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lAddress, Victor E. Mauger, 115 Chambers St., New York. 





itfc. 320 Chestnut Street, |5« 





reels, Valuable Articles, 

Jewelry, Merchandise 

Bank Notes, Specie, &e. J- J 





H ? 















B \nk Stocks 
I'mtf.d St ati 
State Stocks 


City Stocks : 
Kaii.road Stc 

Mortgage Bo 
Real Estate, 


Cash, oh hand 

The under: 
issue its Folic 

on terms as L 

Having, di 

ing to more tl 


And in the sa 
satisfactory re 
that has thus 
The public 


I : KV - 


Qhefter Qounty historical Society 


TKoebe Thillips Trime 



$915,344 00 

215,126 50 

108,050 00 

' 110,000 00 

87,058 00 

' 83,089 60 

70,103 78 

25,348 77 

350,303 15 

[,030,423 80 

prepared to 

fees amount- 


e foregoing 

„,«o .a. appiL-ciaicu our efforts to serve them with fidelity, to 
an extent that has proved equally agreeable to ourselves, and satisfactory to those 
whom wc represent. It is our determined purpose to continue so to conduct our 
extended business in the future, as to retain not only the generous approval that 
has been so extensively bestowed upon our exertions, but to improve it by every 
available means at our command. 

All claims on Policies issued at this Agency, are equitably adjusted, and promptly 
paid without reference to the Home Office. Any further information respecting 
this Company will be cheerfully furnished by 


S. II*. Cor. of Fourth and Chestnut Sts., 


V. PAtH. 






JV. E. Corner Fifth and Chestnut Sts., Philadelphia. 



Gives his views of the 

philosophy and prac- 
tical operation of Ad- 

Of the various kinds of 
Advertising, and the 
modes best suited to 
different business pur- 

Designates the papers 
best adapted to the 
objects of Advertisers. 

Gives satisfactory in- 
formation iu regard to 
places, papers, prices, 
comparative rates, 
adaptation, &c. 

Forwards Advertise- 
ments (daily) to the 
principal Business 
and Commercial 
Newspapo's of the 
United St««i . Cana- 
da, &c. 

Selects the papers best 
adapted to the busi- 
ness of Advertisers 
when requested. 

Inserts Advertise- 
ments in the City pa- 
pers at the publisher's 
lowest rates. 

Receives Subscrip- 
tions for Newspapers, 
Magazines and Perio- 
dicals of City and 

-. - 

C L 


a 1 
►t) I 





g j V. B. Palmer, 

1 If 1 t? 


?|5ssa§ •- 

1 © 

i b^:o„b° 


i?3S'3'! , 8 3 l §»i& ~S B W 


ssSrSi- ?l?f^ E?~ h o 

'SPlr If 

* 1 

a sT £ 5" fcl P. 

t) 2 b "e 
% * % % 



1 * 3 

3 W W ! 

~ H W ! 

S 1 f> w : 

a. H ; 

S O £ " 

~a ^5 "a,~- s. r | 

T ' 


M ? \| -nmi \ 


man is valued as be makes bimself valuable. 

O 111 > 

•- 5 2 c § 

£ ^ z si 

* * 8 J r > 


O 11 <T3 N *» « 30 

r* r r;' H S. ^ 

D S B - 3 f >S 

y ' 

K £ - - ; 

K 5 = 


= -^ .<» S |- 




endar. 1859. 


S S M 

1 T |W| T 





T !W T 

p Is s 






T i Wj T 

F 1 S S 



= 3« 

'£ , 



F i S | S 

m: t iw 






S |Mi T 

W T F 



K CO ' 



w t i f 

S S M 






F S S 

1 M T 







M T "W 

r T | F 







T F S 





* H 




S S M 

T W 







T ,W T 

! F S 








T | F j S 

1 s : ffl 






=4 - 

12 3 
8 1 9 j 1C 
15 16 K 

4 5 
1 11112 
1 18 19 




it '-i- 



22 23 j 24 

29 i 30 i 3] 

25 26 

1 .. 1 .. 

27 28 




P 0C «^'" K " » W 




id practices fail in tbe ecd. 



1816. 1886. 1856. 18T6. 


Up Dnwn lp Down Up Doffj Up Down 


Ip Down Up Down Up Down lp Dowu 


Up Down Up Down Up Down Up Down 


1806. 1826. 1846. 1866. 1886. 

auiuidq^i si pua aiaiii inq 'oini^ •& joj jadso^d aecu saiuniA 




Wlu gvipu,ni, 




>'.E. Cor. 5th A- Chestnut, 



1. Objects of Interest iu 


2. Births and Deaths of 

Distinguished Men. 

3. Business Principles. 

4. V. B. Palmer's News- 

paper Subscription 
and Advertising 
o. Calendar, 1S59. 

6. The Times— Past, Pre- 
sent, Future. 

. ^3 = ^^? il ^ ess Men may obtain Taluable practical information, and learn just what journals to advertise in, 
to leacn eHectively and cheaply the sections wherein their trade mav be extended, and tberebv adopt a judicious 
system of advertising. " -.-"■*- 

frC -p^n^T 1 ' Jo . urn . a l s of-city and country are on file at the Agency for examination. 

£tj Jrublie Institutions, Reading Booms, &c, may conveniently subscribe for, and advertise in, 
anymimber ol papers at the publishers' lowest rates, saving time, labor, postage, &c. 

,^ Advertisements carefully and skilfully written, without charge, for those who are inexperienced in 
tfte art, and improvements suggested in such as are written by unpractised hands. 










Nos. 5 and 7 North Sixth Street, 




Raised & Engraved Brass & German Silver Letters for Locomotives. 





ihof Wall.: PHILADELPHIA. 


INTo. 1 Fetter Lane, IPhilada. 




Also, Japanned and Galvanized Coal Hods, of every description. Russia and 
American Iron Bread Pans, Dripping and other Pans. Pokers, kc. kc. 

Having purchased A. M. Smead's Patent Pan Machine for the State 
of Pennsylvania, I can supply dealers and manufacturers cheaper than they can 
purchase or make them. Also, a better article than can possibly be made by hand. 

Shovel, Fork and Hoe Handles for sale. Lust of Prices had on application. 




Importers of and Dealers in 

Tin Plate. 

Tiu Plate, 1 c to 1 xxxx. 

Do 14-20 1 c to 1 xxxx. 
Leaded Plate. 
Black Taggers. 

I ron . 

American Sheet Iron, No. 

8 to 2S. 
English do No. S to 28 
Russia do 10 to 16 

Imitation do 20 to 27 
Galvanized do 16 to 28 
Hoop Iron, 1-2 to 2 in. 
Round Iron, 3-16 to 3-4 in. 
Teazle Iron. 


Common Wire, No. 000 to 36 
•"i to 36 
i to 36 
i to 36 
) to 50 
i to SO 

Annealed do 
| Bright 
' Spring 
| Tinned 


I German Silver Wive. 
1 Steel Wire. 














| Pig Lead. 

! Pig Copper. 

! Pig Tin. 

i Spelter. 

| Sheet Zinc, 26 to 40 in. 

Sheet Lead, 3 to S lbs. 



Babbit Metal, warranted. 

Ingot Copper. 

Old Copper. 

Old Brass. 

Bar Tin, stamped. 

Bar Lead, do. 

Bar Solder, do. 

German Silver, No. 1 to 40. 

Braziers' Solder. 


Sheathing Copper, 14 to 34 

Sheathing Copper, tinned, 

14 to 16 oz. 
Braziers' do 9 to 150 lbs. 
CopperBottom,14to 100 in. 
Boiler do oval, B. B. 

Do do round, T. K. 

Do do do D.P. 

Bolt Copper, 1-2 to 3 in. 
Copper Nails, 2 to 16 p. 
Copper Tacks, 3-S to 1 in. 


Sheet Brass, Fo. 1 to 40. 
Platers' Brass, to 0000. 
Brass Sheets, 2-4. 
Lamp Metal, No. 20 to 40. 
Brass Kettles, S to 18 in. 
Brass Dippers. 
Copper Dippers. 
Brass Branch Pipes. 


Tinned Rivets, 8 oz to 12 lbs 
Black do do do 
Cooper do 3 to S p. 
Boiler do 1-4 to 1-1 in. 
Black do O. H. head. 
Copper do do do 

Do do C. S. head. 

De do Braziers'. 

Hose do and Burrs, 

Brass do 
Zinc Nails. 
Copper Nails. 

Do Trunk Nails. 

Do Floor Nails. 

Brass Tubing. 

Brass Tubing, 1-4 to 3 in. 
Copper do do 

Twisted do 
Fluted do 
Fancy do 


Cast steel, best, square. 

Do do round. 

Do do oval. 

Do do common. 

Die Steel. 
Files, files. 
Bake Pans, oval. 

Do round. 
Frying Pans,short handles. 
Vices Cotter Key, 30 to 100 

Vices, common, 30 to 100 

Iron Chains, 8 to 30. 
Brass Chains, 8 to 30. 
Silver-plated Chain. 
Safely Brass Chain. 
Stamped Tin Ware. 
Pie Plates. 
Fluted Patties. 
C. S. Bottoms. 
Scolloped Plates. 
Butter Kettle Lids. 
C. Stick Springs. 
Egg Beaters. 
FJesh Forks. 
Wire, Wire. 

Ladles and Skimmers. 

Gravy Ladles. 

Basting Spoons, 10 to 18 in. 

Table do 

Tea do 

Iron Squares. 


B^ak Irons. 
Blowhorn Stake. 
Creasing do 
Square do 

Candle Mould Stake. 
Needle Case do 
Hollow Punch, 3-16 to 4 in. 
Solid do 

Creasing S wedge. 
Cullender Swedge. 
Shears, No. to ti. 

Do Hand, No. 7 to 9. 
Do Lever. 
Do Circular. 
Do Suips. 
Rooting Tongs, 1,^4 to 1}£ in. 

Do Groover. 
Solder Irons, 1 to 3 lbs. 
Wire Gauges. 

Plyers, round and flat nose. 
Wire Cutters. 
Hammers, Riveting, 1-2 to 

2 lbs. 
Hammers, Penning, 1-2 to 

2 lbs. 
Hammers, Bright, 1 to 5 



Folding Machines. 
Grooving Machines. 
Wiring Machines. 
Setting Down Machines. 
Turning Machines. 
Burring Machines. 
BeadiDg, No. 1 to 4. 
Forming Machines. 
Sheet Iron Folding. 
Hand Drills. 
Dipper Handle. 


Black, No. 8 to 7. 
Tinned do 
M. Cast Iron. 

Wooden "Ware. 

File Handles. 
Bucket Handles. 
Hammer Handles. 

Solder Iron Handles. 


Pump Spear and Blocks. 


Black Lead. 

Black Lead Crucibles, No 

3 to 89. 
Cast Iron Fire Pots. 
Saucepan Handles, Black. 
Do Tinned, 6 to 9 in. 
Do Socket do 
Hoop and Screw Feeders. 
Do for Miner's Lamp. 
Brass Knobs. 
Metal do fancy. 
Do Rings do. 
Brass Cloth. 
Pierced Tin. 
Brass Ornaments for Stoves, 

Mica, or Isinglass. 
Reed Horns. 


Hydrant Rods. 
Do Keys. 
Do Stays. 
Do Handles. 
Do Pave. 
Plumbers' Pots. 
Do Irons. 
Do Shavehooks. 
Do Ladles, 3 to 8 in. 
Cooper Wire. 
Do Tacks. 
Silver Plated Chain. 


Gas Wrenches. 
Gas Keys. 
Gas Plate. 
Gas Hooks. 
Gas Rods. 
Gas Plyers. 
Brass Tubiug. 
Lamp Metal. 
Brass Washers. 
Brass Safety Chain. 

Iron Castings. 

Turn Buckles, 6 kinds. 
Damper Rods. 
Stove Ketches. 
Stove Latches. 
Churn Handles. 
Urn Handles, fancy. 
Burrs for Stoves. 
Ears for Copper Kettles. 



SAW MAtTOF&eTOftSft** 

No. 948 Beach Street, Kensington, 

William Rowland, Jr. .)„.,„.„. D nwil „., William Rowland. 


Thomas Rowland. Harvey Rowland. 

T. & B. ROWLAND & CO. 



OFFICE, No. 501 Commerce Street above Fifth, 

Thomas Rowland. Thomas Rowland, Jr. Benjamin Rowland. 





OFFICE, JYo. 501 Commerce Street, ab. Fifth, 


B. K. Myers. John A. Ervien. 




Also, Manufactures of Coach Springs from the best brands of Swedish Iron, converted 
into Steel in our own .Steel Furnaces. 

Best quality of Charcoal Wire Billets and Boiler Blooms. 

office, sol co:m::ivh:e:e^oe st., 

Thomas Rowland. William Rowland. Benjamin Rowland. Harvey Rowland. 



Foot of Palmer Street, Philadelphia. 







Water Tanks, Heavy & Light Forcings. Iron & Brass Castings, 
Copper Smithing, Pattern Making, 


Having extensive Wharf and Dock room, are always prepared to build or repair Engines 
and Steamers at the shortest notice. 

Every facility offered for lifting heavy and light weights. 


No. 1002 Market Street above Tenth, Philadelphia, 


UMBRELLAS and PARASOLS. Also, Ladies' very neat and light UMBRELLAS for 


Important to Umbrella Makers. 


No. 163 Allen Street, below Shackamaxon, 



A hSQ, 

All kinds of Ferule and Light Brass or Tin Drawing Work, and 

light Machine Work, such as Sewing Machines and 

Models for Patentees, Laths and other Tools 

for Amateur Workmen, etc.. etc. 

Having a full supply of all necessary Machinery, they guarantee satisfaction, both as re- 
gards the quality of the work and the prompt execution of all orders entrusted to them. 


No. 634 Arch Street, 3 doors below 7th, south side. 



Cast Steel Shears and Scissors, 


B®* Always on hand a large assortment of Silver Plated and Britannia Ware, fine Table 
and Pocket Cutlery, Fancy Hardware, Razors of warranted quality, Razor Hones. Oentlenien's 
Dressing Cases, Ladies' Cabas, and a great variety of Fancy Articles, &c. 

Patent Shears ground and set. Cutlery repaired. 

#§tr Factors', No. 235 Race Street. ~@fi 


(Jjirst Pentium OTntittjj Jjttlt, 

a n r> 





JYo. 416 Kfice Street, Philadelphia, 

JOSEPH E. HOVER, Manufacturer. 

As some evidence of the claim of Hover's Ink to superiority, it is only 
necessary to state that the American Institute, N. Y., awarded the manu- 
facturer, for seven successive years, the first Premium, and as an evidence 
of the high estimate in which they held this Ink, a Silver Medal was also 

The Ink has received the high approbation and testimonials of the Pre- 
sident of the United States and Heads of Public Departments, including 
the Congress of the United States, Patent Office, &c. 

The Faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as those of many 
of the medical and scientific institutions of the country, have also given it 
their certified sanction. 

Those eminent chemists and philosophers, Dr. Hare, of Philadelphia, 
Dr. Locke, of Cincinnati, Dr. Jones, of the Patent Office, Washington, 
have freely testified to its merits. 

The Public Schools of Philadelphia have received their supply for nearly 
twenty years; and others, also, have regularly been furnished with Hover's 
Ink by the manufacturer. 

Public and private institutions of learning will find this Ink well adapted 
to their wants, and possessing the qualities of limpidity, durability and un- 
usual freedom from the tendency to corrode metallic pens. A trial is onh 
necessary to insure its adoption and use. 






o & 


p, oo 






•73 <u 

C w 

CO >-* 





























£ to 8 inches bore, for Steam, Gas, "Water, &c, with T's, L's, Stops, Valves, &c, with Screw 

Joints to suit tubes. 


Lap Welded, lj to 8 inches outside diameter, cut to specific length, 20 feet or under. 


Screwed together, flush inside and out. 


For Boiling and Evaporating by Steam or Hot Water, <fec. 


Heated by Steam ; Wash Houses and Steam arrangements for Public Institutions and Private 



For Hotels and Restaurants. 


Of the most approved Plans, for Factories, Public Buildings, Hotels, Private Dwellings, 
Green-Houses, &c, constructed and adapted to the building to be warmed. 



Tasker's Patent Self-Regulating not Water Apparatus, for Private Dwellings, School Houses, 

Hospitals, Green-Houses, &c. 


' Retorts and Bench Castings, for Coal Gas Works ; Street-Mains, Bends, Branches, Drips, &c 


For Factories. Public Buildings, Hospitals, and Private Dwellings. 

Green House Pipes and Boilers, Fire Doors and Frames, Hot Water Pipes 

for Forcing Beds, Pineries, &c. 

Columns, Conduit Pipes, Pavement Gutters, Soil Pipe. 

Bath Tubs, Sinks, Sewer Traps, Soil Pan and Traps, and Water Closet 

Screwing Machines, Drill Stocks, Stocks and Dies, Taps, Reamers, 

Drills, Pipe-Tongs. 

; And a general assortment of Gas and Steam Fitters' Tools & Materials. 


j Office, No. 209 South Third Street, Philadelphia. 


JAS. B. SMITH & Co., 

Stationers, glanh gooh & garble paper (Manufacturers, 

No. 27 South Seventh Street, above Chestnut. 

Of every possible description, the largest assortment and stock manufactured by any one 

house in the country. 


Sole Agents for the Sale of the i; Continental Mills" Writing Paper.--. 

Chambers' Information for the People. 2 vols., royal i Byron, complete, 16 plates. Svo. 

Svo. Bnrus, " 12 " " 

Barton's Anatomy of Melancholy. Svo. Scott, " 12 

The Political Text-Book, or Encyclopedia. Koyal Svo. ; Hemans, " 14 " ,; 

Todd's, Johnson s, and Walker's Dictionary. Royal I ngold-by Legends. 2 vols. 12mo, 16 plates 

Svo Man-van's Works, complete. Svo. 

Worcester's Series of School Dictionaries. Scott's Life of Napoleon. Svo. 

Peterson's Series of Illustrated Historical Works. White's History of the World. Svo. 

Patrick, Lowth, Whitby, Arnold, and Lowman's Com- . Moore's History of the Indian Wars, 

mentary on the Bible. 4 vols., imperial Bvo Bibles. Quarto. 10 styles. 

Fox's Book of Martyrs, Illustrated Family Edition. Library of Standard Romance. 12 vols. 

Quarto. Illustrated and Plain 12mo. editions of the follow- 

Josephus' Works, in 1 vol. and 2 vols., Sto. Only large in* Poets: Burns, Byron, Scott, Pope, Shelly, Gold- 
type readable editions published smith. Landon, Speuser, Shakspeare. Hemans, &c, 

Shakspeare, complete, 20 p. ate--. Svo. &C-, &c. 

Orders Solicited. 



S. E. Corner of Fifth & Chestnut Sts., & opposite Girard Hotel, 






IVORYTYPES, exquisitely done. 



Which for softness of tone and flattering effect cannot be excelled. 

All these beautiful and effective pictures, can be had from this Gallery of world wide repu- 
tation, done by Artists of superior ability. All are earnestly invited to visit our Gallery, 
which is open at all hours of the day ; and those desiring Pictures, will do well to take ad- 
vantage of the reduced pri' 



Dr. BUSHNELL, Artist. 



^aite.L^dscapesJllusti-ab'ons.Fcu^ries Stores, &c. Printing in Colors . Maps Charts 
I own Lots, Checks /Labek,Tr§msferihg of the fineatStee] •:•: Copper Plates/ 



Respectfully calls the attention of the Public to the superior advantages and facilities offered 

at his Extensive 


38 Franklin Place, above 3d, North from Chestnut, 


In the various branches of the Art, none but the most efficient artistical skill are employe* 
which enables him to produce the most elaborate 

id i& M,*m n si cb s an 

Of Portraits, Landscapes, Marine Views, Natural History, Anatomy, Botany, Mineralogj 
Illustrations, Machinery, Views of Hotels, Manufactories, Stores, Show Cards, &c, printed i 
beautiful Tints. 


The finest and most brilliant Colors are used, producing the most chaste and magnifies | 
Illustrations for Books, Title Pages, Certificates, Music Titles, Show Cards, Geological Map! 
Charts, Town Lots, &c, &c. 


The most approved skill is employed in executing Maps, Plans, Certificates of Stock, Circulan 
Commercial Blanks, Manufacturers', Druggists', and Perfumers' Labels, Showbills, Note 
Drafts, Bills of Exchange, Checks, Billheads, &c, with despatch, and on moderate terms. 

Thi3 Establishment has the greatest number of the largest size Presses and Stones of an 
other in the United States. 

From the finest Steel and Copper Plates, Wood Outs, Stone and Manuscript. 

This branch of the business is particularly recommended to the notice of those havir 

Plates of this description. Millions of impressions may be printed by this process, with b 

little wear to the original plate, at a very moderate cost. 

Business men can be supplied with thousands of Circulars in their own hand-writing, at 
few hours notice, thereby saving much of their time, at a small consideration. 



Manufacturer of the Celebrated Cast-Steel, Patent, Ground Mill, Cross-cut and Circular 
Saws ; also, the Patent Combination Saw, which comprises a 24-inch Square, Rule, and 
Plumb, a Scratch-Awl and Saw : it is one of the most useful tools a mechanic can have. Also, 
Hand, Panel, Ripping, Tenon, Wood, Web, Veneer, and Segment Saws ; also, Trowels, Butch- 
ers' Saws, Saw and Straw Knives, Squares, Bevels, Gauges, and Slaw-Cutters, Trunk Springs, 
kc. kc. Saw Mandrels, of the most approved styles, always on hand. 




H. P. 8c W. O. TAYLOR, 











Loxnox, 1651. 

PEiFiillY k TilLIT iilPI 

•Vo. 641 Worth JYinth Street, Philadelphia. 







if vrt ill m 

A L?0, 



No. 338 York Avenue, 



./ A 



HENRYB. ash mi ao 

5ns. 11/2 and 1104 Sansom Street. 



'dp^l fainting dfatafrliahnujttt 


All Orders, no matter how large or urgent, are executed 




Oil business is not confined to any one branch of Typography, but embraces 


/From the smallest Card or Label to the largest Bill or Book. 









Seventh & Cherry Sts., Phifelphia 



Briefs and jjap*r Boohs for the ilaiutjer. 



For Banks, Rail Roads and Insurance Offices. 


Our Types and Presses are new, the best that can be procured. Superior 
workmanship and material may be relied on. 












Sttrttttg-anrird (BMion. 






Entered according to Act of Congress, in the 

District Court of the United States in and £^lg£^ S Pennsylvania. 

year ^1860, by A. McEleov, in the Clerk's Office of the 




c o 


Every Book, it is said, ought to have its Preface, and yet a Preface to a Directory, it seems to 
me is like an Index to a Dictionary. A Directory is composed of three principal items viz.: 
Names, Miscellaneous Records, and Advertisements; all, as nearly as possible, arranged alpha- 
betically ; but custom demands a Preface, and custom must be obeyed. 

The 23d Edition of « McElboy's" Philadelphia City Directory for I860, is, after a few days of 
nnavoidable delay, presented to the public, and will receive, as its predecessors have the com- 
mendations of those who think, and the condemnation of others who seem to have nothing else 

to do but to find fault. . . 

The present edition of the Directory contains upward of 160,000 NAMES exclusive of he 
street list, showing an increase over the edition of 1859, of about 32,000 In ad dition to the 
number of names in the 1110 pages of the Directory proper, 23,000 more have been added of 
the business part of the community-all carefully arranged under their appropriate ^J^ 

To estimate the population of a City or State, on the basis of the number of fane, pnblished 
in a Directory, is simply absurd. No correct data are thereby afforded, and consequently, no 

correct result can follow. . , on flm .., nt 

The collection and proper arrangement of so large a number of names, required an amount 
of energy, labor and skill, only to be appreciated by those actually engaged in the work^ Ivor 
is it alone with the large number of names printed, we have to do; probably more than double 
that amount are returned by the canvassers. This mass, from all parts of the conso hdated 
city, must all be assorted, alphabetically arranged, read carefully, removing the ^'^H nf 
tr^licates, having, at the same time, strict regard to the proper spelling of the most difficult of 
all spelling, — that of proper names. , 

The canvassing and compiling of the Directory for 1860, was committed to the enperm end 
ence of Mr Wm. H. Boyd, with a well-trained corps of canvassers, and thoroughly and long- 
experienced compilers; the whole having, however, received a complete and attentive revision 
b/the subscriber. The best evidence that can be afforded of the completeness of the task is in 
the increase of 32,000 names over the canvass of last year. How carefully this part of the 
work has been accomplished, the public will judge. 

One Street List is given, containing the new and old names, conveniently arranged for refer- 
ence A handsome colored Map also accompanies the work. 

To enumerate the difficulties attendant on the collection and compilation of a large number 
of names and their proper classification, would be to repeat that which has been expressed by 
a 1 publishers of similar works, in every city and town in the United States. It is on y proper, 
therefore to remark, that while their name is **fe< an earnest effort has been made to sur- 
m unt hem, and, it is believed, with an approximation to success. To say that errors have 
Tt occurred, would be to claim ,**. for human infirmity, and to repudiate the lessons ot 

eX My ri nrst Preface is written. Such as it is, it is submitted, with the work that has called it 
forth to the generous indulgence of a highly honorable public, among whom I have .pen more 
[han'thirty years of a somewhat matured life, and from the mass of whom I have received no 

UttlekindneS8 - A. MCELROY. 

TV. E. Tomlinson, So 




(Curtain Materials, Cornices, Stpjjolstrrg (Snobs, 



One door below Sevenfn, couth side, 


King & Baird, Printers, 607 Sansom St., Philada. 



Aldermen , 

Alphabetical List of Names 

American Protestant Association.. 


Bible Societies 

Board of Guardians 

Board of Health 

Buildings, Savings & Loan Co.'s 

Business Directory, Headings Alpha- 
betically Arranged 

Canal Companies 



City Corporation, Officers &c, 

Civil & Criminal Courts 

Coal Companies 

Coal & Improvement Co.'s 

Coal & Iron Co.'s 

Coal, Navigation & Railroad Co.'s.... 
Colleges & Theological Seminaries... 

County Officers 

Custom House 

Education Societies 

Elections by City Councils 

Exchange & Business Association.... 

Fare of Hackney Coaches.... 


Foreign Consuls 

Governors of Pennsylvania. 

Hebrew Societies 

Homes for the Indigent. , 


Insurance Companies, Fire 

Insurance Companies, Fire & Life... 
Insurance Companies, Fire and 


Insurance Companies, Life and 


Insurance Companies, Marine 

Inspectors, County Prison 

Inspectors, Eastern Penitentiary 
















Iron Companies 


List of Names, Camden. 
List of Streets 

Literary Associations.... 

Market Houses 

Medical Colleges 

Mining Companies 

Miscellaneous Record.... 

Missionary Societies 

Missionary Associations. 




Newspapers & Periodicals 1403 

Officers Elected by Councils, and 


Odd Fellows 

Order of Druids 

Order of Red Men 

Packets, Sailing - 

Packets, Steam 

Passenger Railways 

Plank Road Companies.... 

Port Wardens 

Post Office 

Public Buildings, &c 

Public Halls & Squares... 

Public Schools 

Pennsylvania Legislature. 

Salaries, Public Officers 

Saving Fund Societies 

Senatorial and Representative Dis- 

Soup Houses 


Tax Rates 

Telegraph Companies 

Temperance Societies 

Tract & Publication Societies. 
Turnpike Companies 

United States Government. 
United States Mint 

Water Rates. 










Aborn, J. K 36 

Allen, Wm. C 21 

American Life and Trust Co 18 

Archambault, A. L 42 

Armitage, Thomas 49 

Ashmead, Henry B xv 

Baeder, Delany & Adamson 43 

Baker, Joseph & Son lvii 

Baltimore and Phila. Steamboat Co. ... 20 

Barber, James 30 

Barnett & Jenkins 35 

Barton, Isaac & Co 49 

Barton, Isaac & Co Map 

Bayliss & Darby 8 

Beckhaus. Allgaier <fc Co 48 

Beggs & Rowland 47 

Benkert, L 31 

Blve, John H 8 

Boate, E 29 

Boswell & Wilson ii 

Bowen & Ferry vii 

Boyer, William L lix 

Boyer, Wm. L. & Bro Map 

Breintnall & Co xiv 

Burgin & Sons Map 

Burkhardt, Geo. J. & Co 30 

Bushnell, Dr xii 

Caldwell, Charles P 54 

Cammerer, Robert 45 

Carnell, Charles 14 

Chambers, Richard ix 

Clarenbach & Herder viii 

Coates, Edward 29 

Cordas & Bolwinkle 33 

Coulston, Wm. H 45 

Dallett, G. & Co 37 

Davis, F. B lviii 

Davis, J. G ix 

Dialogue & Serrill 10 

Disston, Henry xiii 

Dreers, Henry A lvii 

Dreyer, Peter & Co 27 

Duross, Brothers 25 

Edney, James M Map 

Ericsson Line 20 

Etna Insurance Co ii 

Everett, B. C 10 

Everham, John W 12 

Evett, William 33 


Fall, Francis 45 

Fitzgerald's City Item 17 

Forepaugh & Brother 44 

Free Press 19 

Gerker, H., Son & Co 16 

Getty, Wm 55 

Gibb. Alexander 36 

Glenn, W. D 9 

Grange & Rothenhausler 33 

Griffith, George iv 

Hand, James & Co 48 

Harper, John M 37 

Harvey & Ford 22 

Heath, Thomas 30 

Heebner, Charles 21 

Henly & Bro 45 

Henrv Thomas 45 

Holden, Eli 49 

Hoopes & Townsend 12 

Hoover, Joseph E viii 

Howson, II 44 

Jenks & Ogden 31 

Johns, William & Son Map 

Kensil, R. W 43 

Kessler, II. & G. & Co 51 

King, William 23 

Kirchem, Jacob 22 

Knight, Reeve L 24-27 

Kohler, Ig Map 

Landenberger, Martin 33 

Landreth, David & Son 6 

Lewis, James & Co, Back of St. schedule 

Lipman, Hymen L 47 

M'Allister & Brother 15 

M'Cambridge, Fry & Co x 

M'Clenachan, Dr 28 

M'Elrov, A xiv 

M'Garry, P. & Son 44 

Macgregor, Robert 42 

Maples, Joseph 40 

Martel, Charles 29 

Mathieus, Emil ix 

Matthews & Moore 44 

Mattson, Thomas W 23 

Maull, Samuel & Son 36 

Mecutchen, Samuel M 2 

Miller, Samuel P 37 



Morris, Paschall 7 

Morris, Tasker & Co xi 

Morris, Wheeler & Co 42 

Moyer, E. P. & Bros 54 

Murphy & Allison 33 

Myers & Ervien vi 

Needles, J. A 15 

Noble & Nagle 32 

Norris, Richard & Son 36 

Northern Fire and Life Ins. Co 55 

Odiorne, Henry 32 

Palmer, V. B iii 

Perkes & Bradney 18 

Phelan, Michael lix 

Phillips & Allen 13 

Pilling, George P 31 

Pohlig, A 46 

Potter & Bodine Map 

Powers & Weightman 21 

Rabe & Steinmetz 36 

Rand, A. W 1 

Reaney, Neafie & Co vii 

Reed, Abel vii 

Reukauff, George , 21 

Rittenhouse, Joseph G 10 

Ritter & Rex 45 

Rogers, C. B 28 

Rosengarten & Sons 21 

Rowland, T. & B. & Co vi 

Rowland, Wm. & Co vi 

Rowland, W. H vi 

Sabine, A. F 20 

Savery& Co 48 

Schick, John & Co 26 

Schott & Heacock 29 

Schrack, C. & Co 11 

Scott, John 22 

Sellers & Pennock 34 

Sellers, Wm. & Co 36 

Simons, Coleman & Co 5 

Sinkler, Henry iv 

Shaw, Philip S 46 

Shaw, Thomas lviii 

Sherman, C. & Son xvi 

Shloss & Bro 46 

Shugard, William N 39 

Smith, Charles H 4 

Smith & Brown 46 

Smith, George K. & Co 27 

Smith, James B. & Co xii 

Smith, Wm. R 54 

Sleeper, Sharon 43 

Sleeper , vii 

Spear, Theodore D 43 

Spieler, Wm. F 56 

Steel, William 43 

Storm, Gustavus 43 

Stuart & Peterson 41 

Sunday Atlas 52 

Taggart & Fan- 44 

Taylor, N. & G v 

Taylor, Shinn & Co 53 

Tennent, Henry 29 

Tevis, Vogel & Bro 31 

Thomas, F. W 19 

Thomas, George G 52 

Thompson, Daniel 24 

Vanderbeck, T. L. Dr 30 

Van Kirk, C. A. & Co 28 

Walborn, R. C iv 

Walker, M. & Son 3 

Wallace & Leighton 31 

Watson, Cox & Co 26 

Webster, Jones lviii 

Wharton, Charles, Jr Map 

Whitman, Stephen F 42 

Whitney, Brothers Map 

Wilson, D., G. J. Childs & Co 50 

Wilson, William 33 

Wood, W. S. & Son 29 

Wright, K. Mrs 43 

Wright, S. R 28 

Yarnall, Amos II 21 



Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant 432 Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Theodore D. Hand, 32 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David R. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
John H. Friek, 223 Dock 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

John H. Frick, 223 Dock 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Theodore D Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 


Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burion, 243 S 5th 

John II. Frick, 223 Dock 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
G. Morgan Eldridge, 427 Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Hugh W. Tenor, 13 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142$ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
John P. Montgomery, 204 S 5th 
Edward Armstrong-, 407 Walnut, 2d story 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
JohnH. Frick, 223 Dock 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Sbippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142§ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th 8c Walnut 


Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
G. Morgan Eldridge, 427 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S Third 
John Clayton, 717 Walnut 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142| S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 


Joshua Spering, 142| S 4th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Tavlor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 


Joshua Spering, 142J S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142£ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142J S 4th 

G. Morgan Eldridge, 427 Walnut 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 

Longstreth Alfred, 337 N 6th 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

John H. Frick, 223 Dock 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142J S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 


David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 


Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 143£ S 4th 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

John H. Frick, 223 Dock 

C. & G. Sergeant, 432 Walnut 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 W r alnut 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

John L. Shoemaker, 325 N 6th 


Joshua Spering, 142£ S 4th 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

John H. Frick, 223 Dock 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 



Joshua Spering, 142£ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Samuel L., Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 142£ S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John II. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 


Joshua Spering, 142£ S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & AValnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D Rand, 32 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 142£ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

John H. Frick, 223 Dock 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

John H. Frick, 223 Dock 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


John P. Montgomery, 204 S 5th 
Joshua Spering, 142£ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 422 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243, S 5th 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 


Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
John H. Frick, 223 Dock 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


John H. Frick, 223 Dock 





Abbott & Noble, (James G. Abbott & Charles 
Noble,) stoves and foundry, 410 Brown 

Aull James A. & Co., (James A. Aull & John 
Mellsop,) teas, 15 S Front 

Battin, Cressman & Co., (Samuel Battin, Joseph 
Cressman & Henry S. Battin,) snuff and 
segars, S W cor 2d and Noble 

Biddle E. C. & J. •& Co., (Edward C. & John 
Biddle & John B. Garrett,) publishers and 
booksellers, 508 Minor 

Bitner & Eyre, (Joseph L. Bitner & Isaac P. 
Eyre,) hosiery, &c, 17 N 3d 

Brodhead & Brother, (D. D. & A. C. Brodhead,) 
boots and shoes, 211 N 3d 

Brown, Brothers & Co., bankers, 211 Chestnut 

Bucknor, McCammon & Co., (Archimedes J. 
Bucknor, David C. McCammon, Thomas 
W. Woodward & A. J. Bucknor, jr.,) to- 
bacco, 38 N Del av 

Carson James W. & Co., (James W. Carson, 
William C. Logan & James O. Carson,) 
wholesale grocers, 617 Market 

Chadwick & Brother, (John K. Chadvvick & 
Francis A. Chadwick,) heaters and ranges, 
N E cor 2d and Race 

Divine William & Sons, (William, William, jr. 
& John G. Divine,) manuf., Naudain n 21st 

Frankel & Baker, (Julius Frankel & W. H. 
Baker,) leather, 233 N 3d 

Gartside B. & Sons, (Benjamin, James & Amos 
Gartside,) manufacturers, Chester, Dela- 
ware county 

Gilbert, Rayal & Co., (John Gilbert, Theodore 
A. Rayal & Lewis Royer,) wholesale drug- 
gists, 309 and 311 N 3d 

Gilliams J. J. & L. S., (John J. & Lewis S. Gil- 
liams,) importers, 125 Walnut 

Gilpin V. & J. F. & Co., (Vincent Gilpin, John 
F. Gilpin, John R. Gilpin & George Gil- 
pin,) brokers, 227 Dock 

Herstine & Bankson, (David W. Herstine & 
John P. Bankson,) flour, 246 N Del av 

Itschner Werner, imp. Swiss goods, 233 Chest 

Kilgore & Wilson, (John P. Kilgore & John S 
Wilson,) grocers, 14 S 6th 

Kline J. N. & Co., (J. N. Kline & T. W. Ivins,) 
liquors, 116 Walnut 

Knight Wm. W. & Co., (Wm. W. & Wm. A. 
Knight & Joseph Dysart,) wholesale hard- 
ware, 619 Market 

Kohn J. &. Adler, (J.Kohn & Abr. Adler,) fancy 
dry goods, 341 N 2d 

Krische & Oelbermann, (August Krische & Ru- 
dolph Oelbermann,) importers, 222 Market 

Lind & Brother, (Matthew F, & Robert C. S.,) 

dry goods, 426 Market 
Long James & Oliver, dry goods, 203 Church 

McGlensey John & Son, (John & Wm. Henry,) 

wholesale grocers, 8 S Front 
Maull Samuel & Son, (Samuel & John Maull,) 

blacksmiths, S 19tli c South 
Mixsell P., jr., & Co., (Philip Mixsell, jr., & 

Samuel Wilhelm,) lumber, York and Rich- 
Morrell &. Schroeder, (Thomas Morrell & 

Charles Schroeder,) dry goods, 214 Chest- 
Morris, Wheeler & Co., (Israel Morris, Joseph 

K. Wheeler & Andrew Wheeler,) iron, 

1608 Market 
Neafie & Levy, (Jacob G. Neafie & John P. 

Levy,) Penn works, Beach and Palmer 

Newlin, Fernley & Co., (Thomas Newlin, John 

Fernley & J. Shipley Newlin,) hardware, 

337 Market 
Oliphant & Dell, (Peter Oliphant & Joseph S. 

Dell,) wholesale clothing, 226 JS 3d 
Paxson Frederick & Co., (Frederick Paxson & 

P. Anshutz,) notions, 504 Market 
Peters & Kirkberg, (Carl Otto Peters & Her- 
man Kir kb erg,) com. dry goods, 216 Chest- 
Shoemaker & Thomas, (Francis Shoemaker, jr., 

& A. Cuthbert Thomas,) drugs, 121 S 

Somers, Chalkley & Son, (Chalkley & Wm. E. 

Somers,) cloths, 32 S 4th 
Terry, Price & Co., (John V. Terry, Daniel S. 

Price & Oliver T. Terry,) cloths, 255 

Thacakara S. W. &. Son, (Samuel W. & Alex- 

ander,) conveyancers, 244 S 3d 
Townsend S. & G. W., (Samuel & Geo. W. 

Townsend,) boots and shoes, 18 N 3d 
Tripler & Combs, (Jacob L. Tripler & Willett 

Combs,) provision dealers, 25 S Water, & 

1933 & 1935 Market 
Twells, Mellon & Co., (John L. Twells, Wm. 

R. Kirby &. Charles H. Mellon,) com. mers., 

10 & 12 S Del av 
Wanner & Kline, (Wanner John C. & Abraham 

Kline,) queensware, 228 N 3d 
Waterman, Son, Fox & Cope, grocers, N. W. 

cor 2d and Arch 
Webb Charles & Co., (Charles Webb & Cun- 
ningham W. J.,) teas, 129 S Front 
Williams & Arnest, dry g'oods, 415 Market 


Aldridge 8c Co., changed to (Aldridge, Austin 

8c Co.,) notions, 413 Market 
Brown Amos P. & Heyl Geo. A., admitted to 

firm, (Brown David S. 8c Co.,) 44 S Front 
Burgin Joseph, admitted to (Wurts, Austin & 

McVeigh,) 311 Market 
Butterfield Fred., to Butterfield Fred. & Co., 

(Lyman A. Jacobus,) com. dry goods, 119 

Carson H. L., dry goods com., 102 Chestnut, 

to Carson H. L. & Son, (Hampton L. 8c 

Joseph Carson, jr.,) 102 Chestnut 
Cornelius John C, to (Cornelius & Baker,) 710 

Chestnut and 821 Cherry 
Dunglison William L., to (James R. Campbell 

& Co.,) 727 Chestnut 
Ellis Charles J. 8c Co., to (Ellis Sc Harrop,) 

cloths, 225 Market 
Fister Henry S., (see Riegel, Baird 8c Co.,) 47 

Ford Philip, auctioneer, to (Ford, Philip & 

Co.,) 530 Market 
Hoxie Joseph C, architect, N E 3d and Dock 
Hoyt, Spragues & Co., (Charles B. Mount & 

Win. V. Barklow, managers,) damask and 

woolen goods, 235 Chestnut 
Justice Philip S., railway springs, 21 N 5th 

Koons John R., flour and provisions, 246 N Del 

Lee William, produce com., 322 S Del av 
Martins, Peddrick 8c Hamrick, fancy goods, 30 

N 4tb, to Martins, Peddrick, Hamrick 8c 

Co., (new partner, J. A. L. Morrell) 
M'Bride P., to McBride P. 8c Co., (Daniel 

Hendrie,) grocers, 11 S Front 
Morrison 8c Co., shoe dealers, to Morrison & 

Brother, (Edwd. W J. 8c John C.Morrison,) 

boots and shoes, 114 N 2d 
Mount Charles B., from (Welling, Coffin & Co.,) 

116 Chestnut 
Riegel Josiah, (see Riegel, Baird Sc Co.,) 47 N 

Sazerac Jules, removed from 137 S Front, to 

43 Front, (New York) 
Shortridge 8c Brother, to Shortridge, Brother 

& Co., (James S. Young,) 420 Market 
Snodgrass William T., cloths, 34 S 2d 
SteeUl. Mrs., to (Steel Mrs. H. & Son,) 715 N 

Stewart B. D., to Stewart B. D. & Son, (Bene- 
dict D. & William R. Stewart,) 435 Yovlc av 
Weimer John S. (Wurts, Austie 8c McVeigh,) 

311 Market 
Wilson Philip, guns, Sec, 432 Chestnut 


Abbott Sc Lawrence, stoves, N 4th Sc Brown 
Aull James A., (limited Aull & Clark,) 15 S 

Aumont 8c Oak, dry goods, 331 Market, (see 

Springs, Oak & Co.,) 331 Market 
Baker Joseph 8c Son, metals, 821 N 2d, (Baker 

Joseph W.) continues 
Baldwin, Stephen & Co., shipping mers., S W 

cor Front and Walnut, (Irwin John H. con- 
tinues,) same firm 
Bartalott, Blynn Sc Co., hatters, 111 N 3d 
Becker Sc Dell, clothing, 33 N 3d 
Bernheim M. Sc Co., millinery, 21 S 2d 
Blair Sc Linton, tea dealers, 33 S Front, (see 

Blair Wm. H.) 
Bucknor, McCammon & Co., (A. J. Bucknor Sc 

D. C. McCammon,) 38 N Del av 
Claflin O. S. 8c Co., boots & shoes, 511 Market 
Claghorn Sc Rogers, bill brokers, 127 S 4th 
Davis & Haff, shirts, &c, continued by (Davis 

Elwood B.,) 19 Bank 
Darwen E. 8c Co., (Edward Dariuen <$r Robert 

M. Shouse,) cotton manufacturers, Rich- 
mond (Briclesburg) 
Forrest 8c Chalfant, dry goods, 134 Chestnut, 

business continued by (J. E. Chalfant) 
Gilbert & Co., drugs, 31l"N 3d 
Howard Sc Gilliams, importers, 125 Walnut 
Huckel Sc Shoemaker, 121 S Front 
Huston & Brother, coal, 312 N Broad, (see 

Henry Huston,) 312 N Broad 
Justice Philip S. & Co., com. hardware, 21 N 

Kilgore, Wilson & Co., grocers, 14 S 6th 
Kline Sc Can-oil, liquors, 116 Walnut 
Koons, Herstine Sc Co., flour, 246 N Del av 

Lacey Sc Phillips, 30 and 32 S 7th, (see Samuel 

R. Philips,) same place 
Lind, Brother Sc Co., 426 Market 
Louderbach Sc Hoffman, wood engravers, S W 

4th 8c Library, (see James W. Louderbach) 
M'Collin Sc Potts, plumbers, N 11th Sc Race 
M'Naughton, Carson 8c Co., grocers, 617 Market 
Miller, Fronefield Sc Co., drugs, 319 N 3d 
Morrell, Schroeder 8c Ferguson, 214 Chestnut 
Morris, Galloway C. 8c Co., coal dealers, 113 

Walnut, (see Galloway C. Morris,) 113 

Morris, Jones 8c Co., iron, 1608 Market 
Newlin, Marshall Sc Co., hardware, 337 Market 
Reaney, Neafie 8c Co., boilermakers, Beach bel 

SchafTer J. L. 8c Co., wholesale druggists, 515 

Market, continued by (SchafTer Wm.L., jr.) 
Somers 8c Snodgrass, cloths, 34 S 2d 
Stein, Wanner 8c Co., queensware, 228 N 3d 
Ster, Kohn 8c Co., fancy dry goods, 341 N 2d 
Taylor D. B. 8c Co., lumber merchants, Coates 

St Wharf; Del av 
Townsend 8c Stevens, boots and shoes, 416 

Market, (see Robert Y. Townsend) 
Van Brunt, Tripler 8c Combs, 25 S Water, and 

1933 Market 
Warner, Chadwick 8c Brother, heaters and 

ranges, N E cor 2d and Race 
Warnock 8c Woodward, merchant tailors, 112 N 

10th, (see Thomas J. Woodward) 
Williams Richard, Son 8c Co., dry goods, 415 

Wilson Charles T. 8c Co., 14 and 16 S Water, 

(see Wilson Charles T.,) 14 8c 16 S Water 
Wilson Philip Sc Co., guns, 8cc, 432 Chestnut 


Abel & Kelly, (Chas. Abel 4" Wm. F. Kelly,) Avers George, dry goods, 53 N 8th 

painters, 40 N 5th Aykroyd C. H. & Co., (C. H. Aykroyd 4" F. W. 

Abel Charles, painter, 40 N 5th, h 532 New Carter,) provisions, 16 Del av 

Market . j Aykroyd C. H., provisions, 16 N Delav, h 1212 

Abbott 8c Noble, (James G. Abbott 4 Charles Brown 

Noble,) stove works, Brown ab 4th 
Adams B. W., from 326 Walnut to 313 \ Walnut 

Adams Thomas M., iron, 46 N 7th, h 908 N 8th Bach Rudolph, bookbinder, 804 Filbert 
Agard & Co., ( Wm. Y. Agard, Henry Gutter-' Bailey H. F., clerk, 1117 Vine 

man, $ Isaac Wolf,) from 323 to 335 Mar- Baker Abraham, hardware, 70 

Agard Wm. Y., from 323 to 335 Market 
Ahem John A., clerk, 8 Filbert av 
Albertson Mark R., stoves, 903 Market, h 41st 

ab Market (W P) 
Albrecht Hermann, sewing machines, 628 Arch, 

h 1433 N 5th 
Albright John, shoemaker, 15 N 10th 

E. L. Thompson, Principal, Allen Grove 


Baker Joseph B., salesman, 19 N Front, h 1215 

Button wood 
Baker M. A., cotton laps, 19 N Front, h 1215 

Button wood 
Baker S. J., clerk, 1215 Buttonwood 
Baker S. D., sewing machines, 720 Arch 
Baker Wm. G. & Son, (M. A. Baker 4- Wm. G 

Baker,) cotton laps 19 N Front 
| Bamberger L. & Co., (L. Bamberger 4 Simon 

Auerbach,) segars, 3 N Water 
Barnard G. W, 108 S Water 

Allen John, provisions, 10 N Del av, h 479|Barnard, Seymour 8c Co., produce commission 

merchants, 108 S "Water 
Barnes Albert Rev., 255 S 8th and W r alnut n 

Chestnut av (W P) 
Barnes Andrew J., carpenter, 52 N 7th 
Barton Esther, wid. Dr. William, 2003 Walnut 
Bassler John S., conveyancer, 146 S 4th, h 1518 

Batar John, tailor, 253 Madison 
Baxter William, merchant, 125 Market 
Bayne James, bookbinder, 2 N 6th, h 325 Reed 
Bayne James 8c Son, (James 4" S. P.,) book- 
binders, 2 N 6th 
Bayne S. P., bookbinder, 2 N 6th, h 639 Car- 
Beatley John, clerk, 813 Locust 
Beaumont G. H., M. D., 812 Arch 
Beck Frederick, tailor, 621 Filbert 
Bicking 8c Guilbert, (Chas. P. Bicking 4" Nicho- 
las Guilbert,) printers, 602 Arch 
Biderman 8c Scott, (Peter Biderman 4 Jamts 

W. Scott,) photographers, 46 N 8t 
Birch Eliza, 919 Filbert 
Birkman R. B. If., printer, 502 Arch 
BISPHAM WM. D., atty. 8c coun., 30 N 7th 
Black Hewey, clerk, 819^ Filbert 

Allkire Jeremiah, eating saloon, 2 Arch, h Plum 

Allkire J. 8c Baker, (Jeremiah Allkire, 4" John 

Baker,) eating saloon, 2 Arch 
Alvord C. C., carpenter, 617 Commerce, h 1233 

Amer John W, clerk, 1010 Wister 
American Baptist Publication Society, 530 Arch 
Anagen Henry, tailor, 1 Shelborne av 
Anderson James H., agent segars, 23^ N 2d, h 

519 N 2d 
Anderson Samuel, jr., from 729 Lebanon to 791 

S 2d 
Andrews J. R., salesman, 513 Market 
Andrews 8c Whitman, conveyancers and real 

estate agents, c Germantown av and Berks 
Andreykovicz 8c Poizart, (Julius Andreykovicz 

4" Chas. A. Poizart,) indigo extracts, 108 

Armbruster Charles, 815 Filbert 
Ashmead Thomas E., merchant, from 1432 

Chestnut to 1829 Pine 
Augustin L., toys 8c fancy goods, 62 N 8th 
Axe Conrad W., shoemaker, 610 Filbert 



Bleaklcy William J., dancing', 602 Arch 

Bleight John I)., attorney 8c counselor, 23 N 7th 

Bleloch William, printer, 51 N 10th 

Bloom Wesley B., clerk, 606 Arch, h470 N 8th 

Blum & Stern, billiards, 15 N 6th 

Bockius C. R., & Bro., (Charles R. Bockius <$■ 

Samuel R. Bockius,) queensware, 67 N 2d 
BODDER L. D., M. D., 920 Arch, h 1933 

Booth Charles, laborer, r 619 Filbert 
Boursch L. V., accountant, 529 Commerce 
Bowdoin Wm. H., paper, 15 N 6th, h 11th cor 

Bowers Charles, tailor, Callowhill c 5th 
Bowman Joseph K., silverplater, 37 N 7th, h 

1310 S 13th 
Bowernai B., tailor 622 Filbert 
Bowen Wm. H., commission merchant, 110 

Chestnut, h N 8th ab Parrish 
Boyle John, wines & liquors, 9 N Front, h 1008 

Bradfi eld James F., clothing-, 802 Arch 
Bradfield Mary, childrens' clothing-, 802 Arch 
Bradford David, clerk, 27 N Front 
Brandis Simon, fancy goods, 63 N 8th, h 106 

N 8th 
Bradstreet J. M. & Son, (J. M.% Henry,) com- 
mercial agency, old Philadelphia Bank 

building, 4th & Chestnut 
Brayman Benjamin H., chairs, 57 N Front 
Bre'h Jacob, shoemaker, 126 Arch 
Breckenridge Elizabeth, truck, 109 Western 

Market, h Oak n Park (W P) 
Brennan John, jeweler, 25 N 8th 
Brewton Anna, boarding house, 626 Arch 
Briggs John, 53 N 7th 
Briggs John, jr., ticket agent, 53 N 7th 
Brinckle 8c Shubrick, (J. R. Brinckle <fr E. Q. 

Shubrick,) cotton Yarn, 29 N Frant 
Brinckle J. R., cotton yarn, 29 N Front 
Brinckloe C. E. P. 8c Co., printers, 23 N 6th 
Brooks John, bookkeeper, 19 N 9th 
Bromley John, from 1758 N 6th to York ab 

Bromley James, rom 1758 N 6th to York ab 

Bromley Thomas, from 1758 N 6th to York ab 

Brophy Patrick, brassfounder, 708 Filbert 
Brown Augustus, bootmaker, 42 N 6th, h 2 

Bird's av 
BROWN BROTHERS & CO., bankers, 211 

Brown E. D., wines & liquors, 48 N Front 
Brown Newton I., atty. 8c coun., 56 N 7th 
Brown Malinda, boarding house, 502 Arch 
Brown Moses, gent., 514 Arch 
Brown 8c Romain, (Edwin Brown $ Christian 

Romain), tailors, 54 N 8th 
Brown Theodore, printer, 25 N 7th 
Buckley John, salt, 40 N Del av, h 328 N 11th 
Bulson G., produce, 8 N Del av 
Burgess 8c Lowrie, (Mary W. Burgess Sf Eunice 

Lowrie,) 11 N 2d 
Burke Francis, clerk, 59 N 2d 
Burke Thomas, porter, 636 Filbert 
Burr* John, laborer, r 619 Filbert 
Burm Julius, tailor, 7 Rowland's ct 

Burton Edward, paper hangings, 602 Arch 
Busby Edmund H., office 931 8c 933 Market, h 

West Penn sq 
Byerly Rebecca, wid. Stephen, 812 Arch 

Cain Rose, 610 Filbert 

CALDWELL ELIZA, millinery, 824 Arch 

Caldwell F. M., dry goods, 51 N 8th, h 258 

Callahan William, hats, 21 N 2d 
Calver Emeline B., milliner, 61^ N 2d 
Calver James H., straw goods, 61 N 2d 
Calver William, bonnet presscr, 61 N 2d 
Calver William G., clerk, 61 N 2d 
Campbell Mary, truck, 236 Western Market, h 

1626 Sansom 
Cannon Arthur, photographer, 903 Filbert 
Carlin Mary, truck, 160 Western Market, h 

Mary n Logan (W P) 
Carlon Eliza, washing, 1 Scranton ct 
Carpenter Alpheus, gent., 802 Arch 

Geo. W. Carpenter, Wm. C. Henszey, (f 

Geo. W. Carpenter, jr.,) druggists 737 

Carpenter Kate widow 58 N 9th 
Carroll James, grocer, 243 N 10th 
Carroll James A., gasfitter 8c plumber, 15 n 9th, 

h 32d n Lancaster av (W P) 
Carson James W. 8c Co., (James W. Carson, 

W. C. Logan, <$■ James 0. Carsori,) grocers, 

617 Market 
Carson Jane, boarding house, 716 Arch 
Carter F. W., provisions, 16 N Del av, h 510 

S 4th 
Carter J. G., cooper, 519 Commerce, h 821 N9th 
Carter J. G. jr., cooper, 519 Commerce, h S W 

c 9th and Brown 
Cartwright Matthew, tin plateworker, 948 N 5th 
Cary William H., salesman, 505 Market, h 926 

Mt Vernon 
Carver Eli, gent., 12 N 9th 
Carver Martha, boarding house, 12 N 9th 
CASSELBURY J. R., dry goods, 45 N 8th, h 

710 Shirley 
Cattell A. G. 8c Co., grain 8c flour, 26 N Del av 
Chambers David M., dry geods, 43 N 2d h 

Market (Camden) 
Chambeis George, fruits, 9 N Water, h N 10th 

c Sergeant 
Chambers William, truck 8c commission, 170 

8c 172 Western Market, h N 12th c Brown 
Champernell Ira W., artist, 1010 Chestnut 
Chandley John, grocer, 123 Market, h 66 N 2d 
Chanslem Charles, tinsmith, 519 North 
Chauncey Elizabeth, 4th 8c Union 
Chesebrough A. F. 8c Co., (A. F. Chesehrough <fr 

John Allen,) provisions, 10 N Del av 
Cheyney Charles H., real estate agent, 608 Arch 
Childs John, looking glasses, 63 N 2d, h 136 

Chormann Ernest G., die sinker, 41 N 6th 
Chrisman John 8c Co., (John Chrisman 4" B- S- 

Reifsnider,) grocers, 919 Market 
Christian Instructor, published by William S. 

Young, Franklin building 50 N 6th 
Chrisman John, grocer, 919 Market, h Mansion 




Claflin O. S., shoes, 534 Market, h 1420 Pop-! 

Clark James G., gent, 610 Arch 
Cleeland Robert, carpet weaver, 917 Market, hi 

1223 Lombard 
Clifford Henrv, gas man, 920 Filbert 
Clothier Conrad F., ropes, 23 N Water^ & 22 

N Del av, h 1116 Columbia av 
Coak Samuel, bricklayer, 502 Arch 
Coates B. H., M. D., 710 Arch 
Coates Pauline, 630 Arch 
Coats George M., cloths, 4 & 6 N 2d, h N 20th 

n Arch 
Cole J. J., paper bags, 9 N Front, h (Myk) 
Coleman P. X., salesman, 513 Market, h 703 

COLL AD AY GEORGE W., manufacturer, 

office 619 Walnut, factory (Fkd), h 2022 

Colston Raleigh T., M. D., 1805 Pine 
Conklin John, 5 Fayette 
Conrad J. D., produce merchant, 507 Market, 

h States Union Hotel 
Conrad James M., hardware, 623 Market, h 

1622 Green 
Conwell William, shoemaker, 612 Filbert 
Cook Samuel, bricklayer, 502 Arch 
Cooper David, shipping, 18 X Del av, h ( Wood- 
bury, X. J.) 
Cooper Edward P., clerk, 30 Arch 
Cooper Joseph B., builder, 1635 Barker, h n 

(Camden, N. J.) 
Cooper Thomas, clerk, 449 N 2d 
Corlies Fisher S., atty. & coun., 51 N 6th 
Cornell William, ice' dealer, 808 Filbert, h 11 

N 8th 
Cowperthwait Emerson, clerk, 30 N 5th 
Cowperthwait Samuel, clerk, 30 N 5th 
Cox Benjamin, boarding house, 729 Filbert 
Cox R. H. Mrs., 51 N 19th 
Cox Wm. L., liquors, 51 X 10th . 
Coyle James, laborer, 9 Wadsworth pi 
Coyle Phineas, blacksmith, 1513 Pearl 
Cramer Thomas porter, 636 Filbert 
Crane Charles C., photographic rooms, 532 

Arch, h 240 N 5th 
Crawford Philip, porter, S 6th n Carpenter 
Crecy Wm. P., pharamacuetist, 800 Arch 
Cresswell R., dry goods, 534 Market, h 1327 

Cromly Thomas, 41 N 7th 
Crow Samuel, cutter, 48 X 6th 
Cumming & Brodie, {Edward Camming <fr J. 

T. Brodie,) patent roofing, 39 N 7th 
Cumming Edward, 39 N 7th, h 939 Franklin 
Cummings Maurice, 3 Scranton ct 
Cunningham Ellen, 10 Bromley pi 
Cunningham John, printer, 804 Arch 
Curnin Jane, dressmaker, 22 N 9th 
Curtis Richard, clerk, 38 X 5th 
Cutler Edward H., cutter, 103 N 6th 

David Alexander, peddler, 59 X 2d 
Davis Jehu L., restaurant, 727 & 729 Arch 
Davidson David, clerk, 521 Xorth 
Davis A. P., shirtmaker, 4 Filbert av 
Davis James M., Rev., 818 Arch 
Davis John, furs, 51 X 2d 

Deakyne & Howe, {John V. DeaJcyne &; Wm. 

B. Howe,) produce, 64 X Water 
De Haven Jacob, hotel, 715 Market 
De Haven Wm., butcher, 208 Sc 210 Western 

Market, h 2025 Wood 
Delacroix C. J., professor of languages, 907 

De Lange & Sleeper, {Dr. L. H. De Lange, # 

Joseph K. Sleeper,) dentists, 928 Arch 
De Lange Dr. L. H., dentist, 928 Arch 
Dempsey Wm., bootfitter, 627 Filbert 
Dennin John, silverplater, 48 X 6th 
DETTRICH CHARLES C, tailor, 21 X 9th 

h Xational Hotel 
Detweiler Eliza, wid., boarding house, 19 X 

Dewees John, paper boxes, 51 X 2d, h 1622 

DIALOGUE & SERRILL, {Henry Dialogue <$- 

Samuel P. Serrill,) fire hosemakers, 520 

Dialogue Henry, hose, 520 Xorth, h 522 Xorth 
Dick James, cloths, 31 X 2d 
Dick 8c Lew, {James Dick <$■ Wm. F. A. Levy,) 

cloths, 31 X 2d 
Dickerson James S., treasurer, 530 Arch, h 1422 

Dickinson A. C, M. D., 44 X 7th, hSE corner 

Mary & Walnut 
Dilkes j'. H., hair jeweler, 15 X 8th, h 853 N 

Dittess M'lles C. & J., childrens' clothing, 34 

X 8th 
Diver Paul J., sewing machines, 49 X 10th 
Dobson Williamm H., merchant, 224 Market, 

h 118 Arch 
Dodd Susan P., dealer, 42 Western Market, h 

1519 Market 
Donaldson P. M., poultry, 182 Western Market, 

h 25 S 18th 
Donat C, produce, 66 & 68 X Water, h 354 X 

Donehower Wm. H., janitor, 1518 Amboy 
Donoghv Henrv, shoemaker, 116 Arch 
DORMITZER M, with LAGO WITZ J., trunks, 

&c, from 246 Market to 35 X 3d 
Douglass James, hotel, 48 X 6th 
Douglass James, tobacconist, 26 X 6th 
Douglass John, tobacco, 56 X 8th, h 425 X 

Dowling Edward, plasterer, 717 Espy 
Downer & Garnett, {Chas. Downer dj- James 

Garnett,) weighers, 20 X Water 
Downey Catharine, truck, 119 Western Market, 

h X 15th n Willow 
Downing John P., gent., 731 Market 
Driscall Margaret, dressmaker, 1 Filbert av 
Duceut Thomas, porter, r 613 Filbert 
Duff' Edward, livery stable 811 and h 813 Fil- 
Duff William, clerk, 811 Filbert, h 813 Filbert 
Duffy Patrick, hotel, X 7th c Filbert 
Dunham Charles, waterman, 919 Filbert 
Dungan John B., salesman, 47 X 10th 
Dunton & Xinesteel, ( Wm. Dunton &; John D. 

Ninesteel,jr.,) trimmings, 17 X 2d 
Dwyer John, liquors, S Water n Walnut, h 708 




Eagan John, silversmith, 708 Filbert 
Eastwood Samuel, composition, r 613 Filbert 
Eberhardt J. C, clerk, 41 N Front, h 717 Jayne 
Eberman A. F., china, 50 N Front 
ECKHAKDT JOHN, grocery, 923 Filbert 
Edwards Wm. F., clerk, 67 N 2d, h Main (Gtn) 
Enger Ernest, bootmaker, 705 Filbert 
Esling Ann C, 927 Filbert 
Evans Wm., jr. & Co., agent West of England 

Soap Co., 252 S Front 
EVERETT BENJAMIN C, Surgeon's bandage 

instruments, 14 N 9th 
Evers & Kientzle, ( Theodore Evers Sf Alexander 

Kientzle,) photographers, 606 Arch 
Evins Joseph K., clerk, 528 Arch, h 1112 Wal 


Fanning Wm., lace & embroideries, 53 N 8th' 

b 913 Spring Garden 
Farr Ann, boarding house, 23 N 9th 
Farrand & Omensetter, {Stephen Farrand S,- 
Elhanan Omensetter,) carvers, 8th c Arch 
Fass Joseph, gas man, 9 Fayette 
Feightner John F., pork, 94 & 96 Western 

Market, h (Laurel Hill) 
Felton Henry, looking glass framemaker, rear 

617 Commerce, h 927 Poplar 
Fennell E. J., millinery, 26 N 8th 
Fennell James P., wireworker, 36 N 6th, h 

523 Queen 
Ferguson Alexander, sexton, 21 N 7th 
Ferguson B. F., artist, 604 Arch, h 133 N 7th 
Fernald Marshal N., clerk, N 2d c Arch 
FIELD CHARLES, agent Clark's spool cotton, 
5 Bank, h 807 Franklin, (removed from 20 
Finley James, bookbinder, 59 N 2d 
Fitzcharles Theodore, druggist, 829 Filbert 
Fitzgerald Michael, bricklayer, 19 N 10th 
Fisher Samuel H., 806 Arch 
Flaherty Patrick, porter, 10 Filbert av 
Flannery Patrick, carpenter, 116 Arch 
Flinn James, tailor, 1011 Market 
Foley Thomas, 124 Arch 
Ford Gustavus, tobacconist, 19 N 10th 
Ford John, conductor, 51 N 8th 
Foster Hannah A., dealer, 192 & 194 Western 

Market, h Jones n N 17th 
Fountain & Leonard, (Wm. C. Fountain Sf 
Gilbert Leonard,) P'ountain Hotel, 37 and 
Fountain Wm. C, hotel, 37 &. 39 N 2d 
Foust John, carpenter, r 15 N 9th, h 716 Spring 

Foy P. F., flour, 180 Western Market, h 3 Brier 

Frank James, jeweler, 4 N 6th 
Frank Solomon, jeweler, 4 N 6th, h Mont- 
gomery Hotel, N 6th c Willow 
Frazer Henry, roofer, 11 N 2d 
Frazer Percival, 1419 Walnut 
Freedley Edwin T., gent., 1216 Chestnut 
Freeman George, bookkeeper, 909 Filbert 
Freund &. Knipschild, (Lewis Freund Sf Chas 
Knipschild,) grocers, c S Front & Christian 
Fries 8c Magee, (Aaron Fries Sf Chas. Magee,) 

cloths, 43 N 2d 
Fry Wm., cooper, 13 Hides ct 

Fry Wm. T. & Co., ( Wm. F. Fr h Sf Michael V. 
Olry,) fancy goods, 15 N 6th 

Gamble & Seymore, ( Wm. Gamble Sf Joseph 

Seymore,) metal sign manufs., 8th c Arch 

Gamble William, sign engraver, 8th c Arch, h 

1203 Citron 
Gardner John H., upholsterer, 46 N 9th 
Garbylewitz Frederick, looking glasses, 47 N 

9th, h 1223 Marshall 
Garland James, confectioner, 42 N 8th 
Genay Edward, segarmaker, 9 N 7th 
Gibbs J. W. & Son, (John W. Gibbs Sf A. V. 

Gibbs,) cloths, 531 Market 
Giflford James, porter, r 625 Filbert 
Gill Matthew, produce, 34 N Del av 
Gill 8c Paul, (Matthew Gill Sf A. C. Paul,) pro- 
duce, 34 N Del av 
Gilfillan Robert M., billiard tablemaker, 316 

Chestnut, h 215 Lybrand 
Given Alexander, from 313 to 225 Market 
Glass James P., tailor, r 728 Cherry 
Glenwood Cemetery Company, 16 N 7th, presi- 
dent, James D. Whetham ; secretary, Henry 
T. Grout 
Glessing Caroline, 18 N 7th 
Glimer George, combmaker, 610 Filbert 
Gloskowski Joseph, gilt framemaker, 13 N 8th, 

h 12 N 6th 
Goble Jacob, cutter, 819^ Filbert 
Gormon Anthony, tailor, 708 Filbert 
Gossin Frederick, sculptor, r 1010 Chestnut 
Grant James, agent, 25 N 6th 
Graham E. P., pianofortes, 733 Market 
Grose W. B., com. agent, from 823 Washington 

av to 245 S 11th 
Green 8c Foreman, (Samuel Green Sf Milton 
Foreman,) gas & steam fitters, 618 Com- 
merce, 8c 24th c Master 
Greer Jacob L., butcher, 141 & 143 Western 

Market, h 425 Thompson 
Green Joseph Son & Co., (Benj. Green Sf E. 

Jones Lester,) carpetings, 45 N 2d 
Green Saml.,gas 8c steam fitter, 618 Commerce, 

8c 24th c Master, h Bankson near Melon 
Green Wm. F., tailor, 928 Kurtz 
Gregg 8c Snyder, (Alexander P. Gregg Sf J. W. 

Snyder,) liquors, 630 Arch 
Grieb James L., cutter, N 2d c Arch, h 1212 

Griffiths E., daguerrotypes, 60 N 2d 
Grist Ann, widow John, 4 Hides ct 
Grose Wm. B., com. agent, from 823 Washing- 
ton av to 245 S 11th 
Groves Wm. & Co., ( Wm. Groves,) upholsterer, 

69 N 2d, h Stevens (Camden; 
Grubb Daniel, tailor, 222 Madison 
Gruner 8c Bicker, (Frederick Gruner Sf Casper 

Bicker,) merchant tailors, 626 Arch 
GUARDIANS OF THE POOR, office 42 N 7th 
Guilbert Nicholas, printer, 602 Arch, 1605 Race 
Gutgesell John B., mathematician, 828 Arch 

Hale & Bowdoine, (H. A. Hale Sf Wm. H. Bow- 

doin,) paper warehouse, 15 N 6th 
Hale H. A., paper, 15 N 6th, h 1207 Mt Vernon 
HALL PETER, bottler, 52 N 6th, h 1237 N 10th 
Haley Wm., carpenter, r 619 Filbert 



Hambleton, Brothers & Co., attys. & couns., 51 

N 6th 
Hamer Jacob, tailor, 22 N 5th, h 1922 Mt Ver- 

Hamilton John, laberer, 636 Filbert 
Hamilton Rebecca, 45 N 10th 
HANCOCK JOHN, treas. & sec. Lehigh 8c Del 
Water Gap R R Co., office 424 Walnut, h 
323 S 5th 
Harlan John, 620 Arch 
Harrington Thomas, jr., brassfounder, 532 N 

Harris Susan, widow George, millinery, 4 N 

HARRIS WASHINGTON, gas burning stove 

& range manufacturer, UN 9th 
Hardes William, clerk, 59 N 2d 
Hart Bernard, packer, 307 Cherry 
Hart Charles G., clerk, 226 Spruce 
Hart Peter, bookbinder, 519 East North 
Hartley Wm., H., liquors, 52 N 5th 
Hartshorn Anna, widow Joseph, 932 Arch 
Hastings Henry R., printer, 1322 Green 
Hausmann Adam, butcher, 171 Western Market, 

h 2114 Coates 
Hawkins Charles, salesman, 505 Market, h 456 

N 5th 
Hay & Co., (A. K. $ J. B.,) glass 34 N Front 
Haynes Eliza, 3 Fayette 
Hazzard Mary, boarding house, 718 Arch 
Heiss & Garbvlewitz, looking glasses, 47 & 49 

Heiss William, looking glasses, 47 & 49 N 9th, 

h 1223 Marshall 
Henderson Maria, 22 N 7th 
Helfenstein Emanuel, conveyancer, 524 Arch 
Henry Hannah, widow, 914 Arch 
Henne Elizabeth, widow Wm. L., 59 N 2d 
Henry James, trunk manufacturer, 919 Filbert 
Henry Sinexon L., clothing, 910 Arch, h 1021 

S 7th 
Heppard Benjamin L., salesman, 22 N 6th 
Heritage Charles, reporter, 130 S 3d, h Ridg- 

way House 
Herley Dennis, huckster, r 625 Filbert 
Heron J. B., bookkeeper, 901 Sergeant 
Hess John W., clerk, 11 N 2d 
Hickey John, laborer, 612 Filbert 
Hickman Wm. H., police, 12 Hides ct 
Hill Susan, truck, 142 8c 144 Western Market, 
Hill Susan Sc Mary Stetler, truck, 142 Sc 144 

Western Market 
Hill Watson, 613 Filbert 
Hiller August, lager beer, 726 Filbert 
Hitchcock Robert, M. D., 21 N 9th 
Holmes Julia, widow Michael, 8 Wadsworth pi 
Honigmann Christian, artist, 532 Arch, h 158 

Hoopes Sc Davis, (B. A. Hoopes SfJ. M. Davis,) 

hats Sec, from 19 S 4th to 517 Market 
Hopper Charles M., trimmings, 38 N 8th 
Hough Edward, liquor, 12 N Water, h Washing- 
ton (Myk) 
Huber Henry, jr., saddlers' tools, 4 N 5th h 915 

Huber Henry H., saddlers' tools, 4 N 5th, h 915 

Huckel Edward, bookkeeper, 2009 Vine 

Hughes W. F., President City Bank, 32 N 6th, 

h 945 S 2d 
Humphreys Milda, widow Noah 112 Arch 
Hunter J.', M. D., 44 N 7th, h (W P) 
Huntington Wm., 508 Arch 
Hupfie'ld C. F., jr., 925 Filbert 
Hupfield C. F., 925 Filbert 
Huzwenele John, auctioneer, 918 Filbert 
Hutchins Daniel, clerk, 11 N2d 
Hutchinson Joseph, butcher, 102 8c 104 Western 

Market, h 1220 Brown 

Irwin John, upholsterer, 502 Arch 

Ives Anthon B., clerk, Callowhill n N Front 

Jacobs Theresa, wid. David, 3 Wadsworth pi 

Jackson Wm. B., manuf., 43 S 7th, h 710 Arch 

Jenks Daniel T, fancy goods, 18 N Sth 

Jenkins Wm., confectioner, 45 N 9th 

Jenkins Wilson M., teas, 10 N 9th, h 1511 Green 

Jess Ann, boarding house, 508 Arch 

Johnson Edw. M. Co., hosier)-, 46 N 8th, h 706 

Johnson Frederick N, manuf. artificial teeth, 

720 Arch, h 642 N 10th 

Johnson, Lund 8c Neall, (Frederick N. Johnson, 

Oliver Lund <$• Charles H. Neall,) manuf. 

artificial teeth, 720 Arch 

Jones Asaheh dental depot, 528 Arch, h N York 

Jones B. Muse, merchant, 512 Market, h 1325 

Jones Daniel, tailor, 243 S 3d 
Jordon Hetty L., boarding house, 919 Market 
Jones John Howard, bookbinder, 523 North 
Jones J. Sidney, carpetings, 18 N 2d 
Jones & Bro., (William and Abraham,) photo- 
graphers, 604 Arch 

Kamerer Francis H., printer, 7 Wadsworth pi 

Karbaugh Joseph H., bookkeeper, r 503 Noble 

Kates John L., 37 Sc 39 N 7th, h 1606 Arch 

Kates Michael, 37 & 39 N 7th, h 807 Arch 

Kates Wm. S., merchant, 1606 Arch 

Keating Hannah, grocery, 5 Fayette 

Keinath Wm., furrier, 518 Arch 

Kelbv Henry P., shoemaker, 2 Wadsworth pi 

Kelley Elizabeth, 804 Filbert 

Keliey Sc Brown, (Asa Kelley Sc Jos. S. Brown,) 

dry goods, 13 N 2d 
Kelly E. "Smith, gent., 624 Arch 
Kelly Henry H., plumber, 936 Arch, h 1706 

Kelly Peter, liquors, 27 N 9th 
Kelly Wm. F., paintor, 40 N 5th, h 263 N 9d 
Kemp Wm. F., coachmaker, 1817 Market 
Kennedy John, brushmaker, 6 Hides ct 
KENNEDY GEORGE, shoes, 636 Arch 
Kenney Israel, blacksmith, 1 Fayette 
Kern Samuel F., bookbinder, Lemon n York 
Kevser Charles F., children's clothing, 26 N 9th 
Kibbey Wm. R., mer., 12 S Del av, h New York 
Kiehl John, dry goods, 1321 Chestnut 
Kiehl John 8c Son, (William R. Kiehl) 1321 

Kientzle Alexander, photographer, 606 Arch, h 

311 Coates 
King Frederick W., tailor, Bald Eagle Hotel 
Kirby Alfred, 23 N 9th 



Klein John, dental depot, 22^ N 8th, h N E cor 
8th & Noble 

KLEMM & BROTHER, (F. A. Klemm,) musi- 
cal instruments, 705 Market 

Kline Catharine, boarding - house, 805 Filbert 

Kliuer Henry, hotel, 106 Arch 

Knickerbocker Layfayette, bookbinder, 519 

Knight R. B., produce, 32 N Del av 

Kremer John, blind maker, 633 Filbert 

Lambert Mary Ann, dressmaker, 16 N 9th 
Lambert Sachs, artist, 604 Arch, h 311 Branch 
Landis Beulah, trimming and variety, 8 N 9th 
LANG JANE, 39 and 41 N 8th, h 733 Filbert 
Laning Joshua F., paper hangings, 602 Arch, 

h 1428 N 7th 
Larason Robt G., bookkeeper, 503 Commeree, 

h 945 Brown 
Laverty William A., conveyancer, 56 N 7th, h 

Bridge av n 4th (Camden) 
Lawrence E. W., bookkeeper, 820 Race 
Lear James, liquors, 732 Arch 
Lechler St. Son {Henry Lechler # Howard J. 

Lechler,) fishing tackle, 104 Arch 

Leidy Charles H., photographer, 532 Arch, 
Lemar Henry R., printer, 11 N 2d 
Leonard Gilbert, Fountain Hotel, 37 & 39 N 2d 
Lewald Geo., dry goods, 718 Arch, h 612 N 12th 
Lewis Edward, agt. for Naylor & Co., 520 Com 

merce, h 315 Marshall 
Leymore Joseph, sign engraver, 8th c Arch, h 

254 S 10th 
Lipler &. Rees (George Lipler Sf Jacob Rees,) 

patent balance manuf., 631 Filbert 
Lipler George, pat. balance manuf. 631 Filbert 
Lippe Herman, restaurant, 519 Market 
Little &. Davis, comp. roofers, 134 &. 136 Gothic 
Logan James, blacksmith, Filbert ab 8th 
Logan Wm. C, grocer, 617 Market, h Green 

Longworth William J., cloths, 59 N 2d, h 325 

Looney Johanna G., widow, 625 Filbert 
Ludlam Joseph, tailor, 808 Cherry 
Lybrand C. D., hrickmaker, 906 Filbart 

Lyons Louis, shoemaker, 59 N 2d 
Lybrand Wm. G., brickmaker, 906 Filbert 
Lynch J. A. &. Bro., (John A. Lynch, Samuel J. 
Lynch,) coopers and guagers, 40 N Water 

M'Allister Charles, shades, 19 N 3d 

M'Call Andrew, foundry, r 629 Filbert, h 625 

M'Cauley James, boxmaker, 617 Commerce, h 
Wyoming n Shippen 

M'Cauley James & William, boxmakers, 617 

M'Cauley Wm., jr., boxmaker, 617 Commerce, 
h Wyoming n Shippen 

M'CAY S. KINGSTON, conveyancer, 427 Wal- 
nut, h 316 S 16th 

M'Clure Samuel L., tailor, 227 N 9th 

M'Conaghy Michael, 622 Filbert 

M'Connell James, porter, 616 Filbert 

M'Cormic John, tailor, 534 Arch 

M'Court Wm., hotel, 708 Filbert 

M'Dotiald Wm., laborer, r 636 Filbert 

M'Donough J. E., trimmings, 456 N 2d, h 38 
N 5th 

M'Elroy James, tailor, r 708 Filbert 

M'Fee John, agent, 37 N Front 

M'Gettigan Patrick, porter, 625 Filbert 

Maurice William H., removed from 335 to 326 

Montgomery H. P., atty. &. coun. 204 S 5th, h 
317 S 10th 

Moss Joshua & Gamble Bros., steel, 512 Com- 

Parry & Randolph, lumber merchants, 17th and 
Spring Garden 

REILLY C. O. & CO., railroad contractors, 424 

Sharswood William, 24th and Jefferson 
Sharswood William, jr., 24th and Jefferson 

Thomas Lambert & Co., (Lambert Thomas 4" 
E. Harper Jeffries,) dry goods, 428 Market 
& 423 Merchant 

Wilson H. M., drugs, 30 N Front, h 1611 Spruce 


-H -< 
> z 

- - 

n -J 

l f' iS€ll 


r | 


5 03 

-. c 

-. Z 

p- p-l 





Ab above-acct. accountant-*! alley-att'y and ^J^^^^SS^^^t 
fc, below-bet ^^^^^^^IlT^Je^^-l East - (Pkdj 
55S5£^ } i?S2S5rV) Francisville-(Fkl) ^lin^n) G = own- 
VtT^trlnJn avenue-, ^t^^«£ ■£« ^" ft iSSon- ^ Ke n- 
Pcon^)^^-^^^^^ A) Mount W^W Movamensing- 

5-Jg) So^h-CScb) Sch\vlkill-(T) Trenton-(W) West-(whf) wharf or -tane^WP) 
West Philadelphia. 


Aaron Edward, clerk, 923 Market 

Aaron Philip, turner, 865 N 4th 

Karons Aaron, clothing, 909 N 2d 

\arons Nathaniel, peddler, 233 Stamper al 

Aavonson C. Black, carpenter, 182" Buttonwood, 

h 655 N Broad 
\aronson Robert S., clerk, 512 S 2d _ 
Abadie Victor J., druggist, 431 Catharine 
Abb Philip, butcher, h 1726 S 4th 
Abbett & Renouf, (.Theodore Abbett A Joshua 

Renouf.) carpenters, 628 Weaver 
Abbett Ez'ekiel N., bonnet presser, 261 X 5th 
Abbett Theodore, carpenter, 628 Weaver, h 

924 Nectarine 
Abbev & Neff, (George P. Abbey <*- John A. 

Xeff,) hardware, 308 N 3d 
Vbbev Charles, gold foil, 230 Pear, h 321 Spruce 
Abbev Charles O., gold foil, 230 Pear, h 117 
S"l6th „ „ _, „ 

Abbev Charles, & Sons, (Wm. R. * Chios. 0\ 
Abbey,) manufacturers of dentists hne gold 
and tin foil, 230 Pear 
\bbay Elizabeth, boarding house, 242 ^ otti 
\bbev Geo. P., hardware, 308 X 3d, h 321 Spruce 
Abbey Wm. M., tobacco, 31 N Water, h 927 X 
10th , ., no 

Abbey William R, gold foil, 230 Pear, h o22 

Abbot Samuel, clerk, 28 N Front, h 219 S 17th 
Abbott Abdon, supt., Bridesburg, h Whitehall 
Abbott Abraham I., huckster, 35 Christian 
ABBOTT & CO., (Samuel A. Abbott,) scales, IS 
9th c Melon 


Vbbott & Lawrence, (Jos. G. Abbott <$■ Achilles 
Lawrence,) founders, 410 Brown 

Abbott C. H.& G., (Chas. H. * George Abbott,) 
hardware, 18 N 4th _ 

Abbott Catharine, widow Edward, bio Far- 

\bbott Charles H., railroad iron, 410 Walnut, 

hardware, 18 N 4th, h 910 Clinton 
Abbott Edward, com. mer., 5 Strawberry, n 

Parrish c Broad 
Abbott Edwin, carriage maker, Ridge av (Ros) 
Abbott Edwin W„ trunk maker, 1039 Crease 
Abbott Francis, bricklayer, 748 S 6th 
Vbbott George, mer. 18 N 4th, Pres. Am. F. 

Ins, Co., 310 Walnut, h,513 Arch 
Abbott Isaiah, bricklayer, 1443 S 2d 
Abbott J. Henry, N Broad c Parrish, h lo48 

Parrish , 
\bbott James, mer., 322 Market, Prest * W 

Mining Co.. 417 Walnut, h 909 Walnut 
Abbott James G., stove works, N 4th & Brown, h 

806 N 7th 
Abbott James W., clerk, 1421 Vine 
Abbott John, 1421 Vine .■ li1 „. 

Abbott John E, painter, Race c Broad, h 122o 

Parrish _ . 

\bbottJohn, weaver, Paul n Green (Frankford) 
\BBOTT, JOHNES & CO., (Redman Abbott, 
\ " Geo. W. Johnes, Wm.H. Berry, Geo. J. Gross 
Wm. T. Wilcox,) fancy dry goods, o27 
' \bbott Joseph E., hatter, 408 Wharton 
(Abbott Mary, widow William, 2033 Hampton 



Abbott Marv A., (col'd) widow Wm., washing, Abendroth Daniel, cabinetmaker, 531 Brook 
r 9 Emetine Abendroth Wm, glass blower, 1037 Lawrence 

Abbott R. T., butcher, 329 Spring- Garden | Abendroth Wm, tailor, 1419 Vienna 

St. Market, h (Camden Co., N. J.) lAbenheimer Gustavus, real estate, 439 N 4th 

Abbott Redman, met, 527 Market and 524 Com- Abercrombie James, twister, 1735 Carver 

merce, h 1926 Chestnut 
Abbott S., clerk, 51 N 3d, h Arch n 3d 
Abbott Samuel, laborer, r 116 Christian 
Abbott Samuel A., scales, N9th c Melon 
Abbott Stephen, clerk, 139 Arch 
Abbott Thomas, peddler, 1425 N 10th 
Abbott Wm., boatman, James (Whitehall) 
Abbott Wm., driver, 615 Annapolis 

Abernethy Charles, lab. Paul n Tacony (Fkd) 
Abernethy J. Maxwell, drug-gist, 935 Arch 
Abernethy John, lab. 411 N loth 
Abernethy Sarah, Sellers n Penn (Fkd) 
Aliey John, clerk, Eagle Hotel 
Abide Xictor, druggist, S 4th &. Race, h 431 

Abinger Charles, musician, 525 N 3d 
Able Charles, wharf builder, r 1374 Beach 

Abbott Wm., paper maker, Levering-, (Myk) 

Abbott Wm.,treas. Swedes Iron Co. 2305 Green Able Peter, clerk, 437 Wildey 

Abbott Wm.H, attv. & coun.,20 N 7th, h 1421 Able Robert, engraver, 1228 Myrtle 

Vine Able Susan, wid. Peter, produce, 947 X 5th 

Abbott Wm. L., Walnut n S 4th, h 1616 Arch Abner Christain, butcher, 821 N 12th 
Abbott Wm. S., agent, 241 Chestnut, h 2305 Abnett John W, bricklayer, 836 Swanson 


Abbott Wilson, brewer, 136 N 2d, h 109 N 5th 
Abdell Wm, engineer, 829 S Front 
Abel A. S., publisher, 300 Chestnut, h at Bait 
Abel Amanda, trimmings, 139 Richmond 
Abel Amasa E„ coach painter, 617 Arch,h 2017 

Girard av 
Abel Charles, cabinet maker, 944 Kurtz 
Abel Charles, painter, 553 New Market 
Abel Charles R., tinsmith, 820 N 4th 
Abel Charles S., tinsmith, 820 N 4th 
AbeJ David M., shoe maker, 909 S 4th 
Abel Edwin, cutter, 819 Nectarine 
Abel Frederick, carman, 54 Leopard 
Abel George, baker, 2209 Filbert 
Abel George, shoemaker, 1129 Marlborough 
Abel George M., butcher, 93 £c 95 Girard av 

Market, h 1225 Wallace 
Abel Henry, lab. r 929 Ogden 
Abel Jacob C, 920 Girard av 
Abel James, 840 Orchard 
Abel James, huckster, 947 N 5th 
Abel John, chairmaker, r 928 N Front 
Abel John, clerk, 912 Warnock 
Abel John J., clerk, 1225 Wallace 
Abel John U., segarmaker, 158 Green 
Abel Joseph, mason, Gtn av (C Hill) 
Abel Mark, brewer, 756 N 22d 
Abel Peter, shoemaker, 1326 Earl 
Abel Peter, shoemaker, rear 870 Orchard 
Abel Peter 11., tinsmith, 820 N 4th 

Abnett Joseph C, bricklaver and oven builder, 

649 J N 15th 
Aborn Joseph K., upholsterer, N 6th n Arch, h 

Barlow n Wharton 
Abraham Benjamin I)., farmer, 265 Sp Garden 

Market, h n Norristown 
Abraham Edwai\., tailor, 1123 Master 
Abraham George, brickmaker, Bodine n Co- 
lumbia av 
Abraham Isaac, butcher, Sec 38 Girard av 

Market, h G Town Pike n (R Sun) 
Abraham Isaac, drover, 1723 Francis 
Abraham Isaac, jr., butcher, Columbia av c 15th 
Abraham J.&B. D., (James $ Benjamin D. 
Abraham,) farmers, 265 Spring Garden St 
Abraham James, farmer, 265 Spring Garden 

St Market, (h n Norristown) 
Abraham Joseph, butcher, Germantown av c 

Oxford, h Bodine n Oxford 
Abraham Samuel P., farmer, 7 Franklin Mar- 
ket, h (Delaware County) 
Abraham Michael, carter, 1723 South 
Abrahams Abraham, cigarmaker, r 417 Car- 
Abrahams Abraham, lab. Cherry n Foulkrod 
Abrahams Jacob, clothing, 344 South 
Abrahams Moses, tailor, r 1034 St John 
Abrahams Moses, late pawnbroker. 683 N 12th 
Abrahams Ralph, tailor, 630 Guilford 
Abrahams Thomas, (colored), lab. 511 Hurst 

Abel Robert K., watch casemr. 1014 Girard av Abrahams Wm., butcher, 66 N 2d St Market, h 

Abel Samuel, brass founder, 931 New Market 
Abel Samuel II., wharfinger, 1019 Ross 
Abel Simon, lab. Lehman (Gtn) 
Abel Susan, produce, pier opp. 3 S Del av, h 

947 N 5th 
Abel Susan, wid. of James, 1315 Rye 
Abel W. W., conductor, 158 Green 
Abel Wm., harness maker, 1213 Pine 
Abel Wm. H., conductor, 158 Green 
Abele Christian, baker, 1002 Coates 
Abeles Seligman, dry goods, 117 N 2d 
Abell James W, U. S. Mint, h 139 Richmond 
Abell Joseph, clerk, 816 St John 
Abels Hettv, wid. of William, 715 S Front 

Rising Sun 

Abrahams Wm., lab. Shoemaker's lane (Gtn) 
Abram Abraham, 167 Frankford (Fkd) 
Abrams Abraham, carter, r Tulip n Gordon 
Abrams David, drover, 432 George 
Abrams George, carpenter, 1012 Dorrance 
Abrams Isaac, butcher, Gtn av n Tioga (R S) 
Abrams Jacob, hostler, 219 Franktord (Fkd) 
Abrams Joseph, atty. & coun.,h & offi., 507 Race 
Abrams Joseph, conductor, r Gtn av n Chatham 
Abrams Michael, carpenter, 2 Christy pi r 952 

St. John 
Abrams Rensalaer, butcher, r 1319 S 10th 

Abrams Sarah. 1622 Arch 
Abelhauser John, cabinetmaker, r 235 Abrams T. T., vice pres., 39 S 3d, h (Lockha- 
Abendroth Adolph C, barber, 817 Callowhill ' ven, Pa.) 

Abendroth Christian W, tailor, Norris n West | Abrams William, butcher, G T av 

The Largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 



Abrams William, carpenter, 1012 Dorrance 
Abrams Wm., pumpmaker, Thomas n Green, 

h Cherry n Meadow (Fkd) 
Academy of Music, Broad c Locust 
Academy of Natural Sciences, Broad c Sansom 
Academy of Fine Arts, 1025 Chestnut 
Academy of the Sisters of Notre Dame, 1135 

Spring Garden 
Accoo Jesse, (colored) coachman, 219 Vande- 

Accoo William, (col'd) laborei*, r 637 St. Mary 
Accor Saml. M., flour, h 21 Sbarswood 
Achenbach William, shoemaker, 148 Otter 
Archer Adam, laborer, Oxford c Philip 
Acheson Armon D., com. mer., 1015 Market, h 

33d bel Market (W P) 
Atcheson Charles, com. mer., 1015 Market, h 

Lancaster Co. 
Acheson Charles & Co., (Charles $■ Armon D. 

Acheson) com. mers., 1015 Market 
Acheson James, late baker, N 20th c Brandy- 
Acheson Joseph, weaver, r 1425 Philip 
Achey Jesse, lumber, Gtn av n Sharpnack 
Achuff Charles, wheelwright, Penn (Tacony) 
Achuft' James, turner, r 1535 Parrish 
Achuff Jesse C, bott & shoes, Arch n 2d 

h Haines (Gtn) 
Achuff" John, carpenter, Pennypack 
Achuff Joseph, prison keeper, 916 Wharton 
Achuff Mary, Haines n Gtn av (Gtn) 
Achuff Rebecca, seamstress, 7 Knig-ht's ct, r 

912 Cherry 
Achuff Samuel, laborer, Bustleton rd 
Achuff William, shoemaker, Bustleton 
Acke George, laborer, r 161 Flower 
Ackenhausen John, draughtsman, 441 York av 
Ackens George, coachman, Richmond (Bdg) 
Acker Henry, bakeiy, 1010 Girard av 
Acker Jacob L., blacksmith, S 6th c Morris 
Acker John, mason, James (W Hall) 
Ackerman Sc Hunzinger, (Herm Ackerman 4" 

Werner Hunzinger') embroideries, 205 

S 5th 
Ackerman Clinton M., clerk, 118 Chestnut, h 

Ackerman David, baker, 1103 South 
Ackerman Francis, shoemaker, 932 N 12th 
Ackerman George, tailor, 1323 Buttonwood 
Ackerman George C, butcher, 190 & 192 

Franklin market, h 28th c Thompson 
Ackerman Harriet, 1710 Coates 
Ackerman Herm, embroideries, 205 S 5th, h at 

New York 
Ackerman Joshua, agent, 1615 Ridge av 
Ackermann John, laborer, Gray's ferry rd n 

S 29th 
Ackermann Louis, painter, 429 Girard av 
Ackermann William R., piano maker, 1014 

Ackerson William, carpenter, Lancaster av c 

Bridge (W P) 
Ackland Thomas, seaman, r 27 Bulletin 
Ackley Amos, laborer, Lombard (Hbg') 
Ackley Carcline B., 238 N 20th 
Ackley Henry, b'ootmaker, 1319 Market 
Ackerly John T., coal oil man., 2139 Summer 
Ackley Myers F., machinist, 1016 S 12th 

Ackley Norman, grocery, 88 Laurel 

Ackley Rosine, dealer, 16 N 2d st market, h604 

-Ackley Sarah, seamstress, Mill (Gtn) 
Ackley Shreve, clerk, 15 Bank, h (Camden) 
Ackley Thomas W., clerk, 525 Market, h 305 

N 10th 
Ackley William, boxes, 1210 N 3d 
Ackley William H., hats, 802 N 2d 
Ackroyd Jeremiah, dyer, 2113 Harmsttad 
Acks Charles B., compositor, 322 Noble 
Acoby Job, (colored) waiter, 13 Aurora 
Acorn Margaret, widow of John, 1912 Filbert 
Acosta Joseph, dealer, Campbell n S 6th 
Acosta Ricardo, segars, Walnut c Dock, h 110 

Acosta R. & Co., segars, Walnut c Dock 
Acquith John, laborer, r 768 S 6th 
Acton John J., cutter, 50 N 3d, h 717 Fallon 
Acton Nathaniel, laborer, 1730 Lombard 
Acton W. R. & Co., ( William R. Acton,) tailor 

& publisher, 41 N 6th 
Acton William R., tailor & publisher, 41 N 6th, 

h 461 Franklin 
Acuff George, wheelwright, N 2d n Dauphin 
A cuff Kirkner, farmer, 92 Franklin Market, h 

(at Montgomery co) 
Acuff William, car driver, 1534 Stiles 
Adair Alexander, blacksmith, 1602 Deal 
Adair Alexander, carpenter, 1312 Savery 
Adair Edward P., paperhanger, 1708 Filbert 
Adair John, lab., 2 Greble's pi, r219 Christian 
Adair John G., painter, 1124 Jefferson 
Adair John L., stone cutter, 800 Girard av 
Adair Robert Rev., 170S Filbert 
Adair Samuel, laborer, 2417 Biddle 
Adair Samuel, porter, 724 Hubbell 
Adair Simon, storeman, 724 Hubbell 
ADAIR WILLIAM, bootmaker, 214 N 10th 
Adair William, butcher, Gtn av (Chest. Hill) 
Adair William J., carpenter, 506 N 24th 
Adair William S., teller, 209 Chestnut, h 607 

N 17th 
Adam Adam, laborer, 231 Girard av 
Adam Elizabeth, widow George, 1102 Bedford 
Adam Frederick W., clerk, 229 New 
Adam Jacob, butcher, 52 N 2d st Market, h 

Kepler ab Morris 
Adam Jephaniah, painter, 146 Richmond 
Adam John, tailor, r 414 Catharine 
Adam Phillip, millstone maker, 1311 Randolph 
Adam Thomas, shoemaker, 439 Richmond 
Adam Wm., fruit, 404 S 2d, h 243 Stamper al 
Adam Wm. & Co., butter, 6 S 2d St Market 
Adams Albert, segarmaker, 411 Gaskill 
Adams Alexander, 22 N 15th 
Adams Alexander, 1312 Shellbark 
Adams Alexander, brushmaker, 113 Market, h 

858 N 11th 
Adams Alex., (colored) brick maker, Mascher 

n Oxford 
Adams Alexander, (col'd) lab., r Fitler n Chat- 
Adams Alexander, drayman, r 1226 Mascher 
Adams Allen B., barber, 419 S 11th h 533 

Adams Allen C, bookbinder, 1106 Brown 
Adams Amos, boot treer,N 2dn Susquehannaav 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 



E Suiter, produce, 10 S Water Adams James B., produce, 1U S Water, a 

Adams Ann, wid Henry, 514 X 11th 
Adams Ann M., wid John, 313 Jefferson 
Adams Anthony, cabinetmaker, 49 N 20th 
Adams, Boyd, police, r 410 Shippen 

av, h 322 S 12th 
Adams J as. W., machinist, 1031 Nectarine 
Adams Jane (colored) 714 Minster 
Vdams Johanna, tailoress, 215 Concord 

" '," ,o 1R . u 440 Moms 

Vdams Catharine, milliner, 413 S 13th Adams John, carter, Jackson (Myk) 

y CaSarine 1905 Rochford, n N 19th Adams John, clothing, o04 Penn 

tdam Canine widow William, 324 York av Adams Jnc >, coal, Main, h Mam , „pp Penn (Myk) 
Adams Cecelia, (colored), dress maker, 911 ^^-^^g^ 

ad ^ fsssa^ -* 738 Arch c u=saiS5«*Mr" (Gtn) 

Adams Carles; engineer, 9 Bohemia pi, r 765 Adams John, Laborer Oxford iiGtn av 

S 4th 

Vdams Charles, hostler, 1216 N 11th 
Adams Charles, laborer, Washington (Myk) 
Adams Charles, shoemaker, 731 S Jumper 
Adams Charles H., clerk, 1642 Green 


Adams David, whitewashes 210 Brier pi 
Adams Dexter, laborer, 6 Penn av 
Adams E., widow John, 1119 Denmark pi 

Adams John, seaman, 604 S Front 
Adams John, shoemaker, Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Vdams John, shoemaker, 208 George 
Adams John, v aiter, N 41st c Pratt (W P) 

Vdams John, weaver, 1308 Brinton 
Adams unaries n., ciei-h., j.u*** w^.-.. "t™*™ r- ,.«-,.«, fn*n\ 

Adams Charles J & Co., (Howard J. A Thomas Adams John, weaver, Centre (Gtn) 
Ad J SSZ commission merchant, 111 Arch Adams John, weaver Oxford n^walader 
Adams Charles J., merchant, 111 Arch, h 1936 Adams John B., atty. & coun., lib S 6th, h 1410 

Idamtchas T., carp., Gtn av n Armat, (Gtn) Adams John D., moulder 963 Hutchinson 

Hams Christiana, tJuoress, 38 Bulletin Adams John G., acct 3, Market, h 6 12 Pam* 

Adams Daniel, bricklaver .Geary n Vmyard Adams John L., moulder, 848 N 15* 
Vdams David, beef smoker, Laurel, h 912 Adams John M., coachman 22o S 16th 

Adams John Qumcy, atty. & coun., 118 S 6th, 

1520 Pine 
\dams John R., 430 Morris 
Adams John S, farmer, Livezey's Mill road n 
^dams Edward A~ dry goods, 220 & 222 N 3d Roxborough 

Vdams Elizabeth, Washer, 304 Lombard Adams John S., police, 41a Redwood 

Adam E wid Daniel, 1 Dunton Adams John, (colored) stevedore, 1, 21 Pearl 

idamsEllen dressmr.. Gtn avn Armat, (Gtn) Adams John W., (colored), bootmaker, ,26 

SZrai— &» ChSnut Adamathn W., (col'd) waiter, 1641 Hehmuth 

tlams Francis W„ gas fitter, 1240 Olive Adams Jonas seaman Melvale n M d ham (Rich) 

Adams Francis W., mor. manuf, 934 St. John Adams Jonathan, weaver, Laurel ,Gtn) 
Vdams Frederics, mid-wife, 315 Aberdeen Adams Joseph, clerk, 142 N Bioad, n 1S*J 

Vdams Fred. M., atty. & coun., 128 S 6th, h Vine 

fi4.0 Pine Adams Joseph, fisherman, 12oo Ash 

Vdams George, brickmaker, Bodine n Oxford Adams Joseph, grocer, Washington n Jefferson 
Adams Geo., (colored) laborer, 21 Emeline (Myk) 

Adams Geo., shoemaker, r 116 Vanhorn Adams Joseph, abore s 16 12 barker 

Vdams Geo., weaver, Mechanic (Gtn) Adams Joseph, trunk maker, 1204 , Wood 

Adams Henry, weaver, Miller (Gtn) Aaams Joseph, f^^J 1 ^^ 1 

(Wdams Henry, (col'd) musician, 2 r 1029 Barley Adams Joseph A hquors, 242 S Fiont, 
Vdams Henry J., blacksmith, Howard near So- Adams Lemuel A 928 K , 10th 

merset " Adams Lorando, clerk, 19o0 Locust 

Vdams Howard, laborer, ft Orchard (Fkd) , Adams Louisa, tailoress, 38 Bulletin 

"vdam Howard J., com. mer., Ill Arch, h 1626 Adams Mathilda, ladies and ch.ldrensfurmshmg 

Wallace 1506 Chestnut 

Adams Jacob, butcher, 52 N 2d st. market, hAdamsMahala, wid. Uriah tailoress, 955 S Front 

Kessler ab Xorris Adams Margaret, widow Urn 8 Hemlock pi 

Adams Jacob, butcher, N 2d st. market, h 1520 Adams Martha, seamstress, 14o8 Beutoid 

Howard Adams Mary, wid. William, Levermg n Main 

Adams Jacob, laborer Wheat n Frankford rd (Myk) 

Adams Jacob, moulder, 848 N 15th 
Adams James, coach maker, 2145 Summer 
Adams James, driver, 1304 Palethorp 

Jules Hauel & Co., Importers of 

! Adams Marv A., widow Ellis, boarding house, 

67 William (Richmond) 
Adams Mary A., (colored), 5$* Lombard 



Adams Mary Ann, washwoman, 210 Brier pi 
Adams Nicholas, laborer, r 1413 Mifflin 
Adams Paul H., tinsmith, 638 Hallowell 
Adams Reuben C, dentist, 1231 Cass 
Adams Richard, clerk, 425 Wood 
Adams Rubert, brush maker, 858 N 11th 
Adams Robert, laborer, 762 S 13th 
Adams Robt., mer., 326 Walnut, h 1130 Walnut 
Adams Robert, seaman, 38 Bulletin 
Adams Robert, trimmings, 1202 Federal 
Adams Robert, weaver, rear Philip n Oxford 
Adams Robert, Jr., coal, 959 N Front, h 919 N 

Adams Robert H., tailor, 634 Market, h 533 

Adams Rudolph, drugg'st, Frankfbrd c Wake- 
king-, h Frankfbrd n Harrison (Fkd) 
Adams S. L., elocutionist, 1306 Melon 
ADAMS SAMUEL, cabinet mr, 1333 Spruce 
Adams Samuel, miller, 1635 Deal 
Adams Samuel, trunk maker, 1301 Catharine 
Adams Timothy H., machinist, 710 N 11th 
Adams Thomas, hostler, Oak n 40th (W P) 
Adams Thomas, laborer, rear 722 Belgrade 
Adams Thomas F., lampblack, h 1520 Girard av 
Adams Thomas, machinist, Jackson (Myk) 
Adams Thomas, shoes, 402 Richmond 
Adams Thomas, tool maker, 707 Byard 
Adams Thomas I., drugs, 1539 Lombard 
Adams Thomas J., commission merchant, 111 

Arch, h Wilmington, Del. 
Adams Thomas M., grocer, N 7th c Poplar 
Adams William, blacksmith, 1321 Locust 
Adams William, broker, 712 Chestnut 
Adams Wm., carpet weaver, 707 South, h 719 

Adams William, coach trimmer, 22 N 15th 
Adams William, drayman, 103 Jefferson 
Adams William, engineer, Frankfbrd rd n Hun- 
Adams William, grocer, 614 Richmond 
Adams William, hose maker, N 2d n Dauphin 
Adams William, laborer, 1238 N 16th 
Adams Wm, millwright, Frankfbrd av n Serrill 
Adams William, mor. dresser, St John n Poplar, 

h 151 N 9th 
Adams William, printer, 926 Catharine 
Adams William, shoemaker, 1204 Clarion 
Adams William, shoemaker, 1301 Catharine 
Adams William, stonecutter, Gay (Myk) 
Adams William B., cooper, 921 Storr 
Adams Wm. H., Secretary Grand Lodge, Ma- 
sonic Temple, Chestnut ab 7th, house 1626 
Adams William L., conductor, 1204 Wood 
Adam's William W., mor. manuf., 851 N 9th 
Adamson Alan C, clerk, 1106 Brown 
Adamson Edward, moulder, 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson George, glue maker, 1735 N 6th, h 

N 2d n Oxford 
Adamson Hesse], carpenter, 239 Catharine 
Adamson Jas., late grocer, 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson James, weaver, Paul n Green (Fkd) 
Adamson James E., moulder, 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson Jas. E., Jr., moulder, 2014 Cambridge 
Adamson John H., bricklayer, 859 N 9th 
Adamson Joseph, fancy goods, 36 N 4th, h 242 
N 10th 

Adamson Mary, Paul n Green (Fkd) 
Adamson Mary A., widow John L., 859 N 9th 
Adamson Thomas, ag-ent, 1228 Cass 
Adamson Thomas, dry goods, 321 Race 
Adamson Thomas, weaver, 717 Steward 
Adamson William, foreman, TNT 2d n Oxford 
Adamson William, manuf. glue, curled hair, &c, 

14 S 4th & 1735 N 6th, h 1624 N 2d 
Adamson Wm. B., iron fence mr., 1604 Wood 
Adare & Fisher, {Samuel Adore § J. Fisher,) 

cutlery, N 15th ab Willow 
Adare Robert, coach builder, 329 N. Broad, h 

1555 Ridge av 
Adare Robert, hotel, 16th c Ridge av 
Adare Samuel, blacksmith, N 15th ab Willow, 

h Columbia av n N 15th 
Aday William J., foreman, 1547 Brinton 
Addicks John E., president, 230 S 3d, h 630 

Addis Amos A., daguerreotypes, 160 Girard 

av, h 1341 Earl 
Addis Charles, brickmaker, 606 S Juniper 
Addis John, brickmaker, 1835 Addison 
Addis John C, miller, 1704 N 6th 
Addis Mary, widow Amos, 913 Hutchinson 
Addis Oliver, cordwainer, rear 813 N 3d 
Addis Thomas, bonnet presser, rear 813 N 3d 
Addis Wm., plasterer, 525 S 18th 
Addison John, waiter, 1526 Simsom 
Addison Robert, wheelwht., Shirker's al n S 

Addison Sarah, (colored,) 1122 Bedford 
Addler John S., manuf. Oxford Plank road 
Ade Godfried, tailor, rear 819 N 3d 
Adelberger Laurence, baker, 1013 N 5th 
Adelmann Julius, lithographer, 130 N 7th_. h 5th 

c Girard av 
Adelphian Infant School, 528 Mcllvvain 
Ader Peter, cabinetmaker, 159 Flower 
Adey Wm. J., foreman, 1547 Brinton 
Adger Robert, (colored), clerk, 823 South 
Adger Robert, (colored), furniture, 823 South 
Adkin Henry, shoemaker, 1604 Market 
Adkins Robert E., barber, 57 N 8th, house 624 

Adkinson Wm. W., painter, 1127 Denmark pi 
Adler Abraham, millinery, 341 N 2d, house at 

Adler Christian, shoemaker, 935 N 3d 
Adler George, farmer, Oxford road 
Adler George S., morocco, 131 Margaretta, h 

Oxford Turnpike 
Adler Geo. S., & Son, (George S., $ John L. 

Alder,) morocco, 131 Margaretta 
Adler Jacob, clerk, 903 Rachel n Poplar 
Adler Isaac, clothing, 514 Shippen 
Adler John B., morocco finisher, 950 N Market 
Adler John L., morocco, 131 Margaretta, h Ox 

ford Turnpike 
Adler Samuel, dry goods, 140 N 2d 
Adolph Alfred W., hatter, 42 N 2d, h 906 

ADOLPH & KEEN, (Alfred W. Adolph, <$,- Eli 

Keen,) hatters, 42 N 2d 
Adolph Andreas, tailor, 1082 G Town av 
Adolph Geo., hatter, 42 N 2d, h 906 Franklin 
Adolph Henry, furniture, 36 N 2d. h 906 Frank- 

French, English and German Fancy Goods, Combs, &c. 


Adolph Josephine, astrologist, 418 N 10th 
Adolphus James, blacksmith, rear 1106 Ash 

Adrian Derk, farmer, Fkd road, (Aramingo) 

Adrian Wm., engraver, 810 Auburn 

Adshead Jeremiah, bleacher, Beach n Warren, 

h 306 Mew Market 
Adshead John, huckster, 1408 S 8th 
Advena & Brother, (WilHam <$■ Paul), iron bed- 
steads, 148 N 6th 
Advena Paul, iron bedsteads, 148 N 6tb, h Law- 

rence bel Franklin av 
Advena W'm., iron bedsteads, 148 N 6th, h Law- 
rence bel Franklin av 
Aeger Martin, umbrella maker, rear Front ab 

Columbia av 
Aerott George, mason, Cresson (Myk) 
Aertsen James M., oroker, 212 Walnut, h Tul- 

pehocken (Gtn) 
Aertsen John P., sec. & treas. 258 S 3d, h Penn 

Aertsen Robert B., ass. treas. 410 Walnut, h 

Price (Gtn) 
Aesley Lewis, lab. Irving (Bridesburg) 
Aetter John, weaver, n 1326 Howard 
Afferdick Herrman, shoemaker, 1223 Hope 
Afflerbach Charles, police, 1221 Howard 
AfHerbach Jesse, produce, Black Horse 
Afflerbach Wrn, gun maker, 1141 N 2d I 

Afflick Benj. K., grocer, N 7th c Noble, h 513 
* Afflick James P., hotel, Haverford c Lan av 
Afflick Morris E., builder, 513 Franklin 
Agan Thomas, plate printer, 2018 Pine 
Agar James, baker, 721 Kessler 
Agard & Co., ( William Y. Agard, <fr Henry 

(uiiferman,) hats & caps, 323 Market 
Agard Wm. Y., hats, 323 Market, h 1230 N 7th 
Agarstorff Charles, trader, rear 239 George 
Agen John, 812 Walnut 
Agen John, laborer, 1322 Shippen 
Agen John, laborer, 2322 Pine 
Agen Peter, hostler, 1015 Carpenter 
Ager Henry, gilder, 1218 Market 
Ages Nancy, (col'd,) washer, 620 Ronaldson 
Aggings Joseph H., sewing machines, 629 

Agin Isaac, currier, 14 S 3d n Market, house 654 

Agin James, clerk, Race n N 3d, h 654 Franklin 
Agin Robert B., shoemaker, rear 929 N 3d 
Agner Henry, carpenter, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Agnew Andrew, clerk, 1639 Lombard- 
Agnew David, carpenter, 1015 Federal 
Agnew David, engineer, 514 N 21st 
Agnew David, weaver, Cumberland n Emerald 
Agnew De Hayes, M.D., 6 Chant, h 16 N 11th 
Agnew Dennis, woolen goods, 1512 American 
Agnew Elizabeth, wid. Henry, 20 N 17th 
Agnew Ellen, weaver, 1352 Hancock 
Agnew George W., dry goods, 4(16 S 9th 
Agnew James, carpenter, 1701 Barker 
Agnew James, laborer, 2126 Summer 
Agnew James, liquors, 940 S 10th 
Agnew James, machinist, 918 Morgan 
Agnew James B., com. mer., 406 S 9th 
Agnew James, eating stand, Callowhill st mkt., 

h 20 N 17th 
Agnew Jane, wid. William, 1037 S 4th 

; AIL 

AGNEW JOHN, fire-engine builder, Franklin 

Works, 922 Vine, h 918 Morgan 
Agnew John, laborer, 623 Paul 
Agnew John, laborer, rear 1843 South 
Agnew John, quarryman,N34th c Story (W P) 
Agnew John, stonecutter, rear 172 Master 
Agnew John R., carp. Powelton av n N3 7th 
Agnew Michael, hotel, 170 Master 
Agnew Peter, farmer, 1504 Cadwalader 
Agnew Samuel, publisher, 30 N 11th 
Agnew Samuel, laborer, rear 1843 South 
Agnew Sarah, tailoress, rear 826 S 5th 
Agnew Sinclair II., dry goods, 406 S 9th 
Agnew Thomas, brewer, 19 N Juniper 
Agnew Wm., com. mer. 406 S 9th 
Agnew William G. E., Young Ladies' Seminary, 

1711 Vine 
Agustine Elizabeth, tailoress, rear 924 Otsego 
Ahem B. M., umbrellamaker, 926 South 
Ahern Daniel, umbrellamaker, 926 South 
Ahern Eugene, book gilder, 414 S 10th 
Ahern James, stevedore, 812 Depot 
Ahern John, lab. rear Beach n Bishop 
Ahern John P., clerk, 831 Catharine 
Ahern Morris, lab. Fremont n Thompson (R) 
Ahern Patrick, lab. Somerset n Trenton av 
Ahern Thomas, mason, 10 Hickory ct 
Ahlum George W., tobacconist, 433 Callowhill 
Ahmen John, butcher, r 823 N 3d 
Ahn J. Wisner, confectioner, 1336 Ridge av 
Aim Leander K., tinsmith, r 329 St. John 
Aim Isaiah, clerk, Market n 3d (W P) 
Aichele Georgs, shoemr, 1306 Warnock 
Aihele Daniel, blacksmith, 1317 Palethorp. 
Ahren Thomas, laborer, 1415 N 10th 
Ahrens George, cigarmaker, r 925 S 8th 
Ahrerberg Casper, butcher, 710 Dickerson 
Aichers Jacob, gas meters, 1519 Wood 
Aicher Robert, watch case maker, 816 Carlisle 
Aicholz Joseph, cooper, 620 N 3d 
Aickin, Thomas G., glass painter, 1534 Carlton 
Aight Perry, laborer, 810Tasker 
Aikens James, drayman, 1022 S 4th 
Aikens James, Jr., drayman, 1022 S 4th 
Aiken James, weaver, Levering (Myk) 
Aiken John, police, 1625 Sanson! 
Aiken Joseph, clerk, 500 Chestnut 
Aiken Letitia, wid John, r 525 S 13th 
Aiken Robert, laborer, 2212 Hamilton 
Aiken Simon, 231 Union 
Aiken Thomas, shoemaker, 3135 Lombard 
Aiken William, laborer, 1908 Rochford 
Aiken William 1!.. patternmaker, 203 Dock, h 

N 21st n Mt. Vernon 
Aikens Charles, drayman, 1022 S 4th 
Aikens Francis, cigarmaker, 1022 S 4-th 
Aikens James, cabinetmaker, 336 S 3d, h 4th 

n Washington av 
Aikens John, machinist, 2023 Porcelain 
Aikens Samuel, electro gilder, York n Adrien 
Aikens Samuel, (col'd), r 917 S 5th 
Aikins George, weaver, 1234 Leopard 
Aikins Robert, porter, 615 Penn 
Aikins Samuel, laborer, Rittenhouse (Gtn) 
Aikman John, hat blocks, 141 Dock, h 310 S 2d 
Ailes Catharine, wid Joseph, candy, 826 S 5th 
Ailcs Joseph, foreman, 321 Harmony 
Ailes William, cutter, 506 Queen 

The Largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 



Aiman James M., butcher, 260 Spring Garden! Albert Conrad, candies, York n Emerald 

Market, h (Montgomery, Pa.) 
Aimes Alfred C, bookkeeper, 1118 Citron. 
Aims William, flour, Girard av, h 62 Laurel 
Ainley Sidney, mason, Levering'' s ct (Myk) 
Ainscow Richard, brushmaker, 434 Thompson 
Ainsworth Benjamin, varnisher, 18 Gay's ct 
Ainsworth John, spinner, Paul n Tacony (Fkd) 
Ainsworth, John H., road master, 1450 Colum- 
bia av 
Ainsworth Wm., umbrellas, 47 Frankford, Fkd 
Aires James, morocco dresser, 619 Peach 
Aires Thomas, letter carrier, 619 Peach 
Airey & Lower, (John Airey $ Charles C. 

Lower'), soap, 106 Callowhill 
Airey John, soap, 106 Callowhill, h 419 N 

Airy James, iron roller, Belmont Cottage n 

Columbia Bridge (W P) 
Aisenpries Conrad, baker, 1432 Parrish, h N 

15th c Parrish 
Aitken Archibald, blacksmith, 1017 S 8th 
Aitken Charles C, manuf., 12 Girard av 
Aitken Henry L., 1602 N 12th 
Aitken J. 13., accountant, 1029 Shippen 
Aitken Joseph, clerk, 1121 X Front 
Aitken Robert, clerk, 1121 N Front 
Aitken Samuelp^veaver, 1226 Crease 
Aitken Thomas P„ tailor, 28 O'Neill 
Aitken William, 1029 Shippen 
Aitken William, machinist, 1327 S 8th 
Aitken William B , pattern & model maker, 

604 N 21st 
Aked Henry, book binder, 1111 South 
Akens Harriet, (col'd), cook, 420 Gaskill 
Aker Jacob, blacksmith, 1638 S 6th 
Akers Joseph, queensware, 823 Market, h 911 

Akers Robert, porter, 3 Filbert av 
Akers Thos., mer., 823 Market, h 911 Filbert 
AKERS W & J., (William <$• Joseph Akers,) 

queensware, 823 Market 
Akers William, queensware, 823 Market, h 1210 

Mount Vernon 
Akillas George, patternmaker, 631 Wallace 
Akin Jas., cabinetmr., 336 S 3d, h 1030 S 4th 
Akin Joseph, bricklayer, Peters n S 13th 
Akin Richard, laborer, r 238 Richmond 
Akins Charles S., carpenter, 438 Walter 
Akins James, gardener, 1219 Brinton 
Akins Joseph, grocer, 1505 Pine 
Akins Samuel, blacksmith, Budd n Haverford 
Alack Andrew, tailor, N 2d n Columbia av 
Alaine Emelie, teacher of French, 918 Pine 
Albanv & Troy Steam Propeller Line Pier, opp 

330 & 332 S Del av 
Albany Levi, mason, Washington (Myk) 
Alber & Gebhard, (Charles Alber $ Louis Geb- 

hard, Jr.), frame makers, 707 N 3d 
Alber Charles, frame maker, 707 N 3d 
Alberger Christian, butcher, Haverford ab N 

39th (W P) 
Alberger Jacob, wheelwright, N 2d n Cumber- 
land, h N 2d n Chatham 
Alberger John, clerk, 10 S 4th 
Albert Andrew, grocer, Columbia n N 3d 
Albert Charles, box maker, 418 George, h 1016 

Albert James, carpenter, Mechanic n Diamond 
Albert John, musical inst., 303 Green, h 304 

Albert Luther E., Rev., Gtn av (Gtn) & 42 N9th > 
Albert Matthew, laborer, Wayne c Manheim 

Albert Michael, millstone maker, 1205 Alder 
Albert Sigmund, cutter, 1140 Leon 
Albertson Brothers, (Joseph, James, Jacob <$■ 
Isaac Albertson,) boat & yacht builders, 
1215 Beach 
ALBERTSON CHARLES S., collector, 1211 

S 5th 
Albertson Charles, conveyancer, 1200 Girard 

av, h Gtn av n School (Gtn) 
Albertson Charles, plasterer, 1234 Ogden 
Albertson David F., police, 2212 Clayton 
Albertson E., eating saloon, Gtn av n 6th 
Albertson Ellwell, gardener, Maiden & Long la 
Albertson Enoch, shoemaker, 1219 S 8th 
Albertson Francis, lab., Long la n Maiden la 
Albertson Henry, clerk, 19 S 2d, h Main (Gtn) 
Albertson Henry, liquors, 532 S 3d 
Albertson - Isaac, boat builder, 1215 Beach, h 

1034 Columbia av 
Albertson Isaac, stove finisher, 149 Brown 
Albertson Jacob, boat builder, 1215 Beach, h 

1148 Beach 
Albertson James, ambrotvpist, 158 Richmond, 

h 210 Richmond 
Albertson James, boat &. yacht builder, 1215 

Beach, h 1108 Marlborough 
Albertson John, fisherman, 35 Prime 
Albertson Joseph, boat & yacht builder, 1215 

Beach, h 237 Allen n Marlborough 
Albertson Joseph, shoemaker," 250 Richmond 
Albertson Levi B., carpenter, 913 Ontario 
Albertson Lewis, broker, 72 Dock, h 

S 3d 
Albertson Mark., salesman, Logan (W P) 
Albertson Marmaduke, boat builder, 

Albertson Mary, 3 Marseilles pi 
Albertson Prudence, Trenton av n Reading av 
Albertson Richard, drayman, 1045 Gtn av 
Albertson Samuel, carpenter, 443 N 6th 
Albertson Samuel M., builder, 1103 Wood, h 

924 N 8th 
Albertson Samuel W. carpenter, 913 Ontario 
Albertson Thomas S., boot manuf., 68 N 2d, h 

1010 S 8th 
Albertson William, blacksmith, 429 Redwood 
Albertson "William, conveyancer, 1200 Girard 

av, h 443 N 6th 
Albertson W., shoemaker, h 220 Richmond 
Alben-on William, shoemaker, 1427 Frank- 
ford av 
Albison Elwell, huckster, 9 S 2d st market, h 

Maiden la 
Aleborn Philip, shoemaker, 912 Ogden 
Alborn Theodore, bookkeeper, 1004 Wood 
Albrandt George, laborer, 26 Marseilles pi 
Albrecht August, machinist, 1433 N 5th 
Albrecht Geo., carpet maker, 321 Callowhill 
Albrecht Henry, musician, 2035 Summer 
Albrecht Hermann, machinist, 1617 & 161N 
2d, h 1433 N 5th 



in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Albrecht Herman, tailor, r 928 St. John 
Albrecht Henry, tobacco, 919 Vine 
Albrecht John, shoemaker, 15 N 10th 
Albrecht Nicholas, carpenter, r 312 New Market 
Albrecht Otto, draftsman, 1433 N 5th 
Albrecht Sigrnund, bootmaker, 114 Leon 
Albright Adam B., collar maker, r N 6th n 

Albright Anna, layer-out, 445 Garden 
Albright Charles, blacksmith, 142 Dana 
Albright Charles, varnisher, 608 Brook 
Albright Christopher, butcher, Penna av c 

Albright Daniel K., salesman, 527 Market, h 

1334 Pine 
Albright David M., butcher, Waterloo n Ann 
Albright Elizabeth, wid. of Samuel, trimmings, 

862 N 10th 
ALBRIGHT FRANCIS, alderman, Ridge av 

n Reading R R (F Schuyl) 
Albright Frederick, tailor, 126 Elfreth's al 
Albrig-ht George W., printer, 808 Leonard 
Albrig-ht Gudley, segar maker, 176 American 
Albright Jacob, 445 Garden 
Albright Jacob, clerk, Walnut (Gtn) 
Albright Jacob, laborer, Vineyard n Geary 
Albrig-ht Jacob, moulder, 142 Dana 
Albright Jacob, policeman, r 317 German 
Albright Jacob, seaman, 326 German 
Albright James, laborer, 308 Stanley 
Albright James F., teamster, 1120 Jefferson 
Albright John, butcher, N 6th n York 
Albright John, hostler, N 6th n Lehigh av 
ALBRIGHT JOHN W., tailor, 915 Chestnut, h 

404 S Broad 
Albright Lucinda, 1546 Frankford av 
Albrig-ht Philip, express, 306 Race, h Reading- 
Albright Samuel, butcher, 1233 Palmer 
Albright Thomas F., clerk, 644 N 13th 
Albright Theodore P., clerk, 436 Market, h 404 

S Broad 
Albright Wm, D., late dry goods, 644 N 13th 
Albright Wm. E., clerk, 146 N 15th 
Alburger Abraham H., butcher, 33 S 2d st 

market, h 405 Franklin 
Alburger Abram, farmer, Pennepack rd 
Alburger Abram, painter, 1249 N 2d, h 1247 

Alburger Abram, jr., druggist, 1251 N 2d 
Alburger Adam, butcher, S 2d n Moore 
Alburger & Stratton, (Abram A/burger $■ Chas. 

S. Stratton) painters, 1249 N 2d 
Alburger Charles, farmer, Welsh rd 
Alburger Charles M., plumber, Spring Garden 

n N7th, h 925 Wallace 
Alburger Christopher, butcher, 43 Moyamen- 

sing av, h S Front n Moore 
Alburger Edward, bookbinder, 316 Emmet 
Alburger George, butcher, 8 Callowhil! street 

Market, h Ridge av n Washington ia 
Alburger Henry, butcher, Ridge av c Lancaster 
Alburger Jacob T., provisions, 414 S Front, h 

S"6th c Wharton 
ALBURGER J ACOP T. & CO., (Charles Knecht 
& William A. Durfor) provisions, 414 & 
416 S Front 
Alburger James, trunk mr., Laurel n Frankford 
Alburger James D., tobacconist, 84 Laurel 

Alburger John, butcher, 221 Marker 
Alburger Mary K., widow of John P., 4 Ellen 
Alburger Philip, farmer, Pennypack rd 
Alburger Philip, jr., farmer, Pennypack rd 
Alburger Philip H., butcher, 92 CaUowhill st 

market, h 705 Callowhil! 
Alburger W. A., 1008 Mt. Vernon 
Alburger Wm. C. plumber, 440 Marshall, h 

1008 Mt. Vernon 
Alburger Wm. II., trunk maker, 1216 Hancock 
Alburger Wm. M., late plumber, 1008 Mt. 

Alburtus Mary, candy, 812 Wood 
Albus John, shoemaker, 109 N 4th, h Market 

ab 2d (Camden) 
Albus Peter, varnisher, r 721 New Market 
Alcock Abraham, painter, 149 Laurel 
Alcock & Brother, [Abraham «$• William) 

painters, 149 Laurel 
Alcock William, painter, 149 Laurel 
Alcorn Andrew, flour, 1729 Market, h 104 

N 18th 
Alcorn Elizabeth, widow of Henry, 230 Queen 
Alcorn George, carman, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn George, lasts, 109 CaUowhill 
Alcorn George J., tobacconist, 230 Queen 
Alcorn James, baker, N 21st c Summer 
Alcorn James, carman, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn James, laborer, 1 Queen's ct 
Alcorn James, porter, 825 S 13th 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, 1709 Lombard 
Alcorn Samuel, carman, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn Thomas, butcher, Lancaster c Florida 
Alcorn William, baker, 2024 Lombard 
Alcorn William, carman, 2020 Filbert 
Alcotd Robert, carpenter, 1107 Brown 
Alday Edward, importer, 3 Bank, h 240 S 5th 
Aldeito James, organ grinder, 831 Marriott 
Alden Charles, machinist, 2206 Race 
Alden Joseph P., machinist, 235 N 21st 
Alden Manoah, machinist, 2218 & 2220 Race, 

h 235 N 21st 
Alderman George, watchman, 117 S Front 
Alderman Joel, watchman, 117 S Front 
Alderman Michael, wheelwright, 1228 Ash 
Alderman Robert, cabinet maker, 117 S Front 
Alderman Thos. cabinet maker, 117 S Front 
Aldinger Joseph, butcher, Washington (Myk) 
Aldred George H., varnisher, N 7th n Diamond 
Aldred William, butcher, 2335 Jefferson 
Aldred William, engineer, 1511 Vienna 
Aldrich & Taylor, (Isaiah A/drich 4" William 

K. Taylor,) grocers, 501 N 6th 
Aldrich Cynthia, widow Nicholas, 709 S 10th 
Aldrich Elizabeth S., teacher, 709 S 10th 
Aldrich Isaiah, grocer, 501 N 6th, h 533 But- 

Aldrich Joseph, teacher, 42 N 16th 
Aldrich Samuel, blacksmith, 1346 Houston 
Aldrich Silas, agent, 3 Strawberry, h S 4th n 

Aldrich William, book seller, 618 N 16th 
Aldrich William H., clerk, 618 N 16th 
ALDR1DGE & CO., Samuel H. Aldridge, S. J. 
George, A.M. Austin, <$■ Saml. H, Aldridge, 
Jr.,) notions, 413 Market 
Aldridge Ellis, laborer, Levering (Myk) 
Aldridge Francis, brick maker, rl530 Mervine 

Jules Hauel & Co., call the attention of Merchants and Jobbeis to their 



Aldridge George, farmer, Richmond rd 
Aldridge George, laborer, N 7th nMeetler 
Aldridge George, machinist, 1405 Ogden 
Aldridge Henry F., police, r 1524 Mervine 
Aldridge John, r 1069 Gtn av 
Aldridge John, cordwainer, 1308 Lancaster 
Aldridge Jon'n, bookkeeper, Irvin's ct n 23d 
Aldridge Saml., brick mr, Mervine n Oxford 
Aldridge Samuel H., notions, 413 Market, h 

117 N 11th 
Aldridg-e Samuel H., jr., notions, 413 Market, h 

117 N 11th 
Aldridge Thomas, machinist, Physick (Gtn) 
Aldworth John, carpenter, 318 N 13th 
Aldworth Joseph T., pta-ter, 17 Watt 
Aldy John H., Rev., Haines (Gtn) 
Aleado Ma-tin F., prof, music, 306 Bradford 
Aleck Andrew, tailor, N 2d n Columbia av 
Aleck George, machinist, 1323 Buttonwood 
Alees Michael, laborer, Thurlow n 12th 
Alexander A., druggist, 208 N 3d, h 521 But- 
Alexander Abel, 1042 Lawrence 
Alexander And., custom house, 1115 Parrish 
Alexander Andrew, machinist, 1602 Spring- 
Alexander And., jr., stone cutter, 1115 Parrish 
Alexander Ann, seamstress, N 21st n Winter 
Alexander Benj. W., liquors, 147 S 2d, h 1059 

Gtn av 
Alexander Charles, upholsterer, S 6th c Pine 
Alexander Charles D., clerk, 52 S 4th, h 309 

N 19th 
Alexander Charles W., 2039 Winter 
Alexander Cornelius, police, r 129 Jarvis 
Alexander David, brick maker, 1308 Fitz water 
Alexander David, clerk, South c 19th 
Alexander Elizabeth, 1122 Wistar 
Alexander Elizabeth, dress maker, 1512 Filbert 
Alexander Emma, dress maker, 232 N 8th 
Alexander Emma, 710 Locust 
Alexander Fanny, 611 N 12th 
Alexander George, blacksmith, 1911 Pearl 
Alexander George, grocer, 701 N 3d 
Alexander George, porter, r 1027 Pearl 
Alexander George R., jeweler, 1002 Arch 
Alexander H. C, notions, 18 N 4th, house 432 

Alexander Henry, clerk, 1834 Thompson 
Alexander Henry, seaman, 791 S Front 
Alexander Hibbard, expressman, N 39th n 

Market, (W P) 
Alexander Hugh, comb maker, 1128 Marl- 
Alexander Hugh, liquors, N 12th c Poplar 
Alexander Hugh, police, 1128 Marlborough 
Alexander Israel D., coachsmith, 1213 N 2d 
Alexander Jacob, broker, 333 Walnut 
Alexander James, barkeeper, Gtn av c Yorkrd 
Alexander James, carter^ r Philip n Oxford 
Alexander James, constable, 9 Packer pi 
Alexander James, cotton manuf., 1512 Filbert 
Alexander James, driver, 2433 Callowhill 
Alexander James, engineer, 1548 N 7th 
Alexander James B., carpenter, 8 Dubree 
Alexander James H., printer, 1441 Moyamen- 

sing av 
Alexander Jane, widow James, 1845 South 
Alexander John, 1814 Barker 

Alexander John, butcher, Shippen st market, c 

S 3d, h S 2d and Denmark 
Alexander John, carpenter, 1239 Catharine 
Alexander John, cooper, 26 S Del av, h 1012 

Moyamensing av 
Alexander John, driver, r 1217 Wheat 
Alexander John, flour, 1004 Spring Garden 
Alexander John, liquors, N 2d c Oxford 
Alexander John, painter, 1008 Otsego 
Alexander John, shoemaker, McDonald pi 
Alexander John, shoe maker, 1710 Francis 
Alexander John, shoes, 1219 Locust 
Alexander John, victualer, S 2d n Morris 
ALEXANDER JOHN, stationer, &c, 52 S 4th, 

h 309 N 19th 
Alexander John J., driver, Hale n Montgom- 
ery av 
Alexander Joseph, box maker, 7 Elbow la, h 3 

Fife's pi 
Alexander Joseph, laborer, 1673 S Front , 
Alexander Joseph, printer, 201 Christian 
Alexander Joseph F. L., paper car., 509 S 3d 
Alexander Louis, (col'd,) porter, 901 Pryor's ct 
Alexander Margaret, wid. Charles, 1708 Carvel- 
Alexander Marion A., teacher, 1122 Wistar 
Alexander Mary, widow Peter, 340 Lombard 
Alexander Mary, widow William, 2039 Winter 
Alexander Matilda, mantillas, 1002 Arch 
Alexander Maurice S., notary, 402 Library, h 

109 S 20th 
Alexander Morton W., conveyancer, Stiles n 

N 17th 
Alexander Peter, machinist, 1214J Hamilton 
Alexander Peter, weav., Philip n Columbia av 
Alexander Rach., (colored,) domestic, 607 St 

Alexander Rachael, tailoress, 24 Willson 
Alexander Richard, 228 Monroe 
Alexander Richard, bar tender, r 329 St John 
Alexander Robert, engineer, 20 Gossamer 
Alexander Robert, marble worker, 1540 South, 

h 1918 Sansom 
Alexander Robert, marble polisher, 108 Queen 
Alexander Robert, weaver, 1521 Carver 
Alexander Saml., stove mould., 708 Thompson 
Alexander Samuel D., brush maker, 807 Steward 
Alexander Sam. M., second hand clothing, 630 

Alexander Susan, widow Edward, 1911 Pearl 
Alexander Theo., cordwainer, 225 Greenwich 
Alexander Thomas, liquors, 1833 Lombard 
Alexander Thomas, ch-rk, 2220 F 
Alexander Thomas, (colored) seaman, 405 Rat- 

cliffe av 
Alexander Thos. R., cotton laps, wadding, tie 

yarn and twine, 54 N 2d, h 833 Arch 
Alexander Walt,, packer, Gray's Fy rd n Chris- 
Alexander W. A., confectioner, 724 h 634 Arch 
Alexander Win., 928 Lombard 
Alexander Wm., 52 S 4th, h 309 N 19th 
Alexander William, academy, 54 N 10th, h 253 

N 12th 
Alexander Wm., brick maker, Serrill ri Emerald 
Alexander Wm., comb maker, 1123 Day 
Alexander Wm., paper stainer, Elm c N 34th 
Alexander Wm., M. D., 340 S 4th 
Alexander Wm., tavern, Oxford c N 2d 

Splendid Stock of Domestic Perfumery. 




Alexander Wm. J., carpenter, r 1529 Ridge av 
Alexander Wm. J., shoemaker, 1114 Market, h 

43 S 17th 
Alexander Wm. L., clerk, 1316 Austin 
Alexandria, Georgetown, and Washington Ex- 
press Steamer Line, Tier opp 24 and 26 N 
Del. av 
Alfonso John, clerk, 137 S Front, hi 435 Chestnut 
Alford Hannah, grocer)', 417 S 17th 
Alford James, laborer, 1914 Naudain 
Alford Wm., dry goods, 235 Market, h 236 

Alfter Joseph, furniture, 627 Willow 
Algeier Charles, watchmaker, 609 Poplar 
Algeir Christian, carp., Rising-sun la n Gtn av 
Algeo James, agent real estate, 1909 Pine 
Algeo James W., clerk, 1909 Pine 
Algeo John, cooper, 7 Benton 
Algeo Win. W., sheet iron, 5 Carty av 
Algie Daniel, block cutter, 1739 Wood 
Algi'e Wm., clerk, 1438 Marshall 
Algie Wm., merchant, 430 N 19th 
Algier John, brakeman, Aspen n N 36th (W P) 
Algier John, shoemaker, 531 Poplar 
Aliene Mary, artist, 918 Pine 
Alison Robert, painter, 818 Thompson 
Alker Henry, hair dresser, Gtn av (Chest. Hill) 
Alkins Ann, wid. James, spooler, 1236 Shippen 
Alkins Geo., clerk, 106 N Del. av, h Wister (Gtn) 
Alkins Henry, cordwainer, 2509 Pine 
Allabach Peter, agent, 152 Green 
Allameder Robert, confectioner, 100 S 8th, h 

12th n Federal 
Allan Alex., late printer, N 17th c Tioga 
Allan Ahnira, r 1138 St. John 
Allan Elliott, blacksmith, 1826 Shippen 
Allan James, carter, 708 S 15th 
Allan Wm., clerk, 1522 Callowhill 
Allaneese Rachel, washwoman, r 637 St. Mary 
Allback Jacob, blacksmith, 1581 N 11th 
Allbaugh Henry, carpenter, Glascow pi 
Allborne Theodore, clerk, 1004 Wood 
ALBUT STEPHEN, restaurant, 28 Straw- 
ALLDERDICE JAMES, agent N Y & Phila. 

S N Co., 314 S Delaware av, h 235 S 3d 
Allebach M. B. & Co., (Mahlon B. Alkbach <V 
Daniel I), Lewis,) watchmakers, 126 N 2d 
Allebach Mahlon 15., watchmaker, 122 N 2d 
Alleborn Elizabeth, 936 N 4th 
Allee Hannah N., seamstress, 204 N 13th 
Allegheny R. R. & Coal Co., 230 S 3d 
Allegheny House, 814 Market 
Allen Albert, laborer, r 755 N 24th 
Allen Alfred, machinist, 1035 Shackamaxon 
Allen Alfred H., conveyancer, 436 Walnut, h 

800 Pine 
ALLEN & NEEDLES, (josiah J. Alien <$• Wm. 
M. Needles,) oils, &c, 42 S Del. av and 41 
S Water 
Allen & Wyand, {Edwin Allen fy Jacob Wi/tmrf,) 

painters, 432 Race 
Allen And., bricklayer, Haverford n 41st (W P) 
Allen Ann O., dress maker, 931 Sargeant 
Allen Anna, widow, 787 Swanson 
Allen B. R., clerk, Ashland House 
Allen Bartholomew, carpenter, Coates c Beach 
Allen Benj., hosiery, Miller (Gtn) 

Allen Benj., brick yard, Buck road a S 20th, h 

314 Catharine 
Allen Benj., seaman, 435 Dickcrson 
Allen Bulah, wid. Wm. M., 1209 Parrish 
Allen Charles, captain, 393 Richmond (Rich'd) 
Allen Charles, sail maker, 731 S 11th 
Allen Charles, shoemaker, 663 Steiner 
Allen Charles B , rivet manuf., Penna. av n 22d, 

h 531 N 22d 
Allen Charles J., iron pipes, 309 Market, h 526 

Allen Christopher, printer, 1105 Miller 
Allen Clayton, real estate, 419 Walnut, h 260 

Allen Daniel, dyer, Fkd av n Gunner's run, h 

Waterloo n Clearfield 
Allen Dav., blacksm., Orchard n Church (Fkd) 
Allen David, painter, 1700 Ann 
Allen Dav., weaver, Rainbow n Susquehanna av 
Allen Dav., jr., weaver, Rainbow n Susque. av 
Allen Edmund, clerk, 1210 Cherry 
Allen Edward, painter, 432 Race, h 1213 N 13th 
Allen Edward, watchman, 521 Barron 
Allen Edward, weaver, Carroll n Ella 
Allen Edward A., carpenter, 1410 Brown 
Allen Edward, (col'd) 716 Lisle 
Allen Edw. II., undertaker, Orthodox n Hedge, 

h Sellers n Paul (Fkd) 
Allen Edwin, painter, 432 Race 
Allen Elijah, printer, 1023 Filbert 
Allen Ellen, widow James, 51)6 Hagner 
Allen Eli, lumber, 924 Richmond, h Richmond 

n Maple 
Allen Elizabeth, (colored) washwoman, 928 

Allen Elwood, lumber, Richmond n Plum, h 

395 Richmond (Richmond) 
Allen Enoch, 1210 Cherry 

Allen Ephraim, clerk, Melvalec Toronto (Rich) 
Allen Esquire J., roofing, 327 Walnut, and N 

9th c Girard av, h 801 Parrish 
Allen Frances, boarding, 247 Chester 
Allen Fran., (col'd) oyst., living ab S38th (W P) 
Allen Fran., (col'd) secondhand ware, 607 S 8th 
Allen Franklin, bricklayer, 773 S 3d 
ALLEN GEORGE, Prof. Univ. Pa., 215 S 17th 
Allen George, blacksmith, 1318 N 5th 
Allen George, chairmaker, 17 Charles 
Allen George, lampmaker, r 812 Coates 
Allen George porter, 1520 Burton 
Allen George, straw goods, 930 Chestnut,h 1124 

Allen George, furniture, 812, h 915 South 
Allen George B., jr., druggist, Shippen c S 13th 
Allen George F., upholsterer, 905 Spring - Garden 
Allen C. Milton, com. agent, 811 Spring Garden, 
Allen George N., china, &c, 23 S 4th, h 1214 

Allen Geo.O., shoes, 1200 Locust, h 1229 Locust 
Allen George Q., clerk, 2119 Arch 
Allen Geo. W., blacksmith, r Geiss n York 
Allen Geo. W., bookbinder, 236 N 10th 
Allen Geo. W., chairmaker, 1117 Charles 
Allen Geo W., clerk, William c Pratt (W P) 
Allen Geo. W., lampmaker, 904 Torr 
Allen Geo. W., hardware, 31 Market, h 314 S 

Allen Geo. W., M.D., 810 N 7th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Allen Harriet, widow, 840 S 3d 

Allen Helen M., teacher, N 23d n Callowhill, h 

1209 Parrish 
Allen Henry, conductor, Germantown av n N 5th 
Allen Henry, painter, 236 N 10th 
Allen Henry, weaver, Fitler n Harrison 
Allen Henry C, hardware, 1427 Market, h 1904 

Allen Henry C, blacksmith, Worth n Orthodox 

Allen Henry G., dancing-, 35 S 11th, h Gtn av 

(Mt Airy) 
Allen Henry H., tailor, Cumberland n Amber 
Allen Hen. S., imptr., 214 S Front, h 254 S 16th 
Allen J. C, music engraver, 722 Chestnut 
Allen Jacob B., moulder, 1406 Ogden 
Allen Jacob S., sailmaker, Richmond c Ross 
Allen James, alderman, Chestnut n 40th (W P) 
Allen James, captain, 1112 Crease 
Allen James, carpenter, 4 Harper pi 
Allen James, lab. Church n Tackawanna (Fkd) 
Allen James, umbrella maker, 663 Steiner 
Allen James, late baker, 229 Union 
Allen James, plasterer, 40th c Walnut (WP) 
Allen James, restaurant, 351 N 2d 
Allen James, seaman, 25 Norfolk 
Allen James, weaver, J422 Columbia av 
Allen James, weaver, 1342 Howard 
Allen James, (colored), porter, 232 Quince 
Allen James, (colored,) seaman, 913 Nassau 
Allen James B., bonnet wire, 227 Girard av 
Allen James B., grocer, 1532 South 
Allen James C, clerk, 324 N 12th 
Allen James H., engraver, 1530 Palmetto 
Allen Joseph S., produce, 336 Eastern Market 
ALLEN JAMES T., plain & decorativeplasterer 

and measurer, 25 N 17th, h Walnut O. Till 

(W P) 
Allen Jane, 236 N 10th 
Allen Joel R., painter, 1525 Wood 
Allen John, 326 Monroe 
Allen John, bricklayer, 714 S 10th 
Allen John, carter, rear 412 Poplar 
Allen John, cigarmaker, 526 Mercury 
Allen John, clerk, 260 S 2d 
Allen John, hosiery, Miller, h Miller (Gtn) 
Allen John, laborer, 2218 Cuthbert 
Allen John, shoemaker, 915 Hutchinson 
Allen John, weaver, 6 Deringer's av 
Allen John, weaver, 345 Master 
Allen John, (colored), barber, 819 Essick 
Allen John, (colored), huckster, 733 St Mary 
Allen John A., salesman, 1714 Sansom 
ALLEN JOHN B. A., oils, 14 S Del av, h 1909 

Allen John C, bakery, 321 N Front, h 335 S 5th 
Allen John C, dentist, 315 Spruce 
Allen John C, silversmith, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Allen John H., grocer, Sorrel c Brabant (Rcl) 
Allen John H., wooden ware, 4 &, 6 Chestnut, h 

ab Summit 
Allen John H. & Co., (George F. Gale, 4- Foster 

Newell,) wooden ware, 4 Chestnut 
Allen John M., painter, 1700 Ann 
Allen John M., police, 1 Desoto 
Allen John W., carpenter, 1349 N 2d 
Allen Joseph, agent, 109 Jacoby 
Allen Joseph S., produce, 336 Eastern Market 

Allen Joseph, bricklayer, 840 S 3d 

Allen Joseph, cabinetmaker, 447 N 12th & 240 

S 2d, h 1114 Green 
Allen Joseph, carman, 1532 Bodine 
Allen Joseph, dyer, Randolph n Trenton av 
Allen Joseph, carpet. Adrian n Jefferson, h 

1509 N Front 
Allen Joseph, furniture, 240 S 2d & N 12th c 

Allen Joseph, late police, rear 828 S 8th 
Allen Jos., sawyer, Margaretta n Cherry (Fkd) 
Allen Joseph, tavern, Passyunk av c Federal 
Allen Joseph, weaver, Abig-al n Adrien 
Allen Joseph, weaver, 709 Webb 
Allen Joseph, (colored), barber, 12 Spruce 
Allen Joseph H., bookfinisher, 226 Dickerson 
Allen Joseph L., cigars, 400 Spruce 
Allen Joseph L., joiner, 226 Dickerson 
Allen Joshua, sea captain, Townsend n Sepviva 
Allen Joshua, shoemaker, rear 112 Carpenter 
Allen Joshua G., M.D., 1241 Lombard 
Allen Josiah J., mer. 42 S Del av, h 1320 Spring- 
Allen Julius B., sec. 405 Walnut, h 1240 N 11th 
Allen, LafTerty & Co., (Daniel Allen, Michael 

Lafferty $ Hugh Lafferty,) dyers, Frank- 
ford rd n Alleghany av 
Allen Levin, lab. Lancaster av n N 47th (W P) 
Allen Lewis M., importer, 214 S Front, h 516 

Allen Lewis P., carver, Sellers n Paul (Fkd) 
Allen Lewis, liquors, S Front n Walnut, h 516 

Allen Louisa P., 260 S 10th 
Allen Mary, 931 Sarg-eant 
Allen Mary, artist, 918 Pine 
Allen Mary, nurse, 923 Hutchinson 
Allen Mary, teacher, Quinn n 2d 
Allen Mary, wid. 326 Monroe 
Allen Mary, wid. James, trimming-s, 711 S 4th 
Allen Mary, wid. Samuel, 1328 Kates 
Allen Mary E., milliner, 529 South 
Allen Michael, lab. 4 Ellen's pi 
Allen Michael, printer, 623 Shippen 
Allen Pat, lab. Lombard (Holmesburg) 
Allen R. T., stationery, 811 Spring- Garden 
ALLEN R. W. POMEROY, oil merchant, 14 S 

Del av, h 1909 Chestnut 
Allen Rachael H., grocer, 1244 Savery 
Allen Rebecca, wid. Charles, 528 Pine 
Allen Richard S.,dry goods, 203 Richmond 
Allen Robert, agent, 312 S 4th 
Allen Robert/cotton factory, Carrol c Diamond 
Allen Robert, hair dresser, 317 Arch, h 1713 

Allen Robert, manuf. Norris n Frankford av 

h Frankford av n Hart la 
ALLEN ROBERT, rectifler,S 3d c Monroe, h 

716 S 3d 
Allen Robert, tailor, 302 N 8th, h Fitzwater n S 


Allen Robert, weaver, 428 Moyer 
Allen Robert, furniture, 812 South, and h 915 
Allen Robert B., clerk, 18 N Front, h Ashland 


Allen Robert R. G., clerk, 524 S 2d 
Allen, Robert & Brother (colored), (Robert <$r 

George Allen), furniture, 812 South 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Allen Samuel, engineer, 1244 Savery 

Allen Samuel, moulder, 630 Christian 

Allen Saml., teacher, Pine n 2d, h 356 S Front 

Allen Samuel, weaver, Maschcr n York 

Allen Saml. (colored), carpetcleanr. 2 Liberty ct 

Allen Samuel 0., police, N 11th n Poplar 

Allen Samuel D.. police, 921 N 11th 

Allen Samuel E., printer, Melvale c Toronto, 

Allen Sarah, provisions, 1532 Bodine 

Allen Sarah, Gtn av n Diamond 

Allen Sarah A., variety store, 839 N 15th 

Allen Simon, machinist, 428 Mover 

Allen Susan, widow Cams, 1406 Ogden 

Allen Sweeten, laborer, r 90 Laurel 

Allen Theodore, broker, N 3d c Race, h 1436 

N 7th 
Allen Thomas, grocery, 1320 Race 
Allen Thomas, 854 Marshall 
Allen Thomas, laborer, 13 Barney av 
Allen Thomas, laborer, 701 Thompson 
Allen Thomas, liquors, 621 Swanson 
Allen Thomas, sailmaker, Cordova pi 
Allen Thomas, shoemaker, 131 Queen 
Allen Thomas, tailor, 545 Lombard 
Allen Thomas, waterman, 15 Mead 
Allen Thomas B., conductor, 1738 N 6th 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., 926 Lombard 
Allen Thomas H., 1904 Pine 
Allen Thomas K., laborer, 1009 S Front 
Allen Thomas M., salesman, 333 Market, hill 

N 5th 
ALLEN W. & J., {William % Joseph Allen,) 

cabt. makers, 240 S 2d & 447 N 12th 
Allen William, alderman, 1142 Passyunk av, h 

1144 Passyunk av 
Allen William, butcher, Richmond c Ross 
Allen William, cabinet maker, 240 S 2d, & 447 

-> T 12th, h 636 N 11th 
Allen William, carpenter, 1311 Cadwalader 
Allen William, clerk, 309 Wharton 
Allen William, coffee and tea, 701 S 5th, h S 

3d n Monroe 
Allen Wm., cotton manuf., Main, h Gay (Myk) 
Allen William, farmer, Allen's la (Mt Airy) 
Allen William, jr., furniture, 240 S 2d, h 636 N 

Allen William, grocer, 615 Thompson 
ALLEN WILLIAM, hosiery, Miller (Gtn) 
Allen William, huckster, 6i Ledger pi 
Allen William, manufacturer, Gay (Myk) 
Allen William, sailmaker, 405 Carpenter 
Allen William, sawmaker, 1220 N Front 
Allen Wm., stonecutter, N 38th n Powelton av 
Allen William, stonecutter, r 2008 Lombard 
Allen William, tailor, r 514 S 6th 
Allen William, (colored,) barber, 6 S 9th, h 819 

Allen William B., clerk, Melvale c Toronto 

Allen William B., engineer, 235 Saranak 
ALLEN WILLIAM C, wood and willow ware, 

1 Chestnut & 525 N 12th, h 1116 Wallace 
Allen William G., com. merch., 225 N Broad, h 

2119 Arch 
Allen William H., hardware, 115 Market, h 

1010 Cherry 
Allen William H., pves. Girard Col., Girard Col. 
Allen William H., seaman, 1217 Howard 

Allen William J., merchant, 225 N Broad, h 2119 

Allen William S., 32 & 34 N 9th, h 34 N 9th 
Allen William S., sash maker, 1438 N 6th, h 

1439 Marshall 
Allen William S., shoemaker, 415 Reed 
Allen William W., clerk, 2126 Green 
Allen "William W, machinist, 1213 Buttonwood 
Allentown Iron Co., 105 Walnut 
Allbring Archibald, farmer, (Collegeville) 
Allburger Adam, butcher, 13, 15 & 17 Moya- 

mensing av market, h S 2d n Moore 
Allburger Philip, laborer, 812 Washington av 
Allcorn George, 2216 Race 
Allcorn William J., huckster, 1510 Palethorp 
Allenback John, carpenter, 1117 Jefferson 
Alleson Hannah, 618 Sansom 
Allgaier John, coachmaker, 1204Frankford av, 

h 1045 Frank ford av 
AllhiserMarv A., huckster, 1242 Cadwalader 
Allibaugh Elizabeth, 1605 Marshall 
Allibone S. Austin, mer., 32 N Delaware av, h 

914 Arch 
Allingham Gregory, laborer, Chippewa n South 
Allingham John, clerk, 12 Wheat 
Allingham Rachel, wid. John, boarding house, 

931 Darien 
Allison & Fay, {Andrew Allison $■ Patrick Fay,) 

liquors, "212 S Front 
Allison & Kelley, {Robert Allison <$r James S. 

Kelleu,) wheelwrights, 533 Shippen 
Allison Andw., liquors, 212 S Front, house 432 

Allison David A., 681 N 12th 
Allison Edward, shoemaker, Jamison n 8th 
Allison Edward K., bookkeeper, 525 N 15th 
Allison Frans., porter, 314 Market, house 720 S 

Allison James, carpenter, 314 Truxton 
Allison Jas., clothier, 800 Market, h 1307 Filbert 
Allison James, painter, Gihon pi n Carlisle 
Allison James J., clerk, 1347 N 11th 
Allison John, stevedore, York n 37th (W P) 
Allison John, stonecutter, 1120 Charles 
Allison John, weaver, Levering (Myk) 
Allison John H., 1005 Wistar 
Allison Joseph, artist, Darby rd n S 43d ( W P) 
Allison Jos., judge, Walnut Chestnut av (WP) 
Allison Joseph, machinist, 1016 Ogden 
Allison Joseph, paper maker, Darby rd n S 43d 
Allison Joseph, weaver, Main n Grape (Myk) 
Allison Robert, wheelwright, 533 Shippen, h 

Say n Shippen 
Allison Taylor, paper maker, Darby rd n S 43d 
Allison Thomas, tailor, 1000 Pine,h 1432 Lom- 
Allison W. II., weaver, Levering (Myk) 
Allison Walter, builder, S 21st n Chestnut, h 

24 S 18th 
Allison William, 1008 Green 
Allison William, foreman, Centre c Chestnut 

Allison William, jr., superintendent Myk gas 

works, Myk pike (Mvk), h Church (Myk) 
Allison William C, car builder, 190S Market, & 

gas tubes, Filbert st wharf, Schuylkill av, 

h N 19th n Filbert 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s recent importation of Fancy Goods, comprises 



Allman & Wenger, {Thomas Allman, jr., Sf 

Elam Wenger,) forw. mers., 207 & 209 X 

Allman David, dry goods, 907 & 900 S 2d 
Allman Edward, hatter, 534 N 12th 
Allman Eugene, jeweler, 18 Catharine 
Allman John A., carpenter, 1305 Heath 
Allman Joseph, hatter, 1520 Stiles 
Allman Margaret, bricklaver, 534 N 12th 
Allman Thomas, jr., flour, 255 N 4th & 207 N 

Broad, h 24S N 11th 
ALLMAN & ZEHXDER, {Thomas Allman, jr„ 

Sr George T. Zehnder,) flour, 255 X 4th & 

207 & 209 N Broad 
Allmendinger Charles, diy goods, 624 X 2d 
Allmondjohu F., (colored,) undertaker, r 1020 

Allmond Thomas, (col'd,) carpenter, 1020 Ivy 
Allmond Thomas W., (col'd,) undertaker, r 

1017 Rodman 
Allott Hamilton, mason, r 1332 Howard 
Alloway Isaac, shoe maker, 13 Brown 
Alloway Richard, shoe maker, 122 Prime 
Alloway Samuel, cordwainer, 9 Dunton 
Alloway William, carter, Townseud n Sepviva 
Allspach John, driver, 201 Wood 
Allspach Peter, baker, 958 X 2d 
Allstaedt Gunter, tobacconist, 903 Ridge av 
Allwell James, lab., Spring n William (Ricbm'd) 
Allwell John, laborer, Spring n Somerset (R) 
Almendinger William, baker, 807 Green 
Almenrader Geo., segar maker, 6 Brinkley pi 
Almond ML, carpenter, York ab 36th (W P, 
Almo. d Peter, dver, Grape n N 37th (W P) 
Almond William, Haverford c X 35th (W P) 
Almond William, constable, Haverford ab 36th 
Almond William H., stone cutter, Lancaster av 

near 35th (W P) 
Alms House, Township line n Hollinsville 
Aloncle Louis, gas fitter, 514 Vine 
Alp David, shoe maker, 1306 Hope 
Alphonso John, 239 S. 6th 

Alrich George, agent, Frankford av bel Vienna 
Alrich John, machinist, 515 Girard av 
Alrich Peter, blksmith, Aspen c Union (W P) 
Alrich Susan, wid Samuel, 1408 Beach 
Alrich William, machinist, 1322 Houston 
Alsberg Myer, peddler, r 721 Xew Market 
Alschbach Jacob, watchman, r 1127 Vine 
Alshen William, shoemaker, 915 Hutchinson 
Alsence Jacob, shoemaker, X 5th n Susque- 
Alsop Edward B., druggist, 537 Arch, h 553 

Alsop George M., clerk, Willow n X 2d 
Alsop Jane, wid. Robert, 12 Brolasky pi 
Alsop Margaret, r South n 13th 
Alsop Reese F., Rev., 553 X 6th 
Alsop Robert, arty. &. coun.,419 Walnut, h 553 

X 6th 
Alsop Thomas, watchman, 1237 Rodman 
Alsop William J., clerk, Bridge av ab 5th 

Alspach Jacob, watchman, Vine bel X 12th 
Altdoeifer Christian, butch'r, 1236 Montgomeiy 

Altemus A. C, binder, X 4th c Race, h 606 

X 13th 

Altemus Alfred, carpenter, (Olnev) 
Altemus Alfred C, book binder, 606 X 13th 
Altemus & Co., book binders, (Samuel T. &; 

Henry Altemus,) X 4th c Race 
ALTEMUS & COZEXS, (Geo. W. Altemus <k 

W. B. X. Cozens,^ com. mers. 241 Chestnut 
Altemus Benjamin, carpenter, (Olnev) 
Altemus Benjamin C, tailor, 50 X 5th 
Altemus George W., mer. 241 Chestnut, h 1316 

Altemus F. S. & Co., (Francis S. $ Marshall 

Altemus,) produce, 1918 Market 
Altemus Francis S., 1918 Market, house 212 

Altemus Geortre, gardener, Gtn av n Tioga 

. (RS) 

Altemus Henrv, bookbinder, X 4th n Race, h 

1420 Marshall 
Altemus James, constable, 142 Otter 
Altemus James L., painter, 1139 Gtn av 
Altemus Joseph B., dry goods, 116 Chestnut, 

h 943 Franklin 
Altemus Joshua, starch maker, Franklin n 

Sellers (Fkd) 
Altemus Lawrence, clerk, 1 Womrath pi 
Altemus Marshall, mer. 1918 Market 
Altemus Martha, wid. William, r Culvert n N 

5 th 
Altemus Samuel T., bookbinder, X 4th c Race, 

Treas. 230 S. 3d, h Locust c 39th (W P) 
Altemus Stanford, chair maker, 622 S P'ront 
Altemus Susan, wid. Samuel, 171 Master 
Altemus William, carpenter, Oxford plank rd 
Altemus "William, carpenter, r 117 Van Horn 
Altemus "William, starch manf. Sellers nLeiper 
Alten Christian, teacher, 824 Cherrv 
Alteneder Theod., mathematical instruments 

103 S 8th, h 20 Godfrey av 
Alter George A., hotel, 808 S 6th 
Alter Jacob, gent. 834 X 6th 
Aller Jacob P., watch maker, 834 X 6th 
ALTER JOHX, liquors, 423 S 5th 
Alter R. H., clerk, 709 Market, h 1612 Locust 
Alter Solomon, hquors, 709 Market, h 1612 

Alter William W., coal, 935 X 9th & 518 X 6th, 

h 1320 Franklin 
Altevogt "William, hotel, 216 C?.rter 
JAlthaus Jacob, shoemaker, 458 Belgrade 
lAlthaus John, gardener, 1306 Montgomery av 
Althouse Eunice, conductor, 951 Leithgow 
i Althouse Martin, huckster, r 415 St. John 
I Althouse Reuben, driver, Salmon n Somerset 
Altmeyer Jerome, shoemaker, 912 X 6th 
Altmeyer Laurence, cabinet mr. 6 Durham pi 
Alton Alexander, shoemaker, 2234 Shamokin 
Alton Ann, wid. Thomas, 742 X 24th 
Alton James, shoemaker, 742 X 24th 
Alton John, weaver, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Alton Richard, silk, X 5th n Cherry, r 411 Jef. 

Alton "William, spinner, 1533 Lawrence 
Alum William, weaver, X Oxford n Front 
Alvord C. C, carpenter, 1233 Buttonwood 
Alvord Jas. B., secretary, 415 "Walnut, h 2108 

Mt. Vernon 
Alward Henry M, shoes, 255 X 9th 
Alwell James, tailor, 927 Sansom 

a full Assortment of the Latest Styles. 




Alwine Charles, carter, N 7th n Meetlcr I American Philosophical Society, S 5th c Chest- 

Alwine John, brickmaker, S 23d n Buck rd uut 

Anwn & Brother, {Jacob Aman $ William AMERICAN SUNDAY-SCHOOL UNION, 112-2 

Aman,) sash, Green n N 3Sth (W P) | Chestnut 

Aman Jacob, sash, Bull's Head Hotel (W P) AMERICAN TELEGRAPH CO., 105 S 3d 
Aman Jacob, teacher, Buck la, h Passyunk av AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY, 929 Chest- 

n Oickerson nut 

Aman Wm, sash, c N 36th & Hamilton (W P) Amerman Jacob R, clerk, Dauphin n N 5th 
Amann John, baker, r 818 N 4th Ames Henry, pianomaker, 901 Vine 

Araarelle V- De., music, 711 Spruce Ames John, carman, N 5th n Susquehannaav 

Amber Ann. wid. John, 826 N 12th Ames John, cooper, 228 Stamper's al 

Amber Chalkley, milk, 826 N 12th Ames Josiah, captain, 344 Catharine 

Amber David E, hostler, 183U Girard av Amet Charles P., agent, 1338 Brown 

Amber John, brick maker, Mulvany n Colum- Amey & Mease (Cleophas Amey, $ Levi Mease), 

bia av grocers, 1701 Coates 

Amber John, milk, 1230 Ogden Amey Andrew J., porter, 40 S Del av, h 2d n 

Ambers John NY., carpenter, 1610 Franklin South ^ 

Amberg Henry W, piano fortes, 617 Spruce, Amey Cleophas, grocer, 1701 Coates 

Ambers David, carpenter, 1610 Franklin 
Ambers John, weaver, Gtn av Chestnut Hill 
Ambers Samuel, tailor, 1610 Franklin 
Ambers William, laborer, 1830 Girard av 
Amberson James, weaver, 1533 American 
Ambler Asher, milk, 1227 Fairish 
Ambler Charles J., clerk, 601 Chestnut, h 641 

Ambler David, milkman, 924 YYarnock 
AmbUr John, refiner, 218 Elmslie's al 
Ambler John, Jr., stoves, 711 Spring- Garden, 

h 633 Franklin 
Ambler Joseph \Y., clerk, 1229 N 12th 
Ambler Thomas, stoves, 901 N 6th 
Ambler Win. H., sofas, h 1438 N 11th 

Amey John, cooper, Howard (Nicetown) 
Amey Samuel, bootfitter, 829 Darien 
Amey Samuel, cooper, Howard (Nicetown) 
Amies Augustus, paper maker, Spring- (Rox) 
Amies Celestine (colored), 613 Pirn- 
Amies Israel, stamper, &. hat tip printer, 525 

Minor, h 419 Wharton 
Amies Thomas K., rag-s, 1 Letitiae, h 1324 Mt. 

Ammi Henry, stoves, 1103 N Front 
Amnion Charles, rettaurant, 1533 South 
Amnion Samuel, Bulls Head Hotel, Market n 

38th (W P) 
Anion Christian, baker, 1011 Beach 
Anion John, police, rear 75 Carman pi 

Ambrose Isaac, (col'd,) laborer, r 636 Lombard Amonn Charles, tinner, 10 Colleg-e pi 
Ambrose Mary, wid. Richard, Washington, Myk AmOry Charles, jr., com. mer. 238 Church al 

Ambrose Patrick, shoemr. Washing-ton ^Myk) 
Ambrose Thos., shoemr Washington (Myk) 
Ambrosi Jacob A., painter, 2.5 N I3tb, h 263 N 

Ambrosi Thomas C, painter, 2056 Winter 
Ambrost Charles, baker, 1643 Hehnuth 
Ambrow Adam, carman, 627 Thompson 
Ambruster David, bricklayer, 1520 Wallace 
Ambruster Jacob, waterman, rear 1310 Corn 

AMORY CIIRLES, JR. & CO, (5. Park, aim 
Blake, jr.,) com. mers. 238 Church al 

Amos Andrew, lab. 210 Gaskill 

Amos Charles, painter, 229 Georg-e 

Amos Charles, stoves, 196 N 2d, h 321 Button- 

Amos Charles T, stoves, 261 N 2d, h 321 But- 

Amos Elizabeth, wid. Abraham, '932 N Market 

Amburner Ferdinand, burnisher, rear 776 S 2d Amos Ernest F., pork butcher, 293 & 295 East- 

Ameder Robert, confectioner, 1 141 Federal 
Amdoret Augustus, clerk, 1242 Callowhill 
Ameck Wm., lab. rear 521 Vincent 
Amer Edwd. C, morocco, 458 N 3d, h 966 N 5th 
Amer John, cordwainer, 1315 Austin 
Amer Thomas, silver plater, 903 S 11th 
Amer Wm., morocco, 438 N 3d, h 719 Green 
Amer Wm. & Co. (Edward C. Amer, i\- James 

D. Wood,) morocco, 438 N 3d 
American Emigrant's Friends Office, 254 S 


American Hall, 1744 Market 

ern Market h 1526 N 5th 
Amos Georg-e, wood & sand, Beach n Shacka- 

maxon, h 1044 Beach 
Amos Jacob & Son, (Jacob, jr.,) carpenters, 122 

Craven, h 217 New 
Amos Jacob, jr., boxmaker, 122 Craven, h 217 

Amos John, bartender, 1174 S 10th 
Amos John, sailmaker, 1612 S 6th 
Amos Phillip B. (colored), shoemaker, S 40th c 

Locust, h Oak ab S 40th (W P) 
Amos Stewart, machinist, 1216 Warnock 
Amos Uriah F., carpenter, 1212 Hibbert 
AMSLER CHAS. T, math, instruments, 635 

Chestnut, h 28 N 9th 
Amsler Henry, blacksmith, 1402 Franklin 

American Hotel, 517 Chestnut 

American Leader & Working-men's Advocate, Amy Wm., whiting- manuf. 961 Gtn 

Chestnut c S 3d Anable Anna Maria, teacher, 1350 Pine 

AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE & TRUST Anable Fannie A, teacher, 1350 Pine 

CO, S E S 4th & Walnut Anable Mary J, teacher, 1350 Pine 

American Mechanic's Hall, N 4th c George j Anable Misses, The, (Anna Marin, Fannie A. 
AMERICAN MUTUAL INSURANCE CO.,1 <V Mary J. Anable), voung ladies' semi- 

228 Walnut ' nary, 1350 Pine 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Anathan Maier, tobac. 117 N 3d, h 533 Dillwyn 

Anch William, butcher, 710 Bayard 

Ancker Adolph, liquors, 150 N Front, h 1604 

Ancker Charles H., clerk, 1604 Wallace 
Ancker Jacob P., clerk, 1604 Wallace 
Ancker Mitchell, liquors, Front c Race, h 1604 

Ancona Morris D., clothing - , 622 South 
Andalusia Woolen Mills, Haverford n Orleans 
Anderline Henry, roller coverer, Penn (Myk) 
Anders Frederick, locksmith, 6 Mustin's ct 
Anders Frederick, jr., mechanic, 6 Mustin's ct 
Anders Henry, brassfounder, 1108 Elm 
Anders John, clerk. (Pittville) 
Anders John, cordvvainer, 1037 Locust 
Anders Michael, lab. N Market c Gtn av 
Anders Phillip, butcher, 322 Callowhill 
Anderson Albanus L., salesman, 304 Market, h 

415 N3d 
Anderson Alex., marble polisher, 1717 Carlton 
Anderson Alexander, news agent, 2 Tenor pi 
Anderson Alexander, weaver, rear 1425 Hope 
Anderson Amy (colored), washerwoman, 7 

Kaufl man's ct 
ANDERSON & DUNLAP, {John A. Anderson, 

Sf Hugh Dunlap) grocs. Lombard c S19th 
Anderson & Fleming - , {James B. Anderson, 4" 

Wm. Fleming,) produce, 225 South 
Anderson & Thomas, (William F. Anderson, 4" 

Cockroft Thomas,) teas, 102 Market 
Anderson Andrew, carp.N 37th ab Elm (W P) 
Anderson Andrew N., liquors, N 2d c Norris 
Anderson Ann, grocer, 108 South 
Anderson Ann, nurse, 153 Laurel 
Anderson Ann, wid. Jas., tailoress, 24 Bulletin 
Anderson Ann (colored,) washwoman, rear 

517 Lombard 
Anderson Anna C, wid John W., 102 Spruce 
Anderson Annie, seamstress, Wissahickon Pike 
And.-rson Archibald, laborer, Nelson's av n S 

Anderson Augustus, actor, N 23d n Summer 
Anderson Benj., (colored), waiter, 7 Plume pi 
Anderson Benjamin, weaver, 1328 Howard 
Anderson Bernard, porter, 1701 Barker 
ANDERSON, BROS. & CO., (James W. $ 

Robert H. Anderson, 3f James M. Smith,) 

flour mill, 128 Dock 
Anderson Catharine, wid. John, 1931 Girard av 
Anderson Charles, carpenter, r 303 Catharine 
Anderson Charles, hotel, 208' Callowhill, h 310 

Anderson Charles, lab. James (F Schuylkill) 
Anderson Charles, lab. rear 819 Essex 
Anderson Charles, liquors, 208 &. 232 N 2d, h 

310 Noble 
Anderson Charles, police, 222 Reed 
Anderson Charles, jr., provisions, 1005 Passy- 

unk av, h 226 Reed 
Anderson Charles A., blacksmith, Market n 

32d, h Lancaster st n Market (W P) 
Anderson Celia, wid. Thomas, 124 Congress 
Anderson Christian, seaman, 217 Millmann 
Anderson Christiana, dealer, 81 Eastern Mkt 
Anderson Christopher, laborer, 1124 Rodman 
Anderson Clinton, coal, Sch Falls, h Ridge av, 


Anderson David, grocer & plast'er, 1501 Par- 

Anderson David, stone cutter, 1415 Cadwalader 
Anderson David P., boots & shoes, 958 N 11th 
Anderson Edw'd, notions, 6 N 3d, h 1223 S 4th 
Aiuterson Edward, weaver, 1323 Mariner 
Anderson Edward J., accountant, 423 Market 
Anderson Edward R., missionary, 771 N 24th 
Anderson Elizabeth, 320 Crown 
Anderson Elizabeth, confectionery, 1203 Pine 
Anderson Elizabeth, r 5 Dunton 
Anderson Elizabeth, cook, r 333 Barclay 
Anderson Ellen, boarding - , 1405 Hope 
Anderson Ellen, (col'd,) boarding', 519 Hurst 
Anderson Emeline, (colored,) washer, 725 

ANDERSON EMMA, grocer, 118 S 2d 
Anderson Emma, tailoress, r 838 S 3d 
Anderson Evan, ladies shoe maker, 322 S 4th 
Anderson Francis, (col'd,) barber, 333 S 4th 
Anderson Frederick H., shoes, 153 N 2d 
Anderson George, laborer, Spring- (Roxb'gh) 
Anderson Geo., plasterer, 4 Brussell's ct, r 1535 

Anderson Geo. W., conductor, 1126 Jefferson 
Anderson Henry, (colored,) dig'ger, Robin av n 

Auderson Henry, weaver, 1440 Hope 
Anderson Henry T., tailor, 818 Cherry 
Anderson Isabella, wid. David, housekeeper, r 

1330 Frankford av 
Anderson Jacob F., plasterer, 361 Otis 
Anderson Jacob W., barber, 1505 N 4th 
Anderson James, carman, r 1322 Frankford av 
Anderson James, chair maker, 730 Swanson 
Anderson James, clerk, 344 Christian 
Anderson James, coachman, 16 Benton 
Anderson James, cooper, Howard n Mont- 
gomery av 
Anderson James, drayman, r 735 Baker 
Anderson James, engineer, r 305 Noble 
Anderson James, flour, 124 Congress 
Anderson James, laborer, 1430 N Front 
Anderson James, laborer, 1008 Poplar 
Anderson James, laborer, 752 S loth 
Anderson James, M.D., 1103 Thompson, h 1300 

N 11th 
Anderson James, porter, 1228 Fulton 
Anderson James, porter, 510 Catharine 
Anderson James, seaman, r 133 Carpenter 
Anderson Jas., watchman, rear 1214 Ridge av 
Anderson James, weaver, Dauphin n Amber 
Anderson James, weaver, York n Frankford av 
Anderson James B., farmer, 256 Spring Garden 

Market, h (Chester) 
Anderson James B., produce, 225 South 
Anderson James H., laborer, Ella n Carroll 
Anderson James H., tobacconist, 519 N 2d 
Anderson James L., notions, 1025 Market, h 

532 Richmond 
Anderson James L., printer, 622 S 10th 
Anderson Jas. W., flour mill, 128 Dock, h 124 

Anderson Jane, dry goods, 929 South 
Anderson Jesse, moulder, 12 Otsego 
Anderson John, 117 N 19th 
Anderson John, box maker, 24 Oxford 
Anderson John, bricklayer, r 820 N 15th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Anderson .lohn, chandler, 666 Andress Anderson Phil. P., (col'd) whitew. 1016 Vernon 

Anderson John, carpet weaver, n Reading - R R Anderson Rachel, (col'd) washer, 61 o Barclay 

Bridge, (Falls Schuylkill) Anderson Rebecca, widow, 323 Catharine 

Anderson John, clerk, 118 S 2d Anderson Richard, seaman, William n Melvale 

Anderson John, cooper, Howard n Mont- Anderson Robert, coachmaker, 1259 Mervine 

gomery av 
Anderson John, driver, 29 N 22d 
Anderson John, driver, 1218 Fitz water 
Anderson John, engineer, r 1239 Olive 
Anderson John, furniture car, N 18th c Market 

h 21 S 18th 
Anderson John, laborer, S 18th n Carpenter 
Anderson John, lab. Kensington av n Adams, Anderson Robert, warper, 144 Oxford 
Anderson John, lab. Lamb Tavern n Ridge av Anderson Robert, weaver, 205 South 

Anderson Robert, drayman, 1322 N Front 
Anderson Robert, laborer, r 172 Columbia av 
Anderson Robert laborer, Wood n N 24th 
Anderson Robert marble w. Market n 33d (W P) 
Anderson Robert, shoemaker, 312 Richmond 
Anderson Robert, shoemaker, r 1074 Fkd av 
Anderson Robert, Venetian blinds, 1429 Vienna 

Anderson John, machinist, 517 N 23d 
Anderson John, mason, 18 Boyd's av 
Anderson John, piano maker, 1425 Stiles 
Anderson John, seaman, 108 South 
Anderson John, shoemaker, 153 N 2d 
Anderson John, spooler, r 1346 Shippen 
Anderson John, tailor, 1113 Race 
Anderson John, weaver, r 1322 Frankford av 
Anderson John, weaver, 6 Loomis pi 
Anderson John, weaver. York n Amber 
Anderson John, weaver, York n Emerald 
Anderson John, wheelwright, 2 Skell's pi, r 838 

Anderson Bobert, weaver, 2032 Callowhill 
Anderson Robert F., teas, 791 S 2d, h 929 South 
Anderson Robt. G., blinds, 209 Poplar, h Vienna 

n Belgrade 
Anderson Robt. H., carpenter, 912 S Front 
Anderson Robt. H., flour mill, 128 Dock, h 124 

Anderson Robert T., wheelwright, 1301 Parrish 
Anderson Saml., plasterer, Dauphin n Sepviva 
Anderson Saml., provis., Market n N 39th (W P) 
Anderson Saml. B., tobacconist, 3d c Washing- 
ton av, h 4 Dove pi 
Anderson Saml., weaver, Mechanic (Myk) 

Anderson John, (col'd,) porter, 730 Lombard Anderson Samuel, jr., teas, 791 S 2d 
Anderson John A., grocer, Lombard c 19th, Anderson Samuel M., drv goods, 425 Market, h 

h 1841 Addison 403 S 8th 

Anderson John B., clerk, 325 N 10th Anderson Sarah, wid. Abraham, 1121 Catharine 

ANDERSON JOHN B, Venetian blinds, 1711 Anderson Sirena, washerwoman, 1010 Medical 

Market Anderson Stephen, moulder, 232 Greenwich 

Anderson John E., clerk, 214 S Front, h 925; Anderson Stephen D., clerk, P. O., h 26 Ellen 

Callowhill i Anderson Stewart, laborer, 1251 Palethorp 

Anderson John E., hair curler, 524 Master ! Anderson Theodore, foreman, 1225 Beach 

Anderson John H., book binder, 489 York av Anderson Thomas, liquors, 828 Race, h N 10th 

Anderson John L., hosiery, 308 N 8th 
Anderson John R., artist, 26 Jarvis 
Anderson John R., tailor, 141 Jarvis 
Anderson Joseph, blacksmith, 610 Federal 

n Race 

Anderson Thos.,blacksm. Irving ab S 37lh (WP) 
Anderson Thomas, laborer, 2334 Meredith 
Anderson Thomas, police, 729 St. John 

Anderson Joseph, laborer, N 33d c Elm (W P) Anderson Thomas, shoemaker, 1217 South 
Anderson Jos., (col'd,) musician, 744 Lombard Anderson Thomas, tailor, 1541 South 
Anderson Jos. R., silversmith, 1930 Girard av Anderson Thomas, weaver, Hope n York 
Anderson Julius, (col'd,) 15 Emeline Anderson Thomas (col'd) laborer 412 Gaskill 

Anderson Lafayette, combmaker, 1349 Marl- Anderson Wash., shoem., Franklin n Dauphin 

borough Anderson Wm., merchant, h 241 S 6th 

Anderson Levi, (col'd,) seaman, 5 Caroline p! | Anderson Wm., carpenter, 1231 Charlotte 
Anderson Louis, boat builder, 919 Warren Anderson Win., cartman, 339 Monroe 

Anderson Louise, 240 Duponceau 
Anderson Margaret, wid. George, 159 Master 
Anderson Mary, dress maker, 1132 Division 
Anderson Mary, dry goods, 919 Catharine 
Anderson Mary, widow, 2115 Callowhill 
Anderson Mary, wid. 800 S 3d 
Anderson Mary (col'd,) cook, 612 Ashbury 
Anderson Mary A., wid. washing, Township line 

rd n Carpenter (Gtn) 
Anderson Matthew, weaver, 326 Belgrade 
Anderson Melville, clerk, 1227 S 5th 
Anderson Michael, flour, 124 Congress 
Anderson Michael, laborer, r 735 Baker 
Anderson Morris, fisherman, 6 Littlebelt pi 
Anderson Moses, cloth folder, School al n N 23d 
Anderson Nicholas, weaver, 1514 American 
Anderson Patrick, laborer, 513 Penn 
Anderson Perry, (col'd) laborer, 524 Barron 
Anderson Peter, umbrella maker, 604 Locust 

Anderson Wm., clerk, 316iDove pi 
Anderson Wm., combs, 1347 Marlborough 
Anderson Wm, drayman, 13 S 20th 
Anderson Wm., laborer, 1218 Fitzwater 
Anderson Win., laborer, 914 Otsego 
Anderson Wm., machinist, 2115 Callowhill 
Anderson Wm., mor finisher, N Front n York 
Anderson Wm., moulder, r 1302 N Front 
Anderson Wm., nailmaker, 13U7 Lawrence 
Anderson Wm., plasterer, Little Wayne (Gtn) 
Anderson Win., sexton, 1315 Rodman 
Anderson "Wm., spooler, 2051 South 
Anderson Wm., weaver, r 131 Jefferson 
Anderson Wm., weaver, Morris n Front 
Anderson Wm., weaver, 1429 Philip 
Anderson Wm., (col'd; white-washer, 5 Emeline 
Anderson Wm. B., blinds, 1114 N 2d, & 1111 

Gtn av 
Anderson Wm. F., plumber, 1505 N 4th 

Jules Hauel &. Co. Importers and Perfumers. 




Anderson Wm. F-, teas, 102 Market, h 929 South I Andrews Daniel, seaman, 833 Grover 
Anderson Wm. H., liquors, Dauphin c Carroll j Andrews David, dealer, 3 Curry's ct 



ANDERSON WILLIAM H., flour, 104 S 

av, h 2325 Green 
Anderson Wm. S., clerk, 314 Market, h 

N 10th 
Anderson Wm. T., flour, 1116 Shippen 
Anderson Wm. V., gent. 628 Spruce 
Anderton Ann, fancy goods, 1015 Walnut 
Andlauer Jacob, beer, 307 S 5th 
Andrade Charles E., machinist, 1042 S 4th 
ANDRADE JOSEPH, mer. 121 Walnut, h 517 

Andre G. & Co., {Gustave Andre Sf George E. 

Saurmann,) music, 1104 Chestnut 
Andre Gustave, music, 1104 Chestnut 
Andrea Charles, machinist, N 2d n Oxford 
Andres Charles, chairmaker, r 514 Parrish 
Andres Christian, wheelwright, 1024 N 3d 
Andres John, fisherman, 925 Palmer 
Andres Margaret, 1517 Lawrence 
Andres Nicholas, Dauphin n Cedar 
Andress & Bro., {Samuel C. Andress Sf Isaac T. 

Andress,) hosiery, 57 N 8th 
Andress & Co., {Wm. Andress,) hosiery, &c, 

30 S 4th 
Andress & Durell, ( Wm. Andress Sf Edward H. 

Durell,) hosiery, 634 N 2d 
Andress Casper, stove moulder, 2024 Coates 
Andress Charles, baker, 715 Thompson 
Andress Charles, coachmaker, 237 Chester 
Andress Ceorge, bricklayer, 114 Green 
Andress George, shoes, 1040 N 2d 
Andress Isaac T., hosiery, 57 N 8th, h 1110 

Andress Jacob, laborer, Barker's ct n Crease 
Andress Joseph, laborer, 960 Leithgow 
Andress Mary, 1433 Lawrence 
Andress Richard P., paper hanger, 1237 Otis 
Andress Samuel C, hosiery, 57 N 8th, h 809 

Andress Wm., hosiery, 30 S 4th and 634 N 2d, 

h 430 N 4th 
Andrew Charles R., shoemaker, 1423 N 10th 
Andrew Mary, wid. Rich., Paul n Sellers (Fkd) 
Andrew Thomas G., designer, Garden n N 38th 
Andrews Abraham, morocco dresser,314 Beaver 
Andrews Alexander J., forwarder, Market n 31st 

(W P) h Baring n N 36th 
Andrews Alonzo R,, 102 N 15th 
ANDREWS & DIXON, James Andrews Sf 

Thomas S Dixon) furnaces, 1324 Chestnut, 

& S 22d n Market, 
ANDREWS & MORRIS, {Henry W. Andrews 

Sf W. H. Morris) brokers, 125 S Front 
Andrews & Thorne, {Samuel Andrews Sf 

Franklin M. Thorne) grocers, 8 Market 
Andrews Amelia, tailoress, 2 Wirt pi 
Andrews Augustus, trunks, 612 Chestnut 
Andrews B. &. Son, {Augustus Andreivs) trunks, 

612 Chestnut, & 17 S 6th 
Andrews Benjamin, clerk, 538 Pine 
Andrews Benjamin, trunk maker, 17 S 6th, & 

612 Chestnut, h 309 N 6th 
Andrews Benjamin J., supt. 5th 8c 6th st R R, 

1426 Marshall 
Andrews Blythe C, cutter, 834 Wharton 
Andrews Daniel, cappenter, r 14 Christian 

Andrews David, paper stainer, 816 S 17th 
Andrews David, (colored) waiter, 228 Quince 
Andrews David W., machinist, 1328 Lombard 
Andrews Edward, clerk, 208 Chestnut, h 110 

S 2d 
Andrews Edward C, conductor, 2305 Coates 
Andrews Edward G., conveyancer, 428 Walnut, 

h 309 N 6th 
Andrews Emily, widow of James, 834 Wharton 
Andrews Frederick, tailor, Allegheny House 
Andrews George, manufacturer, 739 S Juniper 
Andrews Henry, brass foundery, 1116 Beach, 

1108 Elm 
Andrews Henry, laborer, 1021 S 10th 
Andrews Henry W., broker, 125 S Front, h 

1703 Locust 
Andrews, Hillman & Co., {Henry Andrews, 
James Hillman, Sf James Wilson) brass 
foundery, 1116 Beach 
Andrews Isabella, widow of Robert, 1332 Pearl 
Andrews Jacob, blacksmith, 505 Mendon pi 
Andrews James, furnaces, 1324 Chestnut, & S 

22d c Simes, h Race n N 35th (WP) 
Andrews Jane, widow of David, 214 George 
Andrews John, bottler, 517 Minor, h 1711 

Andrews John, bottler, 204 N 15th 
Andrews John, furniture, 1426 Germantown av 
Andrews John, Custom House clerk, h 22d 

Andrews John, grocer, 525 S 18th 
Andrews John, machinist, 422 N 20th 
Andrews John, provisions, 2021 Vine 
Andrews John, shoemaker, 133 Prime 
Andrews John J., conductor, 1754 N 6th 
Andrews John T., clerk, 910 Market, h 266 

Andrews Joseph, Tulip n Dauphin 
Andrews Joseph, dealer, 630 Middle al 
Andrews Joseph, laborer, 1021 S 10th 
Andrews Joseph B., 913 Pine 
Andrews Joseph W„ painter, 124 Green 
Andrews Joshua, blacksmith, 191 Buttonwood 
Andrews Joshua, clerk, 538 Pine 
Andrews Josiah N., salesman, 513 Market 
Andrews L aura, wid. of Richard, 1234 Randolph 
Andrews Margaret, widow, 516 S 17th 
Andrews Martin Harrison, edilor, 148 S 4th, h 

910 N 20th 
Andrews Mary, seamstress, Jackson n Ells- 
Andrews Mary, widow of Charles, 304 N 9th 
Andrews Michael, watchman, Frankford av n 

Lehigh av 
Andrews Peter, stone cutter, r 913 St. John 
Andrews Peter A., crimper, r 823 Charlotte 
Andrews Richard, tavern, c Prime & Moya- 

mensing av 
Andrews Robert, Downing n Penna. av 
Andrews Robert, blacksmith, Cuyler n N 20th 
Andrews Robert, drayman, 1628 N 11th 
Andrews Robert, mineral waters, 1224 Rodman, 

h 1227 Rodman 
Andrews Robt., umbrella maker, r 604 S Front 
Andrews Samuel, grocer, 8 Market, h 4th n 
Market (Camden) 

should be pleased to exhibit their Stock. 




Andrews Samuel C, trimming-s, 57 N 8th, & 30 

S 4th, h 809 Buttonwood 
Andrews Sarah, widow of Robert, 422 N 20th 
Andrews Sarah C, hat finisher, 221 Lombard 
Andrews Sophia, washer, 1908 Buttonwood 
Andrews T. Cecil, printer, Broad (Iioxb) 
Andrews Tamar, tailoress, 121 Catharine 
Andrews Thomas A„ Concert Hall, 1221 Chest 

nut, h N 41st c Westminster av (W P) 
Andrews Thomas G., designer, 409 Chestnut, h 

Garden (W P) 
Andrews Washing-ton, watchman, 763 S Front 
Andrews William, laborer, 711 N 17th 
Andrews William, laborer, 1227 Rodman 
Andrews William, mineral waters, 1227 Rod- 
Andrews William, stone cutter, 711 N 17th 
Andrews William A., trunk maker, 612 Chest- 
nut, h Centre c Hancock (Gtn) 
Andrews Wilson, laborer, 735 S 13th 
ANDREYKOVICZ JULES, manufacturer, 108 

Arch, h 338 S 19th 
Ang- Georg-e, laborer, h 1222 Hope 
Ang-el Sarah, widow, house cleaner, 923 Alder 
Ang-ele Lewis, school, 209 S 4th 
Ang-eleman Elizabeth, weaver, Grape (Myk) 
Ang-elo Henry, florist, 247 Spring - Garden 

market, h Belmont av 
Angerer Ernest, shoemaker, 8 Levant 
ANGIER, HUG EL & CO., {William Rotch 
Angler, Adolph Hugcl <§■ William G. Allen) 
malsters and forwarding' merchants, 225, 
227 & 231 N Broad, Pear ab Dock, and 
Thompson & Hutchinson 
Angier William Rotch, com. mer., 225 N Broad, 

h Locust c 19th 
Ang-len Francis, blacksmith, N 42d n Haver- 
ford (W P) 
Ang-lim John, porter, 4 Clawges' ct 
Angney George N., bootfitter, 522 Thompson 
Ang-ney John, drayman, 522 Thompson 
Ang-ney John R., car driver, N 12th n Oxford 
Ang-ney John R., drag-gist, Spruce c S 5th 
Ang-roth Charles, upholsterer, 318 St. John 
Anholt George, carpet weaver, 1513 Mervine 
Anne Frederick, police, 755 S 6th 
ANNEAR JOHN, blacking- manuf. 127 N Front, 

h 1413 N 13th 
Anneley John, bookbinder, 437 Catharine 
Annely Rebecca, trimming-s, 436 Germau 
Anners Henry F., Walnut la (Gtn) 
Aiming John B., police, 1337 S 10th 
Annis Elizabeth, (colored) cook, 106 Gatzmer 
Annon Joseph, moulder, 1716 Callowhill 
Ansbey Georg-e, 1001 Academy 
Anschbach John, tailor, r 1307 Lawrence 
Anschutz Casper, shoemaker, 122 Coates 
Anschutz Edward, gunsmith, 633 N 2d 
Anschutz John P., bookkeeper, 504 Market, h 

416 N 5th 
Ansley John W., stair builder, 814 Depot 
An&on B. J., fruit, 6 N Delaware av 
Anson John, farmer, Township line n Gtn 
Anson Matthew, milk, Germantown av (Ches- 

nut Hill) 
Anspach Charles, tinsmith, r 1339 Houston 
Anspach Charles E., dry g-oods, 130 N 3d, h 
1527 Arch 

Anspach Georg-e, tanner, 1339 Houston 
Anspach John, jr., pres.,230 S 3d, & dry g-oods, 

130 N 3d, h 858 N Broad 

Anspach, Reed &. Co., {John Anspach, jr., Jas 

M. \lecd, William and ('liar les E. Anspach, 

Sf D avid M. Swarr,) dry g-oods, 130 N 3d 

Anspach William, dry g-oods, 130 N 3d, and 

pres., 12 Merch. Exch., h 537 N 6th 
Anstice Charles, J., tailor, 133 N 6th, h 1614 

Anstice William, 904 N 5th 
Anstis Wills, carpet weaver, 1 Enos pi 
Antelo Anthony J., com. mer., 38 S Delaware 

av 8c 39 S Water, h 1405 Walnut 
Anthe Adam, restaurant, 430 Watkins 
Anther James, laborer, r 483 Dillwyn 
Anthony Charles, painter, 1127 South 
Anthony David, (col'd,) shoe maker, 266 S 5th, 

h 4*32 Harmony 
Anthony Georg-e, harness mr., Spruce n Broad, 

h (S Camden) 
Anthony John, picture frames, r 1027 N 3d 
Anthony Joseph, carpenter, 1039 Sarah 
Anthony Josh, Venetian blinds, 735 S 3d 
Anthony Joseph W., machinist, 1632 S 6th 
Anthony Mark, clerk, 248 Market, h N 10th n 

Girard av 
Anthony R. R. D., (col'd,) porter, r 1008 Rod- 

Anthony Samwel, shoemaker, r 942 Beach 
Anthony Simon, bar tender, r 833 Charlotte 
Anthony Wirt., (col'd,) clothing-, 70 N 2d, h 15 

\ntill Joseph, hosiery, Clinton (Gtn) 
Antoni Ann, (colored,) washerwoman, 414 Gas- 

Antoni Henry, dental insts., 420 S 16th 
Antonio Joseph, cabinetmaker, 439 Redwood 
Antony David, (col'd,) bootmaker, S 5th n 

Spruce, h 432 Harmony 
Antony William, (col'd,) stevedore, Utica pi 
Antriken Joseph, machinist, Tulip n Townsend 
\ntriken Thomas, carpenter, Tulip n Towns- 
Antrim Anna, widow Charles W., 1236 Parrish 
Antrim Charles, blacksmith, 941 Auburn 
Antrim John, bricklayer, 629 Hallowell 
Antrim Pindar, dentistry, 1536 Cabot 
Antrim R. B., wood turner, Olive c Broad, h 

1236 Potts 
Antrim Sarah, boarding-, 1015 Cherry 
Antrimen Hipolite, dyer, Nandain, n 23d 
Antriss Peter, laborer, r 1209 N 6th 
Antrobuss William, loom, 2230 Clayton 
Antwiller Joseph, lamp maker, 957 St John 
Antz Charlotte, widow William, doctress, 711 

Apel Charles, baker, r 712 Guilford 
Apel Henry, porter, r 712 Guilford 
Apel John, hair dresser, 417 Callowhill, h 413 

Apeldorn Charles W., tailor, 318 Race, h 608 

Spring Garden 
Apeldorn John, moulder, 28 Cuba 
Apelt Bruno, tailor, Coates c N 3d 
Apfel John, bookbinder, 527 Race 
Apker Henry, mechanic, 1203 S 8th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Apker Joseph, turner, 1203 S 8th 
Apker Sarah, tailoress, r 1026 Moyamensing av 
Apkey Elizabeth, huckster, 92 Shippen st mar- 
ket, li 546 Marriott 
Apkey Henry, rope maker, 541 Marriott 
App Lewis, cigars, h 1315 N 17th 
App Lewis H., coppersmith, r 814 Coates 
App Saml., watch mi-., 5 N 4th, h 922 Morgan 
Appel Adam, cooper, 5th n Columbia av 
Appel Hannah, milliner, 531 N 8th, h 530 N 8th 
Appel Henry, coach maker, r 820 Willow 
Appel Henry, tailor, 240 Tine 
Appel Henry, painter, 7 Willow 
Appel Isaac, peddler, 530 N 8th 
Appelhauser Michael, ragman, Memphis n Dau- 
Appie Charles, saddler, 419 Brown 
Apple Adam, cooper, N 5th n Germantown av 
Apple Ephraim Y., clerk, 923 Poplar 
Apple Frederick, laborer, 610 Carpenter 
Apple George, painter, r 814 Enquirer 
Apple H., & Sons, (Henry, Henri/, jr., § J. Ber- 
nard,) coopers, 121 S Water, 230 N Water 
& 229 N Front . 
Apple Henry, cooper, 230 N Water, h 620 Par- 

Apple Henry, foreman, 836 Auburn 
Apple Henry, jr., cooper, 121 S Water, h 430 

Apple Jacob, coppersmith, 813 Enquirer 
Apple Jacob, moulder, 610 N 3d 
Apple John, alderman, 610 N 3d 
Apple John, varnisher, 11 Mureu's pi 
Apple John, jr., segarmaker, 848 McGrath 
Apple J. Bernard, gauger, 230 N Water & 229 

N Front, h 854 Randolph 
Apple Michael, tailor, 143 Noble 
Apple Peter H., block cutter, 1938 Howell 
Apple Philip M., potter, 813 Enquirer 
Apple Theodore M., cooper, 122 Gothic & 104 

Gatzmer, h Swanson n Christian 
Apple William, potter, 3 Barber's row 
Apple Wm., pres., 274 S 3d, h at Westchester 
Apple William S., chairmaker, r 820 McGrath 
Applebee John, weaver, r 210 Green 
Applegate Daniel T., bricklaver, 613 Jayne, h 

806 Wood 
Applegate David, laborer, Moms c S Front 
Applegate David C, confectioner}-, 1220 Pine 
Applegate Edward, laborer, r 936 Rachael 
Applegate Francis, variety store, 734 S 2d, h 

202 Monroe 
Applegate James, laborer, r 1077 Beach 
Applegate Jediah T., conductor, 2214 Naudain 
Applegate Job, miller, 1509 Barclay 
Applegate John, carp., Franklin n Sellers (Fkd) 
Applegate John, oysterman, r 755 Swanson 
Applegate John F., tailor, 337 Redwood 
Applegate John W, medicines, 1331 Ontario, 
Applegate Joseph C, ice dealer, 1501 Barclay 
Applegate Rebecca, widow John, 15 Queen 
Applegate Robert, bricklayer, 1329 Brandy- 
Applegate Robert, laborer, 124 Hazel 
Applegate Sarah, wid. Samuel, r Sidmouth pi 
Appleton Daniel, cordwainer, 3 Timothy 
Appleton Elizabeth, 1709 Arch 
Appleton George, clerk, G T av n Diamond 

Appleton George, jr., grocer, 131 N 15th 
Appleton Harriet, 854 S Front 
Appleton James, sec. 228 Walnut, h 1733 Arch 
Appleton Joseph, coachmaker, Adams n Ken- 
sington av 
Appleton Joseph D., bookbinker, 3 Timothy 
Appleton Oliver, dver, 1316 Crease 
Appleton R. W., M.D., 1709 Arch 
Appleton Saml., agent, Ridge av c Columbia av 
Appleton Samuel, carpenter, 1118 Fitzwater 
Appleton Samuel, dyer, Hancock n Oxford, h 

187 Oxford 
Appleton Tacy, wid. George W., 874 N 6th 
Appleton Thomas, cooper, 50 Wash, av h 116 

Appoloina Sister, St John's Orphan Asvlum, 

Hestonville (W P) 
Apt Jacob, undertaker, Brown c Mason 
Apt Michael C, machinist, Brown c Mason 
Arack Albert A., tobacconist, 1319 Cadwalader 
Arack John, musician, 1319 Cadvialader 
Aramingo Chemical Works, Frankford avenue 

Arand Daniel, shipcarpenter, Maple n Linden 
Arata Lorenzo, dealer, Darcy n Shippen 
Arbelo Joseph, clerk, 33 Almond 
Arbogast Charles, tailor, 856 Orchard 
Arbuckle Archibald, moroccodr. 104 Green 
Arbuckle Daniel, manuf. Canal, Myk. h Wash 

ington (Myk) 
Arbuckle David, police, 1027 Pearl 
Arbuckle Elizabeth, wid. Joseph, 1013 Wood 
Arbuckle Henry J., printer, 104 Green 
Arbuckle James J„ auctioneer, 1047 Fkd av 
Arbuckle Samuel, carrier, 919 Warnock 
Arbuckle Samuel, lastmaker, 104 Green 
ARCADE HOTEL, 621 Chestnut 
Arch St. House, ft Arch on Delaware 
Arch St. R Road Co., office, 2572 Callowhill 
ARCHAMBAULT A. L., portable steam en- 
gine builder, N 15th c Hamilton, h 1726 

Archambault Joseph, 21 N 11th 
Archambault La Fayette, dry goods, Spring 

Garden c Franklin, h 1106 Mt Vernon 
Archambault N. B., machinist, 15th & Hamil- 

ton( h 1313 Olive 
Archambault S. H., dry goods, Franklin c Sp 

ARCHAMBAULT VICTOR E./dry goods, 1037 

Market, h 1316 Sp Garden 
Archamlack Martha A., wid. Wm., seamstress, 

715 Baker 
Archdeacon Dennis, painter, 906 Christian 
Archdeacon Joseph F., coach trimmer, 802 


Archdeacon Thos., coach builder, 103 Laurel 
Archer Abel, carman, rear 1108 N Front 
Archer Chas. E., shoemaker, rear 755 P av 
Archer Chas. L., brushmaker, 312 Marriott 
Archer Charles S., clerk, 1040 Sarah 
Archer Christ., watchmaker, 1208 Leithgow 
Archer Christiana, board'g house, 1127 Filbert 
Archer Daniel, hatter, 943 Ridge av 
Archer Francis, carter, 934 Perry 
Archer HevierJ" gasmetre, 1502 Callowhill 
Archer Isaac, grocery, 1041 Sarah 
Archer James, coachman, 3 Curran pi 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Archer James, engTaver, 118 Bread 

Archer John, bootfitter, 1113 Market 

Archer John, lab. Hancock n Oxford 

Archer John, tailor, 934 Percey 

Archer Joseph, plasterer, 508 Buckley 

Archer Pierce, carter, 932 Poplar 

Archer Pierce, jr.. attv. & coun. 213 S 6th, h 

932 Poplar* 
Archer Rupert, jeweler, 816 Callowhill 
Archer Simon, watebcase maker, 604 Middle al 
Archer Theodore, watch case mr. 604 Middle al 
Archer Thomas, carpenter, 323 Bradford 
Archer Thomas, lab. r Fitler n Harrison 
Archer Thomas, lab. Irving - ab S 37th (W P) 
Archer Wm, dyer, Leiper n Sellers (Fkd) 
Archer "Win. E., carp. Tyler n Poplar, h 932 

Archer Wm. V., attv. & coun. 37 S 3d, h 223 S 

Archery Margaret, wid. Joseph, seamstress, 11 

Colebrook pi 
Archer Hannah, wid. Charles, 317 Wildey 
Archibald Geo. W., silverplater, 612 Thompson 
Archibald Henry, druggist, 1302 S 13th 
Archibald John, wool, Somerset n'Salmon 
Archibald John, silverplater, 612 Thompson 
Archibald Wm, clerk, Somerset n Salmon 
Arcnoclt Valeatine, wheelwright, Cumberland 

n Palethorp 
Ard Joseph B., M.U., 1616 Arch 
Aider Elliott, 1332 Warnock 
Ardis Albert A., bricklayer, 1034 S 6th 
Ardis Elizabeth, tailoress, r 842 S 2d 
Ardis George L., lab. 121 Prime 
Ardis Hannah A., wid. Wright B., 1330 S 7th 
Ardis Wright, carpenter, 126 Keefe 
Ardley Alexander, merchant, 912 Pine 
Ardrey Robert, machinist, 422 N 23d 
Ardwick Wm., painter, 1028 Christian 
Ardy John, bleacher, Sellers n Unity (Fkd) 
Aregood George W., brickmaker, 1318 S 

Arell John, lab. Adrian n Thompson 
Arend Augustus, druggist, Poplar c N8th 
Arend Frederick, jeweler, 414 Prune, h 824 


Arend Jacob, farmer, Frankford av(Aramingo) 
Arensfeld E. & H., (Elizabeth Arensfeld $ Hen 
rietta Arensfeld), embroideries, 122 N 8th 
Arensfeld Elizabeth, embroideries, 122 N 8th 
Arensfeld Henrietta, embroideries, 122 N 8th 
Arev Henrv W., attv. & coun. &. sec. Girard 

" College, 257 S 9th 
Argraves Christian, weaver, "Worth n Orthodox 
Argraves Moses, Worth n Orthodox (Fkd) 
Argraves Thomas, Worth n Orthodox (Fkd) 
Argraves Thomas, boltmaker, 939 Lombard 
Argue David, shoes, & plasterer, 1231 Poplar 
Argue George W., engineer, Cumberland n 

Argue Jane, matron, 912 Sansom, h 910 Sansom 
Arkena Elizabeth, wid. Henry, rear 774 S 2d 
Arkinson Wm., teamster, Carlton n Burr's av 
Arkright John, laborer, Washington (Myk) 
Arleth Frederick, tailor, Salmon* (Bdg) 
Arman Francis, baker, 1225 Pine 
Armand D. G., butcher, 365 Spring Garden st 
Market, h Canal n 27th 

Armand Mathias, victualer, stall 1 Pine street 

Market, h Poplar n N 28th 
Armbrush Jacob, baker, 20 Cliristian 
Armbrust Christian, bricklayer, Montgomery av 

ab Frankford av 
Armbruster Geo. B., clerk, 915 N 11th 
Armbrustcr John G., fancy goods, 306 N 3d, h 

918 Sargeant 
Armbruster Joseph, street com. 1219 Vienna 
Armbruster Lawrence, shoem. r 913 St. John 
Armbruster Nicholas, laborer, 45 Leopard 
Armbruster Peter, fane v goods, 306 X3d, h 312 

N 11th 
Armbruster Peter ScBro., (Peter 4" John G. Arm- 

bruste-',) fancy goods, 306 N 3d 
Arment Henry, carpenter, 2029 Carlton 
Arment Oliver T., dry goods, 2121 Locust 
Arment Wm., coach painter, 1217 Melon 
Armer Thomas, laborer, Green c St. John 
Armhold Henry, tailor, 1318 Gtn av 
Armhold Max, shoemaker, 456 Kerr 
Armitage Edward, miller, n Mechanicsville 
Armitage Geo. W., boatman, Baker (Myk) 
Armitage Jacob, miller, Southampton rd 
Armitage Joe, weaver, Moore n Carroll 
Armitage John, painter, 2033 Market 
Armitage Robert B., watchman, 221 Perry 
Armitage Thomas, boatman, Main nPenii (Mvk) 
ARMITAGE THOMAS, lightning rods, 1206 

Vine, h 1439 Cherry 
Armond John, waterman, r i>3 Poplar 
Armond Thomas, boilerm., Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Armour John, carter, 1530 Brinton 
Armour Joseph D., (col'd) waiter 422 Gaskill 
Armour Margaret, (col'd) domestic, 422 Gaskill 
Armour Thomas, carpenter, 1810 South 
Armstead Elizabeth, (col'd) chambermaid,J101(. 

Armstead John & Levi Cromwell, (col'd) rest- 
aurant, 411 Chestnut 
Armstead Jas., (col'd) steward, 1010 Fitzwater 
Armstead John, rest., 411 Chestnut, h 1319 Rye 
Armstrong A. & R.. (Andrew <$r Robert,) tobacco, 

51 S Front 
Armstrong Abraham, cooper, 127 Edward 
Armstrong Alexander, stone mason, 774 S 13th 
Armstrong &. Chadwick, (James A. Armstrong 

4" George H. Chadwick,) perfumers, 39 

Strawberry 8c X 4th c Thompson 
Armstrong & Co., (James Armstrong <£ James 

Shaw,) woolen manuf., Dewey's la (Gtn) 
Armstrong Andrew, seaman, 27 Norfolk 
Armstrong And., tobac, 51 S Front, h 1406 Pine 
Armstrong Ann, widow James, 1213 Pearl 
Armstrong Ann J., dry goods, 1829 Lombard 
Armstrong Ber., salesm., Waterloo n Clearfield 
Armstrong Bur. W., elk., Waterloo n Clearfield 
Armstrong Catharine, tailoress, 1524 "Willow 
Armstrong Catharine, wid. Jacob, 1131 Parrish 
Armstrong Charles, N 2d n Norris 
Armstrong Charles laborer, Richmond n Ann 
Armstrong Charles E., merchant, 35 S 2d, h 

622 N 6th 
Armstrong Daniel, conductor, Keystone House 
Armstrong David, bricklayer, 1538 N 6th 
Armstrong David, plasterer, 1827 Lombard 
Armstrong Edward, attv. & coun. and Sec. N 

Pa R R Co., 407 Walnut, h Church la (G T) 

Jules Hauel & Co., manufacturers of Perfumery, Cosmetics, 




Armstrong Edward, liquor, 1301 N Front 
Armstrong 1 Edward, shoemaker, 1026 S 9th 
Armstrong - Eliza, white washer, 1127 Pearl 
Armstrong Eliza, wid. John, Letterly n Amber 
Armstrong Elizabe., trimmings, 1744 Callowhill 
Armstrong Ellen, (col'd) widow 1025 Rodman 
Armstrong Ellen, housekeeper, 1521 N Front 
Armstrong Francis, carter, 1935 Moravian 
Armstrong Francis, dyer, Bedford n S 13th 
Armstrong Francis, feed, Hamilton c 19th, h 

1524 Willow i 

Armstrong Fran. E., brickl., Letterly n Amber 
Armstrong Francis W., shoes, Main (Myk) 
Armstrong Geo., bookkpr., Tanner n Mcllvain 
Armstong George, clerk, 262 S Front 
Armstrong George, clerk, 5th c Race 
Armstrong George, laborer, 1509 Fitzwater 
Armstrong George, tanner, Emerald n Sergeant 
ARMSTRONG GEORGE H., atty. & coun, 605 

Walnut, h 1415 Lombard 
Armstrong George L., dealer, 1315 Bedford 
Armstrong Guy, 11 Augusta pi 
Armstrong Hester, (col'd) widow John, washer- 
woman, 202 Brier pi 
Armstrong H. G. A Son, (Horatio G. Armstrong 
<$r Thos. J. Armstrong^) stationery, 305 N 3d 
Armstrong Horatio G., paper, 305 N 3d, h 321 

Armstrong Jackson, feed, N Broad n Callowhill, 

h 1418 Howard 
Armstrong Jacob, mould., N5th n Susquehanna 
Armstrong James, bricklayer, 804 S loth 
Armstrong James, carp., Paschal n Lancaster 

av ( Monro eville) 
Armstrong James, clerk, 24 S Del. av, h 1130 

Armstrong James, cordwainer, 322 Thompson 
Armstrong James, dry gooch?, 1210 Gtn av 
Armstrong James, dyer, r Hancock n Jefferson 
Armstrong James, engineer, 35 N 21st 
Armstrong James, laborer, r 856 Orchard 
Armstrong James, machinist, r 2420 Hamilton 
Armstrong James, salesman, 1130 Jefferson 
Armstrong James, 1234 N Front 
Armstrong James, weaver, 1529 Philip 
Armstrong Jas., whipm., N 5th n Susquehanna 
Armstrong Jas., woolenmanuf. Dewey's la (Gtn; 
Armstrong Jas., (col'd) laborer, 1608 S 7th 
Armstrong Jas. A., perfumer, 39 Strawberry 

and 1300 N 4th, h 1 210 Gtn av 
Armstrong Jas. M., carpenter, 822 Buttonwood 
Armstrong John, cordwainer, 322 Thompson 
Armstrong John, laborer, Ann c Melvale (R) 
Armstrong John, laborer, N 34th ab Elm (W P) 
Armstrong John, painter, 611 Peach 
Armstrong John, plasterer, S 18th n Shippen 
Armstrong John, plumber, 739 Federal 
Armstrong John, tailor, 1023 Ellsworth 
Armstrong John, weaver, r 26 Dunton 
Armstrong John, weaver, Mill (Gtn) 
Armstrong John, (col'd) waiter, 406 Ratcliffe av 
Armstrong John M., compositor, 1131 Catharine 
Armstrong Joseph, carpenter, 114 Carpenter 
Armstrong Joseph, engineer, 633 Reed 
Armstrong Joseph, laborer, 720 Lindsay 
Armstrong Joshua, cutter, 721 Plover 
Armstrong Luke, laborer, Salmon n Lehigh av 
Armstrong Mary, washerwoman, 843 Orchard 

Armstrong- Mary, widow Joseph, 847 Earp 
Armstrong Mary, widow Thos., Linn's row n N 

Armstrong Mary A., dressmaker, 38 S 17th 
Armstrong Patrick, shoemaker, 1026 S 9th 
Armstrong Peter, (col'd) porter, 623 Barrow 
Armstrong Phillip P., printer, 767 Florida 
Armstrong Rebecca, wid. Edward, 418 S 11th 
Armstrong Robert, blacksmith, 834 N 13th 
Armstrong Robert, bricklayer, 1312 Catharine 
Armstrong Robert, bricklayer, 1404 Christian 
Armstrong Robert, carman, Kent n S 25th 
Armstrong Robert, machinist, 1701 Becket 
Armstrong Robert, mer. 51 S Front, h 1406 


Armstrong Robert, Rev,, 2146 Green 
Armstrong Robt., stone mason, 1322 Catharine 
Armstrong Dobert, turner, 922 Brown 
Armstrong Robert, carman, r 159 Master 
Armstrong Roland, wire worker, 2 Lincoln av 
Armstrong Samuel, boots, 615 N 2d 
Armstrong Samuel, currier, St. John c Willow, 

h 511 N Front 
Armstrong Sarah, boarding, 11 Augusta pi 
Armstrong Sarah, wid. Wm. M , 1408 Savery 
Armstrong Theodore, painter, r 128 Dana 
Armstrong Thomas, baker, r 1226 Mascher 
Armstrong Thomas, carman, 1730 Montrose 
Armstrong Thomas, carpenter, 35 N 21st 
Armstrong Thomas, engineer, 1426 Hope 
Armstrong Thomas, painter, Mulberry n Ox- 
ford (Fled) 
Armstrong Thomas, shoemaker, 1157 S 13th 
Armstrong Thomas, spar mr. Ann n Melvale 
Armstrong Thos., weaver, Dauphin n Carroll 
Armstrong Thos., (col'd,) waiter, 704 Lebanon 
ARMSTRONG THOMAS G., dental depot, 520 

Arch, h Gtn av n Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Armstrong Thomas J., drayman, r 1427 Hope 
Armstrong Thomas J., stationery, 305 N 3d, h 

324 New 
Armstrong Thomas M., M.D., Gtn av n Bring- 
hurst (Gtn) 
Armstrong Thomas S., clerk, 321 New 
Armstrong William, 503 N 18th 
Armstrong William, blacksmith, 35 N 21st 
Armstrong William, cabinetmr. 1331 Christian 
Armstrong William, carpenter, Ger Town av n 

Church (Gtn) 
Armstrong Wm., coachman, Bridge, (Whitehall) 
Armstrong William, dyer, 1324 Catharine 
Armstrong William, drayman, 5 Fisher's ct 
Armstrong William, drayman, 138 S Front, h 5 

Fairbank pi 
Armstrong William, huckster, 324 Front 
Armstrong William, laborer, 122 S 24th 
Armstrong William, laborer, S 21st n Market 
Armstrong William, mason, 1829 Lombard 
Armstrong "William, M.D., botanic medicines, 

722 Market, h 903 Wood 
Armstrong AVilliam, seaman, 606 Penn 
Armstrong William, stone mason, 805 S 13th 
Armstrong William, tailor, 511 N Front 
Armstrong Wm., weaver, Cresheim la, (Mount 

Armstrong William G., engraver, 517 Prune 
Armstrong William J., clerk, 1322 Catharine 
Armstrong William S., porter, r 934 S 5th 

Toilette and Shaving Soaps, Chemicals, Combs, Brushes, Essential Oils, &c. 




Arnaiz Victor W., cooper, 534 Mercury 
Vrnant Muntus, butclier, Poplar n 27th 
Arnat James, laborer, 2055 South 
Arndt Peter, tailor, 5 Bucking-ham pi 
Arncd Conrad, ragman, r 865 N 4th 
Arnest Benjamin N., waterman, 508 Pierce 
Arnest James D., dry goods, 415 Market, h 

Franklin House 
Arnett Harriet, widow William W., 1610 Sum- 
Arnett Margaret, tailoress, 1017 Carpenter 
Arnhold Charles, grocer, 676 Broad 
Arnhold Henry A., upholsterer, 1305 Coates 
Arnholdt Win., laborer, Carroll n Reading av 
Arnich Sebastian, Braddock n Frakford 
Arnold Aaron K. s clerk, 516 Chatham 
Arnold Abbert, brush maker, 2430 Hare 
Arnold Adolphus, tailor, 616 Cresson 
Arnold Albert E., clerk, 615 N 8th 
Arnold & Smith, {Michael Arnold 4" L. S. 
Smith,) hotel, Ridge av n Queen (F. Sch) 
ARNOLD & WILSON, (WiUiam J. Arnold A 
John W. Wilson,) manufs., 1010 Chestnut 
Arnold Augusta, milliner, 860 N 4th 
Arnold Benjamin, tailor, 927 Sar.som, h 1330 

Arnold Caroline, wid. John, 1640 Becket 
Arnold Christian, baker, 3 Letitia 
Arnold Crawford, clerk, 1214 Chestnut 
Arnold Edward, blacksmith, 1306 Kates 
Arnold Edvv. W. mer. 221 Chestnut, h 440 N 5th 
Arnold E. &. Co., (Emanuel Arnold, Simeon 
Arnold, Adolph Ancker 4* Jf. K. Arnold, 
Liquors, 150 N Front 
Arnold Emanuel, liquors, 150 N Front, h 516 

Arnold Ernst, segars, 1333 Gtn av 
Arnold Frank, laborer, 1207 Lawrence 
Arnold Frederick, shoemaker, 808 Burns 
Arnold Frederick K., clerk, 516 Chatham 
Arnold George C, Rev., 1821 Lombard 
Arnold George E., manager, Chestnut n S 5th, 

h Walnut n 38th (W P) 
Arnold Henry, laborer, Ash, (Bridesburg) 
Arnold Henry, shoemaker, 228 Race 
Arnold Hezekiah W, clothing, 55 N 3d, h 440 

N 5th 
Arnold Isabella, 15 S 9th 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 717 S 4th 
Arnold James, grocery, 627 Bedford 
Arnold James, tavern, 760 Passyunk av 
Arnold James A, actor, Sycamore n Locust 
Arnold John, blacksmith, 1242 Leithgow 
Arnold John, laborer, 860 N 4th 
Arnold John, shoes, 2059 Lombard 
Arnold John, shoemaker, 611 Vincent 
Arnold John, tailor, 901 S 6th 
Arnold John, wheelwright, 1726 Filbert, h Mar- 
ket ab 16th 
Arnold John F., shoemaker, 1532 Cabot 
Arn.,!:l John P., shoemaker, 965 Frankford av, ; 

h Fraily's al n Innis 
Arnold Joseph W., boot fitter, 926 Parrish 
Arnold Joseph W., 132 S 18th 
Arnold Lewis, mason, 1430 Columbia av 
Arnold Margaret, wid. James, Wheat n Reed 
Arnold Meyer, 440 N 5th 
Arnold Mich., hotel, Ridge av n Queen (F Sch) 

Arnold N. R., jeweler, 38 S 3d, 156 N 8th 
Arnold, Nusbaum & Nirdlinger, (Simon W. 
Arnold, Ernst Nusbaum, J. Nirdlinger 4" 
Hezekiah W. Arnold,) clothing, 55 N 3d 
Arnold Peter, brewer, 2332 Virginia 
Arnold Saml., liquors, 150 N Front, h 615 N 8th 
Arnold Samuel, shoe maker, 236 Perry 
Arnold Simeon, liquors, 150 N Front, h 615 

N 8th 
Arnold Simon W., clothing, 55 N 3d, h 440 

Arnold Uriah K., liquors, 150 N Front, h 516 

Arnold W. A., ventilators, 813 Lombard 
Arnold William, chemist, Diamond n Reading av 
Arnold William, laborer, 860 N 4th 
Arnold William, machinist, 442 Thompson 
Arnold William, shoes, 1127 Pine 
Arnold William A., manuf., 1010 Chestnut, h 

813 Lombard 
Arnold William G., bookbinder, 725 West 
A molt Frederick, cabt. maker, Penn r N 13th 
Arnot Ann, 254 Perry 
Arnot John, marble cutter, 254 Periy 
Arnott Jas., boatm., 5 Merida pi, r 763 S Front 
A.rold John M., tailor, 805 Poplar 
Aronheimer A., 1424 N 6th 
Aronheimer Louis, fancy goods, 127 N 3d, h 

321 Marshall 
Aronson Rud'h, clothes, 241 N 2d 
Arrants Richard B., mariner, 1049 N Front 
Arrigan Mary, sewing, r 116 Christian 
Arrison & Dingee, (John C. Arrison 4" Charles 

Dingee,) brick mrs., c S 23d 8c Wash, av 
Arrison & Smith, (Henry D. Arrison 4" Ralph 

A. Smith,) grocers, 1331 Ridge av 
Arrison Charles, farmer, Bustleton rd 
Arrison Charles L., machinist, 4 McCullough's 

ct, n S 9th 
Arrison Edward, carpenter, Bustleton rd 
Arrison Henry D., grocer, 1331 Ridge av, Ji 

1737 Coates 
Arrison James M., dry goods, 1008 Chestnut, h 

1519 Poplar 
Arrison John, hotel, 301 N 20th 
Arrison John, shoe maker, 212 N 10th 
Arrison John, weaver, Rainbow ct 
Arrison John C, bricks, Washington av n S 

23d, h 608 N 17th 
Arrison John P., mission., 531 North, h 1437 

N 7th 
Arrison Joseph, carter, Washington av n S 21st 
Arrison Maria, widow Matthew, 1519 Poplar 
Arrison Matthew AV., bricklayer, 809 N 16th 
Arrison Peter, fanner, Bustleton rd 
Arrison Peter, shoe maker, Lombard (Hbg) 
Arrison Rosetta S., teacher, 264 Perry 
Arrison Samuel, 1519 Poplar 
Arrot Colin, M. D., 1618 Poplar 
Arrott 'William, clerk, 423 Chestnut, h Robin- 
son (Myk) 
Art Ann, widow Samuel, 37 Catharine 
Art Jacob C , carpenter, 30 Catharine 
Arthur Abraham, letter carrier, 2126 Jefferson 
Arthur Andrew, grocer, 1505 Callowhill 
thur, George Burnham, 4" Washington L. 
Gilroy,) house furnishing, 119 S 10th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Arthur Enoch, lumber, Tacony rd c Trenton 

R R (Fkd), h Harrison 
Arthur Enoch, M, D., Main (Hbg) 
Arthur George, carpenter, 1132 t)ivision 
Arthur Georg-e, carter, 25th n Spruce 
Arthur James, laborer, 513 Bedford 
Arthur James, weigh master, 301 Blight 
Arthur James A., clerk, 1609 Mt Vernon 
Arthur John, coal & wood, Tacony rd c Tren- 
ton R R (Fkd) 
Arthur John, weaver, 1325 Howard 
Arthur John T., blacksmith, 2325 Jefferson 
Arthur J. W.,coal, 271 S Broad, h 1227 Rodman 
Arthur Maria, widow William, huckster, 115 

Shippen st market, h r 616 Chai-les 
Arthur Michael, coachman, 323 N 16th 
Arthur R., & Brother, (Robert A John W.,) coal, 

271 S Broad 
Arthur Robert, blacksmith, 904 Melon 
Arthur Robert, coal, 271 S Broad, h 1922 Lorn 

Arthur Robert, sash maker, Broad n AVallace, h 

712 N 17th 
Arthur R. M., grocer, S 37th c Walnut (W P) 
Arthur T. S. & Co., (Timothy 8. Arthur,) pub- 
lishers, 323 Walnut 
Arthur Thomas, weaver, 11 Jefferson 
Arthur Timothy S., publisher, 323 Walnut, and 

furnishing^ 117 S 10th, h 1609 Mt Vernon 
Arthur William, blacksmith, 606 Little Lloyd 
Arthur William H., dealer, 1213 Austin 
Arthurs Mary, boarding, 117 Lombard 
Artman Jabez, tinsmith, 125 N 17th 
Arts James, carter, 802 Fernon 
Artson Rich., (col'd,) lab'r, Hancock n Oxford 
Artz Edwin, druggist, 320 York av 
Artz William, bottler, 2611 Dauphin 
Artis Rosanna, widow, huckster, r 616 Charles 
Artzt Charles G., cigars, 215 S 4th 
Arundel George W., atty. and coun., 241 Race, 

h 857 N Broad 
ARUNDEL JOHN M., atty. and coun., 241 Race, 

h at Chestnut Hill 
Arunded Robert J., atty. and coun., 241 Race, 

h 857 N Broad 
AS AY A. MERRITT, M.D., dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay Charles, laborer, 1239 Marlborough 
Asay Eleanor L., dry goods, 883 N 5th 
Asay John, shoe maker, 802 Green 
Asay J. Lambert, M. D., dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay William B., dentist, 209 N 11th 
Asay William H., clerk, 883 N 5th 
Asbury Anna, 2004 Sansom 
Asbury Henry, machinist, Rochford n 19th 
Asbury Paul G., machinist, 2019 Reeves 
Asbury Saml., merch., 113 Walnut, h England 
ASBURY SAMUEL & CO., (William Veitch $ 

Thomas Young,) imps, earthenware, 111 & 

113 Walnut 
Asbury Thomas H., mach, Sycamore n N 34th 
Asch Jos. M., furrier, 302 Arch, h417 Spruce 
Asch Mannes M., furs, 221 Arch 
Aschbacher Charles, jeweler, 409 Jefferson 
Aschberger John S., jeweler, 409 Jefferson 
Ascenbach George, laborer, 1030 Master 
Aschendorf Frederick, cigars, 203 Race 
Ascough Elizabeth, widow Thomas, 1015 Ger- 

mantown av 

Ascoug-h George, blacksmith, 126 Laurel 
Ascough Geo., wire worker, 1015 Germantown 

Ascough John, blacksmith, 975 N Front, h 

Frankford av bel Adams 
Ascough John, blacksmith, 126 Laurel 
Ascough Wm., machinist, 1015 Germantown av 
Ash Bridget, widow Martin, 1336 Fitzwater 
Ash Charles, butcher, 90 S 2d st market, h 1311 

Ash Curtis, waiter, 1013 Lombard 
Ash Earl, moulder, 1638 Cherry 
Ash Francis, liquors, N 17th c Cherry 
Ash George, butcher, 30 Shippen st market, h 

1311 N 4th 
Ash Geo. W., carp., 1221 Olive, h 937 Melon 
Ash George W., gold beater, Haverford c Wy- 
oming (W P) 
Ash George W., atty. and coun., 226 Callow- 
hill, h 903 Lombard 
Ash H. St. Clair, M. D., 1712 Vine 
Ash Henry, carp. Wyoming n Bridge (W P) 
Ash Henry A., carpenter, 1324 Atmore 
Ash James, hotel, 514 Callowhill 
Ash James, M.D., Hermann (Gtn) 
Ash John, 138 Otter 
Ash John, 213 S 17th 
Ash John, lab. rear 1212 Vienna 
Ash John, umbrellamaker, 3 Oneida pi 
Ash Jonathan, printer, rear Culvert n N 5?h 
Ash Joshua P., com. mer. 429 Market, h 110 S 


Ash Joshua W., M.D., 1721 Vine 
Ash Lewis, machinist, 642 N 9th 
Ash Maria L., wid. Robert, 1009 Coates 
Ash Morgan, broker, 1913 Lombard 
Ash Morgan, jr., clerk, 1913 Lombard 
Ash Norman C, clerk, 1217 N 12th 
Ash Sarah, wid. John T., 860 Swan son 
Ash Sarah (colored), nurse, 420 S 7th 
Ash John, flour, 69 Shippen Market, h 519 

Ash Samuel, lab. 519 Fitzwater 
Ash Sebastian, confectioner, 423 Green 
Ash William, clerk, 3 Oneida pi 
A.SH WM., hotel & livery stable, 905 Coates 
Ash Wm., moroccofinisher, 1 Oneida pi 
Ash Wm. R., police, 1 Oneida pi 
Ashbridge Geo., lab. 2036 Reeves 
Ashbridge Isaiah A., machinist, 2036 Reeves 
Ashbridge Joseph, spinner, 848 Darien 
Ashbridge Susan C, milliner, 712 N 9th 
Ashbridge Thomas L., auctioneer, 712 N 9th 
Ashbridge Thomazin, wid. Wm., 823 Arch 
Ashbrook James, grocer, 827 S 2d 
Ashbrook John, clerk, 543 N 3d 
Ashbrook John K., clerk, 600 N 3d 
Ashbrook Joseph, sailmaker, 215 Christian 
Ashbrook Thomas, carpenter, Wharton n S 2d, 

h 221 Reed 
Ashbrook Thomas C, tailor, 133 Van Horn 
Ashbrook Thos. J., umbrellamr. 133 Van Horn 
Ashbruner A. E., country store, (Collegeville) 
Ashburn John C, jeweler, 2 Feinour pi 
Ashburner A. E., oils, N 1035 Del av, h (Ilbg) 
Ashburner Adam, dry goods, 5 S 2d, b. 1233 


in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Ashburncr Algernon E., mer. 16 S Del ay, li 

19th n Arch 
Ashburncr Augustus T., clerk, Chestnut n40th 
Ashburner Benjamin T., mer. 708 N 19th 
Ashburncr, John, clerk, 16 S Wharves, h S 40th 

n Locust (W P) 
Ashburner Maria, S 40th n Locust (W P) 
Ashburner Theophilus A., clerk, Chestnut n 

Till (W P) 
Ashby & Rocap, {Franklin Ashby, <$" Adam 

Rocap,) hats, caps, &c, 408 Market 
Ashby Franklin, mer. 408 Market, h Arch n 7th 
Asliby Wilson, farmer, Byberry road 
Ashcraft Amanda, tailoress, 966 S Front 
Ashcraft Hannah L., milliner, 23 S 2d, h 160 

Ashcraft John, 120 Almond 
Ashcraft Louisa, wid. Wm, b h 260 S 2d 
Ashcraft Samuel F., clerk, 120 Almond 
Ashcraft John, fisherman, 1603 S 2d 
Ashcraft Josiah, lab. 1603 S 2d 
Ashenbach Conrad, lampmaker, 825 Charlotte 
Ashenberg Augustus, barber, 1312 N 3d 
Ashenbrand Abraham, peddler, 964 N 2d 
Ashenfelder Josiah, carmaker, 1252 Cadwalader 
Ashenfelter A. J., 268 N 4th 
Asher Henry D., jeweler, 1801 Francis 
Asher Jacob, lab. Hippie's lane (Myk) 
Asher Jeremiah, Rev., (colored), 1013 Rodman 
Asher Michael, dyer, 620 South 
Ash ford Adolphus, glove maker, 1318 Lombard 
AshfordJohn R., glover, 607 Callowhill 
Ashford Stephen, moulder, 1 Nonnater's ct 
A.shford Wm. H., boots & shoes, 143 N 8th 
Ashhurst Henry, 1706 Walnut 
Ashhurst Lewis, acct., 39 N Water, h 1420 

ASHHURST JOHN, mer. 16 S 3d, h 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis R., mer. 16 S 3d, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard, mer. 16 S 3d, h 723 Arch 
Ashhurst Richard, Jr., clerk, F. St M. Bank, h 

1420 Walnut 

Lewis R., John, Sf William H.,) merchants, 

16 S 3d 
Ashhurst Richard L., attv. & coun., 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Wm. H., mer. 16 S 3d, h 1708 Walnut 
Ashley & Strange {Henri/ Ashley Sf Frederick 

M. Strange,) mers. 23 Bank . 

Ashley Henry, merchant, 23 Bank, h 230 S 

Ashley John, gasfitter, Columbia n N 2d 
Ashly honias, rigger, 211 Prime 
Ashma 11 Charles N., cigarmaker, 702 N 3d 
Ashman Henry, pianomaker, 1229 Hamilton 
Ashman Howard N., paperhanger, 1143 Poplar 
Ashman Jacob, brickmr. Palethorp n Diamond 
Ashman James, mechanic, 708 Jamison 
Ashman James J., stair rods, 919 Morris 
Ashman Kate, upholsterer, 430 Borden 
Ashman Peter, Bridge n 33d (W P) 
Ashman Stephen, blacksmith, 725 N 23d 
Ashman Wm., ice dealer, 1424 Sp Garden 
Ashman Wm., tailor, 702 N 3d 
Ashman Wm. N., atty. & coun. 404 Prune 
Ashman Wm. T., clerk, 702 N 3d 
Ashmead Albert, late farmer, Gtn av n School 


Ashmead Albert S., prest., S W 35th & Hamilton 

Ashmead Alfred, clerk, 1034 Olive 

Ashmead Algernon L, clerk, Gtn av n Chelton 

av (Gtn) 
Ashmead &. Steck, {J. L. Ashmead, Sf John H. 

Xtcck), homcepathic depot, 101 N 9th 
Ashmead Charles, druggist, 320 York av 
Ashmead Charles F., farmer, Gtn av n School 

Ashmead Charles J., receiver, N 41st ab Lan 

av (W P) 
Ashmead Edwin, clerk, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Ashmead Eliza, mantua maker, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Ashmead Eliza J., boarding house, 204 N 13th 
Ashmead Frank L., liquor, 32 S Water, h 728 

N 8th 
ASHMEAD GEORGE, druggist, 603 Market,h 

Main (Gtn) 
Ashmead Geo. L., atty. & coun., 270 S 4th 
ASHMEAD HENRY B., printer, 1102 St 1104 

Sansom, h 1525 Girard av 
Ashmead Hoi-ace, druggist, 2325 Pine 
Ashland House, 707 Arch 
Ashmead John E., mer., 18 S Front, h 120 S 

Ashmead J. L., homeopathic depot, 101 N 9th, 
ASHMEAD ISAAC, printer, 1102 &. 1104 San 

som, h 1526 Girard av 
Ashmead Oliver, clerk, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Ashmead Theodore, clerk, 616 Peach 
Ashmead Thomas, clerk, Gtn av, (Nicetown) 
Ashmead Thomas E., dry goods, 126 Chestnut, 

h 1432 Chestnut 
Ashmead Wm., M. 1), h Gtn av n School (Gtn) 
Ashmore Abraham V., carver, 213 N 12th 
Ashmore James, marble cutter, r 1006 Button- 
Ashmore John J., carpenter, 1235 Heath 
Ashmore Mordecai Y., carpenter, 1233 Heath 
Ashton Adolphis H., M.D., 737 S 9th 
Ashton Alfred, laborer, Pennepack rd 
Ashton Andrew, farmer, (Fox Chase) 
Ashton Benjamin, laborer, Main, (Holmesburg) 
Ashton Cath., (col'd,) wid. John, 617 Lombard 
Ashton Charlotte, wid. George, dry goods, Gtn 

av c Sharpnack,h Gtn av n Sharpnack, Gtn 
Ashton Cyrus, farmer, Bristol Turnpike 
Ashton Daniel R., teacher, 929 Arch 
Ashton Deborah, wid. Peter K., 1105 Citron 
Ashton George H., druggist, 832 Market, h 932 

Ashton Georg-e S., drugs, 2021 Girard av 
Ashton Hiram, cooper, r 216 German 
Ashton Isaac ML, dept. sheriff, 10 State House 

Row, h 1130 Vine 
Ashton Isaac S., conveyancer, S 10th c South, 

h 737 S 9th 
Ashton James, seaman, r 29 Queen 
Ashton J. Hublev, atty. & couns, 128 S 6th, h 

929 Arch 
Ashton James E., laborer, (Bustleton) 
Ashton Jeremiah, foreman, Dreer n Amber 
Ashton Jeremiah, weaver, Hope n Harrison 
Ashton John, blacksm. 7 Osbeck pi, r 662 Jay 
Ashton John, shoemaker, (Fox Chase) 
ASHTON JOHN, JR., commercial agency, 505 

Chestnut, h 735 S 9th 
Ashton John R., clerk, 326 Catharine 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s preparations for the Growth and Preservation of 




Ashton Joseph, agent, 1081 Beach 
Ashton Joseph, farmer, Byberry rd 
Ashton Mary, wid. Jonathan, 815 S 5th 
Ashton Robert, machinist, 737 N 24th 
Ashton Samuel, cabinet maker, 878 Orchard 
Ashton Saml., editor, 3d c Dock, h 1456 Cherrv 
Ashton Samuel, machinist, 506 Paxton 
Ashton Samuel, police, r 529 N 2d 
Ashton Samuel, printer, N 21st c Winter 
Ashton Samuel, seaman, 823 S Front 
Ashton Samuel, weaver, 34 Strawberry 
ASHTON SAMUEL K., M.D., 834 Pine 
Ashton Silas, farmer, Bristol rd 
Ashton Sylvester, farmer, Bristol Turnpike 
Ashton Thomas, Sellers n Leiper (Fkd) 
Ashton Thomas, blacksmith, N 5th n Susque- 
hanna av 
Ashton Thomas, currier, 1337 Christian 
Ashton Thomas, officer, 1546 Franklin 
Ashton Thomas J., atty. & coun., 233 S 5th, h 

701 Vine 
Ashton Thomas L., 1046 Market 
Ashton William, dealer, 7 Osbeck pi 
Ashton William, farmer, Bristol rd 
Ashton William, farmer, Bustleton rd 
Ashton William, farmer, (Lower Moreland ) 
Ashton William, teamster, ship la (Roxb'gh) 
Ashton William, trader, 248 % 250 Spr Garden 

St Market; h 7 Jay 

Ashwood Benj. W., compositor, h 642 Wharton 
Ashworth Andrew, h N 8th n Columbia av 
Ashworth Andrew M., clerk, 1647 N 8th 
Ashworth Ann, wid. Jas. Sellers n Unity (Fkd) 
Ashworth Henry, blacksm. Penna av n 24th 
Ashworth Henry, weaver, Conner's la n (Gtn) 
Ashworth James, clerk, Sellers n Unity (Fkd) 
Ashworth James, foreman, 427 Aspen pi 
Ashworth Nicholas, machinist, Columbia n N 

Ashworth Samuel C, hatter, 409 Julianna 
Ashworth William, engineer, (Crescentville) 
Ashworth Wm., groc. Frankford c Sellers, (Fkd) 
Askam & Son, (Charles <$ James Askam,) chil- 

drens coaches, 150 Dock 
Askam Charles, children's coaches, 150 Dock, 

h 1421 Wood 
Askam James, children's coaches, 150 Dock, 

h 330 Lombard 
Askew Joseph W., 1018 Melon 
Askin J. Henry, real estate, 112 S 4th, h Baring 

ab 35th (W P) 
Askin Luke, carpenter, r 416 Carpenter 
Askins John, drayman, Hancock n Jefferson 
Asman Casper, laborer, 28 Cuba 
Asmuss Frederick, weaver, Gtn av (C Hill) 
Aspden Thos., Market op Insane Asylum (W P) 
Aspden Thos., dry goods, 33 Frankford (Fkd) 
Aspen Thomas, blacksmith, r 1523 Cabot 
Aspin Daniel, laborer, r 905 S 5th 
Aspin John, laborer, 316 Jarvis 
Aspinall Daniel, spinner, 1311 Cadwalader 
Aspinall William, weaver, 1233 Christian 
Aspinwall Mrs., 1032 Spruce 
Aspinwall Henry, weaver, N 6th n Montgomery 
Aspinwall Shepard, brick layer, N 6th n Mont- 

Asquith Samuel, weaver, Township line rd n 

Carpenter (Gtn) 
Assmus Ludwig, shoe maker, 603 Parrish 
Asson William T., com. mer. 409 Commerce, h 

Summit, (Chestnut Hill) 
Asstelin Louis, hatter, 522 Powell 
Assum George, shoemaker, 1051 N Front 
Astey Peter, saw maker, 66 Richmond 
Astine Edward, saw maker, 435 Wildey 
Astley John, weaver, r 1317 Earl 
Aston John, moulder, 642 N 9th 
Atack Daniel, weaver, N Front n Chatham 
Atcheson Mary J., Montgomery av n Walton 
Atcheson Patrick, carter, Jackson (Myk) 
Atcheson Robert, carpenter, York c Holman 
Atchinson John, laborer, 1540 Thompson 
Atchison James, carter, 3 White's pi 
Atchison Robert, lab. Corn n Wharton 
Atfield Joseph, shoemaker, Grape (Myk) 
Atherley James, fish, 433 Eastern Market, h 

124 Laurel 
Atherholt Christian, trucker, Sec. 38 Girard av 

Market c N 10th, h Bodine n Oxford 
Atherholt Jacob, brick layer, 2041 South 
Atherholt Isaac, brick mr. Jackson, Whitehall 
Atherton Henry, Gtn av n Tulpehocken (Gtn) 
Atherton Hiram, watches, 5 S 8th, h 464 N 9th 
Atherton Nathan, watchmaker, 337 S 12th 
Atkin Abraham, 304 S 10th 
Atkins Hercules, clerk, 608 Poplar 
Atkin Louis, 304 S 10th 
Atkin Samuel, 304 S 10th 
Atkin William shoemaker, 608 Poplar 
Atkins Addison Rev., Tulip & Chew (Gtn) 
Atkins Edward, gunsmith, 223 Duponceau 
Atkins Eliza, widow of Joseph, housekeeper, 

1332 N Front 
Atkins Elizabeth, widow of Jas., 164 American 
Atkins George, milkman, Lan av n Callow- 
hill (W P) 
Atkins George W., restaurant, 620 Sansom 
Atkins James, chair maker, 1332 N Front 
Atkins John, foreman, Budd n Haverford (W P) 
Atkins John H., (colored) barber, 3 Liberty ct 
Atkins Major, (colored) seaman, r 1006 Rodman 
Atkins Robert, plasterer, 1930 Pine 
Atkins Thomas, box maker, 2 Traquair ct 
Atkins Washington, assist, farmer Alms House 
Atkins William, tavern, 739 Federal 
Atkins Wilson, (col'd) storeman, r 643 Lombard 
Atkinson Allen, car driver, 2155 Ridge av 
Atkinson A. S., dry goods, Front ab Harrison 
Atkison Amos W., police, 1929 Brown 
Atkinson Anna B., widow of Rody, boarding 

house, 401 Christian 
Atkinson Barclay G., tailor, 222 Chestnut, h 

1013 Cherry 
Atkinson Benjamin, carpenter, Tulip n Norris 
Atkinson Benjamin H. H., machinist, Edgely 

point la c Berks 
Atkinson Charles, laborer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Atkinson Charles B., farmer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Atkinson David, laborer, Bustleton rd 
Atkinson Edward, moulder, 1220 Hamilton 
Atkinson Edward F., produce, 324 Marriott 
Atkinson Eliza, 123 S 7th 

A-tkinson Emily, widow of Marshall, confec- 
tions & cakes, Market n 37th (W P) 

the Hair, are all manufactured in the most scientific manner. 




Atkinson Francis T., drv goods, 523 Market, h' Atlantic House, Swanson c Almond 
548 N 11th JAtlee Edward, clerk, h 1604 Vine 

Atkinson Harry P., merchant, N 3d c Brand), Atlee Edwin A., 27 N 6th, h 1604 Vine 
h 1736 Bit Vernon lAtlee George B., clerk, 1514 Chestnut 

Atkinson Harvey, miller, Pennypack rd , Atlee Hiram, (colored) laborer, 1215 Anita 

Atkinson Henry, engineer, Adrian n Thompson I Atlee "Walter F., M. D., 210 S 13th 

Atkinson Henrv, gents' furnishing, 146 S 3d, h 

138 N 10th 
Atkinson Henry P., dry goods, 220 & 222 N 3d, 

h 1736 Mt. Vernon 
Atkinson Isaac S., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson .7. B., shirt manuf. 9 N 3d, h Eagle 

Atkinson Jacob D., marble cutter, 243 Perry, 

b 321 N 18th 
Atkinson James, furniture car, York n Moore 
Atkinson James, laborer, r 357 Otis 
Atkinson James W , bricklayer, 833 S 2d 
Atkinson John, grocer, 2001 Market 
Atkinson John, weaver, Palethorp n Dauphin 
Atkinson John C, clerk, Allegheny House 
Atkinson John C, laborer, Aspen c Union 
Atkinson John P., carpenter, 1002 Ogden 
Atkinson Jonathan, farmer, 22 Shippen st 

market, h Mt. Ephraim, Camden co (X J) 
Atkinson Joseph, weaver, 1835 Sepviva 
Atkinson Joseph L., bricklayer, 833 S 2d 
Atkinson Joseph L., jr., bricklayer, 833 S 2d 
Atkinson Joseph M„ tailor, 222 Chestnut, h 

1013 Cherry 


Atley Adam, shingle maker, 1616 Sansom 
Atley John, bootmaker, Gtn avn Diamond 
Atley John, laborer, 1011 Marlborough 
Atley John, seaman, 813 Duane 
Atley John, waiter, 1616 Sansom 
Atmore Cornelia R., trimmings, 1231 N 19th 
Atmore Frederick B., grocer, N lOt'j c Button- 
Atmore Marshall, 213 N 13th 
Atmore R & F. B., (Robert Atmore, Frederick 
B. Atmore) grocers, N 10th c Button wood 
Atmore Robert, grocer, N 10th c Buttonwood, 

h 502 N 10th 
Atmore William, clerk, Franklin n Apple 

(H ville) 
Attel David, laborer, 1 Catharine 
Attel John, boiler maker, 830 Charlotte 
Attics Darley, (colored) widow, 1513 Carver 
Attics Robert, (colored) laborer, r 608 Bed- 
Atmore George K., bookbinder, 2120 Tower 
Attmore John, carder, Herman (Gtn) 

Atkinson Joseph N., farmer, 944 Washington j Attmore John, carpenter, Perkiomen c Bowers 

avenue | Attmore William P., carpenter, 2120 Tower 

Atkinson L., shirt manuf., 9 N 3d, h California I Attmore William T., clerk, 2120 Tower 
Atkinson L. N Co., (J. B. Atkinson) shirt' Attridge Edward, tailor, r 727 S 5th 

manu., 9 N 3d 
Atkinson Levi, painter, Federal c S 12th 
Atkinson Margaret, wid. of Joseph, seamstress, 

r 828 S 8th 
Atkinson Mary, housekeeper, 164 Master 
Atkinson Mary Jane, widow of John, Montgo- 
mery av n Frankford av 
Atkinson Peter, marble mason, 321 N 18th 
Atkinson Phineas, miller, Pennepack rd 
Atkinson Samuel, M. D., 1137 N 2d 
Atkinson Samuel, shoemaker, 1129 S 8th 
Atkinson Samuel, weaver, 217 Belgrade 
Atkinson Sarah, dry goods, Front ab Harrison 
Atkinson Smith M., painter, 540 New Market 
Atkinson Tavlor B., grocer, Market c 34th 
Atkinson Theodore, 126 N 22d 
Atkinson Thomas, confectionery, 1107 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, hackman, 624 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, cotton dyer, Front ab Harri- 
Atkinson Thomas, weaver, 2418 Brandywine 
Atkinson Thomas C, 9 N 3d, h 909 Wood 
Atkinson Thomas H., provisions, 3 N 2d st 

market, h 833 N 5th 
Atkinson Wm., clerk, Edgely point la c Berks 
Atkinson 'William, machinist, 410 N 22d 
Atkinson "William, saloon, 630 St. Mary 
Atkinson William, wool dyer, Front ab Harri- 
Atkinson William B., M. D., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson William E., laborer, 131 Prime 
Atkinson Wm. B., clerk, 3 Dock, h 543 N 

Atlantic City Ferry, foot Vine, Del 

Attridge Henry, tailor, r 727 S 5th 

Attridge James, cordwainer, r 727 S 5th 

Attridge Thomas, tailor, r 727 S 5th 

Attson William, shoes, 470 N 7th 

Atwater John M., salesman, 601 Market, h 310 

Atwell George, blacksmith, 2123 Summer 
Atwell George, laborer, 706 S Broad 
Atwell Leonard, (col'd) waiter, r 938 Rodman 
Atwell George, laborer, 706 S Broad 
Atwood Anthony Rev., Paul, n Tacony (Fkd) 
Atwood Daniel P., painter, 1334 Fitzwater 
Atwood Hannah, teacher, Fries ct. ab N 11th 

h N 8th ab Arch 
ATWOOD JOHN H., com. mer., 5 Walnut, h 

1312 Walnut 
Atwood John M., drv goods, 436 Market, h 

1312 Walnut 
Atwood Lucy, wid. Thomas, 1811 Jones 
Atwood, Ralston & Co., (Win. C. Atwood, John 

C. Ralston <$- Thos. L. Hildeburn,) carpets, 

509 Market 
ATWOOD, WHITE & CO., (John M. Atwood, 

John P. White A John Sparhawk,) dry- 
goods, 436 Market 
Atwood William C, merchant, 509 Market, h 

239 S 13th 
Attwood William N., undertaker, 119 N 8th 
Atz Anton, boots & shoes, 518 S 7th 
Aube & Felten, (Peter R. Aube <$- Henry 

Felten,) frames, 16 Decatur 
Aube Henry, decorator, 1235 S 5th 
Aub Jacob, lithographer, 332 Walnut, h 978 

978 N 7th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Aube Peter R., picture frames, 16 Decatur, h 

413 Dickerson 
AUBIN PHILIP J., wool, 203 S Front, h 1914 

Auble Hampton, currier, 481 Dillwyn 
Auble Nathan, shoes, Callowhill n N 29th, h 

427 N 9th 
Aubrey John, bricklayer, 1820 Girard av 
Auchinleck John B., coachmaker, 13 Bulletin 
Auchinleck Joseph, sadler, r 210 Christian 
Auchinleck Thomas, cabinetmr., 1252 Ridge av 
Auchinleck William, currier, 717 N 2d 
Aucott George, hosiery, Logan c Clinton (Gtn) 
Aucott Joseph, weaver, Miller, (Gtn) 
Aucott Samuel, laborer, Laurel, (Gtn) 
Audenried & Rommel, (J. Thomas Audenried 

<$r Jacob M. Rommel?) coal, 420 N Delaware 
Audenried Anna C, 512 N 7th 
Audenried James E., coal pier 11, Richmond 
Audenried J. Thomas, coal, 420 N Delaware 

av., h 611 N 11th 
Audenried Lewis, coal, 205 AValnut & pier 11 

Richmond, h 512 N 7th 
AUDENRIED LEWIS & CO., {Lewis Auden- 
ried, William G. Audenried, Addison Child, 

George H. Potts, <3" John Rommel, jr.,) 

coal, 205 Walnut 8c pier 11 Richmond 
Audenried William G., coal, 205 Walnut and 

pier 11 Richmond, h at New York 
Audibert Frederick, watchmaker, 417 Poplar 
Audsley Joseph, spinner, Lancaster avenue, c 

Seneca (W P) 
Audsley Marion, wid Joseph, r 736 Moss 
Auer Gustavus, tobacconist, 1334 Poplar 
Auer John, gunsmith, r 861 N 4th 
Auerback Emanuel, fruits, 625 N 2d, h 1822 

Auerbacli Simon, fruit, 625 N 2d and 103 S 

Water, h 1822 Green 
Auerbach S. & Co., (Simon Auerbach,) fruit, 

625 N. 2d & 103 S Water 
Auerhamer Henry, turner, 934 Marshall 
Auffbrd Frederick, fisherman, 1113 Hewston 
AufFort Fanny, wid George, 1108 Otis 
Auffort Frederick, shoemaker, 1108 Otis 
Aug - Jacob, baker, r 127 Green 
AUGE CLINTON, att'y & coun., 429 Walnut, 

h 1235 Chestnut 
Auge S. Truman, dry goods, 3 Bank, h 809 

Augiltree J. W. clerk, 307 S 3d 
August Charles, laborer, r 1238 Darien 
August Jacob, laborer, 1120 Hewston 
Augusta John, (col'd) barber, 157 N 9th 
Augustin James, (col'd) cook, 1108 Sansom 
Augustine Lewis, tinsmith, 2208 Market, h 

Johnston n 21st 
Augustine Peter, bricklayer, 980 Randolph 
Augustine William J., bookkeeper, Johnston n 

S 21st 
Augustus David, laborer, Oak c Rose (W P) 
Augustus Eliza, (col'd) washer, 613 Pine 
Augustus Sin a, (col'd) wid., 7 Belinda pi 
Augustus William, (col'd) lab., r 733 Bedford 
Auld Andrew, warper, 1342 Bedford 
Auld David, brickmaker, McCrea n Espy 
Auld John, laborer, 1208 Rodman 
Aull Alfred, hotel, Ridge av., (Roxborough) 

AULL JAMES A., teas, 15 S Front, h Mer- 
chant's Hotel 

Aull William, produce, 1714 Market 
Aull William, stonecutter, 1825 Lee 
•Auman Richard, cutter, 835 N Charlotte 
Aumiller George, laborer, 1324 Lawrence 
AUMONT & OAK, (James P. E. Aumont, 
David E. Oak, William J. McCammon, 
Robert B. Fulenwider, Benjamin Githens,) 
dry goods, 331 Market 
Aumont James P. E., dry goods, 331 Market, 

h 1807 Arch 
Auner, A. W. printer, 801 Market, h 160 

N 10th 
Auner Charles E., tinman. 1217 Wood 
Auner Charles H., clerk, 247 Madison 
Anner George, machinist, 1422 Stiles 
Auner George A., carpenter, 20 Decatur, h N 

11th c Race 
Auner George S., machinist, Brownholts ct. n 

Mill (Gtn) 
Auner Joseph G., stationer, 158 & h 160 N 

Auner Peter, machinist, 1516 Thompson 
Auner Theodore, dry goods, 20 S 2d and 9 

Strawberry, h 160 N 10th 
Auner William, machinist, 1623 Cabot 
Aunett William, laborer, Wissahickon Pike 
Aunger Sampson, bookseller, 145 N 7th 
Aupperle John, saddler, 1305 Mt. Verncn 
Aurocker Joseph, confectionery, N 10th above 

Market, h 10 N 13th 
Aurocker Thomas H., locks, 134 N 13th, h 10 

N 13th 
Austie Henry, dry goods, 311 Market, h 1314 

Austie Margaret, wid Thomas, 917 N 15th 
Austin Adam, laborer, Carroll n Sergeant 
Austin Albert M., notions, 413 Market, h 722 

Austin Alfred J., brewer &. malster, New Mar- 
ket c Callowhill, h 1928 Chesnut 
Austin Ann, wid Henry, tailoress, 1153 S 8th 
Austin Ann E., wid Collins, 1304 Race 
Austin Archy, carpenter, 1620 Sansom 
Austin Archib aid, macht., Point la(Aramingo) 
Austin Benjamin, machinist, 811 Earp 
Austin Charles, oysterman, r 245 Queen 
AUSTIN CHARLES B., glass, 515 Minor, h 

213 Allen 
Austin Charles S„ clerk, 132 Onas 
Austin Charles W., shoemaker. 1023 Lawrence 
Austin David, weaver, N Front n Chatham 
Austin Edward B., clerk, 435 AVildey 
Austin Eliza, 1011 Pine 

Austin Eliz., wid. Louis L., prov's 2333 Coates 
Austin Ezra, tinner, 1215 Heath 
Austin Frank, (col'd) laborer, Gtn av n Wash- 
ington (Gtn) 
Austin Franklin, tinsmith, 1703 Becket 
Austin George, clerk, 1115 Day 
Austin George, founder, 1227 N Front, h How- 
ard n Master 
Austin George G., shoemaker, 1023 Lawrence 
Austin Hester, nurse, 6 Tisdale pi 
Austin J. & S. & Bro., (John, Samuel # George 

Austin,) founders, 1227 N Front 
Austin James, dry goods, 734 S 13th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Austin John, founder, 1227 N Front, h 720 N3d Axon Samuel, foreman, Letterlv n Carroll 

AUSTIN JOHN, hotel, 1342 Passyunk Rd Axson Samuel, , 150 N 2d 

Austin John B., president Southwark Bank, Axt August, liquors and physician, 347 N Front 

610 S 2d, h 1828 Spruce 
Austin John E., hatter, 134 Craven 
Austin Louis S., shoemaker, Kesler n Norris 
Austin Marg-aret, widow Alvah, 1703 Beckel 
Austin Mazy, upholster, 925 Buttonwood 
Austin Samuel, founder, 1227 N Front, h 1226 

Austin Samuel, laborer, r 836 Palm 
Austin Samuel, chandelier maker, 1107 Ogden 
AUSTIN SAMUEL H., attv. & coun., 129 S 

7th, h (Chestnut Hill) 
Austin Sarah A., dry goods, 908 Race 
Austin Seth, hotel, 15 Girard av 
Austin William, grocer, 818 Fitz water 

\xt Fredrick, If. I)., Frankford av n York 
Axt Henry, laborer, 1001 Hope 
Axworthy Tlios., milkman, Oak n Rose (W P) 
Axworthy Thomas S., stone carver, S 37t\i n 

Walnut (W P) 
Avars Robert, harnessmaker, 853 N 10th 
Aver Thomas, baker, 400 N 11th 
Ayers Alice W., wid. Samuel, 517 Parrish 
Avers Bacon B., upholsterer, 630 Bedford 
Ayers Edward, eng-ineer, 1015 New Market 
Ayers Franklin, turner, 189 Frankford (Fkd) 
Ayers Georg-e L., clerk, 1524 Mount Vernon 
Ayers Henry S., notions, 144 N. 3d, h 1524 

Mount Vernon 

AUSTIN WM., tea 541 N 8th, h Wistar (Gtn) Ayers Joshua B., diy g-oods, 144 N. 3d, h 1524 
Austin AVilliam, tinsmith, 1705 Chestnut, h Mount Vernon 

1702 Coates 
Austin William R., 908 Race 
Austin William T., plasterer, 423 N 11th 
Austin Willis R„ gent., 129 S 7th 
Autenrieth Charles, architect, 410 Walnut, 

317 Branch 

Ayre Rb't, grocer, Church n Josephine (Fkd) 
Avres Georg-e R., com.mer., 220 N Delaware 
av & 217 N Water, h 1109 Spring Garden 
Ayres Geo. W., paper maker, Ridg-e av (Rox) 
Ay res Henry R., dry g-oods, 13 N 4th, h 49 N 8th 
Ayres Hiram, 608 N 8th 

Autenrieth Jacob, bookkeeper, 633 Chestnut, Ayres James, laborer, 1226 Wood 

h 734 Orange I AjTes John, weaver, Sidmouth n Washington av 

Auter James M., (colored) barber, 317 Chest- Ayres John B., builder, 913 S Front 

nut, h 1107 Rodman Ayres Mary C, (col'd) dressmr., 537 Lombard 

Autz John, weaver, h Bodine n Columbia | Ayres Walter, 521 S 8th 

Auvache Eliz., crape dresses, 206 Catharine | Ayres William, 1035 Vine 
Auvache Thomas, frame maker, 206 Catharine 'Ayres William, tailor, Jackson n Ellsworth 
Ave Jacob, carpenter, 1222 Sansom Ayres W T illiam E., laborer, Washington av n 

Avenue Drove Yard, Westminster, c Belmont! Gray's Ferry rd 

Aykroyd Sarah, widow Henry, 1212 Brown 
Azone Charles, cabinetmaker, r 1531 Han 

Azoni Charles, carpenter, Spielberg-ers ct, 

Hancock n Oxford 
Azpell Thomas, collector, 524 S 3d 

(W P) 
Avenue House, Gtn av, n R R Depot (Gtn) 
Averell Israel G., confectioner, 1019 N 2d 
Averill Elisha, chemist, 2043 Market, h 36 N 

Averill Samuel, liquors, Chippewa n Lombard 
Avery Enoch, fishing- tackle, 1050 Beach 
Avery Georg-e W., broker, 230 Walnut, h 723 

N 20th 

Avery Henry, dentist, 223 N 10th Baader Henry, baker, Market n Rose (W P) 

Avery Isaac," 944 N 5th JBabb Abraham, cordwainer, 918 N 19th 

Avery James, moulder, 1717 Olive Babb Christopher, plasterer, 1055 N Front 

Avery Samuel, weaver, N Front n Huntington Babb John Henry, cordwainer, 2 Clawges ct 

Avery F. P., machinist, 2307 Callowhill 

Avil John, printer, 14 Watt 

Awckland Geo., waterm'n, Jackson, (W Hall) 

Awckland John, file cutter, Jackson, (W Hall) 

Awckland Mary A., Jackson, (W Hall) 

Awl J. Wesley, ast. sup., Parrish c N 23d 

Awll Charles W"., potter, 344 Crown 

Axe Conrad, shoemaker, 147 N Front 

Axe Frederick S., g-ent., Mill (Gtn) 

Axe John H., variety store, 37 Frankford, 

Axe William, publisher, 90 Frankford, h Frank- 
ford (Fkd) 
Axe William & Co., (John Shallcross,) publish- 
ers, 60 Frankford (Fkd) 
Axe William H., clerk, 635 Federal 
Axe William H., police, r 1511 Philip 
Axe Winnard, 90 Frankford (Fkd) 
Axford Edward J., Tailor, 535 Spruce 
Axford AVilliam, laborer, Lehman (Gtn) 
Axner Albert, grocer, 19 Dunton 

Babb Samuel, bootfitter, 25 Mayland 

Babb Thomas, bootfitter, 11 Mayland 

Babb Wm., carpenter, r 1108 Gtn av 

Babbit Wm. W., 246 Madison 

Babbit Charles C., successor to Wells & Babbitt, 

wholesale grocer and liquor merchant, 7 

and 9 Arch, h 109 New 
Babcock John K., shoecutter, 511 Girard av 
Babcock Samuel F., atty. & coun., 135 S 5th, h 

Ridge av (Rox) 
Babcock Wm. A., clerk, 136 S 3d, h 478 S 8th 
Babe Charles, varnisher, 511 S 3d 
Babe George, hats, 447 N 2d, h 1020 Randolph 
Babe JohiCseg-ars, 35 S 6th, h 220 N 8th 
Babe Owen, laborer, 1224 Crease 
Babing-ton John, brush maker, 338 Christian 
Babinglon Jona., laborer, Gtn av n Walnut la 

(R S) 
I5abler Celia, wid. W ernet, grocery, 731 Cherry 
Babler Wernet, machinist, 731 Cherry 
Babner George M., cigars, 711 N 4th 

Jules Hauel & Co., Perfumers, 704 Chestnut Street, 




Bach Jacob, hotel, 834 South 

Bach John, tailor, 810 Shippen 

Bach Lewis F., barber, 1138 Coates 

Bach Louisa C, wid. Lewis, nurse, 917 Parrish 

Bach Win., mechanic, 605 Moss 

Bach Win. F., printer, 112 Elfreth's al 

Bacharach Daniel, clothing-, 614 X 2d 

Bachart Michael, machinist, 1602 Wood 

Bache Albert D., oil works, factory Schuylkill, 

h 1324 Spruce 
Bache Francis M., law student, 1413 Locust 
Bache Franklin, M. D., 1324 Spruce 
Bache Hartman, Maj. U. S. A., 1413 Locust 
Bache Heuston, M. D., 1324 Spruce 
Bache Rich. M., Maj., U. S. C. S., 1413 Locust 
Bache Theo., car builder, r 2511 Callowhill 
Bachelor Charles, stonecutter, 1527 AVood 
Bacher John, cooper, Hale n Montgomery 
Bacher Win., painter, Hale n Montgomery 
Bachienheimer Abraham, pedler, 160 Flower 
Bachler Stephen, clerk, 923 S 5th 
Bachman Feist, teacher, 339 Dillwyn 
Bachman G., M. D., 103 Green 
Bachman Henry, artist, 213 Union 
Bachman Jacob, agent, 1543 N Front 
Bachman Jacob, carpenter, Willow n N 2d, h 

121 Noble 
Bachman Wm., carpenter, Willow n N 2d, h 

820 St. John 
Bachman Wm., laborer, 161 Wilmer 
Bachman Wm. H., Rev., Rittenhouse (Gtn) 
Bachmann Alexander, confec, 310 Chestnut, h 

161 Wilmer 
BACHMANN A. & CO., {Alexander Bachmann, 
John C. Bachma?i?i, 4" Alan W. Holt, con- 
fectioners, 310 Chestnut 
Bachmann Francis, tinsmith, 1645 Gtn av 
Bachmann George, gilder, 302 N 7th 
Bachmann Jacob, hucks., Montgom'yavnGtn av 
Bachmann J. B. & Co., (John C. Bachmann 4" 

Alan W. Holt,) confect. 727 Sp. Garden 
Bachmann John, laborer, 1506 Perth 
Bachmann John C, confectioner, 310 Chestnut 

h Spring Garden c Franklin 
Bachmann Joseph, shoem., r 749 Passyunk av 
Bachmann J. Wm., barber, 906 N 4th 
Bachmann Wm., boxmaker, 161 Wilmer 
Bachmeyer Louis, harness, 1848 Ridge av 
Bachus Mathias, laborer, r Gtn av n N 10th 
Back George, segar maker, 857 N 10th 
Backe Adam, tailor, r 405 Green 
Backer Charles, painter, 113 Thompson 
Backer Louis, cigarmaker, 837 N 3d 
Backes John, grocer, 961 Poplar 
Backes Thos., prod, deal., Penn. Farmers' hotel 
Backman Susanna, 523 York av 
Backmann Charles, teacher, 1117 Wistar 
Backmann Francis grocer, 1200 N 4th 
Backman Frederick, turner, r 105 Chenango 
Backmeister Gustavus C, convey., 432 Walnut 
Backoven Elizabeth, wid. John, 1030 Ash 
Backoven George, fisherman, 1025 Otis 
Backoven John, fisherman, 927 Vienna 
Backoven Wm., fisherman, 921 Vienna 
Backus Frederick R., treasurer, 350 N Del. av, 

h Main bel Tulpehocken (Gtn) 
Backus John (col'd) porter, 740 Lombard 
Backus S. S., salesman, h Merchant's Heuse 

Bacon Alexander, broker, 315 Walnut, h Shoe- 
maker's la (Gtn) 
Bacon Allyn, box maker, 6 Decatur and 112 

Spruce, h 314 Comptroller 
Bacon Amelia, (col'd) wid. John, 1615 Wood 
Bacon Arthur, weaver, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Bacon Benj., glass blower, Wildey n Palmer 
BACON BENJ. C, agent, 107 N 5th 
Bacon Benj. R., undertaker, 245 Richmond 
Bacon Charles L., coal, 133 Walnut, 124 S 4th, 

and ft Spruce, Schuvl., h 915 Mt Vernon 
BACON CHARLES AV.,* treas., 417 Walnut, h 

1006 Mt. Vernon 
Bacon Dennis, (col'd) mason, Eaken pi 
Bacon Edmund, 337 S 18th 
Bacon Edward, drv goods, 6 Strawberrvand 20 

S 2d, h 500 N 7th 
Bacon Elizabeth, seamstress, 1553 Ridge av 
Bacon Enos, cutter, 1234 Heath 
Bacon Eneas H., boat builder, 1234 Ogden 
Bacon Francis, clerk, 923 Green 
Bacon Fran. S., mer., 136 Chestnut, h 930 N 5th 
Bacon Franklin, broker, 13 S Front, h Walnut 

n Till (W P) 
Bacon Hosea H., boiler maker, 868 Randolph 
Bacon Isaac, iron worker, 20 Laurel 
Bacon James, lab., Franklin n Church, (Fkd) 
Bacon James W., M. D., 222 S 9th 
Bacon John, trader, 1015 Charlotte 
Bacon Joseph, 823 Marshall 
Bacon Joseph, weaver, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Bacon Joseph K., paper box manuf., 29 and 31 

N 4th, h Frankford av n Clearfield 
Bacno Joseph M., bricklayer, 1027 Otis 
Bacon Joseph M., undertaker, 335 Richmond 
Bacon Jos. R., clerk, 723 Parrish 
Bacon Josiah, 467 Marshall 
Bacon J. T., jewelry, 38 S 3d, h (Mass) 
Bacon J: AV., com. mer. 422 S Del av, h Pine 

cor S 2d 
Bacon J. W. & Co., com. mer. 422 S Del av 
Bacon Lewis, moulder, 1114 Marlborough 
Bacon Margaret E., widow David, 823 Marshall 
Bacon Mark, weaver, 5 Ewald pi r Naudain 
Bacon Mary, 500 N 7th 
Bacon Mary A., widow John 923 Green 
Bacon Nathan, (colored) porter, r 419 S 7th 
Bacon Richard, carpenter, 1114 Marlborough 
Bacon Richard AY., dry goods, 309 Market, h 

531 Marshall 
Bacon Samuel, 605 N 11th 
Bacon Sarah, Chestnut n 38th (AA~ P) 
BACON SYLA'ESTER, marble works, 1608 

Spruce, h 307 Bradford 
Bacon Thomas E., 500 N 7th 
Bacon Thomas H., shoemaker, 646 Hallowell 
Bacon Thomas S., 622 Noble 
Bacon AA r esley, (colored) porter, 1002 Rodman 
Bacon William, shipwright, 1122 Hewston 
Bacon AA'm. H. salesm., 323 Market, h 711 Green 
Bacon AA T illiam S., machinist, 1441 Brinton 
Bacon AA'right, weaver, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Badar Louis, tinsmith, r 631 St John 
Baddini Bastiano, figures, 920 Hutchinson 
Baddus John, (colored) scavenger, 70*4 St Mary 
Bader Balthaser, tailor, 539 N 3d 
Bader David, butcher, 1526 Maseher 
Bader Georsre, tailor, 338 N 5th 

warrant all Goods of their manufacture of a superior quality. 




Bader .Joseph, furniture, 1444 Frankford av 
Badger Benj., car-builder, Story c N 33d (W P) 
Badger Benjamin, cooper, Wheal n Wharton 
Badger Edward, moulder, 1615 Thompson 
Badger Edward R., attorney and notary, 139 S 

5th, h 1206 S 10th 
Badger Henry H., plasterer, 1430 Hutchinson 
Badger Jos. M., shoecutter, 1318 Myrtle 
BADGER SAMUEL, attorney and' counsellor, 

139 S 5th, h 1013 Spruce 
Badger Samuel, atty. and covin., 1715 Pine 
BADGER WILLIAM, attorney, counsellor, and 

navy agent, 228 Pear, h 1408 Pine 
Badgler Dayton, shoes, 1216 Race 
Badlun Joseph, 225 Pine 
Baeder Charles, manufacturer of glue, 14 S 4th 

and 1735 N 6th, h 1016 N 6th 
Baeder Charles, butcher, 302 Eastern Market, 

h Coates n 24th 


Baeder, Charles Delany, Wm. Adamson,) 

manufacturers of glue, whips, curled hair, 

sand-paper, 8cc, 14 S 4th, and 1735 N 6th 

Baeder John, glue, 6th near Columbia 

Baehler Wilhekn A., butcher, Germantown av 

near Oxford, h 1519 Mascher 
Baehr Augustus, framemaker, 1539 Lawrence 
Baen Henry, jeweler, 930 Cross 
Baen Jos. H., tobacconist, 1340 Passyunk av 
Baer Alfred D., tob'st, 1503 and 1712 Market 
Baer & Brothers, (Alfred D., &> Darius Baer,) 

tobacconists, 1503 and h712 Market 
Baer Derius, tobacconist, 1503 & 1712 Market 
Baer John, farmer, Bridge near Whitehall 
Baer Michael, upholsterer, 210 Green 
Baer Moses, sexton, 237 Crown 
Bagans John, carter, Amber cor Ella 
Bagans John F., carp. Bodine n Columbia av 
Bagge Elizabeth, wid. John, Parrish n Broad 
Bagge John D., carpenter, Parrish near Broad 
Bagge Samuel G., carpenter and builder, 725 

Minster, h 317 Christian 
Bagget Charles, umbrella maker, Taylor n Car- 
Baggs James B., jr., clerk, 30 S Front, h Madi- 
son avenue n Frankford av 
Baags James B., tailor, Madison av n Fkd av 
Baggs Nicholas, clerk, 930 Race 
Baggs Theodore G., clerk, Madison avenue n 

Frankford av 
BAGGS WILLIAM II., gents' furnishing, 42 S 

7th, h 814 Button wood 
Bagiot Julius, boots, 151 S 4th 
Bagley Dennis, carter, S 23d near Pine 
Bagley James, provisions, 1164 S 11th 
Bagley William, butcher, 806 Fernon 
Bag-lev Thomas, laborer, 8 Leeds avenue 
Bagnell Elizabeth, 1418 Ogden 
Bagnell Michael J., bartender. Prime c Front 
Bagot Elizabeth, widow of John, 413 Albion 
Bagnell Thomas, hostler, r 319 New Market 
Bagot John, glassmaker, 413 Albion 
Bagot William, glass blower, 415 Albion 
Bagshaw William, machinist, 1222 Buttonwood 
Bagwell G. W. J„ barber, Market c N 38th 
Bagwell Rich., (col'd) brickl'yr. 7 Whitehead pi 
Baham Lawrence, laborer, Cotton (M\k) 
Bahars Elizabeth, capmaker, r 126 Catharine 

Bahls Augustus, shoemaker, 302 N 8th 
Bahls John, boots, 820 Vine 
Bahser Adam, lager beer, 720 Passyunk av 
Baidelspacher John, laborer, rear 706 N Front 
Baier Andrew, confectionery, 810 Callowhill 
Baier Christian, locksmith, 249 Richmond 
Bail Joseph P., blacksmith, 517 S 21st 
Bail Patrick, dyer, 1238 Fulton 
Bail Sarah, variety, 517 S 21st 
Bailer Leibach, tailor, 6 William's court 
Bailey Aaron, shoemaker, 3 Queen's court 
Bailey & Alexander, (E. Headley Bailey, <${ 
Maurice S. Alexander,) brokers, 402 Library 
BAILEY & CO., (Eli W. Bailey, Jeremiah Rob- 
bins, Joseph T. Bailey, J. T. Gallagher, A. 
N. Raymond, <V James R. Balding,) jewel- 
lers, 819 Chestnut 
Bailey Amos N., boots and shoes, 48 N 2d, h 

221 Jacoby 
Bailey Archibald, weaver, 1330 Columbia av 
Bailey Chancellor, cleric, 636 Race 
Bailey Charles, dealer, 618 Sears 
Bailey Daniel, Lrickmaker, 1446 Brinton 
Bailey Edward, box manufacturer, 217 Quarry, 

h 310 Branch 
Bailey Edward N., dentist, 602 N 13th 
Bailey Edwin, carpenter, 1111 Carlton 
Bailey E. Headley, broker, 402 Library, h 415 

Bailey Eli W., jeweler, 819 Chestnut 
Bailey Elizabeth, vegetables, 285 & 289 Eastern 

Market, h 1342 S 5th 
Bailey Ellwood, jeweler, 430 S 2d 
Bailey Ephraim, shoemaker, r 232 Christian 
Bailey Francis, gardener, 1405 Fitzwater 
Bailey Garrison, (col'd,) laborer, 7 Oakford pi 
Bailey George, brickmaker, Briton n Jefferson 
Bailey George, carpenter, 1351 Howard 
Bailey Henry, farmer, Byberry rd 
Bailey Henry, paper hanger, 336 Borden 
Bailey Hezekiah, bartend'r, h Chestnut st House 
Bailey Jane, widow Jas., confec, 312 Belgrade 
Bailey Jane, wid.Wm., Elizabeth n Unity (Fkd) 
Bailey Jehu, drover, Wyoming n Haverford 
Bailey John, car dr., Cox's ct n William (W P) 
Bailey John, furniture, 738 South 
Bailey John, printer, 424 Rugan 
Bailey John, shoemaker, Ernest n S 10th 
Bailey John, shoemaker, Sidney n Federal 
Bailey John, weaver, 1240 South 
Bailey John, weaver, 1230 Crease 
Bailey John C, clerk, 113 N 5th 
Bailey John C, 243 Race, h 17 Godfrey av 
Bailey John E., chemist, Penn (Gtn) 
Bailey John F., tobacconist, Potts n N 12th 
Bailey John S., blacksmith, 235 Catharine 
Bailey John T., clerk, 732 Hepburn 
Bailey Jonathan, carpenter, 946 N 10th 
Bailey Joseph, blacksmith, 606 Hallowell 
Bailey Joseph, stone cutter, 1232 Mascher 
Bailey Joseph, supt. public lamps, 836 Wharton 
Bailey Joseph T., jeweler, 819 Chestnut, h 

1807 Chestnut 
Bailey Leonard F., shoemr., 1008 Buttonwood 
Bailey Lewis J., grocer, Lancaster av n N 40th, 

h Haverford n Budd (W P) 
Bailey Lloyd, provisions, Lancaster ab Haver- 
ford (W P) 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Bailey Louisa, (col'd,) 1447 Brinton ! Baily Peter, (col'd,) shoemr., 1102 Steadman 

Bailey Lydia R., stationer, 26 N 6tli Baily Peter, jr., (col'd,) shoemr., 1617 Helmuth 

Bailey Marwood H., lumber, Levant ab Spruce, Baily Richard, (col'd,) laborer, 633 Barclay 

h 121 Pine 

Bailey Mary, wid. Anth., pedler, 711 Shippen 
Bailey Mary L., widow Joseph, 1332 Chestnut 
Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 113 N 5th 
Bailey Nathan & Son, (William S. Bailey,) 

conveyancers, 113 N 5th 
Bailey Robert, bricklayer, 1227 Mt Vernon 
Bailey Robert, conductor, 1424 Mervine 
Bailey Robert, farmer, n Queen (Gtn) 
Bailey Robert, grocer, S 8th c Catharine 
Bailey Robert, oysterman, 811 Burd 
Bailey S. A., paper patterns, 137 N 8th 
Bailey Samuel, 332 S 19th 
Bailey Saml., convey., 144 S 4th, h 1425 N 12th 
Bailev Samuel, safes, 629 Chestnut and Willow 

n N 15th, h 317 S 15th 
BAILEY SAMUEL B., lumber, Catharine st 

whf and Levant ab Spruce, h 231 Pine 
BAILEY SAMUEL B. 8c SON, (Marwood H.,) 

mahogany &. Albany lumber, Levant ab 

Spruce & Catharine st whf 
Bailey Samuel W., late stationer, 1425 N 12th 
Bailev .Sarah A., widow Matthew, seamstress, 

Market n N 41st (W P) 
Bailey Thomas, laborer, 1525 South 
Bailey Thos., shoe maker, r Dauphin n Amber 
Bailey Thomas A., auctioneer, 1023 Market, h 

South ab 5th 
Bailey Thomas C, prefect, Girard College 
Bailey Westcott, jeweler, 1330 Chestnut 
Bailey Wm, clerk, 240 Market, h Jones' hotel 
Bailey Wm., cloth finisher, 1122 Columbia av 
Bailey William, dealer, 842 Swanson 
Bailey William, driver, 705 Shippen 
Bailey William C, bar tender, N 9th c Green 
Bailey William M., blacksmith, Irving' bel S 

38th (W P) 
Bailey William R., printer, 26 N 5th 
Bailey William S., conveyancer, 113 N5th 
Bailey Wilson, laborer, 734 Steward 
Bailie Alex. D., clerk, 27 N 6th, h 1612 Pine 
Bailie Christiana, widow Samuel, 1612 Pine 
Bailiff Frazier, boatman, Green la (Myk) 
Bailiff Humphrey, boatman, Apple (Myk) 
Bailley Patrick, liquors, 127 Craven 
Baillie William R., tobacconist, 902 S 4th 
Bailliere William A., leathers, 223 N 3d, h at 

London, England 
Bailly Joseph A., sculptor, 254 Juniper 
Baily Catharine, widow Wm., 1108 Sp Garden 
Bailey David, carpenter, 1315 Heath 
Baily Eliza A., (col'd,) widow John, 724 Lisle 
Baily Jacob, foundry, N Broad n Spring Gar- 
den, h Race n 16th 
Baily James, blacksmith, 730 Espy 
Baily Joel J., fancy goods, 219 Market, h 230 

Baily Joel J. & Co., (Joel J. Baily, Henry J. 
Davis, S/- Elton B. G-ifford,) fancy goods, 
219 Market 
Baily John drug packer, 1209 Deacon 
Baily John, (col'd,) laborer, 724 Lisle 
BAILY JOSHUA L., import. & job. dry goods, 

213 Market, h 1427 Filbert 
Baily Leah, (col'd,) out work, 611 Middle al 

Baily Samuel, butcher, 1204 Thurlow 

Baily Samuel L., carpets, 920 Chestnut, h Penn 

Baily William, carpets, 920 Chestnut, h 1309 


Baily Yarnall, patent lamps, 1119 Market 
Baimaun Matthias, hotel, 1148 N 3d 
Bain Andrew, tailor, 1229 N 5th 
Bain James, jr., clerk, 554 Chatham 
Bain James M., conductor, Richmond n Lehigh 
Bain John, foreman, Richmond n Lehigh (R) 
Bain John B., 231 N 12th 
Bain John C, laborer, 977 N 5th 
Bain M., milliner, 120 S 11th 
Bain Susanna, widow Robert, 502 S 22d 
Bain Thomas, seaman, 335 Jarvis 
Bain Walter, clerk, h at Norristown 
Bain William, segarmaker, 326 Marriott 
Bainbridge Radcliff, salesman, 304 Emmet 
Bainbridge Robert, grocer, 523 Frankford av 
Bainbridge Robert, tailor, 1 Landreth n Jacoby 
Bainbridge Theodore, clerk, 275 S 5th 
Baines Hiram, clerk, 428 S 5th 
Baings Alexander, tailor, 
Bains Andrew R., trunkmaker, 706 Marshall 
Bains Edward, trimmings, 8 N 3d, h 508 Wood 
Bains Geo. B., trunks, 302 Market, 723 Cher- 
ry, & 6 N 4th, h 824 Franklin 
Bains" Henry B., clerk, 302 Market, h 1104 

Denmark pi 
Bains William, carpenter, 706 Marshall 
Bair Isaac, eating house, 1121 Market 
Bair S., clerk, 708 Market 
Baird Alexander, mason, White n S 15th 
Baird Alex., printer, 607 Sansom, h 647 N 7th 
Baird & Cunningham, (Daniel Baird $ Jolui 

Cunningkam,) candles, 218 South 
Baird Andrew, metremaker, 1517 Jones 
Baird Daniel, candles, 218 South, h 711 Florida 
Baird David blacksmith, 1434 Fitzwater 
Baird David, lab. 512 S 15th 
BAIRD EPHRAIM W., attv. & coun. 114 S 6th 

h 517 Arch 
Baird F. B., fruiter, 20 S 6th 
Baird Francis R., oyster depot, 333 S Front, & 

332 S Water, h 6th n Chestnut 
Baird George, carpenter, 1615 Melloy 
Baird Geo. V., metremaker, 1441 Shipnen 
BAIRD HENRY C, publisher, 406 Walnut, h 

1340 Pine 
Baird Isaac S., machinist, 804 Capital 
Baird James, china, 1320 South 
Baird Jas., grocer, 1243 Shippen, h 629 S 13th 
Baird Jas., hotel, S 2d c German, h 204 German 
Baird James, lithographer, rear 123 Van Horn 
Baird James, porter, rear 210 Quince 
Baird James, shoemaker, 1220 Columbia av 
Baird John, 1062 N Front 
Baird John, butcher, 138 Race St Market 
Baird John, carter, N 19th n Hamilton 
Baird John, clerk, 14 S 17th 
Baird John, collector, 1236 Nag-le 
Baird John, fanner, 1012 Filbert 
BAIRD JOHN, marble works, Ridge av n Sp 
Garden, h 1302 Sp Garden 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Baird John, liquors, 812 S 15th 

Baird John, weaver, Vail's ct c Pearl 

Baird John T., (colored), waiter, 230 Brier pi 

Baird Margaret, wid. Jas., liquors, 515 Shippen 

Baker Charles S., M.D., 623 Master 
Baker Charles T., baker, r 318 St John 
Baker Christian, shoemaker, 932 N 9th 
Baker Christiana, housekeeper* 1357 Hope 

Baird Martha, wid. Wm., 1931 Naudain 

Baird Mary, wid. Wm., 215 Lybrand 

Baird Matthew, locomotive builder, 500 N 

Broad, h 633 N 10th 
Baird Robert, 1220 Rodman 
Baird Robert, metre maker, 1517 Jones 
Baird Robert, shoes, Lombard c 20th 

Baird Thomas, carpenter, N Front n Chatham j Baker Cornelius, clerk, 413 Jefferson 
Baird Thomas, drayman, 516 Christian ; Baker Daniel, 1037 Beach 

Baird Thomas R., contractor, 332 N 10th Baker Daniel, porter, 1302 Poplar 

BAIRD WM., apron check manuf. n the Bridge] Baker Daniel J., bonnetpresser, 246 Girard av 

Baker Christopher, lab. rear 865 N 4th 
Baker Conrad, fisherman, 709 Richmond 
Baker Conrad, fisherman, 908 Vienna 
Baker Conrad, ragpicker, N 3d n Columbia 
Baker Conrad, segarmaker, 333 N 13th 
Baker Conrad, wheelwright, 1104 Union 
(Baker Conrad, jr., fisherman, 908 Vienna 

Fkd, h Frankford n Adam (Fkd) 
Baird Wm., hostler, rear 1537 Carver 
Baird Wm. B., clerk, 332 N 10th 
Baird Win., G. s clerk, 130 N Front 
Baird Wm. M., mer. 224 S Del av, & Pres. 329 

Walnut, h 333 Pine 
BAIRD WM. M. & CO., agent Steam Propeller 

Line, 224 S Del av 
Baird Wm. S., dry g-oods, 47 N 3d, h American 

Baird Rebecca, gents' furnishing, 728 S 2d 
Bairn Flonora, wid John, rear 1231 Catharine 
Bairn Michael, barkeeper, rear 1231 Catharine 
Bairns Bernard, lab. rear 729 Beach 
Bairns Nicholas, lab. rear 729 Beach 
Bairstow Wm., wool grader, 1434 Fkd av 
Baisley A., wharfbuildcr, 1135 Palmer 
Baisley John, wharfbuildcr, rear 1330 Vienna 
Baisley Win., wharfbuilder, 1025 Crease 
Baitzell George, printer, 620 Federal 
Baitzell Wm., lab. 3 Harmer's av 
Baizley John, shipsmith, 118 Mead 
Baker Adam, farmer, Red Lion road 
Baker Alfred G., mer. 210 Chestnut, h 708 

Baker Ambrose C. H., tobacconist, 1 Perry 
Baker Andrew J., coal, 519 S 10th 
Baker & Shoemaker, {Michael Baker $ Charles 

Shoemaker), lumber, N 5th c Brown 
Baker Ann, wid. Geo., Cuyler n N 20th 
Baker Anna, teacher, 107 Washington 
Baker Anna, wid. John F., McKean n S 17th 
Baker Benjamin, rigger, 117 Mead 
Baker Betsy (colored), rear 524 Barron 
Baker Catherine, N Broad c Lehigh av 
Baker Chalkley, confectioner, 1028 Vine 
Baker Charles, 1834 Spruce 
Baker Charles, farmer, Bridge n Whitehall 
Baker Charles, liquors, 116 Walnut & 11 Gra- 
nite, h 1233 Arch 
Baker Charles, machinist, rear 853 N 3d 
Baker Charles, morocco manuf. 915 N Front, h 

917 N Front 
Baker Charles, tailor, 23 Pcnna av 
Baker Charles, tobacconist, 412 George 
Baker Charles II., clerk, 1532 Callowhill 

Baker Daniel M., heaters, 246 Girard av 
Baker David B., bookbinder, 1028 Vine- 
Baker Edward, builder, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Baker Edward, carpenter, 524 S 3d 
Baker Edward J., brassfinisher, 236 N 13th i 
Baker E. J. A., jewelry, 135 N 3d, h N 5th c 

Baker Eliza, washer, r 610 S 3d 
Baker Elizb., dealer, 88 Eastern Market, h 531 

Baker Elizabeth, teacher, 340 Julianna 
Baker Elizabeth, varieties, 1137 Spruce 
Baker Elizabeth, wid. Daniel, 608 Catharine 
Baker Elizabeth, wid. John, Baker (Myk) 
Baker Ellis, packer, 2 Osage av 
Baker Eustace, butcher, 1044 Germantown av 
Baker E. W., grocer, 715 New Market 
Baker Ezekiah, engineer, Belgrade n Somerset 
Baker Fcrkinand, lab. 1339 Charlotte 
Baker Francis, cooper, 1213 Heath 
Baker Francis, shoemaker, 427 N 9th 
Baker Francis, tailor, rear 917 St John 
Baker Francis M., police, Bristol av n N Front 
Baker Frederick, tailor, rear 707 St John 
Baker George, 714 N Front 
•Baker George, Tulip n Townsend 
Baker George, bartender, 421 Wood 
Baker George, farmer, Bridge n Whitehall 
Baker George, haircutter, 909 Chestnut 
Baker George, lampmaker, 112 Elwyn 
Baker' George, shoemaker, 1157 S 12th 
Baker George, waterman, r 610 Guilford 
Baker George C, fisherman, 708 Richmond 
Baker George T., broker, 154 S 4th, h Filbert 

n 9th 
Baker George W., boatman, Melvale n Wil- 
liam (Richmond) 
Baker George W., editor Penn. 108 S 3d, h 

527 N 4th 
Baker George W., morocco finisher, 131 Onas 
Baker Hanna, (col'd), washer, r 331 Griscom 
Baker Henrietta, washer, r 331 Griscom 
Baker Henry, blacksmith, 1137 Palmer 
Baker Henry, cabinet maker, 727 St. John 
Baker Henry, cabinet maker, 232 Stamper's al 
Baker Henry, carpenter, (Milestown) 

Baker Charles II., jr., com. mer. 127 Chestnut, Baker Henry, coal, S 25th n Spruce, h 2012 

h 1034 Arch 
Baker Charles H., tobacconist, Frankford av n 

Baker Charles M., clerk, 423 Wildey 
Baker Charles M., painter, 130 N 4th, h 806 N 



Baker Henry, grocer, 201 Saranak 
Baker Henry, peddler, Eagle, r 1 Leopard 
Baker Henry, shoe maker, r 514 Christian 
Baker Henry, tailor, 1532 Callowhill 
Baker Hen. A., bookbinder, Wright near N 21st 

Jules Hauel & Co., Perfumers, recommend their Frangipanni Pomade an everlasting 



Baker Henry A , stone polisher, 1710 Olive 
Baker Hezekiah, engin'r, Belgrade n Somerset 
Baker Hilary C, accountant, i31 N. 2d, h N 9th 

c Depot 
Baker Horace D., boatman, 110 Richmond 
Baker Isaac, carpenter, Springett n N 21st 
Baker Isaac, shoemaker, r 840 Charlotte 
Baker Isaac, Ins. surveyor, 144 S 4th, h 1021 

Baker Isaac F., gas fitter, 710 Chestnut and 

Cherry n 8th, h 1019 Arch 
Baker Isachar, porter, r 518 New Market 
Baker Jacob, carter, 1435 Savery 
Baker Jacob, farmer, Bustleton rd 
Baker Jacob, ferule maker, 1302 Coates 
Baker Jacob, laborer, 1335 N 2d 
Baker Jacob, milkman, 109 Christian 
Baker Jacob, tailor, 23 Penna. av 
Baker Jacob, tailor, 325 Wood 
Baker Jacob, tobacco, 231 N 2d, h 1238 Pale 

Baker Jacob, trucker, River rd (Roxb'gh) 
Baker Jacob G., carpenter, 1024 Brown 
BAKER JAIRUS, com. & shipping, 138 N Del 

av, h 324 N Front 
Baker James, banker, 17 S 3d, h 1314 Arch 
Baker James, carpenter, Buddens ct n N 12th 
Baker James, coachman, 233 Raspbeny 
Baker James, shoemaker, r 1025 Lawrence 
Baker James, (col'd,) seaman, 232 Vandeveer 
Baker James B., carpenter, Juniper n Arch, h 

Budden's al 
Baker James R., segarmaker, Diamond n N 2d 
Baker J. & W., {Jacob 4" William Baker,) to- 
bacco, 231 N 2d 
Baker J. Crap, druggist, 700 Carpenter 
Baker Jesse, box mr. 21 Bank, h 1409 N 7th 
Baker J. F. & Co., ship stores, 138 N Del av 
Baker J. M., clerk, h Eagle Hotel 
Baker John, 112 N 18th 
Baker John, cabinet maker, 540 Owen 
Baker John, carpenter, 1520 Montgomery av 
Baker John, confec. Market c Budd (W P) 
Baker John, farmer, Bristol rd 
Baker John, gardener, Passyunk av n Franklin 
Baker John, glass blower, York n Gaul 
Baker John, hotel, Broad c Gtn av (Ris Sun) 
Baker John, laborer, Mifflin n Otsego 
Baker John, laborer, N 15th n Spring Garden 
Baker John, machinist, 1124 Day 
Baker John, rope maker, 511 Girard av 
Baker John, jr., rope maker, 507 Girard av 
Baker John, ship carpenter, 813 Essick 
Baker John, truck, 172 Race Street Market 
Baker John, waiter, 1238 Ash 
Baker John, weaver, Carpenter (Gtn) 
Baker John, weaver, Cresso^-,/(Myk) 
Baker John A., potter, 134 Onas 
Baker John C, druggist, 154 N 3d, h N 18th 

ab Arch 
Baker John C. & Co. {John C. Baker 4* Charles 

W. Nolen,) druggists, 154 N 3d 
Baker John G., druggist, 801 N Front, h 29 

Baker John H., shoes, 209 S 4th, h 220 Van- 

Baker John H., clerk, 1409 N 7th 
Baker John L., chair maker, 1722 N 12th 

Baker John M., laborer, McKean n S 17th 
Baker John R., merchant, 424 Market, h 42 

N 11th 
Baker John S., paper hangings, 625 Brown, h 

623 Brown 
Baker John W., clerk, 2012 Locust 
Baker John W., produce, 1 Erricson 
Baker Jos., bridle bit mi*. Oak n 34th (W P) 
Baker Joseph, carpenter, 131 Onas 
Baker Joseph, coach trimmer, 1720 Francis 
Baker Joseph, metals, 821 N 2d & 820 Rachel, 

h 828 N 5th 
Baker Joseph, salesman, 218 N Juniper 
Baker Joseph, waterman, Richmond n William 
Baker Joseph, seaman, r 321 Richmond (R) 
Baker Joseph & Son, {Joseph Sf Joseph W. 

Baker,) metals, 821 N 2d & 820 Rachel 
Baker Joseph B., clerk, 1215 Buttonwood 
Baker Joseph B., collector port Philada., 120 

N 18th 
Baker Jos. F., ship stores, 138 N Del av, h 916 

Baker Joseph J. G., clerk, 655 N 12th 
Baker Joseph S., coach trimmer, 1734 Wylie 
Baker Joseph S., drayman, Norris n Memphis 
Baker Jos. W., metals, 821 N 2d & 820 Rachel, 

h 828 N 5th 
Baker Justice, shoemaker, 1319 N 2d 
Baker Lafayette, com. mer., 216 N Broad, h 

1609 Race 
Baker Lenhart, gardener, r 813 N 3d 
Baker Lewis, blacksmith, 1018 Nectarine 
Baker Lewis, painter, 1417 Race 
Baker Lucy, wid. William, 518 Cresson 
Baker Margaret, wid. Christian, 632 N 7th 
Baker Margaret S., 2111 Summer 
Baker Maria, wid. r 1014 Nectarine 
Baker Martha, wid. Bartholomew, 526 Cresson 
Baker Mary, milliner, 1310 Chestnut 
Baker Mary, wid. Edward, 829 Catharine 
Baker Mary, wid. Jacob, 134 Onas 
Baker Mary, wid. Joshua, 340 Julianna 
Baker Mary, wid. William G., wadding, 19 N 

Front, h 1215 Buttonwood 
Baker Michael, laborer, N 15th n Sp Garden 
Baker Michael, lumber, N 5th c Brown, h 866 

N 7th 
Baker Michael, ropemr. Crease c Thompson 
Baker Mic-ael, shoemaker, 235 S 12th 
Baker Michael D., lumber, N 5th c Brown, h 

866 N 7th 
AKER MICHAEL V., late hardware, 709 

Sansom, h 708 Arch 
Baker M. L., furnishing, 909 Chestnut 
BARER OSCAR L., hotel, Sp Garden c N 10th 
Baker Paul M., painter, 1334 Palethorp 
Baker Peter, 887 Orchard 
Baker Peter, drover, 229 N 10th 
Bak ;r Peter, oysterman, 530 Beach 
Bak >r Peter, reed maker, 1405 Hancock 
Bak jr Philip, gardener, 812 Palm 
Bak ;r Philip, lampmaker, r 247 Chester 
Bak ;r Philip, warper, Jackson (Myk) 
Bak r Philip K., paper hanger, 533 Linden 
Bak( :r Rees R., 1409 N 7th 
Bakt r Robert, clerk, 217 Chestnut 
Bak( r Ruth H., widow of Geo. W.. 655 N 12th 

Bak< r Samuel, bartender, 833 Swanson 
Perfume, and a delightful article for dressing the hair. 



Baker Samuel, carpenter, 103 Prime 
Baker Samuel, clerk, 655 N 12th 
Baker Samuel, driver, 714 Baker 
Baker Samuel, laborer, (Feltonville) 
Baker Samuel, parchment, Crease c Thomp- 
Baker Samuel, seaman, 116 Beck pi 
Baker Samuel, tavern, Passyunk av n Broad 
Baker Samuel, waterman, 503 Richmond ay 
Baker Samuel, (colored) plasterer, r 1313 

Baker Sarah, 483 N4th 

Baker Sarah, widow of Benjamin, 1145 N 6th 
Baker Sarah, (colored) widow of E., r 210 

Baker S. J., clerk, 410 Market 
Baker Stephen, laborer, Ernest n S 9th 
Baker Stephen G., clerk, h Eagle hotel 
Baker Susanna, 306 Crown 
Baker Sylvester J., clerk, 12 Ellen 
Baker Theodore, carpenter, 3 Burwick pi 
Baker Theodore, laborer, Maiden la n Gray's 

ferry rd 
Baker Theodore S., laborer, M'Kean n S 17th 
Baker Thomas, compositor, r 518 New Market 
Baker Thomas, glass blower, 8 Ellen 
Baker Thomas, laborer, 24th n Pine 
Baker Thomas, (colored) coachman, Gtn av n 

Johnson (Ctn) 
Baker Thomas C, book finisher, 1028 Vine 
Baker Thomas N., carpenter, 1024 Brown 
Baker Valentine, clothing-, 12 Walnut, h 212 

Bake? Valentine, fisherman, 925 Palmer 
Baker Walter, carriage trimmer, 17 Juniper 
Baker Wescott & Co., (James Baker, William 

P. Wescott) bankers, 17 S 3d 
Baker William, cordwainer, 721 New Market 
Baker William, dealer, 134 Eastern Market, h 

1253 Warnock 
Baker William, iron, Logan (Gtn) 
Baker William, morocco dresser, 1519 Apple 
Baker William, painter 807 Rachel 
Baker William, pilot, 103 Prime 
Baker William, seaman, 5 Wilson 
Baker Wm., ship carp., Lancaster n Wharton 
Baker William, shoemaker, 107 Race 
Baker William, tobacco, 231 N 2d, h 1234 

Baker William, toll gate, Gtn av n Chestnut 

Baker William, weaver, Allen's la (Mt Airy) 
Baker William A., waterman, 131 Onas 
Baker William C, merchant, 710 Chestnut &. 

Cherrv n 8th, h 1019 Arch 
BAKER WILLIAM D., atty. & coun., 439 

Chestnut 2d floor, h Walnut n av 

Baker William E., sewing machines, 730 Chest- 
nut, h Boston 
Baker William H., clerk, 238 N 8th 
Baker William R„ merchant, Front n Market, h 

1317 Ogden 
Baker William S., conveyancer, S 4c Harmony 

pi, h 652 N 13th 
Baker William T., musician, 721 New Market 
Bakerfelt John, laborer, 1126 St. John 
Bakes William C, clerk, 614 Noble 

Balair Edward, silk weaver, 321 S 2d 

Balasouins Louis, clerk, 904 Vine 

Balbirnie Charles, dyer, 1107 South 

Balch E. H., coal, 109 Walnut, h 208 S 8th 

Bald Christian, tailor, Dauphin n Geiss 

Bald Eagle Hotel, 416 N3d 

Bald George M., butcher, 86 S 2d st market, h 

610 Hay- 
Bald John, laborer, Hedge c Orthodox (Fkd) 
Bald J. D., 31 H Walnut, h S 5th c Walnut 
Bald William R., grocer, 902 N 2d, h 914 N 6th 
Baldwin James, laborer, (Torresdale) 
Baklerman Ludwig, shoemaker, r 412 Poplar 
Balderson & Albertson, (Mark Baldersun <V 

Saml. M. Albertson) builders, 1103 Wood 
Balderson Mark, builder, 1103 Wood, h 320 

Balderston Isaiah, paper hanger & drv goods, 

1947 Poplar 
Balderston J., 311 Walnut 
Balderston John E., clerk, 912 Spring Garden 
Balderston Marcellus, clerk, 912 Spring Garden 
Balderston Saml. F., paper, 912 Spring Garden 
Balding James R., jeweler, 819 Chestnut, h 126 


Baldinger Jacob, tailor, 421 S 5th 
Baldt Frederick, shoemaker, 923 St. John 
Baldt Frederick, whip maker, 403 Girard av 
Baldt George, shoemaker, r 1323 Howard 
Baldt Henry, umbrella maker, 1113 Palmer 
Baldt Jacob, farmer, Bristol rd 
Baldt John, umbrella maker, 1113 Palmer 
Baldt John S., carpenter, Townsend n Cedar 
Baldt William, carpenter, 1113 Palmer 
Baldt William, jr., carpenter, 1113 Palmer 
Baldwin Adam, glass blower, 1123 Vienna 
Baldwin David, bricklayer, 818 West 
Baldwin Elizabeth, teacher, Gtn av n High 

Baldwin Enos, coach trimmer, 1710 Coates 
Baldwin Hannah M., widow of William, 451 

N 10th 

Baldwin Isaac H.. notions, 714 N 10th 
Baldwin James, farmer, Livezey's mill rd n 

Baldwin John, 121 Jacoby 
Baldwin Joseph, painter, 121 Jacoby 
Baldwin Joseph, trader, Hobensack pi, r 145 

Baldwin Martha J., dress maker, 907 N Broad 
Baldwin Mathias W., locomotive builder, 500 

N Broad, h 1031 Spruce 
BALDWIN M. W. & CO., (Mathias W. Buhl- 
win Sf Matthew Baird) locomotive builders, 

500 N Broad 
Baldwin Norman Rev., 1005 S 5th 
Baldwin Peter W., (col'd) steward, 513 S 10th 
Baldwin Philip, cordwainer, Market n 33d 

(W P) 
Baldwin Sarah, wid. of Benjamin, 1223 Clarion 
Baldwin Stephen, com. mer., Walnut c Front, 

h 924 Walnut 
BALDWIN STEPHEN & CO., (John H. Irwin) 

com. mer., Walnut c S Front 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, Broad c Arch, h 

1200 Race 
Baldwin William, bone dust, Margaretta st 

Wharf, h Paul n Unity (Fkd) 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 

Baker William G. & Son, (M. A. dj- William 
Baker,) cotton laps, 19 N Front 




Baldwin William, clerk, 33 N 3d, h 415 Vine 
Baldwin William L., grocer, 869 N 10th 
Baldwin Wm. R., cabinetmr., 1027 Ellsworth 
Bale Israel, harnessmaker, Bananna n N loth 
Bales John E., agent, 2048 Winter 
Bales John E. jr., car driver, 2048 Winter 
Bales William, bricklayer, 1709 Barton 
Bales William, laborer, r 1148 Sites 
Bales William H„ car driver, 2048 Winter 
Baley Lyttleton, bootmaker, 224 Currant al 
Baley Thos., lab., N 36th n Haverford (W P) 
Baley Wm., seam'n, N 36th n Haverford (W P) 
Balfourd Henry, weaver, r 1440 Hope 
Balis George, lacemaker, 1557 Brinton 
Balke Henry, musician, 114 N 5th 
Ball Alexander, bootfitter, 718 Lebanon 
Ball Ambrose, clerk, 16 Carroll 
Ball Ann, 12 Knight's ct, r 826 Cherry 
Ball Anna, produce, 16 N 10th, h 225 Lybrandt 
Ball Anna, widow Samuel, Gills avenue, r 1210 

Ball A. W., coal, 104 Walnut, h 1718 Vine 
Bah Ann M., widow, r 305 Catharine 
Ball Carl, shoemaker, 826 N 3d 
Ball Charles, clerk, 317 N 13th 
Bull Charles, E., tailor, 251 S 8th 
Ball David, carpenter, 1549 Vine 
Ball Dedrick, laborer, 712 Guilford 
Ball Edward, machinist, 1603 Summer 
Ball Eliz., (col'd,) wid. William, 930 Auburn 
Ball George, cabinetmaker, r 964 N Front 
Ball George, seaman, 109 Marion 
Bail George H., clerk, 514 Noble 
Ball George W., 1S16 Chestnut 
Ball George W. I., conveyancer, 520 Walnut, 

h 413 S Broad 
Ball Henry, 542 N 10th 
Ball Henry, gilder, 12 College pi 
Ball Henry jr., clerk, 880 Marshall 
Ball Horace, clerk, 1709 St Joseph's av 
Ball Isabella, dry goods, 819 Spring Garden 
Ball Israel R., cordwainer, 201 Catharine 
Ball Israel Y., carpenter, 1117 S 3d 
Ball Jacob, hotel, 2 Decaiur, h 209 New 
Ball Jacob, sashmaker, r 819 St John 

Ball William, bookbinder, 822 N 2d 

Ball "William, glass cutter, 205 Quarry, h 1505 

Frankford av 
Ball Wm., grocer, N 2d c Poplar, h 914 N 6th 
Ball William, jeweler, 12 S 2d, h 1232 S 6th 
Ball William jr., 1505 Frankford av 
Ballance William, laborer, Simes n Beach 
Ballantine James, liquors, 1809 South 
Ballantine John, cordwainer, 1349 Kates 
Ballantine "William, gardener, 754 S 13th 
Ballard Henry (colored,) waiter, 211 Quince 
Ballard John F., waiter, 229 Prosperous al 
Ballard John, U. S. N., 1207 S 4th 
Ballbeck George, gasfitting, 1304 Corn 
Ballenberg J., trimmings, 715 N 2d 
Ballenger Catharine, 325 N 5th 
Ballenger, Geo., plasterer, 617 Washington av 
Ballenger Jacob, blacksmith, 1309 Cowley 
Ballenger James, plasterer, 1312 S 5th 
Ballenger Mary, widow of Wesley, 709 Master 
Ballenger Thomas, carpenter, 1111 Marks la 
Ballenger Thomas, lime, 703 & h 704 Washing- 
ton av 
Ballenger "William, plasterer, 1009 S 3d 
Ballentine Jno., weaver, r Palethorp n Columbia 
Ballentine Robert, carpenter, 337 Jarvis 
Ballentine Samuel, weaver, 1514 Howard 
Balles Joseph F., machinist, 808 N 12th 
Ballett John (colored,) waiter, r 1126 Rodman 
Ballier John F., liquors, 311 Race 
Ballinger Charles, smith, Front n Dauphin 
Ballinger Christiana, Front n Dauphin 
Ballinger Edwin A., bookbinder, 1227 Wood 
Ballinger Fritz, butcher, Front n Daughin 
Ballinger Gotleib, butcher, Front n Dauphin 
Ballinger Mark, laborer, Corn n Wharton 
Ballinger Richard H., clerk, 7 Caldwell 
Ballinger Thomas E., clerk, 18]S T 3d, h 10 Elm 

Ballis Elizabeth, widow Nicholas, washing, h 

Gay c Harrison's al (Myk) 
Ballis Michael, laborer, Lawrence n Oxford 
Ballister William, Robeson (Myk) 
Ballman H., grocer, 1201 Poplar 
Bailor Philip F., cabinetmaker, 615 Sears 
Ballou Charles, farmer, (Crescentville) 

Ball James, moulder, 2017 Reeves 

Ball Jesse R., stereotypist, 819 Spring Garden! Ballou James, cutter, 803 Arch 

Ball John, butcher, Shippen st market, 418 Balls William H., seamen, 222 Federal 

Watkins Balmain George, envelopes, 510 Minor 

Ball John, carp., Cox al n N 9th, h 757 S 10th Balmis Peter, mason, Levering (Myk) 

Ball John, clerk, 1008 Catharine 

Ball John M., painter, 326 Buttonwood 

Ball John R., carpenter, 328 Mcllwain 

Ball John R. J., blacksmith, 1211 Oxford 

Ball Joseph, clerk, S 22d n Spruce 

Ball Joseph H., painter, 414 Redwood 

Ball Laura, teacher, 1911 Plymouth 

Ball Leonard, weaver, Centre n Moreton (Gtn) 

Ball Levius, agent, 8 Fawn 

Ball Mahlon, shoes, 408 Commerce, h 1504 

Ball Rebecca, wid., Frankford n Sellers (Fkd) 
Ball Richard, weaver, 1226 Federal 
Ball Richard M., salesman, 1325 Juniata 
Ball Robert, tea packer, r 1505 Burton 
Ball Sam'l.,shoemr., 6 Sanders ct, r 1023 St John 
Ball Samuel P., police, 245 N 15 
Ball Wallace M. B., clerk, 951 Randolph 

Balsley Henry B., printer, 126 Greenwich 
Bait Jacob, farmer, Salter's la n Bristol Turn- 
Bait John, butcher, 418 Watkins 
Bait Wm., engineer, Trenton avn Church (Fkd) 
Baltimore & Philadelphia Steamboat Co., pier 

opp 30 & 32 S Delaware av 
Raltz Adam, carpenter, 606 Carpenter 
Baltz Caroline, wid. Charles, liquors, 247 N 2d 
3altz Christian, butcher, 18 N 2d st market, h 

1716 Belgrade 
Baltz Daniel D., melodeons, 728 Market, h 

Sycamore n 37th 
Baltz David, bootmaker, 1359 Bedford 
Baltz Frederick, butcher, 716 Belgrade 
Baltz Frederick, liquors, 457 N 3d 
Baltz George, glass blower, 1334 Vienna 
Baltz George, laborer, r 855 Orchard 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Baltz Henry, pork, 17 Girard av (Mkt), h 16^ 

Baltz H. W, carp. Haverford c N 38th (W P) 
Baltz Jacob, brewer, 31st c Thompson, h 502 

Baltz J. & P., (Jacob and Peter Baltz), brewers, 

31st c Thompson & 502 N 3rd, 
Baltz Peter, brewer, n 31st c Thompson 8c 502 

Baltz Peter, shoemaker, r 268 S 2d 
Baltzer George, varnisher, 1309 N 5th 
Baltzer Lewis, cork cutter & cigars, 1309 N 5th 
Baly Morris, laborer, 1705 Carlton 
Baly William, laborer, 1705 Carlton 
Balz Charles, laborer, 948 N 11th 
Bamber Alfred, captain 748 S 6th 
Bamberger Ansel, trimmings, 105 N 8th, h 29 

Bamberger Brothers, (Moses, Henry, and Ansel 

Bamberger,) trimmings, 105 N 8th 
Bamberger George, painter, Otis n Memphis 
Bamberger Henry, tnmgs, 105 N 8th, h 29 New 
Bamberger Jacob S, 712 Noble 
Bamberger Moses, trimmings, 105 N 8th, h 

Bamberger Peter, shoemaker, r 710 St John 
Bambery Wm., shoemr, Orchard n Green (Fkd) 
Bambrey William, turner, 223 Crown, h 1002 

Bambrick Thomas, farmer, (Lagrange) 
Bamford Geo. W., lab., Welsh rd (Holmesburg) 
Bamford John, puddler, 112 South 
Bamford Joseph, weaver, 1421 Hope 
Bamford William, laborer. 516 S 22d " 
Bamhurst Joseph, japanner, 1732 Francis 
Bamount William, driver, 1534 Pearl 
Bampton Warren, clerk, 2 Walnut 
Bance, Anthony, shoemaker. 706 S 6th 
Bance Jacob, piano maker, 1 Cahawba pi 
Bance Sophia, wid. Julien, 706 S 6th 
Bancker A. V., tailor, 724 Espy 
Bancker Charles, weaver, Harrison's al (Myk) 
Bancker Charles N., pres., 435 Chestnut, h 437 

Bancker James W., saloon, 811 Walnut, h 252 

S 12th 
Bancker John H., laborer, r 224 Vaughn 
Bancker Lawrence, clerk, 1023 Moya. av 
Bancroft Addison, books, 602 Arch, h Frank- 
ford n Harrison (Fkd) 
Bancroft & Boustead, (John Bancroft John 

Boustead,) coal, 413 N 8th 
Bancroft Daniel, clerk, 527 Pine 
Bancroft Esther, hosierv, 8 N 8th 
Bancroft Geo. H., paint", 22 S 15th 
Bancroft Gideon, blacksmith, 609 Christian, h 

937 S 3d 
BANCROFT H., & CO., (Harvey Bancroft, 
Robt.S.Caldwell,) hosiery, &c, 330 Market 
Bancroft Harvey, merchant, 330 Market, h 1131 

Bancroft James R., clerk, 330 Market, h 1131 

C alio wh ill 
Bancroft John, blacksmith, 2ii5 Christian 
Bancroft John, coal, 111 Walnut, Pier 11 Rich- 

mond^and 413 N 8th, h 316 St John 
Bancroft John, jr., coal, 111 Walnut, Pier 11 
Richmond, h 316 St John 

Bancroft Joseph W., coal, 111 Walnut, Pier 11 

Richmond, h (Ashland, Pa.) 
BANCROFT, LEWIS & CO., (John Bancroft, 
Joseph S. Lewis, Joseph W. Bancroft,) 
shippers coal, 111 Walnut, Pier lj Rich- 
Bancroft M. 8c E., (Margaret and Esther,') 

hosiery, 8 N 8th 
Bancroft Margaret, hosiery, 8 N 8th 
Bancroft Mary, frnhng, 15 S 15th 
Bancroft Mary S., wid. Edward, 1723 Vine 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 15 S 15th 
Bancroft Napoleon, coal, Girard av c N 9th, h 

1418 Marshall 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksmith, 20 Decatur, h 

709 Christian 
Bancroft Samuel, hatter, 2 Helena pi r 221 


Bancroft Samuel B., cutter, 15 S 15th 
Bancroft William, clerk, 302 N 16th 
Band John, marine, 1332 Frankford av 
Banderherchen William, hatter, 1245 Nagle 
Bandle Frederick, carver, 209 Beaver 
Bandols Arthur H.. frames, 400 N 3d, h 414 N 


Bane Bernard, clerk, 2222 Hare 
Bane Henry, jeweler, 644 Hallowell 
Bane John, jeweler, 634 Hallowell 
Bane John, laborer, 977 N 5th 
Bane "William, laborer, 3 Carpenter 
Bane William B., police, N 2d n Oxford 
Baner Benj., baker, 1210 Poplar 
Baner Bernice C, matron, 931 Race 
Baner Catharine, 5 Hock pi 
Baner John, barber, 501 S 2d, h 417 Gaskill 
B 'iier Lydia, 541 China 
Baner Mark, baker, 938 Poplar 
Baner Samuel, baker, 938 Poplar 
Baner Wm. R., bkr, 46 N 6th, h 875 N 8th 
Banes & Wilen, (Thomas Bancs, Geo. Wilen,') 

phosphate lime, (Frankford) 
Banes Benjamin C, carpenter, 1010 Leithg-ow 
Banes Charles, blacksmith, (Lagrange) 
Banes Charles, clerk, 421 George 
Banes Charles H., clerk, 948 New 
Banes Howard, grocer, (Bustleton) 
Banes John M., drug-gist, 2123 Sharswood 
Banes Joseph M., farmer, (Bustleton) 
Banes J. M., clerk,901 N 2d, h 2123 Sharswood 
Banes Thomas, phosphate nuinuf., Margaret st. 

wharf, h 220 Frandford (Fkd) 
Banes Thomas, spring maker, 946 New Market, 

h 948 New Market 
Banes, Thomas, teamster, Academy rd 
Banes William, segarmaker, 326 Marriott 
Banes William A., contractor, N 2d n Columbia 
Banf Casper, tobacconist, 923 Lawrence 
Banfield James T, morocco fin., 9 Nolen's ct 
Banford Samuel, machinist, Doak n S Wyoming 
Bang Philip, tailor, 1418 Germantown av 
Banger, Samuel, machinist, York n Amber 
Banger Sarah, wid. Timothy, 259 Madison 
Banger T. M., conductor, Dauphin n N 6th 
Banger Wm. W., clerk, 439 N 3d, h 1933 Cal- 
Bangs 8c Maxwell, (Wm. P. Bangs, Ebenezcr 

Maxivell,) dry goods, 123 Chestnut 
Bangs James, carpenter, 831 N 15th 

Jules Hauel 8c Co. manufacture Shaving Cream, opaque and transparent, 




Bangs William, tanner, 6 Pearl n N 23d I Bannister Charles, foreman, Gay c Thompson's 

Bangs William P., merchant, 123 Chestnut, h av (Myk) 

1323 Girard av j Bannister Fred., weaver, 1010 Poplar 

Banholt Samuel, carman, 3 Barber's row Bannister James, foreman, Rainbow n Blair 

Banholzer Anth., gluemaker, N Front n Norrisi Bannister Joseph, Gay c Thompson's av (Myk) 
Banholzer Paul, clerk, 261 S 2d, h 856 N 3d | Bannister Mark, plumber, Tulpehocken (Gtn) 

Banister Edward, salesman, 317 N 2d 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 209 Chestnut 
BANK OF GERMANTOWN, Germantown av 

n Penn (Gtn) 
Bank of Penn Township, N 6th c Vine 
227 Vine 

Banker "Win., , 812 Walnut 

Bankhead Thomas, weaver, 116 Otter 
Banks Ales., (colored), carp. 1014 Rodman 

Bannon Bartlett, boatman, Cresson (Myk) 
Bannon Matthew, weaver, Green la (Myk) 
Bannon Michael, tailor, Edgemont c William 
Bannon Peter, bookbinder, rear 491 St John 
Bannon Peter, oysters, Shippen c S 13th, h 

1241 Shippen 
Bannon Thomas, boatman, Main (Myk) 
Banson John, blacksmith, 407 Callowhill 
Bantam Eliza (col'd), washwoman, 428 Gaskill 
Bantle Robert, forger, 3 Tyson 
Bantz Jacob, tobacco, 1082 Germantown av 
Banz Charles, machinist, 436 Mover 

Banks Angeline (colored), domestic, 531 Lom-iBanz Charles, machinist, 1226 Palmer 


Banks Charles, 504 Spruce 
Banks Charles M., machinist, 2048 Coates 
Banks David, driver, Callowhill bel N 9th 
Banks Edward, hotel, 941 Race 
Banks Edward, shoemaker, rear 634 South 
Banks Geo. W., 822 Chestnut, h 134 N 12th 
Banks Henry O. D., painter, 348 N 4th, h 445 

N 4th 
Banks Isaac, clerk, 1323 Rodman 

Banzhof Adolph, brewer, 727 St John 
Banzhof Wm., brewer, N 31st n Thompson 
Bappert Henry, weaver, 1324 Howard 
Baptist Church, Paul c Unity (Fkd) 
Baptist Eugene, (colored), cabinetmaker, 222 

Prosperous al 
Baragy John, 5 Rose al 
Barall Johannes, lab. 1336 Earl 
Barand Wm., lab. Darby road n S 37th (W P) 
Barbaien "Wm., shoemaker, Garden c Willow 

Banks James O. H., engraver, 8th c Sansom, hjBarbara Martha, housecleaner, rear 1529 Cabot 
1319 Melon jBarbe Francis, segars, 621 Chestnut, h 135 N 8th 

Banks Robert M., clerk, 482 Dillwvn Barbe Louisa, dry goods, &c, 135 N 8th 

Banks Thomas, (colored), waiter, 1128 Rodman] Barbell John, butcher, 1444 Brinton 
Banks Wm., plasterer, 1323 Rodman Barber Ann, boarding house, 33 N 13th 

Banks Wm. H., bricklaver, 1323 Rodman Barber Burtis, painter, N7thc Green 

Banks Wm. P., coachm'aker, 1335 Mervine Barber Charles, stonecutter, rear 1024 Coates 

Banks Wilson, dealer, S E c 23d &; McCor- Barber David D., hotel, Gtn av n Chatham 

mick's av 
Bankson John P., flour,.246 N Del av, & 241 N 

Water, h (Cheltenham) 
Bankson Lloyd, gilder, 2140 Green 
Bannan Douglas R., M. D., 739 Spruce 
Barman Edward boilermaker, 232 Jarvis 
Bannan John, oilcloth printer, Earp n N 20th 
Bannan Michael S., printer, 2319 Naudain 
Bannan Patrick, butcher, 1343 Mervine 
Bannan Patrick, laborer, rear 1111 Melon 
Bannan Simon N., carpenter, 2319 Naudain 
Bannan Simon R., stonecutter, 2319 Naudain 
Bannan Thomas, currier, 1004 Medical 
Bannan Wm. J., painter, 2319 Naudain 
Bannane Patrick, fruit, 604 N 2d 
Bannantine Elizabeth, milliner, 1009 S 11th 
Bannantine Geo , tinsmith, 1009 S 11th 
Bannar James, cooper, r 306 New Market 
Bannegan Ann, 1405 Shippen 
Bannen Charles H., carpenter, 942 Warnock 
Bannen Harriet, milliner, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen John, carpenter, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen Paul, carpenter, 2105 Jefferson 
Bannen Wm. R., carpenter, 942 "Warnock 
Banner Francis, machinist, 1736 Callowhill 
Banner John, carpenter, 2140 Harmstead 
Banner Mary, seamstress, N 33d c Elm (W P) 
Bannigan Alice, parasolmaker 331 South 
Bannings Julia, (colored), wid. Charles, 1507 

Bannister Catharine, wid. Fred., 1 Feinour pi 

Barber Edward S., liquors, 1115 Market, house 

Montgomery Hotel, N 6th 
Barber Geo. T.,M.D., 1111 Arch, h313 Spruce 
Barber Geo. C, late broker, 843 N Broad 
Barber Harriet (colored), wid. Wm., 911 South 
Barber Henry, corder, (Cedar Grove) 
Barber Henry, watchman, N 33d c Columbia av 
Barber Isaac, grocer, 307 N 3d, h 632 N 11th 
Barber Isabella, 1629 Moravian 
Barber Isaiah S., cartman, Elizabeth n Sellers 
Barber James, bricklr., N 36th c Story (W P) 
Barber Jas., clocks, 140 Chestnut, & 101 S 2d, 

h 654 N 10th 
Barber James, officer, 932 Lombard 
Barber James S., clerk, 654 N 10th 
Barber Jane, wid. John, 3 Spencer's ct 
Barber John, bartender, 753 Swanson 
Barber John (colored), carpenter, 710 Lebanon 
Barber John R., junk, 615 N 3d, h Federal 

Barber Joseph, machinist, Bridge (W Hall) _ 
Barber Joseph, oilcloth maker, 2231 Virginia 
Barber Joseph A. L., druggist, 808 N 20th 
Barber Mason, clerk, 711 N 23d 
Barber Nathan, musician, 310 Beaver 
Barber Robert V., bricklayer, 1341 Marlb'gh 
Barber Samuel C, bricklayer, 865N16th 
Barber William, optician, 110 S 8th, h 929 Mt 

Barber Wm. L., shoemanuf. N 2d bel George , 

h 1332 Savery 

perfumed with Rose, Almond and Ambrosial. 




Barber "VVm. W.. livery stable, Cherry n 12th, h 

1602 Summer 
Barbey John, barber, 1440 N Front 
Barbier Geo. H., plasterer, 979 N 7th 
Barbier Marceline P., plasterer, Swayne n N 

15th c Brown 
Barbier Maria, Swayne n N 15th c Brown 
Barbier Stephen, painter, Swayne n N 15th c 

Barbin Wm. M., confectioner, r 1320 N Front 
Barber Hester A., wid. John, 2021 Brown 
Barbot Alphonse, U S N., Swain n N 16th 
Barbour Stephen M., salesman, 1335 N 11th 
Barclay Alex., lab. Otsego n Heeler's la 
Barclay Andrew C, mer. 1135 Arch 
Barclay Charlotte, 312 S 12th 
Barclay Clement B., 1834 Delancy pi 
Barclay David, laborer, 5 Fairbank's ct 
Barclay E. Elma, publisher, 1 S 6th, h 908 Vine 
Barclay George, jr., bell hanger, 249 N 16th 
Barclay George, paver, 249 N 16th 
Barclay Iddings, printer, r 340 Johanna 
Barclay James, stonecutter, Spruce c S 10th, 

h 1023 Dorrance 
Barclay Jas. J., atty. & coun., 219 S 6th, h 719 

Barclay James M., coal, 1330 S 10th 
Barclay John A., v pres. 4 Mers. Ex., h 116 S 

Barclay John K., mer. 127 N Water & 134 N 

Del av, h N 12th c Arch 
Barclay Joseph, currier, 1126 Marlborough 
Barclay Joseph O., sea captain, 115 Congress 
Barclay Margaret, 301 Callowhill 
Barclay Mary, 318 Bradford 
Barclay Mary, wid. Henry, 313 Dean 
Barclay Rail Road & Coal Company, 154 S 4th 
Barclay Robert, laborer, Otsego n Keeler's la 
Barclay Robert, (col'd,) painter, 705 Minster 
Barclay Silas, miller, Poqueston rd 
Barclay William, book keeper, 336 Coates 
Barclay William, carpenter, 1625 Carver 
Barclay William K., 1135 Arch 
BARCROFT & CO., (Stacy B. Barcroft, Weth- 

erill Lee, Thomas S. Foster Sf Matthew P. 

McEwen,) dry goods, 405 & 407 Market 
Barcroft John, 635 Spruce 
Barcroft Stacy B., dry goods, 405 Market, h 

1803 Vine 
Barcroft Thomas, liquors, N 2d n Diamond 
Barcroft Tunis Q., grocer, 430 Buttonwood 
Barcus John, police, 2038 Carlton 
Barcus Stephen, carpenter, Shirley n N 19th 
Barcus Stephen, jr., pilot, 2042 Reeves 
Barcus Willard, seaman, r 423 Christian 
Bard Allen, carpenter, N 13th n Oxford, h 911 

Bard E. Milford, sliversmith, 310 Chestnut, h 839 

Bard James, carpenter, 806 Buttonwood 
Bard John, shoemaker, 524 Lombard 
Bard Phillip; hatter, 467 Kerr 
Bard Samuel, waiter, Fitzwater n S 12th 
Bard Sarah, wid. John, r 668 N 10th 
Bard Henry, bartender, 239 S 5th 
Bardeer Jackson, plasterer, 950 Warnock 
Barden Ann, tailoress, 1406 Warnock 
Barden Bridget, tailoress, 1406 Warnock 

Barden Catharine, tailoress, 1406 Warnock 
Barden Cath., wid. Bernard, 1406 Warnock 
Bardess John, baker, Rittenhousc (Gtn) 
Bardenwerper Otto, clerk, 425 Chestnut, h 859 

Bardes Andrew, mason, r N 7th n Dauphin 
Bardin William, clerk, 1526 S 4th 
Bardin William W., clerk, 1526 S 4th 
Bardon Bridget, wid. Nicholas, dealer, 609 S 7th 
Bardon John J., police, r 220 Monroe 
Bardon Lawrence, laborer, r 1505 Filbert 
Bardsley & Murray, (John Bardsley <V Mat hew 

Murray,) machinery, 2134 Lombard 
Bardsley B. & Son, (Betty <$>■ John Bardsley,) 

stoves, 2110 Lombard 
Bardsley Betty, stoves, 2110 Lombard 
Bardsley James, books, 1 N 3d, h Sidmouth n 

Bardsley John, books, 202 Arch, h 2119 Harm- 
Bardsley John, machst., 2134 Lombard, h 2110 

Bardsley John, painter, Johnson (Gtn) 
Bardsley John, stoves, 2110 Lombard 
Bardsley Robert, sheet iron worker, 1927 Wood 
Bardsley Robert, spinner, Wood (Myk) 
Bardsley William, moulder, 218 Williamson 
Bardt Moritz, laborer, 632 N 2d 
Bare Charles F., salesman, 30 S 7th, h 530 

BARE ELIAS, Bull's Head, 1025 Market 
Bareford Wilson M, painter, 807 Filbert, h 29 

Barfield Nicholas, shoemaker, 1214 Hope 
Barford Joseph A., stove moulder, 1113 Myrtle 
Barford Nicholas, laborer, r 12 Reed 
Barford William I., moulder, 633 Girard av 
Barger Benjamin, cooper, Darian n Poplar 
Rarger Charles A., carpenter, 1250 Nagle 
Barger George, constable, 723 N 4th 
Barger George, parchment mr. 1425 N 6th 
Barger Henry, lab., Gray's Ferry rd c Wash- 
ington av 
Barger Jacob, cooper, Boudinot n R R R 
Barger Jacob, cooper, Hewston n Memphis 
Barger Jacob, machinist, Carrol n Abigal 
Barger John, bartender, r 606 Poplar 
Barger John, bricklayer, Hewston n Memphis 
Barger John, laborer, 633 Girard av 
Barger Louisa, wid. Jacob, Hewston n Memphis 
Barger Thomas J., atty, & coun. office, 242 & h 

1209 S 5th 
Barger William, jewelry, 319 Emmet 
Barger William, marker, Gray's Ferry road c 

Washington av 
Barger William, painter, Race c N 11th, h 1014 

Bargh William, paper mer., 30 S 6th, h Media 
Bargs Mary, r 712 St John 
Barguet Joseph, (col'd) tinsmith, 515 Bedford 
Baringer Charles, fish, N 5th n Norris 
Barkalow Wm. V., mer. 235 Chestnut, h 1332 

Barke Thomas, shoemaker, 1342 Cadwalader 
Barker Abraham, broker, 28 S 3d, h 1118 

BARKER BROTHERS & CO., (Abraham Bar- 
ker$ William Wharton, jr.,) brokers, 36 S 3d 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 



Barker Calvin H., sub-marine engineer, 1025; Barlow David, bricklayer, 867 Orchard 

Shackamaxon j Barlow Edward, note engraver, 242 Queen 

Barker Charles, granite, 120 S 22d, Johnston Barlow Edward, M. D., 813 Earp 

n S 21st I Barlow Edward M., plate printer, 410 M'lllwain 

Barker Chas. C, plumber, Barker's ctn Crease. Barlow Henry N, oil paintings, 532 Walnut, h 
Barker Charles N., harness maker, 914 N 11th 7th and Gtn av 

Barker Daniel, feed, 2517 Pine Barlow James, butcher, 41 Liberty Mkt 

Barker David M., bootmaker, 2136 Jefferson iBarlow James, carpet yarn manuf., Meadow c 
Barker Frederick, laborer, Apple n Bridge i Paul (Fkd) 

(Hestonville) iBarlow James, dyer, Leiper n Sellers (Fkd) 

Barker George, contractor, 120 S 22d, h Cape iBarlow James, laborer, Race rd (Holmsburg) 
Ann (Mass.) iBarlow John, laborer, Edward n Ruan (Fkd) 

Barker Geo., paver, 3 Esher av, r 1209 Coates,Barlow John, weaver, 47 Bodine 
Barker George, M.D., 1111 Arch, h 313 Spruce;Barlow Joseph, plasterer, 430 Worth 
Barker George R., teacher, Price n Gtn av,; Barlow Nathan, machinist, 62 N 2d 

(Gtn) [Barlow Thomas, bottler, 1135 Frankford av 

Barker George T., dentist, 1111 Arch, h 313 iBarlow Thomas, waterman, Melvale n Maple 

Spruce jBarlow Thomas A., plasterer, 1332 S 5th 

Barker Helen M., teacher, N 11th n Thompson Barlow Thos. C, mariner, Melvale n Maple (R) 
Barker Henry, contractor, 120 S 22d, h Quincyj Barlow Wm. F., clerk, 37 S 3d, h Camden 

Barn James, laborer, S 16th n Wharton 
Barnard A. C, porter, 1340 Columbia av 
Barnard &. Jones, (Robert W. Barnard <$- Wm, 

H. Jones,) printers, 510 Minor 
Barnard Charles S. clerk, 45 S 4th, h Camden 
Banard Donald, blacksmith, Rainbow c Susque- 
hanna av 
Barnard Edmund, boxes, Broad c Wallace, h 

508 N 11th 
Barnard Hannah, widow Wm. H., 602 Swanson 
Barnard James, tailor, 317 Richmond 
Barnard John, professor, 635 Chestnut, h 1313 

Barnard John, sexton, 404 S 5th 
Barnard Joseph C, captain, 238 Catharine 
Barnard Robert, printer, 335 Carpenter 
Barnard Robt W., printer, 510 Minor, h 227 

Barnard Wm. C, printer, 306 Christian 
Barnard Wm. P., upholsterer, 404 S 5th 
Barndollar Daniel, cooper, 1138 X 3d 
Barndollar E. D., machinist, 716 N Front 
Barndollar John, Ridge av (Rox) 
Barndollar W. S., printer, 908 Coates 
Barndt Henry, china, 615 Girard av 
Barnecut James, tailor, Can-oil n York 
Barned Absalom M., clerk, 911 N 11th 
Barneman Wm., bootfitter, 176 American 
Barnes Abraham, lime, Franklin c Cadwalader, 

h 1225 Randolph 
Barnes Adolphus M., bottler, 113 Gothic, h Fil- 
bert n N 17th 
Barnes Alb ert, Rev., Walnut n Chestnut av (WP) 
Barnes Albert C, letter carrier, 1519 Lawrence 
Barnes Albert R., bookbinder, 1216 Ogden 
Barnes Alex. ML, shoes, 1507 Frankford av 
Barnes Alfred, upholster, 744 Swanson 
Barnes Alfred H., flour and feed, 77 Laurel, h 

83 Laurel 
Barnes Alfred A., (col'd) laborer, r 929 Rodman 
Barnes Alonzo M., M. D., Gtn av n York av 
Barnes Andrew, liquors, 1109 N 2d 
Barnes Benj., farmer, Yerree rd 
Barnes B. Warren, farmer, Yerree rd 
Barnes Catharine, widow Lukens, nurse, 807 

Barnes Catharine, wid. Peter, varieties (Tacony) 
Barnes Charles, carpenter, 807 Knox 


Barker Henry, plasterer, 1222 S 7th 
Barker James, clerk, 1525 Cadwalader 
Barker James, shoe cutter, 932 Marshall 
Barker Jesse, M.D., 258 N 11th 
Barker John, blacksmith, Columbia n N 2d 
Barker John, cordwainer, 736 Shippen 
Barker John, laborer, Columbia n N 2d 
Barker John, machinist, 418 Gerker 
Barker John, milkman, 927 X 7th 
Barker John, tailor, Frankford rd c Belgrade 
Barker John R., mer, 19 S 4th, h 927 Clinton 
Barker Joseph, machinist, 1718 Callowhill 
Barker Joseph, tailor, 820 Wharton 
Barker Peter, harnessmaker, 914 X 11th 
Barker Peter, shoemaker, 933 S 9th 
Barker Peter, (col'd) laborer, 6 Littlebelt pi 
Barker Richard, clerk, 633 Catharine 
Barker Robert, blacksmith, 633 Jefferson 
Barker Sarah, widow Thomas, Watkins n S 6th 
Barker Smith A., moulder, 1334 S 2d 
Barker Thomas, liquors. (Falls Schuylkill) 
Barker Thomas B., teacher, Price n Gtn av 
Barker Thos. M., pat. med., 1025 Shackamaxon 
Barker Thos. S., printer, 865 Marshall 
Barker Wm., brickmaker, Buck rd n Federal 
Barker Wm., carpenter, Oxford n Howard 
Barker Wm., seaman, 2316 Lombard 
Barker Wm., stocking maker, Warminister pi 

r 1539 Germantown av 
Barker, Wright & Co., (Henry Barker, Abel 
Wright, Charles 3? George Barker,) granite 
yard, 120 S 22d 
Barket J., hostler, Manor n Montgomery 
Barkle Barthol., cooper, Ridge av n York 
Barkle Charles C carpenter, Ridge av n York 
Barkle Gladwin, cooper, Ridge av c York 
Barkley Wm., carpenter, Palethorp n Xorris 
Barkman James, laborer, 57 Sycamore 
Barkus Joseph, carpenter, 323 Harmony 
Barlazette Sophia, widow Jacob, 234 Washing- 
ton av 
Barlow Agnes, intelligence office, 530 Pine 
Barlow Arthur S., clerk, 37 S 3d, h (Camden) 
Barlow Ashton, grocer, 1621 Ridge av 
Barlow Charles E., ship joiner, 1506 Hewston 
Barlow Columbus Y., acct., 202 X 3d, h 417 
X 4th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Barnes Charles, hosiery, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Barnes Charles T., printer, 869 N 5th 
Barnes Chris., tinsmith, 206 Frankford (Fkd) 
Barnes Daniel, confectioner, 155 Coates 
Barnes Daniel S., cooper, 105 Keefc 

Barnes Paul, cooper, 625 & h 627 S Front 
Barnes Reading - , wheelwright, 723 Jefferson 
Barnes Robert, custom house, 619 Penn 
Barnes Robert, hotel, 23 Reed 
Barnes Robert S., farmer, (Fox Chase) 

Barnes D. F. mer., 503 Market, h States Union! BARNES RUFUS L., map publisher, 27 S 6th, 


Barnes D. W., hatter, 608 Market 
Barnes Edmund, shipsmith, 44 Bulletin 
Barnes Francis, waterman, 15 Reed 
Barnes Georg-e E., carpenter, 420 Thompson 
Barnes Georg-e F., sailmaker, 15 Reed 
Barnes Georg-e H., mer., 503 Market, h Ame- 
rican Hotel 
Barnes Georg-e J., machinist, r 1537 Carlton 
Barnes Georg-e W., painter, 211 S 4th 
Barnes Georg-e W., police, 520 Sylvester 
Barnes Geo. W., ship carpenter, 312 M'Ulwain 
Barnes Hann&h, widow James, 111 Queen 
Barnes Henry, bookbinder, 1828 Rhoads 
Barnes Henry ML, clerk, 805 Parrish 
Barnes Jacob, bricklayer, 1808 Barker 
Barnes Jacob, carpenter, 1320 Brown 
Barnes James, coach trimmer, 640 Wharton 
Barnes James, cutter, 229 Juniper 
Barnes James, atty. & coun., Walnut n Chestnut 

av (W P) 
Barnes James, plumber, 926 S 2d 
Barnes James, seaman, 209 Carpenter 
Barnes James, weaver, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Barnes James L., salesman, Juniper c Lombard 
Barnes Jas. M., watch case maker, 4 Ellet's av 
Barnes Jas. N., atty. 8c coun., 121 S 7th 
Barnes Jane, wid. John, 708 Guilford 
Barnes J. H., clerk, 507 N 6th 
Barnes John, carpenter, 220 Wharton 
Barnes John, huckster, Wood (Myk) 
Barnes John, laborer, 2415 Pine 
Barnes John, packer, 4 N 13th 
Barnes John, jr., silversmith, Eldridges row 
Barnes John A., bookbinder, Chestnut n S 7th, 

h 612 Noble 
Barnes John C, wheelwright, 107 N 8th 
Barnes John W., farmer, Verree road 
Barnes John (col'd) laborer, r 1320 Hancock 
Barnes Jonathan, clerk, 609 S Front 
Barnes Joseph, baker, 1234 Poplar 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 708 Guilford 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 1723 Moravian 
Barnes Joseph, clerk, 418 Race 
Barnes Joseph, plasterer, 836 Knox 
Barnes Joseph, ship carpenter, 12 Parham 
Barnes Joseph, shipwright, 51 Prime 
Barnes Joseph E., spar maker, 1319 Juniata 
Barnes Joseph T., clerk, 1845 Saviva 
Barnes Louisa, dressmaker, 216 Jacoby 
Barnes L. &. M., {Louisa $ Mary Barnes?) 

dressmakers, 216 Jacoby 
Barnes Louisa A., Walnut ab Darby road 
Barnes Martha, wid Charles, 692 Rentshler 
Barnes Mary, dressmaker, 216 Jacoby 

h 1008 Cherry 
Barnes Samuel, hatter, 1826 Rhoads 
Barnes Samuel, laborer, 2 Jay 
Barnes Samuel L., printer, 220 Wharton 
Barnes Sandford, blacksmith, Gordon n Tulip 
Barnes Spencer, oysterman, 43 Norfolk 
Barnes Thomas, butcher, 723 Jefferson 
Barnes Thomas, cloth finisher, 1215 Wheat 
Barnes Thomas T., grocer, N Front n Chatham 
Barnes Thornton, merchant, 46 S Water, li 

1909 Vine 
Barnes William, boxmaker, 808 Auburn 
Barnes William, clerk, 83 Laurel 
Barnes William, clerk, 1024 N Delaware av 
Barnes William, coach painter, 1333 Mervine 
Barnes William, grinding, 235 Race, h 1620 

Barnes William, mason, Rittenhouse cor Green 

(Gtn) _ 
Barnes 'William, paper stainer, n N 23d 
Barnes W. H., bookseller, 37 N 3d, h Mer- 
chants House 
Barnes William C, carpenter, 903 N 11th 
Barnes William H., printer, Farson's pi n Allen 
Barnes William H. P., paper hanger, 828 South, 

h 802 South 
Barnet David, sea captain, 419 Wetherill 
Barnet Ellen AV., 106 S 8th 
Barnet William, oysters, 4 Lanes ct r Lombard 
Barnett 8i Jenkins, {Daniel P. Barnet <$■ George 

A. Jenkins,) fire hose, 112 N 6th 
Barnett Ann, Susequehanna av 
Barnett Daniel P., fire hose, 112 N 6th, h 5th 

bel Berkley, (Camden) 
Barnett David, weaver, 1316 Mariner 
Barnett Ebenezer C, paper hanger, 317 Emmet 
Barnett Edward A.,lieut. U S N, 1841 Chestnut 
Barnett George, file cutter, 170 New, h 1439 

Barnett Henrietta, wid. Albert, tailoress, r 948 

Barnet Henry, file cutter, 1313 N 5th 
Barnett Henry R., laborer, 1316 Rye 
Barnett Isaac, clerk, 813 Fallon 
Barnett Jacob, laborer, Olney rd 
Barnett James, butcher, 22 Moyamensing av 

market, h 239 Marker 
Bai'nett James, packer, Banana n Carlisle 
Barnett Jane, milliner, r 1928 Cuthbert 
Barnett John, clerk, Adrian c Otis 
Barnett John, laborer, r 1928 Cuthbert 
Barnett John, rolling mill, 1102 Vienna 
Barnett Joseph, dry goods, 1132 Pine 
Barnett Lewis, plasterer, r 948 Alder 
Barnett Moses, waterman, 214 Jarvis 

Barnes Mary A., wid John, dry goods, 802 South Barnett T. & Son, {Thomas Barnett $ William 

Barnes Merrick, Gtn av n Vork road 

Barnes Oliver W., civil engineer, 308 Willings 

al, h 1608 Lo«st 
BARNES, OSTERHOUT & CO., {G. H. Barnes, 

Barnett,) starch, Reed c S 9th 
Barnett Thomas, painter, 410 S Front 
Barnett Thomas, starch, S 9th cor Reed, h 
Passyunk av c Reed 
Wm. Osterhout Sf D. F. Barnes,) hats andJBarnett Thomas R., tool maker, New 4th cor 
straw goods, 503 Market I Columbia av 

Jules Hauel h. Co., Perfumers and Importers of 




Barnett William, carpenter, r 1908 Cuthbert 

Barnett William, clerk, 1313 N 5th 

Barnett William, morocco dresser, rear 1336 

Barnett William, packer, 1313 N 5th 
Barnett William, starch, Reed c S 9th, h S 10th 

n Wharton 
Barnett William P., trunks, 126 N 4th, h 148 

Barnewall Robert, reporter, 1148 Leon 
Barnev B. G., commission, 401 Commerce, h 

4001 Oak (W P) 
Barney, Brothers, (B. G. $ W. J. Barney,) 

com. mers., 401 Commerce 
Barney Caroline, wid Alonzo, 625 Washington av 
Barney David, machinist, 1400 Callowhill 
Barney D. N., pres., 341 Chestnut, h N. Y. 
Barney Joseph T, clerk, 480 N 6th 
Barney Lawrence, coachman, 1705 Moravian 
Barney Lucretia, (col'd) washerw'n Edgar pi 
Barney Richard Rev., (col'd,) Edgar pi 
Barney William, com. mer., 403 Commerce, 

h N 40th c Oak (W P) 
Barney W. J., com. mer, 401 Commerce, h 

4001 Oak (W P) 
Barnhold Elizabeth, wid Frederick, 1518 Stiles 
Barnholdt George, butcher, 101 Franklin mkt, 

h 21 Sharswood n Ridge av 
Barnholdt John, butcher, h 1016 Parish 
Barnholt Frederick, brickmaker, 732 Bayard 
Barnholt George, drover, 1620 Thompson 
Barnholt Henry, clerk, 2010 Cambridge 
Barnholt John, butcher, 165 Eastern Market, h 

1016 Parrish 
Barnholt Philip, butcher, 1224 Myrtle 
Barnholt William, butcher, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnholt William, rivetmaker, r 453 N 13th 
Barnhurst Joseph, umbrella findings, Mont- 
gomery c N 20th 
Barnhurst Priscilla, wid Joseph, 1749 Francis 
Barnhurst Thomas, macht., Montgomery c Uber 
Barnitt Ebenezer H., paper hangings, 1001 S 

2d, h3l7 Emmet 
Barnitt P. & E. H., {Peace <$- Ebenezer H.,) 

paper hangers, 1001 S 2d 
Barnitt Peace, paper hanger, 1001 S 2d, h 142 

Barns Charles, sailmaker, Eldridges row 
Barns John, carpenter, Eldridges row 
Barns John, jr., silversmith, Eldridges row 
Barns William W., collector, 766 S 9th 
Barns William W., printer, 310 Marriott 
Barnton Moses, (col) white washer, 927 Marshall 
Barnum Harriet, variety, 410 S 6th 
Barnum Zenus, pres.,302 Chestnut, h Baltimore 
Barnwell James G., teacher, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Richard, shoemaker, 162 Brown 
Barnwell Robert, straw bon. manuf. 13 N 10th 
Baron Henry, peddler, 206 George 
Baroux Charles T., clerk, 34 N 6th 
Baroux James R., tobacconist, 34 N 6th 
Baroux N. T., commr. markets, 500 Chestnut, 

h 34 N 6th 
Barr Abraham, shoes, 630 Shippen 
Barr Alexander, mason, 1324 Bedford 
Barr Andrew, mason, Robeson (Myk) 
Barr Benj., weav., Frankford rd n Cumberland 

Barr Cornelius N., lager beer, Passyunk av n 

Barr Daniel, hotel, 789 Swanson 
Barr Edmund, painter, 1170 S 10th 
Barr Emanuel, cabt. maker, r 810 S Front 
Barr Fanny, widow Hugh, washerwoman, r 427 

Barr Felix, clerk, E. Eagle Rouse 
Barr Geo., butcher, Westminster av n Lancas- 
ter av (W P) 
Barr Geo., farmer, River rd (Rox) 
Barr Geo., farmer, Laurel (Gtn) 
Barr Geo., seaman, 36 Washington av 
Barr Geo. W., laborer, 1335 Houston 
Barr Henry, segar maker, h (Unionville) 
BARR HUGH, hotel, 1136 S Front & h 101 

& 103 Wharton 
Barr Jacob, laborer, Wood (Myk) 
Barr Jacob, police, 1218 Shackamaxon 
Ban- Jacob, segarmaker, K Whitehall hotel 
Barr James, carman, Bedford n S 20th 
Barr James, cutter, 1224 Haines 
Barr James, engineer, 140 Cottage 
Barr James, fireman, l00 South 
Barr James, laborer, Robeson (Myk) 
Barr James, laborer, 1216 Shippen 
BaiT James, stationery, 1105 Market 
Barr Jeremiah, shoemaker, r 833 Charlotte 
Barr John, bricklayer, Christian c Steward 
Barr John, cotton manuf., Sharpnack (Gtn) 
Barr John, grocer, 1200 S Front 
Barr Jonn, hats, N 2d bel Green, h Wheat n 

Frankford av 
Barr John, laborer, 2326 Vine 
Barr John, liquors, 260 S 21st 
Barr John, pearl button mr., Springett n N 21st 
Barr Maria, widow, Main (Myk) 
Barr Mary, widow John, Gay (Myk) 
Barr Mary A., widow, paper mr., Wood (Myk) 
Barr Michael, liquors, 141 N 3d 
Barr Michael, shoemaker, 1013 Anita 
Barr Michael A., clerk, 141 N 3d 
Barr Nathaniel, book binder, 1103 Market 
Barr Peter, plasterer, 1432 S 8th 
Barr Robert, laborer, 1317 Kates 
Barr Robert, laborer, Robeson (Myk) 
Barr Robert, mason, Gay c Harrison's al (Myk) 
Barr Robert J., clerk, 904 Buttonwood 
Barr Robert J., liquors, 202 N Water & 203 N 

Front, h 203 N Front 
Barr Robert M., carpenter, 1515 Melloy 
Barr Samuel, blacksmith, Main n Penn (Myk) 
Barr Samuel, carpenter, Laurel (Gtn) 
Barr Samuel L., clerk, 812 Arch 
BaiT Te^rence, boatman, Cotton (Myk) 
Barr Thomas, 1704 Market 
Barr Thomas, carman, 1123 N Front 
Barr Thomas, gardener, 1321 Hope 
Barr Thomas T., grocer, 115 Arch, h 637 N6th 
Barr William, cabinet maker, 1302 N 15th 
BaiT William, carman, 1707 Market 
Barr William, jr., but. mr., Springett n N 21st 
Barr William, laborer, r 427 Monroe 
Barr William, laborer, Gay (Myk) 
Barr William, laborer, 602 S 15th 
Barr William, laborer, Springett n N 21st 
Barr William, police, 627 Brooke 

French and German Fancy Goods. 




Barr Wm., salesman, S 37th n Walnut (W P) 

Ban- William, weaver, r 1819 South 

Barr Win. J., book keeper, 531 Market, h 1606 

Barr William J., U. S. Mint, h 1115 Ridge av 
Barras Alfred, butcher, Rubincum pi n Noble 
Barras J. J., jeweler, 531, & h 529 North 
Barras John B., 1705 Green 
Barras John M., dealer, 2332 Vine 
Barras Joseph J., jr., gilder, 1018 Olive 
Barras Wilhelmina D., 1018 Olive 
Barras William D., spinner, Creisheim n Mt 

Barratt Anthony, laborer, 211 Currant al 
Barratt James, blind maker, 2 Bowery pi 
Barratt James, com. mer., 402 S Delaware av, 

& pres., 138 S 2d, h Main (Gtn) 
Barrat James & Son, {James Barratt, jr.,) com. 

mers., 402 S Delaware av 
Barratt James, jr., com. mer., 402 S Delaware 

av, h 1313 Pine 
Barratt John, hostler, 306 Richmond 
Barrell John, late cooper, Germantown av 

Barren Jacob, wheelwright, 8 Marseilles pi 
Barrett Amanda, book folder, 1514 Parrish 
Barrett Benjamin, clerk, 131 Arch 
Barrett Benjamin, laborer, Bulah n Tasker 
Barrett Charles, driver, 2020 Cambridge 
Barrett Charles B., clerk, 1704 Wallace 
Barrett C. R., clerk, h Merchant's hotel 
Barrett Daniel, laborer, 4 Doyle ct 
Barrett Edward, laborer, 1701 Carlton 
Barrett Frederick, carpenter, 1526 Mervine 
Barrett F. V., embroidery, 972 N 2d 
Barrett Geo. W., (col'd,) hair dresser, Rodman 

c Broad, h 333 Dugan 
Barrett Hannah, (col'd,) domestic, Brown's ct 
Barrett Hannah, (col'd,) washw'n, 415 S 7th 
Barrett Henry, gardener, Bond's la n Hart's la 
Barrett Hugh, boot &. shoe manuf,, UN 4th, h 

Haverford (W P) 
Barrett J. A., barber, Lancas. n N 40th (W P) 
Barrett James, brush maker, 927 N 4th 
Barrett James, carpenter, 20 Amity 
Barrett James, dyer, Grape (Myk) 
Barrett James, laborer, 1711 Wood 
Barrett James, (col'd,) laborer, 710 Cullen 
Barrett James, (col'd,) porter, 138 S 3d 
Barrett John, glass blower, Gordon n Gaul 
Barrett John, hostler, 306 Richmond (R) 
Barrett John, laborer, Toronto n Melvale 
Barrett John, sea captain, 1602 Chancellor 
Barrett John W., artist, 838 Wharton i 
Barrett Joseph, barber, 1224 Lyndall al 
Barrett Joseph, grocer, Gtn av n Mill (Gtn) 
Barrett Joseph, sea captain, 528 Thompson 
Barrett Margaret, wid. of Franis, Wood (Myk) 
Barrett Matilda, (col'd) Gilles al n South 
Barrett Michael, laborer, Fernon n S 9th 
Barrett Moses, late agent, 727 N 23d 
Barrett Nathan, hotel, 472 N 2d 
Barret Patick, laborer, Salmon n Hewson (R) 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, Humes' avn South 
Barrett Robert, cordwainer, 18 S 15th 
Barrett, Reilly & Co., (Reilly, Barrett <$r George 
W. Conrow,) dealers, 20 & 21 Eastern 

Barrett Reilly, dealer, 20 & 21 Eastern Market 
Barrett Susannah R, vestmaker, 1415 Parrish 
Barrett Tabitha, widow of Allen, candies, 583 

h 523 Girard av 
Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, 806 Market, h 

244 S 10th 
Barrett William, dyer, Sellers n Unity (Fkd) 
Barrett William, laborer, Adams n Sellers (Fkd) 
Barrett William, laborer, r 143 N 2d 
Barrett William B., grocer, 1617 Market 
Barrett William P., printer, 116 Brown 
Barringer Charles L., fish, opposite 6 N Del av, 

h 1126 N 5th 
Barrington Andrew J., clerk, 1026 S 5th 
Barrington Chas., el'k, N 40th n Market (W P) 
Barrington Frank, teacher, N 40th near Mar- 
ket (W P) 
Barrington John, blacksmith, 904 Naylor 
Barrington John, ship joiner, 357 Catharine 
Barrington John E., shoemaker, Menn's court 

near Hamilton 
Barrington Samuel jr., clerk, 433 Market, h 252 

N 12th 
Barrington Wm., clerk, Perkiomen n Wylie 
Barrite G. B., cabinetmaker, 1061 Leithgow 
Barritt William A., merchant, 714 N 19th 
Barroll John, weaver, Wood (Myk) 
Barron Archibald, restaurant, 432 N 2d 
Barron Edward, laborer, Salmon near Ann (R) 
Barron Frederick, waiter, 157 N 4th 
Barron George, 536 N 6th 
Barron Henry, peddler, 747 West 
Barron Hiram, shoemaker, 636 Ellis 
Barron James, laborer, S 15th n Wharton 
Barron James, milliner, 635 South 
Barron James L., contractor, Fkd av n Ottis 
Barron John, driver ? 3 Metamora pi, rear 1113 

St. John 
Barron John, laborer, 6 Forrest pi 
Barron John, shoemaker, 1645 Helmuth 
Barron John P., hosiery, 131 S 8th, h 1137 Race 
Barron Maurice, junk, 507 S 6th 
Barron Michael, carpenter, 636 Ellis 
Barron William, grocer, 944 Otsego 
Barron William, laborer, rear 418 Monroe 
Barrow John, buttonmaker, Lancaster avenue 

ab Girard av (W P) 
Barrows Arad, foundry, S Front c Reed, h 1209 

S Front 
Barrows James, gardener, Gtn av n Logan (Gtn) 
Barrows Jonathan, carter, Reed n S Front 
Barrows Joseph, shoemaker, 1141 South 
Barrows Lucius, teacher, 1932 Lombard 
Barrott Samuel H., (colored) barber, Spruce c 

S 20th, h 828 South 
Barry Allen, glass cutter, 108 Vanhorn* 
Barry Allen B., lastmaker, Vanborn n School 
Barry Bainbridge, gunstock maker, 1021 Melon 
Barry Catharine, Hunter's avenue r 1519 Vine 
Barry Christian, agent, 346 N 3d 
Barry David, laborer, 1734 Carlton 
Barry David, porter, 311 Gaskill 
Barry David, U. S. marine, 1004 S Front 
Barry David A., lithographer, Penn n Shippen 
Barry David H., cooper, 1101 Sites 
Barry Edward, laborer, 1510 Bodine 
Barry Eliza, widow of Thomas, gunstocks, 1021 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Barry Eliz., widow of Henry, 227 Greenwich 

Bany Henrietta, 315 S Juniper 

Barry James, laborer, 1707 Carlton 

Barry James, laborer, 1734 Carlton 

Barry James, laborer, 2 Myers ct 

Barry James, packer, 10 Dannaker's av 

Barry James, peddler, 110 Gothic 

Barry James W., jeweler, r 25 N 8th, h 506 

Barry Job R, machinist, 532 N 12th 
Barry John, agent, 1225 Poplar 
Barry John, brushmaker, 1242 Hope 
Barry John, carter, 7 Cope 
Barry John, china, 528 S 11th 
Barry John, clerk, 3 Carroll 
Barry John, hatter, 311 Gaskill 
Barry John, laborer, Toronto n Melvale (R) 
Barry John, laborer, Race road (Holmest >'g) 
Barry John, shoemaker, 420 N 3d 
Bany John, weaver, 1519 Cadwalader 
Barry John, weaver, Philip near Oxford 
Barry John L., clerk, 224 S Delaware avenue 
Barry Jno.Q., lastmaker, Vanhorn n N School 
Barry John W., iceman, 8 Cope 
Barry Joseph, clerk, 1441 Warnock 
Barry Joseph, police, Mervine n Jefferson 
Barry Joseph B., conveyancer, 268 S 3d, h 

Walnut lane (Gtn) 
Barry Lawrence, chairmaker, 1023 Clair 
Barry Marg., wid. John, dressmaker, 258 S 20th 
Barry Michael, carpenter, 236 Dean 
Barry Michael, farmer. Ridge avenue n N 33d 
Barry Michael, laborer, 1431 Warnock 
Barry Patrick, bootmaker, 828 Burns 
Barry Patrick, clerk, 1555 N 12th 
Barry Patrick, harnessmaker, 1633 Moravian 
Barry Patrick, laborer, rear 1217 Wheat 
Barry Patrick, shoemaker, 828 Burns 
Barry Peter, segars, 143 S 2d 
Barry Philip, 315 S 6th 
Barry Philip, grocer, 247 N 10th 
Barry Thos., laborer, Church n Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Barry Thomas, laborer, 1015 Master 
Barry Thomas, salesman, 34 South 
Barry Thomas C, kindling wood, 1021 Melon 
Barry Timothy, carver, 311 Gaskill 
Barry Samuel, bookseller, 36 N 8th 
Barry Samuel S., driver, 714 N 22d 
Barry S. L., accountant, 32 S Delaware av, h 

2 Coombes' al 
Barry William, blacksmith, 519 N Front 
Barry William, liquors, N 2d n Chatham 
Barry Walter, liquors, 1454 N 10th c Jefferson, 

h Lewis bel Jefferson 
Bars Ann, (colored) washerwoman, Smith's ct 
Barsby John, machinist, Front n Chatham 
Barsentee Anne, restaurant, 218 Girard avenue 
Barsotti Francisco, figures, 920 Hutchinson 
Barstow Joseph M., dentist, 127 N 11th 
Barstow, William, 127 N 11th 
Bartalott & Blynn, (George Bartalott $ Michael 

Blynri) hatters, 111 N 3d 
Bartalott George, hatter, 111 N 3d, h 711 N 8th 
Bartar George, segarmaker, 619 S 5th 
Bartel Andrew, sorter, Orthodox n Washington 

Bartel Philip, carter, Dauphin n Emerald 
Bartell Charles, cooper, Ridge av (Rox) 

Bartelmes Valentine, shoemaker, Columbia av 

: Girard av 
Bartels Frederick, rigger, 107 Hazel 
Bartelson John, boarding, 743 S Front 
Barten C, wire worker, 345 N 5th 
Barten C. & Brother, (Joseph Barten) wire 

workers, 345 N 5th 
Barten Joseph, wire worker, 345 N 5th. h 415 

Bartenbec John, baker, 1700 Ridge av 
Barth Charles G., shoemaker, r 1062 Lawrence 
Barth Christian, butcher, William n Richmond 
Barth Christian, liquors, 621 Penn 
Barth Edward M., provisions, N 36th ab Elm 

Barth Frederick, shoemaker, 128 N Front 
Barth Gotlieb M., machinist, 608 Belgrade 
Barth Henry, tailor, r 922 N 3d 
Barth Jacob, hatter, 467 Ceruse 
Barth John, bootmaker, 143 Elfreth's al 
Barth John, confectioner, 493 Nod 
Barth John F., machinist, r 529 N 3d 
Barth John W., block manuf,, 143 Elfveth's al 
Barth L., laborer, Baker (Myk) 
Barth Lewis, weaver, Philip n Columbia 
Barth Peter, weaver, 6 Mechanic (Myk) 
Barth Philip, hatter, Lawrence n Brown & 

Wallace n 9th, h N 8th n Green 
Barth Susan W., widow of John F., boarding, 

833 Catharine 
Barthe Edmund D., printer, r 608 Peach 
Barthe John, shoemaker, 524 Lombard 
Barthel Francis, barber, 510 Oxford 
Barthew Ferdinand, jeweler, 411 S 6th 
Barthold Frank, shoemaker, 115 Qeeen 
Bartholomew Abram P., clerk, 119 N 15th 
Bartholomew Augustine, clerk, 119 N 15th 
Bartholomew Catharine, widow of Thomas, 

boarding, 43^ S 2d 
Bartholomew Charles, butcher, 1230 N 19th 
Bartholomew Charles, lamp manuf, 728 N 13th 
Bartholomew Edward, clerk, 119 N 15th 
Bartholomew Frederick, plasterer, 1119 Gi- 
rard av 
Bartholomew George W., police, 500 Chestnut, 

h 224 N 4th 
Bartholomew Harriet, widow of Benjamin, r 

138 China 
Bartholomew Henry, brass turner, 1523 Jones 
Bartholomew Isaac, hotel, 610 Annapolis 
Bartholomew Jacob, real estate, 765 S 2d, h 

908 S 4th 
Bartholomew John, clerk, 302 N 9th 
Bartholomew John J., clerk, 910 S 4th 
Bartholomew Joseph R., liquors. 1230 N 19th 
Bartholomew Margaret, marketing, 1644 N 12th 
Bartholomew Mary, washwoman, 1523 Jones 
Bartholomew Peter, laborer, Mervine n Oxford 
Bartholomew Peter K., plasterer, 1230 N 19th 
Bartholomew Robert, clerk, 1120 Hope 
Bartholomew Robert, clerk, 716 N Front 
Bartholomew Samuel, laborer, 622 S Broad 
Bartholomew Susan, wid. of Fredk., r 908 Alder 
Bartholomew Valentine, bookbinder, 124 N7th 
Bartholot Severin A., burnisher, 1222 Sansom 
Bartine D. W. Rev., 1003 Green 
Bartine R. S., clerk, 1003 Green 
Bartlay James, weaver, Frankford rd n Norris 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 



15 A U 

Bartlay Margaret, Frankford av n Noma 
Bartlay William, weaver, Frankford av nNorris 
Battle Charles, machinist, 635 Marshall 
Bartle Frederick, carter, 420 Moyer 
Bartle George,cordvt"ainer, Gtn av (Mt Airy) 
Bartle Henry, shoemaker, A st n N 22d 
Bartle Jacob, bone, Belgrade c Dauphin 
Bartle John, spar maker. 121 Allen 
Bartle Joseph T., coppersmith, 1255 Mervine 
Bartle Morris, laborer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Bartle William, laborer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Bartle Wm. T., spar maker, 1032 Columbia av 

Barton Albert G. W., currier, N 2d c Holmes' 

al, h 834 N Broad 
Barton Alexander, laborer, 2129 Locost 
Barton a, Smiley, ( Wm. Barton <-\ James Smiley,) 

grocers, 1129 Market 
Barton Benjamin C, auctioneer, 1317 Coates 
Barton Benjamin II., farmer, 1318 Passyunk 

Barton Beulah, dress maker, 617 S 10th 
Barton Charles, carpenter, 1511 Burton 
Barton Charles, merchant, 219 Chestnut 
Barton Clarence M., painter, 834 Broad 

Bartleman Francis E., picture frames, 154 N 2d. Barton Eliza, widow James, spooler, 4 Dei hi- 
ll 716Parrish ger's av 
Bartleson Benjamin H., engraver, Callowhill n! Barton Elizabeth C, seminary, 1929 Chestnut 

2d, h 1302 S 4th 
Bartleson James, dentist, 15 N 8th 
Bartleson Lewis, carpenter, 1935 Hamilton 
Bartleson Samuel A., 338 German 

Barton George, hatter, 1114 South 

Barton Geo. T., aucr., 415 S 2d, h 1317 Coates 

Barton Henry, agent, 814 S 7th 

Barton Hetty, wid. William, 2003 Walnut 

BARTEETT & REYNOLDS {Job Bartlett, Barton, Isaac, merchant, 35 S 2d 

Jesse Reynolds,) heaters and ranges, 1301 BARTON ISAAC, 8c CO., {Redman Cooper A 

Bartlett Caroline F., teacher, 337 Washn. av 

Charles E. Armstrong,) lastings, leather, 
he, 35 S2d 

Bartlett Edward M., clerk, 339 Washington av Barton Isaac, & Son, {Jacob R. Barton,) grocs., 

Bartlett Enos, auctioneer, 801 Spring Garden, 

h 1336 N 7th 
Bartlett Elizh., (cold.) domestic, 717 St Mary 
Bartlett George, butcher, 346 Crown 
Bartlett Henry A., blacking manuf., Elm c 33d 

(W P) 
Bartlett Henry M., jeweler, 339 Washington av 
Bartlett James, oysters, 429 S 4th 
Bartlett James D*, boat builder, 429 S 4th 
Bartlett Job, ranges, 1301 Filbert, h 1115 Cal- 
Bartlett M. Ann, 923 Spruce 
Bartlett Margarett, wid. James, 1412 S 7th 
Bartlett Mary, crockery, 209 Green 
Bartktt Robert, 1226 S 5th 
Bartlett, Thomas, plasterer. 429 S 4th 
Bartlett William, tailor, 1155 S 11th 
Bartlett William G., carter, r 306 New Market 
Bartley Felix, laborer, 1302 N 10th 
Bartley Henry, grocer, Barnwell c Lombard 
Bartley Jane, boarding-, 227 N 16th 
Bartley John, pawnbroker, 645 South 
Bartley Joshua, machinist, Thompson n 32d 
Bartley Samuel, machinist, 2144 Green 
Bartley Wm. M., brkmr., Kershaw's av n Church 
Bartling Henry, cabinet maker, 211 Gaskill 
Bartman Eliza, wid. Jacob, boarding house, 1220 

Bartman Horatio M., carpenter, 1220 Hancock 
Bartman William II., carpenter, 1303 Brown 
Barto Chas. G., spectacle maker, Orr n Francis 
Bartol Barnabas H., engineer, 724th S 10th 
Bartolet William, farmer, Bustleton rd 
Bartolett Alfred, merchant. Main (Ilolmesburg) 
Bartolett Charles, clerk, 'Walton n Monty, av 

165 N 2d 

Barton Isaac, merchant, 165 N 2d, h 122 Race 
Barton Jacob R., grocer, 165 N 2d, h 122 Race 
Barton Jas., (cold.,) brickmaker, 1324 Mariner 
Barton Jas. M., grocer, 247 N 3d, h 729 Wood 
Barton Jeremiah, brickmaker, 1018 Dorrance 
Barton John, ex-policeman, 506 S 5th 
Barton Jno., hats & caps, 422 S 5th 
Barton John M., conductor, N 5th n Norris 
Barton John R., M. D., 1326 Chestnut 
Barton Jona., farmer, 116 Franklin Market, h 

(Chester county) 
Barton Joseph, hatter, 248 South 
Barton Mary, wid. George, variety, 540 Shippen 
Barton Mathias, polisher, 931 Buttonwood 
Barton Samuel, grocer, 247 N 3d, h 532 K 4th 
Barton Samuel, & Co., {Samuel and James 

Barton,) grocers, 247 N 3d 
Barton Susan, 111 S Broad 
Barton Susan, wid. David, 209 Frankford (Fkd) 
Barton Thomas, carpenter, 441 Greenwich 
Barton Thomas, laborer, 1511 Burton 
Barton Wm., groc, 1129 Market, h 316 N 11th 
Barton Wm, H., soaps, 948 S 4th 
Barton William J., carp., Holmes av, (Holmes- 
Bartram & Brother, {Samuel D. and Isaac Bar- 
tram,) cloth, S 2d c Chestnut 
Bartram Catharine, wid. Henry, 437 N 4th 
Bartram George, tailor, 731 Race 
Bartram Isaac, cloths, 202 Chestnut, h 2009 

Bartram James, clerk, 333 Stanley 
Bartram John, 1702 Mt Vernon 
Bartram John J., proprietor, 603 St 605 Sansom 

Bartolett John, carpenter, Main, (Holmesburg) BARTRAM JOHN W, 603 Sansom 

Bartolett Thomas H., lumber, Frankford av c 
Vienna, h Frankford n Vienna 

Bartolett Thomas H., & Co., {Thomas H. Bar- 
toleft <$■ George De Haven,) lumber, Frank- 
ford av c Vienna 

Bartolett Thos. H., jr., clerk, Frankford av n 

Bartolett William, carman, 1533 Hancock 

Bartram Joseph J., druggist, 256 N 12th 
Bartram Rebecca K., widow Isaac, 256 N 12th 
Bartram Samuel D., cloth, S 2d c Chestnut, h 

2009 Cherrv 
Bartram Thomas S., M. D., 256 N 12th 
Bartram William M., broker, 603 Sansom 
Bartsch George, laborer, Bodine n Columbia 
Barwell Ann, widow John, 820 Wood 

Jules Hauel & Co. have been honored with the 




Barwell William, tobacconist, 874 Darien 
Barwick Charles K., confectioner}', 408 S 6th 
Barwick Philip, shoemaker, Bridge (Bdg) 
Barwis, Samuel, shoemaker, Wallgrove (Fkd) 
Barwood A. & Brother, {Augustus $ Elias Bar- 
wood,) clothing-, 328 South & 1826 Market 
Barwood Augustus, clothing-, 328 South & 1826 

Barwood Elias, clothing-, 1826 Market & 328 

Barwood Solomon, late butcher, 328 South 
Barzen Math i as, variety, Cresson (Myk) 
Basbay James, machinist, 126 Denmark 
Baschenegger Lorenz, tailor, 116 Lombard 
Bascone Joseph M., shipwright, 224 Reed 
Basforcl John, weaver, 13 Osage av 
Bash George W., driver, 1526 N 11th 
Basketter John, feed, South c Broad, h 1305 

Basketter John jr., clerk, 1305 Rodman 
Easier George, liquors, 1056 Frankford av 
Basler Henry, weaver, Mulberry (Myk) 
Easier Jacob, shoemaker, 1431 Ridge av, 
Basler John G., baker, 1001 Moyamensing 
Basler William, baker, r 66 Laurel 
Basley David, inspector, 428 Redwood 
Basley Sam'l., wharf builder, r 1080 N Dela. a\ 
Basner David, laborer, Gtn av n Mehl (Gtn) 
Bason Margaret, wid., seamstress, Centre (Gtn) 
Bason Samuel, laborer, Germantown (Gtn) 
Easquerville Mary, 1435 Moyamensing av 
Bass Isaac, carpenter, 1228 N 2d 
Bass Isaac, police, 1228 N 2d 
Bass Joseph, machinist, 1602 N 16th 
Bass Mary, wid. Charles, boarding, 225 Vaughn 
Bass Samuel, barber, 306 S 12th 
Bass Thomas, carter, 528 S 18th 
Bass Thomas, huckster, r 153 Master 
Bass Thomas G., segarmr., Birch n Catharine 
Bass William, currier, Belgrade n Norris 
Bassellen Friederick, basketmaker, 121 Hope 
Eassett Archibald,- carter, 1504 Huston 
Bassett Charles R., clerk, Union hotel 
Bassett Dandridge, porter, 3 Kauff-man's ct 
Bassett Daniel S., wheelwright, 213 Belgrade 
Bassett Ebenezer D., (col) teach. 718 Lombard 
Bassett Hannah, wid. Elijah, r 954 Marlborough 
Bassett Henry V., liquors, 820 Walnut 
Bassett James, waterm'n, 32d bel Market (W P) 
Bassett James, (col'd,) laborer, 708 Cullen 
Bassett Joshua, 400 N 7th 
Bassett Joshua jr., clerk, 400 N 7th 
Bassett Langborn, (col'd), shoemaker, 240 Cur- 
rant al 
Bassett Lewis D., butter, &c, 207 Eastern Mar 

ket, h 1232 Lyndall al 
Eassett Shadrach, (colored,) hominy, 922 S 4th 
Bassett Susanna, widow Isaac, r 2033 Hand 
Bassetter Joseph, sailmaker, 649 Sears 
Bassil Frederick, bartender, 329 Wood 
Bassler F. A., bookkr., 527 Market, h 136 S 6th 
Bassler Frederick, beer, 332 Brown 
Bassler John, 1518 N 4th 
Bassler John S., atty. & coun., 1518 N 4th 
Basso Ann, wid. Daniel, candy, 528 Fitzwater 
Bast Gideon, coal, 207 Walnut, h Ashland 

Bast John A., books, 1231 Coates 

Bast Marcus, books, 1231 Coates 

Bastable Dan'l, mas'n, Powelton n N 41st (W P) 

Baste Samuel, laborer, 1119 Cherry 

Bastert George, musician, 1231 Monterey 

Bastert William, barber, 1236 N 16th 

Bastible Jno., mas'n, Powelton av n N 42d (W P) 

Bastian Anthony, paper stainer, 840 Wharton 

Bastian Daniel, carpenter, S Front n Tasker 

Bastian Edwin, cooper, 822 Leonard 

Bastian Ezekiel, lab. S Front n Tasker 

Bastian Geo., gardener, McKean n S 13th 

Bastian Jacob J., clerk, 1209 S 9th 

Bastian John, iron, 227 S 4th 

Bastian John, potter, 716 S 13th 

Bastian John A., machinist, 1303 S 8th 

Bastian Joseph, lab. 1225 S 2d 

Bastian Joseph A., paper hanger, 926 Wharton 

Bastian Julius, tailor, 1326 N 4th 

Bastian Henry, farmer, Foulkrod n Cherry 

Bastien Moses, liquors, Swanson c Washington 
Batchelder Winfield S., clerk, 108 N Del av, n 

714 Sansom 
Batchelor Edward, segarmaker, 337 N 3d 
Batchelor John, segarmaker, 81 Coates 
Batchelor John, segarmaker, 870 Darien 
Batchelor John, segarmaker, 337 N3d 
Batchelor Win, tobacco, 337 N 3d 
Bateman Alfred, weaver, Miller (Gtn) 
Bateman F., blacksmith, 1645 Gtn av 
Bateman Henry, clerk, 42 Almond 
Bateman James, mer. 122 S Front, h Hamilton 

n 35th (W P) 
Bateman J. B., mariner, 133 Green 
Bateman John, carter, 1027 Parrish 
Bateman John, shoemaker, Clinton (Gtn) 
Bateman John H., framemaker, 1236 N 15th 
Bateman Joseph, weaver, Miller (Gtn) 
Bateman Mary, governess, Girard College 
Bateman Samuel, furniture, 327 South 
Bateman Samuel J., clerk, 243 S 6th 
Bateman Walter M., carpenter, Unity n Hedge 

Bateman Wm., grocer, 42 Almond 
BATEMAN WM. O., atty. & coun. 204 S 4th, h 

223 S 8th 
Baten John, furniture, 1314 Frankford road 
Bater John, tailor, 721 Market 
Bates Aaron, foreman, Letterly n Carroll 
Bates Allen, blacksmith, 662 Larch 
Bates & Coates, (Joseph Wm. Bates, 4- Andrew 

Coates), com. mers. 209 Church al 
Bates Bartine, moroccodresser, 953 Darien 
Bates Charles, brickmaker, 1810 South 
Bates Charles, butcher, N 4th n Montgomery 
Bates Charles, police, 1109 Fries ct 
Bates Charles E., tobacconist, 600 N 4th 
Bates Conrad, tailor, 217 Green 
Bates Cornelius, blacking, 105 Van Horn 
Bates David, broker, 18 S 3d, h 732 Coates 
Bates Edward, clerk, 1709 Locust 
Bates Edward, laborer, Gtn av c Bethelem Pike 

(C Hill) 
Bates Edward, paperboxmanuf. 121 Union 
Bates Frederic, bootmaker, 718 S 8th 
Bates Geo., butcher, (Milestown) 
Bates Geo., lozenges, 1248 Columbia av 
Bates Geo., watchman, 968 Del av 

Highest Premium awarded at the World's Fair, London. 




Bates Geo. A., gasfitter, 2112 Fairfield 

Bates Geo. L., grocer, 325 Poplar 

Bates Geo. W., confectioner, Columbia av n 

Thompson, h 421 Wildey 
Bates Hannah, wid. Rachel, grocery, Columbia 

n Girard av 
Bates Henry, machinist, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Bates Isaac, paperbox manuf. 121 Union 
Bates Isaiah, stovefinisher, 1203 Lemon 
Bates Jacob, shoes, 224 S 2d, h 325 Wharton 
Bates James 323 S 11th 
Bates Jane, wid. dressmaker, 35 S 17th 
Bates John, 1228 Warnock 
Bates John, bricklayer, 1305 Catharine 
Bates John, laborer, 508 S 20th 
Bates John, butcher, 58 Eastern Market 
Bates John, laborer, 764 S Juniper 
Bates John, varnisher, 539 Marriott 
Bates John H., 704 S 16th 

Bates John J., tailor, Diligent av n Buttonwood 
Bates John W., builder, 517 S 12th 
BATES JOSEPH C, goatskins, 353 N 3d, h 

1709 Locust 
Bates Jos. S., baggagemaster, 907 Federal 
Bates Joseph Wm., com. mer. 209 Church al, h 

1814 Chestnut 
Bates Levi, tailor, 128 N 11th 
Bates Lewis H., machinist, 1224 "Whitehall 
Bates Peter, shoemaker, Paul n Tacony (Fkd) 
Bates R. C, conductor, 2121 Jefferson 
Bates Richard, fishing-tackle, 144 South 
Bates Richard, patternmaker, r 9U8 N Del av 
Bates Robert, bootmaker, 718 S 8th 
Bates Samuel, butcher, 41 Eastern Market, h 

1508 N 5th 
Bates Samuel F., carpenter, 2112 Fairfield 
Bates Sarah, 891 N 6th 
Bates Thomas L., varieties, Gtnavc Bethlehem 

Bates Welter, carpenter, 1105 Brown 
Bates Wm., bookbinder, 600 N 4th 
Bates Wm., butcher, N 4th n Montgomery 
Bates Wm., dyer, Unity n Paul (Fkd) 
Bates Wm., lab. 1305 Catharine 
Bates Wm., lab. 764 S Juniper 
Bates Wm., police, 1107 Federal 
Bates Wm., printer, 1217 Rodman 
Bates Wm., shoemaker, 1331 Houston 
Bates Wm., tinsmith, 6 Drayson pi 
Bates Wm. D., combmaker, 618 Thompson 
Bates Wm. W., printer, 1217 Rodman 
Bateson Ann, 714 Christian 
Bateson James, grocer, 624 Lombard 
Bateson James, lab. Ridge av (Roxborough) 
Batezel Joseph, farmer, Verree (ltd) 
Batezel Joseph, lab. (Bustleton) 
Batezell John, farmer, Pennypack road 
Bathmeir Francis, shoes, 1329 N 5th 
BATON EDGAR F., jeweler & engraver, 722 

Chestnut, h 1323 S 5th 
Baton Henry C, jeweler, 722 Chestnut, h 347 

Baton Mary C, millinery, 261 S 10th 
Batson Elizabeth S., 1313 Brown 
Batt Chalkley, drayman, 24 O'Neil 
Batt David, teamster, 16th c Sp Garden 
Batt Hannah, domestic, 117 N 2d 
Batt John P., grocer, 202 N 4th, h 1123 Sites | 

Batt Richard, blacksmith, rear 1332 Hancock 
Batt Wm. II., teacher, 1125 Wistar 
Battel Joshua, tinsmith, Main n Cotton (Myk) 
Batten A. Nelson, clerk, 19 N 3d, h 811 Race 
Batten James R., clerk, Burlington, N J 
Battenhouse Jacob, junk, Thomas (W Hall) 
Battersby Henry, conductor, 914 N 19th 
Batters!)}' James, machinist, Apple (Myk) 
Battersby Lewis, turner, Worth n Orthodox 
Battie James, cutter, 774 S 4th 
Batties George, printer, 227 Carpenter 
Battin Frederick, jeweler, r 1140 St John 
Battin H., grocer, 2d n Noble, h 507 Richmond 
BATTIN HENRY S , tobacco, segars, &c, 474 

N 2d, & manuf. of snuffs, 153 & 155 Noble, 

h 506 N 4th 
Battin Horace K., clerk, 507 Richmond 
Battin John, sculptor, 1738 Sansom 
Battin Samuel, grocer, 146 Noble, h 506 N 4th 
Battis Charles, waterman, 1 Lacon pi 
Battiss Susan, widow John, marker, 321 Allen 
Battist John, seaman, 1115 Fitzwater 
Button A. Nelson, M. D., 811 Race 
Batts John, carpenter, 2101 Carlton 
Batts John D., bootmaker, 117 Poplar 
Batts Mary, widow, 1522 Willow 
Battures William N., clerk, 31 Catharine 
Batturs Archer, agent, 1500 Green 
Batturs Richard M, clerk, 2018 Vine 
Batturs Sophia, 2018 Nine 
Batty Henry, weaver, Main c Robeson (Myk) 
Batty Jas., finisher, Hamilton c Centre (Myk) 
Batty Joshua B., ambrotypes, Main (Myk), h 

Hamilton c Centre (Myk) 
Batty Samuel, weaver boss, Mulberry (Myk) 
Batty William, boatman, Shur's la (Myk) 
Baty Charles, silver pjater, 331 Julianna 
Batzel Althea, farmer, Trenton av (W Hall) 
Batzel Daniel, farmer, Bridge c Tacony rd 

(W Hall) 
Batzel Geo., farmer, Trenton av (AV Hall; 
Batzel John, laborer, 309 Memphis 
Batzel John M., laborer, 309 Memphis 
Batzig, John, inspector, 219 Coates 
Baude William A., ship smith, 418 Redwood 
Bauder Jacob F-, grocer, 779 S Front 
Baudin Edmond, artist, 35 S 11th 
Bauer Charles, butcher, 1369 Crease 
Bauer Charles, weaver, 729 Cherry 
Bauer F., drayman, Penn av n Jefferson 
Bauer Frank, tailor, 868 Marshall 
Bauer Frederick, brushes, 841 N 3d 
Bauer Frederick, laborer, r 122 Brown 
Bauer Frederick, machinist, 2044 Reeves 
Bauer Frederick, shoemaker, 441 N 10th 
Bauer Geo., hostler, N 2d n Columbia av 
Bauer Geo., lager beer, 238 Beaver 
Bauer Geo. L., baker, 817 Buttonwood 
Bauer Geo. M., baker, 511 Callowhill 
Bauer Gottlieb, gardener, 156 Coates 
Bauer Herman, baker, Elm n 36th (W P) 
Bauer Jacob, shoe maker, 1204 Hancock 
Bauer John, baker, 1015 Parrish 
Bauer John, barber, 906 N 5th 
Bauer John, drayman, 1504 Lawrence 
Bauer John, furniture, 818 Vine, h 819 Vine 
Bauer John A., furniture, S 2d, h 212 Lombard 
Bauer John C, trimmings, 1209 Warnock 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Bauer John E., baker, 519 S £0th 

Bauer John P., painter & grocer, 824 N 4th 

Bauer Joseph, tobacconist, 416 Jefferson 

Bauer Louis, currier, r 976 Leithgow 

Bauer Nicholas, stone cutter, 32 Girard av 

Bauer Simon, machinist, N 3d n Columbia av 

Bauer Theodore, tailor, Cadvvalader n Montg'y 

Bauer William, carriage maker, 1329 N 17th 

Bauer William, undertaker, 420 N 4th 

Bauers Christian, Queen n Palmer 

Bauers John A., furniture, 255 S 2d, h 212 

Bauers Rudolph, turner, Queen n Palmer 
Bauersachs Lewis C, toys, 502 Market, h 730 

Baugenthaeffer Conrad, hostler, 786 Swanson 

Bauman Martin, gardener, Manheim c Plank rd 

Baumann Adam, locksmith, 1206 Locust 
Baumann Dominick, printer, 607 N 3d 
Baumann Franz, hair dresser, 120 Exchange pi 
Baumann Geo. A., florist, Wayne (Gtn) 
Baumann Gottlieb, laborer, Dauphin n N 8th 
Baumann Gottlieb, tailor, 166 Bodine 
Baumann Henry, tailor, r 436 Monroe 
Baumann John H., baker, 229 Lombard 
BAUMANN LOUIS C, nurseryman, Wayne c 

Manheim (Gtn) 
Baumann Michael, baker, S 22d c Manning 1 
Baumann Sebastian, laborer, 1406 Franklin 
Baumeister George, laborer, 1305 Gtn av 
Baumgaardt William, clerk, 935 St John 

Baugh & Sons, (J. P., Edwin P., $ Daniel, Baumgaertner Frederick, saloon, York c Tren 

Baugk,) super-phosphate of lime, 20 S 

Delaware av 
Baugh Charles, grocer, 1201 Locust, h 1124 

Baug-h Daniel, merchant, 20 S Delaware av, h 

Baugh David R., hides, Jefferson c Master, h 

533 N 7th 
Baugh Edwin P., super-phosphate lime, 20 S 

ton av . 

Baumgardt John C, shoemaker, 1244 Palmer 
Baumgardner Benjamin, cabinetmkr,418 Morris 
Baumgartin Martin, shoemaker, 810 St John 
Baumgartner Gustav, shoemaker, 707 S 6th 
Baumgartner Jacob, piano case maker, 1332 

Baumgartner Joseph, barber, 2511 Callowhill 
Baumgartner Joseph, locksmith, 5 S 13th 
Baumgartner Vincent, painter, r 8 Dunton 

Delaware av, h Ashland House 
Baugh Franklin, atty. & coun.,5^ S 6th, h 1102JBaumner Charles, liquors, 502 Girard av 

Mt Vernon Baur & Steiner, (John P. Baur $ John P 

Baugh Geo, turner, 113 Elfreth's al Steiner, jr.,) painters, N 6th c Race 

Batigh Harman, turner, 125 & h 127 Elfreth's al Baur Henry, dyer, r 1023 Charlotte 

Baur John P., painter, N 6th c Race, h 824 N 4th 
Baus George, lager beer, 409 S 6th 

Baugh Henry N., plasterer, 911 Wood 
Baugh Herman, jr., jeweler, 143 Elfreth's al 

Baugh J. C, hotel, Lancaster av c 34th (W P)!Bausch Charles, restaurant, 1022 Poplar 
Baugh John P., merchant, 20 S Delaware av, hJBausch Jacob, tailor, r 1211 Randolph 
Downingtown JBausch Joseph, tailor, 1302 Charlotte 

Baugh Louis D., hides, 129 S 2d, h Franklin 'Bausch Michael, shoemaker, 216 Christian 

Baugh Mary R., widow Daniel, 117 N 10th 
Baugh Saml., mer., 129 S 2d, h 1504 Chestnut 
Baugh Samuel, plasterer, 911 Wood 
Baugh Stephen H., blacksmith, 505 German 
Baugh William, machinist, 128 Elfreth's al 
Baugher Elias D., grocer, Fkd av c Norris 
Baughman Louis, mor. dresser, 5 Marseilles pi 
Bauhaofer Louis, cork soles, 550 China 
Baulesch William, laborer, r Germantown av n 

Baum Gabriel, liquors, 116 N 3d, h Merchants' 

Baum Geo., morocco dresser, 838 Charlotte 
Baum Geo. L., segars, 733 N 3d 
Baum J. E., coalj pier 3 Richmond & 113 Wal- 
nut, h Brown n Marshall 
Baum John E., hotel, 235 S 12th 
Baum J. M , book keeper, 619 Wood 
Baum Ludwig, coach painter, Ridge av (Rox) 
Baum, Ogle & Co., (J. E. Baum, H. K. B. Ogle, 
J. S. Kirk, Sf H. S. Gross,) coal, pier 3 Rich- 
mond &. 113 Walnut 
Baum William, calico printer, 2001 Reeves 
Baum William, carpenter, 1230 Lyndall's al 
Baum William, saloon, 410 S Delaware av 
Bauman Cath., widow John, candy, 1235 Olive 
Bauman Jacob, machinist, 196 America 
Bauman Jacob, wire weaver, 202 Thompson 
Bauman John, musician, 431 Coates 
Bauman Joseph, turner, 910 St John 

Bausemann, Henry, shoemaker, 924 Beach 
Baussa J'ohann, tailor, 1024 Master 
Bauz Adam, umbrella maker, William n Tren- 
ton av (Richmond) 
Bauzenberger Christian, pianomkr, 1336 Kates 
Bavers Charles, tailor, 1032 Sargeant 
Bavinger Joseph, carpenter, 931 S Front 
Bavington Benjamin, farmer, Pine rd 
Bavington Catharine, wid Jonathan, Sellers n 

Penn (Fkd) 
Bavington George, cabinetmkr, 1212 Warnock 
Bavington John, liquor coloring, 1217 N 10th, 

h Green n N 8th 
Bavington Theodore, mason, Sellers n Penn 

Bavins Jesse, framework knitter, Memphis n 

Bavis Daniel, shoemaker, 416 Shippen 
Bawn John G., ambrotype, 920 Market, h 409 

Bawn Mary, wid James, 409 Wharton 
Baxendale Robert, spinner, Wallgrove (Fkd) 
Baxendine George, dyer, Adams ab Sellers 

Baxendine William, dyer Paul n Sellers (Fkd) 
Baxter Charles, waterman, 408 Shippen 
Baxter David, laborer, 1527 South 
Baxter Dewitt C, engrav., 35 S 6th, h 454 N 8th 
Baxter George W., 1014 Shippen 
Baxter Isaac B. jr., hardware, 522 S 2d, h 228 


in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Baxter Isaac B., hardware, 522 S 2d, h 228 Pine 'Baymount Henry, laborer, N 58th n Powelton 

Baxter Jacob, waterman, 19 Brown av (\V P) 

Baxter .1 allies ('., carpenter, r 934- New Market Baynard Clement, (col) laborer, Gillesal n South 

Baxter Jane, wid David, 2203 Virginia 
Baxter John, grocer, 2d c Christian, h 1 009 S 5th 
Baxter Lloyd, stovemaker, 1218 Market 
Baxter Maria, huckstress, 1207 Federal 
Baxter Mitchell, clerk, 1037 S 5th 
Baxter Robert, engraver, Main (Holmesburg) 
Baxter Samuel, carpenter, York n Gaul 
Baxter Samuel, macht., Hope n Montgomery av 
Baxter Thomas, boilermaker, 1507 Howard 

Baynard Elize, (col'd) shoemaker, 419 German 
Baynard Lewis, (col'd) seaman, 619 Hurst 
Baynard Lydia, (col'd) whasher, Alford n S 6th 
Bayne & Welle, (James H. Bayne <V Clements 

Welle,) cases, 27 S 8th 
Bayne Catherine, wid Samuel, 626 Annapolis 
Bayne Henry, painter, 1306 Ilorstnuum 
Bayne James, jeweler, 613 Paul 
Bayne James, machinist, 1306 Horstmann 

Baxter Thomas, carpenter, Haverford c N 38th: Bayne James H., cases, 27 S 8th, h 613 Paul 

Baxter Thomas, carpenter, 1728 Barker 
Baxter Thomas, currier, 514 Mention pi 
Baxter Thomas, moulder, 439 Watkins 
BAXTER THOMAS EABP, hardware, 910 

Market, q 400 S 8th 
Baxter Thomas H., cases, 38 S 9th, h 400 Spruce 
Baxter W. C, broker, 313J, Walnut, h Franklin 

Baxter William, chairmaker, Fallon n Catharine 
Baxter William, painter, 3 Grafton pi 
Baxter William, (col) teamster, Juniper n S loth 
Baxter William Q., cooper, 23 S Water, h 840 

S Front 

Baxter WilliamW., chair painter, 434 Greenwich 
Baxter Maria, wid Josiah, 1707 Addison 
Bayard Francis, laborer, Dauphin n N 8th 
Bayard Caroline, teacher, 1528 Chestnut 
Bayard Charles, broker, 209 Chestnut, h Gtn 

av n Church (Gtn) 
Bayard Charles P., saddler, 813 S 6th, h 839 

Bayard James, att'y & coun., 631 Walnut 
Bayard John, broker, 522 Walnut 
Bayard Thomas, (cold) carman, 624 Barclay 
Bayene "William B., plumber, N 2d n Oxford 
Bayer Alexander, tailor, 915 N 10th 
Bayer Joseph, saloon, 907 Green 
Bayersdorfer Moses M., millinery, 109 N 2d 
Bayha Frederick, upholsterer, 315 Garden 
Bayle Edward, laborer, r 1026 S 2d 
Bayle Samuel W., clerk, 1320 Lombard 
Bayle William, gardner, 1406 Bangor 
Bayles Charles W., blacksmith, 921 Hutchinson 
Bayley Edward, box maker, 310 Branch 
Bayley George, tobacconist, 308 Jarvis 
Bayley Jean, sizer, 1935 Shippen 
Bayley John, porter, 135 Otter 
Bayley "William R., musician, 150 Dana 
Baylie Charles T., blacksmith, r 921 Darien 
Baylie George, blacksmith, 113 Trella 
Baylie George, machinist, 1776 Wheat 
Baylis John, auctioneer, 325 Arch, h 760 S 10th 
Bayliss Joseph, wires, 226 Arch, h 940 Hutchin- 
Bayliss Joseph Sc Darby, (Joseph Bayliss $ 

Edward Darby,) wires, 226 Arch 
Baylitts Davis B., policeman, 237 Queen 
Bayly James W., painter, Marion pi 
Baymond Ann, wid James, 1510 Green 
Baymore Bazillia R., spar maker, 387 Richmond 
Baymore Joseph, spar maker, 123 Almond 
Raymore Rebecca, boarding, 340 S 4th 
Baymore Samuel, policeman, 122 Mead 
Baymore Yarzillia, spar maker, Richmond n 

Bayne John D., notary, 325 Reed 
Bayne Joseph, screwmaker, 1716 Rittenhouse 
Bayne Joseph W. jr., gas fitter, 1716 Rittenbouse 
Bayne Richard S., ice dealer, 220 Queen, h 

1304 S 4th 
Bayne Robert De S., cabinetmaker, 22 South 
Bayne Samuel, bookbinder, 633 Carpenter 
Bayne Samuel, plumber, 1229 Catharine 
Baynon Nicholas E., 324 Marshall 
Baynor D.W., clerk, Harrison n Frankford (Fkd) 
Bayty Samuel, 417 S 2d 
Bazin Christian, grocer, 519 Girard av, h 1200 

BAZ1X XAVIER, perfumer, 917 Cherry, b 

1031 Race 
Bazley Elizabeth, wid William, 2316 Meredith 
Bazley J. Edward, clerk, 3 Dock, h 16 S 20th 
Bazley John H., 16 S 20th 
Bazley Joseph, machinist, Blocklev (W P) 
Bea John, tailor, 1218 N 4th 
Beaber Adam, moulder, 1221 Ash 
Beach C. Nichols, coal, pier 5 Richmond & 328 

Walnut, h 415 Walnut 
Beach Ebenezer, roof tinner, 1102 Charles 
Beach Henry H., M.D., 1627 Filbert 
Beach M. M., M.D., Haverford n 41st (W P) 
Beach Phineas, actor, 1104 Charles 
Beach Rebecca, wid. Waldren, 1321 Rodman 
Beach Waldren, moulder, 1821 Rodman 
Beach William, carpenter, 1339 Warnocfe 
Beach William, curry combs, Willow n N 12th, 

h Swayne n N 16th 
Beached John H., real estate, 317 Vine 
Beacher Joseph, saddler, Gtn av n Diamond 
Beacherer Conrad, clerk, 817 Randolph 
Beachman Patrick, laborer, 1530 I '. dwalader 
Beachman Richard, laborer, Otsego n Miffiin 
Beachter Christian, tavern, 135 Coates, h 631 

New Market 
Beackley Ann, wid. John, tailoress, 1229 S 3d 
Beader George, blacksmith, Diamond n N 5th 
Beadle James, farmer, 109 Race St Market 
Beadling Henry, seaman, 18 Christian 
Beadsworth Robert, hotel, 1311 Cadwalad r 
Beagan Patrick, packing boxes, 1406 X 4th 
Beagle Abraham, clerk, 1018 Marshal] 
Beagle Henry, name maker, 422 Magnolia, h 

410 N 5th 
Beagle Henry, jr., hame maker, 410 N 5th 
Beagle Thomas, blacksmith, 512 Noble 
Beakley Jacob, M.D., N 11th c Cherry 
Beakum William, brick layer, Hancock n York 
Bt-al & Forman, (William Bed % Robert R. 

For/nun,) show cases, 153 N 4th 
Beal Edmund, M.D., S 21st n Locust 

Jules Hauel & Co., Perfumers, 




Beal Ernest, machinist, 1343 Melon 

Beal Jacob, tailor, Germantown av n Diamond 

Beal J. H., waterman, 1016 Ross 

Beal Samuel, stone mason, 1245 Fulton 

Beal William, show cases, 153 N 4th, h 115 

Beale Caroline, dry goods, 1505 Vine ' 
Beale Caroline & Hannah, dry goods, 1505 Vine 
Beale Colin M., letter carrier, 332 Mclllvvain 
Beale George T., milk, 722 Shirley 
Beale Hannah, dry goods, 1505 Vine 
Beale James L., engraft er (Bustleton) 
Beale John, carter, 231 Marker 
Beale Jos., enginr. N 36th n Haverford ( W P) 
Beale Joseph, M.D., 1805 Delancey pi 
Beale Mary A., Ill S 13th 
Beale Mathias L., clerk, 332 Mclllwain 
Beale Ramsey W., clerk, h Western Exch Hotel 
Beale Robert, brush maker, 507 N 10th 
Beale Stephen T., dentist, 1223 Chestnut 
Beale William, Serrill n Carroll 
Beale William, butchei', 15 Shippen Market, b 

N 40th c Westmoreland (W P) 
Beale William A., salesman, 332 Mclllwain 
Beale William A., tailor, 114 S 10th, h 1505 

Bealer George, candy, Market c 13th, h 17 

Winfield pi 
Bealer Louis, carman, r 537 N 3d 
Beall Theodore L., flour & grain, 327 & 329 S 

Front, h 417 S 3d 
Bealy William, shoemaker, 1309 N Front 
Beam Andrew, tailor, 1229 N 5th 
Beam Charles, fruit, foot Arch, h 861 Darien 
Beam Christian, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Daniel A., shoe maker, 611 Hermitage 
Beam Edward, machinist, 1241 N 16th 
Beam Esaias K., clerk, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Henry, cigar maker, 1241 N 16th 
Beam Isaac R., druggist, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Jacob, tailor, 1117 Pine 
Beam Jacob H., hardware, N 3d n Race, h 317 

Beam Jacob S., painter, 2132 Spruce 
Beam Jesse B., brick Ir. Oak n S 37th (W P) 
Beam John, clerk, 125 Elwyn 
Beam John, coachman, 106 Bread 
Beam John, shoe maker, 850 N 10th 
Beam John V., hardware, 21 N 5th, h N York 
Beaman Edmund A., Rev., school, h S W 13th 

& Spring Garden 
Beamen & Co., (George H. Beamer Sf John 

Boyle,) carriage builders, 914 Cherry 
Beamer Andrew, foreman, 1816 Girard av 
Beamer George H., coach maker, 914 Cherrv, 

h 118 Ellwyn 
Beamer Samuel H., foreman, Francis n S 12th 
Beamish Arthur, moulder, Hedge n Oxford (F) 
Beamish Esther, wid. Arthur, 1023 Vienna 
Beamish John, hat finisher, 1221 Melon 
Bean Abraham, weaver, Baker (Myk) 
Bean Albert G. R., paper hanger, 426 Green- 
Bean Enos, blind mr. 608 Race, h 2024 Poplar 
Bean George R., clerk, 1431 Callowhill 
Bean George W., moulder, r 1229 Howard 
Bean JacksOn, farmer, Cresheim rd (C Hill) 
Bean Jacob, pudler, 1128 Frankford av 

Bean James, cooper, 710 Brook 

Bean John, laborer, Cresheim rd (Ches Hill) 

Bean Michael, laborer, Penn av n Oxford 

Bean Michael, laborer, 1239 Cadwalader 

Bean Peter, shoe maker, Howard (Nicetown) 

Bean Philip, farmer, Maiden la n Dickerson 

Bean Rachel C, 1431 Callowhill 

Bean William L., stair builder, 814 Depot 

Beans Catharine, wid. Benjamin, 1421 N 8th 

Beans Charles T., clerk, 1421 N 8th 

Beans Edward K., milk, Geiss n Dauphin 

Beans George S., clerk, 40 N 3d, h 1421 N 8th 

Beans Henry, blacksmith, 741 West 

Beans Jacob Z., clerk, 1639 N 13th 

Beans John, harness maker, 519 N 8th, h 824 

Beans Martha, 2114 Mt. Vernon 
Beans Patrick, laborer, 24 Reed 
BearDanl., watchman, Goodbread pi n Vernon 
Bear John W., ambrotypes, 734 Market 
Bear Henry, carpenter, N 12th n Oxford 
Bear Thos., weaver, American n Columbia av 
Beard George, paper hanger, 1321 Rodman 
Beard James, carman, 1919 Wilcox 
Beard James, paper stainer, Alton ct n Richard 
Beard John, oysters, Marion n Apple (Heston- 

Beard John H„ druggist, 14 Boyd's av 
Beard Leah J., wid. David, Medina n S 7th 
Beard Nicholas, butcher, 61 & 63 Shippen Mar- 
ket, h 1534 N 5th 
Beard Nicholas, butcher, 55 Shippen Market, 

h 839 Leonard 
Beard Thomas B., carpenter, 2216 Hare 
Beard William, butcher, 846 Charlotte 
Beard William O., hatter, 822 Lawrence, h 626 

BEARDSLEE THEODORE, gents' furnishing 

goods, 755 S 2d, h 145 Mead 
Beardsley Amzi A., dentist, 703 Spruce, h 1305 

S Front 
Beardsley George, spinner, 22 Brolaskey pi 
Beardsley Thomas B., carpenter, 1305 S Front 
Beardsley William, weaver,- Spring al (Gin) 
Beardwood Jane, shirt maker, 266 S 20th 
Beardwood Thomas, laborer, 521 S 20th 
Beardwood William, laborer, 521 S 20th 
Beare William H., merchant, 230 Chestnut, h 

summit (Chestnut Hill) 
Bearse Oliver L., ship chandler, 512 S Delaware 

avenue, h Walnut (W P) 
Beasley Edward, restaurant, 720 Moss 
Beastall Francis B., mason, Orthodox n Hedge 

Beastall Mary, wid., b. h., 8 Worrell (Fkd) 
Beastall William, carpenter, Orthodox n Hedge 

Beaston Jos., sawyer, Darby road n S 41st (WP) 
Beaton Susan, (colored) cook, 5 Bedford 
Beath Henry, warper, r 2013 Naudain 
Beath Janette, widow Robert, 1107 Marks lane 
Beath Susan E., candy, 315 Girard avenue 
Beates & Miller, (Henry Beales $■ William J. 

Miller,) druggists, 224 N 3d 
Beates Henry, druggist, 224 N 3d, h 217 Jacoby 
Beatie Samuel, gardener, 1706 Wood 
Beattes Jacob H., carriages, 132 Dock, h 917 
S 6th 

704 Chestnut St. Established in 1836. 




Beattes William, coach trimmer, 935 S 6th 
Bcattes William II., wooden ware maker, War- 
ren n 37th (W P) 
Beattie Robert II., accountant, 268 S 3d 
Beatty Albert, weaver, 1519 Frankford road 
Beatty Archibald, Rev., S 22d c Locust 
Beatty Caroline M., widow Samuel It., Keeler's 

lane n Otsego 
Beatty Ezekiel H., coach maker, 1709 Sansom 
Beatty George, laborer, 1007 Moravian 
Beatty Georg-e, shoe maker, rear 116 Vanhorn 
Beatty Henry C, lawyer, 252 S 3d 
Beatty Hugh, sizer, Ridg-e av near Alleghany 
Beatty James, carpenter, 539 N 22d 
Beatty James, clerk, 1332 Shippen 
Beatty James, cloths, 1426 N 2d 
Beatty James, driver, 727 Palm 
Beatty James, flour, FrankPd av n Trenton av 
Beatty James, laborer, 2015 South 
Beatty John, Market opp Insane asylum (W P) 
Beatty John, tailor, 721 Market 
Beatty John C., mer., 501 Commerce, h Media 
Beatty Joseph, laborer, 2039 Lombard 
Beatty Joseph, weaver, 1438 N Front 
Beatty Lyons, confectioner, 1618 Market, h 1804 

Lombard ' 

Beatty Mary, widow of Andrew, 1102 S Front 
Beatty Moore, dry goods, 1531 South 
Beatty Mordecai M., iron worker, 1057 N Front 
Beatty Robert, dry goods, 13th near Pine, h 

1330 Lombard 
Beatty Robert, twister, 1430 Savery 
Beatty Robert H., clerk, 11 State house row, h 

342 Christian 
Beatty Robert W., clerk, 234 S 3d 
Beatty Samuel, 913 Rodman 
Beatty Thomas, coal, Warren st wharf, h 1346 

Beatty William, blind maker, 913 Rodman 
Beatty William, clerk, 18 Farrier's court 
Beatty William, weaver, 1428 N 2d 
Beatty William, & Sons, {John C. Beatty, John 

A. Caldwell, Wm. P. Beatty,) edge tools, 

501 Commerce 
Beatty William P., merchant, 501 Commerce, 

h Springfield 
Beaty Andrew, agent, 313 Aberdeen 
« Beaty Francis, laborer, Cedar (Myk) 

Beaty John F., superintendent, 351 N Broad, h 

Perkiomen n Wylie 
Beaty Jos. F., telegraph operator, 1729 Francis 
Beaty Ruth, widow of James, Dauphin c Front 
Beaugureau Adrian, teacher, 1530 Sansom, h 

1626 Summer 
Beaumont Allen, carder, Haverford n Market 


Beaumont Benjamin, weaver, Blocklcy (W P) 
Beaumont Joseph, carder, (Cresccntville) 
Beamount Joseph S., japanner, 735 Market, h 

Green lane near Ridge av (Roxborough) 
Beaumont Robert, weaver, Lovelace n Apple 

Beaumont Sykes, finisher, Blockley (W P) 
Beaumont William, blacksmith, 1420 Thompson 
Beaux Edmund, silk manufact'rer, South c 25th, 

h Hamilton n 35th (W P) 
Beaux Jean A., silk manufacturer, South c 
25th, h 1712 Locust 

BEAUX J. P. k CO., (Jean A. <y Edmund Beaux,) 

silk manufacturers, South c 25th 
Beaver Eliza, wid. John, boarding, 1209 Filbert 
Beaver Henry, mason, Riley (Rox) 
Beaver John, butcher, Callowhill St Mkt, h 330 

N 17th 
Beaver .Meadow R R &. Coal Co., 322 Walnut 
Beaver Richard, weaver, 2007 South 
Beaver Robert, carter, Philip n Columbia 
Beaver Samuel, butcher, 1840 Poplar 
Beaver Samuel S., miller, 118 Race 
Beaver S. H., clerk, Race n N Front 
Beaver Thos., Montour Iron Works, office 227 

S 4th, h Danville, Pa 
Beazly Rich. R., gro., 668 N 12th, h 1200 Melon 
Beberdick Anton, tinsmith, 614 Callowhill 
Bcchlar Nicholas, painter, 28 S 7th, h 919 Mt 

Bechler Charles, baker, 1120 Locust 
Bechler John, grocer, 318 Crown, h 412 Wood 
Bechler John G., shoemaker, 112 Poplar 
Bechler Louis, paint., 951 N 5th, h 996 Randolph 
Bechmann Francis, blacksmith, Gtn avn Oxford 
Bechmann Fred., bindings, 400 N 3d, h 504 

Bechmann Chas., beer, 534 N 3d 
Bechmann G. F., tassels, 400 N 3d, h 504 Dillwyn 
Becht Floren, grocer, 1116 Stiles 
Bccht Gabriel, Oak (Mvk) 
Becht John, Oak (Myk) 
Becht John, machinist, 1333 N 17th 
Becht Joseph, finisher Oak (Myk) 
Becht Peter, hatter, 230 Thompson 
Beet Wm., tailor, 232 George 
Bechtel Abraham, com. mer., 142 N Del. av, h 

521 Coates 
Bechtel Abraham B., dry goods, 1513 Ridge av 
Bechtel & Berger, (Pete?' Bechtel^- Wm. Be'rger) 

marble, Gtn av n Tulpehocken (Gtn) 
Bechtel Antoine, shoemaker, 224 George 
Bechtel Benj. H., grocer, 1312 S 3d 
Bechtel Catharine H., wid. Wilson L.,347 N9th 
Bechtel David B„ portrait painter, 604 Arch, h 

Haverford n N 38th (W P) 
Bechtel David S., carpenter, 716 N 23d 
Bechtel GeoVge F., chair maker, 414 N 20th 
Bechtel George H. gas chandeliers, 535 Arch, h 

439 Dickerson 
Bechtel Henry M., 915 Warnock 
Bechtel Jacob, farmer, Creisheim rd (Mt. Airy) 
Bechtel Jacob B., tailor, 1429 Wood 
Bechtel Jas., forkmr., Orchard n Green (Fkd) 
Bechtel John, candy, 1301 Columbia av 
Bechtel John, laborer, James n Ridge av (F S) 
Bechtel John, machinist, 1511 Walter 
Bechtel John A., leather, N 2d n Columbia, h 

445 N 3d 
Bechtel Jno. H., bartender, N 5th n Susque. av 
Bechtel John S., butcher, 1124 Parrish 
Bechtel Martin H., hotel, Gtn av n Nicetown 
Bechtel Paul J., carpenter, Broad (Rox) 
Bechtel Peter, marble, Gtn av n Tulpehocken 

(Gtn), h (Falls of Schuylkill) 
Bechtel Peter, jr., marble worker, James n 

Ridg-e av (Falls S) 
Bechtel Samuel, tavern, 2350 Vine, h 2338 Vine 
Bechtel Wm., turner, 32d n Chestnut (W P) 
Bechtel Wm. H., engineer, 903 S 3d 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Bechter Albert, upholster, 308 York av 
Bechter John, machinist, 805 Duane 
Bechter John, turner, 855 Randolph 
Bechter Reuben, clerk, 1223 Heath 
Bechter Susan, wid. Anthony, 1223 Heath 
Bechtle Christian G., baker, 314 Dean 
Bechtold A. T., widow John, dressmr. 1212 

Bechtold Gotlieb C, baker, 123 Elfreth's al 
Bechtold Joseph, carpenter, 1531 Warnock 
Bechtold Valentine, brewer, N 7th n Dauphin 
Bechtold Wm., baker, Penna. av c Green 
Beck Alexander, carpet weaver, 1523 Pearl 
Beck Allen, laborer, Innis n Allen 
Beck & Burns, (Levi Beckfy Wm. Burns,) tobac- 
conists, 828 Market 
Beck & Doebely, (R. H. Beck 4" Ferdinand 

Doebely,) reed makers, Rose c Wildey 
BECK & LAWTON, (James N. Beck % Dennis 

Lawton,) music publishers, 632 Chestnut 
Beck & Lipp, (Peter Beck <$■ Joseph Lipp,) bil- 
liards, 12 S Broad 
Beck Andrew, laborer, 2 Durham pi 
Beck Ann, dress maker, 217 Union 
Beck Ann Eliza, wid. Wm., 228 Marion 
Beck Anthony, hatter, Leon n Washing-ton av 
Beck Bernard, boot fitter, 8 Hayward pi n 

Beck Charles, butcher, 635 Girard av 
Beck Charles, musician, 1237 Filbert 
Beck Charles, tinsmith, 5 Summerfield pi 
Beck Charles A., clerk, 22 S 5th, h 969 Mar- 
Beck Charles W., painter, 611 N 5th 
Beck Christopher, glass blower, York n Gaul 
Beck Clementine, (col'd) washer., 202 Brier pi 
Beck Daniel W., police, Cass n N 12th 
Beck David, saddler, 1607 M'Allister 
Beck Edmund C, gas fitter, 915 N 13th 
Beck Edward, cabinet maker, 1410 N 10th 
Beck Eliza, segars, 508 Marriott 
Beck Eliza, (col'd) washer, r 620 Bedford 
Beck Erhart, superintendent, 1411 Alder, h 

1410 N 10th 
Beck Ernest, tailor, 725 Florida 
Beck Fidele, tailor, 410 Poplar 
Beck George, blacksmith, 822 Charlotte 
Beck George, conductor, N 37th c Story (W P) 
Beck George, laborer, 34 Dunton 
Beck George, laborer, 907 Ogden 
Beck George, liquors, Gtn av n Walnut la (R 

Beck George, produce, 1633 N 8th 
Beck George, tanner, Lehman (Gtn) 
Beck Gottleib, beer, 718 Cherry 
Beck Henry, comb maker, 915 N 13th 
Beck Henry, stove maker, 215 Catharine 
Beck Henry P., 1101 Girard 
Beck Hudson, clerk, 416 N 3d 
Beck Isaac, carpenter, Herman (Gtn) 
Beck Isaac, carter, 705 Catharine 
Beck Isaac, engineer, 1423 Parrish 
Beek Jacob, baker, 178 American 
Beck Jacob, gas fitter, r 730 Julia 
Beck Jacob, piano maker, r 143 Dana 
Beck Jacob, rags, Amber n York 
Beck Jacob, turner, 1008 S 5th 
Beck Jacob, weaver, 1346 Frankford av 

Beck Jacob S., cigars, 216 Callowhill, h 342 N 

St. John 
Beck Jacob W., musician, 412 Quince 
Beck James, cabinet maker, Centre n Hancock 

Beck James, laborer, Gtn av (C Hill) 
Beck James, pump maker, 1625 N 8th 
Beck James, ship blocks, 625 N 8th 
Beck James M., 746 Florida 
Beck James M., printer, Kenyon n Vine 
Beck James N., music, 632 Chestnut, h 1915 

Beck James S., painter, 1007 Frankford av 
Beck John, cabinet maker, N 2d n Dauphin 
Beck John, carman, American n Diamond 
Beck John, carpenter, 919 Ogden 
Beck John, carpenter, r 1018 Montgomery av 
Beck John, engineer, 2215 Coates 
Beck John, haircloth maker, Jefferson c Mifflin, 

h New York 
Beck John, painter, Ripley pi r 22 S 15th 
Beck John, tailor, 1752 N 6th 
Beck John, tailor, 427 Watkins 
Beck John, wooden ware, 1325 N 10th 
Beck Johu G. S., musician, 1016 Shippen 
Beck John H., blacksmith, 1240 Heath 
Beck John Henry, butcher, 20 Callowhill, h 

1010 Buttonwood 
Beck John Martin, machinist, 2029 Callowhill, 

h 1915 Vine 
Beck John P., tailor, 1017 Hamilton 
Beck Joseph, blacksmith, 1242 Lawrence 
Beck Joseph W., laborer, 1335 Corn 
Beck Levi, tobacconist, 828 Market 
Beck Lewis, shoemaker, 6 Graydon 
Beck Lewis, victualer, 1010 Buttonwood 
Beck Lewis D., baker, 148 Richmond 
Beck Lewis H., machinist, N 12th c Coates 
Beck Louis, surg. instruments, 309 Race, h 

425 York av 
Beck Louis, wooden ware, 608 Callowhill 
Beck Margaret, widow of Adam, 137 N Juniper 
Beck Maria, widow of Richard, 342 St. John 
Beck Martin, boot crimper, 619 N2d 
Beck Martin, liquors, 329 Shippen 
Beck Mary, widow of Jacob, trucker, 245 Sp 

Garden market, h n Frankford 
Beck Mary W., widow of Charles, 913 N 11th 
Beck Matilda, widow of George, boarding, 801 

Beck Michael, lab., Franklin n Susquehanna av 
Beck Moses F., butcher, 310 Sp Garden St Mkt, 

h 1010 Buttonwood 
Beck Otto, porter, 416 N 3d 
Beck Peter, billiards, 12 S Broad, h 260 S 

Beck Peter, butcher, 917 Noble 
Beck Peter, confectioner, N 12th c Coates 
Beck Peter, upholsterer, 780 S 6th 
Beck Peter, jr., butcher, 917 Noble 
Beck Peter H., upholsterer, 141 S 8th, h 260 

Beck Richard H., reed maker, Ross c Wildey, 

h 434 Wildey 
Beck Rob ei-t, machinist, 1810 Addison 
Beck Samuel, carpenter, Herman (Gtn) 
Beck Samuel, undertaker, Centre n Hancock 


in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Beck Samuel II., paper carrier, 342 St. John 
Beck Susan, teacher, 459 S Front 
Beck Susah. widow of Henry, r 2029 Cuthbcrt 
Beck Susan D., wid. ofWm. L., teacher, 843 S 

Beck Theodore, clerk, 843 S Front 
Beck Theodore, shoes, 1210 Hamilton 
Beck Theresa, wid. of Jacob, 21 Catharine 
Beck Thomas, laborer, 733 Bayard 
Beck Thomas A., clerk, 1612 Green 
BECK THOMAS B., grain, 341 & 343 N Front, 

h 1612 Green 
Beck Walter, laborer, 221 Quarry, 
Beck William, carpenter, 1128 Poplar 
Beck William, carter, 705 Catharine 
Beck William, dyer, Creisheim la (\It Airy) 
Beck William H., clerk, 850 Ontario 
Beck Wm. P., blacksmith, 116 S 22d, h 2104 

Beck William V., painter, 923 Brown 
Beck William W., teacher, Bustleton rd 
Beckel George W., music teacher, 1223 Mt 

Beckel James C, music, 617 Spring Garden 
Beckenback John, foreman, h 617 N 6th 
Beckendorf Louis, M. D., 225 Brown 
Becker &. Dell, (Moses Becker $■ Joseph S. Dell) 

clothing, 33 N 3d 
Becker Bernard, tador, 308 N 8th 
Becker Charles, cabinetmaker, 1121 Galloway 
Becker Charles, porter, 624 Weaver 
Becker Chas., scales, 710 Market, h 624 Weaver 
Becker Christian, confectioner, 506 Green 
Becker Christian, segars, 728 N 4th 
Becker C. G., 872 N 5th 

Becker Ernest, music teacher, 331 Thompson 
Becker Frederick, foreman, 709 St John 
Becker Geo. J., prof. G. College, h G. College 
Becker Geo. V., tailor, 861 N^tli 
Becker Henry, woolen, 425 Moyer 
Becker Jacob, carman, Naudain n 25th 
Becker Jacob, fireman, N 31st n Bridge (W P) 
Becker Jacob, shoemaker, 836 N 10th 
Becker Jacob, tailor, r 1237 Lawrence 
Becker Jerry, clerk, 310 N 9th 
Becker Johii, lab. Tioga ab N 20th 
Becker J. A., bookkeeper, 615 Market, h 310 

N 9th 
Becker Moses, clothing, 33 N 3d, h 335 Green 
Becker Philip, baker, 705 New Market 
Becker Phillip, harnessmaker, 314 N3d 
Becker Wm., papermaker, Spring (Rox) 
Becker Wm., shoemaker, 202 N Front 
Becket Esther, (colored), wid. Edward, wash- 
ing, 1523 Bedford 
Becket Isaac (colored), restaurant, 601 Minster 
Becket Thomas J., 810 Looust 
Beckett &. Bartholomew (Samuel Beckett $ 
Isaac Bartholomew,) hotel, 610 Annapolis 
Beckett Andrew, coachman, 225 S Juniper 
Beckett Daniel C, shingledresser, 1221 Marl- 
Beckett Edwin, sailor, 706 Richmond 
Beckett Franklin, huckster, 617 Annapolis 
Beckett Henry L., mer. 122 S 7th, h atBorden- 

Beckett Isaac, (colored), eating house, 523 S 
7th, h 601 Minster 

Beckett Isaac (colored), lab. 224 Currant al 
Beckett James, sawyer, 706 Richmond 
Beckett John, carhirer, 1247 Marlborough 
Beckett Robert, driver, r 756 S 8th 
Beckett Samuel, hotel, 610 Annapolis 
Beckett Thos. A., actor, Beckwith n Catharine 
Beckett Wm., tailor, 706 Richmond 
Becketts Peter, seaman, 11 Griswold's al 
Beckhardt Abraham S, pedler, 1027 Charlotte 
Beckhart Jacob, carpenter, 974 N Delaware av 
Beckhaus, Allgaier & Petry, (Joseph Beckhaus, 
John Allgaier, $ Nicholas Petri/,) coach- 
makers, 1204 Frankford av 
Beckhaus Joseph, coachmaker, 1204 Fkd av, 

h 20 Girard av 
Beckhorn Mary, wid. Garrett, trimmings, 856 S 

Beckinbach Adam, ragpicker, New 3d n Co- 
Beckler Enoch, lager, Oxford c 11th 
Beckler Xavier, brewer, 1117 Oxford 
Beckley Charles, moroccomanuf. 1127 N 3d 
Beckley Edward, lab. 11 Farrier's ct 
Beckley Henry, weaver, N 7th n Montgomery 
Beckley Jacob F., 2021 Winter 
Beckley Jennie, saleswoman, 1123 Vine 
Beckley Nicholas, tailor, 334 Stanley 
Beckman Albert AV., clerk, 1102 N 3d 
Beckman Ann, dry goods, N 2d n Diamond 
Beckman Augustus, brushes, 1205 Girard av 
Beckman Daniel, late shoemr., 1108 Galloway 
Beckman Daniel J., conductor, 1102 N 3d 
Beckman Ellen, wid. John, 1112 Thurlow 
Beckman James, boots, 344 N 3d, h Wager n 

N 6th 
Beckman John, brushmaker, 936 N 7th 
Beckman John, cordwainer, Cadwell n 13th 
Beckman John, shoemaker, 6 Caldwell 
Beckman Joseph, grocer, 313 Cherry 
Beckman Philip, lab. N 5th n Dauphin 
Beckman Thomas J., grocer, 1102 N 3d 
Beckman Wm., planemnker, N 2d n Diamond 
Beckmann Francis, lacemaker, 1510 Cadwala- 

Beckmire Wm., carpenter, Wheat n Wharton 
Beckton Antoin, glassbr., Dauphin n Emerald 
Beckworth William, waterman, rear 8 Brown 
Becraft Alexander, saw mill, rear 428 Walnut, 

h 647 Bankson 
Becroft Geo., blacksmith, 1814 Addison 
Beddiss Charles, foreman, Jackson (Myk) 
Beddow Benjamin, huckster, N 2d n Diamond 
Beddow Jos. W., stonecutter, N 2d n Diamond 
Bedell Wm., dry goods, South c 13th, h N 11th 

n Green 
Bedell Wm., late trimmings, 1102 Wallace 
Bedenk Adam, baker, 910 Filbert 
Bederwolf Peter, cabinetmaker, Diamond n 5th 
Bedford Alexander, (colored), shoemaker, 930 

Bedford Benjamin W., painter, 601 Coates, h 

972 N 5th 
Bedfoi-d Isaac collector, 2303 Callowhill 
Bedford Isaac T,. bricklayer, 211 Pear, h 321 

Bedford Nicholas, lab. Reed n S Front 
Bedford Thomas (colored), laborer, Metcalf n 

Jules Hauel h Co., Importers, and the 



Bedford Wm. (colored), waiter, 805 Emeline 
Bedford Wm. A., clothdresser, fCrescentville) 
Bedford Wm. G., collector, 2303 Callowhill 
Bedicher John, weaver, Cresson (Myk) 
BEDLOCK & PASCHALL, (Edward Bedlock, 
4" Robert S. Paschall), conveyancers, 715 
Bedlock Edward, conveyancer, 715 Walnut, h 

Tulpehocken (Gtn) 
Bedlock Hannah, wid. Wm. J., 1633 Race 
Bedloe James N., clerk, 1105 Galloway 
Beebe Ann, wid. Lewis, 1403 Mervine 
Beebe John, weaver, Harrison's al (Myk) 
Beech Mary, wid. Ralph B., school, 1502 Poplar 
Beecham Michael L., ship chandler, also dealer 
in old Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc, 
Rope, Canvass, Rags, also Blocks & Ri 
ging of all kinds to hire out, 148 N Water 
Beecher Fritz, painter, (Bustleton) 
Beecher Samuel F., salesman, 205 N 4th 
Beechey Alfred B., agent, 1361 Montg'ery av 
Beechey Obadiah, 1361 Montgomery av 
Beechman Francis, shoemaker, 1348 N 2d 
Beechman Patrick, farmer, 1530 Cadwalader 
Beef & Mutton Tallow Association, (Wm. 

Keichline, prest.,) Hamilton ab 15th 
Beeh John, baker, 631 Hermitage 
Beehler Catharine, wid. Tobias, 536 Marshall 
Beehler Michael, carpenter, rear 834 St John 
Beek Albert G., real estate, 678 N 13th 
Beeken Carl, M. D., 411 Wood 
Beekley Nathan S., accountant, Market n N 

40th (W P) 
Beeler Charles H., late coals, 1014 Swanson 
Beeler Charles H., wood engraver, 411 S 18th 
Beeler Francis, barber, 755 Jessup n Fitzwater 
Beeler Jacob, shoemaker, Brown ab Norris 
Beelers Charles, inspector, 1332 Ellsworth 
Been David, farmer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Been Henry, carpenter, Ridge av (Rox) 
Been Jacob, farmer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Been James, baker, N 2d c Master 
Beenken Daniel, grocer, 411 Callowhill, h 721 

Beenken John, jr., grocer, 938 Kurtz 
Beepus Christian, mason, Tackawanna n Ox- 
ford (Fkd) 
Beer John, milliner, 731 South 
Beer Martin, mattresses, 967 Warnock 
Beerer Franklin T., inspector, r 307 Noble 
Beerer John, tailor, 1308 Germantown av 
Beerbrewer Francis, butcher, 50 N 2d St Mar- 
ket, h 1149 N 3d 
Beerhalter Moritz, musician, 708 N 2d 
Beerhaul Simon, moroc. dr. 1 Colchester pi 
Beerly Mary, wid. Jacob, r 125 Dana 
Beers Amelia, wid. James B., boarding, 423 

Beers Andrew, tinner, 901 Ontario 
Beers David, painter, 903 Ogden 
Beers John, tinsmith, 918 Wharton 
Beers Rachel, nurse, 613 Carpenter 
Beers William, painter, 1635 Moravian 
Beers William A., oil & grease, 22d c Cherry 

& 22 S Water, h 117 Freidlander 
Bees John, blacksmith, r 533 Vincent 
Beesenbecck Rudolph, carriage trimmer, 249 
Girard av 

cer, 436 Walnut, h N W 10th & Arch ' 
Beesley Edward, shoe maker, 14 N 12th 
Beesley Jacob, pattern maker, 1114 Ogden 
Beesley James, shoe maker, 14 N 12th 
Beesley Mary A., huckster, 46 Franklin Market 

h 37 S 15th 
Beesley Theophilus E., M.D., N W 10th 8c 

Beesley Thomas, shoe maker, 12 N 14th 
Beesley William, coffee dealer, Shippen Mar- 
ket, h 720 Moss 
Beesly Henry, shoemaker, 511 Washington 

Beeson Hannah, wid. Gregg, seamstress, 17 

Beeth Robert, weaver, 1233 Fulton 
Beetz Jacob, liquors, 1400 N 5th 
Beeves Thomas, weaver, 1428 N 2d 
Bee?. John, baker, 1131 N 2d 
Beggardt Isaac, boarding, 239 Race 
Beggs John, blacksmith, 555 New Market 
Beggs John, brakesman, 1046 Market 
Beggs Joseph, Rev., Ridge av (Rox) 
Beggs William, wheelwright, 555 New Market 
Begher Michael, provisions, 219 S 16th 
Begley & Wood, (Charles T. Begley <$■ Harry 

H. Wood,) painters, 155 Dock 
Begley Bridget, Azalia n N 15th 
Begley Charles T., painter, 155 Dock, h 1316 

S 13th 
Begley Henry, tailor, 908 Manilla 
Begley James, laborer, (Crescentville) 
Begley Michael, rags, 624 Swanson 
Begley Samuel, grocer, 1300 S 13th 
Begley Thomas, last maker, 620 Paul 
Begley Thomas S., cloths, 4 N 2d, h 242 Cath- 
Begley William, liquors, 823 Christian 
Beglin John, laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Beheir Peter, locksmith, 1105 N 3d 
Behler John, waiter, 716 New Market 
Behler William, butcher, 1519 Mascher 
Behling Yorick, ragman, 1216 Leithgovv 
BEHM & CRAIG, (William Behm % James 

Craig,) hotel, 831 Market 
Behm Wilhelm, hotel, 831 Market 
Behmke John, carman, 1675 S Front 
Behr Augustus, frame maker, 1539 Lawrence 
Behring Casper H., 1014 Ogden 
Behringer Jacob, tailor, 419 Wood 
Beichert Frederick, saddler, 603, h 604 N 3d 
BEIDELMAN & HAY WARD, (Daniel Beidel- 
man $ Arthur Hayward,) grocers, 703 
Beidelman Daniel, grocer, 703 Market, h 1015 

Beidelman J. Wilmer, clerk, 703 Market, h 

1015 Green 
Beideman Casper, trader, 39 N 2d St Market, 

h Pea Shore N J 
Beideman Daniel, 209 Vine 
Beideman Jacob, gardener, N 408 Culvert 
Beidenmiller John, butcher, r 1062 Lawrence 
Beidinger John, tailor, 256 Oxford 
Beidleman Charles, 516 N 10th 
Beidleman Chasrles J., paper hanger, 516 N 

Oldest Manufacturers of Perfumery in the United States. 




Beidler Israel, farmer, 255 Sp Garden Market, 

h ii (Howelville) 
Beidler James, grocer, 821 Gtn av 
Beidler M., hotel, 116 N 2d 
Beidman Richard S., ship carpenter, 126 Allen 
Beidler Samuel, clerk, Gin av c Dauphin 
Beierlein Adolphe, cabinet maker, h Silma pi 

Beierlein Henry, metal spinner, 1419 Stiles 
Beig-dold Henry, baker, Otter n Front 
Beil Karl, cabinet maker, r 1019 Nectarine 
Bein Augustus, piano maker, 1205 S 5th 
Beine Charles L., contractor, 629 Master 
Beine Mary Ann, dry goods, 629 Master 
Beine William, liquors, 1134 Girard av, h 629 

Beinhart Charles, clerk, 1109 Brown 
Beinlich Francis, miller, 659 N 13th 
Beirmaas William, baker, 1222 Parrish 
Beirn Michael, bar keeper, 115 S 11th, h 1231 

Beirna James, shoe maker, 709 Beach 
Beirna Patrick, shoe maker, 709 Beach 
Beisel Fred. V„ 415 Commerce, h712 Chestnut 
Beisel James, clerk, 223 N Juniper 
Beisel Peter, liquors, 231 Callowhill 
Beishlag Geo., butch. Darbv rd n S 36th (W P) 
Beishlag Thos., butcher, miller n N 40th ( W P) 
Beisser Lewis, baker, 1524 Race 
Beister John, ("colored,) teamster, Meadow near 

Hedge (Fkd) 
Beiswanger Jacob, butcher, Lancaster av c Lo- 
gan (W P) 
Beitchel Frederick, tailor, 1213 Ridge av 
Beitel George J., confectioner, 152 N 8th 
Beitel George AV., painter, 909 Hutchinson 
Beitel James L., skin dresser, 909 Hutchinson 
Beitel Johann, carman, Oak ab S 31st (W P) 
Beitel John H., turner, 152 N 8th 
Beitler Abram, 1509 Filbert 
Beitler Augustus, shoe maker, 1 Bowery pi 
Beitler David, alderman, 34 S 7th 
BEITLER DANIEL B., hotel, 1619 Market 
Beitler Frederick, baker, 1720 St. Joseph's av 
Beitler Jos., coal, 240 N Broad, h 1509 Filbert 
Beitzler Leonard, tailor, 526 Thompson 
Bekel Jacob, blacksmith, 815 Lawrence 
Belair Lewis D., 332 Coates 
Betch Mary, 1015 Sargeant 
Belcher Clias. A., laborer, 3 Craig's av 
Belcher Elizabeth, wid. Joseph, 1205 Green 
Belcher Joseph, laborer, Sellers n Front (Fkd) 
Belcher Saml., lab. Willow n Harrison (Fkd) 
Belcher William, packer, r 949 New Market 
Beldon Joseph, truck, stalls 2 & 4 Pine St Mkt, 

h 1837 Spruce 
Belfield Cynthia, wid. Henry, tailr's, 1128 Wood 
Belfield Henry brass founder, Broad n Noble, 

h 621 N 12th 
BELFIELD HENRY & CO., (Justice Cox,) 

brass founders, N Broad ab Noble 
Belford George, coal, 136 Walnut & 771 Swan- 
son, h (Mauch Chunk 
Belford James, plumber, 918 Randolph 
Belger Edward A., acct., 1120 Spring Garden 
Belger John, carpenter, r 1413 Mifflin 
Belie Walter, agent, 730 Chestnut 
T. lknap Elizabeth, wid. Stephen, 913 Mellon 

Belknap Stephen H., manf. jewelry, 910 Coates, 

h 913 Mellon 
Belknap Willis H., clerk, 246 Market, h 517 

Bell Aaron, (col'd,) whitewashes 1530 Carlton 
Bell Abram, sexton, 1 Beckel av 
Bell Adel, (colored,) 7 Levden's ct 
Bell Adolf, carver, S 38th c Irving (W P) 
Bell Alexander, carpenter, 1908 Wilcox 
Bell Alexander, laborer, 340 Dugan 
Bell Alexander, provisions, 2028 Coates 
Bell Alex. M., (col'd,) whitewr., 1622 Mervine 
Bell Alexander W., milk, 161 N 9th 
Bell & Read, (Emily Bell cy Alexander Read,) 

pawnbrokers, S 8th c Fitzwater 
Bell Andrew J., tobacconist, 508 Poplar 
Bell Ann, widow William, Fisher n S 7th 
iBell Arthur, hats, 1438 Germantown av 
Bell Benjamin, (colored,) waiter, 828 Shippen 
;Bell Caleb, (colored,) porter r 732 Cullen 
Bell Charles E., carpenter, Malcolm pi n Ger- 
mantown av 
Bell Charles AV., clerk, 727 Chestnut, h 1002 

S Front 
Bell Daniel, police, 610 Cresson 
Bell David H., cabinetmaker, 1630 Barker 
Bell Edward, late flour, 2221 Coates 
Bell Elijah, wheelwt., 144 Dock, h 115 Almond 
Bell Ellen, widow, 1216 Fitzwater 
Bell Ellen, widow William, r 2015 Naudain 
Bell Emily, widow, pawnbr., S 8th c Fitzwater 
Bell Ephraim, (colored,) barber, 534 Buckley 
Bell Francis, collector, 1803 Lombard 
Bell Fk. B., salesman, 531 Market, h 867 N 7th 
Bell George, clerk, 1814 Pennsylvania av 
Bell George, druggist, 1301 Market 
Bell Harry, (colored,) cook, 534 Buckley 
Bell Henry F., painter, Adrian n Master 
Bell Isaac, carpenter, 1902 Naudain 
Bell Isaiah, driver, 303 N 20th 
Bell James, 1 Ashton pi 
Bell James, blacksmith, 601 N 25th 
Bell James, bootfitter, Peters n S 12th 
Bell James, coachman, School House la 
Bell James, conductor, 514 S 22d 
Bell James, diy goods, 2000 Callowhill 
Bell James, farmer, 60 Callowhill st market, h 

(Camden Co, N J) 
Bell James, farmer, N 40th n Market 
Bell James, gardener, Oak n S 36th (AV P) 
Bell James, laborer, James (F Schyl) 
;Bell James, laborer, 2108 Fairfield 
Bell James, late carpet, 1345 N Front 
Bell James, sexton, 5 Queen av r 336 Queen 
iBell James weaver, Blair n Otis 
Bell James E., clerk, h (Beverly) 
Bell James L., clerk, 268 S 16th 
, Bell James S., plasterer, 1504 S 3d 
Bell James AV., carpenter, 830 Lombard 
Bell John, cartman, 3 Sabine pi 
Bell John, clerk, 1735 Burton 
Bell John, collector, 1135 Lombard 
Bell John, drover, 1738 Christian 
Bell John, laborer, 1014 Montgomery av 
Bell John, M. D., 727 Spruce 
Bell John, sawmaker, Columbia n Americap 
Bell John, shoemaker, 743 S 4th 
Bell John, weaver, r 2015 Naudain 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of AVatches and Jewelry 




Bell John, weaver, Norris n Mascher :Bell William, carpenter, 1914 Lombard 

Bell John, farmer, 333 Spring- Garden St Mkt,|Bell William, dyer, 1233 Shippen 

h (Chester) 
Bell John, laborer, Adams n Sellers (Fled) 
Bell John A., clerk, 37th c Sansom (WP) 
Bell John A., clerk, S 37th c York (AV P> 
Bell John B., student, 264 S 10th 
Bell John M., (colored,) tailor, 710 Lisle 

! Bell William, laborer, r 1828 Barker 

JBell William, laborer, 1619 Richard 

Bell William, laborer, 2045 Wood 

I Bell William, paper maker, Washington (Myk) 

J Bell William, photographer, 1137 S 9th 

|Bell William, shoe maker, 1133 Galloway 

Bell Jno. P., broker, 314^ Walnut, h 632 N 17th [Bell William, weaver, Norris n Front 

Bell John T., 1115 Girard 

Bell John W., 1119 Hamilton 

Bell John AV., coach painter, 1234 Girard av 

Bell Jonathan, moulder, 1211 Oxford 

Bell Jonathan, trim'gs, 2221 Coates, h (W marsh) 

Bell Joseph G., coach maker, 1234 Girard av 

Bell Leonard K., clerk, 145 N 10th 

Bell Levi H., flour, 325 South 

Bell Marg., widow James, candies, 708 Lindsay 

Bell Mary, wid. John, trimmings, 1251 N 16th 

Bell Mary Ann, (col'd,) house keeper, 1320 

Bell Mary A., millinery, 1234 Girard av 
Bell Mary H, widow Henry, 111 Queen 
Bell Matthew, 7 Bunting av 
Bell Patrick, laborer, r 1516 Pearl 
Bell Richard, bricklayer, r 1037 Crease 
Bell Richard, clerk, 867 N 7th 
Bell Robert, clerk, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Robert, book kr.,410 Brown, h 109 Coates 
Bell Robert, bricklayer, Charter n Trenton av 
Bell Robert, liquors, 2042 Lombard 
Bell Robert, machinist, School (Bdg) 
Bell Robert, waiter, 730 Espy 
Bell Robert, weaver, Amber n Otis 
Bell Robert B., furniture, 526 Callowhill, 1 

520 N 10th 
Bsll Samuel, butcher, E Rittenhouse 
Bell Samuel, cartman, 3 Sabine pi 
Bell Samuel, clerk, 1938 Lombard 
Bell Sam)., flour, 538 N 2d, h Mt Ephraim, N J 
Bell Samuel, printer, 1609 Winter 
Bell Samuel, jr., com. mer., 108 S Delaware av 

h 268 S 16th 
Bell Samuel S., carpenter, 1630 Barker 
BELL SAMUEL T. C, wholesale & retail bed 

Bell William, (col'd,) bricklayer, r 718 Minster 
Bell William A , carpenter, Summer (Rox) 
Bell William A., variety, Main n Cotton (Myk), 

h at Roxborough 
Bell William A., watchcase mkr., 312 Catharine 
Bell William H., carpenter, 1 Greble pi r 219 


Bell W T iiliam M., tobacconist, 704 S 3d 
Bell William W., reporter, 1103 Carlton 
Bell AV. D wight, iron, 206 N Delaware av & 

207 N Water, h Arch c 11th 
BELLAK JAMES, pianos, 279 & 281 S 5th 
Bellangee Benjamin, bricklayer, 414 Green 
Bellangee Benj., waterm., Freytagal n Bedford 
Bellangee Isaac, bricklayer, 414 Green 
Bellass Mary A., widow James, 156 N 15th 
Bellas Thomas, merchant, 1805 Arch 
Bellemere William P., machinist, 1414 Parrish 
Bellerjeau Henry, clerk, 416 Crown 
Bellerjeau Jacob B., brushmaker, 1305 N 2d 
Bellerjeau Jannette, variety, 1305 N 2d 
Bellerjeau John, clerk, 416 Crown 
Bellerjeau Susan, dry goods, 942 Beach 
Belle w James, clerk, h Black Horse Hotel 
Bellew James, laborer, 2508 Pine 
Beilew John, laborer, Willow n Lombard 
Bellew Peter J., auctioneer, h Black Horse hot 
Belli Dominico, figures, 920 Hutchinson 
Belli Fortunato, figures, 920 Hutchinson 
Belling And' ew, comb maker, Columbia av c 

Belling Godfrey N., plasterer, 1444 Hutchinson 
Belling Hannah, widow Andw., boarding, 1250 

Bellingham Elizabeth, widow" Thos., boarding, 

1803 Lombard 

& feather store, 329 Callowhill & 401 N Bellis Henry, stair builder, 507 Powell 

4th, h 605 Marshall 
Bell Samuel AV., teller, 527 Pine 
Bell Sarah, widow, grocery, 1902 Market 
Bell Sarah, widow Alexander, Germantown av 

n Franklin (Gtn) 
Bell Sterling, merchant, 108 S Delaware av, h 

268 S 16th 
Bell Thomas, stock & bill bro., 302 Walnut, h 

311 S 15th 
Bell Thomas, carpenter, Germantown av n 

Haney (Gnt) 
Bell Thomas, dealer, 66 Shippen st market, h 

702 S 4th 
Bell Thomas, grocer, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Thomas, late drugs, Manheim (Gtn) 
Bell Thos., liquors, 641 Catharine, h 848 S 2d 
Bell Thomas, (col'd,) upholsterer, 255 Schell 
Bell Thomas F., auctioneer, 908 A.rch 
Bell Thomas F., (col'd,) waiter, Tenor pi 
Bell Thomas H., waterman, 1314 S 6th 
Bell Thos. M., painter, 5 Queen av r 336 Queen 
Bell AVilliam, bricklayer, Ridge av c N 21st 

Bellman Charles, candy' manuf., 608 S 3d 
Bellows Andrew J., clerk, Marshall c Green 
Bellows Martin, boot manuf., 413 Commerce, h 

722 N 8th ' 
Bellows Thomas, 807 N 7th 
Bellows William K., segars, 605 Green 
Bellwoar Frank, laborer, 2052 Cuthbert 
Belrose & AA'illiamson, (Frank M. Belrose 4' 

John H. Williamson,) painters, 116 N 16th 
Beh'ose Francis M., painter, 116 N 16th, h 148 

N 20th 
Belrose John, clerk, 1211 Catharine 
BELROSE LOUIS, manufac. paper hangings, 

628 Chestnut 
Belrose Sarah A., widow John, 148 N 20th 
Belrose Thomas, paper hanger, Powelton av n 

N 42d (AV P) 
Belser Gabriel, laborer, Fawn n Montgomery 
Belshaw John, carpenter, Naudain n 21st 
Belshaw Richard, laborer, Bedford n 19th 
Belshaw AA 7 illiam, brick maker, 1813 South 
Belsher James, laborer. Treaty av n N 7i\\ 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Belsing-er Lazarus, clerk, 460 N 2d 

Bclsin'gcr Philip, dry goods, 460 N 2d, h 870 

N 5th 
Belson Richard W., pattern maker, 1301 N 1 6th 
Belsterling Henry, cooper, 102 Coates 
Belsterling John F., atty. & coun., 492 N 3d 
Belsterling - John J., police, Jackson (Myk) 
Belsterling' William, engineer, 102 Coates 
Belt Richard, M. D., 1328 Columbia av 
Beltz John, laborer, Salmon (Bdg) 
Beltz Peter, saloon, 1109 Ridge av 
Belville James, driver, Ridge av c Girard av 
Belville Thomas, bricklayer, 556 N 17th 
Belz Albert, liquors, 243 N 3d 
Belz Leonard, tailor, 4 Colchester pi 
Belzer Adam, glass blower, 1239 Columbia av 
Belzer Frederick, engineer, Amber n York 
Belzer Henry, laborer, 1239 Columbia av 
Belzer Philip, liquors, N 11th c Cherry 
BEMENT & DOUGHERTY, {William B. Be- 
ment ^- Jas. Dougherty,) machinists' tools, 
2029 Callowhill 
Bement William B., machinists' tools, 2029 Cal- 
lowhill, h 1818 Green 
Bemer John C, gardener (Feltonville) 
Bemis Franklin A., shoe maker, 815 Leonard 
Bemis John, cordwainer, r 822 Rachel 
Bemler John, drayman, 414 Jefferson 
Benade William H., Rev., 607 N 16th 
Bence Jacob, carman, r Adrian n Thompson 
Bench Sarah E., wid. John, Frankford av n 

Bencket Conrad, shoemaker, 940 S Front 
Benckert David H., machinist, Lancaster n N 

N 36th (W P) 
Benckert Elizabeth, dressmaker, 131 Almond 
Benckert Georg'e F., shoemaker, 131 Almond 
Benckert Jacob, oysterman, r 905 S 5th 
Benckert James M., police, Fisher n S 6th 
Benckert John, boot crimper, 432 .Magnolia 
Benckert Robert, plasterer, 2 Haughton pi 
Benckert William, boilermakcr, 219 Jarvis 
Benckert William H., shoemaker, 131 Almond 
Benckler Frederick, tinsmith, Master n N 11th 
Benda Frederick A., trimmings, 223 Race 
Bendel Charles, tailor, 1434 N 4th 
Bendel Christian, tailor., 1434 N 4th 
Bendell James, weaver, S 22d n Spruce 
Bender Achsah, wid. John, 1218 Myrtle 
Bender Andrew N., cabinetmaker, r 130 Mead 
Bender August, stonecutter, 1734 Coates 
BENDER CHARLES W., jr., hotel, 229 Dock 
Bender Conrad, tailor, 417 Juliana 
Bender David, shoe mr., Nicetown la n N 22d 
Bender Edward, lumber, N 8th, c Gerard av, 

h 1200 N 6th 
Bender Edwin, carpenter, 993 N 6th 
Bender, Edwin &. Co., (Edwin Bender, Steven 

B. Poulterer,) lumber, N 8th c Girard av 
Bender Enos, laborer (Piitville) 
Bender Frederick, confectioner, 1734 Coates 
Bender George, cabinet maker, 623 Annapolis 
Bender George, cooper, Germantown av (Nice- 
Bender George, box maker, 221 Noble 
Bender George C, flour & meal, 247 & 249 

Franklin market, h 23 Annapolis 
Bender Godfrev W., shoe maker, 1345 N 11th 

Bender Henry, carpenter, 178 America 

Bender Henry, sadler, r 153 Master 

Bender Henry, weaver, Whiteman ct, r 1247 

N Front 
Bender Jacob, shoemaker, 1315 Lawrence 
Bender Jacob, tailor, Laurel n Front 
Bender James W., conductor, 1243 Poplar 
Bender John, Boatman, 503 Richmond 
Render John, carp., Germantown av (Nicetown) 
Bender John, grocer, Germantown av n Chat- 
Bender John, liquors, 3d c Washington av 
Bender John, ship builder, 219 Allen 
Bender John L., segars, 1218 Germantown av 
Bender Leonard, blacksmith, 526 Cherry 
Bender Matilda, wid. Charles W., 140 N 20th 
Bender Phillip, butcher, r Sorrel, N Bath (R) 
Bender Robert P., dept. sheriff', 10 State house 

row, h 1202 Citron 
Bender Sophia, wid. John A., 927 Charlotte 
Bender Thomas, restaurant, 250 Chestnut 
Bender Thomas H., spade maker, Fraily's al n 

Bender William, plasterer, Germantown av 

Bender William F., druggist, 830 N 19th 
Bender W H., M.D., N 3d n Oxford 
Bender Zachariah, shoe mr., 915 Buttonwood 
Bendle Gottleib, liquors, 1246 N 4th 
Bendolph Frank, weaver, Cotton (Myk) 
Benedict Jacob, driver, r 219 Vaughn 
Benedict Christian, barber, 702 Belgrade 
Benedict John, police, 1314 Wood 
Benedict John, shoemaker, 9 Dilk's ct 
Benedict John A., saddler, r 219 Vaughn 
Benedict William S., carriage agent, La Pierre 

house, h 819 S 10th 

1205 Chesnut 
Beneke Charles H., dry goods, 9 Bank, h n 

Benerman Michael F., printer, N 7th c Cherry, 

h Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Benerman Spencer, printer, 1076 Gtn av 
Beners John H., confectioner, 1511 Raee 
Benesole Charles, dentist, 1243 Coates 
Beneson Joseph, paper stainer, 1813 South 
Benezet John S., 1636 Cherry 
Benfer Cornelius C, Marshall c Poplar 
Benfer John, tailor, 614 Poplar 
Benfer J. C, 108 Coates 
Benfer, Joseph, laborer, 1640 Thompson 
Bengen Helen, wid. of Francis W., Haywood pi 

n Hamilton 
Bengert John, turner, Apple n Oxford 
Benhart Sophia, nurse, r 911 Noble 
Beninghove Jacob F., carp., 1029 Moya. av 
Benjamin David, segar maker, 817 Yhost 
Benjamin Jacob, Jacob, brushmaker, 769 S 

Benjamin Middleton T., mldr., Pear n Paxon 

Benjamin Theodore, tinsmith, 309 N 21st 
Benjamin Wm. A., coal, 604 Race, h 959 Ran- 
BENKERT C, boots, shoes, &c, 48 S 4th. h 

219 N 6th 
Benkert Conrad, tailor, 414 Worth 

Jules Hauel & Co., Manufacturers of Cosmetics, 




Benkert George F., clerk, 219 N 6th |Benner William, brick maker, 817 S 10th 

Benkert Georare F., music teacher, 521 Cherry jBenner William, shoes, Gtn av n Walnut (Gtn)' 

BENKERT LEONARD, boots, 633 Chestnut 
Benkert Leonard, shoemaker, 1328 Tyler 
Benkert Mathew, cigar maker, 1026 Moya. av 
Benkert Philip C„ book keeper, 1110 Coates 
Benkert W. J., clerk, 219 N 6th 
Benkey Julia, widow Chasrles A., nurse, 2426 

Benn James, collector, 339 Christian 
Bennage William D., clerk, 825 N 7th 
Bennard Alexander, (col'd,) waiter, 516 S 6th 
Bennentyne Robert, tailor, 523 S Juniper 
Benner Aaron, laborer, 1019 St. John 
Benner Absalom, wheelwt., N 7th n Dauphin 
Benner Albert G., blacksmith, 1918 Penna. av 
Benner Allen R., sain, 333 Market, h 505 S 9th 
Benner & Bro., (Charles S. and J. H. N.,) groc, 

Market c 34th (W P) 
Benner & Dowling, (Andrew Benner, John 

Bowling,") stables, 1011 S Broad 
Benner A., stables, 1011 S Broad, h 222 S 15th 
Benner Benjamin J., cooper, 924 S 5th 
Benner Charles, driver, 220 Vaughn 
Benner Charles, plumber, 1335 Columbia av 
Benner Charles D., machinist, 1904 Earp 
Benner Charles S., grocer, Market c S 34th 
Benner Christopher, shoemaker, r 920 N 3d 
Benner Edwin, clerk, 1235 Locust 
Benner Elias, frame maker, 435 George 
Benner Elizabeth, eating house, 723 N 2d 
Benner Enos D., bootmaker, 831 Knox 
Benner Ezekiel, mason, 2211 Virginia 
Benner Fred., s oemaker, New 5th n Dauphin 
Benner George, confectioner, 441 Thompson 
Benner George, driver, 220 Vaughn 
Benner George M., printer, Dauphin c N 29th 
Benner Henry, farmer, Dark Run road 
Benner Henry D., M. D., 841 S 3d 
Benner H. L., pres., S 3d c Walnut, h 841 S 3d 
Benner Isaac, confectioner, 112 Market, h 425 

Benner Issar. P., 204 S 4th, h 2211 Virginia 
Benner J. H. N., grocer, Market c 34th (W P) 
Benner Jacob, r N 6th n Poplar 
Benner Jacob, cabinet maker, 1160 Sites 
Benner Jacob, currier, 963 Leithgow 
Benner James C, carman, 1106 Crease 
Benner Jesse, hotel, Gtn av. n Herman (Gtn) 
Benner John, brickmaker, 1235 Locust 
Benner John, 5 Ralston 
Benner John, hotel, 707 N 13th 
Benner Joseph, blacksmith, r 971 Beach 
Benner Louis, laborer, 1843 Ginnodo 
Benner Margaret, 1019 St John 
Benner Mai-y, wid. Henry, 957 Randolph 
Benner Matthias, machinist, 1235 Locust 
Benner Milton, flour, N 2d c Montgomery, h N 

2d n Columbia av 
Benner Ol., hlacksh., Bristol Tp. (Hollinsville) 
Benner Oliver, driver, Parrish n West 
Benner Peter, agent, 9 Boyd's ct 
Benner Samuel, collector, 1321 Christian 
Benner Samuel T., machinist, 1235 Locust 
Benner Sarah, dry goods, 924 S 5th 
Benner S., wid. Jacob, washing, 816 Stewart 
Benner Thomas, laborer, 787 Gnt av 
Benner Thomas N., printer, Carlton n Burr's av 

Benner William, jr., shoemaker, Gtn 

Walnut (Gtu) 
Benner William S., hostler, York ab S 37th 

• (W P) 
Benners & Brother, (John D. $■ Isaac B.) fruits, 

118 S Delaware av 
Benners Charles H., mer., 118 S Delaware av, 

h Marshall n Wood 
Benners Gustavus G., stone cutter, 1308 Girard 

h 10th n Coates 
Benners G. W., glass, 27 S Front, h 1010 N 5th 
Benners Henry B., clerk, 238 Chestnut, h 728 
snners Henry B., glass, 27 S Front, h 1716 
Benners Henry B. & James M. & Co., (Henry 
B. Benners, James M. Benners, $ G. W. 
Benners) glassworks, 27 S Front 
Benners H. B., jr., clerk, 238 Chestnut, h Green 

c Lorian 
Benners Isaac B., fruits, 118 S Del av, h 123 

N 20th 
Benners Jacob, machinist, 1911 Brandywine 
Benners James, 836 N Broad 
Benners Jas. M., glass, 27 S Front, h 489 N 4th 
Benners John D., mer., 118 S Delav, h Marshall 

n Wood 
Benners William, blacksmith, 1723 Coates 
BENNERS WILLIAM J., com. mer., 210J Wal- 
nut, h 824 N 11th 
Bennet Charles, coachman, 410 Maria 
Bennet Thomas, laborer, r 1412 Cadwalader 
Bennet William, laborer, Bristol rd 
Bennet AVilliam H., photographist, 706 N 18th 
Bennett Abel, fisherman, 1004 Columbia av 
Bennett Albin T., carpenter, 1813 Rhoads 
Bennett Alexander, bricklayer, 423 N 4th 
BENNETT & CO., (Joseph M. Bennett, Charles 
W. Roberts, William M. Roberts, Sf Joseph S. 
Paris) clothiers, 518 Market 
Bennett & Cobb, ( William V. Bennett <$r Joseph 
P. Cobb) Keystone flour mills, 17 & 19 
Girard av 
Bennett Andrew, rigger, r 810 Swanson 
Bennett Ann, (colored) wid. of James, washer- 
woman, r 608 Richmond 
Bennett A. L., real estate, 922 N 8th 
Bennett A. M., fancy goods, 20 N 8th 
Bennett Bennett, shoemaker, r 1059 Gnt av 
Bennett Catharine, wid. of Wm., 317 Richmond 
Bennett Charles, car driver, Lancaster av n 

Pascot, Hestonville (W P) 
Bennett Charles, vinegar, 512 Mercury 
Bennett Charles L., clothier, 518 Market, h S 

2d n Spruce 
Bennett Charles V., clerk, 1259 Nagle 
Bennett David, fisherman, 1116 Vienna 
Bennett David, huckster, Cumberland n N Front 
Bennett David, (colored) carman, Edgemont n 

Allegheny av 
Bennett David R., bar tender, Montgomery c 

N Front 
Bennett David S., jeweler, 839 Sutherland 
Bennett David V., grocer, Bustleton rd 
Bennett Edward, Shoemaker's la (Gtn) 
Bennett Edward, weaver, Bodine nMontgomery 

Truns Balls, Shaving Soap, Liquid Hair Dye, &c. 




Bennett Edward, weaver. 150 Bodine 

Bennett Edward A., trimmings, 11 N 4th, h 

640 N 11th 
Bennett Elizabeth, wid. of Purncll, seamstress, 

7 Placide pi, r 842 S 2d 
Bennett Francis, author, 13 N 11th 
Bennett George, police, 319 N 24th 
Bennett George, provision, 441 Girard av 

Bennett Sarah (col'd) wid. Edward, washer., 

206 Manship 
Bennett Simon, flour and feed, 1612 Frankford 

av, h 1608 Frankford av 
Bennett Stephen D., printer, 707 Dickerson 
Bennett Sylvester, moulder, Red Lion hotel 
Bennett Thomas, carpenter, 3 Rodman's pi 
Bennett Thomas, laborer, 1919 Naudain 

Bennett George, (colored) seaman, Metcalf n Bennett Timothy,.tailor, r 230 N 4th 

Shippen Bennett Victoria, (col'd) seamstress, Cross al 

Bennett George, shoemaker, (Olney) Bennett Win., clerk, 1223 Myrtle 

Bennett George A., bootmaker, 1143 N 6th Bennett Win, grocer, 1330 Pearl 
Bennett George W, carter, 1019 Marlborough Bennett Wm., laborer, Gtn av n Price (Gtn) 
Bennett Grace, widow of John, 12 Wilson * Bennett Wm., painter, 1025 Mt Vernon 
Bennett Helen E., widow of Reuben, 1230 Bennett Wm., painter, 424 Richmond 

Bennett Henry, seaman, 12 Wilson 
Bennett Henry K., clerk, 36 S Front 
Bennett Hiram, dealer, 1923 Market 
Bennett Hiram, shoemaker, 412 Stockton 
Bennett Howard, driver, r 1059 Gtn av 
Bennett Jacob, brick maker, 1549 Montgo- 
mery av 
Bennett Jacob, fisherman, 620 Richmond 
Bennett Jacob, jeweler, 326 Chestnut, h 137 

S 5th 
Bennett Jacob G., fish, 1110 Palmer 
Bennett James, blacksmith, 2039 Wood 
Bennett James, brickmaker, Bridge (Bdg) 
Bennett James, engineer, Little John n Brandy- 
Bennett James, liquors, 13 Callowhill 
Bennett James R., carpenter, 312 Clark 
Bennett Jeremiah, pilot, 308 Catharine 
Bennett John, gilder, 307 N 5th 
Bennett John, huckster, Mascher c Oxford 
Bennett John, laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Bennett John, shoe findings, 256 Girard av 
Bennett John F., salesman, 529 Market 

Bennett Wm., printer, 856 S Front 
Bennett Wm. P., carpenter, 164 Girard av 
Bennett Wm. H., provision, 441 Girard av 
Bennett Wm. Henry & Bro., {George Bennett,) 

provision, 441 Girard av 
Bennett Wm. V., flour, 17 and 19 Girard av, h 

Frankford av c Columbia av 
Benning Edward, laborer, 1912 Filbert 
Benning Wm., fitter, 115 S 8th 
Bennis Charles, laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Bennis George laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Bennis Richard, laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Bennis Sidney, wid. Mitchell, dry goods and 

trimmings Market n 37th (W P) 
Bennison Sam., stone mason, 722 S Broad 
Benoit Charles, machinist, 1716 Callowhill 
Bensell Edmund B., artist, 125 S 11th, h 1524 

Bensell George F., artist, 125 S 11th, h 1524 

Bensenger John, baker, r 640 Andre ss 
.Benson Alex., broker, 6 S 3d, h 1526 Spruce 
BENSON ALEX. & CO., (GustavusS. Benson,) 

bankers, 6 & 8 S 3d 
Bennett John K., jeweler, 7 Placid pi r 842 S 2d; Benson Alex., jr., banker, 15 S3d, h 1526 Spruce 
Bennett John R., salesman, 521 Market, h 1019 Benson Charles, painter, 721 Market 

Mt Vernon Benson Charles M., Gtn av n Sharpnack (Gtn) 

Bennett Joseph, diamond cutter, 1316 Myrtle j Benson Edward, 1526 Spruce 
Bennett Joseph, grocer, 921 Marlborough Benson Elizabeth, (col'd) widow George, r 1311 

Bennett Joseph M., clothier, 518 Market, h S| Shippen 

2d c Dock 
Bennett Lawrence, rigger, 12 Wilson 
Bennett Lewis, blacksmith, 833 Leonard 
Bennett M., fisherman, r 1034 Vienna 
Bennett Marg. widow Henry, tailoress, 1105 

Moyamensing av 
Bennett Marth., (col'd) herbs & syrup, 405 S 7th 
Bennett Martin X., 332 S 17th 
Bennett Michael, carpenter, 207 Jefferson 
Bennett Nathan, laborer, 314 N 15th 
Bennett N. O.. watchmaker, 504 Race 
Bennett Patrick, shoemaker, 513 S 18th 
Bennett Peter, (col'd) laborer, 2 Gonsha al 
Bennett Phebe, nurse, r 944 Otsego 

Benson Ellmore, (col'd) waiter, 240 Brogan 
Benson George, rigger, 106 Shippen 
Benson George E., clerk, 1515 Spruce 
Benson Gustavus A., merchant, 512 Market, h 

116 S Front 
Benson Gust. S., banker, 6 S 3d, h 1515 Spruce 
Benson Hepburn S., Ashland House, 707 Arch 
Benson Isaac S.. machinist, 227 N 16th 
Benson Jane, (col'd) eating house, 518 S 7th 
Benson John, (col'd) barber, 510 Jefferson 
Benson John, blacksmith, Pearl n N 23d 
Benson John, carpenter, Keystone House 
i Benson John, laborer, S 16th n Catharine 

Benson John, laborer, 407 N 16th 
Bennett Preston, jeweler, 324 Chestnut, h at Benson John, plasterer, 514 Sylvester 

Massachusetts | Benson John, (col'd) whitewash., 622 Middle al 

Bennett Rachel, trimmings, 164 Girard av IBenson John, jr., (col'd) barber, Jefferson n 

Bennett Richard, jeweler, 12 Wilson Randolph' 

Bennett Robert, brickmaker, 150 Bodine IBenson J. H., (col'd) porter, 236 Prosperous al 

Bennett Robt. C, carpenter, 1004 Marlborough, Benson John R., farmer, Summer (Rox) 

h 318 Richmond Benson Joseph, stone cutter, r 2022 Filbert 

Bennett Robt. H, jewelry, 1113 Market, h 1605JBenson Marg., (col'd) huckster, r 631 St. Mary 

IBenson Mary A., wid. Wm., Washington (Myk) 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 





Benson Philip, (col'd) weigher, 616 Middle al 

Benson Richard, grocer, 1114 Race 

Benson Richard, laborer, Naudain near 23d 

Benson Richard N., 504 Marshall 

Benson Sarah, (colored) domestic, r 505 S 6th 

Benson Sarah, widow of Thomas, 125 Queen 

Benson Stuart, marble mason, Edwin c Ridge 

av, h 2 Edwin 
Benson William, laborer, 2047 Hampton 
Benstee John M., letter carrier, 528 Green 
Bernstein Gustavus, body maker, 942 N 6th 
Benswanger Samuel, millinery, &c, 17 S 2d 
Bentel Catharine, wid. of Israel, 1210 Warnock 
Bentel Israel, bricklayer, 1210 Warnock 
Bentel William, machinist, 211 Race 
Benter Joseph, porter, & Laurel 
Benthall Elizabeth, wid. of John D., 323 S 7th 
Bentley Ann, widow of David, 254 N 3d 
Bentley Benjamin, salesman, 220 & 222 N 3d, 

h Rittenhouse (Gtn) 
Bentley David, coppersmith, 254 N 3d, h 502 

Bentley David & Sons, {David Bentley, jr.,) 

coppersmiths, 254 N 3d 
Bentley David, jr., coppersmith, 254 N 3d, h 

502 Lorain 
Bentley George, shoe maker, 31 Dunton 
Bentley Georg'e W., painter, 10 Diligent av n 

Bentley Henry T., carriage maker, 1533 N 11th 
Bentley Moses, printer, 254 N 3d 
Bentley William, dyer, 1130 N Front 
Bentley William, cooper, 1507 Ridge avenue 
Bently John, patternmaker, 412 M'lllwain 
Bently Sarah, 1501 Locust 
Bently Thomas, liquors, 681 N Broad 
Benton Albert, lumber, rear 1211 S Front 
Benton Albert, jr., clerk, 1211 S Front 
Benton & Brother, (C. C. $ B. T. Benton,) gold 

peucils & jewelry, 409 Chestnut 
Benton B. T., jewelry, 409 Chestnut, h N. York 
Benton C C, jewelry, 409 Chestnut, h N. York 
Benton James, tavern, Howard cor Jefferson, h 

1502 Howard 
Benton John, brass moulder, 1320 Columbia av 
Benton John, (colored) waiter, 907 S 9th 
Benton John, waterman, 727 Guilford 
Benton Stephen, lawyer, 520 Walnut, h 1211 S 

Benton Zedekiah H., 1522 Pine 
Bentrick Charles, stevedore, 1413 S Front 
Bentz & Lutz, (Jacob K. Bentz § Hiram E. 

Lutz,) liquors, 411 N 3d 
Bentz Esther, widow of Jacob, Bowman near 

Evans (Gtn) 
Bentz G., butcher, 5 Liberty market 
Bentz Georg'e, shoe maker, 3d c Washington av 
Bentz Henry, polisher, 813 S 5th 
Bentz Henry K., clerk, 660 N 12th 
Bentz Jacob, liquors, 1013 N 3d 
Bentz Jacob K., liquors, 411 N 3d, h 660 N 12th 
Bentz Joseph, laborer, 1222 Hope 
Bentz Josiah, baker, Bowman av n Evans 


Bentz Louis, carman, Germantown av n Norris 
Bentz Valentine, barber, 617 S 3d 
Bentz Valentine, hotel, 114 Spruce 
Bentzen Nicholas, silver plater, 254 N 5th 

Benvaurd Eug. C, jeweler, 1042 S 5th, h 793 

5 2d 

Benyaurd Eugene C, jr., jeweler, 793 S 2d 
Benyaurd Joseph S., jeweler, 1042 S 5th 
Benz Gotlieb, butcher, Callowhill c N 19th, h 

27th near Girard avenue 
Benz Peter, flour, 1338 Earl 
Benzenhofer, bricklayer, N 3d n Columbia av 
Benzinger George, shoe maker, 931 S 5th 
Benzon Augustus, teacher, 334 Redwood 
Beohringer Adam, baker, 520 Poplar 
Bequer J. R., jean manufacturer, 121 Walnut 

6 canal, Myk 

Berans Thos., laborer, Hew son near West (R) 
Berberich Edward, shoe maker, 216 Thompson 
Berch Frank, butcher, 116 Race St Market, h 

816 Poplar 
Berchman AYilliam, coach painter, 632 Andress 
Berd Rebecca, widow, 1939 Vine 
Berenger Levi, variety, 114 S 2d 
Berens Augustus, music teacher, 510 S 11th 
BERENS BERNARD, M. D., 909 Arch 
Berens Frederick, chemist, 506 Jefferson 
Berens Fritz, porter, 506 Jefferson 
BERENS JOSEPH, M. D., 513 N 6th 
BERESFORD CHAS. W., attorney & counsel- 
lor, 705 Sansom, h 1512 Chestnut 
Beresford Richard, printer, 1 Panama av 
Beresford Robert, printer, 432 Greenwich 
Beresford Robert H., collector, 262 S 10th 
Beresford Wm., clerk, 303 Chestnut, h 802 S 

Berg Gottleib, baker, 517 Girard av 
Berg Hannah C, dressmaker, 118 N 8th 
Berg Henry, tobacconist, 941 Darien 
Berg John, shoemaker, 251 Queen 
Berg Joseph L., clerk, 426 Market, h 707 Pine 
Berg J. F., Rev., 1008 N 6th 
Berg Leon, clothing, 426 & 428 Market, h 707 

BERG, LEON & CO., (Leon Berg, J. V. Wat- 
son, J. A. MP Comas,) clothiers, 426 & 428 
BergWm., boots, 153 S 4th 
Berg Wm. H., cooper, 941 Darien 
Bergan Henry, butcher, 130 Shippen St Market, 

h 410 Shippen 
Bergantz Francis, carpenter, 18 Bulletin 
Bergas Christian, dyer, Broad (Rox) 
BERGDOLL & PSOTTA, (Louis Bergdoll % 
Charles Psotta), lager beer, 508 & 510 
Bergdoll Geo., lager beer, Coates n N 25th 
Bergdoll Louis, brewery, N 29th c Parrish, & 

saloon 508 Vine, h N 29th c Parrish 
Berge Christopher, dealer, 1232 Warnock 
Berge John, shoemaker, 1215 N 2d 
Berge John H., carpenter, 1218 N 6th 
Bergen Daniel, lab. R R (Tacony) 
Bergen Henry, butcher, 410 Shippen 
Bergen Patrick, lab. 2012 Coates 
Bergen Patrick, lab. R R (Tacony) 
Bergen Wm., segarmaker, rear 1225 N 4th 
Bergenstock Daniel, eggs, rear 491 St John 
Bergenstock Thomas, carter, r N 2d n Mont- 
gomery av 
Berger Abraham, cooper, Lehman (Gtn) 
Berger Adolph D., engraver, 537 N Front 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Berger Albert, clerk, 8 N 2d Bergrnann Herman, clerk, 306 New 

Berger & Butz, (Wm. Berger, # Adam Butz), Bergrnann Wm. M., grocer, 843 N 13th 

brooms, &c, 131 N Water Bergrnann Henry A., brewer, Penn av n N 32d, 

Berger Augustus, carpenter, 817 N 15th & 613 St John, & 306 New 

Berger Caroline, basketmr., rear 1413 Mifflin JBERGNER GUSTAVUS, brewer, 239 Dock & 
Berger Charles F., artist, 1018 Wood N 32d n Thompson n 31st, h 251 N 5th 

Berger Charles N., cooper, Creisham lane (Mt Bergner T. W., photograph painter, 1931 Cal- 

Berger Charles S., grocer, Oxford c Mifflin 

Bergnitz John, butcher, Mascher n Jefferson 

Berger Elizabetli, wid. Christian, ragpicker, Bergo Henry, rags, N 5th n Diamond 

William n Trenton av (R) 
Berger Erasmus J., butcher, Main (Hbg) 
Berger Frederick, beer, 1039 Germantown av, 

li 158 Otter 
Berger Geo., baker, 1027 N 2d 

Bergol Gustave, engraver, 122 Thomson 
Bering Thomas G., carver, 410 N 10th 
Beringer Aaron, shoe packer, 818 St John 
Beringer Christopher, porter, 4 Frampton pi 
Beringer Wm., gunsmith, 1216 Leithgow 

Berger Geo., carpenter, Randolph n Waterloo ; Berisford Adam, carter, 1532 Burton 

Berger Geo., cooper, Creisheim la (Mt Airy) 
Berger Geo. R., cooper, Lehman (Gtn) 
Berger Henry, lab. 1215 Alder 
Berger Jacob, willow ware, &c, 31 N 3d, h 812 
N 11th 

Berkelbach A. W., lab. Randolph n York 
Berkelbach David T., milk, 20th n Montgomery 

Berkelbach Wm., millwright, Randolph n Dau- 

Berger Jas., S., dry goods, 720 Market, h 1823 Berkenshaw Geo., clothfinisher, 2318 Sp Garden 

Berkenshaw Wm., carpenter's tools maker, 827 

Berkenstock Francis, hostler, 885 Randolph 
Berkenstock John S., hotel, 601 Girard av 
Berkenstock Nathan, hatter, h 975 N 5th 
Berkenstock Reuben, lab. 1339 N 7th 
Berker Clemmens, combmaker, Bodine n Mont- 
gomery av 
Berkheiser Wm., painter, Melrale n Ann (R) 
Berkheimer Jesse, mason, 1702 Brown 
Berkhimer Michael, tobacconist, Melvale n Ann 
Berkhimer Wm., wheelwht. Dauphin nN 5th 
Berkinbine Geo., clerk, 64 Laurel 
com. mer. 131 N Water, h Man-j Berkley Michael, shoemaker, 815 Auburn 

Berklow Daniel V., painter, r N 2d n York 

N 8th 
Berger John, bootcrimper, 533 Powell 
Berger John, druggist, 403 Maria 
Berger John, lab. Salmon n Geisler (R) 
Berger J. S., mer. 420 Market, h 823 N 8th 
Berger Lewis C, carpenter, 2129 Sharswood 
Berger Lewis C. jr , carpenter, 2129 Sharswood 
Berger Martin, basketmaker, William n "Tren- 

ton av (R) 
Berger Mary, wid. Jonathan, 601 Marshall 
Berger Milton C, clerk, 416 N 3d 
Berger Paul, comedian, 1314 'Wood 
Berger Sabina, N 8th n Montgomery 
Berger Wm 

heim n plank road (Gtn) 
Berger Wm., marble, Germantown av n Tulpe- 

hocken, (Gtn) h Gtn av n Harvey (Gtn) 
Berger Wm. H., butcher, Main (Hbg) 
Bergert Geo., grocer, 942 N 6th 
Berges Jacob, dyer, Amber n Front 
Berges Peter, shoemaker, 609 Wall 
Berghauser Henry, dry goods, 247 Market, h 

1627 Mt Vernon 
Berghauier Jacob, importer, 230 Church al, h 

452 N 7th 
Berghauser Wm., clerk, 1116 Crease 
Bergin Daniel, conductor, 822 S 13th 
Bergin Dennis, lab. Edgemont n Lehigh av 
Bergin Jeremiah, cordwainer, 2 Gaffney's av 
Bergin John, lab. (Falls Schyulkill) 
Bergin John, lab. Ridge av n Alleghany 
Bergin Wm., drayman, 168 N 22d 
Berginham John, carman, Cumberland n Pale- 
Bergmaier Magdalene, huckster, Cumberland n 

Bergmaier Sebastain, tailor, Cumberland i 

Bergman Bernhard, weaver, N Front n Susque 

hanna av 
Bergman Michael, lab. 717 Gaul 
Bergrnann Augustus, frescoepainter, 922 Nassau 
Bergrnann Charles C, acct. 232 Quarry, h 509 

Bergrnann Frederick W., grocer, 907 St John 
Bergrnann Henry, weaver, 129 Girard av 

Berkner Daniel, tailor, r 810 Charlotte 
Berks John, carpenter, 4 Gillingham 
Berks John, grocer, "Willow c N 2d, h 500 N 4th 
Berks J. W., M. D., 8th c Spruce, h 1248 S 


Berks Wm., T., grocer, 500 N4th 
Berlet Philip M., treas. 206 N 4th, h 51 Kressler 
Berlet Wm., drugs, Kesler n Diamond 
Beringer Gustavus, N Front n Dauphin 
Berley F., merchant, 727 Chestnut, h at N Y 
Berman Benjamin, dyer, Clifton n Geisler 

Bermann Augustus, salesman, 108 N 8th 
Bemnas & Brother, (Morris <$• Jacob,) cap manu- 
facturers, 133 N 3d 
Bermas Jacob, caps, 133 N 3d, h 629 Marshall 
Bermas Morris, caps, 133 N 3d, h 427 York 

Bernadou Francis F., mercht., 504 S Delaware 

av, h 121 S 20th 
Bernadou George W., com. mer., 504 S Del. 

av, h 409 S 8th 
Bernadou G. W. & Brother, (G. W. <$• F. F. 

Bernadou,) com. mers., 504 S Delaware av 
Bernadou John, 732 Pine 
Bernadou J. V„ 732 Pine 
Bernard Anthony W., piano keys, N 7th cor 

Bernard Henry, engraver, 523 S Front 
Bernard Joseph, basl/et maker, 630 S Front 
Bernard Mary A., wid John, Main (Myk) 

Jules Hauel & Co., Manufacturers of 




Bernard William, clerk, 1016 Palmer 
Bernardo Mary A., dressmaker, 202 S Winter 
Bernauer Leonard, cooper, 37 N 21st 
Berne Christian, 128 N Front 
Berner W., Ashland House, Arch st 
Bernhard Antonio, cabinetmkr, Oxford n N 5th 
Bernhard John, bookbinder, 302 N 12th 
BERNHARD JOSEPH, bell & brass founder, 

120 N 6th, h 156 N 11th 
Bernhard Joseph, silver plater, r 912 New 

Bernhardt Charles F., fish, 20 Franklin Mai'ket, 

h 131 Van Horn 
Bernhardt Francis, tailor, 244 Spruce 
Bernhardt George A., carman, 848 N 3d 
Bernhardt Jacob, drayman, 1251 Charlotte 
Bernhardt John A., hair dresser, 825 Chestnut, 

h 925 N 4th 
Bernhart David, blacksmith, r 116 Poplar 
Bernheim, Hochstadter & Co., (Simon Bern- 
heim, Lipma?i $■ Charles Hochstadter,) 
clothing, 248 Market 
BERNHEIM M., millinery, 21 S 2d, house 

508 S 4th 
Bernheim Simon, clother, 248 Market, h 335 

Bernheimer Joseph, druggist, 914 Charlotte 
Bernheimer Lazarus, dry goods, 914 Char- 
Bernheimer Levi, junk, 1208 N 4th 
Berniaud Richard, 757 S 9th 
Bernierd Gaetano, produce, 821 Carpenter 
Berninger John, laborer, r 114 N Juniper 
Berns George, loom bos, Orr n Wylie 
Berrell George R., auctioneer, 808 Market, h 

630 N lltlr- 
Berrell Jeramiah, clerk, 919 Green 
Berrell Rosanna, wid James, liquors, 1718 and 

1720 Ridge av 
Berrell Samuel, auctioneer, 808 Market, h N 

40th n Powelton av (W P) 
Berrells & Field, (George and Samuel Berrell 
<$- Samuel Field,) auctioneers, 808 Market 
Berrey Daniel, machinist, Ottis n Carroll 
Berridge George W., tailor, 230 Saranak 
Berriman John, carpenter, 108 Keefe 
Berringer John G., weaver, r 917 Hamilton 
Berro Franck, variety store, 612 Girard av 
Berroth Louis, tobacco, 821 N 10th 
BERRY & SIMPSON, (Richard M. Berry $ 
Thomas L. Simpson,) fire brick manufac- 
tory, S 2d c Greenwich 
Beny Ann, wid Philip, 322 Stanley 
Berry Benjamin, blacksmith, 1308 N Front 
Berrv Christian, agent, 16 Branner's al 
BERRY CASPER M., restaurant, S 5th cor 

Chestnut and 1527 Market, h'418 Reed 
Berry Chalkley, restaurant, 136 N 6th 
Berry Charles, 26 Queen 
Berry Charles, leather, 23 Mead 
Berry Charles, jr., leather, 215 Lombard, h 23 

Berry David A., lithographer, 702 Penn 
Berry D. W., butcher, 193 Eastern Market, h 

928 Carpenter 
Berry Edward, blacksmith, r 1510 Bodine 
Berry Edward, hatter, 802 Leonard 
Berry Edward, laborer, 1559 N 11th 

Berry Edward, shoemaker, 508 S 17th 

Berry Eli, cloth finisher, Hope n Chatham 

Berry Eliza, wid George, 964 Hutchinson 

Berry Elizabeth, wid Oliver, 871 Marshall 

Berry George, 871 Marshall 

Beny George, carter, Howard n Montgomery av 

Berry Hannah, wid John, 702 Penn 

Berry Helen, milliner, 249 South 

Berry Henry, rags, N 5th n Diamond 

Beny Henry, weaver, Gtn av n Pleasants (Gtn) 

Berry Jacob C, laborer, Mifflin 

Berry James, bookbinder, 1629 N 8th 

Berry James, drover, Haverford ab Logan (WP) 

Berry James, porter, r 1533 Hancock 

Berry James, skinner, r 1432 N 4th 

Berry James, (col'd) storeman, 710 Minster 

Berry James, tailor, 1309 Chestnut 

Berry Jane, housekeeper, 1350 Hancock 

Berry Jane, (colored), domestic, Gilles al n 

Beny John, hatter, 626 Weaver 
Berry Johr, laborer, 1559 N 11th 
Berry John, liquors, 1320 Gnt avenue 
Berry John, plasterer, r 1433 Cadwalader 
Berry John, weaver, Philip n Oxford 
Berry John A., carpenter, 4 Hickey 
Berry John C, accountant, 415 Market, h 871 

Berry John S., waterman, Bridge (Bridesburg) 
Berry Josiah, foreman, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Berry Lewis, hatter, 926 Hamilton 
Berry Mary, wid Samuel, seamstress, Howard n 

Montgomery av 
Berry Mary A., wid, 219 Christian 
Berry Mary Ann, huckster, 19 S 2d st mkt, h 

215 Jarvis 
Berry Michael, shoemaker, a 426 Christian 
Berry Michael, plasterer, r 304 Master 
Berry Richard, liquors, S 6th c Hallowell"" 
Berry Richard, liquors, 2 Fair pi 
Beny Richard, clothing, Oak n Budd (W P) 
Berry Richard M., fire brick, S 2d c Greenwich, 

h 223 Greenwich 
Berry Samuel, carter, 1310 N Front 
Berry Samuel, hatter, 336 Christian 
Berry Samuel, laborer, 12 Gatchels pi 
Berry Samuel, manure, Beach n Columbia av, 

h 1310 N Front 
BERRY SAMUEL H., envelopes, 33 S 6th, 3d 

floor, h 1317 S 9th 
Berry Susan, wid Joseph, 417 Lombard 
Berry Thomas, grocer, Amber c Cumberland 
Berry Thomas A., auct, Market, h 527 South 
Beny Thomas J., druggist, Market c 18th, h 

N 39th n Pratt (W P) 
Beny Vincent, weaver, Miller (Gtn) 
Berry William, blacksmith, h 330 N 16th 
Beny William, carter, 1312 Hope 
Berry William, glass blower, 535 Mercury 
Berry William, laborer, Unity n Franklin (Fkd) 
Berry William B., chairmr. 1018 Ridge av 
Berry Wm. D., segars, 913 Chestnut 
Berry Wm. H., paper hanger, 249 South 
Berry Wm. H., mer. 527 Market, h 487 N 4th 
Berryman James R., clerk, 105 Carpenter 
Berryman Robert, laborer, 522 Christian 
Berryman Samuel H., shipwright, 1310 Palmer 
BeiTyman Thomas, laborer, Otis n Canoll 

Eau-Athemenne for gradually Darkening the Hair. 




Bersch Alexander, carriage mr. 1304 Marshall 

Bersch Edward A., farmer, Bed Lion rd 

Bersch George, dyer, 2028 Pine 

Bersch Henry, baker, 721 Bayard 

Berske Antli'y, dyer, Gtu av n Rittenhouse (Gtn) 

Berstler George G., photographer, Darby rd n 

S 43d W F) 
Berstler George L., paper maker, Darby rd n 

S 43 d (W P) 
Berstler Sarah L. : 1628 Market 
Berswick Mathew, laborer, 1412 Germant av 
Bert Charles S., confectioner, 328 New- 
Berth Frederick, laborer, r715 St John 
Berth Nicholas, laborer, 1214 N 3d 
Berthaud Ferdinand, watch cases, S 6th n Pine 
Bertolet Abraham B., mer. 253 N 3d, h 416 

N 3d 
Bertolet Benjamin, clerk, 807 N 5th 
Bertolet Benjamin, iron, 212 N 3d, h 807 N 5th 
Bertolet E. & A. B., {Ezra <$( Abraham B. Ber- 

toL /,) iron, 253 N 3d 
Bertolet Ezra, iron, 253 N 3d, h 807 N 5th 
Bertram George, perfumery, 144 N 9th, h 830 

Bertram Lewis, tailor, Columbia av n Phillip 
Bertram Lewis, tanner, Columbia av n N 2d 
Bertram Lewis, wheelwright, Martha n Pepper 
Bertram Theodore, cooper, 1428 (Lawrence 
Bertram Theodore, gun smith, 525 N 3d 
Bertram William D., music leacher, 830 Cherry 
Bertrand George, machinist, 1307 Vine 
Bertrand Gustave L., clerk,.234 S 3d 
Bertron George, tobacconist, 217 N 16th 
Bertron Robert, machinist, r 1502 Race 
Berwick Charles, laborer, 1437 N 4th 
Berwick John, conductor, 118 Coates 
Berwind .1. Paulus, tailor, 441 Mclllwain 
Ikrwind John, guitar maker, 1513 Sansom 
Besch Charles, turner, r 1413 Mifflin 
Besemer John, coachman, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Besinage Wm. D., clerk, 825 N 7th 
Bess Hugh, laborer, Warder ab Montgomery av 
Bessan George, cabinetmaker, Gtn av (Chesnut 

Bessan Jacob, cabinet mr. American n Oxford 
Besselievre John A., jeweller, 20 Hudson, h 714 

Washington av 
Besselievre John P., jeweler, 842 Suffolk 
Besser Edward M., pattern maker, 1245 N 11th 
Bessinger Gabriel, stone cutter, Gihon place n 

Bessinger Ignatius, weaver, 1303 N 5th 
Bessinger John, carpet weaver, 1303 N 5th 
Bessinger John, spices, 246 N Water, h 1509 

Frankford av 
Bessinger John, weaver, r 1413 Mifflin 
Bessmer John, barber, 827 N 11th 
Bessner Henry, shoe maker, .11 Prime 
Besson Charles A., drv goods, 808 Chestnut, h 

119 S 19th 
Besson Elizabeth, drv goods, 808 Chestnut, h 

228 S 8th 
Besson Richard V., shoemaker, 823 Herb 
BESSON & SON, {Elizabeth $ Charles A. 

Besson,) drv goods, 808 Chestnut 
BESSONET & CURTIS, {William H. Bessonet 

A Samuel Y. Curtis,) conveyancers, 258 

S 3d 

Bessonet John, coal dealer, Swanson, h 328 

Bessonet John, jr., agent, 771 Swanson, h 328 

Bessonet Wm. H., conveyancer, 258 S 3d, h328 

Bessonett Wm. S., driver, 1234 Ogden 
Best Adam, liquors, 12 Letitia 
Best Andrew, fruit, South n 3d, h 241 Spruce 
Best Fleming, laborer, 516 S 17th 
Best Henry, laborer, 5 Barber's Row 
Best Henry, milk, Mt Pleasant n N 27th 
Best Hugh, laborer, Walton n Montgomery av 
Best Isaac, mariner, 105 CongTess 
Best S. B., Rev., James n Ridge av, h Ridge av 

n James (Falls Sch) 
Beste Chas., painter, 8 Hatton pi, r 811 Cherry 
Bestor Samuel J., jeweler, 34 S 3d, h Park n 

Beswick Joseph, liquors, 246 Race 
Beswick Saml., grocer, Main n Robeson (Myk) 
Betancourt Jane, wid. Alonzo, N 6th n Button- 
Beterbeuk John, tailor, 1138 St John 
Bethel John, shoes, 1206 Coates 
Bethel Saml., liquors, 1541 S 5th 
Bethell Charles P., M.D., 911 Franklin 
Bethell George S., architect, 520 Walnut, h 

1224 Spring Garden 
Bethell J. M., druggist, Frankford rd c Otis 
Bethell Robert, atty. & coun., 520 Walnut, h 

1224 Spring Garden 
Bethell William R., conveyancer, 432 Walnut, 

h 911 Franklin 
Betsch John, laborer, York n Tulip 
Betson Jacob, butcher, Emerald n Dauphin 
Betson Oscar F., shoe maker, 718 Birch 
Betson Robert W., shoe maker, 1039 S 6th 
Betterton Joseph R., carpenter, Darby rd n 

Park (W P) 
Betterton "W illiam, shoe maker, Lombard n 40th 

(W P) 
Bettes Benjamin, spinner, Jefferson (Myk) 
Bettes John, weaver, Jefferson (Myk) 
Bctticher, Coon & Co., {Julius C. Betticher <$• 

Mattison 4" Ephraim Coon,) com. mers. 29 

S Water 
Betticher Julius C, com. mer. 29 S Water, h 

Ridgway House 
Betting Eugene, cabinet maker, r 708 St John 
Bettinger Washington J., watchmaker, S 3d c 

Chestnut, h 310 Cherry 
Bettle Samuel, late mer., 26 S 3d 
Bettle Samuel, jr., late mer., 149, h 151 N 10th 
Bettle William, office, 26 S 3d, h 426 N 6th 
Bettmer Frederick, tin smith, 122 Coates 
Bctts Benjamin, clerk, 223 Jacoby 
Betts Charles M., carpenter, 1508 Cuthbert, h 

1511 Filbert 
Betts John B., carpenter, 1508 Cuthbert, h 1511 

ters, 1508 Cuthbert 
Betts Letitia, 4 Westmore pi 
Betts Richard K., measurer, 1511 Filbert 
Betts Ruth A., 1528 Palmetto 
Betts Samuel, clerk, 3 Bank, h 441 Magnolia 
Betts Samuel F., liquors, 2227 South 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Betts Sarah, wid. of James, 1039 Walnut 

Betts William M., painter, r 861 N 13th 

Hetty Samuel, 1235 Pine 

Betz Andrew, cordwainer, 143 Noble 

Betz Charles, blacksmith, 1233 Cherry 

Betz Charles M., clerk, 826 N ^th 

Betz Ernst, tailor, 1607 Gtn av 

Betz Jacob, cooper, 839 St. John 

Betz James, millwright, 2024 Coates 

Betz P., baker, 1300 Lawrence 

Betz William, clerk, 1505 N 7th 

Betzel Francis, laborer, 433 Mclllwain 

Betzel Jacob, grocer, 433 Mclllwain 

Betzill Ludwick, shoemr., 1347 Houston 

Betzler George, blacks., r 1237 Montgomery av 

Betzler Peter, laborer, 432 Belgrade. 

Betzner Chas. A., butcher, Hope n Hunting-ton 

Betzol John, trucker, River rd (Roxboroug-h) 

Betzol John, jr., cordw., River rd (Roxborough) 

Betzold Chris., cabinetmaker, 417 Julianna 

Betzold John, teamster, 2103 Oxford 

Beuckert John, conductor, Eldridge's row 

Beuclar George, spring- maker, 11 Tenor pi 

3euhl Francis, shoemaker, r 917 N 3d 

Beutler Frederick, zincsmith, 1032 Master 

Bevan David, painter, 12 S 5th, h 1015 S 3d 

Bevan Edward, shoemaker, Washn. av (Gtn) 

Bevan Geo., mer. br., 117 S Front, h 627 N6th 

Bevan George, shoemr., Washington av (Gtn) 

Bevan Henry, painter, 930 Moyamensing- av 

Bevan Isaac, japanner, 982 N 2d 

Bevan Jesse, carpenter, Leiper n Sollers (Fkd) 

Bevan John, laborer, Byberry rd 

Bevan John, painter and glazer, 101 Pine 

Bevan Joseph H., miller, 1216 Parrish 

Bevan Margt., (cold.,) wid. Hezekiah, 707 Lisle 

Bevan Mordecai, laborer, Verree rd 

Bevan Samuel, machinist, Grape n 34th (W P) 

Bevan Thomas, carder, (Wissahickon) 

Bevan William, laborer, (Bustleton) 

Bevan William, painter, (Lagrange) 

Bevans John S., carman, 1230 S Front 

Be vans Robert, sailor, 137 Mead 

Bevans Saml., (cold.,) stove maker, 616 S 12th 

Bevens Albert S., clerk, 515 Green 

Sevens Augustus F., 515 Green 

Bevens William, 826 Franklin 

Beveridge Thomas H., Rev., 126 N 21st 

Bevering Henry, hardware, 712 N 2d 

Beverlin Sheridan, hair dresser, 34 shippen 

Beverly Lydia, (cold.,) 106 Gatzmer 

Bew Alfred, warper, Church (Myk) 

Bew James, warper, Church (Myk) 

Bewer Mary, wid. Charles, 523 N 15th 

Bewerien Herman, cabinetmaker, Goodhoff's 

Bewley Ann, wid- Joseph R., confectionery, 

Haverford ab N 35th (W P) 
Bewley Charles H., carpenter, 920 Catharine 
Bewley Isaac, clerk, 128 Union 
Bewley Isaac, grocer, 200 Arch, h 128 Union 
Bewley Isaac K., 1318 Otis 
Bewley James L., com. mer., 326 S Delaware 

av, h Ashland House, Arch 
Bewley, James L., & Co.. (James L. Bewley, 

Jno L. Redner,) com. mer., 326 S Dela. av 
Bewley Jesse, watchman, 920 Catharine 
Bewley John, driver, 2325 Coates 

Bewley John T., bookbinder, 113 Jacoby 
Bewley Nathan, machinist, 349 N 10th 
Bewley Peter B., machinist, 349 N 10th 
Bewley William, clerk, 128 Union 
Bewney John, plumber, 1538 State 
Bey Charles, butcher, 255 N 15th 
Bey Mary, wid. George, provision, 257 N 15th 
Beyer Charles, shoemaker, 331 Race 
Beyer Charles, shoemaker, 1502 Perth 
Beyer C. II., wid. of G. T., 1433 Lombard 
Beyer George, watch maker, 1718 S 4th 
Beyer Henry C, clerk, 1433 Lombard 
Beyer Hillery, clerk, 507 N 6th 
Beyer John, weaver, 1447 N 4th 
Beyer William C, hotel, 433 N 9th 
BeyJard Henry D., 132£ S 3d, h 1205 Spruce 
Beyle Catharine, wid. seams., 1326 Fitzwater 
Beylle Mary L., gentw., 508 Spruce 
Beymer H. B., clerk, 33 N 3d, h Union Hotel 
Bezard John, star*ching, 214 S 9th 
Bias James J. Gould, (col'd,) M.D., 409 S 11th, 

h 911 Lombard 
Bibbighaus John T., carp.,Cadbury av n Oxford 
Bibb}' James, weaver, Emerald c Cumberland 
Bibens Abigail, (col'd,) washwn., 214 Manship 
Bibens John, (col'd,) barber, 214 Manship 
Bibighaus Mary A. L., wid. Geo., 627 Marshall 
Bibighaus Samuel H., hardware, 258 N 3d, h 

445 N 4th 
Bibighaus William H., clerk, 627 Marshall 
Bichebois Eliza, widow Augustus, 213 S 5th 
Bichler Christian, lag-er beer, Haverford n N 

35th (W r P) 
Bichner Geo., laborer, N 30th n Bridge (W P) 
Bickel Augustus, canes, 139 N 4th 
Bickel David, shoemr., American n Columb av 
Bickel Henry, salesman, h Merchant's house 
Bickel Jacob, blacksmith, 815 Lawrence 
Bickel John C, salesman, 409 Market, h Mer- 
chants' hotel 
Bickel John M., pres. coal co., 204 S 4th, h 

849 N Broad 
Bickel Samuel, cordwainer, 914 N 20th 
Bicker Augustus, shoes, 166 N 4th 
Bicker Casper, tailor, 626 Arch, h 923 Sartain 
Bickers Emeline, widow David, 626 S Front 
Bickerton Ann, widow Joseph, 116 Jacoby 
Bickerton Benjamin, agent, 636 Catharine 
Bickerton Charles, wheelwright, r 131 Otter 
Bickerton Thomas, 106 Almond 
Bickerton Thos., jr., upholsterer, 106 Almond 
Bickerton Thomas B., jr., carp., 636 Catharine 
Bickham George, conductor, 1214 Deacon 
Bickham Lydia, widow John C, 612 S Front 
Bicking Charles, laborer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Bicking Chas. R., print., 602 Arch, h 447 N 8th 
Bicking Geo. W., machinist, 222 N 8th 
Bicking John, Ridge av (Rox) 
Bicking Josiah, carpenter, Ridge av (Rox) 
Bicking Martin, flour dealer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Bicking Rich. S., cus. ho. clerk, Ridge av (Rox) 
Bicking Valentine, cutter, 1326 Juniata 
Bicking Wm.M., carp., Germantown av (C Hill) 
Bickley & Davis, (Henvy Bickley £f B. Clark 

Davis,) ice dealers, 1622 Market 
Bick'ey David, saw maker, 1204 N 2d 
Bickley Elizabeth, trimmings, 1204 N 2d 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Bickley H.&. Son, {Henry $ Henry E.Bickley,) Biddle Margaret, wid Robert, 1029 Filbert 

sand, S 24th c Walnut Biddle Martha, wid Daniel, 135 P'ederal 

Bickley Henry, contractor, 1622 Market, h 1722 Biddle Mary, wid. of Clement C, 312 S 12th 

Locust Biddle M. J., Cam & Atlantic R R, h German- 

Bickley Henry, ice dealer, 1622 Market, h town av c Penn (Gnt) 

1722 Locust Biddle Nicholas, wharfbuilder, 610 Penn 

Bickley Henry, sand, S 24th c Walnut, h 1722 Biddle Owen, police, 1337 Pine 

Locust " Biddle Peter, dealer, Chestnut bel S 32d (W P) 

Bickley Henry E., sand, S 24th c Walnut, h N BIDDLE R. & W.C. & CO., {Robert A~ William 

32d n Arch (W P) C. Biddle <$r William M. Griscom,) hard- 

Bickley John S., contractor, 1529 Lombard ware, 131 Market 

Bickley Joseph, supt. State house steeple iBiddle Robert, hardware, 131 Market, h 1604 

Bickley J. C, clerk, h Merchants' hotel Arch 

Bickley Maria E., widow David, dress maker, BIDDLE SARAH C, gentlew, 1326 Spruce 

1133 Citron 'Biddle Sarah S., wid Clement, 124 N 13th 

Bicklev Mary, wid. Hen., dress mr., 811 S 5th Biddle Thomas, 1326 Spruce 
Bickley Sarah E., widow Henry, 1022 Catharine BIBDLE THOMAS & CO., {Thomas A., Henry 
Bicknell Charles P., publisher, 112 S 3d, h J.6( Alexander Biddle,) stockbrokers, 114 

1500 Chestnut S 3d > 

Bteknell Mary, widow John, 1114 Charles Biddle Thomas (col'd), waiter, 712 Minster 

Bicknell Ruft'is, M. 1)., Market n 38th (W P) Biddle Thomas A., broker, 114 S 3d, h 917 
Bickress Elizabeth, seamstress, 5 Maynard pi Clinton 

Bidding- William, dispatcher, 808 Wallace Biddle Thomas M., att'y & coun., 273 S 4th 

Biddle Alex., broker, 114 S 3d, h 1626 Walnut j Biddle William, farmer, Germantown av n 
Biddle Anna E., 1403 Walnut Bringshurst (Gtn) 

Biddle Christine, widow Thomas, 714 Walnut Biddle William, sec. M II & S H R R Co, 17 S 
Biddle Cadwalader, atty. & coun., 731 Walnut, 7th, h 2141 Arch 

h 1326 Spruce IBiddle William C, hardware, 131 Market, h 

BIDDLE CALDWELL K., atty. & coun., 731 i 235 N 10th 

Walnut Bideman Franklin, tailor, 1036 Ross 

Biddle Cath., (col'd,) wid. Chas., r 701 Minster Bideman, George W., dealer, 151 Coates 
Biddle Chapman, atty. & coun., 131 S 5th, h Bideman Samuel, carpenter, 1124 Otis 

1831 Pine Biderman Mary, wid Peter, Harmony ct &. S 5th 

Biddle Charles C, laborer, Potts n N 12th 'Biderman Peter, 1233 Cherry 

BIDDLE CHARLES J., atty. & coun., 713 Bidlack William W., M. D„ 2203 Vine 

Sansom Bidleman John, carpenter, 734 S 9th. 

Biddle Clement, atty. & coun., 714 Walnut Bidler Michael M., foreman, 23 N 17th 

KIDDLE CRAIG, atty. & coun., 713 Sansom, h Bidwell John, seaman, 340 South 

264 S 5th Biear George, butcher, 80 S 2d st Market, b 

BIDDLE K.C.kJ.,lEdu-ard C.Sf John,) book- 218 Greenwich 

sellers, 508 Minor Bieder John, mustard, r 210 George 

B1DDI.K EDWARD C, pres. Westmoreland Bieche Frank, locksmith, 9 St Stephens pi 

Coal Co., 230 S 3d, and publisher, 508 Biederman Hem - }', shoes, 1413 Frankford av 

Minor, h 1344 Pine Biederman Georg-e N, tailor, 1022 Beach 

Biddle Elizabeth B , widow Wm, 1500 Locust Biederwolf Francis, shoemaker, 122 Bread 
Biddle Emma, widow J. William, 710 Walnut Bieg Christian, brewer, Penn av n Jefferson 
BIDDLE GEORGE W., atty. & coun., 204 S Bieg Jacob, tailor, 530 Callowhill 

5th, h 1226 Spruce 'Bieg- Jacob, watchman, 3 Benedict pi 

Biddle Geo. W., painter, 401 N 3d, h Frank- Biegel Michael, lager beer, 1206 N 5th 

ford av n Cumberland av .Biegermann Adam, print colorer, 203 Xcw 

Biddle Hannah, (col'd,) wid. David, 942 Rodman Bieg-erman William, pianos, 203 New 
Biddle Hen. J., broker, 114 S 3d,h 1024 Walnut Biehl Peter, shoemaker, 1339 Germantown av 
Biddle James, (col'd,) hackman, 942 Rodman Biehn George F., chemist, Richmond, (Bdg) 
Biddle James, (col'd,) laborer, 317 Griscom Bielefeld Anton, carpenter, River rd,(Tacony) 
Kiddle James C, civil engineer, 1326 Spruce Bier Charles, weaver, 1224 Germantown av 
Biddle James S., prest., 309 Walnut, h 1714 Bier Christian, barber, 607 N Front 

Locust Bierbrauer Catherine, trimmings, 1149 N 3d 

Biddle John, M. D., 1117 Spruce Bierbrauer Francis, butcher, 1149 N 3d 

BIDDLE JOHN, publisher, 508 Minor, h 1344 Bierd Martin, shoes, 1315 N 10th 

Pine Bierman Charles, eating h, 401 Crown 

Biddle John, trucker, 244 Spring Garden st Mar- Bierman Christian, peddler, 1529 Mifflin 

ket, h N 2d n Frankford av Bierman John, grocer, 315 George 

Biddle John M., clerk, X E c Front and Chest- Bierman William, segars, rear of 162 Brown 

nut, h 714 S3d 
Biddh- Jo]m"W., paper carrier, 952 N 3d. 
Biddle John W., clerk, 17 S 7th h 2141 Arch 

. John W., painter, 5 Clarissa pi 
Biddle Jonathan, moulder, 785 Gtn av 

Bierman Thomas, barber, 304 Richmond (R) 
Bierhle Martin, varnisher, 328 Stanley 
Biers Hugh, grocer, 929 S 4th 
jBierschenk Konradt, shoemaker, 631 S Front 
iBicsel George, wheelwright, 1503 N 6th 

Jules Hauel &. Co. are the original inventors of the 




eser Anna D., wid Henry, midwife, 1215 

esev John, butcher, N Broad n Turners la 
esswanger John C, tavern, 1142 Coates 
ester Henry, gilder, 804 Market, h 158 N 9th 
galow Sarah, wid of Thomas, b h, 821 Cal- 

galow Stephen C, carpenter, r 1312 Coates 
galow Thomas L., stairbuilder, 1310 Coates 
gelow Jomes H., jeweler, 326 Chestnut, h 

Commercial hotel 
get Andrew, laborer, 1805 South 
get Andrew jr., bookbinder, 1805 South 
ggar James, gent. Pine bel S 10th 
ggard John, laborer, r 1005 N 2d 
ggard Samuel, cordw, Perkiomen n Wylie 
ggard William, shoem, Goodman n Green 
ggardt Isaac, boarding, 239 Race 
ggardt Hannah, seamstress, 1710 Wylie 
gger James, wheelwright, Wood n N 23d, h 

2517 Hamilton 
gger William H., weaver, r Fitler n N 2d 
ggerd John D., 912 AVarnock 
ggers James, carp., r 1326 Passyunk av 
ggerstaff William, weaver, r 1339 Mascher 
ggerstaff William, jr., weaver, r 1339 Mascher 
ggerts Robert, ostler, 257 Queen 
ggin Thomas, cooper, 1 Graydon 
ggs Charles D., dentist, 525 Pine 
ggs James C, supt, 1534 N 13th 
ggs William H., cooper, 1217 N 2d 
gham James, laborer, 416 N 17th 
gler Christian, liquors, 1604 N 10th 
gler John, laborer, Livezey's Mill r'd n (Rox) 
gler John, laborer, Olivia pi n Cadwalader 
gler Valentine, tailor, 1527 N 11th 
gler Washington, clerk, 1642 Pine 
gley Charles, shoemaker, 2030 Sansom 
gley Christopher, liquors, Lancaster n West- 
minster av (W P) 
gley Daniel, quanyman, Smethurst n N 24th 
gley Frank, clerk, 229 S 9th 
gley James, grocer, 308 Jefferson 
gley James, oysterman, 1 Merida pi, r 763 S 

gley John, coachman, Girard C, h Girard C. 
gley John, oysterman, 1 Merida pi, r 763 S 

gley Michael, wheelwright, 1 Merida pi, r 

763 S Front 
gley Patrick, laborer, 222 N 15th 
gley Patrick, milkman, Bodine n Columbia av 
gley Richard, stone mason, Lancaster n West- 
minster av (W P) 
gley Sarah, 315 Union 
gley Sarah, wid. Thomas, 1344 South 
gnell John, hatter, 1312 Parrish 
gnell John, jr., bookbinder, 1312 Parrish 
gnell R., bookbinder, 1312 Parrish 
gnell Thomas, salesman, 337 Market, h 427 

gner Joseph, engineer, Memphis n Tucker 
gonett Charles, laborer, Manatawna (Rox) 
gonett Jacob, cooper, Ridge av (Rox) 
gonett John, cooper, Ridge av (Rox) 
gonett John, laborer, Manatawna (Rox) 
gonett John, jr., laborer, Manatawna (Rox) 
k Thomas, baker, 335 Richmond (R) 

Bilboa Matthew, laborer, Sorrel n Bath (R) 
Bilbrough Joseph, lime burner, 2118 Brandy- 
Bilbrough Samuel, bricklayer, 2312 Locust 
Bilbrough Thomas, 2312 Locust 
Biles, Alfred, architect, 154 S 4th 
Biles George C, clerk, 336 S 16th 
Biles George M. W., clerk, r 1503 Filbert 
Biles Joseph, carpenter, r 835 Cherry 
Biles Joseph T., carpenter, 336 S 16th 
Biles Linford, clerk, 407 S 13th 
Bilge r & Taylor, ( W. Augustus Bilger Sf Joshua 

E. Taylor,) grain, 317 N Front, hotel 413 
N 6th, & stables 301 New Market 

Bilger Charles, shoemaker, Apple n Diamond 
Bilger Francis, shoemaker, Apple n Diamond 
Bilger G., laborer, Apple n Diamond 
Bilger Isaac, flour, 442 N 4th 
Bilger Samuel, shoemaker, r N 7th n Dauphin 
Bilger W. Augustus, grain, 317 N Front, h 442 

Bilhart Francis, gun stocker, Heckroth pi, r 

608 Weaver 
Bilharz Adolphus, hostler, 833 St John 
Bilharz Francis, butcher, 1611 Mervine 
Bill Charles, cabinetmaker, 1019 Nectarine 
Bill James, shoemaker, r 830 Catharine 
Bill John, needlemaker, ct n Palethorp 
Billam Joseph, gasfitter, 515 Chestnut, h Wat- 
kins, n S 6th 
Billard Christopher, weaver, 519 S 15th 
Bille Henry, lamp maker, 9 Sutton 
Billerbeck Julius, china, 315 Poplar 
Billerbeck Julius, locksmith, 902 Ridge av 
Billenstein Eliza, wid. Frederick C, 1817 Ad- 
Billenstein J. T., lard oil, 32 S Del. av, h 1620 

Billenstein Sally, wid. Charles, 47 N 17th 
Billger Elizabeth, York road, (R Sun) 
Billger George, clerk, 862 N 5th 
Billger Lewis, drover, Germantown av (Mi- 
Billheimer Henry M., clerk. 117 N 2d 
Billin Wm. G., importer, 501 Market, h Wal- 
nut n Till (W P) 
Billingham John G., machinist, 1345 Branchy- 

Billings Andrew, shoemaker, r 913 St John 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, 113 Elwyn 
Billings Caleb, dry goods, 2227 Coates 
Billings James M., merchant, 24 Bank, h 21st 

c Ontario 
Billings Lybrand, bricklayer, 114 Elwyn 
M. Billings, Sa?nuel W. Roop &r William 

F. Washington) com. mers. 24 Bank 
Billings Sylvester, hatter, S 5th and Chestnut, 

h Hamilton ab N 33d (W P) 
Billings Thomas S., printer, r 329 Arch 
Billingslea Eliza, (col'd) widow Augustus, 1250 

Billingslea Fereby, widow James, preserver, 

1232 Citron 
Billingsfelt Thomas A., brassturner, 1423 

Button wood 
Billingleys Andrew, milk, 407 Prune 

Celebrated Eau Lustrale Hair Restorative. 




Billington James II., finding's, 10 Decatur, h N 

19th c Thompson 
Billington Joseph, foreman, 715 Webb 
Billington Thomas, cabinetmr. r 1212 Beach 
Billmeyer Georg-e F., farmer, Germantown av 

n Johnson (Gtn) 
Billmeyer George F., jr. farmer, Germantown 

av n Washington (Gtn) 
Billmeyer Samuel T., clerk, Germantown av n 

Washington av (Gtn) 
Billmeyer Wm. M., printer, 1138 Sites 
Bills Francis, dairy, Long la n Buck rd 
Bills Jeremiah, ship carp. 119 Marion 
Bilsboro Flavius, lab. Paul n Green (Fkd) 
Bilsborough Jabez, lab. Paul n Green (Fkd) 
Bilsland John, carter, 2134 Naudain 
Bilson James, bricklayer 2132 Lombard 
Bilz Henry, porter, r 726 Mintzer 
Bimmer Gottlieb, shoemaker, 819 St John 
Bimmer Jacob, lab. r Cameron place 
Binckes James, carpenter, 932 N 10th 
Binder Christopher, carp. 6th n. Jefferson, h 

1446 Marshall 
Binder Daniel, carpenter, 943 Randolph 
Binder Frederick, brewer, N 31st n Thompson 
Binder Frederick W., agent, 2229 Coates 
Binder George, capenter, 803 Arch 
Binder George, corder, Laurel st wharf, h 

624 Coates 
Binder George A., lumber N 6th c Oxford, h 

928 Marshall 
Binder J. & G. A., (Jacob 8? George A. Binder) 

lumber, N 6th c Oxford 
Binder Jacoo, hatter, 945 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, lumber, N 6th c Oxford, h 922 

Binder Jeremiah, moulder, 1340 Ridge av 
Binder Peter, jr., conductor, Richmond n 

Binder Philip, liquors, 324 Vine 
Binder William, Hatter, 923 N 7th 
Binder William W., builder, N 6th c Oxford, h 

926 N 12th 
Bindler George, weaver, Miller (Gnt) 
Bindschedler John, jeweller, Levant n Spruce 
BINES & SHEAFF^.S'am;^/ M. Bines <$• John 

F. Sheaff) coal dealers, Arch street wharf 


Bines Samuel M., coal, Arch st. whf. Schuyl- 
kill and 38 Buttonwood, h Fisher's la 
Bing James, carpenter, 535 N 22d 
Binger Henry, carpenter, 1342 Columbia av 
Bingham Amos, Rev. 253 Perry 
Bing-ham & Dorman, {John C. Bingham <y Al- 
fred M. Dorman) saddle and harness 

makers, 1433 Market 
Bingham David, weaver, 1420 Wood. 
Bingham James, clerk, 6 S 3d 
Bingham James, jeweller, 40 S 3d, h Oak c 

Margaretta (W P) 
Bingham James, jeweler, 318 Wood 
Bingham John, express agent, 36 N 11th 
BINGHAM JNO., supt. 320 Chest, h 36 N 11th 
Bingham John, weaver, Ella n Amber 
Bingham John, C. jr., harness maker, Market ab 

15th, h 36 N 11th. 
Bingham John C, merchant, 1433 Market, h 

36 N 11th 

Bingham John M., merchant, 12 N 17th 
Bingham Margaret, seamstress 240 N 15th 
Bingham Matthew, shoemaker, Garden (Bdg) 
Bingham Richard P., grocery, 928 Fitzwater 
Bingham Richard W., gardener, Germantown 

av n Penn (Gtn) 
Bingham Robt. M., plasterer, Germantown av 

n Penn (Gtn) 
Bingham Samuel, carpenter, Darby rd (May- 

landville W P) 
Bing-ham Samuel, confectionery, 215 Girard av 
Binghim Thomas, trunkmaker, Oak n S 36th 

(W P) 
BINGHAM WILLIAM, turner, r 428 Walnut, 

h 1245 S 13th 
Bingley Joseph, engraver, 404 Landis 
Bingley Richard, weaver, Manheim (Gnt) 
Bingley Thomas, weaver, Hancock (Gnt) 
Binker John, mint, 10 Dubree 
Binker Thomas, shoemaker, 446 Richmond 
Binker William, engineer, 1243 Palmer 
Binkert John, lag-er beer, Frankford n Market 

Binkert Julius, Frankford n Market (Fkd) 
Binkes Thos., chaser, Preston n Ilutton (W P) 
Binkin John, laborer, James (Falls Schuylkill) 
Binks James, carpenter, 932 N 10th 
Binley Frederick, carpenter, 1111 Palmer 
Binley William, carpenter, 1125 Sophia 
Binnan Frederick, cabinetmaker, Dean av n 

Binney Charlotte, 1831 Chestnut 
Binney Frederick, 1002 Christian 
Binney George, machinist, 1153 Passvunk av 
BINNEY HORACE, att'y & coun., 245 S 4th, h 

241 S 4th 
BINNEY HORACE, JR., att'y and coun., 227 

S 6th 
Binning Jacob, locksmith, 1242 N 4th 
Binnix James, laborer, Gray's Ferrv Road, 

(W P) 
Binnix William, laborer, Gray's Ferry road 

Binns Edward H., salesman, 1104 Coates 
BINNS JOHN, att'y and coun., 116 S 6th 
Binns Joseph, liquors, N Front n Montgomery 

Binns William, painter, Cotton (Myk) 
Binney John, type caster, 56 S 3d, h 1028 

Binswanger &. Eger, (Isadore Binswanger <!j- 

David Eger,) fancy goods, 121 N 3d 
Binswanger lsadore, fancy goods, 121 N 3d, h 

436 Franklin 
Bintoa Jane, tailoress, 789 S 3d 
Bintoa Sarah, tailoress, 789 S 3d 
Binz John, provisions, York c Geiss 
Binz Joseph, tailor, Serrill n Tulip 
Bioren John, com. mer., 205 Chestnut, h 1616 

Birch Abraham, storekeeper, Gtn av n Armat, 

Birch David, M. D., 252 Girard av 
Birch Edwin K., auctioneer, 914 Chestnut, h 

926 Chestnut 
Birch George, candles, 1209 Frankford av 
Birch George, marble, 1012 Market, h 762 


The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Birch George J., millinery, 438 8c 440 N 2d 
Birch Georg-e R., bookkeeper,' 1022 Market, h 

762 Er.£ 
Birch Henry, soap, 1209 Frankford av 
Birch Henry, bonnet presser, 1203 Gtn av 
Birch Hester, (col'd) wid John, 5 Juliana 
Birch James, gardner, (Torresdale) 
Birch John, farmer, late Minor n Girard av 
Birch John, late farmer, Gtn avenue n Ai-mat 

Birch John, laborer, Grays Ferry road (W P) 
Birch John, shoe cutter, 235 Dean 
Birch Joseph, clerk, Gtn av n Armat (Gtn) 
Birch Joseph, drugs, 2050 Vine 
Birch Lousia, wid, seamstress, r 320 German 
Birch Michael, candles, 1208 Shackamaxon, h 

1209 Frankford av 
Birch Michael, jr., farrier, 1209 Frankford av 
Birch Samuel, pistols, 1528 Frankford av, h 

1337 Crease 
Birch Thomas, auctioneer, 914 Chestnut, h 

1717 Vine 
Birch Thomas &. Son, (Edwin K.,) auctioneers, 

914 Chestnut 
BIRCHALL ELIAS, hosiery, Armat (Gtn,) h 

Mill (Gtn) 
Birchall Joseph, laborer, Church n Paul (Fkd) 
Birchall Nathan, carder, Gtn avenue c Church 

(Gtn) _ 
Birchall William, sheet iron worker, 1733 Olive 
Birchell Willliam, weaver, 225 Marker 
Birchar Richard, shoemaker, 2205 Coates 
Birchnouch George, weaver, York n Amber 
Birckenstock George, shoemaker, 971 Beach 
Birckhead P. E., treasurer, 433 & h 1524 

Bird Absalom, (cold) steward, 9 Emeline 
Bird & Dilks, (Job Bird $ William Dilks,) toy 

& variety, 1734 Market 
Bird Charles, 1716 Filbert 
Bird Charles, plasterer, 859 N 5th 
Bird Charles G., wheelwright, Tacony road, 

Bird Christian, billiards, 609 Chestnut, h 423 

York av 
Bird David, morocco dresser, 1651 N 8th 
Bird Doretha, wid Francis, r 927 Charlotte 
Bird Edmond, late grocer, 438 Redwood 
Bird Elizabeth K., teacher, N 2dbel Dauphin 
Bird Francis, cordwainer, 133 Brown 
Bird George, carpenter, N 2d n Norris, h N 2d 

n Dauphin 
Bird George U., cutter, 1712 Burton 
Bird Henry, gent., 904 Clinton 
Bird Isaiah, carpenter, 1924 Cambridge 
Bird James, hotel, 6 S 6th 
Bird John, laborer, 1645 Mervine 
Bird John, shoemaker, 9 Clarissa pi 
Bird John F., M. D., 601 N 11th 
Bird John H., clerk, 409 Catharine 
Bird Job, varieties, 1734 Market, h 805 Lee 
Bird Justin, telegrapher, 904 Clinton 
Bird J. Stanley, clerk, 12 N 3d, h 320 S 16th 
Bird Mary A., fringe maker, 814 Callowhill 
Bird Mary E., wid Robert M., 1020 Race 
Bird Mrthias, dealer, 808 Callowhill 
Bird Patrick, laborer, r 426 Christian 
Bird Thomas, carpenter, r 906 Alder 

Bird Thomas, hosiery, 210 Poplar 

Bird Thomas, tailor, 31 S 6th, h 1804 S Ritten- 

house square 
Bird Walter, gasfitter, 251 Perry 
Bird William, silversmith, 1517 N Front 
Bird William, trimmings, 1142 South 
Bird William H., clerk, 12 N 3d, h 423 Wetherill 
Birdsall Hannah, M. D., 903 Wood 
Birely & Linn, (Jacob Birely $ John W. Lynn,) 

ship builders, Columbia av n Beach 
Birely George, upholster, 1022 Carlton 
Birely Jacob, shipbuilder, Columbia av n Beach, 

h 428 Richmond 
Birely John, shipbuilder, Beach n Warren, h 

313 Crease 
Birely John & Son, (John # Theodore Birely,) 

shipbuilders, Beach n Warren 
Birely Theodore, shipbuilder, Beach n Warren, 

h 426 Richmond 
Birely William, hotel, 731 S 4th 
Birgfeld Adolph, pianos, 139 S 7th, h 35th n 

Bridge (V? P) 
Biringer Ferdinand, machinist, 1448 N 5th 
Biringer John, machinist, 1448 N 5th 
Birkenhauer George, hairdresser, 436 N 9th 
Birkenstock David, variety, Bridge 
Birkenstock Gregory, laborer, Bridge (Bdg) 
Birkett Sarah, wid James, 37 N 11th 
Birkey Catharine, trimmings, 211 S 5th 
Birkey John, dentist, 245 S 6th 
Birkey John Q., dentist, 245 S 6th 
Birkey T. W., M. D., 245 S 6th 
BIRKEY WILLIAM J. A., dentist, 242 S 8th 
Birkey William J. A., jr., M. D., 242 S 8th 
BIRKINBINE HENRY P. M., chief engineer 

water depart., 918 Cherry, h 2221 Green 
Birkman George, hotel, Smithfield 
Birkmire Samuel H., printer, Lamb Tavern n 

Ridge av 
Birkmire James, grocer, 161 Girard av 
BIRKS JOHN, white goods, 207 Market, h 

Franklin House 
Birks John, mason, h Haines ^Gtn) 
Birmerly Frederick, baker, Franklin c Dauphin 
Birmingham & Bro., (Charles B. 3? Pariset W.) 

grocers, 467 & 469 N 3d 
Birmingham Catherine A., dry goods, 1603 

Ridge av 
Birmingham Charles B., grocer, 467 & 469 N 

3d, h 926 N 7th 
Birmingham Frederick, carpenter, 1520 Parrish 
Birmingham George, morocco cases, House of 

Refuge, h 1603 Ridge av 
Birmingham John, laborer, 14 Ledger pi 
Birmingham Pariset W., grocer, 467 & 469 N 

3d, h 711 Poplar 
Birmingham Sarah, wid John, 926 N 7th 
Birmingham Thomas, laborer, 14 Osage av 
Birnbaum Charles H., clerk, 1028 Pine 
Birnbaum Charles N., clerk, 257 N 2d 
Birnbaum George W., 1108 Parrish 
Birnbaum Francis, painter, 429 N 13th 
Birnbaum John, engineer, 3 Moland av r 429 

N 13th 
Birnbaum John, tobacconist, 1432 South 
Birnbaum Peter, late baker, 1108 Moyamen 

sing av 
Birney Charles, carpenter, 2222 Shamokin 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




B1RNEY DAVID B., atty. & coun. &. com. of 

deeds, 37 S 3d, h 1920 Race 
Birney Michael, hostler, 1515 Carver 
Birney Sair uel, laborer, 207 Market 
Biins Andrew, porter, 1217 Market 
Birwell John H., stair rods, r 829 M'Grath 
Bisbee John cooper, 508 Mendon pi 
Bisbee William O., clerk, 248 Market, h N. J. 
Bisbing Elizabeth, wid Samuel, grocer, Darby 

rd n S 36th (W P) 
Bisbing- George, moulder, 807 Gtn av 
Bisbing- Henry, laborer, Tacony rd (W Hall) 
Bisbing- Jacob, moulder, 807 Gtn av 
Bisbing John M., carp, Irving n S 40th (W P) 
Bisbing John S., police, 754 N 22d 
Bisbing Joseph, carman, Cumberland n Amber 
Bisbing- Oliver, moulder, 807 Gtn av 
Bisbing Samuel, carman, 477 York av 
Bisbing Stephen, shoemaker, 6 N 9th & 1636 

Bisbing William S., clerk, 1811 Coates 
Bisbon Henry, plasterer, Bowman n Hancock 
Bisch Adam, fireman, Harrison's al (Myk) 
Biseger Abraham, furniture, 233 Brown 
Bish Leonard, mason, Cresson (Myk) 
Bishman George, tailor, 833 St. John 
Bishop Abner (col'd) Rev., r 517 Lombard 
Bishop Albert, clerk, 854 N 3d 
Bishop & Ott, (J. R. Bishop <$• Charles H. Ott), 

ambrotypes, 1613 Gtn av 
Bishop Benjamin, farmer, 71 Callowhill st 

BISHOP BENJAMIN F., gold chain maker 
Particular attention paid to the execution 
of all orders. Dock c Walnut, h 1016 
Bishop Calvin S., M. D-, 334 N 10th 
Bishop Catherine, 6 Garwood pi 
Bishop Charles, barber, 328 Girard av 
Bishop Charles, police, 922 Parrish 
Bishop Charles J., druggist, 515 Market, h 611 

N 7th 
Bishop David S., 1309 Cherry 
Bishop David T., farmer, 149 Race st Market, 

h Post office, W Chester 
Bishop Elizabeth, boarding house, 918 Arch 
Bishop Elizabeth, wid David, h r 834 N 2d 
Bishop Ephraim, ship chandler, 18 S Delaware 

av, h 1202 S 3d 
Bishop Francis, carter, 830 Fernon 
Bishop Francis, moulder, 1078 Frankford av 
Bishop Frederick, machinist, Morton (Gtn) 
Bishop Isaac, laborer, h Sharpnack (Gtn) 
Bishop Isaac R., Ambrotypes, 1613 Gtn av, h 

2 r Shackamaxon n Queen 
Bishop Jacob F., butcher, 380 EasternMarket, 

h 1431 N 6th 
Bishop Jane, wid., boarding house, 2307 Cal- 
Bishop Jeremiah, farmer, 70 Franklin Market, 

h (Del co) 
Bishop Joel B., shoemaker, h 1125 Coates 
Bfshop John, h Centre, (Gtn) 
Bishop John, bricklr, h 1310 Moyamensing av 
Bishop John, butcher, 9 Girard Av Market, h 

Wood c Dauphin 
Bishop John, farmer, Gorgas (Gtn) 
Bishop John (col'd), laborer, h 709 Julia 

Bishop J. R., ambrotvpist, 1613 Germantow 

av, h Marlborough n Queen 
Bishop John L., M. D., 974 N Front 
Bishop John R., tailor, 114 S 4th. h 821 Frank 

Bishop Louisa, 253 S 9th 
Bishop Martha S., milliner, 1016 Chestnut 
Bishop Mary, dressmaker, 109 Dunlap 
Bishop Matilda (col'd), widow Joseph, 618 

Bishop Matthew, brewer, Mifflin c Jefferson 
Bishop Maurice, baker, 150 Marg-aretta 
Bishop Monroe, trunk maker, 930 St Johns 
Bishop Peter, moulder, 1078 Frankford av 
Bishop Philip S., car builder, 2016 Wood 
Bishop Pratt, farmer, 339 Sp. Garden St Mkt, 

h (Chester Pa.) 
Bishop Rachel, wid. Reuben, 828 Rachel 
Bishop Robert, laborer, 212 Wood 
Bishop Robert, machinist, 1213 Howard 
Bishop Robert E., bar tender, 1230 Cadwalader 
Bishop S., shoemaker, 232 New 
Bishop Sarah, candy, 1230 Cadwalader 
BISHOP, SIMONS* & CO., (Stillwell S. Bishop, 
Henry Simo?is c^- William L. McFaden,') 
com. mer., 105 Arch 
Bishop Still., S., mer., 105 Arch, h 2332 Green 
Bishop Stratton, waterman, 978 Delaware av 
Bishop Thomas, prof, music, 1202 Filbert 
Bishop Thos. H., mach., Vine n 4th, h (S Cam) 
Bishop Uriah C, furniture, 1637 Market, h 22 

S 17th 
Bishop William, clerk, 1316 Myrtle 
Bishop Wm., shoemaker, Gtn av. (Nicetown) 
Bishop William, watchn., Carpenter, (Gtn) 
Bisiardi Avaristo, 920 Hutchinson 
Bisker Adelaide, wid. Anthy., Levering, (Myk) 
Biskey Lewis, silver plater, 419 Prune 
Bisler" William, shirts, 313 N 8th 
Bispham Daniel, tocacco, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Ellis, clerk, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham George W., blacksmith, 2029 Wood 
BISPHAM JAMES S., druggist, 710 S 2d, h 

411 S 8th 
Bispham Jno. S., groc, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham Jos. B.,mei\, 14 S Front, h 1503 Spruce 
Bispham Martha C, 1605 Filbert 
Bispham Sam!., groc, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham Samuel A., grocer, 629 Market, h 459 

John S. Bispham,) grocers 8c com. mer., 
629 Market and 620 Commerce 
Bispham William, clerk, 1605 Filbert 
Biss Thomas, gent., Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Bissel & Co, (Israel M. Bissel $ David E. Payn- 
ter,) chemical works, 319 Walnut & Hare 
n N 23d 
Bissel George, 406 S Broad 
Bissel Israel M., chemist, 319 Walnut &. Hare n 

N 23d, h 406 S Broad 
Bisset James, gardener, Moya. av c Greenwich 
Bissex Henry, 2101 Vine 
Bissex Henry T., boots &. shoes, Market n 34th 

(WP) " 
Bissex James R., shoes, 2101 Vine 
Bissick James, (col'd,) laborer, Lisbon n S 6th 
Bissinger Isaac, stoves, 1107 N 3d 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Lustrale, 

Bispham William I)., atty. & coun., 30 N 7th 




Bistirius William, tailor, r 1019 St John 
Bissout Henry F., shoemr., Ridge av. c X 25th 
Biswanger George J., weaver, r 1319 Palethorp 
Biswanger Hermann, machinist, 1602 N 5th 
Biswing - Jacob S., carp., Cumberland n Carroll 
Biswmger Erhart, weaver, York n Adrian 
Bitler Joseph, moulder, 204 S Juniper 
Bitler William, machinist, 818 N 19th 
Bitner Charles, upholsterer, 830 Cherry 
Bitner Lewis, cabinet maker, 407 Garden 
BITNER MATTHIAS, dry goods, 63 N 3d, h 

716 Buttonwood 
Bitney Lucas, carpenter, (Unionville) 
Bittenger Charles S., shoemr., 922 Hutchinson 
Bittenklepper John, cabinet maker, 255 Queen 
Bitter Comley, engineer, N 5th n Columbia av 
Bitter Henry, tailor, 1424 Ridge av 
Bitterlich Ferdinand, cabinetmaker, 603 Pine 
Bitting George W., carpenter, 1326 Hutchinson 
Bittle Alexander, (col'd.,) waiter, 1136 Barley 
Bittle Charles W., shoemaker, Church (Myk) 
Bittle Mary A., wid. Frederick, Church (Myk) 
Bittorf Valentine, shoemaker, Oxford c N 5th 
Bitters Ephraim, wheelwright, r 721 St John 
Bitters Lorenzo C, shoes, 486 N 4th 
Bitterwulf Michael, huckster, r 1129 X 3d 
Bitting Andrew, tailor, 1215 Myrtle 
Bitting Catharine, wid. Knight, 830 Burns 
Bitting Charles, fireman, 4 Loud pi 
Bitting Charles W., blacksmith, 830 Burns 
Bitting Jacob, brakesman, 644 Ellis 
Bitting John H., blacksmith, 830 Burns 
Bitting Jonathan, turnery 1724 Wylie 
Bitting Jordan D., contractor, 860 X 11th 
Bitting Joseph, cooper, Otsego n Moore 
Bitting Lewis, liquors, 626 Market, h 623 X 

Bitting Lewes C, instruments, 860 X 11th 
Bitting Thomas R., 326 X 3d, h 413 X 6th 
Bitting Wayne, salesman, Merchants' House 
Bitting William, dispatcher, 808 Wallace 
Bitting William, tailor, 1215 Myrtle 
Bittner Abraham, lab., Warren n 35th (W P.) 
Bitzer Charles, weaver, Daniel pi n Earl 
Bivan Thomas, cake vendor, 329 S 7th 
Biven Mary, boarding house, 1027 Melon 
Bivin Edward, machinist, Blockley (W P) 
Bivins & Lyons {John Bivins $■ Thomas Lyons,) 

ice dealers, 241 Queen 
Bivins John, ice dealer, 241 Queen, h S Front 

n Reed 
Bize Eugene, clerk, 222 X 8th 
Bize Mary A., milli.ier, 222 X 8th 
Blabon George W., oil cloths, 146 X 3d, h 451 

N 8th 
Blabon & Smith {George W. Blabon § Spencer 

C. Smith,) oil cloths, 146 X 3d 
Black Adam, laborer, 1935 "Wood 
Black Albert, cooper, Tulip n Gordon 
Black Alexander, driver, 1208 Cuthbert 
Black Alexander, laborer, r 1310 X 2d 
Black Alexander A., poultrv, &c, 223 Eastern 

Market, h 428 Walter " 
Black Amelia, dress maker 211 S 9th 
Black Andrew, carpenter, 208 Dean 
Black Anne S., mantilla maker, 240 S 10th 
Black Anthony, weaver, Main n Penn (Mvk) 
Black Bear Hotel, 425 X 3d 

Black Catharine, wid. Archibald, washing, 103 

Black Charles, blacksmith, 21st X South 
Black Charles, laborer, Hippies la (Mvk) 
Black Charles, laborer, 523 S 21st 
Black Charlotte, stationery, 156 Frankford av 
Black Crawford, carpenter, McCrea n Espv 
Black Creek Improvement Co., 31H Walnut 
Black Cyrus, (col'd,) clothing, 339 X~2d, h Pine 

n Quince 
Black Cvrus, (col'd,) porter, 1 Bohemia pi, r 

765 S 4th 
Black Daniel, laborer, Ann n Trenton av 
Black Daniel, painter, 762 S 6th 
Black Ebenezer, (col'd.) scourer, 612 Barclay 
Black Edgar X, h St Lawrence Hotel 
Black Edward, milk, 1425 Parrish 
Black Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, dress maker , 

Mansure pi, r 906 Melon 
Black Emanuel S., porter, 922 Xectarine 
Black Francis, carpenter, 714 Shirley 
•Black Francis, shoemaker, 1342 South 
Black Francis A., painter, 726 S 2d 
Black George, varnisher, 1036 Xectarine 
| Black George, wheel wright, George n N 5th 
Black George, (col'd,) laborer, Brown's ct 
I Black George D., clerk, 806 Market, h 319 X 

Black George R., plasterer, 361 Otis 
; Black Henry, blacksmith, 1504 Gtn av 
Black Henry, factory man, 139 Frankford (Fkd) 
' Black Henry, terra cotta, X 7th, n Dauphin, h 

Gnt rd n Diamond 
Black Henry, weaver, 4 Bristol pi 
Black Henry, weaver, r 178 Columbia av 
Black Henry J., 1405 Chestnut 
Black Henrv M., carpenter, 865 McGrath 
; BLACK HORSE HOTEL, 352 & 354 X 2d 
I Black Horse Hotel, 1125 Market 
i Black Hugh, weaver, 1420 Philip 
Black Isaac, police, 208 Dean 
Black J., blacksmith, Diamond n X 5th 
Black Jackson, painter, 762 S 6th 
Black Jackson, wearer, r 1423 Philip 
Black James, cutter, 924 Race 
Black James, dry goods, 240 S 10th 
Black Jas., grocer, 1501 Market, h 1S21 Filbert 
Black James, laborer, 1630 Richard 
Black James, laborer, 1923 South 
Black James, machinist, h White Hall hotel 
Black James, moulder, 1612 Cambridge 
Black James, paints, 902 Market, h 1337 Coates 
Black James, (col'd,) barber, Dock, h r 925 

Black James, & Co., paints, 902 Market 
Black James B., printer, 324 S Front 
Black James J., flour, 146 N Del av, Sc 139 

X Water, h 329 Lombard 
Black James M., barber, 210 Dock, h 1035 

Black Jas. R., ambrotypes, 531 Washington av 
Black James R., painter, X 2d n York 
Black Jeremiah, shoe maker, 1408 Philip 
Black John, blacksm, 12 Fetter la, h 448 X 7t 
Elack John, boiler maker, 1505 Shippen 
Black John, cabt. maker, h Black Horse hotel 
Black John, caulker, 37 Christian 
Black John, coachman, 4 College pi 

an infallible cure for Baldness. 




John, florist, h Whitehall hotel 
Black John, grocer, 1609 Fitzwater 
l>...:k John, laborer, 2 Dunsdale pi r Lor 
Black John, waiter, 329 Dean 
Black John A, suptend., S21 Chestnut, fa 

Black John F., ship carpenter, 242 Jarvis 
Black John H., late teacher, 1154 S 6th 
Black John II .. 1\L) barber, 1210 Moyamen- 

sing av, h Filbert n X 
Black John L^ blockmake.. " S son 
Black John S., dry good--. 1513 

Black Joseph, clerk, Emery c Fisher 
Black Joseph, weaver, Palelhorp n Columbia av 
Black Joshua, spinner, 1332 X 2d 
Black Leonora, bonnetmaker, 1509 Vine 

is, baker, 1316 Shippen 
Black M , 1231 S 3d 
Black Mar}', huckster, 136 Shippen st mai 

. Walnut n Park (W P 
Black Mary, widow James, Thurlow n 12th 

k Matthias, white washer, S 40th c Irving 
Black Matilda J., dressmaker, X 2d n York 

k Matthew, painter, "62 S 6th 
Black Matthew, shoemaker, 1146 S 12th 
Black Maurice, attv. 8c coun., 241 S 3d, h 37th 

c Oak CW P 
Black Peter, 240 S 10th 

Black Rebecca, widow James, 329 Lombard 
Black Rebecca, widow Samuel. 1-03 Melon 
Black Richard, hostler, Queen (Gnt) 

k Robert. blacksm., Walnu- tnS WF 

Black Robert^ bootfitter, 90" N 9th 

: Robert, bootu. Shippen 

Black Robert, carpenter, 10 S 17th 
Black Robert, chairmaker, 1642 Baciet 
Black Robert, coppersmith, r 668 X 10th 

; Robert, carver, 718 Carpenter 
BLACK ROBERT, grocer, :V 

Markel : 17th, h 17th c Market 

k Robert, laborer, 1642 Becket 
Black Robert, laborer, 1333 S 8th 
Black Robert, laborer, 2057 Vine 

Robert, Rev., Wylie n Cameron 
Black Robert, telegrapher, 939 Lafayette 
Black Robert, jr., carpenter, 1129 Shippen 
Black Robert C, spinner, 1003 S 8th 
Black Robt. T., mer., 422 Market, h 1112 Vine 

k Rudolph J., clerk, 212 Chestnut, fa 

X 13th 
Black Samuel, conductor, 2305 Coates 
Black Samuel, farmer, 153 Franklin market 

k Saml., (colored,) laborer, Market n X " 
W P 
Black Samuel W..real estate agent, 640 X 13th 
Black Sarah, nurse, r 413 South 
Black Sarah, widow Samuel, 1420 Philip 
Black Sarah, washer, 1234 Shippen 
Black Sarah A., wid. John,Tulip n Gordon 
Black Thoi. X 2d n Fitler 

k Thomas, (col'd,) porter, 1043 Lombard 
Black Thomas A., clerk, 241 S 6th 
BLACK I cer, 1401 Chestnut, 

h 114 S 1 
Black William, four. I Borden 

. William, grocer! 509 X 18th 

Rlack William, grocer, 718 St Mary 
William, lal 

: William, labc: -ex 

Black William, laborer, 27S Richmond 
Black William, laborer, 1238 Shippen 

; Win, moulder, Walnut n S 37th (W P) 

k William, sailor, 702 S Front 
Black William, stone cutter, 1512 Shippen 
Black William, warper, 928 Suffolk 
Black William, weaver, r 1328 Hope 
Black William, weaver, 1441 Howard 

k William C, asst fee:.. 274 S 3d, h 1154 

s •:-.".. 

Black William D., blacksmith, r 207 Christian, 

h 1324 Moyamensing av 
Black Win. H, plastr., Braddock n Frankfd av 
BLck William J., clerk, 17th c Market 
Black William R., carpenter, 116 Federal 
Black William S., printer, 1027 Buttonwood 

Chestnut c S 5tb, h 725 S 16th 
Blackburn Buckley, carder, 1241 Mascher 
Blackburn Charles, shoe mr, 7 Clymer n S 6th 
Blackburn Daniel M, conveyan., 420 Library, 

h 1832 Lombard 
Blackburn Edw.. laborer, 49 Frankford (Fkd) 
Blackburn Fred- shoe maker, 7 Clymer n S 6th 
Blackburn Henrv, tailor, 253 Madison 
Blackburn J I ; ': ankford (Fkd) 

Blackburn James, liquors, 2101 Chestnut 
Blackburn Jas, jr,laborer,49 Frankford (Fkd) 
Blackburn Jeremiah, boots & shoes, 615 South 
Blackburn John, attv. & coun., 420 Librarv, h 

546 S 16th 
Blackburn John M., clerk, 310 Cherry 
Blackburn Joseph, laborer, r 710 Passyunk av 
Blackburn Martha, widow of William, 7 Clymer 

n S6th 
Blackburn Patrick, coachman, 1720 Latimer pi 
Blackburn 5te« carter, 138 X Broad, h 12 

Blackburn Thomas, carter, X 10th n Master 

burn Thomas, laborer, 1424 X : 
Blackburn Thcs., 2d hand fur., 2112 Callowhill 

m, baker, 321 M 
Blackburn Win, laborer, 49 Frankford (Fkd) 
Blackburn William, laborer, 433 X ISth 

kbnrne Francis, secretary, 433 Chestnut, h 

k c - Penn sq 

Blackbume Francis, jr., malster, X 10th c 

Thompson, h Merrick c S Penn sq 

burne Sarah, widow Christo. J., 15 S 13th 

Blackburne Thomas, attv. Si coun., 255 S 5th, h 

I Christian 
B"..-:"-;' -me Wi bam, cleric, 433 I bestn r, h -i 

.:k c S Penn sq 
Blacker Michael, Rev., 1426 Warnock 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 1236 Pine 
Blackford George, tailor, 1109 Ogden 
Blackford John A., salesman, 600 Market 
Blackhurst Henry, weaver, 9 Craig's av 
Blackiston Henry EL, coaL 206 Walnut, h 732 

X 10th 
Blackiston Preston, country store (Collegeville) 
Blackiston Wm. L., carriage builder, 1541 
Ridge av. h Richards' house, 8th c Spring 
Bkcklev John, weaver, 1451 Cadwalader 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Blackmail Charlotte, wid. Nicholas, Salmon n 

Blackmail Louisa, wid. Joseph J., refreshment, 
Brabant n William, h Sorrel c Brabant (11) 
Blackman Nathan J., shoemaker, 926 Poplar 
Blackman Remington G., hotel, Brabant c Ann 
Blackman Wm. T., wholesale lumber and tim- 
ber dealer, 332 Richmond 
Blackmore Charles, engineer, 1733 Moravian 
Blackner Ann M., wid. Rudolph, 925 Coates 
Blackson Ellen (colored), wid. Edward, 738 

Blackson Henry (colored), barber, 1841 Lom- 
bard, h 228 Currant al 
Blackson Moses, ship carpenter, Salmon n Ann 
Blackson Wm., glassworker, Gaul c York 
Blackston Anthony, drayman, Lawrence n 

Blackstone John (colored), laborer, 1030 Rod- 
Blackston e Thomas, 110 N 11th 
Blackwell Edward, captain of steamboat, 522 

Blackwell Heniy, bartender, 726 Russell 
Blackwell Thomas, silversmith, 631 Hays 
Blackwell Wm., carpenter, 1327 S 10th 
Blackwood Hannah, widow Joseph, 914 Whar- 
Blackwood Joseph, merchant, N 2d ab Arch, h 

1602 Arch 
Blackwood Thomas P., carpenter, 257 Perry 
BRckwood Wm., framemaker, 508 Hagner 
Blackwood Wm., M. D., 1602 Arch 
Blackwood Wm., Rev., 125 S 18th 
Bladen Angelina H., 1102 Callowhill 
Blade James, shoemaker, 1128 Savery 
Bladen Maria, teacher, 626 N 6th 
Bladen John B. W., (colored), porter, r 1322 

Bladen Oliver, carpenter, 250 N 16th 
Bladen Thomas P., treas,, 302 Chestnut, h at 

Blaclen Washington, atty. & coun., 134 S 6th, 

h (Torre sdale) 
Blaech E. F., moroccodresser, rear 1529 Mifflin 
Blaese Jacob, bottler, 837 N 3d 
Blaese John P., leather, 634 N 4th, h 703 Coates 
Blaese John P. & Co., (Philip Blaese), leather, 

634 N 4th 
Blaese Philip, leather, 634 N 4th, h Red Lion 
BLAESS & BERGMANN, brewers, 306 New, 

8c 612 St John 
Blaess Conrad, hotel, 345 Coates, 8c 701 N 4th, 

h 345 Coates 
Blaess George, brewer, 612 St John 
Blaess Philip, brewer, 612 St John 
Blagrave Richard, shoemaker, 11 College pi 
Blaich Christiana, 218 Green 
Blaich Geo. E., tobacconist, 1235 N Front 
Blaikie Thos. L., plumber, r S Front n Tasker 
Blain James, dealer, 1206 Brinton 
Blain John, weaver, 1429 Philip 
Blair Aaron (colored), weigher, 117 S Front 
Blair Alexander, lab. 6 Fairmount av n Linn 
Blair 8c Co., (David Blair Sf M. S. Wallens), N 

7th c Cherry 
Blair 8c Linton, (Wm. H. Blair, 4' James Lin- 

BLAIR & WYETH, (Henry C. Blair, % John 

Wyeth), druggists, 800 Walnut 
Blair Andrew, weaver, N 2d n Oxford 
Blair A. F., clerk, Ashland House 
Blair Beulah,wid. Hugh, 1120 Gnt av 
Blair David, liquors, N 7th c Cherry, h 208 N 

Blair Frances, wid John, 1928 Naudain 
Blair Francis L., clerk, 223 Marriott 
Blair Henry C, apothecary, Walnut c S 8th, h N 

35th c Powelton (W P) 
Blair Henry J., currier, 612 Tamarind 
Blair Hester, widow John, vestmr, 181 Girard 

Blair Isabella, Leiper n Church (Fkd) 
Blair James, butter, 93 Race St Market, h 308 

S Juniper 
Blair James, grocer, 1308 N 3d 
BLAIR JAMES, stairbuilder, S 21st n Chest- 
nut, h 266 N Perry 
Blair James T., liquors, 226 N 2d 
Blair John, conductor, 1308 N 3d 
Blair John, grocer, Haverford c N 37th (W P) 
Blair John, lab. 1928 Naudain 
Blair John, plasterer, r 1338 Hancock 
Blair John, weaver, 1229 Crease 
Blair John B., artist, 445 N 3d 
Blair Joseph, hatter, 1366 Ridge av 
Blair Margaret, wid. John, 1130 Rodman 
Blair Margaret, wid. Jonathan, 5 Kinley's ct 
Blair Mary, dry goods, 412 S 13th 
Blair M. A. 8c R., (Mary A., Sf Rachel), trim- 
mings, 610 Sp Garden 
Blair Mary A., trimmings, 610 Sp Garden 
Blair Rachel, trimmings, 510 Sp Garden 
Blair Samuel, engineer, 2047 Summer 
Blair Samuel, shoemaker, 1710 Carver 
Blair Samuel R., gasfitter, 10 N 7th 
Blair Stewart, printing ink, 234 N Juniper 
Blair Thomas, carter, Hope n Montgomery 

Blair Thomas, farmer, 335 S Front 
Blair Thomas, hotel, 1911 Market 
Blair Thomas, machinist, 1505 Pearl 
Blair Wm., gardener, Ridge av n Nicetown la 
Blair Wm., milk, Oxford n Bodine 
Blair Wm., lab. Oxford n Bodine 
Blair Wm., lab. 1436 N 2d 
Blair Wm., weaver, Haverford c Budd (W P) 
Blair Wm. E., grocer, 122 S 17th 
Blair Wm. H., tea dealer, 33 Front, h 23 N 10th 
BLAIS EDWARD, 851 N Broad 
Blaise Adam, lager beer, 1344 N 5th 
Blake 8c Keyser, (J. West Blake, S,- P. A. Key- 
ser,jr.,) coal, 103 Walnut, 8c Arch St whf 
Blake Mustin, Tioga n N 18th 
Blake Charles, surg. inst. maker, 604 N 5th 
Blake Edmund, farmer, Verree road 
Blake Edward, hotel, 348 S Water, h 349 S 

Blake Elizabeth, wid. Isaac, 98 Bedford 
Blake Elizabeth, wid. Wm., confectionery, 766 

Blake Geo., eating house, 738 S Broad 
Blake Geo., farmer, (Livezeytown) 
Blake Geo., shoemaker, 19 S 20tn 
Blake Geo. E., music store, 25 S 5th 

ton), brokers, 33 S Front 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Blake Geo. W, clerk, 141 N loth 

Blake Hannah (colored), r 1343 Bedford 

Blake H N., machinist. Allegheny House 

Blake Henry T., trimmings, 404 S 6th 

Blake Hiram, farmer, (Five Points) 

Blake Jacob, farmer, (Fox Chase) 

Blake John, farmer, 112 Franklin Market 

Blake John, lab. 1720 Burton 

Blake John, porter, 308 Cypress 

Blake John, (colored) coachman, 612 Bay 

Blake John, (colored) laborer, Geary n Wylie 

Blake Jonathan L., farmer, (Fox Chase) 

Blake Joseph, laborer, N 5th n Dauphin 

Blake Leah, (colored) washerwoman, Mascher 

n Oxford 
Blake Michael, laborer, 5 Furlong's ct, r 705 

Blake Parkman S., jr., 230 S Broad 
Blake Peter, cigar maker, Park (C Hill) 
Blake Rachel A., (colored) domestic, 624 St. 

Blake Robert, farmer, (Livezeytown) 
Blake Robert S., farmer, Verree rd 
Blake Samuel, cigar maker, Allen's la (Mt Airy) 
Blake Samuel, (colored) waiter, 8 Caroline pi 
Blake S. Parkman, jr., com. mer., 238 Church al, 

h 230 S Broad 
Blake Thomas, brick maker, 1303 Montgomery 
Rlake Thomas, farmer, Welsh rd 
Blake West J., coal, Arch st whart, Schuvl., 

h 141 N 13th 
Blake William, bar keeper, Callowhill bel 5th 
Blake William, farmer, Bristol rd 
Blake William, (colored) stove maker, 246 

Currant al 
Blakeley Chas., shoemaker, 1411 Frankford av 
Blakeley John, Ridge av (Rox) 
Blakeley Joseph, blacksmith, 1101 Hope 
Blakeley Andrew, laborer, 1636 Burton 
Blakeley John, laborer, Button wood n N 18th 
Blakeley Robert, carder, American n Columbia 
Blakeley Sarah, widow, crockery, 25 Libertv 

market, h 5 St. David 
Blakeley William, laborer, r Philip 
Blakelev William, watchman, Buttonwood n 

X 18th 
Blakeman Wm., (colored) seaman) 914 S 9th 
Blakemore Frank, bell hanger, 2328 Market 
Blakemore Henrv, japan ware, 7 Appletree al, 

h 1205 Melon 
Blakemore John, japaner, 1542 Cadwalader 
Blakemore John, tinsmith, 1542 Cadwalader 
Blakemore Thomas F., dry goods, 307 Market, 

h 445 N 6th 
Blakcr Henry, driver, 2213 Coates 
Blaker Jason, mason, Decatur, (Holmesburg) 
Blaker John, hostler, Main (Hbg) 
Blaker Ulysses, laborer, r 924 Ogden 
B!: ker Ulysses, plumber, r 924 Ogden 
Bh.ker William, express man, 191 Frankford 

ton & Cox (John R. Blakiston if William 

P. Cox) coal, 217 Walnut & pier 11 Rich- 
Blakiston Charles, produce, 40 N Water, h N 

N 40th n Market (W P) 
Blakiston George R. &. Co., coal, Market n 31st, 

h Pine c 42d (W P) 

Blakiston Henry R., coal, 206 Walnut, h 732 

N 19th 
Blakiston John R., coal, 217 Walnut, 1: 1611 

Blakiston Presley, publisher, 25 S 6th, h (Holmes- 
Blaklev William, laborer, r 1529 Philip n 

Blakeley William, foreman, Main (Myk) 
Blancan John, wool sorter, N 6th n Meetler 
Blancbois Charles, trimmings, 739 S 3d 
Blancenseau Julius, clothing, 288 Richmond 
Blanch Arthur, carter, 5 Paley pi 
Blanch Charles, jeweler, 1017 Hope 
Blanch James, stone mason, 940 Alder 
Blanch Michael, carter, 18 Colebrook pi 
BLANCH \RD & LEA, ( William A. Blanchard 

if Henry C. Lea) books, 105 S 4th 
Blanchard Benjamin, clerk, 112 S 17th 
Blanchard Henry B., upholsterer, 1305 Chestnut 
Blanchard John D., 507 Coates 
Blanchard William, bookseller, 1511 Walnut 
Blanchard William A., publisher, 105 S 4th, h 

1511 Walnut 
Blanchard William T., sec, Fame ins. co., 411 

Chestnut, h 545 Marshall 
Richard Wilson, tinsmith, r 1249 Alder 
Blanche Louis, editor, 148 S 4th, h 707 Sansom 
Blanchfield Thomas, watchman, 1903 Rochford 
Blancjour Catharine, widow, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Blancjour F. L., music, Gnt av n Mill (Gtn) 
Blanck William, carpenter, 2130 Cherry 
Blanckensee Eliza, widow of Isaac, 47 William 
Blanckensee Juliut, clothing, 288 Richmond 
Bland George, clerk, Green la (Myk) 
Bland James H. B., tailor, 1630 S 6th 
Bland John D., welder, 513 Dickerson 
Bland Joseph, rigger, 1400 S 7th 
Bland Samuel, watchmaker, Market, (Camden) 
Blandin Samuel, carpenter, 33 N 13th 
Blaney Dennis, laborer, Cotton (Myk) 
Blaney Isabella, wid. of John, Salmon n Ann (R) 
Blaney James, foreman, 208 Thompson 
Blaney James, gas works, 1603 Summer 
Blaney James, tailor, 845 Marriott 
Blanev John, shoemaker, Robeson (Mvk) 
Blaney Mary A., wid. of Willis B, 1043 Button- 
Blaney Patrick, dyer, Levering (Myk) 
Blaney Patrick, laborer, 2031 Murray 
Blaney Richard, carpenter, 266 S 5th 
Blanford William, police, 1931 Ann 
Blank Louis, confectioner, 1543 Chestnut 
Blank Samuel, clerk, 1619 Melloy 
Blankenhorn August, 1332 Wood 
Blankin Samuel, butcher, 760 S 11th 
Blanklev George, tinsmith, Market n 37th 

Blankley Joseph, saddler, 1321 Rodman 
Blankman George, painter, 809 S 10th 
Blankmeyer Elizabeth, tobacconist, 1403 N 8th 
Blankmeyer Henry, cabinet maker, 1405 N 8th 
Blant Charles, laborer, Thompson av (Myk) 
Blant William, carder, Thompson av (Myk) 
Blasdell Sarah, tailoress, 1339 S 10th 
Blase Augustus, shoemaker, 910 Brown 
Blase Henry, shoemaker, 910 Brown 
Blase Louis, shoemaker, 910 Brown 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s unequaled Eau Lustrale, 




Blase Philip, currier, h Red Lion Hotel 
Blase William T., shoemaker, 206 Green 
Blasius Bro's, {William <$• Charles, pianos, 1006 

Blasius Charles, pianos, 1006 Chestnut, h 338 

S 161h 
Blasius Joseph, sescar makerj 216 Thompson 
Blasius William, pianos, 1006 Chestnut, h 338 

S 16th 
Blasman Henry, baker, 1601 Frankford av 
Blattner Adolphus W., morocco finisher, 924 

Blattner Edward, printer, r 843 N 3d 
Blattner Eugene J., painter, 1118 Poplar 
Blattner E. R., printer, 717 N 2d 
Blau Adolph, carpet weaver, 468 Kerr 
Blau John, foreman, 1336 N Front 
Blau John A., weaver, 1336 N Front 
Blau Samuel, dry goods, 647 South 
Blaw Isaac, dry goods, 243 South 
Blaylock James W., carpenter, 8 N 15th, h 421 

Blaylock John W., liquors, 914 S 5th 
Blaylock Louis N., hatter, 52 N 8th, h 227 N 

Blayney Willis H., bartender, 935 Washington 

Blazal John, shoes, 2055 Lombard 
Bleaker William, currier, 1519 Lawrence 
Bleakley David, liquor, 159 Girard avenue 
Blech Theodore, clerk, 1221 Corn 
Blecker Henry, cooper, 303 N 13th, h N 13th 

cor Vine 
Blee Barney E., liquors, 1649 Lombard 
Blee Charles, laborer, 2405 Pine 
Blee Charles, stonecutter, 2 Sharon place 
Blee Fran. J., laborer, Christian n Gray's Ferry r 
Blee George, brickmaker, 1909 Wilcox 
Blee George, laborer, 6 Sidmouth place 
Blee Hugh, shoemaker, Market ab 30th (W P) 
Blee John, brickmaker, 1909 Wilcox 
Blee Latham, grocer, 233 N 15th 
Blefgen Aloys, livery stable, 918 St. John 
Bleim Isaac, carpenter, 1326 Marshall, h Sor- 
rel Horse 
Bleistein Charles, soapmaker, 829 N 3d 
Bleloch Jas., clerk, 408 Commerce, h 531 Wil- 
Blench Michael, liquors, 1324 Oxford 
Blend Martin, safe maker, 921 Alder 
Blenk John, baker, 740 Passyunk av 
Blenner John P., cabinetmaker, 1304 Ogden 
Blessing Conrad, locksmith, 1337 N 5th 
Blessing George, hostler, York road n Railroad 
Blessing George, wheelwright, r 1116 Parrish 
Blessing Math'ias, bottler, 1620 N 11th 
Blessing Peter, laborer, Venango n Lambert 
Blessner Gustave, prof, of music, 705 Sansom 
Blest Thomas T., grocer, 1221 N 19th 
Bletterman Isaac G., chairmaker, 947 St. John 
Bletterman Michael H., furrier, 947 St. John 
Bletterman Michael K., tailor, 947 St. John 
Bleuit Levin, polisher, 1309 Rodman 
Bleuit Thomas, carpenter, 1601 Richard 
Blew Rebecca, widow of George, 1437 Savery 
Bley John, druggist, Frankford road cor York 
Bleyler Henry, painter, rear 912 Poplar 
Bleyler JohnM, saloon, 800 N 6th 

Bleyler Thomas, 316 Monroe 

Blichter Ignatius, ragman, 1208 Leithgow 

Bliem Isaac E., carpenter, 268 N 4th 

Blight Atherton, 1 129 Chestnut 

Blight Charles, 1824 Delancy place 

Blight George, farmer, Township line n Gtn 

Blight Jas. H., 218 Walnut, h 1824 Delancy pi 

Blight Joseph W., brushmaker, 159 Wilmar 

Blight Maria, widow of George, 1129 Chestnut 

Blight William S., secretary, Ridge avenue cor 

Columbia av, h 1336 Spruce 
Blind & Ramb, (Conrad Blind § John G. Ramb,) 

flour, 434 Master 
Blind Conrad, flour, 434 Master 
Blinkhorn John, painter, 6 Pascal 
Blinn Jacob, cordwainer, 936 Wamock 
Blinn Marg., wid. of Henry, Dauphin n Sepviva 
Blinn William, segarmaker, 936 Warnock 
Bliss Anson, ship carpenter, 116 Wharton 
Bliss George, laborer, Lehman (Gtn) 
Bliss George, tobacconist, 226 N 2d 
Bliss James C., carver, Newbold n Callowhill 
Bliss Theodore, bookseller, 110 N 3d, h 1737 

Bliss Valentine, hotel, 428 Coates 
Blithe Robert, coach maker, Ridge av (Rox) 
Blittersdorf Gustave, turner, 400 Maria 
Blitz Philip, farmer, Chalkley Hallla (Aramingo) 
Blitz Signor, N E c 10th & Chestnut 
Blitz Solomon L., hotel, 517 S 3d 
Blizard George, tinsmith, 119 Federal 
Blizard Joseph, seaman, 119 Federal 
Blizzard J., packing boxes, 1 Fetter's lane, 

h 828 N 19th 
Blizzard Nathaniel, raker, 1316 Vienna 
Blizzard William, boxmaker, 1 Fetter's lane, h 

828 N 19th 
Block Anthony, sealing wax, 534 Linden 
Block John, shoemaker, 12 Clemantis avenue 
Block John, sugar refiner, rear 133 Craven 
Block Joseph, cabinetmaker, 214 Gold, h 6 

Cowperthwaite pi 
Blockley Levi, machinist, 2300 Spruce 
Blockson John, seaman, 920 Otsego 
Blockson Mary A., widow of Wm., shoe binder, 

411 Washington avenue 
Blockson Woodman, seaman, 43 Prime 
Blodget Lorin, secretary, 505 Chestnut, h 246 

S 8th 
Bloecker Christian, cabinetmaker, 109 Relief 
Bloecker Frederick, painter, 434 Lombard 
Bloh Charles, bootmaker, 1002 Brown 
Blom George, shoemaker, 4 Central place 
Blom Marcus G., M. D., 116 Union 
Blome Albert, confectioner, 1417 Ridge avenue 
Blomer Arnold, clerk, 617 Wall 
Blomer George D., clerk, 1300 S 2d 
Blominer Fred., shoemaker, r 413 Belgrade 
Blood Caleb, shoemaker, 608 Annapolis 
Blood Hosea, bookkeeper, 610 Annapolis 
Blood John, sailmaker, 2044 Reeves 
Blood Deacon, shoemaker, Myrtle n 40th (W P) 
Bloodgood Frank C, clerk, 2 Walnut 
BLOODGOOD J. B., hotel, 2 Walnut, & grocer, 

10 Walnut, h 2 Walnut 
Bloodgood William B., clerk, 2 Walnut 
Bloom H., M. D., 710 S-ansom, h Alleghany house 
Bloom Jacob, peddler, 703 South 

popular throughout the world. 




Bloom Jos., linguist; N 41st ab Hutton (W P) 
Bloom Peter, clerk, 470 N 8th 
Bloom Sarah, widow of George, 1230 Poplar 
Bloomer Barnard, laborer, 914 S 10th 
Bloomer David, bricklayer, 736 Bayard 
Bloomer Henry, laborer, 938 New Market 
Bloomer Hugh, shoes, 913 Christian 
liloomer James, horse dealer, 2031 Reeves 
Bloomer James, sea captain, 236 S Front 
Bloomer John, carpenter, 2018 Carlton 
Bloomer John, laborer, rear Fitler near N 2d 
Bloomer Laurence, carter, 724 Lebanon 
Bloomer Lawrence, chandler, Susquehanna av 

near Otis 
Bloomer Thomas H., grocer, 2016 Carlton 
Bloomer William, laborer, Carroll near Firth 
Bloomer William, horse dealer, 2018 Carlton 
Bloomer William L., crockery, 623 South 
Bloomfield Joseph, blacksmith, rear 122 Potts 
Bloomingdale Abraham, pedler, 150 Poplar 
Bloomingdale 8c Rhine, (Charles Bloomingdale 

iy Isaac Rhine,) clothing-, 332 Market 
Bloomingdale Charles, merchant, 332 Market, h 

932 Franklin 
Bloomsburg Chas., captain, Hewson near Sal- 

mon (R) 
Blotter Henry, instruments, Dauphin n Holman 
Blotz Martin, shoemaker, 126 Richmond 
Blourne John, rigger, N 36th c Oak (W P) 
■ Blowe George, watch case maker, 311 Emmet 
Blower Edward, dealer, r 335 Christian 
Blox John, Rev., St John's, h 21 S 13th 
Bloxsom Edward, clerk, 904 Faulkner 
Bloxsom Robert, seaman, 105 Carpenter 
Bloxsom Woodman, seaman, 109 Carpenter 
Bloxsom AVoodman, jr., seaman, 107 Carpenter 
Blue John, brickmaker, 1530 Palmer 
Bluckle Friederick, grocer, 1332 Earl 
Bluekle Johannes, weaver, 1332 Earl 
Bluet Berkly, painter, 16 Amity 
Bluett Thomas, card writer, 5 S 6th, h 1309 

Blum Andrew, tailor, 10 Branner's al 
Blum Bernhard, dry goods, 220 Vine 
Blum Francis, grocer, N 2d c Dauphin 
Blum Henry, shoemaker, 1 Littlebelt pi 
Blum Herman, drover, 1104 St. John 
Blum John F., baker, 153 Brown 
Blum Joseph, carter, 611 Brown 
Blum Morris, pedler, 808 Wood 
Blum Peter, liquors, 1125 Howard 
Blum S. & Rau, (Samuel Blum 4- Henri/ Ran.) 

clothing, 202 Market 
Blum Samuel, clothier, 202 Market, h 138 Vine 
Blum Solomon, clothing, William n Richmond, 

h 154 Vine 
Blumen Jacob, dyer, Levering (Myk) 
Blumenstock Conrad, wagon maker, 825 N 4th, 

h 227 Brown 
Blumenthal Bernhard, drover, 1005 St. John 
Blumenthal D., clothing, 536 N 2d, h 526 N 2d 
Blumenthal Lazarus, shoe maker, 713 N 4th 
Blumenthal Moses, clothing, 543 N 2d 
Blumer Bernhard, tailor, 11 Eisen av 
Blumer Chris'n, farmer, n Broad (Jacksonville') 
Blumer Edward, tailor, Diamond n Reading 

Blumer Julius, joiner, 9 Northampton ct 

Blumeroder Witham, paper box mr. 125 Cal- 

Blumhardt Jacob L., grocer, Ann c Trenton av 
Blumley John, ship sawyer, 1135 Frankford av 
Blummer Andrew, shoemaker, 228 Beaver 
Blumner Charles E., tobac, 357 N 2d, h 823 

Blumner Charles E., jr., clerk, 518 Chatham 
Blumner H. C, jr., teller, 607 Franklin 
Blumner Henry C, machinist, 256 N 5th, h 856 

N 6th 
Blumner John C, clerk, 518 Chatham 
Blumner John C, clerk, 823 N 7th 
Blumner Wm. T., machinist, 256 N 5th, h 856 

N 6th 
Blumden Nicholas, stereotypist, 410 Carpenter 
Blumrodcr Wilhelm, paper boxmaker, 125 

Blundin James, umbrella mr. 2142 Summer 
Blundin James, (col'd,) porter, 3 Emeline 
Blundin John, manuf*. Seneca n Florida (VV P) 
Blundin Mary, (col'd,) wid. ironer, 5 Emeline 
Blundin Richard, woolen manufacture, Haver- 
ford rd c Orleans (W P) * 
Blunt Fanny, (col'd,) washing, 5 Littlebelt pi 
Blure George, jeweler, 311 Wesley 
Bluthenthal Samuel, tailor, 1042 N 2d 
Bluxome Joseph, 704 N 19th 
Blye George W., salesman, 434 N 2d 
Blye Henry, liquors, 106 N 6th 
BLYE JOHN H., dry goods, Arch c 9th, h 108 

N 12th 
Blye Joseph N., salesman, 434 N 2d 
Blye Sarah, wid. John H., dry goods, 434 N 2d 
Blyler Abraham, painter, 1532 Lawrence 
Blyler Lewis, wheelwright (Bustleton) 
Blyler Samuel, sailmaker, 837 S 2d 
Blynn Joseph, lab. Ridge av n Bridge (F Sch) 
Blynn Michael, hatter, 111 N 3d, h Ridge av, 

Blythe James, laborer, 2419 Biddle 
Blythe John E., real estate agent, 407 Walnut 
Blythe Mary, 1344 Chestnut 
Boak Frederick, carpenter, 459 N 9th 
Boak James, weaver, York n Amber 
Boal Henry, cooper, 1717 Burton 
Boal James, tailor, 1705 South 
Boaler James M., cooper, 105 Catharine 
Boan John, laborer, r Darcy n Shippen 
Board of Surveyors, 140 Walnut 
Board of Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia, 

119 Walnut 
Boarding Randall R., conductor, 1216 Race 
Boardman Edward, farmer, Orthodox n (Fkd) 
Boardman Henry A., Rev., 1311 Spruce 
Boardman Henry S., brittania ware, 243 Arch, 

h Union Hotel 
B6ardman John, farmer, (Unionville) 
Boardman John, machinist, Dauphin c Sepviva 
Boardman John C, machinist, 845 N 15th 
Boardman Mary, trader, 11 S 2d St Market, h 

Boardman Robert, cabinet mr. r 1010 Filbert 
Boardman Robert, weaver, 209 Thompson 
Boardman Thomas, presser, 41 Lam-el 
Boardman William, fireman, Church c Tacka- 

wanna (Fkd) 
Boardman William, foreman, 41 Laurel 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Boat William, grocer, Frankfordn Adam (Fkd) j Bockius Jesse, late fuller, Gtn av n School 

Boate Elizabeth, bedding-, 219 S 2d (Gtn) 

Boate Wm, carriage maker, 1103 Parrish j Bockius John, carpenter, 707 S 9th 

Boate Wm., jr., carriage part maker, 224 Cal-jBockius John C, notions, 7 N 3d, and tailor, 

lowhill, h 1103 Parrish 
Bobb Alexander, 1308 Spruce 
Bobb George, 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Henry, 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Henry, restaurant, 1100 South 
Bobb Peter, jr. brickmaker, 411 Quince 
Bobb Peter, brickmr., Long la, c Buck road & 

Federal, h 1308 Spruce 
Bobinger Joseph, stonecutter, 1400 Coates 

Boch Andrew, wig maker 

man pi 
Boch Maxamilian, tailor, Franklin n Dauphin 
Bochley Joseph, clerk, 1623 South 
Bochman Samnel, broker, h 950 N 6th 
Bock Catharine, g-rocer, 1227 Howard 
Bock George, blacksmith, 1227 Howard 
Bock George, barber, 2339 Hamilton 
Bock Frederick, Carpenter, 6 Curran pi 
Bock Henry, shoemaker, Farson's pi n Allen 
Bockerman Wm., iron, Germant'n av n Laurel, 

h Dauphin n Frankford rd 
Bockius Aaron, cooper, Washington avn Gray's 

Ferry av 

3 N 2d, h 704 # Franklin 
Bockius Joseph, grocer, Ridge av (Rox") 
Bockius Samuel M., lhery, Gtn av n Ritten- 

house, h Gtn av n Wistar (Gtn) 
Bockius Saml. R., china, 67 N 2d, h Mill (Gtn) 
Bockius Sarah, widow Charles, Gtn av n W 

Washington (Gtn) 
Bockius Thomas, butcher, Tackawanna n Ox- 
ford (Fkd) 

106 N 8th, h 17 Car- Bockius William, police, 1810 Barker 
| Bockius William H., painter, 703 S 9th 
Bockman Edward, laborer, Gtnav nSharpnack 

Bockman George, butcher, 439 Watkins 
Bockmann Christian, grocer, 516 Poplar 
Bockmann Joseph, tailor, 417 Girard av 
Booking John, cabinetmaker, 8 Erdmans ct r 

832 N 15th 
Bockowicz Mark, barber, 1602 Lombard 
Bockwell Alexander, blacksmith, 1604 Coates, 

h Spring Garden n 21st 
Bodamer Philip, shoemaker, 1422 Brown 
Bodan William, weaver, Rainbow n Blair 

Bockius Abraham R., tailor, Gtn av n Jefferson, Bodder J. S., clerk, h Black Bear hotel 

Bockius & Brothers, {Christopher, Jacob U. &; 

Isaiah Bockius, saddlers, 138 Market 
Bockius &. McCabe, {Hannah Bockius $ Ann 

McCabe) crockery, 1523 Market 
Bockius & Pond, {Edmund Bockius $ William 

T. Pond) harnessmakers, Germantown av 

n Manheim (Gtn) 
Bockius Catharine, boarding, 902 Moyamen- 

sing av 
Bockius C. G. & J. C, {Charles G. 4- John C. 

Bockius) notions, 7 N 3d 
Bockius Chas. G., notions, 7 N 3d, h 950 N 7th 
Bockius Charles R., china, 67 N 2d, h Gtn av 

n School (Gtn) 
Bockius Christopher, morocco, 425 St John, h 

610 Coates 
Bockius Christopher, saddlery, 138 Market, h 

N W c 4th and Pine 
Bockius Edmund, harness, Germantown av n 

Manheim (Gtn) 
Bockius F. Wm., grocer, Gtn avenue n Wister 

Bockius George, leather, 141 and 143 Marga- 

retta, h 4th c Cooper Camden 
Bockius George K., silversmith, 702 S 9th 
Bockius Georg-e L., fulling, Coulter (Gtn), h 

Gtn av n School (Gtn) 
Bockius George R., grocer, Germantown av c 

Franklin '(Gtn) 
Bockius George W., brushes, 316 N 2d, h 704 

Bockius Hannah, crockery, 1523 Market 
Bockius Henry J„ carpenter, 703 S 9th 
Bockius Henry J. jr., carpenter, 703 S 9th 
Bockius Isaah, saddlery, 138 Market, h 732 

Bockius Jacob M., florist, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Bockius Jacob W., saddlery, 138 Market, h N 

W c 4th and Pine 


Bodder Jas. R., cordw. r 616 Tamarind 
Bodder Lsvi D., M. D., 920 Arch, h 

Bode Chas. F., tailor, 3 Wolfs ct r314 German 
Bode Christian, tailor, 424 Morris 
Bode Ferdinand, grocer, 811 S 6th 
Bode Henry, tavern, 1139 Girard av 
Boden James M., grocer, 500 Richmond 
Boden Thomas, heater, 20 Laurel 
Boden W T illiam, mason, Lombard (Hbg) 
Bodenbender Christian, weaver, Cadwalader n 

Bodenhofer Francis, hay, 1312 N 5th, h 721 

Bodenhofer Joseph, varnisher, 721 N 3d 
3odenhofer William, r 1214 Warnock 
Bodey Charles W., supt. Fkd av (Aramingo) 
Bodey William, lab. Village la (R Sun) 
Bodine Edward L., atty. and coun. 813 Arch, h 

133 N 4th 
Bodin Joseph, tobacconist, 133 N 4th 
Bodine & Brothers, {John F., William H. % Joel 

A. Bodine) druggist, glassware, 204 Market 
Bodine Budd S., clerk, 14 S 4th, h 1131 Marl- 
Bodine Edwin S., clerk, 227 Race 
Bodine Elizabeth, widow Daniel, 937 St John 
Bodine Francis C, clerk, 906 Cherry 
Bodine Frank L., glass manuf., 107 Chestnut, h 

1908 Pine 
Bodine James, clerk, 2 S Delaware av 
Bodine Jesse, M. D., 227 Race, h 1222 Gtn 

Bodine Joel, agent, 204 Market, h 78 Stevens 

Bodine Joel A., glassmf. 204 Market, h N J 
Bodine John, foreman, Richmond n Maple 
Bodine John F., com. mer. 237 Chestnut, h 

207 N 13th 
Bodine John F., glass manf. 204 Market, h N J 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Bodine McClure, agent, Maple and Richmond 

Bodine Samuel 1'., mer. 334 Walnut, h (Gtn) 
Bodine William H., glassmf. 204 Market, h N J 
Bodinstine Fred, locksmith, r 923 Rodman 
Bodkin James, baker, Carrol n Moore 
Bodkin James, farmer, N 41st c Pratt (W P) 
Bodkin Robert, laborer, Grape (Mvk) 
Bodkin Samuel, finisher, N 41st c Pratt (W P) 
Bodkin William, liquors, Carroll c Moore 
Boduell Harmon, lab. Shoemakei-'s la (Gtn) 
Bodwell John A., baker, 609 N 5th 
Body Sarah, wid. John, 1 Short ct 
Bodycote Joseph, peddler, Miller (Gtn) 
Boeckel Richard, shoemaker, 609 St John 
Boegeholz Charles, bartender, 617 S 3d 
Boehm Augustas W., tobacco, 62 N Front, h 

1702 Pine 
Boehm Daniel, farmer, Paschall n Lancaster av 

( Monroe ville) 
Boehm Daniel, provisions, 19 S 18th 
Boehm George C, baker, 127 Christian 
Boehm Georg-e L., bootmaker, 30 N 12th 
Boehm Henry, shoemaker, r 236 Shippen 
Boehm John, wood turner, Wright n N 21st 
Boehm Paulus, matches, 407 Mcllwain 
Boehm Philip, gardener, Maiden la n Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Boehm Philip Y., letter carrier, Irving' n S 40th 

(W P) 
Boehm William, gardener, 19 S 18th 
Boehm William, tobacconist, 713 Poplar, h 

Franklin n Poplar 
Boehmer Adolph, furnishing goods, 227 Green 

& 230 N 3d, h 227 Green 
Boehmer & Bro., {Henry <$■ Adolph Boehmer,) 

shirts, 230 N 3d 
Boehmer Francis A., plumber, 734 Lombard 
Boehmer Henry, shirts, 230 N 3d, h 509 E 

Boehmer Isabella, boarding, 1020 S 4th 
Boehmer Joseph, carpenter, 1020 S 4th 
Boehmler Fred. A., shoemaker, Clinton (Gtn) 
Boehrer S., machinist, 1020 Lemon 
Boehringer Wm., chair maker, 242 George 
Boehrit Charles, bottler, Penn (Mvk) 
Boehrne Charles, blacksmith, 2104 Carlton 
Boek Adam, cabinet maker, 1502 Mervine 
Boekel William, spinner, 1339 Brandywine 
Boelf Eliza, wid. John, N 15th n Sp Garden 
Boell William, lithographer, 311 Walnut, h 711 

Boekenkamp Charles, segar mr. 1712 Market 
Boekenkamp Charles G., clerk, 2432 Lombard 
Boekme Theodore, cabinet mr. 2 Sidney 
Boen Charles, lab. Germantown av n Diamond 
Boen John, laborer, Levering (Mvk) 
Boenning Casper, wines, 14 Decatur 
Boericke Francis E., medicines, 511 Chestnut, 

h 1113 Spring Garden 
Boeringer John, tailor, 607 Wall 
Boerner Charles, button maker, 1143 Leon 
Boerum Simeon, engraver, 1001 S 3d 
Bocsh Alexander, wheelwright, 1304 Marshall 
Boess Anthony, shoemaker, 1346 Ridge av 
Boess Jacob, shoemaker, Eagen pi n Hamilton 
Boeth John, bookbinder, 1019 Hamilton 
Boetther Julius, tailor, 715 Federal 

Boeger Simon, huckster, 75 Callowhill St Mkt, 

h Bowers' ct 
Bogan John, laborer, 351 Christian 
Bogan John, trucker, 221 Sp Garden St Mkt 

h 1028 
Bogan Mary, wid- Luke, 2030 Hampton 
Bogan Michael, brick maker, 2030 Hampton 
Bogan Walter, shoes, 920 Market, h 2023 Gi- 

rard av 
Bogard Gustavus, tinner, 1333 'Wood 
Bogard Henry L., mechanic, Nicetown la c N 

Bogart Hiram R., refrigerators, Nicetown lane 

c N 29th 
Bogart Jacob, shoemaker, 927 Ogden 
Bogart Sarah, wid. David, 927 Ogden 
Boger Catharine, Williams ct n Hamilton 
Boger Gottfried, rope mr. 1646 N 12th 
Boger John, receiver, Ridge av c Columbia av 
Boger Joseph, dyer, 1226 Thurlow 
Bogert Francis D., clerk, 91 Coates 
Boggs &. Kirk, {William L. Boggs <$- William T. 

Kirk,) grocers, 109 Arch 
Boggs Archibald, brewer, 1015 Master 
Boggs Benjamin, (col'd,) white washer, 538 

Boggs Charles, book keeper, 529 Market, h St 

Lawrence Hotel 
Boggs Charles H., carpenter, 126 Beck pi 
Boggs Charlotte, dry goods, 1108 Frankford av 
Boggs David W., tobacconist, 800 South, h 600 

S 8th 

Boggs Francis, jeweler, 922 Rodman 
Boggs George, chairmaker, 1050 Delaw av, h 

Palmer n Richmond 
Boggs George W., expressman, 1713 Pine 
Boggs Henry S., flour, 503 N 8th, h N 7th n 


Boggs James, laborer, 235 Wildey 
Boggs James, jr., chair manuf. 113 N Front, 

h 411 Richmond 
Boggs John, clerk, Frankford av c Belgrade 
Boggs John, clock mr. 126 Beck pi 
Boggs John, saddler, 1351 Brinton 
Boggs John C, clerk, 332 Federal 
Boggs John H., waiter, 206 Dean 
Boggs Joseph, laborer, 621 S Broad 
Boggs Joseph, weaver, 1353 Brinton 
Boggs Margaret, dry goods, 443 Thompson 
Boggs Margaret, wid. Joseph, 1223 Chestnut 
Boggs Samuel, ship wright, 1108 Frankford av 
Boggs Samuel, wheelwright, 1019 N Front 
Boggs Samuel, jr., wheelwright, 1019 N Front 
Boggs Sarah, milliner, Gtn av n Price (Gtn) 
Boggs Thomas R., clerk, 13 S Water, h 126 S 

Boggs W'illiam, weaver, 1351 Brinton 
Boggs Wm. L., groc. 109 Arch, h 927 Franklin 
Boghier J., painter, 1214 N 6th 
Bogia Ann, milliner, 425 N 10th 
Bogia Francis, supt. 19 S 4th, h 427 N 10th 
Bogia Matthew, burnisher, 425 N 10th 
Bogle Ralph, laborer, 1706 Burton 
Bogt Frederick, porter, 1 Farrier's ct 
Bohanna John, dyer, Story n N 37th (W P) 
Bohem Anthony, silk manuf. Walnut St Wharf 

Schuylkill, h 2211 Front 
Bohemian Mining Co., 132 Walnut 

Jules Hauel &. Co., Importers and Wholesale Dealers in 




Bohl Christian, weaver, Marshall n Master 
BOHLEN HENRY, wines, 223 S 4th, h 1317 

BOHLEN HENRY & CO. {George K. Ziegler,) 

importers, 223 S 4th 
Bohlen John, prest. 273 S 3d, h 1510 Walnut 
Bohler Casper, tailor, 529 Wilder 
Bolder Christian, boot fitter, 416 Poplar 
Bohler Daniel, spices, 612 Callowhill & 248 N 

3d, h 612 Callowhill 
Bohler Henry, shoe maker, Carroll n Ella 
Bohler, Tomson & Weikel, {Daniel Bohler, 
Peter C. Tomson <$• George W. Weikel,) 
essence of coffee manufacturers, 248 N 3d 
& 231 N Water 
Bohn Christian, tailor, 425 Redwood 
Bohn Frederick, tanner, Bodine n Columbia av 
Bohn John, carpenter, 1719 Mervine 
Bohn Philip, tailor, 1208 S 6th 
Bohne Henry, porter, r 1514 Cadwalader 
Bohnenberger Frederick, morocco dresser, 

Hail n Columbia av 
Bohner Gotleib, mason, r 919 Marlborough 
Bohnert Henry, shoe maker, 720 Julia 
Bohnert Joseph, farmer, (Smithfield) 
Bohrer Charles, watchcase maker, 1307 Juniata 
Bohrer Frederick, policeman, 1424 Ridge av 
Bohrer Fi-ederick, polisher, 516 Owen 
Bohrer, Henrietta, 340 Crown 
Bohrer Jacob, printer, 340 Crown 
Bohrer Joseph, Venetian blind maker, 1424 

Ridge av 
Bohrer William, jeweler, 620 Guilford 
Bohrne John, rags, Dauphin n Front 
Boice Benjamin, carp., Edgemont n Geisler 
Boice Henry, restaurant, N 8th c Vine, h 140 

Boice James S., druggist, 630 Market 
Boileau Albert D., recorder of deeds, State 

House Row, h 903 Franklin 
Boileau Burroughs P., blacksmith, r 907 N 11th 
Boileau Charles, huckster, 162 Spring Garden 

Market, h at Onley 
Boileau Isaac, clerk, 115 Master 
Boileau John, blacksmith, 937 Warnock 
Boileau John, mason (Bustleton) 
Boileau John W., clerk, 1416 Marshall 
Boileau Nathan, trimmer (Bustleton) 
Boileau William H., liquors, 534 Beach 
Boiles Staten, painter, 1222 Green 
Boiles William, painter, 1222 Green 
Boillot Charles, engraver, 1042 S 5th 
Bois John B., coppersmith, 1131 Charlotte 
Boisbrun Stephen, carpenter, Queen (Gtn) 
Boisman Charles, butcher, Wayne (Gtn) 
Boisnot J. M., M. D., 822 Marshall 
Bok Elizabeth J., wid. John, 318 Marriott 
Bok Frederick, tailor, 4 Heyer pi 
Bok Frederick, jr., bar tender, 3 Heyer pi 
Boken Charles, wir em aker, 1136 Crease 
Boken Joseph, brass founder, Paul n Tacony, 

Boker & Brothers, (Edward D„ Joseph 4 W. C. 

Boker,) boots & shoes, 432 Market 
Boker Charles, M. D., 1720 Walnut 
Boker Charles S., M. D., 1622 Chestnut 
Boker Edward D., mer., 432 Market, h Wash- 
ington House 

Boker George H., 1720 Walnut 
Boker Joseph, mer., 432 Market, h 1526 Arch 
Boker W. C, mer., 432 Market 
Bolan Frederick, gilder, 924 Cherry 
Bolan Hugh, laborer, 514 Lombard 
Boland Catharine, wid. John, 2 Heyer pi 
Boland Daniel, polisher, 1213 Irwin 
Boland Dominick, blacksmith, 2 Frank ct 
Boland John, liquor, 332 S 6th 
Boland John, lab., 1 Hatton pi, r 811 Cher^ 
Boland John J., clerk, 310 N 23d 
Bolander Jacob, rags, 975 Leithgow 
Bolby Edward, artificial teeth, 256 N 5th 
Bolden James, (col'd,) porter, r 622 St Mary 
Bolden Richard, (col'd,) waiter, r 643 Lombard 
Bolderitch Richard, conductor, 628 N 12th 
Boldin & Penrose, (George Boldin 4" Norwood 
Penrose,) com. mers., 105 N Water, & 106 
N Del av 
Boldin George, com. mer., 105 N Water, & 106 

N Del av, h 1317 Arch 
Boldon Richard, (col'd,) laborer, 8 McKee av 
Bole Eliza, wid. Thomas, Dauphin n Carroll 
Bole James, grocer, 223 Girard av 
Bole John, laborer, 1429 Hope 
Bole Robert, clerk, 9 Walnut 
Bole Robert, weaver, Dauphin n Carroll 
Bole Thomas, weaver, Dauphin n Can-oil 
Bolen George, carman, Horsts ct 
Bolen James, box maker, 506 Jane 
Boles Andrew, laborer, 1231 Clarion- 
Boles James, carter, 2128 Lombard 
Boles James, laborer, 2115 Tryon 
Boles William, driver, 1823 South 
Boley Frederick W., condr., 1027 Mt. Vernon 
Boley Lafayette, merchant, h Franklin House 
Bolger Joseph P., liquors, 6 S 4th 
Bolger Margaret, nurse, 1523 N 2d 
Bolin Alexander, polisher, S 24 N Pine 
Boling John, (col'd,) carpenter, Eaken pi 
Boliver Simon, drum maker, 1306 Poplar 
Bolk John C, waterman, 840 Charlotte 
Boll Margaret, 1517 Lawrence 
Bollander Frederick, shoemaker, r 808 Burns 
Bolle George H., carpet weaver, 813 Callowhill 
Boiler Catharine, wid. Jacob, 1117 Wallace 
Boiler Emma, wid. William, Queen (Gnt) 
Boiler Henry J., gent, 1412 Spruce 
Boiles Jesse N., artesian well borer, 533 S 11th 
Boiles John, laborer, Lawrence n Oxford 
Boiles Nathan, pistols, N 30 n Bridge, (W P) h 

2322 Green 
Boiling Robert, M. D., 256 S 12th 
Bolstead Jos., ragpicker, r 1239 Montgomery av 
Bolster Richard H., clerk, 350 S 15th 
Bolt John, carpenter, 312 Cherry 
Bolt Morris L., clerk, 328 Marriott ' 
Bolte William, confectioner, 1103 Locust 
Bolter David, laborer, Creisheim lane (Mt. 

Bolter Henry, laborei, Creisheim la (Mt. Airy) 
Bolter Joseph, stockings, 1530 Lawrence 
Bolton Anna, widow Joshua, Edward n Ruan 

Bolton Clifton, clerk, 1629 Mt. Vernon 
Bolton Charles, Unity n Wain (Fkd) 
Bolton Elizabeth, wid. Thomas, hotel, Main c 
Robeson (Myk) 

French, English and Domestic Perfumery. 




Bolton Gideon S., lumber, ft. Poplar, (Del.) h 

1010 N 6th 
Bolton Henry, surveyor Gtn., Gtn. av. (Chest- 
nut Hill) 
Bolton James, laborer, Edward n Ruan (Fled) 
Bolton James, laborer, N 24th n Indiana 
Bolton John, well digger, Spring Garden n 16th 
Bolton Joseph, wool, Dreer n Amber 
Bolton Jos. P., drugt, Gtn. av. c Haines (Gtn) 
Bolton Joseph R., clerk, 1629 Mt. Vernon 
Bolton Joseph R., Jr., clerk, 1629 Mt. Vernon 
Bolton Maty E., wid. James M., 1108 Callowhill 
Bolton Rebecca J., teacher, h 1629 Mt. Vernon 
Bolton Robt., mach., Orchard n Green (Fled) 
Bolton Samuel, grocer, 138 Frankford (Fled) 
Bolton Saml., lumber, ft. Poplar, (Del.) h 1010 

N 6th 
Bolton Samuel, & Co., (Saml. Bolton cV Win. C. 
Lloyd,) mer., Poplar st. wf. (Del) 
Bolton Thomas J., laborer, 1917 Coates 
Bomeisler Charles M., jeweler, 331 Market, li 

418 N 5th 
Bomeisler Edwin L., late mer., 331 Market, h 

418 N 5th 
Bomeisler Gotlieb, tailor, 711 S 11th 
Bomeisler Joseph, jeweler, 112 N 8th 
Bomeisler S., varnish maker, 333 N 10th 
Bomeisler Theodore, clerk, 418 N 5th 
Bomgardner Henry, shoemaker, 402 Lynd 
Bomgardner, Jacob G., salesman, 333 Market, h 

Ashland House 
Bomgardiner John, 1034 Girard av 
Bomgart Jacob, shoemaker, 450 Maria 
Bomgartel John, weaver, Fkd. av. (Aramingol 
Bommer Theodore J., carpenter, 1028 Oxford 
Bommerscheim John, carpenter, N Sth n Mont- 
Bonaker Charles, paper carrier, 1380 Ridge av 
Bonar John, carp., r Manor n Montgomery 
Bonar Patrick, liquors, 160 N Water 
Bonbright Geo., hdw., 427 Market, h 546 N 10th 
Bonbright James, dry goods, 435 Market, h 

1019 Green 
Bond Adam J., shoemaker, 927 Mellon 
Bond Alexander, tailor, 1168 S 11th 
Bond Amos, last maker, 1252 N 12th 
BOND & DENCKLA, (L. Montgomery Bond % 
11. Albert Denckla,) teas, Front c Chestnut 
Band Ann, wid. Frederick, 118 N T 16th 
Bond Benjamin F., trunk maker, 1621 Ogden 
Bond Benjamin F., Jr., daguerreotypes, 1621 

Bond lienj. S., coachmr., Plumb n 2d (Camden) 
Bond Casper, police, 1851 Sepviva 
Bond Charles, (cold.,) porter, 1128 Lombard 
Bond Elizabeth B., teacher, 1252 N 11th 
Bond Geo., merchant, 31 S Front, h (Boston) 
Bond George, printer, 626 Pine 
Bond George, tobacconist, 626 Pine 
Bond George M., clerk, 1505 N 13th 
Bond George W., wool broker, 31 S Front 
Bond Henry (colored), porter, 719 N 4th 
Bond Henry C, clerk, h Franklin House 
Bond James, clerk, 601 Washington av 
Bond Jamrs, druggist, 229 S 10th, h Broad bel 

Bond James R., machinist, 795 Lawrence 
Bond Jane, milliner, 413 S 13th 

Bond John, grocer, 413 S 13th 

Bond John, victualer, Moyamensing avenue, c 

Bond John, watchman, 1220 S 6th 
Bond John H. (colored), porter, r 1019 Rodman 
Bond Joseph, blacksm., Market above Rose 

(W P) 
Bond Joseph, carpenter, 1226 Citron 
Bond Joseph, clerk, 729 Baker 
Bond Joseph, glassblower, 1312 Otis 
Bond Josiab. com. mer. 353 &. 355 Sp Garden 

Market, h 622 N 12th 
Bond Lafayette, carpenter, 1000 Parker 
Bond Laura, wid. 117 N 2d 
Bond Lewis, 1851 Sepviva 
Bond L. Montgomery, Front c Chestnut, house 

Bond Noah (colored), carpenter, h 422 Gas- 
Bond Richard, tavern, 1221 S 8th 
Bond Samuel, Unity c Elizabeth (Fled) 
Bond Samuel, boots & shoes, 1026 Market, & 

Ridge av c Wallace 
Bond Samuel, clerk, h Eagle Hotel 
Bond Samuel B., clerk, 115 Margaretta, h 408 

N 4th 
Bond Sarah (colored), wid. r 1016 Rodman 
Bond Sarah A., wid. Josiab, brushdealcr, 5 Eden 

pi, r 230 Catharine 
Bond Thomas, horse dealer, 1336 Hope 
Bond Thomas, jr., horse dealer, 1334 Hope 
Bond Thomas S., coachtrimmer, 1226 Citron 
Bond Wm., drayman, 1227 Passyunk av 
Bond Wm., painter, 216 S Juniper 
Bond Wm. J., clerk, S 16th c Market 
Bond Wm. J., engineer, 1536 Cabot 
Bonde Samuel B., late merchant, 339 N 12th 
Bonden Jesse Rev., (colored), 718 Russell 
Bonds Abner, cordwainer, 1231 Hibberd 
Bonds Louis, chairmaker, r 1343 Palethorp 
Boner Catherine, wid. John, 523 S 21st 
Boner Catharine, wid. Wm., candv shop, 2409 

Boner Daniel, lab.Naudain n 21st 
Boner Edward, moulder, 1607 Wood 
Boner Elizabeth, 2316 Chestnut 
Boner Geo., moroccodresser, 522 Vincent 
Boner John, lab. 2016 Pine 
Boner John, quarryman, Osprey n Sp Garden 
Boner Pat., laborer, 136 S 24th 
Boner Pat., moroccodresser, r 514 N 2d 
Boner Stephen, lab. Daisy av r 18th 
Boner Wm., blacksmith, r 1602 Deal 
Boner Wm., laborer, r 118 Carpenter 
Boner Wm., lab. Nicetown la n N 33d 
Bones Geo., blacksmith, 2128 Naudain 
Bones Hugh, laborer, Otsego pi 
Bonewitz John H., teacher, 839 Marshall 
Boney John, moulder, 419 Borden 
Bonfield James, plasterer, 1200 Deacon 
Bonfield James, vegetables, 48 Girard av Mar- 
ket, h 1200 Deacon 
Bonfield W. Van De Velde, artist, 430 Walnut 
Bong Fred., tailor, 601 Brook 
Bongcrt John, turner, Lawrence n Oxford 
Bonham Elizabeth, wid. Wm., liquors, N 2d n 

Bonham Isaiah P.. Richard House 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Bonham John, liquors, 320 Girard av, h N 2d n 

Bonham Joseph, atty. & coun. 101 Vine 
Bonhart John, weigher, 1045 N Front 
Bonine Correll G., paper hanger, 1054 N 2d, h 

1315 Heath 
Boning- Jacob, jeweler, 326 Chestnut, h S55 N 

Boning Wm., jeweler, 20 Hudson, h 235 N 5th 
Bonn Geo. W., chandelier maker, 242 Queen 
Bonn Henry, coppersmith, 918 Brown 
Bonn Philip, seg-armaker, 905 Locust 
Bonnaffon Albert L., dry g-oods, 102 Chestnut, 

h S 50th c Spruce (W P) 
Bonnaffon Eliza, vvid. 205 S 9th 
Bonnaffon Sylvester, dry g-oods, 102 Chestnut, 

h Girard House 
Bonnaz Benjamin, cabinetmaker, r 319 Union, 

Bonneau Aug-ustine, boots & shoes, 1011 & h 

933% South 
Bonneau John B., shoemaker, 1018 Locust 
Bonnefont John, restaurant, 329 S 3d ■ 
Bonnell Charles R., Rev., 725 Wood 
Bonnell Elizabeth, seminary, 329 S 18th 
Bonnell Geo. B., com. mer. 1232 Market, h 725 

Bonnell Samuel, accountant, 725 Wood 
Bonnell Samuel, jr., coal, 203 Walnut 
BONNER & FARREN, (James Bonner Sf Pat- 
rick Farren), charcoal pulverizers, 2006 

Bonner Andrew J., tinsmith, 1008 Jefferson 
Bonner Benjamin, farmer, Red Lion rd 
Bonner Bernard, lab. 2008 Jones- 
Bonner Dennis, carter, William n Salmon 
Bonner James, charcoal pulverizer, 2006 Mar- 
ket, h 2009 Jones 
Bonner James, farmer, Red Lion rd 
Bonner James, lab. 2008 Jones 
Bonner James, weaver, Palethorp c Dauphin 
Bonner John, gardener, 111 S 23d 
Bonner John, lab. 1914 Howell 
Bonner Mary, Shoemaker's la (Gtn) 
Bonner Michael, lab. 9 Cowperthwait pi, r 321 

New Market 
Bonner Pat, lab. 8 Beale pi, r 1731 St Joseph's 

Bonner Robert, lab. 606 Hallo well 
Bonner Robert J., student, 221 N 9th 
Bonner Sarah, dressmaker, 14 Benton 
Bonner Wm., lab. Fitlern2d 
Bonner Wm., shoemaker, Corinthian av near 

Bonner Wm. B., carpenter, Levering (Myk) 
Bonney Mary L., ladies' seminary, 1615 Chest 


LAYE, ladies' seminary, 1615 Chestnut 
Bonnhomme Silian, Rev., 1717 Addison 
Bonnin Letitia, wid. Wm., trimmings, Main 

Bonning Jacob, goldsmith, 855 N9th 
Bonnitz Charles, shoemaker, 603 Cresson 
Bonsai E. C, gold chain manuf. 70 N 3d, h 818 

S 5th 

Bonsai E. C, jr., jeweler, 70 N3d, h 818 S 5th 
Bonsall John, conductor, Market n 33d (W P) 

Bonsall Joseph, seg-armaker, 407 Lombard 
Bonsall Bros., (Sterling <$• Ellwood Bonsall,) 

conveyancers, 116 N 9th 
Bonsall Charles T., M. D., 116 N 9th, h 1126 


Bonsall Edward H., gent., 1019 Cherry 
Bonsall Ellwood, conveyancer, 116 N 9th, h 

1126 Girard 
Bonsall Evan, laborer, Bridge ab 37th (W P) 
Bonsall George, carpenter, r 232 Christian 
Bonsall Henry, conveyancer, 4i6 Walnut, h 

1120 Girard 
Bonsall Isaac M., brickmr., Tacony rd (W H) 
Bonsall Isaac S., custom house office, 746 S 9th 
Bonsall James, weaver, Haines (Gtn) 
Bonsall Jeremiah, conveyancer, 420 Library, h 

2216 Green 
Bonsall Jesse, tailor, h 1166 Passyunkav 
Bonsall John, bookbinder, h 14 N 17th 
Bonsall John, conveyancer, 416 Walnut, h 1120 

Bonsall John & Co., (Henry Bonsall <$■ Charles 

S. Pancoast,) conveyancers, 416 Walnut 
Bonsall Joseph M., conductor, h 746 S 9th 
Bonsall Mary A., wid Jesse T., h 1217 Cass 
Bonsall Maurice, laborer, 10 Glenvill pi, r 828 

N 15th 
Bonsall Spencer, surveyor, h Western Exchange 
Bonsall Sterling, convevancer, 116 N 9th, h 

1126 Girard 
Bonsall Thomas, bookbinder, 950 Swanson 
Bonsall Thomas W., harness maker, 746 S 9th 
Bonsall William, laborer, Sellers n Penn (Fkd) 
Bonsall William, sec. & treas., N 10th n Colum- 
bia av, h 941 N 11th 
Bonsall William R., M. D., 7th cor Willow 
Bonsall William, sec, 1426 N 11th 
Bonson Robert, brickmaker, S 25th n Spruce 
Bonswell Catherine, wid John, segarmaker, 

1017 Gtn av 
Bonwill C. E. H., lithographer, 209 S 6th 
Boocks Benjamin, blacksmith, 1809 Francis 
Books Martin, carbr., Darby n Walnut (W P) 
Boockner Frederick, bookbinder, 1434 S 2d 
Boockner Leonard, shoemaker, 1434 S 2d 
Book George, laborer, Gorgas la (Roxborough) 
Book George, upholsterer, 29 S 5th, h 262 

Book John, gardener, Long la n Maiden lane 
Book John, laborer, 1751 New 3d 
Book Valentine, collect., Ridge av n Alleghany 

Bookbinder Alia B., china trader, 214 German 
Bookbinder Emanuel, clothing, 606 Shippen 
Booker William (col'd), porter, 710 Montcalm 
Bookhammer Allen H., fish, 208 N Delaware av, 

h 926 N 5th 
Bookhammer & Budd, (Allen H. Bookhammer 

$ Joseph Budd,) fish, 204 & 208 N Dela- 

ware av 
Bookhammer H.,mach'st, Lawrence nDiamond 
Bookhammer S., carpenter, Lawrence n Sus- 
quehanna av 
Bookhammer Sylvester S.,barber, 406 N 6th 
Bookman George, flute maker, 814 S Front 
Bookmaster Michael, shoemaker, 911 Auburn 
Boon Charles, stone mason, Ellis c Grape (Myk) 
Boon David (col'd), baker, 1310 Bedford 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 344 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Boon Francis, butcher, S 2d n Morris 

Boon George, blacksmith, Oak n 31st (W P) 

Boon George, moulder, 840 N 3d 

Boon James, dyer, Wood (Myk) 

Boon John, carpenter, Green n 34th (W P) 

Boon John, trunkmakcr, 131 Van Horn 

Boon Lydia A., wid William, 4 Burwick pi 

Boon Mary A., wid Samuel, bootfitter, r 1227 

Boon Morris, wharf builder, 131 Van Horn 
Boon Samuel, machinist, 1925 Ann 
Boon Thomas, barkeeper, 2030 Wood 
Boon Thomas, clerk, 213 Race 
Boon William, stone mason, Pleasant (Myk) 
Boon William, U. S. Mint, h Havcrford c N 

40th (W P) 
Boon William, weaver, h N Front n York 
Boon William (col'd), porter, r 1023 Rodman 
Boone Francis, 32 & 34 Moyamensing av mar- 
ket, h S 2d n Pascal 
Boone Horace (col'd), waterman, 204 Brier pi 
Boone John, dyer, Green la (Roxborough) 
Boone John, (colored,) porter, Wyoming- n 

Boone J. A., Clerk, 608 Market 
Boone John F. Rev., 226 Crown 
BOONE J. THOMAS, provisions, 128 N Dela- 
ware av, h Alleghany House 
Boone Ranslee, salesman, 1217 N 11th 
Boone Robert, boots & shoes, 533 S 2d, h 618 

Boone Sarah L., 331 N 11th 
Boone William F., attorney & counsellor, 155 

N 15th 
Boone William F., clerk, 608 Market 
Boos Joseph, cabinetmaker, r 917 Hamilton 
Boos Philip, brewer, Christy place, rear 952 

St. John 
Boose Samuel B., carpenter, William n Tren- 

lon av 
Booskert Benjamin, chairmaker, 262 N 15th 
Booskert Thomas, jeweler, 262 N 15th 
Booth Abigail C, wid., AVilliam, 309 Brown 
Booth Alpheus Davis, engineer, Court alley, 

rear 8 Brown 
Booth & Kennedy, {Robert Booth $ Michael M. 

Kennedy,) hide mills, 33 Haydock 
Booth & Mills, {John Booth # Edward Mills,) 

tools, Ellsworth n S 9th 
Booth Benjamin, chairmaker, r 953 N Front 
Booth Benjamin, saddler, 1224 Cass 
Booth Charles, clerk, rear 953 N Front 
Booth Edmund, machinist, 1217 Wallace 
Booth Edwin, broker, 30 S 3d, h 603 N 11th 
Booth Elizabeth E., wid., r 117 Christian 
Booth Emanuel, paper carrier, Lancaster av 

near N 35th (W P) 
Booth, Thomas II. Garrett $ William Ca- 
nine, chemists, 10 Chant 
Booth George, hardware, 130 N 2d, h Gtn av 

ab N 7th 
Booth Henry, milkman, 2002 Naudian 
Booth Isaac C, cooper, 410 Christian 
Booth Isaac 11., collector, 1205 Poplar 
Booth Jacob, moulder, 176 Frankford (Fkd) 
Booth .lames, laborer, 522 S 17th 
Booth James B., clerk, 603 N 11th 

Booth James C, melter & refiner, U. S. Mint, 

h 1813 Pine 
Booth James R., student, 1303 Market 
Booth James H., (col'd) waiter, Gilles alley 

near South 
Booth John, carpenters tools, Ellsworth near 

S 9th, h 1012 Wharton 
Booth John, dry goods, 1303 Market 
Booth John, fruit, 616 N 2d 
Booth Joseph, weaver, bds Penna av n N 24th 
Booth Margaret, widow, John, 4 Wheat 
Booth Reuben, polisher, Josephine n Church 

Booth Robert, farmer, 289 Spring Garden St 

Market, h Chester, Pa 
Booth Robert, hide mill, 33 Haydock, h 1070 

N Front 
Booth Robert, machinist, 1070 N Front 
Booth Sarah A., wid., Thos L., 907 Charlotte 
Booth Sidney. American Hotel 
Booth Walter, carp., Lombard, (Holmesburg) 
Booth William, weaver, Rainbow court 
Booth Wm. J., mor. fr., Trenton av n Aramingo 
Boothby Enoch, gardner, 409 Greenwich 
Boothby William ¥., captain, 1119 Charles 
Boothe John, machinist, 953 S Front 
Boothroyd Abraham, weaver, (Falls Sch) 
Boothroyd Charles, cotton waste, 139 N Front, 

h (Sch Falls ) 
Boothroyd Charles & Co., {Joseph Sha?itz,) 

cotton waste, 139 N Front 
Booz Alice G., widow, William, 909 Poplar 
Booz Anna, milliner, Market near 34th (W P) 
BOOZ EDMUND G., importer, 120 Walnut, h 

1310 Brown 
Booz Henry G., 234 S 3d, h at Bristol 
Booz John, carpenter, Market near 34 (W P) 
Booz Nicholas, shoemaker, Lehman (Gtn) 
Booz Samuel, carp., William n Trenton av 
Booz Thomas II., carpenter, 909 Poplar 
Booz Valentine, shoe findings, 922 Ridg-e av 
Boozer Adam, shoemaker, 1039 St John 
Boozer John, cordwainer, 726 N Front 
Booygli Ferdinand, shoemr., 127 Christian 
Borxf Henry, victualer, 617 N 13th 
Borsef Martin, butcher, N 6th corner Master 
Borref Lawrence, victualer, 383 Eastern Mkt, 

h 621 N 13th 
BORyEF VALENTINE, hotel, N 6th, c Master 
Borall Joseph, bricklayer, 326 Thompson 
Boran Frederick, shoemaker, Horst's court 
Boray Charles, clerk, 415 Spruce 
Borbcck Philip, hardware, 132 Market, house 

Corbet William, bell hanger, 1404 Ridge a v 
Bordbidge Joanna, widow Charles W., 611 

S 5th 
Borden & Walker, {Thos. D. Borden $ George 

A. Walker,) founders, 119 Craven 
Borden Asa, liquor, 324 N 8th 
Borden E., milliner, 1312 Chestnut 
Borden Edward P., attorney & counsellor, 332 

S 5th 
Borden John, builder, 1325 Lombard 
Borden John, carman, Jefferson av c Marriott's 

lane, h 333 Christian 
Borden John, shoes, 203 Market, h 507 Franklin 
Borden John A., 1325 Lombard 

Jules Hauel & Co., Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Fancy Goods and 




Borden John W., provisions, h Chestnut St 

Borden Julia, widow, School (Gtn) 
Borden Robert, carman, 1215 Silver 
Borden Sarah, 1721 Walnut 
Borden Theodore, clerk, 1325 Lombard 
Borden Thomas D., founder, 119 Craven, h 

1023 Marlborough 
Borden Thomas J., farmer, 34 Shippen st mar 

ket, h n Bridgeport 
Bordenave Henrique, 706 Locust 
Bordensteim Louis, confectioner, 341 Julianna 
Borderieux Adolph, groceries, 18 Callowhill 
Bordick Joseph, M. D., 236 N 8th 
Bordley Mary A., (col'd,) wid. Wm.,5 Belinda pi 
Bordley Stephen, (col'd,) laborer, 716 Wharton 
Bordman Ann, grocer, 1616 N 11th 
Bordman Margaret, 1106 Stiles 
Bordner Jonathan, carpenter, 2130 Green 
Borell Jacob, bricklayer, 1 Sutton 
Borer Joseph, miller, 933 Parrish 
Bores Lena, widow John, grocer, 311 Shippen 
Boretti Prino, artist, Rittenhouse (Gtn) 
Borgan Charles, laborer, 1644 Sansom 
Borg-ensky J., millinery goods, 108 S 8th 
Borger Joseph, tavern, 1224 Locust 
Borgmann William, boot fitter, 1234 N 3d 
Borhek Charles G., prof, music, 413 S 9th 
Borhek Edward, optician, 402 Chestnut, h 1719 

Borhek John G., spectacles, 402 Chestnut, h 

1719 Green 
Borie Alexander, turner, Tackawannan Oxford, 

h Church n Paul (Fkd) 
Borie Alfred, carver, Mulberry n Oxford (Fkd) 
Borie A. E., importer, 153 Dock, and pres. 209 

Walnut, h 1025 Spruce 
BORIE & MACKIE, (Edward Borie Sf Alex- 
ander Mackie,) umbrella & parasol sticks, 

Tackawanna n Oxford (Fkd) 
Borie Charles, turner, Mulberry c Oxford (Fkd) 
BORIE C. & H., (Charles L. % Henry P.,) bro- 
kers, 3 Merchants' exchange 
Borie Chas. L., broker, 3 Merchants' exchange, 

h 1008 Spruce 
Borie Cherie, turner, Oxford n Tackawanna 
Borie Edw., umb. sticks, Church n Paul (Fkd) 
Borie Frances, wid. Jeremiah, Mulberry (Fkd) 
BORIE FRANCIS J., blacksmith, printers' 

chases, side & foot sticks, 1032 Barley, h 

512 Catharine 
Borie George F., clerk, Sellers ri Main (Fkd) 
Borie-Henry, segars, South c 10th, h 761 Florida 
Borie Henry P., broker, 3 Merchants' exchange, 

h 265 S 4th 
Borie John, jr., 251 S 17th 

Borie Jos., carver, Oxford n Tackawanna (Fkd) 
Borie Simon, segarmaker, 761 Florida 
Borie Theo., shoemr. Mulberry n Oxford (Fkd) 
Bories James, painter, S 11th, h 1128 Wood 
Borland David, cordwainer, 2140 Spruce 
Borland David, shoemaker, Lancaster av n 

Bridge (W P) 
Borland George, laborer, 1530 Pearl 
Borland James, laborer, 1831 South 
Borland Robert, laborer, Bedford n S 19th 
Borland William, boots & shoes, 1836 Market 
Borlase William G., seaman, 249 Greenwich 

Bcrm Charles, tailor, 102 Exchange pi, h 4 

Elmslie's al 
Borm Lewis, tailor, 102 Exchange pi, h 4 Elm- 
slie's al , 
Borman Edward, machinist, 523 Cherry 
Born & Knoop, (John Born <%■ Loois K?ioop,) 

liquors, 103 Walnut 
Born August, saloon, 341 & 343 N 3d 
Born Christian, presser, 2220 Clayton 
Born Christian, shoemaker, Dauphin n Adrian 
Born Conrad, laborer, r 544 Brook 
Born George, shoe maker, Dauphin n Adrian 
Born George, weaver, Memphis n Townsend 
Born John, baker, 446 N 10th 
Born John, liquors, 103 Walnut, h 446 N 10th 
Born John H., segars, 982 N 2d 
Born Mary, wid- Jacob, house kr. 2220 Clayton 
Borna Henry, porter, r 1514 Cadwalader 
Bornemann Albert, pocket book maker, 1832 

Bornemann Eliz., wid. Hen. W., 1832 Thompson 
Bornkessel Martin, segars, 508 S 3d 
Born-man E., sail maker, Wilden n Palmer 
Bornmann Benjamin, dyer, Parry n Jefferson 
Bornmann Edward, awning maker., Bedford ab 

Bornmann Henry, butcher, 120 Eastern Market, 

h 4th & Gorgas 
Bornmann Henry, waterman, 1442 r Brinton 
Bornmann John, waterman, r 1442 Brinton 
Bornmann Lewis, victualer, 1323 N 4th 
Bornmann Nicholas, butcher, 1306 Cadwalader 
Bornmann Wm, butcher, 9 Callowhill street 

Market, sec 24, h 99^ N 6th 
Bornmann F. William, fancy goods, 202 N 8th, 

h 670 N 12th 
Borr Nicholas, Haverford n N 34th (W P) 
Borrough David W., gilder, 204 Evelina 
Borrowes George, shoemaker, 1912 Callowhill 
Borrowes Wm., shoemaker, 1912 Callowhill 
Borschal Martin, laborer, N 6th n Lehigh av 
Bortal Geo., (col'd,) butcher, N 6th n Dauphin 
Bortew Andrew, 1327 Cherry 
Borthwick Sophia, upholsterer, 113 S 11th 
Borton Aaron, farmer, 36 Shippen st market, h 

(Gloucester co, N J) 
Borton Charles, machinist, 1320 Cherry 
Borton Samuel, farmer, 36 Shippen st market, 

h (Salem co, NJ) 
Boriszewski Julius, 428 Federal 
Borzner Nicholas, carman, 108 Chenango 
Bos Daniel, tailor, 1414 Ridge av 
Bos W T illiam, painter, Market n S 34th (W P), 

h 37th n Locust (W P) 
Bosch Adam, moulder, 1136 Otis 
Bosch Charles, watch maker, 735 N 3d 
Bosch Francis, brewer}', 229 Brown 
Bosch John G., segars, 413 Vine 
Bosdevex Fanny, wid. August, 1016 Fitzwater 
Bose Ferdinand, tinsmith, 805 Spring Garden 

& 814 Vine, h 814 Vine 
Boser F., shoemaker, Ridge av ab Reading R 

R (Falls Schkll) 
Bosert Mariona, laborer, Levering (Myk) 
Bosh Jacob, shoemaker, r 1007 Charlotte 
Boshart Geo., books, 247 Race, h 2 Carman pi 
Boshart George, 1232 Mervine 
Bosher George, gaiter maker, 914 Market 

Druggists' Articles, Shaving, Hair, Cloth, Nail and Tooth Brushes. 




Hosier Samuel, coal dealer, 1 Square 

Bosing John, bricklayer, Bodine n Montgomery 

Bosler George, brickmaker, S 21st n Wharton 

Boslcr Charles, butcher, 352 Eastern Market, 

h 1311 Crease 
Bosler John, brickmaker, 1602 Filbert 
Bosler John, butcher, 8 Market st market, h 

1209 Hancock 
Bosler William A., paper hanger, 1602 Filbert 
Bosley Frederick, laborer, 1225 Lawrence 
Bosline Levi, carpenter, 919 Coates 
Boss & Peters, {James Boss <$■ Kces S, Peters,") 

watches, 31 S 5th 
Boss George, brewer, 1204 Thurlow 
Boss Gottlieb, morocco dresser, 5 Bower pi 
Boss Henry, segnrs, 220 Buttonwood 
Boss ,|;imes, watches, 31 S 5th, h 1307 N 7th 
Boss John, shoemaker, 524 N Front 
Boss Max, laborer, 168 American 
Boss Phillip, laborer, r 608 Brown 
Bossard Geo., whf build., r Savannah ct n Beach 
Bossard Jacob, carpenter, 1126 Elm 
Bossart John, cooper, r 1223 Hamilton 
Bossart M., carpenter, Norris n Kresler 
Bosse Charles, willow ware, 1227 Ridge av 
Bosset John D., blacksmith, r 1027 Sargeant 
Bosserd Charles, spice grinder, 1226 Warnock 
Bossert Andrew J., clerk, 422 Garden 
Bossert Charles, piano manuf., N 7th c Cherry 
Bossert Charles, salesman, 1008 Ogden 
Bossert Enos, 995 Randolph 
Bossert George, beer, 629 Girard av 
Bossert Henry, frame maker, 1026 N 3d 
Bossert Jacob, beer, 629 Girard av 
Bossert Jacob & George, beer, 629 Girard av 
Bossert James, clerk, 709 Walnut 
Bossert Joseph F., car driver, 1235 Vine 
Bossle Joseph, gasfitter, 1014 Lawrence 
Bossier Francis, saloon, 349 N 4th 
Bossmann Francis, tailor, 943 N 5th 
Bcssum Thomas W., moulder, 2016 Filbert 
Bost Gustav, candles, 525 N 3d 
Bostic Elizabeth, (col) wid Perry, r 413 S 11th 
Bostick Joseph, laborer, N 31st n Wire Bridge 
Bostick Letitia, (col'd) washer, r 239 Queen 
Bostick William, engineer, Hippies la (Myk) 
Bostick William H., shoemkr., 1547 Callowhill 
Bostom Thomas, painter, 4 Lancaster av (W P) 
Boston Betsy, (col'd) wid John, r 420 Gaskill 
Boston Charlotte, (col'd) washer, 408 Gaskill 
Boston Grace, (col) whitewasher, 1021 Sargeant 
Boston Henry, dyer, r 1251 Palethorp 
Boston Henry, (col'd) waiter, r 606 Bay 
Boston John, laborer, r 1251 Palethorp" 
Boston John, jr., laborer, r 1251 Palethorp 
Boston Samuel, laborer, r 1251 Palethorp 
Boston Steam Ship Co., pier opp. 332 S Del. av 
Boston William, cordwainer, 1259 Vienna 
Bostwick Thomas, (col'd) waiter, 4 Gonsha al 
Bostwick William, (col) coachman, 234 Brier pi 
BOSWELL & MORGAN, {Richard V. Boswell 

A- John D. Morgan,) coal, 120 S 4th Sc 519 

S Broad 
BOSWELL & WILSON, {James I. Boswell 4 

John Wilson, jr.,) agents, S W 4th and 

Boswell Andrew J., alderman, 1217 Vine, h 

1330 Parish 

Boswell Charles A., carpenter, 748 S 5th 
Boswell James I., agent, S W c4lh & Chestnut, 

h Locust n William (W P) 
Boswell John D., Locust n S 39th (W P) 
Boswell Joseph, clerk, 1238 Cass 
Boswell Julius, hatter, 922 Brown 
Boswell Richard V., coal, 120 S 4th & 519 S 

Broad, h 2116 Mt Vernon 
Boswell Samuel, tailor, 157 Girard av 
Boswell Samuel, watchman, 1135 Charles 
Boswell William R., printer, 774 S 5th 
Bosworth David C, clerk, 1608 Pine 
Boteler Horatio, (col'd) waiter, 222 S 8th 
Bothel Wm., cooper, 114 Marion, h 1 Lancaster 
Bothmann Frederick, baker, 1736 Lombard 
Bothmann Louis, instrumt. maker, 5 Central pi 
Bothum Levin W., blacksmith, 308 New 

Bothwell Alex., blacksmith, Springett n N 21st 
Bothwcll George, brickmaker, 2037 Hampton 
Bothwell James, weaver, 2035 Lombard 
Bothwell John, laborer, 1311 N Front 
Bothwell John, laborer, 2148 Lombard 
Bothwell Joseph, laborer, Adrain n Thompson 
Bothwell Orr, Express, 2046 Hand 
Bothwell William, foreman, 2011 Naudain 
Botsford Alva, pearlworker, 1710 St Joseph's av 
Botsford J., bricklayer, 37th n Walnut (W P) 
Botsford Timothy, bricklayer, 1317 S 3d 
Bott Edward, weaver, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Bott Emil, painter, 409 Chestnut, h 333 Arch 
Bott George, weaver, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Bott John, weaver, Green (Gtn) 
Bott Joseph, weaver, Wister (Gtn) 
Bott Samuel, M. D., 8 Decatur, h 318 Uunion 
Bott William, clerk, 439 Lombard 
Bott William, stonecutter, 1221 Randolph 
Bottger Lewis, clerk, 1323 Ridge av 
Botthof Conrad, hairdresser, 508 N 8th 
Botthof Constantine, hairdresser, 643 Arch, h 

814 Cherry 
Botthof Joseph, furniture, 1032 Girard av 
Botthoff Christian, tailor, 1215 Randolph 
Bottles Joseph J., clerk, 322 Federal 
Bottom Charles, silver plater, N Broad n Tioga 
Bottom George, shoemkr, St Vincent (Tacony) 
Bottom Lawrence, pattern maker, 25 S 18th 
Bottomley &. Hines, {Robert Bottomley 4" John 

Hines,) enamel dials, N 39th n Market(WP) 
Bottomley Francis, spinner, 23d 8c Ashburton 
Bottomley Robert, enamel dials, N 39th near 

Market (W P) 
Bottomley William, spinner, 807 S 21st 
Bottomly James, dealer. Adams n Trenton av 
Botton Stephen, baker, 226 Concord 
Botts John, weaver, Lemon's ct n Frankford rd 
Botzcr Lewis, mason, r N 7th n Dauphin 
Bouch Julias, cigar maker, 976 N Front 
Boucheir James, diamond cutter, 12 Bowery pi 
Boucher Benjamin, wheelwright, 680 N 12th 
Boucher Clement, last maker, r 108 Van Horn 
Boucher Ellen, vestmakcr, 4 Ralston 
Boucher John H., conductor, 3 Ralston 
Boucher Josiah, shoemaker, Orthodox n Hedge 

Boud Samuel, shoes, 1346 Ridge av 
Bouder William, brass turner, r 934 New Market 
Boudinot Elias E.. 1816 Spruce 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Boudinot W. B. S., real estate, 311 Walnut, h 

1816 Spruce 
Boudren Thomas, coach lamps, 441 N Broad, 

h 12 Marseilles pi 
Boudwin John, cigars, 222 S Delaware av, h 

314 Wharton 
Boudwin Joseph, tobacconist, 817 S 2d, h 514 

Boudwin Michael, tobacconist, 218 Race 
Boudwin Peter, cigarmaker, 218 Race 
Boudwin Peter, jr., cigarmaker, 313 Emmet 
Bouer Frederick, liquors, 126 Callowhill 
Bouge Thomas, cordwainer, Willow n Spruce 
Boughton Charles, late banker, 810 S 9th 
Boughton Styles H., shovel maker, Mill (Hbg) 
Boulais Joseph, cooper, 729 S 4th 
Boulden Charles J., shoemaker, 2 Snyder's av 

near 23d 
Boulden Jesse, liquors, 118 Market, h 1628 

Boulden Mary, 1213 Kemble 
Boulden Spencer, (col'd) waiter, 238 Quince 
Boulden Henry C, hair dresser, 1307 Vine 
Boulk Fritz, lithographer, 3 Bristol place 
BOULTER CHARLES J., agent, manufacturer 
of fire bricks, dentists' furnaces, muffles, 
slides, crucibles, &c, North ab N 16th, h 
716 Green 
Boulton Byron, druggist, 799 S 2d 
Boulton Edward, importer, 130 Walnut, h 1826 

Boulton John, 1814 Spruce 
Boulton Joshua, dry goods, 171 Girard avenue 
Boulton Maria, widow of Giles, 799 S 2d 
BOULTON WILLIAM G., merchant, 118 S Del 

av, h 1821 Spruce 
Boultor Joseph, weaver, 1530 Lawrence 
Boultenhouse Geo. W., clerk, 1320 Warnock 
Boulu Adelaide, 417 Garden 
Bounds James, architect, Cottage (C Hill) 
Bounds John, shoe maker, 843 Earp 
Bouquel Alexis, lithographer, 5th near Bridge 

avenue, Camden N J 
BOUREAU HENRY, coal oil, 132 S 2d, h 1334 

N 11th 
Bourguignon Frank, machinist, 2212 Wood 
Bourillion Jacob, laborer, 1350 Hutchinson 
Bourlier Alfred, gas fitter, 1137 Pine 
Bourk James, boot manufacturer, 630 Chestnut, 

h 1506 Poplar 
Bourk e Anna M., intelligence office, 302 Union 
Bourke John, shoemaker, r 764 Passyunk av 
Bourke Michael A., liquors, 241 Madison 
Bourke Thomas, liquors, 2031 Market 
Bourke Thomas, paper hangings, 17 S 4th, h 

241 Madison 
Bourkel John, paper carrier, r 1211 N 6th 
Bourne Frederick, clerk, 1332 Columbia ay 
Bourne Ezra H., teas, 1221 N 15th 
Bourne Henry, (col'd) laborer, r 607 St. Mary 
Bourne Samuel, shoemaker, 2024 Carlton 
Bourne William G., boiler maker, 1320 S 3d 
Bournonville Anthony, M. D., 221 N 4th 
Bournonville Augustus C, M. D.,427 N4th 
Bourquard Augustus, beer, 207 S 3d 
Bourquard Joseph, baker, 138 Race 
Bourquin Charles, lithographer, 804 Weccacoe 
Bourquin Ernest F., undertaker, 873 N 9th 

Bourquin Evalie W., wid. of Louis, 240 S 11th 
Bourquin Frederick, lithographer, 602 Che , 

nut, h 5th and Mickle, Camden, N J 

Smith,) lithographers, 602 Chestnut 
Bourquin John H., undertaker, Green ri Good- 
Bourrelon Vincent, tobacconist, Gtn av n N 5th 
Bousch Charles, weaver, Baker (Myk) 
Bousquet Peter, 614 Spruce 
Boustead James, late leather mer., 1326 N 11th 
Boustead John, coal, 413 N 8th, h 1117 Parrish 
Boustead John H., spinner, Moyer bel Palmer 
Boustead Thomas, weaver, 726 Lebanon 
Boustead William, coal, N 9th cor Wallace, li 

1326 N 11th 
Bousted Thomas D., brick layer, 20 S 19th 
Boutcher Jacob, engineer, Lancaster av n 37th 
Boutcher Mary, trimmings, 542 New Market 
Boutcher Nathaniel, shoemaker, 40 Fkd r 

Boutcher Thomas N., shoe maker, Fraily's alley 

near Innis 
Boutcher William, saw filer, Cherry near Mea- 
dow (Fkd) 
Boutelje Elias, segars, 530 Shippen 
Boutelje George, pedler, 3 Baxter's avenue 
Bouvard Jonathan, (col'd) carp., 634 Lombard 
Bouvier David, butcher, 6 Moyamensing av 

market, h 425 Moore 
Bouvier Eugene, shoe maker, Fling's place, r 

1250 Hope 
Bouvier George W., victualer, 220 Reed 
Bouvier Henry, butcher, 427 Moore 
Bouvier John jr , 427 Moore 
Bouvier John, butcher, 37 S 2d st mark 

427 Moore 
Bouvier John B., 2 & 4 Moyamensing- av mar- 
ket, h 228 Green 
Bouvier Margaret, huckster, 21 S 2d st market, 

h Moore bel S 5th 
BOUVIER MICHAEL, mahogany, 141 S 2d, 

h 1240 N Broad 
Bouvier Peter, hotel, 1517 Moyamensing av 
Bovaird Robert, laborer, Buttonwood n N 20th 
Bovaird William, tavern, 2501 Pennsylvania av 
Bovard George, weaver, 1103 Hope 
Bovard Matthew, bartender, 118 Master 
Bovard William, tailor, h 1032 Parrish 
Bovell Sarah, wid. French boarding, 323 Pine 
Bovenz Christopher, lampmaker, h 1 Fisher's 

ct, r 1339 Charlotte 
Bovard Robert, weaver, 1435 Hope 
BOVET AMI, engr. 234 Dock, h 1027 Parker 
Bow Fenton, laborer, Penn n Church, (Fkd) 
Bow Susan, wid., Martin, 1905 South 
Bowas Dennis, barkeeper, Leiper, n Church 
Bowden Benjamin, F. painter, 323 Beaver 
Bowden Hester, weaver, 322 German 
Bowden James, painter, 812 S 12th 
Bowden Jane, widow Henry, 1208 Thurlow 
Bowden John C, tobacco, 1527 N 10th 
Bowden William, seaman, 322 German 
Bowdle Tristram, public acct. 1213 Race 
Bowe John, lab, 4 Courtland pi r 308 N Market 
Bowe Patrick, II glasscutter, r Tulip n Gordon 
Bowen Alexander waterman, 612 Annapolis 
Bowen Allen, printer, 614 Sears 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




BOWEN & CO, lithographers, 1100 Chestnut 
BO WEN & FERRY, (George K. Bowen and 

Daniel J. Ferry,) ferule makers, and ma 

chinists, 161 & 163 Allen 
Bowen & Fox, (Ezra Buwen 4" George S. Fox,) 

brokers, 13 Mer Exchange 
Bowen A G M, 274 S 3d h 324 S 21st 
Bowen A J., cabinet mr. 133 S 11th h 747 S 10th 
Bowen Charles, waterman, 615 Annapolis 
Bowen Charles, wheelwright, 1444 S 13th 
Bowen Chas. C, undr. 1107 Moyamensing av 
Bowen Danl. M., conveyancer, 605 Sansom, h 

1010 Melon 
Bowen David H., undertaker, 815 S 2d 
Bowen Edward, sailmaker, Columbia av n Key 
Bowen Eliza, (col'd) white washing, 436 Lynd 
Bowen Enos, carpenter, 1215 Crease 
Bowen Ezra, broker, 13 Mer. Ex. h 324 S 21st 
Bowen E S., conductor, Oak n S 36th (W P) 
Bowen Franklin H., atty & coun 336 S 21st 
Bowen George R., machinist, 161 & 163 Allen 

av h 1818 Spruce 
Bowen James, laborer, 1010 S 5th 
Bowen James, waterman, 615 Annapolis 
Bowen James L., seaman, Salmon n Somerset 
Bowen John, furniture car, Mouseley's pi r 

1553 Germantown av 
Bowen John, engineer, 729 Thompson 
Bowen John, laborer, 235 Lybrand 
Bowen John, moulder, Jamison S 8th 
Bowen John, moulder, Franklin n Dauphin 
Bowen John F., clerk, 514 Catharine 
Bowen Joseph, huckster, 319 Trout 
Bowen Joseph E., tailor, 107 S 22d 
Bowen Lavinia, lithographer, 1100 Chestnut h 

1020 Cherry 
Bowen Moses, laborer, r 516 Marriott 
Bowen Nicholas, (col'd) waiter, 515 S 10th 
Bowen Philip, coals, 1100 Washington av h 

514 Catharine 
Bowen Robert, laborer, 1712 Carlton 
Bowen Samuel, tavern, 6 Dunton 
Bowen Sarah, widow Richard, 31 Prime 
Bowen Smith, dry goods, 53 N 3d h 226 N 5th 
Bowen Thos., tailor, 927 Sansom h 1219 Brinton 
Bowen Thomas, laborer, (Bustleton) 
Bowen Thomas J., 1625 Spruce 
Bowen William, boatbuilder, 1109 Hewston 
Bowen Wm., driver, h Richmond c Ann (R; 
Bowen William, paper stand, Dock, n S 3d h r 

1313 S 10th 
Bowen Wm E., banker, 211 Chestnut, h 1818 

Bowen Wm H., dry goods, 110 Chestnut h 938 

N 8th 
Bowen Wm M., druggist, 139 Brown, h 801 

New Market 
Bowen Wm M., U. S. Mint, h 1010 Olive 
Bower Abraham, police 6 May! and 
Bower Ann R., widow, John D 1703 Olive 
Bower August, cooper, 914 Ogden 

Bower Christopher, shoemaker, 1437 N 4th 
Bower Cyrus J., clerk, 321 Market, h 803 Arch 
Bower David, wheelwright, Cumberland n 

Bower Edwin, tobacconist, Fkd rd n Noma 
Bower Eliza, wid. John, Susquehanna av, n N 

Bower F., wheelwright, Cadwalader-n Oxford 
Bower Francis, shoemaker, 722 New Market 
Bower Frederick, baker, Cadwalader n Mont- 
gomery av 
Bower Frederick, hair dresser, 137S Ridge av 
Bower Frederick, hotel, 902 Callowhill 
Bower Frederick, laborer (Falls of Schuylkill) 
Bower George, baker, 411 S 6th 
BOWER GEORGE C, druggist, N E c Vine 

& N 6th, h 301 N 6th 
Bower George C, jr., druggist, 301 N 6th 
Bower Henry, drug-gist, 17 S 3d, 8t Gray's Ferry 

rd, h Chestnut c S 16th 
Bower Henry A., druggist, 601 N 6th, h 527 

Bower James E., salesman, 133 Race 
Bower John, 510 Frankford ay- 
Bower John, butcher, 233 Spring Garden Mar- 
ket, h Brown c N 24th 
Bower John, combs, Frankford rd ab Vienna 
Bower John, grocer, 819 Vine 
Bower John, lamp maker, 9 Gilpin pi 
Bower John, music teacher, 1514 Sansom 
Bower John, porter, 212 N 2d 
Bower John, rolling mill, 1102 Vienna 
Bower John, wheelwright, 121 Gebhard 
Bower John D., jr., baker, Parrish n Broad 
Bower John F., laborer, Ship la (Rox) 
Bower John S., clerk, 211 Market, h 301 N 6th 
Bower Joseph, 518 Frankford av 
Bower Joseph, tailor, Amber n Dauphin 
Bower Joseph, wines, 433 Girard av 
Bower Joseph T., telegraph, Fkd rd bcl Norris 
Bower Joshua, alcohol, 1205 Otis 
Bower Leonard, candles, 1319 N 4th 
Bower Louis, shoe maker, r 1147 N 3d 
Bower Maria, wid. Richard F., Frankford av, 

bel Norris 
Bower Martin, hostler, Coates n 25th 
Bower Mary, r 1019 N 4th 
Bower Peter, grocer, 1017 N 4th 
Bower Peter, rags, N 4th, n Columbia av 
Bower Richard C, bricklayer, 506 Fkd rd 
Bower Robert S., druggist, N 3d c Gtn av 
Bower Rudolph, turner, 519 Richmond 
Bower S., locksmith, N 3d n Oxford 
Bower Samuel, machinist, 530 Thompson 
Bower Solomon, laborer, S 21st n Hand 
Bower S. D., shipwright, 530 Thompson 
Bower Theodore, hostler, Susquehanna av n 

N 5th 
Bower William, laborer, 1832 Girard av 
Bowerike Christian, cabinetmaker, 424 Moms 
Bowers Abel, lamp maker, 870 Charlotte 

Bower Barbara, widow Benrhart, tailoress, r Bowers Adam, engineer, Sycamore n N 33d 

1127 Vine 
Bower Bernard, hostler, r 329 St John 
Bower Charles, tailor, 1213 Ridge av 
Bower Charles P., late butcher, 1705 Francis 
Bower Christian, butcher, 519 Richmond 
Bower Christian, lampmaker, 31 Kesler 

(W P) 

Bowers Alexander, wheelwright, 1510 S 2d 
Bowers Andrew, weaver, Macher n Somerset 
Bowers Augustus, shoe maker, 852 Charlotte 
Bowers Carper, hostler, Ridge av n Columbia av 
Bowers Catharine, York rd (R Sun) 

Jules Hauel St Co. import material from 




Bowers Charles, beer, 319 Brown 
Bowers Charles, ship carpenter, 1921 Pearl 
Bowers Christian, baker, 1211 K 13th 
Bowers D. F., ambrotypes, 317 N 2d, h Barlev 

Sheaf Hotel 
Bowers Daniel Rev., 14-35 Chestnut 
Bowers Daniel D. W., bricklayer, Darian n 

Bowers Elizabeth, wid. James, 820 Swanson 
Bowers Frederick, butcher, Emerald n York 
Bowers Frederick, blacksmith, 2522 Pine 
Bowers Frederick, painter, 10 Barker's row 
Bowers Frederick, tailor, 219 Shippen 
Bowers George, barber, 434 AVorth 
Bowers George, brickmaker, 618 S Juniper 
Bowers Georg-e, carpenter, School, (Gtn) 
Bowers Georg-e, coal, 1021 Shackamaxon 
Bowers George, silver plater, 134 Market 
Bowers Georg-e V., actor, 811 S 3d 
Bowers Henrietta, (col'd,) wid. John, 838 

Bowers Henry, watchman, 830 Palm 
Bowers Jacob E., atty. & coun., 619 Walnut, h 

924 Franklin 
Bowers James, varnisher, Orchard n Church, 

Bowers John, 1508 Cherry 
Bowers John, wheelwright, 121 Gebhard 
Bowers John B., cabinet maker, 1126 Jackson 
Bowers John C, (colored) tailor, 115 S 2d 
Bowers John G., candies, N 12th c Cass 
Bowers Joseph, bricklayer, 1030 Beach 
Bowers Joseph, conductor, 1242 Crease 
Bowers Louisa, saleswoman, h 1522 Market 
Bowers Mary A., 1230 Market 
Bowers Peter, brickmaker, Buck rd n Gray's 

ferry rd 
Bowers Peter G., clerk, 722 N 3d 
Bowers Philip, shoemaker, 929 Darien 
Bowers Richard, shoemaker, 450 Belgrade 
Bowers Robert, laborer, Stoy's ct n Allen 
Bowers Robert F., hotel, Frankford av c Nor- 

Bowers Sally, 507 S 12th 

Bowers Samuel, distiller, Elm ab N 33d (W P) 
Bowers Samuel, engineer, Elm n Haverford 

Bowers Samuel, restaurant, 637 Walnut, h 1010 

Bowers Samuel, tailor, 203 S 11th 
Bowers Thomas, blacksmith, Five Points 
Bowers Thomas, harnessmaker, 913 Master 
Bowers Thomas, tailor, h 917 South 
Bowers Valentine, hostler, 610 Annapolis 
Bowers William, brickmaker, Buck rd n Gray's 

ferry rd 
Bowers William, cotton goods, Frankford, h 

924 Franklin 
Bowers William, clerk, 227 Arch 
Bowers William, lookingglass maker, 1223 

Bowers William turner, Tackawanna n Church 

Bowers William H., clerk, Darien n Thomp 

Bovvers William V. Rev., 1205 Ellsworth 
Bowes Catharine, widow of Win., 46 Norfolk 
Bowes Edward, boltmaker, 4 Ashton pi 

Bowes Jacob, chairmaker, 444 Maria 
Bowes Martin, laborer, 931 Hutchinson 
Bowes Martin, printer, 2007 Maloney 
Bowie Ashhurst, atty. & coun., 222 S 4th 
Bowie James A., clerk, 604 S 2d 
Bowie John B., clerk, 624 S 2d 
Bowie Catharine Mrs., gentw., 1127 Chestnut 
Bowie Margaret, dressmaker, 1247 Mascher 
Bowie Richard A., attv. & coun., 218 S 4th, h 

1127 Chestnut 
Bowie Roswell C, hatter, 1247 Mascher 
Bowker Abraham, tavern, 502 Larkin 
Bowker & Greenwood, {William Bowker <$• 
Edwin Greenwood) coppersmiths, 842 N3d 
Bowker James, tinsmith, Main n Cotton (Myk) 
Bowker John, hardware, Main c Levering (Myk) 
Bowker William Rev., 348 N 3d 
Bowker William, coppersmith, 842 N 3d 
Bowker William H„ porter, 212 S 3d 
Bowlan Alpheas, clerk, 51 N 10th 
Bowlby Edward, broker, 230 AValnut, h Her- 
man (Gtn) 
BOWLBY SAMUEL L., 228 AValnut, h 405 

S 3d 
Bowlby T. A r ., conveyancer, Market c 37th, h 

Park n Locust (W P) 
Bowler Elizabeth, widow of John, provisions, 

Lancaster c Logan (W P) 
Bowler John, factoryman, Adams n Church 

Bowles Benjamin, carpenter, 1205 Pearl 
Bowles James, laborer, 2212 Chestnut 
Bowles James, stonecutter, 2119 Winter 
Bowles James R., police, 169 Girard av 
Bowles John, cu'ter, 435 N 2d 
Bowles John, jr., stonecutter, 2119 AVinter 
Bowles John L., coffee roaster, r 220 N 2d, h 

1405 Columbia av 
Bowles Marj', trimmings, 520 S 2d 
Bowles Michael B., clerk, 2505 Pennsylvania av 
Bowley John S., farmer, Township line rd (Gtn) 
Bowlin Michael, clerk, 240 Crown 
Bowlin Thomas, seaman, 725 Lisle 
Bowman Abraham, (col'd) waiter, 3 Blake's ct 
Bowman Annie E., Gtn av (Gtn) 
Bowman Anthony, carver, 910 St. John 
Bowman Barbara, widow of Daniel, Gtn av n 

Armat (Gtn) 
Bowman Catharine, Gtn av n Armat (Gtn) 
Bowman Charles S., hatter, 819 N 2d 
Bowman Cyrus, carpets, 14 N 3d, h Merchants' 

Bowman David, bootmaker, Gtn av n Armat, h 

Gtn av 
Bowman David T., shoemaker, Gtn av (Gtn) 
Bowman Franklin, moulder, N 2d n Cumber- 
Bowman Frederick, coppersmith, r 105 Brown 
Bowman Frederick, tailor, 467 N 3d 
Bowman Garett, (col'd,) brick mr. Harrison n 

Bowman George W., 1111 Wistar 
Bowman George W., shoemaker, 406 Gaskill 
Bowman Harriet, dress maker, Bowman n Han- 
cock (Gtn) 
Bowman Henry, farmer, Red Lion rd 
Bowman Henry, shoemaker, Cumberland c 

headquarters, at the lowest market rates. 




Bowman Howard, shoe maker, Haines (Gtn) 
Bowman Jacob, shoe maker, 1241 Poplar 
Bowman James, clerk, 239 N Juniper 
Bowman James K., grocer, 552 N 17th 
Bowman James S., cordwainer, 34 n 4th 
Bowman Job R., brass founder, 932 Race 
Bowman John, cotton, 28 N Front, h 2023 

Bowman John, grocer, 1301 N 5th 
Bowman John, harness mr. Cadwell n 15th 
Bowman John, hatter, 819 N 2d 
Bowman John, mason, Mechanic (Gtn) 
Bowman John, (col'd,) stevedore, Robin av n 

Bowman Jonas, grocer, 340 N 3d, h 1229 N 7th 
Bowman Jonathan, engineer, Apple n Pear, 

Bowman Joseph, laborer, Kent n S 25th 
Bowman Joseph, shoes, 1241 Poplar 
Bowman Joseph K., silver plater, 934 Race 
Bowman Lewis, boot crimper, 8 Goldbeck's av 

r 1131 N2d 
Bowman M. & Co., {Moses 4" Cyrus Boivman,) 

carpets, 14 N 3d 
Bowman Martha, Richmond c William 
Bowman Moses, carpets, 14 N 3d, & treas. 146 

S 4th, h 335 N 5th 
Bowman Robert M., coach trimmer, Gtn av(Gtn) 
Bowman Samuel, printer, 134 Beck pi 
Bowman Samuel, asst. bishop of Penna., h 317 

S 16th 
Bowman Sarah, boarding house, 20 N 7th 
Bawman Sarah, wid. Isaac, Wyoming n Corn 
Bowman S. M., attorney, 1521 Arch 
Bowman Thos., broker, Walnut, h 251 S 12th 
Bowman Thomas K., shoe maker, 2130 Shars- 

Bowman William, 1336 S 4th 
Bowman William, clerk, 825 Walnut 
Bowman William, glass blower, Dauphin n 

Bowman Svilliam, harness mr. 1008 Sansom 
Bowman W. D., clerk, 32 N 4th, h National hot 
Bowman William H., paper, 201 Callowhill, h 

1340 Columbia av 
Bowman William K., grocer, 816 West 
Bowne Benjamin S., provisions 839 Federal, h 

837 Federal 
Bowne Charles, clerk, N 2d n Wood 
Bowne Monroe, mason, N 2d n Dauphin 
Bowns Charlotte, 1241 Vine 
Bowser David B., (col'd,) artist, 481 X 4th 
Bowser George, (col'd,) laborer, Gilles al n 

Bowser Isaac, (col'd,) porter, r Julian n 15th 
Bowser James, (col'd,) porter, 1013 Lombard 
Bowyer Charles P., produce, 163 Girard av 
Bowyer John, produce, 163 Girard av 
B ■ ver Joshua, weaver, John's ct n 24th 
Bo. >erjrer John, grocer, 241 Poplar 
Bo\ ■ Abraham, carpenter, (Smithfield) 
Boyce & Bennett (Benjamin S. Boyce <$- Robert 

C. Bennett,) carpenters, 1004 Marlborough 
Boyce Andrew, liquors, 1118 Master 
Boyce Arm, wid Henry, 209 Prime 
Boyce Benjamin, bill poster, r 802 S 2d 
Boyce Benjamin S., carpenter, 1004 Marl- 
borough, h Edgmond n Gessler 

Boyce Dennis, moulder, 407 N 16th 

Boyce Francis, laborer, 2206 F st 

Boyce Henry, laborer, S Front n Tasker 

Boyce Henry, laborer, 2210 Summer 

Boyce James, paper stainer, 2007 Market 

Boyce James E., perfumer, 916 Charlotte 

Boyce John, clerk, 117 Lombard 

Boyce John, coppersmith, 215 Beaver 

Boyce John, laborer, Salmon n William 

Boyce Joseph, seamen, r 802 S 2d 

Boyce Lavinia, wid Thomas, nurse, r 802 S 2d 

Boyce Manus, carter, 23 Hickey 

Boyce Mary, wid Benjamin, milliner, 938 Race 

Boyce Michael, laborer, Washington (Myk) 

Boyce Robert, carpenter, (Smithfield) 

Boyce Samuel, grocer, 917 N 13th 

Boyce Thomas, shoemaker, 1421 Gtn av 

Boyd Albert, painter, 709 N 23d 

Boyd Alexander, clerk, 227 S 4th 

Boyd Alexander, merchant, 12 N Del av, h 407 

Boyd Alexander, plasterer, 1725 Carver 
Boyd Alexander, weaver, Norris N Front 
Boyd Amanda, washing, r 905 S 5th 
Boyd Amelia, teacher, S 17th n Market 
Boyd Amelia, upholsterer, 15 N 13th 
Boyd &. Bates, (George J. Boyd $ David Bates,) 

brokers, 18 S 3d 
Boyd & Deitz, (William Boyd 3f Henry H. 

Deitz,) grocers, S 5th c Catharine 
BOYD & HOUGH, ( William S. Boyd A' John L. 

Hough,) grocers, 17 S Water 
Boyd &"stroud, (Thomas A. Boyd $ M. R. 

Stroud,) queensware, 32 N 4th 
Boyd Andrew, blacksmith, Taylor n Passyunk 

av, h Cross n Passyunk av 
Boyd Andrew, blacksmith, 318 York av 
Boyd Andrew, collector, 1159 S. 10th 
Boyd Andrew, laborer, Cumberland (Gtn) 
Boyd Andrew, twister, 1523 Bodine 
Bovd Andrew G., alkali, S 12th n Carpenter, h 

804 S 10th 
Boyd Ann, wid Thomas, housekeeper, 1432 N 

Boyd Annie, wid James, 5 Reed's av 
Boyd Archibald, confectioner, 705 Loyd 
Boyd, Barclay D., druggist, 1227 Cadwalader 
Boyd Benjamin, brick maker, 1045 Dorrance 
Boyd Catharine, furniture, 709 N 23d 
Boyd Charles S., clerk, 919 Market 
Bovd David, 1735 Hamilton 
Boyd David, jr., cloths, &c, 40 S 4th, h 1735 

Boyd Daniel, laborer, r 236 S Juniper 
Boyd Daniel, weaver, Cresson (Myk) 
Bovd Daniel M., coal, Richmond n Reading 

R R, h William n Melvale 
Boyd Edward, dealer, 16 Girard av 
Boyd Edwin, carpenter, 520 Master 
Boyd Edwin, laborer, Levering (Myk) 
Boyd Elizabeth, trimmings, 331 Green, h Frank- 
lin n Farrish 
Boyd Elizabeth, (col'd,) washerwoman, h Lis- 
bon n Hurst 
Boyd George, drayman, 1317 Shippen 
Boyd George, groc. 1200 Market, h 33 N 15th 
Boyd George, painter, 1337 N 11th 
Boyd George D., (col'd) waiter, 224 Acorn al 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Boyd George J., broker, 18 S 3d, h 1104 Pine] Boyd Robert, chairmr. Dauphin n Carroll 
Boyd George W., machinist, 1319 BrandywineiBoyd Robert, grocer, 1544 Race 

Boyd Henry, chairmaker, Dauphin n Carrol 
Boyd Hugh, carpenter, 2046 Pine 
Boyd Hugh, cutter, 1411 Howard 
Boyd Hugh, laborer, 2144 Lombard 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, 1314 Rodman 
Boyd Hugh, trimmings, 1929 Lombard 
Boyd H. Brewster, grocer, 1842 Market 
Boyd James, blacksmith, 179 Jefferson 
Boyd James, clerk, h Merchants Hotel 
Boyd James, dyer, 1521 Fitzwater 
Boyd James, farmer, River rd (Tacony) 
Boyd Jomes, gardener, 839 Market, h 9 S 19th 
Boyd James, grocer, Palethorp c Jefferson, h 

1500 Palethorp 
Boyd James, hotel, 16 Girard av 
Boyd James, liquors, 1738 South 
Boyd James, police, 4 S 19th 
Boyd James, salesman, h Merchants Hotel 
Boyd James, stockingmaker, Norns n Howard 
Boyd James, weaver, Ella n Emerald 
Boyd James, weaver, Gorgas (Gtn) 
Boyd James D., brickmaker, Federal c S 27th 
Boyd James L., printer, 1216 Whitehall 
Boyd James M., tobacco, N Front c Arch, h 

1309 S 4th 
B jyd James W., broker, 305 Walnut, h High c 

Morton (Gnt) 
Boyd Jane, widow James, seamstress, 1507 

Boyd Jane, widow John, Cresson (Myk) 
Boyd John, Gay, (Myk) 
Boyd John, carter, 724 Federal 
Boyd John, conttonmf. Main (Myk) h Gay (Myk) 
Boyd John, gardener, 520 S 18th 
Boyd John, laborer, 620 S 18th 
Boyd John, laborer, 1238 Leopard 
Boyd John, machinist, 1512 N Front 
Boyd John, machinist, 214 Marion 
Boyd John, merchant, 1607 Walnut 
Boyd John, porter, 2147 Sharswood 
Boyd John, shoemaker, Sycamore n Locust 
Boyd John, tailor, 220 N Water, h (Beverly) 
Boyd John, weaver, 1429 Columbia av 
Boyd John, 1613 Wood 
Boyd J. W., clerk, 209 Chestnut 
Boyd John G., clerk, r 236 S Juniper 
Boyd John J., stonecutter, N 7th n Columbia av 
Boyd John L., stonecutter, 1227 Brown 
Boyd John S., segars, 136 S 10th 
Boyd John T., clerk, 15 Bank, h Walnntn 16th 
Boyd John W., alkali, S 12)h n Carpenter h 

804 S 10th 
Boyd John W., painter, 3 Nescopeck pi 
Boyd John W. & Co., (Andrew G. Boyd) alkali, 

S 12th n Carpenter 
Boyd Joseph D., shoemaker, 118 Lombard 
Boyd Margaret, widow James, 710 Fallon 
Boyd Martha, widow James, spooler, English 

row (Myk) 
Boyd Martha, widow William, 1705 Burton 
Boyd Mary, widow John, 17 Reed 
Boyd N. B-, atty. & coun. 233 S 8th 
Boyd Patrick W., carman, 1146 Frankford av 
Boyd Rebecca, widow James, 2 Reed av 

Boyd Robert, baker, 1343 South 
Boyd Robert, butcher, 1727 S 5th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia 

Boyd Robert, laborer, 1823 Market 

Boyd Robert laborer, 185 Jefferson 

Boyd Robt. painter, N 36th c Sycamore (W Pj 

Boyd Robert, watchman, Almond n Lehigh 

Boyd Robert H., (col'd) seaman, 824 Shippen 
Boyd Robert R., mer. agency, 248 Market 
Bo/d Samuel, grocer, 1544 Race 
Boyd Samuel, laborer, 1 Ashton pi 
Boyd Samuel, police Filbert n N 19th 
Boyd Samuel, tavern, 420 Hamilton 
Boyd S. & R., (Samuel $ Robert) grocers, 

1544 Race 
Boyd Samuel B., laborer, 1219 S 7th 
Boyd Samuel W., bricklayer, 7 Castle st ct 
Boyd Sarah, nurse, 1429 Parrish 
Boyd Sarah, weaver, Cresson (Myk) 
Boyd Susanna, Levering (Myk) 
Boyd Thomas, chairmaker, Dauphin n Carroll 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, 1116 Sophia 
Boyd Thomas, miner, 1524 Federal 
Boyd Thomas, shoemaker, 516 S 19th 
Boyd Thomas, stonecutter, 856 Darien 
Boyd Thomas, jr., stonecutter, 856 Darien 
Boyd Thomas A., queensware, 32 N 4th, h 1210 

Spring Garden 
Boyd Thomas C, clerk, 32 N 4th, h Commer- 
cial Hotel 
Boyd William, h Western Exchange Hotel 
Boyd William, baker, 15 Farrier's ct 
Boyd William, bricklayer, 1529 Hancock 
Boyd William, brushmaker, 821 S 13th 
Boyd William, carpenter, 8 Court al 
Boyd William, carpet weaver, Levering near 

Boyd William, carter, Summer (Myk) 
Boyd William, grocer, 1842 Market 
Boyd William, grocer, S 5th c Catherine 
Boyd William, grocer, N 21st cor Winter 
Boyd William, laborer, Levering (Myk) 
Boyd William, laborer, 1629 Helmuth 
Boyd William, painter, 1133 South 
Boyd William, shoemaker, Campbell n S 6th 
Boyd William, stocking weaver, 1045 Del. 

Boyd William, telegrapher, 1020 Ash 
Boyd William, (col'd) 1337 Pearl 
Boyd William & Son, (H. Brewster Boyd,) 

grocers, 1842 Market 
Boyd William George W., sailmaker, 309 Rich- 
Boyd William H., laborer, 1219 S 7th 
BOYD WILLIAM H., publisher of the Phila- 
delphia City Business Directory, Virginia 
State Business and Pennsylvania State 
Business Directories, Directories for Read- 
ing, Lancaster, Easton, Allentown, Potts- 
ville, Lebanon, Pa. ; also Washington, D. 
C. ; Balimore, Md. ; Newark, Trenton, 
Patterson, N. J., &c, &c. ; and compiler of 
McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory, 
for 1860, N E cor 6th & Minor 
Boyd William H., jr., directory agent, 33 S 6th 

h 814 Market 
Boyd William P., painter, 1219 Cass 
Boyd William S., farmer, Reed n Dauphin 




Boyd William S., grocer, 17 S Water, h 334 

Boyd William S., jr., clerk, 263 S 3d 
Boydley George, (col) coachman, 1508 Burton 
Boye Martin II., professor, 216 Poplar 
Boyer Abraham, prison keeper, 812 N 13th 
Boycr Abraham, (col) brickmkr, 1444 Lawrence 
BOYER & BARCLAY, (William H. Boyer $ 

John K. Bare/at/,) linseed oil, 127 N Water 

and 134 N Del av 
BOYER & MOFFLY, (Percival K. Boyer <y 

John W. Moffly,) cloths, 71 N 2d 
Boyer Ann, wid Michael, washerwoman, Spring- 
Garden n 16th 
Boyer Anne, wid Peter, 504 N 3d 
Boyer Charles, brush block manuf., Frankford 

c Oxford, li 189 Frankford (Fkd) 
Boyer Charles, watchman, 1229 S Front 
Boyer Charles A., music teacher, 204 Wood 
Boyer Daniel L., music teacher, 217 N Juniper 
Boyer David, tin plate worker, Market n 37th 
Boyer Edmund N., clerk, 728 N 17th 
Boyer Edward R., bookbinder, 990 N 7th 
Boyer Elizabeth, wid Littleton, tailoress, 1010 

S Front 
Boyer Ephraim, drayman, r Gnt av n Norris 
Boyer Evans, carpenter, 943 Otsego 
Boyer Franklin J., exchange, 57 S 4th, h Dela. 
Boyer George, butcher, 80 S 2d market, h 

218 Greenwich 
Boyer George, carter, Gnt av n Norris 
Boyer George C, perfumer, 504 N 3d 
Boyer Gottlieb, shoemaker, 2 Vermont pi 
Boyer Henry K., agricultural imps., N 6th and 

Gtn av, h 1415 N 8th 
Boyer William L., agricultural imps., N 6th and 

Gtn av, h 1335 N 8th 
Boyer Win. L. & Brother, (Wm. L. 4- //. K. 

Boyer,) agricultural imps., N 6th and Gtn 

Boyer Henry, (col'd) measurer, 1512 S 7th 
Boyer Hiram, bricklayer, 1017 Girard av 
Boyer Jacob, (col'd) brickmkr, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer Jacob, car driver, Gtn av n Norris 
Boyer Jacob, carpenter, 1427 Savery 
Boyer Jacob, huckster, Kesler n Norris 
Boyer Jacob, laborer, h (Feltonville) 
.Boyer James, carpenter, 206 Wood 
Boyer James S., farmer, Old York rd n Gtn 
Boyer Jesse, brakeman, 11 Oak n S 37th (W P) 
Boyer John, (col'd) brickmkr., 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer John, carpenter, 1205 Oxford 
Boyer John, carpenter, 206 Wood 
Boyer John, shoemaker, Rosette (Gtn) 
Boyer John A., collector, 728 N 17th 
Boyer Joseph, (col) brickmkr., 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer Lewis, conductor, Oxford n Hedge (Fkd) 
Boycr Margaret, r 5 Carman pi 
Boyer Matthew, laborer, 1231 Vienna 
Boyer Nathan, cabinetmaker, 130 Prime 
Boyer P. K., cloths, 71 N 2d, h (Montgo'y co.) 
Boyer Richard, (col'd) laborer, r 505 S 6th 
Boyer Samuel, shoemaker, 947 Otsego 
Boyer Samuel D., clerk, 1617 Ogden 
Boyer Samuel H. umbrella sticks, Church n 

Paul (Fkd) 
Boyer Samuel P., cooper, r 207 Federal 
Beyer Sarah A., washing, r 1311 Shippen 

Boyer Sarah L., wid John, teacher, r 207 

Boycr Stephen S., printer, 1310 N 15th 
Boyer Thomas W. H., carp'ler, Peters n S 13th 
Boyer Vital, dyer, 1200 S 12th 
Boyer William, carpenter, 812 N 13th 
Boyer William, real estate, 728 N 17th 
Boyer William, watchman, 2204 Hamilton 
Boyer William, (col) brickmkr., 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer W. E., shoemaker, N 5th n Susque- 
hanna av 
Boyer William A., stevedore, 539 Marriott 
Boyer William H., mcr., 137 N Water and 134 

N Delaware av, h 1314 Arch 
Boyer William H., plasterer, 2219 Virginia 
Boyer William L., agricultural imps., N 6th c 

Gtn av, h 1335 N 8th 
Boyer William W., clerk, 728 N 17th 
Boyes James, laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Boyes James, jr., carpenter, Centre (Gtn) 
Boyes John, laborer, 716 N 9th 
Boyl Edward, blacksmith, Bodine n Montgomery 
Boyl Hugh, malster, 613 Belgrade 
Boyl Jeremiah, laborer, 1 Ridley av r 1421 

Boylan James, 1111 Chestnut 
Boylan Michael, laborer, 545 N 25th 
Boyland John, grrcer, Lombard c S 5th, h 501 

Boyland John, laborer, r 424 German 
Boyle Alexander, laborer, Navy n S Front 
Boyle Alexander, jr., tailor, Navy n S Front 
Boyle Andrew, carriag-es, 936 Washington av 
Boyle Andrew, cotton twister, 1523 Bodine 
Boyle Andrew, laborer, 1614 Mervine 
Boyle Ann, provisions, 1712 Callowhill 
Boyle Bernard, cabinet mr., r 759 Passayunkav 
Boyle Bernard, laborer, Gnt. av. (Nicetown) 
Boyle Bernard, moulder, 1912 Naudain 
Boyle Catharine, washerwoman, 2 Baytree pi 
Boyle Cath., wid. Jno., Edgemont n Lehig-hav 
Boyle Catharine, wid. Samuel, 2007 South 
Boyle Catharine E., 420 S 18th 
Boyle Charles, laborer, Townshipline rd (Gtn) 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 735 Dickerson 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 1620 Sansom 
Boyle Cornelius, laborer, 3 Wilson 
Boyle Cornelius, shoemaker, 851 Ontario 
Boyle DanI,, liqrs., Frankford av n Reading av 
Boyle Edward, blacksmith, 1527 and h 1519 

Boyle Edward, blacksm., Bodine n Columbia 
Boyle Edward, laborer, r 708 Loyd 
Boyle Fdward, weaver, 240 Marriott 
Boyle Eli, dyer, Wilden n Palmer 
Boyle Eliza, teacher, Marriott n S 3d 
Boyle George, heater, 1017 Crease 
Boyle Hannah, wid. Thos. J., dyer, 1213 N 4th 
Boyle Henry, laborer, 1922 Jones 
Boyle Henry, laborer, Chippewa n South 
Boyle Henry C, whips, 1 Burlington pi 
Boyle Hugh, blacksmith, r 1436 American 
Boyle Hugh, engineer, r 1244 Hancock 
Boyle Hugh, galvanizer, 1020 Federal 
Boyle Hugh, laborer, Cotton (Myk) 
Boyle Hugh, laborer, 2 Reed 
Boyle Hugh, laborer, 2015 Murray 
Boyle Hugh, laborer, 134 N Front 

Jules Hauel & Co. offer their Goods lower than any other 




Boyle Hugh, laborer, 2144 Lombard 
Boyle Hugh, moulder, 134 Denmark 
Boyle Hugh H., plasterer, 2021 Cherry 
Boyle James, carman, r 415 Noble 
Boyle James, hackman, 530 Hurst 
Boyle James, laborer, Main (Myk) 
Boyle James, laborer, Simes n Beach 
Boyle James, laborer, Daisy av r 18th 
Boyle James, laborer, Almond n Lehigh av 
Boyle James, laborer, 4 Humes av 
Boyle James, mat maker, 313 Garden 
Boyle James, pedler, 505 Bedford 
Boyle James, tailor, 832 Catharine 
Boyle James, weaver, 1517 Cadwalader 
Boyle John, boatman, Mechanic (Myk) 
Boyle John, carter, Margaretta n Wharton 
Boyle John, carriage maker, 914 Cherry, h N 

10th c Wood 
Boyle John, farmer, Gtn. av. (Ches. Hill) 
Boyle John, laborer, Academy rd 
Boyle John, laborer, r 502 Barnwell 
Boyle John, laborer, 808 Carpenter 
Boyle John, laborer, r 116 Catharine 
Boyle John, laborer, Center n N 38th ( W P) 
Boyle John, laborer, r 1122 N Front 
Boyle John, laborer, 1912 Naudain 
Boyle John, laborer, Otsego n Reed 
Boyle John, laborer, 2038 Sansom 
Boyle John, laborer, 1809 South 
Boyle John, laborer, 1935 South 
Boyle Jno., liquor, 901 Buttonwood, h 509 N 9th 
Boyle John, printer, 164 Brown, h 1030 N 3d 
Boyle John, shoes, 922 Market, h 3 Traquiar ct 
Boyle John C, furniture car, 2038 Callowhill 
Boyle John F., liquors, 824 S 13th 
Boyle Joseph, carriages, 936 Washington av 
Boyle Lewis, laborer, r 124 Otter 
Boyle Margaret, wid. Edward, 1221 S 7th 
Boyle Margt., wid. James, York n 36th (W P) 
Boyle Mary, tailoress, 33 N 13th 
Boyle Mary, wid. William, second hd. clothing, 

733 Shippen 
Boyle Matthew, carter, 2503 Pine 
Boyle Michael, carter, 1529 Thompson 
Boyle Michael, hostler, 5 Fayette 
Boyle Michl., hotel, Lancastr. av. n 46th (W P) 
Boyle Michael A., carpenter, S 21st n Spruce, 

h 734 Federal 
Boyle Nathaniel, laborer, Lombard n Welsh 
Boyle Neal, laborer, r 2127 Spruce 
Boyle Nicholas, dealer 2 St. Paul av n S 7th 
Boyle Patrick, carter, Edgemont n Lehigh av 
Boyle Patrick, foreman 100 Richmond (R) 
Boyle Patrick, grocer, 2061 Lombard 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 2513 Pine 
Boyle Patrick, variety, 515 South 
Boyle Peter, lab., Sycamore n N 33d (W P) 
Boyle Philip, grocer, 36 N 22d 
Boyle Robert, laborer, rear 929 Ogden 
Boyle Robert, marble, 1712 Carlton 
Boyle Robert, stone polisher, 2058 Sansom 
Boyle Robert, trader, 26 Benton 
Boyle Robert, weaver, Dauphin n Carroll 
Boyle Robert, whips, 5 Burlington place 
Boyle Samuel W., clerk, 1320 Lombard 
Boyle Sarah, widow, James, 748 Swanson 
Boyle Stephen, laborer, 512 Beach 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, 1712 Callowhill 

Boyle Thomas, laborer, 1305 Lancaster 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, rear 927 Ogden 
Boyle Thos., lager beer, 4 Pine, h 12 Louisa av 
Boyle Thomas, packer, 501 Christian 
Boyle Thomas, weaver, Dauphin n Carroll 
Boyle Timothy, laborer, 2031 Murray 
Boyle T. J. & Co., {Timothy J. $ John,) liquor 

901 Buttonwood 
Boyle Timothy J., liquor, 901 Buttonwood, h 

509 N 9th 
Boyle Wellington, clerk, 270 Levant 
Boyle William, auger maker, York n 36th (W P) 
Boyle William, coach maker, 5 Loxleys place 
Boyle William, cooper, 915 market, h Cuth- 

bert n 21st 
Boyle Wm., florist, Levington c Ogden (W P) 
Boyle William, laborer, 1322 Mariner 
Boyle William, stone cutter, Pleasant row 
Boylen Michael, weaver, 1011 Carpenter 
Boylen James, hotel, Lancaster av n Girard av 

(W P) 
Boylen Patrick, weaver, 1011 Carpenter 
Boyles Catharine, wid. Nathaniel, nurse, 1413 

Boyles Geo., blacksmith, American n Diamond 
Boyles George M., blacksmith, American near 

Boyles George W., moulder, 1261 Mascher 
Boyles Jackson, tailor, 1413 Barclay 
Boyles James, book binder, 607 Sansom, h 508 

N7th * 

Boyles William, painter, SheafTs alley 
Boylon James, laborer, rear 330 master 
Boys James, clerk, 1207 Parrish 
Boys Nathan, pilot,' 207 Saranak 
Boys Robert, porter, rear 1324 Brinton 
Boys William, dry goods, 143 Green 
Bozart Joseph, bar tender, N 8th c Vine, h 520 

Bozarth Hudson, laborer, 312 Trout 
Bozier Samuel, cocper, rear 415 St. John 
Bozier William, laborer, rear 415 St. John 
Bozorth Joseph M., bar tender, 520 Dillwyn 
Bozorth Richard F., machinist, 935 Sartain 
Bozorth William V., shoemaker, 1018 Beach 
Braasch Christopher, turner, 1620 Murray 
Brabender Jacob A., tailor, 724 Race 
Brace James, shoemaker, 210 Buttonwood, h 

630 Brook 
Brace Thomas, tinsmith, N 2d n Diamond 
Braceland Bridget, upholsterer, 118 S 13th 
Braceland Charles, lab. 39 N 22d 
Braceland Charles, spooler, 607 S 12th 
Braceland Cornelius, lab. 1004 S 9th 
Braceland Elizabeth, wid. James, Thompson n 

Braceland Frank, bricklayer, 1335 Catharine 
Braceland James, lab. r 1827 South 
Braceland John, moroccodr., 110 Margaretta 
Braceland Thomas A., printer, 241 Spruce 
Bracey Thomas (colored), lab. 1510 S 7th 
Bracher Wm., lithographer, 600 Chestnut, h 

1220 Thompson 
Brachet Louis, tobacconist, 518 Callowhill 
BracholdFrederica, wid. Andrew, 1302 S 7th 
Bracht Wm., weaver, 1755 N 3d 
Brachvogel Oscar, chemist, Oakbel S 31st (WP) 
Brack James, baker, 906 Donnelly's ct 

house, for Goods of similar quality. 




Brack Oscar, shoemaker, 1502 Perth 
Brack Thomas, machinist, 302 S Front 
Bracken Andrew, farmer, Gnt av n Washing-ton I 

av (Gtn) 
Bracken Michael, grocer, 622 New Market 
Bracken Pat., laborer, Southampton rd 
Bracken Peter, laborer, 1333 Filbert 
Brackenridge John W., clerk, 150 N 5th 
Brackin Henry, brassmoulder, 1221 Carlton 

Bradford Anthonv, bookbinding, 533 St John 
Bradford C. J., me;-., 415 Market, h 1117 Mt 

Bradford Edwin ('■., 706 Locust 
Bradford Elizabeth, wid. Thos., 10 Hartly's pi 
Bradford Geo. \V., conductor, 1635 N 13th 
Bradford Henrietta, eating house, 716 Market 
Bradford Jackson, tailor, 765 S 13th 
Bradford John, currier, 533 St John 
Braekin Richard E., carpenter, N 34th ab Elm Bradford John, moulder, Memphis n Gordon 
Brackley John, shoemaker, 714 Fallon BRADFORD J. CRESSON, com. mer. & depot 

Brackney Charles, painter, 923 S 2d for N. A. Rosendale & Co.'s cement and 

Brackney Francis A., bricklaver, 1428 Spring- calcined plaster, 230 & 232 S Del av, h 

Garden 446 N 7th 

Brackney Hezekiah S., rags, 12 Decatur, & Bradford Joseph B., clerk, 322 "Wharton 

trimmings, 754 Passyunk av Bradford L., treasurer, 117 N 2d 

Brackney Joseph, confectioner, 1742 Francis Bradford L. H., wid. Samuel, 1026 Vernon 
Brackney Maria, wid. Isaac, 1428 Sp Garden Bradford Lewis (colored), driver, r 224 Pros- 
Brackney Theodore, bricklayer, 1428 Spring perovis al 

Garden Bradford Robert, drv goods, 1351 Shippen 

Bracv Charles (colored), porter, r 719 Lisle BRADFORD SAMUEL, treas. Phila. & Read- 
Brad'a Abraham, painter, 1522 Wood ing R R Co., 227 S 4th, h 1628 Walnut 

Bradford Stephen C, cooper, Tilden pi, r 546 

Bradford Theophilus, shoemaker, Gtn av (Nice- 

Bradford Vincent L., pres. 208 S Del av, atty. 
Sc conn. 707 Sansom, h Che'ton av (Gtn) 

Bradford Walter, books, 219 S I lth 

BRADFORD WM, gent. 319 S 15th 

Bradbury Henry, cracker driver, 1633 N 13th 

Bradbury Mary, wid. Thomas, Gtn av n Berks 

Bradbury Michael, livery, Gtn av n Chatham 

Bradbury Ralph, engineer, 508 Sylvester 

Bradbury Robert, carver, Gtn av n Berks 

Bradbury Robert, cotton laps, S 12th c Lom- 

Bradbury Samuel, clerk, 217 Allen 

Bradbury Stephen, hairspinner, N 4th n Co- Bradford Win , weaver, 8 Barney av 

lumbia av Bradhead Paul, machinist, 1213 Hamilton 

Bradbury Thomas, weaver, Gtn av n Berks Bradley Andrew, blacksmith, 909 S 9th 

Bradbury Win., spinner, r 1132 Fled av Bradley Andrew, lab, 211 Marker 

Braddock Daniel, wheelwright, 130 Dana Bradley Andrew, (colored), lab. 5 Gaines pi, r 

Braddock Daniel, carpenter, shop, Holman n 239 Queen 

Adams, h F av, n York Bradley Ann, wid. John, confectionery, 814 

Braddock Ira, clerk, 31 Otter Locust 

Braddock James (colored), porter, r 308 Lorn- Bradley Anna, wid. John, 771 Florida 
bard Bradley Arthur, weaver, N 2d c York 

Braddock Joseph, machinist, 1213 Buttonwood Bradley Barney, lab. Beach n Lombard 

Braddock Lemuel, paints & oils, 34 N 12th, h Bradly Benjamin, M. D., 606 S 3d 

1634 Vine . Bradley Bernard, ice cream saloon 8c garden, 

Braddock Mary (colored), r 713 Lisle 2521 Callowhill 

Braddock Reuben R., carpenter, Ella n Tren- Bradley Bernard, moroccodr. 110 Marg-aretta 

iBradley Catharine, wid. Pat., Cresson (Myk) 
Bradley Catharine, wid. Wm., tailoress, r 518 

Fitz water 
Bradley Charles, clerk, 248 Market, h 1730 

Bradley Charles, lab. 1221 Christian 
Bradley Charles, liquors, N Front n Huntington 
Brades Arthur, liquors, 213 Walnut, h 1119 Bradley Chas. (colored), coachfhan, 7 Plume pi 
Callowhill IBradley Christopher, drayman, r Waterloo n 

Bradfield Alfred, locksmith & bellhanger, 535 ! Oxford 

N 19th jBradlev Daniel, porter, 1018 Sargeant 

Bradfield Charles, manuf. 234 N 8th, h 423 N Bradlev Daniel, tailor, 1018 Sargeant 

ton av 

Braddock Wm., shoemaker, 5 Grayson 
Braden Arthur, sawmaker, 517 Catharine 
Braden John, carpenter, 1422 Shippen 
Braden Man-, wid. Wm., 323 N 21st 
Braden Win., cupola tender, 325 N 21st 
Braden Wm., laborer, Cotton (Myk) 


Bradfield James F., machinist, 261 N 12th 
Bradfield Jeremiah, carman, Tasker N S 2A 

Bradley David, baker, 702 S 7th 
Bradley David W., drover, Blackhorse Hotel 
Bradley Dominick, liquors, South c Penn 
Bradfield John B., bell hanger, 1441 Callowhill Bradley Edward, laborer, Story n N 37th 

Bradfield John S., bartender, Gtn av n (C Hill) 
Bradfield M. C, milliner, 1441 Callowhill 
Bradfield Oliver, plasterer, 1227 Poplar 
Bradfield Rebecca, sewing machines, 234 N 8th, 

h 423 N 9th 
Bradfield Revnold, farmer, Countv Line road 

(C Hill)" 

(W P) 
Bradlev Edward, laborer, r 708 S 7th 
Bradley Edward, stone, 140 N 11th 
Bradlev Edward, tinsmith, Main (Mvk) 
Bradley Elizabeth, 1000 A'ine 
Bradley Elizabeth, widow, of Michael, 



The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Bradley Ellwood, (col'd) seaman, 1014 Vei-non 
Bradley Fanny, widow of John, 1239 S 5th 
Bradley Frances, wid. ofNathaniel, 1310 Dorsey 
Bradley Francis, laborer, 2042 Murray 
Bradley George, cordwainer, 628 Christian 
Bradley Henry, shoemaker, 1040 Carpenter 
Bradley Henry, shoemaker, 1001 S 11th 
Bradley Hiram, clerk, 1944 Lombard 
Bradley Hugh, coachman, S 23d n F 
Bradley Hugh, daryman, Noi'ris c Brown 
Bradley Hugh, shoemaker, 1330 Catharine 
Bradley Hugh, shoemaker, S 22d n Market 
Bradley Hugh, shoemaker, 2030 Sansom 
Bradley Isabella, gaiter binder, Kirkpatrick ct 

n S 6th 
Bradley Jacob, laborer, 3 Holland pi 
Bradley James, boatman, 2314 Lombard 
Bradley James, carman, Candia pi, r 518 Coates 
Bradley James, carpet weaver, 215 South 
Bradley James, coachman, Gtn avenue n Queen 

Bradley James, dairy, Pemberton r S 18th 
Bradley James, driver, 1219 Christian 
Bradley James, laborer, 912 Donnelly 
Bradley James, laborer, 1712 Ridge av 
Bradley James, laborer, 1141 S 10th 
Bradley James, laborer, 411 S 20th 
Bradley James, liquor, 308 N 11th 
Bradley James, restaurant, 158 N 3d 
Bradley James, stone cutter, Philip n Norris 
Bradley James, weaver, r 1434 N 2d 
Bradley James, weaver, 711 S 13th 
Bradley Jane, tailoress, Williams ct n Callow- 
Bradley John, blacksmith, Philip n Norris 
Bradley John, captain, 1133 S 3d 
Bradley John, carpenter, r 805 Leonard 
Bradley John, coachman, Gnt av (Mt Airy) 
Bradley John, hotel, 1323 Market 
Bradley John, laborer, 113 Chenango 
Bradley John, laborer, 1219 Christian 
Bradley John, laborer, S 27th n Federal 
Bradley John, laborer, r Fitler n Harrison 
Bradley John, laborer, 709 Lloyd 
Bradley John, laborer, Physick (Gtn) 
Bradley John, laborer, r 1214 Shippen 
Bradley John, liquors, 522 Christian 
Bradley John, liquors, 239 S Front 
Bradley John, plasterer, 528 S 15th 
Bradley John, shoemaker, 1612 Sansom 

ey John, tailor, 818 Marriott 
Bradley John, wheelwright, 111 Shippen, h 

763 S 13th 
Bradley J. William, publisher, 66 N 4th, h 

Walnut la n Main (Gtn) 
Bradley John L., liquors, N 2d c York 
Bradley John O., shoes, 8N 5th, h 1239 S 5th 
Bradley Joseph W., publisher, 66 N 4th, h Gnt 
Bradley Joshua, machinist, 1323 Mt Vernon 
Bradley Lawrence, cooper, 304 Bell's ct 
Bradley Luke, turner, 2038 Winter 
Bradley Margaret, widow of David, Bulah n 

Bradley Martha, widow of James, washerwoman, 

Kirkpatrick ct n S 6th 
Bradley Mary, widow of John, 747 S 3d 
Bradley Matthew, tinsmith, Main c Robeson 
Bradley Michael, boatman, Beech n Lombard 

Bradley Miehael, brickmaker, 2042 Hampton 

Bradley Michanl, dealer, 728 S 7th 

Bradley Michael, driver, 1 Moland av, r 429 

N 13th 
Bradley Michael, laborer, 7 Gampher's av n 

Bradley Michael, laborer, Race rd (Hbg) 
Bradley Michael, porter, Abbott's ct n S 6th 
Bradley Michael, tailor, 721 Baker 
Bradley Michael, weaver, r N 2d n York 
Bradley Mortimer, laborer, r Fitler n N 2d 
Bradley Patrick, dealer, Bedford n S 8th 
Bradley Patrick, dyer, Spring (Rox) 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 1129 Christian 
Bradley Peter, baker, 2024 Lombard 
Bradley Peter, chaises, 159 N 10th 
Bradley Peter, tinsmith, 922 Manilla 
Bradley Peter, waterman, 2606 Lombard 
Bradley Phillip, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley Philip, shoem. Gamphers ct n Catharine 
Bradley Robert, engineer, Jefferson Mill (Hes- 

Bradley Samuel, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley Sarah, widow James, r Philip n Co- 
lumbia av 
Bradley Sherman, baker, 1944 Lombard 
Bradley, Thomas, carpenter, 71 1 S 17th 
Bradley Thomas, carter, Norris c Brown 
Bradley Thomas, hatter, 837 Lawrence 
Bradley Thomas, laborer, Lancaster av n N 

37th (W P) 
Bradley Thomas F., grocer, 600 Spruce, h 300 

S 6th 
Bradley Wm., beamer, Pearl c Conrads la (Myk) 
Bradley William, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley William, laborer, 1725 Coates 
Bradley William, laborer, 2058 Sansom 
Bradley William, laborer, 1214 Shippen 
Bradley William, laborer, Smethurst, n N 24th 
Bradley William C, clerk, 1323 Mt Vernon 
Bradley Wilmer W., gasfitter, 1209 Oxford 
Bradney Luke, brass cocks, 207 Quarry, h 

2038 Winter 
Bradshaw Claude, turner, Taylors av n 5th 
Bradshaw Elizabeth, wid. Edmond, 474 N 8th 
Bradshaw Ellen, tailoress, r 928 S 5th 
Bradshaw Harriet, dry goods, 741 S 5th 
Bradshaw James, laborer (Torresdale) 
Bradshaw James, tavern, 1145 S 9th 
Bradshaw John, sawgrinder, 1132 Frankford av 
Bradshaw John, ship carp. 1030 Marlboroug'h 
Bradshaw Robert, 123 Lombard 
Bradshhw Samuel, inspector, 518 Thompson 
Bradshaw Sarah, wid. John, r N 2d n Columbia 
Bradshaw Thomas W. B., jr. (col'd) porter, r 

304 Lombard 
Bradshaw William, 1030 Marlborough 
Bradshaw William, restaurant, N 3d n Norris, 

h 1511 Lawrence 
Bradshaw William A., painter, 1511 Lawrence 
Bradshaw William K., 474 N 8th 
Bradstreet Henry, commercial agency, 204 S 

4th, h at New York 
BRADSTREET J. M. & SON, {John M. % 

Henry) commercial agency, 204 S 4th 
Bradstreet John M., commercial agency, 204 S 

4th, h at New York 
Bradway Isaac, stationery, 1018 N 6th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Bradway John, tinman, 417 S 2d 
Brady Alexander, clerk, 108 Shippen 
Brady Amelia, widow Thomas, 436 Lombard 
Brady & Craven, {Thomas F. Brady $ Ishl 

Craven) brokers, 46 S 3d 
Brady Anna E., grocer, 1611 Ridge av 
Brady Anna If., wid. Jas. 426 Lombard 
Brady Annie, seamstress, 307 N 15th 
Brady August, baker, 241 Shippen 
Brady B. & Co., (Bernard Brady <y Patrick 

Levy) liquors, 524 Race 
Brady Barney, liquors, 501 S 12th 
Brady Bernard currier, 424 Maria 
Brady Bernard, liquors, 524 Race 
Brady Bernard, waiter, Gafihey's av n Fitz- 

Brady Bernard A., watchman, 2111 Filbert 
Brady Bridget, widow James, 511 S 18th 
Brady Catharine, 927 Catharine 
Brady Catharine, 18 Emeline 
Brady Catharine, dry goods, 172 Master 
Brady Catharine, widow James, trimmings, 

1325 Catharine 
Brady Catharine, wid. "VVm., Fraileys al n Iimis 
Brady Charles, agent, 6 Whitecar row 
Brady Charles, clerk, 20 N 4th 
Brady Charles, laborer, r 1910 Lombard 
Brady Charles, laborer, r 512 S 19th 
Brady Daniel, hostler, r 136 N Front 
Brany Dennis, grocery, 811 Christian 
Brady Dennis, grocer, Lancaster av n 40th 

(W P) 
Brady Denis, ship carpenter, 641 Hay 
Brady Edward, 611 S Juniper 
Brady Edward, carpenter, 1325 Catharine 
Brady Edward, conveyancer, 420 Walnut, h 

41st bel Pine (W'P) 
Brady Edward, shoes, 504 S 12th, h 1211 Pine 
BRADY EDWRAD F., com. mer., 25 N Front, 

h 711 Buttonwood 
Brady Eliza, widow James, 930 Spruce 
Brady Ellen, grocery, 716 Shippen 
Brady Ellen, widow' Thomas, 343 German 
Brady Eugene, police, 1 Blunston av, h 32 S 19th 
Brady Francis, teacher, 9 Hickey 
Brady Francis R.. teacher, 9 Hickey 
Brady Francis, i" lan, Belgrade n Somerset (R) 
Brady Francis, laborer, Belgrade n Somerset 
Brady Franc!.., 172 Master 
Brady Francis, weaver, r 1526 Bodine 
Brady Francis, woolen goods, r 1526 Bodine 
Brady Frederick, wheelwright, 1005 S 2nd 
Brady George, carter, 1026 Oxford 
Brady Hugh, carpenter, 1618 Helmuth 
BRADY HUGH, grocer, 1042 Pine h S 11th 

c Pine 
Brady Hugh, laborer. South n S 24th 
Brady James, 1226 Monterey 
Brady James, chandler, 1129 Carpenter h 1131 

Brady James, clerk, 1325 Catharine 
Brady James, crockery & cutlery, 515 N 2d 
Brady James, engraver, Maurice n Ellsworth 
Brady James, farmer, at Oxford 
Brady James, fireman, Somerset n Almond (R) 
Brady James, foreman, Humes av n South 
Brady James, laborer, 910 Beach 
Brady James, laborer, 2124 Fairfield 

Brady Jas., laborer, N 42d a Haverford (W P) 

Brady James, laborer, 614 St Mary 

Brady James, laborer, 1426 Shippen 

Brady James, laborer, Somerset n Almond 

Brady James, laborer, 907 S 10th 

Brady James, laborer, York n Moore (W P) 

Brady James, liquors, 423 Shippen 

Brady James, liquors, Sutherland n South 

Brady James, mechanic, 1217 S 6th 

Brady James, roller cover 2128 Market 

Brady James, tailor, S 6th c Pine 

Brady James, wareroom man, 321 St John 

Brady James, weaver, 1243 Mascher 

Brady James jr., trunkmaker, 2124 Fairfield 

Brady John, blacksmith, 2128 Cuthbert 

Brady John, clerk, r 918 Beach 

Brady John, conductor, Edgemont, Lehigh av 

Brady John, car driver, Cresson (Myk) 

Brady John, driver, 1008 Ridge av ' 

Brady John, gas fitter, 1325 Catharine 

Brady John, hardware, 1737 Frankford av 

Brady John, laborer, 1348 Catharine 

Brady John, laborer, 344 German 

Brady John, laborer, 8 Reed 

Brady John, liquors, 336 N 4th 

Brady John, tailor, r 723 S 3d 

Brady John, weaver, Hazard n Emerald 

Brady John D., cutter, Frailys al n Innis 

Brady John F., printer, 817 Weccacoe 

Brady John H., assessor, 2032 Locust 

Brady John JL, clerk, 1500 Market 

Brady John J., liquors, 233 N 11th 

Brady John K., carpenter, 1726 Stiles 

Brady Joseph, carman, 1520 Cuthbert 

Brady Jos., oysters, Spruce st. whf, h S Front 

ti Tasker 
Brady Lawrence, tailor, S 11th n Carpenter 
Brady Margaret, seamstress, 2111 Filbert 
Brady Margaret, widow James, Cresson, (Myk) 
Brady Mary, dressmaker, 2033 Cuthbert 
Brady Mary, widow George, 206 Richmond 
Brady Mary A., embroideries, 156 n 10th 
Brady Matthew, weaver, 1521 Bodine 
Brady Matthew C, conductor, 156 Thompson 
BRADY MATTHEW I, sash & blind maker 

161 & 163 Allen, h 1137 Shackamaxon 
Brady Michael, laborer, 423 Shippen 
Brady Michael, shoemaker, 749 Passyunk av 
Brady Michael, weaver, 1521 Bodine 
Brady Owen, laborer, Fennimore n N 17th 
Bradv Owen, laborer, Olive n Fowler 
Brady P & Co, (Patrick Brady <$• S, J. Nan- 

crede) importers, 237 Chestnut 
Brady Patrick, chandler, r 420 Dillwyn 
Brady Patrick, com. mer., 237 Chestnut, and 

pres. Dock cor Mattiss, h Spring hill near 

11 mile lane 
Brady Patrick, laborer, Edgemont n Lehigh av 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 2 Erricson 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 2111 Filbert 
Brady Patrick, laborer,, Hewson near Belgrade 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 160 Master 
Brady Patrick, laborer, 18 Owen 
Brady Patrick, restaurant, 735 Market 
Brady Patrick, tailor, 321 Clark 
Brady Patrick, waiter, rear 514 South 
Brady Patrick, weaver, rear X 2d near Master 
Brady Patrick, weaver, rear Philip o Jefferson 

Jules Hauel Sc Co.'s Eau Athemenne is a never-failing 




B>*ady Patrick, weig"her, rear 916 Beach 
Brady Patrick, jr., laborer, rear 916 Beach 
Brady Patrick F., book keeper, 2217 F 
Brady Peter, dyer, rear Philip near Jefferson 
Brady Peter, laborer, 1319 N 16th 
Brady Peter, laborer, 1935 South 
Brady Philip, laborer, 416 Catharine 
Brady Philip, laborer, Salmon n Hewson (R) 
Brady Philip, mason, Oak near 34th (W P) 
Brady Philip, stone cutter, 501 S 12th 
Brady Peter, carter, 623 Fitzwater 
Brady Samuel, porter, 1218 Heins 
Brady Terence, laborer, 734 Race 
Brady Terence, laborer, Darby r ab 42d (W P) 
Brady Thaddeus H., painter, 1611 Ridg'e av 
Brady Thos., carpenter, Cadwalader n Oxford 
Brady Thomas, furnishing - , 604 N 2d 
Brady Thomas, laborer, Fawn n Montgomery 
Brady Thomas, laborer, 2111 Filbert 
Brady Thomas, saddler, Thuron near Diamond 
Brady Thomas, sail maker, 621 Sylvester 
Brady Thomas, weaver, Hazzard near Emerald 
Brady Thos. F., broker, 46 S 3d, h High (Gtn) 
Brady William, clerk, 1338 S 7th 
Brady William, laborer, rear 33 Poplar 
Brady William, laborer, rear 1542 Thompson 
Brady William, shoe maker, 267 N 5th 
Brady William, shoe maker, 405 Lombard 
Brady William R., carpenter, Warnock n Jef- 
ferson, h 1017 N 2d 
Braede Caspar, shoe maker, 618 Peach 
Braeger William, baker, 1419 Mifflin 
Braen John, tailcr, 659 N 13th 
Braeunle Louis, tailor, 480 N 3d 
Bragdon Thomas, laborer, 2040 Sansom 
Bragg Mary, widow of Lawrence, Adams near 

Edward (Fkd) 
Brahm Mary, wid. of Bartley, Naudain n Beach 
Brahmin Martha, truck, 43 Franklin market, h 

1711 Grayson 
Braid William, weaver, 423 Girard avenue 
Brainard D. T., 1321 Pine 
Brainerd Thomas, Rev., 634 Pine 
Braisted Cristopher, jeweler, 436 Canton 
Braithwaite Frederick, carpenter, 419 Marriott 
Braithwaite James, instr. maker, r 222 Christian 
Braithwaite Sarah, widow Thomas, Wilden n 

Brake Wm., musician, William n Trenton av 
Brakeman David, painter, 1028 S 3d 
Braker Caspar, carver, 606 N Penn 
Braker John, carpenter, 1707 Coates 
Braker Joseph, painter, Peel rear 111 Vanhorn 
Braker Joseph H., carpenter, 2201 Coates 
BRAKER JOSHUA H., stationer and Ledger 

carrier, 2201 Coates cor N 22d 
Bram Joseph, tailor, 427 Worth 
Braman George G., sewing machines, 701 Chest- 
nut, h 805 N Broad 
Bramble Charles, painter and glazier, Walnut 

near Darby road (W P) 
BRAMBLE JAMES, United States Hotel, Main 

Bramble Joseph, laborer, 201 Girard avenue 
Bramble William, cooper, 20 Swanwick 
Bramell Benjamin, waterman, 521 Richmond 
Bramell Joseph, fisherman, 509 Richmond 
Bramhall George, spinner, Moore near Carroll 

Bramhall Isaac, spinner, 138 Thompson 
Bramhall Thomas, spinner, Oak n Rose (W P) 
Brampton & Pepperdy, {Isaac Brampton, Robert 
Pepperdy,) hosiery, Frankford av c Mont- 
gomery avenue 
Brampton Hannah, hosiery, Frankford av cor 

Montgomery avenue 
Brampton Isaac, hosiery, Frankford av c Mont- 

gontmery av 
Bramssar Jacob, hostler, h N 3d n Montgo- 
mery av 
Bramwell Samuel, weaver, Mill (Gtn) 
Bran Samuel, dyer, 209 Jefferson 
Branan Ann, wid John, huckster, 111 Shippen 

st Market, h 626 Charles 
Branch Peter (col'd), polisher, h 1127 Rodman 
Branchley Thomas, farmer, Ridg'e av (Rox) 
Brand Albert C, tinner, 5 N 8th, h 2006 Poplar 
Brand Charles F., tin roofer, Washington av c 

S 11th, h 1131 Division 
Brand Francis, shoemaker, 117 Jones al 
Brand John, paint maker, h 529 St. John 
Brandeef Richard, seaman, r 840 Swanson 
BRANDEIS BENEDICT, fancy goods, N 8th 

c Filbert, h 815 Filbert 
Brandenberger Matthias F., tailor, 922 & h 929 

Bra'ndenstein George, shoemaker, 921 Alder 
Brander Nicholas, morocco dresser, r 709 St. 

Brandes Adolph, cabinet maker, 143 Craven 
:llrandes Leopold, jet manuf. 258 N Juniper 
Brandes Theodore, drugs, 900 Callowhill, h336 

N 9th 
Brandhurst George, segarmaker, h 161 Witmer 
Brandis Simon, stationer, 117 Race 
Brandis Leopold, fancy goods, N 8th c Arch, h 

117 N 8th 
Brandthamp Edward, watchmaker, Darcy n 

Brandle A., weaver, h Frankford av n Franklin 
Brandon Francis, gas fitter, 360 Dillwyn 
Brandon Robert, stone cutter, 1616 Barker 
Brandon Simon, paperhanger, r 708 St. John 
Brandon Thomas, laborer, 1616 Barker 
Brandon William, 521 Market, , h .725 Spruce 
Brandou Nicholas, shoemaker, ,.*., $8 Hope 
Brandou William, laborer, r ? .P-S.f. John 
Brandreth Timothy, weaver, Engn !^(.Gnt) 
Brandschett Israel R., 417 S 2d ' 
Brandstetter Caroline, saleswoman, 1502 N 

Brandstetter Hedwig, wid John G., 123 Callow- 
Brandstetter Jacob, butcher, 2320 Coates 
Brandstetter John G., tobacconist, 569 Frank- 
ford av, h 571 Frankford av 

Brandt , cabinet maker, 236 N 11th 

Brandt Christian, baker, 232 South 
Brandt Christopher, cork cutter, r 624 Brook 
Brandt Jacob, bakery, 780 Swanson 
Brandt John, pawnbroker, 924 South 
Brandt John, screw maker, r 908 Ogden 
Brandt Joseph, bricklayer, 609 N 4th 
Brandt Ludwig, carpenter, 1137 Charlotte 
Brandt Margaret, milliner, N 22d c Filbert 
Brandt Rudolph, upholsterer, r 624 Brook 
Brandt Thomas, bricklayer, 1809 Market 

preserver, restorer and beautifier of the hair. 




Brandt Sophia, wid Taylor, 1055 Beach 
Brandt William, baker,' 607 S 7th 
Branen Charles, carter, 825 Ellsworth 
Brangen John, laborer, 23 Almond 
Branigan Daniel, weaver, X Front n Lehigh 

Branig-an John, gTOcer, 767 S 13th 
Branigan John, laborer, 1316 Charlotte 
Branig-an John, laborer, S 24th n Spruce 
Branig-an Michael P., laborer, Factory n Spruce 
Branigan Patrick, laborer, 111 Chenang-o 
Branig-an Patrick, weaver, Bertrand pi, r 1248 

Branigan Thomas, shoemr., 6 Cunning-ham's pi 
Branin Abijah, carpenter, 528 Master 
Branin Ashton A., coal, X 20th c Tioga, h N 

20th n Tioga 
Branin Isaac B., boots &. shoes, 136 Frankford 

Branin Isaac P. jr., coachmaker, Paul n Main, h 

136^ Main '(Fkd) 
Branin John, carter, 160 Master 
Branin Joseph, eating house, 415 S 2d 
Branin Joseph & Samuel S., eating h, 415 S 2d 
Branin Nathaniel, Unity n Paul (Fkd) 
Branin Samuel S., eating house, 415 S 2d 
Branin W. C, 1338 Green 
Brankin Edward, weaver, 1510 Bodine 
Bram Frederick, carp., Randolph n Waterloo 
Brannagan John F. Rev., S 20th c Locust 
Bramman Ann, wid John, shoes, 1644 Pine, h 

401 S 17th 
Brannan Bridget, wid Michael, rags, 712 Ship- 
Brannan Catharine, wid Patrick, 2034 Hamp- 
an Charles, laborer, 753 S 6th 
'. Iward, driver, 715 S 7th 
Brannan Edward, laborer, Budd n Oak (W Pj 
Brannan Hugh, laborer, 2123 Tower 
Brannan John, blacksmith, r 2 Clymer n S 6th 
Brannan John, laborer, S 17th n Christian 
Brannan John, laborer, 14 Letitia 
Brannan John, laborer, 1 Quarry ct r 2513 

Brannan Michael, laborer, 1330 Kates 
Brannan Mich., moulder, Powelton av n X 38th 
Brannan Michael, painter, 513 S 18th 

i Michael, shoemaker, Gold n Penn av 
Brannan Michael, weaver, 2034 Hampton 
Brannan Nicholas, ropemaker, Waterloo n 

Brannan Patrick, driver, 712 Cherry 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, 2034 Hampton 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, 753 S 6th 
Brannan Sarah, widow Henry, Vienna n Rich- 
Brannan Thomas, chairmaker, 923 Catharine 
Brannan Thomas, conductor, Pepper n Cedao 
Brannan Thomas, laborer, 1014 Dorrance 
Brannan Thomas, laborer, Federal n S 15th 
Brannan Thomas, laborer, Shirker's al n S 6th 
Brannan* Thomas, weaver, Sepviva n Otis 
Brannel Thomas, laborer, 1001 Christian 
Brannen Conner, carter, 1713 Montrose 
Brannen Patrick, laborer, 1353 Hancock 
Brannen "William, stone cutter, 1 Lancaster ab 
Westminster (W«P) h 1416 Brown 

iBranner M., shoemaker, r Orkney n Diamond 
Brannigan Daniel, printer, 110 Carpenter 
| Brannigan John, furniture, 906 S 10th 
Brannigan Sidney, milliner, 906 S 10th 
Brannin Michael, laborer, Hewson n Salmon 
Brannin Xicholas, ropemaker, Waterloo n 

Brannin William, laborer, r 708 £ 3d 
Brannon Michael, laborer, Hewson n Salmon 

Brannon Patrick, carter, 913 S 11th 
Brannon Peter, laborer, S 21st n Pine 
Brannon Thomas, laborer, 1001 Christian 
Brannon William, laborer, Lancaster av n N 

35th (W P) 
Brano Joseph, artist, 1429 Market 
Brano Richard, segars, S 4th c Catharine 
Brans Richard, laborer, 1827 South 
Bransby Sevbold, cooper, Sloan near Pratt 

(WP) " 
Bransby "W illiam, cooper, 39th c Oak (W P) 
Branson, 916 Percy 
Branson Ann, wid. Samuel S., cordwainer, 1130 

Denmark pi 
Branson Edwin R., clerk, 227 Marriott 
BRAXSOX ELLIS, coal, Callowhill n Broad, h 

622 X 16th 
Branson George, oysterman, 933 Hutchinson 
Branson Henry, dealer, 916 Percy 
Branson John, hotel, 913 Poplar 
Branson John, stone mason, r 907 X 11th 
Branson John W., shoemaker, 626 Lombard 
Branson Josiah H., (col'd,) boot maker, 115 

Pine, h 1808 Addison 
Branson Orlando R., salesman, 333 Market, h 

33 S 11th 
Branson Peter, brass founder, 1009 Portland 
Branson Samuel, hardware, 211 Market, h 33 

S 11th 
Branson Sarah A., gents' furnishing, 140 S 8th, 

h 809 Sansom 
Branson Thomas, coal yard, 507 S Broad, h 

247 S 15th 
Branson Thomas, stockings, Jefferson c Ameri- 
can, h 1530 X 2d 
Branson William, carpenter, 1028 Ross 
Branston John, machinist, X 21st n Winter 
Branstrup William T., M. D., 1617 Poplar 
Brant Charles, bricklayer, 9ol X 2d 
, Brant Christian, butcher, 95 William (R) 
Brant Christian, shoemaker, 320 German 
Brant John, bar tender, 714 baker 
! Brant John, laborer, X" 5th n Xorris 
Brant Joseph, upholsterer, 1305 X Front 
Brant Josiah, painter, 219 Arch, h 926 X 5th 
Brant Lydia, wid. James, 1305 X' Front 
Brant Theodore, painter, 622 Richmond 
Brant William, machinist, 1533 Warnock 
JBrantis Margaret, wid. George, r 506 S 20th 
Brantle George, tailor, 338 N 5th 
Brantly William T. Rev., 1704 Summer 
Brantt John, printer, h Wm. Penn Hotel 
Brantz Henry, mason, r 1413 Mifnin 
Braselmann Julius, dyer, 959 Frankford av 
Brash John, whipmaker, 1133 N 6th 
Brash Joseph, agent, 1137 X 6th 
Brash William, whipmaker, 1133 X 6th 
Brashet Charles, tailor, 158 Poplar 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Brasier Amable J., Market n N 40th (W p) 
Brassier Elizabeth, wid. Claude A., Market n N 

40th (W P) 
Braslan Rose, wid Hugh, washerwoman, 1338 

Braslan Patrick, grocery, 1013 Locust 
Braslin Michael, morocco dr. 1339 N 2d 
Brass Daniel, gatekeeper, Bustleton rd (Lower 

Brate George, conductor, 2107 Oxford 
B ratten Emma, dress mr. 1537 Parrish 
Bratten Isaac G., carp. Buttqnwood n Broad, h 

1737 Parrish 
Bratton George W., 1113 South 
Bratton Rachel, wid. 767 S 4th 
Bratton Sarah Ann, wid John, 1113 South 
Bratton William H., cotton goods, Dauphin n 

Brauch John, pedler, Otis c Memphis 
Braudig-am John, laborer, 712 Brook 
Braugh William H., pattern maker, 1024 

S 3d 
Braum Philip, pianos, S 11th c Market, h r 809 

Braun Adolph, turner, N 3d n Columbia av 
Braun Barbara, wid Frederick, housekeeper, r 

1231 Howard 
Braun Charles, butcher, 731 Carpenter 
Braun Christian, cabinet mr. Columbia av n N 

Braun Egbert, furniture, 853 N 3d 
Braun Frederick, Currier, 708 N 3d 
Braun Nathaniel W., shoe maker, 1041 S 6th 
Braun John, lager beer, 755 S 5th 
Braundow Henry, tailor, 213 Noble 
Braunevell Wm., lamp mr. 318 Garden 
Braunewell Frederick, blacksmith, 22 Dunton 
Braunsche Charles, tailor, r 712 St John 
Braunwarth Matthew, wheelwright, York cor 

Braunworth Theodore, coppersmith, Lawrence 

c Brown 
Brausher William, carpenter, 861 N 9th 
Brautigam John H., conductor, 1544 N 6th 
Brautigam Margaret C, 1104 Vine 
Braux Edmund, silks, South c Willow, h Hamil- 
ton n N 35th (W P) 
Brawley James, Budden's ct 
Brawley Thomas, laborer, Hewson n Salmon 
Bray & Mandel, (E. P. Bray <§■ Charles Mandel,) 

plated ware, 324 Chestnut 
Bray Gharles, liquors, 224 South 
Bray E. P., plated ware, 324 Chestnut, h New 

Bray Edward M., 1404 Parrish 
Bray Elizabeth, widow, 1328 Walnut 
Bray James H., glass cutter, 207 Richmond 
Bray John, coachman, (Olney) 
Bray John Washington, miller, 1507 Race 
Bray Mary, S 38th n Market (W P) 
Bray Peter, weaver, 1529 Philip 
Bray Samuel, clerk, receiver's office, 5th cor 

Bray William K., 1707 Summer 
Brayden Wm., ostler, 404 Landis 
BraynardJohn D., druggist, 206 Dock, h 318 

S Juniper 
Brayshaw Elizabeth, wid Jesse, 516 S 20th 

Brazer Christopher, alderman, 203 N 5th 

Brazer George W., silversmith, 542 Redwood 

Brazer James, tailor, 339 Dickerson 

Brazer John, tailor, 327 Dickerson 

Brazer Wm., chairs, 128 Edward, h 203 N 5th 

Brazier George, sail maker, 300 N Delaware av 

h 1030 Shackamaxon 
Brazier John, bar tender, 112 Shippen 
Brazier John, filer, N 2d'n Diamond 
Brazington John, 1016 Randolph 
Brazao Alphonso, watch cases, 937 Moyam av 
Brazao Joseph, janitor, 828 S 2d, h 937 Moya- 

mensing av 
Breach Wm., basket maker, Washington av n 

S 24th 
Breadly James, produce, 1927 Brown 
Bready Wm. P., shoe maker, 267 N 5th 
Breanto Lewis, tailor, 1 Donnelly ct 
Brear Nicholas, trader, 347 N 10th 
Brearley James, saw maker, 1111 Fries ct 
Brearley William, book keeper, 1111 Fries ct 
Brearley Wm., ship carpenter, 1234 S Front 
Breban John J., broker, 215 S 3d, h 328 S 

Breceland Charles, laborer, 364 Dillwyn 
Brechemin & Co., (Charles Brechemin &; Saml. 

P. Courtney,) cigars, 154 S 3d 
Brechemin Charles, cigars, 154 S 3d,h 935 S 2d 
Brechemin Lewis, jeweler, 224 S 2d. 
Brechemin Lewis, jr., accountant, 520 Federal 
Brechneitz John, butcher, Girard av Market n 

Gtn av, h 1518 Mascher 
Brecht Adam, carpenter, Bodine n Oxford 
Brecht Albert, Howard n Somerset 
Brecht Eliz., hair work, Bodine n Columbia 
Brecht Frederick, cigar boxes, 406 Vine 
Brecht Frederick W., lager beer, Broad (Rox) 
Breck Samuel, president institution for blind, 

h 1412 Arch 
Breckenridge Wm., book binder, 1138 S 8th 
Bredemeyer Henry, cigars, 1106 N Front 
Breecker George, printer, 317 Aberdeen 
Breed Henry, (col'd,) 1512 Carver 
Breed Marv, dry g-oods, 1132 Vine 
Breed S. Sc M., (Surah % Mary Breed,) dry 

goods, 1132 Vine 
Breed Sarah, dry goods, 1132 Vine 
Breed Wm. M., M.D., 1106 Vine 
Breed Wm. P., Rev., 258 S 16th 
Breeding Benjamin, bolt maker, 813 S 5th 
Breeding James, painter, 813 S 5th 
BREEN ANN, widow Peter, wines & liquors, 

241 S 10th 
Breen Arthur, hostler, Fox's ct N 6th n Willow 
Breen Daniel, lab. Somerset n Belgrade (R) 
Breen James J., clerk, 241 S 10th 
Breen John, blacksmith, Washington av n S 

6th, h 1306 S 6th 
Breen John, laborer, Clymer n S 6th 
Breen John, laborer, Leiper n Unity (Fkd) 
Breen John, liquors, 627 S 6th 
Breen John, shoemaker, 23 S 19th 
Breen Michael, grocer, 830 Ellsworth 
Breen Michael, laborer, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Breen Peter P., accountant, 241 S 10th 
Breen Thomas, tailor, 124 Elwyn 
Breen Wm., liquors, IC22 Master 
Breen William A., dentist, 1837 Callowhill 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Breer Frederick, laborer, William n Trenton 

av (Richmond) 
Breeson Charles, porter, 8 Kenworthy's ct 
Breeson John, slioemaker, r 710 S 7th 
BrefFit George, hosiery, Clinton (Gtn) 
Brefling Kate, teacher, 1127 Myrtle 
Brefmeth Edward, laborer, 1510 Thompson 
Bregner Adam, baker, 232 South 
Bregy Frans.A., prof. Grd. Coll., Girard College 
Breheny Jobn, clerk, 1613 Market 
Breham Joseph, laborer, Hancock n Diamond 
Brelim Chris., jeweler, 4 Odenheimer's ct 
BREHM FRANCIS L., brewer, 321 Coates 
Brchm John, potter, r 2208 Naudain 
Breidagam J no., chair finisher, 8 Cumberland 
Breidenbach Conrad, bts & shs, 1102 Ridge av 
Breidenbacb Isaac, clothing-, 816 N Front 
Breidenbach John, tailor, r 605 Wall 
Breidenhart John C, com. mcr., 216 S Front, 

h 1905 Chestnut 
Breidenhart Phceba G„ Mrs., being, 1529 Spruce 
Breig - Jacob, machinist, 2 GifFord pi 
Breig William, machinist, 2 GifTord pi. 
Breill John, moulder, 331 N 13th 
Breimer Charles, fresco painter, 1246 N 15th 
Brcinig William, tailor, William n Trenton av 
Breining George, driver, 1235 N 16th 
Breinner Conrad, blacksm., Richmond, (Brides- 
BREINTNALL & CO., (Geo. N. Breintnall cy 

A. McElroy,) iron dealers, 338 York av 
Breintnall Geo. N., iron dealer, 338 York av, h 

225 Jacoby 
Breis Joseph, tailor, 1334 Frankford rd 
Breish Catharine, wid. William, Front c Morris 
Brcish Jacob H., r 1110 Ohio 
Breish John, Candy, 336 Master 
Breish Joseph A., butcher, Shippen st market, 

h Poplar c Lawrence 
Breish Joseph J., clerk, 1334 N 4th 
Breish Joshua, butcher, 351 Master 
Breish Mary, hotel, 424 Poplar 
Breish William II., butcher, r 875 Lawrence 
Breison James, clerk, 822 Steward 
Breit Georg-e, weaver, N 5th n Norris 
Breit John, oil, 482 N 4th 
Breit Nicholas, oil, 482 N 4th 
Breitenbach S.C., M.D., Green la (Roxborough) 
Breitenger Frederick, grocer, 621 N 3d 
Breitwiser Valentine, 207 Coates 
Breitwiescr Peter, seg-ars, 439 N 10th 
Breli Preston, shipwrig-ht, 118 Marion 
BreLsford Chapman, boatmr., 1202 Lyndall al 
Brelsford Edward., carp., Bridge (Bridesburg) 
Brelsford Francis, collector, 833 N 13th 
Brelsford Jonathan, bookkeeper, 228 Savanak 
Brelsford Robert, carp., Irving (Bridesburg) 
Brelsford Wm. D., carp., Church (Bridesburg) 
Bremer George W., tobacconist, 322 N 3d 
Bremer John, waterman, 103 Mead 
Bremer Joseph A., dry goods, 227 Market, h 

465 York av 
Bremer Lewis, tobacconist, 322 N 3d 
Bremer Lewis, &. Son, (George W. Bremer,) 

tobacconists, 322 N 3d 

Bremer, Gabriel A. Reichart,jr., <y George 

Henson,) dry goods, 227 Market 

Bremer Sebastian, tailor, 1502 S 2d 
Bremer Theodore, clerk, 322 N 3d 
Bremer William M., clerk, 322 N 3d 
Bremme Charles, weaver, Frankford av n York 
Bren Leopold, tailor, 406 Morris 
Brend John, confectioner, 1330 Poplar 
Breneisen John, machinist, N 3d n Columbia av 
Breneiser John, clerk, Bald Eagle N 3d 
Brenholts Frederick, carp., Chelton av (Gtn) 
Brenholts Josiah P., clerk, 30 S 4th 
Brenholts Lewis, hostler, Gtn. av n Mill (Gtn) 
Brenizer Harry, printer, 118 Race 
Hrenizer John B., clerk, 416 N 3d 
BrenizerWm.,coal, 210A Walnut, h 1224 Coates 
Brenk Leo, machinist, 1314 Parrish 
Brennan Catharine, wid. Thomas, 908 Donely 
Brennan Dominick C, coal, Noble n N 13th, h, 

1802 Addison 
Brennan Edward, Sorrel n Melvale (Richmond) 
Brennan Francis J., tailor, r 303 Catharine 
Brennan George A., provisions, 1002 Pine 
Brennan J as., boatman, R R n Jefferson (Myk) 
Brennan James, laborer, r 131 Dana 
Brennan John, laborer, 86 Frankford (Fkd) 
Brennan John, laborer, 413 N 15th 
Brennan John, laborer, (Pittville) 
Brennan John, laborer, 1013 Thompson 
Brennan Patrick, carter, 913 S 11th 
Brennan Patrick, grocer, 220 Concord 
Brennan Patrick, laborer, 2219 Filbert 
Brennan Pat., laborer, 28 N 21st 
Brennan Pat., porter, r 155 N 9th 
Brennan Pat., tailor, 346 Bradford 
Brennan Peter, tanner, 1317 Randolph 
Brennan Peter N., baker, 1023 Walnut, & pro- 
visions, 1730 Rittenhouse, h 1728 Ritten- 
Brennan Richard, bookbinder, 927 Passyunk av 
Brennan Thomas, beamer, Washington (Myk) 
Brennan Thomas, laborer, Centre (Ctn) 
Brennan Thomas, tanner, 1317 Randolph 
Brenneisen Jacob, lab. 1727 N 3d 
Brenner Christopher F., salesman, 25 N 5th, h 

American House 
Brenner Francis, lab. Hail n Columbia 
Brenner Fred. W., baker, 1601 Fkd av 
Brenner Geo., laborer, Hale n Columbiaav 
Brenner Gustavus, carpenter, Dauphin n Tulip 
Brenner Henry W., baker, 1123 Otis 
Brenner Jacob, shoemaker, 1015 Hamilton 
Br&nner John, weaver, Amber n Dauphin 
Brenner John G., hardware, 25 N 5th, h 32 N 

Brenner Wm., shoemaker, 1250 Palmer 
Brenton Wm. J., liquors, 1315 Chestnut 
Brentz Charles, coachman, Woodland Cemetery 
Brentz Henry, lab. 1133 Charlotte 
Brentzel Albert, brushmaker, 1205 Girard av 
Brenzcl Fred., boarding house, 518 Shippen 
Brenzenger Charles, baker, 1331 Maschcr 
Brenzing-er Frank, shoemaker, 518 Vincent 
Brcoht Ferdinand, machinist, 916 N 19th 
Brerley Thomas, weaver, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Breslin Mary, Tackawanna n Oxford 
Breslin Neil, boatman, Tackawanna n Oxford 

BrethofF Clementine, wid. Henry, tailoress, r 
621 Annapolis 

Jules Hauel &. Co.'s Eau Athemenne is a preventive to the decay the Hair, 

BREMER, REICHERT &. CO., dry goods, 227 




B rath wait James, grinder, r 947 Carpenter 
Breton Peter (colored), seaman, 417 S 7th 
Bretschneider Augustus, framemr. 155 N 4th 
Bretschneider E., lithographer, 128 Holmes al, 

r 300 N Market 
Brett David, moroccoshaver, Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Brett Robert, engraver, Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Brett Thomas, engineer, Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Brett Timothy, moroccofinisher, Penn n Unity 

Brettel Francis S., machinist, Hope n Girard av 
Bretter John, 1528 Poplar 
Bretton Elizabeth, wid. Daniel, 608 Moss 
Bretz Philip, kindling wood, 848 Lawrence 
Breuil James F., clerk, 272 S 4th 
Breunig Francis, beer, 338 N 6th 
Breunig Peter, tailor, l 813 N3d 
Breuning Martin, shoemaker, 412 Culvert 
Breuninger Godfrey, bootcrimper, 1234 Han- 
Breuninger Wm., jeweler, 722 N 9th 
Breroux Alexander, perfumer, 617 Guilford 
Brevoor Charles F., surveyor, 140 Walnut, h 

Brew James, porter, 1014 Vine 
Brew Wm., lab. Market c 43d (W P) 
Brew Wm., rigger, 35 Norfolk 
B re ward Henry, stockingmaker, r 175 Jefferson 
Breward Richard, stockingweaver, 1536 Bodine 
Brewer Anthony, carver, 410 Rugan 
Brewer Charles P., ice, 149 Dana 
Brewer Edmund, letter earner, 136 Thompson 
Brewer Frantz, grocery, 510 N Front 
Brewer Geo., butcher, Eldridge row n Mont- 
gomery av 
Brewer Geo., turner, 7 Eldridge's row Gtn av 

' n N 5th 
Brewer Henry, weaver, 175 Jefferson 
Brewer Jacob tailor, 1326 Randolph 
Brewer John, chairmaker, 868 Darien 
Brewer John, liquors, 1245 Marlborough 
Brewer Richard, weaver, Bodine n Oxford 
Brewer Robert, cai'penter, N E av n Thompson 
Brewer Robert, lab. Green la (Myk) 
Brewer Robert, lounges, 516 Willow, h 1312 

Brewer Samuel, painter, 11 S 3d, h 310 Cherry 
Brewer Sidney, umbrellamaker, Daniel pi n 

Brewer Thomas A., watchmaker, 515 Callow- 
hill, h State c Second (Camden) 
Brewer Wm., joiner, 1219 Lancaster 
Brewer Wm., oysters, Gnt av n Chatham 
Brewer Wm., shoemaker, 1023 Lawrence 
Brewer Wm. C, coachmaker, 857 N 8th 
Brewin Geo., framework knitter, Memphis n 

Brewin Martha, wid. Wm., N 2d n Columbia av 
Brewner John, weaver, New 3d n Montgomery 
Brewson Franklin, farmer, Byberry road 
Brewster Abraham, weaver, 2239 Sharswood 
Brewster Alfred J., shoemaker, 130 Christian 

j Brewster Elizabeth, wid. John, 47 Otter 
(BREWSTER F. CARROLL, atty. & coun. 118 

S 6th, h Manheim (Gnt) 
Brewster Geo., lab. Mullen n Somerset 
Brewster Geo. (colored), seaman, 1023 Barley 
Brewster James, engineer, 2239 Sharswood 
Brewster Job, shoemaker, 130 Christian 
Brewster John, ship carp., 913 Shackamaxon 
Brewster J. C. (colored), seaman, 422 S 6th 
Brewster Joseph S., atty. & coun. S 6th c Lo- 
cust, h 632 Catharine 
Brewster Lydia, wid. Edmund, 214 Wharton 
Brewster Wm., lab. Bedford c 13th 
Brewton Ann, wid. Wm., 8 Merrick 
Brewton Edward, plumber, 1029 Filbert 
Brewton Miles, carpenter, 338 Grover 
Brewton Wm. W., carpenter, 820 Leonard 
Breyer Christina, fancy goods, 924 Arch 
Breyer Louis, 924 Arch 
Breyer Peter, moroccodresser, 889 Orchard 
Brever Wm. A., crockery, 704 N 2d, h 1700 

Briarly Manuel, weaver, Front ab Harrison 
Brian Charles H., clerk, 327 Market, h 1016 

Brian Francis (colored), porter, 1209 Bedford 1 
Brian Franklin, stonemason, 170 Bodine 
Brian Thomas, shoemaker, r 426 Christian 
BRIAN WM., tailor, 38 S 5th, h 912 Green 
Briant Geo. S., shoemaker, Waterloo c Clear- 
Brice John, tailor, 1510 Sansom 
Brice Mary, trimmings, 719 S 5th 
Brice Nicholas, clerk, 1102 Pine 
Brice Philip H., clerk, 1102 Pine 
Brice S. H., 1102 Pine 

Brice William, groom, Lancaster av (H ville) 
Brice William, porter, Market n 9th 
Brice Wm., merchant, 8 S Water, h 44 Ste- 
vens Camden 
BRICE WM. & CO., (Andrew Magee,) com. 

mers., 8 S Water 
Briceland Mary, 810 Maple 
Brick Alfred D., atty. & patent agent, 428 Wal- 
nut, h 1911 Arch 
Brick Edmund, atty. & coun., 260 S 5th, k 

Market n 4th Camden 
Brick Elizabeth G, dry goods, 808 N 4th 
Brick Geo., trader, 31 S 2d st market 
Brick Johan, farmer, r Darcy n Shippen 
Brick Levi, laborer, Tacony rd (W Hall) 
Brick Margaret, 905 Auburn 
Brick Michael, tailor, 1041 Leithgow 
Brick Samuel R., engineer, 1911 Arch' 
Brick Sebiah, huckster, S 2d st market, h Had- 

donfield, N J 
Brick William W., prison keeper, 808 N 11th 
Bnckenraad Robert, liquors, Rubincum pi n 

Brickley James, laborer, 1713 Carlton 
Brickman Charles T., painter, 810 N 4th 
Brickman Geo., baker, 842 N 10th 
Brickman Jacob C, grainer, 842 N 10th 

Brewster Andrew, carpet weaver, 1312 S 13th 

BREWSTER BENJAMIN H., atty. & coun. 706 1 Brickman William, broom maker, Thielese ct r 

Walnut 252 Oxford 

Brewster Charles O., fancy goods, 23 N 4th, h Brickner Geo., tailor, Franklin c Dauphin 

416 N 7th Brickner John, tailor, 1 Kayser's av r 310 New 

Brewster Daniel, tailor, 1023 Wood I Market 

renders it soft, glossy, and of the original color when it becomes gray. 




Bride James, laborer, Cotton (Myk) I Briggs Rachel, boarding 1 , 1.J06 Callowliill 

Bride Robert, moulder, 2015 Carlton Briggs Ralph, huckster, 1523 Howard 

Bridegam John B., chairfinisher, Cumberland n Briggs Robert, painter, 1148 S 10th 

Sepviva Briggs Russell, moulder, 1506 Callowliill 

Bridenbach Moses, dealer, 1068 Gtn av (Briggs Stephen A., machinist, 1549 Vine 

Bridenberg Samuel, shoes, 637 Guard av Brigg-s Theodore, eatingstand, South c S 2d, h 

Bridesburg Post Office, Bridge (Bdg) S 3d n Christian 

Bridge & Clyde, {James 3/. Bridge # Thomas Briggs Thomas, 4 Nisbet pi 

Clyde,) liquors, 1114 Gtn av Briggs Thomas, coachmaker, 1820 Vineyard 

Bridge David, warper, 431 Albion Briggs William, painter, 640 Catharine 

Bridge Frances, (col'd,) waiter, 511 S 10th Brighton Charles, printer, 754 S 9th 

Brigham Elijah A., broker, 325 Walnut, h 624 

' Wood 
Bright Andrew J., clerk, c Crown & Vine 
Bright John, blacksmith, 812 Brown, h Good- 

Bridge James M., liquors, 1114 Gtn av 
Bridge Robert, (col'd,) waiter, 727 Montcalm 
Bridgewater Iron Works, n the bridge (Fkd) 
Bridge William, weaver (Crescentville) 
Bridgeman Patrick, gasmeter maker, 24 GafF- 

ney's av n Fitzwater 
Bridges John, laborer, 2504 Lombard 
Bridges Robert, M. D., 119 S 20th 

breed ct n Vernon 
Bright John, hatter, Oxford n Lawrence 
Bright John, laborer, 482 N 4th 
Bright Josiah, boatman, N 37th n Oak (W P) 

Bridges William C, agent, 227 Lodge, h 119, Bright Lewis G., clerk, 829 N 7th 

S 20th 

Bridport Hugh, artist, 1719 Arch 
Briegel Nicholas, baker, 37 N 21st 
Briel Casper, laborer, William (Bdg) 
Brien Michael, weaver, 1119 Federal 
Brien Samuel, dyer, 209 Jefferson 
Brien William, blacksmith, 3 Branner's al 
Briens James, laborer, Orr n Wylie 
Briens Thomas, grocer, 440 Worth 

Bright Michael, 829 N 7th 
Bright Nathaniel, carman, Brown ab Norris 
Bright Newberry, ship carpenter, 224 JarVis 
Bright Robt., druggist, Levering n Main (Mvk) 
Bright Ullam, clerk, 523 Market, h 909 Cherry 
Bright William, cabinetmaker, 1016 Anita 
i Bright William, gardener, Old York n Gtn 
Bright William, fiddler, Wyoming n S 2d 
Bright Wm., horsenail nn\, 21 Frankford (Fkd) 
Brierley Brothers, {Byram, John $ Joel,) bosi- Bright Wm. S., liquors, 330 N 3d, h 829 N 7th 
ery, Bowman (Gtn) Brightly Frederick C, atty. &. conn., 422 Li- 

Brierley Byram, hosiery. Bowman (Gtn), li Mill brary, h Harvey (Gtn) 

(Gtn) Brignall Nathan, laborer, Church av (C Hill) 

Brierley Joel, hosiery, Bowman (Gtn), h Centre Brihon Geo., laborer, 721 Webb 

(Gtn) Briley Wm, carpenter, N Front n Chatham 

Brierley John, hosiery, Bowman (Gtn), h Mill Brill Eliza, widow, Christopher, 101 Senate 

(Gtn) Brill George, car builder, 1803 Jones 

Brierley Matthew, spinner, Columbia n N 2d j Brill Henry, cabinetmaker, 1340 S 7th 
Brierley Thomas, late carpenter, 708 S 8th | Brill Henry, jr., shoemaker, 1340 S 7th 
Brierley William, drayman, 1532 Lawrence | Brill John, tailor, 1241 Leithgow 
Briers Joseph, turner, 1231 S 7th Brill John H., shoemaker, rear 1070 Gtn av 

Briers Robert, silversmith, 1 Swarthmore pi j Brill Michael, laborer, (Falls Schuylkill) 

Brill Nicholas, grocer, 758 b Front 
Brill Nicholas, huckster, 5 Enos place 
; Brill William E„ musician, rear 1070 Gtn av 
| Brimisholtz "William, varnisher, 220 Drayton 
Brimner Henry, carpenter, 820 Knox 

Brierton John, carman, N 5th n Columbia av 

Briest Lewis, reporter, 19 Kauffman 

Briestley James, finisher, Amber n Otis 

Brigel Wm. A., confect., Serrill n Carroll 

BRIGGS AMOS, candies, 2102 Lombard 

BRIGGS AMOS, atty. & coun., 123 S 5th, h at I Brimner John H., clerk, 820 Knox 

Bristol Brin Philip, laborer, 711 West 

Briggs Andrew, wheelwright, 623 Nllth jBrinckle J. Gordon, atty & coun., 117 S 7th, h 

Briggs Charles, Church c River rd (Fkd) 512 Prune 

Briggs Chas. N-, confect., 206 S 9th, h 240 S 9th Rrinckle Samuel C, M. D., 1215 Chestnut 
Briggs Edward, spinner, (Crescentville) Brinckloe Charles, printer, 23 N 6th, h 300 

Briggs Geo., 926 N Front S 5th 

Briggs Geo. W., clerk, 113 Gebhard Brinckloe William G. P., printer, 506 Pierce 

Briggs Henry, laborer, Oxford n Tackawanna Brinckmann Henry, confectioner, 766 S 2d 

(Fkd) ' jBrindle John F., collector, 1045 Sarah 

Briggs Henry P., (col'd,) waiter, r 1008 Ivy Brindlinger Daniel, carpenter, 1311 Market 
Briggs Isaac, watchman Columbia bridge (WP) Briner George, shoemaker, 252 Chester 
Briggs John, Church c River rd (Fkd) Brines James S., shoes, 1313 South, h 1308 

Briggs John, baker, S 17th c Montrose Kates 

Briggs John, shoemaker, Manheim (Gtn) Brines Mary Ann, washerwoman, 2315 Hamilton 

Briggs John, shoemaker, 604 Moss Brines Richard, laborer, 1827 South 

Briggs John, weaver, 9 Hudson Brines Robert, carpetweaver, 412 N 24th 

Briggs Jos., lab., Tackawanna n Oxford (Fkd) 'Brinfleck George, laborer, 1228 Charlotte 
Briggs Joseph, watchman, 1144 S 9th Bringhurst George Rev., 743 S 9th 

Briggs Moses, painter 8c glazier &. trimmings, Bringhurst Isaiah, harnessmr, Ridge av., (Rox) 

314 S 4th , Bringhurst Jesse, art. limbmaker, 409 S 7th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Bringhurst John, 1704 Chestnut 

Bringhurst John H., sawmr., 1541 N 2d, h 1213 

Bringhurst John K., printer, 632 Franklin 
Bringhurst Joseph, policeman, 239 Monroe 

Bristow Henry, weaver, Miller (Gtn) 
Bristow James, weaver, Miller, (Gtn) 
Bristow John B., engineer, 1122 S Front 
Bristow Samuel, liquors, 617 S 12th 
Britemeyer Christian, brewer, r 815 N 3d 

Bringhurst Robert M., undertaker, 38 N 11th, Britemeyer Jacob, r 913 N 3d 

h 1113 Wister 
Bringhurst Robert R., undertaker, 38 N 11th 
Bringhurst White W., undertaker, 38 N 11th 
Bringhurst Thomas, saws, Oxford corner N 2d, 

h 1113 Shackamaxon 
Brink Edward, police, 452 Canton 
Brink Martin, cabinetmr., 521 S 5th, h 529 S 5th 
Brinkerman Charles, cabinetmaker, 209 Pear, 

h 314 Aberdeen 
Brinkley Rich , (col'd) whitew'r, r 527 Marriott 
Brinkley Robert, (col'd) waiter, 723 Minster 
Brinkley Sarah, (col'd) wid., Edmund, washing, 

17 Emeline 
Brinkman William, broommaker, Thieler's ct 

Oxford near Bodine 
Brinkman William, laborer, Otis near Carroll 
Brinkmann Michael, physician, 628 Wood 
Brinkworth William H., hatter, 1128 N 2d, h 

N 2d near Green 
Brinley Ed. L., auct., 429 Market, h 1815 Pine 
Brinniger John, hatter, rear 125 Poplar 

Brith Thomas, laborer, 1427 Alder 
BRITLAND JOHN, grocer, Baker c Green 

_ la(Myk) 
Britner George, brickmaker, 1437 Lawrence 
Britner George C, turner, 812 N 4th 
Britner Michael, brickmaker, 1437 Lawrence 
Britt Frederick, shoemaker, 1733 Burton 
Britt Patrick, carman, Beach n Columbia av 
Britt Patrick laborer, Race rd (Hbg) 
Brittain A. Clark, clerk, 946 Randolph 
Brittain Charles, printer, 902 Cherry 
Brittain Daniel, clerk, 325 Richmond 
Brittain Jos. J., butcher, 53 & 54 Liberty mkt 
Brittain Peter S., carpenter, 946 Randolph 
Brittain Wm., lookingglass, Master n N 5th, h 

946 Randolph 
Brittan Wm. E., book gilder, 1149 Sites 
Brittin Abraham, barber, 973 N 2d, h Frank- 
ford av n Montgomery 
Brittin Jacob, seg-ar dealer, 1025 Shackamaxon 
Brittin Thomas, U. S. Mint, 226 Jacoby 

Brinton & Kendrick, (R. B. Brinton 3f Isaac Brittner Daniel, musician, 433 Coates 

Kendrick,) dry goods 329 Chestnut 
Brinton Caleb J., shoefindings, 138 N 7th and 

26 Frankford av, h 1010 Frankford av 
Brinton Evans, engineer, N 4th n Diamond 
Brinton Bernard J., M. D., 1712 Francis 

Brittner George, basket maker, 46 Noble 
Brittner Peter, musician, 431 Coates 
Britto Margaret, widow Vincent, 730 Fallon 
Britton Abraham, blinds, 44 N 2d, h 322 

Brinton Jacob L., late farmer, 1712 Francis iBritton Addison, machinist, 1551 Callowhill 
Brinton John, M. D., 1423 Spruce, h Walnut! Britton Alice, widow Charles, Green (Gtn) 
ab 10th Britton A. & Co., {Abraham cy Samuel A. Brit- 

Brinton John T., atty. & coun., 249 S 6th 
Brinton Joseph, carpenter, 6 Arrison av 
Brinton Joseph, shoefitter, 407 Worth 

ton) blinds, 44 N 2d 
Britton Catharine, widow William, 1840 Lom- 

Brinton Jos. P., atty. & coun., 811 Arch, h 809iBritton Charles, shoemaker, Germantown av n 

Arch Walnut la (R Sun) 

Brinton Robert B., dry goods, 329 Chestnut, hlBritton Edmund, shoemaker, 1708 Wylie 

730 Pine IBritton Eliphalet S., carter, 1708 Wylie 

Brinton William, rear 1311 Cherry Britton George, basket maker, Germantown av 

Brintzinghoffer Charles, brushes, 935 Market,! n Walnut la (R Sun) 

h 922 Wallace iBritton Henry, trimmings, 1017 Palmer 

Brintzinghoffer George, salesman, 935 Market, Britton James, laborer, 1737 Burton 

h 1037 Vernon Britton James, printer, Fox's ctr South n 13th 

Bringworth Geo., bricklayer, Braddock n Fkd rj Britton Joseph, cutter, 407 Worth 
Brisben H. B. & Co., (Horace B. Brisben,) coal, \ Britton J. F., butcher, 2335 Jefferson 

Girard av corner N 9th Britton ManingF., police, 251 Dean 

Brisben Horace B., coal, Girard av c N 9th, h Britton Reuben, bricklayer, r 905 Noble 

301 Poplar Britton Reuben, laborer, (Fox Chase) 

Brisben Hugh B., druggist, N 3d c Poplar, h iBritton Robert, baker, 1814 Jones 

900 N 3d I Britton Samuel, engineer, 1009 Richmond 

Briscoe Alfred, (col'd) barber, 1203 Girard av, IBritton Saml. A., blinds, 44 N 2d, h 322 Federal 

h N 10th near Poplar I Britton Samuel L., clothier, 321 S 2d, h 322 

Briscoe A. H., dentist, 1033 Walnut Federal 

Briscoe Jarel, (col'd) porter, 1110 Steadman ;Britton Susan, widow, 837 N 17th 

Britton Thomas, jeweler, r 1320 Corn 

Briscoe James H., dentist, 920 Walnut 
Briscoe John, (col'd) barber, 1324 Carpenter 
Briscoe Thomas, civil engineer, 1301 Arch 
\ Brish John, spinner, Cresson (Myk) 
Brison James, laborer, Cresson (Myk) 
Brister Ezekiel D., carpenter, 1724 Sansom 
Brister Hannah, (col'd) wid. Jos. 1115 Rodman jBritts John, clerk, 937 S 5th 
Brister Joseph, (col'd) jobber, 247 Currant aljBritts William, packer, 417 S 2d 
Bristle Jacob, hotel, 1015 N 4th Britz George, segars, 812 Walnut 

in the United States. H. Mulligan 414 North Second St., Philadelphia. 

Britton AVm., baker, 1216 Fitzwater 
Britton Wm., cabinetmr. r 918 Ogden 
Britton Wm., harness maker, 426 Maria 
Britton William, boots and shoes, 1704 Market 
h 6 S 17th 

Brinckle &. Shubrick, (John A. Brinckle $ E. 
R. Shubrick,) cotton yarns, 29 N Front 







Brizel James, weaver, 1413 Columbia av 
Broadback Michael, candy, 1220 Hope 
Broadbeck Fred., locksmith, 1302 Callowhill 
Broadbent Sc Co., (William A. Broadbent >V J. 

Adshead) bleachers, Beach n Warren 
BROADBENT & CO., {Samuel Broadbent <V 

Frederick A. WenderotK) photographists, 

814 Chestnut 
Broadbent Daniel AV., laborer, r 1318 Fkd av 
Broadbent Giles, blacksmith, Paul n Green 

Broadbent John, machinist, Green c Thomas 

Broadbent John, twister, Good Intent Mills, h 

opposite Insane Assylum (YV P) 
Broadbent Joseph, liquors, 30 N Water, h 870 

N 8th 
Broadbent Owen, wines, &c, 1234 N 8th 
Broadbent Samuel, photographs, 814 Chestnut, 

h 115 N 12th 
Broadbent Seth, mach. Orchard n Green (Fkd) 
Broadbent Wm., spinner, Grape (Myk) 
Broadbent Wm. A., bleacher, Beach n 'Warren 

h Bridge c N 35th (W P) 
Broadfield John, moulder 1626 Becket 
Broadfield William, moulder, r 1517 S 2d 
Broadhead James, salesman, 2131 Sharswood 
Broadhead Joseph, milkman, Chalkley Hall la, 

Broadhurst Charles, laborer, Sellers n Unity 

Broadhurst John, weaver, 1520 N 2d 
Broadhurst L. &. R., (Lefitia $ Rachel,) trim- 
mings, N 17th c Olive 
Broadhurst Letitia, trimmings, N 17th c Olive 
Broadhurst Rachel, trimmings, N 17th c Olive 
Broadhurst Thomas, color mixer, Sellers n 

Franklin (Fkd) 
Broadnix Peter, turner, Unity c Elizabeth 

Broadrick Edward, shoemaker, 908 S 7th 
Broad Street House, 311 N Broad 
Broad Top Improvement Co., 228 Walnut 
Broad Top Semi Anthracite Coal Co., 228 

Broadwater Daniel, fisherman, 1016 Otis 
Broadwater Mary, wid. Caleb, 830 Knox 
Broadwater Robert, laborer, 4 Atlee pi, r 828 

Brobson Frank P., clerk, 1214 Chestnut 
Brobson 'William P., acct., 309 Market, h 1214 

Brcbst Abraham, carp., 2 Lancaster av (W P) 
Brobston Joseph, notary public, 405 Library, h 

Walnut n Till ( W P) 
Brocher Mark, machinist, r 2112 Market 
Brock Alexander, grocer, 524 S 6th 
Brock Charles N., engineer, 337 St. John, h 

2120 Mt Vernon 
Brock Jonathan, treasurer, 323 Walnut, h 808 

N 5th 
Brock Joseph, cabinet, 6 Cowperthwait pi, r 

319 New Market 
Brock Susan A., milliner, 532 S 5th 
Brock Thomas, plumber, 205 N 4th, h 2125 Mt 

Brock William, sea captain, 532 S 5th 
BROCK WILLIAM, tobacconist, 132 Race 

Brockbank John, painter, Main n Division al 

Brock er Jacob, 612 Brown 
Brocker William, engraver, 1220 Thomson 
Brockerman & Son, {Benjamin Brockerman A 

William F. Brockerman,) iron merchants, 

1020 Gtn av 
Brockerman Benjamin, iron, 1020 Gtn av, h 

1131 Shackamaxou 
Brockerman Charles, laborer, r 1108 Gtn av 
Brockerman John H., painter, r 132 N 17th, h 

1907 Wilcox 
Brockerman William F., iron, 1020 Gnt av, h 

Dauphia n Frankford av 
Brockerman William H., provisions, 132 N 17th, 

h 1907 Wilcox 
Brockholt Henry, mason, Haines (Gtn) 
Brockington Jane, seamstress, 753 Swanson 
Brocklehurst Arthur, machinist, 10 St David's 

Brocklehurst Levi, machinist, 300 S 23d 
Brockman Charles, blacksmith (Collegeville) 
Brockman George, distiller, 814 S Front 
Brockman Henrv, cooper, 8 Placid pi, r 842 S 

Brockman John H., provisions, 1907 Wilcox 
Brockwav William, kindling wood, Norris n 

Brod Conrad, tobacconist, N 7th c Master 
Brode Walter, police, 1313 N 10th 
Broden William, laborer, 8 EmeJine 
Broderick John, laborer, 9 Loud pi 
Broderick John, tailor, 2126 Market 
Broderick Patrick, laborer, r 909 N 13th 
Broderick William, shoemaker, 828 Burns 
Brodey Archibald, polisher, 1622 Barker 
Brodhead Daniel D., merchant, 211 N 3d, h 

1237 Marshall 
Brodie Andrew, contractor, 727 Oxford 
Brodie Edward J., teacher, Garden (Bridesbg) 
Brodie James T., roofing, N 7th n Arch, h 856 

Brodie Robert C, druggist, Callowhill c N 20th 
Brodigan Margaret, 505 Noble 
Brodrick John, laborer, 330 N 16th 
Brodt Henry, currier, 830 St John 
Broes Peter, provisions, 929 S 13th 
Broff Richard, leather dresser, 149 Brown 
BrotYey Andrew, dyer, Amber n Huntington, h 

Amber n Lehigh av 
Brofield Thomas, laborer, River rd (Tacony) 
Brogan Charles, Susquehanna av n Otis 
Brogan Charles,mach.,Aramingon Columbiaav 
Brogan Henry, waiter, 1241 Locust 
Brogan Hugh", tailor, 2058 Market 
Brogan James, laborer, 810 Marriott 
Brogan John, blacksmith, 720 S 15th 
Brogan John, laborer, Bethlehem pike (Chest- 
nut Hill) 
Brogan Michael, lab., Pollock's ct r Lombard 
Brogan Patrick, blacksmith, 107 Coomb's al 
Bsogan Patrick, shoe findings, 766 Passyunk av 
Brogan Sarah, washer, r 765 S 4th 
Brogan AVm., lab. 1683 S Front 
Brognard Hen. A., coal oil, 243 Race,h Spruce 

c 44th (AV P) 
Brognard L. Ney, mer., 16 N 5th, h S 44th c 

Spruce (AV P) 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Athemenne will produce a new 

UrotJi r jnK u ?. 3-S1- Sr-*- j" A*r 




Brognard M. B., 103 Jones al, h45th n Spruce 
Brognard Thomas J., printer, 805 Knox 
Brokate Henry W., clerk, 1425 Savery 
Brokensha David, 144 Girard av 
Broker Daniel, carpenter, 241 Dickerson 
Broher Charles, huckster r 402 Lynd 
BROLASKY HENRY C, dry goods, 1 Bank, 

h 108 S 13th 
Brolasky J. P., jr., M.D., Pine c S 3d, h 1S05 

Brolasky Jefferson H., 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Joseph P., M.D., 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Simon, 1414 Walnut 
Broslasky William, jr.. 1414 Walnut 
Brolley Wm., cakes, 1227 Wallace 
Brombach Jacob, liquors, 1202 N 4th 
Bromie L. P., dry goods, 126 Bank, h 32 

Bromley George D., clerk, 808 Green 
Bromley Jas., bleacher, Unity n Sellers (Fkd) 
Bromley James, carpets, York c Front 
Bromley John, carpets, York c Front 
BROMLEY JOHN, dry goods, Mulberry cor 

Baker (Myk) 
BROMLEY JOHN 8c SONS, (James 4- Thomas 

Bromley,) carpet manuf. Gtn rd N 5th 8c 

York c Front 
Bromley Rebecca, wid. Arthur, Elizabeth near 

Unity (Fkd) 
Bromley Robert, grocer, Unity c Leiper (Fkd) 
Bromley Thomas, carpets, Front c York 
Brommell Joseph, provisions, 253 N 13th 
Bromwell Wm., gas regulators, 113 N 9th, h 

Race bel 7th 
Brong Ella, vest mr. 218 Buttonwood 
Brongrave Christian, laborer, 1810 Seybert 
Bronholtz John R,, lime, Tioga c N 18th 
Bronner Eugene, shoemaker, Cresson (Myk) 
Bronson George, weaver, Centre (Gtn) 
Bronson James, sr., hosiery, Centre, (Gtn), h 

Little Wayne (Gtn) 
Bronson John, fishing tackle, 109 South 
Bronstrup Frederick, machinist, 400 Lynd, h 

403 Green 
Brook Andrew, shoemaker, Dauphin n Amber 
Brook Ann, r 335 Christian 
Brook Edward, carman, Franklin n Apple 

Brook George, spinner, Apple n Bridge (Hes 

Brook Isaiah, dry goods, Chestnut n S Front, 

h 804 N 7th 
Brook Keziah, wid George, Orchard n Church 

Brook Mary, boarding house, 708 Sansom 
Brook Richard, 1130 N Front 
Brook Thomas, macht. Sellers n Unity (Fkd) 
Brook Thomas H., tailor, 535 Linden 
Brook Wm. F., machinist, N 2d, n Columbia av 
Brookblank Thomas, laborer, 813 Carpenter 
Brookbocker C, brushmaker, Cadwalader n 

Brooke Alex., millwright, 7 N 19th 
Brooke & Fuller, (Hiram Brook <$■ A. Harry 

Fuller,) notions, 29 N 3d 
Brooke 8c Pugh, (Nathan Brooke $ Edward H. 

Pugh,) com. mer. 1731 Market 
Brooke Charles W., 1232 Ogden 

Brooke Clement, 1326 Vine 

Brooke Eliz. T., wid C. Wallace, 1718 Pine 

Brooke Frank M., attor. & coun. 26 N 7th, h 

433 Chestnut 
Brooke Hiram, notions, 29 N 3d 
Brooke Hunter, salesman, 1731 Market, hl510 

Mt Vernon 
Brooke James, 330 S 17th 
Brooke James B., com. agent, 204 S 4th, h 

2022 Poplar 
Brooke Jas. K., clerk, 108 Coates 
Brooke Joanna J., boarding, 1533 Locust 
Brooke John, macht. Unity n Franklin (Fkd) 
Brooke Jonathan, boots & shoes, 45 Frankford 

Brooke Joseph, mer. 31 N Water, h 1309 Olive 
Brooke Joseph D., foreman, 1167 S 9th 
Brooke Margaret, wid John, 213 Green 
Brooke Matthew, macht. 1706 St. Joseph's av 
Brooke Nathan, com. mer. 1731 Market, h 1510 

Mt. Vernon 
Brooke Samuel, Ruan n Frankford (Fkd) 
Brooke Saml., brakesman, 1706 St. Joseph's av 
Brooke Stephen, 1214 Chestnut 
Brooke William, carp. 165 Jefferson 
Brooke Wm., millwright, 1237 Marlborough 
Brooke Wm. H., carp. 165 Jefferson 
Brooker Benjamin C, auctioneer, 261 N 3d, h 

738 S 8th 
Brooker Benjamin C, jr., auctioneer, 261 N 3d, 

h 512 Wharton 
BROOKER BENJAMIN C. 8c CO., (Benjamin 

C, jr. Sf John K. Brooker,) auctioneers, 

261 N 3d 
Brooker John, lab. Haines n Gtn av (Gtn) 
Brooker John, shoemaker, Haines (Gtn) 
Brooker John K., auctioneer, 261 N 3d, h 

Richard's House 
Brooker Joseph, cooper, Haines (Gtn) 
Brooker Thomas B., bricklayer, 1171 S 9th 
Brookfield Joseph, M.D., 1316 Filbert 
Brookmire John, printer, (Falls Sch) 
Brooks Abijah, blacksmith, (Lagrange) 
Brooks Alonzo, weaver, Park (Ches Hill) 
Brooks Amos, trader, York av n R R Road 
Brooks & Brother, (Thomas ^- John Brooks,) 

cap manufs. 41 N 3d 
Brooks Ann, wid William, seamstress, Morton, 

Brooks Anna M., teacher, 830 S 5th 
Brooks Barbara, (col'd), 2 Emeline 
BROOKS, BROTHER 8c CO., (Jeremiah M. 

Brooks, Josiah D. Brooks, $ William 

Brooks,) dry goods, 122 Chestnut 
Brooks Charles, teacher, Ridge av c Coates 
Brooks Catharine E., widow Girard, 1112 Cal- 

Brooks Charles, carpenter, 1307 Ogden 
Brooks Charles, clerk, 905 S 13th 
Brooks Charles, dancing master, 1312 Myrtle 
Brooks Christ'pher J., ship carp. 422 Thompson 
Brooks David, supt. 105 S 3d, h 28 S 18th 
Brooks David L., brickmaker, 1939 Bedford 
Brooks Dennis, laborer, Thompson n Lehigh av 
Brooks Ebenezer, tailor, Mill (Gtn) 
Brooks Edmund, machinist, New 5th n Norris 
Brooks Edward B., clerk, 5th c Washington 
Brooks Edward D., clerk, 1037 S 5th 

growth of hair, in place of that destroyed by age or sickness. 




Brooks Elias S., eating house & variety store, 

106 k 108 S 2d, h Walter n S 22st 
Brooks Eliza, wid John, 729 Beach 
Brooks Elizabeth, tailoress, 321 Lombard 
Brooks Enoch, captain, 244 Catharine 
Brooks George, carpenter, (Lagrange) 
Brooks Georg-e, police, Allen's lane (Mt Airy) 
Brooks Georg-e, ship carpenter, 20 Parham 
Brooks Georg-e, shoemaker, 967 N Front 
Brooks Georg-e L., blacksmith, 1373 Ridg-e av, 

h 920 Poplar 
Brooks Geo. L., umb. m'r., 111S Shackamaxon 
Brooks Georg-e W., bricklayer, 1202 Callowhill 
Brooks George W., ventilators, 108 N 6th, h 

1510 Stiles 

Brooks Henry, grocer, 1600 Spruce, h 110 S 18th 
Brooks Henry, painter, 910 N 12th 
Brooks Henry, provisions, S 7th cor Pine 
Brooks Hiram, merchant, h Union Hotel 
Brooks Howard W-, Haines (Gtn) 
Brooks Isaac, grocer, 328 S 19th 
Brooks Isaac W., conductor, 1904 Wood 
Brooks James, Frankford road (Aramingo) 
Brooks James, carpenter, 821 Callowhill 
Brooks James, coachmaker, 1212 Ridge av, h 

1215 Spring Garden 
Brooks James, engineer, 2047 Cuthbert 
Brooks James, laborer, Unity n Elizabeth (Fkd) 
Brooks James, peddler, Diamond n Lawrence 
Brooks James, teamster, Broad (Roxborough) 
Brooks James, jr., stereotyper, 414 Wharton 
Brooks James A., (colored) barber, 1001 Barley 
Brooks Jeremiah M., merchant, 122 Chestnut. 

h 1512 Arch 
Brooks Jethro B., 818 S 8th X 
Brooks Joanna J., boarding house, 225-S-Broad 
Brooks John, bookbinder, 1123 Division 
Brooks John, caps, 41 N 3d, h Queen (Gtn) 
Brooks John, clerk, (Bustleton) 
Brooks John, shoemaker,Creisheim la(Mt Airy) 
Brooks John, waterman, 1228 S Front 
Brooks John, (colored) barber, Chatham near 

Cadwalader, h N 5th cor Hackley 
Brooks John, (colored) laborer, r 722 Shippen 
Brooks John A., Rev., (colored) 511 Lombard 
Brooks John H., clerk, 426 Shippen 
Brooks John H., (col'd) waiter, 1017 Rodman 
Brooks John L., bricklayer, 1319 N 11th 
Brooks John S., grocer, N 13th corner Coates 
Brooks John T., bookbinder, 333 Chestnut, h 

N 35th above Bridge (W P) 
Brooks John W., cooper, 471 N 4th 
Brooks John W., shipsmith, 1739 S 5th 
Brooks Joseph, bookbinder, 125 Green 
Brooks Joseph, capmaker, Emerald n Cambria 
Brooks Joseph, indigo blue, 1220 N Front 
Brooks Joseph, Jaborer, Wissahickon 
B-ooks Joseph, shoemaker, Allen's la (Mt Airy) 
B noks Josiah, upholsterer, 756 S 2d 
Books Josiah D., merchant, 124 Chestnut, h 

804 N 7th 
Brooks Kate T., confectioner, 910 N 11th 
Brooks Lambert, sawmill, 411 Brown, h 867 

N 6th 
Brooks Luke, hats, Gtn av n Depot (Gtn) 
Brooks Margaret, widow of Wm., 1430 N 5th 
Brooks .Mary, 1326 Walnut 
Brooks Mathew, bricklayer, 835 Market 

Brooks Matthew, cap manufacturer, 139 N 3d, 

h Haines (Gtn) 
Brooks Richard W., caps, 230 Poplar 
Brooks Robert, prov., 551 N 25th c Brandy wine 
Brooks Rob't, weav., Haverfordn Markoc (W P) 
Brooks Rosanna, widow of John, 706 Lindsay 
Brooks Samuel, roller coverer, 2050 Fleming- 
Brooks Samuel B., boltmaker, 2036 Carlton 
Brooks Samuel B., teller, 307 Chesnut, h 1615 

Filbert near 16th 
Brooks Samuel C, dealer, 1149 N Front 
Brooks Sarah, widow of George, 252 S 9th 
Brooks Sarah, widow of James, 410 M'llhvain 
Brooks Sheppard, clerk, 136 Carpenter 
Brooks Silas S., M. D., 1320 Vine 
Brooks Theodore, brickmaker, 1327 N 11th 
Brooks Thomas, cap manufacturer, 41 N 3d 
Brooks Thomas, carpenter, 125 Green 
Brooks Thomas, foreman, Haverford road near 

Orleans (W P) 
Brooks Thomas, gardener, Long la n Buck rd 
Brooks Thos., grocer, 700 S 3d,h 302 Shippen 
Brooks Thomas, (col'd) hostler, 5 Herman's ct 
Brooks Thomas J., clerk, 830 S 5th 
Brooks Thomas S., butcher, Otis near Fkd av 
Brooks William, agent, N 8th n Dauphin 
Brooks William, blacksmith, 1312 S 3d 
Brooks William, carpet weaver, Wood n N 24th 
Brooks William, cooper, American n Oxford 
Brooks William, driver, Schaeffer (Gtn) 
Brooks William, dry goods, 122 Chestnut h 

1434 N 13th 
Brooks William, gas fitter, N 5th n Norris 
Brooks William, merchant, 431 Market Bridge 

n 35th (W P) 
Brooks William, shoemaker, Lancaster av n 

Apple, Hestonville (W P) 
Brooks William, stonecutter, 412 N 22d 
Brooks William H., clerk, 300 & h302 Shippen 
Brooks William L., boltmaker, S 3d c Wesley 
Brooks William N., clerk, 5th & Washington av, 

h 330 Greenwich 
Broom Ann, 408 Landis 
Broom Asa C, bricklayer, 129 Prime 
Broom Charles, carpenter, 938 S 4th 
Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread ab 

Arch, h 549 York av 
BROOM GEORGE L., & CO, (WiUiam Broom) 

sugar refiners, 13 Bread ab Arch 
Broom George L., jr, overseer, 13 Bread ab Arch 

h 549 York av 
Broom Jacob, atty & coun, 427 Walnut h 

Chestnut n 36"th (W P) 
Broom Joseph, cooper, 100 Shippen 
Broom Samuel, sugar refiner, 13 Bread ab Arch, 

h 549 York av 
Broom Thomas, shipright, 129 Prime 
Broom Wm., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, ab Arch, 

h 519 Noble 
Broomall David C, nailor 2343 Coates 
Broomall Joseph, lab, Darby rd ab S 42d (W P) 
Broomall Lewis R., jewelry, 50 S 2d 
Broome Charles, dealer, 736 Market h 1317 

Broome Christ., shoemr, N 6th n Montgomery 
Broome Thomas, case maker, 319 S 6th 
Broomel Wm, engineer, N 31st n Bridge (W P) 
Broomell J P., clerk, h Eagle Hotel 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 

(?>>^*fa> Lt*w V, I e^v 




Broomell William, dealer, r 311 Borden 
Broomer William, shoemaker, Wood (Myk) 
Broomell Uriah, hotel, Darby rd c Baltimore 

Pike (W P) 
Broomell Peter A.', bookbinder, Morris n S 5th 
Brophet Frederick, shoemaker, 2 Hubbard pi 
Brophey Andre Frankford av n Huntingdon 
Brophy Ann, widow Michael, r 402 Landis 
Brophy Daniel, weaver, 1422 Shippen 
Brophy James, foreman, Monroe (Tacony) 
Brophy John, laboi-er, Hill's ct r Naudain 
Brophy John, laborer, 1122 Milton 
Brophy John, laborer, Unity n Penn (Frankford) 
Brophy John, weaver, 1319 Mariner 
Brophy Lewis, moulder, 1113 S 9th 
Brophy Martin, laborer, Aramingo (Tacony) 
Brophy Michael, laborer, Monroe (Tacony) 
Brophy Patrick, lab, Hewson n Edgemont (R) 
Brophy Patrick, porter, r 1919 Cuthbert 
Brophy Rodger, twister, Naudain n 21st 
Brophy Thos., watchman, Carroll ri Huntingdon 
Brophy Timothy, dyer, Fkd av n Huntingdon 
Brophy William, dyer, Fkd av n Cumberland 
Brosius Joseph P., clerk, 607 N 18th 
Bross Edmund R., shoes, 836 Vine 
Bross Edmund R., jr, lampmaker, 836 Vine 
Bross Frederick, shoemaker, 231 Girard av 
Bross John S., clerk, 807 Cherry 
Brotherhead William, books, 213 S 8th 
Brotherly Love Hall, 535 & 537 N 12th 
Brothers Albert, butcher, 1013 Noble 
Brothers Charles, hats 8c caps, 337 Market h 

406 N 4th 
Brotherton George G., painter, 328 N 5th 
Brough James, weaver, r 1320 Gtn av 
Brough Michael, blacksmith, 1124 Elm 
Brough Samuel, tobacconist, 1024 S 3d 
Broughton Isaiah H. , clerk, 101 S Front h 

Girard av n N Broad 
Broughton Luke D., astrologer, 353 N 10th 
Broughton Sarah D., botanist, 353 N 10th 
Brounley John, wharf builder, 1317 Corn 
Brous Charles, miller, Gnt av ^Nicetown) 
Brous Charles D., farmer, Asylum rd 
Brous Frederick A., cutter, Wister (Gtn) 
Brous George, farmer, Asylum rd 
Brous Joseph S., mason (Fox Chase) 
Brous Lewis, carpenter, 117 Frankford (Fkd) 
Brous Samuel A., millwright (Fox Chase) 
Brous Sarah, wid. Nicholas, Asylum rd 
Brous Thomas, mason (Fox Chase) 
Brous Wesley F., clerk, 117 Frankford (Fkd) 
Brous William A., shoes, 1524 N 2d 
Brouse Henry, blacksmith, (Lower Moreland) 
Browder Jacob, shoemaker, 1302 N 3d 
Brower A. J., clerk, 20 S 6th 
Brower Charles, confections, 133 Richmond 
Brower Cornelius P., cordwainer, 19 Fayette 
Brower Frank, artist, 1012 Lombard 
Brower Girard A., photographist, 806 Market, 

h 263 S 8th 
Brower Jos., sec. 12 Mers. Ex., h 1309 Horstman 
Brower Peter B., shoemaker, Charter n Amber 
Brower William, driver, 1526 N 11th 
Brown Aaron, (col'd,) laborer, 3 McKee's av 
Brown Abbe, teacher, 947 S 9th 
Brown Abby, teacher, 2014 Filbert 
Brown Abr., elk., 413 N 8th, h 2202 Brandywine 

Brown Abraham, salesman, 1518 Wallace 
Brown A. C, pie baker, 1029 Buttonwood 
Brown Abram C, plumber, N 8th c Buttonwood, 

h 802 Buttonwood 
Brown Adolph, turner, New 3d n Oxford 
Brown Alexander, 1311 Walnut 
Brown Alex., chandler, 1411 N 2d, h 609 Parrish' 
Brown Alex., icedealer, Race c N 16th, h 251 

N 16th 
Brown Alexander, laborer, S 23d c Ashburton 
Brown Alexander, proofreader, 1221 Silver 
Brown Allen, (col'd,) laborer, 1010 Ivy 
Brown Amos B., blacksmith, (Bustleton) 
Brown Amos P., dry gds., S. Front, h 300 S 12th 
Brown 8c Allison, (George Brown 3? Walter Alli- 
son,) builders, S 21st n Market 
Brown 8c De Young, (James D. Brown $ Elias 

Be Young,) Arcade Hotel, 621 Chestnut 
BROWN 8c ERRINGER, (Louis Brown $ Philip 

S. Erringer,) grocers, 301 N 3d 
Brown 8c Hicks, (William Brown § William 

Hicks,) clothiers, 700 Market 
Brown 8c Seelig-, ( Wm. Brown <$- Wm. Seelig,) 

blacksmiths, 1103 N 2d 
Brown 8c Shillingford, (Geo. H. Brown $ Michael 

Shilling ford,) furnaces, 269 S 12th 
Brown 8c Woelpper, (B. H. Brown $■ George 

Woelpper,) lumber, Richmond c Ash 
Brown Andrew, r 1322 Brinton 
Brown Andrew, Lawrence n Diamond 
Brown Andrew, laborer, 1307 Brinton 
Brown Andrew, porter, 228 S FAnt 
Brown Andrew, weaver, 1522 N 2d 
Brown Andrew J., carpenter, 938 S 8th 
Brown Ann, bookfolder, r 1530 Mervine 
Brown Ann, widow, 33 S 15th 
Brown Ann, wid. Michael, tailoress, 423 Monroe 
Brown Ann, wid. Robert, candy, 1110 Shippen 
Brown Ann, wid. Thomas, 2039 Lombard 
Brown Ann, (col'd) wid. Andrew, 1349 Pearl 
Brown Ann, (col'd) wid. Jacob, washing, 1307 

Brown Ann, (col'd) wid. James, 208 Gaskill 
Brown Anna, wid. John, 1725 Pearl 
Brown Annie, dressmaker, 1002 Vine 
Brown Annie, seamstress, r 637 St. Mary 
Brown Annie, wid. John, Jackson (Myk) 
Brown Anthony A., hats, 982 N 2d 
Brown Anthony J., eating, 1 Shippen St Mkt, 

h 424 Shippen 
Brown Archibald, boots 8c shoes, 1034 Market, 

h 35 N 11th 
Brown Archibald, provisions, 19 S 18th 
Brown Asa, (col'd) laborer, 1012 Ivy 
Brown Austin, oilcls., 164 N 3d, h 2124 Green 
Brown Barclay, harnessmr., (Mechanicsville) 
Brown Barney, (col'd) laborer, 552 Bedford 
Brown Barzillia S., grocer, 110 South 
Brown Bayly B., clerk, 107 Gebhard 
Brown Benajah M., clothing, 1240 Market, h 

1518 Wallace 
Brown Benjamin, contractor, 326 Dugan 
Brown Benjamin, 639 Federal 
Brown Benjamin F., tobacconist, 439 Girard av 
BROWN BENJAMIN H., city treasurer, Girard 

Bank building, S 3dn Chestnut, 8c lumber, 

Richmond c Ash (R) 
Brown Bernard, tasselmaker, 17 Winfield pi 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Brown Betsey, r 2029 Cuthbert j Brown David, painter, r481 Dillwyn 

Brown Bryan, (col'd.) barber, 305 Harmony, hi Brown David, restaurant, 1119 Market 

4 Poplar ct 
Brown C, corsets, 329 Arcb 
Brown Caroline, (col) wbitewasher, 5 Leyden's 

Brown Catharine, candy, Norris n Hancock 
Brown Catharine, wid Daniel, Chippewa near 

Brown Catharine, wid James, dressmaker, 213 

5 9th 

Brown Catharine, wid John, 806 S 21st 
Brown Catharine, wid Samuel, Newbold near 

Brown Catharine, (col'd) wid Charles, washing 1 , 

r 1311 Shippen 
Brown Charles, baker, 7 Ilorstman's ct r 320 

Brown Charles, boarding-, 228 S Broad 
Brown Charles, carder, 2032 Harmstead 
Brown Charles, carpenter, 331 Gaskill 
Brown Charles, carpenter, 3 Hartley's pi 
Brown Charles, clerk, 106 Jones al, h Market 

c 8th (Camden) 
Brown Charles, foreman, 1406 Howard 
Brown Charles, laborer, 2319 Meredith 
Brown Charles, laborer, 413 Moyer 
Brown Charles, liquors, York c Emerald 
Brown Charles, mason, Dock la (Fkd) 
Brown Charles, merchant, 1703 Green 
Brown Charles, music teacher, 124 Vine 
Brown Charlefj painter, r 424 Monroe 
Brown Charles Rev., 2008 Vine 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, 1423 N 10th 
Brown Charles, shoemaker, Ann N 22d 
Brown Charles, stonecutter, 704 N 13th 
Brown Charles, tailor, Norris n Hancock 
Brown Charles, telegraph, 2 Walnut 
Brown Charles, weaver, 630 N 5th 
Brown Charles, (col'd) laborer, r 419 German 
Brown Charles, (col'd) laborer, 515 S 7th 
Brown Charles, (col'd) waiter, 625 Lombard 
Brown Charles A., clerk, 312 Marshall 
Brown Charles B., 538 N 13th 
Brown Charles H.. tailor, 940 Poplar 
Brown Charles P., varieties, 9 Market, h 1216 

N 8th 
Brown Charles S., clerk, 319 Girard av, house 

Frankford av ab Palmer 
Brown Charles T., clerk, 1404 Ogden 
Brown Charlotte, huckster, Shippen street 

market, h 422 Shippen 
Brown Christian, grocer, 1418 Spring Garden 
Brown Christian, musician, Columbia n N 3d 
Brown Christian H., shoemaker, 442 N 10th 
Brown Conrad, grocer, 311 N 18th 
Brown Cornelius, laborer, 19 Reed 
Brown Cornelius, laborer, 737 S 7th 
Brown Damon, (col'd) cook, 620 Bay 
Brown Daniel, Beckwith n Catherine 
Brown Daniel, carter, 1735 Addison 
Brown Daniel, chair painter, 834 Swanson 
Brown Daniel, laborer, 2035 Murray 
Brown Daniel, laborer, 2113 Cuthbert 
Brown Daniel, shoemaker, 1309 Kates 
Brown D;uiiel H., liquors, 1453 Columbia av 
Brown David, carpenter, 415 Worth 
Brown David, gardener, 1213 Fulton 

Brown David, weaver, 708 S 13th 

Brown David, (col'd) porter, 427 Gaskill 

Brown David, (col'd) waiter, 923 Shippen 

Brown D. Benneville, 433 Arch 

Brown David B., att'y Si coun., 430 Walnut, h 

328 Franklin 
Brown David M., agent, Oxford n N 15th 
Brown David P., coal, 110 Walnut, h at Potts- 

BROWN DAVID PAUL, att'y & coun., 305 

Union, h 324 S 3d adjoining office 
Brown David Paul, jr., att'y & coun., 129 S 5th, 

h 324 S 3d 
Brown David S., M. D., druggist, Front n Norris 
Brown David S., pres., 228 Walnut and dry 

goods 44 S Front, h 1716 Walnut 
BROWN DAVID S. & CO., {J. Johnson Brown) 

dry goods, 44 S Front and 41 Letitia 
BROWN DAVID WOLFE, phonographer, 411 

Walnut, h 527 N 2d 
Brown E., milliner, 118 S 11th 
Brown Edward, tailor, 54 N 8th, h 253 Madison 
Brown Edward, carpenter, Howard pi r 1319 

S 10th 

Brown Edward, cigarmaker, r 1006 Charlotte 
Brown Edward, furniture, 1221 Locust 
Brown Edward, mech. engineer, 311 Walnut 
Brown Edward, painter, Academy rd 
Brown Edward F., carpet weaver, Hamilton n 

Brown Edward S., butcher, 2315 Jefferson 
Brown Edward, (col'd) coachman, 1104 Ohio 
Brown Edward, (colored) laborer, r 637 St 

Brown Edwin, 611 N 18th 
Brown Eli, plumber, 1232 Brown 
Brown Eliakim, carpenter, 1037 Crease 
Brown Elias, late stonecutter, 1830 Poplar 
Brown Elisha F., artist, 728 Plover 
Brown Eliza, wid James, 2034 Poplar 
Brown Eliza, (col'd) 623 Ronaldson 
Brown Eliza, (col'd) wid Henry, 1110 Rodman 
Brown Eliza V., (col'd) wid James, Robinson 

av near Russell 
Brown Elizabeth, 145 Coates 
Brown Elizabeth, 436 Dillwyn 
Brown Elizabeth, boarding, 320 York av 
Brown Elizabeth, butcher, 77 Girard av mkt., 

h Sartain n Girard av 
Brown Elizabeth, milliner, 772 S 2d, h Moya- 

mensing av c Jarvis 
Brown Elizabeth, seamstress, 7 Shields ct 
Brown Elizabeth, (col'd) wid Charles, 1818 

Brown Elizabeth, wid Henry H., 955 Sartain 
Brown Elizabeth, wid Jefferson, 1310 Alder 
Brown Elizabeth W., patterns and machine 

stitching, 722 Chestnut, h 807 Buttonwood 
Brown Ellen F., teacher, 1214 N 13th 
Brown Ellwood J., shipcarpenter, 1308 Palmer 
Brown Emanuel D., canvasser, 1309 Christian 
Brown Emily, teacher, 145 Coates 
Brown Emma, trimmings, Gtn av, h Birming- 
ham (Gtn) 
Brown Emma, (col'd) washerwoman, rear 121 


Jules Hauel & Co.'s Nymph Soap renders 




Brown Emma, wid John, 612 Ronaldson 
Brown Evan, dealer, 36 Queen 
Brown E. T., ladies seminary, 1005 Spg Garden 
Brown Fletcher, car inspector, Oxford cor 

Jefferson (Tacony) 
Brown Francis, (col'd) wid Robert, rear 611 

Brown Francis, butcher, 724 Plover 
Brown Francis, icedealer, Gilpin r 15 S 17th 
Brown Francis, (col'd) waiter, 1 Blake's ct 
Brown Frank, matchmaker, 118 Bread 
Brown Frank, weaver, Serrill n Emerald 
Brown Franklin D., machinist, Bridge (Bdg - ) 
Brown Frederick, blacksmith, 922 Percv 
BROWN FREDERICK, druggist, N E c 5th. & 

Chestnut, h 1018 Spruce 
Brown Frederick, liquors, 34 N 22d 
Brown Frederick E., paper hang's, 1435 Chest- 
nut St 1504 Market, h 1435 Chestnut 
Brown Frederick R., broommaker, 312 German 
Brown Frederick W., clerk, Catharine c S 9th 
Brown Frederick YV\, platina ware, 1432 S 2d 
Brown Geo., builder, S 21st n Chestnut, h 26 

S 18th 
Brown Geo., carman, Edgemont n Alleghany av 
Brown Geo., conductor, 730 Russell 
Brown Geo., gardener, 543 Belgrade 
Brown Geo., hams, Market, h 409 S 18th 
Brown Geo., hatter, 259 S 6th 
Brown Geo., hostler, (Pittsville) 
Brown Geo., laborer, r N Front n Montg'y av 
Brown Geo., laborer, Penn (Myk) 
Brown Geo., manuf., Marshall c Willow, h 634 

Brown Geo., mason, Wood (Myk) 
Brown Geo., seaman, 19 Reckless 
Brown Geo., segarmaker, 407 Lombard 
Brown Geo., weaver, Gay (Myk) 
Brown Geo., weaver, Fitler n N 2d 
Brown Geo., weaver, Franklin n Cal. av 
Brown Geo., wheelwright, Sellers n Paul (Fkd) 
Brown Geo., wheelwright, 2102 Naudain 
Brown Geo., (col'd,) eating house, 402 S 6th, h 

920 Green 
Brown Geo., (col'd,) porter, 1118 Rodman 
Brown Geo., (col'd,) stevedore, Anthony n 

Brown Geo., (col'd,) waiter, 1204 Salem al 
Brown Geo., (col'd,) whitewasher, 927 Marshall 
Brown Geo. E., watchmaker, 313 Catharine 
Brown Geo. H., furnaces, 269 S 12th, h 7th n 

Brown Geo. L., hats 8c caps, 333 S 2d, h Mt 

Vernon hotel 
Brown Geo. S., preserve jars, 412 Race, h 257 

Brown Geo. W., 117 N 2d 
Brown Geo. W., blacksmith, 2044 Reeves 
Brown Geo. W., chairmaker, Rule n Lancaster 
Brown Geo. W., clerk, 210 Coates 
Brown Geo. W., grocery, 235 S 9th 
Brown Geo. W., (col'd,) clerk, 1029 Rodman 
Brown Gowen E., plumber, 18 N 11th 
Brown Hannah, widow John, 1913 South 
Brown Hannah, widow Wm., Wheat n Reed 
Brown Harriet, widow Isaac, grocer, 1126 S 7th 
Brown Harris, (col'd,) waiter, Eaken pi 
Brown Harry W., glass blower, 1112 Day 

Brown Henry, cabinet maker, Market n 39th 

(W P), h Warren n Park (W P) 
Brown Henry, cooper, 802 Knox 
Brown Henry, drayman, 40 Washington av 
Brown Henry, grocer, Cresson c Grape (Myk) 
Brown Henry, huckster, 245 Eastern Market, 

h 622 Washington av 
Brown Henry, laborer, 1515 Burton 
Brown Henry, morocco dresser, 120 Onas 
Brown Henry, painter, Front bel Federal 
Brown Henry, patterns, 215 N 2d, h 1237 S 6th 
Brown Henry, trader, 332 Culvert 
Brown Henry, (col'd,) lab., Gilles al n Lombard 
Brown Hen., (col'd,) weigher, Gilles al n South 
Brown Henry A., pres., 155 S 4th, and printer. 

302 Chestnut, h 151 N 15th 
Brown Henry A. B., liquors, 204 Callowhill, & 

clerk Girard bank, h 847 N 5th 
Brown HenrvC.,blacksm'h, S 40th bel Chestnut 
Brown HenrvH., house furnishing, 208 &210S 

2d, h 415 S 3d 
Brown Henry W., police, College av n N 22d 
Brown Hewitt & Brown, (David P. Brown, 

Charles Hewitt Sf William Brown,) coal, 

110 Walnut 
BROWN HILL & CO., {Washington Brown, 

Marshall Hill 6f Barton Green,) wool deal- 
ers, 40 N Front 
Brown Horace G., atty. & coun. 619 Walnut, h 

Old York road near Branchtown 
Brown Hugh, blacksmith, 620 Sears 
Brown Isaac, drayman, 1229 Crease 
Brown Newton I., atty. & coun., 426 Library, h 

56 N 7th 
Brown Isaac J., sashmaker, 1210 Randolph 
Brown Jackson, tailor, Meeting house lane 
Brown Jacob, baker, 1907 Shackamaxon 
Brown Jacob, brewer, 938 Alder 
Brown Jacob, butcher, N 5th n Susquehanna av 
Brown Jacob, grinder, 520 Shippen 
Brown Jacob, groceries, 319 Girard avenue 
Brown Jacob, machinist, 2125 Cherry 
Brown Jacob, peddler, 916 St. John 
Brown Jacob, shoemaker, r 1069 Gtn av 
Brown Jacob, jr., paperhanger, 1014 Randolph 
Brown Jacob, (colored) seaman, Cross alley 
Brown Jas., butcher, N 5th n Susquehanna av 
Brown James, carman, 1117 Fries court 
Brown James, carman, 1132 Filbert, h 6 Fries ct 
Brown James, carter, 16 Gatchel's place 
Brown James, carter, 218 Thompson 
Brown James, clerk, 1246 Frankford road 
Brown James, clerk, 1121 S 3d 
Brown James, fancy goods, 1633 Ridge avenue 
Brown James, farmer, Methodist lane n Pittsville 
Brown James, gasfitter, Hancock (Gtn) 
Brown James, grocer, 707 Market, h 306 N 5th 
Brown James, laborer, 1634 Lombard 
Brown James, laborer, Gtn av n Pleasant (Gtn) 
Brown James, machinist, 1820 Rhoads 
Brown Jas., merchant, 22 S Front, h Claymont 
Brown James, milk, Dauphin near Amber 
Brown James, milkman, Ann n Melvale (R) 
Brown James, shoemaker, 8 Rockhill place rear 

1069 Germantown avenue 
Brown James, spinner, Jackson (Myk) 
Brown James, spooler, 1824 Filbert 
Brown James, stonecutter, 1724 Stiles 

the skin soft, fair and blooming. 




Brown James, stonemason, Fkd r n Trenton av Brown John, engineer, Ridge av n Alleghany 
Brown James, tobacconist, 1223 S 3d Brown John, farmer, 606 Ashbury 

Brown James, waterman, 752 S Front Brown John, farm r, Cedar Grove 

Brown James, weaver, 6 White's court 
Brown James, weaver, Miller (Mt. Airv) 
Brown James, weaver, 19 Jefferson 
Brown James, wearer, Rainbow court 
Brown James, wheelwright, 1032 Movamcn- 

sing avenue, h 1321 S .5th 
Brown James, (col'd) coachman, 807 Montcalm I Brown John, laborer, 1229 S Front 
Brown James, (col'd) coachman, 1818 Sybert 'Brown John, laborer, Gay c Cresson (Myk) 
Brown James, (col'd) laborer, Sybert n N 18th (Brown John, laborer, 2131 Harmstead 
Brown James, (colored) porter, 2 Slider's ct Brown John, laborer, 1705 Lombard 
Brown James, (colored) porter. 527 Marriott Brown John, laborer, Memphis n Pepper 
Brown Jas., (col'd) saloon, 509 S7th,h525S 7th Brown John, laborer, 2012 Naudain 

Brown John, gardener, Broad n Montgomery av 
Brown John, grocer, Xorris c Mascher 
Brown John, hotel, 1215 Market 
Brown John, hat prcsser, 513 X 25th 
Brown John, laborer, 1508 Carlton 
Brown John, laborer, 6 Deimling pi 

Brown James, (col'd) waiter, 3?" Griscom 
Brown J. Doug-lass, clerk, 1505 Green 
Brown J. Frank, dry goods, 327 Market, 

Ashland House 
Brown J. G. L., .417 Chestnut, h 683 N 11th 
Brown J. Johnson, merchant, 44 S Front, 

1716 Walnut 

Brown John, laborer, r Savannah ct n Beach 

i Brown John, late shawl manufacturer, Ilamil- 
h ton n 24th 

Brown John, liquors, 2053 Locust 
I Brown John, livery stables, 240 Queen h 257 
h Queen 

Brown John, mason, Green la (Myk) 

Brown J. Newton, Rev. and editor, 530 Arch, Brown John, musician, 745 Medina 

h Ashmead (Gtn) 

Brown J. P., carpenter, 1344 Marlborough 
Brown J. R. Thomas, clerk, 1219 Spruce 
Brown James I)., artificial flowers, 527 X 2d 
BROWX JAMES D., hotel, 621 Chestnut 

Brown John, If. D. 647 X 10th 

Brown John, If. D. 916 Coates 

Brown John, porter, Junior pi r 1243 Hope 

Brown John, rags, 330 Monroe 

Brown John, seaman, 402 Penn 

Brown James E., trunks, 721 Chestnut, h 123 Brown John, shoemaker, 903 Xew Market 

X 9th Brown John, silversmith, Pattons ct r Lombard 

Brown James IT., moulder, 956 Marshall Brown John stationery, 623~Passyunk av 

Brown James M., commission merchant, and Brown John, stone mason, Otis n Amber 

dealer in butter, cheese, lard, dried fruits Brown John, tailor, 7 Wilson 

and produce, 36 S Water, h 633 Vine Brown John, tailor, 1413 Mifflin 

Brown James ML, merchant, 6 S Front, h Ohio Brown John, waterman, 508 Beach 
Brown James R., agent 114 China Brown John, weaver, Letterly n CarreU 

Brown James T., 938 Lombard Brown John, weaver, Columbia av c Philip 

Brown Jas. T., contractor, 1022 Shackamaxon Brown John, (col'd) bootmaker, 717 Shippen 
Brown James W., dry goods, 307 Market, h Brown John, (col'd) coachman, 723 Lombard 

1227 Chestnut Brown John, (col) coachm., 223 Prosperous al 

Brown Jane, candy, Diamond c American Brown John (col'd), laborer, 61S S 12th 

Brown Jane, widow James, r 1521 Jones I Brown John, (col'd), waiter, 7 Bohemia pi, r 

Brown Jane, widow Matthew, 1121 S 3d 765 S 4th 

Brown Jane, (col'd) widow Cromwell, r 618 Brown John (col'd), waiter, 717 Lebanon 

Bedford - Brown John wfcitewasher, r Geary n Wylie 

Brown Jeffrey, (col'd) coachman, 1522 Carlton Brown John A., gent., 1130 Ches'tnut 
Brown Jeremiah, carter, X 12th c Willow Brown John A., builder, 1210 X 12th 

Brown Jeremiah, School house la (Rox) Brown John A., hatter, 937 Sartain 

Brown Jesse, poiice, 222 Oxford i Brown John A., quafrvman, Lancaster av 

Brown John, 4 Xescopeck pi. r 1121 Marks la| Logan (W P) 

Brown John, blacksmith shop, 241 & 243 Cal- ; Brown John A., shoemaker, 1223 S 3d 

lowhill, h 2102 Callowhill < Brown John C, farmer, Pine rd 

Brown John, boarding, 710 S Front I Brown John C, foreman, Geary c Poplar 

Brown John, butcher, 46 Girard av market, h Brown John C, porter, 228 Vandever 


Sartain n Girard av 
Brown John, butcher, 535 Owen 
Brown John, car painter, r Chestnut n 35th 

(W P) 
Brown John, carpenter, 219 Dravton 
Brown John, carter, r 1242 Darien 
Brown John, clerk, 959 Darien 
Brown John, clerk, 825 X 11th 
Brown John, clerk, 608 Market 
Brown John, clerk. 544 X 12th 
Brown John, coachma. 821 Columbia av 
Brown John, distiller, 1025 Hunter 
Brown John, drayman, Hancock n Xorris 
Brown John, drayman, r 516 Marriott 

Brown John D., printer, 331 Gaskill 
Brown John E., 1134 Green 
Brown John E. (col'd) barber, 1351 Atmore 
Brown John F., shoemaker, 237 S 12th 
Brown John G. L., printer, 683 X 11th 
Brown John H., artist, 207 S 13th 
Brown John H., carpenter, 2014 Filbert 
Brown John H., president, 323 Walnut, & dry 

goods 307 Market, h 1727 AValnut 
Brown John H. (col'd) laborer, r 628 Bedford 
Brown John H. & Co., {John H. Brnu-n, James 

W. Broicn, Jacob Garretson, George K. 

Swearengen <V Tkomos F. Blakemore,) dry 

goods, 307 Market 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Brown John J., tailor, N Broad c Cumberland 
Brown John K., boots & shoes, 1014 Market, h 

35 N 11th 
Brown John P., blacksmith, 1419 Marlborough 
Brown John P., whitewashing-, 1010 Barley 
Brown John Q., machinist, 2027 Summer 
Brown John T., janitor, 303 Brown 
Brown John T., umbrella maker, 510 Sylvester 
Brown John W., Jackson (Myk) 
Brown John W., carpet weaver, Market n 

Logan (W P) 
Brown John W., machinist, 104 Coates 
Brown John W., pattern maker, 1401 Parrish 
Brown John W., sub postmaster, 447 Coates 
Brown Jonathan, clerk, Church near Orchard 

Brown Joseph, brickmr., N 6th n Montgomery 
Brown Joseph, carpenter, Columbia av n Beach 
Brown Joseph, chemist, Waterloo n Oxford 
Brown Joseph, collector, 819 S 5th. 
Brown Joseph, dry goods, Church al near 3d, h 

323 Spruce 
Brown Joseph, laborer, Howard n Jefferson 
Brown Joseph, moulder, 921 Palmer 
Brown Joseph, shoemaker, School (Gtn) 
Brown Joseph, stonemason, Frankford road n 

Trenton av 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 112 S 4th 
Brown Joseph, trimmings, 609 S 2d, h 605 S 

Brown Joseph, trucker, Gtn av n Berks 
Brown Joseph, whitewasher, 719 S 7th 
Brown Joseph (col'd) whitewasher, 519 S 7th 
Brown Joseph B., toll gate keeper, N 2d e 

Brown Joseph D., 433 Arch 
Brown Joseph H., att'y & coun., 1403 Locust 
Brown Joseph M., carpenter, 1209 Palethorp 
Brown Joseph S., dry goods, 13 N 2d, h 824 

Spring Garden 
Brown Joseph W., clerk, 634 Race 
Brown Joseph W., clerk, 2007 Girard av 
Brown Joshua (col'd) clothing, 143 S 2d, h 711 

Brown Josiah H., clerk, Beach c Shippen 
Brown Julia A., widow Jacob, r 1038 Frankford 

Brown Juliet W., nurse, 1229 Hibberd 
Brown Justine (col'd) teacher, 1338 Bedford 
Brown, Kunkel & Co., (Wm. H. Brozvn, C. W. 

Kunkel £f George W. Hall,) clothing, 525 

Brown L., merchant, 413 N 6th 
Brown Lavina, washerwoman, r 858 Orchard 
Brown Lawrence, barkeeper, 243 N 4th 
Brown Lawrence, weaver, 1505 Paletharp 
Brown Leizeare l^col'd) boots & shoes, 627 

Brown Lewis, butcher, 63 N 2d st market 
Brown Lewis T., 526 Marshall 
Brown Lewis, grocer, 301 N 3d, h 918 N 6th 
Brown Lucien, manuf., Marshall c Willow, h 

Montgomery House 
Brown Marcus, melter, Callowhill n New Mar- 
Brown Marcus D. (col'd) carp., 908 Rodman 
Brown Margaret, trimmings, 402 N 23d 
Brown Margaret, wid. Bernard, 221 "Vaughn 

Brown Margaret, wid. Edward, candies, 1216 

Brown Margaret, wid. Geo., Mechanic (Myk) 
Brown Margaret, wid. John H., 1234 Shippen 
Brown Margaretta (colored), 12 Emeline 
Brown Maria, wid. Richard, 327 Dugan 
Brown Maria (colored), wid. Maurice, washer- 
woman, 736 Shippen 
Brown Martin, liquors, 1542 Race 
Brown Mary, r 1012 Medical 
Brown Mary, trimmings, 842 N 5th 
Brown Mary, washerwoman, Azalia n N 15th 
Brown Mary, wid. Wm., boarding house, 147 

Brown Mary, wid. Wm. B., 755 S 3d 
Brown Mary (colored), 209 Acorn al 
Brown Mary (colored), washerwoman, r 418 

Brown Mary W., millinery, N 7th c Coates 
Brown Matthew, watchman, 2 Moss Rose pi, r 

245 Queen 
Brown Matthew, jr., oysterman, 2 Moss Rose 

pi, r 245 Queen 
Brown Max, lab. N Market c Callowhill 
Brown Michael, blacksmith, 243 S 12th, h 1136 

Brown Michael, lab. 731 Carpenter 
Brown Michael, lab, Grape (Myk) 
Brown Michael, lab. Oak n 34th (W P) 
Brown Michael, lab. 5 Woodville pi, r 1725 St. 

Joseph's av 
Brown Michael, liquors, 731 S 11th 
Brown Michael, machinist, 752 S 5th 
Brown Michael, tailor, 1011 Jefferson 
Brown Michael, tavern, 500 Larkin 
Brown Mrs., trimmings, Gtn av n Depot, house 

Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Brown Morris, engineer, r 207 N 11th 
Brown Morris (colored), bootmaker, 913 South 
Brown Morris E., cooper, 1725 Francis 
Brown Moses, Schoolhouse la (Rox.) 
Brown Moses, jr., mer. Ill Chestnut, h School 

house la (Rox) 
Brown Nathaniel H., dry goods, 118 Chestnut, 

h Limekiln Pike (Gtn) 
Brown Neil, carter, r 726 Carpenter 
Brown Neil, lab. 904 Atherton 
Brown Nicholas, coachman, 9 N Juniper 
Brown Nicholas, lab. Adams n Harrison (Fkd) 
Brown Nicholas, (colored), coachman, 807 

Brown Patrick, cabman, 9 Dannaker's av 
Brown Patrick, drayman, r 233 Queen 
Brown Patrick, lab. Garrigan's ct r Barnwell 
Brown Paul, Diamond c American 
Brown Peter, basketmaker, 793 Gtn av 
Brown Peter, moulder, 921 Palmer 
Brown Peter, stonecutter, Fowler c Olive 
Brown Peter (colored), M. D. Rockdale pi 
Brown Phillip, barber, 1020 Miles 
Brown Philip S., dresstrimmings, 19 N 4th, h 

235 S 6th 
Brown Quintus C, grocer, S 10th & Lombard 
Brown Rachel, varieties, 914 Coates 
Brown Rachel (colored), wid. Simeon, 1031 

Brown Rachael (col'u), wid. Wm. Julian n 15th 
Brown Rebecca, wid. boarding house, 838 S 3d 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Brown Rebecca, wid. Wm. L., 1214 N 13lh 
BROWN RICHARD, collector, 435 Wharton 
Brown Richard,' hotel, Lombard c S 5th 
Broun Richard, lab. 2217 Filbert 
Brown Richard, manuf. knitted goods, 1302 

Wallace, h 1372 Ridge av 
Brown Richard, salesman, 1002 Vine 
Brown Richard (colored), lab. r 1311 Shippen 
Brown R. F., clerk, h Merchant's Hotel 
Brown Richard H., ship carpenter, 1116 Elm 
Brown Richard T., shoemaker, Torpen n Rich- 
Brown Robert, blockmaker, 20 Mead 
Brown Robert, boxmaker, 316 Bradford 
Brown Robert, carpenter, 1610 Helmuth 
Brown Robert, carpenter, 2203 Linn 
Brown Robert, dyer, 1109 X 2d 
Brown Robert, gasfitter, 2034 Poplar 
Brown Robert, grocer, 707 Market, h S3 S 15th 
Brown Robert, grocer, 129 South 
Brown Robert, lab. Adams n Trenton av 
Brown Robert, lab. r 2017 Jones 
Brown Robert, lab. 2109 Naudain 
Brown Robert, mason, Levering (Myk) 
Brown Robert, porter, 415 Market 
Brown Robert, provisions, 903 S 4th, house 20 

Mead al 
Brown Robert, shoemaker, 1230 Leopard 
Brown Robert, weaver, r 1108 Bedford 
Brown Robert (colored), 613 Barclay 
Brown Robert (colored), porter, 1 Krider's ct 
Brown Robert (colored), waiter, 242 Brogan i 
Brown Robert (colored), waiter, 716 Minster 
Brown Robert (colored), whitewasher, 816 Car- 
Brown Robert Eden, atty. & coun. 517 Prune, 1 

Brown Samuel, 11 Worrell (Fkd) 
Brown Samuel, blacksmith, 309 N 15th 
Brown Samuel, boilerrraker, Howard n Mont- 
gomery av 
Brown Samuel, carpenter, Rose ab 13th 
Brown Samuel, clerk, 503 Noble 
Brown Samuel, clerk, 321 Race 
Brown Samuel, coachman, r 1521 Jones 
Brown Samuel, engineer, 2034 Poplar 
Brown Samuel, grocer, 751 Florida 
Brown Samuel, lab. 1515 Burton 
Brown Samuel, lab. 737 S Juniper 
Brown Samuel, lab. r Oxford n N 2d 
Brown Samuel, machinist, 220 Allen 
Brown Samuel, M. D., 655 N 10th 
Brown Samuel, police, 1913 Filbert 
Brown Samuel, pumpmaker, Maiden lane near 

Gray's Ferry rd 
Brown Samuel (colored), barber, Julian n 15th 
Brown Samuel (colored), laborer, Diamond n 

Brown Samuel (colored), porter, 7 Bohemia pi 

r 765 S 4th 
Brown Samuel (colored), waiter, 529 Powell 
Brown Samuel A. C, painter, 236 Vine, h 252 

N 5th 
Brown Samuel B., S 40th bel Chestnut 
Brown Samuel D., (colored), lab. 115 Diamond 
Brown Samuel P., M. D., 633 N 11th 
Brown Sarah, 219 N 13th 
Brown Sarah, Thurl nv n 12th 

Brown Sarah, wid. John, Main (Myk) 
Brown Sarah, wid. William, 1435 Spring Gar. 
Brown Sarah A., wid. Peter, Budd n Haverford 

( W P ) 
Brown Sarah Ann, wid. Roger, Bridge ab 38th 

Brown Sarah M., wid. Joseph, 830 N 5th 
BROWN SOLOMON, M. D., 120 N 22d 
Brown Susan, wid. Philip, 2113 Chestnut 
Brown Susan, (col'd,) cook, 420 Gaskill 
Brown Susan, (col'd,) domestic, 422 Gaskill 
Brown T. Allstone, reporter, 313 Catharine 
Brown T. G. & A., (Thomas G. <y Archibald 

Brown,) boots and shoes, 1034 Market 
BROWN T. HORACE, (successor to Ryder & 

Brown,) flour, &c, 113 S Water 
Brown T.W. & M., (7'. WistarSf Moses Brown, 

jr.,) dry goods, 111 Chestnut 
Brown Tany J., hardware, 934 N 2d 
Brown Theodore, mach., Crease n- Thompson 
Brown Timothy C, boot fitter, 548 Chatham 
Brown Thomas, 961 N 7th 
Brown Thomas, boots and shoes, 502 S 2d 
Brown Thomas, brickmaker, Harmstead n 20th 
Brown Thomas, 810 S Front 
Brown Thomas, carpenter. 125 Hudson, h Wal- 
nut n Broad, Camden 
Brown Thomas, carpenter, TS24 Houston 
Brown Thomas, carp., N 16th n Montgomery av 
Brown Thomas, carter, 1621 Lombard 
Brown Thonas, clerk, 310 Cherry 
Brown Thomas, coppersmith, 10 Neville pi 
Brown Thomas, dentibt, 204 Coates 
Brown Thomas, dry goods, 1246 Frankford rd 
Brown Thomas, fruit, 1 Southampton ct 
Brown Thomas, groceries, 1219 Spruce 
Brown Thomas, helper, 1125 Elm 
Brown Thomas, laborer, Bowen pi n S 17th 
Brown Thomas, laborer, Grays ferry rd n S 29th 
Brown Thomas, lab., Melvale n Toronto (Rich) 
Brown Thomas, laborer, 2224 Race 
Brown Thomas, machinist, Diamond c American 
Brown Thomas, machinist, 10 Tamany ct 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 1504 Otis 
Brown Thos, plumb., 900 Walnut, h 1823 Spruce 
Brown Thomas, police, 313 Catharine 
Brown Thomas, police, 1650 Sansom 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, 169 Girard av, h 

961 N 7th 
Brown Thomas, stocking weaver, Frankford av 

n Cambria 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 825 S lOdi 
Brown Thomas, tailor, S 2d n Spruce, h 8 

Brown Thos., weaver, Frankford av n Cambria 
Brown Thomas, weaver, 1230 Leopard 
Brown Thomas, jr., tailor, S.2d n Spruce, h 8 

Brown Thomas, (col'd,) seaman, 419 S 7th 
Brown Thomas C, bootfitter, r405 Coates 
Brown Thomas F., cordwainer, 1506 Barclay 
Brown Thomas G., boots and shoes, 1034 Mar- 
ket, h 35 N 11th 
Brown Thos. J., conductor, 1028 Shackamaxon 
Brown Thomas R., clerk, 1230 N 8th 
Brown Thomas S., bookkeeper, 2106 Wood, h 

2100 Mt Vernon 
Brown Thomas W., cabinetmr., 510 Sylvester 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Devine de Venus for removing tan, 




Brown Thomas Wistar, mer., Ill Chestnut, h Brown William A., carrier, 336 Federal 

514 Arch Brown William A., late builder, 330 Federal 

Brown Thornton, clerk, 125 S 2d, h 1403 Locust Brown William A., painter, 729 N 19th 

Brown Valentine, tailor, r 1514 N 5th 

Brown W. & J., ( Wm. Brown $ James Brown,) 

grocers, 707 Market 
Rrown Walter, painter, 238 N 20th 
Brown Walter, shoemaker, 805 S 9th 
Brown Ward, coachmaker, 821 Columbia av 
Brown Washington, boots and shoes, 422 Com- 
merce, h 716 N Broad 
Brown Washington, wool mer., 40 N Front 

h 1609 Arch 
Brown Willard S., cabinet hardware, 222 S 2d, 

h 1345 Arch 
Brown William, 623 S Broad 
Brown William, 1635 Locust 
Brown William, N 6th n Meetler 
Brown William, 1418 S Penn Sq 
Brown William, 212 N 17th 
Brown William, blacksmith, 1103 N 2d, h 142 

Edward n N 2d 
Brown William, blacksmith, 7 Edwin 
Brown Wm., blacksmith, Dickerson n S 10th 
Brown Wm., builder, Chestnut c 22d, h 38 

S 19th 
Brown William, captain, 609 Wharton 
Brown Wm., carp., Columbia av near Beach 
Brown William, clerk, 239 Duponceau 
Brown William, clockmaker, 904 N 13th 
Brown William, clothing-, 525 Market, h 328 

Brown William, clothier, 700 Market, h 1717 

Brown William, coachtrimmer, 922 Percy 
Brown Wm., coal, 110 Walnut, h at Swatara 
Brown William, driver, 2012 Filbert 
Brown Wm., engraver, 1 Walnut S Camden 
Brown William, farmer, Bustleton road 
Brown Wm., grocer, 707 Market, h 33 S 15th 
BROWN WILLIAM, india rubber clothing-, 

219 Chuvch alley, h 921 Filbert 
Brown William, laborer, 1108 Christian 
Brown William, laborer, rear 738 S 4th 
Brown William, laborer, 226 N Front 
Brown William, laborer, Mary's ct n S 7th 
Brown William, laborer, 2032 Murray 
Brown W r illiam, laborer, 1917 South 
Brown Wm., liquors, Penn av n Columbia av 
Brown William, matchmaker, 538 Redwood 
Brown Wm., moulder, Walnut n S 36th (W P) 
BROWN WILLIAM, M. D., 647 N 10th, c 

Brown William, porter, 3 h Hemlock place 
Brown Wm., porter, 621 Market, h S Camden 
Brown Wm., printer's joiner, 1237 S 6th 
Brown Wm., rest., 163 N 2d, h 8th bel. Vine 
Brown William, ropemaker, r 825 McGrath 
Brown Wm., salesman, 218 N 3d, h 307 New 
Brown William, seaman, Murray's ct r 766 S 

Brown William, shoemaker, 1112 Elm 
Brown William, shoemaker, 1724 Francis 
Brown William, shoemaker, 1433 N 4th 
Brown William, shoes, 307 New 
Brown William, undertaker, 216 Pear 
Brown William, weaver, 14 Brolask) r place 
Brown Hobart W., draughtsman, 681 N 13th 

Brown Wm. F., coachtrim., Purchase n Poplar 
Brown William F., police, rear 331 Race 
Brown William H., broker, 301 Chestnut 
Brown Wm. H., clothing-, 525 Market, h 328 

Brown W. J., bootfitter, 548 Chatham 
Brown Wm. H., wheelwrig-ht, 1225 Woodbine 
Brown Wm. I., v pres., 6 Mer. Ex.,h 1518 Vine 
Brown Wm., J., operator, 1013 Wood 
Brown Wm. K., printer, 917 Mt Vernon 
Brown Wm. L., confectioner, 1726 Market 
Brown Wm. L., atty. & coun., 218 Walnut, h 

1907 Pine 
Brown Wm. L., printer, 417 Canton 
Brown Wm. P., laborer, Hedg-e n Oxford (Fkd) 
BROWN WILLIAM S., Camden Bank office, 

212 Church alley, h Ridgway house 
Brown Wm. S., jeweler, 257 S 15th 
Brown William, (col'd) laborer, 1216 Carlisle 
Brown Wm., (col'd) laborer, r 517 Lombard 
Brown Wm., (col'd) laborer, r 503 S 6th 
Brown Wm. H., (col'd) barber, 613 Barclay 
Brown Wm. W., (col'd) waiter, 1632 Grace 
Brown Willis, (col'd) waiter, 725 Cullen 
Brown Zebedee, (col'd) seaman, 1111 Ohio 
Brownback Lewis, grocer, Lancaster av n40th 
Browne Alexander, 1621 N 8th 
Browne Benj. F., clerk, 1237 N 19th 
Browne Charles, 228 & 230 S Broad 
Browne Deborah, 921 Chestnut 
Browne Edward, laborer, 1227 Mt Vernon 
Browme Elijah, car ag-ent, 642 N 23d 
Browne Emily, teacher, Girard College 
Browne George D., blacksmith, 1012 S 4th 
Browne Hannah, wid Peter, 508 Marshall 
Browne Horace G., attor. & couns. 619 Walnut 
Browne James, porter, 2 Cowperthwait place, 

r319 New Market 
Browne John, furniture car, 1909 Sp Garden 
Browne John C, 334 S 9th 
Browne Joseph C, clerk, 416 S Broad 
BROWNE NATHANIEL B., postmaster Phila. 

P. O., h Spruce n 40th (W P) 
Browne Paul T., hatter, 423 Wharton 
Browne Peter A., late atty. & coun., 1113 

Browne Philip W., painter, 114 N 9th 
Browne Rebecca N., 416 S Broad 
Browne Samuel, late lumber, 1117 Callowhill 
Browne Thomas, clerk, 1736 Wylie 
Browne Wm., lab. Passyunk av n 21st 
Browne Wm. R., late farmer, 921 Chestnut 
Brownell George, coppersmith, 311 N22d 
Brownell Oliver, lumb. & coal, Bridge (Brides- 
Brownfield Samuel M., grocer, 403 Market, h 

242 N 5th 
Brownfield Thomas, salesman, 619 Market, h 

Alleghany House 
Brownholt Charles, boots & shoes, 528 S 2d 
Brownholts Joseph, coal, Gtn av & Jefferson, 

(Gtn) & Chestnut Hill, h Mill (Gtn) 
Brownholts Wm., shoemaker, Gtn av (C Hill) 
Brownholtze Christiana, widow Francis, Park, 
(Chestnut Hill) 

sunburn, freckles, pimples and blotches from the skin. 




Brownholtz Jolin R., agent, h Tioga c N 18th 
Browning Anna, wid Holmes, cigars, 213 S 3d 
Browning Bernard) machinist, 1415 German 

town av 
ward, Maurice, Genge) drugs, 30 N Front 
Browning Charles, drugs, 30 N Front, h 1239 

Spring Garden 
Browning Edward, druggist, 30 N Front, h 211 

S Broad 
Browning Elizabeth, wid John, 1415 German- 
town av 
Browning Genge, mer., 30 N Front, h (Camden) 
Browning John, conductor, 1121 Palmer 
Browning John, woolen carder, 2220 Linn 
Browning Maur., mer., 30 N Front, h (Camden) 
Browning Patrick, 1427 American 
Browning Robert, founder, Cherry n Marga- 

retta (Fkd) 
Browning Wm., brickmaker, 1415 Gtn av 
Browning Wm., carder, 1837 Lombard 
Brownie v Robert, clerk, 1011 Market 
BROWNS & BO WEN, (William E. Bowen,) 

bankers, 211 Chestnut 
Brubaker Henry, clerk, 136 Otter 
Brubaker John, hotel, N 11th n Lancaster av 
Brubaker John, drover, 1023 Wharton 
Bruce Caroline, wid. Thomas, Walnut ab 36th 
Bruce Cecelia, (col'd,) 609 Ronaldson 
Bruce Daniel, (col'd,) waiter, 252 Quince 
Bruce George F., carpenter, 1246 S Front 
Bruce Joel R., carpenter, 735 Green 
Bruce John, porter, 127 Walnut 
Bruce John R., roofing, N 9th c Girard av, and 

327 Walnut, h 803 Parrish 
Bruce Joseph, bricklayer, 213 Jarvis 
Bruce Levis, engineer, Lancaster av n N 37th 
Bruce Luke, (col'd,) waiter, 609 Barclay 
Bruce M.ithew, tanner, 107 Chenango 
Bruce Matthew W., carpenter, 406 Wharton 
Bruce Robert, hotel, 338 Crown 
Bruce Wm., baker, 127 Wharton 
Bruckner August., clerk, 55 N 3d, h 156 Dana 
Brucker Jacob, painter, Dauphin n Emerald 
Brucker L., tailor, 1131 Vine 
Bruder Albert, clerk, 42 N 6th 
Bruder Carl, laborer, Laboratory Hill (F Sch) 
Bruder George, bootmaker, 25 & h 42 N 6th 
Brudi William, beer, 150 N Water 
Brudor Jacob, tailor, N 3d n Montgomery av 
Brue John, saddler, 1912 Cambridge 
Brue Wm., twister, Cresson (Myk) 
Brueck John, lager beer saloon, 311 Monroe 
Bruen Edward B., Rev., 1531 Chestnut 
Bruen James, 1531 Chestnut 
Bruer Henry, tailor, 314 Thompson 
Bruestle Sophia, wid. John, nurse, r 1127 N 3d 
Bruff Eliza, widow Robert, grocer, 1102 Marl- 
Bruff James, brushmaker, 225 Schell 
Bruffer John, butcher, S 16th n Carpenter 
BrugammJohn C, sailmaker, 769 S 3d 
Brugamm Jacob C, blacksmith, 1675 S Front 
Bruggeman John, tailor, r 932 St John 
Bruggir John, shoemaker, 824 Auburn 
Bruhe Alexander, beamer, Summer (Rox) 
Brui Henry, driver, r Manor n Chatham 
Bruker Jacob, painter, Dauphin n N Front 

Bruker W T m., cordwr. Eagen pi n Hamilton 
Brulte Pierre, printer, 726 Guilford 
Brum Christian, laborer, r 851 N 3d 
Brummage Fanny, (col'd,) washer, 10 Liberty 

Brumage William, (colored,) rag picker, r 527 

Brumaker Andrew, hotel, 1456 C alio wh ill 
Brumaker Wm., hotel, 831 N 13th 
Brumall Daniel, hatter, Gtn av n Walnut lane 

(Rising Sun) 
Rrumbacher George, balder, 229 Lombard 
Brumback John, boot fitter, 847 N 15th 
Brumback John, tinsmith, 1207 Leithgow 
Brumbaugh Sarah, widow Jacob, boarding, 1 

Brumer John S., cooper, r 832 St John 
Brumley Robert W. C, distiller, 104 Almond 
Brumley Samuel, spinner, York n Amber 
Brumley Thomas, dry goods, Main n Cotten 

Brummer A. &. Bro., (Aaron $ Bernard,) cloth- 
ing, 126 N 3d 
Brummer Aaron, clothing, 126 N 3d, h 409 N 

Brummer Bernard, clothing, 126 N 3d, h 125 

Brummett Win., painter, 302 N 8th 
Brunner Henry, ladies shoes, 503 Spruce 
Brundage Susan, widow, tobacco, 103 Chris- 
Brune Frederick A., cabinetmaker, 8 Levant 
Brunell Mary, wid. Andrew, trimmings, 1344 

Columbia av 
Brunei- Charles E., dealer, 479 St John 
Brunei" Charles N., shoemaker, r 946 N 6th 
Brunei- Daniel, book binder, 52 S 4th, h 128 

Brunei- Henry, engineer, 6 Pagoda 
Brunei- Henry, skin dresser, 943 N 4th 
BRUNER Hi NAGLEE, manufacr., Hamilton 

c N 23d, h Haverford n N 33d (W P) 
Brunei- Henry B., hotel, Gtn av n R R Depot, 

Brunei- James P., manufacturer, Hamilton c N 

23d, h Haverford ab 32d (W P) 
Bruner John A., clerk, 819 New Market 
Brunei- Maria, widow John, trimmings, 1214 

Bruner Philip, shoemaker, 128 Brown 
Bruner Wm., 943 N 4th 
Brunner William H., clerk, 479 St John 
Brunet John, M. D. 411 S 2d 
Brunet John, jr, patent medicine, 411 S 2d 
Brunctt Andrew, 1508 Sansom 
Bruningar G<, cordwainer, r 1408 Mervine 
Brunker Robert, coachman, 27 Gossamer 
Brunner Abraham, watchman, 1016 Ogden 
Brunner Adam, tailor, 756 S 11th 
Brunner Alexander, optician, 517 Master 
Brunner B R., engineer, 1115 Girard av 
Brunner Georg-e, cabinetmaker, 758 S 11th 
Brunner Isaac, druggist, 208 Wood 
Brunner John ¥., carpenter, 1317 Heath 
Brunner John K., 1535 N 11th 
Brunner John M., pattern, 1016 Ogden 
Brunner Joseph S., plasterer, 1418 Coates 

Brunner Justus, plastr, Bowers n Perkiomen 
The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Brunner William, laborer, Amber n Cumberland j Bryan John, salesman, h Merchant's hotel 

Brunntt Daniel, tailor, r 835 N 3d 

Bruno Henri, machinist, Thompson n N 31st 

Brunnon Felix, M. D., 437 Vine, h 1236 N 

Brunswick Edward, shoemaker, r 832 St John 
Brunswick R., watchmaker, 605 N 2d 
Brunt George, baker, 128 Lombard 
Brunt Georg-e, fringe maker, 14 Mureus pi 
Brunt John, bookkeeper, 1220 Budd 
Brunt John, laborer, 813 S 13th 
Brunt Thomas, painter, 11 Aug-usta pi 
Brunton James, clerk, 2 Kirby pi 
Brunton William, weaver, 1441 N Front 
Brunz Martin, machinist, Gtn av n Oxford 
Brurein Charles, liquors, 135 Race 
Brurein Francis, soap boiler, 3d n Brown h 

1546 N 6th 
Brusser Charles, cooper, r 1222 N 5th 
Brush Jesse, furnishing' goods, 137 N 9th 
Brush Jesse A., commission merchant, 114 S 

Del. av h 137 N 9th 
Brusher John B., founder, Willow Meadow 

Brushman Johanna, widow Cornelius, tailoress, 

Delaney pi n S 7th 
Brussillaun Charles, lithographer, 7 Penna av 
Brussillaun Harman, bookbinder, 7 Penna av 
Brussillaun John, perfumer, 7 Penna av 
Brussier Maria, (col'd) widow John, 818 South 
Brusstar Gerge H., confectionery, 931 Spring- 
Brusstar Rebec, dry g-oods, 933 Spring- Garden 
Brusstar Rebecca, widow Thomas, Stoys ct n 

Brustle Andrew, vineg-ar, 471 3d 
Brutche Max, machinist, 2026 Filbert 
Bruton Charles, clerk, 1133 Division 
Bruton Georg-e, weaver, Township line rd 

Carpenter (Gtn) 
Brutsche Joseph, water coolers, 250 S 10th 
Brutting- John, laborer, 116 Lombard 
Bryan Abraham, (col'd) barber, 305 Harmony h 

619 Pine 
Bryan Alex., (col'd) seaman, 1639 Helmuth 
Bryan Andrew J., machinist, r 1309 Moya- 

mensing- av 
Bryan Ann, widow Jesse, 929 Torr 
Bryan Anna, widow George, 1822 Delancey pi 
Bryan Catharine, widow John, 908 Lafayette 
Bryan Christian, shoemaker, 320 German 
Bryan Edward, painter, 865 N 9th 
Bryan Elizabeth, widow h 6 Domans ct r 233 

Bryan Georg-e, tailor, 1114 Citron 
Bryan Isaiah, restaurant, 408 Library 
Bryan Jacob E., com. mer., 250 N Broad, h 1130 

Mount Vernon 
Bryan James, clerk, 918 S 3d 
Bryan James, laborer, Selfridge n Fitzwater 
Bryan James, M. D. 1306 Walnut 
Bryan James L., clerk, 264 S 10th 
Bryan James S., clerk, 203 Market h 918 S 3d 
Bryan James W., watchmaker, 622 Market h 

811 Race 
Bryan Jesse, (col'd) porter, 722 Lisle 
Bryan Jesse S., machinist, Memphis n Gordon 
Bryan John, cabinet maker, 332 Dean 

Bryan John, fat, 1141 N 6th 

Biwan John, machinist, 1213 Buttonwood 

Bryan John H., moulder, 908 Lafayette 

Bryan John J., grocer, 222 N 11th 

Bryan Josiah, & Co., (Josiah Bryan % Kinsay 

Geiger,) com. mer, 250 N Broad 
Bryan Josiah, com. mer., 250 N. Broad, h 1130 

Mt. Vernon 
Bryan Joseph R., M. D., 1124 Green 
Bryan J. Hervey, att. & coun., 142 S 6th, h 

1124 Green 
Bryan Mary, wid, John, 1810 Penna. av 
Bryan Samuel, dyer, Jefferson n N 2d 
Bryan Samuel, tailor, 210 Millman 
Bryan Saml. M., cutter, 137 Pine, h 210 Millman 
Bryan Thomas P., cordw., 729 Torr 
Rryan Timothy M., 431 Market, h 226 Madison 
Bryan Samuel, boarding, 1 Worrell (Fkd) 
Bryan Samuel W., blacksmith, 1 Worrell (Fkd) 
Bryan AVm., blacksmith, 2 Brainier al n Vine 
Bryan William, carter, Selfridge n Fitzwater 
Bryan William, painter, 1308 Kates 
Bryan William, police, 762 N 22d 
Bryan William S., hosiery, 107 N 9th, h 1130 

Mt. Vernon 
Bryans Eliza, wid. James, 1411 Rye 
Bryans Rosborough, liquors, 235 Christian 
Bryant & Stratton, {Henry B. Bryant Sf Henry 
D. Stratton,) mercantile col., 630 Chestnut 
Bryant Charles, seaman, 124 Christian 
Bryant Georg-e, shoemr., Waterloo n Clearfield i 
Bryant George M., gasfitter, Parrish n N 15th 
Bryant Geo. W., shoemr, Lombard (Holmesburg) 
Bryant Henry B., prof., 630Chestnut, hat Buffalo 
Bryant Hermon, clerk, 1113 Spring Garden 
Bryant Isaac C, broker, 529 N 13th 
Bryant Isaac C, jr., carpenter, 529 N 13th 
Bryant Jacob, (col'd,) grocer, 418 Lynd 
Bryant John, porterhouse, 1735 Wood 
Bryant John H., storekeeper navy yard, h 236 

Bryant Jos., gilder, 207 Race, h 926 N Front 
Bryant J. D., M. D., 45 N 17th 
Bryant Sarah, 1316 Fitzwater 
Bryant Thomas, clerk, r 339 Griscom 
Bryant William, carpetweaver, 420 S 4th 
Bryant William, druggist, Parrish n N 15th 
Bryant William, weaver, 1314 Cherry 
Bryant Wm. H., cabinetmr., 1108 Hunter's row 
Bryce James G., coal, 133 Walnut, h 333 Arch 
Bryce John, foreman, 1342 Ellsworth 
Bryden John, carpenter, 1458 Cherry 
Bryer George, cabinetmr,, 912 Charlotte 
Bryer Valentine, r 1307 Lawrence 
Bryerley Abraham, wheelwright (Olney) 
Brynan Ann, 312 Crown 
Brynan Edward, clerk, 427 S 2d 
Brynan Mary M., umbrellas, 427 S 2d 
Bryner Frank, lampmr., 1501 N 5th 
Bryning Frederick, stovefinr., Apple n Norris 
Bryser Joseph H., printer, h Union Hotel 
Bryson Anna, milliner, 36 S 16th 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 927 Gilbert 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, 1610 Sansom 
Bryson James carman, Rubincum pi n Noble 
Bryson James, coachman, 324 Dean 
Bryson James, foreman, 718 Lindsay 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Brvson James, laborer, 2519 Pine 
Bryson .his. H., printer, 2 N 6th, h 122 N 17th 
IV j 3 in John, coachman, Sharp's av 
Brvson John, stonecutter, 1610 Sansom 
Bryson John B., printer, 1627 N 12th 
Brvson Michael, laborer, 1021 Milton 
Brvson Rebecca, wid. John, 829 Cherry 
Bryson Thomas, shoemaker, 1231 S 2d 
Brvson William, coachman, r 1114 Ohio 
Bryson William, shoemaker, 727 Enue 
Bryson William, weaver, 1836 Naudain 
Bub Wm., baker, N 13th c Ogden 

Buchanan Mary C, wid. Henrv, whitewasher, r 
236 Catharine 

Buchanan Moses, weaver, 1234 Leopard 
Buchanan Patrick, shoemaker, 2106 Fairfield 
Buchanan Rebecca, wid. Thos., 1912 Cuthbert 
Buchanan Richard, bonnetprcsser, 118 Laurel 
Buchanan Richard, grocer, 314 S 2d 
Buchanan Robert, boots & shoes, 501 S 10th, h 

940 Rodman 
Buchanan Robert, machinist, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan Robert, omnibusses, N 40th n Market 

(W P) 
Buchanan Robt, spectacle maker, 505 S Juniper 

Bubeek Wm., shoemaker, r 1221 Cadwalader 

Bucar Joseph, cooper, N 3d n Montgomery av Buchanan Robert, tailor, 1202 South 

Buch Balthasar X., costumer, 135 Laurel Buchanan Robert, waterman, Dutton n Reed 

Buch Frederick, teacher, 839 M Buchanan Robert G., paper, 6 Decatur, h 710 

Buchanan Abraham C, clerk, 508 Market S 16th 

Buchanan Amanda, provisions, Fkd av n Read- Buchanan Samuel, 1732 Burton 

Buchanan Sarah (colored), boarding house, 621 

Buchanan Catharine R., r236 Catharine 
Buchanan David A., weaver, 1325 Savery 

Buchanan Sophia, wid, John, 2212 Naudain 

Buchanan David C, clerk, 1 Kinley's ct rear Buchanan Thomas, collector, 676 Larch 

Lombard n 18th 
Buchanan Fdward, bleeding - , 734 S 5th 
Buchanan Edward, machinist, 618 Carpenter 
Buchanan Edwin, cutter, Miller (Gtn) 
Buchanan E. Y., Rev., Oxford 
Buchanan Francis, grocer, 248 Jefferson 
Buchanan George, hatter, American n Oxford 
Buchanan George, lab. Freytagal n Shippen 
Buchanan George, police, r210 Quince 
Buchanan George, sexton, 1452 Cherr; 
Buchanan Geor: 

Reading av 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterer, 241 Catharine 
Buchanan Henry W., printer; r 236 Catharine 
Buchanan Isaac, blacksmith, 421 Worth 
Buchanan Isabella, wid. r305 Catharine 
Buchanan J., trader, N 5th n Dauphin 
Buchanan Jacob, brickmaker, 2212 Naudain 
Buchanan James, bartender, 1016 Market 
Buchanan James, brickmaker, 1832 Lombard 
Buchanan James, brickmaker, 203 Dean 
Buchanan James, dyer, 1328 Rodman 
Buchanan James, engineer, 1S32 Lombard 

Buchanan Thomas, engraver, 1729 Wood 

Buchanan Walter, lab. 524 S 17th 

Buchanan Wm., cabinet maker, 240 & 242 

N Juniper 
Buchanan Wm., carpenter, r 741 S 5th 
Buchanan Wm., drugs, 621 Spring Garden, h 

527 N 7th 
Buchanan Wm., dyer, 722 Loyd 
Buchanan Wm., farmer, 1832 Naudain 
Buchanan Wm., lab. 1729 Wood 
A.., blacksmith, Fkd av n Buchanan Wm. G., weaver, 1325 Savery 

; Buchannan Elizabeth, wid. Robt. Grape (Myk) 
Buchannan Isaac, brickmaker, 1732 Addison 
Buchannan Jane, weaver, Grape (Myk) 
Buchannan Thomas, grocer, Levering n Cres- 

son, h Levering (Myk) 
Buchannan Wm., weaver, Huntingdon (R) 
Buchannan Wm. F., drugs, 1743 Lombard, h 

S 18th c Lombard 
Bucher Frederica, wid. Frederick, liquors, 251 

Bucher Gabriel, lab. r 706 N Front 
Bucher Isaac, salesman, 213 Lybrand 

Buchanan James, grocer, Haverford n N 36th Bucher John, blacksmith, ct n Laurel, bet Del 

(W P) 

Buchanan James, lab. 2305 Meredith 
Buchanan James, lab. 1619 Carver 
Buchanan James, lab. 203 Dean 
Buchanan James, lab. 1304 Kates 
Buchanan James, lab. 811 Leonard 
Buchanan James, machinist, 227 N 16th 
Buchanan James, police, Myk Pike (Myk) 
Buchanan James, jr., atty. &. coun. 135 S 5th 
Buchanan James, jr., machinist, 1832 Lombard 
Buchanan James, jr., printer, 2305 Meredith 
Buchanan James B., carpenter, 1507 Moravian, 

h 618 Carpenter 
Buchanan John, lab. 806 Auburn 
Buchanan John, lab. James (Falls Sch) 
Buchanan John, lab. Myk Pike (Myk) 
BUCHANAN JOHN, M. D., 1833 Callowhill 
Buchanan John, scourer, Miller (Gtn) 
Buchanan John, shoemaker, 524 S 17th 
Buchanan John W., wheelwright, 317 N 18th 
Buchanan Margaret, dressmaker, 307 N 22d 
Buchanan Margery, wid. Wm., 8 Gadsby pi 

av & Beach 
Bucher John, blacksmith, 1232 Hope 
Bucher Louis, tanner, 1417 Brinton 
Buchhaltc-r Frederick, blacksmith, Mascher n 

Buchholz Gustav, shoemaker, 208 N 8th 
Buchman Frederic, tailor, r 802 S 6th 
Buchman Gossfried, shoemaker, 455 Franklin 
Buchner Jacob, carpet weaver, 922 Coates 
Bucholf Louis, stainer, 1417 Brinton 
Buck Adam, watchman, 506 St John 
Buck Alonzo, roller, 1423 Vienna 
Buck Charles (colored), lab. 3 McKee's av 
Buck Charles E., real estate, 3l4i Walnut, h 

(C Hill) -" ' 

Buck Chauucey, 1211 Market 
Buck D., & Brother, {Daniel $ James Buck), 

lumber, N 5th n Master 
Buck Daniel, lumber, N 5th n Master, and fur- 
niture N 2d n Callowhill, h 948 Hutchinson 
Buck Elizabeth, wid. Peter, S Front n Morris 
Buck Erastus, tinsmith, 216 N Juniper 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Lustrale, the 




Buck Francis N., 314i Walnut, h Summit (C 

Buck Frederick, engineer, 1422 N Front 
Buck Frederick J., M. D., 1139 Pine 
Buck Frederick P., machinist, 1014 Marlb'gh 
Buck George, baker, 1231 Palethorp 
Buck Georg-e, boilermaker, Peel rear 113 Van 

Buck Georg-e (colored), ship cook, 706 Rus- 
Buck Georg-e M., painter, r 1238 Ash 
Buck Hotel, 216 N 2d 
Buck Hugh, late blacksmith, 526 Shippen 
Buck Hugh 523 S 12th 
Buck H. B., M. D., (Bustleton) 
Buck Jacob, porter, 13 Wheat 
Buck Jacob, stoves, 1328 Germantown av, h 

1439 N 5th 
Buck James Mrs., 320 S 11th 
Buck Jamej, lumber, N 5th n Master, h 721 

Buck James, tavern, 270 Crown 
Buck Jasper, tinsmith, 216 N Juniper 
Buck Jerome, clerk, 1623 Wallace 
Buck John, conductor, 1235 Palethorp 
Buck John, (col'd) laborer, r 1612 Ridge av 
Buck John A., waterman, 42 Moore 
Buck John B., policeman, 1527 Brinton 
Buck John V., tinsmith, 1211 Market 
Buck Joseph, bookseller, 134 Carpenter 
Buck Joseph F., clerk, 40 N 3d, h 103 N 4th 
Buck Lott, clothier, 323 S 2d, h 321 Wharton 
Buck Margaret, 934 N 4th 
Buck Margaret, confectioneer, 962 N Front 
Buck Mary A., wid Joseph, 1423 Vienna 
BUCK MISSES THE, seminary, 1417 Spruce 
Buck Mountain Coal Company, 320 Walnut 
Buck Nicholas, baker, 735 Passyunk av 
Buck Phillip P , bartender, 1413 Rye 
Buck Robert, carman, 523 S 12th 
Buck Rose, wid Robert, 523 S 12th 
Buck Samuel, morocco manuf., N 2d n Willow 

h 1623 Wallace 
Buck Samuel F., painter, 13 Knight's ct r 828 

Buck Sarah, wid Jacob, washing, rear 1421 

Buck Jwain, 1725 Hamilton 
Buck Theodore, shoemaker, 608 Peach 
Buck Thomas, bottler, r 1247 Palethorp 
Buck Walter S., tinsmith, 1317 Market, h 229 

Buck William, 942 N 4th 
Buck William, butcher, 1231 Palethorp 
Buck William, jr., butcher, n Phillip Columbia 

Buck William B., dry goods, 257 Market, house 

1531 Green 
Buck William H„ carpenter, 1127 Melon, h 

1011 Vernon 
Buck William H., laborer, Osbeckpl r 660 Jay 
Buck William J., clerk, 146 N 10th 
Buckaloo E. B., milliner, 1039 Race 
Buckaloo James, seaman, 1039 Race 
Buckaloo Richard, waterman, 21 Brown 
Buckly George, weaver, Green (Gtn) 
Buddy James, bricklayer, 1236 N 10th 
Bucker Samuel, laborer, 246 Raspberry 

Buckeson Jackson, laborer, Maiden la n Gray's 

Buckey Mary, wid William, Cresson n Jeffer- 
son (Myk) 
Buckhalder Frederick, blacksmith, Mascher n 

Buckhister, Henry, lab.. Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Buckholly Herman, machinist, 125 Callowhill 
Bucking Frederick, machinist, Main (Myk) 
Bucking William, machinist, Main (Myk) 
Buckingham Henry, tailor, 116 S 4th 
Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 116 S 4th 
Buckingham James, carpenter, 1011 Filbert, h 

510 N 11th 
Buckingham John, conductor, 1103 Galloway 
BUCKINGHAM THOMAS L., dentist, 243 

Buckius Andrew, clerk, Frankford c Foulkrod 

Buckius Andrew J., carptr., Maiden Ian Reed 
Buckius Elizabeth, teacher, Frankford c Foulk- 
rod (Fkd) 
Buckius Francis, butcher, Fkd av (Aramingo) 
Buchius John, carpenter, Frankford c Foulkrod 

Buckius Josephine L., dry goods, 163 Frank- 
ford (Fkd) 
Buckius Peter, butcher, Frankford c Church 

(Fkd,) h Buckius la (Aramingo) 
Buckius Peter H., butcher, Fkd av (Aramingo) 
Buckius Rudolph, butcher, Fkd av (Aramingo) 
Buckius William, butcher, Fkd av (Aramingo) 
Buckle Henry R., liquors, 235 Thompson 
Buckle Margaret R., washer, 608 S 13th 
Buckler Joseph, candy, York av n Gtn av 
Buckley Alfred, carder, Dean av n Thompson 
Buckley Andrew, weaver, 1235 Fulton 
Buckley Ann, wid John, weaver, 2038 Hampton 
Buckley Arnold, hatter, 538 Linden 
Buekley Charles C, moulder, 10 Graydon 
Buckley Clement, 1305 Spruce 
Buckley Cornelius, carpenter, 1130 S 7th 
Buckley Daniel, dyer, r 1515 Cadwalader 
Buckley Daniel, lab., Cadwalader n Jefferson 
[?uckley Edward, collector, 1127 Day 
Buckley Edward H., shoes, 1120 S 2d 
Buckley Edward S., 230 Walnut, iron works 

Gray's Ferry road, and h 308 S 10th 
Buckley Flavius, laborer, ft Frankford (P'kd) 
Buckley Francis, upholsterer, Church n Paul 

Buckley George, machinist, Holman n York 
Buckley Hannah, wid Edwaul, tailoress, 1236 

Buckley Henry, carpenter, 1916 Howell 
Buckley Henrj', machinist, Church near Paul 

Buckley Henry, (col'd) laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Buckle)' James, clerk, Columbia c Philip 
Buckley James, coachman, h (Olney) 
Buckley James, dealer, 337 Otis 
Buckley James, engineer, Oak c N 37th (W P) 
Buckley James, hatter, Girard av n Columbia 
Buckley James, jr., hatter, 168 Frankford 

Buckley James, laborer, Columbia av c Philip 
Buckley James, stocking yarn, Miller (Gtn) 
Buckley Jeremiah, tailor, 1 Sweeny ct 

most delightful and efficient article for the hair ever invented. 




Buckley John, agent, 703 S 17th Buckwalter Reuben F., merchant, 507 Minor, 

Bucklc-v John, bartender, Somerset n Belgrade h 945 Randolph 

(Richmond) Buckl & Comly, (Henry Budd A Seth I. Comly,) 

Buckley John, eating stand, 7th c Market, h 8 

Hides ct 
Buckle}- John, spinner, Centre (Myk) 
Buckley Joseph, machinist, Township line 
Buckk-y Margaret, (col'd) hucksler. Smith's ct 
Bucklev Martin M., periodicals, Market n 39th 

(W P) 
Buckley Michael, laborer, 962 Beach 
Buckley Michael, laborer, Levering (Myk) 
Bucklev Michael, watchman, Salmon near 

bucklev Morton M., grocery, Market c 39th 

<Vi P), h Market n 39th (W P) 
Buckley Owen, laborer, 6 Levant 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, Cedar n Pepper 
Buckley Patrick, laborer, 1927 Ann 
Buckle} Patrick, laborer, r 747 Passyunk av 
Buckley Patrick, saddler, 1014 Jefferson 

flour, 238 N Delaware av 
Budd Francis, clerk, 9 Bank 
Budd George B., fuller, r 1239 Montgomery av 
Budd H. & S., (Henry <3r Samuel Budd,) 

locksmiths, 33 Strawberry 
Budd Henry, flour, 238 N Delaware av, 8c pres. 

Laurel" n Front, h 503 N 7th 
Budd Henry, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd Henry G., clerk, 445 Marshall 
Budd Isaac 13., secv. & treas., Laurel n S Front, 

h 263 N 9th 
Budd James M., clerk, 26 S Del. av, h 212 W 

Washington square 
Budd John, bricklayer, 1127 Leon 
Budd John, laborer, 11 Farriers court 
Budd John, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Bucklev Peter, laborer, 3 Northampton court Budd John, porter, 35 S 4th 
Buckley Sarah, wid. Philip, Lancaster n N40th Budd John B., com. mer., 129 "Walnut, h 1317 

(YV P) Spruce 

Buckley Thomas, farmer, 32 Haydock Budd Joseph, fish, 208 N Delaware av, h 863 

Buckley Thos., spinner, Columbia c Philip Marshall 

Buckley Timothy, hats &. caps, 8 S 16th Budd Fletcher J., collector of taxes, Columbia 

Buckley William, clerk, Cuthbert n N Broad av near America 

Buckley William, eating stand, 7th c Market, Budd Mary, milliner, 246 S 2d, h 126 Pine 

h 8 Hides' court 
Buckley William, hatter, 336 Linden 
Buckley William, laborer, 1014 Jefferson 
Buckley "William, plumber, 1707 S 5th 
Buckle}" William, woolen goods, 328 N 11th 
Buckman Amos, farmer, Blue Grass road 
Buckman Benjamin, carpenter, 338 Griscom 

Budd Rachael, wid. Thos., dry goods, N 13th c 

, Brown 
Budd Samueljlocksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd Sarah, 1531 Green 

Budd Sarah, widow John, Townsend n Tulip 
Budd Sarah, widow Wm., 445 Marshall 
Buckman Christ., shoenir. Main (Holmesburg) Budd Susan, widow John, 1523 Jones 
Buckman Edward, clerk, 859 N 13th {Budd Th mas A., lawyer, 212 AV Washington 

Buckman Edwin D., M. D., Byberry road square 

Buckman George W., tinsm., r 305 Catharine Budd Walter J., lawyer, 114 S 6th,h 1234 N 10th 
Buckman Girard, bookseller, 40 N 6th, house Rudd William, bricklayer, 1717 Pine 

Richard's hotel Buddenbaum Win., tailor, S Front n Tasker 

Buckman James, farmer, Byberry road | Buddy Daniel, shoemaker, Good (Gtn) 

Buckman Robert, real estate agent 222 S 3d, h Buddy Isaiah carpenter, 1911 Brown 

Buddy Jacob, saddler, 2105 Oxford 

Buddy Jacob R, shipper, N Broad c Cherry, h 

1025 Buttonwood 
Buddy John, baker, 124 S 16th 
Buddy Lewis, confectioner, 1409 Chestnut 
Buddy Lewis, jr., acct., 413 Market, h 1409 

Buddy Morris, agent, 821 "Walnut 

1427 Marshall 
Buckman Sarah, widow Benj., 338 Griscom 
Buckman Stephen, porter, 332 St John 
Buckman William, conveyancer, (Fox Chase) 
Buckman Win. C, clerk, 859 N 13th 
Buckmaster Thomas, wood &. willow ware, 132 

Market, h Fountain house 
Bucknell Joseph, missionary, 1445 X 8th 
Bucknell Washington, flour, 1128 Girard av, h Buddy Samuel, teamster, 2105 Oxford 

1445 N 8th Buddy William, laborer, Good (Gtn) 

Bucknell Wm., 424 & h 1631 "Walnut Buddy William, teamster, 2105 Oxford • 

Buckner Charles, cabinetmaker, 41 Cuba Budrio Nelson, carpenter, 1221 South 

Bucknor Archimedes J., tobacco, 37 N Water Budw in Joseph, tobacconist, S 2d n Queen, h 

& 38 N Del. av., h 280 S 3d 514 Federal 

Bucknor Archimedes J. jr., 37 N Water, h 280 Bueb Gottlieb, butcher, 637 Thompson 

S 3d Buebek Jacob, baker, 121 Coates 

BUCKNOR, M'CAMMON & CO., (Archimedes Buebek Johannes, baker, 121 Coates 

J. Bucknor <$r David C. McCammon,) to- Buechert Johan T. Smith, 4 Abel pi 

bacco, 38 N Del av & 37 N Water Buechner Edward, tailor, 637 Jefferson 

Bucknum Cornelius, painter, 1227 Myrtle Buehl George, cabinetmaker, 605 St John 

Buckwalter David, merchant, 634 N 7th Buehler Anna R., widow John, 1207 Race 

Buckwalter Hiram, tinsmith, 220 N Juniper BUEHLER & HOWARD, (Martin Buehler <$• 

Buckwalter Isaac, machinist, 335 N 13th 
Buckwalter Louis, machinist, 335 N 13th 

Robert H. Howard,) hardware, 441 Market 
I Buehler Charles, glassblower, Gordon n Cedar 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Buehler George, locksmith, 213 N 10th 
Btiehler Jacob, barber, 1124 South 
Buehler John W\, cutter, 928 St John 
Buehler Peter, spice dealer, 247 N 16th 
Buehler Louis, hostler, 1511 Germantown av 
Buehler Martin, hardware, 441 Market, h 517 

Buehler Mary, wid. John, 1018 Hamilton 
Buehler William, butcher, 1553 Germantown 

av, h 1519 Mercer 
Buel Ann, wid. Nicholas, 1427 Wood 
Buel Joseph J. C., gasfitter, 1427 Wood 
Buenkle John, cooper, 1408 Mascher 
Buerdsell James, dyer (Aramingo) 
Buerger Clemens, laborer, Bodine n Columbia 
Buerkley Peter, coal, r 509 St John 
Buerle Jacob, carman, 310 Beaver 
Buerry Martin, porter, 646 Lombard 
Buettner Philip, tailor, 1234 Warnock 
Bueye Juda, wid. Daniel, 1 Sollady ct 
Buff' John, laborer, Welsh rd (Holmesburgh) 
Buffing-ton Eliza, matron, Buttonwood n Broad 
Buffi ngton Fanny, wid. Wilson, boarding h, 

li07 Market 
Bufnngton Jonathan, plasterer, Baker (Mvk) 
Buffiugton Joseph, organ builder, 131 S ilth 
Buffing-Ion Lee W.., M. D., 2023 Arch 
Bugh James L., merchant, 600 Market 
Bug-lass Marg-aret, dressmaker, 1218 Market 
Bugless James, boottreer, 32 S 4th 
Bugius Phineas, sailmaker, 139 Craven 
Buhl Charles, cordwainer, r 812 Rachel 
Buhl Francis, tailor, r 1413 Mifflin 
Buhla Charles, (col'd,) restaurant, 1026 Ivy 
Buhler Gottlieb, slioemaker, 1012 Gtn av 
Buiclile Mary, wid. John, butcher, 33 Broad 

st Market, h 140 Master 
Building Inspector's office, 11 State House row 
Buist Alexander, carpenter, 340 S 19th 
Buist David, seedsman, 340 S 19th 
Buist James, carpenter, 1517 Lombard 
BUIST JOHN M., brick manufacturer ; a large 
stock of superior wood-burnt bricks con- 
stantly on hand, for sale at low prices, and 
on favorable terms, Long- la n Buck road, 
office 922 Market, h S Penn Sq c Broad 
Buist Rachel, wid. William, seamstress, Haines 

BUIST ROBERT, seeds, 922 & 924 Market, h 

Buist Robert, jr., seeds, 922 & 924 Market, h 

Bulah James B., (col'd,) waiter, 225 Quince 
Bulbar Georg-e, laborer, Wingohocking pi, r 

964 Lawrence 
Buley Georg-e, machinist, 801 Race 
Buley John, mason, Creishim ct n Mt Airy 
Buley Samuel, (col'd,) coachman, 245 Schell 
Bulfinch John, laborer, 205 Prosperous al 
Bulfinch Robert, baker, 32 S 17th 
Bulfinch William, baker, 1114 Steadman 
Bulg-er John, laborer, 789 S Front 
Bulger William, bartender, 333 Gaskill 
Bulis Theodore, slioemaker, 305 Noble 
BULKLEY CHARLES, hatter, 118 S 8th, h 
. 618 N 12th 

Bulkley James Henry, detective, 500 Chestnut, 
h 1204 Race 

Bulklev J. Henry, jr., com. mer., 1705 Market' 

h 1204 R;ice 
Bulkley Marcius S., general sup't. R. R. R., h 

Richmond n Lehig-h av 
Bull Eborn, b<dter, 46 Bulletin 
Bull Elijah, moulder, h Eagle hotel 
Bull Elizabeth, wid. John, tailoress, r 37 Bul- 
Bull Heber, merchant, 1631 Chestnut 
Bull Hester, (col'd,) domestic, Gilles al n South 
Bull H. Heber, bookkeeper, 1633 Chestnut 
Bull John, tai'or, 1116 N 4th 
Bull Lewis, clerk, 309 N 18th 
Bull Richard, h American Hotel 
Bull Tetg-le, oysters, Spruce st wf, h 219 Prime 
Bull Thomas, oysterman, 17 Norfolk 
Bull William G., cooper, 18 Parham 
Bull William H., drug-gist, 1429 Market, h 1201 

Bull William M., att'y <$- coun., 604 Sansom, h 

1425 Filbert 
Bullard Edwin C, boarding h, 1314 Arch 
Bullard Joseph, shoemaker, 317 N 9th 
Bullard Joseph, shoemaker, 839 Wood 
Bullen Francis, wid Charles T., 1152 S 6th 
Bullitt & Fairthorne, (John C.Bullitt 4- Frede- 
rick Fairthor/ie,) att'ys & couns., 30 S 3d 
Bullitt John C, att'y & coun., 30 S 3d, h Chest- 
nut Hill 
Bullinger Andrew J., carman, 420 Rihl 
Bullinger James, late cooper, Franklin (Gtn) 
Bullinger John B., packer, Wildey n Cass 
Bullmer Christiana, wid George, trimmings, 518 

BULLOCK & CRENSHAW, (Charles Bullock 

<§■ Edmund A. Crenshaiv,) chemists, 105 N 

Bullock & Rush, (Jonathan B. Bullock § Jacob 

R. Rush,) carpenters, 1326 Marshall 
Bullock Anthony S., carpenter, 909 Warnock 

Benjamin Bullock, jr.,) wool mers., 16 S 

Front & 15 Letitia 
Bullock Benjamin, jr., mer., 16 S Front, h 116 

N 19th 
Bullock Charles, chemist, 105 N 6th, h 243 S 

9 th 
Bullock Charles K., student, 623 Walnut, h 309 

Bullock D. Barton, clerk, N 30th n Bridge (W 

P), h 2120 Summer 
Bidlock George, merchant, 16 S Front, h 521 

York av 
Bullock Henry, painter, York n 36th (W P) 
Bullock Jacob D., conveyancer, Market (W P) 

h 2012 Pine 
Bullock James M., merchant, 16 S Front, h at 

Bullock John, photographs, 504 S 2d 
Bullock Jonathan, carpenter, 1326 Marshall, h 

863 N 7th 
Bullock Joseph, 265 S 9th 
Bullock Joseph W., wool, 16 S Front, h 944 N 

Bullock Letitia, confectioner, 152 N 6th, h 152 

N 6th 
Bullock Mary R., milliner, 451 N 2d, h 832 N 


in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Bulloek Susan, wid David B„ h 404 S Juniper 'Bunn Matthew, gardener, Pleasant (Gtn) 

Bullock William P., boilerm., r 1223 Savery 

Hulnief Adam, boatman, Spruce c S 25th 
Bulmer Christie, wid Georg-e, 518 Oxford 
Bulmer Henry, laborer, Factory n Spruce 
Bulmer Richard, spinner, Manning' n 24th 
Bulmer William, 2311 Naudain 
Bultman George, shoemaker, 1226 Darien 
Buly Daniel (col'd) laborer, r 706 St. May 
Buly Jeremiah Rev. (col'd) 703 Minster 
Bumb Anthony, shoemaker, Kesler n Norris 
Bumbach Anthony, painter, 215 Green 
Bumbaug-h William, painter, 716 N 11th 
Burner Hannah, washing - , Gtn av n Franklin, 

Bumgarden Henry, dyer, Mulberry (Myk) 
Bumgardener Philip, brickmaker, Darby rd n 

37th (W P) 
Bumm Adam, driver, 1551 N 11th 
BUMM & BROTHER, (Henri/ $ Lemuel H.,) 

grain, 201 8c 203 N Water 
Bumm Charles, laborer, 968 Delaware av 
Bumm Georg-e C., flour, 1534 Frankford av 
Bumm Hannah, wid John, 1111 Marlborough 
Bumm Henry, grain, 201 &. 203 N Water, h 

1314 Beach 
Bumm Jacob, boilermaker, 424 Thompson 
Bumm John, silverplater, 1127 Crease, h* 1122 

Bumm John S., silverplater, 1122 Marlborough 
Bumm Mary, wid Christian, 1010 Montgomery 
Bumm Richard, caulker, 448 Thompson 
Bumm Samuel, 1120 Savery 
Bumm Samuel H., merchant, 201 N Water, h 

216 Allen 
Bumm William, salt, 200 N Delaware av, h 

1442 Columbia av 
Bump John L., brickmaker, 1224 Palmer 
Bunce John, bookbinder, 307 Gaskill 
Bunch Conrad, laborer, Oak (Myk) 
Bunch Sebastian, tailor, Thompson av (Myk) 
Bunch William, machine painter, 2205 Linn 
Bunch William, painter. Garden n 38th (W P) 
Bunday Charles S., (col'd) barber, 2 Walnut, h 

1028 Ivy 
Bunday Thomas (col'd) laborer, :• 712 Bedford 
Bunday Thomas (col'd) steward, 814 South 
Bunday William A. (col'd) boot & shoemaker, 

333 S 4th 
Bundick Bable, waterman, r 9 Mead 
Bundick Ephraim, waiter, r 6 Randalls ct 
Bundick Peter D. (col'd) waiter, 1027 Ivy 
Bundick William, coachsmith, r 9 Mead 
Bundick William (col'd) porter, Julian n 15th 
Bungwetz Louis, laborer, Levering' (Myk) 
Bunker Anne, wid. Charles, variety, 341 Coates 
Bunker Charles, tavern, 39 William 
Bunker Henry, carpenter, 527 Mclllwain 
Bunker Henry, (col'd) waterman, r 609 Barrow 
Bunte T. music teacher, 915 Spruce 
Bunn Albert G., spinner, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn Albert G. jr., printer, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn Catharine, wid. Andrew, r 1324 Bedford 
Bunn Daniel S., carpenter, N 9th c Poplar 
Bunn Edward V., tin plater, 247 Poplar 
Bunn Horace P., dry goods, 137 N 3d, h 223 

N 20th 
Bunn John H., clerk, Market n 38th (W P) 

Bunn, Rag-uel &. Co. (Solomon M. Bunn, Henry 

R. Hague/, Van C. Bush, William W. 

Kurtz cV Horace F. Bunn) dry goods 137 

N 3d 
Bunn Robert, carpenter, 210 Gaskill 
Bunn Sarah A., widow Alexander J. 547 N 10th 
Bunn Solomon M., dry goods, 137 N 3d, h 

Logan sq. c Vine 
Bunner John, weaver, Gtn av c Linden (Gtn) 
Bunsall Georg-e, huckster, 2 S 2d st market 
Hunter Charles, hotel, William n Bath (R) 
Bunting- & Brother, (William el,- James Buttling) 

plumbers, 1323 South 

Bunting <$■ Burnt L. MiddldoJi) cloth, 

&c. 8 S"2d 
Bunting & Turner, (Jacob S. Bunting, Andrew 

Turner,) cloths, 8 S 2d 
Bunting- Ann, widow William, housekeeper, 4 

Dering-ers av 
Bunting- Charles, 815 Race 
Bunting Charles W., hardware, 821 N 2d, h 

605 N 8th 
Bunting- Daniel, police, 1516 Cuthbert 
Banting Elizabeth, 1216 Market 
Bunting' George II., confec. 1216 Palethorp 
Bunting George W., moro. finisher, 1009 Gtn 

Bunting Henrietta, widow Josh. 1417 Locust 
Bunting Henry B., liquors, 1351 South 
Bunting Jacob T., merchant, 26 S Delaware av 

h 239 Pine 
Bunting Jacob S., cloth, 8 S 2d, h (Darby) 
Bunting James, plumber, 1333 South 
Bunting James, teacher, Byberry rd 
Bunting James, weaver, 1314 Palethorp 
Bunting John, carpet weaver, 8 Bauersach's 

ct r 1330 N Front 
Bunting John, stamp cutter, 200 New, h 1541 

N 'Front 
Bunting John H., confectioner, 220 S 12th 
Bunting John R., furniture, 221 S 2d, h at 

Bunting Joshua, clerk, 1417 Locust 
Bunting- Josiah, provisions, N 8th c Wood, h 

735 Arch 
Bunting' Michael S., tobacconist, 244 N 2d 
Bunting- Philip S., estate agent, 222 Dock, h 

Walnut n S 39th (W P) 
Bunting Richard, clerk, 140 Otter 
Bunting Samuel, auctioneer, 232 Market, h 

6»2 Spruce 
Bunting Samuel, plumber, 1333 South 
BUNTING SAMUEL C, estate agent, 232 

Dock, h Walnut n S 39th (W P) 
Bunting Samuel C. jr., Walnut n 39th (W P) 
Bunting- Samuel S., druggist, 941 Spruce 
Bunting Sarah, shoe-binder, 20 Edwin 
Bunting Solomon, farmer, 455 Richmond 
Bunting Thomas H., clerk, 38 N 3d, h 709 

Bunting Thomas R., farmer, (Olney) 
Bunting William, plumber, 1333 South 
Bunting William, porter, 1622 Carver 
Bunting- William H., coal yard, 2011 Callow- 
hill, h (Delaware county, Pa.) 
Bunting William H., machinist, 151G Cuthbert 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Devine de Venus, the most 




Buob Francis, tanner, r 1424 Brinton 

Buole Charles, butcher, 329 Eastern Market, h 

Brown n 25th 
Burbage James L., dry goods, 431 & 433 South 
BURBANK & HOLM AN, (William H. Bur- 
bank Sf D. Shepherd Ho I man) morocco, 
401 N 3d, and factory, 125 Margaretta 
Burbank William H., morocco, 401 N 3d and 

125 Margaretta, h 607 N Marshall 
Burbidge Wm., coffee roaster, 329 Thompson 
Burb ridge Charles, shoemr, 6 Gaffnej's av 

Burch &. Riley, (George J Burch 4" 

Riley) millinery, 4^8 & 440 N 2d 
Burch Francis, carpenter, 17 Ashland 
Burch George J., millinery, 439 & 440 N 2d 
Burch John, dyer, 15th c Carver 
Burch John T. cabinetmr. Moyam. av n Norris 
Burch Lewis, butcher, 418 Thompson 
Burchall Agnes, seamstress, Church n Frank- 
ford (Fkd) 
Burchard Dudley W., P. O. clerk, 625 S 9th 
Burchard Henry, tailor, 312 Garden 
Burchard Jabez, U S Com'er, 5th & Chestnut, 

h 625 S 9th 
Burchell Henry, plasterer, 835 S 3d 
Burch ell Mary, stoves, 824 S 2d, h S 3d n Queen 
Burchell Uriah S., engineer, 512 S 5th 
Burcher George, weaver, Howard near Mont- 
gomery avenue 
Burcher John, pianomaker, 947 N 3d 
Burck Franz, baker, 805 Fitzwater 
Burd Caroline, dressmaker, 2307 Jefferson 
Burd Eliza, 900 Chestnut 
Burd Samuel, carpenter, 2307 Jefferson 
Burden Abigail J., 1337 Wood 
Burden Andrew M., druggist, S 8th c Federal 
Burden Jesse R., M. D., Arch n N 33d (W P) 
Burden William H., carpenter, 628 Carpenter 
Burdett Samuel, M. D., 1004 Green 
Burdge John A., seaman, Sorrel n Brabant (R) 
Burdick Emeline, embroidery, 105 S 8th, h 

236 N 8th 
Burdick Samuel W., tobacconist, 900 Moyamen- 

sing av 
Burdon James, engineer, 517 S Front 
Burdsall Alexander L., confect., 340 German 
Burdsall J. H., 523 Chestnut 
Burdsall Mahlon, carpenter, Front n Chatham 
Burear Achille, brassworker, 509 Race 
Buret Charles, 303 Lombard 
Burg John, mason, 1748 N 11th 
Burg- Nicholas, shoemaker, rear 1131 Charlotte 
Burgaine Thomas, shoemaker, 1006 Poplar 
Burgau Daniel, bootmaker, 806 Fallon 
Burgauer Benjamin, clerk, 1140 N 3d 
Burgauer Louis, milliner}'', 141 N 2d 
Burg-emann Louis, upholste'r, r Culvert n N 5th 
Burgen William, machinist, 103 Laurel 
Burger Erasmus J., farmer, 16 Shippen st Mkt, 
Burger Francis, tailor, r Melvale n Maple (R) 
Burger Fredk., laborer, William n Trenton av 
Burger Gottlieb, provisions, 1225 N 2d 
Burger Gottlob A., hatter, 1120 N 2d 
Burger Henry, sashmaker, 1342 Columbia av 
Burger William, laborer, 1929 Harmstead 
Burgett William, 844 Ontario 
Burgess Andrew, tobacconist, 620 & h 60S: 

Burgess Emma, 214 Madison 
Burgess Edwin, wheelwright, S Front n York 
Burgess Glancy, laborer, 1221 S 7th 
Burgess Henry E., cutter, 810 Green 
Burgess James, weaver, Hope near Dauphin 
Burgess Joseph W., policeman, 914 Cherry 
Burgess Phillis, (col'd) washer, rear 913 Nassau 
Burgess Samuel, heater, 917 Beach 
Burgess* Sarah, weave]', Grape (Myk) 
Burgess Susanna, trader, 18 N 2d st market, h 

1 Barnhurst place 
Burgess William, clerk, h Merchants' hotel 
Burgess William, jeweler, h Alleghany House 
Burgess William S., clerk, 47 N 8th 
Burgheims Philip, music teacher, 1108 South 
BURGIN & SONS, (George H, George H.,jr., 
Charles F., John H. % William M. Burgin,) 
manuf. chemists, 133 Arch 
Burgin Charles F., chemist, 1210 Montgomery 

av & 133 Arch, h Tulpehocken (Gtn) 
Burgin George H., chemist, 133 Arch & 1210 

Montgomery avenue, h 331 S 5th 
Burgin George H., jr., chemist, 133 Arch and 

1210 Montgomery av, h N 18th n Filbert 
Burgin James, cooper, 1707 Ridge avenue 
Burgin John H., chemist, 133 Arch, h 331 S 5th 
Burgin Joseph, clerk, 311 Market • 

Burgin William, laborer, 921 Lafayette 
Burgin Wm. M., chemist, 133 Arch, h 331 S 5th 
Burgison Israel, blinds, 6 Dubree 
Burgholz Herman, umbrellas, 408 Poplar 
Burghurz Hammond, turner, 804 Poplar, h 

241 Race 
Buigmann Martin, shoemaker,]' Ann n Waterloo 
Burgner Peter, trunks, h 1111 Arch 
Burgthal Charles, wines, 120 Vine 
Burhard Valentine, brassfinisher, 1552 Apple 
Burjam Henry, superintendent, 39 S 4th, h 

2330 Green 
Burjes Henry, umbrella maker, 735 Shippen 
Burk Catharine, widow, 2 & 211 Union 
Burk Chas., shoemaker, 925 Moyamensingav 
Burk Chauncy E., clerk, 1005 Wood 
Burk Christopher, laborer, 930 Christian 
Burk Edward, laborer, Salmon n Somerset 
Burk Eli, bricklayer, 918 N 5th 
Burk Eli, jr., bricklayer, 918 N 5th 
Burk Francis P., clerk, 740 Federal 
Burk Frazer, laborer, Washington (Myk) 
Burk George R., carpenter, Gtn. av. n Chatham 
Burk George W., coachmr., Rittenhouse Gtn. 

High School (Gtn) 
Burk Geoga., washwn., Chestnut n Rose (W P) 
Burk Henry, 2012 Vine 

Burk Henry, ptr., 335 Walnut, h 734 Lombard 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 814 Green 
Burk James, clerk, 10 S 4th, h 37th c Haver- 
ford (W P) 
Burk James, dry goods, 126 S 2d, h 2012 Vine 
Burk James, laborer, 703 Sp afford 
Burk James, laborer, 917 Thompson 
Burk James, toolmaker, 15 Gaffney's av 
Burk Jno„ (col'd) weigher, Pleasant avnL Pine 
Burk John, carman, 756 West 
Burk John, carp., Chalkley Hall la (Aramingo) 
Burk John, chairmaker, 1332 Earl 
Burk John, dyer, Apple (Myk) 
Burk John, laborer, 533 Bedford 

perfect conservator of beauty ever known. 




Bark John, laborer, Bcvan n Lehigh av 

Burk John, laborer, 2004 Cooper 

Rurk John, laborer, 1031 Dorrance 

Burk John, laborer, Main (Myk) 

Burk John, laborer, Hose n Market (W P) 

Burk John, laborer, Nicholson c K 21st 

Burk John, papermr., Gorga'sla (Roxborough) 

Bulk John, tailor, 939 N 3d 

Burk John F., grocer, 233 Chester 

Burk John G., carpenter, 1131 Jefferson 

Burk Joseph, stonecutter. 403 Stockton 

Burk Jos. M., elk. U. S. arsenal, 2012 Callowhill 

Burk Lorenz, 807 Christian 

Burk Martin, grocer, 116 Gatzmer 

Burk Man-, widow, 304 S Water 

Burk Mary, wid. Jas., r Pliilip n Columbia av 

Burk Matthew, slater, p 1514 Warnock 

Burk Michael, laborer, 6 Cliff pi r 1415 Race 

Burk Michael, liquor, 915 Master 

Burk Michael, shoemaker, 925 Suffolk 

Burk Miles, lab., 2 Winchester pi r 804 S Front 

Burk Owen, lab., Sorrel n Melvale (Richmond) 

Burk Patrick, laborer, r 607 S Juniper 

Burk Paul, watchman, N 2d n Dauphin 

Burk Peter W., saddler, r 1125 Coates 

Burk Raymond, tailor, 740 Federal 

Burk Richard, laborer, Almond n Lehigh av 

Burk Richard, tinsmith, 1035 Dorrance 

Burk Samuel, farmer, (Lower Moreland) 

Burk Thomas, 1320 Shellbark 

Burk Thomas, grocer, 1147 N 2d 

Bmk Thomas, hostler, 1028 S 8th 

Burk Thomas, laborer, Hewson n Edgemont 

Burk Thomas, laborer, 1028 S 8th 

Burk Walter, undertaker, 926 Christian 

Burk Win., fir., 812 Market, h Walnut la(Gtn) 

Burk William, ink, 116 Gothic 

Burk William, laborer, Jefferson (Gtn) 

Burk William, laborer, 1344 N 10th 

Burk William A., clerk, 1005 Wood 

Burk Wm. E., forwarder, 812 Market, h (Gtn) 

Burk William G., druggist, 734 Lombard 

Burk William M., printer, Point la (Aramingo) 

Burkard Christopher, wheelwr., Church, (Bdg) 

h Bridge (White Hall) 
Burkart Charles, woodware, 1257 N 11th 
Burkart Henry S., turner, 1206 Deacon 
Burkart I. W., conv., 206 S 4th, h 430 Apple- 
tree al 
Burkart Jacob C, clerk, 1339 N 11th 
Buarkart John B., tailor, 731 Race 
Burkart John C, accountant, Washington av n 

S 12th, h 1339 N 11th 
Burkart Samuel, brushes, 1339 N 11th 
Burkart Samuel, jr., chandaliers, 1329 N 11th 
Burkart Thomas F., turner, 429 Arch 
Burkart Valentine, F & M Bank, h 429 Arch 
Burkart Valentine Jr, conveyancer, 429 Arch, 

h 1221 Stiles 
Burke Adam Henry, lab. 430 Federal 
Burke Albert, clerk, 127 Arch 
Burke & McGranahan {Patrick Burke <^- Chas. 

McGranahan) coal foot of Reed 
Burke Anthony, laborer, 57 Lancaster 
Burke Barbara wid Christian, Ash (Bridesburg-) 
Burke Charles, carter, 118 S. 24th 
Burke Charles, junk dealer, 732 Swanson 
Burke Dennis, shoemaker, 1623 Ridge av 

Burke Edmund, moulder, 804 N 13th 

Burke Edward, boatman, 1333 Warnock 

Burke Edward, upholster, 1508 Sansom 

Burke Edward 1)., 518 S 17th 

Burke Edward D., laborer, 512 S 19th 

Burke Francis, grocer, 118 S 24th 

Burke Henry J., plumber, 732 Swanson 

Burke Jacob, clerk, 121 S 3d, h 1915 Coates- 

Burke James, Tioga above N 20th 

Burke James, clerk, 105 Kutaw 

Burke James, laborer,' 1520 Cadwaladcr 

Burke James, shoemaker, 251 Concord 

Burke J. U., (colored) lab. 401 Ratcliffe av 

Burke James D., machinist, 1319 Myrtle 

Burke James W., clerk, Haverford below N 

36th (W P) 
Burke John, colporteur, 524 S 3d 
Burke John, laborer, 7 Macleods place 
Burke John, laborer, Penn av near Oxford 
Burke John, tailor, 220 Stamper al 
Burke John ¥., furnishing store, 900 Market 
Burke John H., moulder, 121 Morris 
Burke Jos. F., real estate, 130 S 8th, h 62 N 2d 
Burke Lucas E., acct, 420 Walnut, b 1327 S 4th 
Burke Lizzie J., teacher, Garden (Bridesburg) 
Burke Martin, grocer, 1030 S 6th 
Burke Matilda, wid. Charles, 1234 Whitehall 
Burke Michael, carpenter, 1037 Jefferson 
Burke Michael, laborer, Mountain n 9 9th 
Burke Michael, slater, r 1514 Warnock 
Burke Michael A., liquors, 1115 Market, h 241 

Burke Moses, lab., 714 Lindsay 
Burke Patrick, blacksmith, 1704 Carlton 
Burke Patrick, cartman, Fox's ct N 6th n 

Burke Patrick, coal, Read n Front, h 1030 S 6th 
Burke Patrick, gardener, 2018 Walnut 
Burke Patrick, lab. 1220 Lyndall al' 
Burke Patrick, type caster, 610 Hallowell 
Burke Patrick, waiter, 1914 Filbert 
Burke Peter, (col'd) shoemr, 729 Lombard 
Burke Sarah, candy, 1520 Cadwaladcr 
Burke' Simon, varnisher, Wingochocking pi r 

964 Lawrence 
Burke Stephen, grocer, 426 Christian 
Burke Thomas, clerk, N. 6th n Poplar 
Burke Thomas, gardener, Huron n Florida 

(W P) 
Burke Thomas, lab., Hewson near Edgemont 

Burke Thomas, laborer, 3 Maynard pi 
Burke Thomas, restaurant, 1022 Ridge av 
Burke Thomas, tinsmith, 741 Passyunk av 
Burke Win , boatman, 529 Osprev 
Burke Win., bricklayer, Pagoda n Penn av 
Burke Wm., grocer, Chestnut c S 20th 
Burke Wm., shoemr, 904 Auburn 
Burke Wm. C, embroideries, 1124 Pine 
Burke Win. C, watchman, 1706 Rittenhouse 
Burker Geo., carpenter, Randolph n Waterloo 
Burkert Adam I.., turner, Broad c Olive h 817 

Spring - Garden 
Burkert & Roedell ( William Burkert <$• George 

F. Roedell) hoots 8* shoes, 355 N 2d 
Burkert Edwin W. gents furnishing-, 817 Spring 

Burkert Jacob M., engineer, 8 Queen 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Burkert John, butcher, 47 N 2nd st mkt, h 1339 

Burkett Charles, cabinetmaker, 1116 Gtn av 
Burkett James, huckster, Jenny (Richmond) 
Burkett John, grocer, Market n 32d (W P) 
Burkett William, segarmaker, 910 Faulkner 
Burkett Wm., tobacconist, 122 Wharton 
Burkey Margaret, seamstress, r 710 P. av 
Burkhard Alfred, druggist, 124 Vine 
Burkhard Philip, blacksmith, 5 Vermont pi 
Burkhardt Christopher, lager beer, 1647 Gtn av 
Burkhardt George, hotel, 406 New Market 
Burkhardt George J., vat builder, Broad c 

Buttonwood, h 1340 Green 
Burkhardt Gotleib, shoemaker, 2145 Lombard 
Burkhardt Gotleib, baker, 216 N 5th 
Burkhardt Hannah, wid Henry B., 1340 Green 
Burkhardt John, laborer, Pearl n N 23d 
Burkhardt Julius, hotel, Coates c Penna av 
Burkhardt Robert, carpenter, 323 Buttonwood 
Burkhardt Valentine, solderer, 1552 Lawrence 
Burkhardt W H., vat builder, 1340 Green 
Burkhart Charles K., clerk, 813 Race 
Burkhart Isaac, late captain, 247 N 9tli 
Burkhart John, bootmaker, 208 N 8th 
Burkhart John, laborer, N 6tl? n Diamond 
Burkhart John, tailor, r 957 Alder 
Burkhart John C, agent, 108 S 4th, h 547 

Burkhart John C, clerk, 813 Race 
Burkhart Peter, 813 Race 
Burkhart Robert, carpenter, 115 Jones al 
Burkhart Theodore, clerk, 1327 Mount Vernon 
Burkhart William J., clerk, 813 Race 
Burkhart William, boots & shoes, 355 N 2d, h 

Merchants' house 
Burkhimer Michael, tobacconist, Melvale n Ann 
Burkin John, peddler, r 305 Noble 
Burkitt Arthur F., cabinet maker, 343 Jarvis 
Burkley Christopher F.j baker, 301 Wharton 
Burkley George, coachmaker, 3 Diligent av n 

Burkley George, provisions, 1431 Marlborough 

h 1427 Marlborough 
Burleigh Francis, M. D. 907 Christian 
BURLEY MARIA, (late Mrs. J. ckson) doctress, 
pectoral syrups for coughs k consump- 
tion, also alterative for scrofula &c, h 816 
S 9th 
Burline August, gunsmith, 125 New 
Burnett Eli S., fancy drv goods, 409 Market 

h Chestnut n 40th (W P) 
Burling Benjamin S., mer. 129 N Front, h 1735 

Weill ace 
Burling William, police, Gr Ferry rd c Fed- 
Burlingame Charles, foreman, 17 Edwin 
Burlingame George C, gaspurifier, 2514 Biddle 
Burlingame James, machinist, Smethurst n N 

Burlock Samuel D., bookbinder, 1104 Sansom 

h 1911 Coates 
Burlow Henry D., artist, Chestnut h 320 Gaskill 
Burman Edward, shoemaker, 1232 Bedford 
Burman Thomas, butcher, 425 N 5th 
Burmeister Christian, turner, r 720 Swanson 
Burmeister Christian, jr., baker, r 720 Swanson 
Burmeister Adolph, cooper, 1022 N 2d 

Burn Bayard, clerk, 765 Passayunk av 

Burn Christian, shoemaker, 1023 Lawrence 

Burn Julia, teacher, 235 N 12th 

Burn Michael, 1 Pike n Cherry 

Burnell John, bird cages, Norris n West 

Burnell Thomas H., clerk, 112 Walnut, h 2d 

n Cooper, Camden 
Burnell William W., M. D., 1943 Vine 
Burnes Abraham, confectioner. 133 S 15th 
Burnes Ellen, candies, 627 Charles 
Burnes Patrick, blacksmith, 1 Doyle ct 
Burnes Patrick, laborer, 28 N 21st 
Burnes Peter, hatter, 627 Charles 
Burnes Thomas, laborer, 627 Charles 
Burneson Samuel W., engineer, 3 Clyde pi 
Burness Fred., A., warehouseman, Mill (Gtn) 
Burness James, dyer, Hancock (Gtn) 
Burness Samuel, cardriver, Ridge av (Rox) 
Burnet Alexander, laborer, Grays Ferry rd n 

Maiden la 
Burnet Gerge, brickyard, Federal h 616 S 10th 
Burnet John clerk, 1004 Passyunk av 
Burnet Mary, truck, 37 Liberty Market 
Burnet William, dry goods, 640 N 12th 
Burnet William policeman, 11 Jefferson 
Burnett Eli S., fancy goods, 409 Market h 

Chestnut bet William & Till (W P) 
Burnett Everett, fish, r Beach n Bishop 
Burnett James, polisher, 1520 Wood 
Burnett John, painter, 1514 Frankford av, h 

441 Belgrade 
Burnett Joseph, carpenter, Franklin n Dauphin 
Burnett J. S. ; broker, 309 Walnut, h Camden 

Co., N. J. 

Burnett R. L., clerk, 508 Minor, h 1235 Chestnut 


S. Burnett, John W. Sexton 4 Augustus 

Van Sivearingen), importers & jobbers in 

English, French, & German fancy goods, 

409 Market 

BURNETT THOMAS, cotton cord manuf. 18 

N 4th, h Stevens n 3d Camden 
Burnett Thomas, tailor, 417 Gaskill 
Burnett Wm., police, 11 Jefferson 
Burnett Wm. H., moulder, Bridge (Bdg) 
Burney Pat., lab. 1407 Vine 
Burney Wm., carpenter, 1124 Wistar,h Richards 

Burney Wm., stairbuilder, 247 Lybrand, h Rich- 
ards House, 8th & Sp Garden 
Burnham Geo., house furnishing, 119 S 10th, h 

2219 Green 
Burnham Geo. jr., clerk, .500 N Broad, h 2219 

Burnham Margaret, wid. Ezekiel, 303 N 20th 
Burnheater Hannah, wid. Jacob, Summit (C 

Burnheater John, weaver, Sharp nack (Gtn) 
Burnheater Wm., shoemaker, Summit (C Hill) 
Burnheater Wm., shoemaker, Sharpnack (Gtn) 
Burnkesl Geo., lab. Mansfield pi 
Burns & McMenamey, {Wm. Burns 4 Hugh 

McMenamey), coal, 1217 Washington av 
Burns & Moore, {Maria B. Burns 4 Louisa B. 

Moore-), millinery, 216 N 8th 
Burns Andrew, boilermaker 1122 Elm 
BURNS & SE1G, {Charles M. Bums, 4 Samuel 
H. Seig,) booksellers, 800 Chestnut 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Burns Ann, 13 Tamany ct 

Burns Ann, wid. Samuel, Holman n Otis 

Burns Ann, wid. tailoress, 5 Harding' pi, r 322 

Burns Ann O., wid. Jacob, matron, 112 N 7th 
Burns Archibald, lab. Alton ct n Richard 
Burns Barnard, lab. N 36th c Oak (W P) 
Burns Bernard, weaver, 1234 Federal 
Burns Bridget, wid. John, seamstress, 1441 

Burns Catharine (Milestown) 
Burns Charles, engraver, 910 Sp Garden 
Burns Charles, farmer, Academy rd 
Burns Charles, lab. Gtn av n Sharpnack (Gtn) 
Burns Charles, lab. 9 Mayland 
Burns Charles, mason, 420 N 20th 
Burns C. R., dry goods, &.., 305 S 13th 
Burns Charles A., restaurant, 330 Harmony 
Burns Charles C, varieties, 25 Bank, hN 39th 

Powelton av (W P) 
Burns Charles C, clerk, 626 Chestnut, h 220 is 

Burns Charles M., publisher, 800 Chestnut, h 

Harvey (Gtn) 
Burns Charles M. jr., Harvey (GnO 
Burns Charles O., r 1018 Lemon 
Burns Charles T., bartender, N 11th n Lane av 
Burns Charles W., paper stainer, r326Dugan 
Burns Charlotte C, dry goods, 220 N 15th 
Burns Cokeley, lab. 163 Thompson 
Burns Cornelius, carter, Earl n N 25th 
Burns Daniel, lab. Joint al, r 35 S 15th 
Burns Daniel, lab. (Lagrange) 
Burns David, waterman, r 414 Catharine 
Burns Dennis, coremaker, 514 N 19th 
Burns Edward, grocer, 2000 Vine 
Burns Edward, lab. Simes n Beach 
Burns Edward, provisions, 1614 Wood 
Bums Edward K., butcher, 1448 N 5th 
Burns Elizabeth, California pi r Rodman 
Burns Elizabeth, laundress, 5 Knight's ct, r 828 

Burns Elizabeth, wid. Amariah, boarding house, 

225 Chester ,• 

Burns Elmira, wid. embroideries, r 1723 Barker 
Burns Emma, 744 Passyunk av 
Bums Evan, police, Bridge (Bdg) 
Burns Felix, carman, 734 Jamison 
Burns Felix, provisions, 163 Thompson 
Burns Francis M., waterman, 5 Mead 
Burns Geo., machinist, Paul c Mill (Fkd) 
Burns George, tobacconist, 231 Madison 
Burns Gertrude, 1203 Filbert 
Burns Hannah, wid. Samuel, Cedar (Mvk) 
Burns Henry, lab. 310 Truxton 
Burns Hester, wid. Joseph, Gay (Mvk) 
Burns Hugh, butcher, r 639 Bedford 
Burns Hugh D., grocer, Fkd av c Allen 
Burns J. Francis, M. D., 673 N 12th 
Burns J. W., editor, 136 S 3d, h N 6th c Willow 
Burns Jacob, tailor, 213 Madison 
Burns Jacob H., tobacconist, 438 Spruce 
Burns James, brickmaker, N 2d n Huntingdon 
Burns James, brushmaker, 919 Poplar 
Burns James, driver, 9 N 19th 
BURNS JAMES, druggist, 150.} Fkd st (Fkd) 
Burns James, foreman, 1403 Hope 
Burns James, lab. 1614 Helmuth 

Burns James, lab. Sybert n N 16th 

Burns James, lab. 2111 Naudain 

Burns James, lab. Thompson n Lehigh av 

Burns James, liquors, 831 Shippen 

Burns James, plasterer, 1900 Lombard 

Burns James, porter. 705 Fallon 

Burns Jaiues, seaman, 33 Shippen 

Burns James, seg-ars, 1110 Lombard 

Burns James, shoemaker, 119 Coates 

Burns James, shoemaker, 6 Lincoln av 

Burns James N., restaurant, 301 S3d 

Burns Jane, wid. Thomas, washerwoman, 1500 

Burns Jeremiah, tailor, 2059 Lombard 
Burns John, blacksmith, 619 cc h 621 Shippen 
Burns John, clerk, 211 Chestnut, h 305 S 13th 
Burns John, coachman, 705 Fallon 
Burns John, lab. 1536 Carlton 
Burns John, lab. Cedar c Apple (Myk) 
Burns John, lab. 110 Onas 
Burns John, milk, N 34th c Grape (W P) 
Burns John, moulder, r 416 Carpenter 
Burns John, painter, 208 Wharton 
Burns John, paver, r Adrian n Thompson 
Burns John, plasterer, r 1537 American 
Burns John, restaurant, N 8th c Filbert 
Burns John, shoemaker, 612 Fitzwater 
Burns John, stonecutter, 163 Thompson 
Burns John, trimming's, 303 S 13th 
Burns John, weaver, 2J50 Lombard 
Burns John, shoemaker, Fernon n S 9th 
Burns John, shoemaker, 706 Moss 
Burns John, shoemaker, 1222 Palmer 
Burns John A., wines and liquors, 729 Lom- 
bard, h 216 N 8th 
Burns John M., grocer, 605 Market, h 1234 

Spring Garden 
Burns Joseph W, stoves, 1004 South, h 1203 

Burns Lewis, weaver, 3F1 Otis 
Bums Margaret, wid. Charles, 2337 Virginia 
Burns Margaret, widow John, Paul c Mill 

Burns Margaret, wid. Peter, 1204 Kemble 
Burns Maria B., milliner, 216 N 8th 
Burns Martin, blacksmith, 3 Faas pi 
Burns Mary, 1203 Filbert 
Burns Mary, teacher, Bridge (Bridesburg) 
Burns Mary A., trucker, 216 & 218 Franklin 

Market, h Fitzwater n S Broad 
Burns Matthew, bottler, 1537 Warnock 
Burns Michael, grocer, Cresson c Cotten (Myk) 
Burns Michael, hotel, Cadwalader c Jefferson 
Burns Michael, lab., James (Falls Schuylkill) 
Burns Michael, laborer, r 1732 Lombard 
Burns Michael, laborer, 1506 Thompson 
Burns Michael, stevedore, 734 Beach 
Burns Michael, weaver, S 18th n Shippen 
Burns Morgan, weaver, 2050 Lombard 
Burns Patrick, boatman, Humes av n South 
Burns Patrick, cabinetmaker, 340 S 4th 
Burns Patrick, dealer, Girai d av Market, h 1404 

Burns Patrick, hotel, 1247 S Front 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 1536 Carlton 
Burns Patrick, laborer, James (Falls Schuylkill) 
Burns Patrick, laborer, John's ct N 24th 
Burns Patrick, laborer, r 914 S 10th 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Persian or Chinese Powder, for imparting 




Bums Patrick, laborer, Trotter al n Morris |Biur Elizabeth L., teacher, Brown n N 4th 
Burns Patrick, liquors, Ridge av ab James | Burr H., 811 Race 
(Falls Schuylkill) 

Burns Patrick, peddler, r 126 Chenango 

Burns Patrick, stone cutter, 2036 Sansom 

Burns Patrick, tailor, 1004 Otsego 

Burns Patrick, weaver, r 1419 Hope 

Burns Peter, blacksmith, Spring Garden c N 

Burns Peter, boatman, Sutherland av n South 
Burns Peter, laborer, Leibert (Myk) 
Burns Peter, porter, 16 Bowery pi 
Burns Philip, laborer, 31 Laboratory Hill (Falls 

Burns Pierce, porter, 1 Tammany ct 
Burns Robert, M. D., 87 Frankford (Fkd) 
Burns Samuel, brickmaker, 1139 S 16th n Prime 
Burns Stephen, laborer, James (Falls Schuyl- 
Burns Susan, seamstress, 16 Benton 
Burns Thomas, coachman, 1409 Fitzwater 
Burns Thomas, druggists' glassware, 119 Wal- 
nut, h 329 Clark 
Burns Thomas, laborer, Church n Tackawanna 

Burns Thomas, laborer, 329 Clark 
Burns Thomas, laborer, Haines (Gtn) 
Burns Thomas, laborer, Hewson n Belgrade 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 407 N 16th 
Burns Thomas, laborer, r 1522 Cuthbert 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 9 Shock 
Burns Thomas, laborer, Southampton rd 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 26 N 21st 
Burns Timothy, porter, 637 N 7th 
Burns William, coal, 1217 Washington av, h 

744 Passyunk av 
Burns William, liquors, 941 S 8th 
Burns William, porter, Hewson n Edgemont 

Burns William, seaman, r 833 Grover 
Burns William, tailor, 1404 S 7th 
Burns William, tobacconist, 828 Market, h 1214 

Burns William J., tobacconist, 801 Brown, h 

1016 Parrish 
Burnside Bridget, wid. James, cook shop, 616 

Burnside James, carter, 1734 Montrose 
Burnside James, distiller, 213 Walnut, h Haver- 
ford, n N 36th (W P) 
Burnside Joseph, laborer, r Fitler n N 2d 
Burnside Mary A., wid. Robert, washerwoman, 

Chase pi n Linn 
Burnside William, porter, 704 S 13th 
BurrNude William, ticket agent, 31 S 11th 
Burnwood Ann, wid. Samuel, Market n 34-th 

(W P) 
Burnwood Fredk., lab. Story n N 37th (W P) 
Burnwood Lewis, blacksm. Oak n 32d (W P) 
Burpee David, M.B., 326 S 16th 
Burquard Joseph, watchmaker, 608 Locust 
Burr Alexander, painter, 21 S 17th, h 8 Warren 
Burr Alfred, poultry, 378 Eastern Market 
Burr Benjamin J., jr., tailor, 33 S 8th, h 811 

Burr David T., mer., 200 Market, h 1626 Pine 
Burr Delaplaine R., builder, 1618 Vine 
Burr Edwin J., hardware, 261 N Juniper 

Burr H. Cooper, tailor, 21 S 7th, h N 8th near 


BURR HUDSON S., dentist, 1310 Walnut 
Burr John J., hardware, 614 Market, h 303 N 

Burr J. Earl, tailor, 675 N 10th 
Burr John E., (colored,) hair dresser, S 4th cor 

Walnut,' h 806 S 8th 
Burr John P., (col'd,) hair dr. 728 South 
Burr Joseph, merchant, Dauphin n Amber 
Burr Joseph, painter, State n Powelton av 
Burr Joseph S., clerk, 439 Chestnut, h S W c 

6th & Federal 
Burr Kate, wid George W., 237 Thompson 
Burr Margaret, wid Joseph, 1112 Green 
Burr Patrick, laborer, 832 West 
Burr Rebecca, wid Israel R., 1004Coates 
Burr Richard, M.D., Frankford rd n Otis 
Bjirr Sarah, wid Samuel, boarding house, Birch. 

n Catharine 
Burr Thomas, carpenter, r 326 Brown 
Burr Thomas E., cutter, 611 Chestnut 
Burr Thomas S., clerk, 1022 Wood 
Burr Wm, clerk, 1022 Wo.;d 
Burr Wm. H., boilermr. 261 N Juniper 
Burr Wm. H., builder, 1618 Vine 
Burras Benjamin, shoemr. Gilmore pi, r 926 St 

Burras John S., shoemaker, 1021 St John 
Burrell Chas. B., pianos, 8u7 Chestnut, h 1132 

Burrell George, (col'd,) waiter, 1313 Shippen 
Burrichter Clements, stoves, 827 South 
Burris Andrew, (col'd,) bartender, 938 N 11th 
Burris Stephen, blacksm. Hay's la (Rox) 
Bums Wm. S., clerk, 759 Erie 
Burriss Benjamin, shingle dr. 1210 Deacon 
Burriss Emma, (col'd,) widow James, rear 727 

Burriss Thomas H., bricklayer, 1210 Deacon 
Burriss Wm., dealer, 19 Girard av Market, h 

Vernon n N 11th 
Burriss Wm., turner, 137 Laurel 
Burrough David W., gilder, 2 Eveline 
Burrough Elizabeth, teacher, 956 Shackamaxon 
Burrough Elizabeth, dealer, 143 Eastern Mkt. 
Burrough Samuel, trader, 7 S 2d St Market, h 

Gloucester, N J 
Burrough Thomas, dyer, Powder Mill la (Fkd) 
Burroughs Adelpha, widow John, 956 Shacka- 
Burroughs Benj. F., blacksmith, Marshall near 

Burroughs Edward, carp. 1431 N 12th 
Burroughs Horatio N., coal and iron, 108 S 4th, 

h 726 Spruce 
Burroughs John, Chelton av (Gtn) 
Burroughs Rachel, (col'd,) washer, 530 Buck- 
Burroughs Thomas L., blacksmith, Marshall n 

Burroughs Wm., Chelton av (Gtn) 
Burrow Wm., watch case mr. 620 Guilford 
Burrowes Edward B., clerk, r 1223 Kemble 
Burrows Chas., clerk, Franklin n Church (Fkd) 
Burrows Charles P., agent, 48 N 11th 

to the most bilious complexion a radiant whiteness. 




Burrows Daniel B., sea captain, 1231 Ogden 
Burrows Edward, agent, 509 S Front 
Burrows Elizabeth, washerwoman, 18 Queen 
Burrows Ellen, teacher, 1819 Addison 
Burrows George, plasterer, 224 N 11th 
Burrows Israel, clerk, 37 S 1 1th 
Burrows James, seaman, 611 Annapolis 
Burrows James, U. S. Mint, 110 S 22d 
Burrows James 15., tailor, 37 S 11th 
Burrows Jesse A., carpenter, Little Bovs' ct 

Arch, li 967 N 10th 
Burrows John, clothing, 1532 N 4th 
Burrows John, frame finisher, 1440 X 2d 
Burrows Joseph, clerk, 1819 Addison 
Burrows Joseph, trader, 1819 Addison 
Burrows Letitia, washerwoman, 18 Queen 
Burrows Maria, wid. John W.,»1804 Green 
Burrows Martha, teacher, 1819 Addison 
Burrows Stephen, lab. Paul n Meadow (Fkd) 
Burrows Stephen, lab. Hay's la (Rox) 
Burrows Thomas, 1520 Wood 

BURTON ARTHUR M., atty. & coun. 243 S 

5th, h 335 N 12th 
Burton Benjamin, (col'd) lab. r 637 St Mary 
Burton Benjamin C, shipwright, 920 Beach 
Burton Charles, tailor, 1410 South 
Burton Cyrus, coachman, York ab 38th (W P; 
Burton Dafi'a, (col'd; widow George, washing 1 , 3 

Belinda pi 
Burton E., boarding, 41 N 9th 
BURTON EDWARD, agency, 246 Spruce 
Burton Edward, ship carpenter, Sacramento av 
Burton Edward C, iron fronts, 12th c Noble, h 

1432 Poplar 
Burton Eliza, widow Robert, 1418 Walnut 
Burton Eliza, (col'd) dressmr. 509 Lombard 
Burton Eliza A., varieties, 550 N 17th 
Burton Emma, milliner, 735 Arch 
Burton George (col'd) oysters, 208 Brier pi 
Burton George R., tailor, 301 S 2d, li 735 Arch 
Burton Geo. W.,brok. 230 & h 16^6 Walnut 
Burton Guy M., (col'd) waiter, 509 Lombard 

Burrows Thomas, bleacher, Powder Mill lane Burton Harriet, (col'd) washerw. r 508 S 8th 

Burrows William, 1031 Vernon 
Burrows Wm., flour & feed, 929 N 2d 
Burrows Wm., seaman, r 237 Shippen 
Burrows Wm., tailor, 37 S 11th 
Burrows Wm. A., printer, Mill (Gtn) 
Bui-son Cath., wid Wm., seams., 1247 Alder 
Burson Edward C, salesman, 435 Market, 

Western Hotel 
Burt Alice, 1531 Walnut 

Burton Henry, telegraph op., Mulberry (Myk) 
Burton Henry A., wall papers, 155 N 6th 
Burton Isaac, (col'd) laborer, r 622 St Mary 
Burton James, painter, 2 Harper pi 
Burton Jas., (col'd) porter, 1001 Barley 
Burton John, 1418 Walnut 
Burton John, farmer, 513 Wharton 
Burton John, gold beater, Sloan n Powelton 

av (W P) 
Burton John, M. D. 648 N 11th 

Burt. Arthur A. Mrs., 1203 Walnut 

Burt Delia R., Prin. Summer St. Inst., 1626 Burton John, printer, 2 Harper pi 

Summer Burton John, jr., ship carp. 2 Harper pi 

Burt Horn. J., shoemr., 15 Byron, r 1337 Gtn av Burton John, shoemr. 405 Lombard 
Burt Ebenezer, jr., grocers, 10th c Walnut, h Burton John, (col'd) lab. 628 Bedford 

139 S 10th 

Burt Elias R., hosiery & trimmings, 308 S 2d 
Burt Frederick, surveyor, Carroll n Otis 
Burt James, jr, 320 s"l6th 
Burt James, carter, Walnut n 23d 
Burt James, teacher, 320 S 16th 
Burt James M., segars, 736 S 4th 
Burt John, carpenter, 1237 Lombard 
Burt John ML, turner, Carroll n Otis 
Burt Louis, baker, r 1302 N 3d 

Burton John, (col'd) waiter, 232 Currant a] 
Burton John A., atty. Sc coun., 504 Walnut, h 

242 N 5th 
Burton Joseph W., whipmr. 110 Marlborough 
Button Lavinia, (col'd) 242 Raspberry 
Burton London, (col'd) hodcr, 1225 Shippen 
Burton Martin V. B., clerk, 411 Gerker 
Burton Matilda, (col'd; washerw. 725 Lombard 
Burton Moses, (col'd) steward, r 420 Gaskill 
Burton Peter, cabinetmr. 224 Stamper al 

Burt Mary L., wid Nathaniel, Gtn av n Walnut Burton Peter, (col'd; porter, 1030 Barley 

(Gtn) Burton Purneil, (col'd) laborer, 1434 S 8th 

Burt Michael, driver, 910 Beach (Burton Rachael, (col'd) cook, r 421 South 

Burt Mich., tea, Whiteman's ct, r 1247 N Front Burton Robert, commission merchant, 122 S 

BURT M. L., grocer, N E c 10th &. Walnut, h 

139 S 10th 
Burt Phoebe A., wid Henry, 2011 Carlton 
Burt Thomas W., painter, r 31 1 Wildey 
Burtger Charles, musician, 410 Henry 
Burtis Aaron H., plasterer, 1129 Filbert 
Burtis Edward T., bricklayer, 258 N 15th 
Burtis Jane J., 1606 Vine 
Burton Aaron B., bridge builder, N 23d n Race 

Delaware av, h 1418 Walnut 
Burton Robert J., tinsmith, 143 N 6th, h Bel- 
grade n Columbia av 
Burton Rudolph J., clerk, 920 Beach 
Burton Sarah, widow Robert, 335 N 12th, 
Burton Sarah ('., wid. Wm. dry goods, 5j5 Vine 
Burton Stuart, oysterman, 3 Giebles pi r 219 

Burton Thomas, moulder, N 6th n York, 
Burton Thos. W., grain meas., 324 S Del. av 

& 338 Walnut, h 65 J N 13th 
Burton &. Clement, (Robert Burton <.\- Edward Burton William, seaman, 243 Lombard 

Clement,) com. mers, 112 S Del av Burton Wm., paper, N 6th c Columbia av 

Burton Ambrose, (col'd,) whitew., 611 Barclay Burton Wm., police, Trella n Denmark 
Burton Amos, convey. 139 N 7th, h 1220 N 13th Burton Wm. R., bookkeeper, 55U N 17th 
BURTON & LANNING, (William Burton $ Burton Wm. S., (col'd) waiter, 4 Julian 

Joshua Lanning) paper hangings, 602 Burwell Catharine, widow Henry, 2U52 Hand 

Arch, and factory, N 6th c Columbia av Burwell Thomas, stonecutter, 2052 Hand 
Burton Anthony, (col'd; waiter, r 524 Bedford Burwood David, tailor, 2126 & b 2132 Market 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Busa Charles, paper carrier, 1 Mayland 
Busby Abraham, boatman, Green la (Rox) 
Busby Emanuel, grocer, 1435 Vienna 
Busby Enoch, scourer, Levering- (Myk) 
Busby Robert, spinner, Thomas house Tacony 

Busby Stephen, wheelw. Little Wayne (Gnt) 
Busch Andrew, shoemaker, 6 Central pi 
Busch August, M. D. 116 Union 
Busch Augustus, clerk, 314 N Front 
Busch Elizabeth, boarding- 13 N 12th 
Busch Frederick, paper stainer, 712 S 13th 
Busch Georg-e, clerk, 916 Charlotte 
Busch Henry E., atty. & coun. 218 S 4th, h 

624 Locust 
Busch John F., bookbr., S 6th c Minor, house 

1007 Wistar 
Busch John S., coachmr., 6 Central place 
Busch Joseph, brush blocks, r 220 N 2d, h 134 

Holme's alley 
Buscher John F., blacksmith, 1232 Hope 
Busemann Raymond, dyer, 706 S 4th 
Buseng-er Lantz, mason N 7th n Meetler 
Buser Georg-e, stonemason, 1227 Thurlow 
Bush Anabella, widow, John IL, nurse, Bevan's 

court rear 223 Washing-ton av 
Bush A. E., clerk, h Merchants' Hotel 
Bush Barnet, wheelwrig-ht, Lawrence nNorris 
Bush Dag-er F., clerk, 303 Callowhill 
Bush Daniel, (col'd) seaman, 718 Cullen 
Bush Edwin, conductor, 829 N 12th 
Bush E. L., basketmr., 545 N 2d 
Bush Fredk., draym., r Gtn. av n Chatham 
Bush George, dyer, 2028 Pine 
Bush George, shoemaker, r905 S 5th 
Bush George, superintendent, 330 Richmond 
Bush Helena, Germantown av (C Hill) 
Bush Hiram, salesman, N 2d n Noble, h 724 Mar- 
Bush John, conductor, Dauphin n Memphis 
Bush John, hotel, Germantown av (C Hill) 
Bush John, laborer, 506 Hurst 
Bush John, f col'd) laborer, 1309 Pearl 
Bush John L., baskets, 508 N 2d, h N 2d c 

Bush Joseph, sawyer, 134 Holmes' alley rear 

300 New Market 
Bush's Line of Wilmington Packets, pier opp. 

22 S Delaware av 
Bush Mary, Jefferson (Myk) 
Bush Mary, wid. Geo. W., seamstress, h Gtn av 

(C Hill) 
Bush Robert S., trunkmr., Lawrence n Norris 
Bush Sarah, 113 Catharine 
Bush S. H. & Co., (S. H. Bush, % James E. 

Trexler,) tobacconists, 408 N 3d 
Bush Samuel H., tobacconist, N 3d h Callow- 
hill, h 303 Callowhill 
Bush Van C, dry goods, 137 N 3d, h 1314 Arch 
Bush William H., hotel, 413 & 415 N 3d 
Bushby William, carpenter, 924 S 11th 
Bushel Edward, hodcarrier, r 1626 South 
Bushel John, blacksmith, 2040 Lombard 
Bushel M., foundry, N 6th n York 
Bushel Patrick, laborer, May pi. r Lombard 
Bushell John, laborer, 133l"N 17th 
Bushman E. W., Wissahickon Half(Wiss) 
Bushong Charles A., printer, 2 Newbold 

Bushong Henry, alco. & fluid manuf., 215 and 

217 N. Broad, h Reading Pa 
Bushong Jacob, alcohol and fluid manuf., 215 & 

217 N Broad, h Reading Pa 
Bushong Philip, alcohol & fluid manuf., 215 and 

217 N Broad, h 247 N 18th 
BUSHONG PHILIP & SONS, (Philip, Jacob, 
S,- Henry Bushong,) alcohol and fluid men, 
215 & 217 N Broad 
Businger John, laborer, 174 Bodine 
Busman Ann H., widow John, 662 N 8th 
Buss Gottleib, morroco dresser, r 814 Rachel 
Busse Charles, laborer, 1225 N~2d 
Busser Jacob, feather renovator, 921 N 10th 
Bussier Bartholomew, inkmaker, 738 S 3d 
Bussier Daniel P., fruit, 110 S Delaware av, h 

1630 Arch 
Bussier Geo. W., butcher, Moy'g av market, h 

r 1314 S 2d 
Bussier Jane, widow Francis, 723 S 2nd. 
Bussier Joseph B., fruits, 108 S Del. av, h 224 

Bussier Wesley T., clerk, 738 S 3d 
Bussing Francis, grocer, N 5th n Gtn av 
Bussinger Frederick, weaver, Fisher's la (Gtn) 
Bussing-er Isaac M., clerk, Warren n 34th (W P) 
Bussinger Jacob, blacksmith, 136 Congress 
Bussinger M., lacemaker, 6 Steuben court 
Bussinger Mary, widow, seamstress, Fisher's la 

n (Gtn) 
Bustard Adam, provisions, 315 N 21st 
Bustard Margaret, wid. Geo., 1113 Shippen 
Bustard Margaret A., wid. James, 3 Cunning- 
ham's place 
Busterd Andrew, lab., Penna. av n Columbia 
Bustill Charles C, (col'd) porter, r 416 Gaskill 
Bustill Chas. H., (col'd) plastr., 908 Buttonwood 
Bustill David, plasterer, 418 Callowhill 
Bustill James M., plasterer, 418 Callowhill, h 

829 N 1 1th 
Bustleton Hotel, (Bustleton) 
Butcher Alexander, tailor, r 1214 S 7th 
BUTCHER & BRO., {Washington % John,) 

provisions, 146 and 148 N Front 
Butcher Anna M., dressmaker, 1337 Vine 
Butcher B. F., salesm., 432 Market, h 209 S 6th 
Butcher Clement B., lastmaker, 108 Vanhorn 
Butcher Eben., lab., Haines n Gtn av (Gtn) 
BUTCHER HENRY B., metal roofer, 36 & 38 

n 12th, h 40 n 12th 
Butcher Jacob, late blacksmith, School (Gtn) 
Butcher Jas. T., wheelrht.,216 Frankford (Fkd) 
Butcher James W., soap, 5th cor Arch, h 1013 

Butcher John, car driver, Mill (Gtn) 
Butcher John, provisions, 146 N Front, h 114 

N 18th 
Butcher John R., coachtr., Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Butcher Joseph, potter, 311 Beaver 
Butcher Joseph, shoemaker, 1147 N 3d 
Butcher Joseph, wheelwright, 1502 N 5th 
Butcher Nelson, lab., Hedge n Orthodox (Fkd) 
Butcher Patrick, bricklayer, 3 Hawthorn av 

rear 1701 Barker 
Butcher Philip, shoemaker, Hale n Columbia 
Butcher Robert, painter, 1002 Ward 
Butcher Samuel, gate keeper, Gtn av (C Hill) 
Butcher Samuel, shoemkr., 1127 Passyunk av 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Butcher's & Drovers Union Drove Yard, Hav-I Butler James, (col'd) stevedore, American near 

erford n N 31st (\V F) Chatham 

Butcher T 13., treasurer, Gtn av n Annat (Gtn) Butler J. G. Rev., Chestnut near 40th (W P) 

BUTCHER THOMAS T., office 112 S 4th, h 

35th c Race (\V P) 
Butcher Washington, provisions, 146 N Front, 

h 1821 Vine 
Butcher William, clerk, 509 Wharton 
Butcher William R., bartdr., Black Horse House 
Butcher William U., clerk, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Bute & Smith {Charles L. Bute if Edward 0. 

Smith) sugar refiners, 432 Crown 

Butler Jas. P, coal. 125 N Broad, h 909 N 15th 
Butler Jane, widow William, Germantown av 

(C Hill) 
Butler Jeremiah, dealer, 62 Shippen st market, 

h 403 Shippen 
Butler Jeremiah, storage, Broad & Wood, h N 

17th cor Vine 
Butler John, carter, S Front near Reed 
Butler John, variety, Cresson n Levering- (Myk) 

Bute Charles L., sugar refiner, 432 Crown, h Butler John A., paver, 208 Prime 

725 X 5th 

Buthereye Alfred, weaver, Adams n Adrian 
Butland John, cutter, r 408 Shippen 
Butland Samnel, sawmaker, 732 Front 
Butler Adam, painter, 230 Allen 
Butler Amy, tailoress, 129 Queen 
BUTLER & McCART.Y (Franklin Butler $ 

Edward McCarty) silversmiths, 131 N 2d 

Butler John G., salesman, S W c 5th & North 
| Butler John M. s cigar maker, 1029 N 2d 
BUTLER JOHN M., engraver, printer h. pub- 
lisher, 242 Chestnut, h 730 S 10th 
Butler Joseph, laborer, Gtn av (C Hill) 
Butler Joseph, watchman, 16 Carlton 
Butler Joshua M., clerk, Mill (Gtn) 
Butler Lewis, waiter, 607 Barclay 

Butler Andrew A., merchant, 32 S Front, h 5th Butler Lewis, (col'd,) waiter, Minster n S 6th 

c North 

Butler Ann, wid. Toby, seamstrs., 1232 Fitzwtr 
Butler Ann, (colored) wid. 721 Montcalm 
Butler A. P., publisher, h Mt Vernon Hotel 
Butler Bayard, clerk, Church lane (Gnt) 
Butler Bridget, widow, 308 Bells court 
Butler Caleb (col'd) laborer, r 718 South 
Butler Caroline, widow, 1229 Kemble 
Butler Catharine, wid. Michael, 1719 Carlton 
Butler Chas., lab,, Lane, av ah Harlem (W P) 
Butler Charles, moulder, Burrs av n Wood 
Butler Charles L., millwright, 15 Edwin 

Butler Margaret, wid. Michael, candies, 2029 

Butler Maria C, washerwoman, 1718 Sansom 
Butler Mary, seamstress, Wissahickon Pike 
Butler Mary, (col'd,) domestic, 517 S 7th 
Butler Michael, laborer, Irving c S 37th (W P) 
Butler Michael, waiter, White n S 15th 
Butler Otis C, secretary, 1916 Lombard 
Butler Patrick, saddler," 1239 N Front 
Butler Peter, carpenter, 811 Fallon 
Butler Peter, mason, 2020 Hampton 

Hutler Peter, shoemaker, 2015 Hampton 
Butler Edward, hostler, Mullen near Somerset BUTLER PIERCE, lawyer, 424 Walnut, h 331 
Butler Edward, news depot, 417 Chestnut S Broad 

Butler Edward, shoemaker 1311 S 2d Butler Pierce, painter, r 734 Race 

Butler Edward, shoemaker, 922 Poplar Butler Reese, machinist, 1036 S 5th 

BUTLER E. H. & CO. {Elijah H Butler) pub- Butler Robert, laborer, 129 Queen 

lishers, 137 S 4th Butler Robert, restaurant, 108 N Water 

Butler Edward P., coal, 110 Walnut, h 307 Pine Butler Samuel, 240 S 9th 
Butler Elijah 1L, publisher, 137 S 4th, h Ger- Butler Samuel, tailor, 109 Kershaw 

mantown av near Haines (Gtn) Hutler Samuel, teamster, 1221 S 2d 

Butler Elisha Y., publisher, 108 S 4th, h Wash- Butler Samuel, weaver, Manheim (Gtn) 

mgton House 
Butler Eliza (col'd) wid. John, 1037 Barley 
Butler Eliz., wid. Joseph, cakes, 687 N 12th 

Butler Samuel M., clerk, 434 Market, h Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Butler Sarah, wid., 1 r 734 Race 


Butler S*cth H , ass. sec, 408 Walnut, h 1916 

Butler Sophia, (cold,) domestic, Lisbon n 

Butler Theodore, N 22d n Arch 

Butler Franklin, silmth, 131 N 2d, h 416 N 6th Butler Sarah, (col'd,) wid. Matthew, 637 St 
Butler Gabriella, widow John, farmer, York av 

near Gtn 
Butler George, (col'd) laborer, Foulkrod near 

Willow (Fkd) 
Butler George, (col'd) laborer, rear 413 S 11th 
Butler George S., telegrapher, 924 Lafayette 

Butler Henry, (col'd) waiter, r222 Brier place Butler Thomas, hostler, 807 Poplar 
Butler Henry L., printer, Market cor S 2d, h Butler Thomas, printer, r 734 Race 

71S Washington av BUTLER THOMAS, tinsmith, 9 S 7th 

Butler Henry S., machinist, N 17th cor Vine i Butler Thomas, tinsmith, 606 Moss 
Butler Henry W., jeweller, 1228 Marshall Butler Thomas S., painter, 406 Quince 

Butler Ira, carpenter, 1235 Marlborough j Butler Walter, weaver, Bringhurst (Gtn) 

Butkr Isabella B., teacher, Frankford ab Har- Butler Ward C, agent, 601 Chestnut, h 713 S 

rison (Fdk) 8th 

Butkr Isaiah H., collector, 1126 Passyunk av Butler Washington, machinist, 1814 Penna av 
Butler James, drayman, X 22d near Cherry Butler William, foreman, Bedford n S 15th 

Butler James, stoveblacker, 8 Brush row Butler William, paver, 208 Prime 

Butler James, (colored) laborer, Foulkrod near, Butler William, varnisher, 516 South 

Willow (Fkd) Butler William, (col'd,) barber, 1210 Salem al 

Butler James, (col'd) por., 1319 Moyamnsg ay 1 Butler William, (col'd,) laborer, 1613 Moravian 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Celebrated Depilatory Powder, for 




Butler William H., alderman, 322 N 6th 
Butler William H., coach trimmer, 713 S 8th 
Butler William P., coachmaker School (Gtn) 
Butler William T., seer, fire assoc, 34 N 5th, 

h 823 Franklin 
Butlier Antonio, baker, 1123 South 
Butscher Jacob, shoemaker, 725 Julia 
Butscher Peter, shoemaker, 7 Brown 
Butt Casper, buttonmaker, 120 Edward 
Butt John M., turner, r 1533 Hancock 
Butterfield Edward J., carpenter, 815 Yhost 
Butterfield, Frederick, dry goods, 119 Chest- 
nut, h New York City 
Butterfield Hannah, stationer, 1524 Fkd rd 
Butterfield Jesse S., gunsmith, 1528 Frankford 

av, h 1524 Frankford av 
Butterfield Sarah, wid. Benjamin, 1518 Fkd av 
Butters Thomas, cordwainer, r 1313 S 10th 
Butter worth Charles W., clothier, 518 Market, 

h 713 Spring Garden 
Butterworth Edmund, clubber, American n 

Columbia av 
Butterworth Ellis N., dyer, Jefferson Mill 

Butterworth Francis, beamer, 1204 Thurlow 
Butterworth James, cigarmaker, Elizabeth n 

Sellers (Fkd) 
Butterworth James, peddler, Wood (Myk) 
Butterworth John, wool sorter, 1105 Hope 
Butterworth Henry W., tin plate worker, 29 

Haydock, h 909 Charlotte 
Butterworth James, shoemaker, Carroll n Firth 
Butterworth Thomas, saw polisher, 1105 Sites 
Butterworth Wm., machinist, Adam n Holman 
Butterworth William, spinner, Letterly n Car- 
Butthoff Constantine, barber, 814 Cherry 
Button Conyers, hosiery, Walnut lane, (Gtn) h 

Gtn avenue cor Walnut lane (Gtn) 
Button, John & Sons, {Joseph $ Gonyers,) hos- 
iery, Walnut lane (Gtn) 
Button John, hosiery, Walnut lane, (Gtn) h Gtn 

avenue cor Walnut lane (Gtn) 
Button Joseph, hosiery, Walnut lane, (Gtn) h 

Gtn avenue near Herman (Gtn) 
Button Joshua, weaver, Mechanic (Gtn) 
BUTTON STEPHEN D., architect, 26 8c 27 
Merch. Exchange, h Mickle n 4th, Camden 
Button William, dyer, Bowman (Gtn) 
Button William, engineer. 114 Girard avenue 
Butts Charles, furnishing goods, 27 N 8th, h 

233 N 20th 
Butz Adam, commission merchant, 137 N Water, 

Buzby A. G., clerk, 701 Vine 

Buzby & Co., (Geo. L. Buzby $ Jno. L. Buzby,) 

commission merchants, 931 & 933 Market 
Buzby Bertram A., salesman, 305 N 2d, h 493 


Buzby Charles, dyer, Grape (Myk) 
Buzby Edmond H., 24 Merrick 
Buzby Ephraim, restaurant, 401 Chestnut, h N J 
Buzby Georg-e, carpenter, h (OIney) 
Buzbv George L., commission merchant, 931 6c 

933 Market, h 24 Merrick 
Buzby Henry C, carpenter, Pine road 
Buzby Hezekiah II., carp., I'.ringhurst (Gtn) 
Buzby Howard A., carp., Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Buzby Jacob, laborer, Cedar Grove 
Buzby John, farmer, Asylum road 
Buzby John L., commission merchant, 931 8c 

933 Market, h 1342 Chestnut 
Buzby Maria, widow of Hezekiah, 24 Merrick 
Buzby Mary, widow of Isaac, Asylum road 
Buzby Mary, wid. of Jos. W., b.'h., 263 S 8th 
Buzby Nathan H., secretary, 402 Walnut, h 

(Burlington N J) 
Buzby Samuel, farmer, 45 Callowhill st market, 

h (Rancocas N J) 
Buzby Sarah G., wid. Jno. AY., Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Buzby Thomas, driver, 2213 Coates 
Buzbv William, farmer, 35 Shippen st market, h 

Carpenter's landing, Gloucester co., N J 
Buzby William, laborer, Asylum road 
Buzby William A., confectioner, 1624 Ridg-e av 
Buzzard Edward, 1005 Beach 
Buzzard Robert, tailor, Centre (Gtn) 
Buzzard William, shoemaker, Centre (Gtn) 
Buzzy Mary, widow of Charles, Potts n N 12th 
Byane Richard S., ice dealer, Queen n S 2d, h 

1304 S 4th 
Byard Ann, (coPd) wid. washing, Queen (Gtn) 
Byard Henry, (col'd) coachman, 1030 Lombard 
Bvard Nathan, (colored) waiter, 720 Fallon 
Bvard Richard B. B., 1026 Walnut 
Byard Richard H., 1026 Walnut 
Bye Charles, butcher, 110 Race st market, h 

255 N 15th 
Bye Samuel K., carpenter, 123 N Juniper, h 

1226 Spring Garden 
Bver George, rear 1313 Cherry 
Byer George, batcher, 218 Greenwich 
Byer George, hostler, 2239 Wood 
Bver John, basketmaker, rear 1123 N 2d 
Bver John D., case maker, 101 S 8th, h 237 

Byer Sally, dressmaker, 805 Mack'naw 
Bver William, cabinetmaker, 1151 N 4th 

h 675 N 11th 

Butz Benneville K., clerk, h Black Horse hotel j Byer William, engraver, 2143 Shars ood 
Butz George, treasurer, 327 Walnut, 8c brewer,! Byerly Ann Mrs., 1324 Arch 

945 N 3d, h 818 N 5th Byerly Alfred, clerk, 1324 Arch 

Butz George, jr., brewer, 938 N 3d, h 818 N 5th jByerly Charles, 1324 Arch 

Butz Leonard, shoemaker, 1517 Brinton 
Butz Matthew, turner, Oxford near Lawrence 
Butz Matthias, brassfounder, Oxford n Law- 
Butz Peter, confectioner, 322 Girard avenue 
Butz Peter, hides, 1300 Marshall 
Bux Joseph, baker, rear Geiss near Dauphin 
Buxton Francis L , agent, 414 S 5th 
Buyder Joseph, shoemaker, Norris near Front 
Buzbv Algernon, farmer, Asydum road 

Byerly Frank, coal, 239 N Broad, h 1324 Arch 

Byerly Jacob, boat builder, 313 Richmond 

Byerly Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 810 S Front 

Bverly John, bootmaker, 1503 Seybert 

Byerly John, laborer, 1046 Beach 

Byers Alexander, blacksmith, 730 Montcalm 

Byers George F., coach trimmer, 1205 Darien 

Byers Hans M. H., 831 Swanson 

Byers Henry, late grocer, 1215 Francis 

! Byers Hesse, widow of Joseph, 2009 South 

removing superfluous hair from the face and arms of ladies. 




Myers Hugh, laborer, Township line 
Byers John, laborer, (Fox Chase) 
Byers Joseph, blacksmith, Bustleton rd 
livers Joseph, laborer, Dungan rd 
Byers Joseph, shoemaker, 19J3 Xaudain 
Byers Mary, (col'd) cook, r 333 Barclay 
Byington William C, M. 1)., 1014 Spg Garden 
Bynard Daniel, (col'd) laborer, 236 Brier pi 
Byram .lames, laborer, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Byram James, stereotypist, Mulberry (Myk) 
Byram John, machinist, Mulberry (Myk) 
Byram Joseph H., engraver, 112 S 3d, h 1115 

Bvram Joseph L., carpenter, Sellers n Leiper 

Byram Ralph, grocer, Sellers n Leiper (Fkd) 
Byram Sam, grocery & tavern, Market, opp. 

Insane Asylum (W P) 
Byrne & Smith, (William Bi/rne $ Edward 

Smith,) furniture, 231 S 2d 
Byrne Ann, wid Michael, Robeson (Myk) 
Byrne Bridget, wid Matthew, 9 Sbelburn av 
Byrne 1 Christopher, carpenter, Powelton av n 

N 37th (W P) 
Byrne Edward, porter, 410 N Front 
Byrne Edward, weaver, r 1242 Christian 
Byrne George, printer, 203 Ristine 
Byrne James, clerk, 124 Almond 
Byrne James, shoemaker, r 844 Orchard 
Byrne John, agent, 2 Armstrong's ct 
Byrne Jo' n, currier, 336 Dillwyn 
Byrne John, produce, 906 Atherton 
Byrne John, shoemaker, 703 Moss 
Byrne John, weaver, Pennsylvania av c 24th 
Byrne Mary, wid John, 409 Queen 
Byrne Michael, carter, 1410 S Sth 
Byrne Michael, porter, 513 Mendon pi 
Byrne Michael A., laborer, 513 Mendon pi 
Byrne Patrick, shoemaker, 724 Fallon 
Byrne Patrick, shoemaker, 704 Plover 
Byrne Peter, binder, 9 Shelburne av 
Bj cne Peter, bricklayer, N 21st n Hamilton 
Byrne Peter, porter, 15 Bowery pi 
Byrne Thomas, porter, Pawn n Oxford 
Byrne Timothy, laborer, 1033 Master 
Byrne William, furniture, 231 S 2d, h Farmers 

Byrne William, laborer, 906 Atherton 
Byrne James, tailor, 1008 S 8th 
Byrnes Joint, machinist, 1535 Seybert 
Byrnes J. F., atty. & coum, 424 Library, h 41 

Byrnes Patrick, huckster, 1404 Warnock 
Byrnes Pearce, porter, 1 Tamany ct 
Byrnes Thomas, bartender, 604 Christian 
Byrnes Thomas, hotel, Ridge avenue n James 

(Falls Schl) 
Byrnes Timothy, watchman, 637 N 7th 
Byrnes Timothy A., com. mer., 219 Church al 

h 1319 Girard av 
Byrnes Walter, peddler, 938 Cross 
Byrnes Walter, silk manuf., 125 Dock 
Byrnes William, laborer, 906 Atherton 
Byrnes William, laborer, 230 S Water 
Byrnes William J., watchmaker, 1404 Warnock 
Byrns Arthur, weaver, Palethorp n York 
Byrns Joseph, mason, Greenhill n Master 
Byrns Terrence, laborer, Greenhill n Master 

Bvron Danby, machinist, 506 Washington av 
Byron Ellen, wid Patrick, Fitler n Chatham 
Byron James, laborer, 963 N Delaware av 
Byron John, grocer, Warren n 3.5th (W P) 
Bywater Charles, saddler, 1 Desota 
Bywater Maurice, bookbinder, 1234 Spruce 
Bywater William S., tinsmith, 1 Desota 

Cabada E. F., com. mer.,*204 S Front, h West 

Cabale Louis, wig-maker, 13 S 9th 
Cabe Jonathan J., engineer, 1506 Ogden 
CABEEN & CO., (Robert B. Cabee'n # Adam 
A. Konigmacker,) iron mers., 208 N Dela- 
ware av and 209 N Water 
Cabeen Robert B., iron, 208 N Del av and 209 

N water, h Cottage row (Gtn) 
Caberv Richard, weaver, 1329 Mariner 
CABOT & PEMBERTON, (John F. Cabot <V 
Clifford Pemberton,) brokers in drugs, 
dyes, chemicals, Calcutta goods, and gene- 
ral merchandise, 135 S Front 
Cabot John F., broker, 135 S Front, h 1202 

Cabot Joseph, pres, 105 Walnut, h 1106 Spruce 
Cabry John, provisions, 820 Carpenter 
Cacherle Stephen, weaver, York n Sepviva 
Cadbury Joel, dry goods, 18 Letetia, factory 

Main (Myk), h 522 Franklin 
Cadbury Joel, jr., 252 Franklin 
Cadbury John W., 252 Franklin 
Cadbury Richard, com. mer., 117 Chestnut, h 

Chelten hill 
CaddeD Kenneth, shoemaker, a 1316 Corn 
Cadden Thomas, laborer, 1247 Wood 
Cade Ezekiel, 999 Randolph 
Cade Henry M., produce, 6 Vine, h 1306 Marl- 
Cade John W., waterman, 1306 Marlborough 
Cade Margaret, wid William, 414 N 6th 
Caudieux Henry, cabinetmaker, 310 Lombard 
Cadmus Frederick, shoes, 300 Market, h 422 

Appletree al 
Cadmus James M-, clerk, 300 Market, h Lan- 
caster av n Pascal 
CADMUS JEREMIAH, boots & shoes, 736 

Market, h 835 Wood 
Cadmus Michael C, boots &. shoes, 300 Market, 

h 530 North 
Cadwalader Edward, wireworker, 219 N 9th 
CADWALADER GEORGE, gent., 925 Chest- 
Cadwalader Isaac J., 608 S 10th 
Cadwalader John, country store, (Fox Chase) 
Cadwalader John, judge U. S. District Court, 

25 J S 4th 
Cadwalader Thomas, 1131 Chestnut 
Cadwalader William, 125 N 18th 
Cadwalader Allen M., flour, 1727 Frankford 

rd, b 103 Laurel 
CADWALLADER C. & D. S., (Charles Cad- 
irul/ader <$' David S. Cadwallader,) lumber, 
Coates c Delaware avenue 
Cadwallader Charles, carpenter, 318 Marshall 
Cadwallader Charles, lumber, Coates c Dela- 
ware av, h Blockley 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Cadwallader Cyrus, flour & feed, 1412 Parish, 

h N 16 c Parrish 
Cadwallader Cvrus, pres., 134 S 4th, treas. 136 

S 4th, h 1427 N 7th 
Cadwallader David S., lumber, Coates c Dela- 
ware av h 607 N 12th 
Cadwallader Jacob A., teacher, 1429 Vine 
Cadwallader Reuben A., shoemaker, Lehman c 

Wayne Gtn 
Cadwallader Wm. R., clerk, 505 Minor, h 314 

Cady Charles E., M. D., 1603 Frankford av 
Caemmer John, spinner, Main n Grape (Myk) 
Caemmerer Wm. F., painter, 1115 Hope 
Caesor John, bootfitter, 2007 Market 
Caffee Ward J. salesman, 508 Market, h Noble 

near 8th 
Cafferty Charles, lab., 2218 Cuthbert 
Cafferty Vanroom R., bricklayer 228 Christian 
Caffery Jas., bricklaver, r Savannah ct n Beach 
Caffery Patrick, lab! 94 Bedford 
Caffery Wm., bricklr, r Savannah ct n Beach 
Caffrey Isaac, tailor 130 N 9th 
Caffrey James, porter, 1626 Barker 
Caffrey John, bricklayer, r 1017 Palmer 
Caffrey Joseph, laborer, 216 Stamper al 
Caffrey Margaret widow John 216 Stamper al 
Caffrey Owen, moulder, 1239 S Front 
Caffrey Owen, tallow chandler, Front above 

Caffrey Stephen, printer, 171 Master 
Cagney Cornelius, plasterer} 262 Girard av 
Cagney Michael, r 6 Marston 
Cahalf John, teamster, 1228 Potts 
Cahill & Sons {Michael, James $ John Cahill) 

coachmakers, 1013 Ridge av 
Cahill Bernard, lab, Ellsworth n Passyunk av 
Cahill Catharine, wid Michael, Monroe (Tacony) 
Cahill Daniel, clerk, 816 Tasker 
Cahill Daniel, hotel, 19 N Juniper 
Cahill Daniel, lab., r 514 S 6th 
Cahill Edward, britanniaware, rN Market 
Cahill James, 24 S 12th. 
Cahill James, coachmr, 1013 Ridge av. h 1120 

Cahill John, coachmr, 1013 Ridge av. h 1120 

Cahill John, lab. Huntingdon n Cedar 
Cahill John, lab. 157 Master 
Cahill John, painter, 1217 Market 
Cahill John, sheetironworker, Courtland pi r 

306 New Market 
Cahill John, teamster, 901 Lafayette 
Cahill Kate, clerk, 913 Spring Garden 
Cahi.'l Margaret, widow Patrick, 1622 Carlton 
Cahill Michael, coachmr, 1013 Ridge av h 1120 

Cahill Michael, huckster, 156 Willow 
Cahill Michael, lab. 43 N 21st 
CAHILL MICHAEL, slater, 851 Nllth,h 499 

Cahill Michael J., bartender, r 5 Carman pi 
Cahill Patrick, britanniaware maker, 334 Gaskill 
Cahill Patrick, founder, 1608 Sansom 
Cahill Patrick, lab. Cedar n Pepper 
Cahill Patrick, lab., James (Falls Schuylkill) 
Cahill Patrick, porter, 816 Tasker 
Cahill Richard, 2420 Lombard 

Cahill Richard, agent, 2228 Summer 
Cahill Richard F., clerk, 2420 Lombard 
Cahill Stephen, porter, 613 Vincent 
Cahill Thomas, lab. Huntingdon n Cedar 
Cahill Thomas, lab. 2537 Pine 
Cahill Thomas, shoes, 1513 South 
CAHILL THOMAS E., coal & ice, 325 Wal- 
nut; coal, Pine wh'f Schuy'l; ice, Lom- 
bard c S 25th, h 25th & Lombard 
Cahill Wm., undertaker, 1326 Catharine 
Cahill Wm., tinsmith, 1212 Darien 
Cahn Abraham, clothing, 256 N 2nd, h 236 Vine 
Gaboon James W., wheelwright, 122 Otter 
Cahoon Louisa, truck, 101- Race st. Market, h 

1204 Olive 
Caihal Catharine, widow John, Edgemont n 

Cailhopper Charles B., carpenter, 1208 Ogden 
Cailly Hubert, (late hair dresser) 1123 Fitzwater 
Cain A. H., ship chandler, 422 S Delaware av 

h Beck's pi 
Cain Catharine, widow John, 7 Horner av 
Cain Charle-, laborer, 2318 Pine 
Cain Charles, mason, Herman (Gtn) 
Cain Charles (col'd) porter, Sharkey's ct n 

Cain Daniel, 1740 South 
Cain David (col'd) waiter, r 422 Gaskill 
Cain Eliza, seamstress, 805 Carpenter 
Cain Frank, weaver, Osprey n Brandywine 
Cain George P., shoemaker, 1208 Hope 
CAIN, 1IACKEH & COOK {Thomas Cain, Mor- 
ris Hacker &; Jesse M. Cook) coal miners 
and shippers, 138 Walnut & Woodland 
wharf Schuylkill 
Cain Hannah, wid. James, r 2023 Hand 
Cain Hugh, laborer, r 2023 Hand 
Cain James, fisherman, 2124 Wood 
Cain James, laborer, 1626 Buttonwood 
Cain James, seaman, 1609 Wood 
Cain John, laborer, r 978 Delaware av 
Cain John, laborer, McPherson's ct n Hamilton 
Cain John, laborer, 315 Monroe 
Cain John, porter, 1309 Brinton 
Cain Joshua S., (col'd) barber, Gtn av n Car- 
penter (Gtn) 
Cain Luke, laborer, Earp n N 20th 
Cain Mary, Richmond n Ann 
Cain Mary Ann, wid. Henry, tailoress, Metcalf 

n Shippen 
Cain Mathew, laborer, 17 Reed 
Cain Patrick, laborer, 2023 Hand 
Cain Patrick, shoemaker, 710 Rare 
Cain Peter, laborer, Salmon n William (R) 
Cain Peter, waterman, 15 Mead 
Cain Robert, machinist, 646 Sears 
Cain Samuel H., (col'd) whitewr., McMullin ct 
Cain Thomas, chemist, 1234 Struthers 
Cain Thomas, coal, 138 Walnut, h 622 N 5th 
Cain Thomas, laborer, r 965 Beach 
Cain Thomas, tailor, 761 S 13th 
Cain William, paperhanger, 311 Dean 
Cain William, shoemaker, r 845 Marriott 
Cain William C, segars, 217 S 13th 
Cain William H., machinist, 829 Knox 
Caines William H., carpenter, 624 Carpenter 
Cairl Louden S., pianos, 930 Arch, h 1020 Vernon 
Cairn Thomas, junk., 10 S 19th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Cairns James, moulder, 1645 Thompson 
Cairns John, fireman, Somerset c Salmon 
Cairns John, inspector, 1205 Wood 
Cairns John, lab., Federal c Gray's Ferry rd 
Cairns Joseph, drayman, 130 S 20th 
Cairns William, hats &. caps, 1620 Market 
Cairns William, tailor, r 7U6 S 3d 

•Caldwell John jr., currier, 701 S 2d 
Caldwell John A., merchant, 501 Commerce, h 

at Chester 
Caldwell J hn D., carp., Armat, h Clinton (Gtn) 
Caldwell John J., printer, 514 S 12th 
Caldwell John R., mer., 16 Bank, h 1230 Coates 
Caldwell John R. jr., clerk, 1230 Coates 

Cairns William G., supt., 254 S Front, h 106 Caldwell Jonathan, collector, 1119 Moyamcn- 

Spruce sing- av 

Cake, Boulden & Co., {Jacob F. Cake, Jesse Caldwell Joseph, clerk, 9 S 16th 

Boulden <| Thompson Newkirk,) importers Caldwell Joseph,' painter, 1458 Columbia av 

wines, gec, 118 Market Caldwell Joseph, tavern, 713 S 15th 

Cake Charles, paperh anger, 705 Ulrich Caldwell J. Warring-ton, clerk, h at Chester 

Cake Elizabeth, wid. Matthias, 546 Chatham Caldwell Jos. AV., elk., 308 Market, h 9 S 16th 
Cake Henry, tailor, Haydock c X Front Caldwell Maria, wid James S., 258 N 9th 

Cake Jacob F., merchant, 118 Market, h 1905 Caldwell Mary, trimmings, 206 Allen 

Green Caldwell Robert, laborer, 2013 South 

Calahan Andrew, tinsmith, 507 Fitzwater Caldwell Robert S., merchant, 330 Market, h 

Calaban Thomas, weaver, Bodine n Columbia 510 Wood 

Calahan Thomas S., wheelwright, 1018 Gtn av, Caldwell Samuel, 1228 Marlborough 

h 958 N 5th Caldwell Samuel W. jr., druggist, 1027 Shippen 

Calary Hugh, seaman, 739 S 6th Caldwell Seth, coal, 112 Walnut, h 2^39 

Calaspy Patrick, farmer, Oxford plk rd 
Caldcleugh Andrew, 143u Chestnut 
Caldcleugh Robert, 1430 Chestnut 
Caldcleugh William, 1430 Chestnut 
Calderhead Isabella, wid Alexander, carpet- 

Caldwell Seth jr., coal, 112 Walnut, h 2039 

Caldwell Stephen A., merchant, 18 S Front, h 

1112 Guard 

weaving, 1612 Barker, h 1714 St Joseph's av Caldwell Thomas, brickmaker, 1341 Brinton 

Caldwell Thomas, carter, S 16th n Wharton 

Calderhead William, weaver, 115 Edward 

Caldwell Alexander, grocer, 725 Baker 

Caldwell Alfred H., clerk, 2.51 S 3d 

Caldwell Andrew, plumber, 13u8 Ridge av 

Caldwell Andrew D., carpenter, 770 N 24th 

Caldwell Ann, wid. William, 1118 Lentz 

Caldwell Ann, wid. AA'illiam, 515 Plt.ii 

Caldwell Charles ML, watclicase maker, 1119 Caldwell William, merchant, Market 

Movamensing av 629 Catharine 

Caldwell Charles P., whips & canes, 4 N 4th, Caldwell William, printer, 516 Wilder 

Caldwell Thomas, clerk, 846 N Broad 
Caldwell Timothy S., clerk, 1020 Spg Garden 
Caldwell Wm., blacksmith, 1163 Passyunk av 
Caldwell William, cordwainer, 1610 Coates 
Caldwell AVilliam, drayman, 1629 Moravian 
Caldwell William, laborer, 1 Evans 

d, h 

h N 34th c Haverford (W P) 
Caldwell Charles AA\, agent, 346 S 4th 

Caldwell AVilliam, reporter, 2 Frieston's pi 
Caldwell AVilliam, trunkmaker, 306 German 

Caldwell David, grocer, 1144 Coates, h 691 N Caldwell AVilliam G., drv" goods, 29 N 8th, h 
12th 258 N 9th 

Caldwell AVilliam H., cloths, 223 Market, h 629 

Caleby Edward L., weaver, r 157 Otter 
Caleby James ML, salesman, Fisher n S 6th 
Caler John, blacks., Cadwalader n Montgomery 

Caldwell David, laborer, 717 Montcalm 

Caldwell Edward E., boilermr., 1712 Grayson 

Caldwell Eliza, milliner, 824 Arch . 

Caldwell Eliza, wid. AVilliam, 718 S 16th 

Caldwell Francis, shoemaker, 409 Prune 

Caldwell Francis M., dry goods, h 258 N 9th 

Caldwell Henry A., com. mer., 107 S AA'ater, h Caler James, tailor, 927 Sansom 

309 Carpenter Caley Samuel, 1618 Summer 

Caldwell James, 9 S 16th Caley Wesley, plasterer, 1132 Anita 

Caldwell James, carter, 1707 Market Calhoun Alexander, brassworker, 1244 Mervine 

Caldwell James, engineer, Francis n S 12th Calhoun Alexander, porter, 18 Bowery pi 
Caldwell Jas., tailor, 2 Vicker's ct r 1711 Barker Calhoun Andrew, laborer, School (Bridesbnrg) 
Caldwell James E., & Co., (Edwin Langton >.V Calhoun Charles, plasterer,' 1 Baldwin pi 

Richard A- Lewis.) jewelers, 822 Chestnut Calhoun David, carter, 1145 S 16th 
Caldwell James E., jeweler, 822 Chestnut, h Calhoun David, clerk, 232 Washington av 

Manheim c Green (Gtn) Calhoun Ezra, U. S. Mint, h 808 Erie 

Caldwell James M., clerk, 7 N 5th, h 9 S 16th Calhoun George, carpenter, 919 Rodman 
Caldwell Jane, boarding, 1225 Fitzwater Calhoun G. C, h American Hotel 

Caldwell Jerome S., clerk, Belmont av (W P) Calhoun George R., M. I)., 2 S 9th 
Caldwell John, 5 Landreth n Jacoby Calhoun George AA"., clerk, 1 10 Chestnut, h 1615 

Caldwell John, cordwainer, 11 Gatchelspl Randolph 

Caldwell John, importer, 13 Bank, h Spruce c Calhoun James, drayman, 1214 Silver 

S 39th Calhoun James, laborer, Westmoreland n N 

Caldwell John, papcrstaincr, 718 Medina 40th (W P) 

Caldwell John, porter, 608 Fitzwater • Calhoun James, porter, 719 Lindsay 

Caldwell John, restaurant, 701 S 2d Calhoun Jane, wid John, 1906 Naudain 

Jules Hauel &. Co.'s Eau Lustrale prevents the hair from 




Calhoun John, carpenter, 1343 Christian 
Calhoun John, china, 518 S 19th 
Calhoun John, clerk, 1204 Olive 
Calhoun John, drayman, Ridg-e av c Green 
Calhoun John, driver, 503 Mendon pi 
Calhoun John, tailor, 927 Sansom, h 8 S 13th 
Calhoun Joseph, shoemaker, 102 Almond 
Calhoun Moses, weaver, Ella n Amber 
Calhoun Robert, brickmaker, 1145 S 16th 
Calhoun Samuel, carpenter, r 734 Race 
Calhoun Samuel, stonecutter, 1204 Olive 
Calhoun Samuel A., shoemaker, 1514 Palmer 
Calhoun William, butcher, Morris c S Front 
Calhoun William, carter, 1145 S 16th 
Calhoun William, drayman, 1914 Wilcox 
Calhoun William, feed, 2121 Lombard, h Albion 

c Lombard 
Calhoun Wm., silversmith, 1309 Pine 
Calhoun Wm., waterman, 1134 Hewston 
Calker Levy, peddler, r 755 Passyunk av 
Calkin Eleanor, wid Oliver, 51 William 
Calkins Marshall, M.D., 1429 Chestnut 
Call Catharine, wid. 704 S Front 
Call Charles, lab. Somerset n Thompson (R) 
Call Christian, stonemason, Manor n Chatham 
Call Daniel, lab. Somerset n Thompson 
Call Dennis, lab., Somerset n 7'hompson 
Call Dennis, seaman, Somerset n Almond (R) 
Call Edward J., tinsmith, r 755 Swanson 
Call James, lab. Somerset n Thompson (R) 
Call John, watchman, Manor n Chatham 
Call Lawrence, hatter, 5 Augusta pi 
Call Thomas, lab. Lombard (Holmesburg) 
Calladine Salome, wid Joseph, 961 N 5th 
Cdlaghan Alice, wid Hugh, S 24th n Pine 
Callaghan & Brady, {John Callaghan § Patrick 

Brady,) restaurant, 735 Market 
Callaghan Edward, clerk, Francis n S 12th 
Callaghan Edward, weaver, r N 2d n Chatham 
Callag-han James, lab. Carlton n N 21st 
Callag-han Jas., lab. Elizabeth n Sellers (Fkd) 
Callag-han John, restaurant, 735 Market 
Callag'han John, shoemaker, 1825 Naudain 
Callag-han Michael, lab. 1927 Ann 
Callag-han Peter, lab. r 934 Poplar 
Callaghan Peter, shoemaker, 420 N 3d 
Callag-han Robert, cassimeres, 48 S Front, h 

Callag-han Rose, milliner, 218 S 11th 
Callag-han Saml., carp., r 1105 Shippen 
Callag-han Thomas, stone sawyer, 2 Zephyr av 
Callag-han Wm., pistols, Frankford av bel Ox- 
ford, h 1337 Crease 
Callag-han Wm., weaver, Thompson n Front 
Callag-her James, grocer, 535 Shippen 
Callahan Andrew, weaver, 124S South 
Callahan Ann J., dressmr. 1116 Sites 
Callahan Barney, lab. Fisher's la n Gtn 
Callahan Bernard, lab. 739 Bedford 
Callahan Catharine, v/id Michael, Adams n Ed- 
ward (Fkd) 
Callahan Christopher, lab. Almond n Somerset 
Callahan Cornelius, carp. 7 College pi 
Callahan Cornelius, lab. 5 Hickory ct 
Callahan Daniel, carp. 2 Rogers' ct 
Callahan Daniel F., baker, 5 Hickory ct 
Callahan David, clerk, 16 S 19th 
Callahan Dennis, lab. 617 Swanson 

Callahan Edward, carpenter, 2041 W r ood 
Callahan Edward, lab. Jefferson (Gtn) 
Callahan Eliza, 1346 Brinton 
Callahan Eliza, wid John T., hotel, N 9th c Mt 

Callahan Elizabeth, varieties, 1515 Jones 
Callahan Frank, cartman, 4 Leed's av 
Callahan H. & P., (Hugh <$• Peter,) grocers, N 

Broad c Poplar 
Callahan Hannah, wid John, 211 Union 
Callahan Hugh, blacksmith, Marker n Jeffer- 
son av 
Callahan Hugh, grocer, N Broad c Poplar, h 

863 N Broad 
Callahan Hugh, grocer, S 13th c Christian 
Callahan Hugh, peddler, St Paul av n S 7th 
Callahan Hugh, shoemaker, r 218 Christian 
Callahan James, lab. 20 Brolaskey pi 
Callahan James, shoemaker, 726 Carpenter 
Callahan James, truck, 45 Liberty Mkt 
Callahan James, weaver, Apple (Myk) 
Callahan James, weaver, Abigal n Amber 
Callahan James T., brass finisher, 1344 Hope 
Callahan John, lab. 2224 Hamilton 
Callahan John, lab. 2029 Hampton 
Callahan John, lab. 766 S 4th 
Callahan John, lab. Mulberry (Myk) 
Callahan John, lab. 1225 Thurlow 
Callahan John, liquors, S 9th n Market, h 1225 

Callahan John, stone mason, 821 Enquirer 
Callahan John, weaver, 1431 Philip 
Callahan John C, hotel, 4 S 9th, 1225 Potts 
Callahan John W., harnessmr. r 839 S 3d 
Callahan Lawrence, stone cutter, 2015 Sum- 
Callahan Margaret, wid James, 8 Maynard pi 
Callahan Matthew, porter, 131 Lombard 
Callahan Michael, lab. 4 Graydon 
Callahan Michael, lab. Huntingdon n Cedar 
Callahan Michael, lab. 1309 Warnock 
Callahan Michael, liquors, 902 N 10th 
Callahan Michael, shoemaker, Belgrade n Wil- 
liam (R) 
Callahan Patrick, blacksmith, 706 Jamison 
Callahan Patrick, boatman, Willow n Pine 
Callahan Patrick, engineer, 103 Prime 
Callahan Patrick, lab., r 1242 Christian 
Callahan Patrick, lab. 1515 Jones 
Callahan Patrick, lab, 1112 Milton 
Callahan Patrick, lab. 511 Penn 
Callahan Peter, grocer, N Broad c Poplar, h 863 

N Broad 
Callahan Peter, moulder, 13 Western av n N 


Callahan Philip, huckster, 720 S 15th 
Callahan Richard, lab. 1916 Wood 
Callahan Richard, moulder, Williamson n Moya- 

mensing av 
Callahan Richard, packer, 915 Randolph 
Callahan Robert, stoves, 624 S 2d & Passyunk 

av c S 5th, h 507 Fitz water 
Callahan Thomas, lab. r 756 S 8th 
Callahan Thomas, lab. 349 S Front 
Callahan Thomas, lab. 8 Western av 
Callahan Thomas, weaver, 132 Bodine 
Callahan Thomas F., oysterman, 734 Swanson 
Callahan Wm., 112 N 15th 

falling off, and gives a healthy tone to the scalp. 




Callahan Wm., dealer, 1734 South 
Callahan Wm., lab. 2328 Biddle 
Callahan Wm., lab. Murray c S 21st 
Callahan Wm., weaver, 109 Thompson 
Callaman John, shoemaker, 1211 Randolph 
Callan Dennis, driver, 321 New Market 
Callan John, blacksmith, 818 S 12th 
Callan John, carman, Cowslip 
Callan Thomas, engineer, 28 Mead 
Callad Wm., carpenter 818 S 12th 
Callam Wm., late mason, 802 S 10th 
Callan Wm.. shirt maker, 413 N 23d 
Callan William F., carpenter, 802 S 10th 
Callanan Geo. D., detective police, 500 Chest- 
nut, h 1320 Ellsworth 
Calland Wm., varnisher, Mulberry n Orthodox 

Callannan Thomas, clerk, Bristol 
Callaway George, cabinetmaker, 831 Grover 
Callaway James, r 220 Federal 
Callbreath James F., ladies' shoes, 1033 Spring- 
Garden, h 1035 Olive 
Callen John, machinist, 1656 Sansom 
Callender & Co., {Thomas R. Cullender, % 
Samuel C. Upham), periodicals & news 
agents, 301 Walnut 
Callender Benjamin, carpenter, 643 N 13th 
Callender James T., hotel, 1334 N 4th 
Callender Thomas It., periodicals, 301 Walnut, 

h Poplar c Carlisle 
Callenen Patrick, lab. 124 Shippen 
Caller Amos, carpenter, 3 Wartman's ct near 

Callery Richard, liquors, 9 Callowhill 
Calles Jane, wid. Richard, Ann c Wyoming 
Callet Eugene P., grocer, 1929 Brown 
Callicot W. Butler, carver, 645 N 13th 
Callighan John, carpenter, 1644 Sansom 
Callighan Robert, waiter, Naudain n S 21st 
Callihan Edward, liquors, 1014 S Front, h 103 

Callihan Michael, bartender, 103 Prime 
Callin Francis, lab. Belgrade n Division (R) 
Callin James, iceman, 2011 Sansom 
Callin Mary, seamstress, 422 Harmony 
Callin Wm., cordwainer, Campbell n S 6th 
Calling Charles, fanner, 57 Broad st Market, h 

Newton Township, Camden, N. J. 
Callingham James, clerk, 739 S 4th 
Callis Elizabeth, toys, 230 S 10th 
Callis Francis, lithographer, 331 Green 
Callot A. G., French teacher, 1228 Chestnut 
Caiman Bernhard, varnishes, 150N4th,hN 4th 

ab Branch 
Calnan Bernard, lab. 1329 Christian 
Calp Gotleib, harnessmaker, 641 Jefferson 
Calts Michael H., 1532 Wallace 
Calver George, printer, 1030 S 5th 
Calverlev Henry, metal worker, 205 Quarry, h 

1017 Beach 
Calverley John, brittania ware, 305 Race, h 634 

Calverley Joseph, machinist, 1079 Beach 
Calverley Leander, clerk, 634 N 8th 
Calverley Thomas, driver, 1237 N 2d 
Calverley Wm., metal worker, 1017 Beach 
Calverley Wm., tin plate worker, 1029 Spring 

Calvert Charles W. F., clerk, 504 Market, h 

1226 Melon 
Calvert Ervin H., moulder, 251 N Juniper 
Calvert Hudson, paper hanger, 924 Race 
Calvert Isaac, farmer, 349 Sp Garden st Market, 

h at New Town, Pa. 
Calvert J. P., farmer, 331 Sp Garden st Market, 

h at New Town, Pa. 
Calvert John J., atty. &. coun. 520 Walnut, h 

310 Redwood 
Calvert Joseph A., clerk, 310 Redwood 
Calvert Rachel, boarding house, 925 Walnut 
Calvert Richard T., engraver, 2014 Wood 
Calvert Thomas, cabinetmaker, 310 Redmond 
Oalvert Wm., M. D., 133 N 11th 
Calvin Alexander, 114 Otter 
Calvin Eulah, candy, Haverford c Lane av, h 

Somerset n Haverford (W P) 
Calvin Dennis (colored), seaman, rear 637 St 

Calvin John, gardener, 2211 Hare 
Calvin John, lab. 1510 Pearl 
Calvin John, lab. 1111 Sites 
Calvin Pat., lab. Gatchel's pi, r 1212 Heath 
Calvin Wm., lab. r 118 Chenango 
Calvo Fernando, h Ashland House 
Calwell Charles, bartender, 902 Callowhill 
Calwell Elizabeth, wid. Edward, tavern, 1139 S 

Camac James, blacksmith, 1133 Crease, h 625 

Girard av 
Camac Wm., late Surgeon U. S. A., 1305 

Cambell Mary, market woman, 1626 Sansom 
Camble John, milk, 628 Charles 
Camblos Charles, & Co., (Charles A. Wain- 

ivright,) bankers, 38 S 3d 
Camblos Charles, banker, 38 S 3d, house 1613 

Camblos George W., broker, 38 S 3d, h 1909 

Camblos Henry, 222 N 19th 
Camblos Wm., clerk, (Olney) 
Cambrey Joseph B., seaman, r 205 Federal 
Cambria Iron Co., 407 Walnut 
Cambridge Frederick (colored), waterman, 

1416 S 8th 
Cambridge Wm. (colored), carter, 1414 S 8th 
CAMDEN & AMBOY R R CO., 206 & 208 S 

Del av 
Camden & Amboy R R. pier foot Walnut st 
CAMDEN & ATLANTIC R R CO., foot Vine, 

Camden Ferry, foot of Market st 
Camden Ferry for Kaighn's Point, South st whf . 

600 S Del av 
Camell Wm., lab. r 722 Belgrade 
Camer Frank, printer, 134 N 11th 
Cameron Alexander, foreman, Emerald n Cum- 
Cameron Alexander, weaver, 723 Lloyds 
Cameron Andrew, lab. Rainbow n Susquehan- 
na av 
Cameron Andrew, mariner, Wyoming n Corn 
Cameron Angelina, wid. Robert, 1622 Latimer 
Cameron Ang'us, books & publisher, 19 S 6th, 

h 2127 Jefferson 
Cameron Archibald, shoemaker, 913 N 10th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Cameron David W., accountant, 2127 Jefferson 
Cameron Edwin F., clerk, 808 Chestnut, h 1200 

Cameron Eli, clerk, 1200 Callowhill 
Cameron Elijah, late merchant, 1338 Chestnut 
Cameron Elizabeth, wid. Alex., trimmings, 122 

Cameron Geo. W., carpenter, N 26th c Emmet 
Cameron Hannah, provisions, 234Truxton 
Cameron Jas., shoemaker, 1236 Vine 
Cameron Jas., weaver, r 1332 Howard 
Cameron John, lab. Brown belAsh 
Cameron John, lab. 3 Sweeny ct 
Cameron John, printer, (Falls Sch) 
Cameron John, weaver, r Fitler n N 2d 
Cameron J. Frank, clerk, 617 Sp Garden 
Cameron John S., clerk, N 26th c Emmet 
Cameron Margaret, wid. John, pants, 2211 

Cameron Michael, cabinetmr., N 13th n Brown 
Cameron Priscilla, wid. John, 1611 Becket 
Cameron Sylvester, conductor, 1200 Callowhill 
Cameron Wm., 617 Sp Garden 
Cameron Wm., shipsmith, 803 Weccacoe 
Cameron Wm., stamping, 508 S 6th, h 228 

Cameron Wm., weaver, Hope n Montgomery 

Cameron Wm. H., conveyancer, 617 Spring 

Camfield A. O., clerk, 445 N 3d 
Camfield Theodore, hatter, 438 Canton 
Camm George, flour, 931 Ridge av, h 1612 Mt 

Camm Sallie, wid of Chas. G., h 1712 Green 
Camm Wm., gent., 1206 Arch 
Camm Wm., gasfitter, 1526 Thompson 
Camm Wm. W., caulker, 1526 Thompson 
Cammack Joseph, clerk, Amber n York 
Cammer John, conductor, Cedar n Townsend 
Cammer John F., cabinetmr., 537 Girard av 
Cammer Max, cooper, 1064 & h 1050 N Front 
Cammer Robert, architect, Vine c N 4th 
Cammon James, liquors, 1328 N 2d 
Camp Benjamin, watchmaker, 137 Prime 
Camp Calvin B., hotel, 62 N 2d 
Camp Charles, expressman, r 417 St. John 
Camp Edwai'd, sea captain, 1032 Beach 
Camp Ellen, (col'd) seamstress, r 505 S 6th 
Camp Enoch, mate, 2 Marderson 
Camp Essex P., druggist, 1813 Ridge av 
Camp Helena, widow, r 129 Christian 
Camp James L., truck, 127 Race st. Market, h 

Clarksboro, Gloucester co., N. J. 
Camp John H., lithographer, 130 N 7th, h 149 

Camp Joseph J., Rev., 621 N 11th 
Camp Mary, widow Solomon, 223 S 11th 
Camp Theodore, cabinetmaker, 912 Brown 
Camp Theodore, laborer, 1226 Crease 
Camp William, shoemaker, 921 S 5th 
Camp William H., hatter, 421 Dickerson 
Campana Napoleon, huckster, r 1338 Sepviva 
Campbell A. & Co., (Archibald, John, <$• Wm. 

Campbell, <$- William Somerset,') cotton 

goods, Canal (Myk) 
Campbell A., plaster ornaments, 1303 Race 
Campbell Adam, hotel, 168 & h 170 Thompson 

Campbell A. B., M. D., 1419 Chestnut 
Campbell Abraham I, plate printer, 762 S 8th 
Campbell Alexander, Maiden (Myk) 
Campbell Alexander, 904 Walnut 
Campbell Alex., cardriver, Path r 611 Race 
Campbell Alexander, lumber, Broad & Spring 

Garden, h 2118 Green 
Campbell Alexander, paver, 233 N 16th 
Campbell Alexander, shoemaker, 1739 South 
Campbell Alex. W., collector, 1112 Bedford 
Campbell & Henderson, (William S. Campbell 
4- William P. Henderson,) carpenters, rear 
822 N 19th 
Campbell & Pharo, (William Campbell <^ Allen 

E. Pharo,) lumber, N Broad c Spring G 
Campbell Andrew, carter, Sloan n Pratt (W P) 
Campbell Andrew, weaver, 1416 Phijip 
Campbell Andrew H., blacksm., 1317 Parrish 
Campbell Ann, rear 33 Poplar 
Campbell Ann, grocery, 719 Beach 
Campbell Ann, widow David, 17th n Lombard 
Campbell Ann, widow David, 2220 Shamokin 
Campbell Ann, wid. James, Ward c Carpenter 
Campbell Ann, widow John, 307 Aberdeen 
Campbell Ann, widow John, 733 S 4th 
Campbell Ann, widow Wm., 1229 Catharine 
Campbell Ann C, wid. John, 410 N 15th 
Campbell Ann L., widow John, 100 Coates 
Campbell Ann G., millinery 723 S 2d, house 

214 Union 
Campbell Anthony, laborer, 1123 Sophia 
Campbell Archibald, brbkmr. h 3 Panama av 
Campbell Archibald, clerk, 9th c Market 
Campbell Archibald, manufacturer, Canal 

Campbell Archibald, plasterer, 1931 Cherry 
Campbell Arthur, laborer, rear 2008 Jones 
Campbell Barney, barkeeper, 1 Kennedy ct 
Campbell Barney, grocer, 1936 Sansom 
Campbell Bernard, liquors, Swanson corner 

Christian, h 900 Swanson 
Campbell Bernard, lab., Penna. av c Gold 
Campbell Bernard weaver, 1406 Cadwalader 
Campbell Bridget, widow John, 4 McKeown's 

Campbell Bridget, wid. Patrick, 909 Christian 
Campbell & Co., (Charles, J. O. Sf Joseph 

Campbell,) fruit, &c, 6 Market 
Campbell Catharine, provisions, 1025 Moya- 

mensing av 
Campbell Cath., wid. Arthur, 1928 Cuthbert 
Campbell Charles B. & Co., (Felix Wyatt,) iron, 

204 N Delaware av and 205 N Water 
Campbell Charles, carp., 515 Spruce, h S 6th 

near Spruce 
Campbell Charles, carter, 2009 Hand 
Campbell Charles, conductor, 1142 Leon 
Campbell Charles, foreman, 1338 Alder 
Campbell Charles fruit, 108. Market, house 80 

Stevens, Camden 
Campbell Charles Rev., Olney 
Campbell Charles, weaver, r 1302 Gtn av 
Campbell C. Cuyler, salesman, 2137 Arch 
Campbell Charles B.. iron 205 N Water h 312 

S 11th 
Campbell Charles D., hatter, 426 Wildey 
Campbell Charles F H., merchant, 1901 Brown 
Campbell Charles L., machinist, 541 N 25th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Campbell Charles W., conductor, 238 Crownl 
Campbell Charles W., soap boiler, 1106 South 
Campbell Cornelius, coachman, (Torresdale) 
Campbell Daniel, coachman, 6 S 6th 
Campbell Danl, Unity n Paul (Fkd) 
Campbell Daniel, laborer, r 1616 Carlton 
Campbell Daniel, laborer, 711 S 11th 
Campbell Danl., stonecutter, r 721 New Market 
Campbell David, carpenter, 2209 Hare 
Campbell David, gardener, 711 S 17th 
Campbell David, weaver, 1225 Fit/water 
Campbell Dennis, laborer, 310 Bradford 
Campbell Dennis, shoemaker, Washington av 

n S 24th 
Campbell Edward, cordwainer, 2 Hides ct 
Campbell Edw., weav, r American n Jefferson 
Campbell Edward P., stereotyper, 522 China 
Campbell Edward S., atty. & covin. 529 Vine 
Campbell Eliza, dressmaker, 131 Jefferson 
Campbell Elizabeth, tailoress, 1132 Crease 
Campbell Elizabeth, wid Alexander, liquors 

1062 N Front 
Campbell Elizabeth, wid John, Paul n Green 
Campbell Elizabeth, wid William, 1506 N 6th 
Campbell Ellen, dressmaker, 909 Christian 
Campbell Emiline, (col'd) washer, r 243 Union 
Campbell Fannie, wid Samuel, 1612 Helmuth 
Campbell Francis, clerk, 10 Warren (W P) 
Campbell Francis, hatter, 1238 Market 
Campbell Francis, notary, 142 S 4th, h Mer- 
chants hotel 
Campbell Francis, porter house, 1110 Filbert 
Campbell Francis, sawyer, r 2008 Jones 
Campbell F J., (col'd) hair dresser, 610 S 11th 
Campbell Francis, P., shoemaker, 722 Hubbell 
Campbell Gabriel, fruit, 241 German 
Campbell Geo., fireman, N 31st n Wire Bridge 
Campbell George, laborer, r 31 Prime 
Campbell George, saloon, 321 Chestnut h 527 

S Juniper 
Campbell George, watchman 914 Vienna 
Campbell George W., machinist, 541 N 25th 
Campbell Graham, hotel, 114 Master 
Campbell Hance, carter, N Front c Oxford 
Campbell Hattie, (col'd) wid Anthony, Allen's ct 
Campbell Hiram, bartender, 1124 Denmark pi 
Campbell Hiram, miller, 1236 Callowhill 
Campbell Isabella, wid John, 1812 Addison 
Campbell Jabez, (col'd) books, 639 Lombard 
Campbell Jacob, plasterer, Gtn av n Venango 
Campbell Jane, grocer, 2047 Lombard 
Campbell Jane, wid Hugh, 240 Jefferson 
Campbell Jane, dealer, 114 Eastern Market, h 

2 N Market 
Campbell James, 416 N 10th 
Campbell James, bartender, 1504 Gtn av 
Campbell James, blacksmith, 1814 Sybert 
Campbell James, boots & shoes, h 335 S 2d, 

h Mount Vernon hotel 
Campbell James, butcher. Unity n Paul (Fkd, 
Campbell James, coachmaker, 1707 Market 
Campbell Jas, carp. Mulvany, n Columbia av 
Campbell James, carpenter, 308 Truxton 
Campbell James, clerk, 826 S 2d 
Campbell James, clerk, 759 S 9th 
Campbell James, coachman, Bristol rd 
Campbell James, coachman, 1431 Moravian 
Campbell James, coppersmith, r 1616 Carlton 

Campbell James, Custom house, 1528 Burton 
Campbell James, drayman, 722 Birch 
Campbell James, driver, Sycamore n Locust 
Campbell James, dry goods, 1333 N 10th 
Crmpbell Jas., galvanizer, Jackson i\ Ellsworth 
Campbell Jas., gardener, Hartwell av (Chestnut 

Campbell James, gold beater, r 233 Christian 
Campbell James, grocer, 721 Florida 
Campbell James, grocer, 1100 Market 
Campbell James, hair dresser, 9 Boyd's ct 
Campbell James, laborer, Baker n Spaffbrd 
Campbell James, laborer, 7 Fairbanks ct 
Campbell James, laborer, 2318 Market 
Campbell James, laborer, 1000 Milton 
Campbell James, laborer, r 1425 Shippen 
Campbell James, laborer, 1151 S 10th 
Campbell James, laborer, Welsh n Pine 
Campbell James, late broker, 227 N 9th 
Campbell James, atty &. coun. 215 S 6th 
Campbell James, moulder, 1436 Barclay 
Campbell James, ornamenting-, 1704 Olive 
Campbell James, plasterer, 1911 Cuthbert 
Campbell Jas., seaman, 1025 Moyamensing av 
Campbell James, shoemr. 1527 Callowhill 
Campbell James, stonecutter, 2018 Filbert 
Campbell James, tailor, r 1419 Moravian 
Campbell James, tailor, 927 Sansom 
Campbell James, tailor, 752 S 13th 
Campbell Jas., watchman, Unity n Paul (Fkd) 
Campbell James, weaver, 5 Deringers av 
Campbell James, weaver, r 1410 Howard 
Campbell James, weaver, 1152 S 13th 
Camp James, (col'd) barber, Naval Asylum, h 

737 Lebanon 
Campbell Jas., (col'd) waiter, 224 Currant al 

O., Joseph cV Charles Campbell) fruits, 108 

Campbell James A., clerk, 2107 Cherry 
Campbell James A., measurer, 734 S 8th 
Campbell James I)., clerk, N 23d c Market, h 

759 S 9th 
Campbell James II., liquors, 627 S 3d 
Campbell James M., clerk, h Ashland House 
Campbell James R., merchant, 727 Chestnut, h 

1308 Filbert 

rick A' Alexander Rickey) dry goods, 727 

Campbell James W., conductor, 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Jas. W., grocer, 200 Walnut, h Arch 

n 32d (W P) 
Campbell Jeanette, widow Quintin, jr. Coates 

n N 5th 
Campbell Jeremiah O., fruit, 108 Market, h 74 

Stevens (Camden) 
Campbell Joanna, wid. Patrick, 1610 Richard 
Campbell John, 1436 Barclay 
Campbell John, 2107 Winter 
Campbell John, baker, 20 N 9th 
Campbell John, blacksmith, Wood n N 23d 
Campbell John, bottler, 4 Heyer pi 
Campbell John, bricklr. 2013 Winter 
Campbell John, brickmr. N 7th n Diamond 
Campbell John, butcher, 118 Shippen St Mkt, 

h 2 Sweeny ct 
Campbell John, carpenter, 1327 South 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Athemenne transforms 




Campbell John, carpenter, 935 Suffolk 
Campbell John, chandler, 34 Almond 
Campbell John, clerk, 240 Jefferson 
Campbell John, coachman, 14 Benton 
Campbell John, coal, 2006 Market 
Campbell John, conductor, 1342 Crease 
Campbell John, cotton goods manuf., Canal 

(Myk) h Robeson (Myk) 
Campbell John, dyer, Main (Myk) 
Campbell John, furniture, 446 N 12th, h Bar- 
clay n N 15th 
Campbell John, grainer, Barclay n N 15th 
Campbell John, janitor, 1318 South 
Campbell John, jr. varnisher, 1436 Barclay 
Campbell John, lab. Bristol rd 
Campbell John, lab. r 2008 Jones 
Campbell John, lab. Mullen n Somerset 
Campbell John, lab. 1 Spencer pi 
Campbell John, lab. 1 Humes av 
Campbell John, liquors, 968 N Front 
Campbell John, mach. 1831 Barker 
Campbell John, mach. Bridge (Bdg) 
Campbell John, mach. Federal c S 12th 
Campbell John, merchant, 108 Market, h 846 

Campbell John, merchant, 600 Market, h Mer- 
chants' hotel 
Campbell John, moulder, 1123 Sophia 
Campbell John, printer, 1713 Moravian 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 1054 Sansom 
Campbell John, shoemaker, 2045 South 
Campbell John, stationer, rear 485 Yorkav 
Campbell John, warper, 240 Jefferson 
Campbell John, weaver, Charter n Trenton av 
Campbell John, weaver, 717 Bayard 
Campbell John, weaver, 1350 Howard 
Campbell John, weaver, 242 Jefferson 
Campbell John, weaver, rear 1310 N 2d 
Campbell John, weaver, 2007 South 
Campbell John D., carman, 4 N 8th 
Campbell John H., atty. & coun., 310 N 6th 
Campbell John H., tobacconist, 1318 S 6th 
Campbell John J., jeweler, 733 S 4th 
Campbell John L., janitor 6 Chant, 1318 South 
Campbell John L., stoves, 536 N Front 
Campbell John M., moulder, 100 Coates 
Campbell John R., late ink manuf., 642 N 8th 
Campbell John R., shoemaker, 607 S 4th 
Campbell Jonathan, cai-penter, 930 Poplar 
Campbell Joseph, 1620 Burton 
Campbell Jos., fruit, 108 Market, h 846 Franklin 
Campbell Joseph, laborer, 1339 Kates 
Campbell Joseph, machinist, rear 321 German 
Campbell Joseph, miller, N 13th cor Noble, h 

1231 Buttonwood 
Campbell Joseph, teamster, Federal cor Gray's 

Ferry Road 
Campbell Joseph, tailor, 1319 Olive 
Campbell Joseph A., mate, 725 Federal 
Campbell Jos. A., patternmr., 62 Frankfd (Fkd) 
Campbell Joseph E., rigger, 235 Catharine 
Campion Jos. H., furn., 261 S 2d, h 236 Pine 
Campbell Joseph S., mechanical baker, 1302 

Cympbell Lewis, carter, 1508 N 7th 
Campbell Louisa, huckster, r 1230 Mascher 
Campbell Lucincla (col'd) widow of Jacob, 5 
Robin av 

Campbell Malcolm, broker, 230 Walnut, h 710 

S 10th 
Campbell Margaret, 2227 Pine 
Campbell Margaret, boarding, 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Margaret, dry goods, 1741 Lombard 
Campbell Margaret, wid. George, 1416 Philip 
Campbell Margaret, wid. James, 2045 South 
Campbell Margaret, wid. Wm., r 411 Stockton 
Campbell Maria, fish, Shippen market c S 4th, 

h 1342 Crease 
Campbell Martha, widow Owen, Bath near Wil- 
liam (R) 
Campbell, Martha R., widow, 114 Mead 
Campbell Martin, watchman, 7 Loomis place 
Campbell Mary, candy, Master cor Charlotte 
Campbell Mary, widow Andrew, 238 Crown 
Campbell Mary, widow Bernard, candies, 1352 

Campbell Mary, widow Edward, spooler, 1334 

Campbell Mary, widow James, 811 Fitzwater 
Campbell Mary, widow John, 428 Pine 
Campbell Mary, widow Owen, tailoress, 1352 

Campbell Mary, widow Robert, Cresswell pi 

rear 1111 Charles 
Campbell Mary A., widow George, 1526 Philip 
Campbell Mary A., widow James, 1704 Olive 
Campbell Mary C, 1721 Addison 
Campbell Matthew, h Eagle Hotel 
Campbell Matthew, gardener, 749 N 24th 
Campbell Matthew, laborer, S 27th cor Gray's 

Ferry Road 
Campbell Matthew, tailor, 1127 Anita 
Campbell Michael, laborer, Christian n Gray's 

Ferry Road 
Campbell Michael, laborer, Mill (Gtn) 
Campbell Michael, shoemaker, 816 Lebanon 
Campbell Nancy, widow Thomas, spooler, 324 

N 21st 
Campbell Neal, 1118 S 12th 
Campbell Neal, composition, 6 Hallack place 

rear 1306 Charlotte 
Campbell Nicholas, carter, 2521 Pine 
Campbell Oliver, grocer, cor S 12th & Federal 
Campbell Patrick, 733 S 4th 
Campbell Patrick, boilermaker, 842 N 16th 
Campbell Patrick, bricklayer, 3 N 19th 
Campbell Patrick, carter, 2009 Hand 
Campbell Patrick, clerk, 909 Christian 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 1552 Cadwalader 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, S 23d n Pine 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 1 Humes av 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 1323 Warnock 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 5 White's ct 
Campbell Patrick, saddler, 1009 Thompson 
Campbell Patrick, shoemr., 211 Prosperous al 
Campbell Patrick, spooler, 740 S 13th 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, r"1302 Gtn av 
Campbell Peter, carp., 1419 Gtn av 
Campbell Peter, dyer, Levering n Linn 
Campbell Peter, laborer, Cadwalader n Oxford 
Campbell Peter, laborer, 2328 Meredith 
Campbell Peter, liquors, 1508 Cadwalader 
Campbell Peter, roofer, r 1334 Palethorp 
Campbell Peter, tailor, 1127 Milton 
Campbell Peter S., liquors, 1601 Ridge av 
Campbell Phebe C, wid Alexander, 642 N 8th 

gray hair and whiskers to their original color. 




Campbell Philip, machinist, 410 Redwood 
Campbell Quintin, late cashier, 240 S 8th 
Campbell Ralph, typemaker, 628 Fitzwater 
Campbell Randolph U. (col'd) office cleaner, h 

1118 Bedford 
Campbell Reese P., paperhanger, 1407 Barclay 
Campbell Richard, tailor, 1035 South 
Campbell Robert, blacksmith, 919 S 10th 
Campbell Robert, laborer, 1728 Christian 
Campbell Robert, laborer, 2319 Coates 
Campbell Robert, police, Patterson's ct r Nau- 

Campbell Robert H., merchant, 436 Market, h 

924 Clinton 
Campbell Robert J., shoes, 1240 Vine 
Campbell Ross, stoves, 240 Richmond 
CAMPBELL ST. GEOEGE T., att'y & coun., 

210 S 4th 
Campbell Samuel, bricklayer, 233 N 16th 
Campbell Samuel, butcher, Foulkrod n Willow 

Campbell Samuel, druggist, 761 Erie 
Campbell Samuel, shoemaker, 1336 Pearl 
Campbell Samuel, stonecutter, 1330 Mariner 
Campbell Samuel, waiter, 1035 South 
Campbell Samuel S., clerk, 121 Noble 
Campbell Sarah, dressmaker, 909 Christian 
Campbell Sarah, wid James, 2009 Hand 
Campbell Sarah, wid Patrick, 1236 Filbert 
Campbell Sarah A., map colorer, 801 Jayne, h 

711 Wood 
Campbell Susan, washerwoman, 9 Myers' ct 
Campbell Thomas, carpenter, 1236 Wood 
Campbell Thomas, drayman, Philip n Oxford 
Campbell Thomas, hatter, 978 N 2d 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, Chase pi n Linn 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1934 Cuthbert 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1726 Wood 
Campbell Thomas, liquors, S 6th c Fitzwater 
Campbell Thomas, liquors, 1300 N 2d 
Campbell Thomas, mason, r Columbia n Ameri- 
Campbell Thomas, miller, N 13th c Noble, h 

556 N 16th 
Campbell Thomas, moulder, r 1519 Jones 
Campbell Thomas, tailor, N 22d n Summer 
Campbell Thomas, weaver, Germantown av n 

Carpenter (Gtn) 
Campbell Thomas B., miller, N 13th c Noble, h 

1231 Buttonwood 
Campbell Thomas J., laborer, 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Thomas P., flour, N 13th ab Willow, 

h 556 N 17th 
Campbell Townsend, brushmaker, r 1030 Ash 
Campbell Tristram, tailor, 941 New Market 
Campbell Walter, laborer, 1702 Wood 
Campbell William, bartender, rear 323 New 

Campbell Wm., blacksmith, 344 N 4th, h 328 

Campbell Wm., butter &. eggs, 2203 Vine 
Campbell Wm., carpenter, 1914 Cuthbert 
Campbell Wm., carter, 320 Stanley 
Campbell Wm., chairmaker, 1704 Olive 
Campbell Wm., clerk, 23 Hickey 
Campbell Wm., cooper, 45 Norfolk 
Campbell Wm., cotton goods, Canal, h Green 

la (Myk) 

Campbell Wm., driver, h 23 Hickey 
Campbell Wm., dyer, 1907 Hutlonwood 
Campbell We, eating- house, 321 Chestnut, h 8 

Lindsev's av n 12th 
Campbell Wm., grocer, 1100 Market, h S 7th c 

Campbell Wm., g-rocer, Pine c S 7th 
Campbell William, laborer, Dauphin n Gaul 
Campbell Wm., lab., Elizabeth n Unity (Fkd) 
Campbell William, lab., Gordon's ct r Naudain 
Campbell William, laborer, 28 Owen 
Campbell William, laborer,*2226 Shamokin 
Campbell William, limeburner, 1321 Myrtle 
Campbell William, liverv stable, Sansom n S 

20th, h 1539 Moravian 
Campbell William, lumber, N Broad c Spring- 
Garden, h 1103 Callowhill 
Campbell Wm., manuf., Main, h Summer (Rox) 
Campbell William, pattern maker, N 39th c 

Hamilton (W P) 
Campbell William, spooler, 415 S 17th 
Campbell William, tailor, 417 S 2d 
Campbell William, weaver, Clinton n Cambria 
Campbell William, weaver, 1353 Howard 
Campbell William, & Co., {James Campbell <$■ 

John Elliott,) grocers, 1100 Market 
Campbell William F., cordw., N 7th n Gtn av 
Campbell William H., bookbinder, 417 S 2d 
Campbell William H., clerk, 642 N 8th 
Campbell William H., engineer, 515 N 15th 
Campbell William H., machinist, 917 Sansom, 

h 303 S 3d 
Campbell William P., clerk, 1231 Buttonwood 
CAMPBELL WILLIAM P., mantillas, 1124 

Chestnut, h 243 Madison 
Campbell William S., carpenter, r 822 & h 820 

N 19th 
Campbell W r illiam S., St Lawrence hotel 
Campbell William S., liquors, 700 Federal, h 

1154 S 7th 
CAMPBELL W. S., & CO-, (Wm. S. Campbell 

A. G. Mullen,) St Lawrence hotel 
Campbell William T., merchant, Water n Arch, 

h 44 Washington av 
Campbell William W., clerk, 100 Coates 
Campbell William Y., clerk, 734 S 8th 
Campbell Zephaniah, livery stable, 79 Frakford 

Camperson Joseph, blacksmith, 2020 Hand 
Campfield Albert D., broommaker, 18 N 10th, 

h (Northern Penna) 
Campion Edward W., plasterer, Mill (Gtn) 
Campion John, hosiery, Hancock (Gtn) 
Campion John W., clerk, 1201 Race- 
Campion John W., upholsterer, 236 Pine 
Campion Joseph H., furniture, 262 Levant and 

261 S 2d, h 236 Spruce 
Campion Nathan F., prest., 12 Merchants' Ex., 

h 1815 Spruce 
Campion William J., burnisher, 17 S 17th 
Campman Cath., farmer, Nicetown la c N 20th 
Camps Joseph, coachman, Penn (Gtn) 
Camps Matthew, carter, Barnwell n Pine 
Camrin John, glassmaker, 1103 Otis 
Camrin Mary, trader, 6 S 2d st market, h 1103 

Camrin Richard, laborer, 1103 Otis 
Camrin William, laborer, 1103 Otis 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Canada David, (col'd) laborer, Darcy n Shippen 
Canan Elizabeth, dealer, 30 N 2d st market, h 

1415 Cherry 
Canavan John, carter, N 12th c Willow 
Canavan John J., machinist, N 12 c Willow 1 
Canavan Mary J., wid. James, Hance pi r 1504 

Canby & Bro., (John <$r George,) plbs., 321 Arch 
Canby Eliza, confectionery, 831 Arch 
Canby George, plumber, 321 Arch, h Baring 

W 35th (W P) 
Canby Isaiah, 115 N 17th 

Canby John, plumber, 321 Arch, h 1917 Green 
Canby Joseph, machinist, 831 Arch 
Canby, Neville & Hughes, (Samuel T. Canby, 
George V. Neville Sf Thomas Hughes,) no- 
tions, 245 Market and 234 Church al 
Canby Saml. T., notns., 245 Market, h 629 Vine 
Canby Wm. J.,convr., 152 S 4th, h 114 N 15th 
Candelet Allen, clerk, Paul n Church (Fkd) 
Candelet John L., clerk, N 22d n Hare 
Canders Catharine, wid. John, dressmaker, 1213 

Canders William S., millwright, 917 Hutchinson 
Candidus William, pianomr., 1222 Randolph 
Candy James B., dentist, 108 S 8th, h 1330 

Columbia av 
Candy John B., clerk, 313 Allen 
Candy John M., brickmr., 9 Bridge (Whitehall) 
Candy Thomas D., machinist, 313 ADen 
Caneo Stefano, laborer, 823 Carpenter 
Caner William J., blacking manuf., 140 N Front, 

h 547 N 6th 
Canfield Fred. C, shirt bosoms, 1508 N 11th 
Canfield Michael, porter, Penn av n Oxford 
Canfield Patrick, laborer, 2243 Walnut 
CanifF Timothy, stonemason, r 1436 American 
Cann Conrad, coachmaker, 1020 Olive 
Cann Henry, Eaton's medicine, 720 N 23d 
Cann Henry, shoemaker, 720 N 23d 
Cann John, butcher, Dauphin n Tulip 
Cann John, machinist, Cumberland n Trenton 

Cann John, tobacconist, Frankford av c Dau- 
phin, h Dauphin n Sepviva 
Cann Mary, wid Conrad, 1020 Olive 
Cann William H., painter, 1020 Olive 
Cannadey Andrew Thomas, roller, Oxford near 

Cannady Sarah, widow Andrew, Frankford av n 

Reading av 
Cannavan Joseph, tailor, 910 Lafayette 
Cannavan Joseph J., wool dealer, 1223 & h 1225 

N 5th 
Cannavan Mary Jane, wid James, Hance place, 

Cadwalader n Jefferson 
Cannell S. Wilmer, treas., 154 S 4th and mer. 

232 Chestnut, h at Beachwood 
Canning Francis, shoemaker, 40th c Oak (W P) 
Canning Isabella, wid Thomas, provision, 2419 

Canning James, shoemaker, 1338 Catharine 
Canning John, mason, r 1809 Bedford 
Canning John, seaman, r 735 Baker 
Canning John M., b earner, Orr n Wylie 
Canning Letitia, dressmaker, 211 S 11th 
CANNING MARK, stationer, 111 S 10th 
Canning Matthew, stonedresser, 712 Master 

Canning Robert, 1731 Sonth 

Canning Sarah, wid Thomas, dressmaker, 712 

Canning William S., printer, 210 S 12th 
Cannis Edward, tailor, 908 Hutchinson 
Cannon Bernard, agent, 1907 Jones 
Cannon Bernard, laborer, r 1552 Cawalader 
Cannon Brothers, (Richard B. 4- John H.,) drug 

mers., 31 S Front 
Cannon Cecilia, trimmings, 831 S 2d 
Cannon Cornelius, porter, 123 Gothic 
Cannon George, (col'd) barber, N 2d n Callow- 
hill, h 930 n Race 
Cannon Hannah, wid John, 811 S 13th 
Cannon Henry, (col'd) stevedore, Anthony n 

Cannon Hugh, laborer, Hewson n Thompson 

Cannon Hugh, sculptor, 1212 Fitzwater 
Cannon Hugh, tanner, r 823 N 3d 
Cannon James, clerk, 313 Market, h 924 Green 
Cannon James, laborer, 39 N 21st 
Cannon James, stoves, 634 Callowhill 
Cannon James, weaver, 811 S 13th 
Cannon John, clerk, 1226 Callowhill 
Cannon John, gasfitter, 1226 Callowhill 
Cannon John, laborer, 7 N 21st 
Cannon John, laborer, 925 S 11th 
Cannon John, laborer, 2124 Summer 
Cannon John, laborer, 2016 Walnut 
Cannon John, painter, 207 Allen 
Cannon John, shoemaker, 1907 Jones 
Cannon John H., mer., 31 S Front, h 247 Pine 
Cannon John M., clerk, 924 Green 
Cannon Margaret, wid Pester, r 1514 Montgo- 
mery avenue 
Cannon Mary, domestic, 710 Guilford 
Cannon Mary, washerwoman, 410 Maria 
Cannon Mary, wid James, 717 Moss 
Cannon Mary A., tailoress, r 919 Torr 
Cannon Michael, laborer, Ellsworth n Passyunk 

Cannon Patrick, grocery, 242 Currant al 
Cannon Patrick, laborer, 602 S Front 
Cannon Patrick, liquors, 748 Passyunk av 
Cannon Philip, M. D., 1329 S 10th 
Cannon Richard B., mer., 31 S Front, h 247 

Cannon Roderick, clerk, Bath c Ann (Rich- 
Cannon Rosetta L., wid Daniel B., 247 Pine 
Cannon Thomas B., merchant, 43 S 4th, h 247 

Cannon William, engineer, Wiley's ct 
Cannon William, stonecutter, 2215 Filbert 
Cannon William A., stoves, 317 S 2d & 937 N 

2d, h 317 S 2d 
Cannon William H., clerk, 18 N 3d, h 334 

Canon Alphonso, tinsmith, 1613 Ogden 
Canon Deborah, r 830 Knox 
Canon Fanny, wid John, washerwoman, 3 Sid 

mouth place 
Canon James, policeman, 1425 Wood 
Canon James, (col'd) waiter, 224 Brier pi 
Canon John, clerk, 1226 Callowhill 
Canon Manus, shoemaker, Manning n 25th 
Canon William, carbuilder, 1413 Vine 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Canouse Joseph, cooper, Gravers la, (Chestnut 

Cantador Lorenzo, silks, 240 Chestnut, h 210 

S 12th 
Cantlet John, foreman, N 22d n Hare 
Cantlin John R., painter, 304 Monroe 
Cantlin Mary, wid John, 304 Monroe 
Cantlin Patrick, laborer, 4 Forrest pi 
Cantlin Richard, liquors, 623 Guilford 
Cantly Alex., grinder, Lancaster n Wharton 
Canton Patrick, shoemaker, 834 Marriott 
Canton William, tailor, 749 S 6th 
Cantrell Edward, framemaker, 9 Amity 
Cantrell E. J., lookingglass maker, 9 Amity 
Cantrell G. W., looking-glass maker, 9 Amity 
Cantrell George W., jr., clerk, 9 Amity 
Cantrell John A., druggist, 1000 S 2d 
Cantrell John H., M. b., 1000 S 2d 
Cantweil Edward, printer, 216 Union 
Cantwell Henry, butcher, 10 Callowhill st mkt, 

h Mt Pleasant, ab N 27th 
Cantwell James, grocer, 2000 Chestnut, h 100 

S 90th 
Cantwell James R„ hotel 8c liquors, Gtn av cor 

Cantwell John F., clerk, 410 Arch 
Cantwell Mathias, cabinetmaker, Mechanic cor 

Cresson (Myk) 
Cantwell Michael, laborer, 216 Union 
Cantwell Nicholas, Rev., pastor, 228 Queen 
Cantwell Patrick, laborer, Somerset n Amber 
Cantwell Patrick, porter, 223 Shippen 
Canty Jeremiah, weaver, r 159 Master 
Canty Jeremiah, weaver, 13 Byron place r 1337 

Germantown avenue 
Canty Michael, weaker, 1435 Philip 
Cantz Frederick, carman, 44 Leopard 
Cape George, grocer, 516 Vine 
Capehart Daniel, police, 1218 Shackamaxon 
Capehart Henry, brickmaker, 2125 Harmstead 
Capehart Henry, watchman, Norris n Belgrade 
Capehart John, laborer, Townsend n Tulip 
Capehart Walter, moulder, Norris n Belgrade 
Capehart William, bricklayer, 1237 Otis 
Capelli Lewis, musician, Campbell near S 6th 
Cap en John L., phrenologist, 922 & h 924 

Caphart Charles, bricklayer, rear 709 St. John 
Caphardt Cnarles, milk, Gtn R R near N 18th 
Caphoof Christian, grocer, 529 Race 
Capie Joseph, waterman, 740 Swanson 
Capie Maria, wid. Joseph, tailoress, 306 Shippen 
Capie Robert, cooper, 817 Burd 
Capin John, shoemaker, 1 Fair's pi n N 11th 
Capp John C. & Son, (John 8. Capp,) brokers, 

23 S 3d 
Capp John C, broker, 23 S 3d, h 250 N 12th 
Capp John S., broker, 23 S 3d, h 250 N 12th 
Capp William M., clerk, 250 N 12th 
Cappell Elizabeth, trimmings, 1215 Ridg-e av 
Cappell Samuel, bootmaker, 1215 Ridge av 
Capper Abraham, accountant, 207 Market, h 

1427 Howard 
Capper Casper, blacksmith, N 3d n Columbia 
Capper John, weaver, 1360 Hope 
Capper William, clerk, 16 S Front, h 48 N 3d 
Capper James, tobacconist, 2d near Coates, h 

1426 N 6th 

Cappin Alexander, plasterer, William c Edge- 

mont (R) 
Caracar Anthony, butcher, Meetler near N 6th 
Caracer Edward, butcher, N 7th near Meetler 
Caragan John, porter, rear 929 Ogden 
Caraher James, peddler, 222 S Front 
Carbarry John, hatter, RafFerty's court 
Carberry James, laborer, Amber near Somerset 
Carberry John, carman, 3 Sharon place 
Carberry John J., hotel, 734 Market 
Carberry Lawrence, Humes av n South 
Carberry Nancy, milliner, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry Patrick, blacksmith, 630 Hermitage 
Carbin Augustus, carpenter, 339 German 
Carbin Virginia, vestmaker, 339 German 
Carbon Peter M., Rev., 615 Spruce 
Carbon Timothy, laborer, 1655 S Front 
Carbonell Benjamin, 706 Locust 
Carbray John, porter house, 35 N 22d 
Carbry Ann, widow William, Fitler near N 2d 
CARCELL ADA A., dry goods, 788 S Front 
Cardaneu Henry, tailor, 616 Cresson 
Carday Richard, weaver, Mariner near Broad 
Cardell Henry, drayman, 1222 Hamilton 
Caiciell Wm., laborer, Washington av n S 24th 
Carden James, laborer, 8 Manayunk pike (Myk) 
Garden John, weaver, 2045 Hampton 
Carden Richard A., Rev., 2309 Green 
Carden William, liquors, 6 Levant 
Carder August, police, 915 Market 
Cardeza Joseph, agent, 1724 Green 
Cardiff James J., liquors, 264 N Water &. 267 

N Front, h 267 N Front 
Cardiff John, porter, rear 1541 Montgomery av 
Cardin Thomas, liquor, 624 S 3d 
Cardie James, laborer, Manheim (Gtn) 
Cardney Mary, wid. of Charles, 1619 Helmuth 
Cardwell George, flour, 167 Eastern Market 
Cardwell George C, dry goods, Queen (Gtn) 
Cardwell John, painter, 719 S 11th 
Cardwell Mary, seamstress, 9 Lindsay avenue 
Cardwell Robert, clerk, 331 S Front, h Lancas- 
ter near Reed 
Cardwell Robert T., dentist, 529 Pine, h 807 

Cardwell Thomas C, commission merchant, 215 

Church alley, h 715 Sansom 
Cardwell William, laborer, William cor Edge- 

mont (R) 
Cardwell William, painter, 831 Ellsworth 
Care George W., painter, 834 Vine 
Care Joshua H., teamster, 651 Andress 
Careless George, britannia smith, r 508 N Front 
Carell James, carpenter, 1 Dove place 
Carels Ella, boarding house, 221 Lybrand 
Carets Geo., restaur't, 44 S 7th, h 149 S Juniper 
Caress Richard, cabinetmaker, Edward near 

Church (Fkd) 
Carey Amos, carpenter, Gtn avenue n Walnut 

lane (Rising Sun) 
Carey A. W., S 40th below Spruce (W P) 
Carey Ann E., teacher, 3 Rose alley 
Carey Bryan, laborer, 3 Colebrook 
Carey Comfort S., tailoress, rear 842 Swanson 
Carey Edward, carpenter, Pennsylvania avenue 

corner Gold 
Carey Edward, gas fitter, 7 Pensive pi 
Carey Eli IL, plasterer, 1 Cunningham's pi 

Jules Hauel &. Co.'s Eau Athemenne imparts 




Carey Ellen, wid. Edmund, r 414 Monroe 

Carey Francis, morocco finisher, 847 St John 

Carey Frank, clerk, 34l Washington av 

Carey George, chairmaker, 847 St John 

Carey Henry C, 1102 Walnut 

Carey Isaac, morocco dresser, r 303 Brown 

Carey James, grocery, Spruce c 24th 

Carey James, porter, 117 Peg-g 

Carey John, conductor, 41st n Haverford (W P) 

Carey John, driver, 509 S 13th 

Carey John, laborer, 1225 Corn 

Carey John, laborer, 1353 Pearl 

Carey John, laborer, 11 Southampton ct 

Carey John, plasterer, 1934 Naudain 

Carey John, shoemaker, r 414 Monroe 

Carey John, tailor, 176 Columbia av 

Carey John, weaver, r 1533 Philip 

Carey John P., laborer, 1628 S 2d 

Carey Martin, laborer, Manning n 24th 

Carey Mary, wid. James, Penn n Church (Fkd) 

Carey Michael, grocer, 521 S 10th 

Carey Moore, laborer, Willow n Meadow (Fkd) 

Carey Peter, drayman, 10 Cowperthwait pi, r 

319 New Market 
Carey Stephen, tinsmith, Herman (Gtn) 
Carey Stephen, tobacconist, 319 Poplar 
Carey Thomas, currier, r 507 S 5th 
Carey Thomas, engineer, 8 Queen 
Carey Thomas, laborer, 414 Monroe 
Carey Thomas, laborer, Somerset n Belgrade 

Carey William, cutter, r 414 Monroe 
Carey William, laborer, 2001 Market 
Carey William, laborer, 1636 Pearl 
Carey William, laborer, r 740 Plover 
Carey William, laborer, William n Edgemont 

Carey William, variety, 758 S 8th 
Carfrey Charles, shoemaker, 1319 Corn 
Carfrey Edwin, cordwainer, 1760 N 6th 
Carfrey Elijah B., brickmaker, 1760 N 6th 
Carfrey William R., cordwainer, 1760 N 6th 
Carg-ill John, brickmaker, r 1907 Jones 
Cargill Thomas, laborer, r 1907 Jones 
Cargill Thomas, jr., trunkmaker, r 1907 Jones 
Carhart, Samuel, shoemaker, 108 Almond 
Carie Catharine, dressmaker, 1712 Barker 
Carie John P., conductor, 1712 Barker 
Cariss Isabella, fancy work, 1215 N 3d 
Cariss William, gilder, 1515 N 3d 
Carl Christopher, borer, r 1323 Alder 
Carl Jacob, printer, 25 Penna av 
Carl James, laborer, 619 Swanson 
Carl Owen, laborer, r 1127 Hope 
Carlan Edward, laborer, Rochford n N 19th 
Carlan James, r 112 S 20th 
Carlan Patrick, laborer, Main (Myk) 
Carlan Pat., Washington (Myk) 
Garland David, plumber, 1323 Juniata 
Carland James, laborer, Robison (Myk) 
Carland Thomas, engineer, 411 S 20th 
Carle William, laborer, Long la n 24th 
Carles George W., barkeeper, 2 S 9th, h 1526 

Carles John, laborer, 23d n Walnut 
Carleton Henry, 1203 Spruce 
Carleton L., stationery, 116 N 8th 
Carleton Samuel, bricklayer, 116 N 8th 

Carleton Thomas H., builder, 908 Cherry 
Carley Charles, weaver, Hancock (Gtn) 
Carley Eliza, wid. William, brush drawer, r 234 

Carley Thomas, lab., Somerset n Belgrade (Rich) 
Carley William, clerk, 912 S Front 
Carlile & Ewing, {Thomas J. Carlile S? Charles 

G. Ewing,) watch materials, 304 Chestnut 
Carlile Amos, building stone, 1206 Wallace 
Carlile Hudson, Ridge av (Rox) 
Carlile James, stonemason, 1542 Callowhill 
Carlile John, cordwainer, 1542 Callowhill 
Carlile Robert, mason, r 717 Holly 
Carlile Robert M., Farmer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Carlile Thomas J., watches, 304 Chestnut, h 

702 N19th 
Carlin Andrew B., artist, Gills av rear 1212 

Carlin Daniel, lab. 1918 Buttonwood 
Carlin Edward, liquors, Cresson (Myk) 
Carlin Elizabeth, wid Wm., Pollock's ct rear 

Carlin Francis, blacksmith, Belgrade n Alle- 
ghany av 
Carlin Francis, lab. 24th c Locust 
Carlin Francis, riveter, r 643 South 
Carlin George, carpenter, 1521 N Front 
Carlin Henry, provision, 523 N 24th 
Carlin James, peddler, 1916 Buttonwood 
Carlin James, lab. Elm n Budd (W P) 
Carlin James, printer, 333 New Market 
Carlin John, gardener, S 17th n Wharton 
Carlin John, lab. Fairmount Park n N 30th 
Carlin John, laborer, Spring Garden n N 15th 
Carlin John, moroc. shaver, 1340 Howard 
Carlin John, painter, 1520 Thompson 
Carlin John, spooler, S 17th c Carpenter 
Carlin John, trucker, 94 Shippen St Mkt., h 

17th n Federal 
Carlin John, wheelwright, N 30th n Bridge 

(W P) h 549 N 25th 
Carlin John J., biscuit baker, 333 New Market 
Carlin Louis, tailor, 1010 N 3d 
Carlin Louisa, wid Jonathan, boarding house, 

424 George 
Carlin Mahlon, painter, r 66 Laurel 
Carlin Martha, wid. John, 1645 Lombard 
Carlin Mary, 743 Spruce 
Carlin Mary, milliner, 719 South 
Carlin Mary, wid Hugh, 912 Atherton 
Carlin Michael, liquors, 269 N Front, & 266 N 

Water, h 269 N Front 
Carlin Patrick, lab. 739 Carpenter 
Carlin Patrick, lab. r 529 Marriott 
Carlin Patrick, lab. 124 S 24th 
Carlin Patrick, shoemaker, 533 N 25th 
Carlin Philip, flour & feed, 505 S Broad 
Carlin Philip, dealer, 146 Greenwich 
Carlin Philip, jr., flour, 503 & 505 S Broad, h 

Austin n Wharton 
Carlin Sarah, widow John, washerwoman, 13 

Boyd's av 
Carlin Thomas, lab. Centre (Gtn) 
Carlin Wm., lab. 330 N 17th 
Carlin Wm., shoemaker, Peters n S 12th 
Carlin Wm., stonecutter, 310 Bradford 
Carlin Wm., trimmings, 637 South 
Carlin Wm. J., hotel, 1 Dock 

to wiry hair a soft, glossy, wavy appearance. 




Carling George D., chairmr. r 616 St John 
Carlisle Aaron, tinsmith, Main c Robeson (Myk) 
Carlisle Alexander, tailor, Main (Myk) 
Carlisle Charles H., seaman, 114 Denmark 
Carlisle Francis, porter, Sargeant n N 10th 
Carlisle Henry, comb manuf. 44 N 8th 
Carlisle IJ. Risley & Co., (H. Risky Carlisle <$• 

George S. Willitts,) housekeepers goods, 

113 J N 9th 
Carlisle II. Risley, housekeeping goods, lloj N 

9th, h 217 N 12th 
Carlisle James, captain, 317 Catharine 
Carlisle J. Don., attor. & conns. 530 N 22d 
Carlisle James D., mer., 1313 Parrish 
Carlisle John, lab. Fitzw^ter c 15th 
Carlisle John W., tinsmith, Levering (Myk) 
Carlisle Joseph, Haverford ab N 33d (W P) 
Carlisle Mary, wid Win., 1605 Pine 
Carlisle Patrick, lab. Maple n Melvale (R) 
Carlisle Samuel, clerk, 140 N 7th 
Carlisle Samuel G., waterman, 19 Brown 
Carlisle Thompson, shoemaker, 348 N 3d 
Carlisle Wm., jr., assistant auditor Penna. RR 

Office, h 530 N 22d 
Carlisle Wm., late machinist, 223 S 5th 
Carll James H., La Pierre House 
Carlo Frank, grocer, 23 N 12th 
Carlon Anthony L., moulder, 606 Middle al 
Carlon Charles, tailor, 606 Middle al 
Carlon Charles H., police, 638 Middle al 
Carlon Daniel J., inspector, 629 Washington av 
Carlon Edward, lab. 1 Jefferson pi, rear 950 N 

Carlon James, peddler, 2309 Hamilton 
Carls Henry, tailor, 18 Bristow pi 
Carlston Eliza, huckster, sec 37 Girardav Mkt, 

h Frankford av n Girarcl av 
Carlton Charles, lab. 1906 Rochford 
Carlton John, brickmr. Carroll n Dauphin 
Carlton Pat., brickmaker, Carroll n Dauphin 
Carlton Wm., drayman, r 1311 Frankford av 
Carmack Isaac, (col'd,) white washer, 614 Bay 
Carman B. Rush, mason, Decatur (Holmesbg) 
Carman Charles, carpenter, Main (Holmesburg) 
Carman Charles R., bricklayer, r N 2d n York 
Carman Charles V., shoemaker, N Front N 

Carman Elon, mason, N 2d n Dauphin 
Carman Elon, police, N 19th n Berks 
Carman Hudson, h Washington House 
Carman Jacob, mason, Delaware (Holmesburg) 
Carman James, plasterer, 779 N 24th 
Carman James H., carter, 513 Washington av 
Carman Jarvus C, agent, 1212 N 19th 
Carman John, carpenter, r 417 Pine 
Carman Margaret, r 417 Pine 
Carman Mary Ann, dry goods, 779 N 24th 
Carman Michael, mason, Decatur (Holmesburg) 
Carman Michael S., mason, Collegeville 
Carman Samuel S , watchmr., 220 Chester 
Carman Samuel S., jr., clerk, 220 Chester 
Carman Stephen, plater, 123 N 6th, h 220 

Carman Susannah, 933 S 3d 
Carman Wm., shirt cutter, r 825 Carpenter 
Carman Wilson, varnish, 1232 S 4th 
Carmany Cyrus, hotel, 308 Race 
Carmell Casper, cooper, 923 Market 

Carmer James, mason, Manheim (Gtn) 
Carmichael Isaac, carpenter, 719 S 13th 
Carmichael Jas., oil cloths, 162 N 3d, h Frank- 

Carmichael James, plastr. Garton pi n Bedford 
Carmichael Joseph, cordw. 772 S 13th 
Carmichael Wm., clerk, 1715 Addison 
Carmick Louis, com. mer. 149 S Front, h 435 

Carmick Susan, wid Stephen, 435 Lombard 
Carmint Wm., hostler, r 1339 Rodman 
Carmody Edmund, laborer, Darcy n Shippen 
Carmony Robt. A., clerk, 524 Buttonwood 
Carmony Wm., clerk, 304 Market, h 524 But- 
Carnagan David, weaver, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Carnahan Jas., lab., Warren n Lancaster av 

(W P) 
Carnahan Jane, widow John, 37 N 11th 
Carnahan John, tailor, 1100 Chestnut, h 35 

Carnan Charles, machinist, 5th c Gtn rd, h 

1542 N 6th 
Carnathan David, laborer, 128 Denmark 
Carncross Jacob C, contractor, 234 Chester 
Carnell Charles, iron founder, Gtn av ab 5th, 

h 1542 N 6th 
Carnell John, foundry, N 6th n Montgomery, 

h 6th n Oxford 
Carnes George, machinist, 1746 Lombard 
Carnes Gilbert, brickmaker, 2138 Naudain 
Carnes Sarah, shoebinder, 1003 Mechanic 
Carnes Susan R., widow Joseph, housekeeper, 

1910 Parrish 
Carnes AVm., weaver, 240 Jefferson 
Carney Andrew, lab., 2321 Jefferson 
Carney Bernard, porter, 1216 Clarion 
Carney Bernard L., hatter, 627 S 5th 
Carney Catharine, widow James, candies, Sal- 
mon n Fremont (Richmond) 
Carney Edward, carpenter, 1028 S 8th 
Carney Ewd, blacksmith, Market ab 30th (W P) 
Carney Frank shoemaker, 923 Market 
Carney Henry, blacksmith, 2 Lancaster av (WP) 
Carney Henry, lab., Tudor n Dickerson 
Carney Hugh, lab., 749 S Juniper 
Carney Hugh, laborer, 812 Tasker 
Carney James, bricklayer, 911 Lafayette 
Carney James, carter, 1028 S 8th 
Carney James coachman, 321 Bradford 
Carney James, laborer, 722 Steward 
Carney John, dealer, 615 Passyunk av 
Carney John, lab., 822 Fallon 
Carney John, laborer, r 112 Carpenter 
Carney John, laborer, 21 Reed 
Carney John, lab., 623 S Front 
Carney John, paver, 508 Shippen 
Carney John, stonecutter, 1547 Callowhill 
Carney Jno., weav.,Warminister pi r 1 541 Gtn av 
Carney Joseph B., carpenter, 705 S 8th 
Carney Lydia B., (col'd) tailoress r 416 Gaskill 
Carney Margaret washerwoman, 8 Leeds av 
Carney Michael morocco dresser, 4 Curran pi 
Carney Montgomery, (col'd) porter, 404 Rat- 

cliffe av 
Carney Owen, shoemaker, 5 O'Connells ct 
Carney Owen, lab., S 36th n Market (W P) 
Carney Patrick, drayman, 703 Lebanon 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Carney Patrick, grocer, 1028 S 8th 
Carney Patrick, shoemaker, 805 S 9th 
Carney Peter, laborer, Cresson (Myk) 
Carney Rachael, widow Arthur, liquors, 600 

Carney Thomas, blacksmith, 1518 Pearl 
Carney Thomas laborer, Somerset n Relgrade. 
Carney Thomas, weaver, Tudor n Dickerson 
Carney Thomas, (col'd) lab., 619 Middle al 
Carney Wm, laborer, 29 N 22nd 
Carney Wm., porter, 818 Burns 
Carney Wm., (col'd) barber, 537 Christian 
Carnhan Wm., tailor, 443 N 2d • 
Cams Charles W., bricks, Federal n Long 1 la, h 

S 22d n South 
Cams Charles W. jr. brickmaker 24th n South 
Cams Mary, dealer, 166 Eastern Market, h N 

5th n Gorgas 
Cams Robert, butcher, r 1547 Brinton 
Carolan Christopher, 622 N 25th 
Carolan John, laborer, 1407 Rye 
Carolien Thomas F., brushmr, 2107 Cuthbert 
Caroll John, huckster, Rafferty's ct 
Caroll Mary, widow John, r 114 N 2d 
Caroll Nicholas, engineer, 6 Laws ct 
Carolus Elizabeth, cupper, 801 Charlotte 
Caron Eliza, wid. Henry, dry goods, 608 S 2d 
Caron Louis F., clerk, 759 S 2d 
Caroon Patrick, 300 S Delaware av, h Gaskill 

n 4th 
Carpenter Aaron, flour & feed, Levering (Myk) 
Carpenter Aaron E., clerk, 218 Jacoby 
Carpenter Abiram, toll keeper, Ridge av (Rox- 

Carpenter Albion, confec, 915 Vine 
Carpenter Alfred, driver, 1808 Ridg'e av 
penter 6/- Frank Connell) com. mer. 400 
Chestnut, and oysters, 5 Spruce 
Carpenter & Stevenson Albina Carpenter Sf 

Margaret Stevenson) confec. 915 Vine 
Carpenter Ann, Hippie's la (Myk) 
Carpenter Benjamin, farmer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Carpenter Caleb, millinery, 925 Washington av 
Carpenter Caleb, porter, 332 Dugan 
Carpenter Chas., cooper, Ridge av (Rox) 
Carpenter Chas., produce & oysters, 3 Spruce, 

h 300 Carpenter 
Carpenter Chas. A., shipsmith, Shippen c Swan- 
son, h 31 Shippen 
Carpenter Charles G., clerk, 201 Church al, h 

Cooper c 4th Camden 
Carpenter Charles M„ police, 410 N 7th 
Carpenter Charles R., morocco finisher, 806 N 

Carpenter Charles S., ice, 413 Franklin & r 609 

Beach, h Bordentown 
Carpenter Charles S. & Co., {Charles S. Car- 
penter, John Glendening § Joseph M. Tru- 
man, jr.,) ice, 413 Franklin & r 609 Beach 
Carpenter Conrad, butcher, 241 Franklin Mkt, 

h 1908 Cambridge 
Carpenter Conrad, plasterer, Ridge av (Rox) 
Carpenter Daniel H., surg\ inst. maker, 1140 N 

Carpenter David, weaver, 1323 Heath 
Carpenter David L., dancing teacher, 810 Sp 
Garden, h River c Hutton (W P) 

Carpenter Edmund, clerk, 1710 Green 
Carpenter Edward, conveyancer, 337 Walnut 

h Linden pi (Gtn) 
Carpenter Edward, machinist, 1202 Clarion 
Carpenter Edward C, stereotyper, 127 Beck pi 
Carpenter Edward G., clerk, 1023 Morgan 
Carpenter Edwin B., druggist, 737 Market, h 

1710 Green 
Carpenter Eliza S., 1109 Vine 
Carpenter Francis, mer. tailor, 825 Chestnut, h 

S 3d c Cypress 
Carpenter Frank W., clerk, 1023 Morgan 
Carpenter Geo'., clerk, 2119 Sharswood 
Carpenter George W., carpenter, 2136 Shars- 
Carpenter Geo. W., druggist, 737 Market, h 

Main c Carpenter (Gtn) 
Carpenter Geo. W., small wares, 201 Church 

al, h Cooper c 4th Camden 
Carpenter Geo. W.,jr., druggist, 737 Market, h 

Main c Carpenter (Gtn) 
Carpenter Geo. W., Henszey & Co., (Geo. W. 

Carpenter, Wm. C. Henszey, George W. 

Carpenter, jr. ,) druggists, 737 Market 
Carpenter Harry B., clerk, 515 Wood 
Carpenter Harvey, moulder, Holly n Catharine 
Carpenter Henry, shoemaker, 622 S Front 
Carpenter Hester, vegetables. 195 Sp Garden 

st Market, h Cambria n 19th 
Carpenter Hetty B. wid. Lemuel, 422 Wharton 
Carpenter Jacob, waiter, 331 Griscom 
Carpenter James, dyer, Powdermill la (Fkd) 
Carpenter James, livery stables, 18 N 16th, h 27 

N 16th 
Carpenter James, machinist, 1727 Sansom 
Carpenter James B., 127 Beck pi 
Carpenter James H., carriages, 27 N 16th 
Carpenter John, boat builder, 811 N 5th 
Carpenter John, moulder, 713 Enue 
Carpenter John C, bookbinder, 807 Fallon 
Carpenter John E., rule maker, 862 N 4th 
Carpenter John W. (colored), teamster, r 925 

Carpenter Joseph, brickmaker, 1143 S 16th 
Carpenter Joseph, carpenter Wayne (Gtn) 
Carpenter Joseph C, 1023 Morgan 
Carpenter Joseph R., engraver, 234 S 3d, h 

1717 Locust 
Carpenter Mary, weaver, Tower (Myk) 
Carpenter Mary, wid. 811 S 3d 
Carpenter Mary, wid. John, North n N 15th 
Cai-penter Mary A., 413 Buttonwood 
Carpenter Miles N., assessor, 117 N 2d 
Carpenter Moiris H., hatter, 467 N 2d 
Carpenter Peter, lab. Oak n Rose (W P) 
Carpenter Robert P., clerk, 673 Bankson 
Carpenter Samuel, clerk, 234 S 3d 
Carpenter Samuel, collector, 515 Wood 
Carpenter Samuel, cooper, Ridge av (Rox) 
Carpenter Samuel, jeweler, 127 Beck pi 
Carpenter Samuel H., engraver, 234 S 3d, h 

1717 Locust 
Carpenter Samuel P., bookkeeper, 737 Market, 

h 1028 Brown 
Carpenter Sarah, wid. Wm. T., millinery, 732 

Chestnut, h S 9th n Locust 
Carpenter Simon, machinist, Holly n Catharine 
Carpenter Thomas C, clerk, 1009 N 7th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Carpenter Thomas M., tailor, 1410 Parrish 
Carpenter Wm, driver, 1908 Cambridge 
Carpenter Wm., ice dealer, 440 York av, h 413 

Carpenter Wm., optician, 626 Franklin 
Carpenter Wm., mer. tailor, 825 Chestnut, h 

1625 Arch 
Carpenter Wm. (colored), lab. Tenor pi 
CARPENTER W. & F., {William A Francis), 

mer. tailors, 825 Chestnut 
Carpenter Wm. C, 162.3 Arch 
Carpenter Wm. C, clerk, 812 Cherry 
Carpenter Wm. H., 1216 Race 
Carpenter Wm. II., moulder, 2119 Sharswood 
Carpenter Wm. H., plush cutter, 1323 Heath 
Carpentier John C, 1307 Spruce 
Carpentier Palmyra, boarding- & day school for 

young - ladies, 1307 Spruce 
Carr Abbey, wid. Thomas, 1302 Rodman 
Carr Alice, wid. Patrick, 2118 Harmstead 
Carr Andrew, machinist, N 6th n Montgomery 
Carr B., weaver, N 3d n Oxford 
Carr Bernard, liquors, 801 S 13th 
Carr Bridget, reeler, Cresson (Myk) 
Carr Calvin C, brickmaker, 1701 Montrose 
Carr Charles, brickmaker, 2006 Chestnut 
Carr Charles, clerk, 735 Oxford 
Carr Charles, car driver, Oak n Crammond 

Carr Charles, dry goods, Richmond n Ann 
Carr Charles, farmer, Allen's la (Mt Airy) 
Carr Charles, hosiery, Kesler n Diamond 
Carr Charles, lab. Powdermill la (Fkd 
Carr Charles, sawyer, 1014 Crease 
Carr Charles, upholsterer, 250 South 
Carr Charles, weaver, Creisheim la (Mt Airy) 
Carr Charles, weaver, Gtn av n Diamond 
Carr Charles W., lab. Mill (Hbg) 
Carr Daniel, grocer, 726 S 7th 
Carr Daniel, lab. Monmouth n Salmon (R) 
Carr Daniel, lab. 127 William (R) 
Carr David, lab. 337 Bradford 
Carr Edmund A., cooper, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Carr Edward, clerk, 201 Church al, h Friends 

av n Cooper Camden 
Carr Edward, gunsmith, 250 South 
Carr Edward, lab. Mullen n Somerset (R) 
Carr Edward, lab. S 24th c Locust 
Carr Edward, liquors, (Falls Sch) 
Carr Edward A., moulder, 1306 Ogden 
Carr Edward W., agent, 152 S 3d, h 912 N4th 
Carr Edwin, jeweler, 929 Charlotte 
Carr Eliza, wid. Jas. 1337 S 2d 
Carr Ellen, wid. Harvey, r 1132 Lombard 
Carr Emeline, (col'd) washer, 611 Barclay 
Carr Ferguson, shoemr. Washington (Myk) 
Carr Frank R., gasfitter, Evangelist n S 8th 
Carr George, boatman, Cresson (Myk) 
Carr George, foreman, Aliens la (Mt Airy) 
Carr George, lab. 1239 S 7th 
Carr George, tailor, Carroll n Dauphin 
Carr George, (col'd) boarding, 919 South 
Carr George W., whalebone, 124 & 126 Willow 

h Gtn av n Johnson (Gtn) 
Carr George W. & Co. (George W. Carr <$- 

Samuel Warrington) whalebone & rattan, 

124 & 126 Willow 
Carr Henry B., butcher, 1133 Columbia av 

Carr Hiram, bricklr., Manheim (Gtn) 
Carr Jacob B., mach. Salmon n Somerset 
Carr Jacob E., plumber, 338 N 4th, h 1302 

Mount Vernon 
Carr Jas., clerk, S 23d n Walnut 
Carr Jas., gardener, Gtn av c Harvey (Gtn) 
Carr Jas., lab. Beach n 24th 
Carr Jas., lab. Naudain c S 26th 
Carr Jas., lab. 826 Tasker 
Carr Jas., liquors, 1105 Locust 
Carr Jas., plasterer, 2049 Hand 
Carr Jas., shoemr. Mullen n Somerset 
Carr J. H., real estate broker, 429 Walnut, h 

720 Sansom 
Carr James B., insurance broker, 1116 N Front 
Carr James M., glasscutter, 1330 Otis 
Carr Jane, boarding, 307 S 3d 
Carr John, bedding, 250 South 
Carr John, bookbinder, 2115 Harmstead 
Carr John, boltmaker, 2 Ashton pi 
Carr John, butcher, 263 Franklin market, h 

1343 Hancock 
Carr John, fish, 42 Eastern Market, h 1203 

Carr John, lab. 1310 S 8th 
Carr John, lab. 1119 Hope 
Carr John, lab. 1602 Sansom 
Carr John, liquors, Cresson n Cotton, h Cres- 
son c Cotton (Myk) 
Carr John, liquors, 130 South 
Carr John, morocco dresser, 141 Otter 
Carr John, salt, 1203 Carlton 
Carr John, weaver, 610 S 18th 
Carr John B. bookbinder, 1303 Coates 
Carr John F., bookkeeper, 339 N 10th 
Carr John G., glassblower, r 1030 Ash 
Carr Joseph, cooper, Ashmead (Gtn) 
Carr Joseph, cotton goods, Creisheim ct n Mt 

CaiT Joseph, lab. 16 Byron pi rl339 Gtn av 
Carr Joseph, plumber, 338 N 4th, h 473 N 5th 
Carr Littleton, (col'd) messeng. 1201 Salem al 
Carr Louisa, wid. Thos., weaver, Cresson (Myk) 
Carr Luke, laborer, 1019 Milton 
Carr Margaret, widow Jno. 733 S 10th 
Carr Maria, widow Jas. 236 Lombard 
Carr Mary, widow Jno. 1707 Burton 
Carr Mary, (col'd) widow, 1040 Lombard 
Carr Marv A., widow Cornelius, 2049 Hand 
Carr Matthew, plumber, 261 S 20th 
Carr Michael, shoemaker, Oxford n Gtn av 
Carr Michael, weaver, 1437 Gtn av 
Carr Miles, lab. Birch n Salmon (R) 
Carr Nancy, widow Danl. William n Salmon 
Carr Overton, U. S. N., Navy Yard 
Carr Patrick, lab. 905 Donnelly 
Carr Patrick, lab. 2 Macleod pi 
Carr Patrick, lab. r Richmond n William (R) 
Carr Patrick, moulder, 931 S 11th 
Carr Patrick, shoemr. Courtland pi r 306 New 

Carr Peter, blacksm. 2115 Harmstead 
Can- Philip, lab. 1739 Lombard 
Carr Rachel, teacher, 322 Spruce 
Carr Rebecca F., school, 2317 Sansom 
Carr Richard, lithographer, 230 Dickerson 
Carr Robert, lab. r 968 Delaware av 
Carr Robert, lab. Reed n S Front 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Athemenne is not a dye, but will 




Carr Robert, lab. 1925 South 

Carr Robert, jr., cordw., Farson's pi n Allen 

Carr Samuel, 1226 Marlborough 

Carr Samuel M., clerk, 1306 Ogden 

Carr Stephen, liquors, 812 S 13tb 

Carr Susan, dealer, 1216 Fitzwater 

Carr Susan spooler, Cresson (Myk) 

Carr Susan, widow Robert, 731 Guilford 

Carr Thomas, carp., N Front n Montgomery av 

Carr Thomas, cooper, 614 Moss 

Carr Thomas, grocer, 1941 Wilcox 

Carr Thomas, laborer, Cresson (Myk) 

Carr Thomas, laborer, S 24th c Locust 

Carr Thomas, shoemaker, Levering' (Myk) 

Carr Vincent L., farmer, 194 Spring 1 Garden 

St Market 
CaiT William, 257 N 2d 
Carr William carman, r 251 N loth 
Carr Wm., carp. 3 Gtn. av n Mill (Gtn) 
Carr William, cooper, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Carr Wm., laborer, r Adrian n Thompson 
Carr Wm.. laborer, Creisheim la (Mt Airy) 
Carr Wm., laborer, r 1302 Gtn av 
Carr Wm., laborer, rear 1145 S 9th 

Carrigan James, laborer, 228 Gaskill 
Carrigan James R., framemr., 27 Kauffinan 
Carrig-an John, laborer, SerriU n Emerald 
Carrig-an John, porter, 122 Kelton 
Crrrigan John, tailor, Mullen n Somerset 
Carrig-an John, umbrella maker, 2040 Murray 
Carrig-an John, waiter, 8 Boyd's av 
! Carrig-an Mary, widow John, 213 Marker 
Carrig-an Mary A., boarding-, 122 Kelton 
Carrig-an Matthew, fireman, 7 Louisa av 
Carrig-an Matthew, horse dealer, 5 Fife's place 
Carrig-an Michael, laborer, 1916 Naudian 
Carrig-an Patrick, clerk, 525 N 13th 
Carrig-an Patrick, weaver, 1339 Palethorp 
Carrig-an Peter, carpenter, 3 Concord place, r 

221 Concord 
Carrig-an Peter, gardener, 1726 Montrose 
Carrig-an Peter, tinsmith, 764 S 5th 
Carrigan Thomas, hostler, Gtn av near Armat 

( Gtn > 
Carrigan William, painter, 122 Kelton 

Carrigan William, waiter, r 1132 Lombard 

j Can-in Patrick, hatter, 620 Fitzwater 

jCarrington E. O., clerk, 1322 Chestnut 

Carr Wm., shoemaker, Haverford ab N 36th iCarrington John, grainer, 1531 Cabot 
Carr William, weaver, 1423 Shippen Carrington Susan, wid Wm. M., 1108 Pine 

Carr Wm. H., agent, Walnut c 4th, h 2133 ArchjCarritt, John E., clerk, 1045 S 4th 

Can' Wm. H., stove manuf. 14 Henry 
Carr "William R., oysters, 517 Lombard 
Carraher James, carts, 729 Enue 
Carran Michael, laborer, r 934 S 5th 
Carrbory Thomas, fruit, 634 St Mary 
Carre Charles, blacksmith, 226 Saranak 
Carre Edward, painter, Washington av near 

Gray's ferry road 
Carre John, carpenter, Paul n Green (Fkd)" 
Carre Lewis J., tinsmith, 1002 Market, h 2054 

Carrell Henry M., carpenter, 243 Dickerson 
Carrell John, runner, 2 Bulletin 
Carrell Thomas, restaurant, 116 Market 
Carrelly James, driver, 423 N 18th 
Carrick Andrew, laborer, 1 Henrietta av 
Can-ick David, biscuit baker, 8 N 19th, h 1937 

Carrick Elizabeth, tailoress,* 2048 Flemming 
Carrick Frederick, hostler, r 1239 Montgomery 
Carrick George, laborer, 1025 Dorrance 
Carrick James, moulder, 808 Capital 
Carrick James, packer, 1617 Richard 
Carrick John, liquors, Market c 21st, h 107 S 

Carrick Robert, laborer, 125 Doran 
Carrick Robert C, laborer, 1025 Bon-ance 
CARRICK THOMAS, biscuit baker, 8 N 19th, 

h 21st n Arch 

Carrley George, segars, 1218 S 2d 
Carrold Peter, cotton goods, 1508 Palethorp 
Carroll Amelia (col'd) wid Walter, 416 S 7th 
roll Sf James J. Gallagher,) printers, S W 
c 2d & Chestnut 
Can-oll Anthony, packer, r 155 N 9th 
Carroll Anton, weaver, r 1205 N 6th 
Carroll Augustus D., liquors, 116 Walnut & 11 

Granite, h American House 
Carroll Bridget, grocer, 527 S 7th 
Carroll Bridget, widow, Rose n Chestnut (WP) 
Carroll Bridget, wid Thomas, 226 S Water 
Carroll Charles, carter, 1330 Mariner 
Carroll Daniel, heater, Osprey n Spg Garden 
Carroll Edward, carpenter, 821 Callowhill 
Carroll Edward, sheet iron, X Front n Korris 
Carroll Francis, coachman, 13 S Juniper 
Carroll Francis, laborer, 2 Hellerman's pi 
Carroll George, clerk, 512 Market, h 74 Web- 
ster, Camden 
Canoll Gregory, laborer, 32 Laurel 
Carroll Henry C, bricks, Hestonville n Lancas- 
ter av, h N 59th n Market (W P) 
Carroll Hugh, laborer, Otsego c Moore 
Carroll Jacob (col'd) whitewasher, American n 

Carroll James, carman, 304 Iseminger 
Carroll James, drayman, 816 S 3th 

CARRICK THOMAS & CO.,) David Carrick^ Carroll James, rardener, Manheim 

biscuit bakers, 8 N 19th 
Can-ick William, baker, 1737 Burton 
Carrigan Bernard, laborer, 10 Reed 
Carrigan Catharine, dry goods, 1129 Pyk av 
Carrigan Charles W., Fkd av c Richmond la 
Carrigan Daniel, laborer, S 21st n Spruce 
Carrigan Edward, laborer, 609 S 15th 
Carrigan Henry, carter, 1332 Hancock 
Carrigan Henry, laborer, 764 S Juniper 
Carrigan Hugh, carter, 1441 Bedford 
Carrigan Jacob, hardware, 1223 Haines 

| Carroll Jarnes, grocer, 243 N 10th 
'Can'oll James, liquors, 1510 Parrish 
Carroll James, marble mason, 1153 S 12th 
'Carroll James (col'd) porter, r 18 Emeline 
jCanoll James A., plumber, N 32d n Lancaster 

av (W P) 
Carroll James F., printer, 202 Chestnut, h 1119 

Carroll John, carpenter, 841 Leonard 
'■ Canoll John, carpenter, William n Trenton av 

change gray hair and whiskers to their original color. 




Carroll John, conductor, 622 S 10th 

Carroll John, laborer, 1353 Hancock 

Carroll John, laborer, Olivet pi r Lombard 

Carrol] John, laborer, r Osprey n Spg Garden 

Carroll John, laborer, 232 Spruce 

Carroll John, liquors, 512 Lombard 

Carroll John, mason, Germantown av (Mount 

Carroll John, porter, 1718 St. Joseph's av 
Carroll John, porter, 3 Shelburne av 
Carroll John jr., brickmr., Olivet pi r Lomhard 
Carroll John S., marriner, 734 Swanson 
Carroll Joseph, rags, 109 Vine, h 444 Magnolia 
Carroll Joseph, weaver, 1239 Brinton 
Carroll Lawrence, carpenter, 103 Dunlap 
Can-oil Matthew, laborer, 1445 S 8lh 
Carroll Michael, laborer, Creisheim ct n Mount 

Carroll Michael, laborer, Milton c S 11th 
Carroll Nicholas, blacksmith, Edgemont n Tre- 

Carroll Patrick, bricklayer, 520 Cresson 
Carroll Patrick, carpenter, 1901 Carlton 
Carroll Patrick, hotel, Buck rd c Long la 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 108 Federal 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, r 826 Rachel 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, r 830 Swanson 
Carroll Palrick, paver, 1218 Clarion 
Carroll Patrick, porter, r 710 Jamison 
Carrol] Patrick, tailor, N Front n Norris 
Carroll Patrick, tavern, Long la c Buck rd 
Carroll Patrick W., laborer, 137 Elfreth's al 
Carroll Peter, weaver, 1508 Palethorp 
Carroll Samuel, painter, 409 S 13th 
Carroll 1 homas, blacksmith, 5 Clyde pi 
Carroll Thomas, carpenter, Melon n N 12th, h 

r 425 Coates 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 137 Elfreth's al 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, N 22d c Master 
Carroll Thomas, mason, Mulberry near Gilling- 

ham (Fkd) 
Carroll Thomas, tailor, Cutbert n N Broad 
Carroll Theresa, teacher, N Front near Norris 
Carroll Thomas, tavern, Spring Garden corner 

N 24th 
Carroll Timothy, watchman, 1128 Ogden 
Carroll William, hotel, 1500 N 2d 
Carroll William, machinist, 1927 Ann 
Carroll William, rags, 111 Jones alley, h 1611 

Carroll William, (col'd) oysters, 8 Russel 
Carroll William IT, painter, 950 N 12th 
Carroll William R. Rev,, 320 Union 
Carrow Goldsmith D. Rev., 209 N 8th 
Carrow John, jeweler, 308 Chestnut, h 1522 

CARROW THIBAULT & CO., (John Carrow, 
Francis Tltibuult, Thomas J. ('/-others) suc- 
cessors to Dubosg, Carrow & Co., whole- 
sale manufactrs. of jewelry, 308 Chestnut 
Carruthers George, laborer, Poquestion road 
Carruthers William L., carriage builder, Orleans 

n Frankford, h F rank ford av c Orleans 

Carry Edward, gardener, Market nr 39th (W P) 

Carry] Edward W., merchant, 714 Chestnut 

CARRYL EDWARD W & CO., {William E. 

Newhall) house furnishing goods and man- 

ufctrs. of silver plated ware, 714 Chestnut 

Carry] George W., merchant, 719 Chestnut, h 

914 Chestnut 
Carry] William IL, curtain materials, 719 Chest- 
nut, h 711 Walnut 
liam H. $ George W. Carry!) curtains, 719 
Carsey Susan (col'd) widow Jordan, 1 Shotwell 

place rear 1225 Lawrence 
Carsley Joseph, blacksimith, 1307 Cowley 
Carson Amos, agent, 1509 S 2d 
CARSON & TUCKER, (Henry Carson <$■ Thos. 
Tucker) cotton brokers, N W cor Front & 
Carson Andrew J., trunk maker, 222 Monroe 
Carson Ann, dressmaker, 2109 Winter 
Carson Charles, gardener, 730 Sterling 
Carson Cyrus, gasfitter, 1333 N 11th 
Carson Eb, seaman, 605 S Front 
Carson Frances, dressmaker, 307 Catharine 
Carson George, laborer, 1314 Lombard 
Carson George C, com. mer. 108 S Front, h 

CARSON HAMPTON L., com. mer. 102 Chest- 
nut, h Main n Tulpohocken (Gtn) 
Carson Henry, broker, Front cor Chestnut, h 

222 S 8th 
Carson Ida, seamstress, 480 N 3d 
Carson Isaac, farmer, 44 Shippen st market, h 

(Woodbury N J) 
Carson Isaac, laborer, (Collegeville) 
Carson Isaac & John, far. 44 Shippen st market 
Carson Isabella, widow Daniel, seamstress, 17J3 

Carson Jacob H., conveyancer, 251 N 9th, h 

1017 Brown 
Carson James, laborer, 1823 Jones 
Carson James, porter, 1923 Jones 
Carson James, wines and liquors, 304 N 23d 
Carson James N., clerk, h Merchants' House 
Carson James O., grocer, 617 Market, h at Mer- 

cersburg, Pa 
Carson James W., grocer, 617 Market, h 911 

N 6th 
Carson Jane, wid. John, boarding, 519 N 25th 
CARSON JOHN, carpenter and builder, 7-7 

Filbert, h 817 Columbia av 
Carson John, dyer, S 16th nr Catherine 
Carson John, farmer, 44 Shippen st market, h n 

(Mullica Hill, N J) 
Carson John, hatter, rear 125 Noble 
Carson John, barber, 2109 Winter 
Carson John, morocco dresser, rear 826 Rachel 
Carson John, police, 12 Barney av 
Carson John, trunkmkr. 222 Monroe 
Carson John, weaver, 1011 Crease- 
Carson John, weaver, 1517 Philip 
Carson Joseph, 2052 Lombard 
Carson Joseph, 1120 Spruce 
Carson Joseph jr., dry goods, 102 Chestnut, h 

McKeans av (Gtn) 
Carson Joseph D., book agt, 307 Catharine 
Carson Mary, wid. Robert, 328 N 15th 
Carson Mary Ann, 1121 S 3d 
Carson Matthew, carpet weaver, Biddle n N 23d 
Carson Michael, sexton, 729 Moss 
Carson Nicholas, tailor, 222 Monroe 
Carson Rachel, wid. William, 300 S 12th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Carson Robert, bricklr, Centre nN38th (W P)| Carter Emily, teacher, 3 Curran place 

Carson Robert, laborer, rear 412 Rugan 
Carson Robert, porter, 122 Market, h Dugan n 

Carson Robert, varnisher, 1444 Pritchet 
Carson Robert, weaver, 1416 N Front 
Carson Rath, r Dauphin near Adrian 
Carson R F., trimmings, 120 N 8th, h N 11th c 

Mt Vernon 
Carson Samuel, rear 711 S 5th 
Carson Samuel, butcher, 222 Monroe 
Carson Samuel, shoemaker, 620 S 5th 
Carson Thos., cloths, 302 Market, h 802 N 10th 
Carson Thomas, grocer, 1813 Lombard 
Carson Thomas, laborer, 1029 Ellsworth 
Carson Thomas, manafacturer, N Front near 

Carson Thomas, merchant, 302 Market, h 802 

N 10th 
Carson T. B., real estate agent, 251 N 9th, h 

1017 Brown 
Carson William, carpenter, 2109 Winter 
Carson William, icecream, 1839 Market, h 12 

S 19th 
Carson William, laborer, Bristol road 
Carson William, liquors, 601 S 2d 
Carson William, machinist, 222 Monroe 
Carson William, porter, Carver near 17th 
Carson William, shoemaker, rear 29 Prime 
Carstairs Charles, liquor, 202 S Front, h Gtn 

avenue (Mt Airy) 
Carstairs James, grocer, 522 S Del avenue, h 

906 Pine 
Carstairs James, jr., importer, 206 S Front, h 

906 Pine 
Carstairs Thomas, commission merchant, 202 S 

Front, h 906 Pine 
Carston Thomas, potter, rear 929 N 3d 
Carswell Matthew, 1317 Chestnut 
Cartaret William ML, clerk, 1212 S 2d 
Carter Abraham, carpenter, 229 N Front 
Carter Albert, porter, 24 Temple 
Carter Amos, carman, Palethorp near Norris 
Carter Anna, teacher, 450 Canton 
Carter Anna, widow of William, dressmaker, 

Gtn avenue near Mill (Gtn) 
Carter Benjamin, 2050 Winter 
Carter Benjamin F., stonecutter, 1815 Lombard 
Carter Charles, 71 William (R) 
Carter Charles, laborer, Harrison row n Rich- 
mond road 
Carter Charles, M. D., 1632 Walnut 
Carter Charles, wheelwright, Five Points 
Carter Charles, wheelwright, 1543 Ridge av, h 

1620 Cambrid^ 
Cailer Charles Ignatius, Very Rev., 1121 Spring 

Carter Clara, 1420 Vine 
Carter D. B. Mrs., 233 S 13th 
Carter Daniel, (col'd) sawyer, 245 Currant al 
Carter Daniel, butcher, 185 Race st market, h 

Haverford, Delaware county 
Carter Daniel W., hotel, 1307 Market 
Carter Edward, bricklayer, 1623 Ogden 
Carter Edward L., M. D., 900 Pine ' 
Carter Elizabeth, (colored) 510 Hagner 
Carter Elmer, farmer, Southampton road 
Carter Elvina, nurse, 713 N 10th 

Carter Francis, segarmaker, h White Hall hotel 

Carter Francis R., 204 S 12th 

Carter Frederick, gasfitter &, plumber, 219 N 

9th, h 1708 Race 
Carter Frederick, captain, 510 S 4th 
Carter George, bricklayer, Lancastei avenue n 

N 35th (W P) 
Carter George, carpenter, Centre (Gtn) 
Carter Georg-e, real estate, 142 N 5th 
Carter George, shipcarpenter, 621 S Front 
Carter George, shoemaker, Ashton road 
Carter Henry, student, 1537 Filbert 
Carter Humphries, (col'd) waiter, 1632 N 11th 
Carter Isaac C, (colored) carter, Hancock near 

Carter Jacob G., cooper, 519 Commerce h 821 

N 9th 
Carter James, cooper, 30 Shippen 
Carter James, engineer, Memphis n Lehigh av 
Carter James, farmer, Southampton road 
Carter James, shoe., Carpenter n Gray's Ferry rd 
Carter James, shoemaker, Leiper n Unity (Fkd) 
Carter J. B. salesman, h Union Hotel 
Carter Brooks J., salesman, 529 Market 
Carter J. S., M. D., N 6th and Gtn avenue 
Carter James T., pres., 15 N 6th, h 1708 Race 
Carter Jno., carter, Carpenter n Gray's Ferry rd 
Carter John, chemist, 304 Arch, h 329 S 12th 
Carter John, cooper, 821 N 9th 
Carter John, cutter, MTllwain near S 7th 
Carter John, laborer, 2050 Winter 
Carter John, livery stable, r 216 Arch, h 62 N 2d 
Carter John, seaman, rear 1130 Frankford av 
Carter John, weaver, Columbia near N 2d 
Carter John, (colored) carter, 1009 Barley 
Carter John D., 1708 Race 
Carter John E., chemist, 304 Arch, h 329 S 12th 
Carter John W., farmer, 39 Callowhill st mar- 
ket, h Camden N J 
Carter Joseph, blacksmith, Paul n Unity (Fkd) 
Carter Joseph, watchman, Carpenter n Gray's 

Ferry road 
Carter Joseph, weaver, Orchard n Green (Fkd) 
Carter Joseph H., (col'd) furniture, 1349 South 
Carter Kate, widow of Jacob, 1234 N 11th 
Carter Lavinia, widow of Elias, 413 S 7th 
Carter Martin, laborer, Gaffhey's av n Fitzwater 
Carter Mary, trader, 20 S 2d st Market, h S 4th 

below Shippen 
Carter Mary, wid washerwoman, 770 S 3d 
Carter Mary, wid Enoch, 330 Elmslies al 
Carter Mary I., trimmings, 923 S 3d 
Carter Misses The, 430 Pine 
Carter Moses, laborer, Paul n Market (Fkd) 
Carter Nathan, butcher, 33 Girard a-v Market 

& 26 N 2d St Market, h Camden N J 
Carter Noah, (col'd) waiter, 706 Lisle 
Carter Paid B , atty. & coun. 257 N 5th 
Carter Reginald capt., 510 S 4th 
Carter Restore, last manuf., N 6th n York 
Carter Richard, oysterman, 28 Norfolk 
Carter Richard, seaman, Oak n Rose (W P) 
Carter Robert, 1710 Walnut 
Carter Robert, engineer, 71 William (R) 
Carter Robert, laborer, Gay (Myk) 
Carter Robert restaurant, 1109 Pine 
Carter Robert T., alderman, 809 S 3d 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Carter Rodman, com. merchant, 38 S Water! Carty Nicholas J., provisions, 840 N 16th 

h 916 Pine 
Carter S Anna, milliner, 1815 Lombard 
Carter Samuel D., printer, 1213 Myrtle 
Carter Sharon, collecting-, 907 Buttonwood 
Carter Thomas, farmer, Southampton rd 
Carter Thomas E., japanner, 1147 S 7th 
Carter Thomas J., carpenter, 923 S 3d 
Carter Thomas S., jeweler 309 Clark 
Carter William, 419 S 3d 
Carter William, bricklayer, 1623 Ogden 
Carter 'William, farmer, Southampton rd 
Carter William, patternmaker, 567 Fkd av 
Carter Wm, plumber, Downing- n Callowhll 
Carter William, sailmaker, Bridge (Whitehall) 
Carter "William, shoemaker, 606 Penn 
Carter Wm. A., cig-armaker, 517 Catharine 
Carter William F., barber, 56 N 6th 

Carty Randolph F., clerk, 229 Chester 
Carty Rosanna, wid Edward, Sp Garden n 24th 
Carty Sumpter M., g-rocer, 1035 Morgan 
Carty Thomas, lab. 407 N 16th 
Caruthers James, whip mr. 1014 Master 
Carver Albert, shoemaker, Cherry n Meadow 

CARVER A. B. & CO. {Alexander B. Carver, 
Samuel Carver, Jacob Carver <$• William 
B. Carver,) conveyancers, 9th c Filbert 
Carver Alex. B., conveyancer, S W c 9th Fil- 
bert, h 1522 Arch ' 
Carver Charles P., machinist, 661 N 10th 
Carver Eliza, wid John E., 1110 Ridg-e av 
Carver George W., turner, 311 Tyler 
Carver Hannah, wid Benjamin, boarding house, 

1516 Willow 
Carver Isaac, turner, 139 Dock, h 1007 S 3d 

Filbert, It 

Carter William J., drug-gist, 1600 Chestnut 

Carter Wm. ML, hardware, 49 N 3d h 233 Carver Jacob, conveyancer, 9th 

S 13th 1627 Locust 

Carter Wm. T», broker, 313J Walnut h 916 Carver Jacob, currier, Lancaster n Reed 

Pine i Carver Jacob, ivory turner, 1232 Ash 

Carter Wm. T., coal, 154 S 4th, h 2807 Green Carver Jesse, overseer, 1842 Thompson 
Cartereau Francis, carver, N 39th n Pratt ' Carver John, box maker, 6 College pi 

(W P) Carver John, farmer, n Mechanicsville 

Carteret Joseph, cabinet mr., 906 Carpenter Carver Joseph, ag-ent, 1842 Thompson 

Carteret Wm. M., jr., clerk, 607 S 6th 
Carteret Elizabeth, trimmings, 607 S 6th 
Carthral John, laborer, No.ris n N 4th 
Cartledge Joseph, marble, 945 Federal 
Cartledge Stephen G., mason, 234 Christian 

I Carver Joseph L., watchman, 646 N 15th 
' Carver Mahlon, farmer, n Mechanicsville 
Carver Samuel, conveyancer, 9th c Filbert, h 

1522 Arch 
i Carver Samuel, machinist, 642 N 9th 

Cartledge Win., weaver, Columbia av c Philip! Carver Smith, moulder, 1516 Willow 

Cartlitch John G„ liquors, 249 N 4th 
Cartner Ceorg-e, clerk, 424 Prune 
Carton James, weaver, r 1525 Philip 
Carton Joseph, laborer, 11 Brolaskey pi 
Cartridge John, stone cutter, 132 J Brown 
Cartwright Elias, brakesman, N 2d c Norris 
Cartwright Elizabeth, teacher, 948 N 5th 
Cartwright Francis, bookbinder, 1256 Nagle 
Cartwright George, laborer, 1520 Willow 
Cartwright Jane, (coFd) wid Joseph, h Robin 

av n Benneville pi 
Cartwright John, blacksmith, 923 Reed 
Cartwright Mary, wid Charles, Chestnut n 

35th (W P) 
Catt wright Matw., tinplate worker, 948 N 5th 

Carver Wm., printer, 813 X 13th 

Carver William B., conveyancer, 9th c Filbert, 

h 1508 Arch 
Carver Wm. H., clerk, 1110 Ridge av 
Carver Wm. Y., clerk, 1531 Palmetto 
Carver Wilson, clerk, 111 Race 
Carvery Wm., lab. r 1632 N 6th 
Carvill Henry, mer. 1107 Walnut 
Carville Wm, g-rocer, 1329 N 2d 
Carwin James, brass worker, Mascher n Norris 
Carwin Wm., weaver, Mascher n Norris 
Cary Gertrude I., seminary, 1323 Spruce 
Cary Isaac N., (col'd,) hair dr. 405 Walnut, h 

" 756 S 8th 
Cary John, lab. 7 Newbold 

Cartwright Richard, farmer, N 21st c Isling- Cary Mary T., 926 Mt Vernon 

ton la 

Carty Alexander, butcher, 77 S 2d St Mkt h 

226 Greenwich 
Carty Andrew, blacksmith, 2116 Coates 
Carty Charles, bartender, Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Carty O.arles, blacksmith, 2116 Coates 
Carty Charles L., machinist, 120 Catharine 
Carty David, laborer, Jackson (Myk) 
Carty Edward, laborer, 906 Beach 
Carty Elizabeth, Hippies la 
Carty George G., shoemaker, Pleasant (Myk) 

Casanovas James, segar manuf. 333 &. h 330 

Casby James, hosiery, 518 N 10th 

Cascadan James, lab. 1008 Parker 

Casden John A., bartender, S Broad c Carpen- 

Case Ambrose, paver, 728 N 23d 

Case Frederick, hatter, 1719 Addison 

Case Howard, spinner, Hippie's la (Myk) 

Case John, tailor, 1131 Oxford 

Case Samuel H., merchant, 1 S 9th 

Carter Harriet L., wid Charles, 120 Catharine I Case Sarah, wid. washing, 1822 Sybert 

Cart}' Jas. H., butcher, 3 Liberty market, h 2309 

Carty John tailor, 230 Dupenceau 
Carty Jos'mh F., silver plater, 1033 Morgan 
Carty Lawrence, porter, 127 Walnut 
Carty Nathan W., engineer, Hippie's la (Myk) 
Carty Nicholas, turner, Penn n Unit} - (Fkd) 

Casely Alexander, carpenter, Fawn n Moss, h 
939 S 3d 

Casely Jas. N., carpenter, 442 Federal, h Wash- 
ington av n S 6th 

Casewell John, mate, 49 Prime 

Casey & Guyant, (James D. Casey <V David 
(iui/ant,) g-lass cutters, 207 Quarry 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Rose Tooth Paste will impart to 




Casey Andrew, painter, 5 Gray's Ferry rd 
Casey Arthur, paper stainer, 1620 Becket 
Casey Bridget, wid Timothy, washerwoman, 1 

Eden pi r 230 Catharine 
Casey Catharine, varieties, 1105 Sp Garden 
Casey Christopher, cordwainer, 601 Bedford 
Casey Daniel, dealer, 703 Federal 
Casey Dennis, tailor, Shippen c S 7th 
Casey Edward, farmer, Gtn av (Gtn) 
Casey Edward, printer, 11 Ledger pi 
Casey Elize, 1703 Walnut 
Casey Francis, bartender, 519 S 5th 
Casey Francis, weaver, Almont pi r 1529 Cad- 

Casey Garrett, driver, r 827 McGrath 
Casey Grace, wid John, 307 South 
Casey Hannah, washing, r 118 Carpenter 
Casey H. S., liquors, 600 Richmond 
Casey James, boarding house, 1105 Girard 
Casey James, broker, 218 "Walnut 
Casey James, farmer, Nicetown la (Fkd) 
Case)' James, hatter, 5 Hellerman pi 
Casey James, hostler, 2 Mureus pi 
Casey James, lab. Buckius la n Frankford av 
Casey James, lab. Manayunk pike (Myk) 
Casey Jamas, lab. Robeson (Myk) 
Casey James, lab. 2 Winfield pi 
Casey James, liquors, 613 S 6th 
Casey James, tailor, 231 German 
Casey James, waiter, 2 Rinder pi 
Casey James D., glass cutr. 207 Quarry, h 1037 

Casey James M., bricklayer, 5 Hellerman's pi 
Casey John, grocer, 258 N 11th 
Casey John, grocer, 737 S 13th 
Casey John, lab. Haines (Gtn) 
Case}' John, lab. 32 South 
Casey John J., lab. 519 S 5th 
Casey Margaret, milliner, 307 South 
Casey Martin, painter, 132 S 24th 
Casey Mary, domestic, 221 German 
Casey Mary, huckster, 209 Stamper al 
Casey Mary, wid Francis, 1545 Cadwalader 
Casey Michael, carpenter, Wallace n N 21st 
Casey Michael, lab. Cassiday's ct 
Casey Michael, lab. 4 Havward pi n Hamilton 
Casey Michael, lab. 918 Manilla 
Casey Michael A., restaurant, N Broad c Olive 
Casey Patrick, grocer, 525 Cresson 
Casey Patrick, lab. Red Lion rd 
Casey Patrick, lab. 1415 Warnock 
Casey Peter, bartender, r 115 Elfreth's al 
Casey Peter, clerk, 335 S Delaware av, h r 

136 N Front 
Casey Peter, lab. 1239 Cadwalader 
Casey Richard, driver, 1704 Latimer pi 
Casey Sarah A., milliner, 911 South, h Suffolk 

n Washington av 
Casey Thomas, carman, r 927 Ogden 
Casey Thomas, clerk, 307 South 
Casey Thomas, coachman, r 1613 Helmuth 
Casey Thomas, laborer, 103 Relief 
Casey Thomas, laborer, 7 Kenworthy's ct 
Casey William, brass stamper, William n S 21st 
Casey Wm., (col'd,) laborer, Wood's ct 
CASH A. D. & L. H. REDNER, (Andrew D. 

Cash Sf Lewis H. Redner,) conveyancers, 

150 S 4th 

Cash Andrew D., conveyancer, 150 S. 4th, h 

1520 Locust 
;Cash Elizabeth, widow Wm. R., 1833 Wylie 
Cash Geo. S., clerk, N 38th n Powelton av 

Cash M., brickmaker, N 5th n Diamond 
Cash Mary, 235 S 13th 
Cash Rebecca, 235 S 13th 
Cashin Martin, porter, 10 Boyd's av 
Cashman John, laborer, Byberry rd 
Cashman Morris, farmer, Academy rd 
Cashman Patrick, coachman (Torresdale) 
Caskedden Thomas, laborer, N 24th c Virginia 
Caskle "Wm. V., paper warehouse, 9 S Front, h 

407 York av 
Caskey Alfred, shoemr., Church n Penn (Fkd) 
Caskey Ann, nurse, r 1934 Cuthbert 
Caskey Benjamin R., steelmaker, American n 

Lehigh av, h 1008 Crease 
Caskey James, carpenter, 637 N 17th 
Caskey John, grocer, 426 N 23d 
Caskey Joseph, late flour, 118 N Front 
Caskey Samuel, sawyer, 1309 N Front 
Caskey Wm., laborer, 1310 Marlborough 
Casky Elizabeth, grocer, 855 N 15th 
Casler Wm., driver, 9 Saxon pi r 330 Stanley 
Caslin Daniel, hotel, 403 Merchant 
Caslin Timothy, laborer, 1102 N Front 
Casner Eli, carpenter, 942 Kurtz 
Casner Jacob, carpenter, 1325 Gtn av 
Casner Jacob, laborer, r 33 Poplar 
Casper Barbara, wid. Geo. Hauser, lager beer, 

1216 N Front 
Casper Charles, brewer, Thompson n N 31st 
Casper J. & Brother, (John <$r Joseph Casper,) 

hotel, 2 S Delaware av 
Casper John, hotel, 2 S Delaware av 
Casper Joseph, hotel, 2 S Delaware av 
Casper Rudolph, tailor, 800 Thompson 
Casperson Ann, widow Erasmus, 107 Senate 
Cass Augustus, tailor, Wingohocking pi r 964 

Cass John, weaver (Crescentville) 
Cass Marv, widow Moses, boarding, Gtn av n 

Mill (Gtn) 
Cass Robert, laborer, Dunsdale pi r Lombard 
Cassaday Henry P., clerk, 140 N 3d, h 127 Arch 
Cassaday James, grocer, Front c Christian 
Cassaday James W., grocer, 606 S 2d 
Cassaday Patrick, laborer, r 1214 Christian 
Cassaday Thomas, laborer, 533 Bedford 
Cassaday Thomas, laborer, r 921 Ellsworth 
Cassaday Thomas B., mastmaker, 24 Bulletin 
Cassaday Wm., blacksmith, 317 Shippen 
Cassady Bridget, washerwoman, 777 Swanson 
Cassady Catharine, widow John, huckster, 96 

Shippen st market, h 713 S 6th 
Cassady Cornelius D., baker, 1223 Market 
Cassady Elizabeth, widow Patrick, 718 Lloyd 
Cassady Eugene, 913 Buttonwood 
Cassady Felix, carter, 1544 Cadwalader 
Cassady Francis, lab., Somerset n Salmon (R) 
Cassady Henry, laborer, 1415 Bangor 
Cassady Henry, teacher, D n Kensington av 
Cassady Hugh, ferry, 1014 Pine 
Cassady James, dealer, 829 S Front 
Cassady James, laborer, 1237 S 7th 
Cassady James, mechanic, 705 Plover 


the teeth a pearly whiteness, keeping the gums healthy. 




Cassady James, melter, Downing' n 21st 

Cassady John, Stiles c N 15th 

c issady John, late baker, 1231 N 15th 

Cassady John, porter, 1229 Passyunk av 

I ssady John B., florist, D n Kensington av 

Cassady Michael, blacksmith, 816 Auburn 

Cassady Park Hill, baker, 20 N 9th, h 1729 

Cassady Patrick, huckster, 1122 N Front 
Cassady Patrick, prison keeper, 1018 Federal 
Cassady Richard, laborer, r 921 Ellsworth 
Cassady Samuel, tailor, 839 Sutherland 
Cassan Ann;', widow Win., teacher, Gtn av n 

Mill (Gtn) 
Cassan Lewis P., seaman, 213 Carpenter 
Cassan Wm. W., coachmr., Gtn av n Mill (Gtn) 
C.issatt Robert S., 1436 S Penn sq 
Casseday & Co., {Catharine Casseday *y Sarah 

C. Andrew,) hat finishers, 221 Lombard 
Casseday Catharine, hat finisher, 221 Lombard 
Casseday Charles A., clerk, 221 Lombard 
Casseday Edgar W., bookkeeper, 1023 Spring 

Casseday John, shoemaker, 1024 Sergeant 
Casseday Ruth, widow James, 641 Catharine 
Cassedy Albeit, clerk, 130 S 3d, h 117 Wharton 
Cassedy Edwaad, seaman, 1118 Federal 
Cassedy Francis, painter, 117 Wharton 
Cassedy Wm., tailor, 717 S 11th 

edy Wm.,jr., brakeman, 717 S 11th 
Cassel Abraham, farmer, 23 Girard av market, 

sec 43, h in Montgomery co 
Cassel A. M., carpenter, N 6th n York 
Cassel Franklin, carpenter, N 6th n York 
Cassel Frederick, shoes, 150 Vine 
Cassel Jacob, carpenter, N 6th n York 
C.issel Jesse IL, clerk, 937 Lawrence 
Casselberry Andrew, bartender, 215 N 6th 
Casselberry Isaac D., fluid, 1026 Coates 
Casselberry Jacob, saddler, Ridge av (Rox) 
Casselberry Jacob R., drv goods, 53 N 8th, h 

710 Shirley 
Cassell Peter, carpenter, Jersey pi n Philip 

Imann Jacob, shoemaker, 208 Madison 
Cassen Samuel, shoemaker, 14 Bedford 
Casseney John, 1 Bunting av 

David, shoemaker, 9 Emanuel pi r 333 
I !as serly John, carpenter, 803 S 8th 
Casserly Patrick, tailor, 1211 Peters 

Alfred S., (col'd,) carver, 939 Manilla 
Cassiday Andrew M., clerk, 210 Spruce 
Cassiday Bernard, laborer, 964 Beach 
Cassiday Bernard, laborer, 2 Campbell 
Cassiday Catharine, widow, 326 N 15th 
Cassiday Charles, laborer, 1436 N 2d 
Cassiday Edward, carter, 111 Carpenter 
Cassiday Edward, laborer, 615 S Front 
Cassiday Edward, laborer, Myk Pike (Myk) 
Cassiday Edward W., clerk, Spring Garden n 

N 11th 
Cassiday Elizabeth, wid. Dennis, Cassiday ct 
Cassiday Hugh, laborer, 23d n Spruce 
Cassiday James, cupola tender, Downing n Cal- 

Cassiday James, laborer, 619 Swanson 
Cassiday John, laborer, 733 Dickerson 
Cassiday John H., dry goods, 627 S 2d 

Cassiday Michael drayman, 619 Swanson 
Cassiday Michael, laborer, 2027 Lombard 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, 1340 Catharine 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, Anthony n Dickerson 
Cassiday Roger C, seaman, r Marriott 
Cassiday William, liquors, 326 N 15th 
Cassidy William, mason, Cresson (Myk) 
Cassidy Alexander, laborer, Lancaster n Reed 
Cassidy & Ball, (William W. Cassidy cV Wil- 
liam Ball,) jewelers, 12 S 2d 
Cassidy Andrew, weaver, Gtn av, n Carpenter 

Cassidy Ann, wid. Patrick, 516 S 22d 
Cassidy Annie, trimming's, 1424 N 2d 
Cassidy Bernard, locksmith, 723 S 7th 
Cassidy Catharine, wid. John, provisions, 713 

S 6th 
Cassidy Catharine, wid. John, variety, 303 N 

15th, h N 15th c Wood 
Cassidy Daniel, segars, 730 Passyunk av 
Cassidy David, bootmaker, 118 Frankford 

Cassidy Edward W., woodenware, S Water c 

Chestnut, h 726 N 7th 
Cassidy Felix, carter, 1544 Cadwalader 
Cassidy' Francis, carpenter, 419 Gaskill 
Cassidy r Francis, weaver, 1424 N 2d 
Cassidy Henry, boatman, 25 Almond 
Cassidy Henry S., tailor, 1221 Cass 
Cassidy Hugh, com. mer., 140 Walnut, h 223 

Cassidy James, butcher, 139 Shippen St Mkt, 

h Read n S 8th 
Cassidy James, coachman, 1 Baytree pi 
Cassidy James, jr., butcher, Shippen st market;, 

h Read n S 8th 
Cassidy James, laborer, Otseg-o n Moore 
Cassidy James, paper, h 127 Arch 
Cassidy James, stableman, 1 Baytree pi 
Cassidy James, waiter, National hotel 
Cassidy James, weaver, Warminster pi, r 1539 

Gtn av 
Cassidy John, carpenter, 908 Carpenter 
Cassidy John P., clerk, 945 South 
Cassidy Lawrence, laborer, 1036 Frankford av 
CASSIDY LEWIS C, attorney & counsellor, 

213 S 6th 
Cassidy Margaret, wid. Charles, china ware, 

6i6 S 6th 
Cassidy Mary, 1036 Frankford av 
Cassidy Michael, stonemason, r 305 Master 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, r 1535 Carlton 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, S 18th n Carpenter 
Cassidy Patrick, weaver, Warminster pi, r 

1539 Gtn av 
Cassidy Richard, runner, 927 Morris 
Cassidy Robert, cardriver, 420 N 23d 
Cassidy Thomas, coal dealer, 529 S 11th 
Cassidy Thomas, shoemaker, Mulberry n Ox- 
ford (Fkd) 
Cassidy William, carpenter, 330 N 16th 
Cassidy William, grocer, 601 Carpenter 
Cassidy William D., undertaker, 809 Christian 
Cassidy William W., jeweler, 12 S 2d 
Cassin William, laborer, Howard (Nicetown) 
Cassius John, machinist (Crescentville) 
Casson Andrew, weaver, Montgomery c Howard 
Casson John, 313 Union 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Castello Alexander H., pumpmaker, Ritten- 

house, Gtn av (Nicetown) 
Caslello Joseph C, atty. & coun, 1224 Christian 
Castendea Antonio, machinist, 1416 Ridge av 
Caster Henry, fisherman, Oxford (Tacony) 
Castilian G. E., liquors, 108 Walnut, h Town- 
ship line (Tacony) 
Castle James H., atty." & coun., 115 S 5th, h 709 

Castle John, saddler (Falls Schuylkill) 
Castle John H. Rev., Chestnut n S 36th, h Wal- 
nut bel S 4.0th (W P) 
Castle Joseph Rev., 1920 Spruce 
Castle William, conductor, Pepper n Martha 
Castle William, printer, 1526 Vine 
Castlebery Samuel, fluid, 1005 Ogden 
Castledine Elizabeth, trimming's, 766 S Front 
Castledine Richard, chairmaker, 766 S Front 
Castles Joseph, late merchant, 1159 S 12th 
Castles Robert, rag dealer, 440 N 11th 
Castner John, cashier, 300 S 2d, h 339 S 5th 
Castner Samuel, ship stores, 302 S Delaware 

av, h 503 S Front 
Castor Chas., millwright, Edward (W Hall) 
Castor Chas. M., wheelwr., 216 Fkd (Fkd) 
Castor Edm. S., shoemr., Church c Paul (Fkd) 
Castor George, vegetables, 58 and 60 Girard 

av market, h 1718 N 12th 
Castor Georg-e M., tailor, Main (Holmesburg) 
Castor Henry, laborer, Adams n Fkd (Fkd) 
Castor Hiram, R R superin., 231 Fkd (Fkd) 
Castor John, carpenter, Adams n Fkd (Fkd) 
Caster John, jr., laborer, Adams n Fkd (Fkd) 
Castor John N., tailor, Main (Holmesburg) 
Castor Peter, blacksmith, 224 Fkd, h 187 Fkd! 
Castor Poynset, farmer, Tacony road (W Hall)j 
Castor Preston L., wheelwt., 216 Fkd (Fkd) 
Castor Theodore, farmer, Tacony la (Tacony) 
Castor Thomas, 187 Frankford (Fkd) 
Castor Thomas, coach, car and wagon manuf., 

224 Frankford, h 216 Frankford (Fkd) 
Castor Thos. E., painter, 224 and h 214 Fkd 

Castor Wm., lab., Adams nFkd (Fkd) 
Caswell Wm., R., awnings, 136 S 3d 
Catanach Archibald, carpenter, 1519 Shippen, 

h 1345 Lombard 

R. CO., 308 Walnut 
Catello John, weaver, Levering (Mvk) 

Caterson,) passe partouts, 727 Sansom 
Caterson J. H., passe partouts, 727 Sansom 
Caterson Mary A., 727 Sansom 
Caterson Robert G., moroc. finr. r 1215 Hope 
Caterson Wm. M., passe partouts, 727 Sansom, 

h 1320 Cherry 
Cathall Josiah, hatter, 309 Queen 
Cathcart Alexander, shoemaker, 540 Queen 
Cathcart James, grocer, 21-42 Spruce 
Cathcart John, spooler, 7 Spring Mill court 
Cathcart Joseph, janitor, 210 Quince 
Cathcart Martha, tailoress, 608 S 13th 
Cathcart Thomas, carpenter, 323 Harmony, b 

1131 Lombard 
Cathcart Wm., Rev., 817 New Market 
Cathell Henry, (col'd) lab., 1 Whitebread pi 
Cathers James M., 339 Richmond (R) 

Catherwood & Co., {John H. % Samuel B. 

Cutherivood,) teas, 25 S Front 
Catherwood Andrew, cloth manuf., 1217 Bed- 
ford, h 1222 South 
Catherwood Andrew J., liquors, 110 N 2d, h 

Bridge (Bdg) 
Catherwood H. & H. W.. {Hugh A H. Wilson 

Catherwood,) liquors, 114 S Front 
Catherwood Hugh, mer., 114 S Front, h 1409 

Catherwood Wilson H., mer., 114 S Front, h n 

Catherwood John, weaver, N 2d n Fitler 
Catherwood John H., mer., 25 S Front, house 

1409 Walnut 
Catherwood Robert, laborer, r Fitler n N 2d 
Catherwood Samuel B., merchant 25 S Front, 

h 1409 Walnut 
Catholic Herald and Visitor, 225 S 4th 
Cathrall Anna ML, wid. Chas., 1218 Coates 
Cathrall Benj., segarmr., 614 Bedford 
Cathrall Chas., blacksm., Dock n 2d, house 525 

Cathrall Ed., paperhanger, 1111 Thompson 
Cathrall Frank G., plumber, 920 Girard av, h 

1111 Thompson 
Cathrall Geo., paperhanger, 1111 Thompson 
Cathrall George, tobacconist, N 2d c Callowhill, 

h 554 N 5th 
Cathrein Ferdinand, shoemr., r 1311 Randolph 
Cathrill Chas. E., coal, Willow n N 15th 
Catlin John, pickles, 101 Almond 
Catmuell Leonard, grocer, 2202 Market 
Cato Octavus, (col'd) teacher, 1041 Lombard 
Caton Edward, moroc. dr. 1306 Marlborough 
Caton Jesse, waterman, 341 York av 
Caton John S., cooper, Laurel n Delaware av 
Cattell Alexander G., president, S 2d c Chest- 
nut, and grain, 26 N Delaware av, h N 

Front c Tine 
Cattell Andw. C, leather, 32 N 3d, h 248 S 3d 
Cattell David, blacksmith, r 123 Catharine 
Cattell George W., dealer, r 123 Catharine 
Cattell James, moulder, 626 Paul 
Caudall Keniff, shoemaker, 405 Lombard 
Cauffield Patrick, laborer, Haines (Gtn) 
Cauffman Abraham, blacksmith, Clearfield n 

Trenton av 
CAUFFMAN & CHEW, {T. F. Cauffman cy 

Joseph Chew, jr.,) queensware, 21 N 4th 
Cauffman Craig, patternmr., Waterloo n Ann 
Cauffman Jacob, lqs, 253 N 4th, h 508 Franklin 
Cauffman Louis, baker 519 S 20th 
Cauffman Marcus, 623 N 6th 
Cauffman T. F., chinaware, 20 N 4th, h Ridge 

av (Roxborough) 
Caufman Henry, seaman, 107 Lombard 
Caufman John, laborer, r 508 N Front 
Caufman John, turner, r 220 N 2d, h 330 Coate s 
Caughlin Patrick, stevedore, 734 Beach 
Cauldin David, laborer, 19 Reckless pi 
Cauley Martin, laborer, Parrish n N 20th 
Caulk Mary A., wid. Thomas, 233 Saranak 
Caull Frederick, 1635 Moravian 
Caullet Jaen L., jeweler, 228 Gaskill 
Caursault Amos, driver, 772 S 3d 
Cavan John, sawyer, 944 Alder 
Cavanagh Dudley, lab., Main n Robeson (Myk( 

in the United States. H. Mullisran. 444 North Second St.. Philadelphia. 

CATTELL A. G. & CO., {Alex. G. <y Edward 
G. Cattell Sf Edward G. James,) com. & 
forwd. mers., 26 N Del av & 27 N Water 




Cavanagh Jas., liquors, Main n Robeson (Myk) 
Cavanagh Jno., tlr., 927 Sansom, h 927 Filbert 
Cavanagh John A., clerk, New Market ab Vine 
Cavanagh Mary, wid. James, 526 Barron 
Cavanagh Matthew, porter, r 2134 Spruce 
Cavanagh Michael, junk., 521 Hurst 
Cavanagh Patrick, tailor, 927 Sansom, h 927 

CAVANAGH PETER, liquors, 257 S Front 
Cavanaugh Catharine, wid. Michael, 25th n 

Cavanaugh Hugh, laborer, 208 Thompson 
Cavanaugh James, laborer, 828 Washington av 
Cavanaugh James, porter, 828 Washington av 
Cavanaugh James, toll keeper, Kensington av 

n Reading railroad 
Cavanaugh John, clerk, 1017 Master 
Cavanaugh John, dyer, Mechanic (Myk) 
Cavanaugh John, laborer, 1302 Tyler 
Cavanaugh Jos., laborer, American n Jefferson 
Cavanaugh Joseph, porter, 1 Cowperthwaite pi 
Cavanaugh Martin, laborer, 1019 Jefferson 
Cavanaugh Mich., blacks., Hutchinson n Poplar 
Cavanaugh Michael, laborer, 1348 Tyler 
Cavanaugh Owen, liquors, 1017 Master 
Cavanaugh Peter, 2 Benedict pi 
Cavanaugh Peter, taDor, 1643 Mervihe 
Cavanaugh Robert, drayman, r 428 Marriott 
Cavanaugh Thomas, laborer, Monroe (Tacony) 
Cavanaugh William, laborer, 219 Federal 
Cavanaugh William, shoemaker, r 427 Marriott 
Cavannah John, laborer, 344 Bradford 
Cavarley Richd., hatter, 533 S 5th, h 707 Eneu 
Cave Edward, weaver, r 1529 Philip 
Cave Francis J., machinist, 817 N 15th 
Cave John, farmer, (Pittville) 
Cave John, weaver, Memphis n Hewston 
Cave Jonathan, farmer, 1506 Ogden 
Cave Joseph, blindmaker, 118 Bread 
Cave Robert, farmer, Emerald n Cambria 
Cave Sarah H., 1517 Walnut 
Cave Thomas, carpenter, 406 N 20th 
Cave Thomas, farmer, Emerald n Cambria 
Cave Thomas, polisher, Worth n Church (Fkd) 
Caven James, builder, 612 N 21st 
Caven Joseph L., conv., 341 N 4th, h 612 N 21st 
Caven William, laborer, 7 Carty av 
Cavenan John, laborer, (Torresdale) 
Cavenaugh Edward W., accountant, 1165 S 9th 
Cavenaugh Isaac, laborer, Mechanic (Myk) 
Cavenaugh James, capenter, Sybert n N 16th 
Cavenaugh James, clerk, 635 Catharine 
Cavenaugh John, peddler, 610 Ashbury 
Cavenaugh Michael, ragman, r 708 S 7th 
Cavenaugh Wm., carter, r 1439 Gtn av 
Cavenaugh Wm., shocmr., 611 S Front 
Cavenaugh Wm., engraver, 310 Chestnut, 

1165 S 9th 
Cavender C. H., clerk, Alms House (WP) 
Cavender Edward M., clerk, 237 Chestnut, h 

2122 Center 
Cavender Jane, widow Benj. S 1009 Vernon 
Cavender John H., conveyancer, N 6th n Green, 

h 505 Green 
Cavender John L., shoemr, r 1069 Beach 
Cavendei Thomas S. conveyancer, 607 N 5th, 

h n Old Yord rd station NPRR 
Cavenny Edward, wheelwright, 1700 Wood 

Cavenny Ellen, widow Thomas, 26 N 21st 
Cavenny John, shoemaker, 17G8 Wood 
CAVEROW WM., ornaments, 1105 Coates, h 

1336 N 10th 
Cever Francis, shoes, 762 Passyunk av 
Caves Edward, weaver, r 1529 Philip 
Caves Thomas, police, Philip n Oxford 
Cavett Anna M., widow, 2 School-house av n 

Chestnut (W P) 
Cavill Michael, shoemaker, 818 Wharton 
Cavill Wm., shoemaker, 9 Lincolns av 
Cavin Michael, lab., 915 Master 
Cavin Sam'], paper hanger, 330 Reed 
Cavis Carson S., wheelwright, 1029 Hunter 
Cawfflesh Maria, wid James, Levering n Main 
Cawman Mary, wid John, Orchard n Church 

Cayot Constant, cordwainer, 254 N 5th 
Cazier Clara P., 1615 Chestnut 
Cazier Henry, carpenter, 933 Buttonwood 
Cecil Wm., J., carpenter, 1232 Haines 
Cedar Hollow Lime Co., 900 Master 
Cedar Harmann, (col'd) engineer, 823 Montcalm 
Celerier Michael, machinist, 2413 South 
Cerard Joseph, trunkmr, 3 Concordia av r 229 

Cerdery Jas., lab., r Somerset n Trenton av 
Cereghino Antonio, gardener, 811 Christian 
Certier Geo., french boarding, 235 Union 
Cesay Richard, driver, 1704 Latimer pi 
Cetti Andrew C, 1719 Wallace 
Chabot & Liechty (Cyprian Chabot & Daniel 

Liechty) watch cases, 144 S 3d 
Chabot Cyprian, watch cases, 144 S 3d, h 312 

Chabot Sabilla, watch casemr, 312 Comptroller 
Chadderton Thos, clockmr, Naudain n S 24th 
Chadderton Thomas, saw grinder, r 1037 Crease 
Chadsey Isaac G., cashier, h Franklin House 
Chadwick & Brother (John K. & Francis A.) 

stoves, 201 N 2d 
Chadwick C. H., perfumer, Montgomery av ab 

Fkd av 
Chadwick Elizabeth, wid John, 47 Frankford 

Chadwick Francis A., stoves, 201 N 2d, h 525 

Chadwick Ceorge H.,perfumer,39 Strawberry & 

N4th c Thompson, h West n Columbia av 
Chadwick H. A., h Girard House 
Chadwick Henry, cabinetmaker, 9 Short ct 
Chadwick Jas., tinsmith, Fkd n Market (Fkd) 
Chadwick John, lab., 39 Laboratory Hill (Falls 

I Chadwick John K., stoves, 201 N 2d, h 940 N 

Chadwick Mathias, lab., Levering (Myk) 
Chadwick Peter B., confectioner, r 236 S 

Chadwick Robert, wheelwright, Buckuis la 

(Aramingo,) h Thomas n Green (Fkd) 
Chadwick Samuel, clerk, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Chadwick Thomas, hardware, 1141 S 9th 
Chadwick Thomas O., paper hanger, r 236 S 

Chadwick Thomas, tobacconist, 1616 South 
Chadwick Wm. W. machinist, 7 Amity 
Chafer Henry, engineer, Columbia av n N 6th 

Jules Hauel &. Co.'s Shaving Cream leaves the skin as soft 




Chaffee J as., dry goods, 523 Walnut, h 1707 

Chaffee WiUiam, dry goods, 523 Market, h 1709 

CHAFFEES, STOUT & CO. {William Chaffee 

James Chaffee, Jacob W. Stout $ F. T 

Atkinson) dry goods, 523 Market 
Chain Emeline, barber, 1541 Callowhill 
Chairns Archibald, liquors, Bodine c Columbia 
Chalaner Deborah, wid. Danl. 1223 N 12th 
Chalfant Benjamin, shoemaker, 5 Pleasant rt n 

N 7th 
Chalfant Franklin, shoemr. 5 Pleasant rt 
Chalfant John E., commission merchant, 134 

Chestnut, h 954 Shackamaxon 
Chalfant Robert, clerk, 1332 Green 
Chaloner Anna M., 106 N 11th 
Chaloner Deborah, 1131 Ridge av 
Challacombe Wm., cordw. r 776 S 2d 
Challen James Rev., publisher, 25 S 6th, h 

673 N 12th 

Challen James & Son, {Howard Challen) pub- 
lishers, 25 S 6th 
Challen Howard, publisher, 25 S 6th, h Arch 

Chalmers Ann, wid. Wm. dry goods, 919 N 13th 
Chamberlain Abner M., 1925 Cherry 
Chamberlain Benjamin, cooper, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain Charles, jeweler, h Buck hotel 
Chamberlain Charles A., machinist, N 7th n 

Filbert, h 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain Charles B., expressman, 209 

Chamberlain Elizabeth, wid. Wm. 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain Emma, Seller n Leiper (Fkd) 
Chamberlain George, clerk, Farsons pi n Allen 
Chamberlain Geo., paper stainer, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain G. J., M. D. and druggist, Shippen 

c S 9th, h 622 S 11th 
Chamberlain Horatio F., japanware, 1223 

Chamberlain Isaac, oysterman, 253 Concord 
Chamberlain John G, trader, 206 Poulson 
Chamberlain Joseph, printer, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain Lloyd, sec. & treas. 322 Walnut, 

h Cooper c 5th Camden 
Chamberlain Phoebe, trader, 9 S 2d st market. 

h Concord 
Chamberlain Samuel, carpenter, Sellers n Lei- 
per (Frankford) 
Chamberlain Samuel, trader, 206 Poulson 
Chamberlain Saml. M., bookbr. 7 Oak (W P) 
Chamberlain Thos., mach. 2045 Malony 
Chamberlain Wm., blacksm. Bridge (Bdg) 
Chamberlain William, carp. Sellers n Leiper 
Chamberlain Wm., clerk, 242 Oxford 
Chamberlain Wm., weaver, 1109 Jefferson 
Chamberlain William jr., carpenter, Sellers n 

Leiper (Fkd) 
Chamberlaine Samuel, M. D. 276 S 2d 
Chamberland Fredk., shoemr. 2138 Sharswood 
Chamberlin Britton E., 400 S Front 
Chamberlin Jas. R., lab. Federal c S 27th 
Chamberlin John C, clerk, 266 S 4th 
Chamberlin Taylor, millwr. 1902 Wood 
Chamberlin Wm., carpenter, 1228 Darien 
Chamberlin Wm. H., potter, r 961 N 2d 
Chamberlin Wm. J., clerk, 242 Oxford 

Chambers Alexander H., trimmings. 46 S 2nd 
Chambers Alfred B., 704 S 4th 
Chambers & Cattell, (John H. Chambers, An- 
drew C. Cattell 4- A. Reeder Chambers) 
leather manufs. 32 N 3d 
Chambers & Riehl, {John Chambers S,- Henry 
Riehl) looms and jacquard machines, 1033 
Chambers Andrew, carter 1505 Bedford 
Chambers Andrew R„32N3d,hl523 Chestnut 
Chambers Ann, widow John, tailoress, 1007 

Chambers A. Reeder, leather, 32 N 3d, h 502 

Chambers Anna M., widow John, 40 S 17th 
Chambers Asa W., seaman, 345 Jarvis 
Chambers, Bro. & Co. (Edwin 4" Cyrus Cham- 
bers) machinists, 124 N 7th 
Chambers C, huckster, 12 & 13 Liberty mkt 
Chambers Charles, driller, Hedge n Orthodox 

Chambers Cyrus, machinist, 124 N 7th, h 156 

N 5th 
Chambers David, bricklayer, 304 Carpenter 
Chambers David, marble polisher, 2105 Carlton 
Chambers David, oysterman, 8 Strangford pi r 

225 Christian 
Chambers David W., clerk, 321 Market, h 

Fountain hotel 
Chambers Diana, (col'd) widow David, 1114 

Chambers Edward, rigger, Broadway c Jack- 
son (Stockton) 
Chambers Edwin, machinist, 124 N 7th, h 511 

Chambers Eliza A., widow Thomas, varieties, 

622 S 6th 
Chambers Elizabeth, boarding, 923 S 8th 
Chambers Elizabeth, (col'd) cook, 709 Cullen 
Chambers Ellen, widow James, 63 Laurel 
Chambers Francis, paper stainer, 1302 Horst- 

Chambers George, lab. 1333 Shippen 
Chambers George E., clerk, 718 Callowhill 
Chambers George K., fruit, Sargeant c N 10th 
Chambers George W, druggist, 704 S 4th 
Chambers George W. jr., druggist, 704 S 4th 
Chambers George W., lampmaker, 1 Clinton ct 
Chambers George W., tinsmith, 1007 Nectarine 
Chambers George W., varieties, 919 N 2d, h 

1007 Nectarine 
Chambers Hannah, wid. Wm. 500 S 12th 
Chambers Henrietta (col'd), wid Isaac, washer- 
woman, 203 Manship 
Chambers Hester, wid. John, 1223 Carlton 
Chambers Isabella, tailoress, 1630 Richard 
Chambers J., mantillas & cloaks, 810 Arch, h 

254 N 11th 
Chambers Jacob (colored), bowling saloon, 640 

Chambers Jacob, bricklayer, 725 Bayard 
Chambers Jacob, tinsmith, 1007 Nectarine 
Chambers Jas., blacksmith, 2324 Meredith 
Chambers Jas., clerk, Richards House 
Chambers Jas., dry goods, Arch n 9th, h 254 

N 11th 
Chambers Jas., lab. 1905 South 
Chambers Jas., stonecutter, 107 Dunlap 

as an infant's, and not liable to become chapped. 




Chambers Jas., weaver, Ca r r ll n Dauphin Chambers Wm., weaver, Howard n Montgom 

Chambers Jas. H., plumber , 1209 Ridge av, h ery av 

1310 Green 
Chambers Jas. S., 256 Madison 
Chambers John, 1512 Wood 
Chambers John, dyer, 3 Gadsby pi r Lombard 
Chambers John, feed, 1208 Shippen, h 508 S 

Chambers John, grain & feed, 1208 Shippen, h 

1329 Pine 
Chambers John, lab. 2323 Sansom 
Chambers John, lab. Trotter al n Morris 
Chambers John, looms, 1033 & h 1022 N 4th 
Chambers John, machinist, 1022 N 4th 
Chambers John, peddler, Norris n Mascher 
Chambers John, Rev., 1412 Walnut 
Chambers John, ship joiner, 245 Dickerson 
Chambers John, soap boiler, 309 Monroe 
Chambers John, tinsmith, 9 Gatchel's pi 
Chambers John, weaver, 1522 Howard 
Chambers John, weaver, 26 Oxford 
Chambers John H., leather, 32 N 3d, h 1818 

Chambers John J., salesman, 529 Market, h 13" 

N 11th 
Chambers John M., builder, 1514 Ogden 
Chambers John R., seaman, 704 S 4th 
Chambers Joseph, lab. Oak ab S 30th (W P) 
Chambers Joseph, oysterman, r 31 Catharine 

CHAMBERS WM. B., grocer, 435 Pine, h Bal- 
timore av n 54th (W P) 
Chambers Wm. C, printer, 1216 S 6th 
Chambers Wm. G., clerk, 247 N 10th 
Chambers Wm. J., 1512 Wood 
Chambers William T., salesman, h Union 

Chamecin U., com. mer. 204 S Front, h 1802 

Champion Benj., liquors, 508 Beach 
Champion C. Collins, clothing - , Chestnut ab 6th, 

h 1616 Mt Vernon 
Champion Elizabeth, wid. Jas., Robin av near 

Champion John, paper manufacturer, Canal n 

Hippie's la 
Champion John B., mer. 27 n 6th, h Walnut la 

Champion Joseph C, clerk, 1616 Mt Vernon 
Champion Sarah, wid. David, 10 Brown 
Champromy J. R. & Co., {Jean B. Champro- 
my), fringes, 8cc, 17 S 3d 
Champromy Jean B., fringes, &c, 17 S 3d, h 

630 Arch 

Chance Edwin, shoemaker, 1239 Coates 
Chance Francis, fishermaji, S Front n Mifflin 
Chance Jeremiah C, drv goods, 1518 Market, h 
1625 Filbert 

Chambers Joseph, ML D., 326 Monroe 

Chambers Joseph C, saddler, 1167 Passyunk! Chance John, salesman, 1217 Vienna 

av Chance John B., seaman, 34 Norfolk 

Chambers Maris, clerk, 316 S Del av, h 312 S Chance John C, clerk, 25 N 5th, house 1217 

4th Vienna 

Chambers Mary, wid. Wm. J., Waterloo near' Chance Robert C, spices, 275 S 5th, h 1623 S 

Huntingdon 6th 

Chambers Miles M., mer. Byberry rd j Chance Thos., seaman, S Front n Moore 

Chambers Montgomery, M. D., 502 Spruce Chance Thos. B., oysterman, 5 Baltic pi r 225 

Chambers Nathan (colored), porter, rear 1210 Catharine 


Chambers Peter, confectioner, 916 Leithgow 
CHAMBERS RICHARD, vinegar, 455 N 12th, 

h 1235 Parrish 
Chambers Robert, blacksmith, 214 Fkd 
Chambers Robert, coachman, 219 Concord 
Chambers Robert, cordwainer, 919 Thompson 
Chambers Robert, foreman, 219 Concord 
Chambers Robert, hotel, Lehigh av c Salmon 
Chambers Robert, lab. Carrol n Otis 
Chambers Robert, saddler, 604 Christian 
Chambers Samuel, clerk, 605 Peach 
Chambers Samuel, trunkmaker, Adrian n Ot- 

Chance Wm., hardware, 1349 N Front, &. black- 
smith Adrian n Master, h 1349 N Front 
Chanceaulme Charles, shovel maker, 519 North 
Chancellor Cadi., dry goods, 915 Wood 
Chancellor Evan C», painter, 915 Wood 
CHANCELLOR HENRY, gent. School (Gtn) 
Chancellor Samuel R., painter, 915 Wood 
Chancellor Wharton, 1115 Chestnut 
Chancellor Wm., 1115 Chestnut 
Chancellor Wm. jr., clerk, School (Gtn) 
Chandlee George, carpenter, SheafPs al n N 

12th, h 1520 Race 
Chandler A. E., wid. Wm., 1537 Lombard 
Chandler Ann, wid. Isaac A., 719 Moss 

Chambers Sarah (colored,) washerwoman, 222i Chandler Charles W., tobacconist, 777 S Front 

Acorn al 
Chambers Solomon, morocco dresser, rear 408 

Chambers Thaddeus, inst. maker, Sepviva near 

Chambers Thomas, weaver, 1522 Howard 
Chambers Thomas, shoemaker, Waterloo near 

Chambers Wm., dyer, 1713 Burton 
Chambers Wm., grocer, Sepviva c Dickerson 
Chambers "Wm., lab.r 112 Chenango 
Chambers Wm., lab. 2309 Sansom 
Chambers Wm., stonecutter, 729 S 16th 
Chambers Wm., vegetables, 721 N 12th 

Chandler George, Rev., 429 Richmond 
Chandler George W., clerk, 429 Richmond 
Chandler Henry, (colored), porter, 805 Erne- 
Chandler James, sailmaker, 1020 Palmer 
CHANDLER JAMES B., printer & binder, 308 

Chestnut, h 301 S 8th 
Chandler John, clerk, 608 Market 
Chandler John, grocer, 66 N 2d 
Chandler John, moulder, r 1114 Fkdav 
Chandler John, accountant, 211 Market, h 343 

N 6th 
Chandler John W., clerk, h States Union 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Chandler Joseph S., salesman, 513 Market hj Chapman Joseph L., machinist, Marlborough 

155 N 10th ab Thompson 

Chandler Mary, wid Wm, 320 Wood j Chapman Martha, confectioner, 1211 N 2d 

Chandler Sarah M., wid John W., 239 Queen 
Chandler Susan, wid Wm., 822 Rachel 
Chandler S W., rags & paper, 504 N Front h 

677 N 11th 
Chandler Theodore, grocer, 417 S 6th 
Chandler Thos. J., telegraph operator 231 

Chandler Webster D., clerk, 1606 Cherry- 
Chandler Wm., clerk, 608 Market 
Chandler Wm. P., 1702 Arch 
Chaneret Edward, jeweller, 231 Spruce 
Chaninel J., cook, 529 Spruce 
Clianley John, picker, Cedar (Grove) 
Channell Isaac, ivory turner, Nolens ct n 

Channon John C, clerk, Gtn av n Herman (Gtn) 

Channon Sarah, wid , Gtn av n Chelton 

av (Gtn) 
Chant John, painter, Mcllwain n S 6th 
Chantry Alfred W., tailor, 510 Market, h 232 

N 10th 
Chantry Eusebius P., cutter, 417 S 5th 
Chap ell John, shoemaker, r 1838 Sepviva 
Chapin A. B., com. agt., h Merchants' hotel 
Chapin Wm , prin. blind asy. 2000 Summer 
Chapin Wm F., seaman, 906 S 3d 
Chapin William, jr., 2000 Summer 
Chaplain William J., 241 N 11th 
Chapman Abbey A., principal, 43 S 18th 
Chapman Alfred, clerk, 325 Beaver 
Chapman & Gaskill, (William R. Chapman Sf 

Aaron W. Gaskill) coal, 911 N 9th 
Chapman & Thompson, (Martha Chapman $ 

Emeline Thompson) conf. 1211 N 2d 
Chapman Chas, coal, 314 N Broad, h 505 Logan 
Chapman Charles, farmer, Bustleton rd 
Chapman Danl. J., coffee roaster, 460 Dillwyn 

h 1248 N 15th 
Chapman Edward, (col'd) earner, 9 Liberty ct 
Chapman Edward H., plumber, 440 N 9th h 

1033 Buttonwood 
Chapman Edwin A. t coppersmith, Waterloo c 

Chapman Enos, carpenter, 224 N 13th 
Chapman & E. H. & Bro. (Edward H. Sf Joseph 

C.,) plumbers, 440 N 9th 
Chapman George, machinist, 319 Richmond 
Chapman George, weaver, 1319 Rose 
Chapman Henry, tea packer, Chestnut c Front 

h 1508 Lombard 
Chapman Henry B., acct, 33d c Haverford 
Chapman James, carp, N 41st n Pratt (W P) 
Chapman James, shoemaker, 1239 Coates 
Chapman John, com. mer. 709 Lombard 
Chapman John, eating house, 632 Shippen 
Chapman John, M. D., h Ashland house . 
Chapman Jonathan, machinist, 517 N 10th 
Chapman Joseph, carpenter, 508 Wharton 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 530 N 10th h 536 

Chapman Joseph, weaver, Temple n 12th 
Chapman J. C, U. S. N, h Washington house 
Chapman J. O., clerk, 613 N 5th 
Chapman Joseph C, window shades, 72 N 2d 
& plumber 440 N 9th 

Chapman Mary L., fancy goods, 716 Vine h 

705 Wood 
Chapman Nathaniel, M. D., 1206 Chestnut 
Chapman Rebec, widow Nathaniel, 1206 Chest- 
Chapman Richard, stationer, 935 N 2d 
Chapman Samuel, druggist, N 8th c Coates h 

663 N 8th 
Chapman Samuel, engineer, r 1202 Beach 
Chapman Samuel, shoemaker, 328 Girard av 
Chapman Samuel B., clerk, 200 Market h 

1123 Wallace 
Chapman Sarah, wid John, 1327 Mariner 
Chapman Sarah A., boarding house 240 S 10th 
Chapman Theodore, bricklayer, 440 N 9th 
Chapman Thomas, carpenter, 1727 Sansom 
Chapman Thomas, coachman, 700 Florida 
Chapman Thomas, driver, Shippen c Florida 
CHAPMAN T. ELWOOD, stationery, 5 S 5th, 

h 1123 Wallace 
Chapman Thomas B., machine shop, 116 

Beach, h 319 Richmond 
Chapmm Thomas D.G., bookkeeper, 114 Queen 
Chapman William, bookkeeper, 611 Guilford 
Chapman William, bricklayer, 1327 Mariner 
Chapman William, coal, 314 N Broad, & brick- 
layer 455 N 8th 
Chapman William, moulder, Unity cor Penn 
Chapman William, jr., coal, Broad n Wood, h 

455 N 8th 
Chapman William & Brother, (Charles 8.,) 

coal, 314 N Broad 
Chapman William L., clerk, 705 Wood 
Chapman William R., coal, 911 N 9th, h 546 N 

Chapouty Pierre, clerk, 1335 Vine 
Chappatte Constant, watchcase maker, 1514 S 

Chappatte Joseph, watchcase maker, 1319 S 

Chappell Charles, farmer, Bustleton rd 
Chappell George, shoemaker, Lehman (Gtn) 
Chappell George, stonecutter, Levering (Myk) 
Chappell Henry, needlemaker, Wister (Gtn) 
Chappell James H., pub of fashions, 116 S 4th, 

h Stevens c Fourth, Camden 
Chappelle William, carpenter, 267 N 5th 
Chapron John, att'y & coun., Darby road be 

Market (W P) 
Charbonnier Charles, shoemaker, 709 Dickerson 
Charbonnier Josephine, wid Henry, 709 Die 

Charbonniere Memas, weaver, r 434 Lombard 
Chard Joseph H., salesman, 313 N Crown 
Chard William, collector, Bath n Ann 
Charden S. R., clerk, 1308 Brown 
Charier Frances M., teachei", 1438 S 5th 
Charity Hospital, (Eliza Buffington, matron , 

Buttonwood, n N Broad 
Charle Rachel, doctress, 1129 St John 
Charles Benjamin, carpenter, 7 Linden pi 
Charles David, bakery, 606 S 8th 
Charles Benjamin F., conductor, 306 N 9th 
Charles George, stereotypist, 607 Sansom, h 

1609 N 8th 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Charles John, conductor, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Charleston & Savannah Steam Ship line, pier 

opp 334 N Del av 
Charleston Edward, produce, r Mulvarry near 

Columbia av 
Charleston Lyman, laborer, S 25th n Pine 
Charleton Benjamin, late tailor, r 412 Shippen 
Charlie Joseph, spinner, 1808 Lombar'd 
Charlon Anna, (col'd) wid Francis, 744 Wharton 
Charlton Charles, morocco dresser, 1342 

Frankford av 
Charlton Crawford, currier, 106 N 15th 
Charlton Frederick, jr., carver, 849 Earp 
Charlton Frederick, carver, 230 S 5th 
Charlton John, boot fitter, 1135 Sites 
Charlton John, dyer, Adams ab Sellers 
Charlton John, machinist, 2305 Callowhill 
Charlton John F., dry goods, 1130 Vine 
Charlton John P., clerk, 32 S 4th, h 1030 Vine 
Charlton M. & Co., (Mary «fr John F. Charlton,) 

dry goods, 1130 Vine 
Charlton Mary, dry goods, 1130 Vine 
Charlton Mary, wid William, 778 S 4th 
Charlton Robert, paper hanger, Brolaskey pi n 

Charlton Robert, produce, 1909 Market, house 

Brolaskey pi n Callowhill 
Charlton T., agent cutlery, 410 Commerce 
Charlton William, presser, 311 Willings al 
Charlton William, tinman, 12 S 5th, h 11 Will 

ings al 
Charman Caleb, polieeman, 323 Gaskill 
Charman Joseph, shoes, 333 Lombard 
Charman Marv A., wid George, trimmings, 617 

S 2d 
Charmer William, drover, 1746 N 6th 
Charnley Edward J., clerk, 413 N 6th 
CHARNOCK THOMAS, (col'd) undertaker, 

427 S 6th, h 425 Barclay 
Charter Hannah, wid Henry, 337 N 6th 
Charter Oak Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, 

411 Walnut 
Charter William, (col) steward, 611 Ronaldson 
Chartes Samuel R., shoemaker, 610 Hallowell 
Chartres Jerome, seaman, 1027 Coates 
Chartres Mary Ann, Levering n Linn 
Chartres Samuel R., clerk, Levering n Linn 
Chase Alexander, (col'd) laborer, r 1028 Rod 

CHASE B. W.& SONS, (Benjamin W., Charles 

C, Robert Y.,) dry goods, 100 Chestnut 
Chase Benjamin W., merchant, 100 Chestnut, 

h 1137 Girard 
Chase Charles C, merchant, 100 Chestnut, h 

1701 Race 
Chase Charlotte, (col'd) wid Edmund, washing 

r 631 Shippen 
Chase Ebenezer, jr., shoemaker, Market n 33d 

(W P) 

Chase Edwin T., att'y & coun. and deputy 

sheriff, 134 S 6th, h Green c Queen (Gtn) 

Chase Elizabeth, (col'd) domestic, r 929 Rod 

Chase Gazaway, (col'd) barber, 801 S 10th 
Chase George, (col'd) brickmaker, Hancock n 


Chase Horatio G., coach painter, Kessler near 
Coates, h 1242 Haines 

Chase Isaac, (col'd) driver, 1112 Rodman 

Chase Isaac, (col'd) waiter, 918 Rodman 

Chase James W., druggist, 1701 Chestnut 

Chase Jane, boarding, 503 Penn 

Chase John, clerk, State n Green (W P) 

Chase John G., clerk, 2146 Mt Vernon 

Chase John W., stonecutter, 1815 Wylie 

Chase Joseph, sailmaker, 931 S 2d 

Chase Louisa, (col'd) washer, 323 Griscom 

Chase Lousia C, 3 Abel pi 

Chase Mary, (col'd) 212 Dqponceau 

Chase Mary, (col'd) washing, 6 Emeline 

Chase Moses M., shoes, S 4th n Chestnut, h 919 

Chase Pliny E, stoves, 209 N 2d, h 466 Franklin 
Chase Robert, dry goods, 100 Chestnut, h 1137 

Chase Robert, laborer, York n 36th (W P) 
Chase Robert, shoemaker, N 37th cor Story 

Chase Robert G., Rev., 706 N 19th 
Chase Robert Y., merchant, 100 Chestnut, h 

1137 Girard 
Chase Samel, (col'd) laborer, h Willow, n Har- 
rison (Fkd) 
Chase Sarah, (col'd) domestic, r 728 Lombard 
Chase Stephen, shoemaker, N 3Sth n Filbert 

(W P) 
Chase Thomas, (col) whitewasher, 239 Schell 
Chase Thomas G., M. D., 1319 Vine 
Chase William, blacksmith, N 38th near Green 

(W P) 

Chasteau Louis M., reporter, 2009 Girard av 
Chastenney Jane, teacher, 45 S 17th 
Chastenney Jane, wid, 45 S 17th 
Chasty Maurice, laborer, 521 Hurst 
Chatburn Joseph, wool sorter, Rosette (Gtn) 
Chater Henry C, cutler, r 115 Eutaw 
Chatfield Orlando, cordwainer, 1706 Ridge av 
Chatham Georg-e W., laborer, S Wheat n Reed 
Chatham Joseph, carpenter, 709 Orange, h 508 

Chatham Joseph, grocery, 821 Locust 
Chatterton Beniah, engineer, (Crescentville) 
Chatterton Henry, engineer, Bowers n Pcrkio- 

Chatterton Martha A., weaver, (Crescentville) 
Chatterton Sarah, wid John (Crescentville) 
Chattin Abisha F., bricklayer, 1523 Carlton 
Chattin David T., police, 808 West 
Chattin James, carpenter, 11 Clark pi 
Chauncey Henrietta, 629 Walnut 
Chauncey, Nathaniel, 904 Spruce 
Chaundy Thomas, baker, 3 St. Davids 
Chavanne Henry, gold melter, 3 Kenny's pi r 

234 Monroe 
Chavers Jesse, (col'd) musician, 629 South 
Chawner John, dyer, h Bowman n Hancock, 

Cheaser George, hostler, N 3d n Columbia 
Cheat John, clerk, 1307 Marlborough 
Cheatle Richard A., plasterer, 325 N 15th 
Cheavens Wm. E., blockmaker, 9 Vine, h 146 

Cheeseman Andrew, M. D., 1336 Pine 
Cheeseman Edward, dealer, 723 S Front 
Cheeseman Henry, laborer, 93 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cheeseman John, shoemaker, 808 Burd 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Vegetable Liquid Hair Dye will color the hair in a 




Cheeseman John, trader, 22 S 2d st Market, h 

808 Burd 
Cheeseman Lewis Rev., 1506 Pine 
Cheeseman Michael H., clerk, 225 Christian 
Cheeseman William H., lastmaker, 318 Tyler 
Cheeseman Andrew S., clerk, h Berkley c 

Henry, Camden 
Cheeseman Clinton, captain, Church (Bridesb) 
Cheeseman Martha A., 629 Coates 
Cheeseman Richard C, oysterman, r 237 South 
Cheeseman William, plate printer, 301 S Juni- 
Cheesman John V., drug-gist, 508 Market, h 

805 N 11th 
Cheetham Angeline, teacher, 1705 & h 2346 

Cheetham James, hatter, 2346 Vine 
Cheetham James, huckster, 83 Ledger pi 
Cheetham James, hotel, 306 Cherry, & eating 

saloon 17 S 3d 
Cheetham Mary E., teacher, 305 & h 2346 


Chegaray H. D., ladies' School, 1809 Vine 

Chegaray H. D. & D'Hervilly, (H. D. Chegaray 

Sf Laura N. D' HerviUey,) ladies' school, 

1809 Vine 

Chegg James, laborer, Unity n Elizabeth 
Cheilds A. M., clothes renovator, 114 N 10th, 

h N 9th n Cherry 
Cheill Patrick, tanner, 125 Van Horn 
Chemin August, barber, 105 South 
Chemin Lewis F., printer, 140 S 3d, h 319 S 

Chemin Theodore A., confectioner, 319 S Front 
Chenary Elizabeth, seamstress, Germantown av 

n Walnut la 
Chenary William, carpenter, 814 West 
Chene Frank, laborer, 240 Girard av 
Cheney John, shoemaker, r 419 South 
Cheney Thomas, grocer, 845 S Front 
Cheney Luther, machinist, 2124 Brandywine 
Cherris Henry, baker, 38 Almond 
Cherry David, flour, 116 Master 
Cherry James, carpenter 1441 Howard 
Cherry James, jeweler, 108 Girard av 
Cherry John, laborer, 611 Cheny 
Cherry John, teamster (Cedar Grove) 
Cherry Moses, laborer, 1319 Brinton 
Cherry Moses, painter, r 1320 Shippen 
Cherry Peter, weaver, Marsden ct n Cadwalader 
Cherry Robert, cordwainer, 1706 N 6th 
Cherry Samuel, jeweler, 108 Girard av 
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Co., 417 Wal- 
Chesebrough Alexander F., merchant, 10 N 

Delaware av, h 1510 Chestnut 
brough S( Isaac Pearson?) merchants. 5 N 
Cheesebrough Edward C, provisions, 5 N 

Water, h Gtn av n Harvey (Gtn) 
Chesley Charles, car driver, Ridge av c Colum- 
bia av 
Cheseman Martha, wid George, 1235 Ogden 
Chesnut James, foreman, Deal n Frankford av 
Chesnut John, stonecutter, 614 Federal 
Chesnut John M., cloths, 145 Market, h 1526 

Chestnut John R., bricklayer, 1137 Leon 
Chesnut John S., livery stable, 1519 Filbert, h 

1526 Cuthbert 
Chesnnt Nathaniel, boarding h, 118 N 16th 
Chesnut Samuel, blacksmith, 1523 Filbert, h at 

Chesnut Samuel, shoemaker, Apple n Bridge 

Chesnut, Steele & Co., {John M. Chesnut, Ed- 
ward T. Steele # Peter Kohlhas,) cloths, 

145 Market 
Chesnut Wm., grocer, 4 Market, h 1010 Wood 
Chesnut Wm., laborer, Franklin n Apple (Hes- 
Chessline Baker, g-lassblower, 825 Girard av 
Chester Albert, carpenter, 1109 Beach 
CHESTER H. & SON, {Hiram Chester Sf Joseph 

J. Chester,) feed and flour, 1622 South 
Chester Hiram L., feed, 1622 South, h 1627 

Chester Joseph J., feed, 1622 South, h 1627 

Chester Joseph L., editor, 131 Race 
Chester Leonard, liquors, Dauphin cor Carroll 
Chester Lewis, ropes, 242 N Delaware avenue 

& 237 N Water, h 113 Vine 
Chester Samuel C, shoemaker, 943 S Front 
Chester William, moulder, Dauphin c Carroll 
Chester William, Rev., 321 S 4th 
Chester William H., engineei', Dauphin c Carroll 
Chesterman John, shoemr., 716 Washington av 
Chesterman Washington, packer, 2 Reckless pi 
Chestnut Benj., clothfolder, 608 Little Lloyd 
Chestnut George, weaver, 107 Jefferson 
Chestnut James, weaver, 1613 Deal 
Chestnut John, machinist, 1812 Pennsylvania av 
Chestnut Matthew, lapper, 728 Lindsay 
Chestnut Robert, tavern, 1170 S 13th 
Chestnut Samuel, brickmaker, 1941 Bedford 
Chestnut Samuel, weaver, r Waterloo n Oxford 
Chestnut Thomas, tailor, 503 Prune 
Chestnut William, printer, 721 Hepburn 
Cheston John P., carpenter, 123 N Juniper, h 

1329 Olive 
Cheston William E., teacher, Sellers near Lei- 

per (Fkd) 
Chesworth William, tailor, 10 Lincoln avenue 
Chevers Charles T., brushes, 413 S 2d 
Chew Andrew S., carter, Otsego near Morris 
Chew Ann, Johnson near Gtn avenue (Gtn) 
Chew Arthur H., shipcarpenter, Caruth place 

near Borden 
Chew Benjamin, Hermit's lane (Rox) 
Chew Benj. R., tinsmith, 213 Washington av 
Chew Charles W., jeweler, 926 S 4th 
Chew Edward, carpenter, Oak n Rose (W P) 
Chew Elisha, farmer, 46 Shippen st market, h 

Carpenter's landing, Gloucester co., N J 
Chew Elizabeth, widow, rear 748 S 2d 
Chew Harvey S., livery stable, 523 S 4th, h 127 

Chew James, cakes, 926 S 4th 
Chew Jeffery, clerk, 624 Catharine 
Chew Jesse, shoemaker, 31 Campbell 
Chew Job, clerk, 244 Christian 
Chew John, (colored) hairdresser, 37 S 6th, h 

749 S 9th 
Chew John P., shoemaker, 907 New Market 

shorter time than any other Dye, being at the same time indelible. 

Chesebrough A. F. & Co., (^4. F. Chesebrough 
4- John Allen,) provisions, 10 N Del av 




Chew Joseph, late shoe manufacturer, Broad c 

Berks avenue 
Chew Joseph, Broad opp Monument Cemetery 
Chew Jos., jr., china, 21 N 4th, h 821 N Broad 
Chew Joseph D., shoemaker, 731 South 
Chew Keziah, wid. of Wesley, 1313 S 4th 
Chew Martha, dressmaker, Emerald near Cum- 

Chew Nathan C, turner, 1004 S 8th 
Chew Nathaniel, farmer, 30 Shipper st market, 
Chew Samuel, lawyer, 424 Library, li Main (Gtn) 
Chew Totten, carter, 122 Morris 
Chew William, farmer, r 620 Washington av 
Chew William, segarmaker, rear 1012 Crease 
Cheyney Waldron J., treasurer, 1122 Chestnut, 

h 1412 Pine 
Checkering & Sons, (T. E., C. F. $ George H.,) 

pianos, 807 Chestnut 
Chievers John C, brushmaker, 1030 S 3d 
Chilcott Abr., laborer, Pennepack creek (Hbg) 
Chilcott Allen, shoemaker, 1024 Jefferson 
Chilcott John, carpenter, 1024 Jefferson 
Child Addison, coal, 205 Walnut & Pier 11, 

Richmond, h Boston 
Child Henry T., M. D., 510 Arch 
Child Richard S., lampblack manufacturer, 703 

5 Front 

Child S. & T., (Samuel T. Child <fr Thomas T. 

Child,) watchmakers, 824 N 2d 
Child Samuel T., watchmaker, 824 N 2d, h 

827 St. John 
Child Stephen D., clothier, 808 Swanson 
Child Thomas T., watchmaker, 824 N 2d 
Child William, laborer, 808 Swanson 
Childs Abraham, mason, York n 38th (W P) 
ChUds Asher M., dyer, 145 N 9th 
Childs C. G., president, 311 Walnut, h (C Hill) 
Childs Charles N., wheelwright, 494 St. John 

6 N 2d cor Lehigh av, h 1119 Green 
Childs Edward, painter, 1344 Poplar 

Childs George K., chief coiner U S Mint, 312 

Childs Geo. W., publisher, 602 8c h 715 Arch 
Childs Isaac, clerk, 1307 Palmer 
Childs Isaac, jr., clerk, 1307 Palmer 
Childs James D., 616 Marshall 
Childs John, lithographer, 136 Almond 
Childs John, wheelwright, 494 St John, & 2d 

c Lehigh av, h 616 Marshall 
Childs John A. Rev., 524 Walnut, h 1341 

Childs John H., clerk, 616 Marshall 
Childs Joshua, plasterer, 402 N 18th 
Childs Margaret, confectionary, 1344 Poplar 
Childs Nathan, tailor, (Milestown) 
Childs Sarah, wid Jonathan, 965 N 10th 
Childs Win. E., 315 N 6th 
CHILDS & PETERSON, (George W. Childs 

<$r Robert E. Peterson,) publishers, 602 Arch 
Chillman James, bookbr. 1714 N 12th 
Chilton Robert, hatter, 1006 Sargeant 
Chilton Thomas, shoemaker, Levering n Main 

Chim Charles, (col'd,) lab. r 603 Bedford 
Chipman & White, (Nelso?i Chipman <$r Wil- 
liam M. White,) willow ware, &c, 11 S 

Chipman Chester W., M.D., 320 N 7th 

Chipman David, carver, Elizabeth n Unity 

Chipman Egdar M , attv. & conns. 422 Library 

b 320 N 7th 
Chipman Isaac, pumpmr. 23 Frankford (Fkd) 
Chipman John, pumpmr. 23 Frankford (Fkd) 
Chipman Nelson, merchant, 11 S Front, h 224 


Chipp David, farmer, Byberry pt 
Chippev Wm., (col'd,) lab. Foulkrod n Willow 

_ (Fkd) 

Chippy James, huckster, Sferrill n Emerald 
Chiqwaine Peter V., pilot, 336 Clark 
Chiqwaine Servelle, pilot, 336 Clark 
Chiqwaine Zepherine, seaman, 336 Clark 
Chisholm George, lab. 21 Harmstead 
Chisholm John, watchman, 1418 Shippcn 
Chisholm Levi W., boots & shoes, 110 S 2d, h 

239 S 6th 

Chism George, brickmr. 2021 Harmstead 
Chism Hugh, lab. 1230 Rodman 
Chism Isaac, dry goods, N 8th c Sp Garden, h 

608 N 11th 
Chism James, blacksm. 1722 Carver 
Chisman Catharine C, voung ladies seminary, 

Locust ab S 39th (W P) 
Chittick Given, porter, 614 S Juniper 
Chittick James G, clerk, 20 S 6th 
Chittick James J., clerk, 438 Market, h Com- 
mercial House 
Chittick Jonathan, bricklr. 1731 Addison 
Chittick Lesley, clerk, 20 S 6th 
Chittick Robert, lab. 614 S Juniper 
Chittick W. G. & Co. (William G. Chittick % 

Robert Lindsey,) dry goods, 438 Market 
Chittick Wm. G.,' mer. 438 Market, h 24 S 

Choate David L., boarding h, 113 Race 
Choate Thomas J., printer, 540 Redwood 
Chobert Francis, sofa mr. 228 S 5th 
Cholerton Edwd., confec. Gtn av n Penn (Gtn) 
Cholerton Saml., weaver, Gtn av n Penn (Gtn) 
Cholorton Edward, lab. Ashmead (Gtn) 
Cholorton Joseph, lab. Ashmead (Gtn) 
Cholton Isaac, lab. Penn n Church (Pled) 
Choram Barnej", lab. 900 Master 
Chorley Elizabeth, grocery, 1336 Poplar 
Chorley Nathaniel, farmer, Ridge av c Berks 
Chorpenning George, agent, 806 N Broad 
Chrissie Elizabeth, 618 Master 
Christ Andrew, bartender, Frankford av n Co- 
lumbia av 
Christ Charles, coppersmith, 7 Gilpin pi 
Christ Church Hospital, 308 Cherry 
Christ George, mer. 32 S Front, h Germany 
Christ Henry, 154 N 15th 
Christ Jacob, machinist, 1119 S 8th 
Christ Jane, wid Nicholas, 2 Ridley av, r 1421 

Christ, Jay & Hess, (George Christ, Louis J. 

Jay <V Julius Hess,) dry goods, 32 S Front 
Chi*ist John, shoemaker, N Front, h Jefferson 

n Mascher 
Christ John, tailor, Jefferson n Mascher 
Christal John, varnisher, 978 Lawrence 
Christen Jacob, butcher, 38 N 2d St Market, h 

York ab Tulip 
Christeson Charles, bartender, 101 Eutaw 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




CHRISTIAN & CURRAN, (S. J. Christian $ 

J. C. Curran,) com. mers. 148 N Del av 

& 141 N Water 
Christian Frederick W, clerk, 148 N Del av, 

h 935 S 3d 
Christian James, moulder, 94GkMoyam av 
Christian John, chairmr. 129 Catharine 
Christian John D., stone cr. 1400 Callowhill 
Chsistian Joseph M., machinist, Frankford av n 

Christian Levi H. Rev., 630 N 6th 
Christian Saml., camphene, 234 X 8th 
Christian S. J., com. mer. 148 N Del av, h 308 

S 11th 
Christian Observer, 108 S 4th 
Christian Wm., shoemaker, Clymer n S 6th 
Christiansen Mary, 830 Auburn 
Christie Bridget, widow Michael, seamstress, 

2010 Murray 
Christie Harmel, hotel, 543 N 15th 
Christie James, shoemaker, 1312 Silver 
Christie John, tailor, Washington av n Gray's 

Ferry's rd 
Ohristie Josephine, wid Philip, 312 Lombard 
Christie Peter, tailor, 3 Randall's ct 
Christie Wm., bricklayer, 265 Perry 
Christine Charles, carpenter, Paschall n Church 

Christine Frederick F., teacher, (Olney) 
Christine George M., blacksmith, Ridge av c 

Mifflin la, h N 29th n Susquehanna 
Christine Samuel S. K., M.D., 160 Frankford 

Christison Peter, (col'd,) tailor, 1311 Lombard 
Christman Aaron Rev., 17 Catharine 
Christman Charles H., com. mer., 97 S Front, h 

1214 N 8th 
Christman George, clerk, 463 N4th 
Christman Isabella W., 1526 Mt Vernon 
Christman Joseph CD., office, 529 Commerce, 

h 1523 Arch 
Christman Jeremiah Montgomery, 1220 Market 
Christman John, grocer, 1046 Market 
Christman John, tailor, Gtn av n Tioga (R Sun) 
Christman Mary, 716 Russell 
Christman Samuel, tinsmith, 1220 Market 
Christman Wm., 1220 Market 
Christman Wm., 912 Race 
Christman Wm., blacksmith, 840 N 12th 
Christman Wm., clerk, 201 Noble 
Christman Wm. A., 817 Franklin 
Christman Wm. R., saddler, 1226 Cherry, h 

1314 Poplar 
Christman Edward, perfumery, 702 Chestnut, 

h Ashland House 
Christman Charles, baker, 220 N 4th 
Christoph George, weaver, Frankroad av near 

Christoph Joseph, tailor, 633 Pine 
Christopher Emma, teacher, 1019 Wharton 
Christopher George, clerk, 134 N 7th 
Christopher Hannah, widow of Michael, 808 

Christopher Jesse M., commissnr., S 3d near 

Chestnut, h 1019 Wharton 
Christopher Lavinia, (colored) widow of John, 

Aliens' ct 
Christopher L. E., dentist, 113 N 7th 

Christopher Moses, (col'd) seaman, 502 Hurst 
Christy Alexander, wood engraver, 1631 Hel- 

Christy Ann, widow Charles, candies, Peters n 

Christy Benjamin F., custom house, 206 Jarvis 
Christy Caro., (col'd) washerwoman, 339 Or- 
Christy Isaac, lab., Warren near 34th (W P) 
Christy Jacob, brickmr , rear 923 Alder 
Christy James, blacksth., Paul n Unity (Fkd) 
Christy James, carbldr., 1323 Wood 
Christy James C, merchant, 510 Minor, h 709 

Christy Jane, wid. Samuel, Naudain near i>3d 
Christy Jesse, lab., Girard av n N 37th (W P) 
Christy John, brickmr., 1348 N 10th 
Christy John, farmer, N Front near R R R 
Christy John, police, 1348 N 10th 
Christy John, tailor, rear 1221 Catharine 
Christy McPherson, machst., Baker (Hbg) 
Christy Martha, (col'd) widow John, washwo., 

rear Mascher near Oxford 
Christy Mary, wid. John, huckster, 956 Alder 
Christy Mary A., wid. Robert, 1234 N 15th 
Christy Robert, type caster, 535 Wilder 
Christy Robert F, atty. 8c coun., 521 S 3d 
Christy Thomas, boatman, 501 Master 
Christy Thomas, moulder, 1630 Ridge av 
Christy William, engineer, 268 N 4th 
Christy Wilham, laborer, 2020 Murray 
Christy William, umbrellamr., 856 Lawrence 
CHRISTY WELLIAM M., stationer, 127 S 3d, 

h Spruce near 40th (W P) 
Chronicle The, 140 S 3d 

Chubb Samuel, ins. real estate, S 4th c Chest- 
nut, h 1523 S 5th 
Chubb Samuel, tailor, Juan place, r 527 S 13th 
Chubb Thomas J., engineer, Adams near Ed- 
ward (Fkd) 
Chudley Richard, tailor, 1411 N 8th 
Chur Jacob, late baker, 925 Sergeant 
Church Charles, 1523 Poplar 
Church Charles B., publisher, 120 Exchange, 

h 217 Spruce 
Church Charlotte, wid. Julius, 1523 Poplar 
Church Francis, clerk, 1523 Poplar 
Church Francis Rev., 1324 Lombard 
Church Frederick EL, iron, 309 N 2d, foundry 

454 N 12th, h 235 N 20th 
Church Henry, rigger, rear 30 Catharine 
Church John, bookkeeper, 611 S 12th 
Church Mary L., teacher, 1523 Poplar 
Church Wm. A., clerk, 1523 Poplar 
Churchfield Lewis, cigars, 168 N 22d 
Churchill John, ladies' shoemr., 832 Walnut 
Churchman Annie, seminary, 903 Franklin 
Churchman Charles W., merchant, 32 S Front, 

h Chew n Penn (Gtn) 
Churchman Frederick, ragman, 1441 Lawrence 
Churchman Hannah, Germantown avenue near 

Penn (Gtn) 
Churchman Robert, late mer., 231 N 9th 
Churchman Sarah M., widow Micajah, 790 S 

Churchville Patrick, laborer, r 1510 Pearl 
Churn William L., seaman, 916 S Otsego 
Chute James, foreman, Maylandville (W P) 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 344 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Ciline Joseph, tailor, 730 Swanson 

Cilley Sarah, teacher, 818 Wood 

Cills Alfred, mor. dres., rear 25 Otter 

Cills Alfred, oysters, 152 N Delaware av, h 25 

N Water " 
Gills Alfred & Geo., oyst., 152 N Delaware av 
Cills George, oysters, 152 N Delaware av and 

Cills George jr., restaurant, 904 Beach 
Cinon Catharine, 233 Lvbrand 
Cipperlein Chas., boltm'r., 2022 Callowhill 
Cisco Henry, (cold) seaman, 1114 Rodman 
Cislow John, weaver, 805 S 10th 
Citerici Thomas, lager beer, Cresson c Grape 

CITY BANK, 28 N 6th 
City Fire Insurance Company of Hartford, 411 

City Hospital, N 21st c Islington lane 
City Institute 1737 Chestnut 
PHIA, 110 S 4th 
City Police Station-house, 3d Dist., 316 Union 
City Woolen Mills Leithgow n Girard av 
Civil John, carter, r 1512 Lombard 
Clubby Wm., boots & shoes, 87 William (R) 
Clack George, fireman, 31st n» Bridge (W P) 
Clack William H., clerk, 1135 Myrtle 
Clad Didier, bartender, 207 S 2d' 
Clad Valentine, tinsmith, 705 S 11th 
Clader Abraham, shoemr., Cumberland n Amber 
Claener Mary, wid. John, 437 Christian 
Claffay Thomas, boiler maker, Olive n N 17th 
Claffin OratioS., merchant, 511 Market, h 1420 

Claffin O. S., & Co., (Oratio S. Claffin <fr David 

Pririee,)'boots 8c shoes, 511 Market 
ClafTY Bridget, wid Patrick, 2055 Lombard 
ClaflFy Kearron, plumber, 2055 Lombard 
CLAGHORN & FRYER, (Charles E. Glaghorn 

A Jos. C. Fryer,) dry goods, 106 Chestnut 
Claghorn &. Rogers, ( Wm. E. Claghorn % Chas. 

M. Rogers?) brokers, 127 S 4th 
Claghorn Charles E., merchant, 106 Chestnut, 

h 1033 Coates 
Claghorn James L., auctioneer, 232 Market, h 

1504 Arch 
Claghorn James R., clerk, 1504 Arch 
Claghorn John, W., broker, 127 S 4th, h 1009 

Claghorn William C, pub. acct., 127 S 4th, h 

1031 Coates 
Claiborne Gilford G., clerk, 317 Reed 
Clair Bartholomew, printer, 1642 N 13th 
Clair Charles, dealer, 1015 Wood 
Clair Charles, furniture, 808 N 20th 
Clair Henry, stevedore, r 872 Orchard 
Clair Henry, jr., driver, r 872 Orchard 
Clair Henrietta, fancy goods, 320 Girard av 
Clair H. M., tailor, 503N 8th, h 2 Diligent av 
Clair James, liquors, 819 Locust 
Clair Margaret, boarding, 439 Lombard 
Clair William, watchman, 808 Germantown av 
Clair William H., bookbinder, 808 N 20th 
Clampett Jos., shoemr., Richmond n Maple (R) 
Clampfer William F., dealer, 2133 Wallace 
Clampfter William K., clerk, 417 Buttonwood 
Clampfter Harriet, 417 Buttonwood 

Clampitt Charles, carman, 416 Canton 
Clampitt Charles, jeweler, 207 Carpenter 
Clampitt Clara, wid. James, 1125 S 3d 
Clampitt John, machinist, Frankford av near 

Clancey Ann, washerwoman, 516 Hurst 
Clancey William, saloon, 207 Stamper al 
Clancy Bernard, laborer, r 617 S 7th 
Clancy James, laborer, Campbell n S 6th 
Clancy James, teamster, 639 Bedford 
Clancy John, clerk, 1 72f Mervine 
Clancy John, laborer, Almira pi 
Clancy Michael, laborer, r 1339 Alder 
Clancy Michael, laborer, 16 St David's av 
Clancy Richard, hatter, 1141 Frankford av 
Clancy Timothy, waterman, 87 Coates 
Clansch Daniel, distiller, 1140 Hewston 
Clansey Daniel, trunkmaker, 5 Heyer pi 
Clansey Peter, confectioner, 5th & Walnut, h 3 

Claphanson Joseph, shoemaker, 203 Ridge av 
Claphanson Margaret, trimgs., 1203 Ridge av 
Clapier J. E., segars, 720 N 2d, h 1426 N 6th 
Clapp B. F., gent., 923 Chestnut 
Clapp Isaac, engr., Orthodox n Hedge (Fkd) 
Clapp Jonathan, barber, N 2d n Dauphin 
Clapp N T., office, 11 N 2d, h 214 N 9th 
Clapp Samuel, bricklayer,'N 2d n Dauphin 
Clapp William, engineer, (Milestown) 
Clapp William, skindresser, Dauphin n Cedar 
Clapper John, laborer, 624 N 25th 
Clar George, upholsterer, r 817 St John 
Clare Abraham, police, 1406 Hutchinson 
Clare Catharine, peddler, 610 Lombard 
Clare Chas., dealer, 608 & h 610 Washington av 
Clare John, carter, 124 Morris 
Clare Peter C, laborer, 18 Placid pi r 842 S 2d' 
Clare Robert,- machinist, 1307 Vine 
Clare Thomas, quarryman, Rittenhouse (Gtn) 
CLARENBACH & HERDER, (Charles Clar- 
enbach Sf Leopold Herder,) cutlery, 235 
Race and 634 Arch 
Clarenbach Charles, cutlery, 235 Race and 634 

Clarenbach Friedrick, cutler, 432 Marshall 
Clarence James, laborer, N 24th n Spring Gar- 

Clarey Lawrence, laborer, Hare n Ringgold 
Claridge W. R., apothecary, Richmond c Pal- 

Clark Aaron, h Davis House 
Clark Abraham, blacksmith, Leiper n Sellers 


Clark Abraham, hotel, 119 Girard av 
Clark Adam, carpenter, 1240 Leopard 
Clark Adam, weaver, r 1425 Philip 
Clark A. C, saloon, 407 S 2d 
Clark Albert W., bookseller, 230 Dock, h 236 

S 8th 

Clark Alexander, coachman, 1807 Jones 
Clark Alexander, lampmaker, 1022 Brown 
Clark Alexander, moulder, Mt Pleasant n N 


Clark Alexander, weaver, 1230 Crease 
Clark Alice, washing, Olive n N 17th 
Clark Alice E., teacher, N 4th c Master 
Clark Alice H., wid. Sherman, boarding h 662 
N 10th 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Persian or Chinese Powder is 




Clark Allen, moulder, Mt Pleasant n N 28th 
Clark Alvah, broker, 120 S 2d, h Davis' Hotel, 

Del av 
Clark Andrew, furnishing 1 , 338 S 6th 
Clark Andrew, shoemaker, r 1439 Gtn av 
Clark Ann, wid., Norris n Front 
Clark Anna M., 1239 Lombard 
Clark Annie L., milliner, 1338 Ridge av 
Clark Archibald F., carpenter, 859 Darien 
Clark B., laborer, 1443 Beach 
Clark Bartholomew, clerk, 115 Chestnut, h 131 

Clark Benjamin, shoemaker, 1165 S 12th 
Clark Bernard, coachman, 4 Beale pi, r 1731 St 

Joseph's av 
CLARK, CADMUS & CO., (Michael F. Clark, 
Michael C. Cadmus Sf Frederick Cadmus^) 
boots and shoes, 300 Market 
Clark Catharine, wid. Francis, washerwoman, r 

720 Shippen 
Clark Catharine, wid. Michael, 1016 Hamilton 
Clark Charles, carpenter, r Oxford n N 5th 
Clark Charles, carter, 1818 Naudain 
Clark Charles, laborer, Hewson n Almond 

Clark Charles, leather and findings, 1175 

Clark Charles, shoemaker, 418 Redwood 
Clark Charles, weaver, Hare n Ring-old 
Clark Charles, (col'd,) coachman, 5 Holland 

Clark Charles E., teller, 314 Chestnut, h 1625 

Clark Charles E., upholsterer, 15 N 11th 
Clark Charles M., mechanical bread, 942 Poplar 
Clark Charles S., tailor, 819^ S 2d, h 128 

Clark Charles W., Venetian blinds, 139 S 2d, 

h 557 S 6th 
Clark Christiana, wid. Isaac, washerwoman, h 

1506 Carlton 
Clark Christopher, hatter, 526 Barron 
Clark Clarence H., banker, 35 S 3d, h 42d, c 

Spruce (W P) 
Clark Clement, dealer, r 747 Passyunk av 
Clark Clement, shoemaker, 744 S 5th 
Clark Clement, tailor, 616 Catharine 
Clark Daniel, blacksmith, 2013 Locust 
Clark Daniel, late merchant, 1237 Callowhill 
Clark Daniel W., books, 806 Spring- Garden, h 

1111 Poplar 
Clark Daniel W., machinist, 1237 Callowhill 
Clark David, laborer, Warren n 37th (W P) 
Clark David, (col'd,) laborer, 627 Andress 
Clark David, porter, 208 Currant al 
Clark David D., M. D., 294 S 3d 
Clark Edward, laborer, r 1225 N 4th 
Clark Edward, sewing- machines, 602 Chest- 
Clark Edward, weaver, 1338 N 4th 
CLARK E. W. & CO., (Edward W. <$■ Clarence 
H. Clark, Frederick S. Kimball 3f H. H. 
Wainivright,) bankers, 35 S 3d 
Clark Edward B., machinist, 1520 Palmetto 
Clark Edward L., mer. 142 N Del av, h 1219 

Clark Edward W., banker, 35 S 3d, h 11 

Clark Edwin, flour mill, 235 Race, h at Lan- 
caster, Pa 
Clark Elisha, bookseller, 112 S 24th 
Clark Eliza, wid., millinery, 754 S 2d 
Clark Eliza, wid. James, 1557 N 11th 
Clark Eliza, wid. James, tailoress, 5 Deringer's 

Clark Eliza, (col'd,) wid. Silas, washer, 11 

Clark Elizabeth, milliner, Gtn av, n Mill (Gtn) 
Clark Elizabeth, wid., tailoress, 1 Vickers' ct r 

1711 Barker 
Clark Elizabeth, wid. Jas., tailoress, 733 Moss 
Clark Elizabeth, wid. John, 268 Chester 
Clark Elizabeth, wid. John, 1334 Marshall 
Clark Elizabeth, widow John R., nurse 1911 

Clark Elizabeth, wid. Saml., seamstress, 2027 

Clark Ellen, wid. David W., 504 N 10th. 
Clark Ellis, agent, N Front, c Willow, h 504 

Clark Elmer W., g-ents furnishing goods 737 

S 2d 
Clark Ephraim, upholsterer, 605 Marshall 
Clark Eph., jr., mer. 141 S Front, h247 S 18th 
Clark Ephraim G-, engineer, 332 Beaver 
Clark Ewing 1 , laborer, 8 Derringer's av 
Clark F. C, clerk, 312 S 4th 
Clark Fithian J., merchant, 240 Market, h 860 

Clark Francis, carp., Church la n Branchtown 
Clark Francis, carpenter, rear 222 Monroe 
Clark Francis, laborer, 2405 Callowhill 
Clark Francis, laborer, Clymer n S 6th 
Clark Frank, foreman, Rainbow near Blair 
Clark Frank C, broker, 312 S 4th 
Clark George, 306 N 7th 
Clark George, blacksmith, 1118 Wister 
CLARK GEORGE, bootmaker, Aramingo c 

Clark George, butcher, Gray's ferry road near 

Clark George, grocer, 1701 Vine 
Clark George, hatter, 637 Sears 
Clark George, laborer, 255 Chester 
Clark George, machinist, 134 S 4th 
Clark George, upholsterer, 334 South 
Clark George, jr., laborer, Gray's ferry road n 

Clark George W., carver, 418 Redmond 
Clark George W., gardener, 736 Moss 
Clark Ceorge W., painter, 489 York av 
Clark Gideon, hotel, 1822 Ridge av 
Clark Harrison, high constable, 520 Carpenter 
Clark Harry, boatman, Kent n S" 25th 
Clark Henry, cardriver, Coates n 25th 
Clark Henry, laborer, 710 Lindsay 
Clark Henry, moulder, Wright, n N 21st 
Clark Henry, upholsterer, 1230 Woodbine 
Claik Henry, weaver, Serrill n Carroll 
Clark Henry B., carbuilder, 2202 Brown 
Clark Henry D., printer, 324 Borden 
Clark Henry E., 4 S Merrick 
Clark Henry H., bricklayer, 412 N 10th 
Clark Hugh, alderman, 1338 N 4th 
Clark Isaac J., M. D., Bridge (Bdg) 
Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, 214 Allen 

compounded scientifically, and is perfectly harmless. 




Clark Isaac S., machinist, 662 N 10th 

Clark Jacob, bookkeeper, 931 Marshall 

Clark Jacob, clerk, 878 Randolph 

Clark Jacob, laborer, 1040 Charlotte 

Clark Jacob H., artist, 2023 Cherry 

Clark Jacob M., painter, Story n N 37th (W P) 

Clark Jacob R., laborer, Story n N37th (WP) 

Clark James, blacksmith, 2126 Cuthbert 

Clark James, blacksmith, 1312 Shippen 

Clark James, boatman, Kent n S 25th 

Clark James, butcher, 914 Lafayette 

Clark James, dyer, Salmon n Ann 

Clark James, grocer, 249 S 5th, house S 10th c 

Clark James, iron founder, Washing'ton av c 

Otsego, h 1214 S 10th 
Clark James, laborer, 1013 S 13th 
Clark James, machinist, 2004 Winter 
Clark James, moulder, Washing-ton av near S 

Front, h 1214 S 10th 
Clark James, skin dresser, 1338 N 4th 
Clark James Rev., 1619 Green 
Clark James, weaver, Hope n York 
Clark James, jr. real estate broker, N 7th, h 

602 S 9th 
Clark James, jr., weaver, Hope n York 
Clark James, (col'd) M. D., 524 Buckley 
Clark James, (col'd) waiter, 1341 S 10th 
Clark Jas. H„ clerk, 338 Market, h 123 Vine 
Clark James L., teacher, Broad c Fine 
Clark James M., machinist, Norris n Front 
Clark James W., salesman, 1344 S 4th 
Clark Jane, 9 Mattiss 
Clark Jefferson, 2031 Wood 
Clark Jeremiad, 939 S Front 
Clark Jesse S., hay & feed, 242 German 
Clark John, brickmaker, 1041 Dorrance 
Clark John, bricklayer, 2031 Wood 
Clark John, carter, 2523 Pine 
Clark John, driver, 1623 S 8th 
Clark John, gardener, 1152 S 9th 
Clark John, hotel, 600 N 2d 
Clark John, laborer, 1702 Addison 
Clark John, laborer, 2529 Pine 
Clark John, laborer, 1018 S 7th 
Clark John, mason, 2326 Vine 
Clark John, moulder, 1735 Carlton 
Clark John, paper carrier, Market n 33d (AV P) 
CLARK JOHN, stockbroker, 304 Willing-'s al, 

h (Hbg) 
Clark John, ship carp, r 620 Washington av 
Clark John, tailor, r 1028 Lawrence 
Clark John, weaver, Patton's ct r Lombard 
Clark John A., bookkeeper, 803 Chestnut, h 

4th c Master 
Clark John A., atty. & coun., 23 S 3d, h 735 

Clark John A., shoemaker, r 106 Yanhorn 
Clark John B., blacksmith, Marshall's ct n Ca- 
Clark John C, stationer, 230 Dock, h 236 S 8th 
CLARK JOHN C. & SON, (J. Ross Clark,) sta- 
tioners, 230 Dock 
Clark John H., carpenter, 5 Caseltine av 

Clark John S., stoves St ranges, 1008 Market 
Clark John T., gilder, 1122 Ogrlen 
Clark John T., varnisher, 545 Christian 
CLARK JOHN W., bookbinder, r 821 Chest- 
nut, h 2211 Green 
CLARK JOHN W., restaurant, 407 S 2d 
Clark John Y., 4S Merrick 

Clark Jonathan R., segarmaker, 1322 Wamock 
Clark Joseph L., 1122 Division 
Clark Joseph, bartender, Merchant's hotel 
Clark Joseph, brickmaker, r 2212 Naudain 
Ciark Joseph, carpet weaver, Levering n Linn 
Clark Joseph, confectioner, 720 Thompson 
Clark Joseph, crackers, 1113 Citron 
Clark Joseph, instruments, Dock c S 2d, h 221 

Clark Joseph, jeweler, 222 Carter 
Clark Joseph, machinist, Annandale pi, r 723 

N 9th 
Clark Joseph, milkman, N Front n Jefferson 
Clark Joseph, shoemaker, Ely's av n N 12th 
Clark Jos., silk spinner, Market n 4lst(AV P) 
Clark Joseph, tailor, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Clark Joseph, weaver, 19 Almond 
Clark Joseph, whisky inspector, 143 S Front, h 

653 N 13th 
Clark J. Ross, stationer, 230 Dock, h 410 S 9th 
Clark Joseph N., barkeeper, 347 N 3d 
Clark Josiah H., blacksmith, 1520 Palmetto 
Clark Julia, widow Wm., 243 Currant al 
Clark Lawrence, S 42d c Locust (W P) 
Clark Lewis, teamster, 1 Eastct 
Clark Lewis A., clerk, 22 N 4th, h 606 N 21st 
Clark Lewis A., clerk, 312 S 4th 
Clark Lewis M, saddler, 1203 Brown 
Clark Marg., (col'd,) outworker, 619 Barclay 
Clark Margaret, widow Patrick, 328 De: 
Clark Margaret Q., 1400 S Penn sq 
Clark Martha S., 1016 Spring Garden 
Clark Mary, produce, 33 Liberty market 
Clark Man', widow, washerwoman, 1521 Carl- 
Clark Mary, widow Allen, provisions, Callow- 
hill c N 19th, h Mt Pleasant n N 28th 
Clark Mary, wid. Edward, Chippewa n South 
Clark Mary, widow John, segars, 261 S 12; ii 
Clark Mary W., 1014 S 2d 
Clark Michael, hotel, 1234 N 2d 
Clark Michael, laborer, 711 Plover 
Clark Michael, stonecutter, Culvert pi 
Clark Michael F., boots & shoes, 300 Market, h 

423 Arch 
Clark Michael W., bricklayer, 1116 S 5th 
Clark Newell R., machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark Owen, laborer, 722 Spafford 
Clark Owen, shoemaker, Arammgo n Sepviva , 
Clark P., M. D., h Ashland house 
Clark Patrick, Washing-ton av c Swanson 
Clark Patrick, clerk, Union n 2d 
Clark Patrick, dyer, 412 & h 402 Master 
Clark Patrick, janitor, 204 S 5th 
Clark Patrick, "laborer, 241 N 15th 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 6 S 18th 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 1221 Catharine 
Clark Patrick, Cedar n Pepper 

Clark John L., foreman, Canal (Myk) 

Clark John S., manager Arch st theatre, Markoe! Clark Patrick, laborer, Laurel (Gtn) 

c Seneca (W P) \ Clark Patrick, shoemaker, 1025 S 9th 

Clark John R., carpenter, Dauphin n N 26th 'Clark Peter, feed store, 1 Packer pi 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Clark Philip, coachman, 1510 Burton 
Clark Philip, hatter, 10 Uilks' ct 
Clark Philip, laborer, 1334 Hancock 
CLARK R. & G. {Robert & George Clark,) 

grocers, 1701 Vine 
Clark Raymond C, butcher, Shippen St Mar- 
ket, h S 9th c Passyunk av 
Clark Rebecca, 322 Christian 
Clark Rebecca, dry goods, 1213 Poplar 
Clark Rebecca, wid. Dexter, baker, 840 N 13th 
Clark Reuben W., carpenter, 758 N 22d 
Clark Richard, contractor, 2233 Callowhill 
Clark Richard, cordwainer, 715 Florida 
Clark Richard, laborer, Union ab Aspen (W P) 
Clark Richard, map publisher, 307 Wharton 
Clark Richard, overseer (Crescentville) 
Clark Robert, cordwainer, 623 S 15th 
Clark Robert, grocer, 1701 Vine 
Clark Robert, liquors, r 118 Chenango 
Clark Robert, stoves, 763 S Front 
Clark Robert, weaver, Norris n Front 
Clark Robert, weaver, 1436 Philip 
Clark Robert, jr., lumber, 1301 Passvunk av, h 

1006 S 3d 
Clark Robert (colored) waiter, 8 Emeline 
Clark Robert C, 244 N 11th 
Clark Robert C, xM.D., 244 N 17 th 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, Branchtown 
Clark Samuel, bricklayer, 2043 Flemming 
Clark Samuel, conductor, 1123 Vine 
Clark Samuel, lab. Gtn av n Mill (Gtn) 
Clark Samuel, lab. 324 S 19th 
Clark Samuel, late weaver, 1 Fairmount av n 

Clark Samuel, patternmaker, Mechanic bel 

Front S Camden 
Clark Samuel D., liquors, 901 S Front 
Clark Samuel AV., cooper, 418 Redwood 
Clark Sarah, dressmaker, 1014 S 2d 
Clai-k Sarah B., wid. Jehu, 1338 Ridge av 
Clark Sarah E., wid. Enoch W., 1509 Spruce 
Clark Sherman, brassmoulder, 662 N 10th 
Clark Stephen, bricklayer, Lafayette n S 9th 
Clark Susan, wid. Robert, Butler's av, rear 329 

S Juniper 
Clark Susanna, wid. Mansfield, 1025 Nectarine 
Clark Theresa, 2021 Walnut 
Clark Theresa, boarding house, 312 S 4th 
Clark Thos., baker, 213 N loth 
Clark Thos., bricklayer, 2127 Vine 
Clark Thos., cabinetmaker, 140 N 17th 
Clark Thos., carman, Kent n S 25th 
Clark Thos., carpenter. 112 Denmark 
Clark Thos., carpenter, 1319 Warnock 
Clark Thos., carpet weaver, 2311 Callowhill 
Clark Thos., dyer, Levering (Myk) 
Clark Thos., handlemaker, Hewston n Sep viva 
Clark Thos., lab. 1920 Filbert 
Clark Thos., lab. Kent n 25th 
Clark Thos., lab. r N 2d n York 
Clark Thos., lab. 10 Myers ct 
Clark Thos., lab. Salmon n Hewson (R) 
Clark Thos., liquor, 123 S 2d, h 330 Catharine 
Clark Thos., machinist, 1349 Columbia av 
Clark Thos., moulder, 1303 Olive 
Clark Thos., patternmaker, 224 Federal 
Clark Thos., weaver, 8 Loomis pi 
Clark Thos., weaver, J3 2d n Dauphin 

Clark Thos. (colored), lab. r 628 Bedford 
Clark Thos. (colored), carter, 1416 S 8th 
Clark Thos. C, plasterer, 12L5 N 10th 
Clark Thos. H., cabinetmaker, 608 S 2d 
Clark Thos. H., printer, 1040 S 5th 
Clark Thos. L., weigher U. S. Mint, h Market n 

37th (W P) 
Clark Thos. M., 620 N 10th 
Clark Thos. W., burnisher, 1506 Callowhill 
Clark Thos. W., watchmaker, 416 Market, h 

504 Buttonwood 
Clark Timothy, lab. Ann n Melvale 
Clark Wallace, clerk, 1206 S 5th 
Clark Walter C, lathes, Charlotte n Master, h 

1422 N 6th 
Clark Wesley, com. mer. 137 N Front, h 1109 

Clark Wm., N 12th n Vine 
Clark Wm., baker, 251 S 5th 
Clark Wm., boatman, 518 S 17th 
Clark Wm., bootmaker, 1125 Anita 
Clark Wm., brickmaker, Walnut n 23d 
Clark Wm., clerk, 1119 Anita 
Clark Wm., clerk, 302 Callowhill 
Clark Wm., cordwainer, Market n 33d (W P) 
Clark Wm., dealer, 744 S 5th 
Clark Wm., instruments, 160 Dock, h Carpenter 

n S 3d 
Clark Wm., lab. (Crescentville) 
Clark Wm., lab. 1746 N 11th 
Clark Win., lumberyard, 324 Christian, h 1006 

Clark Wm., painter, 1234 Monterey 
Clark Wm., porter, 1119 Anita 
Clark Wm., seaman, 2 Northampton ct 
Clark Wm., seaman, 945 Otsego 
Clark Wm., shoemaker, 1023 Lawrence 
Clark Wm., tailor, 1334 Marshall 
Clark Wm., trimmer, Wistar (Gtn) 
Clark Wm., trunkmaker, 1114 Vienna 
Clark Wm., waterman, 7 Poplar 
Clark Wm., weaver, 7 Derringer's av 
Clark Wm., weaver, Philip n Diamond 
Clark Wm. H., carpenter, r 8 Levant, h 1346 

Clark Wm. H., coals & fertilizer, Washington 

av c S 8th, h 1626 S 5th 
Clark Wm. H., dentist, 219 Spruce 
Clark Wm. EL, house carpenter, 1237 Callow- 
Clark Wm. M., clerk, 312 S 4th 
Clark Wm. M., wood engraver, 1025 Nectarine 
Clark Wm. P., shoes & umbrellas, 1626 Market 
Clark Wm. S., huckster, Budd near Haverford 

Clark Wm. T., captain, 120 Beck pi 
Clark Wm. T., machinist, 1118 Wister 
Clark Wm. W., druggist, S 38th near Chestnut 

(W P) 
Clark Wm. W., lab. r 106 Van Horn 
Clarke & Eldridge, (Harry Clarke $ S. B. El- . 

dridge,) felloe manufacturers, New Mar' 

ket n Gtn av 
CLARKE & STEINMETZ, (Thomas Clarke % 

Wm. Steinmetz), manufacturers of Clarke 

and Steinmetz's patent hydraulic rams, 18 

Clarke ApaletonB., 2124 Cherry 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Clarke Arthur J., painter, 258 Quince 

Clarke Benjamin (colored;, lab. Gillas al near 

Clarke Bernard, lab. 335 Master 
Clarke Caroline, wid. Nicholas, Harvey pi rear 

1021 St John 
Clarke Charles, coa], Del. c Shackmaxon & 

American n Master, h 1335 N 4th 
Clarke Charles, peddler, Orthodox n Frankford 

Clarke Charles P., attv. & coun.416 Walnut 
Clarke Charles W., shoemaker, 323 Allen 
Clarke Daniel, compositor, 308 N 12th 
Clarke Edward, printer, 525 Christian 
Clarke E. Bradford, grocer, Gtn av near Price 

Clarke Edward S., mer. 130 S Front, house 712 

Clarke Edwin, soap & candles, 1016 Poplar, h 

1116 Coates 
Clarke Ellen, tailoress, 12 Gaflfney's av 
Clarke Eliza A., trimming's, 941 South 
Clarke Elizabeth, wid. Matthew, 804 Brown 
Clarke Elizabeth, wid. Patrick, 9 Penn (Myk) 
Clarke George A., machinist, Tacony n Paul 

Clarke George D., iron, 6 Augusta pi 
Clarke George M., mach. Fkd av n Orleans 
Clarke Harry, felloe manuf. New Market n Gtn 

av, h 1116 Coates 
CLARKE HENRY S., D. D., 121 N 11th 
Clarke Hugh, machinist, 410 Rihl 
Clarke Hugh A., professor music, 148 N 10th 
Clarke Jacob, bookkeper, 612 Market, h 878 

Clarke James cooper, 410 S Front 
Clarke James, dyer, 513 S 6th 
Clarke J as., laborer, Holman n Adams 
Clarke Jas., laborer, 119 Onas 
Clarke Jas., tailor, 805 S 8th 
Clarke J. Ross, law blanks, 410 S 9th 
Clarke Jas. P., painter, 250 Quince 
Clarke Ja^e, widow John, seamstress, 12 Gaff- 

ney's ay 
Clarke John, cordw. 8 Laurel 
Clarke John, country store, (Crescentville) 
Clarke John, shoemaker, 335 Master 
Clarke John, shoemaker, 1317 Vine 
Clarke John C, clerk, 2016 Vine 
Clarke John G., clerk, 1535 N 4th 
Clarke John S., theatre, Arch n 6th, h Franklin 

n Noble 
Clarke John Henry, painter, 258 Quince 
Clarke Louisa, dressmr. 1307 Lombard 
Clarke Louisa & Margaret, dressmakers, 1307 

Clarke Margaret, dressmr. 1307 Lombard 
Clarke Maria, widow Samuel, Keturah pi r 1015 

St John 
Clarke Maria H., widow Alfred M. 114 Rich- 
Clarke Mary, tailoress, 12 Gaffney's av 
Clarke Mary A., widow Josiah W., boarding, 

1123 Vine 
Clarke Mary Ann, 409 S Front 
Clarke Mary W., widow Samuel, 254 N 9th 
Clarke Michael, butcher, 114 Richmond 
Clarke Owen, 2 Marston 

Clarke Patrick, clerk, 340 S 4th 

Clarke Patrick, lab. Aramingo (Tacony) 

Clarke Patrick, tailor, 1639 N 12th 

Clarke Samuel, police, 707 Catharine 

Clarke Samuel, weaver, 713 Lioyd 

Clarke Sherman, mach. N 10th c Melon 

Clarke Thos., laborer, Monroe (Tacony) 

Clarke Thos., machinist, 1413 N 4th 

Clarke Thos., spinner, Richmond (Bdg) 

Clarke Thos., translator, 18 Hudson 

Clarke William, clerk, 308 N 12th 

Clarke Wm., clerk, Gampher av n Catharine 

Clarke Wm., grocer, 1201 Race 

Clarke Wm., lab. Aramingo (Tacony) 

Clarke Wm., trimmings, 308 N 12th 

Clarke Wm. C, clerk, 626 N 10th 

Clarke Wm. H., carpenter, 8 Laurel, h 1346 

Clarke Wm. M., carpenter, 11 Gilpin pi 
Clarke Wm. P.. chairmr. 1104 Day 
Clarkson Alexander, coal, 117 N 16th 
Clarkson E., painter, 108 S 8th 
Clarkson George, broker, 724 Pine 
Clarkson Jacob, dry goods, 110 Chestnut, h 

32d c Race (W'P) 
Clarkson John, sexton, 1217 Clover 
Clarkson John F , printer, 8 S 7th, h 436 Red- 
Clarkson John W., coalyard, South c Broad, h 

1604 Filbert 
Clarkson Robert, coal, 1604 Filbert 
Clarkson Samuel, clerk, 811 N 10th 
Clarkson William F., bookbr. 1217 Clover 
Clary & Jones, (Rachel K. Clary $ Mary B. 

Jones) milliners, 245 N 2d 
Clary John, shoemr. 129 Senate 
Clary Sachel K., milliner, 245 N 2d 
Clary Richard R., clerk, 727 Chestnut 
Clase Samuel, sailmr. Ann n Melvale (R) 
Clash Garrettson, grocer, 1626 Fitzwater 
Claspy Wm., barrelmr. N 12th c Parrish 
Class Jacob, basketmr. N 3d n Montgomery av 
Class James, printer, 808 S 9th 
Class William, printer, 217 Arch 
Clatchey Robert J., M. D. 1319 Pine 
Claugh Paul, bricklayer, 1151 N 4th 
Claus George, shoemaker, Ridge av n bridge 

(Falls Schuylkill) 
Clause Charles, collars, 526 Race 
Clause Sarah, wid Henry r M., dry goods, SJ3 

N 13th 
Clausen Esther, candy, N 7th n Mettler 
Clausen John, liquors, 426 N Delaware av h 1 

Mansfield pi 
Clausen John G., saddler, N 7th n Meetkr 
Clausen Joseph R., sec. 319 Walnut, h 314 

N 5th 
Clausen "Wm., metallic caps, 410 S Front h 

325 Gaskill 
Clausen Wm., late tobaccsnist, 325 Gaskill 
Clauson Walter, paper stainer, 125 Poplar 
Claussen C John, fane}' goods, 1407 Ridge av 
Claveaup Francis, machinist, 109 S 2d, h 233 

Clavin Christopher, laborer, Spring n Somer- 
set (Richmond) 
Claven James, laborer, Spring n Somerset (R) 
Clawges Joseph, bricklayer, 1214 Hibberd 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Eau Athemenne insures 




Clawges Jos., bruslimr. N 5th n Diamond 
Clawges Joseph, cigarmaker, 3 Rachel row 
Clawges Sarah, wid Samuel, 350 Dilwyn 
Clawson Henry B., gold beater, 1807 Francis 
Clawson Martin, liquors, 1232 Beach 
Clawson Mary, wid Thomas, 1404 Marlborough 
Clawson Robert, weaver, Fitler n N 2d 
Claxon Richard, stevedore, 105 Almond 
Claxton Edmund, bookseller, 22 N 4th, h 1709 

Claxton John, helper, 1214 Warnock 
Claxton John W. Rev., Church (Myk) 
Clay Alexander, cakes, America c Berks, h 

Columbia av N 2d 
Clay Alexander, huckster, Philip n (Oxford) 
Clav Alfred L., sec. & treas. Ridge avc Colum- 

' bia av, h 313 S 15th 
Clay & Adams {Thomas Clay Sc John Adams) 

hosiery Bowman (Gtn) 
Clay Andrew, type setter, 3 Franklin ct 
Clay Ann, 1702"Sansom 
Clav Cecil, wid Joseph, 313 S 15th 
Clay Charles, dyer, Wister (Gtn) 
Clay Ephraim, hosieiy, Wayne (Gtn) 
Clay George, drayman, 933 N 5th 
Clay George, dyer, N Front n Chatham 
Clay Ceorge, locksmith, 1412 Ridge av 
Clav George, shoemaker, 422 Callowhill 
Clav George F., drayman, 929 N 5th 
Clay Henry, 340 S 21st 
Clay Jacob, drayman, 976 Lawrence 
Clay James, blacksmith, 1732 Callowhill 
Clay James, weaver, r Fitler n N 2d 
Clav James, weaver, Lehman (Gtn) 
Clay James, (col'd) waiter, 260 S 20th 
Clay James R., sawyer, 1638 Helmuth 
Clay Jehu, engineer, 9 Prime 
Clay John, dyer, Gills av r 1210 Poplar 
Clay John C Rev., 916 Swanson 
Clay John L., butcher, Moyamensmg av mkt, 

h Denmark n S 2d 
CLAY & JONES, {Joseph A. Clay <$- Horatio 

G. Jones') atty's & couns. 271 S 5th 
Clay Joseph A., attv & coun. 271 S 5th h 313 

S 15th 
Clay Mary wid Henry, dressmaker, r Culvert 

Clay Philip, driver, 5 Clyde pi 
Clay Richard E., clerk, 916 S Swanson 
Clay Thomas, hosiery, Bowman (Gtn) h Me- 
chanic (Gtn) 
Clay Wm., seaman, Adrian n Otis 
Clayborn Wm., laborer, Laboratory Hill (Falls 

Clayburn Joseph, lab. Ridge av (Roxborough) 
dayman Joseph, carpenter, 1506 Lawrence 
Claypoole Abraham, salesman, 1508 Poplar 
Claypoole Abraham G., captain, 130 Beck pi 
Claypoole Abraham H., shoe manuf. 727 Chest- 

' nut h 1508 Poplar 
Claypoole Emma N., wid John, hotel, 928 

S 17th 
Claypoole Mary, wid John, 1112 Day 
Clayton Alfred D., hotel, 216 N 2d 
Clayton Barnes, jeweler, 315 Cuttonwood 
Clayton Benjamin F., teamster, Sepviva n 

Clajton Caleb, carpenter, 1132 Leon 

Clayton Curtis, boots & shoes, 1644 Market 
Clayton Ddward B., salesman, 1644 Market 
Clayton Henry, seaman, 29 Norfolk 
Clayton Henry M., 826 N 13th 
Clayton Jacob E., coal, Marshall c Willow h 

1018 Melon 
Clayton James, sizer, Quarry ct n Hamilton 
Clayton James, A B., boots & shoes, 138 N 9th 
Clayton James W., machinist, 252 S 11th 
Clayton Martyn, atty. & coun., 717 Walnut 
Clayton John, blacksmith, 1233 Budd 
Clayton John, engineer, S 23d n Pine 
Clayton John, sinker maker, Haines (Gtn) 
Clayton John H., machinist, 627 S 13th 
Clayton Joseph, laborer, 1720 Burton 
Clayton Joseph, seaman, 755 Swanson 
Clayton Mary A., teacher, 252 S 11th 
Clayton Melchoir L., shoemaker, 787 Swanson 
Clayton Pierson H., shoemkr., 1504 Thompson 
Clayton Powell F., boots & si oes, 155 N 3d, h 

1628 Mt Vernon 
Clayton Rebecca, wid., 787 Swanson 
Clayton Roger, weaver, 1314 Carpenter 
Clayton Samuel, laborer, r 15 Prime 
Clayton Sarah A., seamstress, 623 S Broad 
Clayton Susan M., 252 S 11th 
CLAYTON THOMAS J., attv. 8c coun., 241 

S 5th 
Clayton Thomas R., laborer, 1604 S 4th 
Clayton Thomas S., clerk, 1644 Market 
Clayton William, carpenter, Walnut n Darbv 

road (W P) 
Clayton William, printer, r 719 S 7th 
Clayton William B., shoemaker, 1327 S 2d 
Clayton William D., currier, 9 Hickey 
Clayton William L., shirt bosoms, 1817 Lombard 
Clayton William J., driver, 1126 N 19th 
Clayton William N., 1628 Mt Vernon 
Clear Uriah, dyer, Paschal n Apple ^Hestonville) 
Cleary Daniel, grocer, 516 S 7th 
Cleary Daniel, shoemaker, 420 N 3d 
Cleary James, farmer, Oxford plank rd 
Cleary James, laborer, Oxford 
Cleary Jeremiah, liquors, 1316 Gtn av 
Cleary John, driver, Clifton n Geisler 
Cleary John, grocer, 520 S 6th 
Cleary Malachi, laborer, Oxford plank road 
Cleary Rody, grocer, 706 Lombard 
Cleary Thomas, carpenter, Loyd n Serrill 
Cleary Thomas, laborer, 7 Gray's Ferry rd 
Cleary William, laborer, Race rd (Holmesburg) 
Cleary William, porter, 3 Tamany ct 
Cleaver Abraham P., agent, Green, h 1215 Cass 
Cleaver Charles, grocer, N 12th c Ogden 
Cleaver Charles H., farmer, Green (Gtn) 
Cleaver David C, paper hangings, 545 N 8th, 

h 1815 Coates 
Cleaver Elias, conductor, 443 N 6th 
Cleaver Henry, laborer, 1223 Silver 
Cleaver Richard W., confectioner, 1815 Coates 
Cleaver Solomon, late farmer, 101 S 11th 
Clee Benjamin, hosiery &c, 40 Bank, h 1223 

Clee James, collector, 1223 Stiles 
Cleeland James, laborer, 1821 Rhoads 
Cleeman Frederick V., h 1109 Girard 
Cleeman Gustavus, 1109 Girard 
Clees Christian, lager beer, 1715 Market 


a luxuriant head of hair, cleans the scalp, &c. 




Clees H. & C, {Henry Sf Christian,) larger Clements Joseph, fireman, Philips n Columbia a 

beer, 1715 Market 
Clees Henry, lager beer, 1715 Market 
Clees Jacob, weaver, r 1318 Germantown av 
Cleeton George, carpets, 1308 Vine 
Cl"gg David, porter, r 315 Garden 
Clegg- Edward, tailor, 204 S 9th, h 942 S 

Clegg George, shoemaker, Amber n Taylor 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 717 Passyunk av 
Clegg Isaac, manufacturer, 1416 Columbia av 
Clegg- John, blacksmith, 2101 Harmstead 
Clegg John, clerk, 56 S 2d, h 104 Brown 
Clegg Samuel, spinner, (Grescentvillc) 
Clegg Thomas, painter, Market n 33d (W P) 
Clein Jacob, grocer, 200 N 9th, h 903 Race 
Cleland Robert, carpet manuf. and grocer, 1223 

Cleland William, laborer, Main (Mvk) 
Clelland David, coachman, 122 S lfth 
Clemann Augustus, butcher, 2d near Poplar, h 

1331 Brown 
Clemans John H., farmer, 321 Spring Garden 

market, h Montgomery, Pa 
Clemens Amanda M., 1505 Green 
Clemens E. W., pianist, 445 N 3d 
Clemens Flora J., (col'd) washerwoman, r 1021 

Clemens George, weaver, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Clemens John, (Falls Schuylkill) 
Clemens John D., clerk, 1108 Race 
Clemens Joseph, fireman, Philip n Columbia av 
Clemens Robert, carman, r 1439 Howard 
Clemens Samuel, laborer, S Front n Moore 
Clemens William, shoemaker, Morton (Gtn) 
Clement Aaron, broker, 308 Willings al, house 

1534 South 
Clement Amelia, wid, 1 Caroline pi 
Clement Ann W., dressmaker, 252 S 10th 
Clement Charles, W., bricklayer, 252 S 10th 
Clement Edward, com. mer., 112 S Del av, h 

1606 Walnut 
Clement Frances, teacher, h 620 Locust 
Clement James, clerk, 220 Marriott 
Clement James, (col'd) carpenter, 1326 Car- 
Clement J ohn, brushmaker, Hackley n N 5th 
Clement Joseph F., farmer, 70 Shippen st mkt, 

li Glost co, N. J. 
Clement Rachel, wid Samuel W., boarding h, 

605 S 2d 
Clement Richard, artist, 109 S 13th 
Clement Robert, 1707 Burton 
Clement Samuel, brickmaker, 1837 Lombard 
Clement Sarah, wid John, 1606 Walnut 
Clement Samuel L., conveyancer, 308 Willing's 

al, h 2122 Mt Vernon" 
Clement Wm. H. 1606 Walnut 
Clements A., carpenter, Hackley n America 
Clements Ann, teacher, Ridge av (Roxborough) 
Clements Edward, compositor, 727 Lebanon 
Clements Francis M., machinist, Columbia av n 

Clements George, farmer, 251 Spring- Garden 

market, h (Howelville) 
Clements James, dentist 924 Cherry 
Clements James, drayman, 847 N 16th 
Clements John, carter, 2105 Wood 

Clements Joseph, teamster, 2445 Callowhill 
Clements Matthew, shoemaker, 444 Jefferson 
Clements Peser Joseph, cabinetmaker, 1506 

Clements Philip, laborer, 628 Christian 
Clements Philip, lumber marker, 616 Christian 
Clements Reuben, clerk, 219 S 16th 
Clements Richard, Hamilton n N 36th (W P) 
Clements Sarah, trimmings, 847 N 16th 
Clements Thomas, warper, Hacklev n America 
Clements Wm., 2419 Callowhill 
Clements Wm. K., carpenter, 1513 Hope 
Clements Wm. S., paper stainer 1513 Hope 
Clementson J. D., salesman, 434 Dickerson 
Clemmens Benj., piano tuner 813 S Garden 
Clemmens Roderic, engineer, Gtn av (R Sun) 
Clemmens Thomas, despatcher, Gtn av (R Sun) 
Clemmer Abraham, teamer, 2 Saybolt ct 
Clemmer Edwin P., boilermaker, 801 Charlotte 
Clemmons Edward B., constable, Gtn av (R S) 
demons John R., photographist 914 Chestnut, 

h 435 Allen 
Clemson James, collector, 1023 Market 
Clermont Henry W., lampmr, 22 Branner's al 
Clendaniel Jehu, 2 Pine, h 133 Pine 
Clendaniel John, laborer, 139 Prime 
Clendaniel Wm., M. D., 133 Pine 
Clendenin Thomas, currier, 115 Coates 
Clendening James, harncssmaker, 12 S 16th 
Clendening John, table damask, n the Bridge, 

h Worral n Tacony (Fkd) 
Clendenon & Wilson (Elizabeth Clendenon & 
Rachuel Wilson) trimmings, 813 S Garden 
Clendenon Elizabeth, trimmings, 813 Spring- 
Garden, h 804 N 11th 
Clendenon Joshua, broker, 519 Cherry 
Clendenon Mercy, wid Isaac, 816 N 6th 
Clendenon Wm. G., plumber, Marshall c Noble, 

h 816 N 6th 
Clerk of Orphan's Court, office 3 State h row 
Olery Edward, clerk, 714 Florida 
Clery Patrick, weaver, 1313 Mariner 
Cleveland Chas. D., young ladies' school, 903 

Cleveland Henry, 737 Walnut 
Cleveland Horace Rev., Ship la (Roxborough) 
Cleveland Margaret, Sepviva n Cumberland 
Cleveland Samuel M. 903 Clinton 
Cleveluck, Francis, machinist, 233 Union 
Clevenger Richard, lab., Spring (Mvk) 
Cleu Peter, bricklayer, 9 Graydon 
Cleu Samuel bricklayer, 9 Graydon 
Clewell Anna M., wid James li., Green la (Mvk) 
Clewell Edward, shoemaker, 5(J0 Vine 
Clewell Jesse, machinist, (Bustleton) 
Clewell Joseph R., cutter, 24 Charles 
Clewell Sidney, agent, Del av n Vine, h 110 

Cliff & Wood (Robert Cliff & Charles Wood), 

flour, 1615 Market 
Cliff Ann, saleswoman, 14 N 19th 
Cliff Isaac D., (col'd) barber, 108 S 6th, h 

1329 Filbert 
Cliff James, coffee, 252 S Delaware av h Water 

c Spruce- 
Cliff James, liquors, 261 S Water 
Cliff Jonas, spinner, 408 S 24th 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Cliff Joseph, baker, 14 N 19th Cligget Patrick, laborer, 7 McKeown's ct rear 

Cliff Robt., flour, 1615 Market 1538 Cadwalader 

Cliffon Wm. M., blind manufacturer, 739 S 5th; Clime Hannah, widow Jesse, boarding", 450 

Clifford Catharine, widow Robert, Howard 

Clifford Constantine, 312 N 15th 
Clifford Edward, lab., Laboratory Hill (Falls 

Clifford Enoch, liquors, Davis (Nicetown) 
Clifford James, g-ardener, 1515 Tudor 
Clifford John, dyer, 1535 American 
Clifford John, porter, 1241 Wood 
Clifford Mary, butter, &c. 276 Eastern Market, 

h S 11th n Chestnut 
Clifford Michael, bartender, 211 Walnut 
Clifford Michael, laborer, 2504 Lomberd 
Clifford Michael, saddler, 622 S Front 
Clifford Patrick, carter, 938 Manilla 
Clifford Patrick, laborer, Gtn av (Gtn) 
Clifford Richard, weaver, Nicetown lane 
Clifford Robt., lab. Salmon n Clearfield (Rich) 
Clifford Wm. L., dry goods, 310 Market, h 

1319 Marshall 
Clift Benj., cabinetmr, Main (Holmesburg) 
Clift Charles, teamster, Hedge n Oxford (Fkd) 
Clift Edward, lab. Main (Holmesburg) 
Clift Geo., coachtrimmer, 1008 Brown 
Clift Geo., lab. (Bustleton) 
Clift G. W., shovelmaker, Pennypack 
Clift Henry S., tinsmith, 1205 S 2d 
Clift James W., machinist, 321 N 6th 
Clift John, engraver, Main (Holmesburg) 
Clift John, shovelmaker, 356 N 3d 
Clift John, shovelmaker, Washington (Hbg) 
Clift John J., laborer, Main (Hbg) 
Clift Joshua S., trimmings, 1301 Pine 
Clift Morgan, hotel, Main (Hbg) 
Clift Nathaniel, confec, 2101 Mt Vernon 
Clift Powell, cabinetmaker, Main (Hbg) 
Clifton & Wiler, {Matthias Clifton # Edward 

Wiler,) clothiers 327 S 2d 
Clifton Daniel C, goldbeater, S Front n Mifflin 
Clifton Edwin P., shoemaker, r 964 N Front 
Clifton Elwootl, gauger, 127 S Water, h 1105 

Clifton Francis, clerk, 222 Jacoby 
Clifton Henry, shoemaker, 118 Lombord 
Clifton James, measurer, 213 Wood 
Clifton John, carman, 1326 Rye 
Clifton John, (colored) seaman, 508 Hurst 
Clifton John C, clothes, 627 Chestnut, house 

Girard House 
Clifton Matthias, clothier, 327 S 2d, h 1011 

S 3d 
Clifton Matthias, jr., paperhanger, 115 Senate 
Clifton Rachel, wid. Thomas, 229 Saranak 
Clifton Richard, blacksmith, 1337 Vienna 
CLIFTON R. D. & SON, {Robert D. Clifton % 

John C, Clifton,) tailors, 607 Chestnut 
Clifton Robert D., clothes, 627 Chestnut, house 

Catharine n S 7th 
Clifton Theresa, 332 S 4th 
Clifton Thomas, baker, 921 Catharine 
Clifton Wallace, gauger, 213 Wood 
Clifton Whittington, shoemaker 10 Strangford 

place, rear 223 Christian 
Cliggett John, foreman, William c Thompson 


Clime John, coachmaker, Sharswood n Ridge 

Clime Jonathan C, laborer, r 1322 Brinton 
Clime Wm., tailor, 1006 S 8th 
Clime Wm. M., tobacconist, 535 Girard av, h 

645 N 9th 
Climer David, tailor, 1025 Nectarine 
Cline Adam, brickmaker, 1534 State 
Cline Benj., tinsmith, Oak c S 33d (WP) 
Cline Chas., silver plater, 1132 Sites 
Cline Daniel, silver plater, 746 S 11th 
Cline Edward, clothing, 836 N 2d 
Cline Edward, moulder, S Camden 
Cline Edward, paperhanging, 17 Amity 
Cline Eleanor C., cupper, 659 N Broad 
Cline George, carpenter, 1305 Brandywine 
Cline George, turner, Carroll n Otis 
Cline Hannah, wid. David, seams., 835 N 4th 
Cline Henry V., painter, 249 S Dean 
Cline John, blacksmith, Barlow n Wharton 
Cline John, butcher, 4 Callowhill st market, h 

Lancaster av n Cathedral Cemetery 
Cline John, huckster, r 1309 n 5th 
Cline John, laborer, 1024 Otsego 
Cline John, laborer, Welsh c Lombard 
Cline John C, butcher, 142 Race st market, h 

Lancaster pike (W P) 
Cline John F., tobacconist, 1746 Market, h 

2006 Winter 
Cline John L., tailor, 659 N Broad 
Cline Lewis F., carpenter, 659 N Broad 
Cline Michael, huckster, American n Diamond 
Cline Michael A., painter, 249 Dean 
Cline Morris, eggs, 2 Elgin pi r 1234 Heath 
Cline Peter, harnessmr., 1217 Columbia av 
Cline Philip, silver plater, 481 N 5th, h 3d near 

Linden, Camden 
Cline Philip, wharf builder, 1074 Del avenue 
Cline Richard S., upholsterer, 323 N 2d, house 

465 Franklin 
Cline Robert, clerk, 19 N 8th 
Cline Samuel, brickmaker, 2019 Hand 
Cline Samuel daguerrotypist, Farrells' place r 

1315 Lawrence 
Cline Sarah A., cup. and leech., 1115 Carlton 
Cline Wm. A., tavern, 2409 Callowhill 
Cline Wm. H., hatter, 1238 Woodbine 
Clinge Charles, keyfitting, 2037 Lombard 
Clingen Charles M., M. D., 1326 Vine 
Clinger David T., stairbuilder, 921 Ontario 
Clinger Jacob, tailor, 837 Lawrence 
Clinger Wm. H., stairbuilder, r 921 Ontario 
Clintock Wm., laborer, 1832 Rhoads 
Clinton Catharine (col'd) widow Henrv, 417 S 

Clinton Catherine, wid James, h 2032 Coates 
Clinton De Witt, machinist, 1521 Cabot 
Clinton Edwin, brushes, 908 Chesnut 
Clinton Francis, carpenter, 717 Christian 
Clinton Francis, machinist, 1225 Ogden 
Clinton James, bookbinder, 1125 Denmark pi 
Clinton James, conductor, 1526 Wood 
Clinton John, painter, 1125 Denmark pi 
Clinton Robert, clerk, 45 Otter 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Clinton Robert H., combmaker, 1212 Haines Closson Joseph, green grocer, 934 N Front 
Clinton Thomas \V., bricklayer, 1162 Frank- Closson Josiah L., coachmaker, h 2134 Shars- 

ford av 

Clinton Win., clerk, 1141 S 7th 
Clinton Wm., lithographer, 121 Union 
Clinton Wm., weaver, 1234 Federal 
Clintwood Robert P., puddler, 2213 Coates 
Clipner Louis, tailor, 4 Sanders ct r 1023 St. 

Clipper Peter, laborer, r 818 N 4th 
Cloak Charles J., engineer, 1607 Winter 
Cloak Daniel, engineer, 1607 Winter 
Cloak Daniel, gasfitter, 506 S 20th 


Clost James, tailor, Peden's av r Naudain 
Closterman Frederick, clerk, 670 Master 
Cloth Arthur, weaver, 1231 Bedford 
Clothey Joseph, huckster, rear 1541 Mont- 
gomery av 
CLOTHIER & PEDRICK {John W. Clothier 

Sf William Pedriek) stationery, 72 N 4th 
Clothier Andrew, ship joiner, 1625 Vienna 
Clothier Ann, wid Samuel, 1038 Marlborough 
Clothier Charles, carrier, 7 Java pi 

Cloak Ebenezer, late watchman, 9 Griswold'si Clothier Charles W., clerk, 750 S 5th 

al n Fitzwater 

Cloak George H., bricklayer, 170 N 22d 
Cloak George AV., wireworker, 430 Wharton 
Cloak Mary, provisions, Memphis n York 
Cloak Morris, seaman, 1306 S 2d 
Cloak Samuel F., carver, 2003 Wood 
Cloak Thomas, trunkmaker, 410 Wharton 
Cloak Wm., carter, 1032 Parker 
Cloak Wm., laborer, r 229 Marion 

ik Wm, machinist, 9 Griswold's al n Fitz- 
Cloak Wm., moulder, Memphis n York 
Clobes Joseph, cabinetmaker, 1520 N 8th 
('lodgers John, carpenter (Unionville) 
Clohosey Thomas, painter, 1331 S 4th 
Cloney Michael, laborer, Somerset n Sciota 
Cloninger D. Stanley, M. D., 305 N 6th 
Clooney Lawrence, saddler, 1420 Fitzwater 
Clopp Elizabeth, widow George, hotel, Lamb 

Tavern rd c Islington la 
Clopp Elizabeth, wid George, truck, 195 Race 

st Market, h Falls rd 
Clopp Frederick, filer, 1002 Noble 
Clopp George, chandelier maker, 1002 Noble 
I loop John J., scgarmaker, 3 Lancaster av 
Clopp Lewis, gardener, Lamb Tavern road c 

Islington la 
Clopp Wm. A., carpenter, 1103 Buttonwood 
Close & Nesbitt {Charles S. Closed Thomas C. 

Nesbitt) carpenters, 818 S Front 
CLOSE CHARLES S., surveyor, 331 Reed, 

and carpenter, 818 S Front, h 331 Reed 
Close Edward, weaver, 1308 Hope 
Close Elizabeth, wid Henry, 419 Coates 
Close Esther, nurse, 915 Poplar 
Close .lacob, carman, Hope n Diamond 
Close John, watchman, 1829 Rhoads 
Close Rachel, wid John, 111 Catharine 
Close Thomas, carpenter, 4 Fife's pi 
Close Thomas, oysterman, 130 Mead 
Close Thomas J., patternmaker, N 10th c 

Closius Joseph, liquors, 1008 N 4th 
Closkey James, carpenter, 808 Christian 
Closkey James jr., carpenter, 808 Christian 
Closkey John, collector, 1002 Christian 
Closkey Maker, dyer. Ridge av (Roxb) 
Clossin Alexander, cabinetmaker, Lancaster av 
n N 37th (W P) 

Clothier Conrad F., ropes, N 7th n Meetler, h 

1116 Columbia av 
Clothier George, lastmaker, 1128 Hewston 
Clothier Henry, laborer, Holman n Adams 
Clothier Henry, shipjoiner, r 1033 Sarah 
Clothier Isaac H., clerk, N 10th n Arch 
Clothier Jacob, cooper, 1115 Columbia av 
Clothier J. II., clerk, h Riverton, N J 
Clothier John G., restaurant, 1154 Frankfcrdav 
Clothier .Ino. W., stationery, 72 N 4th, h Gray's 

la c Arch (W P) 
Clothier Samuel, bricklayer, 1633 Vienna 
Clothier Samuel, ivory turner, 1247 Otis 
Clothier Wm., brickmaker, Gtn av n Venango 

(Rising Sun) 
Clothier William, clerk, 1340 Otis 
Clothier W., sparmaker, Allen n Shackamaxon 
Clotworthy Hugh, bricklayer, 133 Dana 
Cloud Caroline E., widow William, operator, r 

1007 Ogden 
Cloud David, morocco dresser, 1220 N 8th 
Cloud Enoch W., hotel, Haverford c 41st (WP) 
Cloud Ferdinand, paper stainer, 131 Onas 
Cloud Francis, coppersmith, 530 Brook 
Cloud Gustavus, stonecutter, r 331 South 
Cloud Harriet, teacher, Parrish c N 23d 
Cloud Joshua, farmer, 69 Franklin Market 

(Chester county) 
Cloud Thomas, laborer, 2104 Lombard 
Cloud William, paper stainer, r 1638 Richard 
Cloud William, shoes, 1242 Poplar 
('louden Francis, moulder, Diamond n N 5th 
Clouden George, porter, 2305 Vine 
Clouden Jacob, teamster, 1333 Savery 
Clouden Jacob, jr.. salesman, 1333 Savery 
Clouden John, laborer, N 2d n Fitler 
Clouder David, farmer, River rd (Roxborough) 
Clouder George, farmer, Ship la (Roxborough) 
Clouds Francis, shipwright, 1125 Marlborough 
Clouds John, alderman, 1125 Marlborough 
Clouds John, carpenter, 1339 Marlborough 
CloughElizh.,wid.Thos., Leipern Unity (Fkd) 
Clough Hannah, shopkr., Main n Grape (Myk) 
C lough John, dyer, Leiper n Unity (Fkd) 
Clough Joseph, dyer, 521 N 25th 
Clough Marv, seamstress, 407 Gaskill 
CLOUGH WILLIAM H., grocer, Gtn av n 

School (Gtn) 
Clouny Joseph, carter, 1143 S 16th 

Closson & Parsons {James H. Closson <S~ Daniel Clouseng Charles, instrumentmr , r 1127 Vine 
1f . Parsons) coachmakers, 1371 Ridge av Clouser Abraham, dealer, N 2d n Noble, h 1128 
Closson Isaiah H., chairmaker, 934 N Front N 3d 

Closson James H., coachmaker, 1371 Ridge av, Clouser & Brother, {Levi $ Emanuel,) produce, 
h 2105 Sharswood 415 N 2d 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Aromatic Vinegar is a delightful cosmetic, 




Clouser Charles, bricklayer, 1107 Race 
Clouser Emanuel, produce, 415 N 2d, h 208 

Clouser George W., bricklayer, 1107 Race 
Clouser Levi, prod., 415 N 2d, h 430 Magnolia 
Clouser Zophar, tailor, r 1127 N 3d 
Clover Arthur E. B., carpenter, Jackson n 

Washington av 
Cloves Henry A., cabinetmr., N 8th n Jefferson 
Glower Andrew, (col'd) waiter, 1240 Warnock 
Clower Joanna, (col'd) wid. Stephen, dressmr., 

' 1240 Warnock 
Clower John, laborer, Comly rd 
Clower John, (col'd) chairmr., 1240 Warnock 
Clowes Archer W., machinist, 8 Wheat 
Clowes John, weavet, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Clowney James, carpenter, 1123 Milton 
Clowney John, machinist, 1123 Milton 
Clowney John, weaver, 1355 Shippen 
Clowney Michael J., carpenter, 1123 Milton 
Clowney Samuel, plasterer, 808 Wharton 
Clows Martin, cabinetmaker, Mangrove pi n 

Club Elizabeth, teacher, 72 Frankford (Fkd) 
Club Jonathan, grocer, 1323 Frankford av 
Cluckberg- Saml., elk, Gtn av n Herman (Gtn) 
Cluff John, stonemason, r 1107 Milton 
Chigston William, clerk, 741 Plover 
Clukey Louis, laborer, Mover's al (Myk) 
Cluley Andrew P., upholsterer, 1024 Chestnut, 

h 937 S 5th 
Cluley John, 1029 Race 
Cluley Samuel B., silver plater, 727 Bayard 
Chine Bartholomew, fancy goods, 803 S 2d 
Clune Theresa, wid. Martin, shop N 2d n Dia- 
Clunet Augustus D., com. merchant, 13 S 

Water, h 1629 Wallace 
Clunn David, ship carpenter, 1108 Savery 
Clunn David S., clerk, 1108 Savery 
Clunn Francis, clerk, 40 N 3d 
Clunn Jacob, calker, 1112 Savery 
Clusey George AV., carter, Noble n N 12th 
Clusey Peter, carpenter, 713 N 17th 
Clustin Henry, tailor, 1438 N 5th 
Clutch Coats H., shoemaker, 210 Wharton 
Cluy Joseph A., atty. & coun., 271 S 5th, h 313 

' S 15th 
Clyde Margaret, variety store, 637 N 17th 
Clyde Robert, drayman, 339 Monroe 
Clyde Thomas, liquors, 114 Gtn av 
Clyde Win., laborer, Hutchinson n Thompson 
Clyff Sarah, milliner, 333 Lombard 
Clymer Archibald, tailor, 411 German 
Clvmer Charles, blacksmith, 1014 Anita 
Clymer David M., tailor, 417 S 5th 
Clymer George, late shoemaker, 1135 Charles 
Clymer George, paper carrier, 3 Goodbread pi 
Clymer George W., shoemaker, Oak n 39th 
Clymer Heniy, grocer, 1090 Frankford av 
Clymer Henry, jeweler, 428 Carpenter 
Clvmer Jacob S., flour and feed, 1663 Gnt av 
Clvmer James N., carpenter, 1136 S 5th 
Clymer John, hotel, 416 N 3d 
Clymer John, huckster, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Clymer John S., liquors, Gtn av, c N 7th 
Clymer Rebecca, milliner, 105 S Juniper 
Clymer Rebecca, wid. Jacob, 602 Marshall 

Clymer Robert, carpenter, r 154 N 8th, h 105 

S. Juniper 
Clymer Robert M., sashmaker, 411 German 
Clymer Samuel, carpenter, 1629 Vienna 
Clymer Sarah, 1015 Wallace 
Clymer William G, paper hanger, 1543 S 7th 
Clypsham William, tailor, 253 Madison 
Coachman Edward, porter, 1232 Carlton 
Coachman Robert, carman, 217 Dean 
Coad Joseph R., M. D., 334 S 5th 
Coad Patrick, lecturer, 334 S 5th 
Coady Hannah, tailoress, 1508 Jones 
Coady Harry, tailor, 1508 Jones 
Coady Julia, crockery, 928 Poplar 
Coady Michael, fireman, 928 Poplar 
Coady Michael, tailor, 1508 Jones 
Coady Michael, compositor, 928 Poplar 
Coakley Catharine, wid. Patrick, 1434 N 2d 
Coakley Daniel, laborer, 108 Jones al 
Coakley Hugh, blacksmith, 11 Southampton ct 
Coakley Humphrey, wheelwright, 838 Christian 
Coakley Patrick, shoemaker, Courtland pi, r 

306 New Market 
Coakley Tague, shoemaker, Courtland pi, r 306 

New Market 
Coale Asa, laborer, 135 Allen 
Coan Finn, shoemaker, 735 Baker 
Coane Charles P., grocer, 38 N 2d, h 1001 

Coane Edwin H., clerk, 1001 Green 
Coane Robert C, grocer, 38 N 2d, h 1001 Green 
Coapes William, hosiery, 950 N 2d 
Coar Charles, shoemaker, 945 Warnock 
Coar Thomas, clerk, 148 Coates 
Coar Thomas, driver, Norris c Orkney 
Coarse Henry C, painter, 804 Knox 
Coarse John K., boilermaker, 410 Wharton 
Coates Abraham, tanner, 943 N Front, h 927 N 

Coates Andrew, imp., 209 Church al, h 1812 S 

Rittenhouse sq 
Coates Ann, wid. Philip, seamstress, Salmon n 

Coates Benjamin, wool, 127 Market, h 814 Arch 
Coates Charles, burnisher, 806 Darien 
Coates Colin, stone cutter, Broad c Barclay, h 

937 Ontario 
Coates Edward, printer, 949 S Otsego 
Coates Eliza H., wid. Joseph P. H., 141 N 15th 
Coates George M., 814 Arch 
Coates H. Crawford, mer. Cape Town, h 841 

N 5th 
Coates Jacob B., late alderman, 841 N 5th 
Coates John, jeweler, 949 S Otsego 
Coates John, sheet iron worker, 737 Hubbell 
Coates Joseph, fireman, 655 Sylvester 
Coates Louis M., M.D., 1140 Lombard 
Coates Nathan C, lamps, 132 N 2d 
Coates Seneca E., carpenter, 1120 Ogden 
Coates Thomas, lab. Green n Main (Fkd) 
Coates Wm. C, mer. 6 Carpenter's ct, h 1017 

Coates Wm. J., clerk, 1006 Green 
Coats Benjamin, 2132 Cherry 
Coats Emma, wid Wm. H., tobacco, 919 Poplar 
Coats Jane, wid Warrock, seamstress, Washing- 
ton (Myk) 
Coats John, machinist, 314 Monroe 

and an effectual remedy for neuralgic pains, headache, &.c. 




Coats John, waterman, 738 Swanson Cochran Elizabeth, wid Malachi, 2138 Lorn 

Coats John R., lab. Oak n Till (W P) bard 

Coats Levi P., drv goods, 123 Frankford (Fkd) Cochran Elizabeth, v. id Richard, 329 S Juniper 

Coats Thomas, 2114 Tower 
Coats Thomas S., lab. Oak n Till (W P) 
Coats Wm. H., lab. Oak n Till (W P) 
Co'> Jacob, conductor, 217 Poplar 
Cobb Archibald, Rev., 306 Redwood 
Cobb Baily, clerk, 1504 Sansom 
Cobb Caroline, wid John, 412 Mclllwain 
Cobb Charles, lab. 1101 Federal 
Cobb Daniel B., clerk, 427 Enterprise 
Cobb Ebenezer, jr., bleeder, 1 129 Vine 

Cochran George, 1817 Walnut 

Cochran George W., waterman, 742 S Front 

Cochran Hannah, wid Matthew, Chippewa n 

Cochran Henry, att'y & coun. 1817 Walnut 
Cochran Henry, varnisher, 315 Beaver 
Cochran Henry C, clerk, 807 Vine 
Cochran Isaac M., ship carpenter, 1301 Horst- 

Cochran James, carpenter, 718 S 13th 

Cobb Edward B., umbrella frame maker, 4061 Cochran James, distiller, 138 S Front, h 5 Fair- 

Cobb George, carpenter, 856 N 5th 
Cobb George M., engraver, 856 N 5th 
Cobb Henry, clerk, 202 S Front, h Bridge av n 

2d, (Camden) 
Cobb Henry C, moulder, 1232 Struthers 
Cobb James H., bricklayer, r 141 Carpenter 
Cobb John R., boxmaker, 1315 Poplar 
Cobb Joseph P., flour, 17 & 19 Girard av, h 

1553 Palmer 
Cobb Joshua C, bookbr. 853 N 10th 
Cobb Josiah, pencil manuf. Sansom Street Hall, 

h 419 Cherry 
Cobb Mira, wid Wm. 427 Greenwich 
Cobb Samuel, trader, 1059 N Front 
Cobb Thomas, rags, 1203 Shackamaxon 
Cobb Thomas J., carpenter, 1133 Sheaff's al 
Cobb Wm., r Columbia av n Richmond 
Cobb Wm., carpenter, 19 N 17th 
Cobb Wm., police, Oxford c Franklin 
Cobb Wm. D., editor, 1216 X 13th 
Cobb Wm. S., carp. 856 X 5th 
Cobbin Richard, prof, music, 712 Bayard 
Cobbin Thomas, segars, 807 Passyunk av 
Cobear David, coachman, 1513 Melloy 
f'oben Catharine, wid Wm., 1306 Dorsey 
Cobine Wm., spooler, 7 White's ct 

ourn Aaron, conductor, 229 N 16th 
Cobson John, engineer, Harrison n Front 
Coburn Chas., lab. Mermaid (Ches Hill) 
Coburn John, carp. Brown N 23d 
Coburn John B., M.D., 733 Pine 
Coburn Robert, 723 Pine 
Coburn Robt., lab. Naudain n Barnwell 

bank pi 

Cochran James, driver, 1406 Ogden 
Cochran James, lab. 722 Carpenter 
Cochran James, porter, 5 Fairbank pi 
Cochran James H., mer. 525 Market, h Jones' 

Cochran Jane M., porter house, 31 N 21st 
Cochran Jefferson, dyer, 6 Gadsby pi r Lom- 
Cochran John, clerk, 107 Carpenter 
Cochran John, coachman, 8 Bolivia ct 
Cochran John, hatter, 1105 Miller 
Cochran John, lab. 912 N 9th 
Cochran John, notions, 12 N 4th, h 458 N 8th 
Cochran John, painter, 42 S 17th 
Cochran John, porter, 320 Aberdeen 
Cochran John, 2034 Coates 
Cochran John & Co. (R. Safterthu-ait,) notions, 

12 N 4th 
Cochran Joshua, 536 Master 
Cochran Joshua, jr., foreman, 536 Master 
Cochran J. Harvev, mer. 108 N Del av & 107 N 

Water, 1729 Vine 
Cochran Lewis, liquors, 604 Lombard 
Cochran Martha, Paschal n Lancaster av (Mon- 

Cochran Mary, dry goods, 906 S 6th 
Cochran Michael, typecaster, 823 Catharine 
Cochran Patrick, lab. Toronto n Melvale (R) 
Cochran Philip, clerk, 906 S 6th 
Cochran Richard, lab. 11 Colebrook pi 
Cochran Robert, weaver, 1533 Philip 
; Cochran Samuel, printer, Richards House 

Cochran Thomas, harnessmr. 167 N Front 
Cochard Alexander, lithographer, Morton (Gtn) Cochran Thomas, lab. 503 N 18th 
Cochran A., broker, 605 Walnut, h 227 N 12th Cochran Thomas, atty. & coun., 619 Noble, h 
Cochran Agnes, widow, 1901 Harmstead 443 N 7th 

Cochran Alex., carter, 4 Cottingham pi Cochran Timothy, painter, 1027 Melon 

Cochran Alfred J., painter, 116 N 16th, h 4 Cochran Travis, liquors, 324 Walnut, h 1820 

Benton Spruce 

Cochran & Russell, (J. Harvey Cochran % Win- Cochran Wm., 917 Catharine 

field. S Russell,) com. mers. 108 N Del av Cochran Wm., hatter, Paynter's ct n S 5th 
' & 107 N Water Cochran William, laborer, 812 Enquirer 

Cochran Andrew, lab. 1448 Pritchett Cochran Wm., liquors, Dauphin n Emerald 

Cochran Andrew, liquors, 934 S 5th Cochran Wm. D., clerk, h National Hotel 

Cochran Andrew, pres. 6 Mers Exchan., h 227 Cochran Wm. G., liquors, 324 Walnut, h 1817 

N 12th Walnut 

Cochran Benjamin, driver, r 412 Shippen | Cochran Wm. G., porter, 436 German 

Cochran Beu'lah, wid Alexander, 428 Queen COCHRAN WILLIAM G. & CO., (Wm. G. 
Cochran Catharine, wid James, 6 Gadsby pi r Travis A William) liquors, 324 Walnut 

Lombard Cochran Wm. J., pianos, 830 Walnut, h 1330 

Cochran Daniel J., salesman, 243 N 17th Fitzwater 

Cochran Elizabeth, wid John S., blacksmith, 42 Cochrane Elizabeth, wid. Geo., 1302 N 15th 

g 17th Cochrane Mary, widow, 617 Swanson 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Cochrane Samuel, mach., Market n 37th (W P) 
Cocker John, clerk, Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Cocker Peter, liquors, Frankford av n Norris, 
Cockerill Catharine, wid. James, tailoress, 1502 

Cockerill Thomas, tobacconist, 143 S Front, h 

1212 Moyamensing av 
Cockett Henry, bricklayer, r 905 S 5th 
Cockroft Thomas, machinist, Barton (Bdg-) 
Cocks Martin M. M., liquor, Jones al n Front, h 

1224 N 8th 
Coddington Henry, weaver, 1624 Mervine 
Code Frederick blacksm., Oxford n Lawrence 
CODE,' HOPPER & GRATZ, (Theophilus P. 
Code, William Hopper <Sf Robert H. Gratz) 
gasmetre manuf., 1504 Filbert 
Code Theophilus P., g-asmetre manuf., 1504 

Filbert, h England 
Codey Thomas, porter, 919 Hamilton 
Codman Henry, 1813 Delancy pi 
Cody Amanda, produce, 174 Spring- Garden 

market, h 13 Nectarine 
Cody Daniel A., carpenter, 833 N 15th 
Cody Edward, laborer, 16 Dannaker's av 
Cody James, constable, 1042 Newton 
Cody James, laborer, Pratt (W Hall) 
Cody Joanna, 419 S 16th 
Cody John, mason, Shirley n Francis 
Cody John, weaver, 1328 Carpenter 
Cody John G., constable, 2 Armand pi 
Codv Sarah, huckster, 608 Hallowell 
Cody Thomas, laborer, Pratt (W Hall) 
Cody Wm., mason, 2306 Wallace 
Coe David, skindresser, Lawrence n Diamond 
Coe John E., adv. agt.,439 Chestnut, h 204 N 9th 
Coe Richard, treas. 144 S 4th, h 156 N 5th 
Coendre Edward, corkcutter, 416 Poplar 
Coff Ridgway, (col'd) carman, 1221 Alcter 
Coffay Richard, laborer, Bananna n Carlisle 
Coffay Wm., carpenter, 221 N 9th 
Coffee Bernard, laborer, 26th N 21st 
Coffee Daniel G., artist, 1829 Callowhill 
Coffee Davis, stonecutter, 1829 Callowhill 
Coffee Edward Z., morocco, 1143 N 4th & 5 N 

3d, h 1141 N 4th 
Coffee Henry, clerk, Amber n Otis 
Coffee John, blacksmith, 2114 Fairfield 
Coffee John, laborer, 818 Swanson 
Coffee John, laborer, Pemi av n Oxford 
Coffee John, porter, 4 Nonnater's ct 
Coffee Mary, wid. James, 2114 Fairfield 
Coffee Mary M., wid. Jonathan, 258 Girard av 
Coffee Michael, laborer, 3 Lagrange 
Coffee Morris, laborer, Otsego n Mifflin 
Coffee Patrick, bootmaker, 1819 Market 
Coffee Pat., laborer, Germantown av n Price 

Coffee Thomas, laborer, Richmond n R R (R) 
Coffee Thomas, produce, S 2d st market, h 219 

Coffee William, carpenter, rear 718 Plover 
Coffee Wm., teacher, Cherry c Foulkrod (Fkd) 
Coffee Wm. F., printer, 1605 Og-den 
Coffey George A., atty. & coun., 411 Chestnut, h 

Chestnut n S 13th 
Coffey John, iron monger, 1026 Frankford av 
Coffey John, porter, 134 N 20th 
Coffey Michael, stevedore, 500 Larkin 

Coffey Thos., laborer, Richmond n Somerset 
Coffey Timothy, laborer, r 333 Arch 
Coffield Thos., mach., 1614 Carlton 
Coffin Albert, clerk, 12 State house row, h 305 

Coffin Arthur G., prest. Ins. Co. N. America, 

232 Walnut, h 1015 Clinton 
Coffin John, plumber, 537 Carpenter 
COFFIN JOHN H. broker, 308 Walnut, house 

758 S 9th 
Coffin Lemuel, merchant, 116 Chestnut, h 1516 

Coffin Lewis B., barroom, S 5th corner Queen 
Coffin Mary, wid. of S ami., restaurant, 770 S 4th 
Coffin Mary W., 305 Christian 
Coffin William, president, 136 S 3d, h 1431 

Coffin William C.,lapidadist, 1022 Vine 
offman Charles, butcher, 6 Callowhill st Mar- 
ket, h 968 N 5th 
Coffman Henry, shoemaker, 50 Fkd road (Fkd) 
Coffman John T., farmer, Chalkley hall lane 

CoffmanJoseph, farmer, Chalkley hall lane (Ara- 
Coffman Samuel, driver, 2217 Clayton 
Coffman William, silversmith, 404 Buttonwood 
Coffman William M., plasterer, 857 Darien 
Coffrode David S., moulder, 131 Morris 
Coffy Morris, carpenter, r 112 William (R) 
Coffin Samuel, agent, 514 Spruce 
Coaran Edward, coins, 48 N 10th 

Cogg Isaac C, watchman, 39 Bulletin 
Coggeshall G., 123 N 11th 
Cog-gins Abigail, dressmaker, 1316 Walnut 
Coggins David, agent, 1316 Warnock 
Coggins Edward H., stencils, 36 N 8th 
Coggins Jonathan, painter, 345 N 9th 
Coggins StHarbach, {Edward H. Coggins $ Ho- 
ratio M. Harback,) stencils, 36 N 8th 
Coggins John C, carpenter, Haywood place n 

Coggins Samuel S., butcher, Western market, h 

1740 Wylie 

Coggshall Freeborn, machinist, 1529 Callowhill 
Coggshall Henry R., secretary & treasurer, 408 

Walnut, h Rittenhouse (Gtn) 
Coghlin John, provisions, 5 Fayette 
Coghlin Michael, blacksmith, 2222 Hamilton 
Coghlin William, dyer, 1443 Philip 
Cogill Thomas G., sashes, 425 N Front, h 958 

Cogley Lewis N, queensware, 45 N 3d 
Cognet Louis, fringes, Salmon n Clearfield (R) 
Cohatcyck Anton, stovemaker, 788 Swanson 
Cohatcyck Anton, jr., stovemaker, 788 Swanson 
Cohatcyck John, stovemaker, 788 Swanson 
Cohen Abraham, clothing, 617 S 8th 
Cohen Abraham, tailor, Metcalfe near Shippen 
Cohen Alexander, cabinetmaker, 224 N 4th 
Cohen & Jacobs, (Jacob Cohen $• Joseph Jacobs,) 

clothing, 150 South 
Cohen Andrew J., commission merchant, 124 

Walnut, h 1528 Pine 
Cohen August, clerk, 332 Market, h 402 Vine 
Cohen Barnet, undertaker, 502 S 5th 
Cohen Benjamin, teachei-, Kirkpatrickct n S 6th 
Cohen David, tailor, 1133 N 2d 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Cohen Elizabeth, clothing, 210 South 

Cohen E. L., druggist, 424 Coates 

Cohen Hart, late dealer, 210 South 

Cohen Henry, stationer, 507 Chestnut, h 1828 

S Rittenhouse square 
Cohen Henry, tailor, 914 Beach 
Cohen Isaac, shells, 795 S 3d 
Cohen Isaac S., clothing-, 632 South 
Cohen Jacob, clothing, 136 South 
Cohen James, tinware, 261 N 15th 
Cohen John, laborer, 1920 Hamilton 
Cohen John, police, 107 Gatzmer 
Cohen J. Solis, ML D., 415 Marshall 
Cohen Jonas H., salesman, 210 South 
Cohen Joseph, trader, 4 Christian 
Cohen Lawrence, weaver, 307 Master 
Cohen Lewis H., salesman, 210 South 
Cohen Myer U., furs, 249 Arch, h 415 Marshall 
Cohen Nathan, butcher, 53 Girard av market, 

h 1212 N Front 
Cohen Patrick, laborer, 2006 Cooper 
Cohen Robert, bartender, rear 143 N 2d 
Cohen Robert, machinist, 1224 Warnock 
Cohen Samuel, laborer, Manning near 24th 
Cohen Samuel, merchant, 881 S 8th 
Cohen Samuel M., late druggist, 424 Coates 
Cohen Sarah, widow of Nelson, 1925 Jones 
COHEN S. E., Cohen's City Directory, 606 

Chestnut, h 727 S 16th 
Cohen Theodore, painter, 215 S 13th 
Cohen William, laborer, Daisy avenue rear 18th 
Cohick Robert, brakeman, 31st n Bridge (W P) 
Cohill Chas., portrait painter, 434 Chestnut, h 

918 Coates 
Cohill Geo,, printer, 933 Passyunk av 
Cohill Richard, compositor, 635 Hallowell 
Cohn Andrew J. Walnut, h 1528 Pine 
Cohn Isadore, peddler, 614 N Front 
Cohn Joseph, peddler, 614 N Front 
Cohn Julius, peddler, 115 Brown 
Cohn Leon, glazier, 956 St John 
Coil Hugh, 8 Bunting av 
Coil John, smith, 1341 Cherry 
Coil Michael, peddler, r Oxford n 2d 
Coin Martin, shoemaker, N 22d n Vine 
Coine Jane, widow Edward, 1528 Burton 
Coit E. W., clerk, 209 S 3d, h 262 S 3d 
Goke John E., mer. 126 S Front, h 27 S 16th 
Cokelin Jos., carpenter, 1517 N 4th 
Coklay John, grocer, American c Taylor 
Colahan John B., attv. & coun., 142 S 8th, h 

Spruce c 40th (W P) 
Colbach Jos., butcher, Franklin n Seller (Fkd) 
Colberson Isabella, widow John, spooler, 1232 

Colberson Wm., dyer, 1232 Shippen 
Colbert Chas., atty. & coun., 6th & Walnut, h 

323 S 5th 
Colbert C. Stroud, atty. & coun., 138 S 6th 
Colbert John, watchman 20 Arrison av 
Colbery William H., (cold) waiter, 1620 Hel- 

Colbridge Thomas, mason, Centre (Gtn) 
Colburn Arthur, spices, 232 Arch 
COLBURN LYMAN Reproduce, 1140 Market, 

h S 22d n South 
Colburt John, bone manufacturer, Whitehall, h 

Church n Josephine (Fkd) 

Colby George W., platform scales, 425 Chest- 
Colclough Eaton, shoemaker, 1710 Lombard 
Coklough Henry, shoemaker, 1710 Lombard 
Colcord Enoch L., broker, 55 S 3d 
Colcord John P., clerk, 219 Catharine 
Cold Spring Ice Co,, 325 Walnut 
Golden Sarah, (col'd) domestic, 412 Gaskill 
Colden Hiram, (col'd) lab. Centre (Gtn) 
Cole Aaron (col'd) porter, 819 Auburn 
Cole Christian, 6 Rockhill pi r 1069 Gtn av 
Cole Christian J., bootmaker, r 214 George 
Cole Christopher, lab. 1307 Moyamensing av 
Cole Dan'l. G., (col'd) eating cellar, 314 S 6th, 

h 1120 Rodman 
Cole David E., teacher, h Green la (Roxboro) 
Cole Edward, laborer, Robeson (Myk) 
Cole Edward, wheelwright, 1009 Beach 
Cole Elizabeth, confectionery, 634 N 16th 
Cole Elizabeth, widow David, 717 Palm 
Cole Elizabeth, (col'd) whitewr, 202 Brier pi 
Cole Fred'k. \Y\, bookbinder, 445 Magnolia 
Cole Geo., tailor, 1526 Otis 
Cole Geo. W, coal, 320 Walnut, h 1922 Green 
Cole Henry, butcher, Haverford above Logan 

(W P) 
Cole Hugh, blacksmith, 2418 Hamilton 
Cole Isabella, widow John, tinsmith, 18 S 15th 
Cole James, laborer, 118 Hazel 
Cole James, laborer, 1634 Helmuth 
Cole Jacob cordwainer, Paley pi n Holland pi 
Cole Jacob, shoemaker, 801 Market 
Cole Jesse J„ agent, R R n Hippies la (Myk) 
Cole John, 211 Concord 
Cole John, chandelier maker, 915 N Front 
Cole John, laborer, r 512 Carpenter 
Cole John, laborer, r 614 Charles 
Cole John jr., collector, 211 Concord 
Cole Jonathan, (col'd) restaurant, 1045 Lombard 
Cole Jos. H., (col'd) restaurant, 51o S 6th 
Cole Keturah, teacher, Girard College 
Cole Maria, r 708 N 4th 
Cole Mary, 234 & 236 N 20th 
Cole Neal, laborer, 7 Herschell av 
Cole Priscilla, widow, washing, 1032 South 
Cole Randall driver, 651 N loth 
Cole Rebecca, (col'd) wid Jos. P., 1022 Bailey 
Cole Rodger, laborer, 2144 Lombard 
Cole Sarah, widow Joseph, 124 Federal 
Cole Theodore M., drayman, 440 Mover 
Cole Wm., (col'd,) labo'rer, 607 St Mary 
Cole Wm., (col'd,; laborer, 706 Wharton 
Colebaugh Peter, carver, Paul n Unity (Fkd) 
Colebaugh Wm., butcher, Bridge (Bdg) 
Colehower Charles, Market n 39th (W P) 
Colehower Harris, coachmr, Ann n Frankford av 
Colehower Isaac R., provisions, Market n 39th 

Colehower Peter, bricklayer, 905 Coates 
Colehower Rachel, widow Conrad, Ann n Tren- 
ton av 
Coleman Albert, wheelwright, 248 Girard av 
Coleman & Smith, (Elijah Coleman <V William 

R. Smith,) cutlery, 521 Market 
Coleman Ann, widow Edward, 1204 Walnut 
Coleman Ann, widow Patrick, Main (Myk) 
Coleman Benjamin W., farmer, Red Lion rd 
Coleman Daniel, laborer, 728 Guilford 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Aromatic Vinegar is a powerful 




Coleman Daniel, carpenter, States c Hamilton 

Coleman E., express, 320 Chestnut, h 215 

COLEMAN E. & P., {Ebenezer % Philemon 

Coleman,) bolt manufs., Arch n N 20th 
Coleman Ebenezer, bolt manuf., ArchnN 20th, 

h 1837 Filbert 
Coleman Elijah, cutler, 521 Market, h 1330 N 

Coleman Geo. F., wheelwright, 1109 N Front, 

523 New Market & N 2d c Huntingdon, h 

Shackamaxon c Allen 
Coleman Geo. W., musician, 19 Fayette 
Coleman Gotleib, carpenter, Dauphin n N 8th 
Coleman Harriet D., widow James, 259 S 4th 
Co'eman Harriet E., 2 Garretson row, r837 S 3d 
Coleman Harry, weaver, 1303 N 4th 
Coleman Henry, carpenter, 24 Hickey 
Coleman Henry, milk, Gtn av c Township line 
Coleman Henry T., atty. & coun., 134 S 6th 
Coleman Isabella, widow Harris, 507 Marshall 
Coleman James, painter, 1440 Warnock 
Coleman James, shoemaker, r 513 Carpenter 
Coleman Jacob, dry goods, 703 N 2d 
Coleman Jacob H., clerk, 149 Coates 
Coleman John, 125 Otter 
Coleman John, saloon, 322 N 8th 
Coleman John F., watchcase mr., 716 N Front 
Coleman John M., merchant, 1008 N 5th 
Coleman John T., marble, 825 & 827 Washing- 
ton av, h 806 Fitzwater 
Coleman Jos. H., teamster, 15 Frankford (Fkd) 
Coleman Lewis, (col'd,) waiter, r 717 Lisle 
Coleman Luke, (col'd,) stevedore, 1 Oakfordpl 
Coleman Martha A., trimmings, 844 N 15th 
Coleman Michael, laborer, 1227 Fitzwater 
Coleman Moses, salesman, 248 German 
Coleman Nathan, bricklayer, 831 N 16th 
Coleman Nathan, carter, 1805 Perkiomen 
Coleman Patrick, 2109 Chestnut 
Coleman Patrick, laborer, 835 Christian 
Coleman Patrick, varnisher, 116 Hazel 
Coleman Peter, laborer, r 1446 N 4th 
Coleman Philemon, boltmanuf., Arch n N20th, 

h 2117 Arch 
Coleman Philip, carpenter, 149 Coates 
Coleman Philip E., conveyancer, 501 N 3d, h 

945 N 12th 
Coleman Rebecca, widow Nicholas, 952 Shacka- 

Coleman Robt. M., wheelwright, 1109 N Front, 

523 New Market & N 2d c Huntingdon, h 

Shackamaxon c Allen 
Coleman Samuel, bricklayer, 149 Coates 
Coleman Saml., carter, Perkiomen n Vineyard 
Coleman Samuel L., hair dresser, 620 Chestnut, 

h 511 Wharton 
Coleman Sarah A., trimmings, 109 S Juniper 
Coleman Sylvester, (col'd,) waiter, 1621 Hel- 

Coleman Thos., laborer, Green n 34th (WP) 
Coleman Thomas, laborer, 1125 Pearl 
Coleman Thomas, paver, 2006 Wood 
Coleman Thomas M., reporter, 1030 Brown 
Coleman Washington, musician, 815 St John 
Coleman Wm., teamster, Tackawanna n Oxford 


Coleman Wm., laborer, Centre (Gtn) 
Coleman Wm., warper, 1303 N 4th 
Coleman Wm., weaver, Gay (Myk) 
Coleman Wm. B., musician, 330 Beaver 
Colemire Frederick, varnisher, 132 Queen 
Coles Edward, 1303 Spruce 
Coles Edward, jr., atty. & coun., 619 Walnut, h 

1303 Spruce 
Coles Geo., cabinetmaker, Oak n Till (W P) 
Coles Isaiah, produce, 44 N 2d st market, h at 

Westfield, N J 
Coles John, foreman, r 322 St John 
Coles John W., clerk, 1529 Spruce 
Colesberry Alexander P., clerk, 1612 Pine 
Colesberry Andrew P., 2029 Locust 
Colesberry Isaac G, accountant, 2029 Locust 
Colesberry John, saddler, 717 Arch 
Coley Maria, (col'd,) washerwoman, 523 S 7th 
Colfer James, clerk, 114 S Front, h Front n 

Colflesh Hamilton, laborer, N 40th n Venango 

Colflesh John, carman, 1209 Oxford 
Colflesh Wm., butcher, Witherspoon pi 
Colgan Geo., clerk, 405 N 6th 
Colgan James, dry goods, 1026 N2d 
Colgan James, laborer, 1027 Carpenter ' 
Colgan John, books, 245 South 
Colgan John, conductor, 2132 Winter 
Colgate John, (col'd,) porter, 934 Rodman 
Colgan Joseph, plasterer, 405 N 6th 
Colgan Patrick, laborer, 98 Bedford 
Colgan Robert carpenter, 405 N 6th 
Colgan Terrence J., teacher, 615 S 3d 
Colgan Thomas P., books, 245 South 
Colgen Patrick, shoemaker, Fitler n N 2d 
Colgens Robert, liquors, 1342 Ellsworth, h 1344 

Colgin Bartholomew, laborer, 1943 South 
Colgin Hugh, liquors, South c 20th 
Colhoun & Cowton, (S. Colhoun <$- A. Cowton,) 

com. mers., 139 & 141 N Broad 
Colhoun Anthony K., Frankford av & Allegha- 
ny av 
Colhoun Eliza, 1906 Chestnut 
Colhoun Geo., 1003 Spruce 
Colhoun Humphrey, bookkeeper, 1024 Wistar 
Colhoun Samuel C., com. mer., 139 N Broad, 

h 1106 Pine 
Colhoun Wm., 1329 Spruce 
Colhouer & McDonald, (Zachariah Colhouer Sj- 

James McDonald,) coopers, 22 Strawberry 
Colhouer Zachariah, cooper, 22 Strawberry, h 

9th c Cooper (Camden) 
Colhouer Zachariah F., eatinghouse, 17 S 3d, h 

9th c Cooper (Camden) 
Coligen Bernard, carman, 726 Guilford 
Colin Samuel, (col'd,) carter, 9 Plume pi 
Coling Amanda, (col'd,) washerwoman, Minster 

nS 6th 
Coling Benjamin (colored), oysterman, Minster 

n S 7th 
Colkett Goldby, painter, 803 Arch 
Coll Charles, lab. 307 N 15th 
Coll John, lab. 818 Willow 
Coll John, turner, 1140 St John 
Coll Wm., hotel, Jefferson c N 6th 
Coll Wm., shoemaker, 2042 Murray 

purifier of the air in close or confined chambers. 




Colladay & Bowers, {Geo. W. Colladay Sr NW Colligan Peter, mason (Cedar Grove) 

Bowers,) cotton goods, nthe Bridge (Fkd)' Colling- Samuel, printer, Paul n Sellers (FkcP. 
Colladay Charles, Chestnut c 36th (W P) j Colling- John, dyer, Blocklev (W P) 

Colladay (.. W., clerk, 62 N 4th ICollingwood Joseph ML, clc : rk, 1626 Latimer 

Colladay Charles D., real estate, 434 Walnut, h Collins Alexander, moulder, r 125 Marion 

1331 Girard av Collins Alexander, weaver, 1521 Philip 

Colladay Charles ML, stationer, Gtn av n Mill COLLINS ALFRED M., paper, 506 Minor, h 

(Gtn) 1900 Plymouth 

Colladay Frank, dry g-oods, 818 Chestuut, h Collins Alice, wid. Michael, 519 Barron 

1805 Mt Vernon 
Colladay Georg-e AV., cotton g-oods, Frankford, 

h 2022 Vine 
Colladay J. S. & Son, (James S. $ Samuel J.,) 

grocers, Gtn av c Mill (Gtn) 
Colladay James S., grocer, Gtn av c Mill (Gtn) 
Colladay Rachel, Oak n S 36th (W P) 
Colladay Samuel J., grocer, Gtn 



Chat. Autenrieth,) architects, 410 Walnut 
Collins & Clark, {Joseph Collins <$r Jos. Clark), 

whiskv inspectors, 143 S Front 
COLLINS' Sc CiUSPIN, (Isaac Collins, jr., S,- 

Benjamin F. Crispin,) weighers, 48 S 

av c Mill Collins fc. McLeester, (Samuel C. Col/ins <$- 

Alexander McLeester), type founders, 705 

COLLADAY SAMUEL R.,manuf. buttons, 218 Jayne 

Market, h 433 Chestnut Collins' & Robb, (Joseph H. Collins Sc James M. 

Colladay Sarah, 210 N 10th Robb), lumber, 1221 N 8th 

Colladay Theodore, carpenter, 2014 Vine Collins Andrew, lab. 2044 Murray 

Colladay Thomas S., carpenter, 1423 Barclay ! Collins Ann, wid. John M., tailoress, 823 S 
Colladay Wm. Y., silk g-oods, 239 Market, h 626 Front 

N 11th Collins Ann, wid. Robert, 523 S 19th 

Colladay William R., clerk, 3601 Chestnut Collins Annie, wid. Peter, 700 Franklin 

(W P 

Colladay Wm. S., grainer, 1423 Barclay 
Collar Andrew, fisherman, 601 Richmond 
Collar Ann, wid. Jacob, 601 Richmond 
Collar Henry, wharf builder, 603 Richmond 
Collar Jacob, fisherman, 1113 Day 
Collar Jacob, wharf builder, 603Richmand 
Collar Michael, wharf builder, 603 Richmond 
Collar Michael, jr., wharf builder, 603 Rich- 
Collar Wm., shipwright, 1104 Vienna 
Collard Jonathan, millinerv, 325 N 2d 
Collector's Office Citv R Road, 1424 Market 
College Conrad, lager beer, 1240 Palmer 
Collehan John, machinist, 1036 S 5th 

Collins Ansell C, clerk, 480 Dillwyn 

Collins B., stable agent, Columbia av n Chat- 

Collins Bartholomew, lab. Washington (Myk) 
j Collins Bartholomew, weaver, Marsden ct near 

Collins Benjamin (colored), lab. 706 St Mary 

Collins Bernard, huckster, 141 Shippen st Mkt, 
h 422 Shippen 

Collins Bernhard, lab. 429 Shippen 

Collins Bridget, wid. Patrick, washwoman, 726 

Collins Bridget, wid. Wm, seamstress, Centre 

Collins Bridget, wid. Wm., 4 Saxon pi. r 33 J 

Collenberg Henry F., shoemaker, 23 Charlotte 

Collet Christopher, lager beer, 1339 Passvunk Collins Catharine, spooler, 1 Julian 

avenue ; Collins Catharine, wid. Jas., 2532 Pine 

Collett Christian, wid. Henrv, housekeeper, Collins Catharine, wid. Wm., market woman, 

1231 Howard 1025 Sarah 

Collett Mark W., M. D., 329 S Broad Collins Charles, bootfitter, S Front n Morris 

Golley Wm., machinist, 533 N 15th • Collins Charles, clothing, Philip n Norris 

Collie Alexander, clockmaker, 1176 S 11th Collins Charles, late clothier, 616 N 8th 
Collie Peter, clockmaker, 1176 S 11th Collins Charles, jr., late com. mer. 616 N 8th 

Collier Christian, weaver, 210 Green, h Green Collins Charles,'atty. Sc coun. 709 Spruce 

ah 4th Collins Charles, liquors, New Market c Brown, 

COLLIER DANIEL L., atty. & coun. (late of ' h Locust n 40th (W P) 

Ohio,) 1625 Arch Collins Charles, weaver, Front n York 

Collier Frank J., 1625 Arch Collins Charles, weaver, Spring al (Gtn) 

Collier George B., candles, 126 S Del av, house Collins Charles B., bricklayer, Lent n S 11th 

1625 Arch Collins Charles P., segarmaker, 170 Fkd (Fkd) 

Collier Jas., weaver, Hamilton (Myk) Collins Christopher, lab. 905 Noble 

Collier Jas., weaver, 1221 Fitzwater IcOLLINS, CLARK Sc EVANS, (Joseph Col- 

Collier John, butcher, 2 S 2d st Market, house lins, Joseph Clark S? William M. Evans,) 

whisky inspectors, 143 S Front 
Collins Cornelius, shoemaker, r Gaffney's av 

(Del. County) 
Collier Robert, shoemaker, r924 Otsego 
Collier Samuel, mer. 715 Arch 
Collier Samuel, jr., salesman, 339 Market, h ', Collins David, lab. American n Diamond 

715 Arch Collins David, weaver, 1423 Philip 

Colligan James, coachman, 8 Manhattan pi Collins Dennis, inspector, 703 Christian 

Colligan John, boarding house, 222 S Front Collins Dennis, lab. 528 Barron 
Colligan John, mason (Cedar Grove) 'Collins Dennis, lab. (Pittsville) 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Collins Diana (colored), wid. Philip, doctress, 

r 1321 Alder 
Collins E., conductor, Norris n N 5th 
Collins Edward, architect, 410 Walnut, h (Rox) 
Collins Edward (colored), hair dresser, 402 

Cherry, h 669 Steiner 
Collins Edward G., painter, 709 Lebanon 
Collins Edward T., grocer, 1919 Coates 
Collins Eli, blacksmith, 327 Belg-rade 
Collins Elias (colored), waiter, r 739 Shippen 
Collins Eliza, wid. of Jno. H., 730 Plover 
Collins Elizabeth, tailoress, 1719 Moravian 
Collins Frederick, brewer, 10th cor Filbert, h 

1917 Spruce 
Collins George, bricklayer, rear 914 Poplar 
Collins Ceo., printer, 4 Saxon pi, r 330 Stanley 
Collins Georg-e, seaman, Otsego near Moore 
COLLINS GEORGE C, atty. & coun., S E 

c 6th & Locust, h 2123 Vine 
Collins George D., merchant, Commerce n N 

6th, h 513 Vine 
Collins Hannah K., wid. of Wm., 1233 Cass 
Collins Hugh, conductor, rear 939 Carpenter 
Collins Hugh, roller, 1102 Frankford av 
Collins Isaac, mason, 8 Penn (Myk) 
Collins Isaac, paper, 506 Minor, h 32 Merrick 
Collins Isaac, jr., weigher, 48 S Water, h 1431 

Collins James, boatbuilder, 222 Allen 
Collins James, clerk, 414 Spruce 
Collins James, driver, 1226 Green 
Collins James, driver, 2532 Pine 
Collins J. C, mer. h Union Hotel 
Collins James, druggist, N 2d cor Callowhill, 

h 1320 Horstman 
Collins James, laborer, 1907 Buttonwood 
Collins James, laborer, 1231 Crease 
Collins James, laborer, rear 1123 Hope 
Collins James, laborer, Lancaster avenue near 

N 37th (W P) 
Collins James, merchant, 136 S 11th 
Collins James, salesman, 519 Chestnut, h 414 

Collins James, tailor, 7 S Juniper 
Collins James, woodturner, 435 Franklin 
Collins James, (colored) porter, r 527 Marriott 
Collins James F., awningmaker, 232 New 
Collins Jesse, carman, American near Diamond 
Collins Job, cutler, Thurlow near 12th 
Collins John, 9 Barber's row 
Collins John, carpenter, 1011 Market 
Collins John, carpenter, 512 Meadow pi 
Collins John, glassblower, 2532 Pine 
Collins John, laborer, 912 Auburn 
Collins John, laborer, 526 Bedford 
Collins John, laborer, rear 1706 Carlton 
Collins John, laborer, 1125 Milton 
Collins John, laborer, S 18th near Shippen 
Collins John, late paper, 674 N 13th 
Collins Jno., lithographic printer, 3 Baytree pi 
Collins John, merchant, Front cor New, h 607 

N 8th 
Collins John, morocco finisher, 1408 N 7th 
Collins John, ropemaker, 1632 Ridge avenue 
Collins John, shoemaker, 905 Manilla 
Collins John, shoemaker, Market n 33d (W P) 
Collins John, shoemaker, Mechanic (Myk) 
Collins John, shoemaker, 2126 Summer 


Collins John, wheelwright, rear 126 Chenango 
Collins John, (colored) laborer, 1203 Kemble 
Collins John C, carpenter, 646 N 15th 
Collins John D., ovsterman, 909 S Front 
Collins John H., druggist, 4 N 5th, h 212 N 11th 
Collins John H., liquors, 900 N 10th 
Collins John J., Aramingo near Trenton avenue 
COLLINS JOHN M., att'y & coun. 201 S 6th, h 

1110 Mt Vernon 
Collins Jonathan, commission merchant, 148 N 

Delaware avenue, h 480 Dillwyn 
Collins Jonathan, husk factory, 220 N 2d, h 

Cumberland near Adrian 
Collins Jonathan, warper, 1225 Leopard 
Collins Joseph, engineer, 24 Barnes 
Collins Joseph, engineer, 519 Barron 
Collins Joseph, laborer, 972 Delaware avenue 
Collins Joseph, waterman, rear 738 Swanson 
Collins Joseph, whiskey inspector, 143 S Front, 

h 1236 Spring Garden 
Collins Joseph, 445 N 11th 
Collins Joseph H., lumber, 1221 N 8th, h 727 

Collins Lavinia, (colored) widow of William, 

512 S 17th 
Collins Leah, (col'd) washerw., 9 Bolivia court 
Collins Leonard, (col'd) phrenologist, 522 S 5th 
Collins Levin, clerk, 319 Queen 
Collins Lewis, blacksmith, rear 824 Rachel 
Collins Magnus J., clerk, 1300 Filbert 
Collins Margaret, vegetables, 38 Girard avenue 

market, h 3 De Kalb's court 
Collins Mary, rear 1513 Montgomery avenue 
Collins Mary, widow, 1742 St Joseph's avenue 
Collins Mary, wid. Michael, 9 Gaffhey's avenue 
Collins Mary A., tailoress, 823 S Front 
Collins Matthias, U S Mint, 1347 Melon 
Collins Matilda, trimmings, 1301 N 7th 
Collins Maurice, upholsterer, 138 S 10th 
Collins Michael, laborer, 1908 Earp 
Collins Michael, lab. Mansure pi, r 906 Melon 
Collins Michael, painter, 4 Saxon pi, r 330 

Collins Michael, turner, 519 Barron 
Collins Michael, weaver, 10 Gay's ct r 1237 

Collins Moses, machinist, 1202 Poplar 
Collins Neal, laborer, Howard, (Nicetown) 
Collins Neal, shoemaker, 755 Plover 
Collins Patrick, carter, Oak ab S 30th (W P) 
Collins Patrick, dry goods, 458 N 2d 
Collins Patrick, laborer, 9 Farriers ct 
Collins Patrick, laborer, Holly n Catharine 
Collins Patrick, laborer, Melvale n Tronto (R) 
Collins Passmore, machinist, 1829 Callowhill 
Collins Percival, cloths, 536 Market, h 1002 

Collins Peter, dealer, 7 Dalletts ct 
Collins Peter, dyer, Mulberry n Main (Myk) 
Collins Peter, tinsmith, r 640 Shippen _ 
Collins Peter, (col'd) porter, r 11 Emeline 
Collins Peter B., oysterman, 2 Belfast, ct r 45 

Collins R., 219 Acorn al 
Collins R., wid James, varieties, 1028 South 
Collins Robert weaver, 3 Dekalbs ct r 962 

Collins Robert, shoemaker, 1203 Kemble 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Collins, Rockafellow, & Co. (Gharle.* P. Col- 

Una, Christopher F. Rockafellow, Alfred 

C. Gibson) liquors, N Market c Brown 
Collins, wid John, Oak n 32d (W P) 
Collins Samuel, (col'd) waiter, 1013 Barlev 
Collins Samuel C, type founder, 705 Jayne, h 

16t!i c Green 
Collins Sarah, wid Samuel, 801 Charlotte 
Collins Stuart, laborer, 1723 South 
Collins Theodore, cutter, 314 Market, h Mar- 
riott's la n 3d 
Collins Thomas, brickmaker, Gascon n Ser- 

Collins Thomas, cutter, 1034 Federal 
Collins Thomas, driver, 712 Cherry 
Collins Thomas, liquors, 1723 South 
Collins Thomas, laborer, r 916 Beach 
Collins Thomas, porter, 1701 Lombard 
Collins Thomas, spinner, 8 Peon (Myk) 
Collins Thomas, (col'd) seaman, 627 Barclay 
Collins Timothy, laborer, 1708 Carlton 
Collins Timothy, carpenter, 1243 "Woodbine 
COLLINS T K., printer, 705 Jayne, h N 16th 

c Green 
Collins Walter, laborer, 722 Webb 
Collins Walter, jr., laborer, 722 "Webb 
Collins Walter, sea captain, 810 S 4th 
Collins Wm., bootmaker, Gtn av n "Walnut 

la (Rising- Sun) 
Collins "Wm., brickmaker, Amber n Cumberland 
Collins "William, carpenter, r 925 S 8th 
Collins Wm., cigars, 404 N 6th h 801 Charlotte 
Collins William, clerk, 709 Spruce 
Collins Wm., com. mer. Front c New h 1020 

Collins William, laborer, 972 Delaware av 
Collins William, laborer, Gascon n Serrill 
Collins William, laborer, 1415 Hewston 
Collins "William, laborer, 1103 Miller 
Collins "William, laborer, Gtn av (Rising Sun) 
Collins Wm., late contractor, 1247 S 13th 
Collins William, machinist, 2206 Linn 
Collins W m ., merchant, 242 N Front h 1308 

Collins Wm, shoemaker, 706 Moss 
Collins Wm., tobacconist, N 6th n Callowhill h 

801 Charlotte 
Collins Wm., (col'd) seaman, 611 Bedford 
Collins Wm., B., merchant, 523 S 19th 
Collins William H., e^-ocer, Washington av c 

Collins Wm. H., tailor, 8th n Walnut 
Collins "Wm. M., 506 Minor, h 730 Arch 
Collins "Wilson, liquors, 224 S Water 
Collinsworth Sterling, tobacconist, Frankford 

av n Washington av 
Collinsworth Wm., machinist, Levering (Myk) 
Collis Charles H. T, atty & coun. 627 Walnut] 

h 711 Spruce 
Collis John, slater, r 1514 Warnock 
Collison Joseph, sec, "Walnut c 3d, h 609 S 9th 
Collison "William, plumber, Gtn av c Centre, h 

Bowman (Gtn) 
Collman William, farmer (Bustleton) 
Collom Albert, drum maker 930 Kurtz 
Collom Daniel D., clerk, 221 N 9th 
Collom David W., watchmaker, 316 Coates 
Collom Elias D., books, 40 N 6th, h 809 N 10th 

Collom George S., clerk, 801 Darien 
Collom Jesse, carpenter, 1507 Girard av 
Collom John, carpenter, Rittenhouse (Gtn) 
Collom Jonathan, police, Markham c Grayson 
Collom Jonathan G., shoemaker, 316 Coates 
Collom Jonathan S., tailor, 210 Coates 
Collom Judah, clerk, 801 Darian 
Collom Samuel H., bricklayer, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Collom Samuel W., com. mer., 931 Ridg-e av, h 

801 Darian 
Collom Samuel W. & Co., (Samuel W. Collom 

Sf George Camm,) com. mer., 931 Ridge av 
Collon Rebecca,- wid. Clement, 1104 N 3d 
Collopy James, laborer, 917 Thompson 
Collot "de Clave, Hy polite, 330 S 12th 
Collville Mary, wid. Robert, seamstress, 2317 

Collv Charles B., (col'd,) boots and shoes, 26 S 

*12th, h 1204 Clover 
Collv Daniel, (col'd,) boots and shoes, 26 S 

12th, h 1204 Clover 
Colly Daniel & Son, (col'd,) (Charles B. Colly,) 

boots and shoes, 26 S 12th 
C Oliver Frederick, shoes, 801 N 10di 
Collyer George, 443 N 6th 
Collver R. & F., (Robert $ Frederick,) shoes, 

'801 N 10th 
Collyer Robert, shoes, 801 N 10th 
Colman Francis A., clerk, 28 N 16th 
Colman Henry S., music teacher, 28 N 16th 
Colne Charles, clerk, Ellsworth n 11th 
Colonel Daniel, (col'd,) porter, 5 Kauffman's ct 
Colopy James, carter, 917 Thompson 
Cslopy John, laborer, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Colopy Patrick, laborer, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Colsher David, moulder, 1228 Haines 
Colsher David, teamster, Race E of 20th 
Colsher Peter, blacksmith, 1724 Grayson 
Colsher William, blacksmith, 625 N Broad, h 

828 N 16th 
Colsher William S., morocco dresser, r 712 N 

Colson Israel, weaver, Manheim (Gtn) 
Cokon Calvin R., segars, 420 S 12th 
Colton David, tools, 407 Callowhill, h 528 China 
Colton David, varnisher, 7 Lindsay av 
Colton Franklin B., contractor, 214 S Del av, h 

307 S 3d 
Colton George, 1217 Pine 
Colton James, cooper, 86 Laurel 
Colton James, laborer, 209 Christian 
Colton John, hardware, 247 S 2d, 1007 Market 

& Callowhill n N 4th, h Mary c Chestnut 

Colton Sabin W., teas, 27 S 10th 
Colton Samuel, grocer, S Broad c Walnut, h 

129 S 15th 
COLTON SIMON, grocef, 1400 Walnut c 

Broad, h 129 S 15th 
Colton Simon H., clerk, 129 S 15th 
Colton Thomas, engineer, 144 Oxford 
Coltrider Samuel, engineer, Aramingo n Tren- 
ton av 
Coltson George, bookkeeper, Chelton av 


Columbia Hotel, 113 N Broad 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Jenny Lind Hair Gloss is an excellent 




Columbia Hotel, Callowhill, cN 15th 
Columbia Mutual Insurance Co., 5 Mers. Ex. 
Columbian Iron Works, 40 N 7th 
Colvill Arthur, machinist, 2220 Shamokin 
Colvill Henry, oilcloth coater, 2320 Hamilton 
Colville Margaret, vvid. Alexander, seamstress, 

2319 Biddle 
Colvin William, grocer, 327 N 13th 
Colwell Alexander, carpenter, School (Bdg) 
COL WELL & CO., (Stephen Colwell, W. 
Dwight Bell, Theodore Trewendt, Sam- 
uel Fulton,) iron, 206 N Delaware av and 
207 N Water 
Colwell Ellen, wid. John, 514 S 12th' 
Colwell James, clerk, 2236 N 23d 
Colwell John, porter, 1223 Shippen 
Colwell John, printer, Fox's ct, r South n 13th 
Colwell Joseph, (col'd,) laborer, 1426 S 7th 
Colwell Stephen, iron, 206 N Delaware av, & 

207 N Water, h 1031 Arch 
Colyer Edward, segars, 24 S 6th 
Colyer William, shoemaker, 1011 Market 
Comak Samuel, brickmaker, Federal ri S 28th 
Comar William, brickmaker, Federal n S 27th 
Comber John, granite, 2020 Chestnut, h 2009 

Comber John & Patrick, granite yard, 2020 

Comber Michael, stonecutter, 2006 Porcelain 
Comber Patrick, granite, 2020 Chestnut, h 2010 

. Comber Thomas, stoves, 204 Poplar 
Combs Gilbert, teacher, 608 Marshall 
Combs Joseph, wheelwright, N 4th n Cuthbert, 

h Eagle hotel 
Combs Matthew, clerk, h Eagle hotel 
Combs Frederick, weaver, 1530 Lawrence 
Combs John F., currier, 1130 Market & 420 S 

6th, h Market n 40th (W P) 
Combs Matthew, apothecary, 1400 Marshall, h 

623 Master 
Combs Phebe, 850 N 10th 
Combs Willett, provisions, 25 S Water & 1933 

Market, h N 2d n Market 
Comby Edward, coach builder, N 13th c But- 
ton wood, h 625 Franklin 
Comegys Benjamin B., cashier Phila. Bank, 419 

Chestnut, h High (Gtn) 
Comegys Catharine, 48 N 8th 
Comegys Samuel, clerk, Bringhurst (Gtn) 
Comer Michael, hostler, 10 Leeds av 
Comer Peter, chemist, Paul n Church (Fkd) 
Comeskey Ann, wid. John, Randolph n Tren- 
ton av 
Comfort Arthur, machinist, 2016 Winter 
Comfort Augusta, 927 Spring Garden 
Comfort Cyrus, paper hanger, 880 Randolph 
Comfort Cyrus C., carpenter, 880 Randolph 
Comfort Edward, farmer, Meeting house la 
COMFORT EZRA, dry goods, Gtn av n Centre 

Comfort James C, farmer, Meeting house la 
Ccmfort Jeremiah, farmer, Meeting house la 
Comfort John, tinsmith, 614 N 9th 
Comfort Philip R., carpenter, 880 Randolph 
Comfort Samuel, produce, 613 N 2d, h 239 

Comfort Thomas, farmer, Red Lion rd 

Comfort William, driver, Ann n Sorrell 

Comly Alfred, farmer, Oxford road 

Comly Allen, dry goods, 209 Market, h 1203 


Comly Benjamin, shoemaker, h at Smithfield 
Comly Charles, farmer, Academy road 
Comly Courtland, laborer, Bustleton road 
Comly Edward H., farmer, Bristol road 
Comly Elizabeth R., school, Paul n Unity, h 

Paul n Green (Fkd) 
Comly Emmon, farmer, Academy road 
Comly Etham, 968 N 10th 
Comly Ezra, farmer, Meeting house la 
Comly Franklin, Bustleton road 
Comly P'ranklin A., president, 407 Walnut, h 

at White Marsh (Montgomery county) 
Comly George W., Meeting house lane 
Comly Gilbert, gatekeeper, Bustleton road 
Comly H. & A., (Henry 4" Allen Comly,) dry 

goods, 209 Market 
Comly H., dry goods, 209 Market, h 221 N 17th 
Comly Isaac, M. D., Meeting 1 house la 
Comly [saiah, laborer, 2041 Hand 
Comly Jackson P., mer., Main (Holme sburg) 
Comly James, farmer, Gilbert road 
Comly James M., clerk, Paul c Green (Fkd) 
Comly Jesse, farmer, Blue Grass road 
Comby Jesse, farmer, Blue Grass road 
Comly John, farmer, Ashton road 
Comly John, miller, Academy road 
Comly Jos., carp., Oxford c Frankford, (Fkd) 
Comly Lester, farmer, Byberry road 
Comly Mary, shopkeeper, 423 Brown 
Comly Matilda, trimmings, 937 Race 
Comly Nathan, conductor, 2230 Brandywine 
Comly Robt, auctr., 136 S Front, h at Camden 
Comly Robert, farmer, Red Lion road 
Comly Samuel, country store, Bristol road 
Comly Samuel, mer., 136 S Front, h (Tacony) 
Comly Samuel, wheelwright, Academy road 
Comly Seth I., flour factor, 216 N Delaware av, 

h313 N6th 
Comly Thomas, blacksmith, Shirley n Coates 
Comly Thomas J., printer, 702 Carpenter 
Comly Watson, farmer, Byberry road 
Comly Willett A., farmer, Comly road 
Comjy William, farmer, Bustleton road 
Comly William F., auctioneer, 136 S Front, h 

at Bristol Pike 
Comm Thomas, Otis n Tulip 
Comm Thomas, jr., milk, Otis n Lemon 
Comman Margaret, wid James, Gay (Myk) 
COMMERCIAL BANK of Pennsylvania, 314 

Commercial Hotel, 50 S 6th 

3d and Dock 
Commonwealth Bank, S W c 4th & Chestnut 

OF STATE OF PENNA., 613 Chestnut 
Commonwealth Hotel, 623 Callowhill 
Commonwealth Insurance Co., of Harrisburg, 

411 Walnut 
Commott Benj. B., trunkmr., r 1140 Fkd av 
Compton Benj., laborer, Farson's pi n Allen 
Compton Benj., machinist, 959 N 5th 
Compton Bordine C., M. D., 1513 Vine 
Compton Edwin E., machinist, 2202 Callowhill 

article for dressing and smoothing the hair. 




Compton Richard, watchman, 9*47 N 5th 
Compton Samuel, printer, 236 Monroe 
Compton William, weaver. Mechanic (Myk) 
Compton Wm. D. machinist, 1356 Vienna 
Comringer George, rags, Harvey (Gtn) 
COMSTOCK ANDREW, M. D., elocutionist, 

508 Arch 
Comstock Georg-e H., fish, opp 3 S Del av, h 

N 5th ab Norris 
Comstock Georg-e R., fish, opp No. 60 N Del av, 

h 1126 N 5th 
Comyn Thomas, hotel, Franklin c Girard av, h 

Franklin n Girard av 
Conaghan Bernard, blacksmith, 929 N 2d 
Conaglian Patrick, weaver, Marsden pi r 1530 

Conag-hy Alexander, carpenter, Lancaster av c 

Monument road (W P) 
Conag-hy Matthew, dealer, 908 Catharine 
Conahan Jeremiah, laborer, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Conahey John, carpenter, 112 Onas 
Conahey Thomas, shoemaker, Christian near 

Gray's ferry road 
Conant Nahum, cooper, 1018 S 12th 
Conard A; ax, real estate, 1620 Coates 
Conard Charles, superintendent, 821 Marshall 
Conard David, blacksmith, 2513 Hamilton 
Conrad Henry, printer, Market n 40th (W P} 
Conrad Henry S., dry goods, 229 Market, house 

Merchants Hotel 
Conrad Isaac H., 257 N 2d 
Conrad James M., conductor, 1328 Oxford 
Conrad John, dealer, 516 Dillwvn 
Conrad John R., bricklayer, 2509 Hamilton 
Conard Lewis, carder, Main (Myk) 
Conard Lewis R., machinist, 1346 Columbia av 
Conard Margaret, wid. David, (Tacony) 
Conard Ogden, conductor, Apple n Norris 
Conard Paul, engineer, 747 N 24th 
Conard Rachel, 918 Parrish 
Conard Samuel, dry goods, 838 Market, h 720 

Conard Thomas, laborer, Pearl n N 23d 
Conard Wm., hatter, 132 Market, house 821 

Conarroe George M., atty. &. coun., 933 Arch, 

house 1539 Chestnut 
CONARROE GEO. W., artist, 1539 Chestnut 
Conarroe John L., salesmna, 36 N Front, h 

954 N 7th 
Conarroe Richard R., accountant, 36 N Front, 

h 954 N 7th 
Conarroe Thos., acct., 36 N Front, h 954 N 7th 
Conaway George S., shoemr., r 305 Catharine 
Conaway John, clerk, 22 N 3d, h 1230 Gtn av 
Conaway Jos. C, dry goods, 1243 N 2d 
Conoway Lousia (col'd), r 1039 Barley 
Conaway Samuel, cutter, 1243 N 2d 
Conaway Thomas, boatman, 2506 Pine 
Conaway Thomas, laborer, 917 Ellsworth 
Conaway Wm., saws, 404 Cherry, h 227 Union 
Conboy Maria, trim., Gtn av n York av 
Concannon George, wagoner, 410 Landis 
Concanon Cecelia, wid. James, 616 Charles 
Concanon Edward, laborer, 616 Charles 
Concanon Patrick, driver, 616 Charles 
Concanon Thomas, printer, 616 Charles 
Condell Charles, confectioner, 2203 Coates 

Condell Robert, paper. carrier, 518 Wilder 
Condell Sophia, wid. Thomas, 734 Orange 
Conderman Benhart, mineral waters, 432 Dill- 

Conderon Thomas, laborer, 939 Alder 
CONDIE FRANCIS, M. D., 237 Catharine 
Condiff Albert, pilot, 114 Queen 
Condin John, watchman, 431 Greenwich 
Condon David, blacksmith, 525 Wood 
Condon David, porter, 114 Chenango 
Condon Elizabeth, wid. James, 1128 Pearl 
Condon E. C, h American Hotel 
Condon Morris G., paper, 412 N 8d, h 1332 

N 11th 
Condon Thomas, porter, 4 College place 
Condon Wm., blacksmith, 412 Cherry, h 525 

Condon Wm., grocer, 1223 Marlborough 
Condon Wm M., paper, 412 N 3d, h 612 N 8th 
Conds Joseph, blacksmith, 1006 N 4th 
Condy Alexander, lab. ct r Lombard 
Condy Elizabeth, widow Mim, Philips ct rear 

Condy Jas., carpenter, 203 Wildey 
Condy John, tailor, 725 N 23d 
Condy Maria F., widow Saml. 1218 Spruce 
Condy Robt., liquors, Gtn av c Girard av 
Condy Sarah, teacher, Diamond n York 
Condy Thos., produce, 1354 Cadwalader 
Condy Mm., lab. Philips ct r Lombard 
Condy Wm., paper carrier, 247 N Juniper 
Cone Fanny, 326 S 15th 
Cone Martin, laborer, 355 Jarvis 
Conelly Edward, tailor, 730 S 8th 
Conelly Patrick, shoemaker, Hewson n Thomp- 
son (Richmond) 
Coneray Michael, lab. (Pennvpack) 
Coney Benj., trader, 522 S 5th 
Coney Daniel, trader, 522 S 5th 
Coney John, stonecutter, 1322 Carpenter 
Coney Nicholas, porter, 820 Marriott 
Congar Wm., shoemaker, 931 New Market 
Cougar Saml., lithographer, 931 New Market 
Congdon James C, candle manuf. Callowhill n 

wire bridge, h 2306 Green 
Congdon Wm., glassblower, 521 Jefferson 
Cong-er Ann, widow John, 619 Green 
Conger Benjamin, bartender, 324 South 
Conger Chas. B., shoemaker, 827 New Market 
Conger John A., umbrellamr., Daniel pi n Earl 
Conger William M., umbrella maker, Malcolm 

pi n Germantown av 
Conic John, laborer, 1318 N 10th 
Conkle F. A., clerk, 506 Ruttonwood 
Conkle Henry, cotton cord, 4 S 3d, house 506 

Button wood 
CONKLIN EZRA K., stables, 822 Jayne 
Conklin Garrettson, engineer, 604 St John 
Conklin Joseph, engineer, 604 St John 
Conklin Martin, seaman, 6 Clemantis av 
Conlan Catharine, widow Felix, seamstress, Al- 
exander c Clymer 
Conlan Francis, brickmaker. 264 S 21st 
Conlan John, clerk, 524 Christian 
Conlan John, grocer, 1100 Girard av, house 920 

N 12th 
Conlan Margaret, seamstress, Alexander c 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Conland Richard, teamster, 31 Frankforcl (Fkd) 
Conley Ann, widow Charles, 1909 Naudain 
Conley Charles, laborer, 529 Bedford 
Conley Charles C, janitor, South c S 16th 
Conley Edward, marketman, 2044 Sansom 
Conley Elizabeth, widow, Chippewa n South 
Conley Francis, weaver, 1529 Cadwalader 
Conley James, moulder, 606 Penn 
Conley James, oysterman, 26 Mead 
Conley Jane, widow Daniel, 209 Jefferson 
Conley John, boatman, 527 Osprey 
Conley John, weaver, Haines, (Gtn) 
Conley Margaret, widow Frank, r Naudain n 

Conley Mary, trucker, 115 Franklin market, h 

443 N 13 tli 
Conley Michael, laborer, Penn av n Jefferson 
Conley Patrick, laborer, r 1620 Carlton 
Conley Patrick, shoemr. Hewson n Thompson 
Conley Peter, drover, Lancaster n Seneca 

Conley Ricxard, weaver, Wister (Gtn) 
Conley Robert, bricklayer, Beach n South 
Conley Stephen, laborer, 620 Charles 
Conley Timothy, carman, r 1541 Montgomery 

Conley Wm., weaver, 1529 Cadwalader 
Conlin Alexander, china, 1112 Christian 
Conlin Amelia, 1514 Parrish 
Conlin Bridget, widow Michl. 2033 Murray 
Conlin Edward, boatman, 136 S 24th 
Conlin Edward, laborer, 1516 Lawrence 
Conlin Hugh, foreman, 838 Carlisle 
Conlin James, coppersmith, r 1514 Parrish 
Conlin James, liquor, 16 Jefferson 
Conlin James, machinist, 2033 Murray 
Conlin John, clerk, 628 Cherry 
Conlin John, grocer, N 11th c Girard av, h 920 

N 12th 
Conlin Matthew, shoemr., 628 S 5th 
Conlin Michael, laborer, 2 Haywards pi near 

Conlin Michael, mach., 2033 Murray 
Conlin Patrick, lab., 1511 Bodine 
Conlin Patrick, porter, 3 Knights ct r 912 

Conlin Peter, hatter, 628 S 5th 
C onion Thomas, weaver, 1224 Federal 
Conlon James, lab., r 1625 Hamilton 
Conlon John, lab., r 1625 Hamilton 
Conlouge Patrick, watch manufacturer, Canal 

Conly Ann, wid. Thomas, 724 Stewart 
Conly Francis, ship carp., 1103 Charles 
Conly Francis, weaver, 1529 Cadwalader 
Conly James, hostler, Hamilton ab N 15th 
Conly John, packer, 233 Arch 
Conly Maiy, wid. Dennis, 2215 Filbert 
Conly Michael, lab., r Fitler n N 2d 
Conly Patrick, lab., 1709 Pearl 
Conly Patrick, lab., 1727 Wood 
Conly Philip, lab., r 1713 Pearl 
Conly Timothy, lab., 623 S 4th 
Conly Wm., photographs, 1101 Austin 
Conly Wm., weaver, 1529 Cadwalader 
Conn Andrew, milkman, Jenny n Ann 
Conn Andrew jr., milkman, Jenny (R) 
Conn Ellen, wid. Wm., 1229 Canby 

Conn Isaac, drover, 6 Becker's pi r 318 St 

Conn James, iron, 246 Girard av, h 1202 Ger- 

mantown av 
Conn James, lab., Ann n Trenton av 
Conn James, tinman, 261 N 15th 
Conn James, lab., Jenny (R) 
Conn John, dealer, 1139 Shackamaxon 
Conn Joseph, dealer, 1141 Germantown av 
Conn Samuel, farmer, Bustleton rd 
Conn Sarah wid. David, 1141 Germantown av 
Conn Thomas, milkman, Jenny n A.nn 
Conn Wm., lab., Norris n Tulip 
Conn Wm., shoe findings, 163 Brown 
Connaghan Emily, wid. John, washing-, Tower 

Connahan John, laborer, 550 N 24th 
Connahan John, porter, 1208 Heins 
Connall James, 247 S 21st 
Connar Morris, hostler, 621 Middle a] 
Connard Jacob, liquors, Market n 33d (W P) 

h 34th n Market 
Connard James, blacksmith, 1024 N 4th 
Connard Wolf, brassfdr., Oxford n N 5th 
Connaway Simon, laborer, 9 Moore 
Connecticut Mining Co., 148 S 4th 
Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Co., 404 

Conneely Bryan, bartender, 906 Callowhill 
Connel Wm., chairmr., 5 Louisa av 
Connelan Patrick, grocer, 1017 S 13th 
Connell Alex., carman, 1613 Wood 
Connell Andrew, carpenter, James (F Ski) 
Connel] Ann, wid. James, spooler, 2031 Murray 
Connell Chas., laborer, r 1936 Cuthbert 
Connell Cornelius, laborer, 511 Penn 
Connell Cornelius, lab., 1435 N 10th 
Connell Daniel S., grocer, 30 South 
Connell Dennis, lab., 513 Penn 
Connell Edward, mach., r 1318 Palethorp 
Connell Francis, hotel, 1539 American 
Connell Francis A., com. mer., 3 Spruce, h 424 

Connell George, sec, 20 S 18th, h Darby road 

Connell John, lab., 417 Monroe 
Connell John, milkman, 422 Master 
Connell John, miner, 1613 Wood 
Connell John, trunkmr., 923 Market 
Connell John H., conveyer., 523 N 4th 
Connell John T., mach., 2 Short ct 
Connell Lydia, wid. Thomas, tailoress, Hancock 

n Norris 
Connell Margaret, wid. James, 4 Hickory ct 
Connell Owen, 242 Quince 
Connell Patrick, lab., 6 Bristol pi 
Connell Patrick, lab., 2031 Market 
Connell Thomas, clerk, 424 Race 
Connellan Patrick, porter, 248 Market, h 1017 

S 13th 
Connelley Frank, shoemaker, 912 Ogden 
Connelley James, lab. r 2042 Winter 
Connelley James, shoemaker, 912 Ogden 
Connelley Wm. H., shoemr. 912 Ogden 
Connelly & McKee, {John G. Connelly &; Mat- 
thew McKee,) restaurant, 527 Chestnut 
Connelly Ann, wid. house cleaner, 2 Long's ct, 

r 762 S 3d 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Connelly Ann, cloakmr. r 621 Fitzwater 
Connelly Austin, shoemr. 767 S 6th 
Connelly Bartholomew, lab. 781 Swanson 
Connelly Bernard, weaver, 1332 Mariner 
Connelly Catharine, r 1452 Cherry 
Connelly Catharine, milk, Hancock (Gtn) 
Connelly Daniel, .shoemaker, 706 Fallon 
Connelly Edward, lab. 1634 Sanson) 

I Conner John S., drug-gist, 2239 Coates, h Coates 

c N 23d 
Conner Keller, 1302 N 10th 
Conner Margaret, English Bow (Myk) 
Conner Matthew, lab. 1758 X 11th 
Conner Michael, marble. Bride's pi, Hamilton 
Conner Michael, tailor, 210 Ches 
Conner Neil, lab. 1 Litchfield pi 

Connelly Harry, treas. 423 Walnut, & wines 29 Conner Owen, lab. X Broad (Jacksonville) 

S 9th, h 2037 Walnut Conner Patrick, glassmr. 715 X 17th 

Connelly Henry, grocer, Market c Budd (WP) Conner Patrick, lab. 710 Shippen 

Connelly Henry, lab. r 424 German 
Connelly James, carter, 1013 Portland 
Connelly James, ship carp. 105 Marion 
Connellv James, tailor, r 222 Christian 
Connelly James, weaver, 1324 Mervine 
Connelly John, blacksm. 936 Rodman 
Connellv John, bootmr. 1819 Market 
Connelly John, driver, Paul n Tacony (Fkd) 
Connelly John, lab. r 766 S 5th 
Connelly John, weaver, 2043 Hampton 
Connelly John D., printer, 105 X 5th 
Connelly John G., restaurant, 527 Chestnut 
Connelly Lawrence, auctioneer, 461 Garden 
Connelly Mary, wid. Church n Main (Fkd) 
Connellv Mary, wid. washerwoman, Ripley pi, 

r 24 S 15th 
Connelly Mary, wid Arthur, 443 X 13th 
Connelly Mary, wid George, boarding house, 

120*2 Montgomery av 

Conner Patrick, painter, 2026 Carlton 

Conner Philip, 249 S 4th 

Conner Stephen, lab. 3 Garwood pi 

Conner Terrence, carter, St Paul av n S 7th 

Conner Thos., carp. 106 Jacoby 

Conner Thomas, lab. 1502 Race 

Conner Timothy, weaver, r 1324 Mariner 

Conner T. H., coal, oil J Walnut, h Herman 

Conner Wm, gardener, Bristol Turnpike 
Conner Wm., porter, r 259 N 5th 
Conner Wm. M., wood carver, 251 Concord 
Oonnerd John E., machinist, 140 Greenwich 
Connerman Michael, lab. Mascher n Lehigh av 
Conners John, lab. 1249 X 10th 
Conners John, lab. 1318 X 10th 
Conners John, printer, 1424 Stiles 
Conners Martin, founder, 414 Catharine 
Conners Michael, lab. r 124 Spruce 

Connelly Michael, lab. 1 Long's ct, r 762 S 3d Conners Thomas, lab. 10 Maynard pi 
Connelly Morton, type moulder, 701 S 3d Conners Wm. P., shoemr. Edgemont n Division 

Connelly Nancy, wid. 525 Harmstead (Richmond) 

Connelly Pat., drover, Hancock (Gtn) Connerston John, grocer, Gray's Ferry rd near 

Connelly Pat., lab. 1 Moss Rose pi, rear 245 South 

Connertv Terrence. lab. 1533 Tudor 
Connolly Bridget, tailoress, Bertrand pi r 1248 

Connolly Bridget, wid James, 513 Bedford 
Connollv Charles, hotel, Coates n N 29th 

Connelly Pat., warper, 217 Thompson 
Connelly Paul, brickmaker, 1216 Fitzwater 
Connelly Richard, boatman, 2522 Pine 
Connelly Thomas, inspector, 1115 Federal 
Connelly Wm., glassblower, 12u2 Montgomery Connolly Francis, carp. 1012 Portland 

avenue Connolly John, lab. r 429 St. John 

Connelly Wm. D., printer, 1523 X 11th Connolly John, porter, Young's ct 

Conner Ann, washerwoman, r 333 Lombard ' Connolly Joseph, blacksm. 4 E court 
Conner Caroline, shoe binder, 25 South IConnolly Margaret, wid John, boarding house, 

Conner Catharine, wid John, market woman, h 552 X 24th 

952 Lawrence Connolly Mary, huckster, S 2d St Market, h 

Conner Edmund, waterman, 127 Senate Prune 

Conner Edward, lab. S 23d n F Connollv Xora, huckster, 407 Penn 

Conner Edward E., 249 S 4th Connolly Owen, lab. r 1518 Pearl 

Conner Edwin, printer, 4th c Branch, h 242 Connolly Patrick, blacksm. 6 Martindale pi 

N 5th Connollv Patrick, clerk, 1115 Ellsworth 

Canner Francis, watchman, Tower (Myk) IConnolly Patrick, lab. Philip n Chatham 

Conner Francis H., coal, 311i Walnut, h Her- Connolly Philip, brassturner, 1244 Callowhil] 

Connolly Richard B., cloths, 333 Market, h 541 

Connolly Susan, candy, 1244 Callowhill 
(Connolly Terrence, carp. 763 S 7th 
Connolly Wm., pedler, 531 S 7th 
Connollv Wm. J., toll keeper, N 17th c Rising 

Sun la 
Connor Amelia, dressmaker, 1220 Carlisle 
I Connor Andrew, moulder, 129 Trella 
Connor Anthony, grocer, 1015 S Front 
Connor Arthur, lab. Red Lion rd 
Connor Bartolet, lab. Race rd (Holmesburg) 

man (Gtn) 
Conner George P., pilot, 740 S Front 
Conner Henry, weaver, 1423 Shippen 
Conner James, bottler, 1419 Buttonwood 
Conner James, grocer, 22d c Locust 
Conner James, lab. F c S 23d 
Conner James, weaver, Xorris n Front 
Conner James, weaver, r 1246 I'alethorp 
Conner Jeremiah, porter, 1 Herald pi 
Conner John, bricklr. S 23d c G 
Conner John, hatter, 413 Monroe 
Conner John, lab. Franklin n Church (Fkd) 

Conner John L., restaurt. 915 X 2d, h Thomp- Connor Benjamin F., weaver, 710 Bedford 
son n N 3d Connor Bernard, lab. 2223 Pine 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Paradise and Empress Waters 




Connor Clayton, watchman, Amber n Otis 
Connor Daniel, shoemaker, 842 Auburn 
Connor Dennis, lab. 1917 Buttonwood 
Connor Edward, lab. (Lagrange) 
Connor Elizabeth, wid. 1642 Lombard 
Connor Elizabeth, wid. John, 2146 Lombard 
Connor Elizabeth (colored), wid. Asbery, Ame- 
rican n Norris 
Connor Francis, Rev., 1425 N 2d 
Connor George, grocer, 2201 Lombard, h S 22d 

c Lombard 
Connor Gilbert, lab. r 612 S 3d 
Connor Hamilton, machinist, 239 Lybrand 
Connor Hamilton, shoes, 2018 Hand 
Connor Harriet M., wid. Richard, tailoress, 123 

Connor Hugh, shoemaker, 1724 AVood 
Connor Jas., bootfitter, 1133 Wistar 
Connor Jas., briokmaker, 10th n Thompson 
Connor Jas., drayman, r 251 Concord 
Connor Jas., Lib. Barnwell n Lombard 
Connor Jas., lab. 615 S Juniper 
Connor Jas., shoemaker, 1826 Naudain 
Connor Jas., shoemaker, 1724 Wood 
Connor Jas., stonemason, r 1807 Bedford 
Connor Jas., stonecutter, Lehman (Gtn) 
Connor Jas., tailor, 1508 Carlton 

Connor Jas., weaver, 1500 Bodine 

Connor Jas., weaver, 1525 N 2d 

Gonnor Jas. G., hatter, 832 S 3d 

Connor John, blacksmith, Cadwalader n Oxford 

Connor John, brickmaker, 1318 N 10th 

Connor John, engineer, 531 N 25th 

Connor John, lab. 1602 Becket 

Connor John, lab. 7 Bristol pi 

Connor John, lab. Hance pi r 1504 Cadwalader 

Connor John, lab. 1805 Jones 

Connor John, lab. 1 McGaw'srow 

Connor John, lab. Ridge av n Dauphin 

Connor John, restaurant, N 2d n Poplar, h rear 
1314 Charlotte 

Connor John, rigger, 21 Norfolk 

Connor John, shoemaker, St Paul av n S 7th 

Connor John, waterman, r 327 Monroe 

Connor Joseph, seaman, 100 South 

Connor Joseph, shoemaker, 1728 Lombard 

Connor Josiah, bartender, 836 Grover 

Connor Margaret, dressmaker, 1220 Carlisle 

Connor Margaret, seamstress, Wood (Myk) 

Gonnor Margaret, wid. Michael, Wood (Myk) 

Connor Mary, wid. Richard, washing, 708 

Connor Michael, framemaker, 1031 Callowhill 

Connor Michael, shoemaker, 710 Hubbell 

Connor Miles, drayman, r 251 Concord 

Connor Muithy, bricklayer, Bodine n Columbia 

Connor Patrick, 708 S 18th 

Connor Patrick, blacksmith, Lehman (Gtn) 

Connor Patrick, blacksmith, 214 Vaughn 

Connor Patrick, dyer, Carroll n Huntingdon 

Connor Patrick, lab. 529 Bedford 

Connor Patrick, lab., 1412 Cadwalader 

Connor Patrick, lab. 3 Long's ct, r 762 S 3d 

Connor Patrick, lab. 2036 Murray 

Connor Patrick, shoemaker, 1724 Wood 

Connor Patrick F., moulder, 210 Williamson 

Connor Peter, lab 1904 Filbert 

Connor Rachel (colored), wid. 1129 South 

are exceedingly refreshing for the bath 

Connor Richard, bookbinder, 9 Colebrook pi 
Connor Richard, glass blower, 1510 0*is 
Connor Robert, shoes, 1843 Lombard 
Connor Ryan, lab. Sidney n Ellsworth 
Connor Samuel, N 40th c Hutton (W P) 
Connor Terence, lab. Lehman (Gtn) 
Connor Terence, shoemaker, 294 Richmond 
Connor Terence O., liquors, 313 N 13 th 
Connor Thomas, liquors, South c Chippewa, h 

South n Welsh 
Connor Thos., porter, Laurel n S 3d 
Connor Thos., steward, 1726 Sansom 
Connor Thos., tailor, r 511 Catharine 
Connor Thos., weaver, 328 Belgrade 
Connor Wm., carpenter, r 5 Carman pi 
Connors John, drayman, 1443 N 10th 
Connaughy Wm., boilermaker, 1518 Willow 
Conover George, plumber, h Pennsylvania Far- 
mer's Hotel 
Conohan James, Goodwill ct 
Conover A. M., mer. h Merchant's Hotel 
CONOVER & BROTHERS, (Joseph B., Wm. 

P., iSf O. H. Perry Conover, $ Geo. Dorff,) 

shoes, 524 Market 
CONOVER & RANNEY, (M. C. Conover, S? J. 

W. Ranney,) kindling wood, S 17th c 

Conover Bathsheba, tailoress, 911 Morgan 
Conover Benjamin, bartender, 417 S 2d 
Conover Charles D., carpenter, 1619 Itidge av 
Conover Elias, conductor, 206 N 16th 
Conover Frances (colored), washer, 323 Gris- 

Conover George, ship carpenter, Soutli c S 2d 
Conover George W., carpenter, 826 West 
Conover Hannah, wid. Jacob, 843 N 10th 
Conovet Jonathan, carpenter, 244 N 8th, h 807 

Conover Joseph B., shoes, 524 Market, house 

Conover Lewis, late lamp, 708 S 10th 
Conover Martha H., dressmaker, 826 West 
Conover Matthias C, kindling wood, South c 

17th, h 1902 Lombard 
Conover Michael F., furniture, 241 S 15th 
Conover O. H. Perry, shoes, 524 Market, house 

Schoolhouse la (Gtn) 
Conover Wm., baggage master, 328 Button- 
Conover Wm., conductor, 732 N 9th 
Conover Wm., tailor, 919 Hutchinson 
Conover Wm. H., clerk, 732 N 9th 
Conover Wm. P., shoes, 524 Market, h 1601 

Conover Wm. W., tailor, 919 Hutchinson 
Conoway James, tin worker, r 751 S 7th 
Conoway L., steamboat captain, Main (Myk) 
Conoway Patrick, mechanic, 639 Wharton 
Conoway Patrick, tailor, r Griswold's al n Fitz- 

Conoway Wm., livery stable, 511 Prune 
Conquest George, oysterman, 131 Beck's pi 
Conquest Wm. T., late mer., 1012 Green 
Conrad & Serrill, (Charles Conrad 3f Henry Ser- 

rill,) com. merchants, 206 Chestnut 
Conrad & Walton, (James M. Conrad <$r Coates 

Walton,) hardware, 623 Market 
Conrad Anthony, butcher, Hearts la n N 21st 




Conrad Augustus, silver worker, Diamond near 

Conrad Benjamin, puddler, 908 Marlborough 
Conrad Charles, com. merchant, 206 Chestnut, 

h 2308 Green 
Conrad Edward E., tinsmith, 250 German 
Conrad Eliza, wid Wm, 614 N 10th 
Conrad Frederick A., carpenter, 446 Magnolia 
Conrad George, grocer, Otis n Lemon 
Conrad George, laborer, r 1014 Hope 
Conrad George, lager beer, 510 Callowhill 
Conrad George, painter, 922 S 11th 
CONRAD HARRY, prest. Buck Mt. Coal Co., 

320 Walnut, h 2017 Walnut 
Conrad Henry, shoemaker, 920 Passyunk av 
Conrad H. S., merchant, h Merchants' Hotel 
Conrad Isaac H, 257 N 2d 
Conrad Isaiah, provisions, 1350 Ridge av 
Conrad Isaiah E., wheelwright, 1223 Olive 
Conrad Jacob, liquors, S 33d n Oak (W P) 
Conrad James, hardware, 623 Market, h 1622 

Conrad John, lager beer, 813 Passyunk ay- 
Conrad John, liquors, 131 Laurel 
Conrad John, newsman, 915 N 3d 
Conrad John E., butcher, 2 N 2d st Market, h 

Ridge av ab Wallace 
Conrad Joseph, boots, 118 S 4th 
Conrad J. Hicks, coal, 210 \ Walnut & Delaware 

av n Poplar, h 908 NFront 
Conrad Levi R., clerk, 81j Columbia av 
Conrad Lewis, coal & lime, 900 Master, h 815 

Columbia av 
Conrad Marg't, millinery, 915 Chestnut, 
Conrad Margaret, wid Henry, Ridge av (Rox) 
Conrad Mary, wid Charles, 1225 S Front 
Conrad Nicholas, laborer, r 835 N 3d 
CONRAD OSBORNE, real estate, 252 N 5th 
Conrad Peter, blacksmith, Cedar n Dauphin 
Conrad Peter, bootmaker, 107 S 8th 
Conrad Peter, clerk, 226 N 12th 
Conrad Peter, shoemaker, 7 Manhattan pi 
Conrad Peter, shoemaker, 206 Queen 
Conrad Robert, plumber, 206 Queen 
Conrad Samuel, puddler, r 1204 Be-ch 
CONRAD SOLOMON, merchant, Front c Mar- 
ket, h 1613 Green 
Conrad Susan, widow Joseph, washing, 1105 

Conrad Thomas, carter, Dixey's ct r Lombard 
Conrad Thomas, laborer, 11 Moore 
Conrad Thomas K. Rev., 2017 Walnut 
Conrad Washington, butcher, 1220 Parrish 
Conrad Wm., carpenter, Verree rd 
Conrad Wm., laborer, Castor rd 

Conrow George W., dealer, 20 & 21 Eastern 

Market, h (Camden) 
Conrow Sarah, wid Samuel, 767 S Front 
Conrow Thornton, grocer, 307 N 3d, h 854 N 

Conrow Wm. G., alderman, Ridge av n Mount 

Vernon, h 604 N 13th 
Conroy Bernard, laborer, 1521 Tudor 
Conroy Christian, cordwainer, 220 Green 
Conroy Daniel, laborer, 4 Otsego pi 
Conroy Dennis, laborer, 110 Onas 
Conroy Ellen, wid John, 1023 Hunter 
Conroy James, laborer, r 1316 Lombard 
Conroy James, shoemaker, 1132 Milton 
Conroy Jeremiah, goldbeater, Jackson n Els- 
Conroy John, laborer (Crescentville) 
Conroy John, tailor, 116 South 
Conrov Joseph, mason, Elizabeth n Church 

Conroy Michael, grocer, William c Edgemont 
Conroy Patrick, driver, 2027 Carlton 
Conroy Patrick, inspector, 106 S 22d 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, South cor Barnwell 
Conroy Patrick, laborer, rear 206 N Front 
Conroy Patk., wheelw., Leiper n Unity (Fkd) 
Conroy Thomas P., printer, 72 Richmond 
Conroy William, machinist, 428 S 3d 
Conry John, druggist, Main (Myk) 
Considina Sylvester, hackman, 11 Tenor place 
Considine Dennis, hotel, 507 Prune 
Considine Michael, telegraphist, 116 Bread 
Consoblet Alexander, carver, 900 Walnut 
Consolidated Coal Co., 323 Walnut 
Constable John, 1304 Walnut 
Constable John, farmer, Gtn avenue near Tul- 

pehocken (Gtn) 
Constable Thomas B., furniture, 1233 S 2d 
Constable William, gardener, 937 Hutchinson 
Consiantine Julia, (colored) 211 Monroe 
Constantine Sophia, wid. of Charles, 4 Martin's 

court, rear 955 St John 
Conte David, shoemaker, 209 Beaver 
Continental House, 1417 Brown 
Conver Benjamin, clerk, Gtn avenue n N 5th 
CONVERSE A., D. D., and editor of Christian 

Observer, 108 S 4th, h 1828 Green 
Converse Francis B., editor, 108 S 4th, h 1828 

Converse Henry A., teacher, N 19th cor Green 
Convcry Alexander, coal, Broad N E c Cherry, 

h 1538 Cherry 
Convery James, plumber, 933 S 9th 
Convery Patrick, stoves, 1216 South 

Conrad William H., superintendent, 1124 Par- Conven Peter, grocer, 1434 American 

Conrad Wilson, farmer, Penn (Tacony) 
CONRADE DAVID, real estate agent, 325 S 

Conradi Friedrich, segarmaker, 162 Poplar 
Conradt Charles, chaser, 325 Walnut, h 211 

Conrow & Barber {Thornton Conrow $ Isaac Conway Ann J., (colored) cook, r 1 Oakford pi 

Barber) grocers, 307 N 3d I Conway Bernard, carter, rear 1224 Mascher 

Conrow Ann, widow Charles, boarding house,] Conway Bernard, grocer, 1444 South 

2115 Chestnut I Conway Bridget, wid. of Maurice, 809 S 5th 

Conrow Charles H., engineer, 767 S Front 1 Conway Catharine, wid. of John, 1230 Gtn av 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 

Convery Thomas, coal, 1229 Cherry 
Conville Edward, dyer, r 1339 Gtn avenue 
Conway Sc Brother, ( Thomas G. Conway $ Tunis 

P. Conway,) notions, 817 N 2d 
Conway Andrew, laborer, 2 Dart place 
Conway Ann, wid. Michael, tavern, 748 South 
Conway Ann, wid. Peter, hotel, 165 Thompson 




Conway Catharine, wid. of Michael, 8 Clymer 

near Fitz water 
Conway Catharine, wid. of Patrick, rear 1410 

Conway Charles, coachman, 1909 Cuthbert 
Conway Charles, driver, 1126 Division 
Conway Charles, driver, Salmon near Somerset 
Conway Charles, laborer, rear Bevan's court, r 

223 Washington avenue 
Conway Charles, laborer, 1015 Master 
Conway Charles, soapmaker, 507 Cresson 
Conway Chas. W., bookbinder, 1046 Lawrence 
Conway Daniel, grocer, 756 Passyunk av 
Conway Dennis, slater, Shackamaxon st wharf, 

h 604 N 12th 
Conway Edward, currier,. rear 706 S 3d 
Conway Edward, laborer, Hance place, Cadwal 

ader near Jefferson 9 
Conway Edmund G., seaman, 737 Medina 
Conway Fanny, teacher, 820 S 9th 
Comvay Francis, coachman, 145 N 12th 
CONWAY FRANCIS, soap and candle manu- 
facturer, 114 & 118 Relief, h 219 Lombard 
Conway Hamilton, shoemaker, Vetter lane n3d, 

h 729 Oxford 
Conway Hamilton H., shovelmaker, 729 Oxford 
Conway Hannah A., millinery, 310 S 10th 
Conway James, bartender, 914 Ridge avenue 
Conway James, blacksmith, 1046 Lawrence 
Conway James, blacksmith, 934 S 4th 
Conway James, carter, 738 Carpenter 
Conway James, harness, 207 S 4th, h 106 Vine 
Conway James, segarmaker, 212 Stamper alley 
Conway James, tailor, Spring near Somerset 
Conway John, S 10th cor Christian , 
Conway John, blacksmith, 1111 Shippen,h 1322 

Conway John, boots and shoes, 312 S 2d 
Conway John, butcher, 811 N 12th 
Conway John, clerk, 1230 Gtn avenue 
Conway John, laborer, 942 Alder 
Conway John, laborer, Ches. hill It R station 
Conway John, laborer, 1231 Clarion 
Conway John, jr., laborer, 1231 Clarion 
Conway John, laborer, 111 Dugan 
Conway John, laborer, Ridge av corner Lamb 

Tavern rd 
Conway John, liquors, 1400 N 10th 
Conway John, sailmaker, 737 Dickerson 
Conway John, shoemaker, r 845 Marriott 
Conway John, tailor, 826 Essick 
Conway John, umbrellamaker, r 607 S Juniper 
Conway John, waterman, 752 S Front 
Conway John F., clerk, 8 Clymer n Fitzwater 
Conway Joseph, laborer, 307 Trout 
Conway Martin, laborer, 1343 Pearl 
Conway Mary, candy, Philip n Norris 
Conway Mary, tailoress, 1722 Latimer place 
Conway Mary, wid. Patrick, tailoress, rear 518 

Conway Michael, carter, 1011 Portland 
Conway Michael, laborer, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Conway Michael, laborer, r 1026 Lemon 
Conway Patrick, baker, 508 N 24th 
Conway Patrick, blacksmith, 1645 Lombard 
Conway Patrick, bottler, 1021 Hunter, h 1024 

Conway Patrick, grocer, 722 Shippen 

Conway Patrick, porter, 2119 Cuthbert 
Conway Peter, laborer, Summer (Rox) 
Conway Philip, dry goods, 19 N 11th, h 1031 

Conway Philip, weaver, N 2d n York 
Conway Rensselaer, chandelier maker, 422 

Conway Robert, weaver, 1330 Columbia av 
Conway Sarah, wid. Michael, grocery, 14 Bed- 
Conway Susan, wid., seamstress, 1611 Melloy 
Conway Susan, wid. Edward, r 706 S 3d 
Conway Thomas, M. D., 540 N 12th 
Conway Thomas G., notions, 817 N 2d, h 864 

N 5th 
Conway Thomas H., patterns, 206 Vine 
Conway Tunis P., notions, 817 N 2d, h 864 

N 5th 
Conway William, fireman, r N 2d n Oxford 
Conway William, laborer, Philip n Norris 
Conway Win., laborer, 2214 Sansom 
Conway Wm, sawmaker, r 925 Charlotte, h 

227 Union 
Conway Wm., soap & candle manuf., 316 S 2d, 

and 311 & 313 Comptroller 
Conwell Hubert, blacksmith, r 514 South 
Conwell John, laborer, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Conwell John D., cabinetmaker., 1131 Den- 
mark place 
Conwell Thomas, laborer, Jefferson (Gtn) 
Conyers John, broker, 142£ S 3d, house 644 

Conyers Thomas, carpenter, 1417 Savery 
Conyers Walter, clerk, 1429 Girard av 
Convers Wiiliam, shoemr., Edgemont n Clear- 

Conyngham Wm. L., grocer, 522 Market, h 

1307 Locust 
Coock Christian, butcher. 1317 Columbia av 
Cooey Wm., tanner, 7 Bristow place 
Coogan James, coachman, 1638 Sansom 
Coogan Owen, second hand ware, 749 Shippen 
Coogan AVm., coachman, 1206 Canby 
Coogan Wm., shoemaker, 827 Fitzwater 
Cook Abraham, capmaker, r 513 Bedford 
Cook Alexander, laborer, 1811 Ridge av 
Cook Alexander, printer, 1227 S 3d 
Cook St Furman, ( William Cook § Samuel T. 

Furman), carpenters, Percy n Girard av 
Cook Anthony, laborer, 132 S 24th 
Cook Arthur, clerk, 2031 Clemming 
Cook Asher, 1100 Vine 
Cook Catharine, wid. Elijah, tailoress, 1305 

N Front 
Cook Charles, carpenter, Austin n Wharton 
Cook Charles, carpenter, 1906 Brandywine 
Cook Charles, laborer, r 938 New Market 
Cook Charles, laborer, 717 Webb 
Cook Charles, tinsmith, Kesler n Norris 
Cook C. W, clerk, h William Penn Hotel 
Cook Charles C, carpenter, 1906 Brandywine 
Cook Christian H., butcher* 153 Spring Garden- 

St Mkt, h 1316 Columbia av 
Cook Conrad gardener, (Torresdale) 
Cook David, bootmaker, 1409 Race 
Cook Edward, musician, 463 Canton 
Cook Edward, segarmaker, 2028 Pine 
Cook Edward, (col'd) waiter, 1021 Lombard 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Cook E. R. & Son, (Elias R. A John J. Cook,) 

grocers, Lombard c 21st 
Cook Edwin It., grocer, 1500 Ridge av 
Cook Elias R., grocer, Lombard c 21st 

Cook John, plate stamper, 1605 Wood 
Cook John, jr., clerk, 1608 Market 
Cook John B., lumber mer., N Broad ab Wood 
h 536 N 13th 

Cook Eliza, wid Charles E., cigars, 304 S 5th | Cook John E., carpenter, 941 Spring- Garden 
Cook Eliza, wid James, washer, 16 Gossamer 
Cook Ellen, (col'd) cook, r 121 Gatzmer 
Cook Fleming, Francis, late Minor n Girard 

Gook Francis, barber, 9 Mattiss 
Cook Francis, machinist, 407 N 16th 
Cook George, bartender, 332 St John 
Cook George, brushmaker, 110 Exchange pi 
Cook George, carpenter, Bridge (Bridesburg) 
Cook George, clerk, 1608 Cherry 
Cook George, sawyer, 1317 N 4th 
Cook George, wheelwright, Norris n Front 
Cook G. B., clerk, 1505 Race 
Cook George S., photographs, 820 & 434 

Chestnut, h at Charleston 
Cook Gustavus B., clerk, 1505 Race 
Cook Harry, porter, 738 S 13th 
Cook Allen E., ladies caps, 619 Poplar 
Cook Henry, carpenter, 944 S 8th 
Cook Henry, tinsmith, Porter's ct 
Cook Henry, foreman, 1419 Howard 
Cook Henry, laborer, 758 S 13th 
Cook Henry, saddler, 17 Brown 
Cook Henry, stovemaker. 927 S 11th 
Cook Henry A., tailor, 316 Gaskill 
Cook Henry D., 530 N 19th 
Cook Harry N., gold leaf, 59 S 4th, h 1033 

Cook Isaac I., tavern, Vine c N 11th 
Cook Jacob, baker, Haines (Gtn) 
Cook Jacob, brickmaker, 1917 Harmstead 
Cook Jacob, grocer, Richmond c Church 

Cook James, carter, Kemble n S 12th 
Cook James, clerk, 16 Gossamer 
Cook James, confectioner, 6 Filbert av 
Cook James, cooper, 4 Queen av r 334 Queen 
Cook James, fruiterer, 2 S 8th, h 6 Filbert av 
Cook James, grocer, Jefferson c N Front h 

103 Jefferson 
Cook James, laborer, r 1522 Bodine 
Cook James, shoemaker, 1043 Dorrance 
Cook James H., clerk, 511 N 4th 
Cook Jane, boarding, 331 S 3d 
Cook Jane, wid John, 1725 Carver 
Cook Jane, (col'd) domestic, Cross al 
Cook J. D., letter carrier, 486 Gtn av 
Cook Jasper C, clerk, r 757 N 24th 
Cook Jessee M., coal, 138 Walnut, h 808 N 8th 
Cook Joel, 1505 Race 
Cook John, 1608 Cherry 
Cook John, carter, 1533 Montgomery av 
Cook John, coachmaker, 1 Overholsten ct 
Cook John, grocer, 1500 N Front, h 105 Jef- 
Cook John, huckster, r 626 Bedford 
Cook John, lab. Salmon n Ann (Richmond) 
Cook John, lampmaker, 815 Darien 
Cook John, painter, 24th n Walnut 
Cook John, M. D., 618 S 11th 
Cook John, plasterer, Cross u S 10th 
Cook John, soap manf. Wood st wharf, Schuvl 
kill, & 1625 Market, h 1608 Cherry 

Cook John F., baker, 146 New Market 

Cook John F., painter, Walnut c 24th 

Cook John G., weaver, 404 Christian 

Cook John, teller, 969 Beach, h 1120 Shacka- 

Cook John J., grocer, Lombard c 21st h 2012 

Cook John M., High (Myk) 
Cook John N., iron railing maker, Wister (Gtn) 
Cook Jonas, carpenter, 643 N 17th 
Cook Joseph, com. mer., 30 Del. avenue, h 127 

Cook Joseph, florist, Franklin Market, h late 

Taney n Girard av 
Cook Joseph, laborer, 843 McGrath 
Cook Joseph, porter, 400 Henry 
Cook Joseph, porter house, 316 Shippen 
Cook Joseph H., grocer, 101 &. h 111 Laurel 
Cook Julius D., merchant, 539 Pine 
Cook Justice, woolen, 425 Moyer 
Cook Louis, clothing, 1335 N 2d 
Cook Margaret, wid William, 1009 Randolph 
Cook Margaret, (col'd) 121 Gatzmer 
Cook Mary, 400 Henry 
Cook M_r\, 2 Rose al 
Cook Mary, 1020 S 7th 
Cook Mary A., wid James, High (Myk) 
Cook Mary F., (col'd) wid Joseph, milliner, 

1522 Carlton 
Cook Mary S., dressmaker, Centre n Hancock 

Cook Martin, shoemaker, 26 Cuba 
Cook Matthew, coal, 9 Leeds avenue 
Cook Matthew, cordwainer, 758 S 5th 
Cook Michael, cordwainer, 324 German 
Cook Michael, liquors, 1221 South 
Cook Moses, combmaker, 1006 Charlotte 
Cook Napoleon B., carpenter, Caroline near 

Wharton, h 417 Worth 
Cook Nicholas, carpenter, 1336 Warnock 
Cook Patrick, boatman, 144 S 24th 
Cook Perran J., seaman, 610 Carpenter 
Cook Richard, (col'd) laborer, 635 St Mary 
Cook Robert, laborer, 1526 State 
Cook Robert, marble, 1526 State 
Cook Samuel, cooper, 835 Market 
Cook Samuel, machinist, 509 N 13th 
Cook Samuel, varieties, 509 S 2d 
Cook Samuel C, auctioneer, 124 S Front, h 

332 S 16th 
Cook Samuel J., shoemaker. 1545 N Front 
Cook Theodore, shoemaker, 439 Richmond 
Cook Thomas, 104 Fine 
Cook Thomas, blacksmith, Armat (Gtn) 
Cook Thomas, carpenter, N 5th n Oxford 
Cook Thomas, carver, 619 Poplar 
Cook Thomas, liquors, 615 S 5th 
Cook T. J., foundry facings, Richmond n Norris, 

h 1016 Poplar 
Cook Thomas G., clerk, 155 Laurel 
Cook Thomas J., clerk, 521 Powell 
Cook Thomas R., brickmaker, York av n (R Sun) 
Cook Wm, bootmaker, 28 Parkam 

Jules Hauel & Co.'s Cologne Waters are 




Cook William, bandbox, 1024 Market, h r 18 V Cooker Peter, cutler, Gtn av n Washington av 

Cooker William, brickmaker, N 2d n Chatham 
Cookin Nathaniel W., engineer, 1326 Ellsworth 
Cookman Alfred Rev., 224 N 5th 
Cookman &. Brothers, (George <$- William W. 
Cookman,) feed com. mer., N Broad ab 
Cookman Frank, merchant, N Broad n Filbert, 

h 110 N 12th 
Cookman George, com. mer., N Broad ab Fil- 
bert, h 1613 Arch 
Cookman William W., com. mer., N Broad ab 

Filbert, h 1011 Race 
Cookson Charles, candlemaker, 728 N 22d 
Cookson John, blacksmith, Burgess pi n Colum- 
bia av 
Cool Catharine, widow of William, Serrill n 

Cook William, bricklayer, 724 Wharton 
Cook W'illiam, butcher, 1734 Montrose 
Cook William, carpenter, 1326 Franklin 
Cook William, carpenter, 210 New 
Cook William, carpenter, 1730 Stiles 
Cook William, combmaker, 1006 Charlotte 
Cook William, engineer, Marley's ct 
Cook William, iron, Armat (Gtn), h Lehman c 

Marion (Gtn) 
Cook William, stonecutter, 1809 Ridge av 
Cook William, tailor, 1004 Parker 
Cook William, weaver, r 1524 Bodine 
Cook William, weaver, N Front r Montgomery 

Cook William, (col'd) seaman, 243 Schell 
Cook William C, clerk, 124 S Front, h Broad 

c S Penn Square 

Cook William H., chandler, r N 22d bet Race'Coolbreath Sevmour T., clerk, 303 Catharine 

and Vine COOLEY A. B. & CO., (A. B. Cooley % F. B. 

Cook William K., carpenter, 1111 Spg Garden) Colton,) contractors, 214 S Del ay 

Cook William W., dealer, 249 Eastern Market,! COOLEY AARON B., contractor, 214 S Dela- 
te clerk, 30 N Del. av, h Arch n N 2d ware av, h 1602 Summer 
Cook Zephaniah, weaver, Creisheim lane ; Cooley Augustus, police, 1617 Wood 
Cooke A. A., wid Thomas, doctress, 505 Wood Cooley Charles, weaver, Hancock (Gtn) 
Cooke & Ogden, (James E. Cooke £f William Cooley George W., laborer, Washington av 
M. Ogden,) soap & candles, 211 Race and Cooley Horace, paper, 1814 Addison 
1016 Poplar Cooley John, 1201 Warnock 
Cooke Annie M., trimmings, 1004 Poplar i Cooley John, upholsterer, Dauphin n Amber 
Cooke Arthur B., painter, 1004 Poplar i Cooley Samuel, police, 1617 Wood 
Cooke Asher C, bricklaver, 132 N 9th Cooley Thomas, carman, 434 Dillwyn 
COOKE BENJAMIN J.', clocks, 149 N 3d, Cooley Thomas, weaver, Lehman (Gtn) 

Cooley William C. Rev., 619 Washington av 
Cooley William S., teacher, 1112 Market, h S 
11th n Walnut 

h 827 Ellsworth 
Cooke B. P., teacher, 841 N Broad 
Cooke Ferdinand D., laborer, 728 "Webb 
Cooke George, druggist, N 8th c Race, h 841JCOOLIDGE & DURBOROW, (Edwin Coolidge 

N Broad $■ Alan C. Durborow,) boots and shoes, 

Cooke George S., photographs, 434 and 820 427 Market 

Chestnut Coolidge Edwin, boots and shoes, 427 Market, 

Cooke Henry, hotel, 507 N 11th h 462 Marshall 

Cooke Jacob, segars, 313 Harmony pi, h Federal, Coolidge Elizabeth, wid. George A., 924 Mor- 

n 5th Camden gan 

Cooke James E., soap, 211 Race &. 1016 Pop-, Cooling Ann, wid. James, 736 Guilford 

lar, h N Broad n Poplar 
Cooke James H., clerk, 301 Market 
Cooke John C, tailor, 832 Catharine 
Cooke John J., shoemaker, 114 Senate 
Cooke John W., paperhanger, 1801 Lee 
Cooke Joseph, carman, 1708 Coates 
Cooke Joseph, clerk, 1107 Fries ct 
Cooke Samuel, bricklayer, 122 N 6th, h 

Cooke S. K., dressmaker, 204 Evelina 
Cooke Thomas J., clerk, 521 Powell 


Cooling Henry S., coachmaker, 1429 Barclay 
Cooling John, barkeeper, 210 N 3d 
Cooling Joseph N., coachmaker, 1429 Barclay 
Cooling Morgan, drayman, r 1354 Hope 
Coombe Benjamin, engineer, 245 Allen 
Coombe Pennell Rev.,' 609 Marshall 
I Coombe Thomas R., druggist, Market n 39th 

(WP) _ 

Coombs Benjamin, 767 S 3d 

Coon Christoper, police, Main (Holmesburg) 

Coon Ephraim, com. merchant, 29 S Water, h 

Cooke Thomas J., foundry facings, 1018 Pop-| Ridgway House 

lar Coon George, laborer, 1010 Hope 

Cooke William, bartender, SheafT's al Coon Jacob, Paul n Church (Fkd) 

Cooke William, boxmaker, 1107 Fries ct Coon Lewis, miller, 51 Richmond 

Cooken Mary Ann, shirtmaker, Gaskill c S 3d 'Coon Maria, wid. John, 10 N 17th 
Cooker Catharine. Frankford avn Reading av Coon Mattison, com. mer., 29 S Water, h Her 
Cooker George, ropemaker, Maple n Rich- kimer Co., New York 

mond (Rich) 
Cooker John, carpenter, 1013 Montgomery 
Cooker John G., butcher, Paschal n Church 

Cooker Joseph, brassfounder, Orkney n Dia-iCoonahan Thomas, pedler, 114 Shippen 

mond Icoonen Anthony, laborer (Feltonville) 

Coon Rachel, seamstress, Paul n Church (Fkd) 
Coon Washington, laborer, Paul n Taconv 

Coon William, printer, Paul n Church (Fkd) 

superior to anything of the kind in this Country, 




Coones George, salesman, 1135 Coates 
Cooncy Adam, laborer, Red Lion rd 
Cooney Andrew, tollgate keeper Asylum rd 
Cooney Annie, grocer, 1107 Ohio 
Cooney Christopher, 931 S 9th 
Cooney Christopher, printer, 914 S 11th 
Cooney James, laborer, 1617 Thompson 
Cooney John, bricklayer, 931 S 9th 
Cooney John, broker, 1105 South 
Cooney John, laborer (Lagrange) 
Cooney Joseph, shoemaker, 1021 S 9th 
Cooney Michael, laborer, 1617 Thompson 
Cooney Nicholas, laborer, r 12 Reed 
Cooney Owen, seaman, 1107 Ohio 
Cooney Patrick, carman, r 606 Beach 
Coonev Patrick, driver, Harrison n Frankford 

Cooney Patrick, laborer, 1107 Ohio 
Cooney Thos., laborer, 1617 Thompson 
Cooney Thos. J., silver plater, South n S 23d 
Cooney Wm., laborer, Richmond (Bdg) 
Coonis Gilbert, (col'd) coachman, Fothergill n 

Coonnan Patrick, lab. Sloan n Green (W P) 

Cooper Edward, seaman, r 738 Moss 

Cooper Edward S., medicines, 405 Spruce, h 

406 S Front 
Cooper Edwin, plasterer, Gtn av n "Walnut 

Cooper Elizabeth, widow Augustus, teacher, 

817 Fitzwater 
Cooper Elizabeth, wid. Edwd., 710 N 3d 
Cooper Elizabeth, widow John, seamstress, 

Path n Race 
Cooper Elizabeth A., artist in hair, 928 & h 

924 N 2d 
Cooper Erasmus W., painter, 104 Prime 
Cooper Erwin J., 1720 Race 
Cooper Eugene G., clevk, 686 N 13th 
Cooper Francis, clerk, 1327 Thompson 
Cooper Francis, pres., 138 N 6th, and snufF, 670 

N 11th, h 333 Pine 
Cooper Franklin, 123 N 13th 
Cooper Franklin, plasterer, Germantown av n 

Walnut (Gtn) 
Cooper Geo., confect. 924 N 2d 
Cooper George, cooper, 337 S Front 
Cooper Geo. H, (col'd) waiter, 1203 Federal 

Coons Amelia, wid. Benjamin, seamstress, 123 Cooper Geo. W., chemist, 834 N 16th 


Coope Jas., spinner, Otis n Carroll 
Coope Jacob, spinner, 2219 Clayton 
Cooper Aaron, (col'd) coachman, 815 Depot 
Cooper Abby, 1717 Walnut 
Cooper Abraham, spinner, (Crescentville) 
Cooper Alexander, peddler, 617 Guilford 
Cooper Alfred H., clerk, 221 N 6th 

Cooper Geo. W., painter, 711 Hubbell 
Cooper Hannah, (col'd) widow William, 739 

I Cooper Henry, cabinetmaker 218 Quince 
, Cooper Henry, farmer, N 21st c Oxford 
I Cooper Hiram G., gravel roofing, 228 Walnut, h 

822 New Market 
Cooper Henry J., cooper, 711 Hubbell 
Cooper Alice H., teacher, N 23d n Callowhill, Cooper Henry W., brassfr. Richmond (Bdg) 

h 686 N 13th Cooper Horace, clerk, 523 S 2d 

COOPER & CONARD, (Isaac Cooper $ Sam- Cooper Howard, driver, 6 Glenville pi r 828 

uel Conard) dry goods, 820 Market N 15th 

Cooper Sc Sanders, (col'd) (P. C. Cooper <$r Bob- Cooper Hugh D., carpenter, 7 Hock pi 

ert Sunders) tailors, 915 South Cooper Isaac, dry goods, 838 Market, house 1 

COOPER & STOKES, (James Cooper A John S 9th 

W. Stokes) attys and couns. 423 Walnut Cooper Isaac, (col'd) seaman, 1 Bedford 
Cooper & Walter, (Francis Cooper % George Cooper Jacob L., grocer, Orchard n Church 

Walter) snuff, 670 N 11th (Frankford) 

Cooper Ann, widow Charles, housekeeper, 139 Cooper James, 95 Frankford (Fkd) 


Cooper Ann, widow, seamstress, 7 S 17th 
Cooper Ann V., 123 N 13th 
Cooper Anna M., 122 N 12th 
Cooper Anton, r 1416 Lawrence 
Cooper Benj. O, 154 N 11th 
Cooper Benj. C, carpenter, 2150 Sharswood 
Cooper Benj. F., flour dealer, 1212 Palethorp 
Cooper Caroline, widow Francis L., 686 N 13th 
Cooper Casper, clerk, Evangelist n S 7th 
Cooper Charles, bootfitter, r 748 S 2d 

Cooper James, dyer, Elizabeth n Sellers (Fkd) 

Cooper James, engineer, 1726 Callowhill 

Cooper James, lab. Mill n Paul (Fkd) 

Cooper James, lab. 2015 Locust 

Cooper James, messenger, Evangelist n S 7th 

Cooper James, painter, 107 Catharine 

Cooper James, pres., &. attor. & couns. 423 

Walnut, h Shoemaker's la (Gtn) 
Cooper James, tobacco, 347 S 13th 
Cooper James, weaver, Adrian n Thompson 
Cooper James, jr., grocer, 43 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper J. Wallace, 449 N 2d 

Cooper Charles, bricklayer, 905 Noble 

Cooper Charles, cabinetmr. 1216 Buttonwood Cooper James B., salesman, 818 Buttonwood 
Cooper Chas., carpenter, 864 N 6th Cooper James B., upholsterer, 416 Dean 

Cooper Charles, clerk, 257 N 2d Cooper James D., coach finisher, Wylie n Per- 

Cooper Clara, widow Lazarus Barclay n Broadi kiomen 

Cooper Clara, wid. Uriah, 917 South' Cooper Jas. E., stage proprietor, Gtn av (Nice- 

Cooper C. C, M. D., 52 N 13th town) 

Cooper Charles B., bricklayer, 2012 Chestnut Cooper Jas. M., carpenter, 1117 Carpenter, h 
Cooper Charles D. Rev., 6i4 Race 820 S 9th 

Cooper Charles H., machinist, 1519 Melloy Cooper Jas. S., machinist, r 54 Frankford, h 
Cooper Chas. W jr., coachtrimmer, 1231 Brown I Paul n Green (Fkd) 

Cooper David, mach. 1209 S 8th I Cooper Jas. R., cooper, 135 S Water & 1009 

Cooper Edmund, cabinetmr. N 21st o Oxford Otsego, h Summit Hill 

The largest Wholesale and Retail Stock of Watches and Jewelry 




Cooper Jane, milliner, 70 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper Jane 1 C, 1433 Chestnut 
Cooper John, brakesman, 2218 Market 
Cooper John, brewer, N 2d c Huntington 
Cooper John, cabinetmr. 622 Christian 
Cooper John, confectioner, 709 S 11th 
COOPER JOHN, grocer, 95 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper John, lab. N 25th c Somerset 
Cooper John, machinist, 5 Amity 
Cooper John machinist, 70 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper John, restaurant, 1434 Frankford av 
Cooper John, shoemaker 1074 Frankford av 
Cooper John, weaver, r 1419 Howard 
Cooper John, (col'd,) shoemr. 737 Lebanon 
Cooper John, (col'd,) waiter, 207 Manship 
Cooper John E., carpenter, 1216 Otis 
Cooper John H., macht., 124 N 7th, h 7th near 

Cooper John S., cotton mill, 2204 Wood 
Cooper John W., shoemaker, r 748 S 2d 
Cooper Jonathan, tailor, 258 Chester 
Cooper Joseph, 123 N 13th 
Cooper Joseph, dry goods, 1901 Market 
Cooper Joseph, harnessmr. 2439 Callowhill 
Cooper Joseph B., carp. 1635 Barker, h 1600 

Cooper Joseph B., watchmaker, 538 Spruce 
Cooper Joseph T., hatter, 1315 Corn 
Cooper Joseph T. Rev., 321 Richmond 
Cooper Josiah C, M.D., 139 Arch 
Cooper Julia, embroidery, 737 S 10th 
Cooper Julia, wid Joseph, 910 Leithgow 
Cooper Lawrence, shoemr. 818 Buttonwood 
Cooper Lewis, broker, 136 S 3d, h 1711 Lo- 
Cooper Lewis, manuf. bed quilts, 1201 Market, 

h Western Exch. Hotel 
Cooper Matthew, druggist, 1006 Shippen 
Cooper Margaret, wid. John, washerwoman, 8 

Cooper Margaret, wid Michael, 515 Fitzwater 
Cooper Mary, wid Wm., washing, 2 Hacker pi 
Cooper Mary, (col'd,) laundress, 1412 S 8th 
Cooper Milo", bookkeeper, 709 S 11th 
Cooper Milton, hats & caps, 51 N 3d, h Coop- 

ersburg, Pa 
Cooper M. Wm., cooper, 71 Otsego, h Front n 

Cooper Moses H., seaman, 619 S Front 
Cooper Nicholas, lab. 1249 Hope 
Cooper P., weigher, 823 S 10th 
COOPER, PARHAM & WORK, (Milton Coop- 
er, Wm. M. Parham <$- Robert D. Work,) 
hats, caps, & straw goods, 51 N 3d 
Cooper Pan-is C. (col'd,) tailor, 915 South, h 

1320 Catharine 
Cooper Paul, clerk, 1319 N 11th 
Cooper Peregrine, min. painter, 1024 Chestnut 
Cooper Philip, shoemr. 1012 Dorrance 
Cooper Rachel, seamstress, 240 N 15th 
COOPER REDMAN, carriage findings, 35 S 

2d, h 530 Marshall 
Cooper Reuben N., wheelwright, Gtn av c N 

791 Gtn av 
Cooper Richard, clerk, 925 S 4th 
Cooper Richard, (col'd,) coachman, 248 Cur- 
rant al 
Cooper Richard T., clerk, 925 S 4th 

Cooper Robert, cooper, 336 S Water, h 337 S 

Cooper Robert, finisher, Thompson av (Myk) 
Cooper Robert, police, 228 Stamper al 
Cooper Robert, silversmith, 427 Prune, h 438 

Cooper Robert, yarn sizer, 2023 Harmstead 
Cooper Robert H., jewelry, 1102 Gtn av, h 808 

Gtn av 
Cooper Robert M., clerk, 709 S 11th 
Cooper Rosalinda, 418 Carpenter 
Cooper Samuel, furniture, 77 Frankford (Fkd) 
Cooper Saml., shoemr. 162 Master 
Cooper Saml., tailor, Gtn av n Walnut (Gtn) 
Cooper Saml., (col'd,) waiter, 210 Acorn al 
Cooper Saml. C, real estate, 221 N 6th 
Cooper Sarah, washerwoman, 819 Lawrence 
Cooper Simon, dry goods, Sp Garden n N 9th, 

h 920 Mt Vernon 
Cooper Thomas, brushes, 3 N Front, h 139 N 

Cooper Thomas, spinner, 2051 Hampton 
Cooper Thomas, weaver, 1500 Bodine 
Cooper T. F., portrait painter, 1024 Chestnut 
Cooper T. Frank, mer. 217 S 3d, h 123 N 13th 
Cooper Thomas F. G., att'y & couns. 233 S 5th, 

h S 10th n Locust 
Cooper Walker, foreman, 138 Thompson 
Cooper Warden, spinner, r 1831 South 
Hooper Wm., bartender, 27 Strawberry 
Cooper Wm., boarding, 228 Stamper al 
Cooper Wm., bookbr. 737 S 10th 
Cooper Wm., carpenter, Mangrove pi 
Cooper Wm., clerk, Penn n Unity (Fkd) 
Cooper Wm., clerk, 35 S 4th, h 523 S 2d 
Cooper "Wm., coachman, r 225 S Juniper 
Cooper Wm., dry goods, 523 S 2d 
Cooper Wm., fruiterer, 312 S 4th 
Cooper Wm. Rev., 1006 N 5th 
Cooper Wm., shoemaker, 1135 Vienna 
Cooper Wm., weaver, 2048 Hampton 
Cooper Wm., (col'd,) waiter, 1533 Carver 
Cooper Wm. C, confectioner, 4 Walnut, h 312 

S 4th 
Cooper Wm. E., cotton goods, 1139 Gtn av 
Cooper Wm. E., painter, 119 Brown 
Cooper Wm. F., inspector Custom House, Love- 
lace n Apple (Hestonville) 
Cooper Wm. G., (col'd,) bootmr. 712 Wharton 
Cooper Wm. H., cabinetmr. 518 N 9th, h 1220 

Cooper Wm. H., liquors, 118 Walnut, h 1133 

Cooper Wm. M., cooper, 135 S Water & 100 

Otsego, h 406 S Front 
Cooper Wm. M. & Co. {Henry W. Pearce Sf 

James R. Cooper) coopers, 135 S Water & 

1009 Otsego 
Cooper Wm. P., superintendent, Adams n Ken- 
sington av (Fkd) 
Cooper Wm. B., clerk, 19 N. 8th 
Cooper Wm. S., brassfounder, 650 N 15th 
Cooper Wm. T., salesman, 820 S 9th 
Coote Owen, laborer, 117 Eutaw 
Ccpe Alfred, mer., 1 Walnut, h York av n Gtn 
Cope Brothers (Francis R. $ Thomas P. Cope) 

shipping merchants, 1 Walnut 
Cope Caleb, merchant, St. Lawrence Hotel 

in the United States. H. Mulligan, 444 North Second St., Philadelphia. 




Cope Caleb, carpenter, 1140 Passyunk av 
Cope Charles, butcher, r 229 Marion 
Cope Charles, joiner, 930 Otsego 
Cope Cornelius, cabinetmaker, 1167 Sophia 
Cope Edward, hosiery, Washington av (Gtn) 

Copes' Line Liverpool Packets, pier foot Wal" 

nut, N side 
COPES M. V. K., collector, 618 Spruce 
Copestick Henry, baker, Germantown av near 
Rittenhousc (Gtn) 
Cope Edward & Son (William Cope) hosiery, Copestick Matthew, cordwainer, 238 Arch, h 

Washington av (Gtn) * 1130 Ogden 

Cope Edward, clerk, Washington av (Gtn) Copestick Win., weaver, Centre (Gtn) 

Cope Edwin R., paper, 17 S 6th, h Tulpehocken Copia Jacob, 629 Pine 
Cope Elias G., grocer, N W 2d & Arch, h 645 Copley Pierce, clerk, 731 N 9th 

N 11th Copley Pierce F., clerk, 731 N 9th 

Cope Elizabeth, wid Thomas, furniture, 1103 N Copley Robert, liquors, 700 N 23d 

2d & 1101 Germantown av, h St. John near ^OPP GEORGE, undertaker, 435 Vine 
Noble C°PP Samuel, plasterer, Levering near Wood 

Cope Francis R., merchant, 1 Walnut, h 907 t Coppee Henry, professor Penn University, h 

Clinton 1826 Pine 

Cope George, clerk, 1240 N 3d Coppel George, gardener, Long la n Buck rd 

Cope Henry, mer., 1 Walnut, h.228 S 4lh j Coppel Henry, laborer, Long la n Buck rd 

Cope Henry, butcher, 1 & 3 Moyamensing av Coppell Jacob, brickmaker, 1943 Harmstead 

Copper &. Fry {John C. Copper 4" William C. 

Market, li 1325 Men amensing av 
Cope Hermann, 1807 Vine 
Cope Isaac, Gorgas (Gtn) 
Cope Jacob J., gent., Tulpehocken (Gtn) 
Cope Jane, wid John, 930 Otsego 
Cope John, butcher, 29 Shippen st Market, h 

10 Wyatt 
Cope J