 509 N 9th 

Boyle Robert, marble pr. 1712 Carlton 

Boyle Robert, whipmr. 228 Chestnut, h 217 

Boyle Robert, dealer, 26 Cowper 

Boyle Samuel, cordw. r 826 S 5th 

Boyle Sydney, clei'k, 828 Catharine 

Boyle Thomas, lab. r 3 Chancery la 

Boyle Thomas, clerk, 232 Market, h 1514 Vine 

Boyle Thomas, lab. 1704 Carlton 

Boyle Timothy, tailor, 2031 Murray 

Bovle Timothy, lab. Main (G T) 

Boyle Wellington H., clerk, 724 Market, h 3 
Laurel (C) 

Boyle Wm., cedar cooper, 915 Market, h. 21 12. 




Boyle Wm., kb. 714 Copper pi 

Boyle Wm., coachman, 5 Mineral pi 

Boyle Wm., g-ardener, Lexington and Oregon 

Boyle Wm., stone cutter, 5 Pleasant row 
Boyle Wm., painter, 1233 Budden's al 
Boyle Wm., dealer, Philip ab Columbia av 
Boylen James, 1111 Chestnut 
Boylen James, Rising Sun Hotel, Lan av near 

Boylen Michael, weaver, 1011 Carpenter 
Boylen Patrick, weaver, 1011 Carpenter 
Boyles George, brass moulder, 1261 Lackawana 
Boyles Jackson, coach trimmer, 4 Calvin pi 
Boyles James, lab. 1305 Lombard 
Boyles James, bookbr. 9^ Sansom, h 508 N 7th 
Boyles Stratten, painter, 122 Green 
Boys Nathan, pilot, 207 Saranak 
Boys Wm., clothing, 735 N 2d 
Bozar Samuel, charcoal, 6 Square 
Bozart Hutchinson, lab. 312 Pine 
Bozart Joseph, carp. 836 St John 
Bozarth & Gossler, {Hiram M. Bozarth, Silas 

Gossler,) carps. 927 Marshall 
Bozarth Hiram, carp. 1127 Oxford 
Bozarth Richard, mach. 457 N 12th 
Bozzorth A. J., painter, 1212 Whitehall 
Bozorth W. v., cordw. 1018 Beach 
Brabender Jacob A., tailor, 724 Race 
Brace James, cordw. b h 1022 N 2d 
Brace Thomas, tinsm. 1168 N 2d 
Braceland Bridget M., upholsterer, 118 S 13th 
Braceland Charles, lab. 22d bel Arch 
Braceland Charles, spooler, 607 S 12th 
Braceland Charles, porter, 8 Kenworthy's ct 
Braceland Frank, bricklr. 1327 Catharine 
Braceland James, lab. 1509 Fitzwater 
Braceland John, lab. 1004 S 9th 
Braceland N., bootman, Monmouth (R) 
Braceland Thomas, tavern, S W 11th 8c Locust 
Bracher Wm., lithographer, 519 Minor, h 1220 

Brachet Louis, segarmr. 518 Callowhill 
BRACHVOGEL OSCAR, apoth. and chemist, 

816 S 3d 
Brack Adolph, repairer of laces, 1025 Walnut 
Bracken Peter, lab. 1333 Filbert 
Bracket James H., flour dealer, 2d ab Norris 
Brackin Henry, brass founder, 1221 Carlton 
Brackin Richard, carp. 34th & Grape (W P) 
Brackney Charles, painter, 212 Christian 
Brackney Francis, bricklr. 2 Marseilles pi 
Brackney Hassadiah S., dealer, 12 Decatur, h 

3d and German 
Brackney Jos., confect. 2145 Lombard 
Brackney Maria, gentw. 2 Marseilles pi 
Brackney Theo., bricklr. 2 Marseilles pi 
Brackney Thos., bricklr. 1123 Pearl 
Bracy Thos., lab. 1510 S 7th 
Bradbury Edwd., Swain ab 15th 
Bradbury Henry, blacksm. 1633 N 13th 
Bradbury Jas., carder, Adams (Fkd) 
Bradbury Loraine, teachei-, Chestnut bel Mar- 

gai-etta (W P) h Swain ab 15th n Coates 
Bradbury Mary, dry goods, 1524 N 4th 
Bradbury Robert, ivory carver, 422 Library 
Bradbury Samuel, clerk, 104 Exchange, house 
Comb's ct 

Bradbury M., livery stable, G T rd ab Wagner 
Bradbury Ralph, engin. Sylvester ab 5th 
Bradbury Steph., hair spin. 4th ab Columbia av 
Bradbury S., salesman, 217 Allen (K) 
Bi-addock Araminto, washer, 45 Eakin pi 
Braddock Darnell, carp.F road & York (K) 
Braddock Ira, salesman. Otter ab Leopard 
Braddock L., painter, 34 N 12th, h 1634 Vine 
Braddock Margaret W., dressmr. 945 S 5th 
Braddock Reuben, cai-p. Price ab F road 
Braddock Wm., bricklr. 1922 Howell • 
Braden Mary, 2205 Linn 

Braden Oliver, carp. 1533 Moravian, h 250 N 16th 
Braden Wm., coachm. 3 Landis 

Bradenick , tailor, 2117 Barker 

Bradenstein Jacob, lab. Olney 

Brader Cath., 333 Christian 

Brades Arthur, com. mer. 213 Walnut, h 1119 

Bradfield Alfred, bell hanger, 1905 Centre 
Bradfield Chas., manf. 6th & Willow 
Bradfield C. S., 255| N 8th, h 6th & Willow 
Bradfield James F., clothing, 261 N 12th, h 198 

Bradfield John, lab. Wissahickon av (C Hill) 
Bradfield M., children's clothing, 802 Arch 
Bradfield Oliver, plasterer, 1227 Poplar 
Bradfield Rebecca F., sewing machine, 255^ N 


Bradfield Rinard, farmer, Chestnut Hill 
Bradford A., bookbinder, rear 123| S 4th, h 

533 St John 
Bradford Cornelius J., mer. 415 Market, h 1117 

Mt. Vernon 
Bradford David, salesman, 325 Arch, h Union 

Bradford Jolm, moulder, Memphis 
Bradford John, currier, 533 St John 
Bradford J. B., clerk, 322 Wharton 
Bradford Lewis, driver, 1108 Ohio 
Bradford Mary E., cleaner, 809 Rachel 
Bradford Mrs., eating saloon, 716 Market 
Bradford Parker, seaman, 827 Swanson 
Bradford Reuben, shoemr. Nicetown 
BRADFORD SAML.,treas.Philada. & Reading 

R R Co. 227 S 4th, h 1628 Walnut 
Bradford Stephen, cooper, 3 Lawrence pi 
Bradford Theophilus, cordw. Nicetown 
Bradford Vincent L., atty at law, 707 Sansom, 

h Chelton av (G Town) 
Bradford Waiter, bookseller, 219 S 11th 
BRADFORD WM., gent. 319 S 15th 
Bradick A., washerwoman, 402 Pleasant av 
Bradin Oliver, carpenter, 1533 Moravian, h 250 

N 16th 
Bradin Wm., dyer. Cotton ab Cresson (Myk) 
Bradley Abig-ail, Singler's row (K) 
Bradley And., blacksm. 827 Marriott 
Bradley And., lab. 9 Marker 
Bradley Ann, confec. 814 Locust 
Bradley Ann, 771 Florida 
Bradley Annie, gentw. 837 Lawrence 
Bradley Benj. F., M. D., 606 S 3d 
Bradley Bernard, ice cream, 1521 Callowhill 
Bradley Bridget, 1330 Catharine 
Bradley B., gent. Beach bel Lombard 
Bradley Cath., 1133 Christian 
Bradley Cath., Cresson bel Robinson (Myk) 




Bradley Clias., acct. 1750 Sansom 

Bradley Charles, clerk, 248 Market, h 1730 

Bradley Chas., police, 1221 Christian 
Bradley Chas., waiter, 7 White's ct 
Bradley Daniel, senr., 1018 Sergeant 
Bradley Daniel, tailor, 1018 Sergeant 
Bradley Daniel, lab. Haverford ab 36th (W P3 
Bradley David, butcher, 1612 Bulah 
Bradley David, baker, 702 S 7th 
Bradley Dominick, tavern, Penn & South 
Bradley Edwd., curb setter, 140 N 11th 
Bradley Elizabeth, washer, 720 Bradford's al 
Bradley Elizabeth, weaver, 2042 Hampton 
Bradley Frances, seampstress, 1310 Dorsey 
Bradley Francis, lab. 2033 Murray 
Bradley Geo., clerk, 1205 Oxford 
Bradley Geo., shoemr. 331 Stanley 
Bradley Geo., cordw. 628 Christian 
Bradley Geo., coppersm. 6 Washington pi 
Bradley Hiren, clerk, 209 Walnut, h 1944 Lom- 
Bradley Hugh, cordw. 1229 Lombard 
BRADLEY JAMES, restaurant, 158 N 3d 
Bradley Jas., driver, 1219 Chi-istian 
Bradley Jas., lab. Anthracite 
Bradley Jas., dealer, 1927 Brown 
Bradley Jas., weaver, 711 S 13th 
Bradley Jas., jr., baker, 711 South 
Bradley Jas., weav. 215 South, h Donnelly's ct 
Bradley Jas., lab. 1141 S 10th 
Bradley Jas., lab. R av & Poplar 
Bradley Jas., mach. 2218 Market 
Bradley Jas., lab. Donnelly's ct 
Bradley John, carp. 805 Leonard 
Bradley John, lab. Federal ab G Froad 
Bradley John, lithograph. 34 Hudson 
Bradley John, tavern, 1323 Market 
Bradley John, cordw. 2510 Pine 
Bradley John, carter, 707 Lloyd 
Bradley John, tavern, 239 S Front and 236 

Bradley John, tailor, 818 Marriott 
Bradley John, lab. 1219 Christian 
Bradley John, lab. 2039 Murray 
Bradley John, lab. Osceola (G Town) 
Bradley John, tavern, 522 Christian 
Bradley John, blacksm. Philip bel Nori'is 
Bradley John, wheelwr. 1111 Shippen, h 763 

S 13th 
Bradley John, lab. 125 Benton 
Bradley John J., sea capt. 704 S Front 
Bradley John O., shoemr. 8 N 5th, h 1239 S 5th 
BRADLEY J. W., publisher, 66 N 4th, h 810 

Bradley Lawrence, lab. 2 Bell's ct 
Bradley Lizzie, milliner, 136 N 11th 
Bradley M., driver, 728 S 7th 
Bradley Mary, 747 S 3d 
Bradley Mary A., b. h. 221 Spruce 
Bradley Mary Mrs., New Market ab Laurel 
Bradley Michael, weaver, 2d ab York 
Bradley Michael, lab. 629 Wall 
Bradley Michael, lab. 922 Auburn 
Bradley Michael, lab. 1325 Alder 
Bradley Michael, porter, Moland av 
Bradley Michael, tailor, 721 Baker 
Bradley Mort., lab. Edgemont (R) 

Bradley Neal, lab. Belmont av (W P) 
Bradley Patrick, dyer. Spring (Roxbo) 
Bradley Patrick, lab. 1129 Christian 
Bradley Patrick, bookbinder, 1512 Cuthbert 
Bradley Peter, tinsmith, 1512 Cuthbert 
Bradley Peter, cabman, 159 N 10th 
Bradley Philip, carp. 17th bel Shippen 
Bradley Robert, engineer, Meeting House lane, 

H Village (W P) 
Bradley Saml., carp. 17th bel Shippen 
Bi-adley Sherman, baker, Lombard n 20th 
Bradley & Stuart, (Lizzie Bradley, Rachel 

Stuart,) milliners, 136 N 11th 
Bradley Thos., lab. Bringhurst (G T) 
Bradley Thos., carter, Norris ab Moyer 
Bradley Thos., carp. 17th bel Shippen 
Bradley Thos. F., grocer, 600 Spruce 
Bradley Timothy, boatman, Guy's block 
Bradley Wilmer, gas works, 1205 Oxford 
Bradley Wm., lab. 1420 Brazier 
Bradley Wm., lab. 1214 Shippen 
Bradley Wm., waiter, 723 Hubbel 
Bradley Wm., carp. 17th bel Shippen 
Bradley W., lab. Smethurst pi 
Bradney Luke, brass founder, 812 Race, h 461 

Bradrick Patrick, lab. 909 N 13th 
Bradshaw Elizabeth, 474 N 8th 
Bradshaw Francis, dry goods, 741 S 5th 
Bradshaw Harriet, dry goods, 741 S 5th 
Bradshaw James, carter, 1145 S 9th 
Bradshaw John, ship carp. Marlboro' belWildey 
Bradshaw Jos., caulker, rear 1038 Beach 
Bradshaw Jos., plate printer, 428 S 5th 
Bradshaw Saml., bookb. 1511 Apple 
Bradshaw T., 474 N 8th 
Bradshaw Wm., painter, 1511 Apple 
Bradshaw Wm. D., bricklr. 1040 Marlboro' 
Bradway Isaac, stationery, 1018 S 6th 
Brady A., gent. 436 Lombard 
Brady Alex., lab. 108 Shippen 
Brady Ameha, gentw. 426 Lombard 
Brady Anne E., grocsr, 1611 Ridge 
Brady Bernard, liquors & wines, 524 Race 
Brady Bernard, messenger, 22d ab Market 
Brady Bridget, rear 147 N 8th 
Brady Bridget, 511 S 18th 
Brady Bridget, shop, 1916 Wood 
Brady Casper, coi'dw. 620 Beach 
Brady Catharine, dry goods, 1325 Catharine 
Brady Catharine, wid. 33 Innis 
Brady Cath., milliner, 321 Soutli 
Brady Chas., agent, 510 S 19th 
Brady Chas., agent, 6 Whitecar's row 
Brady Chas., bookkeeper, 20 N 4th 
Brady Daniel, livery stable, 136 N Front 
Brady Dennis, lab. William ab Richmond 
Brady E., police, Blunston av 
Brady E., carp. 1325 Catharine 
Brady Edward, shoemaker, 513 South, h 1616 

Brady Edward, reale st. agt. office 423 Walnut, 

h Hamilton bel Pine (W P) 
BRADY EDWARD F., com. mer. 25 N Front, 

h 711 Buttonwood 
Brady Ellen, 343 German 
Brady EUen, shop 716 Shippen 




Brady Eug-ene, painter, 122 Kelton 

Brady Francis, lab. Belg-rade 

Brady Francis, lab. 172 Martin 

Brady Francis, lab. Hewson (R) 

Brady & Hooper, {Matthew I. Brady, Clement 

Hooper,) sash manufs. Beach bel Shacka- 

Brady Hug-h, limebr. South n G F road 
Brady Hugh, g-rocs. 1042 Pine 
Brady James, grocer, 616 Mary 
Brady Jas., cabtmr. 810 Nectarine 
Brady Jas., gard. George ab Moore (W P) 
Brady Jas., brass founder, 1217 S 6th 
Brady Jas., engraver, Ernest bel Maurice 
Bradv Jas., chandler, 1129 & 1131 Carpenter 
Brady Jas., lab. 967 S 10th 
Brady Jas., tavern, 614 S 11th 
Brady Jas., lab. 1426 Shippen 
Brady Jas., clerk, 1325 Catharine 
Brady Jas., carter, 1520 Cuthbert 
Brady Jas., farmer. Main (C Hill) 
Brady Jas. A., seaman, 207 N 10th 
Brady Jane, rear 1526 Adams 
Brady Jane, shop, 829 Shippen 
Brady John, printer, 239 S 9th 
Brady John, hardware, 1737 F road 
Brady John, clerk, Lewellen's ct 
Brady John, conductor, Edgemont ab Lehigh 

av (R) 
Brady John, lab. 1348 Catharine 
Brady John, liquor store, 336 N 4th 
Brady John, gas fitter, 1325 Catharine 
Brady John, lab. 344 German 
Brady John, weaver, Letterly ab Diamond 
Brady John, machinist, 1019 Hunter 
Brady John A., grocer, 1500 Market 
Brady John D., cutter, 426 Market, h Innis 
Brady John H., clerk, 238 S Juniper 
Brady John K^ Ginnodo ab Ridge av 
Brady Joseph, lab. 5th bel Dauphin 
Brady Joseph, grocer, Richmond bel William 
Brady Joseph, lab. 2124 Fairfield 
Brady Jos., carter. Front bel Greenwich 
Brady Jos. H., salesman, 1729 South 
Brady Kate, gentw. 927 Catharine 
Brady Lawi-ence, dealer, 224 S Water 
Brady Margaret, Cresson bel Cotton (Myk) 
Brady Mariott, weaver, Haverford ab Mill Creek 
Brady Mary E., h 825 Maple 
Brady Matthew, shoemr. 156 Thompson 
Brady Matthew, weaver, 4 Dean's av 
Brady Matthew, grocer, 749 Passyunk road 
Brady Matthew I., sash manuf. Beach bel Shack- 

amaxon, h 1137 Shackamaxon 
Brady M., Pennypack 

Brady Patk., lab. Edgemont ab Lehigh av (R) 
Brady Patk., soap mr. Mlddleton's ct 
Brady Patk., lab. Salmon ab Cumberland (R) 
Brady Patk., tailor, 909 Christian 
Brady Patk., currier, 402 Brown 
Brady Patk., gent. 22d ab Market 
Brady Patk., lab. 4 Llewellen av 
Brady Patk., lab. 335 Bhght 
Brady Patk., lab. Susanna 
Brady Patk., jr., carter, 4 Llewellen's av 
Brady Peter, carter, 621 Fitzwater 
Brady Peter, lab. Mervine ab Columbia av 
Brady Peter, lab. 1520 Philip 

Brady Philip, mason. Oak ab Moore (W P) 

Brady Philip, lab. 25 Levant 

Brady Philip, cordw. Lock (Myk) 

Brady Philip, lab. Salmon ab RR (R) 

Brady P., mer. 104 Chestnut 

Brady P., lab. 1935 South 

BRADY P. & CO., (P. Brady, Samuel J. G. 

Nancrede,) com. mers. and importers, 104 

Brady P. F., grocery, &c., 2223 F st 
Brady Richard., porter, 44 S Front, h 30 Suf- 

Brady Rose, washer, 937 Auburn 
Brady Saml., porter, 13 Bank 
Bi'ady Saml., porter, 1218 Aurora 
Brady Sarah, shop, 1520 Cadwalader 
Brady Simon, cap cutter, Letitia 
Brady Susan, confr. 207 N 10th 
Brady Susan, 22 N 5th 
Brady Terrence, lab. Maylandville 
Brady Ter., lab. 7 Huey pi 
Brady Thos., furn. store, 604 N 2d 
Brady Thos., carp. Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Brady Thos., gent. South op Beach 
Brady Thos., lab. Mervine ab Columbia 
Brady Thos., ostler, h 22d ab Market 
Brady Thos. G., salesm. 247 Market, h High 

Brady Thos. M., sailmr. Lewis n 6th 
Brady Wm., carter, Lewellen's av 
Brady Wm. F., clerk P. office, h 1338 S 17th 
Bragden David, lab. 2040 Sansom 
Brager Rudolph, 133 Peg 
Bragey Nicholas, lab. Collins ct 
Bragla Wm,, pedlar, 1413 Randolph 
Hragle Thaddeus, lab. Main (G T) 
Brainerd Chas., carter, 1122 S 8th 
Brainerd D. T. Mrs., 1321 Pine 
Brainerd Henry, lab. Front bel Moore 
Brainerd Thos. Rev., D.D., 634 Pine 
Braish Jno., spinner, Cresson ab Jackson (Myk) 
Braish Nicholas, tailor, 1110 Masters 
Braisted Christopher, silversm. 1554 Cohock- 

Braithwaite Fredk., carp. 419 Marriott 
Braithwaite Sarah, Wildey ab Palmer 
Brakeman Geo. W., painter, 306 Shippen 
Braker Joshua H., Ledger car. 2042 Coates 
Braman G. G., com. straw goods, 520 Commerce, 

h 805 N Broad 
Bramble Benj., capt. 521 Richmond. 
Bramble Chas. W., painter. Walnut ab Darby 

rd (W P) 
Bramble Jas., U. S. hotel. Main (Myk) 
Bramble Wm., 1031 S 6th 
Brame Chas., painter, 241 Brown 
Brame L., glassblower, Naudlne bel 24th 
Bramell John, waterman, Williams ct 
Bramell Jos., fisherman, 509 Richmond 
Bramhall Thos., spinner. Oak ab Rose (W P) 
BRAMPTON ISAAC, dry goods, 1329 N 5th 
Bramwell Saml., manuf. Mill (G T) 
Branag'an Danl., lab. 110 Johns 
Brand Albert C, tinsm. 3, 5, and 7 N 8th, h S E 

13th & Sp Garden 
Brand Chas., 1131 Division 
Brand Francis, cordw. 318 Branch 
Brand Mary, gentw. Naudine bel 24th 




Branden Bobt., stonecr. 1616 Barker 

Branden Tlios., moulder, 1616 Barker 

Branden Wm., salesman, 430 Walnut 

Brandes Theod., drug-gist, 9th & CallowhiU 

Brandkamp Edwd., watchmr. 829 Essex 

Brandolph Heniy, cutter, 213 Noble 

Brandon Wm., lab. 521 Market 

Brandreth Timothy, weaver, Engle (G T) 

Brandstetter Caroline, saleswo. 437 Coates 

Brandstetter Hedwig-, 123 CallowhiU 

Brandstetter John G., vict. 569 F rd 

Brandstetter J., butclier, 2320 Coates 

Brandt Aug-., roofer, 621 S 12th 

Brandt A.," clerk, 34 S 7th 

Brandt Christian, confect. 232 South 

Brandt Henry, g-ent. Main (Mt Airy) 

Brandt Jacob, baker, 780 Swanson 

Brandt John, lab. 1148 S 8th 

BRANDT JOHN, pawnbr. 928 South 

Brandt Joseph, bricklr. 609 N 4t]i 

Brandt Jos., carp. 1305 N Front 

Brandt Ludwig-, carp. 1137 Charlotte 

Brandt Sophia, b h 1055 Beach (K) 

Brandt Theo., grainer, 622 Richmond 

Brandt Wm., baker, 607 S 7th 

Braneg-an B., Hall bel 10th 

Branig-an Danl., weaver. Front bel Lehigh 

Branigan Felix, lab. Bowman (G T) 

Branigan John, lab. Almond (R) 

Branigan John, cai'p. 906 S 10th 

Branigan Thos., shoemr. Cunningham's av 

Brankin Edwd., weaver, 1510 Bodine 

Brankin Patk., weaver, 1515 N 4th 

Brannan Edwd., lab. Budd bel Market (W P) 

Brannan Hugh, lab. 2124 Cuthbert 

Brannan Jas., lab. Haines (G T) 

Brannan Jer., cordw. 14 Letitia 

Brannan John, shoemr. S E 17th & Pine 

Brannan John, lab. 17th & Christian 

Brannan John, huckster, 14 Letitia 

Brannan John, lab. Rising Sun 

Brannan John, lab. Haines (G T) 

Brannan Michael, moulder, Warren bel 38th 

Brannan Patk., lab. rear 753 S 6th 

Brannan Patk., lab. Filbert E 23d 

Brannan Thos., tanner, 1317 Randolph 

Brannan Thos., hogs, 1514 Federal 

Brannan Thos., chairjnr. 923 Catharine 

Brannan William, coachman, Lancater av and 

Brannan William, marble. Lane, av ab Westmin- 
Brannegan Edwd., coachman, 1232 Canby 
Brannegan John, cabinetmr. 765 S 15th 
Brannegan John, driver, 1713 Moravian 
Brannegan Michl., carter, 1417 Pink 
Brannegan Patk., weaver, Baker's ct (K) 
Brannegan Sarah, 1529 Cadwalader 
Brannen Cath., 1521 American 
Brannen Patk., Coates n Fairmount 
Brannen Thos. lab. 10th and Christian 
Branner Wm., stone cr. 1416 Brown 
Branney Richd, cartel-, Filbert ab 23d 
Brannin Abijah, carp. 528 Masters 
Brannin Abijah S., cigar store, 526 Master 
Brannin James lab. Limekiln, Pike (G T) 
Brannin J. P., coachmr. Paul (Fkd) 
Brannin M., weaver, 2034 Hampton 

Brannin W. C, gent. 1338 Green 
Brannon Cor. lab. 1713 Monroe 
Brannon C, gentlewoman, 1406 King 
Brannon Dennis, lab. 1716 Christian 
Brannon Edward, lab. 719 S 7th 
Brannon John lab. Salmon ab R R R 
Brannon Mary, dry goods, 1303 South 
Brannon Michael, Somerset ab Edgemont (R) 
Brannon Michael, Waterloo, (R) 
Brannon Nicholas, shoemkr. 1133 Carpenter 
Brannon Patk., lab. Hewson bel Edgemont 
Brannon Peter, lab. 1716 Christian 
Brannon Thomas, lab. Main (G T) 
Brannon Wm., weaver, 750 S 13th 
Brano Richd. segar mkr. 320 Wood 
Bransbv Wm., cooper, William & Oak (W P) 
BRANSON ELLIS, coal dealer, CallowhiU n 

Broad, h S E 11th and Arch 
Branson Geo., ship carp. 1028 Ross 
Branson Henry, weaver, Wayne (G T) 
Branson Isaac, seaman, r 36 Pine 
Branson John, oysters, 519 Emlen 
Branson John, hotel, 913 Poplar 
Branson John lab. rear 11th and Poplar 
Branson John W. cordw. 626 Lombard 
Branson J. H., shoes, 1115 Pine, h 1808 Addison 
Branson Peter, brass founder, 1009 Brinton 
Branson Samuel, merchant, 211 Mai-ket, h 33 

S 11th 
Branson Sarah A., gents, furnishing store, 140 

S 8th, h 807 Sansom 
Branson Thomas, stock manuf. 1530 N 2d 
BRANSON THOS, coal dealer, 507 S Broad, h 

247 S 15th 
Branson Wm. H., ship carp. 1028 Ross 
Brant John, paint mr., 529 St. John 
Brant Joseph, varnisher, Cohocksink ab Mas- 
Brant Josiah, painter, 219 Arch, h 926 N 5th 
Brantigan Cathn., 1063 Leithgow 
Brantley Wm. T., Rev. 1704 Summer 
Braselman J., dyer, 959 Frankford road 
Brasen Jas., lab. Cresson ab Jackson (Myk) 
Brasington John, hardware, 1016 Randolph 
Braskin And. labr. Main (G Town) 
Braslan Patrick, shop 510 Lombard 
Brasmer Christopher, gilder, 653 Alder 
Brason Chas., porter, Kenworthy ct 
Braston Saml., blacksmith, 617 S 12th 
Brass Jacob, lab. Richmond & BaU (K) 
Brassine P. A., bricklayer, 819 MarshaU 
Bratz Phillip, lab. 848 Lawrence 
Brattis Arthur, mer. 1119 CallowhiU 
Bratton Ezra E., agent, office 31 S 6th, h 929 

Washington av 
Bratton Rachel, 307 German 
Bratton Isaac, carp. 1537 Parrlsh 
Bratton Sarah, A., ladies furnishing, 525 South 
Bratton Wm. H., salesman, 787 S Front 
Braucher Wm., carp. 1006 Marshall 
Brault Prosper, artist, 835 N 2d 
Braun Eckbert, furniture, 853 N 3d 
Braun Frederick, leather, 708 N 3d 
Braun Jacob, grinder, 520 Shippen 
Braunewell Fredk., blacksm. Dunton ab Otter 
Brautigam Margaret C, h 435 N 7th 
Brautigan John H., druggist, 1544 N 6th 
Brawley Jas. waterman, Budden's ct 




Bray Charles, tavern, 242 South 

Bray Daniel, mer. 609 Vine 

Bray Edw. 1404 Parrish 

Bray E. A. Mrs., 1328 Walnut 

Bray Henry K., bricklayer, 342 Christian 

Bray John, exp. driver. Oak bel Till (W P) 

Bray John. lab. Bridge (W Hall) 

Bray John, coachman, Olney 

Bray John W., mer. h 126- N 17th 

Bray J. F., artist, 149 S 4th 

Bray Mary, Mrs., Mary bel Market (W P) 

Bray Samuel, elk., S E 6th Chestnut h 869 N 6th 

Bray W. K., gent. 1707 Summer 

Brayely Wm., carp. Front bel Chatham 

Brayman Benj. H., chair manuf. S7 N Front 

BRAYNARD J. D., druggist, 206 Dock, h 318 

S Juniper 
BRAZER CHRIS., alderman, 203 N 5th 
Brazer Geo. W., silversm., -542 Redwood 
Brazer John, cutter, h 524 Federal 
Brazer Joseph, gold beater, 234 Prime 
Brazer Wm. P., chair ornamenter, 203 N 5th 
Brazier Geo., sailmr. 1030 Shackamaxon 
Brazier John, 112 Shippen 
Brazier John, filer, 2d ab Diamond 
Brazo Joseph, 997 Moyamensing av 
Breading George, basket mr. Rising Sun 
Bready Eliza, gentw. 930 Spruce 
Brearley James, sawmr. 1111 Frie's ct 
Brearley Preston, collectr. rev., tobacco ware- 
house, 118 Marion 
Brearley Wm., ship carp., 1234 S Front 
Breban J. J., note broker. Pear and 3d, h 1419 

Brech Wm., basket mkr., Washington av bel 

G F road 
Brechemin Chas., tobacconist, 154 S 3d, h 935 

Brechemin C. & Co., (C. Brechemin, Saml. P. 

Courtney,') tobacconists, 154 S. 3d 
Brechemin Lewis, jeweler, 224 S 2d 
Brechemin Lewis, jr., acct., 141 S 2d, h 520 

Brechneitz John, vict. 1518 Lackawana 
Brecht Adam, carp. Bodine ab Oxford 
Brecht Fredk. box mr. 406 Vine 
Brecht Wm., lab. Fulton, (R) 
Breck Samuel, gent. 1412 Arch 
Brecken Michael, trader, 4 Fall's pi 
Brecken Pat., store, 1321 Moyamensing av 
Breckenridge Hugh, 1158 S 8th 
Breckenridge James, lab., Panama av 
Breckenridge Jno. W.. clerk, 420 Market 
Breckenridge Wm., tiookb. 8 S 5th, h 1138 

S 8th 

Breckinridge Elizabeth, Oak bel. Park (W P) 
Bredemeyer Henry, tobacconist, 1106 N Front, 
Bredon Wm., melter, M'Ah-avy 
Breece Geo., Mustins ct. 
Breece S. D., billiard saloon, 48 S 8th 
Breecht Fredk. beer saloon. Levering (Rox) 
Breecht Wm., gent. Broad (Rox) 
Breed Ehza H., 1132 Vine 
Breed E. lab. 1514 Carver 
Breed S. & M., dry goods, 1132 Vine 
Breed S. D., coal, 917 Washington av. 
Breed Wm. M., M. D., 1132 Vine 
Breed Wm. P., Rev., 258 S 16th 

Breeding Wm., painter, 429 Tasker 

Breen Ann, Main ab Penn, (Myk) 

Breen Ann, r 122 Spruce 

Breen Arthur, hostler, Walters ct 

Breen John, tavern, 627 S 6th 

Breen John, lab. Lelper (Fkd) 

Breen John W., blacksm. shop 615 Fitzwatei-, 

h 1306 S 6th 
Breen Miss, teacher, 264 S 4th 
Breen Peter, grocer, 241 S 10th 
Breen Thos., tailor, 124 Wells' al 
Breen Timothy, lab. Leiper (Fkd) 
Breeson James, clerk, 822 Steward 
Bregy F. A., 1124 Wallace 
Brehm Francis, brewery, 321 Coates 
Breidagam John B., upholsterer, Sepviva ab 


Breidenbach C, cordw. 1102 Ridge av 
Breidenbach Isaac, clothier, 904 N Front 
Breidenbach Samuel, dealer, 631 Girard av 
Breidenhart John C, mer. 216 S Front, h High 

and Morton (G T) 
Breigler August, carp. Sergeant ab Diamond 
Breiner Leonard, carp. 1602 Thompson 
Breinig Daniel E., M. D., 2106 Mt Vernon 
Breinig Jacob, Am. paint & color works, 3d & 

Wood, h 605 N 7th 
BREINTNALL & CO., iron deal. 338 Yorkav 
Breintnall George N., iron mer. 338 York av, h 

227 Jacoby 
Breininger Conrad, Richmond (Bdg) 
Breish Catharine, butcher. Front and Norris 
Breish John, vict. 336 Masters 
Breish Jos., butcher. Poplar and Lawrence 
Breish Mary, tavern, S W Poplar & Lawrence 
Breish Wm. H., cordw. Poplar and Lawrence 
Breiter A. R., prof, music, 310 N 9th 
Breitweiser Peter, segarmr. 6 Gray 
Brelsford Chapman, shoemr. Lyndall's al 
Brelsford Edward, carp. Church (Bridesburg) 
Brelsford Geo., William ab Bath 
Brelsford Jonathan, cabinetmr. 30 Saranak 
Brelsford Joseph, mason. Church (Bdg) 
Brelsford Wm. D., carp. Church (Bridesburg) 
Brem Joseph, tailor, 407 Tasker 
Bremer Joseph A., mer. 227 Market, h 465 

York av 
Bremer Lewis & Son, (Lewis, George W.,) to- 
bacco, 322 N 3d 
Bremer> Reichert & Co., {Jos. A. Bremer, G. 

A. Reichert, Geo. Henson,) dry goods, 227 

Market and 216 Church a! 
Bremer Thomas, beamer, Washington (Myk) 
Bremer Wm. M., clerk, 13 Bank 
Brenan & Co., (Richard V. Brenan, John B. 

Hoffman,) bookbinders, 506 Minor 
Brenan John, confec. 816 Green 
Brenan Patrick, shop, 220 Concord 
Brenan R. V., bookbr. 506 Minor, h 927 P rd 
Brend John, baker, 1330 Poplar 
Brene Daniel, Jab. Somerset 
Brene John, shoemr. 28 S 19th 
Brenelng Geo., carter, 1235 N 16th 
Breneiser Samuel, printer, 831 Market 
Brenholtz Frederick, carpenter. Market avenue 

Brenizer William, acct. 210 Walnut, h 121 N 





BRENNAN D. C, coal dealer, Broad bel San- 

som, h 1802 Addison 
Brennan Pati'ick, tailor, 234 Dean 
Brennan Peter N., mer. 1730 Rittenhouse 
Brennen Geo. A., prov. 1002 Pine 
Brennen Sarah, 6 Forsyth 
Brenner Christopher F., salesman, 25 N 5th 
Brenner Fred. W., baker, 1601 Savery 
Brenner Gustavus, carp. 567 Frankford rd 
Brenner Henry, baker, 1123 Otis 
Brenner John, weaver, Adrian bel York 
Brenner John, machinist and tavern, 707 N 

Brenner Jolin G., mer. 25 N 5th, h 1807 Mt 

Brenner Martin, trader, Kiehl 
Brenning Martin, cordvv. 412 Culvert 
Brennison Jacob, baker, od ab Colnmbia 
Brent Fredk., carp. Braddock bel Lehigh 
Bresh Jos., farmer, G T rd ab Cumberland 
Bresling- Sarah, gentw. 1131 Myrtle 
Bressmer Jacob, cord. 1011 N 4th 
Breton Michael, lab. 1021 Milton 
Breton Petei', seaman, 417 S 7th 
Bretschneider Edmund, lithographei-, 517 Minor 
BRETT ALPHONSE, lithographer, N E 6th 

and Minor, h 335 Powell 
Brett Wm., dyer. Market (G T) 
Bretz Jacob, clerk, 1007 Race 
Bretz Maria, gentw. 1007 Race 
BREUNIG FRANCIS, hotel, 338 N 6th 
Breunninger G., boot crimper, 1234 Hancock 
Breuninger Wm., jeweler, 722 N 9th 
Brew Jas., porter, r 311 N 10th 
Brew John, harnessmr. 1912 Cambi'idge 
Brew Wm., rigger, 35 Norfolk 
Breward Henry, weaver, 178 Jefferson 
Breward Richard, weaver, 1536 Adams 
Brewer Ann, gentw 2 Peccan pi 
Brewer Anthony, mariner, Brabant 
Brewer Chas., lab. Lehigh (R) 
Brewer Chas. B., cordw. Townsend 
Brewer Edmund, Agt. h 136 Thompson (K) 
Brewer Elizabeth, 313 Jefferson 
Brewer Elizabeth, 1030 Marlborough 
Brewer George, lab. Eldridge row 
Bi-ewer John, chairmr. 868 Darien 
BREWER JOHN, Sr., tavern, 1245 Marlbo- 
Brewer Joseph, 1219 Lancaster 
Brewer R., gent. 1320 Mellon 
Brewer Robt., laborer, Cresson below Cotton 

Brewer Samuel, orn. painter, llj S 3d 
Brewer Thos. A., watchmr. 515 Callowhill 
Brewet Bergus, painter, 1248 Nagle 
Brewster Alfred, cord. 130 Christian 
Brewster Andrew, weaver, 1013 S 13th 
Brewster A. Miss, mus. teacher, 214 Wharton 
BREWSTER BENJ. H., atty. and coun. 706 

Bi-ew.<!ter Chas. O., 23 N 4th, h 416 N 7th 
Brewster Elizabeth, tailoress. Elk bel Otter 
BREWSTER F. CAIIROLL, att'y and coun., 

118 S 6th 
Brewster Job, cordw., 130 Christian 
Brewster John, ship carp. 913 Shackamaxon 
Brewster Joseph, baker, 130 Christian I 

Brewster Jos. S., att'y and coun., 254 S 6th, h 

632 Catharine 
Brewster Wm., hackman, S E 13th & Bedford 
Brewster Wm., broker, 1230 Clarion 
Brewton Miles, cooper, 611 Maurice 
Brewton W. W.,*carp., 820 Leonard 
Breyer C, toys, 36 N 9th 
Breyer L. F., toll gate keeper. Main (Myk) 
Breyeskie A., dyer, Haines (G T) 
Brian Catharine, 1614 Richard 
Brian SamL, dyer, 209 Jefferson 
Brian Wm., tailor, 38 S 5th h 912 Green, 
Brice Ephraim, 719 S 5th 
Brice John, tailor, Miller n Warren (W P) 
Brice Mary, tl-immings, 719 S 15th 
Brice Nicholas, gent. 1102 Pine 
Brice Philip H., 305 Walnut, h 1102 Pine 
Brice S. H. Mrs., 1102 Pine 
Brice Wm., porter, 2037 Cuthbert 
Brice Wm., gent. 219 Monroe 
Brice Wm. & Co., (.Wm. Brice, Andr. Magee,} 

com. mers. 8 S Water, h 219 Monroe 
Briceland Daniel, 810 Maple 
BRICK ALFRED D., attorney & coun. 430 

Brick Edmund, student at law, 260 S 5th 
Brick Elizabeth G., trimmings, 808 N 4th 
Brick John, cooper, 250 S Front 
Brick Mich., tailor, b h 1041 Leithgow 
Brick Saml., acct. 412 Commerce, h 808 N 4th 
Brick Saml. R., jr., engineer, 1911 Arch 
Brick Saml. R., eng-ineer, 1911 Arch 
Brick Wm., 809 Auburn 
Brick Wm. W., morocco dr. 808 N 4th 
Bricker Jacob, printer, Dauphin ab Front 
Brickley Michael, lab. 316 N'l7th 
Brickman C. T., painter, 810 N 4th 
Brickman George, gent. 842 N 10th 
Brickman Jacob C, grainer, 842 N 10th 
Brickman Jno., tailor, 716 Masters 
Brickner M., tailor, 1437 Apple 
Bride James, lab. Green la ab Main (Myk) 
Bride Robt. N., 636 N 20th 
Bridenbach Moses, trader, 1068 G T av 
Bridge & Clyde, (James M. Bridge, TJiomas 

Clyde,) liquors, 1114 G T road 
Bridge David, warper, 431 Albion 
Bridge James C, 1302 Vine 
Bridge Robt., waiter, 723 Montcalm 
Bridges John, waiter, Willow & Lombard 
Bridges Robert, M. D., 119 S 20th 
Bridges Wm. C, general agent, 227 Lodge, h 

119 S 20th 
Bridport Hugh, gent. 1719 Arch 
Brien Patk., dealer, 704 Bedford 
Brierly Bramley, spinner, Mill (G T) 
Brierly Joel, spinner. Mill (G T) 
Brierly Matthew, spinner, 2103 Cuthbert 
Brierly Thomas, carp. 708 S 8th 
Briers Jos., turner, 1331 S 7th 
Brieson James, clerk post office, h 822 Stewart 
Briest Lewis S., printer, 316 Turner 
Brietenbach Saml. S., M. D., Green la (Rox) 
Brignell Nathan, gardener Main (C Hill) 
Brigner Fredk., harness mr. rear 127 Green 
Brigg- Jacob, 6 Gihon pi 
Briggerman John, tailor, r 932 St John 
Briggs Amos, weaving boss, 2102 Lombard 




BRIGGS AMOS, atty. & coun. 123 S 5th, h 

602 N 13th 
Brig-gs Andi-ew, wheelwrig-ht, 623 N 11th 
Brig-gs Charles, mixer, Tacony rd (Fkd) 
Bv'iggs Chas. N., store 206 S 9th 
Brig-gs Edward, spinner, Cres(?entville 
Brigg-s G. W., clerk, S E 6th & Chestnut, h 113 

Briggs James, weaver, Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Briggs James, lab. Apple ab Driimmond 
Briggs John, calico printing & dying, (Fkd) 
Briggs John, agt. C. & A. R. R., 53 N Tth 
Briggs John, baker, 915 S 17th 
Briggs John, jr., clerk, Tacony Rd 
Briggs John, cordw. Higgins' pi 
Briggs Joseph, warper, Penn av ab 23d 
Briggs Joseph, lab. Lackav/anna (Fkd) 
Briggs Joseph, watchman, 9th & L Maurice 
Briggs Martha, trimmings, 314 S 4th 
Briggs Moses, painter & glazier, 4th bel Spruce 
Briggs Robert, grocer, 1148 S 10th 
Briggs Russel M., moulder, 1506 Callowhill 
Briggs Theodore, 528 S 4th 
Briggs Thomas, coachmr. 1820 Vineyard 
Briggs Wm., painter, 640 Catharine 
Brigham Charles, printer, 754 S 9th 
Brigham E. A., broker, 325 Walnut, h 624 

Bright Andw. J., painter, S W Crown & Vine, 

h Sorrel Horse hotel 
Bright Chas., boiler mr. Kiehl 
Bright Christian, baker, 1448 Hutchinson 
Bright Hester A., 1033 Vienna 
Bright H. S., produce, 3 Arch, h Camden 
Bright John, blacksmith, Goodbread. pi 
Bright John, blacksmith, 812 Brown 
Bright & Lorch, (And. J. Bright, Charles G. 

Lorch,) painters, N W Crown & Vine 
Bright N., ship carp. 224 Jarvis 
Bright Samuel E., carp. 523 Redwood 
Bright Thomas, grocei-, 1102 Ridge av 
Bright Wm., cabt. mr. 1016 Anita 
Bright Wm., musician, 1318 Corn 
Bright Wm., nailer, 21 Frankford (Fkd) 
Bright Wm. S., wines, corks and liquors, 330 

N 3d, h 829 N 7th 
Brighthop A., wheelwright, William ab 21st 
BBIGHTLY FREDK. C. atty. & coun. 420 Li- 
brary, h Price (G T) 
Briker Mich., shop 622 New Market 
Brill Caspar, William (Bdg) 
Brill Elizabeth, wid. 1203 Union 
BriU George, cabinetmr. 1803 Jones 
Brill Henry, bootmr. Braceland's ct 
Brill John, tailor, 959 Lawrence 
Brill John, tailor, 1244 Apple 
Brill John, farmer, Fisher's lane (G T) 
Brill John H., 4 Dungan's av 
Brill Nicholas, grocer, 758 S Front 
Brill Wm. E., musician, Dungan's av 
Brim John, lab. Gray's Ferry road ab Arsenal 
Brimner John H., printer, 820 Centre 
Brinckle J. Gordon, atty & coun. 117 S 7th 
Brinckle & Shubrick, cotton yarn, 29 N Front 
Brinckle Wm. D., M. D., 1215 Chestnut 
Brinckloe C. P. C, printer, 419 Mcllwain 
Brinckloe Wm. G. P., printer, 23 N 6th, h 506 


Brindle John, gunsm. 1045 Sarah 

Brines James S., cordw. 1313 South, house 1308 

Brines Thomas, huckster, 440 Worth 
Brines Wm., 1308 Kates 

Bringhurst George Rev., missionary, 765 S 12th 
Bringhurst Isaiah, saddler, R av bel Shurs lane 

Bringhurst Jesse, arti. limb maker, 409 S 7th. 
Bringhurst John, druggist, 101 S 10th, h 1704 

Bringhurst John H., saw factory, 2d & Oxford, 

h 1213 Shackamaxon 
Bringhurst J ohn K., printer, 632 Franklin 
Bringhurst Robert M., undertaker, 1113 Wistar 
BRINGHURST ROBERT R., undertaker, 38 N 

Bringhurst Wm. W., undertaker, 38 N 11th 
Brink John, carp. 1002 Parrish 
Brink Martin, cabinetnu'. 523 S 5th 
Brinkley Anthony, weav., Dauphin ab Diamond 
Brinkley George W., barber, 1023 Rodman 
Brinkley Peter, seaman, 818 Essex 
Brinkley Sai'ah, wid. 817 Emeline 
Brinkman Charles, cabinetmr. 227 S 2d, h 407 

Brinkman Henry, confectioner, 766 S 2d 
Brinkworth George, bricklr. Braddock below 

Brinley Edward L., mer. 429 Market, h 416 S 

Brinley Edward L., 429 Market, h 1420 Spruce 
Brinsley James, glass gilder, 422 Lombard 
Brinton C. J., shoe finds. 138 N 7th, h 1010 

Frankford av 
Brinton Eliza, gentw. Chestnut ab Margaretta 
Brinton Jacob L., gent. 1712 Francis 
Brinton John F., atty at law, 249 S 6th 
Brinton John H., M. D., 1423 Spruce 
Brinton Joseph P., atty & coun. 809 Arch 
Brinton R. B.,h 730 Pine 
Brintzinghoffer Charles, brushmr. 935 Market, 

h 922 Wallace 
Brintzinghoffer George, brushmr. 935 Market, 

h 1037 Vernon 
Brisben H. B., chem & drug. N W 3d & Poplar 
Briscoe Alfred, barber, 1203 Girard av 
Briscoe A. H., dentist, 1033 Walnut 
BRISCOE JAMES H., dentist, 920 Walnut 
Brison James, ostler, 2519 Pine 
Brison James, ostler, 1235 Rodman 
Brison James, lab. 720 Lindsay 
Brissley Conrad, boxmr. b h 916 N 3d 
Brister Charles, sugar refiner, 22 Mayland 
Brister E. D., 2126 Tower 
Brister Hannah, cook, 332 Griscom 
Brister Hannah, washer, 1115 Rodman 
Brister Susan, cook, rear 1021 Rodman 
Bristle Martha, 132 Craven 
Bristow Hemy, fr. work knitter. Miller (G T) 
Bristow James, weaver. Miller (G- T) 
Britchett Richard, Frankford road bel Vienna 
BRITLAND JOHN, grocer. Green la & Baker 

Britner George C, turner, 422 Library, h 812 

Britt David, moroccodr. Sellers (Fkd) 
Britt Fredk., cordw. 1731 Jones 




Britt Michael, Hunting-don W of Canal (R) 

Britt Patk., carter, 1108 Beach 

Britt Robert E., lab. Sellers (Fkd) 

Britt Thomas, engineer. Sellers (Fkd) 

Britt Thomas, lab. 1427 Alder 

Britt Timothy, moroccodr. Sellers (Fkd) 

Brittain Danl., clerk, Richmond ab William (R) 

Brittain Wm., frame maker, 928 Charlotte 

Brittenham James, lab. 731 Ringg-old 

Brittin Thomas, U. S. Mint, h 226 Jacoby 

Brittin Wm., book gilder, O'Neal n Girard av 

Brittner John, brickmr. 2347 Jefferson 

Brittner Peter, musician, 431 Coates 

Britto Margaret, 730 Fallon 

Britton Addison, mach. 1549 Callowhill 

Britton A. &. Co., blindmrs. 44 N 2d, house 322 

Britton Benjamin, paperhr. 816 Nectarine 
Britton Catharine, 1840 Lombard 
Britton Charles, lab. Main (G T) 
Britton Charles, cordw. Rising Sun 
Britton C, cordw. Main (G T) 
Britton Edmund, cordw. 16th & Seybert 
Britton & Eibell {Samuel L. Britton, Ferdinand 

Eihell,) clothing, 321 S 2d 
Britton Eliph S., carter, 16th & Seybert 
Britton Jacob, silversm. 3 Boyle's ct 
Britton James, printer. Fox ct 
Britton James, lab. 2028 Filbert 
Britton James A., farmer, Herman (G T) 
Britton Joseph, grocery, 739 Federal 
Britton Joseph A., cordw. 407 Worth 
Britton M. F., shoemr. 822 Buttonwood 
Britton N. W., painter, 1031 Parrish 
Britton Reuben, police, 916 Hamilton 
Britton Robert, baker, Jones W 18th 
Britton Saml., engineer, 1009 Ross 
Britton Samuel L., clothing, 321 S 2d, h 322 

Britton Thomas, jewelei-. Turner ab Queen 
Britton Thomas, oysterman, Frankford place 
Britton Thomas, lab. Main (GTown) 
Britton Wm., carp. Holmesburg 
Britton Wm., carp. 125 Lombard 
Britton Wm., harnessmr. 426 Maria 
Britton Wm. E. W., cordw. Dickinson (R) 
Britton Wm. H., shoe dealer, 1704 Market 
Broad Sansom, nrer. 35th & Sycamore (W P) 
BROADBENT & CO., photographists, 814 

Broadbent Giles, blacksm. Paul (Fkd) 
Broadbent John, mach. Thomas (Fkd) 
Broadbent Joseph, wines, &c., h 870 N 8th 
Broadbent Owen, clerk, 1240 N 8th 
Broadbent Samuel, photographist, 814 Chest- 
nut, h 115 N 12th 
Broadbent Wm., spinner. Grape ab Cresson 

Broadbent Wm. A. & Co., ( Wm. A. Broadbent, 

Jer. Andskew,) bleaching and print works. 

Beach & AVarren 
Broaderick Edwd. B., grocer, 822 Carpenter 
Broadfield James, hollow ware, 1112 Ash 
Broadfield John, moulder, Powell & Ann 
Broadhead Danl. D., mer. 211 N3d,h628 N7th 
Broadhead James, bag. mastei-, 1822 Barker 
Broadhead John, 1822 Pine 
Broadhead Paul, 1113 Hamilton 

Broadhurst Charles, Frankford 
BroadhurstLetitia, trimmings, 1029 Poplar 
Broadhurst Rachel, trimmings, 1029 Poplar 
Broadhurst Thomas, Sellers (Fkd) 
Broadnaxe Joseph, turner. Unity (Fkd) 
Broadnaxe Peter, turner Unity (Fkd) 
Broadnix Chai-les, bricklr. 1551 Cadwalader av 
Broadwater Joseph, fisherman, 1016 Otis 
Broadwater Robert, lab. Atlee pi 

Broadwater , blacksm. 830 Centre 

Brobson Francis, clerk, 415 Spruce 
Brobson Saml., weaver. Miller (G T) 
Brobson Wm., clerk, 309 Market, h 415 Spruce 
Brobst R. S., wines & liquors, 118 N 2d 
Brobston Joseph, notary public, 405 Library, h 

222 Lombard 
Brocha Wm., confec. 639 Bedford 
BROCK CHARLES N., engineer, 205 N 4tli, h 

2120 Mt Vernon 
Brock Eliza, 35th & EadUne (W P) 
Brock Isabella, seamstress, 609 Marriott 
Brock Jonathan, 43 N 3d, h 808 N 5th 
Brock J. P., atty. and coun. 273 S 4th 
Brock Richard *S., 273 S 4th 
Brock Samuel Z., mer. N W 6th & Callowhill, h 

521 Wood 
Brock Susan A., trimmings, 532 S 5th 
Brock Thos., plumber, 205 N 4th, h 2121 Mt. 

Brock Thos. F., plumber, 940 Cherry 
Brock Wm., capt. 532 S 5th 
Brock Wm., tobacco, 132 Race 
Brockbank John, painter and paper hanger, ab 

Division, Main (Myk) 
Brockholt Henry, mason, Haines (G T) 
Brockerman Benj., iron dealer, 1131 Shacka- 

Brockerman John H., dealer, 1907 Wilcox 
Brockerman & Son, (Henry, William F.,) 1020 

G T road 
Brocklehurst Levi, machinist, Dunton ab Otter 
Brockman Charles, blacksm. CoUegeville 
Brockman Wm., Dauphin n Frankford (R) 
Brod Conrad, liquor store, 7th and Masters 
Brodbeck Michael, grocer, 1220 Hope 
Erode Walter, huckster, 1313 N 10th 
Broderick E., grocer, 822 Carpenter 
Broderick Peter, boatman, 2606 Lombard 
Broderick Wm., shoemr. 828 Burns 
Brodie Andrew, contractor, 727 Oxford 
Brodie Archibald, marble yard, 1622 Barker 
Brodie Edw. J., clerk P. Office, h 1837 Callow- 

Brodie H. A., druggist, 1837 Callowhill 
Brodie James T., metallic roofer, 39 N 7th, h 

856 N 8th 
Brodie John, 2209 Clayton 
Brodigan Patk., carter. 111 Benton 
Brodrick Edward, carriage making, 1215 N 6th 
Brodrick John, lab. Filbert ab 23d 
Brodst & Clark, {R. S. Brodst, H. S. Clark,) 

wines and liquors, 118 N 2d 
Broel Charles, butcher, 1369 Crease 
Broes Peter, druggist, 1713 Lombard 
Brofield John, lab. 1122 Milton 
Broffey Andrew, dyer, F rd ab Sergeant (R) 
Broffey Andw., enginr. Amber ab Sergeant (K) 
Broffey Patrick, lab. Salmon bel Lehigh (B) 




Broffey Patk., lab. Salmon n Cumberland (R) 
BrofFey Wm., dyer, F road ab Cumberland (R) 
Brog-an Charles, lab. 429 Christian 
Brogan Gibbons, lab. Carlton n23d 
Brog-an Henry, waiter, 1241 Locust 
Brogan Hug-h, tailor, 2058 Market 
Brog-an James, lab. 810 Marriott 
Brogan James, blacksm. 615 S 17th 
Brogan Michael, lab. Pollock's ct 
Brogan Patrick, moroc. finr. 602 Moss 
Brogan Philip, lab. Newkirk ab Emory (R) 
Brogan Robert, blacksmith 7 Coombe's al 
Brogan Sarah P., tailoress, 5 Herron pi 
Brognard J. R., cotton duck, 106 Jones' al, h 

Brognard L. Ney, mer. 19 S 4th, h S W 44th & 

Spruce (W P) 
Brokate Henry W., clerk, 1425 Savery 
Brokensha David, eating house, 6 N Del. av, h 

F av and O'Neil 
Broker Daniel, carp, 241 Dickerson 
Broker Jac, gent. 612 Boyer 
Brolasky Henry C, mer. 108 S 13 th 
Brolasky Jefferson H., 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky, Dr. Joseph P., 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Simon P., 1414 Walnut 
Brolasky Wm. J., mer. 1414 Walnut 
Brolley Thomas, cordw. 125 Van Horn 
Brolly Thomas, Fremont (R) 
Brombach Jacob, lager beer saloon, 1202 N 4th 
Bromley Arthur,'bleacher, Beach ab Warren 
Bromley Geo., milkman, 808 Green 
Bromley James, lab. Unity (Fkd) 
Bromley John, carpet manuf. G T road ab 5th, 

h 6th be! Montgomery 
Bromley Jno., painter, 738 Moss 
Bromley John, store. Mulberry & Baker (Myk) 
Bromley John & Son, carpet manufs. 476 G T 

road ab 5th 
Bromley Robert, lab. Unity (Fkd) 
Bromley Thomas, auctr. 1034 N 2d 
Bromley Thomas, warper, G T road and 5th, h 

1758 N 6th 
Brommel Joseph, provis. 253 N 13th 
BroiTiwell Wm., 109 S 4th, h 23d & Ashland pi 
Bronson Edmd., weaver, Market (G T) 
Bronson Geo., manuf. (G T) 
Bronson Henry, weaver, P road (G T) 
Bronson Jas., superintendent, Sharpnack (G T) 
Bronson John, fish and tacklemr. 109 South 
Bronson J., hosier, 8 Sharpnack (G T) 
Bronstrup F., machinist, rear 403 Green 
Brook George W. Mrs., 23 Frankford 
Brook Richard, gent. 639 Girard av 
Brook Wm. F., macht. Front ab Chatham 
Brookbank Thos., dealer, 813 Carpenter 
Brooke Chas. W., book-keeper Western Bank, 

h 1232 Ogden 
Brooke C. E., 1112 Callowhill 
Brooke Edward, lab. Pear, H. Village (WP) 
Brooke Elibabeth T., gentw. 1718 Pine 
Brooke & Fuller, {Hiram Brooke, Harry A. 

Fuller,) trimmings, 29 N 3d 
Brooke Hiram, mer. 29 N 3d 
Brooke James B,, agency, 204 S 4th, h 1842 

Brooke Jas., 330 S 17th 
Brooke Joanna, 246 S 8th 

Brooke John, cordw. 45 Frankford (Fkd) 
Brooke John G., bookbr. 1309 Pembroke 
Brooke John G., raillwr. Unity (Fkd) 
Brooke J. Elliott, coachm. 1112 Callowhill, h 

Fairfax pi 
Brooke Jos., mer. 30 N Del av, h 1309 Olive 
Brooke Margaret, dressmr. 213 Green 
Brooke Mary Ann, Wood (Myk) 
Brooke Nathan P., lamp manuf. 1536 N 5th 
BROOKE & PUGH, {Nathan Brooke, Ed- 

wi7i H. Pugh,) forwarding and com. mers. 

1731 Market 
Brooke Stephen H., mer. 506 Minor, h 1214 

Brooke Thos., mach. 526 Richmond 
Brooke Thos. H., tailor, 535 Linden 
Biooke Thos. S., butcher, 465 Allen 
Brooke, Tyson & Rhen, mers. 506 Minor (up 

Brooker Benj. C, auct'r. 261 N3d, h 738 S 8th 
Brooker John, shoemr. 824 Auburn 
Brooker John, lab. Haines (G T) 
Brooker John J., jr., cordw. Haines (G T) 
Brooker John K., clerk, 225 Carpenter 
Brooker Jos., cooper, Haines (G T) 
Brooker Thos., bricklr. 1154 P road 
Brookfield Jos., M. D., S E Juniper & Filbert 
Brookman Geo., lab. 14 Placid pi 
Brookmire Samuel, Hunter's la, Hestonville 
Brooks Abijah, blacksm. Ledger 
Brooks Alex., millwr. 1 N 19th 
Brooks Alonzo, lab.Wissahickon av (C H) 
Brooks Amos, trader, York av bel R R 
Brooks Ann, Schaffer (G T) 
Brooks A. E., bookkeeper, 230 Walnut 
Brooks Benj., milkman, Buck road ab 2d 
Brooks Bros., ( Thomas, John,') cap manufs. 41 

Brooks, Brother & Co., {Jeremiah M., Josiah 

B., William,) merchants, 122 and 124 

Brooks Chas., carder, 264 Aspen 
Brooks Chas., bookkeeper, 905 S 13th. 
Brooks Chas., dry goods, 2316 Market 
Brooks Christiana, 830 S 5th 
Brooks Christopher, carp. 422 Duke 
Brooks C, dancing school, 711 Sp Garden 
Brooks David, tel. supt. 28 S 18th 
Brooks Dinah, 622 Bay 
Brooks Ebenezer, tailor. Mill (G T) 
Brooks Edw. D., mer. 5 Strawberry, h 1037S 5th 
Brooks Eliza, tailoress, 321 Lombard 
Brooks Ellen, dressmr. 1632 Mervine 
Brooks Enoch, sea capt. 244 Catharine 
Brooks E., Miss, seminary, 224 S 9th 
Brooks Francis, ruler, 119 Mary 
Brooks Geo., carp. Ledger 
Brooks Geo., umbrellamr. 336 Mai'ket, h 1333 

Brooks Geo., cordw. William ab Bath (R) 
Brooks Geo., blacksm. h 920 Poplar 
Brooks Geo., police, Allen's la (Mt Airy) 
Brooks Geo. W., agent, 121 S 4th, h 1510 Stiles 
Brooi.s Geo. W., ship carp. 20 Parham 
Brooks G., Mrs., 12 N 9th 
BROOKS HENRY, grocer. Spruce &. 16th, h 

19th ab Race 
Brooks Henry, prov. 700 Pine 




Brooks Henry, janitor, 708 Walnut 

Brooks Henry, painter, 937 Darien 

Brooks H. S., 1514 State 

Brooks Isaac, grocer, 328 S 19th 

Bi'ooks Jas., carter. Broad, Roxborough 

Brooks Jas., engineer, 2047 Cuthbert 

Brooks Jas., coachmr. 1212 R av, h 1215 Spring 

Brooks Jas., lab. Unity (Fkd) 
Brooks Jas. J., bookbinder, 125 Green 
Bi'ooks Jas. W., dry 6oods, G T av, Nicetown 
Brooks Jane, cook, 939 Suffolk 
Brooks John, cap manufac. 138 N 3d, h 485 

Brooks John, cooper, 1335 Sp Garden 
Brooks John, weaver. Miller (G T) 
Brooks John, waiter, 1017 Rodman 
Brooks John, Meeting-house lane, Hestonville 
Brooks John, cordw. 1132 N 3d 
Brooks John D., colporteur, 511 Lombard 
Brooks John H., clerk, 426 Shippen 
Brooks John L., jr., bricklr. 1319 N 11th 
Brooks John S., clerk, Ohiey 
Brooks John T., bookbinder, 105 S 2d, house 

School-house av (WP) 
Brooks John W., shipsm. 1739 S 5th 
Brooks Jos., mer. Morton (G T) 
Brooks Jos., lab. Gray ab Dauphin 
Brooks Jos. H., druggist, 117 N 15th 
Brooks Josiah D., mer. 122 Chestnut, h 804 N 

Brooks J. M., merchant, 122 Chestnut, h 1512 

Brooks Lambert B., blindslatmr.411 and house 

1509 Brown 
Brooks Luke, hats & caps, GT avbel Price, h 

(G Town) 
Brooks Mary, Mrs., 708 Sansom 
Brooks Mary, 1326 Walnut 
Brooks Matthew, cap manuf. 139 N 3d, h Haines 

(G Town) 
Brooks Phoebe, 1140 S 7th 
Brooks Richai-d, pedlar, 1128 F road 
Brooks Richard, cap manuf. 139 N 3d, h 607 

New Market 
Brooks Robert, Brandywine & 25th 
Brooks Samuel, confect. 106 & 108 S 2d 
Brooks Samuel, roller coverer, 21st ab Market 
Brooks Samuel B., iron boltmr. 1119 Sayery 
Brooks Sarab, ^07 New Market 
Brooks Shepherd, 136 Johns 
Brooks S. B., Bank N. Amer. h 1615 Filbert 
Brooks S. S., M.D., 1320 Vine 
Brooks Theod, brickmr. 1313 Carroll 
Brooks Thos., carp. 125 Green 
Brooks Thos., capmr, 138 N3d,h Centre (GT) 
Brooks Thos., lab. 5 Herman's ct 
Brooks Thomas E., grocer, S W 3d & h 302 

Longfellow pi 
Brooks Thos. J., acct. 830 S 5th 
Brooks Thos. H., cutter, 1104 Market 
Brooks Wm., mer. 431 Market, h Bridge below 

35th (W P) 
Brooks AVm., stone cutter, 412 N 22d 
Brooks Wm., weaver, 704 Richmond 
Brooks Wm., weaver. Wood n 23d 
Brooks Wm., cordw, Margaretta 
Brooks Wm., farmer. Linden (G Town) 

Brooks Wm., com. mer. 122 Chestnut, h 117 

N 15th 
Brooks Wm., 165 Jefferson 
Brooks Wm. J., millwr. 1237 Marlboro' 
Broom Asa C, bricklr. 129 Prime 
Broom Chas., ti'ader, 1317 Cherry 
Broom Christian, Diamond ab 5th 
Broom Geo., mer. 1108 Christian 
Brooni Geo. L., sugar refiner, 113 Bread, h 549 

York av 
BROOM G. L. & CO., {George, William,) sugar 

refiners, 113 Bread 
BROOM JACOB, att'y & coun. office 427 Wal- 
nut, h Chestnut ab Margaretta (Vv^ P) 
Broom Thos., ship carp. 129 Prime 
Broom Wm., sugar refiner, 113 Bread, h 519 


Broomal Daniel, hatter. Rising Sun 
BROOMALL L. R., watches and jewelry, 50 

S 2d 
Broome CLas., dealer, 11 S 6th, h 1317 Cherry 
Broome H., Mrs., g-entw. 1036 Rodman 
Broome Isaac, trader, 922 Cross 
Broome Isaac, trader, 544 Washington av 
Broome Isaac, jr., sculptor, 720 Chestnut 
Broome Thos., morocco c^se mr. 1326 S 7th 
Broomel Thos., shoemr. 1839 Lombard 
Broomell Jos. paper mr. Maylandville 
Broomell Peter A., police, Morris bel 6th 
Broomell Wm., police, 311 Borden 
Broomer Aaron, clothing, 2110 Cherry 
Broomer Wm., cordw. Wood ab Oak (Mj^k) 
Brophy Ann, washer, 2 Landis 
Brophy Annie, Miss, 804 Nectarine 
Brophy David, moulder, 245 Madison 
Brophy James, sen., lab. Tacony 
Brophy John, lab. 1122 Milton 
Brophy John, lab. Pine (Fkd) 
Brophy Pati-ick J., bookbinder, 804 Nectarine 
Brophy Timothy, dyer, F rd n Huntington 
Bropst Jos., tavern, 2111 Ridge av 
Brosius Charles, clerk, 7 Elmslie's al 
Brosius John, 7 Pennsylvania av 
Brosius Jos. P., clerk, 142 N 7th 
Bross Edmund R., ladies shoes, 836 Vine 
Bross George, cordw. Nicetown 
Bross John J., di'iver, Nicetown 
Bross John S., clerk, 807 Cherry 
Brossum T., shoemr. 2055 Lombard 
Brotherhead Wm., bookseller, 213 & 215 S 8th 
Brothers Albert, vict. 905 Hamilton 
Brothers Charles, hatter, 3o7 Market, h 406 

Brotherton F. H. G., printer, 1313 Corn st 
Brough James, weaver, Crescentville 
Brough Jno., trader, Memphis, 
Brough Samuel, blacksmitli, 3d & Clark 
Brougliton Carlos, moulder, 827 Suffolk 
Broug'hton Isaiah, cotton, 513 Coates 
Broug-hton L. D., astrologer, 353 N 10th 
Broughton M., astrol. 1516 Melloy 
Brougliton Wm., dealer, 833 Emlen 
Brounell Birden, machinist. Garden (Bd'g) 
Brounell Edw., lab. Garden (Bd'g) 
Brounell Oliver, coal dealer. Garden (Bd'g) 
Brounley John, wharf builder, 1317 Corn 
Brous Charles, carver. Orthodox, Frankford 
Brous Charles, miller, Nicetown 




Brous Geo. W., farmer, Adams' rd (Fkd) 

Brous Lewis, carp. 117 Prankford 

Brous W. A., cordw. 1524 N 2d 

Brouse Nicholas, farmer, Adams' rd 

Brouse Samuel, millwright. Fox Chase 

Brouse Seth, gardener, Belgrade 

Browe John, weaver, 1320 Mariner 

Brower Charles, confect. 133 Richmond 

Brower Cornelius P., cordw. 19 Fayette 

Brower Francis, artist, 1012 Lombard 

Brower Henry, shop, 717 Nahant 

Brower P. D., cordw. Clymer 

Brower Wm., driver. Fawn ab Oxford 

Browgner Saml., soda water, 1119 Isard 

Brown Abraham, clerk, 1130 Ogden 

Brown Abraham C, plumber, N E, & h N W 8th 

& Buttomvood 
Brown Adolph, turner, 3d ab Oxford 
Brown Alexander, gent., 1311 Walnut 
BROWN ALEXANDER, ice, oft". N W 16th & 

Race, h 251 N 16th 
Brown Alex , gent., 1621 N 8th 
Brown Alex., barber, 427 Gaskill 
Brown Alex., drayman, 408 S 23d 
Brown Alex. H., clerk, 1221 Silver 
Brown Allen, lab. 403 Lombard 
Brown Amos B., blacfksmith, Bustleton 
Brown Amos P., mer. 44 S Front 
Brown Andrew, weaver, 1537 American 
Brown Andrew, lab. Steam Mill al 
Brown Andrew, lab. Apple ab Norris 
Brown Andrew, clerk, 1312 Owen 
Brown Ann, 33 S 15th 
Brown Ann, shop, 947 S 9th 
Brown Ann, washer, 1349 Pearl 
Brown Ann, washer, 515 S 6th 
Brown Ann, 423 Monroe 
Brown Ann, 1534 Bodine 
Brown Ann, 208 Gaskill 
Brown Ann, washer, 1307 Carlton 
Brown Anna, Jackson (Myk) 
Brown Anthony, hatter, 982 N 2d 
Brown Anthonj^, lab. Front bel Moore 
Brown Anthony, cordw. 424 Shippen 
Brown Arch., provs. 19 S 18th 
Brown Augustus, cutter, 25 N 6th 
Brown Austin, oil cloths, 164 N 3d, h 2124 

Brown A. E., b h. 1529 Spruce 
Brown Barclay, saddler, Mechanicsville 
Brown Benj., R R contractor, Gihon pi 
Brown Benj. F., acct. 1237 N 19th 
Brown Benj. F., grocer, S W 12th and Fitzwater 
Brown Benjamin F., hatter, Adelphia al, h 423 

Brown Benjamin F., tobacconist, 439 Frankhn 
Brown Benjamin M., tailor, 1240 Market, h 1518 

Brown Benj. jr., chalrmr. cor Darby road and 

Park (W P) 
Brown Benneville D., 433 Arch 
Brown B. S., grocer, 110 South 
Brown Caroline, 3 Leyden's ct 
Brown Catharine, milliner, 514 S 21st 
Brown Catharine, 5 Garwood pi 
Brown Catharine, 213 S 9th 
Brown Catharine, dry goods, 825 N 11th 
Brown Charles, tailor, Non-is bel 2d 

Brown Charles, carp. 331 GaskiU 

Brown Charles, 1703 Green 

Brown Charles, mason. Dark Run rd (Fkd) 

Brown Charles, mate, 1006 Otsego 

Brown Charles Rev., sec Phila. Bd. Education, 

1334 Chestnut, h 2008 Vine 
Brown Charles, 228 S Broad 
Brown Charles, lab. 2032 Harmstead 
Brown Charles, lab. 515 S 7th 
Brown Charles, weaver, Meredith bel 24th 
Brown Charles, tobacconist, 529 Race 
Brown Charles, lab. Gillies' st 
Brown Charles, shoemr. 2217 Ridge av 
Brown Charles, carter, 2319 Meredith 
Brown Charles, stone cutter, 704 N IStli 
Brown Charles, cutter, 326 Dugan 
Brown Charles, baker, 310 Shippen 
Brown Charles, foreman, Howard 
Brown Charles, cordlv. 721 Jefferson 
Brown Chaiies, waitei", 7 Minster 
Brown Charles, lab. rear 415 Moyer 
Brown Charles A., booksr. 312 Marshall 
Brown Charles F., telegraphic operator, 202 S 

Del. av 
Brown Charles H., tailor, 940 Poplar 
Brown Chas. P., mer. 9th & Market, h 417 Coates 
Brown Charles S., grocery, 1565 Palmer 
Brown Christian, grocer, 1418 Sp Garden 

Brown Conrad, grocer, N E 18th & Wood 

Brown C, Mrs., corsetmr. 329 Arch 

Brown C. P., boots & shoes, 156 N2d, h 961 N 7th 

Brown Damon, waiter, 620 Bay 

Brown Daniel, furniture cars, 1735 Addison 

Brown Daniel, salesman, 922 Market, h Chest- 
nut ab Till (W P) 

Brown Uaniel, lab. 807 Maurice 

Brown Daniel, lab. 1622 Sansom 

Brown Daniel, chair painter, 834 Swanson 

Brown Daniel H., hotel, Columbia av bel F road 

Brown David, waiter, 923 Shippen 

Brown David, cordw. 1304 Kates 

Brown David, cordw. 316 N 6th 

Brown David, wheelwrt. Cumberland ab Clinton 

Brown David, 427 GaskiU 

Brown David, gardener, Chestnut bel Hamilton 

Brown David, carp. 415 Worth 

Brown David, weaver, 708 S 13th 

Brown David Paul, atty. and coun. 324 S 3d 

BROWN DAVID PAUL, Jr., atty. at law, 129 
S 5th, h 324 S 3d 

Brown David S., com. mer. 44 S Front, h 1716 

BROW NDAVID S. & CO., {Broiun David S., J. 
JbAnson,) domestic goods, 44 &. 46 S Front, 
and 41 I.setitia 

Brown David S., Dr., Norris &. Adrian 

Brown Deborah, 921 Chestnut 

BROWN D. WOLFE, phonographic reporter, 
332 Walnut, h 527 N 2d 

Brown Edmond S., bricklr. 2145 Sharswood 

Brown Edward, lab. Oak bel Rose (W P) 

BROWN EDWARD, Forest Hotel, N W Del 
av & Arch 

Brown Edward, stationery, 322 Girard av 
Brown Edward B., tobaccost. Market bel Park, 

h Chestnut bel Margaretta (W P) 
Brown Eli A., cloth ren. 118 S 10th 




Brown Elias, marble mason, 1505 Coates 

Brown Elias W., house furnishing-, 722 Chest- 

Brown Elijah, gent. 135 S 5th 

Brown Elikiam H., carp. Crease 

Brown Elisha, stone cutter, Wright ab 21st 

Brown, E., g-ent. 906 N 19th 

Brown Eliza, shop, 623 Ronaldson 

Brown Elizabeth, 953 Margaretta 

Brown Elizabeth, 7 Shield's ct 

Brown Elizabeth, 436 Dillwyn 

Brown Elizabeth, millinery, 903 Chestnut 

Brown Elizabeth, 145 Coates 

Brown Elizabeth, 405 Coates 

Brown Elizabeth, laundress, 1632 N lltli 

Brown Elizabeth S., millinery, 774 S 2d 

Brown Ellen, 1 Landis 

Brown Ellett, clerk. School (G T) 

Brown Elwood J., ship carpentei", 1308 Palmer 

Brown Emanuel D., dry goods, 12th and Fitz- 

Brown Emma, washer, 23 Gatzmer al 

Brown Ephr., colorist, 1339 Pine 

Brown & En-inger, (Louis Brown, P. S. Errin- 
ger,) grocers, 301 N 3d 

Brown Esther, seamstress, 135 Mary 

Brown Evans, dealer, 34 Queen 

Brown Francis, ice dealer, Market ab 33d (W P) 

Brown Francis, lab. 49 Fitler 

Brown Frank, salesman, 327 Market 

Brown Franklin D., mach. Bridge bel Pt road 

Brown Fred., blacksm. 922 Percy 
BROWN FREDERICK, druggist, N E Chest 

nut and 5th 
Brown Fred. E., paper hanging-, 1504 Market, 

h 1219 Spruce 
Brown Frederick W., manufac. britannia wai'e 

h 1432 S 2d 
Brown Geo., carp. 19th bel Pine, h 26 S 18th 
Brown Geo., barb. 241 Dock, h 216 Watson's al 
Brown George, hatter, Miller's ct 
Brown George, lab. Edgemont ab William (R) 
Brown George, rigger, 19 Reckless 
Brown George, porter, 1118 Rodman 
Brown George, stone mason. Wood (Myk) 
Brown George, waiter, 1204 Salem al 
Brown George, weaver, 22 Fitler 
Brown George, oysterman, 1010 I\y 
Brown George, lab. 136 Bread 
Brown George, lab. 7th bel Dickerson 
Brown George, lab. 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown George, lab. Penn (Myk) 
Brown George, mate steamboat Del. 329 Beaver 
Brown Geo. D., shipsm. 1014 S 4th 
Brown Geo. H., 254 N 11th 
Brown Geo. L., hatter, 333 S 2d, h Penn hotel 
Brown Geo. T., mer. 30 N 3d, h 734 Coates 
Brov,'n Geo. W., blacksm. 2044 Reeves 
BROWN GEORGE W., grocer, S E 9th and 

Locust, h 826 Locust 
Brown G. S., manf. jrsa,412 Race, h 257 N 2d 
Brown G. W., mach. 1306 Penn 
Brown Gilbert, 717 Lisle 
Brown Gowen A., shoemr. 1223 S 3d 
Brown Gowen E., plumber and gas fitter, 38 

Brown Hannah, 65 Wheat 

Brown Harriet, shop, 1126 S 7th 

Brown Harris, atty. 1109 Chestnut 

Brown Harry, turner, 422 Libraiy 

Brown Henry, patternmr. 215 N 2d, h 1237 S 

Brown Henry, morocco drs. 622 HalloweU 
Brown Henry, cooper, 802 Knox 
Brown Henry, carter, 952 Swanson 
Brown Henry, grocer, Cresson & Grape (Myk) 
Brown Henry, painter, Front bel Moore 
Brown Henry, 2305 Jefferson 
Brown Henry, turner, 31 Almond 
Brown Henry, lab. Poplar ab 13th 
Brown Henry, dealer, 1118 Cuthbert 
Brown Henry A., printer, 302 Chestnut, h 151 

N 15th 
Brown Henry A. B., liquors, 204 CaUowhIll 
Brown Henry H., refrigerators, 220 Dock, h 4th 

& Spruce 
Brown Henry M., police, 2128 Sharswood 
BROWN, HILL & CO., (Washington Brown, 

Marshall Hill, Barton Green,) com. mer, 

40 N Front 
Brown & Hicks, {Wm. Brown, Wm. Hicks,) 

clothiers, 700 Market 
Brown Horace, rear 207 N 11th 
Brown Hugh, lab. 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown Hugh, lab. 4 Southampton ct 
Brown Hugh, blacksm. 622 Seal's 
Brown H., waiter, 415 S 11th 
Brown Isaac, huckster, 1229 Crease 
Brown Isaac, 1117 Wistar 
Brown Isaac J., sashmr. 1210 Randolph 
Brown Isaiah, waiter, Minster bel 7th 
BROWN I. NEWTON, atty. at law, 56 N 7th & 

2 Mercantile library building 
Brown Jackson, carp, r 1322 P rd 
Brown Jacob, grocer, Girard av 8c 319 Savery 
Brown Jacob, jr., paper han. 1014 Randolph 
Brown Jacob, lab. 916 St John 
Brown Jacob, vict. 5th bel Susquehanna 
Brown Jacob, cabtmr. 3 Nescopack pi 
Brown Jacob, moulder, 1218 Haines 
Brown Jacob, lab. Point House rd 
Brown Jacob S., agent, 1340 Savery 
Brown Jane, shop, 1121 S 3d 
Brown Jas., spooler, 1824 Filbert 
Brown Jas., weaver, 1426 Stiles 
Brown Jas., weaver, Adrian ab Thompson 
Brown Jas., lab. Haines (G T) 
Brown Jas., coachman, 807 Montcalm 
Brown Jas., mer. 707 Market, h 1604 Arch 
Brown Jas., mason, F rd ab Dauphin (R) 
Brown Jas., spinner, Jackson (Myk) 
Brown Jas., mer. 22 S Front 
Brown Jas., di-ayman, 1117 Fries' ct 
Brown Jas., wheelwt. 1030 Moyamensing av 
Brown Jas., omnibus prop. 114 China 
Brown Jas., waiter, 327 S Green 
Brown Jas., lab. Ann bel Melvale (R) 
Brown Jas., milkman, 122 Allen 
Brown Jas., weaver. Miller (Mt Airj^) 
Brown Jas., dyer (Mt Airy) 
Brown Jas., weaver. Rainbow (K) 
Brown Jas., lab 210 Pine 
Brown Jas., Grape & Ann 
Brown Jas., brickmr. 6th ab Montgomery- 
Brown Jas., vict. 5th bel Susquehanna 




Brown Jas,, lab. 1317 Alder 

Brown Jas., hotel, 509 S 7tli 

Brown Jas., cook, 1105 Ohio 

Brown Jas., carp. 2047 Hampton 

BROWN JAS. D., Arcade Hotel, 621 Chestnut 

Brown Jas. D., art. flowers, 527 N 2d 

Brown James E., trunk manuf. 721 Chestnut, h 

123 N 9th 
BROWN JAS. M., com. mer. 36 S Water, h 

314 Union 
Brown James T., g'ent. 526 Thompson 
Brown Jas. W., mer. 307 Market, h 1227 Chest- 
Brown Jesse, police, 222 Oxford 
Brown John, coachman, 1233 Pearl 
Brown John, clerk, 149 Poplar 
Brown John, farmer, Adams rd 
Brown John, hotel, 20 N 11th 
Brown John, mer. 707 Market, h 33 S 15th 
Brown John, tavern, 755 S 5th 
Brown John, elk. post office, h 544 N 12th 
Brown John, drayman, 2027 Carlton 
Brown John, blksm. 2341 & h 2102 Callowhill 
Brown John, weaver, Ashmead (G T) 
Brown John, turn, car dr. S Sp Garden ab 19th 
Brown John, shoemr. 717 Shippen 
Brown John, dealer. Grape (Myk) 
Brown John, porter, 737 Lebanon 
Brown John, 228 Vanderveer 
Brown John, Green la ab Cresson (Myk) 
Brown John, lab. rear 518 Marriott 
Brown John, butcher, 621 Hay 
Brown John, tailor, 7 Hemphill 
Brown John, cabinetmr. Rye bel Marion 
Brown John, lab. 1939 Harmstead 
Brown John, liquors, 2053 Locust 
Brown John, manufactr. h 630 N 5th 
Brown John, lab. Huntingdon n Canal (R) 
Brown John, boilermr. Richmond ab Norris (K) 
Brown John, livery stables, 240 Queen 
Brown John, weaver, Lettei'ly ab Diamond 
Brown John, lab. Ashmead (G T) 
Brown John, tavern, 501 Girard av 
Brown John, carman, 1242 Darien 
Brown John, porter, James ct 
Brown John, lab. 618 S 12th 
Brown John, whitewr. 611 Ronaldson 
Brown John, manuf. 2327 Hamilton 
Brown John, finisher, 513 N 25th 
Brown John, wheelwr. 13 Beck 
Brown John, Grape n Ann 
Brown John, lab. 548 Nectarine 
Brown John, salesman, 314 N 6th 
Brown John, ship carp. 1730 Wood 
Brown John, plumber, 424 Shippen 
Brown John, coachmr. 9th St Columbia 
Brown John, carp. Lackawana & Norris 
Brown John, lab. 1 Chancery lane 
Brown John, lab. Chestnut (Myk) 
Brown John, M. D. 916 Coates 
Brown John, M. D. N E 10th 8c Wallace 
Brown John A., carp. & builder, 1210 N 12th 
Brown John A., gent. 1130 Chestnut 
Brown John A., quarryman, Lancr av & 41st 
Brown John D., clerk, 1505 Green 
Brown John D., printer, 331 Gaskill 
Brown John E., 1109 Wistar 
Brown John F., salesman, 233 Shippen 

Brown John F., shoemr. 237 S 12th 

Brown John G. L., bookkeeper, 417 Chestnut, h 

683 N 11th 
Brown John H., mer. 307 Market, h 1513 Wal- 
Brown John H., gent. Church (Bdg) 
BROWN JOHN H. & CO. {John H., James W. 
Brown, J. G. Garretson, T. F. Blake- 
more, G. K. Swearingen,) dry goods, 307 
Brown John K., mer. 1014 Market, h 1605 Pine 
Brown John P., sr., blksm. 1419 Marlborough 
Brown John P., blksm. 2d bel Columbia 
Brown John Q., mach. 2027 Summer 
Brown John S., carp. 1730 Wood 
Brown John 8c Sons, (John, James, William 

Brown,) grocers, 707 Market 
Brown John T., Grape N Poplar 
Brown John T., brushmr. 548 New Market 
Brown Jno. T., brushmr. 934 N 2d, h 171 Otter 
Brown John V., colorist, 1337 Pine 
Brown Jno. W., weaver. Market bel Rose (WP) 
Brown Jno. W., patternmr. 812 Carlisle 
Brown Jonathan W., packer, 525 Market, h 

Brown Jos., cordw. School (G T) 
Brown Jos., lab. Waterloo ab Jefferson 
Brown Jos., ship carp. 911 Columbia 
Brown Jos., 323 Spruce 
Brown Jos., carp. 1209 Perry 
Brown Jos., real est. agt. 748 S 5th 
Brown Jos., carp. Holmesburg 
Brown Jos. D., gent. 433 Arch 
Brown Jos. S., mer. 13 N 2d, h 824 Sp Garden 
Brown Josias H., clei'k, 1221 Silver 
Brown Juliet W., nurse, 1229 Hibberd 
Brown J., clothes, 143 S 2d, h 711 Lombard 
Brown J. G., hostler, Limekiln pike (G T) 
Brown J. Henry, artist, h 207 S 13th 
Brown J. Howell, student, 1403 Locust 
Brown J. Johnson, mer. 44 S Front, h 1716 

Brown J. L., M. D., 242 S 10th 
Brown J. L., M. D. 242 S 10th 
Brown J. N. Rev., Ashmead (G T) 
Brown J. W., elk. post office, h 447 Coates 
BROWN, KUNKEL 8c CO., (W7)i. H. Brown, 
C. W. Kunkel, George W. Hall,) clothing, 
510 Market 
Brown Lawrence, weaver, Main (G T) 
Brown Lawrence, jr., weaver. Main (G T) 
Brown Leizer, cordw. 627 South 
Brown Lemuel, lab. Fitler ab 2d 
Brown Levi W., carp. 532 Richmond 
Brown Lewis, g'ent. 1563 Palmer 
Brown Lewis T., mer. 22 Merchant, h 525 

Brown Louis, grocer, 3d and Vine, h 918 N 6th 
Brown L., butcher, 918 Lawrence 
Brown Marcus, carp. 908 Bonsall 
Brown Margt, 909 S 6th 
Brown Margt., washer, 207 Acorn al 
Brown Margt., hotel, 1538 Lombard 
Brown Margt., 221 Vaughan 
Brown Margt. Mrs., 826 Emlen 
Brown Martin, tavern, 1542 Race 
Brown Mary, r 602 Middle al 
Brown Maiy, trimmings, 842 N 5lh 




Brown Martha, waitei-, 1031 Lombai-d 

Brown Mai-tin, lampnir. 404 S 5th 

Brown Mary, 613 Clifton 

Brown Mary, 6th ab Montg-omery 

Brown Matthew, watchman, 207 Queen 

Brown Mattliew, waterman, 207 Queen 

Brown Michl., lab. 731 Carpenter 

Brown Michl., hotel. Laurel (G T) 

Brown Michl., painter, Orchard 

Brown Michl, blksm. 243 S 12th, h 1136 Pearl 

Brown Michl., lab. Oak ab Moore (VV P) 

Brown Michl., lab. Grape (Myk) 

Brown Michl., mach. 752 S 5th 

Brown Michl., distiller, L Lai-kin & Lombard 

Brown Morris, shoemr. 913 South 

Brown Morris E., cooper, 1725 Francis 

Brown Moses, boots and shoes, 253 Market, h 

Till ab Market (W P) 
Brown Moses, gent. 514 Arch 
Brown Moses, jr., Ill Chestnut, h School House 

la (Rxbo) 
Brown Nathl. H., mer. 118 Chestnut, h 127 N 

Brown Nathl. W., boot and shoemr. S E 6th and 

Brown Neal., lab. 904 Atherton 
Brown Nicholas, shingle dr. Margaret (Fkd) 
Brown Nicholas, lab. 939 Margaret 
Brown Nicholas, 1 North Juniper 
Brown Nicholas, lab. 3 John's ct 
Brown Patk., lab. Bank ab South 
Brown Patk., lab. 1417 N 10th 
Brown Patk., coachman, Dennaker's av 
Brown Patk., lab. 22d ab Market 
Brown P., lab. 2319 Meredith 
Brown Paul T., hatter, 36 S 5th, h 423 Wharton 
Brown Peter, stone ci-. Fowler ab Pinemore 
Brown Peter, moulder, 1120 Wood 
Brown Peter, basketmr. G T rd ab Susque 

Brown Phihp S., mer. 19 N 4th, h 235 S 6th 
Brown Quintius C, groceer S W 10th &Lom 

Brown Rachel, washer, 1516 Gulielma 
Brown Rachel, cook, 203 Watson's al 
Brown Rebecca, 1214 N 13th 
Brown Rebecca, washer, 816 S Carpenter 
Brown Richd., cordw. Torphin (R) 
Brown Richd., col. and agt. 435 Wharton 
Brown Richd., tavern, S W 5th and Lombard 
Brown Richd., seaman, Wyoming and Corn 
Brown Richd. H., ship carp. Fremont 
Brown Robt., groc., 129 South, h 1508 Guhelma 
Brown Robt., carp. 1610 Helmuth 
Brown Robt., boxmr. 316 Pratt 
Brown Robt., plumber. Poplar n Corinthian 
Brown Robt., lab. Hunter's la H Village (W P) 
Brown Robt., pumpmr. 700 Sansom 
Brown Robt. E., atty. and coun. 240 S 5th, h 

324 S 3d 
Brown R., lab. Carpenter bel 12th 
Brown R. F., dep. naval officer. Custom House, 

h Merchants' Hotel 
Brown R. H., M. D., 724 Callowhill 
Brown Saml., boilermr. Howard ab Oxford 
Brown Saml. M. D., 655 N 10th 
Brown Saml., waiter, 1809 Addison 
Brown Saml., lab. 1515 Bui-ton 

Brown Saml., mach. 1207 Shackamaxon 

Brown Saml., engineer, Poplar n Corinthian av 

Brown Saml., coachman, 1521 Jones 

Brown Saml.. 1913 Filbert 

Brown Saml., weaver, 7o7 Copper pi 

Brown Saml., salesman, 16 Bank, h 503 Noble 

Brown Saml., lab. Oxford bel 2d 

Brown Saml., g-rocer, 248 Catharine 

Brown Saml., 711 Florida 

Brown Saml., lab. Howard ab Norrls 

Brown Saml., bartender, Girard av & Warnock 

Brown Saml. A. C, painter. Walker's ct 

Brown Saml. B., gent. Till bel Chestnut (^W P) 

Brown Sarah, Main below Cedar (Myk) 

Brown Sarah, laundress, 832 Emlen 

Brown Sarah, grocery, 1435 Sp Garden 

Brown Sarah, 219 N 13th 

Brown Sarah Ann, gentw. Bridge ab o8th 


Brown Sarah A., Budd n Haverford (WP) 
Brown Sarah Mrs., 1205 Vine 
Brown Solomon, M.D., 22d ab Arch 
Brown Susan, washer, 422 Gaskill 
Brown Susan H., 1327 Juniata 
Brown S., brickmr. Carpenter bel 12th 
Brown S. P., M.D., 633 N 11th 
Brown & Seelig, {Wm. Brown, Wni. Seelig,) 

blacksmiths, 1103 N 2d 
Brown Theodore, beer house, 216 Carter 
Brown Theodore, machst. 920 N 3d 
Brown Thornton, clerk, 125 S 2d 
Brown Thornton H., 1403 Locust 
Brown Thos., carter. Steam Mill al 
Brown Thos., coppersm. 10 Farr 
Brown Thos., dentist, 204 Coates 
Brown Thos., lab. 527 York av 
Brown Thos., machst. Trenton av (R) 
Brown Thos., manuf. 1230 Leopard 
Brown Thos., manuf. F rd ab R R (R) 
Brown Thos., moulder. Tulip ab Dauphin 
Brown Thos., police, 407 Bohemia pi 
Brown Thos., boots and shoes, 130 Market, h 

961 N 7th 
Brown Thos., grocer, 1219 Spruce 
Brown Thos. jr., clerk, 1219 Spruce 
Brown Thos. jr., tailor, 6 Wheat 
Brown Thos., carrier P. office, 810 S Front 
Brown Thos., tailor, 825 S 10th 
Brown Thos., lab. 1650 Sansom 
Brown Thos., plumber, S W 9th and Walnut, h 

1823 Spruce 
Brown Thos., dealer, Margai-et 
Brown Thos., boot & shoe mr. 502 S 2d 
Brown Thos., carp. 1324 Houston 
Brown Tlios., lab. Ann bel Melvale (R) 
Brown Thos., furniture car, 1345 South 
Brown Thos., b earner, 2102 Lombard 
Brown Thos., carp. Hudson 
Brown Thos. A., reporter, 407 Bohemia pi 
Brown Thos. F., 3 Deniston's pi 
Brown Thos. G. & A., shoes, 1034 Market, h 

1605 Pine 
Brown Thos. H., salesman, 329 Market, h 502 

S 2d 
Brown Thos. J., clerk, 1104 Columbia av 
Brown Thos. J., S E 9th &. Locust 
Brown Thos. R., mer. 9 Market, h 1230 N 8th 
Brown Thos. S., 1736 Ann 




Brown Thos. S., bookkr. 2106 Wood, h 2100 

Mt Vernon 
Brown Thos. W., cabinetmr. 12 Sylvester 
Brown Timothy, bootfr. 1017 Leithgow (K) 
Brown T. Wistar, mer. Ill Chestnut, h 514 Arch 
BROWN T. W. 8c M., domestic com. mers. Ill 

Brown Walter, painter, 646 N 15th 
Brown Ward, coachmr. 9th & Columbia av 
Brown Ward, painter, 1006 N 6th, h 821 Col. av 
Brown & White, {David P. Brown, Hewett C. 

White,) coal mers. pier 18 Richmond 
Brown Wash., mer. 40 N Front, h 1229 Arch 
BROWN WASHINGTON, com. boot & shoes, 

422 Commerce, h 716 N Broad 
Brown Wlllard S., 222 S 2d, h 1345 Arch 
Brown Wm., 1613 Wallace 
Brown Wm., painter^ 409 Bohemia pi 
Brown Wm., shoemr. 1923 Markham 
Brown Wm., cordw. 1112 Fremont ab Wildey 
Brown Wm., teamster, 1635 Locust 
Brown Wm., clothing', S W 7th and Market, h 

1717 Wallace 
Brown Wm., plumber, h 212 N 17th 
Brown Wm., lab. York pike (G T) 
Brown Wm., carp. 1237 S 6th 
Brown Wm., carp. 2128 Chestnut, h 38 S 19th 
Brown Wm., blacksm. shop, 1103 N 2d, h 142 

Brown Wm., gent. 623 S Broad 
Brown Wm., lab. 123 Jones al 
Brown Wm., ship carp, h 911 Columbia av 
Brown Wm., matchmr. 538 Redwood 
Brown Wm. jr., grocer, 707 Market, h 33 S 15th 
Brown Wm., polisher, 703 Plover 
Brown Wm., weaver, 1239 Christian 
Brown Wm., gent. 921 Chestnut 
Brown Wm., lab. 603 Hardwick al 
Brown Wm., wheel\\T. 1142 S 5th 
Brown Wm., printer, 1237 S 6th 
Brown Wm., porter, Denaker's av 
Brown Wm., salesman, 218 N 3d, h307 New 
Brown Wm., paperstr. 817 S 13th 
Brown Wm., lab. 17 Saranak 
Brown Wm., driver, 1429 Hope 
Brown Wm., moulder. Race n 35th (W P) 
Brown Wm., India rubber agent, 219 Church al, 

h 320 New 
Brown Wm., furniture car, 2012 Filbert 
Brown Wm., draughtsman, 6Sl N 13th 
Brown Wm., stationery, 973 N 2d 
Brown AVm. A., carp. 330 Federal 
Brown Wm. A., inspector, 320 M'Ulwain 
Brown Wm. B., sailmr. 430 Wharton 
Brown Wm., C, printer, 112 S 3d, h 917 Mt 

Brown Wm. F., gunsm. 3 Richardson's ct 
Brown Wm. G., seaman, 418 Redwood 
Brown Wm. H., wheelwr. 1213 Woodbine 
Brown Wm. H., mer. 510 Market, h 328 Franklin 
Brown Wm. H., broker, N W 3d & Chestnut, h 

129 N 16th 
Brown Wm. H., mer. 415 Market, h 1403 Locust 
Brown Wm. H., h 1118 Cuthbert 
Brown Wm. H., lab. rear 217 Duponceau 
Brown Wm. H. & Co., dry goods, 415 Market 
Brown Wm. I., vice president Eastern Ins, Co., 

6 Exchange, h 1518 Vine 

Brown Wm. J., carp. 1013 Wood 
Brown Wm. K., printer, 917 Mt Vernon 
Brown Wm. Linn, atty. &. coun. 218 Walnut, h 

1907 Pine 
Brown Wm. L., printer, 417 Berhn 
Brown Wm. L., confec. 1728 W Market 
Brown Wm. P., bricklr. Budd near Haverford 

Brown Wm. P., lab. Hedge (Fkd) 
Brown Wm. S., jeweler, 257 S 15th 
Brown William S., Camden Bank office, 212 

Church al 
Brown AVm. T., gent., S E 11th & Market 
Brown W., M.D., N E 10th & Wallace 
BROWN & WOELPPER, (Benj. H. Brown, 

Geo. Woelpper^ lumber mers. Richmond 

and Gunner's Run 
Brownback Lewis W., grocer, Lancaster av bel 

TiU (W P) 
Brownback & Vanleer, {Lewis Brownback, 

Allen J. Vanleer,) grocers, Lancaster av bel 

TiU (WP) 
Browne Hannah, gentw. 508 Marshall 
Browne Horace G., atty. at law, 708 Walnut 
Browne N. B., atty. 113 S 5th, h Spruce bel 

Till (W P) 
Browne Peter A., gent. 1113 Walnut 
Browne Zebedee, stevedore, 1111 Ohio 
Brownell Elijah F., 636 N 23d 
Brownfield Saml. M., bookkp. 617 Market 
Brownholts Wm., shoemr. (C Hill) 
Brownholtz Charles, boots & shoes, 528 S 2d 
Brownholtz Charles J., cordw., HartweU av (C 

Brownholtz Christiana, gentw. (C Hill) 
Brownholtz John, lime, Kenderton 
Brownholtz Joseph, mer. 528 S 2d, h Mill ab 

G T av (G T) 
Brownholtz J. & C, boots & shoes, 528 S 2d 
BROWNING & BROS., {Charles, Edward, 

Maurice, George,) drugs, 30 N Front 
Browning Chas., mer. 30 N Front, h N E 13th 

& Sp Garden 
Browning Edward, druggist, 30 N Front, h 211 

S Broad 
Browning Elizabeth, 1415 G T av 
Browning George, mer. 30 N Front, h Camden 
Browning Jas., packer, 325 Market, h 2 €ow- 

perthwait pi 
Browning Jno., 2220 Linn 
Browning Maurice, -druggist, 30 N Front, h 

Browning Pat., gent. American ab Masters 
Browning Wm., brickmaker, 1837 Lombard 
Browning Wm., carder, 1837 Lombard 
Brownly Geo. F., 1317 Corn 
BROWNS & BOWEN, bankers, 211 Chestnut 
Brownwell Robt., machinist, 1123 Day 
Broyer Henry, tailor 4th ab Diamond 
Brozius Carl, porter, 214 Chestnut 
Brubaker H. M., salesman, Globe Mills, h 1223 

G T Road 
Bruce Benj., waiter, 252 Quince 
Bruce Caroline, Walnut ab Margaretta, (W P) 
Bruce Folger, tailor, 510 Buckley 
Bruce Geo. F., carp. 1609 S 2d 
Bruce Jos. W., bricklr. 213 Jarvis 
Bruce Lewis, eng'r, Lane, av n Park (W P) 




Bruce Luke, waiter, 609 Barclay 

Bruce Matthew, tanner, 107 Benton 

Bruce Matthew W., carp. 633 Barcla}^ h 406 

"NY harton 
Bruce Robert, sawyer, 502 Dillwyn 
Bruce Robert J., printer, 112 S 3d, h 307 S 5th 
Bruce Wm., baker, 127 Wharton 
Bruckner Aug-iist, cleric, 55 N 3cl, h 156 Dana 
Bruckner Francis, restaurant, N E 8th & Wood 
Brucknor Felix, M. D., 1018 Poplar 
Bruden Miles, carpt. 838 Glover 
BRUDER GEORGE, bootmr. 25 N 6th, h 532 

Brudi Wm., tavern, 150 N Water 
Bruen Edw. B. Rev., 1531 Chestnut 
Bruen Jas., g-ent. 1531 Chestnut 
BrufF Eliza, Marlborough ab Wildey 
BrufF James, 225 Schell 
Bruff Robt., tanner, 1102 Marlboroug-h 
Brug'man Jacob, jeweler. Front ab Moore 
Bruin Geo. spinner, Memphis (R) 
Brumaker Andrew, hotel, 16th & Callowhill 
Brumaker Wm., plasterer, 1314 Carroll 
Brumlev R- C, lab. 104 Almond 
Brummer A., 122 N 3d, h 2110 Cherry 
Brummer B., clothing-, 122 N 3d, h 2110 Cherry 
Brummer & Bro., (A., B,,) clothing-, 122 N 3d' 
Brunell Ardw., g-ent. 1344 Columbia av 
Bruner Adam, tailor, 1348 Catharine 
Bruner Benj. S^ printer, 112 S 3d 
Bruner Chas., dealer, 219 Coates 
Bruner DanL, bookbinder, 128 Brown 
Bruner Deborah, 521 Dillwyn 
Bruner Fred., cab. mr. 8 St. Stephens' pi 
Bruner G. salesman, 118 N 3d, h 425 N 3d 
Bruner Henry B., hotel. Main (G Town) 
BRUNER H. NAGLEE, factory, Hamilton & 

Haverford bet 32d & 33d (W P) 
Bruner John A., salesman, 819 New Market 
Bruner J. P., factory, 23d & Hamilton, h Haver- 
ford bet 32d &'33d, (Mantua) 
Bruner Napo. tailor, 109 Marion 
Bruner Philip, shoemr. 128 Brown 
Bruner Wm., 943 N 4th 
Brunet John, jr., medicines, 411 S 2d 
Brunker Robt., coachman, 27 Green's av 
Brunner Abraliam, watchman, 1016 Og-den 
Brunner David, clerk, 425 N 3d 
Brunner^Geo., gent 501 N 12th 
Brunner Henry, shoemr. 503 Spruce 
Brunner Isaac, drugg-ist, h 134 Holmes 
Brunner Jacob, lith'r, 519 Minor, h Camden 
Brunner John F., carp. 1240 N 15th 
Brunner Joseph S., plasterer, 501 N 12th 
Brunner Maria, 809 Paa-rish 
Brunuers John, weaver, Dauphin bel Reese 
Brunnon Felix, M. D., 409 & h 703 Wood 
Brunsen Jno., paper hanger, 13 Wheat 
Brunson Ann, gentw. 13 Wheat (K) 
Brunswick R., jeweler, 605 N 2d 
Brunt John, bookkr. 1220 Budd 
Brunt John, lab. 813 S 13th 
Brunton Jas., porter, 314 Market 
Brunton Joseph, Weaver, Coral bel. York (R) 
BRURIEN CHAS., restaurant 34&h31 Hud- 
Brurein H., soap & candle maker, 829 N 3d, h 
916 N 12th 

Brush Jesse, gents, furnishing store, 137 N 9tn 

Brush John D., macht. 462 Allen 

Brusher John, contractor, Willow (R) 

Brussier Maria, 818 South 

Brusstar Ann, 931 Sp Garden 

Brustar Geo. S., confect. 931 Sp Garden 

Bruster Geo., mariner, 1023 Barley 

Bruton Geo., weaver. Carpenter & T line (G T) 

Braton John T., clerk, 310 Walnut, h (G T) 

Brutsche J. D., clerk, 10 Strawberry, h 115 S 

Bryan A., seaman, 1639 Helmuth 
Bryan Andrew J., mach. 1309 Moyamensing av 
Bryan Ann, gentw. 1822 De Lancy pi 
Bryan Cath., 906 Ernest 
Bryan Chas., salesman, h 124 Christian 
Bryan Dennis, lab. 1620 Cabot 
Bryan Jacob B., com. mer. 1130 Mt Vernon 
BRYAN JAMES, M. D. 1306 Walnut 
Bryan James L., salesman, 207 Market 
Bryan James S. W., watchmr. 148 N 2d 
Bryan Jesse, mach. Morris Works, h Memphis 
Bryan John, painter, 433 Magnolia 
Bryan John, lab. Main (C Hill) 
Bryan John J., grocer, N W 11th & SheafF's la 
Bryan Jos. R., M. D. 1124 Green 
Bryan Josiah & Co. J^Josiah Bryan, Kenzie 

Geiger,) com mer? 250 & 252 N Broad 
Bryan Mary, 433 Magnolia 
Bryan Mary, 1810 Willow 
Bryan Matt, laborer, 2021 Carlton 
Bryan Michl., lab.. Main (G T) 
Bryan Pat., driver, 433 Magnolia 
Bryan Richard, lab. 1827 South 
Bryan Rosabert, bar tender, 1013 Parker 
Bryan Saml. M., cutter, 2d and Pine, h 210 Mil- 
Bryan F. Hervey, atty. and coun. 132 S 4th, h 

1124 Green 
Bryan Thomas, shoemr. rear 426 Christian 
Bryan Thomas, seaman, Welsh and Michigan 
Bryan T. M., mer. 431 Market, h 226 Madison 
Bryan Wm. S. fancy goods, 107 & 109 N 9th 
Bryans Wm. L., 962 N 22d 
Bryant Alfred, farmer. Township Line 
Bryant John, agent C & A R R, 450 N Front 
Bryant John, hotel, 36 S Del av 
Bryant Jos., metal gilder, 1207 Race 
Bryant J. D., M. D. 49 N 17th 
Bryant J. H., naval storekr. 236 Federal 
Bryant Priscilla, Urbanna pi 
Bryant & Stratton, mer. college, 630 Chestnut 
Bryant Thomas, bai-tender, rear 1345 South 
Bryant William, carpet weaver, 1314 Cherry 
Bryant Wm., blksm. 3 Branner's al 
Bryant Wm., cabinetmr. 1108 Goshen av 
Bryant Wm., sr., carpet weaver, 420 S 4th 
Bryce Jas. G., mer, 123 S 4th 
Bryden John, carp. 1458 Cherry 
Bryer Peter, morocco dress. 889 Orchard 
Brynan Edw., 427 S 2d 
Brynan M., gentw. 312 Crown 
Brynan M. M., unbrellas, 37 S 8th, h 427 S 2d ■ 
Bryson Alex., printer, Haverford ab 33d (WP) 
Bryson Andrew, shoemi". 1612 Sansom 
Bryson Eliza, shoes, 1302 South 
Bryson Hugh, cordw. 927 Gilbei-t 
Bryson Hugh, shoemr. 1610 Sansom 




BRYSON JAMES H., printer & publisher, 2 

Biyson John, coachman, 1 Sharp's al 
Bryson John, printer, 1627 N 12th 
Bryson Rebecca, 829 Cherry 
Bryson Wm., cordvv. 727 South wark 
Bryson Wm., weaver, 1836 McDuffie 
Bryson Wm., coachman, 1202 Salem's al 
Buch B. M., barber, 135 Laurel 
Buchanan Alex., cutler. Miller (G T) 
Buchanan A. C, di'uggist, 508, h 715 Market 
Buchanan David, lab. Kinsley's ct 
Buchanan David A., weaver, Daniel pi (K) 
Buchanan Edwd., dentist, 734 S 5th 
Buchanan Edwd., 618 Carpenter 
Buchanan Francis, grocer, S E Cadwalader & 

Jefferson (K) 
Buchanan George, hat finisher, Washington ab 

Buchanan George, gardener, Trenton av below 

Buchanan Geo., rear 210 Quince 
Buchanan Geo. R., mer. 710 S 10th 
Buchanan G., grocer, 14 S 15tli 
Buchanan Henry, printer, 234 Catharine 
Buchanan Isaac, blksm. 421 Worth 
Buchanan Isaac, brickmr. 1732 Addison 
Buchanan Isabella, milliner, 911 Vine 
Buchanan Jacob, police, 2212 Meredith 
Buchanan James, driver, 1304 Kates 
Buchanan James, gent. 301 Blight 
Buchanan James mach. 227 N 16th 
Buchanan James, carp. 618 Carpenter 
Buchanan Jas., police, Main bel Cedar (Myk) 
Buchanan Jas., lab. Tilton (R) 
Buchanan Jas., lab, Salmon below Cumberland 
Buchanan Jas., jr., grocer, Haverford ab 35th 
Buchanan Jas., weaver, 1628 Meredith 
Buchanan Jas., brickmi-. 203 Dean 
Buchanan Jas., dyer, 1328 Owen 
Buchanan Jas., brickmr. 1832 Lombard 
Buchanan Jane, 710 S 10th 
Buchanan Jno., lab. James (Falls Schl) 
Buchanan John, lab. Tulpehocken (G T) 
Buchanan John, bootmr. 524 S 17th 
Buchanan John, lab. Edgemont and Cumber- 
land (R) 
Buchanan John A., dyer. Miller (G T) 
Buchanan Ludwig', mer. Nicetown 
Buchanan Mary, cook, rear 704 St Mary 
Buchanan Mary, rear 234 Catharine 
Buchaiian Mary, sempstress, 8 Gadsby's pi 
Buchanan Owen, cordw. 820 S 8th 
Buchanan Peter, cordw. 2205 Simes 
Buchanan Philip, b h 621 Lombard 
Buchanan Rebecca, shop, 1912 Cuthbert 
BUCHANAN RICHARD, grocer, 314 S 2d 
Buchanan Richd., bon. press. 118 Laurel 
Buchanan Robt., omnibus line, h Market below 

Wilham (W P) 
Buchanan Robt., salesman, 505 S Juniper 
Buclianan Robt., tailor, 1202 South 
^Buchanan R. Geo., paper, 6 Decatur, h 16th ab 

Buchanan Saml., lab. Tilton ab Cumberland (R) 
Buchanan Thos., grocer, Levering (Myk) 
Buchanan Thos., salesman, 676 Lai'ch 
iBuchanan Thos., 2021 South 

Buchanan Thos., marble yd 2100 Market 
Buchanan Walter, lab. 2061 South 
Buchanan Wm., lab. Salmon ab Cumberland 
Buchanan Wm., weaver, 1325 Savery 
Buchanan Wm., dyer, Lloyd ab Shippen 
Buchannan Robt., collector, 6th bel York 
Buchannan R., lab, 1425 Fitzwater 
Buchannan Thos., lime burner, 1727 Carver 
Buchannan Wm., lab. 1729 Wood 
Buchannan Wm., lab. Pedens av 
Buchannan Wm., clerk, 1903 Wood 
Buchannan Wm., carp. Rule's ct 
BUCHANNAN WM. F., druggist, N E 18th 

and Lombard 
Bucher Isaac, salesman, 36 N 4th, h 213 Ly- 

Bucher Theo., lithographer, 22 S 5th 
Buchler Christian, lamp mr. 1604 N 10th 
Buchman Godfried, cordw. 455 Franklin 
Buchner Frederick A., tavern, N E 3d and 

Buck Agnes, cook, 721 Lombard 
Buck & Buckwalter, tin ware, 1317 Market 
Buck Caroline, b. h. 837 Race 
Buck Cath., 332 Griscom 
Buck Chas., rear 1236 Pearl 
Buck Chauncejr, tin platewr. 1211 Market 
Buck Daniel, cabtmr. 337 N 2d 
Buck Daniel, furniture dealer, 337 N 2d, h 948 

Buck D., lumber merch. N 5tla bel Masters 
Buck Elizabeth, Front ab Morris 
Buck Elizabeth, shop, 324 Vine 
Buck Erastus, tinsm. 216 N Juniper 
Buck E. E., real est. broker, 314^ Walnut 

Buck Francis N., office 103 Walnut, h C Hill 
Buck Fred., engineer, 1422 N Front 
Buck Fred. D., shoe store, 162 Richmond, h 
1014 Marlborough 

Buck F. J., M.D., 1139 Pine 

Buck George, brass founder, Hope bel Thomp- 

Buck Geo., barber, 2339 Hamilton 

Buck Geo., cai-p. 1231 Palethorp 

Buck Geo., cooper, 703 N 2d 

Buck Geo., boiler mr. rear 1229 Savery 

Buck Geo., cooper, 1249 Otis 

Buck Geo. T., salesman, 525 Market 

Buck Harriett, 15 Knight's ct 

Buck Hugh, carter, 523 S 12th 

Buck Hugh, blksm. 526 Shippen 

Buck H. B., M.D., Bustleton 

Buck Isaac G., baker, Salmon and Huntingdon 

Buck Jacob, bar-tender, 2 Roadie's ct 

Buck Jacob, tinsm. 1529 Apple 

Buck Jacob, carp. Nicetown 

BUCK JAMES, tavern, 268 & 270 Crown 

Buck James, 320 S 11th 

Buck Jane, shop, 1348 South 

Buck Jasper, tinsm. 1524 Market, h 216 N 

Buck John, blksm. 946 Leithgow 

Buck John, cordw. Tilton bel Emery 

Buck John, fisherman. Church bel Moore 

Buck John V., tin ware, 1211 Market 

Buck Judd, washer, 6 Eakln pi 

Buck Leonara, lag'er beer, 401 N Front 

Buck Lot, tailor, N E 2d & Union, h 321 Wharton 




Buck Mai-g-t., 934 N 4th 


Buck Robt., 523 S 12th 

Buck Robt. jr. 523 S 12th 

Buck Samuel, mor. manuf. 147 & 149 Willow, 

& 424 New Market, h 1623 Wallace 
Buck Saml., gent. 523 S 12th 
Buck Saml. F., painter, 15 Knight's ct 
Buck Sarah, b. h. 20 N 12th 
Buck Sarah, 10 Ridley av 
BUCK THE MISSES, ladies' seminaiy, 1417 

Buck AYalter S., tin ware, 1317 Market 
Buck Wm., butcher, 1231 Perry (K) 
Buck Wm., gent. 942 N 4th 
Buck Wm., 229 Lybrand 
Buck Wm., carter, 523 S 12th 
Buck Wm. B., merchant, 257 Market, h 1531 

Buck Wm. H., teamster, 6 R Road ct ab Jay 
Buck Wm. H., lab. 1023 Lemon 
Buck Wm. H., teamster, 3 Oak (W P) 
Buck Wm. J., 821 Cheny, h 146 N 10th 
Buckaloo Mrs. E., milliner, 1039 Race 
Buckaloo Richard, waterman, 21 Brown 
Buckby Sarah, 1256 N 10th 
Buckenhurst Henry, baker, Main, C Hill 
Bucker Fred., sugar ref. 462 St. John 
Bucker Issachar, lab. 1 Goldsmith ct 
Buckhardt George, lager beer, 406 N Market 
Buckheit Geo., 27 Majdand 
Buekin Fred., merch. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Buckingham Chas. P., agent, 409 N 6th 
Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 116 S 4th 
Buckingham James, carpenter, 1011 Hunter, h 

8 North 
Buckingham John, conductor, 409 N 6th 
Buckingham John, Galloway ab George 
Buckingham T. L., dentist, 267 N 9th 
Buckis Erwin, lab. Washington av near G F 

Buckius Francis, butcher, Aramingo 
Buckius F. Q., butcher, Fkd ab Unity (Fkd) 
Buckius John, carp. & builder, Foulki'od & 

Frankford (Fkd) 
Buckius Peter F., vict. Aramingo 
Buckius Rudolph, grocer, Aramingo 
Buckius Susan, gentAV. Aramingo 
Buckius Wm., vict. Aramingo 
Buckley Arnold, hatter, 36 S 5th, h 538 Elkhart 
Buckley Chas., clerk, 2507 Hamilton 
Buckley Clement A., gent. 1305 Spruce 
Bucklev Daniel, cloth fin. 41st above Haverford 

Buckley Dennis, lab. 3 Di.strict pi 
BUCKLEY D. PENROSE, atty. & coun., 609 

Walnut, h 1305 Spruce 
Bucklev Edwd., coUectr. S E 6th 8c Chestnut, 

1127 Dav 
BUCKLEY EDWARD S., Gray's Ferry Boiler 

Iron Works, office 230 Walnut, h 308 S 10th 
Buckley Eli, calico printer. Main (G T) 
Buckley Elizabeth, varieties. Market bel Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Buckley Eliz., gentw. Warren ab Park (W P) 
Buckley E. H., boots & shoes, 1120 S 2d 
Buckley F., shoemr. Poplar ab 13th 
Buckley Francis, engineer, 1329 Eai-l 

Buckley Geo., machinist, Parker ab York 
Buckley Hannah, gentw. 1236 Catharine 
Buckley Henry P., carp. 1916 Howell 
Buckley James, spinner. Miller (G Town) 
Buckley James, spinner, Wood & Memphis (K) 
Buckley James, machinist, 607 N 25th 
Buckley James, jr., hatter, 168 Frankford (Fkd) 
Buckley James, gent. 168 Frankford (Fkd) 
Buckley James, coachman, Olney 
Buckley John, spinner, Centre ab Baker (Myk) 
Buckley John, carp. 1069 N Front 
Buckley John, bar-tender, Melvale opp Sorrell 
Buckley John, 11th ab Wood 
Buckley John, weaver, Paschalville 
Buckley Jos., mach. Lane, av and 36th (W P) 
Buckley Michael, watchman, Salmon (R) 
Buckley Morton, grocer. Market and William, 

Buckle}^ Owen, lab. 6 Laurel ct 
Buckley Patk., lab. Cedar bel Huntingdon (R) 
Buckley Patk., lab. rear 749 P road 
Buckley Reuben, turner, 309 N 11th 
Buckley Thomas, tinman, Charles ab Federal 
Buckley Thos., carp. S E 17di & Shippen 
Buckley Timothy, hat & cap, 264 S 20th, h 

2055 Lombard 
Buckley Wm., Sorrell bel Melvale (R) 
Buckley Wm., lab. 1014 Jefferson 
Buckley Wm., plumber, S 5th bel Morris 
Buckley Wm. H., machinist. Church (Fkd) 
Buckley Wm. R., clerk, S W 11th & Arch, h 

318 N 13th 
Buckman Amos, farmer. Hoi. Corner 
Buckman A. E., milliner, 702 Sp Garden 
Buckman C, painter, 1227 Myrtle 
Buckman George, tinsmith, 519 Mai-riott 
Buckman Gerard, bookseller, 40 N 6th 
Buckman James, farmer. Blue Grass road, 23d 

Buckman John, lager beer, 1523 N 2d 
Buckman Sarah, 338 Griscom 
Buckman Stephen, driver. Nelson's ct 
Buckman Wm. C, salesman, 730 Market, h 859 

N 13th 
Buckmaster Thomas, mer. 132 Market 
Bucknell Joseph, Rev., 1445 N 8th 
BuckneU William, broker, 424 and h 1613 

Buckner Chas., cabinet mr., 4th n Morris 
Bucknor A. J., mer. 37 N Water, h 280 S 3d 
Bucknca- A. J., jr., mer. 37 N Water 
BUCKNOR, M'CAMMON & CO., {A. J. Buck- 
nor, D. C. M'Cammo7i,) tobacco, 38 North 
Del av, and 37 N Water 
Buckwalter David, mer. 634 N 7lh 
Buckwalter Hiram W., tinsm. 1217 Market, h 

220 N Juniper 
Buckwalter Jacob, macht. 449 N 13th 
Buckwalter Reuben F., mer. 507 Minor, h 945 

Buckwastch Mark, barber, 1634 Lombard 
Budd & Comly, (Henry Budd, Sefh I. Com- 
ly,) com. mers. & flour factors, 216 N Del. 
av and 235 N Water 
Budd Fletcher F., tinsmith, Columbia above 

Budd Harriet, dry goods, S E 10th and Parrish 
Budd Henry, mer. 216 N Del. av, h 503 N 7th 




Budd Henry, locksra. 33 StrawbeiTj-^, h 1253 

Budd Henry G., Bridge n 34th (W P) 

Budd H. & S., locksmiths, 33 Strawberry 

Budd Isaac D., treas. 263 N 10th 

Budd I. D., attty. and coun, 707 Walnut 

Budd John, oil manuf. Fai'ies' ct 

Budd John, bricklr. 1127 Leon 

Budd John, locksmith, 1253 Darien 

Budd John B., com. mer. 129 Walnut, h 1317 

■ Budd John H., M.D._, 1317 Spruce 
Budd Joseph, provisions, 204 and 206 N Del av, 

h 863 Marshall 
Budd L. D. jr., atty. and coun. 707 Walnut 
Budd Saml., locksm. 1253 Darien 
Budd Sarah, 1531 Green 
Budd Sarah, Bridg-e n 34th, Mantua Village 
BUDD THOMAS A., atty. & coun. 707 Walnut 
Budd Walter J., atty. at law, 223 S 5th, h 1234 

Budd Wm., bricklr. 1717 Pine 
Buddenbaum Wm., tailor. Front bel Greenwich 
Buddy Daniel, gent. Franklin (G T) 
Buddy Isaiah, carp. 1911 Brown 
Buddy John, baker, 124 S 16th 
Buddy J. R., despatcher, 1023 Buttonwood 
Buddy Lewis, baker, 1409 Chestnut 
Buddy Saml., lab. 1319 N 16th 
Buddy Wilham, cordw. Good (G T) 
Buder Wm., lampmr. Townsend's ct 
Buehler John, Mi'S., 1207 Race 
Buehler Martin, hardw. 441 Market, h 318 New 
Buehler & Howard, (Martin Buehler, Robert 

H. Howard,) hardware, 441 Market 
Buehler Peter M., spice and must. 247 N 16th 
Buehler Wm., cutter, 928 St. John 
Buell Ann, 316 N 15th 
Buell Jos. J. C, gas fitter, 316 N 15th 
BufRngton John, plasterer. Baker ab Mulberry 

Buffiington Jos., organ builder, 131 S 11th 
Buffington Lee W., M.D., 1602 Filbert 
Buffington T. Mrs., b h. 1107 Market 
Bugh Jas. L., salesman, 532 Market 
Bugless Jas., bootmr. 32 S 4th 
Buh Gotlieb, vict. 637 Thompson 
Buhl Christian, baker, 1131 Howard 
Buid Eliza, Mrs., 900 Chestnut 
Buist James, carp. 1517 Lombard 
Buist John M., brickmr., 922 Market, h Broad 

and S. Penn sq 
BUIST ROBERT, nurseryman & seed grower, 

922 and 924 Market, h Kingsessing 
Buist Robt. jr., nurseryman & seed grower, 922 

and 924 Market, h Kingsessing 
Bulah Samuel, 245 Mechanic 
Buley John R., mason, Cresham (C Hill) 
Buley Wm., coachman, 33 Eakin pi 
Bulis Thomas, cordw. 305 Noble 
Buliinch John, lab. 205 Prosperous al 
Bulfinch Thos., baker, 1211 South 
Bulfinch Wm., baker, 1227 South 
Bulfinch Wm., baker, 211 Prosperous al 
Bulger Michael, wheelwrt. Market ab Till, h 

Market bel 41st (W P) 
Bulkley Charles, hatter, 404 Chestnut, h 618 


Bulkley Chauncey, atty. & coun. 139 S 5th 
Bulkley James H., high constable Mayor's office, 

h "1204 Race 
Bulkley J. Henry, jr., 1204 Race 
Bulkley M. S. conductor R. R. R., Broad 
Bull Abigail C, confect. Market bel Till, (W P) 
Bull Ebron, baker, 46 Beck 
Bull Elizabeth, 37 Beck 
Bull John, lab. 2016 Pine 
Bull Lewis, clerk, 309 N 18th 
Bull Tegle, grocer, S E 2d and Prime 
Bull Thomas, dealer, 17 Union 
Bull Wm. G., cooper, 18 Parham 
Bull Wm. M., atty. and coun. 605 Sansom, h 

1425 Filbert 
Bullard Edwin C, bookbinder, 1314 Arch 
Bullen C. T., 1152 S 6th 
Bullinger Andw. J., driver, 420 Rihl 
BULLITT & FAIRTHORNE, {John C. Bullitt, 

Fred. Fairthorne,) atty & coun. 32 S 3d 
Bullitt John, lab. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Bullitt John C, atty. and coun. 32 S 3d, h Wis- 

sahicon Pike (C Hill) 
Bullitt Philip, druggist, Kressler ab Norris 
Bullock A. S., carp. 909 Warnock 
Bullock Benj., wool warehouse, 16 S Front, h 

1521 Arch 
BULLOCK BENJ. & SONS, {Geo., Benj. jr.,) 

wool dealers, 16 S Front & 15 Letitia 
BuUock Benj. jr., wool dealer, 16 SFront, h 116 

Bullock B., wid. of Robt., millwrt. 815 N 9th 
Bullock Charles, di'uggist, N E 6th and Arch, 

h 243 S 9t]i 
BULLOCK & CRENSHAW, {Charles Bulloch, 

Edward A. Crenshaw,) druggists, N E 6th 

& Ai-ch 
Bullock D. Bai'ton, mer. 1032 Ogden 
Bidlock George, mer. 16 S Front, h 5th and But- 
Bullock James, 1521 Arch 
Bullock John, painter, 1109 Beach 
Bullock Jonatlian, carp. 863 N 7th 
Bullock Joseph, M.D., 265 S 9th 
BuUock Joseph W., mer. 944 N 5th 
Bullock Letitia, confect. 152 N 6th 
Bullock Rufus, Amer. tel. office, 105 S 3d, h 

308 S 4th 
Bullock Thomas, roler, 532 Richmond 
Bullock Wm., macht. 1543 Palmer 
Bullocks Saml. M., blindmr. 15 Harrison 
Bullocks Susan, 404 S Juniper 
Bulme Richai'd, gas man, Mary ab 24th 
Bulmer Adam, boatman, W VVillow ab Spruce 
Bulmer Christiana, 1157 Sites 
Bulmer Henry, boatman, 2510 Pine 
Bulmer Wm., lab. Willow ab Spruce 
BULSON GILBERT, commission mer. 8 N Del 

av, h Camden 
Bumbagh Anthony, blindmr. 215 Green 
Bumbaugh Charles, painter, Ashland 
Bumbaugh Wm., painter, 716 N 11th 
Bumgardener Philip, brickmr. Darby road bel 

Park (W P) 
Bumgai'dener Richard, brickmr. Darby rd bel 

Park (W P) 
Bumg-artner Fred., lager beer saloon, Dauphin 

& Coral 




Bumm & Bro., flour and feed, N E Water and 

Bumm Edward, shipwrt. 1116Frankford road 
Bumm George, turner, 1120 Savery 
Bumm Geo. C, flour, &c., 1534 Frankford road, 

h 1111 Marlborough 
Bumm Henry, grain mer, N E Race and Water, 

h 1314 Beach 
Bumm Jacob, umb. frame mr. 324 Market, h 

424 Thompson 
Bumm John, silver plater, 1122 Marlboroug-h 
Bumm John, whipmr. 1224 Palmer 
Bumm Richard, caulker, 448 Thompson 
Bumm Samuel, caulker, 1120 Savery 
Bumm Samuel H., mer. N E Race and Water, h 

216 Allen 
Bumm Wm., sawmr. 1116 Frankford road 
BUMM W., salt store. Race st whf. house 1442 

Columbia av n F road 
Bumont Allen, carder, Haverford &. MiU Creek 

Bumont Benj., weaver, Haverford & MiU Creek 

Bunday Wm. H., bootihr. 336 S 4th 
Bundick Peter D., waiter, 1027 Ivy 
Bundick Wm., porter, 39 S 2d, h Gulielma 
Bundick Z., waterman, reai- 9 Mead 
Bundy Benjamin, 22d and Cherry 
Bundy Charles S., barber, 2 Walnut, h 741 S 

Bundy E., waiter, rear 217 Duponceau 
Bundy Joseph, 89 Wayne (G T) 
Bundy Thomas R., waiter, 814 South 
Bunker Ann, confectioner, 341 Coates 
Bunker Benj., gunner, 225 Greenwich 
Bunker Charles, gent. 341 Coates 
Bunker Charles, taVern, 41 William 
Bunker Henry, carp. 527 M'lUwain 
Bunker James Price, lab. Brown ab 2d st road 
Bunn Albert G., spin. 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn Daniel, cai'p. 9th & Poplar 
Bunn Edward V., tinsm. 237 Poplar 
Bunn Horace F., mer. 137 N 3d, h 223 N 20th 
BUNN, RAIGUEL & CO., (S. M. Bunn, Henry 

R. Raiguel, V. C. Bush, W. W. Kurtz, 

H. F. Bunn,) dry goods, 137 N 3d 
Bunn Sarah, gentw. 547 N 10th 
Bunn S. M., dry goods, 137 N 3d, h 254 Logan 

Bunnell David S., lumber counter, Coates street 

whf. h 130 Laurel 
Bunner John, weaver. Main (G T) 
Bunner Wm. cai-p. Main (G T) 
Bunten John, weaver, 11 Powers ct 
Bunting & Bro., gas fitters and plumbers, 1351 

Bunting & Bro., cabinetmrs. 221 Si 223 S 2d 
Bunting Charles, 806 Cherry 
Bunting Charles M., store 1318 Ridge av 
Bunting Charles M., tinsm. 222 S 12th 
Bunting Charles W., hardware, 821 N 2d, h 605 

N 8th 
Bunting Daniel, police, 1516 Cuthbert 
Bunting Daniel, 113 New 
Bunting George, 110 Haydock 
Bunting George H., police, 140 Otter 
Bunting Henry B., liquors, 1351 South 
Bunting Jacob S., cloths, )6 S 2d 

Bunting Jacob T., merchant, 26 S Del av. h239 


Bunting James, gas fitter, 705 S Broad 
Bunting James, teacher, Somerton 
Bunting John, stamp cut. 200 New, h 1544 N 


Bunting- John, gas, 1013 Shackamaxon 
Bunting Joshua E., cabinetmr. 221 8t 223 S 2d 
Bunting J. R., cabinetmr. 221 S 2d 
Bunting Michael, cigarmr. 244 S 2d 
Bunting & Middle ton, {C. W. Bunting, B. L. 

Middleton,) hardw. 821 N 2d 
Bunting N., 5 Derringer's av 
Bunting Philip S., read est. agt. 232 Dock, h N 

W Walnut and Mary (W P) 
Bunting Richard, ship jr. 140 Otter 
Bunting Saml., auctioneer, 232 Market, h 632 

Bunting Samuel C. jr., hardw. 232 Dock, h N 

W Walnut & Mary (W P) 
Bunting Samuel C, real est. agent, 232 Dock, 

h N W Walnut and Mary (W P) 
Bunting Samuel S., drug. N E 10th & Spruce 
Bunting Thomas H., clerk, 38 N 3d, h 709 Flo- 

Bunting Thomas R., farmer, Olney 
Bunting Wm.. porter, 428 Market, house 1526 

Bunting William H., coal yard, 2011 Callow- 
Bunting Wm. J., gas fr. & plbr. 1351 South, h 

705 S Broad 
Bunts John, bookbr. 307 Gaskill 
Burbidte Wm., chandler, 329 Thompson 
Burch Charles E., mer. 135 N 3d 
Burch Charlotte, 730 Plover 
Burch Eliza, gentw. 919 Filbert 
Burch John T., cabinetmr. Moyamensingav bel 

Burch & Rilev, millinery, 438 & 440 N 2d 
Burch Thos. jr., mer. h 227 N 12th 
Burchard D. W., clerk P O., h 104 S 5th 
Burchard Jabes, U. S. Commis. 104 S 5th 
Burchell Henry, plasterer, 835 S 3d 
Burchell Wm.,' carpet manuf h 23 Marker 
Burd Eliza H., S W 9th & Chestnut 
Burd Samuel, carp. 21st and Oxford 
BURDEN ANDREW M., M. D., N E 8th and 


Burden Jesse R. M. D., h 1320 Spruce 
Burdenstock Gregory, Bridge (Bdg) 
Burdett Samuel D., M. D., 721 Green 
Burdge John, captain, Richmond ab Ann 
Burdick E. Mrs., millinery, &c. 232 N 8tli 
Bui-dick Samuel, segar store, 900 Moyamensing 

Burdon James, engineer, 229 S Front 
Biu-dsall Jacob H., clerk, 523 Chestnut 
Burdsall Mahlon, carp. Front ab Cherry 
Burdsall Wills, 316 Aberdeen 
Burgaine Thomas, shoes, 1134 Poplar 
Burgaier Benjamin, clerk, 1140 N3d 
Burgaier Lewis, millinery, 141 N 2d 
Burgen Henry, dealer, 410 Shippen 
Burger Charles, cordw. 822 Willow 
Burger Erasmus J., butcher, Holmesburg 
Burger Gotlieib A., hatter, 1120 N 2d 
Burger Henry, carp. 1342 Columbia av 



Burger Wm,,vict. Colleg-eville 
Burg-ert F. J., beer saloon, 1024 Fkd road 
Burg-ess Adam, gent. 1219 Wood 
Burgess Henry E„ acct. 810 Green 
Burgess James, weaver, Hope ab Diamond 
Burgess John, vict. 31 Mary's al 
Burgess Phillls, washer, r 913 Nassau 
Burgess Sarah, 1725 Pearl 
Burgess Susan, r 807 Rachel 
Burgess Wm., clerk, 47 N 8th 

Burgh ardt , tailor, 304 Garden 

Burgheim Philip, music tr. 751 S 10th 
Burgin Chs. F., mer. 133 Arch, h Tulpehoclcen 

(G Town) 
Burgin Geo. H, jr., M. D., mer 133 Arch, h 121 

N 18th 
Burgin Geo. H., M. D. & mer. 133 Arch, h 331 

S 5th 
Burgin James, cedar cooper, 1709 Ridge av 
Burgin John H., mer. 133 Arch, h 331 S 5th 
Burgin Jos., salesm. 311 Market h 715 S 10th 
BURGIN & SONS, (Geo.H., Geo. H., Jr., Chas. 

F., Jonn H., Wm. ill,) white and green 

glassware and manuf. chemists, 133 Arch, 

glass works, Montgomery av 
Burgin Wm., sugr. refr. Knights ct 
Burgin Wm., drayman, 22d ab Race 
Burgin Wm. M., mer., 133 Arch, h 331 S 5th 
Burgison Israel, g-ent. 6 Dubree (F V) 
Burgner Peter, fancy goods, 204 N 8th 
Burgoyne Saml., hosier, Haines (G Town) 
Burgthal C, b h 120 Vine 
Burhouse Eli, weaver, Sharpnack (G T) 
Burk Anthy., lab. Lancaster ab Reed 
Burk Arthur, morocco dr. 217 Wood 
Burk A. Mrs., gentlewoman, 823 Rachel 
Burk Chancery E., clerk, 1003 Market h 1005 

Burk Chas., cordw. 848 S 2d, h 925 Moya- 

mensing av 
Burk Chas. lab. 732 Swanson 
Burk Christian, lab. Richmond (Bdg) 
Burk David cord^y. 953 N 7th 
Burk Eh, brickmr., 918 N 5th 
Burk Francis, baker, 805 Fitzwater 
Burk Frazer, Washington (Myk) 
Burk Georgiana, washerwoman. Oak bel Rose, 

Burk G. K., carp. (G T rd) bel Norris 
Burk Geo. W., coach trimmer, School (G T) 
Burk Hannah M., 1110 Myrtle 
Burk Henry, painter, 335 Walnut, h 734 

Burk H., plumber, 732 Swanson 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 814 Green 
Burk Jas., dying & print. 2 Lodge, h 2032 Vine 
Burk James, 2032 Vine 
Burk James, 1506 Poplar 
Burk James, lab. 1509 Tudor 
Burk Jas. A., mer. 30 S Front, h 332 N Front 
Burk John, porter, 1 McLeod pi 
Burk John, tailor, McAlravy's ct- 
Burk John, carp. 4 Merino 
Burk John, 6 West 
Burk John, lab. Main bel Cedar (Myk) 
Burk John, cordw. Binder's pi 
Burk John gas fitter, Dauphin ab Reese 
Bui-k John M,, tailor, 887 Robertson 

Burk John, lab. Rose bel Market, (W P) 

Burk John, lab. Nicholson ab 22d 

Burk John mason, Haines, (G Town) 

Burk John F., grocer, 233 Chester 

Burk John G., carp. 1131 Jefferson 

Burk John J., 1616 Vine 

Burk Math., 5 Graydon 

Burk Michael, carp. 1037 Jefferson 

Burk Michael, hotel, 915 Masters 

Burk Michael, lab. Sorrel bel Melvale (R) 

Burk Michael, lab. 839Warnock 

Burk Michl., shoemkr., 912 Larch 

Burk Moses, 714 Lindsay 

Burk Patrick, blacksm. 1735 Pearl 

Bvirk Patrick, lab. 5 Combe's al 

Burk Patk., coi'emr. 937 Morgan 

Burk Patk., lab. 764 S 6th 

Burk Redman, tailor, 740 Federal 

Burk Richd., lab. Salmon (R) 

Burk Saml., varnisher, 964 Lawrence 

Burk Saml., gunsmith, 600 N Front, 

Burk Thomas, lab. Somerset (R) 

Burk Thomas, coach trimmer. School (G T) 

Burk Thomas, grocery, 1147 N 2d 

Burk Wm., dealer, r 6 Levant 

Burk Wm., boatman, 529 Murray 

Burk Wm., undertaker, 8th & Christian 

Burk Wm. A., clerk, h 1005 Wood 

Burk Wm. E., clerk, 237 Market h Harvey 

Burk William G., druggist, 734 Lombard 
Burkart Henry S., turner, 1206 Deacon 
Burkart Isaac W., convey, office, 219 S 4th, h 

430 Appletree al 
Burkart Jacob, clerk, 1339 N 11th 
Burkart Saml. jr., seaman, 1339 N 11th 
Burkart Val., jr., conveyancer, 429 Arch, h 1223 

Burke Chas., shoemkr., 914 Stewart 
Burke Dennis, cordw, 1623 R av 
Burke Edmund, mach. 804 N 13th 
Burke Edwd., lab. Richmond and R R (R) 
Burke Edwd., upholstr. 1508 Sansom 
Burke Francis, carter, 24th and Sansom 
Burke Jacob, acct. 121 S 3d, h 1915 Coates 
Burke James, porter, 308 Market, h 105 Eutaw 
Burke James, carter. West n 23d & W^li^ut 
Burke Jeremiah, lab. 9 Chancerv la 
Burke 'John, 2329 Meredith 
Burke John, lab. Commerce (R) 
Burke John, lumb. mer. h 1616 Vine 
Burke John, chair maker, 637 Girard av 
Burke John F., mer. 900 Market 
Burke Joseph, salesm. 1615 Vine 
Burke Joseph, clerk, 2012 Callowhill 
Burke Lawrence, currier, 807 Christian 
BURKE LUCAS E., pub. acct, 420 Walnut, 

h 1327 S 4th 
Burke Mai'tin, grocer, 6th and Paul 
Burke Mary Ann, milliner, 802 Chestnut 
Burke Mich., 139 N Juniper 
Burke Miles, lab. 804 S Front 
Burke M. A., bookkeeper, 1115 Market, h 460 

N 4t]i 
Burke M. R., bookeeokper. 123 Chestnut h237 

S 3d 
Burke Owen, lab. Sorrel bel Melvale (R) 
Bui-ke P., waiter, 1220 Lyndall's al 




Burke Patk., driver, "Walker's ct 
Burke Paul, watchman, 2d bel Dauphin 
Burke Thos., boatm. Edgemont ab Somerset 

Burkart Charles, cedarware, 1257 N 11th 
Burkai-t Isaac W., conveyancer, h 430 Apple- 
tree al 
Burkart Philip, blksmith, 5 Liberty av 
Burkart Thos. F., turner, 429 Arch 
Burkart & Roedel, ( Wm. Burkart, George F. 

Roedel,) boots and shoes, 355 N 2d 
Burkart Val., clerk, M. & M. Bank, h 429 Arch 
Burke Thos. salesm, 1224 Wood 
Burke Walter, undertr. 902 S 8th 
Burke Wm., dealer, r 6 Levant 
Burke Wm., lab. Somerset ab Laurel 
Burke Wm. C, tailor, 1706 Rittenhouse 
Burke Wm. C, trimming-s, 1138 Pine 
Burket Herm., lab. Cresson bel Mechanic (Myk) 
Burket Jacob, eng-. 8 Queen 
Burket James, trader, Janney 
Burket John, g-rocer, 1307 Market and N E 

21st & Market 
Burkett Arthur, cabinetmr. 343 Jarvis 
Burkett Chas., cabinetmr. 1116 G T av 
Burkett Rebecca, furniture, 1116 G T av 
Burkett Wm., seg-armr. 122 Wharton 
Burkey John, cordv/. 910 Wavne 
Burkhardt Christ., saloon, 1647 G T rd 
Burkhardt E. W. g-ent. fm-nishing- store, 817 Sp 

Burkhardt Geo. J., vat manuf. S E Broad and 

Buttonwood, h 1340 Green 
Burkhardt Hannah, 475 Franklin 
Burkhardt & Smith, {Geo. J. Burkhardt, John 
M. Smith,) vat manufs. S E Broad and But- 
Burkhardt Valentine, lamp mer. 1552 Apple 
Burkhart Chas. R., 813 Race 
Burkhart John, lab. Pearl ab 23d 
Burkhart John C, 813 Race 
Burkhart Julius, hotel, Coates & Penns3dvania av 
Burkhart J. C, salesman, h 547 Marshall 
Burkhart J. W., 206 S. 4th. 
Burkhart Peter, 813 Race 

Burkhart Robt., carp. 115 Jones al, h 323 But- 
Burkhart Saml., brushmr. 1339 N 11th 
Burkhart Theod., 211 N 3d, h 1327 Mt. Ver- 
Burkhart Wm., segarmr. 1225 N 4th 
Burkhart W. J., acct, 60 N Front, h 813 Race 
Barkitt Joseph, tui-ner, 241 German 
Burkley Christ. E., baker, 3d & Wharton 
Burklev Geo., butcher, Marlborough below F 

Burkman F. V., stovemr. 907 St Johns 
Burkmare Chas., shipping master, Melvale bel 

Burleigh Francis, M. D., 907 Christian 
Burley Maria, h 816 S 9th 
Burling B. S., mer. 129 N Front, h 218 Logan 

Burling Wm., brickmr. Federal & Buck i-d 
Burhngham Geo., lab. 2514 Biddle 
Burlinghame Chas., mach. Smethurst pi 
Burlock Samuel D., bookbinder, Georg-e above 
11th, h 1911 Coates 

Burmester Adolph, cooper, r 1022 N 2d 

Burnman Edw., shoemaker, 1232 Bedford 

Burn Farmer, 402 N Front 

Burncassell Geo., lab. Walter's ct 

Burnell Thomas H., bookkeeper, 112 Walnut, 

h Camden 
Burnell W. W., M. D., 1943 Vine 
Burnerman Wm., bootfitter, American above 

Burneson Saml. W., engineer, 3 Hoffman's al 
Bm-ness Fred. A., warehouse. Mill (G Town) 
Burness Saml. L., shop, R av below Green lane 

Burnet Geo., mer., 616 S 10th 
Burnett Edw., fisherman, 719 Richmond 
Burnett Eli S., mer., 409 Market, h Chestnut 

bet William & Till (W P) 
Burnett Henrv, moulder. Bridge (Bd'g) 
Burnett Hugh, N. S. A., 1115 Market 
Burnett Jas., lab., 1520 Wood 
Burnett John, gardener. Rising Sun la 
Burnett John, painter, 441 Belgrade 
Burnett Riley, cordw., Norris bel 5th (K) 

S. Burnett, John W. Sexton, A. Van Swear- 

ingen,) fancy goods, 409 Market 
Burney Patrick, lab. 1309 Carlton 
Burney Wm., carp., 1124 Wistar 
Burnham Geo., 2219 Green 
Burnham R., N E 23d & Green 
Burnheart Chas., fisherman, 131 Van Horn 
Burnheart Jno., barber, 925 N 4th 
Burnheater Jno., lab. Sharpnack (G T) 
Burnheater Wm., cordw., Sharpnack (GTown) 
Burnheater Wm., cordw., (C Hill) 
Burns Abraham, confect., 133 S 15th 
Burns Abraham W., cordw. 1507 Frankford rd 
Burns And., 1119 Cherry 
Burns And., boilermr., 1122 Fremont below 

Burns Ann, wid. 641 Bedford 
Burns Ann, shop, 1528 Mervine 
Burns Ann O., matron, 112 N 7th 
Burns Arthur, waterman, Summer n Canal 
Burns Arthur, mach. Lancaster av, near 36th 

Burns Bayard, clerk, 239 Market, h 23 S 17th 
Burns Bernard, carter, Carlton bel 15th 
Burns Bernard, carter, 36th near P R R 
Burns Bridget, wid. 616 Bedford 
Burns Chance, mer. William near Pratt (W P) 
Burns Chas., 9 Mayland 
Burns Chas., paper stain., 19th bel Market, h 

1233 S 3d 
Burns Chas., mason, 420 N 20th 
Burns Chas. C, photographs, 626 Chestnut, h 

220 N 15th 
Burns Charles J., runner, Girard Bank 
Burns Charles M. jr., gent. Harvey (G T) 
Burns Chas. M., agent, Harvey (G Town) 
Burns Chas, W., salesman, 24 Bank 
Burns Charles W., mer. 623 Poplar 
Burns Christoph., carp., Warren bel May (WP) 
Burns C, farmer. City Line N E 
Burns C. R. Mrs., trimmings, 303 & 305 S 13th 
Burns Dennis, founder, 514 N 19th 
Burns Dennis lab., Fisher n Huntington (R) 
Burns Edwd., grocer, S W 20th & Vine 




Burns Edward, lab. 1614 Wood 

Burns Eliza, 225 Chester 

Burns Eliza, 1012 S 12th 

Burns Esther Mrs., Division (Myk) 

Burns Even, Richmond (Bd'g') 

Burns Felix, dairyman, 740 Jamison 

Burns Geo., tobacconist, h 231 Madison 

Burns Geo., tailor, Lancaster bel Wharton 

Burns Geo., fireman, 1322 Earl 

Burns Geo., mach. mill (Fkd) 

Burns Geo., teamster. Lane av ab Market (W P) 

Burns Geo. H., farmer, Gitj^ lane (N E) 

Burns Geo. H., 413 Prune 

Burns Gertrude, 1203 Filbert 

Burns Hannah, Mrs., Cedar (Myk) 

Burns Henry, lab., 310 Truxton 

Burns Jacob H., cig-ars, 438 Spruce 

Burns James, 1119 Cherry 

Burns James, lab. 1614 Helmuth 

Burns J as., lab. Seybert ab 16th 

Burns Jas., carter, 705 Fallon 

Burns Jas., carter, 2111 McDuffie 

Burns Jas., captain, 33 Shippen 

Burns Jas., drugs, 117 Frankford (Fkd) 

Burns Jas., driver, 3 N 19th 

Burns Jas., spooler, 1403 Hope 

Burns Jas. B., lab. Hewson 

Burns James R., brushmr. 623 Poplar 

Burns Jeremiah, tailor, 2040 Murray 

Burns John, porter, 813 Auburn 

Burns John, locksm. 617 Shippen 

Burns John, 5 Landis 

Burns John, lab. 906 Atherton 

Burns John, weaver, rear 1030 Milton 

Burns John, seaman, 765 S Front 

Burns John, barkeeper, N E 8th & Zane 

Burns John, runner, 211 Chestnut, trim, store 

303 S 13th 
Burns John, shoemr., 312 Truxton 
Burns John, lab., 110 Onas 
Burns John, lab.. Cedar ab Cresson (Myk) 
Burns John, boots & shoes, 537 South 
Burns John, carter, 34th & Story (W P) 
Burns John, lab., 4 Carbon pi 
Burns John, carter, 9 Mayland 
Burns John, lab. Laurel (G T) 
Burns John, weaver, G T rd ab Camac 
Burns John M., mer., 605 Market, h 1234 Spring 

Burns Jos., lab. William ab Bath 
Burns Jos., boatman. South & Humes av 
Burns Jos., mason. Green Hill & Masters 
Burns Jos. Wm., tinman, 1004 South, h 1203 

Burns J. W., editor, 136 S 3d 
Burns Margaret, shop 1017 Spruce 
Burns Martin, blksm., 3 Faries ct 
Burns Mary, wid. 409 Queen 
Bui-ns Mary, huckster, Fitzwater ab Broad 
Bm-ns Mary, 413 Prune 
Burns Mary, Moore bel Front 
Burns Matthew, driver, 1537 Lewis 
Burns Mich., tailor. Pike st 
Burns Mich., lab. Fisher ab Emery 
Burns Mich., 312 Truxton 
Burns Mich., lab., 1802 Addison 
Burns Mich., weaver, 1128 Milton 
Burns Mich., lab. 734 Washington av 

Burns Mich., porter, 943 Hutchinson 

Burns & McMenemin, ( W. M. Burns, H. M'Me- 

nemin,) coal deals. Washington av ab 12th 
Burns & Moore (M. B. Burns, L. B. Moore,) 

milliners, 216 N 8th 
Burns Nicholas, lab., 127 York 
Burns Pat., tailor, Front & Reed 
Burns Pat., lab.. Trotter ab Morris 
Burns Pat., lab Bowman (G Town) 
Burns Pat., tailor, 1004 Church 
Burns Pat., stone cutter, 2036 Sansom 
Burns Pat., quarry man, 21st ab Market 
Burns Pat., cabtmr. 210 Union 
Burns Pat., stonecr. 2326 Biddle 
Burns Pat., driver, 553 N 22d 
Burns Pat., lab. F rd bel Lehigh 
Burns Pat., dealer, 1414 Warnock 
Burns Pat., coachm. 610 Farmer 
Burns Patrick James, (Falls Sch) 
Burns Pearce, porter, 216 Chestnut, h 11 Tam- 
many ct 
Burns Peter, clerk post office, h 237 S 3d 
Burns Peter, boatman. South & Humes av 
Burns Peter, blacksm. 20th k Sp Garden 
Burns Peter, clerk, 237 S 3d 
Burns Philip, lab. Laboratory Hill (Falls Sch) 
Burns Robert, M. D., 87 Frankford 
Burns Robert W., b h, 216 N 8th 
Burns Saml., brickmr. 1139 S 16th 
BURNS & SIEG, (C. M. Burns, S. H. Sieg,) 

booksellers & stationers, 8th 8c Chestnut 
Burns & Son (Hugh, Mason,) grocers, S W 

Frankford rd & Allen 
Burns Theodore, carp. 623 Poplar 
Burns Thos., lab. 21st ab Market 
Burns Thomas, lab. 2 Johns ct 
Burns Thomas, driver, 1522 Cuthbert 
Burns Thomas, lab.. Centre (G T) 
Burns Thomas, lab., 407 N 16th 
Burns Thomas, glass syringes, phials, 119 Wal 

nut, h 118 Reed 
Burns Thomas, lab., Church 
Burns Thomas, lab., Taylor's st 
Burns Timothy, rear 727 S 5th 
Burns Timothy A., com. mer. 8th bel Girard av 
Burns Walter, dealer, 938 Cross 
Burns Wm., coal, Washington av ab 12th, h 754 

P road 
Burns Wm., wines &, liquors, 8th & Cai'penter, 

h 10 N 16th 
Burns Wm., lab. 230 S Water 
Burns Wm., tobacco, 828 Market, h 1214 But- 

Burns Wm., tailor, 1414 S 7th 
Burns Wm., lab. Hewson ab Salmon 
Burnside Jos., lab., Fitler & Montg-omery 
Burnside Wm., packer, 47 N 3d, h 704 S 13th 
Burnside Wm , agt P R R 11th & Market, 1532 

Burnside Wm., glassbr. 1105 Montgomery av 
Burnwood Fred., coach fac. Story nr 37th (W P) 
Burr Alex., paint. & glaz., 21 S 17th, h Warren 

bel Mary (W P) 
Burr Alfred, 121 Race 
Burr B. J., jr., draftsman, 725 Chestnut 
Burr Dav. f .,mer. S W 2d& Market, h 1626 Pine 
Burr D. R., builder, 1618 Vine 
Burr Hope, 811 Race 




Burr Hudson S., M. D., dentist, 1310 Walnut 

Burr Jno. I., mer. 614 & 616 Market, h 303 N 10th 

Burr John P., barber, 728 South 

Burr Jas., lab. Robinson ab Cresson (Myk) 

Burr Jos., g-ent. 506 Federal 

Burr Jos., painter, Warren ab Park (W P) 

Burr Jos. S., clerk, 439 Chestnut, h734 Orange 

Burr J. Earle, tailor, 675 N 10th 

Burr Mai-gt., wid., 1112 Green 

Burr M. L., Broad bel Passyunk rd 

Burr Rebecca, 1004 Coates 

Burr Richard, M. D., 604 F road 

Burr Nich., gent. Havei-ford nr 35th (W P) 

Burr Thos., tailor, 239 S 6th 

Burr Thos. E., tailor, 321 Chestnut 

Burr Wm., clerk, 1022 Wood 

Burr Wm. H., boilermr. 261 N Juniper 

Burr W. H. 8c D. R., builders, h 1618 Vine 

Burras Benj., cordw., b h 926 St. Johns 

Burras John S., cordw., 1021 St. Johns 

Burrell Chas. B., agt. Chickering & Sons, 1307 

Burrell John H., waiter, 1315 Shippen 
Burrell Nathan, carder. Main (G T) 
Burrichter Clemens, stoves, 827 South 
Burris Andw., waiter, 938 N 11th 
Burris Benj., shingle shaver, 1210 Deacon 
Bui-ris Thomas H., bricklr. 1210 Deacon 
Burris Wm., laborer, 1031 Vernon 
Burris Wm. S., clerk, h 759 Erie 
Burrough Adelphi, gent. 927 Randolph 
Burrough Charles, captain, Richmond above 

William (R) 
Burrough Saml. G., clerk, 318 Market, h 400 

Burroughs Benj., cordw., Tyson bel Dauphin 
Burroughs H. N., merchant, 108 S 4th, h 726 

Burroughs James P., salesman, 308 Market 
Burroughs John, gent., Chelton av (G Town) 
Burroughs Jno., machinist, 2d bel Dauphin 
Burroughs Margaret, Chelton av (G T) 
Burroughs Stephen, lab. Paul (Fkd) 
Burroug-hs Wm., gent., Chelton av (G T) 
Burrow Wm., turner, 1 Frankford pi 
Burrows A. J., 134 Catharine 
Burrows Chas. P., agent, 48 N 11th 
Burrows Edward, brass turner, 1025 Hamilton 
Burrows Edward D., carp. 1222 Filbert 
Burrows E., bookkr. 2044 Pine 
Burrows E. A., 134 Catharine 
Burrows E. J., 206 S Del av, h 511 S Front 
Burrows E, R., bookkeeper, 1223 Kemble 
Burrows Geo. plasterer, 224 N 11th 
Burrows Isaac, cordw., r 11 Charles 
Burrows James, 110 S 22d 
Burrows Jessie A., carp. Littleboy's ct, h 667 

N 10th 
Burrows John, gent. Chelten av (G T) 
Burrows John, machine finisher. Miller (GT) 
Burrows John, lab., 2604 Lombard 
Burrows John, tailoi", 1532 N 4th 
BurrowsJos., traveller, 1819 Addison 
Burrows Margaret, dress making, 311 S 4th 
Burrows Margaret, Chelten av (G T) 
. Burrows Rachel, washer, 530 Buckley 
Burrows Wm., mariner, 836 Cathai'ine 
Burrows Wm., tailor, h 27 S 10th 

Burrows Wm., atty. at law, Chelten av (G T) 

Burrows Wm. A., printer, 311 S 4th 

Burson Edwd. C, salesman, 435 Market 

Burson Wm., coach trim. Warnock bel Masters 

Burston Jno., mer. 826 Market 

Burt Alice, gentw. 1527 Walnut 

Burt Arthur A., mer., 1203 Walnut 

Burt E. R., trimmings, 508 S 2d 

Burt James, weaver, 1064 N Front 

Burt James, actor, 932 Melvale 

Burt John, turner, 422 Library 

Burt John, carp., 517 S 12th 

Burt Jos., mach., 211 Reed 

Burt Michael, tea dealer, Whiteman's ct 

BURT M.L., grocer, S E 5th & Vine 

Burt The Misses, y'ng ladies' sem., 1621 Summer 

Burt Rich'd, baker. Main (G T) 

Burt Thomas, painter, 2 Accomac pi 

Burtis Aaron H., plasterer, 1129 Filbert 

Burtis E. T., bricklayer, 258 N 15th 

Burtis Jane F., 1606 Vine 

Burtley Michael, shoemaker, 917 Melvale 

Burtnet Jno., piano mr. 947 N 3d 

Burton Adeline, waslier, 240 Duponceau 

Burton Adin F., ship carp. 920 Beach 

Bui-ton Amos, conveyancer, 7th h Walnut, h 

1220 N 13th 
BURTON ARTHUR M., att'y at law, 243 S 5th 
BURTON A. B., bridge builder, 333 Walnut, 

h 650 N 13th 
Burton Benj. C, shipwt., 920 Beach 
Burton Bernard, agent, 1231 S Front 
Burton Busby, 1330 Myrtle 
Burton & Clement, shipping mers. 112 S Del av 
Burton Cy., coachm., George bel William (WP) 
Burton D. M., jant'r Concert H, h 509 Lombard 
BURTON EDW., intel. office, S E 3d & Spruce 
Burion Edward, paper hang. 602 & 622 Arch, 

h 941 N 6th 
Burton Ehza, trimmings, 178 Brandywine 
Burton E. Mrs., 863 N 9th 
Burton E. P. Mrs., 242 Pine 
Burton Francis, carp. 438 Belgrade 
Burton Francis R., gilder, 805 Jane 
Burton Geo., porter, 232 Currant al 
Burton Geo., mariner, 208 Brier pi 
Burton Geo. R., tailor, S E 2d 8c Spruce, h 118 

Burton Geo. W., mer. off. 230, h 1606 Walnut 
Bui'ton Gideon Rev., 335 S 7th 
Burton Hamilton, baker, 511 S 6th 
Burton Henry F., ship carpenter, 425 Wildey 
Burton Henry W., carp. Mulberry (Myk) 
Burton H. A., paper hang. 155 N 6th 
Burton Jas., lab. 733 Mary 
Burton John, mer 126 S Del av, h 1418 Walnut 
Burton John, washer, 246 Quince 
Burton John, M.D., 648 N 11th 
Burton John, gold br., Sloan bel Pratt (W P) 
Burton John, gent. 513 Wharton 
Burton John A., atty. 8c coun. offi. 504 Walnut, 

h 246 N 5th 
Burton Joseph W., whipmr. 1110 Marlboro' 
Burton J. P., mer. 654 N 11th 
Burton J. Rudolph, salesman, 920 Beach 
BURTON 8c LANING, pap. hang. 602 Arch, 

manuf. 6th 8c Columbia av 
Burton Lavinia, 242 Raspberry 




Burton London, lab. 1225 Shippen 

Barton Lucy, 623 Middle a] 

Burton Lydia, washer, 208 Brier pi 

Burton Martin V. B., acct., 115 N 3d, h 411 

Burton Matilda, washer, 725 Lombard 
Burton Matilda, wid. 438 Belgrade 
Burton Peter, cabtmr. 224 Stamper's al 
Burton Peter, porter, 1030 Barley 
Burton Robert, mer. 112 S Del aV, h 1418 Wal- 
Burton Robt. J., tinsm. 143 N 6th, h 438 Bel- 
Bui-ton Sarah C, trimming's, 505 Vine 
Burton T. W., 242 Pine 
Burton Wm., capt. 243 Lombard 
Burton Wm. R., elk. h 17th & Brandywine 
Burwell Cath., 2052 Hand 
Burwell David S., tailor, 419 Market, h 778 S 

Burwell Wm., silver plater, 1434 Barclay 
Burwell Wm., silver plater, r 216 Arch 
Busby Hezekiah, carp. Bring-hurst (G T) 
Busch Aug-ust, acct. h 14 Levant 
Busch A., M.D., 116 Union 
Busch Adam, moulder, 1186 Otis 
Busch Elizabeth, b. h. 923 Filbert 
Busch Fi'edk., paper stainer, 712 S 13th 
Busch Geo., lab. b h 946 Charlotte 
BUSCH HENRY E., atty. at law, 218 S 4th 
Busch Jacob, cordw. b h 1007 Charlotte 
Busch J. F., bookbr. N E 6th & Minor, h 1007 

Buscher Chas., 1 Mayland 
Buscher John, blksm. 1232 Hope 
Bush Charles, waterman, Bivins pi 
Bush Chas. I., Alleg-hany House, 814 Market 
Bush Ephraim, hotel. Main (G T) 
Bush Geo., stables, 106 Marg'aretta 
Bush Hiram E., carp. 829 N 12th 
Bush Jacob, lamp mr. 917 Buttonwood 
Bush John, porter, 1301 Pearl 
Bush John, hotel (C Hill) 
Bush John, brakesman, Otis ab Tulip 
Bush John, sugar refiner, 508 Hurst 
Bush John, painter, r 1341 Kates 
Bush John, lab. Lan avn Bridg-e (W P) 
Bush Joseph, sawyer, 9 West av 
Bush Henry E., atty. at law, 239 S 3d 

BUSHONG P. & SONS, alcohol & fluid manuf. 

215 & 217 N Broad, h 247 N 18th 
Bushor Charles, sculptor & carver, 200 Dock 
Bushwell John H., daug-uerroty. 434 Chestnut 
Busscher Jacob, shoemr. 14 Kayser's av 
Busse Edwd., cord\^'. Brayan's ct 
Busseman Rajonond, dyer, 706 S 4th 
Busseng-er Jacob, blksm. 136 Congress 
Busser J. H., teacher, renovator, 1740 Barker 
Bussert Nathaniel, carp. 1006 Marshall 
Bussier B., ink manuf. 738 S 2d 
Bussier D. P., mer. 1630 Arch 
Bussier Geo. W., butcher, r 1513 Rye 
Bussier Jane, 723 S 3d 
Bussier Joseph B., mer. 110 S Delaware av, h 

224 Pine 
Bussier Thomas, 738 S 3d 
Bussing- Frank, g-rocer, 5th and Columbia 
Bussinger Fredk., weaver. Fishers' la (G T) 
Bussing-er Isaac M., clerk, 15 Mer. Ex. h 136 

Bussom Thos., moulder, 2016 Filbert 
Bustard Adam, lab. S E 21st & Wood 
Bustard James, shoes, 3 Cunningham av 
Bustil C. C, porter, 232 Market, r 416 Gaskill 
Bustill Jas. M., plast. 418 CaUowhill, h 829 N 

Butcher Alex. M., r 1214 S 6th 
Butcher Ann M., dressmr. 1337 Vine 
BUTCHER & BROTHER, {Washington, John,) 

prod. mer. 146 and 148 N Front 
Butcher B. F., salesman, 432 Market, house 209 

S 6th 
Butcher Chas., 120 N Front 
Butclier E. J. W., butcher, Haines (G T) 
Butcher Harriet, Bringhurst (G Town) 
Butcher Hiram, cordw. Washington (G Town) 
Butcher Jacob, blksm. School (G Town) 
Butcher Jacob, engineer, Lancaster n 36th 

Butcher James, stone mason, 2027 Cuthbert 
Butcher Jas., stone mason, 22d n Cherry 
Butcher James W., tobacconist, 62 N -Front, h 

535 Lorian 
Butcher Jolm, cordw. Bringhurst (G T) 
Butcher John, lab. Main (G T) 
Butcher John, mer. 146 & 148 N Front, h 114 

N 18th 
Butcher John, coach trimmer, Bringhurst (GT) 

Bush Lewis T., shoe cutter, 1224 Montgomery Butcher Jos., wheelwr. 618 Noble 
Bush Mary, Jefferson (Myk) | Butcher Jos., potter, b h 1021 Chai-lotte 

Bush Samuel H., tobacco, 408 N 3d, h 303 Cal-ii3utcher Jos., cordw. 1147 N 3d 

lowhiU I Butcher Letitia, store, 829 Carpenter 

Bush Van Camp, mer. 137 N 3d, h 1314 Arch j Butcher M., stocking weaver, Manheim (G T) 
Bush AVm.., 202 Prosperous al i Butcher Robt., 1002 Ward 

BushWm. H., Merchants' House, 413 & 415 1 Butcher Richd., lab. Fisher's la (G T) 

Bushart Jacob, reedmr. Levering ab Cresson 

Bushby Wm., carp. 924 S 11th 
Bushman Richard, segarmr. 137 Laurel 
Buslinell Edwd. W., macht. S E 3d & Franklin, 

h 1228 Randolph 
Bushong Chas. A., printer, 2 Newbold 
Bushong Geo., alcohol & fluid manuf. 2208 Lo- 
Bushong Philip, fluid manuf. 215 Broad, h 247 

Butcher Saml., toll gate (C Hill) 
Butcher Saml., cordw. 1127 P rd 
Butcher Thos. B., treasurer, Armat and G T av 

(G Town) 
Butclier Thomas T., oflice 112 S 4th, h 35th & 

Race (W P) 
Butcher Washington, mer. 146 & 148 N Front, 

h 1821 Vine 
Butcher Wm., tin roofs, &c., S W 12th & Filbert 

h 1209 Filbert 
Butcher Wm., lab. Story n 38th (WP) 
Butcher Wm., clerk, Bringhurst (GT) 




Butcher Wm. A., tin roofs, &c., S W 12th and I Butler Mrs., dressmr. 539 N 22d 

Filbert, h 224 Jacoby 
Butcher Wm. M., elk. N W South & Del av, h 

509 Wharton 
Butcher Wm. W., tinroofer, 1209 Filbert 
Butcher W. & Son, tin roofers, rang-es and 

heaters, 36 & 38 N 12th 
Bute Chas. L., sugar refiner, Crown & Willow, 

h 603 Marshall 
Bute & Smith, (G L. Bute, E. 0. Smith,) su- 

g-ar refiners. Willow and Crown 
Butland John, saw manuf. 1011 Passyuuk 
Butland Samuel, saw manuf. 732 S Front 
Butler Adam E., painter, 230 Allen 
Butler And. A., mer. 32 S Front, h 502 E North 
Butler Caroline, 1229 Kemble 
Butler Charity, seam. 12 Fayette 
Butler Chas., moulder. Burns' av n Wood 
Butler Chas., lab. C Hill 

BUTLER & M'CA^RTY, {Frankliii Butler, Ed. 
M'Carft/,) silversm. 131 N 2d 

Butler Pat.,' saddler, 1239 N Front 

Butler Pat., lab. 3 Herman's ct 

Butler Peter, carp. 811 Allen 

Butler Pierce, painter. Sec, Howard's ct 

Butler Saml., weaver, Manheim (G T) 

Butler Samuel, porter, 1025 Lombard 

Butler Saml., carp. 1108 S 2d 

Butler Saml., chairmr. & blacksmith, Rose and 
Chestnut (W P) 

Butler Saml., tailor, 1240 Martet, h 109 Ker- 

Butler Saml. G., painter, 240 S 9th 

Butler Saml. M., salesman, 412 Market, h Mer- 
chant's Hotel 

BUTLER SAMUEL W., M. D., 701 Arch 

Butler Seth H., ins. 408 Walnut, h 1916 Lom- 

Butler Abby, g-entw. 1123 Hazel 

Butler Chas., lab. Lane av n Monroeville (W P)iButler Theo., ^Oth ab Arch 
Butler Chas. L., N E Edwin and Grape [Butler Thos., salesman, 624 Locust 

Butler Edward P., clerk, 110 Walnut, h 514|Butler Thos,, di-iver, 807 Poplar 

Spruce BUTLER THOMAS, tin pi. worker, 9 S 7th 

Butler Edwd., cordw. S E Poplar and Marshall Butler Thos. J., cutter, h 526 Lorian 
Butler Edwd., cordw. 1311 S 2d Butler Thos. S., painter, 406 Quince 

Butler Elizabeth, 424 N 9th |Butler T. H., salesman, 137 S 4th, h 204 N20th 

Butler E. H., publisher, 137 S 4th, h Main and' Butler Walter, weaver. Queen (G T) 

Hig-h (G Tov.^n^ J Butler Ward C, agent, 713 S 8th 

BUTLER E. H. & CO., booksellers, 137 S 4th JButler Wm., paver, 208 Prime 
Butler Fj-ances, 502 E North jButler Wm., waiter. Buck's ct 

Butler Franklin, watchmr. 131 N 2d, h 416 N 

Butler Geo., brushmr. 21 Reckless 

Butler Geo., waiter, 417 S 7th 

Butler Henry, silversm. 1228 Marshall 

Butler Henry L., printer, h 718 Washington av 

Butler H. w', silversm. 131 N 2d, h 1228 Marshall 

Butler Ira, carp. Burns ab Oxford 

Butler Isaiah, di'iver, 1126 P rd 

Butler Jas., porter, 1319 Mo3-amensing- ay 

Butler Jas., lab. rear 20 Barron 

Butler Jas., dyer. Lane, av, Monroeville (W P) 

Butler Jas. G.Rev., Chestnut ab Till (W P) 

Butler Jas. Peters, coal mer. 15th ab Poplar 

Butler Jeremiah, portei", 934 Passj-unk 

Butler Jeremiah, com. mer. Broad bel Wood, h 

S E 17th & Vine 
Butler John, driver, 208 Prime 
Butler John, carter. Front bel Reed 
Butler John, bootfitter, rear 2d ab Columbia 
Butler John, g-rocery, Cresson ab Grape (Myk) 
Butler John G., clerk, 32 S Front, h 502 E 

BUTLER JOHN M., eng-raver, printer & pub- 
lisher, 242 Chestnut, h N W 10th & Fitz- 
Butler Jos., lab. Carpenter's ct (G Town) 
Butler Jos., watchman, 16 Carlton 
Butler Joshua, clerk. High (G T) 
Butler, Josiah, lab. Sommers n P. R. R. (W P) 
Butler Lawrence, driver, 1620 Chandler 
Butler Lewis, cook, 607 Barclay 
Butler Margt., hotel, 2130 Market 
Butler Mary, cook, 523 S 7th 
Butler Miciil., lab. White 

Butler Michael, carter. Green ab 34th, h S W 
Church Sc Park (W P) 

Butler Wm., coach trimmer, r 713 S 8th 
Butler Wm., rear 426 Queen 
Butler Wm. P., coach trimmer, Lehman (GT) 
Butler Wm. T., sec. Fire Assoc. 34 N 5th, h 823 

Butler W. H., alderman, 322 N 6th 
Butt Wm., printer, rear 132 S 3d, h Camden 
BUTTERFIELD FREDK., importer, 119 

Butterfield Jesse S., Frankford 
Butterfield Jos., brickmr. Mascher and Thomp- 

Butterfield Sarah, 1518 F road 
Butters Thos., Sidney la, Federal bel 9th 
Butterton John, landscape painter. Darby road 

bel Chestnut (W P) 
Butterworth Chas. W., clerk, 518 Market 
Butterworth Edmond, twister. Washing-ton and 

Butterworth Francis, warper, Thurlow ab 12th 
Butterworth Henry W., tin plate wr. Haydock 

bel Front, h 909 Charlotte 
Butterworth Jas., weaver, Paschallville (W P) 
Butterworth Jas., cordw. Serg-eant ''R) 
Butterworth John, manuf, leaner ^(H viUe) 
Butterworth John, wool, 1105 Hope 
Butterworth J., wash boai-drar. b h, 411 Poplar 
Butterworth Wm., spiimer, Bodine n Adrian 
Button Conyers, manuf Main (G T) 
Button Jos., farmer, Washing'ton la (Bristol) 
Button Joseph, manuf. Main & Chestnut (G T) 
Button John & Son, stocking factory, Chestnut 

& G T av (G T) 
Button Joshua, weaver, Mechanic (G T) 
BUTTON STEPHEN D., architect, 26 and 

27 Merchants' Exchange 
Button Wm., dyer, Bo^vman (G T) 




Butts Chas. A.s gents furnishing-, 27 N 8th, h 

519 S 8th 
Butz Adam, broom manuf. 131 & 133 N Water, 

h 812 N 11th 
Butz Edward, cordw., 1005 N 4th 
Butz Geo., brewer, 3d ab Poplar, h 818 N 5th 
Butz Jacob, pedlar, 1128 F road 
Butz Leonard, cordw. 1517 Brinton 
Butz Louis, buttonmr. 1003 Leithgow 
Butz Louis, baker, 2050 Winter 
Buzby Abraham, boatman. Mechanic (Myk) 
Buzby Albert G., salesman, 233 Chestnut 
Buzby E. H., gent, h 24 W Penn sq 
Buzby Geo., cai-p. Leiper (Fkd) 
Buzby G- L., mer. 931 Market, h W Penn sq 
Buzby John, farmer, Adams road, Frankford 
Buzby John L., merchant, 931 Market, h 1342 

Buzby Maria, Mrs., gentw. h West Penn sq 
Buzby Mary H., cupper and leecher, 263 S 8th 
Buzby Mordecai, mer. 119 Chestnut, h 527 Vine 
Buzby Robert, farmer, Thomas (Fkd) 
Buzby Wm., cordw., 1624 Ridge av 
Buzzard Conrad, carp. 1126 Fremont 
Buzzard Jacob, ship cai-p. 456 Belgrade 
Buzzard Robert, tailor, Centre (G T) 
Buzzard Wm., cordw., Centre (G T) 
Byard James, coachman, Chelton av (G T) 
Byard Geo., sr., 923 S 6th 
Byard Geo., jr., carp. 923 S 6th 
Byard Thomas, carp. 919 S 6th 
Byard Wm., engi-aver, Wright ab 21st 
Byard Wm., lab. 6 Rose alley 
Bye Saml. K., carp. 1623 Filbert 
Byer Geo., vict., 1718 S 4th 
Byer Hillary, clerk, 501 Wood 
Byer John, weaver, 1447 N 4th 
Byer John D., casemr. 237 Lybrand 
Byer Wm., tool cutter, 522 Minor, h 2126 

Bver Wm., hotel, N W Sp Garden & lOth 
Byerly Adam, gold beater, 721 Christian 
Byerly Elizabeth, Front ab Columbia av 
Byerly Frank., coal dealer, 239 N Broad, h 1324 

Byerly Jacob, di-iver, 310 Beaver 
Byerly Jeremiah, ship carp. 810 S Front 
Byerly John C, cordw. 1503 Seybert 
Byerly M. Mrs., 1324 Arch 
Byerly Susan, gentw. 39 S 19th 
Byerly S. Mi-s., 812 Arch 
Byers Alexander, blacksm. 730 Montcalm 
Byers Alexander, blacksm. 731 Montcalm 
Byers George, gent. 512 S Juniper 
Berers Geo. F., coach trimmer, 1205 Warnock 
Byers Hancr'^. M., gent. 831 Swanson 
Bvers Louisa, Mountain ab 6th 
Byers Richard, plasterer. 512 S Juniper 
Byers Saml., paper hanger, 805 Lemon 
Byington W. C, M. D., 1014 Sp Garden 
Byphois Christian, mason, Tackawanna (Fkd) 
Byram John, lab. Leiper (Fkd) 
Byram J. H., engraver, 112 S 3d, h 1115 Wistar 
Byram Ralph, store keeper, Sellers (Fkd) 
B}ren John, store, Warren ab L Pine (W P) 
ByJne Ann, Robinson ab Cresson (Myk) 
Byrne Bridget, Shelburne av 
Byrne Charles, shoemr. 1137 Vine 

Byrne Edward, weaver, 13 Belrose ct 

Byrne Edward, porter, 467 N Market 

Byrne Edward, jr., printer, 13 Belrose ct 

Byrne James, salesman, 124 Almond 

Byrne James, tavern, Front bel Greenwich 

Byrne James N., oysters, 3d & Spruce 

Byrne John, bootmr. 706 Maurice 

Byrne Julia A., seminary, 229 N 12th 

Byrne Michl., grocer. Cotton & Cresson (Myk) 

Byrne Michael, carter, 1410 S 8th 

Byrne Patrick, shoemr. 704 Plover 

Byrne Peter, bookbr. Shelbmme av 

Byrne Susan, eating house, 7 Spruce 

Byrne William, cordw. 712 S Front 

Byrne Wm., brick layer, 21st & Hamilton 

Byrnes Jacob F., atty. and coun. 123 S 5th 

Byrnes Richard J., real estate broker, 202 S 5th 

Byrnes S., clerk, 637 N 7th 

Byrns Thos., tavern. Falls bridge &. Ridge av 

Cabale Louis, hair dresser, 13 S 9th 
CABEEN & CO., {Robt. B. Cabeen, A. A. Ko- 

negmacher,) com. mer., 209 N Water & 208 

N Delaware av and Willow st wharf 
Cabeen John, saddler, rear 736 Passyunk rd 
Cabeen Robt. B., com. iron mer. 209 N Water, 

h Main (G T) 
Cabel Chas., shoemr. 772 S 3d 
Cab el Julius, gas metremr. 1504 Cherry 
Caberry John, grocer, 820 Carpenter 
Cabot Joseph, merchant 105 Walnut, h 1106 

Cabot J. F., broker, 143 S Front, h 1106 Spruce 
Cabot & Pemberton, {J. F. Cabot, C. Pember- 

ton,) drug brokers, 143 S Front 
Cadbury Joel, mer. 18 Latitia, h 252 Franklin 
Cadbury John W., clerk, 724 Market, h 252 

Cadbury Richard, mer. 117 Chestnut, h Chelten 


Cadbury Wm. W., gent. 252 Franklm 
Caddin Patrick, currier, 1247 Wood 
Cade Aaron, waterman, 1306 Marlborough 
Cade Henry, waterman, 1306 Marlborough 
Cade John W., waterman, 1308 Marlborough . 
Cade Saml. W., clerk, 14 N Del av, h 536 

Cadmus Fred., mer. 300 Mai-ket, h Appletree 

al ab 4th 
Cadmus James M., salesman, 300 Market 
Cadmus Jeremiah, boots and shoes, 736 Market, 

h 835 AVood 
Cadmus Michael C, mer. 300 Market, h 530 

Cadwalader, Allman & Co., (Chas. Cadwalader, 

Thos. Alman, Elam Wenger,') com. flour & 

fordw. mers. Broad bel Vine 
Cadwalader Charles, feed 8c flour. Broad bel 

Cadwalader Charles, carp. 518 Marshall 
CADWALADER GEO., gent 925 Chestnut 
Cadwalader Isaac G., gent. 608 S 10th 
Cadwalader John, judge, U. S. District Conrt 

252 S 4th 
Cadwalader Reuben A., cordw., rear Armat 





Cadwalader Wm., 125 N 18th 

Cadwalader Wm. R., acct. 505 Minor, h 314 

Cadwalader Thos., g-ent. 1131 Chestnut 
Cadwallader Chas. N., salesman, 420 Market 
Cadwallader Cjtus, treas. Franklin Sav. Fund, 

134 Walnut, h 1427 N 7th 
Cadwallader D. S., coal yard, 1740 Market, h 

607 N 12th 
Cady E. C, M. D., 1603 Froad, h 1025 Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
CafFee Ward J., salesman, 508 Market 
Caffertv V. R., bricklayer, 228 Christian 
CaffrcA- And., brickmr. 1760 N 6th 
CaiFrey John, lab. 1226 Lyndall's al 
Caffrey Marg-aret, 216 Stamper's al 
Caffi-ey Patk., lab. 2217 Virginia 
CafFrey Patk., dealer, 724 Bedford 
Caffrey Stephen, compositor, 171 Masters 
Caffrey W. R., cordw.'l760 N 6th 
Cagney M., polisher, L Brown 
Cahan Mich., 5 Shepherd's al 
Caliill Aaron, waterman, 1306 Marlborough 
Cahill Barney, lab. Maurice ab P rd 
Cahill Daniel, hotel, 19 N Juniper 
Cahill James, gent. 24 S 12th 
Cahill Jerem., lab. 2046 Murray 
Cahill John, lab. Courtland pi 
Cahill John, cordw. 2046 Murray 
Cahill John, brakesman, Edgemont (R) 
Cahill Margaret, 7 Kelly's av 
Cahill Martin, restaurant, 401 Chestnut 
Cahill Mary A., 3 Gascon 
Cahill Michael, lab. 22d ab Market 
Cahill .Mich., slater, 851 N 11th 
Cahill Patrick, manufactui-er, Sepvivaab Vienna 

Cahill Patrick, porter, Tasker ab 8th 
Cahill Patrick, manuf. Norris ab Lemon 
Cahill Richard A., clerk, 112 S 4th, h 32 

Cahill Thomas, gent. Pine & Welsh 
Cahill Thos., mason, Wai-d's retreat 
Cahill Thos., shoes, 1513 South 
CAHILL THOMAS E., coal & ice mer. 325 

Walnut, depot Lombard and 25th, h 2054 

CahiU Wm., undertaker, 1103 Masters 
Cahn Abraham, clothing, 256 N2d, h 236 Vine 
Cahoo Patk., lab. James (F Sch) 
Cahoon James, wheelwrt. 122 Otter 
Cahoon James M., 122 Otter (K) 
Cailhopper Chas., carp. 1208 Ogden 
Cailly Hubert, 1123 Fitzwater 
Cain Alex. H., captain, 117 Beck pi, h 1123 

Cain David, lab. 125 Marion 
Cain Eliza, 805 Carpenter 
Cain George, shoemr. 1208 Hope 
CAIN, HACKER & COOK, miners and ship. 

of coal, 136 Walnut 
Cain James, 726 Carpenter 
Cain John, captain, S5 Christian 
Cain John, tinsm. 711 Shippen 
Cain John, lab. 726 Carpenter 
Cain J., lab. 915 S 10th 
Cain Lawrence, messenger, 1205 Chestnut 
Cain Michl. R., 426 Christian 

Cain Nathaniel, printer, 239 S 6th 

Cain Patk., 116 S 9th 

Cain Peter, seaman, rear 15 Mead 

Cain Robert, machinist, 646 Sears 

Cain R., 1007 S 8th 

Cain Thomas, chemist, 1234 Struther 

Cain Thomas, coal mercliant, 136 Walnut, h 622 

Cain William, machinist, 640 Sears 
Cain Wm., macht. 926 Melon 
Cain Wm., lab. 732 Carpenter 
Cain Wm. C, tobac. 217 S 13th 
Cainen Thos., 1650 Becket 
Caines Hugh, liquor, 458 Richmond 
Caines AVm., carp. 624 Carpenter 
Cairl L. S., pianos, 930 Arch, h 1020 Vernon 
Cairnes John, lab. Richmond ab Ann 
Cairnes Wm. G., Emigrants' Friend Office, 254 

S Front 
Cairns Arch., liquors, S W Bodine & Colombia 
Cairns John, porter, 33 S 6th, h Wallace n21st 
Cairns John, collector, 1205 Wood 
Cairns Joseph, drayman, 130 S 20th / 

Cairns Wm., hatter, 2222 Market X) 

CAKE, BOULDEN & CO., (Jacob F. Cake, 

Jesse Boulden, Thompson Newkirk,) liquors, 

118 Market 
Cake Chas. H., paper hanger, 705 Ubicks 
Cake Eliz., 546 Buttonwood 
Cake Jacob F., merchant, 118 Market, h 1905 

Calaghan Daniel, carp. 2 Rogers ct 
Calaghan Ellen, 2 Rogers ct 
Calahan George, special officer, 500 Chestnut 
Calahan Hannah, confect. 512 S 20th 
Calahan James, weaver, Rainbow ab Blair 
Calahan John, 2010 Coates 
Calahan John, 2217 Pratt 
Calahan Michael, carter. Aliens ct 
Calahan ^Michael, 4 Moore's al 
Calahan Thomas, 7 Moore's al 
Calahan Wm., Wallace ab 23d 
Caldcleugh Robt., M. D., 302 Walnut, h 1430 

Caldcleugh W.G.,atty.&coun., 302 Walnut, h 

1430 Chestnut 
Calderhead Isabella, carpet m., 1610 Barker, h 

1714 St. 'Joseph's av 
Calderhead Wm., weaver, 115 Edward 
Caldwell Alex., grocer, 723 Bangor 
Caldwell Andi-ew, plumber, 1308 Ridge av, h 

1314 Olive 
Caldwell Andrew, chandler, 1339 Rose 
Caldwell Ann, 515 Penn 
Caldwell A. D., carp. 772 N24th 
Caldwell Benjamin, dyer. Brazier bel 15th 
Caldwell Charles H., 110 Chestnut, h 255 S 15th 
Caldwell Charles P., whipmaker, 4 N 4th, h 

Haverford and 35th (W P) 
Caldwell Clark, brass brazier, 1234 Shipjjen 
Caldwell C. W., agent, 346 S 4th 
Caldwell David, gi'ocer, 12lh and Coates 
Caldwell David W., clerk. Till ab Darby road, 

Caldwell Edward E., boilermaker, 1712 Gray 

Caldwell Ellen, Freestone pi 
Caldwell Ely, gentw. 1616 Button 




Caldwell & English, {Thomas Caldwell, Gus. 

English,) mers., 110 Chestnut, and 108 S 

Caldwell Francis M., diy g-oods, 51 N 8th, h 

258 N 9th 
Caldwell & Ghriskey, {John A. Caldwell, C. M. 

Ghrishey,) hardware, 16 & 18 N 5th 
CaldweU H. A., com. mer. 107 S Water, h 309 

Caldwell James, porter, 3 Howai'd's ct 
Caldwell James, 9 S 16th 
Caldwell James, jr., di'ug-gist, 9 16th 
Caldwell James, clerk, 2217 Hamilton 
CaldweU James E., 822 Chestnut, h 1715 

CALDWELL JAS. E. & CO., {J. E. Caldwell, 

Richard A. Lewis, Edward La7ighto7i,) 

jewelers, 822 Chestnut 
Caldwell James M., clerk, 7 & 9 N 5th 
Caldwell James S., gent. 258 N 9th 
Caldwell Jas. W., acct. 9 S 16th 
Caldwell Jane, E of N 20th, ab Race 
Caldwell John, jr., currier, S E 2d & Shippen 
Caldwell John, gi-ocer, N W 3d and Moni-oe 
Caldwell John, porter, 202 Chestnut, house 608 

Caldwell John, paper stainer, 718 State 
Caldwell John, merchant, 13 Bank, h Spruce & 

William (W P) 
Caldwell John, hotel, S E 2d & Shippen , 
Caldwell John A., com. mer. 16 &. 18 N 5th, h 

514 S 3d 
Caldwell John D., carp. Wakefield (G Town) 
Caldwell John J., printer, 2 Fox ct 
Caldwell John R., com. mer. 16 Bank al, h 1230 

Caldwell Jonathan, collector, 1119 Moyamen- 

sing av 
Caldwell Jos., liquors N E 15th and Brazier 
Caldwell Joseph, painter, 1439 Howard 
Caldwell Joseph W., bookkeeper, 308 Market, 

h9 S 16th 
Caldwell Mary, 327 Russell 
Caldwell Marj^, seamstress, 2317 Biddle 
Caldwell Mary, sewing, 2319 Biddle 
Caldwell Robert, 206 AUen bel Shackamaxon 

Caldwell Robert, clerk, 2013 South 
Caldwell Robert S., clerk, 330 Market, h 510 

Caldwell Samuel, sand and slate, 1228 Marl- 
Caldwell Seth, jr., coal mer. 112 Walnut, h 

1132 Spruce 
CaldweU Step. A., mer. 18 S Front, h 1112 

Caldwell S. W., jr., druggist, 1937 Lombard 
Caldwell Thos., mer. 110 Chestnut, h 1518 Lo- 
Caldwell Thomas, 846 N Broad 
Caldwell Wm., farmer, 211 Prime 
Caldwell Wm., printer, 437 Enterprise 
Caldwell Wm., 1163 Passyunk road 
Caldwell Wm., shop, 1610 Coates 
Caldwell Wm., 1036 Mechanic 
Caldwell Wm., com. editor, 108 S 3d 
Caldwell Wm. G., mer. 29 N 8th, h 258 N 9th 
Caldwell Wm. H., boot fitter, 2 Huckels ct 

CaldweU Wm. W., mer., 223 Mai-ket, h 629 

Cale Richard, lab. Ann bel Wateidoo 
Cale Samuel G., seaman. Maple bel Melvale 
Cale Wesley, plaster, 407 Tasker 
Calely Jas., salesman, 430 Brown 
Caley Samuel, 1618 Summer 
Calhoun Alex., brass founder, 1207 Coates 
Calhoun Alex., porter, 30 N 3d 
Calhoun Andrew, Church, (Bdg) 
Calhoun Da-? id, carter, 16th ab Federal 
Calhoun Ezra, U S Mint, h 808 Erie 
Calhoun Geo., mer. 1003 Spruce 
CALHOUN GEO. R., M. D., 2 S 9th 
Calhoun G. W., salesman, 130 N 3d, h 462 N9th 
Calhoun James, di-iver, Lindsay 
Calhoun James, driver, 12 Kessler's pi 
Calhoun James, lab. River and Preston 
Calhoun John, driver, 1 Wagner's ct 
Calhoun John, brickmr. 1906 M'Duffie 
Calhoun John, 518 S 19th 
Calhoun John, macht. 1204 Olive 
Calhoun John C, carp. 1343 Christian 
Calhoun John G., lab. 1814 South 
Calhoun Joseph, bootmr. 736 S Front 
Calhoun Marg., astrologist, 577 Frankford rd 
Calhoun Moses, weaver. Price n Adrian 
Calhoun Saml., boxnar. Huey pi 
Calhoun Saml. O., cordw. 577 Frankford rd 
Calhoun Sarah, 2031 Carlton 
Calhoun Wm., brickmr., 1914 Wilcox 
Calhoun Wm., macht. 1157 Coates 
Calhoun Wm., 1309 Pine (K) 
Calhoun Wm., gi-ain mer. 2121 Lombard 
Calhoun Wm., butcher, 216 Dickerson 
Calhoun Wm., gent. 1329 Spruce 
Call Chas., lab. Somerset bel Brown 
Call Daniel, lab. William ab Salmon 
Call Dennis, lab. Somerset (R) 
CaU Dennis, lab. Richmond ab Railroad (R) 
Call James, lab. Somerset bel Brown (R) 
Call James, bookbr. Hall bel 10th 
Call James, porter, 519 Minor 
Call Lawrence, hatter. 9 Buck's ct 
CaU Mrs., wid. 1538 Market 
CaUadin Mrs., 951 N 6th 
Callaghan Ann, 1019 Newton 
Callaghan John, boarding house, 211 Union 
CaUaghan John, car hirer, 1727 Sansom 
CALLAGHAN ROBT., manuf. 48 S Front, h 

Callaghan T. O., cordw. 2015 Summer 
Callahan And., carpetwr. 1248 South 
Callahan Ann J., di'essmr. 1116 School 
Callanan Barney, gardener, Fisher's la (G T) 
Callahan Bernard, cordw. 740 Jamison 
Callahan Bernard, driver, 821 Jackson 
Callahan Christian, lab. Almond (R) 
Callahan Cornelius, lab. 4 Hickory ct 
Callahan Daniel, lab. 11 CallowhiU 
Callahan Daniel, weaver, Creisham (C Hill) 
Callahan David, clerk, 16 S 19th 
Callahan Edward, weaver, 2d & Columbia^ 
Callahan Geo. D., special officer, 1320 Mau- 
Callahan Hugh, cordw. rear 216 Christian 
Callahan Hugh, grocer, S E 15th & Christian 
CaUahan Isaac, seaman, 1045 Lombard 




Callahan James, brass founder, 1344 Hope 
Callahan James, sen., weaver, Paschallville 
Callahan James, jr., we'Aver, Paschallville 
Callahan John, weaver, 1431 Philip 
Callahan John, Malberry ab Poplar (Myk) 
Callahan John, mason, 821 Jackson 
Callahan John, shoes, 1825 William 
Callahan John, cai-p, 1644 Sansom 
Callahan John, waiter, r 1008 Marble 
Callahan John, lab. 1225 Potts 
Callahan John, brickmr. 1722 Button 
Callahan John, cordw. 739 Bedford 
Callahan John, harnessmr. Reckless ct 
Callahan John, lab.766 S 4th 
Callahan John C, tavern, 4 S 9th, h 1225 


Callahan John T., tavern, N W 9th & Mt Vernon 
Callahan Joseph, 9 Belrose ct 
Callahan Michael, cordw. West 
Callahan Michael, gunsmith. Derringer's ct 
Callahan Michael, liquors, 937 Poplar, h 1226 

Callahan Michl., 1927 Ann 
Callahan Mi"s., gentw. 7 Chant 
Callahan Patrick, lab. Belrose ct. 
Callahan Patrick, blacksm. Jamison n S 7th 
Callahan Patk., mason, 24th and Sp Gai-den 
Callahan Patk., provision store, 1515 Jones 
Callahan Peter, hatter, 615 P rd 
Callahan Phihp, lab. 1914 Filbert 
Callahan Richard, packer, 525 Market, h 915 

Callahan Richard, moulder, 1309 S 3d 
Callahan Robert, stoves, P road and 5th, h 624 

Callahan Robert weaver, Paschallville 
Callahan Rose, confect. 218 S 11th 
Callahan Thomas, wheelwr. 958 N 5th 
Callahan Thos., weaver, Bodine ab Columbia 
Callahan Thos., weaver, 146 Bodine 
Callahan Wm., nailmr. 221 Quarry 
Callahan Wm., hatter, 23 N 2d 
Callahan Wm., carpet weaver, 109 Thompson 
Callahan Wm., dealer, 1734 South 
Callahan Wm., hotel, 2l5t bel Walnut 
Callahan Wm., weaver, 1418 Hanover 
Callahan Wm., weaver, York bel Coral 
Callaher Patk., lab. Hewson 
Callaher, Margt., 634 Ellis 
Callaher Michael, lab. 2320 Market 
Callan James, ice dealer, 2011 Sansom 
Callan John, furn, car, 818 S 12th 
Callan John, cordvv'. 1241 Locust 
Callan Margaret, 918 Atherton 
Callan Mary Ann, sempstress, 422 Bohemia pi 
Callan Wm. carp. 820 S 12th 
Callan Wm. carp. 820 S 12th 
Callan Wm. F., 802 S 10th 
CALLBREATH JAMES F., ladies shoes, 1033 

Spring Garden, h 529 Parrish 
Callen Isabella, 710 N Front 
Callen John, packer, 235 N 16th 
Callen Thos., lab. 4 Samuels (C) 
Callen Thomas, engineer, 28 Mead 
CaUender Benj., carp. 13th and Wallace 
CALLENDER & CO., {Thomas R. Calknder, 

Saml. C. Upham,) periodicals, N W 3d and 


Callender Jas. T., hotel, 1334 N 4th 
Callender Thos. R., periodicals, N W 3d and 

Walnut, h Poplar ab Broad 
Callendine G. V., Market bel Mary (W P) 
Callery Hugh, fireman, 739 S 6th 
Caller}' Richai'd, oysters, 9 CallowhiU 
Callett Eugene, grocery, 1939 Brown 
Calley Patk., lab. r 768 S 6th 
Callicott Wm. B., 1311 N 7th 
Callighan John, lab. MuUen (R) 
Callihan Edward, liquor merch. N W Front &; 

Callingham James, salesman, 739 S 4th 
Calhs Elizabeth, toy shop, 230 S 10th 
Caiman B., varnish, 150 n 4th, h 230 Crown 
Calmin Bernard, lab. 820 Flower 
Calmin John, perfumer, 425 S 2d 
Calnan Jeremiah, dray, 19th and Hamilton 
Calopy Michl., lab. Linden (GT) 
Calopy Patk., lab. Jefferson (GT) 
Calver E. B., miUiner, 61^ N 2d 
Calver Geo., printer, 422 Library 
Calver Jas. H., straw g-oods, 61 N 2d 
Calver W. G., mer, 61 N 2d 
CALVERLY JOHN. Britannia worker and 

candle moulds, 305 Race, h 634 N 8th 
Calverly Jos., mach. 1017 Beach 
Calverly Leander, acct. 305 Race, h 634 N 8th 
Calverly Richd., hattei", 533 S 5th 
Calverly Richd., oysters, 9 CallowhiU 
Calverly Thos., express, 305 Race, h Belgrade 

and Otis 
Calverly Wm., Brit, ware, 1017 Beach 
Calverly Wm., tinsm. 1029 Sp Garden 
Calvert Alice, shop, 1131 Columbia av 
Calvert Chas. W. F.,, 525 Market, h 

1226 Melon 
Calvert E. H,, 233 N Juniper 
Calvert E. H., liquors, 212 N Broad 
Calvert Hudson B., paper hanger, h 218 Perry 
Calvert Joseph A., clerk, 218 Market 
Calvert J. Graham, 520 Walnut, house 310 Red- 
Calvert Rachel, cupper and leecher, 925 Wal- 
Calvert Richard, engraver, N 22d bel Vine 
Calvert Thomas, chairmr. h 310 Redwood 
Calvert William, dentist, 133 N 11th 
Calvin Eliza, M. D., 923 N 6th 
Calvin John, lab. 1510 Pearl 
Calvin John, lab. 1111 School 
Camac James, blacksmith, 9 Otter 
Camac James, lab. Federal near G T road 
Camac Wm., M. D., chemist, 10 Chant st, h 

1305 Locust 
Camac Wm., lab. Federal near G T road 
Caman Sallie, gentw. 1712 Green 
Gamble John, cordw. 1654 Sansom 
Gamble Faiiny, 1612 Helmuth 
Camblos, Brother, (G. W., H. S.,) brokers, 47 

S 3d 
Camblos Charles, broker, 38 S 3d, h York 

Pike (G Town) 
CAMBLOS CHAS., & CO., {Chas. Camblos, A. 

Wainioright,) stock & exchange brokers, 

38 S 3d 
Camblos Geo. W., broker, 47 S 3d, h 1909 





Camblos Henry S., broker, 47 S 3d, h 224 W 

Logan sq 
Cambrey Jos., rear 203 Federal 

208 S Delaware av 
Camell Geo., blacksmith. Main (C Hill) 
Camell Jos., 139 N Jumper 
Camell Michael, laborer. Limekiln pike (G 

Camell 5!rs., gentlewoman, 428 Pine 
Cameron Andw., weaver, Rainbow (K) 
Cameron Angus, law book seller, 19 S 6th, li 

Islington la ab R R 
Cameron Archd., cordw. 7l3 Southwark 
Cameron Archa. cordw. 913 N 10th 
Cameron A., shoemr. 1118 Cuthbert 
Cameron Chas., conductor, Richmond bel 

R R R 
Cameron Edw. T., clerk, 808 Chestnut, h 1200 

Cameron Eli, salesman, 1222 Market, h 1200 

Cameron Elijah, Walnut bel 3d, li Chestnut 

bel Broad 
Cameron Elizabeth, trimmings, 910 S 10th 
Cameron Franklin, acct. 13 Bank 
Cameron Hannora, shop, 324 Truxton 
Cameron John, accountant, 274 S 3d, h 339 S 

S 13th 
Cameron John, weaver, Fitler ab 2d 
Cameron Michl., cabinetmr , 806 N 13th 
Cameron R., Mrs., gentw. 1622 Latimer 
Cameron Susan, Myers ct 
Cameron Wm., riveter 803 Weccacoe 
Cameron Wm., fireman, Moffit's ct 
Cameron Vvm., gent. Richmond ab Ann 
Cameron Wm., trader, 822 N 2d 
Cameron W. H., conveyancer, 617 Springj 

Camm Chas., 1712 Green 
Camm Georg'e, 1632 Cherry 
Camm Geo., 1612 Mt. Vernon 
Camm Wm., gent. 1206 Arch 
Cammell Wm., barber, 419 S 11th 
Cammer Maxim.ilian, cooper, 24 Elk and 1050 

N Front 
Cammery Jacob, hatter, 1412 S Front 
Camp Benj. H., salesman, 137 Prime 
Camp Calvin B., hotel, 62 N 2d 
Camp Edward, seaman, 1032 Beach (K) 
Camp Edwd. jr., seaman, 1032 Beach 
Camp Jas. W., barber, 108 South 
Camp J. Henry, lithographei-. Chestnut ab 6th 

h 149 Noble 
Camp John, ship carp, rear 1024 Swanson 
Camp Joseph, Rev., 147 N 13th 
Camp J., 1121 South 
Camp Mar}^, shoe store, 223 S 11th 
Camp Wm., chand. mer. 1236 Carroll 
Camp W. H., hatter, 36 S 5th, h 421 Dicker- 
Campbell Adam, hotel, 1252 Perry and 168 

and 170 Thompson 
■Campbell Alex., paver, 233 N 16th 
■ Campbell Alex., gent. 904 Walnut 
Campbell Alex., mason, 332 Pratt 
■Campbell Alex., driver, 2329 Virginia 
■|<Campbell And., weaver, 1347 Shippen 

Campbell Andrew, weaver. Mount Airy 
Campbell Andw., carter, Sloan (W P) 
Campbell Andw. H., blacksm. 1317 Parrieh 
Campbell Ann, seamstress, Stewarts ct 
Campbell Ann, 1229 Catharine 
Campbell Ann E., 307 Ashland 
Campbell Anna G., milliner, 322 S 2d 
Campbell Anthony, hotel, 446 N Front 
Campbell Anty, lab. 1123 William above Benton 

Campbell Archibald, plasterer, 1931 Cherry 
Campbell Archibald, constable, 2127 South 
Campbell Archibald, plaster ornamentmr. 1303 

Campbell A. manuf., h Sheer's la 
Campbell A. B.. M. D., 1419 Chestnut 
CAMPBELL A. & CO. {Arch. Campbell, Wm. 
Somerset, John Campbell,') manf. Main ab 
Mechanic and Canal ab Toll Bridge (Myk) 
CAMPBELL A. H., M. D., 1419 Chestnut 
Campbell Bernard, lab. Anthacite (R) 
Campbell Bernard, Hotel, S AV Christian and 

Campbell Bernard, shop, 2312 Chestnut 
Campbell B., Mrs., 909 Christian 
Campbell Carey Ann^ 124 N 15th 
Campbell Catharine, 935 Melvale 
Campbell Catharine, Oxford bel 2d 
Campbell Catharine, shop, 615 P. Road 
Campbell Chas., carp. 515 Spruce 
Campbell Chas., 1328 Alder 
Campbell Chas., driver, 2009 Hand 
Campbell Chas., mere. 541 N 25th 
Campbell Chas., City line, (N E.) 
Campbell Chas., clerk, 238 Crown 
Campbell Chas. B., iron 205 N Water, h 312 S 

CAMPBELL CHARLES B. & CO., iron, 205 

N Water and 204 N Del av 
Campbell C. W., soapbr. 1106 South 
Campbell David, carp. 2209 Pratt 
Campbell Daniel, porter, 211 Union 
Campbell David, gardener, 711 S 17th 
Campbell & Davidson, dealers, 1327 -ilarket 
Campbell Edward, grocer, Richmond & Hunt- 
ingdon (R) 
CAMPBELL EDWARD S. attorney, 445 N 6th 
Campbell Edward, dealer, 1918 Pennsylvania av 
Campbell Eli, salesman, 1222 Market, h 1202 

Campbell Elizabeth, huckster, 157 Richmond 
Campbell Ehzabeth, distiller, 1062 N Front 
Campbell Elizabeth, 1817 Lee 
Campbell E. P., stereotr. 522 S Crown 
Campbell Farias, Rio Grande pi 
Campbell Felix, macht. 410 Redwood 
Campbell Francis, broker, 142J S 4th h Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Campbell Francis, caiTiages 20 S 10th 
Campbell Francis, hatter. 1238 Market 
Campbell Francis, breaksman, Warren bel Mary 
Campbell Gabriel J., dealer, 221 Concord 
Campbell Georg-e, carter, Benton's pi 
Campbell George, restaurant, 321 Chestnut, h 

6 Howard pi 
Campbell George, bar tender, Philip ab Oxford 
Campbell George, painter, 1740 Christian pi 
Campbell George, lab. 914 Bishop 




Campbell George W., machinist, 441 N 25th 
Campbell Graham, tavern. Masters and Hope 
Campbell Hance, carter Front ab Oxford 
Campbell Hemy, farmer, Belmont av 
Campbell Hiram, 1124 Hazel 
Campbell Hug-h, lab. Lewis (R) 
Campbell Hug-h, mer. 1133 Girard 
Campbell Jabez P., bookstore, 641 Lombard, h 

719 Russell 
Campbell Jacob plasterer, Nicetown 
Campbell Jacob, plasterer. Rising- Sun 
Campbell James, driver, 1603 N Front 
Campbell James, lab. 4 Fisher's ct (C) 
Campbell James, carp. 308 Truxton 
Campbell James, lab. 224 Ralston 
Campbell James, moulder, 1102 Bedford 
Campbell James, lab. 1425 Shippen 
Campbell James, lab. Wissahickon, (C Hill) 
Campbell James, plasterer, 1911 Cuthbert 
Campbell James, master lab. Navy Yard, h 1025 

Jefferson av 
Campbell James, g-old beater, 436 German 
Campbell James, carp. Mulvany ab Oxford 
Campbell Jas., 416 N 10th 
Campbell Jas., coachman, 1906 Plymouth 
Campbell James, dry goods, 1333 N lOfh, h 

1109 Thompson 
Campbell James, 1528 Benton 
Campbell James, lab. 1151 S 10th 
Campbell James, weaver, 1626 Sansom 
Campbell James, lab. 1012 Milton 
Campbell James, weaver, 5 Derringer's av (K) 
Campbell James, mariner, rear 612 Locust 
Campbell James, gardener, Hartwell ab C Hill 
Campbell James,- plasterer, GT av, Nicetown 
Campbell James, plumber, 1610 Richard 
Campbell James, grocer, 1100 Market, h 1812 

Campbell James, coachman, 2 Sycamore 
Campbell James, atty. & couns. 215 S 6th 
Campbell James, driver, r of Pine & Welsh 
Campbell James, drayman. Birch ct 
Campbell James, blacksm. 2329 Vine 
Campbell James, weaver', 1152 S 13th 
Campbell James, boots & shoes, 335 S 2d, h 

Penn Hotel 
Campbell James, lab. 2320 Market 
Campbell Jas., 227 N 9th 
Campbell Jas., vict. Unity st Frankford rd 
Campbell Jas., pattern mr. 62 Frankford st 
Campbell Jas., lab. 4 Fisher's ct (C) 
Campbell Jas., waiter, 224 Currant al 
Campbell Jas. A., saloon, 934 Market 
Campbell James A., machinist, 2107 Cherry 
CAMPBELL JAMES A., measurer, N W 8th & 

Campbell James D., clerk, 801 Chestnut, h 416 

Campbell Jas. D., 759 S 9th 
Campbell James D., clerk, 416 N 10th 
Campbell James H., liquors, N E 3d & Shippen 
Campbell Jas. R. mer. 304 Market, h 1308 Filbert 
Campbell Jas. R., jr., clerk, 915 Market, h 4 N 

CAMPBELL JAMES R. & CO., dry goods, 304 

Campbell James W., grocer, S W 2d and Wal- 
nut, h 432 Lombard 

Campbell Jane, Townsend's av 

Campbell Jane, 722 Byard 

Campbell Jerh. O. & Brother, (J. 0., Jos.) 

produce, 108 Market 
Campbell Jeremiah O., com. mer. 108 Market, 

h Stevens, Camden 
Campbell Jerry. Pennsyl. av ab 24th 
Campbell John Mrs., 410 N 15th 
Campbell John, lab.. Water ab South (Sch) 
Campbell John, boatman, 2314 Lombard 
Campbell John, pedlar, 628 Tudor 
Campbell John, janitor, 1318 South 
Campbell John, 1436 Barclay . 
Campbell John, dealer, 816 S 12th 
Campbell John, gent. 1339 Wood 
Campbell John, carp. 935 Melvale 
Campbell John, moulder, 1123 William 
Camlabell John, salesman, 500^ Market, h Mer- 
chant Hotel 
Campbell John, shoemr. 2045 South 
CAMPBELL JOHN, restaur. 527 Chestnut & 

140 S 3d • 
Campbell John, dry goods, 1741 Lombard 
Campbell John, clerk, 1318 South 
Campbell John, lab. 14 Benton 
Campbell John, chandler, 34 Almond 
Campbell John, manuf. Robinson (Mykj 
Campbell John, 2107 Winter 
Campbell John, weaver, 717 Bayard 
Campbell John, carter, 1915 South 
Campbell John, weaver, 1240 Hancock 
Campbell John, blacksm. Wood ab 23d 
Campbell John, weaver, 240 Jefferson 
Campbell John, cordw. Wheat ab Reed 
Campbell John, lab. Rose bel Oak (W P) 
Campbell John, carp. 1327 South 
Campbell John, bottler, 5 Howard's ct 
Campbell John, lab. Edgemont (R) 
Campbell John, mach. 1831 Barker 
Campbell John J., bricklr. 2013 Winter 
Campbell John A., hatter 805 Rachel 
CAMPBELL JOHN H., attorney and coun. 310 

Campbell John H., keeper M Prison, 1318 S 6th 
Campbell John J., jeweler, 307 Ashland 
Campbell John L., dealer, S W Front & Green 
(3ampbell John P., pohce, 1342 Crown 
Campbell John R., printing ink, 241 Dock, h 

642 N 8th 
Campbell Joseph, mer. 108 Market 
Campbell Joseph, miller, 1231 Buttonwood 
Campbell Joseph, tailor, 1127 Hazel 
Campbell Joseph, carter, Federal & G F road 
Campbell Joseph, lab. Milestown 
Campbell Joseph, lab. n Paschallville (W P) 
Campbell Jos., gent. 1402 Giilielma 
Campbell Joseph A., mate, 725 Federal 
Campbell Jos. S., produce, 1228 Market, h 10 

S 16th 
Campbell Keeler, 1102 Callowhill 
Campbell Lewis, lab. Adrian bel Otis 
Campbell Malcolm, exchange broker 38 S 3d, h 

710 S 10th 
Campbell Margaret, washer, rear 411 Orleans et 
Campbell Margretta 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Margt., 1416 Philip 
Campbell Margt., 2314 Lombard 
Campbell Mary, 238 Crown 




Campbell Mar\-, 1626 Sansom 
Campbell Z^Iaiy, 1332 Catharine 
Campbell Maiy, 1702 Olive 
Campbell Mary, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Campbell Mary A., gro. 515 N 15th 
Campbell Mary A., tailor, 11 Charles 
Campbell Michl., lab. Log-an (G T) 
Campbell Mordecai, clothier, 911 Margaret 
Campbell Nancv, 2220 Shamokin 
CampbeUNeal,'lll8 S 12th 
Camipbell Oliver, macht. Elm n 37th 
Campbell Palmer, salesman, 1224 Whitehall 
Campbell Patrick, lab. Wissahickon (C Hill) 
Campbell Pati-ick, blacksm. 1241 Albert 
Campbell Patrick, cordw. 211 Prosperous al 

Campbell Tristram, gent. 941 New Market 

Campbell Walter, lab. 2327 Coates 

Campbell Wm., lumb. mer. Broad & Green, h 

1103 Callowhill 
Campbell Wm., carp. State ab Pratt (W P) 
Campbell Wm., cooper, 45 Union al 
Campbell Wm., tavern, N W 7th & Federal 
Campbell Wm., driver, 1643 Lewis 
Campbell Wm., shop, 2226 Shamokin 
Campbell Wm., blacksmith, 411 Cherry- 
Campbell Wm., spooler, 415 S 17th 
Campbell Wm., store, 1439 ^hiUp 
Campbell Wm., lab. Front bel York 
Campbell Wm., carp. 1914 Cuthbeii; 
Campbell Wm., bar tender, 934 Rachel 

Campbell Patrick, lab. Richmond ab Hunting'- i Campbell Wm., blacksmith, 346 N 4th 

ton (R) 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, rear 1552 Cadv\''al- 

Campbell Patrick, shoemr. 722 Hubbell 
Campbell Patrick, tavern, 201 Duponceau 
Campbell Patrick, driver, 2009 Hand 
Campbell Patrick, lab. Cooper W of 20th 
Campbell Patrick H., boilermr. 1742 Olive 
Campbell Peter, farmer. Graver's la (C HiU) 
Campbell Peter, boatman, 2302 Pine 
Campbell Peter, weaver, 715 Evans 
Campbell Peter, weaver, Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Campbell Peter, lab. 2328 Meredith 
Campbell Peter, grocer, 1127 Milton 
Campbell & Pharo, (Wm. Camphell, Allen R. 

Pharo,) lumb. mers. Broad & Green 
Campbell Phoebe C, 642 N 8th 
Campbell P., liquor, 521 N Front 
Campbell Quintin, 240 S 8th 
Campbell Quintin, jr., mer. 341 Market, 
CAMPBELL Q. Jr., & CO., (<?. Camphell, jr., 
H. A. Shakelford,) fancy goods, 341 Market 
Campbell Reese, paper hanger, 1407 Barclay 
Campbell Richard, Haverford n 39th 
Campbell Robert, blacksm. 7 Coombs' al 
Campbell Robert, lab. Nicetown la 
Campbell Robert, lab. rear 1415 Houston 
Campbell Robert H., salesman, 436 Market, h 

924 Chnton 
Campbell Rosa, seamstress, rear 606 Bay 
Campbell R. J., boot & shoe manuf 439 Poplar 
Campbell Samuel, butcher, Tackawana 
Campbell Samuel, stone cutter, 1334 Mariner 
Campbell Samuel, bricklr. 233 N 16th 
Campbell Sarah, 1422 Sansom 
Campbell Sarah A., map colorer, 28 S 8th, h 

711 Wood 
CAMPBELL ST. GEORGE T., atty. & coun. 

210 S 4th, h (C. HiU) 
Campbell Susan, washerwoman, 9 Myers ct 
Campbell Thomas, lab. 1934 Cuthbert 
Campbell Thomas, tailor, 22d ab Race 
Campbell Thomas, carter, Philip ab Oxford 
Campbell Thomas, weaver. Miller (Mt Airy) 
Campbell Thomas, mason, Columbia ab Philip 
Campbell Thomas, carp. Orange ab 12th 
Campbell Thomas, tavern, S W 6th & Fitzwater 
Campbell Thomas, hatter, 978 N 2d 
Campbell Thomas, hotel, 1300 N 2d 
Campbell Thomas, lab. 2302 Pine 
Campbell Thos. P., miller, 1223 Buttonwood 
Campbell Tony, 1102 Callowhill 

Campbell Wm., hostler, 1539 Lewis 
Campbell AYm., carp. 820 N 19th 
Campbell Wm., weaver, 718 S 15th 
Campbell Wm., vict. 2203 Vine 
Campbell Wm., vict. Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Campbell Wm., dealer, 1327 Market 
Campbell Wm., dyer. Summer (Rox) 
Campbell Wm., grocer, S W 11th & Market, h 

644 Pine 
Campbell Wm., gi'ocer, 1500 Market 
Campbell Wm. C, carter, 222 N 15th 
Campbell Wm. & Co., {Wm., Jos. Camphell,) 

John Elliott,) grocers, S W 11th & ilarket 
Campbell Wm. F., 707 Pan-ish 
Campbell Vfm. H., 515 N 15th 
Campbell Wm. L., mer. 341 Market, h 420 S 8th 
Campbell AVm. P., gasfr. 24 S 5th 
Campbell Wm. P., ladies' cloaks and mantillas, 

1124 Chestnut, h 243 Madison 
CAMPBELL WM. S. & CO., St Lawrence 

Hotel, 1018 and 1020 Chestnut 
Campbell Wm. T., clerk, 44 Washington av 
Campbell Wm. ¥., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h N W 

8th & Fitzwater 
Campbell W. J., gardener, R la bel Waterloo (R) 

Campbell, cordw. 816 Lebanon 

Camper Albert, oilcloth mr. 3d ab York 
Camperson Joseph, blacksm. 2020 Hand 
Campfield A. O., broommr. S W 10th & Hunter 
Campion Edward, manuf Hancock (G T) 
Campion John, manuf. Hancock (G Town) 
Campion Joseph, conductor, 275 S 5th 
Campion Jos. H., cabinetmaker, 261 S 2d, h 236 

Campion N. F., Sec'vPhila. & Del. River R. R, 

Co., 274 S 3d, h. 1815 Spruce 
Campkon Herman, lab. 420 Worth 
Cam.psmith Herman, Bridge (Bdg) 
Camrin Richard, fisherman, 1103 Wood 
Camrin Wm., gent. 1103 Wood 
Canada Wm., huckster, 1060 Penn 
Canan Mary, Montgomery bel F road 
Canavan Hugh, blacksmith, 1415 Race 
Canavan Hugh, liquors, 313 N 13th 
Canavan John, carter, 12th & Willow 
Canavan Joseph, wool dealer, 1225 N 5th 
CANBY & BROTHER, {George, John,) plum- 
bers & gas fitters, 321 Arch 
Canby George, plum. 321 Arch, h 114 N 15th 
Canby Isaiah, 115 N 17th 

Canby John, plumber, 321 Ai'ch, h 1917 Green 
Canby Joseph, machinist 831 Arch 




Canby J. B., dentist, 1328 Columbia av 

Canby, Geo. V. Neville, Thomas Hughes,) 

hosiery, 245 Market 
Canby Samuel T., nier. 245 Market, h 629 Wn(t 
Canby VVm. J., conveyancer, S W 7th & Arck 
Canders Mai-g-aret, dressmr. 1213 Christian' 
Canders Wm., miller, 919 Hutchinson 
Candidus Wni., piano maker, 1222 Randolph 
Candidus Wm., carrier, P. 0.,h 1222 Randolph 
Candy Jno. M., Bridg-e st, Whitehall 
Candy Thos. I)., mach. 313 Allen ab Marlboro' 
Cane' Curtis, carter. Oak bet Rose & Till (WP) 
Cane Eliz., 1025 S 2d 
Cane James, watchman. 16 St David's av 
Cane John, lab. 1020 Wood 
Cane John, lab. 1309 Rose 
Cane Thos., tinsmith, 212 Federal 
Caneff Owen, lab. rear 134 N Front 
Canelly Enoch, clerk. Custom House 
Caner Margaret P., 547 N 6th 
Caner Wm. J., blacking manuf. 138 N Front, h 

547 N 6th 
Canes Ocean, architect, 442 Canton 
Canesky John, lab. Edg-emont ab Somerset 
Caney Jno., waterman, Albert's av 
Canfield Fredk. C, linen stitcher, 1508 N 11th 
Canfield Thomas, 438 Canton 
Canies Rich., cabinetmr. Edward st (Fkd) 
Canipshell Chas., bar, 8 South 
Canis Edward, tailor, 908 Hutchinson 
Cann Christian, cordw. Mervine bel Jefferson 
Cann Fred., cordw. Norris bel 2d 
Cann Henry, medicines, 51 S 2d, h 720 N 23d 
Cann John, ag-ent, Dauphin bel Sepviva (R) 
Cann Lewis, watchman, Tackawana (Fkd) 
Cann Mary, 1020 Olive 
Cann Thos. W., painter, 2307 Meredith 
Cann Wm., coach painter, 1020 Olive 
CanneU S. W., mer. 232 Chestnut, hBeachwood 
Cannevin And., lab. E Washington (G T) 
Cannevin B., tailor, 1415 N 4th 
Cannevin Joseph, tailor, Lafaj-ette 
Cannevin Owen, gardener, Washington av n 

Germantown av (G Town) 
Canning Francis, bootmaker, N W Oak &, Till 
Canning Hannah, 811 S 13th 
Canning James, box makei', 1 Myers ct 
Canning John, mason, 1809 South 
Canning Matthew, stone cutter, 712 Masters 
Canning Math. P., clerk, 320 Chestnut, k Hep- 
Canning M. P., messenger, Hepburn bel Ship 

Canning Sarah, 721 Lindsay 
Canning S. & L., dress makers, 211 S 11th 
Canning Wm. S., printer, 56 S 3d, h 210 S 12tli 
Cannon Alp., tin roofer, Russel's ct 
Cannon Arthur, phonographer, 901 Filbert 
Cannon, Brothers, {Richard B., John H. C'a7i 

non,) drugs, 31 S Front 
Cannon Daniel B., gent. 247 Pine 
Cannon Fanny, 3 Robinson ct 
Cannon Geo. W., barber, 1629 Ridge av, h 19 

Cannon Henry, stevedore, Anthony ab Tasker 
Cannon Hugh, lab. Hewson (R) 
Cannon Hugh, agt. 1212 Fitzwater 

Cannon H., tanner, rear 823 N 3d 
Cannon James, tinsmith, 634 Callowhill 
Cannon James, salesman, 313 Market, h 924 


Cannon James, lab. 21st n Filbert 
Cannon James, seaman, 717 Maurice 
Cannon James, waterman, 224 Burd's ct 
Cannon John, painter, 207 Allen 
Cannon John, painter, Orr ab Francis 
Cannon John, lab. 925 S 11th 
Cannon John, lab. 7 N 21st 
Cannon John, tinsm. 1226 Callowhill 
Cannon John, grocer, 2124 Summer 
Cannon John, plasterer, 1425 Wood 
Cannon J. H., 31 S Front, h 247 Pine 
Cannon Patrick, porter, 515 Marriott 
Cannon Patrick, grocer, 242 Currant al 
Cannon Philip, M. D., 1329 S 10th 
Cannon R. B., drug mer. 31 S Front, h 247 Pine 
Cannon Thos. B., 247 Pine 
Cannon Wm., seaman, 707 Minster 
Cannon AVm., engineer, 3 Winter's ct 
Cannon Wm., stone cutter. Filbert bel 23d • 
Cannon Wm., engineer, 4 Short's ct 
Cannon Wm., tobacconist, 1413 Vine 
Cannon W. A., stoves, 317 S, & 937 N 2d 

Cannon , M.D., 1122 Girard 

Cantador Lorenz, mer. 240 Chestnut 

Cantfields Patrick, lab. 23d & Walnut 

Cantlin Rich., gro. 623 George st ^ 

Canton Joseph, cordw. 805 S 9th 

Canton Patrick, cordw. 842 Mamott 

Canton Tea Co., 313 N2d 

Canton Wm., tailor, rear 328 N 8th 

Cantrell John A., druggist, 2d & Carpenter 

Cantrell J. H., M. D., 2d & Carpenter 

Cantwell Edw., lith. printer, 223 Shippen 

Cantwell James, grocer, 2000 Chestnut 

Cantwell Jas. R., hotel & distillery, S E G T rd 

and Masters, h 1365 G T rd 
Cantwell John F., clerk, 224 Market 
Cantwell Mathias, cabtmr. Cresson bel Grape 

Cantwell Michael, lab. 216 Union 
Cantwell Nicholas Rev., 228 Richmond 
Cantwell Pat., porter, 223 Shippen 
Cantwell Peter, lab. Somerset and Trenton av 
Canty Mary, 1504 Vine 
Capehart Henry, 2125 Harmstead 
Capehart Henry, cordwainer, Norris ab Bel- 
Capehart John, bricklayer, Houston above Bel- 

Capehart John, cordw. Townsend (R) 
Capehart John, bricklr. Miller's ct 
Capehart Walter, moulder, Norris ab Belgrade 
Capehart Wm., bricklr., 1237 Otis bel Thomp- 
son (K) 
Capel Alf., druggist, 230 S 8tli 
Capen John L., phrenologist 922 Chestnut 
CAPEWELL JOHN, manuf., 515 Minor, h 

Kaighn's Point 
Capie Robert, oak cooper, 817 Burd 
Capp Edw. B., 250 N 12th 
Capp John C, note broker, 223 Dock, h 250 N 

Capp John S., clerk, 223 Dock, h 250 N 12th 
Capp Samuel M., 437 Market, h 250 N 12th 




Cappen John, carp. 1360 Hope 
Cappen Joseph, cordw. 1 FarJes ct 
Capper Abraham H., salesman, Alleghany Hotel 
Capps Henry, baker, 1307 Race 
Carback Hester, shoe binder, 4 Vermont pi 
Carberry Ann, milliner, 2108 Callowhill 
CarbeiTy Ann, 22d and Vine 
Carberry John, carder, Paschallville 
Carberry John, lab. Richmond (R) 
Carberry John, liquoi-s, Salmon bel William 
Carberry John, hatter, rear 524 Christian 
Carberry Lawrence, lab. Bedford bel Suther- 
land av 
Carberry Thomas, shop, 638 St Mary 
Carbin Augustus, carp. 339 German 
Carbin Tim., lab. Button bel Morris 
Carbon Peter Rev., 615 Spruce 

Carbonnell , 1402 Walnut 

Cardell Edmund, carp. 2428 Pine 

Cardell Wm., lab. Washington avn Gray's F rd 

Garden James, lab. rear Main bel Cedar (Myk) 

Garden John, weaver, 2045 Hampton 

Garden Nich. R., 529 Marriott 

Garden Rich. Rev., 2309 Green 

Garden Richard, weaver, 2045 Hand 

Garden R., weaver, 2045 Hampton 

Garden Thomas, pedlar, 624 S 3d 

Garden Wm., store, 6 Laurel 

Cardey David, boatman, Jefferson and Jackson 

Gardeza Jos. M., agent P. W. & B. R. R., Broad 

and Washington av., h 1724 Green 
Cardot John, weaver, 751 Passyunk 
Cardwell Francis G., dry goods, 215 Church al, 

h 431 Lombard 
Cardwell Geo. C, broker, Queen (G T) 
Cardwell John, painter, 831 Maurice 
Cardwell Jonathan, clerk, 30 Bank 
Cardwell & Nuttall, painters, 331 S Front, h 

Lancaster bel Reed 
Cardwell Robert, packer, 1320 Lancaster 
Cardwell Robert, packer, 807 Lebanon 
Cardwell Robert T., dentist, 529 Pine 
Cardwell Thomas C, mer. 215 Church al, h 715 

Cardwell Wm., lab. 1319 Hope 
Cardwell Wm., plumber, Wyatt 
Care Geo. W., painter, 214 N 15th h 214 N 8th 
Care Geo. W., painter, 1340 Brandywine 
Care Jas., gai'dener, Manheim (G T) 
Care John, lab. Olney 
Care Wm., currier, h 1340 Brandywine 
Careless Geo., silver pi. & gilder, 205 Quarry, h 

Crawford's ct 
Carels & Devine, ( Wm. Carets, jr., A. B. De- 
vine,) Penna. Soap Works, 721 Jayne 
Carels E. A., Mrs., millinery, 729 Green 
Carels Geo., restaurant, 120 S 4th, h 11 Rehef 
Carels Wm. jr., manuf. 721 Jayne 
Carey Amos, carpt.. Rising Sun 
Carey Ann Eliza, teacher, 3 Rose al 
Carey Edward, brickmr. Wasnington avn G F rd 
Carey Edwd., lab. York pike (G T) 
Carey Edwd., carter, Main (G T) 
Carey Eli H., plasterer, Cunningham's av 
Carey Frank, bookkr. 429 Market, h 339 S 

Washington av 
Carey Henry C, gent. 1102 Walnut 

Carey Isaac, morocco dress. Odd Fellows av 

Carey James, grocer, 24th & Spruce 

Carey Jas., lab. 405 N Front 

Carey John, driver, Oak ab Margaretta (W P) 

Carey John, coachman, 509 S 13th 

Gai-ef John, founder, S 2d bel Tasker 

Carey John, carp. Paul (Fkd) 

Carey John, plasterer, 2041 Lombard 

Carey John, driver, 1917 Wilcox 

Carey John C, lab. 7 Newbold 

Carey Martin, lab. Mary W 24th 

Carey Michael, shop S E 10th & Bonsall 

Carey M., lab. Tacony rd 

Carey Stephen H., tobacconist, 319 Poplar 

Carey Thos., currier, rear 507 S 5th 

Carey Thos., eng. 8 Queen 

Carey William, carter. Beach & Walnut 

Carey Wm., engineer, William ab Edgemont 

Carey Wm., shop, 758 S 8th 

Carew Thos., lab. 414 Monroe 

Carfrey Chas., cordw. Corn bel Marion 

Cargill Thos., dealer, 19th & Filbert 

Carhart Samuel, cordw. N W Mattis and Spruce, 

h 108 Almond 
Carick Robt., lab. 1021 DoiTance 
Carie John P., Intel, office, 700 Sansom, h 1712 

Carie John P., conductor, Haverford ab Lyon 
Caris Wm., gilder, 1215 N 3d 
Carl Jas., gardener, Manheim (G T) 
Carl Jos., skindr. 1205 Mechanic 
CarlLouden S.,pianos, 930 Arch, h 1020 Vernon 
Carl Michl., carp. Laurel (G T) 
Carle James, lab. 619 S Swanson 
Carles Ellen, 221 Lybrand 
Carleton Henr}", gent., 1203 Spruce 
Carleton Lydia, stationer, 116 N 8th 
Carleton Mary, 1238 Warnock 
Cai'leton Thomas H., carp. 908 Cherry 
Carley Chas., frame knitter, Hancock (G T) 
Carley Thos., cordw. Centre (G T) 
Carlile Amos, soap & candle mr. 1206 Wallace 
CARLILE & EWING, {Thos. J. Carlisle, Chas. 

G. Eiuing,) watch case materials, 36 S 6th 
Carlile John, cordw. 1542 Callowhill 
Carlile Joseph, gent. Haverford & 33d (W P) 
Carlile J. W., salesman, 809 Chestnut, h 729 

Carlile Reb., millinery goods, 1035 Sp Garden 
Carlile Rebecca, confr. 1390 Ridge av 
Carlile Pat., lab. Maple (R) 
Carlile Thos. J., imp. watches, 36 S 8th, h 1205 

Carlile Wm., painter, 1209 Montgomery 
Carlile Wm. B., cordw. 1209 Montgomeiy 
Garlin Ant., lamplighter, 638 Middle al 
Carhn Arthur, gro. 908 Carpenter 
Carlin Arthur, tavern, S E Shippen 
Garlin Chas., tailor, 638 Middle al 
Carlin Corn., blacksm. F rd ab Cumberland 
Carlin Corn., boatman. Block (Myk) 
Carlin Daniel, day inspec. U S Custom House, 

h 629 Washington av 
Carlin Edwd., lab. Jeffei-son pi 
Carhn Edwd., special officer, 210 Stamper's al 
Carlin George, carp. 1126 Marlboi'O 
Carlin Henry, lab. 523 N 24th 
Carlin Henry, carter, 512 Washington av 




Carlin Hugh, 637 Shultz 

Carlin Hug-h, driver, Wag-er 

Carlin James, pedler, 1912 Fairview 

Carlin James, driver, Logan & x\llen (W P) 

Carlin James, turner, Belgrade ab William 

Carlin James, lab. Robinson ab Main (Myk) 

Carlin John, lab. Rye bel Reed 

Carlin John, morocco shaver, 1238 Cass 

Carlin John, liquors, 512 Washington av 

Carlin John, lab. Mill (G T) 

Carlin John, lab. Hulsemans ct 

Carlin John, shoemr. rear 725 Filbert 

Carlin Louisa, store, George 6c Lawrence 

Carlin Margaret, N E 8th & Spruce 

Carlin Martha, 1645 Lombard 

Carlin Mary, milliner, 719 South 

Carlin Mary Ann, rear 631 Berlin 

Carlin Michael, cooper, 2022 Carlton 

Carlin Michael, flour & feed, 914 Carpenter, h 

505 S Broad 
Carlin Miclil., hotel, S E Front Sc Vine 
Carlin Neal, lab. Jefferson pi 
Carlin Patk., lab. Block (Myk) 
Carlin Patk., cordw. 5S3 N 25th 
Carlin Patk., jr., Kab Block (Myk) 
Carlin Patk., hatter, 620 Fitzwater 
Carlin Patk., shoemr. 6 Winter pi 
Carlin Philip, flour & feed, 505 S Broad 
Carlin Philip, dealer, Moyamensing av bel 

Carlin Sam., trimmings, 639 South 
Carlin Sarah, 13 Boyd's av 
Carlin Thomas, brushmr. 2107 Cuthbert 
Carhn Wm., liquors, 1435 Fitzwater 
Carlin Wm. jr., stone mason, 4 Tiller's ct 
Carlin Wm., carrier, 1127 S 10th 
CARLIN W. J., Washington House, N W Del 

av & Dock 
Carling Geo. D., chairmr. St John pi 
Carlisle Aaron, tinsm. Main & Robinson (Mylj.) 
Carlisle Chas. H., stevedore, 114 Denmark 
Carlisle Francis, porter, 126 Chestnut 
Carlisle Henry, combmr. 44 N 8th, and 619 St 

Carlisle Hudson, Park ab Walnut (W P) 
Carlisle James, captain, 605 S Front 
Carlisle James D., salesman, 137 N 3d 
Carlisle J. Dow, atty. 530 N 22d 
Cai'lisle Robeil, farmer, Roxborough 
Carhsle Saml., salesman, 411 Market 
Carlisle Thos. J., salesman, 68 Chestnut, h 1205 

Carlisle Wm., ass't kp'r penit'v. 1822 Poplar 
Carlisle Wm., jr., clerk, 530 N 22d 
Carliss Rich., lab. Richmond la (R) 
Carll Jas. H., mer. 130 N2d, h LaPiei-re House 
Carlley George W., tobac. 1218 S 2d 
Carlo Francis, grocer, 23 N 12th 
Carlon Alex., moulder, 21 Mai-ion 
Carlon Chas. H., police, 207 Gaskill 
Carlon AVm., mason, 310 Pratt 
Carlyle Wm., gent, 223 S 5th 
Carman Charles R., brickh". Diamond ab York 
Carman C. V., cordw. Front & Chatham (K) 
Carman Elm., mason. Orchard ab Diamond 
Carman Hannah, 933 S 3d 
Carman Hudson, gent. 909 Chestnut 
Carman James, plasterer, 2202 Callowhill 

Carman James, mason, Holmesburg 

Carman Jas., H., teamster, 513 Washington av 

Carman J. B., livery stables, 335 & 337 Griscom, 

h 340 S Greeii 
Carman J. C, agent, 1212 N 19th 
Carman John, carp. 343 S Green 
Carman Mary, primary school, 343 Griscom 
Carman Mary, shop, 330 Griscom 
Carman Samuel S., watchmaker, 37 S 2d, h 220 

Carman Stephen, locksm. 220 Chester 
Carman Wilson P., varnishmr. 4th and Marshall 
Carmanv Cyrus, hotel, 108 Race 
CARmCHAEL JAMES, oil cloth manuf , store 

162 N 3d, h Franklinville 
Carmichael Jas., plasterer, 4 Graham's ct 
Carmichael Jos., cordw. 772 S 13th 
Carmick Louis, mer. 139 S Front, h435 Lombard 
Carmick Susan, wid., 435 Lombard 
Carmint Wm., lab. 10 Chant 
Carmony Wm., clerk, 251 Market, h 301 Cherry 
Carn John, tavern, 130 South 
Carn John, weaver, 610 S 18th 
Carnahan Jane, milliner, 39 N 11th 
Carnahan John, tailor, S W 11th and Chestnut, 

h 1533 Say 
Carnan T. I., salesman, 1 Caroline 
Carncross, John L., perfumer, 928 N 11th 
Carnell Charles, brick press manuf. 1542 N 6th 
Carnell Lafayette, segarmr. G T road bel York 
Carneross Jacob .C, contractor, 234 Chester 
Carnes Geo., engr. 1731 Burton 
Carnes Wm., weaver, 3d bel Dauphin 
Carney Andw., lab. 2321 Jefferson 
Carney Bernard, porter, 126 S Front, h 1216 

Carney Bernard, lab. 1523 S Front 
Cai-ney B. L., hatter, 625 S 5th 
Carney Edw., lab. 1148 S 8th 
Carney Geo., coachman, 924 S 17th 
Carnej' Henry, blacksm. Lancaster av ab Market 
Carney Hugh, lab. 811 Essex 
Carney Hugh, paver, 812 Tasker 
Carney Hugh, agent. Park n Woodland (W P) 
Cai'ney James, brickh". Lafayette ab 9th 
Carney James, coachman, 321 Pratt 
Carney John, paver, 508 Shippen 
Cainiey John, lab. 822 Flower 
Carney John, hatter, 615 P road 
Carney John, lab. 623 S Front 
Carney John, lab. 725 S 6th 
Carney Joseph B., carp. 705 S 8th 
Carney Lydia, rear 416 Gaskill 
Carney Owen, cordw. 808 Carpenter 
Carney Owen, lab. 1148 S 8th 
Carney Owen, lab. Margaretta bel Mai-ket (W P) 
Carney Patk., lab. 722 Stewart 
Carney Pat., feed store, N W 8th & Suffolk 
Carney Rachel, wid. Beach & Green 
Carney Richard, glass blower, 2512 Pine 
Carney Robert, lab. Sa}- st 
Carney Thos., blksm. 1518 Pearl 
Carney Thomas, lab. Somerset (R) 
Carney- Thos., weaver, Tudor ab Dickerson 
Carney Wm. R., wool sorter, Jefferson (G T) 
Carney Wm. T. C, barber, 608 Pascall av 
Carnn Wm., weav. Lackawana bel Cumberland 
Carnon Francis, lab. Maple bel Melvale 




Cams Sarah, shoebr. 967 Leithgow 

Cardan Christopher, drayman, 34 S Front, h 

1341 P road 
Carolus Elizabeth, cupper, 801 Charlotte 
Caron Eliza A., diy g-oods, 608 S 2d 
Caron Lewis F., 608 S 2d 
Caroon Patrick, carter, Spruce st whf., h Gask- 

ill ab 4th 
Carpenter Aaron, feed. Levering- (Myk) 
Carpenter Aaron E., straw g-oods, 54 N 8th, h 

218 Jacoby 
Carpenter Mrs. A., conf. 915 Vine 
Carpenter Caleb, salesman, 33 S 2d, h745 S 10th 
Carpenter Caleb, dealer, 332 Dugan 
Carpenter Chas., produce, S Water bel Spruce, 

h 310 Carpenter 
Carpenter Chas., telegraph operator, rear 12th 

ab Catharine 
Carpenter Chas., cooper, Ridg-e av ab Crease's 

la (Roxborough) 
Carpenter Chas. A., shipsm. N W Shippen and 

Swanson, h 78 Penn 

Carpenter Charles R., mor. dresser, 806 N 15th 


S. Carpenter, John Glendening, Joseph M. 

Truman, jr.) ice mers. N E Franklin and 


Carpenter Charles S., ice dealer, N E Franklin 

& Willow, h Bordentown, N J 
Carpenter Conrad, vict. 1908 Cambridge 
Carpenter Conrad, plastr. Ridge av ab Crease's 

la (Roxborough) 
Carpenter D. H., surg. inst. mr. h 1140 N 4th 
Carpenter D. L., teacher of dancing, S W 8th 

and Spring Garden, h River and Hutton 
CARPENTER EDW., conveyancer, 337 Wal- 
nut, h Linden pi (G T) 
Carpenter Ed. G., clerk, 801 Chestnut, h 513 

N 11th 
Carpenter Eliza S., 1109 Vine 
Carpenter E. B., druggist, 17 Gillingham 
Carpenter Francis, tailor, 825 Chestnut, h N 

W 3d and Cypress 
Carpenter Geo., gardener, Linden (G T) 
Carpenter George, messenger, 2119 Sharswood 
Carpenter George W., druggist, 7o7 Market, h 

Main, Germantown 
Carpenter Geo. W., carp. 2136 Sharswood 
Carpenter Geo. W., elk. 303 Branch, h Camden 
W., Geo. W. Carpenter, jr., Wni. C. Hens- 
zey,) drugts., 7o7 Market 
Carpenter Geo. W., jr., mer. 7o7 Market 
Carpenter H. M., shoes, 611 S 2d 
Carpenter Jacob, waiter, 331 Gi-iscom 
Carpenter James, mach. 1727 Sansom 
Carpenter James B., clerk, 127 Beck 
Carpenter James H., cabman, 27 N 16th 
Carpenter John, jr., 811 N 5th 
Carpenter John C, book br. 807 Flower 
Carpenter John D., blacksm. 811 N 5th 
Carpenter John E., rulemr. 862 N 4th 
Carpenter Joseph C, carp. 513 N 11th 
Carpenter Joseph L., carp. Plank rd (G Town) 
Carpenter Joseph R., 1717 Locust 
Carpenter Joshua, 306 S Juniper 
Carpenter Margaret, washer. Freestone pi 
Carpenter Mark, farmer, rear 217 Duponceau 

Carpenter Marj^, gentw. 811 S 3d 
Carpenter Mary A., ice dealer, h 413 Button- 
Carpenter Miles N., Mt. Vernon Hotel 
Carpenter M. H., hatter, 455 N 2d 
Carpenter Peter, wood chop. Church ab Park 

Carpenter Saml., cooper. Ridge ab Hippel's la 
Carpenter Samuel, collector, 515 Wood 
Carpenter Samuel H., sr., 425 Chestnut, h 1717 

Carpenter Saml. H., jr., engraver, 425 Chest- 
nut, h 1717 Locust 
Carpenter Samuel P., bookkeeper, 737 Market, 

h 1028 Brown 
Carpenter Sarah C.,milnr.,' 732 Chestnut 
Carpenter Simon, machinist, Lloyd n Fitzwater 
Carpenter Thos. C, clerk, 1009 N 7th 
Carpenter Thos. D., gent. 515 Wood 
Carpenter Thos. M., tailor, 1410 Parrish 
Carpenter William, ice dealer, 413 Buttonwood 
Carpenter Wm., mer. tailor, 825 Chestnut, h 

1623 Arch 
Carpenter Wm., laborer, 5 Lombard ct 
Cai-penter Wm., 1908 Cambridge 
■Carpenter Wm. C, 1623 Arch 
CARPENTER W. & F., {William, Francis,) 

tailors, 825 Chestnut 
Carpenter Wm. H., salesman, 1028 Brown 
Carpenter Wm. EL, cutter, 36 S 5th, h 1323 

Carpenter Wm. T., salesman, 607 Chestnut, h 

346 St John 
Carpentier John, 1307 Spruce 
Carpentier The Misses, ladies sem. 1307 Spruce 
Carr Abigail, washer, 12 Lane's ct 
Carr Alice, 2113 Harmstead 
Carr Andrew, lab. 124 Spruce 
Carr Andrew, mach. 16th ab Montgomery 
Carr Bernai-d, liquor store, S W 13th & Catharine 
Carr & Brother, {Jacob, Joseph,) plumbers, 338 

Carr Chas., gun & violin store, 250 South 
Carr Chai'les, hosiery manuf., G T road bel 6th 
Carr Charles, sawyer, 1014 Crease above Rich- 
mond (K) 
Carr Chas., pedlar, Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Carr Chas., weaver, Creisham, Mt Airy 
Carr Chas., teamster, Oak bel Mansion, (W P) 
Carr Chas. R., lab. Allen's la Mt Airy 
Carr Chris., lab. 1841 Addison 
Carr Daniel, grocer, S AV 7th and Baker 
Carr David, lab. 336 Pratt 
Carr Edward, store. West End R R Bridge, 

Falls Schuylkill 
Carr Edward, notions, 201 Church al, h Walnut 

ab Chestnut av (W P) 
Carr Edward W., newspaper agent, N W 3d 

and Walnut, h 912 N 4th 
Carr Edwin, jeweler, 929 Charlotte 
Carr Eliza, dry goods, 1337 S 2d 
Carr Francis, rear 906 S 8th 
Carr Fred., seaman, 1317 Owen 
Carr F. E., plumber, 1310 Mt Vernon 
Carr Geo., lab. 1237 S 7th 
Carr Geo., clerk, 250 South 
Carr Geo., manufr. Main (G T) 
CarjvGeo., lab. Green la and Cresson (Myk) 




Carr Geo. D. G. 306 South 

Can- Geo. W., 919 South 

Carr Geo. W., manuf. whalebone and rattan, 

124 & 126 Willow, h Germantown Road 
CARR GEORGE W. & CO., {George W. Carr, 
Samuel Warringion,) manuf. whalebone, 
124 8c 126 Willow 
Carr Henry, coach pro. 418 Cherry 
Carr Henry, lab. rear 1620 Carlton 
Carr Henry B,, vict. 1133 Columbia av 
Carr Henry J., brickmr. 1838 AViUiam 
Carr Hiram, compositor, 647 Bankson 
Carr Hiram A., carp. Manheim (G T) 
Carr Hug-h, farmer, Fisher's la (G T) 
Carr Jacob, printer, 23 Penna. av 
Carr Jacob, plumber, 338 N 4th, h Mt Vernon 

ab Ridg-e av 
Carr Jacob B., mach. Salmon ab R R R 
Carr James, plasterer, 2049 Hand 
Carr James, lab. 2 Morgan's ct 
Carr James, perfumer, 1228 S Ann 
Carr James, liquors, 928 Locust 
CaiT James, laborer. Laurel (G Town) 
Carr James, 23d ab Walnut 
Carr James, janitor, 1006 Milton 
Carr James I?., ins. broker, 1116 N Front 
Carr Jas. Henry, real est. broker, 429 Walnut 
Carr Jas. M., g-lass blower, Savery 
Carr Jane, b h, 307 S 3d 
Carr John, lab. 1718 St Joseph's av 
Carr John, lab. 1716 St Joseph's av 
Carr John, hotel, Cresson ab Cotton (Myk) 
Carr John, boltmr. 2 Ashton pi 
Carr Jno., glass blowei', Bedford bel Ash 
Carr John, lab. 1602 Sansom 
Carr John, vict. 1343 Hancock 
Carr John, morocco dr. Otter and William 
Carr John, salt dealer, 1203 Carlton 
Carr John, laborer, Cranson's court near Mar- 
riott's la 
Carr John, laborer, Richmond, (Bdg') 
Carr John, bookbr. 2113 Hamstead 
Carr John G., agent, 1067 N Front 
Carr John W., blacksm. Josephine (Fkd) 
Carr Jos., manuf Creisham, Mt Airy 
Carr Joseph, plumber, 338 North 4th, h 473 

Carr Joseph, cooper, Bringhurst (G T) 
Carr Joseph, cooper Main (G T) 
Carr J. B., bookbr. 829 Wood 
Carr Littleton, carter, 733 Lombard 
Carr Littleton, messeng-er, 1201 Salem al 
Carr Luke, dealer, 1017 Milton 
Carr Marg-., seamstress, Steammill al 
Carr Maria, 236 Lombard 
Carr Mai-ia, nurse, 317 Beaver 
Carr Mary Ann, 5 Stackhouse ct 
Carr Mary, g-rocer, 619 Cherry 
Carr Mary, F road ab Huntington 
Carr Matthew, gardiner. Cottage (C Hill) 
Carr Matthew, lab. Fisher 
Carr Michael, cordw. Nicetown 
Carr Michael, weaver, 1437 G T road 
Carr Michael, lab. Fisher ab Cumberland 
Carr Miles, lab. Salmon n Ann (R) 
Carr P., brickmr. 1739 Lombard 
Carr Pat., lab. 7 Astor pi 
Carr Patk., moulder, 931 S 11th 

Carr Peter G., painter, Ward 
Carr Rachel, Miss, seminary, 322 Spruce 
Carr Rebecca F., school, 2315 Sansom 
Carr Richard, lithographic printer, 313 Green- 
Cai-r Robt., lab. Hayes ct 
Carr Robt., lab., 1713 Carver 
Carr Ruth Ann, b h, 909 South 
Carr Saml., cord\t. 1308 Miller 
Carr Samuel, blacksmith, 1226 Marlboro' 
Carr Saml. M., contractor, 1306 Ogden 
Carr Stephen, liquors, 13th and Kates 
Carr Thos., lab. Masters bel 22d 
Carr Thos., lab. Laurel (G T) 
Carr Thos. R., g-asfr. 136 S 4th, h 906 S 8th 
Carr Wm., lab. Wharton ab 7th 
Carr William, cooper, Bringhurst ab Clinton 

(G Town) 
Carr Wm., bootmr. Haverford Road above 36th 

Carr Wm., carp. Mill (G T) 
Carr Wm., weaver, 1423 Shippen 
Carr Wm. Hart, Sec. Hempfield R. R. Co., 308 

Walnut, h 1929 Spruce 
Carr Wm. R., oysterman, 517 Lombard 
Carragher Chris., lab 1624 Chancellor 
Carrahar James, lab. 729 Southward 
Carrback Wm., furn. cars, 249 N 15th 
Carre Chas. L., blacksmith, 28 Saranac 
Carre Lewis J., tinsm., 1002 Market, h 2054 

Carrell C, lab. 1330 Mariner 
Carrell Daniel, tailor, 907 Stewart 
Carrell Henry M., carp. 243 Dickinson 
Carrell James, carp. 304 Russell 
Carrell John, tavern, Swanson and Beck 
Carrell John M., plumber, 332 S 4th, h 323 Pine 
Carrell Matthew, carter, 1445 S 8th 
Carrell Thomas, hotel, S E Market and Lse- 

Cai-rick David, baker, 8 N 19th, h 306 N 19th 
Carrick James, packer, 1617 Richard 
Carrick James, moulder, 808 Capitol 
Carrick John, hotel, 2058 Market, h 107 S 22d 
Carrick Thos. & Co., biscuit baker, 8 N 19th 
Carrick Thos., biscuit baker, 8 N 19th, h 21st 

ab Arch 
Carrick Wm., baker, 2028 Filbert 
Carrigan Bernard, lab. 10 Reed 
CARRIGAN CHAS. W., Reg. of Wills, State 

House, h 486 North 5th 
Carrigan Daniel, mint. 21st ab Spruce 
Carrigan Edw., clerk, 1216 Francis 
Carrigan Henry, starchmr. 1332 Hancock 
Carrigan Hugh, lab. 19th bel Catharine 
Carrigan Hugh, driver, 1441 Bedford 
Carrigan Hugh, driver, 1232 Fitzwater 
Carrigan James, 675 Bankson 
Carrigan Jas., dealer, 228 Gaskill 
Carrigan James, umbrella mr. 324 Turner 
Carrigan James, watchman, 712 Webb 
Carrigan John, lab. 745 Shippen 
Carrigan John, waiter, h 8 Bo) d's av 
Carrigan John H., tin roofer, 208 N 11th 
Carrigan Mary, 506 Prune 
Carrigan Matthew, horse dealer, Boyer pi 
Carrigan Mich]., lab. 745 Shippen 
Cai-rigan Pat., weaver, 1339 Palethorp 




Carrig-an Peter, tinsm. 762 S 5th 
Carrig-an Rlchd., rear 489 Dilhvyn 
Carrig-an Wm., clerk, 675 Bankson 
Carrigan AVm., cordw. 1533 Hancock 
Carring-ton John, painter, 1531 Cabot 
Carringlon W. M., com. mer., 120 Chestnut, h 

1108 Pine 
Carroll Amelia, 414 S 7th 
Carroll A. D., mer. 304 N 3d 
Carroll Bridg-et, S E 7th and St Mary- 
Carroll Bridg-et, lab. 1712 Carlton 
Carroll Chas. W., carp. F rd ab Bodine 
Carroll Con, baker, 1214 Cadwalader 
Carroll David, lab.. Brush row- 
Carroll Elizabeth, washer, 1218 Lyndall's al 
Carroll Francis, di-iver, 13 Juniper r 
Carroll Geo., hatter, 212 Market 
Carroll Hug-h, lab. 1317 Carlton 
Carroll Hug-h, lab. Otseg-o & Moore 
Carroll Jas., lab. Richmond opp Ball 
Carroll James, shop, 248 N 10th 
Carroll James, lab. Olive ct 
Carroll James, bootmr. Crozier's ct 
CaiToll James, plumber, 32 N Lancaster av 
Carroll James, drayman, 816 S 8th 
Carroll James, clerk, 1510 Parrish 
Carroll James, mai'ble mason, 2526 Pine 
Carroll James F., printer, 402 Library 
Carroll John, carp. 841 Leonard 
Carroll John, clerk, 622 S 10th 
Carroll lohn, lab. rear 120 S Del av 
Carroll John, lab. 11 Marshall's ct 
Carroll John, fruit, rear 524 Christian 
Carroll John, porter, Shaffer's av 
Carroll Joseph, weaver, 1239 Brinton 
Carroll Jos., gasfr. & plum. 15 N 9i[i, h 32d N 

Lancaster av (W P) 
Carroll Joseph C, paper and rag-s, 109 N Front, 

h 444 Mag-nolia 
Carroll Matthew, dealer, 1445 S 8th 
Carroll Maurice, shoemr. 18 Jones' al, hSCban- 

cery la 
Carroll Michael, milkman, 818 Fisher 
Carroll Mortimer, periodicals, N E 3d & Dock 
Carroll Nicholas, eng-ineer, rear 216 Christian 
Carroll Patk., bricklr. 520 Cresson's al 
Carroll Patrick, lab. Richmond opp. Ball 
Carroll Pat., carter, James ab 7th 
Carroll Pat., carp. 1909 Carlton 
Carroll Pat., carter, Dauphin ab Coral 
Carroll Pat., lab. 218 S Front 
Carroll Patk., paver. Clarion bel Federal 
Carroll Pat., porter house, 2425 Pine 
Carroll Peter, lab. Main (C Hill) 
Carroll Peter, manuf. 1508 Peny 
Carroll Sarah, 903 N 19th 
CARROLL THOS., Hotel, NE 24th and Sp 

Carroll Thos., lab. 137 Elfreth al 
Carroll Thos., bricklr. Mulberry (Fkd) 
Carroll Timothy, watchmr. 1128 Og-den 
Carroll Wm, tavern, N W 2d and Jefferson (K) 
Carroll Wm., mer. 1611 Lombard 
Carroll Wm., moulder, 1927 Am-i 
Carroll Wm., paper & rags. 111 Jones al 
Carroll "Wm., lab. Long- la and Maiden 
Carroll Wm. R., assist, rector St. Paul's Church, 

h 320 Union 

Carrow John, jewelry manuf. 308 Chestnut, h 

1522 Locust 
CARROW, THIBAULT & CO., (Joh7i Carrow, 
Francis Thibault, Thomas J. Crothers,) 
manf. jewelers, 308 Chestnut 
Carry Edwd., lab. Market bel Till (W P) 
Carryl Edw. W., house furnishing- g-oods, 714 

Carryl Geo. W., merchant, 719 Chestnut, h 914 

Carryl Pat., lab. York ab Richmond 
Carryl Wm H., curtain materials, 719 Chestnut, h 

711 Walnut 
CARRYL WM. H. & BRO., (Wm. H., George 

W.,) cur. materials, 719 Chesnut 
Carsecell Ada, shop, 788 S Front 
Car^ley Joseph, blacksm. 1307 Clair 
Carson Amos, furniture car, 1509 S 2d 
Carson Ann, dressmaker, 36 Coates al 
Carson Archibald, Wyoming ab Pratt 
Carson Chas., g-ardener, 730 Stirling- 
Carson Christian, cordw. 539 Wharton 
Carson Edwai-d, spinner, 2129 William 
Carson E. S., 1322 Wood 
Carson George, lab. 1314 Lombard 
Carson Geo. C, mer. 108 S Front, h Torresdale 
Carson Harbit J., 1007 Moyamensing- av 
Carson Henry, cot. brok. N W Front & Chest- 
nut, h 222 S 8th 
Carson Henry, tailor, 729 Lisle 
CARSON H. L., mer. 102 Chestnut, h (G T) 
Carson Jacob Hays, conveyancer, 251 N 9th, h 

1017 Brown 
Carson James, harnessmr. 24 Temple 
Carson James, lab., 1823 Jones 
Carson Jas., lab. 5 Dallett's ct 
Carson James W., mer. 617 Market, h 911 N 6th 
Carson Jane, g-entw. 519 N 25th 
Carson John, dyer, 16th ab Catharine 
Carson John barber, 212 Madison 
Carson John, weaver, 1517 Philip 
Carson John, lab. rear 826 Rachel bel Poplar 
Carson John, cai-p. 9th & Columbia 
Carson John W., cordw. 837 Leonard 
Carson Jos., clerk, 2082 Lombard 
Carson Jos., mer. Main (G T) 
Carson Jos., jr., 102 Chestnut 
Carson Jos., M. D., 1120 Spruce 
Carson Jos., weaver, 2052 Lombard 
Carson Mary A., Main ab Rittenhouse, (G Town) 
Carson Matthew, weaver, 23d & Biddle 
Carson Rachel, 300 S 12th 
Carson Robt., weaver, 1416 Front 
Carson Robert, varnisher, Pritchet 
Carson Robert, bricklr. Centre bel Mary (W P) 
Carson Robert, tinsm. Drum 
Carson Robert, clerk, 122 Market, h 288 Rug-an 
Carson Rosa, dressmr. 1025 Buttomrood 
Carson Thos-, iron worker, 1241 S 13th 
Carson Thomas, grocer, 1813 Lombard 
Carson Thos., mer. 302 Market, h 802 N 10th 
Carson Thos., weaver. Front ab Dauphin 
Carson Thos. B., real est. broker, 149 N 9th h 

1017 Brown 
Carson & Tucker, (Henry Carson, Thos. suck- 
er,) cot. brokers, N W Front & Chetnut 
Carson Wm., rest. S E cor 2d & South 
Carson Wm., tavern. South ab 15th 




Carson Wm., packer, 329 Market, h 1735 South 
Carson Wm., machst. 222 Monroe 
Carson AVm. D., bricklr. Oxford & Franklin 
Carsons Alex., carp. Dauphin ab Adrian 
Carsons Benj., clerk, 1037 Coates 
Carstaii-s Chas. S., mer. 202 S Front, h German- 
town av (Mt Airy) 
Carstairs Jas., mer. 522 S Del av, h 906 Pine 
Carstairs Jas., jr., mer. 206 & 208 S Front, h 

906 Pine 
Carstairs Thomas, merchant, 202 S Front, h 

906 Pine 
Carter Ann, cook, Oak ab Till (W P) 
Carter Charles, wheelwrt. 1543 R avenue 
Carter Chas., M. D., 1632 Walimt 
Carter Chas., vict. Richmond ab Bridge 
Carter Chas., g-ent., Melvale ab William (R) 
Carter Chas. Ig-natius H., very Rev., 1121 Sp 

Carter Chas. K., wheelwt. Foxchase 
Carter Clarissa, 921 Race 
Carter D. H., 245 Currant al 
Carter Edward, bricklr. 1623 Ogden 
Carter Edward E., M. D., Tacony, Whitehall 
Cai'ter Emily, 3 Curran pi 
Carter Eliza C, wid. of D. B., 233 S 13th 
Carter E. L., Dr., 902 South 
Carter Geo., shipcarp. 705 S Front 
Carter Geo., real est. broker, 142- N 5th 
Carter Georg'c, stone mason, Lancaster Pike ab 

36th (W P) 
Carter Henry, waiter. Oak bel Mary (W P) 
Carter Humphrey, waiter, 1632 N 11th 
Carter Jacob, cooper, Perkiomen n 19th 
Carter James, lab. Leiper st (Fkd) 
Carter James T., g-ent. N E 6th & Commerce, 

h 1708 Race 
Carter Jane, washer, N E Duponceau & Spruce 
Carter John, lab., 815 AVillow 
Carter John, Perry & Columbia 
Carter John, chem. 304 Arch, h 329 S 12th 
Carter John, teamstei', 1009 Barley 
Carter Jolm, engi'r, Lehigh av ab Memphis 
Carter John, livery stable, r 216 Arch 
Carter John S., M. D., 1307 Poplar 
Carter Joseph, weaver, Orchard st (Fkd) 
Carter Joseph, pump mr., Penn (K) 
Carter J. G., cooper, 519 Commerce, h 821 N 

Carter J. H., furniture, 1349 South 
Carter Lavina, 413 S 7th 
Cai'ter Marg-aret, g'entw. 239 N 9tli 
Carter Margt., trimmings, S W 11th & Cherry 
Carter Mrs., gentw. 430 Pine 
Carter Mary, 10 Elmslie's al 
Carter Moses, lab. Adams (Fkd) 
Carter Noah, waiter, 705 Lisle 
CARTER PAUL BECK, attorney at law, 257 

Carter Restor, lastmr. 112 Bread, clothing, 904 

Market, h 6th & Dauphin 
Carter Richd., carp., S-|)ring- (Fkd) 
Carter Richard, waterman, 28 Union 
Carter Rich., sailor. Church ab Park (WP) 
Carter Robert, lab. Chestnut (Myk) 
Carter Robert, laborer, Gay ab Main (Myk) 
Carter Robt., engr., Melvale ab Williams (R) 
Carter Robt. T., alderman, 809 S 3d 

Carter Rodman, clerk, 20 Exchange, h 916 Pine 
Carter Saml., printer, 1129 Myrtle 
CARTER & SCATTERGOOD, manuf. che- 
mists, 304 Arch, laboratory Beach above 
Carter Sharon, collector, 907 Buttonwood 
Carter Thos. J., ship carp. 236 Marriott 
Carter Thos. S., jeweler, 309 Clark 
Carter Wm., patternmr. Frankford road above 

Carter Wm., 2307 Green 
Carter Wm., lab. 1410 Howard 
Carter Wm., sailmr. Bridge st (W Hall) 
Carter Wm. F., barber, 52 N 6th 
Carter Wm. J., druggist, 1600 Chestnut 
Carter Wm. M., mer. 49 N 3d, h 233 S 13th 
Carter Wm. R., 1623 Ogden 
Carter Wm. T., broker, 313^ Walnut, h 916 

Cartereau Francis, carv. William ab Pratt (W P) 
Carteret Jos. W., furniture repairer, 1006 Car- 
Cartey Chas., lab. Oxford st (Fkd) 
Cartey James, butcher, 2309 Jefferson 
Cartey Nicholas, lab. Oxford st (Fkd) 
Cartledg-e John, stonecr. 945 Federal 
Cartledge John, mason, 1116 Wistar 
Cartledge Jos., stone cut. 945 Federal 
Cartledge Jos., millwright, Collegeville 
Cartledge Steph. G., stonecut. 234 Christian 
CARTLITCH J. G., hotel, 249 N 4th 
Cartman David, operator, 207 Federal 
Gartner Geo., clerk, 9 S 7th, h 424 Prune 
Cartney Wm., lab. 1306 S 13th st 
Carton James, weaver, 1525 Philip 
Cartridge William, weaver, Haverford & Mill 

Cai'twriglit Francis, bookkeeper, S W 7th and 

Cartwright Isaac, trader, 14 Philip 
Cartwright Mary, provisions, Cliestnut above 

Moore (W P) 
Cartwright Matthew, tin worker, 948 N 5tli 
Carty Charles, machst. 2116 Coates 
Carty Dennis, store, 19th & Hamilton 
Carty George, cordw. Pleasant (Myk) 
Carty Harriet, lab. 120 Catharine 
Carty Jas., lab. Hippel's la (Myk) 
Carty James, vict. 2323 Jefferson 
Carty John, tailor, 507 Washington av 
Carty Lawrence, porter, 125 Chestnut 
Carty Nich., carp. 733 Mintzer 
Carty Randolph, clerk, post office, h 229 Ches- 
Carty Sumpter M., gro. 1035 Morgan 
Carty Thos., porter, 1 Lagrange st 
Carver Alexander B., convey. S W 9th and Fil- 
bert, h 1522 Arch 
CARVER A. B. & CO., conveyrs. S W 9th and 

Carver Eli, b h 712 Wood 
Carver Hannah, 1516 Penn'a av 
Carver Isaac, turner, 139 Dock, h 1007 S 3d 
Carver Jacob, umbrella mr., 324 Market, h Ash 

bel Dana 
Cai'ver Jacob, convey. S W 9th and Filbert, h 

1627 Locust 
Carver Jas., Somerset ab Memphis 




Carver John, porter, 512 Commerce, h 6 Col- 

leg-e pi 
Carver Jno. E., billiard room, 606 Chestnut, h 

1110 Ridg-e av 
CARVER JNO. E., arch.& eng-. 51 N 6th, h 1110 

Ridg-e av 
Carver John R., carp. 1531 N Rittenhouse 
Carver J., grocer, 1731 Coates 
Cai-ver Samuel, atty. at law, S W 9th & Filbert, 

h 1522 Arch 
Carver Thomas J., 1706 Ridge av 
Carver Wm., weaver, Lackawanna ab Norris 
Carver Wm., weaver, Paschalville (W P) 
Carvill Wm., grocer, 1329 N 2d 
Carver William B., conveyancer, S W 9th and 

Filbert, h 1522 Arch 
Carver Wm. B., printer, 813 N 13th 
Carver Wilson J., clerk, 429 Market, h 111 

Carvey Patk., blacksmith, 415 N Iront 
Carvoyn Thos., lab. 908 Alder 
Cary Ed., carp. Penn av ab 23d 
Cary Francis, mor. finisher, 847 St. Johns 
Cary Gert. J. Mrs., young- ladies' sem., 1323 

Cary Isaac N., barber, 405 Walnut, h 405 S 8th 
Cary Luke, hostler, Georg-e bel Park (W P) 
Cary Robert, 926 Mt. Vernon 
Casabuena J. G. V., tobacconist, 311 S 6th 
Casadie Antonio, artist, 2 Elmslie's al 
Casady John, baker, 1231 N 15th 
Casbart Lewis, lab. Baker bel Green la (Myk) 
Cascaden Jas., porter, 109 Arch, h 1008 Parker 
Case Ambrose, lab., 23d & Pratt 
Case Fred., hatter, 532 Market, h 2 Madison 
Case Howard, spinner. Gay (Myk) 
Case Saml. H., mer. 1 S 9th 
Casely Alex., carp. 939 S 3d 
Casely James, 620 Washington av 
Casey Arthur, 1620 Becket 
Casey Catharine, conf., 1105 Sp Garden 
Casey C. Chas., 126 Del av, h 109 N 6th 
Casey Danl., dealer, 703 Federal 
Casey Danl., porter, 526 Cresson's al 
Casey Francis, lab., 1545 Cadwalader 
Casey Francis, weaver, 1545 Cadwalader 
Casey Garrett, Iceman, 17 Greer's ct 
Casey & Guyant, (Jas. D. Casey, David Guyant,) 

g-lass cutters. Quarry & Bread 
Casey James, tavern, 613 S 5th 
Casey James, waiter, Rinder pi 
Casey James, lab., Main bel Cedar 
Casey Jas., tailor, 231 German 
Casey James, broker, 218 Walnut, house 1105 

Casey Jas., halter, rear 317 Garden 
Casey Jas., bricklr., rear 317 Garden 
Casey James D., glass cutter. Quarry & Bread, 

h 1037 Vienna (K) 
Casey John, g-rocer, 258 N 12th 
Casey John, liquor store, Market (W P) 
Casey John, grocer, N E 13th & Fitzwater 
Casey John, clerk, 923 James 
Casey John, gent., 840 Suffolk 
Casey John, liquor dealer, 841 Suffolk 
Casey John, lab.. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Casey John, Kelley's pi, rear 1621 Hamilton 
Casey John, lab. 507 S Juniper 

Casey John, dyer, 1324 S 13th 

Casey John, lab. Centre (G T) 

Casey John, jr., liquors, 328 Walnut 

Casey Mary Mrs., r of 209 Stampers al 

Casey Michael, lab., 918 Margaret 

Casey Michael, cordw., h 3 St John's pi 

Casey Michael, lab., York Pike (G T) 

Casey Michael, carp., Wallace ab 21st 

Casey Michael, 933 S 9th 

Casey Michael, R R agent, 711 Broad 

Casey Misses, seminai-y, 1703 Walnut 

Casey Patrick, blksm., 17 Greer's ct 

Casey Patrick, milk, 525 Cresson's al 

Casey Patrick, lab. 204 Ledger place * 

Casey Peter, lab. 1239 Cadwalader 

Casey Peter, clerk, Bladen's ct 

Casey Richd., driver, 1704 Jefferson 

Casey Thomas, lab. rear 927 Ogden 

Casey Thomas, lab. 7 Kentworthy's ct 

Casey Wm., lab. WilUam 

CASH A. D. &. L. H. REDNER, convey., 150 

Cash Andrew D., conveyancer, 150 S 4th, h 

1520 Locust 
Cash Daniel W., plasterer, 1112 Marks la 
Cash Elizabeth, 235 S 13th 
Cash Elizabeth, wid. of Wm., 1833 Ann 
Cash Geo. S., clerk, 43 N Water, h Mary N of 

Market (W P) 
Cash Mich., brickmr. 5th ab Diamond 
Cash Thomas M., h 321 S 16th 
Caskell Elizabeth, gentw. 407 York av 
Caskey Benjamin, steelmr. 1134 Crease 
Caskey Benjamin, roller, 1132 Crease 
Caskey Elizabeth, grocer, 855 N 15th 
Caskey James, carp, 1830 Barker 
Caskey John, clerk, 1251 Leopard 
Caskey Joseph, 118 N Front, hll25 Race 
Caskey Robert, weaver, 332 Belg-rade 
Caskey Wm., laborer, 1308 Marlboro' 
Caskle Wm. V., paper mer., 9 S Front, h 407 

York av 
Caslin A., dressmr. 1102 N Front 
Caslin Danl., restaurant, 403 Merchant 
Caslin Timothy, lab. 1102 N Front 
Caslow Jno., weaver, 805 S 10th 
Casner John F., builder, 1524 N 11th 
Casner Wm. G., clerk, 1544 N 11th 
Casper & Bro., {John, Joseph,) hotel, 6 & 8 

S Del av 
Casperson Ann S., 107 Senate 
Cass John, weaver, Crescentville 
Cassady Bernard, Iccksm. 723 S 7th 
Cassady Bernard, lab. 964 Beach 
Cassady Charles, weaver, 1436 N 2d 
Cassady Cornelius D., bak. 1223 Market 
Cassady David, Willow (Fkd) 
Cassady Edw., gent., 1111 Carpenter 
Cassady Edward, cordwainer, 1002 Passyunk 

Cassady Elizabeth, washer, Cassady's ct 
Cassady Francis, weaver, 1424 N 2d 
Cassady Hugh, salesman. 111 Eutaw 
Cassady Hugh, collector, 1014 Pine 
Cassady H., prof, music, 6th ab Chatham 
Cassady James, weaver, 6 Weaver's ct 
Cassady James W., grocer, 606 S 2d 
Cassady John, Cassady's ct 




Cassady J. B., gardener, 6th ab Chatham 
Cassady Lawrence, roller, 1036 Fkd road 
Cassadj'' Afargaret, stoneware, 616 S 6th 
Cassady Michael, grocer, 233 German 
Cassady Patrick, weaver, Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Cassady Patrick, Moy. pi'ison, 1018 Federal 
Cassady Patrick, porter, 306 Union 
Cassady Peter, printer, 2d ab Columbia 
CASSADY P. H., baker, 20 N 9th, h_^1729 Wal- 
Cassady Thos., mast mr., 24 Beck 
Cassady Wm., morocco dr. Harrison ay 
Cassady AVilliam D., undertaker, 926 Cliristlan 
Cassan L. P., carp. 213 Carpenter 
Cassan Patrick, dyer, 2039 Hampton 
Cassan Wm., lab. Nicetown 
Cassatt R. S., gent. 1436 S Penn sq 
Casseday Catharine, milliner, 221 Lombard 
Casseday Charles A., hat, &c. presser, 221 

Casseday Edgar W., book keeper, 104 S whvs, 

h 221 Lombai-d 
Casseday James, coachman, rear 624 Pine 
Casseday Ruth, 639 Catharine 
Cassedy James, car painter, 221 Lombard 
Cassedy James A., grain broker, 338 S Del ay 

h 641 Catharine 
Cassedy Michael, blacksm. 816 Auburn 
Cassedy Wm., tailor, 717 S 11th 
Cassel Fredk., bootmr., 150 Vine 
Cassel Franklin, carp. 6th bel Dauphin 
Cassel Jesse H., lab. 937 Lawrence 
Cassel John, mer. Crescentyille 
Cassel Robert, rags, R ay & Hamilton 
Casselberry Francis, lab. Somerset ab Salmon 
Casselberry Isaac, fluid, 1015 Coates 
CA.SSELBERRY JACOB R., drygoods, 53 N 

8th, h Shirley bel 19th 
Casselberry S., di-uggist, 702 N 9th 
Cassell A., M. carp., 6th ab Dauphin (K) 
Cassen John, 313 Union 
Casserly James, tailor, 838 Auburn 
Casserly Patrick, tailor, 1132 Jackson 
Cassey Alfred, carver, 939 Margaret 
Cassiday Andrew, lab. Ahnond bel Cumber- 
Cassiday Catharine, grocer, 713 S 6th 
Cassidaj^ David, cordw. 151 Fkd road 
(Cassiday Henry, waterman. Almond ab York 
Cassiday Henry, cordw. Church (Fkd) 
Cassiday Hugh, Sch Willow bel Spruce 
CASSIDY & BALL, {Wm. W. Cassidy, Wm. 

Ball,) watches & jewelry, 12 S 2d 
Cassidy Edward, laborer. Main below Cedar 

Cassidy Edw. W., woodenware, N W Water 8c 

Chestnut, h 624 N 7th 
Cassidy Felix, carter, 1544 Cadwalader 
Cassid}' Frank, painter, 117 Wharton 
Cassidy Henry S., tailor, 1221 Cass 
Cassidy Hugh, mer. 128 Walnut, h N E Carpen- 
ter and Lewis 
Cassidy James, victualer. Reed ab 8th 
Cassidy Jas., lab., Otsego ab Moore 
Cassidy James, lab. 619 Swanson 
Cassidy James, boilermr. 705 Plover 
Cassidy James, dealer, 251 Queen 
Cassidy John, ship carp. 908 Carpenter 

Cassidy John, porter, 30 S Front, house 1229 

Passyunk road 
Cassidy j'ohn, ship builder, 803 S 8th 
Cassidy John H., ship, office, 118 Lombard 
Cassidy Lewis C, attorney & coun. 213 S 6th 
Cassidy Margt., grocer, 1241 N Front 
Cassidy Mich., lab. 404 Beach 
Cassidy Pat., porter, 30 S Front 
Cassidy Stacy, dealer, 251 Queen 
Cassidy Tlios., shoemr.. Mulberry (Fkd) 
Cassidy T., coal yard, 741 S Broad, h 529 S 11th 
Cassidy Wm., clerk, 214 N 15th ab Race 
Cassidy Wm., lab. 6th & Carpenter 
Cassidy Wm. W., watchmr., 12 S 2d 
Cassin John, 313 Union 
Cassin N. W., coachmr. Main (G T) 
Cassin Patrick, lab. Haines (G T) 
Cassin Wm., lab. Nicetown 
Cassner Eli, 2424 Brown 

Casson Andi-ew, weaver, Ho\Yai-d and Colum- 
bia av 
Castello A. H., pumpmr., 408 Enterprise 
Casten Christian, mach. 133 Noble 
Caster Hannah, Seller.s, Frankford 
Caster John, carpenter, Adams & Frankford 

Castilline Chilian, carp. 1026 Clare 
Castillon G. E., importer, 108 Walnut, h Tacony 
Castin Robert M., moulder, Foulkrod st (Fkdj 
Castle James H., atty. and coun., office 115 S 

5th, h 709 Locust 
Castle Joseph, Rev., 238 N 8th 
Castle Joseph, 1159 S 12th 
Castle Wm., conductor, Pepper n Martha (R) 
Castle Wm., printer, 1526 Vine 
Castledine Rich., 740 S Front 
Castner John, cashier Tradesmens' Bank, 200 

Spruce, h 339 S 5th 
Castner Samuel, merchant, 302 S Del ay., h 503 

S Front 
Caston Edm. S., cordw. Paul st (Fkd) 
Castor Geo. F., dealer, 1718 N 12th i 

Castor Geo. J., farmer, Tacony 
Castor Geo. R., farmer, R rd, Frankford 
Castor Henry, police, Penn, Tacony 
Castor Henry, lab. Adams (Fkd) 
Castor Hiram, farmer, Frankford 
Castor John M., tailor. Main, Holmesburg 
Castor Peter, blksm., 189 Frankford 
Castor Thomas, wheelwright, 216 Frankford 
Castor Wm., lab. Adams (Fkd) 
Catanach A., carp. Shippen ab 15th, h 1345 

Catanach A., carp. 1345 Lombard bel Broad 

Co., 308 Walnut 
Cater Esther, 17 Mayland 
Catern David B., policeman. Oak ab Moore 

Caterson John, brickmi-. Washington av n 18th 
Caterson Maiy Ann, 727 Sansom 
Caterson Wm. M., gilder, 1724 Barker 
Cathcart Alex., shoemr., 540 Queen 
Cathcart James, grocer, 2142 Spruce 
Cathcart Jos. W. H., janitor, 210 Quince 
Cathcart Martha, seamstress, 608 S 13th 
Cathcart Tlios., carp. Hudson, h 1131 Lombard 
Cathcart Thomas, carp. 1131 Lombard 




Cathcart William, cooper, 107 Mary 
Cathcart Wm. Rev., 817 N Market 
Cathcart Wm., shoemr., 1604 Sansom 
Cathedral Cemeterj", Lancaster av n M'ville 
Cathell Henry, mariner, 1 Davis' ct 
Gather And., Rev., River n Lancaster av 
Gathers James M., Richmond ab Wm. (R) 
Gatherwood And., manuf. 1222 South 
CATHERWOOD ANDREW J., wines & liquors 

110 & 112 N 2d, h Bridge and Main (Bdg) 
Catherwood & Co., (Saml. R., John H.,) teas, 

25 S Front 
Catherwood Hugh, mer., 114 S Front, h 1409 

Cathenvood Hugh U., mer. Richmond (Bdg) 
Catherwood H. Wilson, mer. 114 S Front, h 

CATHERWOOD H. & H. W., wines & liquors, 

114 S Front 
Catherwood John, weaver, 2d ab Montgomery, 

Catherwood John H., mer. 25 S Front, h 1409 

Catherwood Robert, weaver, 2nd ab Mont- 
gomery (K) 
Catherwood Saml. B. mer. 25 S Front, h 1409 

Cathrall Benj., paperhanger, 614 Bedford 
Cathrall Charles, blacksm., 1011 Clare 
Cathrall Edward, paperhanger, 525 Dickerson 
Cathrall Edward, paperhanger, 1111 Thompson 
Cathrall F-, paperhanger, 1111 Thompson 
Cathi-all Geo., tobacco store, .2d & Callowhill, 

h 554 N 5th 
CathraU George, cigars, 1111 Thompson 
Cathrall Geo. W., segarmr., 614 Bedford 
Gating Matthew, finisher, York pike, Bristol 
Gatlin John, dealer, 101 Almond 
Caton Jesse, mer. finisher. Currant pi 
Caton Michael, lab. rear 22d & South 
Caton Timothy, 2125 Tower 
Caton Wm., lab. 3 Osbec pi 
Catts M. H., machinist, 1532 Wallace 
Cattell Alex. G., com. mer., prest. Com Ex. 

Bank, h 300 N Front 
Cattell Andrew C, mer., 32 N 3d, h 248 S 3d 
CATTELL A. G. & CO., {E. G. James, G. G. 

Cattell,) com mers., 26 N Del av and 27 N 

Cattell Elijah G., 26 N Del. av, h 320 N Front 
Cattell James, moulder, 626 Paul 
Catterson Wm. M., 727 Sansom 
Cattlin Edw., draftsman, rear 1038 F Rd 
Cauet Mary E., 57 Vine 
Cauett Jos. J., clerk, 213 Vine 
Cauffman Abm., blacksmith, Cleai-field, h Water- 
loo road (R) 
Cauffman & Chew, (T. F. Cauffman, Joseph 

Chew, jr.) queensware, 21 N 4th 
Cauffman Craige, carp., Waterloo road, h 815 

Cauffman Jacob, wines and liquors, 253 N 4th, 

h 645 N 7th 
Cauffman Jane, gentlew. 857 Clinton 
Cauffman Marcus, mer., 230 Aixh, h 623 N 6th 
Cauffman, Roggenburger & Co., {Marcus 

Cauffman, Isaiah, Marcus Roggenburger,) 

230 Arch 

Cauffman Saml., driver, 2713 Coates 
Cauffman T F., mer., 21 N 4th, h Roxborough 
Caughlin Charles, store, 750 Ringgold 
Cauil Fred., 1635 Lewis 
Cavall Andw., lab. 1106 S 6th 
Cavan Edward, coachmr. 1710 AVood 
Cavanaugh Isaac, lab. Mechanic (Mj-k) 
Cavanaugh James, carp. Parkbel 15th 
Cavanaugh James, Gran's ct 
Cavanaugh James, porter, 1 Cowperthwaite p 
Cavanaugh James, gent. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Cavanaugh Jeremiah, tailor, 809 Morris 
Cavan&ugh John, spinner. State ab Green (W P) 
Cavanaugh John, cordw. 1708 Wood 
Cavanaugh John, lab. 1302 Percy 
Cavanaugh John, lab. 944 Alder 
Cavanaugh John, poi-ter, 333 Market, h 5 Shep- 
herd's al 
Cavanaugh John, lab. Tower (Myk) • 
Cavanaugh ilatthew, porter, 134 Chestnut, K 

Guy's ct 
Cavanaugh ilichael, carter, 915 Masters ab 9th. 
I Cavanaugh Michael, wea^-er. State ab Green 

(W P) 
Cavanaugh Michl., Pratt bel Logan (W P) . 
Cavanaugh Owen, liquor dealer, 1022 Masters 
I Cavanaugh Patk., lab. Gatchell's pi 
Cavanaugh Peter, runner, 1017 Hamilton 
i Cavanaugh Peter, lab. Bowman (G T) 
Cavanaugh Peter, tailor, 1541 Lewis 
Cavanaugh Rebecca R., 416 Christian 
i Cavanaugh Robt., lab. F rd ab Adrien 
Cavanaugh Sarah, r 327 Dilhvyn 
Cavanaugh Susan, shop, 1318 Mariner 
Cavanaugh Thos., iloore's ct 
Cavanaugh Wm., lab., 219 Federal 
Cavanaugh Wm., Lane av n Park 
Cavanaugh Wm., cordw. McCann's ct 
Cavanaugh Wm., moulder, 1336 N 10th 
Cavarley Rich., hatter, 533 S 5th, h 707 South- 
war k 
Cave Jefferson J., engineer, 1506 Ogden 
Cave John, lab. City line N E 
Cave Matilda, sempstreee, Rising Sun 
Cave Thos., polisher, Paul (Fkd) 
Caven James, carp. 21st & Wallace 
Caven John, carter, Pennsylvania av bel 25th 
Caven Jos. L., conv. 533 Arch, h 21st and Wal- 
Caven Wm., lab. Carty av 

Cavenaugh Edw'd W., woodmer.925 Christian 
Cavenaugh James, acct. 635 Catharine 
Cavenaugh Michl., shop, 130 Shippen 
Cavenaugh Peter, bar tender, 227 S 5th 
Cavenaugh Wm F., jewelry engraver, 331 S 2d 
Cavender C, salesman, 237 Chestnut 
Cavender C.H., clerk at Blockley Alms-house 
Cavender E. M., salesman, 2122 Centre 
Cavender Jane, 1009 Vernon 
Cavender John, packer, Rio Grande pi 
Cavender John, shoemr. 1069 Beach 
Cavender John, roller. Mechanic ab Cresson 

Cavender John H., convey., 607 N 5th, h 505 

Cavender Mary, wid. 1731 Barker 
Cavender Thos. S., convey. 274 S 3d, h York 




Caves Thos., police, Philip ab Oxford 

Cavett A. M., seamstress, 2 Schoolhouse av 

Cavill Francis, shoemr. 915 Stewart , 
Cavill Michael, shoemr. 915 Stewart 
Cavin Samuel, pap. hanger, 331 Regd 
Caviston Ellen, weaver. Main bel Cedar (Mj^k) 
Caviston Patk., conductor, Melvale ab William 


Caviston Richd., lab. Soirel bel Melvale (R) 

Cavorroro Wm., castings, 1227 Wallace 

Cawlett Sarah, 433 Wharton 

Cawlk Thos., tanner, 1309 Ruhl 

Cay Thos., hatter, 125 Lombard 

Cayat Henry, b h, 718 Filbert 

Cazier Charles, pamter, 933 Buttonwood 

Cazier Henry, carp. 933 Buttonwood 

Cecil Wm. J., salesman, 536 Market, h 1523 

Cemea Edwd. D., salesm. 425 Market 
Certier Geo., 235 Union 
Cervey Wm. Mrs., Fitler ab 2d 
Cery James, lab. 117 Peg 
Cette A. C, dep. sheriff", 1719 Wallace 
Cever Francis, cordw. 762 P road 
Chabot Cyprian, watchcasemr. 144 S 3d, h 220 

Chabot & Liechty, watch case mrs. 1^4 8 3d 
Chadderton Thos., saw filer, 526 Richmohd 
Chadwick B., 9 Short's ct 
Chadwick Elias, tavern. Green (Fkd) 
Chadwick E. Mun-ay, tailor, 1310 S 3d 
Chadwick Francis A., N E 2d and Race, h. 154 

Chadwick G. H., Coral ab Abigail (K) 
Chadwick James, tin plate wki-. 51 Frankford 
Chac'wick John, lab. Lab. Hill (Falls Sch) 
Chadwick John K., heaters, &c., N E 2d and 

Race, h 6th and GTrd 
Chadwick Peter, confect. r 236 Juniper 
Chadwick Robt., wheelw. 2d ab York (Fkd) 
Chadwick Thomas, paper hang, r 236 S Juni- 
Chadwick Thos., hardwai-e, 1141 S 9th 
Chadwick Wm., mach. Adams (Fkd) 
ChafFee James, mer., 523 Market, h 1707 Wal- 
Chaffee Wm., mer. 523 Market, h 1709 Wallace 
CHAFFEES, STOUT & CO., {James, WiUiam 
Chaffee, Jacob W. Sfoiit, H. R. Kibbs, F. 
T. Atkinson,) dry goods, 523 Mai-ket 
Chafer Henry C, engineer, 1706 N 6th 
Chain Frank, grocer, 1301 N 5th 
Chain Thomas H., barber, 1511 Callowhill, h 

1416 Ogden 
Chaler John, tailor, 764 S 8th 
Chalfant John E., salesman, 246 Chestnut, h 

954 Shackamaxon 
Chall Pat., rear 1622 
Challen Howard, publisher, 25 S 6th 
Challen James & Sun, {Howard,) publishers & 

booksellers, 25 S 6th 
Challen Jas., Rev., editor, 25 S 6th, h S E 12th 

& Melon 
Challender U. H., carp. Irwin st (Bdg) 
Chalmers Ann, N E Carroll and 13th 
Chalmers Emilv A., teacher, 13th ab Poplar 
Chaloner AnnaM., wid. 106 N 11th 

Chamberlain Benj., cooper, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain B. E., teacher, 400 Front 
Chamberlain D. M., collector, 140 S 3d 
Chamberlain E., Mrs., gentw. 851 X 10th 
Gliamberlain Geo. J. Dr., 622 S 11th 
Chamberlain Horatio, clerk, 1223 Parrish 
Chamberlain John J., com. mer. 208 Poulson 
Chamberlain Joshua, saddler, 36th ab Garden 
Chamberlain J., 253 Concord 
Chamberlain Lloyd, sec. & treas. B. M. R. R. 
Co., 322 Walnut, h Cooper bel 3d (Cam- 
Chamberlain Lloyd, paper str. 318 Wood 
Chamberlain Samuel M., bookbr., 422 Library, 

h 7 Ludlow 
Chamberlain Taylor, millwght. 1902 Wood 
Chamberlain Thomas, blacksm. 2111 Cuthbert 
Chamberlain Wm., stocking manuf. 1109 Jef- 
Chamberlain Wm., carp. Cellers n Leipt ■ (Fkd) 
Chamberlain Wm. H., potter, Haig ct 
Chamberlain W. J. bookkeeper, 242 Oxford 
Chanjberlaine Saml., M. D., N W 2d & Spruce 
Chambers And. R., gent. 32 N 3d, h 1523 Chest- 
Chambers Andrew R., jr , salesm. o2 N 3d 
Chambers Ann, tailoress, 6 Benton 
Chambers Ann Eliza, variety, 622 S 6th 
Chambers Asa W., sea capt. 214 Jarvis 
Chambers A. M. Mi-s.,40 S 17th 
Chambers A. H., trimmings, 46 S 2d 
bers, A. C. Cattell,) leather dealers, 32 
Chambers Chai-les, distiller. Hedge (Fkd) 
Chambers Chas. 6 Wilson 
Chambers David, waterman, Strangford's pi 
Cliambers David, marble pol. 2105 Carlton 
Chambers David, bricklay., 304 Carpenter 
Chambers Diana, washer, 1114 Washington av 
Chambers D. M., fancy goods, 45 N 2d 
Chambers D. W., salesman, 321 Market 
Chambers Edwd., macht. 511 Noble 
Chambers Ellen, 1083 Penn 
Cliambers Francis, paper stainer, 1302 Horst- 

Cliambers George, lab, 1333 Shippen 
Chamber.''. Geo., lab. 2 Clai-k's pi 
Cliambers Geo. W., lampmi-.432 Canton 
Chambers Gibson, polisher, 729 S 16th 
Chambers G. W., tinsm., 919 N 2d, h 1007 Nec- 
Chambers G. W., M. D., 706 S 4th 
Chambers Henrietta, 203 Mercer 
Chambers Jacob., brickly., Jamison n 7th 
Chambers James, boatman, 1083 Peim 
Chambers James, 254 N 11th 
Cliambers James, phunber, 1209 Ridge av, h 

718 Callowhill 
Chambers James H., plumber, 1209 R av, h 

1310 Green 
Chambers James S., 256 Madison 
Chambers John, ship jr. 245 Dickerson 
Chambers John, feed & grain, h 1329 Pine 
Chambers John, weaver, 1522 Howard 
Chambers John, marble pol. 1512 Wood 
Chambers John, soap mr. 6 Benton 
Chambers John, tailor, 122 Denmark 




Chambers John, dyer, 3 Gabell's ct 
Chambers John, dealer, Maple ab Richmond 
Chambers John, feed store, 1208 Shippen 
Chambers John, Rev., 1412 Walnut 
Chambers John, lab. 124 Spruce 
Chambers John, mach. 1033 & h 1022 N 4th 
Chambers John, salesman, h 436 Charles 
Chambers John, tinsmith, 1130 Division st 
Chambers John H., mer., 32 N 3d, h 1818 

Chambers John J., salesman, 137 N 11th 
Chambers John M., builder, 1514 Ogden 
Chambers John R., seaman, 704 S 4th 
Chambers Joseph, boxmr., 326 Monroe 
Chambers Joseph, waterman, rear 31 Cathawne 
Chambe^rs Jos., engineer, Ridg-e av ab Hippel's 

la (R©s) 
Chambers Jos. C, harnessmr. 1323 N 11th 
Chambers J. J., salesman, 529 Market, h Pres- 
ton & Hutton 
Chambers Mares, clerk, 314 S Del av 
Chambers Mary, cook, Milton ab 10th 
Chambers Mary A., washerwo. 6 St David's av 
Chambers Montgomery, M. D., 502 Spruce 
CHAMBERS RICHARD, vinegar manuf., 12th 

bel Buttonwood, h 1112 Citron 
Chambers Robert grocer, 919 Thompson 
Chambers Robert, hostler, 219 Concord 
C^iambers Robt., warper, Franklin (Fkd) 
Chambers Robt., lab. r 23 Gatzmer 
Chambers Robt. H., Penna. Railroad, h Ashland 

ab Wliarton 
Chambers R., stone cutter, 729 S 16th 
Chambers Samuel, trunkmr. 1228 Hope 
Chambers Solomon, morocco di-. r408 Maria 
Chambers Thomas, lab., 1630 Richard 
Chambers Wm., lab. Cumberland bel Trenton 
Chambers Wm., weaver, Morris bel 2d 
Chambers Wm., lab. 1713 Burton 
Chambers Wm., stone cut., 729 S 16th 
Chambers Wm., marketman, 721 N 12th 
Chambers Wm., lab. Sansom ab 24th 
Chambers Wm., dyer, 1713 Burton 
Chambers Wm. B., grocer, N E 5th & Pine, h 

ab Paschalville 
Chambers Wm. C, printer, 112 S 3d, h 1216 

5 6th 

Chambers Wm. J., umb. mr. 1512 Wood 
Chamecin Ulysse, com. mer, 204 S Front, h 

812 Arch 
Champion C. Collins, clerk, 603 Chestnut, h 

146 Mt. Vernon 
Champion John B., confect. 1101 Girard av 
Champion Jno. B., paper mr. Walnut (G Town) 
Champion J. C, 719 Walnut, hl616 MtVer- 

■ non 
Champromy J. B. & Co, trimmings, 17 S 3d, 

6 908 Arch 

Chance Chas., lab. Hope bel F av 
Chance Geo., cigarmr. Simpson's ct 
Chance John, waterman, 34 Union al 
Chance John C, clerk, 1217 Vienna 
Chance John C, clerk, 25 N 5th 
Chance J. C, dry goods, 1518 & 1520 Mar- 
ket, h 1620 Filbert 
Chance Robert C, spice dealer, 275 S 5th, h 
1702 S 6th I 

Chance Thomas, waterman, Otsego ab Moore | 

Chance Thomas, galvanizer, Hope bel Girard 

Chance Wm., hardware, 1349 N Front 
Chancellor Catharine, dry goods. Wood & R rd 
Chancellor Henry, gent.. School ab Green (Ger- 

Chancellor V^harton, 1115 Chestnut 
Chancellor Wm., gent., 1115 Chestnut 
Chancellor Wm., clerk. School (G T) 
Chandlee Geo., carp. & builder. Sheaf al., h 1520 

Chandler Ann, Mrs., 1339 Christian 
Chandler Chas. W., tobacconist, 177 S Front 
Chandler Geo., Rev., 429 Richmond 
Chandler Geo. W., clerk, 429 Richmond 
CHANDLER JAMES B., printer, 306 and 308 

Chestnut, h S E 8th & Spruce 
Chandler John, moulder, r 1116 F rd 
Chandler John R., book-keeper, 21 Market, h 

936 N 6th 
Chandler Saml. W., 202 S llth 
Chandler Theo., grocer, 417 S 6th 
Chandler Thomas J. turner, 231 Thompson 
Chandler Webster, 1606 Cherry 
Chaninel Jules, b h 539 Spruce 
Channon John C, clerk, Germantown av ab 

Chant John B., printer, 132 S 3d 
Chantler John, watchman. Church (Fkd) 
Chantry Alfred W., tailor, 618 Market, h 232 N 

CHAPIN WILLIAM, principal Institute for 

Blind, h 2000 Summer 
Chapin Wm. F., captain, 910 S 3d 
Chaplain Wm. J., acct. 503 Market, h 241 N llth 
Chapman Alfred, 1214 G T road 
Chapman Ann A., teacher drawg., 242 S llth 
Chapman Chas., 9 Liberty ct 
Chapman Chas., coal mer. Broad bel Wood, h 

505 Logan 
Chapman Chas. S., brickh\ 505 Logan 
Chapman D. J., coffee roaster, 460 Dilhvyn, h 

1248 N 15th 
Chapman E. A., coppersm. Waterloo (R) 
Chapman Edwd., porter, 9 Liberty ct 
Chapman Enos, carp. Sp Garden ab Broad, h 

224 N 13th 
Chapman E. H., plumber, 432 N 9th 
Chapman & Gaskill, (Wm. Chapman, Aaron W. 

Gaskill,) coal dealers, 911 N 9th 
Chapman Geo. J., mach. 319 Richmond 
Chapman Henry, tea packer, N W Front & 

Chestnut, h 1508 Lombard 
Chapman Henry B., acct. N W 10th 8c Filbert, 

h N W 33d & Haverford (M V) 
Chapman Jas., carp. William ab Green (W P) 
Chapman Jas. S., ice cream, 12th and Girard av 
Chapman John, 632 Shippen 
Chapman John, weaver, 1329 Mariner 
Chapman Jonathan, eng-r. & mach. 517 N 10th 
Chapman Jos., painter, 12 N 10th, h 536 N 10th 
Chapman Jos., C, window shades, 72 2d, h 440 

N 9th 

Chapman Jos. S., mach. 319 Richmond 
Chapman J., bartr., Frankford (Fkd) 
Chapman M. A., Mrs., 912 N Front 
Chapman M. L., Mrs., stock manfr. 716 Vine, 

h 705 AVood 




Chapman Nath., M. D., 1206 Chestnut 
Chapman Rich., stationery, 935 N 2d 
Chapman Samuel, engr. Harmony pi (K) 
CHAPMAN SAML., jr., drug-g-ist, S E 8th and 

Chapman Saml., cordw. 328 Glrard av 
Chapman Saml. B., clerk, S W 2d & Market, h 

1123 Wallace 
Chapman Sai-ah Ann, b h, 249 S 10th 
Chapman Theodore, bricklr. 440 N 9th 
Chapman Thomas, carp. 1727 Sansom 
CHAPMAN THOMAS B., macht. Beach and 

Mai-lboro (K), h S19 Richmond 
Chapman Thos. D. G., tobacco, 131 South 
CHAPMAN T. ELL WOOD, stationery aixi 

blk. bks. 5 S 5th, h 1123 Wallace 
Chapman Wm., moulder, Unity (Fkd) 
Chapman Wm., bricklr. 1327 Mariner 
Chapman Wm., bricklr. 455 N 8th 
Chapman Wm., jr., coal mer. Broad bel Wood, 

h 455 N 8th 
Chapman Wm. & Bro., ( Wm., Chas.,) coal mers.. 

Broad bel Wood 
Chapman Wm. L., clerk, h 705 Wood 
Chapman Wm. R., coal dealer, 546 N 11th 
Chappatta Jos., watch case mr., 1319 S 7th 
Chappell Geo., corder, Lehman (G Town) 
Chappell J as. H., imp. of fashions, 114 S 4th, h 

Chappouty Pierre, clerk, P D ct 718 S 8th 
Chappoutv S. Mrs., gentw. 718 S 8th 
Chapron J. B., atty! 204 S 5th, h 421 S 15th 
Charbonnier Henry, lithog-r. 22 S 5th, h 731 

Chard Geo., carp. Bath ab Sorrel (R) 
Chard Wm., miller, Bath ab Sorrel (R) 
Chardon Robert, 804 S 9th 
Ghardon S. R., clerk, 208 S Del av, h 804 S 9th 
Charier F. M. Mad., teacher, 1716 Sansom 
Charles David, confect. 606 S 8th 
Charles Georg'e, stereotyper, 607 Sansom, h 1609 

N 8th 
Charles George, lab. 1246 Vienna 
Charles John, carp., 2d ab Cumberland 
Charles Robt., lab., b h. Richmond ab Ball 
Charlin Frances D. G., 1108 South 
Charlonnier Josephine, 733 Byard 
Charlton Chas., mor. finisherr, 1342 F road 
Charlton Crawford, currier, 106 N 15th 
Charlton Edw., dealer, Mulvaney ab Oxford 
Charlton Fredk., cai-ver, 1028 Vine 
Charlton Hugh, tavern, 265 S Broad 
Charlton Isaac, bleacher, Penn (Fkd) 
Charlton John, Adam ab Sellers (Fkd) 
Charlton John, boot fitr. 1135 School 
Charlton John, warper, 1434 Phillip 
Chai-lton John P., clerk, 32 S 4th, h 1028 Vine 
Charlton Martha, gentw. 106 N 15th 
Charlton Mary Ann, 785 S 3d 
Charlton Robert, hatter, 1006 Morgan 
Charlton William, bank note presser, 11 Wil- 

ling's al 
Charlton Wm., lab. 1729 Pearl 
Charman Caleb, police, 315 Gaskill 
Charman Joseph, cordw., 333 Lombard 
Charman Mary Ann, trimmings, 216 S 2d 
Charnack Thomas, Jr., carpenter, 928 Bon 


Charnoak Thos., undertaker, 427 S 6th, h 928 

Charriton Daniel, sewing machine, 1243 N 11th 
CHARTER HENRY A., broker, 18 S 3d, h 446 

Charter Mary, Darby rd, Maylandville 
Charter Wm., cook, 615 Ronaldson 
Chartres Jerome, gent. 1027 Coates 
Chase Amelia, Essex ab Christian 
Cliase B. W., mei-. S W Front and Chestnut, h 

1137 Girard 
Chase B. W. & Sons, (C. C, Robt. N. Y.,) S W 

Front & Chestflut 
Chase C. C, mei-, S W Front and Chestnut, h 

1701 Race 
Chase Ebenezer, Sr., cordw., 49 S 4th 
Chase Ebenezer, Jr., cordw., 924 King 
Chase Edwin T., dep. sheriff, 212 S 5th, h 

Green & Queen (G Town) 
Chase Gazaway, barber, 801 S 10th 
Chase H. G., coach painter, Kessler ab Coates, 

h 1242 Haines 
Chase Isaac, janitor, 1112 Washington av 
Chase Jqlin, cordw. State ab Green (W P) 
Chase John, jr., 1815 Witton (F V) 
Chase John, clerk Post Office, h State ab Green 

Cliase John W., stone cutter, 1815 Ann 
Chase Jos., sallmaker and canvass printer, 931 

S 2d 
Chase J. G., acct. 2146 Mt Vernon 
Chase Lucetta, 321 Griscom 
Chase Mary, washer, 219 Duponceau 
Chase Marv, 829 Emeline 
Chase Pliny E., iron founder, 209 N 2d, h 466 

Chase Robt., cordw.. Till ab Pratt (W P) 
Chase Robert, driver, George ab Margai-etta 

Chase Robert Y., mer. 100 S Front, h 1137 

Chase Stephen G., cordw. 49 S 4th, h Marj- ab 

Green (WP) 
Chase Theo. G., M.D., 1128 Vine 
Chase Thomas, 239 Mechanic 
Chase Wm., 503 Penn 

Chase Wm. VI., blacksm. Green bel Warren 
Chaser Gotleib, baker, 1237 Palmer 
Chasteney Jane, 45 S 17th 
Chatburn Henry, weaver. Spring ab (G T) 
Chatburn Jos. jr., painter. Spring ab (G T) 
Chatburn Joseph, wool sorter. Spring al (G T) 
Chatham Joseph, carp. Orange ab 7th, h 508 


Chatham Joseph, grocer, 821 Locust 
Chatham Stephen C, waterman, Wyoming and 


Chatham Wm. P., grocer, 821 Locust 
Chatlin David, moulder, 2203 Vine 
Chatterton B., watchman, Crescentville 
Chatterton Daniel, sewing macht. N W 9th & 

Chestnut, h 1243 N 11th 
Chattertun Henr}', engraver, 36th ab Garden 
Chattin Ann, gro. oc provis. cor Allen and Ellis 
Chattin A. F., furnace builder, 1523 Charltea 
Chattin Daniel, ship carp. 1109 Beach 
Chattin E. H., ship joiner, 1108 Vienna 
Chattin James, carp., 2005 Carlton 




Chatwin James, roller, Grape ab Cresson (Myk) 
Chauncey Henrietta, 629 Walnut 
Chauncey Mich., shoerar. 617 S Front 
Chauncey Nathaniel, attorney &. counsel. 904 

Spruce ' 
Chaundy Thos., store, 49 N 20th 
Chaunson Eli S., cordw. 2d ab York 
Chauvin Louis S., printer, 244 S 6th 
Chauvenet Louisa, 945 S 6th 
Chavanne H., melter, Kenney's pi 
Chavers Jesse, bootmr., 629 South 
Chaj'tor Thomas, mer. h 756 Florida 
Cheavens Wm. E., blockmr., 9 Vine, h 146 

Cheesebroug-h Coddington, mer. Linden (G T) 
Cheeseman Andrew, M. D., 1336 Pine 
Cheeseman Clinton, waterman. Church (Bdg") 
Cheeseman Henry, g-ent. 93 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cheeseman L., Rev., 1506 Pine 
Cheeseman Martha A., 629 Coates 
Cheeseman Wm., lastmr. 416 Redwood 
Cheesman Catharine, hot house, 2036 Pine 
Cheesman Geo., blacksm. 2036 Pine 
Cheesman John, cordw. 808 Burd 
Cheesman J. V., merchant, 508 Market,' h 805 

N 11th 
Cheesman Wm., copper plate printer, 301 S 

Cheetham Jas., hatter, 2344 Vine 
Cheetham Jas.. lab., 336 S 19th 
Cheetham Joseph, manuf. 1921 Wilcox 
Chemlns Aug-ustus F., baker, 319 S Front 
Cheny D. B. Rev., 1433 Vine 
Cheney Luther, mer. Main, (G T) 
Cherry Jas., watchmaker, 108 F road 
Cherry John, lab. 611 Cherry 
Ciierry Robert, cordw. Sharpnack (G T) 
Cherry Robert, cordw. Cohocksink n Jefierson 

C*iesebroug-h A. F., mer. 10 N Del av, h 1510 

Chesebj-oug'h & Pearson, provisions, 5 North 

Chesnut James, manuf. 1613 Deal 
Chesnut John, Union Hotel, Federal & Wood- 
Chesnut John R., bricklr. 1137 Leon 
Chesnut John S., blacksmith, 1526 Cuthbert 
Chesnut Nath., brickmr. 120 N 16th 
Chesnut Saml., sawmr. Rowlandville 
Chesnut Samuel, blacksmith, Filbert ab 15th 
Chesnut Wm., printer, Hepburn bel Shippen 
Cliester Chas., ropemr. Richmond bel Lehig'h 

avenue (R) 
Chester D., washerwoman, rear 1005 Barley 
Chester Edw., brickmr. rear 510 S 20th 
Chester Hiram L., cordw. 23 Pennsylvania av 
Chester John, rope maker, Salmon bel Lehig'h 

av (R) 
Chester John, brickmaker, 1014 Ward 
Chester John K., clerk, 242 N Del av, h 113 

Chester Josepli L., clerk, h 131 Race 
Chester Leonard, scrivener, Front ab Norris 
Chester Lewis, ropemr. and ship chandler, 237 

N Water & 242 N Del av, h 113 Vine 
Chester Lewis, ropemr., Salmon ab Lehig'h 

CHESTER LEWIS 8c CO., (Lewis Chester, 

George T. Da Costa,) rope makers and 

ship chandlers, 237 N Water and 242 N 

Del av 
Chesterman John, boot crimper, 1024 Mechanic 
Chesterman Washing-ton, rear 912 Otsego 
Qiester Wm., Rev. L.L.D., associate sec'y, 821 

Chestnut, h 321 S 4th 
Qiestnut Georg'e, weaver, 107 Jefferson ■ 
Chestnut John S., livery stables. Filbert ab 15th 
Chestnut Robert, tavern, N W 13th & Federal 
Chestnut Sam'l, cordw. 1934 Market 
Ghestnut Saml., brickmr. 1941 Chestnut 
Chestnut & Steel, {J. M. Chestnut, Edward T. 

Steel, Peter Kohlhas,) cloths, 4 & 6 N 

Chestnut Wm., lab. Apple & Parten (H Ville) 
CHESTNUT WM., grocer, 4 Market, h 1010 

Cheston John P., carp. 1339 Olive 
Chestor Wm., teacher, Sellers n Leiper (Fkd) 
Chevers Chas. T., bi'ushmr. 413 S 2d 
Chew Andrev.^, lab. Otsego bel Moms 
Chew Catharine, Avashw. 240 Watson's al 
Chew Han^ey S., livery stable, 523 S 4th, h 127 

Chew Jas., M., 926 S 4th 
Chew Jeffery. salesman, N W 2d & South, h 

624 Catharine 
Chew John, provisions, 907 New Market 
Chew John, hairdr. and wigmaker, ^7 S 6th, 

h 749 S 9th 
Chew Jos., jr., merchant, 21 N 4th, h 821 N 

Chew Jos. sr., gent. 1528 Poplar 
Chew Julia, 3 Rose al 
Chew K., 1313 S 4th 
Chew Nathan, button mr. 1004 S 8th 
CHEW SAM'L, att'y at law, office 1 Mercantile 

Library Building, 123 S 5th, h Johnson 

(G Town) 
Chew Totten, carter, Morris bel 2d 
Chew Wm., segar mr. rear 1012 Crease 
Cheyney Charles H., real estate agent and con- 
veyancer, 608 Arch 
Cheyney Waldron J., treasurer Am. Sunday- 

Sch. Union, 1122 Chestnut, h 1412 Pine 
Chichester C. E., printer, 241 Dock, h 929 

Chichester E. Dr., 929 Shippen 
Chichester & Sanford, (C. E. Chichester, Her- 

vey Sanford,) advertising & coll. agency & 

printers, 241 Dock 
CHICKERING & SONS, {T.E., C.F., Geo.H.,) 

pianos, branch house, 1307 Chestnut 
Chidester David, cordw. 1240 Cadwalader 
Chidester Geo., waterman, 944 Leithg'ow 
Chidester Jas., laborer, Penn, Manayunk 
Chidester W. W., coachman, Penn, (Myk) 
Child Henrv T., M. D., 510 Arch 
Child James, carp. Oak ab Willidm (W P) 
Child R. S., manuf. 703 S Front 
Cliild Stephen D., clothing, 806 Swanson 
Child S. & T., watchmrs. 824 N 2d, li 827 St. 

ChUds Abra'm, stone mason, Georg-e ab Pai-k 

(W P) 
Childs A. M., dyer, 932 Race, h 233 N 11th 




Chikls Alfred, moulder, Warren ab Minster 
Childs Chas. N., wheehvrig-ht, 1119 Green 
Childs C. G., Presdl. New Creek Coal Co., 311 

Walnut, h Chestnut Hill 
Childs Edmund, painter, 1344 Poplar 
Childs Geo. W., publisher, 602 Arch, h Hilton, 

N J 
Childs G. K., silversm. 312 Spruce & U S Mint 
Childs Isaac, foreman, 1307 Palmer 
Childs Isaac R., bookkr. 28 S Front 
Childs John, lithog-rapher, 152 S 3d, h 749 

S 5th 
Childs John, wheelwrig-ht, 494 N 3d, h 616 

Childs John, carp. Warren n Pine (WP) 
Childs John A., Rev., supt. Episcopal Reading- 

Room, 524 Walnut, h 1341 Lombard 
Childs Nathan, tailor, Milestown 
CHILDS &. PETERSON, publishers, 602 Arch 
Childs W. E. 8c Co., cement roofins:, 22d ab Race 
Chiofield J., 7014 N 23d 
Chipman C. W., M. D., 320 N 7th 
Chipman David, carp. Elizabetli (Fkd) 
Chipman Isaac, g'ent., 23 Frankford (Fkd) 
Chipman Nelson, v/oodwe., 11 S Front, h 1520 

CHIPMAN & WHITE, (Nelson Chipman, Wm. 

M. White,) wooden ware, 11 S Front 
Chippey James, engr. Sepviva ab Dauphin 
Chiqwoine Serville, pilot, 336 S Clark 
Chisholm Levi W., clerk, 243 Market, h 239 S 

Chism Geo., weaver, 1927 McDuffie 
Chism Georg-e, lab. 2029 South 
Chism Hug-h, lab. 1230 Ann 
Chism Isaac, drvg-oods, 8th & Sp Garden, h 608 

N 11th 
Chism James, coachmr. 1722 Carver 
Chisman Catharine C, ladies Seminary, Locust 

bel 40th 
Chittick James, salesman, 438 Market 
Chittick John, bricklr. 1731 Addison 
Chittick William G., mer. 438 Market, h 24 

S 17th 
Chittick W. G. & Co., dryg-oods, 438 Market 
Chivers John C, brushmr. 1030 S 3d 
Choate D. L., b h, 242 Arch 
Choate John, clerk P O. hl337 Marlboroug-h 
Choate John, clerk, 1307 Marlboroug-h 
Choate Thomas J., printer, 540 Redwood 
Chobert F., chair mr. 228 S 5th 
Cholerton Edward, confr., G T av ab Linden 
Cholerton James, lab. Ashmead (G T) 
Cholerton Samuel G., weaver. Main (G T) 
Chorley Elizabeth, store, 1336 Poplar 
Chorley Joseph, lab. 1808 Lombard 
Chorman Earnest G., diesinker, 41 N 6th 
Chracke Mrs., r 335 Christian 
Chreshmeyer Henry, cordw. 405 Cherry 
Christ, Jay 8c Hess, imps. 32 S I'ront, and 33 

Laetitia • 
Christian 8c Curran, (S. J. Christian, J. C. Cur- 
ran,) com. mers., 150 N Del av 
Christian F. W., elk., 148 N Del av, h 935 S 3d 
Christian Henrv, foreman, Richmond belLehig-h 

av (R) 
Christian Jacob, vict. York and Frankford 

[Christian John, jr., 129 Catliarine 
Christian Jos. M.. mach, Frankford road n York 
Christian Levi H. Rev., 872 Marshall 
Christian Mar}'', 830 Auburn 
CHRISTIAN S. J., agent for the sale of Peru- 
vian g-uano, 150 N Del av. 8c 141 N W"ater, 
h 1402 Walnut 
Christian Saml., h 234 N 8th 
Christie Alex., eng-ineer, Hillsdale 
Christie James, cordw. 821 Leonard 
Christie James, car builder, 1321 Wood 
Christie Jane, h 265 Perry 
Christie John, driver, Wyoming 
Christie Peter, tailor, 4 Randall's ct 
Christie Robt., bootmr. Arcli n 22d 
Christie Wm., bricldr., 265 Perry 
Christine Charles, carp.Paschall (HVille) 
Christine Samuel S. K., M. D., Hedge (Fkd) 
Christman Charles, baker, 220 N 4th 
CHRISTMAN EDWARD, perfumer,-702 Chest- 
nut, h 1040 Pine 
Christman Edward, segar maker, Creisham (Mt 


Christman Elizabeth, 1009 S 5th 
Christman Henry, gent., Shackamaion 8c Allen 
Chri-stman Jeremiah, hotel, 1220 Market 
Christman Jos. C. D., 31 S 5th, h 1523 Arch 
Chi-istman Wm., blacksm. 840 N 12th 
Cliristman Wm., g-rocer, 2d and Callowhill, h 

201 Noble 

Christman William A., clerk, 817 Franklin 
Christman Wm. R., saddler, 1314 Poplar 
Christoph Joseph, tailor, 137 S 7th, h 513 

Christoph M., pedlar, Brown's ct 
Christopher Ann L., dressmr. 217 Arch 
Christopher Geo. H., clerk, 416 Market, h 217 

Christopher Jesse M., Com. of City Proprety. 

1012 Wharton 
Christopher Mary, tailoress, Charlotte and Mas- 
Christy Aaron, waiter, 23 Gatzmer al 
Christy Alex., engraver, N E 6th and Minor 
Christy Benj. F., C. H. h 206 Jarvis 
Christy Bridget, 2010 Murray 
Christy Charles, lab., 2020 Mui-ray 
Christy Harman, cor Spring Garden 8c 15th 
Christy Isaac, engineer. Union ab 33d (W P) 
Christy James, shoemr. 339 Pratt 
Christy James, blacksmith, Paul (Fkd) 
Christy James, gent. 709 Chestnut 
Christy John, shoemr. 1717 Carver 
Christy John, tailor, 611 Shippen lane 
Cliristv Mary, 629 Middle al 
Christy M. A. gentw. 1226 Poplar 
Christy Robert, type caster, 535 Wilder 
Christy Robt. F. jr., collector P O. 521 S 3d' 
Christy Sarah, dry goods, 860 N 4th 
Clixisty Thomas, 30 Ridge 
Christy Wm,, umbrellamr. 856 Lawrence 
Christy Wir ., weaver, 2020 Murray 
Christy WM. M., stati-. 127 S 3d,'h Spruce n 

40th (WP) 
Chronliart Christon, liv. stable, 607 Vernon 
Chubb Samuel, clerk, 1523 S 5th 
Chur A. T., note broker, 218 Gold, h 1638 




Chur Jacob, 1638 Green 

Church Charlotte, 15th & Poplar 

Church Felix Michael, S G ab Broad 

Church JFrancis, Rev., 1324 Lombard 

Church Frederick H., iron founder, 209 N 2d, 

h 1407 Filbert 
Church F. H., iron founder, 309 N 2d, and 

S W 12th & Buttonwood 
Church Harry, rig-ger, 30 Catharine 
Church John, elk., 611 S 12th 
Church Richard, mariner, 709 Dickerson 
Church Wm. A., bookkr., 227 S 4th, h 865 

Churchill John, shoemr. 1305 Chestnut, h 1107 

Churchill J., ladies shoes, 832 Walnut 
Churchman Anne, seminary, 926 N 6th 
Churchman Charles W., com. mer. 32 S Front, 

h G T av & School 
Churchman Lewis, store, 22d bel Race 
Chills Alfred, mor. fin. Dug'an's av 
Chills Geo., restaurant, h Dugan's av 
Churchman Ri-bert, lumber mer. h 231 N9th 
Churchman Sarah Ann, 806 S Front 
Churchville Lewis, tobacco, 22d bel Race 
Churchville Patk., lab. rear 1510 Pearl 
Churn Wm., waterman, 916 Otseg-o 
Chute James, oil mfr. Maylandville 
Ciller Conrad, piano mr. 437 Franklin 
Cills Georg-e, seg'ar store, 35 Poplar 
Cipple Chas., baker, 4 Ashton pi 
Cirns John, Wallace n 22d 
Cisco Wm., cakes, 1302 Lombard 
Citerici Thomas, tavern, Cresson & Grape 
CITY BANK, 32 N 6th, 

CITY TREASURER, Girard Bank, 3d 
'Civil John, drayman, rear 1312 Lombard 
Clabby John, mason. Church (J'kd) 
Clabby Pat., mason. Church St., (Fkd) 
Clabby Wm., cordw. 87 William (R) 
Clad Valentine, tinsm. 705 S 11th 
Clader Abraham, shoemr. 910 Hutchinson 
Clafferty Chas. M., lab. Salmon ab Maple 
Clatfery Thos., lab. Olive bet 16th & 17th 
Claflin O. S., shoemr. 511 Market, h 1420 

Claflin O. S. & Co., (0. S. Claflin, David 

Prince,') manufs., 511 Market 
Clag-horn C. Eug-ene, merchant, 106 Chestnut, 

h 1033 Coates 
CLAGHORN 8c FRYER, (C. Eugene Claghorn, 

J. C. Fryer,) com. mers., 106 Chestnut 
Claghorn J. L., auctioneer, 232 Market, h 1504 

Claghorn John W., gent., 127 S 4th, h 1009 

Claghorn & Rogers, ( Wra. C. Claghorn, Charles 

M. Rogers^ note brokers, 127 S 4th 
CLAGHORN W. C, public acct. 127 S 4th, 

hl03] Coates 
Clahfitter Peter, 13th & Citron 
Claiborne G. G., clerk, 108 S 3c], h 317 Reed 
Claiborne Rich. R., elk. 106 S 3d, h 317 Reed 
Clair Chas., furniture, 1232 Wood 
Clair Henry M. tailor, 503 N 8th, h 5 Diligent av 

Clair Jacob M., stair builder, Marshall & Cal- 

Clair Matthew, vict. Dauphin ab Reese 
Clair Uriah, dyer. Paschal, (H Ville) 
Clamer Henry, 428 Carpenter 
Clammer John, 448 Canton 
Clampfl^er Harriet, 417 Buttonwood 
Clampffer Wm. K., clerk, 314 Market, h 417 

Clampfir Wm. F., Spring st 
Clampitt Chas., jeweler, 207 Carpenter 
Clampitt Geo. W., jeweler, 1331 S 4th 
Clampitt James, pilot, 1125 S 3d 
Clampitt Jno., gent. 207 Carpenter 
Clancey Peter, dealer, 203 Ledger 
Clancy Ann, 516 Hurst 
Clancy James, lab. 332 N 17th 
Clancy John, clerk, 1725 Mervlne 
Clancy John, elk. 125 Walnut, h Mervine 
Clancy Peter, bootmr. 1023 S 10th 
Clancy Timothy, waterman, 87 Coates 
Claphanson Joseph, lab. r 1914 Hamilton 
Clapier Jas. E. tobac, 1426 N 6th 
Clapier Mary, 502 S Front 
Clapp Isaac, polisher. Orthodox (Frankford) 
Claop Jonathan, mfr. York pike, Bristol 
Clapp N. T., 1515 Houston, h 214 N 9th 
Clapp Sam., bricklr. 1515 Houston 
Clapp Saml., bricklr. Gordon 
Clapp Wm., spinner, York pike, Bristol 
Clapper John, 25th hear Coates 
Clar Geo., upholsterer, Oldham ct 
Clare Bartholomew, printer, 1125 Oxford 
Clare Charles, dealer, Ellsworth and Tudor 
Clare James, liquors, 819 Locust 
Clare John, carter, 124 Morris 
Clare & Mooney, liquors, 819 Locust 
Clare Peter, coal dealer, 1815 Mt Vernon 
Clare Peter C, police, 6 Simmons' ct 
Clarenbach Chas., cutler, 634 Arch, h (W P) 
Clarenbach Fred., cutler, 432 Marshall 
CLARENBACH & HERDER, manufac. shears 

and cutlery 634 Arch 
CLARIDGE WM. R., drug., Richmond & Pal- 
Clarey John M., lab. Belmont av 
Clark Adam, carp. 1240 Leopard 
Clark Adam, weaver, 331 Belgrade 
Clark Adam, carp. Main (G T) 
Clark Abraham, hotel, 1231 N Front 
Clark Abram, blacksmith, Tacony (Fkd) 
Clark Alex., driver, 1807 Jones 
Clark Alex., gas fitter, 1022 Brown 
Clark Alice, Penemore ab 16th 
Clark Andrew, shirts, 338 S 6th 
Clark And., shoemr. 46 Innes 
Clark Ann, 1710 Granite 
Clark Anna M., 1239 Lombard 
Clark Archibald F., carp., 859 Darien 
Clai'k Arthur, weaver, 1231 Bedford 
Clark Arthur, painter, 258 Quince 
Clark A. H., b h 622 N 10th 
Clark Ben]., cordw. 719 S 11th 
Clark Benj., lab. 23 GiUies alley 
Clark Bernard, coachman, 4 Brook's ct 
Clark Bridget, 1319 N 17th 
Oiark B. F., land agency, 118 Walnut, h227 N 




Clark Caleb F., 2016 Vine 

CLARK, CADMUS & CO., {Michael F. Clark, 
Michael C. Cadmus, Frederick Clark,) 
shoes, S W od &. Market 
Clark Caroline, \vid. 4 Harvey's pi 
Clark Catherine, shop, 1016 Pleasant 
Clark Charles, J. cordw. 405 Redwood 
Clark Chas., driver, 735 S 7th 
Clark Chas., brickmr. 2137 South 
Clark Charles, carter, 1619 Lombard 
Clark Charles, collector. Orthodox (Frankford) 
Clark Chas., stove mr. 763 S Front 
Clark Chas., lab. Hewson ab Edg-emont 
Clark Chas., cordw., 1175 S 11th 
Clark Chas. E., upholst. 15 N 11th 
Clark Charles E., teller, h 1625 Wallace 
Clark Chas. L., express. Orthodox st (Fkd) 
Clark Chas. M., gTocer, 840 N 10th 
Clark Chas, S., tailor, 819^ S 2d 
Clark Chas. S., tailor, 34 Washing-ton av 
'Clark Chas. W., ven. blind maniif. 139 S 2d, h 

639 Federal 
Clark Christian, 1506 Carlton 
Clark Christopher, lab. Market bel Park 
Clark Christopher, hatter, 19 Barron 
Clark Clement, clerk, 521 Market, h 616 Catha- 
Clark C, manufr. 1335 N 4th 
Clark C. H., broker, 35 S 3d, h Locust ab Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Clark Daniel, seaman, 121 Federal st 
Clark Daniel, mach. 1287 Callowhill 
Clark Edwin, pat. flour mill, 235 Race 
Clerk Daniel, g-ent., 1237 Callowhill 
Clark Danl., blacksm. 2013 Locust 
Clai-k David, bookkeeper, 316 Cypress 
Clark David G., porter, 208 Currant al 
Clark David R., driver, Warren bel Park (W P) 
CLARK D. D., M. D., 294 S 3d 
Clark Ebenezer, salesman, 129 S 15th 
Clark Edward, printer, 7th & Chestnut, h 525 

Clark Edward, lab. 1225 N 4th 
Clark Edward, porter, 49 S 4th 
Clark Edward, printer, 237 S 6th 
Clark Edward B., 1520 Palmetto 
Clark Edward L., mer. 142 N Delaware av, h 

1219 Race 
Clark Edward M., drug-gist. Orthodox (Fkd) 
Clark Edwd. W., broker, 35 S 3d, h 1800 

Clark Edwin, coal dealer, 1 Ralston 
Clark Eliza, 1557 N nth 
Clark Eliza, tailoress, 5 Derring-er's av 
Clark Eliza, washerwoman, 814 Emeline 
Clark Eliza Ann, trimming-s, 941 South 
Clark Elizabeth, 9 Penn (Myk) 
Clark Elizabeth, g-entw. 1312 Owen 
Clark Elizabeth, Mrs., 940 Randolph 
Clark Eliz., 1332 Columbia av 
Clark Eliz. Ann, trimming-s, 754 S 2d 
Clark Ellen, 10th ab Buttonwood 
Clark Ellis, ag-ent, 504 Buttonwood 
dark Ephraim, jr., mer. 141 S Front, h 247 S 

Clark Ephraim G., eng-ineer, 332 Beaver 
Clark Ewing-, lab. 8 Derring-er's av 
Clark E. W. Mrs., 1509 Spruce 

Clark E. W., trimming-s, 741 S 2d, h Congress 
CLARK E. W. & CO., (Clarence H., Frederick 

S. Kimball, H. H. Wainwright,) bankers, 

35 S 3d 
Clark Francis, carp. Branchtown pike 
Clark Francis, weaver, Rainbow 
Clark Francis C, clerk, 40 S 3d, h 312 S 4th 
Clark F. J., mer., 215 Market, h 316 S 2d 
Clark George, lab. 21st bel Locust 
Clark George, hatter, 36 S 5th, h 637 Sears 
Clark George, blacksm. 1118 Wistar 
Clark Geo., carver, 405 Redwood 
Clark Geo., cordw. Cumberland ab Canal 
Clark Geo., porter, 519 Chestnut, h 630 Bay- 
Clark Geo. A., mach. Tacony (Fkd) 
Clark Geo. A., machinist, 1016 Wood 
Clark Geo. D., salesman, 6 Brooks ct 
Clark Geo. E., railingmr. S E 13th and South 
Clark George G., engineer, 410 S 9th 
Clark Geo. W., tailor, 643 fsl 10th 
Clark Gideon, tavern, Girard av and Ridge ar 
Clark Harrison G., high constable, 500 Chestnut 

h 520 Carpenter 
Clark Henry, carbuilder, 529 N 22d 
Clark Henry, moulder, Wright n 22d 
Clark Henry, coal heaver, Lindsay ab Fitzwater 
Clark Henry, printer, 1040 S 5th 
Clark Henry, 66 Buck's ct 
Clark Henry H., uphol. 1237 Woodbine 
Clark Henry K., bricklayer, 414 N 10th 
Clark Hugh, alderman, 1338 N 4th 
Clark H., clerk, 1 Ralston 
Clark H. E., liquors, 118 N 2d 
Clark Isaac, crocker}'-, 214 Allen 
Clark Jacob, bookkeeper, 217 Walnut, h 931 

C3ark Jacob H., artist, 2023 Cherry 
Clark Jacob M., painter. Story ab 38th 
dark Jacob W., plumber, 734 Coates 
Clark Jas., milkman, 1521 Darien 
Clark James, blacksm. 1312 Shippen 
Clark James, tailor, 805 S 8th 
Clark James, grocer, S E 5th and Pruite 
Clark James, moulder, Otsego & Washington 

av, h 1214 S 10th 
Clark James, dyer, Salmon (R) 
Clark James, 2004 Winter 
Clark James, lab. Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Clark James, butcher, Lafayette ab 9th 
Clark James, Rev., 1619 Green 
Clark James, 56 N 7th 
Clark James, jr., gent. 602 S 9th 
Clark James, lab. 1341 S 10th 
Clark James, carter, 706 N 13th 
Clark James, mach. 1355 Columbia av 
Clark James C. Dr., 524 Buckley 
CL\RK JAMES G., gent, office, 608 & 610 

Clark James H., salesm. 338 Market 
Clark Jas., J., tel. inst. manuf. S E 2d and Dock 
Clark James J., elect, teeth extracting, 703 

Clark James M., flour mill, Kenton pi 
Clark James Wilson, salesman, 1045 N Front 
Clark Jane, 11 Mattis 
Clark Jane, 266 S 20th 

Clark Jededia P., watchmaker, 822 Chestnut 
Clark Jeremiah, Rev., 939 S Front 




Clark Jesse, dealer, 403 Catharine 

Clark John, weaver, Lindsay ab Fitzwater 

Clark John, tavern, N W 2d and Green 

Clark John, driver, 320 Chestnut, h 8th and 

Clark John, mason, 2326 Vine 
Clark John, machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark John, blind painter, 1152 S 9th 
Clark John, harnessmr. 261 S 12th 
Clark John, sr., gardener, 1152 S 9th 
Clark John, lab. 2523 Pine 
Clark John, lab. Otseg-o bel Moore 
Clark John, cordw. 8 Maiden 
Clark John, carp. Bunting's av 
Clark John, 731 Lloyd 
Clark John, mer. Crescentville 
Clark John, lab. Rementer al 
Clark John A., cordw. 106 Rose 
Clark John A., atty. & coun. 23 S 3d, h 735 

Sansom • 

Clark John A., acct. 801 & 803 Chestnut, h S W 

4th &. Masters 
Clark John C, print. &stat.230 Dock, h S35 S 

CLARK JOHN C. & SON, printers & stat. 230 

Clark John P., bricklr. 2031 Wood 
Clark John R., 410 S 9th 
Clark John R., segar mr. 1312 Carroll 
CLARK JOHN S., stoves and furnaces, 1008 

Clark John S., machinist, 910 Melon 
Clark John T. gilder, 53 S 4th, h 1122_Ogdea 
Clark John T.,.varnisher, 545 Christian 
Clark John W., bookbinder, Jayne ab 8th, h 

2207 Green 
Clark Jonathan, M D, 632 N 6th 
Clark Joseph, shoemr. 848 N 12th, h 840 N 12th 
Clark Jos., instrument maker, 217^ Dock, h 110 

Clark Jos, baker, 1113 Citron 
Clark Jos., trader. Almond bel Cumberland (R) 
Clark Jos., weaver, V/ood n 23d 
Clark Jos., confr. 1237 N 2d 
Clark Jos., tailor, Bringhurst (G T) 
Clark Jos., silk spinner. Market ab Till (W P) 
Clark Jos., lab. Kershaw av (H ville) 
Clark Jos. H., 1509 Spruce 
Clark Josiah H., blacksm. 1520 Palmetto 
Clark J. Ross, printer and stat. 230 Dock, h 

410 S 9th 
Clark Lewis, saddler, 1203 Brown 
Clark Louis, furniture car, 1 East ct 
Clark L., clerk, 2114 Green 
Clark Margaret, 328 Perry 
Clark Maria Mrs., Taylor's pi 
Clai-k Marrion, gentw., 409 S Front 
Clark Martha S., 1039 Sp Garden 
Clark Marvin, prefect, Girard College 
Clark Mary, mantuamr., 1025 Washington av 
Clark Mary, shop. Water ab South 
Clark Mary, 816 S 4th 
Clark Mary, teacher, 264 S 4th 
Clark Masldine, importer of di'ugs, 105 

Clark Michael, lab. 711 Plover 
Clark Michael, tailor, 1236 N 2nd 
Clark Michael, stone cutter, Carrol's ct 

Clark Michael F., merchant, 300 Mai-ket, h 423 

Clark Michael W., bricklr., 1116 S 5th 
Clark Moses, Franklin Hotel, 1307 Market 
Clark M. Q., gentw. 1400 S Penn sq 
Clark Newell R. machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark Oliver H., salesman, 335 Chestnut, h 1229 

Clark Oran, shoe, Cumberland ab Canal 
Clark Owen, tailor, William bel Richmond (R) 
Clark Owen, lab. Little Brown 
Clark Patrick, lab. 1221 Catharine 
Clark Patrick, lab. Cedar and Pepper (R) 
Clark Patrick, 400 Masters 
Clark Patrick, janitor, 204 S 5th 
Clark Patrick, salesman, 210 Union 
Clark Philip, lab. 1334 Hancock 
Clark Raymond, butcher, 821 Irp 
Clark Rebecca, shop, 840 N 13th 
Clark Rebecca, 322 Christian 
Clark Rebecca, dressmr. 123 S 13th 
Clark Reuben, carp. 912 Buttonwood 
Clark Richard, map publisher, 307 Wharton 
Clark Richard, contractor, 2233 Callowhill 
Clark Robert, lumb. mer. 324 Christian, h 271 

• S3d 
Clark Robert, waiter, 1007 Barclay 
CLARK ROBERT, jr., lumber mer., 9th and 

Wharton, h 1006 S 3d 
Clark Robert, clerk, 442 Market 
Clark Robert C, h 244 N lltli 
Clark Robert & Son, stove mrs. 763 S Front 
Clark Robert S., gent., 244 N 11th 
Clark Samuel, v/eaver, 1306 Mariner • 

Clark Samuel, cordw. 761 S 6th 
Clark Samuel, weaver, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Clark Samuel, lab. 324 S 19th 
Clark Saml. D., rest. 734 S 3d 
Clark Samuel D., tailor, 36 Washington av 
Clark Saml. W., cooper, 405 Redwood 
Clark Sarah, 521 Bedford 
Clark Sarah, gentw. 523 N 10th 
Clark Stephen, bricikr. Lafayette bel 10th 
Clark Susan, 3 Butler's av 
Clark S., moulder, 10th & Melon 
Clark Terence, lab. Ann bei Melvale 
Clark Theresa, 312 S 4th 
Clark Thomas, weaver, Wood n 23d 
Clark Thomas, lal^ 1920 Filbert 
Clark Thomas, mach. 1349 Columbia av 
Ciark Thomas, dyer. Levering (Manayunk) 
Clark Thomas, gent. 823 New Market 
C4ai'k Thomas, trimmings, 242 Arch 
Clark Thomas, pattei-nmr. 1123 S 3d 
Clark Thomas, carp. 1319 Newkirk 
CLARK THOS., wines & liquors, 123 S 2d 
Clark Thomas, carter, 8tlTi bel Reed 
Clark Thomas, lab. Salmon ab William (R) 
Clark Thomas, carp. Denmark bel 2nd 
Clark Thos., mer. 334 Queen 
Clark Thos., coachman, rear 330 N 6th 
Clark Thos., weaver, Coates ab Penn 
Clark Thos., gunmr. Blair bel Dauphin 
Clark Thos., sawmr. Cora! ab York 
Clai-k Thomas C, plasterer, 1215 N 10th 
Clark Thomas M., 620 N 10th 
Clark Thos. S., U. S. Mint, 117 Friedlander 
Clark Timothy, lab. Ann bel Melvale (R) 




Clark Walter, lathe maker, 1422 N 6th 

Clark Wesley, baker 1109 Citron 

Clai-k William, tailor, 803 N 2d 

Ciai-k Wm., lumber merchant, 324 Christian, h 

1006 S 3d 
Clark Wm., police, 251 S 5th 
Clark Wm., weaver, 7 Derringer's av 
Clark Wm., machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark Wm., painter, 1234 Montgomery- 
Clark Wm., waterman, 7 Poplar 
Clark Wm., clerk, 228 Chestnut, h 308 N 12th 
Clark Wm., cord. 723 Maurice 
Clark Wm., carp. 1237 Callowhill 
Clark Wm., lab. 1746 N 11th 
Clark Wm., weaver, Crescentville 
Clark Wm. B., cordw. 1023 Lawrence 
Clark Wm. E., grocer, 945 Otsego 
Clark Wm. H., dentist, 219 Spruce 
Clark Wm. H., segarmr. 407 South 
Clark Wm. H., coal dealer, S W 8th St Wash- 
ington av 
Clark Wm. M., engr. 727 N 10th 
Clark Wm. M., engraver, 847 N 9th 
Clark William P., chairmr. 1104 Dean 
Clark Wm, P., shoe manuf. S E 8th & Market, 

h 1714 Rittenhouse 
Clark Wm. S., cordw. Budd ab Haverford (WP) 
Clark William T., macht., 1118 Wistar 
Clark Wm. T., port. 130 Chestnut, h 1119 Anita 
Clark William W., di-uggist, Mary bel Chestnut 

Clark W., inst. mr. S E 2d & Dock, h 306 Cai-- 

Clark W. T., capt. 120 Beck pi 
Clarke Bartholomew, clerk, 115 Chestnut 
Clarke Charles, coal dealer, 1335 N 4th 
Clarke Edwd. S., mer. 130 & 132 S Front 
Clai-ke Ezekiel, cutter, 313 S 2d, h 878 Ran- 

. dolph 
Clarke Henry S. Rev., 121 N 11th 
Clarke Jas., lab. Parker ab Bodine 
Clarke John, engineer, 958 Lewis 
Clarke John M., pianomr. 1118 Stiles 
Clarke J. W., umbrellas, 1626 Market 
Clarke Marg., dressmr. 1307 Lombard 
Clarke Matthew, cutter, 419 Market, h 804 

Clarke Morris W., porter, S 5th ab Gaskill 
Clarke Robt., gent. 623 S 15th 
Clarke Samuel, 254 N 9th 
Clarke Thomas, machinist, 1443 N 4th 
Clarke Thos. H., printer, 1325 Juniata 
Clarke Wm., provision, 114 Richmond 
Clarke Wm., brickmr. 1418 Perth 
CLARKE AVM., grocer, N W 12th and Race 
Clarke Wm., diy goods, 308 N 12th 
Clarke Wm., book keeper, 1335 Wood 
Clarke Wm. B., brickmr. 1418 Perth 
Clarke Win. C, clerk, 12 S Del av, h 623 N 10th 
Clarke Wm. H., carp. 8c builder, shop 8 Laurel 

ab Spruce, h 1340 Parrish 
Clarkson A. A. coal mer., S W Callowhill and 

Broad, h 1614 Filbert 
Clarkson B., washer, 613 Pine 
Clarkson Edw., artist, 108 S 8th 
Clarkson Geo., broker, 230 Walnut, h 724 Pine 
Clarkson Jacob, book keeper, 110 Chestnut, h 

32d & Race 

Clarkson John, lab. Newkirk bel Masters 
Clarkson J. F., pi inter, 8 S 7th, h Mechanic 
Clarkson J. F., sexton, 1217 Clover 
Clarkson R., coal dealer, N W Broad & South, 

h 1614 Filbert 
Clarkson Saml., printer, 38 S 3d, h 811 N 10th 
Clarkson Wm., 1217 Clover 
Clarkson Wm., Landing st 
Clary James, lab. Bridge (W Hall) 
Clary Pat., weaver, 13i3 Mariner 
Clary Rachel, milliner, 834 Vine 
Clary Richard R., clerk, 304 Market, h 834 Vine 
Clary Thomas, lab. N E Pine & Welsh 
Clase Saml., sailmr. Richmond ab Ann 
Class James, copper pi. printer, 737 Plover 
Class Joseph, printer, 1330 Carlton 
Class William, painter, 120 Bread 
Clater Abraham, cordw., 975 Leithgow 
Clause Henry, surg. inst. mr. 1108 Ogden 
Clausen John, tavern, 426 Del av 
Clausen Robt., weaver, Adrian bel Otis 
Clausen Walter, paper stainer, 125 Poplar 
Clausen William, tobac. 325 Gaskill 
Clauss Henry, tailor, 924 S 2d 
Clauve Chas., ladies' collars, &c., 526 Race 
Clauvoux Francis, mach. 109 S 2d, h 233 Union 
Claver Sarah Thompson, (Myk) 
Clavy John, tinman, 1005 Newton 
Clawges Joseph, brickh-. 5th ab Norris 
Clawges Jos., bricklr. 1214 Hibberd 
Clawges Jos., tobac. rear 493 Dillwyn 
Clawges Ruth A., h 1407 Chestnut 
Claws Geo. W., gent. 505 N 4th 
Clawson Eliz., 1332 Miller 
Clawson Mary, 1404 Marlborough ab Belgrade 

Clawson M. & Son, inn keepers, Beach bel Co- 
lumbia av 
CLAWSON ROBT. N., restaurant, N E 4th & 

Branch, h 1232 Beach 
Clawson Wm. A., clerk, N E 4th & Branch . 
Claxton Edmund, bookseller, 22 N 4th, h 1709 

Claxton Jno. lab. 1726 Granite 
Clay B. F., conductor, 1329 Mellon 
Clay Charles, dyer, Wistar (G Town) 
Clay Ephraim, Aveaver, plankrd. (G Town) 
Clay George, 1207 Race 
Clay George, drayman, 933 N 5th 
Clay George, dyer. Front ab Chatham 
Clay George, lock and whitesm. 1135 F road 
Clay George F., drayman, 929 N 5th 

Clay G. B. L., M. D. Main (G T) 

Clay H. G., atty., 271 S 5th, h 313 S 15th 

Clay Jacob, drayman, 976 Lawrence 

Clay James, weaver, Lehman (G Town) 

Clay James, waiter, 262 S 20th 

Clay James, blacksm. 1732 Callowhill 

Clay James, sawyer, 1710 Carver 

Clay John, engineer, 35 Prime 

Clav John, gasman, rear 1210 Poplar 

Clay Joseph A., atty. & coun. 271 S 5th, h 313 

5 15th 

CLAY JOSEPH A. & H. G. JONES, JR., attys. 

6 couns. 271 S 5th 

Clay J. C, Rev. D. D., 916 Swanson 
Clay Mrs. Ann, 1702 Sansom 
Clay Mary A., widow, Orchard 




Clay Philip, driver, 5 Hoffman's al 
Clay Samuel, lab. Dauphin ab Coral 
Clay Thomas, weaver. Mechanic (G T) 
Clay Wm., coachman, rear 223 N 5th 
Claybell Fran., cordw. G rd ab Diamond 
Clayblatt L., store, 620 S 3d 
Clayborn Wm., lab. Lab. HiU, Falls Sch 
Claypoole Abraham G., capt. 130 Beck place 
Claypoole A. H., shoe manuf. 727 Chestnut, h 

1508 Poplar 
Clayton Barnes, jeweler, 510 Chatham 
Clayton Caleb B., carp. 1125 S 11th 
Clayton Conrad, farmer, Fisher's la (G T) 
Clayton Ciu-tis, sr., shoe dealer, 1644 Market 
Clayton Edw. B., salesman, 1644 Market 
Clayton Franklin, shovel maker., Sepviva ab 

Clayton Geo. A., carp. N W 6th & Venang-o 
Clavton H. M., printer, 826 N 13th 
Clayton Jacob E., coal, 230 N Broad, h 1018 

Clayton James A. B., shoemr. 138 N 9th 
Clayton Jeremiah, farmer, Fisher's la (G T) 
CLAYTON JOHN, atty & coun. 717' Walnut 
Clayton L. daguerreotvpe I'ooms, 316 S 2d, h 

N W 2d & Union' 
'Clayton Marg., 1233 Budd 
Clayton Mary Ann, tailoress. Park bel Walnut 
Clayton Mary A., 252 S 11th 
Clayton Matthew, weaver, Norris bel Adrian 
Clayton Pearson H., cordw. 1504 Thompson 
Clayton Powell F., manuf. boots & shoes, 311 

Nod, h Mt Vernon bel 17th 
Clayton Rodger, weaver, 1312 Carpenter 
Clayton Sarah Ann, 623 S Broad 
Clayton Thomas, 4th bel Tasker 
CLAYTON THOS. J., atty. at law. Walnut ab 

4th, h 241 S 5th 
Clayton William, boots and shoes, 17th and 

Market, h Mt Vernon bel 17th 
Clayton Wm., carp. Walnut ab Darby road 
Clayton Wm. D., currier, 9 Howard 
Clayton Wm. J., driver, 1226 N 19th 
Clayton W. L., manufacr. 1817 Lombard 
Cleark Owen, b h, 606 Bedford 
Clearmont Wm., h 22 Brenners 
Cleary Dan., g-ro. 520 S 7th 
Cleary John, lab.. Pearl (R) 
Cleary John, carp. 520 S 6th 
Cleary John, cordw. Morris ab 8th 
Cleaiy Martin, tavern, York and Front 
Cleaver A. P., real estate agent, 9th & Green, 

h 1215 Cass 
Cleaver Chas., gro. S W 12th and Ogden 
Cleaver Chas. H., lab. Green (G T) 
Cleaver D. S., paper hr. 545 N 8th, h 1815 

Cleaver Elias, 443 N 6th 
Cleaver Solomon, gent. 101 S 11th 
Cleavers Richard, cordw. 1815 Coates 
Cleckner John, lab. Moore ab 2d 
Clee Benjamin, notions, 40 Bank, h 1120 N 4th 
Cleekner Robert, inst. mr. 12 Miller's ct 
Cleeland Robert, carpets, oil cloths. Sec, 917 

Market, h 1223 Lombard 
Cleemann Frederick V., rter. 29 Exchang-e, h 

1109 Girard 
Cleeton G., carpet weavei-, 1308 Vine 

Clegg Alfred, blacksm. 110 Allen 

Clegg Edward, tailor, 204 S 9th bel Walnut, h 

942 S 8th 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 717 Passyunk road 
Clegg Isaac, manuf. 1416 Columbia av 
Clegg James, constable. Grape, Manayunk 
Clegg John T., salesman, 56 S 2d, h 104 Brown 
Clegg John T., ti-av. agt. 104 Brown 
Clegg Mark, hotel, 1621 Market 
Clegg Nathan, mach. 110 Allen 
Clegg Sarah, Grape, (Myk) 
Clegg Thos., painter, 1029 Sergeant 
Clein Jacob, grocer, N W 9th and Race 
Clelland Wm., lab. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Clemens And., shoemr. 1225 Lawrence 
Clemens Augustus, vict., 1331 Brown 
Clemens A. M. Mrs., gentw. 1505 Green 
CLEMENS & BAXTER, (Wm. Clemens, Geo. 

Baxter,) S W Columbia av and Belgrade 
Clemens Caroline, 228 N Juniper 
Clemens Chas., lab. York Pike (G T) 
Clemens Edwd., compositer, 727 Lebanon 
Clemens Edward, engineer, R Sun 
Clemens Ellen, 1310 Wood 
Clemens E., carp. 27 Virginia 
Clemens Geo., cordw. 1209 Hope 
Clemens James, lab., 426 N 22d 
Clemens John, cordw. 444 Jefferson 
Clemens John R., daguerreotype, 435 Allen 

Clemens Rod., engineer, R Sun 
Clemens Thos. D., dispatcher, R. R. R., Rising 

Clemens Wm., cordwr. Centre (G T) 
Clement Aaron, agent, 1534 South 
Clement Ann W., dressmaker, 252 S 10th 
Clement Charles W., bricklr. 252 S 10th 
CLEMENT & EARL, (Walter E. Clement, 
Henry Earl,) hotel, S E Broad & Sp Garden 
Clement Edw., shipping mer. 112 S I3el av, h 

1606 Walnut 
Clement James, clerk, rear 234 Dickerson 
Clement James, undertaker, 1326 Carpenter 
Clement J as. M. salesman, 27 Bank, h Peble av 
Clement Richard, 1228 Walnut 
Clement Saml. L., convey. 7 P R R building, 

Willing's al, h 2122 Mt Vernon 
Clement Susan, dressmr., 220 Marriott 
Clements Jas., lab. 1914 Wilcox 
Clements Joseph, carter, 2445 CallowhiU 
Clements Joseph P., weaver, 1510 Apple 
Clements John, brushmr. Wagner n 5th 
Clements Richard, M. D., 228 S Broad 
Clements Thos., weaver, Norris al ab Washing- 
ton (K) 
Clements Wm., 2417 CallowhiU 
Clements Wm. R., carp. 1513 Hope 
Clementson Jas. D., salesman, 429 Market, h 

434 Dickerson 
Clemm Gotlieb, lab. Cedar ab Dauphin 
Clemmens Edward B., Rising- Sun 
Clemmens Wm. M., varnisher, Ann bel Water- 
Clemmer Abrm., lab. 2 Saybolt's ct 
Clemmer E. P., machinist, 801 Charlotte 
demons John R., daguerreotypist, 914 Chest- 
nut, h Allen ab Columbia av 
Clendaniel Emily, 100 Washington av 




Clendaniel Jehu, flour and provisions, 400 S 

Del av, h 133 Pine 
Clendaniel Wm., M, D., 133 Pine 
Clendenin Thos. J., currier, 115 Coates 
Clendennin John, cloth manuf. Araming'o 
Clendennin Samuel, bricklr. 407 German 
Clendenniiig- Jas., harnessmr., 1220 Temple 
Clendenon Eliz., 816 N 6th 
Clendenon Josh., real est. brok. Poplar bel 20th 
Clendenon & Wilson, {Eliz. Clendenon, Rack. 

Wilson,) dress trimming-s, 813 Sp Garden 
Clenny John, lab. Poplar ab 15th 
Clenton Wm., weaver, Howard ab Norris 
Clerk John, newsp. car. Mansion bel Darby rd 

(W P) 
Clery E. D., clerk P. O. h 714 Florida 
Clery Patk. McCormick's av 
Cleveland C. D., young- ladies' school, 903 

Cleveland Henry, 737 Walnut 
Cleveland Henry, 832 Walnut 
Clevenger Henry, agent, 1533 Apple 
Cleveng'er Richard, carter, Hippel's la (Myk) 
Clew Elizabeth, 1523 Jones 
Clew John, weaver, Bringhurst (G T) 
Clew Peter, 9 Moore's al 
Clew Saml., brickmr. 9 Moore's al 
Clewell Anna Maria, Gi'een la (Myk) 
Clewell Josh. R., tailor, 417 Wharton 
Clewell Sidney, clerk, 110 Vine 
Clickner Mary, 437 Christian 
ClifF James, oyster house, 250 S Del av, h 11 

ClifF Jones, silk manuf., 24th bel Pine 
ClifF Rachel, washer, 1041 Lombard 
ClifF Robert, baker, cor. 19th &. Jones 
ClifF Sarah, 412 N 20th 
ClifFord Constantine, grocer, 15th & Peai'l 
Clifford Edwd., lab. Lab Hill, Falls Sch 
ClifFord Enos, brickmr. Nicetown 
ClifFord Michael, lab. Wilcox and Lombard 
ClifFord Michael, harness mr, 622 South 
ClifFord Patrick, lab., Main (G Town) 
Clifford Pati-ick, lab. 938 Margaret 
ClifFord Richard, weaver, Nicetown la 
ClifFord Rob., lab. Salmon ab Maple 
ClifFord Sarah, 748 S 6th 
ClifFord W. L., merchant, 310 Market, h 931 N 

Clift Benj., cabt. mr., Holmesburg 
Clift Charles, lab. Hedge (Fkd) 
Clift Edward, lab. Main (Hbg) 
Clift E., Mrs., 1335 Earl bel Belgrade 
Clift George, shovel mr. Main (Hbg) 
Clift George, coach trimmer, 1008 Brown 
Clift Henry S., tin store, 1205 S 2d 
Clift John, shovel mr. Welsh road 
Clift John, lab.. Main (Hbg) 
Clift John, stone masons, rear 1107 Milton 
Clift Jno. B., engravei", Holmesburg 
Clift Joshua S., dry goods, 13th & Pine 
Clift J. W., tailor, 321 N 6th 
Clift Morgan, tavern, (Hbg) 
Clift M. H., car., Holmesburg 
Clift Nathaniel, bookkeeper, 2126 Centre 
Clift Power, cabt. mr., Holmesburg 
Clift Saml., umbr. mr. 1335 Earl 
Clift Wm., plasterer, Pine ab Warren (W P) 

C. Clifton, J. W. Albright,) mer. tailors, 

627 Chestnut 
Clifton Amelia, cook, 234 Brier pi 
Clifton C. Wharton, clerk custom ho 
Clifton Elwood, ganger, 1105 Poplar 
Clifton Francis F., clerk P. O., h 222 Jacoby 
Clifton James, clerk, 222 Walnut, h 213 Wood 
Clifton John, carter, Rye bel Reed 
Clifton John, mariner, 501 Hurst 
Clifton Jno. J., undertaker, 408 Marshall 
Clifton J. C, 627 Chestnut 
Clifton Matthias, clothing store, 327 S 2d h 

1011 S 3d 
Clifton M. Jr., paper hanger. 115 Senate, h 1011 

S 3d 
Clifton Rachel H. Mrs., 408 Marshall 
Clifton Richd., blacksm. 1337 Vienna 
Clifton Robert D., tailor, 627 Chestnut, N E 

2d and Dock, h 625 Catharine 
Clifton Thos., baker, N W Cathai-ine & Lebanon 
Clifton Wallace, ganger, store 151 Walnut, h 

213 W^ood 
Clifton Whittington, cordw. Sti-angfoi-d's pi 
CLIFTON 8c WILER, {Matthias Clifton, Edw. 

Wiler,) tailors, 327 S 2d 
Oliggett Jno , lab. William 
Clime Elizabeth, 645 N 9th 
Clime John, coachmr. Sharswood ab Ridge av 
Clime William M., segar store, 535 Girard av 
Clime Wm. M., stone mason, 645 N 9th 
Glimmer Jno., dyer, CoUon ab Cresson (Myk) 
Cline Adam, brickmaker, 1534 State 
I'Cline Adam, brickmr., 1125 Moyamensing av 
Cline Ambrose, painter, 249 Dean 
Cline Charles, blacksmith, Springit 
Cline Charles, silver plat., 1132 School ab Rose 

Cline Chas. A., clerk, 437 Allen 
Cline Conrad, butcher, Coates ab 24th 
Cline C. Mrs., binder, 1933 Filbert 
Cline Durbin, blacksm. Price (R) 
Cline Edward, clothing, 836 N 2d 
Cline Edward, paper hanger, 17 Amity 
Cline Frederick, baker, N W Front 8c Hazlett 
Cline Geo. lampmkr. Otis ab Adrian 
Cline George, carp. 1305 Brandywine 
Cline Geo., coachmr. 8 Spraggs av 
Cline Hannah, 835 N 4th 
Cline Henry, painter, 249 Dean 
Cline John, lalksm. 1307 Barlow 
Cline John, vict. Lane av n Hestonville 
Cline John, bribkmr. 1024 Otsego 
Cline John F. C, tobacco., 1746 Market, h 2006 

Cline John L., 1414 Coates 
Cline Mary, dressmaker, 1231 G T road 
Cline Michael, painter 249 Dean 
Cline Nehemiah, port,, 519 Chestnut, h 1016 Ivy 
Cline Peter, harness mr. 1217 Columbia. av 
Cline Philip, whf. builder, 1074 Penn 
Cline Richd. uphol. 465 Franklin 
Cline Saml. brickmr. 2009 Hand 
Cline Wm., silver plater, 1132 School 
Cline Wm., carriages, 209 Wharton 
Cline Wm, lab. 1334 S 2d 
Cline W., ship carp. Ball ab Beach 
Cline W. F., captn. 765 N 24th 




Cline Wm. H., hatter, 1238 Woodbine 
Cling-er David, stair builder, Carroll, h 921 

dinger Fredk., bar tender, Frankford road & 

Clink Fredk., tailor, 3 Anadale av. 
Clinton Catharine, 2032 Coates 
Clinton C. shop. 417 8 11th 
Clinton De Witt, machinist, 1102 Hazel 
Clinton Edwin, brushmaker, 908 Chestnut 
Clinton Francis, carp. 717 Christian 
Chnton James, police, 1123 Hazel, 
Clinton Jno., conductor, 1526 Wood 
Clinton John, dealer, 1406 S 7th 
Clinton John, printer, 1123 Hazel 
Clinton Mary W., teacher, 45 Otter 
Clinton Mich., moulder, 1012 Palmer 
Clinton Robert, g-ent. 45 Otter 
Clinton Robt., combmr. 1243 Nag-le 
Clinton Thos., bricklr., 1162 Frankford road 
Clinton V/m., clerk, 1141 S 7th 
Clinton Wm., lithor., 311 Chestnut, h 121 

Cloak Calan, varnisher, 27 Ashland 
• Cloak Chas., mach., 1607 Winter 
Cloak Daniel, 1607 Winter 
Cloak Daniel, brickmr. 1938 McDuffie 
Cloak Geo. H., bricklr. 170 N 22d 
Cloak Morris, capt. 1306 S 2d 
Cloak Saml., lab. 1931 Wood 
Cloak Wm., carter, 1032 Parker 
Clohosey Thomas, painter, 1331 S 4th 
Clompp And., soap boiler, 544 N 3d 
Clompp And. J., soap boiler, 544 N 3d 
Clonay James, plumber, 1214 Cai-lton 
Cloney Michl., lab. Somerset ab Haverford 
Cioney Wm., lab. Montg-omeryhouse la (Hville) 
Clopp Geo., tobacconist, 822 N od 
Clopp Sarah janitor 822 N 3d 
Clopper Jno. C, printer, rear, 132 S 3d 
CLOSE CHAS. S., city surveyor, 2d district, h 

331 Reed 
Close Edwd., weaver, 1308 Hope 
Close Henry Mrs., g-entw., 419 Coates 
Close James, tailor, 1839 Lombard 
Close John, lab. Cabot bel 19th 
Close Thomas, waterman, 130 Mead 
Close Thos,, carp. 1604 Stiles 
Close Thomas J., carp., 1312 Stiles 
Closins Jos. lab. 1008 N 4th 
Clossin Alexander, cabtmr. Lancaster av. & 

Park (W P) 
Clossin Henry, g-old beater, 1807 Francis 
Closson Jas. H., coachmr. 2105 Sharswood 
Closson Joseph, grocer, 934 N Front 
Closson Josiah I., coachmr. 2134 Sharswood 
Closson Levi, cordw.2138 Sharswood 
Closson & Parsons, {Jas. H. Closson, D. M. Par- 
sons,) coachmrs. 1371 Ridge av 
Clothier Ann, 1038 Marlborough 
CLOTHIER CALEB, bricklr. and flour, 115 N 

5th, h Riverton, N J 
Clothier Chas, Jr., grocer, 431 Harmony 
Clothier Conrad F., book keeper, 23 N Water, 

h 1116 Columbia av 
Clothier Geo., sparmr. 1139 Houston 
Clothier Henry, ship carp. Columbia av ab Rich- 

Clothier Henry, brakeman, Parker ab York 
Clothier Isaac H., salesman, 312 Chestnut 
Clothier Jacob, inspector, 1015 Columbia av 
Clothier John, spar maker, 6 Dunton 
Clothier John W. & Co., stationers, 72 N 4th 
Clothier Samuel, turner, 1247 Otis , 
Clothier Samuel, bricklr. Vienna & Tulip 
Clothier Wm., brickmaker, 1340 G T av. Rising 

Clotworthy Hugh, bricklr. 708 Marshall 
Clotz Christian, grocer, 126 Green 
Cloud Enoch W., livery stable, 1536 and 1540 

Race, h 137 N 16th 
Cloud Gustavus, stone cutter, rear 331 South 
Cloud Henry, hotel, 1310 Race 
Cloud H. D., Mrs., dressmr. 1019 Coates 
Cloud John, blacksm. 1239 Myrtle 
Clouden Francis, moulder, G rd above Susque- 
Clouden Jacob, butcher, 1333 Union 
Clouden Jacob, jr., 1333 Savery 
Clouden John, purser, 2d & Montgomery (K) 
Clouds John, alderman, 1125 Marlborough (K) 
Cloug-h Joseph, Biddle 
Clough Wm., tailor. Bowman (G Town) 
Clouse Martin, 5 Charles 
Clousen John L., police, Walter's ct 
Clouser Abraham, dealer, 1128 N 3d 
Clouser C, bricklayer, 1910 Plymouth, h 1107 

Clouser Emanuel, produce mer. 208 Beaver 

Clouser Geo., bricklr. 1107 Race 

Clouser J., gent. Main (G T) 

Clouser Levi, carp. 430 Magnolia 

Clouser L. & Brother, produce, 415 N 2d 

Clouston Wm., shoemr. rear 916 Ogden 

Clover Christa H., Jackson 

Clover Manning R., teacher dancing, 6th and 
Christian, h 240 Dickerson 

Clover Thomas, grocer, Shirley & Wilton 

Clowden Jacob, salesman, 134 N 3d, h Savery 
bel Belgrade 

Glower Joanna, seamstress, 1240 Wamock 

Clowes Archur, mach. 8 Wheat 

Clowley Saml. B , silver plater, 727 Bayard 

Clowney James, lab. 1123 Milton 

Clowney Samuel, plasterer, 439 Wharton 

Clubbe Jonathan, shop F road and Wade 

ClufF John, lab. Leiper (Fkd) 

Cluff Robert, tobacco. Main bel Grape (Myk) 

Clugston Wm. porter, 506 Minor, h N E 7th & 

Cluley Andrew, shades, 739 S 5th 

Cluley Henrietta, 939 S 5th 

Clump Fred., mach. 911 Coates 

Clune Barth., trimmings, 803 S 2d 

Clunet Augustus D., mer. 28 S Del av, h 1629 

Clunn David, ship carp. 1108 Savery 

Clunn David S., clerk, 1108 Savery 

Clunn Jacob, caulker, 1112 Savery 

Clurkey Wm , carp. 714 Baker 

Clusey George, carter, Willow bel 12th 

Clutch Coates R., shoe manuf. 210 Wharton 

Ctyde Mary J., Spencer's ct 

Clyde Margaret, 637 N 17th 

Clyde Robert, lab., 4 Galbraith's ct 

Clyde Robert, lab. 787 S Front 




Ch'de Terence, drayman, Adrian ab Otis 
Clymer Henry, g-roccrv, 1090 F road 
Clymer Jacob, tailor, 205 N 9th 
Cl_vmer Jacob S., g-rocer, 1663 GT road 
Clvmer James M., carp, shop rear 409 S 4th, h 

113 6»S 5th 
Clymer John, Bald Eagle Hotel, 416 N 3d 
Clymer John, blacksmith, Jefferson (G T) 
Clymer John W., machinist, 2241 Sharswood 
Clymer Levi, lab. Krcssler bel Diamond 
Clymer Rebecca, 602 Marshall 
Clymer Robert M., sashmr. 411 German 
Clymer Samuel, carp. 269 Vienna bel Tulip (K) 
Clymer Sarah, 1015 Wallace 
Clymer Wm. G., paper hang-er, 1014 Anita 
Cnoff Henry, turner, 6 Astor pi 
Coachman Edward, porter, 1232 Carlton 
Coachman Jeremiah, lab. 415 S 11th 
Coachman Robert, porter, 217 Dean 
COAD J. R., il. D., 334 S 5th 
Coad Patrick, profr. 334 S 5th 
Coad}" James, police, 1035 Newton 
Coady Michael, farmer, 928 Poplar 
Ctoady Thomas, lab. 919 Hamilton 
Coakey Daniel, lab. 108 Jones' al 
Coakly Hug-h, blacksm. Green's ct 
Coakly Humphrey, wheelw., 838 Christian 
Coakly John, lab." 1435 Philip 
Coakroft Thomas, mach. Richmond (Bdg) 
Coale Asa, lab. 1220 Otis 
Coalman G., 809 Chestnut 
Coane Robert, g'ent. 1001 Green 
Coane Robt. C, h 1001 Green 
Coar Chas., shoemr. 945 Warnock 
Coar Thomas, Philip ab Jefferson 
Coass John, 309 Perry 
Coates Abraham, tanner, 927 N Front 
Coates Andrew, g-ent. 1812 Rittenhouse sq 
Coates Ben]., mer., 127 Market, h 814 Arch 
Coates Ben}. H., M. D., 710 Arch 
Coates Benj. W., gas workman, 2124 Cherry 
COATES & BROWN, wool mer. 127 Market 
Coates Cornelius, lab. Frog-town, (Fkd) 
Coates Crawford, clerk, 427 N 3d 
Coates Edw., lab. Frogtown (Fkd) 
Coates Edward, printer, S E 12th and Market, 

h 949 Otsego 
Coates George Morrison, cloths, &c., 323 Market, 

h 1609 Arch 
Coates George M., gent. 814 Arch 
Coates Jane, widow, Washington ab Kepple la 

Coates John, trader. Orchard (Fkd) 
Coates John, jr., jeweler, 949 Church 
Coates Joseph, lab. Green (Fkd) 
Coates Levi P. dry goods, 123 Frankford (Fkd) 
Coates Louis M., M. D., 1635 Chestnut 
Coates Natlian C, lamp and variety, 132 N 2d 
Coates Samuel, baker, rear 808 Carpenter 
Coates Sidney & Sarah, 1116 Arch 
Coates S., carp. 1120 Ogden 
Coates Wm. H. K., tobacco, 919 Poplar 
Coates W. C, mercli. 221 Chestnut, h 1017 Race 
Coats Collin, .stone cutter, 937 Ontario 
Coats Crawford H., mer. 427 N 3d 
Coats Jacob B., 427 N 3d 
Coats Wm. J., clerk, 323 Chestnut, h Brown 
Cobb A. P. Rev. 306 Redwood 

Cobb Ebcnezer, barber, 1129 Vine 
Cobb Ebenezer, vict. 1553 Palmer 
Cobb Edwd. B., umbrellamr., 418 Market, h 

406 Enterprise 
Cobb Elkanah, 21 N 5th, h 133 S 5th 
Cobb George, carp. 856 N 5th 
Cobb Geo. T., wood engraver, 1 S 6th, h 856 N 

Cobb Henry, moulder, 1609 Wood 
Cobb Henry, acct. 202 S Front, h Camden 
Cobb Isaac, lab. 39 Beck 
Cobb James, bricklr. 141 John 
Cobb Josepli R., miller, 1553 Palmer 
Cobb Joshua C, bookbind. 853 N 10th 
Cobb Josiah L., jeweler, Sansom St Hall. ]i419 

Cobb Thomas J., carp. 1133 Sheaff's al 
Cobb AVm., jr., carp., 715 Oxford 
Cobb Wm. b., telegraph, 1216 N 13th 
Cobb Wm. S., carp., 856 N 5th 
Cobbin T. D., paper hangei-, 712 Byard 
Cobbin T. D., paper hanger, 807 Pyk rd 
Cobden Wm., tailor, 9 Pascal 
Coboiirn Aaron, conductor R R., 229 N 16th 
Coburn Charles, lab. Mermaid la (C Hill) 
Coburn Jacob, conductor, 822 N 2d 
Coburn John, carp. Cadwalader av ab Oxford 
Coburn Joseph, lab. Ringgold pi 
Coburn Robt., lab. 2602 Lombard 
Coburn Robert, gent. 733 Pine 
Coburn Wm., clerk, 953 Kurtz 
Cochard Alex., lager beer saloon, 23 S 7th, h 

526 Powell 
Cochard Alex., litho. 23 S 7th 
Cocher John, lab. Penn (J'kd) 
Cochlan Hannah Mrs., 1225 Budden's al 
Cochlan Tim, driver, 6 Fetter la 
Cochran Alfred, painter, 5 Howard 
Cochran And., weigher, 1017 Maurice 
Cochran Andrew, Prest. Eastern Ins. Co. 6 

Mchts. Ex. h 241 N 9th 
Cochran Andrew B., 241 N 9th 
Cochran And. G., hotel, 934 S 5th 
Cochran Ann, 1511 South 
Cochran Mrs. A., milliner, 1511 South 
Cochran Bulah, b h, 428 Queen 
Cochran Geo., 1231 Chestnut 
Cochran Henry, 1231 Chestnut 
Cochran Henry C, clerk, 303 Walnut, h 1504 

Cochran Isaac, collector 122 Prime 
Cochran James, carp. 718 S 13th 
Cochran James, porter, 138 S Front, h 5 Fish- 
er's ct n Laurel 
Cochran James H., mer. 525 Market 
Cochran Jane Mrs., ab Filbert 
Cochran John, notions, 12 N 4th 
Cochran John, fancy weaver, 25 N 4th, h 558 

N 8th 
Cochran John, carp, weaver, 2034 Coates 
Cochran John, hatter, 1107 Miller 
Cochran John, salesman, 107 John 
Cochran John, lab. 1622 Paris 
Cochran John E., painter, Howard 
Cochran John M., liquor dealer, 21st & Filbert 
Cochran John S., police, 5 Howard 
Cochran Joseph, store, 536 Masters 
Cochran J. Harvey, mer., 108 N Del av and 107 

N Water, h 1729 Vine 




Cochran Lewis, tavern, 604 Lombard 
Cochran Mary, Garretson's row 
Cochran Mich., type moulder, 823 Catharine 
Cochran Peter, lab. Somerset n T av (R) 
Cochran Philip, 906 S 6th 

COCHRAN & ROUSSELL, {J. S. Cochran, 
W. S. Roussell,) com. mers., 108 N Dei av 
& 107 N Water 
Cochran R., g-ent. 329 S Juniper 
Cochran Robt., weaver, 1533 Philip 
Cochran Samuel, carp. 9 S 17th 
Cochran Susan, 15th ab Poplar 
Cochi-an Thomas, atty. and coun. N E 7th and 

Cochran Thomas, lampmr. 164 N Front, h 789 

Cochran Thomas, collarmr. G T rd ab Susque- 
Cochran Thos., drayman, 503 N 18th 
Cochran Travis, merchant, 324 Walnut, h 1820 

Cochran U., packer, Paynter's ct 
Cochran Wm., paper carrier, 917 Catharine 
Cochran Wm., mer. 324 Walnut, h 1213 Chest- 
Cochran Wm. G., jr., wine mer. 324 Walnut, h 

1231 Chestnut 
COCHRAN WM. G. & CO., wine mer., 324 Wal- 
Cochran Wm'. G., 1231 Chestnut 
Cochran W. jr., piano manuf. 1330 Fitzwater 
Cochran W., lab. 812 Jackson 
Cockcroft Thomas, clerk, 4 Market 
Cocker Peter, weaver, F road ab Norris 
Cockerill Thomas, cig-armr. 143 S Front, h 1212 

Cockrenn Catharine 1502 Carlton 
Codding-ton Henry, weaver, 1116 Milton 
CODE, HOPPER & CO., {Theops. Code, Wm. 
Hopper, Robt. H. Gratz,) g-as met. manufs. 
15th ab Market 
Codman Henry, g-ent. 1813 Delany pi 
Cody Charles H., mach. 609 Tappan pi 
Cody Daniel, g-entw. 609 Tappan pi 
Cody Daniel, carp. 833 N 15th 
Cody Henry, tailor, 1508 Jones 
Cody James, lab. Bridg-e (W'liall) 
Cody Joanna, dressmr. 419 S 16th 
Cody John, stone mason, Orr ab Francis 
Cody John, stone cutter, 910 Nectarine 
Cody Michael, tailor, 1508 Jones 
Cody Sarah, 608 Hallowell 
Cody Thomas, sr., lab. Bridge (W'hall) 
Cody Thomas, jr., lab. Bridg-e CW'hall) 
Coe John E., adv. agent, 439 Chestnut, h 1224 

N 12th 
Coe Gabriel, shoemr. 1346 Wood 
Coe Richard, acct. 11 Exchange, h 156 N 5th 
Coffee Barnard, lab. 21st ab Market 
Coffee David, moulder, 1340 S 2d 
Coffee Edvi^ard Zane, morocco dr. 5 N 3d and 

1103 & 1107 N 2d, & 1143 N 4th 
Coffee Henry C, clerk, 258 Franklin av 
Coffee James W., macht. 403 Richmond 
Coffee John, blacksm. Fulton bel Race 
Coffee John, lab. William ab Bath 
Coffee Mary M., cigars, 258 Girard av 
Coffee Richard, ostler, Park ab Carlisle 

Coffee Thomas, lab. Edgemontab Cumberland 

(R) _ 
Coffee William, teachei". Cherry (Frankford) 
Coffee Wm. F., printer, rear 132 S 3d, h 1605 

Coffey Geo. A., atty. & coun. 411 C^iestnut 
Coffey John, porter, 26 S 4th, h 5 Nonnater's ct 
Coffin Arthur G., Pres. Ins. Co.N. America, 232 

Walnut, h 1015 Clinton 
Coffin Jacob, lab. Penn (G T) ' 
Coffin John, plumber, 423 Carpenter 
Coffin John H., broker, 218 Walnut, h 758 S 

Coffin Joseph, 1516 Locust 
Coffin Hammond, broker, 758 S 9th 
Coffin Lemuel, merchant, 116 Chestnut, h 1516 

Coffin Lewis B., hotel, S E 5th and Queen 
Coffin Mary Miss, 305 Christian 
Coffin Mary Mrs., 416 Queen 
Coffin Thos., lab. 1614 Cai-lton 
Coffin Wm., cordw. Howard's place 
Coffin Wm , silversm. 404 Buttonwood 
Coffrnan Charles, vict. 968 N 5th 
Coffman Wm. M., plasterer, 857 Darien 
Cogan Edwai-d, bookseller, 48 N 10th 
Cogan James, coachman, 1624 Barker 
Coggershall Geo., 123 N 11th 
Coggins Eliz., teacher. Chestnut bel Margaretta 

(W P) h 345 N 9th 
Coggins E. H., engraver & printer, 36 N 8th 
COGGINS & HARBACH, engrs. & stationers, 

36 N 8th 
Coggins Jonathan, painter, 345 N 9th 
Coggins Samuel, 1740 Ann 
Coggins Sarah, washer, 20 Maryland 
Coggshall Henry R., Sec. and Treas. Quaker 

City Ins., 408 Walnut, h G Town 
Cogill T. G., sashmr. 421 N Front, h 581 Ran- 
Cogill & Wilt, (T, G. Cogill, A. Wilt,) sash & 

vent. shut, manuf. 421 423 & 425 N Front 
Cogley L. N., china, 445 N 3d 
Coglin Garrett, stoves, 824 S Front 
Cognet Louis S., fringes, 5 St John's pi 
Cohan John, police, 1734 Carlton 
Cohan Thomas, lab. 1734 Carlton 
Cohen Abram, fancy shells, 325 German 
Cohen Abraham, fancy shells, 626 South 
Cohen And. J., gent, office 104 Walnut, house 

1528 Pine 
Cohen Anthony, dealer, Cresson ab Cotton 

Cohen Augustus, acct. 332 Market, h 233 N 6th 
Cohen Barnet, undertaker, 502 S 5th 
Cohen Benjamin, 608 Vernon 
Cohen Bridget, rear 143 N 2d 
Cohen Davis, dealer, 1133 N 2d 
Cohen E. Miss, clothing, 210 South 
COHEN HENRY, import, station. 507 Chest- 

nut, h 1828 S Rittenhouse sq 
Cohen Isaac, dealer, 1721 Barker 
Cohen Isaac, importer, 921 Bonsall 
Cohen Isaac, importer, 626 South 
Cohen Jacob, tailor, 146 Poplar 
Cohen Jacob, M. D., 415 Marshall 
Cohen Jonas, salesman, 210 South 
Cohen Joseph, 162 N 2d 




Cohen Joseph S., 4 Christian 

Cohen Joseph S., att'y and coun. 424 Coates 

Cohen Louis H., salesman, 210 South 

Coflen Mark, g-ent. 4 Christian 

Cohen Myer D., 249 Arch, h 415 Marshall 

Cohen Robert, eng-ineer, 1224 Warnock 

Cohen Samuel, 881 N 8th 

Cohen Solomon E., g-enl. business ag-ent, 16th 

ab Fitzwater 
Cohen T. painter, 215 S 15th 
Cohen Ulius, pedlar, 115 Brown 
Cohen Zcon, clerk, 415 Marshall 
Cohill Ann, 933 P road 
Cohill Charles, printer, 933 P road 
Cohill Charles, portrait painter, 434 Chestnut, h 

918 Coates 
Cohill Geo., printer, 933 P road 
Cohill Richard, compositor, 635 Hallowell 
Cohn Henry, dealer, 914 Beach 
Cohn Lewis, painter, 956 St John 
Coin Martin, cordw. 2135 Cuthbert 
Coin Thomas, lab. 1 Boyles ct 
Coil Patrick, lab. 3dab Diamond 
Coit E. W., acct. 209 S 3d, h 262 S 3d 
Cokensburg-er John C, carp. 1316 Marlboro' 
Cokensburg-er Joslah, poster, 1316 Marlboro' 
Cokring- Henry, varnisher, 315 Beaver 
Colaiian John B., atty and coun. 142 S 8tli, h 

Till and Spruce (W P) 
Colangas Samuel, lab, Hedg-e (Fkd) 
Colbert H., waiter, 1620 Helmuth 
Colbert & Riehl, (William F. Colbert, John 8. 

Riehl,) fancy g-oods, 125 N 3d 
COLBERT WM.", manuf. env. & printer, 123* 

S 4th 
Colbert William F., mer. 125 N 3d, h Camden 
Colbrldg-e Thomas, mason, Centre (G T) 
Colburn Henry, currier, 213 Willow 
Colburn H., spices, 234 Arch 
Colburn L. R., dealer, 1140 Market, h 2220 S 22d 
Colby G. W., platform scales, 19 N 6th, house 

1233 Vine 
Colcord Enoch L., Haverford n 37th 
Colcord Horace F., broker, 24 S 5th 
Colcord John P., clerk Post office, 219 Catharine 
Colden Henry, weaver, Paschall (H Ville) 
Cole Aaron, porter, 819 Auburn 
Cole Alfred, hardware, 446 Richmond 
Cole Amelia, dressmr.. 2 Jerusalem place 
Cole &. Bro., (Joseph H. Cole, Daniel G. Cole,) 

restaurant, 314 S 6th, h 515 S 6th 
Cole Charles, butcher, Log-an ab Haverford 
Cole Chas., butcher, Lane av ab 35th 
Cole Christopher, dealer, 1307 Moj^amensing' av 
Cole Clarissa, whitewr. 1347 Pearl 
Cole Daniel G., restaurant, 314 S 6th, h Ells- 
worth b el 11th 
Cole David, morocco dr., Apple n Diamond (R) 
Cole David, porter, rear 1110 Warren 
Cole David, cordw. Van Buren place 
Cole Edward, lab. Cotton ab Cresson (Myk) 
Cole Elizabeth, washer, 203 Brier place 
Cole F. W., bookbdr., 445 Magnolia 
Cole Georg-e, tailor, 1526 Otis bel Norris 
Cole Georg-e W., 320 Walnut, h 1922 Green 
Cole Georg-e W., carp. 1128 Girard av 
Cole Henry, butcher, Haverford ab Logan 
Cole Isaac Rev. 1419 N 8th 

Cole Isabella, tinware, 18 S 15th 

Cole James, lab. 1629 Helmuth 

Cole John, lab. 1036 Mechanics' ct 

Cole John, jeweler, 1045 Lombard 

Cole John, sugar refiner, rear 322 St Jolin 

Cole John, restaurant, 422 Lombard, h 1045 

Cole John C, 634 N 16tli 
Cole John K., rag dealer, 256 N Front, h 834 

Cole Jos. H., restaurant, 314 S 6th, h 515 S '6th 
Cole J. J., pap. store, 504 N Front, h 131 Dana 
Cole J. J. & Co., (J. J. Cole, S. W. Chandler,) 

paper store, 504 N Front 
Cole Keturah, teacher, Girard College 
Cole Mary, 234 & 236 N20th ab Race 
Cole Priscilla, washer, 1032 South 
Cole Randal, 450 Spring 
Cole Rebecca, 1022 Barley- 
Cole Sarah, 126 Federal 
Cole Thos., driver, 808 Steward 
Cole Thomas H., cordw. 1108 Race 
Cole William, lab. Smith's ct 
Colean Pat., lab. 215 German 
Colebaug'h Jas., mason, E Orthodox (Fkd) 
Colebaugh Joel, mason, Franklin (Fkd) 
Colebaugh Peter, mason, 202 Frankford (Fkd) 
Colebaugh Wm., butcher, 202 Frankford (Fkd) 
Coleflesh Hamilton, lab. Market ab Rose ( W p) 
Colehower Conrad, contractor, Market above 

34th (W P) 
Colehower Geo. W., driver. Market ab 34th 
Colehower Isaac R., grocer. Market ab Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Colehower Stephen H., coachm. Market ab 34th 
Colehower Wm., engineer. Market ab 34th 
Coleman Albert, wheelw. 298 Franklin av 
Coleman Ann, 1204 Walnut 
Coleman A. M. W., clerk, 815 St John 
Coleman Chas., clerk, 2131 South 
Coleman Daniel, carp. State ab Pratt (W P) 
Coleman Daniel, lab. 728 George 
Coleman Elijah, mer. 25 N 3d, h 1330 N 11th 
Coleman E., Adams Express Co., h 537 N 22d 
Coleman E., saloon, 505 S 6th 
COLEMAN E. & P., carriage bolt works. Arch 

bel 21st 
Coleman George, weaver, 428 Franklin av bel 

Palmer (K) 
Coleman Geo., salesman, 624 Locust 
Coleman Harriet 259 S 4th 
Coleman Henry, carp. 717 S 13th 
Coleman Henry T., atty. 134 S 6th 
Coleman Henshaw, clerk, 231 S Front, h 220 

Coleman H., liquor mer. Poplar & Apple, h 439 

N nth 

Coleman Jacob, dry goods, 703 N 2d 

Coleman James, shoemaker, 513 Carpenter 

Coleman John, cabmr. Alain (G T) 

Coleman John, Rev., 744 S Fi'ont 

Coleman John M., 1008 N 5th 

Coleman John T., marb. mason, Washington av 

bel 9th, h 806 Fitzwater 
Coleman Lucinda S., millinery, 1363 F road 
Coleman Luke, stevedore. Smith's ct 
Coleman Lyman, Rev. D.D., teacher, 113 S 





Coleman Michael, lab. 419 N Front 
Ccrteman Moses, umbrella mr. 248 German 
Coleman Nathan, carter, Powell & Ann 
Coleman Pat., lab. 835 Christian 
Coleman Peter, salesman, 513 Market 
Coleman Phil., bolt, nut and washer mr. Arch 

n 21st, h 2127 Arch 
Coleman Philip, carp. 149 Coates 
Coleman P., dry goods, 1528 Market 
Coleman Rebecca, 952 Sbackamason 
Coleman Robt., wheelwrig-ht, 1116 N Front 
Coleman Robert M., wheelwt. 1109 N Front, h 

Shackamaxon & Allen 
Coleman Samuel, bricklayer, 149 Coates 
Coleman Samuel L., barber, N E 7th & Chest- 
nut, h 511 Wharton 
Coleman Sarah A., trimming's, 109 Juniper 
COLEMAN & SMITH, {Elijah Coleman, Wm, 

R. Smith,) hardware, 25 N od 
Coleman Thomas, lab. 14 Callowhill 
Coleman Thos., lab. 2016 Wood 
Coleman Thos., sawyer, Green ab 34th (W P) 
Coleman T. M., reporter, N E 3d and Chestnut, 

h 1030 Brown 
Coleman Waher, porter, h N E 3d & York 
Coleman Wm. weaver, Gay (Myk) 
Coleman Wm., bookbinder, rear 1005 James 
Coleman Wm. B., musician, F road opp Master 
Coleman Wm. H„ g-ent. 952 Shackamaxon 
Coleman Wm. H., flour dealer. Unity (Fkd) 
Colemeyer Henry, lab. 1 Lafayette ct 
Coles Edward, gent. 1303 Spruce 
Coles Geo. cabinetmr. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Colesberry A. P., acct. Bank N. Amer., 2029 

Colesberry John, b h 717 Arch 
Colesberry Saml., shipsmate, 213 Carpenter 
Coley Wm., 218 Federal 
Colfl'esh John, hotel, Girard & Warnock 
Colflesh Wm., printer, Knig-ht's ct 
Colflesh Wm., farmer, Gowen's la (C Hill) 
Colgan George, clerk, 23 N Water, h 405 N 6th 
Colgan Hugh, lab. 1943 South 
Colgan John, 522 Marriott 
Colg-an John, lab. 245 South 
Colgan John, currier, 513 Callowhill 
Colg'an Jos., plasterer, 405 N 6th 
Colg-an Pat., seaman, 717 S 7th 
Colgan Pat., cordw. Fitler ab 2d 
Colgan Thos. P., bookseller, 245 South 
Colgan Robt., carp. 405 N 6th 
Colgan Robt., liquor store, 1326 South 
Colgate John, porter, 229 Chestnut, h 934 Bon- 

COLHOUN & COWTON, produce mers. Broad 

ab Cherry 
Colhoun Geo., bill broker, 135 S Front, h 1003 

Colhoun H., bookkeeper, 822 Chestnut, h 1203 

Colhoun Mrs. M., 1906 Chestnut 
COLHOUN S., com. mer. 8c gen. ford. agt. N 

W 6th & Chestnut, h 127 N 10th 
Colhoun William, 1329 Spruce 
Colhoun Wm. H., broker, 135 S Front 
Colhouser h M'Donald, coopers, 22 Strawberry 
Colhouser Zachariah, cooper, 22 Strawberry 
Coling Benj., oysters, 10 Mintzer 

Coling John, waiter, 2 Atkinson's ct 

CoUng Saml. carter, 9 White's ct 

Colket Coffin, Pres. Chestnut Hill R. R., office 

25 Exchange, h 510 N 7th ». 

Coll Charles, lab. 307 N 15th ^ 

Coll Dennis, lab., Nicetown la ^^ 

Coll Dennis, lab. Otsego bel Mifflin 
Coll Dennis, lab. rear G T av Nicetown 
Coll Hugh, 724 Willow 
Coll James, lab., Nieetown la 
Coll John, lab. 818 Willow 
Coll Wm., liquor, 6th and Jefferson 
CoUaday Chas., gent. Chestnut and Margaretta 

Colladay Chas, D., real est. agt. 434 Walnut, h 

1331 Girard av 
Colladay Chas. M., teacher, Lehman (G Town) 
Colladay George W., Pres. Cont. Ins. Co., 209 

Walnut, h 2022 Vine 
Colladay James S., variety store. Main & Mill 

(G Town) 
Colladay Rachel, gentw. Oak ab Margaretta 

Colladay Saml., mer. Main (G T) 
Colladay Samuel R., trimmings, 218 Market, 

h 433 Chestnut 
tlolladay Sarah W., b h, 210 N 10th 
Colladay T. S., carp. 1423 Barclay 
Colladay Wm., carp. N E Race and Lybrand 
Colladay Wm. Mrs., 733 Wallace 
Colladay William Y., mer. 239 Market, h 626 N 

Collar Andrew, fisherman, 601 Richmond 
Collar Ann, widow, 601 Richmond 
Collar Geo., ship carp. 524 Richmond 
Collar Jacob, fisherman, 601 Richmond 
Collar Joshua, fireman. Tucker & Memphis 
Collar Martin,, 601 Richmond 
Collar Michael, fisherman, 1011 Montgomery 

av ab Richmond 
Collar Michl., wharf builder, 603 Richmond 
Collar Wm., shipwright, 1104 Vienna 
CoUard J., bonnet manufr. 325 N 2d 
Cdilegan John, tavern, 222 S Front 
CoUeg-e Conrad, beer saloon, 1240 Palmer 
Collen Alex., shoemr. 320 Mom-oe 
Collet Christoph., lager beer, S E 9th & Wash- 
ington av. 
Collet Mark W., M.D., 329 S Broad 
Collett Christiana, 1231 Howard 
CoUey Richard, mason, 2015 Carlton 
Collie Alex., clockmr. 1176 S 11th 
Collie Peter, clockmr. 1176 South 
Collier Christian, carpet wr. 208 Green 
Collier Danl., sr., atty. at law, h 1625 Arch 
Collier Danl. L., mer. 126 S Del av, h 1825 Arch 
COLLIER GEO. B., 23d & Hamilton, h 1625 

Collier Sam. jr., salesm.255 Market, h 715 Arch 
Collier Thomas, weaver, 1221 Fitzwater 
Colligan Chas., 2224 Cherry 
CoUigan Franci.s, painter, 1027 Carpenter 
Collin John, mor. dr. 1016 Charlotte 
Colling-wood Jos. M., acct., 1662 Latimer 
Collins Alex., shop, 1521 Philip 
COLLINS ALFRED M., paper warehouse, 506 

Minor, h 1900 Plymouth 
Collins Andrew, lal). 2044 Murray 




Collins Andrew, lab. r Green ab 34th 

Collins Andrew, printer, 1212 Poplar 

Collins AnnB., 1629 Race 

Collins Anna, 1233 Cass 

Collins Ansel, acct. 154 N Del av, h 323 St. 

Collins Anthonj^, lab. Hancock ab Norris 
COLLINS & AUTENRIETH, architects, 410 

Collins Barney, lab. Main (G T) 
Collins Bartholomew, weaver, Cadwalader n 

Collins Bartly, agent, Charter bel Norris 
Collins Benj. T., cordw. Market ab 33d 
Collins B., lab. 429 Shippen 
Collins B., picker, Washing-ton (Myk) 
Collins Caleb G., brickmr. Bodine bel Colum- 
bia av 
Collins Catharine, 1025 Sai-ah ab Richmond 
Collins Charles, jr., 616 N 8th 
Collins Charles, cordw. 1304 Corn 
Collins Chas., dealer, 226 S 5th 
Collins Chas., weaver. Front bel York 
Collins Chas., weaver. Main (G T) 
Collins Chas., sen., 616 N 8th 
Collins Charles P., mer. Lancaster av above 34th 

(W P) 
Collins Chas. P., seg-ar mr. 170 Frankford (Fkd) 
Collins Conway, hatter, Gay (Myk) 
Collins & Crispin, (Isaac Collins, Benj. F. Cris- 
pin,) weighers, 48 S Water 
Collins Danl., cordw. 424 Thompson 
Collins Danl., lab. Main (C Hill) 
Collins David, weaver, 1423 Pliilip 
Collins Dennis, lab. 18 Barron 
Collins Dennis, mason. Limekiln Pike (S T) 
Collins Dennis, 703 Christian 
Collins Dennis, porter, 332 S Del av, h 18 BaiTon 
Colhns Ed., barber, 400 Cherry, h 669 Steiner 
Collins Edward, architect, 410 Walnut, h Rox- 

Collins Edw. brickmr. Dauphin bel 5th 
Collins Edwd. G., painter, 709 Lebanon 
Collins Eli, blacksmith, 327 Belgrade 
Collins Eliza, sempstress, 730 Plover 
CoUins Elizabeth, dress maker, S W 13th and 

Collins Ehzabeth, 1719 Lewis 
Collins Frank, glass blower, 718 Gaul 
Collins Fred., brewer, 10th &. Filbert 
Collins Fredk., stock & bill broker, 328 Wal- 
nut, h 1917 Spruce 
Collins Geo., printer, rear 727 S 4th 
COLLINS G., booksr. 150 N 6th, li 249 N 6th 
COLLINS GEORGE C, att'y at law, S W 6th 

and Locust, h 22d bel Pine 
Collins Geo. I)., sti-aw goods, 504 Marshall 
Collins Hugh, constable and collector, McAn- 

nalv's ct 
Colhns H. D., 741 Spruce 
Collins Isaac, mason, Penn & Cresson (Myk) 
Collins Isaac, 506 Minor, h 32 West Penn sq 
CoUins Isaac, jr., weig-her, 48 S Water, h 1431 

Collins James, lab. 1028 South 
Collins James, ship carp. 222 Allen 
Collins James, lab. 1907 I'airview 
Collins Jas. packer, 17 S 3d, h 1320 Hor.stman 

Collins James Rev., James st. Falls Sch 

CoUins Jas., lab. Lane, av ab Park 

Collins Jas., cab driver, rear 330 N 8th 

Collins Jas., salesman, 414 Spruce 

CoUins Jas. C, rags & iron, 326 & 328 N Water 

Collins Jesse C, brickmaker, M'Lean above 

Collins Job, cutler, 1119 Orange 
Collins John, ropemaker, 1301 Melon 
Collins John, lab. 912 Auburn 
Collins John, cordw. 905 Margai-et 
Collins John, lab. Richmond bel York 
Collins John, ropemr. 1316 Ridge av, h Mt. 

Collins John, carter, McAlpin 
CoUins John, Market ab 33d (W P) 
Collins John, bar tender, 517 N 18th 
Collins John, police, 2124 Summer 
CoUins John, lab. 1712 CallowhiU 
CoUins John, lab. 1705 Carlton 
Collins Jolm, carp. 9 Wagner ct 
Collins John, lith. 22 S 5th, h 840 Marriott 
CoUins John, glassbl. 2532 Pine 
Collins John, cutler, 1119 Orange 
CoUins John, lab. 1738 Carlton 
Collins Jolm, lab. 1222 Temples 
Collins John, nail maker, 1125 Milton 
CoUins John, dyer, Haverford & Mill Creek 
Collins John, cordw. Mechanic above Cresson 

Collins John, umbrella mr. 336 Market 
Collins Jno., laborer, 1248 N 10th 
Collins Jno., comedian, 136 S 11th 
CoUins John B., carp. 1510 State 
Collins John D., trader, 909 S Front 
CoUins John E., salesman, 209 Market, h 445 

N 11th 
CoUins Jno. H., liquor store, 10th & Poplar 
Collins John H., di'ug-g-ist, 4 N 5th, h 11th ab 

CoUins John J. G., engr., Araming-o bel Fenton 
CoUins John M., att'y and coun. S E 6th and 

Walnut, h 1004 Green 
CoUins Jolm M., cutter, 51 S 4th, h Camden 
Collins Jonathan, mer. 154 N Delaware av, h 

323 St John 
CoUins Jonathan, manuf. Pear (H Ville) 
Collins Joseph, 1236 Sp Garden 
CoUins Joseph, lab. 972 N Del av 
Collins Jos., carp. 1242 Woodbine 
Collins Jos., dep. whiskey insp. Torphin 
Collins Jos., shop, S E Barron & Gaskill 
CoUins Joseph H., lumber mer. 1221 N 8th, h 

727 Brown 
CoUins J., blacksm. bel Coates by Broad 
Collins Lear, Gray's al 
Collins Leonard, prof. 522 S 5th 
Collins Lewis, Henk's ct 
CoUins Magnus J., salesman, 1300 Filbert 
Collins Mary, dressmr. 838 Race 
Collins Mary E., teacher. Chestnut bel Marg-a- 

retta (W P) h 1300 Filbert 
CoUins Matilda, N E 7th & Thompson 
CoUins Matthias, police, 662 Andi-ess 
CoUins Midi., porter, 10 Gary's ct 
CoUins Michl., lab. Earp 
Collins & M'Leester, (Sanil. C. Collins, Alex. 

M'Leester,) type found. 705 Jayne 




Collins Neal, cordw. 735 Plover 
Collins Passmore, mach. 1829 Callowhill 
Collins Patrick, soap boiler, Mervine bel Ox- 
Collins Patrick, laborer, Paries ct 
Collins Patrick, lab. Bath ab William (R) 
Collins Patk., lab. 1347 Shippen 
Collins Percival, mer. h 1002 Race 
Collins Peter, dyer, Jackson (Myk) 
Collins P., dry g-oods, 458 N 2d 
Collins P. G., printer, 705 Jayne, h N W 

Coates and Franklin 
Collins Rachel, cook, 248 Cm-rant al 
Collins Rach., 1611 Helmuth 
Collins & Robb, (Jos. H. Collins, Jas. M. Robb,) 

lumber mers. 1221 N 8th 
Collins Robt. carp. 522 S 19th 
Collins Robt, brickmr. Wag-er bel Apple (K) 
Collins R. & Co., liquors, S E Market & Brown 
Collins Samuel, waiter, 1013 Barley 
Collins Samuel C, type founder, 705 Jayne, h 

N E 16th & Green 
Collins Sarah, shop, Cresson & Penn (Myk) 
Collins Sarah Ann, b h 918 Pine 
Collins Susan, 1 Elliott's al 
Collins Thirza, wid. of Robert, 1035 Locust 
Collins Thos., carter, N E Shippen & 17th 
Collins Thomas, slater, 1034 Federal 
Collins Thos., rest. 1723 South 
COLLINS, T. K., printer, 705 Jayne, b N E 

16th & Green 
Collins Walter, capt. 810 S 4th 
Collins William, tobacco, 801 Charlotte & 402 

Collins Wm., lab. Fisher n Huntingdon (R) 
Collins Wm., com. mer. h S W Front &. New 
ColHns Wm., shoes, Nicetown 
Collins Wm., lab. 922 N Del av 
Collins Wm., moulder, 1212 Beach 
Collins Wm., moulder, 526 Sylvester 
ColUns Wm., com. mer. h 1020 Callowhill 
Collins Wm., carp. 840 Marriott 
Collins Wm., 730 Arch 
Collins Wm. D., bartender, 918 Pine 
Collins Wm. H. g-rocer, N E 3d & Washin^on 

CoUins WiUiam M. office 506 Minor, h 730 

CoUis & Bro., {Thos., ^.n^Aon?/,) turners, 313 

Coliis Wm., elk. 505 Chestnut, h 1500 Cherry 
CoUison Joseph, clerk, 609 S 9th 
Colhson Lewis, clerk, 609 S 9th 
Collison Wm., g-asfitter. Bowman (G T) 
CoUom Albert, 930 Kurtz 
Collom D. W., clock mr. 316 Coates 
CoUom E. D., bookseller, 40 N 6th, h 809 N 

Collom George, chair mr. 316 Coates 
Collom Geo. G., salesman, h 801 Darien 
Collom Geo. W., bricklr., Dover ct 
Collom Jesse, carp. 1507 Girard av 
Collom John B. carp. Rittenhouse (G T) 
Collom Jonathan, Marble bet 17th & 18th 
Collom Jonath., tailor, 210 Coates 
Collom Judah, carp. 801 Darien 
Collom Mary, gentw. 316 Coates 
Collom Rebecca, milliner, 1104 N 3d 

Collom S. W., lumber mer. 801 Darien 

CoUon Samuel, bricklayer, Jefferson (G Town) 

CoUot A. G., professor, 1224 Spruce 

CoUot H. Mrs., professor of French, &c. 1224 

Collott Henry, lab. 420 Morris 
Collums Jno., plasterei", 2d ab Diamond 
Colly Daniel, shoemr. 26 S 12th 
Colly Daniel, shoemr. 1204 Clover 
Collyer E., tobacconist, 24 S 6th 
Colman Amanda, washwo. 2 Smith's ct Francis A., student, 28 N 16th 
Colman Henry Scott, prof, of music, 28 N 16th 
Colman Horace, liquors, Lawrence &. Poplar 
Colman M. A., trimmings, 910 N 11th 
Colman Syl., -waiter, 1621 Helmuth 
Colne Chas., dyer, 729 S 9th 
Colnech Jno., farmer. Monument road, Monroe - 

Colpe Chas. G., bar tender, 247 Arch 
Colrr Jno., turner, Dewitt av 
Colsher David, drivei". Race E 20th 
Colsher Davis, moulder, rear Powell ( F V) 
Colsher Peter, blacksm. 172i4 Grayson 
Colsher Wm., wheelwrt.. Broad ab Green, h 

828 N 16th 
Colston Raleigh T., M.D., 1805 Pine 
Colston Sylvester, blacksmith, Main, (G T) 
Colter Charles, watchman, 2207 Hare 
Colter David, painter, 7 Lindsay av 
Colter James, 2515 Penn av 
Coltcn Chas., lab. 2046 Hamilton 
Colton David, planemr. Callowhill, h 528 

Colton Davison, clerk. Front ab Cherry 
Colton Franklin B., com. mer. 214 S Del av, h 

8th bel Walnut 
Colton Geo., 1217 Pine 
Colton James, 86 Maiden 
Colton James, lab. 209 Christian 
COLTON JOHN, planemr. & hardware, 407 

Callowhill and 1007 Market, h Chestnut 

and Mary (W P) 
COLTON SIMON, grocer, S W Broad & Wal- 
nut, h 129 S 15th 
Colton S., fine groceries, 1716 Barker, h 1506 

Colton S. W., 1506 Sansom 
Colton T., engineer, 144 Oxford 


Colville Arthur, mach. 2220 Otsego 
Colville Henry, oil cloth mr. 2320 Hamilton 
Colvin Wm., lab., 327 N 13th 
Colwall Rose, M'Cormick's av 
Colwell A., carp., 1521 South 
ColweU Alex., shop, 725 Baker 
Colwell Chas., police, 1229 Ogden 
COLWELL & CO., {Stephn. Colwell, W. Divight 

Bell, Theodore Tremendt,) iron mers., 205 

N Del. av., and 207 N Water 
Colwell Edw., hotel, N E 8th &, Maurice 
Colwell James, mach. 1218 Francis 
Colwell John, gent. 514 S 3d 
Colwell John, porter, 612 Farmer 
Colwell Joseph, lab. 1426 S 7th 




Oolwell Stephen, iron manuf., 205 N Del- 
aware av and 207 N Water, li N E 11th and 

Comas Jos. mach. 1135 Palmer 

Comber John, stone cutter, 2014 Sansom 

Comber John, stone cut. rear 2006 Porcelam 

Comber Michael, stone cut., yard 24th & Locust, 
h 2006 Porcelain 

Comber Pati-ick, stone cut., 2010 Sansom 

Comber Thomas, sheet ironworker, 1232 Moya- 
mensing- avenue 

Combes Lavinna M., Miss, 1033 Beach 

Combes Louisa M., 1033 Beach 

Combes Wm. G., salesman, 325 Mai'ket, h 1033 

Combov Wm., dealer. Rising' Sun 

Combs'Gilbert, teacher, 611 & h 608 Marshall 

Combs John F., currier, 420 S 6th, & 1130 Mar- 
ket, h Market bel Till 

Combs Joseph, blacksmith, 1006 N 6th, h 310 

Combs Mark, cordw. 525 S 21st 

Combs Saml., lab. Hunting-don 

Combs Willet, provisions, 25 S Water, h 11 

Comby Edward, coach builder, 625 Franklin 

Comeg-ys Benj. B., cash. Phil. Bank, h High 
(G Town) 

Comegys Catliarine, gentw. 48 N 8th 

Comegys Samuel, elk, 5 State House, h Bring- 
hurst (G Town) 

Comfort Cyrus C, carp. 880 Randolph 

Comfort Ezra, dry goods. Main n Centre 
(G Town) 

Comfort Saml., provs. 613 N 2d, h 923 N 6th 

Comiskey Chas., lab. Richmond ab Huntingdon 

Comly Alfred, farmer, Oxford P road 

Comly Allen, mer. 209 Market, h 131 N 10th 

Comly Chas. A., 702 Carpenter 

Comly Franklin A., President N Penn R R Co. 
409 Walnut 

Comly Geo. W., hotel, Bustleton 

Comly Henry, mer. 209 Market, h 39 N 2d 

Comly H. & A., mers. 209 Market 

Comly Isaac M. D., Byberry 

Comly Isaiah, gassmr., 2041 Hand 

Comly Jackson P., store kr.Main, Holmesburg 

Comly John, millei", Bybeny 

Comly Joshua, Main (C Hill) 

Comly J. M., weigher Paul & Green (Fkd) 

Comly Mary, shop, 423 Brown 

Comly Mrs. M., ti-immings, 937 Race 

Comly Nath., conductor, 2230 Green 

Comly N., agent, 1718 Grayson 

Comly Rebecca, 708 N Market 

Comly Robt., farmer, Bristol Township (Fkd) 

Comly Saml. C, mer. 136 S Front 

Comly Seth I., mer., 216 N Del av, h 313 N 6th 

Comly T. J., printer, 702 Carpenter 

Comly Wm. F., mer. 136 S Front 

314 Chestnut 

DEN'S), S E corner 7th and Chestnut 


Commins John, lab. Sansom bel 24th 

Comrains Robt., lab., G T av, Nicetown 

STATE OF PENNA., N W 4tli & Walnut 
Commott B., cordw., 1140 F road 
Compton C. B., M. D. 132 S 17th 
Compton Edw., mach. 2216 Callowhill 
Compton Rich., watchman, 947 N 5th 
Compton Samuel C, printer, 140 S 3d, h 111 

Compton Wm., macht., 1356 "Vienna 
Comstock And., M. D., vocal, gymnas. 508 Arch 
Comyn Thomas, hotel, 715 Girard av 
Conaghan Barny, blacksm. Harrison's av 
Conahy John, cai-p. 716 N Front 
Conalty Matthew, lab. 908 Catharine 
Conaly James, dealer, 513 Bedford 
Conant S. D., Cheriy st (Fkd) 
Conar Owen, lab. James (Falls Sch) 
Conard A., collector, 1620 Coates 
Conard Charles, carp. 821 Marshall 
Conard Henry, acct. 232 S Del av 
Conard Henry S., mer. 229 Market, h Mer- 
chant's Hotel 
Conard James M., farmer, 1328 Oxford 
Conard Jesse, cordw., 1542 Apple 
Conard John R., mer. 1735 Wood 
Conard Lewis, machinist, 1346 Thompson 
Conard Paul, engineer, 747 N 24th 
Conard Samuel, mer., S E 9th & Market h Ash- 
land House 
Conard Sarah, 7 Castle ct 
Conard Thos., lab. Smith's ct 
Conarroe George M., atty. and coun., 933 Arch, 

h 1539 Chestnut 
Conarroe George W., artist, 1539 Chestnut 
Conarroe J. L., salesman, 836 N Front, h 954 

Conarroe Rich'd R., acct., 836 N Front, h 954 

Conarroe Thos, accountant, 836 N Front, h 954 

N 7th 
Conaway John, brickmr. Clarion bel Federal 
Conaway John, 942 Alder 
Conaway John, sailmr. 725 Flower 
Conaway Jos., lab. 307 Pine 
Conaway Jos. F., dry goods, 1243 N 2d 
Conaway Levin, capt. Main ab Shur's la (Myk), 
Conaway Saml., drygoods, 1243 N 2d 
Conaway Susan, rear 706 S 3d 
Conaway Wm., hardware, 1410 R road 
Conby Timo, carter, 1844 William 
Concannon Geo., driver, 9 Marshalls ct 
Concannon P., driver, 9 Landis 
Conchman A., cordw. 5th ab Diamond 
Condell Rob't., paper carrier, 412 Enterprise 
Conderman B., mineral water, 432 Dillwyn 
Condie D. F., M. D., 237 Catharine 
Condin John, watchman, 431 Enterprise 
Condon Ehzabetli, 1128 Pearl 
Condon Morris G., paper mer. 17 S 6thj h 1332 

Condon Patrick, lab. 7 Knight's ct 
Condon Redmond, lab. Fisher's la (G T) 
Condon Thomas, porter, rear 3 Chancery la 
Condon Thos., lab. 949 Alder 
Condon Wm., moroc. dresser, 1223 Marlboro' 




Condon Wm., blacksmith, 136 N 5th 

Condy Eliz., washer, rearlTSS Lombard 

Condy Franlc, drayman, 1215 Perry 

Condy James, carp. 324 Gbard av 

Condy John, turner, 411 & h 4th & Brown 

Condy John, tailor, 726 N 22d 

Condy Richd., cordw. 317 Girard av 

Condy Thos., trader, 1354 Cadwalader 

Condy Wm., sr., 247 N Juniper 

Cone Martin, lab. 355 Jarvis 

Cone Thnothy, sailmr. 737 Baker 

Conehin B., lab. Gaskill 

Conely John, tavern, Coates ab Penn av 

Conely Thos., C, Barclay 

Coney Geo., H, eng-. 8c draughtsm., 138 S 4th, h 

2138 Mt Vernon 
Cong-ar Ann, 619 Green 

Cong-ar Chas., cordw. Poplar and New Market 
Cong-ar Wm., shoemr. 931 New Market 
Cong-don Jas. C, candle and oil manuf. Callow- 
hill near Bridge, h 2042 Vine 
Congdon Jno., clerk, h 521 Jefferson 
Conger John A., umb. mr. 336 Market, h 1227 

N Front 
Conger Sydney, umbmr., 336 Market 
Conger Wm. M., umb. mr. 336 Market, h G T rd 

ab 5th 
Conkle Francis A., acct., 4 S 3d, h 506 Button- 
Conkle Henry, cord manuf. 4 S 3d, h 506 But- 

Conkle Wm. H., clerk, 4 S 3d, h 506 Button- 
CONKLIN E. K., livery stable, Jayne ab 8th 
Conklin G., eng-raver, 604 St. John 
Conklin H. C, carp., Richmond & Ann (R) 
Conklin Isaac, shipcarp. Price ab York 
Conklin Jacob M., lithographer, 22 S 5th 
Conklin Jos., engraver, 604 St. John 
Conlan John, 524 Christian 
Conlans James, liquors, 1447 N Front 
Conlay Barney, weaver, 1332 Mariner 
Conlen John, Syke's hotel. 135 Race 
Conley Charles C, grocer, 1618 Shippen 
Conley Daniel, cordw. 904 Auburn 
Conley E., tailor, 730 S 8th 
Conley James, moulder, Creisham (C Hill) 
Conley Jas. H., ship carp. 105 Marion 
Conley John, lab. 527 Murray 
Conley John Robert, boatman, Salmon ab Cum 

berland R 
Conley Michael, lab. 2 William's ct 
Conley Patrick, lab. 2 William's ct 
Conley Pati'ick, cordw. Huston & R road (R) 
Conley Philip, brass turner, 1244 Callowhill 
Conley Robt., lab. Paul (Fkd) 
Conlin David, clerk, 1244 Hancock 
Conlin Edward, lab. 2044 Sansom 
Conlin Hugh, foreman, 838 Carlisle 
Conlin John, lab. Paul (Fkd) 
Conlin Peter, hatter, 628 8 5th 
Conlin Philip, boatman, 2334 Meredith 
Conlin Rd., carter, Frankford (Fkd) 
Conlin Sarah, Mrs., 1324 Carrol 
Conly Francis, ship carp. 1103 Tudor 
Conly Wm., pedlar, 816 Fernon 
Conn Andi'ew, milkman, Janney (R) 
Conn James, trader, 1202 G T road 

Conn James, tinman, 261 N 15th 

Conn James, milkman, rear Ann & Trenton av 

Conn James, tailor, Lancaster av (Mville) 
Conn John, trader, 941 St John's (K) 
Conn Joseph, milkm. Ann bel Frankford 
Conn Leonard, engineer, 440 St. John 
Conn Sarah, 1141 G T road (K) 
Conn Thos., milkman. Wood bel Tulip 
Conn Wm., leather store, 163 Brown. 
Conn Wm., trader, 1229 Hancock (K) 
Conn Wm., milkman, Richmond la (R) 
Connaghan John, portei", 1208 Adams 
Connant Naham, cooper, 1018 S 12th 
Connard John, sawmr. b h, 1024 N 4th 
Connell Alex., carter, 1613 Wood 
Connell Charles, blacksm. Lan. av ab Seneca 

Connell Corn, chipper, 501 N 18th 
Connell Daniel, chipper, 501 N 18th 
Connell Daniel, shipmaster, 30 South 
Connell Geo., sec'y Mt Moriah Cemetery, office 

20 S 18th 
Connell Harry, tavern, 1004 Locust 
Connell Henry, grocer, 1809 Lombard 
Connell James, lab. 8 John's ct 
Conn.ell James, grocer, S W 11th & Market 
Connell James, 403 S 21st 

Connell John, lab. 4 Southampton ct 

Connell John, lab. 436 Monroe 

Connell John H., conveyancer, 523 N 4th 

Connell John T., macht, 2 Short's ct 
Connell Martin, chipper, 501 N 18th 
Connell Patk., lab. 6 Buchanan pi 
Connell Patk., lab. 1727 Wood 

Connell Patk., lab. Mechanic (G T) 

Connell Thomas, chemist, 523 N 4th 

Connell Thomas H., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h 523 
N 4th 

Connell Wm., lab. 206 Ledger 

Connell Wm. B., saiesn. 523 N4th 

Connell W., carp. 403 S 21st 

Connell W., lab. 1 Bell's ct 

Connellan John, vict. Fling-'s ct 

Connelly B., lab. 781 S Swanson 

Connelly Daniel, gent. 21 S 13th 

Connelly Dennis, lab. rear 330 N 8th 

Connelly Edw., dealer, rear 628 Cherry 

Connelly Eliza, 1238 Sp Garden 

Connelly F., brickmr. 1809 South 

Connelly Francis, 1135 Vienna 

Connelly Harry, Treasurer, 423 Walnut, and 
wines, N W 7th and Chestnut, house 1202 

Connelly Henry, ship carp. Thompson 

CONNELLY HENRY, grocer, Mai-ket ab TiU 

Connell}' James, waterman, 26 Mead 

Connelly James, Hines pi 

Connelly James, weaver, 1328 Mariner 

Connelly John, blacksmith, 936 Bonsall 

Connelly John, piano forte mr. 1213 Cherry 

Connell}- John, weaver, 2043 Hampton 

Connelly John, grocer. 525 S 20th 

Connelly Joim, 112 Vine 

Connelly John, hod carrier, 311 Dugan 

Connelly Lawrence B., auctioneer, 461 Garden 

Connelly Margaret, gro. 2110 Cuthbert 




Connelly Maiy, Filbert bel 23d 
Connelly Michl., lab. Fitler ab 2d 
Connelly Owen, lab. rear 1518 Pearl 
Connelly Patrick, lab. Hancock (G Town) 
Connelly Patrick, weaver, 217 Thompson 
Connelly Patk., macht. rear 1622 Carlton 
Connelly Pat., lab. Philip ab Montg'omery (K) 
Connelly Patk., porter, 108 N Del av 
Connelly Patk., lab. rear 245 Queen 
Connelly Patk., lab. 1324 Lancaster 
Connelly Peter, di'over. Lane av ab Seneca, 

Connelly Richard B., mer. 319 Market, h 541 

Connelly Robt, brklr. Sch. Beach bel Lom- 
Connelly Terrance, carp. 763 S 7th 
Connelly Thomas, inspec. of g-as fittings .933 

Connelly Wm., printer, 1404 Mervine 
Connelly Wm., lab. Manheim (G T) 
Connelly Wm., weaver. Centre (G T) 
Connelly Wm. R., glassblower, 1135 Vienna 
Conner Anthony, 1015 S Front 
Conner Anthony, lab. Olney 
Conner A. James, painter, 7 Amity 
Conner Berg-an, spinner, 710 May 
Conner Bernard, plasterer. Green Hill pi 
Conner Catharine, 1537 Seybert 
Conner Chas., brass moulder, h r 319 Race 
Conner Chas., lab. 829 Swanson 
Conner Clayton, di'iver Adrian ab Otis (R) 
Conner Daniel, stone cr. 1717 South 
Conner Dennis, lab. 2127 Locust 
Conner Eph. W., printer, S E 2d & Market 
Conner E., waterman, Senate 
Conner Francis, weaver. Tower ab Penn (Myk) 
Conner Francis H., coal mer. 311 Walnut 
Conner F. H. agent, Herman (G T) 
Conner George, g-rocer, N E 22d & Lombard 
Conner Geo. P., pilot, 740 S Front 
Conner Hamilton, macht. 239 Lybrand 
Conner Hamilton, cordwainer, 2018 Hand 
Conner Hugh, cordw. 1727 Carlton 
Conner James, cordw. rear 1820 McDuffee 
Conner James, lab. 1213 Bedford 
Conner James G., hatter, 832 S 3d 
Conner John, bricklr. Factorj^ 
Conner John, lab. 2410 Clay 
Conner John, brickmr. 952 Lawrence 
Conner John, laborer, Huntingdon & Brown (R) 
Conner John, lab. Edgemont ab Emoiy (R) 
Conner John, rigger, 21 Union 
Conner Jno., cordw. 805 S 9th 
Conner John, confr. 2314 Market 
Conner John, lab. Horstman's ct 
Conner John, printer, 1424 Stiles 
Conner John, lab. Franklin (Fkd) 
Conner John, drayman, 1443 N lOtli 
Conner John, lab. 1805 Jones 
Conner Joseph, 2054 Hand 
Conner Joseph, cordw. 1728 Lombard 
Conner J. S., druggist, 2239 Coates 
Conner Manns, lab. Kent ab Welsh 
Conner Mary, shop. 608 S 4th 
Conner Mary Mrs., 126 South 
Conner Mary, N W 8th & Cai-penter 
Conner Matthew, lab. 1788 N 11th 

Conner Matthew, harnessmr., Faetory 

Conner Michael, oil cloth pr. 1726 Carlton 

Conner Michael tailor, 210 Chester 

Conner Mich., looking- glasses, 1031 Callowhill 

Conner Michl., lab. 1004 Dorrance 

Conner Michl., lab. Gatchel's pi 

Conner Murter, bricklr. American bel Jefferson 

Conner Owen, lab. Nicetown 

Conner O. P., sewing machine, 922 Chestnut 

Conner Patrick, blacksm. 1236 Filbert 

Conner Peter, chemist, Paul (Fkd) 

Conner Philip, lab. 541 Bedford 

Conner Philip, 247 S 4th 

Conner Richard, bookbr. 107 Elfreth's al 

Conner Robert, boot fitter, 117 S 2d, h 115 

Conner Stephen, lab. 3 Garwood pi. 
Conner Terrence, cordw. Richmond bel William 
Conner Thomas, lab. 1502 Race 
Conner Thomas, weaver, 328 Belgrade 
Conner Thomas, carp. 106 Jacoby 
Conner Thomas, hotel, N E South & Water 
Conner Thomas J., driver, 802 Grubb 
Conner T. J., varnisher, 506 Parrish 
Conner Walter, lab. Main (GT) 
Conner Wm., manufacturer, 403 Otis 
Connerton M. H., salesman, Richmond bel R 

R rd 
Connerty Patk., oierk, Philip bel Diamond (K) 
Connei'ty Terrence, lab. Tudor bel Dickerson 
Connolly Edward, lab. 1634 George 
Connolly Edward, lab. 1239 S 13th 
Connolly J., porter, 525 Market, h Young's ct 
Connolly Patrick, porter, 1015 Washington av 
ConnoUy Patrick, lab. 1632 Bedford 
Connally Richard, cordw. 940 Summer 
Connor Bernard, 11 Providence ct 
Connor C. J. clerk, 513 Market 
Connor Daniel, lab. 407 Penn 
Connor Elias, lab. 836 Grover 
Connor Elizabeth O., 1210 N 19tli 
Connor Fred., joiner, 446 Magnolia 
Connor Isaac O., dealer, 1354 South, h 1358 

Connor Jane, 403 N 16th 
Connor James, lab. Bank ab Lombai'd 
Connor James, carter, r 708 Southwark 
Connor James, grocer, 23d bel Locust 
Connor James, mason, Lehman (G Town) 
Connor Jas., lab. Richmond ab Cumberland 
Connor James, lab. 2302 Pine 
Connor James H., 2131 Locust 
Connor Jeremiah, porter, 1 Herald pi 
Connor John, North 
Connor John, dealer, 725 Bedford 
Connor John, hatter, 413 Munroe 
Connor John, cabm. 745 P rd 
Connor Neil, sailor, 239 Union 
Connor Patrick, dealer, 708 S 18th 
Connor R., bootmi-. 1843 Lombard 
Connor Saml., gent. 40th ab Myrtle 
Connor Terrence, lab. Plank rd (G Town) 
Connor Thomas, tailor, Wiltbank's court 
Connor Wm., porter, 109 Arch, h 3 Smith's ct 
Conoham Wm., lab. 2025 Hand 
Conony John, carter, 332 N 17th 
Conoran And., lab. E Washington (G T) 
Conovan Owen, gardenei-, E Washington (G T) 





O. H. P. Conover, Geo. Dorff, G. M. Cono- 
ver,) shoes and bonnets, 524 Market 
Conover Chas. D., 806 N 15th 
Conover Elias, conductor, 420 Appletree al 
Coiiover George W., carp. 826 Otis 
Conover Giis. M., mer. 524 Market 
Conover G. 708 S 10th 
Conover J. B., mer. 524 Market 
Conover M. C. 1902 Lombard 
Conover O. H. P., mer. 524 Market, h School- 
house la (G Town) 
Conover & Ranney, kindling- wood co. 17th & 

Conover Wm., cord. 732 N 9th 
Conover Wm. P., mer. 524 Market, h 1601 

Conover Wm. W. tailor, 919 Hutchinson 
Conoway Robt., lab. Paul (Fkd) 
Conquest Georg-e, oysterman, 842 S Front 
Conquest W. T. & Co., dry goods, NW 2d and 

Pine h 1012 Green 
Conrad Anthony, butcher, 1132 Brown 
Conrad Charles, mer. 206 Chestnut, h 2308 

Conrad Ehz., confec. Market bel Till (W P) 
Conrad E. E., tinsm. 250 German 
Conrad Geo., g^roc. Wood bel Tulip 
Conrad Geo., printer, 154 Belg-rade 
Conrad Geo., farmer, (O Y Rd) Nicetown 
Conrad Harry, Prest. Buck Mt. Coal Co. 320 

Walnut, h Chelton av (GT) 
Conrad Henry W., Market bel Till (W P) 
Conrad H., boots, 920 P road ab Marriott 
Conrad Isaiah, plasterer,R av ab Wallace 
Conrad Jacob, wines and liquors, 717 Market, 

h Crammond (W P) 
Conrad Jas. M., hard. 623 Market, h 1622 Green 
Conrad John, ladies shoes, 1241 Poplar 
Conrad John, M. D., apothecary, Pa. Hospital 
Conrad John, hotel, 813 Pyk rd 
Conrad John, butcher, r 1149 S 10th 
Conrad John, lab. 1805 Jones 
Conrad John C, clerk, 507 Market 
Conrad John R., coal merchant, 900 Masters, h 

1431 N 11th 
Com'ad Joseph, bootmr. 118 S 4th, 
Conrad Junius, jeweler, 211 Noble 
CONRAD J. HICKS, coal mer. N E 3d & Dock 

and Penn ab Poplar, h 908 N Front 
CONRAD LEWIS, coal dealer, 900 Masters, h 

1643 N 8th 
Conrad Lewis, cordw. Grape ab Cresson 
Conrad Mrs. M., millinery, 24 N 9th 
Conrad Og-den B., clerk. Fox chase 
Conrad Osborn, real estate broker, 252 N 5th 
Conrad Peter, gent. 226 N 12th 
Conrad Peter, nailmr. Cedar 
Conrad Peter, cordw. 206 Queen 
Conrad Peter, boots and shoes, 107 S 8th 
CONRAD, ROBERTS & CO., {Harry Conrad, 
Geo. H. Roberts, Geo. H. Yardley,) hardw. 
raers.,235& 237 N 3d 
Conrad Saml., builder, r 1204 Beach 
Conrad & Serrill, {Chas. Conrad, Henry Serrill,) 

com. mei'chants, 206 Chestnut 
CONRAD SOL., dry goods, 101 Market, h 1613 

Conrad Thomas K. Rev., 1209 Walnut 
CONRAD & WALTON, {James M. Conrad, 

Coates Walton,) hardware, 623 Market 
Conrad Washington, butcher, 1220 Parrish 
Conrad Wm., gent. 614 N 10th 
Coni-ad Wm., tailor, 335 Wood 
Conrad Wm., carp. Verree rd 23d Ward 
Conrad Wm. H., 1124 Parrish 
Conrade David, collector, 325 S 7th 
Conrouse Marg., Wood ab Levering (Myk) 
Conrow & Barber, {Thornton Conrow, Isaac 

Barber,) g-rocers, 307 N 3d 
Conrow Chas., 23 Beck 
Conrow Sarah, Filmore av 

Conrow Thornton, groc. 307 N 3d, h 854 N 6th 
CONROW WILLIAM G., alderman, office N E 

Ridge av & 13th, h 604 N 13th 
Conroy Andrew, watchman, r 1119 Hamilton 
Conroy Bryan, lab. Tudor ab Tasker 
Conroy Ellen, 1023 Hunter 
Conroy James, cordw. 1132 Milton 
Conroy James, clerk, 9 Linden 
Conroy John, manuf, Fisher's la (GT) 
Conroy John, dyer, Crescentville 
Conroy John, lab. 6 Prospect al 
Conroy John, lab. 127 Coates al 
Conro}^ John, lab. Franklin (Fkd) 
Conroy Joseph, ostler, Olney 
Conroy Joseph, mason, Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Conroy Martin, lab. Belgrade ab Hewson (R) 
Conroy Matthew, lab. Somerset (W P) 
Conroy Michl., grocer, William ab Richmond 
Conroy Patk., carp. 1 Brooks ct 
Conroy Patk., driver, 2027 Carlton 
Conroy Patk. W., 253 S 6th 
Conroy Thomas, painter, 6 Linden 
Conroy Thomas, lab. Moore bel Otsego 
Conro}^ Wm., lab. Olney 
Conry John M. D. & druggist, Main (Myk) 
Considine Dennis, hotel, 507 Prune 
Considine Sylvester, coachman, 11 Lombard ct 
Consil Thos., cabtmr. 1133 Federal 
PANY, 218 Walnut 
Constable John, 1304 Walnut 
Constable John, farmer. Main (G T) 
Constable Thos. B., furniture, 1233 S 2d 
Constable Wm., gardener, 933 Hutchinson 
Constanzer Gustavus, tailor, Amos pi 
Constine Wm., driver, rear 93 Lombard 

209 Walnut 

6th & Adelphi 
Convelle John, milk, 422 Masters 

Conver John, cordw. 446 Duke n Palmer 
Conver Wm., agent, 477 N 4th 

CONVERSE A. REV. D. D., editor Christian 
Observer, 108 S 4t]i, h 1838 Green 

Converse F. Bartlett, assoc. ed. Christian Ob- 
server, 108 S 4th, h 1838 Green 

Convery Alex., coal, Broad & Cherry, h 1538 

Convery Patrick, lab. 1216 South 

Convery Thomas, clerk, 1229 Cherry 

Convery T., morocco dress. 1432 Cadwalader 

Convey Thos., M. D. 540 N 12th 




Conway A., hardware, 46 N 11th 
Conway Bernard, carter, 1732 Lombard 
Conway Bernard, g-rocer, N W 11th and Chris- 
Conway & Brother ( T. G., T. P.,) varieties, 817 

Conway Catharine, di-ess patterns, 206 Vine 
Conway Catharine, 1230 G T road 
Conway Charles, confect. 1126 Division 
Conway Charles, clerk, 507 Cresson 
Conway Chas., Bevin's pi 
Conway Chas., coachman, 1909 Cuthbert 
Conway Chas. W., bookbr. rear 123J S 4th, h 

1046 Lawrence 
Conway Daniel, shop, 767 S 6th 
Conway Dennis, slater, 604 N 12th 
Conway Edmund G., mate 437 State 
Conway Francis, soap factory, 10 & 14 Relief, 

h 219 Lombard 
Conway Francis, coachman, rear 1127 Race 
Conway F. B., actor, 810 Walnut 
Conway Hannah A., milliner, 310 S 2d 
Conway James, tailor, Hewston 
Conway James, driver, 738 Christian 
Conway James, liquors, 10th & Masters 
Conwa)'^ James, blksmth. Pollock's ct 
Conway James, blacksmith, 1046 Lawrence 
Conway James, bar keeper, 630 Middle al 
Conyers John, com. mer. 644 Marshall 
Conway John, b h, 126 Lombard 
Conway John, coachman, 1722 Jefferson 
Conway John, RR station (C Hill) 
Conway John, clerk, 230 Market 
Conway John, shoes, 312 S 2d 
Conway John, lab. Jefferson (G Town) 
Conway John W., salesman, 1230 G T rd 
Conway Levin, Main bel Cedar (Myk) 
Conway L., rear 1039 Barley 
Conway Martin, dealer, 6 Chant 
Conway Mary, gentw. Logan bel Mary 
Conway Michl., tavern, 748 South 
Conway Michl., driver, 1011 Brinton 
Conway Michl., lab. Jefferson (G T) 
Conway Michl., hostler, 1337 Miller 
Conway Michael, lab. 1212 Darien 
Conway Michael, hostler. Cherry ab 11th 
Conway Neal, innkeeper, 208 N Water 
Conway Patrick, baker, 508 N 24th 
Conway Patrick, hquors, 1021 Hunter, h 1024 

Conway Patrick, blksm. 1642 Lombard 
Conway Pati'ick, weaver, Howard bel Diamond 
Conway Peter, lab. Sommers, Roxboro 
Conway Peter, boating-, 1742 Lombard 
Conway Philip, dry g-oods, 19 N 11th 
Conway Philip, weaver, 2d ab York 
Conway Rensselaei-, salesman, 9 N 4th, h 1232 

Conway R., salesman, 1230 G T rd 
Conway R., carp. 1200 Spruce 
Conway Thomas, lab. Richmond bel William 
Conway Thomas, lab. 917 Maui'ice 
Conway Thomas, varieties, 1214 Market, h 315 

CONWAY WM., soap & candle manuf., 311 & 

313 Comptroller, and 316 S 2d 
Conway Wm., lab., Philip bel Norris (K) 
Conway Wm., livery stables, 511 Prune 

CONWAY WM., sawmr., 402 Cherry, h 1416 

Ridg-e av 
Conway Wm., lab. Sansom bel 24th 
Conway Wm., lab. Mai-ket ab Rose (W P) 
Conwell John D., gent. 1131 Hazel 
Conwell Mary Ann, 308 Callowhill 
Conyers John, com. mer. 644 Marshall 
Conyers Thos., carp. 1417 Savery ab Belgrade 
Conyers Walter, clerk, 834 Broad 
Conyers Wm., cordw. Chatham 
Conyng-ham H. A., 1307 Locust 
Conyngham Wm. L., mer. 522 Market, h 1307 

Coogan Ann, Fitler ab 2d 
Coog-an Wm., cordw., 718 Flower 
Coogan Wm., coachn. 1206 Centre 
Cook Adam, cordw. Tucker & Martha 
Cook Alex., trimmings, 1811 Ridge av 
Cook Alex., printer, 217 Walnut, h 1227 S 3d 
Cook Anthony, boatman, 24th n Walnut 
Cook Arthur, painter 510 Parrish 
Cook Ashur, grocer, 2216 Market 
Cook Cecilia, 1037 Sergeant 
Cook Charles, carp. 1129 Austin 
Cook Chas. W., chemist, Webb bel Fitzwater 
Cook Christian, vict. 1316 Columbia av 
Cook Danl., 513 Lombard 
Cook David, cordw., 1409 Race 
Cook T)., gent. 1037 Lawrence 
Cook Edwd., musician. Canton bel Buttonwood 
Cook Edward waiter, 1021 Lombard 
Cook Edward, segarmr. 512 N 24th 
Cook Edward, 2505 Penn av 
Cook Edwin R., grocer. Ridge av & Brown 
Cook Ehas, sugar refiner, 1010 N 4th 
COOK ELIAS R. & SON, grocrs. 2062 Lombard 
Cook Ehzabeth, shop, 544 Barclay 
Cook Francis, barber, 1154 Beach 
Cook Fred., lab. Webb ab Catharine 
Cook Fred., shoemr. 927 S 11th 
©ook Geo., dealer, Norris ab F road 
Cook Geo., carp. Richmond Bdg. 
Cook Geo. S., photographist, 434 Cheatnu*" 
Cook Geo. W., clerk, 425 N 3d, h 149 Dana 
Cook Hannah, gentw. 511 Roger's ct 
Cook Henry, engineer, 128 Bread 
Cook Henry, stovemr. Porter's al 
Cook Henry, saddler, 17 Brown 
Cook Henry, porter, 20 S 4th, h 1227 Fulton 
Cook Henry, boatman, 24th and Sansom 
Cook Henry A., tailor, 277 S 3d, h 316 Gaskili 
Cook Henry B., carp., 944 S 8th 
Cook Henry D., mer. 21 S 2d 
Cook Henry N., gold beater, 59 S 4th, h 501 

Cook Hill, 400 Henry 
Cook Jacob, grocer. Church, Bridesburg 
Cook James, clerk, Greer's ct 
Cook James, fruiterer, S E 8th and Market Sc 

2 S 8th, h Filbert av ab 8th 
Cook Jas., cooper, Queen's av 
Cook James, carter, 1206 Kemble 
Cook James, mason. Main (G T) 
Cook James H., salesman, 16 N 3d, h 511 N 4th 
Cook Jas. H., salesn, 301 Market h 312 Crown 
Cook Jane, b h, 815 Callowhill 
Cook Jesse M., coal, 136 Walnut, h 808 N Sth 
I Cook Joel, gent., 1021 Race 




Cook John, soap and candles, 1625 Market, h 

1608 Cherry 
Cook John, carter, Montg-omery av bel Tulip 

Cook John, 832 Catharine 
Cook John, lab. Salmon bel Ann (R) 
Cook John, bartender. Brook's ct 
Cook John, vict. Palmer & Richmond 
Cook John, M. B.; 1602 Shippen 
Cook John, gro. 1500 N Front 
Cook John, clerk, rear 327 S 2d 
Cook John, potter, 808 S 5th 
Cook John B., com. mer. Broad ab Wood 
Cook John D., carrier P O, h 486 G T road 
Cook John E., bartender, 4 Brook's ct 
Cook John Frederick, baker, New Market ab 

Cook John F., painter, 24th n Walnut 
Cook John G., lab. 515 Jefferson 
Cook John G., carp, weaver, 404 Christian 
Cook John H., tel. bank, h 1120 Shackamason 
Cook John M., drug-gist, 98 Richmond 
Cook John W., paper hang-er, 1801 Lee 
Cook Joseph, 1708 Coates 
Cook Joseph, produce, 30 Del av h 127 Arch 
Cook Joseph, packer, 400 Henry 
Cook Jos., hotel, 316 .Shippen 
Cook Jos., lab. 843 School 
Cook Jos. & Co., 30 N Del av 
Cook Joseph H., grocer. Front & Laurel, h 111 

Cook Julius, millinery g-ds. 217 Spruce 
Cook J., engraver, 1602 Wood 
Cook J., blacksm. Wakefield, (G T) 
eook Louis, tailor, 1335 N 2d 
Cook Margaret, 21 Gatzmer 
Cook & M'Ginnis, tailors, 277 S 3d 
Cook Mary Ann, High ab Centre (Myk) 
Cook Marj^, 1605 Wood 
Cook Matthew, cordw. 758 S 5th 
Cook Michael, stone cutter. Walnut n 24th 
Cook Michael, bootmr. 1023 S 10th 
Cook Michael, lab. 6 Fairbank pi 
Cook Moses, combmr. 1006 Charlotte 
Cook Napoleon B., carp. 417 Worth 
Cook Otto, tailor b h, 914 N3d 
Cook Pamelia, gentw. Fawn pi ab Maurice 
Cook Patrick, boatman, 2022 Locust 
Cook Philip, tailor, 1114 N Fifth 
Cook P. J., rigger, 610 Carpenter 
Cook Robei-t, marble pohsher, 1 Faries ct 
Cook Samuel, variety, 509 S 2d 
Cook Saml., cordw. 1507 Frankford rd 
Cook Saml. C, auctr., 124 S Front, h 332 S 16th 
Cook Saml. J., cordw. Norris ab Memphis 
Cook Simon, lab. 623 Brook 
Cook S., gentw. 808 S 5th 
Cook Thomas, gent., 104 Pine 
Cook Thos., tavern, 615 S 5th 
Cook Thomas G., clerk, 155 Laurel 
Cook Thos. N., blacksm. Armat (G T) 
Cook Thomas R., carver, 619 Poplar 
Cook Thomas R., brushmr. O Y rd, Nicetown 
Cook Wm., cordw. 1637 N 8th 
Cook Wm. cordw., Venango ab 5th (R Sun) 
Cook Wm., butcher, Monroe ab 17th 
Cook WiUiam, 243 Mechanic ^ 

Cook Wm., lab., 1416 Fitzwater 

Cook Wm., bricklr. 724 Wharton 
Cook Wm., engineer, Marley's ct 
Cook Wm., tailor, 1004 Parker 
Cook Wm., carp., 1111 Poplar 
Cook Wm., tobacco, 6 N Front, h 323 Nobie 
Cook Wm., moulder. Front bel Morris 
Cook Wm., blacksm. Lehman (G T) 
CookWm., comb mr. 1009 Randolph 
Cook Wm., jr., comb mr. 1006 Beaver 
Cook Wm. H., chandler, 22d bel Ernst 
Cook Zephania, weaver, Cresham, Mt Airy 
Cooke Asher C, bricklayer, 132 N 9th 
COOKE BENJ. J., clocks, 149 N 2d, h 827 

Cooke & Emerick, (Thomas J. CooJce, John A. 

Emeriek,) foundry, 941 and 410 Queen (R) 
Cooke Geo. chemist & di'uggist, S E 8th and 

Race, h 808 Race 
Cooke Henry, hotel, 507 N 11th 
Cooke James, chemist & druggist, S E 8th and 

Race, h 808 Race 
Cooke Jay, gent. 35 S 3d 
Cooke John, gent, 217 S 3d 
Cooke D. S. K., 2Yorke 
Cooke J. & G., {James, George,) druggists 8c 

chemists, S E 8th and Race, h 808 Race 
Cooke Saml., bricklr. 122 N 6th 
Cooke Thos. I., teller Girard B. h 808 Race 
Cooke Thos. J., salesman, 505 Wood 
Cooke William., band box mr., 1024 Market, h 

1134 SheaflT's al 
Cooker Geo., ropemr., Maple bel Salmon (R) 
Cooker Jacob, cordw. York bel Richmond (R) 
Cooker John G., victuaier, Paschall, Hestonv 
Cookman Alfred, Rev., Green ab 10th 
Cookman & Brothers, forwarding & com.mers. 

Broad & Filbert 
Cookman Frank, mer. Broad & Filbert, h 104 

N 12th 
Cookman George, mer.. Broad & Filbert, k 

1613 Arch 
Cookman John E., h 1011 Race 
Cookman Wm. W., mer. h 1011 Race 
Cool Ephraim, mer. 29 S Water 
Cool John, cordw. 117 Poplar 
Cool Madison, mer. 29 S Water 
Coolbaugh Benj., 03rsters, 20 S 6th 
CooleyA.B.,mer.,214SDel av,h 1602 Summer 
Cooley Chas., weaver, Haines (G T) 
Cooley Chas., baker, 1313 Catharine 
Cooley Geo., lab. 817 Burd 
Cooley Henry C, clerk, 1315 Kates 
Cooley John, oysters, 1201 Warnock 
Cooley, Sommers & Co., contractors, 214 S 

Del av 
Cooley Thos., weaver, MeUon (GT) 
Cooley Thos., driver, 434 Dillwyn 
Cooler Thos. R., 110 Christian " 
Cooley Wm., lab. Mermaid la (C Hill) 
Cooley Wm., teacher, 37 S 11th 
Coole}^ AVm. C, Rev. 619 Washington av 
Cooler AVm. S., classical sem., 1112 Market 

idge Allen, C. Durboroiv,) boots and shoes, 

427 Market 
Coolidge EdM'in, mer., 427 Market, h 462 Mar- 
Cooling Ann, shop, N W Monroe & Guilford 




Cooltrider Saml., eng-ineer, Aramingo 

Coombe Benj., mach. 245 Allen 

Coombe P. Rev., 609 Marshall 

Coombs Benj., ag-ent, 7^7 S 3d 

Coombs John T., leather dealer, 420 S 6th, h 

503 Spruce 
Coombs N., lab. 856 Orchard 
Coombs Rachel Ann, cook, rear 1 White's ct 
Coon C, miller, Holmesburg- 
Coon Edward, Paul (Fkd) 
Coon Gotlieb, vict. 1030 St Johns 
Coon Jacob, lab. Paul n Church, Frankford 
Coon John, lab. Bridge, Bridesburg 
Coon Lewis, miller, 2 Linden (K) 
Coon Washington, Franklin (Fkd) 
Coon Wm., printer, Paul st (Fkd) 
Coonan Pat., lab. Sloan near Pratt (W P) 
Coones Gilbert, coachman, 418 Fothergill 
Coonej' Andrew, gatekeeper, Adams (Fkd) 
Coone}^ Christopher, gent., 931 S 9th 
Cooney Christo., cordw. Sellers st (Fkd) 
Cooney John, pawnbroker, 1105 South 
Cooney Nicholas, porter, 439 Market, h 820 

Cooney Nicholas, lab., r 12 Reed 
Cooney Patrick, lab., Harrison (Fkd) 
Coone}^ Thomas, sheet iron wr. 311 Truxton 
Cooney Wm., sen., lab. Richmond (Bdg) 
Cooney Wm., gate keeper, Bustleton Turnpk 
Coone}- Wm., engineer, Richmond (Bdg) 
Coons Harriet, cook, 213 Currant al 
Coons Mary, Christian ct 
Coons Matthias, gunsm., 39 Coates al 
Coop Lucas, cordw. Dauphin & Adrian 
Coop Saml., lab. E Orthodox, (Fkd) 
Coope Jas., manuf. 41 Frankford st 
Cooper Abraham, spinner, York pike (GT) 
Cooper Alf. H., acct. 221 N 6th 
Cooper Ann, 139 Masters 
Cooper Ann, dressmr. 622 Christian 
Cooper Anna M., 122 N 12th 
Cooper A. H., clerk, 303 Branch, h 221 N 6th 
Cooper A. Mrs., 1707 Walnut 
Cooper Benjamin C, real est. brok. N W 4th 

and Walnut, h 154 N 11th 
Cooper B., shoemaker, 1013 Dorrance 
Cooper Benj. C, carp. 22d and Sharswood 
Cooper Benj. F., salesman, 1212 Palethoi-p 
Cooper Caroline 686 N 13th 
Cooper Chas., 1216 Buttonwood 
Cooper Chas. H., mach. 209 Madison 
COOPER & CONARD, {Isaac Cooper, Saml. 

Conard,) dry goods, S E 9th and Market 
Cooper C. B., bricklr. 2012 Chestnut 
Cooper C. C, M. D., 52 N 13th 
Cooper C. D., Rev., 614 Race 
COOPER DAVID, mer., 18 N Del av 
Cooper David, engineer York bel Memphis 
Cooper Ebenezer, coachman, 1045 Penn 
Cooper Edmond, cabinetmr., 21st bel Oxford 
Cooper Edmd., mach. 443 Allen 
Cooper Edward, P., h 30 N 5th 
Cooper Eliza, conf. 710 N 3d 
Cooper Elizabeth, shop. Path ab Race 
Cooper E. \., jewehy, 928 N 2d 
Cooper E. G., ambrotypist, 686 N 13th 
Cooper E. W., painter, 104 Prime 
Cooper Francis, clerk, 1327 Thompson 

Cooper Francis, lab., 5 Westford av 

Cooper Francis J., express driver. Watts 

Cooper Fred. H., 523 S 2d 

Cooper George, confect. 924 N2d 

Cooper George, waiter, 1029 Ivy 

Cooper Georg'e W., laboratory, 834 N 16th 

Cooper Henry, farmer, 21st & Oxford 

Cooper Henry, cabinetmr. 218 Quince 

Cooper Henry, farmer, Kenderton 

Cooper Henry J., cooper, 711 Hubbell 

Cooper Hiram G., sup't. 50 Inues 

Cooper Horace, 523 S 2d 

Cooper Howard, expressman, Osage pi 

Cooper Hugh D., carp. 7 Howard pi 

Cooper H. G., gravel roofing, 228 Walnut, h 

cor Laurel and G Town rd 
Cooper H. W., brass founder, Richmond (,Bdg) 
Cooper Irwin J., 1720 Race 
Cooper Isaac, mer., S E 9th and Market 
Cooper Jacob L., g"ro. 43 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper James, upholsterer, 416 Peiay 
Cooper James, lab.. Mill (Fkd) 
Cooper James, furniture, 247 S 2d 
Cooper James, weaver, Townsend 
Cooper James, spinner, 2015 TiOcust 
Cooper James, agent, 830 S 8th 
Cooper James, grocer, 43 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper James, mach. Paul (Fkd) 
Cooper James, dyer, Elizabeth (Fkd") 
Cooper James, sr., Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper James, mach. Paul (Fkd) 
Cooper Jas., atty. & coun. 423 Walnut, h Penn 

Cooper Jas. B., salesman, 317 Market, h 818 

Cooper James E., omnibus pro. Nicetown 
Cooper James M., carp.. Christian n 11th, h 

820 S 9th 
Cooper Jane E., milliner, 6 Romain Block Fkd 
Cooper John, trimmings, 709 S 11th 
Cooper John, ship carp. 1013 Cherry 
Cooper John, bottler, 2d ab Cumberland 
Cooper John, ice cream saloon, 1359 F road 
Cooper John, mach. 5 Amity 
Cooper John, mach. 6 Romain block (Fkd) 
Cooper John, grocer, 95 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper John, painter, 2218 Market 
Cooper John E., carp. 1216 Otis (K) 
Cooper John S., superintendent, 325 N 21st 
Cooper John W., boot fitter, 204 Stamper's al 
Cooper Jonathan, tailor, 258 Chester 
Cooper Joseph, saddler, 2501 Hamilton 
Cooper Joseph, Mrs., 123 N 13th 
Cooper Joseph B. jr., carp. Sc builder, 1635 

Baker, h 1600 Chestnut 
Cooper Jos. P., dry goods, N W 19th & Market 
Cooper Jos. T., Rev., 321 Richmond (K) 
Cooper Jos. T., hatter, 1315 Corn 
Cooper Julia, T37 S 10th 
Cooper J. C, M. D., 115 Arch 
Cooper Lawrence, ladies' shoemr., Buttonwood 

and Garden 
COOPER LEWIS, broker, 136 S 3d, h 1711 

Locust ^ 

Cooper L. R. & Mrs. L., millinery, 610 S 11th 
Cooper Margaret, 20 Moore's al 
Cooper Margaret, 515 Fitzwater 
Cooper Maria, Mrs., 1012 Federal 




Cooper Mary, 1111 Olive 

Cooper Mary, cook, 247 Quince 

Cooper Mary Ann, 1327 Ciiristian 

Cooper Mattliew A., M. D., 1006 Shippen 

Cooper Milo, 709 S 11th 

Cooper Milton, mer., 51 N 3d. 

Cooper Nicholas, lab. 1249 Hope 

Cooper Peter, machinist, 1209 S 8th 

Cooper P. C, tailor, 610 S 11th 

Cooper Rachel, 918 Auburn 

Cooper Redman, mer. 35 S 2d, h 530 Marshall 

Cooper Reuben, blacksm. Apple ab Orchai-d 

Cooper Richard, coachman, 248 Cun-ant al 

Cooper Richd., conf., 620 Poplar 

Cooper Robt., coop., 336 S Water, h 337 S Front 

Cooper Robert, lab. 2023 Harmstead 

Cooper Robert, g'ent. Thompson (Myk) 

Cooper Robt. H., watchmr., G T road and 2d 

Cooper Robert M., oakcooper, 228 Stamper's al 

Cooper Rosalinda, 418 Carpenter 

Cooper Samuel, cab mr. 77 Frankford (Fkd) 

Cooper Samuel, 210 Acorn al 

Cooper Saml., lab., Factory 

Cooper Saml., cordw. 1529 Earl 

Cooper Samuel, lab. 918 Auburn 

COOPER SAMUEL C.,real estate office, 221 

N 6th 
Cooper Sarah, gentw., 1212 Walnut 
Cooper Stephen H., bookkeeper, 603 Chest- 
nut, h 258 Madison 
COOPER & STOKES, (James Cooper, John W. 

Stokes,) att'ys at laAV, 423 Walnut 
COOPER THOMAS, brushes, brooms & steel 

pens, 3 N Front, h 139 N 10th 
Cooper Thomas, lab., 1806 Addison 
Cooper Thos., mach. 1931 Nectarine 
Cooper Thos. F. G., h253 S 10th 
Cooper T. F., 217 S 3d, h 123 N 13th 
Cooper Wm., carp., 1237 Catharine 
Cooper Wm., watchman, 228 Stamper's al 
Cooper Wm.,book-keep., 35 S 4th, h 523 S 2d 
Cooper Wm., dentist. Main (Myk) 
Cooper Wm., Rev., 1726 Rittenhouse 
Cooper Wm., coachman, 4 Church av 
Cooper Wm., 17 S 9th 
Cooper Wm., trunkmr., 515 Chestnut, h 418 

Cooper Wm., clerk, 820 S 9th 
Cooper Wm., steward, 1016 Barley 
Cooper Wm., porcelain, 7th ab Dauphin 
Cooper Wm., plasterer, 918 Auburn 
Cooper Wm. C., confectioner, 4 Walnut 
Cooper Wm. E., chair ornamenter, 1131 G T rd 
Cooper Wm. F., Custom House, Paschall (Hes- 

Cooper Wm. G., bootmr., 712 Wharton 
Cooper Wm. H., liquors & wines, 118 Walnut 

and 113 & 115 Granite, h247 Dean 
Cooper Wm. H., cabtmr. 1220 Buttonwood 
Cooper Wm. M., cooper, 135 S Water, ii 406 S 

Cooper Wm. M. & Co., coopers, 135 S Water 

and 1009 Otseg-o 
Cooper Wm. M., g-rocer, 1225 N 19th 
Cooper Wm. P., ag-ent, Adams (Fkd) | 

COOPER WILLIAM S., brass founder, S W 

Sp Garden and Marshall 
Cooper Wm. T., salesman, 19 N 4th 

: COOPER & WORK, (Milton Cooper, Robt. D. 

Work,) hats & caps, 51 N 3d 
j Cooper & Wood, manufs. of silver ware, 509 

Cooperm.arks Joseph, brickh-. 913 N 11th 
Cope Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut, h Yorkroad (G T) 
COPE & BROS., (Henri/, Alfred, Francis R., 

Thos. P.,) shipping- mers., 1 Walnut . 
Cope Caleb, merchant, 503 Market, h St Law- 
rence Hotel 
Cope Caleb, carp. 1140 Passyank road 
Cope Cor., cabtmr., 1167 William 
Cope Edward, acct. 506 Minor 
Cope Edward & Son, manufacturers, Washing- 
ton av (Germantown) 
Cope Edward, jr.. clerk, W Washing-ton (G T) 
Cope Edwin R., mer., office 17 S 6th, paper 

manuf., Tulpehocken (G Town) 
Cope Elias G., mer. N W2d & Arch,h 625N 11th 
Cope Elizabeth, furniture, 2nd & G Town av 
Cope Francis R., mer., 1 Walnut, h 907 Clinton 
Cope Georg-e, g-ent. 1240 N 3d 
Cope Henry, vict., 1325 Jefferson av 
Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h 228 S 4th 
Cope Isaac Gorg-as, (Mt Airy) 
Cope Jane, 930 Otsego 
Cope John, 645 N 11th 
Cope John, vict., 10 Wyatt 
Cope John E., mer. 126 S Front, h 27 S 16th 
Cope J. J., g-ent, Tulpehocken 
Cope Levi, mason, 827 N 9th 
Cope Marmaduke C, 1312 Filbert 
Cope Mrs. M., milliner, 825 Parrish 
Cope Perry C, sea capt. 337 Christian 
Cope Philip, butcher, 707 Plover 
Cope P., cooper, 25 Christian 
Cope P., mer. 1807 Vine 
Cope Sarah, washerwm., 819 Lawrence 
Cope Thos., Libert}^ ct 

Cope Thomas P., mer. 1 Walnut, h 914 Piiie 
Cope Wm., lab., Wyatt 

Cope William, clerk, 920 Otseg-o, h 721 Swan- 
Cope Wm., manuf N Washing-ton (G T) 
Cope Wm. H., cabtmr. Nicetown 
Copeland Asa, ship carp. 927 Shippen 
Copeland Georg-e, bricklr. 1110 Mark's la 
Copeland Isaac, clerk, 25 S Water, h 35 N 17th 
Copeland Russell, weaver, 1333 Savery 
Copeland Saml. jr., carp. 9 N 17th 
COPELAND SAMUEL, SR., measurer and 

surveyor, 35 N 17th 
Copeland Thomas, shoemr., 1314 Miller 
Copeland Wm. H., salesm., S W 3d & MaiTiott 
Copely Pierce, clerk 731 N 9th 
Copelj' R., 700 N 25th 

Copes Beverly, bookbr., 530 Arch, h 226 Mar- 
Copes Charles, surgeon U S N, 121 Marion 
Copes Georg-e V., waterman, 229 Federal 
Copes M. V. K., collector, 1215 Pine 
Copcstick Wm., hosier. Centre (G Town) 
Copia Jacob, gent., 629 Pine 
Copp George, undertaker, 435 Vine 
Coppee Hen., prof. Penn. University, 1826 Pine 
Coppel Jacob, brickmr. 1943 Harmstead 
Copper Jno. C, engraver,522 Minor,h 449N8lii 
Copper Thos. A., elk., 522 Minor, h 1237 K 11th 




Copperwhile E., g-ent. Nicetown la 
Copperwhite James, g-ent. Nicetown la 
Copping-er John, weavei-, 1631 Helmuth 
Copping-er John U., clerk, 404 S Juniper 
Copping-er Wm., coll. offi. 609 Walnut 
Coppinger Wm., gent. 736 S 12th 
Copple Jacob, bartender, 1307 Market 
Coppuck Georg-e W., clerk, 723 Buttonwood 
Coppuck Jos. C, acct. 230 S 3d, h 222 N 10th 
Coppuck M.M., mer. 226 Chestnut, h 528 

Corbett John, drug-g'ist, 2345 Coates 
Corbett John, drugg-ist, 2437 Callowhill 
Corbett John, sr., 2345 Coates 
Corbett Patk. lab. 743 Swanson 
Corbett Samuel, engineer. Wheat & Plain 
Corbin Charles, clerk P O 1206 Thompson 
Corbin Royal, teacher. Locust bel 40th 
Corbin Samuel S., bonnet frames, 58 S 2d, h 

1315 Walnut 
Corbit Cornelius, weaver, Budd bel Market 
Corbit Ellen, g-entw., rear 1005 Parrish 
Corbit John, harnessmr., 1034 Oxfoi'd 
Corbit John, lab., Belmont av 
Corbit Jos., gent. 1225 Chesnut 
Corbit Mary L., 1002 Vine 
Corbit Wm., carp. Maui-ice & Charles 
Corbitt Chris., cabinet maker, 1841 Addison 
Corbitt John, capt., Whillden ct 
Corbitt Margt., Wheat & Wharton 
Corbitt Thos., lab. Western av 
Corbitt Wm., carp., Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Corbyn T. J., veterinary surgeon, 910 Morgan 
Corbyn T. J., sr., druggist, N E 9th and Race 

h 910 Morgan 
Corcoran Anthony, lab. Shippen ab Broad 
Corcoran Dennis, 812 Marriott 
Corcoran Francis, tailors, 1131 Milton 
Corcoran Hugh, lab. Mullen 
Corcoran John, cord. Richmond bel Hunting- 
Corcoran John, contractor, Till bel Locust 

Corcoran Margaret, Mrs., 1406 Ogden 
Corcoran Mary, 8 Ashton pi 
Corcoran Matthew, mus. insti*. mr. and jeweler, 

612 S 4th 
Corcoran Michael, lab. Almond ab Lehigh 
Corcoran Patk., tavern Richmond bel Hunting- 
Corcoran Thos., shop Richmond ab Huntingdon 
Corcoran Tim., shop 7l4 Cheny 
Corcoran Wm., lab., Kelly's pi 
Cordas & Baldwinkle, (C. Cordas, C. Baldwm- 

Jtle,) box makers, 441 Sansom al 
Cordery Joel, 52 N Del av., h 2 Allen's ct 
Cordes H. B., conf. 805 New Market 
Cordes Jeremiah, lab. Main (G Town) 
Cordial Thos., carp. Path & Race 
Cordieli Tlios., carp. Path 
Cordingley Geo., dealer, 2125 Jefferson 
Core B., weaver, 1418 N 2d 
Core Felix grocer, 1212 Cadwalader 
Core H., brickmkr., 2009 Lombard 
Core Patrick lab. Mullen 
Core R. S., cai-p.. Unity (Fkd) 
Core Saml., wagoner, Church (Fkd) 
Core Saml. sr., lab. Unity (Fkd) 

COREY AUGUSTUS, com. mer., 10 N Water 
Corey Chas. A., salesman, 530 Market 
Corey David, cordw. 441 Thompson 
Corey Geo. A., cordw. 1231 Hibberd 
Corfield Charles S., mer., 120 N Del av., h 410 

Corfield Chas. S., dentist, 410 N 4th 
Corfield H. C, 615 S 11th 
Corgee A. W., carp. 216 Jarvis 
Corgee Thomas, carp. 219 Dickerson 
Corgie Barbara, 772 S 4th 
Corinth Frederick W, hatter, 356 N 2d 
Corinth Louisa, gro. 1005 S 2d 
Cork Rosanna, rear 2120 Wood 
Corkin Jas., shop, 722. Carpenter 
Corkin James, lab. 2314 Locust 
Corkin John, lab. 912 N 9th 
Corkin Peter, lab. 1434 Shippen 
Corkrey John, police, 1025 Cai-penter 
Corkrey John, carp., 1013 Carpenter 
Corkrey Morris, lab. Sp Garden and 23d 
Corkrey Wm., 427 Wildey 
Corkrin Antliony G., dry goods, S E 4th and 

Corkrin John, b. h. 320 Ashland 
Corkrin John, lab. 124 Spruce 
Corkrin Marg-aret, gentw,, 751 Erie 
Corley Patrick, lab. 2 Elizabeth ct 
Corlies Alonzo, teacher. Sellers (Fkd) 
Corlies Britton, mer. 8 Bank, h 225 N 13th 
Corlies John, tanner, Front and Canal 
Corlies S. Fisher, atty. at law, 51 N 6th, h 1717 

Corlies Wm. P., gent., 1202 Brown 
Corliss Daniel, grocei-, York bel Adrian 
Corliss Elizabeth, 1226 Cass 
Corliss John, grocer, 649 Frankford road 
Corman George F., bricklr. 937 Nectarine 
Cormany Geo., mach. 1120 Jackson 
Corman Stephen, farmer. Hedge (Fkd) 
Cormany John, carp. 305 Clark 
Cormeny Margt., confectionery, 316 S 6th 
Cormick David, capt. 904 S Front 
Cormick Marg. gentlw. 1630 Filbert 
Corn Henry, brickmr. 1945 Harmstead 
Corn Jas., trader, 261 N 15th 
Corn John, brickmr. 2020 M'Duffie 
Cornan Thos., lab. 2047 Murray 
Corneal George, cordw., 1254 Vienna 
CORNELIUS & BAKER, lamps & chandelters, 
710 Chestnut, 821 Cherry and 5th, and 
Columbia av 
Cornelius John C, 821 Cherry, h 1027 Arch 
Cornelius Philip, waiter, 712 Munster 
Cornelius Robert, lamps and gas fixtures, 821 

Cherry, h 1027 Arch 
Cornelius Robert C, lamps &c., 821 Cherry, h 

126 N 17th 
Cornelius Sarah, Mrs., 206 Franklin 
Cornell Chas., whf build. 1042 Sarah 
Cornell Chas., roofer, 1324 Coates 
Cornell Conrad, police, 1356 Prospect 
Cornell Cornelius, 146 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cornell Geo., lab. Monument road (M'ville) 
CORNELL & HENDRY, ice dealers, 819 Fil- 




Cornell Heniy, gent. 714 S loth 
Cornell Isaac, lab. Tacony (Whitehall) 
Cornell Jacob C, storekeeper. Pear (H'ville) 
Cornell John, mach. 1352 Otis 
Cornell John, mach. Church (Bdg-) 
Cornell John S., g-ro. NW cor 8th and Button- 
Cornell Mahlon, farmer, Pennypack 
Cornell Malcolm, dairyman. Monument road 

Cornell Mary, 230 N 11th 
Cornell McD., galvanic cement, 1431 Race 
Cornell Samuel, lab. Tacony road 
Cornell Stephen, broom manlif. Spring- al (G T) 
Cornell Theophilus, grocer, 530 N 2d 
Cornell Wm., ice dealer, 819 Filbert, h 11 N 8th 
Cornell William J., restaurant, N 21st above 

Cornet A., segarmr. 610 St John 
Corney David, clerk, 308 N 20th 
Corney Edwd., blacksm. Filbert bel 23d 
Corney Joseph, vict., 923 Ontario 
Corney Michael, morocco, 4 Curran pi 
Corney Wm., lab. 22d ab Matket 
Cornish B. F., silver plater, 515 Willow 
Cornish David, waiter, 513 Lombard 
Cornish Henry, druggist, 933 Arch 
Cornish John, shoemaker, rear 416 Gaskill 
Cornish Scipio, lab. 1646 Mervine 
Cornman Francis G., jr., clerk, 530 Arch 
Cornman Francis J., cooper (Rxbo) 
Cornman Geo., hatter, 207 Lybrand 
Cornman Geo. F., jr., segarmr. 1823 Ann 
Cornman Margaret, Wood & Oak, Manayunk 
Cornman Oliver P., attj^gc coun. 605 Sansom, h 

1221 Wallace 
Cornman Samuel A., 1221 Wallace 
Conrog Henry, blacksm. Ridge av ab Green la 

Cornog Hemy, optician, 308 N 20th 
Cornwell Abigail, washer, 9 Poplar ct 
Cornwell Charles, 127 S IStli 
Cornwell Chas., carp. 1122 Vienna (K) 
Cornwell Caroline, teacher, 1820 Delaney pi 
Cornwell Cath., lllSHewston 
Cornwell Richd., 1101 Hewston 
Cornwell Wm., ship carp. 1211 Otis (K) 
Cornwell Wm., brickmr. 2037 South 
Cornwell Wm., clerk, 2033 South 
Corpion Geo., tailor, 1066 Leithgow 
Corr Bernard, liquors. Beach & Brown, & S E 

Front & Dock 
Corr James, carter. Front bel Moore 
Corr John, liquors, 1442 N 4th 
Corr Jos., tavern, Richmond bel York 
Corr Mary, 1440 N 10th 

Corr Matthew, hotel, N E Water & Callowhill 
Corr Michael, liquors, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Corr Pat., grocer, 4th & Jefferson, 
Corr Pat., "lab. Salmon (R) 
Corr Pat., lab. rear 1552 Cadwalader 
Corr Pat., weaver. Baker's ct 
Corran John, mach. 21st & Hamilton 
Corran Patrick, tailor, 288 Richmond (R) 
Con-ell David, machinist, 340 S 17th 
Correll Harriet, tavern, 1326 Clierry 
Correll Jacob R.,mer. 413 Callowhill, h 718 Par- 


Correll Joseph, carter, Wyatt ab 7th 

Cca-rie George J., music teacher, Locust below 

40th (W P) h 33d & Hamilton (M V) 
Corrie W. A., organ builder, 920 Market, h 22 

Corrigan Dennis, lab. Pear (Hestonville) 
Corrigan Edw., lab. 609 S 15th 
Corrigan Mich., lab. 415 Brown 
Corriston Jas., lab. Hunter's la (Hestonville) 
Corry Chas., grocer, 552 N 2d 
Carry Geo. R., glove and English kid manuf. 

455 N 3d 
Corry Geo. W., jeweler, 320 Clark 
Corry John, produce, 1801 Spruce 
CORRY JOHN, grocer, N W 10th & Spruce 
Corse Jas., M. D., Lect. Room, rear St Stephen's 

pi, .h 150 N 10th 
Corse W. L., account. 109 Walnut, h Main 

Corsey James, coachman, 221 Watson's al 
Corsey John, tailor, 915 Thompson 
Corsey John W., porter, 8 Rose al 
Corson Abram, blacksm. 1224 Marlboro' 
Corson Barbara, 1539 Cherry 
Corson Barbara, 2234 Callowhill 
Corson Ebenezer, captain, 609 S Front 
Corson Francis, lab. Church (Fkd) 
Corson George, hotel, 507 Callowhill 
Corson Henry B., wheelwr. Paul (Fkd) 
Coi'son Isaac, wheelwr. Richmond la 
Corson James, sen., shoes, 1152 S 7th 
Corson John, weaver, 1011 Crease 
Corson John, carp. 124 Allen 
Corson Joseph M., foreman, Ann & Frank- 
Corson Nathan, shoemr., 13 Charles 
Corson Robert, mariner. Palm Melvale (R) 
Corson Robt. R., coal dealer, 123 S 4th 
Corson Richd., patternmr. 21 Ellen 
Corson Rufus T., engraver. Unity (Fkd) 
CORSON R.R. & CO., (K. R. Corson, Chas. L. 

Bacon,) coal, 123 S 4th, whfs Spruce and 

Locust (Sch) 
Corson Sarah, Greble ct 
Corson Wm., painter, Leiper (Fkd) 
Corson Wm., lab. 124 Allen 
Corven Bernard, lab. 1038 Federal 
Gorwell John, patternmr. Williamson 
Corwell Jonas, cordw. Washington av (G T) 
Corwell J., bottler, Wistar (G Town) 
Corwell William, laborer, G T av ab Wistar 
Cory John R., packer, 18 N 3d, h 217 Arch 
Coryell & Robson, ( Thomas J. Coryell, Thomas 

Robson,Jr.,) dentists, 731 S 10th 
Coryell Conrad B., finisher, William n Pratt 
Coryell Edw. A., 640 N 16th 
Coryell Emanuel, cooper, Wyatt 
Cos'den Wm., hatter, 7 Van Buren pi 
Cosfeldt John, pressman, 914 Marshall 
Cosgrove Daniel, shoemr., 904 S 11th 
Cosgrove Francis, bar. saloon, 809 Vine 
Cosgrove Henry, lab. Darien ab York 
Cosgrove Henry, provision store, 215 S 5th /- 

Cosgrove John, tavern, 205 N 3d 
Cosgrove Louis, blacksm.. Hay bel 7th 
Cosgrove Thos., lab. James ab S 7th 
Cosgrove Thomas, carter, 907 King 
CosgTove Wm., gardener, 756 S 5tli 




CosgTove W. E., tailor, 424 Prune 

Cosh Andrew, 311 Chestnut, h 111 N 7th 

Cossart Geo., trunkmr. 938 Rachel 

Cossart Geo., cordw. b h 938 Rachel 

Cossart John, sr., cordv/. 938 Rachel 

Cossart Jolin. jr., trunkmr. 938 Rachel 

Cossail Joseph, moulder, 938 Rachel 

Cossart Mary, 222 Beaver 

Cossai't Wm., bar tender, 938 Rachel 

Cosslett & Bro., windowsh. manufs. S W Front 

& Vine 
Cosslett Chas., windowsh. raanuf. S W Front & 

Vine, h 1006 Neuiion 
Cosslett St Clair, windowsh. manuf. S W Front 

& Vine, h 1006 Newton 
Cost Mary A., 450 Richmond 
Costello Bernardo, lab. 1239 Vine 
Costello Bridg-et, Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Costello C. A., undertaker, N E 9th and Fitz- 

Costello Edwin, 229 Mechanic 
Costello Jacob, cordw. 617 Cherry 
Costello Jane, rear 1244 Catharine 
Costello John, tailor, 2 McCloskey's ct 
Costello John, lab. 832 Belgrade ' 
Costello John, gent. 612 Hemlock 
Costello Jos. C., clerk, 823 Washington av 
Costello Lawrence, lab. 2324 Pine 
Costello Micha.el, carrier, P O. Shoemaker bel 

Costello Michael F., printer, 929 Larch 
Costello N. F., carp. 411 Dickerson 
Costello Thos., baker, 3 Stackhouse ct 
Costello Thos., grocer, 774 Swanson 
Costello V/m., weaver, 180 Columbia 
Costello Wm., grocer, 617 S 7th 
Costello Wm. chairmr. 307 Cypress, h 407 En- 
Costello Wm., paver, 1315 Newkirk 
Costen Levin M., clerk, 22 S Water, h 837 

N 8th 
Costen S. H., dentist, 837 N 8th 
Coster Abraham, carp. 1006 Leithgow 
Coster John, cigarmr. 1008 R av 
Coster Robert, carp. 2035 Wood 
Costigan Thomas, blacksm. Bache ab Broad, h 

Ann ab 17th 
Costigan Thomas, blacksm. Wire Bridge (W P) 

h 2222 Hamilton 
Costigan Wm., lab. Penn (Tacony) 
Costig-en Thomas, blacksmith, 1826 Barker 
Costill Mary, dry goods and trimmings, 1386 

R av 
Costo Daniel, stabler, Logan & Allen 
Cothell Ellen S., 708 N 9th 
Cotney Isaac, warper, 1220 Fulton 
Gotten Wm. H., clerk, 838 Federal 
Cotter Garrett, cordw. Pine (Fkd) 
Cotter James, bootmr. 1037 S 9th h 903 Chris- 
Cotter James, tailor, 1011 Wistar 
Cotter Michael, eng-ineer, 18 Maiden 
Cotter Michael, lab. Pine (Fkd) 
Cotter Wm., moidder, Pine (Fkd) 
Cotter Wm. M., confec. and fruiter, 135 S 8th, 

h 1230 Fitzwater 
Cotterell Joseph, moulder, Fitler ab 2d 
Cotterell Mary, 221 German 

Cottingham Geo., lab. 1160 S 13th 
Cotting'ham H. W., salesman, 137 N 3d, h Mad- 

dison house 
Cottingham Jas., capt. 18 Catliarine 
Cottingham James A., pumpmr. 18 Catharine 
Cottingham John C, pumpmr. 18 Catharine 
Cottingham Nathaniel, ship carp. 27 Saranak 
Cottman Geo., hotel, 726 N 2d 
Cottman Jesse H., spring mr. Franklin (Fkd) 
Cottman William H., mechanical dentist, 144 

Richmond (K) 
Cotton Edward, 1501 F road 
Cottrell Eliza, 1325 Mt Vernon 
Cottrell James, waterman, Stackhouse ct 
Cottrell Wm. S., 1325 Mt Vernon 
Cottringer Joseph F., mer. 240 Chestnut, h 134 

N 12th 
Couden Joseph, jr., iron mer. 243 N AVater, h 

Cooper's Point 
Couden Wm., lab. Miller (Mt Airy) 
Cough Ridgway, expressman, 1221 Alder 
Coughker Geo., fisherman. Bridge (Bdg) 
Coug-hlin Catharine, Diamond ab Dauphin 
Couglilin Cornelius, hostler, 1225 Budden's al 
Coughlin Francis, collector, 1332 Maurice 
Coug-hlin John, lab. Coral ab Dauphin 
Coughlin John, lab. 1238 Howard 
Coug-hlin John, lab. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Coug'hlin Margt., wid. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Coug-hlin Patrick, lab. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Coughlin Patrick, lab. Coral bel York 
Coughlin Patrick, watchm. rear Oak bel Man- 
sion (W P) 
Coughlin Stephen, lab. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Coug-hlin S. B., real est. agent, 202 S 5th 
Coulden Wm., lab. Fitler ab 2d 
Couldock Fred., agent, S E 11th & Market 
Coulomb Henry, bricklr. 1213 Maurice 
Coulonb R., coal yard, 7th & Washington ay, h 

745 Erie 
Coulson Geo. W., hotel, 2132 Market 
Coulston Chas. E., carp. 1418 Thompson 
Coulston David M., clerk, 220 N 3d 
Coulston Geo., weaver, Ashmead (G T) 
Coulston Israel, weaver, Manheim (G T) 
Coulston Jesse C, carp. 1513 Girard av 
Coulston John, mason, Lancaster av (Mouroe- 

Coulston J., coal yard, 17th and Poplar, h 932 

Coulston Malinda, 1227 N 12th 
Coulston Sam'l C, carp. 2134 Green 
Coulston Wm. H., music, 147 N 8th ' 
Coultas Harlan, botanist. Story ab 37th 
Coulter Charles, clerk, 1332 Owen 
Coulter David, shop, S E 15th & Brazier 
Coulter Fanny, 1330 Brown 
Coulter Henrv, baskets, &c., 56 S 2d, 8c 17 


Coulter James, driver, 754 S 5th 
Couker Jane, b h, 120 Dana 
Coulter Jane, gentw. 1517 Carver 
Coulter John, aldeiiiian, 508 S 12th, h 1332 


Coulter John, waiter, 215 Watson's al 
Coulter Joseph, carp. 10th & Melon 
COULTER STEPHEN, bill broker, 132J S 

3d, h 902 Pine 




Coulter Stephen, jr., bookkr. 809 Chestnut, h 

G Town 
Coulter Stephen, School (G Town) 
Coulter Wm., lab. 21 ab Market 
Coulter Wm., lab. Spring- (Fkd) 
Coulter Wm. B., di-ug-gist, 630 Market 
Coulton Andrew, jr. cordw. 2 Sanders ct 
Councell Tlios., g-ent. 979 N 7th 
. Councell Thos., hatter, 979 N 7th 
Councell Thos. B., compositor, 33 S 4th 
Council Joe, bricklayer, 24th and Spruce 
Councill Thos., lab. rear 822 Carpenter 
Counsellor Thomas, porter, rear 18 N 9th 
Countiss Elizabeth, Lancaster av (HVUe) 
Countiss Hannah, 1007 S 2d 
Countryman Geo., tobacconist, 755 P road 
Coursault Gregory R. E., ag-ent, 771 S 6th 
COURSAULT G. A., cabtmr. 771 S 6th 
Coursault Leopold P., undertaker, 1026 S 4th 
Coursault L. P. & Son, (L. P., 0. Cjr.,) under- 
takers, 1026 S 4th 
Coursault Oliver C, jr., undertaker, 1026 S 4th 
Coursault Oliver C, cabinetmr. 423 S 5th, h 

771 S 6th 
Course Geo., Bevins pi 
Course John, mach. 410 Wharton 
Course Wm., baker, 223 Washing-ton av 
Coui-sey S., white washer, 519 S 7th 
Court Edward, clothing-, 68 N 2d, h 517 S 6th 
Court Emma, milliner, 577 S 6th 
Court, Margt., milliner, 517 S 6th 
Courtney David, confec. 1601 Pine 
Courtney Geo. S., cottag-e fur. 14 and 16 S 7th 

h 842 N 7th 
Courtney Hannah, 221 N 10th 
Courtney Jas., moulder. Warm bel Park (W P) 
Courtney John, lab. Centre (G T) 
Courtney John, lab. Market & Rose 
Courtney Mary, Palmer n Franklin (K) 
Courtney Patrick, lab. 405 N Front 
Courtney Patk., lab. Centre (G T) 
COURTNEY ROBERT, brewery, 113 Edward, 

h 1212 Hancock 
Courtney Samuel P., tobacconist, 154 S 3d, h 

816 New Market 
Courtney Wm., confec. N W 12th & Rodman 
COURTNEY & WILLITS, {Geo. S. Courtney, 

Alfred Willits,) furniture, 14&16 S 7th 
Courvisier Julius, watch case maker, 325 Cath- 
Couse Catharine, 2117 Summer 
Cousland Wm., bank note engraver, 326 Wal 

nut, h Spruce ab 13th 
Cousley F., driver, 420 S 19th 
Cousty Eliza B., 1712 Vine 
Cousty John, grocer, 418 N 11th 
Cousty Josh., tea deal. 339 Chestnut, h 1712 Vine 
Couteau Mary, ladies' dress caps, 217 Spruce 
Coutts John W., captain, 950 S Front 
Couture Napoleon, watch case mr. 1 Levant 
Couturier Frederick, dyer, 316 Branch 
Couturier Jacob, cutter, 629 St. John 
Covely ^neas R., locksmith, 58 N 6th, h 1322 

Covely Henry, bookbr. ]424 Stiles 
Covency Michael, carp. 1 Kelley's ct 
Coverdale & Co., fi'uiterers, 1007 Sp Garden 
Covert Francis, salesman, 1126 Marlborough 

Covert Geo. A., carp. 1713 St. Joseph's av 
Covert James, segarmr. 1713 St. Joseph's av 
'Covington Isaac, porter, 7 Freed's av 
Covington Saml., sailmr. 38 Queen 
Covington Wm. H., cordw. Eppright ct 
Cowan Henry, salesm. 514 Market,'h 320 Dean 
Cowan John, moulder, Meredith bel 24th 
Cowan Mary Mrs., 1614 Cherr}^ 
Cowan Wnji., lab. Lab. Hill, Falls Schuylkill 
Cowan W. D., acct. S E 3d and Walnut, h 

1614 Cherry 
Coward Charles, police, 1217 Deacon 
Coward Chas., trukmr. N W 6th and Chestnut, 

h 1037 Parker 
Coward James, carpt. h 32 Leopard ab Otter 
Coward James, ropemr. Dauphin ab Rees 
Coward John C, hatter, 759 S 2d, h Rye below 

Coward Jos., tailor, S E 2d & Market, h 210 

Coward Henry, trunkmr. N W 6th & Chestnut, 

h 943 S 5th 
Coward Mary, 208 Catharine 
Coward Perry, baker, 709 Morris (M) 
Coward Saml., painter, 1008 Palmer 
Coward Samuel, pattern mr. 1121 Columbia av 

bel Girard av 
Coward Tyler L., printer, 422 Library, h 210 

Coward Wm., trader, 613 Lorian 
Cowden Alex., cordw. 1104 Hope 
Cowden Edwd. C, salesm. 324 Market, h N W 

9th & Vine 
Cowden Elizabeth, rear 627 Carpenter 
Cowden James, carp. 718 Federal 
Cowden John, carp. 1167 S 9th 
Cowden J., Collector's office P. R.R., 29th and 

Market, h 21st bel Locust 
Cowden Nancy, tailoress, 1104 Hope 
Cowden Wm., lab. 1808 Shippen 
Cowdrick Charles, plater, Sansom ab 9th, h 485 

Cowdrick Edwin, bricklr. 956 Warnock 
Cowdrick Sandford, milkm. 1224 Shackamaxon 
COWDRICK & THATCHER, (O. R. Cowdrick, 

J. V. Thatcher,) grocers, N E Richmond & 

Cowell Amos, weaver, G T av ab Washington 

(G Town) 
Cowell C. M., druggist, 1041 Walnut 
COWELL, FAREIRA Sc CO., (Jos. M. Cowell, 

Jos. Fareira, Edward C. Miller,) hats, &c., 

506 Market 
Cowell Jos. M., hatter, 506 Market, h 1627 Spruce 
Cowell John, lab. Main bel Cedar (Myk) 
Cowell John V., mer. 700 Chestnut, h 244 S 8th 
COWELL J. V. & SON, {John V., Henry R.,) 

housekeeping di-y goods, 700 Chestnut 
Cowell Henry R., merchant, 700 Chestnut, h 

121 S 13th 
Cowell Mary, b. h. 873 N 9th 
Cowell Saml., weaver. Main (G T) 
Cowell Thos., lab. Centre (G T) 
Cowell Wm., 716 Sansom 
Cowen John, sailor, 1129 S 7th 
Cowen Wm., weaver, 1035 Carpenter 
Cowgill Sophia, gentlew. 1637 N 8th 
Cowie John, painter, Perry's ct 




Cowley David, M.D., 124 S 9tli 
Cowley Francis, tinsmith, 6 S 19th 
Cowperthwait C. J., macht. 433 Brown 
Cowperthwait Emmor, g-ent. 826 Lombard 
Cowperthwait Huling-s, mer. 609 Chestnut, h 

Nicetown la 
COWPERTHWAIT H. & CO., (if., J. B. Cow- 
perthwait, D. M. Warren,) booksellers, 609 
Chestnut & 610 Jayne 
Cowperthwait Jos., jr., salesman, 213 Market 
Cowperthwait J. B., 609 Chestnut 1819 Pine 
Co wperthwaite Wm., plasterer, 314 S Juniper 
Cowpland Anna, teacher, 314 S 4th 
Cowpland Henry, goldbeater, 507 Powell 
Cov/pland Joshua, looking- g-lasses, 53 S 4th, h 

11 S 16th 
Cowpland J. C, 53 S 4th, h 2114 Cherry 
Cowton Arthur, mer. Broad bel Race, house 237 

N 10th 
Cowton Edwd., 237 IJ 10th 
Cox Albert C, blacksm. 647 N 9th 
Cox Ann E., dryg-oods, 1017 Girard av 
Cox A., stovemr., 106 N 2d, h 208 N 5th 
Cox A L., M. J)., Price (G T) 

Cox , carp. 2105 Chestnut 

Cox Benjamin, b h, 729 Filbert 

Cox Clement, coachman, 218 Noble 

Cox Charles, g-ardener, 2d bel Stonehouse la 

Cox Charles, carp. Cumberland ab Adrian 

Cox Charles, 8 Christian 

Cos Charles, hosier, Miller, (G Town) 

Cox Charles, carter, 2113 Sharswood 

Cox Chas., carp. Somerton 

Cox Chas., brickim:-. Norris bel G T rd 

Cox Chas., g-ent. 403 N 16th 

Cox Charles P., saddler, 522 N 5th, & S E Front 

& Race 
Cox Danl., packer, 230 Market, h Bird below 

Cox Daniel B., painter, 6 Beck 
Cox Edmund, 1502 Spruce 
Cox Edward, g-ardr. 2d bel Stonehouse la 
Cox Elijah, mason, Green la (Rxbo) 
Cox Elizabeth, 636 Race 
Cox E., lime and hair, Armat, (G Town) 
Cox Francis, blacksmith, Somerset 
Cox Frank, ship joiner, 319 Thompson 
Cox George H., express driver, 248 Chestnut 
Cox Geo. R., seg-ar maker, 243 S Broad 
Cox Geo. S., ship joiner, Penn, h 1043 Beach 
Cox Geo. W., ship joiner, 319 Thompson 
Cox Gideon, 301 Franklin 
CoxHannah. J., 1121 Division 
Cox Henry, cordw. 1411 Frankford rd 
Cox Hug-h, lab. Main (C Hill) 
Cox H., weaver. Miller, Germantown 
Cox Jacob, milkman, 2d bel Bread 
Cox Jacob, lab. 2d bel Broad 
Cox James, U S Coui-t, h 1312 Cherry 
Cox James, engineer, 243 S Broad 
Cox James, Prest. Lehigh Coal & Nav. Co., 122 

^ S 2d, h 1515 Walnut 
Cox James, cordw. 1241 Brinton 
Cox James H., iron founder, Bridge (Bdg) 
Cox James M., mer. 923 Market, h 2110 Mt. 

Cox Jas. M., ship joiner, 8 Dunton av 
Cox James S., lab. 33d & Elm 

Cox Jas. S., act. Man. L coal 8c Nav. Co., 122 S 

2d, h 915 Clinton 
Cox Jane, G T road below Norris 
Cox John, gent. 432 Canton 
Cox John, M. D., 1603 Arch 
Cox John, coffee roaster, 955 Leithgow 
Cox John, lime dealer, 1022 G T road, h New 

Market ab Laurel 
Cox John, police, Somerset ab Haverford 
Cox John, whf. builder, 57 Prime 
Cox John, wheelwrt. 1322 Percy 
COX JOHN C, wines & liquors, 30 S 4th 
Cox John R., brickmr. G T road bel Norris 
Cox John R., M. D., 2218 Green 
Cox Joseph, cordw. 243 S Broad 
Cox Joseph, stovemr. 106 N 2d, h 205 N 5th 
Cox Jos., bank note engraver, 454 Canton 
Cox Jos., clerk, 112 Market, h 1112 Division 
Cox Jos., shingle shaver, Mary below Market 

(W P) 
Cox Jos., b h, 1024 Morgan 
Cox Joseph G., wirewr. 1014 N 5th 
Cox Justice, g-ent. 1733 Arch 
Cox Lawrence, packer, U S Arsenal 
Cox Lewis W., manuf. 921 N 5th 
Cox & Lynn ship joiners, Penn ab Laurel 
Cox Mary Ann, costumes, &c. 917 Race 
Cox Mary L., 636 Race 
Cox Mary L. & Susan H., 636 Race 
Cox Matthew, miller, 508 N 12th 
Cox M. H., gentw. 1311 Brown 
Cox Peter, iron moulder, 2145 Sharswood 
Cox P. J., Rev., 724 N 11th 
Cox Reuben, feed store, 1536 N 2d 
Cox Reuben, 1641 N 8th 
Cox Richard, mer. Diamond ab 5th 
Cox Richard, saddler, 1619 Market 
Cox Richard W., tinsm. 302 N 2d 
Cox Samuel, Rev., 1343 Lombard 
Cox Samuel, trader, 1520 State 
Cox Samuel, gent. Tulpehocken (G T) 
Cox Sam'l, weaver, Miller (G Town) 
CoxSaralC.,coalyd.5thbelCoatesh 1018 Law- 
Cox Sarah, ladies' shoemr. 22 N 9th 
Cox Sarah Ann, matron deaf and dumb institu- 
tion. Broad and Pine 
Cox Susan H., 636 Race 
Cox Thomas, bootmr. 624 Sears 
Cox Tlios. A., plasterer, 1210 Deacon 
Cox Thos. F., gents furnishing, 13 S 6th 
Cox Uriah, dyer, 1354 N 2d 
COX, WHITEMAN & COX, (Jos., A. Cox, John 
Whiteman^ stoves, 106 N 2d, works G T rd 
and Susquehanna av 
Cox William, clerk, 325 N 10th 
Cox Wm., ship joiner, Penn and Maiden 
Cox William C, clerk, 24 Bank, h 935 Randolph 
Cox Wm. K. Wayne hotel, Main and Manheim 

(G Town) 
Cox Wm. P., coal merchant, 217 Walnut, h 534 

N 7th 
Cox Wm. S., carpenter, 1235 MjTtle 
Cox William W., 30 S 4th, h 119 New 
Coxe Alex. B., acet. 30 S Front 
Coxe Alfred, 327 Jane 

COXE BRINTON, att'y and coun. 204 S 5tli, 
h 1512 Spruce 




COXE CHARLES S., 1512 Spruce 

Coxe Chas. W., mer. 112 Chestnut, li 145 N 11th 

Coxa Edmund S., gent. 1502 Spruce 

Coxe Edwd. E., clerk, 210 Chestnut, h 933 N 

Coxe Ferdinand, 339 S Broad 
Coxe H. N., real est. & exch. offi. 434 Walnut 
Coxe Jas. E., g-rocer, 933 N 6th 
Coxe John Redman, M. D., 339 S Broad 
Coxe Joseph H., 811 Market, h 1540 Wallace 
Coxe J. R., jr., M. D., 2222 Green 
Coxe L. Lewis, M. D., 2222 Green 
Coxe Robt. D., law student, 530 Walnut, li 933 

N 6tli 
Coxey Thos., keeper Peniten. 1728 Francis 
Coxey Wm., blacksm. Monument rd n Lan av, 

H Ville 
Coxhead John, 1333 Brandywine 
Coxhead Wm. R., tailor, 24 Swanwick 
Coxson Catharine, washer, 256 Quince 
Coy Henry, ag-t. 628 Chestnut, h Camden 
Coyle Alex. C, atty.andcouns., Broad& Oxford 
Coyle Dennis, boatman, Tackawanna (FkdJ 
Coyle Edwd, japanner, 945 Sartain 
Coyle Edward, carter, 1311 Cherry 
Coyle Francis, cordw. 805 Passyunk road 
Coyle Heniy, painter, 941 Sartain 
Coyle Hug-h, stone cutter. Bunting- av 
Coyle Hug-h, blacksm. 1513 Pearl, h 618 Farm 
Coyle Hug-h, lab. 1309 N 16th 
Coyle James, lab. 1908 Wilcox 
Coyle James, lab, 9 Union pi 
Coyle James, dealer, 1742 Lombard 
Coyle Jas., cordw,, 1504 N Carver 
Coyle James, lab. 523 Murray 
Coyle James, lab. 2031 Murray 
Coyle John, 1924 Wilcox 
Coyle John, lab. Penn av ab 23d 
Coyle John, lab. Ann bel. Melvale 
Coyle John, warper, Lombard ab 20th 
Coyle John, lab. 1024 Milton 
Coyle John, dealer, 510 South 
Coyle John, grocer, 932 S 10th 
Coyle John, laborer, Tudor bel Dickerson 
Co)de John, coachman, 1427 Jefferson 
Coyle John, porter, rear 1212 Cuthbert 
Coyle Michl., lab. Tacony (Fkd) 
Coyle Michael, lab. rear Oxford bel 2d 
Coyle Michael, Owens' ct 
Coyle Michael, cordw. 1508 Pearl 
Coyle Patrick, Owens' ct 
Coyle Patrick, tavern. Washing-ton av bel G F 

Coyle Patrick, carp. 2011 Reeves 
Coyle Patrick, stoves, 2132 Callowhill 
Coyle Patrick, cordw. 24th bel Lombard 
Coyle Patrick, lab. Sorrel bel Melvale 
Coyle Patrick, boatman. Orchard (Fkd) 
Coyle Patrick, coal, 2047 Murray 
Coyle Patrick, drayman, 1336 N 2d 
Coyle Patrick G., gardener, 816 Shippen 
Coyle Robert, blksm. 242 Quince 
Coyle R. E., dressmr. 247 S 11th 
Coyle Saral. A., mer. 605 Market, h 1329 Race 
Colye Terrence, blacksm. Benton bel 8th 
Coyle Wm., lab. Sergeant (R) 
Coyle Wm., coachman, 1734 Filbert 
Coyley Michael, lab. 36th n Oak 

Coyne John, liquor mer. 1511 Ridge av 
Coyne Thomas, coal mer. 2101 Sharwood 
Coyne Wm., cordw. Sergeant ab Adi'ian 
Cozen John, victualer, 115 Hazel, (S) 
Cozens Benj., clerk, 37th & Haverford 
Cozens Benjamin E., plasterer, 1308 Oxford 
Cozens Delia, 1227 Walnut 
Cozens Rebecca, gro. 1217 S 2d 
Cozens Wade, bricklayer, 624 Fitzwater 
Cozens Wm. B. N., mer. 241 Chestnut, h College 

av ab 20th 
Cozens Wm. D., bricklayer, 1341 S 5th 
Cozins E. E. & S., teachers, 513 Spruce 
Crabb Debbie Mrs., gentw. S W Chestnut and 

Margaretta (W P) 
Crabb W. A., senator, 38 N 16th 
Gi-abbe H. S., sec. to com. N. Yard, house 1837 

CRABBE WM. H., attorney, 433^ Walnut, h 

1837 Chestnut 
Crabtree B., polisher, 1600 F rd 
Crabtree Sam'l, millwright. Sellers (Fkd) 
Crabti-ee Saml. jr., lab. Sellers (Fkd) 
Crabtree Wm., moulder. Sellers (Fkd) 
Craddock Jos. T., patent meds. 225 N 2d 
Craddock L. S., patent meds. 225 N 2d 
Craddock Richard, clerk, 810 Brown 
Ci'aden Henry, seaman, 29 Union al 
Craft Isabella, 302 Gaskill 
Craft James, shoemr. 419 Bohemia pi 
Craft Mich., fisher, Moore bel Froiit 
Craft Wm., mach., Dauphin bel Sepviva 
Craft Wm., pedlar, 1020 Thompson 
Cragan Francis, weaver, 16th & Catharine 
Cragan John, lab. Green & Rose 
Crager George, farmer, Nicetown la 
Crager Wm. H., carpt.. Rising- Sun 
Craig Alexander, 437 Marriott 
Craig Alex., gardener, 2027 Reeves 
Craig Amelia, 538 Buckley 
Craig Andrew, carp. 1708 Grayson 
Craig Andrew, brickmr. Rising Sun 
CRAIG ANDREW C. & CO., (Andrew C, 

Joseph B.,) wines and liquors, 138 S 

Craig Andrew C.,merch., 138 S Front, h 1300 

Craig A. C, bookkeeper, 1309 Sansom 
Craig A. H., tobacc. Mary bel Market (WP) 
Craig Benjamin, dyei-, 1240 Darien 
CRAIG & BELLAS, {Hugh Craig, Wm. Wil- 

son Bellas,) com. and forwd. mers. 128 to 

136 Broad 
Craig Catharine, pedlar. 1710 Jones 
Craig Chas., lab. 1124 Vienna 
Craig Daniel G., clerk, 13th & Market, h 1618 

Craig Elias D., tinsm. 1720 Market 
Craig Eliz., gentw. 1629 Burton 
Craig Elizabeth, 857 N 8th 
Craig- Francis, gent. 447 Marshall 
CRAIG GEORGE, lumber mer. Del av ab Pop- 
lar, h 447 Marshall 
Craig Geo., framemr. b h 1025 Charlotte 
Craig Geo., clerk, 1243 Woodbine 
Craig Geo. A., bookbr. 519 Minor 
Craig Geo. S., gent. Penn (G T) 
Gi-aig Graham, clerk, 1336 Columbia av 




Craig- Hannah, 707 Hubbell 

Craig- Hannah, 217 Watson's al 

Craig- Henry, nier. 250 Franklin Sq 

Craig- Henry, printer, 151 N 6th 

Craig Hug-h, mach. 211 Allen 

Craig- Hugh, mer. N W Broad and Cherry, house 

1725 Arch 
Craig- H., waiter, r 1033 Barley 
Craig- James, furnitui'e, 703 South 
Craig- James, g-rocer, 5th and Diamond (K) 
Craig- James, lab. Fitler (K) 
Craig- Jas., lab. Richmond and York (R) 
Craig- James, machinist, 1515 N Front 
Craig- James lab. 1818 Seybert 
Craig- James, warper, 8 Thompson 
Craig- Jas., liquor, Hunting-ton ab Richmond 
Craig- Jared, eng-ineer, 1075 Beach 
Craig- Jared, sr., printer, 320 Chestnut, h 7&5 

Craig- Jared, jr., printer, 320 Chestnut, h 248 

Craig- Jno., carp. 16th and Seybert 
Craig- John, stone cutter, Broad and Barclay, 

"h 1332 N7th 
Craig- John, printer, 838 Suffolk 
Craig Jolm, mouldi-, Wilton ab 19th 
Craig- John, clerk, Miller (W P) 
Craig- John, boot & shoemr. Pine ab 22d 
Craig- John, g-rocery, 512 N Front 
Craig- John, waiter, 1218 Lvndall 
CRAIG JOHN. lum. mer. Del av ab Poplar, h 

447 Marshall 
Craig- John G., superintendent, Filbert above 

Craig- John G., painter, 31 N 7th, house 1031 

Craig Jos., porter, Bowers ct ab 15th 
Craig- Joseph B., 138 S Front, h Franklin House 
Craig Margt., 2107 Harmstead 
Craig Marg-aret, Story ab 33d 
Craig Mrs. Sarah, dressmr. 1309 Sansom 
Craig Moses, lab. Sansom n 24th * 
Craig- Phineas, carp. Green ab 35th 
Craig Richard, blacksm. George N 24th 
Craig Robert, 12 Otter 
Craig Robert, lab. 1339 Kates 
Craig- Robert, coachman, 1010 Marble 
Craig- Robert, weaver, 1437 Cadwalader 
Craig Robert, mach. 1075 Beach 
Craig Samuel, lab. 1921 M'Duffie 
Craig- Samuel, carp. Filbert ab 21st 
Craig- Sam'l. R., eng-raver, 1229 Buttonwood 
Craig- Stephen, blacksm. 6 Piper's al 
Craig Susan, dry goods, 946 N 2d 
Craig S., 202 Raspberry 
Craig William, founder, 129 Jarvis 
Craig Wm., flour and feed, 1337 Mascher 
Craig Wm., Prest. Am. Mutual Ins. Co., 228 

Walnut, h 1623 Walnut 
Craig Wm., brewer, 1711 Cheri-y 
Craig Wm., carp Grape ab 36th 
Craig William S., blacksm., Mary and Oak 

(W P) 
Craige Chas., salesman, 420 Market, h 1514 

Mt Vernon 
Craige C. H., 1117 Callowhill 
Craige George S., manuf. office York av & 4tli, 

and Penn ab G T av (G Town) 

Craige H., printer, rear 948 Kurtz 

Craig-e Sam'l, lab. 1030 Mechanic 

Craige Seth, h 329 N 4th 

Craige Seth, gent. 1214 Arch 

Craig-e S. R., clerk P O. h 1229 Buttonwood 

Craige Thomas, livery stable, 329 N 4th 

Craige Thomas & Son, ( Thomas, Seth,) riding 

school and livery stable, 4th ab Wood, h 

327 N 4th 
Craige Thos. H., manuf. 1419 Arch 
Craige Thos. H., jr., manuf 1419 Arch 
Craige T. H. & Co., (Thomas H., Thoma^ H., 

jr.,) manuf S W Jefferson and Howard 
Craighton James, weaver, 1226 Fitz water 
Cram Ambrose, salesm. Chestnut belMars-aretta 

(W P) 
Cramberry M., lab. 7 Mead 
Cramer Aaron, lab. rear 1013 Shackamaxon 
Cramer Bernard, lab. Western av 
Cramer Caroline M., 844 N 15th 
Cramer Cornelius, driver, Stewart's ct 
Cramer David, carp, h 1113 Brown 
Cramer David, moulder, 13 Otter 
Cramer F., tailor, 1448 Marshall 
Cramer Geo. W\, tavern, 724 Washington av • 
CRAMER HENRY, druggist, 320 Race 
Cramer Henry, cordw. 1327 Earl 
Cramer Henry, auctioneer, 131 Richmond 
Cramer Jacob, ship carp. 1103 Vienna 
Cramer John L., brushmr., 1212 Palmer 
Cramer Joseph P., clerk Phil. Bank, hou:ia 415 

Cramer Margai-et, shop, 1814 Addison 
Cramer Shadwick, lab. 9 Brush's Row 
Cramer Wm. g-irth weaver, 1336 N Front 
Cramer Wm., seaman, 10 Laurel 
CRAMOND HENRY, att'y and coun., 621 Wal- 

nut, h 1631 Chestnut 
CRAMP C. H. & W. M., ship builders. Beach 

& Bishop (K) 
Cramp Charles H., ship carp. 1035 Palmer (K) 
Cramp George, ship carp. 1228 Savery 
Cramp George C, fisherman, Bedford above 

Cramp James, fisherman, 455 Allen 
Cramp Jacob, fisherman, 730 Richmond 
Cramp Jacob, ship carp. 1230 Otis 
Cramp Jacob S., ship carp. 1037 Palmer 
Cramp John, fisherman, 1027 Montgomery av 
Cramp Joseph A., bakei-, 1117 Hope 
Cramp M. C, ship carp. 1311 Houston 
Cramp Martin, 1043 Vienna 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., 1031 Richmond 
Cramp Martin, fisherman, 1113 Vienna 
Cramp Peter, boat & ship builder, Wildey ab 

Palmer (K) 
Cramp Samuel, carp. 451 Girard av 
Cramp Wm., ship carp., yard Bishop & Beach 

h 1033 Palmer (K) ' 

Cramp Wm. G., boat builder, 1018 Palmer 
Cramp William M., ship carpenter, 1121 Co- 
lumbia av 
Ciampton Brierly, lab. Pear (H ville) 
Crampton David, 1710 Francis 
Crandell M. B., coach trimmer, 1023 S 2d 
Crandell Wm., machinist. Tulip bel Dauphin 
Crandol Elihu, tailor, 68 Laurel 
Crandol S., dressmr. 68 Laurel 




Crane Charles, photograph, 532 Arch 

Crane Chas. W., cabinetmr. 617 P rd 

Crane Georg-e U., turner, r 418 Rihl 

Crane George W., salesman, 303 Chestnut 

Crane Jabez, carp. Main (C Hill) 

Crane Maria, Starr al 

Crane Morris, porter, Lancaster bel Reed 

Crane Robert, weaver, Bring-hurst (G T) 

Crane Samuel, weaver, Cumberland ab F road 

Crane Philip, lab. Salmon (R) 

Grane William H., cordw., 1337 Pine 

Crane Wm. W., brickk. 1235 8 2d 

Craner Wm., lab. Pine ab 22d 

€rangle George, packer, 811 Shippen 

Crangle N., brickmr. 1260 N lltli 

Crankshaw Charles, jr., Unity (Fkd) 

Crankshaw James, painter. Sellers (Fkd) 

Crankshaw James, lab. Tackawana (Fkd) 

Crankshaw James, carver, 113 Shippen 

Crankshaw John, chairmr. 113 Shippen 

Crankshaw Morris, lab. Tann ct (Fkd) 

Crankshaw Robei-t, lab. Leiper (Fkd) 

Cranley Thomas, lab. 2424 Pine 

Cranlev Wm., lab. 2424 Pine 

Cranmer Abraham W., sea capt., Richmond bel 

Ann (R) 
Cranmer John, shoemr. 1349 Wood 
Cranmer J. S., h 826 Cherry 
Crans & Gregory, {Peter Crans, James P. Gre- 
gory^ convey, 820 S 5th 
Crans Peter, att'y. and coun., 820 S 5th 
Crans Wm. J., niail agent, Oxford P road (Fkd) 
Cranshaw John, lab. Josephine Frankford 
Cranston George B., baker, 1 Penn av 
Cranston Robert, weaver, 749 S 13th 
Cranston Wm., mach. 1429 Vienna 
Crap Chas. F., engraver, 5th and Cherry, h Till 

ab Market 
Crap Sam'l E., tinsmith, 202 Richmond, h 1652 

Crapper Henry, grinder, 1046 Beach (K) 
Crasher Jno., carp. 2d ab Diamond 
Craton John, weaver, 141 Thompson 
Craty Matthew, rear 628 Cherrj- 
Craven Aaron, U S Mint, 1709 St Joseph's av 
Craven Aaron, jr., painter, 1709 St Joseph's av 
Craven Danl., carter, Dunton bel Girard av 
Craven David S., jr., clerk Phila. Bank, h 

21st & Tioga 
Craven Henry, segarmr., Mam ab Green lane 

Craven Ishi, broker, 46 S 3d, h716 N Broad 
Craven Ishi H., 46 S 3d, h 716 N Broad 
Craven I. & Co., note and stock brokers, 46 

Craven James, spinner, Cresson and Washing- 
ton (Myk) 
Craven James C, tin plate worker, 422 S 10th 
Craven John, painter, 1709 St Joseph's av 
Craven John, weaver, Haverford & Scioto 
Craven Joshua C, clerk, 504 Minor, h Tioga 

W 21st 
Craven Mary, 1010 Bedford 
CRAVEN THOMAS, agent, 504 Minor, h Tioga 

W 21st 
Craven Thomas, U S Mint, 1522 Race 
Crawford Alex., gas fitter, 21 Howard 
Crawford Andrew, lab. WiUow and Mary 

Crawford A. C. L., clerk, 310 Walnut, li 986 

Crawford A. E., dressmr. 267 S 8th 
Crawford A. L., grocer. Noble and Front 
Crawford Becason, tanner, 1001 Randolph 
Crawford Benj., 447 N 7th 

Crawford Benj., boat and ship builder, 953 Co- 
lumbia av 
Crawford B. A., tanner, 1307 N 6th, h 912 

Crawford B. F., mer. 303 Market, h 603 N 17th 
Crawford Chas., locksm. Willow st (Fkd) 
Crawford Christopher, shoemr. 3 Boyd's ct 
Crawford C, Mrs., 131 Frankford 
Crawford Diana, 815 Morris 
Crawford Edmund, farmer. Chew (G Town) 
Crawford Eliza, candy store, 1835 Spruce 
Crawford Elizabeth, 313 Jefferson 
Crawford George, brickmr. Wright bel 22d 
CraAvford Geo., gent. 1111 Anita 
Crawford Geo. L., attv. 8c coun. 230 S 4th, h 

521 N 7th 
Crawford Henry, boatman, SennifPs ct n 23d Sc 

Crawford Henry, engineer, 1002 S 3d 
Crawford Hemy M., mer. 141 Market, h 123 

Crawford Henry M. &, Co. {Henry M. Crawford, 
Chas. C. Harnson, Sam'l H. Crawford,) 
leather dealers, 334 N 3d 
Crawford James, -collector, 152 S 3d, h 2137 

Crawford James, carp, weaver, 1230 N 3d 
Crawford James, tanner, 1000 Randolph 
Crawford Jas., butcher, ilarket ab Till (W P) 
Crawford James, carter, 1531 Say 
Crawford James, coachman. Filbert bel 18th 
Crawford James, tavern. Market E of Bridge- 
water (W P) 
Crawford James, Avheelwr. Ill Otter 
Crawford John, constable, 3 WD.bour ct 
Crawford John, lab. 503 S 9th 
Crawford John, fur. car, 1510 Carver 
Crawford John, carp. 23 Rye 
Crawford John, weaver. Front bel Oxford 
Crawford John, weaver, 1613 Linden 
Crawford John, weaver, G T av (^Mt Airy) 
Crawford John, drayman, 1014 Parrish 
Crawford John, drayman, 1932 Sansom 
Crawford John, police, rear 624 Pine 
Crawford John, sergeant police, 1348 Howard 
Crawford John H., coal, 229 N Broad, h 309 Vine 
Crawford John H., combmr. 108 Frielander 
Crawford John J., salesman, 536 Market, h 978 

Crawford Joseph, clerk, 1911 Cutbbert 
Crawford Lavinia, gentlew. 413 S Broad 
Crawford Margaret, 1723 St Joseph av 
Crawford Martin, weaver. 111 Otter (K) 
Crawford Matthew, police, 505 N Front 
Crawford M., Mrs., tavern, 1349 Vine 
Crawford Mi-s., b h. 1303 N 4th 
Crawford Patrick, lab. Centi-e (G T) 
Crawford Rebecca, 978 Randolph 
Crawford Robei-t, carpets, 6th ab Jefferson 
Crawford Robert, carter, 404 S 20th 
Ci'awford Robert, whitewasher, 1626 Mervine 
Crawford Robt., cai-p. 908 Buttonwood 




Crawford Robt., clerk, N W 15th & Market 
Crawford Samuel, di-ayman, 138 Howard ab 

Crawford Samuel H., g-ent. 10th bel Melon 
Crawford Samuel K., leather dealer, 334 N 3d, 

h 866 Marshall 
Crawforci Stephen R., Pres. U. S. Life Ins. Co., 

S E 3d and Chestnut, h 1107 Gu-ard 
Crawford Theodore, carp. 318 Johnson's la 
Crawford Thos., painter, 304 Truxton 
Crawford Thos., carp. Melvale & Ann (R) 
Crawford Thos., seaman, 23 Union al 
Crawford Thos., weavei", 1336 Howard 
Crawford Walter, lab. Diamond ab Cumberland 
Crawford Wm., waiter, 1020 Rodman ' 

Crawford Wm., grocer, 258 S 17th 
Crawford Wm., mariner. Gillies al 
Crawford Wm., wag'oner, 1524 Wood 
Crawford Wm., shoemr. Tilton ab Emery 
Crawford Wm., bootfitter, 1 Kelly's av 
Crawford Wm., marble yard, 1537 South 
Crawford Wm., cordw. 814 S 13th 
Crawford Wm., boatman, 21st ab Market 
Crawford Wm., 519 Minor 

Crawford William C, paper hanger, 440 Bo- 
hemia pi 
Crawford Wm. H., engineer, 2127 Tower 
Crawfoi'd Wm. H., gent. 521 N 7th 
Crawford Wm. J., butcher, 1323 Hutchinson 
Crawford Wm. M., mer. 327 Market, h 607 

Crawford Wm. M. 8i B. F., trimmings, 327 

Crawford William. T., vict. Lancaster av & Se- 
Crawford W. J., victualer, 1323 Hutchinson 
Crawl G., carriage mr. Hock pi 
Crawl Hugh, mach. 1055 Beach 
Crawley Abram, mach. 627 Coates 
Crawley Jos. S., clerk, 627 Coates 
Crawley Wm. H., clerk, S W 3d and Market, h 

1044 S 5th 
Grawshaw Jas., weaver, 1516 N 2d 
Craycroft Benj. B., mer.. Market st whai'f, h 

1013 Chestnut 
Crayner Thos., lab. Centre bel Mary 
Cready Edw., cordw. 839 S 2d 
Creag Alfred, mach. 12 Ashland 
Creag James, warper, Jefferson (Myk) 
Creagmile & Brothers, (Charles, William,) 

carpets, 230 N 2d, & N E 2d & Brown 
Creagmile Chas., carpets, 230 N 3d, & N E 2d 8c 

Creagmile Jas., carpets, 2d Sc Catharine 
Creagmile Wm., carpets, 230 N 2d, & N E 2d & 

Brown, h 145 Brown 
Crealman Haslett, lab. Rainbow ab Blair 
Creamer B., 1316 Myrtle 
Creamer Charles, tinsm. 1103 Austin 
Creamer Chai-les I., carp. 1 St. John's pi 
Creamer Geo., farmer, Tacony (W Hall) 
Creamer Geo., cordw. 2d ab York 
Creamer George C, ship carp., 439 Richmond 
Creamer Isaac, clerk, 1029 Marlborough (K) 
Creamer James, spinner, 1219 Crease 
Creamer John, papermr. 1211 Crease 
Creamer Joseph, papermr. 1211 Crease 
Creamer Lewis, papermr. vict. 1312 Potts 

Creamer Marg. Mrs., Starr al 

Creamer Michael, blacksm. 1808 Jones 

Creamer Sarah, 936 Lawrence 

Crean John, jr., clerk, 507 Commerce, h 330 N 

Crease Alfred, chemist, 123 S Front, h (Roxb) 
CREASE CHAS., J., manuf. 123 S Front 
Crease Wm. G., tailor, 207 N 3d 
Creasey Chas. A., moulder, 1009 S 2d 
Creasey Edw. J., pattern mr. 439 Enterprise 
Creasey George G., 11th Sc Anita, h 910 King 
Creasey Wm., pattern mr. 1349 S 2d 
Creauthers W. W., clerk, 505 Commerce 
Cree John, machinist, 806 S 5th 
Cree Joseph, machinist, 806 S 5th 
Cree Wm., macht. 1140 S 8th 
Creed H. B., salesman, 525 Market, h 62 N 2d 
Creeden Tim., shoemr. 179 Thompson 
Creely Catharine, milkwoman, 641 N 17th 
Creely Elias, bricklr. 1120 Fremont 
Creelv E. V., h 425 S 15th 
Creely G. R., builder, 907 Cherry 
Creely Susan, gentlew. 132 Brown 
Creely Wm., optician, 419 Gaskill 
Creely Wm. P., perfumer, 132 Brown 
Creen H. C, carp. & jobber, 626 Carpenter, h 

1239 Montgomery 
Creen Jerry, lab. 1212 Darien 
Creenan ^Martin, lab. Mechanic ab Cresson (Myk) 
Creers Charles, carter. Bridge (W Hall) 
Cregar B. N., bookkeeper, 49 N 3d, h 125 S 

Cregar Charles, lab. 1120 Stiles 
Cregar Chas. shoe mr. 773 S 3d 
Cregar George, cord. Columbia av ab 6th 
Ci'egar Geo., lab. 1303 Carlton 
Cregar James, weaver, P ab Susquehanna av 
Cregar John, lamp factory, 1236 Stiles 
Cregar P. A., teacher Normal School, 640 N 

Creig John, confect. 1142 South 
Creight Robt., 126 Federal 
Creighton Alex., lab. 1520 Federal 
Creigiiton Charles L., umbrella mr. 336 Market, 

h 1309 Horstman 
Creighton Garrett, shoemr. S E 16tli & Cuthbert 
Creighton Hamilton, mer. 20 S Front 
Creighton Hugh, mer. 20 S Front 
Creighton James, lab. 639 Carpenter 
Creighton James, lab. 1315 Catharine 
Creighton John, weav. Norris ab Frankford (R) 
Creighton Robei-t, mer., 20 S Front, h 1406 

Creighton Robert, lab. 2d ab Columbia 
Creighton Robt., soap, 3 Margaretta pi 
CREIGHTON ROBT. & CO., (Robert, Hugh, 

Hamilton,) com. merchs. 20 S Front & 21 

Creighton AVm., tavern, 1301 N 2d 
Creighton Wm. J., painter, 227 Frankford (Fkd) 
Creigmilc Thos., carpet manuf. Adrian & Adam, 

h 145 Brown 
Creiss Isaac, lab. 405 Thompson 
Creitz Hammond, dyer, 1319 Kates 
Crell Thomas, 122 Mary 
Crely Jacob, ship joiner, 34 Leopard 
CREMER JAMES, daguen-eotype stock depot . 

S W 6th & Chestnut, h 403 S 10th 




Crenshaw Edm. A., drug-., N E 6tli and Arch, hiCreth Christiana, gentw. 622 Washington av 

1017 Clinton Creutzborg- Samuel L., mer. 529 Market, h423 

Crepon Madame, French plaiting, 239 S 11th ■ Arch 

Cress George, gent. 721 Buttonwood Crew B. J. & Co., (B. J. Crew, J. G. Griffith, S. 

Cress Geo., jr., di'uggist, N E 8th & Sp Garden; R. Rogers,) manuf. chemists, Cadwalader 

Cress Geo., butcher, G T av (C Hill) 
Cress Hamilton, cai'p. Main (Ch Hill) 
Cress James, brickk. 425 Coates 
Cress James, tinsm. 1112 Harel 
Cress James M., stoves, 1011 Sp Garden 
Cress John, cordw. rear 1311 Miller 
Cress Saml. S., bricklr. 910 Ontario 
Cress Samuel S., bricklr. 1347. Brandywine 
Cress Wm., tailor, rear 132 Prune 
Cress Wm., sashmr. 1334 Brown 
Cress Wm. H., prov. dealer, 211 Green 
Cresse Aaron, waterman, rear 17 Parham 
Cresse Wm., clerk, 26 Adrian 
Cressee George F., grocer, 43 Beck (S) 
Cressman Benj., blacksm. 1019 Charlotte 
Cressman Daniel, segar manuf. 250 N 3d 
Cressman F., tobacconist, 186 Girard av 
Cressman Geo., stone cutter, & Oxford 
Cressman Geo., Oxford bel Ridge av 
Cressman Henry, saddler, 242 S 10th 
Cressman Isaac, hotel, Nicetown 
Cressman John, tailor, G T road and Norris 

ab Oxford 
ICrewB. J., 317 Marshall 
Crew J. Lewis, druggist, F rd and Thompson 
'Crew Thomas, cutter, 1628 Carlton 
Crhall C. E., grain. Broad and Ridge av 
ICribben.Rich'., lab. Jefferson (G T) 
Crickbaum H., 914 Nassau 
Crider George, cordw. 311 Vine 
' Crider Mary Ann, 828 New Market 
• Crider Sandford, lab. Green la & Cresson (Myk) 
Cridland Leander, carp. 822 N 15th 
iCridland Ezra, gentw. 1826 Thompson 
•Cridland Sylvester, clerk, Walter ab 15th 
iCriess Edwin C. hair dr. 1101 Frankford road 
iCrig-amore Jno., cordw. 117 Poplar 
; Crighton Richd., macht. 1330 S 2d 
Crilley Margaret, 228 Thompson 
Crilly Andrew, painter, Callowhill bel 15th 
Crilly Charles, mor. finisher. Hays ct 
' Crilly Francis, shoemaker, 632 Bedford 
iCrilly George, butcher, Wister's court 
Crilly Hemy, baker, 228 Thompson 

-Cressman Jos., tobac. 474 N 2d, h 525 Dilhvvn ; Crilly Hen., grocer, 1300 Germantown rd 

Cressman Margt., 242 S 10th 
Cressman Reudy, confec. Market bel Park 
Cressman R. R. & H. S., dry goods, 403 N 2d 
Cressman Thos. chy goods, 1216 N 5th 
Cressman V.'m. R., tobac, 1012 Girai'd av 
Cresson Charles C, 1618 Chestnut 

; Crilly John, segar maker, 228 Thompson 
I Crilly John, restaurant, 647 Bedford 
Crilly Mary Ann, rear 211 Prosperous al 
,Crillv Michael, salesman, 928 Christian 
Crilly Patrick, lab. 610 Halloweli 
Crim.ber Henry, skin di'esser, 12 Stanley 

Cresson Charles M., M. D., asst. eng. Phila. gas Crimens Daniel, laborer, 2 Sedge place 

works, h 217 N 17th 
CRESSON CLARENCE J., iron mer. 343 

Front, h 127 Pine 
■Cresson Elizabeth T., 728 Erie 
-Cresson Emlen, 1029 Spruce 
Cresson James H., 1206 Filbert 
-<i;resson John B., wholesale drag., 515 Market, Cripps George Y., machinist, 1126 Hazel 

h 1349 Coates Cripps John, basket maker, 132 Prime 

CRESSON JOHN C, enginr. Phila. gas works, ! Cripps Richard, farmer, Tacony road 

Crimrn Henry, grocer, 12th & Potts 
SjCrine Eleanor, 22 Richmond 

Cripen E. J., grocei-, 115 S 3d, h 410 S Broad 
Cripp Samuel Mrs. (Hollingsville Cor) 
Cnppen Elizabeth, 709 Bedford 
Cripps Chas. F., file maker, 211 New 

1702 Summer 
Cresson Joseph, 1013 Race 
Cresson Joseph jr., mer. 1033 Race 
Cresson Joshua, baggage master, 1224 Cass 
Cresson M. Mrs., gentw. 730 Sansom 
Cresson Rachel, 502 Marshall 
Cresson Sarah E., gentw. 1618 Chestnut 
Cresson S. E., teach. 13th bel Spruce, h 866 N6th 
Cresson V." alter, mer. 503 Commerce 
Cresson William, 503 Commerce 

, Crlse Henry C, coacluur. Adrian bel Letterly 

|Crisfi.eld Henry, driver, 337 Dugan 

I Crismire Mary, gentw. N E Front & Richmond 

iCrispenn ]SIary H., dressmr., 332 Buttonwood 
Crispenn Thos. D., bricklayer, 1915 Filbert 

! Crispin Benj. counsellor (Holmesburg) 

;Ci-ispin Benj. F., weigher, 48 S Water h 

I Holmesburg 

Crispin B., harness mr. Main, Holmesburg 
Crispin Chas., clerk, 239 Mai-ket, h 433 Spruce 

Cresson Vv'illiam P., iron foundry. Willow ab; Crispin Edward T., Napoleon house, Beacii & 

13th, h 1517 Spruce ; Shackamaxon 

Cressv.'ell Geo., manuf Baker ab Green la (Myk) i Crispin F. H. shoemr. (Holmesburg) 
Cresswell Jas. A., druggist, N E 9th and Race : Crispin Joseph, bricklayer, State ab Pratt 

h 673 N 12th ' Crispin Paul Mrs. Crystal Spring Hotel (Penyk) 

Cresswell Matthew, salesman, 511 Market, h Crissy Charles W., ship carp. 120 Brown 

1709 Rittenhouse j Crissy Edwin F., book-keeper, 120 Brown 

Cresswell Robert, mer. 511 Market, h 1327 Arch I Crissy Jacob, cordw. 120 Brown 
Cresswell Robert, Rail Road Hotel, 2047 Market | Crissv James, printer & publisher, 422 Library, 
Cresswell R. E., painter, 1102 S 7th j h 1723 Arch 

Cresswell & Williiims, coal dealers, 206 Walnut! Crissy John, tailor, 866 Darian 
Cressy John J., moulder, 305 Richmond | CRISSY & MARKLEY, (Jas. Crissy, Echod. C. 

'CRES WELL S. J., brass & ii'onfoun.& stovemr.i Markley) printers, booksellers & binders, 

814, 816 & 818 Race, h 212 N 9th 422 Library 




Crissy William, tailor, Lex ab 16th 

Ci'issy William, cooper, 26 Phoenix 

Crist And., bartender, F road opp. Columbia av 

Crist Christopher, vict. Centre ab Park (W P) 

Crist James, g-aiter upper manuf. 1 S 6th, h 1 

Hide's court 
Crist John, cooper, 1510 Palmer 
Crist J., 509 Cresson's al 
Crist Martin, vict. Centre above Park 
Crist Thos., laborer, 1411 Columbia av 
Crist Wm., mor. dr. 1334 Beach bel Palmer (K) 
Cristiani Sc Co., perfumers. Scimpors. 43 S 4th 
Cristiani Richard S., 43 S 4th, h 527 N 7th 
Cristine Fred. F., teacher, Olney 
Cristman William, 912 Race 
Criswell Isaac J., 735 Market, h 627 Wash av 
Criswell John A., real estate, 3 S Front, h 726 

Critcheson Elizabeth, Levering- (Myk) 
CRITTENDEN S. H., Phila. Commercial Col- 
lege, N E 7th and Chestnut, h 407 S 8th 
Croaker Bernm-d, laborer, 1342 Catharine 
Croaker Daniel, lab. Belgrade bel William 
Croaker James, lab. 1342 Catharine 
Croaker Patrick, lab. 1346 Catharine 
Croasdale Alfred, carpenter, 1253 Mervine 
Croasdale B. R., merchant, 104 N Delav, h 156 

Croasdale Eber, cordvv. 1253 Mervine 
Croasdale J., com. mer. 104 N Del av 
dale, C. D. Pierce,') oil merchants, 104 N 
Del av and 103 N Water 
Croftsdill Edward, seaman, 1128 Jackson 
Croce Jno., musician, 826 Market 
Crock Georg-e, cai-ter, b h, 939 Marshall 
Crock Peter, plane mr. Rainbow ab Blair (R) 
Crocker John, sailor, 2141 Locust 
Crocker Leonard L., Avatchcase mr. 417 Walnut 
Crocker Marg-., gentw. 520 S Juniper 
Crockett David, blacksm. Hedge (Fkd) 
CROCKETT JOSEPH, clerk Com-t Quarter 

Sessions, h 64 Maiden 
Crockett William E., clerk, 529 Market ■ 
Crockford Wm., blinds, 84 Laurel 
Croder David, spinner, Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Croft Jacob R., tailor, 419 Market, h 210 Green 
Croft Jno., cordw. 805 S 9th 
Croft Saml, sheet brass, &c. manuf. 22 Decatur 
Croft Thos. L., telegraph oper. 2009 Winter 
Croft Wm. A., tailor, 419 Market, h 928 Hutch- 
Crofton Philip, bookkr. 11 & 13 S Water, h 

913 Arch 
Crofton Thos. F. & Co., (Thos. F. Crofton, T. 

H. Burnell, com. mer. 113 S Water 
Croker Hugh, tailor, 1242 Catharine 
Croley Pat., lab. 1709 Wood 
CroU Albert G., dry goods, 12 N 9th, h 1 S 9th 
Croll Christian, tailor, 415 Chestnut, h 720 N 8th 
Croll Christian, laborer, 963 N. D A. 
Croll Edward M., gent. 720 N 8th 
Croll Geo. W., plumber, 720 N 8th 
Croll M. J., tailor, 415 Chestnut,h 1410 S Pennsc] 
CROLL M. J. & CO., tailors, 415 Chestnut 
Croll Wm., com. mer. 97 S 4th, h 409 Richmond 
Croll Wm., salesman, 607 Chestnut 
Croll Wm., umbrella mr 418 Market 

Crolley Mary A., dressmr. 1123 Federal 
Cromback Peter, cordw. 452 Brown 
Crombarger John, salesman, 666 Bankson 
Crombar'ger John S., clerk, 26 N 3d, h 666 

Crombargar Peter, trimmings, 103 S 11th 
Crombarg-er Thomas S., com. of deeds, 218 Wal- 
nut, h 1322 N 13th 
Crombie Wm., cabinetmr. 1208 Hibbard 
Cromelien Geoi'ge, wines &c., 125 Walnut, h 

631 Franklin 

and segars 721 Market 
Cromis Philip C, printer, 140 S 3d, h 40 Me- 
Cromley Adam, brickmr. Pleasant Row 
Cromley George, shoemr. 9 Willing's al 
Cromley Henry, 121 Trellers 
Cromley James, intelligence office, 930 Filbert 
Cromley James, whalebone drs. Market & Wil- 
low, h 1616 Chancellor 
Crompton John, fancy boxmr. 118 N 3d,h Dick- 

erson bel 4th 
Cromwell James J., carver, 125 N 16th 
Cromwell James S., clerk, 1610 Cherry 
Cromwell John, jr, bricklr. 215 N 17th 
Cromwell Willis H., shop, 1319 Rye 
Cromwell Wm., carder 1222 Cadwalader 
Cronan B., dealer, 3 Monmouth ct 
Cronan Jeremiah, Drinker's al 
Cronan John, lab. Jefferson (G T) 
Cronan John, grinder, Norris bel Front 
Cronan Pat., lab. Ashmead (G T) 
Crones Wm., barber, 1 Moore's a 
Cronham Nathan, tailor, 2320 Callowhill 
Cronhardt Andrew, driver, 129 Mary 
Cronin Wm., lab. rear 622 Paul 
CRONISE & CO. specie brokers & bankers, 40 

S 3d 
Cronise Titus, broker, 40 S 3d 
Cronmiller R., butcher, 1433 Hancock 
Cronnell Michl., Wallace near 22d 
Crook Edwd., hatter, 1229 Lev^^is 
Crook Henry, lab. Bridge (W Hall) 
Crook Isaac, blksm. Unity (Fkd) 
Crook Wm., cordw. Cresham rd (C Hill) 
Crooks Enos, bricklr. Levering ab Cresson 

Crooks James, lab. 5th & Diamond 
Crooks John, lab. 1707 Monroe 
Crooks Wm. B., adv. agt. 1315 Chestnut 
Crooks Wm. J., carman, Darien ab York 
Crooks Wm., cutter, 518 Market, h 608 Race 
Crookshanks John, flour and feed. Front bel 

Girard av 
Crop Edwd. H., banker, 17 S 3d, h 1224 Filber 
Crop Fred., 22d bel Race 
Crop Michl. H., prof, of music, 1224 Filbert 
Cropley George, engineer, 2518 Biddle 
Gropley John S., coppersm. N W Barron & 

South, h Barron ab South 
Cropper Daniel C, lab. 1303 Pearl 
Cropper Edmund, porter, 3 White's ct 
Cropper Eliza, 1219 S 6th 
Cropper Ezekiel, baker, 1015 South 
Cropper Isaac, Liberty ct 

Cropper Isaiah, waiter, Anthony bel Dickerson 
Cropper Jeremiah, waiter, 1319 Pearl 




Cropper John M., shades, hotel, 27 Strawberry 
Cropper Lomax, baker, 1501 Caltowhill 
Cropper Wm. B. steamboat capt. S W 9th & 

Crosby D. H., lab. rear 1017 Barley 
Crosby James, calenderer, 926 S 11th 
Crosby John, plasterer, 1430 Francis 
Crosby John, boot mr. 916 King 
Crosby L. B., carp. 947 Lawrence 
Crosby Thomas, boots and shoes, 2204 Market 
Crosby Wm., carp. 207 Dock 
Crosken Henry, tailor, 1438 N 5th 
Croskey Elizabeth, N E 24th & Pine 
CROSKEY HENRY, lumber, 1st whai-f bel 

Green, h 1912 S Rittenhouse sq 
Croskey Mary, 401 Sansom al 
Crosier Walter, dyer. Ridge av ab Sharswood la 

Crospelier M. B., dying &. scouring, 924 Arch 
Cross Benjamin C, teacher of music, 223 S 

Cross Francis E., liquors, 105 Arch, h 722 Wal- 
Cross Henry, shoemr. 779 S 2d 
CROSS HENRY, watchmaker, 1408 Ridge av 
Cross Michael, lab. 5 Southampton 
Cross Mi's. di'essmr. 26 Howard 
Cross Peter F. engr. U. S. Mint, h 2011 Girard av 
Cross Richard H., shoemr. 630 Carpenter 
Cross Thomas, weaver. Centre (G T) 
Cross William, factory hand, 1930 McDuffie 
Cross Wm., lab. 26 Howard 
Cross William. W., carp. 1022 Hunter, h 253 N 

Crosscup Albert, cordw. 1208 Haines 
Crossen Charles, lab. Church (Fkd) 
Crosse n Henry, lab. William ab Bath (R) 
Crossen James, lab. Salmon (R) 
Crossen Pat. lab. Salmon (R) 
Crosset John, winder, 1336 Savery 
Crosset Richard, confect. Callowhill N W Bridge 
Crossln Edward, tavern, 720 & 722 S 7th 
Crossin James, rigger, Williamson ct 
Crossin James, driver, 1930 Howell 
Crossin John, waiter, 843 Marriott 
Crosslev Charles, black and whitesms., Broad 

bei R av, h 725 N 11th 
Crossley Francis, wool grader, 1517 American 
Crossley George, engineer, 24th bel Spruce 
Crossley Margaret, di-essmr. 1517 American 
Grossman J. M., mer. 1423 Chestnut 
Grossman Philip, printer, 338 Buttonwood 
Grossman 8c Wade, tinsm. 504 S 2d 
CrossmanWm., tinman, 504 S 2d, h 121 I^ombard 
Crosson Geo., leather mer. 2007 Market 
Crosson James, clerk, Pratt ab Till (W P) 
Crosson James, carter, 813 Moms 
Ci'osson John, manufr. Church (G T) 
Crosson Joseph, manufr. Church (G T) 
Crosson Mary, dry goods, 311 Girard av 
Crosson Owen, lab. 1329 Palethoi-p 
Crosson William, tailor, 915Bonsall 
Crostler Julius, boot crimper, Richmond Bdg 
Crothers Hance, salesman, cor 22d & Cuthbert 
Crothers James, paper hanger, N E 3d & Market 
Crothers John P., cordw. 929 Poplar 
Crothers Matilda, gentw. 1015 Arch 
Ci-others Thos. J., 308 Chestnut, h 1823 Spruce 

Crothers William, farmer, Paschalville 

Crothers Wm. S., 1015 Arch 

Crotts Charles, shovelmr. Nicetown / 

Crotts Edith, Nicetown 

Crotts Samuel, shovelmr. Nicetown 

Crotty Patrick, lab. 2120 Cuthbert 

Crouce John, lab. Belgrade bel William (R) 

Crouch Henry, trader, 4th ab Columbia (K) 

Crouch Jno. R., weaver, 1346 Rose 

Crouch J. F., 205 Catharine 

Crouch Mary Ann, 1131 Coates 

Crouge Albt, jeweler, ol S 10th, h 512 Powell 

Crouisillat Margaret, 1920 W Rittenhouse sq 

Croumwell John, waiter, 1634 Seybert 

Grouse Christian, carp, b h 932 St. John 

Grouse Fred., tailor, rear 817 Charlotte 

Grouse Lewis, cab. mr. Ridge av above Spring 

Grouse Jacob, salesman, 1515 Vienna 
Grouse John, lab. Rittenhouse (G T) 
Grouse Jos., carp. 1643 Vienna bel F road (K) 
Grouse Samuel, dealer, 230 Thompson ab F rd 
Grout Anthony, farmer. Ridge ab Hippel's la 

Grout Charles, fai-mer. Ridge ab Hippel's la 

Grout Daniel, card manuf. 24 Hudson, h 522 

Grout John, lab. 867 Orchard 
Crout Jno. F., butcher, 1349 N 10th 
Grout John J. clerk, Richmond ab William 
Crout Joseph, cabinetmr. G T av ab Chilton av 

(G Town) 
Crout Joseph, farmer, Ridge ab Hippel's la 

Crout Mahlon, carp. 1505 Ridg-e av, h 624 

Crout Wm. cabinetmr. G T av ab Armat (G 

Crout Wm. B. undertaker, G T av ab Armat 

(G Town) 
Crouthers John, engr. 1102 Hazel 
Crouthers Jos., carp. Apple ab Cedar (Myk) 
Crouthers Phineas, spinner, Robinson ab Main 

Crouthers Saml., lab. Apple ab Cedar (Myk) 
Croutwater John, cordw. rear 140 Noble 
Crouze Albert, mer. 512 Powell 
Croven Jas., cordw. 409 Culvert 
Crow Alexander, weaver, 2113 Callowhill 
Crow Dennis, cordw. 2338 Vine 
Crow Hugh, moulder, 1405 Barclay 
Crow Joseph, moulder 1610 Burton 
Crow Thomas, lab. 1321 Mariner 
Crow Wm., hotel, 506 Race 
Crowder Jos. weaver. Centre (G Town) 
Crowder Jos. jr., hosier. Centre (G Town) 
Crowder Samuel, weaver, Centre ab G T av 

(G Town) 
CROWELL & COLLINS, {Paysun Crowell, 

JonaVn CoUhis^ com. mers. 154 N Del av 
Crowell David B., watchcasemr. 1302 Green 
Crowell Edward, clerk, 515 S Juniper 
Crowell Elisha, alderman, office S W 6th and 

Pine, h 419 S 5th 
Crowell Elisha, M. D., office. Market & Till 

(W P) 
Crowell Ellis B., acct. 120 N 5tli 




Crowell Harry, clerk, 247 Market, h 419 S 5th 

Crowell Jas., prof. Powelton inst. Race n 32d 

Crowell James W., tobacco, 522 N 10th 

Crowell Joshua, 214 Ridg'e av 

Crowell J. M. Rev., 414 S 15th 

Crowell Payson, com. mer. 154 N Del av, h 

114 Coates 
Oowell Peter L., painter, 1233 Potts 
Crowell P. com. off, 114 Coates 

Crowell , seaman, 849 N 8th 

Crowell Smith, provisions, 114 N 11th 

Crowell Thomas, 1233 Potts 

Crowell Thos. M., salesman, 801 Chestnut, h 

626 Arch 
Crowell W. G., Penn. Fire Ins. Co., 510 Wal- 
nut, h 820 Lombard 
Crowers John, rope mr. 7th & Meetler 
Crowley Corn., shoemaker, 608 Georg-es 
Crowley Daniel, milkman, Milestown 
Crowley David, laborer, 736 James 
Crowley D., weaver, 1426 Phillip 
Crowley James, tailor, 513 S 6th 
Crowley James, lab. 5 Monmouth ct 
Crowley James D., real estate ag-ent & convey. 

269 S 3d, h 888 Randolph 
Crowley Jeremiah, rag- mer. 912 S 10th 
Crowley John, shoemaker, Buchanan pi 
Crowley John, laborer, 2434 Pine 
Crowley Michael, lab. 405 Gaskill 
Crowley Michael, beamer, 1224 Federal 
Crowley Michael, g-ardener. Green la, Bristol 
Crowley Michl, sailmr. 313 South 
Crowley Pat. tailor, 8 Randall's ct 
Crowley Richard, lab. 1515 Mervine 
Crowley Thomas, vict. 315 Marshall 
Crowley Timothv, grocer, N W 10th & Anita 
Crowley Timothy, lab. Graver's la (Ch Hill) 
Crowley Timothy, porter, 208 Elder 
Crowley Tim., gardener, Penn av 
Crowlev Wm. lailor, rear 809 Carpenter 
CrowlyT. Stanton, M. D., 2103 Chestnut 
Crown Jas., shoemaker, 829 Auburn 
Crowse Robert, roofer, 728 Oxford 
Crowther James, cordw. Washington (Myk) 
Crowther Jeremiah, spin. 2100 Harmstead 
Crowther John, turner, r, 952 St John 
Crowther Joseph, carp. 1817 Shippen 
Crowther Rebecca, Lan. av n Monroeville 
Crowther Saml., elk. 325 Walnut, h 2515 Pine 
Crowther Wm., clerk, 2515 Pine 
Crox John H., restaurant, 825 Walnut, h 18 

Crox M., Liberty alley 

Crozer James G., mer. 113 S Front, h S E Juni- 
per and Chestnut 
CROZER JNO. P. & SONS, manuf. 113 S Front 
CROZET EARNEST, printer, S E 13th and 

Market, h 319 Perry 
Crozet L. B., printer, 319Perr}'^ 
Crozier Andrew, 105 Christian 
Crozier Benj., shoemr. 510 Queen 
Crozier James, gent. 1127 Green 
Crozier Mary Ann, dressmr. Marivell's ct 
Crozier Robert, 222 N 8th 
Crozier Wm., carter, 15th ab Fitzwater 
Crucknell Chas., gardener, 1720 Jefferson 
Cruden Chas., tailor, 321 Chestnut, h rear Lane 
av n WiUiam (W P) 

Cmden Thos., flue mr. 1630 Carlton 

Cruger Eugene, N W 5th & Chestnut h 1836 

Cruice John, sexton, 315 Brown 
Cruice John J., druggist and chemist, Rich- 
mond ab Emery (R) 
Cruice R. B., M. D.,'Richmond ab Emory 
Cruikshank R. J., milliner, 224 N 8th 
Crumb ack Ellen, shirtmr., Kingsessing (W P) 
Crumback Wm. H., waterman, 536 Marshall (S) 
Crumbar Charles, waiter, 1001 Barclay 
Crumble Thomas, hotel, Frankford (Fkd) 
Crumbley H., brickmr. 2047 Hand 
Crumby John, brickmr. 134 S 20th 
Crumby Jos., tavern, 519 N 23d 
Crumley Chas., truckman, Frankford road bel 

Ann (R) 
Crumley Geo., brickh-. Kershaw av (HVille) 
Crumley Jacob, rope mr. G T road ab Wager 
Crumley John, oysters, 1027 Market, h 1109 

Crumley Wm., lab. Kershaw av (H Ville) 
Crummell Jno., carp. 927 N 3d 
Crummer David, spinner, Dauphin ab Adrian 
Crummey John, lab. Collins ab Cumberland 
Crummey Thomas, weaver. Rainbow ab Clair 
Crump G., cordw. 607 Brown 
Crump John, carp. 132 S 2d 
Crump William H., editor, 121 S 3d, h Camden 
Crundwell Elizabeth, store, S W 13th & Green 
Cruse Henry, boots and shoes, 1747 South 
Cruse James, lab. 1729 Burton 
Cruse Peter, mate, 112 Richmond 
Crusemire Jos., lab. Gorden 
Crusemire Nicholas, macht., 1331 Newkirk 
Crusen Joseph, broommr. Westminster av 
Cruthers James, lab. Franklin la (GT) 
Cruthers James, whipnu-. 1014 Masters 
Crystal Jno. J., varnisher, 316 Culbert 
Cubberly, D. P., hatter, N W 2d & Race, h 831 

Cubberly Edward, carp. 3 Manderson 
Cubbler Geo., contractor. Hare & 24th 
Cubbler John, 735 Ringgold 
Cucknell Edwd., paperstr.N E Front & Spruce 
Cuddy Alex., lab. Sepviva ab Dauphin 
Cuddy James, painter, 22 N 11th 
Cuddy John, patternmr. 1332 Kates 
Cuddy Lawson, bootmr. 1311 Vine 
Cuddy Martin, lab. N E 9th & Christian 
Cue John, shoemr., 919 Christian 
Cuen Valentine, lab. Brides pi 
Cuesta L. D., 1719 Walnut 
Cuff John, lab. Bucks ct 
Cuff Richard, shoemr. 330 Bradford 
Cuhn J. v., shaftmr. 15th & Hamilton 
Cuish Thomas, carp. 1130 N 12th 
Culbert John, manuf. 1309 Lombard 
Culbert John, lab. W Washington (G T) 
Culbert Robert, grocer, S W 8th and Green 
Culbertson Allen, lab. 318 N 21st 
Culbertson Charles, lab. 1221 Peters 
Culbertson D. H., produce dealer, 133 S Front 
Culbertson George, dyer, 1342 Shippen 
Culbertson H., lab. Fitler ab Montgomery (K) 
Culbertson James, dyer. Hemlock pi 
Culbertson James, lab. Philip ab Cumberland 




Culbertson James, weaver, Fox's ct | Cully James, store, 166 Masters 

Culbertson James, weaver, 1230 Ann iCulp Casper, brickmr. Hand 

Culbertson John, waiter. Whites iCulp Chas., machinist, 1020 Leithgow 

Culbertson John H., clerk, 132 S 3d, h 1501 Culp Christian :Mi-s., 425 Franklin 

Sansom Culp E. 'SIis., 1425 N 6th 

Culbertson Joseph jr., carp, shop, Mervine b el Gulp Georg-e, brickmr. Hand 

Jefferson, h 12th bel Jefferson iCulp Geo., jr., brickmr. Hand 

Culbertson Jos., grocer, 1745 Coates jCulp John, lab. rear 11th & Poplar 

Culbertson Jos., iron safe mr. 1808 South ;Culp Jos., wheehrt. rear 832 IS" 3d 

Culbertson & Love, (Robert Culbertson, W. J. | Culp Lewis, mason. Wood (Myk) 

Love,) S W 19th & Centre 
Culbertson Rebecca, widow, 765 S 6th 
Culbertson Samuel, weaver, 1351 Columbia av 
Culbertson Thos. weaver, 1421 Hope 
Culbertson Wm., clerk, 132 Frankford 
Culbei-tson Wm., dyer, 1232 Shippen 
Culey Wm., g'ent. 1001 Wistar 
Culbertson AYilson, blacksm. Almond 
Culin Chas. C, acct. S W 3d & Vine, h 1125 G T 


Culp Saml., mason, Queen (G Town) 

Culp Saml., plastr. Levering' ab Cresson (Myk) 

Culp Sebastian, porter, 119 Green 

Culp Susan, gentw. 2329 Green 

Culton Susan, Front ab Cherry 

Culver Andi-ew Rev., Green la (Mykl 

Culver Daniel, atty. at law, 254 S 6th, h 705 

Culverson Robt., d3'er, 1353 Shippen 
Culvert Jos., grocer, S E 9tli & Wood 

Culin E., b h 240 N 9th Cumages Samh,- clerk, Bringhui-st (G T) 

Culin GaiTett B., clerk. Market ab Logan i Cumber John, barber, 906 N 5th 

Cuhn George, tailor, S E 2d Sc Market, h 210; CUMBERLAND NAIL & IRON COIMPANY, 

N 12th 
Cuhn George, collector P. O. 
Culin Geo. F., clerk, Fisher's la (G T) 
Culin Isaac V., pawnbroker. South & Juniper 
Culin John, tailor, S AV Market and Water, h 

2016 Vine 

43 N Water 
Cumm/mes Elijah, waterm. 26 L^nion al 
Cummines Wm., waterman, 26 Union al 
Cumming & Brodie, {Edward Cummmgs, Jas. 

T. Brodie,) copper & tin roofers, o9 N 7th 
Cumming Charles, manuf. h 884 N 6th 

Culin John, mer. broker, 127 S Front, h 524;CUM>nNG CHARLES k. CO ., {Charles Cum- 

S 10th 
Culin John L., carp. M lane & Lan av (H Ville) 
Culin Justis, wheelwright P Ville (W P) 
Cullen Charles, blacksmith, Lan. av ab Seneca, 

Cullen Daniel, lab. Oxford (Fkd) 
Cullen George, grocer, S E 12th & Shippen 
Cullen Geo. M., tel. operator, 500 Chestnut, h 

321 Gaskill 
Cullen Hannah, tailoress, 137 Thompson 
Cullen James, sea captain. Sorrel ab Bank (R) 
Cullen John, cordw. 2d bel Columbia 
Cullen Lawrence, dra\-man, 1333 P road 

ruing, Jas. R. White,) glue manuf. St. John 
ab Beaver, and 3 S 3d 

Cumming Edward, metallic roofer, 39 N 7th, h 
939 Franklin 

Cumming J. K., hardware, 448 N 2d, h 309 

Cumming Richd. P., metallic roofer, 448 N 2d, 
h 440 N 4th 

Cumming S. T., liquor store, 202 Union 

Cumming Wm., met. roofer, 323 N 22d 

Cummings Alexander, publisher Evening Bul- 
letin, 112 S 3d, h 1418 Girardav 

Cummings Alex., blksm. 924 Summer 

Cullen Michael, nailnu-. St John bel G T roadi Cummings And., dray, 1510 Hurton 

h 428 Thompson 
Cullen Mordecai, g-ent. 1334 S 4th 
Cullen Pat. J., cordw. 133 John 
Cullen Patrick, founder, Philip bel Columbia 
Cullen Pat., lab. Si-ser's ct 
Cullen Paul, carman, 1222 Darien 

Cummings A. B., sect'y A. Sc O. Tel. Co., 311 

Chestnut, h W'ashington House 
Cummings A. Boyd, U. S. Navy, 17th and Lom- 
Cummings Benj., stoves, 1509 Carver 
Cummings Bradley, blacksm. 2110 Zanoni 

CULLEN ROBERT D., Brest. Phila. & R. R. Cummings Chas. C. mer. 416 Market 

R., 227 S 4th, h 213 S Broad 
Cullen Skearm, boot fitter, 712 Fallon 
Cullen Stephen, blacksm. Lane, av ab Seneca 
Cullen Thos., tea dealer, 1022 Federal 
Cullen Wm., varnisher. Mulberry (Fkd) 
Culleny John, carp. 410 N 16th 
CuUie John, cabmr. 304 Turner 
Cullin Charles, carter, 21st ab Market 
Cullin Edw., chandler, 741 Shippen 
Cidlin John, lab. Oak ab Moore, (W P) 
Cullin Peter, alderman, 715 South 
Cullin Peter, chandler, 741 Shippen 
Cullin Robt. cordw. 1418 Ogden 
Cullin Walter P., tavern. Vine and Front, and 

restaurant, 327 Chestnut 
Cullin William, tavern, N W 2d and Masters 
Cvillingworth Wm., macht. 2131 Summer 

Cumminars Chas. C, mer. 619 Wood 
CUMMINGS CHAS. H., gi-ain, 143 & 145 N 

Water, h 107 Pine 
CUMMINGS & CO., (/. S. Cummings, J. S. 

Hess,) varieties, 321 Market 
'Cummings EdM'., porter, 1109 Moyamensing av 
Cummings Elizabeth, gentw. 321 V.'ashingtonav 
Cummings Elizabeth, tailoress, 606 Paul 
Cummings G. Parker, architect, 146 S 4th, h 

Washington House 
Cummings Henry, silver polisher 719 Christian 
Cummings Henry, cordw. 231 Mechanic 
Cummings Hetty, 238 Duponceau 
Cummings Jacob, watchm. 37th n Oak 
Cummings James, tinsm. 25 Edward 
Cummings James, wheelwright, 57 Innes 
Cummings James, weaver, 223 Thompson 




Cumming-s Jas. A., mer. 619 Wood 
Cumming-s Jnc, f:irmer, Adams road 
Cumming-s John, printer, r 127 Coates' al 
Cummings John, lab. 834 Federal 
Cummings John, groc. S W 16th & Shippen 
CummingsJohn, carter, Unity (Fkd) 
Cammings John, g-ent. William n Pratt 
Cummings John, boilermr. Innes 
Cummings John, gent. William ab Market 

(VV P) 
Cummings Jno., tailor, 175 Frankford 
Cummings J. S., merchant, 321 Market, h 1917 

Cummings Mary, 1536 G T rd 
Cummings Mary, 16 Queen 
Cummings Matthew, blacksm. shop, 948 N 9th 

h 947 Hutchinson 
"Cummings Michael, g-ent. 1012 Thompson 
Cummings Michael, confec. 26 Benton 
Cummings M., blksm. 1423 Prospect 
Cummings Nori-is S., mer 514 S Del av, h 119 

CUMMINGS & PEACOCK, (Alex. Cummings, 

Gibson Peacock,) pubs. Evening Bulletin, 

112 S 3d 
Cummings Richard, lab. 1509 Carver 
Cummings Robert, tailor, 1037 South 
Cummings Robert, lab. Nicetown 
Cumming R. P. jr., clerk, 440 N 6th 
Cummings Saml, weaver, Bodine ab Columbia 
Cummings Samuel W., printer, 1304 Lombard 
Cummings Sarah, trimmings, McAlpin n Lo- 
cust (AV P) 
Cummings Silas, bonnet pr. 322 S 4th 
Cumming's Susannah, 230 Monroe 
Cummings Thomas, lab. 1325 Newkirk 
Cummings Thos., mason, Penn (Fkd) 
Cummings Thos., Port Warden, 119 Walnut, h 

N W 17th and Lombard 
Cummings Wm., boilermr. 1242 Crease 
Cummings Wm., blockmr. 941 Charlotte 
CuuuTiings Wm. jr., pumpmr. 941 Charlotte 
Cummings Wm., shipping mer., 514 S Del av, 

h 119 Pine 
Cummings Wm., gunsmith, 941 Charlotte 
Cummings Wm., gardener, 2027 Murra}' 
Cmnmings Wm., carter, 1204 Beach 
Cummings Wm., tailor, 23 S 19th 
Cummings William & Sons, {William, Norris 

S.,) shipping merchants, 514 S Delaware 


17th & Lombard 
CUMMINS ALEX. G., atty. at law, 708 Walnut 

h 1022 Walnut 
Cummins Corn., sailmr. 127 Coates' al 
Cummins Daniel B., Prest. Girard Bank, h 

1022 Walnut 
Cummins Edward, grocer & post office, 292 

Richmond (R) 
Cummins Isaac, clerk, 630 Christian 
Cummins Isaac, jr., clerk, 630 Christian 
Cummins Jane, 437 Brown 
Cummins John W., prod., N E 12th & Market 
Cummins Patk., books, stationery, 209 N Front 
Cummiskev Eugene, publisher and bookseller, 

250 S'6th 
Cummiskev James, gent. 7 Middle ct 

Cummiskey John, lab. Brown ab Somerset (R) 
Cummiskey Hugh, Paul (Fkd) 
Cummiskey J., M. D., 631 Spruce 
Cummiskev Philip, packer, 907 Market, h 2412 

S 9th' 

Cummiskey P. cor. 24th and Linn 
Cumpston George, fur. car. 2001 Carlton 
Cumpston John, lab., 2014 Carlton 
Cunahan Cornelius, dyer, Haverford and MiU 


CundifF Albert, pilot, 618 S Sv.-anson 
CundifF Albert, pilot, 114 Richmond 
Cundy John, turner, 732 N 4th 
Cunius Jacob, shoemr. 1112 Mark's la 
Cunius Jos. H., plumber, 1112 Mark's la 
Cunius Wm., bricklayer, Blunston av 
CunliffWm., barber, 855 S Front 
CunlifFe James, stoves, 1438 Frankford road 
Cunningham Alex., lab. 1007 Clair 
Cunning-ham Alex., lab. 1529 Carver 
Cunningham And., driver, 819 Burd 
Cunningham And., packer, Shippen bel 15th 
Cunningham Arch., di-iver, Warren bel Mar- 

garetta (W P) 
Cunningham. Archibald, clerk, 130 Walnut 
Cunningham Arthur, lab. 2335 Vine 
Cunningham A., porter. 1430 Sliippen 
Cunningham Bernard, lab. Spring (Roxbo) 
Cunningham B., porter, 23 N Water 
Cunningham Catharine, milliner, 251 and 421 

Cunningham Cecelia, milliner, 251 & 421 South 
Cunning-liam Chas., founder, 1005 Clare 
Cunningham Chas., hotel, 528 S Penn 
Cunningham Chas., polisher, 8 Myers ct 
Cunningham Chas. lab. 530 Penn 
Cunningham David, tailor. Sycamore ab Locust 
Cunningham David, hat presser, 604 Carpenter 
Cunningham David, shoemr. 1252 Howai-d 
Cunningham & Doyle, {John R. Cunningham, 

Thos. Doyle,) printers, 237 Dock 
Cunningham Ellen, milliner, 251 South 
Cunningham Francis, lab. 2328 Biddle 
Cunningham & Futhey, {Robert Cunningham, 

Samuel D. Futhey) hotel. Market ab Mary 

Cunningham Garrett, tailor, 1120 Orange 
Cunningham George, fireman, York bel Mem- 
Cunningham Geo., driver, 1916 Filbert 
Cunningham Hannah, di-ess mr. 256_S 11th 
Cunningham James, carp. 509 S Juniper 
Cunningham James, lab. 334 Garden 
Cunningham James, Rev., 104 N 15th 
Cunmngham James, weaver, 1337 Shippen 
Cunningham James, jr., clerk, 104 N 15th 
Cunningham James, pedler, 619 ^Maurice _ 
C\mningham James, burni.sher, 721 Christian 
Cunningham James, carter, rear 2027 Cuthbert 
Cunningham Jas., lab. G F rd bel Tollgate 
Cunningham Jeremiah, lab. Penn (G Town) 
Cunningham Jno, shoemr. 1244 Frankford rd 
Cunningham Jno., police office, S E cor 21st 

and Hand 
CunniTlgham John, macht. Clairborne bel York 

Cunningham John, lab., 1012 Clai« 
Cunningham John, tanner, Hand 




Cunning-ham John, tavern, 341 South 
Cunningham John, chandler. South ab 2d, h 

323 GaskiU 
Cunning-ham Jfthn, shop, Market n Bridge (WF) 
Cunningham John, lab., 2d ab Oxford 
Cunningham John, eng., Lehigh av ab Mem- 
Cunningham John, carpet weaver, 1328 Hope 
Cunningham John, clerk, Shippen bel 15th 
Cunningham John, hat presser, 604 Carpenter 
Cunningnam John, City of Glasgow hotel, 341 

S Front 
Cunningham John, printer, 520 Richmond 
Cunningham John, clerk, 1430 Shippen 
Cunningham John, lab. 2036 Murray 
Cunningham John, lab. Mill, (G Town) 
Cunningham John, gro. S W cor 6th & Arch 
Cunningham John R., salesman, 523 Mai-ket 
Cunningham Joseph, grocer, 1329 Pearl 
Cunningham Joseph, stone cutter, S W 21st and 

Sansom h 2210 Front 
Cunningham Jonathan, lab., N E 23d & Vine 
Cunningham Lewis, lab. Collins al 
Cunningham Martin, book keeper. 17 S Front 
Cunningham Martin, cordw. 932 Wharton 
Cunningham Margt., 528 S 3d 
Cunningham Mary 606 Hemlock 
Cunningham Mary, cook, 246 Raspberry al 
Cunningham Michael, paver, 1230 Federal 
Cunningham Nathan weaver, 1334 Crease 
Cunningham Patrick, lab., 1 Chancery la 
Cunningham Pat., macht. Centre (Myk) 
Cunningham Peter, 1242 Shippen 
Cunningham Peter F., catholic bookseller and 

stationer, 216 S 3d 
Canningham Robert, porter, h 1415 Philip 
Cunningham Robt., hatter, 919 S 5th 
Cunningham Saml., stone cutter, 2010 (F) 
Cunningham. Robert, hotel. Market ab Mary 

(W P) 
Cunningham Saml. H., carp. 509 S Juniper 
Cunningham Samuel W., shoe store, 818 N Front 
Cunningham Stepn., porter, 141 Coates av 
Cunningham & Smith, di-ug brokers, 121 

S Front 
Cunningham Thomas, lab. Webb ab Catharine 
Cunningham Thos. carp. 1430, Shippen 
Cunningham Thos., di'ayman, 4 Wistar's ct 
Cunningham Thos., manuf. 645 N 8th 
Cunningham Wm., carp. 1110 Federal 
Cunningham Wm., weaver, 133 Thompson 
Cunningham Wm., lab. 2111 Harmstead 
Cunningham Wm., cordw. 1221 Marlboro 
Cunningham Wm., lab., 724 Lindsay 
Cunningham Wm., 1430 Shippen 
Cunningham Wm., dealer, 1412 Shippen 
Cunningham Wm., teamster, 22 S 19th 
Cunningham Wm. J., clerk, 33 S Front, h 160 

N 15th 
Cunningham Winthrop, mer., 121 S Front, h 

High (G T) 
Cunnington W. P., M. D., 1019 Fitzwater 
Cunta David, cordw. 209 Beaver 
Cuolahen John, stone cutter, 6 Avenue C 
Cupit Robt., frame knitter, Ingle (G Town) 
Cupps Lewis, lampmr., Eldridge pi 
Curby John S., cooper, 14 Larkin, h 312 Car- 

Curl Wm., carp. Oak bel Railroad (W P) 

Curlet Ann, 124 Richmond 

Curlet Louis, shoes, N E 21st &. Harmstead 

Curley Catharine, crockej^ 724 S 4th 

Curley John, boilermr. 724 S 4th 

Curley Morton, stone mason, 2210 Meredith 

Curley Patrick, Epright st 

Curley S., operator sew. machine, 405 S 17th 

Curlin Ellen, shop, 739 Carpenter 

Curlin Jno., ship carp. 836 S Front 

Curlin Patrick, lab., 739 Carpenter 

Curling Sarah, milinery, 521 Spruce st 

Cum James, lab. rear 1433 Cadwalader 

Curr Geo., carter, 615 New Market 

Cui-ran Anna M., Miss dressmr. 34 N 8th 

Cm-ran Daniel, livery stable, 913 Vine 

Curran F. K., clerk P O., h 1124 Wistar 

Curran J as., lab. Mermaid la (C Hill) 

Curran James, butcher, 1218 Columbia av 

Curran Jane, laundress, Webb ab Catharine 

Curnan Jno. lab. Dauphin & Cedar 

Curran John, lab., 226 GaskiU 

Curran John, blacksmith. Mulberry (Fkd) 

Curran John, upholsterer, 712 Christian 

Curran John C, com. mer. 150 N Del av, h 1107 

Curran Margaret, gentw., Bodiae ab Oxford 
Curran Martha, 239 Currant al 
Curran Mary, gentw., Lan. av n Park 
Curran Owen, lab. Sorrel bel Melvale 
Curran Patrick, tailor, 226 Gaskill 
Curran Patrick H., sales. 533 Market, h 312 

Curran Samuel, weaver, 413 Moyer 
Curran Susan, 26 Chester 
Curran Thomas, blindmr. Leonai-d n 9th 
Curran Thos., moulder, 25 Charles 
Cm-ran Wm., lab. 2d opp Morris 
Curran Wm., baker, N E 10th & Carpenter 
Curran Wm., paver, 223 Spruce 
Curran Wm., 310 Jefferson 
Curran Wm., M. D., 1314 Arch 
Curren F. K., clerk. Post Office, h 1124 Wistar 
Curren James, jeweler, 1015 S 6th 
Curren Jane, dry goods, 247 S 20th 
Curren John, lab., Richmond ab Ann (R) 
CURREN MARTIN, com. mer. 213 S Front, h 

1628 Chestnut 
Curren Michael, gardener. Rising Sun 
Curren Thomas, clerk, 735 N 4tli 
Curren Wm., gent., 428 Lombard 
Curren Wm., gent. 320 S 5th 
Curren AVm., lab., Bath ab William (R) 
Curren Wm., lab. 1 Catharine 
Currey Robert, lab. 1016 Nectarine 
Cm-rey William, importer, 208 Chestnut, h 428 

Currey Wm. E., milkman, 1134 Ogden 
Curriden Wm., carpet store, 505 N 8th, h 925 

Mt Vernon 
Curriden W. J., carp., 505 N 8th, h 925 Mt 

Currie Alex., lab. N W 2d & Marion 
Currie Charles, painter, 915 Cliristian 
Currie James, huckster, 627 S 2d 
Currie Mary Jane, millinery, 627 S 2d 
Currie Peter, hatter, 1229 Race 
Currigan Artliur, porter, Webb bel Fitzwater 




Currigan Michael, bricklr. 1916 M'Duffie 

Curry A. Mrs., 16 Wheat 

Curry Benj. C, cordw., (Mt Airy) 

Curry Charles, painter. Levering- ab Cresson 

Curry David, engineer, Pennsylvania av 

Curry Francis, lab. 2121 Cuthbert 

Curry Frank, segarmr. 539 Wharton 

Curry George, gas works, 2220 Ernst 

Curry Hugh, dealer, 323 B)-adford 

Curry Jacob, lab.. Levering, (Myk) 

Curry James, lab., Lehigh ab Richmond 

Cuny James, confect. 417 Pine 

Curry James, gas fitter, 2105 Vine 

Curry James, 1105 Race 

CuiTV John, rigger, Collins al 

Cuny John, springmr. Cumberland ab Adrian 

Curry John, lab. Pear (H ville) 

Curry John, weaver, 306 Jefferson 

Curry John, carter, 1518 Apple 

Curry John, sr., cordw. 328 Cliristian 

Cui-ry John, jr., printer, 328 Christian 

Curry John, silversmith, G T road ab Columbia 

Curry John L., clerk, 410 Market 

Curry Joseph, moulder, 923 S 8th 

Curry Lewis V., agent & collect. 1153 N 4th 

Curry Mary J., 923 S 8th 

Curry Matthew, gardener, 1624 Chancellor 

Curry Michael, lab. Mermaid la (C Hill) 

Curry Morrison, salesman, 1226 N 4th 

Curry Nicholas, 913 N 19th n Sansom 

Curry Nicholas, lab. Centre (G T) 

Curry Preston, silversm. G T road ab Columbia 

Curry Richard, lab. 912 Mai-lborough 

Curry Robert, carp., 1515 South 

Curry Robert L, carpenter, 33d & Elm 

Curry Samuel, carpet weaver, Brinton bel 18th 

Curry Samuel, patternmr. Dauphin ab Belgrade 

Curry Samuel, lab. Dauphin 

Curry Wm., bricklayer, .633 Lorian 

Curry Wm., lab. 1316 Carpenter 

Curry William, mer. 322 Chestnut, h Callowhill 
and 22d 

Ciury Wm., cordw., 12 Boyd's av 

Curry Wm., bookbr. 424 N 5th 

Curry Wm., bricklr. Corinthian avn Brown 

Curry Wm., weaver, 1229 Crease 

Curry Wm. B., 1130 Melon 

Curry Wm. S., police, 1942 Olive 

Curtin Mary Jane, milliner, 507 S 21st 

Curtis Ann, seminary, 420 S 10th 

Cui-tis Ann, b h, 263 S 3d 

Curtis Anthony, waiter, 326 Gaskill 

Curtis Asa, U S Navy, 420 S 10th 

Curtis B. T., mer. 614 and 616 Market, h 1330 

Curtis Cephas, combmr. 1026 Shackamaxon 

Curtis Charles, barber, 725 Race 

Curtis George,, Market bel Mansion (W P) 

Curtis George R., looking glasses, gilder, 1011 
Sp Garden, h 548 N lOth 

CURTIS & HAND, (B. F. Curtis, Jos. C.Hand,) 
hardw. 614 & 616 Market & Decatur 

Curtis Henry, oil maker, G T road ab Susque- 

Curtis James, carter, 1215 Carlton 

Curtis James, steward, 625 Ronaldson 

Curtis John, gent. 1125 Shippen 

Curtis John, lab. 1215 Carlton 
Curtis John, clerk, S W Walnut & Del av 
Curtis John H. & Son, (John H., John H. Jr.,) 
real estate agents and collectors, 433 Wal- 

Curtis John H.,jr., real estate agent, 433 Walnut 
Curtis John H. sr., 433 Walnut 
CURTIS JOSEPH, Orleans Hotel, 531 Chest- 
nut, h 1912 Vine 
Curtis J. D. Rev., 226 Crown 
Curtis Patrick, drayman, 2019 Cuthbert 
Curtis Richard, gilder, Witherspoon pi 
Curtis Royal, lab. Miller (G T) 
Curtis Wesley, cook, 2 Eagle ct 
Curtis Wm., grand Secretary, S W 6th & Haines, 

h 716 N 7th 
Curtis Wm., bartender, 275 S 5th 
Curtis Wm., lab., Green Hill and Masters 
Curtis Wm. H., mer., 236 Market, h 1437 N 11th 
Curts Jos. L., clerk, rear 214 Market 
Curtz Isaac, carp. Ridge av ab Crease's la (Rox) 
Curwin John, 2211 Pratt 
Cusack Christopher, baker, 1936 Market 
Cusack Mary, 1204 Ann 
Cusack Wm"., carp. 1828 Barker 
Cusenden Alex., lab. 1608 Helmuth 
Cusack Wm., baker, 1936 Market 
Cush John, b h., 509 S Penn 
Gushing Richard, hotel, 123 S Water 
Gushing Wm. F., com. mer. 112 N Del. av, h 

210 Monroe 
Cushley John, lab. Lombai-d ab Carbon 
Cushman Chas. W., mer. 128 S Del av, 
Cushman G. H., artist, h 1103 Girard 
Cushman Jane, 829 Locust 
Cushman R. W., 108 S 4th, h 20th ab Arch 
Cushman Wm. J., brick maker, 959 Randolph 
Cushmore Christian, ropemr. 1544 Montgo- 
mery av 
Cushmore Jas., printer, Tackawana (Fkd) 
Cushmore Lawrence, borer, 1545 Montgomery 

Cushnahan Chas., milkman. Darby rd bel Alms- 
house gate 
Cusick James, coal heaver, Cuthbert bel 23d 
Cusick Michael, lab. 1933 Wilcox 
Cuskaden Ehz, chiaa store, 718 S 2d 
Cuskaden Jas., 1006 Parker 
Cuskaden John, soap boiler, 830 Callowhill 
Cuskaden Robei-t, boilermr., 1210 Whitehall 
Cuskaden Samuel, gas fitter, 718 S 2d 
Cuskaden Thos., 24th & Virginia 
Cussick Peter, provision dealer, S E 10th and 

Custer Alb., presser, 871 Randolph 
Custer Charles, hat presser, 926 N 10th 
Custer Daniel, carp. 926 N 10th 
CUSTER ISSACHER S., bonnets and straw 

goods, 607 N 2d, h 603 Brown 
Custer John, mach. Tulip bel Dauphin (R) 
Custer Nathan, black & whitesmith, coal yard, 

924 N 9th, Tyler ab Poplar, h 881 N 5th 
Custer Reuben, driver. Chestnut ab 34th (W P) 
Custer Wm., painter, 956 Marshall 
Custis Geo., bootblack, 616 Ronaldson 
Custis Jos., brickmr. 116 Washington av 
Custis Wm., porter, 1116 Washingtor av 
CUSTOM HOUSE, Chestnut ab 4th 





N E Front & Lombard 
Custworth Jos., stonecutter. Aspen ab Walnut 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist, 944 Poplar 
Cutchm Cyrus G. trimming's, 627" Lombard 
Cuthbert Allen, Chinese g-oods, 28 S 8th, h Arch 

ab 13th 
Cuthbert A. J., Miss, 627 S 9th 
Cuthbert George, mer. 917 Arch 
Cuthbert James Rev., 1703 Summer 
Cuthbert John, lab. Front ab Mifflin 
Cuthbert Lewis, printer. Main (GT) 
Cuthbert Mary, 917 Arch 
Cuthbert Samuel, N E 7th & Sansom 
Cuthbertson John A., macht. 806 Capital 
Cutherman Robt., tailor, 1107 Shackamaxon 
Cutler Fredk. baker, Sergeant ab Diamond (K) 
Cutler Tliomas, rigger, shop 925 Christian, h 

32 Catharine 
Cutter John, carp. Cumberland bel 2d 
Cutter Tlios., car, 1302 Jefferson av 
Cutter Wm. G., police, 506 York av 
Cuvler Eleanor, wid. of Rev. C. C, 705 Walnut 
CUYLER THEODORE, att'y & coun., 704 


Dabbs & Birmingham, {Jno. Dabbs, Jas. Birm- 
ingham^ daguerreotj'pe stock, 401 Ran- 
stead pi 
Dabbs Geo., mer. 401 Ranstead place, h 1325 

Dabeaux Peter, shipwright, 207 Marriott 
Dace Edwd., moulder, 1928 Grayson 
Dace Jas., lab. 394 Myrtle 
Dace John A., 1629 Beckett 
Da Costa & Bro., (David, jr., Henri/) trim- 
mings, 29 Bank 
Da Costa David, jr. trimmings, 29 Bank 
Da Costa David A., manuf. bitters. Ruby pi 
Da Costa D. R., gent. 813 N 10th 
Da Costa Geo. T., ship chandler, 237 N W\ater, 

h 1136 Girard 
Da Costa Henrv, ti'immings, 29 Bank, h 813 

N 10th 
Da Costa John, gent. 334 N Front 
Da Costa J., M. D., 212 S 11th 
Da Costa R. B., tooth wash, 805 S 5th 
Dadmun Geo. A., clerk. Broad & Washington 

av. h 1427 Arch 
Dady Hugh, lab. 507 Christian 
Dady John, porter, 426 Prune 
Dady Owen, lab. 5 Bell's ct 
Dady Thos., lab. Manheim (G T) 
Daffin Cecilia, 713 Lomburd 
Daffin Thos., mach. Leiper, Frankford 
Dagan Daniel, lab. Lehigh av bel Richmond 
Dagan Henry, tobacconist, 709 N 10th 
Dager Ann, seamstress, 3 Marseilles 
Dager Chas., gent. Ridge av ab H Lane (Rox) 
Dager Geo., vict. Ridge av ab H Lane (Rox) 
Dager Henry, stone cutter, N 834 l'3tl\ 
Dager Henry, stonecr. 834 N 12th 
Dag-er John, vict. Ridge av ab H Lane (Rox) 
Dager Jacob, dealer, 927 Parrish 
Dager M. C. R., dry goods, W Washington 
(G Town) 

Dager Peter, hotel, cor 10th 8c Masters 

Dager Susan, 1446 N 10th 

Dagitz Daniel, tailor, Bodine ab Columbia 

Dagney Edwd., tailor, 826 Marriott 

Dago Jos., tavern, 243 Shippen 

Dahl Peter, grocer, S W 8th 8c Wood 

Dahl Philip, tinsmith, 726 Willow 

Dahman B., shoemr. 618 South 

Dahoney Edw., porter, 210 Chestnut, h 436 

Daikins John, lab. 530 Wilder st 
Dailey David, draj^man, 817 Auburn 
Daile}^ David E., druggist, Blockley Alms Ho, 

h Wood bel Franklin 
Dailey Eliza, rear 1109 Race 
Dailey James, carter, rear 2129 Spruce 
Dailey James, lab. Coates ab Penn av 
Dailey James, shoemr. 1410 Shippen 
Dailey Jos., glassbr. Tilton ab Cumberland 
Dailey Mary Ann, Tilton ab Cumberland 
Dailey Mich., telegraph, 516 S 5th 
Dailey Pat., shoe store, 943 South 
Dailey Patrick, manuf. 426 German 
Dailey Pat. H., glass blower, Tilton ab Cum- 

Daile}'- Peter, glass blower, Richmond 8c Ball 
Dailey R., bar tender. Chew's ct 
Dailey Samuel, bookkeeper, 44 S Front, h 518 

New Market 
Dailey Wm., lab. 5th bel Dauphin 
Dailey Wm., morocco finisher, 707 Cherry 
Daily Ambrose, Almond ab Lehigh av 
Daily Arthur, lab. 1218 Federal 
Daily John, dealer, 24th ab Pine 
Daily John, mach. 130 Prune 
Daily John, shop, 29 Mayland 
Daily John, dealer, 335 N Mai-ket 
Daily Mich., lab. 235 N 11th 
Daily Michael, match manf. 217 Race, h 1325 

Horstman's ct 
Daily Micliael, morocco dr. 2 Norris ct 
Daily Patrick, shop 42 St Mary's 
Daily Pat., bartender, 20 Philip 
Daily Peter, pawnbroker, 1227 Woodbine 
Daily Peter, glass blower, Richmond above 

Daily Sam., 611 Chestnut 
Daily Wm., carter, 716 N Front 
Daines Thos. J., cooper, 139 John 
Dainty James, morocco dr. 431 St Johns, h 438 

Dainty John, manuf. 61 N 3d, h Park bel Mar- 
ket (W P) 
Dainty 8c Oram, (John Dainty, Jno. F. Oram,) 

manufs. 61 N 3d 
Daisev Martin, lab. 131 Catharine 
Daisey Thomas N., jeweler, 1236 S 2d 
Daisey Wm., lab. Richmond n York 
Daisley James, tavern. Price ab F rd 
Daisley Thos., lab. 251 N Front 
Daisley Wm., gilder, 1613 Helmuth 
Daisly A., mason, Holmesburg 
Daites Henry, brickmr. 1247 S 13th 
Daites Peter, brickmr. 1247 S 13th 
Daix Augustus, hair dr. 46 S 4th 
Dalberins E., tailor, 624 Sansom st 
Dale Ann, Franklin, (Fkd) 
Dale Chas., flour dealer, Franklin (Fkd) 




Dale Edw. C, vice-pres. Franklin F. Ins. Co.,1 
437 Chestnut, h 1215 Spruce 

DALE GEORGE, hotel, 2d & Masters 

Dale Geo., store, 1120 Girard av 

Dale Gerald F., mer. 521 Market & 518 Com- 
merce, h Broad bel Pine 

Dale Henry, miller, 145 Frankford 

Dale James, salesman, 121 Jefferson 

Dale James, tavern, 143 Frankford (Fkd) 

Dale John, carp., 510 S 17th 

DALE JOHN G., ag-ent Liverpool and Phila. 
Steamship Co., 109 Walnut 

Dale Mary, Mrs., 1230 Spruce (W) 

Dale Peter, ropemr. 509 Washington av 

Dale Richd., Adams' Exp. Co., 320 Cliestnut, h 
1215 Spruce 

Dale Richard C, mer. 521 Mai-ket, & 518 Com- 
merce, h 235 S 18th 

DALE, ROSS & WITHERS, (R. C. Dale,Jno. 
Ross, H. L. Withers, G. F. Dale, Saml. E. 
Eagleton,') merchants, 521 Market, & 518 

Dale Thos., lab. York Pike, Bristol 

Dale Thos. N. & Co., tailor's trim. 313 Mfa-ket 

Daler Chas., moulder, 212 Poulston 

Dales Ales., g-rocery, Thompson and Shacka- 

Dales Edward H., ti-uckman, Locust ab Mai'ga- 
retta (W P) 

Dales Jas. H., machinist, 830 Capital 

Dales John B., Rev., 1628 Filbert 

Daley Charles, carter, 1062 Penn 

Daley Chas., lab.. Front ab Cherry 

Daley Chas., tavern, 22d bel Spruce 

Dale}' Christ., lab., Front ab Cherry 

Daley Daniel, stone cutter, 1022 Ross 

Daley Daniel, lab. 901 Summer 

Daley David, druggist, 1036 Columbia av 

Dale3' Dennis, shoemr. 727 Shippen la 

Daley Dennis, lab. Rementer al 

Daley Edward, tailor, Cumberland ab Salmon 

Daley Francis, moroccodi-. 216 Wood 

Dale}^ Francis, carp. 920 Larch 

Dalej^ Hugh, 765 Shippen Lane 

Daley James, moulder, 22d bel Spruce 

Daley James, waiter. Chews ct 

Daley James, lab. 4 Mary's ct 

Daley James, painter, 1509 Carlton 

Daley James, dealer, 520 N 24th 

Daley James, porter 707 Cherry 

Daley James, baker, 825 Christian 

Daley James, clerk, 9 S 6th, h 702 Wood 

Daley John, manuf. Columbia & Philip 

Daley John, dyer, F rd n Clearfield 

Daley John, porter, 1604 Helmuth 

Daley John, liquors, 1551 Cadwalader 

Daley John, mach. 130 Prune 

Daley John, boilermr. 1103 Otis 

Daley John, shoe fitter, 1212 Crim 

Daley John, lab. 1712 Callowhill 

Daley John, police, Dauphin ab Adrian 

Daley Karl, lab. 418 Water 

Daley Levi, clerk, 478 St John 

Daley Matthew, lab. Spring- bel William 

Daley Michael, lab McKeov/n's ct 

Daley Owen, lab., Somerset ab Salmon 

Daley Patrick, store, York 

Daley Patrick, drayman, 1333 Howard 

Daley Philip, lab. 609 Moyer 

Daley Richard, lab., G T rd ab Montgomery 

Daley Sarah, shop, 938 S 10th 

Daley Sarah, 1547 Cadwalader 

Daley Thomas, weaver, 1035 Carpenter 

Dale}' Thos., foreman, 15th bel Shippen 

DallMary Ann, 304 Pine 

Dallam John, clerk, Rittenhouse (G T) 

Dallam John, 920 N 8th 

Dallam John M., M. D., 1541 Vine 

Dallam J. W., druggist, 2d & Callowhill, h 325 

Dallas Jacob, shipwt., 1334 Juniata 

Dallas James, weaver, Dauphin ab Trenton av 

Dallas John, manuf. 175 Masters 

Dallas John, carter, 1827 William 

Dallas John J., wheelwrt. P road bel Wharton, 
h 1313 S 9th 

Dallas Joseph, shipwrt. 416 Reed 

Dallas Mary, wid., Nicetown 

Dallas Richd., shoemr., 423 Thompson 

Diillas Robert, manuf. 177 Masters 

Dallas Thos., carp., Otis ab Adrian 

DALLETT, BROS., {John, Henry C.,) ship, 
mers. 424 S Del av 

Dallett Elijah, mer. Pres. Bank of Penn Town- 
ship, h 415 N 10th 

Dallett Eli] ah J., mer. 122 Market, h 417 N 

Dallett Gillies, mer. 122 Market, h N W Mar- 
shall and Noble 

DALLETT G. & CO., (Elijah T., Thomas H.,) 
soap & candies, 122 and 1319 Market and 
N E 10th and Callowhill 

Dallett Henry C, mer. 424 S Delaware av, h 
1618 Locust 

Dallett John, mer. 424 S Del av, h 1313 Walnut 

Dallett Thomas H., merchant, 122 Market, h 
415 N 10th 

Dallison John, lab., Dauphin ab F road 

Dalmas Chas., prof. Budd & Clarion 

Dalmas C. J., 716 Chestnut 

Dalrymple Evan, shoes, 712 S 5th 

Dalrymple Evan, jr., wheelwrt. 1118 Crease 

Dalson Anne, Mrs., g-entw. 704 Pine 

Dalsen A. C, trimmings, 300 S 5th h 704 Pine 

Dalson Chas., stenographer, 704 Pine 

Dalsen Chas. M., trimmings, 219 S 8th 

Dalton Hug-h, mason, Lan av & Hutton (W P) 

Dalton James, carp., 511 S 11th 

Dalton John, gas fitter, 2421 Biddle 

Dalton Martin, Wrecker bel Cedar 

Dalton Morris, grocer, 2434 Pine 

Dalton Robert, lab. Lowd pi 

Dalton Wm., laborer, 2411 Pine 

Daly Augustine C, printei-, 1036 Parker 

Daly Christopher, lab. Norris bel Richmond 

Daly Daniel, dealer in waste, 45 N Front 

Daly Daniel, 805 Shippen 

Daly Daniel, boots and shoes, 1023 S 7th 

Daly Geo., coal mer., Washington av bel 9th, 
" h 909 Washington av 

Dal}' James, pawn broker, S E 5th & South 

Daly James, varnisher, 826 S 8th 

Daly John, printer, 428 S 9th 

Dalv John, pawn broker, 610 S 5th 

Daly John, carter, 1027 Elk 

Daly John printer, 1036 Parker 




Daly John, capt. 828 S Front 

DALY JOHN A., bookseller, 1217 Market 

Daly Joseph, gent. 1217 Crease 

Daly L., cordw. 211 Christian 

Daly Michael, lab. Bodine ab Columbia 

Daly Pati-ick, lab. Maylandville 

Daly Patrick, paper carrier, i-ear 822 Carpenter 

Daly Patrick, bar tender, 20 Philip 

Daly Patrick, cordw. rear 1219 Locust 

Daly Peter, lab. Banana bel loth 

Daly Porter 8c Co., coal yard. Washing-ton ay 

bel 9th 
Daly Stephen A., salesman, 1519 Linden 
Daly Thomas, teacher, 1542 Thompson 
Daly Thomas, surveyor & regulator I'^t Dist., & 

coal mer. Washington av bel 9th, h Wash- 
ington av ab 9th 
Daly Thomas, shipwi:. 1103 ilarlboro' 
DalV Thomas, hatter, 1138 S 7th 
Daly Thos., lab., 408 N Water 
Daly Wm., carp., 923 Washington av 
Dalzell Chas., baker, 504 S 21st 
Dalzell Jas., clerk. Vine st wharf, h 1014 Parker 
Dalzell IMoses, stocking weayer, Spring al (G T) 
Dalzell Samuel, weayer. Church la (G T) 
Dalzell Thomas, weaver, 2d bel Diamond 
Dalzell Wm., agent, 34 S Del. av, h G Town 
Dalzie Anthony, tailor, 250 Chester 
DAMAl EDWARD, hatter, 143 Arch 
Daman Eberhart, confr. 205 L'nion 
Daman John, shop, 835 Charlotte 
Damant James, clerk cust. house, h 321 S 18th 
Dambach Jacob, sailor, 1305 Charlotte 
Dambacher Joseph, tailor, rear 926 St John 
Dame Waldi-on H., cutler, 512 Commerce, h 

1317 Thompson 
Damman R., mer., 238 Chestnut, h 147 N 15th 
Damon Albert F., com. mer. 232 S Del av, h 

1925 Spruce 
Damon John H., cordw. Richmond (Bdg) 
Dampman John, carp. 2130 Tower 
Dan John, weaver. Miller (G T) 
Danahan John, lab., 1712 Wood 
Danby B}"ron, macht. 506 Washington av 
Danby Jos., silversmith. Rising Sun j 

Dancey Thomas, mach. 2046 Winter i 

Danecker Ch., bottler, 1043 St. John ! 

Danehardt Geo., Bommerschain's ct ' 

Danenhower Abraham, cordw. Centre (G T) j 
Danenhower Chas., cooper. School (G Town) i 
Danenhower Chas. H., clerk, 107 Arch, h 963; 

DANENHOWER CHARLES R., tobacco mer. 

107 Arch, h 117 Green 
Danenhower Geo., cordw. Centre (G T) 
Danenhower Geo., grocer, N W 12th & Myrtle 
Danenhower G., blacksm. Odd Fellows' av 
Danenhower Manning, cordw. Centre (G T) 
Daner Lawrence, weaver, 518 Cresson 
D^nfield Aaron, carp. Woodland bel Walnut 

Danfield Conrad, 207 Perry 
Danfield Conrad, Rev., 1204 Carlton 
Danfield Edward, Market ab 33d 
Danfield JohnH., carp. Market ab 33d 
Danfield John H., salesman, 23 S Water, h 802 

Danfield Joseph, barber, St John bel Green 

Danfield Josiah, high constable, 500 Chestnuts 

h 1512 Parrish 
Danfield Saml. D., carp. Darbv road bel W^alnut 

(W Pj 
DANFORTH, PERKLVS & CO., bank note 

engravers, S E 3d and Walnut 
Danger, Cath., shop, 319 N 12th 
Dangleman John, lager beer, S W 2d & Dock 
Daniel Bernard, blacksmith, 126 Otter 
Daniel Elizabetn, 983 Randolph 
Daniel Jas. H., jeweler, 305 N 15th 
Daniel Joseph, mariner, 1 McKean's ct 
Daniel Joshua, jeweler, 836 S Front 
Daniel Mark, blacksmith, 1341 Vienna 
Daniel Thos., cai-p. 38th and Logan 
Daniel Wm., tailor, Fkd av bel Cumberland 
Danielly Wm., cutter, 1234 Howard 
Daniels' Chas., painter, 929 S 12th 
Daniels Christian, salesman, 4 Oliver pi 
Daniels David, jeweler, 836 S Front 
Daniels Edgar bricklr. 828 Washington av 
Daniels Elizabeth, 513 Callowhill 
Daniels Harman, gas fitter, 1222 Penn 
Daniels H. A., M.'d., 124 S 11th 
Daniels Jacob, gro. Cumberland bel 2d 
Daniels James, lab. Hewson ab Salmon 
Daniels James, watchmaker, 434 Walton 
Daniels Jas., seedsman, Wakefield (GT) 
DANIELS JAMES, seed and agricultural store, 

865 ilarket, h Germantown 
Daniels Jno. F., butcher, 743 Bayard 
Daniels Matthew, blacksmith, 1247 Ash 
Daniels Samuel, dep. sheriff, 10 State House, h 

1415 Parrish 
Daniels Saml., jeweler, 1322 S 6th 
Daniels Wm., ship carp. 224 Allen 
Daniels Wm. B., tailor, 650 Girard av 
Daniels William C, blksm. 1326 Atmore 
Daniels Wm. H., dentist, 1210 Pine 
Danilly Isaac, lab. rear 19 Prime 
Daningburg Wm., fireman, 1340 Hope 
Dankel Charles, vict. Cottage ab Front 
Dankel AVilliam H., jeweler, 425 Franklin 
Danklemann Jacob, hotel, 829 South 
Dankworth John, saddler, 447 N 9th 
Danley Henrietta, wid. Green ab 34th 
D anion P., tavern, 300 S Front 
Dannaker Christian A., cui-rier, 233 N 3d, h 

Green la (Roxb) 
Dannar Daniel, lab. 453 Inquirer 
DANNENBAUM L., wholesale millinery goods 

& trimmings, 55 N 2d, h 141 N 2d 
Dannenhauer John C, baker, 1410 N 5th 
Dannogan John H., cordw. 925 Beach 
Danoing Jas., 1906 Carlton 
Danton Austin, trader, 1111 N 2d 
Danver Andrew, moulder, wharf bel Reed st., 

h 218 Dickerson 
Danver James, melter, 1009 S Front • 
Danver James jr., moulder. Lane ab Wharton 
Danver Richard, tailor, rear 423 Marriott 
Danville John, weaver, 12 Reed's av 
Danzeiser, Frederick, baker, Wissahickon 

(G Town) 
Daran T., restaurant 33 S 3d 
Darbis Jas., nailmr. Starr 

Darby Edwd, wirewr. 226 Arch, h 1226 Thomp- 




Darcus Robt, lab. 1013 Walton 
Darden Wm., lab. Hunting-don 
Dardis Francis, nailer, 1005 Mechanic, h 1039 

Dare Andrew, 33 S 16tli 

Dare B. F., office 410 Walnut, h 723 Callowhill 
Dare Charles P., P. W. & B. R. R. Broad & 

Washing-ton av, h 1012 Shippen 
Dare Eph., plumber, 985 Randolph 
Dare N. S., tailor, 553 Chatham 
Dare Georg-e, trimming-s, 13 S 15th 
Dare James B., Court Q. Sessions, 1227 N 2d 
Dare Julia, 33 S 16th 
Dare Peter, plumber, Richmond Sc Columbia 

av, h Wildey ab Columbia av 
Dare Saml., lab. 2417 Biddle 
Dargan James, lab. Horstman's ct 
Darg-in Saml., car builder, Powell ab Francis 
Daring- Jacob, cordw. 512 Poplar 
Daring- Paul, 1338 Warnock 
Darkas James, vict. 1440 N 4th 
Darker Wm., sen., bonnet wire manuf., Pratt 

ab Log-an (W P) 
Darker Wm., jr., bonnet wire manuf. 38th ab 

Market (W P) 
Darley F. S. S., prof, of music, 1025 Filbert 
Darley John, lab. 725 Carpenter 
Darley Mrs. W. H., artist, 1025 Filbert 
Darley W. H. W., prof of music 1025 Filbert 
Darling- Amos B., boots and shoes, 218 N 3d, h 

1913 Vine 
Darling- Henry J., grocer, 219 N 3d, h 636 N 

Darling Henry Rev., 1338 Pine 
Darling Jno. A., boots & shoes, 218 N 3d, h 

1913 Vine 
Darling Joseph W., surgeon U. S. N, 1106 S 

Darling.Thomas, alderman. Ridge av bel Green 

la (Roxborough) 
Darling William, gent. 1338 Pine 
Darlington Ellen, hosiery 10 S 8th 
Darlington Joseph, barber, 2414 Pine 
Darlington Michael, brushmr. 424 Richmond 
Darlington S. P., salesmn. 529 Mai-ket, h 418 

S 11th 
Darlington Wm., spinner, 2414 Pine 
Darman Smith, 1916 Mt. Vernon 
Darmstetter M., segars, 864 N 4th 
Darnaby Jos., sea capt, 242 Richmond 
Darnell Chas. H., measurer, office Spruce st 

wharf, h 825 Catharine 
Darnell Henry Y., measurer, office Spruce st 

wharf, h 838 Wharton 
Darnell M., seaman, 1611 Helmuth 
Darnell Wm. S., measurer, 1028 S 4th 
Darnes Mrs., dressmr. 140 S 11th 
Darr Alex., tailor, 8 Mayland 
Darr L., lab. 820 School 
Darrach James, M. D., 1205 Arch 
DARRACH WM.,M. D., 1120 Arch 
Darragh Danl., porter, 117 Chestnut 
Darragh Daniel, cordw. 247 Chester 
Darragh Danl., boxmr. 910 Lawrence 
Darragh Jolm, driver, 1725 Coates 
Darragh Jolm, lab. 1823 Market 
Darragli John, boxmr., 1315 CheiTv 
Darragli J., potter, 705 S 17th 

Darragh John J., cabt. mr., 1009 Maurice 

Darragh Mary, G T av. Nicetown 

Darragh Patrick, boots 8c shoes, 2220 Market 

Darragh Richard, gent. 1317 Lombard 

Darragh R. H., 210 Jacoby 

Dan-agh William, carbuilder. Union, (W P) 

Darragh Wm., water works. Union & Aspen 

Darran Lavinia, b. h. 641 Arch 

Darraugh Geo. W., flour and feed, Market bel 

Till (W P) 
Darroll Henry, tavern, N E Moore & Otsego 
Darry Fred., tailor, 1723 Mervine 
Darst Rebecca, 1203 Melon 
Darvin Edwin, painter, Richmond (Bdg-) 
Dash Caleb H., mer. 242 N 3d, h 519 Dillwyn 
Dash Geo. J., bar-tender, 601 Girard av 
Dash Wm., tailor, Miller's ct 
Dashu Henry, confec. 804 S 6th 
Dashu Henry, 714 N 17th 
Dasy Geo. W., tailor, 626 Vernon 
Dau August, lager beer, 1715 N 3d 
Daub Catharine, 402 N 4th 
Daub Jacob, baker, Girard av and Fremont 
Daub Saml., enginr. Orchard ab George (N L) 
Daub Wm., carp. Orchard ab George 
Dauber Rudolph, tobacconist, 6th & Queen 
Daudt H., sugar refiner, 325 N 5th 
Daudt John, sugar refiner, 325 N 5th 
Daugherty Jas., lab. Monument ro (Monr'viUe) 
Daugherty Lewis, bricklayer, 414 Brown 
Daugherty Wm., mer. Monument ro (Monr'vll) 
Daugherty Wm., keeper prison, 10th bel Reed 
Daughters John, cordw. 4 Johnson's la ab 4th 
Daum & Theurer, lager beer, 429 N 2d 
Dauman Rebecca, Market ab 33d (W P) 
Dauner Jacob, tailor, 1225 Lawrence 
Daunton Jas. C, barkeeper. Cherry (Fkdi 
Davault John, huckster, 1235 Vienna 
Davault John, driver, Sepviva ab Norris 
Davenport Charles, sawmr. Cumberland above 

Davenport Charles, sawmr. American ab Co- 
Davenport Chas. H., cordw. Alton's ct 
Davenport Chas. T., saw mr. Frankford rd and 

Davenport E., painter, 722 S 8th 
Davenport Elias F., shoemr. 612 Washington av 
Davenport Elizabeth, 349 N 10th 
Davenport Henry, surgical case mr. 916 Auburn 
Davenport James, coal mer. NE 10th & Wash- 
ington av, h 939 Washington av 
Davenport Jas., S E 2d & Hazel 
Davenport Jas., surgical case mr. 916 Auburn 
Davenport Jas., lab. 2d & Hazel 
Davenport John, spinner, 424 Walter 
Davenport Jos., baker, 1825 Stiles 
Davenport & Spiegle, coal dealers, N E 10th & 

Washington av 
Daven])ort Susannah, wid. 333 S 5th 
Davenport Thos., saw mr. 915 N Front 
Davenport Wm., 1207 Walnut 
Davenport Wm., spinner Mechanic (Myk) 
Daver Patk., lab. Oak ab Baker (Myk) 
Davey John, metallic cap. manuf rear 115 S 2d 
Davey Thomas, smith, 1135 Federal 
David J. Mme., bleacher, 1220 Sansom 
David William K., fancy goods, 52 N 3d 




David Wm. M., mer.411 Market, h 506 Marshall ^ Davis Benj. F., paper maker, Main ab Jackson 

Davids Benjamin, 275 S 4th 
Davidson Alexander, currier, 462 Franklin 
Davidson Alexander, painter, 25 Saranak 
Davidson E. W., mer. 307 Market 
Davidson James, weaver, Dauphin ab F road 
Davidson James, dealer, 1327 Market 
Davidson John, stone cutter, 1033 Rodman 
Davidson John H., 1213 Marlborough 
Davidson Julius, M.D., vapor baths, 815 Walnut 
Davidson Rebecca, seamstress, 38 Sai-anak 
Davidson Rich., lab. Albert's ct 
Davidson Robert B., broker, 221 Pear, h 1013 

Davidson Sarah, trimming-s, 744 S 2d 
Davidson Sarah, C av & Girard CoUege 
Davidson T., 1213 Marlborough 
Davidson T., carpet weaver, 1239 Coates 
Davidson AVash. F., Rev., 17 Catharine 
Davidson Wm., salesman, 20 S 2d, h 812 S 3d 
Davidson Wm., shoe store, 1609 Lombard 
Davidson Wm., cooper. Peg ab Front 
Davidson Wm. M., clerk, 462 Franklin 
Davidson Wm., finisher, 2520 Biddle 
Davies Alice, 25th & Earl 
Davies Charles E., broker, 218 AYalnut, h 313 

S 16th 
Davies Edward, 25th & Coates 
Davies Jas. P., clerk Com'l B'k h 817 N Broad 
Davies John, Brown ab 19d\ 
Davies John H., 1903 Brown 
Davies J. N., M. D., 1210 Thompson 
Davies Mor., carp. 1801 Francis 
Davies Peter A., clerk, 40 S Front, h 313 S 16th 
DAVIES SAMUEL N. & Son, brokers, 218 

Davies S ami., jeweler, 933 Ogden 
Davies Wm., provision dealer, 1235 Mervine 
Davis Abraham, pedlar, V/ard's retreat 
Davis Adam, miller. Market & Lewis 
Davis Adeline, di-essmr. 1 Douglas av 
Davis Ales., captain, 1325 S 4th 
Davis Alex., diy goods F road ab Norris 
Davis Alfred, mate, S E cor 4th & Wharton 
Davis Alfred R., M.D. 1869 Franklin av 
Davis Allen, plasterer, 261 Chester 
Davis Allen B., plumber, 214 Man-iott 
Davis Amos R., plasterer. Good (G T) 
Davis Andrew, carter, Warren ab Park 
Davis Ann, b h, 512 Penn 
Davis Ann, Avasher, 1036 South 
Davis Ann, bookseller, 1237 Market 
Davis Ann, 214 N 13th 
Davis Ann Eliza, 245 Perry 
Davis Ann Maria, 906 Race 
Davis Asa, blacksmith, 1216 Men-ine 
Davis Augustus, plumber, 1237 Cass 
Davis Augustus B.,platformscalemr.,636N15th 
DAVIS AZEL, restaui-ant, 1210 Beach 
Davis A., hotel, 7th & Coates 
Davis A. G., brickmr. h 1507 N 7th 
Davis Benjamin, treas. Hazleton Coal Co., 303 

andh 1318 Walnut 
Davis Benjamin, glassmr. 817 Irp 
Davis Benjamin, Broad ab Poplar 
Davis Benj., lab. 736 N 24th 
Davis Benj., bootmr. 2311 Coates 
Davis Benj., lab. Burns ab Oxford 

(Myk) _ _ 

Davis Benj. F., grocer, Dauphin Sc Tulip (R) 
Davis Bennett, heaters, 1051 N Front 
Davis Bird, painter, 9th k Fisher 
DAVIS & BIRXE Y, ( 0. W. Davis, D. B. Bir- 

ney,) coUec. agency, 25 S 3d 
Davis Byron, bookbr. ilain ab Jackson (Myk) 
Davis B." Clarkson, ice dealer, 1622 Market, h 

1720 Barker 
Davis Carlile, 925 N 11th 
Davis Caroline, 821 S Front 
Davis Charles, glassbr. 1017 Otis 
Davis Charles, shoemr. 1532 Pearl 
Davis Charles, mariner, Ellen ab Norris 
Davis Charles, bricklr. 2d ab Diamond 
Davis Charles, cond. Haverford rdab 41st 
Davis Charles, vict. 1228 Palmer 
Davis Charles, porter, 625 Middle al 
Davis Charles, stage di'iver, Oxford (Fkd) 
Davis Chas., brakesman, 1133 Citron 
Davis Chas., capt., 244 ^lom-oe 
Davis Charles C, mach. Bridget (Bd'h) 
Davis Charles C, mach. 1123 Day 
Davis Chas. C, blacksm. 1602 Stites 
Davis Chas. E., druggist, G T av & Jefferson, 

Davis Charles H., salesman, 439 Market, h 332 

N 6th 
Davis Clias. J., inspector, 1519 Palmetto 
Davis Collin K., mer. 124 N Del. av, h 511 N 7th 
Davis Coui'tland H., clerk, 152 Richmond 
Davis C. B., gent. 804 N 11th 
Davis C. C, gent. Cottage (C Hill) 
Davis C. C, hotel, N W 13lh & Race 
Davis C. L., dressmr., 19 S 8th 
Davis C. T., blacksm. Columbia av bel Thomp- 
son, h Franklin bel Savery 
Davis Daniel, clerk and ti-immings store, 969 

Davis Da.niel, driver, 622 Shippen lane 
Davis Daniel, rigger, 18 Hemphill 
Davis Daniel, hatter, 243 N 5th 
Davis Daniel, lab. 736 N 24th 
Davis Daniel, carp. 1921 South 
Davis Daniel, bookbr. 424 N 5th 
Davis Daniel A., cigar manuf., 401 S 11th and 

1202 South 
Davis Daniel S., tailor, 1202 Bodine 
Davis Daniel V., sexton, 1329 Columbia av 
Davis David, brickmr. White 
Davis David, agent Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co. 

452 Savery 
Davis David, jr., paper and rags, 426 N 3d, h 

Franklin Cem av 
Davis David, jr., driver, Sellers (Fkd) 
Davis David, driver, Orthodox (Fkd) 
Davis David, tanner. Front ab Harrison 
Davis David A., interpreter,-^622 Guilford 
Davis David J., tobac. Otsego ab Moore 
Davis David L., sawmr. 1233 N 13th 
Davis David L., 712 N 22d 
Davis David W., mach. Orchard (Fkd) 
Davis D. A., intei-preter, 212 S 5th 
Davis Ed., shoemr., 606 Marriott 
Davis Edmund, saloon, 120 N 2d, h 1 Noble 
Davis Edward, driver, 1029 Ross 
Davis Edward H., cai-p. 1232 Marion 




Davis Edward M., importer, 15 Bank, Mont, i Davis Henry, silver polisher, 1630 Chancellor 

County, n Chetler Hills 
DAVIS EDWARD M. & CO., (E. M. Davis, 

John Durborrow, Henry Earle,) imps, silk 

goods, 15 Bank & 20 Strawberiy 
Davis Elias, lab. 736 N 24th 
Davis Elias, cordw. 1615 Marshall 
Davis Elijah, manuf. 219 S Front, & lead works 

Richmond & York (R), h 444 N 4th 
Davis Elijah B., porter, 36 S Front, rear 217 

Davis Elijah J., waiter, 916 Bonsall 
Davis Eliza, clothing-, 711 S Bioad 
Davis Eliza, washer, 410 S Front 
Davis Eliza, v/elldr. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Davis Eliza P., shirt maker. 4 Filbert av 
Davis Elizabeth, 710 Sansom 
Davis Eliz., wid. 706 Marriott 
Davis Eliz., Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Davis Eliz., Oak ab Bridg-ewater (W P) 
Davis Ellen, g-entw. o6th'ab Grape (W P) 
Davis Ellwood, merchant, 1318 Walnut 
Davis Ellwood B., salesman, 217 Church al, h 

1114 Wallace 
Davis Elnathan B., eng-ineer. Bridge n Point r 

Davis Emanuel, shoemr., r 12 S 7th 

Di'vis Henry E., whrf. build., Norrisab Belg-rade 

Davis Henry G., cordw. 1328 Yienna 

Da\is Henry J., mer. 219 Market, h635N 8th 

Davis Henry S., lab. 2216 Callov>diill 

Davis Henry T., tailor, 331 S 2d, h 1322 S 4th 

Davis Henry Y., printer, 1503 N 11th 

Davis Hester, segar store, 1103 S 10th 

Davis Hetty, Mrs., varieties, 28 S 15tli 

Davis Hiram, carp. Fox Chase 

Davis Hugh, Harrison a.v 

Davis H. H., plumber, 925 Nllth 

Davis Isaac, carp. 215 N 6th 

Davis Isaac, carp. 1316 Houston (R) 

Davis Isaac, dealer, 1023 Moyamensing av 

Davis Isaac, saddle-tree maker, 464 N 9th 

Davis Isaac, gent., 807 Locust 

Davis Isniel, lab. 9th & Columbia av 

Davis Jacob, porter, 902 Yandeveer al 

Davis Jacob M., bookbr. 1031 F av 

Davis Jas., paper manuf., 207 Carter, h 1323 S 7th 

Davis James, carp. Mechanic (Myk) 

Davis James, gent., 1737 Arch 

Davis James, cordv/. 1310 Kates 

Davis James, weaver, 1607 Helmuth 

Davis James, jeweler, 807 S 8th 

Davis James, driver, Orthodox (Fkd) 

Davis Emanuel, cordw. Race bel 4th, li 266 S 5th i Davis James, cordvf. 2320 Linn 

Davis Emma, Mrs. 830 S 3d I Davis James, painter, 21st ab Sharswood 

Davis En., toll col., Hestonvilie (W P) JDavis James, weaver, 1229 Bedford 

Davis Ephraim, cordw., 2112 W'inter 

Da\'is Evans, blacksmith, 25 Ashland 

Davis E., shoemr. 56 N 2d 

Davis E. C, fancy store, 24 S 8th 

Davis E. H., carp. 606 Marriott 

Davis E. &, white lead manuf. 219 S Front, 

factory Lehig'h St., Richmond 
Davis Francis, chair painter, 1139 S 9th 
Davis Francis, lab.. Oak bel Rose, (W P) 
Davis Garret, cordw., Almond bel Cumberland 
Davis Gainer Mrs., b h, 114 Arch 
Davis George, fireman. Filbert bel 22d 
Davis Geo., lab. S W Front & Catharine 
Davis Geo., fisherm. 1123 Otis 
Davis Geo., shoemr. 308 Cypress 
Davis Geo., milkm. 801 Callowhill 
Davis Geo., lab. Richmond (Bdg) 
Davis Geo. H., drug clerk, 1050 G T rd 
Davis George H., 807 Locust 
Davis & HafF, (^Elwood Davis, Jeremiah 

Haff,) shirt collars, 223 Church al 
Davis Geo. W., sailor, 604 Bay 
Davis Geo. W., bookkr. 1223 Woodbine 
Davis Geo. W., elk., 439 Chestnut, h Woodbine 
Davis Geo. W., bricklr., Mustin's ct 
Davis Geo. W., bricklr., Gaul n Norris 
Davis George W., hardware. Main, (Myk) 
Davis Geo. v., 1018 Cherry 
Davis G. hatter, 134 N 2d 
Davis Harrison, tobacconist, 249 N 2d 
Davis Henry, compositor, 766 S 8th 
Davis Henry, clerk, 712 Wood 

Davis James, weaver, 1305 Palethorp 

Davis James, cabinetmr. 667 Preston 

Davis James B., blindmr. 2 Buckingham pi 

Davis James & Co., paper manuf;^. 207 Carter 

Davis James H., coachmr. r 1227 Vine 

Davis James M., Rev., 818 Ai ch 

DAYIS JAMES P., city siuweyor and regulator 

18th & 19th vv-ards, 303 Girard av 
Davis Jas. R., chairmr. 1310 S 7th 
Davis Jas. W., coal dealer, 2116 Market, h 211 

N 20th 
Davis Jane,. 618 Barclay 
Davis Jane, cook, 212 Gasklll 
Davis Jane H., 748 Erie 
Davis Jesse F.. barber, 257 S Broad 
Davis Job, blacksm, h 1548 Cohocksink 
} Davis John, pressman, Cresson bel Penn (Mj-k) 
DAYIS JOHN, furs, 51 N 2d, h 728 S 10th 
Davis John, cordw. S E Auburn and 10th 
S. Davis John, sweeper, 252 Quince 

I DAYIS JOHN, jr., paper hanger, 138 N 8th, h 

408 N 5th 
Davis John, engineer 1116 Montgomery 
Davis John, pictures, 314 Ashland 
Davis John, sink cleaner, 1006 Barley 
Davis John, mach. 1111 F av 
Davis John, lab. Adam (Fkd) 
Davis John, manuf. curled hair, Chestnut and 

Crammond (V,' V) 
Davis John, farmer, Branchtown pike 
Davis John, vict. 1233 N 5th 
Davis John, grocer, 210 Race 
Davis John, boxmr. 38 S 18th 

Davis Henry, farmer, York pike (G T) 

Davis Hemy, leather dealer, 246 N 3d, h 1436 i Davis John, sr., paperhr. 408 N 5th 

Poplar I Davis John, painter, Smethurst pi 

Davis Henry, cordw 1223 S 7th i Davis John, lab. 1434 N 10th 

Davis Henry, baker, 2214 Race Davis John, nailmr, 1154 WiUiam 

Davis Henry, artist, 729 S 4th Davis John, porter, 1711 Fitzwater 




Davis John B., distiller, 219 N Water 

Davis John C, lumber mer. Locust n Beach, 

Schl., h 1214 Chestnut 
DAVIS J OHN C, merchant, 221 N 3d, h Lan av 

ab 33d (W P) 
Davis John C, clerk, 925 N 11th 
Davis John G., spoke factory, h 708 Franklin 
Davis John G., cordw. York pike (G T) 
Davis JohnH., carp. 214 Marriott 
Davis John H., tailor, N W Market & Mary 

(W P), h 305 N 20th 
Davis John J., clerk, h 1435 Race 
Davis John L., engine builder. Chestnut st whf. 

(W P) h 1301 Green 
Davis John M., Mrs., lead and paint manuf. 

1128 Beach, h 68 Columbia av 
Davis John P., 736 N 24th 
Davis John R., engineer, 668 Orange 
Davis John S., cai-p. 746 Erie 
Davis John W., ship carp, r 1011 S Front 
Davis John W., 1519 Palmetto 
Davis Jonathan, carp. (C Hill) 
Davis Jonathan, M. D., 921 S 9th 
Davis Joseph, plasterer, 630 Cherry 
Davis Joseph, pilot, Champion house, Del av 

ab South 
Davis Joseph, 228 Currant al 
Davis Joseph, coachman, 1017 Barley 
Davis Joseph, carp. 36th & Grape 
Davis Joseph, shirtmr. 332 N 2d 
Davis Jos. C, cordw. 229 S Front 
Davis Joseph D-, artist, 230 Union 
Davis Joseph M. mer. 246 Chestnut, h N E 

18th & Arch 
Davis Josiah, shingle shaver. Church bet Park 

& Mary (W P) 
Davis Julia Ann, washer woman, 1318 Bedford 

Davis Justinian, gent. 418 Walnut 

Davis J. Newton, salesman, S E 9th &; Catharine 

Davis J. B. & Co., distillers, 219 N Water 

Davis J. W. & Co., (J. W. Davis, John E. Hud- 
sun,) alcohol manufrs. 226 Coates 

Davis Lawrence, ropemr. Front bel Chatham 

Davis Leonard, mariner, 108 Mary (S) 

Davis Lewis, capt. Richmond 

Davis Lewis H., whip mr. Eadline & 36th 

Davis Lloyd, painter, 542 Linden 

Davis L. H., bar tender, rear Wyatt 

Davis L. M., clerk, 128 S 6th 

Davis L. N., varieties, 1345 South 

Davis Marcus A., cabinetmr. 339 Walnut, h 311 

Davis Margaret, shop, 245 Richmond 

Davis Margaret, shop, 1521 Columbia av 

Davis Mark, porter, 216 Bird's ct • 

Davis Mary, 713 N 5th 

Davis Mary, trimmings, 254 Columbia av 

Davis Mary, shop, 1013 Newton 

Davis Mary, 1224 Pearl 

Davis Mary Ann, b h 20 N 10th 

Davis Mary A., gentw. Market ab 38th 

Davis Mary A., 42 S 17th 

Davis Mary G., seminary, 1525 Walnut 

Davis Mary S., milliner, 332 N 6th 

Davis Mary J., 1909 Wood 

Davis Matilda, b h 704 Lebanon 

Davis Michael, lab. Riclmiond (Bdg) 

Davis Michael B., artist, 319 Ashland 

Davis Milton, carp. 36th and Grape (W P) 
Davis Morris, com. mer. 1614 Green 
Davis Moses, restaurant, 533 Vincent 
Davis Nathan, hotel, York & Trenton 
Davis Nathan B., carp. Cottage (C Hill) 
Davis Oliver, tavern, N W Almond & Swanson 
Davis O. Wilson, atty. at law, 25 S 3d, h 1210 

Davis Patrick, lab. 1621 Wood 
Davis Paul, engineer, Taylor ab Hare 
Davis Paul A., collector, 19 S 8th 
Davis Rachel, b h 2503 Hamilton 
Davis Rebecca, gentw. Market ab 38th (N) 
Davis R., jeweler, 830 Emeline 
Davis Esther, wid. of Thos. Oak ab Till (W P) 
Davis Richard, clerk, 56 S 2d 
Davis Richard, watchmr. 453 N 10th 
Davis Richard, cabinetmr. 407 S 7th 
Davis Richard, pudler, Taylor 
Davis Robt., engineer, 1934 Howell 
Davis Robei-t, stone mason, 1715 St Joseph's av 
Davis Robert, carp. 1333 Columbia av 
Davis Robert Coulton, pharmaceutist, S E 16th 

and Vine 
Davis Robt. C, broker, 13 S 3d, h Cemetery la 
Davis Robert H., engineer, 166 Allen 
Davis Robert P., paper hanger, 1224 Carlton 
Davis R., shoe dealer, 908 Market 
Davis Samuel, oysters, Wyoming ab Rye 
Davis Samuel, gent. 1029 Ross 
Davis Samuel, bricklr, 1003 Nectarine 
Davis Samuel, Avheelwright, &c.. Bowery (C 

Davis Samuel, corder. Laurel st whf, h 443 

Davis Samuel, plasterer, 1170 N 4th 
Davis Saml. A., wheelwright, Salmon ab Clear- 
Davis Samuel B., jeweler, 316 Clark 
Davis Samuel H., lumber mer., 4th and George, 

h 824 N 7th 
Davis Saml. H., salesman, 18 S Front, h 708 

Davis Samuel L., h 876 N 6th 
Davis Sarah A., gentw. 851 N 12th 
Davis Sarah E., teacher. Park & Market (W P) 

h 7th & Grape (M V) 
Davis Sargeant, 906 Race 
Davis Susan, 13 N 13th 
Davis Susanna, grocer, 24th & Hamilton 
Davis Thomas, printer, 302 Cypress 
Davis Thomas, mat manuf 1524 Hancock 
Davis Thomas, weaver, Franklin (G T) 
Davis Thomas, weaver, 1309 Mariner 
Davis Thomas, restaurant, 1350 N 2d 
Davis Thomas, carter, Warren ab Park 
Davis Thomas, boiler mr. 1136 Savery 
Davis Thomas, cabinetmr. 242 Munroe 
Davis Thomas, dealer, 831 S Front 
Davis Thomas, carpenter, 613 Jayne, h 239 

N 20th 
Davis Thomas, drayman, 28 S Front 
Davis Thos., cordw. 1210 Marion 
Davis Thomas, cordw. Salmon 
Davis Thomas F., cordw. 216 Reed 
Davis Tliomas H., barber, N E 11th and Race 
Davis Thomas M., hatter, 245 Perry 
[Davis Thomas M., carp. Gatzmer, h 7 N 2d 




Davis Thomas R., clerk, 22 N 4th, h 332 N 6th 

Davis Thomas R., clerk, 760 Florida 

Davis Thomas S., hotel, 10th ab I'hompson 

Davis Thomas W., lab. 501 Wood 

Davis Thomas W.,diy goods, 205 Market, h 425 

DAVIS THOMAS W. & CO. (TIios. W. Davis, 

Wm. Watson, Saml. S. Scott,'- dry goods, 

205 Market 
Davis T. M., mer. 1327 Girard av 
Davis T. Nelson, salesman, 141 S 4th, h 748 

Davis T. Rusling, dentist, 907 N 6th 
Davis & Vezey, (Henry T. Davis, Henry C. 

Vezey,) clothing, 331 S 2d 
Davis Victorine, seamstress, 623 Middle al 
Davis Ward, gasfr. 915 Ontario 
Davis Wm., alderman, 34th & Market, h 34th & 

Lane av 
Davis Wm., shoemr. 619 S 15th 
Davis Wm., corkcutter, 144 N Front 
Davis Wm., carp. 1715 St Joseph's av 
Davis Wm., carp. Adams ab Oxford 
Davis Wm., mach. Paul (Fkd) 
Davis Wm., shingle shaver, Eagle Place 
Davis Wm., harness mr. Caldwell 
Davis Wm., weaver, 1154 S 13th 
Davis Wm., tinsmith, 6 Herman (G Town) 
Davis Wm., carp. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Davis Wm., painter, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Davis William, driver, 7 Tiller's ct W Vaughn 
Davis & Wilson, {Oliver Davis, John Wilson,) 

grocers, Girard av & Deal 
Davis Wm., horse shoes, Market n 31st, h War- 
ren ab Park (W P) 
Davis Wm., blacksm. Market ab Bridgewater, 

h Warren ab Park (W P) 
Davis W^m., plumber, 220 S 12th 
Davis Wm., flour, 537 Race, h 1235 Mervine 
Davis Wm., cordw., rear 1006 Maurice 
Davis Wm., weaver, 1238 Catharine 
Davis Wm., cooper, 1015 Newton 
Davis Wm., blacksmith, 33d & Eadline 
Davis Wm. A., M. D., 412 Race, h 1006 Coates 
Davis Wm. D., cigars, 711 Cherry 
Davis Wm. F., carp. Mechanic ab Cresson 

Davis Wm. G., clerk, Haveiford av & Logan 

(W P) 
Davis Wm. H., teacher music, 470 Rawle 
Davis Wm. H., painter, 321 German 
Davis Wm. M., machinist, 21st ab Sharswood 
Davis Wm. M., sugar refiner, 225 Church al, h 

Davis Wm. M., carp, shop Shippen ab 8th, h 

813 S 10th 
Davison Adam, carter Main (C Hill) 
Davison Catharine B., 1509 Ridg-e av 
Davison George, gardener, 1227 Fulton 
Davison H., trimmings, 1325 South 
Davison James, calico engrav. Shirley bel 19th 
Davison James, weaver, 238 Jefferson 
Davison John, hatter, 1066 G T av 
Davison John, Bidnlle 

Davison Joseph, seminary, h 1406 S Penn sq 
Davison Robert, lab. 1835 Barker 
Davison Wm., 108 Haydock 
Davison Wm., weaver, 1506 Perry 

Davison Wm., mer. 812 S 3d 

Davison W. J., sawyer. Mansion ab Chestnut 

(W P) 
Davisson Charles, acct. 525 Catharine 
Davisson Jesse C, clerk, 1022 S 5th 
Davisson Theo., accountant, 427 Market, h 521 

Davisson Theodore H., conveyancer, 525 Catha- 
Davy Eliza Mrs., b h 308 S 11th 
Davy William, carpenter, rear 833 Grover 
Daw Patrick, weaver, 1754 N 11th 
Daw William, sea captain, 202 N Front 
Dawes Charles J., cop. plate printer, 33 S 3d, 
Dawes J. C, di-uggist, N W lltli and Locust 
Dawick James, carpet store, 930 R avenue 
Daws Samuel C, book binder, 402 Librai-y 
Dawson Charles, clerk, 339 Market 
Dawson Daniel, moulder, 1113 WiUiam 
Dawson Eliza, oyster house, 1708 Ridge av 
Dawson Eliz., Cresson bel Green (Myk) 
Dawson Geo., lab. 1416 Parrish 
Dawson George, cordw. 934 St John 
Dawson & Hancock, (Robt. L. Dawson, Robt. B. 

Ha7icock,) mers. 106 S Front 
Dawson Henry, boatman. Mechanic (Myk) 
Dawson Jacob, agent, Tudor 
Dawson James, carder, Jackson ab Main (Myk) 
Dawson Job, dry goods, 422 S 2d 
Dawson John, dyer, Cumberland ab Diamond 
Dawson John, meter, Harrison bel Chatham 
Dawson John, cordw. rear 428 Christian 
Dawson Jno. C, book keeper, 211 Chestnut, h 

419 S 13th 
Dawson Joseph whipmaker, 1016 N Front 
Dawson J. E., driver, 1225 Ogden 
Dawson Lewis E., bricklr. 19th ab Poplar 
Dawson Michael, junk store, 513 Penn 
Dawson M. L., gent. N E 7th & Walnut, h 1420 

Dawson Nich., milk, 1420 S 7th 
Dawson Owen, waiter, 1 Gulielma 
Dawson Robert, clerk, E Orthodox (Fkd) 
Dawson Robert B., 1027 Olive 
Dawson Thos., dyer. Orchard (Fkd) 
Dawson Thomas, blksm. Paul (Fkd) 
Dawson Thomas, cordw. 39 Tudor 
Dawson T. R., mer. 333 Market 
Dawson William, boa.tman. Levering ab Cres- 
son, (Myk) 
Dawson Wm., dry goods. Main & Cotton (Myk> 
Dawson Wm., carp. Coombs' al, h 515 N lOtli 
Dawson W. F., clerk, E Orthodox (Fkd) 
Dawson W. H., book binder, 1004 Sergeant 
Day Alfred, coal mer. 721 Swanson, h 129 

Day Alfred, baker, 255 N 12th 
Day B. Franklin, merchant, 21st ab Callowhill, 

h Bridge ab 34th (W P) 
Day Chas., tailor and clothier, 435 N 2d 
Day Charles F., flour, &c. Columbia avbel Rich- 
mond, h 325 Allen 
Day Charles H., ladies' shoemaker, 1017 Marl- 
Day Christian, grocer, Poplar and Gray 
Day Conrad B., salesman, 38 N 3d, h 465 

Girard av 
Day Elisha, sheet iron wr. 1 Providence ct 




Day Elizabeth B., 611 N 17th 

Day E. A., accountant, N E Front and Arch, 

h Mt Vernon Hotel 
Day Franklin, weaver, 235 JefFerson 
Day Geo., jr., carp. 1129 Columbia av 
Day George, carp., 1129 Columbia av 
Day Geo. W., mer. 1622 Ai-ch 
Day Geo. W., tailor, 603 Green 
Day Henry, carp. 1014 S 9th 
Day Henry M., mer. 325 Chestnut, b 36th and 

Baring- (M V) 
DAY HORACEH., India rub. goods, 204 Market 
Da}' Isaac, lab. rear 226 Quince 
Day Jacob, teller, 851 N 8th 
Day Jacob, lab. 5o7 Queen 
Day James, shoe store, Holmesburg- 
Day James, weaver, Bodine bel Columbia 
Day Jane Mrs., Lancaster Pike ab 36th (W P) 
Day John, tavern, 740 Shippen 
Day John, lab. Gray's Ferry rd bel Toll Gate 
Day Joseph, panelW. 1227 N 15th 
Day Mary, b h, 210 Coates 
Day Mary, sempstress, rear 1007 Hamilton 
Day Margaret, huckster, 1241 Charlotte 
Day Michael, weaver, 235 Jefferson 
Day Michael, gent. 1020 Marlborough 
Day N. B., butter, N E 9th and Sp Garden 
Day Peter, baker, 318 Richmond 
Day Robert H., marble, Richmond &. Marlboro, 

h 419 Wildey 
Day S. M., Sec. N. W. Mining Co. 417 Walnut, 

h 333 Arch 
Day Wm., cordw. 707 Richmond 
Day Wm. S., 121 Washington av 
Davbold Fred., moroccco dress, h 233 Poplar 
Dayly John, 2 Hemphill 
Dayton Hiram, 5 Dempster pi 
Dayton Jos., segar maker, 1214 N 2d 
Deacon Alfred, clerk, Market and Margaretta, 

h N E Walnut and 38th (W P) 
Deacon Andrew, lab. rear 822 Carpenter 
Deacon Benjamin, M. D. 132 Frankford 
Deacon Chas. T., bricklr. 1020 Poplar 
Deacon Charles T., coal mer. 335 N Broad, h 

605 N 17th 
Deacon Edmund, publisher, 132 S 3d^ h 602 

N 6th 
Deacon George, borer, 1223 Savery 
Deacon Hugh, 1612 Becket 
DEACON ISRAEL R., convey. 1302 N 11th 
Deacon John, 1212 LyndalPs al 
Deacon Mary, b h, 866 N 6th 
Deacon Mary A., dressmr. 866 N 11th 
DEACON & NEWHALL, {Charles T. Deacon, 
Wm. E. Newhall,) coal mers. 335 N Broad 
DEACON & PETERSON, (Edmund Deacon, 

Henri/ Peterson,) publishers Saturday Eve- 
ning Post, 132 S 3d 
Deacon llobt., ship master, 827 Lombard 
Deacon Wm. K., rest. 130 S 4th, h 1239 Mervine 
Deah Adam, butcher, 491 St John 
Deah Frederick, lab. 4 Butz's row 
Deakyne A. C, M.D., 782 S 2d 
Deal Alfred, clerk P. O. h 1426 N Broad 
Deal Andrew, printer, 429 Allen 
Deal Benj. F., mason, Adams (Fkd) 
Deal Charles Mrs., 1103 Vine 
Deal Chas., gas litter, Tacony, W Hall 

Deal Chas., pap. deal. S W 5th and Commerce, 

h 604 N 11th 
Deal Charles E., mason, Penn (Fkd) 
Deal Francis, mason, Paul n Church (Fkd) 
Deal F. Francis, vict. Trinity pi bel 7th 
Deal F. H., salesman, 62 Frankford (Fkd) 
Deal George, blacksm. Belmont av 
]3eal George, bootmr. 5 Kenworthy's ct 
Deal George, mach. Columbia bel Front 
Deal George, blacksm. 3d & Montgomery 
Deal George, farmer, Tacony (W Hall) 
Deal George, jr., mer. 204 Market 
Deal Jacob, sr. butcher, Otis (R) 
Deal Jacob, vict., Otis (R) 
Deal Jacob, bottle coverer, Trenton av 
Deal Jane F., 207 Crease 
Deal John, vict. 15th and Ogden 
Deal John, waterman, 434 German 
Deal John, farmer, Tacony, W Hall 
Deal John, cordw. Haines (G T) 
Deal John, post master, Frankford 
Deal John, wharf build. 433 Allen 
Deal John, carter. 113 Washington av 
Deal John, brassfounder, 1227 Leopard 
Deal John, lab. Centre (G T) 
Deal Jno. F., gent. 945 N 6th 
Deal Jos., oyster saloon, 229 Mintzer 
Deal Joseph, conveyancer, Paul (Fkd) 
Deal Joseph, mason, Paul (Fkd) 
Deal Mar}' Mrs., clothing", 605 Shippen 
Deal Michael, stevedore, Decatur'& Corn 
Deal Michael, carter, 1243 Moyamensing av 
Deal Peter, farmer, Oxford P road n Frankford 
Deal Peter, carter. Alder near Masters 
Deal Reuben, 262 Perry 
Deal Robert W., mason, Paul (Fkd) 
Deal Rudolph, farmer, Tacony (W hall) 
Deal Saml., cordw. Rittenhouse (G T) 
Deal Saml. 1?., prison keeper, 1 Trinity pi 
Deal Thomas, brakesman, 717 S 11th 
Deal Wm., brassfounder, b h 1236 Hope 
Deal Wm., watchman, 1128 Olive 
Deal Wm., macht. 207 Crease 
Deal Wm., spinner, Fisher's la (G T) 
DealWm., h 236 N 5th 
Deal William, butcher, 5th ab NoitIs 
Deal Wm., carter. Rye ab Wharton 
Deal Wm., vict. 5th bel Diamond (K) 
Deal Wm. D., mer. 252 N Juniper 
Deal Wm. V., tailor, 945 N 6th ^ 

Dealy Dennis F., clerk, 628 Christian 
Dealy James, .shoe findings and tools, 708 P rd 
Deamer Geo. W., sailmaker, 122 diina 
Deamer Harriet, 1525 N 11th 
Deamer Henry, saddler, 1515 Market 
Deamer Henry, glassblowei'. Tulip ab Norris 
Deamer L., Nicholson av 
Deamer Sarah K., 1017 Lawrence 
Dean Charles, salesm., 425 Market, h 107 New 
Dean Charles, blacksm. 90 S Penn 
Dean Chas. A., confec. 654 Franklin 
DEAN CHARLES W., notions and wooden 

ware, 119 Market 
Dean Henry, dry goods, 2104 Callowhill 
Dean Jacob, carp. Adams (Fkd) 
Dean Jolin, 251 Mechanic 
Dean John, weaver, 8 Moyamensing av 
Dean John D., acct. 3 Dock st whf, h 416 S IStii 




Dean Jonathan, coachmr. 1308 Dorsey 

Dean Jos., plast. 1731 Carlton 

Dean Joseph & Son, manufs. 15 Letitia 

Dean Julian Girard, watchcasemr. 309 Lombard 

Dean J. G., g-entw. 304 N 19th 

Dean Louisa, ironer, 635 Barclay 

Dean Moses, coachman, rear 217 Duponceau 

Dean Richard, blksm. 928 Morg-an 

Dean Thomas, weaver, 9th and Dickerson 

Dean Thomas, weaver, 1437 N Front 

Dean Thomas, ship carp. 1513 S Front 

Dean Wm., iron fronts, 1224 Hamilton 

Dean Wm., fisherman, llllHewston 

Dean William, lab. 714 Masters 

Dean William F., atty. & coun., 311 Walnut, h 

416 S 15th 
Dean Wm. F., 1426 S Broad 
Deaner Henry, lab. 623 Moyer 
Deaney Alexander, lab. Palm (R) 
Deaney Bridg'et, 847 Christian 
Deaney Edward, lampmr. 847 Christian 
Deaney Neal, lab. Ann (R) 
Deaney T. S., g-ent. 1421 N 6th 
De Ang-eli & Carre, (G De Angli, Lewis Carre^ 

tin & sheet iron workers, 1002 Market 
De Ang-eli G., tin worker, 1002 Market, h 39 

N 13th 
De Ang'eli H., tinsm. 1002 Market, h Hepburn 

ab Fitzwater 
Deany Daniel, lab. Richmond (R) 
Dean)'' James, lab. Ann below Melvale 
Deany John, lab. Ann bel Melvale 
Deany John, lab. Ann bel Melvale 
Deany John, sr., lab. Ann bel Melvale 
De Arcy Arthur, seamen's b h, 507 Penn 
Dearding' John, dyer. Pine (Fkd) 
Dearding John, lab. Paul .(Fkd) 
Dearding- Wm., watchman. Pine (Fkd) 
Dearie James, manuf. 2207 Callowhill 
Dearie John, manuf. 2207 Callowhill 
Dearie Jolm, 739 Carpenter 
Dearie John, 1939 Callowhill 
Dearie Thomas, lab. 24 N Walnut 
DEARMAN & BAGSHAW, {Chas. Dearman, 

Walter Bagshaw,) carp, tool mrs. 120 N 6th 
Dearman Chai-les, steel polisher, 120 N 6th, h 

1027 Anita 
De Armond R. C, 1728 Cox 
Dearr H. tobacco, 618 St Johns 
Dearr Jas. carp., 1902 Zanoni 
Dearrolf Isaac, cordw. Front ab Cherry 
Dearry Ambrose J., Blockley Almshouse, h cor 

Darby rd and Almshouse g-ate 
Dearry B., lab. 2022 Murray 
Deary Bernard, lab. Cadwalader av ab Jefferson 
Deary Zachary B., Bridge (Whitehall) 
Deas Catharine, 136 Dana 
Deas James H., wai-m air furnaces, &c., N W 

8th and Coates 
Deaton Andrew, brickmr. r 822 Carpenter 
Deavault Philip, watchman, 8th & Oxford 
Deaves Thomas, carp. 624 Carpenter 
Deaves Trial, carp. Orchard (Fkd) 
Deaves Wm., blksm. Orchard (Fkd) 
De Barry John, g-ent. 940 N 10th 
De Barry Wm. A., clerk, 940 N 10th 
DeBastine Emilie, teacher of French, Locust bel 

40th (W P) 

DeBaufreWm., Central House, 31 S 11th 

Debenneville Jas., M.D., 123 S 7th 

De Beust Chas. W., chairmr. 401 Orleans 

De Beust J. M. R., clerk, 308 Walnut, h 311 

De Beust J. & E., house furnishing-, 129 S 11th 
Debinder Geo., g-unmr. shop, 823 Soutli, h 3d 

above Wharton 
De Boer Henry, dealer, 626 S Guilford 
Deboice Bernard, seg-ars, 1149 N Front 
Deboice John, tailor, 1 Rupert pi 
De BoUe Sarah, gentw. 332 Catharine 
De BoUe W. John, M.D., 335 N 13th 
Deboos James, trlmming-s, 711 N 10th 
Debowe Garrett, g-ent. Paul (Fkd) 
Debozar Joseph, 812 N 15th 
De Brot John, mer. 3oo Market, h 111 N 5th 
De Buck Edmund, clerk,35 S 4th, h 1512 Chest- 
De Burlo Henry G., artist, 515 Chestnut 
De Burlow Henry, artist, 20 S 6th 
Decan Neil, carter. Cooper ab 21st 
Decan Peter A., ship master, 832 Marshall 
De Casseres Benj., bookkr. 4th and Walnut, h 

1037 Coates 
De Castro Sarah, 1008 Locust 
Decatur John, coach trimmer^ 1544 Franklin 
Decernea Edw., salesman, 314 N 6th 
De Cernea Thos. L., architect, 152 S 4th 
DECH AARON S., notions, &c. 16 N 3d, h 519 

De Chamont Charles, 108 S 18th 
De Charms Richard Rev., 260 S 17th 
Decher Conrad, carp. 1207 Mechanic 
Dechert Christian, lab. 510 St John 
DECHERT HENRY M., atty. and coun. 139 

fe 5th, h Walnut bel Till (WP) 
Deck Bernard, cordw. Bridg-e (Bdg-) 
Decker Ann Mrs., tav.. Washing-ton av. Gray's 

F rd 
Decker Conrad, carver, 127 Dock 
Decker John, barber. Front ab Noble 
Decker John, tinsmith, 618 Callowhill 
Decker Leopold, saloon. Cotton and Cresson 

Decker P. J. Mrs., 1839 Filbert 
Decker Solomon, ship, 833 Charlotte 
Decklinburg Frederick, tailoi-, 2 Boyd's av 
Deckwer Charles, saloon, 220 Shippen 
Decline Theo., blockmr. Beach ab Noble, h 801 

N Front 
Decou Robert, clothmg-, 409 Chestnut, h 1330 

Girard av 
DECOU & CO., (Robt. Decou, John Wendell^ 

jr.,) clothing-, 409 Chestnut 
De Coursey Gerald, salesman, 335 Market 
De Coursey Jacob, ladies' shoes, 550 N 2d 
DeCoursey John, cordwainer, 556 China 
De Coursey Saml. G., clerk, 40 S Front, h 1707 

muel De Coursey, Marceline, Edward, and 
Charles Lafourcade,) dry g-oods, 335 Mar- 
De Coursey Saml. W., mer. 335 Market, h 1707 

De Coursey Mr., cordw. rear 26 Brook 
De Coursey Thomas, tailor, 977 N 2d 




De Coursey Pat., 2341 Virg-inia 

De Crag- Alex., pianos, Hancock ab York 

De Crag- James, chairmaker, Cu-mberland ab 

De Crauzat Henry, beer house, 208 Carter 
De Cray Francis, pianomr. Hancock bel Cum- 
berland (K) 
Dedaker Chas., farmer, Fisher's la (G T) 
Dedaker Geo. W., farmer, Fisher's la (GT) 
Dedaker Jos., carter, Tacony (R) 
Dedaker Martin, ship carp. 1031 Crease 
Dedeker Yal., bricklr. 1205 Palmer 
Dedier Chris, lab. Fisher's la (GT) 
Dedier Henry, mason. Limekiln Pike (G T) 
Dedier Jacob, farmer, York Pike (Bristol) 
Dedier Jacob R., carp. Wistar (G Town) 
Dedier Jas., lab. Limekiln Pike (GT) 
Dedier John, carp. Haines (G T) 
Dedier Michael, lab. Limekiln Pike (GT) 
Dedier Peter J., carp. Queen (G Town) 
Dedier Wm., carp. Main ab Log-an (G Town) 
Dedier Wm. C, carp. Wistar (G Town) 
Dedrick Charles H., turner, 1014 Leithg-ow 
Dee J. & Co., (J. Dee, M. Fitzpatrick,) station- 
ery, 157 N 8th, h 835 Cherry 
Deegan John, lab. 3 Galbraith ct 
Deeg-an Thomas, lab. 4 Fetter la 
Deeg-an Patrick, gent. 833 Franklin 
Deegan Simon, lab. 1330 Pearl 
Deemer C, 2342 Virginia 
Deemer Edwin H., clerk, 248 Market, h 923 

Deemer James, pattern mr. Hack pi 
Deemer John, morocco, 250 N 3d, 981 N 2d, 

h 1215 N 7th 
Deemer John J., patternmr. 1214 Ogden 
Deemer Jos., cai-p. Richmond 
Deeno John, driver, 2076 Filbert 
Deering Christ., milk. Point House la 
Deering James, rigger, 314 German 
Deering John, lab. Paul & Tacony (Fkd) 
Deering Lawrence, rigger, 335 South 
Deery Jas., tavern, 301 N 24tli 
Deery Jas. T., stair builder, 1716 Barker, h 224 

Deery John, stairbr, Fleming 
Deery Margt., 1507 Nllth 
Dees Geo., umbmr. 29 Parham 
Deetz Charles B. & Bro., {Charles B., Daniel,) 
grocers, 147 N 2d and S E 2d & Green, 
h 143 Coates 
Deetz Daniel, grocer, 147 N 2d and S E 2d & 

Green, h 201 Quarr}^ 
Deetz Edwd., clerk, 147 N 2d, h Gordon House 
Deetz Geo., seaman, 434 Magnolia 
Deetz Mary, 434 Magnolia 
Defeiber William, capmaker, 503 Vine 
Deffee John, lab. 532 Vincent 
Deford Geo., 1417 Walnut 
Deford Richard, shoemaker^ 336 German 
Deforney Benedict, engineer, rear 531 Vincent 
De Fratas Francis, cordw. Townsend (R) 
Defrietas Thos., saloon 12th & Chestnut, h 253 

S 12th 
Degard John, printer, 1315 Horstman 
De Garmendia C. G., mer. 140 S Front 
Degen F. E., hotel, 935 & h 945 P road 
Degen Jacob, stone cutter, 947 P road 

Degen John, cedar cooper, 947 P road 

Degen John, jr. police, 947 P road 

Deg-inther Michael, cabinetmr., 1014 Chestnut, 

h 1218 Sansom 
Degnay Barnard, mason, 619 Fitzwater 
Degney Pat., milkman, 1506 American 
Degorgue Francis, shoemr. Kingsessing 
Degorgue Jas., hotel, G F road & Christian 
De Grasse Jos., printer, 806 Yost 
De Grasse Peter, oak cooper, 408 Christian 
De Grath Chas. Prof., electric oils, &c., 105 S 

DegToss Moses, printer, 1016 Lombard 
De Groote James, varnisher, 933 S 8th 
De Grote Elisha, ship carp. Lydia av 
De Grote Garrett H., cordw. 935 Parrish 
De Haan Julia, 2d & Union 
De Haan J., clothing, 325 S 2d 
De Hann Solomon, clerk, 621 Guilford 
Dehan Neal, 728 Belgrade 
Dehan S. A., rear 517 S Queen 
De Hart Abraham, marble yd, P road bel Chris- 
tian, h P road bel M. Prison 
De Hart Abraham, sup. P roadopp. Franklin 
De Hart John, basketmr., 824 N 3d 
De Hart Wm., basketmr. Kingsessing (W P) 
De Haven Ab., vict. 2025 Wood 
De Haven Abram R., shoes, 148 N 8th 
De Haven Andrew, Fox Chase Inn, Nicetovvn 
De Haven Andrew, contractor, R Sun 
De Haven David J., clerk, 904 N 3d 
Dehaven D. W., Copple House, Broad and 

Washington av 
Dehaven George, Montgomery n Front 
Dehaven Geo., jr., clerk, Columbia av bel Front 
De Haven Geo. L., driver, 1926 Cambridge 
De Haven Geo. W., segarmr. 143 Dock 
De Haven Holstein, gent. 249 N 11th 
De Haven Hugh, jr., clerk, 16 S 3d, h 632 N 12th 
De Haven H., h 632 N 12th 
Dehaven Jacob, Whitehall Hotel, 715 Market 
Dehaven Jacob B., receiver, 1440 N Front 
De Haven John, 249 N 11th 
De Haven John, lab. 1915 Carlton 
Dehaven John, machinist, Oxford ab F road 
Dehaven John R., brickmr., 5th ab Diamond 
Dehaven J. Z., mer. 709 Market, h 602 N 10th 
Dehaven Mich., bricklr. 1808 Barker 
De Haven Wm., vict. 2025 Wood 
Dehn Peter J., tav., Cresson ab Cotton (Myk) 
D eider Wm., carp. Main (G T) 
Deighan John, innkeeper, 23d & Spruce 
Deighton Jas., painter, 1013 Sergeant 
Deigner Frances, Tacony road 
Deihl Christ., tobacco. Diamond bel 5th 
Deihl Dav., shoemr. 422 Callowhill 
Deihl John,; bottler, 818 Fitzwater 
Deihm Augustus, cooper b h, 950 N 3d 
Deily Henry, boilermr. 94 Laurel 
Deily Philip P., cont. gas works, 39 Laurel, h 

Front and Haydock 
Deim Geo., cordw. Hancock ab York 
Dehnling Francis C, atty & coun. 341 N 6th 
Deimling John C, 336 York av 
D'Hone John, sailor, 366 Orchard 
D'INVILLIERS C, stock broker, 15 Mev- 

cliants' Exchange, h Mill (G Town) 
Deinigner Christ., Richmond (Bdg) 




Deining-er Philip J., tailor, 933 St John 

Dekney Chas., mach. Adam, Frankford 

Delaney Jas., weaver, Howard ab Norris 

Delaney Michael, lab. Pine (Fkd) 

Deis John, pedlar, 758 S Front 

Deiser John, toys, 237 Franklin 

Deislott John, sculptor, 2330 Market 

Deisroth J., capmr. 422 Columbia av 

Deisz Conrad, turner, 422 Library 

Deith John, cooper, 40 Almond 

Deitrich Geo., tailor, Bodine & Montgomery 

Deitrich Saffin, carp. 1222 N 5th 

Deitrish John, wheelwrt. 2d ab York 

De Iturbide D. Aug-ustin, gentw. 1339 Spi'uce 

Deitz Adolpus, tailor, 1722 N 11th 

Deitz Francis, upholsterer, 130 Richmond 

Deitz Georg-e, turner, 333 Dilhvyn 

Deitz G. H., lab. Dauphin bel Rees 

Deitz Henry, carp., 421 Harmony 

Deitz Henry, carp, 215 Union 

Deitz James L., china, 12th & Coates 

Deitz John, shoemr. Halloway's ct 

Deitz John, lab. 5th bel G T road 

Deitz John, weaver. Price ab F road 

Deitz Lawrence, hostler, 19th and Girard av 

Deitz Lewis, cordw. Apple ab Diamond 

Deitz Peter, printer, 131 Senate 

Deitz Peter, combmr. 946 Lawrence 

Deitz Peter, cooper, 207 S. Water, h215 Union 

Deitz, Sprole & Henry, {Peter Deitz, William. 

Sprole, John Henry,') oak coopers, 207 S 

Deitz Wm., cordw. Kressler and Diamond 
Deitz Wm. H., plumber, 639 Sears 
Dekel Henry, baker, York bel Diamond 
Deklyne Geo., ship carp. 124 Richmond 
Deklyne Wm. W., pump and blockmr. 1206 Cass 
De Korponay Col. G., gent. 1015 Walnut 
Dela Lewis, author, 518 Market, h 1320 Jefferson 
DE LACEY JOHN, M. D., 513 S 4th 
Delacroix C. J., prof, of languages, 907 Filbert 
Delacroix I. F., counter, 114 Chestnut, h 711 

S 9th 
Delacroix Jos. T., acct. 114 Chestnut, h 711 

S 9th 
De Lacroix Lewis F., 808 Leonard 
Delacroix Washington, gas works, 2205 Vine 
Delamatre Mary, teacher. Oak bel Rose, h 

Market ab Logan 
Delage Peter, tailor, 536 Spruce 
Delamater John S., bookbr. Market ab 41st 

De La Motta J. E., atty. at law, 226 S 4th 
Delaney Ann D., Bring-hurst (G Town) 
Delaney Charles, cordw. Rittenhouse (G Town) 
Delaney Dennis, weaver, Bodine ab Oxford 
Delaney Francis, lab. 828 Christian 
Delaney Jas., watchman, 1442 N 10th 
Delaney John, lab. 727 Shippen la 
Delaney John, hotel, 711 Dickinson 
Delaney John, quarryman, Nicetown 
Delaney Lawrence, lab., 16 Edwin 
Delaney Matthew, weaver, Nicetown la 
Delaney Matthew, gent. 1511 Hope 
Delaney Patrick, lab. Fisher's la (G T) 
Delaney Pat., lab. James bel 8th 
Delaney Simon, weaver, 1154 S 13th 
Delaney Wm., clerk, 210 S Front, h 627 Masters 

Delaney Wm., lab. Pleas it (G T) 

Delaney Wm. A., gent. 415 S 18th 

Delaney Wm. B., lab., 627 Masters 

Delano Marie E., 1108 Citron 

Delany Annie, dressmr. 151 N 13th 

Delany Arth. H., gag, fitter, 1508 Montgomery av 

Delan}^ Catharine, shop, 1338 Prospect 

Delany Charles, sand paper, 14 S 4th, h 160 

Delany Daniel, lab. Mulberry (Fkd) 
Delany Daniel, conductor, 1 Quince 
Delany Edwd., mason, 2032 Wood 
Delany Edward J., carver, 813 N 15th 
Delany Ellen, dressmr., 953 Alder 
Delany Fenton, dealer, 610 Bedford 
Delany H., blacksm. Allen & Columbia av, h 230 

Delanjr James, miller. Bridge pi 
Delany James, carver, 305 Cypress 
Delany John, lab. 205 Stamper's al 
Delany John, combmr. Adrian ab Thompson 
Delany John, painter, 1 McMakin's ct 
Delany John F. acct. 1223 Jefferson 
Delany Mary, 1 Marshall's ct 
Delany Mary, widow, dry goods, 1820 South 
Delany Michael, lab. Bringhurst (G T) 
Delany Pati-ick, lab. 18 Queen 
Dalany Patrick, lab. Leiper (Fkd) 
Delany Patrick J., tailor, 604 Market, h 202 

Delany Peter, Mulberry (Fkd) 
Delany William, accountant, 432 Market, h 716 

Delany Wm., clerk, 223 Spruce 
Delany Wm., constable, office, 406 Walnut, h 

223 Gaskill 
Delany Wm., gilder, 772 S 6th 
Delanv Wm. S., gilder, 772 S 6th 
Delany Winifred milliner, 31 S 17th 
Delap Henr)^, silversm. 458 N 5th 
Delap John, teacher, 458 N 5th 
Delap John H., silversm. 543 Wilder 
Delap Mary Ann Mrs. 543 Francis 
Delap Mary Z., milliner, 460 N 5th 
Delas Mary Ann, 144 Almond 
Delavau Jas., lampmr. 405 Buttonwood 
Delavau John, brushmr. 405 Buttonwood 
Delavau Joseph, cordw. 910 Atherton 
Delavau Joseph, tobacconist, 322 S 6th 
Delavau J. W. S., druggist, 6th & Wood 
De Lavau Wm., agt., 947 N 10th 

303 Walnut 

S E 3d and Walnut 
Delay Thomas, lab. 139 Jarvls 
Delbert Simon, chandler, N E 23d & Sansom, h 

117 S 20th 
Delbert Thomas, drayman, 19o9 Cuthbert 
Delestatius Alfred, locksmith, 48 N 7th 
Delissa Saml., shirt manuf. 129 N 2d 
Dell Henry, shoemr. 360 Dillwyn 
Dell Henry, cordw. 515 Poplar 
Dell John, maclunist, 7 Central pi 
Dell Jos. S., mer. 246 N 3d, h 120 Callowhil 
Dell Thomas W., accountant, 246 N 3d, h 120 

Callow ill 
Delleker Geo. F., U. S. Mint, 228 S 20th 




Delleker W. J., notary pub. & ship brok. 404 j 
Chestnut, h 334 S 16th i 

Dellet Wm., carp. Mill (G Town) | 

Dellett Wm. L., carp. Mill (G T) j 

Dellow Geo., hatter, 639 Marshall 1 

De Long- Andrew, cupola tender, 1306 CoateSj 
Delp Charles, cordw. 317 Girard av j 

Delp John, gas fitter, 665 Preston 1 

Delp Josiah M., carp. 813 Knox j 

Delp Myers, plasterer, 802 Thompson 1 

Delvigne Frederick, baker, 1631 Market 
Delzell Chas., waterman, b h, 916 N 3d 
Demall Adam, trunkmr. 821 Bm-ns 
Demarest Mdm., ladies dress patterns, 137 N 

De Marg-iu-ittes Julia, g-entw. 1607 Locust 
Demberg- G., cordw. Diamond bel 5th 
Demby Harriett, 10 Liberty ct 
Demby John, porter, Carpenter bel 12th 
Demby Wm., blacking-, 6 Drinker's al 
Demers Geo. W., Jarvis ab 3d 
Demery Wm., 1116 R avenue 
Demieux Chas., professor of lang-uage, 23 S 7th 
Deming- R. W., bookki-., 227 S 4th, h 1730 Cox Sarah A., 1730 Cox 
Deming Sidne}', reporter, 1546 N 6th 
Demme C. G., butcher, 1 Clematis av 
Demme C. R. Rev., D. D., 119 N 4th 
Demme Theodore, M. D., 538 N4th 
Demoll Edward, barber, 1357 Coates 
De Mott Elihu, plasterer, 606 N 21st 
Dempsey Ann, tailoress, 708 Stewart 
Dempsey Eliza, 316 Jackson . 
Dempsey Jas., victual., 1248 Mervine 
Dempsey, Jas. W., iron worker, 226 Saranak 
Dempsey John, h 1206 Palmer 
Dem_psey John, brewer, 1152 F rd ab Otter (K) 
Dempsey John, boots and shoes, 704 Passyk rd 
Dempsey Lawrence, pedlar, Pine ab 23d 
Dempsey Pat. driver, 824 S 8th 
Dempsey Richd., gent. 1711 Wallace 
Dempsey Robt. brickmakei', 1143 Shippen 
Dempsey Wm., cordw. 508 Jane 
Dempsey Wm., cordw. Jayne ab 8th, b h 1240 

De Nagri Joseph, 242 N Juniper 
Denan John, carp. 1036 Clare 
Denby Jos., silversm., Venage ab 5th 
Denby Wm., prompter, 218 S 11th 
Dencicla Ann, gentlwo. 1322 Arch 
Denckla A. H., mer. 507 Commerce, h 1322 

Denckla C. P., mer. 507 Commerce, h 1322 Arch 
Denckla H. Albert, mer. N E Front & Chestnut 

h 126 S 18th 
Denckla Paul, gent. 14 N 11th 
Denegre Jos., arch, and builder, N E Lexing- 
ton and Eagle (W P) 
Denegre Joseph, jr., carp. 246 N Juniper 
De Negri Jos., carp. Oregon and Lexington 

(W P) 
Denerley Jas., weaver, 412 N 20th 
Dengler Michl., gro. Sergeant ab Diamond 
Denham Danl., bricklayer, Sansom ab 19th 
Denier John lab. Main (G Town) 
Denio Asa, engineer, Clarion bel Federal 
Denison D. W., mer., 13 Bank, h 1339 Pine 
Denn Clayton, blacksmith, R R av (Fkd) 

Denn James, printer, 628 Hallowell 
Denn Jos., bricklr., Seibert's ct 
Denn Wm., cordw. Seubert's av (K) 
Denne Miles, carp. 1107 Ogden 
Dennenhower, Christian, 2042 Coates 
Dennehy William, porter, 426 Market h 

Ledger av 
Denneker John, butcher, 1369 Crease 
Dennen John, lab. York bel Richmond 
Denner David, butcher, 1319 Hancock 
Denner John, baker, 1422 Sp Garden 
Denney Charles A., leather and shoe findings, 

1410 N 2d 
Denney Geo. W., cordw., 614 Bedford 
Denney Hugh, lab. 614 S 18th 
Denney H. C, mach. 2024 Hand 
Denney James, tailor, 713 Fallon 
Denney & Lacey, ( Wm. Denney, Wm, Lacey.) 

ice dealers, N E 17th & Chestnut 
Denney Thos., wheelwr. Gordon & Tulip 
Denney Thos., painter. Green ab 34th 
Denney Thos., gent. Green ab 34tli 
Denney Wm., ice dealer, 1637 Chestnut 
Dennin Dennis, gi'ocer, Lancaster Pike below 

Park (W P) 
Dennin Lawrence, lab. Green and Rose 
Denning Isaac W., shoem.r. Court al bel Brown 
Denning James, driver. Factory st 
Denning Jno., liquors, 23d bel Chestnut 
Denning M., printer, 864 N 12th 
Denning M. M., printer, 120 S 3d, h 864 N 

Denning Sarah, tobacco, 448 N 3d 
Dennis A. C, dry goods, 1226 Hibberd 
Dennis Chris., carrier, 3 Kelley's av 
Dennis Jacob, mason, Washington la 
Dennis & Jones, (Wm. H. Demiis, Saml. A 

Jones,) oil works, Cliristian bel 7th and 

24 S Delaw. av 
Dennis Jno. F., painter, Barbary pi 
Dennis Margaret Ann, 604 Middle al 
Dennis N. P., 1805 Vine 
Dennis Rebecca, 827 Noble 
Dermis Robert, hay yard, Ridge av. and Poplar 
Dennis Robert, 1734 Ann 
Dennis Samuel J., shoemr. 613 Sears 
Dennis Stephen, ice dealer, 6 West av 
Dennis Theo., cordw., Warnock bel Masters 
Dennis Wm., grocer, 220 Madison 
Dennis William H., oil factory. Christian 

bel 7th. h 328 Richmond 
DENNIS WM. L., attv. & coun. 113 S 5th, h 

1927 Cherry 
Dennis Wm. P., 459 Columbia av bel Palmer 
Dennison & Co., jeweler finds. 36 S 3d 
Dennison David W., mer. h 1339 Pine 
Dennison Edward F., acct. 242 N'whfs. h 1316 

Dennison Frances, boarding, 222 Carter 
Dennison George, Morton, Germantown 
Dennison James gro. 1732 Lombard 
Dennison J. Harrv clerk. Merchants Hotel, 46 

N 4th 
Dennison Sainuel, clerk, 1205 Wallace 
Dennison S. A., 404 Catharine 
Dennisson Andw., grocer, N W 10th and Race, 

h 1212 Mt Vernon 
Dennisson B. Frank., clerk, 1212 Mt, Vernon 




Denniston Evans E., mer., office 33 S 3d, h 1509 

Dennler Chas., farrier, 526 Thompson 
Denny Ann, g-entw. N W 9th & Spruce 
Denny Ann, 216 Acorn al 
Denny Araminto, 208 Burd's ct 
Denny Corn., lithog'rapher, h 719 Maurice 
Denny Corn, cordw. 4 Leiper 
Denny Francis, g-ent. 204 Carpenter 
Denny Ivan, lab. 223 Jarvis 
Denny James, dry goods, S E 11th and Lombard 
Denny Jas., tailor 713 Fallon 
Denny .Terh., lab. Nicetown 
Denny John, carter, G T av Nicetown 
Denny Joseph, dealer, 1527 Lewis 
Denny Joseph, melter, 417 Heron pi 
Dennv Robt., ag-t. 139 S 8th, h Market Till 

(W P) 
Denny Robert, salesman, 201 Union 
Denny Saml., vict. Orthodox (Fkd) 
Denny Sarah, 850 S 2d 
Denny T. W., paper hanger, 850 S 2d 
Denny Wm., iron safemanufr. 3 Fetter la 
Denny Wm., lab. Nicetown 
Deno Daniel, brickmr. Cumberland & Emerald 
Deno Henry, ropemr. Emerald & Serg-eant (R) 
Denslow & Hazleton, 7th k. Walnut 
Denslow Walter, 221 S 5th 
Dent Wm., weaver, Montg'omery bel Front 
Dentler Chas., tailor, 5th ab Diamond (K) 
Dentler John, tailor, 5th ab Diamond (K) 
Dentley Louis, sweeper, 6 Kinleys 
Denton John, steel roller, Adams (Fkd) 
Denver Cornelius, shoemr. 720 State 
Denz Joseph, clockmr. 1344 Prospect 
Deo Lewis, wheelwright, 34 Leopard 
Deor John, carpenter, 10th and Melon 
D'Ossone Freeman, ass. lib. h W P 

build. 5th bel Walnut 
Depee Nathaniel W., tailor, 742 South 
De Pestre Mrs., 1410 Walnut 
Depervin Henry, undertaker, 1007 Poplar 
De Pew Wm. R., clerk, 26 N Del av, h 1103 

Dephear Conrad, spinner, 5th ab Columbia 
Deppe J., tobacconist, 936 Passyunk rd 
Deppee Charles, baker, 1443 S 4th 
Deppin Jos., vet. surgeon, 1545 Callowhill 
Depree Davis, gent. 1225 Cass 
Deptv Major, sawver, 420 Gaskill 
De Putron J., 918 S 4th 
Deputy S. J., M D, 234 Lombard 
Depuy J. S., agent carpets, 440 N 7th 
Depuv J. v., carpets, 2d bel Buttonwood, h 

440 N 7th 
Depuy Thos., conductor, 312 N 7th 
Depuy Watson, elk. Com. Bank, 406 Chestnut 
Derard Francis, cordw. Bowman (G T) 
Derbyshire A. J., mer. HON Del av, h 113 New 
Derbyshire, A. J. & Co., (.4. J., Jolni,) com. 

mer. 110 N Del av & 109 N Water 
Derbyshire Geo. vict. Dauphin and Adrian 
Derbyshire Henry, vict. 2d ab Putnam 
Derbyshire Henry, foreman. Green la (Myk) 
Derby.shire Jas., dealer, 106 F av 
Derbyshire John, merchant, 109 N Water, h 113 


Derbyshire Jno., cotton manf. Beach ab Shack- 

amaxon, h 1059 Beach 
Derbyshire John E., dyer, 1446 Brinton 
Derbyshire Jos., vict. Adrian bel Otis 
Derbyshire S. H. Miss, milliner, 2d ab Oxford 
Derbyshire Thos., vict. E Orthodox (Fkd) 
Derbyshire Wm., dyer, 1531 Apple 
Derbyshire Wm., jr., dyer, 226 Franklin 
Dercum Jacob E., saloon, 732 Market, 
Derdine Eugene G., Diamond ab American 
Derdine John L., cordw. 152 Diamond 
Derham Ann, rag- cutter. Gillies' al 
Derham Eliza, washer, rear 944 Bonsall 
Derham James, liquors, N W St Mary & 7th 
Derham Mary, washer, 802 Emeline 
Derickson J. W., note broker, 23 S 3d 
Deringer Calhovm M., h 1624 Chestnut 
Deringer Margt., shop, 935 Bonsall 
Deringer Michael, 920 S 6th 
Deringer T. T., gent. 105 Green 
Derious Edv/in, circus prop. S E 11th & Market 
Derkin Thomas, pedlar, 976 N Del av 
Derky James, lab. Main bel Cedar (Myk) 
Dermott William, farmer, Kingsessing- (W P) 
Derouse George, boot crimper, 200 Stamper's 

Derouse Wm., wood caiwer, 200 Stamper's al 
Derr Albt., engraver, 1909 Pearl 
Derr Alex., tailor, 8 Mayland 
Derr Charles H., segars', 733 N 9th 
Derr D. W., salesman, 202 N 3d, h 218 N 5th 
Den- Elias, carp. Eldridge pi (K) 
Derr George L., agt. 913 N 5th 
Derr George W., segars, 21 N 13th 
Derr John, sugar ref. Otis ab Non-is 
DeiT John, tobacconist, Coates ab 6th 
Derr John, Adrian bel Otis 
Derr John, lab. 2213 Virginia 
Derr John, driver, Bolton and 22d 
Derr John L., tobacconist, rear 529 Chatham 
Derr J. F. blacksm. (Mt Airy) 
Derr Maggie E., laundress, 1517 N 11th 
Derr Michl. carter, 2206 Race 
Derr Mich., sawyer, Deal bel F road 
Derr Phaon, clerk, 425 N 3d 
Derr Wm., buokbr. 17 Pennsylvania av 
Derra Danl., brickmr. Sergeant ab Diamond 
Derrick Mich., lab. 1236 Vienna 
Deri'ick AVm., joiner, 1037 Charlotte 
Derrick Vv'm., whitewasher, 1630 Helmuth 
DerricksonAbr.H., clerk, 207 Church .al, h 808 

S 13th 
Derrickson Chas., elk. r Perkiomen ab Francis 
Derrickson Dennis, mariner, 246 Quince 
Derrickson H., carman, 246 Duponceau 
Den-ickson John W., salesman, h 1408 S 2d 
Derrickson Nathanl. mach. 718 N 23d 
Derrickson Samuel, 746 Masters 
Den-ickson Samuel B., mer. 826 S 4th 
Derrickson Thos., millwrt. 2203 Coates 
Derrickson Wm., salesman, 1408 S 2d 
Derrickson Wm. R., capt. 826 S Front 

Derringbach , tailor, 1239 Mechanic 

Derringer Henrv, rifle and pi.stol manuf. h 

612 N Front 
Derringer Henry, tailor, 1322 Warnock 
Derry Chas., barber, 1416 South 
Derry Chas., barber, rear 1016 Rodman 




Derry George, mach't, 2332 Virginia 
Derry Maria, washer, 6 Lombard row 
Dervin Bridg-et, washer, rear 326 Dugan 
Derviu Peter, turner, 418 N 8th 
Desabaye Sarah, 611 Marshall 
Desauque Charles L., mer.222 N 9th 
Desauque P. C, conductor, Haverford ab 41st 
Desbordes John, tassels, &c., 248 S 2d 
Deschamp Edward, agent, 322 Richmond & 

horse shoeing, 934 Beach 
Desgranges Leon P., clerk, 333 Market, h 513 

Desgranges S. A., mer. 333 Market, h 513 S 9th 
Desher Abram, drayman, Dauphin bel Cedar 
Desher Geo., mor. shaver, 1250 Montgomery 
Desher Saml., combmr. Belgrade ab Norris (R) 
Desher Saml. B., drayman, 1508 F road 
Desher Wm., morocco dress. Dauphlmbel Cedar 
Deshowg Maurice, super. 2231 Coates 
Desilver Charles, publisher, 714 Chestnut, h 

1118 Girard 
Desilver Henry, 1118 Girard 
De Silver H. T., 1736 Chestnut 
Desilver Manuel, gaitermr. rear 5 Wyatts 
De Silver Robt. P., mer. 1820 Chestnut 
DESILVER R. WILSON, sperm oil, 110 S Del 

av, h 1242 Christian 
De Silver R. W., 1228 Christian 
Deschweinitez E., gent. 1020 Wallace 
Desmond Charles F., Sec'y Sweet Brier Ice Co, 

N E 6th Minor, h 10 N 19th 
Desmond James T., mer., 10 N 19th 
Desmond John, lab. 1224 Hamilton 
Desmond John, blacksm. Poplar ab 13th 
Desmond ^V. C, costumer, 917 Race 
De Souza Henry, bookkeeper, 809 Chestnut, 

h 1232 N 10th 
Dessalet Alex., cordw. Adrian bel Otis 
Dessart xVdolph, hatter, 541 N 3d 
Dessim Adam, pianomr. 319 Belgrade 
Destach George, dyer. Baker bel Green lane 

Destel Jacob, carp. 806 Thompson 
Destouet J. E., mer. 1309 Walnut 
Destouet S., 1309 Walnut 

De Swan Christopher, store. Grape, Manayunk 
De Swan Robt., lab. Olney 
Detre Christian H., carp. 1624 Vine 
Detre Jesse, brickler. Apple ab Norris 
Detsch Martin, Rev., 1338 Pan-ish 
Dettenberg Richard, lab. 519 Jefferson 
Detterer Charles, grocery, 510 N Front 
Detterer Jos., stone finish. 666 Larch 
Detterline Nathan, 820 Capital 
Detterline Sarah, nurse, 807 Poplar 
Dettra J. P. milkman, 911 S 3d 
Dettra Saml., clerk, 687 N 13th 
Dettro Jesse, flour and feed, 1545 G Rd 
Dettrv Henry F., St. Charles Hotel, 3d bel Arch 
De Turck J. G., clerk, 222 S 2d 
Detweiler Jas., butcher, Main (C Hill) 
Detwiler Belinda, nurse, (C Hill) 
Detwiler Cyrus, saddler, 234 Frankford 
Detwiler Elias, driver, 810 Girard av 
Detwiler Franklin, butcher, (C Hill) 
Detwiler & Hartranft, {John J. Detwiler, Sa^nl. 
Hartranft,) Quaker City steam ttoui- mil), 
Penn ab Laurel 

Detwiler Isaac, com. 8c forwd. mer. 110 to 116 

N Broad, h 1013 Brown 
Detwiler Jacob, engineer, 998 N 5th 
Detwiler John, butcher, Haines (G T) 
Detwiler John, bookkeeper, 988 N 5lh 
Detwiler Mary, sempstress, Cottage (C Hill) 
Detwiler Mrs. Eliza, 19 N 8th 
Detwiler Rebecca, gentw. 1323 Ogden 
Detwiler Saml., butcher, Main (C Hill) 
Detwiler Ursula, 998 N 5th 
Deulsh Rev. S., 407 N 9th 
Deusch Christian, lab. 1245 Mervine 
Deusch Cond. cordw. 917 Ontario 
Deusch Henry, cordw. 917 Ontario 
Deutz Ad. C, jeweler, 414 Prune, h 810 St 

Deval James, cook, 628 Pine 
Devaujany John, jeweler, G T av (G Town) 
Develin Alice, 1333 Bedford 
Develin Andrew, paver, 1213 South 
Develin Chas., restaurant, 1216 Moyamensing ay 
Develin Cornelius, varnisher, 130 Catharine 
Develin Frank, lab. 1324 Cadwalader 
Develin Henry, carter, h 2502 Pine 
Develin Henry, carp, rear 429 Christian 
Develin Hugh, weaver, 1228 Crown 
Develin Jas., tailor, 3d and Queen 
Develin James, eating house, S E 5th and Mai-- 

ket, h 1029 Parker 
Develin John, lab. City Line N E 
Develin John, tavern, 716 S 7th 
Develin Lewis, lab. 1343 Rose 
Develin Margt., shop, 510 Marriott 
Develin Mark, liquor store, 1347 GT road 
Develin Michael, shoemr. 1244 Catharine 
Develin Mich., lab. 1156 S 13th 
Develin M., weaver, 1523 Cadwalader 
Develin Neil, grocer, N E 8th and Shippen, h 

625 S 8th 
Develin Patrick, grocer, 1241 Locust 
Develin Patrick, lab. Lehman (G T) 
Develin Peter, letter carrier, 1526 Cadwalader 
Develin Wm. lab. 818 Swanson 
Deveney Joseph, iron railmr. Broad & Arch, h 

19th ab Stile 
Deveney Pat., dealer, 608 George 
Deveney Pat., lab. Robinson ab Main (Mky) * 
Devenney Chas., lab. Mullen (R) 
Devenney Con., carp. 2206 Hamilton 
Devenney Francis, 2336 Meredith 
Devenney Hugh, 2045 South 
Devenney Jas., gasman, 2106 William 
Devenney John, livery stable, 748 S 8th 
Devenney John, dry goods, 1308 Catharine 
Devenney John, carp.. Bride pi 
Devenney John, cordw. 811 S 7th 
Devenney John, tavern, 750 S 8th 
Devenney John, lab. 1 Jenkin pi 
Devenney Robert, lab. Emery (R) 
Devenney Wm., lab. 1910 Lombard 
Deveny Pat., cordw. 2206 Hamilton 
Dever Chas., lab. 23d ab Spruce 
Dever Edwd., bx)atman. Cope n Locust 
Dever Edwd., lab. Beach av 
Dever Jas., tailor, 312 Redwood 
Dever Jas., lab. 1907 M'Duffie 
Dever Jno., lab. rear 203 Richai-d 
Dever Mary Grace, 207 Prosperous al 




Dever Michael, gi-ocer, 642 South 
Deverand Peter, carrier P O. h 1617 Ridg-e av 
Devereaux Edw., saddler, 1320 Carlton 
Devereaux Ellen, 11 Denaker's av 
Devereaux John, shop, 129 Coates al 
Devereaux Mich., porter, 12 Brenner's al 
Devereaux Mich., glassblower, 1228 Vienna 
Devereaux Mich, jr., g-lassblower, 1228 Vienna 
Deverell Anthony, tea packer, N E Front and 

Deverell Robt. R., tea packer, N E Front and 

Chestnut, h 335 Greenwich 
Deverell R. R. & A., tea packers, N E Front & 

Devereux Alfred, mer. 330 S Del av, h 1406 

DEVEREUX & CO., ofF. Atheneum, 219 S 6th 
Devereux David N., bookbr. 1004 Nectarine 
Devereux Frederick, mer. 330 S Del av, h. 

1406 Walnut 
Devereux Geo. T., artist, 316 S 10th 
DEVEREUX JAMES, mer. 420 S Del av, h 313 

Devereux James, 1002 Nectarine 
Devereux Joe, engineer, 2 Eagen pi 
Devereux John, tailor, 822 Market, h 813 N 

DEVEREUX JOHN, merchant, 330 S Del. av, h 

1406 Walnut 
Devereux Jos., eng-ineer, 634 Ellis 
Devereux Nicholson B., artist, 219 S 6th 
Devereux Peter, brewer, 47 Frankford (Fkd) 
Devereux P._, lab. Main (G T) 
Devering- Elizabeth, gentw. 4 Chant 
Devers A. W., Mrs., trimmings, 1318 Poplar 
DeversDanl.blacksm.r Mtirket ab Till (WP) 
Devers John A., machinist, 124 King 
Devers John H., salesman, 8 S 4th 
Devers Samuel, driver. Union Drove Yard, Ha- 

\"erford n 30th 
Devery K., 2309 Callowhill 
Devfil G., painter, 1008 Jefferson 
Devine A. B., manuf. 721 Jarne 
Devlne Barney, drayman, 614 S 11th 
Devine Bridg'et, 1638 Sansom 
Devine Catharine, washer, 1210 Shippen 
Devine Charles, tailor, 1325 Cadwalader 
Devine Chas., hatter, 8 S 6th, h 609 Wharton 
Devine Charles, lab. Diamond bel Huntingdon 
Devine Edward, dealer. 1732 Market 
Devine Edward, cordw. 1029 Milton 
Devine Edward, lab. 1620 Fairview 
Devine Elizabeth, grocer, 261 S 8th 
Devine Ellen, wid. 1708 Carhon 
Devine Francis, shop, Callowhill ab Broad 
Devine George, bottler. 1000 Christian 
Devine Harry, 944 Washington av 
Devine Hugh, shop, 507 S 5tli 
Devine Hugh, paint. & glazier, 1324 Bedford 
Devine Hugh, lab. 1408 South 
Devine James, painter, 1708 Latimer 
Devine James, carter, 821 Essex 
Devine James, waiter, Boyd's av 
Devine James, tobacconist. Pleasant (G T) 
Devine Jas., sr., paintei", 1212 Fulton 
Devine Jas. lab, 1305 Mariner 
Devine Jas., carter, 11 Marker 
Devine James, lab. Rose-. bel Oak (W P) 

Devine James, cooper, 1026 Milton 

Devine James, dealer, 629 Bedford 

Devine James, lab. 1408 South 

Devine James, lab. Fisher & Emory 

Devine James M., printer, 1730 Barker 

Devine John, driver, 714 Fallon 

Devine John, drayman, 1212 Temple 

Devine John, lab Wissahickon (G T) 

DEVmE JOHN, grocer, S W 15th and Market 

Devine John, lab., Edgemont bel William (U) 

Devine Jno., lab. Thurlow ab 12th 

Devine Jno., clothing, 251 S 21st 

Devine John, lab. 927 S 9th 

Devine John, printer, 1210 Shippen 

Devine Lucy, shop, 740 Lombard 

Devine Mark, flour store, N E 2d and Green, h 

540 N 4th 
DEVINE MARK & CO., (K. P. Edmund,) flour, 

N E 2d and Green 
Devine Matthew, weaver, 1324 Mariner 
Devine Michael, lab. 1533 Warnock 
Devine Michael, bricklr. 1000 Christian 
Devine Owen, lab. 1926 Wilcox 
Devine Patrick, cordw 704 South 
Devine Patk., lab. 1533 Warnock 
Devine Pat., distiller, 138 S Front, h 730 Orange 
Devine Patk., chandler, 1802 Girard av 
Devine Patk., grocer, 1019 Locust 
Devine Patrick, sailor, rear 1102 Front 
Devine Patrick, gardener, Crescentville 
Devine Peter, lab., 1323 Mariner 
Devine Philip, bottler, S W 10th and Christian 
Devine Quinton, 766 S Sd 
Devine Quinton, 330 N 17th 
Devine Robert, lab. Till ab Darby road (W P) 
Devine Rob., farmer, Lan. av. ab Heston (W P) 
Devine Rosanna, 1218 Lyndall's alley 
Devine T., confect. 312 N 2d 
Devine Wm., trunkmr. 2135 Locust 
Devine Wm., porter, 1533 Pearl 
Devine Wm., lab. 821 Essex 
Devine Wm., lab. 2131 Lombard 
Devine AVm., lab. Donnelly's ct 
Devinney Alexander, carp. Olive ct 
Devinney Arthur, blacksmith, 1809 Jones 
Devinney Asa, cordw. 1015 St John 
Devinney Charles, 911 S 10th 
Devinney Christian S., turner, Front & Colum- 
bia av 
Devinney Henry, boatman. Beach bel Lombard 
Devinney James, baker, 2122 Lombard 
Devinney James, gas fitter, 2106 McDuffie 
Devinney John, mason, 1023 S 9th 
Devinney John, lab. 24th bel Pine 
Devinney John, mes. 320 Chestnut, h Front & 

Devinney John, lab. 1910 Lombard 
Devinney John, letter cai-rier, Girard av and 

Devinney Joseph, iron rail. 1231 N 19th 
Devinney Patrick, lab. Bride pi 
Devinney Rosanna, hotel, Front & Montg-omery 
Devinney Thomas, grocer, 1228 Carlton 
Devir Daniel, ropemr. F road ab Huntingdon 
Devir Edwd., clothing, 315 S 2d 
Devir E. & J., (Edward, James,) clothing, 315 

S 2d 
Devir Hugh, lab. Elkhart 




Devir James, clothing-, 315 S 2d, h312 Redwood 

Devir James, coachman, 236 Quince 

Devir James, carter, 2017 Sansom 

Devir John, lab. William bel Richmond 

Devitt Charles, dry goods, 2d and Queen 

Devitt Henry B., turner, 422 Library 

Devitt Hug-h, 255 N 2d 

Devitt James, carp. 742 S 8th 

Devitt James W., manuf. Cumberland above 

Devitt John, hardvt^are, 2d & Catharine 
Devitt Joseph E., pension ag-ent, 333 "Walnut, 

h 423 S 16th 
Devitt Wm., manuf. Cumberland ab Adrian 
Devitt Wm. F., M. D., 839 S 3d 
Devlin Alexander, dealer, 19th & Filbert 
Devlin Andrew, blacksm. 223 Concord 
Devlin Ann, grocery, 416 S 4th 
Devlin Ann, seamstress, 1422 Hope 
Devlin Bernard, slioes, 667 N 10th 
Devlin Bernai'd, genl.Norrisbel Darien 
Devlin Bernard, lab. Mustin's ct 
Devlin Catharine, shop, 305 Masters 
Devlin Charles, tailor, 1120 Montgomery av 
Devlin Charles, bookbr. 914 Hutchinson 
Devlin Edward, S E 2d bel Columbia 
Devlin Felix, weaver, 1409 Cadwalader 
Devlin Francis, lab. b h 913 Darien 
Devlin Hugh, tailor, 6 Reed's av 
Devlin Hugh, lab. 1642 Helmuth 
Devlin James, teamster, Davis ct 
Devlin James, shoemr. 844 Suffolk 
Devlin James, lab. 832 Knox 
Devlin James, lab. 1029 Parker 
Devlin James, salesm. 235 Market, h Madison 

Devlin James, tavern, Cadwalader & Masters 
Devlin John, lab. 1228 Crease 
Devlin John, alderman, 1351 N 2d 
Devlin John, watchman, 419 Monroe 
Devlin John, lab. Hall ab 10th 
Devlin John, lab. 5th bel Dauphin 
Devlin John, lab. Commerce (R) 
Devlin Josepli, weaver, Fitler ab 2d 
Devlin J. & M., jewelers, 803 N 3d 
Devlin Margaret, wid. 15 Jefferson 
Devlin Mary, washer, Davis ct 
Devlin Michael, brickmr. 1504 Cadwalader 
Devlin Michael, carter, 1 Fisher's ct 
Devlin Michael, varnisher, 305 Cypress 
Devlin Michael, shoemr. 757 Jessup 
Devlin Mills, lab. 1937 I. Chestnut 
Devlin Mrs., wid. 1402 Marshall 
Devlin Nancy, washer, 6 Fisher's ct 
Devlin Neal. grocer, N E 3d and South, h 531 

Devlin Patrick, gent, furnish, store, 263 N 2d 
Devlin Patk., lab. Barker's ct (K) 
Devlin Patk., boatman, 2235 Simes 
Devlin Patk., messenger P. O., h Reed bel Front 
Devlin Patk., mason, Bodine ab Columbia 
Devlin Patk., driver, 1314 Mariner 
Devlin Patk., lab. 1322 Cadwalader 
Devlin Patk. S , 411 Lombard 
Devlin Patr., lab. Nicetown la, rear G T av 
Devlin Peter, lab. 6 Eisen av 
Devlin Peter sailmr. 509 Carpenter 
Devlin Peter, liquors, 1327 Cadwalader 

Devlin Thos., weaver, 1235 Crease 
Devlin Wm., lab. Masters bel American 
Devonshire J., bootmr. 14 Watts 
Devonshire Robert, shoemaker, 245 N 4th 
Devonshire Thomas, bootmr. 3 Ringgold pi 
Devor Annie, 611 Hemlock 
Dewald Fred., 623 St. Johns 
Dewald S. C, mer. 228 Walnut, h Tioga & 17th 

Dewalt A., dry goods, 893 N 6th 
Dewalt Samuel, lab. G T av, Rising Sun 
DeWard Chas., clerk, 134 AValnut, h 1220 Arch 
Dewees Abraham, brickl. 2138 Sharswood 
Dewees Albanus, cordw. Herman (G Town) 
Dewees B. F., salesm. 253 Market, h 705 Brown 
Dewees Chas., gilder, 313 Lombard 
Dewees Danl., butcher. Main (GT) 
Dewees Edw., clerk, S E 6th & Chestnut, h 

1004 Wistar 
Dewees George, lastmr. 927 Cherry 
De.wees G. W., looking glass & pict. frame mr. 

154 N 2d 

Dewees Henry, musician, Johnson la ab 4tli 
Dewees Isaiah, plasterer. Mill (G T) 
Dewees Jacob, farmer, OIney 
Dewees James, machinist, Armitage, Manayunk 
Dewees John, cordw. Market bet Park and 

Mary (W P) 
Dewees John, farmer, Bodine 
Dewees John, paper box mr. 51 N 2d 
Dewees Jos., shoemr. Market ab William (W P) 
Dewees Joseph, rear Perkiomen ab Francis 
Dewees Levi, farmer, Holmesburg 
Dewees Peter, lastmr. 113, and h 108 Callowhili 
Dewees Saml., lastmr. 113 Callowhili 
Dewees Theodore, butcher. Good (G Town) 
Dewees Theophilus, carp. 473 N 4th 
Dewees Thos., carp. Market ab William (WP) 
Dewees W. H., welder, 411 Johnson la 
Dewey Alonzo, cordw. Budd n Bridge (W P) 
Dewey Geo., cordw. Lancaster av (Monr'ville) 
Dewey John, cordwainer, G T av ab Linden (G 

Dewey O. C, 16 S 6th, h 251 S 3d 
Dewey William, coal mer. Washington av whrf, 

h N W 4th and Pine 
Dewhurst Hannah, 1008 Crease 
Dewhurst Thos. F., coverer. Levering (Myk) 
De Wolf Erastus, Rev. 41 S 19th 
Dewr John, carman, Bolton- ab 22d 
Dewson Benj., shoes, 767 S Front 
Dewyer Wm., lab. 610 Vincent 
Dexheimer Jacob, tailor, 714 Vine 
Dexheimer & Kornbau, (Jacob Dexheimer, Danl. 

Kortibau,) tailors, 714 Vine 
Dexter I. K., confec. 2015 Reeves 
Dexter, Lambert & Co., manfs. 219 Chestnut 
Dexter Linus W., 1318 Coates 
DEY J. B. k CO., U. S. & Central Land Brokers, 

332 Waliuit 
Dey Jos., millwright, 1263 Mervine 
Dey Thos., cordw. 2d ab Diamond 
Deyer Michl., lab. 1606 N 10th 
Deyle Fred., lager beer, Market & Till (W P) 
De Young Emily, mach. stitcher, 147 N 13th 
De Young E., Arcade Hotel, 621 Chestnut 
De Young Isaac, fancy goods, 703 Chestnut, h 

421 N 7th 




De Young- Jos. R., picture restorer, 333 Walnut 

De Young- Philip, M. D., 305 Callowhill 

De Young- Theodore, distiller, 507 Market, h 

843 N 11th 
De Young- Wm., coi-dw. 1121 Charlotte 
De Zehnder Jacob, stonecut. Wrig-ht ab 21st 
Dialog-ue Henry, 522 E North 
Dialogue John, gent. 1721 N 5th 
DIALOGUE & SERRILL, (William Dialogue, 

Samuel P. Serrill,) fire hose manuf. 520 E 

Diament Francis, stationer, 136 and 138 N4th, 

h 1020 Wistar 
Diamond Alexander, nnach. 531 South 
Diamond Ann, 526 S 4th 
Diamond C. H., 515 South 
Diamond David, dealer, Sellers (Fled) 
Diomond Henry, lab. Huron av 
Diamond James, packer, 529 Market, h 1221 

Diamond Joanna, distillery, 531 South 
Diamond John, lab. Firth ab Adrian 
Diamond John, blacksm. Shippen ab G F rd, h 

23d bel Spruce 
Diamond John, heaters, 34 Maiden 
Diamond John H., clerk h 531 South 
Diamond Mrs., 116 S 15th 
Diamond Mrs., 1350 N 2d 
Diamond Pati-ick, clerk, 12 S 4th 
Diamond Peter, milkman, Lan av n Girard 
Diamond Roger, lab. 1516 American 
Diamond Roxana, 1031 Carpenter 
Diamond Saml. lab. rear 1523 American 
Diamond Wm., lab. Waterloo (R) 
Dibble Bruno, lab. Oxford bel 6th 
Dibble Jobn, blacksm. Bommersheim ct 
Dibble J. W., U. §. Navy, 323 S 3d 
Dibert John, tailor, 1127 School 
Diblin Chas., segarmr. Haig's ct 
Dice Anna, 602 Logan 
Dice Edward, mason. Laurel (G Town) 
Dice Jacob, lab. Laurel (G T) 
Dick Alex., oilcloth, rear 508 S 17th 
Dick Andrew, porter, 18 S Front, h 131 Arch 
Dick Charles, tailor, 1005 Moyamensing 
Dick Charles, ship carp. 1441 S 2d 
Dick D. D., japanner, Wheeler's ct, h 920 S 3d 
Dick Francis, butcher, 223 Jarvis 
Dick Francis, Bodine bel Oxford 
Dick Francis B., Jan., med. dept. Bonine, 9th 

b Chestnut 
Dick Fred., janitor, S W 11th & Locust 
Dick Henry C, ship carp. 1443 S 2d 
Dick Horace B., daguerreotypist, 908 Fitzwater 
Dick James, grocer, 1446 S 2d 
Dick Jas., clothes, 31 N 2d 
Dick James, clerk, 1219 Lombard 
Dick James, weaver. Brazier, bel 15th 
Dick John, lab. Laurel (G T) 
Dick John, dealer, 728 Poplar 
Dick John, seedsm. 133 Market, h Kingsessing 
Dick John B., clothing, 1237 S 2d 
DICK JOHN & M. W., seedsmen, 133 Market 
Dick Lewis, gas fitter, 510 Bi'ooks 
Dick Martin, lab. 1508 S 8th 
Dick Matthias, furniture car, 223 Wharton 
Dick M. W., seedsman, 133 Market, h King 


Dick Peter, cordw. Decatur ab Corn 

Dick Philip, painter, 1018 Otsego 

Dick Sarah, 1110 Ogden 

Dick Sarah Mrs., Square 

Dick Thomas B., sheet iron wr. 1237 S 2d 

Dick T. B., coal office, 404 N Broad 

Dick Walter, M. D., S W 11th & Locust 

DICK WALTER B., optician, 728 Chestnut, 8 

Goldsmith's Hall, Library st. h 625 N 8th 
Dick Wm., tailor. Square & Rye 
Dick Wm., baker, 1640 Pine 
Dick Wm. B., tailor, h 1237 S 2d 
Dick Wm. H., bookkeeper, 609 Chestnut, h 629 

N 12th 
Dick Wm. H., carp. 1326 Rye 
Dickart Jacob, dealer, 227 Federal 
Dickel Christian, tailor, 148 Otter 
Dickel Christian, tailor, 720 Belgrade 
Dickel Henry, weaver, 150 Otter 
Dickel H., 961 Marshall 
Dickel John, innkeeper. Church (Fkd) 
Dickens Elias, machinery, 110 Spruce, h 109 

Dickens Elias H., 110 Spruce, h 109 Union 
Dickensheet Adam, brickmr. Wag-er (K) 
Dickensheet Samuel, lab. Apple bel Susque- 
Dickenshelt Wm., hotel, 703 Chestnut 
Dickenstreet Albert A., dealer. Gray 
Dickerman Lemuel, mer 32 S 4th, h 1120 

Dickerman L. & Co., {L. Dickerman, Samuel, 

Thomas Tolman,') boots and shoes, 32 

Dickerson Alfred, blksmith, Nicetown 
Dickerson Beniali rig-ger, 830 Swanson 
Dickerson Chas. C, distiller, 1010 Market 
Dickerson David, paper hang. 235 Richmond 
Dickerson Eliza, wid. Belmont ab Dover 
Dickerson James S., agent Am. Bapt. Pub. Soc, 

530 Arch, h 1422' Race 
Dickerson Jesse, clerk, 18 N 2d, h 9th and 

Dickerson John B., clerk, 1511 Fitzwater 
Dickerson John, hatter. 111 N 3d, h 541 N 13th 
Dickerson John, hotel, 709 Masters 
Dickerson John, watchmr. 1902 S Row 
Dickerson M. W. M. D., 211 Lombard 
Dickerson Nehemiah, tailor, 322 Clark 
Dickerson Samuel, lab. 435 Thompson 
Dickerson Thos., wood moulder, 2036 Carlton 
Dickerson Warren, tailor, 600 Maurice 
Dickerson Wm., paper hr. 235 Richmond 
Dickerson Wm., mariner, 1539 Cadwalader av 
Dickerson Wm., M. D., 211 Lombard 
Dickes Catharine, Elm bel Franklin 
Dickes Daniel, carpt. and undertaker, 1540 

F road 
Dickes Daniel, jr., carp. F rd opp Columbia av 
Dickes Isaac, cordw. Richmond bel Palmer 
Dickes John, saddle treemr. 1119 Crease bel 

Wilder (K) 
Dickes Peter, 245 Allen (K) 
Dickey Alex., weaver, Dauphin ab F rd 
Dickey Hiram, blacksm. Mechanic (Myk) 
Dickey James, flour and feed, 179 Fi-anklin 
Dickey John, manuf. 1433 N Howard 
Dickey M. S., dry goods, 201 Vine 




Dickey Samuel J., dentist, 51 N 13th 
Dickhai-t Geo., butcher, v 1321 S 10th 
Dickhart Jacob, salesman, Market & Margarets 

ta (W P),h 227 Federal 
Dickhart Joseph, butcher, 219 Prime 
Dickhart Michael, vict. 1227 S 2d 
Dickinson Abigail, Market ab Park (W P) 
Dickinson A. C, M.D., 44 N 7th, h Walnut and 

Mary (W P) 
Dickinson Edw. H., farmer. Monument R (M V) 
Dickinson Elizabeth Ann, b h, 909 Cherry 
Dickinson Eliz. P., teacher, Paschallville 
Dickinson Emanuel, police. Bowman (GT) 
Dickinson E., 519 N 10th 

Dickinson Geo., wheelwr. King-sessing' (W P) 
Dickinson Israel, coach builder, G Town av n 

Bridge (C Hill) 
Dickinson James, saw grinder. Unity (Fkd) 
Dickinson John, boilermi-. Sepviva 
Dickinson Jonatlian, blksm. 1002 N Front 
Dickinson Joseph, pump maker, G Town av n 

Bridge (C Hill) 
Dickinson Joseph R., clerk, 228 Chestnut 
Dickinson Joseph W., carp.. Locust bel Park 

Dickinson Lee, 824 Capital 
DICKINSON MAHLON H., bricklayer and 

builder, 1004 N Front 
Dickinson Margaret, 805 Spruce 
Dickinson Martha, flour and feed, G T road & 

Front, h 1004 N Front 
Dickinson Mary, gentw. 733 Wallace 
Dickinson Mary E., 1006 Wistar 
Dickinson Maiy Mrs. 703 S 16th 
Dickinson M , carp. 721 N 9Lh 
Diclvinson Richard, blacksm. 1310 Atmore 
Dickinson Sarali dressmr. 1742 St. Joseph's av 
Dickinson Sol., paper hanger, 1223 G T road 
Dickinson Theodore C, salesman, 443 Market, 

h 735 Callowhill 
Dickinson Thos. S.. wheelmr. 39 Queen 
Dickinson Wm. R., foreman. Main (C Hill) 
Dicks George, lab. Emory ab Cumberland 
Dicks Geo., bartender, Milestown 
Dicks Mar}', Otsego ab Moore * 

Dicks Noah, lab. Anthony bel Dickerson 
Dickson Abraham, mach. 505 Dickerson 
Dickson Alex., paint works, Aramingo 
Dickson Alexander, lab. Lane av ab Market 
Dickson Alexander T., manuf. 39 S Front, h 

1110 N 3d 
Dickson AncU:ew, porter, 4 Taylor's ct 
Dickson B., lab. 9 White's ct 
Dickson Charles, gent. 1402 Walnut 
Dickson David, tailor, 734 Market 
Dicksen David, M. D., 1127 Girard 
Dickson David, liquors, 118 Masters 
Dickson Frank, coal heaver, 1313 Marlboro' 
Dickson & Gans, (Alex. T. Dickso7i, Moses 

Gans,) manufs. Aramingo, office 39 S Front 
Dickson George, lab. Otis n Front (K) 
Dickson Geo., foreman, 1230 Darien 
Dickson Graham, lab. 1221 Fitzwater 
Dickson Hugh R., salesman, 426 Market 
Dickson Isaac, brushmr. 1237 Cherry 
Dickson James, lab. State ab Green (W P) 
Dickson James, lab. Penn (G T) 
Dickson James, lab., 213 S 3d 

Dickson James, beamer, N Front bel Chatham 
Dickson James N., pres. Bank of North America, 

h 1108 Spruce 
Dickson John, ladies' shoes, 954 N 2d 
Dickson John, carman, 1233 Palmer 
Dickson John, salesman, 1314 CallowhiU 
Dickson John, lab. Clearfield & Waterloo 
Dickson John, milk, Penn (G T) 
Dickson Joseph, weaver. Front bel York' 
Dickson Joseph, porter, 13 Bank, h Lemon ab 

S 17th 
Dickson J., widow, 13 Hutcliinson 
Dickson Levi, mer. 320 Walnut 
Dickson Malinda, washer, 725 Shippen la 
Dickson Margaret, gentw. 219 N 17tli 
Dickson Mrs. Ehz. 512 Pine 
Dickson Rachel, 1210 Mt Vernon 
Dickson Richard, impr. 25 Bank 
Dickson Richard, tobacco & segars, 247 Arch 
Dickson Robert, lab. Edgemont ab Emory 
Dickson Robert, lab. 1936 Cuthbert 
Dickson Robert, macht. Hamilton ab 12th 
Dickson Robt., weaver, 1343 Savery 
Dickson R. L., teacher writing. 111 S 3d, h 400 

S Front 
Dickson Samuel, gent. 857 N 5th 
Dickson Samuel, hair dr. 418 S 20th 
Dickson Samuel, atty. at law, 615 Walnut 
Dickson Susan, gentv/. 1506 Cherry 
Dickson Susan, gentw. 311 Comptroller 
Dickson Theo., cordw. Cresham (Mt Airy) 
Dickson Tjomas, papermr. Wissahickon (C H) 
Dickson Thos. J., salesman, 651 Bankson 
Dickson William, weaver. Firth (K) 
Dickson William, weaver. Price ab Adrian 
Dickson Wm., overseer, 21st bel Locust 
Dickson Wm. gardener, 746 S 5th 
Dickson Wm., gent. 261 S 6th 
Dickson Wm., lab. 1605 Richard 
Dickson Wm. C, porter, 621 Ronaldson 
Dickson Wm. C, hotel, York pike (G T) 
Dickson Wm. H., ship carp. 413 Gerker 
Dickson Wm. H., carter, 205 Juniper 
Dickson W. M., collector, 432 Walnut 
Diddleback Mrs., 948 Kurtz 
Didzel John, saloon, 525 South 6th 
Diedrich Charles, macht., 127 Vine 
Diefendollar Hemy, printer, 412 Canton 
DiefPenbach Abraham, baker, 2008 Wood 
DiefFenbach C, tailor, 925 N 3d 
DieflTenbach P., paintei', 433 N 10th 
Diegal Daniel, dyer, Churcli (Fkd) 
Diegal Nathan, lab. Tackawanna 
Diegel John, bar tender, Letitia 
Diehl Chas. F., mer. 50 N 3d, h 1121 Callowhill 
Diehl E. C, conve}'ancer, 530 Walnut, h 1412 


Diehl Henr}', com. mer. 144 N Broad 
Diehl John, 722 Pine 
Diehl John H., Pres. Howard F. & M. Ins. Co. 

412 Walnut, h 1728 Pine 
Diehl Philip J., grocer, 1405 Mervine 
Diehl Sidney E., 2103 Mt Vernon 
DIEHL THOMAS J., atty. at law, office 530 

Walnut, h 1607 Arch 
Diehl & Wertz, ( Wm. Diehl, Saml. A. Wertz,) 

wines & liquors, 229 N 3d 
Diehl William, mer. 229 N 3d, h 236 N 5th 




Diehl William N. Rev., Main n Erin g-hurst (Gj 
Town) ! 

Diehr Philip, silver plater, 264 N 4th, h 803 j 
N 10th j 

Diekel Georg-e, lab. Washing-ton (Myk) 
Diemer Catharine, tavern, 834 N 4th 
Diemer F., mason, 1829 Georg-es 
Diemer Geo< C, 1802 Ridge av 
Diemer Jacob, g-ardener, 1630 Deal 
Diemer Mich., mason, Grape ab Poplar 
Diemer Reuben, mason, 21st &. R road 
Diener Christian, Warder ab Montgomery av 
Dienstbach Henry, grocer, 1540 S 4th 
Diep Geo , tailor, 1244 Hope 
Dier John, lab. 23 Jones' al 
Dierkes J. L., lager beer, 1411 Moyamensing 

Dierkes Rosanna, 206 Acorn al 
Diescher Daniel, shoemr. 1005 Nectarine 
Diese E., M. D., 458 York av 
Diesinger Jacob, g-unmr. 2d bel York (K) 
Diesinger Joseph, bootmr. 235 S 5th 
Diesinger Peter, gunmr. 2d ab Dauphin 
Diesinger Wendall, gunmi-., 2d ao Dauphin (K) 
Diestenbeny Rorry, lab. 530 Vincent 
Dieterich Chas. P.j 308 Chestnut, h 403 S 3d 
Dieterich E. F., dye works, N E 12th & Wash- 
ington av, h 432 S 11th 
Dieterich Geo., baker, 454 N Front 
Dieterich John, baker, 1374 Ridge av 
Dieterich Peter, tinsmith, 459 Sansom's al 
Dietrich Adam, house carp. 1237 Randolph 
Dietrich Christian, cordw. G T road 
Dietrich Daniel P., indiarub. goods, 308 Chest- 
nut, h 403 S 3d 
Dietrich D. Henry, M. D., 315 N 10th 
Dietrich Hamer, carp. 1222 N 5th 
Dietrich Henry, driver, 602 Girard av 
Dietrich Isaac H., accountant, 24 S Front, h 315 

N 10th 
Dietrich Jacob, engineer. Ridge road (Falls) 
Dietrich Joseph, carp. 602 Girard av 
Dietrich Jos., foreman, 602 Girard av 
Dietrichs E. F., dye works, N E 12th & Wash- 
ington av 
Dietz Anthony, cordw. 1153 Charlotte 
Dietz Fred., grocer, 1601 G road 
Dietz & Grotz, cabtmrs. 509 Prune 
Dietz Henry, lab. 712 N Front 
Dietz Jacob, clerk, 414 Market, h 1303 Green 
Dietz John C, cabinet maker, 509 Prune, h 219 

Dietz Jos., artist, 1305 Brown 
Dietz M. C, carter, Wallace and Orange 
Dietz Tlieo., turner, 422 Library, h G T av & 

Dietzer John, tailor, Montrose ab Montgomery 
Diffenbaugh Elias, compos. 1113 Coates 
DifFenderffer Henry, mer., 31 N 3d 
Diggle Thomas, sink mr.. Miller (G Town) 
Diggs Ephraim, waiter, 1026 Ivy 
Dight Thos., cordw. Hippie's la (Myk) 
Diglit Thos., ropemr. Jackson (Myk) 
Digman John, clerk, Austin n Federal 
Dignan James W., clerk, Austin 
Dikel Christ., weaver, Adrian bel York 
Dildine James, bricklr. 319 Coates 
Dile James, cartel', 700 George 

Dilge William, framemr. 1024 Vernon 
Dilkes G., tailor, 1126 Chestnut, h 310 Perry 
Dilkes J. H., hail- jeweler, 15 N 8th, li S E 11th 

& Ogden 
Dilkes, Wm. S., salesm. Walnut bel Park (W P) 
Dilks Elijah, carter. Brooks ct 
Dilks Frederick B., cordw. 629 Hallo well 
Dilks Hannah, 7 Relief 
Dilks Isaac, ship carp., 602 Brook 
Dilks Jacob, cordw, Centre (G T) 
Dilks James, clockmr. S E 2d & Chestnut, h 425 

S 2d 
Dilks James, cordw. 732 State 
Dilks Joseph, fisherman, 1226 Ash 
Dilks Joseph, dealer, 515 Catharine 
Dilks Joseph, mach. 1109 Race 
Dilks J. H., blacksm. 117 Reed 
Dilks Sickels, dealer, 315 Wharton 
DILKS THEODORE, di-uggist, N E 6th & Pine 
Dilks Thomas D., tailor, 139 N 9th 
Dill Hill, carp.. Green la (Myk) 
Dill Isaac, lab. Pt House road 
Dill Isaac, carp. Levering (M3'k) 
Dili John, Green la (Myk) 
Dill John, carp. Green la (Myk) 
Dill Mary Ann, washer, Greenville n P H road 
Dill Matthias, team.ster. Washing-ton (Myk) 
Dill Sarah C, dress mr. 251 N 13th 
Dill Thomas P., clothing 44 S 8th, h 747 Flo- 
Dillan Alex. P., blacksm. 20 Saranak 
Dillard George E., cooper, 417 Redwood 
Dillard Henry K., 108 S Front 
Dillaye M. A. Miss, seminary 1615 Chestnut 
DUler Adam, real est. agt. 6th & Sp Garden, h 

N 8th ab Green 
Diller Emeline, 1337 Apple st 
Dillett John, lab. Dauphin ab Diamond 
Dilley Benj., painter, 6 Nonnater's ct 
Dillin Cornelius, tailor, 119 Eutaw 
Dillin Edwin, clothing-, 32 S 2d, h 1106 Locust 
DILLIN ELI, di-y goods, S W Green & Ridge 

Dillin & Fisher, {Sarah Ann Dillin, Sarah An7i 

Fisher,) di-y goods, 1032 Vine 
Dillin James, weaver, Olivia pi 
Dillin Marv, b. h. 2 Lagrange 
Dillin Mercy, 1221 Wood 
Dillin Patrick, lab. AVilliams ct 
Dillin John, porter, 17 Greer's ct 
Dillin Sarah, washer, 16 Gatzmer 
Dillin Sarah Ann, dry goods, 1032 Vine 
Dillinger Chai-les H., clerk, 7 N 3d, h 340 

Dillinger Christiana, 844 N 7th 
DILLINGHAM SIMEON, dentist, 2303 Green 
Dillman C, gent. 935 N 6th 
Dillman Fredk., car., Holmesburg' 
Dillman Weslev, carp. Mechanic ab Cresson, 

Dillmore Richard, clerk, N W 5th & Chestnut 
Dillmore Wm., gardener, Jeff, av & Buck rd 
Dillon Edward, lab., 812 Federal 
Dillon Edwd., cloth, 1106 Locust 
Dillon Hannah, shoebinder, 1308 Corn 
! Dillon Hugli, nailmr. G T road ab 5th 
I Dillo]! James, watchman, 709 S 6th 
I Dillon John, 1304 N 15th 




Dillon John, tavern, Main ab Cedar (Myk) i 

Dillon John, weaver, Dauphin ab Frankford j 

Dillon Julia Ann, 1813 Frankford road 

Dillon Lawrence, 424 Christian 

Dillon Mary, Rementer al 

Dillon Mary, Miller (W P) 

Dillon Mich., lab. 1445 Cadwalader 

Dillon Patrick, hotel, N W 5th & Pierce 

Dillon Patrick, 3 Loxley's court 

Dillon Pat., grocer, Cresson & Mechanic (Myk) 

Dillon Richard, catholic booksr. 736 P road 

Dillon Rose Mrs., fancy goods, 331 &.335 South 

Dillon Thomas, hotel, 4 Barron 

Dilmore Andrew, 7 Reed 

Dilmore And. J., Wheat above Wharton 

Dilmore Richd., clerk, 626 Sears 

Dilmore Samuel, cooper, 13 Reed 

Dilworth Charles, 1535 Chestnut 

Dilworth John, tui'ner, 120 Gothic 

Dilworth Jno., weaver, 1313 Marlboro' 

Dilworth Saml. K., carp. Brown & 15th 

Dilworth William, mer. 211 Market, h 411 Arcli 

Dilworth William, painter, 120 Gothic 

Dimick Saml., lab. Miller (G T) 

Dimick Wm., lab. Miller (G T) 

Dimock John, booth., 1014 Clair 

Dimond A. & Co., (J.. Dimond, Pat. McKenna^ 

booksellers & stationers, 12 S 4th 
Dimond Alex., liquors, 1153 S 10th 
Dimond Catharine, seamstress, Frazier's ct 
Dimond Francis, 1020 Wistar 
Dimond Henry, tanner, 1441 Philip 
Dimond Henry, elk. 429 Chestnut, h 504 Owen 
Dimpfel F. P., 1612 Chestnut 
Dimseight James, tailor, 918 Wayne 
Dinan Daniel, g-rocer, 1002 Locust 
Dinan Mary, shop, 247 N 13th 
Dinan Michael, cordw. 14 Catharine 
Dinan T., gro., N E 24tii and Locust 
Dinan Thomas, dealer, 1219 Lawrence 
Dinen Jno., marble manuf., 602 S Broad, h 1314 

Dingas Jno., bagg-age master, N P R R, 1215 

Dingee & Brother, {John H. 6f Chas. H.,) com 

mers. 145 S Front 
Dingee Charles, brickmr. h 911 Buttonwood 
Dingee Charles H., mer. 145 S Front 
DINGEE EDMUND, brickmr., yard R road ab 

Masters, h 934 N 7th 
Dingee Jacob, brickmr. 1422 N 10th 
Dingee John H., mer. 145 S Front, h 1034 Pine 
Dingee Lewis, brickmr., Mervine ab Master 
Dingee William H., bi-ickmr., yard R road ab 

Masters, h 991 N 6th 
Dingham Thos., carp. Jayne ab 8th 
Dingle Charles, seaman, 1 Griffith's ct 
Dingle John, Deal bel F road 
Dingle Johnson, dealer, 18 Eagle ct 
Dingle William, gunsmith, rear 557 N 3d 
Dingier John T., macht., 205 Belgrade 
Dingier Lewis, lab. Collins' ct 
Dingier R., carp.. Orthodox (Fkd) 
Dinkdacker Henry, Diamond ab 5th 
Dinklogger Henry, coach driver, 2328 Virginia 
Dinley J as., laborer, 1643 Lombard 
Dinmore Harry, 2010 Vine 
Dinmore Henry, clerk, 314 S Del av 

Dinmore Robert, 2010 Vine 
DINMORE Wi^LTER, photography,730 Chest- 
nut, h 2010 Vine 
Dinmore Wm. R., 2010 Vine 
Dinmore W. H., freight clerk, 13th & Market, 

h 1519 Fitzwater 
Dinn Godfrey, segarmr. 711 Baj-ard 
Dinneen Cornelius, litho., 22 S 5th, h 719. Moss 
Dinneen Pat., litho., 22 S 5th, h 507 Federal 
Dinnin David D., carp. 2143 Summer 
Dinny Anthonj', lab. 21st and Cuthbert 
Dinny Jno., hotel, Sch. Willow and Factory 
Dinsinan Thos., combmr., 1223 Howard 
Dinsmore Henry, tavern, 22d ab Filbert 
Dinsmore John, lab. 1302 Mariner 
Dinsmore Saml., stevedore. Trinity pi 
Dinsmore Wm., laborer, 1731 Jones 
D'lnvilliers Charles E., gent., 1317 Spring 

Dinwiddie Chas., clerk, 308 S 4th 
Dinwiddie David, 308 S 4th 
Dirham Wm., shoe store,_13th and Melon 
Dirks Rudolph, cabinetmr. 412 Coates 
Dirolf John, baker, 529 Lilly ct 
Dirstine Henry, dry g'oods, 436 N 2d 
Disart Alex., carter, 1642 Lombard 
Disart Ann, 425 S 17th 
Disart John, stone cutter, 425 S 19th 
Disart Joseph, stone cutter, 425 S 19th 
Disberry David, lab.. Oak bel Rose (W P) 
Disberry Francis, laborer, Chestnut bel Rose 

(W P) 
Disinger F., vict. 1324 Randolph 
Disman Daniel, lab. McGaw's ct 
Dismant John, dealer, S 21st 
Dismuse Kate, seamstress, rear 110 Otto 
Disney George, ship carp. Lemon ab Vienna 
Disney Robert, cordw.. Tulip ab Cumberland 
Disston Henry, Keystone saw works, 99 MaideB, 

h 944 N Front 
Distler John, tailor, 1219 Mechanic 
Ditenburg John, boxmr. 1436 Brinton 
DITHMAR & BUTZ (Fred. Dithmar, Geo. 

Butz,) brewers, 945 N 3d 
Dithmar Fred., brewer, 945 N 3d . 
Dithmar Wm., brewer, 140 Noble 
Ditman George, weaver, 420 Jefferson 
Ditman H. W., farmer. Bridge (Fkd) 
Ditman Jacob, cordw. 234 Noble 
Ditmar Joseph, baker, 1106 Ridg-e av 
DITMER JOHN, tavern, S W 8th & Cherry 
Ditmor Martin, weaver, 8th bel Oxford 
Dito Chas. F., engraver, 311 Chestnut, h Mar- 
ket & William (W P) 
Dito John M., Chestnut Hill depot 
Ditren John, lab. 534 Lily alley 
Ditsche H., carpt. 1221 Apple 
Ditterbox Lewis, Dunton ab Otter 
Ditterline Charles, blacksm. 818 Thompson 
Dittert Wm., engineer, 929 S 7th 
Dittess M'lles C. & J., children's clothing, 34 

N 8th 
Dittess F. F., bootmaker, 215 Pine 
Dittlebox John, gasfr. Court al 
Dittman Fred'k, bookkr. 132 N 3d, h 533 

Dittmar Henry, dyer, 1005 Carpenter 
Ditlmore Henry, mason, 5th ab Dauphin 




Ditto James, foreman, Ridge av ab Falls 

Dittrich C. C, tailor, 21 N 9th 

Ditzler Wm. U., tailor, N E 12th & Filbert 

Dittus John, cordw. 621 New Market 

Ditzlor John, combmr., S E Randolph & Wag-er 

Diver Caroline Mrs., 526 Owen 

Diver Edward, fact, foreman, 2006 Pine 

Diver Jane, shop, S W 10th & Marble 

Diver John, machinist, 2006 Pine 

Diver J. Paul, forw. mer. 49 N 10th 

Diver Kate, seamstress, 2009 Lombard 

Diver Patrick, Anthracite 

Diver Patrick, shop, 818 Locust 

Diver Thomas, driver, Carbon ab Lombard 

Divers John, gent. 1217 N 15th 

Divett Wm., carp. Rentshler 

Divin Francis, 819 Carpenter 

Divin John, mer. 231 S 5th 

Divine D., lab. rear 209 Stamper's al 

Divine Eliza, 2028 McDuffie 

Divine James M., printer, 112 S 3d, h 1730 

DIVINb: JAMES R., mer. 225 Chestnut, h 18th 

and Rittenhouse sq 
Divine John, lab. Allen's la (Mt Airy) 
Divine John, manuf. McDuffie & 21st, h 1802 

Rittenhouse sq 
Divine Marg-aret, dressm. 1114 Warren 
Divine Micliael, cordw. 765 S 7th 
Divine Wm., porter, 112 Chestnut, h 2131 

Divine Wm. Jr. & Co. ( Wm. Divine, Jr., Jacob 

Jaunty,') hosiery, 17 Bank 
Divine Wm., Jr., manuf. (H Vill) W P 
Divine Wm. & Son {Wm., John G.,) manuf., 

225 Chestnut and M'Duffie 8c 21st, h 1802 

Rittenhouse sq 
Diviney James, trunkmr. 1809 Jones 
Divoux John, restaurant, 1019 Mt Vernon 
Divver Barney, lab. Salmon bel William 
Divver Patrick, boatman, 24tb bel Chestnut 
Divvers Jno. F., mer. 239 Chestnut 
Dix Isaac, grocer. Front and Prime 
Dix John R., grocer, S W Christian & S Front 
Dix Wm., machinist, 121 King 
Dixen Christopher, oak coopei', 429 Allen 
Dixey Charles, Richmond bel R R (R) 
Dixey Chas., fai-mer. Shoemaker's la (G Town) 
Dixey Charles, lab. Sharpnack (G T) 
Dixey Jacob, pumpmr. 1175 S loth 
Dixey Isaiah, carp. McAlpin above Locust (WP) 
Dixey Rebecca, tailoress, 19 Marseilles 
Dixey Thomas, gent. 826 N 7th 
Dixey Thos. B. P., salesman, 18 S Front, h 826 

N 7th 
Dixon Aaron, sugar boiler, 910 Nassau 
Dixon C. I., dentist, S. E. 11th and Arch 
Dixon Elizabeth, 1922 Wilcox 
Dixon F. M., dentist, 1612 Locust 
Dixon George, sheet iron wr. 308 N 15th 
Dixon George A., spring mr. Rowlandville 
DIXON GEORGE W., com. mer. 40 S Del av, 

h 912 Sergeant 
Dixon Hannah, teacher, 1911 Plymouth 
Dixon Harrison, brush manufacturer, 231 N 2d 

& 23 S 8th 
Dixon Isaac, clock & watchmr. store 222 and h 

256 S 10th 

Dixon Jas. G., carp. 15th & Barclay, h 659 

N Broad 
Dixon John, salesman, 1008 Market, h 1314 

Dixon John H., spring mr. Rowlandville 
Dixon John W., clerk Com. Bank, h 537 Mar- 
shall ab Spring- Garden 
Dixon Joseph, bartender. Lane av (H Vill) 
Dixon Joseph E., coal merchant. Beach above 

Poplar, h Girard av bel 16tk 
Dixon Martin, jeweler, 929 Sergeant 
Dixon M. Mrs. dress mr. 774 S 6th 
Dixon Robert, lab. 1936 Cuthbert 
Dixon Theodore, bricklayer, 3 Nonnater's ct 
Dixon Theophilus, lab. Nicetown la 
Dixon Thos., blacksm. 2204 Linn st 
Dixon Thomas, paper manufr. Wissahickon 

(C Hill) 
Dixon Thomas S., furnaces, &c., 1324 Chestnut 
Dixon William, bricklr. 506 South IStli 
Dixon Wm. B., dentist, 115 Frankfcrd (Fkd) 
Dizinger D., baker, 536 Pine 
Doak David, blacksmith, 1223 Shippen 
Doak James, lab. Doak ab Shippen 
Doak James, lab. Paley pi 
Doak John N., tinsmith, N E Broad & South 
DOAK JOHN W., grocer, 2d and Jarvis 
Doak Wm., tinsmith, 1240 Fulton 
Doan Aaron, carp. 1725 St. Joseph's av, h 1800 

Doan Amos, roller, 1063 N Front 
Doan Everett, segar mr. 511 F road 
Doan W. R., driver, 2309 Jefferson 
Doan Jonathan, carp. 1614 Spruce 
Doane David, carp. 1306 S 8th 
Doane Geo. W., carp. 326 S 16th 
Doane Thos., currier, 213 Wnlow 
Dobbin Alex. W., bricklayer, 845 N 11th 
Dobbin Ann Mrs. 12 N 19th 
Dobbin John, baker, 615 Hemlock 
Dobbin Mary Ann, widow, 21 N 20th 
Dobbin Wm., salesman, 318 S 5th 
Dobbins Caleb, segar mkr., h 212 Perrv 
Dobbins C. J. coal, 217 Walnut, h 1761' Frank- 
ford rd 
Dobbins George W., shop S 20th bel Sansom 
Dobbins Jane L., wid. of Silas, 248 N 8th 
Dobbins Joab, shoe store, 527 S 2d 
Dobbins Maria, Robinson ab Main (Myk) 
Dobbler Jacob, billiard saloon, 410 N 9th 
Dobbyii Wm. A., clerk, 333 Market 
Dobelbower Jas., print. 510 Minor, h 413 S 19th 
Dobelbower John, printer, 413 S 19th 
Dober Francis, tailor, 1532 Apple 
Doblc Wm., wheelwright, Ilolmesburg 
Dobson Arthur, laborer, 49 N 20th 
Uobson & Green, rag- dealers, 140 S Water 
Dobson John, gas fitter. Main op. Penn (Myk) 
Dobson Jonathan, slioemr. Belg-rade (R) 
Dobson & Lees, {John Dobson, James Lees,) 

manufacrs. Ridge av below Fails road 
Dobson R. O., cordw. Beigrave ab William (R) 
Dobson Sam'l, millwright, 1211 N 3d, h Bridge 

and 35th 
Dobson Thos., tailor, F road bel Bodine 
Dobson William, laborei-. Rear (H. ville) 
Dobson William H., mer. 12 Bank h 118 Arch 
Dobson Z. Poulson, atty. & coun. 233 S 5th 





Dobyne John Heniy, saddler, 1134 Race, h 

1210 Cuthbert 
J3ocher Christian, confectioner, 341 South 
Dochei- Henry, confectioner, 341 South 
Dodboore Charles, butcher, 136 Masters 
Dodd Carinas B., tinsmith, 3 School House av 

Dodson James, dealer, 129 Christian 
Dodson .J as., rags, 140 S Water, h 129 Christian 
Dodsworth Charles R., prof music, 920 Filbert 
Dock Gordon H., finisher, Tann ct (Fkd) 
Dock Jacob, mer. 1637 Arch 
Dockendorff Catharine Mrs., 209 Saranak 
Dockerill Joseph, account. 431 Market, h 620 

Docterman John A., cordw. Ridg-e av below 

Shur's la (Rox) 
Dodd Albert B., clerk, 208 S Del av, h Camden 
Dodd Geo., carriages, 430 Race & 152 N 5th 
Dodd Geo. C, hatter, 323 Market, h Camden 
Dodd John E., painter, 1519 Market, h 108 N 

Dodd Stephen H., cabinetmaker, 1128 Anita 
Dodd Wm., driver, Ginnodo ab R Road 
Dodd Wm., cordw., 306 N 23d 
Dodge Catharine, 772 Swanson 
Dodge Geo. H., brass founder, 1032 Olive h 

1503 Penna. av 
Dodge Nathan, carver, 39 N 7th, h Tioga and 

22d (K) 
Dodge Wm., miller, Mill G Town 
Dodge William H., groceries drugs and spices, 

S Front, h Main & R R depot (G Town) 
Dodson David H., waiter, 1718 Sansom 
Dodson Elisha, salesman, 2130 Green 
Dodson EUsha B., M.D., 524 N 21st 
Dodson Richd. W., gent, h 1813 Walnut 
Dodson Robt. B., jr., druggist, 233 N 2d, h 328 

S 12th 
Dodson Robert B., attorney at law, 328 S 12th 
Dodson Wm. A., mer. 201 Market, h328 S 12th 
Doe Daniel, engineer, 934 S 4th 
Doebely Ferd.reed mr. 1113 Fremont 
Doebler Jos. G., porter, 3 Reckless 
Doeding- Henry, laborer b h, 1021 Charlotte 
Doeil F., cordwainer, 206 New 
Doellbor Fred., mach. 194 St John 
Doeppers Jas., bookkr. 814 Race, h 245 Madison 
Doerflinger Francis, hotel. Broad & Coates 
Doerr Charles, sashmaker, Robertson b el Pop- 
lar, li 1419 Marshall 
Doerr Charles, sackmaker, 922 Warnock 
Doerr Francis, cordwainer, 955 St John 
Doerr Henry, baker, 1016 Buttonwood , 
Doerr Philip, carpetmanuf., 1443 & 1445 Apple 
Doerr Rosanna, baker, 228 Union 
Doerr T., carver, 830 N 8th 
Doetger C, boot mr. 809 Girard av 
Doflein Philip, trimming store & chaser, 134 N 

Dogan Hugh, shop, 213 N 16th 
Doggerall Jos., weaver, Hatter's ct 8c Vine 
Dogherty John, lab. 22d and Cuthbert 
Doghert'v John, lab. Cuthbert bel 22d 
Dohan Mich'l J., mer. 17 N Water, h 125 Vine 
Dohan Thos. J., hotel, Market ab Till (WP) 
DOHAN &. TAITT, tobacco com. mers. 17 and 

19 N Water , 

Doherty George, tailor. Market ab 33d 

Doherty James, uphr. 745 Byard 

Doherty James clerk, 240 Chestnut 

Doherty James, coal mer. N W South & Broad 

Doherty Jas., painter, 30 S 12th 

Doherty John P., tailor, N E 5th & Walnut, h 

770 S 13th 
Doherty Margaret, gentw. 30 S 12th 
Doherty Wm., hosiery, 16 N 9th, h Belmont 

. (W P) 
Doherty William, messenger 16 S 3d, h 1225 S 

Dohner Peter, Salmon bel William 
Dohnert George W., clerk P O, 701 N 19th 
Dohnert John H., Pres. Sp. Garden Fire Ins. 

Co., h 722 Green 
Doig George, ins. agent, 1551 N 12th 
Doiseau Charles, tinsm. 509 S 2d, h Otsego bel 

Dokenwadel Frederick, hotel, 420 Parrish 
Dolan Bernard, sawyer, Reed bel Front 
Dolan Christopher, lab., 2130 Cuthbert 
Dolan Daniel, b b, 1617 Lombard 
Dolan Francis, carp. 5 Fetter's la 
Dolan James, Ijricklr. 1111 Sheaff al 
Dolan Jas., lab.. Center (G Town) 
Dolan James, dry goods, 253 S 21st 
Dolan Jas., coal & wood, Shippen st wharf, h 

256 S 20th 
Dolan James, 22d bel Summer 
Dolan James, lab. Howard bel Cumberland 
Dolan Jere., stables, S W 10th & Buttonwood 
Dolan John, milkman, 1519 N 8th 
Dolan John, lab. 2316 Pine 
Dolan Jno. lab. 1714 Wood 
Dolan Lawrence, boatman. Bank bel Pine 
Dolan Mary, tavern. Lane, av n We.stm'r (W P) 
Dolan Michael, carter, Barnet ab 8th 
Dolan Misses, dry goods, 20th & Plymouth 
Dolan Patk., lab. Hewson ab Salmon 
Dolan Patrick, shoemr. 929 Auburn 
Dolan Peter, block cutter, Rementer al 
Dolan Philip, shoemaker 929 Auburn 
Dolan Stephen, stone cutter, 2016 Sansom 
Dolan Thos., salesman, 325 Chestnut 
Dolan Thomas, chandler, Higgin's ct 
Dolbin & Rogers, coal. Pier 13, Richmond 
Dolby Chas., gent. 875 N 18th 
Dolby Henry B., carp. 212 Allen 
Dolby Jeruel, weaver, Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Dolby John, machinist, Franklin (Fkd) 
Dolby John, acc't, 130 S 4th, h 875 N 8th 
Dolby Lewis B. M., planing mill, Swanson & 

Washington av, h N W 2d & South 
Dolby Rodney, mach. 120 N 6th, h 691 N 13th 
Dolby Saml., macht 829 Franklin 
Dolby Thos. B., grocer}^, Front bel Moore 
Dolde Christian, restaurant, S W 4th & Jef- 
Dole German, 6 Laurel 
Dole P., cooper, rear 421 Christian 
Dolen Catharine Miss, 1138 S 7th 
Dolen II., cabinetmr. 2 Logan pi 
Doling Christian, printer, 2313 Coates 
Doll Frederick, buckskin glove manuf, 1036 

St Johns 
Doll Fridk., brewer, 1011 Jefferson 
Doll Geo., cordw. 986 Marshall 




Doll Georg"e, toys, variety and cane store, 14 

N»6th, h 520 Wood 
Doll Lewis, cooper, Tyson bel Dauphin 
Dollard Philip, lab. 824 N 15th 
DOLLARD RICHARD, wig-maker and hair cut. 

513 Chestnut 
Dollaway John, jeweler, Sommers' ct 
DoUing-er Ernest, sig-n painter, 2 Becker's ct 
Dolraads Francis, macht. 523 S Front 
Dolman John, actor, 17 Passyunk rd 
Dolphin Georg-e F., bonnet manufac. 619 S 2d 
Dolphin James, dealer, reai- 1003 Barley 
Dolphin James, bootmr. 1026 Lemon 
Dolson Chas., liquors, 6 N 13th 
Dolson C. A., wines & liquors, 1205 Market, h 

6 N 13th 
Dolton Benjamin, undertaker, 1022 Vernon 
Dolton Wm., sashmr. 1022 Crease 
Dolvz Michl., music teacher, b h, 231 Beaver 
Doman Isaac, wool dealer, 1146 Charlotte 
Dcman J. M., carpenter, 233 Christian 
Doman Thomas, waiter. Acorn al 
Dominguez Francisco, waiter, 1009 Spruce 
Dominick Michael, priest, Price (G T) 
Domman Thos., skindr. 216 Beaver 
Domsler Sarah, gentw. 1215 G T rd 
Domsler Thos., millinery, 106 Franklin 
Don Wm., gent. 309 Lombard 
Donagan Hugh, lab., b h, 1228 Cadwalader 
Donagan John, shoemr. 620 S 5th 
Donagiin John, cordw. 1012 Clare 
Donagan Israel, dyer. Packer ab York 
Donagan Richai'd, atty. and coun. 223 Lodge 
Donagan Thos., shoemr. 22d ab Market 
Donaghan Patrick, blacksm. 1620 Barker 
Donaghey Thomas, spir. store, N E Front and 

Donaghue Bernard, dry goods. 26 N 13th 
Donaghue Wm., grocer, 1417 F road (K) 
Donaghy Chas., tinsm. 512 S 20th 
Donaghy Charles, grocer, 2114 Lombard 
Donaghy David, segarmr. 879 N 8th 
Donaghy Henry, boatman, 2418 Clay 
Donaghy James, grocer, 2337 Callowliill 
DONAGHY JAMES, gas fitter & plumber, 15 

N 9th, h 1913 Spruce 
Donaghy James, shoemr. 2114 Lombard 
Donaghy John, lab. 2143 Lombard 
Donaghy John, porter, 217 Chestnut, h 215 

S 5th 
Donaghy John, boat br. 24th n Mary 
Donaghy John, coal, 249 S Broad 
Donaghy John, porter, Dillwyn pi 
DONAGHY &. WATT, coal, 249 S Broad 
Donaghy William, soap and candles, Wall and 

Grub, h 1121 S 7th 
Donaghy Wm., carter, 2114 Lombard 
Donahue Andrew, police, r Till ab Pratt (W P) 
Donahue Barney, blacksm. 14 Innes 
Donahue Bernard, dealer. Miller and Warren 
Donahue Bernard, grocer. Lane av ab Bridge 
Donahue Charles, lab. 612 Filbert 
Donahue Charles, lab. Dalton pi 
Donahue Daniel, driver, 9 Layman pi 
Donahue Dennis, lab. 1325 Mariner 
Donahue Dennis, weaver, 1008 Milton 
Donahue Dominick, helper, 905 Lafayette 
Donahue D., lab. 114 Shippen 

Donahue Henry, brickmr. 1512 Federal 

Donahue Hugh, weaver, 317 Masters 

Donahue Isabella, hair dresser, 249 S 8th 

Donahue James, lab. 1227 Fitzwater 

Donahue James, livery stable, 405 Noble 

Donahue James, butcher, 2410 Brown 

Donahue Jas., fruit deal , 1348 Cadwalader 

Donahue Jas., weav. 175 Columbia (K) 

Donahue Jas., lab. 1410 Prospect 

Donahue James, dealer, S W 9th and Morris 

Danahue John, grocery, Rising Sun 

Donahue John, carpenter, Fisher ab Emory (R) 

Donahue Jno. assayerof gold, 1023 S 3d 

Donahue John, dyer, Martha and Pepper 

Donahue John, lab. r 624 Cherry 

Donahue John, blksm. 721 S 7th 

Donahue John, porter, 215 S 5th 

Donahue John, 41st ab Haverford (W P) 

Donahue John, cordw. 1341 Earl 

Donahue John, milkman. Marker 

Donahue John S., china, 939 N 2d 

Donahue Joseph, weav. 3 Merino (K) 

Donahue Lawrence, lab. rear 1319 Carlton 

Donahue Lawrence, lab. Lane av ji Bridge 

Donahue Martin, lab. 317 Garden 

Donahue Mary, rear 928 Nectarine 

Donahue Mary, 10 Relief pi 

Donahue Mary, shop, 519 South 

Donahue Mary Ann, dealer, 433 Franklin 

Donahue Michl., tavern, Cumberland (R) 

Donahue Patrick, milkman, 517 Fitzuater 

Donahue Patk., lab. 5 Middle al 

Donahue Patk., weaver, Blair bel Dauphin 

Donahue Patk., lab. 1816 South 

Donahue Patk., paintei-, rear Thurlow ab 12th 

Donahue Patk., brick moulder, 1346 Catharine 

Donahue Patk., lab., 529 N 24th 

Donahue Peter, tailor, Higgins' ct 

Donahue Saiah, 2028 Carlton 

Donahue Susan, trimming-s, 1444 GTroad 

Donahue Wm., porter, 11 Chancery la 

Donahue Wm., carp. 506 Jane 

Donahue Wm., chandler, G T rd ab Chatham 

Donahue Wm. J., blacksmith, 7 Martin's ct 

Donahuge Ann, 1346 Catharine 

Donahy Thos., lab. 8 Lane's ct 

Donal R., mor. dr. 1037 Sarah 

Donald David, housekeeping goods, 805 & 

1122 Market, h 321 Dean 
Donald John, painter, 1227 Lombard 
!J-)nald John, tailor, 5 Mustin ct 
Donald R., lab., 1210 Lombard 
Donald Samuel, lab 7 Singler's Row 
Donald Wm., fancy goods, h Main (Myk) 
Donaldson Alex., lab. 1615 Linden 
Donaldson A., jr., printer, 739 S 3d 
Donaldson David, lab. Fitler 
Donaldson David L., artist, 215 Wharton 
Donaldson Eliza A., 330 S 15th 
Donaldson Harry, clerk, 1108 Shackamaxon 
Donaldson Hugh, lab. 334 N 16th 
Donaldson Isaac, clerk, 518 S 13th 
Donaldson Isaac M., hatter, 36 S 5th, h 1128 

Donaldson Jacob, mason, Norris ab Apple 
Donaldson Jacob N., accountant, 507 Commerce, 

h 330 S 15th 
Donaldson Jacob P., mrs. 1108 Shackamaxon 




Donaldson James, weaver, 118 Edward 
Donaldson John, Pennsylvania av bel Coates 
Donaldson John, eng-ineer, 442 Jefferson 
Donaldson John, cordv/. 129 Masters 
Donaldson John, g-ent. 1437 Spruce 
Donaldson Lydia, trimming-s, 759 S 4th 
Donaldson Mary, 320 Allen bel Columbia av 
Donaldson Mary C, 1228 Spruce 
Donaldson Saml., coi-dw., 1507 Howard 
Donaldson Theodore, carp. Apple ab Norris 
Donaldson Wm., lab., F road ab Norris 
Donaldson Wm., paper stainer, 1734 Sansom 
Donaldson Wm., lab. 1524 Wood 
Donall Catharine, Traquairs ct 
Donan David, lab. 720 Birch 
Donat Christian, com. mer. 713 Coates 
Donat Christ., hotel. Main rd pike (Ches Hill) 
Donat & Campbell, {Christian Donat, Wm. T. 

Campbell,) com. mors. 66 N Water 
Donat Jonathan, hotel. Main (C Hill) 
Donat Justus, farmer, n Depot (Ches Hill) 
Donath James A., atty. and couns. h 329 S 

Donats Christ-, tavern, 2322 Callowhill 
Donavan Daniel, lab. 6 Jayne 
Donavan Danl., confect., 9 Grays ct 
Donavan Jas., lab. 1932 Pearl , 
Donavan James, confect. 437 Spruce 
Donavan Mary, 521 Cresson's al 
Donavan Mar., painter, 1338 Savery 
Donavan Mary, beer house, 19th & Hamilton 
Donavan Mich., printer, Shirley bel 19th 
Donavan Pat., lab. 5 Mervine pi 
Donavan Richd., lab., 1728 Wood 
Donavan Timo., watchman, 1714 Callowhill 
Donavan Wm., lab, 1317 Howard 
Donaven Jos., skin di'esser, 319 Girardav 
Donawalt John, shop 443 Magnolia 
Dondon Mich., lab. 1242 Federal 
Donegan Andi'ew, Wallace near 22d 
Donegan James, lab- Salmon bel Emory 
Donegan John, mer. 213 Race 
Donegan Patk., cordw. Salmon bel Emory 
Donehower George N., wheelwr. Paschalville 

(W P) 
Donehower W. H., sashmaker, 1518 Cohocksink 
Donkley Wm., blacksmith, Main (G Town) 
Donlan Jas., porter, 51 N 3d, h 2 Cowperth- 

wait's ct 
Donley Chas., weaver, Phillip bel Jefferson 
Donley Chas., 542 Christian 
Donley Hugh, lab. 31 Lafayette 
Donley James, carter, 1157 S 13th 
Donley Jas., drayman, rear 1352 Hope 
Doiiley Jane A., h 262 N Juniper 
Donley John, lab. 1735 Burton 
Donley John, tailor, 1332 N 2d 
Donley Mary, seamstress, 247 Concord 
Donley Wm. C, cooper, 223 Catharine 
Donnagha Thos. G., cab. mr., 912 R. av 
Donnaldson Jas., drayman, 1428 Frankford (R) 
Donnaldson Mary, 424 S 11th 
Donnall Chas. J., clerk, 925 Walnut 
Donnell Henry, wheelwright. Ridge av above 

Green Lane (Mky) 
Donnell H. L., grocer, N W 8th and Walnut 
DONNELL JAMES C, Cash. Bank of Com- 
merce, h 134 S 18th 

Donnell Joseph, blacksm. 23 S 20th 
Donnell Robert, lab., 1209 Lombard 
Donnell Robert, grocer, N W 8th and Walnut 

8th and Walnut 
Donnelly Ann, 702 S 1 2th 

Donnelly Arthur, dyer, Huntingdon ab Gun- 
ner's Run 
Donnelly Arthur, lab. Lieper, (Fkd) 
Donnelly Arthui", shoemk., 121 York 
Donnelly Bernard, store 625 Cherry 
Donnelly Bernard, dyer, Josephine (Fkd) 
Donnelly B., Mrs., Market ab 33d 
Donnelly Catharine, gentw. 534 Pine 
Donnelly Catharine, grocer, Christian & EJssex 
Donnelly Catharine, b. h. 1025 Charlotte 
Donnelly Charles, butcher, Perkiomen nr 19th 
Donnelly Daniel, tavern, 310 S 4th, livery 

stable Marshall's ct 
Donnelly Dan., baker, 519 Frankfoad road 
Donnelly Dom., lab. 714 N Front 
Donnelly Dominick, lab., 2d ab Norris 
Donnelly Edward M. D., di-uggist, 1336 

G T road 
Donnelly Ellen, 1510 Howard 
Donnelly F., milkman, 801 Callowhill 
DONNELLY FELIX, grocer, 1817 South 
Donnelly Felix, butcher, 740 S 13th 
Donnelly Francis, carter, 1208 Ash 
Donnelly Francis, -cooper, 1006 Milton 
Donnelly George, tailor, 1018 Locust 
Donnelly, Gibbons & Co., {Jos. A. Donnelly, 
Geo, W. Gibbons, jr., Chas. H. Baker, jr.,') 
com. mers. 127 Che-senut 
Donnelly Hannah, 407 S 13th 
Donnelly Henry, laborer, 1233 Leopard 
Donnelly Heniy, lab. Frankford & Lehigh av 
Donnelly Hugh, lab. 1909 Cuthbert 
Donnelly Hugh, baker, Cumberland ab Frank- 
ford road 
Donnelly Hugh, porter, 105 N Water, h 935, h 

S 10th 
Donnelly Jas., driver. Lane, ab Haverford 
Donnelly Jas., porter, Lane, ab Seneca 
Donnelly James, lab. 2008 Murray 
Donnelly James, lab. 23d ab Pine 
Donnelly James, cordw. Mulberry, Manayunk 
Donnelly James, painter, 124 Prime 
Donnelly James, brushfin. 606 S 7th 
Donnelly James, lab. 1424 Bedford 
Donnelly James, weaver, 176 Columbia 
Donnelly James, cordw. Cranson's ct 
Donnelly James, cordw. 847 Marriot 
Donnelly James, foreman, Mulberry ab Baker 

Donnelly James, cordw. 1.536 Lombard 
Donnelly James, gent. 808 Fallon 
Donnelly John, porter, 325 Chestnut, h 1219 

Donnelly John, driver, 1229 Ann 
Donnelly John, packer, 1239 CheiTy 
Donnelly John, lab. 7 Brooks' ct 
Donnelly John, weaver, 1121 Milton 
Donnelly John, lab. Harrison av 
Donnelly John, weaver, Philip ab Norris 
Donnelly John, carp. 1452 N 10th 
Donnelly John, lab. 922 S 17th 
Donnelly John, lab. Iviehl (R) 




Donnelly John, lab. 139 Elfi-eth's al 
Donnelly John, lab. r 1731 St Joseph's av 
Donnelly John A., tavern, 606 S 7th 
Donnelly John D., driver, Beach bel Walnut 
Donnellv Jno. AV., cordw. 727 S 5th 
Donnelly John W. & Co.,confs. Ill S 5th 
Donnelly Joseph, ship joiner. Trailer 
Donnellv Joseph A.,mer. 127 Chestnut, h School 

Doitnelly Joseph P., pawn broker, 708 South 
Donnelly J. T., ag-ent, 130 S 15tli 
Donnelly Luke, lab. 1110 Ohio 
Donnelly Marg-aret, Green la (Myk) 
Donnelly Mary Mrs., Jackson, Manayunk 
Donnelly Mary, Washing-ton (Myk) 
Donnelly Marf, widow, 1014 Bedford av 
Donnelly Matthew, American ab Diamond 
Donnelly Matthew, rear 1151 S 13th 
Donnelly Michael, bootmr. 520 Christian 
Donnelly Michael, lab. 114 York 
Donnelly Miss S. C, millinery, 637 Spruce 
Donnelly Nicholas, teacher, 908 Christian 
Donnelly Owen, grocer, Columbia ab 2d 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. 223 Spruce 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. Frankford rd (R) 
Donnelly Patrick, packer, 502 Commerce, h 910 

DofMielly Pat., stables, 10 Levant 
Donnelly Patrick, shoemr. 121 York 
Donnelly Patrick, confr. 829 N 2d 
Donnelly Patrick, lab., r 427 Clu-istian 
Donnelly Patrick, Kenworthy's ct 
Donnelly Patrick, lab. 81 Oxford 
Donnelly Pati-ick, shop, 1429 N 4th 
Donnelly Peter, collector P. O. h 1813 South 
Donnelly Peter, lab. Bedford n 12th 
Donnelly Peter, flour & feed, 1128 S 11th 
Donnelly Robert, dyer. Mulberry (Myk) 
Donnelly Robert, carp. 1425 Fairview 
Donnelly Robert, hackman, 803 Grubb 
Donnelly Sarah, r Hall ab 9th 
Donnelly Sarah Ann, 1338 Budd 
Donnell_y S., tailoress, 303 Jefferson 
DoJinelly Theodore J., tailor, 207 S 5th 
Donnelly Thomas, lab. Tacony rd 
Donnelly Thomas, dealer, 924 Marg-aretta 
Donnelly Thos., porter, S W 2d and Market, h 

2 Howard ct 
Dminelly Thos., carp. 13 Morg-an's ct 
Donnelly Ulan, printer, 21 Harrison av 
Donnelly Wm., lab. Hunting'ton & Gunners' run 
Donnelly Wm., hostler, 1634 Barker 
Donnelly Wm., boatman, William (R) 
Donnelly Wm., painter, Nicetown 
Donnelly Wm., porter. 111 Chestnut, h South 

bel Broad 
Donner Enoch, g-rocer, 428 Girard av 
Donner Enoch, cordw. Gay (Myk) 
Donniker Henry, brickmr. Dauphin ab Bel- 

Donocho Pat., lab. Main (G T) 
Donog-hue Charles, com. mer. 15 S Water 
Donoh Daniel, shoes, 530 China 
Donohoe Philip, g'roceries and seed. Market & 

Marg-aretta (W P) 
Donohoe Timothy, shoemr. 116 Arch 
Donohow Samuel, shoemr. 316 S Juniper 
Donohue Charles, tinsm. 23d bel Lombard 

Donohue Cor., shoes, 1834 McDuffie 
Donohue G. W., clerk 1254 N 11th 
Donohue Hug'h, lab. 5 Heden's av 
Donohue Hug-h, r2218 Summer 
Donohue Humphrey, b. h., 211 N Front 
Donohue James, lab. 8 S 18th 
Donobue James, lab. Grays al 
Donohue James, weaver, Cadwalader and Jef- 
Donohue John, lab. Orleans (WP) 
Donohue John, tavern. Market & Rose (W P) 
Donohue John, carpet weaver, 410 N 24th 
Donohue John, painter, 624 Cherry 
Donohue John, carp. 2241 Simes 
Donohue John, turner, 1244 South 
Donohue M., carter, Market n Lane av 
Donohue M., weaver, Edg-emont bel Emory 
Donohue M., porter, 1231 Carlton 
Donohue Michael, lab. Edg-emont bel Emory 
Donohue Pat., tavern. Reed & Otseg-o 
Donolmie Pat., lab. coachman, E Washing-ton 

Donohue Peter, shop, 203 Prosperous al 
Donohue Peter, carrier P. O. h Market & Ross 

Donohue Rosanna, widow, 1121 Federal 
Donohue Thomas^ lab. 1343 N 10th 
Donohue Thomas, porter, S W 4th and Race, h 

1314 Carpenter 
Donohue Thomas, g-rocer, S W Philip & Oxfoi-d 
Donoug-h J. J., blksm. 121 Noble 
Donovan Asa, farmer, Branchtown pike 
Donovan Corn., 3d & Chestnut, h 254 N 2d 
Donovan Daniel, hats, &c., 600 Market, h 427 

Donovan Dennic, pattern mr. 1220 N 8th 
Donovan Dennis J., hattei-, 417 Market 
Donovan Jeremiah, weaver, Orchard (C H) 
Donovan Joseph T., foundry, 441 Broad 
Donovan Martin, cordw. 1432 N 2d 
Donovan Mary, 521 Cresson al \ 

Donovan Michl., clerk, 320 Chestnut, h Charles 

ab Coates 
Donovan Michael, porter, 3 Lagrang'e pi 
Donovan Michael R., locksm. 1225 R av 
Donovan M. lab., 206 Stampers al 
Donyan Hug-h, lab. r 72 Frankford 
Dooan Wm., lab. Dilk's ct 
Doody Michael, porter, 3 Mattis, h 632 Filbert 
Doog'an Mary A., dressmr. 1324 AYalnut 
Donovan Richard, trader, 118 Otter 
Dooley Henry, cordw. Centre (G Town) 
Dooley John, g-rocer, 1223 S Front 
Dooley Michael, 1119 Cherry 
Dooley Thos., cordw. 6 Haves ct 
Dooley Thos., weaver, 1425 N 6th 
Dooley Wm., 311 Race 
Dooling- Jeremiah, painter, 604 Maurice 
Dooling- Matt., bricklr. Philip ab Columbia 
Doolittle Ann, store. Rose bel Market (W P) 
Doolittle David, boatman, 1417 Hewston 
Doolittle Titus, Mary bel Market (W P) 
Dooner Pat., carp. 1612 Fairview 
Doores Wm., tailor, 1163 S 11th 
Dooris John, coachman, Yasey ab 17th 
Doran Cath., widow, 1710 Callowliill 
Doran Daniel, cordw. 1540 Callowhill 
Doran Daniel, lab. 13.^ N Front 





Doran Edwd., lab. Sloan (W P) 

Doran Francis, mach. Front ab Columbia 

Doran Hugh, cordw. Cit}'^ line N E 

Doran Jas., carp. 928 Auburn 

Doran Jas., lab. Newkirk n Cumberland 

Doran Jas. R., bricklr. 1111 Sheaff's al 

Doran Jas. S., mach. 1127 Race 

Doran John, lab. Franklin CFkd) 

Doran John, coachman, 906 Alder 

Doran John, driver, 320 Chestnut, h 1621 Eme- 

Doran John, lab. Mulberry (Fkd) 

Doran John, lab. Centre (G T) 

Doran John, warper, 1251 Darien 

Doran Jno. jr., watch casemr. rear 1509 Linden 

DORAN JOS. M., atty. at law, 519 S 3d 

Doran M. A., confec. 1001 Walnut 

Doran M. L., fancy g-oods, 311 South 

Doran Patrick, moulder, 7 Reed 

Doran Pat., lab. Hewson ab Salmon 

Doran Rosanna, washing-, 3 Tiller's ct 

Doran Thos.,lab. Cherry (Fkd) 

Doran Thos., cordw. 222 Quarry 

Doran Wm., lab. Sansom bel 21st 

Doran Wm. B., tailor, 800 Market, h 853 N 

Doran Wm. P., nailmr. Oxford bel Hope 

Doras Terenco, lab. 2056 Sansom 

Dores S., g-roceries, 25 N 12th 

Doret A. M., clerk, 242 Chestnut 

Dorey Daniel, hatters trimmings, 320 Chestnut, 
h 611 Washington av 

Dorey Jane, tobacconist, 1202 S Front 

Dorff'Alb., sheet iron worker, 1528 Callowhill 

Dorif Canfield, clerk, 524 Market, h 1510 Cal- 

Dorff Georg-e, mer. 524 Market, h 516 Queen 

Dorff Jas., lab. Olney 

Dorff John, silver plater, 1235 N 11th 

Doi'g"an Daniel, cabinetmr. 1227 Ogden 

Dorgan John A., conveyancer, 51 N 6tli 

Dorhan Martin, hostler, 7 Norris ct 

Doring Geo., carp. 1236 Hope 

Doring- Just., cabinet maker, Cadwalader ab 

Dpriot Frederick, cook, 339 S 12th 

Doriot J-ouJsa, 309 Comptroller 

Doriot Peter, uphol. 1025 Walnut 

Doris St. John, saddler, 1014 R av 

Doris St. John, lab. 1231 Carlton 

Dorian John, carp. Richmond ab F road, h 1031 
Shackamaxon bel Wildey (K) 

Dorian Nathan, h 1215 Stiles 

Doi'land H. M., clerk, 3 Dock st wharf, h 443 

Dorman Alfred M., saddler, 1727 Market, h 
Beach av & South 

Dorman Archibald, paper stainer, 1332 Catha- 
Dorman Chas., cordw. Park & Market 

Dorman Cor., candlemr. Beach ab South 
Dorman H., coal yard, 312 N Broad, h 904 N 

Dorman James, weaver, Market bel Park 

Dorman John, coachmr. 620 S Broad 

Dorman John, blacksmith, 614 Masters 

Dorman Mary, Beach ab South 

Dorman Wm., carp. 534 Marshall 

Dorman Wm., brickmr. Beach ab South 
Dormitzer Michael, trunks, 246 Market, h 529 

Dorn Charles, extract coffee manuf. 3d ab Co- 
lumbia (K) 
Dorn Edwd., actor, 324 Julianna 
Dorn Peter, 325 Callowhill 
Dorn Philip, baker, Richmond & Crown (K) 
Dorn William, gi-ocer, Washington bel Logan 

(W P) 
Doi-nan Henry, weaver, Apple (Myk) 
Dornan John, card stamper, 1525 N 2d 
Dornan Robt., lab. 249 S 21st 
Dornan Samuel, shoe store, 1337 N 2d 
Dornan Thos., plate printer, 619 Clifton 
Dornan Wm. J., printer, 1136 S 11th 
Dornbach Henry, tailor. Orchard , 

Dornblasser Benj., di-iver, 1311 Miller 
Dorner Chas., tavern, 328 York av 
Doron Chas., tailor, Richmond & Shackamaxon 
Doron Chas. R., mer. 12 N 3d, h 713 N 5th 
Doron Enos T., clerk, 61 N 3d, h 1102 Wallace 
Doron & Hone, {Alf. Doron, Pat. Hone,) jewel- 
ers, 2d & Vine 
Dorothy Wm., lab. 5th bel Canal 
Dorothye George, seaman, 928 Otsego 
Dorphley Richard W., acct. 35 S 3d, h Syca- 
more n 37th (W P) 
DORR BENJAMIN, REV., D. D., 32 S 3d, h 

Price (G T) • 
Dorr M. A. Mrs., 1500 Chestnut 
Dorr Robt., 1026 Clare 

Dorr Wm. W., clerk, 32 S 3d, h Price (G T) 
Dorrance Henry B., M D, 702 Sansom 
Dorrcian Wm., driver, r 1526 Cadwalader 
Dorrington Chai'les, lab. 507 Marriott 
Dorscheimer F. S., turner, 814 Wallace 
Dorscheimer H. M., baker, 55 N 7th 
Dorsett James A., sailmr. 1128 S Front 
Dorsey Aaron, waiter, 243 Quince 
Dorsey Aug., clothes, 31 S 2d, h 1636 Barker 
Dorsey Benedict, crockery, 213 N 3d, h G T 
William,) glass and crockery ware, 213 
Dorsey Ellen, washer, 1112 Warren 
Dorsey Felix, lab. 106 Mead 
Dorsey George W., machinist, rear 233 S 5th, 

h Buttonwood bel lltli 
Dorsey G. W., bookbinder, 2021 Summer 
Dorsey Hammond, lab. 933 Bonsall 
Dorsey Hugh, lab. Hewson (R) 
Dorsey Jas., bookkr. 103 S Juniper 
Dorsey John, 103 S Juniper 
Dorsey John, bookbinder, 22 S 5th, h 1208 Car- 
Dorsey John W., printer, 112 S 3d, h 842 Lom- 
Dorsey Michael, lab. Belgrade (R) 
Dorsey Owen, lab. Hewson (R) 
Dorsey Patrick, lab. Huntingdon ab Salmon 
Dorsey Patrick, lab. 1130 Milton 
Dorsey Peter, book binder, 2021 Summer 
Dorsey Rachel, shop, 602 Barclay 
Dorsey Robert, M. D., 511 S 8th 
Dorsey Stanton, mer. 213 N 3d, h Washington 

E of Main (Germantown) 
Dorsey Thomas J., waiter, 1231 Locust 




Dorsey Vincent, 2 Elizabeth av 
Dorsey Wm., mer. 213 N 3d, h Main ab Wash- 
ington (Germantown) 
Dorsey Wm.^ plasterer, 1009 Carpenter 
Dorsey Wm., 431 Marriott 
Dorsey Wm., lab., 1324 Carpenter 
Dorsey Wm., 407 Pleasant av 
Dorsh Geo., grocer, 236 Chester 
Dorson Matthew, shoemaker, 1325 Rose 
Dorster Chas., tobacconist, New Market, h Pol- 
Dorton Edward, lab. Almond and York 
Dorton John, butcher, 2d bel Columbia 
Dorton Mary, grocer, 826 Carpenter 
Dorwarth Leonard, baker, 426 N 8th 
Dorworth Abraham, foreman. Centre ab Baker 

Doser Lucas, jeweler, 1420 Race 
Dospassos Manuel J., shoemr. 1622 Bulah 
Dos Santos A. F., prof, music, 517 Pine 
D'Ossone Freeman, asst. librarian Mercantile 

Library, h (W P) 
Dost Ant., tailor, Bodine ab Columbia 
Doster Michael, spec, manuf. 517 St John 
Dotliard Abraham, cordw. 225 S 11th 
Dothard Edward, printer, 939 S 6th 
Dothard Mrs., dress mr. 225 S 11th 
Dott Jacob, brickmr. Wai-der ab Montgomery av 
Dotter Abram, 231 N 13th 
Dotter Theodore, dyer, 905 N Market ab Poplar 
Dotterer James A., currier, 906 Carpenter 
Dotts Peter, 23 Edwin st 
Douban F., upholsterer, 3 Linden pi 
Doublebower Lewis, collector, 915 S 3d 
Doud Conrad, lab. 2117 Barker 
Doud James, coachman, Margaret 
Doud Robt. W., tailor, 148 N 13th 
Dougherty Alex, ostler, 5 Landis ct 
Dougherty Alex. J., typefr. 519 Chatham 
Doug'herty Alex. E., Sec. & Treas. Tioga Rail 

Road Co., 25 Exchange, h 1620 Chestnut 
Dougherty Andrew, cord. 814 Maple 
Dougherty And., stone mason, 6 Bledisloe pi 
Dougherty Ann, clothing, 340 South 
Dougherty Arthur, lab. Gable ct 
Doug'herty Bernard, tailor, 206 Madison 
Dougherty Bernard, lab. Chatham (R) 
Dougherty Bernard, shoemr. 512 S 18th 
Dougherty Bernard, lab. Arch W 22d 
Dougherty Bernard, lab. 105 Hazel 
Dougherty Bei'n., tailor, Cresson ab Grape (Myk) 
Dougherty Bernard, lab. Lane av n (M ville) 
Dougherty Bernard, carp. 615 S 13th 
Dougherty Bridget, 1334 Catharine 
Dougherty Bridget, 316 Callowhill 
Dougherty Casper, upholsterer, 106 Washing- 
ton av 
Dougherty Catharine, seamstress, 426 Heron pi 
Dougherty Catharine J. Mrs., 323 S 18th 
Dougherty Chas. painter, 1713 Wood 
Dougherty Chas., tailor, Phillip bel Norris 
Dougherty Charles, lab. Bath ab William (R) 
Dougherty Chas., lab. William ab Bath (R) 
Dougherty Charles, lab. 505 S 18th 
Dougherty Charles, lab. Richmond below Hun- 
Dougherty Charles, butcher, 907 Reed 
Dougherty Charles, lab. 625 Bedford 

Doug-herty Chas., g-ardener, Maylandville (W P) 
Dougherty Chas., lab. 29 Reed st 
Dougherty Chas., 614 Wash'n av 
Dougherty Chas. A., tav. 1316 G T rd 
Dougherty Chas. A., 879 N 6th 
Dougherty Chas. W., carver, 1009 Milton 
Dougherty Corn., waterman, 117 Prime 
Dougherty Corn. J., clerk, 315 Chestnut 
Dougherty Daniel, shoemr. 608 St Mary 
Doughertjf Daniel, shoemr. Holmesburg 
Doug'herty Daniel, grocer, 1130 Pine 
Dougherty Daniel, lab. Wager n GTroad 
Dougherty Daniel, atty. & coun. S E 8th and 

Dougherty Daniel, omnibus proprietor, N W 

23d & Vine 
Dougherty Daniel, salesman, 138 S Water, h 3 

Quig's ct 
Dougherty Danl., currier, 1529 S Front . 

Dougherty Danl., hotel, 38th & Market 
Dougherty Danl., shoemaker, 1628 Lombard 
Dougherty Danl., tavern, 118 Vine 
Dougherty David, porter, N E 17-h & South 
Dougherty David, lab. 728 Hubbell 
Dougherty David, wheelw. Holmesburg 
Dougherty Dennis, porter, 24 S Front, 
Doug-herty Dennis, porter, Chew's ct 
Dougherty Dennis, clerk, William & Bath (R) 
Dougherty Dominick, lab. 23d below Walnut 
Doug'herty Edward, plumber, Wayne 
Dougherty Edw., bartendr. 912 Christian 
Doughei-ty Edwd., cordw. 24th bel Chestnut 
Dougherty Edwd., cordw. Richmond n Emory 
Doughert)^ Edward, cordw. 823 Essex 
Dougherty Edward, bartender, 11 avenue C 
Dougherty Edwd., truck dealer, Broad & Reed 
Dyougherty Edwd., tailor, Robinson above Main 

Dougherty Eleanor, Cotton ab Cresson (Myk) 
Dougherty Elizabeth, 21st ab Market 
Dougherty Elizabeth, b h, 423 Shippen 
Doug-herty Elizabeth, 7 Myers' ct 
Dougherty Ellen, Cresson (Myk) 
Dougherty Eneas, bartender, 446 N Front 
Dougherty Esther, h 212 German 
Dougherty E. C, M D, 744 S 12th 
Dougherty Francis, cordw. 1335 Palethorpe 
Doughei'ty Geo., coachman, 6 Knight's ct 
Dougherty Geo., lab. 1524 Bodine 
Dougherty Geo., moulder, 1513 N 11th 
DOUGHERTY GEORGE L., atty. & coun. 255 

S 5th 
Dougherty Geo. W., capt. 1335 Locust 
Dougherty Harriet E., rear 218 Walnut 
Dougherty Henry, confect. 1156 S 10th 
Dougherty Henry, waiter. Pine ab 23d 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. Salmon (R) 
Dougherty Hugh, driver, Wm. ab Green (W P) 
Dougherty Hugh, tailor, 503 S 5th 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. Salmon & Rail road (R) 
Dougherty Hugh, porter, 24 Gatzmer 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. 2424 Pine 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. 849 Orchard 
Dougherty Hugh, bricklayer, 906 Wayne 
Dougherty Hugh, oysterman, 115 Mead 
Dougherty Hugh, coachman. Green la 
Dougherty, lab. Silbert bel Wharton 
Dougherty James, tobacconist, 8 N 5th 




Dougherty James, founder, 2214 Green 
Doug-herty James, lab? Sorrel bel Melvale(R) 
Doug-herty James, lab. rear 629 Wall 
Doug-herty Jas., weaver, 1326 Bedford 
Doug-herty Jas., ship carp. 450 Richmond 
Dougherty Jas., bookbindei-, 1500 Montgomery 
Dougherty Jas., carp. 752 S 6th 

. Dougherty Jas., tavern, S E 17th & Shippen 
Doug-herty James, lab. York Pike, Bristol 
Doughertjr James, tobacconist, 802 S 6th 
Dougherty James,lab. Chatham 
Dougherty James, carp. Barclay ab Broad 
Doug-herty James, mason, Cooper W 20th 
Dougherty James, morocco dresser. Hank's ct 

- Dougherty Jas., coal mer., h 15th bel Shippen 
Dougherty James, manuf 251 Lybrand 
Dougherty James, jr., Dickerson bel 9th 
Dougherty James, bricklayer, Larkin bel Lom- 

Dougherty James, segar store, 19 S 20th 
Dougherty James, lub. 1636 Sansom 
Dougherty James, blacksmith, 2od n Walnut 
Doughei'ty James, bootmr. 2048 Murray 
Dougherty James, blacksm., Kingsessing (W P) 
Dougherty James, baker, 764 N 22d 
Dougherty James, brickmr. 2012 McDuffie 
Dougherty James, cordw. 3 Traquair ct 
Dougherty James, weaver, Adrian ab York 
Dougherty James, lab. 6 Mustin's ct 
Dougherty Jane, laundress, 123 Eutaw 
Dougherty Jane, shop, 828 Leonard 
Dougherty Jane, 1716 Wood 
Dougherty John, lab. Sorrel bel Melvale (R) 
Dougherty John, lab. Somers bel R av (Rox'b) 
Dougherty John, lab. Salmon n Huntingdon 
Dougherty John, boatman. Mechanic (Myk) 
Dougherty John, police, 413 Cherry 
Dougherty John, lab. William ab Bath (R) 
Dougherty John, lab. 1018 Milton 
Dougherty John, lab. Spring bel William (R) 
Dougherty John, lab. Palm n Melvale (R) 
Dougherty John, boatmr. Market n 34th (W P) 
Doug-herty John, cordw. McAlravy st 
Dougherty John, weav., Benton n School (G T) 
Dougherty John, lab. Wallace n 23d 
Dougherty John, dealer, 106 Washington av 
Dougherty John, tavern, Richmond bel William 
Dougherty John, pilot, Manayunk 
Dougherty John, bootmr. 1506 Cuthbert 
Dougherty John, stone cutter, 1510 Say 
Dougherty John, lab. Lex ab 16th 
Dougherty John, 1701 Grayson 
Dougherty John, umbmr. 7o7 S 5th 
Dougherty John, lab. 1626 Ilelmuth 
Dougherty John, lab. 1722 Barker 
Dougherty John, lab. 231 Lybrand 
Dougherty John, driver, 6 Margaretta pi 
Dougherty John, clerk, 505 South 
Doug-herty John, baker, 1 Govett's ct 
Dougherty John, dealer, 132 May 
Dougherty John, mariner, Thurlow ab 12th 
Dougherty Jolm, turner, 1134 Otis 
Dougherty John, lab. 724 S 8th 
Dougherty Jolm, umbrellarar. 763 Jessup 
Doughei-ty John, lab. Tilton ab Emory 
Doug-herty John, lab. 902 Carpenter 
Dougherty John, stone cutter, 912 Poplar 
Dougherty John A., cordw. Cope (R) 

Dougherty John A., cordw. Cope (R) 
Dougherty John A., distiller, Frankford road ab 


Wm. H.,) grain distillers, 1134 N Front 
Dougherty John H., cordw. Salmon n RR (R) 
Dougherty J. A. jr., Frankford rd ab Harrison 
Dougherty Joseph, tobacconist, 802 S 6tli 
Dougherty Lawrence, tavern, Lancaster av n 

Dougherty Letitia, 707 Ma-arice 
Dougherty Mary, b h, 302 Cypress 
Dougherty Mary, Govett's ct 
Doug-herty Mary, liquors, 118 Vine 
Dougherty Mary Mrs., 833 Cherry 
Dougherty Mary A., wid. Beach ab South 
Dougherty Maria & Sister, weavers. Main bel 

Cedar (Myk) 
Dougherty Michael, watchman, Jefferson (Myk) 
Dougherty Michael, 2334 Biddle st 
Dougherty Michael, bootmr. 1306 Cuthbert 
Dougherty Michael, lab. 930 S 10th 
Dougherty Michael, pedlar, 1821 Shippen 
Dougherty Michael, gent. 23d & Spruce 
Dougherty Michael F., stoves, 1304 G Town rd 
Dougherty M. J. 419 Walnut, h 724 S 8th 
Dougherty M. Mrs., 5th and G Troad 
Dougherty Nancy, June ab 22d 
Dougherty Neil, cabinetmr. rear 216 Arch 
Dougherty Patrick, dealer, 1910 Cuthbert 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. 1328 Columbia av 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Federal n G F road 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. 2241 Simes 
Dougherty Patrick, porter, 612 G Froad 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Darien ab York 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Kingsessing 
Dougherty Patrick, tavern, 421 Prune 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Bath (R) 
Dougherty Patk., distiller, 1120 S 8th 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Mechanic (Myk) 
Dougherty Pati-ick, lab. Palm (R) 
Dougherty Patrick, lab. Willow bel Pine 
Dougherty Patrick, cordw. 627 Paul 
Doug-herty Peter, shop, 1918 Fairview 
Dougherty Peter, weaver, 301 N 23d 
Dougherty Peter, liquors, G F road bel South 
Dougherty Peter, tailor, Kelly's ct 
Dougherty Peter, 1326 Bedford 
Dougherty Peter, lab. Melvale opp Sorrell 
Dougherty Philip, tavern, S E Front & Shippen 
Dougherty Philip, sr., stone mason, 724 S 8th 
Dougherty Philip, carp. 724 S 8th 
Dougherty Philip, lab. 2027 Murray 
Doug-herty Philip, shoemr. 805 S 9th 
Dougherty Philip, 731 Shippen 
Doug-herty & Powers, omnibus proprietors, Vine 

and Nixon 
Dougherty Richard, 1626 Helmuth 
Dougherty Robert, hotel, 234 S Del av 
Doug-herty Robert, pawnbroker, 650 South 
Dougherty Robert, lab. 1627 Carver 
Dougherty Robert, stone polisher, 518 S 15th 
Dougherty Robert, lab. Edg-emont ab Emory 
Doug-herty Rose Mrs., 1326 Bedfoi-d 
Doug-herty Saml., 132 Mary 
Dougherty Saml., 106 Washington av 
Dougherty & Smith, stone cutters, 23d and 




Doug-heily Susan, g'entw. 1125 Filbert 
Doug-herty Theod., carp. Wistar (G Town) 
Doug-herty Thomas, lab., Edg-emont ab Lehigh 

av (R) 
Doug'herty Thomas, lab. Wyoming- ab Pratt 
Dougherty Thomas, lab. 1529 Tudor 
Doug-hertv Thomas, 906 N 9tli 
Doug-herty Thomas, 920 N 9th 
Dougherty Thomas, cutter, 2127 Spruce 
Dougherty Wm., lab. Haverford n 37th 
Dougherty Wm., weaver, 1535 Phillip 
Dougherty Wm., blacksm. Jones bel 19th 
Dougherty Wm., horse shoer, Filberl ab 18th 
Dougherty Wm., carp. 15th ab Fitzwater 
Dougherty AVm., umbreUa.s, 324 Market h 1119 

Marlborough (K) 
Dougherty Wm., drayman, 832 Washington av 
Dougherty Wm., coachman, r 209 Duponceau 
Dougherty Wm., tailor, N E 17th & South 
Dougherty William, coachmn. 821 Spruce 
Dougherty William, lab. 17th & Christian 
Dougherty William, 1022 Carpenter 
Dougherty William, stone cutter, 906 Wayne 
Dougherty William, engi-aver, 1931 Wilcox 
Dougherty Wm., wheelwt. N E 22d & M'Duffie 
Doug-herty Wm., brickmr. 23d bel Lombard 
Dougherty Wm., driver, 731 Baker 
Dougherty Wm., lab. Federal & Gray's Feriy 

Dougherty William H., distiller, Frankford rd 

ab Harrison 
Dougherty William J., porter, 221 Chestnut 
Dougherty Wm.W., silversm. 320 Cypress 
Dought John, weaver, Blair bel Dauphin 
Doughton Wm., clerk, 232 S 4th 
Doughty Enoch, driver, 1011 Sarah 
Doughty G. M., ship carp., 507 Franklin 
Doughty Julius F., 920 Otsego 
Doughty J. Wood, blksmth. 1308 Marlboro' ab 

Thompson (K) 
Doughty Lavinia, preserver, 723 Fitzwater 
Douglas Hugh, druggist, 609 Market, house 204 

W Washington sq 
Douglass A., carp. 2125 Sharswood 
Douglass Benj., steel filer, 819 Morris 
DOUGLASS B. & CO., mercantile St collecting 

agenc}^ 248 Market 
Douglass B., mercantile agency, 248 Market 
Douglass Daniel, lab. Diamond & Sergeant 
Douglass Elizabeth, cor Dean and Adams Geo., musician, 1219 Peter 
Douglass Geo., carpet weaver, 1330 Hope 
Douglass George, weaver, Norris bel Hancock 
Douglass George, express, 28 S 5th, h 537 N 

Douglass Henrv, b h. Oak ab Bridgewater 

Douglass Jacob M., clerk, 34 S Del av, h 540 

Washington av 
Douglass Jacob M., Rev., 934 Coates 
Douglass Jacob M., clerk, 540 Washington av 
Douglass James, tobacconist, 26 N 6th 
Douglass James, blksmth. 13th ab Willow 
Douglass James, hotel, 48 8c 50 N 6th 
Douglass Jas., ladies' shoemr. 622 Lombard 
Douglass James, engineer, 2610 Lombard 
Douglass John, tobacconist, 56 N 8th 
Douglass John, warper, 1171 S 13th 

Douglass John, tobacconist, 514 Race 
Douglass John, wheelwt. 1216 Columbia av 
Douglass John, weaver, 731 S 13th 
Douglass Jno. lab. Dickinson & Cumberland 
Douglass John, marble mason, 340 Federal 
Douglass John, shop, 1216 Columbia 
Douglass John, cooper, 314 Monroe 
Douglass John, lab. Diamond ab Sergeant 
Douglass John, shoemr. 1118 Cuthbert 
Douglass John B., 613 N 10th 
Douglass John J. N. Mrs., 312 S 5th 
Douglass Joseph, draj'man, 19th & Barker 
Doug-lass Joseph B., produce, 1909 Market, li 

710 N 23d 
Douglass Joseph M., marble yd. Washington av 

ab 2d, h 100 Shippen 
Douglass Jos. v., grocer, 710 N 23d 
Douglass Josiah, waterman, 967 Otsego 
Douglass Loyd, 637 Lombard 
Douglass ilargt., 428 Worth 
Douglass Nathaniel R., harnessmr. Fox Chase 
Douglass Pemberton, barber, 617 Middle al 
Douglass Robt., phonographer, 661 N 13tli 
Douglass Robt. J., tailor, 719 Erie 
Douglass R., clerk, 1440 Frankford road 
Douglass Saml., lab. rear 1723 St. Joseph's av 
Douglass Samuel, carp. Fremont 
Douglass Samuel C, sailmr. 1112 S Front 
Douglass Thomas, dealer, 5 Gatzraer 
Douglass Thomas, tailor, 3 Short's ct 
Douglass Wm., paintei-, 1645 Lombard 
Douglass Wm., lab. 1351 Atmore 
Douglass Wm. Rev., 532 Powell 
Douling John, blacksm. 1816 Penna. av 
Dounton Fann}', 1738 Francis 
Dounton James C, bartender, Cherry (Fkd) 
Dounton Wm. D., ropemr. Rising Sun 
Douredore Peter, soap and candles. Market W 

23 d, h 238 W Logan sq 
Douredoure B., chandler, 238 W Logan sq 
Douse Simon jr., waterman, 226 Brier pi 
Douty Henry, harnessmr. 30 & 32 S 7th, h 1015 

Douville A. Z., 1506 Chestnut 
Dove James, weaver, Hancock (G T) 
Dove John S., clerk, 518 Market, h 246 Reed 
Dove Wm., confectr. N E 16th and Filbert 
Dover Geo., harnessmr. Sellers (Fkd) 
Dover James, bai-ber, 18th and South 
Dover Joseph, acct. 410 Library 
Dover Levi, boatman, Tower (Mvk) 
Dover Levi, lab.Riciimond (Bdg) 
Dow A., cordw. 617 Cherry 
Dow C. C, macht. 607 Christian, h 1140 S 6th 
Dow & Co., print, press manufs. 607 Christian 
Dow John, brushmr., 2213 Hare 
Dow John, painter. Chestnut ab Till (WP) 
Dow Lorenzo, 125 S 7th 
DOW PHINEAS, machinist, 52 N 6th, h 520 

Dow Tliomas, lab. Front ab iloore 
Dowbmann John, baker, 706 Washington av 
Dowcliich Georsre, weaver, Church bel Hamil- 
ton (Myk) ' 
Dowens Firmen, 1412 Ogden 
Dowdle S., packer, F Road ab Ann (R) 
Dowdle Wm., lab. Falls Schykl 
Dowdy Jas. A., engineer, F road bel Norris 




Dowd ell Bridget, Green ab 34th 

Dowdell Jas., lab. Green ab 34tli 

Dowdell John, moulder, Green ab 34th 

Dowdell Thomas, moulder. Green ab 34th 

Dowell Wm., wig- manufr. 923 Race 

Dower Bridget, shop, 527 Hurst 

Dowler Jacob, fire brickmr. 9th ab Poplar, h 

706 N 11th 
Dowler J. W., coal yard, 956 N 9th 
DOWLING BENJ., 1134 Market 
Dowling- Benj., oil and color manf. 1120 Market, 

h 749 Florida 
Dowling Bryan, porter. Reed ab 9th 
Dowling Catharine, Lowd place 
Dowling C, lab. West ab Coates 
Dowling Edward, 903 Christian 
Dowhng Edward C, bricklr. 1138 S 11th 
Dowling Finton, 716 West 
Dowling James, cooper, 1117 S 3d 
Dowling James, lab. Huntingdon (R) 
Dowling James, 810 Essex 
Dowling Jas., lab. L Hill, Falls 
Dowling Jas., porter, 3 Beaver's ct 
Dowling John, gilder, 828 Auburn 
Dowling John, drayman, 810 Essex 
Dowling John, plasterer, Green Lane (Myk) 
Dowling John, lab. 1535 Warnock 
Dowling Jno, omnibus proprietor, 718 S lOth &. 

1011 S Broad 
Dowling Michael, hotel, 205 N 2d 
Dowling Michael, stone cutter, Markham st 
Dowling Michael, sr., gent. 810 Essex 
Dowling Michael, jr., papermr. 810 Essex 
Dowling Michael, segarmr. 311 Pine 
Dowling Michael, dealer, 1524 Mervine 
Dowling Pat., carp. 244 Quince 
Dowling' Peter, cordw. h Gaffney's ct 
Dowman Wm., lab. 922 N Del av 
Downer Charles, weigher, 20 N Water, h 206 

Downer Eliza, 1515 Carlton 
Downer Jerry, mer. 1614 Pine 
Downes James, clothing, 29 S 2d, h 1032 Lom- 
Downes John, gasfitter, 2003 South 
Downes Mary, washer, 7 Jones al 
Downes Richard, b h, 236 Spruce 
Downey Ann, rear 1709 Moravian 
Downey B., tanner, 1312 Palethorp 
Downey Chas., mach. 1500 Carlton 
Downey George, potter, 409 N 15th 
Downey Henry, bruslmnr. 137 Coates al 
Downey Jas., blacksm. River ab Myrtle 
Downey Jas., lab. 1805 Jones 
Downey John, liquor store, 713 N 13th & Olive 
Downey John, chandler, Shippen bel 15th 
Downey Jno., carp, rear 812 Washington av 
Downey Marg., 612 Thompson 
Downey Mich., glassblower, 612 Thompson 
Downey Patrick, porter, 325 Chestnut, h 1003 

Downey Rosanna, seamst. 1030 S 3d 
Downey Sarah, gentw. Clark and 4th 
Downie Benj., cordw. Frankford (Fkd) 
Downle Joseph, confect. 1210 Market, h 678 

N 13th 
Downie Lewis, constable. Front ab Harrison 
Downie Wm., tailor, 1014 N 2d 

Downie William, tailor, Front n Harrison 
Downing Alfred, machinist 1536 N 15th 
Downing Ann, shop, 428 German 
Downing Anna B., gentwo. 726 S 8th 
Downing Benj., painter, 756 S 12th 
Downing B., mach. 1649 Lombard 
Downing Catharine, 608 Barclay 
Downing Chas. H., police, 756 S 10th 
Downing Clementine, 235 Currant al 
Downing Daniel, dealer, 1033 Carpenter 
Downing Delia, 264 S 10th 
Downing George, imp. jewelry, 266 S 4th 
Downing Georg-e, baker, 131 Thompson 
Downing Henry E., bookbinder, 1521 Sansom 
Downing James, cordw. 1214 S 6th 
Downing, carp. 1307 Brandy wine 
Downing James, carp. weav. Montgomery bel 

EkJwnJiig John R., acct. 707 Filbert 
Downing John S.,, publisher, 149 S 4th, h 426 

S 3d 
Downing John W., broker, 426 S 3d 
Downing Jos. H., 105 Walnut, h 803 S 3d 
Downing Levi, 231 Currant al 
Downing Richard H., mer. 1608 Market, h 1613 

Downing Robert, 416 N 22d 
Downing Robert W., bookkeeper, 1307 Brandy- 
Downing Thomas, cordw. 708 Byard 
Downing Wm., morocco dr. Oxfoi'd bel 5th 
Downs Abel D., lumber mer. 920 Franklin 
Downs A., dealer, 1422 N 11th 
Downs A.D., lumber mer. Bridge, Beach st. h 

920 Franklin 
Downs David, laborer, 1^ Elmslies al 
DOWNS & GEIGER, {A. D. Downs, A. J. 

Geiger,) lumber merchants. High Bridge, 

Downs Jno., drayman, 1936 Howell 
Downs Jno., 1309 Buttonwood 
Downs John, clerk, 974 Hutchinson 
Downs Mary, wid. 617 S 18th 
Downs Mary, Mrs., 2002 Coates 
Dawns Michael J., druggist, 410 Market, h 974 

Downs Mrs., astrologer, 1309 Buttonwood 
Downs Norton A., printer, 1323 Arch 
Downs Pares, coachman. Church ab Till (W P) 
Downs Robt. N., M.D., York Pike, Bristol 
Downs Thos., lab. Gi-ay's Ferry Rd 
Downs Thomas, cordw. 1 Miu'ray's ct 
Downs Thomas, boots & shoes, 1323 Arch 
Downs Thos., lab. 931 Percy 
Downs Wm. H., gent. 920 Franklin 
Downs Wm. H., seaman, 13 Bulletin 
Doyer Joseph, bootmr. 629 South 
Doyle Andrew, hatter, 528 Buckley 
Doyle Cath., seamstress, 1606 N 11th 
Doyle David, tavern, 931 Girai-d av 
Dovle Edward, porter, Scott's ct. Hunter ab 

' 10th 
Doyle Edward A., currier, 1425 Jefferson 
Doyle Eliz J., 6 Reckless st 
Doyle Ellen, widow, 608 S 15th 
Doyle Francis, lab. 413 N Front 
Doyle Fred., lab., 2301 Virginia 
Doyle Hannah, 114 Bread 




Doyle Henrietta, trimmings, 333 S 4th, h 438 

Doyle Henry, vict. Lan av ab 41st (W P) 
Doyle Hugh, chemist, 551 N 6tli 
Doyle James, gro. 619 Cherry 
Doyle James, furniture, 605 S 3d 
©oyle James, tailor, 17 Callowhill 
Doyle James, rag, 1318 S 13tli 
Doyle James, lab. 2006 Murray 
Doyle James, painter, 1037 N J'ront 
Doyle Jas., conduct., Somerset ab Salmon 
Doyle James, tavern, 305 S 6tli 
Doyle James, cordw. 741 S 7th 
Doyle Jas., police, 1345 Olive 
Doyle Jas., coachman, Old York Rd, (G T) 
Doyle James, agt. 326 Masters 
Doyle Jas. B., attorney, 432 Walnut, h 1424 

N 6th 
Doyle John, blacksmith. Ridge av ab Poplar 
Doyle John, mason. Hedge (Fkd) 
Doyle John, carp. 1621 Burton 
Doyle John, hatter, 528 Buckley 
Doyle John, dry goods, 1232 Federal 
Doyle John, porter, 111 Chestnut, h Scotfs ct 
Doyle John, lab. 1709 Wood 
Doyle John, engineer. Almond ab Cumberland 
Doyle John, lab. 623 S Front 
Doyle John, hostler. Castle ct 
Do^'le John, blacksm. Ridge av ab Poplar 
Doyle John, dealer, 819 Callowhill 
Doyle John, weaver, Trenton av ab Norris 
Doyle John, gardener. Old York Rd (G T) 
Doyle John C., 1512 State 
Doyle Joseph, hatter, 528 Buckley 
Doyle Lawrence, carp. Wood ab 17th 
Doyle Luke, lab. Cabot & 16th 
Doyle Michael, lab. 7 Dilks ct 
Do} le ^lichael, dealer, 528 Jane 
Doyle Michael, lab. 2046 Jones 
Doyle Neil, dealer, 944 Shippen 
Doyle Patrick, watchman, Kennedy's ct 
Doyle Peter, hatter, 528 Powell 
Doyle Peter, weaver. Baker's ct 
Doyle Peter, jr., tavern, N W 2d and Wharton 
Doyle Peter, trimmings, 819 Callowhill 
Doyle Richard, millinery, 516 S 15th 
Doyle Robert, porter, h 9 Ledg-er pi 
Doyle Robt, porter, 319 Market, h 3 Scott's ct 
Doyle Rosa, 1227 S Front 
Doyle Thomas, carter, 959 Hutchinson 
Doyle Thomas, lab, 1541 Warnock 
Doyle Thomas, carp. 608 S 15th 
Doyle Thomas, lab. Chelton av (GT) 
Doyle Thomas, printer, 237 Dock 
Doyle Timothy, cooper, Fisher ab Emory 
Doyle Wm., 2040 Winter 
Doyle Wm, porter, 233 Chestnut, h 1038 Morgan 
Doyle Wm. T., stone mason, 954 Warnock 
Drace Fred., gent. Mechanic ab Main (Myk) 
Drace Richard, tailor, (Ch Hill) 
Drain John, grocery, S W 15th &. South 
Drain Wm., M.D., 917 Christian 
Drake Chas. B., drugs, 516 S 6th 
Drake Hiram J., clerk, 421 Poplar 
Drake Isaac, carp. 2040 Carlton 
Drake James, macht. Hamilton (Myk) 
Drake John L., boot & shoe manuf., 35 N 3d, h 

15 Winfield pi 

Drake Joseph, serg. police, Orchard (Fkd) 

Drake Joseph, lab. 2058 Lombard 

Drake J. C, broker, 132|- S 3d, h 509 Coates 

Drake Lewis H., seaman, 1303 Juniatta 

Drake Mary Ann, 408 N 22d 

Drake Matthias l3., clerk, 130 Green 

Drake Misses A. M. & S., 259 S 15th 

Drake R. D., counselor at law, 259 S 15th 

Drake S. B., 745 Florida 

DRAKE THOS., manuf. M'Duffie n 21st, and 

2l9t and Pine, h Pine Grove Farm, Olney 
Drake Timothy, gent. 123 Dana 
Drake Uriah, shoe fitter, 421 Poplar 
Drake Z., lab. 2C40 Carlton 
Drane George, cabinetmr. 806 Swan.son 
Drane Patrick, gasman, 2143 Locust 
Drane AVm. L., printer, 321 Gaskill 
Drane Wm. R., clerk, 1429 Callov^hlll 
Dransfield Edwin, barber, Tacony (Fkd) 
Dransfield Edwin card nailer, Guy's block 
Dransfield John, cordw., reai" G T av ab 
Draper Charles, white washer, 1224 Pearl 
Drape Christian, lab. 1717 South 
DRAPER EDMUND, math. St opt. instrument 

mv. 226 Pear 
Draper Elias, waiter, 216 Prosperous al 
Dr'iper Henry, coachman, 2 White's ct 
Draper Howard, clerk, 56 N Front, h 273 S 3d 
Draper John, waiter, 1008 Ivy 
Draper John, lab. 5th bel York 
Draper John, barber, Mahi bel Green la (Myk) 
Draper John, g-ent. Rising Sun 
Draper John, jr., gent. Rising Sun 
Draper Robt., bank note engraver, S E 3d and 

Chestnut, h 235 S 3d 
Draper Sarah, washer, 1223 Pearl 
DRAPER, TIFFT & CO.,jewelers, 38 S 3d 
Draper, Welsh & Co., bank note engravers, S E 

3d & Walnut 
Draper Wm., carp. 405 Jullanna 
Drayer F., tailor, 617 St John 
Drayton Edward F., M.D., 1629 Filbert 
Drayton H. E., M. D., 924 Spruce 
Drayton M. Mrs., 924 Spruce 
DRAYTON W. H., atty. & coun., 208 S 4th 
Dreaka Lewis, pianomr. Haverford & 36th 
Drean Henry, clerk Western Bank, h 256 S 5th 
Dreby Mai-y!^ wid of C, cooper, 414 N 2d 
Drechsler Chas. A., restaurant, 817 Filbert 
Dreckottere M., clothier, 104 Frankford 
Dreer Ferdinand J., jeweler & bullion dealer. 

Goldsmith Hall, 418 Library, h 1520 Spruce 
Dreer Frederick, gent. 37 S 19th 
Dreer Frederick A., jeweler & bullion dealer, 

Goldsmith's Hall, 418 Library, h 1520 

Dreer Henry A., seedsman, 327 Chej^tnul, h 

Endline and 35th (W P) 
DREER & SEARS, (F. J. Dreer, Saml. Sears,) 

jewelers and bullion, Goldsmith's Hall, 418 

Dreer Martin, baler. Gray 
Drefts Fred., forkmr. Tacony (Fkd) 
Dreher Geo., tailor, 520 Owen 
Dreher John, carman, 921 Maurice 
DREHER MARTIN, restaurant, 45 N 6th 
Dreher Michael, cordw., 1118 G Town road ab 





Dreifiiss & Fernberg-er, (Simo7i Driefuss, Saml. 

Fernberger,) imps, fancy dry goods, 105 

Dreifuss Henry, variety store, 235 N 2d 
Driefuss Simon, imp. fancy dry g-oods, 105 N 3d 
Dreifuss Simon, drover, 3 Martin's ct 
Dreine A., oysterman, 436 Harmony 
Dreiziler Charles, shoemr. 444 Poplar 
Dreker Ferdinand, tailor, 617 St John 
Drennen John, ag-ent, 1200 Spruce 
Dresser John S., carp. 924 Og-den 
Dresser M., rear 544 Green 
Dresser Wm., lithog-. 333 Chestnut, h 212 Vine 
Dressier Frederick J., hair plaiter, 232 N 8th, 

n 922 Melon 
Drever Peter, importer, 1323 Wood 
Drevy Marj-, g-entw. 910 N 7th 
Drew Arthur P., clerk, 502 N 11th 
Drew Bernard, lab. Almond (R) 
Drew David, carp, 1831 South 
Drew David, salvemr. 15 Sommer's ct 
Drew Frank, 1710 Ann 
Di'ew Henr}-, police, 1033 Locust 
Drew James, lab. 1228 S 9th 
Drevv- James, shop, 416 Monroe 
Drew James K., restaurant, 1240 Callowhill 
Drew John, actor, 128 N 8th 
Drew Keziah, tobacco and segars, 904 S 4th 
Drew Sarah, 1033 Locust 
Drew Wm. B., upholst. 131 S 10th, h 1126 

Drexel A. J., broker, 34 S 3d, h WilllaiH & 

Walnut (W P) 
DREXEL & CO., {f. M., Jos. W., F. A., A. J.,) 

exchang-e brokers, 34 S 3d 
Drexel Francis M. broker, 34 S 3d, h 1900 S Rit- 

tenhouse Square 
Drexel F. A., broker, 34 S 3d, h 1215 Rac€ 
Drexel Joseph W., broker, 34 S 3d, h 1900 S 

Rittenhouse Square 
Drexler Adam, mason. School, Bridesburg- 
Drexler Isaac, cordw. 629 Franklin 
Drexler James, tobacconist, h 726 N 7th 
Drexler John, cordw. Sellers (Fkd) 
Drexler Michael, Kirkbride (Bdg-) 
Drey John, skindr. b h 1034 St John 
Driesbach Alex. H., bookkeeper, 137 S 4th, h 

229 Crown 
Driesbach Henry, watchman, 229 Crown 
Driesback Lewis, moulder, 1240 F road 
Drinkel John, carp. 2142 Summer 
Drinkhouse Aaron, livery stables, 16 N 16th, h 

37 S 16th 
Drinkhouse Hiram L., stoves & tin store, 307 

S 5th 
Drinkhouse Wm, tinsm., 326 S 4th 
Drinkley David, ostler, 23d & Spruce 
Drinkwater James, lab. Cottag-e (C Hill) 
Drlnnan Marg-t., shop, Penna av 8c 15th 
Drjpps Jolm, weaver, Adrian bel York 
Dripps John, grocer, Adrian and Thompson 
Dripps Robert, wines & liquors, 2d ab ^lont- 

Drisbach George, packer, Gray's F rd & Wash- 
ington av 
Drisbach lilrs. T., milliner, 1240 Frankford rd 
Driscoll Corn., 1709 Coatcs 
DriscoU Cornelius, 1 Filbert av 

Driscoll Dennis, cordw. 805 S 9th 

Driscoll Dennis, runner G bank, 1728 Addison 

Driscoll Dennis, lab. 1712 Callowhill 

Driscoll Jeremiah, lab. 1241 Mervine 

Driscoll Kate, 1241 Mervine 

Driscoll Mich., 722 West 

Drisdane Dennis, 4 Starr al ~ 

Drithert John, cordw. 6 Freed's av 

Driver Ann, Park ab Market (W P) 

Driver Geo. W., manuf of bitters, 138 S 8th, h 

442 Franklin 
Driver Samuel, milh\-rt. 926 S 2d 
Droger John, saddler, Lane av ab Westminster 
DroUinar Jacob, mason, 863 Darien 
Dropsie Moses A., att'y and coun., 29 S 6th 
Droughfuss John, sugar refiner, 5 Merino (K) 
Droughman Charles, watchmr., 1009 Ridge av 
Drouin F., Madame, ladies boarding and day 

school, 1037 Walnut 
DROVEN & CO., periodicals Scpub. U. S. Po- 
lice Gazette, 107 S 3d 
Droven F. A., starioner, 107 S 3d, h 1227 Stiles 
Drovine Ann, rear 310 Lombard 
Drown William A., umbrellas, 246 Market, h 

718 Sanson! 
Drown Wm. A., jr., umbrellas, 246 Market, h 

1706 Pine 
DROWN WILLIAM A. & CO. {Wm. A., Wm. 
A. Drown, jr., H. Pearson,) umbrellas, 246 
Druck F. & D., Misses, ladies hair dressing, 6th 

and Buttonwood 
Druding Anthony, jeweler, 611 Hallowell 
Druding Augustus, cabinetmr. 603 Wharton 
Druding Francis, jeweler, 214 Shippen 
Druding Lucy, 1218 S 5th 
Druding Theo., cabt. mr 611 Hallowell 
Drum Charles, bricklaver, 476 N 8th 
Drum David S., hotel, S W 8th & Buttonwood 
;Drum Eliza P. Mrs., lady, 952 N 10th 
;Drum Francis, lab. 2111 Locust 
I Drum James, lab., Antlii'acite (R) 
iDrum James, mach., Kirkbride (Bdg) 
I Drum John, lab. Richmond ab Huntingdon 
Drum John, butcher, 460 N 8th 
I Drum John, lab.. Anthracite (R) 
IDrum Pat., lab. rear 1214 S 7th v 

Drum Terrence, lab. 2010 Murray 
'Drum Thos., tailor. Almond & R R (R) 
iDrumel Edw., police, 1124 Sheaf 
jDrumel Francis A., chair mr. 12 Providence ct 
'Drumel Philip, ladies shoe mr. 204 Elder 
,Drumgold James, coachman, M'Duffie E 21st 
Drummond Andrew, cordw. 1240 Cadwalader 
Drummond Danl., stone mason, 1728 Burton 
Drummond E., fancy goods, 1039 Chestnut 
Drummond George, baker, 1332 G T road 
Drummond Hannah, cook, 1015 Lombard 
Drummond James, b h, 1235 Palethorp 
Drummond Joseph, musician, 627 Barclay, h 

Walnut ab Park (W P) 
Drummond Lemon, coachm. 112 Washington av 
Drummond Lewis, cordw. 12 Landis ct, h 16 

Drummond Stephen, upholsterer, 735 Lebanon 
Drummond William C, carrier, Tulip ab Norris 
Drury Augustus V., frame mr. G T av, (Nice- 




Druiy C. H., broker, 1205 Sp Garden 

Drui-v Patrick, boot & shoe manufacturer, 314 

S 6th 
Dryburg-h A., florist, S W 19th and Race, h 122 

N 19th 
DiTburg-h D., sailmr. Bath & Ann (R) 
Dryburgh John, florist, 122 N 19th 
Dryden Deborah, tailor., 1308 Jefl'erson 
Dryer E., moulder, 1121 Wallace 
Dryfoos A., mer., 5 N 3d, h 633 Marshall 
Dryfoos & Broth., trimming-s, 5 N 3d 
Dryfoos J., mer. 5 N 3d, h 633 Marshall 
Drvsdale Jane, 1615 Race 
DRYSDALE THOS. M., M. D. 1705 Race 
Drvson Jos., weaver. Miller (G T) 
DUANE WILLIAM, att'y at law, 514 Walnut 
' h 1800 Pine 

Duane William J., gent. 1604 Locust 
Dubasee Edward P., jeweler, Charles 
Dubasee George, 1159 P road 
Dubbler Chas., vict. 526 Oxford 
Dubison Jos., chau- mr. 313 Westlev 
Dubois Alexander, 672 North 10th, h 816 N 

Dubois Alexander, combmaker, 1024 Charlotte 

(N L) 
Dubois Alexander N., printer, 323 Queen 
Dubois B. F., engineer, 1227 Cheny 
Dubois Cornelius, confect. 504 N 2d 
Dubois Enoch, combmr. 863 N 10th 
Dubois Henry S., spoke fiict. 1118 Crease 
Dubois Howard, spoke fact. 1118 Crease 
Dubois Gideon, gTocer, Cellars ab Franklin 

Dubois James, dyer, 13Lh and Budden's a] 
Dubois John, carter, Putnam & Darien 
Dubois John, collector, 504 Watson 
Dubois John, clerk, 1118 Crease 
Dubois Joseph A., upholst. 855 Ontario 
Dubois Letitia, 1414 Sansom 
Dubois L. P., clerk, city bk. h 711 Federal 
Dubois M., millinery, 1317 South 
Dubois Phincas, weaver, 1118 Crease 
Dubois Robert, saltmr, 301 Buttonwood 
Dubois Samuel, actor, 463 N 9th 
Dubois Saml. M., atty at law, 709 Sansom 
Dubois Sylvester, Mechanic 
Dubois Thomas, refect, h 301 Buttonwood 
Dubois William., bottler, 378 S 3d, h 945 S 

Dubois William E., assistant assayer, U S Mint, 

h 211 N 13th 
Dubois William P., 207 Carpenter 
Duboise Ann, 405 Dean 
Duboise Ellison, plasterer, 1028 Mechanic 
Dubone John, 322 Catharine 
Diibosq Augustus, jeweler, 316 Catharine 
Dubosq Francis P., jeweler, 304 Chestnut, h 

1607 Race 
Dubosq Francis P. & Son, (F. P., Wm. H.,) 

jewelers, 304 Chestnut 
Dubosq George, jeweler, 304 Chestnut, h 320 

Dubosq Hen., jeweler, 208 Gold, h 314 Catha- 

Philip L., Win. A.,) jewelers & silversms. 

208 Gold 

Dubosq P. L., jeweler, 208 Gold, h 240 Catha- 
Dubosq iVm. A., manuf. jewelry, 208 Gold, h 

310 S CarpeMter 
Dubosq Wm. H., jeweler, 304 Chestnut, h 1607 

Du bouchet Charles, 271 S 5th 
Du Bouchet Charles A., M. D., D. D. S., dentist, 

511 Spruce 
Dubourg John, dealer, 825 Inquirer 
Dubourg Robert, bricklaj'er, 1531 State 
Dubree A. G., clerk, 5 State, 1421 N 5th 
Dubree A. L., brass fr. Sharswood ab 21st 
Dubree John, 1421 N 5th 
Dubree John W., gent. 239 South 
Dubree Jno. W., grocer, 1173 S 9th 
Dubree Nathan, conductor, Tucker bel Mem- 
Dubree William, printer, Wistar (G Town) 
Dubree Wm., mach. 1901 Pearl 
Ducachet Henry W., D. D., 1106 Girard 
Ducasse Francis H., tobacco, 822 Green, h 1216 

Duchar Albert, gardener, 306 Bradford 
Duchar Thomas, gardener, 306 Pra,tt 
Duchard Jabez, carp. 306 Bradford 
Duchatel F., imp. brandies, &c. 206 Dock, h 35 

Ducher Jno., carp. Canal ab Lock, (Myk) 
Ducket Wash., ship joiner, 10 Queen 
Duckett Joseph H., mer. 523 Commerce, h 882 

Duckett Richard, hatter, G T rd 
Duckett Samuel, porter, 7 District pi 
Duckett Saml., porter, 7 Boyd's av 
Duckett Samuel P., tobac. 1215 Market 
Duckett Thomas, porter, 137 S 4th, h 2 Scran- 
ton pi 
Duckett Thomas, porter, 2 Warren's ct 
Duckett Wm., watchman, 704 S Front 
Duckstein Wm., coachmr. 918 N 13th 
Duckworth Marj^, di-ess mr. Girard av & 19th 
Duckworth Thos., driver, Georges ab R road 
Duckworth Thomas, boiler mr. Paul (Fkd) 
Duckworth Samuel, 1822 Girard av 
Du Comb Catharine, dressmr. 830 Catharine 
Ducomb J. F., bookbinder, 27 S 6th, h 408 N 7th 
Du Comb Philip, printer, 830 Catharine 
DUCOMMUN H., v.^atchmr. and watch tools, 

55 S 4th, h 410 Prune 
Ducrow Wm., wood corder, Pratt bel Logan 
Duddicum George, painter, 909 N 13th 
Duddy Bernard, sr., 832 Catharine 
Duddy Bernard, tailor, 832 Catharine 
Duddy James, varnisher, 305 Cypress 
Duddy John, gent. Ilutton & Holby 
Duddy Jno. J., type founder, 832 Catharine 
Duddy M. K., carp. 1137 Lombard 
Duddy William, varnisher, 922 Larch 
Dudley Jacob, carp, and dry goods, 133 Otter 
Dudley James, bootmr. 1023 S 10th 
Dudley John, weaver, 207 Quarry, h rear 746 

P road 
Dudley Margt., 1632 Helmuth 
Dudley Nich. V., salesman, 330 Market 
Dudley Wm. S., store keeper, Holmesburg 
Dudly"Lewis, cordw. 812 S 12th 
Duerr Jos. jeweler, 140 Frankford (Fkd) 




Dudson S. & D. stocking' mach. mrs. G T road 

and Columbia av 
Duey Geo., silk printer, Cresson, Mana.yunk 
Duey Wm., hatter, 1234 Whitehall 
Duey Wm., printer, Ridg-e av bel Queen 
Duff Edward, letter carrier, 9th & Suffolk 
Duff Edward, stables, 406 Merchant, h 813 

Duff James, harness, Columbia ab 2d 
Duff James, harnesmr. 2d ab Montgomery 
Duff James, tailor, 208 Spruce 
Duff James, porter, 1318 Savery 
Duff James, porter, 220 Chestnut, h 1318 Union 
Duff James, livery stables, 406 Merchant 
Duff John L. clerk, coal mer. 434 Richmond 
Duff Martin, 1304 Prospect 
Duff Rachel, Avhitewasher, 1119 Washint,'ton ct 
Duff Saml., sheet iron worker, 404 N 13th 
Duff William, bricklr., 913 Lafayette 
Duff William, carp. Lafiiyette ab 9th 
Duff Wm., clerk, 813 Filbert 
Duff Wm. A., acct., 821 Cherry, h 656 N 12th 
Duffee Aaron P., cordw. 400 N 20th 
Duffee Francis, com. mer., and broker, 338 

Harmony, h 819 Walnut 
Duffee F. H., broker & ins. agent, 338 Har- 
mony, h 251 S 3d 
Duffee f., lab. 1219 Shippen 
Duffee Washing-ton J., M. D., S E Catharine 

and 7th, h 621 S 8th 
Duffee Wm., boots & shoes, 2327 Callowhill 
Duffel Luke W., clerk, 219 Carpenter 
Duffert Nicholas, cordw., 440 Redwood 
Duffex Philip, cliandler, 720 Shippen 
Duffield Champion, lab. 5 Marker 
Duffield Charles, wheelwrt., 1303 Marlboro 
Duffield Edwin, farmer, Oxford Plank road 
Duffield E. F. coal & Wood dealer, Turnpike 

Bridg-e (Fkd) 
Duffield Georg-e, jr.. Rev., 707 N 8th 
Duffield Henrv, clerk, Tacony bel Paul (Fkd) 
Duffield Jacob, packer, 2014 Winter 
Duffield James W. shovelmr. Holmesburg- 
Duffield Joseph S., cordw. 1613 F road (K) 
Duffield Saml. M., 322 Market, h 814 Marshall 
Duffield Tliomas, carp. F road ab Montgomery av 
Duffield Thos., painter, 647 N 15th 
Duffield Thomas W. att. at law, 177 Frank 

Duffield T. J., wheelwr. Front & Montgomery 

h 1506 Palmer 
Duffield Wm., mason, Kershaw av la, (Hes- 

Duffield Wm. H., iron, 209 N Water and 206 N 

Whf, h 814 Marshall 
Duffin James, liq. dealer, Salmon n Emory 
Duffy Albert, painter, 1205 Shippen 
Duffy Andrew, tinsmith, 232 New 
Duffy Arthur, 816 Marriott 
Duffy Bernard, dealer, 104 Vine 
Duffy Bernard, provision, 501 S 12th 
Duffy Bernard, clerk, 116 Hazel 
Duffy Cecilia Mrs., 120 Elfreth's al 
Duffy Charles, lab. Edgemontab Lehigh av (R^ 
Duffy Chas., diy goods, 123 S 11th 
Duffy Charles, porter, 34 Gilles al 
Duffy & Co., mer. college, S E 8th & Chestnut 
Duffy Daniel, Margaret (Fkd) 

Duffy Edw., porter, 231 Lybrand 

DUFFY EDWARD & SON, soap &; candles & 
bottling est., 912 & 914 Filbert 

Duffy Edward, heaver, 2135 Cuthbert 

Duffy Elizabeth, 513 Cresson 

Duffy Eugene, tavern, 255 S Water 

Duffy Mrs. E., 912 Filbert 

Duffy E., bai-tender, 834 Emeline 

DUFFY FRANCIS, stables, 1117 and h 1200 

Duffy Francis, lab. Thurlow ab 12th 

Duffy Francis, bricklayer, 765 S loth 

Duffy Geo., lab. 10 Reed 

Duffy Hugh, lab. 3 S 21st 

Duffy Hugh, 929 P road 

Duffy Hugh, lab. Cumberland & Salmon 

Duffy Hugh, glassmanufr. 331 Richmond 

Duffy James, driver, 15 Chant 

Duffy James, cooper, 120 Elfreth's al 

Duffy James, painter, 1838 Barker 

Duffy James, confecr. 209 N 12th 

Duffy James, lab. 1431 Brazier 
Duffy James, lab. 762 Shippen lane 

Duffy James, carp. State ab Green 

Duffy James, hotel, 239 S Broad 
Duffy James, painter, Meredith bel Carbon 
Duffy John, lab. Meredith bel Carbon 
Duffy John, lab. Block (Myk) 
Duffy John, livery stable, South ab Broad 
Duffy John, tailor, McAlravy's ct 
Duffy John, lab., 2131 Locust 
Duffy John, lab. Washington (Myk) 
Duffy John, soap and candles, 6th ab South 
Duff'y John, groceries, 1241 Cadwalader 
Duffy John, lab. 1232 Canby 
Duffy John, liquor, 1025 Maurice 
Duffy John, lab. Reed bel Front 
Duffy John liv. stables, 15 Chant 
Duffy John, liquors, N W 18th and Shippen 
DuffV John, laborer, Sch Willow bel Spruce 
Duffy Judith, 214 Union 
Duffy Margaret, manufi-. 1548 Cadwalader 
Duffy Mary, 1333 Filbert 
Duffy Micli., tailor, Richmond and Rroad 
Duffy Michael, lab. 1627 Linden 
Duffy Michael, grocer, 9th & Margaret 
Duffy Michael, lab. 120 Elfreth's al 
Duffy Owen, carman, Warnock bel Jefferson 
Duffy Owen, compositor, 416 Federal 
Duffy Patrick, tinsm. 102 Vine 
Duffy Patrick, carter. Clay ab 24th ' 

Duffy Patrick, dealer, 1229 Fulton 
Duffy Pat., dealer, State ab Green (W P) 
Duffy Patrick, tavern, N W 7th and Zane 
Duffy Patrick, clerk, 120 Elfreth's al 
Duffy Patrick, porter, 813 Coates 
Duffy Patrick, lab. 726 Hubbell 
Duffy Peter, 522 Christian 
Duffy Peter, porter, 237 Currant al 
Duffy Philip, coach drive]-, 1619 Linden 
Duffy Philip, sr., contractor, William & Rich- 
mond (R) 
Duffy Philip, jr., clerk, William & Richmond 
Duffy Philip, 'lab., 804 Essex 
Duffy Philip A., bottler, 912 Filbert, h Till bel 

Market (WP) 
Duffy Q., watchman, 834 Emeline 
DuffV Richard, porter, 4 Steel's ct 




Duffy Robert, lab, Main (C Hill) 
Duffy Rodg-er, dyer, 710 Maurice 
Duffy R., coachmaker, 1748 N 3d 
Duffy Susanna, 4th bel. Montgomery 
Duffy Terrence, lab. Greenhill and Masters 
Duff)^ Thomas, drivei', State ab Green 
Duffy Thomas J., frame mounter, 214 Union 
Duffy Thomas, porter, 237 Chestnut 
Duffy Thos., driver, William ab Richmond 
Duffy Thos., tailor, 1207 Lombard 
Duffy William, lab. Salmon bel Sophia 
Duffy William, gent., Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Duffy Wm., jr., di-over, Kingsessing (W P) 
Duffy Wm., clerk, Sophia and Richmond 
Duffy Wm., bar keeper, St Lawrence Hotel, 

1018 Chestnut 
Duffy AVm., painter, 1037 S 9th 
Duffy Wm., lab. rear 335 Christian 
Duffy Wm., drover, Warren bel 38th 
Duffy Wm., painter, 335 Walnut 

Duffy starchmr. Crane (W P) 

DUFOUR GEORGE, mer. 108 Walnut, h 1417 

Dufrene Edward, artist, 924 Arch 
Dugan Augustine A., engrav. 1435 N 12th 
Dugan Charles, painter, 1016 Green 
Dugan Cormick, lab. 23d ab Walnut 
Dugan C, shoemaker, 2418 Callowhill 
Dugan Daniel, lab. 1928 Wood 
Dugan Dennis, weaver, 1434 N 2d 
Dugan Edward, morocco dresser, 1313 N 2d 
Dugan Francis, carp. 1924 Cuthbert 
Dug-an Frank, sailor, 126 South 
Dugan Hugh, 925 S 9th 
Dugan Isabella, dry goods, Bedford ab Palmer 

Dugan James, lab. Cresson bel Robinson (Myk) 
Dugan John B., 2207 Coates 
Dugan John W. hatter, 668 Larch 
Dugan Jos., clerk, 1088 Memphis 
Dugan Joseph J., druggist, 3d and South h 415 

Dugan Michael, lab. 5 F'aries ct 
Dugan Michael, boatman, Cresson bel Robin 

son (Myk) 
Dugan Neil, cordw. 2426 Callowhill 
Dugan Patrick, cabman, 6 Tower pi 
Dug'an Patrick, laborer. Unity (Fkd") 
Dugan Patrick, laborer, Main (C Hill) 
Dugan Pat., lab. Cresson bel Robinson (Myk) 
Dugan Peter, Cresson (Myk) 
Dugan Philip, lab. 1738 Monroe 
Dugan Robert, shovel maker, 1321 Shippen 
Dugan Thomas, printer, 809 Yhost 
Dug-an Thos., dra3'man, 6 Norris' ct 
Dugan Thos., laborer, Elizabeth, (Fkd) 
Dugan Timothy, lab. Lehman (G Town) 
Dugan AVilliam W., Exchange hotel, S W 11th 

& Vine, h 1308 Brown" 
Dugan W., lab. 1614 Helmuth 
Dugee Rachel, gentw., 888 Mai'shall 
Dugery Roger, lab. Fisher ab Cumberland (R) 
Duggan John, liquor, h 112 Frankford (Fkd) 
Duggan John B., chemist, h 2207 Coates 
DUGGAN, McINTYRE & CO., manufac. che- 
mists, Gray's Ferry rd ab Federal, store 
127 Jones' al 
Duhadway & Dodson, cloths, 201 Market 

Duhadway Jabez C, mer. 201 Market, h 1714 

Duhamel A. G., sec. Hope Mutual Ins. Co., 313 

Walnut, h 230 S 5th 
Duhring Caspar H., mer. 26 N 4th, h 259 N 6th 
Duhring- George, M. D., 614 Arch 
Duhring Henry, mer. 26 N 4th, h Belmont 24tli 

Duhring Henry & Co., (Henry 4" Casper H. 

Duhring, Wm. Hardwick, Oscar Knipe, 

Wni. T. Duhring,) small wares, 26 and 28 

N 4th 

Duhring Wm. T., mer. 26 N 4th, h 259 N 6th 
Duke A., lab. 1302 Marshall 
Duke A. G., cordw. Wood bel 18th 
Duke Charles, upholstei'er, 629 Carpenter 
Duke John, grocer, Philip ab Norris 
Duke Mary, b h, 914 Sp Garden 
Duke Thomas, laborer, 720 Maurice 
Dukehart P., barber, 301 Willow 
Dukes Ann, 205 Christian 
Dukes Peter, waterman, 1024 Penn 
Dukes Richmond M., gas fitter, 205 Christian 
Dukinfield John, combmr. 915 N 2d 
Duling' Henrietta Mrs. 1009 Moyamensing av 
Duling Wm. cordw. 814 Wharton 
Dull Charles, 8 Decatur, \\ 327 N 18th 
Dull Emanuel, rest. S E St. John & Brown 
Dull George H., carman, 924 St. John 
Dull Geo. W., foreman, Columbia av ab 6th 
Dull Henry, milk, 468 N 9th 
Dull John, milkman, 468 N 9th 
Dull Jno. S., milkman, 22d bel Vine 
Dull Justice R., carp. 630 N 7th 
Dull William H., segar and periodical store, 124 

Dulles Andrew C, 1602 Locust 
DULLES, & COPE, (J. H. Dulles, jr., John E. 

Cope,) mers., 126 & 128 S Front 
Dulles Jos. H., mer. 205 Chestnut, h 1602 Lo- 
Dulles J. H., jr., mer. 126 & 128 S Front, h 1602 

Dulles J. W. Rev., h Chestnut ab Till (W P) 
Dulles Wm., com. mer. 205 & 207 Chestnut, h 

1222 Spruce 
Dulles Wm. & Co., {William, Joseph H.,) com. 

mers. 205 & 207 Chestnut 
Dullom Robert, laborer, 1331 Pearl 
Dulmir Philip, porter, h rear 209 Race 
Dulty William, boots & shoes, 308 Market 
Dumas Guy B., mer. 249 Market, h 117 N 10th 
Dumas John, book agent, 513 Powell 
Dumec John F., undertaker, 508 S 5th 
DUMMIG CHARLES, imp. mus. inst. 619 

Chestnut, and 35 N 8th 
Dumond John, engineer, 1032 Mechanic 
Dumont Ten Broeck, restaurant, S E 6th and 

Arch, h 708 N 10th 
Du Moulin Augustus, gilder, 137 S 8th, h S E 

10th & Locust 
Dumphey J., porter, 1229 Pearl 
Dumphy Elizabeth, 513 Cresson 
Dunahue Ann, 809 Carpenter 
Dunavan John, hatter, 717 S 5th 
Dunaway J., 230 Vanderveei-'s al 
Dunbar Alexander, driver, 3 Jackson's ct 
Dunbar Alex., lab. 1329 Woodbine 




Dunbar Elon, h 1822 Chestnut 

Dunbar Georg-e, cai-p. 726 N 13th 

Dunbar Hug-h, weaver, Price ab F road 

Dunbar James, carter, N E 25th & Meredith 

Dunbai- James, lab. 1418 S 7th 

Dunbar Jane Mi-s., 1327 S 8th 

Dunbar John, Jab. Carlton bel Pine 

Dunbar Joiin, cordw. 21 Rye 

Dunbar Joseph, carp. 726 N 13th 

Dunbar Justice, carp. 726 N 13th 

Dunbar J., 2331 Meredith 

Dunbar Lawrence, cordw. 21 Rye 

Dunbar Mai'g'aret, 2314 Naudine 

Dunbar Morris, carp. 726 N 13th 

Dunbar Peter, weaver, Sharpnack (GT) 

Dunbar Saml., boots & shoes, 116 S 2d, h 126 

Dunbar Thos., lab. South bel Beach 
Dunbar Wm., blksm. Walnut bel Park (W P) 
Duncan Adam, hotel, 208 N Broad 
Duncan Alex. B., tavern, 2110 Cambridge 
Duncan Coullhard, warper, 2225 Coates 
Duncan Daniel, weaver, Hope ab Diamond 
Duncan David, salesman, 126 Chestnut, li 713 

Duncan David, coal dealer. Broad bel Lombard, 

h 1027 Shackamaxon ab Richmond 
Duncan Eliza, cook, 331 Spruce 
Duncan Geo., laborer, 493 Dillwyn 
DUNCAN GEO. S., bookseller, 33 S 6th, h 

1537 N 13th 
Duncan Georg-e W., plumber, 531 Frankfd rd 
Duncan Geo. W., clerk, 14 N 4th, h 607 N 8th 
Duncan Henry, gent. 1217 Walnut 
DUNCAN JACOB M., clerk, S W 13th & Mar- 
Duncan James, Coates ab 24th 
Duncan James, cordw., 1315 Wallace 
Duncan James, painter, 1903 Filbert 
Duncan James, dry goods, 916 S 10th 
Duncan Jas. J., mer. 14 N 4th, h 1005 Spruce 
Duncan J. T., steward, 12 Eagle ct 
Duncan John, cordw. 1315 Wallace 
Duncan John, carp. 2225 Coates 
Duncan John, collector, 1002 Sp Garden 
Duncan John, salesman, 225 N 3d, h rear 339 

Duncan John, oysterman, 6 Higgin's pi 
Duncan John A., varnish er, 916 S 10th 
Duncan John B., chem. wks. Gray's Ferry rd, 

h Coates bel 22d 
Dungan John H., clerk, 8 S Water_ 
Duncan John M., engineer, Memphis ab Morris 
Duncan Joseph, filer, 1310 Corn 
Duncan & Mclntyre, (^John B. Duncan, Matthew 

Mclntyre,) chemical works, Gray's F road 
Duncan Michael, gardener, School (G T) 
Duncan Morris, drayman, 5th bel Watkins 
Duncan M., milliner, 1809 Market 
Duncan Peter, seaman, 1 Louisa av 
^ Duncan Robert, roller, 1204 Beach 

Duncan Thos. R., bookkeeper, 505 Chestnut 
Duncan Thomas R., acct. 2225 Coates 
Duncan T., carp. 1809 Market 
Duncan Walter E., varnisher, 916 S 10th 
Duncan Wm., 630 M''ood 
Duncan Wm., carter, 1738 Filbert 
Dundas James, paver, 707 Masters 

[Dundas James, 1333 AValnut 

Dundon Mary, Mrs., rear 315 Garden 

Dunet Justus, farmer, (C Hill) 

Dunfee Johanna, 1103 Hamilton 

Dunfee Patrick, porter, 10 Brenner's al 

Dunfee Saml., 1505 Barclay 

Dungan Alfred, clerk, Bustleton 

Dungan Amos, mer. Main (C Hill) 

Dungan Benj. cordw. Centre (G Town) 

Dungan Chas. S., clerk, Whitehall 

Dungan C. B., 200 W Logan sq 

Dungan Daniel M., conductor. Main ab Uitten- 

house (G Town) 
Dungan David, salesman, 713 Buttonwood 
Dungan Ellis, carp. Church (Bdg) 
Dungan E. G., gentw. 806 N 11th 
Dungan Georg-e, machinist, Tacony (Whitehall) 
Dungan G. W., police, Sharpnack (G T) 
Dungan Hiram, mach. Tacony (W Hall) 
Dungan James, blacksm. Sellers (Fkd) 
Dungan James, dealer. Main ab Penn (Myk) 
Dungan Jesse, store (Bustleton) 
Dungan John, clerk, 718 S 2d 
Dungan John, salesman, 140 Green 
Dungan John K., clerk. 111 New 
Dungan John V., salesman, 47 N 10th 
Dungan Jonathan, cooper, N Front ab Harrison 
Dungan J., 514 Walnut 
Dungan Levi, acct. 69 N Front, h 111 New 
Dungan L. H., farmer, Bustleton rd 
Dungan Mary, 471 N 4th 
Dungan M. J., druggist, 1403 N 10th 
Dungan Robert W., drug., 69 N Front, h 111 

Dungan Saml. H., carp. 2105 Jefferson 
Dungan Thomas, cordw. Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Dungey Wm., bird shop, 1348 Ridge av 
Dunglison Richard, M. D., 1116 Girard 
Dunglison Roblev, M. D., 1116 Girard 
Dunglison R. J., M. D, 121 S 10th 
Dunglison Thomas, 1116 Girard 
Dungiison Wm. L., salesman, 304 Market, h 

1116 Girard 
Dungola John, spinner, Haverford & Sciota 

(W P) 
Dunham Ezra, cordw. Norris & Claiborne 
Dunham Geo., car br. Warren ab 34th (W P) 
Dunham James, oyster h., 52 N Del av, h 140 

Dunham James, engineer, 1305 Carlton 
Dunham Mai-y A., select school, 608 Franklin 
Dunham Theodore, di-iver, 1730 Olive 
Dunham Thos. S., city missionary, 303 Chest- 
nut, h 627 Wood 
Dunham AVm., 1530 Wood 
Dunhower Chas., driver R R, Oak ab Crammond 

(W P) 
Dunigan Patrick, carp. 2110 Zanoni 
Dunig-an Thomas, cordw. 22d bel Race 
Dunk Chas., basket mr. 16th bel Fitzwater 
Dunkell Oliver, clerk Penn R R office, h 308 

S 4th 
Dunkerley Mary Ann, dressmr. 233 N 11th 
Diuikin George, agt. 1537 N 13th 
Dunkley Robert, weaver, Sellers (Fkd) 
Dunlap'Abraham, lab. Washington (Myk) 
Dunlap Ann, dressmr. 1116 School 
Dunlap A. H., 548 Chatham 
Dunlap Bridget, Mechanic (Myk) 




Dunlap Charles, moulder, b h 1240 Cadwalader 
Dunlap Charles W., clerk P R R, loth & Market 

h 10 S 13th 
DunlajD Chas. W., com. mer. 2-fO Chestnut, 

15th ab Poplar 
Dunlap David, lab. Edg-emont ab Emer}' (R) 
Dunlap David, eng-ineer, Waterloo ab Jefferson 
Dunlap Harrison H , gent., Rising- Sun 
Dunlap Hug^h, g-rocer, 1946 Lombard, h 1841 

Dunlap Hug-h, wheelwt. Mechanic ab Cresson 

Dunlap .James, salesman, 8 Merino 
Dunlap James, jr., salesman, 519 Chestnut, h 

1841 Addison 
Dunlap James distiller, 836 S Carpenter 
Dunlap James, salesm. h 1841 Addison 
Dunlap Jas., blksm. Cumberland ab Riclimond 
Dunlap Jas., lab. Mechanic ab Cresson (Myk) 
Dunlap James, Prest. Union Bk., h 228 S Broad 
Dunlap James A., carp. 1026 Olive 
Dunlap Jas. H., mer. 221 Market, h 733 Brown 
Dunlap Jane, 427 S 20th 
Dunlap John, car driver, 333 Pratt 
Dunlap John, cordw. Block (Myk) 
Dunlap John, moulder, Johnson's la & Juniata 
Dunlap John, paper stainer, A ab 22d 
Dunlap John, weaver, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Dunlap John, coachmr. 522 Chatham 
Dunlap John, salesm. 1222 Budd 
Dunlap John, lab. 18th & Fairview 
Dunlap John, lab. Mechanic ab Cresson (Myk) 
Dunlap Joseph, whitesm. 1012 Parrish 
Dunlap Misses, ftmcy milliners, 24 N 10th 
Dunlap Robert, laborer, 1843 Lombard 
Dunlap Robert, stone cutter. Mechanic above 

Cresson (Myk) 
Dunlap Robert, lab. 2d ab Oxford (R) 
Dunlap Robert, weaver, Unity (Fkd) 
Dunlap Samuel, Pag-oda 
Dunlap Sarah, 1303 Girard av 
DUNLAP SALLOWS, mer. 14 S Front, h 630 

N 8tli 
DUNLAP THOMAS, atty. & coun., 218 & 220 

W Washing-ton sq 
Dunlap Thomas, boilermr. 1522 Hancock 
Dunlap Thomas, sexton, 1602 Sansom 
Dunlap Thomas, carp. Biddle 
Dunlap Wm., lab. Salmon ab Cumberland 
Dunlap Wm., carpet and oilcloth, 1110 Market, 

h 1017 W North 
Dunlap Wm., coachmaker, 5th 8c Buttonwood, 

h 446 York av 
Dunlap William, painter, 1139 South n 12th 
Dunlap Wm., weaver. Miller (Mt Airy) 
Dunlap Wm., carp. Mechanic ab Cresson (Myk) 
Dunlevy Craig-, 332 Clark 
Dunlevy Henry, 332 Clark 
Dunlevy Lewis, driver, rear 421 S 10th 
Dunlevy Richard M., captain, 1010 S 3d 
Dunlevy Robt. silversm. 332 Clark (S) 
Dunlevy Wm., drug-g-ist, 129 New 
Dunn Andrew, bookbr. 7th and Cherrv, h 1139 

Dunn Ann, washer, 6 Steel's ct 
Dunn Biddie, g-entw. rear 707 S 3d 
Dunn Bridget, 12 Ellett's av 
Dunn B., shoemr. 418 Shippen 

DUNN & CO., (E. M. Dunn, James E. Brown,) 

trunks, 721 Chestnut 
Dunn Catharine, widow, 631 Pine 
Dunn Charles C, mer. 124 S Front 
Dunn Clu-istopher, lab. E Ortliodox (Fkd) 
Dunn C. B., 226 Walnut, h 509 N 6th 
Dunn D., bottler, 1225 Locust 
Dunn Edward M.,trunkmr. 721 Chestnut, h 2021 


Dunn Edw. P., bookbinder, 1008 Lawrence 
Dunn Edmond, lab. 8 Osag-e pi 
Dunn Elizabeth, wid. 817 Leonard 
Dunn Ellen, crockery, 759 S 6th 
Dunn Fenton, mor. dres. Philip ab Oxford 
Dunn Fenton, mor. dress. Montgomery av(Fkd) 
Dunn Francis, clerk, 911 N Front 
Dunn Geo., hatter, 225 Christian 
Dunn Geo., g-ardener, Otis ab Trenton 
Dunn Geo., musician, Howard bel Diamond 
Dunn Hugh, 1634 Latimer 
Dnnn Jacicson, barkeeper, 1404 S Penn sq 
Dunn Jackson, bar keeper, 1540 Sansom 
Dunn James, weaver, Dauphin ab Diamond 
Dunn James, engraver, Franklin (Fkd) 
Dunn James, tailor, 23 Ellen 
Dunn James, harnessmr. 1225 Locust 
Dunn James, carriag-es, 19th and Howell 
Dunn James, plasterer, 1535 Coates 
Dunn Jas., weavei', Hancock bel Diamond (K) 
Dunn James, lab. 1113 Milton 
Dunn John, jr., 1020 S 5th 
Dunn John, shoemr. 418 Shippen 
Dunn John, currier, 421 N 4th 
Dunn John, tailor, 1132 Lombard 
Dunn Jolin, lab. Sansom ab 24tlTL 
Dunn John, lab. 327 Monroe 
Dunn John, brickira-. ISth bel Shippen 
Dunn John, carp. 913 Auburn 
Dunn John, dealer, 526 Penn 
Dunn John, lab. 12 Ellet's av 
Dunn John, lab. Paschallville 
Dunn John, shoemaker, 1020 S 5th 
Dnnn John, carrier P. O., h 243 S Broad 
Dunn John, weaver, 1124 Milton 
Dann John L., acct. Navy Yai-d 
Dunn J. H., broker, 311 Walnut, h 609 N 6th 
Dunn Lawrence, coachman, 6 Skerrett's ct 
Dunn Luke, shoemr. 911 Suffolk 
Dunn Martin, lab. Thompson bel F road 
Dunn Martin, lab. Sellers (Fkd) 
Dunn Mary, 1535 Parrish 

Dunn Mary Jane, dry goods, N W 15th & Stiles 
Dunn Mich., rear 2213 Hare 
Dunn Michael, tailor, Randolph's av 
Dunn Michael, lab. 1312 Carpenter 
Dunn Michl., cordw. 509 Emeline 
Dunn Michl., lab. Adams (Fkd) 
DUNN MICHAEL, superintendent Merchants' 

Exchange 3d & AValnut 
Dunn Neal, lab. Anthracite (R) 
Dunn Patrick, tavern, 714 S 6th 
Dunn Patrick, lab. 1030 S Carpenter 
Dunn Patrick, confec. Leiper (Fkd) 
Dunn Pati-ick, driver, 1911 Wilcox 
Dunn Patrick, shoemr. 5 M'Kean's ct 
Dunn Robert, blacksm. 1130 J,ombard 
Dunn Robert, ladies' cordw. 1021 Leithgow 
Dunn Roland P., 1020 S 5th 

(3 0^ 




Dunn Sarah, g-entw. 818 Swanson 

Dunn Serena, b. h. 1123 Charlotte 

Dunn Thomas, g-ent. 320 S 19th 

Dunn Thomas, seg-ars, 4 S 12th, h 18th & San 

Dunn Thomas, lab. 1242 Temple 
Dunn Thos., lab. Main (C Hill) 
Dunn Thomas R., carp. 1348 Prospect 
Dunn Timoth}", bar tender, Olney 
Dunn Timothy, porter, 7 Grape ct 
Dunn Tim., U S Mint, Hamilton bel 8th 
Dunn "Wm., painter, 2052 Pine 
Dunn William, weaver, 2 J41 Hampton 
Dunn Wm., coachman, 8 Fisher's ct 
Dunn Wm., weaver. Market bel Rose (WP) 
Dunn Wm. R., clerk, 119 Christian 
Dunnan James, carp. Barker near 19th 
Dunnee Boniface, g-aiter manuf. 101 S 8th 
Dunnell Joseph, salesman, 2 Ring-g-old pi 
Dunnell Wm. H., eng-ine turner, 1337 S 7th 
Dunnet Jacob, lab. 1633 Seybert 
Dunnet John C, carp. 921 Parrish 
Dunney Patrick, porter, 10 S Water 
Dunning' Alice, gents, fur. 26 S 6th 
Dimning & Co., {Robert D., M. Dunning,') com. 

mers. 131 N Front 
Dunning- Miles, coats, 404 N loth 
Dunning- M., raer. 131 N Front 
Dunning- Richard O. B., mer. 131 N Front 
Dunning Robert D., mer. 131 N Front, h Main 

& Herman (G Town) 
Dunning- Wm., printer, 836 S Front 
Dunnoheu John, painter, Caldwell 
Dunnovan James, lab. 1306 Silbert 
Dunoth Chai'les, 506 DilUvyn 
Dunott E., milliner, 1611 F rd 
Dunott Joseph, carpt. 1611 F road 
Dunott Thos. J., mer. 127 S 5th 
Dunphey Pati'ick, porter, 12 Brenner's al 
Dunseitli Samuel, g-ent. 225 JLodg-e, h Mt Ver- 
non hotel 
Dunsford & Freymuth, bookbrs. 724 Chestnut 
Dunsford Joseph, bookbinder, 724 Chestnut, h 

731 Wood 
Dunsmoor S., tailor, S E 7th & Market, h Ha- 

verford ab 33d 
Dunstin John, shop, 1160 S 11th 
Dunton Albert, salesman, 150 Chestnut, h 406 S 

D'unton Caroline, gentw. 1812 Delaney pi 
Dunton Eleanor, 936 Nectarine 
Dunton Eug-ene D., mer., 40 S Front, h 1006 

Dunton Geo., 330 Buttonwood 
DUNTON JACOB, wholesale drug-. 917 Market, 

h 334 S 21st 
Dunton John L., sea captain, 1311 Melon 
Dunton Mary, widow of Isaac, 734 Pine 
Dunton & is'inesteel, ( W. W. Bunton, John D. 

]Mnesfeel,jr.,) dry goods, 17 N 2d 
Dunton Wilson, mer. h 232 Pine 
Dunton Wm. R., M. D., 734 Pine 
Dunwoody Evans, salesman, 130 X od, h 13th 

ab Rodman 
Dunwoody E., com. mer., 667 N 13th 
Dunwoody E. P., gent. Darby road ab Locust 

(W P) 
Dunwoodv John, mer. 707 Green 

Dunworth James, 127 Coates al 

Dupell James, engineer, 36th ab Haverford 

(W P) 
Duplaine B. C, mer. 407 Market, h 468 N 4th 
Dupree Conrad, plasterer, A ab 22d 
Dupree Elizabeth, gentw. 527 S Broad 
Dupree James, acct. 245 iladison 
Dupree Thomas, cordw. 1154 Passyunk road 
D-apree WiUiam T., tailor, 815 N 8th 
Dupuv B., gent. 161 N 15th 
DupuyM. R- Mrs.,erk, 120 S 18th 
Duraind Madeline, dressmaker, 340 S 12th 
DURAND A. B., druggist, 1228 Chestnut, h 

218 S 9th 
Durand Caspar, 259 N 6th 
Durand Charlotte, cook, 1115 Rodman 
Durand Elias, gent., 218 8 9th 
! Durand Samuel, paper hanger, 1014 Moyamen- 
I sing av 

jD-urand Theresa, dressmr. 907 Chestnut 
Dui'ang Caroline, dancing school, N W 12th 

and Chestnut, h 1201 Filbert 
Dui-ang Charles, dancing master, N W 12th and 

Chestnut, h 1201 filbert 
DURANG EDWIN F., architect, 51 N 6th, h 

1201 Filbert 
Durang Oscar, clerk, P. O., h 1201 Filbert 

Duranv , tobacconist, 1716 Market 

DURAR ENOCH, Exchange Coffee House, 131 

S 3d 
Durbin John, 1315 Arch 
Durbln J. P., lumber mer. Pme street wharf, 

Schuvl. h 1315 Arch 
Durbin J."p. Rev., 1315 Arch 
Durborow A. C, mercht. 427 Market, h 252 

Durborow Chas. B., mer. 232 Market, h 1807 

Durborow Hugh Jas., printer, 132 S 2d h 1524 

S 2d 
Durborow John, mer. 15 Bank, 
Durborow John, mer. 1013 Chestnut 
Durborow Mary, 916 Lombard 
Durborow Samuel Rev., 916 Lombard 
Durborow Wm. H., 19th & Brown, 
Durborrow Fredk, messenger, 1131 Vienna 
Durborrow Geo. A. Rev., 400 N 2d 
Durborrow Geo., mach. 914 Catharine 
Durbon-ow Edw. M., cordw. 914 Catharine 
Durbrow Towiisend, shoemr. 1348 Wood 
Durcbury Caleb J., bookkpr. 405 Commerce 
Durell Daniel S., painter, Mervine bel Jeffer- 
Durell Ed. H., trims., 3d ab Poplar 
Durell E. H., mercht. 2d and Coates h 924 

DURELL KIXSEY, tavern. Front & Poplar 
Durell Richard, cutter, 20 S 4th, h Camden 
Durell T., stove manuf. 130 N 6th, h 6 Retreat pi 
Durell Wm., waterman, 137 Allen (R) 
Durell Wm., M., grainer, 8 Prosser Retreat 
Durer Robt., paver, 1230 Fulton 
Durfor Francis, carver, 1516 Otis 
Durfor Wm., carp. 836 Federal 
Durfor Wm., G., segars, 419 N 8th 
! Durham Benj., carter, 1350 P road 
I Durham Elijah, carter, 10 Reed 
I Durham Elijah, carpenter. Brook bel Green 




Durham Francis, R R house Haverford ab Lan- 
caster av h 113 N 18th 
Durham Jno., port. 1218 Market h 1519 Carver 
Durham Mary, Capital N Parrish 
Durham Nicholas, 113 N18th 
Durham Richd., tobacco. Perry's ct 
Durham Thomas, baker, 1315 South 
Dui-han Nathaniel L., hair dresser, 760 S 8th 
Durkheimer K., clothing-, h 505 N 2d 
Durkin Mr., 935 Serg-eant 
Durkin Patrick, lab., Sorrell (R) 
Durman Daniel, mach. Marshall ab Dauphin 
Durn John, lab. 860 N 4th 
Durnell Henry, tobacconist, 43 N 9th 
Durnell Jas., blacksm. 832 Race 
Durnell Thos., silversmith, 1447 Cohocksink 
Durnen Thos., sen., lab. 118 N Juniper 
Durnett Mrs. Emily A., 883 N 6th 
Durney Chas., lab. R R av (Fkd) 
Durney John J., clerk. Broad & Washington 

av, h 823 Fitzwater 
Durney Joseph P., teleg-. operator, 333 S 4th 
Durney Mrs. M. A., 1011 Og-den 
Durney Tobias M., confect. 620 S 2d 
Durney Vincent P., 258 S 9th 
Durnfon Mary, grocer, 257 N 12th 
Durning Jas. A., carp. 226 Duponceau 
Duron Ellen L., b. h. 110 S 2d 
Duross Cornelius, printer, 3 Black Horse al, h 

N E 5th and Vine 
Duross Hemy P., printer, 3 Black Horse al, h 

N E Fifth and Vine 
Duross Jas., grocer, SEP road and Catharine 
Duross John, cabtmr. 1017 Walnut h S E P 

road and Catharine 
DUROSS JOHN, printer, 3 Blackhorse al, hN E 

5th and Vine 
Duross Mark, piano mkr. 303 N 5th 
Duross Mary, milliner, N E 5th and Vine 
Duross Neal, lab. rear 433 N 13th 
Duross Neal, bottler, rear 788 S 6th 
Duross Patk., bottler, 603 Catharine 
Duross Wm., bookseller, 7 Arcade, h N E 5th 

and Vine 
Durow Reis, lab. 725 Maurice 
Durpuis Edw., bar tender, 8 Cowperthwaite pi 
Durr John, blacksm. 1603 Beckett 
Durr Jno., silk button manuf. 4th