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Charles E. 



So ''^ 



mmm mm mmtn 


Office, 331 North Third Street, 


-rt -a >% a 

>- '^ .S 

rO O X 

to a 

.e A< 

-2 b „ 

-u bo o P< 

-s :^ 

1 ^^l-^S 

C £ S ^' !>. 05 

^ .a ^ 

H PS ,^ 

'^ 3 

1^ V I 


® ii- — ' 

•d « 

p o 


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o p::^' 


B ". 2 


^ ^ p- 


f^ S: 3' 

CD t? P 



out n 





O O 

0. o i-^ 


One Dol 

e, with ¥ 
eposit til 


1 wi 



O-J? P' 


5 Q i^' 


p p ^ 



H pj 

P M 

m. Pi 









From l) to 2 J o'clock; also on Monday and Thursday from 5 until 8 o'clock in the evening. 

Frederick Ki.ett, 
John p. Levy, 
Hon. Henry K. Strong, 
Daniel Underkofler, 
Frederick Staake, 

FRANCIS HART, Secretary. 


Francis Hart, 
.Joseph P. Le Clerc, 
.John Kessi,er, Jr., 
James S. Prin'gi.e, 
Joseph M. Cowell, 
Hon. Williaji Mii-lward, 


George Knecht, 
Peter C. Ei.i.maker, 
Robert B. Davidson, 
George T. Thorn. 

JAMES S. PRIN6LE, President. 



113G Ridge Avenne, Pbiladelphia. 












And all other descriptions of Ornamental Iron Work. 


N. & G. TAYLOR, 





Would respectfully invite tlie attention of the public to their 








1204 Frankford Avenue, above Girard Avenue, 


The Richmond and Girard Avenue City Riiihvay Cars, pass the premises 
everv few minutes. 


A D A' E U 'j^ i S E 31 E N T S 


<^J Mi, 







Chestnut Street, near Tenth 


9 South Eighth Street, near Market, 

^S^^Repairing done neatly. Orders promptly attended to. 



JriiiilM I /i I lU j^ Ok IlU/iiJ W/iitUJii 

OFFICE— S. W. Cor. of St. John and Buttonwood Streets, 
FACT0RIES-2d & Lehigh Av., and 495, 497 & 499 N. 3d St., 


JVos, 68, 70 and 72 Caronilolet Street, JVetc Orleans, 

Orders from any part of the United States, South America, West 
Indies and Mexico, addressed to them at Philadelphia, or David 
G. Wilson, 68 Carondolet Stree.t, New Orleans, or to their Agent, 
Daniel Fitler, Mobile, Alabama, will meet prompt attention, and 
will be executed on the most liberal terms. 



]Man-L"ifact\irers of 





And all other articles used by the Profession. 

CJ.A.T-a.I.OC3rXJES SJEiJfffrr 03V jiVI»3E>IjICA."I"rC>3Sr. 



Devoted, to the Iixtei'ests of tlie Profession. 


J. D. WHITE, M.D., D.D.S., J. H. McQUILLEN, D.D.S., 


Price, $2.50 a year, in advance. Single Copies, 35 cent». 

s:i:> i^ lip co:> ^£p ^ 8 

628 Arch Street, Philadelphia. 658 Broadway, New York. 

16 Tremont Row, Boston. 102 Randolph Street, Chicago. 



Connecting all parts of the with all parts of the 





And Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, Dayton, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Cairo, 
Memphis and New Orleans. 



Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and its connecting; lines, 

May be had at the Railroad Offices in THE WEST. 

It presents at once the attractions of SPEED, DIRECTXES>S, REGULARITY, COMFORT 
and SAFETY; all of which are crowned wUh the unapproachable BEAUTY and GRAIiDEUR of 
its SCENERY. This is the 

OJVIjIl^ HOUTJE to Ww1SHIJ\*GTOJ\* ciTir. 

Sleeping Cars on all Night Trains. Through Conductors and Baggage Masters. 

Superior Dining Houses, and other conveniences for travellers, have recently been added to 
the attractions of this Road. 



Round Trip Tickets for Washington 

By this route, at but Two Dollars more than the Through Tickets to those places, thus allowing 
the peculiar advantage of A VISIT TO THE NATIONAL XETBOPOLIS, as well as all the great 
ATLANTIC CITIES, on the same Ticket and at one trip. 


Tickets for the AVest may be had in Philiidclphiii, at the Office of the Baltiinnrf> 
Railroad, corner of Broad and Prime Streets. 


J. W. & J. F. STARR, 


Office in Philadelphia, 125 South Third Street, 




RETORTS, and all CASTINGS required for setting- them in the latest and 
most improved modes. 

the Retorts from pressure. 

PURIFIERS, varying from 2,000 to 1,500,000 cubic feet daily purifying 






From 1*^ to 48 inches diameter, for Water or Gas. 









* cj^i^'it.^Xj, ^100,000. 

I¥o. 406 Chestnut Street, PMladelphia. 


< o » * > 


SAMUEL WRIGHT of Wright, Bros. & Co. 

CHAS. RICHARDSON, " J. C. Howe & Co. 

DAVID B. BIRXEY " Dnvis & Birney. 

WILLIAM W. WALTERS, " Wm. Ryan & Co. 

GEORGE A. WEST, " West, Fobes & Lloyd. 

HENRY LEWIS, Jr " Lewis Bros. & Co. 

JOHN W. EVERMAX " John W. Everman & Co. 

0. WILSON DAVIS Attorney-at-Law. 

THOMAS S. MARTIN " Savage '& Martin. 

EDWARD D. AVOODRUFF, " Sibley, Molten & WoodmfF. 

JACOB W. STOUT, " Cbaffees, Stout & Co. 

MENKO STERN, . " No. 660 North Eighth Street. 

GEORGE W. DAY, President. FRANCIS N. BUCK, Vice Pres't. 


KinN^TiL. ivd:.ik.Ti3:T:H]TJ^; 


Nos. 120, 122 and 124 Lombard Street, bel. Second,' 

SEFIITED BOTTLING CIDER, of superior quality, for sale by the Hogshead or Barrel. 

Also, PICKLING AND F.^MILY VINEGAR, which is well kuowu for its fine llavor, 
strength aud parity, and wairanted to improve by age 




Jnsttrana %^min, 

No. 147 South Fourth St., 




obtained in the most reliable Companies in Philadelphia and elsewhere, and 
information given on all matters of Insurance — FREE OF CHARGE 
FOR AGENCY to the assured. 



CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $382,688. 


CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $582,325. 


Organized, 1799. CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $345,786. 


CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $235,958. 


CASH ASSETS, Aug. 1, 1860, $288,148. 


CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $224,844. 


CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $215,399. 


CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $324,302. 


CASH ASSETS, Jan. 1, 1860, $222,002. 

ft £2 F e: lEi. x: nr o x: s . 














c3 ri 

^ 2 H 

W 1e 





« H 



Q. ^^. ^^ 



tj 1 R 







u " 










■^ ♦ tt ♦» 


Are now engaged in the manufacture of Fertilizers, which for their 
qualities for enriching the soil and producing the most luxuriant 
growth of vegetation are unrivalled ; and taken in connection with 
its price to farmers, never has been equalled by several hundred 
per centum. 

This Company now offer for sale two Fertilizers, known as 
"Excrementum" and "Plen-Uric." The former is the pure night- 
soil or human fsecis, deodorized and so treated and put up in tight i 
barrels, that it may be transported to any part of the country; at j 
the same time its original rich fertilizing qualities are much im- 
proved. The latter is composed, of urine and night-soil, with such 
other ingredients as to allow of its being put up in cheap barrels, in 
a condition to be used without further preparation. 

The "Excrementum" is warranted a pure article, and should be 
mixed with muck, marl, soil, or any suitable absorbing material, in 
sufficient quantity to make it easy of application. 

One barrel of " Excremextum," or "Plex-Uric," will produce as 
great an effect the first j^ear of its application on any soil, as three 
times their cost in any other fertilizer ; and the enriching qualities 
of the " Excrementum" and "Plen-Uric" will remain visible for 
3^ears beyond the time at which other fertilizers would have lost all 
their value. 

All Agriculturists who would secure to themselves the greatest 
results from their lands, labor, and money, will at once see the 
importance of obtaining a supply of the above valuable Fertilizers. 

609 Ransom street, PhiladelpMa. 




.3E T INT A_ 



CAPITAL, ALL PAID UP, . - - - $1,500,000 00 

TOTAL ASSETS, July 1, 1860, - - - 2,180,169 38 

CASH RECEIPTS FOR THE YEAR 1859, 1,965,686 26 

LOSSES PAID IN CASH IN 1859, 990,345 71 

January 1, 1860, 12,259,153 31 

Bank Stocks, in Philadelphia, New rarvaiue. Market vaiue. 

York, Hartford, Boston, St. Louis, |869,800 00 $981,122 00 

United States Stock and Treasury 

Notes, 200,000 00 208,239 59 

State Stocks, New York, Ohio, Ken- 
tucky. Tennessee, Missouri, Mich- 
igan, Indiana, 275,000 00 247,150 00 

City Stocks, Hartford, Rochester, 

Brooklyn, Jersey City, 115,000 00 115,000 00 

Railroad Stocks, Hartford and New 
Haven, Boston, Worcester and 
Connecticut River, 85,700 00 94,550 00 

Mortgage Bonds, ' 87,434 30 87,434 30 

Real Estate, unincumbered, 77,499 31 

Miscellaneous Items, * 9,922 07 

Cash, on hand and deposited on call 

and in Argent's hands, 359,252 11 

$2,180,169 38 

The undersigned, Agents of this OLD AND WELL KNOWN INSTITUTION, are 

prepared to issue its policies, insuring property of all kinds against loss or damage by 
lire, on terms as favorable as arc consistent with security. Losses at this Agency equit- 
ably adjusted and promptly paid, by 

S. W. corner 4tli and Chestnut Streets, 




THOMAS T.TASKER,JR.j ^ST^BI^ISHEXJ irST 1S21. ^g^^pjjE^- p. jf. TASKER. ' 



M A. N U F A C T T; R E 


•J to 8 inches bore, for Steam, Gas, Water, &;c., with T's, L's, Stops, Valves, &c.. with Screw 

Joints to suit tubes. 



Lap "Welded, IJ to 8^ inches outside diameter, cut to specific lengths, 20 feet or under. 


Screwed together, flush inside and out. 


For Boiling and Evaporating by Steam or Hot Water, &c. 


Heated by Steam ; Wash Houses and Steam arrangements for Public Institutions and Private 



Of the most approved Plans, for Factories, Public Buildings, Hotels. Private Dwellings, 
Green Houses, &c., constructed and adapted to the building to be warmed. 



Tasker's Patent Self-Eegulating Hot Water Apparatus, for Private Dwellings, School Hauses, 

Hospitals, Green Houses. &c. 


Retorts and Bench Castings, for Coal Gas Works ; Street-Mains. Bends, Branches, Drips, &c. 


For Factories, Pjiblic Buildings, Hospitals, and Private Dwellings. 

Green House Pipes and Boilers, Fire Doors and Frames, Hot Water 

Pipes for Forcing Beds, Pineries, &e. 

Columns, Conduit Pipes, Pavement Gutters, Soil Pipes- 

Bath Tubs, Sinks, Sewer Traps, Soil Pans and Traps, and Water Closet 

Screwing Machines, Drill Stocks, Stocks and Dies, Taps, Reamers, 

Di'ills, Pipe-Tongs. 
And a general assortment of Gas and Steam Fitters' Tools & Materials. 


Office, No. 209 South Third Street, Philadelphia. 




The subscribers respectfully inform their customers, and the public in general, that they 
have, at considerable'expense, obtained the method of making nearly all the 






Superior Pale Coach Body Varnish. 

Coach Body Varnish, No. 1. 

Carriage '' No. 1. 

" " No. 2. 

'< " No. 3. 

Superior Piano Polishing Varnish. 

Superior Flowing Varnish, for finishing 
Furniture, after the grain is filled up. 

Copal Varnish for Japanners. 

Superior Pale Copal Varnish, for Japan- 
ners and Paper. 

Damar or China Gloss Varnish. 

Various kinds of Cheap Varnishes used 
by Cabinet and Chairmakers. 

Very Quick drying Cop. Var. for Cofl&ns. 

Boot and Harness Varnish. 

Elastic Copal Varnish, for Oil Cloth, Car- 
riages, Signs, &c., Nos. ] and 2. 

White and Brown Spirit Varnish. 

Mastic, jMap or Picture Varnish. 

Shellac and Whip Varnishes. 

Grold Size, expressly for Paper Hanging 

Black Leather Varnish. 
Red Varnish for Trunks. 
Transferring Varnishes, with directions 

for use. 
Patent Polish Varnish. 
Drying Japan and Gold Lacquer Varnish. 
Superior Adhesive Black Oil Japan, for 

Castors, Buttons, Umbrella i3rasses. 

Buckles, &c. 
Brunswick Black Oil Japan, No. 1, for 

Locks and particular Iron Work, Lea- 
ther, Paper, &c. 
Brunswick Black Oil Japan, Nos. 2 and 

3, for Umbrella Makers. 
Copal Scraping Varnish. 
Japanner's Oil Size. 
Coach Maker's Oil Size. 
Oil Gold Size for Gilders, Sign Writers,&c. 
Oil Size for Bronzing. 

Also, an extensive assortment of Artists' Colors, dry and in compressible tubes ; Canvas, 
Sable and C. H. Pencils; Milliners, Coach and House Painters' Materials; Putty in any 

J8^" French and American Zinc Paints, Dry and in Oil, White Lead, Raw and Boiled Lin- 
seed Oil, Spirits Turpentine, Gums Copal, Shellac and Sandrac, Frostings and Smalts, English 
and French Plate Glass, with a full assortment of Rough and Fluted Plate Glass, for Sky 
Lights, Floors, &c. 


Nos. 152 and 154 North 4th St., West Side, 






Office and Warehouse^ 

No. 1142 North Front Street, 



1= E IsT ItT TltE-A-TT 

Steam Sheet-Iron Rolling Mills. 







The (Jalvanic Protected Roofing Iron, 


Sheet Iron coated with Poleux Patent Metallic Alloys, 

Warranted to stand the action of acids, and to solder with rosin. 








No. 948 Beach Street, Kensington, 

William Rowland, Jr. t> t> - William Row'land. 

„, T> Benj MiN Rowland. tt t> 

Thomas Rowland. Harvey Rowland 



MI IIB MAIUll f eiE 

A.lsrD PICKS, 

OFFICE, JVo. 501 Commerce Street ab. Fifth, 

B. R. Myers. John A. Ervien. 




Also, Manufacturers of COACH SPRINGS from the best brands of Swedish Iron, convert- 
ed into Steel in our own Steel Furnaces 

Best quality of Charcoal Wire Billets and Boiler Blooms. 

Thomas Rowland. William Rowland. Benjamin Rowland. Harvet Rowland. 





mutual Life Insurance Co , 


ACCUMULATED CAPITAL over $3,500,000. 

Eeasons why a preference should be given to the Connecticut Mutual 
Life Insurance Company. 

It is PUKELY MUTUAL, and the Policy Holders get all the surplus over the exact 
cost of Insurance. There are no Stockholders to take any of the profits which rightfully 
belong to those who pay their premiums to the Company. There has been over One and 
a half Millions of Dollars of surplus premiums refunded to the Policy Holders in this 
Company during the fourteen years of its existence. 

It is PROMPT IN THE PAYMENT OF LOSSES Two hundred and fifty two thou- 
sand nine hundred and nineteen dollars, and fifty eight cents have been paid for losses 
by death during the last year, and over two millions, and two hundred and seventy-six 
thousand dollars since the organization of the Company, and in no instance has payment 
been delayed, on the part of the Company, beyond the time it was due. 

DIVIDENDS are declared ANNUALLY, and credited to all Life Policy holders, 
pro rata to the premiums they pay. 

DIVIDENDS are paid during the lifetime of the insured, thus aiding them in settling 
future premiums — in cash to those who pay their premiums in cash, or applied to cancel 
the notes of those who pay their premiums partly by note. Nearly Two hundred thou- 
sand dollars have been thus refunded to the members during the past year. 

It ACCOMODATES the insured in the settlement of their pi-emiums, on Life Poli- , 
cies when it amounts to $50.00 or more, by taking a note for one-half of the amount, \ 
bearing interest at six per cent, per annum ; which interest is to be paid annually in 

It is ECONOMICAL in the management of its business. During the last year its 
expenses have been less than seven and a third per cent, of its receipts, and for several 
years they have not exceeded an average of seven and a half per cent, and ARE LESS 

It ofiers as SECURITY a large accumulated fund derived entirely from the premiums 
paid by members, since the commencement of its operations, in December, 1840 — now 
amounting to more than three and a half millions of dollars, securely invested. 

NO LIABILITY of the Insured, beyond their annual premium. 

Total amount of Dividends paid, . $1,55Y,69!2 OO 
" " L.osses paid, . . $-2,2'y6,061 TCV 

GUY R. PHELPS, Secretary. JAMES GOODWIN, President. 





Flower Pot Stand. 

Single Bonnet Stand. Coal Screen. 


226 Arch Street, 



Ladies Shawl Stand. 

The Subscribers being Practical Wiee Work- 
ers, feel enabled to give entire satisfaction to all 
parties in want of 



All meshes and widths. 



Iron Railing, Iron Bedsteads, 



I Orders thankfully received and promptly executed by 


I Also Manufacturers of the 

wiM lAim imm, 

which, for strength, lightness and durability is I 
acknowledged the most perfect of all fences. ! 

Coat Frame. 


Iron Bedstead. 



■ 1,1 I ■ 


N. E. cor. Fourth and Market Sts., 






Finest Gold Paper to the lowest Priced Article. 



I^TTT 03Xr J=t V G.A.'FLIllE'TJXj JVEXS^J*. 



w. p. 









The Simplest, most Durable and Cheapest, Double Thread Sewing Machines in the Market. 

N. B. Wc still manufacture our well-known Knitting Machines, Ribbon Loom and Jacquard 
Machines, as heretofore, at our Factory, 

Nos. 1617 and 1619 North Second Street. 




Patent Cast Steel Shears i Scissors 



which for durability and neatness defy competition, as the premiums of the American Institute of 
New York, the Franklin of Philadelphia, the Maryland of BaIt:inorc, iind tlie Metropolitan of Wash- 
ington City will show. We respectfully invite the Trade and Public to examine our Stock. 

All kinds of Cast Steel Skates for Ladles and Gentlemen made to order. 
J^~ Repairing Promptly Attended to.-*^^ 










Nos. 521, 523 and 525 New Market Street, 

No. 105 Arcli Street, 

Factory at North Second and Cumberland Street, 


»^« ♦^ » 


NO. 113 GRAVIP]R STREET, (opposite St. Charles Hotel,) New Orleans 

DANIEL FITLER, Agent at Mobile, Ala. 

SORLEY, SMITH & CO., Agents at Galveston. 

A. TROMME & CO., Agents at Indianola. 

S. J. LEE, Agent at Lavacca. 

GROESBECK & SMYTH, San Antonio. 

I 32 









No. 1 Moorgate Street, London. 



I— • 








Office, New Building, Philad'a Bank, 425 Chestnut St. 


George G. Axderson, TiioiiAS X. FAHQruAR, Sir Charles R. McGrigor, Bart. 

Charles Bell, Duncax Jamks Kay, William Westgrath. 

WILLIAM MII-LER, M. P., Chairman. A. P. FLETCHER, Secretary. 

EDWARD FUCHS, Vice Secretary. 

The policies of the XORTHERX ASSURANCE COMPAXY, are not only guarantied hy a large 
Capita), hut also by the unlimited personal responsibility of over One Thousand Shareholders. 

7jm- Losses Promptly Adjusted and paid, witliout reference to London."^^ 


Stuart & Brother, 
Myers, Claghorn k Co., 
James (tRAHam <fe Co., 

DcxcAN, Sherman k Co., 
Abrm Bell's Sons, 

J. E. Thayer k Brother, 
C. F. HovEY & Co.. 
George Snell, Esq. 

McCutcheox <fc Collins, Jos. B. Mitchell, Esq. Pres. Mech. Bk. 
Smith, Williams & Co., Jas. DrxLAP, Esq. Pres. L'nion Bk. 
Gaw. Macalester k Co., Hon. W. A. Porter, late Judge Sup. Ct. 


J. k J. Stfart & Co. 
J. R. Jaffray k Sons 



Wi. SON. Hamilton k Co , 
Johnson, Sewell k Co., 

Geo. H. Stuart & Co. 
Robert k Williams. 

Sweetser, Gookin k Swan, 
George Greigg, Esq. 
George \\ . AVarren k Co. 


New Building, Philadelphia Bank. 


No. 2100 

No. 2000 

No. 1900 

No. 1800 

No. 1500 

No. 1400 

No. 1300 

No. 1200 

No. 1100 

S No. 1000 

No. 900 

No. 800 

^ No. 700 




No. 2301 

No. 2201 

No. 1901 

No. 1801 

No. 1701 

No. 1501 

No. 1401 

No. 901 

The Decimal System of Numbering Houses. 

One Hundred Numbers are set apart for each square, and the initial 
or starting-points are at the Delaware Eiver and Market Street. 

Persons can, by merely looking at the numbers on the Houses, 
know hoTT many squares they are from the Delaware or Market Street. 

By-Streets are numbered as though they extended to the Delaware 
or Market Street. 

Numbers properly arranged, suggest distances to the mind ; but 
improperly placed, they lead to confusion. 

No. 500 

No. 400 

No. 200 






Del. Av. 

No. 501 

h- 1 


















No. 401 

No. 301 

No. 201 

No. 101 

No. 1 


TURItr orx!R. 










fits, sisfiieas, 


And EVERY ARTICLE required to complete a Gentleman's Wardrobe and 
furnish his Toilet. 

Gents' Patent Enameled Collars, in every style. 

COURVOISIEKS KID GLOVES, Best article in the world. 

JOSEPH S. FOX, Manufacturer, 












®fe^ntg-Jfattrt| &i\m. 

[the names of subscribers, in this edition, are printed in capitals, and the same 
course will be pursued in all future editions.] 


Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1861, by A. McBlrot, in the Clerk's Office of the 
District Court of the United States, in and for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. 

E. C. & J. BIDDLE & CO. 




The first Directory published in the City of Philadelphia was in 1785, by Francis White, 
printed in large type and very brown paper, of duodecimo size, containing only 83 pages? 
with but little regard to alphabetical arrangement, the whole number of names falling short 
of 4000. The same year there seems to have been another published by John Macpherson, 
of the appearance of which I cannot say anything, not having a copy at hand. The next 
was issued in the year 1791, compiled by Clement Biddle, and, with the exception of an 
addition of sixty-four pages, presents about the same appearance as its predecessors. Sub- 
sequently, Directories were compiled by different individuals, at irregular periods, until 1802, 
when James Robinson published his first edition, continuing annually until 1811, and sub- 
sequently for 1816 and 1817. The Directory published in 1801, by Cornelius W. Stafi"ord, 
was on the plan of a " Street Directory," but the experiment was never repeated. In succes- 
sive years until 1828, Directories were published by sundry persons, embracing, as far as 
may be judged, the business portion and housekeepers only of the city and proximate 

In the year 1828, the late Robert Desilver issued the first edition of his City Directory, 
and annually afterwards until 1831, and then semi-annually till 1837, differing in no very 
essential points from the publications of others, except the omission of the repetition of 
similar names. The increase of the number of names was very inconsiderable, and cer- 
tainly not in proportion to the increase of population. 

The present compiler of McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory issued his first edition in 
1837, confining the enumeration of names strictly to persons in business and housekeepers, 
printed on good paper and handsome type, making 252 pages, and upwards of 31,500 
names, very greatly in excess of any other publication of the same kind. Since then to the 
present year, 1861, McElroy's Philadelphia City Directory has been published annually, 
except in 1838, when no City Directory was published, and during which year the present - 
compiler made an arrangement with the heirs of the late Mr. Desilver, for a satisfactory 
compensation in cash, to relinquish in his favor. The first edition of his Directory in 1837 
contained only 31,500 names ; that of 1860 upwards of 1100 pages, and more than 160,000 
names, together with a business department appropriately arranged. 

The present edition for 1861 has been compiled with great care, under his own entire 
control and superintendence, the whole having been read and corrected by himself, and 
contains upwards of 165,000 names. 

The canvassing, compiling, printing, proof-reading, and binding have been accomplished 


in much less time than usual, the whole number of persons employed being upwards of 120 ; 
and it is therefore hoped that the Directory will, in some degree, be free from the usual 
changes made by removals during the time occupied iu compiling and publishing. 

This edition of the City Directory embraces the names of residents of the entire Consoli- 
dated City, from the extreme Northeast and Northwest to the Southern boundary on both 
sides of the river Schuylkill. 

There will be found, for the convenience of reference, a General Index, an Index to 
Advertisements, and one to Miscellaneous Record. 

The usual difficulties have been encountered in this publication, not the least of which is 
that of obtaining correct information when the canvassers call from door to door. In almost 
every instance, at private dwellings, the only source through which this information is 
obtained being the domestics in attendance at the time. Indeed, the canvassers are often 
surprised to meet with so much reluctance on the part of both private persons and others 
to aiford them the proper facilities for obtaining correct statements for the Directory. 

The compiler begs to present the twenty-fourth edition of his City Directory to an indul- 
gent public, with the hope that it may meet with general approval. 

The amount of labor and money expended on the Philadelphia City Directory as now 
presented, cannot be appreciated by the public, and the subscriber hopes the income from 
subscriptions and sales will approximate in some degree to the expenditure. 

A. Mcelroy. 

Philadelphia, January 4th, 1861. 


Aldermen, 1296 

Alphabetical List of Names, .... 1-1103 
American Protestant Association, . . . 1321 
Asylums, 1318 

Banks 1323 

Bible Societies, 1314 

Board of Guardians, 1293 

Board of Health, 1293 

Buildings, Savings, and Loan Companies, 1333 
Business Directory, Headings Alphabeti- 

caUy Arranged, 1104-1233 


Canal Companies. 



City Corporation, Officers, &c 

Civil and Criminal Courts, 

Coal Companies, 

Coal and Improvement Companies, . 

Coal and Iron Companies, 

Coal, Navigation, and Railroad Companies, 
Colleges and Theological Seminaries, . . 

County Officers, 

Custom House, 


List of Streets, . . 
Literary Associations, 

Market Companies, . 
Medical Colleges, 
Mining Companies, . 
Miscellaneous Record, . 
Missionary Societies, 
Missionary Associations, 




Newspapers and Periodicals, 1335 

Education Societies, 1314 

Elections by City Councils, 1297 

Expresses. 1334 

Fare of Hackney Coaches, 1300 

Ferries, 1334 

Foreign Consuls, 1303 

Hebrew Societies, 1314 

Homes for the Indigent, 1318 

Hospitals, . • 1316 

Insurance Companies, Fire, 1327 

Insurance Companies, Fire and Life, . . 1331 

Insurance Companies, Fire and Marine, . 1330 

Insurance Companies, Life and Trust, . . 1332 

Insurance Companies, Marine, .... 1330 

Iron Companies, 1336 

Libraries, 1305 

Officers Elected by Councils, and Appointed, 

Odd Fellows, 

Order of Druids, 

Order of Red Men, 

Order of United American Mechanics, 

Packets, Sailing, 

Packets, Steam 

Passenger Railways 

Plank Road Companies, 

Port Wardens, 

Post Office, 

Public Buildings, <fec., 

Public Halls and Places of Amusement, 

Public Markets, 

Public Schools, 

Public Squares, 

Pennsylvania Legislature 

Pennsylvania Election, 



Railroad Companies, 1339 

Saving Fund Societies, 1325 

Senatorial and Representative Districts, . 1301 

Sons of Temperance 132Q. 

Soup Houses, 1317 

Steamboats, 1334 

Tax Rates 1299 

Telegraph Companies, . . 1340 

Tract and Publication Societies, . . . 1315 

Turnpike Companies, 1340 

United States Mint 1303 

Water Rates, 1299 


Note. — Pages 1 to 33, before City Directory; pages 33 to 64 after 
Miscellaneous Record. 

iEtna Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., 

back cover and 19 
American Saving Fund, life insurance, gold back 
Archambault A. L., portable steam engines, . 44 

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co., 10 

Barnes R. L., maps, 52 

Barton, Isaac & Co., carriage trimmings, 52 

Bayliss & Darby, Penna. Wire Works, . . 27 

Beckhaus & Allgaier, carriages, 6 

Beggs & Rowland, wagon builders, . ... 39 
Belfield H. & Co., brass founders, . . . inset 
Benkert L., boot & shoe maker, . . . 56 

Benners H. B. & G. W., glass manufs., . 56 

Boswell & Wilson, insurance agents, 

back cover and 19 
Bowen & Ferry, umbrella furniture, ... 55 

Breaker C. M., druggist, 59 

Breintnall & Co., booksellers, &c., 

in Business Directory 
Burkhardt G. J. & Co., vats, . . . ■ . 53 

Caldwell C. P., whips, 60 

Clarenbach & Herder, shears & cutlery, . . 29 

Clery & Stockdale. whiskey, 63 

Columbian Iron Works, 53 

Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co., Hartford, 

Conn., 26 

Cornelius & Baker, gas fixtures, . . . inset 
Crittenden's Commercial College, . . gold back 
Davis J. G., Union Mill spoke factory, . . 53 
Dialogue & Serrill, fire & garden hose, . . 55 

Disston Henry, saws & tools, 35 

Dummig Charles, toys, &o., 58 

Dunham J. B., New York Pianos, . front cover 
Ericsson Line to Baltimore, Md., .... 36 

Everett H., druggists' tinware, 57 

Fame Insurance Co., 12 

Fareira John, furs, 47 

Farrel, Herring & Co., fire proof safes, 

back cover 
Fox Joseph S., gentlemen's furnishing, 

back of Diagram 
Getty & Liebing, insurance agents, 

front cover and 32 

Green T. M., hair jewelry, 56 

GriflSths George, shovels, &c., 44 

Griffiths W. & J. & Co., brass & tube works, 62 
Grover & Baker, S. M. Co., sewing machines, 34 

Harnden Express, front cover 

Heath Thomas, plaster ornaments, . ... 57 

Hess Samuel W., coal 47 

Hofmann J. William, hosiery, . . back cover 
Hoguet Francis, counting house desks, . . 23 
Hoopes & Townsend, nut & bolt manufs., . 51 
Hopper John, New York insurance agent, 

back cover 
Horner Alfred, jr., furniture manuf., . inset 


HorstmannBros.&Co., military and masonic 

goods, 45 

Horstmann W. H. & Sons, trimmings, ... 45 
Howard & Co.'s Express, .... front cover 
Howard George C, machinist, . ■ . . . 48 
Howell & Bourke, paper hangings, .... 28 
Howell & Brothers, paper hangings, outside face 

Howe's Platform Scales, 62 

Jones & White, dental depot, back cover and 9 
Joy, Coy & Co., advertising agents, front cover 
Kessler H. & G., & Co., wagons, carts, &c., . 49 
Kirchew Jacob, locks and inkstands, ... 64 
Landenberger M., knitting mill, .... 37 

Leibrandt & McDowell, stoves, 51 

McAllister & Bro., opticians, 54 

McCambridge, Fry & Co., brass works, . 14 

McCullough & Co., galvanized works, 

in Business Directory 
Marshall, Griffin & Co., galvanized iron, . . 22 
Mason James S. & Co., blacking, .... 24 

Mathieu E., cider and vinegar, 12 

Mattson Thomas, trunks, &o., 58 

Maxwell J. G. & SonJ" trimmings, .... 60 
Mecutcheon S., mill stones & smut machines, 34 

Metropolitan Insurance Co., 18 

Moore & Campion, furniture, billiard tables, 50 
Morris, Tasker & Co., iron tubes & founders, 20 
Morris, Wheeler & Co., iron merchants, . . 51 
Mulligan H., watches and jewelry, . ... 2 
Myers & Ervein, forks and picks, .... 25 
Nathans Isaac, auctioneer, &c., .... 52 
Neafie & Levy, steam & fire engines & iron 

foundry, 36 

Needles Joseph A., wire works, 39 

New England Mutuul Life Insurance Co. of 

Boston, back cover 

Northern A.ssurance Company of London, 

front cover and 32 

Oxford Iron and Steel Works, 25 

Pascal Iron Works, 20 

Patten W. Henry, curtains, shades, <fec., 

bottom lines throughout Directory 

■ " "' " " 36 














Penn Steam Engine and Boiler Works, 
Penn Treaty Sheet Iron Rolling Mills, 
Perkes & Bradney, brass founders, 
Philadelphia Rivet Works, 
Phillips & Allen, rivet manufs., . 
Quaker City Fire Insurance Co., 
Rand & Allen, furnaces, ranges, 
Rapsons, trimmings & zephyrs, . 
Redheffer J. C, combs, . . 
Rowland William & Co., saws, . 
Rowland W. & H., plow and cast steel, 
Sabine & Duy, insurance agents, 
Schmitt & Stubenrauch, hair jewelry, 
Sehrack C. & Co., varnishes & paints, 





Seamens' Saving Fund, .... gold back 

Sellers Brothers, wire works, 24 

Sellers & Pennock, fire and garden hose, . . 42 
Sellers William & Co., machinists' tools, &c., 15 

Shane Thomas, bone turner, 55 

Simons Henry, wagon builder, 31 

Smith k. Brown, stove patterns, 57 

Sparks Thomas, shot & lead, 46 

Spring Garden Iron Foundry, 41 

Spring Garden Saving Fund, . front cover & 3 
Starr J. W., & J. F., Camden Iron Works, . 11 
State Savings Fund, . . . . . front cover 
Stidham J. P., & Co., iron roofing, 

in Business Directory 
Stokes Charles, clothing, .... back cover 
Stuart & Peterson, iron founders, .... 41 
Taggart & Farr, sewing machines, .... 17 


Taylor N. & G., metals, 5 

Thackara, Schafer & Thaekray, excremen- 

tum & pleu uric, 16 

Troemner Henry, scales, 64 

Uhlinger W. P., & Co., sewing machines. . 29 

Union Brass Works, 14 

Union Steam Furniture Manufactory, . inset 

Unity Fire Insurance Company, .... 61 

Vondersmith J. V., upholsterer, .... 54 

Wadleigh &, Tilden, insurance agents, . . 26 

Watson, Cox & Co., wire works, .... 37 

Wharton Charles, whiskey, 38 

Wilson, Childs & Co., wagons, carts, &c., . 8 

Wilson & Co., sewing machines, .... 40 

Wood & Perot, ornamental iron works, . . 4 

Yarnall &, Cooper, carpenters & builders, . 47 



Asylums, 1318 

Banks 1323 

Bank Clearing House, 1325 

Bank Rules 1323 

Bible Societies, • • • ^^^^ 

Boundaries of Congressional Districts, . . 1301 

Building Associations, 1333 

Canal Companies, 1338 

Cemeteries 1340 

Churches, 1309 

Coal Conipftnies, ...♦...• 1337 

Coal Improvement Companies, . . ■ 1338 

Coal and Iron Companies, . .... 1337 

Coal, Navigation and Railroad Companies, 1337 

Colleges and Theological Seminaries, . . 1307 

Girard College, 1307 

Philadelphia Commercial College, . 1308 

St. Charles Theological Seminary, . 1308 
Theological Seminary of Reformed 

Presbyterian Church 1308 

The Polytechnic College, .... 1308 

University of Pennsylvania, . . . 1308 

Corporation of the City, 1287 

Board of Health, 1292 

Building Inspectors, 1296 

City Railroad, 1291 

Controllers' Department, .... 1290 

Controllers of Public Schools, . . . 1292 
Committee Days of Stated Meetings 

of Councils, 1289 

Department of City Property. . . . 1292 

Department of Highways, .... 1291 

Department of Markets, 1291 

Department of Police, 1289 

Department of Taxes, .^ . . . . 1290 

Directors of Girard College, . . . 1292 

Eastern Penitentiary 1293 

Fire Department, 1294 

Girard Estate, 1292 

Guardiansof the Poor, . . • . . 1293 
Inspectors of County Prison, . . . 1293 
Joint Standing Committees of Coun- 
cils, ... 1288 

Law Department, 1290 


Mayor, 1289 

Gificers and Members of Common 

Council, 1287 

Officers and Members of Select Coun- 
cil, 1287 

Organization of Councils, .... 1287 

Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, . 1293 

Port Wardens, . . • 1294 

Survey Department, 1291 

Treasury Department, 1290 

Trasts, 1291 

Water Department 1292 

County Oflacers, 1296 

City Commissioners, 1296 

Clerk of Orphans Court, 1297 

Clerk of Quarter Sessions, .... 1297 

Coroner, 1297 

District Attorney, 1296 

Prothonotary of Common Pleas, . . 1297 

Prothonotary of District Court, . . 1296 

Prothonotary of Supreme Court, . . 1297 

Recorder of Deeds, 1296 

Register of Wills, 1296 

Sheriff, 1296 

Superintendents of Squares and Halls, 1297 

Courts, 1302 

Custom House, 1303 

Education Societies, 1314 

Elections by Councils of City Officers, when 

held 1297 

Board of Health, 1299" 

Building Inspectors, 1298 

Chief Engineer of Water Works, . . 1299 

Chief Engineer and Surveyor, . . . 1298 

Clerks of Councils, 1298 

Commissioner of City Property. . . 1299 

Commissioners of Highways, ". . . 1299 

Commissioner of Markets, .... 1299 

Directors of Girard College, .... 1298 

Directors of North Penna. Railroad, . 1297 

Directors of Northwestern Railroad, . 1299 

Directors of Pennsylvania Railroad, . 1299 

Directors of Sunbury & Erie Railroad, 1297 

Guardians of the Poor, 1298 



Managers of "Wills Hospital, . . . 1299 

Police Magistrates 1298 

Port Wardens, 1298 

Superintendent of City Railroad, . . 1299 

Superintendent of Girard Estate, . . 1298 
Superintendent of Police and Fire 

Alarm Telegraph, 1297 

Superintendendent of Trusts, . . . 1299 

Trustees of City Ice Boat, .... 1298 

Trustees of Philadelphia Gas Works, 1297 
Trustees of Northern Liberties Gas 

Works, 1298 

Vaccine Physicians, 1297 

Expresses 1334 

Pare of Hackney Coaches, 1300 

Ferries, 1334 

Foreign Consuls, 1303 

Hebrew Societies, 1314 

High Schools 1309 

Hospitals and Dispensaries, 1316 

Homes for the Indigent, 1318 

Insurance Companies, ....... 1327 

Fire, 1327 

Fire and Life ■ . . . 1331 

Fire and Marine,' . 1330 

Life, 1332 

Marine, 1330 

Iron Companies, 1336 

Libraries, ; . 1305 

Literary, Scientific, and Art Associations, 1304 

American Literary Union, .... 1304 

Artists' Fund Society, 1304 

Catholic Philopatrian Literary Insti- 
tute, 1304 

Franklin Institute, 1304 

Historical Society of Pennsylvania, . 1304 
Numismatic Society of Philadelphia . 1304 
Penna. Academy of the Fine Arts, . 1304 
Penna. Institute for the encourage- 
ment of Amateurs, Ac, .... 1304 
Pennsylvania Literary Union, . . . 1304 
People's Literary Institute, .... 1304 

Philadelphia Lyceum, 1304 

Phila. School of Design for Women, . 1304 

Pierian Institute, 1305 

The Academy of Natural Sciences, . 1305 

The American Philosophical Society, . 1305 

The Mechanics' Inst, of Southwark, . 1305 

The Moyamensing Literary Inst., . . 1305 

The Philadelphia City Institute, . . 1305 

The Spring Garden Institute, . . . 1305 
The Trustees of Wngner Free Institute 

of Science, 1305 

The West Philadelphia Institute, . . 1305 

The Young Men's Institute, . . . . 1305 

Lying-in Charities, 1317 

Market Companies 1342 

Medical Colleges and Societies, .... 1306 

Mining Companies, 1337 

Miscellaneous Associations 1315 

Albion Society, 1315 


Am. Prot. Hall and Library Assn., . 1315 

American Vegetarian Society, . . . 1315 

Episcopal Rooms, 1315 

Female Anti-Slavery Society. . . . 1315 

French Benevolent Society, . . . . 1315 

Fuel Savings Society, 1316 

German Society, 131(5 

Hibernia Society, . 1316 

Mercantile Benefiicial Association, . 1316 

Merchants' Fund, 1316 

Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society, . 1316 

Pennsylvania Colonization Society, . 1316 

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, . 1316 
Pennsylvania Society for Promoting 

the Abolition of Slavery, Ac, . . 1316 

Pennsylva. State Temperance Society, 1316 
Philadelph. Association for the Relief 

of Disabled Firemen, 1316 

Phila. Baptist Inst, and Readg. Room 1316 
Phila. Sabbath-School Association, . 1316 
Phila. Society for Alleviating the Mi- 
series of Public Prisons, .... 1316 
Phila. Society for Promoting Agri- 
culture ... 1316 

Saint Andrew's Society, 1316 

Scots Thistle Society, '. 1316 

Society of the Sons of St. George, . . 1316 
State Society of the Cincinnati of 

Pennsylvania, 1316 

Swiss Benevolent Society, .... 1316 

The Grandom Institution, ... 1316 
The Society for the Institution and 

Support of First Day Schools, . . 1318 

Union Benevolent Association, . . . 1316 

United Am. Mechanic Hall Assn., . 1316 

Welsh Society 1316 

Young Men's Christian Association, . 1316 

Missionary Societies 1315 

Municipal Elections, when held, .... 1302 

Newspapers and Periodicals, 1335 

Packets, — Sailing and Steam, .... 1335 

Plank Roads, 1339 

Post Office, 1303 

Public Buildings and Places, . . . . . 1341 

Public Halls and Places of Amusement, . 1341 

Public School Houses, 1341 

Rail Roads 1339 

Saving Fund Societies, 1325 

Secret and Benefit Societies, 1318 

Senatorial and Representative Districts, . 1301 
Societies for the Relief and Employment of 

the Poor, 1317 

Soup Houses, ... - 1317 

State and County Elections, 1302 

Steam Boats, 1334 

Summary of Public Schools, 1309 

Tax Rates 1299 

Telegraph Companies, 1340 

Tract and Publication Societies, .... 1315 

Turnpike Companies, 1340 

Water Rates, ' 1299 



Joshua Spering, 142J S 4th 

John Russell, 47 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Samuel L. Taylor, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 1424 S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Sperina;, 142i S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S .3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Joshua Spering, 142.V S 4th 
John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Joshua Spering, 1424- S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S .3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S B 6th & Walnut 


Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 1424 S 4th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 




Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Joshua Sparing, 142^ S 4th 

John P. Montgomery, 204 S 5th 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
'Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
John Clayton, 717 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142| S 4th 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142 J S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 6th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142-1 g 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Alfred Longstreth, 337 N 6th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 6th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 1424 S 4th 
David B Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 6th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


B. W. Beesley, 32 N 11th 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 1422^ S 4th 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

John L. Shoemaker, 325 N 6th 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

Joshua Spering, 142| S 4th 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


Joshua Spering, 142i S 4th 
John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3<1 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 



Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5tli 
John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142J S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, SE 6th & Walniit 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


John Ru.==ell, 47 S 3d 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 


John Russell, 47 S 3d . 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Hugh AY. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M, Burton, 243 S 5th 
John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142 ^ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 AValnut 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th A Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142-J S 4th 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 253 S 5th 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 

Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 

Joshua Spering, 142-J S 4th 

Edward Armstrong, 407 Walnut, 2d story 

Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 

David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 

Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 

Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 


John Russell, 47 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 


Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
John Russell, 47 S 3d 
John P. Montgomery, 204 S 5th 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Samuel L. Taylor, 422 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 32 S 3d 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 


Arthur M. Burton, 243 S 5th 
John Russell, 47 S 3d 
Joshua Spering, 142^ S 4th 
Charles Sergeant, 432 Walnut 
David B. Birney, 37 S 3d 
Hugh W. Tener, 13 S 3d 
Edward Shippen, S E 6th & Walnut 
Samuel L. Taylor, 423 Walnut 
Theodore D. Rand, 82 S 3d 




Bareroft & Co. (S. B. Barcroft, Wetherill Lee 
and M. P. McEwen), dry goods, 405 Market 

Bennett, Ruch & Co. (H. K. Bennett, Joseph N. 
Ruch and Charles H. Sieger), shirts, &c., 217 
Church al 

Bunting, Dennis & Jones (Jacob T. Bunting, 
William H. Dennis, and Samuel A. Jones) , 
com. mers., 28 S Del av 

Burkhardt George J. & Co. (George J. Burk- 
hardt, John M. Smith and W. H. Burkhardt), 
vats and tank builders. Broad and Buttonwood 

Burnet, Sexton & Swearingen (Eli S Burnet, 
John ¥7. Sexton, A. Van Swearingen and John 
C. Bickel), fancy goods and notions, 409 Mar- 

Catherwood & Winebrenner (Andrew J. Cather- 
wood and David S. Winebrenner), liquors, 
110 and 112 N 2d 

Conover A. M., boots, shoes, &o., 524 Market 

Dallett John & Co. (John Dallett, William G. 

Boulton, William Bliss, Thomas Dallett, J. 

and Thomas Dallett), com. and shipping, 128 

Dallett &, Son (Henry C. Dallett and Henry C. 

Dallett, jr.), commission and shipping, 424 S 

Del av 
D'Invilliers Charles E. & Co. (Camille and Charles 

E. D'Invilliers), exchange brokers, 30 S 3d 

Faust D. & Co. (David Faust, B. N. Cregar and 

John Hanold), hardware, 49 N 3d 
Fries & Lehman (Aaron Fries and R. Jones 

Lehman), cloths, 43 N 2d 
Funk Charles W. & Co. (Charles W. Funk and 

Henry P. Zeuner), Swiss and French goods, 

&c., 17 Bank 

Gans, Leberman & Co. (Solomon Gans, sr., L. J. 
Leberman, Myer Gans, Daniel Gans, Wesley 
Wilgus and John Schroyer), clothiers, 22 N 3d 

Garretson, Brady & Co. (Jacob Garretson, 
Thomas F. Blakemore, Thomas F. Brady and 
Garrett N Smith), dry goods, 307 Market 

Godfrey Joseph & Co. (Joseph Godfrey and 
Augustu.s D. Carroll), shoe findings, 38 N 4th 

Haddock, Reed & Co. (Daniel Haddock, jr., 
Charles D. Reed and Stephen Kimball), whole- 
sale boots and shoes, 438 and 440 Market 

Hallowell Morris L. & Co. (Morris L. Hallowell, 
James Traquair, J. L. Hallowell, T. W. 
Sweeny, Enoch R. Hutchin.«on, William P. 

Hallowell and T. Russell Dawson), silks, Ac, 

333 Market 
Hance, Griffith & Co. (Edward H. Hance, J. 

Clarkson Griffith and Joseph C. Hance), manu- 
facturing chemists, 509 North 
Hassel William F. & Sons (William F., Joseph 

and William Hassel), importers of furs, 235 

Hess, Rogers & Chambers (Jacob S. Hess, Tol- 

bert M. Rodgers and David W. Chambers), 

notions, 411 Market 

Jones J. William & Co., merchandise brokers, 17 

N Front 
Justice Philip S. (Philip S. Justice and J. 

Howard Mitchell) , railroad supplies, 21 N 5th 

Laning & Schrack (J. F. Laning and Thomas L. 

Schraek), paper hangings, 602 Arch 
Lippinoott H. H. & Trotter (Henry H. Lippin- 

cott, William Trotter and George Lipj)incott, 

special), wholesale grocers, 21 N Water and 20 

N Del av 
Longstreth William & Co. (William Longstreth 

and George B. Atlee), wholesale teas, 39 S 

Loutey John & Co. (John Loutey and George D. 

Wisham), dry goods, 14 S 2d 

Maitland E. V., broker, 15 Mers. Exchange 

Mason James S. & Co. (James S. Mason, Wil- 
liam J. Caner and Richard S. Mason), black- 
ing, 138 and 140 N Front 

Mellor Thomas & Co. (Thomas Mellor, Edward 
Baines, John B. Mellor, G. 0. Evans and Wil- 
liam Mellor), hcsiery, 40 and 42 N 3d 

Merrick & iSons (J. Vaughan, and William H. 
Merrick, John E. Cope and Hartley Merrick), 
Southwark foundry, 430 Washington av 

Morris, Clothier & Lewis (George Morris, Isaac 
H. Clothier and Edmund Lewis), cloths, 37 S 2d 

Munier John S. & Co. (John S. Munier, Anthony 
Reybold and Charles B. Stewart), cloth, &c., 
306 Market 

Pearce John & Co. (John Pearce and Enos T. 
Doran), hosiery and gloves, 61 N 3d 

Randolph & Jenks (Evan Randolph and John S. 
Jenks), commission merchants, 101 S Front 

Senat, Brothers & Go. (Lewis D. Senat and W. 
Hayward Nicols), silk goods, 238 Chestnut 



Shober & Co. (John B. & Samuel L. Shober and 
Anthony M. Kimber), oils, 26 S Del av 

Shortridge, Brother & Co. (John H. and Charles 
W. Shortridge. James S. Young, John Ham- 
man, Simon Snyder and James S. Berger), dry 
goods, 415 Market 

Shultz, Peiper & Co. (Walter P. Shultz, Michael 
G. Peiper and Albert C. Gardner), boots and 
shoes, 45 N 3d 

Simpson Hood & Son (Hood and John L. Simp- 
son), manufacturers, 213 Church al 

Snyder, Grubb & Co. (S. R. Snyder, J. W. 
Grubb and James D. Mellick), clothing manu- 
facturers, 2191 ]sj- sd 

Thomson & Devereux (A. Hamilton Thompson 
and Alfred Devereux) , general com. mers. 

Van Horn, Woodworth & Co. (Charles- C. "Van 
Horn, Joseph E. Woodworth and Abraham 
Cox), com. mers. 114 S Del ar 

Wainwright & Co. (Clement R. and Israel R. 

Wainwright), wholesale grocers, N E 2d and 

Wallis John G., com. wine, &c., 21 N Water and 

20 N Del av 
Walter & Kaub (Israel H. Walter and A. L. 

Kaub), china and queensware, 234 N 3d 
Walton Joseph & Co., coal, 112 S 2d 
Walton S. D. & Co. (S. D. and Collins W. Wal- 
ton), hats and caps, 125 and 127 N 3d 
Whilldin Alexander & Sons (Alexander, L. N., 

and Alexander Whilldin, jr.), com. mers., 18 

N Front 
Wilson N. J., general com. mer., 516 S Del av 


Barras, Headley & Hemphill, jewelers, 836 Chest- 

Bickley & Davis, ice dealers, 1622 Market 

Bilger & Taylor, grain, feed, &c., 317 and 319 N 

Burkhardt George J., & Co., Broad and Button- 

Burton & Laning, paperhangings, 602 Arch 

Childs & Peterson, publishers, 602 Arch 
Conover & Brothers, boots, shoes, &c., 524 Market 

Dallett Brothers, com. and shipping mers., 424 S 

Del av 
Dulles & Cope, drugs, 126 and 128 S Front 

Faust, Winebrener & Co., hardware, 49 N 2d 
Fries & Magee, cloths, 43 N 2d 

Haddock, Reed & Co. (Hazen Haddock dead) 
shoes, &c., 438 and 440 Market 

Justice & Steinmetz, com. hardware, 5th & Com- 

Knight C. P., & Co., fish and provisions, 114 S 
Del av 

Leslie C. M. S. & Co., conveyancers, 112 S 4th 

Lippineott J. B. & Co. (Benjamin B. Willis with- 
drawn), booksellers, 22 & 24 N 4th 
Louty & Mitchell, dry goods, 14 S 2d 
Lukens M. J. & Co., saddlery, 312 Market 

Machette & Jones, mer. brokers, 17 N Front 
Mathieu Emil (Emil Mathieu & Charles F. Screi- 

ber), vinegar, 120 & 122 Lombard 
Merrick & Sons (Samuel V. Merrick withdrawn) 

Southwark foundry 

Palmer J. & Co., general produce mers., Market 

st whf 
Price Kirk J., china, &c., retires from 234 N 3d 

Regar & Marquett, fancy dry goods, 219 N 3d 
Robarts, Walton & Co., coaldealers, 112 S 2d 

Shober, Bunting & Co., oils, &c., 26 S Del av 
Shultz, Peiper & Sieger, boots & shoes, 45 N 3d 
Syz John & Co. (Charles W. Funk withdrawn), 
French and German goods 

Van Dusen, Norton & Co. (W. S. Roberts with- 
drawn), coal, 203 Walnut 

Welsford, Ranken & Co. (N. J. Wilson retires) , 

merchants, 516 S Del av 
Wood George A. (retires, succeeded by George 

B. Kerfoot), com. mer. 104 S Del av 


Adkisson Samuel, shoemaker, 1134 Miller 
Aldrich William T., student, 16 N 7th 
ALLEN, LAFFBRTY & CO., dyers, Fkd av and 

Alleghany av 
Alsop Robert, att'y at law, 419 Walnut, h 553 N 

Anderson E., grocer, from 118 S 2d to 212 S 9th 
Andrews Andrew, carpenter, 37th ab Elm 
Archambault A. L., from 1726 Green to Queen & 

Green, Gtn 
Armitage Jacob, miller, Byberry 
Arnold Peter, cooper, N W 27th & Poplar 
Ashbrooke Thomas, carpenter, 221 Reed 
Ashby William J., Somerton 
Ashton William, farmer, Bustleton pike 
Asmond Elisha, farmer, n Somerton 
Atlee Walter F., M.D., 210 S 13th 

Baker Charles H., clerk, removed to 1017 Noble 
Baker Henry, tailor, fr 1532 Callowhill to 1017 

Baker Michael, mahogany mill, Hillsdale bel Race 
Bailey Edward N., M.D., dentist, 242 N 10th 
BARGER THOMAS J., att'y at law, 242 S 6th, 

h 1209 S 6th 
Barley Henry, farmer, Sraithfield rd 
Barton George, hatter, 422 S 5th, h 1114 South 
Barton Thomas, hatter, 422 S 5th, h 1114 South 
Beam Charles, store, Byberry 
Bennett, Ruch & Co., (H. K. Bennett, Joseph JV. 
Ruck, and Charles H. Sieger), 217 Church al 
Bernheim M., removed from 21 S 2d to 8 N 3d 
BINES & SHEAFP, coal dealers. Arch st wharf, 

Birkman George, tavern, Somerton 
BLACK THOMPSON & SON, grocers and tea 

dealers, N W Broad & Chestnut 
Bonner Benjamin, fanner, Moreland 
Bonner James, gent., Moreland 
Bonner James, jr., farmer, Moreland 
BONSALL BROTHERS, conveyancers, 116 N 9th 
Bowman Henry, farmer, Andalusia rd, Byberry 
Boyce Abraham, carpenter, Somerton 
Brass Daniel, gate keeper, Bustleton pike 
BREAKER CHARLES W., druggist, S E 6th & 

BROWN CHARLES, REV., Secretary Philadel- 
phia Education Soc, 1334 Chestnut, h Spruce 
ab 40th 
Burns John, dry goods, 2 S 11th 

CALDWELL SAMUEL W. Jr., druggist and 
apothecary, S W 10th & Ogden 

Canby Wm. J., conveyancer, fr 152 S 4th, h 114 
N 15th 

Carmick Louis, com. mer., 9 S Front, h 435 Lom- 
bard, or Walnut n Margaretta, W P 

Carvick J.imej, druggist, 1617 Richard 

Chamberlain G. J., M.D., 622 S 11th 

Charles Sarah M., widow George, trimmings, 523 

Spruce • 

Cheeseman Clinton, seaman. Church bel Wash- 
ington, Bdg 
Chesterman Washington, waterman, r 912 Otsego 
Clee Benjamin, hosiery and trimmings, 40 Bank, 

h 1223 Stiles 
Coates George M., gent. 814 Arch 
Cockey C. W., 344 S 15th 
Conover Joseph, furniture store, 1715 Market 
Conard Rachel, widow, 918 Parrish 
Cook John, M.D., 618 S 11th 
Cooper Warden, carder, r 1829 South 
Corson Lewis^ mariner, 1246 Crease 
Corson Thomas E., mariner, 1251 Crease 
Costas Joseph, imp. segars, 124 Walnut 
Courtney William B., salesman, 414 Market, h. 

333 Arch 
Cox Thomas P., from 711 Spruce to 616 Washing- 
ton sq 
Craig Leonard E., carp. & builder, 1604 Market 
Cugler Samuel, police, Coral n Adams 
Curtis Richard Joseph, gilder, 160 Wilmer 

Dalrymple James, carpenter, 846 Wharton 
DAVIS P. C, publisher Great Western Business 

Guide, advertising and collecting agent, 1604 

Dickinson J. W. Mrs., removed from 2048 Vine 

to 44 N 7th 
Dorrance G. Morris, att'y at law, 423 Walnut 
Duy Charles A. removed to 147 S 4th 

Edwards Augustus P., Edwards James G., 108 N 

Eisenbrey Albert, sawmill. Pear, h 422 S 11th 
English Beverly, cloaks, Ac, 25 S 9th, h 750 S 9th 

Ferris Thomas, weaver 1322 Rose 
Filley Otis C, clerk, 1222 Market 
Fink Lilla A., crochet and knitting, 100 S 13th, 

h 132 S 15th 
Peering Albert R., removed from 1004 Mt. Ver- 
non to 1414 N 15th 
Pojring & Backus, stovedealers, 113 N 2d 
Fornwald Michael, 1524 S 2d 
Fornwald William, printer, 1524 S 2d 
Funk Charles W., mer., 17 Bank, h 251 N 11th 
PUNK CHARLES W. & CO. (Charles W. Funk 
A- Henry F. Zeuner), impts. Swiss, French and 
German goods, 17 Bank 

Griffith Horace & Co., removed from 627 Arch to 

609 North 
Gross Lewis & Bro. {Lewis If Ernest Gross), 

pork butchers, 88 & 89 Franklin Market 
Gugf^enheim Morris, spices, 37 N Front, h 1207 

Germantown av 


Gruillette J. Guild, att'y & conveyancer, 430 Wal- 

HALL SAMUEL P., att'y at law, removed to 6th 

& Sansom 
Hay R. H., merchant, 240 Chestnut, h 157 N 15th 
HATES FERDINAND B., att'y at law, office 619 

Walnut, h N W 13th & Arch 
Heacock William, furniture, 18 N 9th 
Hicks J. Rodman, cloths, 323 Market, h 1122 Mt. 


Hoffman J. L., com. merchants, 417 Commerce, 

h 1711 Wylie 
Hoopes Bernard, from 517 to 506 Market 
HOWE & SCHOTT, stock and bill brokers, 226 S 

Hugo & Bro. {Henry 6j- Aiignstzcs Hugo) , cake 

and pie bakers, 714 N 11th 

fruits, &c., 112 S Del av 

KEREOOT GEORGE B., com. mer.,104 S Delav, 

bds Merchants Hotel 
Keith & Battles, boots, shoes, &c., from 240 

Church al to 40 N 3d 
Knox Susan, widow James L., gentlewoman, h 

1025 S 7th 


Lawson William H., liquors, 607 Market 
Learning R. W., removed from 719 Locust to 210 

W Washington square 
Lockwood Manufacturing Company, 255 S 3d 
Lockwood William E., com. mer., 255 S 3d, h737 

Longstreth Charles C, conveyancer, 703 Sansom, 

h Price, Gtn 

Markland George L., 135 S 5th 

McKAT S. KINGSTON, conveyancer, 427 Wal- 
nut, h 316 S 16th 

McClain Hugh, carpenter, 1010 Medical, h 1012 

McElhare James, from 912 N 11th to 251 N 10th 

McPADDEN k BAKER (William McFaddRn 
&f Michael Baker), mahogany mill, Hillsdale 
bet Race and Cherry 

McFadden William, mahogany mill, Hillsdale bel 

Melntyre Henry, att'y at law, 133 S 5th, h 925 

N 6th 
Mahlon B. Sexton, salesman, 503 Market, h 208 

Plum, Camden 
Manley Ira A., 735 Brown 
MARRELL & SCHROEDER, importers silks and 

woollens, 214 Chestnut 
Morris Paschal, agr. implts, from 7th & Market 

to 1120 Market 
Mulliken C. P., trunks, &c., 533 Market 

Orwig G. Thomas, Publisher's Exchange, 411 

Osier H. Jr., att'y at law, 130 S 6th, h 433 Dau- 

PAGE JOSEPH P., coal dealer, 114 Market & 
Locust street wharf Schuylkill, h 1526 Walnut 

Perot Joseph sr., mer., 36 N Del av, h Gtn 

Perot J. S. & E. L. {Joseph S. ElUstoii, L. (^ 
Effingham Perot), com. mers., 36 N Del av 

Prentiss Alonzo B., broker, 107 Chestnut, h 725 

Relf Charles P., com. mer., 129 S Front, h Gtn 
Robertson William H., painter, 133 Shippen, h 
130 Federal 

Sabine A. F., removed to 147 S 4th 

SABINE ctDUY {A. F. Sabine 6^ Chas. A. Buy), 

genl. ius. agts., to 147 S 4th 
SAMUEL JOHN, att'y-at-law, removed from 204 

to 135 S 5th 
Slack J. M., to 301 N 7th 
Smith, Bowen k Co., dry goods, removed to 257 

Stanton M. Hall, removed from 506 Market to 

316 Market 
Steinmetz Saml., shipcarpenter, 1010 Mechanic 

Thomas &, Martin, from 217 to 322 Chestnut 
Turnbull Wm. P., mer., 23 S 4th, h 244 S 17th 
Twiname John H., clerk, 112 Chestnut, h UN 2d 

Washington Margaret M., h 1531 Locust 
WILLIAM & NORRIS, plumbers and gasfitters, N 

W 13th & Race 
Woodward William H., mer., removed from 1610 

Summer to S E 38th & Walnut 


Ab above ; acct. accountant; al alley ; att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor; av avenue ; bel 
below ; bet between ; Bdg Bridesburg ; B T Bristol Township ; Bin Bustleton ; b h boarding 
house ; C Hill Chestnut Hill ; c corner ; ct court ; E East ; Fkd Frankford ; Pkl Franklin ; 
Gtn Germantown ; G T av Germantown avenue ; gent, gentleman ; gentw. gentlewoman ; H Ville 
Hestonville ; h house ; Hbg Holmesburg ; Ken Kenderton ; 1 lane ; lab laborer ; M Ville Mayland- 
ville ; Myk Manayunk ; Mt A Mount Airy ; manuf. manufacturer and manufactory ; mer. merchant ; 
mr. maker ; N Penn North Penn ; n near ; N North ; Penyk Pennypack ; E, Ridge ; E,d Rich, 
mond ; Smfid Smithfield ; S South ; Sch Schuylkill ; T Trenton ; W West ; whf wharf or wharves. 


Aaron James S., 247 S 8th 

Aaron Philip, turner, 865 N 4th 

Aarons Aaron, clothing, 909 N 2d 

Aarons Adolph, turner, h 223 Carter 

Aarons Alfred, coachtrimmer, 706 Girard av 

Aarons Jacob, hairdresser, 1104 Jefferson av 

Aarons Nathaniel, salesman, 1104 Market, h 843 

Aaronson Caleb F., salesman, 517 Market, h 314 

N 19th 
Aaronson Charles, carpenter, h 655 N Broad 
Aaronson George P. , millwright, 457 Allen 
Aaronson Henry, conductor, 314 N 19th 
Aaronson Joseph, supt stables, 314 N 19th 
Abadie V. J., clerk, 201 N 4th, h 431 Catharine 
Abadie Victor, druggist, 431 Catharine 
Abbale William, tailor, 535 N 3d 
Abbett Benjamin F., clerk, 219 Market, h 261 N 

Abbett Catharine, nurse, 1022 Olive 
Abbett E. M., clerk, h 261 N 5th 
Abbett Ezekiel M., bonnet presser, 261 N 5th 
Abbett & Renouf {Theodore Abbett and Joshua 

Renoi(f), carpenters, 628 Weaver 
Abbett Sallie, school teacher, h 1022 Olive 
Abbett Theodore, carpenter, 628 Weaver, h 924 

Abbey Charles, goldfoil manuf. 230 Pear, h 321 

Abbey Charles 0., manuf. 230 Pear, h 117 S 16th 
ABBEY CHARLES & SONS {Charles, William 

R., and Charles O. Abbey), goldfoil manufs., 

228 & 230 Pear 
Abbey George P.. mer. 308 N 3d, h 321 Spruce 
ABBEY (fc NEPF {George P. Abbey ^ John A. 

NeJD, imps. hardware^SOS N 3d 
Abbey William J., goldfoil, 522 S lOth 
Abbey William M., tobacco, 31 N Water, h 321 

Abbey William R., manuf. 230 Pear, h 522 S lOth 
Abbot Abden, bridgetender, Whitehall, h Water 

& Ann 


Abbot Edward A., salesman, 214 Chestnut, h 137 

N 11th 
Abbot Mary, widow William, h 2033 Hampton 
Abbott Abraham I., grocer, 843 S 2d, h 33 Chris- 
Abott Catharine, widow Edward, 613 Parrish 
Abbott Ann N. 910 Clinton 
ABBOTT & CO. {Samuel A. Abbott, no Co.), 

platform scales, N W 9th & Melon 
Abbott C. H. & G. {Charles H. Abbott, George 

dead), hardware, 18 N 4th, h 910 Clinton 
Abbott Charles R., secy 5th &, 6th railroad, h 

1739 Coates 
Abbott E. W., trunkmr. 1039 Crease 
Abbott Francis A., bricklayer, 419 Harmony 
Abbott Henry, 137 N 11th 
Abbott Isaiah, bricklayer, 1443 S 2d 
Abbott James, h 1426 Arch 
Abbott James G., 410 Brown, h 806 N 7th 
Abbott James W., clerk, N E c Race & Broad, h 

1421 Vine 
Abbott John, overseer, Paul n Ruan 
Abbott John E., painter, N E c Broad & Race, h 

1225 Parrish 
ABBOTT, JOHNES & CO. {Redman Abbott,, 
George W. Johnes, Williajn H. Berry, George J. 
Gross, and William T. Wilcox), imps, staple 
and fancy silk goods, 527 Market and 524 Com- 
Abbott Joseph E., hatter, 315 Pierce 
Abbott Mary, widow, h 137 N 11th 
Abbott Mary Ann col'd, wid William, r 9 Emelino 
Abbott Michael, gardener, h 1727 Jones 
Abbott Montelius, h 1426 Arch 
ABBOTT & NOBLE {James G. Abbott tV Charles 

Noble), Liberty Stove Works, 410 Brown 
Abbott Redman, merchant, 527 Market, h 1926 

Abbott Samuel A., scale manuf. N W 9th & Mel- 
on, h 927 Parrish 
Abbott Samuel, bookkr. 122 S Del av, 2191 S 7th 
Abbott Samuel, laborer, r 116 Christian 



Abbott Sarah, widow George, Hancock n Jefferson 
Abbott Stephen F., salesman, 424 Market, h 139 

Abbott Thomas, engraver, h 319 S 18th 
Abbott Thomas, trader, 1323 N 10th 
Abbott William, driver, 15 Annapolis 
Abbott William, papermaker, Levering n Wood 

Abbott WiUiam, treas. Swede's Iron Furnace, h 

2305 Green 
Abbott William, Jr., machinist. Chestnut (Myk) 
Abbott William, brickmaker, h 2033 Hampton 
ABBOTT WILLIAM H., att'y, 20 N 7th, h 1421 

Abbott William L., gent. 1616 Arch 
Abbott William S., agent, 241 Chestnut, h 2305 

Abbott Wilson, brewer, 136 N 2d, h 109 N 5th 
Abdill William, engineer, 2 Christian 
Abe Simon, laborer, Lehman, Gtn 
Abeeker William, cordwainer, 913 Thompson 
Abel Augustus, engineer, 1416 Howard 
Abel Charles, ehairmaker, 944 Kurtz 
Abel Charles, painter, 40 X 5th, h 532 N Market 
Abel Charles, carriagemaker, 419 Brown 
Abel Charles, fisherman, r 464 Allen 
Abel Charles E., tinsmith, 622 X 2d, h 820 N 4th 
Abel Charles S., tinsmith, 820 N 4th 
Abel Edward M., butcher, 968 Alder 
Abel Edwin, shoecutter, 819 Xectarine 
Abel Franklin, brassfounder, 931 Xew Market 
Abel George, cordwainer, 1129 ^Marlborough 
Abel George M., veal butcher, stalls 86 & 88 Gi- 

rard av Market, h 1225 Wallace 
Abel Henry, laborer, Mulaney ab Oxford 
Abel Henry Mrs., 330 Dean 
Abel James, dealer, 947 N 5th 
Abel John, dealer, stalls 223 & 225 Franklin Mar- 
ket, h Camden 
Abel John ehairmaker, 934 IST Front 
Abel John, 816 St John 
Abel John fisherman, 466 Allen 
Abel John, looking-glass framemer, 848 h 820 X 4th 
Abel John D., tilemaker, 32d bel Ludlow 
Abel John H., framemaker, 820 N 4th 
Abel Joseph, mason, Gtn av ab Wissahickon 
Abel & Kelly [Charles Abel, William F. Kelly), 

painters, 40 N 5th 
Abel Marv. widow of John, 82 E Market, h Ross 
ABEL PETER E., advertising clerk, h 1256 N 

Abel Peter H., tinsmith, 820 X 4th 
Abel Robert K., watchmaker, 968 Alder 
Abel Robert K., Jr., butcher, 968 Alder 
Abel Samuel, segarmaker, 1319 Palethorp 
Abel Samuel, brassfounder, 931 Xew Market 
Abel Sophia, widow, 1416 Howard 
Abel Susan, widow of Peter, 947 N 5th 
Abel Susan, seamstress, 1315 Rye 
Abele Christian, baker, 1002 Coates 
Abeles B., millinery goods, 54 S 2d 
Abeles Seligman, dry goods, 117 N 2d 
Abell A. S., publisher, S W Chestnut t 3d, h Bal- 
Abell George, baker, 2205 Filbert 
Abell James W., artist, 139 Richmond 
Abell John, barber, bds 413 Vine 
Abell Amasa E., eoachpainter, 2017 Girard av 
Abell Peter E., salesman, 1250 N 11th 
Abell Joseph, shoemaker, 816 St. John 
Abell W. D., druggist, 518 X Front 
Abels Andrew, currier, 852 Randolph 
Abels William, currier. 852 Randolph 
Abendroth Christian, tailor, r 155 Brown 
Abendroth William, tailor, 1419 Vienna 

LacCf Miisliii) Damask, Brocatellej and 

Abenroth Adolph, barber, bds 353 N 4th 
Abercrombie James, warper, 1735 Carver 
Abernathy John, laborer, 411 X loth 
Abernethy John H., grocer, 1245 Coates 
Abernethy J, M., druggist, 935 Arch 
Abernethy Robert, gentleman, Dauphin c 5tli 
Abey John, clerk,'425 X 3d 
Abinger J., tailor, 212 X 4th 
Able Charles, laborer, 156 Poplar 
Able David, shoemaker, 1019 Federal 
Able George M., victualler, 1225 Wallace 
Able Jacob C, dry goods, 920 Girard av 
Able John, barkeeper, Xicetown 1 n Ridge aT 
Able John, clerk, 912 Warnock 
Able John watchman, P T Bank, 1225 Wallace 
Able M. C, dry goods, 920 Girard av 
Able Peter, cordwainer, 1326 Earl 
Able Peter, shoemaker, r 870 Orchard 
Able Robert, plateprinter, 838 X 13th 
Able Samuel H,, wharf builder, 1019 Ross 
Able William, moulder, 1326 Earl 
Abnett John W., bricklayer, 836 Swanson 
Abnett Joseph C, bricklayer, r 649 X 15th 
Aboon Joseph K., upholsterer, 104 X 6th, h 1306 

Abraham D. C, farmer, stall 211 Farmers' Market, 

h Delaware county 
Abraham Edward, tailor, 1221 Columbia av 
Abraham Isaac, beef butcher, stalls 6 & 8 Girard 

av market, h 1331 Mervine 
Abraham Isaac, vict., 2d & Brown, h 1630 N 12th 
Abraham Isaac, butcher, h Rising Sun 
Abraham Isaac, dealer in cattle, h 1723 Francis 
Abraham Joseph, jr., conductor, h Germantown 

av bel Meetler 
Abraham Robert, segarmaker, h 7 Fairfax pi 
Abraham Samuel, farmer, 100 F. Mkt, h Del. CO 
Abraham William, butcher, h Gtn av ab 10th 
Abrahams Elizabeth, wid, of Moses, 683 n 12th 
Abrahams Isaac, victualler, 1331 Mervine 
Abrahams Jacob, clothing merchant, 344 South 
Abram A., brickmaker, Frankford n Oxford 
Abram Joseph, butcher, 1609 Bodine ab Oxford 
Abram William, butcher, 848 Charlotte 
Abrams Anna M., seamstress, r 703 Mintzer 
Abrams Augustus, gasfitter, r Orchard n George 
Abrams David, drover, 432 George 
Abrams Edward, tailor, 1221 Columbia av 
Abrams George, carpenter, h 1012 Dorrance 
Abrams George, brickmaker, Bodiue ab Oxford 
Abrams Henry, cigarmaker, 842 Lawrence 
Abrams Isaac, Rev., h 9 Elmslie's al 
Abrams Jacob, hostler, Allen n Frankford 
Abrams John W., clerk, h 907 Xew Market 
Abrams Joseph, attorney-at-law, 507 Race 
Abrams Michael, driver, h 1732 Carver 
Abrams Michael, coachmaker, S E Girard av & 

3d, h 3 Christy pi 
Abrams Moses, tailor, r 1034 St John 
Abrams Sarah, 1622 Arch 
Abrams William, mutton butcher, stall 66 X 2d~ 

st market, h Germantown av n Gunner's Run 
Abrams William, pumpmaker, Frankford n Green, 

h Cherry n Margaretta 
Aby John, salesman, 137 X 3d, bds Black Bear 
Academy of Music, S Broad c Locust 
Academy of Xatural Sciences, Broad A Sansom 
Academy of Sisters of Xotre Dame, 1321 Filbert 
Acart Frederick, rag dealer, 5 Fetter's lane 
Accon John, gardener, 1309 Mervine 
Accoo Jesse (col'd), coachman, 219 Vanderveer 
Accor & Forepaush, {Samiiel Acror if Charles 

Forepaugh) flour k feed, 2110 Ridge av 
Accor Samuel, flour & feed, 2110 Ridge av, h 

Sharswood ab 21st 
Drapery CurtaiuS) of every description; 



bard), P R R, office 238 S 3d 
Ache Henry, tavern, Gtn av bel Norris 
Achenbaeh George W. cordwainer, h 148 Otter 
Acheson Armon D., mer., 1015 Market, h 33d bel 

Acheson Charles, mer., 1015 Market, h Lancaster 

Co, Pa 
Acheson Charles & Co., Charles Acheson lV Armon 

D. Achrson,) flour & trans, mer., 1015 Market 
Achesori. James, c 20th & Brandywine 
Achiardi Dario, prof, of music, h 427 "Wood 
Achuf Hodson, clerk, Haines bel Hancock 
Achuff Charles, wheelwright, Tacony 
Achuff Francis, boot & shoe manuf., 232 Arch, h 

Achuff Joseph, keeper Moyamensing Prison, 916 

Achuff J. C, boot & shoe manuf., 232 Arch, h 

Achuff William, shoemaker, h pike, Bustleton 
Ackenbaoh Martin, tailor, h 9 Millicent av 
Acker Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 719 N 7th 
Acker Henry, baker, h 1010 Girard av 
Acker Jacob, blacksmith, 1638 S 6th 
Acker James, tailor, 414 Ireland 
Ackerman Clinton M., salesman, 118 Chestnut, h 

2d bel Elm, Camden 
Ackerman David, baker, 1103 South 
Ackerman David R., carpenter, 966 Marshall 
Ackerman Emil, lithographist, 311 Chestnut (up 

stairs), h N E c 5th & Wood 
Ackerman Francis, shoemaker, h 1205 Heath 
Ackerman George, tailor, h 416 Canton 
Ackerman George, butcher, stalls 190 & 192 

Franklin Market, h 28th n Thompson 
Ackerman Hannah, wid. of David, 966 Marshall 
Ackerman Herman, embroideries, 203 S 5th, h 

New York 
Ackerman <fc Hunzinger {Hermayi AckerTnan ^ 

Werner Hunzinger), embroideries, 203 S 5th 
Ackerman Jacob, tailor, 1209 Randolph 
Ackerman John, laborer, h Grays Ferry Road bel 

Washington av 
Ackerman John B., bonnet presser, 560 N 5th 
Ackerman Joseph, clothing store, 830 South 
Ackerman Joshua, bartender, 1826 Ridge av 
Ackerman William, cab. mr., h 925 Thompson 
Ackerman Wm. R., pianomaker, 1014 Sargeant 
Ackermann Loui.s, signpainter, 418 Girard av 
Ackermann Phillip, surg. inst. maker, 15 N 5th 
Ackin Robert, laborer, h r 1936 Market 
Ackoe William, engineer, r 637 St Mary 
Ackley Charles S., chaircaner, 88 Laurel 
Ackley Henry, bootmaker, 1319 Market 
Ackley Hannah, widow William, dressmaker, h 

r 1858 Germantown av 
Ackley John, dealer, 963 Warnock 
Ackley J. B., M D, office & h 1105 Arch. 
Ackley John T., engineer, h 2139 Summer 
Ackley L., cordwainer, 230 N 4th 
Ackley Myers P., machinist, 1016 S 12th 
Ackley Norman, grocer, 88 Laurel 
Ackley Sarah, tailoress, Mill, Gtn 
Ackley Sheve, bookkeeper, 15 Bank 
Ackley Thomas AV., merchant, 525 Market 
Ackley William, paperboxmaker, 1210 N 3d 
Ackley William H., hats, caps, and furs, 802 N 2d 
Ackroj'd Jeremiah, dyer, 2113 Harmstead 
AchulF James, jr., turner, Innes ab Allen 
Actlv Lorenzo, currycomb maker, 1207 Noble, h 

S W 18th & Penna av 
Acton James T., 706 Brown 

Acton John J., foreman, 50 N 3d, h 1308 S 10th 
Acton Nathaniel, laborer, 1730 Lombard 

Patten's, 630 

Acton William R., merchant tailor, 41 N 6th, h 

706 Brown 
Acton W. R. & Co. (William R. Acton, silent 

partner), tailor and publisher, 41 N 6th 
Acuff Justus, farmer, 199 Spring Garden Market, 

h Montgomery co 
Aeuif William, cardriver, 6th n Dauphin 
Adair Andrew, seaman, 506 N 4th 
Adair Annie, domestic, 1406 Spruce 
Adair Blaney, painter, 506 N 24th 
Adair Edward P., paperhanger, 1708 Filbert 
Adair Henry, bartender, Passyunk bel Reed 
Adair James, furniture cars, 1011 Callowhill 
Adair John G., printer, 1124 Jefferson 

Adair , student, 1122 Vine 

Adair Robert, Rev., 1708 Filbert 
Adair Sprogel, superintendent, n Columbia Bridge 
Adair William, stonecutter, 1311 Myrtle 
Adair William J,, carpenter, 506 N 24th 
Adair William S., paying teller Bank of Com- 
merce, h607 N 17th 
Adam Adam, laborer, 127 Girard av 
Adam William, dealer, 5 & 6 S 2d st Market 
Adams Alexander, 22 N 15th. 
Adams Alexander, brushmaker, 113 Market, h N 

W 11th & Ogden 
Adams Alexander, driver, 1312 Shellbark 
Adams Amos, bootfinisher, 413 Commerce, h Wa- 
terloo ab Huntington 
ADAMS ANDREW W., cotton yarn, 137 Mar- 
ket, h 607 N 12th 
Adams Anthony, cabinetmaker, 49 N 20th 
Adams Ann, widow Thomas, 209 Thompson 
Adams Ann, widow Henry, 514 N 11th 
Adams Anna, S E 6th & Master 
Adams A. H., 2017 Arch 
Adam August, tailor, Cooke n Morris 
Adams Boyd, police officer, r 412 Shippen 
ADAMS BUSHRODW., stock broker, 313^ Wal- 
nut, h 1318 Arch 
Adams Catharine, widow Eli, 324 York av 
Adams Charles, cordwainer, Catharine n I7th 
Adams Charles, engineer, 9 Bohemian pi 
Adams Charles, laborer, AYashington ab Helpless 

la, Myk 
Adams Charles, merchant, c 8th &, Arch, h. 1642 

Adams Charles, jr., dry goods mer., 1642 Green 
Adams Charles P. lampblack, 1520 Girard av 
Adams Charles H., merchant, c Sth & Arch, L. 

1642 Green 
Adams Charles J., mer., Ill Arch, h 1936 Spruce 
ADAMS CHARLES J. & CO. {Charles J., How- 
ard J., ^ Thomas J. Adams), commission and 
produce merchants, 111 Arch 
ADAMS CHARLES & SON {Charles Adams ^ 
Charles II. Adams), dry goods, SE Sth &Arch 
Adams Charles T., provisions, Gtn av & Tulphkn 
Adams Charles T., bookkeeper, 138 S Del av, h 

1520 Girard av 
Adams David, smokehouse, c Rachel k Laurel, h 

910 N 7th 
Adams David (c), whitewashing, 10 Brier pi 
Adams David S., farmer, 74 sec. 3 Shippen Mar- 
ket, h Gloucester Co 
Adams Daniel H., bricklayer, 1837 Ginnado 
Adams Dexter, cabinetmaker, n Columbia Bridge 
Adams Edward, tinsmith, 222 Marriott 
Adams Edward A., drygoods. 220 k 222 N 3d, h 

221 N 20th 
Adams Edwin, 31 S llth 
Adams Elizabeth, widow Daniel, r 1 Dunton 
Adams Elizabeth, weaver, r Norris AA'' 3d 
Adams Eli, salesman, 405 Commerce, h 834 Vine 
I Adams E. George, merchant, 112 S 21st 
Chestnut Street. 



ADAMS EXPRESS CO., 320 Chestnut 

ADAMS EXPRESS CO.'s Freight depot, S Broad 

e Locust 
Adams Ezra E., Rer., 1634 Mt Vernon 
Adams Francis, porter, 416 N 3d 
Adams Frederick M., attorney and counsellor, 

128 S 6tli, fa 604 Pine 
Adams F. W., morocco manufacturer, 934 St 

John, h 1240 Olive 
Adams F. W. E., clerk, 229 jS^ew 
Adams George, laborer, 11 Bowery pi 
Adams George, shoemaker, r 973 Beach 
Adams George, 910 N 7th 
Adams George, salesman, 201 Church al 
Adams George (c), 16 Emeline 
Adams George S., curing establishment, 154 & 

158 Laurel, h 910 N 7th 
Adams Hemy, dealer, stall 29 Girard av market, 

h 1013 Beach 
Adams Henry, weaver. Miller bel Wister 
Adams Henry, musician, r of 1023 Barley 
Adams Hessel, carpenter, 239 Catharine 
Adams Howard, laborer, Adams n Edward 
Adams Howard J., commission merchant. 111 

Arch, h 1626 Wallace 
Adams Jacob, moulder, 848 N 15th 
Adams Jacob, butcher, 1603 N Front 
Adams Jacob W., roller, 3 Wheat 
Adams James, carpet weaver, 2329 Hamilton 
Adams James, blacksmith, 1024 Dorrance 
Adair James, weaver, 506 N. 24th 
Adams James, gardener, 722 West 
Adams James, miller, 2327 Vine 
Adams James, driver, 1304 Palethorp 
Adams James, shoemaker, 216 K" 8th 
Adams James, spring grind'r, Elizabeth bel Unity 
Adams James, porter, 609 Market 
Adams James, laborer, 1713 Burton 
Adams James, h 329 S 13th 
Adams James, 615 S 11th 
Adams James, salesman, Stocker n Carpenter 
Adams James B., commission mer., 10 S Water, 

h Troy, Pa 
Adams James C, bricklayer, 1031 Vernon 
Adams James L., segar mak'r, Shirley ab Coates 
Adams James W., machinist, 1222 Otis 
Adams Jesse D., chainmaker, Sergern w Coral 
Adams John, bookbinder, 950 S 4th 
Adams John, porter, 31 N 13th, h 1536 Palmetto 
Adams John, seaman, 504 S Penn 
Adams John, blacksmith, 621 S Broad 
Adams John, weaver, 1626 Fitzwater 
Adams John, weaver, Oxford ab Cadwalader 
Adams John, labo:er, 430 Morris 
Adams John, seaman, 314 Emmet 
Adams John, shoemaker, 208 George 
Adams John, tailor. Cooper n Morris 
Adams John, laborer, r 1933 Rochford 
Adams John, cordwainer, Cherry n Margaretta 
Adams John, laborer, Wyoming n Pratt 
Adams John, fisherman, r 1030 Montgomery av 
Adams John, weaver, 1303 Rose 
Adams John (c), laborer, 224 Anthony 
Adams John (c) , waiter, 1641 Helmuth 
Adams John B., att. & coun. 116 S 0th, h 1410 N 

Adams John B., farmer, stall 535 Farmers' Market 

h Montgomery county 
Adams John C, segarmaker, 501 X 18th 
Adams John D., brass turner, 903 Hulseman 
Adams John G., acc't, 337 Market, h 612 Parrish 
Adams J. Howe, salesman, cor 8th & Arch, h 

1642 Green 
Adams John H. (c), laborer, 1721 Pearl 
Adams John S., moulder, 848 N 15th 

Adams John M., coachman, 223 S 16th 
Adams John S., gasfitter, 415 Redwood 
Adams John Q., attorney & counsellor, 123 S 5th, 

h 1520 Pine 
Adams John W. (col'd), shoemaker, 726 South 
Adams Jonathan, weaver, Jefferson bel Clinton 
Adams Jonas, waterman, Melville ab WiUiam 
Adams Joseph, grocer, Washington n Hermitage, 

Adams Joseph, carter, 1612 Barker 
Adams Joseph, fisherman, 1233 Ash • 

Adams Joseph, tavern, 242 S Front 
Adams Joseph (c), whitewasher, 10 Bier pi 
Adams Joseph, trunkmaker, 1204 Wood 
Adams Joseph R., clerk, 919 N Front 
Adams Lemuel A., stationer, 15 S 3d, h 928 N 

Adams Lewis, machinist, 324 York av 
Adams Lizzie, hat trimmer, 306 N 15th 
Adams Mahala, wid Uriah, 956 Otsego 
Adams Marian, 504 S Penn 
Adams Martha, wid John, 1438 Bedford 
Adams Mary, fish dealer, stand 3 N 2d St Market, 

h 1235 Ash 
Adams Mary, wid James, cakes, 747 S 6th 
Adams M. G. Mrs., books & stationery, 834 Vine 
Adams Mary J., cook, 714 Mintzer 
Adams Mary L., dry goods, 615 Girard av., h 

1635 Deal 
Adams Mathilda, child's furnish'g, 1306 Chestnut 
Adams Maurice, gentleman, 1337 Spruce 
Adams Michael, shoemaker, r 909 N 13th, 
Adams Montravill, druggist, 1300 Frankford rd 
Adams Moses, tailor, 718 S Broad 
Adams Mrs., 533 Lombard 
Adams Nicholas, laborer. Sowers ct 
Adams Paul H., tinsmith, 638 Halowell 
Adams Philip, laborer, 1311 Randolph 
Adams Reuben C, mech. dentist, 528 Arch, h 

514 Lorien 
Adams Richard, clerk, 425 Wood 
Adams Robert, tavern, 17 Frankford 
Adams Robert, waiter, 1207 Lombard 
Adams Robert, weaver, 1525 Philip 
Adams Robert, brushmaker, 113 Market, h N W 

11th & Ogden 
Adams Robert, seaman, 38 Beck 
Adams Robert, dealer, 737 S Juniper 
Adams Robert, laborer, 762 S 13th 
Adams Robert & Co. (?io Co.), merchant, 313^ & 

h 1130 Walnut 
Adams Robert H., clothing, 634 Market, h 533 

N 11th 
Adams Robert, jr., coal dealer, S E Front & 

Willow, h 919 N Front 
Adams Rudolph, druggist, S W Frankford road, 

Adams R. gentleman, 226 S 8th 
Adams Samuel, gentleman, 1635 Deal 
ADAMS SAMUEL, gentleman, 1337 Spruce 
Adams Stephen L. bookbinder, 1306 Melon 
Adams & Sutter [James B. Adams if Cliarles .B. 

Sutter), produce com. mers., 10 S Water 
Adams Thomas, weaver, r 1304 South 
Adams Thomas, laborer, 747 S 6th 
Adams Thomas, cordwainer, 402 Richmond 
Adams Thomas, cordwainer, 439 Richmond 
Adams Thomas, fancy hosiery weaver, Mont- 
gomery av bel Frankford av 
Adams f hos., car driver, Foulkrod n Frankford 
Adams Thomas, weaver, 546 Montgomery av 
Adams Thomas, lampblack, 1520 Girard 
Adams Thomas, laborer, N W William &, Edge- 

Adams Thomas, carter, 2237 Wood 

Window Snades and Curtain Goods, "Wholesale and Retail; 



Adams Thomas F., merchant, 138 S. Delaware 

av, h 1520 Girard av 
Adams Thomas I., druggist, 1539 Lombard 
Adams Thomas J., merchant. 111 Arch, h Wil- 
mington, Delaware 
Adams Thomas M., Columbian Iron Works, 46 

N 7th, h 908 N 8th 
Adams Thomas M., grocer, 900 N 7th 
Adams Thomas H., saddlers' tools maker, 707 

Adams Thomas P., brass finisher, Orchard near 

Adams Timothy, machinist, 710 N 11th 
Adams Wellington, 321 Race 
Adams William, drayman, r 12-12 N Front 
Adams William, coppersmith, 1901 Rochford 
Adams William, boilermaker, Seybert n 16th 
Adams William, salesman, Norris n 3d 
Adams William, hosemaker, Norris n 3d 
Adams William, grocer, 614 Richmond 
Adams William, machinist, Fkd n Cumberland 
Adams William, engineer, Frankford rd n Hunt- 
Adams William, carpet weaver, 825 Shippen 
Adams William, blacksmith, 1321 Locust 
Adams William, coach trimmer, 22 N 15th 
Adams William, hosemaker, r Norris W 3d 
Adams William, porter, 610 S 6th 
Adams William, dealer, 242 Stampers al 
Adams William, merchant, Market ab 3d, h 607 

N 12th 
Adams William B., cooper, 921 Torr 
Adams William F. 402 Richmond 
Adams William F., baggage master, r 623 S 15th 
Adams William H., 1626 Vine 
Adams William L., conductor, 1204 Wood 
Adams William W., morocco dresser, 934 St John, 

h 951 N 9th 
Adams Z., painter, 146 Richmond 
Adamson Alan C, bookkeeper, 314 Market, h 

1106 Brown 
Adamson Edmund J., tinsmith, 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson George, foreman, 6th ab Oxford, h 1618 

Adamson James, weaver, N 4th bel Norris 
Adamson James, 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson James E., moulder, 2012 Cambridge 
Adamson John H., bricklayer, 859 N 9th 
Adamson Joseph, hosiery, gloves, &c., 36 N 4th, 

h 1124 Vine 
Adamson Margaret, wid. Wm. 1346 Kates 
Adamson Thomas, salesman, S E Arch & 2d, h 

1228 Cass 
Adamson Thomas, merchant, 321 Race 
Adamson Thomas, weaver, 4 Diamond 
Adamson Thomas, jr., salesman, 30 N 4th, h 321 

Adamson William, moulder, 1604 Wood 
Adamson William, glue & curled hair, 1735 N 6th, 

h 1620 N 2d 
Adamson William, 1624 N 2d 
Adare Alexander, carpenter, 1312 Savery 
Adare & Fisher {i<avtiiel Adare if Israel J. 

Fisher), mannf rsturn screws, 15th & Hamilton 
Adare John, laborer, 2 Greble's av 
Adare Robert, hotel, N E Ridge av and 16th 
Adare Samuel, manuf., 15th and Hamilton, h 

Callowhill ab 15th 
Adare William, boot and shoemaker, 214 N 10th 
Adare William, butcher, G T av ab Hartwell av 
Addicks John E., president Alleghany Coal Co., 

230 S 3d, h 030 Race 
Addicks J. Edw'd, clerk, 1218 Market, h 630 

Addin Robert, watchmaker, 308 Iseminger 

Addins Modesti, machinist, 1506 Callowhill 

Addinher Jacob, laborer, h 933 Darien 

Addis Amos A., photographer, 160 W Girard av, 

h 1164 Sites 
Addis Charles, brickmaker, 1167 S 12th 
Addis Edwin, jeweler, 1419 Ridge av 
Addis Eliza, artist, 1419 Ridge av 
Addis Isaac, grocer, 1167 S 12th 
Addis John C, miller, 1704 N 6th 
Addis John C. jr., clerk, 47 S 3d, h 1704 N 6th 
Addis Mich'l, porter, 219 Chestnut, h6 Allison pi 
Addis Samuel, teacher, French, h 608 Locust 
Addis Stewart J., driver, 2213 Coates 
Addis William, plaster, 1631 Lombard 
Addison John (c), waiter, 1526 Sansom 
Addison Jonathan, spinner, 2136 Spruce 
Addison Sarah (e), 7 Emeline 
Addison William, carpenter, 1231 Charlotte 
Addison William, watchcasemaker, 802 Wood 
Ade Godfrey, tailor, 308 Beaver 
Ade Gotleib, carpenter, 308 Beaver 
Ade John, shoemaker, bds 353 N 4th 
Adelberger Laurence, baker, N E Cadwalader 

and Oxford 
Aden Victor, moulder, 335 N 13th 
Adey William J., foreman, 1547 Brinton 
Adger Robert, furniture, 823 South 
Adkins Addison B. Rev., Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Adkins Edward, gunsmith, 911 Aurora 
Adkins John H. (c), barber, 116 Gatzmer 
Adkins Robert E., hairdresser, 57 N 8th, h 624 

Adkinson Henry, engineer, 2 Adrian 
Adlard James, tailor, 147 N 9th, h 714 Wood 
Adler Abraham, mer. 341 N 2d, h 952 Franklin 
Adler C. F., morocco dresser, 131 Margaretta 
Adler David, salesman, 431 Market, h 463 Garden 
Adler George W., student, Oxford rd, 23d ward 
Adler George S., morocco manufacturer, 131 Mar 

garetta, h Oxford rd, 23d ward 
Adler G. S. & Son (George S. ^- John L. Adler), 

morocco manuf., 131 Margaretta 
Adler Henry C, conductor, h 950 New Market 
Adler Isaac, clothing, 514 Shippen 
Adler Jacob, blacksmith, r 1247 Alder 
Adler Jacob, clerk, 912 New Market 
Adler John, conductor, New Market bel Laurel 
Adler Jonn B , morocco finisher, h 950 New Mar- 
Adler John L., morocco manuf., 131 Margaretta, 

h Oxford rd, 23d ward 
Adler & Metz (S. Adler Sc B. Metz), manuf rs of 

cloaks and mantillas, ?lrl3 Arch 
Adler Samuel, mer., 413 Arch, h 402 N 7th 
Adolph Alfred W., hat and cap manuf., 42 N 2d, 

h 906 Franklin 
Adolph Anthony, shoemaker, 840 N 7th 
Adolph Elizabeth, widow George, 906 Franklin 
Adolph George, salesman, 900 Franklin 
Adolph Henry, furniture warerooms, 30 N 2d, h 

906 Franklin 
Adolph & Keen {A. W. Adolph h^ Eli Keen), hat 

and cap manufacturers, 42 N2d 
Adolph AVilliam, shoemaker, r 327 Dillwyn 
Adolphe Madame, 418 N 10th 
Adolphus James M., bellhanger, 38 S 16th. h 

Stocker n Carpenter 
Adorn Thomas M., foundry, 808 N 8th 
Adouard Corvacyear, 2 Abbott's ct 
Adrian William, engraver, 1237 South 
Adshead John, dealer, 1408 S 8th 
Adshead Mary, widow Jeremiah, Thomas n Ta- 

Advena & Brother {William cV Paul) wirk work- 
ers, 148 N 6th 

Patten'S) 630 Chestnut Streett 



Advena Paul, •wire worker, 148 N 6th, h S E e 

4th and Willow 
Advena "William, wire worker, 148 N 6th, h 1062 

Ady J. W., clerk, 226 Market, h 1547 Brinton 
Aefort Catharine, 318 Coates 
Aeimond Gotleib, engineer, r 1145 jST 3d 
Aerhardt Richard, lampmaker, 1242 Apple 
Aertsen James M., bill broker, S E Dock and 

Walnut, h Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Aertsen Robert B., assist, treas. Phoenix Iron 

Works, 410 Walnut, h West Walnut 1, Gtn 
Aesele Louis, laborer, Irvin bel School, Bdg 
Aesner Samuel, laborer, r 804 N Front 
Affarbach Ann, ■widow George, Coral n Firth 
Affeld Ferdinand, millstone maker, 1010 G T av 
Afferdeck Herman, shoemaker, 2 Hamlet pi 
Afflerback Charles, tobacco, 1221 Howard 
Afflerback William, gunmaker, 1141 N 2d 
Afflerback Jesse, produce deal, bds 352 N 2d 
Affliek Benjamin K., grocer, 438 N Tth, h 513 Fkl 
Afflick James P., hotel, Lancaster av n N 40th 
Affliek John M., clerk, h Lancaster av n 40th 
Afflick Morris E.. 513 Franklin 
Afflick Sarah, 1309 S 4th 
Afflick Thomas, spinner, h 2012 Lombard 
Aford Adam, laborer, 916 Ogden 
Aford Theresa, widow Conrad, 916 Ogden 
Aga John, varnisher, r 820 Willow 
Agan Dennis, laborer, 1424 X 10th 
Agan Joseph, bricklayer, 1234 Peters 
Agan Morris, laborer, r 822 Washington ay 
Agan Thomas, plater, 409 S 20th 
Agan Thomas, weaver, 1168 S 13th 
Agan WiUiam, clerk, 705 Enue 
Agar James, laborer, 721 Kessler 
AGARD & CO. (H. Guiterman, IV. T. Agard, 

4- J. WoJf), hats, caps, furs, kc. 335 Market 
Agard William T., hats & caps, 335 Market, h 

1230 X 7th 
Agen Daniel, morocco dresser, r 1607 X 2d 
Agen Dennis, porter, 333 Market, h 6 Java pi 
Agen John, shoemaker, 1732 N 3d 
Agen Patrick, laborer, 22d bel Race 
Agen Patrick, laborer, r Sorrel n Melvale 
Agen Robert, cordwainer, 1621 Germantown av 
Agency office of the Farmers' & Mechanics' Bank, 

Camden, N. J., N E c 2d & Chestnut 
Ager Elizabeth, asst. matron home for children, 

N E c 22d & Pine 
Ages Xaney (c), widow Henry, 620 Ronaldson 
Aggerman William, ship builder, 907 Warnock 
Agigle Adam J., shoemnker, 723 Passyunk av 
Agin Andrew, boltmaker, 20S3 Cuthbert 
Agin Anna, widow Joseph, washer, 6 Bowery pi 
Agin George B., confectioner, 654 Franklin 
Agin Henry S., clerk, S W 3d & Race, h 564 Fkl 
Agin Isaac, currier, 654 Franklin 
Agin James, clerk, 654 Franklin 
Agin John, coal oil mr. 914 N Front 
Agin Margaret, milliner, 539 X 2d 
Agin Thomas, moulder, Edgemont n York 
Agnes Joseph B. (c), waiter, 1718 Sansom 
Agnew Angys, machinist, Sellers ab Leiper 
Agnew David, weaver, Cumberland n Emerald 
Agnew David, salesman, 320 Market, h 1131 Ells- 
Agnew David, carpenter, 1131 Ellsworth 
Agnew Dennis, warper, 1510 American 
Agnew D. H., M.D., 16 X 11th 
Agnew Edward, seaman, 2 Emeline 
Agnew Eliza, milliner, 2028 Callowhill, h 24th & 

Agnew Elizabeth, widow Henry, h 20 X 17th 
Agnew Ellen, widow James, 623 S 20th 

AGXEW & EXGLISH (William Agnew 4- 

Beverly E7iglis/i) , cloak & mantilla, 25 S 9th 
Agnew E. Miss, millin. 8 X 9th, h 1131 EUsworth 
Agnew Henry, printer, 1424 Pink 
Agnew Henry, clerk, 711 Market 
Agnew Harris S., mer, 1112 Pine 
Agnew James, boltmaker, 24th & Callowhill, h 

1019 X 3d 
Agnew James, roofer, X 2d bel York 
Agnew James, laborer, 1006 Milton 
Agnew James, laborer, h 2204 Summer 
Agnew James, machinist, 918 Morgan, 922 Vine 
Agnew James B., clerk, 8 Strawberry, h 1112 Pine 
Agnew Jane, widow William, 1037 S 4th 
AGXEW JOHX, fire engine builder, Franklin 

Works, 922 Vine, h 918 Morgan 
Agnew John, stonecutter, 1348 Hancock 
Agnew John, laborer, r 1127 Vine 
Agnew John, quarryman, 514 X 24th 
Agnew John, engineer, 1945 Harmstead 
Agnew John, boilermaker, 623 Paul 
Agnew John B., laborer, Xicetown 
Agnew John R., carpenter, Market n 36th 
Agnew Johnston, potter, Cumberland n Emerald 
Agnew Matilda Miss, Walnut bel 40th 
Agnew Michael, hotel, 170 Master 
Agnew Michael, laborer, h Cumberland n Com- 
Agnew Samuel, laborer, 523 S 20th 
Agnew Samuel, publisher, 30 X 11th 
Agnew Thomas, cutter, 426 Market, 830 Wharton 
Agnew Thomas, groceries, 107 Eutaw 
Agnew Thomas, carpenter, 934 Manilla 
Agnew Thomas, oilcloth maker, 1909 Buttonwood 
Agnew William, watchcase maker, 1037 S 4th 
Agnew William, cloaks & mantillas, 25 S 9th, h 

1112 Pine 
Agricultural Society, 626 Chestnut 
Ahern Eliza, 4 Rose alley 
Ahern Eugene, gilder, 414 S 10th 
Ahern James, laborer, 812 Depot 
Ahern Jane, r 1632 Lombard 
Ahern John, shoemaker, 2 Swartz pi 
Ahern Patrick, laborer, r Somerset n Amber 
Ahern Patrick, late grocer, 412 X Front 
Ahern Thomas, laborer, 1415 X 10th 
Able Bernhart. baker, 1319 Race 
Ahlum John, cordwainer, r 217 Poplar 
Ahn Isaiah, clerk, Market n 32d 
Ahn J. W., confectioner, 1336 Ridge av 
Ahn Leander, tinsmith, Adam E Carrol 
Ahn Sarah, widow AVilliam, S Garden E 16th 
Ahl Joseph, shoemaker, Hadden pi r 704 Poplar 
Aiehele George, cordwainer, 1306 Warnock 
Aichle John, porter, Allen n Columbia av 
Aicher Jacob, lager beer, 506 Vine 
Aicher Robert, watchspring maker, 816 Carlisle 
Aicholtz Joseph, cooper, 40 X Water, h 620 X 3d 
Aickin Thomas, glasspainter, 1534 Carlton 
Aidenbenz Augustus, Canal E S 5th 
Aigen John, laborer, S side Ewin's court 
Aiger Joseph L., shoemaker, Penna av W 24th 
Aiken David, laborer, r 525 S 13th 
Aiken John, carman, 2 Moland av 
Aiken John, boatsman, 24th n Walnut 
Aiken Louis, segarmaker, 710 Plover 
Aiken Mark, boatman, 24th n AValnut 
Aiken William G., oilcloth maker, 1908 Rochford 
Aikens Charles, drayman, 1022 S 4th 
Aikens Francis, tavern, 938 S 4th 
Aikens Frank, drayman, 439 Marriot's lane 
Aikens George, printer. 111 Releif 
Aikens James, cabinetmaker, r 1030 S 4th 
Aikens James, drayman. Hacker pi 
Aiken James, jr., drayman, 1022 S 4th 

Gilt Coriiices) BandS} Gimps^ Tasselsj Fringes, and Curtain Goodsl 



Aikens James, sr., drayman, 1022 S 4th 

Aikins George, laborer, Bridesburg 

Aikins James, porter, 1029 Clair 

Aikins James, cabinetmaker & upholsterer, 336 S 

3d, h 1030 S 4th 
Aikins John, laborer, 2314 Chestnut 
Aikins Robert, porter, S E Chestnut & Water, h 

615 Penn 
Aikins Eobert, policeman, 1625 Sansom 
Aikman John, hatblock maker, 141 Dock, h 332 

N 2d, Camden 
Ailes Alexander H., 321 Branch 
Ailes Joseph, cutter, 49 S 4t'h, h 321 Harmony 
Ailes Joseph, cutter, 49 S 4th, h 506 Queen 
Ailes William, cutter, 49 S 4th, h 506 Queen 
Aiman John, farmer, 64 S 2d market, h Del co 
Aiman Edwin, oyster saloon, 522 N 2d 
Aiman & Stover {Edivin Aiinait ^ Abraham 

Stover), oyster saloon, 522 N 2d 
Aimes Alfred, clerk, 806 Coates 
Aimes Henry, gent. N W Ridge av & Vine 
Aims Elizabeth P., widdow John, milliner, 62 

Aims Mary, (c) washer, r 1039 South 
Aims William, flour & feed, 500 Girard av 
Ainscow Rachel, wid. Thomas, 434 Thompson 
Ainscow Richard, brushmaker, 434 Thompson 
Ainsworth Benjamin, varnisher, 45 S 2d, h 1352 

Ainsworth John, spinner, Paul n Tacony 
Ainsworth John H., R R agt. 1450 Columbia av 
Ainsworth Joseph, blacksmith, 417 Borden 
Ainsworth Philip, calicoprinter, Tacony n Thomas 
Ainsworth William, puddler, n Columbia bridge 
Ainsworth Wm., umbrella manuf. 86 Frankford 
Aird Andrew W., tassel manuf. 313 N 2d, h 1154 

Aires Frederick, painter, 619 Peach 
Aires James, moroccodresser, 619 Peach 
Aires John George, blacksmith. Race bel 13th, h 

251 Lybrand 
Aires John K., blacksmith, 251 N Broad, h 251 

Aires Thomas, lettercarrier, 619 Peach 
Airey Henry, blacksmith, N W 9th & Melon, h 

907 Darien 
Airey John, soap manuf. 106 Callowhill, h 344 N 

Airey Samuel, blacksmith's helper, N W 9th & 

Melon, h 866 Darien 
Airey Wash., clerk, 315 Market, h 344 N Front 
Airhart Adam, carpenter, 2 r 912 Randolph 
Airix Henry, carpenter. Market n 39th 
Airix Henry, jr., carpenter. Market n 39th 
Airxson Joseph, wheelwright, Warren N 40th 
Airy Samuel, laborer, r 866 Darien 
Aisenpreis Conrad, bakery, 1432 Parrish 
Aisquith Charles W., druggist, 835 Arch 
Aitken Annie S. B., 333 Dean 
Aitken Charles C, manuf., 12 E Girard av 
Aitken Daniel B., clerk, 510 Race 
Aitken David, brass finisher, 1327 S 8th 
Aitken Edward R., clerk, 1214 N 8th 
Aitken H. L., M.D., 1602 N 12th 
Aitken J. Burrows, clerk, 239 Dock, h 1029 

Aitken Joseph, S. W. cor 5th & Chestnut, h 1121 

N Front 
Aitken Joseph B., brushmaker, O'Neill n Gi- 
rard av 
Aitken J. Marshall, farmer, stall 216 Farmers' 

Market, h Chester county 
Aitken Richard, melter, Cumberland n Amber 
Aitken Ptobert, bookkeeper, 437 York av., h 

1121 N Front 

Patten's, 630 

Aitken Thomas, cutter, 423 Market, h O'Neill n 

Girard av 
Aitken William, gentleman, 1029 Shippen 
Aitken William, machinist, 1327 S Sth. 
Aitken William, jr., machinist, 1327 S Sth 
Aitken William B., model maker, N W Dock & 

S 2d, h 2036 Brandywine 
Aitken William H., morocco finisher, h O'Neill n 

Girard av 
Akardt Augustus, tailor, 614 Charles 
Akean Thomas, cordwainer, 2135 Lombard 
Akea Henry, bookbinder, 941 Auburn 
Aken Samuel, weaver, 1226 Crease 
Akens Margaret, spooler, 2027 Market 
Akens Samuel, gilder, York n Amber 
Akers Charles, gentleman, 911 Filbert 
Akers Joseph, china, 823 Market, h 911 Filbert 
Akers Robert, painter, 823 Market, h 1711 

Akers Samuel (c) , furn. car, Stephens pi 
Akers W. & J. {Wilham Akers ^ Joseph Ahers) , 

china k glass, 823 Market 
Akers William, china, 823 Market, h 1210 Mt 

Akins Charles S., carpenter, 504 Mcllvain 
Akins John, machinist, 2023 Moravian 
Akins Joseph, grocer, 1241 Lombard 
Akins Samuel, blacksmith, Lancaster av n N39th 
Akroyd John, carder, Washington n Jefferson, 

Alaine Emilie, teacher, 918 Pine 
Albach Charles, provisions, 1226 Hope 
Alber Christian, gilder, 605 N 3d 
Alberson Mary, produce. 9 S 2d St Market 
Albert Andrew, tailor, N W cor Norris & Orkney 
Albert Ann, wid of Henry, 236 Beaver 
Albert Charles, musical ins. maker, 612 Callowhill 
Albert Charles, cigar box maker, 408 George, h 

1016 Lithgow 
Albert Ernest, machinist, 6 Pensive pi 
Albert Henry, salesman, 236 Beaver 
Albert James H., wheelwright. Mechanic N of 

Albert John, manuf. violins, &c., 612 Callowhill 
Albert Luther E. Rev., Germantown av cor of 

Albert Michael, stonecutter, 310 Yorkav., h 

1205 Alder. 
Albert Nicholas, salesman, 13 N Sth 
Albert! George F. dentist, 1009 Clare 
Albertson Amy, wid of Benjamin, Gtn ab Linden 
Albertson Brothers {Joseph, James, Jacob <^ Isaac 

Albertson), boat builders, 1215 Beach 
Albertson Charles, conveyancer, h Germantown 

av k, ab Linden 
Albertson Charles, plasterer, 1234 Ogden 
Albertson Charles, surveyor&conveyancer, h 1202, 

office 1200 Girard av 
ALBERTSON CHARLES S., collect'r, 1211 S Sth 
Albertson David F. police, 2212 Clayton 
Albertson Elwell, truck farmer. Maiden 1 n Long 1 
Albertson Francis, laborer, Long 1 bel Buck rd 
Albertson George, gardener. Maiden 1 n Long 1 
Albertson George, cordwainer, 250 Richmond 
Albertson Henry, clerk, 19 S 2d, h Main, Gtn 
Albertson Henry A., liquors, 532 S 3d 
Albertson Isaac, porter, 203 Wood 
Albertson Isaac, boatbuilder, 1034 Colunbia av 
Albertson Irah, shipwright, 403 Allen 
Albertson Jacob, boatbuilder, 1148 Beach 
Albertson James, ambrotypist, 158 Richmond, h 

220 Richmond 
Albertson James, boatbuilder, 1108 Marlborough 
Albertson John, waterman, N E cor Front and 


Chestnut Street., ^,ii_iii_^L 



Albertson Joseph, cordwainer, 250 Riclimond 
Albertson Joseph, patternmaker, 250 Richmond 
Albertson Joseph, boatbuilder, 237 Allen 
Albertson Lewis, note broker, 229 Dock, h 1208 

Albertson LeviB., carpenter, 913 Ontario 
Albertson Mark R., salesman, 41st ab Market 
Albertson Mary K., 316 Marshall 
Albertson Mary, widow of Samuel, 6 Chamlin ay 
Albertson M., boatbuilder, 1215 Beach 
Albertson Richard, drayman, 1116 Gtn av 
Albertson Samuel M , carpenter and builder, 1103 

Wood, h 924 N 8th 
Albertson Samuel W., carpenter, 913 Ontario 
Albertson Thomas S., bootmaker, 68 N 2d, h 

1010 S 8th 
Albertson William, shoefindings, 220 Richmond 
Albertson William, blacksmith, 429 Redwood 
Albertson William, shoemaker, Dauphin n Amber 
Albiston Prudence, widow James, candy shop, 

Trenton ay & Reading av. 
Alborn A., Mrs., trimmings, 835 N 2d 
Alborn P., salesman, 13 N 8th, h 835 N 2d 
Albrecht Christopher, butcher, N E Penna av & 

Albrecht Conrad, hotel, Cumberland n Commerce 
Albrecht Henry, musician, 2035 Summer 
Albrecht Herman, manufacturer of sewing ma- 
chines, 1621 N 2d, h 1433 N 5th 
Albrecht John, ladies' shoes, 15 IST 10th 
Albrecht John N., 824 N 4th ' 
Albrecht Otto, mechanical draughtsman, 1621 IsT 

2d, h 1433 N 5th 
Albrecht Sigmund, cordwainer, 1140 Leon 
Albrecht William, cabinetmr., h r 915 Hamilton 
Albright Adam, saddler, 2022 X 6th 
.Albright Adelaide L., dry goods, 864 N 10th 
Albright Anna A., layer out of dead, 445 Garden 
Allbright Caroline, eating stand, stalls 20, 24 & 

26 Grirard av Market, h Waterloo n Ann 
Allbright Charles, yamisher, 608 Brooks 
Albright Charles, machine blacksmith, 123 Dana 
Albright Charles, laborer, 701 S IGth 
Alburger Christopher, butcher, 43 sec. 2 Wharton 

Albright Cyrus, salesman, 1607 Wallace 
Allbright David M., butcher, Girard av Market n 

Crease, h Waterloo n Hull 
Allbright George, carbuilder, 3 Lancaster 
Albright George, carpet, 321 Callowhill 
Albright Henry, gentleman, r 932 St John 
Albright Henry, tobacco, 919 Vine 
Albright Hermon, tailor, r 932 St John 
Albright Jacob, laborer, r Geary ab Wylie 
Albright Jacob, police, 123 Dana 
Albright Jacob, clerk, 445 Garden 
Albright Jacob, porter, 445 Garden 
Albright Jacob, grocer, W Walnut 1, Gtn 
Albright Jacob, plasterer, Kelly's ct 
Albright James, mariner, 308 Stanley 
Albright Jared, salesman. Walnut la, Gtn 
ALBRIGHT JOHN W., merchant tailor, 915 

Chestnut, h 404 S Broad 
Albright Joseph, segarmaker, 240 Crown 
Albright J. S., M.D., 208 Coates 
Albright Peter, butcher, 113 sec. 4, Shippen Mar- 
ket, h 613 South 
Albright Philip, stall 50 Callowhill st Market 
Albright Phillip, express office, 306 Race 
Albright Samuel, victualler, 1233 Palmer 
Albright Sarah, widow Jacob, 152 Dana 
Albright Sylvester, goldsmith, 418 Race 
Albright Theodore F., clerk, 436 Market, h 404 

S Broad 
Albright Thomas, blacksmith, 1228 Race 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut S 

Albright Thomas F., watchmaker, h 644 N 13th 
Albright T., alderman, Ridge av, Sch Falls 
Allbright William, instrument maker, 828 Suffolk 
AJbright William E., salesman. 227 Market, h 

1607 Wallace 
Albright William D., merchant, 644 N 13th 
Alburger Adam, butcher, 13, 15, & 17 sec. 1, 

Wharton Market 
Alburger Alexander, butcher, Ridge av n Wash 1 
Alburger Abraham, gentleman, 735 Callowhill 
Alburger Abraham, painter, 1247 N 2d 
Alburger Abraham, jr., druggist, 176 Thompson 
Alburger Abram H., butcher, 33 S 2d st mar- 
ket, h 405Franklin 
Alburger Anna Maria, dressmaker, 4 Ellen 
Alburger Charles M., plumber and gasfitter, 717 

Spring Garden, h 925 Wallace 
Alburger Christian, vict., Haverford bel Lane, av 
Alburger Dorothea, widow, 435 Franklin 
Alburger Edward, bookbinder, 316 Emmet 
Alburger Henry, butcher. Ridge av n 25th 
Alburger Jacob, wheelwright, 1823 N 2d 
Alburger Jacob T. &Co. {Jacob Alburger, Charles 

Konneck), merchants, 416 S Front 
Alburger Jacob T., pork packer 416 S Front, h 

1309 S 6th 
Alburger Jacob T , jr., clerk, 416 S Front, h 1309 

S 6th 
Alburger James D., tobacconist, 84 Laurel 
Alburger John, clerk, 705 Callowhill 
Alburger John, butcher, 32 sec. 2, Wharton Mai-' 

ket, h 234 Market 
Alburger John G., gentleman, 705 Callowhill 
Alburger Mary K., widow John P., 4 Ellen 
Alburger Philip, victualler, 705 CaUowhUl 
Alburger Philip, driller, 812 Washington av 
Alburger Philip H., beef butcher, stalls 92, 94 & 

95 CaUowhill St. Market, h Callowhill n X 7th 
Alburger & Stratton {Abram Alburger ^ diaries 

S. Stratton) , painters, 1249 N 2d 
Alburger William, driver. Ridge av n 25th 
Alburger William C, plumber, 440 Marshall, h 

1008 Mt Vernon 
Alburger William H., trunks, 1216 Hancock 
Alburtrer William M. . gentleman, 1008 Mt Vernon 
ALBURGER & WOOD [Charles M. Albtirger &f 

James P. Wood), plumbers and gas fitters, 717 

Spring Garden 
Albus John, bootmaker, 109 N 4th, h Camden 
Albus Peter J., varnisher, r 721 N Market 
Alcock Abraham P., painter, 146 Laurel 
Alcock & Bro. {Abraham P. ^ William C), 

painters, 146 Laurel 
Alcock William C, painter, 146 Laurel 
Alcorn Andrew, flour store, 1729 Market, h 24 

N 18th 
Alcorn George, carter, 8 Shock 
Alcorn George, last maker, 109 Callowhill 
Alcorn George J., segars, 220 Queen 
ALCORX JAMES, baker, 21st and Summer 
Alcorn James, chandler, r 931 Federal 
Alcorn James, porter, 825 S 13th 
Alcorn Jane, widow George, 825 S 13th 
Alcorn James, baker, 2000 Summer 
Alcorn Margaret, 1912 Filbert 
Alcorn Samuel, carter, 2020 Filbert 
Alcorn Samuel, baker, 1709 Lombard' 
Alcorn Thomas, butcher, Avenue Drove Yd, W P 
Alcorn Thomas, beef butcher, stalls 23 & 24 Ka- 

ter Market, h Lancaster av n Florida 
Alcorn William, 2024 Lombard 
Alcorn William, laborer, Perry bel Norris 
Alcorn William, soapmaker, 9 Moncton pi 
Alday Edward, merchant, 240 S 5th 
Alden Charles E., machinist, 2108 Summer 
trect> Window Sliadesj 



Alden Charles, machinist, 2220 Race, h 2108 

Alden Joseph P.' machinist, 2220 Race, h 1525 

Alden Manoah, machin., 2220 Race, h 235 N 21st 
Alder John, tavern, 423 S 5th 
Alder Mary, widow William,_ seamst. 809 Depot 
Alderman Joel, r 1227 Vine 
Alderman Robert, cabinetmaker, 215 Perry 
Aldred George, X 7th n Diamond 
Aldred George H., varnisher, N 7th n Diamond 
Aldred William, butcher, 2313 Jefferson 
Aldred William, engineer, 10 Corivin place 
Aldrich Cynthia, 709 S 10th 
Aldrich & Johnson (Isaiah Aldrich ^ Conrad K. 

Johnson), com. merchants, 1 & 3 Chesnut 
Aldrick Isaiah, coojnission merchant, 1&3 Chest- 
nut, h 533 Buttonwood 
Aldrich Silas, merchant, 3 Strawberry, h S 41st bel 

Aldrich William H., clerk, 38 S 2d, h 232 S 4th 
Aldridge George E., blacksmith, 1405 Ogden 
Aldridge Henry F., policeman, 918 Hutchinson 
Aldridge Johnson, bookkeeper, S side Ervin's ct 
Aldridge Silas, merchant, 232 S 4th 
Aldworth Joseph, porter. Watt n 20th 
Aleck George, machinist, 1219 Callowhill, h 1323 

Alck John, tailor, 4th ab Berks 
Aledo Marcus, prof, of music, 306 Bradford 
Alexander Andrew, custom house, 1115 Parrish 
Alexander Benjamin W., furniture dealer, 1026 

Fkd ay, h 1059 Gtn av 
Alexander Charles, gentleman, 855 N 16th 
Alexander Charles D., elk, 52 S 4th, h 309 X 19th 
Alexander Charles H. , cloaks, 21 and h 38 N 9th 
Alexander Charles W., clerk. 2039 AVinter 
Alexander Cornelius, sergeant police, 129 Jarvis 
Alexander Eliza, widow William, 18 Coombs al 
Alexander Elizabeth, dressmaking, 1512 Filbert 
Alexander Emma, gentlewoman, 710 Locust 
Alexander George, jeweller, 1002 Arch 
Alexander George, porter, 1027 Pearl 
Aleck George, machinist, 1219 Callowhill, h 1323 

Alexander George, porter, 54 and 56 N 3d 
Alexander George, grocer, 701 N 3d, h 243 Coates 
Alexander George, Mrs. cloaks & dressmaking, 

1002 Arch 
Alexander George, (c) driver, r 719 Bedford 
Alexander George, (c) coochman, rl3Emeline 
Alexander George W., furniture dealer, 1026 

Frankford av, h 1059 Germantown av 
Alexander Harry, clerk, 109 S 20th 
Alexander Henry, sparmaker, 1057 Frankford rd 
Alexander Henrj', clerk P 0, 1834 Thompson 
Alexander Henry C, salesman, 314 Market, h 

432 N 7th 
Alexander Henry C.,clerk,23NWater,h 109 S 20th 
Alexander Hugh, M.D. Market n 33d 
Alexander Hugh, police, 1128 Marlborough 
Alexander Hugh, wines & liquors, 1145 Poplar 
Alexander Hibberd, agent, N 39th n Market 
Alexander Isaac J., bookkeeper, 18 Coombs al 
Alexander Israel, carriage smith, 1213 N 2d 
Alexander James, bartender. Rising Sun Village 
Alexander James, jr, laborer. Rising Sun 
Alexander James, printer, 1441 Moyamensing av 
Alexander James, foreman, c Race & Delaware 

av, h N E c 2d & Oxford 
Alexander James, constable, 135 Craven 
Alexander James, seaman. Ball n Beach 
Alexander James, weaver, 1106 Anita 
Alexander James, carter, Philip ab Oxford 
Alexander James, engineer, 1548 N 7th 

Alexander James, manufacturer, 1512 Filbert 
Alexander James B., carpenter, 1805 Dubree 
Alexander James H., printer, 1441 Moyamensing 
Alexander John, flour merchant, S E Market & 

21st, h 1004 Spring Garden 
ALEXANDER JOHN, blank books &, stationery, 

52 S 4th, h 309 X 19th 
Alexander John. 1814 Barker 
Alexander John, butcher, 3 Shippen Market, h 

1625 S 2d 
Alexander John, cooper, 26 S Delaware av, h. 

Moyamensing av ab Washington av 
Alexander John, driver. New, 3d bel Montgomery 
Alexander John, packer, 1324 Braudywine 
Alexander John, Ijlank book manufacturer, 52 S 

4th, h 309 N 19th 
Alexander John, foreman, Cumberland n Amber 
Alexander John, boot fitter, 1709 Grayson 
Alexander John, accountant, 722 Wood 
Alexander John Jordan, driver, 1762 N 3d 
Alexander John, liquor, N E 2d & Oxford 
Alexander John, shoemaker, 1219 Locust 
Alexander John, carpenter, 1239 Catharine 
Alexander John, cooper, 1012 Moyamensing 
Alexander John, driver, 18 Wheat 
Alexander John, china packer, 1334 Branyw ine 
Alexander John, jeweler, Stocker n Carpenter 
Alexander John, painter, 1008 Otsego 
Alexander John, flour store, 1004 Spring Garden 
Alexander John Isaac, clerk, 118 Coombs al 
Alexander J. C, clerk, 35 S 4th 
Alexander J. R., clerk, 66 N 4th, h 2039 Winter 
Alexander Joseph, tasselmaker, 236 Race 
Alexander Joseph, paper carrier. Gray n Poplar 
Alexander Joseph, printer, 752 S 4th 
Alexander Julia, wid Peter, gentlewoman, 1035 

Alexander Kate, 528 Arch, h 8 Ashland 
Alexander L. (c), 14 Prier pi 
Alexander Maria, cook, 508 Hurst 
Alexander Mary, trimmings, 1673 S Front 
Alexander Mary, wid. Frederick, Pearl ab 23d 
Alexander Mary, restaurant, 2433 Callowhill 
Alexander Mary, wid. Wm., Rev., 2039 Winter 
Alexander Martin W., conveyancer, N E c Wal- 
nut & 4th, h 1231 N 19th 
Alexander Maurice S., custom house broker, 402 

Library, h 109 S 20th 
Alexander Rachael, wid. George, 24 Wilson 
Alexander Rachael (c) wid Elias, r 719 Bedford 
Alexander Richard J., 228 Monroe 
Alexander Robert, marble mason, S E South & 

16th, h Sansom n 20th 
Alexander Robert, overseer, 617 S 16th 
Alexander Robert, engineer, 1214J Hamilton 
Alexander Robert, stonecutter, 1918 Sansom 
Alexander Robert, stonecutter, 108 Queen 
Alexander Samuel, moulder, 708 Thompson 
Alexander Samuei, porter, 223 S 8th, h 701 

Alexander Samuel, brushmaker, 807 Steward 
Alexander Simon, clothing store, 630 South 
Alexander Susan, wid. Edward, 1911 Pearl 
Alexander Theodore, cord winder, 225 Greenwich 
Alexander Thomas, clerk, 1512 Filbert 
Alexander Thomas, porter, 124 S Front, h 2220 F 
Alexander Thomas, clerk, 230 Chestnut, h 1512 

Alexander Thomas, liquor store, 1833 Lombar 
Alexander Thomas R. rope, 451 N 6th 
Alexander AVestern, farmer, 455 Farmers' Market, 

h Chester county 
Alexander William, M.D., 340 S 4th 
Alexander William, cooper, 1008 Otsego 
Alexander William, gentleman, 928 Lombard 

Cnrtains, and ITphoIstery Goods, Wliolegale and Retail* 




Alexander 'William, tobacconist, 208 Girard av, h 

1113 Day 
Alexander William, harnessmaker, 116 N Front 
Alexander "William A., fruiterer, 724 Arch 
Alexander William B., agent, 439 N 7th 
Alexander "William J., carpenter, r Perkiomen ah 

Alexander William L., clerk, 720 Byard 
Alexander "William J., shoemaker, 1114 Market, 

h 43 S 17th 
Alfeldter Henry, shoemaker, 614 Callowhill 
Alfonso Pedro, gilder, 1140 S 9th 
Alford Augustus, clerk, 123 Walnut, h 236 Chris- 
Alford Hannah, grocer, 412 S 21st 
Alford James, laborer, N E c South & 22d 
Alford William, dry goods, 235 Market, h 236 

Alfred Joseph, weaver, Centre, Gtn. 
Alfter Joseph, cabinetmaker, 627 Willow 
Algeier Benjamin, florist. Broad & Passyunk rd 
Algeier Charles, watchmaker, 478 N 3d 
Algeier C. P., gardener, Eising Sun village 
Algeier Frederick, florist, Broad & Passyunk rd 
Algeier John, conductor, c Union & Aspen 
Algeier J. D., confectionery 984 N 2d 
Algeir Mary, widow Joseph, 2047 Carlton 
Algeir William, machinist, 430 N 19th 
Algeo James W., clerk bank, 37th n Walnut 
Algeo John H., cooper, 7 Benton 
Algeo William W., sheetiron maker, 1929 Lombard 
Algie Daniel, block cutter, 1819 Callowhill 
Algie William, foreman, 1438 Marshall 
Algord Abraham M., carpenter, S W c 16th & 

Alice John S., driver, 1930 Cambridge 
Alice Margaret, 416 Coates 
Alkins George, bookkeeper, Dewey's 1, Gtn 
Alkins Sarah, 909 Poplar 
Alkins William, engraver, 1209 Passyunk rd 
All Morris, liquor, 614 Wood 
All Phillip, gent., 614 Wood 
Allaback John, carpenter, 1117 Jefferson 
Allan Alexander, Tioga c 17th 
Allardice Peter, 211 Ristine 
Allardice Samuel, dyer, 211 Ristine 
Allberger J. G., stall 92 Callowhill st Market 
Allbing Archibald, teamster, Collegeville 
Allbach Charles, hostler, 1016 Market 
Allbutt Sehah, restaurant, 28 Strawberry 
Alleox John, laborer, Nicetown 
ALLDERDICE JAMES, agent, N. Y. and Phila. 

Steam Nav. Co., 314 & 316 S Delav, h 237 S 3d 
Allebach Christian, farmer, stall 13 Girard av 

Market, h Montgomery County 
Allebach Jacob F., jeweler, 126 N 2d 
Allebach M. B. & Co. {Mahlo7i B. Allebach & 

David D. Letvis), watchmakers and jewelers, 

126 N 2d • 

AUeborn Elizabeth, widow Jacob, 705 Wallace 
Alleghany House, 814 Market 
Alleghany Railroad & Coal Co., 230 S 3d 
Allely John, wharf builder, 1011 Marlborough 
Allen Alexander, coachmaker, Ann n Waterloo 
Allen Alfred, machinist, 1035 Shackamaxon 
Allen Alfred H., conveyancer, 436 Walnut, h S W 

c 8th & Pine 
Allen Alice A. . widow John, nurse, Sellers n Paul 
Allen Ann, widow John, produce, 139 Shippen 

Allen Ann , dressmaker, 931 Sargeant 
Allen Ann W., widow Rev. James, 602 Pine 
Allen Anna, milliner, 925 Poplar 
Allen Annie, widow William, shop, 787 Swanson 
Allen A. M., bricklayer, Haverford n N 41st 

liacC) Sliisliiit Oamaskf Brocatellej and 

Allen Benjamin, leather, 9 N Front, h Bristol, Pa 

Allen Benjamin, captain, 435 Dickerson 

Allen Benjamin, brickyard. Buck rd n Long 1, h 

625 S 10th 
Allen Benjamin, wool goods, Miller bel Wistar 
Allen Belmore, barber (c), 202 N 13th, h Pearl 

ab 12th , 

Allen Beulah, widow William M., 1209 Parrish 
Allen Carolina, teacher, 426 Lombard 
Allen Charles, sparmaker, 317 Wildey 
Allen Charles, waterman, 393 Richmond 
Allen Charles, shoemaker, 663 Steiner 
Allen Charles, laborer, 9 Baker 
Allen Charles, seaman, 109 Mary 
Allen Charles, sailmaker, 423 Monroe 
Allen Charles B., rivet manufacturer, Pennsylva- 
nia av W of 22d, h 531 N 22d 
Allen Charles, Jr., merchant, 526 Pine 
Allen Clayton, broker, 260 Madison 
Allen Clifford B., foreman, 617 Jefferson 
Allen &, Co. {Elizabeth Allen & Adam Revill), 
fruit and country produce dealers, 140 Market 
Allen Daniel, dyer, Frankford av ab Alleghany 

av, h Waterloo n Clearfield 
Allen David, blacksmith. Orchard n Church 
Allen David, jr., blacksmith. Orchard n Church 
Allen David, car painter. Oak ab 36th 
Allen David, lampmaker, 2 Gihon's pi 
Allen David, weaver. Rainbow E of Trenton av 
Allen David, carpenter, r 1021 Lemon 
Allen David jr., weaver. Rainbow E of Trenton av 
Allen Edmund, bookkeeper, 603 & 605 Chestnut, 

h 2006 Sansom 
Allen Edward, house and sign painter, 116 N 6th, 

h 1213 N 13th 
Allen Edward, cordwainer, 521 Barron 
Allen Edward, weaver, Front bel Chatham 
Allen Edward H., undertaker, Sellers n Paul 
Allen Edwin R., painter, 1213 N 13th 
Allen Ellen, 506 Hagner 
Allen Elijah C, printer, 1023 Filbert 
Allen Eliza, widow Aaron R., segarmaker, Dun- 
ton n Girard av 
Allen Elizabeth, widow John, tailoress, 1038 

Newton ct 
Allen Elizabeth, produce dealer, 140 Market, h 

Richmond and Ross 
Allen Elliot, helper, 1520 S 8th 
Allen Ellwood, lumber merchant, Richmond n 

Norris, h Richmond ab Ann 
Allen Ephraim, assessor, Toronto and Melvale 
Allen E. R., dressmaker, N W c 6th and Wash- 
ington av 
Allen Francis, dealer, 607 S 8th 
Allen Francis A., bricklayer, 773 S 3d 
Allen Frances Ann, boarding house, 247 Chester 
Allen Frederick, clerk, 23 Bank, h 407 S 5th 
ALLEN GEORGE, prof. Univ. Pa., 215 S 17th 
Allen George, bricklayer, 136 Almond 
Allen George, folder, 1710 Burton 
Allen George, paper cutter, 1122 Chestnut 
Allen George, blacksmith, 1318 N 5th 
Allen George, ribbons, &c., 930 Chestnut, h 1124 

Allen George, blacksmith, 1120 Elm 
Allen George, potter, N E Frankford rd & Amber, 

h Huntingdon n Carroll 
Allen George (c), furniture store, 812, h 915 South 
Allen George B., farmer, 10 S 2d st market, h 

Marple, Del Co 
Allen George F., upholsterer, 905 Spring Garden 
Allen George K., hardware, 113 Market, h 314 S 

Allen G. Milton, stationery, 1024 Chestnut, h S 

E 11th and Arch 
Drapery Curtains, of every description; 




Allen George N., china, 23 & 25 S 4th, h 2005 

Allen George Q , clerk, N W 13th and Callowhill, 
h 2119 Arch 

Allen George W., clerk, 445 N 3d 

Allen George W., lampmaker, 904 Torr 

Allen George W., furnaces, ranges, &c., 124 N 
6th, h 821 N 7th 

Allen George W., chairmaker, 17 Charles 

Allen George W., hardware, 113 & 115 Market, h 
314 S 15th 

Allen George W., clerk, 239 N 3d 

Allen George W., M. D., 810 N 7th 

Allen George W., bookbinder, 22 & 24 N 4th, h 
1135 Palmer 

Allen George W., 529 Plum 

Allen George W., lampmaker, 2d h r 810 Coates 

Allen Hannah, 326 Marshall 

Allen Hannah, widow James, 2044 Ridge av 

Allen Harrison, student, 1320 Spring Garden 

ALLEN HEMAN, prof, music, 215 S 17th 

Allen Henry, carpenter, 915 Soixth 

Allen Henry, foreman, r 1425 Fitzwater 

Allen Henry, segarmaker, 69 N 2d 

Allen Henry, spurrmaker, r 839 St John 

Allen Henry, weaver, Pitler bel Harrison 

Allen Henry C, clerk, 605 S 9th 

Allen Henry C, blacksmith, AVorth n Orthodox 

Allen Henry H., salesman, N E South & Larkin, 
h Cumberland n Amber 

Allen Henry L., teamster, 321 Plum 

Allen Henry R., conductor, Frankford 

Allen Howard, clerk, 210 Chestnut, h 260 Madison 

Allen Israel (c), r 1234 Canby 

Allen Isabella, teacher, 131 Queen 

Allen Jacob, moulder, 2 Gihon's pi 

Allen Jacob S., sailmaker, 441 Richmond 

Allen James, seaman, 25 Norfolk 

Allen James, carter, 708 S 15th 

Allen James, laborer, r Fitzwater 

Allen James, umbrellamaker, 1002 Market, h 663 

Allen James, barkeeper, 257 N 2d 

Allen James, 835 Market 

Allen James, blacksmith, 1133 St John, h 4th & 

Allen James jr., baker, 707 Spruce 

Allen James, steamboat captain, 1112 Crease 
Allen James, gentleman. Chestnut bel 40th 
Allen James, dyer, Church n Tackawanna 
Allen James (c), coachman, 913 Nassau 
Allen James (c), porter, 232 Quince 1 
Allen James B., wireworker, 227 Girard av 
Allen James B., lumber and coal, S W Walnut 

and 40th 
Allen James C, clerk, 323 N 12th 
Allen James C, cabinetmaker, 1209 Chestnut, h 

913 N 7th 
Allen James H , engraver, 1735 Wood 
Allen James M., carpenter, r 623 Guilford 
Allen James T., plasterer, 40th bel Chestnut 
Allen James W., clerk, 20 N 7th, h 1509 N Front 
Allen Job, mechanic, 2040 Harmstead 
Allen Joel, painter, 1721 Market 
Allen John, segarmaker, 1402 Marlborough 
Allison John (c), musician, r 607 Ronaldson 
Allen John, bricklayer, 714 S 10th 
Allen John, tin.smith, Desota 
Allen John, laborer, Cuthbert n N 25th 
Allen John, fish dealer, 479 Franklin 
Allen John, carter, r 412 Poplar 
Allen John, shoemaker, 864 Charlotte 
Allen John, com. mer, 10 N Del av, h 479 Franklin 
Allen John, weaver, 345 Master 
Allen John, engineer, 510 Pierce 

Allen John, weaver, 6 Deringer's av 

Allen John, gentleman, 920 N Front 

Allen John, wool goods, Miller bel Wister 

Allen John A., segars, 100 Lombard 

Allen John B. A., merchant, 14 S Del av, h 1909 

Allen John B. A., jr, clerk, 14 S Del av, h 1909 

Allen John C, mer, 321 N Front, h 335 S 5th 
Allen John C, dentist, 315 Spruce 
Allen John C, silversmith, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Allen J. C. , music engraver, office & h 722 Chestnut 
Allen John F., carpenter, 607 S 8th 
Allen John G. (c), r 607 Ronaldson 
Allen John H., grocer, Brabant & Sorrel 
Allen John H., brooms &c. 4 & 6 Chestnut, h Sum- 
mit Union co. N J 
ALLEN JOHN H. & CO. {Jok?i H. Allen, George 

F. Gale, Foster Newell), wholesale brushes, 

brooms, &c. 4 & 6 Chestnu.t 
Allen John M., carpenter. Oak ab 36th 
Allen J., wid. Robert, 622 Richmond 
Allen J. T., M.D., 700 S 13th 
Allen John W., carpenter, 1347 N 2d 
Allen Joseph, tobacconist, 604 Middle al 
Allen Joseph, bricklayer, 136 Almond 
Allen Joseph, cabinetmaker, 1209 Chestnut, h 

1114 Green 
Allen Joseph, carpet manuf, 1509 N Front 
Allen Joseph (c), barber, 12 Spruce 
Allen Joseph, weaver, Blair N of Otis 
Allen Joseph, carpenter, r 811 Fallon 
Allen Joseph, driver, r 478 Germantown road 
Allen Joseph, hotel, 824 Federal 
Allen Joseph, carpenter, S E Cherry & Margaretta 
Allen Joseph, dyer, Randolph n Trenton av 
Allen Joseph, waterman, Clairborn n Norris 
Allen Joseph C , cooper, 324 N 12th 
Allen Joseph L., carpenter, 226 Dickerson 
Allen Joseph S., trader, 512 Richmond 
Allen Joseph W. (c), hairdresser, r 607 Ronaldson 
Allen Joshua, shoemaker, r 122 Carpenter 
Allen Joshua B., chairmaker, 116 N 8th 
Allen Joshua G., M.D., 1329 Pine 
Allen Josiah (c), porter, 323 Market, h 13 Li- 
berty ct 
Allen Josiah J., mer, 42 S Del av & 41 S Water, 

h 1320 Spring Garden 
Allen Julius B., attorney at l.iw, 405 Walnut, h 

281 S 4th 
Allen, Knight & Co. {El/wood Allen, FranMin 

JuiightS)- Frank C. Gill i n gka m) ,\u.mhor mer, 

Richmond ab Gunner's Run 
Allen, Lafferty & Co. (Daniel Allen, Michael 

Lafferty <!)- Hugh Lafferty) , dyers, Frankford 

ab Alleghany 
Allen Lambert, restaurant, 915 N 2d, h 1009 

Allen Lettice, wid. Jedediah, bds 1228 Stiles 
Allen Lewis, liquor, 510 N 5th 
Allen Lewis, umbrellamaker, Sellers n Paul 
Allen Lewis, laborer, Hedge«u Orthodox 
Allen Levin (c), hog dealer, Lehigh av, H Ville 
Allen Lucy, mantuamakcr, 915 South 
Allen L. M., imp, 214 S Front, h 516 N 5th - 
Allen Marie, artist, 918 Pine 
Allen Martha, tailoress, 2 Gihons pi 
Allen Mary, widow, Amber n Jefterson 
Allen Mary, wid. John, variety store, 623 Shippen 
Allen Mary, trimmings, 711 S 4th 
Allen Mary A., teacher pub. school, h 131 Queen 
Allen Mary A., widow Richard, 931 Sargeaut 
Allen Mary E., milliner, 529 South 
Allen Michael, printer, 623 Shippen 
Allen Michael, laborer, 4 Ellens pi 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Allen Moses (c), laborer, r 1719 Pearl 
Allen Mrs., nurse, 608 New Market 
Allen M. M., gent, 800 Pine 
ALLEN & NEEDLES {Josiah J. Allen ^William 
iV. Needles), oils, &o. Agts for Kingsford's 
starch, 42 S Del av & 41 S Water 
Allen Peter A., M.D., 504 N 8th 
Allen Philip, clerk, 336 Market, h 326 Marshall 
Allen Rebecca, widow Charles, 528 Pine 
Allen Reuben, blacksmith, Adrian n Thompson 
Allen Richard S., salesman, 43 N 2d, h 920 N 10th 
Allen Robert, clerk. 716 S 3d 
Allen Robert, distiller, 716 S 3d 
Allen Robert, manuf. N W Frankford rd & Norris, 

h N W Frankford rd & Hart 1 
Allen Robert (c), furniture store, 812 South, h 

915 South 
Allen Robert & Brother (c), {Robert Allen 4" 

George Allen"), furniture store, 812 Sonth 
Allen Robert B., bookkeeper, 18 N Front, h 626 

Allen Robert L., house agent, 332 Walnut, h 247 

S 4th 
Allen R., barber, 412 Walnut, h 16 S 17th 
ALLEN R. W. P., oils & phosphate of lime, 14 S 

Del av, h 1909 Chestnut 
Allen Samuel, Dunton n Girard av 
Allen Samuel, receiver, h 854 Marshall 
Allen Samuel, moulder, 630 Christian 
Allen Samuel, note broker, 136 S 3d, h Mt Hol- 
ly, N J 
Allen Samuel, teacher, 524 Pine 
Allen Samuel, machinist, r 428 Moyer 
Allen Samuel, engineer, 1213 Palmer 
Allen Samuel, carriage painter, 901 Marshall 
Allen Samuel D., policeman, 924 N 11th 
Allen Samuel E., printer, Toronto & Melvale 
Allen Samuel W., bookbinder, 814 Market 
Allen Sarah, mantuamaker, 915 South 
Allen Sarah, seamstress, 714 Cullen 
Allen Sarah, school teacher, 122 Plumb 
Allen Squire J., roofer, 9th & G-irard av, h 801 

Allen Susan, widow Cairns, 2 Gihon's pi 
Allen Sweeten, laborer, Iron 
ALLEN & SIMS [William R. Allen &f Clifford 
S. Sims), att'ys & conns., real est. brokers & 
conveyancers, S E 4th & Walnut, No. 3 2d floor 
Allen Theodore E., broker, 1436 N 7th 
Allen Thomas, gent. 854 Marshall 
Allen Thomas, shoemaker, 131 Queen 
Allen Thomas, weaver, 701 Doak 
Allen Thomas, hotel, S B South & Swanson 
Allen Thomas, tailor, 545 Lombard 
Allen Thomas, awningmr, 55 N Front, h 2 Cor- 
dova pi 
Allen Thomas, candlemaker, 13 Barney av 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., 926 Lombard 
Allen Thomas H., gent. 426 Pine 
Allen Thomas K., laborer, 1009 S Front 
Allen Thomas M., sales. 333 Market, h 109 N 5th 
Allen T. D., bookkeeper, 222 S 2d, h 263 S 3d 
Allen U. R., mach. 500 N Broad, h 1519 Vine 
Allen Walter, laborer, 1233 Bedford 
Allen William H., LL.D., president Girard Coll 
Allen William, cabinetmaker, 1209 Chestnut, h 

636 N 11th 
Allen William, clerk, 309 Wharton 
Allen William, dealer, 213 Wharton 
Allen William, wool goods, Miller bel Wister 
Allen William, stonecutter, N 38th n Market 
Allen William, constable, 3610 Haverford 
Allen William, salesman, 110 Van Horn 
Allen William, provisions, 441 Richmond 
Allen William, manuf. Levring, Myk 

"Window Shades and CurtMin 

Allen William, plasterer, 523 Federal 

Allen William, moulder. Orchard n Church 

Allen William, weaver, 1527 N 2d 

Allen William, elk. Custom-House, h 309 Wharton 

Allen William, hardware, 113 & 115 Market, h 

1010 Cherry 
Allen William, ship carpenter, 81 Coates 
Allen William, salesman, 1116 Market, h 1128 

Allen William, eating saloon, 7 Ledger pi 
Allen William, sailmaker, 405 Carpenter 
Allen William, 1142 Passyunk av 
Allen William, clerk, 854 Marshall 
Allen William, carpenter, 915 South 
Allen William, teas, coffees, & spices, 701 S 5th & 

731 S 2d 
Allen William, vice-prest. 422 Walnut, h 309 

Allen William, Jr., cabinetmaker, 1209 Chestnut 

&447N 12th, h 636 Nllth 
Allen William (c), hairdresser, 9th n Market, h 

819 Essex 
Allen William B., engineer, 236 Saranack 
Allen William C, woodenware, 61 S 2d, h 1116 

Allen William D., clerk, Toronto & Melvale 
Allen William G., merch'nt, Hutchinson c Thomp- 
son, h 2119 Arch 
Allen William H., paperhanger, 309 Wharton 
Allen William H., mer. 115 Market, h 1010 Cherry 
Allen William H. S., waterman, 1217 Howard 
ALLEN W. H. & G, W. {William H. Allen ^ 
George W. Allen), hardware, 113 & 115 Market 
Allen William J., loom manager, 1328 Kates 
ALLEN W. & J. {William <Jj- Joseph), cabinet 
ware, 1209 Chestnut, factory N E 12th & Ham- 
Allen William M. (col'd), hairdresser, r 607 Ron- 

Allen William R. , real estate broker, S E 4th & 

Walnut, h 835 Arch 
Allen William R., plasterer, 521 Barron 
Allen William S., 234 Dean 
Allen William S., sashmaker, 1438 N 6th, h 1439 

Allen William S., cordwainer, N W 6th & Wash- 
ington av 
Alter William W., coal dealer, S W 6th & Spring 

Garden, and 9th n Poplar, h 1320 Franklin 
Allen William W., bookkeeper, Hamilton bel 35th 
Allen William AV., saw gi-inder, 1144 N Front 
Allen (feWyand {Edward Alleji l^^- Jacob Wyand), 

house and sign painters, 116 N 6th 
Allenback Frederick, shoemaker, 720 Poplar 

105 Walnut 
Alernen Peter, carpenter, Summer, Rxb 
Alleson Hannah, 618 Samson 
Alleth Frederick, tailor, Salmon bel Ash, Bdg 
AUgaier John, coachbuilder, 1204 and h 1045 

Frankford av 
Allhiser Mary, dealer, stand N W Girard av Mar- 
ket & N 2d, h 1242 Cadwalader 
AUibone Ellen, widow Thomas, produce, 7 East- 
ern Market, h Edmond's pi 
Allibone S. Austin, mer. 914 Arch 
Allibone Philip, shoemaker, 912 Ogden 
AUiday John, M.D., Haines, Gtn 
Alligood Charles, trunkmaker, 1114 Shackamaxon 
Allineese Rachel, washer, r 637 St Mary 
Allingham Gregg, laborer, Chippewa n Lombard 
AUingham John, clerk, 12 Wheat 
Allingham Rachel, widow John, 931 Darien 
Allinson George Boyd, Rev., 1833 Pine 
AUis Patrick, varnisher, 739 Baker 
Croodsg WholesHle and Kctail; 




Allison Andrew, liquors, 212 S Front, h S 5th 
Allison Caroline, shopkeeper, 240 N Juniper 
Allison David, clerk, 726 N 19th 
Allison Eliza, trimming store, 2046 Winter 
Allison E. K., baker and confec. 242 N Juniper 
Allison & Fay {Andrew Allison &f Patrick Fay), 

liquors, 212 S Front 
Allison Francis, packer, 720 S 16th 
Allison James, painter, 1 Gihon's pi 
Allison James, clothier, 800 Market, h 1307 Fil- 
Allison James I., clerk, 9 State House Row, h 

1347 N 11th 
Allison John, stonecutter, 1009 S 7th 
Allison John H., conductor, Haverford ab 36th 
Allison Joseph, machinist, 1016 Ogden 
Allison Joseph, Judge Court Com. Pleas, "Walnut 

Allison Joseph, foreman, Main, Myk 
Allison Joseph, papermaker, Darby rd bel 42d 
Allison Joseph B., photograph artist, Darby rd 

bel 42d 
Allison Robert, wheelwright, r 534 Shippen 
Allison Robert, painter, r 1225 Leithgow 
Allison Taylor, papermaker, Darby rd bel 42d 
Allison Thomas, tailor, 1000 Pine, h 1432 Lom- 
Allison Walter, builder, S 21st n Market, h 24 

S 18th 
Allison & White (Thomas S. White 6c James 

Allison), wine and liquor dealers, 312 S 6th 
Allison William, laborer, 1732 Montrose 
Allison William Jr., Supt. Church, Myk 
Allison William sr., overseer. Centre, Myk 
Allison William C, car builder, 1908 Market, h 

N E Filbert & 19th 
Allkire Jeremsah, restaurant, 102 Arch 
Allman Edward D., hatter, 534 N 12th 
Allman David, dry goods, 8th & Walnut 
Allman Joseph, hatter, 1520 Stiles 
Allman Michael H., printer, 204 Carter 
Allman Thomas jr., flour, 4th & Vine and 207 N 

Broad, h 248 N llth 
Allman &, Wenger (Thomas Allman jr. (^ Elam 

Wenffer), com. mer. 207 & 209 N Broad 
ALLMAN & ZEHNDER (Thomas Allman Jr. ^ 
George F. Zehnder), flour dealers, S E 4th k 
AUmendinger C, dry goods, 624 N 2d 
Allmendinger Harry, salesman, 624 N 2d 
AUmendinger John, bootmaker, 1232 Race, h 333 

Allmendinger William, baker, 807 Green 
Allmendinger William, salesman, 25 N 4th, h 624 

N 2d 
Alloway Richard, shoemaker, 122 Prime 
Alloway Samuel, shoemaker, 9 Dunton 
Allshire Mary, dealer, stand 4 & 6 Callowhill st 

Market, h Richmond n Cherry 
AUspach M. J., druggist, 233 N 2d 
Allspach Peter, baker, 2d ab Norris 
Allstaedt C, tobacco, 903 Ridge av, h 304 N 9th 
AUwright William cordwainer, 13 Naylor 
Allyies Geisel, baker, 456 New Market 
Almeda Robert, confectioner, 1141 Federal 
Almede Antony, baggage master, Plynlimmon pi 
Almond Henry, sizer, 1919 Wilcox 
Almond Joseph, stonemason, n Columbia Bridge 
Almond Mukes (c), carpenter, York n 36th 
Almond Peter, laborer, 37th r Grape, 
Almond Thomas, carpenter, 1020 Rodman 
Almond Thomas, laborer. Grape bel 37th, 
Almond Thomas W., undertaker, 1027 Rodman 
Almond William, gentleman, 35th & Haverford, 

Almond William H., stonecutter, Lancaster av 

and 34th 
Aloncle Louis, optician, 12 Kinsley's pi 
Alp David, cordwainer, 1306 Hope 
Alpert Conrad, cordwainer, 613 Thompson 
Alrich George, real estate, 1806 Frankford av 
Alrich John C, machinist, 515 Girard av 
Alrich Joseph W., teacher, 42 N 16th 
Alrich Peter, blacksmith. Union ab Aspen 
Alrich Samuel, machinist, 1346 Hewson 
Alrich Susan, widow Samuel, 1408 Beach 
Alrich William, machinist, 1322 Hewson 
Alrick William, shoemaker, 320 Wood 
Alsberg Meyer, pedlar, r 721 N Market 
Alscart John F., 224 Green 
ALSOP EDWARD B., druggist, N E Arch & 

6th, h 553 N 6th 
Alsop Jane, widow Robert, 6 Brown's ct 
Alsop Reece F. Rev., 553 N 6th 
Alsop Robert, atty at law, 553 N 6th 
Alsop Thomas, watchman, 1237 Rodman 
Alsop William, carbuilder, 1638 Lombard 
Alsop William J., bookkeeper, 112 S Delaware av, 

h 518 Bridge av, Camden 
Alspach Jacob, watchman, N W c 13th & Callow- 
hill, h r 1227 Vine 
Allspach John, carman, 1126 N 2d 
Alston Christine, cook, 510 Hagner 
Altdorfer Christian, vict., 1236 Montgomery av 
Altematt Catharine, widow Jerome, 912 N 6th 
Altematt William, 912 N 6th 
Altemus Alfred C, salesman, 1316 Brandywine 
Altemus & Brother (Francis S. Altemus if Mar- 
shall Altemus), produce & commission mer- 
chants, 1718 Market 
Altemus &, Co. (Samuel T. ^f Henry Alteinus), 

bookbinders, N W 4th & Race 
Altemus Edward J., salesman, 513 Market, h c 

William & Locust 
Altemus Eilza M., teacher of music, Sellers ab 

Altemus Francis S., merchant, 1718 Market, h 

124 N 21st 
Altemus George W., com. mer., 241 Chestnut, h 

1316 Jefferson 
Altemus Henry, bookbinder, 4th & Race, h 1420 

Altemus James, constable, 142 Otter 
Altemus James H., dealer, r 845 Charlotte 
Altemus Jasher H., police. Church n Paul 
Altemus Joseph B., 116 Chestnut, h 943 Franklin 
Altemus Lawrence R., porter, 1 Monroe 
Altemus Marshall, com. mer., 1718 Market, h 

2027 Cherry 
Altemus Mary, widow Frederick, 979 Marshall 
Altemus N., blacksmith, Innes ab Allen 
Altemus Samuel T., bookbinder, N W 4th & Race, 

h 39th & Locust 
Altemus Susan, wid. Samuel, 171 Master 
Altemus William, gent. Sellers ab Leiper 
Altemus William, Carpenter, r 117 Van Horn 
Alten John, teacher, 731 Race 
Altenader Theodore, math. inst. mr., 406 Library 
Alter George A., lager beer, 808 S 6th 
Alter Heba, 1612 Locust 
Alter Jacob, baker, 2224 Market 
Alter R. H., bookkeeper, 713 Market, h 1612 

Alter Solomon, wines, 713 Market, h 1612 Locust 
Alter William W., coaldealer, 935 N 9th, ofiice 

518 N 6th, h Franklin ab Thompson 
Altevogt William, lager beer, 216 Carter 
Althause Henry M., clerk, 1400 N 7th 
Althaus Jacob, cordwainer, 458 Belgrade 
Althena Conrad, baker, S 24th n Walnut 

Patten's) 630 Chestnut Street. 




Althonse Charles, clerk, 450 N 2(i 

Althouse Charles, merchant, 525 Dillwyn 
Althouse Christian, weaver, 1445 Lawrence 
Althouse Daniel S., salesman, 47 & 49 N 2d, h 

Union Hotel 
Althouse Enos, conductor, 951 Leithgx)-w 
Althouse John, eordwainer, 1306 Mongomery av 
Altmeyer George, drayman, Xorris n Tulip 
Altmeyer John, builder, 1542 X 5th 
Altmeyer Peter P., clerk, 1107 Market 
Alton John, weaver, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Alton Ealph, silk weaver, 1009 Kandolph 
Alton Richard, silk manufaetor, 330 Plum 
Alum William, weaver, N E Oxford & Hope 
Alum Esrom, shoemaker, bds 422 Callowhill 
Alvord Charles C, carpenter, 617 Commerce, h 

1233 Buttonwood 
Alvord James B., see. Grirard Fire & Marine Ins. 

Co., 415 Walnut, h 2108 M t Vernon 
Alward H. M., shoe store, 255 N 9th 
Alwell Patrick, laborer, r 1327 Bedford 
Alwine Charles, carter, N 7th n Montgomery 
Alwine John, brickmaker. Buck rd bel Long 1 
Alwine Theodore, carter, if 7th n Montgomery 
Alzier Adolph (c) , barber, 1712 Addison 
Aman George, laborer, 603 X Front 
Aman & Brother (Jacob If IVi/liam, A7nau), sash 

and blind manuf.. Filbert n N 38th 
Aman Jacob, sashmaker. Filbert n 38th, h 39th 

n Market 
Aman William, sash maker. Filbert near N 38th, 

h Hamilton n N 36th 
Amarelli V. de, prof, of languages, 711 Spruce 
Amartz John, tailor, 1207 Alder 
Amber John, brickmaker, 1437 N 12th ' 
Ambers David, carpenter, 1609 N Sth 
Ambers David, driver, 1830 Girard av 
Ambers Jacob, cooper. Mechanic, Eoxborough 
Ambers John, carpenter, 1609 N 8th 
Ambers Samuel, tailor, 1609 N Sth 
Ambers William, hostler, 1830 Girard av 
Amberg H. W.. piano maker, 617 Spruce 
Ambler Chalklv, milk. 826 N 12th 
Ambler Charles J., clerk, 601 Chestnut, h 819 

Ambler David, milk, 924 Warnock 
Ambler George, farmer, stall 12 Girard av. mar- 
ket, h Montgomery County 
Ambler Horace P., canvasser. 35th ab. Bridge 
Ambler John, com. dealer, 202 X 2d, h 1230 Ogdeu 
Ambler John jr., house furnishing, 711 Spring 

Garden, h 633 Franklin 
Ambler John, milk, 1130 Ogden 
Ambler Joseph W., clerk, 217 Market, h 1229 X 

Ambler Sep., milkman, 1227 Parish 
Ambler Thomas, tinsmith, bds 518 Marshall 
Ambler William, cabinet maker, 446 N 12th, h 

1438 X 11th 
Ambrose Mary, widow Richard, 6 Washington, 

Ambrose Patrick, shoemaker, Washington, Myk 
Ambrosi Jacob A., painter, 25 X 13th, h 263 X 

Ambrosi Jacob jr., stonecutter, 263 N Juniper 
Ambrosi T. C, painter, 2056 Winter 
Ambrow Adam, carter, 318 Willow 
Ambruster David, bricklayer, 1520 Wallace 
Amdhor Andrew, chairmaker, 976 X Front 
Ameck William, lab. Burbanks pi off Vincent 
Amelea Rachel, 1217 Heath 
Amer Edward C, morocco dresser, 438 X 3d, h 

966 X 5th 
Amer John, shoemaker, 1315 Austin 
Amer Sarah, widow, 1644 X 11th 

Amer Thomas, silverplater, 903 S 11th 
Amer William & Co. {William Aojier, Jos. D. 
Wood, Edv:ard C. Amer, William A. Amer), 
manufacturers morocco leather, 438 X 3d 
Amer William, morocco finisher, X E 3d and 

Willow, h 719 Green 
Amer William A., leather manufacturer, 438 X 

3d, h 719 Green 
CIETY, publishers, 530 Arch 
AMERICAX B AXK XOTE CO. , Henry Perkins 

secretary, 234 Walnut 

CO., S 4th and S E Walnut 
American Mutual Insurance Co., 228 Walnut 
American Protestant Hall and Library Associa- 
tion, 1415 Locust 
American Stereoscopic Co. {F. Laiigenheini, W . 

Lans^enhfiini), 722 Chestnut 

American Telegraph, Branch OflB^ce, Continental 

Ames John, cooper, 135 S Water, h 228 Stam- 
per's alley 
Ames Josiah, captain, 344 Catharine 
Ames William (c), seaman, 323 Dugan 
Ames William, shoemaker. Clarion bel Federal 
Amet Charles L., salesman, 842 X 7th 
Amet Charles P., salesman, 842 X 7th 
Amey Christopher, cooper, Xicetown 
Amey Cleophas, grocer, X W 17th and Coates 
Amey John, cooper, Xicetown 
Amey & Meas {Cleoi^has Amey ^ Levi Meas), re- 
tail grocers, X W 17th and Coates. 
Amey Peter, cooper, Xicetown 
Amey Samuel, cooper, Xicetown 
Amey Samuel, gaiter fitter, 829 Darien 
Amey Samuel, shoemaker, Dauphin n Gaul 
Amick Henry, shoemaker. Orthodox n Hedge 
Amies Israel, stamper and embosser, 527 Minor, 

h 621 Washington avenue 
Amies 0. A,, paper maker. Summer, Roxborough 
Amies Thomas K., paper manuf., 1429 X 12th 
Amlong Henry, shoemaker, 21 Metcalf 
Amme Henry, stove dealer, 1103 X Front 
Ammon Charles, lager beer, 1533 South 
Ammons Samuel, tavern, X 6th n Somerset 
Amon C, baker, 1011 Beach 
Amon John, policeman, r 7 Carman pi 
AMORY CHARLES, Jr. i CO., [Charles Amory, 
Jr. i^- S. Farkinun Blalce, Jr.) com. mers. 205 
Church al 
Amory Charles Jr., com. mer. 205 Church al 
Amos Anne, servant, 902 Pine 
Amos Charles, painter, r 110 Van Horn 
Amos Charles T., stove factory, 261 X 2d, h 321" 

Amos Elizabeth, widow Abram, 932 New Market 
Amos Fredrick, butcher, 293 E Market, h 1526 

X 5th 
Amos George, wood and sand, 1107, h 1044 Beach 
Amos Jacob & Son (J. if J. Amos), carpenters, 

122 Craven 
Amos Jacob, carpenter, 122 Craven, h 217 Xew 
Amos Jacob, jr., carpenter, 122 Craven, h 217 Xew 
Amos John, sailmaker, 1612 S 6th 
Amos John, hotel, 1335 S 10th 
Amos John C, laborer. Eagle 
Amos Jonathan, 1216 Warnock 
Amos Joseph, silversmith, 719 Bedford 

Gilt Cornices, BantIS) Gimpst TassclS) Fringes, and Curtain Goods; 




Amos Nathan (c) , laborer, Oak n 41st 
Amos Philip P. (c), shoemaker, Oak n41st 
Amos Sallie A., teacherl 932 New Market 
Amos Sarah V., widow William, 229 George 
Amos Steward, boilermaker, 1216 Warnock 
Amos Uriah F., carpenter, 120S Warnock, h 1212 

Ampach John, shoemaker, 1423 N 10th 
Amrhein L., brewer, Ash ab Richmond, Bdg 
A^klSLER CHARLES T., optician, 635 Chestnut, 

h 28 N 9th 
Amsler Henry, machinist, 1402 Franklin 
Amy Jacob, stove moulder, 6th N of Diamond 
Anable Courtney, Rev., 1350 Pine 
Anable Anna Maria, teacher, 1350 Pine 
Anable Fannie A., teacher, 1350 Pine 
Anable Mary J., teacher, 1350 Pine 
Annable Misses The {Anna Maria, Fannie A. (^ 

Mary J. Anable), Young Ladies' Seminary, 

1350 Pine 
Anathan Meyer, mer., 117 N 3d, h 521 York av 
Anch John M., vinegar, 873 N 5th 
Anch William, beef butcher, stalls 40 and 42 

Fairmount Market 
Ancker Adolph, mer., 150 N Front, h 1827 Wal- 
Ancker Charles H., clerk, 150 N Front, h 1827 

Ancker Edward J., clerk, 1827 Wallace 
Ancker Jacob P., salesman, 1224 Stiles 
Ancker James, moulder, 2036 Hamilton 
Ancker John, blacksmith, Ann n Waterloo 
Ancker J. P., clerk, 1224 Stiles 
Ancker Mitchell, liquors, 150 N Front, h 1827 

Ancketell Edward, mason, 717 Jamison 
Ancona A. D., clothing store, 330 South 
AnconaM D., clothing store, 622 South 
Ancott Aaron, engineer, Laurel, Gtn 
Ancott George, weaver, Fisher's 1 
Ancott Joseph, weaver, Lehman, Gtn 
Anders Charles, tailor, 131 S 10th, 
Anders Francis, washing, 1017 Lombard 
Anders James, clerk, 273 S 5th 
Anders S. K., farmer, stall 61 Girard av Market, 

h Montgomery co 
Anderson Abijail (c), wid. James, 614 Clifton 
Anderson Abraham, lab., 32 Mannsville 
Anderson Abraham, tin smith, 210 Plum 
Anderson Adam, fisherman, Robinson 
Andrew Adolph, tailor, 206 Green, up stairs 
Anderson Alexander, binder, 224 Mariott 
Anderson Alexander, polisher, 1215 Wallace 
Anderson Alexander, segars, 136 S 8th, h 316 

Anderson Alexander, laborer, 1717 Carlton 
Anderson Alexander, boilermaker, York n Rich- 
Anderson Alexander, polisher, 1434 Coates, h 

1717 Carlton 
Anderson Alfred L. E., clerk, 110 Chestnut, h 

807 N 1.3th 
Anderson Andrew J., carpenter, 37th abElm 
Anderson Andrew N., hotel, S W c 2d and Xorris 
Anderson Archibald, laborer, r 1435 Fitzwater 
Anderson A. (c), Hoffman's ct 
Anderson A. M., gentlewoman, 1321 Melon 
Anderson, Brothers & Co. ( Tliomas H., Javies W., 

Robert H., ^ Michael Aiulerson 4- James M. 
Smith), flour, 128 and 130 Dock 
Anderson Benjamin, carpetweaver, Cumberland 

n N Commerce 
Anderson Gardenia, newsdealer, 102 Spruce 
Anderson Catharine, widow John, 1931 Girard ay 
Anderson Charles, seaman, 64 Beck 

Anderson Charles, tavern, 208 Callowhill, h 302 

St John 
Anderson Charles, bricklayer, 222 Reed 
Anderson Charles, laborer, James, F Sch 
Anderson Charles, blacksmith, r 32d n Market, 

h Lancaster bel Market 
Anderson Charles, butcher, 7, sec. 1 Wharton 

Anderson Charles, jr., butcher, 226 Reed 
Anderson Charles H., compositor, 805 S 10th 
Anderson Charles J., salesman, 503 Market, 
Anderson Charles U. (c), barber, 610 Bay. 
Anderson Christian, seaman, 967 Otsego 
Anderson Christopher (c), whitewasher, 87 Ea- 

ken place 
Anderson David, salesman, 521 E North 
Anderson David, stonecutter, 1415 Cadwalader 
Andrews David, prod., 1 Jefferson Market, sec 5 
Anderson David, grocer, 1501 Parrish 
Anderson David F., salesman, 130 N Third, bds 

States Union Hotel 
Anderson David P., carpenter, 838 N 12th 
ANDERSON k DUNLAP {John Anderson, 
Hugh Dunlap), grocers, S E 19th c Lombard 
Andrews Edward, salesman, 208 Chestnut, h 

Union ab Fourth 
Anderson Edward, notions, Ac, 6 N 3d, h 1223 

Anderson Edward, weaver, 1322 Mott 
Anderson Edward, clerk, 622 Locust 
Anderson Edward H., clerk, 2103 Jefferson 
Anderson Edward R., agent 771 N 24th 
Anderson Eliza, day school, 205 Plum 
Anderson Elizabeth, confectioner, 1203 Pine 
Anderson Elizabeth, wid Charles, 320 Crown 
Anderson Elizabeth, wid Samuel, Pear n Paschal 
Anderson Edward J., bookkeeper, 423 Market, 

h 622 Locust 
Anderson Ellen, 519 Hurst 
ANDERSON EMMA, grocer, 118 S 2d 
Anderson Emma, washer, r 735 St Mary 
Anderson Evan, shoemaker, 322 S 4th 
Anderson Fanny, servant, 460 S 9th 
Anderson Frank, dyer, S W Leithgow and Canal 
Anderson George, shoemaker, Franklin n Dauphin 
Anderson George, carpenter, 2105 Callowhill 
Anderson George, conductor, 4 Brussels ct 
Anderson George (c), stewd, r 607 Ronaldson 
Anderson George W., salesman, 1227 Girard av 
Anderson Henry, weaver, 1833 Lombard 
Anderson Henry, lab, 706 St Mary 
Anderson Henry, foreman, 1440 Hope bel Jefferson 
Anderson Henry, weaver, 20th k South 
Anderson Henry T., salesman, 10th k Chestnut, 

h 818 Cherry 
Anderson Isaac, sailmaker, 138 S Del av, h 520 

Division, Camden 
Anderson Isaac, spinner. North n 73d 
Anderson Jacob, plasterer, Otis n Tulip 
Anderson James, bookkeeper, 45 N 3d 
Anderson James, carpenter, 430 S 4th 
Anderson James, clerk, 1604 N 12th 
Anderson James, carter, 1322 Fkd av 
Anderson James, coachman, 16 Benton 
Anderson James, engineer, 642 N 9th 
Anderson James H., 259 S 6th 
Anderson James, laborer, r 133 Carpenter 
Anderson James, laborer, 1008 Poplar 
Anderson James, machinist, 2115 Callowhill 
Anderson James, marblecutter, 1220 Buttonwood 
Anderson James, M.D., 1300 N 11th 
Anderson James, painter. North n 73d 
Anderson James, porter, 510 Catharine 
Anderson James, salesman, 116 Chestnut 
Anderson James, salesman, 1231 Fulton 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street* 




Anderson James, r 1214 Ridge av 
Anderson James, weaver, 18 r 1140 St John 
Anderson James, weaver, Dauphin n Carrol 
Anderson James, weaver, 752 S 13th 
Anderson James, laborer, 1430 N Front 
Anderson James, blacksmith, Main, Ilbg 
Anderson James, weaver, r 824 Carpenter 
Anderson James B., produce, 225 South 
Anderson James, stone laborer, Ella E Carrol 
Anderson James L., goldbeater, 1511 Walter 
Anderson James L., jeweler, 1025 Market 
Anderson James S., printer, 754 Erie 
Anderson James W., fireman, 737 Wood 
Anderson James W., flour, 128 Dock, h 124 Con- 

Anderson James W. 

Howard bel Mont- 

gomery av 
Anderson Jane, umbrella store, 604 Locust 
Anderson Jesse, moulder, 142 Cottage 
Anderson John, laborer, r 1316 Lombard 
Anderson John, grocer, S E Lombard & 19th, h 

1841 Addison 
Anderson John, weaver, r 1322 Ekd av 
Anderson John, clerk, 816 South 
A.nderson John, laborer, N 22d n Filbert 
Anderson John, engineer, 642 N 9th 
Anderson John, 730 Lombard 
Anderson John, laborer, Darby rd bel 42A 
Anderson John, civil engineer, 117 N 19th 
Anderson John, sheet iron worker, 1717 Carlton 
Anderson John, machinist, 418 N 20th 
Anderson John, foreman, 6 Loomis pi 
Anderson John, varnisher, r 425 Brown 
Anderson John, 835 Market 
Anderson John, porter, 214 S Front 
Anderson John, grocery store, 108 South 
Anderson John, dealer in shoes, 153 jS[ 2d 
Anderson John, weaver, Sch Falls 
Anderson John, boxmaker, 1642 Hope 
Anderson John, carpenter, Irving ab 40th 
Anderson John, machinery, 2206 Wood, h 517 N 

Anderson John, machinist, 148 Bodine 
Anderson John, pianomaker, r 425 Brown 
Anderson John, blacksmith, Robinson 
Anderson John, chandler, 666 Andress 
Anderson John A., cooper, Howard bel Mont- 
gomery av 
Anderson John B., blindmaker, 1711 Market 
Anderson John C, bricklayer, 3 r 818 N 15th 
Anderson John E., clerk, 925 Callowhill 
Anderson John E., spinner, 524 Master 
Anderson John H., bookbinder, 913 Nectarine 
Anderson John L., dry goods, 308 N 2d 
Anderson J. L., farmer, 216 Spring Garden mkt, 

h Chester Co 
Anderson John N., farmers' implements, Rich- 
mond n Lehigh av 
Anderson John P., wheelwright, r 840 S 3d 
Anderson John Q., millwright, 636 N Broad, h 

1511 Walter 
Anderson John R., turner, 141 Jarvis 
Anderson John R., cutter, 313 S 2d, h Jarvis bel 

Anderson John T., millwright, 1511 Walter 
Anderson John W., 106 S 8th 
Anderson John W., carman, 21 S 18th 
Anderson J., carpenter, 201 Union 
Anderson J. H., segars and tobacco, 259 S 6th 
Anderson J. & F. {John and Frederick Ander- 

so7i), boots and shoes, 153 N 2d 
Anderson Joseph, blacksmith, 331 Dickerson 
Anderson Joseph, merchant, 118 S 2d 
Anderson Joseph, silversmith, 1931 Girard av 
Anderson Joseph, musician, 744 Lombard 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut S 

Anderson Joseph, spinner, 524 Master 
Anderson Julius (c), laborer, 15 Emeline 
Anderson Levi (c), 814 Carpenter 
Anderson Lewis, wharf builder, 919 Warren 
Anderson L., combmaker, 1349 Marlborough 
Anderson Margaret, wid. William, N Front n 

Anderson Margaret, widow George, 1305 Wood 
Anderson Margaret, widow Robert, Perry S Dau- 
Anderson Margaret, widow George, 159 Master 
Anderson Mary, widow George, 1538 Lombard 
Anderson Mary, 711 Lebanon 
Anderson Martha, dealer, staU 39, Girard av mkt, 

h Fkd av n Thompson 
Anderson Mary, servant, 504 N 2d 
Anderson Mary A., -widow Jacob W., barber 

shop, 1505 N 4th 
Anderson Mary Ann, cook, 1003 Barley 
Anderson Matthew, weaver, 326 Belgrade 
Anderson Matilda, 26 Ellen 
Anderson Melville, salesman, 22 N 3d, h 1227 S 

Anderson Montgomery, boilermaker, York n 

Anderson Moses, finisher, Hedge n Orthodox 
Anderson M., flour, 128 Dock, h 124 Congress 
Anderson Nicholas, weaver, 1514 American 
Anderson Olivia, dressmaker, 1708 Cox 
Anderson Peter, weaver, Cumberland n Com 

Anderson Peter, machinist, 604 Locust 
Anderson P. P. (c), waiter, 1016 Vernon 
Anderson Ptebecca, 323 Catharine 
Anderson Robert, porter, 925 Callowhill 
Anderson Robert, weaver, 519 S 21st 
Anderson Robert, clerk, 929 South 
Anderson Robert, varieties, 2032 Callowhill 
Anderson Robert, laborer. Market n 34th 
Anderson Robert, coachmaker, 1259 Mervine 
Anderson Robert, carpenter, 23d and Green 
Anderson Robert, warper, 144 Oxford 
Anderson Robert, blindmaker, 626 Master 
Anderson Robert, cordwainer, 249 Richmond 
Anderson Robert, laborer, 8 Annapolis 
Anderson Robert, laborer. Wood ab 23d 
Anderson Robert C, 1020 Green 
Anderson Robert F., clerk, 102 Market, h 929 

Anderson Robert G., blindmaker, 209 Poplar, h 

626 Master 
Anderson Robert H., flour, 128 Dock, h Catharine 
Anderson Robert R., carpenter, 1511 Walter 
Anderson Robert T., wheelwright, 1301 Parrish 
Anderson R. (c), waiter, Merchant's Hotel 
Anderson Samuel, 929 South 
Anderson Samuel, varnisher, 102 Spruce 
Anderson Samuel, firerdan, 303 Dove pi 
Anderson Samuel, weaver, Sp Garden n 24th 
Anderson Samuel, jr., grocer and tea, N W 5th 

& Lombard, h 501 Lombard 
Anderson Samuel B. tobacco and segars, 240 

Washington av, h 4 Russell 
Anderson Samuel M., dry goods, 425 Market, h 

403 S 8th 
Anderson Sarah, seamstress, 300 S 13th 
Anderson Sarah, dry goods, 1300 N 11th 
Anderson Stephen P., moulder, 1539 S Front 
Anderson Stewart, laborer, 1261 Palethorp 
Anderson & Thomas {William F. Anderson ^ C. 

Thomas), grocers, 102 Market 
Anderson Thomas, policeman, r 729 St John 
Anderson Thomas, boots, 1217 South 
Anderson Thomas, weaver, Cumberland n Com- 
treet> Window SJiailcsj 




Anderson Thomas, real estate agent, 225 N 10th 
Anderson Thomas, driver, 2335 Meredith 
Anderson Thomas, laborer, York n Richmond 
Anderson Thomas H., flour, 128 Dock, h 124 Con- 
Anderson T., laborer, 1221 Beach 
Anderson William, weaver, N Front n Dauphin 
Anderson William, weaver, 1429 Philip 
Anderson William, combmaker,1347 Marlborough 
Anderson William, machinist, 2115 Callowhill 
Anderson William, carpenter, North n 73d 
Anderson William, printer, 1701 Barker 
Anderson William, drayman, 425 Market, h 13 

5 20th 

Anderson William, hotel, 1529 South 
Anderson William, merchant, 104 Callowhill 
Anderson William, shop, 339 Monroe 
Anderson William, salesman, 12 S Front, h 510 

Anderson William, segarmaker, 316 Dean 
Anderson William, sexton, 1315 Rodman 
Anderson William, weaver, 1460 Hope 
Anderson William, shoemaker, 333 Blight 
Andrews AVilliam A., trunks. Centre & Hancock 

Anderson William B., blindmaker, 1111 Gtn av, 

6 1414 N 2d 

Anderson William D., blindmaker, 1114 N 2d 
Anderson William F. grocer, 102 Market, h 929 

Anderson William H., hotel, N W Dauphin & 

Anderson William H., grain broker, 104 S Del 

av, h 2325 Green 
Anderson William T., grocer, 1116 Shippen 
Anderson William V., gentleman, 628 Spruce 
Anderton N., widow William, 121 S 10th 
Anderton Thomas A., salesman, 121 S 10th 
Andes Francis J., machinist. Stiles c Mervine 
Andey Frank, blacksmith, 544 N 24th 
Andlauers Jacob, hotel, 307 S 5th 
Andrae Charles, machinist, 201 Stampers al 
Andrade Cepraine, machinist, 129 Almond 
Andrade Joseph, gentleman, ofl&ce 121 Walnut, h 

517 Spruce 
Andre A., music teacher, 412 N 4th 
Andre Charles, carpenter, 510 St John 
ANDRE G. & CO. [Gustavus Andre 4- G. E. 

LaMnnan), foreign and American music, 1104 

Andreas John, morocco dresser, N B 7th & Oxford 
Andress & Bro. (Samuel C. Sf Isaac T. Andress), 

dry goods, 57 N 8th 
Andress Christian, beamsman, N 2d n Noble 
Andress <& Co., importers hosiery, gloves, 222 

Andress Conrad B., measurer and builder, 128 

Andress Casper, moulder, 2024 Coates 
Andress & Durell {William. Andress cV Mary 

BurelU) hosiery, 634 N 2d 
Andress Frederick, provisions, 1723 Gtn rd 
Andress George, shoe manufactory, 622 N 2d, h 

1145 Sites 
Andress Isaac T., merchant, 57 N 8th, h 1110 

Andress Joseph, laborer, Tulip n Huntingdon 
Andress Joseph, laborer, 960 Leithgow 
Andress Michael, jr., laborer, 960 Leithgow 
Andress Mary, gentlewoman, 1433 Lawrence 
Andress Michael, late bricklayer, 130 Noble 
Andress Michael B., 416 Walnut, h 128 Noble 
Andress Michael M., bricklayer, 130 Noble 
Andress Mendrow, mason, 706 Master 
Andress Philip, centre stalls 5 & 6 Callowh. Mkt. 

Andress Richard, captain, Almond n Lehigh av 
Andress Samuel C, merchant, 57 N 8th, h 809 

Andress William, hosiery and trimmings', 634 N 

2d, h 430 N 4th 
Andress William, polisher, S E Vine k 10th, h 

20th & Willow 
Andress William, trimmings, 430 N 4th 
Andrew Charles, machinist, 1634 N 3d 
Andrew Joseph, weaver, Wood n Gay, Myk 
Andrew Mary, r Paul n Sellers 
Andrews Alexander, drayman, 204 N 15th 
Andrews Andy, lab., Florida n Lancaster av 
Andrews A. J., feed store. Baring ab 35th 
Andrews B. & Son {Benjamin H. Andrews, Wil- 

liam A. Andrews), trunkmakers, 612 Chestnut 
Andrews Blythe C, tailor, 832 Wharton 
Andrews Benjamin, trunk, valise, and travelling 

bag manf., 612 Chestnut & 17 S 6th, h 309 N 6th 
Andrews Benjamin J., 702 Oxford 
Andrews B. W., salesman, 605 Market 
Andrews Catharine, widow Daniel, 2 Higgins ct 
Andrews Christian, 228 Green 
Andrews Catharine, widow, 10 Gadsby place 
Andrews Daniel, founder, 52 Norfolk 
Andrews David, paperstainer, 516 S 17th 
Andrews David (c) , waiter, 228 Quince 
Andrews David, dealer, r 1119 Shippen 
Andrews David, moulder, 1332 Pearl 
Andrews David W., machinist, 1935 Wilcox 
ANDREWS & DIXON {James Andreivs (^ Thomas 

S. Dixon), furnaces, ranges, and grates, 1324 

Andrews Ellen (c), cook, r 9 Emeline. 
Andrews Edward, agent, 208 Chestnut, h 3d and 

Andrews Edward C, conductor, 2305 Coates 
Andrews Edward W., broker, 1703 Locust 
Andrews Eliza, dressmaker, 1935 Wilcox 
Andrews George, bricklayer, 114 Green 
Andrews George, manufacturer, 739 S Juniper 
Andrews k Wilson {Henry Andrtv:s (^ James 

Wilso7i), brass-founders, 1116 Beach 
Andrews Henry, brass-founder, 1116 Beach, h 14 

Andrews Henry, brakesman, 1021 S 10th 
Andrews Henry W., merchant, 125 S Front, h 

1703 Locust 
Andrews Jacob, laborer, Housekeeper's ot 
Andrews James, furnaces, 1324 Chestnut, h Chest- 
nut bel 12th 
Andrews John, shoemaker, 1020 N 2d 
Andrews John, brickmaker, Edgemont n Cum-- 

Andrews John, 204 N loth 
Andrews John, cordwainer, 133 Prime 
Andrews John, grocer, 525 S 18th 
Andrews John, expressman. Bridge, Bridesburg 
Andrews John, weaver, n Spring Garden W 24th. 
Andrews John, provision store, 20 k 21 Vine 
Andrews John, mineral water, 1713 Cherry, h 

1711 Cherry 
Andrews John, furniture, 1426 Germantown av 
Andrews Joseph, machinist, 422 N 20th 
Andrews Joseph, waiter, 621 Filbert 
Andrews Joshua, blacksmith, 1911 Buttonwood. 
Andrews Joseph W., coachmaker, S E Girard av 

and 3d, h 124 Green 
Andrews Josiah R., merchant, 513 Market, h 315 

Andrews Julia Ann, widow Henry, 832 Marriott 
Andrews J. B., 913 Pine 

Andrews Laura, widow Richard, 1234 Randolph 
Andrews Margaret, widow, Plynlimmon pi 
Andrews Mary, widow, 1142 Jackson 

Curtains, ami UjJhol.jlery Goods, Wholesale and Retail. 




Andrews Mary Ann (c), widow John, Alder n 

Andrews Michael, laborer, r 609 Moyer 
Andrews & Morris {Henry W. AndrPAvs ^ Wade 

H. Morris), mer. brokers, 125 S Front 
Andrews Peter, stonecutter, r 913 St John 
Andrews Richard, hotel, 1111 Moyamensing av 
Andrews Richard P. paperhanger, 1237 Otis 
Andrews Robert, bottler, 1224 Rodman 
Andrews Robert, bottler, 1227 Rodman 
Andrews Robert, blacksmith, 2010 Carlton 
Andrews Robert, machinist, 1908 Buttonwood 
Andrews Robert, drayman, 1628 N 11th 
Andrews Robert P., umbrellamaker, r 60i S Front 
Andrews Samuel, grocer, 8 Market, h Camden, N J 
Andrews Sarah, 221 Lombard 
Andrews Sarah, widow Robert, 422 N 20th 
Andrews Sarah, widow Israel, r 516 Dillwyn 
Andrews Sophia, widow James, 1908 Buttonwood 
Andrews & Thorn (Sami/el Andrews cV Franldin 

N. Thorn'), grocers, 8 Market 
Andrews Thomas A., 1221 Chestnut 
Andrew Thomas, shoemaker, 1436 S 8th 
Andrews "William, butcher, Lancaster av ab 40th 
Andrews William, bottler, 1227 Rodman 
Andrews William, stonecutter. Downing ab Cal- 

Andrews William, bottler, 204 N 15th 
Andrews William A., trunkmaker, 612 Chestnut, 

h Germantown 
Andrews William S., architect, 505 Chestnut, h 

1104 Vine 
Andrews William K., salesman, 513 Market, h 

29 N 5th 
Andrews William J., engineer. North n 73d 
Andreykovicz k Poizat {J. Andreyhovicz ^ Chas. 

A. Poizat), chemicals, 108 Arch 
Andreykovicz Jules, chemicals, 108 Arch, h 338 

S 19th 
Andreykovicz Margaret, trimmings, 338 S 19th 
Andries Adam, dealer, stall 70 Girard av market, 

h 1308 Apple 
Andriot Theophilus, cutter, 812 Cherry 
Andsley Joseph, spinner, Lancaster av n drove- 
yard, W P 
Anes James, laborer, Lesher n Orthodox 
Aug George, laborer, 1222 Hotel 
Angel Elizabeth, widow Christopher, 1231 Nagle 
Angel Henry, shoeblack manufacturer, 921 Alder 
Angel Peter, messenger, 921 Alder 
Angel Sarah, widow John, h 923 Alder 
Angele Lewis, professor, 209 S 4th 
Angelow Richard, laborer, 16 Annapolis 
Angerer Earnest, bootmaker, 8 Levant 
ANGIER, HUGEL & CO. {William R. Angier, 
Adolqjh Hngel (^ William, G. Allen) , maltsters 
and forwarders, Hutchinson c Thompson 
Angier William R., merchant, Hutchinson cor 

Thompson, h Walnut ab 20th 
Angle John, laborer, r 111 Bread 
Anglim John, porter, 4 Clawges ct 
Angling James, watchman, Penn av ab 20th 
Angney John R., conductor, 2109 Jefferson 
Angney John R., chemist, N E Spruce & 5th 
Angney John, drayman, 522 Thompson 
Angroth Charles, upholsterer, 45 N 2d, h 318 St 

Angroth Charles, upholsterer, 1 Bakers pi 
Angruff Charles, upholsterer, 712 Lindsay 
Ankins Martha, wid. Mahlon, 1 Beaver's ct 
Annadown AVilliam B.. accountant, 652 N 10th 
Anne Frederick, police officer, 755 S 6th 
Annen Joseph, moulder, 1716 Callowhill 
ANNEAR JOHN, blacking manufacturer, 128 N 
Front, h Nicetown la n 18th 

Annely Rebecca, wid. William, trimmings, 436 

Annely William F., jeweler, 310 Carpenter 
Anners Henry F., Jones' Hotel, 620 Chestnut 
Anning George A., painter, 1337 S 10th 
Anning John B., painter, 1337 S 10th 
Anschutz Edward, gunsmith, 633 N 2d 
Anscowe James, coach lampmaker, N E Broad & 

Hamilton, h 2120 Callowhill 
Anshine Lewis, machinist, 127 Arch 
Anshitz Casper, cordwainer, 525 S 6th 
Anshutz John P., notions, 504 Market, h 416 N 5th 
Ansley David L., carpenter, Sloan n Pratt 
Ansley John, plaster, 312 S Juniper 
Ansley Margaret Miss, 1825 Jones 
Ansan Matthew, farmer, Gtn av ab Wissahickon 

Anspach Charles E., mer. 130 N 3d, h 1527 Arch 
Anspach Frederick J., clerk, 237 Chestnut, h 858 

N Broad 
Anspach George, tinner, r 1339 Hewson 
Anspach James, clerk, 858 N Broad 
Anspach John, jr., merchant, 130 N 3d, h 858 N 

Anspach, Reed & Co. {John Anspach, jr., Wm, 
Ansjyach, James M. Read, Charles E. Anspach 
6r David M. Swarr), wholesale dry goods, 130 
N 3d 
Anspach Samuel, cordwainer, 1022 S 6th 
Anspach William, mer., 130 N 3d, h 537 N 6th 
Anstice Charles J., tailor, 133 N 6th, h 1614 

Anstice Robert, blacksmith, 3 Enos pi 
Anstice William, dealer, 904 N 6th 
Anstis Elizabeth, tailoress, 1 Enos pi 
Anstis Nicholas, carpet weaver, 1 Enos pi 
Anstis Wills, carpet weaver, 1 Enos pi 
Antelo Anthony J., mer., 38 S Delaware av 37 & 

39 S Water, h 1405 A^^alnut 
Anters John A. jr., cordwainer, 1037 Locust 
Anters John, sr., cordwainer, 1037 Locust 
Anthony Charles, painter, 243 Race, h 316 Dean 
Anthony George, harnessmaker, N E Dock & 2d, 

h Camden 
Anthony Harry, baker, 613 Spring Garden 
Anthony Jacob W., carpenter, 439 Allen 
Anthony Joseph, Venetian blinds, 735 S 3d 
Anthony Joseph, carpenter, 1039 Sarah 
Anthony Joseph W., machinist, 4532 S 6th 
Anthony Mark, cashier, 248 Market 
Anthony Richard (c) , porter, Robin av 
Anthony Samuel, shoemaker, Lanark pi 
Anthony Simon, shoemaker, r 833 Charlotte 
Anthony William, clothier, 70 N 2d, h 605 

Antnia William, stevedore, 3 Fothergill 
Anton Christian, hostler, 2411 Callowhill 
Anton John, importer of wine, 239 Chester 
Antonia Joseph, cabinetmaker, 439 Pvedwood 
Antrell Joseph, manufacturer, Clinton. Gtn 
Antriken William, machinist, 1233 Heath 
Antrim Anna, widow, 1236 Parrish 
Antrim Charles, blacksmith, 1025 S 9th 
Antrim John, bricklayer, 840 Cross 
Antrim Levy M., coach painter, 436 Maria 
Antrim Richard B., handle turner,-635 N Broad, 

h 1236 Potts 
Antrim Ridgway, jeweler, 714 Wood 
Antrim Samuel, cordwainer, Lawrence 
Antrim Sarah B., boarding house, 1015 Cherry 
Antrim Tabitha, wid. William, 436 Maria 
Antrim William, clerk, 1128 Girard av 
Antrobuss William, weaver, 2230 Clayton 
Antweiler Jacob, segarmaker, 700 Master 

I<nce, DIusIinj Damask, Brocatellc, and Drapery Curtains, of every description; 




Antwistle Rebecca, East, Myk 

Apath Abraham, bartender, 525 N 3d 

Apel Henry, bartender, 457 N 3d 

Apel Henry, salesman, 105 Relief 

Apel John, barber, 417 Callowhill 

Apeldorn Charles, tailor, 318 Race, h 608 Spring 

Apeldorn John, stove moulder, 1931 Rochford 
Apelgate Daniel, bricklayer, 806 Wood 
Apenhout Daniel, cabinetmaker, 531 Brooks 
Aper Henry, baker, 1020 Pine 
Apfel John, musician, r 912 N 3d 
Apker Henry, tin & sheet iron worker, 1203 S 8th 
Apker Sarah, widow Henry, Hughes ct 
Apkey Henry, ropemaker, 541 Marriot's 1 
Apley Charles, Supt. E. Penitent. 906 Warnock 
Apley William, bricklayer, 906 Warnock 
Apner Joseph, cordwainer, 2 Davidson pi 
App Lewis, segarmaker, 1313 N 17th 
App Mary, widow George, 248 Girard av 
App Philip, pork, 91 & 93 sec. 4 Shippen Market, 

h 1720 S 4th 
App Samuel, jeweler, 927 Vine 
Appel Henry, bloekcutter, 1938 Howell 
Appel Madame, ladies' hair dressing, 1007 Spring 

Garden, h 1000 Green 
Appel Michael, tailor, 143 Noble 
Appel Simon, clothing, N 3d n Arch, h 454 New 

Apple Adam, cooper, r Gtn av ab Montgomery 
Apple Adolph, weaver, 215 N 9th 
Apple Charles, paperhanger, 813 Enquirer 
Apple Eliza, widow John, 610 N 3d 
Apple Ephraim Y., mer. 422 N 3d, h 1535 Apple 
Apple Frederick, laborer, 610 Carpenter 
Apple George, painter, 813 Enquirer 
Apple George, house painter, Jackson ab Brown 
Apple Henry, foreman, 1123 Leon 
Apple Henry, blacksmith, 760 S 3d 
Apple Henry, coachmaker, r 820 Willow 
Apple Henry, jr., painter, r 820 Willow 
Apple Henry, jr., gauger and cooper, 205 S Water, 

h 430 Marshall 
Apple Henry, sen., oak cooper, 121 S Water, h 

620 Parrist 
Apple Isaac, fancy articles, 1000 Green 
Apple Jacob, coppersmith, 813 Enquirer 
Apple Jacob, moulder, 610 N 3d 
Apple Jacob C, brass moulder, 2018 Sansom 
Apple John, varnisher, 11 Mureus pi 
Apple John, whip manufacturer, 928 Kurtz 
Apple John, jr., segarmaker, 848 McGrath 
Apple John B., cooper, 854 Randolph 
Apple J. B. & Co., gaugers and coopers, 230 N 

Water & 229 N Front, h S W 3d and Shippen 
Apple Leonard (c), waiter, 202 Prosperous al 
Apple Ludwig, r 1536 N 5th 
Apple Ludwig, laborer, 1301 N 5th 
Apple Philip, potter, 813 Enquirer 
APPLE THEODORE M., cooper and gauger, 102 

& 104 Gatzmer & 123 S Water, h 334 Reed 
Apple William, chairmaker, 316 Noble 
Apple William S., chairmaker, r 829 McGrath 
Apple William W., potter, 2 Elgan pi 
Applebach Frederick, weaver. Front n Otis 
Applebach Henry, weaver. Front n Otis 
Applebee John, 210 Green 
Appleby Franklin, foreman, 7 Drinker's al 
Applegate David, laborer, 1045 S Front 
APPLEGATE DAVID C, confectioner & baker, 

1220 Pine 
Applegate D. T., 613 Jayne 
Applegate Elizabeth, 724 S 2d 
Applegate George, laborer, Moore E Front 
Applegate Jediah, confectioner, 2214 Naudain 

Applegate Job, miller, N W 13th & Noble, h 1509 

Applegate John F., tailor, 337 Redwood 
Applegate John W., patent medicine, 918 Ontario 
Applegate Joseph C, ice dealer, 1500 Barclay 
Applegate Robert, bricklayer, 1329 Brandywine 
Applet Brunner, tailor, 637 N 3d 
Appleton Charles, coachmaker. Bridge & Water, 

Whitehall, h Frankford 
Appleton Daniel, plumber, 1038 Race, h 3 Timothy 
Appleton Daniel, sen., shoemaker, 3 Timothy 
Appleton George W., grocery, S E c 15th arul 

Appleton Henry A., coachpainter, Mary n Jef- 
Appleton James, Sec. Broad Top Mt. Coal Co., 

228 Walnut, h 1733 Arch 
Appleton John, moulder, 1931 Rochford 
Appleton Joseph D., bookbinder, 3 Timothy 
Appleton Joseph, coachmaker. Bridge & Water, 

Whitehall, h Adams, Fkd 
Appleton Oliver, dyer, 1318 Marlborough 
Appleton Samuel, carpenter, 1118 Fitzwater 
Appleton Samuel, dyer, S E Oxford & Palethorp 
Appleton Samuel Rev. , 1709 Arch 
Appleton Tacy A., widow George W., 874 N 6th 
Appleton Thomas, cooper, 116 Mary 
Apprentices Library, S W c 5th & Arch 
Apt Lewis H., coppersmith, r 716 Coates 
Apt Michael F., druggist, 37 Haydock 
Aran Samuel, weaver, Hancock N of Norris 
Aras Charles, lampmaker, 320 Garden 
Arb Jennuaha D., salesman, 215 Noble 
Arbelo Joseph, clerk, 33 Almond 
Arbentrote Wm., glassblower, 1037 Lawrence 
Arberson Robert, laborer, Norris E of Amber 
Arberson William, weaver, Norris E of Amber 
Arbuckel Samuel, gent., 919 Warnock 
Arbuckel Samuel W., bootmaker. 227 Callowhill, 

h 104 Green 
Arbuckle Archibald, morocco dresser, 104 Green 
Arbuckle David, shoemaker, 1027 Pearl 
Arbuckle Elizabeth, widow Joseph, 1013 Wood 
Arbuckle Henry, printer, 333 Chestnut, h 2d & 

Arbuckle James, com. mer., 1047 Fkd av 
Arbuckle John, boilermaker, 13 Kessler 
Arbuckle Louisa, seamstress, 236 Dean 
Arbuckle Margaret, 608 S 13th 
Arbuckle Thomas, gas fitter, 1705 Lombard 
Arburtson Wm., surveyor, h 1202, office 1200 

Girard av 
Arcadia Free Store Co., n South St whf & Schuyl- 
Archambault Aehille L., portable engine builder, 

15th & Hamilton, h Gtn 
Archambault Fred., dry goods, Franklin & Spring 

Garden, h 1100 Mt Vernon 
Archambault Joseph, 1216 Filbert 
Archambault L., dry goods, 712 Spring Garden, 

h 1106 Mt Vernon 
Archambault Napoleon, machinist, 15th & Hamil- 
ton, h 1313 Olive 
ARCHAMBAULT VICTOR E., dry goods and 
carpets, N E llth & Market, h 1316 Spring 
Archdeacon Dennis, coach painter, 906 Christian 
Archdeacon Thomas, coachmaker, 401 & 403 

Brown, h 6th & Girard av 
Archer Abel, carman, r 1108 N Front 
Archer Amy, washer, r 420 Gaskill 
Archer Benjamin F., wholesale grocer, 45 N 

Water, h 227 Cooper, Camden 
Archer Charles, salesman, 1551 Palmer 
Archer Charles L., brushmaker, 312 Marriott 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Archer Charles S,, clerk, 9 S 2d, h 1551 Palmer 

Archer Christianna, boarding house, 424 S 10th 

Archer Constant, watchcasemaker, 208 Arch 

Archer Daniel, hatter, 943 Ridge av 

Archer Isaac, feed store, 1041 Sarah 

Archer James, driver, 4 Currant pi 

Archer James, laborer. Darby rd n 57th 

Archer John, laborer, r 1239 Christian 

Archer John, carter, N E Hancock & Oxford 

Archer John, tailor, 934 Percy 

Archer Joseph, carder, Haverford av n N 47th 

^rcher Pierce, contractor, 932 Poplar 

Archer Pierce, jr., atty. at law, 213 S 6th, h 932 

Archer Thomas, laborer, Irving ab 37th 
Archer Thomas, brickmaker, r Filter ab 2d 
Archer Thomas F., engineer, 930 Lombard 
Archer William, carpenter, 932 Poplar 
Archer William, carter, r Filter bel Harrison 
Archer William V., atty. at law, 37 S 3d 
Archer H., brass founder, 1502 Callowhill 
Archibald Elizabeth, wid. John, G- T av bel Mill 
Archibald George W., silverplater, 612 Thompson 
Archibald H. C, clerk, 185 Girard av 
Archibald John, silverplater, 612 Thompson 
Archibald Joseph, carpenter, G T av bel Mill 
Archibald William, clerk, Richmond n Lehigh av 
Archibald William, bookkeeper, Richmond n 

Ard J. B., M.D., 1616 Arch 
Ardis Albert A., brickl'r, 124 N 6th, h 1034 S 6th 
Ardis Amanda, widow William C, 977 N 9th 
Ardis Wright, carpenter, 126 Keefe 
Ardis Hannah A., widow, 1330 S 7th 
Ardis William, paperboxmaker, r 327 N 2d 
Ardla Patrick, laborer, 727 Steward 
Ardley Alexander, mer. 320 Walnut, h 912 Pine 
Ardrey Robert, machinist, 6 Richmond 
Aregood George W., brickmr. Catharine n 20th 
Arend Augustus, druggist, N W 8th & Poplar 
Arendt George, bootmaker, 208 N 8th 
Arensfeld E. & H. {Enivia and Henrietta), em- 
broideries, 122 N 8th 
Arey Henry F., see. Girard College, h 257 S 9th 
Arford John, laborer, Fkd av n Point rd 
Argue David, plasterer, 1231 Poplar 
Argue Frederick, plasterer, 1231 Poplar 
Argue George W., engineer, Cumberl'd E Amber 
Argue Jane, supt., 910 Sansom 
Arimond Peter, tanner, 1129 Howard 
Arkinson William, carter, 1429 Carlton 
Arland John, porter, 108 S 3d, h 232 Race 
Arlington Jacob H., currier, 1401 N 4th 
Arlery Margaret, 11 Colbrook pi 
Arman John, laborer, 1705 N 3d 
Arman Joseph, butcher, 2d & Vine, h 807 N 12th 
Arman Matthew, butcher, N E 28th & Poplar 
Armand August, glass painter, 1116 Stiles 
Armand B., blacksmith, rear 607 Wall 
Armand Mathias, pork butcher, stall 34 Kater 

Market, h Poplar n 28th 
Armand Francis, bakery, 1225 Pine 
Armat William, cabinetmaker, h 1217 Melon 
Armbrust Charles, cake stand, stall 54 Kater Mar- 
ket, h 1640 Pine 
Armbrust Charles, jr., baker, 1640 Pine 
Armbruster Anthony, laborer, 1009 N 4th 
Armbruster George, boatman, 18 Callowhill 
Armbruster George B., collector, 915 N lltli 
Armbruster J Henry, clerk, 306 N 3d, h 312 N 

Armbruster John G., merchant, h 918 Sargeant 
Armbruster Jacob, baker, S W 4th & Shippen 
Armbruster Joseph, laborer, 1219 Vienna 
Armbruster Lawrence, cordwainer, r 913 St John 

Armbruster Nicholas, stevedore, 45 Leopard 
Armbruster Peter & Bro. [John (?.), notions, 306 

N 3d 
Armbruster Peter, notions, 306 n 3d, h 312 n 11th 
Arment Henry, carpenter, 10 S 17th 
Arment M. G., dry goods, 2121 Locust 
Arment 0. P., carpenter, 2121 Locust 
Armhold Max, shoemaker, 456 Kerr 
Armhold Henry, cutter, 317 New Market 
Armer James, weaver, 1414 Philipp 
Armer Joseph D., waiter, 422 Gaskill 
Armer Margaret, cook, 422 Gaskill 
Armentage John, painter, 2033 Market 
Armitage Robert, watchman, 221 Perry 
Armitage Thomas J., blindmaker, 408 German 
Armitage Thomas, electropathic, 1439 Cherry 
Armitage Shubert B., carpenter, 1217 S 6th 
Armitage Thomas, Main, Myk 
Armond David, turner, 10 College pi 
Armor John, driver, 1530 Burton 
Armord James, blacksmith, Memphis ab Vienna 
Armour John, salesman, Gtn rd S of Diamond 
Armrod Thomas, weaver, 1425 Frankford av 
Armsberge Victor, teacher of music, 1215 Pine 
Armstead James, (c), seaman, 1010 Fitzwater 
Armstead James, inspector gas works, 322 S 19th 
Armstead k Cromwell {John Armstead (^ lievi 

Cromivell), (c), restaurant, 411 Chestnut 
Armstead John (c), 411 Chestnut, h 1319 Rye 
Armstrong Alexander, stonem'n, 1225 Catharine 
Armstrong Abraham, cooper, 102 & 104 Gatzmer 
Armstrong Abram, oak cooper, 127 Edward 
Armstrong Anna, widow James, 1213 Pearl 
Armstrong Andrew, seaman. 27 Norfolk 
Armstrong A. & R. {Andrew ^- Robert), tobacco 

com. mer., 61 S Front 
Armstrong Andrew, com. mer. 51 S Front, h 1406 

Armstrong Bernard, salesm. Waterloo abClearfield 
Armstrong Bernard, lab. Fisher n Cumberland 
Armstrong Charles, blacksmith, Orkney N of Sus- 
Armstrong Cha.les, Ann n Melvale 
Armstrong Charles, laborer, Richmond ab Ann 
Armstrong Charles, segarmaker, 17il Becket 
Armstrong Charles E., mer. 35 S 2d, h 622 N 6th 
Armstrong Charles Benjamin, (c), waiter. Arch 

&, Delaware av 
Armstrong Catharine, sewing mac. op. 217 N 11th 
Armstrong Catharine, widow Thomas, 1334 Car- 
Armstrong Christopher, boots, 1317 South 
Armstrong D., wireworker, 2 Lincoln's av 
Armstrong David, plasterer, 1827 Lombard 
Armstrong David, bricklayer, 1603 Marshall 
Armstrong Edward, att'y & coun. & sec'y N. P. 

R. R. Co. 407 Walnut, h Church la, Gtn 
Armstrong Edward, liquors, 1301 N Front 
Armstrong Edward, cordwainer, 1001 Cross 
Armstrong Edwin S., clerk, 304 N 3d, h 417 N 9th 
Armstrong Eliza, (c) wid. Jacob, 1127 Pearl 
Armstrong Eliza, widow John, 1819 Rhoads 
Armstrong Eliza, widow John, Letterly E Coral 
Armstrong Ellen, wid. Patrick, Salmon n Emory 
Armstrong Frank, drayman, 1929 moravian 
Armstrong Francis, dyer, 1242 Bedford 
Armstrong Francis, carpetweaver, 1624 Pennsyl- 
vania av 
Armstrong Francis C, bricklayer, LetterlyE Coral 
Armstrong F. W., boot and shoemaker, Main ab 

Mechanic, Myk 
Armstrong Frances, dressmaker, 1706 Cox 
Armstrong George, upholsterer, 1616 Ilelmulh 
Armstrong George, bookkeeper, 262 S Front, h 
33d & Baring 

Window Shades and Curtain Goods, Wholesale and Retail; 




Armstrong G-eorge, lithograph, 748 Swanson 
Armstrong George, laborer, 1509 Fitzwater 
Armstrong George, dealer, 1315 Bedford 
Armstrong George, accountant, 1235 Tanner 
Armstrong George, carpenter, 1131 Parrish 
Armstrong George, clerk, 33d bel Baring 
Armstrong George, bookkeeper, 1 Tanner 
Armstrong George, tanner, 1520 American 
ARMSTRONG GEORGE H., attorney and coun- 
sellor, 605 Walnut, h 1415 Lombard 
Armstrong George W., butcher, 1 Shaifer's ct 
Armstrong George W., butcher, r 92G Nectarine 
Armstrong Guy A., clerk, 11 Augusta pi 
Armstrong Henry, machinist 1701 Beoket 
Armstrong Hugh, boxmaker, Faquair's ct 
Armstrong Horatio G., stationery, 304 N 3d, h 

417 N 9th 
Armstrong H. G-. & Son {Horatio G. &, Thomas J .) 

stationery, 304 N 3d 
Armstrong Jacob, driver, 5th S of Susquehanna av 
Armstrong James, weaver, 1529 Philip 
Armstrong James, merchant, 948 N 11th 
Armstrong James, porter, 706 Wharton 
Armstrong James, sewing machines, 616 Wharton 
Armstrong James. Hope Mills, 984 Marshall, h Gtn 
Armstrong James, dry goods, 1210 Germantownav 
Armstrong James, machinist, 2210 Brown 
Armstrong James, cordwainer, 322 Thompson 
Armstrong James, engineer, 35 N 21st 
Armstrong James, cabinetmaker, 446 N 12th 
Armstrong James, shingleshaver, r 856 Orchard 
Armstrong James, dyer, Hancock n Jefferson 
Armstrong James, bricklayer, 1213 Catharine 
Armstrong James, gent, r 1354 Palethorp 
Armstrong James, shoemaker, r Trenton av n 

Armstrong James, gilder, 38 S 17th 
Armstrong James A., druggist, 1300 N 4th, h 1210 

Germantown av 
Armstrong James F., carpenter, Paschall n Lan- 
caster av, Hestonville 
Armstrong James F., gilder, I7th n Chestnut 
Armstrong James J., cabinetmaker, 404 Harmony 
Armstrong James M., carpenter, 822 Buttonwood 
Armstrong Jane, widow, Waterloo n Jefferson 
Armstrong Jacob, dealer, 1418 Howard 
Armstrong John, laborer, Ann n Melvale 
Armstrong John, tailor, Ashburton n 23d 
Armstrong John, plasterer, 621 S 18th 
Armstrong John, carpet weaver, r 26 Dunton 
Armstrong John, miller, Girard av & Leopard 
Armstrong John, compositor, 1131 Catharine 
Armstrong John, printer, 319 Dean 
Armstrong John, carpenter, 1524 Shippen 
Armstrong John, machinist, 1636 Becket 
Armstrong John, printer, 1311 S 10th 
Armstrong John, cordwainer, 322 Thompson 
Armstrong John, weaver, 1502 American 
Armstrong John, coachman, Powdermill 1 n Fkd 
Armstrong John, weaver, N Front n Dauphin 
Armstrong John, laborer, 34th ab Elm, W P 
Armstrong John, laborer, Fisher n Huntingdon 
Armstrong John A., plumber, 721 Plover 
Armstrong John H., printer, 239 N Juniper 
Armstrong John T. (c), 704 Lebanon 
Armstrong Joseph, 633 Reed 
Armstrong Joseph, machinist, 1518 Cherry 
Armstrong Joseph, laborer, 720 Lindsay 
Armstrong Joseph T., ship carpenter, 114 Car- 
Armstrong Joshua, military cap cutter, 721 Plover 
Armstrong Littleton (c), driver, rlll9 Cherry 
Armstrong Luke, clerk, Salmon n Lehigh av 
Armstrong Lydia, shoebinder, 527 S Front 
Armstrong Martha, dressmaker, 1701 Becket 

Armstrong Martha, widow, 1343 N 11th 
Armstrong Mary Ann (c), 470 Rawle 
Armstrong Mary, widow John, 319 Dean 
Armstrong Patrick, shoemaker, 1157 S 13th 
Armstrong Patrick, dyer, Richmond ab Ann 
Armstrong Patrick, laborer, Salmon n Emory 
Armstrong Peter (c) , porter, 623 Barrow 
Armstrong Philip P., printer, 767 Florida 
Armstrong Robert Rev., 2146 Green 
Armstrong Robert, bricklayer, 1404 Christian 
Armstrong Robert, carter, Pennington 
Armstrong Robert, machinist, 1701 Becket 
Armstrong Robert, blacksmith, 834 N 13th 
Armstrong Robert, laborer, Kent n S 24th 
Armstrong Robert, turner, 922 Brown 
Armstrong Robert, stonemason, 1322 Catharine 
Armstrong Robert, laborer, 159 Master 
Armstrong Robert, bricklayer, 1312 Catharine 
Armstrong Robt., tobacco com. mer., 51 S Front, 

h 1406 Pine 
Armstrong Samuel S. & Co. {Samuel S. Arm- 
strong, George 'Elton), curriers, N W St John 

and Willow 
Armstrong Samuel S., currier, N W St. John 

and Willow, h 511 N Front 
Armstrong Samuel, shoes, &c., 615 N 2d 
Armstrong Samuel, machinist, Aramingo n Fkd 

Armstrong Sarah, wid. Alexander, 11 Augusta pi 
Armstrong Sarah, widow William, 1408 Savery 
Armstrong Thomas, engineer, 1442 N 2d 
Armstrong Thomas, weaver, 1023 Milton 
Armstrong Thomas, laborer, Richmond n Hunt- 
Armstrong Thomas, laborer, 1243 S 13th 
Armstrong Thomas, shoemaker, 1157 S 13th 
Armstrong Thomas, carpenter, 35 N 21st 
Armstrong Thomas, baker, r 1007 Frankford rd 
Armstrong Thomas, driver, 1730 Montrose 
Armstrong Thomas, drayman, 43 N 3d, h Race 

bel 22d 
Armstrong Thomas, drayman, 1 court off Fitch 
Armstrong Thomas, waterman, r 128 Dana 
Armstrong Thomas, segarmaker, Ann n Melvale 
Armstrong Thomas G-., dental depot, 620 Arch, 

h Main bel Bringhurst Gtn 
Armstrong Thomas M., dental depot, 520 Arch, 

h Main bel Bringhurst, Gtn 
Armstrong Thomas M., dentist, 845 N 15th 
Armstrong Thomas J., stationery, 304 N 3d, h 

417 N 9th 
Armstrong Theodore, painter, r 128 Dana 
Armstrong William, laborer, 2056 Locust 
Armstrong AVilliam, carpenter, Gtn avab Church 
Armstrong William, blacksmith, 35 N 21st 
Armstrong William, jr., accountant, S E e 9th 

and Filbert 
Armstrong William, dyer, 1324 Catharine 
Armstrong William, machinist, 204 Christian 
Armstrong William, stonemason, 805 S 13th 
Armstrong William, laborer, 2056 Locust 
Armstrong William, printer. 411 S 13th 
Armstrong William, cabinetmkr. 1331 Christian 
Armstrong William, botanic druggist, 722 Mar 

ket, h 240 N 9th 
Armstrong William, stonemason, 1829 Lombard 
Armstrong William, laborer, 138 S Front, h 5 

Armstrong W. G., engraver, 517 Prune 
Armstrong W. M., broker, 257 N 2d 
Armstrong Wm. S., porter, 936 S 5th 
Arnall Joseph, pilot. Main, Myk 
Arnaiz Casper, segarmaker, 630 Belgrade 
Arnaiz Victor W., cooper, 534 Mercury 
Arndt Amelia, widow John, 737 N 24th 

Patten's, 630 Chestunt Street. 




Arndt George, oedar cooper, 908 N 3d, h 4 Rich- 
Arndt Jacob H., messenger, 248 Chestnut 
Arnest Benjamin, waterman, 508 Pierce 
Arnett Harriet, wid. W. W. Eev., 1610 Summer 
Arnest James D., mer. h Franklin House 
Arnhold Charles, grocery, N W Broad and Bar- 
clay, h 1403 Barclay 
Arnick Sebastian, lab. Braddock n Lehigh ar 
Arnold A., tailor, 487 York av 
Arnold Albert, clerk, 150 N Front, h 615 N 8th 
Arnold Albert, brushmaker, 2422 Hare 
Arnold Albert E., bookkeeper, 615 N 8th 
Arnold Aaron K. clerk, 516 Chatham 
Arnold Benjamin, brakesman, Coral ab Reading av 
Arnold Benjamin, tailor, 1330 Lombard 
Arnold Caroline, millinery, 212 Arch 
Arnold Charles, bootmaker, r 1313 Ogden 
Arnold Charles, blacksmith, 810 Willow 
Arnold Charles F., 813 Lombard 
Arnold Christopher, 213 Federal 
Arnold Dacre T., photographist, 1233 Nagle 
Arnold Edwin W., clothier, 55 N 3d, h 440 N 5th 
Arnold Edward, blacksmith, 1306 Kates 
Arnold Emmanuel, liquors, 150 N Front, h 516 

Arnold Ernest, tobacconist, 1333 Germantown ar 
Arnold Frank, laborer, r 1207 Apple 
Arnold Franklin, clerk, 516 Chatham 
Arnold Franklin K., clerk, 516 Chatham 
Arnold Frederick, shoemaker, 911 Master 
Arnold Frederick, brewer, 7th ab Dauphin 
Arnold Fredepick, grocery, 1340 Potts 
Arnold George E., manager Clearing House, F. & 

M. Bk, 429 Chestnut, h 38th & Walnut 
Arnold George G. Rev., 1821 Lombard 
Arnold Henry, boot and shoemaker, 228 Race 
Arnold H., hotel, Ridge av. Falls Sch 
Arnold H. W., clothing, 440 N 5th 
Arnold Henry, upholsterer, 719 N Broad 
Arnold Hezekiah W., clothier, 55 N 3d, h 440 N 

Arnold E. & Co., imp. of liquorg &c., 150 N Front 
Arnold Horatio H., marble paper, 725 West 
Arnold James, storekeeper, 627 Bedford 
Arnold James, liquors, 760 Passyunk rd 
Arnold Jacob L., salesman, 18 N 3d, Black Bear 

Arnold John, beef butcher, stall 16 Kater Market, 

h N 4th n Girard av 
Arnold John, laborer, Perry n Huntington 
Arnold John, plasterer, 24th c Spruce 
Arnold John, blacksmith, 1242 Leithgow 
Arnold John, wheelwright, 1728 Filbert, h 1822 

Arnold John, cordwainer, 2059 Lombard 
Arnold John C, shoemaker, Germantown av, opp 

Arnold John F., cordwainer, 1532 Cabot 
Arnold John H., bookbinder, 1233 Nagle 
Arnold John P., shoemaker, 1030 Frankford av 
Arnold J. L., clerk, 425 N 3d 
Arnold Joseph, bootfitter, 926 Parrish 
Arnold Lewis, stonemason, 1430 Columbia av 
Arnold Lewis, cooper, Ludlow bel 32d 
Arnold Leopold, dealer, 804 Kerr 
Arnold Margaret, widow Jacob, baker, 416 N 

Arnold Mayer, gent. 55 N 3d, h 440 N 5th 
Arnold Nathan, 107 Brown 

Arnold Nicholas R., jeweler, 38 S 3d, h 156 N 8th 
Arnold Philip, sawraaker, Coral ab Reading av 
Arnold Philip, furniture car, 1440 Pink 
W. Arnold, Ernst Nnsbauvi, Jacob Nirdling- 

er, Hezelciah W. Arnold), wholesale clothiers, 
55 N 3d 
Arnold Simon W., clothing warehouse, 55 N 3d, 

h 440 N 5th 
Arnold Simon, liquor store, 150 N Front, h 615 

N 8th 
Arnold Thomas, cordwainer, 2138 Jefferson 
Arnold Uriah K., merchant, 150 N Front, h 516 

Arnold William, boot and shoemaker, 1127 Pine 
Arnold William, butcher, 27th ab Girard av 
Archer William, dyer, Leiper ab Sellers 
Arnold William, instrum't maker, 442 Thompson 
Arnold William Jr., paper ruler, 1127 Pine 
Arnold William G., bookbinder, 725 West 
ARNOLD & WILSON (Wlllard A. Ar?/.old ^ 
John W. Wilson), warming and ventilating 
warehouse and slate mantel fact. 1010 Chestnut 
Arnold Willard A., hot air furnaces, 1010 Chest- 
nut, h 813 Lombard 
Arnot Ann, widow George, 254 Perry 
Arnot John, stonecutter, 254 Perry 
Arnott James, laborer, 2055 South 
Arnst Christian, ropemaker, Germantown rd n 

Arnsworth Philip, calico printer, Worth n Oxford 
Arold John, tailor, 805 Poplar 
Aronheimer Aaron, 1424 N 6th 
Aronheimer Louis, wholesale fancy goods, 129 N 

3d, h 321 Marshall 
Aronheimer L., trimmings, 330 S 6th 
Aronson R., clothing, 241 N 2d 
Arrants Ann L., dressmaker, 25 Richmond 
Arrants Richard B., captain, 25 Richmond 
Arrants William B., sailor, 25 Richmond 
Arrell John, dealer, Adrian n Thompson 
Arick John, musician, 1319 Cadwalader 
Arrick George, shovelmaker, 132 Master 
Arrison Alexander, carpenter, Orthodox n Hedge 
Arrison Charles, farm. Bustleton pike, Lagrange 
Arrison Charles, machinist, 9 Wiatta 
Arrison Henry D., grocer, 1737 Coates 
Arrison Howard B., clerk, 18 Letitia, 1437 N 7th 
Arrison James, carpenter, 1314 Truxton 
Arrison James M., 1008 Chestnut, h 1519 Poplar 
Arrison & Dingee (John C. Arrison ^- Charles 

Dingee), brickmakers, Washington av n 23d 
Arrison John C, brickmaker, 1515 Poplar 
Arrison John, shoe business, 912 Morgan 
Arrison John P., city missionary, 1437 N 7th 
Arrison Matthew W., bricklayer, 859 N 16th 
Arrison Peter, farmer, Bustleton pike, Lagrange 
Arrison R. S., school teacher, 264 Perry 
Arrison Samuel, paperhanger, 1519 Poplar 
Arrison & Smith {Ralph A. Smith, Henry D. 

Arrison), grocers, N E Ridge av & Wallace 
Arrott William, insurance agent, Robinson, Myk 
Arrott William, clerk, 425 Chestnut, h Myk 
Arrott Collin, M.D., 845 N Broad 
Arrotto Francis, organ grinder, 5 Donnelly's ct 
Arthur Andrew, S 22d bel Locust 
Arthur Abraham, U S letter carrier, N W 13th & 

Spring Garden, h 2126 Jefferson 
thur, George Bnrnhani ^- W. L. Gilroy), tin- 
ware, &c., N E 10th & George 
Arthur Edward, shoemaker, 2020 Callowhill 
Arthur Enoch, lumber mer, Tacony n Trenton R 

road, h Harrison n Willow 
Arthur Enoch, M.D., c Delaware & Main, Hbg 
Arthur George, carpenter, 253 Lybrand 
Arthur James, weigher, 301 Blight 
Artlfiir James A., student chem. 1609 Mt Vernon 
Arthur John, coal dealer, S E Tacony r Trenton 
R road 

Gilt Cornices, Bandsj Gimpst Tassels, Fringes, and Curtain Goods? 




Arthur Joseph, driver, 8 Wiles av 
Arthur Joseph, carpenter, 3 Brussels ct 
Arthur Joshua P., druggist. Main, Hbg 
Arthur Maria B., widow Wni., produce, 115 Ship- 
pen Market, h 628 Charles 
ARTHUR R. & BROTHER (Robert Arthur), 

coal dealers, 271 S Broad 
Arthur Robert, coal mer. 271 S Broad, h 1922 

Arthur Robert, sash and doors, 639 N Broad, h 

712 N 17th 
Arthur Robert M., grocer, N "W 37th & Walnut 
Arthur Sarah J., vestmaker, York n Sepviva 
Arthur Susannah, vestmaker, York n Sepviva 
Arthur Thomas, carpet weaver, York n Sepviva 
Arthur Timothy S., publisher, 323 Walnut, and 

tinware, 117 S 10th, h 1609 Mt Vernon 
Arthur T. S. & Co. (T. 51. Artku?-), pub. Hofiie 

Magazine, 323 Walnut 
Arthur William, blacksmith, 606 Little Lloyd 
Arthur W. M., clerk, Penna. R. R. 13th Market, 

h 2137 Summer 
Artman Drabez, tinsmith, 125 N 17th 
Arter Elem, victualler, 1332 Warnock 
Arter John, weaver, 1325 Howard 
Artie Gotleib, shoemaker, 5th & Callowhill 
Artis Robert, mariner, 1012 Newton 
Artis Capt. William, 1014 Newton 
Artoney Charles, dealer, stall 12 Girard av market, 

h Winder n N 3d 
Artson Richard (c), engineer, Hancock ab Oxford 
Arquit John, porter, 108 Spruce 
Artz Edwin, druggist, 307 N 6th 
Artzt Charles Or., tobacconist, 215 S 4th 
Arundel George W., att'y at law, 241 Race, h 

857 N Broad 
Arundel John M., att'y at law, 241 Race, h at 

Chestnut Hill 
Arundel Robert J., att'y at law, 241 Race, h 857 

N Broad 
Arzt William, bottler, r 1608 N 10th 
ASAY A. MERRITT, M.D., dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay Eleanor L., dry goods, 883 N 5th 
Asay John, shoemaker, 802 Green 
Asay J. Lambert, M.D., dentist, 1005 Race 
Asay Mercy, widow Charles, 6 Goldbeck's av 
Asay AVilliam H., salesman, 526 Market, h S E 

5th & Poplar 
Asay William B., dentist, 209 N 11th 
Asbury Anna, widow George, 725 S 9th 
Asbury Paul George, machinist, 2019 Reeves 
ASBURY SAMUEL & CO. (Samuel Asbury, 
William Veitch, ThoTnas Young), importers 

earthenware, 111 & 113 Walnut 
Asbury Samuel, mer. Ill & 113 Walnut, h England 
Asbury Thoma* H. , machinist, Haverford bel 35th 
Asch Aaron M., importer of furs, 417 Spruce 
Asch & Bro., furriers, 302 Arch 
Asch Isaac M., fur store, 213 Arch 
Asch Joseph M., importer of furs, 417 Spruce 
Asch Mannes M., furs, kc. 221 Arch 
Asch Morris J., M.D., 417 Spruce 
Aschenbrocher John, laborer, 237 Brown 
Aschenfelder John, printer, 521 Coates 
Ascherfeld Theodore, prof, music, 1511 Poplar 
Aschman Charles N., segarmaker, 702 N 3d 
Ascough Elizabeth, widow Thomas, 1015 G T av 
Ascough George, wireworker, 1015 Germant'nav 
Ascough George, wheelwright, 126 Laurel 
Ascough John, clerk, 34 N 3d 
Ascough John, blacksmith, 975 N Front, h Fkd 

av bel Adam 
Ascough John, shoecutter, 7 Richmond 
Ascough John, wheelright, N Front n Laurel, h 
126 Laurel 

Ascough William, machinist, 1015 Germant'n av 

Asel Joseph, tailor. Perry n Norris 

Asel Rosanna, tailoress, Perry n Norris 

Aschworth Thomas, jr., machinist, 728 N 4th 

Ash B. Mrs., 222 S 6th 

Ash Caroline Miss, gentlewoman. Main, Holm 

Ash Charles, butcher, 90 S 2d St Market, h 1311 

N 4th 
Ash Curtis, waiter, 1013 Lombard 
Ash Daniel (o), laborer, r 826 Carpenter 
Ash Dorsey J., cl'k, 232 Market, h 1913 Lombard 
Ash Earl S., hotel, 734 and h 734 Market 
Ash Edward, rodmaker, 519 Fitzwater 
Ash Francis, liquors, 17th & Cherry 
Ash George, victualler, 1311 N 4th 
Ash George, clerk, 903 Lombard 
Ash George W., attorney, 6th bel Chestnut, h 903 

Ash George W., goldbeater, Haverford n N 41st 
Ash George W., carpenter, 937 Melon 
Ash H. St. Clair, M.D., S E cor Vine & 11th, h 

1712 Vine 
Ash Harry, clerk, 43 S 3d, h 1913 Lombard 
Ash Henry, carpenter, Wyoming n Haverford av 
Ash Henry, carpenter, r Perkiomen bel Wylie 
Ash James, M.D., n Herman, Gtn 
Ash James, hotel keeper, 514 Callowhill 
Ash John, shoemaker, 801 N 4th 
Ash John, laborer, Oneida pi 
Ash John, gentleman, .138 Otter 
Ash John M., clerk, 213 S 17th 
Ash Jonathan, printer, 222 Coates 
Ash Joshua P., auctioneer, 429 Market, h 110 S 

Ash Joshua W., M.D., 1721 Vine 
Ash Joseph, conductor, Galloway n George 
Ash Maria L., gentlewoman, 1009 Coates 
Ash Matthew, stall 48 Callowhill St Market 
Ash Morgan, broker, 1913 Lombard 
Ash Morgan, Jr., clerk. 246 N Delaware av., h 

1913 Lombard 
Ash Norman C, clerk, 1217 N 12th 
Ash Joseph Penrose. 222 S 4th 
Ash Penrose, gent. N W cor Swanson & Queen 
Ash Rufiin, student, 620 Locust 
Ash Samuel, laborer, 519 Fitzwater 
Ash Samuel, machinist, 607 N 18th 
Ash Sarah, wid Albert, und'taker, 607 Mintzer 
Ash Sarah, wid Thomas, gentw'n, 307 S 3d 
Ash Sebastian, confectioner, 2d n Dauphin 
Ash Theodore, Herman 
Ash Thomas, laborer, 426 Prune 
Ash Thomas, shoemaker, 2d n Dauphin 
Ash Thomas R., 1625 Spruce 
Ash William, hotel k livery stables. 905 Coates 
Ash William, jr., mor. fin'r. r 805 New Market 
Ash William H., clerk, 307 S 3d 
Ash William R., sr., clerk, r 805 New Market 
Ashbridge Franklin, salesman, 516 Race 
Ashbridge George, laborer, 2206 Wood, h 2036 

Ashbridge Isaiah A., machinist, 2206 Wood, h 

2036 Reeves 
Ashbridge Joseph, wool spinner, 848 Darien 
Ashbridge Joshua, farmer, stalls 406, 4U8 Farmers 

Market, h Montgomery county 
Ashbridge Thomazin, wid of William, 823 Arch 
Ashbridge William, gentleman, 823 Arch 
Ashbrook James, grocer, 827 S 2d 
Ashbrook John K., salesman, 231 Market, h 316 

Ashbrook, Joseph, clerk, 134 S 3d, h S E cor 2d 

& Queen 
Ashbrook Joseph, sailraaker, 215 Christian 
Ashbrook Thomas C, tailor, 133 Van Horn 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Ashbrook Thomas J., umb maker, 133 Van Horn 
Ashburner Adam, merchant, 1233 Buttonwood 
Ashburner Algernon E., merchant, 16 S & 1035 

N Delaware a\. h Hbg 
Ashburner Benjamin, merchant, 16 S Delaware 

av, h CoUegeville 
Ashburner John, bookkeeper, 16 S Delaware av, 

h 40th bel Walnut 
Ashburner T. Augustus, clerk. Chestnut ab 40th 
Asbby Charles C, bookkeeper, N E cor 12th & 

Ashby Franklin, merchant, 408 Market, h 991 

Ashby & Rocap {Frayihlin Ashby l^ Adam Rocap) 

wholesale hats, caps & furs, 408 Market 
Asheraft Amanda, wid of John, 966 S Front 
Ashcraft Hannah' L., milliner, 23 S 2d, h 120 

Asheraft John, gentleman. 120 Almond 
Ashcraft John, moulder. 1603 S 2d 
Ashcraft Louisa, wid William C, b h 260 S 2d 
Ashe WiUiam J., sup't hotel, N W Germantown 

av & Master 
Ashenberg Frederick, druggist, 1030 Master 
Ashenbock Charles, potter, r 1411 Randolph 
Ashenfelder Josiah, car builder, 1252 Cadwalader 
Ashenfelter A. J., printer, 521 Coates 
Ashenfelter John, farmer, 117 Spring Garden Mar- 
ket, h Montg Co 
Asher Abraham S., clerk, 1109 Hamilton 
Asher Asher, printer, 620 South 
Asher Ent, tireman, 210 Plum 
Asher Jeremiah Rev., 1013 Rodman 
Asher Michael, dyer & scourer, 620 South 
Asher Morris, printer, 620 South 
Asher Solomon, paperhanger, 620 South 
Asherwood Joseph, engineer, 2206 Wood 
Ashford Henry, brass moulder, 1518 Pearl 
Ashford John R., glove manuf., 607 Callowhill 
Ashford Stephen, iron foundry, 1013 Ridge av, h 

Pearl ab 15 th 
Ashford William H., ladies" shoes, 143 N 8th 
Ashhurst Henrv, gentleman, 1708 Walnut 
ASHHL'RST JOHX, mer, 16 S 3d, h 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst John, jr,, M.D., 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis, clerk, 38 S Del av, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard, jr,, atfy at law, 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard, banker, 16 S 3d, h 723 Arch 

Leiuis R., Johii &f WiUiain H.), mer. 16 S 3d 
Ashhurst Richard L,, atfy at law, 225 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis R,, mer, 16 S 3d, h 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst Samuel, 1420 Walnut 
Ashhurst William H,, mer. 16 S 3d, h 1708 Walnut 
Ashley Henry, imp. & com, mer. 23 Bank, h 352 

S 15th 
Ashley Thomas, watchman, 211 Prime 
Ashman Ann, widow Peter, 1406 S 7th 
Ashman Benjamin, brickmr. Perry S of Diamond 
Ashman Elizabeth, weaver. Perry S of Diamond 
Ashman Howard N., paperhanger, 1141 Poplar 
Ashman James, lampmaker, 70S Jamison 
Ashman James, shoemaker. 638 Sears 
Ashman James J., quare tender, 919 Morris 
Ashman John, brickmakei, c Cumberland & 

Ashman Peter, jr., gentleman. Bridge bel 33d 
Ashman Peter sr,, ice dealer. Bridge bel 33d 
Ashman Sarah, huckster. Perry S of Diamond 
Ashman Stephen A., blacksmith, 725 N 23d 
Ashman William, brickmr. Perry S of Diamond 
Ashman William, ice dealer, 1424 Spring Garden 
Ashman William X., attorney at law, 404 Prune 
Ashman W. T., salesman, 333 Market, h 702 X 3d 
Ashmead Agnes, teacher pub. school, 1329 Pine 
Patten's, 030 CliestMut 

Ashmead Albert, gent. Gtn av below School 
Ashmead Albert S.. mer. c 36th & Hamilton 
Ashmead Alfred B., agent. 1237 Market 
Ashmead Anna L., widow John, 120 S ISth 
Ashmead Bartram, clerk, 631 Chestnut, h 423 

Ashmead Charles, farmer, Gtn av ab School 
Ashmead Charles J., conveyancer, 41st ab Lan- 
caster av 
Ashmead Edwin A., clerk, 1034 Olive 
Ashmead Eliza, boarding house, 823 Filbert 
Ashmead Elizabeth, dressmaker, 1034 Olive 
ASHMEAD GEORGE, drugs, 603 Market, h 

Main bel School, Gtn 
Ashmead George L., attorney at law, 270 S 4th 
Ashmead Harris E., druargist, S E Summer & 22d 
ASHMEAD HEXRY B^, printer, 1102 & 1104 

Sansom, h 1527 Girard av 
Ashmead Isaac, printer, 1102 & 1104 Sanson, h S 

E c 16th & Girard av 
Ashmead Isaiah L, , homoeopathic medicine store, 

217 S, 8th, h Cleveland, Ohio 
Ashmead John E., clerk, 18 S Front, h 120 S 18th 
Ashmead Louisa, sewing machine ope. 1034 Olive 
Ashmead L. P., gentleman, 120 S 18th 
Ashmead Oliver G., clerk, 1034 Olive 
Ashmead Samuel, 529 X 4th 
Ashmead k Steck (I. L. Ashmead ^- J. H. Steck), 

homceopathic medicine store, 217 S Sth 
Ashmead Tacie H., dressmaker, 1034 Olive 
Ashmead Theodore, salesman, 616 Peach 
Ashmead Thomas, clerk, G T av, 23d ward 
Ashmead Thomas E., 126 Chestnut, h 1829 Pine 
Ashmead William, attorney-at-law, 404 Prune, h 

1329 Pine 
Ashmead William, M.D., G T'av bel School 
Ashmer Kate, upholsterer, 430 Borden 
Ashmore A. V., carver, 255 S 2d, h 213 X 12th 
Ashmore James, marblecutter, 122 Kelton 
Ashmore John J., cari^enter, 415 St John, h 807 

X 15th 
Ashmore M«rdcai Y., carpenter, 1233 Heath 
Ashner Anthony, tobacco, 1205 X 2d 
Ashton Adolphus H., M.D., 737 S 9th 
Ashton Anna, widow, shopkeeper Holmesburg 
Ashton Benjamin, farmer. Main, Holmesburg 
ASHTOX BROTHERS, conveyancers and real 

estate agents, S W South and 10th, h 737 S 9th 
Ashtou's Commercial Agency, 505 Chestnut 
Ashton Daniel R., teacher, 929 Arch 
x\shton Deborah, widow Peter Keen, 1105 Citron 
Ashton Edmund Y., stonecutter, 1105 Citron 
ASHTOX. GEORGE H., wholesale druggist, 832 

Market,' h 932 Pine 
Ashton George S., drugs and spices, 2021 Girard av 
Ashton Hiram, oak cooper, 216 German 
Ashton Hiram T., clerk, 2021 Girard av. 
Ashton Isaac M.. deputy sheriff, 10 Statehouse 

Row, h 1130 Vine 
Ashton James, laborer, 29 Queen 
Ashton James Rev,, 924 X 15th 
Ashton J, Hubley, attorney and counsellor, 128 

S 6th, h 929 Arch 
Ashton John, blacksmith, 7 Osbeck pi 
ASHTOX JOHX, Jr., 505 Chestnut, h St. Louis 

Ashton John, machinist, 603 X 13th - 
Ashton John R., clerk, 326 Catharine 
Ashton John S., dyer. Sellers ab Leiper 
Ashton Joseph, laborer, 3 Quigg pi 
Ashton Joseph, agent, 1081 Beach 
Ashton Joseph Keen, brassfounder, 1105 Citron 
Ashton Mary, widow Jonathan, 815 S 5th 
Ashton Patrick, weaver, 5 Pleasant row 
Ashton Robert, machinist, 069 Jay 
trcct» Window SUatlcaj 




Ashton Samuel, machinist, 624 Richmond 
Ashton Samuel, chairmaker, 878 Orchard 
Ashton Samuel, pub. 126 S 2d, h 1456 Cherry 
Ashton Samuel, printer, N 21st n Summer 
Ashton Samuel, cedar cooper, r 529 N 2d 
Ashton Samuel, waterman, 914 Otsego 
Ashton Samuel K., M. D., 834 Pine 
Ashton Sarah, Miss, gentw. Collegeville 
Ashton Sarah, gentw. 932 Pine 
Ashton Teressa, clerk, 42 S 4th 
Ashton Thomas, dyer. Sellers ab Leiper 
Ashton Thomas, 1546 Franklin 
Ashton Thomas, currier, 918 S 11th 
Ashton Thomas C, machinist, 613 Gtn. ar 
Ashton Thomas F., Fountain Hotel 
Ashton Thomas J., attorney-at-law, 221 S 5th, h 

701 Vine 
Ashton West, farmer, Hollingsville 
Ashton William, dealer, 660 Jay 
Ashton William, barber, 1841 Lombard, h 701 

Ashwood Benjamin, printer, 1013 S 6th 
Ashworth Ann, widow James, Sellers ab Unity 
Ashworth Andrew M., clerk, 1647 N 8th 
Ashworth Henry, blacksmith, Penn av u 24th 
Ashworth James, clerk, 1 Walnut, h Frankford 
Ashworth James, laborer, 427 Albion 
Ashworth Nicholas, engineer, Columbia ab 3d 
Ashworth Thomas, tobacconist, 728 N 4th 
Ashworth William, grocery store, 147 Frankford 
Askam Luke, carpenter, 2 Eli's av 
Askam Charles, children's coachmaker, 150 Dock, 

h 1421 Wood 
Askam James, coachmaker, 150 Dock, h 330 

Askam & Son {Charhs ^^ James Aslrim) coaches, 

160 Dock 
Askin G E., hatter, Baring ab 35th 
Askin J. Henry, real estate, 112 S 4th, h Baring 

ab 36th 
Askins John, drayman, 1311 Charlotte 
Askew Joseph W., clerk, 337 Market, h 1018 

Aslem William, dyer, 5 Pagoda 
Asling Nicholas, seaman, 941 N 10th 
Aspdel Thomas, laborer, 35 Frankford 
Aspden Thomas, printer, r 1523 Cabot 
Aspin Daniel, laborer, 316 Jarvis 
Aspin John, coffee roaster, 316 Jarvis 
Aspin Robert, laborer, Pennsylvania av n 23d 
Aspinwall Henry T., carpet weaver, 6th ab Mont- 
Aspinwall Isaac, cabinet maker, 917 S 15th 
Aspinwall Shepherd, carpet manufacturer, 8th ab 

Aspinwall Shepherd, bricklayer, 6th ab Mont- 
Aspinwall William, weaver, 1233 Christian 
Aspinwall William, drayman, 23 N Water 
Assembly Buildings, S W 10th and Chestnut 
Assenheimer Jacob, basketmaker, r 1317 Coates 
Assmus Lewis, shoemaker, 603 Parish 
ASSON WILLIAM T., boots and shoes, 409 Com- 
merce, h Chestnut Hill 
Assum Hironimus, shoemaker, 1056 N Front 
Astie Peter, saw filer, r 1218 Palethorp 
Astley Henry, weaver, 523 N 23d 
Atack Daniel, weaver, Front bel Chatham 
Atchil William, boatman, 10 Lctitia 
Atcheson George, laborer, 4 Paterson ct 
Atcheson Joseph, weaver, r 1625 Philip 
Atcheson Mary, widow John, Montgomery av ab 

Frankford av 
Atcheson Robert, carpenter, York n Amber 

Curtains, anrt Upholstery Go 

Atchinson John, laborer, 1540 Thompson 
Atchison James, carter, r 1232 South 
Atchison Joseph, foreman, 1258 Howard 
Atherholt Christian, brickmaker, 1538 Bodine 
Atherholt Jacob, brickmaker, 2041 South 
Atherholt Sam'l, brickmkr, Gtn av ab Chatham 
Atherly James, fish dealer, N Delaware av n 

Arch, h 124 Laurel 
Atherton Ann, widow Nathan, 1706 Sansom 
Atherton Henry, farmer, Gtn av ab Tulpehocken 
Atherton N., watchmaker, 337 S 12th 
Atherton William, painter, 921 S 9th 
Atkin Henry, shoemaker, 2222 Callowhill 
Atkin William, shoemaker, 608 Poplar 
Atkins Annie, dressmaker, Broad & Berks 
Atkins Elizabeth, widow Joseph, 1332 N Front 
Atkins George, milkman, Lancaster av bel 37th 
Atkins Hercules, salesman, 508 N 2d, h 608 Poplar 
Atkins Hester, mantuamaker, 116 Wharton 
Atkins James, cabinetmaker, 1332 N Front 
Atkins John, laborer, Filbert n 10th 
Atkins Patience, widow Francis, Broad & Berks 
Atkins Robert, carriagemaker, S 23d n Walnut 
Atkins Robert, plasterer, 1930 Pine 
Atkins Thomas B., com. merchant, 716 S 10th 
Atkins Washington, watchman, Philad'a Alms- 
Atkins Mr., student, 219 N 13th 
Atkinson Amos W., police, 1929 Brown 
Atkinson Anna B., widow Rodey, 401 Christian 
Atkinson Ascher, cordwainer, 106 Kelpon 
Atkinson Barclay G., tailor, 222 Chestnut, h 1013 

Atkinson Benjamin, machinist, 1617 Wood 
Atkinson Benjamin, carpenter, Tulip n Norris 
Atkinson Charles, grocer, N E South & Larkin, 

h 306 N Front 
Atkinson D., painter, 1221 Brinton 
Atkinson Edward, moulder. Bridge, Bridesburg 
Atkinson Edwin F., dealer, 324 Marriott 
Atkinson Elizabeth, widow James, 157 Richmond 
Atkinson Elizabeth S., shirts. Front ab Harrison 
Atkinson Emily, confectionery. Market n 37th 
Atkinson Francis T., merchant, 525 Market, h 

548 N 11th 
Atkinson Henry, gents' furnishing, 148 S 3d, h 

138 N 10th 
Atkinson Henry P., dry goods, 220 & 222 N 3d, 

h 1736 Mt Vernon 
Atkinson Isaac L., M.D., St Joseph's Hospital, 

Girard av n 17th 
Atkinsor* Isaac S., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson Isaac S., jr , 215 Spruce 
Atkinson Jacob D., marble cutter, 321 N 18th, 

marble yard 243 Perry 
Atkinson Jamesj driver, r Chestnut bel 36th 
Atkinson James, packer, 328 Market, h 401 

Atkinson James C, letter carrier, 18 Laurel 
Atkinson John, farmer, 1174 S 11th 
Atkinson John, engineer, 923 Auburn 
Atkinson John, carpenter, 1002 Ogden 
Atkinson John, marble & brown stono yard, 22d 

ab Vine, h 2216 Callowhill 
Atkinson John, weaver, r Fitler ab 2d 
Atkinson John, hostler, Rementer's al 
Atkinson John, grocer, 2001 Market 
Atkinson John K., iron melter, c Union &, Aspen 
Atkinson Jonathan, farmer, 22, sec. 3, Shippen 

Market, h New Jersey 
Atkinson Joseph, clerk, N E South & Larkin, h 

306 N Front 
Atkinson Joseph B., shirt manufactory, 9 N 3d, 

h 320 New 
Atkinson Joseph L., bricklayer, 833 S 2d 
o(Is, Wholesale and KetaiU 




Atkinson Joseph N., tailor, 222 Chestnut, h 1013 

Atkinson J. D. , marble yard, 243 Perry, h 321 N 

Atkinson J. Louis, r 310 Green 
Atkinson Louis, burnisher, 1105 Chestnut 
Atkinson M., 123 S 7th 
Atkinson Martha, wid Jonathan, 1216 N 6th 
Atkinson L. & Co. {L. AtJcinson, J. B. Atlcinson, 

J. Willits), shirt manufacturers, 9 N 3d 
Atkinson Lewis, shirt manufacturer, 9 N 3d 
Atkinson Samuel, botanic physician, 1137 N 2d 
Atkinson Samuel, weaver, 217 Belgrade 
Atkinson Taylor B., grocer, S E Market & 34th 
Atkinson Theodore, dealer, stalls 43 & 45 Eair- 

mount Market 
Atkinson Thomas, farmer, stall 25 N 2d st Market, 

h Burlington Co., N. J. 
Atkinson Thomas, hackman, 624 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, dyer. Front ab Harrison 
Atkinson Thomas, boxmaker, 416 Cherry, h 2 

Traquair's ct 
Atkinson Thomas, confectioner, 1107 Pine 
Atkinson Thomas, shirt manuf. 9 N 3d, h 909 

Atkinson Thomas C, cutter, 909 Wood 
Atkinson Thomas H., produce dealer, 2d n Brown, 

h 833 N 5th 
Atkinson Wilson, (c) porter, 7th & Lomband 
Atkinson William, potato dealer, 131 Prime 
Atkinson William, machinist, 410 N 22d 
Atkinson William, carpenter, Warren n 37th 
Atkinson William, dyer, Pront ab Harrison 
Atkinson William, machinist, 2206 Wood, h 410 

Atkinson William D., M. D., 215 Spruce 
Atkinson William H., bricklayer, 630 St Mary 
Atkinson William P. clerk, 214 Chestnut, h 1107 

Atlee Edwin A., 27 N 6t.h, h 1604 Vine 
Atlee George B., wholesale tea dealer, 39 S Front, 

h Main, Gtn 
Atlee Hiram, soapmaker, 1215 Anita 
Atlee Thomas, clothing, 305 N 10th 
Atley Elizabeth, widow, 813 Duane 
Atley Rebecca Ann, (c) r 527 Bedford 
Atline John, baker, 225 Plum 
Atmoore Isaac, carpenter. Downing ab Callowhill 
Atmore Charles, carder, Herman, Gtn 
Atmore Cornelia R , trimmings, 1233 N 19th 
Atmore John, carder, Herman, Gtn 
Atmore Frederick B., grocer, N W lOtl* & But- 

tonwood, h 1031 Buttonwood 
Atmore Marshall, gent. 843 N Broad 
ATMORE R. & F. (Robert Atmore ^- Frederick B . 

Atmore), retail grocers, N W 10th & Button- 
Atmore Robert, grocer, N W 10th & Buttonwood, 

h 502 N 10th 
Atmore AVilliam D., clerk, Franklin, H Ville 
Atter John, blacksmith, 760 S 3d 
Atterrath M., laborer, Campbell 
Attick Robert, (c) laborer, r 605 Bedford 
Atlee John, (c) waiter, 1616 Sansom 
Attmore John G., carpenter, 17 Amity 
Attmore William P., sr., carpenter, 2120 Tower 
Attmore William T., 'bookkeeper, 203 Walnut, h 

2120 Tower 
Attwood Joseph, boots & shoes, 506 Carpenter 
ATTWOOD WILLIAM N., undertaker, 119 

N 8th ab Arch 
Atwall George, horseshoer, Lancaster av., H Ville 
Atwall William, ironfounder, r 1311- Carlton 
Atwater John M., salesman, N W 6th & Market, 

h 314 Cherry 
liace, Miisliiij Damask, Brocatelle) nnd 

Atwill George, laborer, 706 S Broad 

Atwood Andrew, contractor. Buck R n Federal 

Atwood Anthony Rev., Paul n Ruan 

Atwood John H., com. mer. 5 & h 1312 Walnut 

ATWOOD, WHITE & CO. {Johii M. Atwood, 

John P. White, ^ John Sparhawh), wholesale 

dry goods, 436 Market 
Atwood John M., merchant, 436 Market, h 1312 

Atwood Lucy, widow Thomas, 3 Daisy av 
Atwood William, mer. 509 Market, h 239 S 13th 
Atwood, Ralston & Co. {William C. Atwood Sf 

John C. Ralston), carpetings, 509 Market 
Awort Frederick, stockingmaker, Jefferson, Gtn 
Aub Jacob, lithographer, 332 Walnut, h 978 N 7th 
Aube Henry, decorator, 1039 S 6th 
Aube & Felten {Peter R. Anbe (^ Henry Felten), 

picture frames & decorating, 16 Decatur 
Aube Peter R. , decorator, 16 Decatur, h 413 

Auben Philip J., com. wool, 203 S Front, h 1914 

Avibin Hampton, leatherdresser, 3d n Willow, h 

989 Marshall 
Auble Nathan S., currier, 427 N 9th 
Auburn Frederick, victualler, 1525 Mascher 
Auchinleck Joseph, saddler, 818 Bird 
Anchinlick T., cabinetmaker, 239 S 2d 
Auchinlick William, currier, 818 Bird 
Auck Valentine, tailor, r 820 Poplar 
Audenbah Louis, cordwainer, 611 Peach 
Audenried Anna C, widow Louis, 512 N 7th 
Audenried J. M., wid. of William, 611 N 11th 
AUDENRIED & ROMMEL {J. T. Audenreid if 

J. M. Rommel) , coal shippers and dealers, 420 

N Delaware av 
Audenried J. T., coal mer. 420 N Delaware av, h 

611 N 11th 
AUDENRIED LEWIS & CO. {Leivis Audeiiried, 

William G. Audenried, George H. Potts, 

John Rommel, jr., j^- Addison Child), coal 

shippers and miners, 205 Walnut, and pier 11, 

Port Richmond 
Audenried Lewis, mer. 205 Walnut, h 512 N 7th 
Audenried Thomas John, coal dealer, Del av ab 

Callowhill, h 611 N 11th 
Audenried William G., merchant, 205 Walnut, h 

Audenrith Charles, architect, 311 Branch 
Audibert Annie, widow George, Lynn pi, r 821 St 

Audibert Frederick, jeweler, 417 Poplar 
Audrie Peter A., boot crimper, r 823 Charlotte 
Auer Charles, casemaker, 146 Vine 
Auer Gustavus, segarmaker, 1329 Poplar 
Auerbach S. & Co. {S. ^- B.), German produce, 

625 N 2d, h 473 N 6th 
Auerbach Samuel, mer. 103 S Water, h 473 N 6th 
Auerbach Samuel, segar mer. 526 Dillwyn 
Auerbach S. & Co. {Samnel If Simon Auerbach), 

foreign fruits, 103 S Water 
Auerbach Simon, imp. segars, 3 N Water, h 526 

Auerbach Simon, mer. 103 S Water, h 473 N 6th 
Auerbacher Louis harnessmr. r 937 Marshall 
Auerhamer Heni-y, turner, 422 Library, h 934 

Auffort Fanny, wid George, trimmings, 1108 Otis 
AufFort Frederick, fisherman, 1113 Hewsou 
Auffort Frederick, cordwainer, 1114 Otis 
AufFort Jacob, fisherman, 1113 Hewson 
Auffort Mary, smoked fish, N 2d st Mkt, h Cum- 
berland n Almond 
AufFort Sarah, smoked fish, N 9th c Sp Garden 

Mkt, h 1113 Hewson 
Drapery Curtains, of every descriptlonj 




Auge Clinton, att'ylaw, 429 "Walnut, h "Washing- 
ton House 
Auge Truman S., dry goods, 3 Bank 
Aughiltree James, merchant, 307 S 3d 
Aughinbaugh Charles A., watchmr. 1107 Market 
August Charles, laborer, 740 Swanson 
August Jacob, laborer, 1120 Hewson 
August Ludwig, laborer, 439 Lombard 
August Philip, laborer, South n 73d 
Augustine E., laborer, r 934 Otsego 
Augustine John, porter, 4 Plume pi r Barley 
Augustine, John (c), porter, 11 Bank 
Augustine Louis, tinsmith, 2208 Market, h John- 
ston n S 21st 
Augustine Peter, bricklayer, 980 Randolph 
Augustine "William, bookkeeper, 1012 Ellsworth 
Augustus John, barber, 157 N 9th 
Augustus Samuel, porter, r 205 Canby 
Auker John, carder, 208 Race 
Aular John, laborer, 1243 Leithgow 
Auld Andrew, weaver, 1342 Bedford 
Auld David, brickmaker, McCrea 
Auld James, 309 Dugan 
Auld John, machinist, 1342 Bedford 
Auld John, coachman, 1208 Rodman 
Auld John, laborer, r Canal ab George 
Auld Sarah, dressmaker, 309 Dugan 
Auld "Washington, sheetironworker, 1153 S 13th 
Aule "William, 1225 Hein 

Aulick James, saloon, 302 Chestnut, bds Ame- 
rican Hotel 
Aull Alfred, hotel, Ridge av, Rox 
AuU James, drover, 37th ab Elm, "W P 
AULL JAMES A. & CO. (James A. Aull 4- 

John Mellsop), whols. tea dealer, 15 S Front 
Aull James A., whols. tea dealer, 15 S Front, h 

Merchants' Hotel 
Aull "William, porter, 320 N Del av 
Aull "William, laborer, h 1825 Lee 
Aulman Jacob, drygoods mer. 513 "Wilder 
Auman Richard, cutter, r 835 Charlotte 
Auman William, engineer, S side Rochford 
Aumont James P. E., mer. 1807 Arch 
Auner Alfred "W., printer, N AV c 8th & Market 
Auner Charles, clerk. Mechanics' Bank, 247 Ma- 
Auner Charles A., tinsmith, 1242 Carlisle 
Auner Elizabeth, widow "William, 1516 Thompson 
Auner George A., carpenter, 20 Decatur, h S E 

11th & Vine 
Auner G. A., 155 N 11th 
Auner Joseph G., stationery, 158 N 10th 
Auner Peter, machinist, 1516 Thompson 
Auner Lemuel, laborer, N "W 12th & Noble, h 

1422 Stiles 
Auner Theodore, clerk, 20 S 2d, h 160 N 10th 
Aupperle John, salesm. h 1305 Mt Vernon 
AUROCKER THOMAS H., locks, bells, and 

building hardware, 13 N 13th 
Ausborn "William, carter, 1943 Filbert 
Aust John, cabinet, 1507 South 
Austaee Patrick, laborer, 732 "Webb 
Austerberry Rebecca, Mulberry, Myk 
Austice Charles J., merchant tailor, 133 N 6th, h 

1614 Coates 
Austie Henry, drygoods, 311 Market, h 1314 Arch 
Austien Margaret, widow Thomas, 917 N 15th 
Austin Adam, watchman, Coral n Hazzard 
Austin Alfred J., brewer, N E New Market & 

Callowhill, h 1928 Chestnut 
Austin Ann E., widow Collins, 1304 Race 
Austin Archibald, carpenter, 1020 Sansom 
Austin Charles, oysterman, 4 Moss Rose pi 
Austin Charles, carpenter, 1107 Ogden 
Austin Charles S., clerk, P 0, h 132 Onas 

Austin Charles "W., shoemaker, 1023 Lawrence 

Austin Eliza, 1011 Pine 

Austin Elizabeth, widow Lewis, 2333 Coates 

Austin Edward, carp. Haines ab Hancock, Gtn 

Austin Edward B., saw mk. 1125 Day 

Austin Ezra, tin & lamp store, 1301 Poplar 

Austin Franklin, tinsmith, 1703 Becket 

Austin George, brass founder, 1227 N Front, h 

1347 Howard 
Austin George, painter, 1115 Day 
Austin George, glass cutter, 2206 Naudain 
Austin George, brass cock mk. 1347 Howard 
Austin George, weaver, Haines ab Hancock, Gtn 
Austin George D., ladies' shoe manuf. 1023 Law- 
Austin &, Buzby {George S. Austin 4- William 

Buzby), produce dealers, 6 Vine 
Austin George S., produce, 6 Vine, h 1115 Day 
Austin Hester, 6 Tisdale pi 
Austin Harriet Jane, wid Isaac, 1041 Sargeant 
Austin Israel, tinsmith. 1215 Heath 
Austin James, dry goods, N "W c 13th & Fitzwa- 

ter, h 1303 Fitzwater 
Austin John, brass founder, 320 N 3d 
Austin J. & Brothers {John, Samuel, &f George 

Austi/i), brass founders 1227 N Front 
Austin John, brass founder, 1227 N Front, h 

720 N 3d 
Austin John, hotel, 1344 Passyunk rd 
Austin John B., prest. Southwark bank, h 1828 

Austin Lewis S., cordw. 32 Kessler 
Austin Mary, widow Isaac, 925 Button wood 
Austin Rebecca, widow Charles, 438 Magnolia 
Austin Sally A., dry goods, 908 Race 
Austin Samuel, brass founder, 1227 N Front, li 

1344 Hope 
Austin Samuel C, brass turner, 1107 Ogden 
Austin Samuel H., att'y & couu. 129 S 7th, h 

Chestnut Hill 
Austin Seth, tavern, 15 Girard av 
Austin Tamor (c), washerwoman, 733 Hubbell 
Austin & Obdyke {William Austin ^ William 

Ohdyhe), tinsmiths, 1705 Chestnut 
Austin William, tinsmith, 1705 Chestnut, h 1702 

Austin William, tea dealer, Wistar, Gtn 
Austin William, grocer, 818 Fitzwater 
Austin William, jeweler, 121 Queen 
Austin William R., gent. 908 Race 
Austin William T., plaster ornaments, 1050 Ridge 

av, h 423 N 11th 
Autenrieth Charles, architect, 832 N 15th 
Autenrieth Charles, architect, 410 Walnut, h 

317 Branch 
Auter James M., barber, 1107 Rodman 
Auther Adam, hotel, 430 Watkin 
Authors Edward, shoemaker, 2107 Callowhill 
Autz Adam, carpet weaver, 1736 American 
Auvache E., crape dresser, 207 Catharine 
Auver John, woodsman, 5th and Gtn rd 
Avary George A., tailor, 1217 N 2d 
Avault George, blacksmith, 1249 Marlborough 
Ave Jacob, cabinetmaker, 1008 Lee 
Avel John, printer. Watt n 20th 
Aven S., engineer, r 624 Brooks 
Averell Israel, baker, 1019 N 2nd 
Averell Samuel, tavern, Chippewa n Lombard 
Averfield Wm., agt. Merchants' hotel 
Avery David, tailor, 523 Everett pi 
Avery Elizabeth, wid Barkley, 612 Ronaldson 
Avery Enoch, fishing tackle manuf. 117 S 2d, h 

1050 Beach 
Avery George W., clerk, 623 Coates 
Avery Henry, dentist, 223 N 10th 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Avery James, moulder, 1717 Olive 

Avery Hor. P., machinist, 1845 Callowhill 

Avise M , bookkeeper, 306 Chestnut, h 541 China 

Avnest James D., mer. St Louis hotel 

Avon A. C, auctioneer, 1307 Market 

Ax Daniel T., lab. Bustleton pike, Lagrange 

Axe Charles, bartender, 721 Market 

Axe Edwin C, naturalist, 37 Frankford 

Axe Frederick S., Will, G-ermantown 

Axe Henry, shoemaker, 132 Bread 

Axe James, ivoryturner, 412 N Water 

Axe John H., combmaker, 37 Frankford 

Axe Joseph, combmaker, h 1024 Palmer 

Axe William, police, 1300 Marshall 

Axe William H., salesman, 420 Market, h 635 

AXE WILLIAM W. & CO. {WLlliaon W. Axe 6f 

John Skallcross), publishers and printers, 90 

Axe William W., publisher and printer, 90 Fkd 
Axe Winard, janitor Odd Fellows' Hall, Franklin 

bel Sellers 
AXFORD E. J. & SON {E. J. Axford ^ Joseph 

W. Axford), tailors, 535 Spruce 
Axford E. J., tailor, 535 Spruce 
Axford Joseph W., tailor, 535 Spruce 
Axford William, laborer, Lehman, Germantown 
Axley John, weaver, N Front n York 
Axner Albert, musician, 19 Dunton 
Axon Samuel, overseer, 1116 Thurlow 
Axsen Samuel, gentleman, 150 N 2d 
Axt August, collector, 411 N 5th 
Axt Conrad, lampmaker, 1516 Amboy 
Axt Frederick, M.D.. 1131 N 3d 
Axt Henry, lampmaker, 1439 N 10th 
Axtman Joseph, gardener, Frankford rd n Otis 
Ayars Alice W., widow Samuel, 517 Parrish 
Ayars Edwin, engineer, 1015 New Market 
Ayde William, carter, 2556 Callowhill 
Ayers Bacon B., upholsterer, 630 Bedford 
Ayers Joshua B., mer. 207 N 9th, h 144 N 3d 
Ayers Mary C. (c), dressmr, h 537 Lombard 
Ayers Robert, suspender-maker, 853 N 10th 
Ayers S. A., millinery, 207 N 9th 
Ayers William H., merchant, 1012 Market 
Ayes Isaac, segarmaker, 814 Yhost 
Aykroyd Charles H. & Co. {Charles H. Aykroyd), 

beefpackers, 16 N Del av 
Aykroyd Charles H., beefpacker, 16 N Del av, h 

1212 Brown 
Aykroyd Sarah, widow Henry, 1212 Brown 
Aykroyd William, coaehpainter, 1212 Brown 
Ayr Rebecca, dressmaker, 2006 Murray 
Ayre Robert, tavern, Church n Josephine 
Ayres Andrew J. blacksmith. Market n 40th 
Ayres Franklin, polisher, Mulberry n Oxford 
Ayres George R., merchant, 220 N Del av, h 1109 

Spring Garden 
Ayres Henry R., importer and jobber, 13 N 4th, 

h 53 N 8th 
Ayres Hiram, coal dealer, 608 N 8th 
Ayres Huldah, widow Thomas, Swartz ct 
Ayres John S., blacksmith, Market n 40th 
Ayres Mary, widow John B., 913 S Front 
Ayres Samuel, segars, 521 S 8th 
Ayres 'Sarah, widow John, 332 George 
Ayres Thomas, captain, Swartz ct 
Ayres & Malin {William Ayres ^ George Malin, 

jr.), fish, cheese, and provision, 216 N Del av 
Ayres William, fish, cheese, and provision, 216 N 

Del av, h 1035 Vine 
Ayres William, tailor, 1128 Jackson 
Ayres William, gentleman, 1027 Vine 
Ayres William, laborer, 27th n Gray's Ferry rd 

Baab Christopher, plasterer, 1055 N Front 

Baader John H., baker, 4208 Market 

Babb Abram, confectioner, 989 N Front 

Babb John H., shoemaker, 2 Clawges ct 

Babb & Martin, conveyancers, Lancaster av bel 

R R depot 
Babb Samuel, cordwainer, 25 Mayland 
Babb Thomas, bootfltter, 11 Mayland 
Babb Thomas C. , bookkeeper, 221 Market, h 

1606 Cherry 
Babbington John, brushmaker, 338 Christian 
Babbington John S., tavern, 434 Queea 
Babbit W. T., salesman, 246 Madison 
Babbit W. W., mer. 246 Madison 
Babbitt Charles C, grocer, N B Water & Arch, 

h 109 New 
Babbitt Charles W., warrant ofiicer navy, 613 

Washington av 
Babcock John K., cutter, 511 G-irard av 
Babcock Joseph J., clerk, 239 N 3d 
Babcock Joseph J., accountant, 511 Girard av 
Babcock Samuel F., att'y and coun. 135 S 5th, h 

Ridge av ab 6 Milestone 
Babcock William A., bookkeeper, 1014 Ellswood 
Babe Charles, varnisher, 511 S 3d 
Babe George, engineer, Stocker n Washington av 
Babe George, hatter, 447 N 2d, h Washington av 

n Frankford rd 
Babe John, segar dealer, 35 S 6th, h 220 N 8th 
Babe Mary Mrs., 1523 Howard 
Baber G-eorge, segarmaker, 342 S 4th 
Babgle Joseph Rev., Nicetown 
Babington George, cabinetmaker, 1212 Warnock 
Babington George, clerk. Brown bel 13th 
Babler Celia, widow Wernet, groceries, 731 Cherry 
Babnew Joseph, carpenter, 232 Marion 
Bach Frank, blacksmith, 1619 N 5th 
Bach Jacob, tavern, 834 South 
Bach John, laborer, 12 S 15th 
Bach Lewis F., barber, 1135 Coates 
Bach Louisa, widow Lewis, midwife, 917 Parish 
Bach William, coachmaker, 911 Market 
Bach William, printer, 112 Elfreth's al 
Bacharach Daniel, clothier, 614 N 2d, h 909 Nec- 
Bache Albert D., 1324 Spruce 
Bache Dallas, M.D. N W Lehigh av & Front 
Bache Franklin, M.D., 1324 Spruce 
Bache Graham, 1413 Locust 
Bache Hartman, major U. S. A. 1413 Locust 
Bache John, artist, 3 Mayland 
Bache Maria C, 1237 Poplar 
Bache Richard M., U. S. C. Survey, 1413 Locust 
Bache Robert, salesman, 605 Moss 
Bache Robert C, salesman, 305 Arch, bds Bald 

Eagle hotel 
Bache Theodore, wheelwright, r 2511 Callowhill 
Bache T. Hewson, M. D. 1324 Spruce 
Bache William, scalemaker, 605 Moss 
Bachelor William, teacher music, 1832 Vinyard 
Bachenheim Abraham, peddler, 160 Flower 
Bacher John, lager beer, 453 St. John 
Bacher Philip, gardener, 812 Palm 
Bachiss John, bartender, 1030 Ridge av, h 613 

Bachle Conrad, carpenter, 1430 N 6th_ 
Bachly Rudolf, bootmaker, 109 N 4th,' h Shippen 

ab 6 th 
Baohman Alexander, candy, 161 Wilmer 
Bachman Frederick, teacher, 339 Dillwyn 
Bachman Gabriel, M.D. 632 N 8th 
Bachman Henry L., clerk, 161 AVilmer 
Bachman Jacob, carpenter, Richmond bel Ann 
Bachman Jacob, jr., musician, 717 Mintzer 
Bachman Jane, 59 Sycamore 

Window Shades and Curtain Goods, Wliolesale and Retail; 




Bachman John, tailor, 1332 Tyler 
Bachman Samuel, gent, 950 N 0th 
Bachman Susan, widow Charles, 406 Dillwyn 
Bachman William, segar boxmaker, 161 Wilmer 
Bachman William, carpenter, 820 St John 
Bachmaun Alexander, confectioner, 310 Chest- 
nut, h 161 Wilmer 
Bachmann A. & Co. {Alexander, John C. Bach- 

mann, and Alan W. Holt), 310 Chestnut 
Bachmann & Co. {John Bachmann. and Alan W. 

Holt), confectioners, 727 Spring Garden 
Bachmann George F., manuf. cords and tassels, 

400 N 3d 
Bachmann Henry, artist, 213 Union 
Bachmann John, confectioner, 727 Spring Gar- 
den, h 717 Spring Garden 
Bachmann John C, confectioner, 310 Chestnut, 

h Franklin n Spring Garden 
Bachmann J. William, barber, 906 N 4th 
Bachmann Theodore, saddler, Germantown rd n 

Diamond * 

Baehmeyer Louis, saddler, 1848 Ridge av 
Bachner George M.. miller, 711 N 4th 
Bachraeh Lewis, segarmaker, r Slessman's al n 3d 
Bachrach Levy, tobacconist, 129 Plumb 
Baehler Stephen, laborer, 923 S 5th 
Back Peter, segarmaker, 1333 Germantown av 
Backer Christian, confectioner, 506 Green 
Backer Philip, baker, 705 New Market 
Backer Sophia, shoebinder, 2143 N 6th 
Backes John, grocer, 961 Lawrence 
Backious Catharine, widow William, 902 Moya- 

Backley Joseph, laborer, Rising Sun la 
Backman Frederick, fringe manuf. 504 Dillwyn 
Backman Henry, engraver, 615 Thompson 
Backman John, laborer, 615 Thompson 
Backman William, carpenter, S E 6th & Master 
Backman Charles, teacher, 1117 AVistar 
Backmire Frederick, tanner, 3 Conrow ct 
Backster Thomas, laborer. Long la bel Buck rd 
Backus Frederick R. , treas. Lehigh Crane Iron 

Co., 350 N Del. av, h Germantown av n Walnut 1 
Backus S. S., clerk, 423 N 3d 
Bacmeister G. C, convey. & acct. 432 Walnut, h 

445 Dauphin 
Bacon Alexander, stockbroker, 315 Walnut, h 

Shoemaker's lane, Gtn. 
Bacon Allyn, paperbox manuf. 112 Spruce and 6 

Decatur, h 314 Comptroller 
Bacon Amos W., clerk, 240 Market, h 723 Parrish 
Bacon August, groceries, 719 Cherry 
Bacon Benjamin, glassblower, Wildey ab Palmer 
Bacon Benjamin R., undertaker, 245 Richmond 
Bacon Charles L., coal, 133 Walnut, h 915 Mt 

Bacon Charles M., clerk, 423 Wildey 
Bacon Charles W., treas. Schuykill Navigation 

Co., 417 Walnut, h 1006 Mt Vernon 
Bacon Charles W., jr., flour store, 315 N Front, 

h 723 Parrish 
Bacon Denny, salesman, 916 N 4th 
Bacon Denny J., clerk, 414 N 2d 
Bacon Edward, mer. 20 S 2d & 6 Strawberry, h 

500 N 7th 
Bacon Enos, cutter, 313 S 2d, h 1234 Heath 
Bacon E. H., boatbuilder, 1054 Beach 
Bacon Francis, acct. 123.1 S 4th, h 923 Green 
Bacon Francis S. com. mer. 136 Chestnut, h 

930 N 5th 
BACON FRANKLIN, tea dealer, 13 S Front, h 

Walnut n 40th 
Bacon Hosea, boilermaker, 915 Ogden 
Bacon Isaac S., roller, r 125 Richmond 
Bacon James, laborer, Franklin ab Church 

Bacon James H., bartender, 120 S Delaware av 

Bacon James W., M.D., 222 S 9th 

Bacon James W., com. mer. 126 Pine 

Bacon John, clerk, 335 Market, h 1006 Mt 

Bacon John, produce dealer, 1225 N 10th 
Bacon John, weaver, 1436 Pink 
Bacon John, weaver, r 1435 N 4th 
Bacon John Frederick, carpenter, 128 Bodine ab 

Bacon Joseph, weaver, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Bacon Joseph, stonemason, 1027 Otis 
Bacon Joseph, agent, 823 Marshall 
Bacon Joseph (c), laborer, 613 Pine 
Bacon Joseph A., butcher, 31 Poplar 
Bacon Joseph K., paperbox factory, 29 & 31 N 

4th, h 241 N 9th 
Bacon Joseph M., undertaker, 1631 Deal 
Bacon Joseph T., jeweler, 38 S 3d, h Moss 
Bacon J., (c) seaman, 234 Brogan 
Bacon J. W., ship produce & merchandise broker, 

408 S Del av, h 126 Pine 
Bacon Lewis, ironmoulder, 1114 Marlborough 
Bacon Margaret E., widow David, 823 Marshall 
Bacon Mark, weaver, 5 Ewald pi 
Bacon Martha Miss, Chestnut ab 37th 
Bacon Mary, 500 N 7th 
Bacon Mary Ann, widow John, 923 Green 
Bacon Nathan, gent, r 419 S 7th 
Bacon Richard, carpenter, 1114 Marlborough 
Bacon Richard W., salesman, 309 Market, h 531 

Bacon Samuel, gent. 605 N 11th 
Bacon Sylvester, marble worker, 1608 Spruce, h 

307 Bradford 
Bacon Thomas E., 600 N 7th 
Bacon Thomas H., cordw. 646 Halowell 
Bacon Thomas S., 622 Noble 
Bacon William, shipwright, 120 Allen 
Bacon William H., salesman, 335 Market, h 711 

Bacon William S., machinist, 1441 Brinton 
Bacon Wright, weaver, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Bader Balthaser, tailor, 339 N 3d 
Bader Charles, barber, 27 Penna av 
Bader John, furniture store, 1314 Frankford rd 
Bader John, hostler, 514 Callowhill 
Bader Joseph, beef butcher, stall 11 Girard av 

Market, h Masher n Oxford 
Bader Louis, tinsmith, 631 St John 
Badger Benjamin, cooper, 22 Wheat 
Badger Christian, framemr. Galloway n George 
Badger Cornelia, 1715 Pine 
Badger Edmund R. , notary public, attorney and 

counsellor, 139 S 3d, h 1206 S 10th 
Badger & Hassan {William H. Badger &f George 

S. Hassan), stationery, G T av op railr'd depot 
Badger Henry, driver, 1240 N 15th 
Badger Jane (c), 7 Eraeline 
Badger J. M., 1312 Myrtle 
Badger Sallie, dressmaker, 223 Madison 
BADGER SAMUEL, att'y & coun. 139 S 5th, h 

1013 Spruce 
BADGER WILLIAM, attorney at law and navy 

agent, 228 Pear, h 1408 Pine 
Badger William IL, stationer, Manhcim, Gtn 
Badgley Dayton, cordw. 314 Branch 
Badgley John, laborer, 32 South 
Badgley Richard, laborer, 32 South 
Badlon Joseph, gentleman, 225 Pine 
Badoie Benjamin, hatter, Ranstead pi 
Baear Christian, ho.-'tlor, 113 South 
Baeber Hermann, baker, 2d h ab Norris, G T av 
Baeder Andrew, driver, 1628 N 3d ab O.xford 
Baeder Catharine, widow Samuel, 1350 Carlton 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Baeder Charles, glue manuf. 1735, h 1006 N 6th 
Boeder, Charles Delaney l^- Williain Adam- 
S07i), manufs. of glue, curled hair, sand paper 
and rawhide whips, 14 S 4th, factoiy 1735 N 6th 
Baeder John B., blacksmith, 3 Atwood pi 
Baeder Joseph, shoem'er, Norris W of Trenton av 
Baehman Henry, carver, 422 Library, h Thomp- 
son and Montgomery av 
Baeiline Adam, cooper, Bodine bel Columbia 
Baely AVilliam, salesman, 240 and 242 Market, h 

Ashland House 
Baen Henry, jeweler, 930 Cross 
Baen Joseph H.. tobacconist, 1340 Passyunk rd 
Baer Alfred, tobacconist, 12 S 8th 
Baer Blasius, chair manf. Bodine ab Columbia av 
Baer Charles F,, salesman, 30 S 7th, h 530 Powell 
Baer Darius, tobacconist. 1503 and 1712 Market 
Baer John, supert. glue works, 6th ab Columbia av 
Baer Michael, 210 Green 
Baers Hugh, grocery, N B 5th and Carpenter 
Baetty Samuel, drayman, 2034 Filbert 
Baeur Bernott, cordw. 5th S of Diamond 
Baflfe John, machinist, 1232 Callowhill 
Bagans John, car driver, Ann n Emerald 
Baggardt J., boardinghouse, 239 Race 
Bagge John, carpenter, 315 N 6th 
Bagge S. G-., M. D. ecc. phy. 315 N 6th 
Baggs J. B., jr., bookkeeper, N E c 3d and Arch, 

h Madison av n Frankford rd 
Baggs Joseph, brewer, 3 Rudolph av 
Baggs J. B., tailor, N B Chestnut and S 8th, h 

1 Madison av 
Baggs Nicholas, bookkeeper, 229 Market, h 936 

Baggs Theodore G., acct. 306 Walnut, h Madison 

av n Fi-ankford av 
Baggs William H., salesman, 814 Buttonwood 
Bagiot Julius, boot and shoemaker, 149 S 4th 
Baglay Michael, ragman, 70 Penn 
Baglay Thomas, laborer, 8 Leeds av 
Bagley Henry, tailor, 908 Manilla 
Bagley Rosanna, housework, 634 Bay 
Bagley William, liquor dealer, 823 Christian 
Bagly Patrick, butcher, 222 N 16th 
Bagnell Michael, bartender, 1019 S Front 
Bagot John W., glassblower, 413 Albion 
Bagot William, glassblower, 415 Albion 
Bagshaw Walter, toolmaker, 1153 S 11th 
Bagshaw William, toolmaker, 1156 Passayunkav 
Bagwell G. W. J. (c), barber, N W Market and 

Bahan William M., salesman, 412 Market, h Mer- 
chant's Hotel 
Bahler Fredrick, laborer, 12 Fareis ct 
Bahls Charles, turner, r 907 Ogden 
Bahls John, shoe store, 820 Vine 
Bahman David, drover, 119 New 
Bahn Ann, widow Michael, r 203 Wood 
Bahn Kate, weaver, r 2030 Wood 
Bahn Mary A., weaver, r 2030 Wood 
Bahr Daniel, watchman, 1 Goodbread's av 
Baier Andrew, confectioner, 810 Callowhill 
Baierly Francis, cooper, 1012 Frankford av 
Baihl Christian, carpetweaver, 1448 Marshall 
Bail Francis, gardener, 1405 Fitzwater 
Bail Sarah A., dealer, stalls 1, 2 & 3 Farmers' 

Western Market 
Baile Francis, painter, Stocker n Washington av 
Baile Joseph P., blacksmith, 11 Fleming 
Baile William, brickl'er, Stocker n AVashington av 
Bailey Adam, 209 Plumb 
Bailey Amos N., gentleman, 221 Jacoby 
Bailey Ann (c), washerwoman, 215 Dean 
BAILEY & ALEXANDER (E. H. Bailey, M. S. 

Alexander), shipping Custom House brokers' 

402 Library 
BAILEY & CO. {EU W. Bailey, Jeremiah Roh 

bins, Joseph T. Bailey, J. T. Gallaglier , A. 

N. Kaymond 4- James R. Balding) , jewelers, 

819 Chestnut 
Bailey Catharine, 927 Catharine 
Bailey Catharine, widow Joseph, Irving ab 37th 
Bailey Chancellor,, bookkeeper, 316 Market, h 

636 Race 
Bailey Charles, artisan, 243 Race, h Harrison av 

ab Jeiferson 
Bailey Christopher, laborer, 272 S 20th 
Bailey Daniel, brickmaker, 6th ab Montgomery 
Bailey Eli W., jeweler, 819, and h 1330 Chestnut 
Bailey Elizabeth Mrs., dealer, 1342 S 5th 
Bailey Elizabeth, widow Gustavus, 721 N Market 
Bailey Elizabeth, widow Knight, 314 E Market, 

h 1342 S 5th 
Bailey Elwood, jeweler, 430, and h 430 S 2d 
Bailey E. H., custom house broker, 402 Library, 

h 247 S 4th 
Bailey Garrison, stevedore, 7 Oakford pi 
Bailey George, tobacconist, 308 Jarvis 
Bailey George, watchman, 1351 Howard 
Bailey George F., cordwainer, 840 N 16th 
Bailey George, jr., carpenter, 1351 Howard 
Bailey George S., briekmr., 6th ab Montgomery 
Bailey Harriett, widow, 36th bel Haverford 
Bailey Henry, cordwainer. Canal n George 
Bailey Henry', dentist, 602 N 13th 
Bailey Henry, laborer, 36th bel Haverford 
Bailey Henry F., cloaks and mantillas, 40 N 8th 
Bailey Henry W. , paperhanger, 336 Borden 
Bailey Hugh, cordwainer, r 1430 Hope 
Bailey Jacob, iron foundry, 1543 Race 
Bailey Jane, widow James, shop 312 Belgrade 
Bailey J., drover, Wyoming n Haverford 
Bailey Joel J., trimming, 230 N 5th 
Bailey John, drug packer, 1245 Nagle 
Bailey John, furniture dealer, 738 South 
Bailey John, machinist, 334 N 16th 
Bailey John, melodeon manufacturer, 115 N6th, 

h South Camden 
Bailey John, printer, 1408 S 2d 
Bailey John, shoemaker, Ernst n 9th 
Bailey John, turner, S E 5th & Master 
Bailey John, jr., tinsmith, 738 South 
Bailey John, waiter, 1616 Sansom 
Bailey John, weaver, 1241 South 
Bailey John C. clerk, 20 N 5th, h 626 N 6th 
Bailey John C, bootfitter, 17 Godfrey av 
Bailey John P., tobacconist, Potts bel 12th 
Bailey JohnT., clerk, 732 Hepburn 
Bailey John T., clerk, 410 N 5th 
Bailey John W., butcher, 1306 N 15th 
Bailey Jonathan, carpenter, 1125 Sheaffal, h 946 

N 10th 
Bailey Joseph, stonecutter, 1255 Mascher 
Bailey Joseph, sup't of public lands, 836 Wharton 
Bailey Joseph T., jeweler, 819 & h 1807 Chestnut 
Bailey Lee, widow York, washing, 611 Middle al 
Bailey Leonard F., shoemaker, 1008 Buttonwool 
Bailey Lewis J., grocer, 1914 Green 
Bailey Lloyd, carpenter, Lancaster av ab Haver- 
Bailey Lydia R.. widow Robert, printer, 26 N 5th 
Bailey Marwood H., lumber merchant, 20 Le- 
vant, h 121 Pine 
Bailey Mary, wid. Anthony, tin store, 711 Shippen 
Bailey Mary (c), widow Midleton, 1710 Vasey 
Bailey Mary A., widow Alexander, trimmings 

store, 423 Federal 
Bailey Mary S., widow John, 2017 Arch 
Bailey M., clerk, 231 Pine 

Gilt Coriiicest Bandsj Gimps, Tasscis) Fringes, and Curtniii Goods j 




Bailey Nathan, paperhanger, 1361 N 7th 

Bailey Peter (c), shoemaker, Spruce n Darby rd 

Bailey Peter (c), cordwainer, 1017 Helmuth 

Bailey Robert, jeweler, 720 Master 

Bailey PLobert, grocer, 1215 Moyamensing av 

Bailey Samuel, 317 S 15th 

Bailey Samuel, conveyancer, 144 S 4th, h 1341 

N 7th bel Master 
Bailey Samuel, faucet maker, 831 Cherry 
Bailey Samuel, laborer, 923 S 13th 
Bailey Samuel, tinsmith, 738 South 
Bailey Samuel, jr., bookbinder, 1341 N 7th 
Bailey Samuel S., r 819 Duane 
BAILEY SAMUEL B., shipping and building 
lumber merchant, Catharine st wharf & 20 Le- 
vant, h 231 Pine 
BAILEY SAMUEL B. & SON (Samuel B. 6r Mar- 
wood H. Bailey) , mahogany, Albany and gene- 
ral lumber merchants, 20 Levant ab Spruce 
Bailey Annie S., dressmaking, 137 N 8th 
Bailey Sarah A., Market n 41st 
Bailey Sarah D., widow Wesley, nurse, 1620 Wood 
Bailey Sidney (c), widow William, r 718 Bedford 
Bailey Susan, seamstress, 137 Noble 
Bailey Thomas, laborer, 36th bel Haverford 
Bailey Thomas, shoemaker,Randolph n Trenton av 
Bailey Thomas A., auctioneer, 1023 Market, h 527 

Bailey Thomas C, prefect, Girard College 
Bailey William, 1309 Filbert 
Bailey William, cordwainer, 1302 N Front 
Bailey William, cloth finisher, 1122 Columbia av 
Bailey William, finisher, S W Leithgow & Canal 
Bailey William, dealer, 512 South 
Bailey William, laborer, 36th bel Haverford 
Bailey William C, 255 Mason 
Bailey William M., filer, Irving ab 37th 
Bailey William R., printer, 26 N 5th 
Bailie Alexander D., bookkeeper, S E 37th & 

Bailiff Humphrey, captain, Apple n Penn, Myk 
Bailis Joseph, merchant, 940 Hutchinson 
Baillie William R., segars, 902 S 4th 
Baily Anna, teacher, 634 Dillwyn 
BAILY & BROTHER (Saw^e/ L. &(■ William L.) , 

carpets, 920 Chestnut 
Baily Catharine, widow William, 1108 Spring 

Baily Charles, dealer, 618 Sears 
Baily Joel T., white goods, embroideries, &c., 219 

Market, h 230 N 5th 
BAILY JOEL J. & CO. (Joel J. Baily, Henry J. 
Davis, Eltoii B. Gifford), hosiery and white 
goods, 219 Market and 208 Church al 
Baily Joseph, blacksmith, 606 Halowell 
BAILY JOSHUA L., dry goods, 213 Market, 

h 1427 Filbert 
Baily Obadiah, waiter, 407 S 10th 
Baily Peter (c), cordwainer, 1110 Steedman 
Baily Samuel A., jeweler, 1108 Spring Garden 
Baily Samuel L., carpets, 920 Chestnut, h Shoe- 
maker's la, Gtn 
Baily Thomas W., jeweler, 541 N 7th 
Baily William L., carpets, 920 Chestnut, h 1309 

Bainey Samuel, laborer, 207 Marker 
Bain Alexander, theologian, 134 S 15th 
Bain Catharine, widow Robert, 26 Annapolis 
Bain Charles H., conductor, Richmond n Lehigh av 
Bain James, clerk, 554 Chatham 
Bain James, jr., clerk, 23 N 4th, h 554 Chatham 
Bain James M., coal dealer, whf 19 Port Rich- 
mond, h Richmond n Lehigh av 
Bain John, foreman, pier 1 Port Richmond, h 
Richmond bel Lehigh av 

Bain John W., jr., bookkeeper, pier 1 Port Rich- 
mond, h Richmond bel Lehigh av 
Bain John, foreman, Richmond n Lehigh av 
Bain Thomas, laborer, 403 N Front 
Bain Walter, clerk, 240 Chestnut, h Norristown 
Bainbridge Henry, laborer. North Penn 
Bainbridge RadclifF C, salesman, 116 S 2d, h 

304 Emmett 
Bainbridge Robert, tailor, r 930 Suffolk 
Bainbridge Theodore W., salesman, 313 S 2d, h 

275 S 5th 
Baines Hiram, bookkeeper, 242 Queen 
Bainey Caroline, widow Alonza, dressmaker, 423 

Bains Andrew R., trunkmaker, 706 Marshall 
Bains Ann C, widow Richard W., 706 Marshall 
Bains Edward, trimmings, 508 Wood 
Bains Emily A., teacher P. S., 706 Marshall 
BAINS GEORGE B., trunks, 302 Market, h 824 

Bains Henry B., salesman, 302 Market, h 1104 

Bains Mark, carrier, Rittenhonse, Gtn 
Bains William, carpenter, 706 Marshall 
Bair A. J., salesman, 1619 Market 
Bair Sally, vestmaker, 1242 Vine, h 1408 Winter 
Baird Alexander, printer, 607 Sansom, h 647 

N 7th 
Baird Andrew, metermaker, 1517 Jones 
Baird Ann, nurse, 253 S 12th 
Baird Charles R., butcher, 1533 N 11th 
Baird & Cunningham (Daniel Baird, John Cun- 

ningham), soap, 218 South 
Baird Daniel, soap and candle manufactory, 218 

South, h 711 Florida 
Baird David, blacksmith, 1434 Fitzwater 
Baird David, innkeeper, 1179 S 11th 
Baird Elizabeth, widow James, 1919 Wilcox 
Baird Elizabeth, widow William, 817 Richmond 
Baird Edward, laborer, 110 Race 
Baird E. W., att. at law, 47 S 3d, h 1328 N 6th 
Baird Frank, clerk, 412 Market, h 321 Race 
Baird George, carpenter, 1719 Burton 
Baird George, liquor store, 512 S 17th 
Baird Hannah, widow Timothy, 145 Morris 
BAIRD HENRY C, book publisher, 406 Walnut, 

h 1340 Pine 
Baird Isaac S., machinist, 804 Capital 
Baird James, carpenter, 1320 South 
Baird James, cordwainer, 1220 Columbia av 
Baird James, grocery, N E Shippen & 13th 
Baird James, lithographer, 123 Van Horn 
Baird James, packer, 514 Market, h 210 Quince pi 
Baird James, Southwark Hotel, S W 2d & German 
Baird James, tinsmith, 1517 Jones 
Baird John, 1100 N Front 

Baird John, butcher. Paschal n Apple, H Ville 
Baird John, clerk, 51 vS Front, h 631 Pine 
Baird John, collector, 1633 N 11th 
Baird John, gentleman, 1062 N Front 
BAIRD JOHN, marble works. Ridge av bel 

Green, h 1302 Spring Garden 
Baird J., veal butcher, stall 138 Race Street Mar- 
ket, h Hestonville 
Baid John R., druggist, 1533 N 11th 
Baird Joseph D., type caster, 1715 St Joseph av 
Baird Martha, widow William, 1931 Naudain 
Baird Mary, tailoress, 315 Bradford 
Baird Matthew, locomotive builder, SOON Broad, 

h 633 n 10th 
Baird Peter, moulder, Otis n Memphis 
Baird Robert, machinist, 1517 Jones 
Baird Robert, shoemaker, 1942 South 
BAIRD & RUSSELL (E. W. Baird ^ John 

Russell), law and collection office, 47 S 3d 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street* 




Baird Samuel, laborer, Grulielma n ISth 

Baird Thomas C, carpenter, 1227 Shackamaxon 

Baird William, domestic goods, 15 Strawbery 

Baird William, machinist, 4 Barney av 

Baird William, manufaotiirer, 27 Frankford av 

Baird William B., bookkeeper, Corn Exchange 

Bank, h 332 N 10th 
Baird William J., salesman, 47 N 2d, h 130 N 

Baird AVilliam M., Yice-Pres. E. M. Ins. Co., 329 

Walnut, h 333 Pine 
BAIRD WILLIAM M. & Co., Steam Propeller 

Co., 224 S Delaware av 
Baird William S., dry goods, 47 N Third, h Con- 
tinental Hotel 
Bairdwood William, printer, h r 2004 Lombard 
Bairman August, merchant, 108 N 8th 
Bairstow William, clerk, 16 S Front, h Carroll n 

Baisler George, waterman, 536 Beach 
Baisley Samuel, whf build, r 1080 N Delaware av 
Baisley Thomas R., whf build, r 1080 N Del. av 
Baisy Amos, mariner, 115 Federal 
Baiszler Frederick, tavern, 332 Brown 
Baitzel Anna, widow John jr. washerwoman, Otis 

n Memphis 
Baitzel Francis, machinist, 433 Mcllwain 
Baitzel George, jr., printer, 620 Federal 
Baitzel George, printer, 620 Federal 
Baitzel George L., printer, 620 Federal 
Baitzel Jacob, grocer, 433 Mcllwain 
Baitzel John, jr., type finisher, 620 Federal 
Baitzel William, laborer, 2134 Arch 
Baizley John, shipsmith, N W Shippen & Swan- 
son, h 118 Mead 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, 717 Richmond 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, 927 Vienna 
Bakeman Joseph, merchant, 805 Mackinaw 
Bakeoven Elizabeth, widow John, 1030 Ash 
Bakeoven George, fisherman, 1025 Otis 
Bakeoven George, glassblower, 821 Richmond 
Bakeoven Peter, fisherman, 717 Richmond 
Bakeoven William, fisherman, 921 Vienna 
Baker Mrs., r 1014 Nectarine 
Baker Mrs., toys, 1137 Spruce 
Baker Abraham, gentleman, 708 Arch 
Baker Adams G , victualler, 1520 Mascher 
Baker Alfred G., com. merchant, 210 Chestnut, h 

708 Arch 
Baker A. R. clerk, 228 Market, h Wistar ab 11th 
Baker Ambrose, chairmaker, 6 American pi 
Baker Ambrose C H., tobac. & segars, 1321 Race 
Baker Amos, cutter, 1234 Heath 
Baker Andrew, ropemaker, 511 Girard av 
Baker Andrew J., broker, 519 S 10th 
Baker Ann, widow, 532 Marshall 
Baker Ann, tailorcss, 1303 S 3d 
Baker Ann J., widow Robert, 932 Cross 
Baker Anna, dealer, stand N W N 5th & Girard 

av Market, h N 5th n Girard av 
Baker Anthony, farmer, stall 540 Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h Delaware county 
Baker Barton P., seaman, Richmond ab William 
Baker Bater, 1012 Pine 

Baker & Barton {Joseph F. Baler, John H. Bar- 
to7i), ship stores and ship chandlery, 138 N 
Del av 
Baker Benjamin, farmer, 126 Spring Garden 

market, h Montgomery County 
Baker Benjamin, rigger, 117 Mead 
Baker Caroline, wid Henry, washerwoman, r 97G 

N Delaware av 
Baker Caroline, widow Philip, r 521 St John 
Baker Casper, tailor, 923 Sartain 
Baker Chalkley, 1028 Vine 

Patten's, 030 Chestnut 1 

Baker Charles, eombmaker, r 1122 N 3d 

Baker Charles, confctr. Polard n New Market 

Baker Charles, gent. 1233 Arch 

Baker Charles, laborer, N 5th ab Dauphin 

Baker Charles, machinist, r 233 Brown 

Baker Charles, morocco manuf. r 915 N Front & 

Margaretta bel 2d, h Camden Co n Milford 
Baker Charles, painter, 4th n Cherry, h 806 N 

Baker Charles, shoecutter, 32 S 4th, h 232 Ger- 
Baker Charles, tobacconist, 412 George 
Baker Charles, waterman, 630 Beach 
Baker Charles B., varnish manuf. Meetinghouse 

lane n Lancaster av, H Ville 
Baker Charles C, salesman, 113 & 115 Market, li 

1021 Wistar, Gtn 
Baker Charles D., waterman, 515 N Front 
Baker Charles H., com mer. 127 Chestnut, h 1124 

Baker Charles H., clerk, 515 Market, h 1532 Cal- 

Baker Charles H., mer. 125 S 4th, h 1034 Arch 
Baker Charles H., jr., mer. 1034 Arch 
Baker Charles M., painter, 130 N 4th, h 806 N 

Baker Charles S., clerk, 134 Onas 
Baker Charles S., M.D. 623 Master 
Baker C. S., widow Samuel, 1701 Vine 
Baker Charles T., baker, 5 Baker's pi 
Baker Christian, bootmaker, 824 Knox 
Baker Christiana, widow Jacob, fruit, 46 S 2d st 

Market, h Fkd rd n Franklin 
Baker Christopher, laborer, r 865 N 4th 
Baker Conrad, fisherman, 908 Vienna 
Baker Conrad, jr., fisherman, 908 Vienna 
Baker Conrad, wheelright, 1245 Savery 
Baker Conrad P., fisherman, 709 Richmond 
Baker Cornelius, clerk, 413 Jefferson 
Baker Daniel, currier, 1302 Poplar 
Baker Daniel, gent. 1037 Beach 
Baker Daniel J., gasfitter, 246 Girard av 
Baker Daniel M., furnacemaker, S W c Broad 

and Sansom, h 246 Girard av 
Baker Davis, gent. 1336 N 7th 
Baker David D., bookbinder, 1028 Vine 
Baker Edmund W., nailor, 2333 Jefferson 
Baker Edmund W., produce, 715 N Market 
Baker Edward, coachman, 1226 Green 
Baker Edward, metermaker, 5 Marseilles pi 
Baker Elias, packer, 2 Osage av 
Baker Eliza (c), widow Joshua, r 610 S 3d 
Baker Elizabeth, widow Michael, 708 Arch 
Baker Elizabeth, widow William, huckster, 530 

Baker Elizabeth K., teacher, 340 Julianna 
Baker Elias, porter, 221 Market 
Baker Enoch T., upholsterer. Front n Wharton 
Baker Ezekiah J., eng. Belgrade n Somerset 
Baker E, G. A., jeweler, Ellwood la 
Baker Ferdinand, refiner, 1339 Charlotte 
BAKER & FOLSOM {Jaincs Baker ^ B. F. 

Folsom), genl shpg&com mers, 138 N Del av 
Baker Francis, shoemaker, 1340 Wood 
Baker Francis M., police, Bristol av 
Baker Frank, tailor, 917 St John 
Baker Frank A., salesman, 30 N 4th, h !f58N 6th 
Baker Frederick, shoemaker, 810 Auburn 
Baker Frederick, shoemaker, 819 St John 
Baker Frederick W., haydealer, N E c 7th and 

Baker George, fireman, 608 Guilford 
Baker George, fisherman, 90S Vienna 
Baker George, hairdresser, 909 Chestnut 
Baker George, butcher. Tulip n Townsend 
treet* 'Windo'w 




Baker George, rag trader, 1442 Pink 

Baker George, shoemaker, 810 Auburn 

Baker George jr., shoemaker, 810 Auburn 

Baker George A., clerk, 229 N 10th 

Baker George C, fisherman, 70S Richmond 

Baker George S., express, 528 N 8th 

Baker George W., boatman, Mel vale ab William 

Baker George W., morocco dresser, 131 Onas 

Baker George V., tailor, 861 N 15th 

Baker Hannah, 483 N 4th 

Baker Hannah C, , produce, Shippen st Market, 

h r Guilford bel Shippen 
Baker Henry, blacksmith, 1137 Palmer 
Baker Henry, cabinetmaker, 727 St John 
Baker Henry, clothing store, 1532 Callowhill 
Baker Henry, coal dealer, ft Locust, Sch. h 2012 

Baker Henry, farmer, 126 Spring Garden Market, 

h Montgomery county 
Baker Henry, laborer, 7 Heiss' pi 
Baker Henry, shoemaker, r 31 Beck 
Baker Henry, wheel rubber, 1434 Coates, h 1710 

Baker H. D., sea captain, 110 Piichmond 
Baker Henry A., gilder, 632 N 7th 
Baker Henry A., stonecutter, 1710 Olive 
Baker Hilary C, bookkeeper, 131 N 2d, h Camden 
Baker & Hopkins {Lafayette Baker ^ James Hop- 

Mjis), com merch'ts, 216, 218 & 220 N" Broad 
Baker Isaac, carpenter, Sprignett bel 21st 
Baker Isaac, insurance agent, 419 Walnut, h 

1021 Wistar 
Baker Isaac, shoemaker, r 840 Charlotte 
Baker Isaac ¥., gas fixture, 821 Cherry, h 1019 

Baker Isaac N., clerk, 1122 Chestnut, h 1021 

Baker Issachar, porter, 353 N 3d, h 2518 New 

Baker Issachar, porter, 1 Goldsmith 
Baker Jacob, 1316 Shippen 
Baker Jacob, driver, Naudain n 25th 
Baker Jacob, driver, 1435 Savery 
Baker Jacob, farmer, Bustleton pike 
Baker Jacob, segarmaker, 1238 Palethorp 
Baker J., tobacconist, 231 N 2d, h 1238 Palethorp 
Baker Jacob G., carpenter, 1024 Brown 
Baker J. B , carp"tr & builier, Juniper ab Arch 
Baker J. Crap, druggist NE 7th & Catharine 
Baker J. M., salesman, 33 N Water, bds Commer- 
cial hotel 
Baker J. &W. {J. Sr W. Baker), tobacconists, 

231 N 2d 
Baker Jairus, mer. 138 N Del av. h 324 N Front 
Baker Jesse, fancy box manuf. 21 Bank, h 1409 

Baker James, banker, 17 S 3d, h L314 Arch 
Baker James, segarmaker, 228 Poplar, h 435 

Baker James, seaman, 974 N Delaware av 
Baker James, shoemaker, 1025 Lawrence 
Baker James, stonecutter, 233 Raspberry 
Baker James B., carpenter, 5 Buddins court 
Baker James M., paperhanger, N W cor 9th & 

Baker James R., salesman, 38 N 4th, h 1314 Arch 
Baker James T., druggist, 5th n Market, h Cam- 
den, N J 
Baker John, cabinetmaker, 540 Owen 
Baker John, chairmaker, 1722 N 12th 
Baker John, confectioner, Market n 41st 
Baker John, cooper. Hail bel Montgomery 
Baker John, currier, 935 Ontario 
Baker John, laborer, 15th & Brandywine 
Baker John, restaurant. Arch bel Front, h 1235 Ash 

Baker John, alderman, N 6th n Susquehanna av 
Baker John, ropemaker, 511 Girard av 
Baker John, tailor, Dauphin n Amber 
Baker John, trucker, Passyunk rd. 1st ward 
Baker John, weaver, Crcsson n East, Myk 
Baker John, umbrellamaker, 533 Vincent 
Baker John A., clerk, 134 Onas 
Baker John A., potter, 134 Onas 
Baker John C, ship carpenter, 813 Essex 
Baker John C, meroh't, 154 N 3d, h 112 N 18th 
Baker John C, geiitleman. Broad ab Cumberland 
Baker John C. & Co. {Charles W. Nolen), whole- 
sale druggists, 154 N 3d 
Baker John F., 267 S 4th 

Baker John G., drug'st, 801 N Front, h 29 Brown 
Baker John H., clerk, 1409 N 7th 
Baker John H., salesman, 217 Poplar 
Baker John J., ship carpenter, 459 Allen 
Baker John M., gardener, 1303 S 3d 
Baker John R , mer. 424 Market, h 42 N 11th 
Baker John R., bootmaker, 209 S 4th, h 220 

Baker John R., importer, 19 & 21 S 4th, h 927 

Baker John S., paperhanger, N E Baown & 7th, h 

623 Brown 
Baker John W., clerk, 436 Market, h 2012 Locust 
Baker Joseph, baker, 1022 Clare 
Baker Joseph, bridle bit maker, Ludlow ab Moore 
Baker Joseph, cabinetmaker, 1112 N 3d 
Baker Joseph, captain, Richmond ab William 
Baker Joseph, jr., captain, Richmond ab William 
Baker Joseph, carpenter, 131 Onas 
Baker Joseph, drayman, Norris ab Memphis 
Baker Joseph, metals, 820 Rachel, h 828 N 5th 
Baker Joseph, salesman, 4 Chestnut, h 1122 N 3d 
Baker Joseph, salesman, 821 Market, h 218 N 

Baker Joseph, shoemaker, 4 Baker 
Baker Joseph, tow boats, 346 N Front 
Baker Joseph A., bookbinder, 22 N 4th, h 725 

Baker Joseph B., collector of the port of Phila., 

120 N 18th 
Baker Joseph B. 

Baker Joseph F 

346 N Front 
Baker Joseph A¥., metals, 820 Rachel, h 828 N 5th 
Baker Joshua, salesman, 923 Girard av 
Baker Justice, butcher, 19 Ridge Av Market, h 

1237 N 5th 
Baker Lafayette, commission merchant, 216, 218 

& 220 N Broad, h Race n 16th 
Baker Louis, blacksmith, 1018 Nectarine 
Baker Lucy, widow William, 518 Cresson 
Baker Malachi, chemist, 321 S 2d 
Baker Margaret, 526 Cresson 
Baker Margaret, widow Louis, 620 Hermitage 
Baker Margaret S., widow Samuel, 2111 Summer 
Baker Mary, 82^ Catharine 
Baker Mary, widow Jacob, 134 Onas 
Baker Mary A., millinery, 1310 Chestnut 
Baker Mary A., widow John, 943 Darien 
Baker Mary A., widow George C, 467 Allen 
Baker Mary E., teacher, 413 Jefferson 
Baker M. A., cotton, 19 N Front, h 1215 Button- 
Baker M. L., children's clothing, 909 Chestnut 
Baker & Maull {Charles S. Ba/ccr i\- William W. 

Maitll), photographers, 1705 Chestnut 
Baker Michael, blacksmith, 15th & Brandywine 
Baker Michael, lumber merchant, 5th & Brown, 

h 866 N 7th 
Baker Michael, ropemaker, Crease bel Thompson 

salesman, 19 N Front, h 1215 
merchant, 138 N Del av, h 

Curtains, and Upholstery Goods, Wholesale and Retail* 





Baker Michael, shoemaker, 235 S 12th 
Baker Michael, tailor, 1238 Randolph 
Baker Michael V., Pres. H. P. Mt. Joy & L. T. 
P. Co., 234 S 3d, office 717 Sansom, h 70S Arch 
Baker Mrs., widow, 1357 Hope 
Baker Oscar, clerk, State n Pratt 
Baker Paul, painter, 1334 Palethorp 
Baker Peter, drover, 229 N 10th 
Baker Peter, reedmaker, 1405 Hancock 
Baker Peter, waterman, 530 Beach 
Baker Peter W., clerk, 316 N 3d 
Baker Philip, paperhanger, 406 Greea 
Baker Philip, waterman, 530 Beach 
Baker Rees H., 1409 N 7th 
Baker Robert, shoemaker, 810 Auburn 
Baker Robert B., clerk, 217 Chestnut, h 924 Wal- 
Baker Robert M., clerk, 1122 Chestnut, h W P 
Baker Samuel, captain, 116 Beck 
Baker Samuel, baker, 714 Baker 
Baker Samuel, bartender, 833 Swanson 
Baker Samuel, carpenter, 1014 S Front 
Baker Samuel, fisherman, 602 Richmond 
Baker Samuel, hotel, Passyunk rd n S 13th 
Baker Samuel, parchmentmaker. Crease below 

Baker Samuel, merchant, 655 N 12th 
Baker Samuel, shoemaker, r 840 Charlotte 
Baker Samuel (c), bricklayer, r 1313 Bedford 
Baker Samuel D., sewing machines, 720 Arch 
Baker Samuel J., clerk, 19 N Front, h 1215 But- 

Baker Sarah, 483 N 4th 
Baker Sarah Mrs., 327 N 8th 
Baker & Shoemaker {Michael BaJcer cV Charles 

Shoemaker), lumber mers. S W 5th & Brown 
Baker Simon, shoemaker, 509 Callowhill 
Baker Stephen G., bookkeeper, 16 N 3d, bds Com- 
mercial Hotel 
Baker Susan, dressmaker, S E 8th & South 
Baker Susanna, widow George, 306 Crown 
Baker Sylvester J., acct. 103 &, 105 N 6th, h 12 

Baker Theodore A., carpenter, 867 Randolph 
Baker Theodore, gardener. Maiden 1 n Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Baker Theodore W., jeweler, 268 S 10th 
Baker Theresa, widow, 1425 Randolph 
Baker Thomas, glassblower, Ellen n N Front 
Baker Thomas, segarmaker, 1323 S 10th 
Baker Thomas A., printer, 857 Randolph 
Baker Thomas C, bookbinder, 1028 Vine 
Baker Thomas M., carpenter, 1024 Brown 
Baker Thomas S., painter, 202 Spruce 
BAKER, WESCOTT & CO. {James BaJccr&^- Wil- 
liam P. Wescott), bankers, 17 S 3d 
Baker William, carpenter, 927 Sargent 
Baker William, pork butcher, stall 9 Girard av 

Market, h Clinton n Oxford 
Baker William, cordwainer, 107 Race 
Baker William, driver, Frankford rd n Hunt- 
Baker William, driver, 1011 Callowhill 
Baker William, mate, Richmond ab AVilliam 
Baker William jr., musician, 721 New Market 
Baker William M.D., 1314 Arch 
Baker William, painter, 809 Rachel 
Baker William, pilot, 1014 S Front 
Baker William, poultry, 134 Eastern Market, h 

Hutchinson bel Master 
Baker William sr., shoemaker, 721 New Market 
Baker William, ship carpenter, r 1212 Beach 
Baker William, victualler, 1522 Mascher 
Baker AVilliam, waterman, 530 Bea;ch 
Baker W., tobacconist, 231 N 2d, h 1234 Palethorp 
liace, Slusliiia Datnask, Brocatellej aud 

Baker William Augustus, waterman, 131 Onas 
Baker William C, gas fixtures, 821 Cherry, h 

1019 Arch 
BAKER WILLIAM D., attorney and counsellor, 

439 Chestnut, h Walnut ab 43d 
BAKER WILLIAM E. S., Treas. Bloomsbirrg 

Iron Co.. 213 N Water, h Fisher's 1, Gtn 
Baker William F., painter, 48 N 6th 
Baker William G. & Son {M. A. ^ W. R. Baker), 

cotton, 19 N Front 
BAKER WILLIAM H., com. mer., 933 & 935 N 

Baker William H., druggist, 309 N 3d, h 238 N 

Baker William R., cotton, 19 N Front, h 542 N 

Baker William R., gent. Broad ab Cumberland 
Baker William S., conveyancer, 147 S4th, h 652 

N 13th 
Baker & Winsell, 414 Prune 
Baker Valentine, clothing, 12 Walnut, h 212 

Baker Valentine, fisherman, 925 Palmer 
Bakes Mathias, ropemakei-, Germantown n Cum- 
Bakes William C, druggist, 614 Noble 
Bakes Elizabeth, widow William, 614 Noble 
Bakie Donald, liquor store, S E 11th & Coates 
Bakin Amelia (c), widow John, 1615 Wood 
Bakin Emma (c), widow Joshua, 1616 Wood 
Bakin John (c), laborer, 1615 Wood 
Bal Elizabeth, widow Joshua, 946 Percey 
Balach Henry, laborer, 818 Charlotte 
Balair Edward, silk fringe manuf. 321 S 2d 
Balance Thomas, shoemaker, 805 S 9th 
Balangey Benjamin, pilot, 610 S Delaware av 
Balasouins Louis, porter, Callowhill bel 13th 
Balbirnie Charles, dyer, 1107 South 
Balcolm William, merchant, h 1729 Vine 
Bald John, laborer, S W Hedge & Orthodox 
Bald Eagle Hotel, 416 N 3d 
Bald George M., hotel, S E 4th <t Reed 
Bald J. Dorsey, engraver, 234 Walnut, h 131 S 

Bald William R., grocer, N W 2d & Poplar, h914 

Balder Henry, tailor, 908 S 6th 
Balderman Ludwig, shoemaker, 852 Orchard 
Balderston & Albertsou {Mark Balderston i^ Sam- 
uel M. Albertsou) , carpenters aud builders, 

1103 Wood 
Balderston Isaiah, paperhanger, 914 Sp Garden 
Balderston John E., window shades, 914 Spring 

Garden, h 1526 Palmetto 
Balderston Marcellus, window shades, 914 Spring 

Balderston Mark, carpenter and builder, 1103 

Wood, h 320 N 6th 
BALDERSTON SAMUEL F., paper hangings, 912 

Spring Garden 
Balding James R., jeweler, 819 Chestnut, h 126 

S 19th 
Baldinger Jacob, tailor, 312 Lombard 
Baldt Christian, widow Frederick, 1205 Columbia 
Baldt Frederick, moulder, 1113 Palmer 
Baldt Frederick, whip maker, 403 Girard av 
Baldt George H., umbrella maker, 1101 Malbo- 

Baldt Henry, shoemaker, 1229 Ridge av, h 1417 

Baldt William, carpenter, 1113 Palmer 
Baldwin Adam, glassblower, 1123 Vienna 
Baldwin Alfred, gilder, 330 N 6th 
Baldwin B. K., clerk, 811 S 3d 
Baldwin Caleb J., conductor, 2015 Winter 
Drapery Curtains, of every description} 




Baldwin Catharine, 1721 Walnut 
Baldwin Eliza, widow Charles II., 1116 Hope 
Baldwin Elizabeth, Gtn av above High 
Baldwin Enos, coach trimmer, 1710 Coates 
Baldwin George W., painter, 1116 Hope 
Baldwin Hannah M., widow William, 145 N 10th 
Baldwin Isaac H., notions, &c., 313 Market, h 

714 N 10th 
Baldwin Isaac P., straw boards, 109 S 4th, li 253 

S 9th 
Baldwin John, gunsmith, 1117 Otis 
Baldwin John C. paper hanger, 236 N 9th, h 121 

Baldwin Joseph, chair ornamenter, 121 Jacoby 
Baldwin Joseph B., fishdealer, stand 5 N 2d st 

Market, h Hobensack pi 
Baldwin Levi, organ manufacturer, 907 N Broad 
win, A. B. Linderman, H. R. Lindennun) , 
notions and fancy goods, 313 Market 
Baldwin Martha, dressmaker, 907 N Broad 
Baldwin Matthew W., locomotive builder, 500 N 

Broad, h 1021 Spruce 
BALDAVIN M. AV. & CO. {Matthew Baird), 

locomotive builders, 500 N Broad 
Baldwin Mr., farmer, stall 114 Farmers" Western 

Baldwin Norman, D.D., 1005 S 5th 
Baldwin Peter W. steward, 513 S 10th 
Baldwin Robert, machinist, 907 N Broad 
Baldwin Sarah, 1721 AValnut 
Baldwin Sarah, widow, 1233 Clarion 
Baldwin Thomas, morroco dresser, 1020 N 2d 
Baldwin Thomas, teacher, 150 N 12th 
Baldwin AVilliam, grocer, 869 N 10th 
Baldwin William, bone mill, Margaret n Cam- 
bridge, h Paul n Unity. 
Baldwin William, tailor, 1253 S 13th 
Baldwin William R., cabinetmaker, NE Foulk- 

rod and Cherry 
Baldwin AVilmer H., conductor, 2015 Winter 
Baldwin W. H. painter, 1514 Frankfort av 
Bale Catharine, widow George, cloakmaker, 605 

Bale Christopher B., saddler, 138 Market, h 1604 

Bale Martin W., harness mr, 138 Market, h 1604 

Bale S. L., stencil cutter, 425 N 3d 
Balentine James, laborer, 1728 Burton 
Balentine John, laborer, 2318 Meredith 
Balentine Samuel, weaver, 1514 Howard 
Balentine William, waiter, 728 Pine 
Bales John E., agent, 2048 Winter 
Bales Peyton car driver, r 2414 Hamilton 
Bales William laborer, Lydia n Sites 
Bales William H., driver, 204S Winter 
Baley Samuel L., machinist. 4 Point Pleasant ct 
Balffe Thomas, currier, 469 Dillwyn 
Balfinch William, baker, 1114 Steadman 
Baliff Frazier, boatman. Green 1, Myk 
Balke A., mu.=ician, 100 N 5th 
Ball Alexander, bootfitter, 718 Lebanon 
Ball Ambrose, salesman, 36 N2d, h 16 Carroll 
Ball Ann, widow William, 632 Fernon 
Ball Ann, widow William, 12 Knight's court 
Ball Anna, widow, 1210 Poplar 
Ball A. Worthington, coal dealer, 205} Walnut, 

h 1718 Vine 
Ball Charles, shoemaker, 407 Culvert 
Ball Charles, clerk, 440 Market, h 317 N 13th 
Ball Charles A., clothier, 607 Chesnut, h 251 S 8th 
Ball David, carpenter, 1240 S 5th 
Ball Dertrick, sugar refiner, 6 Union ct 
Ball Ebom, bakery, 46 Beck 

Ball Edward, machinist, 1603 Summer 

Ball Elizabeth, (c) washerwoman, 930 Auburn 

Ball Ezra Y., carpenter, 1117 S 3d 

Ball Francis, conveyancer, 11 Jenning's row 

Ball George, cabinetmaker, 964 N Front 

Ball George, laborer 109 Marion. 

Ball George H., salesman, 203 Market, h 514 

Ball George W. J., conveyancer, 520 Walnut, h 

322 S 12th 
Ball Henry, 542 N 10th 
Ball Henry, clerk, N W 3d & Walnut, h 880 

Ball Henry, jr., clerk, S E 3d & Walnut, h 880 

Ball Henry M., plasterer, 911 Wood 
Ball Horace, clerk, 208 S Del av, h 1709 St Jo- 
seph's av 
Ball Isabella, dry goods, 819 Spring Garden 
Ball Israel, sr., chaser, 201 Catharine 
Ball Israel R., shoe store, 201 Catharine 
Ball Israel R., Jr., clerk, 201 Catharine 
Ball Jesse R., stereotypist, 819 Spring Garden 
Ball James, moulder, 2015 Reeves 
Ball John, carpenter, 757 S 10th 
Ball John, carpenter, 242 Reed 
Ball John, shoemaker, r 638 Shippen 
Ball John R., carpenter, 328 Mcllwain 
Ball John R. J., moulder, 1211 Oxford 
Ball Joseph, painter, 1176 S 10th 
Ball Joseph W., salesman, S 22d bel Locust 
Ball L. R., school, 1911 Plymouth 
Ball L., railroad agent, 8 Fawn 
Ball Mahlon, boots & shoes, 1504 Poplar 
Ball Margaret, teacher pub. sch. 328 Mcllwain 
Ball Maria, dressmaker, 2015 Reeves 
Ball Rebecca, 141 Frankford 
Ball Richard, weaver, 1226 Federal 
Ball Robert, tea packer, 1705 Markham 
Ball Samuel, cordwainer, 6 Sa:nder's ct 
Ball Samuel, plasterer, 911 Wood 
Ball Samuel P., carpenter, 245 N 15th 
Ball Thomas M., wheelwright, 1240 S 5th 
Ball Wallace M. B., clothier, 951 Randolph 
Ball AVilliam, bonnet pressor, 1027 N 3d 
Ball William, bookbinder, 1.33 Brown 
Ball William, druggist, 710 S 2d, h 415 Spruce 
BALL AYILLIAM, glass cutting & dealing, 5 

Quarry, h 1505 Frankford av 
Ball William, jeweler, 12 S 2d, h 1232 S 6th 
Ball William, jr., spices, 1505 Frankford av 
Ballack Anthony S,, carpenter, 909 Warnock 
Ballantine John, cordwainer, 1349 Kates 
Ballantine AVilliam, gardener, 754 S 13th 
Ballard John (c), waiter, 1026 Walnut, h Rodman 
Ballard John, gunner, 1344 S 4th 
Ballaron Frank, machinist, 402 N 20th 
Dallas Joseph F., machinist, 80 N 12th 
Bailaugh George S., student, 912 Morgan 
Ballbeck George, saddletree maker, 1304 Corn 
Ballenberg Henrietta, widow Jacob, 719 N 2d 
Ballenberg Julius, 631 Franklin 
Ballenger Alfred, locksmith, 900 Fitzwater 
Ballenger George, plasterer, 017 Washington av 
Ballenger James, plasterer, 1312 S 5th 
Ballenger Mary, 1 AVheat 
Ballenger Thomas, 1111 Mark's 1 
Ballenger Thomas, plasterer, 704 Washinton av 
Ballentine Francis G., bricklayer, S E Oxford <fc 

Ballentine Robert, domestic, 1300 Locust 
Ballet Harriet (c), housework, 229 Prosjierous al 
Ballet Henry, waiter, 211 Quince 
Ballet John, waiter, r 1126 Rodman 
Balli Dominigo, plaster paris moulds, r 833 D.irieu 

Patten's, C30 Cliestnut Street. 




Ballier Charles, harnessmaker, 605 Poplar 

Ballier John P., baker, 1018 S 9th 

Balliet Nicholas, coal. Broad & Callowhill, h 1115 

Ballingar Annie, dressmaker, 1309 Cowley 
Ballinger Charles, milk dealer, N 2d ab Dauphin 
Ballinger Edward, bookbinder 1227 Wood 
Ballingar Emily, dressmaker, 1309 Cowley 
Ballinger Emily Mrs., gentlewoman, 1822 Spruce 
Ballinger Jacob, blacksmith, 1309 Cowley 
Uallinger Mary P., dressmaker, 1309 Cowley 
Ballinger Mark, laborer. Corn n Wharton 
Ballinger Richard H., salesman, 22 N Front, h 

724 N 9th 
Ballinger Thomas E., salesman, 18 N 3d, h 

Ballinger William, plasterer, 1009 S 3d 
Ballinger AVilliam H. painter, 907 Percy 
Ballinger William R., farmer, stall 19 N 2d st 

market, h Burlington County, N J 
Ballister Joseph, manufactur. Gay n Baker, Myk 
Bailor Philip F., cabinetmaker, 615 Sears 
Ballou Charles, moulder, h 150 Race 
Ballou Peter I., dry goods, 1052 S 4th 
Balls William H., rigger, 222 Federal 
Balls William H., jr., printer, 222 Federal 
Balman Caroline, widow Charles, 541 Shippen 
Balmain George, envelope manufacturer, 510 

Minor, h 47th, W P 
Balser AVilliam, commission merchant, 216 Plumb 
Balsley Henry, printer, 126 Greenwich 
Balsley Henry B., printer, 126 Greenwich 
Balster Richard H., agent, 8 Strawberry, h 350 

S 15th 
Balsterling John F., attorney at law, 492 N 3d 
Balsterling John J., gent, 492 N 3d 
Bait Chalkley, carter, O'Neill n Girard av 
Bait George, cordwainer, 1323 Howard 
Bait John P., grocer, N 4th n New. h 1123 Sites 
Bait Michael, shoemaker, 614 Callowhill 
Balterson Jonathan, r 1036 Frankford av 
Balthasan Voght, sugar refiner, 1230 Ash 
Balthimoeker Walter, tailor, Bodine ab Oxford 
BOAT CO., transportation, 34 S Delaware av 
Baltimore and Ohio General Freight Office, B. F. 

Kelley, agent, 601 Chestnut 
Baltus August, bone buttons, 435 Girard av 
Baltz Christian, butcher, 16 N 2d st market, h 

716 Belgrade 
Baltz C, hotel, 247 N 2d 

Baltz Daniel, cabinetmaker, 37tlin Sycamore, W P 
Baltz David, bootmaker, 1359 Bedford 
Baltz Frederick, hotel keeper, 457 N 3d 
Baltz Henry, butcher, Mifflin ab Oxford 
Baltz Henry, butcher, 17 Girard av and 24 Ridge 

av market, h 1607 Randolph 
Baltz H. W., carpenter, Haverford ab 3Sth, W P 
Baltz Jacob, brewer, Thompson n 32d 
Baltz John, painter, 414 Walnut, h Randolph ab 

Baltz J. & P. (Jacob Baltz, Peter Baltz), brew- 
ers, Thompson n 32d, h 502 N 3d 
Baltz Peter, brewer, Thompson n 32d, h 502 N 3d 
Baltzer George, druggist, N W e 2d and Race, 

h 1604 Thompson 
Baltzer Lewis, corkcutter, 1637 Cadwalader 
Baltzer Mark, cabinetmkr. Memphis c Townsend 
Balwinkle Carston, packingboxmkr, 518 Dillwyn 
Baly Andrew (c), waiter, 1625 Helmuth 
Baly Christian, tasselmaker, 636 Master 
Balys Eliza L. (c), stewart, r 904 Auburn 
Balz George, laljorer, r 855 Orchard 
Balzer Gabriel, hostler, 28th ab Poplar 
Balzer William, bartender, 420 Prune 

Balzig John, custom-house office, 469 Dillwyn 
Balzig Susan, 469 Dillwyn 
Bamber Alfred, boatman, 1338 S 7th 
Bamberg John, bootfitter, 847 N 15th 
Bamberger Brothers (Moses and Henry Bamber- 
ger), fringes and dress trimmings, 105 N 8th 
Bamberger Emanuel, salesman, 122 Walnut, h 

800 Noble 
Bamberger Henry, mer. 105 N 8th, h 129 New 
Bamberger Jacob S., bookkeeper, 122 AValnut, h 

806 Noble 
Bamberger Leopold, importer segars, 3 N Water, 

h 526 Dillwyn 
BAMBERGER L. & Co. (L. Bamberger and 

Simon Auerbach) , importers segars, 3 N Water 
Bamberg William, shoemaker. Orchard n Tacka- 

Bamberger Peter, shoemaker, 1760 N 3d 
Bambrey William G., turner, 221 Crown, h 1002 

Bamburger George, cabinetmaker, Lorain pi 
Bame Howell, stickcutter, 407 Mcllwain 
Bamford Thomas, stonemason. Mill st, Hbg 
Bammel Joel G., boot & shoe mkr, 420 Dickerson 
Bamnin Patrick, fruiterer, 610 N 2d 
Bampton Joseph Y., accountant, 1336 N 6th 
Bampton J. W., clerk, 206 S Del av, h 1336 

Bampton Sarah, widow George, 1336 N 6th 
Ban George, butcher, Lancaster av n Droveyard 
Ban William L., carpenter, 950 N 12th 
Banan C. R., salesman, bds Merchant's hotel 
Banan William R., carpenter, 942 AVarnock 
Banard Alexander, waiter, r 10 Mintzer 
Banarreo Guitano, tavern, 823 Carpenter 
Banco Sopha, widow Julius, cakes, 706 S 5th 
Banckart James, gent, 1112 Pine 
Bancker Charles N., Pres. Franklin Ins. Co., 435 

and 437 Chestnut, h 437 Chestnut 
Bancker Jacob, painter, Dauphin bel Front 
Bancker John H., musician, 1 Greenville pi 
Bancker J. W., saloon, 811 Walnut, h Arch 
Bancker L. W., salesman, 309 2d, h 921 Moya- 

mensing av 
Bancker W., musician, 709 S Broad 
Banckert Charles, oysterman, 322 Trout 
Bancroft Addison, book agent, 602 Arch, h Fkd 
Bancroft and Brown (John Bancroft hf Abrahain 

Brown), coal dealers, 413 N 8th 
Bancroft Charles E., clerk, 14 N Delaware av, h 

815 S 4th 
Bancroft Daniel, captain, 815 S 4th 
Bancroft Daniel, clerk, 14 N Del. av, h 815 S 4th 
Bancroft George H., painter, 22 S 15th 
Bancroft G. K., superintendent, 609 Christian, h 

3d and Marriot's lane 
BANCROFT H. & CO. (U. Bancroft, R. S. Cald- 

well, W. McGonegal), importers of French 

and English fancy goods, 330 Market 
Bancroft H., mer. 330 Market, h 1131 Callowhill 
Bancroft James, clerk, 1131 Callowhill 
Bancroft John, coal dealer, 111 AValnut, 413 N 

8th, h 316 St John 
Bancroft John jr., coal dealer, 316 St John 
Bancroft John jr., engineer, 937 S 3d 
Bancroft John K., ladies' shoe cutter, 01 N 3d, 

h 511 Girard av 
BANCROFT LEAVIS & CO. (John Bancroft, Jo- 

scph S. Lewis, Joseph W. Bancroft), coal ship- 
pers, 111 AValnut, pier 10 Port Richmond 
Bancroft Mary F., widow Edward, 1723 Vine 
Bancroft Mary S., tailoress, 15 S 15th 
Bancroft M. & E., Misses, hosiery and gloves, 8 

N Sth 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 127 N 6th, h 15 S 15th 

Windovtr Shades and Curtain Goodsj Wholesale and Kctail| 




Bancroft Joseph W., coal shipper, 111 Walnut, h 

Ashland, Pa 
Bancroft Reuben, blacksmith, 20 Decatur, h Cam- 
Bancroft Samuel B., cutter, 518 Market, h 15 

S 15th 
Band Charles, gent. 1332 Germantown rd 
Band Charles, liquor dealer, N E 2d and Norris 
Band Charles, salesman, 530 Powell 
Band Fras. R., oyster packing, 333 S Front and 

332 S Water, bds Commercial Hotel 
Band Henry (c), porter, r 719 N 4th 
Band John, dealer, 1332 Frankford rd 
Band Michael, spooler, 1405 N 4th 
Bandes William, blacksmith, 418 Redwood 
Bandols Arthur H., manufacturer gilt mouldings, 

N W 3d and Callowhill, h 522 N^3d 
Bandry George, weaver, Lehman, Gtn 
Bane Barton, clerk, 2222 Hare 
Bane Henry, jeweler, 930 Cross 
Bane William, laborer, 74th or Island road below 

Delaware av 
Banel William, barber, 1125 Division 
Baner Benjamin, confectioner, 1210 Poplar 
Baner Bernice C, matron, nurse's home, 126 N 

Baner Catharine, Mrs. 5 Hock pi 
Baner Samuel, baker, 927 Hutchinson 
Baner William R., 27 N 6th, h 820 N 8th 
Banes Benjamin C, carpenter, 1010 Leithgow 
Banes Charles, blacksmith, Leaus av, Lagrange 
Banes Charles, clerk, Byberry 
Banes Charles H., salesman, 436 Market, h 948 

New Market 
Banes Hiram, salesman, 4 Market, h 242 Queen 
Banes Howard, storekeeper, Bustleton pike, Bus- 

Banes John M., druggist, 901 N 2d 
Banes -John M., druggist, 2123 Sharswood 
BANES JOSEPH M., farmer, Bustleton pike, 

Banes Lambert C, grocer, 302 Plum 
Banes Martha Mrs., widow, 716 Medina 
Banes Thomas, springmaker, 946 and h 948 New 

Banes Thomas, bone mill, Margaret n Cambridge, 

h N W Frankford and Allen 
Banes William, farmer, stall 24 Girard av market, 

h Montgomery county 
Banes William A., contractor, 1726 N 2d 
Banes Wilen & Co. {Thomas Banes, George Wi- 
le7t., William Baldwiii) , bone mill, Margaret n 
Baney Thomas, coflfee roaster, 1321 Moyamen- 

sing av 
Banf John, segar maker, 2128 market 
Banfield James T., morocco finisher, 9 Nolen's ct 
Banford Joseph, weaver, 1510 Palethorp 
Banford Samuel, machinist, Doak n Fitzwater 
Banford William, laborer, 516 S 22d 
Banford William, painter, Del av bel 73d 
Banger Samuel, machinist, York n Amber 
Banger Sarah, widow Timothy, 2591 Madison 
Banger Timothy M., conductor, Dniipbin n Race 
Banger William, accountant, 1604 N 6th 
Banger William W., bookkeeper, 1604 N 6th 
Banggard John, painter, 525 N 3d 
Bangs James, carpenter, 1624 Becket 
Bangs John W., tailor, 415 Cnnton 
Bangs & Maxwell {William P. Bangs, E. Max- 
well), drygoods com. merchants, 123 Chestnut 
Bangs William, tanner, Pearl ab 23d 
Bangs William P., merchant, 123 Chestnut, h 

1323 Girard av 
Banholzer Paul, bookkeeper, 261 S 2d, h Pierce 

Banister Edward W., salesman, 317 N 2d 
Banister James, supt.. Rainbow E Trenton av 
Banister Joseph, stonecutter, 1027 Nectarine 
Bank Alexander, carpenter, 1014 Rodman 
Bank August, lockmaker, 2 Upsher av 

Banker William, 158 Richmond 
Bankert George, buteher, Warren n N 40th 
Bankhead Robert, weaver, N Front n Dauphin 
Bankhead Thomas, weaver, 1527 N 2d 
Bankhead Thomas, carpet weaver, 110 Otter 
Banks Andrew, captain, 109 Senate 
Banks A. 0. D., paints, 307 New 
Banks Charles, machinist, 2037 Wood 
Banks Charles (c), laborer, 237 Currant al 
Banks Charles C, clerk, 853 N 16th 
Banks David, cooper, 150 Race 
Ranks Edward, shoemaker, r 634 South 
Banks Edward, restaurant, N E 10th & Race 
Banks Elizabeth, washer, 1128 Rodman 
Banks George W., clerk, 134 N 12th 
Banks Henry 0. D., wholesale druggist, S W Cal- 
lowhill & 4th, h 307 New 
Banks Isaac, salesman, 1323 Rodman 
Banks James, stonecutter, 1640 Lombard 
BANKS JAMES 0. H., engraver, 804 Chestnut, 

h 1319 Melon 
Banks John B., currier, 1401 N 4th 
Banks Mary, widow Wilson, S W 23d & McCor- 

mick's av 
Banks Rachel (c), widow William, 1335 Pearl 
Banks Robert M., clerk, 480 Dillwyn 
Banks Thomas (c), oysterman. 0, 8, & 10 S Slh, 

h 1128 Rodman 
Banks William, plasterer, 1323 Rodman 
Banks William 11., bricklayer, 1323 Rodman 
Banks William P., carriageaiaker, 907 Po).lar 
Bankson J. P., flour and grain, 246 N Del av <fc 
241 N Water, h Cheltenham Station, N P R R 
Bankson Lloyd, gentleman, 1621 N 12th 
Bankworth John, saddler, 1203 Spring Garden 
Bankworth Samuel, jeweler, 1203 Spring Garden 
Bannan John, laborer, 17th n Christian 
Bannan John, oil cloth printer, 1926 Earp 
Bannan John J., carpenter, 2140 Harmstead 
Bannan Michael, printer, 2319 Naudain 
Bannan Patrick, victualler, r 1730 Olive 
Bannan Simon, carpenter, 2319 Naudain 
Bannan Simon jr, stonecutter, 2319 Naudain 
Bannantyne Robert, gent., 523 S Juniper 
Bannen Albert, britannia worker, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen Harriet, millinery, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen John, carpenter, 1243 N 10th 
Bannen Joseph, brushmaker, 2105 Jefferson 
Bannen Paul, carpenter, 2105 Jefferson 
Banner Mr., 1420 Carlton 

Banner Andrew, morrocco dresser, r 491 St John 
Banner George W., iron catcher, r 971 Beach 
Banner James, cooper, 513 Commerce, h 638 Fil- 
Banner Joseph, blacksmith, r 971 Beach 
Banner of the Covenant, John M. AVilson, 111 

S 10th 
Banner of the Cross, H. Hooker, 100 S 8th 
Banners & Smith {Gnstavus B'l.nners, George W. 

Sinitli), marble yard, 1310 Girard av 
Bannigan Alice, umbrellamaker, 331 South 
Bannin Ellen Mrs., 1510 Parrish 
Bannin James, tanner, 26th st av 
Bannister David, ))lacksmith, Sepviva n Dauphin 
Bannister Frederick, maauf. woollen goods, 1010 

Fattcn's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Bannister Joseph, marble worker, S W 9th & 

Coates, h 1027 Nectarine 
Bannister J., foreman, 707 Thompson 
Bannister Keiszer, brewer, N W 25th & Poplar 
Bannister Wm., loom manager, Leiper bel Sellers 
Bannon Bartly, coat manuf., Cresson., Myk 
Bannon Edward, boiler maker, 232 Jarris 
Bannon Michael, hatter, r 491 St John 
Bannon Michael, tailor, Belgrade n Somerset 
Bannon Peter, bookbinder, r 491 St John 
Bannon Patrick, driver, 913 S 11th 
Bannon Peter, oysterman, 1241 Shippen 
Bansell Charles, jeweler, 240 Crown 
Banson Agnes, dealer, 25 sec 5 Jefferson Market, 

11th n Fitzwater 
Banton Eliza, washer, 428 Gaskill 
Banton James, laborer, N W Howard & Master 
Banton John, laborer, 1504 Howard 
Bantz Jacob, segarmaker, 1082 G-ermantown av 
Bantz Lewis, driver, Germantown av opp Norris 
Banzak Adolph, brewer, 727 St John 
Baoar Frederick, expressman, 1912 Wilcox 
Bapp John, butcher, 957 Alder opp Poplar 
Baptist Eugene (c), cabinetmr., 222 Prosperous al 
Baquet Camille A., clerk, 21 Strawberry, h Bur- 
lington, N J 
Baquin Jacob, butcher, 234 S 5th 
Baragy John, candy shop, 5 Rose al 
Barand William, laborer, Darby rd bel 42d 
Barands John, provision dealer, 1147 S 10th 
Baratet Maria Mrs. 1202 Locust 
Baratet Prosper, druggist, 1202 Locust 
Barbaro Julia, widow John, 2 Donnelly's ct 
Barbart Michael, shoemaker, 302 N 12th 
Barbazette Sophia, widow, 234 Washington av 
Barbe Amanda, trimmings, 135 N 8th 
Barbelen Felix Rev., Willing' s al n S 4th 
Barber Abraham, laborer. Orthodox n Jefferson 
Barber Allen A., clerk, 140 Chestnut, h 654 N 10th 
Barber Ann A., widow John W., 706 St John 
Barber Anthony, druggist, 307 Buttonwood 
BARBER BURTIS, housepainter, 640 N 18th, h 

1814 Bellevue 
Barber Charles, stonecutter, Callowhill ab Broad, 
• h Coates bel 11th 
Barber E. S., 1509 Market 
Barber George C, gent., Fkd rd n Clearfield 
Barber Henry, weaver. Ridge av. Falls Schuylkill 
Barber Josiah, teamster, Elizabeth ab Unity 
Barber Harriet. 911 South 
Barber Isabella, widow James, 1629 Moravian 
Barber James, bricklayer, 36th ab Haverford 
Barber James, clock dealer, 140 Chestnut, h 654 

N 10th 
Barber James, tipstave, 932 Lombard 
Barber James S., clerk, 654 N 10th 
Barber Jane, widow John, 3 Spencer's et 
Barber John, blacksmith, 1005 Beach 
Barber John, cordvvainer, 1708 Wylie 
Barber John, packer, 1629 Moravian 
Barber John (c), carpenter, 710 Lebanon 
Barber Joseph, embosser, 2231 Virginia 
Barber Joseph, laborer, 24th n Walnut 
Barber Joseph, machinist. Bridge, Whitehall 
Barber Joseph, machinist, 1718 Callowhill 
Barber Josejih A. L., druggist, 1015 Wood 
Barber Mason, salesm., 1018 Market, h 711 N 23d 
Barber- Priscilla G., widow Isaac, 632 N 11th 
Barber Robert V., bricklayer, 1341 Marlborough 
Barber Samuel C, bricklayer, 865 N 16th 
Barber Thomas Ross, 1629 Moravian 
Barber T. M., salesman, 711 N 23d 
Barber William, eordwainer, 1332 Savery 
Barber William, optician, 110 S 8th, h 929 Mt 

Barber William W., livery stables, 2102 Summer 
Barbes Harry, clerk, 1020 Lombard 
Barbier George H., plasterer, 979 N 7th 
Barbier Maria, widow Stephen P., Swain ab 15th 
Barbier Nathan, music teacher, 310 Culvert 
Barbier Sarah E., calico-designer 720 N 9th 
Barbier Stephen P., painter, Swain ab 15th 
Barbot Alphonse, U. S. Navy, 725 N 17th 
Barbour C. P., ladies' shoes, 927 Ridgo av 
Barbour James, blacksmith, 1012 Master 
Barbour Martha, widow James, 1612 Master 
Barbour Stephen M., salesman, 929 Ridge av 
Barckley Alexander, stovemounter, S W Dauphin 

&N 6th 
Barclay Andrew C, gentleman, 1135 Arch 
Barclay Charles A., merchant, 1135 Arch 
Barclay Clement B., 1834 Delancey pi 
Barclay C. F., 1505 Locust 
Barclay & Co., publishers, 1 S 6th 
Barclay David, driver, 3 Fairbank pi 
Barclay Eliza, dressmaker, 313 Dean 
Barclay Elizabeth, widow James, 2002 Sansom 
Barclay Enos, morehant, 1336 N 7th 
Barclay Erastus Elmer, publisher, 1 S 6th, h 45 

N 10th 
Barclay Felix, laborer, 1302 N 10th 
Barclay George, paver, 249 N 16th 
Barclay George, jr., bellhanger, 249 N 16th 
Barclay James, stonecutter, 1023 Dorrance 
Barclay James J., gent. 219 S 6th, h 719 Spruce 
Barclay James M., coal dealer, 1330 S 10th 
Barclay John K. merchant, 127 N Water & 134 

N Delaware av, h 1135 Arch 
Barclay John K., gentleman, 1131 Mt Vernon 
Barclay John A., 116 S 18th 
Barclay Joseph 0., captain, 115 Congress 
Barclay Margaret, housekeeper, 301 Callowhill 
Barclay Martha A., widow John, 615 Callowhill 
Barclay Mary, widow Henry, 313 Dean 
Barclay Peter, harnessmaker, 1404 Coates 
Barclay Robert, eordwainer, Palmer ab Richmond 
Barclay Robert (c) , painter, 705 Mintzer 
Barclay R R & Coal Co., 154 S 4th 
Barclay Sophia (c), dressmaker, 705 Mintzer 
Barclay AYilliam, bookbinder, 336 Coates 
Barclay William C, paintmr. St John n Green, 

h 725 Plover 
Barclay William K., gentleman, 1135 Arch 
BARCROFT & CO. (Stacy B. Barcroft, Wetheri.ll 

Lee, Thomas S. Foster 6,- Matthew P. Mc- 

Eiven), dry goods, 405 & 407 Market 
Barcroft John, 635 Spruce 
Barcroft Stacy B. merchant, 405 & 407 Market, 

h 1803 Vine 
Barcus John, police, 2301 Brown, h 2038 Carlton 
Barcus Stephen, carpenter, 730 Shirley 
Barcus Stephen, jr., pilot, 2042 Reeves 
Barcus Willard, police, r 423 Christian 
Bard Allen, carpenter, 1616 N 13th 
Bard James, carpenter, 806 Buttonwood 
Bard James, laborer, 733 St Mary 
Bard Thomas, carpenter, 964 Alder 
Bardall Catharine, tailoress, 1310 Callowhill 
Barden Catharine, widow, 1406 Warnock 
Barden Patrick, driver, Gtn rd N Norris 
Bardenwerper Otto, clerk, 425 Chestnut, h 859 

N 8th 
Bardier Jackson, plasterer, 950 Warnock 
Bardin William, clerk, 1526 S 4th 
Bardon Bridget, wid Nicholas, dealer, 609 S 7th 
Bardon David, plumber, 609 S 7th 
Bardsley B., stoves, 2110 Lombard 
Bardsley James, bookstand, 2 Sidmouth 
Bardsley John, machine works, 2134 Lombard 
Bardsley John, painter, Gtn av ab Johnson 

Gilt CorniceS) Bandsj Gimps, TasscIS) Fringes, nnd Cuvtaiii Goods} 




Bardsley John, picture frames, 206 Arch. 
Bardsley William, moulder, Callowhill 
Bardsley William, engineer, 1262 Nagle 
Bare Adam S., clerk, 513 and h 1025 Market 
Bare Elias, Bulls' Head hotel, 1025 Market 
Bare John, bartender, 1044 Market 
Bareford Wilson, painter, 1114 Poplar 
Baregin Ann, vestmaker, 2008 Carlton 
Baregin Robert, laborer, 2008 Carlton 
Baretad S. A., mechanical dentist, 528 Arch, h 

Gloucester, N J 
Baretz Isaac, baker, N E Poplar & Charlotte 
Barford Joseph, moulder, Aclam E Carrol 
Barford Samuel, gentleman, llo2 Olive 
Bargan Patrick, laborer, 723 West 
Barger Ann, widow, Charles, washer, Fkd av n 

Barger Benjamin, cardriver, Cth S of Susque- 
hanna av 
Barger Benjamin F., morocco dresser, 330 Brown 
Barger Charles A., carpenter, 1250 Nagle 
Barger Dorothy, widow Jacob, Norrris n Julip 
Barger Eliza, stall 75 Callowhill st market 
Barger George, constable, 723 N 4th 
Barger George, parchment, 1425 N 5th 
Barger George C, parehmentmaker, S W Char- 
lotte & Canal 
Barger Henry, briekmaker, Washington av n 

Gray's Ferry rd 
Barger John, briekmaker, 716 N 4th 
Barger John, laborer, r 1212 Vienna 
Barger Martha, widow Abraham, 1232 Mervine 
Barger Samuel R., trunkmaker, 819 Buttonwood 
Barger Thomas J., attorney at law, 242 S 8th, h 

1209 S 5th 
Barger William, lab. U S Arsenal, Grays' F rd 
Barger William, painter, 1103 Race, h 1014 

Barger William, seaman, 6th'S Susquehanna av 
Barger William, shoemaker, 716 N 4th 
Barger William, shoemaker, 411 Culvert 
Barger William H., secretary, 230 S 3d, h 1014 

Barger William S., jeweler, 319 Emmet 
Bargh William, com. mer. 30 S 6th, h Media 
Baring John, tailor, 607 Wall 
Barkalow William V. mer. 235 Chestnut, h 1332 

Barker Almira Mrs., trimmings, 403 Richmond 
BARKER BROS. & CO. (Abraham Barker), 

Stock Exchange brokers, 28 S 3d 
Barker Charles, granite, 120 S 22d, h Johnston 

n S 21st 
Barker Charles, plumber. Baker's ct 
Barker Charles A., clerk, Johnson n S 21st 
Barker C. H., sub-mar operator, 1025 Shack'xn 
Barker Chas. N., harnessmaker, 914 N 11th 
Barker Daniel, drover, 2515 Pine 
Barker Edward, dyer, Riley, Rox 
Barker Edward, twister, 1303 N 4th 
Barker George, trucker, 1st ward 
Barker George T. dentist, 1111 Arch, h 911 Arch 
Barker James, lab. 1525 Cadwalader 
Barker James, plasterer, 825 Christian 
Barker Jas., shoe-cutter, 932 Marshall 
Barker Jesse, M.D. 227 N 11th 
Barker John, collector, Richmond op_Ball 
Barker John, machinist, 418 Gerker 
Barker John, milk, 927 N 7th 
Barker John, milkman, Loghouse la n Ridge av 
Barker John, printer, 1525 Cadwalader 
Barker John, teacher music, 730 Shippen 
Barker Mary, r 1317 Heath 
Barker Mary, grocery, 1222 S 7th 
Barker May Ann, wid Hugh, 1525 Cadwalader 

Barker M. M., lumber mer. 403 Richmond 
Barker Peter, boot & shoe mr. 933 S 9th 
Barker Peter, harnessmr. 914 N 11th 
Barker Richard, accountant, 633 Catharine 
Barker Robert, salesman, 621 Market 
Barker Samuel, carter, 1431 Cadwalader 
Barker Sarah, wid Thomas, Watkin E S 6th 
Barker Thomas, hotel. Ridge av. Falls Sch 
Barker Theodore, seaman, 932 Marshall 
Barker Thomas, druggist, 1025 Shackamaxon 
Barker Thomas, silversmith, 2 Butler's pi 
Barker Thomas, trucker, 1st ward 
Barker William, carpenter, Howard bel Putnam 
Barker William, farmer, Loghouse la Ridge av 
Barker William, flour & feed, 1727 Frankford av 
Barker William, lab. Federal n Gray's Ferry rd 
Barker William P., clerk, 914 N 11th 
Barkley John A., builder, 2117 Mt Vernon 
Barkley William H., carp. Norris cor Hancock 
Barkman Frederick, tailor, r 804 S 6th 
Barlement Philip, tailor, 634 N 2nd 
Barlet Tobias, moulder. Meadow n Willow 
Barlets Frederick, rigger, 107 Hazel 
Barlett Mary, wid Thomas, 942 Otsego 
Barley James W., painter, r 228 Christian 
Barley John, shoe mr. 11 Beck 
Barley William, shop, 842 Swanson 
Barlow Ashton, grocer, 1601 Walters 
Barlow Charles E., shipjoiner, 1506 Hewson 
Barlow C. Y., accountant, 308 New 
Barlow Edward, family medicine of&ce, 813 Earl 
Barlow Edward M., bk note printer, 720 S 4th 
Barlow George, pocketbook mr. 318 Chestnut, 

h 928 Cherry 
Barlow Hannah, wid James, r 912 S 6th 
Barlow H. N., artist, N 7th n Diamond 
Barlow James, victualler, 733 Ringgold 
Barlow John, brewer, N W side 23rd, ab Sp G 
Barlow John, laborer, Edward n Buan 
Barlow John, weaver, Bodine bel Columbia 
Barlow Thomas, shoemaker, 1218 Passyunk rd 
Barlow Thomas, tavern, 235 Thompson 
Barlow Thomas C, mariner, Zeigler's ct 
Barlow Thomas A., plasterer, 1332 S 5th 
Barlow William M., bookkeeper, 37 S 3d 
Barn Henry, dealer, 206 George 
Barn James, laborer, Wharton ab 15th 
Barn John, driver, 2134 Harmstead 
Barn Patrick, hostler, 2136 Harmstead 
Barnard A. C, shipping agt. 1340 Columbia av 
Barnard Edmund, boxmaker, 639 N Broad, h 508 

N 11th 
Barnard George W., bookkeeper, 868 N 8th 
Barnard James, tailor, 317 Richmond 
Barnard John, instructor of bookkeeping, 54 N 

8th, h 1313 Horstman 
Barnard John, undertaker, 404 S 5th 
Barnard & Jones {Robert W. Barnard &f William 

H. Jones), printers, 510 Minor 
Barnard Reuben F., clerk, 344 N 3d, h 1340 Co- 
lumbia av ' 
Barnard Richard C, lumber dealer, 619 Beach, h 

723 N 7th 
Barnard Robert W., printer, 510 Minor, h 227 

Barnard William, assistant, 54 N 8th, h 1313 

Barnard William, carpenter, 4 Lane's ct 
Barnard William B., clerk, Somerset ab Salmon 
Barnard William C, printer, 306 Christian 
I'arndollar William S., printer, 908 Coates 
Barndt Henry, 615 Girard av 
Barnecut James, tailor, Carroll n York 
Earned Absalom, clerk, 911 N 11th 
Barnes Abner L., shoemaker, 1231 Hibberd 

Patten's, C30 Chestnut Street. 




Barnes Abraham, lime, 1200 Cadwalader, h 1225 

Barnes Adolphus, laborer, Tioga" ab N 20tli 
Barnes Albert, carpenter, 220 Wharton 
Barnes Albert, letter carrier, 1519 Lawrence 
Barnes Albert Rey., 255 S 8th & Walnut ab 42d 
Barnes Albert H., 223 S 17th 
Barnes Alfred, grocer, 744 Swanson 
Barnes Alonzo C, watchmaker, 221 Concord 
Barnes Alonzo M., M.D., Rising Sun 
Barnes Andrew, tavern, 1109 N 2d 
Barnes Annie Mrs., 1917 Plymouth 
Barnes Anthony, sawmaker, 1235 Cadwalader 
Barnes A. H., flour dealer, 77 & 79 h 83 Laurel 
Barnes Catharine, widow, nurse, 807 Buttonwood 
Barnes Charles, carpenter, 807 Knox 
Barnes Charles, printer, 869 N 5th 
Barnes Charles, sailmaker, 138 S Del av, h 5 EI- 

dridge's pi * 

Barnes Charles, weaver, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Barnes Daniel, cooper, 105 Keefe 
Barnes Daniel, shoemaker, 155 Coates 
Barnes Daniel F., mer. 503 Market, h 628 Arch 
Barnes David, painter, Carrol n York 
Barnes Edmund, shipsmith, 5 Ton al, h 132 

Beck's pi 
Barnes Ezra R., salesman, 503 Market, bds Ameri- 
can Hotel 
Barnes Francis, waterman, 15 Reed 
Barnes George, 6 Hassinger av 
Barnes George, police officer, 217 Greenwich 
Barnes George, loom boss, Orr bel Wylie 
Barnes George, mariner, 38 Washington av 
Barnes George, stall 49 Callowhill St Market 
Barnes George P., sailmaker, S W c Spruce & Del 

av, h 15 Reed 
Barnes George H., merchant, 503 Market, bds 

Barnes George W., hardware, 1120 S 2d 
Barnes George W., painter, 921 Lawrence 
Barnes Hannah, widow James, 111 Queen 
Barnes Harvey, waterman, Susanna n Richmond 
Barnes Henry, bookbinder, 1826 Rhoads 
Barnes Henry M., clerk, 105 S 4th, h 805 Parrish 
Barnes Hugh, drayman, 1412 Lancaster 
Barnes H., trimmings, 232 N 8th, h 12th & Lam- 
Barnes Isaac N., grocer, S W Green & 10th, h N 

W Coates & Franklin 
Barnes Jacob, bricklayer, 1808 Barker 
Barnes Jacob, carpenter, 1320 Brown 
Barnes James, grocer, 706 Plover 
Barnes James, paper box maker, 808 Auburn 
Barnes James, silversmith, 1237 Potts 
Barnes James, woollen manuf. Bringhurst, Gtn 
Barnes James L., clerk, 839 Chestnut, h 1910 

Barnes James M., watchcasemaker, 4 Ellet's av 
Barnes James N., atty. at law, 121 S 7th 
Barnes Jane, widow John, 708 Guilford 
Barnes John, 1122 Chestnut 
Barnes John, carpenter, 220 Wharton 
Barnes John, clerk, 28 Bank, h 1119 Cherry 
Barnes John, clerk, 4 N 13th 
Barnes John, engineer, 2415 Pine 
Barnes John, engineer, 1240 Wheat 
Barnes John, huckster. Wood n Oak, Myk 
Barnes John, silversmith, 4 Eldridges pi 
Barnes John (c) , laborer, 1 Shotwell av 
Barnes John A., bookbinder, 612 Noble 
Barnes John H., clerk, 139 S 4th, h 507 N 6th 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, Beach n York 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 1723 Moravian 
Barnes Joseph, carpenter, 708 Guilford 
Barnes Joseph, confectioner, 1234 Poplar 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut g 

Barnes Joseph, plasterer, 836 Knox 
Barnes Joseph, sparmaker, 1319 Juniata 
Barnes Joseph, weaver, Sepviva n Otis 
Barnes Joseph S., boatbuilder, 51 Prime 
Barnes Louisa A., dressmaker, 1917 Plymouth 
Barnes Louisa A., widow Wm B., Walnut n 36th 
Barnes Maria J. Mrs., 636 Tasker 
Barnes Mary, dressmaker, 1917 Plymouth 
Barnes Mary, widow James, Pearl ab 23rd 
Barnes Mary Ann, widow John, dry goods, 802 

Barnes Merrick, paper-boxes, Rising Sun Village 
BARNES OLIVER W., civil engineer, 4 Penna 

R R building. S W cor 3d & Willjng's al, h 

1608 Locust 
Barnes, Osterhout & Co. {George H. Barnes, 

William Osterhout ^ Daviiel F. Barnes) , ■tats, 

caps, furs, &e., 503 Market 
Barnes Reading B, paper hanger, r 949 Charlotte 
Barnes Reading B., wheelwright, 725 Jefferson 
Barnes Rebecca, huckster, 929 Rodman 
Barnes Robert, carpenter, Lorain pi 
Barnes Robert, tavern, 23 Reed 
BARNES RUFUS L., map publisher, 27 S 6th, h 

1008 Cherry 
Barnes Samuel, hatter, 1826 Rhoads 
Barnes Samuel, printer, 220 Wharton 
Barnes Samuel, warden, Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Barnes Samuel, soapmaker, 808 Auburn 
Barnes Sanford L., blacksmith, Otis W of Tren- 
ton av 
Barnes Spencer, carman, 36 Norfolk 
Barnes Theodore L., merchant, 35 S 3d 
Barnes Thomas, blacksmith, N W Laurel & New 

Barnes Thomas, dealer, r 1405 Race 
Barnes Thomas, laborer, 1313 V/heat 
Barnes Thomas T., grocer, 1830 N Front 
Barnes Thornton, mer., 115 Arch, h 1909 Vine 
Barnes William, mason, Rittenhouse & Green, 

Barnes William, driver. Front & Oxford 
Barnes William, paper-boxes, 63 N 8th, h 808 

Barnes William, paper factory, 106 Albion 
Barnes William H ., paperhanger, 828, h 802 

Barnes William H., printer. Parson pi 
Barnes William H., publisher, 37 N3rd, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Barnes William H. P., paperhanger, 828 h 802 

Barnes Willis, 1608 Locust 
Barnet Elias, liq. salesman, r 153 N 2d 
Barnet Ellen W., gentlewoman, 1208 Mt Vernon 
Barnet George, gentleman, 616 S 10th 
Barnet Levi, blacksmith, 2151 N 6th 
Barnet Leevina, tailoress, 2151 N 6th 
Barnett Daniel P., manufacturer hose, 112 N 6th, 

h 2236 Callowhill 
Barnett Elias, salesman, 48 N Front, h 153 N 2d 
Barnett George, sawfiler, 1439 Franklin 
Barnett Hannah, dry goods, 2236 Callowhill 
Barnett Henry R., laborer, 1316 Rye 
Barnett James, butcher, 1634 S 2d 
Barnett James, butch., 22 sec 1 Wharton market 
Barnett James, packer, 2 Bananna 
Barnett & Jenkins {Daniel P. Barnett ^ George 

A. Jenkins), manufacturers of fire and garden 

hose, 112 N 6th 
Barnett John, miller, Lancr av ab toll gate 
Barnett John, tallow manufacturer, 30 Richmond, 

h N E Otis & Amber 
Barnett Joseph, dry goods, 1132 Pine 
Barnett Joseph, shipcarpenter, 468 Allen 
treet» Window Sliadcst 




Barnett Mary, -widow Jacob, 142 Carpenter 
Barnett Mary, widow Kobert, r 433 Monroe 
Barnett Moses, engineer, 214 Jarvis 
Barnett Place, paperhanger, 142 carpenter 
Barnett Robert, compositor, 333 Carpenter 
Barnett Robert, liq. dealer, N W Carpenter & 

Barnett Thomas, starch manufact., 9th & Reed, 

h S E 10th & Reed 
Barnett Thomas C, painter, 410 S Front 
Barnett Thomas R., edgetool maker, 1735 N 4th 
Barnett Tobias, barten., 1401, h 1407 Vine 
Barnett William, carpenter, r 1908 Cuthbert 
Barnett William, morocco fihisher, 1336 Howard 
Barnett William, sawmaker, 1439 Perth 
Barnett William P., trunkmaker, 148 N 4th 
Barnette Ann Jane, wid of John, tavern, Rainbow 

k Trenton av 
Barnette Robert, weaver. Rainbow & Trenton av 
BARNEY BROTHERS (5. G. Barney 4- W. J. 

Barney), commission, 126 Walnut 
Barney B. Griffin, commission, 126 Walnut, h 

Lexington. W P 
Barney David, machinist, bds Nelson's hotel 
Barney John, clerk. 244 Market 
Barney John J., shoemaker, n Byberry 
Barney William J., commission, 126 Walnut, h 

Lexington, WP 
Barngottle Barbara, washer. Mt Pleasant n 28th 
Barnhold George, drover, 1820 Thompson 
Barnholk William, machinist, 213 Madison 
Barnholt Frederick, brickmaker, 732 Byard 
Barnholt George, butcher, Sharswood ab 20th 
Barnholt Jacob, butcher, 833 Dickerson 
Barnholt John P., victualler, Farmers' Market, 

h 1016 Parrish 
Barnholt Philip, victualler, 1016 Parrish 
Barnholt William, victualler, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnholt William, jr., moulder, 1020 Hamilton 
Barnhurst John, laborer, 20th n Columbia av 
Barnhurst Joseph, jr., japanner, 1736 Francis 
Barnhurst Precilla, wid of Joseph, 1749 Francis 
Barnitt Ebenezer, paperhanger, 317 Emmet 
Barns Charles J., restaurant, 505 Jane 
Barns Christopher, cutler, 109 Frankford av 
Barns Henry M., clerk, 105 S4th, h 805 Parrish 
Barns James, coachtrimmer, 640 Wharton 
Barns James, captain, 209 Carpenter 
Barns John, tanner, 453 Richmond 
Barns Joseph, porter, 418 Race 
Barns Sarah, washer. 522 Gilles al 
Barns William, file^-inder, 1520 Otis 
Barns William, laborer, r 418 Monroe 
Barns William W., printer, 310 Carpenter 
Barns William W., real estate agent, 766 S 9th 
Barnwell James G., prin. gram, school, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Mary A., Mrs., milliner, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Richard, bootmaker, 162 Brown 
Barnwell Robert, compositor, 1148 Leon 
Barnwell Robert, straw bonnet maker, 13 N 10th 
Barnwell Robert G., teacher house of refuge, 23d 

k Parri.^h 
Baroux Charles T , salesman, 423 Market, h 34 

N 6th 
Baroux James, segarmaker, 317 Richmond 
Baroux James R., clerk, 34 N 6th 
Baroux John F., printer, 34 N 0th 
Baroux Nathaniel T., com. of markets, 34 N 6th 
Baroux W Henry, printer, 34 N 6th 
Barr Alexander, plasterer, 331 N 21st 
Barr Alexander, stonemason, 1324 Bedford 
Barr Andrew, mason. Robinson, Myk 
Barr Ann Mrs., widow, 1348 Pritchard 
Barr Benjamin, carpet weaver, Frankford av n 


Barr Charles, farmer, stall 314 Farmers' Market, 

h Delaware county 
Barr Cornelius, tavern, Passyunk rd bel Reed 
Barr Daniel, hotel, N E cor Swanson & Catharine 
Barr Daniel, twister. Rainbow n Trenton ay 
Barr Daniel J., weigher, 202 N Water 
Barr Edmund. U S arsenal, h 915 Federal 
Barr Emile, cabinetmaker. 320 Aberdeen 
Barr Fanny, wid of Hugh, r 427 Monroe 
Barr George, beamer. Rainbow n Trenton av 
Barr George W., carman, 1335 Hewson 
Barr George W., butcher, Westminister av n 

Lancaster av 
Barr Hannah, teacher pub. school, 1224 Haines 
Barr Henry, druggist, Nieetown 
Barr Henry, segarmaker, Leiper ab Church 
Barr Hugh, drayman, 1348 Pritchard 
Barr Hugh, hotel, 1136 S Front 
Barr Hugh, jr., grocer, 1200 S Front 
Barr Isaac, warper, Bedford n 19th 
Barr Jacob, police, 1218 Shackamason 
Barr Jacob R., liquor store, 844 S 2d 
Barr James, bookseller, 1105 Market 
Barr James, engineer, 140 Cottage 
Barr James, laborer, Robinson, Myk 
Barr James, mason, Robinson, Myk 
Barr James J., hotel, 108 S 6th 
Barr Jeremiah, shoemaker, r 833 Charlotte 
Barr John, bricklayer, 1114 Milton 
Barr John, bricklayer, 234 N 13th 
Barr John, buttonmaker, 736 N 22d 
Barr John, liquor, 408 S 21st 
Barr John, laborer, 2326 Vine 
Barr John, printer, 307 Emmet 
Barr John, weaver, 2113 Callowhill 
Barr John, jr., clerk, 113 Wharton 
Barr John H., hatter, 1212 Shackamaxon 
Barr Lloyd, farmer, stall 249 Farmers' Market, 

h Montgomery County 
Barr Maria, widow James, Main st, Myk 
Barr Mary, widow, 1331 Franklin 
Barr Mary, widow John, Gay n Wood, Myk 
Barr Mary Ann, Wood n Oak, Myk 
Barr Michael, liquors, 141 N 3d 
Barr Michael, shoemaker, 1348 Pritchard 
Barr Michael A., clerk, 141 N 3d 
Barr Nathaniel, bookbinder, 1105 Market 
Barr Peter, plasterer, 915 Federal 
Barr Philip, laborer, William n S 21st 
Barr Philip, Sydney n Federal 
Barr Robert, laborer, 1317 Kates 
Barr Robert, salesman, 904 Buttonwood 
Barr Robert, jr., grocer, 904 Buttonwood 
Barr Robert JG., carter, 7] 9 Holley 
Barr Robert J., grocer, 904 Buttonwood 
Barr Robert J., tavern, 202 N Water 
Barr Robert M., carpenter, 1515 Melloy 
Barr Samuel, salesman, 819 Arch 
Barr Samuel, salesman, 1105 Market 
Barr Samuel, Main st, Myk 
Barr Sarah, widow Samuel, 1739 South 
Barr Sarah A., widow William, 920 S 12th 
Barr Thomas, 1704 Market 
Barr Thomas, laborer, 1321 Hope 
Barr Thomas, morocco finisher, 437 St John 
Barr Thomas T., grocer, 115 Arch, h 827 Marshall 
Barr William, conductor, Carroll n Franldord rd 
Barr William, dyer, 1107 South 
Barr William, drayman, 721 .S 17th 
Barr William, laborer, r427 Monroe 
Barr William, laborer. Gay n Wood, Myk 
Barr William, laborer, 602 S 15th 
Barr AVilliam, laborer, 736 N 22d 
Barr William, laborer, 1826 Naudain 
Barr William, policeman. 607 Brooks 

Curtalnsi and Upholstery Goods, Wliolesale and Retail. 




Barr William, jr., laborer, 1826 Naudain 
Barr William, jr., buttonmaker, 736 IST 22d 
Barr William, J., U. S. Mint, 1115 Ridge av 
Barr William J., bookkeeper, 531 Market, h 1606 

Barr William W., Rev., 14- S 17tli 
Barra Thomas, dravman, 941 S 4th 
Barras Alfred N.. hotel, X W 10th & Xoble 
Barras, Headly & Hemphill {John B. Bnrras, 

Edward B. Headly & Oliver S. Hemphill), 

jewelers, 836 Chestnut 
Barras John B., jeweler, 836 Chestnut, h 1705 

Barras John M., dealer, 2332 Vine 
Barras Joseph, gilder, 530 I^ 10th 
Barratt James, prod. com. mer., 402 S Del av, 

h Main st, Gtn 
Barratt James, jr., merchant, 402 S Del av, h 

1313 Pine 
Barratt James &. Son [James ^ James Barratt, jr.) 

com. mers. 402 S Del ay 
Barratt John, laborer, r 2120 Market 
Barratt Patrick, laborer, 335 S Front 
Barratt Robert, sexton. 1426 Warnoek 
Barratt William, laborer, r 143 N 2d 
Barrell Louis, cork cutter, 819 St John 
Barrett Andrew, laborer, 1008 Rodman 
Barrett Anthony, laborer, 211 Current al 
Barrett Benjamin, clerk, Cumberland n Amber 
Barrett Charles, baker, 2020 Cambridge 
Barrett Charles B., accountant, 1704 Wallace 
Barrett Daniel, laborer, 25 Parham 
Barrett Edward, laborer. 1708 Carlton 
Barrett Edward D., bookkeeper, 33 S 3d, h 116 

Barrett Frederick, carpenter, 1526 Mervine 
Barrett F. V., embroidery, 964 N 2d 
Barrett Hannah, washer, 415 S 7th 
Barrett Henry, fileeutter, 1315 ISI" 5th 
Barrett Henry, farmer. Hart 1 ab Broad 
Barrett Hugh, boot and shoe manuf., 11 N 4th, h 

Barrett Isaac, blacksmith, N E 15tli & S Garden 
Barrett James, blindmaker, 2 Bowery pi 
Barrett James, brushmaker, 927 N 4th 
Barrett James, laborer, 710 Cullen 
Barret James, waiter, 410 Landis 
Barrett James R., carpenter, 1118 Parrish 
Barrett .James W., paperhanger, 927 N 4th 
Barrett Jane, widow John, 2 Richardson's ct 
Barrett John, carver, S W 2d & Dock, h 1704 

Barrett John, eordwainer, 314 Branch 
Barrett John, laborer, 6 Monmouth ct 
Barrett John, laborer, r Toronto n Melvale 
Barrett John, laborer, r 412 N Front 
Barrett John, tobacconist, 311 S 6th 
Barrett John, watchman, 306 Richmond 
Barrett John A. (e), barber, Lancaster avnX 40th 
Barrett John S., glassblower, 1412 Otis 
Barrett Joseph, brakesman, 1627 Helmuth 
Barrett Joseph, conveyancer. Mill, Gtn 
Barrett Joseph, mariner. 528 Thompson 
Barrett L. D., captain, 304 Gaskill 
Barrett Matthew, bricklayer, n N 47th 
Barrett Michael, laborer, 1708 Carlton 
Barrett Minta, 29 Gilles al 
Barrett Moses, 727 N 23d 
Barrett Mary K., 2044 Jones 
Barrett M. E., grocer, 1617 Market 
BARRETT NATHAX, Red Lion Hotel, 472 N 2d 
BARRETT, NEPHEWS & CO. (Natluin Barrett, 

Nathan 31. , Joseph H., ^ Edwin B. Heal, 4- 

Abi-aham C. Wood), dyeing, 47 N 8th 
Barrett Patrick, laborer, Southerland av n South 
Lace, ^luslin, Damask, Brocatelle, aud 

Barrett Patrick, laborer, Salmon ab Reading av 

Barrett Robert, shoemaker, 18 S 15th 
Barrett Rosanna, washer, 1202 X 19th 
Barrett Richard, laborer. Sorrel n Melvale 
Barrett Richard, laborer, 2 Crooked jA 
Barrett Samuel, produce, 472 X 2d 
Barrett S. H., bookbinder, 1704 Wallace 
Barrett Thomas, eordwainer, 1828 X Front 
Barrett Thomas, laborer, r 412 X Front 
Barrett Thomas H., gymnasium, 806 Market, h 

244 S 10th 
Barrett Timothy, laborer, r 1223 Savery 
Barrett William, bleacher. Unity bel Sellers 
Barrett William, dyer. Sellers ab Unity 
Barrett William, confectionerv, 533 Girard av 
Barrett William, clerk, 1313 X 5th 
Barrett William, clerk, 23 S Water, h W P 
Barrett William, eating stand, stalls 55 and 57 

Girard av market, h 533 Girard av 
Barrett William, laborer, r 412 X Front 
Barrett William, starch manuf. 1316 S lOtli 
Barrett William P., printer, 116 Brown 
Barrett W. J., bartender, 472 X 2d 
Barrill John, cooper, Xicetown 
Barrington Charles C, clerk, 230 Market 
Barrington Edward, publisher, 917 S 13th 
Barrington F., music teacher, X 40th n Market 
Barrington John, blacksmith, 933 Christian 
Barrington John, shoemaker, r 912 Hamilton 
Barrington Samuel, clerk. 249 X 6th 
Barrington Samuel, jr., clerk, S E Arch & 2d, h 

249 X 6th 
Barrington William, clerk, Perkiomen bel Wylie 
Barritt & Co. {William A. Barritt), auctioneers, 

916 Market 
Barritt William A., auctioneer, 916 Market, h 

714 X 19th 
Barron Archibald, restaurant, 432 X 2d 
Barron Emma L., teacher pub. school, 636 EUis 
Barron Edward, laborer, Salmon n Ann 
Barron George, 536 X 6th 
Barron Hiram, shoemaker, 636 Ellis 
Barron James, tailor, 1217 S 5th 
BARROX JAMES L., contractor, 123 S 5th, h 

Frankford av & Otis 
Barron John, laborer, 6 Forrest pi 
Barron John, weaver, McFadden's ct, Myk 
Barron John P., hosiery, 131 S Sth, h 327 S 13th 
Barron .Julius, cabinetmaker, 821 Earp 
Barron Michael, blacksmith, 970 Xew Market 
Barron Michael, carpenter, 636 Ellis 
Barron William, shopkeeper,*946 Otsego 
Barrott Samuel H. (e), hairdresser, 155 X 9th 
Barrow Joseph, eordwainer, 1141 South 
Barrows Arad, foundry, S Front e Reed, h 1209 

S Front 
Barrows James, weaver, Clinton, Gtn 
Barrows Jonathan, carter. Reed n S Front 
Barrows Lucius, boys' school, X E Chestnut & 

18th, h 1932 Lombard 
Barrows M. Helen, teach, pub. schl. 1819 Addison 
Barrows William, grocer, G T av bel R R Depot 
Barry Albert, plasterer, 1242 Hope 
"Barry Allen B., lastmaker 108 Vanhorn 
Barry Ann, boardingh. 236 Dean 
Barry C. S., agent, 715 Chestnut, h American h 
Barry Daniel, hostler, 328 X Front - 
Barry David, laborer, 1736 Carlton 
Barry David, laborer, G T av & Cottage 
Barry David, marine, 2 Bunyan pi 
Barry David, salesman, 316 Market, h 333 New 

Barry David A., lithographer, 702 Penn 
Barry David H., cedar cooper, 1101 Sites 
Barrj' Edward, helper, r 1510 Bodine 
Drapery Cnrtuinsa of every descriptloili 




Barry Edward, laborer, 1318 N 10th 

Barry Eliza, manuf. gun stocks, 1021 Melon 

Barry Elizabeth, widow Henry, 227 Greenwich 

Barry Hannah, 8 Osage av 

Barry Hannah, shoebinder, 516 S Juniper 

Barry Hannah, widow, 1327 Juniata 

Barry James, blacksmith, 1730 Carlton 

Barry James, laborer, 1736 Carlton 

Barry James, laborer, r 1936 Cuthbert 

Barry James, laborer, r 109 Federal 

Barry James, laborer, 318 N 17th 

Barry James, porter. Drinker's al 

Barry James, porter, 710 Mintzer 

Barry James, skins & wool, r 1432N'lth 

Barry James W., jeweler, 500 Lorian 

Barry Jared, laborer, 8 BelFs ct 

Barry Job R., agt. Mechanics' Own, 532 N 12th 

Barry John, brushmr. Marlborough bel Fkd av 

Barry John, buttonmr. Lancaster av, H Ville 

Barry John, chairmaker. New ab 2d 

Barry John, clerk, 1507 N 12th 

Barry John, clerk, 244 Market 

Barry John, drayman, 1325 Cadwalader 

Barry John, hatter, 333 Newmarket 

Barry John, laborer, 1736 Carlton 

Barry John, plasterer, 1433 Cadwalader 

Barry John, salesman, 244 Market 

Barry John, weaver, 1625 Philip 

Barry John L., kindling wood, 1402 Brown 

Barry John Q., lastmaker, h 108 Vanhorn 

BARRY JOSEPH B., conveyancer, 268 S 3d, h 

E Walnut la, Gtn 
Barry Lawrence, chairmaksr, 1023 Clare 
Barry Lawrence, laborer, 510 N 24th 
Barry Mark, watchman, S E South & Front 
Barry Mary, tailoress, 236 Dean 
Barry Michael, carpenter, 236 Dean 
Barry Michael, contractor, 1431 Warnock 
Barry Michael, cordwainer, 3 McCan's pi 
Barry Michael, harnessmaker, 1212 Cuthbert 
Barry Patrick, bookk. 312 Chestnut,h 1507 N 12th 
Barry Patrick, harnessmr. 12 Tammany ct 
Barry Peter, segars, 143 S 2d 
Barry Peter, watchmaker, 143 S 2d 
Barry Samuel, bookkeeper, 8 Shield's ct 
Barry Samuel, laborer, 12 Gatchel's pi 
Barry Samuel, laborer, 36th bel Haverford 
Barry Samuel S., car driver, 37th ab Elm 
Barry Thomas, kindling wood, 1021 Melon 
Barry Thomas, salesm. 212 Chestnut, h Front & 

Barry Timothy, carver, 333 New Market 
Barry Walter B., liquor dealer, 1455 N 10th 
Barry William, blacksmith, 330 N 16th 
Barry William, plasterer, 2d bel Chatham 
Barry William, tavern, 2d bel Chatham 
Barry William, laborer, S E Church & Tan 1 
Barry William, weaver, r 1412 Philip 
Barsentee Annie, widow Alfonzo, 224 Girard av 
Barsotti Francisco, -fig. plasterer, 920 Hutchinson 
Barstow Henry, 134 N 12th 
Barstow J. M., dentist, 127 N 11th 
Bart Charles, shoemaker, 235 Brown 
Bart John, bookkeeper, 493 N 3d 
Bart Louis, weaver, Philip ab Columbia 
Bart Morris, lab. 153 Coates 
Bart Philip, hatter, 467 Kern 
Bartalott George, mer. Ill N 3d, h 711 N 8th 
BARTALOTT &, BLYNN (George Bartalott S, 

J\Iickael BIyiiu), wholesale hat & cap manufs. 

Ill N 3d 
Bartel Philip, driver, Dauphin W Carroll 
Bartels Henry G., stoves, 495 N 4th 
Barten Clement, wireworker, 308 York av 
Barten Joseph, wireworker, 345 N 5th 

Barth Christian, tavern, 85 Penn 

Earth E. D., printer, 608 Peach 

Barth Edward M., grocer, 36th & Grape 

Barth G. M., machinist, 608 Belgrade 

Barth Gottleib M., blacksmith, 1214 Randolph, 

h 608 West 
Barth Jacob, weaver, 1816 Naudain 
Barth John, machinist, r 806 Burns 
Barth John, shoemaker, 133 N 2d 
Barth John W., jr., hat & bonnet block manuf. 

133 N 2d 
Barth John F., machinist, N W 9th & Melon, h 

529 N 3d 
Barth John G., lager beer saloon, 611 Callowhill 
Barth J. Daniel, tailor, 1738 Callowhill 
Barth Joseph, blockmaker, 133 N 2d 
Barth Nicholas J., bookbinding, 321 Chestnut, h 

Camden, N J 
Barth Philip, dealer, second-hand, 449 N Tenth 
Barth Susan W., 833 Catharine 
Barth William, carpenter, 1319 Randolph 
Barthart Michael, machinist, 1602 Wood 
Barthel Frank, barber, 510 Oxford 
Bartholde Frank, bootmaker, 115 Queen 
Bartholf John, shoemaker, 1020 Parrish 
Bartholomew A., clerk, 1424 Market, h 119 

N 15th 
Bartholemew Augustus, toll coll. 119 N 15th 
Bartholomew Catharine, widow Thomas, Osborn 

n Sansom 
Bartholomew Charles, butcher, 1232 N 19th 
Bartholomew Charles, silverplater, 919 Torrs 
Bartholomew Edward, clerk, 119 N 15th 
Bartholomew Eliza, S W. Ontario & Poplar 
Bartholomew Frederick, plaster, 1232 N 19th 
Bartholmew G. W., detective, r 225 N 4th 
Bartholmew Henry, brassturner, 1523 Jones 
Bartholomew Isaac, grocer, 1009 Moyamensing 

Bartholmew Jacob, real est. agt. 908 S 4th 
Bartholomew John, clerk, 48 N 3d, h 910 S 4th 
Bartholomew Joseph, hotel, 1232 N 19th 
Bartholomew Matthew, stockingweaver, 2d N 

Bartholomew Margaret, huckster, r 923 Callow- 
Bartholomew Peter, plasterer, 1232 N 19th 
Bartholomew Robert, carman, 1120 Hope 
Bartholmew Thomas, police, r 225 N 4th 
Barthran George, brassfounder, 437 N 4th 
Barticut Joseph, pedlar. Miller bel Wister 
Bartine David W. Rev., 1003 Green 
Bartine Richard S., jeweler, 996 Marshall 
Bartle Andrew, wool sorter, 635 Marshall 
Bartle Charles, machinist, 635 Marshall 
Bartle Frederick, furniture cars, 420 Moyer 
Bartle Edwin H., oak cooper, 1314 Coates 
Bartle George, Germantown av ab Mt Pleasant 
Bartle George, printer, 451 N 8th 
Bartle George H., moulder, A ab 22d 
Bartle Henry, cordwainer, A ab 22d 
Bartle Henry, watchman, 829 Burns 
Bartle Jacob, oak cooper, 1314 Coates 
Bartle John, sparmakor, 1018 Crease 
Bartle Joseph D., coppersmith, 1255 Mervine 
Bartle Levi, oak cooper, 1314 Coates 
Bartle William, laborer, 1533 Hancock 
Bartle William T., ma.stmaker, 1032 Columbia av 
Bartleson Benjamin H., stencil cutter, 205 Cal- 
lowhill, h 1302 S 4th 
Bartleson Elizabeth, wid. Samuel, b h 425 Spruce 
Bartleson James, dentist, 416 N 10th 
Bartleson John, hotel, 743 S Front 
Bartleson Lewis, carpenter, 1935 Hamilton 
Bartlett Alfred, storekeeper, Main, Holmesburg 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Bartlett Ann M., dealer, stands 284 CallowMll st 

Market, h 346 Crown 
Bartlett Caroline, teach., 327 Washington av 
Bartlett Edward M., clerk, h 339 AVashington av 
Bartlett Frederick, bones, Belgrade n Norris 
Bartlett George W., carman, 346 Crowu 
Bartlett H. A., mer. 109 N Front, h e 33d & Elm 
Bartlett Henry M., jeweler, 337 Washington 
Bartlett Jaines, mariner, 704 S Front 
Bartlett Job B., merchant, 13th & Filbert, h 1115 

Bartlett John, confectioner. Main, Hbg 
Bartlett Joseph, captain, 5 Courtland pi 
Bartlett Joseph, heaters and rangers, 1116 Cal- 
Bartlett Joseph, morocco dresser, 1126 Marlbo- 
Bartlett Joseph G., captain, 828 Race 
Bartlett Margaret, widow James, 1412 S 7th 
Bartlett Mary, widow John, china, 209 Green 
Bartlett & Mason {S/isau Bartlett &j- Sarah Ma- 
son), trimmings, 615 Spring Garden 
Bartlett Matilda, gentw. 923 Spruce 
Bartlett Robert, blacksmith, 428 Culvert 
Bartlett Susan, trimmings, 615 Spring Garden 
Bartlett William, farmer, Sandy hill, 23d ward 
Bartlett William, tailor, 1155 S 11th 
Bartlett William G., com. mer., 10 Courtlandt pi 
Bartlett & Reynolds {Job B. Bartlett ^ Jesse R. 
'Reynolds) , heaters and rangers, N W 13th & 
Bartlette James, waterman, 429 S 4th 
Bartley George, engineer, Thompson ab 32d 
Bartley Henry, grocer, N E Lombard & 26th 
Bartley James, weaver, Smith's ct 
Bartley Jane, weaver, Smith's ct 
Bartley Jane, widow William, 227 N 16th 
Bartley John, broker, 646 South 
Bartley John, drover, 2615 Pine 
Bartley Margaret, widow William, Smith's ct 
Bartley Martha, weaver. Smith's ct 
Bartley Mary, 318 Bradford 
Bartley Samuel, machinist, 2144 Green 
Bartley William, carpenter, 1625 Carver 
Bartley William, carter. Smith's ct 
Bartley William, laborer, Kershaw av, HVille 
Bartling Henry, sawmill, 142 Dock, h 211 Gaskill 
Bartling & Schutte (^Bartling l^ Schutte), saw 

mill, 142 Dock 
Bartman Eliza P., widow Jacob, 1220 Hancock 
Bartman Horatio Nelson, carpenter, 1220 Hancock 
Barto Charles, pianomaker, 920 S 11th 
Barto Charles G., optician, Orr ab Francis 
Bartol B. H., 724 S 10th 

Bartolett Charles, foreman, Warden ab Mont- 
Bartolett Charles S., foreman, AVinter bel "Vienna 
Bartolett Thomas H., lumber mer., 1824 Frank- 
ford av 
Bartolett Thomas H. & Co. {George Ve Haven), 

lumber merchants, Frankford av c Vienna 
Bartolett Thomas H. jr., clerk, 1824 Frankford av 
Barton Annie E. L., teacher Pub. School, 1318 

Passyunk rd 
Barton Albert G. W., currier, 834 N Broad 
Barton Benjamin, farmer, 1318 Passyunk rd 
Barton Beulah, 617 S 10th 
Barton Catharine, widow Joseph, tailoress, 1133 

Barton Charles, carpenter, 1705 Barton 
Barton Clarence M., sign painter, 834 N Broad 
Barton David, farmer, 1318 Passyunk rd 
Barton Edward, 1418 Walnut 
Barton Eliza, widow, 4 Deringer's av 
Barton Elizajseth, teacher Pub. School, 1229 Pine 
Window Shades and Curtain 

Barton Elizabeth, S. miss. Ill S Broad 
Barton Ellen M., music teacher, 5th ab Norris 
Barton Esther S., widow William, 2003 Walnut 
Barton Francis, gent. 1326 Chestnut 
Barton George, hatter, 422 S 5th 
Barton George, hatter, 1114 South 
Barton George C, blacksmith, 248 South 
Barton George T., auctioneer, 8th & Sp Garden, 

h 631 N 12th 
Barton Hannah, teacher Pub. School, 1229 Pine 
Barton Harry H., gluemaker, 604 Thompson 
Barton Henry (c), waiter, 246 Queen 
Barton Irwin, painter, 2115 Harmstead 
Barton Isaac, gro. mer. S E c 2d & Race, h 122 

Barton Isaac, merchant, 35 S 2d 
BARTON ISAAC & CO. {Isaac Barton, Redman 

Cooper, and Charles E. Armstrong) , importers 

and jobbers of shoestufifs and carriage trim- 
mings, 35 S 2d 
Barton Isaac k Son {Isaac Barton (^ Jacob R. 

Barton), wholesale grocers, S E c 2d & Race 
Barton J. R., gro. mer. S E c 2d & Race, h 122 

Barton J. V., clerk, S E c 2d & Race, h 122 

Barton James M., grocer, 247 N 3d, h 729 Wood 
Barton Jeremiah, brickmaker, 920 S I7th 
Barton John, 1418 Walnut 
Barton John, bandboxm. 19 S 3d, h 422 S 5th 
Barton John, conductor, 5th N of Norris 
Barton John, hatter, 422 S 5th 
Barton John H., ship,chandler, 138 N Del av, h 

346 N Front 
Barton John M., conductor, 5th ab Norris 
Barton J. Rhea, gentleman, 1326 Chestnut 
Barton Joseph, farmer, 142 Spring Garden 

market, h Camden Co., N J 
Barton Joseph, high constable, 5th & Chestnut, h 

248 South 
Barton Joseph B., 814 Market 
Barton Mary, 1229 Pine 

Barton Mary, widow George, dealer, 540 Shippen 
Barton Mary Ann, 209 Frankford 
Barton Robert, 1418 Walnut 
Barton Samuel, grocer, 247 N 3d, h 532 N 4th 
Barton Samuel & Co. {Samuel Barton ^ Jaines 

M. Barton), grocers, 247 N 3d 
Barton Sarah, 209 Frankford 
Barton Sarah, teacher public school, 1229 Pine 
Barton V. Stokes, stall, 51 Callhowhll st Market 
Barton Thomas, carpenter, 232 Washington av 
Barton Thomas, hatter, 1114 South 
Barton Thomas, hatter, 422 S 5th 
Barton Thomas C, drayman, 19 N Del av, h 

Sepviva n Dauphin 
Barton William, driver, 922 N 3d 
Barton William, grocer, N E c 12th & Market, h 

S W c 11th & Wood 
Barton William H., bookkeeper. 247 N 3d, h 532 

N 4th 
Bartram & Brother {Samuel ^ Isaac) cloth store, 

S W c Chestnut & 2d 
Bartram Catharine, widow Henry, 437 N 4th 
Bartram Emma, widow Thomas, 1221 N 11th 
Bartram George, tailor, 514 Powell 
Bartram Isaac, mer. 200 Chestnut, h 2009 Cherry 
Bartram Isaac L., farmer, 13 S 2d Market, h 

Bartram Israel L., farmer, 12 S 2d Market, h 

Chester Co 
Bartram John H., farmer, stall 330 Farmers' 

Market, h Chester Co 
Bartram John, gent. 1702 Mt Vernon 
Bartram John, gent. 248 N 12th 
GoodS) Wliolesale and Retail J 




Bartram John, laborer, Sergeant n Coral 
BARTRAM JOHN J., hotel, 603 & 605 Sansom, 

h 22M Locust 
Bartram John W., 2214 Locust 
Bartram Joseph, gent. 248 N 12th 
Bartram R. K., widow Isaac, 248 N 12th 
Bartram Samuel, merchant, 200 Chestnut, 2009 

Bartram Thomas L., farmer, stall 276 Farmers' 

Market, h Darby, Del Co 
Bartram Thomas P., farmer, stall, 350 Farmers' 

Market, h Delaware Co 
BARTRAM THOMAS S., druggist, N W 2d & 

Race, h 256 N 12th 
Bartram William, farmer, stall 352 Farmers' 

Market, h Del Co 
Bartram William, hotel, 1716 Market, h 2214 

Bartram William, salesman, 200 Chestnut, h 2009 

Bartram William M., tavernkeeper, 1716 Market 
Bartren George H., law student, 437 n 4th 
Bartsch George, ragdealer, Fulton bel Trenton av 
Barttenbaek John, baker, 1700 Ridge ay 
Barvell John, victualler, 1446 Brinton 
Barwell William, tobacconist, 850 Darien 
Barwick Charles, baker, 1233 Poplar 
Barwis Samuel, tailor, Wallgrove n Tacony 
Barwood Elias, tailor, 328 South 
Barzen Matthias, dry goods, Cresson, Myk 
Baschenecker Lawrence, tailor, 4 Chapman 
Bascom AVarlick, upholsterer, 1016 Ivy 
Bascoue Joseph, ship carpenter, 224 Beed 
Baseley Christian, laborer, 1407 Randolph 
Basen Louis, laborer, Hartwell av, Gtn 
Basenwein George, tailor, 176 W Girard av 
Bash George AV., cardriver, 1526 N 11th 
Basher Adam, hotel, 702 Passyunk rd 
Basil William, 704 S Front 
Basker William, 1017 Callowhill 
Baskerville John, tailor, 1435 Moyamensing av 
Basketter John, grain, 531 S Broad, h 1305 

Baslar Ann Eliza, hotel, 1056 Frankford av 
Baslar George, waterman, 1056 Fkd av 
Baslar David, dep. leather insp. 428 Redwood 
Basler John George, baker, 717 S 4th 
Basler Jacob, shoefng & leather, 1502 Ridge av 
Basler William, baker, 5 Litford pi 
Basley Abraham, sailmaker, r 1330 Vienna 
Basley George W., laborer, r 1330 Vienna 
Basley John, wharfbuilder, r 1330 Palmer 
Basley Thomas, wharf builder, 1330 Vienna 
Bass Henry, bootfitter, 1033 S 7th 
Bass Isaac, police, 1228 N 2nd 
Bass Mary, widow Charles, 225 Vaughn 
Bass Rebecca, dressmaker, 225 Vaughn 
Bass Thomas, segarmaker, 719 Birch 
Bass Thomas, dealer, stand Girard av market, h 

153 Master 
Bass William B., currier, Belgrade n Norris 
Bassat James, private watchman, r 105 Vine 
Basaerman John, weaver, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Basset Agnes, (c) widow Burrell, 1209 Bedford 
Basset James, watchman, Quiggs' al 
Basset Joseph, wheelright, 2033 Hand 
Basset Susan, widow Isaac, 2033 Hand 
Bassett Alexander J., dentist, 245 S 9th 
Bassett Archibald, carter, 1504 Uewson 
Bassett Chas. R., salesman, 314 Market, bds Union 

Bassett Daniel S., wheelwright, 131 Otter 
Bassett D. (c), laborer, lloff'nian's ct 
Bassett Ebene/.er D., teacher, 718 Lombard 
Bassett Isaac, barber, 610 Paul 

Bassett Isaac C, restaurant, N E 8th & Chestnut 

h Paul n S 6th 
Bassett Jacob (c), stevedore, 619 Barclay 
Bassett Jacob (c), jobber, 1105 Pearl 
Bassett James, waterman, rear 32d bel Market 
Bassett James K., 323 Allen 
Bassett Josiah, 400 N 7th 

Bassett Josiah, jr., mer. 536 Market, h400 N 7th 
Bassett Lewis D., cheese dealer, Eastern Market, 

h 1308 Dorsey 
Bassett & Martin (Isaac C. Bassett ^ Crav.iford 

Marti.ji), restaurant, N E 8th & Chestnut 
Bassett Shedrick (c), hominy, 922 S 4th 
Bassett William H., brass turner, Howard ab 

Bassford John, weaver. Centre, Gtn 
Bassil Frederick, porter, 423 N 3d 
Basso Ann, widow Daniel, cakes, 528 Fitzwater 
Basso John D., printer, 1223 S Lancaster 
Bassler E. B., clerk, 425 N 3d 
Bassler F. A., bookeeper, 527 Market 
Bast Adam, tavern, lOLetitia 
Bast Emanuel, mer, 207 Walnut, h Ashland, Pa 
Bast Gideon, mer. 207 Walnut, hSch Haven 
Bast John A., gent., 1231 Coates 
Bast Mark, clerk, 1231 Coates 
Bast Samuel J., clerk, 207 Walnut 
Bastert George, teacher of music, 1131 Monterey 
Bastert AYilliam, barber, 1236 N 16th 
Bastain Antoine, paper stainer, 1167 S 9th 
Bastain Christopher, truck farmer, Passyunk rdn 

Bastain Daniel, carpenter, 1527 S Front 
Bastain Edwin, cooper, 822 Leonard 
Bastain Frederick, 1303 S 8th 
Bastain George, gent. 301 S 7th 
Bastain Henry, laborer, New n Harrison 
Bastain Jerome A. lithographer, 1209 S 9th 
BASTAIN JOHN, railroad broker, 226 Walnut, 

h S E 7th and Spruce 
Bastain John, blacksmith. Sycamore b 34th, 
Bastain John, farmer, n Penrose Ferry 
Bastain John, potter, 716 S 13th 
Bastain John, moulder. New n Harrison 
Bastain John, jr., milkman, n Penrose Ferry 
Bastain Joseph, paperhanger 926 Federal 
Bastain Joseph, laborer, 1225 S 2d 
Bastain Jules, tailor, 3 Eagle av 
Bastain Margaret, dealer, stands 1, 3 & 5 Callow- 
hill st market, h Passyunk rd n Broad 
Bastain Mary A., trimmings, 1225 S 2d 
Bastain Moses, hotel, N E Swauson & Washington 
Bastain William, dealer, stands ], 3 & 5, Callow- 
hill st market. 
Bastible Danill, stonemason, Pratt n N 40th 
Baston Thomas, carter, 1511 Burton 
Bastow AVilliam, wool agent, Carroll S of Dauphin 
Bastress Mary, clerk, 921 Hutchinson 
Bastress Eliza, vestmaker, 921 Hutchinson 
Batchelder Alexander, messenger, 1301 Horstmann 
Batchelder AVinfield S., clerk, 108 N Del av, h 

714 Sansom 
Batchell Lewis, tailor, 715 Federal 
Batchelor Charles, stonecutter, 1527 Wood 
Batchelor Mary, widow John, 81 Coates 
Batchelor John, tobacconist, 23 N 2d, h 915 Ogden 
Batchelor AVilliam, tobacconist, 23 N 2d, h 337 

N 3d 
Batchelor William, jr. segarmaker, h 337 N 
Bateman Alfred, weaver. Miller bel AVister 
Bateman Amos, clerk, 1006 N 5th 
Bateman Henry S., grocer, N AV c Penn & Almond 
Bateman James, mer. 122 S Front, h 35th &, 

Bateman Joel, sea capt. 1006 N 5th 

Pattcn's) 630 Chestnut Street. 




Bateman John, contractor, 1027 Parrish 
Bateman Joseph, weaver. Miller bel Wister 
Bateman Mary A., governess, Girard College 
Bateman Samuel J., bookkeeper, 31 S Front, h 

243 S 6th 
Bateman Walter, carpenter. Unity n Orchard 
Bateman Wheaton E. , sea capt. 1006 N 5th 
Bateman William, eabinetmr. 31 Almond 
Bateman William E., eabinetmr. 31 Almond 
Bateman William 0., att'y at law, 243 S 6th, h 

223 S 8th 
Bates Aaron, power loom, Litlery E Coral 
Bates Allen, blacksmith, 662 Larch 
Bates Andrew, salesman, 313 Aberdeen 
Bates Augustus, jeweler, 1230 N 2d 
Bates Bartine, currier, 953 Darien 
Bates Catharine, wid Gideon, seamstress. Maple 

n Richmond 
Bates Charles, grocer, Gtn av & Bethlehem pike 
Bates Charles, butcher, Clinton bel Norris 
Bates Charles, brickmr. 1810 South 
Bates Charles police, 1109 Fries ct 
Bates Charles, laborer, r 508 S 20th 
Bates Charles, laborer, Huntingdon n Thompson 
Bates Charles, tobacconist, 600 N 4th 
Bates Clara, dressmr. 707 Green 
Bates Conrad, tailor, 310 St John 
Bates Cornelius S., soap manuf. 105 Van Horn 
Bates & Coates {Jos. W. Bates, Andreiv Coates), 

ag'ts for J. B. Coates' cot. 209 Church al 
Bates David, banker, 18 S 3d, h 732 Coates 
Bates D. S., clerk, S W 12th & Race 
Bates Edward, bandbox manuf. 123 Union 
Bates Edwin, grocer, Gtn av & Bethlehem pike 
Bates Eliza, 749 S Juniper 
Bates Ellis, waterman, Maple n Richmond 
Bates Fredrick, bootmr. 718 S 8th 
Bates George, gent. 303 S 3d 
Bates George, tailor, 807 Marshall 
Bates George, watchman, 968 N Delaware av 
Bates George, jr., moulder, 968 N Del av 
Bates George A., gasfitter, 32 N 13th 
Bates George W., confectioner, 1248 Columbia 

av, h 421 Wildey 
Bates G. L., grocer. 325 Poplar 
Bates Hannah, wid Richard, grocer, 1141 Col. av 
Bates Hannah, stands 10 & 12 Callowhillst mar 
Bates Henry, stocking frames, Jefferson, Gtn 
Bates Isaiah D., clerk, 707 Green 
Bates J., cordw. St John bel Noble 
Bates Jacob, boot mr. 242 S 2d, h 125 Wharton 
Bates James, 325 S 11th 
Bates James, carpenter, 707 S Broad 
Bates John, 1044 Market 
Bates John, carpenter, 2101 Walton 
Bates John, maltster, 1305 Catharine 
Bates John, painter, 352 N 2d 
Bates John H., dry goods, 704 S 16th 
Bates John J. bartender, 6 Diligent av 
Bates Joseph, carpenter, 239 Chester 
Bates Joseph W., comm mer. 209 Church al, h 

1814 Chestnut 
Bates Joseph, mer. 1709 Locust 
BATES JOSEPH C, goat skins & sumac, 353 

N 3d, h 1709 Locust 
Bates Louis, glue mr. S AV Cadw & Montg'y av 
Bates Lewis, tailor, 1430 Lawrence 
Bates Lewis H., machinist, 1224 Whitehall 
Bates Mary, wid Benjamin, 600 N 4th 
Bates Margaret, wid JHenry, 704 S 16th 
Bates Peter, bootmaker, Paul n Tacony 
Bates Richard, variety store, 146 South 
Bates Robert, elocutionist, 718 S 8th 
Bates R. C, conductor, 2345 Coates 
Bates Samuel, prod. 41 E Market, h 1508 5th 

Bates Samuel, saws, 1232 Howard 

Bates Samuel, victualler, 1311 Jefferson 

Bates Samuel F., furniture, 2208 Market, h 32 

N 13th 
Bates Sarah, wid James, 891 N 6th 
Bates Sarah L., furnishing store, 32 N 13th 
Bates Thomas, polisher, r 716 Byard 
Bates Thomas, shoemaker, 33 S 17th 
Bates Thomas H. , ladies' shoemaker, 19 N 17th 
Bates Thomas L., dry goods, G T av and Reading 

Bates Walter, stonecutter, 1217 Rodman 
Bates AVilliam, cordw. 1331 Hewson 
Bates William, bookbinder, 600 N 4th 
Bates William, coach painter, 935 S 6th 
Bates William, laborer, N E Unity and Hedge 
Bates William, police, 316 Union, h 1107 Federal 
Bates William, police, 530 S 4th 
Bates William, maltster, 1305 Catharine 
Bates W. H., tinsmith, 9 Drasen av 
Bates AVilliam D., combmaker, 618 Thompson 
Bates William M., painter, r 861 N 13th 
Bates William W., job printer, 601 Chestnut, li 

1217 Rodman 
Bateson Ann, dressmaker, 714 Christian 
Batersbe George, trunkmaker, 1109 Beach. 
Batesell Albert, farmer, Tacony plank rd n Mar- 
Batesell George, farmer, Tacony plank rd n Mar- 
Bath Robert, laborer, Huntingdon n Thompson 
Bathmers Francis, cordwainer, 1329 N 5th 
Baton Augustus, clerk, 415 Spruce 
Baton Dennis, laborer, 736 St Mary 
Baton Edgar F., jewelry manuf., 722 Chestnut, h 

1340 S 5th 
Baton Henry C, 347 Dickerson 
Batino Sebastian, images, 1302 Apple 
Batsby John, grocer, 1435 Vienna 
Batson Elizabeth, 1313 Brown 
Batt C. H., grocer, 262 N 4th, h O'Neal bel Gi- 

rard av 
Batt David, teamster, 16th and S Garden 
Batt J. P., grocer, 262 N 4th, h 1123 Sites 
Batt William, bricklayer, 1521 N 2d 
Batt William H. , principal Zane st pub. sch. h. 

1125 Wistar 
Batten A. W., bookkeeper, 19 N 3d 
Batten A. Nelson, M.D., 811 Race 
Batten G., farmer, stall 134 Western Market 
Batterom Lewis, laborer, 207 Columbia ab 2d 
Batterberry William, laborer, r 802 S 2d 
Battersbee James, engineer, Apple n Penn, Myk 
Battersby Ellen, widow John, Harrog. n Kens, av 
Battersby Levi, varnisher. Worth n Orthodox 
Battersell Thomas, waterman, r 212 Carpenter 
Battes Nicholas, laborer, 1 Ann's pi 
Batteux John, salesman, 13 S 4th, h 15 Brown 
Battles George, printer, 227 Carpenter 
Battin Henry S., tobacconist, S W 2d and Noble, 

h 840 Marshall 
Battin Horace, grocer, 472 N 2d 
Battin John, sculptor, 1738 Sansom 
Battin Josejph, wireworker, N 5th n Wood 
Battin Samuel, tobacconist, S W 2d and Noble, 

h 851 Marshall 
Battin & Gressman {Henry S. Battiji i^- Joseph 
Gressman), snufif and segars, S W c 2d and 
Battins William N., clerk, 231 Queen 
Battis John, tailor, 13 William 
Battis Sarah, service, 409 Mintzer 
Battiss Susan, widow John, 321 Allen 
Battiss Susan, dealer, stall 642 Farmers' Marke 
Battist John (c), steward, 1331 Fitzwater 

Gilt Corniccst Bands) Gimps, TassclS) Fringes, and Ctirt.afn Goods J 




Battiste Alexander (c), receiver, 501 Green 
Battle Michael, dealer, 632 St Mary- 
Battles J., gaiter upper manuf. 240 Church al, h 

130 S 6th 
Batto Edward, shopkeeper, 1327 Cherry 
Batts Elijah, bootmaker, 146 Otter 
Batts John, carpenter, 2101 Carlton 
Batts Lavinia, widow John, 117 Poplar 
Batts Samuel, bootmaker, 146 Otter 
Batturs Archibald, conductor, 1500 Green 
Batturs Richard M., clerk, 2018 Vine 
Batty James, finisher, Hamiltor^, Manayunk 
Batty Robert, manuf. 1330 Lombard 
Batus John, laborer, 704 St Mary 
Baty Hugh, weaver, 1243 Albert 
Batz Richard, blacksmith, r 1332 Hancock 
Batz John, carman, 318 Willow 
Batzel D , farmer, U S Arsenal, Whitehall 
Batzes Jacob, coachtrimmer, 1235 S 5th 
Batzil Ludwig, cordw. 1347 Hewson 
Batzle Jacob, nailer, Richmond n Norris 
Bauch George, cooper, 11 Prime 
Bauch Julius, tobacconist, 1430 N 2d 
Bauch Thomas, laborer, 1021 Poplar 
Bauchanern William, carpet'r, r 714 S 5th 
Baude Stephen R., shipsmith, 122 Cottage 
Bauder Jacob F., provision store, 779 S Front 
Bander William, butcher, 1033 N 3d 
Baudin Clementine, milliner, 721 Spruce 
Baudin Edmund, artist, 721 Spruce 
Bauduy Jerome, merchant, 283 S 4th 
Bauecher Charles, laborer, NE cor Carroll & Otis 
Bauer Adam, clerk, 819 Vine 
Bauer Anton, weaver, 1452 N 4th 
Bauer Barbara, boarding house, 1313 Buttonwood 
Bauer Bernhardt, hostler, 419 Vine 
Bauer Frederick, pork butcher, stall 14 Callowhill 

Market, h Emereld n York 
Bauer Francis, cordwainer, 1436 N 4th 
Bauer Frederick, barber, 1370 Ridge av 
Bauer Frederick, farmer, 1712 N 3d 
Bauer Frederick, hotel, 126 Callowhill 
Bauer Frederick, laborer, r 122 Brown 
Bauer Frederick, shoemaker, 441 N 10th 
Bauer Frederick, shoemaker, 408 Julianna 
Bauer Frederick, shoeflnding, 509 Callowhill 
Bauer George, cabinetmaker, r 1444 Brinton 
Bauer George, hostler, 2332 Virginia 
Bauer George, lager beer, 238 Beaver 
Bauer George L., baker, 817 Buttonwood 
Bauer George L., shoemaker, r 509 Callowhill 
Bauer George M., baker, 511 Callowhill 
Bauer George W., baker, 817 Buttonwood 
Bauer Gotlieb, shoemaker, 727 N 3d 
Bauer Jacob, butcher, Germantown av ah 5th 
Bauer Jacob, clerk, 1313 Buttonwood 
Bauer Jacob, shoemaker, 1204 Hancock 
Bauer John, drayman, 1504 Lawrence 
Bauer John, grocery, 819 Vine 
Bauer John, tobacconist, 137 Laurel 
Bauer John A., cabinetware, 255 S 2d, h 212 

Bauer Joseph, hairdresser, 416 Jefferson 
Bauer Joseph, laborer, 416 Jefferson 
Bauer Joseph, tavern, 433 Girard av 
Bauer Joseph M., tailor. Amber n Dauphin 
Bauer Leonard, chandler, 1319 N 4th 
Bauer Leonard, jr., chandler, 1319 N 4th 
Bauer Louis, cordwainer, r 1147 N 3d 
Bauer John C, saddler, 1209 Warnock 
Bauer Peter, grocer, 1017 N 4th 
Bauer Herman, cordwainer, 1436 N 4th 
Bauer Henry, cabinetmaker, 212 Lombard 
Bauer Samuel, confectionery, 938 Poplar 
Bauer Simon, machinist, r 1615 Mifflin 

Bauer Sophia, wid Christian, 1436 N 4th 

Bauer William, undertaker, 420 N 4th 

Bauer William R., clerk, 47 N 6th, h 875 N 8th 

Bauerhaus Burkhart, brewer, 1242 N 4th 

Bauers Herman, porter, 420 N 4th 

Bauers Jacob F., tailor, 219 Shippen 

Bauersachs John, toys, 825 Spring Garden, h 828 

Bauersachs John, fancy goods, 502 Market, h 730 

Bauersachs Louis C, fancy goods, 502 Market, h 

730 Market 
Bauf Casper, segarmaker, 923 Lawrence 
Bauford Jacob, moulder, 876 Darien 
Bauger Benjamin, drayman, 5 Conrow ct 
Baugh Daniel, dealer in phosphate of lime, 20 S 

Del av, h Hamilton n 35th 
Baugh Edwin P., dealer in phosphate of lime, 20 

S Del av, h Hamilton n 35th 
Baugh Franklin, attyat law, 605 Sansom, h 1027 

Baugh George, turner, 113 Elfreths al 
Baugh Harman, turner, 125 h 127 Elfreth's al 
Baugh James C, innkeeper, 35th & Lancaster av 
Baugh John, stonefinish. 454 N 12th, h 12 S 15th 
Baugh John P., dealer in phosphate of lime, 20 

S Del av, h Downingtown, Pa 
Baugh Louis D., merchant, 129 S 2d, bds Conti- 
nental Hotel 
Baugh Samuel, 129 S 2d, h 1504 Chestnut 
Baugh & Sons {John P., Edwin P., c^- Daniel), 

superphosphate of lime dealers, 20 S Del av 
Baugh William, police, 128 Elfreths al 
Baugher Elias D., grocer, Frankford rd c Norris 
Baugher James W., salesman, 18 N 3d, bds Union 

Baughman Ludwig, grocer, Nicetown 
Bauhoefer Louis, cork, 550 China 
Baul Francis, tailor, 1303 Germantown av 
Bault William, machinist, Trenton R R n Ortho- 
Baum Gabriel, mer. 116 N 3d, h 811 Noble 
Baum George, moroccodresser, r 811 Charlotte 
Baum Hiram C, merchant, 912 N 10th 
Baum Jacob M., coal, 619 Wood 
Baum John, carpenter, 1719 Mervine 
Baum John E., coal, 209 Walnut, h 721 Brown 
Baum John E., tavern, 235 S 12th 
Baum John G., ambrotypcs, 910 Market 
Baum Julius, dealer, 8 Uffenheimer's av 
Baum Mack, shoemaker, Clairborne n Norris * 
Baum, Ogle & Co. {John E. Baum, H. K. B. 
Ogle, James S. Kirk, &( Henry S. Gross) , coal 

shippers, 209 Walnut 
Baum & Ogle {Jo//n E. Baum (^ II. K. B. Ogle), 

coal miners and shippers, 209 Walnut & pier 3 
Port Richmond 
Baum William, calico printer, 30th & Race, h Gtn 
Baum William, carpenter, 1220 Lyndall al 
Baum William, carpenter, 239 S 12th, h 1205 

Baum William, cordwainer, N E Emerald & Front 
Baum William, hotel, 410 S Del av 
Baum William A., coachpainter, 929 Market 
Baum William T., gentleman, 235 S 12th 
Bauman Catharine, Gtn av bel Price 
Bauman Charles, clerk, 502 Jane 
Bauman Mathias, lager beer, 1148 N 3d 
Baumann Adam, baker, 1250 Marlborough 
Baumann Adam, locksmith, 1200 Locust 
Baumann Christian, carpenter, South W Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Baumann Christian, surgical instrument maker, 

1206 Locust 
Baumann Francis, barber, 5 Roberts pi 

Patten's, 630 Cliestnut Street. 




Baumann John A., professor of music, 431 Coates 
Baumann John H., baker, 229 Lombard 
Baumann Joseph, carver, 422 Library, h 910 N 

Baumcartner Joseph, locksmith, 5 S 13th 
Baumeisler Casper, coffee roaster, 1305 German- 
town av 
Baumer Godleib, laborer, Dauphin n Franklin 
Baumgaertner Jacob, shoemaker, 450 Maria 
Baumgard John C, tobacconist, 1244 Palmer 
Baumgartle Charles, tailor, Gtn av 
Baumgartle John, stockingweaver, S TV Frank- 
ford rd & Buckius 1 
Baumgartner Frederick, hotel, Trenton av c York 
Baumgarten H., dyer, Mulberry, Myk 
Baumgartner Josejih, barber, 2511 Callowhill 
Baumgertner Frederick, lager beer, York c Tren- 
ton av 
Baumiester Gotlieb, tailor, 724 S loth 
Baumont William S., machinist, 1036 Columbia av 
Baumner Charles, tavern, 539 Girard av 
Baungaertner Vincent, coachpainter, r 8 Danton 
Baur Frederick, machinist, 2206 Wood, h 2044 

Baur Herman, bakery, Elm ab 35th 
Baur John C, laborer, 977 X 5th 
Baur John P., signpainter, 831 N 4th 
Baus George, restaurant, 234 S 5th. 
Bans John, carpenter, 2117 Ridge av 
Baus Louisa, grocery, 2117 Ptidge av 
Bauseh Charles, weaver, Baker, Myk 
Bausch Charles, tavern, 319 Brown 
Bauseh Jacob, tailor, 1 Wellein's ct 
Bausch Joseph, tailor, 1206 Randolph 
Baush Charles, restaurant, 1022 Poplar 
Bausline Levi L., carpenter, 518 Marshall 
Bautine Charles A., miller, 1210 Passyunk rd 
Baux Susan, widow Martin, 1905 South 
Bauzenberger Christian, pianomaker, 1336 Kates 
Bavis Edmond B. B., compositor, 913 Tasker 
Bavis Stephen, cabinetmaker, 1246 South, h r 

1244 South 
Bavis W., compositor, 749 Florida 
Bavington Catharine, widow Jonathan, Sellers 

bel Penn 
Bavington Cecilia, schoolteacher, 739 Green 
Bavington &Eldridge {^Cecilia Bavington &(■ Ada 
Eldridge), girls' private school, 1204 & 1206 
Bavington George, hardware agent, 1240 Brown 
* Bavington John, liquor color manufacturer, 10th 
ab Girard av, h 739 Green 
Bavington John, shoemaker, 6 Miller's av 
Bavington Martha, teacher pub. school, 739 Green 
Bavington AVilliam, carpenter, 1240 Brown 
Bawell Ann, widow John, 826 AVood 
Bawn Mary, widow, 409 Wharton 
Bawser David B., artist, 481 X 4th 
Baxindale Robert, spinner, AVallgrove n Tacony 
Baxindale Robert, jr., lab. Wallgrove n Tacony 
Baxindale Thomas, spinner, Wallgrove n Tacony 
Baxindine George, dyer, Adams ab Sellers 
Baxindine William, dyer, r Paul n Sellers 
Baxter Alexander, cooper, 3 Grafton pi 
Baxter Charles, waterman, 408 Shippen 
Baxter Charles D., carpenter, 6 Cozzens pi 
Baxter D. W. C, designer, 35 S 6th, h 454 X 8th 
Baxter Edgar H., upholsterer, Gtnavab Dewey's 1 
Baxter George, morocco dresser, 517 Everett pi 
Baxter George W., hardware mer. 2107 Walter 
Baxter Isaac B., gentleman, 1037 S 5th 
Baxter Isaac B., hardw. 522 S 2d, h 228 Pina 
Baxter Isaac B., Jr., hardware, 522 S 2d 
Baxter James C, carpenter, 6 Cozzens pi 
Baxter James R., salesman, S E 2d <t Christian 
Patten's, 630 Chtcstuitt 

Baxter John, grocer, S E 2d & Christian 
Baxter John, grocery, 1009 S 5th 
Baxter John, laborer, 1114 Ohio 
Baxter John (c), carpenter, 1003 Shippen 
Baxter Lloyd, stoves, 145 S 2d. h 803 Race 
Baxter Mitchell, hardware, 1037 S 5th 
Baxter Robert, calico print engraver, Main, Hbg 
Baxter Samuel, blacksmith, Hope bel Putnam 
Baxter Stacy, 124 Plum 
Baxter Thomas, carpenter, 1729 Barker 
Baxter Thomas, carpenter, 38th & Haverfd 
Baxter Thomas, currier, 512 Mendon pi 
Baxter Thomas, math. inst. mr. 801 Filbert 
Baxter Thomas, moulder, 439 Watkins 
Baxter Thomas E., hardware and tools, 910 Mar- 
ket, h 400 S 8th 
Baxter Thomas, H., cabinet casemaker, 38 S 9th, 

h 801 Filbert 
Baxter William, carpenter, 1207 Federal 
Baxter William, laborer, Somerset n Thompson 
Baxter William, wool dealer, 125 Market, h 222 

Friend's av, Camden 
Baxter William C, broker, St Louis Hotel 
Baxter William H., 400 S 8th 
Baxter William H., painter, 3 Grafton pi 
Baxter William H., jr., chairpainter, 3 Grafton pi 
Baxter William Q., cooper, 840 S Front 
Baxter William AV., ornamenter, 319 Redwood 
Bayard Caroline, ladies' seminary, 1526 Chestnut 
Bayard Charles, harnessmaker, 6th & Passyunk 

rd, h 839 S 3d 
Bayard Charles P., stock and exchange broker, 

209 Chestnut, h Gtn 
Bayard James, atty. & coun. 631 Walnut 
Bayard John, broker, 522 AValnut 
Bayard John (c), brickmr. Meadow n Mulberry 
Bayard John T. (c), woodsawyer, 30 Brier pi 
Bayard Mary A., cook, 519 S 7th 
Bayard Robinson, brickmaker, Columbia av n 

20th, h e 15th & Poplar 
Bayard Thomas A., carpenter, 919 S 6th 
Bayard William (c), carriagedriver, Meadow n 

Bayer Joseph, lager beer saloon, 907 Green 
Bayer Samuel, grocer, 917 X 13th 
Bayersdorfer M. M., straw & fancy goods, 109 X 2d 
Bayes Sarah, widow James, 1232 Stiles 
Bayha Frederick, upholsterer, 457 Canton 
Bayholz Charles, paperboxcutter, 525 Commerce, 

h 307 S 5th 
Bayle Francis, clerk, 139 S 4th 
Bayle John, carpenter, 1406 Bangor 
Bayle John, driver, 232 Market 
Bayle Patrick, dyer, 1238 Fulton 
Bayle Samuel, bookkeeper, 1321 Rodman 
Bayle Samuel, porter, 1245 Fulton 
Bayle Samuel, jr., clerk, 1245 Fulton 
Bayle AVilliam, gardener, 1406 Bangor 
Bayles Xathaniel, shoemaker, Xorris n Richmond 
Bavles George, chemist, S W 9th & Parrish, h 

858 McGrath 
Bayletts Davis, shoemaker, 237 Queen 
Bayley Caroline, widow Richard, jr., 112 S 12th 
Bayley Elizabeth, skirt manuf. 1226 Poplar 
Bayley John, brakesman, 2119 Locust 
Bayley John, laborer, 527 & 529 Commerce 
Bayley John C, brassmoulder, 135 Otter 
Bayley Samuel H., jr., milkman, 906 Melon 
Bayley William, music teacher, 150 Dana 
Bayley George, blacksmith, 1241 Wheat 
Bayley John E., cordwainer, 1241 Wheat 
Baylis Charles AV., coachsmith, 801 Duane 
Baylis John, auctioneer. 325 Arch, h 7G0 S 10th 
Baylis John, jr.. auctioneer, 760 S 10th 
I Baylis Xathaniel, shoemaker, Xorris ab Beach 
Street. Wiudow Shatlcss 




BAYLISS & DARBY {Joseph Bayliss 4- Edward 

Darby), Penn. Wire Works, 226 Arch 
Bayliss Joseph, wire works, 226 Arch, h 940 

Baylitts Benjamin, police, 1020 S 7th 
Baymore Joseph, mastmaker, Brabant n Maple, 

h 308 Catharine 
Baymore Burcilla, sparmr. h Richmond ab Ann 
Baymore Samuel, police, 122 Mead 
Baymount Henry, laborer, 35th ab Elm 
Baymount Mary Ann, shoopkeeper, 1604 Carlton 
Baymount William, driver, 1604 Carlton 
Baynard Alexander (c), porter, h 36 Brier pi 
Baynard Eliza, washer, 508 Hurst 
Baynard Daniel (c), laborer, 36 Brier pi 
Bayne Dennis, gent. N E c 23d & Callowhill 
Bayne George, gentleman, N W 36th & Walnut 
Bayne James, bookbinder, 325 Reed 
Bayne James, machinist, 434 Enterprise 
Bayne James H., mahogany cases, N E Jayne &, 

S 8th, h 613 Paul 
Bayne John, notary public, 325 Reed 
Bayne Joseph, police, 1237 Rodman 
Bayne Richard, ice dealer, 1304 S 4th 
Bayne Robert D., cabinetmaker, 22 South 
Bayne Samuel, bookbinder, 633 Carpenter 
Bayne & Welle {Ja?/ies H. Bayne ^ Clements 

Welle), morocco eases, N E Jayne & S 8th 
Bayne William B., plumber, 2d ab Oxford 
Baynon David W., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h Fkd 
Baynon George R., clerk, 515 Market, h 609 

New Market 
Baynon John, bookkeeper, 515 Market 
Baynon Nicholas E., 324 Marshall 
Baynon Watkins D., clerk, 1221 Davis 
Baynord Elizabeth, milliner, 1835 Spruce 
Baynord Rebecca, dressmaker, 1835 Spruce 
Baynton Cornelia, widow John, 1800 Delancy pi 
Bazard John, shoemaker, 214 S 9th 
Bazel John, fireman, 210 Plumb 
Bazer A. L., tailor, r 1145 N 3d 
Bazen T. 0. J. S., bookseller, 439 Chestnut 
BAZIN XAVIER, perfumer, 917 Cherry, h 1031 

Bazler Harry, conductor, 2554 Callowhill 
Bazley Amos, laborer, 1033 Vienna 
Bazley Edward J., commission, 3 Dock, bds La 

Pierre House 
Bea John, tailor, 1218 N 4th 
Beaber Philip A , coremaker, Camden 
Beach Barney, cond. hotel, G T av bel Diamond 
Beach C. Nichols, merchant, 328 Walnut, h 1526 

Beach H. H., M.D., 1627 Filbert 
Beach Joseph, ornament maker, 831 Marriott 
Beach M. M., M.D. Haverford n 41st 
Beach Thomas, weaver, 1023 Milton 
Beach Waldron-, moulder, 1321 Rodman 
Beach William, currycomb manuf. 1207 Noble, h 

1618 Swayne 
Beachell John H., real estate agent, 317 Vine 
Beacher Samuel, machinist, 2114 Carlton 
Beachman Richard, laborer, Otsego n MifBin 
Reader John, hostler, S E Susquehanna av & 6th 
Beadle H. W., clerk, 66 N 4th, h Front & Plumb 
Beadle James, farmer, stall 454 Farmers' Market 
Beadling Henry, 18 Christian 
Beager John, laborer, 1620 Montgomery av 
Beagle Abraham, act. Penn. R. R. 1018 Marshall 
Beagle Henry, hamemaker, N W Willow & Mag- 
nolia, h 410 N 5th 
Beagle Henry, blacksmith, 410 N 5th 
Beagle Henry, jr., blacksmith, 410 N 5th 
Beagle Thomas, blacksmith, 512 Noble 
Beagley Mathias, blacksmith, Falls Sch 

Beahen Michael, eating house, 218 Girard av 

Beahm Philip, trucker farmer. Maiden 1 n Longl 

Beahn Julian, widow Maurice, N W North n 73d 

Beakley Daniel, gentleman, 250 Franklin 

Beal Alice, washer, 1036 Rodman 

Beal Ann, washer, 901 Marshall 

Beal Jacob, tailor, G T av opposite 6th 

Beal James, tanner, D av n 70th 

Beal James, trucker, Bustleton pike, Bustleton 

Beal Loais, mason, N W North n 73d 

Beal Robert, brush finisher, 507 N 10th 

Beal Samuel, showcase maker, 153 N 4th, h 733 

Beal William, manufacturer showcases, 153 N 

4th, h 115 Laurel 
Beal William, mutton-butcher, stalls 15 & 16 

Farmers' Western market 
Beal W. R., clerk, 1509 Market 
Beale Caroline, trimmings, 1505 Vine 
Beale C. & H. {Caroline 4- Hannah), trimmings 

and dry goods, 1505 Vine 
Beale Charles, letter carrier, 332 Mclllwain 
Beale Charles E., stationer, 211 S 4th, h 332 

Baale Charles W., drover, 714 N 4th 
Beale Ennis, machinist, 1 Pemberton 
Beale E., M.D., S 21st n Locust 
Beale George T., milk, 722 Shirley 
Beale Hannah, trimmings, 1505 Vine 
Beale Joseph, driver, Berks bel 4th 
Beale Louis, laborer. 124 Otter 
Beale Matthias L., clerk, 332 Mclllwain 
Beale Stephen T., M.D., dentist, 1113 Chestnut 
Beale William A., tailor, 114 S 10th, h 1505 Vine 
Beale William, variety store, 332 Mclllwain 
Beale William, butcher, 15 & 17 sec 3 Shippen 

Beale AVilliam, brakesman, Budd n Haverford 
Bealh Margaret Mrs., produce, stall 110, h 10th 

n George 
Beall Theodore L., flour, grain, and feed, 327 & 

329 S Front, h 417 S 3d 
Beam Andrew, tailor, 1229 N 5th 
Beam Charles, paperhanger, 850 N 10th 
Beam Charles, sailmaker, 138 S Del av, h Rich- 
mond between Ann k Maple 
Beam Christian, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Daniel, cordwainer, 611 Hermitage 
Beam Esaias K., clerk, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Hannah, widow Samuel, r 309 Brown 
BEAM ISAAC R., druggist, 20'13 Chestnut 
Beam Jacob H., salesman, 317 Crown 
Beam Jacob S., painter, S E 4th k Walnut, h 537 

Beam J. S. & Co. {Jacob S. Beam), painter, S B 

4th k AValnut 
Beam John, painter, 537 Spruce 
Beam John, plasterer, 850 N 10th 
Beam John, shoemaker, 850 N 10th 
Beam John, coachdriver, 106 Bread 
Beam John, woodturner, 20th ab Ridge av 
Beam John M., druggist, 2043 Chestnut 
Beam Joshua B., bricklayer, 5 Oak bel 37th 
Beaman Edmund A. Rev., 1300 Spring Garden 
Beamer Andrew H., restaurant, S E Poplar & 

Ridge av, h 1816 Girard av 
Beamer k Co. {George H. Beamer Sf John Boyle), 

coachmakers, 914 Cherry 
Beamer George H., coachmaker, 914 Cherry, h 

118 Elwyn 
Beamer Samuel H., foreman, 1202 Francis 
Beamey John, cabinetmaker, Sydney n Federal 
Beamish Arthur, brassraoulder. Hedge n Orthodox 
Beamish Charles, salesman, 914 N 6th 
Beamish Esther, widow Arthur, 1023 Vienna 

Curtains, and Upholstery Croods« Wholesale and Retail* 





Beamish John, silk hat finisher, 653 Andress 
Beamish John, moulder, Hedge n Allen 
Beamish Richard, plumber, 7th & Cherry, h 914 

Beamland John, drayman, Otis "W of Trenton av 
Beamont James, beamer, Otis & Carroll 
Beamont William, beamer, Otis & Carroll 
Beams Mark, drayman, 1615 Carver 
Bean Abraham, weaver, Baker n Gay 
Bean Albert J. R., paperhanger, 426 Enterprise 
BEAN ENOS, Venetian blinds and shades, 149 

N 6th 
Bean George R. R., clerk, 13 N 5th, h 1431 Cal- 

Bean Henry, morocco dresser, 208 Thompson 
Bean Jacob, carpenter, 1330 Marshall 
Bean James W., cooper, 710 Brooks 
Bean John, jeweler, 634 Hallowell 
Bean R., 1431 Callowhill 
Bean William L., carpenter, 424 Cherry, h 950 

N 12th 
Beans Catharine, widow Benjamin, 1233 Stiles 
Beans Edwin K., grocer, 964 N Front 
Beans George H., saddle and harness maker, 824 

Beans George S., bookkeeper, 1233 Stiles 
Beans Howard, salesman, 711 Spring Garden, h 

633 Franklin 
Beans John, saddle maker, 824 Buttonwood 
Beans Jacob Z., clerk, Bankof Penn Township, h 

1639 N 13th 
Beans N., messenger, 248 Chestnut 
Beans Samuel S., 1233 Stiles 
Beans Sarah, widow Mahlon, 2114 Mount Vernon 
Beans Timothy S., carpenter, 633 Franklin 
Bear Abraham, shoes, 630 Shippen 
Bear Edward, carpenter, 1617 N 12th 
Bear Henry, carpenter, 1617 N 12th 
Beard George, paperhanger, 1321 Rodman 
Beard George, butcher, 55 & 57 sec 3 Shippen 

market, h 1534 N 5th 
Beard Henry, furniture dealer, 1223 Girard av 
Beard James, paper stainer, 1622 Richard 
Beard John, weaver, Yales ct 
Beard John H., grocery keeper, 239 N 11th 
Beard John P., brickmaker, S E 25th & Hare 
Beard Margaret, wid. James, tavern, 515 Shippen 
Beard Nicholas, butcher, 59 E Market, h 5th ab 

Beard Nathan (c), waiter, 720 Fallon 
Beard Nichols, jr., butcher, 108 & 110 sec 4 Ship- 
pen market, h 1534 N 5th 
Beard Nichols, sr., butcher, 112 sec. 4 Shippen 

market, h 1534 N 5th 
Beard Sarah (c), widow William, 702 S 12th 
Beard William, butcher, 846 Charlotte 
Beard William C. hat manufacturer, 822 Law- 
rence, h 626 N 8th 
Beardslee Theodore, gents' furnishing, 755 S 2d 
Beardsley William, moulder, 1429 Callowhill 
Beardwood Matthew, shoemaker, 266 S 20th 
Beardwood Jane, skirtmaker, 266 S 20th 
Beardsworth Robert, tavern, 1639 N 2d 
Bearly Charles, tailor, 629 Wall 
Bearman Charles, tailor, 602 Callowhill 
Beams George H., saddler, 925 Ontario 
Beams John, saddler, 925 Ontario 
Bearsdorfer Isaac M., merchant, 1 Callowhill 
Bearwald D., clothing store, 2202 Market, h 2114 

Bearwald David, clothing store, 2126 Market 
Bears Jacob, shoemaker, 3 Hemple's ct 
Beaseley Jacob, patternmaker, 1114 Ogden 
Beasley James & Co., patternmakers, 424 Dill- 

Beasley Kate, widow James, 1707 Burton 
Beassakkar Abraham, cabinetmaker 233 Brown 
Beastall Francis, bricklayer. Orthodox n Hedge 
Beastall Mary, wid. Thomas, AVorrell n Fkd 
Beastall AVilliam H., carpenter, N W Orthodox 

& Hedge 
Beaston John (c), waiter, Meadow n Willow 
Beates Henry, druggist, 224 N 3d, h 217 Jacoby 
Beates Jacob H., coachtrimmer, 425 Prune, h 

1235 S 5th 
BEATES & MILLER (Hmry Beates 6f William 

J. Miller), druggists, 224 N 3d 
Beath Henry, warper, 2009 Naudain 
Beath Susan, widow William, shop, 315 Girard av 
Beattes William R., carriagemaker, 955 S 6th 
Beaty Robert (c), brickmaker. Oak n 42d 
Beaton David, patternmaker, 2206 Wood, h 2105 

Beaton Mary, milliner, 259 S 10th 
Beaton William, machinist, 2206 Wood, h 2105 

Beats Henry, druggist, 217 Jacoby 
Beattes W. H., woodwaremaker, Warren n 37th 
Beattie Charles, blacksmith, 1207 Locust 
Beattie James, cutter, 321 Chestnut, h 774 S 4th 
Beattie Jane E., 1905 Pine 
Beattie Robert H., bookkeeper, 32 S Front, h 

823 S 3d 
Beattie S, A., dry goods &c., 1905 Pine 
Beattie Samuel, cordwainer, 914 N 20th 
Beatty Archibald Rev., 22d bel Locust 
Beatty David, 718 N 23d 
Beatty Elizabeth, widow, 2129 Jefferson 
Beatty Ezekiel H., coachmaker, 1709 Sansom 
Beatty Francis, driver, Dungannon 
Beatty George, laborer, 1607 Moravian 
Beatty George, cordwainer, Dingler's ct 
Beatty G. H., grocer, Grays Ferry rd n Christian 
Beatty Henry, weaver. Front ab Harrison 
Beatty Henry, cabinetmaker, 729 Spring Garden 
Beatty H. Clay, attorney-at-law, 252 S 3d, h at 

Beatty H. F., clerk, 4 Merchants' Hotel 
Beatty James, hostler, 920 Gilbert 
Beatty James, carpenter, 539 N 22d 
Beatty James, clerk, 1332 Shippen 
Beatty James, flour & feed, Fkd rd n Dauphin 
Beatty Jane, widow John, 22d n Lombard 
Beatty John, druggist, 603 Spring Garden, h 116 

Van Horn 
Beatty John, weaver, 1413 Savery 
Beatty John, grocer, Gray's Ferry rd n Christian 
Beatty John C, manf. edge tools, 501Commtrje, 

h Media, Del. Co. 
Beatty Joseph, weaver, 1438 N Front 
Beatty Mary, sewing machines, 139 S 5th, h 1102 

S Front 
Beatty Moore, dry goods, 1531 South 
Beattie Mordecai M., foreman, 1051 N Front 
Beatty Robert, laborer, Point Breeze 
Beatty Robert, weaver, 1519 Fraukford av 
Beatty Robert, beamer, 1413 Savery 
Beatty Robert H., clerk, h 441 Dickerson 
Beatty Robert W., clerk, 238 S 3d, h 741 S 15th 
Beatty Samuel, gardener, 1514 Carver • 
Beatty Samuel, private watchman, 3 Richland pi 
Beatty Samuel, salesman, 237 Markat, h Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Beatty Samuel, warper, 1235 Pine 
Beatty Thomas, coalmer. 1441 Beach, h 1346 N 2d 
Beatty William, boatman, Sherr's la Myk 
Beatty William, porter, 18 N Front, h Ferris's ct 
Beatty AVilliam H., machinist, 169 Allen 
Beatty William P., manufactvirer edge tools, 501 
Commerce, h Springfield, Del. Co. 

Lace, Muslin, Damask, Brocatelle, and Drapery Curtains, of every tlcscrlptiou; 




BE ATT Y WILLIAM & SONS (John C. Beatty, 
John A. Caldwell, William P. Beatty), edge 
tools, 501 Commerce 
Beatty William T., salesman, 12 N 4th, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Beaty Caroline, widow Samuel, Front and Moore 
Beaty Hugh, laborer, 1917 South 
Beaty James, manufacturer, 1426 N 2d 
Beaty James, laborer, 2005 South 
Beaty John P., gen. ag. Philada. & Reading 
Railroad, N E Broad and Callowhill, h 33d and 
Beaty Joseph, laborer, 2039 Lombard 
Beaty Joseph P., clerk Pennsylvania Railroad, 

13th and Market, h 1729 Francis 
Beaty Robert, carpenter, 1426 N 2d 
Beaty Ruth, widow James, b h, 1003 Beach 
Beaty Samuel, 913 Rodman 
Beaty Sarah, tailoress, 826 Catharine 
Beaty William, Venetian blinds, 913 Rodman 
Beaty William, manufacturer, 1428 N 2d 
Beaugureau A., teacher drawing, 1530 Sansom, h 

1626 Summer 
Beaumont Benjamin, weaver, IT W North n 72d 
Beaumont George H., M.D., 812 Arch 
Beaumont James, clerk, 417 Vine 
Beaumont James W., burnisher, 417 Vine 
Beaumont John, cloth refinisher, h 818 N 10th 
Beaumont John S., japanner, 735 Market, h Green 

la, Roxborough 
Beaumont Joseph, Green 1, Roxbborough 
Beaumont Sykes, finisher, Haverford av n N 47th 
Beaumont Thomas, boot fitter, 419 Shippen 
Beaumont William, blacksmith, 1420 Thompson 
Beaumont William T., foreman, 1162 N 3d 
Beaur Christian, lampmaker, 31 Kessler 
Beaux John, laborer, 4 Courtland pi 
Beaux T. Adolph&, 1510 Lombard 
Beaver Adam, moulder, 1110 Ash 
Beaver Da Witt, printer, 939 S 6th 
Beaver Eliza G., widow, 1209 Filbert 
Beaver Gabriel, tailor, 1013 Randolph 
Beaver Henry, mason, Riley, Roxborough 
Beaver Meadow Railroad & Coal Co., 322 Walnut 
Beaver Samuel, polisher. Amber S Dauphin 
Beaver Samuel H., flour and feed, 126 S Delaware 

av, bds Davis Hotel 
Beaver Thomas, weaver, 1428 N 2d 
Beaver Thomas, iron manufacturer, 227 S 4th, h 

Beavies Caroline, shopkeeper, 1032 Sargeant 
Beavies Charles, tailor, 1032 Sargeant 
Beawald David, clothing store, 2114 Fairfield 
Bebberage Charles, cordwainer, 6 Gaffney's av 
Bebe Alesar, shirt manufacturer, Bank n Chest- 
nut, h 110 Dana 
Beberbick John, tailor, 1001 Hope 
Bebighams Samuel, 445 N 4th 
Bebley Alfred P., carpenter and repairing furni- 
ture, r 1224 Race, h 016 Wood 
Becher George H., salesman, 1338 Brown 
Becher Hannah, widow George, 1338 Brown 
Becher Joseph, saddler, 6th and Germantown rd 
Becher Joseph, livery stables. Diamond E Ger- 
mantown rd, h Germantown rd N Diamond 
Becher Louis, tanner, 1419 Brinton 
Becher Theodore H., salesman, 1338 Brown 
Becher William, toll-gate keeper, Germantown 

av and Wissahickon av 
Becherer Conrad, lager beer, 212 N 4th 
Becherer & Scheurle {Conrad Becherer, Albert 

Scheurh), lager beer, 212 N 4th 
Bechlar Nicholas, photographer, 1218 Market, h 

919 Mt Vernon 
Bechler George, shoemaker, 112 Poplar 

Bechler Lewis, painter, 951 N 5th, h 996 Randolph 
Bechmann Francis, blacksmith, Germantown n 

Bechman Philip, butcher, 1003 Leithgow 
Bechman Thomas J., grocer, 1102 N 3d 
Becht Gabriel, Oak ab Baker, Myk 
Becht Jacob, pocketbookmaker, York av c Wood 
Becht John J., baker. Oak ab Baker, Myk 
Becht Joseph, finisher, Oak ab Baker, Myk 
Becht Peter, hatter, 230 Thompson 
Becht Philip, tailor, 968 N 7th 
Becht AVilliam, tailor, 236 George 
Bechtel Abraham, trader, 1218 Randolph 
Bechtel A. B., dry goods, 1513 Ridge av 
Bechtel Benjamin H., grocer, 1312 S 3d 
Bechtel & Berger {Peter Bechtel, Williain Ber- 

ger), marble yard, Gtn av n Tulpehocken 
Bechtel Catharine H., b. h., 347 N 9th 
Bechtel David, carpenter, 716 N 23d 
Bechtel David B., portrait painter, 828 Spring 

Garden, h Haverford n 37th 
BechtelElizabeth, widow Jacob, 2126 Brandywine 
Bechtel & Eno {George H. Bechtel and George 

A. Eno), manuf. silver plated ware, 535 Arch 
Bechtel George F., tavern, 2350 Vine 
Bechtel George H., silver ware, 635 Arch, h 604 

Bechtel Henry M., clerk, 915 Warnock 
Bechtel Jacob, tailor, h 1429 Wood 
Bechtel James C, forkmaker, Orchard n Tacony 
Bechtel John, bartender, 2203 N 5th 
Bechtel John, machinist, Cuyler n 20th 
Bechtel John, gent, 66 N 3d 
Bechtel John, street supervisor, 805 Duane 
Bechtel John, 865 N 13th 
Bechtel John A., hide dealer, 445 N 3d 
Bechtel J. P., hides and fat, 1708 N 2d 
Bechtel Martin H., Cottage Garden Hotel, Gtn av 

bel Meetler 
Bechtel Paul, carpenter. Broad, Rox 
Bechtel Peter, marble yard, Germantown av and 

Tulpehocken, h Good, Gtn 
Bechtel William H., machinist, 911 S 3d 
Bechtel William P., woodturner, 32d ab Chestnut 
Bechten Peter, stonemason, James, Falls 
Bechter George H., silver plating, 604 Tasker 
Bechter John, turner, 855 Randolph 
Bechter Philip, bootmaker, 1624 Sansom 
Bechter Susan, widow Albert, upholsteress, 119 

N 6th 
Bechtle Christian G., baker, 314 Dean 
Bechtler Charle?, bal>er, 1120 Locust 
Bechtol Antonio, shoemaker, 24 George n St John 
Bechtold A. T. Mrs., dressmaker, 1212 Carlton 
Bechtold Gottlieb, gentleman, 1208 Wallace 
Bechtold Henry, baker, 1758 Bodine 
Bechtold William, bakery, c Penn av and Green 
Beck Adam, cabinetmaker, 1502 Mervine 
Beck Andrew, laborer, 2 Durham pi 
Beck Alexander, laborer, 1523 Pearl 
Beck Allen, salesman, Innis n Allen 
Beck Anthony, musician, 1111 Leon 
Beck Antrim C, musician, 215 Catharine 
Beck Bernhardt, bootfitter, 8 Hayward pi 
Beck & Burns {Levi BecJc, William Burns), to- 
bacconists, 828 Market 
Beck Charles A., accountant, 969 Marshall 
Beck Charles W., painter, 611 N 5th 
Beck Charles, tile manufacturer, 1237 Filbert 
Beck Charles, butcher, 1120 St John 
Beck Charles, tinsmith, 5 Summerfield pi 
Beck Charles, bookkeeper. Noble sfwhf, h 826 N 

Beck Christian, instrument maker, 417 Apple- 
tree al 

Patten's, G30 Chestunt Street. 




Beck Christian, ess. coff. maker, r 921 Lawrence Beck J. Henry, musician, 215 Catharine 

Beck Christopher, glassblower, York n Gaul 

Beck Clementine (c) , frhitewashing, 2 Brier pi 

Beck Caspar, cabinetmaker, 1305 S 8th 

Beck Daniel W., police, 1208 Cass 

Beck David, saddler, bds 713 Spring Garden 

Beck David H., printer, 331 Chestnut 

Beck & Doebely (Richard Beck and F. Doebely), 

reed and heddle manufacturers, 437 "Wildey 
Beck Edward, cabinetmaker, 1410 N 10th 
Beck Edward, plumber, Germantown av & Cottage 
Beck Eliza, widow Jacob S., gentlewoman, 924 

S 5th 
Beck Eliza, seamstress, 1313 Corn 
Beck Esther, widow George, 215 N 10th 
Beck Fidel, tailor, 410 Poplar 
Beck Francis Henry, teacher, 955 Marshall 
Beck Frederick, tailor, 621 Filbert 
Beck Frederick A., sawyer, 1113 Buttonwood 
Beck George, hotel. Rising Sun 
Beck George, laborer, 907 Ogden 
Beck George, gentleman, Lehman, Gtn 
Beck George, beef butcher, stalls 56 & 57 Farm- 
ers' Western Market 
Beck George, conductor, 1239 N 19th 
Beck George, tailor, 422 Morris 
Beck George, harnessmaker, 1037 Charlotte 
Beck George F., hotel, 24th & Vine, h 414 N 20th 
Beck George L. victualler, 1010 Buttonwood 
Beck Godley, hotel, 718 Cherry 
Beck Henry, musician, 215 Catharine 
Beck Henry, cooper, 519 Commerce, h 923 Brown 
Beck Henry, feed, 101 Peg, h St John n Noble 
Beck Henry F., feed store, 475 St John 
Beck Hudson, bookkeeper, 39 N 3d, h 416 N 3d 
Beck Isaac, carpenter, Herman, Gtn 
Beck Isaac, engineer, 1423 Parrish 
Beck Jacob, skindresser, r 1124 St John 
Beck Jacob, baker, 1736 American 
Beck Jacob, brittania ware, 1119 Ridge av 
Beck Jacob, weaver, 1346 Fraukford rd 
Beck Jacob, pianomaker, Dennis bel 2d 
Beck Jacob, merchant, 1008 S 5th 
Beck Jacob, cabinetmaker, r 143 Dana 
Beck Jacob P., stationery, 216 Callowhill 
Beck Jacob V., bookbinder, N W 4th & Race, h 

638 Ellis 
Beck James, undertaker. Centre, Gtn 
Beck James, blockmaker, Water ab Arch, h 1626 

Beck James, laborer, 733 Byard 

Beck James Madison, musician, 746 Florida 

Beck James N., music publisher, 632 Chestnut, h 
1915 Vine 

Beck James S., painter, 1007 Frankford rd 

Beck Jane, widow John, 1213 Davis 

Beck John, carpenter, 962 Warnock 

Beck John, carter, 705 Catharine 

Beck John, carpenter, Herman, Gtn 

Beck John, laborer, Fkd rd n Harrowgate 1 

Beck John, engineer, 2215 Coates 

Beck John, carpenter, 919 Ogden 

Beck John, porter, 1322 Hancock 

Beck John, machinist, 1333 N 17th 

Beck John, tailor, 1752 N 6th 

Beck John, blacksmith, 1240 Heath 

Beck John, carpenter, 1119 Montgomery av 

Beek John, carpenter, 883 Randolph 

Beck John, peddler, 1228 N 2d 

Beck John Henry, victualler, 1010 Buttonwood 

Beck John H., blacksmith, 922 Vine, h 1240 Heath 

Beck Joseph, blacksmith, 1242 Apple 

Beck J. George, stockingweaver, r Adrian bel 
Girard av 

Beck John G. S., musician, 1016 Shippen 

Beck J. Lewis, currier, 1048 Montgomery av 

Beck J. Martin, machinist, 1915 Vine 

BECK & LAWTON {James N. Beck ^ Dennis 

Laiftoji), music publishers, 632 Chestnut 
Beck Levi, tobacconist, 828 Market 
Beck Lewis, cutler, 425 York av 
Beck Lewis, shoemaker, 6 Graden 
Beck Lewis, gent. 1010 Buttonwood 
Beck Lewis, cedar cooper, 608 Callowhill 
Beck Louis, engineer, 1201 Coates 
Beck Louis, cutler, 309 Race, h 425 York av 
Beck Lewis D., baker, 148 Richmond 
Beck Matilda, widow Robert, b. house, 801 Race 
Beck Maria, widow Richard, 519 St John 
Beck Martin, machinist, 821 Charlotte 
Beck Martin, crimper, 624 Peach 
Beck Mary, widow Jacob, Frankford n Bridge 
Beck Mary, washer, r 1026 Rodman 
Beck Mary W., widow Charles, 913 N 11th 
Beck Matthias, stockingmaker, 47 Otter 
Beck Moses, butcher, 11th & Spring Garden, h 

2138 Thouron 
Beck Moses F., victualler, 1010 Buttonwood 
Beck Peter, jr., upholsterer, 1201 Coates 
Beck Peter, cakebaker, 1201 Coates 
Beck Peter, butcher, Callowhill n Broad, h 917 

Beek Peter A., clerk, 18 N 4th, h 1330 Carlton 
Beck Peter A., butcher, Callowhill Mkt n N 15th, 

h 917 Noble 
Beck Philip, framemaker, r 2311 Hamilton 
Beck Peter H., upholsterer, 141 S 8th & Walnut, h 

260 S 2d 
Beck Richard, reed & heddlemaker, 414 Richmond 
Beck Samuel, mer. 13 Bank, h 2130 Spruce 
Beck Samuel, undertaker. Centre, Gtn 
Beck Samuel, carpenter, Herrftan, Gtn 
Beck Samuel, carter, 705 Catharine 
Beck Samuel H., painter, 519 St John 
Beck Susan, teacher, 459 S Front 
Beck Theodore, clerk, 929 Moyamensing av 
Beck Theodore, shoemaker, 1210 Hamilton 
Beek Theodore F., elk. 335 Market, h 1230 N 7tli 
Beck Theodore R., carpenter, 815 Girard av 
Beck Thomas, baker, 335 Richmond 
Beck Thomas A., bookkeeper, 1612 Green 
BECK THOMAS B., hay, straw, & feed, 341 & 

343 N Front, h 1612 Green 
Beck Thomas H., drayman, Champion pi 
Beck T. B., flour & feed store, S E South & Gray's 

Ferry rd, h Green n 16th 
Beck Walter, laborer, 221 Quarry 
Beck William, painter, 923 Brown 
Beck William, dyer, 410 Poplar 
Beck William, carpenter, S E Broad & Button- 
wood, h 955 Marshall 
Beck William, carter, 705 Catharine 
Beck William Adam, engineer. Champion pi 
Beck William P., blacksmith, 2104 Summer 
Beckel G. W., salesm. 807 Chestnut, h 602 N 13th 
Beckenbach John, forem. City Gas AVks. 617 N 6th 
Beckenbach Robert, cordw. 601 St John 
Beckendorff Lewis, M.D., 1023 N 4th 
Beckenridge Robert, liquor deal. 1442 Callowhill 
Becker Augustus, cordwainer, 1325 N 2d 
Becker Bernard, tailor, 308 N 8th - 
Becker Charles, bookbinder, 410 Rugan 
Becker Charles, porter, 710 Mkt. h 614 AVeaver 
Becker Ernest, teach, mus. Milflin ab Oxford 
Becker Eustus, butcher, 1237 N 5th 
Becker George, helper, 6th c Dauphin 
Becker George A., tailor, Dauphin E of Amber 
Becker George J., teacher, Girard College 
Becker Gideon, sawyer, 1203 Callowhill 

'Window Sliacles and Curtuin Goods, Wholesale and Retail; 




Becker Henry, cabinetmr. r 725 S 4tli 

Becker Henry, stonemason, Mifflin, F Sch 

Becker Henry, manuf. 425 Moyer 

Becker Isaac, salesm. 29 N 3d, h 335 Green 

Becker Jacob, gent. 1335 N 2d 

Becker Jacob, shoemaker, N "W 10th & Parrish 

Becker Jacob, tailor, 1237 Apple 

Becker Jeremiah A., tailor. S W c 9th & Wood 

Becker Joseph, leather finisher, 106 Vine 

Becker Jeremiah A., bookk. 615 Market, h 310 

N 9th 
Becker Leopold, tailor, 329 N 10th 
Becker Moses, whols. clothing, 29 N 3d, h 335 

Becker Xathan, 325 N 3d, h 1332 Sp Garden 
Becker Philip, lampmr. 2 Beckel av 
Becker Philip, saddlery & harness, 314 N 3d 
Becker &, Steppacher {Henry Becker ^ Joseph 

SteppaeJier) , lager beer brewers, F Sch & 1310 

& 1312 N 10th 
Becker William, lampmaker, 923 Lafayette 
Becker William, cordw. 202 N Front, h 107 Race 
Beckers William, seaman, 134 Denmark 
Becket Isaac (c), laborer, 224 Currant al 
Becket Thomas, dramat. Beckwith ab Catharine 
Beckett Andrew, coachman, 2 Carney's av 
Beckett Daniel C., shingledr. 1221 Marlborough 
Beckett Francis, tailor, 17 Annapolis 
Beckett Henry L., mer. 122 S 7th 
Beckett Isaac, waiter, 601 Mintzer 
Beckett John T., carter, r 1247 Marlborough 
Beckett Margaret (c), widow Isaac, 1712 Vasey 
Beckett Robert, laborer, 206 Queen 
Beckett Samuel, gent. 610 Annapolis 
Beckett Thomas J., supt Musical Fund Hall, 810 

Beckett William, tailor, 706 Richmond 
Beckhurdt A. S., gent. 1027 Charlotte 
Beckhaus & Allgaier (Joseph Bechhans if John 

Allgaier), coach builders, 1204 Frankford av 
Beckhaus Joseph, carriage maker, Frankford av 

ab Girard av. 20 E Girard av 
Beckhorn Mary, shop, 856 S Front 
BecklerE., brewery, N W 11th & Oxford 
Beckler George, tavern, 1102 Girard av 
Beckler John, grocer, 318 Crown 
Beckler Susan, widow Anthony, 1223 Heath 
Beckley Ann, tailoress, 1229 S 3d 
Beckley Charles, tanner, 1503 N 6th 
Beckley Jacob, dry goods, 1920 Callowhill 
Beckley Michael, bootmaker, 812 Auburn 
Beckley Nicholas, tailor, 334 Stanley 
Beckman Albert, manuf., 969 N 2d bel Diamond 
Beckman August, brushmaker, 1205 Girard av 
Beckman Albert W., clerk, 1102 N 3d 
Beckman Charles, clerk, 303 Market, h Gatchel's pi 
Beckman Charles, segar store, 212 Poplar 
Beckman Christian, baker, 1320 Pritchard 
Beckman Daniel, gent. Galloway n George 
Beckman Daniel J., news agent, 1102 N 3d 
Beekman Francis, grocer, 401 Girard av 
Beckman Frank, blacksmith, 1645 Germantownrd 
Beckman Frank, coach lace maker, 1510 Cadwal- 

Beckman James, conductor, 2152 Thouron 
Beckman John, shoemaker, 127 Callowhill, h 10 

Colwell pi 
Beckman John F., scalemaker, r 1219 Poplar 
Beckman Joseph, groceries, Ac, 313 Cherry 
Beckman Nicholas, scalemaker, r 1219 Poplar 
Beckman Philip, laborer, N 5th ab Dauphin 
Beckman William, planemaker, 969 N 2d bel Dia- 
Beckman William H., salesman, 313 Cherry 
Beckmyre William, carpenter, 1218 S Wheat 

Beckt F., laborer, 140 Craven 
Beckum William, weaver, Hancock n Dauphin 
Beckus John W., gent. 1748 Callowhill 
Becrafts Thomas H., broommaker, 929 Market 
Becroft George, blacksmith, 2 Ralston 
Bedder Harriet, tailoress, r 339 Shippen 
Bedder Joseph, furniture store, 1444 Frankford av 
Beddow Benjamin, huckster, 2d S Diamond 
Beddow George Henry, confectioner, N 2d S Dia- 
Beddow Joseph William, salesman, N 2d S Dia- 
Bedell William, gent. 1102 Wallace 
Beden David, patternmaker, 2105 Callowhill 
Beden Robert, weaver, 2105 Callowhill 
Beden William, machinist, 2105 Callowhill 
Bedenk Adam, baker, 910 Filbert 
Bedichermer Henry, dealer, 1021 N 3d 
Bedford Alexander (c), shoemaker, 930 Catharine 
Bedford Alexander J. (c), brickmaker, Allen n 

Bedford Benjamin, painter, h 972 N 5th 
Bedford Isaac, real estate agent, 2303 CaUowhill 
Bedford Isaac F., bricklayer, 321 Noble 
Bedford Thomas, gent. 608 Dillwyn 
Bedford Theodore (c), hominy, Metcalf 
Bedford William, gent. 811 Sansom 
Bedford William G., real estate agent, Stocker n 

Washington av 
Bedford H., widow William J., 1633 Race 
Bedlock Edward, conveyancer, 715 Walnut, h 

Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Bedloe James N., clerk, Galloway n George 
Bedweff John, clerk, 146 N 2d 
Beebe Ann Mrs., gentw. 518 N 11th 
Beebe Jessie C, 1703 Walnut 
Beebe Eleazar, cutter, 14 Bank, h 110 Dana 
Beeby Charles, clerk, 12 N 3d, h Stockton, N J 
Beeby John, baker, 11 Fairfax pi 
Beech Elizabeth, Warren n N 37th 
Beech Mary, widow Ralph, 1502 Poplar 
Beecham M., old brass & copper, 148 N Water 
BEECHER A. P., ambr. and phot, materials, 109 

S 4th, bds 1004 Chestnut 
Beecher Charles, saddler, 6th S Germantown rd 
Beecher Jacob F., salesman, 47 N 3d. h 1539 N 

Beecher Samuel F., salesman, 308 Market, h 504 

Beecher Samuel W., machinist, 2206 Wood, h 

Carlton ab 22d 
Beechey Alfred B., glassblower, 1361 Montgom- 
ery av 
Beechler Jacob, lampmaker, 2 Beckel av 
Beeck William, carpenter, 1339 Warnock 
Beecroft Catharine, confectioner, Germantown av 

S of Diamond 
Beecroft Frances, woollen spinner, Germantown 

av S of Diamond 
Beecroft Margaret, widow John, Amanda pi 
Beeger Joseph, bellhanger, 1701 N 4th 
Beeham Lawrence, laborer. Cotton, Myk 
Beehler Frederick, tanner, 610 Master 
Beehler Lewis, hostler, 1430 Prospect 
Beehler Michael, carpenter, r 1416 Barclay 
Beehler Tobias Mrs., wid. Tobias, h 536 Mar- 
Beehler Valentine, tailor, 1527 N 11th 
Beehler William, victualler, 1519 Mascher 
Beehs J., lager beer, 1114 Master 
Beek Ann, 1 Providence pi 
Beek Henry, conibmaker, 915 N 13th 
Beeken Carl, physician, 411 Wood 
Beeker Jos. sadler. 305 Branch, h G T av n 6th 
Beekler Jacob, hairdresser, 1124 South 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street* 




Beekley Maria, widow David, dressmaker, 1133 

Beekley Xathan S., bookkeeper, Market n 40th 
Beekman Nicholas, laborer, G-atcbel pi 
Beeks Albert G., real estate agt, 678 N 13th 
Beeler Charles H., wood engraver, 411 S 18th 
Beeler Charles H., gentleman, 1014 Swanson 
Beeler John, baker, 1801 Callowhill 
Beeler John, tailor, 6 Hayward pi 
Been Jacob, farmer. Ridge av, Ros 
Beenken Daniel, grocer, 411, & h 704 Callowhill 
Beenken John, 533 Franklin 
Beenken John, jr., grocer, 843 Callowhill, h 802 

Beer Henry, boxmaker. 1506 5th 
Beer John, carpenter, 731 South 
Beer Martin, bedding, 609 Girard av 
Beer Sarah, milliner, 731 South 
Beerbrewer Francis, beef butcher, stall 50 Jf 2d 

st market, h N 3d n Franklin 
Beere Rachel, widow James, 613 Carpenter 
Beerhalter Morris, musician, 708 X 2d 
Beerly Mar_y, widow Jacob L., r 513 Cresson 
Beers David, painter, N E c 9th and Parrish, h 903 

Beers Henry T., painter, York n Fkd av 
Beers John D., lumber inspector, 1332 Ellsworth 
Beers Joseph, porter, 3 Rementer's al 
Beers Samuel, clerk, 1332 Ellsworth 
Beers AYilliam, painter, 1635 Moravian 
Beers "Wm. A., manuf. oils and car grease, 22 S 

Water, h 1923 Mount Vernon 
Beerwald Augustus, clothing store, 328 South 
Beerwald Ellas, clothing, 1S26 Market, h 328 

Beerwald Solomon, 328 South 
Beeseliebre TTm. C, engraver, 615 Tamarind 
Beesinser Philip, drv goods, 460 N 2d 

436 Walnut, h 32 N 11th 
Beesley Catharine. 1124 Sheaff al 
Beesley Edward, shoemaker, 14 X 12th 
Beesley Edward, carter, r919 Marshall 
Beesley James, shoe store, 14 X 12th 
Beesley John, laborer, 1124 Sheaff al 
Beesley Mary, widow Lawle, produce, stalls 278 

and 280 Western market, h loth ab Chestnut 
Beesley JIarv Ann, huckster, S 15th n Chestnut 
Beesley Theophilus E.,.M. D., 32 X 11th 
Beesley Thomas, shoemaker, 14 X 12th 
Beesley Wm., eating, d., sec 3 Shippen market 
Beesley William, tailor, 720 Moss 
Beeslievre John A., jeweler, 714 Washington av 
Beeston Joseph, sawyer, X E c 40th and Darby 

Beeson Edwin M., perfumer, 608 S Juniper 
Beet John, painter, 214 Chester 
Beeth Robert, blacksmith, 1039 Parker 
Beever Robert, weaver, 7 Baker 
Beever S. H., flour and feed store, S Del av bel 

Chestnut, bds Davis Hotel 
Beez Frederick, cordwainer, 1400 X 5th 
Beez Jacob, wine and lager beer, 1400 X 5th 
Beez Jacob, jr., cordwainer, 1400 X 5th 
Beez John, baker, 1131 X 2d 
Beezy William, gentleman, 126 Pine 
Befang Benedict, cooper, 531 Vincent 
Begerfeldt John, dealer, 1126 St John 
Beggard John, gentleman, 912 Warnock 
Beggs Elias, gentleman, 938 X Tenth 
Beggs James J., clerk, 136 Green 
Beggs John, blacksmith and wheelwright, 340 N 

Front, h 136 Green 
Beggs Josejjh, Rev., Ridge av, Rox 
BEGGS & ROWLAND {Jo/i?t. Beggs a?id Peter 

S. Iloivla?id), wagon manufactorv, 338, 340, & 

342 X Front 
Beggs William F., wheelright, 340 X Front, h 

136 Green 
Begley Charles, painter, 39 Prime 
Begley Charles T., painter, X E Dock & 2d, h X 

W Otsego ct Prime 
Begley James, grocer, 1164 S 11th 
Begley John, laborer, 906 X 19th 
Begley John, moulder, 1406 X 10th 
Begley Joseph, painter, 152 Wilmer 
Begley Marcus, clerk, 1807 Lombard 
Begley Michael, laborer. 2048 Jones 
Begley Samuel M., shopkeeper, 1300 S loth 
Beglev Thomas, merchant, 242 Catharine 
Begley Thomas S., salesman, 50 S 2d, h 124 

Beglev Thomas, sr., gentleman, 620 Paul 
Begley & Wood {Charles T. Begley if U. H. 

IVood) , sign painters, N E Dock & 2d 
Beh Charles, morocco dresser. Sowers 
Beh Frederick, shoemaker, r 845 McGrath 
Behal Solomon, leathers, 152 Brown 
Behle Francis, cordwainer. Glazier pi 
Behm & Craig [JVilliam Belim 4- James Craig), 

William Penn Hotel, 831 Market 
Behn Thomas, shoemaker, 335 Jarvis 
Behncke Frederick, cedar cooper, r 216 S 5th 
Behncke John C, r 215 S 5th 
Behnke John, carter, 1675 S Front 
Behr Joseph, grocer, 428 Buttonwood 
Behrens William, segarmaker, 809 Auburn 
Behring Caspar H., agent & collector, 1014 Ogden 
Behringer John, fringemaker, r 915 Hamilton 
Behrmann William, segar dealer, 907 St John 
Beichert Frank, driver, 601 N 3d 
Beichert Frederick, saddler, 603 N 3d, h 601 X 3d 
Beichter Chi-istian, tavern, 135 Coates 
Beidelman Charles, 516 X 10th 
Beidelman Chas. J., jr., paperhanger, 516 X 10th 
Beidelman Daniel, mer. 703 Market, h 1015 Green 
Beidelman Daniel, jr., 1015 Green 
Beidelman Franklin, tailor, 246 Richmond 
Beidelman George W., printer, 1126 Girard av 

■mail if Arthur Hcn/icar^l), grocers, 703 Market 
Beidelman Isaac, clerk, 121 American ab Osford- 
Beidelman J. Wilmer, clerk, 703 Market, h 1015 

Beideman Daniel S., 209 Vine 
Beideman George W., provisions, 151 Coates 
Beideman Henry, chairmaker, 716 X Market 
Beideman Isaac, porter, 1626 American 
Beideman Jacob, laborer, 408 Culvert 
Beideman R. S., shipwright, 126 Allen 
Beidenmiller John, victualler, 1431 X 6th 
Beidenman Peter J., artist, 1233 Cherry 
Beidler <t Beck {Joseph Beidhr t^ Henry Beclc), 

feed & grain, 101 Peg 
Beideler Jacob, weaver. Edina pi 
Beidler Joseph, feed, 101 Peg, & GT av i Dauphin 
Beidler Milton, carman, 959 Darien 
Beideman William R., glassblower, 1133 Vienna 
Beier John, basketmaker, r 1123 X 2d 
Beierle George, upholsterer, 1022 Carlton 
Beierlein Henry, metal spinner, 1419 Stiles 
Beig Frederick, blacksmith, 3 Benedict pi 
Beig George, eoachpainter, 3 Benedict pi 
Beigh Peter, locksmith, 1105 X 3d 
Beightle Henry, baker, 213 X 10th 
Beiha Ludwig, laborer, 453 Charles 
Bein Augustus, cabinetmaker, 1205 S 5th 
Beine Charles, contractor, 631 Master 
Beine William J., liquor dealer, 1401 X 7th 
Beierlin Adolph, cabinetmaker, 4 Selma pi 

G41t Coriiices) Bancis) Gimpsi Tassels, Fringes, and Ctirfaiii Goods? 




Beirnaas William, 'baker, 1222 Parrish 

Beise Henry, slater, 1805 Rhoads 

Beisel Frederick B., bookkeeper, 441 Market, h 

1004 Chestnut 
Beisel George, carriagemaker, 1308 Marshall 
Beisel James M., salesman, 223 X Jumper 
Beisel Peter, beershop, 231 Callowhill 
Beisery Michael, baker, 620 N 25th 
Beishlag George, butcher, stall 261 Western Mar- 
ket, h Woodland n Walnut 
Beishlag John, butcher, stall 228 Western Mar- 
ket, h40th & Crane 
Beishlag John, butcher, Banker pi n Warren 
Beishlag Thomas, butcher, stall 84 & 86 Western 

Market, h Miller n Warren 
Beisner Henry, shoemaker, 11 Prime 
Beisser Bernard, shoemaker, 1236 Ellsworth 
Beiser Henry L., baker, 1524 Race 
Beisser John L., baker, 1524 Race 
Beisswanger Gotleib, lager beer, 1129 N 2d 
Beisswanger Jacob, boxmaker, h 522 N Front 
Beisswanger J. C, lager beer, 1140 Coates 
Beisswanger Jacob, porkbutcher, stalls 57 & 59 

Western Market, h Lancaster pike n 21st 
Beitel George J., confectioner, 152 N 8th 
Beitel George W., sign painter, 130 X 4th, h 909 

Beitel James L., morocco shaver, 909 Hutchinson 
Beitel John, shoemaker, 811 Brown 
Beitel John, furniture wagons, Ludlow bel 32d 
Beitel John H., engine turning, 215 Walnut, h 

152 N 8th 
Beitel Joseph L., skindresser, 909 Hutchinson 
Beitel & Shantz {J. H. Bntel iV H. H. Shantz), 

engine turning, 216 Walnut 
Beitler Abraham, 1509 Filbert 
Beitler August, shoemaker, 1 Bowery pi 
BEITLER DAVID, alderman, 34 S 7th 
Beitler Daniel B., tavern, 1619 Market 
Beitler Franc;.?, lampmaker, 1028 R,andolph 
Beitler Joseph, coal dealer, 240 N Broad, h 1509 

Beitner Frederick, tinsmith, 325 Wood 
Belair Louis D., gentleman, 332 Coates 
Belcher Augustus, clerk. 1202 Green 
Belcher Elizabeth, widow Joseph, 1205 Green 
Belcher Frederick, clerk, 1026 Washington av 
Belcher John, matchmaker. Sower's ct 
Belcher Joseph, laborer. Mill n Orchard 
Belcher Samuel, laborer, Willow n Foulkrod 
Belcher Thoma.^, mer 1012 Pine 
Belcher Thomas H., salesman, 1012 Pine 
Belcher William, brickmaker, 1906 Wilcox 
Belcher William, packer, 137 X 3d, h 949 Xew 

Belchey Obadiah B., gardr. 1361 Montgomery av 
Belden Frederick M., broommaker, 929 Market 
Belder Ferdinand, machinist, 6 Wheelock pi 
Beldon Joseph, huckster, 1837 Spruce 
Beldor Hannah, teacher, 1108 Pine 
Belfield Henry, brass founder. Broad ab Noble, 

h 621 X 12th 
BELFIELD H. & CO. (Henry Belfield, G. Rush 

Duer, (^ T. Broom Belfield), bra^s founders, 

Broad ab Noble 
Belfield John, machine card mr. 5 Lagrange 
Belfield T. Broom, brass founder. Broad ab Noble, 

h 621 N 12th 
Belford George, coal, 136 Walnut, h Mauch 

Belford Jane, widow George, 2031 Murray 
Belford John, painter, Fisher n Lehigh av 
Belford ilary, dressmaker, 918 Randolph 
Belford Michael, plumber, 918 Randolph 
Belford Sarah, tasselmaker, 2031 Murray 

Belford James, plumber & gasfitter, 142 X 6th, h 

918 Randolph 
Beling John, blacksmith, 1605 Walters 
Beling John jr., farmer, 1605 Walters 
Belknap Alfred M., salesman, 221 Market, bds 

Union Hotel 
Belknap Elizabeth, widow Stephen, 913 Melon 
Belknap Eunice, teach, pub. school, 913 Melon 
Belknap Mary, teacher music, 913 Melon 
Belknap Samuel C, salesman, 419 Market, h 517 

Belknap Stephen H., jeweler, 910 Coates, h 913 

Belknap W. H., salesman, 246 Market, h 517 Arch 
Bell Aaron, whitewasher, 1530 Carlton 
Bell Abraham, sext. Trinity Church, 1 Beckel av 
Bell Adolph. carver, Frankford av ab Ann 
Bell Alexander, bookbinder, 3 Bowery pi 
Bell Alexander, grocer, 2028 Coates 
Bell Alexander, carpenter, 1908 Wilcox 
Bell Alexander AV., milk depot, 161 X 9th 
Bell Alexander, bookbinder, 232 Arch, h Dugan 

bel Spruce 
Bell Alexander (c), whitewasher, 1622 Mervine 
Bell Andrew J., tobacconist, 508 Poplar 
Bell Ann, widow David, 113 Bread 
Bell Arthur, hatter, 1438 Germantown av 
Bell Benjamin (c), waiter, 826 Shippen 
Bell Bridget, widow James, 2138 Lombard 
Bell Caleb, porter, r 730 CuUen 
Bell Charles E., carpenter, r 1858 Germantown av 
Bell Charles W., clerk, 727 Chestnut, h 1014 

Bell Clara, 1234 Girard av 
Bell Daniel, policeman, 604 Cressen 
Bell David, machinist, 113 Bread 
Bell David, compositor, 632 Fisher 
Bell David H., cabinetmaker, 1630 Barker 
Bell Edward, confectioner, 900«X 19th 
Bell Edward (c), whitewasher, 1530 Carlton 
Bell Elijah, wheelwright, 132 Dock, h 115 Almond 
Bell Elizabeth, seamstress, 335 Shippen 
Bell Elizabeth, widow Thomas, Church n Taeka 

Bell Elizabeth (c), widow Ccesar, 712 Bedford 
Bell Ephraim (c), barber, 1023 Lombard 
Bell E. M. Mrs., 1419 Locust 
Bell Frank B., salesman, 531 Market, h 867 X 7th 
Bell Francis, collector, 1803 Lombard 
Bell George, clerk, 1814 Penn av 
Bell George, druggist, 13th & Market 
Bell George, printer, 803 Race 
Bell George, 714 Wood 
Bell George R., clerk. X W 13th k Callowhill, h 

1814 Pennav 
Bell Harry E., clerk, 327 Arch, h 115 Almond 
Bell Henry, moulder, 1220 Randolph 
Bell Hester, 1009 Winter 
Bell H., wid Richard, Mattson pi 
Bell Isaac, carpenter, 1902 Xaudain 
Bell Isaac, driver, 303 N 20th 
Bell James, salesman, 521 E Xorth 
Bell James, cotton stripper, 517 X 23d 
Bell James farmer, X 40th n Market 
Bell James, dry goods, 2000 Callowhill 
Bell James, drayman, 1 Ashton pi 
Bell James, salesm. 424 Market, h States U Hotel 
Bell James, bootfitter, 1224 Peters 
Bell James, laborer, James, Falls Sch 
Bell James, farmer, stall 00 Callowhill st market, 

h Gloucester co 
Bell James, weaver. Sergeant c Coral 
Bell James, drover, 1728 Christian 
Bell James, gent. 1345 X Front 
Bell James E., clerk, 306 AValnut, h Beverly 

Patten's, 630 Chestnnt Street. 




Bell James S., clerk, 3 Bissel's pi 

Bell James S., plasterer, 1504 Moyamensing av 

Bell James W., carpenter, 401 Spruce 

Bell J. Lowrie, clerk, Phila & R R R, N E Broad 

& Callowhill, h 268 S 16tli 
Bell J. Snowden, bookkeeper, 45 N Front, h 

1419 Spruce 
Bell Jane, wid James, 1208 Brinton 
Bell Jane, weaver, Norris E Amber 
Bell John, lab. James, Falls Sch 
Bell John, cabinetmaker, 117 Walnut, h Gtn 

av ab 5th 
Bell John, cabinetmaker, 102 Christian 
Bell John, weaver, 1522 Palethorp 
Bell John, sawyer, 1014 Montgomery av 
Bell John, weaver, Wamly pi 
Bell John, elk. Adams' ex. h N "VT 37th & York 
Bell John, drover, 1728 Christian 
Bell John, M D. 727 Spruce 
Bell John, sawmaker, Columbia av ab American 
Bell John, 714 Wood 
Bell John, lastmaker, 113 Bread 
Bell John, collector, 1123 Fitzwater 
Bell John, tax col. 132 S 3d 

Bell John, boxmaker, 4 Elbow la, h 9th & Market 
Bell John, 835 Market 
Bell John, house carp, 803 Race 
Bell John, painter, 1 Dart pi 
Bell John M. (c), secondhand clothing, 268 S 2d, 

h Russell n S 8th 
Bell John P., stock broker, 314-i Walnut, h 1632 

N 17th 
Bell JohnT., gent. 1115 Girard 
Bell John W., coach painter & millinery, 1234 

Girard av 
Bell Jonathan, moulder, Irvin bel School, Bridesb 
Bell Joseph, printer, 1014 Montgomery av 
Bell Joseph, moulder, 1219 Callowhill, h 1645 

N 12th 
Bell Joseph R., sandpaper mr. r 1858 Gtn av 
Bell Leonard K., custom house, 145 N 10th 
Bell Levi H., flour, 325 South 
Bell Margaret, wid James, 1628 Carver 
Bell Marshall (c), tailor, 710 Hubbell 
Bell Mary, wid John, 1628 Cabot 
Bell Mary, wid Robert, 1332 N Front 
Bell Mary, wid Henry, confect'r, Gtn rd n Norris 
Bell May H., wid James H. Ill Queen 
Bell Matthew, laborer, N E Broad & Noble, h 8 

Bunting's av 
Bell N., carter, Adrian n Thompson 
Bell Peter, broom mr. 2 Cowperthwait pi 
Bell Peter, jr., broom mr. 2 Cowperthwait pi 
Bell Philidore S., student at law, 226 S 4th, h 

867 N 7th 
Bell & Read {Emline Bell, A. S. Read), pawn- 
brokers, S W c 8th & Fitzwater 
Bell Rebecca, spooler, 759 S Juniper 
Bell Richard, salesman, 2 d n Noble, h 867 N 7th 
Bell Richard, clerk, 460 N 2d 
Bell Richard, bricklayer, Mattson pi 
Bell Robert, oyster house. Federal n Broad 
Bell Robert, bkkr. 410 Brown, h 1220 Randolph 
Bell Robert, waiter, 730 Espey 
Bell Robert, grocer, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Robert B., cabinetmaker, 520 N 10th 
Bell Robert J., bookkeeper. Goldsmiths' Hall, h 

137 N 6th 
Bell Samuel, paying teller Fmr's & Mech's bk, h 

623 N 18th 
Bell Samuel, clerk, 424 Market, bds States Union 

Bell Samuel, laborer, 325 German 
Bell Samuel, printer, 1609 Winter 
Bell Samuel, butcher, Rittenhouse, Gtn 

Bell Samuel, bricklayer, 1938 Lombard 
Bell Samuel, flour and feed, 538 N 2d 
Bell Samuel, clerk, 1037 S 4th 
Bell Samuel, jr., mer. 108 S Del av, h 268 S 16th 
Bell Samuel A., carpenter, 401 Spruce 
Bell Samuel S., carpenter, 1240 S 5th 
Bell Samuel T. C, bedding, N E 4th and Cal- 
Bell Samuel W., teller Fmr's & Mech's bk, h 620 

N 18th 
Bell Sarah M., grocer, 1902 Market 
Bell Sarah, wid Alexander, Gtn av ab Franklin 
Bell Solenia, milliner, 1804 Wood 
Bell Soloman (c), waiter, 232 Prosperous al 
Bell Sterling, mer. 108 S Del av, h 268 S I6th 
Bell Thomas, stock broker, 305 Walnut, h 311 S 

Bell Thomas, druggist, N Manheim, Gtn 
Bell Thomas, butcher, 64 sec 3 Shippen Market. 

h 702 S 4th 
Bell Thomas, builder, 1912 Lombard 
Bell Thomas, grocer, 1113 N 2d 
Bell Thomas, shoe store, 848 S 2d 
Bell Thomas, hostler, Perth n Poplar 
Bell Thomas (c) , upholsterer, 255 Schell 
Bell Thomas F., auctr. 139 S 4th, h 908 Arch 
Bell Thomas H., 1314 S 6th 
Bell Thomas J., sandpaper maker, r 1858 Gtn av 
Bell Walter, printer, 719 Federal 
Bell Walter D., mer. 1031 Arch 
Bell William, bartender, Fkd rd n Huntingdon 
Bell William, weaver, Norris E of Amber 
Bell William, engineer, 1619 Richard 
Bell William, 1002 Pine 
Bell William, hotel, 1603 Lombard 
Bell William, laborer, r 718 Mintzer 
Bell William, shoemaker, Galloway n Canal 
Bell William, carpenter, 1543 Cadbury av 
Bell William, carpenter, 1914 Lombard 
Bell William, dyer, 1233 Shippen 
Bell William, machinist, 766 Taylor 
Bell William, machinist, 1551 Callowhill 
Bell William, photographer, 1137 S 9th 
Bell William A., carpenter. Summer, Rox 
Bell William A., watchcase maker, 944 Swanson 
Bell William H., carpenter, 1 Greble's av 
Bell William M., trunkmaker, 755 S 3d 
Bell William P., bricklayer, 2213 Ridge av 
Bell William S., fisherman, 1014 Montgomery av 
Bell William W., printer, 1103 Carlton 
Bell William W., bricklayer, 2213 Ridge av 
Bell W. Dwight, iron pipes, 207 N Water, h N E 

11th and Arch 
Bellajo John, 711 Buttonwood 
Bellak James, piano dealer, 279 & 281 S 5th 
Bellanger Benjamin, laborer, 3 Freytag's al 
Bellangee Benjamin, bricklayer, 414 Green 
Bellangee Isaac, bricklayer, 414 Green 
Bellanger Thomas, skindresser, 807 N 7th 
Bellas Mai-y Ann, widow James, 156 N 15th 
Bellas Thomas, 1805 Arch 

Bellem William, carter, Hancock S of Diamond 
Bellerjean Henry, brushmaker, 416 Crown 
Bellerjean Jacob, brushmaker, 1305 N 2d 
Bellerjean John, machinist, 1440 Fkd av 
Bellerjean John, clerk, Buttonwood ab Franklin 
Bellerjean Susan, widow Samuel, dry goods, 942 

Bellew James, laborer, 2508 Pine 
Bellew John, laborer, 25th n Lombard 
Bellew Patrick, hostler, 2324 Lombard 
Bellfor Henry, weaver, 1440 Hope 
Belling Andrew, combmaker, 402 Thompson 
Belling Anne, widow Andrew, 432 Moyer 
Bellinger Frederick, butch. Hancock S Diamond 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street* Window Shuclcsi 




Bellinger Gotlieb, butcher, Hancock S Diamond 
Bellingham Elizabeth, trimming st. 1803 Lombard 
Bellingham John G., machiu. 13-15 Brandywine 
Bellis George, hotel, S W 5th & Race 
Bellis Henry, stairbuilder, 507 Powell 
Bellman Charles, confectionery, 608 S 3d 
Bellmare William, machinist, 1622 Cambridge 
Bellows A. Jackson, salesman, 307 Arch, h 621 

Bellows Horace M., M.D., 722 N 8th 
Bellows John S., clerk, 722 N 8th 
BELLOWS MARTIN, boot dealer, 413 Com- 
merce, h 722 N 8th 
Bellows William H., clerk, 722 N 8th 
Bellows William K., printer, 621 Coates 
Bellwoar Frank, laborer, 2128 Market 
Bellwoar John, baker, 1919 Coates 
Bells John, laborer, Adam bel Sellers 
Bellsnick Eliza, widow, 1044 Beach 
Belren John, shoemaker, 2 Mureus pi 
Belrose Frank, gentleman, 148 N 20th 
Belrose & Marston (Leu-is Belrose i^- John Mars- 
to7i,jr.), manufacturers of paper hangings, S 
W Catharine & 11th 
Belrose John, clerk, 1068 Germantow;n av 
Belrose Louis, manufacturer of paper hang. S W 

Catharine & 11th 
Belrose Thomas, paperhanger, Pratt n 41st 
Belrose William, gentleman, 148 N 20th 
Belshaw James, jr., laborer, 1910 Bedford 
Belshaw John, carpenter, 2026 Naudain 
Belshaw Margaret, widow James, 1910 Bedford 
Belshaw Richard, finisher, 1910 Bedford 
Belshe James, plasterer, 1 Treaty av 
Belsher Alfred, sawmaker, 1326 Crease 
Belsinger Philip, dry goods, 970 N 2d 
Belsinger Lazarus, clerk, 460 N 2d 
Belson Richard, cl'k, 1210 Market, h 1309 Ogden 
Belson Richard W , foreman, 1309 Ogden 
Belsor Frederick B. P., moulder, 1309 Ogden 
Belsterling Henry, cooper, 102 Coates 
Belsterling John F., Vice-Pres. Jeff. Fire Ins. 

Co., S E 3d & Buttonwood 
Belsterling William F., conductor, 14 Salmon 
Belsting Henry J., tinsmith, Gtn avbel School 
Belt G., conductor, 220 S 9th 
Belt R. Grafton, jr., 220 S 9th 
Belt R. G., M.D., 1328 Columbia av 
Belt Solomon (c), waiter, Merchants' Hotel 
Beltz Adam, carpenter, 1 Carvery ct 
Beltz Matthias, lager beer saloon. Bridge, Bdg 
Beltz Peter, furrier, 1109 Ridge av 
Beltz Samuel, dealer, 1015 Dorrance 
Belville Thomas J., bricklayer, 556 N 17th 
Belvy Francis (c), driver, 622 S 3d 
Belwell James, driver, 908 N 19th 
Belyer Salina, widow, 8th ab Columbia av 
Belz Albert, lager beer, 245 N 3d 
Belz Leonard, tailor, 855 Charlotte 
Belzer Adam, glassblower, 1239 Columbia av 
Belzer Henry, laborer, 1239 Columbia av 
Bembridge Robert, grocer, c Ella & Amber 
BEMENT & DOUGHERTY (WUliavi B. Bement 
(^ Jwmes Dougherty), manufacturers of ma- 
chinists' tools, 2029 Callowhill 
Bement William B., machinists' tools, 2029 Cal- 
lowhill, h 1818 Green 
Bementea Eliza, widow Henry, produce, 17 S 2d 

st Market, h 11 Plover 
Bemer Anthony, carter, 1818 Girard av 
Bemis George, laborer, Centre ab Schaffer 
Bemmer Jacob, laborer, Cameron pi 
Benader William H., Rev., 607 N 16th 
Benagan Michael, tailor, 1219 Hamilton 
Benan AVilliam H., painter. Bin pike, Lagrange 

Benard Riley, silversmith, 1505 State 
Bence Jacob, driver, Adrian n Thompson 
Bench Sarah E., widow John, dressmaker, Frank- 
ford av n Orleans 
Bencker Conrad E., shoemaker, 940 S Front 
Benckert David, machinist, Lancaster av ab 36th 
Benckert George F., 131 Almond 
Benckert George F., shirtmaker, 431 McIIwain 
Benckert George F., jr., musician, 431 McIIwain 
Bencker James M., reserved corps, 614 Fernon 
Benckert John, cutter, 1 Eldridge's row 
Benckert Robert, plasterer, 5 Riley's ct 
Benckert William, boilermaker, 219 Jarvis 
Bend Franklin M., coals, 914 N 12th 
Benda C, widow F. A., 223 Race 
Bendall Israel, silverplater, 301 S 22d 
Bendall Jonah, carpet weaver, 301 S 22d 
Bendell Gottleib, tavern, 400 Thompson 
Bendell Joseph, bricklayer, 1730 Lombard 
Bender Andrew W., flour & meal, stalls 277 & 279 

Farmers' Market, h 132 Mead 
Bender August, stonecutter, 1734 Coates 
Bender Battaser, chemist. Bridge, Bdg 
BENDER CHARLES W., Star Hotel, 229 Dock, 

h 140 N 20th 
Bender Conrad, tailor, 417 Julianna 
Bender Conrad, tobacco, 716 Vine, h 226 Callow- 
Bender Edwin, lumber dealer, S W c Franklin & 

Girard av, h Franklin bel Girard av 
Bender Edwin L., hotel keeper, 229 Dock, h 140 

N 20th 
Bender E., carpenter, 513 Dillwyn 
Bender Francis, shoemaker, 818 Charlotte 
Bender Frederica, confectioner, 1734 Coates 
Bender George, cooper, Nicetown 
Bender George C, flourdealer, stall 247 Franklin 

Market, h 623 Annapolis 
Bender Godfrey, carpenter, Nicetown 1 n 21st 
Bender Godfrey, cordwainer, 1345 N 11th 
Beader Gottleib, baker, Otis n Trenton av 
Bender Henry, shoemaker, 547 N 7th 
Bender Henry, saddler. 153 Master 
Bender Henrj', shoemaker, Nicetown 1 n 20th 
Bender Henry, carpenter, 160 Poplar 
Bender Israel, bricklayer, 1210 Warnock 
Bender Jacob, foreman, 532 Market, h 64 Laurel 
Bender Jacob, cordwainer, 1513 Apple 
Bender James, conductor, Haverford bel Lan- 
caster av 
Bender James W., mechanical dentist, 528 Arch, 

h 1213 Myrtle 
Bender John, cooper, Nicetown 1 n 21st 
Bender John, waterman, 1216 Germantown av 
Bender John, grocer, Germantown avab Chatham 
Bender John, shoemaker, 124 Poplar 
Bender John, shipbuilder, 219 Allen 
Bender John, innkeeper, 1214 S 5th 
Bender John F. A., conductor, 830 N 19th 
Bender John L. tobacco, 1218 Germantown av 
Bender Joseph T., grocery, 400 S 2d, h 340 S 4th 
Bender Leon, peddler, 526 Cherry 
Bender Matilda, wid Charles W., 140 N 20th 
Bender Philip, porter, 324 Vine 
Bender Philip H., butcher, William n Piichmond, 

h r Sorrel n Bath 
Bender Randolph, gasfitter, r 827 McGrath 
Bender Robert P., deputy sheriff, 10 State House 

Row, h Citron ab 12th 
Bender Samuel, carpenter, Nicetown 1 n 20th 
Bender Sarah, 723 N 13th 
Bender Sophia, wid John A., 927 Charlotte 
Bender Susan R., artificial teeth, 430 Garden 
Bender Thomas, farm. 29 S 2d St Market, h N J 
Bender Thomas M., conductor, Allen bel Fkd av 

Curtains, and ITpIioIstcry Goods. Wholesale and Retail* 




Bender William F., druggist, 830 N 19th 
Bendernagle Catharine Mrs., 1025 Newton 
Bendernagle Frederick, bartender, 4 Pine, h 2226 

Bending Arthur T., cabinetmaker, 932 Kidge av 
Bendig John, shoemaker, 1218 Potts 
Bendridge Theodore, salesman, 275 N 5th 
Benecia George, laborer, 1917 Pearl 
Benedict Christian, barber, 702 Belgrade 
Benedick AVilliam S., agent, 819 S 10th 
Benedict Jacob, driver, 7 Miller's ct 
Benedict John A. S., saddler, 7 Miller's ct 
Benedict James L., salesman, 147 N 8th 
ladelphia, 1205 Chestnut 
Beneke Charles N., bookkeeper, 9 Bank, h Ros- 

Benerman Spencer N., compositor, 1076 G T av 
Benerman Michael F., printer, 2021 Winter 
Benesford William, foreman, 303 & 305 Chestnut, 

h 820 S 13th 
Benesole Charles, dentist, 1036 Sp Garden 
Benesole Francis M., dentist, 1036 Sp Garden 
Benesole & Son (Cluirles if Francis 31. Benesole) , 

dentists, 1036 Sp Garden 
Beneson Joseph, paperstainer, 2122 Naudain 
Beneson Samuel, mason, 722 S Broad 
Benezet John S., gent. 1636 Cherry 
Benfer Cornelius, carver, r 614 Poplar 
Benfer John, tailor, r 614 Poplar 
Benfer Joseph, carter, 1640 Thompson 
Benfer J. C, gent. 108 Coates 
Benfer Lemuel, coachpainter, r 614 Poplar 
Bengal Helena, widow Francis, washerwoman, 5 

Haywood pi 
Bengs William P., merchant, 1323 Girard av 
Benham John H., shoemaker, 472 N 2d 
Benhizer Samuel, printer, 406 Carpenter 
Benhock David, Ijlaeksmith, r 116 Poplar 
Benholtz Josiah, salesman. Goodwill ct bel Race 
Benison Samuel, stonecutter, Coates st whf, Sch, 

h 1430 South 
Benjamin David, segarmaker, 807 Yhost 
Benjamin Jacob, brushmaker, 769 S Front 
Benjamin Milton T., driver, 1645 Mervine 
Benjamin William A., coal office, 604 Race, h 959 

Benjamin William B., carpenter, 5 Dunsdale pi 
Benkert Andrew, bootcrimper, Adams n Sergeant 
Benkert Caspar, merchant, 48 S 4th, h 219 N 6th 
Benkert C. & Son (Caspar Beiikert (^ W. J. Ben- 
kert), boots and shoes, 48 S 4th 
Benkert Felix, prof, music, 831 Locust 
Benkert George F., music, 831 Locust 
BENKERT GEORGE F., importer and dealer in 
looking glasses, frames, engravings, and paint- 
ings, 826 Arch, h 927 Market 
Benkert George F., 8 sec 6 Jefferson Market 
Benkert Jacob, shoemaker, 733 Race 
Benkert Joseph, shoemaker, 127 Queen 
Benkert John, bootcrimper, 1003 N 2d 
BENKERT LEONARD, French bootmaker, 716 

Benkert Leonhardt, cordwainer, 1328 Tyler 
Benkert Matthew, segarmaker, Hughes ct 
Benkert Philip C, bookkeeper, 1110 Coates 
Benkert William H., shoe manuf. 131 Almond 
Benkert W. J., merchant, 48 S 4th, h 219 N 6th 
Benlen Samuel C, waiter, 245 Schell 
Beuley George, 221 Noble 
Benn Sarah (c), widow Thomas, 11 Wyoming 
Bennage William D., bookkeeper, NE 2d & Race, 

h 825 N 7th 
Benner Aaron, weigher, N E South & Penn, h 
1019 St John 

Benner Absalom, wheelwright, Franklin n Dau- 
Benner Abraham, bricklayer, 636 N 16th 
Benner Adam, Germantown rd S of Dauphin 
Benner Adam, finisher, 1238 Randolph 
Benner Adam, laborer, 1019 St John 
Benner Albert, blacksmith, 1918 Pennsylvania av 
Benner Allen R., 1223 Locust 
Bennen Andrew, livery stables, 222 S 15th 
Benner A. Penrose, clerk, 1235 Locust 
Benner Benjamin, blacksmith. Main, Hbg 
Benner Benjamin, oak cooper, 924 S 5th 
Benner Benjamin P., bookkeeper, 924 S 5th 
Benner & Brother {Charles S. <V J- H. N. Ben- 
ner), grocers, S W Market k 34th 
Benner Charles, confectioner, 732 Master 
Benner Charles, broom manuf. 1626 Vine 
Benner Charles, S W Market & 34th 
Benner Charles B., laborer, 3 Vicker's ct 
Benner Charles D., machinist, 1918 Pennsylva- 
nia av 
Benner Charles S., grocer, S W Market & 34th 
Benner Edwin, clerk, 1235 Locust 
Benner Egbert S., student, 924 S 5th 
Benner Elias, umbrellamaker, 435 George 
Benner Elizabeth, eating stand, stall 57 N 2d st 

Market, h Brown n 2d 
Benner Enos G.,' cordwainer, 831 Knox 
Benner Ezekiel, stonemason, 2211 Virginia 
Benner George, driver, Ludlow bel 31st 
Benner George H., baker, 441 Thompson 
Benner Harriet Mrs., trimmings, 732 Master 
Benner Henry D. M.D., 841 S 3d 
Benner Henry L., pres. 300 Walnut, h 841 S 3d 
Benner Isaac, candymaker, 112 Market, h 425 

Benner Jacob, cabinetmaker, 116 Edward, h 1160 

Benner James C, carman, 1106 Crease 
Benner Jesse, tavern, Germantown av & Wash- 
Benner John, brickmaker, 1235 Locust 
Benner John F., clerk, 1235 Locust 
Benner John, supt. 16th & 16th st railway, h 1731 

Benner John, car driver, 1305 Mott 
Benner J. H. N., grocer, S W Market & 34th 
Benner Leonard, grocer, 37 N 21st 
Benner Lewis, stonemason, 1843 Ginnodo 
Benner Maria, 820 Stewart 
Benner Marj^, housekeeper, 105 Lombard 
Benner Mary, wid Jacob, dressmr, 820 Steward 
Benner Mary, widow Henry, 957 Randolph 
Benner Mary, widow Henry, 220 Vaugh 
Benner Matthias, machinist, 1235 Locust 
Benner Milton, periodicals, 718 N 2d 
Benner Oliver, blacksmith, Tyson n Dauphin 
Benner Oliver, driver, 2028 Wood 
Benner Peter, oysterdealer, 6th N Meetler 
Benner Peter, clerk, 216 Vine 
Benner Peter, expressman, 9 Boyd's ct 
Benner Samuel, collector, 1321 Christian 
Benner Sarah, washerwoman, 816 Stewart 
Benner Sarah E., widow Erasmus, 923 Hamilton 
Benner S. Tiller, machinist, 1235 Locust 
Benner Thomas, hostler, Gtn rd S of 7th 
Benner Tobias, driver, 4th door bel 24thr S side 
Benner William, oysterdealer, 6th N Meetler 
Benner William, brickmaker, 817 S 10th 
Benner William, blacksmith, N E 16th & Penna 

av, h 1723 Coates 
Benner William, shoes, Gtn av ab Walnut la 
Benners Catharine, confectioner, 1511 Race 
Benners Catharine, widow William J., 728 

Iiace, Muslin, Damask, Brocatelle, and Drapery Curtains, of every description; 




Benners Charles H., clerk, 118 S Delay, h 318 

BENNERS & DRAPER {Isaac E. Benners, 
Warner Draper), imp. & com. mers. 118 S 
Del av 
Benners Frank, driver, 2554 Callowhill 
Benners G-eorge, beef butcher, stalls 21 & 23 

Q-irard av Market, h S W 5th & Gtn av 
Benners George W., glassmanfr, 27 S Front, h 

1010 N 5th 
Bennett William C, flourdealer, 2145 N 6th 
Benners Gustaviis, marble dealer, Girard av ab 

13th, h 721 N 10th 
Benners Henry B., salesman, 238 Chestnut, h N 

W Green & Lorian 
Benners Henry, glassmanfr, 27 S Front, h 1716 

BENNERS H. B. & G.W. {Henry B. 4- GeorgeW.) 

Dyottville glass works, 27 S Front 
Benners Isaac B., merchant, 118 S Del av, h 123 

N 20th 
Benners James, gent. 836 N Broad 
Benners James gent, 27 S Front 
Benners John D., merchant, 318 Marshall 
Benners Sarah, widow George, 601 Brown 
Benners Sarah Mrs. dry goods, 924 S 5th 
Benners William, merchant, c Walnut & Dock, h 

824 N nth 
Benners William, blacksmith, 1723 Coates 
Benners William H. H., jeweler, 728 Green 
BENNERS WILLIAM J., com. mer. 210^ Wal- 
nut, h 824 N nth 
Benners William S., laborer, York n 37th 
Bennesler Catharine, wid Frederick, 1 Feinour pi 
Bennet David, laborer, Carlton ab 23d 
Bennet George, police station, 2301 Brown, h 

319 N 24th 
Bennet John, blacksmith, 323 N 24th, h 321 

N 24th 
Bennet Joseph, blacksmith, Carlton bel 24th 
Bennet Samuel, blacksmith, Carlton ab 23d 
Bennet Volney, porter, 212 Plumb 
Bennet William H., photographs, 706 N 18th 
Bennett Abel, fisherman, 539 Richmond 
Bennet Alfred P., salesman, 20 N 8th 
Bennett Ann, trimmings, 1324 S 2d 
Bennett Anne Mrs. (c), r 608 Richmond 
Bennett A. B., salesm, 51 N 3d, h 705 Chestnut 
Bennett A. G., carpenter, 2108 Fairfield 
Bennett A. M. Mrs., fancy goods, 20 N 8th 
Bennett & Banes {William V. Ben.7iett 4- Wil- 
liam A. Banes), flour, N E Girard av &, 
Bennett Bridget, widow, 1521 Bodine 
Bennett & Brother {George ^ William H. Ben- 
nett), grocers, 441 Girard av 
Bennett Charles, glass flatner, Gordon n Cedar 
Bennett Charles, driver, Pear, Ilestonville 
Bennett Charles L., milkman, 1214 Savory 
Bennett Charles K., manufacturer, 512 Mercury 
Bennett Charles V., clerk, 1259 Nagle 
BENNETT & CO. {Joseph M. Bennett, Charles 
W. Roberts, William M. Roberts, Joseph S. 
Paris), clothiers, 518 Market 
Bennett C. P. R., salesman, 55 N 3d, h 705 

Bennett Daniel, lab. 150 Bodine bel Montgomery 
Bennett David (c), wood sawyer, Edgemont n 

Bennett David, fisherman, 1116 Vienna 
Bennett Edward, gent, Tulpehocken, Gtn 
Bennett Edward, weaver, 150 Bodine bel Mont- 
Bennett Elizabeth, dressmaker, 6th N Diamond 
Bennett Elizabeth, dressmaker, 2145 N 6th 

Bennett Elizabeth (c), domestic, 332 Dugan 
Bennett Elizabeth, eating stand, stall 95 Girard 

av Market, h 1533 Marshall 
Bennett Elizabeth, widow Purnell, 7 Placid pi 
Bennett Emerson, publish. 144 S 3d, h 919 Wash- 
ington av 
Bennett E. A., mer. 4th & Market, h 640 n 11th 
Bennett Francis A., washer, 2 Gonsha 
Bennett George, grocer, 441 Girard av 
Bennett George, shoemaker, 6th n Meetler 
Bennett George (c), sailor, 2r 21 Metcalf 
Bennett George W., carter, 1021 Marlborough 
Bennett Grace, widow John, 12 Wilson 
Bennett & Hamelin {Emerson Ben.yiett &/■ John L. 

Ilamelin), publishers, 144 S 3d 
Bennett Henry, laborer, 12 Wilson 
Bennett Henry K., shirts and collars, 217 Church 

al, h 745 S 4th 
Bennett Hiram, produce dealer, 1934 Market, h 

1921 Market 
Bennett Howard, chairmaker, 1533 Marshall 
Bennett Isaac, clerk, 1 Arch 
Bennett Jacob, fisherman, 620 Richmond 
Bennett Jacob brickmr. Montgomery av bel 

Fkd av 
Bennett Jacob, jeweler, 712 Chesnut, h 137 S 5th 
Bennett Jacob G. fisherman, 206 Richmond 
Bennett Jacob, jr., fisherman, 620 Richmond 
Bennett James, brickmaker, Poulkrod n Willow 
Bennett James, engineer, 25th & Spring Gardn 
Bennett James, blacksmith, 2039 Wood 
Bennett James, tavern, 13 Callowhill 
Bennett James, oysterman, 833 Leonard 
Bennett James M., clerk, 324 Chestnut 
Bennett Jeremiah, pilot, 1413 N 11th 
Bennett John, tailor, 816 Fallon 
Bennett John, cordwainer, 256 Girard av 
Bennett John, shoemaker, 1222 Budd 
Bennett John, gilder, bds 307 N 6th 
Bennett John, merchant, 533 Arch 
Bennett John, plumber, 203 Girard av 
Bennett John, laborer, Gtn av bel R R depot 
Bennett John F., merchant, 508 Commerce, h 

Arch bel 6th 
Bennett John, jr., laborer, Gtn av bel RR depot 
Bennett John, jr., plumber, 266 Girard av 
Bennett John L., agent, N E 7th & Oxford 
Bennett John R., jeweler, 7 Placid pi 
Bennett John E. salesman, 620 Market, h 1025 

Mt Vernon 
Bennett John R., salesman, 119 Market, h 705 

Bennett Joseph, grocer, 921 Marlborough 
Bennett Joseph, 1046 Sarah 
Bennett Joseph, engraver, 1533 Marshall 
Bennett Joseph M., clothier, 518 Market 
Bennett Joseph S. salesman, 609 Market, h 705 

Bennett Lewis, blacksmith, 833 Leonard 
Bennett Louisa,, 7 S 2d st Mkt, h 121 Christian 
Bennett Martha, doctross, 406 S 7th 
Bennett Mary, widow Charles W., 1228 N 12th 
Bennett Michael, fisherman, Wildey bel Vienna 
Bennett Michael, groceries, S AV Bread k Quarry 
Bennett Michael, carpenter, 207 Jefferson 
Bennett Nancy, widow Joseph Carlton ab 23d 
Bennett Nathaniel 0., watchmaker, &c. 504 Race 
Bennett Patrick, cordwainer, 613 S 18th 
Bennett Peter, laborer, 2 Gonsha 
Bennett Peter, pedlar, 119 Dana 
Bennett Rachel, drygood.«, Ac. 164 W Girard av 
Bennett & Riley {llirani Bennett ^ Tliomas Ri- 
ley) , produce dealers, 1934 Market 
Bennett Robert, brickmaker, 150 Bodine 
Bennett Robert C, carpenter, 1045 Sarah 

Patten's, 630 Cheatniit Street* 




BENNETT ROBERT H., watches and jewelry, 

1113 Market, h 1127 Wallace 
Bennett & Ruch {H. K.Bennett, Joseph N.Ruch) , 

shirt and collar manufactory, 217 Church al 
Bennett Samuel, turner, Coral n Firth 
Bennett Stephen, nailer, Columbia av n 39th 
Bennett Stephen D., printer, 1324 S 2d 
Bennett Thomas, fish dealer, st. 25 Farmers' Mkt 
Bennett Thomas, salesman, 14 S 2d, h 23d & 

Bennett Thomas, carpenter, 3 Headman's pi 
Bennett Thomas, engineer, 1919 Naudain 
Bennett Thomas A., clerk, 705 Chestnut 
Bennett Thomas R., salesman, 1746 Fkd av 
Bennett T., tailor, r 230 N 4th 
Bennett T. P. M., clerk, 705 Chestnut 
Bennett Simon, flour and feed, S W Fkd av & 

Bennett William, carp. Margaretta n Tackawanna 
Bennett William, carter, Gtn av bel R R depot 
Bennett William, clerk, Noble ab 13th, h 1230 

Bennett William, groceries, 1330 Pearl 
Bennett William H., grocer, 441 Girard av 
Bennett William John, printer, 918 N 8th 
Bennett William H., eating house, 606 Girard av, 

h 1533 Marshall 
Bennett William H., ship painter, screw dock, 

1035 N Del av, h 424 Richmond 
Bennett William P., carpenter, Charlotte n Girard 

av, h 164 W Girard av 
Bennett William V., flour, N E Girard av & Leo- 
pard, h 1746 Frankford av 
Benney E., laborer, 1912 Filbert 
Benney George, machinist, 1143 Passyunk av 
Bennitt David, dealer, Cumberland n Front 

Benninger , chandelier maker, 431 Vine 

Benninghove Jacob, carpenter, 1029 Moya av 
Bennis Clarissa S., dry goods, Market n 37th 
Bemis Franklin A., cordwainer, 815 Leonard 
Bennis Henry, salesman, 543 Lorian 
Bennite Alexander, bricklayer, 423 N 4th 
Bennite William, printer, 918 N 8th 
Benerspring, widow Jacob, S W Montgomery & 

Bens John, machinist, 1226 Palmer 
Bensell George F., artist, 125 S 11th 
Benson Alexander, broker, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 1526 

BENSON ALEXANDER & CO. {Alexa77der Sf 

Gustavus S. Benson), bankers, 6 & 8 S 3d 
Benson Alexander, jr., banker, 15 S 3d, h 1526 

Benson Anna C, widow Richard, 504 Marshall 
Benson Charles M., dentist, 520 Arch, h Main ab 

Sharpnack, Gtn 
Benson Edwin N., clerk, 1526 Spruce 
Benson Eli (c), waiter, 1 Jerusalem pi 
Benson Elizabeth (c), widow George W., r 1311 

Benson Emanuel (c), laborer, 1807 Addison 
Benson E. (c), waiter, 240 Brogan 
Benson George, rigger, 1 Walnut, h 106 Shippen 
Benson George, laborer, Susanna n Richmond 
Benson George (c), barber, 510 Jefferson 
Benson George E., banker, & 8 S 3d, h 1515 

Benson George M. (c), waiter, r 1311 Shippen 
Benson Gustavus, broker, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 1515 

Benson G. A., grocer, 512 Market, h Gtn 
Benson Henry C, conductor, Frankford av n 

Benson Hepburn S.. Ashland House, 707 Arch 
Benson Horace, oystermaa, Haines, Gtn 

AViiiflow Shades and Curtain 

Benson Jane, seamstress, 727 CuUen 

Benson Jennie, 337 Shippen 

Benson John, carpenter, 910 Pennington 

Benson John, plasterer, 514 Sylvester 

Benson John, blacksmith, 407 N 16th 

Benson John, laborer, 16th n Catharine 

Benson John (c), barber, 510 Jefi"erson 

Benson John, blacksmith, 2414 Callowhill, h 

Pearl ab 23d 
Benson John H. (c), porter, 236 Prosperous al 
Benson Joseph, mason, 1626 Shippen 
Benson Joseph, stonecutter, 2 Edwin 
Benson Kate, hat trimmer, 801 Race 
Benson Manuel (c), barber, 337 N 15th, h Ridge 

av & Poplar 
Benson Mary Ann, widow William, Washington 

n Jefferson 
Benson Richard, laborer, r 2208 Naudain 
Benson Richard W., gentleman, 504 Marshall 
Benson R. Dale, clerk, 17 S Water, h 1515 

Benson Samuel (c), barber, 2340 Callowhill 
Benson Sarah, widow Thomas, 125 Queen 
Benson Stewart, marblemason, Ridge av& Edwin, 

h 2 Edwin 
Benson William, laborer, h 2047 Hampton 
Benson William, laborer, Ohio ab 12th 
Bensenhaver John, stonemason, 1721 N 3d 
Bensted Frank, shirt cutter, 9 N 3d, h 120 El- 

freth's al 
Bensted John M., letter carrier, 120 Elfreth's al 
Benswanger S., dealer in millinery goods, 17 S 2d 
Bent Nicholas, laborer, 1425 Shippen 
Bente Henry, confectioner, 539 N Front 
Bentel William, machinist, 211 Race 
Benthall Elizabeth, widow John, 1170 Callwohill 
Bentler John, tailor, 1218 N Front 
Rentier John, barber, 102 Callowhill 
Bentley Anne C, widow David, 254 N 3d 
Bentley Benjamin, dry good, 220 & 222 N 3d, h 

Rittenhouse & Green, Gtn 
Bentley David B., coppersmith, 254 N 3d, h 718 

Bentley David & Sons, coppersmiths, 452 N 3d 
Bentley George, shoemaker, Dunton n Girard av 
Bentley George W., coachpainter, 430 Race, h 

902 Nectarine 
Bentley Henry, coal dealer, N York, h 839 N 11th 
Bentley John, clerk, 1403 N 8th 
Bentley Moses, printer, 254 N 3d 
Bentley Thomas, tavern, 681 N Broad 
Bentley Thomas, turner, 1009 Randolph 
Bentley William, cardriver, 1416 Ridge av 
Bentley William, segarmaker, 1313 N 10th 
Bentley AVilliam, dyer, 1130 N Front 
Bentmayer Joseph, math, and optical instru- 
ments, 438 Walnut 
BENTON ALBERT, lumber yard, 1211 S Front 
Benton Albert, jr., clerk, 1211 S Front 
Benton <t Brother, gold pen and case manufactu- 
rers, 409 Chestnut 
Benton Charles, farmer, 1211 S Front 
Benton Chelsey, jeweler, 711 Pine 
Benton C. H., 1522 Pine 
Benton Daniel, grocer, 704 Callowhill 
Benton John (c), laborer, 907 S 9th 
Benton Samuel, laborer, 1339 Buttonwo.od, h 1234 

Benton Stephen, attorney at law, 520 Walnut, h 

1211 S Front 
Benton Thomag, tinsmith, 801 N 10th 
Benton Thomas, weaver. Front ab Harrison 
Bentrick Charles, painter, 721 Mai-ket 
Bentrick C, merchant, 1515 S 2d 
Bentz Albert, stonemason, r Canal n George 
Goods« Wholesale and Retail; 




Bentz Henry K., clerk, 411 N 3d, h 660 N 12th 

Bentz Jacob, wine dealer, 1013 N 3d 

Bentz Jacob, pianomaker, r 418 S 12th 

Bentz Jacob K., wine and liquor merchant, 411 

N 3d, h 660 N 12th 
Bentz John, shoemaker, 1233 Leithgow 
Bentz John, laborer, 1141 N 3d 
Bentz Joseph, laborer, 1222 Hope 
Bentz Lewis, driver, Gtn av ab Meitler 
BENTZ & LUTZ (Jacob K. Bentz 4- Hiram 

E. Lutz), imp. wines & liquors, 411 N 3d 
Bentz Philip H , bartender, 1124 N 3d 
Bentz Valentine, tavern, N E e 5th &, Lombard 
Bentz "William, restaurant, c Main &, Chelton av 
Benwey Charles, machinist, 17th & Callowhill, h 

1716 Callowhill 
Beny John S., waterman, Bridge, Bdg 
Beny Samuel H., envelope manufr. 1317 S 9th 
Beny Samuel W., machinist, Irvin bel School, 

Benyard Joseph S., jeweler, 1231 S 4th 
Benyaurd Eugene C, jeweler, 777 S 2d, h 1042 

S 5th 
Benz Charles, machinist. 444 Thompson 
Benz Frederick, tailor, 122 Exchange pi, h 239 

Benz George, cordwainer, 1022 S 6th 
Benz John, grocer, York c Geiss 
Benz Joseph, ragdealer, Fulton n Trenton av 
Benz Louis, weaver, York n Amber 
Benz Peter, flour and feed, 1353 Earl 
Benzenhofer Philip, cabinetmaker, 315 Garden 
Benzinger George, shoemaker, 931 S 5th 
Benzinger John, baker, r 640 Andress 
Benzon Augustus, music teacher, 334 Redwood 
Bepner M., cakebaker, 741 Plover 
Bepus Christian, stonemason, Tackawanna n Ox- 
Beran Thomas, carver, 422 Library, h Branch bet 

3d & 4th 
Berberich Adam, shoemaker, 216 Thompson 
Berchell Elias, stockings, Gtn av ab Shelton 
Berckelbach Anna S., teacher, 22d ab Turner's 1 
Berdwood Thomas, clothfinisher. Pagoda ab Penna 

Bereman August, salesman, 108 N 8th 
Berens B., M.D., 909 Arch 
Berens Frederick, chemist, r 988 Marshall 
BERENS JOSEPH, M.D., 513 N 6th 
Berens John, shoemaker, 136 Bread 
Beresford Charles W., attorney at law, 221 S 5th 
Beresford George, salesman, 753 S 10th 
Beresford Richard, printer, 1 Panama av 
Beresford William, foreman, clothing, 802 S 13th 
Berg Albert P., clerk, 941 Darien 
Berg Charles, carpenter, r 1416 Barclay 
Berg Frederick C, tinsmith, 948 Charlotte 
Berg Gottlieb, baker, 517 Girard av 
Berg Henry, laborer, 941 Darien 
Berg H. C, dress and cloak making, 142 S 6th 
Berg John, shoemaker, 251 Green 
Berg Joseph L., bookkeeper, 426 Market, li 707 

Berg Leon & Co. {Leon Berg, John V. Watso7t, 

and James A. McCornas), wholesale clothiers, 

426 & 428 Market 
Berg Leon, merchant, 426 & 428 Market, h 707 

Berg Nicholas, .shoemaker, r 1133 Charlotte 
BERG WILUELMINA, boots & shoes, 151 S 4th 
Berg AVilliam H., cooper, 50 N Water, h 941 Da- 
Bergan Henry, hams, 130 & 138 sec. 4 Shippen 

market, h 410 Shippen 
Bergdoll George, restaurant, Coates ab 24th 

Bergdoll Louis, brewer, 508 Vine, h 29th & Parrish 
Bergdoll & Psotta (Louis Bergdoll and Charles 

Psotta), lager beer, 508 & 510 Vine 
Berge John, carpenter, 1218 N 6th 
Bergen Ellen, dressmaker, 2 Gaffney's av 
Bergen Francis, weaver, 1915 Wilcox 
Bergen Jeremiah, cordwainer, 2 Gaffney's av 
Bergen Mary, widow Jeremiah, 2 Gaifney's av 
Bergen Sarah, tailoress, 2 Gaffney's av 
Bergenheiver Philip, barber, 1034 Girard ay 
Bergenstock Gregory, laborer. Bridge, Bdg 
Berger Abram, cooper, Lehman, Gtn 
Berger Albert, salesman, 8 N 2d, h 1039 German- 
town av 
Berger Alfred, salesman, 1039 Germantown av 
Berger Allen, cakebaker, 817 N 5th 
Berger Augustus, carpenter, Germantown av ab 

Berger A. Adolph, carver, 537 N Front 
Berger & Butz (William Berger, Adam Bntz), 

brooms and superphos. lime, 131 & 133 N Water 
Berger Seacar, gunsmith, 2223 Hamilton 
Berger Charles, cakebaker, 817 N 5th 
Berger Charles F., artist, 1018 Wood 
Berger Christopher, rag dealer, 1232 Warnock 
Berger Christian, clerk, 724 Market, h 823 N 8th 
Berger C. & A. (^Charles aiid Allen) cakebakers, 

817 N 5th 
Berger Daniel, carpenter, 1215 Apple 
Berger Enos M., porter, 6th ab Poplar 
Berger Francis, tailor, Zeigler's ct 
Berger Francis, wearer, bds G T av ab 5th 
Berger Frederick, shopkeeper, 1039 G T av 
Berger George, baker, 1027 N 2d 
Berger George, carpenter, Randolph n Waterloo 
Berger George R., cooper, Lehman, Gtn 
Berger Gottleib, grocer, 1225 N 2d 
Berger Gottleib, cap manuf. Trenton av bel Norris 
Berger Henry, butcher, 817 N 5th 
Berger Jacob, commis. mer. woodenware, 335 N 

Front, h 812 N 11th 
Berger Jacob, hatter, 1411 Randolph 
Berger James S., merchant, 420 Market, h 823 

N 8th 
Berger John, moulder, 439 Tasker 
Berger John, Maria n N 4th 
Berger John, cutler, 5 Poulson 
Berger John, hostler, Salmon ab Ann 
Berger Lewis C, carpenter, 2129 Sharswood 
Berger Lewis C, jr., carpenter, 2129 Sharswood 
Berger Martin, butcher, Moore n S 5th 
Berger Martin, basketmaker, William bel Tren- 
ton av 
Berger Milton C, clerk, 416 N 3d 
Berger M., provision. Main, Holmesburg 
Berger Philip, clerk, N E Walnut &, Water 
Berger Weisen C, cordwainer, 1508 Lawrence 
Berger William, merchant, 131 & 133 N Water, 

h Manheim, Gtn 
Berger William, %voodenware, 601 Marshall 
Berger William, marble yard, Tulpehocken & G 

T av 
Berger William H, salesman, 1039 G T av 
Bergerman John, segarmaker, 313 N 13th 
Berges Christian, dyer. Broad, Rox 
Berges Henry, 733 Shippen 
Berges Jacob, dyer. Amber n Norris 
Berghauser Henry, dry goods, 247 Market, h 1627 

Mount Vernon 
Berghauser Jacob, importer, 230 Church al, h452 

N 7th 
Berghauser William, clerk, 230 Church al, h 1116 

Bergen Daniel, liquors, N W 13th & Christian 
Bergin Dennis, drayman, 8 Ashton pi 

Patten'sj 630 Chestnut Street* 




Bergin Dennis, laborer, Edgemont n Reading ar 
Bergin John, laborer, Falls Sch 
Bergin Martin, carpenter, Carroll n Huntingdon 
Bergin Thomas, laborer, Edgemont n Reading av 
Bergin William, drayman, 168 N 22d 
Bergley John, laborer, 2026 N 6th 
Bergley William, laborer, 755 S Eront 
Bergman Andrew, laborer, r 817 Charlotte 
Bergmann Charles, brewer, Thompson & 32d, h 

306 New 
Bergmann Charles C, clerk, 232 Quarry, h 509 

Bergman George, tavern, 512 St John 
Bergmann Herman, lager beer, 426 Coates, h 306 

Bergmann Henry A., lager beer brewer, 426 

Coates, h 306 New 
Bergmann H. A. &, Sons {Henry A. Bergmann 
a7id Herman Bergmann), lager beer brewers, 
426 Coates, office 306 New 
Bergmann Michael, coppersmith, 717 Gaul 
Bergman Wilhelm, coachpainter, 820 N 13th 
Bergman William M., grocer, 841 N 13th 
Bergmier Sebastian, tailor, Cumberland n Perry 
Bergner Daniel, tailor, r 959 Lawrence 
BERGNER GUSTAVUS, lager beer, 239 Dock, 

h 351 N 5th 
Bergner Theodore, mechanical draughtsman, S E 

22d & Green 
Berholt Valentine, hotel, N 7th ab Dauphin 
Bering Thomas G.. carver and engraver, N W 

10th & Ridge av, h 410 N 10th 
Beringer Aaron, salesman, 818 St John 
Beringer Christopher, laborer, 4 Brampton pi 
Beringer Frederick, tailor, 212 N 4th 
Beringer John, laborer, r 114 N Juniper 
Beringer Levi D., variety store, 1114 S 2d 
Beringer William, coachsmith, 1216 Leithgow 
Berisford Adam, drayman, 1710 Addison 
Berk E. & Son {Edward Berk), stall 146 Western 

Market, h Chester Co 
Berk Joseph F., Rev., 1008 N 6th 
Berk Peter, dealer, 120 Noble 
Berk Thomas, retail liquor store, 2031 Market 
Berkel Jacob, driver, 300 Julianna 
Berkelbach Joseph, Ridge av n Washington la 
Berkelbach William C, planemaker, Randolph 

ab Dauphin 
Berkenstock Franklin, hostler, 885 Randolph 
Berkenstock John S., hotel, 601 Girard av 
Berkenstock Joseph, butcher, Cumberland n 

Berkenstock Nathan, hatter, 257 N 3d, h 975 N 5th 
Berkenstock Reuben, laborer, 1339 N 7th 
Berkhart Isaac R., 247 N 9th 
Berker Martin, hotel, G T av bel Diamond 
Berkheiser William, painter, 280 Richmond, h 

Melvale ab Ann 
Berkheimer Jesse, stonemason, 1702 Brown 
Berkley Adrain, machinist, 226 Chestnut 
Berkley Valentine, cabinetmaker, r 118 Jacoby 
Berkhouse Frederick, fire proof maker, 1308 Cal- 

Berks Francis D., clerk, 428 N 2d 
Berks John, grocer, 718 N Broad 
Berks John, bookkeeper, 428 N 2d 
Berks Peter, cordwainer, 609 Wall 
Berks Wm. T. & Co. {William T. Berks), gro- 
cers, 428 N 2d 
Berl Rebecca, widow David, furnishing store, 807 

S 5th 
Berlet Philip, real estate agent, 506 N 3d, h 51 

Berlinger Godhard, watchmaker, 403 Maria 
Berley F., millinery goods, 723 Chestnut, h N Y 

Bermas & Brother {Morris Burmas and Jacob 

Bermas), cap manuf., 133 N 3d 
Bermas Jacob, capmr. 133 N 3d, h 629 Marshall 
Bermas Marcus, 629 Marshall 
Bermas Morris, capmr. 133 N 3d, h 427 York av 
Bermington Ralph, weaver, 5 Grape, Myk 
Bernadou Francis F., merchant, 604 S Del av, h 

121 S 20th 
Bernadou George W., mer. 504 S Del av, h 409 

S 8th 
Bernadou G. W. & Bro. {G. W. and F. F.), 

merchants, 504 S Del av 
Bernadou H., widow John, 732 Pine 
Bernard Anthony, piano key manuf. 405 N 7th 
Bernard Beesley, gent. G T av ab Carpenter 
Bernard Edmund, box manuf. 508 N 11th 
Bernard Hannah, wid William, boarding house, 

602 Swanson 
Bernard Henry, engraver, 523 S Front 
Bernard James, bricklayer, 508 S 18th 
Bernard James, dealer, 1332 South 
Bernard Jeseph, bellmaker, 156 N 11th 
Bernard Margaret, shop, 508 S 18th 
Bernard Margaret, widow, 1438 Hope 
Bernard Mary, huckster, 1 Harberger pi 
Bernard Mary Ann, widow John, 6 Main, Myk 
Bernard Sophia, nurse, 442 Canton 
Bernard S., dyer, 432 German 
Bernard William, upholsterer, 746 S 5th 
Bernardo Mary A. Mrs., dressmr, 2025 Winter 
Berncassel George, laborer, 4 Mansfield pi 
Bernd Levi, gentleman, 302 Lombard 
Berne C, lager beer saloon, 311 Race 
Bernecker Maria, wid. John, baker, 1029 St John 
Berner Caroline, seamstress, 2 r 1209 Coates 
Berner Francis, machinist, 2 r 1209 Coates 
Bernett Bernard, engineer, 2150 Thouron 
Berney John, spooler, 2426 Callowhill 
Bernhard Antoine, cabinetmaker, Oxford bel 

Bernhard Bonefan, brassmoulder, 4 Miller's av 
Bernhard John, porter, 521 Mulberry al 
BERNHARD JOSEPH, bell and brass founder, 

120 N 6th, h 156 N 11th 
Bernhardt Andrew, porter, r 853 N 3d 
Bernhardt Charles F., fish dealer, stalls 20 Frank- 
lin, & 1, 3, 5, 8, & 7 Farmers' market, h Van- 
horn n Sophia 
Bernhart Frederick, shoemaker, 826 Lawrence 
Bernhardt F., tailor, 240 Spruce 
Bernhardt John A., barber, basemt. 825 Chestnut 
Bernhart John, hotel, Germantown rd S of 7th 
Bernheim, Hochstadter & Co. {Simon Berjiheim, 
Bipman Hochstadter, if Charles Hochstadter) , 
clothing, 248 Market 
BERNHEIM MORRIS, millinery goods, 21 S 

2d, h 508 S 4th 
Bernheim Simon, clothing, 248 Market, h 335 

Bernheimer Levi, rags, 1208 N 4th 
Bernheimer Louis, dealer, 914 Charlotte 
Bernheimer S., printer, 480 N 4th 
Bernish Charles E., clerk, 622 Washington sq 
Bernis John, bootmaker, r 822 Rachel 
Berns Jacob, tailor, 1337 Ridge av 
Berns Jonathan, clerk, 1119 Cherry 
Bernstein Gustavus, coachman, r 942 N-6th 
Berrard Emanuel, shoemaker, 733 Race 
Berrell George R., auctioneer, 808 Market, h 630 

N 11th 
Berrell G. R. & S. {George R. Berrell, Samuel 
Berrell), auctioneers and com. mer., 808 Market 
Berrell Jeremiah, bookkeeper. Farmers' and Me- 
chanics' Bank, h 919 Green 
Berrell John, miller, Gtn av ab Wissahickon av 

Gilt Cornices, Bandst Gimps, TasselS) Fringes, and Curtain Goods; 




Berrell Samuel, auctioneer, 808 Market, h N 40th 

n Pratt 
Berrell Sarah, ■widow Jeremiah, 6th n Meetler 
Berrett Francis, cordwainer, h 1639 Lombard 
Berrey G-eorge, driver, Howard bel Putnam 
Berrey James, W€aver, Frankford ab Adam 
Berrey Samuel, hatter, 336 Christian 
Berrey William J., carpenter, 39 Almond 
Berreyman Catharine, seamstress, r 775 S Front 
Berryman James, bookkeeper, Clinton House 
Berreyman James R,, bartender, 105 Carpenter 
Berridge George W., tailor, 230 Saranak 
Berrie M. H., salesman, 30 S 4th, h 251 S 15th 
Berrien Jacob, wheelwright, 8 Marseilles pi 
Berrien John, laborer, Laurel Hill Cemetery 
Berrier Henry, rag dealer, 1147 N 5th 
Berrig Gabriel, shoemaker, 912 N 13th 
Berriman James, blacksmith, 1329 S 2d 
Berriman John, glassblower, 105 Keefe 
Berriman John, carpenter, 1329 S 2d 
Berringer Aaron D., salesman, 221 Market 
Berringer Adam, baker, 520 Poplar 
Berringer Charles, fish dealer, Market St wharf, 

h 1126 N 5th 
Berringer Chris., broommr., 131 & 133 N Water 
Berron Charles, ladies' shoemaker, 209 Walnut, h 

2 Mary's ct 
Berroth Louis, tobacconist, 821 N 10th 
Berry Andrew, laborer, 164 Master 
Bsrrj' Benjamin, engineer, 1308 N Front 
Berry Benjamin L., cloth house, 50 S 2d, h 152 

Berry Casper M., restaurant, IST W 5th and Chest- 
nut and 1527 Market, h 418 Reed 
Berry Chalkley, hotel, N W Chestnut and 21st, h 

2103 Chestnut 
Berry Charles, leather mer. 407 Christian 
Berry Charles, jr., 215 Lombard, h407 Christian 
Berry Christian, tailor, 16 Branner's al 
Berry Daniel, millwright, Otis E of Carroll 
Berry Dennis, butcher, 928 Carpenter 
Berry Eli, cloth manuf. Abigail E of Amber 
Berry Eliza, widow George, 1608 N 11th 
Berry Elizabeth, widow Oliver, 871 Marshall 
Berry Ellen, millinery, 249 South 
Berry George, gentleman, 871 Marshall 
Berry Henry, machinist, r Somerset n Amber 
Berry Henry, weaver, G T av ab Mt Pleasant 
Berry Isabella, widow Josiah, 1640 Richard 
Berry James, drover, N 41 n Haverford ay 
Berry James, porter, 3 Spielberger's ct 
Berry James, bookbinder, 1629 N 8th 
Berry James, porter, 304 Chestnut, h 1529 Han- 
Berry James, hotel, 509 N Front 
Berry James, tavern, 139 Craven 
Berry James, mer. tailor, 1347 Chestnut 
Berry James, tailor, 1143 Federal 
Berry John, liquors, 1320 Germantown av 
Berry John, bookkeeper. Market n 5th, h 871 

Berry John, tailor, r 828 S 3d 
Berrj' John, bonnet manuf. 1225 Poplar 
Berry John, cartman, 7 Cope 
Berry John, cordw. 139 Craven 
Berry John, hostler, 13 Faries ct 
Berry John, hatter, r 816 Coates 
Berry John, salesman, 709 Wood 
Berry John, brushmaker, 1406 Marlborough 
Berry John A., carpenter, 4 Hickey 
Berry John G., clerk, 1732 Cox's 
Berry John W., icedealer, c Walnut and Cope 
Berry Joseph, conductor, 1441 Warnock 
Berry Joseph, machinist, 2104 Brandywine 
Berry Lewis, hatter, 1203 Lentz 

Berry Marcus H., salesman, 251 S loth 

Berry Mary, 3 Spielberger's ct 

Berry Mary, widow Israel, prod. 19 S 2d Market, 

h 215 Jarvis 
Berry Michael, plaster, r 304 Master 
Berry Michael, gardener, Nicetown I 
Berry Nicholas, horseshoemaker, 831 Market 
Berry Richard, bartender, 1700 Vine, h412 Ship- 
Berry Richard fc), shoemaker, Oak r 41st 
Berry Richard, cooper, 412 Shippen 
Berry Richard M., tile and firebrick manuf. 223 

Berry Samuel, carter, 1310 N Front 
Berry Samuel, jr., plumber, 1308 N Front 
Berry & Simpson {R. l\l. Berry cV T. L. Simj)- 
so»),, firebrick manuf. S W c 2d and Greenwich 
Berry Susan, widow Joseph, 417 Lombard 
Berry Thomas, mason, Church ab Leiper 
Berry Thomas, grocer, S W c Cumberland and 

Berry William, tobacconist, 913 Chestnut 
Berry William, carter, 1312 Hope 
Berrye William, blacksmith, 913 Torrs 
Berry William, laborer, 1640 Richard 
Berry William, carpet manuf. Frankford ab Adam 
Berry William B., chairmaker, 1018 Ridge av 
Berry William H., mer. 527 Market, h 487 N 4th 
Berry William H, paperhanger, 249 South 
Berryman Samuel H., shipwright, 1310 Palmer 
Bersch William, salesman, 930 Charlotte 
Bersford Robert H., gentleman, 1011 Spruce 
Bersh Francis, carpenter, 17 Ashland 
Berstler George A., photo. Darby rd bel 42d 
Berstler George L., papermaker, Darb. rdbel42d 
Berstler Jonah, papermaker, 2209 F. st 
Berstler M., farmer, stall 104 Farmers' Western 

Berstler William, tailor, Bodine ab Oxford 
Bert C. S., printer, 328 New 
Berthlon Peter, actor. Justice ct 
Berthoud Jane, 7 Simes 
Berthram Theodore, gunsmith, 633 N 2d 
Bertolet Abraham, steel and iron, 212 N 3d, h 

416 N 3d 
Bertolet Benjamin, axle work, 445 N Broad, h 

807 N 5th 
BERTOLET B. & CO. {Beajamui and Ezra Ber- 

tolet), axle works, 445 N Broad 
Bertolet Ezra, iron and steel, 212 N 3d and 445 N 

Broad, h 807 N 5th 
BERTOLET E. & A. B. {Ezra ^ Abraham B, 

Bertolet), iron and steel, 212 N 3d 
Bertolet, Abraham B., merchant, 416 N 3d 
Bertron George W., tobacconist, 217 N 16th 
Bertron Robert, machinist, 1 r 1502 Race 
BERTRAM GEORGE, hair-dye, 144 N 9th 
Bertram Theodore, cooper, 1458 Lawrence 
Bertram W. D., professor of music, 830 Cherry 
Bertrand George, machinist, 1219 Callowhill, bds 

Broad Street House 
Bertrand Gustave L., clerk, 238 S 3d, h 1044 

Bertsch Frederick, lager beer, 2037 Market 
Bertzan John, laborer, Gtn av ab Haines 
Berwell Catharine, widow Henry, 2052 Hand 
Berwell George, brickmaker, 2052 Hand 
Berwell Thomas, stonecutter, 2052 Hand 
Berwick Charles, laborer, 840 Charlotte 
Berwick John, carpenter, 1612 Coates 
Berwind John, guitarmaker, 1513 Sansom 
Berwind J. Paulus, cutter, 22 N 3d, h 440 Red- 
Berzler Peter, laborer, 432 Belgrade 
Besbing Anna Maria, widovr Jacob, 917 N 11th 

Fatten'g, 630 Chestnnt Street* 




Besbord Jacob, lab, 1627 Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Besc Henry, cabinetmaker, 1007 Noble 
Beschke William, 1008 Sansom 
Besey John, laborer, Cumberland n Perry 
Beskheimer William, wheelwright, Dauphin n 5th 
Beslar Farr^, shoemaker, 6 Brinkley pi 
Bessan Bernhard, farmer, 1621 American 
Bessan George, confectioner, Germantown ar ab 

Bessan Jacob, cabinetmaker, 1621 American 
Bessen John, butcher. Broad ab Montgomery 
Besselievre John P., jeweler, 842 Suffolk 
Bessey Joseph, watchman, Lombard ab Front 
Bessier Hannah, widow John, Faas pi 
Bessinger Angen, secondhand dealer, 1107 N 3d 
Bessenger George, tailor, 419 Brown 
Bessenger John, coffee roaster, 326 New Market, 

h 1509 Frankford av 
Bessenger S., clockmaker, 536 Owen 
Bessmann Henry, bootmaker, 819 St John 
Bessmer John, barber, 827 N 11th 
Bessom Ptichard V. B., ladies' shoemaker, 1133 

Passyunk rd 
Besson Charles A., dry goods, 918 ChestHut, h 

119 S 19th 
BESSON & SON {Elizabeth ^ Charles A. Bes- 
son), dry goods, 918 Chestnut 
Besson Elizabeth, widow John M., dry goods, 918 

Chestnut, h 228 S 8th 
Bessonet John, coal, 328 Lombard 
Bessonet William H., coal, Broad ab Vine, h 328 

Bessonett William, driver, 1234 Ogden 
Best Andrew, pressor, 428 S 5th 
Best Henry, laborer, r 1125 Melon 
Best Hugh, laborer. Warden ab Montgomery 
Best John, laborer, 1231 Carlton 
Best J. S., 839 N 5th 
Best Louis, coach trimmer, 1023 Parker 
Best Samuel M., carpenter, 730 N 22d 
Best Thomas, driver, Market n 39th 
Bestmann Frederick, cabinetmaker, 231 Girard 

Bestor Samuel J., jeweler, 34 S 3d 
Bestwitch Matthew, blacksmith, 1412 Gtn av 
Beswick James, beamer, Gay n Wood, Manayunk 
Beswick James, clerk. Main, Manayunk 
Beswick Joseph, hotel, 246 Eace 
Beswick Samuel, grocer. Main, Manayunk 
Beswinger Erhardt, York n Amber 
Betancourt Jane, widow Alonso 468 N 6th 
Betes George, shoemaker, 454 St John 
Bethdolt Christian, cooper. Pearl bel 23d 
Bethel John, seaman, Montgomery bel 2d 
Bethel Lucinda, spinner, 1222 N 2d 
Bethel Samuel, wine and liquor dealer, 1541 S 5th 
Bethell Charles P., M. D., 911 Franklin & Frank- 
ford av c Otis 
BETHELL GEORGE S., architect, 520 Walnut, 

h 1224 Spring Garden 
Bethell Joshua M., druggist, Frankford av c Otis 
Bethell Robert, attorney-at-law, 520 Walnut, h 

1224 Spring Garden 
Bethell William R., conveyancer, 432 Walnut, h 

911 Franklin 
Betschman Francis, shoemaker, 1124 N 2d 
Betson James, grocer, 624 Lombard 
Betson Oscar, janitor, 718 Birch 
Betson Robert W., dealer, 514 Owen 
Bett Thomas P., blacksmith, 221 Green 
Bett William, police, 31G Union 
Bettell Paul, commission agent, 29 Strawberry 
Betterton Joseph R., carpen'r, Budd n Haverford 
Betterton William, shoemaker, Baltimore pike n 


Patten>s« 630 Chestnut 

Bettieher, Coon & Co. {J. C. Betticker, M. Coon 

^ E. Coon), produce com. merch's, 29 S Water 
Bettieher J. C, com. merchant, 29 S Water, h 

Ridgway House 
Betting Samuel, wholesale grocer, 413 Dillwyn 
Bettinger Gebhard, watchmaker, 403 Maria 
Bettinger Washington J., watchmaker, SE Chest- 
nut & 3d, h 310 Cherry 
Bettle John, weaver, Mascher n Master 
Bettle Samuel, 149 & 151 N 10th 
Bettle Samuel, gent., 26 S 3rd 
BETTLE WILLIAM, 26 S 2rd, h 426 N 6th 
Betton Elizabeth, 935 Lombard 
Betts Andrew, shoemaker, r 491 n 3d 
Betts Charles M, bookkeeper, N Del. av c Noble, 

h 826 N 5th 
Betts Charles M., carpenter, 1508 Cuthbert, h 

1511 Filbert 
Betts Elijah, laborer, n Otter & Hope 
Betts John B., carpenter, 1508 Cuthbert, h 1511 

Betts J. B. & C. M. Betts {John B. 4- Chas. M. 

Betts), carpenters, 1508 Cuthbert 
Betts Joseph E., sasbmaker, 1018 Christian 
Betts Louis, baker, 215 N 9th 
Betts Richard K., measurer of carpenter work, 

1511 Filbert 
Betts Ruth A., 1528 Palmetta 
Betts Samuel, salesman, 3 Bank, h 441 Magnolia 
Betts Samuel C, 1511 Filbert 
Betts Samuel F., patternmaker, 1126 Miller 
Betts Sarah, widow James, 1039 Walnut 
Betts William, laborer, n Otter & Hope 
Betz Benjamin, salesman, 233 Jacoby 
Betz Charles, blacksmith, 1233 Savery 
Betz Ernst, tailor, 1607 Germantown av 
Betz Frederick, baker, 420 Wharton 
Betz Frederick, grocer, 1247 N Front 
Betz Gottleib, laborer, Kirkbride ab Rd., Bdg. 
Betz Henry, clerk p. o., 1116 N Front 
Betz Henry, clerk, 1528 Spruce 
Betz Jacob, cooper, 102 & 104 Gatzmer, h 914 

Betz James, millwright, 2024 Coates 
Betz James E., moulder, 2024 Coates 
Betz John, laborer, York n Sepviva 
Betz Mark, blacksmith, bds 1222 Marshall 
Betz Mary, 1558 Spruce 
Betz Peter, baker, N 2d ab Cumberland 
Betz Rhinehart, machinist, 1221 Ogden 
Betz William, 1528 Spruce 

Betzel John, driver, S E Ridge av & Columbia av 
Betxler Charles, weaver, 1249 Montgomery av 
Betzler John, blacksmith, 1237 Montgomery av 
Betzold Christian, machinist, 113 Triellors 
Betzold Edward, clerk, 335 N 3d 
Betzold Frederick, furniture, 417 Julianna 
Beuchner Edward, tailor, 621 Jefferson 
Beulah Perie, widow William, 702 N Front 
Beulah Robert H., clerk, 702 N Front 
Beuler George, shoemaker, r Gray n Poplar 
Beuler George, jr., hatter, 420 Tenor pi 
Beuler George, sr., w. spring ma., 420 Tenor pi 
Beumister Schaver, cordw., 985 2d bel Diamond 
Beutelspacher Gottlieb, barkeeper, 10 S 10th 
Bevan Charles, clerk, 32 N 4th, h Melon bel 11th 
Bevan David, painter & glazier, 12 S 5±h, h 1015 

Bevan Deborah, widow Joseph, 1235 Struthers 
Bevan George, mer. brokkr, 117 S Front, h 1109 

Bevan Henry, painter, 931 Moyamensing av 
Bevan Jesse, carpenter, Leiper bel Sellers 
Bevan John, painter, 101 Pine 
Bevan John W., jr., painter, 101 Pine 
Street* Window Shadegj 




Bevan Joseph H., miller, 1216 Parrisii 
Bevan Mathew P., clerk, 25 Bank, h 101 Pine 
Bevan Mrs., stall 5 Farmers' Western market 
Bevans A. F., broker, 515 Green 
Bevans Charles, moulder, 1332 Rye 
Bevans John S., ice, 1230 S Front 
Bevans Margaret (c), washerwoman, 707 Hubbell 
Bevans Robert, waterman, 213 Saranack 
Bevans Susan, widow Charles, 16 Wyoming 
Bevans Thomas, furniture cars, 1230 S Front 
Bevans Thomas W. (c), dealer, 1117 Bedford 
Beven William, trunkmaker, 517 Franklin 
Bevens William, gent. 826 Franklin 
Beverage James, weaver, 1233 Brinton 
Bevering H., butter and eggs, stall 9 N 2d st 

Market, h 145 Coates 
Beverlin, James H., clerk, 304 S Delaware av, h 

34 Shippen 
Bevington Theodore, bricklayer. Sellers bel Penn 
Bevins Isaac, seaman, 718 Cullen 
Bevnhart Wieland, printer, 629 N 8th 
Bew Richard, teamster. East, Myk 
Bewler Nathan, machinist, 349 N 10th 
Bewley Ann Mrs., confectionery, Haverford bel 

36th, W P 
Bewley Charles, carpenter, 616 Catharine 
Bewley George, carpenter, Lancaster av n Drove- 
Bewley Henry W., bookbinder, 22 & 24 N 4th, h 

2325 Coates 
Bewley Isaac, grocer, 334 S 5th 
Bewley Isaac K., watchman, 1318 Otis 
Bewley James L., produce com. mer. 326 S Dela- 
ware av, bds Ashland House 
BEWLEY JAMES L. & CO. {James L. Bewley &f 
John L. Redner), produce com. merchants, 326 
S Delaware av 
Bewley Jesse, watchman, 920 Catharine 
Bewley John, ice, 2325 Coates 
Bewley John M., plumber, 1538 State 
Bewley John T., bookbinder, 113 Jacoby 
Bewley J. W., compositor, 217 Union 
Bewley Peter B., machinist, 349 N 10th 
Bewley Silas, drover, S B Market & 39th 
Bewley Thomas J., clerk, 217 Union 
Bey Mary, widow George, dealer, 255 N 15th 
Beyan Francis M. (c), porter, 1209 Bedford 
Beyer Charles, cordwainer, 331 Race 
Beyer Charles, weaver, 143 Thompson 
Beyer George, brass moulder, 2 Ray's ct 
Beyer Henry C, clerk, 527 N 22d 
Beyer Hillary, salesman, 219 ^ N 3d, h 507 N 6th 
Beyer John, weaver, 1447 N 4th 
Beyer William A., machinist, 527 N 22d 
Eeylay Charles, tailor, Kiblen pi 
Bez John, music teacher, 229 N 5th 
Bezner Andrew, stonecutter, r 812 Charlotte 
Bezner David, laborer, Manheim, Gtn 
Biard John, liquor store, 512 S 15th 
Bias Richard, plasterer, 1257 S 13th 
Biban James, blacksmith, S W Market & 43d 
Bibighaus J. W. H., clerk, 627 Marshall 
Bibighaus M. A. L., widow Dr. Charles H., 627 

Bibighaus Samuel H., planemaking, 311 Willow 
Bibighaus Samuel H., hardware, 216 N 3d, h 445 

Bibighaus W. H., clerk, 239 N 3d, h 627 Marshall 
Bibbin John, laborer. Maiden 1 n Long 1 
Bibbins John (c), barber, 214 Manship 
Bichbois Elizabeth, widow Augustus, 213 S 5th 
Biche Frank, engineer, 9 St Stephen's pi 
Bichler Christian, lager beer saloon, Haverford 

bel 35th 
Biohner John, laborer. Avenue drove yard, W P 

Curtains, and Vpholulery O 


Bickel Augustus, manuf. canes &c., 139 N 4th 
Biekel Adam, tavern, 421 Girard av 
Bickel David, shoemaker, 1712 American 
Bickel John C, salesman, 409 Market, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Bickel Jacob, laborer, r 916 St John 
Bickel Jacob, blacksmith, 815 Lawrence 
Bickel John M., Pres. N. Y. & Mid. Coal field, 

204 S 4th, h 849 N Broad 
Bickel Rebecca, r 910 N llth 
Bicker August, bootmaker, lOeNith, h 510 Race 
Bicker Caspar, tailor, 626 Arch, h 923 Sardine 
Bicker Charles, furnisher, 113 Thompson 
Bickert Simon, dealer, 13 UfFenheimer's av 
Bickerton Ann, widow Joseph, 116 Jacoby 
Bickerton Benjamin, agent & col. 636 Catharine 
Bickerton Charles, ^eelwright, 126 Almond 
Bickerton Mary, wJbow Jesse, 313 Monroe 
Bickerton Sarah, 1543 Race 

Bickerton Thomas, sr., upholsterer, 106 Almond 
Bickerton Thomas, jr., cooper, 106 Almond 
Bickerton Thomas B., carpenter, 636 Catharine 
Bickery Charles, painter, Farson pi 
Bickham George, carpenter, 1209 Deacon 
Bickhart Jacob, puddler, 968 N Delaware av 
Bickin George, machinist, 1603 Summer 
Bicking Charles R., printer, 447 N 8th 
Bicking Valentine, cutter, 1326 Juniata 
Bickings Josiah, carpenter. Ridge av, Rox 
Bickings Michael, flour dealer. Ridge av, Rox 
Bickings Richard S., custom-house officer. Ridge 

av, Rox 
Bickings Valentine, cutter, 303 &, 305 Chestnut, 

h 1326 Juniata 
Bickings William M., carpenter, Germantown av 

ab Church av 
Bickins William, farmer, 169 S Garden Market', 

h Montgomery co 
Bickle John C, salesman, 409 Market, h Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Bickley David, sawmaker, 1204 N 2d 
BICKLE Y & DAVIS {He7iry BicUey ^ B. Clark- 

son Davis), ice dealers, 1622 Market 
Bickler Elizabeth, 1022 Catharine 
Bickley Elizabeth, trimmings, 1204 N 2d 
Bickley Francis, cabinet maker, 337 S 6th 
Bickley Henry, ice mer. <t cont. 1722 Locust 
Bickley Jesse, embroidery, 266 S 4th 
Bickley John C, contractor, 1622 Market, h 628 

S 16th 
Bickley William H., 1722 Locust 
Bicknell Charles P., gentleman, 1500 Chestnut 
Bicknell Mrs., 918 Atherton 
Bicknell Rufus, doctor. Market n 38th 
Bicknell Lucius, clerk, Market n 38th 
Bicter Anthony, glassmaker, Dauphin n Carroll 
Bidding Joseph, cooper, 49 S Front 
Bidding Thomas R., mer. 413 N 6th 
Biddle Alexander, stockbroker, 326 Walnut, h 

1026 Walnut 
Biddle Alexander, waiter, 1136, Barley 
Biddle Alexander (c), waiter. Merchants' Hotel 
Biddle Ann (c), 1 Emeline 
Biddle Annie E., gentlewoman, 1403 Walnut 
Biddle Ann, widow Joseph, South n 72d 
Biddle Caldwell K., atfy & coun. 731 Walnut 
Biddle Cadwalader, att'y <fc coun. 731 Walnut, h 

1326 Spruce 
Biddle Catharine, washer, r 701 Mintzer 
Biddle C:itharine, 132 S 18th 
Biddle Ch;ipman, attorney-at-law, 131 S 5th, h 

1831 Pino 
BIDDLE CHARLES J, atfy & coun. 713 Sansom 
Biddle Charles, cabinetmaker, 123 Poplar 
BIDDLE CLEMENT, att'y & coun. 714 Walnut 
ootts. Wliolt:«nIe nnd Retail* 




Biddle Clement M., hardware, 131 Market, h 208 

Biddle Craig, att'y & coun. 713 Sansom, h 204 

BIDDLE E. C. & J. & CO. {Edward C. Biddle, 

John Biddle, \ John B. Garrett), publishers, 

508 Minor 
Biddle Edward C, Pres. Westmoreland Coal Co. 

230 S 3d, & publisher 508 Minor, h 1344 Pine 
Biddle Elizabeth, 132 S 18th 

Biddle Elizabeth B., widow William, 1500 Locust 
Biddle Emily, widow J. W., 710 Walnut 
Biddle Francis, assist, matron, Girard College 
BIDDLE GEOKGE W., att'y & coun. 204 S 5th, 

h 1226 Spruce 
Biddle George W., painter, 224 Callowhill, h 

1820 Frankford av 
Biddle Hannah, 132 S 18th 
Biddle Hannah, seamstress, 942 Rodman 
Biddle Harriet, seamstress, 942 Rodman 
BiddleHenry J., stockbroker, 326 Walnut, h 1024 

Biddle Hester, washer, 1201 Salem 
Biddle James C, civil engineer, 1326 Spruce 
Biddle James S., president S. V. & P. R. R. Co. 

309 AValnut, h 1714 Locust 
Biddle John, M.D., 1117 Spruce 
Biddle John, pres. Locust Mtn Coal & Iron Co. 

230 S 3d, & publisher 508 Minor, h 1344 Pine 
Biddle John, weaver, 2317 Callowhill 
Biddle J , widow, 1250 Ridge av 
Biddle John B., M.D., Girard College 
Biddle John H., shipper, r 701 Mintzer 
Biddle John H., waiter, 1201 Salem 
Biddle John M., salesm., 63 S Front, h 714 S 3d 
Biddle John W., gentleman, 952 N 3d 
Biddle John W., manuf. N E Jayne & S 8th, h 

2141 Arch 
Biddle John W. , painter, 5 Clarissa pi 
Biddle Jonathan, stovemoulder, G T rd s of 

Biddle Joseph L., printer, r 1020 Portland 
Biddle Martha, widow of Samuel, 135 Federal 
Biddle Marks John, agent, G T av & Penn 
Biddle Maria, seamstress, 942 Rodman 
Biddle Nicholas, wharfbuilder, 610 Penn 
Biddle Owen, conductor, 1337 Pine 
BIDDLE R. & W. C. & CO. {Robert Biddle, Wil- 
liam C. Biddle, William 31. Griscom, Homer 

C. Lewis &f Clement M. Biddle), hardware, 

131 Market & 122 Jones al 
Biddle Robert, hardware, 131 Market, h 1604 

Biddle Sarah S., widow of Clement, 124 N 13th 
Biddle Thomas, h 1326 Spruce 
Biddle Thomas, waiter, 712 Mintzer 
BIDDLE THOMAS A. & CO. {ThoinasA., Henry 

J., (^ Alexavder Biddle), stock & exchange 

brokers, 326 Walnut 
Biddle Thomas A., stock broker, 326 Walnut, h 

917 Clinton 
BIDDLE THOMAS M., attorney and counsel, 

273 S 4th 
Biddle William, Sec. M. H. & Sch. H. R. R. Co., 

17 S 7th, h 2141 Arch 
Biddle William C, hardware, 131 Market, h 235 

N 10th 
Biddle William W., clerk, 200 Market, h 131 

Bideman Elizabeth, dealer, stall 1 N 2d st Mar- 
ket, h 151 Coates 
Biderman & Bowen {Peter Biderman df Williain 

G. Bourn), photographei's, 46 N 8th 
Biderman Peter, photographer, 46 N 8th, h 1233 


Bidinger Charles, shoemaker, 922 Hutchinson 

Bidlack William M.D., 2208 Vine 

Bidler J., grocer, N E G T av & Dauphin 

Bidman Samuel, shipwright, 1124 Otis 

Bieber Adam, boxmaker, 1223 Montgomery av 

Eieber John, carpenter, 1223 Montgomery av 

Biedengen John, tailor, 105 Vine 

Biederbeer Henry, tailor, 837 Orchard 

Biedermann George M., tailor, 1022 Beach 

Biedermann Henry, cordwainer, 1413 Fkd av 

Bieg Jacob, tailor, 530 Callowhill 

Bieg Jacob, watchman, 3 Benedict pi 

Bieg Sarah, widow of John, S W 2d & New 

Biegemann A., colorist, 203 New 

Biegemann William, pianomaker, 203 New 

Biegle Henry, weaver, 7th & Montgomery 

Biegler Christian, liquor, 1604 N 10th 

Biehart Lewis, laborer, r 453 Canton 

Biehl Philip, cordwainer, 1339 G T av 

Bier Christian, sr., laborer, 607 N Front 

Bier Christian, jr., barber, 607 N Front 

Bier Daniel, barber, 607 N Front 

Bier Jacob, hairdresser, 148 Peg 

Bier Mathias, fisherman, r 823 Charlotte 

Bierbrewer Charles, centre stall 19 Callowhill st 

Bierbrewer Charles L., beef butcher, stall 19 Cal- 
lowhill st Market, h 1149 N 3d 
Bierbrewer Francis, butcher, 1149 N 3d 
Bierce Isabella, teacher, 1411 Spruce 
Bierd Martin, cordwainer, 1315 N 10th 
Bierd Mary Ann, widow, 1312 Warnoek 
Bierley John, port warden, 119 Walnut, h 313 

Bierman Fredricker, widow of Frederick, Com- 
merce n Cumberland 
Bierman John, finisher, 315 George 
Bierman Thomas, barber, 304 Richmond 
Biers Andrew, tinsmith, 911 Ontario 
Bierschenk Conrad, shoemaker, N W Shippen & 

Biesenbach R. L., carriage trimmer, 428 Moyer 
Biewin E., burstone worker, 401 N Front 
Bigalow Sarah, widow of Thomas, boarding 

house, 821 Callowhill 
Bigalow Stephen C, stairbuilder, h 1312 Coates 
Bigalow Thomas L., carpenter, 1310 Coates 
Bigart Hannah, widow of William, 1710 Wylie 
Biget Andrew, laborer, 1805 South 
Biget Andrew Jr., bookbinder, 1805 South 
Bigelow James H., agent, 326 Chestnut, h 24 

N 9th 
Biggard John, foreman, 1005 N 2d 
Biggard William, shoemaker. Rising Sun Vill 
Bigger James, wheelwright, 2517 Hamilton 
Bigger James, wagonmaker, cor 23d & Wood, h 

2517 Hamilton 
Bigger Jane, widow of George, 923 Reed 
Bigger William, laborer, r Fitler bel Harrison 
Biggers James, carpenter, 17 Lentz 
Biggerstaflf John, tin ware, 330 S 2d, h Mascher 

bel Master 
Biggerstaff Samuel, weaver, 1527 N 2d 
Biggert Samuel, cordw, Perkiomen ab Wylie 
Biggin Samuel, sawmaker, Otis E of Carroll 
Bigginwaldt Antoine, chairmaker, 501 Prune 
Biggs Charles D., M.D , dentist, 525 Pine 
Biggs J., clerk, 1130 Girard av 
Biggs William, clerk, 1217 N 2d 
Bigham Harry, sawmaker, Blair n Norris 
Bigham James, tallow chandler, 416 N 17th 
Bigley Charles, clerk, 229 S 9th 
Bigley Charles, cordwainer, 2030 Sansom 
Biglej- Christopher, tavern, Lancaster av n N 

liacC) nin.sliiij Damnskf Brocatellej and Drapery Curtains, of every descriptioUf 




Bigley Daniel, laborer, N side Smethurst pi 
Bigley Dennis, carter, 25th n Pine 
Bigley Frank, clerk, 229 S 9!;h 
Bigley James, grocer, 308 Jefferson 
Bigley John, cooper, 1518 Mascher 
Bigley John, spooler, 1 Olivia pi 
Bigley John, coachman, 4 Azaria 
Bigley Michael, laborer, 457 New Market 
Bigle}"^ Patrick, milkman, Bodine ab Columbia av 
Bigley P., beef butcher, stall 103 Farmers' West- 
ern Market 
Bigley Sarah, widow Thomas, 1344 South 
Bigley William, laborer, 210 S Del av, h N E 

Front and Mead 
Bigley William, laborer, 806 Fernon 
Bigler David E., clerk, 1105 Callowhill 
Bigler Frank, clerk, 55 N 3d, h 1019 N 4th 
Bigler Washington, printer. 1042 Pino 
Bigling Patrick, laborer, Gr T av and Physicks 1 
Bigneil Atilla G., clerk, 111 Coates 
Bignell John, hatter, 1312 Parish 
Bigneil John F., bookbinder, 1312 Parrish 
Bignell Thomas, salesman, 337 Market, h 427 

Bigner Elizabeth, widow Joseph, b h, Cumberland 

n Sepviva 
Bigot Alphonse, lithographer, 9th and Arch, h 847 

N Broad 
Bigonet Jacob, cooper, Ridge av, Rox 
Bigonet John, cooper, Ridge av, Rox 
Bihn George F., chemist. Point rd, Bdg 
Bilberch Frederick, brushmaker, 1745 N 3d 
Bilboa Matthew, laborer, Sorrel n Melvale 
Bilbrough Joseph, lime, 24th and Wood, h 2118 

Bilbrough Sarah, widow John, 720 Callowhill 
Bilbrow Henry, basketmaker. Darby rd n 51st 
Bilbrow Thomas, wool sorter, 2312 Locust 
Bile Peter, laborer, 1728 Wood 
Biler Alexander, butcher, G T av, 23d ward 
Biles Alfred, architect, N W Walnut and 4th, h 

325 Vine 
Biles Charles H., clerk, 329 Market, h 336 S 16th 
Biles George M. W., clerk, r 1502 Filbert 
Biles Helen L., teacher public school, 336 S 16th 
Biles Joseph, carpenter, 6 Platingburgh pi 
Biles J. T., carpenter, 225 S 15th, h 336 S 16th 
Biles Linford, clerk, 407 S 13th 
Biles William, painter. Spring Garden n 16th 
Bilger & Taylor {TV. A. Bilger and Jiishua 

Taylor), hay, grain, and feed, 317 and 319 N 

Bilger Augusta, hotel, 413 N 6th, and stables 442 

N 4th 
Bilger Charles, cordwainer, Apjile n Norris 
Bilger Edward A., clerk, 1118 Spring Garden 
Bilger Francis, cordwainer, Apple n Norris 
Bilger George, gentleman, Apple n Norris 
Bilger Isaac, salesman, 442 N 4th 
Bilger Jerome, laborer, Apple n Norris 
Bilger Leidy, cordwainer, Apple n Norris 
Bilger William A., mer. 317 NFront, h 442 N 4th 
Bilhart Charles, clerk, Richmond whfs. h Salmon 

ab Huntingdon 
Bilhart Francis F., gun stocker, 510 Coates 
Bilhar/ Adolph, soap and candles, 1130 St John, 

h 833 St John 
Bilhar/, Florian, hostler, Salmon n Huntingdon 
Biliard Samuel, laborer, N 7th n Dauphin 
Bill James, shoemaker, 4 Carr's ct 
Bill James, sexton, 5 Queen av 
Bill John, neodlem'r, Palethorp bel Columbia av 
Bill Thomas M., painter, 5 Queen av 
Billam Joseph, tavern, 045 N 10th 
Billam Joshua, silversmith, 645 N 10th 

Bille Henry, lampmaker, 9 Sutton 
Billee Margaret, widow George, 1202 Alder 
Billenstein Eliza, widow Frederick, 1817 Addison 
Billenstein Jacob T., acct. 30 S Del av, h 1620 

Billenstein Sarah, widow Charles, 219 N 13th 
Billerbeck Julius, locksmith, 902 Ridge av, h 315 

Billet Christopher, weaver, 519 S 18th 
Billger George, bookkeeper, 255 N 3d, h 862 N 5th 
Billger M. M., bookkeeper, 313 N 3d, h516 Mar- 
Billin William G., importer, 501 Market, h Wal- 
nut & 40th 
Billing Godfrey N., plasterer, 1444 Hutchinson 
Billing Hannah, widow, 12 Fishbourne pi 
Billingdorf Wendell, laborer, 1304 Apple 
Billinger Ignos, carpetweaver, 1303 N 5th 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, 114 Elwyn 
Billings Caleb, drygoodsA trimmings, 2227 Coates 
BILLINGS, ROOP & CO. {James M. Billings, 
Samuel W. Roop, Charles A. Smith if Henry 
R. Klbbe), importers & com. merchants, 24 & 26 
Billings James M., importer, 24 & 26 Bank, h 

Ontario n 21st 
Billings Leibrant, bricklayer, 12 N 13th 
Billings Sarah Ann, shoe store, 226 Poplar 
Billings Sylvester, hatter, Hamilton ab 33d, W P 
Billings Thomas S., label printer, r 329 Arch 
Billings Thomas, printer, 324 Julianna 
Billings Mrs., wid, tailoress, 812 Vine 
Billingsfelt Thomas, turner, 1423 Buttonwood 
Billingsly Elbert, waiter, 1250 Mervine 
Billingsly Fereby, preserver of fruits, 1232 Citron 
Billingsly Henry C, porter, 1250 Mervine 
Billingsley Andrew, dealer, 30 Strawberry 
Billington James H., manufacturer of findings, 10 

Decatur, h 19th & Thompson 
Billington D. P., salesman, 10 Decatur, h 19th & 

Billington Joseph, foreman, 715 Webb 
Billington Thomas, carpenter, r 1212 Beach 
Billmyer George, farmer, G T av ab Upsler 
Billmyer George, jr., farmer, G T av ab Upsler 
Billmyer Samuel T., clerk, 2 Willing's al, h Her- 
man, Gtn 
Billmyer William M., printer, 1138 Sites 
Bills Frank, milkman, S Broad n River Del 
Bills Francis, milkman, 1333 S 8th 
Bills Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 119 Marion 
Bills Philip, laborer, Chelton av 
Bills Thomas, milkman, S Broad n River Del 
Bilsborough Jabezs, laborer, Paul n Green 
Bilsland John, driver, 2134 Naudaia 
Bilson James, bricklayer, Grays Ferry rd & Car- 
Bilson Mary G., dressmaker, Diamond n Washing- 
Bilson William, engineer. Diamond n Washington 
Bil3'eau Aaron P., builder, 1340 Franklin 
Bilyeau & Rattinger (George W. Bilycaii if 
George Rattinger), bookbinders & morocco 
case makers, 149 N 3d 
Bilyeau George, jr., bookbinder, 149 N 3d, h 

Franklin ab Master 
Bindel Charles, tailor, 1434 N 4th 
Binder Andrew, casemaker, r 130 Mead 
Binder Christopher, carpenter, 1446 Marshall 
Binder George, woodcorder. Laurel St Whf, h 

624 Coates 
Binder George A., lumber dealer & builder, SE 

6th & Oxford, h 928 Marshall 
Binder George P., porter, 124 N 3d, h 324 Vino 
Binder Gotleib, barber, 211 N 9th 

Patten'a, G30 Chestnut Street. 



Binder John, weaver, r 1247 N Front 

Binder Jacob, lumber dealer & builder, S B 6th 

& Oxford, h 922 Marshall 
Binder J. & Gr. A. [Jacob Sr George A. Binder), 

lumber yard S E c 6th & Oxford ; moulding mill 

6th n Oxford 
Binder J., moulder, 429 Wildey 
Binder Jacob, gent. 920 Marshall 
Binder M. A., millinery, 1029 Chestnut 
Binder Richard, barber, 216 Grirard av 
Binder William, hatter, 923 N 7th 
Binder William, carpenter, 880 Randolph 
Binder William E., author, 21.31 South 
Bines & Sheaff {Samuel M. Bines ^ Jolm F. 

Sheaff), coal dealers, Arch St Whf, Sch. & N 

P R R & Green 1 
Bines Samuel M., coal merchant. Arch St Whf, 

Sch, h Fisher's 1 
Bines Aun, wid David, 726 Buttonwood 
Biney Ann, seamstress,. 322 Stanley 
Bing James, carpenter. State n Pratt 
Bings John, tailor, 844 Lombard 
Bingham Amos Rev., 263 Perry 
Bingham A., agent, 12 N 17th 
Bingham David, carpetweaver, 1420 Wood 
Bingham & Dorman [Jolui C. Bingham &f Alfred 

M. Dorman), sad & bar manuf's, 1433 Market 
Bingham Edward, clerk, 36 N 11th 
Bingham E. A., broker, 325 Walnut, h 624 Wood 
Bingham Francis D., housecarpenter. Oak ab 36th 
Bingham James, carpenter, 1736 Callowhill 
Bingham James, broker, 36 N 11th 
Bingham James, jeweler. Oak ab 36th 
Bingham James, corder, N Centre, Gtn 
Bingham James, jr., clerk, N E Jayne and 8th, h 

318 Wood 
Bingham James T., clerk, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 36 N 11th 
BINGHAM JOHN, Adams Express Co. 36 N 11th 
Bingham John, weaver, Ella & Amber 
Bingham John, carpenter. Centre & Evans, Gtn 
.Bingham John C, saddlery and harness, 1433 

Market, h 36 N 11th 
Bingham Joseph, millwright, 2206 Wood, h 22d 

& Siam 
Bingham Margaret, widow Robert, 240 N 15th 
Bingham Richard, salesman, 743 S 6th 
Bingham Richard P., grocer, 743 S 6th & 928 

Bingham Richard W., gardener, Germantown av 

bel Penn 
Bingham Robert M., plasterer, Germantown av 

bel Penn 
BINGHAM SAMUEL, confectioner, 215 Girard 

Bingham Samuel, carpenter. Darby rd bel 42d 
Bingham Thomas, trunkmaker. Oak ab 36th 
Bingham William, turner in wood, r 428 Walnut, 

h 436 Spruce 
Bingley Joseph, engraver, 404 Landis 
Bingley Thomas, weaver, Hancock, Gtn 
Bingley Richard, weaver, Manheim, Gtn 
Bininger John, gunsmith, 1448 N 6th 
Binke George, clerk, 201 Brown, h 823 St John 
Binke James, inkmaker, 9 Ledger place 
Binker Thomas, boots & shoes, Richmond n 

Binker William, engineer, 1243 Palmer 
Binkert John, tavern, 83 Frankford av 
Binkert Julius, engraver, 83 Frankford av 
Binkin John, superintendent, James, Falls Schy'l 
Binks James, carpenter, 1012 Poplar 
Binks Thomas, chaser, 667 Barton 
Binley Frederick, carpenter, 1111 Palmer 
Binley John, carpenter, 453 Allen 
Binley William, carpenter, 1125 Sophia 

Window Shades and Curttiin 

Binney Charlotte Mrs., 1836 Chestnut 
BINNEY HORACE, coun at law, 245 S 4th, h 

241 S 4th ^ 

BINNEY HORACE Jr., atty & coun, 22? S 6th 
Binney William, carpenter, 510 N 8th < 
Binnix John, conductor. Centre, Myk 
Binnix James, iron roller, 2 Gray'sFerry ab 49th 
Binnix William, iron roller, 2 Gray'sFerry ab 49th 
Binns Charles, beamer, 23d & Biddle 
Binns Charles H., clerk, 1108 Mt Vernon 
Binns Edward H. , salesman, 1104 Coates 
Binns Joseph, weaver, Front ab Harrison 
Binns Moses, coal, 1103 Market, h 1108 Mt Vernon 
Binns Thomas, engineer, Clearfield and Waterloo 
Binns William, Cotton, Myk 
Binny John, typefounder, 1030 Christian 
BINSWANGER & EGER {Isadore Binswanger 
4- David Eger), manfs cloaks, mantillas & job- 
bers fancy dry goods, 121 N 3d 
Binswanger Isadore, mer, 121 N 3d, h 436 Franklin 
Binswanger, shirt manufactory, 19 N 3d 
Bioren Charles H., clerk, 36 S 3d, h 1616 Spruce 
Bioren John, mer, 205 & 207 Chestnut, h 1616 

Birch Abraham, grocer and dry goods, Ger av bel 

Birch Annie, Miner ab Girard av 
Birch David, clerk, 122 S Del av 
Birch David, M.D., 252 Girard av 
Birch Edwin K., auctioneer, 914 Chestnut, h 147 

N 11th 
Birch George R., bookkeeper, 1022 Market, h 762 

Birch Henry, laborer, 230 Williamson 
Birch John, cutter, 1235 Dean 
Birch John, carpenter, 417 Appletree al 
Birch John, gent, Ivliner ab Girard av 
Birch John, shoemaker, 1221 N 2d 
Birch John, laborer, 27th n Federal 
BIRCH JOSEPH, druggist, S E Vine & 21st 
Birch Michael, soap manuf, 1209 Frankford av 
Birch Rebecca, 235 Dean 

Birch Samuel, gunsmith, Frankford av bel Jeffer- 
son, h Blair n Norris 
BIRCH THOMAS & SON {Edwin K. Birch), 

auctioneers, 914 Chestnut 
Birch Thomas, auctr., 914 Chestnut, h 1717 Vine 
Birch Thomas R., elk, 914 Chestnut, h 1717 Vine 
Birchall Elias, wool goods, h Gtn av n R R Depot 
Birchall Elizabeth, widow Nathan, Gtn av and 

Birchall Joseph, conductor. Church n Paul 
Birchall William B., farmer, stall 23 Western 

Market, h N J 
Birchall William, sheet iron plate worker, 1733 

chall and Daniel M. Baher), furnacemakers, 
S W Broad and Sansom 
Bircher Richard, cordwainer, 2205 Coates 
Birckhead P. E., Treas. Philadelphia Fire and 

Life Ins. Co., h 1524 Chestnut 
Bird Alfred, clothier, 1804 Rittenhouse square 
Bird Annie E., gaiter binder, 1629 Stiles 
Bird Absalom (c), steward, 9 Emeline 
Bird Bernard, bartender, 6 S 6th 
Bird Charles, 1651 N 8th 

Bird C, billiard sal. 609 Chestnut, h 423 York av 
Bird Charles, pla.sterer, 859 N 5th 
Bird Charles, dealer, N E 9th and Filbert 
Bird Charles G., coachmaker, Tacony plank 

road n Orthodox 
Bird Charles S., more, dresser, N E 7th & Oxford 
Bird Christian, billiards, 423 York av 
Bird Dorothia, widow Francis, r 927 Charlotte 
Goodsi ^VlloIe8ale and Retail; 



Bird David, morocco dresser, 1651 N 8th 
Bird David, laborer, Darby av below 73d 
Bird Edmund M., detect, police, 5lh & Chestnut, 

h 438 Redwood 
Bird Francis B., cordwn. N W c 2d & Poplar, h 

133 Brown 
Bird Frederick, segarmaker, 1135 Sophia 
Bird George K., builder, N Broad ab Cumberland 
Bird George U., cutter, 1712 Burton 
Bird George W., shoemaker, 2 Southampton ct 
Bird Harrison, shoemaker, r 927 Charlotte 
Bird Henry, 908 Clinton 
Bird Henry C, clerk, 31 S 6th, h 180-t Ritten- 

house sq 
Bird Isaiah, carpenter, 1924 Cambridge 
Bird James, hotel, 6 S 6th 
Bird James M., teacher pub. school, h 320 S 

Bird James S., clerk, 12 N 3d, h 320 S 16th 
Bird Job, merchant, 1734 Market, h 1805 Lee 
Bird John, laborer, 1645 Mervine 
Bird John F., M.D. N E llth and Green 
Bird John S., elk. 242 Chestnut, h 409 Catharine 
Bird Juliana, asst. Matron Penn. Inst, for Deaf 

and Dumb, S Broad c Pine 
Bird J. J., M.D. 915 Filbert 
Bird John (c), waiter, 208 Currant al 
Bird John, shoemaker, 9 Clarissa place 
Bird Mary A. Mrs., 1804 Rittenhouse sq 
Bird Mary, 1210 Hein 

Bird Matthias, horse dealer, 808 Callowhill 
Bird Patrick, laborer, 426 Christian 
Bird Phebe A., housekeeper, 2003 Poplar 
Bird Rebecca, widow Thomas J., 1939 Vine 
Bird Thomas, manuf. of hosiery, 210 Poplar 
Bird Thomas, clothier, 31 S 6th, h 1804 Ritten- 
house sq 
Bird William Henry, clerk, 12 N 3d 
Bird William, moulder, 1162 N 3d 
Bird William, silversmith, 1517 N Front 
Bird William, dry gds and trimmings, 1142 South 
Bird William E. A., clerk, 436 Market, h 241 Pine 
Bird Walter, millwright, 251 Perry 
Bird William H., clerk, 423 Wetherill 
Birely Jacob, shipbuilder, 428 Richmond 
Birely John, shipbuilder, 313 Richmond 
Birely & Lynn (Jacob Birely ^ John Lynn), ship 

builders. Beach and Columbia av 
Birely Theodore, shipbuilder, 1437 Beach, h 426 

Birgfeld Adolph, pianomaker, N E cor 7th & San- 
son!, h 35th ab Bridge 
Birkenhauer George, hairdresser, 436 N 9th 
Birkenhauer Peter, tailor, 1742 Sansom 
Birkel John, dealer, stalls 64 and 66 Girard av 

market, h N 6th n Girard av 
Birkett James, dealer, stands 14, 15, 16 and 17 

Girard av market, h Janney n Clearfield 
Birkett Sarah, widow, 37 N llth 
Birkey Catharine Miss, trimmings, 211 S 5th 
Birkey John, dentist, 245 S 6th 
Birkey John Q.,, 245 S 6th 
Birkey Thomas W., M.D. 245 S 0th 
Birkey W. J. A., M.D., dentist, 242 S 8th 
Birkinbine Augustus N., clerk, 330 S Del av, h 
• 529 N 22d 

BIRKINBINE H. P. M., chief engineer water 
dep., 5th & Chestnut, & 918 Cherry, h 2221 Green 
Birkhead Ella, private board'g h., 1524 Chestnut 
Birkhead Henry P., clerk, 1524 Chestnut 
Birkhead Pollard E., treasurer of Life Ins. Co., 

1524 Chestnut 
Birkman Richard M., printer, 502 Arch 
BIRKS JOHN, white goods, laces, Ac, 207 Mar- 
ket, h 433 Chestnut 

Birmelin Fred., baker, S W Dauphin k Franklin 
Birmingham Charles, grocer, 3d & Noble, h 926 

N 7(h 
Birmingham C. A. Mrs., dry goods, 1603 Ridge av 
Birmingham Francis, carpenter, 1520 Parrish 
Birmingham Geo., daguerreotypist, 1518 Parrish 
Birmingham George C, laborer, 552 N 24th 
Birmingham James, daguerreotypist, 1518 Par- 
Birmingham John, bricklayer, 1318 N 10th 
Birmingham Martin, porter, 123 Gothic 
Birmingham Pariset Wm., grocer, NE 3d & Noble, 

h 711 Poplar 
Birmingham Thomas, laborer, 14 Osage av 
Birnbaum Alwill F., clerk, 124 AValnut, h 1028 

Birnbaum Charles, agent, 1108 Parrish 
Birnbaum Charles, baker, 1028 Pine 
Birnbaum Charles H., clerk, 1028 Pine 
Birnbaun George, gentleman, llOS Parrish 
Birnbaun John, laborer, 1432 South 
Birnes George, 835 Market 
Birney Charles, carpenter, 6 Pagoda 
Birney David B., att'y & coun. & com. of deeds, 

37 S 3d, h 1920 Race 
Birney George, laborer, Salmon n Reading av 
Birnie George, printer, 203 Ristine 
Bisbing George, cooper, 336 St John 
Bisbing George, stove moulder, Gtn rd n Dauphin 
Bisbing Henry, plasterer, Haines bel. Hancock 
Bisbing Jacob, moulder, Gtn rd n Dauphin 
Bisbing John, cooper, 5 Mendon pi 
Bisbing John M., cooper, Irving ab 40th 
Bisbing John S., copperplate printer, 754 N 22d 
Bisbing Joseph, driver, Cumberland n Amber 
Bisbing Margaret, widow Jacob, Cumberland n 

Bisbing Oliver, patternmaker, Gtn rd n Dauphin 
Bisbing Stephen, boots and shoes, 1029 Market, h 

1636 Market 
Bisbing Theodore W., machinist, 754 N 22d 
Bisbing William S., clerk, 1811 Coates 
Bisbon Elletta, gentlewoman, 1421 Spruce 
Bischoff Francis, moulder, Frankford av & Cum- 
Bischoff Morris, baker, 150 Margaretta 
Bisel Wilhelmina, widow Simon, Hinckley bel 5th 
Bishman George, tailor, 833 St John 
Bishop Abner Pi,ev., r 712 Mintzer 
Bishop A. S.. druggist, 449 Girard av 
Bishop Benjamin, stall 71 Callowhill st market 
Bishop Benjamin F., gold chain maker, S E Dock 

& Walnut 
Bishop Barzilla B., bartender, 124 JIarket 
Bishop Charles J., druggist, 611 N 7th 
Bishop Charles, hatter, 922 Parri,-ih 
Bishop Charles, police, S G Hall stn, h 922 Parish 
Bishop Charles, bookkeeper, 431 Magnolia 
Bishop Charles, barber, 328 Girard av 
Bishop Charles, cutter, 125 Gothic 
Bishop C. S., M.D., 334 N 10th 
Bishop David, ice, 1309 Cherry 
Bishop Edward, butcher, Franklin market, E of 

5th, h Front S of Dauphin 
Bishop David T., farmer, stall 343 Farmers' mar- 
ket, h Chester county 
Bishop Elizabeth, widow, r 834 N 2d 
Bishop lillizabeth, widow, 918 Arch 
Bishop Ephraim, ship chandlery, 18 S Del av, h 

1201 S 3d 
Bishop Francis, carter, 832 Fernon 
Bishop Frances Mrs., hotel, 125 Gothic 
Bishop (Sreorge, blacksmith, 35 N 22d 
Bishop L«aac, ambrotypist, Gtn rd n Oxford, h 
Norris n Sepviva 

Patten's* 630 Chestnut Street* 




Bishop J., farmer, stall 195 Franklin market, h 

Delaware county 
Bishop Jane, widow "William, 2307 Callowhill 
Bishop Jacob K., salesman, 30 N4th,l)ds American 

Bishop Jacob F., butcher, 379 Eastern market, h 

1431 N 6th 
Bishop James, bricklayer, 116 Prime 
Bishop J. Leander, M.D., 940 N 8th 
Bishop Joel P., cordwainer, 1125 Coates 
Bishop Joel, farmer, stall 234 Farmers' market, 

h Delaware county 
Bishop John, weaver, Centre, Gtn 
Bishop John, veal butcher, stall 9 Girard av mar- 
ket, h N Front n Dauphin 
Bishop John, machinist, 437 Thompson 
Bishop John, bricklayer, 1310 Moyamensing av 
Bishop John, laborer, Columbia ab 3d 
Bishop John, bootmaker, 638 Mcllwain 
Bishop John K., merchant tailor, 114 S 4th, h 821 

Bishop M. Mrs., millinery, 1016 Chestnut 
Bishop Monroe H., trunkmaker, 317 N 3d, h 930 

St John 
Bishop Philip S., carbuilder, 4 Oak bel 37th 
Bishop Randall, farmer, stall 430 Farmers' market 
Bishop Robert D., bartender, 1230 Cadwalader 
Bishop Robert, machinist, 403 N 22d 
Bishop & Smedley, farmers, stall 36 Western mar- 
ket, h Del CO 
Bishop Stillwell S., merchant, 105 Arch, h 2332 

Bishop Stratton, waterman, 5 Point Pleasant ct 
BISHOP, SIMONS & CO. {Stillwell S. Bishop, 
Henry Simons, William L. McFaden), ship 
agents and commission merchants, 105 Arch 
Bishop Sarah, widow Joseph, 206 Manship 
Bishop Sarah, 419 Wood 
Bishop Thomas, prof, of music, 1202 Filbert 
Bishop U. C, furniture warerooms, N E Market 

& 17th, h 22 S 17th 
Bishop William, carman, 17 Richmond 
Bishop William, clerk, 1316 Myrtle 
Bishop William, seaman, 116 Prince 
Bishop William (c), laborer, r 723 S 7th 
Bishop William, shoemaker, Gtn av 23d Ward 
Bishop William A. Y., bricklayer, 726 N 9th 
Bisinger John, weaver. Sowers ct 
Bisler John, tailor, Austin ab AVharton 
Bisley William, wharfbuilder, 1025 Crease 
Bispham Benj. H., trunkmaker, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Daniel F , trunkmaker, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Daniel, tailor, 127 Richmond 
Bispham Ellis, clerk, 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham George, 1503 Spruce 
Bispham Henry C, artist, 1605 Filbert 
Bispham James L., druggist, 298 S 2d, h 411 S 8th 
Bispham John S., mer., 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham Joseph, 1503 Spruce 
Bispham M. C, widow John B., 1605 Filbert ' 
Bispham Samuel, mer., 629 Market, h 263 N 6th 
Bispham & Sons {Samuel Bisplmm, Samuel A. 
Bispham ^ John S. Bispham), grocers and 
commission merchants, 629 Market 
Bispham Samuel A., merchant, 629 Market, h 459 

Bispham William, clerk, 1605 Filbert 
BISPHAM WILLIAM D., attorney, 30 N 7th 
Biss Thomas, gent. Bringhurst, Germantown 
Bissell Israel M., manufactor, 319 Walnut, h 

406 S Broad 
Bisset Elie, artificial flowermaker, 2 Carbon 
Bissex George Edward, ^shoecutter, N W c 21st 

& Vine 
Bissex Henry, N W c 21st & Vine 

Bissex H. T., boot & shoe store. Market n 36th 
Bissex James R., boot & shoe store, N W c 21st 

& Vine 
Bissies John, clerk, 421 German 
Bissenger Gabriel, stonecutter, 13 Bledsloe pi 
Bisson Mary Ann, wid. Samuel, 968 Hutchinson 
Bissout Henry F., cordwainer, 2217 Ridge av 
Bisswanger Jacob, butcher, Lancaster av n N 41st 
Bistine Joseph, police, 1132 Savery 
Bistirius William, tailor, 1519 Philip 
Biswanger Erhard, carpet manufac. Ella n Amber 
Biter George, blacksmith, Maschern Huntingdon 
Bitler Joseph, moulder, 204 S Juniper 
Bitler Michael, iron moulder, 23 N 17th 
Bitler William, machinist, 818 N 19th 
Bitner Abraham, com. merchant, Warren N 35th 
BITNER & EYRE (Joseph L. Bitner, Isaac P. 

Eyre), notions & fancy goods, 17 N 3d 
Bitner Joseph L., notions, 17 N 3d, h 1318 Green 
Bitner Lewis, cabinetmaker, 407 Garden 
Bitner Mathias, dry goods, SE 3d & Arch, h 1917 

Bitner Philip, tailor, 1234 Warnock 
Bitter Henry, tailor, 1424 Ridge av 
Bitter Henry, dental instruments, 420 S 16th 
Bitters Lorenzo C, ladies shoes, 484 N 4th 
Bitting Andrew, tailor, 1215 Myrtle 
Bitting Charles W., blacksmith, 830 Burns 
Bitting Catharine, widow Knight, 830 Burns 
Bitting George W., carpenter, 1326 Hutchinson 
Bitting Jacob, brakesman, N E 9th & Green, h 

810 Wallace 
Bitting John, chairmaker, 1211J Ridge av 
Bitting John H., blacksmith, 830 Burns 
Bittle Lydia, seamstress, 234 N Juniper 
Bittle Mary Ann, wid. Frederick, Church, Myk 
Bittle S., farmer, stall 105 Western market 
Bittle William H., boilermaker, York n Richmond 
Bitting Jonathan, turner, 1724 Wylie 
Bitting Jordan, contractor, 860 N 11th 
BITTING LEWIS, liquor merchant, 626 Market, 

h 623 N 10th 
Bitting Thomas R., gent, 320 N 3d, bds Mont- 
gomery hotel 
Bitting Wayne, clerk, 423 N 3d 
Bitting William, dispatcher, N E 9th & Green, h 

808 Wallace 
Bitting William, tailor, 1215 Myrtle 
Bitting William H., bookkeeper, 626 Market, h 

623 N 10th 
Bittings Charles, fireman, 3 Loud pi 
Bittings Joseph, cooper, Moore n Otsego 
Bitton Richard, hostler, G T av & Washington 
Bitton Samuel P., printer, r 1418 Spring Garden 
Bittorf Valentine, shoemaker, 511 Oxford 
Bivan Benjamin, laborer. Oak n 42d 
Bivans Samuel (c), stovemaker, 616 S 12th 
Biven Charles, packer, 1027 Melon 
Biven Joseph, miller, Broad bel Vine 
Bivens Hannah (c), widow Levi, Frankford rd n 

Bivins George, cordwainer, Washington av, Gtn 
Bixenstein John F., baker, 706 Coates 
Bize Eugene, salesman, 222 N 8th 
Bize Mary A. milliner, 222 N 8th 
Bizeo Stephano, dealer, 2 Tottingham's pi 
Bizzick James, laborer, 4 Lisbon 
Blabin George W., mer. 146 N 3d, h 451 N 8th 
Blabon & Smith {Geors^e W. Blabon and Speiicer 

C. Smith), oil cloth's, 146 N 3d 
Black Albert R., patternmaker, N W 12th & No- 
ble, h 858 Randolph 
Black Alexander, coachman, 1208 Cuthbert 
Black Alexander A., driver, 1033 S 4th 
Black Amelia, dressmaker, 211 S 9th 

Crilt Cornices) BandS) GimpSf TasselS) Fringes^ and Curtain Goods J 




IBIack Andrew, carpenter, 208 Dean 

Black Andrew, carpet weaver, Main, Myk 

Black Ann E., 9.32 N 10th 

Black Archambald, oysterman, r 133 Carpenter 

Black Bear Hotel, 425 N 3d 

BLACK & BURKE {J. H. Blacl; M. A. Burke), 

liquors, 1136 Market 
Black Calvin (c), laborer, Irving ab 40th 
Black Charles, laborer, Huntingdon n Thompson 
Black Charles, laborer, Norris n 4th 
Black Charles, laborer, ,')23 8 21st 
Black Charles, mason, 1923 South 
Black Charles, papermaker, Hippel's la ab Wash- 
ington, Myk 
Black Christopher, plasterer, 7 Paley pi 
Black Creek Improvement Co., 311^ Walnut 
Black Cyrus, porter, 1 Bohemian pi 
Black Daniel, laborer, Ann ab Trenton av 
Black Daniel, grocer, 2114 Callowhill 
Black Daniel, painter, 762 S 6th 
Black David, plasterer, 1342 South 
Black E. (c), agent & collector, 612 Barclay 
Black Edgar, milk, 1425 Parrish 
Black Edward R., engineer, 1044 Market 
Black Edward T., bricklayer, 640 N 13th 
Black Ellen, 1043 Lombard 
Black Elizabeth, widow John, Norris n 4th 
Black Emanuel S., porter, 110 S Front, h 922 

Black Francis, painter, 511 S 3d 
Black Francis, shoemaker, 1342 South 
Black Frank, house painter, 307 Lombard 
Black Frank, carpenter, Orr ab Francis 
Black F. A. & J. C. {Fmiik Black, J. C. Black), 

house painters, 307 Lombard 
Black & Garty {Daniel Black, Edward Garty), 

grocers, 2114 Callowhill 
Black George, plasterer, Otis n Tulip 
Black George D., clerk, 806 Market, h 319 N 8th 
Black George P., varnisher, 1036 Nectarine 
Black Henry, finisher, 139 Frankford 
Black Henry, laborer, 615 Guilford 
Black Henry, manuf. of terra cotta ware, G T av 

bel 6 th 
iWack Henry, terra cotta, N 7th n Dauphin, Gtn 

n Diamond 
Black H. N., 814 Market 
Black Henry J., 1405 Chestnut 
Black Hugh, salesman, 819 Filbert 
Blach Hugh, weaver, 1420 Philip 
Black Isaac, police, 208 Dean 
Black Jacob, clerk, 1609 Pine 
Black Jackson, painter, 723 Christian 
Black Jackson, weaver, r 1425 Philip 
Black Jarnes, bricklayer, 1342 South 
Black James, dry goods, 240 S 10th 
BLACK JAMES, grocer, N W Market & 15th, 

h 1819 Filbert 
Black James, inventor, r 624, h 624 Market 
Black James, laborer, 1632 Richard 
Black James, laborer, 1923 South 
Black James, painter, 2037 Vine 
Black James, weaver, Philip ab Oxford 
Black J. C, housepainter, 307 Lombard 
Black J. II., liquors, 1136 Market, Columbia ho 
Black James G., cutler, 423 Market,h 671 Barton 
Black James J., flour factor, 404 S Del av and 

405 Penn, h 329 Lombard 
Black James M., barber, r 925 Rodman 
Black James R., daguereotypes, 531 Washington 
.Black Jenks, blacksmith, 222 Diamond 
Black James T., grocer, N W Chestnut & Broad, 

h 114 8 15th 
Black John, carter, 943 E Richmond 
Black John (c), barber, Stephen's ct 

Black John, blacksmith, 12 Fetter la, h 448 N 7th 
Black John, block & pump mr, 750 Swanson 
Black John, boiler mr, 1327 Filbert 
Black John, caulker, 532 S 2d 
Black John, grocer, 1626 Fitzwater 
Black John, hotel, Salmon n Huntingdon 
Black John, laborer, York n Richmond 
Black John, weaver, 2011 South 
Black John A., clerk, 2218 Locust 
Black John F., shipcarpenter, 242 Jarvis 
Black John H. (c), barber, 1210 Moya av 
Black John P., dealer, 212 Plumb 
Black John S., mer, 422 Market, 1512 Green 
Black Joseph, cabinetmr. 6 Cowperthwait pi 
Black Joseph, clerk, Salmon ab Huntingdon 
Black Joseph, engineer, Artesan n Norris 
Black Joseph, warper, 1240 Bedford 
Black Joseph, weaver, Palethorp bel Columbia 
Black Joshua, spinner, 1332 N 2d 
Black Josiah, carder, S W Leithgow & Canal 
Black G. Washington, shoectaker, 618 S 16th 
Black Lewis, baker, 628 S Broad 
Black Margaret, wid John, 932 N 10th 
Black Margaret, wid Thomas, washer, 1043 Lom- 
Black Margaret (c), washerwoman, 327 Dugan 
Black Maria, seamstress, 1231 S 3d 
Black Maria E., wid James, 2051 Walnut 
Black Mary, prod, 136 & 138 Shippen market 
Black Mary, dressmr, 1043 Lombard 
Black Mary, wid Robert, shirtmaker, Edgemont 

n Cumberland 
Black Mary, wid Robert, Otis n Tulip' 
Black Mary Ann (c), washerwoman, 1225 Pearl 
Black Matthew, boatman, 2203 Filbert 
Black Matthew, painter, 762 S 6th 
Black Matthew, shoemaker, 618 S 15th 
Black Matthias (c), laborer, 40th bel Locust 
Black Maurice, student at law, 241 S 3d, h Park 

and Oak, W P 
Black Prince (c), secondhand clothing, 270 S 2d, 

h 769 Florida 
Black Princess (c), dressmaker, 769 Florida 
Black Rebecca, wid John, 15 More 
Black Robert, 727 Espey 
Black Robert, blacksmith, Walnut bel 37th 
Black Robert, jr., blacksmith. Walnut bel 37th 
Black Robert, jr., carpenter, 1129 Shippen 
Black Robert, carpenter, 2031 Winter 
Black Robert, carver, 219 Union 
Black Robert, coppersmith, r 668 N 10th 
Black Robert, grocer, N E Chestnut k 18th, h 

S W Market & 17th 
Black Robert, laborer, 517 S 19th 
Black Robert, laborer, 2037 Vine 
Black Robert, shoemaker, 907 N 9th 
Black Robert, shoemaker, 1129 Shippen 
Black Robert, telegraph operator, 105 S 3d, h 

1143 S 11th 
Black Robert T., mer. 422 Market, h 1718 Green 
Black Rudolph J., bookkeeper, 212 Chestnut, h 

640 N 1.3th 
Black Samuel, conductor. Landing av ab Coates 
Black Samuel G., dealer, 1044 Market 
BLACK SAMUEL W., real estate ngt, 640 N 13th 
Black Sarah, wid John, 325 N 21st 
Black Stephen, laborer, 308 Lombard 
Black Susan, widow Rev. Robert J., 1816 Wylie 
Black Thomas, weaver, 2d ab Montgomery 
Black Thomas A., bookkeeper, 134 S Delaware 

av, h 247 S 3d 
Black Thompson, grocer, N W Chestnut k Broad, 

h 114 S 16th 
Black Thompson & Son {Thomj'snn Black if 

James T. Black), groc. N W Chestnut & Broad 

Patten*S) 630 Chestnut Street. 




Black Joliii, coachman, 4 College pi 

Black William, sr., Holman n Dauphin 

Black William, 6ermanto\Yn av bel 6th 

Black William, grocery, 509 N ISth 

Black William, ironmoulder, Walnut bel 37th 

Black William, laborer, Edgemont ah Somerset 

Black William, laborer, 3 Gloucester pi 

Blaek AVilliam, laborer, r 1920 Earp 

Black William, marble yard, 1512 Shippen 

Black William, plasterer, Amber n Otis 

Black William, sailor, 702 S Front 

Black William, warper, 1238 Shippen 

Black William, weaver, 10 Bauersach's ct 

Black William, weaver, Holman n Dauphin 

Black William, weaver, 928 Suffolk 

Black William C, real est. 274 S 3d, h 221 S 9th 

Black William D., sr., blacksmith, 1246 S 6th 

Black William D., dry goods, 601 Wharton 

Black William J., clerk, N E Chestnut & ISth, h 

S W Market & I7th 
Black William R., builder, 116 Federal 
Black William S., printer, 1027 Buttonwood 
Blackburn Alexander W., fire marshall, 5th and 

Chestnut, h 725 S 16th 
Blackburn Benjamin, lab. Church n Tackawanna 
Blackburn Charles, shoemaker, 642 Shippen 
Blackburn Daniel, conveyancer, 1832 Lombard 
Blackburn Edward, carder, Church n Tackawanna 
Blackburn George, drayman, 1607 Mervine 
Blackburn James, stall 11 Callowhill St Market 
Blackburn James, lab. Church n Tackawanna 
Blackburn James, produce, 1130 Division 
Blackburn James, jr., lab. Church n Tackawanna 
Blackburn James M., salesman, N W 4th & Arch, 

hds Union Hotel 
Blackburn Jeremiah, boots, 615 South 
Blackburn John, laborer, Church n Tackawanna 
Blackburn John, att'y at law, 420 Library, h 346 

S 16th 
Blackburn Joseph, laborer, 729 Passyunk rd 
Blackburn Patrick, coachman, 1720 Latimer pi 
Blackburn Stuart, carter, 140 N Broad, h 12 

Meyer ct 
Blackburn Thomas, furniture, 2112 Callowhill 
Blackburn William, lab. Church n Tackawanna 
Blackburn William, baker, Judson bel Brown 
Blackburn Francis, Secr'y Philada. F. & L. Ins. 

Co., 433 Chestnut, h Merrick & Penn Square 
Blackburn Francis, jr., malster, 1422 N 8th, h 

S W Merrick & S Penn Square 
Blackburn James, clerk, 2029 Callowhill, h 4 

Blackburn John, attorney at law, 346 S 16th 
Blackburn Sarah S., widow Christopher, jr., 15 

S 13th 
Blackburne Thomas, att'y at law, 255 S 5th, h 

431 Christian 
Blackburne Thomas, laborer, 1424 N 10th 
Blackburne William, el'k, 4 Merrick, S Penn sq 
Blacker P. E., morocco dresser, 1519 Lawrence 
Blackford George, bricklayer, 1236 Pine 
Blackford George, tailor, 1109 Ogden 
Blackford Henry, printer, 1109 Ogden 
Blackford John A., salesman, 600 Market, h 

Haverford n 41st 
Blackiston William L, carriage build. 1541 Ridge 

av & 1526 Parrish, h 510 n 8th 
Blackley Thomas, stonecutter, 13 Amity 
Blackman Enoch T., clerk, 332 Richmond 
Blackman Louisa, widow Joseph, eating house, 

Brabant n William, h N E Brabant & Sorrel 
Blackman Nathan J., shoemaker, 926 Poplar 
Blackman Remmington G., hotel, Brabant n Ann 
Bla«kman Thompson E., white pearl powders, 

•403 Library 

Blackman William T., lumber merchant, Ann st 

whf, h 332 Richmond 
Blackmore Charles, engineer, 1733 Moravian 
Blackshire William H., cabinetmaker, Jefferson 

n 6th 
Blacksmith John, mould. N E Frankford & Green 
Blackson Ellen, washer, 738 Lombard 
Blackson Henry S. (c), hairdresser, 1225 Shippen 
Blackster John, laborer, 1030 Rodman 
Blackston Anthony (c), drayman, 429 Lynd 
Blackston William D., glassblower, York n Gaul 
Blackwell Edward, capt steamboat, 624 N 25th 
Blackwell Henry, eating house, S E Arch & 6th, 

h 606 S nth 
Blackwell Thomas, silversmith, 310 Chestnut, h 

631 Hays 
Blackwell Wm., laborer, 421 N 18th 
Blackwood Joseph, 1600 Filbert 
Blackwood Thomas, hatter, 141 N 3d 
Blackwood Thomas P., carpenter, 1512 State 
Blackwood William D. D. Rev., 125 S 18th 
Blackwood William, framemaker, 1724 Addison 
Blackwood Wm, painter, 1314 Olive 
Blackwood William, police, 316 Union 
Blackwood William M.D., 1600 Filbert 
Blackwood William R. D., student, 125 S ISth 
Blackwood William H., policeman, 1327 S 10th 
Blade James, cordw, 1128 Savery 
Blade James E., cordw, 201 Poplar, h 1228 Sa- 
Bladen Helen, 402 Walter 
Bladen Thomas P., 627 N 6th 
Bladen Washington L., atty. at law, S W 6th & 

Sansom, h Torresdale, 23d Ward 
Blake Henry Y., trim store & h 404 S 6th 
Blacker Joseph, shoemaker, 454 St John 
Blaeker Peter, cooper, 44 St John 
Blaese Adam, lager beer, S W 5th & Master 
Blaese John, currier, 4th &, Coates, h 703 Coates 
Blaese John, wagon maker, 410 Girard av, h S W 

5th & Master 
Blaese Mary, trimmings, 703 Coates 
Blaese Phillip, tanner, 472 N 2d 
Blaess Conrad, brewer, 345 Coates 
Blaess George, lager beer, N W Green & St John, 

h 617 St John 
Blaess John P., currier, S W 4th & Coates, h 703 

Blaess John P. & Co. {JoJni ^ Philip Blaess), 

curriers, S W 4th & Coates 
Blaess Philip, brewer, N W Green & St John, h 

612 St John 
Blaess Philip, currier, S W 4th & Coates, h Black 

Blaess Valentine, lager beer, 428 Coates St 
Blaich George, tobacco, 1235 N Front 
Blain Hugh, drayman, 6 Beverley place 
Blain Isabelle, wid John, Leiper ab Church 
Blain John, card tender, Leiper ab Church 
Blain John, dealer, 14 & 16 sec 6 Jeff n market 
Blair Andrew, turner, 1419 Howard 
Blair Andrew, weaver, 1607 N 2d 
Blair Cunningham, shoemaker, 802 Steward 
Blair Daniel E., clerk, 122 S 17th 
Blair David, gardener, 269 S 21st 
Blair David, gentleman, 705 Parrish . 
Blair Edward, plumber, 2 Tariff place 
Blair Emily, gentlewoman, r of 861 N 13th 
Blair Henry C, apothecary, 800 Walnut, h 35th 

& Powelton av 
Blair Henry J., currier, 612 Tamarind 
Blair James, weaver, 1527 N 2d 
Blair James, stairbuilder, S 21st n Chestnut, h 

266 Perry 
Blair James, paper ruler, r 328 Dugan 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street* Window Shade.s, 





r J. B., artist, 445 N 3d 

r James W., machinist, 1308 Stiles 

r Jane, wid of James, 138 N 3d 

r Jane, seamstress, 1923 Ann 

r John, clerk, 709 Wood 

r John, conductor, 1308 N 3d 

r John, grocer, N E cor 37th & Haverford 

r John, paper bag maker, 1130 Rodman 

r John, laborer, 1909 Naudain 

r John, plasterer, 1518 N 2d 

r John, printer, 1130 Rodman 

r John, travelling agt, 1238 Buttonwood 

r John, weaver, 1229 Crease 

r Margaret, 1130 Rodman 

r Margaret, wid of John, 414 Enterprise St 

r Martha J., carder, 1130 Rodman 

r Mary, seamstress, 1356 Cadwalader 

r Mary Ann, trim. & dress ma., 1324 Poplar 

r Ruben, laborer. Mechanic St., Rox 

r Richard, dealer, 731 Carpenter 

r R,obert, weaver, 1436 N 2d 

r Samuel, engineer, 2047 Summer 

r Samuel, shoemaker, 31 N 22d 

r Samuel R., plumbing &gasfitting, 18 N 7th 

r Thomas, machinist, 15th & Willow, h 1505 


Blair Thomas, plasterer, 1356 Cadwallader 

Blair Thomas, tavern, 1911 Market 

Blair AVillard C, salesman, 705 Parrish 

Blair William, blacksmith, 619 Cherry 

Blair William, gardener, 412 S 13th 

Blair William, huckster, Oxford ab American 

Blair William, plasterer, 1720 Addison 

Blair William, weaver, N 40th n Market 

Blair W. C. salesm. 608 Commerce, h 705 Parrish 

Blair William E., grocer, N W 17th & Sansom 

BLAIR & WYETH (H. C. Blair 6r John Wy- 

eth), apothecaries, 800 Walnut 
Blais Edward, gent. 851 N Broad 
Blaise Jacob, wine dealer, 837 N 3d 
Blaisse George F., chandeliermr. 233 Wood 
Blake Austin, Tioga ab N 17th 
Blake Charles, surg. inst. mr. 15 N 5th 
Blake Charles A., engineer, 951 N Front 
Blake Charles A., surg. instruments, 460 N 5th 
Blake E, (c), widow William, 246 Currant al 
Blake Elizabeth (c), widow Henry, 2124 Wood 
Blake Elizabeth T., widow William, 766 Swanson 
Blake Francis R., M.D., Rd n Huntingdon 
Blake George E., music printer, 25 S 5th 
Blake Harry C, clerk, 141 N 13th 
Blake John (c), coachman, 612 Bay 
Blake John, imp wines & liquors, 140 S Front, h 

308 Cypress 
Blake John, farmer, 86 Fkl Mkt. h Bustleton 
Blake John, gent. 810 Noble 
Blake John, laborer, 2d bel Diamond 
Blake John, porter, 2 Star al 
Blake Joseph, laborer, Dauphin & Reese 
Blake & Keyser ( T. West Blake 4- P. A. Keyser, 

jr.), coal dealers. Arch St whf. Sch 
Blake Mary, milliner, 715 Coates 
Blake Mary C, dressmaker, 715 Coates 
Blake Michael, laborer, 5 Furlong's ct 
Blake Patrick, lab. Huntingdon n Thompson 
Blake Philip, blacksmith, G T av ab Gorgas 
Blake Rachel, washer, r 712 St Mary 
Blake Samuel, waiter, 8 Caroline pi 
Blake S. Parkman, jr., com. mer. 238 Church al, 

h 104 S 13th 
Blake Theresa, teacher, 404 S 6th 
Blake T. West, 141 N 13th 
Blake T. West, jr., clerk, 141 N 13th 
Blake William, hotel, Rising Sun 
jBlake William, porter, 7 Coomb's al 

i Curtains, and Upholstery G 

Blake William R., bartender, 3 Darling pi 
Blakeley David, liquors, Front bel Chatham 
Blakeley John, cotton & wool waste, &c. 6 N 3d, 

h Roxborough 
Blakeley John, printer, 1731 Buttonwood 
Blakeley John, waste dealer. Ridge av Rox 
Blakeley Joseph, blacksmith, 1101 Hope 
Blakeley Joseph, blacksmith. 111 Oakford's av 
Blakeley Mrs., widow John, 1135 Race 
Blakeley William, watchman, 1731 Buttonwood 
Blakely Andrew, laborer, 1636 Burton 
Blakely James, carter, 5 Woelpper ct 
Blakely John, laborer, 1431 Cadwalader 
Blakely John, printer, 1731 Buttonwood 
Blakely Robert, carder, 1708 American 
Blakely Samuel, machinist, 1731 Buttonwood 
Blakely Sarah, china, 25 & 26 Liberty Market 
Blakely William, carpetweaver, 1731 Buttonwood 
Blakely William, laborer, Philip n Oxford 
Blakely William, moroccodr. 1519 Lawrence 
Blakely William, jr., plumber & gasfitter, 1731 

Blakeman William (c), steward, 914 S 9th 
Blakemore F., locksmith, Market n 33d 
Blakemore Henry, japanner, 7 Appletr&e al ab 

4th, h 1205 Melon 
Blakemore James W., plumber & gasfitter 1205 

Blakemore John, sr., tinsmith, 1343 G T av 
Blakemore John, jr., tinsmith, 1343 G T av 
Blakemore Thomas F., drygoods, 307 Market, h 

455 N 6th 
Blakeney John, bootmaker, 1210 Temple 
Blakeker George AV., street paver, r 934 Poplar 
Blaker John, carpenter, Tacony 
Blaker Ulysses, plumber, r 924 Ogden 
Blaker Ulysses B., laborer, r 924 Ogden 
Blaker William, exprs. wagon, 191 Prankford 
Blakey James W., elk. Sch whf, h 17th ab Cherry 
Blakey Thomas, carpenter, 1111 Master 
Blakey Thomas L., plumb. & gasfit. 1525 S Front 
BLAKISTON & COX (Julni R. Blaklston, Wil- 

.Ham P. Cox), coal shippers, 217 Walnut 
Blakiston Charles, wood ware, 62 N Water, h 

Blakiston George R., merchant, 62 N W Water, 

h AVoodland 
Blakiston G. R. & Co. (George R. Blakistoii), 

wood Avare, 62 N Water 
Blakiston Harriet, widow Captain John, 7 S 

Darby rd 
Blakiston Henry R., coal, 206 AYalnut, h 732 N 

Blakiston John R., coal, 217 AValnut, h 1611 

Blakiston Joseph B., clerk, 6 & 8 S 3d, h 1611 

Blakiston Presley, publisher, 25 S 6th, h Holmes- 
Blaey James, plumber, 1603 Summer 
Blan Peter, shoemaker, Nicetown 1 
Blanch Ann, liquor dealer, 1324 Oxford 
Blanch James, stonemason, 940 Alder 
Blanchard Arthur, laborer, 6 Paley pi 
Blanchard H. B. & Co. {Hfiiry B. Blanchard) , 

1305 Chestnut, h 5th k Green 
Blanchard Henry, merchant, 1511 Walnut 
Blanchard Henr}' B., uphol.»terer, 507 Coates 
Blanchard Henry W., machinist, 221G Callowhill 
Blanchard John D., clerk, 507 Coates 
BLANCHARD & LEA ( William A. Blaoicluird 4- 

Henry C. Lea), booksellers, 105 S 4th 
Blanchard Margaretta, school, 2032 Locust 
Blanchard Sarah, widow Wilson, 1322 Wamock 
Blanchard William, jr., 1511 Walnut 
oods, IVlioIesale and Uetaila 




Blanchard "William A., bookseller, 105 S 4th, h 

1511 Walnut 
Blanchard William J., clerk, 545 Marshall 
Blanche Louis, editor, 1335 Buttonwood 
Blanehfield Thomas, watchman, 1903 Rochford 
Blancjour Catharine, widow Francis, Bring- 

hurst, Gtn 
Blancjour Francis L., music teacher, German- 
town av bel Mill 
Blanck William, carpenter, 2130 Cherry 
Blanekensee Jacob L., pedlar, 288 Richmond 
Blanckensee Julius L., clothing, 288 Richmond 
Blanckenston Isaac, 304 Dickenson 
Bland Amelia, variety, 946 South 
Bland G., Green 1, Myk 
Bland James H. B., tailor, 134 Market, h 633 

Bland Joseph, rigger, 946 S 6th 
Bland John D., tube welder, 513 Dickerson 
Bland Samuel, watchmaker, 802 Chestnut, h 

Kaighn's av, S Camden 
Bland William, iron founder, 328 Greenwich 
Blandner Joseph, gent. 8r55 N 9th 
Bland James, huckster, 1206 Brinton 
Blaney Dennis, laborer, Colton st, Myk 
Blaney James, cloths, 208 Thompson 
Blaney James, tailor, 845 Marriott 
Blaney James, jr., 845 Marriott 
Blaney John, shoemaker, Robinson st, Myk 
Blaney Patrick, laborer. 409 S 20th 
Blaney Patrick, dyer, Roxborough av, Rosb 
Blaney Richard, cork manuf., 1 English 
Blandford William, police officer, 1931 Ann 
Blank Charles, jeweler, 7 Burwick pi 
Blank John, laborer, 2226 Summer 
Blank Lewis, 319 Dugan 
Blank Theodore A., 127 Arch 
Blankley George, moulder, 659 Bankson 
Blankman Jane, 809 S 10th 
Blankman Joseph, saddler, 1321 Rodman 
Blankmire Henry, cabinetmaker, 1405 N 8th 
Blanner John P., cabinetmaker, 1304 Ogden 
Blanney Isabella, widow of John, Salmon n Ann 
Blanney Neill, laborer, Salmon n Ann 
Blascoer J., commission, 233 S 2d 
Blaseoer Susan, trimmings, 233 S 2d 
Blasdale Sarah, widow, 1339 S 10th 
Blase Henry, cordwainer, 910 Brown 
Blase William F., shoe store, 206 Green 
Blasius & Brothers (William Blasius, CJuirles 

Blasius), pianos, 1006 Chestnut 
Blasius Charles, pianos, 1006 Chestnut, h 312 S 

Blasius Joseph, segarmaker, 216 Thompson 
Blasius William, pianos, 1006 Chestnut, h 338 

S 16th 
Blaslan Michael, morocco dresser, 1417 N 6th 
Blate M., merchant, St Leuis Hotel 
Blatehardt Gotlieb, tailor, 929 N 3d 
Blatt John, laborer, 306 Coates 
Blattan Henry, veal and mutton butcher, stall 9 

Callowhill st mkt, h Dauphin n N 5th 
Blattan Philip, vealbutcher, stall 17, Callowhill 

st mkt, h Dauphin n N 5th 
Blatter Henry, surgical instrument maker, Dau- 
phin W Trenton av 
Blatter Jacob, cuttler, 104 Bread 
Blattman Gabriel, shoemaker, r 1076 Fkd av 
Blattner Adolphus, morocco dresser, 924 Gilbert 
Blattner Ann Maria, 925 Coates 
Blattner Eugene, artist, 430 N 8th 
Blattner E. R., printer, 843 N 3d 
Blau Adolph, carpet weaver, 468 Kerr 
Blau John, farmer, 1336 N Front 
Blau Samuel, trimmings, 647 South 

Blau Isaac, dry goods, 243 South 
Blauler Mary, wi<1ow, 1540 Cabot 
Blaylock James W., grocer, S E 21st & Winter 
Blaylock John, liquors, 918 S 5th 
BLAYLOCK LEWIS, hatter, 52 N 8th, bds Ash- 
land House 
Blayney Mary Ann, widow Willis H., 1043 But- 
Bleachin William, morocco dresser, r 939 N 3d 
Bleakly Robert, blockmaker, 133 N 2d 
Blear Alexander, iron foundr, 6 Pairmount av 
Bleck Charles, weaver, 1634 N 2d 
Blocker Christian, cabinetmaker, r 857 Charlotte 
Blecker Henry cooper, 303 N 13th 
Blee Bernard, tavern, 1649 Lombard 
Blee Charles, laborer, 2405 Pine 
Blee Charles, stonecutter, 2 Sharon pi 
Blee Francis, brickmaker. Christian n Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Blee Frank, brickmaker, 1909 Wilcox 
Blee George, musician, 1909 Wilcox 
Blee George, U S Mint, 6 Sidmouth pi 
Blee Hugh, shoemaker, 3016 Market 
Blee John, brickmaker, 1909 Wilcox 
Blee Latham, grocery store, 233 N 15th 
Blefgen Alois, livery stable, 918 St John 
Blefkin William, refiner, 911 Market 
Blehle John P., weaver, 235 Girard av 
B'eibel George, confectioner, 204 Brown 
BLEIGHT JOHN B., atty. at law, 23 N 7tli 
B'.eistine Enos, soap boiler, Brodie pi 
B'eistein Ignatius, soapmaker, r 951 St John 
Bleitzer Ferdinand, engineer, ] Eagle av 
Bleloch James, elk. 408 Commerce, h 631 Wilder 
Blelock James, printer, 531 Wilder 
Bleloek AYilliam C, printer, 438 Wilder 
Blencboys William, seaman, 739 S 3d 
Blendine Joseph (c), porter, 3 Emeline 
Blener Magdalene, widow George, 523 Vincent 
Blener W., tailor, r 823 N 3d 
Blessing George, hostler, Rising Sun 
Blessing George, millwright, r 1116 Parrish 
Blessing Mathias, bottler, 1620 N 11th 
Blessner Gustave, prof, music, 705 Sansom 
Blest Thomas T., grocer, 1221 N 19th 
B'enk John, baker, 740 Passyunk rd 
Bleuit Levin, marble polisher, 1309 Rodman 
Bleuit Thomas, carpenter, 1601 Richard 
Blew George, jeweler, 916 Otsego 
Blew Patrick, laborer, 930 S 10th 
Blew Rebecca, widow George, 1437 Savery 
Blewitt Berkley P., salesman, 816 N 15th 
Blewmott James, horsedealer, 2031 Reeves 
Blewmott James, jr., 2031 Reeves 
Bley James, laborer, 1015 Master 
BLEY JOHN, druggist, S W Fkd av & York 
Bley John, shoemaker, 316 Aberdeen 
Bleyler J. Lewis, wheelwright, Bustleton 
Bleyler Lafayette, tailor, 433 N 2d 
Bleyler Thomas, 316 Mooroe 
Blickhan Ann, 46, sec. 7 S 11th mkt 
Blickhan Simon, butcher, 5 section 6, Jeflferso 

Blidenthal Samuel, cutter, 923 Charlotte 
Bliekle Frederick, weaver, 1332 Earle 
Bliekle John, weaver, 1332 Earle 
Blienn Isaac, builder, Marshall n Mas'ter, h 268 

Blieman George, combmaker, 40 N 6th 
Blight Adam, currier, 159 Wilmer 
Blight Arthan, gent, 1129 Chestnut 
Blight Atherton, att'y at law, 520 Walnut, h 

1129 Chestnut 
Blight Charles, 1824 Delancey pi 
Blight Charles F., 1824 Delancey pi 

Lace, Aluslin, Daiunsk, Brocatelle, and Drapery Ciirtuins, of every description; 




Blight Fulton F., 1824 Delancey pi 

Blight Jacob, cooper, 159 Wilmer 

Blight James, 1824 Delancey pi 

Blight James H., gent, 218 Walnut, h 1824 

Delancey pi 
Blight John, carpenter, South n 73d 
Blight Joseph, brushmaker, 159 Wilmer 
Blight William S. sec. Arch & Girard av R R, 

h 1336 Spruce 
Blind Conrad, flour & feed, 434 Master 
Blinkhorn John, painter & glazier, 1015 Pascal 
Blinn Jacob, shoemaker, 93G Warnock 
Blinn William, segarmaker, 930 Warnock 
Blinney Mary, widow Arthur, 1248 Cadwalader 
Bliss Anson, ship carpenter, 116 Wharton 
Bliss Charles James, grocer, 1913 Carlton 
Bliss George, tobacconist, 226 N 2d 
Bliss George, laborer, Lehman, Gtn 
Bliss Theodore, booksr, 113 N 3d, h 1737 Vine 
Blithe Robert, carriage manufr. Ridge av, Rox 
Blittersdorf Charles H., manfr shoe tools, 147 

Blittersdorf Gustavus, turner, 721 St John 
Blitz Arthur, 1831 Wallace 

Blitz Signor Antonia, ventriloquist, 1831 Wallace 
Blitz Solomon L., clothing, 214 South 
Blizard Edward, laborer, 119 Federal 
Blizard George B., blacksmith, 119 Federal 
Blizard George D., tinsmith, 330 S 2d, h 119 

Blizard Joseph C, watchman, 119 Federal 
Blizzard David M., hostler, 1014 S 18th 
Blizzard Joseph A., shoemaker, 1113 Anita 
Block Andrew, sealingwaxmr, 1320 Callowhill 
Block Jacob, butcher, 133 Holmes al 
Block John, carpenter, r 133 Craven 
Block Lewis, caps, N E 7th & South 
Block Meyer, butcher, 133 Holmes al 
Blochlinger Ignatius, artist hair work, 208 Arch 
Blockson John, waterman, 903 S Front 
Blockson Mary Ann Mrs., widow William H., 

shoes, 411 AVashington av 
BLODGET LORIN, sec. Board Trade, 505 Chest- 
nut, h 246 S 8th 
Blody Charles, vinegarmaker, r 117 Christian 
Bloh Charles, bootmaker, 1002 Brown 
Blom Marcus G., M.D., 116 Union 
Blome Albert, cutter, 727 Guilford 
Blomer Arnold, salesman, 617 Wall 
Blomer Augustus, druggist, 1300 S 2d 
Blomer Frederick, sugar refiner, 304 Slanters 
Blomer George D., druggist, 1300 S 2d 
Blomley Arthur, 526 Richmond 
Blondel Andrew, lab. Christian ab Grays F rd 
Blood Amarylous, wid Daniel E., S 3d n Morris 
Blood Caleb, shoemaker, 14 Wilson 
Blood Hosea, clerk, 14 Wilson 
Blood James, engineer, 1021 Beach 
Blood John, sailmaker, 2044 Reeves 
Bloodgood Ann Mrs., gentlewoman, 1413 Spruce 
Bloodgood Frank C, clerk, 10 Walnut, h S W 

Del av & Walnut 
Bloodgood J. B., hotel, S W Del av & Walnut, & 

grocer, 10 Walnut, h S W Del av & Walnut 
Bloodgood William B., bookkeeper, 10 Walnut, 

h S W Del av & Walnut 
Bloom Christopher, late saddler, 470 N 8th 
Bloom Dallas, salesman, 418 Market, h 470 N 8th 
Bloom H., M.D., 710 Sansom, bds U S Hotel 
Bloom Jacob, clothing, 542 Shippen 
Bloom John, tailor, 907 Warnock 
Bloom Peter, salesman, 470 N 8th 
Bloom Sarah, widow, 1230 Poplar 
Bloom Wesley, salesman, 470 N 8th 
Bloomer Andrew, tailor, 10 Branner's al 

Bloomer Bernard, laborer, 914 S 10th 
Bloomer Christian, gardener, York rd 
Bloomer Daniel, hatter. Rising Sun 
Bloomer Francis J., marble mason, 11th & Vine, 

h 2018 Carlton 
Bloomer Francis W., stonecutter, 2018 Cdrlton 
Bloomer H. F., bootfitter, 905 S 10th 
Bloomer John, laborer, Fitler v.h 2d 
Bloomer John P., carpenter, 2018 Carlton 
Bloomer Lawrence, 724 Lebanon 
Bloomer Lawrence, chandler, Philip below Co- 
Bloomer Mary J., varieties, 623 South 
Bloomer Thomas, grocer, 2016 Carlton 
Bloomer William, laborer. Rising Sun 
Bloomer William, horse dealer, 2018 Carlton 
Bloomfield Joseph, blacksmith, r 1222 Potts 
Bloomhardt Frederick, carpenter, 409 York av 
Bloomingdale Abraham, pedlar, 150 Poplar 
Bloomingdale Bernhard, drover, 1005 St John 
Bloomingdale Charles, merchant, 332 Market, h 

932 Franklin 
ingdale, Isaac Rhine), clothing, 332 Market 
Bloomsburg Charles, captain, Melvale n Sorrel 
Blossom W. W., telegraph operator, 2125 Cherry 
Blosy Pangroty, stonecutter, Genoese pi 
Blotter Henry, surgical instrument maker, Dau- 
phin W Trenton av 
Blotz John, baker, 1104 Marlborough 
Blotz Martin, cordwainer, 126 Richmond 
Blount Mr., student, 912 Morgan 
Blouer Edward, dealer, r 426 Christian 
Blowers James, laborer, 2111 Naudain 
Bloxom Edward, bookkeeper, 904 Faulkner 
Bloxsom Robert, waterman, 771 S Front 
Bloxsom Woodman, oysterman, 109 Carpenter 
Blucher Adam, moulder, 8 Sanders ct 
Blucher Ann, widow Adam, 8 Sanders ct 
Blue John, brickmaker, 1530 Palmer 
Blue John, laborer, 1224 Shippen 
Blueth Thomas, show-card writer, 5 S 6th, h 

1309 S 2d 
Bluethenthal Samuel, trimmer, 57 N 3d, h St John 

ab Poplar 
Bluitt Berkley, painter, 4 r 818 N 15th 
Blum Albert, cutter, 57 N 3d, h 727 Lorain 
Blum Francis, grocer, S W 2d and Dauphin 
Blum, Raw & Co. {Samuel Blum, Ilenrij Raw Sf 

Joseph Raiv), wholesale clothing, 202 Market 
Blum John, carpenter, 4 Erdmons ct 
Blum John F., baker, 153 Brown 
Blum Joseph, carter, 611 Moyer 
Blum Morris, pedlar, 7 Cannon pi 
Blum Peter, cabinetmaker, 1125 Howard 
Blum Rosa, seamstress, 7 Cannon pi 
Blum Samuel, clothing, 202 Market, h 138 Vine 
Blume Henry, shoemaker, 925 S 2d 
Blumenstock Conrad, wagon and carriage maker, 

825 N 4th, h 1114 N 4th 
Blumenthal Hart, tailor, 470 N Front 
Blumenthal Henry, clothier, 470 N Front 
Blumenthal Lazarus, bootmaker, 713 N 4tU 
Blumenthal S., clothier, 470 N Front. 
Blumenthal Samuel, clothing, 314 N 2d 
Blumenthals David, tailor, 564 N 2d 
Blumenthals Moses, clothing, 548 N 2d 
Blumer Daniel, N Broad and rising Sun I 
Blumer Ernhardt, tailor, 11 Eison av 
Blumer Julius, carpenter, 153 Laurel 
Blumhart Henry, tinsmith, 104 Eutaw 
Blumhardt Jacob L., grocer, Ann and Trenton 

Blumm John, puddler, 1003 Beach 
Blumner Charles, tobacco merchant, 304 N Front 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Blumner Charles E., teller Corn Exchange Bank, 

518 Chatham 
Blumner Frederick, cord. Orange ab Belgrade 
Blumner Frederick, lampmaker, 906 Callowhill 
Blumner Henry C, machinist, 256 N 5th, h 856 

N 6th 
Blumner Henry C. jr., teller, 607 Franklin 
Blumner John, runner, 518 Chatham 
Blumner John C, bookkeeper. Corn Exchange 

Bank, h 518 Chatham 
Blumner William T.. machinist, 856 N 6th 
Blundin Amey, 2142 Summer 
Blundin James L., umb. finisher, 2142 Summer 
Blundin John, drover, Seneca n Orleans 
Blundin Martha, woollen mis. Haverford avn46th 
Blundon William, Haverford av n 47th 
Blunt Gr. v., hardware, 420 Commerce 
Bluxone Joseph, gent. 704 N 19th 
Bly Maria, burnisher, 1015 Sargeant 
Bly William, tavern, 402 Penn 
Blye George W. & Bro. {George. W. Blye, Joseph 

N. Blye), dry goods, 434 N''2d 
Blye Henry C, hotel, 106 N 6th 
Blye John H., dealer in fancy dry goods, S E 9th 

and Arch, h 36 N 9th 
Blyel Frederick, baker, Philip n Diamond 
Blyle James, laborer, 2419 Biddle 
Blyle William, laborer, 2419 Biddle 
Blyler Abram, varnisher, 1545 Lawrence 
Blyler George, clerk, 61 N 3d, h 2112 Mt Yernon 
Blyler Henry, painter, Dover ct r 914 Poplar 
Blyler John'M., hotel, 800 N 6th 
Blyler Louis, wheelwright, Bustleton pike. Bin 
Blyler Samuel, sailmaker, 314 Monroe 
Blynn Michael, merchant. 111 N 3d, h Ridge av 

ab 8 mile stone, Rox 
Blythe C. Andrews, cutter, N E 2d <fe Pine, h 

832 Wharton 
Blythe James, E side Chase pi 
Blythe Mary A., widow Samuel D., 1344 Chestnut 
Blythe William, dyer, 1249 Mascher 
Blizzard Nathaniel, rigger, 1320 Hewson 
Boahn Eliza, widow, 1322 Atmore 
Boahmer Henry, trader, 309 Stanley 
Boak James, weaver, York W Amber 
Boak & Stewart {Margaret Boak ^ Matilda 

Steu-art), dry goods, S E Amber & Dauphin 1 

Boals James, clothing store, 252 South, h 1705 I 

South ! 

Boar John, pork, &c., sec 4 Shippen Market, h ! 

418 Watkin 
BOARD OF HEALTH, S W 6th & Sansom 

821 Chestnut 
BOARD OF TRADE, rooms 505 Chestnut 
Boarder George, wheelwright, r 1311 Heath 
Boardman Charles H., 1311 Spruce 
Boardman Edward, farmer. Orthodox ab Frank- 
BOARDMAN HENRY S., britannia ware, 245 

Arch, bds Union Hotel 
Boardman Henry A. Rev., 1311 Spruce 
Boardman John, beamer, Deal n Adams 
Boardman John L., clerk, 40 S Front, h 1311 

Boardman Mary, widow Thomas, dealer, 14 S 2d 

St Market, h Camden 
Boardman Mary, widow Thomas, 316 Plumb 
Boardman Robert, weaver, 209 Thompson 
Boardman Thomas, manufacturer, 41 Laurel 
Boardman AVilliam, finisher. 41 Laurel 
Boardman William, lab. Church n Tackawanna 
Boas James, weaver, 1025 Wilton 
Boat William, carriagemaker, r 224 Callowhill, h 
- Parrish ab 10th 

Boate George, conductor, 1609 Ridge av 
Boate William, carriagemaker, 110-3 Parrish 
Boate William, grocery store, S E Hedge & Or- 
Boatman Stephen, clerk, 419 & 421 N 3d, h 803 

Boaty James, weaver, 1355 Shippen 
Boayd William, boot & shoe maker, Marshall's ct 
Bobb Alexander, 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Charles, 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Charles, restaurant S W South & 11th 
Bobb George, 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Henry, 1308 Spruce 

Bobb Henry B., restaurant, S W South & 11th 
Bobb Peter, brick yard, n Gray's Ferry rd & Fed- 
eral, h 1308 Spruce 
Bobb Peter, police, 1010 Lombard 
Bobb Peter, police, 316 Union 
Boch Anthony, wigmaker, 106 N 5th 
Boch Max M., tailor, Franklin n Dauphin 
Boche Lewis, butcher, 9 York Market, h Duke n 

Columbia av 
Boche Lewis, victualler, 418 Thompson 
Bdchman Edward, stable, Gtn av ab Franklin 
Bochman Godfrey, boot and shoe maker, 455 

Bochman Jacob, huckster, Montgomery & Gtn av 
Bochman Jacob, shoemaker, 455 Franklin 
Bochman John F., shoemaker, 455 Franklin 
Bochnec John, cabinetmaker, 8 Erdman"s ct 
Bochrer Sebastian, machinist, 1020 Lemon 
Bock Charlotte Mrs., 626 Tasker 
Bock Elizabeth Mrs., widow, 616 CallowhiU 
Bock Frederick, gentleman, 6 Currant pi 
Bock Henry, cordwainer, Farson pi 
Bock Henry, cordwainer, 601 N Front 
Bock Henrj', laborer, 1232 Melon 
Bock Peter, cabinetmaker, 1310 Stiles 
Bockel Frederick, painter, 434 Lombard 
Bockius Abram R., tailor, Gtn av & JeflFerson 
Bockius Andrew J., carpenter, Maiden 1 n Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Bockius & Brothers {Christopher, Jacob W. If 
Isaiah), saddle & harness manufrs. 138 Market 
Bockius Charles, china, Gtn av bel School 
Bockius Charles, flour merchant, 723 Parrish. 
Bockius Charles, leather manufacturer, S E St 

John & Willow, h CIO Coates 
Bockius C. G., notions, 7 N 3d, h 950 N 7th 
Bockius Charles R,, china, 67 N 2d, h Main, Gtn 
Bockius C. R. & Bro. {Charles R. Bockius (J- 

Samiiel R. Bockius), china, 67 N 2d 
Bockius Christopher, moroccodresser, S E St John 

& Willow, h 610 Coates 
Bockius & Co. {C. G. Bockius Sf C/iarles S. Dil- 

linger), notions, etc., 7 N 3d 
Bockius Daniel E., printer, 806 New Market 
Bockius Edmund, harnessmaker, Gtn av opp 

Bockius Francis W., grocer, Gtn av bel Jefferson 
Bockius George, chaser, 310 Chestnut, h 9th bel 

Bockius George, morocco manufacturer, 143 Mar- 

garetta, h N W 4th & Cooper, Camden 
Bockius George L., fuller, Gtn av ab Linden 
Bockius George R., grocery, Gtn av c Franklin 
Bockius George W., brush manufactifrer, 316 N 

2d, h 645 N 7th 
Bockius Hannah, queensware, 1523 Market 
Bockius H. J., carpenter, 703 S 9th 
Bockius Irvine, packer, Washington av n Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Bockius Isaiah, saddle and harness manuf. 138 

Market, h 732 Wallace 
Bockius Jacob, gentleman, 704 Franklin 

AVlndow Shades and Cnrtuin Goods, Wholesale and Retail; 




Bockius Jacob, livery stable, G T av bel Jefferson 
Bockius Jacob M. , gentleman, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Bockius Jacob W., saddler, 138 Market, h 3d n 

Bockius Jesse, gentleman, G T av ab Linden 
Bockius John, carpenter, 707 S 9th 
Bockius Joseph, grocer. Ridge av, Roxborough 
Bockius & Pond {Edward Boclius Sf William 

Pond), saddlers, G T av bel Manheim 
Bockius Samuel, china, Mill, Germantown 
Bockius Samuel R., china, 67 N 2d, h Mill, Gtn 
Bockius Sarah, widow Charles, G T av ab Wash- 
Bockius William S., 40 N 11th 
Bockman Ferdinand, tailor, 1 Thiele's ct 
Bockner Francis, clerk, N E 8th and Wood 
Bocraestar John, lab. Penn ab Unity 
Boda Christian, grocery. 447 St John 
Bodamer Philip, cordw. 1422 Brown 
Bodder J. S., clerk, 239 N 3d, h 425 N 3d 
Bodder James R.. cordw. r 616 Tamarind 
Bodder Levi D., M.D., 708 Sansom, h 1933 Chest- 
Boddine Eugene, shoemaker, 613 Hallowell 
Bode Ferdinand, grocery, 811 S 6th 
Bode Henry, lager beer, 1139 Girard av 
Bode William, cordw. 1002 Newton ct 
Boden Hannah, widow J., 500 Richmond 
Boden James, weaver. Rainbow E of Trenton av 
Boden James M., grocer, 500 Richmond 
Bodenhoeffer Joseph, varnishes, 721 N 3d 
Bodenhoeffer William H., painter, r 1214Warnock 
Bodenpayer Peter, lab. 811 S 6th 
Bodie Christian, tailor, 424 Morris 
Bodin Edward L., attor. at law, 813 Arch, h 133 

Bodine <t Brothers (J. F., W. H. ^ J. A. Bo- 
dine), glass manuf. 204 Market 
Bodine Budd S., clerk, 14 S 4th, h 1131 Marlbo- 
Bodine Edwin S., acct. 945 Beach, h 954 N 6th 
Bodine Edwin S., clerk, 227 Race 
Bodine Elizabeth, widow Daniel, 614 Tamarind 
Bodine Francis C.,906 Cherry 
Bodine Frank L., glass manuf. 107 Chestnut, h 

1908 Pine 
Bodine Jesse, M.D., 1222 G T av 
Bodine Joel, agent, office 204 Market, h Camden 
Bodine John, foreman, Richmond and Maple 
Bodine John F., merchant, 237 Chestnut, h 207 N 

Bodine John M., gentleman, 227 Race 
Bodine Joseph, segar store, 133 N 4th 
Bodine J. A., glass manuf. 204 Market, h N J 
Bodine J. E., M.D., 227 Race 
Bodine J. F., glass manuf. 204 Market, h N J 
Bodine Mary A., mantaumaker, 312 Iseminger 
Bodine Robert L., bookkeeper. Fountain Hotel 
Bodine Samuel T., pres. 230 Walnut, h Walnut la, 

Bodine W. H., glass manuf. 204 Market, h N J 
Bodkin James, baker, Moore W of Carroll 
Bodkin William, liquor dealer, S W Carroll and 

Bodwell John, baker, 613 N 5th 
Body John, supt. 139 Arch 
Body Sarah, widow John, 1 Short ct 
Body William, laborer. Rising Sun 1 
Boedeker Christian G., waiter, 1742 Sansom 
Boeger Simon, dealer, stall 75 Callowhill st Mar- 
ket, h 509 Callowhill 
Boehler Adrian, compositor, 861 McGrath 
Boehm Augustus AV., tobacco, 02 N Front, h 

1702 Pine 
Boehm Daniel, dealer, 1228 Myrtle 

Boehm Daniel, produce, stall 138 and 140 Western 

Boehm Daniel, gardener, Paschall n Lancaster 

av, Hestonville 
Boehm George C, baker, 127 Christian 
Boehm George L., bootmaker, 30 N 12th 
Boehm Philip, truck, stall 93 and 95 Franklin 

Boehm Philip Y., lettercarrier, Irving ab 40th 
Boehm William, gardener, 19 S 18th 
Boehm William, tobacconist, 718 Poplar 
Boehmer Isabella, widow John, boardinghouse, 

1020 S 4th 
Boehmer Joseph, carpenter, 311 Griscom, h 1020 

S 4th 
Boehmer Rebecca, widow Adolph, gentlemen's 

furnishing, 227 Green 
Boehringer Jacob, hairdresser, Richmond n Ball 
Boehringer JohnG., hairdresser, Richmond n Ball 
Boehringer William, chairmaker, 242 George 
Boekel William, 1339 Brandywine 
Boekenkamp Charles, segarmaker, 1712 Market 
Boekenkamp Chas. B., segarmaker, 1712 Market 
Boekenkamp Charles G.. bookkeeper, 416 S 23d 
Boekenkamp Charles H., laborer, 1941 Filbert 
Boel Henry, cooper, 1725 Burton 
Boell William, lithographer, 311 Walnut, h 929 

Boen Franklin H., manuf. 12th & Noble, h 336 

S 21st 
Boening Jacob, locksmith, 1242 N 4th 
BOENNING CASPER, hotel, 14 Decatur 
Boentgen Nicholas, britannia worker, 1024 N 3d 
Boerckel John, paper carrier, r 1211 N 6th 
BOERICKE F. E., druggist homoepathic, 511 

Chestnut, h 1113 Spring Garden 
Boers Lena, widow Augustus, grocery, 311 Shippen 
Boerum Simeon, engraver, 309 Washington av 
Boert Michael, shoemaker, 643 Lombard, h 5 La- 
fayette ct 
Boess Anthony, shoemaker, 1344 Ridge av 
Boeth John, groceries, 1334 Wood 
Boettger Charles, musician, 410 Henry 
Boettger Julius, confectioner, 410 Henry 
Boettger Louis, clerk, 1226 Warnoek 
Boettlin William, lager beer brewery and saloon, 

436 St John 
Bogan Bernard, tailor, 814 Catharine 
Bogan Bridget, servant, 423 N 3d 
Bogan Daniel, huckster, 221 Spring Garden Mar- 
ket, h 1028 Lemon . 
Bogan John, brickmaker, 2030 Hampton 
Bogan Michael, brickmaker, 2030 Hampton 
Bogan Patrick, carriage driver, r 707 Fitzwater 
Bogar William, butcher, 1141 Coates 
Bogardus Frederick, moulder, 336 N 15th 
Bogart Jacob, shoemaker, 927 Ogden 
Bogart Sarah, widow David, 927 Ogden 
Bogen Charles, baker, 1644 Sansom 
Bogen David, laborer, 1644 Sansom 
Bogenschutz John, bootmaker, rS32 St John 
Boger Catharine, widow John, washerwoman, r 

917 Hamilton 
Boger Godfrey, ropemaker, 1746 N 12th 
Bogert Francis A., clerk, 924 Chestnut 
Bogert Francis D., salesman, 509 Market, h 924 

Boggs Andrew, r 23 S 20th 
Boggs Caroline Mrs., 1817 Delancey pi 
Boggs Charlotte, dry goods, 1108 Frankford av 
Boggs David W., tobacconist, S E South & 8th 
Boggs Davis, teacher, Germantown av ab Chel- 

ton av 
Boggs George, chairmaker, 1052 Delaware av, h 
Warren ab Beach 

Patten's, G30 Chestnut Street. 




Boggs George, chairmaker, Wildey ab Palmer 

Boggs George P., clerk, 411 Richmond 

Boggs George W., express, 248 Chestnut, h 1713 

Boggs George & William, chairmakers, 1052 N 

Delaware av ' 

Boggs H. S., agent music store, 219 N 9th 
Boggs James, gent. 236 Wildey 
Boggs James jr., chair manuf. 112 N Front, h 

411 Richmond 
Boggs John, clockmaker, 126 Beck 
Boggs John, drayman, 1309 Shippen 
Boggs John, spooler, 1351 Rose 
Boggs John (c), waiter, 206 Dean 
Boggs John C, clerk, 238 S 3d, h 332 Federal 
Boggs Josejih, laborer, 1353 Rose 
Boggs Joshua H., tailor, 316 Race, h Camden 
BOGGS & KIRK (William L. Boggs ^ William 

T. Kirk), wholesale grocers, 109 Arch 
Boggs S., millinery, Germantown av ab Chelton av 
Boggs Samuel, ship carpenter, 1108 Frankford av 
Boggs Samuel jr., wheelwright, 1019 N Front 
Boggs Thomas K., clerk, 11 &13 S Water, h 1817 
I Delancey pi 
Boggs William, chairmaker, 1052 N Delaware av, 

h Wildey ab Palmer 
Boggs William, painter, Wildey ab Palmer 
Boggs William L., merchant, 109 Arch, h 1303 

N Broad 
Boghin John, painter, Dauphin & Emerald 
Bogia Ann, widow Valentine, 425 N 10th 
Bogia Francis, superintendent, 617 Market, h 427 

N 10th 
Bogle Joseph, dyer, 1232 Thurlow 
Bogle Ralph, laborer, 1706 Burton 
Bogle Rhoda, widow William, East, Myk 
Bogue Charles, boatman, 122 Plumb 
Bohannan Thomas, segarmaker, 159 N 2d 
Bohemian Mining Co., 132 Walnut 
Bohie John, painter, Dauphin bel Front 
Bohl Casper, tailor, 629 Wilder 
Bohl Charles, shoemaker, r 816 Rachel 
Bohl C, shoemaker, 812 Rachel 
Bohl Daniel, shoemaker, Piandolph n Trenton av I 
Bohl George, tailor, 1131 Charlotte | 

Bohl Mas, cabinetmaker, 12 Upsher av 
Bohlan John, 1510 Walnut 
Bohlen Borie, merchant, 1317 Walnut 
Bohlen George, driver, 2 Horst ct 
Bohlen Henry, imp, 221 S 4th, h 1317 Walnut 
BOHLEN HENRY & CO.- (Henry Boltlen 4- Geo. 
R. Ziegler), general importers, 221 & 223 S 4th 
Bohlen John, att. at law, 603 & h 1610 Walnut 
Bohlender Frederick, ladies' shoemaker, 1331 

Bohlen Daniel, manuf, 127 N 3d, h 927 Wallace 
Bohlen Michael, soapmaker, 2427 Biddle 
Bohlen W., shoemaker, 273 S 5th 
BOHLEN & WEIKEL, essence coffee manuf, 
(Daniel Bohlen ^- George Weihel), N W 9th & 
Wallace & 127 N 3d 
Bohman Martin, baker, S 22d c Maning 
Bohn Charles, blacksmith, 2107 Carlton 
Bohn Christian, cutter, 1212 S 6th 
Bohn Christian, blacksmith, Apple ab Oxford 
Bohn Frederick, morrocco finisher, 604 Parrish 
Bohn John, harnessmaker, 416 Dilwyn 
Bohn Louisa Mrs., trimmings, 1208 S 6th 
Bohn Philip, cutter, 55 N ,3d, h 1208 S 6th 
Bohne Henry, porter, 315 N 3d, h 1614 Cadwal- 

Bohnenberger Fred., morocco dresser, Hail ab 

Columbia av 
Bohr Amil, guilder, 462 St John 
Bohrer F., 516 Owen 

Bohrer Frederick, police station, 2301 Brown, h 

1408 Ridge av 
Bohrer Frederick, shoemaker, 6 Horst ct 
Bohrer Frederick W., police, 1424 Ridge av 
Rohrer Henry, cordwainer, 125 New 
Bohrer Jacob, printer, 340 Crown 
Bohrer Joseph, blind and shade, 1424 Ridge av 
Bohrer Ludwig, blacksmith, 1138 N 6th 
Boice Henry, restaurant, N E Vine k 8th, h 140 

Boile John, hostler, 316 N 3d 
Boileau Albert D., Reed of Deeds, 903 Franklin 
Boileau Burrouglis P., blacksmith, 7 Alroy 
Boileau & Gardner ( William H. Boilea.zi, Chas. 

S. Gardner) , Favorite Saloon, 337 Chestnut 
Boileau Isaac, clerk, 1115 Master 
Boileau James G., elk, 318 Chestnut, h 626 Arch 
Boileau John, stone mason, Bustleton pikeBus'n 
Boileau John W., clerk, 1416 Marshall 
Boileau Nathan, stonemason, Bustleton pk, Bus'n 
Boileau Nathan jr., coachtrimmer, Bustleton 
Boileau William, butcher, Hicks av & Lagrange 
Boileau William H., saloon, 337 Chestnut, h 531 

Boisbrun James, porter, Haines, G T 
Boisbrun Stephen, carpenter. Queen, G T 
Bok Elizabeth, widow of John, 318 Marriott 
Bok Frederick, tailor, 243 Gaskill 
Bok John, tailor, 6 Berlin 
Boken John, nailmaker, N 23d n Race 
Boker Charles, hay dealer, 1525 Cabot 
Boker Charles S., M.D., 1622 Chestnut 
Boker Charles S., M.D., gent, 1720 Walnut 
Boker George H., gentleman, 1720 Walnut 
Boker Joseph, merch, 432 Market, h 1526 Arch 
Bolan Daniel, marble worker, 1213 Irwin 
Bolan James, boxmaker, 514 North 
Bolan John, laborer. Almond n Huntingdon 
Boland Alice T. Miss, dressmaker, 604 Arch 
Boland D., blacksm, 406 Noble, h 925 Mt Vernon 
I Boland Frederick, gilder, 924 Cherry 
I Boland James, coachman, Torresdale 
Boland John, liquors, 332 S 6th 
Boland John, machinist, 2 Heyer pi 
Boland John J., bookkeeper, 22d bel Vine 
Boland Matthew F., brass finisher, 925 Mt Vernon 
Boland Mathias, brass finisher. Broad ab Noble, 

h 925 Mt Vernon 
Boland Richard, salesman, 1036 S 9th 
Bolden Henry, shoemaker, 253 S 11th 
Bolden John, liquor dealer, 332 S 6th 
Bolden Joseph (c), stevedore, 618 Barclay 
Bolden Rachel Mrs (c), 1707 Ridge av 
Bolder Spencer (c), waiter, 208 Quince 
Boldin George, merchant, 105 N Water & 106 N 

Del av, h 1317 Arch 
Boldin & Penrose (George Boldin cV Noricood 
Penrose), tobacco, oil, and general commission 
merchants, 105 N Water and 106 N Del av 
Boldridge Richard M., conductor Reading R. R., 

628 N 12th 
Bole James, grocer, 223 Girard av 
Bole John, weaver, r 1351 Howard 
Bole Robert, clerk, 9 Walnut 
Bolen Fred., guilder, 924 Cherry 
Bolen James, carpenter, 504 Jane 
Bolen Michael, clerk, 604 Jane 
Boler Esther A. Mrs., produce, 39 S 2d Market, h 

Front ab Almond 
Boles Andrew, brickmaker, 1143 S 16th 
Boles James, carter, 2128 Lombard 
Boles James, laborer, 2115 Tryon 
Boles James, jr., laborer, 2128 Lombard 
Boles John, grocer, Salmon n Emory 
Boles Richard, express driver, 248 Chestnut 

Gilt Coritioes, Baiicl<!, Gimps, Tasscts, Frtugcsj and Curtain GooilsJ 




Boles Thomas, painter, Germantown av ab Penn 
Boles William, express driver, 248 Chestnut 
Boley Adolph. painter, 864 N 4th 
Boley Frederick, gentleman, 1027 Mt Vernon 
Boley Frederick W., conductor Penn. R. R., 1027 

Mt Vernon 
Boley Richard, weaver, 1530 N 2d 
BOLGER JOSEPH P., hotel, 6 S 4th 
Bolger Margaret, wid. James, nurse, 1059 N Front 
Boling John (c), carpenter, 23 Eaken's pi 
Bolivar Julia, gents' furn., 427 Gaskill 
Boll Francis, importer, 317 S Front 
Boll Henry, gilt frames, S E 6th & Prune, h 240 

Boll Henry & Co. {Heimj Boll, John Martin, 

Emil Repus), gilt frame manufacturers, S E 

6th & Prune 
Bollar Emma, Bringhurst, Gtn. 
Bellas Gerfrge, fringe ma., 1557 Brinton 
Bolle George H., carpetweaver, 813 Callowhill 
Boiler Catharine, widow Jacob, 1117 Wallace 
Boiler Henry J., 1412 Spruce 
Boiler James M., cooper, 712 S Front 
Bollerhey Henry, tobacconist, 328 Poplar 
Bolles & Chamberlin {Charles Bolles ^ Otis K. 

ChamherUn), physicians, 1220 Walnut 
Bolles Charles, M.D., 1220 Walnut 
Bolles Jesse N., artesian wells, 533 S 11th 
Bolles Nathan H., firearm manf., 30th n Bridge, 

h 2216 Green 
Boiling Robert, M.D., 256 S 12th 
Bollinger Zachariah, laborer, 1920 Parrish 
Bolster George James, salesman. 108 Chestnut, h 

360 S 15th ' 
Bolster Thomas H., machinist, 1508 N 11th 
Bolt John, carpenter, 312 Cherry 
Bolt Morris, clerk, 328 Marriott 
Bolt William, salesman, 331 S 2d, h 535 Powell 
Bolte William, confectioner, 1111 Locust 
Boltenhouse George, porter, 1 Letitia 
Bolton Ann, widow Joshua, Edward n Ruan 
Bolton Charles, gent., Unity n Hedge 
Bolton Clifton, salesman, 238 Chestnut, h 1619 

Mt Vernon 
Bolton Emma, widow George, eating house 32 

Bolton Gideon, acct. 1010 N 6th 
Bolton Henry S., salesman, 1136 Ridge av, h 

1629 Mt Vernon 
Bolton James, porter, Edward n Ruan 
Bolton Jr)hn, welldigger, Spring Garden, E 16th 
Bolton Joseph, laborer, Edward n Ruan 
Bon Jo.'-eph, tailor. Commerce n Cumberland 
Bolton Joseph, druggist, Gtn av & Haines 
Bolton Joseph, .'^pinner, Paul n Green 
Bolton Joseph, woolsorter, r Front bel Catharine 
Bolton Joseph C, dealer. 50 Kater market, h 

1714 Latimer pi 
Bolton Joseph Pi, , earbuilder, 21st & Hamilton, 

h 1629 Mt Vernon 
Bolton Joseph R., jr., clerk, 527 Market, h 1029 

Mt Vernon 
Bolton Mary E., widow James, 1108 Callowhill 
Bolton Robert, machinist, Orchard n Tacony 
Bolton Samuel, grocer, 138 Frankfori 
Bolton Samuel, lumber merchant. Poplar st wharf, 

h 1010 N fith 
Bolton Samuel k Co. {Samuel Bolton (Jj- William 

C. Lloi/rl), lumber com. mer's, Poplar st wharf 
Bolton Samuel F., clerk, 1122 Chestnut 
Bolz Peter, grocer, 491 York av 
Boman Frederick, tailor, N E 3d & Noble 
Boman Samuel, printer, 134 Beck 
Bombaugh C. C., M.D., Gtn. av ab Chestnut 
Bomberger B. W., salesman, 47 N 30th 

Bomberger John H. A. Rev., 723 Wood 
Bome Benjamin, silversmith, 529 Commerce 
Bomeisler Charles M., importer of watches, 331 

Market, bds Continental hotel 
Bomeisler Edwin, merchant, 418 N 5th 
Bomeisler S., varnish, 333 N 10th 
Bomeisler Theodore, salesman, 333 Market, h 418 

N 5th 
Bumershine John, carpenter, 1734 N 8th 
Bomgard Benjamin, cabinet ma., 401 Watkins 
Bomgardiner Henry, brickma.. Darby rd bel 37th 
Bomgardiner Richard, brickma , Dy rd bel 37th 
Bomgardner Jacob G., salesman, 333 Market, bda 

Ashland House 
Bomgardner Philip, brickma.. Darby rd bel 37th 
Bonaberg Gotleib, cordwainer, 808 Burns 
Bonafon Henry, painter, 1106 Poplar 
Bonaker Charles, Ledger carrier, 1380 Ridge av 
Bonar Patrick, tavern, S W Water and Race 
Bonbright George, salesman, 546 N 10th 
Bonbright James, mer. 435 Market, h 1111 Mt 

Bond Adam J., shoe store, 088 N 13th 
Bond Alexander, cutler, 10th and Chestnut, h 

11G8 S 11th 
Bond Amos, blackingmaker, 1252 N 11th 
Bond Benjamin F., trunkmaker, 1621 Ogden 
Bond Benjamin S., carriage builder, 220 Plumb 
Bond Calvin H., salesman, 511 Market, h 511 N 

Bond Caspar, police, Sepiva ab Hewson 
Bond Charles, porter, 1128 Lombard. 
Bond Charles H., clerk, 252 S 3d, h 688 N 13th 
BOND & DENCKLA (L. Montgomery Bond (^ 

H. Albert Denckla), wholesale tea dealers, 53 

S Front 
Bond George, wool broker, 31 S Front, h Boston, 

Bond George M., accountant, 1534 N 13th 
Bond George W., wool broker, 31 S Front, h 

Boston, Mass 
Bond Henry, paper carrier, 916 Nectarine 
Bond Isaac, machinist, Irwin bel School, Bdg 
Bond James, M.D. S E 10th and Locust, h Broad 

bel Passyunk rd 
Bond James R., engineer, Apple S of Susque- 
Bond John, 1701 Moyamensing av 
Bond John, butcher, 29 S 2d st market 
Bond John, 534 Redwood 
Bond John, 329 S 13th 
Bond John G., shoemaker, Amber n York 
Bond John II. (c), waiter, 1023 Melloy 
Bond Joseph, blacksmith, IMarket n 42d 
Bond Joseph, clerk, 1226 Citron 
Bond Joseph, glassblower, 1312 Otis 
Bond Joseph, .segar store, 607 S 6lh 
Bond Joseph A. (c), hairdresser. 507 N 9th 
Bond Josiah, market dealer, 622 N 12th 
Bond J. & C. Adams {Jane Bond ^- Catharine 

Adams), milliner.^ 329 S I3th 
Bond Lafayette, carjienter, 534 Redwood 
Bond Lewis, chairmaker, 1343 Palethorp 
Bond L. Montgomery, wholesale tea dealer, 53 S 

Front, h Tacony 
Bond Noah R., porter, 422 Gaskill 
Bond Richard, moulder, Tasker n Church 
Bond Richard, innkeeper, 1221 S Sth 
Bond Richard, iron roller, 968 N Del av 
Bond Robert, carpenter, 210 Gaskill 
Bond Samuel, boot and shoemaker, N AY Ridge 

av and Wallace, h 1238 Girard av 
Bond Samuel B., bookkeeper, 115 Margaretta, h 

408 N 4th 
Bond Samuel J. (c), waiter, 1019 Arch 

Puttvn'a, 030 Chestnut Street* 




Bond Sarah, washing, 1028 Barley- 
Bond Thomas, jr., horse dealer, 1143 N 2d 
Bond Thomas S., coachtrimmer, 1226 Citron 
Bond William, drayman, 730 Wyoming 
Bond William J., druggist, 7 S 16th 
Bond William J., engineer, 1636 Cabot 
Bond William J., painter, 10 Bowery pi 
Bone Eliza, wid Samuel, tavern, 606 Beach 
Bone Peter, dealer, Polard and Canal 
Boneo Louis, 757 S 9th 
Boner Bernard, plasterer, Harley's ct 
Boner George, tanner, Justice ct 
Boner James, laborer, Harley ct 
Boner James, stove moulder, r 2021 Filbert 
Boner John, laborer, 2016 Pine 
Boner John, laborer, Salmon n Emory 
Boner John, shoemaker. Justice ct 
Boner Patrick, laborer, 540 N 24th 
Boner Patrick, tanner. Justice ct 
Boner William, blacksmith, 1206 Palmer 
Boner William, drayman, 217 N 15th 
Boner William Henry, clerk, 1105 Callowhill 
Bones George, blacksmith, 2128 Naudain 
Bonewitz J. H., prof of music, 1805 Pine 
Boney Andrew, laborer, 417 N Front 
Boney Henry, porter, 1514 Cadwalader 
Bonfield Baker, stonemason, 746 N 22d 
Bonfield George R., artist, 1016 Wistar 
Bonfield James, plasterer, 1200 Degon 
Bonfield James, dealer, stall 48 Girard av Mar- 
ket, h 1200 Deacon 
Bonfield Sylvester, designer & engraver on wood, 

N E 6th and Minor, h 937 Sartain 
Bonfield William V. de V., artist, 430 Walnut 
Bong Frederick, tailor, 001 Brooks 
Bonger Anslow, segarmaker, 830 Vine, h Wil- 
low and 10th 
Bonham B. Franklin, clerk, 101 Vine 
Bonham Elizabeth, liquor dr. 2d n Diamond 
Bonham Frank, salesman, 119 Market, Ji 101 Vine 
Bonham Hannah, dressmaker, S 23d bel F 
Bonham John W., wines and liq., 320 Girard av 
Bonham Jonathan K., gentleman, 101 Vine 
Bonham Joseph A., attorney at law, 101 Vine 
Bonham William, dealer, 513 S 2d 
Bonhomme Lilian, Rev., 1717 Addison 
Bonine Correll G., paperhanger, 1054 N 2d, h 4 

Godfrey's av. 
Boning Jacob, jeweler, 855 N 9th 
Boning William, jeweler, 235 N 5th 
Bonitz Charles, shoemaker, 603 Cressen 
Bodkert John, turner, Apple ab Oxford 
Bonlais Joseph, cook, 9 Pennsylvania av 
Bonn George, gasfitter, 18 Beck 
Bonn George W., gasfitter. Hedge n Oxford 
BonnafFou Albert L., merchant, 102 Chestnut, h 

Market n 43d 
BonnafFon Eliza, widow A., 205 S 9th 
Bonnaffon S., dry goods, 205 S 9th 
Bonnaffon S., imp. British .dry goods, 102 Chest- 
nut, bds Girard House 
Bonneau Augusta, shoes. 1011 South 
Bonneida Mary, washerwoman, 1222 Green 
Bonnell Edward, porter, 1211 Locust 
Bonnell Elizabeth B., 716 S 10th 
Bonnell George B., merchant, 1232 Market, h 

725 Wood 
Bonnell Samuel, gentleman, 725 Wood 
Bonnell Samuel, jr., coal merchant, 203 Wtilnut, 

hN Y 
Bonner Andrew J., tinsmith, 546 N 2d, h 2d c 

Bonner Catharine, widow James, 310 N 15th 
Bonner Charles, shoemaker, r York.n Richmond 
Bonner Daniel, laborer, Salmon n Ann 

Patteii's, C30 Chestnut 

Bonner Daniel, policeman, 24th n Walnut 

Bonner Dennis, carter, 127 William 

Bonner Dennis, jr., grocer, N B Salmon and 

William, h 127 William 
Bonner Elizabeth, widow John, 2316 Chestnut 
Bonner George, tanner, r 514 N 2d 
Bonner Hugh, laborer, Ann n Melvale 
Bonner James, superintendent. Perry s Dauphin 
Bonner James, jr., weaver, Perry s Dauphin 
Bonner John, laborer, 1940 Howell 
Bonner John, saddler, 2316 Chestnut 
Bonner John, shoemaker, 313 Callowhill 
Bonner John, wire worker, Norris ab Belgrade 
Bonner Michael, laborer, 9 Cowperthwait pi 
Bonner Owen, laborer, 1940 Howell 
Bonner Patrick, carter, 8 Beal pi 
Bonner Patrick, laborer, 24th n Walnut 
Bonner Patrick, tanner, r 514 N 2d 
Bonner Robert, laborer, 606 Hallowell 
Bonner Theodore J., conductor, 1028 Oxford 
Bonner William, carpenter, 1637 N 8th 
Bonner William, cordwainer, cor av ab Parrish 
Bonner William B., carpenter. Levering bel 

Wood, Myk 
Bonnert Caroline, widow Adam, 803 N 4th 
Bonnert Frederick, baker, 803 N 4th 
Bonnewitz Henry, musician, 416 Thompson 
Bonney John T., moulder, 120 Cottage 
Bonney Joseph T., salesman, 154 n 11th 
Bonney Mary L., ladies' seminary, 1615 Chestnut 

LAYE, ladies' seminary, 1615 Chestnut 
Bonnin Letitia, trimmings, Main ab Green la, 

Bonning George, salesman, 10 N5th, h 855 N 9th 
Bonns Frederick (c), laborer, r 824 Carpenter 
Bonns Jesse (c), laborer, SE Meadow and Mul- 
Bonocorse January, dealer, r 831 Carpenter 
Bonor Stephen, laborer, 2146 Lombard 
Bonsai Alfred, jeweler, S W c 3d and Arch, h 

818 S 5th 
Bonsai Edmond C. gold chain manuf , S W 3d 

and Arch, h 818 S 5th 
Bonsai E. C, jr., gold chain manuf., S W 3d 

and Arch, h 818 S 5th 
Bonsall Albert G., machinist, 1226 Monterey 
Bonsall Brothers (Sterling 4- Eliivood), convey- 
ancers, 116 N 9th 
Bonsall Charles T., attorney at law, 116 N 9tb, h 

1126 Girard 
Bonsall Ellwood, conveyancer, 116 N 9th, h 1126 

Bonsall Evans, driver, Pratt n N 41st 
Bonsall Edward H., 1019 Cherry 
Bonsall Henry, conveyancer, 416 Walnut, h 1120 

Bonsall Isaac, clerk, 746 S 9th 
Bonsall Isaac M., brick moulder. Bridge, AVhite- 

Bonsall Isaac S., clerk Custom House, h 746 S 9tli . 
Bonsall James, printer, 13 Letitia 
Bonsall James, weaver, Haines, Gtn 
Bonsall James S. , clerk, 440 Market, h 9th bel 

Bonsall Jeremiah, president Exchange Insurance 

Co., 409 Walnut 
Bonsall Jesse, cutter, 1166 Passyunk av 
Bonsall John, conductor. Market n 33d 
Bonsall John, jr., chairmaker, Market n 33d 
BONSALL JOHN & CO. [Ili-nn/ Bonsall and 

Charles S. Puncoast), eonveyanc. 416 Walnut 
Bonsall Julia Mrs. , segar store, 1 1 66 Pas.syunk av 
Bonsall Mary A., widow Jesse, 1217 Cass 
Bonsall Morris, tracklayer, 10 Glenville place 
Street* Window Sliatlusj 




Bonsall Robert, bricklayer, 1040 "Ward 

Bonsall Sterling, conveyancer, 116 N 9tb, h 1126 

Grirard av 
Bonsall Spencer, surveyor, 1509 Market 
Bonsall Thomas, bookbinder, 519 Minor, h 950 

Bonsall T. Vincent, shoes, 421 N 6th 
Bonsall T. V., salesman, 322 Market, h Darby 
Bonsall William, laborer, Mill n Orchard 
Bonsall William, sec. 10 & 11 R. R. h 941 N 12th 
Bonsall William R., M.D. 323 S 7th 
Bonse Ferdinand, tin & sheet iron worker, 805 

Spring Garden, h 814 Vine 
Bonsell John, bookbinder, 905 Warnock 
Bonsor William, weaver, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Bontcher Mary, trimmings, 542 New Market 
Bontemps Hale, 16 N 2d 
Bonting Samuel, auctioneer, 1401 Filbert 
Bonwill Charles E. H., lithographer, 67 S 4th, h 

209 S 6th 
Bonwitz Theodore, machinist, 1745 N 3d 
Booch George, produce deal, r 1129 Charlotte 
Boochman Christian, grocer, 516 Poplar 
Boocks Martin, car inspector, 36 Moore 
Book George H., upholstr. 29 S 5th, h 262 Chester 
Book John, truck farmer. Long la bel Buck Road 
Book John F., 777 N 24th 
Book Joseph, conductor, 777 N 24th 
Bookbinder Lewis, pedlr. Metcalf, Shippen ab 5th 
Bookbinder Morris, clothing store, 626 South 
Bookholder Frederick, blacksmith, Mascher n 

Bookholder Gotleib, segarmr. Mascher n Somerset 
Bookholder John, gunsmith, Mascher n Somerset 
Bookhammer Allen, H., provision and fish dealer, 

204 N Del av, h 926 N 5th 
Bookhammer Augustus, hairdresser, 20 S 6th, h 

406 N 6th 
Bookhammer & Budd {Allen Bookhammer aiicl 
Joseph Build), com. mrchts. 204 & 208 N Del av 
Bookhammer Sirenius, machinist, Apple n Dia- 
Bookhammer Sylvester S., hairdrsng. 406 N 6th 
Books Thomas, carpenter, 125 Green 
Boon Francis 0., butcher, S W Front & Queen 
Boon George, blacksmith, Ludlow ab 31st 
Boon George, blacksmith, Market n 31st, h Oak 

n 31st 
Boon Horace (c), watchman, 1122 Chestnut 
Boon H. L., bottler, S E Market and 39th 
Boon James, hotel, 600 Market 
Boon James, moulder, Church ab Richmond, 

Boon John, farmer, Filbert n N 35th 
Boon John, trunkra;iker, 131 Van Horn 
Boon Lydia, widow Willinm, 4 Burwick place 
Boon Morris, wharfbuilder, 131 Van Horn 
Boon Rachael, widow Thomas, 903 Nectarine 
Boon Samuel, machinist, 1925 Ann 
Bown Sarah Mrs., produce com. stall 7 Western 

Market, h Ann a 20th 
Boon Thomas, tailor, r 1345 Shippen 
Boon William, weaver. Front and York 
Boon William F., salesman, 414 Market, bds 

States Union Hotel 
Boone Albert, salesman, 14 N 7th 
Boone Albert J., salesman, N W 3d and Arch, 

h 14 N 7th 
Boone David (c), 1310 Bedford 
Boone Emma (c), washerwom_an, 20 Wyoming 
Boone Horace (c), porter, 4 Brier Place 
Boone Jackson, seaman, 1331 Corn 
Boone James, dyer, Wood n Gay, Myk 
Boone James, laborer,- r 516 Marriots lane 
Boone John, dyer, Green lane, Rox 

Cnrlnlns, ninl Uphol-ifcry G 

Boone J. F. Rev., 226 Crown 

Boone John A., laborer, 20 Wyoming 

Boone John A., roadway foreman, S E Broad 

and Wood 
Boone J. Thomas, genl. com. merchant, 128 N 

Del av, bds Alleghany House 
Boone Letitia, washerwoman, 1331 Corn 
Boone Margaret J., washerwoman, 1331 Corn 
Boone Moses, laborer, r 516 Marriots lane 
Boone Ranslow, salesman, 1202 Hutchinson 
Boone Robert, shoe store, 633 S 2d, h 6 18 Catharine 
Boone Sarah, gentlewoman, 331 N llth 
Boone William, mason, Pleasant, Manyunk 
Boons Samuel, shoemaker, 1235 Poplar 
Boorse Eliam, clerk, 445 N 3d 
Boos Charles, chairmaker, 1702 N 3d 
Boos Charles P., carpenter, 929 Market 
Boos Frederick, shoemaker, 125 N Front 
Boos Joseph, cabinetmaker, r 915 Hamilton 
Boose George, clerk, 311 Branch 
Booser Adam, cordwainer, 1039 St John 
Booskirk Thomas, jeweler, 262 N 15th 
Boot Samuel, salesman, 318 Union 
Booth Benjamin, chairmaker, r 963 N Front 
Booth Benjamin, gentleman, 1220 Buttonwood 
Booth Charles, 4 N 4th, h 957 N Front 
Booth Edmund, machinist, Noble ab 12th, h 1217 

Booth Edwin, chairmaker, 1217 Wallace 
Booth Edwin, ins. agent, 127 S 4th, h 603 N llth 
Booth Elizabeth, 912 Catharine 
Booth Elizabeth W., 4 Atler pi 
Booth Emanuel, news agent, Lancaster av ab 35th 
Booth Ephraim, flour, Thompson c Warnock, h 

1431 N 12th 
Booth George, mer. 130 N 2d, h Gtn av ab 7th 
Booth Harrison, tanner, r 963 N Front 
Booth Henry, milk business, 521 S 20th 
Booth Isaac, oak cooper, 410 Christian 
Booth Isaac H., clerk, 1205 Poplar 
Booth James, laborer, 522 S 17th 
Booth J. H. jr (c)., hairdresser, 930 Christian, h 

741 Bedford 
Booth James B., bookkeeper, 28 N 3d, h 603 N 

Booth James C, melter & refiner, mint, Chestnut 

& Juniper, h 1813 Pine 
Booth James H (c)., public waiter, 741 Bedford 
Booth James R. attorney-at-law, 1303 Market 
Booth John, brace & bit mauuf. 1012 Wharton 
Booth John, coal dealer, N 21st n Vine 
Booth John, dry goods, 1303 Market 
Booth John, wool grader, 16 S Front, h N 21st 

bel Vine 
Booth Joseph, weaver, Penn'a av ab S Garden 
Booth & Kennedy {Robert Booth 5r Miclmel Ken- 
nedy), hides & hair, Haydock bel Front 
BOOTH & MILLS {John Booth ^ Edward 

Mills), brace bit manuf. Ellsworth bel 9th 
Booth P., widow Joseph, 1350 Crease 
Booth Reuben, polisher, Josephine n Church 
Booth Robert, hides & hair, Haydock bel Front, 

h 1070 N Front 
Booth Sarah Ann, widow Thomas L., 907 Char- 
Booth Thomas, surveyor, 260 N 9th 
Booth Walter, carpenter, 1125 JefTerson 
Booth William, carpenter, 725 Fitzwater, h 3 

Atlee pi 
Booth William, clerk, 110 S Del av, h 1431 N 12(h 
Booth AVilliam J., morocco dresser, Aramingo n 

Frankford av 
Boothby Enoch, gardener, Gny n Wood, Myk 
Boothby William, captain, 400 Enterprise 
Boothroyd Charles, cotton, 237 N Front 
oocls, Wlioli-sulo mill Retail* 





Boothroyd Charles & Co. (C. Boothroyd if John 

Coates), cotton & cotton waste, 237 N Front 
Boothwright Ann, widow Abram, r Grray n Poplar 
Bootmaker Christian, tailor, 1136 Hewson 
Booz Albert, gold watchcasemaker, h 815 Race 
Booz Alfred, waterman, 1 Louisa ar 
Booz Alice G., widow William, 909 Poplar 
Booz Anna, milliner, Market n 34th 
Booz Anthony, moulder, 1533 Ridge av 
Booz Edward G., liquors, 120 Walnut, h 1310 

Booz Frederick, shoemaker, 124 N Water 
Booz Henry G., 234, S 3d, h Bristol 
Booz John, carpenter. Market n 34th 
Booz John S., grocer, Frankford rd c York 
Booz Nicholas, shoemaker, Lehman, Gtn 
Booz Thomas H., carpenter, 734 Shirley 
Booz Valentine, shoe findings, 922 Ridge av 
Boozer Adam, bootfitter, 14 N 4th, h 1039 St 

Boozer John, shoemaker, 953 N 2d, h 726 N Front 
Bope Ellen, widow James, 1409 Rye 
Boquaquard Joseph, watchcasemaker, 608 Locust 
Boquinney William, laborer, Lancaster av ab 

Boraef Henry, butcher, E market, h 617 N 13th 
Boraef Lawrence S., butcher, 385 Eastern mar- 
ket, h 621 N 13th 
Boraef Martin, S E 5th & Master 
Boraef Valentine, tavern, S B 6th & Master 
Borall Joseph, bricklayer, 326 Thompson 
Borar Barnard, butcher, 193 E market, h 1326 9th 
Borbage James L., dry goods, 431 South 
Borbeck Philip, importer of cutlery, 132 Market, 

h Nicetown 
Borbet William, cooper, 513 Commerce, h 1414 

Ridge av 
Borbidge Eliza Mrs., 429 Lombard 
Borden Edward P., att'y at law, 332 S 5th 
Borden Frederick, laborer. Rising Sun 
Borden John, architect, 1609 Pine 
Borden John, boots & shoes, &c., 203 Market, h 

452 Marshall 
Borden John, carman, 12 Reckless 
Borden John A., brewer, 1009 Pine 
Borden Julia, widow Samuel, School, Gtn 
Borden Margaret, trucker, 171 Spring Garden 

market, h Burlington Co, N J 
Borden Richard D., tobacconist, Marlborough & 

Borden Sallie, teacher, 1609 Pine 
Borden Theodore, clerk, 1609 Pine 
Borden T. D., ironfounder, 119 Craven, h 1023 

Borden & Walker (T. D. Borden, G. A. Walker), 

ironfounders, 119 Craven 
Bordenheimer Herman, segarmr, 102 Callowhill 
Bordenstine Lewis, confectioner, 611 Girard av 
Borderieux Adolph, grocer, 18 Callowhill 
Bordley George (c), coachman, 1508 Burton 
Bordley Richard (c), laborer, r 525 Bedford 
Bordmiin Francis, apothecary, 6 Chancery la 
Bordman Margaret, 1100 Stiles 
Bordman Robert, haircloth, 1 ] 28 Ridge av 
Borden Henry, moulder, 327 Allen 
Bordwid Peter, segarmaker, 218 Race 
Borer Joseph, miller, 833 Parrish 
Borer Lewis, wireworker, 1138 N 5th 
Borgard Eugene, tobacconist, cor 2d & Callow- 
hill, h 1042 Sargeant 
Borgard Gustavus A., tinplate worker, 1333 Wood 
Borgard John E., tobacconist, Girard av ab 11th, 

h 1042 Sargeant 
Borgardus A. A., 814 Market 
Borger John, bootcrimper, 533 Powell 
IJace, Mnsliti; Oamaskt Brocatelloi and 

Borger Joseph, lager beer, 1224 Locust 
Borger William, gentleman, 606 N 8th 
Borgert William, clerk, 425 N 3d 
Borgman Bernhard, weaver. Front n Otis 
Borhek Charles G., prof, of music, 413 S 9th 
Borhek Edward, optician, 402 Chestnut, h 1719 

Borhek John G., optician, 402 Chestnut, h 1719 

Borie Alfred, carver. Mulberry n Oxford 
Borie A. E., merchant, 153 Dock, h 1025 Spruce 
Borie Charles, jeweler, 1505 N 8th 
Borie Charles, turner, N E Oxford & Mulberry 
BORIE C. & H. {Charles L. 4- He7iri/ P.), bill- 
brokers, 3 Merchants' Exchange 
Borie Charles L., broker, 3 Merchants' Exchange, 

h 1008 Spruce 
Borie Cheri, carver. Mulberry n Oxford 
Borie Edward, umbrella-stick maker, John n 

Tackawanna, h Oxford n Mulberry 
Borie Francis, blacksmith, 1032 Barley, h 512 

Borie Frances, widow Cheri, Mulberry n Oxford 
Borie George F., clerk, S W Chestnut & 3d, h 

Borie Henry, broker, 3 Exch bldg, h 265 S 4th 
Borie Henry P., broker, 3 Merchants' Exchange, 

h 265 S 4th 
Borie Henry S. tavern, 1001 South, h 761 Florida 
Borie Henry S., tobacconist, 761 Florida 
Borie Joseph, umbrella-stick maker, Tackawanna 

n Oxford 
Borie & Mackey {Ediuarrl Borie, Alexander 

Mackey), umbrella-stick makers, John n Tacka- 
Borie Sophia, 285 S 4th 

Borie Theodore, shoemaker. Mulberry n Oxford 
Borkman William, carpenter, r 1234 N 3d 
Borl Charles, cabinetmaker, 1231 Potts 
Borland George, laborer, York rd 
Borland David, cordwainer, 2023 Lombard 
Borland David, shoemaker, 2140 Spruce 
Borland Hannah M., operator sewing machine, 

807 Buttonwood 
Borland Henry M., M.D., Dauphin E of Amber 
Borland Robert, laborer, N E Bedford & 19th 
Borland William, boot & shoe store, 1836 Market 
Borland William, jr., shoemaker, 1836 Market 
Borlean AVilliam H., hotel, 531 Arch 
Borlean John, blacksmith, 937 Warnock 
Borles William J., seafaring, 249 Greenwich 
Born August, brewer, 341 N 3d 
Born Charles, tailor, 102 Exch pi, h 115 Exch pi 
Born Christian, presser, 2220 Clayton 
Born Frederick, cabinetmaker, 144 Poplar, h 706 

N 2d 
Born Henry, hairdresser, 2304 Coates 
Born Henry, tobacconist, 824 N 4th 
Born John, bread &, cake baker, 446 N 10th 
Born John, 2220 Clayton 
Born John H., tobacconist, 981 N 2d 
Born Julius, tailor, 841 Chestnut, h 459 N 9th 
Born Lewis, tailor, Race bel 3d 
Bornaman William, storekeeper, 200 N 8th, h 

670 N 12th 
Bornemanns Frederick W., variety store, 200 N 

8th, h 670 N 12th 
Bornkessel Martin, segars, 508 S 3d 
Bornman Edward, awning mr. 113 N Froat 
Bornman Edward, manufacturer small machinery, 

523 Cherry 
Bornman Edward, sailmr. AVildey ab Palmer 
Bornman Henry, butcher, 401 George 
Bornman AVilliam, butcher, '789 Callowhill st Mkt, 

b 977 N 6th 
Drapery Curtains, of every description; 



Bornmann Anna, widow Henry, 1832 Thompson 
Bornmann Henry, butcher, 427 N 2d, h 1127 Elm 
Bornmann Lewis victualler, 1323 N 4th 
Bornmann Nicholas, butcher 29 & 30 Girard av 

Mkt, h 1306 Cadwalader 
Bornmann Rudolph, clerk, 504 S Del av, h 304 

Borns Henry, glass blower, Otis n Sepviva 
Borns John L., carpetweaver, r Otis n Sepviva 
Borns William, wheelwright, Otis n Sepviva 
Borough Mark S.,stovemr. 125 Brown 
Borrell Jacob, bricklaj-er, 1 Sutton 
Borrell Valentine, laborer, 1052 Lombard 
Borrowes George, shoemr. 1912 Callowhill 
Borrowes William, shoemr. 1912 Callowhill 
Borsell Martin, jr., dealer, N 6th n Somerset 
Borst George, gardener, r 1316 Howard 
Bortelmann Jacob, porter, 33 N 3d, h 231 Callow- 
Borter Jacob, shoemaker, 1111 Melon 
Borthwick S., upholsterer, 113 S 11th 
Borton Aaron, farmer, 36 sec 3, Shippen Mkt, h 

Gloucester co 
Borton Samuel, 36 sec 3, Shippen Mkt, h N J 
Borwig Jacob, hotel, S W 3d & German 
Borzel George A., shoemr. 1608 G T av 
Borzner Nicholas, dealer, 108 Chenango 
Bos William, painter, 37th ab Locust 
Bosbin Charles, butcher, G T av ab R R Depot 
Bosbourn George, butcher, Rittenhouse, Gtn 
Bosburn Stephen, wheelwright, AVayne, Gtn 
Bosch John G., stationery, 413 Vine 
Bose Ferdinand, tinsmith, 805 SpGdn. h 814 Vine 
Boser James (c), porter, 325 Chestnut, h Lom- 
bard ab 10th 
Bosh Charles, watchmaker, 735 N 3d 
Bosh Jacob, shoemaker, r 1007 Charlotte 
Boshart Constantine, laborer, 601 N 3d 
Boshart George, artist, 1232 Mervine 
Boshart George, books, N E 3d & Race, h 2 

Carman pi 
Boshart John, car painter. Cottage, Gtn 
Boshart John, cooper, 4 Prescott pi 
Bosher George, cutter, 914 Market 
Bosier Samuel, dealer, 1 Square 
Bosinger Isaac M., bookk. Mer. Exchg. h Coates 

ab 12th 
Bosier Charles, butcher, 352 Est. Mkt, h Dolphin 
Bosier Frederick, basketmr. 1212 Hope 
Bosier George, brickmr. Long 1 bel Buck rd 
Bosier John, brickmr. 1602 Filbert 
Bosier John, sr., 6 Market 
Bosier John, victualler, 6 Market 
Bosier Mary, widow John, S W 4th & Canal 
Bosier Wiliiam A., paperhr. 1602 Filbert 
Bosley Frederick (c), laborer, 4 Shotwoll av 
Bosline Levy, carpenter, 518 Marshall 
Boss George, laborer, 1419 Fitzwater 
Boss Gottleib, engraver, r S16 Rachel 
Boss James, watchcasemr. 1307 N 7th 
Boss Philip, r 608 Moyer 
Boss Philip, driver, r 954 St John 
Bossard Conard, carpenter, 1126 Elm 
Bossard George, whf. bldr. Housekeeper's ct 
Bossart Frederick, baker, 1525 Thompson 
Bossart Henry, framemaker, 1026 N 3d 
Bosse Charles, house furn. 925 Sp Garden 
Bosse George, bookkeeper, 311 Brunch 
Bossell William C, plasterer, 1140 S 7th 
Bosseng Frances, huckster, 6th ab Columbia av 
Bossert Andrew J., clerk, 422 Garden 
Bossert Charles, pianoforte manuf. N E 7th & 

Bcssert Charles, salesm. 5 N 5th, h 1008 Ogden 
Bossert Enos, cabinetmaker, 814 Darien 

Patten'S) 630 C 

Bossert George, lager beer, 629 Girard av 

Bossert Henry, pianomr. 1344 N 11th 

Bossert Isaiah T., conductor P, G, & N R R, N E 

9th & Green, h 709 Wallace 
Bossert Jacob, lager beer, 629 Girard av 
Bossert James D., clerk, N W 13th & Willow, h 

709 Wallace 
Bossert John D., salesman, 115 Walnut, h 1730 

Bossert John F., carman, 1235 Vine 
Bossert Michael, brakesman. Coral ab Reading av 
Bossert Nathaniel, carpenter, 524 Norris 
Bossert Sarah, widow Andrew, 709 Wallace 
Bossett Charles, spiccmanufr, bds 601 Girard av 
Bossle Joseph, gasfitter, 311 Girard av 
Bossier Emmett B., accountant, 47 N 3d 
Bossier Frank, eating saloon, 349 N 4th 
Bosstick William, engineer. Hippie's la ab Wash- 
ington, Myk 
Bostick Louisa J. Mrs. (c,) Irving ab 37th 
Bostick Marshall, laborer, 1526 Carlton 
Bostick Charles (c), laborer, 1526 Carlton 
Bostick Elizabeth, washing, 1 Caroline 
Bostick John R., gent, 445 N 3d 
Bostick Joseph (c), waiter, 236 Currant al 
Bostick Tempy Ann, seamstress, 1 Carolina pi. 

Bostick William, laborer, 34 Brier pi 
Bostick William H., shoemaker, 1547 Callowhill 
Boston Charlotte, washer, 408 Gaskill 
Boston Elizabeth, r 420 Gaskill 
Boston Grace (c), wid George, 1021 Sergeant 
Boston Harry, dyer, r 1251 Palethorp 
Boston John, carter, r 1251 Palethorp 
Boston John, jr., carter, r 1251 Palethorp 
Boston Michael, morocco dresser, Galloway n 

Boston Samuel, carter, r 1251 Palethorp 
Boston S. I., watches & jewelry, Bridge bel 36th, 
Boston Thomas, cabinetmaker, 36th n Locust 
Boston William, cordwainer, 1259 Vienna 
BOS WELL ANDREW J., alderman, 1217 Vine, 

h 1330 Parrish 
Boswell Charles, carpenter, 748 S 5th 
Boswell Edward H., bartender, S E 8th & Wal- 
nut, h 821 Walnut 
BOSWELL JAMES I., insurance agent, 400 

Chestnut, h Locust ab 39th 
Boswell Julius, hatter, 921 Brown 
Boswell Joseph H., clerk, 1330 Myrtle 
Boswell L. M., teacher, 636 Pine 
Boswell R. v., agent, ofiBce S W 4th & Chestnut, 

h 2116 Mt Vernon 
Boswell Samuel, tailor, 157 Girard av 
Boswell Samuel, watchman, 35 Charles 
Boswell William, printer, 414 Queen 
BOSWELL & WILSON {Ja7nes I. Bosvell if 

John Wilson, jr.) , ins. agents, 400 Chestnut 
Bosworth David, bookkeeper, 1608 Pine 
Botalia Leonard, clothing store, 539 Shippen 
Botelze Simon, clothing store, 641 Shippen 
Botham Joseph, wheelwright, 308 New Market 
Bothol John W., cooper, 1 Lancaster 
Bothel William, cooper, 114 Marion, h 1 Lancaster 
Bothman Louis, surgical instrumentmaker 15 N 

5 th 
Bothner Margaret, widow Godfrey, Cumberland 

n Fisher 
Bothwell Alexander, blacksmith, 1604 Coates, h 

2015 Springet 
Bothwell George, brickmaker, 2037'ilampton 
Bothwell James, weaver, 2035 Lombard 
Bothwell John, brickmaker, 2148 Lombard 
Bothwell John, laborer, 1311 N Front 
Bothwell Joseph, drayman, 6 Dudley pi 
hestnut Streot* 




Bothwell Oram, express driver, 248 Chestnut, h 

2046 Hand 
Bothwell Samuel, blacksmith, r 1359 Fkd av 
Bothwell William, foreman, 2007 Naudain 
Bothwick Alexander, weaver, 1015 Milton 
Botsford Alva, pearlworker, 1710 St Joseph av 
Botsford Timothy, bricklayer, 1009 S 2d 
Bott Caspar, buttonmaker, 120 Edward 
Bott Christian, shoemaker, 912 Ogden 
Bott Edward, weaver, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Bott John, driver, 416 Poplar 
Bott John, weaver, Green, Gtn 
Bottemley Thomas, spinner, Church, Myk 
Botterfield Joseph, gunsmith, 1445 Savery 
Botthof Christian, tailor, 1215 Randolph 
Botthof Conrad, hair dresser, 508 X 8th 
Botthof Constantine, barber, 641 Arch, h 814 

Bottles Joseph J., clerk, 322 Federal 
Bottom Dauriens, moulder, N W 12th & Noble, 

h 1829 Callowhill 
Bottemley Francis, weaver, r 1407 Beach 
Bottomley & Hines (Robert Hottoraley (^ John 

nines), enamelled dialmanuf., N 39th n Market 
Bottomley James, dealer, Trenton av n Adams 
Bottomlej' Robert, dialmaker, N 39th n Market, 

h State n Pratt 
Botts George, weaver, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Botts Joseph, weaver, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Botts Samuel, cl'k, 316 Chestnut, h Union ab 3d 
Boucher Benjamin, wheelwright, 3d & Button- 
wood, h 680 N 12th 
Boucher Elizabeth, tailoress, 3 Ralston 
Boucher Ellen, tailoress, 4 Ralston 
Boucher Joseph, alderman k grocer, Nicetown 
Boucher Josiah, cordwainer. Orthodox n Hedge 
Boucher AVilliam, miller, Xicetown 
Boucheir James, cutter, 7 Ballenger av 
Bouckius Aaron, cooper, Washington av n Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Boudinot E. E., 816 Spruce 
Boudish Frederick, laborer, 1218 N 6th 
Boudren Thomas, coach lamp manufacturer, NE 

Broad & Hamilton, h 12 Marseilles pi 
Boudrow Alexander, artist, 221 S Sth 
Boudrow William iron founder, 20th & Earp 
Boadwin John, tobacco, 222 S Delaware av, h 

314 Wharton 
Boudwin Joseph, segarmaker, 817 S 2d 
Boudwin Michael, segars, 218 Race 
Boudwin Peter, jr., segarmaker, 313 Emmet 
Bouer Christian, cordwainer, 1437 X 4th 
Bougard William, laborer, 935 St John 
Bouge Thomas, shoemaker, S 25th n Spruce 
Bough John, stonecutter, 1921 Moravian 
Boughter Charles, 810 S 9th 
Boughter Charles E., clerk, 220 Chestnut, h 810 

S 9th 
Boughton Anne, saleswoman. Steam Mill al 
Boughy David R., morocco & hides, 533 X 7th 
Bouland Alexander, gunsmith, 2223 Hamilton 
Bouland Anthony, gunsmith, 2223 Hamilton 
Bouland Onezima, gunsmith, 2223 Hamilton 
Boulden Jesse, wine & liquor dealer, 118 Market, 

h 1905 Mount Vernon 
Boulden ilary, 1213 Kemble 
Boule Christian, tailor, 424 Morris 
Boulin Michael, watchman, r 1928 Earp | 

Boulk Abraham, weaver, 919 X 3d | 

Boulter Ferdinand, enameller, 6 Whelock pi 
Boulter Hiram, moulder, 335 X 13th 
Boulter Joseph, weaver, 1530 Lawrence 
Boulting George, laborer, 45 Prime 
Boulton Bernardo W., 118 S Delaware av, h 1814 


IVindOTV Shades and Curtain 

Boulton Byron, druggist, X E 2d & Catharine 
Boulton D. H., baggage master, 1044 Market 
Boulton Edward, liquors, 130 Walnut, h 1826 

Boulton George, puddler, 11 Callowhill 
Boulton John, gent., 1814 Spiruce 
Boulton Joshua, drygoods, 171 Girard av 
BOULTOX WILLIAJI G., merchant, 118 S Del. 

av, h 1821 Sfiruce 
Boulu A., widow, 417 Garden 
Bouman Henry, tailor, r 436 Monroe 
Bouman James, foreman, Clinton, Gtn 
j Boumann John, machinist, 1352 Columbia av 
I Boumgertner Martin, cordwainer, 525 Poplar 
j Bounds James, carpenter, G T av ab Cottage 
I Bounds John, shoemaker. 845 Earp 
I Bouquard Augustus, tavern, 207 S 2d, h207S2d 
I Bourdon Alexander, artist, 221 S Sth 
j Boureau Henry, coal oil manufactory, 132 S 2d, 
I h 1423 X 12th 
Boureisler Joseph, jeweller, 112 X 8th 
Bourguard Joseph, baker, 138 Race 
Bourguicrnon Frank, machinist, 2206 Wood, h 

2212 Wood 
Bourguignen Charles L., clerk, 608 Spruce 
Bourke James, boot & shoe manufacturer, 630 
j Chestnut, h 1506 Poplar 
Bourke Michael, dealer, stall 180 Race St Market, 

h X 13th n Shellbark 
Bourke A. M., intelligence oflSce, 302 Union 
Bourke Charles, dealer, 706 S Delaware av 
Bourke Edward D., conductor, 10 Salmon 
Bourke John, butcher, 1120 St John 
Bourke Martin, clerk, 36 S 2d 
Bourke Thomas, paper hangings, X E 4th & 

Market, h Madison bel Tine 
Bourkemyers T.. liquor store, 2049 Market 
Bourlier A., gasfitter, 335 S 7th 
Bourlier Eliza, Mrs., dress making, 335 S 7th 
Bourne Eliza, wid of Ezra. 1221 X loth 
Bourne Ezra, clerk, 1221 X loth 
Bourne F. B., book-keeper, 126 Willow, h 1332 

Columbia av 
Bourne Jane, 1221 X 15th 
Bourne Mary, teacher, 1307 Lombard, h 709 S 

Bourne Samuel, grocer, 2024 Carlton 
Bourne Charles, tassel maker, 1143 Leon 
Bourner John, quarryman, E s Osprey ab Sp Gar 
Bourner Patrick, qrvmn, E s Osprey ab Sp Gar 
Bournonville A., M.D., 221 X 4th 
Bournville Augustus, M.D., 427 X 4th 
Bournville Charles, 221 X 4th 
Bourquen Henry, painter, Fulton bel Trenton av 
Bourquin Chas F., lithographer, 602 Chestnut, h 

804 Wecaccoe 
Bourquin F., & Co. (F. Hoiirqiiin, R. P. Smith), 

lithographers, 602 Chestnut 
Bourquin Ernest Frederick, undertaker, 1033 

Bourquin Eveline, dress making, 240 S 11th 
Bourquin F., lithographer, 602 Chestnut, h Cam- 
den, X J 
Bourquin Henry J., cabinet maker. Rising Sun 
Bourquin Theodore F., clerk, 1033 Buttonwood 
Bourrilon Vincent, tobacco & segars, Germt av 

ab Montgomery 
Bou.ser George, (c) , laborer, 618 Middle al 
Bouser James, porter, 1013 Lombard 
Bousky Peter, gent, 614 Spruce 
Bouste'ad James, gent, 1326 X 11th 
Boustead William, coal yard, S W 9th & Wallace, 

h 1326 N nth 
Bousted Thomas, weaver, 726 Lebanon 
Bousted Thomas D., bricklayer, 2202 Market 
Goods, Wholesale and Retail; 




Boutcher Clement, last maker, Frank! pi n Market 
Boutcher Nathaniel, shoemkr, 40 Frankfd Road 
Boutcher Thomas N., cordw, Innes ab Allen 
Boutcher William, wheelwt. Cherry n Meadow 
Boutelje Elias, tobacconist, 530 Shippen 
Boutelje Myer, segars, 419 Gaskill 
Boutelje Simon, pedlar, 419 Gaskill 
Bouth Jacob, moulder, Trenton R R n Church 
Bouvavd Milton, watchmaker, James St (Fls Sch) 
Bovard George, manuf, 1103 Hope 
Borard Robert, weaver, 1435 Hope 
Bovard William, tailor, 1032 Parrish 
Bovaird William, tavern, N W 25th & Penna av 
Boveird Matthew, bar tender, 118 Master 
Boveire John, conductor, Fkd av n Huntingdon 
Bovell Sarah, french boarding, 323 Pine 
Bovell William S., printer, Leon bel Washington 
Bovet Ami, engraver, 216 Walnut, h 615 Hallow- 
Boviee William S., printer, 1111 Leon 
Bouvier David, butcher, 6 & 10, sec. 1, Wharton 

Market, h 425 Moore 
Bouvier Elizabeth, mutton, 8, sec. 1, Wharton 

Market, h 425 Moore 
Bouvier George, butcher, 220 Reed 
Bouvier Henry, butcher, 5 sec. 1 Wharton Mar- 
ket, h N E Greenwich & Jefferson av 
Bouvier John, butcher, 2 & 4, sec. 1, Wharton 

Market, h 425 Moore 
Bouvier Margaret, produce, 21, S 2d Market, h 427 

Bouvier Michael, mahogany, 141 S 2d, h 1240 N 

Bouvier Peter, hotel, 1517 Moyamensing av 
Bowas Dennis, lab, Leiper ab Church 
Bowda John C, plasterer, 1327 N 10th 
Bowden Benjamin F., grainer, 1132 N 4th 
Bowden Esther, produce, 82 Shippen Market, h 

7 Christian 
Bowden James, painter, 812 S 12th 
Bowden Jane, wid of Henry, 1220 Thurlow 
Bowden Samuel, farmer, n 39th Market 
Bowden Thomas, heater, Carroll n York 
Bowden William, mariner, 7 Christian ' 
Bowdle Tristram, gentleman, 1213 Race 
Bowman William, stalls 7 & 9 Callowhill Market 
Bowdoin William H., paper & envelopes, 15 N 6th 

h 227 N nth 
Bowe Finton, lab, N E Penn & Church 
Bowed David, 1220 Pine 
Bowe Patrick, glass cutter, Dauphin n Gaul 
Bowels James, brakesman, 3 Simes 
Bowen Alexander, seamen, 15 Annapolis 
Bowen Allen, printer, 641 Sears 
Bowen Annias, cabinetmaker, 1000 Parker 
Bowen A. G. M., 274 S 3d, h 324 S 21st 
Bowen Benjamin S., painter, 1724 Olive 
Bowen Beulah, mariner, 236 Allen 
BOWEN BROTHERS [Franklin H. S^ f^iorg-e 

K. Botven), manufs small tubes, N W 12th & 

Noble, 2d story 
Bowen Charles, seaman, 15 Annapolis 
Bowen Charles C, undertaker, 1107 Moya'g av 
BOWEN & CO. {Lavinia Bowen and John Cos- 

si7i), lithographists and colorists, S AV 11th 

and Chestnut 
Bowen David H., undertaker, 815 S 2d 
Bowen Delia, gentlewoman, 1625 Spruce 
Bowen D. M., conveyancer, 605 Sansom, h 1010 

Bowen Edward, mer. 1818 Spruce 
Bowen Edward, sailmaker, 225 Allen 
Bowen Edward R., salesman, 220 Chestnut, h 1818 

Bowen Eliza, (c), widow Aaron, 436 Lynd 

Bowen Enoch, mastmaker, r 1215 Crease 
Bowen Ezra, stockbroker, 13 Mer Ex., h 324 S 

21st * 

BOWEN & FOX (Ezra Bowen and George S. 

Fox), brokers, 13 Merc. Exchange 
Bowen Frank H., machinist, 336 S 21st 
Bowen George E., gentleman, 1811 Mount Vernon 
Bowen George K., canes and ferules, 161 and 163 

Bowen George K, manuf. 12th and Noble, h 1818 

Bowen Georgiana, tailoress, N W Norris and 

Bowen Henry, 1835 Delancey pi 
Bowen Henry C, morocco dresser,r 115 Elfreth's al 
Bowen Henry N., 324 S 15th 
Bowen Hugh, laborer, 6 Higgins' ct 
Bowen James, machinist, 432 Carpenter 
Bowen James, seaman, 15 Annapolis 
Bowen James L., captain, Richmond bel Ann 
Bowen John, bookbinder, 913 Filbert 
Bowen John, engineer, 729 Thompson 
Bowen John, laborer, r 525 Carpenter 
Bowen John, painter, 48 S 3d, h 15 Annapolis 
Bowen John C, pattern maker, 1010 Olive 
Bowen John D., student, 247 N 9th 
Bowen John S., moulder, Franklin n Dauphin 
Bowen John T., dealer, cor Girard av & N 10th, 

h Alder n Girard av 
Bowen Joseph E., tailor, 2018 Sansom 
Bowen Joseph L., saw finisher, 866 Randolph 
Bowen Lavinia, lithographer and colorist, 1020 

Bowen Littleton, moulder, Susquehanna av E 5th 
Bowen Ludwig, coachpainter, 322 Thompson 
Bowen Martha A., gentlewoman, 1835 Delancey pi 
Bowen Nicholas, waiter, 515 S 10th 
Bowen Patrick, paper dealer, 12 Fawn 
Bowen Philip, lumber merchant, 514 Catharine 
Bowen Sarah, 27 N 10th 
Bowen Sarah, 31 Prime 

Bowen Smith, dry goods, 53 N 3d, h 226 N 5th 
BOWEN SMITH & CO. (Smith Bowen and Da- 
niel M. Zimmerman) , dry goods, 63 N 3d 
Bowen William, boilermaker, 1320 S 3d 
Bowen William, captain, Richmond bel Ann 
Bowen William, laborer, 7 Higgins' ct 
Bowen William, newspapers, Dock cor 3d, h Fond 

bel Washington 
Bowen William E., 1818 Spruce 
Bowen William G., photographer, 46 N 8th, h 

1320 S 3d 
Bowen William H., dry goods, 1921 Coates 
Bowen William M., druggist, 139 Brown 
Bowen William M., printer, 534 Lorian 
Bowen William N., U. S. Mint, 1010 Olive 
Bowen William S., clerk, 139 Brown 
Bowen Zeddic, moulder, Susquehanna av E 5th 
Bower Albert C, barber, Frankford av n Amber 
Bower Ann, widow John D., 1703 Olive 
Bower Charle.s, fringemaker, 6 Mureau's pi 
Bower Charles, tailor, 105 Vine 
Bower Charles A., shoemaker, 852 Charlotte 
Bower Charles P., gentleman, 1705 Francis 
Bower Daniel, laborer, 2024 Naudain 
Bower Edwin, tobacconist, Fkd av bel Norris. 
Bower Eliza, widow J., 1030 Beach 
Bower Everhart, brass finisher, r 869 Lawrence 
Bower Ferdinand, wheelwright, 5 Cadwallader 
Bower Francis, tailor, 868 Marshall 
Bower Frederick, blacksmith, 2133 Lombard 
Bower Frederick, brushmaker, 841 N 3d 
Bower Frederick, driver, Girard av ab 34th 
Bower Frederick, tavern, 902 Callowhill 
Bower Frederick, weaver, Dauphin bel Front 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Bower George, barber, Button n Navy 
Bower Greorge C, druggist, N E 6th & Vine 
Bower George C, jr., druggist, NC 6th & Vine 
Bower George F., painter, 406 Garden 
Bower Godfrey, baker, 150 Margaretta 
Bower Gotleib, gardener, 510 N Front 
Rower Henry, chemist, Gray's Ferry rd bel Wash- 
ington av, h 1532 Chestnut 
Bower Henry, dyer, r 1023 Charlotte 
Bower Henry, laborer, 401 N Front 
Bower Henry, student, 1536 N 4th 
Bower Henry A., druggist, N E 6th & Green 
Bower Jacob, shoemaker, 614 Callowhill 
Bower Jacob F., meat Salter, 1703 Olive 
Bower James E., salesman, 229 Arch, h 1620 

Bower John, cabinetmaker, 324 Willow 
Bower John, cooper, 250 German 
Bower John, lampmaker, 1033 N 3d 
Bower John, prof, of music, 1419 Sansom 
Bower John, victualler, 722 N 24th 
Bower John A., bottler, 914 Ogden 
Bower John D., fancy cake baker, 1703 Olive 
Bower John, E., baker, 519 S 20th 
Bower John J., clerk, 1320 Buttonwood 
Bower John S., bookkeeper, 211 Market, h N E 

6th & Vine 
Bower Joseph, bricklayer, 1030 Beach 
Bower Joseph T., flour dealer, S E 2d & Dia- 
mond, h Frankford rd ab Norris 
Bower Lewis, currier, Morencia pi 
Bower Maria, widow Richard F., Frankford av 

ab Vienna 
Bower Peter, ragpicker, 1741 N 4th 
Bower Philip, basketmaker, 828 Callowhill 
Bower Richard C, gent. Frankford av ab Vienna 
Bower Richard F., clerk, Frankford av n Dauphin 
Bower Robert, carpenter, 1326 Green 
Bower Robert E., hotel, Frankford aT c Norris 
Bower Robert S., druggist, S E c 3d & Thompson 
Bower Samuel, draughtsman, 530 Thompson 
Bower Sabastian, varnisher, r 1127 Charlotte 
Bower Solomon, laborer, 413 S 21st 
Bower Stephen, wheelwright, 1741 X 4th 
Bower S. D. S., shipwright, 530 Thompson 
Bower Theodore, tailor, 4 Cadwalader 
Bower William, weaver, Dauphin W of Carrol 
Bower William, wheelwright, 1329 N 17th 
Bower William H., clerk, 722 Chestnut, h 1105 

Boweriee Christian, matches, 424 Morris 
Bowers Abraham, police, 6 Mayland 
Bowers Alexander, wheelwright, 1619 S 2d 
Bowers Andrew, laborer, Masher n Cambria 
Bowers Christian, mechanic, 2031 Hand 
Bowers Christian, victualler, 519 Richmond 
Bowers Cyrus I., salesman, 321 Market, h 620 

Bowers D. F., phot, and ambro. gallery, 317 N 

2d, h 927 Sartain 
Bowers Edward, nutmaker, 4 Ashton pi 
Bowers Elizabeth, widow, 1503 Palethorp 
Bowers Enoch, scenic artist, S E Market & 43d 
Bowers Francis, shoemaker, 618 Frankford av 
Bowers Frederick, butcher, Emerald n York 
Bowers Frederick, machinist, r 2044 Reeves 
Bowers George, jr., brickmaker, 618 S Juniper 
Bowers George, hair dresser, 60 N 2d, h Savery 

ab Reed 
Bowers George, laborer, 618 S Juniper 
Bowers George A., bookkeeper, 21 Ellen 
Bowers George V., actor, 810 S 3d 
Bowers George W., bootfitter, 302 KaufiFman 
Bowers George W., clerk, 21 Ellen 
Bowers Harriett, widow Samuel, 1316 Race 

Gilt Cornices, lluiids, Uiiiiixi, Tassc 

Bowers Henrietta, 838 Lombard 
Bowers Henry, basketmaker, 339 N 2d 
Bowers Henry, watchman, 830 Palm 
Bowers Hermann, glassblower, Susanna n Rich- 
Bowers Jacob E., att'y at law, 5th & Vine, h 

Bowers James, varnisher, Jefferson n Oxford 
Bowers Jesse, brickmaker, 618 S Juniper 
Bowers John, artist, 927 Sartain 
Bowers John, baker, 1015 Parrish 
Bowers John, carpenter, 1244 X 12th 
Bowers John, chandliermaker, 1508 Cherry 
Bowers John, drayman, r 976 Lawrence 
Bowers John, laborer, 1216 Shackamaxon 
Bowers John, liquors, 212 X 2d 
Bowers John, machinist, 34th ab Elm 
Bowers John, spinner, Gay n Wood, Myk 
Bowers John C. (c), draper and tailor, 115 S 2d, 

h 917 South 
Bowers John D., blacksmith, 1721 Market 
Bowers John L., 924 Franklin 
Bowers Joshua, fluid and camphene, 1205 Otis 
Bowers Lafayette, laborer, York av 
Bowers Xathaniel, weaver, 121 Jefferson 
Bowers Patrick, laborer. 937 Swanson 
Bowers Peter, brickmaker, Washington av & 

Bowers Peter G., letter carrier, 722 X 3d 
Bowers Philip, shoe store, 1214 Ridge av 
Bowers Richard, shoemaker, 1 Gillingham 
Bowers Robert, laborer, 16 r 1140 St John 
Bowers Rudolph, turner, 519 Richmond 
Bowers Samuel clothes renovator, 50 X 11th, h 201 

S 11th 
Bowers Samuel, driver, 1203 Locust 
Bowers Sarah, mantuamaker, 1033 Rodman 
Bowers Thomas, M.D., 1812 Lombard 
Bowers Thomas, saddler and harnessmaker, 913 

Bowers Thomas J. (c), tailor, 917 South 
Bowers Valentine, currier, r 616 Tamarind 
Bowers Valentine, hostler, 010 Annapolis 
Bowers Warner, gilder, 1223 Wood 
Bowers William, brickmaker, n Washington av <fc 

Gray's Ferry rd 
Bowers William, hostler, 1832 Girard av 
Bowers William, manufac. of cotton goods, S W 

Girard av & Franklin, h 924 Franklin 
Bowers William, salesman, 428 Market, bds Al- 
leghany House 
Bowers William, turner, Taekawanna n Church 
Bowersucks David, laborer, 501 Chestnut, h 3d & 

Bowes Eliza, 931 Hutchinson 
Bowes Jacob, chairmaker, 444 Maria 
Bowes Martin, laborer, 931 Hutchinson 
Bowes Martin, printer, 2033 Moloney 
Bowes Mary, 931 Hutchinson 
Bowes Mary, widow Samuel K., Hazzard W Cera! 
Bowie James A., messenger, 624 2d 
Bowie John D., clerk, 624 S 2d 
Bowie Richard A., clerk, 1127 Chestnut 
Bowie Roswell, hatter, 1247 Mascher 
Bowie R. Ashhurst, attyat-law, 222 S 4th, h 

Chestnut bel 12th 
Bowinger Madalena, widow, 1 Shingler'"S row 
Bowker Abraham, tavern, 502 S Larkin 
Bowker & Greenwood (WilliciTn Boivker &f Ed- 

muml Greejiwood), tin cylinder mr. 842 X 3d 
Bowker James, gasfitter. Main ab Cotton, Myk 
Bowker John, hardware, c Main & Levering, Myk 
Bowker Joseph, engraver, Paul n Church 
Bowker William, tin cylinder maker, 842 X 3d 
Bowker William H., porter, 128 & 130 Chestnut 
Is, FriugeS) aud Curtaiu Ciood«J 



Bowlby Edward, real estate broker, 112 S 4th, h 

BOWLBY SAMUEL L., stock broker, 230 ^yal- 

nut, h 405 S 3d 
Bowlby T. v., conveyancer, S E c Market & 37th, 

h 33d n Hamilton 
Bowler Elizabeth, wid. Lancaster av n4]st 
Bowler John, laborer, Adams bel Church 
Bowler John, laborer, 5 Winslow 
Bowler William, grocer, Lancaster av ab 41st 
Bowles Benjamin, H., grocer, 770 S 4th 
Bowles Charles M., salesman, 431 Market, h 1405 

Columbia av 
Bowles George, blacksmith, 1307 Prospect 
Bowles H. E., M.D., 35 N 16th 
Bowles James, stonecutter, 2119 Winter 
Bowles James R., carpenter, 223 Girard av 
Bowles John, cutter, 433 N 2d 
Bowles John, stone cutter, 2119 Winter 
Bowles John B., stone cutter, Coates St wharf, 

Sch, h 2119 Winter 
Bowles John L., coffee roaster, 1405 Columbia av 
Bowles Mary, trimmings, 520 S 2d 
Bowles Michael, clerk, 2505 Penn. av 
Bowles S. A., shoes, 223 Girard av 
Bowles Samuel M., salesman, 621 Market, h 4th 

& Arch 
Bowles William, cofiFee roaster, 118 Thompson 
Bowles William, drygoods, 1323 South 
Bowlin Robert (c), waiter, 6 Toy's ct 
Bowlin Thomas, sailor, 725 Hubbell 
Bowling Jeremiah, machinist, 1816 Penna av 
Bowling Joseph, laborer, 1082 N Dal av 
Bowman Abraham (c), dealer, r 822 South 
Bowman Ann Miss, h G T av, bel Washington 1 
Bowman A. H., druggist and chemist, N E 12th 

& Callowhill, h S W 12th & Callowhill 
Bowman Charles S., hatter, 819 N 2d 
Bowman Cyrus, carpetings, &c. 14 N 3d, h Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Bowman David, shoemaker, G T av bel Armat 
Bowman DDminick, printer, 817 St John 
Bowman Draper, shoemaker, 130 Green 
Bowman Elizabeth, widow James, 1127 Shippen 
Bowman Elizabeth, widow Louis boot crimper, 8 

Goldbeck's av 
Bowman Elizabeth (c), washwoman, 2 Robin av 
Bowman Franklin, moulder, 2d ab Cumberland 
Bowman Frederick, coppersmith, Quarry n 3d, h 

r 105 Brown 
Bowman G. K.. clerk, N E 12th & Callowhill, h 

S W 12th & Callowhill 
Bowman George W., gentleman, 1111 Wistar 
Bowman George W., cordwainer, 406 Gaskill 
Bowman Henrietta A., embroiderer, 2311 Jef- 
Bowman Jacob, machinist, 1728 America 
Bowman Jacob, weaver, 202 Thompson 
BOWMAN JAMES K., grocer & provision dealer, 

N W 17th & Brandywine 
Bowman James J., cutter, 34 N 4th, h Clinton n 

Wistar, Gtn 
Bowman Job R., locksmith, 934 Race 
Bowman John, carter, Otis n Memphis 
Bowman John, harnessmaker, 1614 Cambridge 
Bowman John, hatter, 819 N 2d 
Bowman John, lampmaker, 1516 Brinton 
Bowman John, manufacturer, 2023 Poplar 
Bowman Jonathan, machinist. Meetinghouse la n 

Lancaster av, Hestonville 
Bowman Jonas, grocer, 340 N 3d, h 7th ab Gi- 
rard av 
Bowman Joseph G., shoe store, 1241 Poplar 
Bowman Joseph R., silver plater, 1316 S 8th 
Bowman L. A. Mrs., seamstress, 1119 Leon 

Bowman Lewis C, gardener, Manheim, Gtn 
Bowman Martin, gardener, Manhein, Gtn 
Bowman Moses, carpetings, <fcc., 14 N 3d, h 335 

N 5th 
Bowman M. & Co. {Moses Boivman, Cyrus Bow- 
man), carpet warehouse, 14 N 3d 
Bowman Rachel, widow Goliah, 1712 Vasey 
Bowman Robert, n railroad depot 
Bowman Sallie Miss, boardinghouse, 20 N 7th 
Bowman Sarah, mantuamaker, 1240 S 2d 
Bowman S. H., foreman, 408 Commerce 
Bowman Thomas, 3 Heckroth pi 
Bowman Thomas, broker. Walnut, h 251 S 12th 
Bowman Thomas K.. shoecutter, 408 Commerce, 

h 2311 Jefferson 
Bowman William, gentleman, 20 N 7th 
Bowman AVilliam, harnessmaker, 1034 Rodman 
Bowman William H., com. paper warehouse, 201 

Callowhill, h 1340 Columbia av 
Bowman William H., stationery, 1211 Girard av, 

h 1340 Columbia av 
Bowman William K., grocer, 816 West 
Bowmas Jonas, grocer, 1229 N 7th 
Bowmaster Casper, brewer, 27th ab Girard av 
Bown Benjamin S., grocer, N E 9th & Federal 
Bown Julia, drygoods, 905 S 4th 
Bowns Susan, widow Geo., tailoress, r339 Shippen 
Bownass Ann, trimmings store. 2122 Arch 
Bowrich Christian, laborer, 424 Morris 
Bowser James (c), laborer, Allen n Hedge 
Bowton Charles, tailor, 927 Parrish 
Bowyer Charles, dealer, stands 1 & 2 Girard av 

market, 163 Girard av 
Bowyer John, dealer, stands 1 & 2 Girard av mar- 
ket, h 163 Girard av 
Boxberger John, grocer, 241 Poplar 
Boy Catharine, widow David, 1305 Heath 
Boyas James, farmer, Centre, Germantown 
Boyas Thomas, cordwainer. Centre, Gtn 
Boyce Andrew, liquors, <tc., 1118 Master 
Boyce Ann, widow, 209 Prime 
Boyce Anthony (c), cook, 1018 Helmuth 
Boyce Banjamin, paperhanger, Otsego ab Reed 
Boyce Benjamin F., carpenter, Richmond ab 

Somerset, h Somerset n Mullen 
Boyce Ellen, widow William, 801 N 10th 
Boyce Francis, 2206 F 
Boyce Frank, laborer, 1521 S Front 
Boyce Henry, laborer, 1521 S Front 
Boyce Henry, laborer, 2210 Summer 
Boyce John, coppersmith, 2105 Wood 
Boyce John, laborer, 1326 Shippen 
Boyce John, milkman, Salmon n William 
Boyce John F., salesman, 117 Lombard 
Boyce Levin, laborer, Rutter"s ct 
Boj'ce Louis, moulder, 2105 Wood 
Boyce Louis K., moulder, 2206 Wood 
Boyce Margaret, widow Michael, 61 Wash'n, Myk 
Boyce Mary M., bonnet store, 938 Race 
Boyce Patrick, laborer. Point Breeze park 
Boyce Patrick, jr., 1654 Sansom 
Boyce Robert, driver, 330 Belgrade 
Boyce Robert, porter, 3 Brewery pi 
Boyce Thomas, machinist, 916 Charlotte 
Boycroft, (Jilbert, cordwainer, 1 Ralston 
Boyd Adam, carpenter, 1431 Moravian 
Boyd AlbL-rt, painter, 709 N 23d 
Boyd Alexander, clerk, 407 Wood 
Boyd Alexander, mer., 12 N Del av, h 307 Wood 
Boyd Alexander, plasterer, 1725 Carver 
Boyd Amelia Mrs., upholsterer, 15 N 13th 
Boyd Andrew, bla<;ksmith, S E Passyunk <t Tyler 
Boyd Andrew, collector, 1159 S 10th 
Boyd Andrew, laborer, Cumberland, Gtn 
Boyd Andrew, weaver, 1211 Bedford 

Putten's, G30 Chcslniit Street. 




Boyd And.rew, weaver, h r 1937 Cuthbert 

Boyd Andrew, wines & liquors, 2511 Hamilton 

Boyd Anna J. Miss, dressmaker, 263 S llth 

Boyd Annie, 5 Read's av 

Boyd Annie, seamstress, 319 Iseminger 

Boyd Archibald, confectioner, 705 Lloyd 

Boyd Barclay, druggist, 204 Thompson 

Boyd Barclay D., clerk, 4th n Johnson 

BOYD & BATES {Geo. J. Boyd, David Bates), 

bankers, 18 S 3d 
Boyd Charles S., salesman, 17 S Water, h 919 

Boyd Cornelius, agent, 1326 S 13th 
Boyd Cornelius, gentleman, Clarion bel Federal 
Boyd Daniel, jr., 2 Sycamore 
Boyd Daniel, carder, Cresson st, Myk 
Boyd Daniel, laborer, 2 Sycamore 
Boyd Daniel, salesman, 104 S Water, h N W 2d 

& Union 
Boyd Daniel M., clerk, 9 State House Row, h Gtn 
Boyd Darid, finisher, 104 Jones' al, h 20 N 4th, 

Boyd David, sr., gent. 1735 Hamilton 
Boyd David, jr., importer cloths, &c., 40 S 4th, h 

1735 Hamilton 
Boyd David, varnisher, 117 Walnut 
Boyd E., trimmings, 331 Green 
Boyd Edward, teamster. Levering bel Wood, Myk 
Boyd Edward, trader, 22 Oxford 
Boyd Edwin, carpenter, 620 Master 
Boyd Eliza J., tailoress, 2147 Sharswood 
Boyd Elizabeth, widow James, 341 Dean 
BOYD AMELIA S., upholsterer, 16 N 13th 
Boyd George, grocer, 1200 Market, h 33 N 15th 
Boyd George, painter, 1337 N 11th 
Boyd George J., banker, 18 S 3d, h 1104 Pine 
Boyd George W., machinist, 1319 Brandywine 
Boyd Henry, chairmaker, 1425 Vienna 
Boyd H.B., grocer, 2000 Market 
Boyd Henry M., broker, 512 N 3d, h 804 N 11th 
Boyd Henry M. & Co. {Henry M. Boyd, Andrew 

Singeiiey), real estate brokers, 512 N 3d 
BOYD & HOUGH {William S. Boyd &f John 

L. Hough), wholesale grocers, 17 S Water 
Boyd Hugh, carpenter, h 520 S 19th 
Boyd Hugh, cutter, 1104 Market, h 1411 Hal- 

Boyd Hugh, plasterer, 1608 Carver 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, 1314 Rodman 
Boyd Hugh, watchman, 1900 Ringgold pi 
Boyd Hugh B , S W Market & 20th 
Boyd James, blacksmith, Stocker n Carpenter 
Boyd James, dyer, 727 S 15th, h 1621 Fitzwater 
Boyd James, foreman. Federal n 27th 
Boyd James, gardner, S 19th n Market 
Boyd James, grocer, S W 16th & Race 
Boyd James, liquor store, S E South & 18th 
Boyd James, restaurant, 16 E Girard av 
Boyd James, salesman, 30 N 4th, bds Merchants' 

Boyd James, weaver, Ella W Carroll 
Boyd James M., merchant, N E Front & Arch, h 

1309 S 4th 
Boyd James L., printer, 606 Sansom, h 1216 

Boyd James W., bill broker, 305 Walnut, h 40th 

& Spruce 
Boyd Jane, 625 S 13th 
Boyd Jane, widow James, 5 Woelpper ct 
Boyd Jane, widow James, stocking maker, Norris 

n Howard 
Boyd Jane, widow John, Cresson, Myk 
Boyd John, boilermaker, 214 Marion 
Boyd John, carter, 724 Federal 
Boyd John, clerk, 328 Branch 

Boyd John, driver, 1505 Hope 

Boyd John, gardener, 520 S 18th 

Boyd John, laborer, 1801 Jones 

Boyd John, laborer, 525 S 20th 

Boyd John, laborer, 1238 Leopard 

Boyd John (c). Oak n 42d 

Boyd John, laborer, Richmond n York 

Boyd John, machinist, 1612 N Front 

Boyd John, packer, 2147 Sharswood 

Boyd John, painter, 918 Souder 

Boyd John, painter, Watt n Ford 

Boyd John, porter, 123 Market 

Boyd John, stonecutter, 12th n Poplar 

Boyd John, tailor, 220 N Water, h Beverly, N J 

Boyd John, weaver. Spring Garden W 24th 

Boyd John A., packer, 2147 Sharswood 

Boyd John G., clerk, 2 Sycamore 

Boyd John G., printer, 1507 Burton 

Boyd John J., stonemason, 1624 N 7th 

Boyd John L., stonecutter, 1227 Brown 

Boyd John S., tobacco and segars, 136 S 10th 

Boyd John W., bookkeeper. Bank of Commerce, 

h Merion square 
Boyd John W., carpenter, Reese ab Dauphin 
Boyd Joshua, weaver, 11 Barney av 
BOYD, KELLY & DUNN ( William Boyd, 

William Kelly, l^ John Dunn), ice dealers, 

216 S 16th 
Boyd Margaret, widow James, York n 37th 
Boyd Mary, 2 Sycamore 
Boyd Mary (c), seamstress, 1825 Addison 
Boyd Moses, stoekingweaver, Norris W Howard 
Boyd Nancy, widow, 1432 N Front 
Boyd Nathaniel B., atty. k coun. S E c 8th & Lo- 
cust, h 1135 S 11th 
Boyd 0. E., clerk, 249 Market 
Boyd Patrick, cardriver, 1146 Frankford av 
Boyd Rebecca, widow James, 914 Fitzwater 
Boyd Rebecca, widow William, 1219 Cass 
Boyd Robert, chairmaker, 1426 Vienna 
Boyd Robert, laborer, 1727 S 5th 
Boyd Robert, painter, 36th ab Sycamore 
Boyd Robert, printer, 1322 Rose 
Boyd Robert, produce and com. 104 S Water, h S 

E 16th & Race 
Boyd Robert, weaver, 1365 Frankford av 
Boyd Samuel, boatman, 422 N 22d 
Boyd Samuel, brewer, r 1332 Bedford 
Boyd Samuel, bricklayer, r 1023 Sergeant 
Boyd Samuel, grocer, 1544 Race 
Boyd Samuel, laborer, 2223 Filbert 
Boyd Samuel, pipelayer, 1 Ashton pi 
Boyd & Stroud {Thomas A. Boyd ^Morris E. 

Stroud), imp. queensware, 32 N 4th 
Boyd Susanna, widow William, Levering bel 

Wood. Myk 
Boyd Thomas, carpenter, 116 Jones al, h Centre- 

ville, N J 
Boyd Thomas, carter, 2 Sycamore 
Boyd Thomas, cordwainer, 516 S 19th 
Boyd Thomas, laborer, 1116 Sophia 
Boyd Thomas, stonecutter, 946 Sartain 
Boyd Thomas, stovefinisher, 139 Dana 
Boyd Thomas A., imp. queensware, 32 N 4th, h 

1210 Spring Garden 
Boyd Thomas C, salesman, 32 N 4th, h 20 S 6th 
Boyd Thomas F., engineer, 6 Ralston 
Boyd William, S W Market & 20th 
Boyd William, augermaker, York n 37th 
Boyd William, bricklayer, 1330 Hope 
Boyd William, brushmaker, 821 S 13th 
Boyd AVilliam, carpetweaver, S side Ralston 
Boyd William, flour mer. Gay ab Baker, Myk 
Boyd William, grocer, 1217 S 6th 
Boyd William, grocer, 2000 Market 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. Window Shades, 




Boyd William, hotel, S W Girard av & 19th 
Boyd William, ice dealer, 215 S 16th 
Boyd William, laborer, 1619 Helmuth 
Boyd William, laborer, 10 Packer pi 
Boyd William, machinist, Ballair, Myk 
Boyd William, painter, 508 Hagner 
Boyd William, weaver, N 5th ab Dauphin av 
Boyd William (c), wliitewasher, 1335 Pearl 
Boyd William A., telegrapher, Reading av n Tren- 
ton av, h 1020 Ash 
BOYD WILLIAM H., publisher, 333 Chestnut, h 

109 N 6th, Camden 
Boyd William P., coachpainter, 1219 Cass 
Boyd William S., carpenter, Reese ab Dauphin 
Boyd William S.. jr., bookkeeper, 17 S Water, h 

263 S 3d 
Boyd William S., wholesale grocer, 17 S Water, 

h 334 Spruce 
Boyd William & Son {William Boyd 4- Hugh B. 
Boyd), grocers, 1842 Market & S AV Market & 
BOYD W. STOKES, Lieut. U. S. M. 2039 Walnut 
Boyde Joseph, salesman, 237 Market, h 261 N 13th 
Boyden William, stonemason, Lumber, Hbg 
Boyeles Jackson, tailor, 1413 Barclay 
Boyer Abram (c), briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer Abraham, carpenter, 812 N 13th 
Boyer Amanda, vestmaker, 1602 Wood 
Boyer Ann, widow Peter, 923 N 6th 
Boyer Anna Maria, widow Michael, Spring Gar- 
den E Ifith 
BOYER & BARCLAY (William, H. Boyer ^ 
John K. Barclay), manuf. linseed oil, 127 N 
Water & 134 N Del av 
Boyer Barton, jeweler, 61 N 8th, n 1007 Mt Ver- 
Boyer Charles, agent, 1229 S Front 
Boyer Charles, brush manufacturer, Orthodox ab 

Boyer Charles A., prof, music, 204 Wood 
Boyer Cornelius, chemist, 221 Green 
Boyer Daniel, cordwainer, 1010 S Front 
Boyer Daniel L., music teacher, 217 N Juniper 
Boyer David P., M.D., 1526 N 4th 
Boyer David, tinman. Market E 38th 
Boyer E., roller, 1232 Beach 
Boyer Edward R., bookbinker, 208 AVood 
Boyer, Edmund N., clerk, 728 N I7th 
Boyer Elizabeth, widow Littleton, 1010 S Front 
Boyer Esther, r 1212 Callowhill 
Boyer Evan M., shipwright, 943 Otsego 
Boyer Franklin J., exchange broker, 67 S 4th, 

h Delaware Co 
Boyer George, carter, Gtn av bel Meetler 
Boyer George, clerk, 126 Pine 
Boyer George, pork, 80 S 2d st Market, h Green- 
wich n 2d 
Boyer George, laborer, 1718 S 4th 
Boyer George W., salesman, 32 S Front, h S E 

3d & Pine 
Boyer Gottlieb, cordwainer, 2 Vermont pi 
Boyer Henry, farmer, stall 162 Racest Market, h 

Chester Co 
Boyer Henry, cloekmaker, 2204 Hamilton 
Boyer Henry, laborer, 1512 S 7th 
Boyer Henry, plasterer, 233 George 
Boyer Henry K., agric. implements, 1415 N 8th 
Boyer Hiram, bricklayer, 1017 Girard av 
Boyer Jacob (c), briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer Jacob, carpenter, 1427 Savery 
Boyer Jacob, dealer, 18 Kcssler 
Boyer Jacob, driver, Gtn av bel Meetler 
Boyer James (c), briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer James, carpenter, Centre, Gtn 
Boyer Jesse, brakesman, 11 Oak bel 37th 

Boyer John, farmer, stall 109 Western Market 

Boyer John, carpenter, 1205 Oxford 

Boyer John, cloekmaker, 2204 Hamilton 

Boyer John, watchman, 2 Pemberton 

Boyer John A., conductor, 72? N 17th 

Boyer Jonathan (c), briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 

Boyer Joseph (c), briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 

Boyer Lewis, conductor, Oxford n Hedge 

Boyer Margaret, widow John, 403 Lombard 

Boyer Mary, 1217 Heath 

Boyer Mary (c), widow Abram, 1444 Lawrence 

Boyer Mary, tasselmaker, 1519 Vine 

Boyer & Moffly (P. K. Boyer &f J. W. Moffly), 

cloths, S E Arch & 2d 
Boyer Nathan, cabinetmaker, 130 Prime 
Boyer Nathaniel, carver, 18 Kessler 
Boyer P. K., cloth, S E Arch & 2d, h 446 

Boyer Richard (c), briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 
Boyer Richard (c), laborer, r 826 Carpenter 
Boyer Samuel, shoemaker, r 947 Otsego 
Boyer Samuel D., clerk, 66 N 4th, h 1617 Ogden 
Boyer S. P., M. D., 1516 N 4th 
Boyer Samuel P , cooper, 203 AVilliamson 
Boyer Sarah L., widow John W., 203 AVilliamson 
Boyer Stephen P., printer, 1310 N 15th 
Boyer Thomas, shoemaker, 943 Otsego 
Boyer Thomas AV. H., carp. Ashburton n 24th 
Boyer Vital, dyer, 200 S 12th 
Boyer William, 728 N 17th 
Boyer William, 800 N 20th 
Boyer William, 1415 N 8th 

Boyer AVilliam (c) , briekmaker, 1444 Lawrence 1 
Boyer William, police, 539 Marriott's 1 
Boyer William, watchmr. & jwlr. 2204 Hamilton 
Boyer AVilliam E., shoemaker, 1018 Leithgow 
Boyer William H. merchant, 127 N AVater & 134 

N Del av, h 1314 Arch 
Boyer William H., plasterer, 2219 Virginia 
Boyer William L., agricultural implements, 6th 

& Gtn av, h 1335 N 8th 
Boyer AVilliam L. & Bro. {Willia7ii L. ^ Henry 

R. Boyer), agr. imp. mr. & seeds, 6th & Gtn av 
Boyer AVm. AV., clerk, 116 S Del av, h 728 N 17th 
Boyes Patrick, 1654 Sansom 
Boyes Robert, bookkeeper, 229 Church al, h St 

Louis Hotel 
Boylan James, gent. 1111 Chestnut 
Boylan Patrick, weaver, 1011 Carpenter 
Boyland Richard, shoemaker, 1328 Kates 
Boyle Abraham R., salesman, 345 N 2d 
Boyle Alexander, tailor, 234 N 4th, h AVheat bel 

Boyle Andrew, hacks, 936 Washington av 
Boyle Andrew, laborer, 1614 Mervine 
Boyle Andrew, twister, Bodine n Oxford 
Boyle Annie, weaver, 2015 Murray 
Boyle Bernard, moulder, 1912 Naudain 
Boyle & Breslin (P. C. Boyle ^- J. Breslin), li- 
quor merchants, 333 N Front 
Boyle Charles, hotel, Cumberland n Salmon 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 735 Dickerson 
Boyle Charles, laborer, 1620 Sansom 
Boyle Charles, packer, 1017 Crease 
Boyle & Co. (Timothy ^ John Boyle), wine and 
• liquors, 903 Noble 

Boyle Cornelius, cordwainer, S E 16th & Seybert 
Boyle Cowielius, laborer, 712 Bedford 
Boyle Cornelius, laborer, 10 AVilson 
Boyle Daniel, tavern, Fkd av ab Reading av 
Boyle Edward, blacksmith, Dauphin bel Front 
Boyle Edward, blacks. 1527 & h 1519 American 
Boyle Edward, gentleman, 240 Marriott 
Boyle Edward, laborer, 708 Loid 
Boyle Edward, shoemaker, 712 Bedford 

Curtains, and Upholstery Goods^ Wholesale and Retail* 




Boyle Edward, wateiman, 225 Drayton 

Boyle Eli, dyer, Wildej ab Palmer 

Boyle E.. carter, 23 Hickey 

Boyle Greorge, police, 106 Jefferson 

Boyle George, roller, 1017 Crease 

Boyle Hannah, widow Thomas J., 1213 N 4th 

Boyle Henry, laborer, 1914 Jones 

Boyle Henry, laborer, 2051 Market 

Boyle Henry C, mechanic, 233 German 

Boyle Hugh, blacksmith, 1320 N 2d 

Boyle Hugh, carter, Edgemont n Reading av 

Boyle Hugh, clerk, Richmond n Huntingdon 

Boyle Hugh, galvanizer, 1020 Federal 

Boyle Hugh, laborer, 613 Belgrade 

Boyle Hugh, jr., laborer. Cotton, Myk 

Boyle Hugh, laborer, 2015 Murray 

Boyle Hugh, laborer, 2122 Tryon 

Boyle Hugh, machinist, 1244 Hancock 

Boyle Hugh, moulder, 135 Morris 

Boyle Hugh, teamster, Cotton, Myk 

Boyle Hugh H., plasterer, 1828 Barker 

Boyle Isaac, whipmaker, 1313 N 4th 

Boyle James, carriages, 729 St Mary's 

Boyle James, carter, 107 Peg 

Boyle James, dealer, 2 Daisy av 

Boyle James, dealer, 506 Bedford 

Boyle James, driver, r 828 St John 

Boyle James, galvanizer, 1020 Federal 

Boyle James, hackman, 804 Marriott 

Boyle James, laborer, 1430 Carlton 

Boyle James, laborer, 2205 Filbert 

Boyle James, laborer, 25th n Lombard 

Boyle James, laborer, 5 Main, Myk 

Boyle James, laborer, Salmon n Emory 

Boyle James, laborer, Sutherland av n Christian 

Boyle James, porter, 253 Market, h St John bel 

' Poplar 

Boyle James, shoemaker, 707 S 8th 

Boyle James, stone sawyer, Carlton bel 15th 

Boyle James, tailor, 832 Catharine 

Boyle James, trunkmaker, 10 Wilson 

Boyle James, weaver, 1517 Cadwalader 

Boyle James, weaver, 313 Garden 

Boyle Jeremiah, laborer, 1942 Howell 

Boyle John, blacksmith, 1125 Moyamensing av 

Boyle John, coachmaker, 914 Cherry, h 322 N 10th 

Boyle John, driver, 2038 Sansom 

Boyle John, hostler, 716 N 9th 

Boyle John, laborer, r 424 German 

Boyle John, laborer, Long 1 & Maiden 1 

Boyle John, laborer, 3 Margaretta 

Boyle John, laborer, 1912Naudain 

Boyle John, laborer, N 41st n Havcrford 

Boyle John, laborer, 301 N 24th 

Boyle John, laborer, Reiff's av 

Boyle John, laborer, 926 South 

Boyle John, laborer, 1935 South 

Boyle John, laborer, S 23d c F 

Boyle John, machinist, 919 Poplar 

Boyle John, printer, 1038 N 3d 

Boyle John, shoemr. 922 Market, h 3 Traquier ct 

Boyle John, spooler, 16 Moro 

Boyle John, stonecutter, 2058 Sansom 

Boyle John, waterman, 19 Reed 

Boyle John, liquors, 903 Noble, h 509 N 9th 

Boyle John, liquor dealer, 9 N Front, h 1008 

Boyle John, liquors, c Main & Cedar, Myk 
Boyle John C, coachman, 1138 Leon 
Boyle John C, confectioner, 2040 Callowhill 
Boyle John F., clerk, 118 N 2d, h 2 Baytree pi 
Boyle Joseph, hacks, 936 Washington av 
Boyle Margaret, Mrs., 1221 S 7th 
Boyle Mary, wid. Wm., dealer, 712 Bedford 
Boyle Matthew, laborer, 2503 Pine 

Liace, Mnsliii) I>amask« Brocatelle« and 

Boyle Matthew, jr., laborer, 2503 Pine 

Boyle Michael, Polard & Canal 

Boyle Michael, laborer, 1529 Thompson 

Boyle Michael, tavern, Lancaster av., n N 46th 

Boyle Michael A., carpenter, 1002 Anita 

Boyle Nathaniel, laborer, Lombard n 26th 

Boyle Neil, laborer, 2127 Spruce 

Boyle Owen, laborer, r Salmon n Huntingdon 

Boyle Patrick, carter, Edgemont n Reading av 

Boyle Patrick, carter, 516 South 

Boyle Patrick, clerk, pier 9 Port Richmond, and 

grocer, Richmond n Huntingdon 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 2061 Lombard 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 2603 Pine 
Boyle Patrick, laborer, 626 S 18th 
Boyle P. 0., liquor, 79 William 
Boyle Patrick C, mer., 333 N Front, bds Barley 

Sheaf Hotel 
Boyle Philip, grocer, 22d n Arch 
Boyle Robert, dealer, 26 Benton 
Boyle Robert, engineer, 1712 Carlton 
Boyle Robert, hostler, r 929 Ogden 
Boyle Robert, sen., whipmaker, r 235 German 
Boyle Robert T., printer, 308 Aberdeen 
Boyle Stephen, laborer, 512 Beach 
Boyle Stephen, painter, 962 Alder 
Boyle Susanna, 919 Poplar 
Boyle Thomas, dyer, 1017 Crease 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, 1305 Lancaster 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, S 24th n Locust 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, r 3 Chancery la 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, 6 Osage av 
Boyle Thomas, slsmn, 21 N 4th, h 501 Catharine 
Boyle Thomas, saloon, 4 Pine, bds Allegh'y Hou 
Boyle Thomas, weaver, Philip ab Oxford 
Boyle Timotny, liquors, 903 Noble, h 509 N 9th 
Boyle Wellington H., clerk, 724 Market, h 270 

Boyle William, artist, 320 N 10th 
Boyle William, cedar cooper, 915 Market, h 2112 

Boyle William, driver, 2318 Lombard 
Boyle William, gardener, N 45 u Haverford 
Boyle William, laborer, 1226 Murinor 
Boyle William A., salesman, 2112 Cuthbert 
Boylen James, laborer, Genesee pi 
Boylen James, late innkeepr. Lane, av., Hestonvl 
Boyles James, bookbinder, 508 N 7th 
Boyles S. C, 814 Market 
Boyles William, painter, 15 Chancery la 
Boylson William, paper car., 1721 Burton 
Boyne John, plumber, 214 Chester 
Boys James, clerk, 201 N 20th 
Boys Nathan, captain, 207 Saranac 
Boys William, dry goods, 143 Green 
Boyter Louisa, gentw, 930 Randolph 
Bozarth Hiram, refrigerator factor, 957 Sartain 
Bozarth William, driver. Front bel Franklin av 
Boze Denis, blacksmith, 8 Catwell pi off N 13th 
Bozerth David, lab., 7 Martin's ct 
Bozerth Hudson, laborer, 312 Front 
Bozorth Joseph, carpenter, 6 Martin's ct 
Bozorth Andrew Johnson, housepainter. Larch 
Bozorth Andrew J., painter, 1256 Warnock 
Bozorth Daniel B., painter, 1256 Warnock 
Bozorth Lydia, wid AVilliam, 1256 Warnock 
Bozorth Richard, machinist, 935 Sartain 
Bozorth Samuel, cooper, 6 Nelson ct 
Bozorth William, packer, 6 Nelson ct 
Bozorth AVilliam V., cordw., 1018 Beach 
Braan John, laborer, Leiper ab Church 
Braan Margaret Mrs., 1318 Moro 
Braan Michael, grocer, 830 Ellsworth 
Braan Timothy, laborer, Leiper ab Church 
Brabant Mary Ann, 1103 Coates 
Drapery Curtains, of every description; 




Brabburg Lorane Miss, pub teacher, Chestnut 

bel 36th, h 1512 Sansom 
Brabbender Jacob A., tailor, 724 Race 
Brace Elmira, coatmr, 1168 N 2d 
Brace James, bootmr, 630 Brooks 
Brace Sarah, tailoress, 1168 N 2d 
Brace Thomas, tinsmith, 1168 N 2d 
Brace Thomas J., tinsmith, 1168 N 2d 
Braceland B. Mary, wid Hugh,upholst. 118 S 13th 
Braceland Charles, laborer, 39 N 22d 
Braceland Charles, spooling, 607 S 12th 
Braceland Cornelius, boatman, Orchard n Tack- 

Braceland Elizabeth, wid James, Edgemont ab 

Braceland James, laborer, 1808 South 
Braceland Patrick, blacksmith, Edgemont ab 

Braceland Thomas, tavern, 222 S 11th 
Braceland Thomas, printer, 333 S 3d 
Bracey Charles (c), porter, r 719 Hubbell 
Bracey James, watchman, Cresson, Myk 
Bracher William, engraver, 602 Chestnut, h. 1220 

Brachet Louis, segarmr, 518 Callowhill 
Brachrogel 0., M.D. 1010 S 5th 
Brack Mrs., French dyeing, 1025 Walnut 
Brack Thomas, engineer, 302 S Front 
Brackan Simon, drayman, 1754 N 3d 
Bracken George, 255 S 11th 
Bracken James, laborer, Holt av. 
Bracken James, laborer, New Mkt bel Coates 
Bracken John, blacksmith, 320 Market, h Lan- 
caster bel Market 
Bracken Julia, wid James, 611 S Front 
Bracken Michael, grocer, 622 New Market 
Bracken Richard, carpenter, 34th ab Elm, 
Bracken Thomas, printer, r 827 Essex 
Brackenridge John W., salesman, 420 Market, 

h 150 N 5th 
Bracken Henry, brassmoulder, 1221 Carlton 
Bracken John, secondhand store, 132 Shippen 
Brackney Charles, painter, 923 S 2d 
Brackney J. Montgomery, ironfoundei-, 1428 Sp 

Brackney Maria, wid Isaac, 1428 S Garden 
Brackney Theodore, bricklayer, 1428 S Garden 
Bracy Alice, wid John C, washerwoman, 8 Ken- 
worthy's ct 
Bracy Thomas, laborer, 1510 S 7th 
Brada Abraham, carbuilder, 323 N 22d 
Bradberry Henry, agt. 1642 N 13th 
Bradberry William, spinner, r 1134 Frankford av 
Bradburry Mary, wid Thomas, Gtn av ab 5th 
Bradburry Michael, livery stable, Gtn avc Berks 
Bradburry Robert, carver, Gtn av ab 5th 
Bradburry Thomas, drover, Gtn av ab 5th 
Bradbury Henry, salesman, 321 N Front 
Bradbury Ralph, engineer, 508 Sylvester 
Bradbury Robert, carver, 422 Lebray Gtn av & 

Bradbury Robert, cotton dealer, 205 N 3d 
Bradbury Stephen, ropemar. 1729 N 4th 
Bradbury Samuel, salesman, 228 Chestnut, h217 

Braddock Daniel, wheelwright, 130 Dana 
Braddock Emma, teacher, Ella W Fkd rd 
Braddock Ira, sailmaker, 31 Otter 
Braddock Joseph, patternmr. 1213 Buttonwood 
Braddock Lemuel, painter, 34 N 12ch, h 1634 

Braddock Reuben R., carpenter, Ella E Amber 
Braddock AVashington L., 31 Otter 
Braddock William B., bricklayer, Downing n 

Braden Arthur, sawmr. 517 Catharine 

Braden John, carpenter, r 1422 Shippen 

Braden John, boltmr. 2122 Cuthbert 

Braden John, clerk. Cotton, Myk 

Braden Mary, wid William, 323 N 21st 

Braden William, laborer. Cotton, Myk 

Brades Arthur, liquor broker, 213 Walnut, h 

1119 Callowhill 
Bradfield Alfred, locksmith, 1210 N 19th 
Bradfield C. Stewart, salesman, 234 N 8th, h 423 

N 9th 
Bradfield Eli N., 19th ab Hamilton 
Bradfield George W., brassfounder. Ridge av n 

Washington la 
Bradfield Henry, brassfounder, Ridge av n Wash- 
ington la 
Bradfield James F., machinist, 802 Arch 
Bradfield Jeremiah, wagoner, 122 Tasker 
Bradfield John, gent. Wissahiokon av ab Gtn nv 
Bradfield John B., bellhanger & locksmith, N E 

15th & Callowhill 
Bradfield John H., moulder, Ridge av n Wash- 
ington la 
Bradfield J. F., machinist, 261 N 12th, h 802 Arch 
Bradfield Martha Mrs., mantillas & embroidery, 

802 Arch 
Bradfield Oliver, plasterer, 1227 Poplar 
Bradfield R. T., sewing machines, 234 N 8th, h 

423 N 9th 
Bradfield Thomas, student, 325 N 6th 
Bradfield Thomas, moulder, 502 N 19th 
Bradford Cornelius J., dry goods merchant, 415 

Market, h 1117 Mt Vernon 
Bradford George W., conductor, 1635 N 13th 
Bradford Henry, shoemaker. Rising Sun 
Bradford Henry jr., cordwainer. Rising Sun 
Bradford Jackson, tailor, r 12 McAlroy 
Bradford Jacob, shoemaker, 805 Rachel 
Bradford Joseph, clerk, 1026 Ellsworth 
Bradford Lewis, (c) carman, 1243 Strutters 
Bradford Mary E., widow, 124 Poplar 
Bradford Parker H., seaman, 827 Swanson 
Bradford Reuben, shoemaker. Rising Sun 
Bradford Robert, spooler, r 12 McAlroy 
Bradford Samuel, Treasurer Phila'da & Reading 

R R Co., 227 S 4th, h 1628 Walnut 
Bradford Stephen, cooper, 1020 N Dal av, h 3 

Tilden pi 
Bradford Theophilus, Rising Sun 
BRADFORD VINCENT L., Prest Philada & T 
R R, 208 S Del av, & attorney & counselor, 707 
Sansom, h Chelton av. Germantown 
Bradford Walter, books, 214 S 11th 
Bradford William, gentleman, 319 S 15th 
Bradford William, shoemaker. Rising Sun 
Bradford William, weaver, 8 Barney av 
Bradicher Charles, cordwainer, r 958 Lawrence 
Bradin Oliver, carpenter, 1533 Moravian, h 250 

N 16th 
Bradin William, 1241 S 5th 
Bradin William jr., moulder, 1241 S 5th 
Bradin William, puddler, 325 N 21st 
Bradley Aaron, (c) waterman, 954 Lawrence 
Bradley Abigal, 8 Shinglers row 
Bradley Albert, (c) seaman, 1014 Vernon 
Bradley Andrew, laborer, 211 Marker 
Bradley Andrew, waiter, 9 Plume pi 
Bradley Ann, confectionery, 814 Locust 
Bradley Ann, (o) widow, r 1322 Hancock 
Bradley Anna, widow John, 771 Florida 
Bradley Annie, seamstress, 1941 AViloox 
Bradley Arthur, bricklayer, N 2 av York 
Bradley Barney, .coachman, Gtn av op Chilton av 
Bradley Bernard, laborer, Haveri'ord ab 36th 
Bradley Bernard, morocco finisher, 1025 N Front 

Patten'a. C30 Chestnut Street* 




Bradley Bridget, widow Hugh, 1330 Catharine 
Bradley Bernhard, hotel, 2523 Callowhill 
Bradley Catharine, widow Patrick, Cresson, Myk 
Bradley Catharine, wid. William, 518 Fitzwater 
Bradley Catharine, wid. William, 2128 Sharswood 
Bradley Charles, bookkeeper, 1730 Sansom 
Bradley Charles, boot treeing, 437 Enterprise 
Bradley Charles, drover, Wadsworth pi 
Bradley Charles, ship carpenter, York n Edgmont 
Bradley Charles, waiter, 7 Plume pi 
Bradley Christopher, laborer, Waterloo n Jefferson 
Bradley Daniel, carter, Ludlow ab 31st 
Bradley Daniel, tailor, 1018 Sargeant 
Bradley Daniel, porter, 1018 Sargeant 
Bradley David, baker, 286 S 7th 
Bradley David, dealer, 1025 Market 
Bradlev Dennis, carter, 1025 Jefferson 
BRADLEY DOMINICK, tavern, 524 S Del av 
Bradley Edward, curb setter, 140 N 11th 
Bradley Edward, laborer, r 18 Graffney's av 
Bradley Edward, spinner, Leiper bel Sellers 
Bradley Eliza, 4 Fife's pi 

Bradley Elizabeth, wid. Michael, 2042 Hampton 
Bradley Eleanor, widow James, 711 South 
Bradley Ellen, 3 Ohio pi 
Bradley Frances, seamstress, 1310 Dorsey 
Bradley Francis, laborer, 2042 Murray 
Bradley Frank, tailor, 1621 American 
Bradley George, druggist, 914 Market 
Bradley George, shoemaker, Edgemont n Lehigh 
Bradley George W., coppersmith, 6 Fishbournepl 
Bradley G. W., clerk, S W 10th & Ogden 
Bradley Henry, butcher, 84 sec 4 Shippen market, 

h Bulah bel Tasker 
Bradley Henry, gentleman, 1034 Carpenter 
Bradley Henry, weaver, Hancock JST Norris 
Bradley Hiram, clerk, Pemberton n 20th 
Bradley Hugh, carter, Amber S Otter 
Bradley Hugh, coachman, S 23d n Locust 
Bradley Hugh, cordwainer, 1630 Shippen 
Bradley Isaac (c) , seaman, 615 Ronaldson 
Bradley Jacob, whitewasher, r 819 N 5th 
Bradley James, baker, 711 South 
Bradley James, boatman, 2314 Lombard 
Bradley James, butcher, 405 Franklin 
Bradley James, drover, Wadsworth pi 
Bradley James, hotel, 158 N 3d 
Bradley James, laborer, Candia pi 
Bradley James, laborer, 1221 Christian 
Bradley James, laborer, 912 Donnelly 
Bradley James, laborer, Pemberton n 18th 
Bradley James, laborer, 1710 Ridge av 
Bradley James, laborer, 411 S 20th 
Bradley James, roUercoverer, 2218 Market 
Bradley James, stonecutter, Philip bel Norris 
Bradley James, -weaver, 1434 N 2d 
Bradley James, weaver, 215 South 
Bradley James, weaver, 711 S 13th 
Bradley James P., carder, Cresson 
Bradley James P., varnisher, 307 South 
Bradley John, bootmaker, 1612 Sansom 
Bradley John, blacksmith, Philip bel Norris 
Bradley John, carpenter, 1312 S 7th 
Bradley John, coachman, Germantown av ab 

Gowen's la 
Bradley John, dealer, stall 22 Franklin market, 

h 9 Diligent av 
Bradley John, late hotel, 9 Diligent av 
Bradley John, laborer, 113 Chenango 
Bradley John, laborer, 840 N 2d 
Bradley John, laborer, 2029 Reeves 
Bradley John, plasterer, 528 S 15th 
Bradley John, printer, 518 Fitzwiter 
Bradley John, tailor, 818 Marriott 
Bradley John, tavern, 239 S Front 

WinAow SUacles and Cnrtuiii 

Bradley John, tavern, 522 Christian 
Bradley John, wheelwright, 763 S 13th 
Bradley John, waiter, 29 Lisbon 
Bradley John B., printer, 914 Locust 
Bradley John E., morocco finisher. Iron pi 
Bradley John 0., bootmaker, N 5th, h 1239 S 5th 
Bradley John Joseph, captain, 1102 Jefferson av 
Bradley Joseph, salesm, 221 Market, h 122 Arch 
Bradley Joseph W., pubr, 66 N 4th, h Walnut la, 

Gtn " 
Bradley Joshua, machinist, 1323 Mt Vernon 
Bradley Lawrence, cooper, 2 Bell's ct 
Bradley Margaret, widow of David, 1615 Bulah 
Bradley Martha, Tackawanna n Church 
Bradley Martha, widow of James, 3 r 719 S 6th 
Bradley Mary, operator sew mach, r 841 N 3d 
Bradley Mary, widow of Charles, dealer, 834 

Bradley Mary, widow of John, 747 S 3d 
Bradley Mary Ann, widow of Benjamin, variety 

store, 606 S 3d 
Bradley Michael, brickmaker, 2042 Hampton 
Bradley Michael, carter, 1 Moland av 
Bradley Michael, carter, 113 Chenango 
Bradley Michael, grocer, 528 S 7th 
Bradley Michael, harnessmaker, 721 Market 
Bradley Michael, M.D., 711 South 
Bradley Michael, porter, 8 Abbott's ct 
Bradley Michael, laborer, 4 Fetter's la 
Bradley Michael, tailor, 721 Baker 
Bradley Michael, tailor, 1628 Sansom 
Bradley Michael, tobacconist, N W Lombard & 

Bradley Michael, weaver, N 2d n York 
Bradley Mortimer, brickmaker, r Filler ab 2d 
Bradley Nathan, roUercoverer, Smethurst's ct 
Bradley Patrick, bookbinder, 922 Manilla 
Bradley Patrick, bone dealer, 1219 Christian 
Bradley Patrick, dealer, 32 sec 6 Jefferson Mar- 
ket, h 1221 Christian 
Bradley Patrick, cabdriver, 717 Fitzwater 
Bradley Patrick, dealer, 1129 Christian 
Bradley Patrick, dyer. Spring, Rox 
Bradley Patrick, laborer, 518 Fitzwater 
Bradley Patrick, produce, 1221 Christian 
Bradley Peter, moulder, 912 Donnelly 
Bradley Peter, tinsmith, 922 Manilla 
Bradley Philip, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley Robert, laborer, Paschael n Lancaster av 
Bradley Rose, dealer, 709 Bedford 
Bradley Samuel, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley Sherman, baker, 1944 Lombard 
Bradley Stephen, carter, 716 Wharton 
Bradley Thomas, boatman, r 307 S 22d 
Bradley Thomas, butcher, 94 sec 4 Shippen Mar- 
ket, 1615 Bulah 
Bradley Thomas, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley Thomas, carter, Norris & Little Brown 
Bradley Thomas, hatter, 837 Lawrence 
Bradley Thomas, laborer, Lancaster av ab 36th 
Bradlej' Thomas, laborer, 518 Fitzwater 
Bradley Thomas F., grocer, 600 Spruce 
Bradley William, 1349 Rose 
Bradley AVilliam, brakesman, 2023 Murray 
Bradley William, carpenter, 711 S 17th 
Bradley AVilliam, hatter, 1214 Shippen 
Bradley William, laborer, Candia pi 
Bradley William, laborer, Smethurst pi 
Bradley William, laborer. Lumber, Holmesburg 
Bradley William, M.D., 711 South 
Bradley William, (c), waiter, 726 Shippen 
Bradley William C, clerk, S W 9th & Parrish, h 

1323 Mt Vernon 
Bradley, Wilmer, laborer, Burk n Broad 
Bradneck Jane, produce, 50 sec 3 Shippen market 
Goods, Wholesale and Retail J 



Bradney Luke, br.issmoulder, 2038 Winter 
Bradshaw Francis, pilot, 741 S 5th 
Bradshaw Harriet, dry goods, 743 S 5th 
Bradshaw James, innkeeper, 1145 S 9th 
Bradshaw James, irondealer, 952 N 7th 
Bradshaw John, bookeeper, 41 & 43 S Front, h 

Arch ab 8th 
Bradshaw John, police, 1030 Marlborough 
Bradshaw John, sawmaker, r 1134 Franliford av 
Bradshaw Joseph, caulker, Stoy's ct 
Bradshaw Joseph, plateprinter, 123 Lombard 
Bradshaw Robert, gent, 123 Lombard 
Bradshaw Samuel A,, gasfitter, 1511 Apple 
Bradshaw William A., saloon, Berks st depot, h 

1511 Apple 
Bradstreet Henry, com agency, 4th & Chestnut, 

h New York 
Bradstreet John M., com agency, 4th & Chestnut, 

h New York 
BRADSTREET J. M. & SON {Joh7i M. Brad- 
street, Henry Bradstreet), com agency., S W 4th 

& Chestnut, room 4 
Brandstetter Caroline, pork butcher, stalls 645 & 

647 Farmers' Market, h North n 6th 
Bradway Elisha B., bricklayer, 912 Cherry 
Bradway Isaac, papercarrier, 1018 N 6th 
Bradwell Lewis, ironworker, 1120 Leon 
Bradway Thomas, engineer, 212 Plumb 
Brady Agnes, tailoress, 225 Chester 
Brady Alexander, storeman, 225 Church al, h 108 

Brady Alexander, laborer, 108 Shippen 
Bradly Andrew, blacksmith, 822 Auburn 
Brady AnnM., wid James, 631 Pine 
Brady Anne E., grocei-y, 1611 Ridge av 
Brady Annie, mantuamaker, 504 S 12th 
Brady August, baker, 241 Shippen 
Brady Barnard, currier, 424 Maria 
Brady Barnard, laborer, 1208 Silver 
Brady Bernard, tavern, 501 S 12th 
Brady Bernard, laborer, 549 N 25th 
Brady Bernard, waiter, 29 Gaffney's av 
Brady Bridget Mrs., 338 S 21st 
Brady Bridget,, wid Philip, shopkpr, 1916 Wood 
Brady B. & Go. (Patrick Levy), wholesale wines & 

liquors, 574 Race 
Brady B. P., clerk, Girard Bank, h 1208 Silver 
Brady Catharine, grocery, 1217 S 6th 
Brady Catharine, wid Pet'er, 1935 South 
Brady Catharine, wid William, James ab Allen 
Brady Catharine, wid James, 1332 Carpenter 
Brady Charles, bookkeeper, 20 N 4th 
Brady Charles, mail agent, 6 Whittaker row 
Brady Charles, huckster, 128 Chenango 
Brady Charles P., clerk, S W Market & loth 
Brady Dennis, shipcarpenter, 641 Hay 
Brady Dennis, grocer, Market n 41st 
Brady Edward, carpenter, 1332 Carpenter 
Brady Edward, cordwainer, 504 S 12th 
BRADY EDWARD, atty at law, 420 Walnut, h 

41st bel Pine 
Brady Edward, laborer, r 1704 Carlton 
Brady Edward, 1223 Kemble 
BRADY EDWARD F., commission merchant, 25 

N Front, h 043 N 12th 
Brady Edward G., boot k shoemaker, 342 S 12th 
Brady Elizabeth, wid James, 507 Prune 
Brady Ellen, Apple N of Morris 
Brady Ellen, candy shop, Salmon and Reading av 
Brady Emanuel, cabinetmaker, 117 Walnut, h 3 

Dunn's ct 
Brady Eugene, police, 1518 State 
Brady Francis, fireman, Belgrade n Somerset 
Brady Francis, foreman, 1532 Bodine 
Brady Francis, laborer, 174 Master 

Patten's, 630 Ch 

Brady Frederick, coachmaker, 1005 S 2d 
Brady George, driver, Germantown av ab Mary 
Brady Hugh carpenter, 1629 Moravian 
Brady Hugh, clerk. South W Gray's Ferry road 
Brady Hugh, grocer, 1042 Pine 
Brady James, blacksmith, 2201 Lombard 
Brady James, blacks'h, SE Ridge & Columbia av 
Brady James, brass finishing, 517 Minor, h 1217 

S 6th 
Brady James, carter, 1551 N 11th 
Brady James, clerk, 8 S Front, h 1333 Carpenter 
Brady James, chandler, 1129 Carpenter 
Brady James, dealer in china, 615 N 2d 
Brady James, engraver, Mealey's ct 
Brady James, fireman, Somerset near Almond 
Brady James, laborer, 719 Bedford 
Brady James, laborer, 2124 Fairfield 
Brady James, laborer, 1426 Shippen 
Brady James, laborer, 907 S 10th 
Brady James, liquor store, 1016 South 
Brady James, roller, 1422 Beach 
Brady James, salesman, 1332 Carpenter 
Brady James, tailor, 600 Pine 
Brady James, tavern, 524 Hurst 
Brady James, tavern, Southerland av n South 
Brady James, weaver, 1231 Mascher 
Brady James, jr., trunkmaker, 2124 Fairfield 
Brady James A., printer, 319 St John 
Brady James D., 1226 Monterey 
Brady John, carpenter, 514 North 
Brady John, clerk, Lewellen's av n Beach 
Brady John, gasfitter, 1332 Carpenter 
Brady John, hardware, 1737 Frankford av 
Brady John, laborer, 344 German 
Brady John, laborer, 1348 Catharine 
Brady John, laborer, Edgemont n Lehigh av 
Brady John, oyster dealer, 1513 S Front 
Brady John, printer, 817 Weccacoe 
Brady John, saddler, Apple N Norris 
Brady John, tailor, 826 Catharine 
Brady John, weaver, 2415 Hamilton 
Brady John, wines & liquors, 336 N 4th 
Brady John D., cutler, 426 Market, h Innis bel 

Brady John H., clerk, S W Market & 15th 
Brady John H., "assessor 8th wd, S 22d bel Locust 
Brady John James, distiller, 233 N 11th 
Brady John K, carpenter, 117 Elwyn 
Brady Joseph, carter, 1723 South 
Brady Joseph, carter, 1520 Cuthbert 
Brady Margaret, widow James, Cresson, Myk 
Brady Marj', widow John, 335 Blight 
Brady Mary, widow, 1627 American 
Brady Mary, embroidery store, 232 N 8th 
Brady Mary E., widow Jame.«, 930 Spruce 
Brady M. E., widow William F., 913 Morgan 
Brady Matthew J., sash manuf. 161 & 163 Allen, 

h 1137 Shackamaxon 
Brady Matthew, weaver, 1621 Bodine 
Brady JMichael, farmer, 43 bel Walnut 
Brady Michael, grocer, 614 Christian 
Brady Michael, laborer, n Holmesburg 
Brady Michael, laborer, Darby rd bel 42d 
Brady Michael, shoemaker, 749 Passyunk rd 
Brady Michael, tea packer, N AV Front & Chest- 
nut, h Front bel Walnut 
Brady Owen, laborer, Olive bel 17th 
Brady Patrick, carter, 2 Erricson 
Brady Patrick, coal agent, 41st ab Lancaster av 
Brady Patrick, com. mer. 237 Chestnut, h 11 

Mile la 
Brady Patrick, chandler, r 420 Dillwyn 
Brady Patrick, laborer, Edgemont n Lehigh av 
Brady Patrick, laborer, Huston ab Almond 
Brady Patrick, laborer, Lewellen's av n Beach 
estnut Street* 




Brady Patrick, jr., lab. Lewellen's av n Beach 

Brady Patrick, laborer, S side Owens 

Brady Patrick, moulder, 1208 Silver 

Brady Patrick, porter, r 514 South 

Brady Patrick, soap & candle mr. 1131 Carpenter 

Brady Patrick, tailor, 321 Clark 

Brady Patrick, weaver, r Philip n Oxford 

Brady Patrick, weaver, r 1407 N 2d 

Brady Patrick F., coal nier. 2004 Sansom 

Brady Peter, brickmaker. Fawn ab Columbia 

Brady Peter, carter, 623 Fitzwater 

Brady Peter, laborer, 6 Gihon's pi 

Brady Peter, weaver, r Philip n Oxford 

Brady Philip, bookkeeper, 232 N 8th 

Brady Philip, laborer, 7 Carvery ct 

Brady Philip, shoemaker. Main, Manyunk 

Brady Philip, stonemason, Ludlow ab Moore 

Brady Richard, porter, 44 S Front, h 838 Suffolk 

Brady Samuel, porter, Pemberton n 20th 

Brady Samuel, weaver, 718 Lindsay 

Brady Susan, widow William, r 22 N 5th 

Brady Terrence, clerk, N W 22d & Pine 

Brady Terrence, cooper, 72 Penn 

Brady Terrence, laborer, 7 Huey pi 

Brady Terrence, laborer, D.irby rd bel 42d 

Brady Thomas, carpenter, 1626 Cadwalader 

Brady Thomas, laborer. Fawn ab Columbia 

Brady Thomas, power-loom boss, Columbia ab 

Brady Thomas, saddler, Thouron N Diamond 
Brady Thomas, sailmaker, 621 Lewis 
Brady Thomas F., salesman, 247 Market, h Race 

n irth 

Brady William, driver, r Lewellen's av n Beach 
Brady William, iceman, 918 Beach 
Brady William, shoemaker, 1121 Germantown av 
Brady William F., clerk, 1338 S 7th 
Braede Caspar, cordwainer, 620 Peach 
Braentigam Conrad, carpenter, 712 St John 
Braentigam John, laborer, 712 Brook 
Bragdon David, laborer, 2040 Sansom 
Bragdon Thomas, laborer, 2040 Sansom 
Bragg Elizabeth, widow James, 1328 Walnut 
Bragg Isaac W., machinist, 611 Pane 
Bragg Mary, widow Laurence, Adams n Edward 
Bragshaw Walter, manf. 328 Noble, h 1153 11th 
Brahm Joseph, glassblower, 2313 Naudain 
Braid William, carpet manuf. 423 Girard av 
Braidenbach Sarnuel, dealer, 1135 Vienna 
Braidwood Thomas W., principal of Phil. So. of 
Design for Women, 1334 Chestnut, h 520 N 5th 
Braidy Patrick, lab. Fisher n Cumberland 
Braim John, laborer, 2207 Nandain 
Braimer Joseph, 814 S 5th 
Brain William, mer. tailor, 337 Chestnut, h 912 

Brainard D. T., Mrs., 1321 Pine 
Brainerd Thomas, Rev., D.D., 634 Pine 
Brainerd Thomas C, 6.34 Pine 
Blair Francis, clerk, 223 Marriott 
Braisted Christopher, jeweler, 436 Canton 
Braithwaite James, sur. inst. maker, r 947 Car- 
Braithwaite Rollins, salesman, 138 N 3d, h W P 
Brake Peter (c), dealer. Meadow n Tackawanna 
Braker John J., Ledger carrier, 1707 Coates 
Braker Joseph, painter. Peel n Lydia 
Braker Joseph, turner, 1204 Noble, h Camden 
Braker Joshua H., tobacconist, 2201 Coates 
Braley James, tailor, 600 S 6th 
Bram Christian, jeweler, r 974 Lawrence 
Bram Joseph, tailor, 427 AV^orth 
Braman G. G', gentleman, 805 N Broad 
Braman Martha H., widow Peter, 1711 Grayson 
Bramble Charles, painter, Walnut n Darby rd 

Bramble James, hotel, U S Main 
Bramble Joseph H., ironmoulder, 205 Girard ar 
Bramble William, watchman, Darby bel Walnut 
Bramen Mary Van, widow Stace, washing, Ful- 
ton n Trenton av 
Bramell Benjamin, mariner, 521 Richmond 
Bramell Joseph, fisherman, 509 Richmond 
Bramhall George, spinner. Oak n 42d 
Bramhall Thomas, spinner. Oak n 42d 
Bramhall Isaac, spinner, Clinton, Gtn 
Bramhall John, spinner, Clinton, Gtn 
Brammell George, engineer, 525 Richmond 
Brammell Sarah, widow Benjamin, 525 Richmond 
Brammell William, shipcarpenter, 525 Richmond 
Brampton Anna, dry goods, Frankford av c Mont- 
gomery av 
Brampton Isaac, fancy hosiery manuf. Frankford 

av c Montgomery av 
Brampton & Peberdy (Isaac Bravipton ^ Robert 

Feherdy), fancy hosiery manuf. Frankford arc 

Montgomery av 
Bramwell Samuel, weaver, Ashmead bel Clinton, 

Branagan Catharine, widow, r 1418 Philipp 
Branagan John, cabinetmaker, 906 S 10th 
Branagan Joseph, lab. Ashmead bel Clinton 
Branagan Pa\riek, morocco dresser, r 1418 Philipp 
Branan James, laborer, Centre n N 38th 
Branan Michael, laborer, Huston n Salmon 
Branan Patrick, laborer, 753 S 6th 
Branch Peter, marbler, 1127 Rodman 
Branchett Edward R., barber, 1217 N 2d 
Brand Albert C, tinsmith, 3, 5 & 7 N 8th, h 

Whitehall, 23d ward 
Brand Charles, ironworker, 1156 S 11th 
Brand George, baker, 330 Crown 
Brand Franz, bootm. 166 N 4th, h 117 Jones' al 
Brand Herman, clerk, 1113 Spring Garden 
Brand John, engineer, 529 St John 
Brand John, cakes, 219 Spring Garden Market, h 

1330 Poplar 
Brand Joseph, laborer, 1407 Perth 
Brand Martin, safemaker, 921 Alder 
Brandan George, currier, r 714 St John 
Brandan Henry, tailor, 728 N 2d 
Brandchett Israel, bookbinder 22 and 24 N 4th, 

h S E 4th and Branch 
Brandeker Otto, tobacconist, 140 Green 
Brandeis Simon, fancy goods, 5 Nonnater's ct 
Branden Francis M. F., gasfitter, 1616 Barker 
Branden Thomas, ironmoulder, 1616 Barker 
Branden Robert J., marble mason, 628 Race, h 

1616 Barker 
Brandes Adolph, cabinetmaker, 143 Craven 
Brandes Theodore, druggist, 900 Callowhill 
Brandle Anton, weaver. Amber n Dauphin 
Brands Nicholas, cordwainer, 1428 Hope 
Brandon William, clerk, 1652 Sansom 
Brandon William, salesman 521 Market, h 725 

Brandoner Nicholas, tanner, Brinton n Master 
Brandstetter Hedwig, wi. George, 123 Callowhill 
Brandstetter John G., tobacconist, Frankford av 

n Otis 
Brandt Christian, cakebaker, 232 South 
Brandt George, lager beer & liquors, 105 Vine 
Brandt Jacob, baker, 780 Swanson 
Brandt John, carmaker, 1144 S 12th 
Brandt John, pawnbroker, 924 South 
Brandt Joseph, bricklayer, 609 N 4th 
Brandt S., Mrs., Innesab Allen 
Brandt Thomas, bricklayer, 1809 Market 
Brandt William, baker, 607 S 7th 
Brandtwood Edward, machinist, 2200 Wood, h 

2034 Callowhill 

Gilt Corniccs) Baixliiij Gimps, Tassels, Fringes, am) Curtain GoodsJ 



Branagan Patrick, weaver, 4 Bertrand 
Branen Ann, widow John, 1644: Pine 
Branen Nicholas, shoemaker, 1644 Pine 
Braner I. S., clerk. Bridge bel 36th, Mantua 
Braner John, weaver, Amber n Dauphin 
Brangan Thomas, cordwainer, 1135 Federal 
Branigan Bridget, Hall n 10th 
Branigan Daniel, bookbinder, 110 Carpenter 
Branigan Edward, hostler, 1232 Canby 
Branigan John, coachman, 28 Hickey 
Branigan John, grocer, 767 S 13th 
Branigan John, weaver, Charlotte n Thompson 
Branigan Patrick, laborer. 111 Chenango 
Branin Abija, carpenter, 528 Master 
Branin Abija, jr., tobacconist, 526 Master 
Branin Ashton A., coal dealer, Tioga c Gtn RR 
Branin Charles, carter, 825 Ellsworth 
Branin Isaac P., livery stable, 515 S 13th 
Branin John, carter, r 510 Beach 
Branin Michael, cordwainer, Orkney n Diamond 
Branin Nathaniel, gentleman. Unity n Paul 
Brankin Edward, weaver, 1510 Bodine 
Brankin James, gluemaker, 1510 Bodine 
Brankin John, milkman, 1515 N 4th 
Brankin Patrick, laborer, 1515 N 4th 
Brann Augustus R., machinist, 621 S 12th 
Brannan Bridget, wid. Edward, Sorrel n Melvale 
Brannan Charles, blacksmith, 2 Fairraount av 
Brannan Edward, laborer, 41st n Market 
Brannan Mary, widow Arthur, 1353 Hancock 
Brannan Michael, bootmak. Osprey ab S Garden 
Brannan Michael, brickma. Perry S Dauphin 
Brannan Michael, laborer, r 10 Wheat 
Brannan Nicholas, ropemaker, Randolph n Tren- 
ton av 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, 1233 Temple 
Brannan Patrick, laborer, 1427 American 
Brannan Peter, tanner, 1317 Randolph 
Brannan Sarah, widow Henry, 1064 N Front 
Brannan Sarah, widow, 6 Fayette 
Brannan Sarah, widow Henry, 918 Vienna 
Brannan Thomas, tinsmith, Sepviva n Otis 
Brannan Thomas, bartender, 1229 Rodman 
Brannan Thomas, jr., carpenter, Sepviva n Otis 
Brannan Catharine, widow, n 1521 American 
Brannen John, laborer, c Salmon & Reading av 
Brannen Mary, huckster, 495 Warnock 
Brannen Nicholas, cordwainer, 1319 N 2d 
Brannen Patrick, 28 N 21st 
Brannen William, stonecutter, 1416 Brown 
Branner Thomas, laborer, N W Christian & 10th 
Brannin John, laborer, 1300 N 10th 
Brannin William, coach'n, Lancaster av ab 36th 
Brannen Thomas, laborer, r 716 S 7th 
Branning Thomas, 926 S 4th 
Brannix George H., hotel, 1350 Lombard, h 218 

N 15th 
Brannon Mrs., widow, 2 Danver pi 
Brannon Bridget, widow Michael, dealer in rags, 

712 Shippen 
Brannon Catharine, wid. Patrick, 2034 Hampton 
Brannon Conrad, carter, 1713 Montrose 
Brannon Dominick, coal merchant, 1802 Addison 
Brannon George, tanner, 1317 Randolph 
Brannon Hugh, laborer, r 2324 Owens 
Brannon James, moulder, Cherry n Foulkrod 
Brannon John, blacksmith, 4 r Ciymer 
Brannon John, laborer, r 1502 Pennsylvania av 
Brannon Jolin, laborer, 2326 Meredith 
Brannon Michael, painter, 513 S 18th 
Brannon Michiud, weaver, 2034 Hampton 
Brannon Luke, hiborer, 542 N 24th 
Brnnnon Patrick, brickmaker, 20.'J4 Hampton 
Brannon Patrick, driver, 2 Valley ct 
Brannon Peter, laborer, 403 S 21st 

Brannon Patrick, laborer, 2219 Filbert 
Brannon Patrick, porter, 1353 Hancock 
Brannon Patrick, spooler, 7 Buist's et 
Brannon Richard, carter. Filbert n N 23d 
Brannon Thomas, birdstufiFer, 21 N 12th 
Brannon Thomas, chairmaker, S W 24th and 

Merrit's la 
Brannon Thomas, laborer, Bowen pi 
Brannon Thomas, laborer, 1149 S 16th 
Brannon Thomas, weaver, 1514 Federal 
Brannon William, laborer, 913 Callowhill 
Brand Richard, segarmaker, 330 Culvert 
Bransley William, cooper, c 39th and Oak 
Bransom Harry, produce dealer, 916 Percy 
Branson Isaac, mechanic, 965 Otsego 
Branson Charles W., cordwainer, 626 Lombard 
Branson Edwin, conductor, 227 Marriott 
BRANSON ELLIS, coal dealer, 1419 Callowhill, 

h622N 16th 
Branson George, wharfbuilder, 917 Palmer 
Branson Hervey, sailmaker, 136 N Delaware av, 

h Camden 
Branson Josiah, shoemaker, 417 S 11th 
Branson Orlando R., salesman, 333 Market 
Branson Peter, brass founder, 1009 Portland 
Branson Samuel, merchant, 33 S 11th 
Branson Sarah, widow John, 527 Everett pi 
Branson Sarah A., gents' furnishing, 140 S Sth 
Branson Thomas, hosiery manufacturer, N E Ame- 
rican and Jefferson, h 1230 N 2d 
Branson Thomas, coal merchant, 507 S Broad, 

h 247 S 15th 
Branson William, butcher, N 7th ab Dauphin 
Branson William, varnisher, 1039 Parker 
Brant Charles, bricklayer, 931 N 2d 
Brant Daniel, 931 N 2d 
Brant John, carpenter, 23 Wheat 
Brant John, laborer, 1112 N 5th 
Brant John F., bartender, 503 S 5th 
Brant Joseph, trader, 1305 N Front 
Brant Joseph R., cabinetmaker, 1305 N Front 
Brant Josiah, painter, 219 Arch, h 926 N 5th 
Brant Mary, 5 Amity 
Brant William, machinist, 1346 Tyler 
Brantis Peggy, widow George, r 508 S 20th 
Brantly William T. Rev., 1704 Summer 
Branton Elizabeth, service, 927 Marshall 
Branton Martha, cook, r of 927 Marshall 
Branton Moses, whitewasher, r of 927 Marshall 
Branwith Thomas, laborer, 704 S Front 
Brasby Arthur, carpenter, 72 Penu 
Brasch Charles, shoemaker, 908 Charlotte 
Brasea Ferdinand, tailor, 1340 Wood 
Braselan Charles, carder, 2100 Race, h 22d ab 

Braselmann J., dyer, 959 Frankford rd 
Brasen Patrick, cordwainer, 24th n South 
Braser Charles, cooper, r 1222 N 5th 
Brash Jacob, laborer, 418 Morris 
Brasier Elizabeth, wid. Claude A., Market n 40th 
Brasier Joseph A., Market and 40th 
Brasington John, hardware, 1016 Randolph 
Braslen Patrick, liquor st. N E 6th and Lombar 
Brason John, hotel, 913 Poplar 
Brass Jacob, laborer. Ball c Richmond 
Brass John, moulder. Ball c Richmonil 
Brass Thomas, machinist. Ball c Richmond 
Brasssll John, saddler, 114 Market, h S Camden 
Bratewaight Frederick, carpenter, 419 Marriott's 1 
Bratche Joseph, paints, 250 S 10th 
Brattan Isaac, car. 516 Willow, h 1537 Parrish 
Brattan Isaac G., carpenter, 1537 Parrish 
Brattenberger Matthew, tailor, 1232 Leithgow 
Brattin Rachael, widow George, 767 S 4th 
Bratton Ezra E., publisher, 929 Washington av 

Pntten'8. G30 Chestnut Street. 




Bratton Eliza, caps, 1115 South 
Bratton Sarah A., embroidery,- 1115 South 
Bratton "William H., warper, 244 Dauphin 
Bratz Philip, newspaper carrier, 848 Lawrence 
Braucher William, carpenter, 861 N 9th 
Brault Alphonse, salesman, 326 N 10th 
Braum John Philip, pianomaker, r 809 Garden 
Braumer Albert, carpenter, 235 Beaver 
Braumvarth Matthew, wheelwrt. York c Sepviva 
Braun Charles, baker, 433 Queen 
Braun Egbert, secondhand furniture, 853 N 3d 
Braun Frederick, currier, 708 N 3d 
Brauner Frederick, shoemaker, 910 Charlotte 
Braunewell Frederick, blacksmith. Leopard n Gi- 

rard av, h 22 Dunton 
Braunewell Frederick jr., blacksmith. Leopard 

bel Girard av, h 22 Dunton 
Braunewell William, lampmaker, 318 Garden 
Brauning Frederick, stv. finisher, Apple N Norris 
Brauning Frederick jr., tin and sheetiron worker, 

Apple n Norris 
Braunwarth Theo., sheet iron worker, 247 Poplar 
Braunschweiger Edward, shoemaker, 420 N 4th 
Brauson George, painter, 933 Hutchinson 
Brautigam John, clerk, 1544 N 6th 
Brautigam M. C, widow John H., 1104 Vine 
Brawl Adam, trimmings, 219 New 
Bray Charles, wines and liquors, 1254 Columbia av 
Bray Dennis, weaver, 424 Thompson 
Bray Edward M., merchant, 1404 Parrish 
Bray Henry K., bricklayer, 329 German 
Bray James, carder, S W c Leithgow and Canal 
Bray James, glasscutter, 207 Ptichmond 
Bray John, carder, S W c Leithgow and Canal 
Bray Martin, weaver, 2113 Callowhill 
Bray Mary Mrs., 38th bel Marker 
Bray Samuel, clerk, 306 Dickerson 
Bray W. K., 1707 Summer 
Brayden William, coachman, 404 Landis 
Brayman Benjamin H., chairmaker, 67 N Front, 

h 223 South 
Brayman Hannah A., milliner, 223 South 
Braynard John B., mechanic, 723 S 9th 
Braynard J. D., botanic druggist, 206 Dock, h 

723 S 9th 
Brazao Alphonzo, casemaker, 914 S Front 
Brazao Joseph, gold melter, 914 S Front 
Brazell James, cordwainer, 1737 South 
BRAZER CHRISTOPHER, alderman, 203 N 5th 
Brazer George W., silversmith, 642 Ptedwood 
Brazer John, tailor, 339 Dickerson 
Brazer William P., chair manuf. 128 Edward, h 

203 N 5th 
Brazier George, sailmaker. Vine st whf. Del., h 

1030 Shackamaxon 
Brazier John, bartender, 112 Shippen 
Brazier John, blacksmitb, 1222 2d N Diamond 
Brazier Joseph H., clerk, 622 S Washington Sq 
Brazier Leonard, hostler, Jefferson ab 22d 
Breach William, basketmaker, Wash'n av n 24th 
Breadly James, produce, 1927 Brown 
Bready Ellen, grocery, 716 Shippen 
Bready James, laborer, r Chestnut bel 36th 
Bready William R., carpenter, Hope n Otter, h 

1017 N 2d 
Breag Elizabeth, widow, G T av bel Norris 
Breahm Louis, glassblower, Naiidain n 25th 
Breahm Mary, widow Bartley, Naudain n 25th 
Breaker C. M. Rev., druggist, 850 N 6th 
Breaker Charles M. Rev., 404 Catharine 
Brear Mark, gentleman, 2228 Green 
Brearley Abram, cloth fuller. Powder Mill la n 

Brearley James, sawmaker, 1111 Fries ct 
Brearley Preston, shipwright, 1014 Palmer 

Brearley William, shipcarpenter, 1621 S 2d 
Breathwate Sarah, widow Thomas, Wildey ab 

Breathworth Edward, laborer, 1510 Thompson 
Breban John J., broker, 427 Walnut, h 328 S 17th 
Breehemin Charles, tobacconist, 154 S 3d, h S 2d 

bel Christian 
Breehemin C. & Co. {Charles Breehemin and 

Samuel P. Courtney) , tobacco and segars, 154 

S 3d 
Breehemin Lewis, jr., bookkeeper, 141 S 2d, h 

1013 Sargeant 
Breehemin Louis, jeweler, 224 S 2d 
Brechnitz John, pork butcher, stall 25 Girard av 

market, h 1518 Mascher 
Brecht Adam, carpenter, 50 Bodine ab Oxford 
Breet Ferdinand, machinist, 916 N 19th 
Brecht Frederick, cabinetmaker, 531 S 2d 
Brechtile George, cordwainer, 6 Giflford pi 
Breek Samuel, gent. 1412 Arch 
Breckenridge Elizabeth, wid. George, r 931 Noble 
Breekenridge George, tinsmith, r 931 Noble 
Breckenridge John, salesman. Market, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Breckenridge Robert, bartender, r 931 Noble 
Breckenridge Walter, weaver, 2113 Callowhill 
Breckenridge William, bookbinder, 1138 S 8th 
Breckenridge Wm., carpenter, 5 Ludlow ab 30th 
Breckenridge William, tin stamper, r 931 Noble 
Brecker Michael, gilder, r 69 Penn 
Brecker Michael, laborer, 401 N Front 
Breckler William, sugar refiner, 1419 Randolph 
Bredelbach Bartel, laborer. Ridge av n Wash 1 
Bredemeyer Henry, segarmaker, 1106 N Front 
Bredin John, clerk, 125 Chestnut, h Cotton, Myk 
Breed Abraham (cl, porter, 231 Chestnut, hl514 

Breed Ephraim (c), porter, 1512 Carver 
Breed S. <t M. {Sarah and Mary), dry goods, 

1132 Vine 
Breed William M., M.D., 1132 Vine 
Breed William P. Rev., 258 S 16th 
Breeds Thomas, shoecutter, 514 S 22d 
Breeding Benjamin T., painter, 414 Redwood 
Breeding Joseph F., painter, Caruth pi 
Breekport Hugh, gent. 1719 Arch 
Breen Arthur, hostler, AYalker's ct 
Breen Bridget, widow, 1022 Master 
Breen Daniel, shoemaker, Somerset n Belgrade 
Breen James, clerk, 241 S 10th 
Breen John, dealer, r Clymer W of 0th 
Breen John, grocer, N E 6th & Fitzwater 
Breen John, laborer, 515 Commerce, h Diamond 

ab 6th 
Breen John W;, blacksmith, 1306 S 6th 
Breen Maria, seamstress, 309 Dean 
Breen Nancy, widow William, Cresson, Myk 
Breen Owen, weaver, 719 Webb 
Breen Peter, clerk, 241 S 10th 
Breen Thomas, tailor, 124 Elwyn 
Breen William, wines and liquors, 1022 Master 
Breen William A., dentist, 1837 Callowhill 
Breese E. M., machinist, 721 Market 
Breeson John, shoemaker, r 710 S 7th 
Breetmeyer Frederick, laborer. Orchard n Culvert 
BreflSt George, manuf. Clinton, Gtn 
Breger Rudolph, weaver, 133 Peg 
Bregler Adolph, cake baker, 232 South 
Bregy Francis A., teacher, Girard College 
Breheny John, clerk, 1613 Market, h 1917 Market 
BREHM FRANCIS L., brewer, 321 Coates 
Brehms Francis, brewer, 32d & Thompson, h 129 

Brehn Ludwig, carpenter, 1135 Charlotte 
Breichelie John, laborer, r 317 Campbell 

l».-t! lull's, OaO Ciiestntit is(reet> Window Shade.s» 




Breidagam John, chair finisher, 110 Dana 
Breidegan Henry, porter, 154 Wilmer 
Breidenbach Conrad, boot and shoemaker, 1102 

Ridge av 
Breidenbach Isaac, clothing, 816 N Front 
Breidenhart John C, liquor merchant, 216 S Front, 

h 1905 Chestnut 
Breim Joshua, driver, 1156 N 5th ab Norris 
Breim Leiber, tailor, 406 Morris 
Brein James, laborer, 1714 Carlton 
Breineing George, carter, 1235 N 16th 
Breiner Lane, carpenter, 1533 Thompson 
BREINTNALL & CO. {George N. Brdiitnall (^ 
Archibald McELoy), importers of English and 
foreign books, 27 S 6th 
Breintiiall George N., bookseller, 27 S 6th, h 225 

Breir Frederick, brass moulder, 1130 Miller 
Breish Catharine, wid. William, Front bel Norris 
Breish John, victualler, 336 Master 
Breish Joseph, buteher, a b and 39, sec 3, Shippen 

Market, h S AV Apple & Poplar 
Breish Joshua, beef buteher, stall 37 Girard av 

Market, h 1343 Charlotte 
Breish Joshua, butcher, S W Poplar & Lawrence 
Breish Mary, widow Joshua, tavern, S W Poplar 

& Lawrence 
Breish Thomas, beef butcher, stall 8 Girard av 

Market, h Charlotte n Master 
Breish William, butcher, r 875 Lawrence 
Breish WiUiam H., butcher, 880 Lawrence, h r 

877 Lawrence 
Breischley Conrad, boxmaker, r 916 N 3d 
Breiter Charles A., bookkeeper, 310 N 9th 
Breiterwesen Peter, segarmaker, 132 Vine 
Breiting Charles H., lampmaker, 831 Wood 
Breitinger Frederick, grocer, 621 N 3d 
Breitwisser Valentine, rags, 207 Coates 
Brell George, painter, bds 306 York av 
Brell John, tanner, 1244 Apple 
Brelsford Adam, carpenter, Irvin bel School, Bdg 
Brelsford Chapman, cutter, 1202 Lyndall al 
Brelsford Edward, carpenter, Bridge, Bdg 
Brelsford Francis, gentleman, 833 N 13th 
Brelsford Jonathan, bookkeeper, 1345 S 4th 
Brelsford John, gentlema», 929 N 2d 
Brelsford Mary, widow Amos, 525 Parrish 
Brelsford William D., carpenter. Church bel Wash- 
ington, Bdg 
Brenner Augustus W., carpenter, Sepviva n Dau- 
Bremer George W., tobacco and segars, 322 N 3d 
Bremer Joseph A., dry goods, 227 Market, h 465 

York av 
Bremer Lewis, tobacco and segars, 322 N 3d 
Bremer Lewis & Son {George W.), tobacco and 

segars, 322 X 3d 
BREMER, REICHERT&CO. {Joseph A. Bremer , 
G. A. Reichert, jr., if George Hen soji), import- 
ers and jobbers of dry goods, 227 Market & 216 
Church al 
Bremer Theodore, salesman, 322 N 3d 
Bremley John, dry goods. Mulberry & Baker, Myk 
Bremmer William, gunsmith, 1507 Callowhill 
Bremser Philip, hostler, 1726 N 3d 
Brenchley Thomas, farmer. Ridge av, Rxb 
Brend John, confectioner}', 1330 Poplar 
Brenflect Martin, bone, 1228 Charlotte 
Brenholts J. P., salesman, 222 Market, h Good- 
will n Race 
Brening Maria, 1346 Poplar 
Breniser John B., clerk, 416 N 3d 
Brenizer Henry, printer, 714 Wood 
Brenizer William, coal shipper, 210^ Walnut, h 
1224 Coates 

Brenn Frederick, carpenter, Ann n Emerald 

Brenn John, tailor, 415 Cherry 

Brenn Stephen, tailor, 415 Cherry 

Brennan Edward, blacksmith, 2212 Chestnut 

Brennan Francis, laborer, 1333 Pearl 

Brennan George, prov. store, 1022 Pine 

Brennan James, laborer, 2 Wellington pi 

Brennan John, driver, 2011Sansom 

Brennan John, jeweler, 25 N 8th 

Brennin Martin, jeweler, 216 S 2d 

Brenn in Martin, jeweler, 25 N 8th 

Brennan Patrick, laboring, rear of 1111 Melon 

Brennan Patrick, laborer, 24th n Walnut. 

Brennan Peter, produce, S W Arch and Wajer, 

h 247 Greenwich 
Brennan Richard, bookbinder, 927 Passynnk rd 
Brennan Thomas, LaPierre House 
Brennan Thomas, tanner, 1317 Randoljih 
Brennan Thomas, weaver, Washington street ab 

HippeFs la, Mynk 
Brennard Daniel, tailor, r 835 N 3d 
Brennard Samuel, iron moulder. Sellers ab Fkd 
Brennen Edward, driver, 715 Baker 
Brennen Patrick, tavern, 1107 Cherry 
Brenner Charles, shoemaker, 203^ Ledger pi 
Brenner Frank, Hail ab Columbia 
Brenner Francis, tailor, Martinsville 
Brenner Frederick W., baker, 1601 Frankford av 
Brenner Herman, bookkeeper, 216 Chestnut, h 

Arch st ab 5th 
Brenner Henry W., bakery, 1123 Otis 
Brenner Jacob, shoemaker, 161 Noble 
Brenner John, hotel, 707 N 13th 
Brenner John, machinist, 804 N Front 
Brenner John, weaver, 905 Leithgow 
Brenner John G., hardware dealer, 25 N Fifth, h 

925 N 8th 
Brenner Martin, laborer, h Fulton n Trenton av 
Brenner William, cordwainer, 1250 Palmer 
Brenniser JohnB., salesman, 153 N 3d, h 416 N 3d 
Brens Frederick, chemist, 108 N 5th, h 988 Mar- 
Brent Christof, cork cutter, r 624 Brooks 
Brent Rudolph, upholsterer, r 624 Brooks 
Brenton William J., broker, 807 Locust 
Brentz Augustus, shoemaker, 701 Parrish 
Brenzel Frederick, hotel, 518 Shippen 
Brenzinger Frank, shoemaker, 516 Vincent 
Bresen Patrick, cordwainer, Knowles av 
Breser Henry, camphine, 1215 Warnock 
Breslin John, merchant, 333 N Front, bds Barley 

Sheaf Hotel 
Breslin John, liquors, 257 N 2d 
Bresling Eliza, 1126 Ogden 
Bresnin John, laborer, r 910 S 6th 
Bresnin Mary, r 910 S 6th 

Bress Frederick, millinery goods, 11 Sanders ct 
Bresser Otto, machinist, Salmon n Lehigh av 
Bressman Jacob, shoemaker, r Canal n 2d 
Brett James, laborer, r 931 Noble 
Brett John, tailor, r 1241 Leithgow 
Brett Robert E., machinist, Penn ab Unity 
Brett Thomas, bookbinder, 1427 Alder 
Brett Thomas, engineer, Penn ab Unity 
Brett Timothy, morocco finisher, Penn ab Unity 
Brett William H., engraver, 622 S Washington sq 
Brettargh John C, mining engineer, 1528 Poplar 
Brettell Francis S., machinist, Hope n Girard av 
Bretschneider August, frame maker, 237 New 
Bretts Anne, 909 NlOth 
Bretz Jacob, gent. 1007 Race 
Bretz Mariah, gentwo. 1007 Race 
Breui! James F., clerk, 238 S3d, hS4th n Spruce 
Breuker Frederick, lampmaker, 701 Willow 
Breul George, tailor, 729 S 11th 

Cnrini'is, an«l Vjiholsf cry Goods, Wholesaii; aii;l X?t'tail. 




Brenninger Godfrey, boot crimper, 1234 Hancock 

Brenninger Josephine, 722 N 9th 

Brenninger William, jeweler, 1312 Chestnut, h722 

N 9th 
Brennig Francis, hotel, 338 N 6th 
Brenning Martin, shoemaker, 414 Culvert 
Brenz Henry, finisher, 1133 Charlotte 
Brevoor Chares F., surveyor, 140 Walnut, h Cam- 
Brew James, harness maker, cor Broad & Coates, 

h 1014 Vine 
Brew Jeremiah G., tavern, 1104 South 
Brew John M., harnessmaker, 1902 Parrish 
Brew William, rigger, 35 Norfolk 
Brewer Ann, herbs & roots, 2 Walnut pi r 322 

Brewer Charles, boilermaker, York n Beach 
Brewer Charles, ice dealer, 623 N 15th 
Brewer Edmund, letter carrier, 136 Thompson 
Brewer E. A., watchmaker, 615 Callowhill, h 

Cooper's Point, N J 
Brewer Francis, tinsmith, 510 N Front 
Brewer George, visitor of the poor, 7 Eldridge's 

Brewer Isaac, bootmaker, 1406 Mervine 
Brewer Isaac L., bootmaker, Wayne ab Mt Ver- 
non, h 14 Ennis 
Brewer John, chairframer, 868 Darien 
Brewer John, cordwainer, 2101 Sharswood 
Brewer John, hotel, 1243 Marborough 
Brewer Eichard, stocking manf., 908 N 13th 
Brewer Robert, bartender, N East av ab Mbg 
Brewer Robert, gentleman, 1320 Melon. 
Brewer Samuel, painter, 11| S 3d, h Cherry n 3d 
Brewer S. T., potter, 929 N 2d 
Brewer William, cabinetmaker, 1219 Lancaster 
Brewer William, coaehmaker, 867 N 8th 
Brewer William, oysterman, Gtn av ab Chatham 
Brewer William, weaver, John, Myk 
Brewin Martha, widow William, 1726 N 2d 
Brewster Abram, varnish manf. 2239 Sharswood 
Brewster Andrew, weaver, 1312 S 13th 
Brewster Angeline, music teacher, 214 Wharton 
Brewster A. J., shoemaker, 130 Christian 
BREWSTER BENJAMIN H., att'y at law, 706 

Brewster Charles, laborer, Mullon n Somerset 
Brewster Charles, sheetironworker, 1312 S 13th 
Brewster Charles 0., notions, 23 N 4th, h 416 N 

Brewster Daniel, cutter, 22 N 3d, h 1023 Wood 
Brewster P. Carroll, att'y at law, 118 S 6th, h 

Brewster George, seaman, 1023 Barley 
Brewster James, 204 S 11th 
Brewster James, engineer, A ab 2d 
Brewster John, shipcarpenter, 916 Shackamason 
Brewster Joseph S., attorney-at-law, 209 S 6th 
Brewster Mary, produce, 57 E market, h Shan 
Brewster Robert, stonecutter, 1321 Rodman 
Brewster William, laborer, 1246 Bedford 
Brewton Ann, widow William, eor Grape & 36th 
Brewton Miles, tobacconist, 1127 S 7th 
Brewton Robert, cooper, 1127 S 7th 
Brewton' William W., carpenter, 820 Leonard 
Breyley Byram, woollen goods, mill, Gtn 
Breyley John, weaver, mill, Gtn 
Breyer Frederick, segarmaker. 162 Coates 
Breyer Lawrence F., segar manf., 162 Coates 
Breyer Louis, confectioner, 1636 Chestnut 
Breyer Peter, naorrocco dresser, 889 Orchard 
Brian C. H., salesman, 327 Market, h 1016 Ogden 
Brian Robert, map printer, 912 Green 
Brian Thomas, shoemaker, 929 TorrS 
Brian Samuel (c), laborer, r 636 Shippen 
Lace, MiisUn, DainasU, Brocatellej and 

Brian William, blacksmith, 3 Branner's al 

Brian William, tailor. Chestnut n 4th, h 912 Green 

Brian William, jr., waterman, 912 Green 

Briont Thomas, bartender, 37 S 3d 

Brice Jacob, turner, 611 St John 

Brice James R., grocer, N E 13th & Lombard 

Brice John, tailor, 1322 S 13th 

Brice Mary, trimmings, 719 S 6th 

Brice Mary, N E 13th & Lombard 

Brice Nicholas, bookkeeper, 111 Chestnut, h 1102 

Brice Philip H., bookkeeper, 305 Walnut, h 1102 

Brice Sarah H., gentlewoman. 1102 Pine 
Brice Thomas, segarmaker, 707 Doak 
Brice William & Co. {Wm. Brice &f Andrew Ma- 
gee), produce com. merchants, 8 S Water 
Brichner George, morroceo dresser, 967 N 3d 
Brick Alfred D., att'y at law, 144 S 4th, h 1911 

Brick Daniel, bootmaker, 905 Auburn 
Brick Edmund, attorney-at-law, 260 S 5th, h 

Market, Camden 
Brick Elizabeth G., trimmings, 808 N 4th 
Brick George, farmer, 31 S 2d market, h N J 
Brick Michael, tailor, 1041 Leithgow 
Brick Samuel R., gas engineer, 1911 Arch 
Brick William, whipmaker, 224 Diamond 
Brick William W., morocco dresser, 808 N 4th 
Brickie James, laborer, 1713 Carlton 
Brickman Charles C, signpainter, 1204 Stiles 
Brickman Charles T., signpainter, 13 N 9th, h 

1204 Stiles 
Brickman George, gentleman, 842 N 10th 
Brickman Jacob, grainer, 1202 Stiles 
Briddle James (c), public waiter, 317 Griscom 
Bride Robert, moulder, 2206 wood, 2016 Carlton 
Bridenbaeh Moses, trimmings, 1220 N 2d 
Bridenberg H., cordwainer, 1137 Frankford av 
Bridemeyer George, laborer, r 913 N 3d 
BRIDGE & CLYDE {James M. Bridge 4- Tho- 
mas Clyde), liquor dealers, 1114 Gtn av 
Bridge David, warper, 2203 Lombard 
Bridge James C, gentleman, 1302 Vine 
Bridge James M., liquor dealer, 1114 Gtn av 
Bridge Robert (c) , waiter, 723 Montcalm 
Bridgeman Patrick, tinsmith, 751 S 7th 
Bridgens Henry F., publisher, 982 N 2d 
Bridges John, waiter, Lombard n 26th 
Bridges Robert C, M.D., 119 S 20th 
Bridges William C, agent, 227 Lodge 
Bridges William C, pres. Green & Coates R W 

Co., 119 S 20th 
Bridgman John, coppersmith, r 18 Gaffne_y's av 
Briding George, basketmaker, 811 Callowhill 
Briedling George, weaver, 1136 N 6ch ab Norris 
Briegel Nicolas, baker, 37 N 21st 
Briel Alfred, polisher. Ash & William, Bridbg 
Briel Casper, laborer. Ash & William, Bridesbg 
Briel Jacob, laborer. Ash & William, Bridesburg 
Brien James T., bookkr. 260 N 9th 
Brien John, laborer, 911 Passynnk road 
Brien Michael, laborer, Mulvaney bel Columbia av 
Brien Wallace, waiter, 1614 Richard 
Brien William, driver, Selfridge n Fitzwater 
Briend John, cabinetmaker, 226 N 11th 
Brienk John, screwmaker, 727 Palm ' 
Brier Peter, morocco dresser, Orchard n Poplar 
Brier Valentine, morocco dresser, 8 Kline 
Brierley Robert, machinist. Front bel Catharine 
Brierley Thomas, 314 S 8th 

Briers Elizabeth, wid. Robert, shop, 425 Grd av 
Briers Joseph, gold manufacturer, 1231 S 7th 
Brierton John Carter, glue facty, 5th bel Gin av 
Brierton Patrick, lab. r William ab Thompson 
Drapery Curlaius, of CA'try description J 




Briest Lewis, reporter, 326 Marriott 
Briest Mary, 711 Market, h 217 Elder 
Briester George, lager beer, 1627 Gtn av 
Briggerman John, tailor, r 932 St John 
Brigel William H., confectioner, Sergent n Coral 
BRIGGS AMOS, atty. at law, 123 S 5th, h Bris- 
tol, Bucks CO 
Briggs Amos, conf. store, 2102 Lombard 
Briggs Andrew, wheelright, 623 N 11th 
Briggs A. D., messenger, 248 Chestnut 
Briggs Charles, dyer, N E Church n Trenton R R 
Briggs Charles M., fruit, 240 S 9th 
Briggs Charles N., fruit etc. 206 S 9th, h 240 S 9th 
Briggs <fe Crowell {Stephen A. Briggs cV Cyrus 

G. Cou-ell), grist mills, 126 S 2d 
Briggs David, baker, 1339 Christian 
Briggs Edward, weaver, 1523 Howard 
Briggs Eliza L., 255 N 15th 
Briggs George, gentleman, 926 N Front 
Briggs George E., brakesman, 1506 Callowhill 
Briggs George W., clerk, 113 Gebhard 
Briggs Henry, laborer, Tackawanna n Oxford 
Briggs Henry L., clerk, 63 N 7th 
Briggs Henry P. (c), messenger, 618 Ronaldson 
Briggs Isaac, shipping agent, 13 Salmon 
Briggs James C, clerk, 9 State House row, h 

1132 Girard av 
Briggs Jane, 513 S 12th 
Briggs J. H. & Co. (James H. Briggs, Thomas 

NeedJuim), gutta percha cemt. roof. 53 S 3d 
Briggs John, 110 Prime 
Briggs John, cordwainer, n Manhein, Gtn 
Briggs John, manuf. N E Church & Trenton R R 
Briggs John, grocer, 17th n Carpenter 
Briggs John, gentleman, 53 N 7th 
Briggs John, jr., ticket agt. Cam. & Amboy R R, 

h 53 N 7th 
Briggs John A. bookkr. N E Church & Trenton 

Briggs John A., shoemaker, 703 Byard 
Briggs John C, stairbuilder, 19th ab Brown 
Briggs Joseph, lab. Tackawanna n Oxford 
Briggs Joseph, watchman, 1144 S 9th 
Briggs Mary, widow, 1523 Howard 
Briggs Mary L. Mrs., dry goods, 1148 S 10th 
Briggs Moses, painter and glazier. 314 S 4th 
Briggs Nathaniel B., stonecutter, 232 S 11th 
Briggs Robert, painter, 1148 S 10th 
Briggs RusselM., boarding-house, 1506 Callowhill 
Briggs R. S., teacher pub. school, 609 Newmarket 
Briggs Stephen A., grist mill, 126 S 2d, h 802 

S 3d 
Briggs Thomas, eoachmaker, 19th ab Brown 
Briggs Theodore, confectioner, 2d c South, h 100 

Briggs William, painter, 609 Washington av 
Brigham Charles, printer, 754 S 9th 
Brigham E. A., broker, 624 Wood 
Brighling S., merchant, bds 316 N 3d 
Bright Andrew J., salesman, 129 Market, h N W 

Vine and Crown 
Bright, Esther A. widow Thomas, r 1033 Vienna 
Bright Jacob, machinist, 2 Gilford pi 
Bright John, 9 Goodbread's av 
Bright John, blacksmith. 812 Brown, h Vernon 

bet Parrish and Brown 
Bright John, driver express, 714 S 4th 
Bright John, 6th ab Mettler 
Bright John R., hatter, 802 Poplar 
Bright Joseph C, clerk, 833 S 2d 
Bright Joshua, boatman, 005 Hallowell 
Bright Louis G., .«alesman, 330 N 3d, h 829 N 7th 
Bright Luberry, ship carpenter, 224 Jarvis 
Bright Mary, servant, 907 Lombard 
Bright Michiel, gentleman, 829 N 7th 

Patten's, 630 

Bright Samuel, carpenter, 1 Patterson's ct 
Bright Upham P., clerk, 523 Market, h9U9 Cherry 
Bright William, butcher, 6 Wyoming 
Bright William, nail maker, 21 Frankford 
Bright William S., imp. wines, liquors, alid corks, 

330 N 3d, h 829 N 7th 
BRIGHTLY FREDERICK C, attorney at law, 1 

Goldsmiths' Hall, Library st, h Harvey, Gtn 
Brignall Nathan, laborer, Hedge n Orthodox 
Brigner George, tailor, N 7th n Dauphin 
Briley Thomas, laborer. Perry n Dauphin 
Brill Alfred, surgical inst. maker, 911 Market 
Brill Christian, laborer, 2218 Summer 
Brill Conrad, cabinetmaker, 125 New 
Brill David J., bookkeeper, 10 N 3d, h 325 New 
Brill E., butcher, 33 sec 6 Jefferson Market 
Brill Frederick, shoemaker, 153 Girard av 
Brill George, car builder, 1803 Jones 
Brill Henry, cabinetmaker, 1340 S 7th 
Brill Henry, shoemaker, 153 Girard av 
Brill Henry, shoemaker, 308 Shippen 
Brill John, laborer, 2218 Summer 
Brill John, moulder, 1121 Division 
Brill John H., bootfitter, h 1147 Sites 
Brill Michael, laborer, Mifflin, Falls Schy 
Brill Nicholas, grocer, 758 S Front 
Brill Nicholas, porter, 342 Brown 
Brill William E., musician, h 1147 Sites 
Brillian Jacob, stove store, 1350 Hutchinson 
Brimner Henry, custom house, 820 Knox 
Brimner John H., publisher, 108 S 3d, h 820 

Brimworth Samuel, ha,tter, Blair ab Norris 
Brin Philip, miller, N W 13th and Noble, h 719 

N 17th 
Brinan John, fruit, 233 S Front 
Brinash William, rag dealer, Fulton n Trenton av 
Brinckley John (c) blacksmith, Frankford 
BRINCKLE J. GORDON, att'yat law, 111 S 7th 
Brinckle John R., cotton, 29 N Front, h Grove- 

ville, N J 
BRINCKLE & SHUBRICK (J. R. Brineldc <!>- 
Edward R. Shtihrick), manuf. & dealers cotton 
yarn, 29 N Front 
Brinckloe C. E. P. & Co., publishers and printers, 

23 N 6th 
Brinckloe C. E. P.,printer,23N6th, h 1218 Market 
Brinckloe W. G. P., printer, 23 N 6th, h 506 Pierce 
Brindle John F., collector, h Otis n Memphis 
Brindle Michael, brewer, Coates ab 27th 
Brindley John, potter, Huntingdon n Carroll 
Brines James S., boots, 1313 South, h 1308 Kates 
Brines Thomas, provision store, 440 Worth 
Brines William, painter, 1308 Kates 
Bringgman John, segarmaker, 830 Vine 
Bringhurst & Co. {Thomas Brlnghurst, Lambert 
B. Toiuns, ^ Thomas Prince), Quaker City 
saw works, 1515 American 
Bringhurst George, Rev., 743 S 9th 
Bringhurst Isaiah, harnessmaker, Main ab Penn, 

Bringhunst John, 1704 Chesnut 
Bringhurst John H., sawmanf., 1213 Shackamxn 
Bringhurst Robert M., undertaker, 38 N ]lth, h 

1113 Wistar 
Bringhurst Robert R., undertaker, 38 N 11th 
Bringhurst Thomas, sawmaker, 1515 American, h 

1213 Shackamaxon 
Bringhur.=;t William W., undertaker, 38 N 11th 
Brininger Gottlieb, hatter, r 125 Poplar 
Brink Martin, cabinetmaker, 523 S 5th 
Brink John, gentleman, 1002 Parish 
Brinker John, laborer, 1801 Dubree 
Brinkley Charles (c), lab. Church n Trenton R R 
Brinkley Samuel, M.D., 1121 Spruce 
Chcslniit Street. 




Brinkley Michael, laborer, 318 N ITth 
Brinkley Peter (c), seaman, 615 Barclay 
Brinkley Richard (c) , whitewasher, Atherton ab 

Brinkley Sarah (c), widow Edmond, 14 Emeline 
Brinkley Washington (c), musician, 414 Tenor pi 
Brinklow William P., printer, 506 Pierce 
Brinkman William, rag dealer, Otis E Carroll 
Brinkman Henry, confectioner, 766 S 2d 
Brinkmann Charles, cabinetmaker, 209 Pear, h 

242 S 2d 
Brinkman Michael, M.D., 628 Wood 
Brinks Garrat, farmer. Hart 1 n Cambria 
Brinkworth George, bricklayer, Braddock n Le- 
high av 
Brinkworth Harriett, widow Wm. H., 1322 Race 
Brinley Edward L., auctioneer, 429 Market, h 

1815 Pine 
Brinley Godfrey, dry goods, 1815 Pine 
Brinley G. M., clerk, 36 S Front 
Brinley Louis, tailor, 480 N 3d 
Brinn Henry, shoemaker, 613 S 3d 
Brinn Philip, laborer, 719 N 17th 
Brinnisholtz, Jacob K., carp. Otsego ab Reed 
Brinnisholtz William, varnisher, 1220 Corn 
Brint Henry, stonecutter, Sowers ct 
Brintley Robert waiter, 723 Mintzer 
Brinton Caleb J., shoe findings, 138 N 7th & 1020 

Fkd av, h 1010 Fkd av 
Brinton & Da Costa {John H. Brinton, Dr. Da 

Costa), lecture room, Chant bel 10th 
Brinton Edward, bricklayer, 924 Cherry 
Brinton Evans, engineer, 4th N Diamond 
Brinton Jacob L., builder, 1712 Francis 
Brinton Jeremiah B., M.D., 1712 Francis 
Brinton John, M.D., 1423 Spruce, h 1007 Walnut 
Brinton John F., attorney at law, 249 S 6th 
Brinton Joseph, carpenter, 1204 Myrtle 
Brinton Joseph, plasterer, 1031 Lemon 
Brinton Joseph E, farmer, stall 544 Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h Delaware Co. 
Brinton Richard B., gentleman, 730 Pine 
Brinton William, weaver, 1441 N Front 
BrintzinghofFer Charles E., brushmaker. 935 Mar- 
ket, h 922 Wallace 
Brintzinhoffer Charles E., jr., brushmaker, 935 

Market, h 922 Wallace 
BrintzinghofFer George, brushmaker, 1037 Vernon 
Bripp Gustavus, hotel, r 604 Cresson 
Bripp Maurice, locksmith, r 604 Cresson 
Brisben Horace E., coal dealer, 817 Girard av, h 

902 N 3d 
Brisben Hugh B., coal dealer, 817 Girard av, h 

902 N 3d 
Brisben H. B. & H. E. {HughB. ^Horace E. 

Brisben), coal dealers, 817 Girard av 
Brisben William M., bookkeeper, 817, h 1125 

Girard av 
Briscoe Alfred, barber, 1022 Melon, h 860 N 10th 
Briscoe A. H., dentist, 1033 Walnut, h Camden 
Briscoe James H., dentist, 920 Walnut 
Briscoe Jared (c), porter, 1110 Steadman 
Briscow William, japanner, 4 Franconia pi 
Brisgen Julius, clerk, 237 Chestnut, h 513 N 6th 
Brish Joseph J., barkeeper, 1334 N 4th 
Brison Eliza, tailoress, 927 Gilbert 
Brison Hugh, cordwainer, 927 Gilbert 
Brissnor Christian, machinist, 953 Alder 
Bristell Martha, widow Abraham, r 135 Craven 
Brister Ezekiel D., carpenter, 1915 Filbert 
Brister Joseph (c), dentist, 606 Pine 
Bristle Jacob, baker, 1750 N 3d 
Bristley Sophia, widow John, Canal n George 
Bristoe Henry, wool goods. Miller bel Wistar 
Bristoe James, weaver, Miller bel Wistar 

Bristol Albert, brushmaker, 840 Capital 

Bristol David N., clerk, 16 Bank 

Bristow John B., engineer, 134 Catharine 

Bristow Samuel, tavern, 617 S 12th 

Britner Elizabeth, widow Michael, 1437 Lawrence 

Britner George, brickmaker, 1437 Lawrence 

Britner George C, turner, 422 Library, h 812 

Britner John, brickmaker, 2424 Brown 
Britner Michael, brickmaker, 1437 Lawrence 
Britt Michael, laborer, r Fisher n Huntingdon 
Britt Morris, hostler, bds 1206 N 11th 
Britt Patrick, carter, 1338 Beach 
Britt Thomas, laborer, 1427 Alder 
Brittain Charles, printer, 902 Cherry 
Brittain Daniel, shipping agent, whf 18 Port PJch- 

mond, h Richmond ab William 
Brittain George D., marble worker, 531 Federal 

& Montgomery av, h Carman, Camden 
Brittain William, looking-glass frame maker, 946 

Brittan Henry, trimmings, 305 Girard av 
Britten Catharine, widow William, 1840 Lom- 
Britten John, attorney at law, 233 S Broad 
Britten William, carpenter, r 918 Ogden 
Brittenbaugh S. C, M.D., Green 1, Rox 
Brittian Abram, barber, 915 N 2d 
Brittian Daniel, clerk, Richmond ab William 
Brittian William, book gilder, 1 149 Sites 
Brittin Andrew, clerk, 921 Hutchinson 
Brittin Reuben, bricklayer, 412 N 9th 
Brittin Robert, baker, 1814 Jones 
Brittin Samuel, engineer, 1009 Ross 
Brittin Thomas, U. S. Mint, h 226 Jacoby 
Brittin William, house carpenter, Main st, Hbg 
Brittus John, tobacco dealer, 917 Moyamensing 
Brittner Daniel, musician, 433 Coates 
Brittner Joseph, bootfitter, 433 Coates 
Brittner Peter, musician, 431 Coates 
Britto Margaret, widow Vincent, 730 Fallon 
Britton Abraham, shipjoiner, 1055 Beach 
Britton Abram, Venetian blind maker, 44 N 2d, h 

Federal ab 3d 
Britton Addison, machinist, 1551 CallowhUl 
Britton Charles, shoemaker. Rising Sun 
Britton A. & Co. (Abram Britton, SaimielL. Brit- 
ton), Venetian blinds and shades, 44 N 2d 
Britton Edward, cordwainer, 1708 Wylie 
Britton Eliza, widow, 439 Mcllwain 
Britton George, basketmaker. Rising Sun 
Britton George, chemist, 1324 S 13th 
Britton George, shoemaker. Rising Sun 
Britton G. M., tavern, Frankfordrd n Huntingdon 
Britton H. A., dealer, 41 Ridge av Market, h 1708 

Britton J. F., mutton butcher, stalls 5 & 6 Lib- 
erty Market, h Jefferson n 24th 
Britton Isaac, engineer, 14 Callowhill 
Britton J. Blodgett, att'y at law, 619 Walnut 
Britton Jacob, agent, 1025 Shackmaxon 
Britton James, laborer, 1716 Sansom 
Britton James, porter, N E c 10th and Willow 
Britton Joseph, cutter, 8 N 5th 
Britton Joseph A., shoe cutter, 407 Worth 
Britton Joseph F., butcher, 5 & 6 Liberty Market, 

h 2335 Jefferson 
Briston L., victualer, 1708 Wylie 
Britton Manning F., policeman, 133 S 16th 
Britton Peter, cook, 417 S 7th 
Britton Samuel L.. clothier, 321 S 2d, & venetiaii 

blinds, 44 N 2d, h 322 Federal 
Britton William, baker, 1216 Fitzwater 
Britton AVilliam, harnessmaker, 426 Maria 
Britton William J., conductor, N W Poplar <fc 27th 

"Window Shades and Curtuln Goods, Wliolesale and Ketail; 




Britton "W. H.. merchant, 1704 Market, h 12 S 

Brittonham Jarae?, gas works, 731 Ringgold 
Britz Jacob, driver, 903 Lawrence 
Briiek Leopold, salesman, 25 N 3d 
Brizel James, weaver, r 414 Ireland 
Broad TV., widow John, 833 Buttonwood 
Broadast Richard, bookkeeper, 440 N 2d 
Broadbeck Michael, provisions, 1220 Hope 
Broadbent Charles, blacksmith, Paul n Taeony 
Broadbent Charles H., salesman, 27 Bank, h Lom- 
bard ab 4th 
BROADBENT & CO. (Samuel Broadbent if Frede- 
rick A. Wenderntlc) , photographs, 814 Chestnut 
Broadbent Daniel W., laborer, r 1318Frankfordrd 
Broadbent D., coremaker, 1162 N 3d 
Broadbent Giles, blacksmith, Paul n Green 
Broadbent James, spinner, 1211 Noble, h Good 

Broadbent John, paperhanger, N W c 9th & 

Broadbent John, machinist, Thomas n Green 
Broadbent Joseph, liquors, 30 N Water, h 876 N 

Broadbent Mary, 518 S 9th 
Broadbent Owen, bookkeeper, 120 Walnut, h 1234 

Broadbent Samuel, photographer, 814 Chestnut, 

h 115 N 12th 
Broadbent William, merchant, S E e 35th & Bridge 
Broadbent William, spinner, 16 Grape, Myk 
Broadbent William, weaver, North n 72d 
Broadfield James, iron turner, Franklin av & 

Broadfield John, moulder, Noble ab 13th, h 1626 

Broadfield William, moulder, Commerce n Cum- 
Broadhead Daniel, boots & shoes, 1237 Marshall 
Broadhead James, contractor, 2131 Sharswood 
Broadhead John, spinner, 2317 Callowhill 
Broadhurst John, weaver, 1520 N 2d 
Broadhurst Letitia, trimming, 706 N 17th 
Broadhurst Rachel, trimming, 706 N 17th 
Broadhurst & Sister [Letitia Broadkurst &f 

Rachel Broadhurst) , trimmings, 706 N 17th 
Broadhurst Thomas, color mixer, Sellers ab 

Brodigan Ann, Oak n 41st 
Brodigan Julia, wid Patrick, Oak n 41st 
Broadknix Peter, woodturner, Unity bel Eliza- 
Broadnex Charles, bricklayer, 1551 Cadbury av 
Broadnix Joseph, turner, Dauphin bel Front 
Broadtop Godfrey, shoemaker, 419 N Front 
Broad Top Improvement Co., 228 Walnut 
Broad Top Semi Anthracite Coal Co., 228 Walnut 
Broadwater Daniel, fisherman, 1016 Otis 
Broadwater J., fisherman, 1123 Hewson 
Broadwater Mary, wid Caleb, 830 Knox 
Broadwater M. Elizabeth, tailoress, 21 Prime 
Broan John, boltmaker, 2303 Vine 
Brobson Frank P., bookkeeper, 400, h 1214 

Brobson Samuel, weaver, Hancock, Gtn 
Brobson William, accountant, 300 Market, h 618 

Brobst Abraham, carpenter. Market n 33d 
Brobst Elizabeth, wid Henry, Frankford rd n 

Lehigh av 
Brobst William, 724 Buttonwood 
Brobston William, 250 Crown 
Broeh Henry, saddler, 3 Brinkley pi 
Brochee Edward, clerk, 1539 South 
Brochmann G,, locksmith, CoUegeville 

Patten's, 630 

Brock Alexander, butcher, 115 & 117 sec 4 Ship- 
pen St Market, h 619 Wall 
Brock Charles N., superintendent 337 St John, 

h 2120 Mt Vernon 
Brock C. Harry, student at law, 2120 Mt Vernon 
Brock John, superin't of A. rooms, r 131 N 2d & 

Elfreth's al 
Brock John P., 1128 Spruce 
Brock Jonathan, treasurer, 323 Walnut, h 808 N 

Brock Richard, farmer, stall 37 N 2d St Market, 

h Trenton, N J 
Brock Samuel Z., clerk, 432 N 3d 
Brock Susan A., trimmings, 532 S 5th 
Brock Thomas, plumber, 222 N 4th, h 15th & Mt 

Brock Thomas F., plumber. 2125 Mt Vernon 
Brock William, captain, 532 S 5th 
Brock William, weaver, 1755 N 3d 
Brock William, segar store, 132 Race 
Broekbank Thomas, dealer. 813 Carpenter 
Brockbank John, ornamental painter. Main ab 

Mechanic, Myk 
Brockeman John, painter, 1907 Wilcox 
Eroekerman Benjamin, iron dealer, 1020 G T av, 

h 1131 Shackamaxon bel Girard av 
Brockerman Charles, laborer. Peel n Van Horn 
Brockerman Charles, jr., cordwainer. Peel n Van 

Brockerman & Son {Benjamiji (^ William) , iron 

dealers, 1020 G T av 
Brockermann AVilliam, iron dealer, 1020 G T av, 

h Dauphin n Fkd av 
Brocklehurst Levi, machinist, r 1221 Marlborough 
Brockley B., clerk, 814 Market 
Brockway Philip, laborer, Norris n Sepviva 
Brod Conrad, tobacconist, 700 Master 
Brodbreck Frederick, locksmith, 1302 Callowhill 
Broddock Daniel, conrtactor, Frankford rd & York 
Brode Eliza, dealer, stands 10, 11 & 12 Girard av 

Market, 1313 N 10th 
Brode Theodore, actor, 614 Cherry 
Brode Walter, seargent of police, N E c 10th <fe 

Thompson, h 1313 N 10th 
Broderick Edward, dealer, r 824 Carpenter 
Broderick John, laborer, 1802 Addison 
Broderick John, tailor, 2126 Market 
Broderick Mary, wid Martin, 906 N 19th 
Broderick Peter, boatman, 2606 Lombard 
Broderick William, shoemaker. 828 Burns 
Brodhead A. C. shoedealer, 211 N 3d, h N T 
Brodhead & Brother {Daniel B. ^ A. C Brod- 
head), shoe dealers, 211 N 3d 
Brodhead Daniel D., shoedealer, 211 N 3d, h 

Thompson & Franklin 
Brodhead John, piresi't , 424 Walnut, bds 

Girard House 
Brodie Edward, teacher. Garden bel Church, Bdg 
Brodie James T., metallic roofer, 39 N 7th, h 856 

N 8th 
Brodie Martha, teacher public school, 1314 Mt 

Brodie Robert, stonecutter, 1413 Warnock 
Brodie Robert C, druggist, S W c 20th & Callow- 
Brodigan Christopher, porter, 64 N 2d, h 9th & 

Brodigan James, clerk, 239 S 9th 
Brodius Joseph P., clerk, 131 Market, h 607 N 

Brodley James, laborer, 1141 S 10th 
Brodrick Patrick, laborer, r 900 N 13th 
Brodt Henry, currier, N W Front k Coates, h 832 

St John 
Brodowski Henrietta, dressmaker, 318 S Juniper 
Chestnut Street* 




Brodowski Veneeslaus, bookkeeper, 318 S Juniper 
Brody Robert, stonecutter, Coates st whf. Sehuyl, 

h 1412 Warnock 
Broes Peter, druggist, 1506 Sansom 
Brofey John, butcher, 16th bel Carpenter 
Broff Conrad, laborer, N 2d ab Dauphin 
BrofFy James, late foreman, Amber n Huntingdon 
Broffy Andrew, manuf. cotton goods. Amber n 

Brofleld James, Fountain hotel 
Broiield Peter, weaver, Oliver 
Brofy Timothy, dyer, Frankford n Amber 
Brogan Charles, porter, r 920 S 6th 
Brogan Hugh, tailor, 1836 Market 
Brogan James, clerk, S W c 20th & Locust 
Brogan James, printer, 804 Willow 
Brogan James, blacksmith, 1606 Richard 
Brogan John, porter, York n 37th 
Brogan John, chairmaker, 1318 Shellbark 
Brogan Joseph, groom, Thuron S of Susq av 
Brogan Michael, laborer, 2 Pollock's ct 
Brogan Patrick, blacksmith. Pollock's ct 
Brogan Patrick, findings, 766 Passyunk rd 
Brogan Rosanna, widow James, 804 "Willow 
Brogan Rufus, tinsmith, N E Spring Garden & 9th, 

h 605 Gvreen 
Brogan Sarah P., widow Caleb, 5 Bohemian pi 
Brogan William, laborer, 1683 S Front 
Brogden William (c), upholsterer, 8 Emeline 
Brogemann Louis, upholsterer, 312 jST Front 
Brognard H. A., coal oil & lamps, 243 Race, h 

41st & Spruce 
Brognard L. Ney, office 16 N 5th, up stairs, h 44th 
• & Spruce, W P 
Brognard M. B., awning goods, 103 Jones" al, h 

45th n Spruce 
Broinvattin Chas., umbrellamr., 226 Buttonwood 
Brokate Henry W., porter, 215 & 217 If Broad, h 

1425 Savery 
Brockensha David, restaurant, 6 N Del av, h 144 

Girard av 
Brockensha David, jr., barkeeper, 6 K" Del av, h 

144 Girard av 
Broker Daniel, captain, 241 Dickerson 
Broker Nicholas, dealer, stall 10 Callowhill st 

market, h r 402 Lind 
Broker Robert, coachman, 27 Gossamer av 
Brol George, laborer, 716 S 8th 
Brolasky Henry C, 1414 Walnut 
Brolasky Jeiferson H., 1417 Chestnut 
Brolasky Jos. P., M.D., 223 N 12th, h 1205 Race 
Brolasky Simon P., 1414 Walnut 
Brolasky William J., dry goods, 800 Market, h 

1235 Chestnut 
Brolley Thomas, laborer, Huston n Salmon 
Brolley William, express, 9th ab Green, h 915 

Brombaoh Adams, tinsmith, Mechanic ab Girardav 
Brombach Jacob, tavern, 1202 N 4th 
Bromberger George, painter, Otis n Memphis 
Bromell Isaac, grocer, Girard av ab 7th, h 1242 

Bromily John, dealer, Elizabeth bel Unity 
Bromily Rebecca, wid. Arthur, Elizabeth bel Unity 
Bromiley Mary, grocer, S W Unity & Leiper 
Bromiley Robert, machinist, S W Unity & Leiper 
Bromiley Robert, grocer, S W Unity & Leiper 
Bromiley William, blacksmith, SWUuityA Leiper 
Bromley Arthur, bleacher, 1454 Beach 
Bromley George, cordwainer, 1504 Ridge av 
Bromley George, weaver, Jasper n Dauphin 
Bromley George D., clerk, 808 Green 
Bromley Hannah, widow Edward, 308 Kauffman 
Bromley James, carpet maniif. York W Amber 
Bromley John, carpet manuf. York W Amber 

Gilt Cornices, Bands, Gimy.s, Tass 

BROMLEY JOHN & SONS (James (^ Tko97in.s 

Bromley), carpet manuf. York bel Front 
Bromley Thomas, dry goods. Main, Myk 
Bromley Thomas, ingrain carpet manuf. Front & 

York, h 2d n Diamond 
Brommell &, Co. {Joseph Bromtnell, John Urs- 

bruck), provision store, 253 N 13th 
Brommell Joseph, provision store, 253 N 13th 
Brondhorse George, segarmaker, 161 Wilmer 
Broning William, fresco painting, Olive bel iVth 
Bronson Anne Mrs., 13 Wheat 
Bronson George, manuf. hosiery, Centre, Gtn 
Bronson John, fishing tackle, 109 South 
Bronson William W., livery stable, Jayne ab 8th, 

h 826 Market 
Bronston Samuel, cordwainer, 2314 Chestnut 
Bronstrup F., printing press manuf. 400 Lynd, h 

403 Green 
Bront Ella, vestmaker, 218 Buttonwood 
Brooch Samuel, machinist, 2041 Market 
Brook Alexander, millwright. 5 N 19th 
Brook Henry, shoemaker, Dauphin E Amber 
Brook Jane, 939 Suffolk 
Brook John, millwright. Unity bel Penn 
Brook John T., bookbinder, 333 Chestnut, h 35th 

ab Bridge 
Brook Kezia, wid. George W., confectioner, 23 

Brook Matthew, 835 Market 
Brook Samuel, roller cover, Fleming n 21st 
Brook Thomas, machinist, Sellers ab Unity 
Brook Thomas H., cutter, 1313 Silbert 
Brook Thomas J., bookbr. 37 S 4th, h 830 S 5th 
Brook William, machinist, 1346 Columbia av 
Brooke Catharine E., widow Jerad, 1112 Callow- 
Brooke Charles, bookbinder, 1309 Olive 
Brooke Charles W., attorney at law, 132 S 6th 
Brooke Clement, gentleman, 1326 Vine 
Brooke E. T., widow C. Wallace, 1718 Pine 
I Brooke George W., bricklayer, 1202 Callowhill 
Brooke Hiram, notions, &e., 29 N 3d, bds Union 

Brooke James, tobacconist, 1309 Olive 
Brooke James, 330 S 17th 
Brooke James B., mercantile agency, S W 4th 

& Chestnut, h 2016 Poplar 
Brooke James K., salesman, 119 N 3d, h 108 

Brooke Joanna Mrs., 1531 Locust 
Brooke John E., coachmaker, 1212 Ridge av, h 

1114 Callowhill 
Brooke John, bookbinder, 1321 Olive 
Brooke John C, mercantile agency, S W 4th & 

Chestnut, h 2016 Poplar 
I Brooke Jonathan, shoemaker, 45 Frankford 
Brooke Joseph, tobacco, 31 N Water, h 1309 

Brooke Margaret, widow John, 213 Green 
Brooke Nathan, com. mer. 1731 Market, h 1510 

Mt Vernon 
Brooke Nathan, farmer, stall 542 Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h Delaware Co 
BROOKE & PUGH {Nathan Brooke ^ Edward 

H. F/igh), com. merchants, 1731 Market 
Brooke Robert B., 1805 Pine 
Brooke Samuel, conductor, 1720 Barker' 
Brooke Samuel, machinist, Ruan n Frankford 
Brooke Stephen H., office 019 Walnut, h 1214 

BROOKE, TYSON & REHN {Stephen H. Brooke, 

Charles M. Ti/snii, Will lain L. Rehn), Lud- 

wich Building, 619 Walnut 
Brooker B. C. A Co. {B. C. Brouler, sr ^ B. C. 

Brooker, jr.), auction & com. mer. 261 N 3d 
elsj Friiisjcs. a»(l CiirSaiii Gootls} 




Brooker B. C, jr., auctioneer, 261 N 3d, h S W 

4th & Spruce 
Brooker B. C, sr., auctioneer, 261 N 3d, h 738 

Brooke & Fuller (Hiram BrooJce, A. Harry Ful- 
ler), notions, trimmings, &c., 29 N od 
Brooker Jacob, gentleman, r 612 Moyer 
Brooker John, corder*. H:iines, Gtn 
Brooker Joseph, cooper, Haines, Gtn 
Brooker Nicholas, trader, r 402 Lynd 
Brooker Wiliam H., engraver, 1024 Chestnut, h 

738 S 8th 
Brookfield Joseph, M.D., 29 N Juniper 
Brookman Henry, cooper, 8 Placid pi 
Brookmire John, stonecutter, James's falls, Sch 
Brookmire Samuel, machinist, Paschall n 64th 
Brookmyer Robert, laborer, Meetinghouse la, 

Brooks Abijah, blacksmith. Chestnut n Bustleton 

pike, Lagrange 
Brooks Alonzo, weaver, Wissahickon av ab G-tn-av 
Brooks Amos, dealer, York av 
Brooks Anna (c), 620 E,onaldson 
Brooks Benjamin F., blacksmith, 1809 Francis 
Brooks & Brother [Tkomas &^ John Brooks), 

wholesale cap factory, 41 N 3d 
Brooks Brother <t Co. {Jeremiah Broojcs, Josiah 

D. Brooks, William Brooks), dry goods, 122 

& 124 Chestnut 
Brooks Charles, bookkeeper, 238 S 2d, h 1242 

Brooks Charles, dancing master, 415 N 8th, h 

1150 Sites 
Brooks Charles, plumber, h 204 N 8th 
Brooks Charles W., plumber, 1222 Whitehall 
Brooks C J., ship carpenter, 422 Thompson 
Brooks Daniel (c), city express, 608 S 8th 
Brooks David, gen. sup. Nat. Tele. 28 S 18th 
Brooks David G., seaman, 1939 Bedford 
Brooks David L., brickmaker, 1939 Bedford 
Brooks Edmund, machinist, 213 George 
Brooks Edward, finisher, Clinton, Gtn 
Brooks Edward, machinist. Bridge, Bridesburg 
Brooks Edward D., salesman, 246 Chestnut, h 

1037 S 5th 
Brooks Eliza, dressmaker, 1016 Christian 
Brooks Eliza, widow, r 1010 N 5th 
Brooks Elizabeth, school, 1205 Spruce 
Brooks Elizabeth, widow William, 321 Lombard 
Brooks Ellen, widow Joseph, Beekman pi 
Brooks Enoch, captain, 306 Wharton 
Brooks E. S., confectioner, 42 S 2d, h 2109 Walter 
Brooks George, carpenter, Bustleton pike, La- 
Brooks George (c), laborer, r 972 Lawrence 
Brooks George, 714 Wood 
Brooks George L., blacksmith, 1373 Ridge av, h 

920 Poplar 
Brooks George W., bricklayer, 1510 Stiles 
Brooks George W., shipcarpenter, 20 Parham 
Brooks Francis, book ruler, 119 Mary 
Brooks Handel, clerk, 430 Washington av 
BROOKS HENRY, grocer, 1600 Spruce, h 110 

S 18th 
Brooks Henry, salesman, 323 Market, h Walter 

n S 22d 
Brooks Henry, provision dealer, S W 7th & Pine 
Brooks Henry, housepaint-er, 329 Brown 
Brooks Henry, painter, 1544 Aniboy 
Brooks Henry C, boot k shoemaker, 818 S 8th 
Brooks Hezekiah, carpenter, 1001 N 5th 
Brooks H. T., blacksmith. Darby rd bel 42d 
Brooks H. C, clerk, 2109 Walter 
Brooks Isaac, plasterer, 1633 Helmuth 
Brooks Isaac, seaman, 1939 Bedford 

Brooks James, coachmaker, 1215 Spring Garden 

Brooks James, engineer, 2047 Cuthbert 

Brooks James, pedlar, Gtn av S 7th 

Brooks James, Broad, Rox 

Brooks James B., carpenter, 1006 Nectarine, h 

821 Callowhill 
Brooks James, jr., stereo, finisher, 444 Wharton 
Brooks Jeremiah M., 122 & 124 Chestnut, h 

1512 Arch 
Brooks John, waiter, 1017 Rodman 
Brooks John, blacksmith, r 424 German 
Brooks John, shipsmith, 1739 S 5th 
Brooks John, cooper, 102 & 104 Gatzmer h, 471 

Brooks John, wholesale caps, &c., 41 N 3d, h 

Queen, Gtn 
Br(jpks John, captain, 1221 Lancaster 
Brooks John (c), seaman, 627 Barclay 
Brooks John F. (c), barber, Hackley c 5th 
Brooks John H., clerk, 426 Shippen 
Brooks John J., bookkeeper, 19 N 9th 
Brooks John L., bricklayer, 1319 N 11th 
Brooks John P., clerk, Bustleton pike. Bin 
Brooks John S., grocer, Gtn av bel Meetler, h 

Gtn av ab Berks 
Brooks John S. & Co. {William, Selser), grocers, 

Gtn av bel Meetler 
Brooks John T., bookbr, 35th ab Bridge, Mantua 
Brooks Jones H., president Farmers' Market, h 

Delaware Co 
Brooks Joseph, cordwainer, Carroll n Otis 
Brooks Joseph, bookbinder, 119 Mary 
Brooks Joseph, cutter, 41 N 3d, h c Amber & 

Brooks Joseph, grocer, 1220 N Front 
Brooks Joseph, capmaker. Emerald n Cambria 
Brooks Joseph J., bookbinder, 125 Green 
Brooks Joseph R., cordwainer, 230 N 4th 
Brooks Joseph D., merchant, 122 Chestnut, h 804 

Brooks J. B., shipmaster, 818 S 8th 
Brooks J. F. (c), hairdresser. New, 5th & Hackley 
Brooks Lambert B., manufr slats, 483 Dillwyn 
Brooks Lydia A., widow William, 204 N 8th, h 

1222 Whitehall 
Brooks Luke, hatter, Gtn av bel Price 
Brooks Margaret, widow William, 1430 N 5th 
Brooks Mark, cheese dealer, 207 Eastern Market, 

h Del Co 
Brooks Mary, 1326 Walnut 
Brooks Mary, widow Caleb, Paul n Green 
Brooks Mary, widow, 139 Federal 
Brooks Matthew, capmanufr, 139 N 3d h Gtn 
Brooks Nathan, blacksmith, 1001 N 5th 
Brooks Philips, Rev., 701 Vine 
Brooks Richard, manufacturer, 639 Girard av 
Brooks Richard, puddler, 908 N Del av 
Brooks Richard W., capmanufr, 230 Poplar 
Brooks Robert, engineer, 551 N 25th 
Brooks Robert, weaver, Haverford av n 47th 
Brooks Samuel, boltmaker, 24th k Callowhill, h 

Carlton ab 20th 
Brooks Samuel, clerk, 119 Mary 
Brooks Samuel, plasterer, 1208 Poplar 
Brooks Samuel B., clerk, 1515 Filbert 
Brooks Samuel B., carriage boltmader, r 2036 

Brooks Samuel C, ragdealer, 1149 N Front 
Brooks Samuel G., clerk, 425 Chestnut, h 119 

Brooks Sarah, widow, 1536 N 13th 
Brooks Sarah, widow James, segars, 720 S 4th 
Brooks Shippara, bookkeeper, 136 Carpenter 
Brooks Silas S., M.D., 1320 Vine 
Brooks Susan, 119 Mary 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Brooks Thomas, truck farmer, Long la bel 

Buck rd 
Brooks Thomas, carter, 2415 Hamilton 
Brooks Thomas, loom boss, Haverford av n X 46th 
Brooks Thomas, wholesale cap factory, 41 K 3d, 

h Wistar, Gtn 
Brooks Thomas (e), hostler, Herman's ct 
Brooks Thomas, clerk, 830 S 5th 
Brooks Thomas C, grocer, S "W c 3r & Shifipen 
Brooks William, 122 & 124 Chestnut, h 1434 

Brooks William, mer. 431 Market, h Bridge bel 

35th, Mantuaville 
Brooks William, oak cooper, 1613 American 
Brooks William, millwright, r 852 ?f 11th 
Brooks William, gent, r 1001 iSi 5th 
Brooks William, loom boss,Haverford av n N4i'th 
Brooks William, clerk, N 8th ab Dauphin 
Brooks William, seaman, 730 Plover 
Brooks William C, gasfitter, 213 George 
Brooks William, stonecutter, 412 X 22d 
Brooks William, carpenter, 165 Jeiferson 
Brooks William, carpetweaver. Wood ab 23d 
Brooks William, confectioner, 2109 Walter 
Brooks William, boltmr. 230 Diekerson 
Brooks William, cooper, 9 Elbow la 
Brooks WiUiam H., lith printer, 311 Chestnut, h 

711 N 3d 
Brooks William H., clerk, S W 3d i- Shippen 
Brooks William i^., clerk, 430 Washington av, h 

Greenwich bel 4th 
Brooks W. Howard, cap manuf. 139 N 3d, h Gtn 
Broom Christian, shoemaker, 1838 X 6th 
Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, h 549 

York av 
Broom Jacob, att'y &, coun. 427 Walnut, h 42d 

and Pine 
Broom Mary, wid James, 828 S 8th 
Broom Thomas, jr., wireworker, 129 Prime 
Broom Simon, sugar refiner, 549 York av 
Broomall Joseph E.. papermr. Darby rd bel 42d 
BROOMALL LEWIS R., watchmr' t jeweler, 

148 N 2d, h 222 N 4th 
Broome Charles, turner, 1317 Cherry 
Broome Charles, game, 736 Market, h 1317 Cherry 
Broome Charles, carpenter, 32 South 
Broome Elizabeth, wid. 1455 N 10th 
Broome Isaac, sculptor, 1129 Jackson 
Broomell &, Co. (James F. Broomell). grocer, 

923 Girard av 
Broomell James P., grocer, 923 Girard av, h 6th 

bel Market 
Broomell J. P., salesman, 11 & 13 S Water, bds 

Commercial Hotel 6th ab Chestnut 
Broomell Isaac E., salesman, 10th ab Girard 
Broomell Isaac E., grocer, 1239 X 10th 
Broomell Peter A., bookbinder, 518 Morris 
Broomer William, shoemr. Wood n Spring, Myk 
Broomhall Anna, 912 Spruce 
Broomhall Elwood, painter, Darby rd ab 39th 
Broomhall Uriah, hotel, Darby rd ab 39th 
Broomhall Wellington, conductor, Darby rd ab 
. 39th 

Brophey Ann, wid Michael, 2 Landis 
Brophey Anna, tailoress, 804 JTectarine 
Brophey Ellen, wid Michael, 1004 Christian 
Brophey James, laborer, Taconj' 
Brophey John, butcher, 4143 sec 6 JefiF Mkt, h 

S W 16th &, carpenter 
Brophey Margaret, 918 S 11th 
Brophey Patrick, bookbinder, 804 Nectarine 
Brophey Patrick, finisher, 926 Filbert 
Brophy Andrew, liquor store, Fkd n Amber 
Brophy Daniel, moulder, 1210 Silver 
Brophy Daniel, weaver, 1422 Shippen 

Patten's, 630 Chestnnt S 

Brophy Dennis, laborer, Edgemont n Lehigh 

Brophy John, tavern. Unity bel Penn 

Brophy John, laborer, 2106 Locust 

Brophy John, laborer, Edgemont n Lehigh av 

Brophy John, weaver, South n 73d 

Brophy Lewis, moulder, 1347 Passyunk rd 

Brophy Patrick, drayman, r 1919 Cuthbert 

Brophy Thomas, watchman, Carroll n Huntingdon 

Bross Edmund, shoe store, 836 Vine 

Brose Adolph, tinsmith, 7 Xorthumberland ct 

Broseas Julius, shoemaker, 337 Poplar 

Brosius Joseph, mer. 607 X 18th 

Brosnan Timothy, laborer, Sp Garden, n 15th 

Bross Edmund R.jr., gasfitter, 10th bel Chestnut, 

h 836 Vine 
Bross George, shoemaker, Xicetown 
Bross Jacob, carman. Xicetown 
Bross John S., clerk,' 821 Cherry, h 807 Cherry 
Broter Charles, laborer. Laurel Hill, Falls Sch 
Brother Edward, roofer, 1129 Leon 
Brother Margaret, wid. Sixth st av 
Brotherhead William, bookseller, 218 S 8th 
Brothers Albert, victualler, 1013 Xoble 
Brothers Charles, hats & caps, 337 Market, h 406 

Brotherton Henry, printer, r 918 Atherton 
Brough Edward C., blacksmith, 1024 S 3d 
Brough James, weaver, Cadwalader n Jefferson 
Brough John, peddler, Otis c Memphis 
Brough Michael, blacksmith, 1124 Elm 
Brough Samuel H., blacksmith, 1024 S 3d 
Brough Samuel H. , moulder, 4 Cottingham pi 
Brough William H., patternmaker, 1024 S 3d 
Broughey John, weaver, 1319 Merino 
Brought George, laborer, Fulton n Trenton av 
Broughton Carlos, moulder. Coral n Adam 
Broughton David, clerk, 1342 Parrish 
Broughton Isaac H., cotton broker, 35 S Front, 

h 1018 Marshall 
Broughton Isaiah, cotton dealer. Front &, Chest- 
nut, h 1018 Marshall 
Broughton Luke D., astrologist, 353 X 10th 
Brounger John, brewer, Mt Pleasant n 28th 
Brounger Sophia, Mt Pleasant ab 28th 
Brounlee Robert, oil cloth Oxford n Howard 
Brounley Elizabeth, seamstress, 1317 Corn 
Brounley George, 1317 Corn 
Brounley John, wharfbuilder, 1317 Corn 
Brounley Rachel M., seamstress, 1317 Corn 
Brounwell John, bookkeeper, 1044 Market 
Brous Frederick, cutter, Wistar, Gtn 
Brous Lewis, carpenter, 117 Frankford 
Brous Seth, laborer, X W Harrison & Franklin 
Brous Thomas, plowmr, n Bustleton 
Brous Wesley F., salesman, 126, h 117 Frankford 
Brous William A., cordwainer, 1524 X 2d 
Brouse Charles, carpenter, Orthodox ab Frankford 
Brouse D. Kelsey, student, 1218 Thompson 
Brow J. Henry, portrait painter, 207 S 13th 
Brower Adalade, dressmaker, 1315 Heath 
Brower Cornelius F., shoemaker, 19 Fayette 
Brower D. W., segarmaker, 2306 Market 
Brower Frank, artist, 1012 Lombard 
Brower Girard A., photographer, 147 X 8th 
Brower Henry, contractor, 1315 Heath 
Brower Joseph, prest. 17th k 19th R R, -12 Mer- 
chants' Exchange, h 1309 Horstmann 
Brower J., cabinetmaker, r 237 X 2d 
Brower J. Mrs., confectioner, 133 Richmond 
Brower M., carpenter, 1317 Heath 
Brower Richard, moulder, 1315 Heath 
Brower Sarah, dressmaker, 1315 Heath 
Brower Thomas J., clerk, 1035 Poplar 
Brower AVilliam, cardriver, 1526 X llth 
Browing Edward, merchant, 211 S Broad 
trcct« Window Shade.Sj 




Browlay James, coachman, 4 Buddins ct 

Brown Abraham, salesman, S W 7th & Market, h 

1717 WaUace 
Brown Abraham, coal dealer, 413 N 8th, h 1114 

Brown Abraham, waiter, 71(i Kessler 
Brown Abram, clothing, 700 Market, h 1717 Wal- 
lace , 
BROWN ABRAM C, plumber and gasfitter, 500 

N 8th, h 802 Buttonwood 
Brown Adam, cardriver, 1036 Oxford 
Brown Adelia (c), widow William, 606 Ronaldson 
Brown Albert J., salesman, 24 & 26 Bank, h 924 

Brown Albert P., clerk, S W 10th & Spring Gar- 
den, h 303 Brown 
Brown Alexander, grocer, 849 Marshall 
Brown Alexander, laborer, r 822 Washington av 
Brown Alexander, laborer, 23d n Pine 
Brown Alexander, gentleman, 1311 Walnut 
Brown Alexander, clerk, 1635 Locust 
BROWN ALEXANDER, ice dealer, 251 N 16th 
Brown Alexander H., proofreader, 1221 Silver 
Brown Alfred, dealer, 720 Medina 
Brown Allen, laborer, 1010 Ivy 
Brown Amos, coachsmith, Bustleton pike, Bin 
Brown Amos P., merchant, 44 & 46 S Front, h 310 

S 12th 
Brown Andrew, 829 Cherry 
Brown Andrew, laborer, 440 German 
Brown Andrew, carpenter, 316 Bradford 
Brown Andrew, glue manuf. Apple n Norris 
Brown Andrew, moroccodresser, 3 Steam Mill al 
Brown Andrew, packing box maker, 112 Hudson, 

h 316 Bradford 
Brown Andrew, laborer, 3 Steam Mill al 
Brown Andrew J., carpenter, 1011 Clare 
Brown Andrew, jr., tanner, 3 Steam Mill al 
Brown Ann, widow John, 33 S 15th 
Brown Ann, shop, 1110 Shippen 
Brown Ann, widow Michael, 423 Monroe 
Brown Ann, widow Nathan, York n Frankford av 
Brown Ann, widow, r 631 Filbert 
Brown Ann, produce, sec. 8 S 11th St Market, h 

Shippen ab 11th 
Brown Ann (c), widow Andrew, 1349 Pearl 
Brown Ann T., widow Thomas, 404 N 23d 
Brown Ann J., dealer, stall 21 Girard av market, 

h N Front n Otter 
Brown Annie, widow John, 1717 Pearl 
Brown Anthony, laborer, S Front and Moore 
Browe Anthony, hatter, 982 N 2d 
Brown Anthony, laborer, 424 Shippen 
Brown Anthony, eating-stand, c Shippen and 3d, 

h 524 Shippen 
Brown Anthony T., butcher, 2 sec 3 Shippen mar- 
ket, h 424 Shippen 
Brown Archer, bootmaker, 808 Market 
Brown Archibald, truck dealer, 19 S 18th 
Brown Archibald A., shoemaker, Penn bel Sellers 
Brown Asa C, bricklayer, 129 Prime 
Brown Austin, oilcloths, 164 N 3d, h 2124 Green 
Brown A. H., shoes, 814 Market 
Brown Barbara, widow John P., Fkd av n Norris 
Brown Barclay, harnessmaker, Mechanicsville 
Brown Benjamin, railroad contractor, 1331 Wood 
Brown Benjamin F., clerk, 105 Walnut, h 1237 

N 19th 
Brown Benjamin F., tobacco, 439 Girard av 
BROWN BENJAMIN H., city treasurer, Girard 
Bank, and lumber merchant, Richmond and 
Ash, h Richmond c Ash 
Brown Bernhard, tasselmaker, 25 Applctree al 
BROWN BROS. & CO., bankers, 211 Chestnut 
Brown B. F., merchant, 639 Federal 

Brown B. M., clothing, S E 13th and Market, h 

828 N 19th 
Brown B. S., grocery and fruit store, 110 South 
Brown Catharine, widow Henry S., Front n Moore 
Brown Catharine, widow James, 106 S 13th 
Brown Catharine, milliner, 506 S 21st 
Brown Catharine, Grape, Manayunk 
Brown Catharine, widow Samnel, 6 Newbold 
Brown Catharine, widow John, dry goods, 825 

N 11th 
Brown Charles, tailor, Norris bel Hancock 
Brown Charles, driver, 922 Percy 
Brown Charles, liquors, 106 Jones's al, h 805 

Market, Camden 
Brown Charles, porter, 443 Market, h 5 Bedford 

ab 12th 
Brown Charles, stonecutter, 1509 Ogden 
Brown Charles, baggage master, S W Delaware 

av and Walnut 
Brown Charles, professor music, 124 Vine 
Brown Charles, laborer, 515 S 7th 
Brown Charles, miller, Germantown av 23d ward 
Brown Charles, 228 S Broad 
Brown Charles, upholsterer, 228 Vandeveer 
Brown Charles, laborer (c), r 419 German 
Brown Charles, sailor, 4 r 422 German 
Brown Charles, gentleman, 1703 Green 
Brown Charles, seaman, 217 Christian 
Brown Charles, painter, r 424 Monroe 
Brown Charles, cordwainer, 1032 Dorranee 
Brown Charles, clerk, 450 N 2d 
Brown Charles, hotel, S E Emerald and York 
Brown Charles, jeweler, 106 Mattiss 
Brown Charles, carpenter, 3 Hartley's pi 
Brown Chhrles, baker, 1143 Germantown av 
Brown Charles, salesman, 604 Market, h Camden 
Brown Charles, laborer, r 411 Moyer 
Brown Charles, 2319 Meredith 
Brown Charles, butcher, 30 sec 6 Jefferson mkt 
Brown Charles A., elk. 139 S 4th, h 312 Marshall 
Brown Charles A., carder, 1940 Naudain 
Brown Charles F., ticket agent. Cotton, Myk 
Brown Charles H., tailor, 940 Poplar 
Brown Charles H. (c), porter, 1206 Bedford 
Brown Charles J., hotel, 755 S 5th 
Brown Charles P., boots and shoes, 169 Girard av, 

h 961 N 7th 
Brown Charles P., varieties, 9 Mkt, h 1216 N 8th 
Brown Charles S., commission merchant, 40 N 

Delaware av, h Girard av 
Brown Charles T., cutter, 1404 Ogden 
Brown Charles T., carpenter, 331 Gaskill 
Brown Charlotte Mrs., eating, 1 sec 3 Shippen 

market, h 424 Shippen 
Brown Charlotte, teacher public school, 2102 Cal- 
Brown Christian, cabinetmaker, 14 Gay's et 
Brown Christian, groceries and provisions, S E 

15th and Spring Garden 
Brown Christian, shoemaker, 429 N 10th 
Brown Coleman, blacksmith, 245 S 12th, h 1136 

Brown Conrad, seaman, 622 Washington av 
Brown Conrad, salesman, Gtn rd n Meetler 
Brown Conrad, grocer, 311 N 18th 
Brown Cordelia Mrs., corset manuf. 329 Arch 
Brown Cornelius, laborer, N E 7th and Fitzwater 
Brown Cornelius, laborer, 19 Reed 
Brown Cornelius I., clerk, 229 Market, h 1631 

Brown, Cowen E., plumber, 18 N 11th 
Brown C. Y. Miss, young ladies' academy, 1003 

Spring Garden, h Arch bel Broad 
Brown Damon (c), waiter, 620 Bay 
Brown Daniel, furniture cars, 1735 Addison 

Ciirtfiiiis, and V;>U<>1 itery GooiSs, WholeMulo amS Ketaila 




Brown Daniel, laborer, r Pearl n Oxford 
Brown Daniel, laborer, S 23d n Walnut 
Brown Daniel, laborer, Cotton, Myk 
Brown Daniel, laborep, 1919 Jones 
Brown Daniel, lapper, r 1134 Crease 
Brown Daniel H., fancy glassblower, 1453 Colum- 
bia av 
Brown David P., coal dealer, whf 18 Port Rich- 
mond and 110 Walnut, h Pottsville 
Brown David, machinist, 524 Richmond 
Brown David, salesman, 922 & 924 Market, h 1213 

Brown David, gardener, 1213 Fulton 
Brown David, shoemaker, Haverford ab 36th 
Brown David, shoemaker, 1309 Kates 
Brown David, iron founder. Noble ab 12th, h 415 

Brown David, carpenter, 415 Worth 
Brown David (c), waiter, 923 Shippen 
Brown David, weaver, 708 S 13th 
Brown David, bookkeeper, r 481 Dillwyn 
Brown David Brower, att'y at law, 135 S 5th 
Brown David, jr., seedsman, 1213 Fulton 
Brown David M., book agent, S W 15th & Oxford 
BROWN DAVID PAUL, att'y at law, 322 S 3d 
BROWN DAVID PAUL, Jr., att'y at law, 129 

S 5th, h 146 N 15th 
Brown David S., M.D., Front N Norris 
Brown David S., merchant, 44 & 46 S Front, h 

1716 Walnut 
BROWN DAVID S. & CO. {David S. Brown, J. 
Johnson Brown, Amos P. Brown, and George 
A. Heyl), dry goods com. merchants, 44 and 46 
S Front and 35 Letitia 
Brown David Wolfe, phonographic reporter, 411 

Walnut, h 527 N 2d 
Brown D. M., milliner, 527 N 2d 
Brown D. P., jeweler, 146 N 15th 
Brown Deborah Mrs., 1832 Spruce 
Brown Ebenezer (c), laborer, 620 S 12th 
Brown Edmund, rigger, 1227 Mt Vernon 
Brown Edmund, tailor, 1535 N 13th 
Brown Edmund T., bricklayer, 2241 Sharswood 
Brown Edward, painter, 1229 Locust 
Brown Edward (c), packingboxes, 55 S 3d, h 121 

Brown Edward, segarmaker, r 1006 Charlotte 
Brown Edward, weaver, r Fitler bel Harrison 
Brown Edward, porter, 427 Lynd 
Brown Edward D., liquors, 48 N Front, h 440 

Brown Edward F., carpetweaver, h 2321 Hamilton 
Brown Eli, plumber, 1232 Brown 
Brown Eliza (c), widow Henry, 17 Ronaldson 
Brown Eliza (c), 12 Bobbins av 
Brown Eliza, washer, r 730 Cullen 
Brown Eliza, ofBce St John, h 3 Steam Mill al 
Brown Eliza, widow James, 1823 Spruce 
Brown Eliza J., trimmings, N E 11th & Callowhill 
Brown Elizabeth, 436 Dillwyn 
Brown Elizabeth, millinery, 791 S 2d 
Brown Elizabeth, mutton butcher, stall 77 Girard 

Av Mkt, h 955 Sartain 
Brown Elizabeth, 952 N 10th 
Brown Elizabeth (c), wid Charles, 1206 Bedford 
Brown Elizabeth, widow, 1310 Alder 
Brown Elizabeth, widow Wm., 211 Washington 
Brown Elizabeth, washer, r 927 Marshall 
Brown Elizabeth, washer, 20 Wyoming 
Brown Elizabeth W., widow James, operator sew- 
ing machines, 807 Buttonwood 
Brown Ellen, widow James, h 16 Gatchel's pi 
Brown Ellie, 1111 Ohio 
Brown Elvira, trimmings, 825 South 
Brown Ellwood C. (c), laborer, 712 West 

Ijnce, Miisliii) Dacnask, BrocateHej nutl 

Brown Ellwood J., ship carpenter, 530 Mercury 

Brown Emerson (c), waiter, 1618 Sansom 

Brown Emily, teacher, Girard College 

Brown Emily, widow Robert, 289 S 4th 

Brown Emma, trimmings, Bringhurst, Gtn 

Brown Emma, wid. trimmings, G T av bel Airmat 

Brown Emma, 326 S Juniper 

Brown Emma M., widow Wilson, 514 ItTth 

Brown Ephraim, colorist, 1526 Race 

Brown Esbury, laborer, 1012 Ivy 

Brown Evan, dealer, 34 Queen 

Brown & Ewald (Lewis Brown <^ Charles J. 

Bwald), grocers, 301 N 3d 
Brown E., widow, 307 N 6th 
Brown E., gentleman, 611 N 18th 
Brown E. (c), porter, 207 Acorn al 
Brown E. W. Mrs., dressmaking and machine 

stitching rooms, 722 Chestnut 
Brown Fletcher, carpenter, Tacony 
Brown Francis (c), wid Robert, r611 Ronaldson 
Brown Frances, candies, Richmond n Norris 
Brown Francis, weaver, r Fitler ab 2d 
Brown Francis, drover, 1634 Grace 
Brown Frank, match manufacturer, 363 Jarvis 
Brown Franklin D., machinist, Bridge ab Garden, 

Brown Frederick, machinist, 443 N Broad, h 1231 

Brown Frederick, blacksmith, 924 Percy 
Brown Frederick, gent. 605 S 6th 
Brown Frederick, britannia ware, 1826 Thompson 
BROWN PREDERICK,druggist, N E 5th & Chest- 
nut, h 1018 Spruce 
Brown Frederick E., paperhanger, 1435 Chestnut 
BROWN FREDERICK, Jr., drugs, S E Chest- 
nut & 9th, h 1018 Spruce 
Brown F. Wood, druggist, 1826 Thompson 
Brown George, blacksmith, 2044 Reeves 
Brown George, baker, 315 Garden 
Brown George, blacksmith, 1014 S 4 
Brown George, card manuf. 410 Marshall, h Race 

ab 5 th 
Brown George, cooper, 1424 Moyamensing av 
Brown George, carpenter, 418 Rihl 
Brown George, carter, 5 Hemple's court 
Brown George, cutler, 833 S 4th 
Brown George, druggist, 210 Coates 
Brown George, foreman, Gay St, Myk 
Brown George, laborer, 504 S Larkin 
Brown George, laborer, 504 S Penn 
Brown George, laborer, N Broad ab Cumberland 
Brown George, laborer, 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown George, laborer, Penn St n Main, Myk 
Brown George (c), laborer, 222 Anthouey 
Brown George, packer, 1108 Bedford 
Brown George, porter, 1118 Rodman 
Brown George, plumber, 126 S 20th 
Brown George, tailor, Cresson, Myk 
Brown George, wheelwright, Sellers n Paul 
Brown George, weaver, Fitler bel Harrison 
Brown George (c), waiter, h 1029 Rodman 
Brown George, whitewasher, 927 Marshall 
Brown George, watchmaker, 501 Market, h 313 

Brown George, waiter, 1204 Salem 
Brown George (c), matmaker, n 1136 -South 
Brown George, mariner, 731 Richmond 
Brown George, mason, Wood n Levering, Myk 
Brown George, segarmaker, 407 Lombard 
Brown George, seaman, 19 Reckless 
Brown George B., merchant, 1432 n 13th 
Brown Geo]-ge G., gardener, 534 Belgrade 
Brown George H., provision dealer, 116 S Water, 

h 409 S 18th 
Brown George L., hatter, 333 S 2d, h 271 S 3d 
Drai>ery Curtain.s, of every descriptiouj 




Brown George S., merchant, 412 Race, h 257 N 

Brown George T., grocery commission mer. 201 

Market, h School lane, G. T 
Brown George S. & Co. ( William A. Davis, 31. D., 
(^- Aslibel Ejjps), cabinet sauce, flavoring ex- 
tracts, &o., 412 Race 
Brown George W., grocer, S E Locust & 9th, h 

826 Locust 
Brown George W ., ehairmaker, 4 Ruhl 
Brown George ^Y., carpenter, 124 Hudson, h 487 

Brown George W., salesman, 1021 Market 
Brown George W., plasterer, 1928 Brandywine 
Brown Gowen A., cordwainer, 1223 S 3d 
Brown Gowen E., plumber, 405 Christian 
Brown Grace, spooler, 1111 Carpenter 
Brown Hannah, wid Peter, 608 Marshall 
Brown Hannah, widow William, 1238 Wheat 
Brown Hannah, seamstress, 221 Vaughn 
Brown Hannah, dressmaker, 938 Spring Garden 
Brown Hannah, widow John, 1913 South 
Brown Harriet, shopkeeper, 1126 S 7th 
Browu Harriet, teacher, 315 Marshall 
Brown Harriet, widow George, 324 S 18th 
Brown Harry, carpenter, G T av & Cottage 
Brown Henrietta (c), Gulielma n 15th 
Brown Henry, laborer, 12 Gilles ar 
Brown Henry, drayman, 40 Washington av 
Brown Henry, morocco dresser, 203 Willow 
Brown Henry, grocer, Cresson & Grape, Myk 
Brown Henry, bookkeeper, 18 Grape, Myk 
Brown Henry, patternmaker, 215 n 2d, h 1237 

S 6th 
Brown Henry, beamsman, 428 N 2d 
Brown Henry, laborer, 1515 Burton 
Brown Henry, baker, 622 Washington av 
Brown Henry, cabinetmaker. Market n 34th, h 

Warren n 37th 
Brown Henry, cooper, 802 Knox 
Brown Henry A., printer, S W 3d & Chestnut, h 

1724 Wallace 
Brown Henry A. B., cashier city trea., 3d opp 

Dock, h 847 N 5th 
Brown Henry H., refrigerators, 222 Dock house- 
furnishing goods, 208 S 2d, h 511 S 3d 
Brown Henry H., iron moulder, Warren n 37th 
Brown Henry J., postmaster, Byberry 
Brown Henry I., carpenter, 447 Coates 
Brown Henry M., laborer, 606 Ashbury 
Brown Henry S., tobacconist, 303 Brown 
Brown, Hewett & Brown {David P. Brown, 
Hewett 6f William Brow)/), coal dealers, wharf 
18 Port Richmond and 110 Walnut 
BROWN, HILL & CO. {Waski/igton Brown, 
Marshall Hill 6f Barton Green), wool dealers; 
40 N Front 
Brown Horace H. , hat manufacturer, 229 S Fifth, 

h 529 Pine 
Erown Horace (c), waiter, 8 Eaken's place 
Brown Hugh, weaver, Amber n of Otis 
Brown Hugh, blacksmith, 620 Sears 
Brown Hugh, laborer, 727 S Juniper 
Brown Lsaac, dealer, 1229 Crease 
Brown Isaac, farmer, stall21 N 2d Street Market, 

h Burlington Co N J 
Brown Isaac (c), teamster, Mascher bel Putnam 
Brown Isaac J., sashmaker, 1210 Randolph 
Brown Isaac Newton, att'y at law, 426 Library, 

h 941 N 7th 
Brown Isaiah, steward, 612 Mintzer 
Brown J. Douglass, bank clerk, 12 S 20th 
Brown J. Tabele, salesman, 810 Market, h 1345 

Brown Jacob, grinder, 520 Shippen 

Brown Jacob, cabinetmaker, 4 Nescopeok pi 
Brown Jacob, dealer, 916 St John 
Brown Jacob, shoemaker, 8 Rookhill pi 
Brown Jacob, moulder, 2206 Wood, h 2037 Reeves 
Brown Jacob, cooper, 1341 AVarnock 
Brown Jacob, grocer, cor Girard av and Savery 
Brown Jacob H., salesman, 219 N 3d, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel, N 3d 
Brown Jacob, jr., paperbanger, 1014 Randolph 
Brown Jacob K., 1608 Wallace 
Brown Jacob S., hardware, 1237 Marlborough 
Brown James, merchant, 707 Market, h 608 N 

Brown James, merchant, Nioetown la 
Brown James, laborer, Barnwell n South 
Brown James, farmer, 24 S 2d Market 
Brown James, clerk, 616 S 4th 
Brown James, produce, 1412 S 10th 
Brown James, clerk, 306 Chestnut, h 1121 S 3d 
Brown James, tavern, 525 S 7th 
Brown James, twister. Rainbow E of Trenton av 
Brown James, laborer, 1824 Filbert 
Brown James, broommaker. Market n 45th 
Brown James, laborer, r 2210 Linn 
Brown James, 1107 Fries ct 
Brown James, laborer, 2011 Locust 
Brown James, bricklayer, 734 Medina 
Brown James, shoemaker, 737 Jamison 
Brown James, salesman, 307 New 
Brown James, milkman, Ann n Melvale 
Brown James, trimmings, 1635 Ridge av 
Brown James, laborer, 211 N Front 
Brown James, scavenger, 1501 N Front 
Brown. James, merchant, 22 S Front, h Claymont, 
■ Del 

Brown James, gardener, 18th bel Federal 
Brown James, brickmaker, 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown James, carpenter, 2047 Hamilton 
Brown James, weaver, N Front n Dauphin 
Brown James, carter, 114 Jefferson 
Brown James, agent, 114 China 
Brown James, waiter, r 1017 Barley 
Brown James, tavern, 509 S 7th 
Brown James, weaver. Rainbow E of Trenton av 
Brown James, laborer, 1634 Lombard 
Brown James, clerk, 1125 Jackson 
Brown James, weaver, S E cor South and 25th 
Brown James, weaver, 1227 Fitzwater 
Brown James, weaver, r 1328 Bedford 
Brown James, brickmaker, 1917 South 
Brown James, wheelwright, 1321 S 5th 
Brown James (c), coachman, S07 Montcalm 
Brown James (c), coachman, 1808 Seybert 
Brown James (c) , porter, 242 Duponceau 
Brown James (c), waiter, 327 Griscom 
Brown James (c), dealer, 310 Front 
Brown James (e), porter, r 529 Marriott's la 
Brown James (c), weigher, 24 S Water, h Rich- 
BROWN & JAMES {T. Horace Brmon 4- B. 
Lloyd James), flour, and grain com merchants. 
237 N Water and 242 N Delaware av 
Brown James A., clerk, 211 Church al, h 317 

Brown James A., presser, Jefferson bel Clinton 
Brown James D., artificial flowers, 527 N 2d 
Brown James E., chemist, 417 Walnut 
Brown James E., sashmaker, S E cor Poplar and 

Brown James E., trunks, 721 Chestnut, and fac- 
tory Jayne n S 7th, h 123 N 9th 
Brown James F., stonecutter, Coatos St wharf, 

Sch, h 1724 Stiles 
Brown James IL, moulder, 3 Currant pi 
Brown James M., grocer, 633 Vine 

Patten's, 630 Chestnnt Street. 




Brown James M., mercliant, 6 S Front, h Masil- 

lon, Ohio 
Brown James TV. (c), tailor, 1123 Shippen 
Brown Jane, widow Joseph, 1443 Bedford 
Brown Jane, widow Matthew, 1121 S 3d 
Brown Jane, truck dealer, Girard av market, h 

1108 X Front 
Brown Jefferson (c), coachman, 1522 Carlton 
Brown Jemima, (c), 816 Carpenter 
Brown Jerry E (c) , whitewasher, 413 Brown 
Brown John, 606 Ashbury 
Brown John, 630 X 5th 
Brown John, Green 1, Mvk 
Brown John, artist, 915 X 2d 
Brown John, barber, 833 Franklin 
Brown John, blacksmith, 2341 and 2343 Callow- 
hill, h2102 Callowhill 
Brown John, bricklayer. 1610 Coates 
Brown John, butcher, 535 Owen 
Brown .John, carpenter, 215 Drayton 
Brown John, china and glass, 904 Spring Garden 
Brown John, jr., clerk, 616 S 4th 
Brown John, clerk P 0, h 544 X 12th 
Brown John, coalyard, 1210 Xoble, h544X' 12th 
Brown John, coachpainter, X E c 9th and Colum- 
bia av 
Brown John, cooper, 513 S 2d 
Brown John, distiller, 1025 Hunter 
Brown John, drayman, r 516 Marriott's 1 
Brown John, drayman. Hancock X Xorris 
Brown John, engraver, 1610 Helmuth 
Brown John, farmer, 8 Catwell pi. off X 13th 
Brown Jonn, florist. Broad ab Cumberland 
Brown John, furniture cars, 19th and S Garden 
Brown John, gardener, Broad ab Columbia av 
Brown John, glassblower, Xaudain n 26th 
Brown John, hotel, 710 S Front 
Brown John, hotel, 1215 Market 
Brown John, janitor, 228 Tandeveer 
Brown John, lager beer, 903 Xew Market 
Brown John, laborer, 1349 Shippen 
Brown John, laborer, 1241 Albert 
Brown John, laborer, Barnwell n South 
Brown John, laborer, 5 Deimling pi 
Brown John, laborer, Housekeeper's ct 
Brown John, laborer, r 1843 South 
Brown .John, limeburner, 2012 Xaudain 
Brown John, livery stable, 240 Queen, h 257 Queen 
Brown John, liquors, 2053 Locust 
Brown John, machinist, 1345 "Wood 
Brown John, musician, r 117 Keefe 
Brown John^ M.D., 615 X 10th 
Brown John, M D., 329 Reed 
Brown John, notion dealer, 412 Puedwood 
Brown John, painter, 961 X 7th 
Brown John, printer, 1225 Peters 
Brown John, painter, 953 S Front 
Brown John, policeman, 31 X 22d 
Brown John, porter, 1 Junior pi 
Brown John, porter, 26 X Front 
Brown John, plumber, 424 Shippen 
Brown John, rag dealer, 616 S Fourth 
Brown John, salesman, 325 Market, h 315 Mar- 
Brown John, sailor, 781 Swanson 
Brown John, shawl finisher, 513 X 25th 
Brown John, silversmith, 8 Potosi Retreat 
Brown John, silversmith, 1646 vSansom 
Brown John, shoemaker, 1345 Rose 
Brown John, shoemaker, 124 Arch 
Brown John, waiter, 1210 Salem 
Brown John, weaver. Bitterly E Coral 
Brown John, weaver, 2321 Hamilton 
Brown John (e), whitewasher, 22 Edwin 
Brown John (c), coachman, 223 Prosperous al 

Wiiulow SUades aiid CuriHin 

Brown John (c), barber, 1729 S 5th 

Brown John (c), janitor, 717 Lebanon 

Brown John (e), laborer, 628 Bedford 

Brown John (e), laborer, 618 S 12th 

Brown John, jr., upholsterer. 228 Tandeveer 

Brown John A., boiler maker. Richmond n Xorris 

Brown John A., gentleman, S E 12th & Chestnut 

Brown John A., builder, 1426 Marshall 

Brown John A., supervisor, Lancaster av ab 1st 

Brown John B., artist, 1526 Race 
Brown John C, butcher, XE Geary <fc Poplar 
Brown John Cook, clerk', 33 S 15th 
Brown John D., printer. 331 GaskiU 
Brown John Douglass, clerk, 12 S 20th 
Brown John E., 1134 Green 
Brown John E. (e), barber, 404 Library, h 1351 

Brown John F. (e) , shoemaker, 237 S 12th 
Brown John F,, carman. 625 Passyunk rd 
Brown John Gilbert L., printer, 34 S 3d 
Brown John H., pres, 230 Walnut,. dry goods, 307 

Market, h 1727 Walnut 
Brown John H., carpenter, 350 iN" 5th, h Callow- 
hill bel 5th 
Brown John H., carpenter, 1232 X 15th 
Brown John H., painter, r Chestnut ab Moore 
Brown John H. & Co. (John H. Brown, Jacob 

Garrison, Thomas F. Blalemore, $^ G. K. 

Siceari-agen) , dry goods, 307 Market 
Brown John J., laborer, X Broad ab Cumberland 
Brown John K., boots & shoes, 1014 Market, h 

35 X 11th 
Brown John L. (e) . bootmaker, 717 Shippen 
Brown JohnM. (c), cordw. 204 Prosperous al 
Brown John X., Rev., Ashmead bel Clinton 
Brown John P., carpenter, 1344 Marlborough 
Brown John P., seller, 1010 Barley 
Brown John P.. blacksmith, Howard & Oxford, h 

1419 Marlborough 
Brown John Y., butcher, 46 Girard av Mkt, h 

Margaret n Girard av 
Brown John Q., machinist, 2006 Brandywine 
Brown John Thomas, umbrellamr. 510 Sylvester 
Brown John T., janitor, 303 Brown 
Brown John T., hardware, 9.34 X"^ 2d 
Brown John W., stoekingwr. Fkd av ab Cambria 
Brown John W., patternmr. 1401 Parrish 
Brown John W., coachmr. Market n 41st 
Brown John AV., clerk P 0. 447 Coates 
Brown Jonathan, packer, 505 Market 
Brown Jonathan W. , shipper. Church n Tacka- 

Brown Joseph, agent & coll, 819 S 5th 
Brown Joseph, brickmr, 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown Joseph, laborer, 340 (old) Xew Market 
Brown Joseph, moulder, 503 Richmond 
Brown Joseph, oysterdeal.Thouron X of Diamond 
Brown Joseph, painter, 3 Azalia 
Brown Joseph, salesman, 250 Franklin 
Brown Joseph, ship carpenter, 211 Thompson 
Brown Joseph, shoemaker, School, 6tn 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 114 S 4th 
Brown Joseph C, clerk, 416 S Broad 
Brown Joseph D.. gentleman, 433 Arch 
Brown Joseph F., clerk. 2007 Girard a v 
Brown Joseph M., printer. Queen bel 3d 
Brown Joseph X., carpenter, 1209 Palethorp 
Brown Joseph S., dry goods, 13 X 2d, h 824 Sp 

Brown Joseph W., 25 X 7th 

Brown Joseph W., clerk. 249 Market, h 250 Fkl 
Brown Joseph W., trimming store, 609 S 2d, h 

412 Redwood 
Brown Joseph W., plumber. 802 Buttonwood 
Goods, IVhoIcsale and Retail; 




Brown Joshua (c), clothing, 90 S 2d, h 711 Lom- 

Brown Josiah, laborer, X "W Shippen <fc 24:th 

Brown Julia, widow Jacob, washerwoman, r 1036 
Frankford av 

Brown Julia (c), 4 Fox"s ct 

Brown Juliet, widow AVilliam, 1229 Hibberd 

Brown J. C, 334 S 9th 

Brown J. C. (c), hairdresser, 155 N 9th 

Brown J. Johnson, mer. 44 & 46 S Front, h 1716 

Brown J. M., com. mer. 36 S Water, h 633 Vine 

Brown J. Frank, mer. 327 Market, bds Ashland 

Brown J. G., printer, Chestnut ab 4th, h 683 

N nth 

Brown J. T., salesm, 222 S 2d, h 1345 Arch 

Brown Kitty (c), r 1311 Shippen 

Brown, Kunkel & Co. (WilLiani H. Brovjn, C. 

W. Kuiikel, Geo. TV. Hall, If Thomas TV. 

Ackley), manuf. & whols. dealers in men's & 

boys' clothing, 525 Market 
Brown Lavinia, widow James, r 858 Orchard 
Brown Lawrence, weaver, 627 Thompson 
Brown Leizeare, covdw. 627 South 
Brown Lavinia, gentlew. 939 Lombard 
Brown Letitia, widow John L., 221 S 8th 
Brown Lewis, gent. 918 Lawrence 
Brown Lewis, vict. 1563 Palmer 
Brown Lewis, butcher, 63 X 2d st Mkt, h 918 

Brown Louis, grocer, 301 X 3d, h 918 X 6th 
Brown Louis, 526 Marshall 
Brown Lucien, card manuf. 410 Marshall, bds 

Montgomery Hotel 
Brown Lueinda, Miss, boardingh. 18 Fayette 
Brown Lucy (c), washerw, 1808 Seybert 
Brown L., bartender, S E 2d & Tine 
Brown L., carpenter, r 418 Eihl 
Brown Manuel D., grocer, 1309 Christian 
Brown Margaret, widow Bernard, 221 Vaughn 
Brown Margaret, widow Morris, capmaker, 1325 

Brown ilargaret, widow John, Edward ab Adams 
Brown Margaret, trimmings, 402 X 23d 
Brown Margaret, widow George, Mechanic, Myk 
Brown Margaret, 1234 Shippen 
Brown Margaret, storekeeper, 511 Buckley 
Brown Margaret, operator, 1242 Vine, h 1610 

Brown Maria (c), wid Morris, Eev., 726 Shippen 
Brown Maria Mrs., boarding-house, 25 X 7th 
Brown Martha, dealer, stall 63 Callowhill Street 

Market, h 802 Knox 
Brown Martha, widow George TV., 2044 Reeves 
Brown Martin, tavern, 1542 Race 
Brown Mary, widow. 6th ab Montgomery 
Brown Mary, dry goods, 2103 Locust 
Brown Mary, cook, r 1037 Barley 
Brown Mary, widow William, candy, 543 Christian 
Brown Mary, trimmings, 842 X 5th 
Brown Mary, r 952 X 10th 
Brown Mary, widow John, 19 Grape, Myk 
Brown Mary, wid John, 1412 Shippen 
Brown Mary, widow, 1520 Philip 
Brown Mary, widow William, dressmaker, 417 

Brown Mary Ann, 3 Steam Mill al ofif St John 
Brown Matthew, laborer, 2 Moss Rose pi 
Brown Matthew, sailor, 2 Moss Rose pi 
Brown Matthias, machinist, 1345 Wood 
Brown Max, jeweler, 476 N 5th 
Brown Melinda Mrs., b h, 502 Arch 
Brown Mercie E., teacher select school, N E 
Broad and Spg Gdn, 3d story, h 315 Marshall 

Brown Michael, coachman, 9 X Juniper 
Brown Michael, machinist, 752 S 5th 
Brown Michael, blacksmith, 1136 Pearl 
Brown Michael, laborer, 731 Carpenter 
Brown Michael, tavern, 500 Larkin 
Brown Michael, tailor, 1011 Jefferson 
Brown Michael, laborer, 18 Grape, Myk 
Brown Michael, laborer, Ludlow ab Moore 
Brown Michael J., salesman, 30 X 4th, h Wash 

ington ab Fkd av 
Brown Morris, boots, 913 South 
Brown Morris E., 1725 Francis 
Brown Moses, 514 Arch 
I Brown Moses, com. merchant. 111 Chestnut, h 
I Schoolhouse la 

i Brown Moses (c) butcher, 1206 Bedford 
Brown Moses, M. C, 212 Elder 
Brown Mrs., 1125 Jackson 

Brown M., liv. stables, 1718 Cox, h 221 Vaughan 
Brown Xathan, salesman, 525 Market 
Brown Xathan S., dry goods, h 1219 Spruce 
Brown Xathaniel H., 118 Chestnut, h Limekiln 

pike, Gtn 
Brown Xeil, laborer, 904 Atherton ct 
Brown Xeill, driver, 433 Redwood 
Brown Xelly, carman, Whitney 
Brown Xicholas, laborer, X W Harrison and 

Brown Oldref, wood turner, 1629 X 3d 
Brown Patrick, porter, 1^ Ellefs av . 
Brown Patrick, laborer, r 235 Queen 
Brown Patrick, cabman, 9 Dannaker's av 
Brown Patrick, carter, r 2319 Meredith 
Brown Patrick, laborer, Barnwell n South 
Brown Patrick, shoemaker, 864 Charlotte 
Brown Patrick, laborer, X 22d n Arch 
Brown Paul, gentleman, S E Washington and 

Brown Paul, bookkeeper. Corn Exchange Bank, 

h 1913 Filbert 
Brown Paul T., hatter, 437 Wharton 
Brown Peter, basket maker, G T av s of 7th 
Brown Peter, moulder, 503 Richmond 
Brown Peter, brushmaker, 734 Coates 
Brown Peter, marble sawyer, 7 Fowler 
Brown Peter, laborer, r 927 Marshall 
Brown Peter P., M.D. (c), 614 S 13th 
Brown Philip (c), barber, 4 Poplar 
BROWX & PRATT ( TVashington Brou-n 4- Henrtj 

J. Pratt) , boots and shoes, 422 Commerce 
Brown Philip S., notions, 19 X 4th, h 235 S 6th 
Brown P. Ariel, gentleman, 1113 Walnut 
Brown P. W., painter, 115 Jacoby 
Brown Quintus C, grocer, S W 10th and Lom- 
Brown Randolph, laborer, 522 Christian 
Brown Rachel, varietj' store, 914 Coates 
Brown Rebecca, b h, 1321 S 4th 
Brown Rebecca, millinery and trimmings, 848 

X 13th 
Brown Rebecca (c), widow Charles, 816 Carpenter 
Brown Reuben F., dep. naval officer customhouse. 

bds Merchants' Hotel 
Brown Richard, salesman, S W Decatur and 

Market, h 1002 Vine 
Brown Richard, hotel keeper, 1015 Federal 
Brown Richard, barber, 2402 Callowhill, h 2404 

Brown Richard, bricklayer, 730 Medina 
Brown Richard, salesman, Decatur & Market, h 

1002 Vine 
Brown Richard, weaver, 1337 Ridge av 
Brown B-ichard, collector, 435 Wharton 
Brown Richard, knitting goods, S W 15th & Ha- 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Brown Richard H., ship carpenter 1114 Elm 

Brown Robert, cordwainer, 1724 Carver 

Brown Robert, weaver, r 1108 Bedford 

Brown Robert, carpenter, 1610 Helmuth 

Brown Robert, dyer, 1109 N 2d 

Brown Robert, machinist, 2103 Callowhill 

Brown Robert, gasfitter, 2034 Poplar 

Brown Robert, foundryman, Carroll n Fkd av 

Brown Robert, seaman, 716 Mintzer 

Brown Robert, carpenter, 334 S Juniper 

Brown Robert, shoemaker, 1230 Leopard 

Brown Robert, carpenter, 2203 Linn 

Brown Robert, carpenter, 316 Bradford 

Brown Robert, laborer, 1602 Carlton 

Brown Robert, drayman, r'2017 Jones, 

Brown Robert, salesman, Market and 6th, h 1418 

Brown Robert, tailor, 1205 Lentz 
Brown Robert, machinist, 1320 Juniata 
Brown Robert (c), waiter, 1725 Addison 
Brown Robert (c), porter, 5 Robin av 
Brown Robert A., tailor, 419 Market, h Lentz 

ab 12th 
BROWN ROBERT EDEN, attorney-at-law, 517 

Brown Robert jr., machinist, 16th and Spring 

Garden, h 1602 Carlton 
Brown Rosanna, 500 St John 
Brown Roland H. Rev., Ridge av, Ptoxborough 
Brown R. John, ship carpenter, N E Norris and 

Brown Samuel, clerk, 16 Bank, h 503 Noble 
Brown Samuel, pumpmaker, Maiden 1 and Gray's 

Ferry rd 
Brown Samuel, boilermaker, Howard ab Oxford 
Brown Samuel, coachman, r 1521 Jones 
Brown Samuel, engineer, 2034 Poplar 
Brown Samuel, laborer, r 1035 Barley 
Brown Samuel, laborer, 1515 Burton 
Brown Samuel, laborer, Oxford bel 2d 
Brown Samuel, shoemaker, 237 S 12th 
Brown Samuel, straw boy, 32 N 4th, h Boheima pi 
Brown Samuel, M.D., 647 N 10th 
Brown Samuel, police, 1913 Filbert 
Brown Samuel, salesman, N W 3d and Arch, h 

N W c 2d and New 
Brown Samuel, painter. Walker's ct 
Brown Samuel, weaver, 737 S Juniper 
Brown Samuel, salesman, 36 S Water, h 751 

Brown Samuel (c), bootmaker, 923 Shippen 
Brown Samuel (c), brickmaker, r 7 Emeline 
Brown Seymore (c), hairdresser, 611 Ronaldson 
Brown Samuel B., mer. 1434 N 13th 
Brown Samuel B., shoe mnfr. Market n 38th 
Brown Samuel D., drayman, 1310 Hancock 
Brown Samuel Pusey, M.D. 633 N 11th 
Brown Samuel W., druggist, 439 Girard av 
Brown Sarah, wid Joseph, 830 N 5th 
Brown Sarah, wid John, 15 Main, Mynk 
Brown Sarah, Apple n Norris 
Brown Sarah, widow William, groceries, 1435 Sp 

Brown Sarah (c), wid John, 22 Metcalf, Ship- 
pen ab 5th 
Brown Sarah, wid James, 15 Moro 
Brown Sarah A., wid Roger, 1631 Race 
Brown Sarah A., bdg house, Budd n Haverford 
Brown Sarah A., widow John, Penn bel Sellers 
Brown Sarah A. C. Mrs., 1029 Buttonwood 
Brown Sarah Jane, cook, 927 Marshall 
Brown & Seelig {Wilh'am Browji Sf William 

Seelig), blacksmiths, 1103 N 2d 
Brown Susan, cook, 422 Gaskill 
Brown Susan, washer, 9 Gousha 

Gilt Cornices, Baiidst Gimpsj Tn! 

Brown Susan, wid James, 8 Huggin's ct 
Brown Susan H., widow Philip N., 841 Suffolk 
Brown Susan Jane, washerwoman r 927 Marshall 
Brown Susannah, tailoress, 2037 Reeves 
Brown S. Morgan, bedding warehouse, 25 N 2d 
Brown Theodore, printer, 25 N 7th 
Brown Thomas, beamer, 411 S 21st 

blacksmith, 2012 Naudain 
bookkeeper, 707 Market, h 33 

Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 

S 15th 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 
Brown Thomas 

bootfitter, 2409 Goates 
captain, 313 Catharine 
carman, 4 Steam Mill al 
carter, 6th ab Montgomery 
dentist, 204 Coates 
dry goods, 1246 Frankford av 
grocer, 1219 Spruce 
laborer, Trenton av n Adams 
groceries, 511 Cresson 
house carpenter, 1509 Bedford 
ice dealer. White's ct 
laborer, Gray's F Rd bel Federal 
laborer, 2 Tamany ct 
laborer, 1621 Lombard 
laborer, Melvale ab Toronto 
laborer, 1125 Elm 
machinist, 225 Allen 
Brown Thomas, machinist, S E Washington & 

Brown Thomas, merchant, 35 N 11th 
Broom Thomas, morocco case mr, 406 Mellwain 
Brown Thomas, moulder, 1504 Otis 
Brown Thomas, plumber & gasfitter, S W 9th & 

Walnut, h 1823 Spruce 
Brown Thomas, policeman, 2002 Harmstead 
Brown Thomas, policeman, 1650 Sansom 
Brown Thomas, printer, 3 Steam Mill al 
Brown Thomas, (c) seaman, 749 Jessup 
Brown Thomas, sexton, Nicetn la. Laurel Hill 
Brown Thomas, ship carpenter, 1324 Hewston 
Brown Thomas, shipwright, 129 Prime 
Brown Thomas, shoe dealer, 169 Girard av, h 961 

N 7th 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, Leopard n Thompson 
Brown Thomas, shoemaker, 247 Schell 
Brown Thomas, shoe store, 602 S 2d 
Brown Thomas, stove mr, Apple N of Norris 
Brown Thomas, stocking weaver, Frankford av 

ab Cambria 
Brown Tho mas, tailor, 8 Wheat 
Brown Thomas, tailor, 825 S 10th 
Brown Thomas, weaver, 1230 Leopard 
Brown Thomas B., machinist, 627 N 2d 
Brown Thomas G., boots & shoes, 1034 Market, Tji 

36 N nth 
Brown Thomas J., conductor, 1028 Shackamaxon 
Brown Thomas, jr., grocer, 1219 Spruce 
Brown Thomas, jr., tailor, 8 Wheat 
Brown Thomas R., bookkeeper, 1230 N 8th 
Brown Thomas S., clerk, 2106 Wood, h 2100 Mt 

Brown Thomas W., cabinetmaker, 510 Sylvester 
Brown Thomas H., salesman, 329 Market, h 502 

S 2d 
Brown Thornton, salesman, 126 S 2d. h Chestnut H 
Brown Timothy C, bootfitter, 648 Chatham 
Brown Townsend S., dentist, 110 N 11th 
Brown T. Horace, flour & grain com. mer., 237N 

Water & 242 N Del av 
Brown T. Stewart, bookkeeper, 721 Chestnut, h 

123 N 9th 
Brown T. Wistar, com. mer., Ill Chestnut, h 514 

BROWN T. W. & M. (T. Wistar If Moses), com. 
dry goods merchants. Ill Chestnut, up stairs 
sclsj Fringes, and Curtain GootlsJ 




Brown Ulrick, rag dealer, Pulton n Trenton av 

Brown "Valentine, tailor, r 1209 N 5th 

Brown V. P. Mrs., school, 1907 Pine 

Brown Walter, shoemaker, 805 S 9th 

Brown Walter, printer, 134 New 

Brown Walter, painter, 1327 Olive 

Brown Washington, merchant, 422 Commerce, h 

716 N Broad 
Brown Washington, wool, 40 N Front, h 1069 Arch 
Brown Willard S., upholsterer, 218 S 2d, cabinet 

findings, 222 S 2d, h 1345 Arch 
Brown Willis, segarmr, 324 N 21st, h College av 
Brown William, 212 N 17th 
Brown William, 1605 Sansom 
Brown William, 1130 Chestnut 
Brown William, 1418 S Penn Sqiiare 
Brown William, 1635 Locust 
Brown William, baker, 215 N 9th 
Brown William, bartender, 1022 Carpenter 
Brown William, blacksmith, N 2dn Germantn av, 

h 142 Edward 
Brown William, blacksmith, 7 Edwin 
Brown William, blacksmith, 1103 N 2d 
Brown William, boxmaker, 538 Redwood 
Brown William, brushmaker, 1928 Earp 
Brown William, builder, 32d ab Baring 
Brown William, builder, S8 S 19th 
Brown William, cabinetmaker, 1010 S 10th, h Au- 
burn n 10th 
Brown William, carman, 2012 Filbert 
Brown William, clerk, r 315 S Juniper 
Brown William, clerk, 10 Upshur av 
Brown William, clerk, 904 Spring Garden 
Brown William, clerk, 127 Arch 
Brown William, clothing, 700 Market, h 1717 

Brown William, coach trimmer, 922 Percy 
Brown William, coal dealer, wh 18 Port Richm'd 

& 110 M'alnut, h Pottsville 
Brown William 0., commissioner, 638 Fernon 
Brown William, conductor, N W Lehigh av and 

Brown William, cordw., 1112 Elm 
Brown William, dyer, Dauphin E of Amber 
Brown William, engineer, Hancock & Columbia 
Brown William, farmer, 128 Spring Garden Mar- 
ket, h Burlington Co., N J 
Brown William, foreman, 7 Brown's ct 
Brown William, gardener, 19th n Catharine 
Brown William, gent. 623 S Broad 
Brown William, tailor, 526 S 3d 
Brown William, grocer, 707 Market, h 33 S 15th 
Brown William, hairdresser, 1617 Sansom 
Brown William, laborer, 20.32 Murray 
Brown William, laborer, 137 Elfreth's al 
Brown AVilliam, laborer, 750 S 13th 
Brown William, laborer, 1216 Carlisle 
Brown William, machinist, Richmond & Bridge, 

Brown William, M.D., 615 N 10th 
Brown V/^illiam, moulder. Garden ab 37th 
Brown William, paper stainer, 817 S I3th 
Brown William, peddler, 825 South 
Brown William, porter, 3 Hemlock pi 
Brown William, porter, 621 Market 
Brown William, printers' joiner, 1237 S 6th 
Brown William, ropemaker, 1543 Brinton 
Brown William, salesman, 111 N 3d, h 307 New 
Brown William, seaman, S W South & Front 
Brown William, ship carpenter, 911 Columbia av 
Brown William, shoemaker, York n Amber 
Brown William, stocking manuf. 904 N 13th 
Brown William, stonecutter, S E Moyamensing 

av & Washington, h China 
Brown William, undertaker, 504 Spruce 

Brown William, weaver, 1917 South 
Brown William, wheelwright, 1225 Woodbine 
Brown William (c), laborer, r 722 Shippen 
Brown William (c), waiter, 1436 South 
Brown Willis, restaurant, 506 S 7th 
Brown Wilson, 413 S 11th 

BROWN & WOELPPER (BenjamiriH. Broivnli;- 
George Woelpper), lumber merch'ts, c Rich- 
mond & Ash 
Brown W. W. (c), oysters, 333 N 6th 
Brown William H. (c), barber, 406 N 20th, h 1725 

Brown William A., clerk P. 0., 336 Federal 
Brown William A., car agent, 330 Federal 
Brown William B., clerk, 226 S 8th 
Brown William C, clerk, 404 N 23d 
Brown William C, printer, 917 Mt Vernon 
Brown W.& Co. {William B.oivn, C. F. Leeds, J. 
M. Hartley, l^ A. Brown), clothing, 700 Market 
Brown William F., police, 3 Richardson's ct 
Brown William G., victualler, Germantownavopp 

Norris, h 6th & Chatham 
Brown William Henry, butcher, 622 Washing- 
ton av 
Brown William Hobart, draughtsman, 681 N 13th 
Brown William H., bookbinder, 1324 S 3d 
Brown William H., mechanical draughtsman, 527 

N 2d 
Brown William H., merchant, 625 Market 
Brown William H., printer, 1243 Coates 
Brown William H., salesman, 118 Chestnut, h 

C Hill 
Brown William H., surveyor, bds Alleghany H 
Brown William H., jr., clerk 125 S 2d, h C Hill 
Brown William I., Vice Pres. E. Ins. C, 6 Mer. 

Exchange, h Hart 1 n Ridge av 
Brown William J., bootfitter, 1105 Charlotte 
Brown William J., carpenter, 401 N 11th 
Brown William J., clerk, 28 S Front, h 825 S 10th 
Brown William J., clerk, 1635 Locust 
Brown W. & J. ( Wiliiam Brown &f James Brown), 

grocers and tea dealers, 70 7 Market 
Brown William Linn, att'y at law, 218 Walnut, 

h 1907 Pine 
Brown William L., confectioner, 1728 Market 
Brown William P., bricklayer, Buddn Haverford 
Brown William P., laborer, Hedge u Orthodox 
Brown William R., bookkeeper, 007 Market, h 

1832 Spruce 
Brown William S., jeweler, 257 S 16th 
BROWN WILLIAM S., office St Bk Camden, 212 

Church al 
Brown William Y., shoemaker, 1036 Leithgow 
Brown Zebedee, measurer, 1111 Ohio 
Brownback Lewis, grocer, Lancaster av n N 40th 
Browne Alexander, gent. 1621 N 8th 
Browne George B., gent. 1230 Spring Garden 
Browne J. W., stove polish, 161 S Front, h 7th 

ab Market 
Browne Leon, salesman, 721 Market 
BROWNE NATHANIEL B., postmaster. Spruce 

n 40th 
Browne Peter A., 1230 Spring Garden 
Browne Samuel, gent. 1117 Callowhill 
Browne Sidney 11., 1230 Spring Garden 
Browne Wiliiaip C, com. mer. 226 N Broad, h 

132S Vine 
Brownell Elijah F., timekeeper Green & Coates 

St R R, 642 N 23d 
Brownell George, coppersmith, 311 N 22d 
Brownell John, laborer. Darby bel Walnut 
Brownell Oliver, coal dealer, Garden opp Church, 

Brownfield Samuel M., salesman, 403 Market, h 
257 N 2d 

Pntten'g, G30 Chestnut Street. 




Brownliolt Joseph, coal, Gtn av bel Penn 
Brownholt Sylvester, elk. Gtn av ab Bringhurst 
Brownholts Charles, 528 S 2d 
Brownholts J. & C. {Joseph ^ Charles), boots & 

shoes, 528 S 2d 
Brownholts William, gent. Gtn av op Hartwell av 
Brownholtz John R., lime dealer, S W 9th and 

Wallace, h Tioga and N 18th 
BROWNING & BROTHERS {Ge?ize, Maurice, 

Charles If Edward Browning) , dyes, &c. 30 N 

Browning Charles, dyes, &c. 30 N Front, h N E 

Spring Garden and 13th 
Browning Edward, dyes, &c. 30 N Front, h 211 

S Broad 
Browning Genze, dyes, <fce. 30 N Front, h S W 

Market and 5th, Camden 
Browning John, brakesman, Otis W of Carroll 
Browning John, carder, 2220 Linn 
Browning Mary A., wid Thomas, Linden, Gtn 
Browning Maurice, dyes, &c. 30 N Front, h 

Cooper, Camden 
Browning Robert S., machinist, Cherry n Mar- 

Browning Seth H., plasterer, 401 Federal 
Browning William, packer, 412 Commerce, h 1415 

Gtn av 
Browning William, carder, 1837 Lombard 
Brownlee Robert, tailor, 1011 Market 
Brozeskei Andrew, dyer, Gtn av bel Haines 
Brubaker John, dealer, 1025 Market 
Bruce Andrew, carpenter, 2105 Callowhill 
Bruce Caroline, wid Thomas, Walnut ab 36th 
Bruce Celia (c), seamstress, 609 Ronaldson 
Bruce Daniel (c), waiter, 65 Eaken's pi 
Bruce George, tobacconist, 1246 S Front 
Bruce John, porter, 237 Chestnut, h 43^ S 2d 
Bruce John I., roofer, 9th and Girard av. h 803 

Bruce Joseph, bricklayer, 213 Jarvis 
Bruce Joseph, shoemaker, 210 Buttonwood 
Bruce Levis, engineer, Lancaster av ab 36th 
Bruce Luke (c), waiter, 609 Barclay 
Bruce Matthew, tanner, 107 Chenango 
Bruce Matthew W., carpenter, 406 Wharton 
Bruce Robert, engineer, 720 Noble 
Bruce Susan, 32 S 12th 

Bruce William, gardener, Fkd av n Lehigh av 
Bruce William, baker, 127 Wharton 
Bruck L., clerk, 224 N Juniper 
Brucker Jacob, carriage painter, Dauphin and 

Brucker William, shoemaker, 1650 Mervine 
Bruckner August, bookkeeper, 55 N 3d, h 156 

Bruder Albert, clerk, 42 N 6th 
Bruder Edward, watchmaker, 42 N 6th 
BRUDER GEORGE, bootmaker, 42 N 6th 
Bruder Jacob, tailor, 1741 N 3d 
Bruder Nicholas, cabinetmaker, 811 Callowhill 
Brudun Joseph B., carpenter, r 832 Carpenter 
Brueks John, hotel, 311 Monroe 
Bruen Edward B., Rev. 1531 Chestnut 
Bruen James, 1531 Chestnut 
Bruer Henry, tailor, Apple N of Diamond 
Brueschardt Caspar, laborer, Ridge av n Glen- 
wood Cemetery 
Bruey Alves, beamer. Summer, Rxb 
Bruff Amie, widow James, 227 Schell 
Bruggeman Louis, upholsterer, 69 N 2d, h 321 N 

Bruggier John, shoemaker, 824 Auburn 
Brukbeek Christian, brushmaker, 6 Cadwalader 

bel Montgomery 
Brulte Pierre, printer, 728 Guilford 

Pnttcn'a, 630 Chestnut S 

Brumaker Andrew, hotel, 1546 Callowhill 
Brumaker William, plasterer, 611 N 12th 
Brumbach Adam, tinsmith, r 1207 Leithgow 
Brumble William, waterman, 536 Beach 
Brumer David, clerk, 519 Dillwyn 
Brumer John S., cooper, r 832 St John 
Brumley R. W. C, burning fluid, 104 Almond 
Brummer Abram, merchant, 126 N 3d, h 409 N 

Brummer A. & Bro. (Abrain Brummer Sf Bar- 
nard Brummer), wholesale clothiers, 126 N 3d 
Brummer Barnard, merchant, 126 N 3d, h 125 

Brummer Herman, clothing cutter, 107 N 3d, h 

160 Dana 
Brumner Isaac, druggist, 135 Holmes al 
Brumner John, restaurant, 135 Holmes al 
Brundage Susan, wid Swain, 103 Christian 
Brundenstein George, shoemaker, 921 Alder 
Brunell Mary, widow Andrew, dry goods, 1344 

Columbia av 
Bruner A. L., 479 St John 
Bruner B. R., engineer, 1115 Girard av 
Bruner Charles, blacksmith. Main, Hbg 
Bruner Charles A., provision dealer, 479 St John 
Bruner Charles E., provision dealer, 192 Spring 

Garden Market, h 479* St John 
Bruner Daniel A., bookbinder, 128 Brown 
Bruner David, salesman, 118 N 3d, h 519 Dillwyn 
Bruner Edward, dyer, 115 Callowhill 
Bruner Frederick B., saddler, 1536 N 11th 
Bruner George F., painter, 128 Brown 
Bruner H., gentleman, 953 N 4th 
Bruner H. Naglee, manufacturer; Bridge bel 

Bruner James P., manufacturer. Bridge bel 36th 
Bruner John, weaver, Philip ab Columbia 
Bruner John K., timekeeper, 1535 N 11th 
Bruner Maria, widow John, 1214 Poplar 
Bruner Philip H., ladies" cordwainer, 128 Brown 
Bruner William, gentleman, 943 N 4th 
Bruner William H., salesman, 921 N Del av, h 

479 St John 
Brunet Charles, shoemaker, 1209 Howard 
Brunett Andrew, gentleman, 1608 Sansom 
Brung John, tailor, Sower's ct 
Brungraver John, machinist, r 1313 Ogden 
Brunk George, weaver, r 2 Wheat 
Brunk Michael, ragdealer, r 432 Belgrade 
Brunner Abraham, watchman U. S. Mint, h 1016 

Brunner Debora, widow M., 521 Dillwyn 
Brunner E., shoemaker. Levering bel AYood, Myk 
Brunner George W., student at law, 503 Spruce 
Brunner Henry, ladies' shoemaker, 503 Spruce 
Brunner Henry B., tavern, Gtn av opp R R Depot 
Brunner Henry N., woollen manuf. 23d & Hamil- 
ton, h Bridge ab 36th 
Brunner John M., patternmaker, 9 Bowers 
Brunner Joseph S., plasterer, 1418 Coates 
Brunner Justus S., brassturner, 9 Bowers 
Brunner Mary, widow George, 1418 Coates 
Brunon Felix, M.D., apothecary, 409 Callowhill, 

h 999 Randolph 
Bruns John, hotel, Columbia av n 39th 
Brunswick R., jeweler, 605 N 2d 
Brunt John, clerk, S W Walnut & 9th, h 1220 

Brunt John, gentleman, 813 S 13th 
Brunt Robert, painter, 752 S 13th 
Brunton James, packer, 1 Miller's av 
BRUREIN & CO. (Francis Brurein 6r James W. 

Rorldo?i), jevrelers, 336 Chestnut 
Brurein Francis, jeweler, 335 Chestnut, h 31 

Franklin pi 
treett Window Shades^ 




Bruscier John, perfumer, 7 Pennsylvania av 
Brush Amele, bookbinder, 3 Goujon's pi 
Brush Jesse, gents furnishing, 137 N 9th 
Brush Jesse A., salesman, 117 N 4th, h 137 N 9th 
Brush John J. D., machinist, 462 Allen 
Brushman Charles, tobacconist, 935 S 2d 
Bruss Jacob, driver, Gtn av bel Girard av 
Brassier Madame (c), boarding house, 818 South 
Brusstar Ann, widow Samuel, 931 Spring Garden 
Brusstar George H., confectioner and baker, 931 

Spring Garden 
Brusstar Rebecca, dry goods, 933 Spring Garden 
Brustle Jacob, lager beer, 1434 Gtn av 
Brutesman Henry, segarmaker, 28 George 
Brutesman Samuel, segarmaker, 28 George 
Bruton Charles, salesman, N W 12th & Chestnut, 

h 1133 Division 
Bruton Henry C, clerk, 1133 Division 
Bruton John T., clerk, 310 Walnut, h Wissa- 

hickon av, Gtn 
Bryan Abraham L. (c), hairdresser, 305 Harmony, 

h 937 Rodman 
Bryan Abram, barber, 937 Rodman 
Bryan Alexander (c), mariner, Gulielma n 15th 
Bryan Anna, tailoress, 6th S of Meetler 
Bryan Annie, widow Charles, 1822 Delancey pi 
Bryan Edward, painter, 905 N 9th 
Bryan Edward H., clerk, 1126 Girard 
Bryan Edwin H., bookkeeper, 1126 Girard 
Bryan Eliza, widow Thomas, 4 Dornan's ct 
Bryan George, foreman. Market ab 8th, h 1114 

Bryan G. K., cutter, 822 Market, h 1114 Citron 
Bryan Hugh, carter, r 1229 Thurlow 
Bryan H. F., att'y at law, 132 S 4th, h 647 N 12th 
Bryan Jacob E., merchant, 250 & 252 N Broad, h 

1130 Mt Vernon 
BRYAN JAMES, M.D., 1306 Walnut 
Bryan James, blacksmith, Orr bel Wylie 
Bryan James L., salesman, 313 Market, h 11th 

& Hunter 
Bryan Jas. S., salesman, 203 Market, h 918 S 3d 
Bryan James W., salesman, 622 Market, h 710 

Bryan John, cabinetmaker, 332 Dean 
Bryan John, driver, 6th N of Meetler 
Bryan John, moulder, 908 Lafayette 
Bryan John, painter, 433 Magnolia 
Bryan Johi , turner, 110 Wharton 
Bryan John (c), laborer, r 827 Lawrence 
Bryan John G., clerk, 109 N 9th, h 1130 Mt 

Bryan Joseph R., M.D., 1124 Green 
Bryan Josiah, mer., 250 & 252 N Broad, h 1130 

Mt Vernon 
Bryan Josiah & Co. (Josir/h Brya.7i ^ David Shel- 

TTiire), commission mer., 260 & 252 N Broad 
Bryan J. Hervey, atty. at law, 142 S 6th, h 647 

N 12th 
Bryan Maholen, salesman, 303 & 305 Chestnut, h 

1126 Girard st 
Bryan Mary, wid. of Jolin, 1810 Penna av 
Bryan Richard, laborer, h 1827 South 
Bryan Robert, carpet weuver, 412 N 24th 
Bryan Samuel, dyer, 209 Jefferson 
Bryan Samuel, laborer, Worrell n Tacony 
Bryan Samuel, jr., machinist, Worrell n Tacony 
Bryan Thomas, cordw., r 420 Christian 
Bryan Thomas, tavern, 241 S Water 
Bryan Thomas P., shoemaker, AVayne ab Mt Ver- 
non, h 929 Toy 
Bryan Timothy M., mer , 226 Madison 
Bryan Walker (c), mariner, h Gulielma n 15th 
Bryan William, farmer, stall 567 Farmers' Market 
Bryan William, drayman, Selfridge bel Shippen 

Bryan William, porter, 636 Filbert 

Bryan William L., printer, 1311 Buttonwood 

Bryan William S., notions, 107 & 109 N 9th, h 

1130 Mt Vernon 
Bryand James, 222 N 11th 
Bryand John J., grocery store, 222 N 11th 
Bryant Charles (c), laborer, 418 Lynd 
Bryant Charles A., clerk Recorder's office, 2039 

Bryant Clara (c), N 6th ab Dauphin 
Bryant Elizabeth Miss, ladies' hair dresser, 25 

N 13th 
Bryant Isaac C, tax collector, 529 N 13th 
Bryant Isaac C, jr., carpenter, 529 N 13th 
Bryant Jacob (c), laborer, 418 Lynd 
Bryant John, clerk, h 2035 Winter 
Bryant John, salesman, 133 N 3d, h 516 Race 
Bryant John (c), laborer, 418 Lynd 
Bryant John D., M.D., 45 N 17th 
Bryant John G., ticket agent, 424 AValnut, h 450 

N Front 
Bryant John H., clerk, 236 Federal 
Bryant Mary, widow of John, tailoress, 962 New 

Bryant Richard (c), brickmaker, 418 Lynd 
Bryant & Stratton (H. B. Bryant &f II. D. Strat- 

tov), Mercantile College, S E Chestnut & 7th 
Bryant Thomas, bar tender, r 339 Griscom 
Bryant AVilliam, carpet weaver, 420 S 4th 
Bryant William, carpet weaver, 1314 Cherry 
Bryant William C, druggist, 529 N 13th 
Bryant William L., laborer, 762 N 22d 
Bryant W. H., upholsterer, 1008 Goshen av 
Bryden J., 1458 Cherry 
Bryens Rosobrough, hotel, 337 Christian 
Bryerly Matthew, spinner, Columbia bel 2d 
Bryly William, carpenter, Front bel Chatham 
Bryn Patrick, shoemaker, 714 S Front 
Brynan Charles P., 312 Crown 
Brynan Edward, acct. 230 Lombard 
Brynan John, engraver, 230 Lombard 
Brynan Mary, wid. of John, 230 Lombard 
Bryner Martin, cordwainer, 541 Girard av 
Bryning Frederick, sheetiron worker, 305 N 2d 
Bryon John, salesman, 516 Race 
Bryons William, 835 Market 
Brysan John, carter, h Montrose n 17th 
Brysan AVilliam, weaver, h 1930 Naudain 
Brysoline A., shoemaker, 1 Ashbury 
Bryson Alexander C, compositor, 2 N Cth, h 1223 

Bryson Anna Miss, milliner, 36 S 16th 
Bryson Hugh, shoemaker, Wayne ab Mt Vernon, 

h 927 Gilbert 
Bryson James, carter, r 929 Noble 
Bryson James, laborer, 2517 Pine 
Bryson Jamer, laborer, 1637 Richard 
Bryson James, laborer, 28 Otter 
Bryson James, weaver, 718 Lindsay 
BRYSON JAMES H., printer & publisher, 2N 

6th, h 122 N 17th 
Bryson John, coachman, r 1222 Canby 
Bryson John B., compos'r, 2 N 6th, h 1203 Davy 
Bryson Joseph 11., clerk, 2 N 6th, bds Union 

Hotel, Arch ab 3d 
Bryson Michael, dealer, 1021 Milton 
Bryson Peter, laborer, 2517 Pine 
Bryson Thomas, cordwainer, 1110 S Front 
Bryson William, coachman, 1630 llulmuth 
Bryson William, shoemaker, 730 Jamison 
Buardsall James, dyer, Buckius n Frankford av 
Bub William, baker, 849 N 13th 
Bubeck John, baker, 121 Coatos 
Bubeck William, shoemaker, 1115 Hope 
Bucannan James, laborer, 1304 Kates 

Curtains, and Upholstery Goods, Wholesale niid Retail* 





Buch B. M., manuf. stage goods, 135 Laurel 
Buch Henry, butcher, Carroll n Frankford av 
Buch Henry, cardriver, Frankford av n Huntin'n 
Buch Jacob, musician, 822 Noble 
Buch Joseph N., shirts and collars, 217 Church 

al, h 1308 Horstmann 
Buchanan Abraham C, salesman, 508 Market, 

bds States Union Hotel 
Buchaman Alexander, carpenter, Germantown av 

ab Wistar 
Buchanan Anne P. Miss, teacher, 1618 Poplar 
Buchanan Archibald, farmer, 1728 Burton 
Buchanan A. C, horsedealer, Market n 39th 
Buchanan David, laborer, 1 Kinley's ct 
Buchanan Edward, blacksmith, Miller bel Wistar 
Buchanan Edward, dentist, 734 S 5th 
Buchanan Frederick, bootmaker, 716 Filbert 
Buchanan George, 513 S Juniper 
Buchanan George, hatter, 315 Market, h 1623 

Buchanan George A., blacksmh, Ann n Emerald 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterer, 241 Catharine 
Buchanan Isaac, brickmaker, 1732 Addison 
Buchanan James, brickmaker, 203 Dean 
Buchanan James, lab, Edgemont n Cumberland 
Buchanan James, brickmaker, 1832 Lombard 
Buchanan James, jr., attorney at law, 135 S 5th 
Buchanan James, jr., calico print, 2305 Meredith 
Buchanan James, carpenter, 419 S 16th 
Buchanan James, dyer, 1328 Rodman 
Buchanan James, jr., engineer, 1832 Lombard 
Buchanan James, sr., grocer, Haverford ab 35th 
Buchanan James, laborer, 1619 Carver 
Buchanan James, laborer, 2305 Meredith 
Buchanan James, laborer, 1832 Naudain 
Buchanan James, printer, 511 Catharine 
Buchanan James, salesman, 129, h 1011 Market 
Buchanan James, weaver, 1334 Crease 
Buchanan James, weaver, 1325 Savery 
Buchanan Jane, widow of Alexander, 710 S 16th 
Buchanan John, druggist, 621 Spring Garden, h 

527 N 7th 
Buchanan John, laborer, Fisher c Emory 
Buchanan John, laborer, 8 Gadsly pi 
Buchanan John, laborer. 1620 Lombard 
Buchanan John, laborer, Miller bel Wister 
Buchanan John, sr., lab, 223 Arch, h 23 N 5th 
Buchanan John, M.D., 1833 Callowhill 
Buchanan John, Mulberry, Myk 
Buchanan John, policeman, 1708 Burton 
Buchanan John, wheelwright, 3d & Buttonwood, 

h 317 18th 
Buchanan Matilda, steamstress, 213 Dean 
Buchanan Moses, weaver, 1325 Savery 
Buchanan Patrick, shoemaker, 2106 Fairfield 
Buchanan Philip (c), variety store, 621 Lombard 
Buchanan Eachel, 203 Dean 
Buchanan llichard, bonnetpresser, 318 Laurel 
BUCHANAN RICHARD, grocer, 314 S 2d 
Buchanan Pv,obert, Market n 39th 
Buchanan Robert, bartender, 80 Penn 
Buchanan Robert, machinist, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan Robert, optician, 605 S Juniper 
Buchanan Robert, tailor, 1302 S 13th 
Buchanan Robert, trader, 5th N of Susqueh'a av 
Buchanan Robert, waterman. Button ab Reed 
Buchanan R. G., paper, 6 Decatur, h 710 S 16th 
Buchanan vSamuel, laborer, 1511 South 
Buchanan Sarah P. Mrs., teacher of music, 1618 

Buchanan Thomas, engraver, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan Thomas, lime, 24th & Wood, h 1727 

Buchanan Thomas A., clerk, S W 10th & Coates 
Buchanan Waters (c), 621 Lombard 
LiACC, Musliit) JDaiitiisk, Uiucatelie) mid 

Buchanan William, dyer, 722 Lloyd 
Buchanan AVilliam, jr., la.borer, 722 Lloyd 
Buchanan William, laborer, 1832 Naudain 
Buchanan William, laborer, Salmon n Emory 
Buchanan William, laborer, 1729 Wood 
Buchanan William, moulder, 1219 Callowhill, h 

1729 Wood 
Buchanan William, weaver. Emerald n Bitterly 
Buchanan William, weaver. Miller bel Wister 
Buchanan William (c), porter, r 1231 Shippen 
BUCHANAN AVILLIAM F., drugs & chemicals, 

N E 18th & Lombard 
Buchannan Edward, machinist, 618 Carpenter 
Buchannan Francis, grocer, S E Cadwalader and 

Buchannan George, sexton, 1452 Cherry 
Buchannan Isaac, blacksmith, 421 AVorth 
Buchannan John, 11 Main, Manayunk 
Buchannan John, lab. James, Falls Schuylkill 
Buchannan Mrs., grocery, 618 Carpenter 
Buchannan Robert, porter, 513 Powell 
Buchannan Thaddeus, 1452 Cherry 
Buchannan Thomas, grocer, Levering, Myk 
Buchannan William, carpenter, 618 Carpenter 
Buchburn Philip, shoemaker, 803 N 4th 
Buchel John, laborer, 1331 N 17th 
Bucher Isaac, salesman, 36 N4th, h213Lybrand 
Bucher John, blacksmith, 1232 Hope 
Buchman Stephen, salesman, 803 N 4th 
Buchnan Rebecca, 1912 Cuthbert 
Buchner George, musician, 4 r 1305 Coates 
Buchner Frederick, shoemaker, 1434 S 2d 
Buchner Jacob, carpetweaver, 922 Coates 
Buchner John, dealer, r 916 N 3d 
Buchwald Joanna, widow John, 945 N 4th 
Buck A., roller, 1423 Vienna 
Buch Adam, watchman, 506 St John 
Buck Agnes (c), cook, 721 Lombard 
Buck Ann, tailoress, 834 S Front 
Buck Annie (c), tailoress, r 1039 South 
Buck Augustine, salesman, 149 AVillow, h 1623 

Buck Caroline Mrs,, widow, 21 N 11th 
Buck Charles, locksmith, 127 Race 
Buck Charles (c), laborer, 3 McKee's av 
Buck Chauncey, gentleman, 1211 Market 
Buck Daniel, furniture, 337 N 2d, h 948 Hutch- 
Buck-Daniel, lumber dealer, N 5th n Jefferson, h 

Hutchinson n Girard av 
Buck Daniel, cabinet maker, 333 N Front 
Buck Daniel H., conveyancer, 1211 Market 
Buck D. & Bros. {Daniel ^ James Buck) , lumber 

yard, N 5th n Jefferson 
Buck Daniel H., conveyancer, 1211 Market 
Buck Eliza, 229 Lybrand 

Buck Erastus, tinsmith, 10th Sansom, h 229 Ly- 
Buck Foster, machinist, r 1026 S 2d 
Buck Francis, baker, 805 Fitzwater 
Buck Frederick, engineer, 1422 N Front 
Buck Frederick J., M.D., 1139 Pino 
Buck George, barber, 2339 Hamilton 
Buck George, blacksmith, 1224 Hopie 
Buck George, carpenter, 1231 Palethorp 
Buck George, dealer, stalls 14 and 16 Girard 

Market, h 1129 Charlotte 
Buck George, salesman, 1422 N Front 
Buck George, shoemaker, 434 St John 
Buck George C, packer, 505 Market 
Buck George L., prod, dealer, r 812 E Thompson 
Buck George W., boilermaker. Peel n Vanhorn 
Buck Hartwell T., clerk, 1211 Market 
Buck Horatio B., M.D., Bustleton pike, Bin 
Buck Howard, 245 N 9th 
Diitpeiy Curtains, of every descriptiou; 




Buck Hugh, gent. 526 Shippen 

Buck Hugh, carter, 533 S ]2th 

Buck Isaac, baker, 912 Nectarine 

Buck Jacob, carpenter, Nicetown 

Buck Jacob, stoves, 1328 Gerraantown av, h 1437 
N 5th 

Buck James, lumber dealer, N 5th n Jeiferson, h 
721 Oxford 

Buck James, tavern, S W Crown and Vine 

Buck Jerome A., clerk, U9 Willow, h 1623 Wal- 

Buck John, conductor, 1207 N 2d 

Buck John, conduct. Fraukford rd n Huntingdon 

Buck John, waterman, 42 Moore 

Buck John B., police officer, 975 Leithgow 

Buck John v., tin & japanned ware, 1211 Market 

Buck Joseph, agent, 134 Carpenter 

Buck Joseph F., salesman, 253 Market, h 716 

Buck J., 320 S 11th 

Buck Leonard, tavern, 401 N Front 

Buck Levi, seaman, Ohio E 12th 

Buck Lott, clothier, N E c 2d and Union, h 321 

Buck Margaret, widow Joel, 934 N 4th 

Buck Mary Mrs., wid Jeremiah, 1032 Parker 

Buck Mary A., widow Joseph, 1443 Vienna 

Buck Mountain Coal Co., 320 Walnut 

Buck Nicholas, baker, N E German & Passyunk rd 

Buck Philip, painter, 1413 Rye 

Buck Richard, carpenter, 1127 Melon, h Vernon 

ab 10th 
Buck Robert, carter, 523 S 12th 
Buck Roswell, clerk, h 229 Lybrand 
Buck R. Gamble, hatter, 821 S 5th 
Buck Samuel, carter, 523 S 12th 
Buck Samuel, morocco manufactory, 149 Willow 

h 1623 Wallace 
Buck Samuel F., painter, 13 Knights' ct 
Buck Sarah Mrs . 10 Ridley av 
Buck Misses The, ladies seminary, 1417 Spruce 
Buck Theodore, cordwainer, 608 Peach 
Buck Thomas, bottler, 3 Craigs' av 
Buck Thomas, weaver, Orchard n Church 
Buck Walter, tinsmith, 219 Lybrand 
Buck William, bookkeeper, 229 Lybrand 
Buck William, butcher, Philip bel Columbia 
Buck William, carter, 523 S 12th 
Buck William, gentleman, 942 N 4th 
Buck William, victualler, 1231 Palethorp 
Buck William B., dry goods, 257 Market, h 1531 

Buck William II., driver, 6 Osbeek pi 
Buck William H., car driver, 1113 Carlton 
Buck William H., carpenter, Melon bel ]2th, h 

1011 Vernon 
Buck William J., clerk, 821 Cherry, h 146 N 

Buckby James D., bricklayer, 1256 N lOth 
Buckby Richard R., brassmoulder, 1256 N 10th 
Buckelsmier Charles, laborer, Mifflin, Falls Sch 
Buckenhurs Henry, baker, Gcrm;iutown av ab 

Mermaid lane 
Bucke Nicholas, dealer, N E German & Passyunk 

Bucker Frederick, sugar refiner, 462 St John 
Bucker Samuel (c), laborer, 246 Raspberry 
Buckhes Christopher, sadler, 232 S 4th 
Bucking Frederick, machinist, Main, Myk 
Buckingham F. L., dentist, 243 N 9th 
Buckingham George A., tinwaj'o manufacturer, 

735 Market, h 331 Green 
Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 116 S 4th 
Buckingham James R., carpenter, 1011 Hunter, 
h 610 N nth 

Mary, widow John, Galloway n 


Buckingham Thomas, plasterer. Baker, Myk 
Buckingham W. H., tailor, 116 S 4th 
Buckis Lewis, saddler, Market n 39th 
Buckius Fras., butcher, Frankford av n Point av 
Buckius Josephine, widow Frederick, dry goods, 

163 Frankford 
Buckius Peter H., butcher, Fkd av n Point av 
Buckius Peter T., butcher, S E Fkd & Church 
Buckius Susan, widow Peter, Tackawannan Gill- 

Buckius Thomas G., butcher, Tackawannan Gill- 

Buckius William, carpenter, 633 Paul 
Buckler Frederick, baker, 1633 Lombard 
Bucklet Frederick, tailor, r 1409 Perth 
Buckley Alfred, carder, 1331 Earl 
Buckley Andrew, weaver, 1236 Fulton 
Buckley Arnold, hatter, 538 Linden 
Buckley Bridget, widow, (,07 N 25th 
Buckley Charles, brassmoulder, 923 Hutchinson 
Buckley Charles, hatter, 2507 Hamilton 
Buckley Clement A., 1305 Spruce 
Buckley Charles C, brass founder, 922 Vine, h 

1606 Thompson 
Buckley Cornelius, carpenter, Stocker n Wash- 
ington av 
Buckley D. Penrose, att'y at law, 619 Walnut, 

h 1305 Spruce 
Buckley Edward, collector, 1127 Day 
BUCKLEY EDWARD S.,Gray's Ferry boiler iron 
works r Gray's Ferry av n Schuylkill river & r 
230 Walnut, h 308 S 10th 
Buckley Edwin, coach trimmer, Otis n Memphis 
Buckley Edwin, salesman, 1024 Mechanics 
Buckley Ellen, widow Edward, 305 Iseminger 
Buckley Elizabeth, stationery. Market n 39th 
Buckley Francis, engineer, Norris E Mascher 
Buckley Frank, engineer, S W Leithgow & Canal 
Buckley Frank, forks, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Buckley George, machinist, Holman n York 
Buckley Hannah, widow Edward, 1236 Catharine 
Buckley Henry, carpenter, 1916 Howell 
Buckley Henry, weaver, S E Philip & Columbia av 
Buckley Henry V., silver chaser, Otis n Memphis 
Buckley James, brickmaker, 1916 Howell 
Buckley James, carter, Sloan n Pratt 
Buckley James, dyer, Mifflin, Falls Schuylkill 
Buckley James, hatter, 93 Frankford 
Buckley James, jr., hatter, 206 Frankford 
Buckley James, waste dealer, Otis n Memphis 
Buckley James, weaver. Miller bel Wister 
Buckley John, brakesman, Somerset & Belgrade 
Buckley John, butcher, 1236 Catharine 
Buckley John, laborer, 2 Crooked pi 
Buckley John (c), laborer. North n 72d 
Buckley John, merchant, 328 N 11 th 
Buckley John, stationer, 1715 South 
Buckley John, stonecutter, S W Market & 43d 
Buckley Joel, weaver, Huntingdon n Mascher 
Buckley Lydia, milliner, 1916 Howell 
Buckley Mary B. Mrs., b. h., 245 N 2d 
Buckley Mary Jane, twister, Blair S of Otis 
Buckley Michael, laborer, 902 Beach 
Buckley Michael, laborer, 2111 Wallace 
Buckley Michael, watch'n, Salmon ab Reading av 
Buckley Owen, laborer, 6 Levant 
Buckley Patrick, brakeman, Somerset & Belgrade 
Buckley Patrick, harnessmakcr, 1014 Jefferson 
Buckley Penrose, attorney-at-la w, Walnut, h 

1305 Spruce 
Buckley Sarah, Lancaster av n N 40th 
BUCKLEY & SOMERS (Jo/u/. Buckley tV Iluud 
S. So/ncrs), salt, 40 N Del av 
Patten's, G30 Chestnut Street. 




Buckley Timothy, hatter, 8 S 16th, h 1504 State 
Buckley Thomas, carpenter, 701 S 17th 
Buckley Thomas, spinner, S E Philip & Columbia 

Buckley Thomas, tinsmith, 912 Asterton 
Buckley Travis, laborer, S E Frankford & Tacony 
Buckley William, 328 N 11th 
Buckley William, eating stand, S E 7th & Mar- 
ket, h 4 Nonnater's ct 
Buckley William, forger, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Buckley William, hatter, 538 Linden 
Buckley William, laborer, 1012 Jefferson 
Buckley William, laborer. Sorrel n Melvale 
Bucklew Richard, waterman, 21 Brown 
Buckly James W., brickmaker, 928 S 12th 
Buckly Titus, cordwainer, 928 S 12th 
Buckman Abraham, storekeeper, Mechanicsville 
Buckman Benjamin, carpenter, 237 Queen 
Buckman Charles, mechanic, Mechanicsville 
Buckman Cornelius, printer, 1166 N 4th 
Buckman Edmund, M.D., Byberry & Bensalem, 

Buckman Edward, salesman, 859 N 13th 
Buckman George, dry goods, 54 S Front 
Buckman Girard, publisher, 23 N 6th, bds Ash- 
land House 
Buckman James, farmer, Byberry & Bensalem, 

pike, Knightsville 
Buckman Robert, conveyancer, 50 N 5th, h 647 

Buckman Sarah, boarding house, 921 Filbert 
Buckman William, salesman, 859 N 13th 
Buckman William M., bookkeeper, S W 9th & 

Jefferson, h 1609 N 12th 
Buckmaster E., waterman, 515 N Front 
Buckmire John, laborer. Falls Schuylkill 
Bucknell Joseph, missionary, 1445 N 8th 
Bueknell Washington, flourdealer, 1445 N 8th, h 

1128 Girard av 
BUCKNELL WILLIAM, gent., 424-^ Walnut, h 

1631 Walnut 
Bucknell William, bricklayer, 1445 N 8th 
Bucknor A. J., tobacco, 37 N Water, h 280 S 3d 
Bucknor A. J., jr., tobacco, 37 N Water h 280 

S 3d 
Bucknor Frederica, widow Frederick, lager beer, 

611 N 3d 
BUCKNOR, McCAMMON & .CO. (A. J. Buck- 
nor, D. C. McCammoii, Thomas W. Wood- 
ward ^ A. J. Biwliior, jr.), tobacco, 37 N 
Bucknor Wellimena, cooper, S Morris 
Buekrus Andrew J., clerk, S W Fkd & Foulkrod 
Buckrus John, carpenter, S W Fkd & Foulkrod 
Buekrus Peter C, butcher, Kensington av n 

Buckrus William, butcher, Fkd rd n Point rd 
Buckrus William H., carpenter, S W Fkd rd & 

Buckson James M., sailor, 700 Federal 
Buckston Josiah, custom house, 1622 Lombard 
Euckston Maria, 1707 Addison 
Buckus Ison, printer, 806 New Market 
Buckwalter Bernard, 9th & Arch 
Buckwalter Charles, student-at-law, 204 S 5th, h 

6.34 N 7th 
Buckwalter David, merchant, 634 N 7th 
Buckwalter Hiram W., tin & sheet iron worker, 

1317 Market, h 220 N Juniper 
Buckwalter Isaac, restaurant, N E 9th & Arch, h 

823 N 10th 
Buckwalter Joseph, carpenter, 1808 Ridge av 
Buckwalter Lewis, machinist, 335 N 13th 
Buckwalter Mary, wid. Jacob, b. h., 335 N 13th 
Window Shades tiutl Curtttin 

Buckwalter Reuben, paper mer., 607 Minor, h 

945 Randolph ' 

BUDD & COMLY {Henry Biidd 6r Seth I. Com- 

ly), flour factors & com. mer., 238 & 240 N 

Del av 
Budd Francis, clerk, 9 Bank, h 503 N 7th 
Budd George, dyer, S W Leithgow & Canal 
Budd George B., fuller, 1421 Vienna 
Budd Henry, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd Henry, prest. N. L. Gas Co. Laurel n N 

Front, & flour, 238 N Del av, h 503 N 7th 
Budd Henry G., clerk. Laurel n N Front, h 445 

Budd H & S. {Henry Budd, Samuel Budd), loc'k- 

smiths, 33 Strawberry 
Budd Isaac, bricklayer, 1717 Pine 
Budd Isaac, gas business, 263 N 9th 
Budd Isaac D., sec. & treas. N. L. Gas Co. Laurel 

n N Front, h 263 N 9th 
Budd James M., clerk, 26 S Del av, h 212 W 

Washington sq 
Budd John, bricklayer, 1127 Leon 
Budd John, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd John M. D., 1317 Spruce 

Budd John B., mer, 129 Walnut, h 1317 Spruce 

Budd John K., housepainter, 403 Walnut, h 808 

Budd Joseph, com. mereht. 204 & 208 N Del av, 

h 863 Marshall 
Budd Mary, fancy millinery, 11 S 2d 
Budd Morgan, mer. 129 Walnut, h 1317 Spruce 
Budd Rachel, dry goods, 717 N 13th 
Budd Samuel, locksmith, 33 Strawberry, h 1253 

Budd Sarah, wid. Dr. Benjamin S., 1531 Green 
Budd Sarah, widow William, h 445 Marshall 
Budd Susan, washerwoman, 1523 Jones 
Budd T. A., jr., atty. at law, 212 W Washtn. sq 
Budd T. M., 108 N Front, h 1317 Spruce 
BUDD THOMAS A., atty. at law, 212 W Wash- 
ington sq 
BUDD WALTER J., atty. at law, 114 S 6th, h 

1234 N 10th 
Budd William, bricklayer, 1717 Pine 
Budd William, bricklayer, 1221 Randolph 
Buddenbaum W., tailor, 1523 S Front 
Buddy Deborah T., wid. Samuel, 2105 Oxford 
Buddy Harriet L., 2105 Oxford 
Buddy Isaiah, carpenter, 1911 Brown 
Buddy Jacob J., driver, 2105 Oxford 
Buddy John, baker, 124 S 16th 
Buddy J. R., clerk, N 40th n Market 
Buddy John M., druggt. N E 10th & Lombard, h 

124 S 16th 
Buddy Lewis, account. 22 & 24 N 4th, h 1409 

Buddy P. R., bookkeeper, 1118 Ogden 
Buddy Samuel, laborer, 2105 Oxford 
Buddy William Morris, baker 124 S ]6th 
Buddy William R., driver, 2105 Oxford 
Budel C, student, 247 W 9th 
Buder William, brassturner, 5 Cozzens place 
Budlong William H., M. D., 502 Arch_ 
Buehler & Burr (A/uiie R. Buckler, Fostrefia R. 

Burr), 1207 Race 
Buehler Edward, druggist, 8th & Walnut, h 1207 

Buehler Francis, tailor, r 1019 N 4th 
Buehler George, Jocksmith A machnt. 135 Pegg 
Buehler Gotleib, shoemaker, 708 N 3d 
Buehler Gustave, brewer, 619 N Front 
BUEHLER & HOWARD {Mai tin Buehler and 

Roht. H. Howard), imptrs. cutlery, 441 Market 
Goods, ^VI^olesule and Ketaii; 




Buehler Jacob, segarmaker, 981 N 2d 
I Buehler John W., cutter, 430 N 3d, h 928 St John 
Buehler Louis, driver, N E Broad & Callowhill, 

r 557 N 3d 
Buehler Martin, mer. 441 Market, h 517 Brown 
Buehler Mary, widow John, 1015 Hamilton 
Buehler William, tailor, 928 St John 
Bnek Frank A., gardener, 1022 Parrish 
Buel Ann, widow Joseph, 1427 Wood 
Buel Joseph, gasfitter, Cherry ab 8th, h 1427 

Buerkley George, clerk, r 509 St John 
Buerkely George F., clerk. 544 N 2d 
Buerler John, tailor, 30 Mayland 
Buffington J., orsan builder, 131 S llth 
Buffington Lee. M.D., 2023 Arch 
Buffington Traney Mrs., b h, 1107 Market 
Buffon George, electrotypist. 510 S 4th 
Bugbee George H., fishdealer, stalls 41, 43, 45 & 

47 Farmers' Market, h Arch n Front 
Bugby George, weaver. Green bel Queen, Gtn av 
Buggv Joseph, manuf. 14 S Front, h Leiperville 
BUGGY J. &. W. [Josqih a7id William), manfs. 

of Kentucky jeans, 14 S Front 
Buggy William, manuf. 14 S Front, h LeiperriUe 
Bugh James L., salesman, 600 Market, bds States 

Union Hotel 
Bught John, waterman, r 949 Swanson 
Bnglass Margaret, mantillamaker, 803 Race 
Buhelar Joseph, coppersmith, 214 Willow 
Buhl Christian, grocer, 1116 Stiles 
Buhler Jacob, shoemaker, r 833 X 4th 
Buhl Max, cabinetmaker, 12 Upsher av 
Buhlar August, dealer, Darby av n 70th 
Buhler Jacob, segarmaker, 981 X 2d 
Buhn Henry, farmer, Byberry pike 
Buhr Mathew, tailor, 1219 Hamilton 
Buhrer Charles, tobacconist, 1430 S 4th 
Buhrer John, tailor, 1129 N 2d 
Buib Herman, barkeeper, 228 N 4th 
Builey William C, bartender, 824 Green 
Buisinger John, laborer, 2153 N 6th 
Buist David, salesman, 340 S 19th 
Buist James, builder, 1517 Lombard 
Buist John iL, brickyard. Long la bel Buck rd, 

& 922 Market 
Buist E.obert, sr., merchant, 922 & 924 Market, 

h Kingsessing 
Buist Robert, jr., merchant, 922 & 924 Market, h 

BUIST ROBERT & SOX, seedgr. & nurserymen, 

922 k 924 Market 
Buk John, hostler, Ann n Emerald 
Buklet Conrad, carpenter, 330 KauflFman 
Bukel H., clerk, 423 N 3d 
Bukeloa Frederick, shoemaker, 1621 N 3d 
Buekly X. S., bookkeeper, 43 X Water, h Market 
Bukmiller Frederick, cooper, 1642 Mervine 
Bulaeuh Jeremiah Rev., 703 Mintzer 
Bulah Isaiah (c), laborer, 225 Quince 
Bulah J. B., waiter, 225 Quince 
Bulenburg Primary School, S E 17th & Master 
Buler John, furniture carman, r 537 N 3d 
Buley Sarah L., domestic, 1209 Canby 
Bulfinch John, hostler, 206 S lUh 
Bulfinch Thomas, baker, 1530 Philipp 
Bulger J., waiter, .3d k, Chestnut, h 929 Sergeant 
Bulger Michael, wheelwright, 132 Dock, h 418 

Bulivant Thomas, shoemaker, Ernst n 9th 
Bulkau Peter, paper carrier, 630 Hallowell 
Bulkley Charles, hatter, 118 S 8th, h 335 X 9th 
Bulkley Charle.=, jr., dentist, 335 X 9th 
Bulkley Charity, cook, 5 Butler's av 
Bulkley Edm. R., clerk, Richmond n Lehigh av 

Patten's, 630 

Bulkley J. Henry, high constable, 5th & Chestnut, 

h 1204 Rnce 
BULKLEY MARCIUS S., gen. agt. R. R. R. 

Co.'s wharf. Port Richmond, h Richmond n 

Lehigh av 
Bulkley Susan, nurse, 1338 Budd 
Bulkier William A., clerk, 1204 Race 
Bulkley William C, clerk, wharf 6 Port Rich- 
mond, h Richmond n Lehigh av 
Bulkley William 0., clerk, pier 4 & 6 Port Rich- 
mond, h Richmond bel Lehigh av 
Bull Cyrus J., coal merchant, 1313 Ridge av, h 

700 Parrish ' 
Bull Eborn, laborer, 46 Beck 
Bull Elizabeth, widow John, 35 Eastwick 
Bull Lewis G., clerk. 309 X ]8th 
Bull Mary, seamstress, Apple X of Diamond 
Bull William G., cooper, 18 Parham 
Bull William M., 309 X 18th 
Bull William M. att'y at law, 604 Sansom, h 

1425 Filbert 
Bull W. H., apothecary, 1429 Market 
Bullabar Jacob, cordwainer. 335 Poplar 
Bullard Edward C, 1314 Arch 
Buller Joseph, shoemaker, 1016 Vine 
Bullet John (c), laborer, Oak n 41st 
Bullet William (c), laborer, Y'ork n 36th 
Bullinger A. J., driver, 1338 Savery 
Bullinger John, packer, 438 AVildev 
Bullions. Rev., 230 S Broad 

Frederick FaiitJiorne) , law and collect, office, 

32 S 3d 
Bullitt John C, atty. at law, 32 S 3d, h 1019 

Bullitt Thomas W., student at law, 32 S 3d, h 

Chestnut Hill 
Bullmer William, saddler, 518 Oxford 
Bullock Benjamin, merchant, 16 S Front, h 116 

X 19 th 

javiin Ballock), wool merchants, 16 S Front <fc 

15 Letitia 
Bullock Charles, drug. & ehem. 103 & 105 N 6th, 

h 243 S 9th 
BULLOCK & CREXSHAW {Charles Bullock (^ 

Edraujid A. Cicnsltav:), wholesale druggists <fc 

chemists, 103 & 105 X 6th 
Bullock Charles K., atty. at law, 619 Walnut, h 

309 Xew 
Bullock D. Barton, bookkeeper, 30th n Bridge, 

h 2014 Locust 
Bullock George, merchant, Ellwood la 
Bullock George, merchant, 10 S Front, h 1731 <L-rch 
Bullock Jacob, M.D., con. k sur., 2012 Pirie 
Bullock James M., merchant, 16 S Front, h 1731 

Bullock John, photographs, 504 S 2d 
Bullock John L., carpenter, 2014 Locust 
Bullock Jonathan, builder, 863 X 7th 
Bullock Joseph, M. D., 205 S 9th 
Bullock Joseph W., merchant, 16 S Front, h 1922 

Bullock I. Ridgway, cooper, 2014 Locust 
Bullock Samuel M', blind & sashm., 1337 Coates 
Bullock Sarah, widow Thoma.s, 25th bel Green 
Bullock Susan Mr.=., 2014 Locust 
Bullock Thomas II., druggist, 2014 Locust 
Bulls Head Hotel (Wm. Harris, jr.), 929 X 2d 
Bulmer Adam, boatman, Spruce n 25th 
Bulmer Benjamin, trunkm. 1172 X 3d 
Bulmer Richard, spinner. Manning n S 24st 
Bulson Gilbert, produce, 8X Del av, h Mickle 
Bult George, truck farmer, S W Harrowgate lane 

k Front 
Chestnut Street. 




Bult Tetgle, huckster, 1004 N Front 

Bulttman George, salesman, 1034 Market, h 1226 

Bewley George, 801 Race 
Bum Charles laborer, h 968 N Del av 
Bum Henry shoemaker, 1132 N 3d 
Bum Samuel H., feed & grain, N E Water & Eace, 

h 215 Allen 
Buman Thomas, victualler, 46th st av 
Bumbaugh Anna M., 716 N 11th 
Bumbaugh Charles, painter, 20 Ashland 
Bumbaugh AVilliam, paints, 716 N 11th 
Bumbower Anthony, painter, 215 Green 
Bumfill James, laborer. Point Breeze Park 
Bumgardner Valentine, cordw, r 620 Hermitage 
Bumgartner Henry, cordwainer, 402 Lynd 
Bumingham & Bros {Charles B. Biimingham (^ 

Pariset W. Biiming]ui')n), iaxoily grooery, 467 

& 469 N 3d 
Bumingham Charles B., grocer. 467 & 469 N 3d 

h 926 N 7th 
Bumingham Pariset, grocer, 467 & 449 N 3d, h 711 

Bumm Anne, wid, 1111 Marlborough 
BUMM & BRO. {Samuel 11. !^ Henry Bumm), 

grain dealers, jST E Race & Water 
Bumm Edward, shipwright 1114 Frankford ay 
Bumm George, dealer, 1120 Savery 
Bumm George, flour & feed, 1111 Marlborough 
Bumm George C, flour & feed, 1534 Frankford av 
Bumm George E., 1010 Montgomery av 
Bumm Henry, grain and feed, N E Race & Water, 

h 1314 Beach 
Bumm Jacob, fisherman, 1116 Montgomery av 
Bumm Jacob, umbrellamaker, 1120 Savery 
Bumm John, whipmaker, 1224 Palmer 
Bumm John S., silverplater, 1122 Marlborough 
Bumm Mary, wid Christian, 1010 Montgomery av 
Bumm Richard, caulker, 448 Thompson 
Bumm Samuel, caulker, r 1120 Savery 
Bumm Samuel H., grain deal, N E Race & Water, 

h 216 Allen 
BUMM WILLIAM, salt. Race st wharf, h 1442 

Col av 
Bummer Henry, waterman, 105 Mead 
Bun Raymond J. (c), packer, 213 Market, h 806 

S 8th 
Bunce Charles, retail grocer, 800 N 19th 
Bunch William, painter, 2006 Wood, h Garden 

ab 37th 
Bund Henry, rags, 4 Cove pi 
Bunday W. B. (c), bootmaker, 333 S 4th 
Bundick Elizabeth (c) , wid Joshua, r 1418 Spring 

Bundick John S., printer, 337 Chestnut, h 643 

Bundick Peter D., waiter, 1027 Ivy 
Bundick Rosanna (e), widow William, r 1418 Sp 

Bundick, Wm. (c), porter, 39 S 2d, h Gulielma 
Bundy Charles S. (c), barber, 2 Walnut 
Bundy Thomas (c), laborer, 712 Bedford 
Bundy Thomas R. (o), steward, 814 South 
Bunge Philip, tailor, Oxford ab Apple 
Bunion William, lab, 3 Swarz's pi 
Bunker Charles, hotel, 12 William 
Bunker Charles, varieties, 341 Coates 
Bunker William, blacks'h, 2206 Wood, h Warren 
Bunn Albert G.,sr., cotton spinner, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn Albert G., jr., printer, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunn Caroline, confectionery, 1022 S 6th 
Bunn Catharine, r 1322 Bedford 
Bunn Daniel, carpenter, 840 N 12th 
Bunn Edward V., tin and sheet iron worker 955 


Bunn George, carver, 956 N 3d 

Bunn Henry, coopersmith, 1022 S 6th 

Bunn Horace F., merchant, 137 N 3d, h 223 N 

Bunn James, porter, 38 N 3d 
Bunn J. Hartly, druggist. Market n 38th 
BUNN, RAIGUEL & CO. {S. M Bunn, Heiiry 

R. Raiguel, Van Camp Bush, W. W. Kurtz, 

H. F. Bunn), wholesale dry goods, 137 N 3d 
Bunn Solomon M., merchant, 137 N 3d, h 254 

Logan sq 
Bunn William M., carver, 1005 Lawrence 
Bunnell David S., lumber inspector, 130 Laurel 
Bunnon Frederick, tinsmith, 4 Greble's av 
Buns Charles, conductor, N W Jefferson & Cad- 

Bunting Alexander, confectioner, 704 S 2d 
Bunting A. H., teacher, S E 8th & Columbia av 
Bunting & Bro {James 4- William J. Bunting), 

gasfitters, 1333 South 
Bunting Charles, boarding house, 815 Race 
Bunting Charles W., hardware, 605 N 8th 
Bunting Daniel, gent, 113 New 
Bunting Daniel, police, 251 Lybrand 
Bunting Daniel, watchman, Farmer's Market 
Bunting David, plumber, 1333 South 
Bunting George 11., confectioner, 140 Otter 
Bunting George W., morocco finisher, 1009 G T av 
Bunting Henry B., liquors, 1351 South 
Bunting Henrietta, widow Joshua, 1417 Locust 
Bunting Jabus, clerk, 1206 Wallace 
Bunting Jacob S., merchant, 8 S 2d, h Darby 
Bunting Jacob T., mer. 26 S Del av, h 239 Pine 
Bunting James, gasfitter, 1333 South 
Bunting James, janitor, h N W South & Juniper 
Bunting James, wea.ver, 1314 Palethorp 
Bunting James W., farmer, Smithfield rd 
Bunting John, stamper, 1541 N Front 
Bunting John, weaver, 11 Bauersach's ct 
Bunting J. Morgan, farmer, stall 469 Farmers' 

Market, h Delaware county 
Bunting John R., cabinetw. 221 S 2d, h Beverly 
Bunting Joshua, clerk, 232 Market, h 1417 Locust 
Bunting Josiah, farmer, stall 414 Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h Delaware county 
Bunting Josiah, farmer, 1632 Pine 
Bunting Lewis, druggist, N E c Lombard and ISth 
Bunting Michael, tobacconist, 244 N 2d 
Bunting & Middleton {Charles W. Bmiting i^- 

B. L. Middleton), hardware, 821 N 2d 
Bunting Nancy, widow, 4 Deringer's av 
Bunting Philip S., real estate agent, N W 38th 

and Walnut 
Bunting Richard, patternmaker, 140 Otter 
Bunting Samuel, mer. 232 Market, h 1401 Filbert 
Bunting Samuel, plumber, 1333 South 
Bunting Samuel, real estate agent, N W 38th and 

Bunting Samuel S., apothecary, N E 10th and 

Bunting Shallcross J., clerk, 232 Market, h 1401 

Bunting Solomon, laborer, 455 Richmond 
Bunting Thomas, broker, 916 S 12th 
Bunting Thomas, M.D., 1417 Locust 
Bunting Thomas, weaver, r 1247 Palethorp 
Bunting & Turner {Jacob S. Buntiiig ^ Andrew 

Turner), clothing store, 8 S 2d 
Bunting William, machinist, 500 N Broad, h 251 

Bunting William, packer, 428 Market, h 1624 

Bunting William, porter, 1626 Carver 
Bunting William II., coal dealer, 2011 Callowhill, 

h Darby, Del co 

Gilt. CorniceS} Bandsj Gimpsf TassclS) Fringes, a»(l Curtain Goods} 



Bunting William J., gasfitter, 1333 South 

Bunty Theodore, teacher, 51G S 13th 

Buny Charles S., lager beer, 614 N 4th 

Buob Charles, butcher, 327 E Market, h 2426 

Buob Charles, victualler, 2426 Brown 
Buob Francis, tanner, r 1024 Brinton 
Buob Gottleib, victualler, 637 Thompson 
Bur Joseph, laborer, r 121 Poplar 
Bur Peter, plasterer, r 121 Poplar 
Burannon James, carpenter, 618 Carpenter 
Burat Charles, gentleman, r 432 S 3(1 
Burb Gottleib, pork butcher, stall 13 Girard av 

Market, h Thompson n Vienna 
Burbank & Holman {William H. Burhanh hf 

D. Shepherd Holman), morocco manuf. 125 

Burbank William H. leather dealer, 125 Mar- 
garetta, h 720 N 16th 
Burbee David, M.D., 326 S 16th 
Burbidge William, coffee roaster, 329 Thompson 
Bureh Charles E., att'y at law, 702 Walnut, h 

421 S loth 
Burch Christian, laborer, Bridge, Bridesburg 
Burch Eliza, Mrs., gentlewoman, 919 Filbert 
Burch Ester (c), widow John, 1410 Gulielma 
Burch Frank, butcher, Lancaster, av n N 45th 
Burch John, dyer, 626 S loth 
Burch & Eiley {George Burch l^ B. Riley), hats 

and bonnets, 438 and 440 N 2d 
Burchard Charles, civil engineer, 625 S 9th 
Burchard Dudley, clerk, 625 S 9th 
Burchard Jabez, asst. clerk Circuit Court U. S., 

104 S 5th, h 625 S 9th 
Burchell & Gale {Henry Burchell 4- Samuel P. 

Gale), stove dealers. N W c 2d and Queen 
Burchell Henry, plaster, S 835 3d 
Burchell Henry P., furniture store, 749 Shippen 
Burcher Joel, blacksmith, Hammitt's ct 
Burd Anna, servant, 415 S 10th 
Burd Caroline, mantuamaker, 2135 Sharswood 
Burd Edward, detective, 438 Redwood 
Burd George, shoemaker, Front bel Chatham 
Burd John H., carpenter, Somerton 
Burd Mary Jane, widow Charles, shoe store, 449 

Richmond, h 217 Thompson 
Burd Samuel, carpenter, 2135 Sharswood 
Burd William, butcher, 2135 Sharswood 
BURDEN ANDREW M., M.D., druggist, N E 

8th and Federal 
Burden Charles, waiter, 1030 Barley 
Burden Clarence, student at law, 226 S 4th, h 

1705 Filbert 
Burden Jesse R., M.D., N E Evelina and S 3d 
Burden John, weaver, 2050 Lombard 
Burden Mary Ann, 1030 Barley 
Burden Morgan, laborer, 2050 Lombard 
Burden Patrick, tailor, 1004 Otsego 
Burden Peter, porter, 1030 Barley 
Burdensong ILannah, widow Charles, 514 St John 
Burdett Samuel D., M.D. 1004 Green 
Burdge John, captain. Sorrel n Brabant 
Burdick Emeline, trimmings, 105 S 8th 
Burdick Samuel W., tobacconist, 900 Moyaav 
Burdict & Bartlett (.S'. P. Bii.dict, H. A. Bnrt- 

lett), manuf shoe blacking <fec, 109 N Front 
Burdict S. P., mer. 109 N Front, h Story ab 33d 
Burdon Thomas, farmer, 34 sec 3 Shippen Mkt, 

h Gloucester co 
Burdsall Jacob H., clerk, 808 Chestnut 
Burdsall Malen, carpenter. Front bel Chatham 
Burdsall Paul C, farmer, stall 462 Farmers' 

Mkt, h Del co 
Burdsall Theodore, clerk, 420 Market, 48 N 6th 
Burdsall Wells, clerk, 340 German 

Patten'a« 630 

Burg John, sadler, 2213 Coates 

Burgaine Thomas, shoemaker, 1006 Poplar 

Burgauer Benjamin, teacher languages, 953 

Burgauer L., straw & fancy goods, 141 N 2d 
Burgee Charles, trunkmr. 1126 Cuthbert 
Burgen James, stonemason, 1712 Wood 
Burgen Joseph, dry goods, 311 Market, h 917 

Burgenheiser D., tailor, 5 Gray 
Burger Charles F., printer, 968 New Market 
Burger Frederick, laborer, William bel Trenton 
Burger Gottlob A., cap manuf. 140 N 3d, h 

Trenton av bel Norris 
Burger Henry, carpenter, 1342 Columbia av 
Burger Joseph, clockmaker, 1630 Mervine 
Burger Joseph, dealer, Gtn n Dauphin 
Burger William, brickmaker, 1929 Harmstead 
Burger William, lager beer, Main, Holmesburg 
Burger Frank, lager beer, 1612 Gtn av 
Burgess Andrew, tobacconist, 620 Market, bds 

States Union Hotel 
Burgess Edwin, wheelwright, 110 Wharton 
Burgess Henry E., shoecutter, 810 Green 
Burgess James, weaver, Hope n Dauphin 
Burgess James H., salesman, 513 Market, h 706 

Washington av 
Burgess Samuel, foreman, 210 Wildey 
Burges Sarah, r 1725 Pearl 
Burgess William, cordwainer, 1417 N 4th 
Burgess William, salesman, Merchants' Hotel 
Burgess William S., bookkeeper, S W 4th & 

Race, h 641 Arch 
Burgett Michael, gluemaker, 5 Horst ct 
Burgheim Philip, music teacher, llOS South 
Burgholz Herman, umbrellamr. 272 N 4th 
Burgin Caroline A., school, 911 Walnut, h 331 

Burgin Charles F., mer. 133 Arch, hTulpehock- 

en, Gtn 
Burgin Daniel, laborer, Tacony 
Burgin Daniel, shoemaker, 806 Fallon 
Burgin George H., M.D. & mer. 133 Arch, h 331 

S 5th 
Burgin Geo. H., jr., M.D. & mer. 133 Arch, h 

121 N 18th 
Burgin James, cedarcooper, r 1429 Parrish 
Burgin John' cabinetmr. 139 S 2d, h 6 Lay- 
man pi 
Burgin John H., M.D. & mer. 133 Arch, h 331 

S 5th 
Burgin Joseph, dry goods, 311 Market, h 917 

Burgin Patrick, laborer, Tacony 
BURGIN & SONS {Geo. H. Burgin, Geo. H. 
Burgin, jr., Chas. F. Bargifi, John H. Bur- 
gi7L, }f William M. Burgiii), manuf glass- 
ware & chemicals, 133 Arch 
Burgin William, refiner, 917 Lafayette 
Burgin William M., mer, 133 Arch, h 331 S 15th 
Burgison Israel, gent. 1809 Dubree 
Burgiss Edwin, wheelwright, 110 Wharton 
Burglej' Jacob, 451 Belrose off Noble 
Burgman Frederick AV., grocer, 907 St John 
Burgraan Martin, shoemaker, Hull n Waterloo 
Burhart Valentine, 429 Arch 
Burjam Henry, clerk, 39 S 4th, h 2330 Green 
Burk A. dental mechanic, 528 Arch, h 553 N 6th 
Burk Anna (c), wid Thomas W., Chestnut n 42d 
Burk Anthony, lab. 1243 S Lancaster 
Burk Arthur, morocco dresser, Steam Mill al 
Burk C, wid Charles, 202 Elder 
Burk Charles, carriage driver, 703 SpafFord 
Burk Charles, dealer, 732 Swanson 
Burk Charles, moulder, 192 W Girard av 
Chestnut Street* 




Burk Chauncey E., bookkeeper, 1005 Wood 

Burk Christian, tracklayer, 1210 Thurlow 

Burk David, cordw. 936 Marshall 

Burk Edward, laborer, Edgemont n Reading av 

Burk Edward, farmer, stall 113 Farmers' W Mkt 

Burk Edward D., M.D. 1914 Ringgold pi 

Burk Eli, bricklayer, 918 N 6th 

Burk Eli, jr., bricklayer, 918 N 5th 

Burk Frank P., bookkeeper, 709 Market, h 740 

Burk George K., carpenter, Gtn av bel Norris 
Burk George W., coachmr. School, Gtn 
Burk Henrietta, wid Samuel, segars, 341 N 5th 
Burk Henry, plumber, 732 Swanson 
Burk Henry, signpainter, 1116 S 11th 
Burk Howard, dealer, stall 15 Girard av Market, 

h N 5th n Poplar 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 814 Green 
Burk Jacob, laborer, U S N Asylum 
Burk James, laborer, 1520 Cadwalader 
Burk James, laborer, 703 SpafFord 
Burk James, laborer, 917 Thompson 
Burk James, merchant, 2012 Vine 
Burk James, paperhanger, 201 S 10th 
Burk James, shoema. r Huntingdon n Thompson 
Burk James, sawmaker, 15 Gaffney's av 
Burk James, tavern, 741 Passyunk rd 
Burk James, waiter, 1045 Lombard 
Burk James, weaver, 6 Washington, Myk 
Burk James A., mer. 30 S Front, h 1701 Green 
Burk James J., paper hangings, 628 Chestnut 
Burk James W., sales. 37th ab Haverford 
Burk Jeremiah, tavern, 17 Coombs al 
Burk Jesse, student, 814 Green 
Burk John, 1338 N 10th 
Burk John, carpenter, 3 Gillingham 
Burk John, chairmaker, 429 Gerker 
Burk John, clerk, Montgomery House 
Burk John, gunsmith. Upper F. Hotel, Wire 

Burk John, laborer, 1031 Dorrance 

Burk John, laborer, 11 Faries ct 
Burk John, laborer, 42d n Market 

Burk John, laborer, 7 Jenkins pi 

Burk John, laborer, 1643 Mervine 

Burk John, laborer, 2 Spaiford 

Burk John, machinist, 714 Lindsay 

Burk John, moulder, 1158 Sophia 

Burk John, puddler, 38th & Thompson 

Burk John, shoemaker, r 764 Passyunk rd 

Burk John, tailor, McAlvery n 12th 

Burk John C, clerk, 1005 Wood 

Burk John F., groc. 233 Chester, h 231 Chestter 

Burk Joseph, malter, 1243 S Lancaster 

Burk Joseph M., clerk, TJ. S. Arsenal, h 2012 

Burk J. L., clerk, 413 N 6th 

Burk Lewis, tinplatemaker, 743 Passyunk rd 

Burk Margaret, widow Samuel, 1311 Mervine 

Burk Mary, widow, 1324 Warnock 

Burk Michael, cardriver, Huston n Salmon 

Burk Michael, innkeeper, 915 Master 

Burk Michael, laborer, 837 Mountain 

Burk Michael, laborer, 7 Quarry et 

Burk Michael, salesman, r 141 N Juniper 

Burk Moses, foreman, 714 Lindsay 

Burk Owen, laborer. Sorrel n Melvale 

Burk Patrick, laborer, 1333 Bedford 

Burk Patrick, laborer, 5 Coombs al 

Burk Patrick, porter, 922 Auburn 

Burk Patrick, typecaster, 1317 Silbert 

Burk Richard, laborer, Edgemont n Reading av 

Burk Richard, laborer, Huston n Edgemont 

Burk Stephen, liquors, 426 Christian 

Burk Thomas, carpenter. Front n Norris | 

Burk Thomas, grocer, 1147 N 2d, h 192 W Gir- 
ard av 
Burk Thomas, laborer, 1028 S 8th 
Burk Thomas, tinplateworker, 742 Passyunk rd 
Burk Thomas G., laborer, 515 & 517 Commerce 
Burk William, bookkeeper, 1005 Wood 
Burk William, bootfitter, S W 7th & Evangelist 
Burk William, express, 6 Cordova pi 
Burk William, laborer, r 913 Callowhill 
Burk William, laborer, 4 Kinley's ct 
Burk William, malter, 1243 S Lancaster 
Burk William, teacher. Sergeant n Coral 
Burk William, typecaster, 703 Spafford 
Burk William C, dry goods, 1124 Pine 
Burk William E., produce commission merchant, 

812 Market, h Germantown 
Burk William G., apothecary, 1116 S 11th 
Burk William M., printer, 1263 Nagle 
Burkart Adam L., turner, 817 Spring Garden 
Burkart Charles M., broom manuf. 1257 N 11th 
Burkart Edwin W., hydrant case manuf. 713 N 

Broad, h 817 Spring Garden 
Burkart Henry S., turner, 1206 Deacon 
Burkart Isaac W., conveyancer, 206 S 4th, h430 

Appletree al 
Burkart Jacob C, accountant, 1339 N 11th 
Burkart John, tinsmith, Nicetown la 
Burkart Joseph R., bookbinder, 817 Sp Garden 
Burkart Mrs., 1339 N 11th 
Burkart Philip J., farmer, Nicetown la 
Burkart Samuel, chandelier fr. 1339 N 11th 
Burkart Thomas F., turner, 429 Arch 
Burkart Valentine, jr., conveyancer, 429 Arch, h 

1221 Stiles 
Burkart Valentine, sr., clerk Farm. & M. Bank, h 

429 Arch 
Burke Adam H., refiner, 430 Federal 
Burke Arthur, morocco dresser, 3 Steam Mill al 

Burke Charles, carter, 2325 Sansom 

Burke Charles, shoemaker, 914 Steward 

Burke David, laborer, 1018 S 7th 

Burke Dennis, shoe find. & leather, 1623 Ridge av 

Burke Dominick, cordwainer, 15 Byron pi 

Burke Edmund, laborer, 1710 Wood 

Burke Edward D., fireman, 2020 Winter 

Burke Edward, upholsterer, 1508 Sansom 

Burke Edwin, machinist, 804 N 13th 

Burke Francis, grocer, 2325 Sansom 

Burke Henry R., clerk, 2012 Vine 

Burke James, clerk, U. S. arsenal, Gray's Ferry 

Burke James, laborer. Point House rd 

Burke James, laborer. Walnut n 41st 

Burke James, packer, 105 Eutaw 

Burke James W., salesman, 10 S Front, h 37th 
bet Haverford & Story 

Burke Jeremiah, drayman, 422 Marriott 

Burke Jeremiah, laborer, 1701 Carlton 

Burke John, brickmaker, Cooper n Locust 

Burke John, jr., brickmaker, Cooper n Locust 

Burke John, carpenter, 1517 Mervine 

Burke John, furniture car, 756 AVest 

Burke John, laborer, Bevin n Reading av 

Burke John, laborer, 6 McLeod pi 

Burke John, laborer, 13 Maine, Myk 

Burke John, laborer, York rd 

Burke John, ship chandler, 526 S Penn 

Burke John B., 1915 Coates 

Burke John F., furnishing, S W 9th & Market 

Burke John J., lumber, 1616 Vine 

Burke Joseph, clerk, 1616 Vine 

Burke Joseph, stonecutter, 1708 Chestnut, h 1108 

Burke Joseph, upholsterer, 1508 Sansom 
Burke Joseph C, carpenter, 1421 Warnock 

Patten's, C30 Ciiestnut Street* Window Shades, 




Burke Joseph R., salesman, N W 3d & Arch, h 

1616 Vine 
Burke Lawrence, currier, 807 Christian 
Burke Lucas E., acct., 420 Walnut, h 1327 S 4th 
Burke & McGranahan (Patrick Burke, Charles 

M-cGra-iiahan) , coal dealers, Reed st wharf 
Burke Margaret, widow James, 710 Fallon 
Burke Martin, grocer, 1030 S 6th 
Burke Martin, storekeeper, Gatsmer n 2d 
Burke Matthew, laborer, 2430 Pine 
Burke Mary, widow Frederick, 1302 Warnock 
Burke Mary, widow Peter, 234 Dean 
Burke Mary, washerwoman, 13 Osage av oflF Heath 
Burke Michael, laborer, 1212 Hutchinson 
Burke Michael, laborer, Sorrel n Melvale 
Burke Michael, slater, r 1514 Warnock 
Burke Michael A., liquors, 1136 Market, h 241 

Burke M. R.. bookkeeper, 123 Chestnut, h 247 

S 3d 
Burke Miles, liquor, 804 S Front 
Burke Miles, tailor, 10th bel Chestnut,h 1604 Wood 
Burke Mrs., widow, 1 Traquaire's ct 
Burke Mitchel, shoemaker, 925 Suffolk 
Burke Patrick, carter. Walker's ct 
Burke Patrick, coal dealer, N W 6th & Paul, h 

1030 S 6th 
Burke Patrick, gardener, 331 S 20th 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 1704 Carlton 
Burke Patrick, laborer, 716 West 
Burke Patrick, waiter, 1220 Lyndall al 
Burke Paul, watchman, 2d S of Dauphin 
Burke Peter, machinist, 1030 S 6th 
Burke Peter, surg. inst. maker, 15 N 5th 
Burke Raymond, tailor, 740 Federal 
Burke Samuel, Miller n Mechanicsville 
Burke Samuel, varnisher, AVingohocking pi 
Burke Thomas, bookkeeper, 20 N 3d, h 6th ab 

Burke Thomas, brickmaker. Cooper n Locust 
Burke Thomas, furniture car, 766 West 
Burke Thomas, laborer, r 618 Charles 
Burke Thomas, laborer, Houston n Edgemont 
Burke Thomas, merchant, 4th & Market, h 241 

Burke Thomas, porter, 636 Filbert 
Burke Thomas (c), waiter, 604 Barclay 
Burke Walter, driver, 816 Nectarine 
Burke Walter, undertaker, 926 Christian 
Burke William, Beven n Reading av 
Burke William, boatman, 529 Osprey 
Burke William, carpenter. Pike ab Cherry 
Burke William, laborer, 1344 N 10th 
Burke William, watchman, 1706 Rtttenhouse 
Burkeitt Arthur, bedsteadmaker, 343 Jarvis 
Burkeitt Thomas, bricklayer, 408 Enterprise 
Burkert John, beef butcher, stall 47 N 2d st Mar- 
ket, h Hancock n Master 
Burkert Joseph, lab., 1525 Cadwalader 
Burkert & Roedel ( Wiliiam Burkert and George 

F. Roedel) , boots and shoes, 305 N 3d 
Burkert William, boots and shoes, 305 N 3d, bds 

Merchants' Hotel 
Burket George, segarmaker, 931 N 2d 
Burket John, coal dealer. Market n 30th, h Mar- 
ket n 32d 
Burket William, peddler, r 907 N 13th 
Burkett Jeremiah, shoemaker, 2143 N 0th 
Burkett Sarah, widow Joseph, 609 Logan 
Burkhardt C, lager beer, 1647 Germantown av 
Burkhardt George, brewer, Cumberland n county 

bridge, and 406 New Market 
Burkhardt George J., carpenter, S E Broad & 

Buttonwood, h 1340 Green 
Burkhardt George J. & Co. {George J. Burkhardt 

aiul John M. Smith), vat manufactory, S E 

Broad and Buttonwood 
Burkhardt Gottleib, baker. 210 N 5th 
Burkhardt John, shoemaker, 208 N 8th 
Burkhardt Julius, hotel, c Coates and Penn'a av 
Burkhardt William, segarmaker, 444 N Front 
Burkhardt William H., carpenter, S E Broad & 

Buttonwood, h 1340 Green 
Burkhart Alfred, druggist, 515 Girard av 
Burkhart Charles R., clerk, N W 9th and Race, 

h 813 Race 
Burkhart George, sugar refiner, 942 N 6th 
Burkhart Gottleib, cordwainer, 2131 Harmstead 
Burkhart Jas., truck dealer, Jenney n Clearfield 
Burkhart John, lab., 1816 Market 
Burkhart John C, broker, 143 S Front, h 608 S 

Burkhart John C, clerk, 813 Race 
Burkhart J. B., tailor, r 1018 Buttonwood 
Burkhart Louis, grocer, 482 N 4th 
Burkhart Martin, tavern, basement 908 Market 
Burkhart Peter, 813 Race 
Burkhart Philip, blacksmith, 5 Vermont pi 
Burkhart Robert, carpenter, 115 Jones al 
Burkhart Robert, carpenter, 323 Buttonwood 
Burkhart Samuel, printer, 1322 Warnock 
Burkhart Theodore, bookkeeper, 211 N 3d, h 1315 

Mount Vernon 
Burkhart Valentine, lampmaker, 731 Race 
Burkhart William I., clerk, Front bel Arch, h 813 

Burkhead Joseph, coachman, 915 Rodman 
Burkitt John, coal dealer, Market n 35th, h Mar- 
ket n 32d 
Burkitt William, segarmaker, 122 Wharton 
Burkley Christopher, baker, 301 Wharton 
Burkley Edward, machinist, 3 Diligent av 
Burkley George, coachmaker, 3 Diligent av 
Burkley George F., coachmaker, 3 Diligent av 
Burkley John P., baker, 1443 S 4th 
Burkley Letitia, widow John, 3 Diligent av 
Burkley Peter, laborer, r 509 St John 
Burkly Geoege, victualler, 1431 Marlborough 
Burkman Henry, dealer, 639 Girard av 
Burks John W., commission and produce jobber, 

Race St Market, h 1524 Wood 
Burky Elias, shoemaker, r 710 Passyunk rd 
Burleigh Francis, M.D , 907 Christian 
Burleigh Francis, painter, 720 Lombard 
Burley John, weaver, 1230 Crease 
Burley Maria, M.D. (c), 816 S 9th 
Burling B. S., shipping merchant, 129 N Front, 

h 1735 Wallace 
Burling James W.| bookkeeper, 12 N 3d, h 1735 

Burling William, policeman. Buck rd & Federal 
Burling William, shipping merchant, 129 N Front, 

h 1735 Wallace 
Burlingame Charles, foreman, 16 Edwin 
Burlingamo James, machinist, 730 N 22d 
Burlo H. G. De, artist, 515 Chestnut 
Burlock Samuel D., bookbinder, 1102 and 1104- 

Sansom, h 1911 Coatos 
Burman Edward, shoemaker, 1232 Bedford 
Burman Thomas, victualler, S E 6th and Master 
Burmeister Frederick F., M.D., Otis c Sepviva 
Burmen Benjamin, dyer, 7 Foster row 
Burn Byard, salesman, 243 and 245 Market, h 765 

Passyunk rd 
Burn Charles M., book publisher, Harvey, Gtn 
Burn Edward, weaver, 13 r 1242 Catharine 
Burn Edward, jr. hardware salesman, 13 r 1242 

Burn Farmer, b h, 402 N Front 
Burn George, milkman, Fkd av n Harrowgate 

'u'urtatns, and Upholstery GootlS} M^holesale and Retail* 




Burn John M., bookkeeper, Fkd av and Allen 
Burnell Thomas H., bookkeeper, 112 Walnut, h 

2116 "Walter 
Burnell "William "W., M.D., 1943 Vine 
Burner Henry, sissor grinder, r 408 Poplar 
Burner Otto,*bak3r, 441 N 7th 
Burres Pelix, grocer, 163 Thompson 
Burnes J. "W., editor, 413 N 6th 
Burnes Patrick, laborer, 1102 N Front 
Burnes Patrick, laborer, 28 N 21st 
Burnes Thomas, laborer, Carlton ab 23d 
Burneson Samuel, engineer, 3 Clyde pi 
Burness Frederick, clerk. Mill, Gtn 
Burness James, dyer, Hancock, Gtn 
Burness Samuel, laborer, Bolton ab 22d 
Burnester Henry A., oak cooper, r 1022 N 2d 
Burnet George, brickyard. Buck rd n 23d, h 625 

S 10th 
Burnet I., M.D., 411 S 2d 
Burnet Jacob, drayman, 1251 Charlotte 
Burnet John, salesman, 1004 Passyunk rd 
Burnet Thomas, tailor, 407 Gaskill 
Burnett Abbie Mrs., gentlewoman, 1951 Locust 
Burnett Ann, widow James, 1520 "Wood 
Burnett Eli S., merchant, 409 Market, h. Chest- 
nut n 40th 
Burnett Everett P. fisherman, Goodwin pi 
Burnett Fanny Mrs., segars and tobacco, 1004 

Ridge av 
Burnett Henrietta, I^orris E of 3d 
Burnett John, painter, 441 Belgrade 
Burnett Joseph 0., M.D., 1240 Carlisle 
Burnett Joseph S., broker, 309 "Walnut, h 215 

N 20th 
Burnett Mary, dealer, stall 70 Farmers' "Western 

Burnett Riley, cordwainer, Norris E of 3d 
Burnett R. L., clerk, 238 S 3d, h 1506 Chestnut 
Burnett, John W. Sexton, tV A. Van Sujeav- 
ingen), fancy goods and notions, 409 Market 
Burnett Thomas, cord manuf., 18 N 4th, h Cam- 
Burnett William, weaver, 11 Jefferson 
Burnett William H., moulder. Bridge, Bdg 
Burney Hannah, widow William, 665 Steiner 
Burney Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 1405 "Vine 
Burney Michael, hostler, 4 Miller ct 
Burney Patrick, laborer, 1405 Vine 
Burnham George, tinware, 117 S 10th, h 2219 

Burnham George, jr., clerk, 500 N Broad, h 2219 

Burnham John, shoemaker, 1020 Parrish 
Burnhard, Vanderslice, Deal & Mink, fish dealers, 

stands 8 and 10 Callowhill st market 
Burnhardt Charles F., fish dealer, Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h 131 Van Horn 
Burniman William, bootfitter, 1734 American 
Burns Abraham, confectioner, 133 S 15th 
Burns Andrew, boilermaker, 1122 Elm 
Burns Ann, 5 Harding's pi 
Burns Ann, skin sewer, 4 Jefferson pi. 
Burns Ann, widow Matthew, 642 Bedford 
Burns Ann 0., widow Jacob, matron of House of 

Industry, 112 N 7th 
Burns Annie, Robinson, Myk 
Burns Archibald, laborer, 1624 Richard 
Burns Barnard, weaver, 1160 S 13th 
Burns Benjamin, confectioner, 133 S 15th 
Burns Bridget, widow James, 648 Bedford 
Burns Caroline Mrs., dry goods, 303 S 13th 
Burns Charles, engraver, 910 Spring Garden 
Burns Charles, laborer, 9 Mayland 
Burns Charles, seaman, 716 Guilford 
Lace, Muslin* Damask, Brocatellef and 

Burns Charles, stonemason, 420 N 20th 

Burns Charles C, photographer, 910 Chestnut, h 

1210 Stiles 
Burns Charles C, merchant. Mansion ab Ba- 
Burns Charles C, salesman, 217 Church al 
Burns Charles M., books, 911 Chestnut, h Har- 
vey, Gtn 
Burns Christian, farmer, stall 64 Girard Av Mar- 
ket, h York av n county line 
Burns Copely, laborer, 163 Thompson 
Burns Cornelius, Earle 2d h bel 25th 
Burns Daniel, blacksmith, 407 N 16th 
Burns Daniel, laborer, Bustleton pk, Lagrange 
Burns Daniel, 45 N 2d, h 1 Tammany ct 
Bui-ns David, barkeeper, S W Del av and Arch, 

h S E 3d and Christian 
Burns Dennis, eoremaker, 514 N 19th 
Burns Dennis, laborer, Fisher n Huntingdon 
Burns Dominick, boatman, S W Lombard and 24th 
Burns Edward, grocer, S "iv Vine and 20th 
Burns Edward, laborer, 1614 Wood 
Burns Edward, farmer, 175 Eastern market, h 

Delaware County 
Burns Edward H., salesman, 336 Market, h 1104 

Burns Edward V., tin and sheetiron worker, 955 

Burns Elizabeth, 2 California pi 
Burns Elizabeth, widow Emeroy, 225 Chester 
Burns E., policeman. Bridge, Bridesburg 
Burns Felix, carman, 734 Jamison 
Burns Frances, dressmaker, 1033 Barley 
Burns Francis, bricklayer, N E Front and Reed 
Burns Francis, clerk, 1606 Sansom 
Burns Frank, drayman, 1004 Otsego 
Burns Franks, porter, 1226 Lyndall 
Burns George, machinist, Mill n Paul 
Burns George, tailor, S 2d & Morris 
Burns George, teamster, N E Market & 33d 
Burns George, tobacconist, 231 Madison, bds 

Market bel 9th 
Burns Gertrude Miss, 1203 Filbert 
Burns Hannah, widow Samuel, Cedar, Myk 
Burns Harriet, widow James, 623 Poplar 
Burns Henry, blacksmith, Mill n Paul 
Burns Hugh, huckster, 738 St Mary 
Burns H. D., grocer, Allen & Frankford av 
Burns Isaac, clerk, 207 N 5th 
Burns James, blacksmith, Washington bel Oxford 
Burns James, bookb'r, 22 & 24 N 4th, h 4 Evans 
Burns James, boot and shoemaker, 6 Lincoln av 
Burns James, brushdealer, 623 Poplar 
Burns James, carter, Campbell 
Burns James, cordwainer, 1349 G T av 
Burns James, driver, 7 N 19th 
Burns James, druggist, 115J Frankford 
Burns James, hairdresser, 909 Cherry 
Burns James, laborer, 1614 Helmuth 
Burns James, laborer, 2111 Naudain 
Burns James, laborer, Seybert n 17th 
Burns James, laborer, r William ab Thompson 
Burns James, liquor store, 831 Shippen 
Burns James, plasterer, 1900 Lombard 
Burns James, porter, 4 Fetter la 
Burns James, porter, 705 Fallon 
Burns James, printer, James, Falls Sch 
Burns James, seaman, 41 Christian 
Burns James, seaman, r 228 Christian 
Burns James, shoemaker, 716 Passyunk rd 
Burns James, shop, 1110 Lombard 
Burns James, supt. gas works, Fkd n Ruan 
BURNS JAMES E., druggist, 115^ Frankford 
Burns James G., porter, 513 Minor, h Filbert bel 

Drapery Curtains, of every description J 




Burns Jane, widow Thomas, 1500 Pearl 

Burns Jane G-. , saleswoman, 9 N 8th, h 635 N 10th 

Burns John, blacksmith, 619 & h 623 Shippen 

Burns John, carpenter, 6 Fowler 

Burns John, clerk, 303 S 13th 

Burns John, driver, Adrain & Thompson 

Burns John, laborer, 1409 Fitzwater 

Burns John, laborer, 2 Florence 

Burns John, laborer, Lancaster av ab 36th 

Burns John, laborer, 1004 Otsego 

Burns John, laborer, Rementers al 

Burns John, machinist, Mill n Paul 

Burns John, machinist, 1535 Seybert 

Burts John, milkman, 34th ab Elm 

Burns John, moulder, N E Front & Reed 

Burns John, painter, 936 S 3d 

Burns John, porter, 203 Church al 

Burns John, runner, 211 Chestnut 

Burns John, shoemaker, 612 Fitzwater 

Burns John, shoemaker, 14 Tamany ct 

Burns John, vest manuf. 7th & Sansom, h 305 S 

Burns John A., shoemaker, 18 Emeline 
Burns John M., merchant, 605 Market, h 1234 

Spring Garden 
Burns John W., shoe manuf. 216 N 8th 
Burns Joseph, bookbinder, 328 Garden 
Burns Joseph, cooper, 936 S 3d 
Burns Joseph W., tin and sheet ironworker, 1004 

South, h Austin n Federal 
Burns Josh. W., sheet iron finisher, 798 Tasker 
Burns J. Mason, bookkeeper, 134 Chestnut, h 

Fkd av & Allen 
Burns Lawrence, laborer, 406 Landis 
Burns Margaret Mrs., 2337 Virginia 
Burns Margaret, widow, 439jsCoates 
Burns Margaret, widow John, Mill n Paul 
Burns Margaret, widow William, 330 Union 
Burns Maria, burnisher, 259 Mason 
Burns Martha, saleswoman, 430 Garden 
Burns Martin, blacksmith, Faas pi 
Burns Mary, widow, 1636 G T av 
Burns Mary, widow George, 231 Madison 
Burns Mary, widow John H., 413 Prune 
Burns Mary Mrs., r 606 Moyer 
Burns Mary, service, 726 Mintzer 
Burns Mary Ann, dealer, stalls 145 and 147 Far- 
mers' Mkt, h Fitzwater n Broad 
Burns Mary Ann, public teacher, 6th ab Fitz- 
water, h 124 Almond 
Burns Michael, constable, N W Jefferson and 

Burns Michael, laborer, 1802 Addison 
Burns Michael, laborer, r Fisher & Huntingdon 
Burns Michael, laborer, r 1732 Lombard 
Burns Michael, laborer, 1506 Thompson 
Burns Michael, stevedore, 734 Beach 
Burns Michael, weaver, h 702 S 18th 
Burns & Moore {Maria Biir?is ^- Louisa Moore), 

shoe & millinery, 216 N 8th 
Burns Robert, M.D., 87 Frankford 
Burns Patrick, blacksmith, 505 Ilurst 
Burns Patrick, brickmaker, Ann n Kensington av 
Burns Patrick, carpenter, 6 Fowler 
Burns Patrick, laborer, n 23d & Biddle 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 1530 Carlton 
Burns Patrick, laborer, r 2412 Hamilton 
Burns Patrick, laborer, James st. Falls Seh 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 2054 Jones 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 914 S 10th 
Burns Patrick, salesman, r 120 Chenango 
Burns Patrick, stonecutter, 8 Trotter 
Burns Patrick, tavern, N E Front & Reed 
Burns Pierce, porter, 1 Tamany ct 
Burns Peter, blacksmith, 20th & Sp Garden 

Burns Peter, grocer, 1004 Otsego 

Burns Peter, laborer, Labt. hi 1, Falls Sch 

Burns Peter, porter, 3d & Race, h r 1111 Melon 

Burns Peter, porter, 1004 S 3d 

Burns Philip, lab., 29 Laboratory hill. Falls Sch 

Burns Robert, jr., salesman, 87 Frankford 

Burns Robert W., boarding house, 216 N 8th 

Burns Samuel, bricklayer, 817 N 15th 

Burns Samuel, brickmaker, 1139 S 10th 

Burns Samuel A., clerk, 247 Chester 

Burns Samuel S., tailor, 1432 S 2d 

BURNS & SIEG { Charles M. Burns ^ Saimtel H., bookstore, 911 Chestnut 
Burns Stephen, harnessmaker, 1438 Randolph 
Burns Stewart, cracker baker, Madison n Car- 
Burns Thomas, agent, glassware, 515 Minor, h 

223 Clark 
Burns Thomas, bartender, 611 Guilford 
Burns Thomas, blacksmith, 407 N 16th 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 1216 Callowhill 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 629 Charles 
Burns Thomas, laborer. Church n Tackawanna 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 2 Jenkin's pi 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 20 N 21st 
Burns Thomas, laborer, 9 Shock 
Burns Thomas, manuf. glassware, Clark 
Burns Thos., packer, 508 Commerce, Jenkins pi 
Burns Thomas, roller, Frankford av & Allen 
Burns Timothy, machinist, 1002 Arch 
Burns Timothy, porter, r 1413 Alder 
Burns William, brickmaker, 3 Carty av 
Burns William, coal yard, R Road ab 12th, h 744 

Passyunk rd 
Burns William, grocer, 1418 Fitzwater 
Burns Williams, laborer, E side Osprey ab Sp 

Burns Walter, peddler, 938 Cross 
Burns William, porter, Clairborn n Norris 
Burns William, ship carpenter, 617 Barrow 
Burns William, tailor, 1400 S 7th 
Burns William, tavern, 230 S Water 
Burns William, tobacconist, 828 Market, 1214 

Burns William, waterman, 8 Grover 
Burns William, wheelwright, Otis n Sepviva 
Burnside Charles, glassblower, 530 Girard av 
Burnside E. J. Mrs., M. D., 740 Sansom 
Burnside G. W., clerk, Haverford bel 37th 
Burnside Joseph, laborer, r Fitler ab 2d 
Burnside James, laborer, 2044 Wood 
Burnside Jas., distiller, Haverford bel 37th 
Burnside James, jr., distiller, Haverford bel 37th 
Burnside Thomas, teacher Penna. Inst, for Deaf 

and Dumb, S Broad & Pine 
Burnside William, porter, 47 N 3d 
Burnside William, porter, 704 S 13tli 
Burnsted Samuel, student, 410 N 11th 
Burnwood Ann, wid. Saml. R., 37th bel Locust 
Burnwood Frederick, coach Qnisher, Hestonville 
Burnwood Lewis, blacksmith, Hestonville 
Burnwood Walter, carter, 37th bel Locust 
Burr Alexander, painter, Lancaster av ab 30th 
Burr Alfred, commission mer., 1308 N 6th 
Burr Benjamin, shoemaker, 1020 Parrish 
Burr Benjamin, sr., gentleman, 811 Race 
Burr Benjamin J., jr., mer. tailor, 33 S 8th, 811 

Burr Catharine, wid. of Geo. AV., 237 Thompson 
Burr David T., cloth merchant, S W Market & 

2d, 1620 Pine 
Burr Delaplaine, builder, 1018 Vine 
Burr Edward H , watchmaker, 811 Race 
Burr Elizabeth, dressmaker, 1309 Lombard 
Burr Henry C, 1914 Plymouth 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 




Burr Howard C, bookkeeper, 503 Commerce, h 

1914 Plymouth 
Burr Isabella, 250 Dauphin 
Burr Hudson S., dentist, 1310 "Walnut 
Burr John E. (c), hairdressei, 806 S 8th 
Burr John I., iron merchant, 614 & 616 Market, 

h 303 N 10th 
Burr John P., hairdresser, 1309 Lombard 
Burr Joseph, graindealer, 250 Dauphin 
Burr Joseph, machinist, Dauphin n Carrol 
Burr Joseph, painter, Lancaster av ab 36th 
Burr Joseph, plumber & gasfitter, 717 S 11th 
Burr Joseph tailor, 8th bel Chestnut, h 216 N 8th 
Burr Joseph S., clerk, 1140 S 6th 
Burr Josephine, operator on sewing machine, 250 

Burr Joshua E.. tailor, 675 N 10th 
Burr L. M., plumber & gasfitter, 717 S 11th 
Burr Margaretta, dressmaker, 260 Dauphin 
Burr Matilda, dressmaker, 1309 Lombard 
Burr Montgomery, silversmith, 260 Dauphin 
Burr Nicholas, gent., 35th & Haverford 
Burr Raymond (c), clerk, 806 S 8th 
Burr Rebecca, widow Israel R., 1004 Coates 
Burr Richard, M.D., Frankford av ab Adam 
Burr Thomas S., cl'k, 240 Market, h 1022 Wood 
Burr William, boilermaker, 261 N Juniper 
Burr AVilliam, painter, Lancaster av ab 36th 
Burr William H., boiler shop, 862 Swanson, h261 

N Juniper 
Burr William H., builder, 1618 Vine 
Burr William R., bookkeeper, 227 Vine, h 1022 

Burr W. B., bookseller, 439 Chestnut, h 1140 S 

Burras John S., cordwainer, 1021 St John 
Burrell Charles B., piano forte manufactory, 807 

Burrell Ellen, dressmaker, 1309 Lombard 
Burrell George T., waiter, 1309 Lombard 
Burrell Lucinda (c), widow Archer, 1313 Shippen 
Burrell William, clerk, 2001 Carlton 
Burrell William, porter, 126 S Delaware av, h 

2001 Callowhill 
Burren Teddy, segarmaker, 2332 Callowhill, h 23d 

& Buttonwood 
Burri Martin, provisions, 503 S 6th 
Burrichters Clemins, stoves, 827 South 
Burris Andrew (c), public waiter, 938 N 11th 
Burris Benjamin, shingle dresser, 1210 Deacon 
Burris Edward, brass turner. Pawn ab Oxford 
Burris Thomas H., bricklayer, 1210 Deacon 
Burris William, cashier, 146 N 20th 
Burriss Caleb (c), coachman, 1126 Cherry 
Burrough Adelphia, wid John, 956 Shackamaxon 
Burrough Benjamin P., blacksmith, r 933 Mar- 
Burrough Eliza, stand 5 Callowhill St Market 
Burrough Elizabeth Mrs., produce, 274 E Mar- 
ket, h Camden 
Burrough Hudson, tailor, 236 Jarvis 
Burrough John, carter, 2604 Lombard 
Burrough Samuel, dealer, 8 S 2d St Market 
Burrough Samuel C, bookkeeper, 318 Market 
Burrough Stephen, sheetiron worker, 135 Brown 
Burrough Thomas, sr., coal agent, r 933 Marshall 
Burrough Thomas L. R.. blacksmith, r 933 Mar- 
Burrough William, farmer, 197 Sp Garden Mar- 
ket, h Gloucester, N J 
Burroughs Edward, carpenter, 1334 Coates 
Burroughs Horatio N., coal dealer, 108 S 4th, h 

726 Spruce 
Burroughs James P., clerk, 308 Market, bds 
Fountain Hotel 

Window Shades and Curtain 

Burroughs, John, Queen. Gtn 

Burroughs Joseph, conductor, 2213 Coates 

Burroughs Rachel (c), 530 Buckley 

Burrow Joseph, jr., salesman, 333 Market, h 

1819 Addison 
Burrow William, clerk. Bull's Head Hotel 
Burrows Aeneas, wheelwright, G T av n 7th 
Burrows Ann, wid AVilliam, 10 Osage av n Heath 
Burrows Benjamin, cordwainer, Gilmore pi 
Burrows Charls, clerk, 215 Callowhill 
Burrows Charles, salesman, Franklin ab Church 
Burrows Christian, widow Jesse, 937 Ogden 
Burrows Daniel, conductor, 29 S 16th 
Burrows Daniel, sea caf)tain, 1231 Ogden 
Burrows David, weavei-, Rising Sun 
Burrows David, jr.. Rising Sun 
Burrows Eliza, widow, Adrian n Thompson 
Burrows Emma (c), widow James, r 727 Shippen 
Burrows E. I., C & A R R, 129 Pine 
Burrows George, plasterer, N 39th n Pratt 
Burrows Israel M., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h 37 S 

Burrows James, U S Mint, h 110 S 22d 
Burrows James B., tailor, 37 S 11th 
Burrows Jesse A., carpenter, 967 N 10th 
Burrows John, gent., Chelton av, Gtn 
Burrows John, tailor, 1532 N 4th 
Burrows John, weaver, r 1521 Palethorp 
Burrows Joseph, agent, 1819 Addison 
Burrows Joseph, jr., clerk, 1819 Addison 
Burrows Martha H., teacher, 1819 Addison 
Burrows Samuel G., salesman, 421 N 6th 
Burrows Stephen, laborer, Paul n Meadow 
Burrows Thomas, carpenter, 1519 Seybert 
Burrows Thomas, laborer, Powdermill 1 n Fkd 
Burrows William, atl'y-at-law, Chelton av, G T 
Burrows William, clerk, 929 N 2d 
Burrows William, machinist, 1532 N 4th 
Burrows William, shoemaker, 117 Poplar 
Burrows William, tailor, 37 S 11th 
Burrows William, turner, 137 Laurel 
Burrows William A., printer, 1 Filbert av 
Burrows William B., seaman, r 237 Shippen 
Bursk Daniel, grocer, 40 N 12th 
Burson Catharine, widow William, confec. 6th S 

of G T av 
Burson Edward C, salesman, 435 Market 
Burt Alice, 1527 Walnut 
Burt Charles, jeweler, 48 S 3d 
Burt Charles, shoemr. Wartman r 1062 Lawrence 
Burt & Dewey {Charles Burt 4" -K. T. Dewey), 

jewelry, 48 S 3d 
Burt Delia R. , inst. for young ladies, 1626 Summer 
Burt E. R., hosiery & trim. 308 S 2d 
Burt James, bookbinder, r 1227 N Front 
Burt James M., segars, 1019 Spruce 
Burt John, carpenter, 1237 Lombard 
Burt Joseph, machinist, 609 Lewis 
Burt Mary, 1627 Walnut 
Burt Michael, pedler, r 1225 N Front 
BURT M. L., grocer, 10th c Walnut 
Burt Nathaniel, gent. N W 12th & Walnut 
Burt Thomas, painter, 2 Accomac pi 
Burtis Edward F., bricklayer, 258 N 15th 
Burtis Jane J., widow Joseph K., 1606 Vine 
Burtis M., widow Aaron H., 1129 Filbert 
Burton Adam, ship carpenter, Sacramento av 
BURTON A. B., contractor & bridge builder, 

333 Walnut, h 650 N 13th 
Burton Abbey A., wid. William, nurse, 255 S 6th 
Burton Amos, convey. 139 S 7th, h 1220 N 13th 
BURTON ARTHUR M., att'y-at-law & com. of 

deeds of all the States, 243 S 5th, h 335 N 12t.h 
Burton Benjamin C, ship carpenter, 920 Beach 
Burton Charles, tailor, 1410 South 
Goods, \Viiolesalc and Retail; 




Burton Charles E. (c), waiter, 721 Sansom, h 1030 

Burton & Clement {Robert Biirtoti Sf Edward 

Clement), shipping mers. 112 S Del av 
Burton Edwai'd, intell. office, S E 3d & Spruce 
Burton Edward, mer. 602 Arch, h 716 Arch 
Burton Edward C, builders' foundry, N W 12th 

& Noble, h 1432 Poplar 
Burton Eliza, 141 N 6th 
Burton Eliza (c), mantuamr. 509 Lombard 
Burton Eliza A., dry goods & trim. 550 N 17th 
Burton Elizabeth A., salesw. 2030 Callowhill, h 

17th & Willow 
Burton Emma., Mrs., millinery, 735 Arch 
Burton Francis, carpenter. 438 Belgrade 
Burton Francis, gilder, 23 N 6th, h 11th ab Kace 
Burton Francis, gider, Stokes' ct 
Burton George, 1606 Walnut 
Burton George, cordw. 201 N 2d, h Kettlewood n 

Burton George, tailor, 735 Arch 
Burton George R., salesm. 303 & 305 Chestnut, h 

735 Arch 
Burton George W., bill broker, 230 Walnut 
Burton Henry, porter, 1033 Barley 
Burton Henry (c), waiter, S E c 11th & Walnut 
BURTON H. A., paperhangings, 115 N 4th 
Burton Henry F., ship carpenter, 425 Wildey 
Burton Henry W., telegraph oper. Mulberry, 

Burton & Horner (Jolui 3urton & Benjamin 

Horner), country produce, 116 Market 
Burton James, paint. 2 Harper pi, r 623 Guilford 
Burton James, porter, r 1001 Barley 
Burton John, count, prod. 116 Market, h N E 

Water & Chestnut 
Burton John, gent. 513 Wharton 
Burton John, goldbeater, Sloan n Pratt 
Burton John, M.D., 648 N 11th 
Burton John, printer, r 623 Guilford 
Burton John, ship carp, r 623 Guilford 
Burton John, stocking, r 1240 Cadwalader 
Burton John (c), porter, 232 Currant al 
Burton John (c), porter, Poplar ct 
Burton John A., att'y-at-law, 504 Walnut, h 

321 Vine 
Burton Jonathan P., gent. 654 N 11th 
Burton Joseph W., whipmr. 1110 Marlborough 
Burton J. Rudolph, salesm. 920 Beach 
Burton Julia, hairweaver, Stokes' ct 
Burton & Laning {Edward Burton if Joshua F. 

Laning), paperhangings, 602 Arch 
Burton Lucinda Ann, widow Edward, 1307 Pale- 
Burton Martin, bookkeeper, 411 Gerker 
Burton Mary, widow Samuel, 2229 Callowhill 
Burton Matilda (c) , boarding, 725 Lombard 
Burton Peter (c), porter, 251 Market, h Barclay 

bel 11th 
Burton Peter M., cabinetmaker, 224 Stamper's al 
Burton Pornell, laborer, 1434 S 8th 
Burton Robert, merchant, 112 S Delaware av, h 

1418 AValnut 
Burton Robert J., tin and sheet iron ware manu- 
facturer, 143 N 6th, h 438 Belgrade 
Burton S. C. Mrs., dry goods and trimmings, 505 

Burton Thomas E., r 307 Noble 
Burton Thomas W. , grain measurer, N W Pine 

and Delaware av, h 232 Greenwich 
Burton William, captain, 346 AVharton 
Burton William, waiter, 1045 Lombard 
BURTON WILLIAM R., medicines, 550 N 17th 
Burton William S. (c), waiter, 1408 Gulielma 
Burston William, weaver, 226 Market 

Burwell William, silverplater, Perkiomen below 

Bury Andrew, weaver, Stoke's ct 
Busaer William, driver, Clymer W of 6th 
Busby Daniel, farmer, stall 45 Callowhill st Mar- 
ket, h Burlington Co, N J 
Busby George, stall 20 Callowhill st Market 
Busby H., carpenter, Germantown av bel Johnson 
Busby John, farmer, stall 45 CallowhiU st Market, 

h Burlington Co, N J 
Busby Mordecai, salesman, 913 Arch 
Busby Sarah, widow John, Bringhurst, Ger'tn 
Buscaden Alex, laborer, 1608 Helmuth 
Busch A., M D, 116 Union 
Busch August, accot, 23 Bank, h 314 N Front 
Busch Frederick, drayman, Keyser n 5th 
Busch Frederick, paper stainer, 712 S 13th 
Busch George, bookkeeper, 13 N 4th, h 6152 

BUSCH HENRY E., atfy at law, 218 S 4th, h 

917 Pine 
Busch J. Frances, bookbinder, N E 6th & Minor, 

h 1007 Wistar 
Busch Miers, 917 Pine 
Buschbick Adolph, professor, 1404 N 15th 
Bushby William, butcher, 41 sec 5 Jefferson Mar- 
ket, h 924 S 11th 
Ruschmann A., tobacconist, 132 Vine 
Ruschmann F., tobacconist, 132 Vine 
Busehmann F. & Brother, (F. i^ A. BuscUmann), 

tobacconists, 132 Vine 
Buschner Charles N., bookkeeper, 338 N 3d 
Buse Charles, agent, 1 Mayland 
Buse Jacob, painter, 420 Belgrade 
Busemann Raymond, fancy dyer, 706 S 4th 
Bush Adam, laborer, 1417 Vienna 
Bush Alex., carriagemaker 1304 Marshall 
Bush Andrew, shoemaker, 29 Mulberry al 
Bush Ann, washer, 1331 Corn 
Bush Arabella, widow John H., 1 Bevans row 
Bush August, clerk, 314 N Front 
Bush Austin C, salesman, 314 Market, h 2023 

Bush Barnard, wheelwright, 1539 Warnock 
Bush Charles, barkeeper, 45 N 6th 
Bush Charles, laborer, Bevan's ct 
Bush Charles R., waterman, 1 Bevan's row 
Bush Clayton (e), musician, r 605 Bedford 
Bush Elizabeth, 340 Dean 
Bush E. C, clerk, 510 N 8th 
Bush Felix, shoemaker, 609 Callowhill 
Bush George, demijohn cover, Dauphin n Tulip 
Bush George, clerk, 4th n Race, h (515 Brown 
Bush George, tailor, r 509 Callowhill 
Bush George, shoemaker, 729 Medina 
Bush George W., gent, 961 N 11th 
Bush George AV., shoemaker, r 877 Orchard 
Bush George W., student at law, S E 8th and 

Locust, h Bridgeport, Montgomery Co 
Bush Harry S., clerk, 22 S 5th, h 1106 Chestnut 
Bush Hiram, restaurant, 472 N 2d, h 724 Mar- 
Bush Hiram E., conductor, 829 N 12th 
Bush Jacob, pipe burnisher, r 1017 Leithgow 
Bush John, baker, 605 St John 
Bush John, coachmaker, Ann n Emerald 
Bush John, conductor, Dauphin n Tulip 
Bush John, laborer, 506 Hurst 
Bush John, tavern, Germantown av ab Cottage 
Bush John (c), laborer, Meadow n Mulberry 
Bush John (c), foreman, 1309 Pearl 
Bush Joseph, wood sawyer, 134 Holmes al 
Bush Louis, bookkeeper, 531 Commerce 
Bush Mary, widow of John, Germantown av ab 
Mermaid la 

Patten's, 63Q Chegtiiut Street. 




Bnsli RoTjert, trunkmaker, 1518 Callowhill 
Bush Samuel H., merchant, 408 N 3d, h 303 Cal- 

Bush Sarah, vestmaker, 113 Catharine 
Bush S. H. & Co. {Sar,utd H. Busk 6f James E 

Trexler), wholesale tobacco dealers. 408 N 3d 
Bush Thoma.«, barkeeper, Gtn av <fc Cottaere 
Bush Van Camp, mer. 137 X 3d, h 1314 Arch 
Bush "William, clerk, 134 Holmes al 
Bush William H., hotelkeeper, 413 & 415 X dd 
Bushby William, jr., butcher, 924 S 11th 
Bushby William, carpenter, 924 S 11th 
Bushel Patrick, laborer, May pi 
Bushell Edvrard, laborer, r 1629 Bedford 
Bushell Patrick P., bricklayer, 3 Hawthorn av 
Busher Henry, clerk, 27 X 2d, h 1232 Hope 
Bushill John, blacksmith, 2040 Lombard 
Bushnell Andrew, clerk, 217 S Front, h Wissa- 

BUSHXELLJ. H., artist, 820 Chestnut, h 919 

Bushong George, 2208 Locust 
Bushong George W., camphene manufr. 22d &, 

Spruce, h 2208 Locust 
Bushong Henry, manuf. of alcohol, fluid & cam- 

phene. 215 & 217 X Broad, h Reading, Pa 
Bushong Jacob, manuf. of alcohol, camphene & 

fluid, 215 & 217 X Broad, h Reading, Pa 
Bushong Philip, manuf. of alcohol, camphene & 

fluid, 215 & 217 X Broad, h 247 X 18th 
BUSHOXG P. & SOXS (Jacob Bushong, Henry 

Bushong <^- Philip Bushong), manuf. of cam- 
phene, alcohol & fluid, 215 & 217 X Broad 
Businger L., stonemason, X 7th n Diamond 
Busker Adelaide, widow Anthony, 25 Leyering, 

Busker Rachel, cook, r 3 Fothergill 
Buss Henry, segar store, 220 Buttonwood 
Bussard Jacob, shipcarpenter, Sepviva ab Vienna 
Bussier Bartholomew, ink manuf. 738 S 3d 
Bussier Daniel P., mer. 110 S Del av, h 1630 Arch 
Bussier George W., butcher, 44 & 46 sec. 2 Whar- 
ton Market, h 1315 Rye 
Bussier Jane, 723 S 2d 

Bussier Joseph B., mer. 110 S Del av, h Gtn 
Bussier Joseph B. & Co. {Joseph B. Bussier, 

Daniel P. Bussier 6f John Seitz), importers of 

fruit, 110 S Del av 
Bussinger Isaac M., clerk, 1231 Coates 
Bussinger Jacob, blacksmith, 1700 Olive 
Bussinger Martin, fringemaker, 6 Seubert's ct 
Bussom Thomas, moulder, 2016 Filbert 
Bussy Mary, Potts bel 12th 
Bust Charles, shoemaker, 925 Moyamensing av 
Bust E. G,, printer, 202 Spruce 
Bustard Andrew, laborer, Columbia av n 39th 
Busterd Adam, grocer, 315 X 21st 
Busterd Margaret, widow George, 1113 Shippen 
Bustill Charles H. (c), plasterer, 908 Buttonwood 
Bustill David, plasterer, 418 Callowhill 
Bustill David, plasterer, 829 X 11th 
Bustill J. M., plasterer,' 829 X 11th 
Bustle Charles, porter, 3 Galena pi 
Butavern W., hotel. Ridge av. Falls SchI 
Butazle John, tailor, r 835 Charlotte 
Butcher Alexander, tailor, r 1214 S 7th 
Butcher Ann M., 1337 Vine 
Butcher Benjamin, carpenter, 104 Coates 
Butcher Benjamin F., porter, 432 Market, h 432 

Butcher Benjamin X., wheelwright, 1205 Noble, 

h 104 Coates 
BUTCHERS BROTHER {Washi7igto7iifJohn), 

provision dealers 146 & 148 N Front, packing 

house Poplar ab Beach 

Butcher Charles, pressman, 120 N Front 
Butcher Davis F., banker, 38 S 3d, h c 35th & 

Butcher Harriet, widow John H., Bringhurst, Gtn 
Butcher Henry, paints, Mark's la n 12th, h 40 N 

Butcher Jacob, gentleman. School, Gtn 
Butcher Jacob V., engineer, Lancaster av ab 36th 
Butcher James D., wheelwright, Elizabeth ab 

Butcher James W., clerk, 62 N Front, h 535 Lo- 

Butcher John, laborer, Armat, Gtn 
Butcher John, merchant, 146 N Front, h 114 N 

Butcher John Pi,., trimmer, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Butcher Joseph, wheelwright, 1502 X 5th 
Butcher Joseph W., laborer, Elizabeth ab Unity 
Butcher M., laborer, 2339 Virginia 
Butcher Peter, cordwainer, 2 Beach 
Butcher Philip, shoemaker, 1759 N 3d 
Butcher Rachel, widow Xelson, Unity n Paul 
Butcher Pteinhardt, brewer, 136 Peg 
Butcher Samuel, shoemaker, 1127 Passyunk rd 
Butcher Samuel, stonecutter, r 1339 Potts 
Butcher Samuel, tollgate, Gtn av ab Cottage 
Butcher Theodore B., treasurer, Gtn av bel Chel- 

ton av 
Butcher Thomas, laborer. Elizabeth ab Unity 
Butcher Thomas T-, 112 S 4th, h 35th c Race 
Butcher Washington, merchant, 146 k 148 X 

Front, h 1821 Vine 
Butcher William, clerk, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Butcher William A., roofer, 1322 Green 
Butcher William M., clerk, 424 S 2d 
Bute Charles L., sugar refiner, S W Crown & Wil- 
low, h 725 X 6th 
Bute Charles L., jr., sugar refiner, S W Crown & 

Willow, h 725 X 5th 
Bute & Smith (C. L. Bute & E. O. Smith), su- 
gar refiners, S W Crown & Willow 
Buthof Constantine, barber, 814 Cherry 
Butlana S. B., sawmaker, 732 S Front 
Butler Adam E., painter, Innes ab Allen 
Butler Andrew A., importer, 31 S Front 33 Le- 

titia, h 701 Vine 
Butler Ann, seamstress, 5 Butler's av 
Butler Ann, washer, 1125 Rodman 
Butler Bayard, dividend clerk, 238 S 3d, h Church 

la, Gtn 
Butler Bridget, widow William, 4 Bell's ct 
Butler Charles, laborer, Lehigh av, Hestonville 
Butler Charles, moulder, X W 12th <fc Xoble, h 

Burns av 
Butler Charles, porter, 9 Barber's ct 
Butler Charles L., millwrio-ht, Cameron ab 

Butler Cornelius, confectionery, 319 Borden 
Butler E., news dealer, 417 Chestnut 
Butler Edward, gaiters, 1311 S 2d 
Butler Edward, hostler, r Edgemont ab Somerset 
Butler Edward, shoemaker, 922 Poplar 
Butler Edward P., coal, 110 Walnut, h 320 S 5th 
Butler Elijah H., publisher, 137 S 4th, h Gtn 
Butler Elizabeth, widow Joseph, candyshop, 687 

BUTLER E. H, & CO. (Elijah H. Butler), book- 
sellers and publishers, 137 S 4th 
Butler Frances, 502 Xorth 
Butler Franklin, manuf. jeweler, 131 X 2d, h416 

X 6th 
Butler Francis D., barber, 1613 Moravian 
Butler F. E., widow, 1152 S 6th 
Butler George, clerk, 57 X3d, h 818 X 6th 
Butler George, waiter, 417 S 7th 

Gilt CorniceS) BnndS) Ginips« Tassels, Fringes, and Curtain Goods; 




Butler George S., operator, 120 Mary- 
Butler George W., tin plate worker, 9 S Tth 
Butler Henry (c), bartender, 222 Brier pi 
Butler Henry, liquor merchant, 2007 Summer 
Butler Henry (c), waiter, 22 Brier 
Butler Henry L., machinist, S E Vine & 17th 
Butler Henry L., printer, 140 Market, h 718 

"Washington av 
Butler Henry W., salesman, 122S Marshall 
Butler Isabella, saleswoman, 916 Coates, h 718 N 

9 th 
Butler Isabella B., young ladies academy. Sel- 
lers ab Leiper 
Butler Isaiah H., tobacconist, 1126 Passyunk rd 
Butler J. P., N W Baring and 34th 
Butler James, laborer, N 22d n Race 
Butler James (c), laborer, Foulkrod n Frankford 
Butler James, jr. (c), lab., Foulkrod n Frankford 
Butler James G., Rev., Chestnut bel 41st 
Butler James P., coal dealer, 115 N Broad, h -Slth 

& Baring 
Butler Jane, seamstress, 5 Butler's av 
Butler Jeremiah, com. mer., S E Vine & 17th 
Butler John, carter, S Front bel Reed 
Butler John, driver, 1406 Hancock 
Butler John, dry goods, Cresson Myk 
Butler John, machinist, 2.30 New 
Butler John A., paver, 208 Prime 
Butler John G., salesman, 32 S Front, h 502 North 
Butler John M., 730 S 10th 
Butler JohnM., tobacconist, "Walnut n 4th, h 25 

Butler Joseph, laborer. Mermaid 1 & German- 
town av 
Butler Joseph, police station, Spring Garden Hall, 

h 16 Carlton 
Butler Joshua M., clerk City Bank, Mill st, Gtn 
Butler Julia, cloakmaker, 3d & Arch, h 929 Sar- 

Butler Julius (c), 1714 Vasey 
BUTLER J., commission and storage depot, 318 

N Broad, h 17th & Vine 
Butler J. H., jr., assistant bookkeeper, 137 S 4th, 

h 522 Walnut 
Butler Letitia (c), widow "William, Oak bel 41st 
Butler & Levis (.S. W. Butler & R. J. Levis), 

editors, 108 S 8th 
Butler Lucy, chambermaid, 413 S 11th 
Butler Madison, waiter, 003 Mintzer 
Butler Margaret, widow Michael, 2029 Murray 
Butler Maria C. (c), laundress, 1718 Sansom 
Butler Martha, widow "William, 135 Mary 
Butler Mary, widow John, produce, 410 Shippen 
Butler Marj', widow Samuel, 207 Gaskill 
Butler Mary Ann, widow John, 214 Jarvis 
Butler Michael, laborer, S E 37th & Irving 
Butler Michael, laborer, Salmon bel "William 
Butler Michael, machinist, 2029 Murray 
Butler Michael, waiter. White bel 15th 
BUTLER k Mccarty {Franklin Butler h,- 
Edward McCarty), manufs of jewelry and 
silverware, 131 N 2d 
Butler Otis C, sec 230 Walnut, h 1916 Lom- 
Butler Patrick, laborer, 15 Colbrook's pi 
Butler Patrick, sadler, 1239 N Front 
Butler Peter, carpenter, 811 Fallon 
Butler Peter, cordwainer, 40 N 21st 
Butler Pierce, 424 Walnut 
Butler Pierce A., house painter, 1 Huey pi 
Butler Priscilla (c), wid Coffin, r 112 Bedford 
Butler Robert, machinist, 1354 Atmore 
Butler Robert, tavern, 108 N Water 
Butler Robert (c) , waiter, 622 Ronaldson 
Butler Samuel, blacksmith. Chestnut ab 42d 

Butler Samuel, cloth cutter, S E 13th and Mar- 
ket, h 109 Kershaw 
Butler Samuel, gent. 240 S 9th 
Butler Samuel, trimmings, 1221 S 2d 
Butler Samuel (c), porter, 613 Ronaldson 
Butler Samuel B., mer. Market ab 5th, h 223 N 

Butler Samuel F., trimmer, 509 S 13th 
Butler Samuel M., salesman, 434 Market, bds 

Merchants' Hotel 
Butler Sophia, washerwoman, 4 Lisbon 
Butler S. H., asst sec Qua City Ins Co. 408 Wal- 
nut, h 1916 Lombard 
Butler S. W. M.D., editor, 108 S 8th, h Darby 

rd n 37th 
Butler Theodore H., salesman, 137 S 4th, h 118 

N 20th 
Butler Theodore T., clerk, 1916 Lombard 
Butler Thomas, grocery, 1227 Wallace 
Butler Thomas, painter, 240 S 9th, h 406 Quince 
Butler Thomas, tin-plate worker, 9 S 7th 
Butler Thomas J., bootmaker, 526 Lorian 
Butler Ward C, clerk, 601 Chestnut, h 713 S 8th 
Butler William, 416 N 6th 

Butler William, coachmaker, School la n Green 
Butler William, collector, 1235 Melon 
Butler -William, gent, office, 115 N Broad, h 416 

N 6th 
Butler William, laborer, 1512 Bedford 
Butler William, machinist, 2029 Murray 
Butler William, paver, 208 Prime 
Butler William, porter, 1613 Moravian 
Butler William, varnisher, 516 South 
Butler William, waiter, 413 S 11th 
Butler William H., alderman, 322 N 6th 
Butler William H., coachtrimmer, 713 S 8th 
Butler William P., waiter, 1613 Moravian 
Butler William Pierce, coachman, School, Gtn 
Butler William T., sec Fire Assn. 34 N 5th, h 

823 Franklin 
Butnane John, tailor, 441 N 4th 
Butnetz John, tanner, 1643 Cadwalader 
Butscher Jacob, shoemaker, 7 Brown 
Butt Charles, shoemaker, 1650 Mervine 
Butt John M., turner, Spielberger's ct 
Butt William, moulder, 1516 Penna av 
Buttand Mary, widow John, produce, 116 & 118 

Shippen Market, h r 408 Shippen 
Butten William, engineer, 114 W Girard av 
Butterfield Edward, carpenter, 815 Yhost 
Butterfield Edwin, sewing machines, 5 N 3d 
Butterfield Frederick, mer. 119 Chestnut, h New 

York city 
BUTTERFIELD F. & CO. (Frederick Butter- 
field, L. A. Jacobus), importers of dry goods, 
119 Chestnut 
Butterfield Jesse, gunsmith, 1524 Fkd av 
Butterfield Sarah, wid Benjamin, 1518 Fkd av 
Butterfield &, Son, gunniakers, 1528 Fkd av 
Butterfield Arilliam, sewing machines, 5 N 3d 
Buttej-field William & E. {William E. Butter- 
field), sewing machines, 5 N 3d 
Butterworth Ann, trimmings, 1105 Hope 
Butterworth Charles, clerk, bds 713 Spring Gar- 
Butterworth Edmund, dyer, Norris n Trenton av 
Butterworth Edward, twister, 1708 American ab 

Butterworth Ellis, dyer, Norris W of Trenton av 
Butterworth George E., carpenter,- 505 S 2d 
Butterworth Henry W., tin-plate worker, 29 & 

31 Haydock, h 909 Charlotte 
Butterworth Jacob, washboard maker, r411 Pop- 
lar, h 419 Poplar 
Butterworth James, peddler, Wood n Gay, Myk 

Putten's, 630 Clicstuut Street* 




Butterworth James, shoemaker, Dyzara W of 

Butterworth James, tinsmith, 909 Charlotte 
Butterworth James E., tobacconist, N E Fkd av 

and Unity, h Paul n Green 
Butterworth John, wool sorter, 1105 Hope 
Butterworth Joseph, weaver, Trenton R E n 

Butterworth Moses, wool sorter, Carroll n Moore 
Butterworth Robert, tobacconist, 131 Fkd ar 
Butterworth Thomas, machinist, 42 W Market 
Butterworth Thomas, saw polisher, 1105 Sites 
Butterworth William, brushmaker, 211 N Front 
Butterworth William, cotton spinner, Litterly E 

of Coral 
Butterworth William, machinist, 2206 Wood, h 

240 Oxford 
Butterworth Willoughby, carpenter, r 411 Poplar 
Buttesowa Martha, widow, 1144 S 6th 
Buttesway Rease, currier, 23d & Cherry, h 14 

Clark's pi 
Buttman George, laborer, 6 Frytag's al 
Buttner Henry, laborer, 125 Callowhill 
Button Conny, manuf.. Walnut la & Ger av 
Button John, manuf., Walnut la & Ger av 
Button Joseph, hosiery, Germantn av ab Herman 
BUTTON STEPHEN D., architect, 24 Mer, Exc, 

h Mickle, Camden 
Butts Charles A., furnishing goods, 27 N 8th, h 

233 N 20th 
Butts Isaac, farmer, Richmond, Bridesburg 
Butts J. A., 814 Market 
Butts Petfer, huckster, 4th ab Berks 
Bitz Adam, mer., 131 & 133 N Water, h 675 N 

Butz Alfred, cork manuf. , 829 N 3d, h 818 N 5th 
Butz Alfred L., bookkeeper, 829 & 831 N 3d, h 

818 N 5th 
Butz Babette Mrs., widow, 1439 N 10th 
Butz Edward, cordw., 1444 N 4th 
Butz George, brewer, 3d n Poplar, h 818 N 5th 
Butz George, jr., SE 3d & Buttonwood 
Butz John, buttonmaker, 322 Girard av 
Butz Joseph, tavern, 621 Swanson 
Butz Leonhardt, cordw., 1517 Brinton 
Butz Lewis, buttonmaker, 322 Girard av 
Butz Mathias, lampmaker, Oxford bel 5th 
Butz Peter, confectioner, 322 Girard av 
Butz Peter, dealer, 198 E mkt, h 4th & Chatham 
Buveird Robert, carter, 1929 Buttonwood 
Buxbaum Rosa, wid Nathan, r 721 New Market 
Buxton Francis, clerk, 414 S 5th 
Buxton Mary, 937 Morgan 
Buyer Charles, shoemaker, 1502 Perth 
Buzby Abraham, boatman, Green la, Rox 
Buzby Albert G., mer., 223 & 225 Chestnut 
Buzby Bertram A., salesman, 493 Dilwyn 
Buzby Charles H., jeweler, 1624 Ridge av 
BUZBY & CO. (George L. ^ JoJm L. Buzby), 

commission merchants, 931 & 933 Market 
Buzby Edmund H., office 931 Market, h 24 West 

Penn sq 
Buzby George, tailor, 642 Callowhill 
Buzby George L., mer., 933 Market, h 24 West 

Penn sq 
Buzby George W., carp., Sellers ab Leiper 
Buzby Harmar, marble mason, 1240 Ridge av 
Buzby Hannah, widow, 718 Noble 
Buzby Harmar, jr., butcher, 1240 Ridge av 
Buzby John, coppersmith, 1303 Horstmann 
Buzby John, machinist, r 1333 Palethorp 
Buzby John L., mer. 933 Market, h 1342 Chest- 
Buzby Maria, widow Hezekiah, 24 W Penn sq 
Buzby Mary Mrs., cupper & leecher, 263 S 8th 

Patten's, G30 Chestnut S 

Buzby Mordecai, bookkeeper, 119 Chestnut, h 

913 Arch 
Buzby Nathan H., wholesale grocer, 11 N Water, 

h Burlington, N J 
Buzby Robert, laborer, Thomas n Taeony 
Buzby Susan, trimmings, 1240 Ridge av 
Buzby Thomas, driver, 2343 Coates 
Buzby Thomas W., sheet iron worker, 305 N 2d 
Buzby William, produce, 6 Vine, h Moors'tn, NJ 
Buzby William A., confectioner, 1624 Ridge av 
Buzby William N., farmer, 35, sec. 3, Shippen 

mkt, h Gloucester Co 
Buzzard Robert, manuf of stockings. Little Wayne, 

Buzzard William, shoemaker, Centre, Gtn 
Bayard E. (c), dressmaker, 1331 Fitzwater 
Bayard George sen., gent, 923 S 6th 
Byard George jr., carpenter, 923 S 6th 
Byard Henry, coachman, 1030 Lombard 
Byard Margaret, (c), wid James, r 822 South 
Byard Starr H , gent, 1026 Walnut 
Byard Samuel J., sec'y C. & A. R. R., 206 S Del 

av, h Woodbury, N J 
Byard William (c), porter, 6 Rose al 
Bye Kate, r 2005 Wood 

Bye Samuel K., carpenter, 1226 Spring Garden 
Byer John, capemanuf, 101 S 8th, h 237 Lybrand 
Byer S. H. Mrs., di-essmaker, 905 Filbert 
Byer William, engraver, 522 Minor, h 2143 Shars- 

Byer William C, clerk, 1015 Coates 
Byerlight A., 633 Pine 
Byerly Alfred, 1324 Arch 
Byerly Alfred, salesman, 47 N 3d 
Byerly Charles, 1324 Arch 
Byerly Clymer, 1324 Arch 
Byerly David, conductor, 907 S 13th 
Byerly Elizabeth, wid George, Gtn av bel Norris 
Byerly Franklin, 1324 Arch 
Byerley Jacob, gentleman, 310 Beaver 
Byerley Jeremiah, ship carpenter, 1509 Bedford 
Byerly John, cordwainer, 1503 Seybert 
Byerly Mrs., 1324 Arch 
Byerly S., Mrs., 812 Arch 
Byerly William, hotel, 731 S 4th 
Byers Alexander, blacksmith, 720 Montcalm 
Byers George, laborer, 422 N 23d 
Byers George, butcher, 218 Greenwich 
Byers Joseph, blacksmith, Bustleton pike, Sandy 

Byers Joseph, cordwainer, 1903 Naudain 
Byers Stephen D., farmer, stall 214 Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h Chester County 
Byington William C, M.D., 1014 Spring Garden 
Bylery Adam, goldbeater, r 607 Wall 
Byles James, baker, 524 N 5th 
Byllesby Langton, printer, 1332 Parrish 
Byllesby Manison, Rev., 1332 Parrish 
Byram James, grocer. Green 1, Myk 
BYRAM JOSEPH H., engraver, 112 S 3d, h 1314 

Byram Joshua L., house carpenter. Sellers ab 

Byram Ralph, grocer, Sellers ab Leiper 
Byren John, dealer, Warren n N 36th 
Byrne Bridget, widow Matthew, r opp 5 Shel- 

burne av 
Byrne Christopher, carpenter, Warren n N 38th 
Byrne Dennis, weaver, Pennsylvania av n 24th 
Byrne Edward, porter, 410 N Front 
Byrne Emma M., widow William, 715 S 8th 
Byrne Francis, laborer, r Fisher n Huntingdon 
Byrne James, gent. 124 Almond 
Byrne John, huckster, 906 Atherton 
Byrne John, clerk, 2 Armstrong's ct 
trect* Window S3iade.S) 




Byrne John, produce, 51 Shippen Market 
Byrne John, janitor, office N. P. RR. Co., h 2 

Armstrong's ct 
Byrne John, shoemaker, Fernon bel 9th 
Byrne John, shoemaker, 706 Moss 
Byrne John, weaver, Pennsylvania av n 24th 
Byrne Julia, select seminary, 235 N 12th 
Byrne Michael, carter, 1410 S Sth 
Byrne Michael, tailor, 8 Pike 
Byrne Michael, morocco finisher. Holt av 
Byrne Michael; weaver, Pennsylvania av n 24th 
Byrne Patrick, bootmaker, 724 Fallon 
Byrne Patrick, shoemaker, 704 Plover 
Byrne Peter, bookbinder, opp 5 Shelburne av 
Byrne Peter, bricklayer, S E 21st & Hamilton 
Byrne P., hotel. Ridge av, Falls Sch 
Byrne Sylvester, clerk, 33 S 3d, h 410 N Front 
Byrne Thomas, bartender, 207 Pine, h 611 Gilford 
Byrne Thomas, clerk, Mulvaney bel Columbia av 
Byrne Thomas, porter, 28 N 3d, Mulvany ab 

Byrne William, laborer, 906 Atherton 
Byrnes Charles W., paper stainer, 4 Pleasant av 
Byrnes Frank, laborer, 1226 Lyndall al 
Byrnes Henry, laborer, 310 Truxton 
Byrnes Jacob F., att'y at law, 424 Library, h 

240 N 5th 
Byrnes James, carpenter, Salmon n Emory 
Byrnes James, tailor, 841 Chestnut, h 1008 S Sth 
Byrnes J. N., restaurant, S E 3d & Spruce 
Byrnes John M., wholesale grocer, 605 Market, h 

1234 Spring Garden 
Byrnes Joseph, boatman, Southerland av n South 
Byrnes Margaret, widow John, 611 S Front 
Byrnes Michael, porter, 513 Mendon pi 
Byrnes Michael, jr., blacksmith, 513 Mendon pi 
Byrnes Matthew, bottler, 1637 Warnock 
Byrnes Michael, grocer, Cresson & Cotton, Myk 
Byrnes Patrick, boatman, Southerland av n South 
Byrnes Patrick, dealer, 1404 Warnock 
Byrnes Peter,, Sutherland av n South 
Byrnes Stephen, laborer, James, Falls Sch 
Byrnes Thomas, 1421 Locust 
Byrnes Thomas, hotel. Ridge av, Falls Sch 
Byrnes Timothy, clerk Commercial Bank, h 637 

N 7th 
Byrnes T A., com. mer. 219 Church al, h 1319 

Girard av 
Byrnes Thomas F., coal dealer, 901 Master, h 1404 

Byrnes, Thomas F., watchmaker, 1404 Wai-nock 
Byrnes Thomas H., clerk, 128 & 130 Chestnut, h 

2041 Chestnut 
Byrnes William J., watchmaker, 601 Market, h 

1404 Warnock 
Byrns John, porter, 304 N 3d 
Byrns Patrick, coachman, 1520 Stone 
Byrns Thomas, laborer, 28 Hiekey 
Bywater Charles, harnessmaker, 2d & South, 

h Desota 
Bywater Maurice, bookbinder, 1234 Spruce 
Bywater William, tinsmith, 13th & Noble, h De- 

Cabada Adolph, clerk, 204 S Front, h 330 Walnut 
Cabada Emilio F., com. mer. 204 S Front, h 1530 

Cabale L., hairdresser, 13 S 9th 
Cabavea Janquin, segarmaker, 830 Catharine 
CABEEN & CO. {Bo/jert B. Cuheaii ^ Adam 

KouigmacJier), iron & commission, 208 N Del 

av, 209 N Water 

Ctirtains, and Upholstery G 

Cabeen Robert B., com. iron mer. 208 N Del av 

&, 209 N Water, h Gtn av bel Mill 
Cabot John, 1102 Spruce 
Cabot John F., mer. 135 S Front, Vice Consul 

for Oriental Republic Uruguay, h 1102 Spruce 
Cabot Joseph, president Allentown Iron Co., 105 

Walnut, h 1106 Spruce 
CABOT &PEMBERTON {Johii F. Cabot, Clifford 

Femherton), brokers in drugs, dyes, chemicals, 

Calcutta goods and general merchandise, 135 

S Front 
Cabry Mary, widow John, dealer, 820 Carpenter 
Cach Dinst, bootcrimper, 126 Callowhill 
Cacy Andrew, laborer, r 1917 Cuthbert 
Cad Ezekiel, gent. 633 Carpenter 
Cad Samuel W., tobacconist, 536 Lorian 
Cadam James, laborer, 424 Maria 
Cadbury Joel, mer. 18 Letitia, h 252 Franklin 
Cadbury Joel, jr., clerk, 252 Franklin 
Cadbury John, clerk, 252 Franklin 
Cadbury Richard, merchant, 117 & 119 Chestnut, 

h Chelton Hills, Montgomery Co 
Caddell Kenneth, cordwainer, r 1316 Corn 
Caddigan D. F., clerk. Continental Hotel 
Cade Elias, printer, 246 N Juniper 
Cade John W., mariner, 1306 Marlborough 
Cade Samuel W., bookkeeper, 14 N Del av, h 

526 Lorian 
Caden James, laborer, 1247 Wood 
Caden Thomas, laborer, 1247 Wood 
Cadmus Frederick, merchant, S W 3d & Mar- 
ket, h 422 Appletree al 
Cadmus James M., 300 Market, h 5 Paschal 
Cadmus Jeremiah, boots & shoes, 736 Market, h 

248 Madison 
Cadmus Michael C, boots & shoes, 300 Market, 

h 630 E North 
Cadwalader Charles, salesman, 638 N 6th 
Cadwalader Charles N., salesman, 420 Market, h 

S W Sth & Wallace 
Cadwalader Edward, wireworker, 1114 Callowhill 
Cadwalader Evan, laborer. Market n 33d 
CADWALADER GEORGE, gent, 925 Chestnut 
Cadwalader Isaac G., gent, 1933 Mt Vernon 
Cadwalader John, Judge District Court U S, 252 

S 4th 
Cadwalader Miles E. J., shoemaker, 138 Bread 
Cadwalader Reuben, carter, Wayne, Gtn 
Cadwalader Richard M., 1131 Chestnut 
Cadwalader Thomas, gent, 1131 Chestnut 
Cadwalader William, gent, 125 N ISth 
Cadwalader William R., clerk, 505 Minor, h 314 

Cadwallader Charles, sashmaker, 1017 Olive 
Cadwallader Charles, lumber com. mer. S W Del 

av k Coates, h Pine n 63d, 24th ward 
Cadwallader Cyrus, president Franklin Saving 

Fund, 1427 N 7th 
Cadwallader C. & D. S. {Charles Sf David S.), 

com. lumber mers. S W Del av & Coates 
Cadwallader David S., lumber com. mer. S W 

Del av k Coates, h 37th & Bridge 
Cadwallader Edward F., wirewr, 1114 Callowhill 
Cadwell John, salesman, 319 Union 
Cady Charles E., M.D., dentist, 1206 Gtn av 
Cady Robert, carpenter, 2129 Try on 
Caffee Ward J., druggist, 444 Franklin 
Cafierly Edward, laborer, Cuthbert n 23d 
Cafferty John, farmer, 59th ab Darby rd 
Cafferty Vanroon, bricklayer, 228 Christian 
Cafferty John I., coalyard, 2116 Market, h S W 

Gray's hi & Darby rd 
CaflFery James, bricklayer. Housekeeper's ct 
Caffery John, bricklayer, Housekeeper's ct 
Caffery William, bricklayer. Housekeeper's ct 
oolis, vVhtiU-saif uiail Kctnili 




Caffey John, laborer, 234 Monroe 

Caffield Mary, dealer, stall 174 Race st Market, h 

N E Eace'& 9tli 
Caffray Catharine, wid John, produce, 111 Ship- 
pen st Market, h 622 Charles 
Caffrey Grace, 828 Race 
Caffrey James, clerk, 242 Chestnut, h Market 

ab 16th 
Caffrey Joseph, clerk, 216 Stampers al 
Caffrey Patrick, laborer, 16 W Shippen pi 
Caffrey William, laborer, 217 Federal 
Caganey Cornelius, stonecutter, r 6 Marston 
Caganey Michael, plasterer, r 6 Marston 
Caggerty Patrick, grocery, 214 Currant al 
Cagnoncle Henry, steamscourer, 204 S 8th, h 

808 S 8th 
Cahall John, teamster, 1228 Potts 
Cahan James, laborer, 2008 Carlton 
Cahill Bridget, shopkeeper, 901 Lafayette 
Cahill Brian, laborer, Sydney n Federal 
Cahill Catharine, widow John, Edgemont ab 

Cahill Daniel, bookkeeper, 6 N 3d, h 816 Cross 
Cahill Daniel, shoemaker, 1908 Howell 
Cahill G-arret, currier, 23d & Cherry, h Oak n36th 
Cahill James, laborer, 1023 Jefferson 
Cahill James, laborer, 1329 Pearl 
Cahill Jeremiah, shoemaker, 2046 Murray 
Cahill John, currier, 125 Van Horn 
Cahill John, carpenter, 19 N Juniper 
Cahill John, laborer, 157 Master 
Cahill John H., sheetiron worker. 11 Courtlandt pi 
Cahill Margaret, widow Patrick, 1622 Carlton 
Cahill Margaret, 1908 Howell 
Cahill Margaret, washerwoman, 2129 Locust 
Cahill Martin, hotel, 4 Ranstead place 
Cahill Matthew, laborer, 2038 Jones 
Cahill Michael, coach blacksmith, 305 N 12th, h 

913 Buttonwood 
Cahill M., slater, 815 N 11th, h 851 N 11th 
Cahill Patrick, liquors, 816 Tasker 
Cahill Patrick, machinist, 1608 Sansom 
Cahill Patrick, shoemaker, 1908 Howell 
Cahill Patrick, tinsmith, 23 N 12th 
Cahill Patrick, tanner, 125 Van Horn 
Cahill Patrick, jr., moulder, 125 Van Horn 
Cahill Richard, clerk. 2228 Summer 
Cahill Richard, clerk, 2420 Lombard 
Cahill Richard, sr., laborer, 2420 Lombard 
Cahill Richard, porter, 27 N 3d, h 816 Tasker 
Cahill Stephen, porter, 613 Vincent 
Cahill Thomas, 2533 Pine 
Cahill Thomas, laborer, Smith's ct 
Cahill Thomas, shoe store, 1513 South 
Cahill Thomas, stonemason. Hick's av, Lagrange 
CAHILL THOMAS E., ice & coal, 325 Walnut, 
2422 Lombard, & Pine St wf. Sch, h 2432 Lom- 
Cahill William, undertaker, 257 S 21st 
Cahill William, 325 S 22d 
Cahler Henry, painter, 1023 Girard av 
Cahn Abraham, clothing, 33 N 3d, h 236 Vine 
Cahu & Haas {A. Cahn i^ 6'. L. Haas) , wholesale 

clothing, 33 N 3d 
Cahn Isaac, shirt bosoms, 235 Catharine 
Cahn & Leopold (A. Cahn (^ Simon Leopold) , 

clothing, 256 N 2d 
Caho John, dealer, Josephine n Church 
Cahoon Catharine, seamstress, 1914 Wilcox 
Gaboon James W., wheelwright, N W Arch (tilth 
Cahoon Margaret A., dressmaker, 1914 Wilcox 
Cahoon Martha, widow James, 1914 Wilcox 
Cahoon Mary J., shirtmaker, 1914 Wilcox 
Cahoon Matilda, seamstress, 1914 Wilcox 
Cahoon William, drayman, 1914 Wilcox 

Cahoun James, coachman, 413 Noble 

Cailhopper Charles, roofer, 1208 Ogden 

Cain Andrew, laborer, 2d bel Chatham 

Cain Andrew S., laborer, r 2d ab Montgomery 

Cain David, waiter, r 420 Gaskill 

Cain Emma, 18 N 4th, h 8th & Christian 

Cain George, shoemaker, 1208 Hope 

Cain George P., cordw. 243 Race, h 1208 Hope 

CAIN, HACKER & COOK {Thomas Cain, Morris 

Hacker. (^ Jesse M. Cook), coal, 138 Walnut 
Cain Hugh, wine & liquors, Richmond n Norris 
Cain & Izard {John W. Cain, John F. Izard), 

tobacco dealers, 107 Market 
Cain Jacob, plumber, 2S8 Perry 
Cain James, shoemaker. Darby av bel 73d 
Cain John, captain, 35 Christian 
Cain John, laborer, 7 Point Pleasant ct 
Cain John, laborer, 6 Alroy 
Cain John, lampmaker, 405 Buttonwood 
Cain John, shoemaker, Stokes ct 
Cain John W., tobacco dealer, 107 Market, h 5th 

& Market, Camdqn 
Cain Joshua S. (c), barber, G T ab Franklin 
Cain Margaret, 9 Ralston 
Cain Patrick, laborer, 2 Hobensack pi 
Cain Peter, laborer, 433 Magnolia 
Cain Samuel, waterman, r Maple n Melvale 
Cain Thomas, coal, 138 Walnut, h 622 N 5th 
Cain Thomas, laborer, 248 N 16th 
Cain William, bootmaker, 6 Bell's -ct 
Cain William, paperhanger, 311 Dean 
Cain William C, segar dealer, 217 S 13th 
Cain William H., engineer, S W 9th & Parrish, 

h 930 Melon 
Cain William H., gas pipe welder, 1309 Moya- 

mensing av 
Cain William H., segar dealer, 217 S 13th 
Caines Daniel, machinist, 1233 Fulton 
Caines Elizabeth, gentlewoman, 1235 Ogden 
Caines William H., carpenter, 624 Carpenter 
Cairl Loudon S., pianos, 930 Arch, h 1020 Vernon 
Cairns Alexander, laborer, 2109 Wallace 
Cairns Alexander, machinist, r 1431 N Front 
CAIRNS ARCHIBALD, liquor & wines, S W c 

Bodine & Columbia av, and N W American & 

Columbia av 
Cairns Henry, shoemaker, r 605 Little Lloyd 
Cairns Jas , foreman moulder, N W 12th & Noble, 

h 1003 N 16th 
Cairns John, laborer, 2109 Wallace 
CAIRNS JOHN, night inspector Custom House, 

h 1205 Wood 
Cairns Joseph, drayman, 130 S 20th 
Cairns Joseph, laborer, Otsego ab Reed 
Cairns Margaret, 1022 Pine 
Cairns William, hatter, 1620 Market 
Cairns William G., intelligence office, S W 13th 

& Filbert 
Caisey J., hotel, 737 S 13th 
CAKE, BOULDEN & CO. (J. F. Cake, J. Boul- 

den Isf T. Neu-kirk), wine & liquor dealers, 118 

Cake Charles, paperhanger, 705 Ulrick 
Cake Conrad, laborer, 1222 Alder 
Cake Elizabeth, wid. Matthias, 546 Chatham 
Cake Henry, tailor, 1016 N Front 
Cake Jacob F., wine it liquor dealer, 118 Market, 

h 1828 Mount Vernon 
Cake Joseph, tailor, Urbana pi 
Cakmaer Wilhelm, shoemaker, 1003 Nectarine 
Calaghan Edward, carpenter, 2041 Wood 
Calaghan Patrick, engineer, 1412 N 5th 
Calaghan Robert, mill manager, South n 73d 
Calagher James, laborer, 2107 Carlton 
Calagher John, driver, 4 Newbold 

Ijace, AInslin* Damask, Bi-ocatelle) and Drapery Curtains, of every descriptionj 




Calagher Richard, gasfitter, 1916 Wood 
Calahan Christopher, lab., Almond n Somerset 
Calahan Hugh, peddler, 1 St Paul's av 
Calahan James, finisher, 1344 Hope 
Calahan Jane, wid. John, Elizabeth ab Unity 
Calahan John, confectionery, 766 S 4th 
Calahan John, laborer, 1231 Thurlow 
Calahan John, cordwainer, 511 S 19th 
Calahan Lawrence, stonecutter, 2015 Summer 
Calahan Margaret, wid. Robert, South n 72d 
Calahan Margaret, wid. John, washerwoman, 785 

Calahan Martin jr., 415 S 3d 
Calahan Martin, sr., tavern, 415 S 3d 
Calahan Michael, shoemaker. Cedar n Ann 
Calahan Michael, laborer, 4 Graden 
Calahan Patrick, barkeeper, 415 S 3d 
Calahan Patrick, laborer, 1515 Jones 
Calahan Peter, shoemaker, 785 Swanson 
Calahan Thomas S., wheelwright, Germantown rd 

& New Market, h 958 N 5th 
Calahan Thomas S., wheelwright, 1018 German- 
town av, h 958 N 5th 
Calberry Catharine, grocer, 226 N Front 
Caldcleugh Andrew S., gent., 1430 Chestnut 
Caldcleugh Robert, S W Walnut & 3d, h 1430 

Caldcleugh William G., S W Walnut & 3d, h 

1430 Chestnut 
Calddell Hannah, wid. Wm., 800 Tasker 
Calderhead Isabel Mrs., carpet weaver, 1612 Bar- 
ker, h 1714 St Joseph av 
Calderhead William, weaver, r 115 Edward 
Caldwell Alexander, carpenter. Church bel Wash- 
ington, Bdg 
Caldwell Alexander, grocer, 725 Baker 
Caldwell Alexander, jr., carriage driv., 725 Baker 
Caldwell Alfred H., clerk, 122 Walnut, h 251 

Caldwell Andrew, plumber & gasfitter, 1344 Ridge 

av, h 1116 Wistar 
Caldwell Ann, seamstress, 515 S Penn 
Caldwell Augustus A., engraver, 23 S 3d, h S E 

2d & Shippen 
CALDWELL A. D., real estate agent & insurance 

broker, 424 Walnut, h 770 N 24th 
Caldwell Charles, laborer, 1632 Barker 
Caldwell Charles, watehcasemaker, 2 Evan 
Caldwell Charles, clerk, 624 Locust 
Caldwell Chas. H., bookkeeper, 22 & 24 N Front, 

h S Washington sq 
Caldwell Charles P., whip & cane manufacturer, 

5 & 7 N 4th, h N W c 34th & Haverford 
Caldwell Clark, sheet iron worker, 231 S 10th, h 

919 S 13th 
Caldwell C. W., real estate agent, 346 S 4th 
Caldwell David, grocer, S E 12th & Coates 
Caldwell David W., clerk, N E 40th & Darby rd 
Caldwell Edward E., boilermaker, 1712 Grayson 
Caldwell Eliza, widow William, 716 S 16th 
Caldwell Eliza, millinery & dress caps, 824 Arch 
Caldwell Elizabeth, confectioner, 1610 Coates 
Caldwell Ellen, washer, 514 S 12th 
Caldwell Frances, seamstress. Amber N of Otis 
Caldwell Francis M., dry goods, 51 N 8th, h 258 

N 9th 
Caldwell Frank M., clerk, 227 Vine, h 510 Wood 
Caldwell Frederick H., moulder, Cumberland n 

Caldwell George, clerk, 716 S 16th 
Caldwell Henry A., com. mer. 107 S Water, h 

633 N 19th 
Caldwell H. G., laborer, Mill, Holmesburg 
Caldwell James, 19 S 16th 
Caldwell James, grocer, 1020 Olive 

Patten's, G.30 

Caldwell James, farmer,stall 231 Farmers' Market, 

h Delaware county 
Caldwell James, laborer, 457 Franklin 
Caldwell James, packer, 29 N 2d, h 243 Gaskill 
Caldwell James, tailor, 2 Vickers court 
Caldwell James, bricklayer, 725 Baker 
Caldwell James, tailor, 1122 Market, h 17th & 

Caldwell James, laborer, 13 Cottage 
Caldwell James E., jeweler, 822 Chestnut, h Man- 

heim & Green, G T 
Caldwell James R., teller, 227 Vine, h Camden, 

N J 
Caldwell James S., clerk, N W 10th & Spring 

Garden, h 1020 Olive 
Caldwell James S., mer. 8th ab Market, h 258 

N 9th 
CALDWELL J. E. & CO. {Echvhi Langton ^ 

Ric/iard A. Lewis) , jewelers, 822 Chestnut 
Caldwell John, currier, 918 S 2d 
Caldwell John, mer. 13 Bank, h 39th & Spruce 
Caldwell John, hotel, S E 2d Shippen 
Caldwell John, paperstainer, 731 Medina 
Caldwell John, porter, 608 Fitzwatef 
Caldwell John, shoemaker, 11 Getohel pi 
Caldwell John A., manuf. edgetools, 601 Com- 
merce, h Chester, Del. eo 
Caldwell John C, clerk, 13 Bank, h 846 N Broad 
Caldwell John J., printer, 1206 Rodman 
Caldwell John R., clerk, 16 Bank, h 1230 Coates 
Caldwell Jonathan, collector & agent, 1119 Moya- 

mensing av 
Caldwell Joseph, painter, 1458 Columbia av 
Caldwell Joseph, dyer, 716 S 15th 
Caldwell Joseph K., clerk, 19 Strawberry, h 1518 

Caldwell Joseph W., bookkeeper, 308 Market, h 

19 S 16th 
Caldwell J. M., clerk, 424 Walnut, h 770 N 24th 
Caldwell J. Warrington, salesman, 501 Commerce, 

h Chester 
Caldwell Maria, widow of James, 258 N 9th 
Caldwell Mary, 1336 Rodman 
Caldwell Mnian H., 846 N Broad 
Caldwell Robert, druggist, 1206 Fitzwater 
Caldwell Robert, tailor, 150 Race 
Caldwell Robert, acct. 510 Wood 
Caldwell Robert, farmer, 2523 South 
Caldwell Robert, driver, 2013 South 
Caldwell Robert, carter, 206 Allen 
Caldwell R. S., mer. 330 Market, h 510 Wood 
Caldwell R. W., farmer, stall 446 Farmers' Mar- 
Caldwell Samuel, conductor, 1228 Marlborough 
Caldwell Samuel W. jr., druggist, 854 N 10th 
Caldwell Seth, coal, il2 Walnut, h 2039 Chestnut 
Caldwell Seth, jr., coal mer. whf 17 Port Rich- 
mond and 1 12 Walnut, h 2039 Chestnut 
Caldwell Stephen A., merchant, 18 S Front, h 

1112 Girard 
Caldwell Thomas, domestic dry goods, 19 Straw- 
berry, h 1518 Locust 
Caldwell Thomas, carter, 15th &, Wharton 
Caldwell Thomas, clerk, 846 N Broad 
Caldwell William, bootfitter, 709 Jamison 
Caldwell William, boxmaker 1163, Passyunk rd 
Caldwell William, police, 2 Evan 
Caldwell William, i)rinter, 516 Wilder 
Caldwell William, driver, 1629 Moravian 
Caldwell William, shoemaker, 1610 Coates 
Caldwell William G., mer. 29 N 8th, h 258 N 9th 
Caldwell William W., cloths, 323 Market, h 35 

S 19th 
Cale George, conductor, Fkd av n Huntingdon 
Calely Edward L., coach lace weaver, 157 Otter 
Chestnut Street, 




Calely Edward L. jr., patternmaker, 157 Otter 
Calesteno Baptist, ornamental plaster paris figures, 

413 Chestnut 
Caley James, tailor, 919 Rodman 
Caley Samuel, 1618 Summer 
Caley Samuel, jr., farmer, stall 338 Farmers" 

Market, h Delaware county 
Calgrist Charles, 451 Belroseoff Noble 
Calhouer Icherea, cooper, 22 Strwbry, h Camden 
Calhoun Alexacder, porter, 30 N 3d, h 18 

Bowery pi 
Calhoun Alexander F., brass moulder, 816 N 15th 
Calhoun Andrew, laborer, Bridge, Bridesburg 
Calhoun David, bookkeeper, 253 Market, h 232 

Washington av 
Calhoun David, laborer, c Union and Aspen 
Calhoun David, carter, Federal n 16th 
Calhoun David jr., briekmaker, Federal n 15th 
Calhoun Ezra, U. S. Mint, 808 Erie 
Calhoun George, carpenter, 919 Rodman 
Calhoun George, gentleman, 1003 Spruce 
Calhoun George R., M.D., 2 S 9th 
Calhoun George W., salesmn. 7 Bank, h471 IST 5th 
Calhoun James, drayman, 1214 Silver 
Calhoun James, laborer, 112 S Del av, h W P 
Calhoun James, porter, 719 Lindsay 
Calhoun Jane, widow John, 1906 Naudain 
Calhoun John, jobber, 1204 Olive 
Calhoun John, porter, 503 Mendon pi 
Calhoun John, tailor, 402 Dean 
Calhoun John, variety store, 518 S 19th 
Calhoun Joseph, bootmaker, 102 Almond 
Calhoun Kirbreath, laborer, 1736 Lombard 
Calhoun Louisa, dealer, stall 99 Race Street Mar- 
ket, h 1204 Olive 
Calhoun Mary, widow Owen, 623 S 13th 
Calhoun Moses, weaver, Ella E Carrol 
Calhoun Robert, briekmaker, Federal n 15th 
Calhoun Samuel, carpenter, 5 Huey pi 
Calhoun Samuel C, moulder, 1204 Olive 
Calhoun William, 1329 Spruce 
Calhoun William, feed store, 2121 Lombard 
Calhoun William, jeweler, 1309 Pine 
Calhoun William, laborer, 13 Moro 
Calhoun William, wharf builder, 1069 N Front 
Calhoun William, butcher, 1645 S Front 
Calhoun William, drayman, 1412 Lancaster 
Calhoun William J., machinist, 1615 Ridge av 
Calicot Margaret, widow William B., 645 N 13th 
Calkin Eleanor, widow Oliver, William ab Bath 
Call Dennis, laborer, Nicetown 1 
Call Dennis, laborer, Somerset n Thompson 
Call James, bookbinder, 519 Minor, h 716 Shippen 
Call James, porter, r 716 Shippen 
Call John, laborer, 602 Ashbury 
Call Lawrence, hatter, 5 Augusta pi 
Call Margaret, widow John, 804 Willow 
Callacan Thomas, porter, 119 Plumb 
Callachan Edward, laborer. Mechanic, Myk 
Galladine Henry, actor, 5th ab Poplar E side 
CALLAGHAM & BRO. {Francis &(■ Thomas), mo- 
rocco manufacturers, 937 N Front 
Callagham Francis, morocco manufacturer, 937 

N Front, h 948 N Front 
Callagham Thomas, morocco manufacturer, 937 

N Front, h 948 N Front 
Callaghan Ann, widow James, 1019 Newton 
Callaghan & Bro. [George jr. (^ Robert), manu- 
facturers of farmers' and mechanics' cassimeres, 
48 S Front 
Callaghan Cornelius, laborer. Hickory ct 
Callaghan Daniel, carpenter, 602 Rodgers ct 
Callaghan Daniel F., fisherman, Hickory ct 
Callaghan Edward, weaver, 2d bel Chatham 
Callaghan Ellen, widow Daniel, 502 Rodgers ct 

"Window Shades and Curtain 

Callaghan Eugene, sawyer, Germantown av n. 

New Market 
Callaghan George, manufacturer, N W South & 

74th, or Island rd 
Callaghan George jr., manufacturer of cassimeres, 

48 S Front, h Middletown, Delaware co. Pa 
Callaghan George sr., manufacturer, 48 S Front, 

h Pascalville 
Callaghan Hannah, intelligence office, 211 Union 
Callaghan John, carpenter, 1644 Sansom 
Callaghan John, printer, 1019 Newton 
Callaghan John A., baker, Hickory ct 
Callaghan Thomas, hostler, Gtn av bel Chelton 
Callaghan Thomas, bartender, 446 N Front 
Callaghan Rose 0., bonnets, 218 S 11th 
Callaghan Robert, manufacturer cassimeres, 48 S 

Front, h South, Pascalville 
Callaghan William, laborer, 621 Middle al 
Callaham Richard, clerk, 1146 Sites 
Callahan Andrew, stove dealer, 507 Fitzwater 

Callahan Ann, widow Hugh, 1517 

Callahan Barney, driver, 821 Enquirer 
Callahan Bernard, cordwainer, 918 Auburn 
Callahan Bernard, laborer, 739 Beddord 
Callahan Catharine, miUiner, 267 N 12th, h 20th 

& Coates 
Callahan Catharine, widow Michael, Adams n 

Callahan Cornelius, dealer, stall 5 Callowhill St 

Market, h 5 Hickey's ct 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, 417 N Front 
Callahan David, bookkeeper, 16 S 19th 
Callahan Dennis, laborer, 617 Swanson 
Callahan Edward, liquor store, 1014 S Front 
Callahan Eliza, widow William, 1346 Rose 
Callahan Elizalieth, wid Patrick, r 124 Christian 
Callahan Francis, laborer. 4 Leeds av 
Callahan Hugh, shoemaker, r 218 Christian 
Callahan H. & P. {Hugh &f Peter), grocers, S E 

Broad & Poplar 
Callahan James, mason, 8 N 13th 
Callahan James, cordwainer, 726 Carpenter 
Callahan James, ilaborer, N E c Broad & Hamil- 
ton, h Carlton ab 21st 
Callahan James, silversmith, 1408 Cadwalader 
Callahan James, manuf., Bucknell bel Brown 
Callahan James, weaver. Darby av n 71st 
Callahan James, beamer, Darby av n 71st 
Callahan Jeremiah, lab., Lancaster av ab 36th 
Callahan John, laborer, 2224 Hamilton 
Callahan John, porter, 1730 Christian 
Callahan John, liquor dealer, 711 N 13th 
Callahan John, carriage driver, 1425 Bedford 
Callahan John, porter, 450 N 2d 
Callahan John, laborer, 417 N Front 
Callahan John, waiter, 9 Traquair's ct 
Callahan John, plasterer, N E c Columbia & Bo- 
Callahan John, conductor, 1446 Brinton 
Callahan John, stonemason, 821 Enquirer 
Callahan John, weaver, 1431 Philip 
Callahan John C, tavern, 4 S 9th 
Callahan John C, shoemaker, 617 Jefferson 
Callahan Joseph, laborer, 761 S 13th 
Callahan Julia, widow Patrick, 7 College pi 
Callahan Michael, drayman, 121 Chestnut, h 1233 

N 10th 
Callahan Michael, laborer, 1345 N 10th 
Callahan Michael, hotel, 902 N 10th 
Cnllahan Patrick, laborer, 335 S Front 
C;ill:ihan Patrick, laborer, 616 S 7th 
Callnhan Patrick, blacksmith, 706 Jamison 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, 9 r 1242 Catharine 
Callnhan Patrick, laborer, 1112 Milton 
Callahan Peter, laborer, 720 S 15th 
Goods, "Wholesale and Retail; 




Callahan Peter, laborer, r 934 Poplar 
Callahan Richard, packer, 505 Market 
Callahan Richard, moulder, 228 'Williamson 
Callahan Robert, stove dealer, 624 S 2d, h 507 

Callahan Thomas, stone sawer, 2 Zephyr av 
Callahan Thomas, weaver. 132 Bodine 
Callahan Timothj^ farmer, stall 13 Western Mar- 
ket, h Phila. Co 
Callahan Timothy, carpenter, 642 "Wharton 
Callahan William, dealer, 1S16 South 
Callahan William, gunsmith, 1337 Crease 
Callahan William, weaver, 109 Thompson 
Callahan William, laborer, 6 Margaretta pi 
Callahan William, 313 S 5th 
Callahan William, liquors, 259 S 21st 
Callahan William, laborer, Ludlow ab Moore 
Callahan William, tailor, 112 N 15th 
Callam Albert, drum maker, 930 Kurtz 
Callan Charles P., clerk, 240 N 2d, h 150 Green 
Callan Isabella, widow Edward, 710 N Front 
Callan James, ice dealer, 2011 Sansom 
Callan John, blacksmith, 818 S 12th 
Callen John, driver, 818 S 12th 
Callan Mary A., widow Samuel, 422 Harmony 
Callan William, earp'r, 818 S 12th 
Callan William F., carpenter, 802 S 10th 
Callan William, gentleman, 802 S 10th 
Callanan George D., detective police, 5th & Chest- 
nut, h 1320 Ellsworth 
Callanan Mary, widow Patrick, 2034 Murray 
Callanan Thomti,s, salesman, 53 jST 3d, h Bristol 
Calland William, varnisher, Mulberry n Gilling- 

Callaway Margaret, widow Jacob, 321 Emmet 
Callbreath James F., ladies" shoes, 1033 Spring 

Garden, h 1025 Olive 
Callen & Brown (John B. Callen &f Andrew 

Brou'71), packing box makers, 112 Hudson 
Callen Francis, laborer, r 733 Carpenter 
Callen James, coal and ice merchant, Broad ab 

Catharine, h 2011 Sansom 
Callen John B., boxmaker, 112 Hudson, h 1656 

CALLEN & SHERIN {James Callen &f John She- 

rin), coal and ice mers. Broad ab Catharine 
Callenberg Joseph, cabinetmaker, 439 St John 
Callender Benjamin, carpenter, 643 N 13th 
CALLENDER & CO. {Thomas R. Callender (J- 
Samnel C. Uphurn), news agents, S W Wal- 
nut & 3d 
Callender James T., hotel, 1334 N 4th 
Callender Thomas R., news agent, S W Walnut 

& 3d, h Poplar ab Broad 
Callery Fanny, 523 Federal 
Callery Richard, tavern, 9 Callowhill 
Callett Eugene, pocketbookmaker, 318 Chestnut, 

h 1939 Brown 
Calley Thomas, laborer, Mullen n Somerset 
Calligan John, tavern, 222 S Front 
Callihan Eliza, widow John T., 2115 Ridge av 
Callihan Johanna, washer, S W Gaskill k 3d 
Callihan Michael, laborer, 34 E L:iurel 
Callim Margaret, widow David, Campbell 
Callin William, shoemaker, 11 Baker 
Callingham James, salesman, 23 N Water, h 7.j9 

S 4th 
Callinton William, laborer, 2328 Biddle 
Callis Elizabeth, fancy goods, 230 S 10th 
Callis Samuel, salesman, 230 S 10th 
Callopy Michael, laborer, Armat, Gtn 
Calloway Dennis (c). sailor, r 722 Shippen 
Calloway James, laborer, r 220 Federal 
Callum James, drayman, 20 Letitia 
Cally Thomas, laborer, 2 Culbertson's ct 

Patten's, G."JO 

Caiman Bernhard, manuf. varnishes, 150 N 4th, 

h 134 N 7th 
Caiman Joseph, fisherman, r 1419 Hewson 
Calnan Dennis, stonecutter, Ludlow ab Moore 
Calnan John, carter, Ludlow ab Moore 
Calnan Patrick, cardriver, Ludlow ab Moore 
Calnan Robert, domestic, William n S 21st 
Calnin Bernard, laborer, Wyoming n Fitzwater 
Caloway James, brassmoulder, 600 N Broad, h 

C46 N 15th 
Calster Jacob, boot and shoe maker, 112 Christian 
Calver Emeline B., millinery, 61^ N 2d 
Calver George, printer, 226 Prime 
Calver J. H., straw goods, 61 N 2d 
Calver Thomas, clerk, 1700 Mt Vernon 
Calver William G., straw goods, 61 N 2d 
Calverley Henry, screw manuf. 309 Race, h 668 

X 8th' 
CALVERLEY JOHN, britannia ware and candle 

moulds, 305 Race, h 1307 N Broad 
Calverley L. H., accountant, 305 Race, h 1307 N 

Calverley Thomas, express, 1237 N 2d 
Calverley William, tinware, 1029 Spring Garden 
Calverley William S., britannia waj-e, 3 Litford 
Calvert Alice, widow Thomas, 1131 Columbia av 
Calvert Charles W. F., salesman, 504 Market, h 

1226 Melon 
Calvert E. H. , brassmoulder, 251 N Juniper 
Calvert Graham, 520 Walnut, h 310 Redwood 
Calvert Hudson B., paperhanger, 718 Race 
Calvert Isaac A., farmer, stall 555 Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h Del CO 
Calvert James P., farmer, stall 553 Farmers' Mar- 
ket, h Del CO 
Calvert Joseph A., bookkeeper, 218 Market, h 310 

Calvert Rachel, 223 S Broad 
Calvert Richard, hotel, 206 N 9th 
Calvert Thomas, cabinetmaker, 310 Redwood 
Calvert V/illiam, printer, 1131 Columbia av 
Calvert William, M.D., dentist, 133 N 11th 
Calvin Elizabeth, M.D., 157 N 8th 
Calvin John, laborer, 331 N 21st 
Calvin John, laborer, 1111 Sites 
Calvin William, laborer, 1040 N Front 
Camac James, laborer, Federal n 26th 
Camac Samuel, brickmaker. Park n 27th 
Camac William, brickmaker. Federal n 26th 
Camall Thomas, tailor, N 22d n Summer 
Camaror John, shoemaker, c 5th and Columbia 
Camblos Charles, banker, 38 S 3d 
CAMBLOS CHARLES & CO. {Charles Camhlos, 

Cha.iles A. Wainwrlght), bankers, 38 S 3d 
Camblos George W., stock broker, 37 S 3d, h 

1909 Green 
Camblos Henry, merchant, 2107 Arch 
Camblos L. E., mer. broker, 113 Walnut, h 1909 

Cambridge Frederick (c) , sailor, 1416 S 8th 
C:unbridge William (c). laborer, 1 Clifton 
Camby S. T., merchant, 314 Market, h 629 Vine 
Camby Steel, clerk, 311 Noble 
Camden A Atlantic Railroad Co., office 424 Walnut 
Camere George, cordwainer, 502 S 7th 
Camer Bernard, laborer, 10 AVestern av 
Camerer Sylvanus, laborer, 5th ab Columbia 
Camerer William, laborer, Walmlej' pi, 2d ab 

Cameron Alexander, cloth finisher, Emerald S of 

Cameron Alexander, weaver, 723 Lloyd 
Cameron Andrew, ivory turner, Rainbow E of 

Trenton av 
Chestusct Street. 




Cameron Andrew, laborer, 422 Library, h Rain- 
bow bel Front 
Cameron Angus, law bookseller and publisher. 

19 S 6th, h 2127 Jefferson 
Cameron Andrew, oysterman, 14 Wyoming- 
Cameron Angeline, widow Robert, 1G22 Latimer 
Cameron Archibald, shoemaker, 923 Market 
Cameron David W., collector, 2127 Jefferson 
Cameron E., gentleman, 126 N 13th 
Cameron Edward, clerk, 1200 Callowhill 
Cameron Edwin F., bookkeeper, 918 Chestnut, h 

1200 Callowhill 
Cameron Eli, salesman, 1200 Callowhill 
Cameron Elizabeth, dry goods, 122 N 7th 
Cameron George, laborer, !North Penn 
Cameron Honora, widow Alexander, 324 Truxton 
Cameron J. Francis, clerk, 13 Bank 
Cameron James, iDolice, 1425 Wood 
Cameron James, police, 1236 Vine 
Cameron John, jioliceman, North Penn 
Cameron John, wearer, 1230 Crease 
Cameron John, conductor, 2303 Coates 
Cameron .Mary, wid. Jonathan, fish, S 2d st Mar- 
ket, h 1103" Wood 
Cameron Priscilla, widow John, 1611 Becket 
Cameron Rob'ert, turner, 422 Library, h E,ainbow 

bel Front 
Cameron Thomas, tailor, 316 Culvert 
Cameron William; gasholder, 803 Weccacoe 
Cameron William H., conveyancer, 617 Spring 

Cameron William, stamping and embroidering, 

228 N 8th. h 508 S 6th 
Cameron William, clerk, 228 N Sth 
Camm Charles G. Mrs. 1712 Green 
Camm George, real estate agent, 332 Walnut, h 

1612 Mount Vernon 
Camm Susan A., widow William, 1206 Arch 
Cammaek Joseph, clerk, Amber n York 
Cammer Max, cooper, 1023 Hope, h 1050 IST Front 
Cammerer Robert, architect, S E Walnut and 

6th, h 413, N 7th 
Cammerer Wilhelm, china painter, 1115 Hope 
Cammins John W., salesman, 129 Jf 15th 
Cammon Martin, tailor, 1107 Anita 
Cammoran Richard, sailor, 1537 Tudor 
Cammorn Robert, coachman, 5 Twaddell's ct 
Camon Thomas, machinist, r 1519 Jones 
Camp Albert L., melodeon manuf., Camden 
Camp Benjamin H., watchman, 137 Prime 
Camp Calvin, gentleman, 204 N 13th 
Camp Charles, express driver, 406 St John 
Camp David, 1335 Olive 
Camp David N., 110 Jaeoby 
Camp Edward, waterman, 162 Poplar 
Camp Frederick, tailor, 1689 S Front 
Camp Herman, carpenter, 811 
Camp Herman, confectioner, 927 South 
Camp Jacob, driver, 1804 Pennsylvania av 
Camp James W., barber, S E Front and Almond, 

h 737 Lebanon 
Camp John H., lithographer, S W c 7th and 

Cherry, h 149 Xoble 
Camp J. L., dealer, stall 176 Race Street Market, 

h 234 N Juniper 
Camp & Mulliner {Joseph J. Camp ^ Kathrni T. 

Mulliner), commission merchants, 47 N Water 
Camp Joseph J., com. mer., 47 IST Water, h 110 

Camp Mary, shoes, 223 S 11th 
Camp Helena, widow John, 109 Queen 
Camp Theodore, 2319 Hamilton 
Campbell Abraham, plate printer, 907 Christian 
Campbell Adam, tavern, 170 Thomjisori 
Campbell Alexander, cordwainer, 1739 South 

Campbell Alexander, painter, r 1628 Lombard 
Campbell Alexander, bartender, 31 S 7th 
Campbell Alexander, gentleman, 904 Walnut 
Campbell Alexander, plasterer, 332 Bradford 
Campbell Alexander, carter, 2 Path 
Campbell Alexander, jjaver, 233 N 16th 
Campbell Alexander, stonecut., Osborn n Sansom 
Campbell Alexander, stonemason, 1319 Shippen 
Campbell Alexander H. lumber, N W Broad &, 

Spring Garden, h 1332 Green 
Campbell Alexander W. (c), tailor, 1122 Bedford 
Campbell Andrew, weaver, 1416 Philipp 
Campbell Andrew, carter, Sloan n Pratt 
Campbell Andrew, weaver, 1233 Brinton 
Campbell Andrew H., blacksmith, 1317 Parrish 
Campbell Ann, widow John, 410 N 15th 
Campbell Ann, widow John, 241 N 6th 
Campbell Ann, widow William, 1126 Thurlow 
Campbell Ann, widow Patrick, 908 Beach 
Campbell Ann, dealer, stalls 14 & 16 Fairmount 

Campbell Anna, servant, 423 JN" 3d 
Campbell Anna G. millinery, 925 Poplar 
Campbell Anthony, hotel, 446 N Front 
Campbell Anthony, watchman, 1123 Sophia 
Campbell Anthony H., clerk, 1103 Callowhill 
Campbell Archibald, machinist, 3 Levering 
Campbell Archibald, brickm., 3 Panama av 
Camjjbell Archibald, plasterer, 1931 Cherry 
Campbell Archibald, manufac, Manayunk, store 

125 Chestnut, h Schers la Manayunk 
Campbell A. & Co. {Arcliilald Cccnipbell, John 

Campbell &f William Somerset) , manufacturers 

of cotton and woollen goods, Manayunk, store 

125 Chestnut 
Campbell Benjamin, laborer, n 17th & Wash av 
Campbell Bernard, provisions, 1936 Sansom 
Campbell Bernard, liquors, 642 Shippen 
Campbell Bernard, weaver, 1406 Cadwalader 
Campbell B., widow Patrick, 909 Christian 
Campbell Catharine, 1512 Jones 
Campbell Catharine, 1928 Cuthbert 
Campbell Charles, machinist, 2503 Hamilton 
Campbell Charles, salesman, 1338 Alder 
Campbell Charles, weaver, 1304 Germantown av 
Campbell Charles, carp., 515 Spruce, h Kempton 

n S 6th 
Campbell Charles, clerk, 238 Crown 
Campbell Charles, waiter, 310 Bradford 
Campbell Charles, porter, 436 Plumb 
Campbell Charles, driver, 2009 Hand 
Campbell Charles, packer, 230 Alder 
Campbell Charles, fruiterer, 106 & 108 Market, h 

412 Stevens, Camden 
Campbell Charles, harnessmaker, 217 S 2d 
Campbell Charles, perfumer, 13 N 11th 
bell cV F. WyatI), railroad iron, 205 N Water 
Campbell Charles B., railroad iron, 205 N Water, 

h 312 S 11th 
Campbell Chas. H. F. salesman, Hamilton ab 33d 
Campbell Charles L., conductor, 1822 Ridge av 
Campbell Charles S., saddler, 114 Market, h 217 

S 2d 
Campbell Chas. W., clerk, 108 S 3d, h 238 Crown 
Campbell christian, cordwainer, 1429 Ridge av 
Campbell C. Cuyler, salesman, 214 Chestnut, h 

2137 Arch 
Campbell C. W. soap boiler, 1106 South 
Campbell Daniel, gent, S W Unity & Orchard 
Campbell Daniel, laborer, Penn av ab Sp Garden 
Campbell Daniel, we;iver, Hines's ct 
Camiiliell Daniel, stonemason, r 721 New Market 
Campbell Daniel, porter, 915 Market 
Campbell Daniel, laborer, 3 Bananna 

Gilt Cornicesj Bandsj Gimps, Tassels, Piiiiscsj and Ciiitaiii Goods; 




Campbell Daniel, laborer, Gilbert's ct 

Campbell Dennis, laborer, Washington av n 24th 

Campbell Dennis, 310 Bradford 

Campbell David, carp., 2206 AVood, h 2209 Hare 

Campbell David, carpenter, 1442 Hope 

Campbell David, plasterer, 1724 Burton 

Campbell David, gardener, 711 S 17th 

Campbell David, 1612 Helmuth 

Campbell Edward, grocer & hotel, Huntingdon e 

Campbell Edward, laborer, 1908 Pennsylvania av 
Campbell Edward, bootfltter, 10 Hyde's ct 
Campbell Edward, bookbinder, 522 China 
Campbell Edward S., attorney at law, 529 Vine 
Campbell Eliza. Ella n Carroll 
Campbell Elizabeth, widow, 1506 N 6th 
Campbell Elizabeth (c), widow James, 911 S 9th 
Campbell Elizabeth, widow Alexander, liquor, 

1062 N Front 
Campbell Elizabeth, washer, r 735 St Mary 
Campbell Ellen, vestmaker, 310 Bradford 
Campbell Ellen, vestmaker, 1602 Wood, h 15th & 

Campbell & Elliott {William Campbell, John 

Elliott) , manuf. cotton and woollen goods, N E 

Washington av & 12th 
Campbell Francis, dispatcher, Warren n N 37th 
Campbell Francis, hats & caps, 1238 Market 
Campbell Francis, driver, 1110 Filbert 
Campbell Frederick I. (c), hairdresser, 610 S 11th 
Campbell F., notary public & Custom House 

broker, 120 S 4th 
CAMPBELL & FOPtD (F. Campbell, Joseph T. 

Ford) , notaries public & Custom House brokers, 

120 S 4th 
Campbell Gabriel, provisions, 1143 S 8th 
Campbell George, laborer N W Huntingdon & 

Campbell George, laborer, 914 Vienna 
Campbell George, eating saloon, 321 Chestnut, h 

527 Juniper 
Campbell George, painter, 1841 Lombard 
Campbell George, foreman, 1812 Addison 
Campbell George, tailor, 1238 N 4th 
Campbell George, W., machinist, 541 N 25th 
Campbell George W., clerk, 241 N 6th 
Campbell G., tavern, 114 Master 
Campbell Hans, carter. Front & Oxford , 
Campbell Henry, foundryman, 1312 G T av 
Campbell Hester (c), washerwoman, r 612 Locust 
Campbell Hiram, billiards, 1124 Harmer 
Campbell Hugh, laborer, 749 N 24th 
Campbell Hugh, salesman, 1610 Richard 
Campbell Jacob, plasterer, Rising Sun 
Campbell James, grocery, S W 11th & Market, h 

253 N 11th 
Campbell James, coachman, 1431 Moravian 
Campbell James, printer, 1 Drinker's al 
Campbell James, 227 X 9th 
Campbell James, laborer, 4 Fairbarik pi 
Campbell Janie.s, painter, 1705 Olive 
Campbell James, clothing, 407 S 2d 
Campbell James, boot & shoe dealer, 335 S 2d, h 

271 S 3d 
Campbell James, grocery store, 253 N 11th 
Campbell James, coachman, 1436 Shippen 
Campbell James, stonecutter, 2018 Filbert 
Campbell James, clerk, 729 S 2d 
Campbell James, laborer, 1425 Shippen 
Campbell James, brickmaker, Hine's ct 
Campbell James, carpenter, 308 Truxton 
Campbell James, plasterer, 1911 Ciithbert 
Campbell James (e), waiter, 224 Currant al 
Campbell James, produce, 114 Eastern Market, h 

2 New Market 

Campbell James, Custom House marker, 10 Granite, 

h 1528 Burton 
Campbell James, atty. at law, 215 S 6th 
Campbell James, laborer, Shippen ab Broad 
Campbell James, drayman, 722 Birch 
Campbell James, moulder, r 1533 Carlton 
Campbell James, dry goods, 133 N 10th 
Campbell James, innkeeper, 1151 S 10th 
Campbell James (c), hairdresser, 911 S 9th 
Campbell James, goldleaf beater, r 326 Stanley 
Campbell James, clerk, 759 S 9th 
Campbell James, laborer, 2045 South 
Camjibell James, hostler, 316 N 3d 
Campbell James, chair ornamenter, 1704 Olive 
Campbell James, laborer, 538 N 24th 
Campbell James, clerk, 315 IST 7th 
Campbell James, hatter, 424 Wildey 
Campbell James, carpenter, Mulvaney ab Oxford 
Campbell James, butcher, S W Unity & Orchard 
Campbell James, weaver, 5 Deringer's av 
Campbell James, furniture car, 108 Jefierson 
Campbell James, butcher, S W Sellers & Leiper, 

h S W Unity &, Orchard 
Campbell James, weaver, 1410 Howard 
Campbell James, plasterer, Nicetown 
Campbell James, laborer, 2516 Pine 
Campbell James, laborer, 2318 Market 
Camijbell James (c), waiter. Merchant's Hotel 
Campbell James, coppersmith, Gibbert's ct 
Campbell James, ironworker, 1145 Jackson 
Campbell James, laborer, 908 Beach 
Campbell James, laborer, 1012 Milton 
Campbell James, weaver, 1152 S 13th 
Campbell James, laborer. Amber S of Dauphin 
Campbell James, rigger, 1025 Moyamensing av 
Campbell James A., machinist, 2107 Cherry 
Campbell James A., grain measurer, 734 S 8th 
Campbell James H., liquor store, N E Shippen & 

3d, h 627 S 3d 
Campbell James 0., clerk, 106 and 108 Market, h 

Delaware av, Camden 
CAMPBELL JAMES R. &C0. (James R. Camp- 
bell, Beiijajniji F. Karrich, Alexander Rickey, 

(^ William, L. Dunglisoii), dry goods, 727 

Campbell James R., merchant, 727 Chestnut, h 

1308 Filbert 
Campbell James W., grocer, 200 S 2d, h Arch n 

Campbell James W., clerk, 1219 Moyamensing av 
Campbell Jane, widow, 860 Ontario 
Campbell Jane, truck dealer, Eastern Market, h 

2 Cozzens 
Campbell Jane, widow Hugh, 240 Jefferson 
Campbell J. 0. & Brothers {Jeremiah O., Josep/i 

c\- Charles), foreign and domestic fruit dealers, 

106 & 108 Market 
Campbell Jeremiah 0., fruit dealer, 100 and 108 

Market, h 404 Stevens, Camden 
Campbell Johanna, widow Patrick, 1610 Richard 
Campbell John, laborer, r 1628 Lombard 
Campbell John, waterman, r 621 Shippen 
Campbell John, bookstore, 419 Chestnut, h 174] 

Campbell John, manuf. Manayunk, store 125 

Chestnut, h Robinson, Manayunk 
Campbell John, salesman, 600 Market, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Campbell John, tinsmith, 2011 Lombard 
Cami)bell John, restaurant, 140 S 3d 
Campljell Jcdin, coachman, 14 Benton 
Campbell John, laborer, n 23d & Hamilton 
Campbell John, printer, 54 S 4th, h 311) Bradford 
Campbell John, carter, N W 13th & Noble, h 

1317 Buttonwood 

Pattcn'.s, G30 Clicsttiut Sereet. 




Campfeell Jolin, weaver, 2 Shingler's row 
Campbell John, bottler, 5 Heyer pi 
Campbell John, police, 1327 South 
Campbell John, butcher, 118 See 4th Shippen M 
Campbell John, jeweler, 915 Market 
Campbell John, chandler, 34 Almond 
Campbell John, coal dealer, 2006 Market 
Campbell John, machinist, 1822 Barker 
Campbell John, laborer, Chippewa n South 
Campbell John, cordwainer, 1654 Sansom 
Cam^pbell John, cordwainer, 1313 Wheat 
Campbell John, weaver, 2007 South 
Campbell John, cordwainer, 2045 South 
Campbell John, janitor, 1318 South 
Campbell John, moulder, 1704 Olive 
Campbell John, boatman, 2022 Murray 
Campbell John, warper, 240 Jefferson 
Campbell John, weaver, 242 Jefferson 
Campbell John, weaver, 242 Jefferson 
Campbell John, laborer, 2033 Murray 
Campbell John, McKeown's ct 
Campbell John, blacksmith, S 24th n Walnut 
Campbell John, machinist, Irvin bel School, Bdg 
Campbell John, jr., Apple N Diamond 
Campbell John, fruit deal. South ab 2d, h Apple 

N Diamond 
Campbell John, brickmaker, N 7th n Diamond 
Campbell John, dyer of woollen, Norris E Front 
Campbell John, blacksmith, 2208 Wood, h 23d 

and Wood 
Campbell John, laborer, ISTicetown 
Campbell John, laborer, Mullen n Somerset 
Campbell John, blacksmith, Wood ab 23d 
Campbell John, jr., barkeeper, 140 S 3d, h 1 

Harmony ct 
Campbell John, boatman, 2227 Pine 
Campbell John, bootfitter, Hall n 10th 
Campbell John, boots and shoes, 1200 S 2d, h 

Wheat n Wharton 
Campbell John, bricklayer, 2013 Winter 
Campbell John, brickmaker, 3 Panama av 
Campbell John, carman, Lancaster bel Market 
Campbell John, carpenter, 935 Suffolk 
Campbell John, carter, N W 13th Noble, h 1317 

Campbell John, carter. Pagoda & Pennsylvania av 
Campbell John, grocer, 1436 Barclay 
Campbell John, laborer, 2107 Winter 
Campbell John, liquor store, Southerland av n 

Campbell John, machinist, N W 12th & Federal 
CAMPBELL JOHN H., atty at law, 310 N 6th 
Campbell John H., tobacconist, 1151 S 11th 
Campbell John J., clerk, 733 S 4th 
Campbell John L., stoves, 536 N Front 
Campbell John P., bartender, 100 Union 
Campbell John P-, conductor, 1342 Crease 
Campbell John R., 642 N 8th 
Campbell Jonathan, gentleman, 930 Poplar 
Campbell Joseph, fruit dealer, 106 & 108 Market, 

h 1606 N 12th 
Campbell Joseph, miller, N W 13th & Noble, h 

1231 Buttonwood 
Campbell Josej^h, tailor, 1319 Olive 
Campbell Joseph, laborer, 1339 Kates 
.Campbell Joseph, waiter, 908 Rodman 
Campbell Joseph, 1620 Burton 
Campbell Joseph, plasterer, Rising Sun 
Campbell Joseph, milk dealer, 71st n Darby av 
Campbell Joseph, carter. Park n 27th 
Campbell Joseph, waterman, S E 7th & Fernon 
Campbell Joseph H., gardener, G T av, 23d ward 
Campbell Joseph S., baker, 1302 Myrtle 
Campbell Lawrence, laborer, Fisher n Lehigh av 
Campbell Louisa, vestmaker, 3 Beverly pi 

Patten's, 630 Clicstttnt 

Campbell Malcolm, stockbroker, 35th bel Baring 
Campbell Margaret, widow, 1416 Philipp 
Campbell Margaret, Bath n Sorrel 
Campbell Margaret, 3 Daisy av 
Campbell Margaretta, wid. Alexander, 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Margarett, widow Patrick, Hine's ct 
Campbell Margaret, dry goods store, 1741 Lombard 
Campbell Mai-garet, widow Peter, 2227 Pine 
Campbell Marian, teach, pub. sch. 1731 Lombard 
Campbell Mark, laborer, 1234 Ellsworth 
Campbell Martha, widow Walter, 1702 Wood 
Campbell Martin, watchman, 7 Loomis pi 
Campbell Mary, widow James, 1704 Olive 
Campbell Mary, widow James, 1626 Sansom 
Campbell Mary, widow Andrew, 238 Crown 
Campbell Mary, widow, 332 Bradford 
Campbell Mary, hotel, 900 Swanson 
Campbell Mary, widow Capt. John, 428 Pine 
Campbell Mary, widow Michael, 726 Carpenter 
Campbell Mary, widow James, produce, stall 

225 Western Market 
Campbell Mary, washer, Amber S of Dauphin 
Campbell Mary Ann, widow Geoi'ge, Philip n Ox- 
Campbell Mathew, laborer, 749 N 24th 
Campbell Medina, milliner, 310 Bradford 
Campbell Michael, boatman, 2227 Pine 
Campbell Michael, lab. Christian ab Gray's F. av 
Campbell Michael, shoemaker, 1233 Catharine 
Campbell Mordoch, clothing store, 705 Shippen 
Campbell Mrs., 623 Lewis 
Campbell M. C, dancing master, 2d & Coates, h 

825 N 10th 
Campbell Neill, tailor, 1118 S 12th 
Campbell Neil, laborer, 6 Halleck pi 
Campbell N. F., attorney at law, 1118 S 12th 
Campbell Oliver, grocer, 519 S Juniper 
Campbell Owen, laborer, r 1336 Hancock 
Campbell Palmer, miller, West bel Parrish 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, Fisher n Lehigh av 
Campbell Patrick, blacksmith, Pearl ab 23d 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, S 24th n Walnut 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, McKeown's ct 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, 1552 Cadwalader 
Campbell Patrick, custom house, 23d n Pine 
Campbell Patrick, cordwainer, 211 Prosperous al 
Campbell Patrick, weaver, 1304 Germantown 
Campbell Patrick, 733 S 4th 
Campbell Patrick, driver, 2009 Hand 
Campbell Patrick, saddler. 512 Jefferson 
Campbell Patrick, 842 N 16th 
Campbell Patrick, baker, 1214 Cadwalader 
Campbell Patrick, clerk, 909 Christian 
Campbell Patrick, clerk, 2227 Pine 
Campbell Patrick, laborer, Kenton S 24th 
Campbell Patrick, lab. Sutherland av n Christian 
Campbell Peter, laborer, 2328 Meredith 
Campbell Peter, dyer, 3 Levering 
Campbell Peter, tavern, 1508 Cadwalader 
Campbell Peter, carpenter, 1502 Bodine 
Campbell Peter, printer, 204 Carter 
Campbell Peter, tailor, 1127 Milton 
Campbell Peter, dealer, stalls 1 & 3 Girard av 

Market, h Fling's ct 
Campbell Peter S. tavern, 1607 Parrish 
Campbell Phebe C, wid Alexander, 642 N 8th 
Campbell Quintin, gent. 240 S 8th 
Campbell Randolph U. (c), 1118 Bedford 
Campbell Rebecca, wid Robert, 9 Enos 
Campbell Rebecca, furnishing, 1327 South 
Campbell Reese, paperhanger, 1409 Ridge av 
Campbell Richard, gent. Haverford bel Lancas- 
ter av 
Campbell Richard, tailor, 1035 South 
Campbell Robert, laborer, 517 N 25th 
Street* Window Shades^ 




Campbell Robert, laborer, Christian n I7th 
Campbell Robert, dj'er, 4 Patterson's ct 
Campbell Robert H., salesman, 436 Market, h 

924 Clinton 
Campbell Robert J., shoe store, 1240 Vine 
Campbell Samuel, stonecutter, 1334 Mariner 
Campbell Samuel, butcher, Foulkrod u Fkd 
Campbell Samuel, laborer, Carlton ab 23d 
Campbell Samuel, drayman, 1344 Bedford 
Campoell Samuel, shoemaker, 10 Short ct 
Campbell Samuel, carpenter, 1612 Helmuth 
Campbell Samuel, bartender, 321 Chestnut, h 1035 

Campbell Sanford P., bookkeeper, 516 Market, h 

310 N 6th 
Campbell Sarah, wid Thomas, 129 Almond 
Campbell Sarah, shopkeeper, 1236 Filbert 
Campbell Sarah Miss, map & print col. N ^Y 

8th & Jayne, h 711 Wood 
Campbell Simon, laborer, 122 S Front, h 2017 

Campbell Simpson, laborer, 2017 Hai-mstead 
Campbell Solomon C, barber, 1341 Race, h Cam- 
CAMPBELL ST. GEO. T., atfy & coun. 210 S 

4th, h Chestnut Hill 
Campbell Susan, 907 South 
Campbell Susan, wid Daniel, 9 Meyer's ct 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, Fisher n Lehigh av 
Campbell Thomas, shoemaker, 24th & Wood 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, Carlton ab 23d 
Campbell Thomas, roller, Columbia av 39th 
Campbell Thomas, weaver, Gtn ab Franklin 
Campbell Thomas, stonemason, Columbia bel 

Campbell Thomas, drayman, Philip ab Oxford 
Cami^bell Thomas, laborer, 2019 Murray 
Campbell Thomas, hatter, 978 jST 2d 
Campbell Thomas, liquors, 746 S 6th 
Campbell Thomas, carpenter & build. Fitzwater 

bel Broad, h 15th bel Fitzwater 
Campbell Thomas, hotel, N W 2d & Thompson 
Campbell Thomas, 1042 S 4th 
Campbell Thomas, roofer, 1334 Palethorp 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 39 N 22d 
Campbell Thomas, laborer, 1934 Cuthbert 
Campbell Thomas P., miller, N W13th & Noble, 

h 556 N 16th 
Campbell Townsend, brushmr. Bedford n Ash 
Campbell Tristram, gent. 145 Brown 
Campbell Walter, 2503 Hamilton 
Campbell William, chairmaker, 1704 Olive 
Campbell William, clothing, 407 S 2d 
Campbell William, porter, 23 Hickey 
Campbell William, laborer 415 S 17th 
Campbell William, clerk, 321 Chestnut, h 8 

Linzey av 
Campbell AVilliam, drayman, 23 Hickey 
Campbell William, farmer, stall 363 Farmers' 

Mkt. h I>L^1 CO 
Campbell William, laborer, Dauphin n Gaul 
Campbell Williijm, butcher, S 3d n Morris 
Campbell William, dyer, r 1221 Cadwalader 
Campbell William, salesman, 920 Chestnut, h 

1231 Buttonwood 
Campbell William, drayman, 2034 Filbert 
Campbell William, tailor, 1502 South 
Campbell Williiiiu, cooper, 45 Norfolk 
Campbell AVilliam clerk, 332 Bradford 
Campbell William, bookbinder, 328 Branch 
Campbell AVilliam, gent. 240 S 8th 
Campbell AVilliam, blacksmith, 328 Crown 
Campbell AVilliam, carjjenter, 1914 Cuthbert 
Campbell AViliiam, gent, 1412 South 
Campbell William, ccioper, 1120 Thurlow 

Curtains, and Upholstery G 

Campbell William, weaver, 1353 Howard 
Campbell AVilliam, laborer, Gordon's pi 
Campbell AVilliam, salesman, 1122 Chestnut 
Campbell William, lumber mer. 1103 Callowhill 
Campbell William, blacksmith, 346 N 4th, h 328 

Campbell William, weaver, 1345 Shippen 
Campbell AVilliam, hotel, 734 S 3d 
Campbell AVilliam, chairmaker, 1704 Olive 
Campbell William, laborer, S side Owens 
Campbell AVilliam, carpenter. State n Pratt 
Campbell William, carp. Cadwalader n Master 
Campbell AVilliam, carpet wvr,Mascher n Cambria 
Campbell AVilliam, laborer, Elizabeth ab Unity 
Campbell AVilliam, engraver, 2203 Vine 
Campbell & Pharo ( William Campbell Sf Allcib 

R. P/i«ro), lumber merchants, N AV Broad & Sp 

Campbell William, lumber merchant. Broad & Sp 

Garden, h 1103 Callowhill 
Campbell William, dyer, r 1343 Savery 
Campbell William, laborer, 2220 Shamokin 
Campbell AVilliam, -laborer, 908 Beach 
Campbell AVilliam, limeburner, 1321 Myrtle 
Campbell AVilliam, livery stables, 2102 Sansom 
Campbell William, manufacturer cotton & woollen 

goods, N E Wash av & 12th, h S E Pine & 7th 
Campbell William A., 106 S Sth 
Campbell William G., bookkeeper. Almond st wf 
Campbell AVilliam H., engineer, 515 N 15th 
Campbell AVilliam H., machinist, 917 Sansom 
Campbell William H., clerk, 1 12 S 2d, h 642 N 8th 
Campbell William H., bookbinder, 22 & 24 N 4th, 

h S E 4th & Branch 
Campbell William H., 1318 South 
Campbell AVilliam J., clerk, 1221 Kemble 
Campbell William P., plumber & gasfltter, 1908 

Pennsylvania av 
Campbell AVilliam S., carpenter, 820 N 19th 
Campbell William S., 701 Federal 
Campbell William AV., 1506 N 6th 
Campbell William AV., clerk, 141 S Front 
Campbell AVilliam W., clerk, 1201 Lentz 
Campbell William Y., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h N W 

Fitzwater & 8th 
Campbell Z., livery stable, 79 Frankford 
Campbell's clothing store [Willia-yn Campbell cV 

Ju7nes Campbell), 407 S 2d 
Campeu Brice, coachman. 309 N 15tli 
Campernell Mr., 201 N 5th 
Camperson Joseph, policeman, 1737 Burton 
Campion Edward, plasterer, Hancock ab Mill 
Campion John, wool goods, Hancock bel Armat 
Campion John W., furniture, 261 S 2d, h 236 Pine 
Campion John W., clerk, N W 12th & Race, h 

1245 Buttonwood 
Campion John AV. IL, burnisher, 2002 Sansom 
Campion Joseph, treasurer 17th & 19th R R, 12 

Merchants' Exchange, h 277 S 5th 
Campion Joseph H., cabinetmaker, 261 S 2d, h 

236 Pine 
Campion Nathan F., treasurer 13th & 15th R R, 

12 E.xchange, h 1720 Spruce 
Campion Richard, clerk, Davis' hotel 
Campion Thomas, wool goods. Hancock bel Armat 
Cami)ion Thomas, tea dealer, 258 S 2d 
Carapman Daniel, farmer, Nicetown la u Ridge av 
Campman Jolin, farmer, Nicetown la n Ridge av 
Cam)iodonica John, laborer, r 317 Campbell 
Camrin John, laborer, 1103 Otis 
Camrin Richard, laborer, 1103 Otis 
Camrin AVilliam, laborer, 1103 Otis 
Canadey Joseph, moulder, 1506 Jones 
Canadey Margaret, 1500 Jones 
I Canan Margaret, r 1514 Montgomery av 
oocis, Wholesale and Retaila 




Canan Mary, dres,-maker, 1142 S 9th 
Canan Peter, carter, r Fitler bel Harrison 
Canarroe Ann E., teacher, 944 N 7th 
Canarroe Margaret R., teacher, 954 N 7th 
Canary David, tailor, 415 Cherry 
Canavan Charles, carder, S W Leithgow & Canal 
Canavan Gerald, laborer, r Sorrel n Melvale 
Canavan James, carder, S W Leithgow & Canal 
Canavan John, laborer, S W 12th & Noble 
Canavan Joseph J., wool & leather, 1225 N 5th 
CANBY & BROTHER {Joh?i Cavhy if George 

Canhy), plumbers & gasfitters, 321 Arch 
Canby George, plumber & gasfitter, 321 Arch, h 

Baring AV 35th 
CANBY, NEVILLE ct HUGHES (5:«m?<fiZ T. Can- 
by, George W. Neville, Thomas Hughes), no- 
tions & fancy goods, 314 Market 
Canby Isaiah, 115 N 17th 
Canby John, plumber & gasfitter, 321 Arch, h 

2318 Green 
Canby Samuel T., notions, &e., 314 Market, h 

629 Vine 
Canby William H., clerk, 629 Vine 
Canby William J., conveyancer, 152 S 4th, hll4 

N 15th 
Candelet Allen, accountant & agt., Pauln Church 
Gander Catharine, widow John, 1215 Christian 
Cander Margaret Miss, dressma., 1215 Christian 
Ganders William S., millwright, 917 Autchinson 
Candidus William, lettercarrier, 1222 Randolph 
Candlet John L., clerk, 732 N 22d 
Candy James B., dentist, 1312 Columbia av 
Candy James D. M., 248 N 10th 
Candy John B., clerk, 18 S 4th, h 313 Allen 
Candy John M., brickmaker, Bridge ab James. 

Candy Joseph, blacksmith, Bridge, Whitehall 
Candy Michael, brickmaker. Bridge, Whitehall 
Candy Thomas D., machinist, 313 Allen 
Cane Anna, widow Patrick, 1615 Helmuth 
Cane Charles, blacksmith, 226 Saranack 
Cane Charles, laborer, 2318 Pine 
Cane Charles, jr., laborer, 2318 Pine 
Cane Curtis (c), laborer, Oak n 42d 
Cane Henry, cordwainer, 2 Hamell's et 
Cane James, driver, 1730 Christian 
Cane James, boatman, Chippewa n South 
Cane James, truckman, Kennedy n Westmoreland 
Cane John, laborer, 1046 Ward 
Cane John, boatman. Chippewa n Lombard 
Cane Michael, laborer, 1736 Burton 
Cane Patrick, laborer, 2023 Hand 
Cane Peter, riveter, 1331 N 2d 
Cane Thomas, laborer, 1812 Naudain 
Cane Thomas, chemist, 1234 Struther 
Cane William, steward, U S Naval Asylum 
Caner William J., merchant, 138 N Front, h 547 

Canfield D. B. & Co. (no Co.), Am. Law Register, 

422 Library 
Canfield Ellen, widow Patrick, 8 Cope 
Canfield Frederick C, grocery, 1740 Mt Vernon 
Canfield James, brickmaker, Gray's Ferry rd n 

Canfield Richard, brickmaker, 8 Cope 
Canfield Richard, bartender, N E Broad & Wash- 
ington av 
Canfield Theodore, hatter, 438 Canton 
Canifl' Timothy, mason, American n Jefferson 
Caniif James, shoemaker, 130 Green 
Cangney Michael, produce, 271 E Market, h 13th 

& Cherry 
Caniss Edward, tailor, 942 Alder 
Canly Thomas J., printer, 702 Carpenter 
Cann Conrad, coachmaker, 1020 Olive 

LiicC) Muslin, JOainask, iSrocatelle, and 

Cann Ferdinand, bricklayer, 316 Borden 

Cann Henry, cordwainer, 720 N 23d 

Cann Henry, liquor dealer, 3d ab Vine, h 944 

Cann John, tobacco, S W Dauphin & Fkd av 
Cann Mary, widow Conrad, 1020 Olive 
Cann Samuel, coachtrimmer, 1020 Olive 
Cann William, chandeliermaker, 1526 Thompson 
Cann William H., coachpainter, 1020 Olive 
Cannar Bridget, 1102 Ohio 
Cannavan Mary Jane, widow James, Hance pi 
Cannell .John, machinist. Church bel Washington, 

Cannell S. Wilmer, importer, 230 Chestnut, h 

Beechwood, 23d ward 
Canning Fanny, widow Joseph, 1330 Brown 
Canning James, shoemaker, r Fitzwater 
Canning John, beamer, Orr bel Wiley 
Canning John, stonemason, r 1809 Bedford 
Canning Letitia, dressmaker, 211 S 11th 
CANNING MARK, stationer, 111 S 10th 
Canning Mathew, stonecutter, 712 Master 
Canning Roderick, grocer, Bath & Ann 
Canning Sarah, dressmaker, 211 S 11th 
Canning Sarah R., widow William H., 1326 S 2d 
Canning S. & L. {Sarah Canning , Letitia Can- 
ning), dressmakers, 211 S 11th 
Canning Thomas, machinist, 1330 Brown 
Canning William S., printer, 210 S 12th 
Cannon Andrew, laborer, r Fisher, Huntingdon 
Cannon Bernard, carder, 1214 Noble, h 100 

Cannon Bernard, laborer, 10 Plain 
Cannon Brothers (Richard B. and John H.), 

package drug merchants, 31 S Front 
Cannon Catharine, 625 Filbert 
Cannon Cecelia Miss, tailoress, 438 Harmony 
Cannon Charles, bricklayer, 403 Lynd 
Cannon Charles, printer, 811 S 13th 
Cannon Cornelius, porter, 123 Gothic 
Cannon David, laborer, 1318 N 10th 
Cannon Francis, laborer, Harvey's court 
Cannon Francis, shoemaker, N W Oak & Till 
Cannon George (c), barber, 930 Race 
Cannon Hannah, widow John, 465 Dillwyn 
Cannon Hannah, widow John, 811 S 13th 
Cannon Henry (c), laborer, 235 Anthony 
Cannon Hugh, laborer, Huston ab Thompson 
Cannon Isaac, laborer, S E Putnam & Hancock 
Cannon James, laborer, 39 N 21st 
Cannon James, mer. 313 Market, h 924 Green 
Cannpn James, machinist, 811 S 13th 
Cannon James, stoves, 634 Callowhill 
Cannon James (c), waiter, 36 Brier pi 
Cannon James, tinsmith, 261 N 15th 
Cannon James J., salesman, 1214 N 13th 
Cannon John, carter, 626 Washington av 
Cannon John, laborer, 2022 Murray 
Cannon John, laborer, 7 N 21st 
Cannon John, laborer, 2118 Tower 
Cannon John, laborer, 925 S 11th 
Cannon John, liquors, S W c 6th & Christian 
Cannon John, painter, 207 Allen 
Cannon John, newsdealer, 1107 South 
Cannon John, plasterer, 1639 Lombard 
C.-mnon John, shoemaker, 1907 Jones' 
Cannon John, tinsmith, 1226 Callowhill 
Ciimon John John B., mer. 31 S Front, h 247 

Cannon John H., mer. 31 S Front, h 247 Pine 
Cannon John M., salesman, 313 Market, h 924 

Cannon John S., bookbind. 339 Chestnut, h 1706 

N 0th 
Cannon Mary, 804 Lombard 
XJrapei-y CiirtaiiiSi of every description J 




Cannon Mary, wid. Patrick, grocer, 748 Passy- 

unk road 
Cannon Michael, laborer, 214 Anthony 
Cannon Michael, moulder, 817 Ellsworth 
Cannon Neill, conductor, Edgemont bel Fremont 
Cannon Patrick, bartender, 226 S 10th 
Cannon Patrick, grocery, 242 Currant al 
Cannon Philip, gentleman, 1329 S 10th 
Cannon Philip, wheelwright, N W Oak & 40th 
Cannon W., stonecutter, 15 St David av 
Cannon Richard, mate. Almond n Lehigh av 
Cannon Richard C, mer. 31 S Front, h 247 Pine 
Cannon Robert, cook, 1 Priscilla pi 
Cannon R. L., widow Daniel B., gentlewoman, 

247 Pine 
Cannon Samuel, stonecutter, 1316 Shellbark 
Cannon Sarah, widow Thomas, 712 Hepburn 
Cannon Susan, 1918 Jones 
Cannon Thomas, laborer, 2044 Jones 
Cannon Thomas B., bookkr. 43 S 4th, h 247 Pine 
Cannon William, engineer, "Wileys ct 
Cannon William, salesman, 124 N 11th 
Cannon William A., salesman, 36 N 4th 
Cannon -William A., stove store, 937 N 2d & 317 

Cannon William W., carbuilder. Market ab 18th, 

h 1713 Vine 
Cannor Bernard, plasterer, r 908 N 13th 
Cano Ludwig, musician, 327 Girard av 
Canon Alphonso, tinsmith, r 818 N 15th 
Canon Deborah, widow George W., r 830 Knox 
Canon Edward T., clerk, r 830 Knox 
Canon John, plasterer, 1425 Wood 
Canon Michael, laborer, 2221 Filbert 
Canon P. S., shoemaker. Manning n S 25th 
Canred Nicholas, boxmaker, 18 Bank 
Cantador Lorenz, imp. 240 Chestnut, h Wissahkn 
Canter Jacob H., toys & fancy goods, 3 & 5 N 8th, 

h N W 15th and Cabot 
Cantley John, clerk, 12 N 3d, h 333 Blight 
Canklin Mary, 304 Monroe 
Cantlin William, tailor, Graffin's ct 
Cantlon Patrick, laborer, 4 Forrest pi, r 621 Guil- 
Cantlon Richard, tavern, 623 Guilford 
Canton Patrick, shoemaker, 814 Marriott 
Cantrell James H., doctor. 1000 S 2d 
Cantrell John A., druggist, 1000 S 2d 
Cantrell William A., clerk, 1000 S 2d 
Cantwell Henry, butcher, 85 Farmers' West. Mkt, 

h Mt Pleasant ab 27th 
Cantwell James R., wines & liquors, SE G T av & 

Master <fc N W G T av & Master 
Cantwell Matthew, carpenter. Mechanic, Myk 
Cantwell Michael, grocery & liq. 216 Union 
Cantwell Michael, laborer, Columb. av n 39th 
Cantwell Nicholas, Rev., 228 Queen 
Cantwell Patrick, laborer, Somerset n Amber 
Cantwell Patrick, porter, r 233 Shippen 
Canty Dennis, weaver, r 159 Master 
Canty James, mastmaker, r 159 Master 
Canty Jeremiah, weaver, r 159 Master 
Canty Jeremiah, weaver, 15 Byrun pi 
Canty John, weaver, r 159 Master 
Canty Michael, weaver, 1435 Philip 
Cany Mary, widow Charles, 1504 Jones 
Cantz Frederick, carman. Leopard n Otter 
Capane N., runner, 1417 llewson 
Capehart Daniel, police, 1429 Vienna 
Capehart Henry, brickmaker, 324 S ]9th 
Capehart Henry, watchman, Norris n Gaul 
Capehart John, carpenter, Norris n Gaul 
Capehart John, brickljiyer, r 1117 Howson 
Capehart Walter, moulder, Norris n Gaul 
Capehart William, bricklayer, r 1237 Otis 

Patteii',s, G30 C 

CAPEN JOHN L., phrenologist & bookseller, 922 

Chestnut (see Fowler) 
Capewell Joseph, salesman, 518 N 3d 
Capie Joseph, oysterman, 740 Swanson 
Capie Robert, cooper, 817 Bird 
Capis Charles, turner, h 314 Branch 
Capp Charles, blacksmith, 922 Vine, h Willow 

bel 8th 
Capp Edward P., teacher, Inst, of the Blind 
Capp John C, broker, 23 S 3d, h 250 N 12th 
Capp John C. & Son {John C. Capp Sf Juhii S. 

Capp), note & stock brokers, 23 S 3d 
Capp John S., broker, 23 S 3d, h 250 N 12th 
Capp William M., clerk, 206 Chestnut, h 150 

N 12th 
Cappell Samuel, bootmaker, 1215 Ridge av 
Cappella John, laborer, 319 Campbell 
Cappels Abraham, segarmaker, 705 S 4th 
Capper Abraham H., salesman, 207 Market, h 

1427 Howard 
Capper William, clerk, 16 S Front, h 48 N 3d 
Capy Mira, widow Joseph, 732 S 5th 
Car Maria, 1538 Market 
Caracar Anthony, butcher, Meetler n N 7th 
Caracar John, butcher, Meetler n N 7th 
Caracar Philip, butcher, Meetler n N 7th 
Carahar Eugene, marble sawyer, 970 New Market 
Carahar Owen, milk deal. 1172 N 2d bel Diamond 
Carall Thomas, lab. Emory n Salmon 
Caray Ellen, widow Edmond, 414 Monroe 
Caray John, shoemaker, 414 Monroe 
Caray William, capmaker, 414 Monroe 
Carbary Thomas, laborer, 634 St Mary 
Carbeary Rose Ann, wid. Hugh, Hazzard n Coral 
Carberry Ann, milliner, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry Charles, painter, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry David, blacksmith, S W Front &Race 
Carberry Hannah, millinery, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry John, hatter, 524 Christian 
Carberry John, Salmon bel William 
Carberry John, carpenter, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry John, jr., laborer, Salmon bel William 
Carberry John J., hotel, 138 N 5th 
Carberry Magdalena, salesw. 2044, h 2108 Cal- 
Carberry Nancy, millinery, 2108 Callowhill 
Carberry Patrick, blacksmith, 630 Hermitage 
Carberry William, carpenter, Fisher n Emory 
Carbery Thomas, barkeeper, S W Del. Av. &, Arch 
Carboch Sarah Ann, shoebinder, 4 Vermont pi 
Carbody Michael, carter, 2519 Callowhill 
Carbon Augustus, carpenter, 339 German 
Carbon P. Rev., 615 Spruce 
Carbrey John, bartender, 3 Sharon pi 
Carbry Ann, candies, Fitler below Harrison 
Carbury David, blacksmith, S W corner Front & 

Carby James, laborer, Carroll n Huntingdon 
Carcell A. Da., A., dry goods, 788 S Front 
Cardanas Henry, tailor, 437 York av 
Cardell Arthur, cordwainer, 705 S 6th 
Cardell Edward, c.irpenter, 2310 Pine 
Cardell William, laborer, Wa.shington av n 24th 
Garden Bridget, 22 Dungannon 
Garden Catharine, widow Nicholas, dealer, 1025 

Cardcn Frederick, brewer, 5 Pemberton 
Garden James, laborer, 9 Main, Myk 
Garden John, weaver, 2045 Hampton 
Garden Joseph, weaver, 2045 Hampton 
Garden Richard A. Rev., 1534 Mt Vernon 
Garden William, tavern, 6 Levant 
Carder August, police, 915 Market 
Carder George, upholsterer, 420 N 8th 
Carder Richard (c), laborer, Oak n 42d 
Iivsttiiit Slreet. 




Cardeza Joseph M., ticket agt. Baltimore depot, 

h 1724 Green 
Cardiff James, wines & liquors, 254 N Water 
Cardiff John, porter, Tulip ab Montgomery av 
Cardot John, mat &, carpet maker, Tackawanna n 

Cardwell George, floui-, 87 & 89 Shippen st Mar- 
ket, h 1418 Lancaster 
Cardwell George C, broker. Queen Gtn 
Cardwell John, painter, 719 S 11th 
Cardwell Robert, salesman, 1418 Lancaster, h 331 

S Front 
Cardwell Robert T., dentist, 529 Pine, h 807 Le- 
Cardwell Thomas C, dry goods commission, 110 

Chestnut, h 715 Sansom 
Cardwell William, laborer, r Melvale n Maple 
Cardwell William, plumber, 831 Ellsworth 
Cardy James, machinist, 2206 Wood, h 22d above 

Care Charles, sheetiron worker, 1225 Silver 
Care George W., painter, 735 Race, h 1340 Bran- 

Care Thomas, stove dealer, 10 S 19th 
Care William, currier, S E 3d & Willow, h 1340 

Caredale Arthur, shoemaker, 718 S 7th 
Carel Michael, laborer, 1114 Lentz 
Caress Richard, milk dealer, Edward n Ruan 
Carew John, bottler, 1904 Filbert 
Carew Thomas, laborer, Somerset n Belgrade 
Carey Amos, carpenter. Rising Sun 
Carey AnnaE., widow Levi, teacher, 3 Rose al 
Carey Christopher, jeweler, 127 Lombard 
Carey C, farmer, stall 554 Farmers" Market, h 

Delaware county 
Carey Edward, gasfitter, 7 Pensive pi 
Carey Edward, carpenter, Penna av ab Spring 

Carey Francis, morocco finisher, 847 St John 
Carey George, chairmaker, 847 St John 
Carey Henry C, gentleman, 1102 Wnlnut 
Carey Isaac, morocco dresser, r 305 Brown 
Carey James, drayman, r 412 N Front 
Carey James, laborer, 1117 Peg 
Carey James, grocer, S 24th & Spruce 
Carey John, laborer, 1833 Rhoads 
Carey John, laborer, 1630 S 2d 
Carey John, waterman, 1225 Corn 
Carey John, weaver, r 1533 Philip 
Carey John, plasterer, 1934 Naudain 
Carey John, coachman, 509 S 13th 
Carey John, laborer, 6 Southampton 
Carey John, tailor, 176 Columbia av 
Carey Martin, laborer. Manning n S 24th 
Carey Mary Mrs., Penn ab Church 
Carey Mary, widow William, layer out of the 

dead, r 1129 Sites 
Carey Michael, grocer, S E 10th & Rodman 
Carey Moore, hostler. Willow n Margaretta 
Carey Morris, boatman, S 24th c Spruce 
Carey R. Davis, bookseller, 21 N Front, h 873 

N 6th 
Carey Stephen, tobacconist, 319 Poplar 
Carey Thomns, engineer, 746 S Front 
Carey Thomas, currier, r 507 S 5th 
Carey William, shop, 758 S 8th 
Carey William, laborer, William ab Edgemont 
Carfrey Edwin, shoemaker, 2d S of Dauphin 
Carfrey Elijah, brickmaker, 2d S of Dauphin 
Carfrey Jnmes W., butcher. 504 Norris 
Carfrey William R., shoemaker, 2d S of Dauphin 
Cargon Elizabeth, widow Matthew, 5' Fife's pi 
Carhart Ann, widow, 803 Ellsworth 
Carhart Samuel, shoemaker, 108 Almond 

■Window Sliacles and Curtiiln 

Carie John P., conductor, 1712 Barker 

Carigan John, laborer, 1642 Helmuth 

Cariss Isabella, patterns, 1215 N 3d 

Cariss William, looking-glasses, &e., 102 S 10th, 

h 1215 N 3d 
Carl Christopher, machinist, 808 Burns 
Carl Edward, laborer, 23d n Race 
Carl Francis, laborer, 3 Leeds av 
Carl Jacob, printer, 25 Pennsylvania av 
Carl James, laborer, 619 Swanson 
Carl John, laborer, 2023 Reeves 
Carl Joseph, weaver, 1239 Brinton 
Carl Martin, shoemaker, 736 Orange 
Carl Owen, laborer, r 1127 Hope 
Carl Patrick, carpenter, 1909 Carlton 
Carl Samuel, gilder, 228 Arch, h Camden 
Carlan Frederick, stonemason, 1809 Shippen 
Carlan Henry, laborer, 512 Beach 
Carlan James, laborer, Robinson, Myk 
Carlan John, laborer, 1407 Rye 
Carlan John, wheelwright, 21st n Hamilton 
Garland Hugh, drayman, r 735 Baker 
Carland Hugh, porter, 44 S Front, h Barlow pi 
Garland John, laborer, 1537 Carlton 
Carland William, engineer, 412 N 18th 
Carle Alexander, bookseller, 706 Fallon 
Carle John H., cordwainer, 1210 N 10th 
Carles George, restaurant, 149 N Juniper 
Gailes John, clerk, 1338 Brown 
Carles Sarah, widow George C, 122 Christian 
Carles William, jr., restaurant, 1117 Fries ct 
Garless George, britannia manuf, 111 S 8th, h 7 

Crawford ct 
Garless & Furness, gasburner manuf. 111 S 8th 
Carleston John, segarmaker, 454 St John 
Carlton Henry, ex-judge, 1203 Spruce 
Carleton Lydia, stationery, 116 N 8th 
Garleton Thomas H., carpenter, 908 Cherry 
Carley Charles, weaver, 12 Hancock 
Carley Eliza, widow William, r 224 Christian 
Carley John, laborer, 3 Shelburne av 
Carley Leonard, varnisher, 614 Peach 
Carley Nicholas, laborer, Centre, Gtn 
Carley William, clerk, 105 S 3d, h 912 S Front 
Carlile & Ewing {Tliomas J. Carlile & Charles 

G. Ewing), imprs of watches, 304 Chestnut 
Carlile Francis, porter, Mustin ct 
Carlile James, stonemason, 1542 Callowhill 
Carlile John, shoemaker, 1542 Callowhill 
Carlile J. A., bookpr, 44 S Front, h 659 N 12th 
Carlile Thomas J., impr of watches, 304 Chesnut, 

h 702 N 19th 
Carlile Thompson, cordwainer, 348 N 3d 
Carlile William K., surveyor, 35th & Lancaster 

av, h Htxmilton W of 35th 
Carlin Andrew B., photographs, 1001 N 2d, h r 

240 Lombard 
Carlin Anthony, moulder, 606 Middle al 
Carlin Ann, washerwoman, 12 S 7th 
Carlin Catharine, wid James, r 1 N Juniper 
Carlin Catharine, Cresson, Myk 
Carlin Chnrles, laborer, 421 Prune 
Carlin Charles, tailor, 606 Middle al 
Carlin Cornelius, laborer, 1 Jefferson pi 
Carlin Daniel, laborer, 1916 Buttonwo.od 
Carlin Edward, laborer, 1916 Rochford 
Carlin Edward, laborer, 1 Jefferson pi 
Carlin Edward, police, 813 Suffolk 
Carlin Edward J., salesman, 113 S Water, h 503 

S Broad 
Carlin Francis, laborer, Locust c 24th 
Carlin Francis, carpenter, 21 N 12th 
Carlin Francis, conductor, 2 Lima pi 
Carlin Fr.ank M., blacksmith, Belgrade n Alle- 
ghany av 
Goods, Wholesale mid Itctailj 




Carlin George, carpenter, r 952 Lawrence 

Carlin Henry, groceries, N E 24th and Biddle 

Carlin James, 1916 Buttonwood 

Carlin James, printer, 3 Blackhorse al 

Carlin James, laborer, Allen n N 41st 

Carlin James, printer, 245 IST 2d 

Carlin John, wheelwright, 2414 Callowhill, h 21st 

bel Penn av 
Carlin John, bartender, 314 N 15th, h Noble ab 

New Market 
Carlin John, laborer, r N E 15th and Sp Garden 
Carlin John, maltster, 1405 N 10th 
Carlin John, frameknitter, 1542 Cadwalader 
Carlin John, spooler, N E 17th and Carpenter 
Carlin John, morocco shnver, 1340 Howard 
Carlin John, baker, 929 N Front 
Carlin John, laborer, Market n 39th 
Carlin John, truck, 94 Shippen Market, h Neck 
Carlin Louisa, widow, Jonathan, 424 George 
Carlin Margaret, N E S 8th and Spruce 
Carlin Mary, widow John, 1443 Bedford 
Carlin Mary, milliner, 719 South 
Carlin Mary, truck, stall 160 Western Market, h 

Alfred n Logan 
Carlin Michael, bricklayer, 503 S Broad 
Carlin Michael, hotel, S E Front and Vine 
Carlin Michael, bootmaker, 1319 Market 
Carlin Michael, wines and liquors, N E 19th & 

Carlin Patrick, hatter, 620 Fitzwater 
Carlin Patrick, shoemaker, 533 N 25th 
Carlin Philip, grocer, 1025 Morgan 
Carlin Philip, flour, grain & feed, 113 S Water, h 

503 S Broad 
Carlin Philip, porter, 1 Scranton pi 
Carlin Philip, dealer, Miflin n Church 
Carlin Philip, jr., flour and feed, 914 Carpenter 
Carlin Rebecca, jjlain sewing, 16 Callowhill 
Carlin Sarah, widow John, 13 Boyd's av 
Carlin Thomas, engineer, 411 S 20th 
Carlin William, boots, 921 South 
Carlin William, trimmings, 637 South 
Carlin William, cordwainer, 1216 Peters 
Carlin William F., merchant, 113 S Water, h 503 

S Broad 
Carlin William F., jr., clerk, 503 S Broad 
Carlin William J., hotel, 1 Dock 
Carlis Oliver, printer, 433 Marriott's la 
Carlisle Amos, stone merchant, South st whf, h 

659 N 12th 
Carlisle Charles, seaman, 114 Denmark 
Carlisle Francis, porter, 120 Chestnut, h Mustinct 
Carlisle Henry, marbled paper manuf. 623 Com- 
merce, h 44 N 8th 
Carlisle H. Risley & Co. (H. Rishy Carlisle (^ 

George S. Willets), housekeepers' goods, 115 

N 9th 
Carlisle H. Eisley, mer. 115 N 9th, h 12th ab Race 
Carlisle James D., salcsm. 137 N 3d, h 140 N 7th 
Carlisle J. Don, attor. at law, 528 N 22d 
Carlisle Patrick, laborer, Maple n Melvale 
Carlisle Robert, stonemason, r 1908 Earp 
Carlisle Thompson, shoemaker, bds 348 N 3d 
Carlisle William jr., assist, auditor, 530 N 22d 
Carlley George, tobacconist, 1218 S 2d 
Carl on Charles, police, 316 Union, h 638 Middle al 
Carlon Eliza, widow, 1 Scranton pi 
Carlon Sarah, dressmaker, 310 Bradford 
Carlon William, 310 Bradford 
Carlon William, lab. 2 Steam Mill al off St John 
Carls Henry, tailor, r 616 Tamarind 
Carlton Ann, 1103 Coates 
Carlton Frank, laborer, 317 Jefferson 
Carlton George H., weaver, Nicetown 
Carlton Mary, Mrs., 1408 Warnock 

Patten's, 630 C 

Carlton W. P., engineer. Bridge bel 38th 
Carlyle John, laborer, r 733 S 15th 
Carlyle William, gentlemen, 223 S 5th 
Carmack David (c), porter, 614 Bay 
Carmack Isaac S. (c), whitewashing, 614 Bay 
Carnaha Ann, widow John, 2021 South 
Carman Ann, 343 Griscom 
Carman Andrew, tailor, Keyser n 5th 
Carman B. L., mason. Main, Holmesburg 
Carman Charles, bricklayer, N 2d ab York 
Carman Charles C, carpenter, 1546 N 12th 
Carman Charle'J V., shoem'r. Front ab Chatham 
Carman Cjnus, National Hotel, Race ab Third 
Carman Elon, bricklayer, N 2d ab York 
Carman Hannah, 933 S 3d 
Carman James, teams. Washington avab 5th 
Carman James, dry goods, 779 N 24th 
Carman James, mason, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Carman James H., teamster, 513 Washington av 
Carman Jarvis C, agent, 1212 N 19th 
Carman Julia, layer out dead. Front ab Chatham 
Carman James, conductor, 832 Cross 
Carman Michael S., builder, 454 N 4th 
Carman Nathan, millwright, 107 Federal 
Carman Samuel S., watchmaker, 41 S 2d, h 225 

Carman Stephen, silverplater, 123 N 6th, h 220 

Carman William, cutter, 938 Rodman 
Carman Wilson P., varnishmaker, 1232 S 4th 
CARMANY CYRUS, hotel, 308 & 310 Race 
Carmedy Edmond, laborer, r 712 Spafford 
Carmell Caspar S., cooper, 509 Cresson 
Carmichael James, manuf. oil cloths, 156 N 3d, 
■ h New Jersey 

Carmichael James, laborer, 2 McLeod pi 
Carmichael James, plasterer, 3 Garton pi 
Carmichael John, laborer, 416 Carpenter 
Carmichael William, merchant, 1535 N 12th 
Carmichael William, laborer, 2d ab Colombia av 
Carmiehel Joseph, cordwainer, 712 Lloyd 
Carmichel Samuel, cordwainer, 712 Lloyd 
Carmick & Grice {Louis Carmick l^ Daniel S. 

Grice), com. mer. No. 9 S Front 
Carmick Louis, com. m. 9 S Front, h435 Lombard 
Carmick Susan, 435 Lombard 
Carmeny Robert A., salesman, S W 4th & Arch, 

h 131 Arch 
Carmony William, salesman, 17 N 3d, h 130 Arch 
Carnahan John, mer. tailor, S W 11th & Chest- 
nut, h 1533 Cowslip 
Carnahan John K., sales. 36 N 4th, h 39 N 11th 
Carnahan Mary, widow, 39 N 11th 
Carnahan Robert, weaver, 1025 Milton 
Carnahan William, weaver, 1526 N 2d 
Carnathan David, 128 Denmark 
Carncross Jacob C, contractor, 234 Chester 
Carncross R., minstrel, 1121 Brown 
Carnehan John, tailor, 1533 Cowslip 
Carnell Charles, brick press manuf. Gtn av bel 

Berks, h 1642 N 6th 
Carnell John, machinist, 1542 N 6th 
Carnell Lafayette, tobacco, Gtn av & 6th, h Gtn 

av ab York 
Carnell William, fancy hosiery weaver, Front n 

Carnely Patrick, laborer, Olive bel 17th 
Carnes George, machinist, 514 Marriott's la 
Carnes Henry, fisherman, 31 Poplar 
Carnes Henry, jr., carpenter, 31 Poplar 
Carnes John, perfumer, 1335 Shippen 
Carnes John S., clerk, 30 S Water, h N 12th ab 

Carne.s Robert T., gofferer, 26 S 5th, h 1917 Lom- 
liestuut Street. 




Garnet "William, hostler, r 1114 Ohio 

Carney Andrew, laborer, 2321 Jeiierson 

Carney Bernard, porter, 126 & 128 S Front, h 

1216 Clarion 
Carney Bernard L., hatter, S 5th & Eassyunk rd 
Carney Catharine, widow James, Salmon ab Som- 
Carney Catharine, widow Joseph, 705 S 8th 
Carney Catharine, widow Thomas, 812 Tasker 
Carney Edward, carpenter, 1028 S Sth 
Carney Edward, conductor, 3 Daily pi 
Carney Edward, conductor, 3d bel Montgomery 
Carney Edward (c), tanner, r 615 Lynd 
Carney Felix, brickmaker, 3 Daily pi 
Carney Frank, shoemaker, 1024 Sergeant 
Carney Henry, blacksmith, Market bel 33d, h 

Carney Hugh, laborer, 1113 Jackson 
Carney Hugh, paver, 812 Tasker 
Carney Hugh, police officer, 37th ab Darby av 
Carney Isabella, widow Edward, 3 Daily pi 
Carney James, bricklayer, 911 Lafaj'ette 
Carney James, gasfitter, 2319 Jefferson 
Carney James, coachman, 321 Bradford 
Carney James, laborer, 1028 S 8th 
Carney James, porter, S E Water & Dock, h 1028 

Carney James, bricklayer, 909 Lafayette 
Carney James, waterman, 112 Carpenter 
Carney John, weaver, Warminster pi 
Carney John, laborer, 1919 South 
Carney John, dealer, 615 Passyunk rd 
Carney John, dealer, 508 Shippen 
Carney John, laborer, 7 Abbott's ct 
Carney John, laborer, 611 S Front 
Carney John, laborer. Broad bel Barclay 
Carney John, laborer, 3 Daily pi 
Carney John, laborer, 820 Fallon 
Carney John, liquor store, Sutherland av bel South 
Carney John, machinist, 2121 Tower 
Carney John, seaman, r 112 Carpenter 
Carney John, stonecutter, 1547 Callowhill 
Carney John, weaver, 4 Curry's pi 
Carney Joseph, laborer, 44 Almond 
Carney Mary, widow Charles, 1619 Helmuth 
Carney Michael, shoemaker, 1019 S 9th 
Carney Michael, shoemaker, 824 Marriott 
Carney Montgomery, waiter, 404 Radcliff 
Carney Owen, laborer, Margaretta bel Market 
Carney Owen, shoemaker, 3 McNickle pi 
Carney Patrick, dealer, 1028 6 Sth 
Carney Patrick, laborer, 812 Tasker 
Carney Richard, glassblower, 2512 Pine 
Carney Robert, carman, 1434 South 
Carney Robert, laborer, 1919 South 
Carney Robert, varieties, Callowhill ab Broad, h 

15th ab Race 
Carney Rupert, laborer, Adams n Edward 
Carney Susan, widow Michael, 2512 Pine 
Carney Terence, brickmaker, 3 Dailey pi 
Carney Thomas, blacksmith, 1513 Pearl 
Carney Thomas, driver, 404 Radcliff 
Carnej' Thomas, laborer, Somerset n Belgrade 
Carney Thomas, laborer, 1547 Callowhill 
Carney William, laborer, N 22d n Filbert 
Carney William, sailmaker, r 818 Burns 
Carney William, spinner, 1919 South 
Carney William (c), barber, 637 Christian 
Carnham Joseph, driver, 255 N 12th 
Carhish David, sr. (c), waiter, 513 Lombard 
Garnish David, jr. (c), waiter, 613 Lombard 
Carnly Nathan, miller, Germantown av & Wissa- 

hickon av 
Cams Charles W., brickyard, Federal n 24th, h 
22d n South 

Cams Charles W., policeman, 1910 Ringgold pi 
Cams Gilbert, brickmaker, 2138 Naudain 
Cams Mary, produce, 166 Eastern Market, h 5th 

ab Poplar 
Cams Mary, widow William. Sth n George 
Cams Robert, brickmaker, 22jl n South 
Cams William, weaver, 3d N" of Susquehanna av 
Carolan Christopher, conductor, 622 N 25th 
Carolan John, gent. 622 N 25th 
Carolin Thomas F., brushmaker, 2107 Cuthbert 
Carolus Amelia, widow, r 813 Charlotte 
Carolus Clarkson, painter, r 813 Charlotte 
Carolus Elizabeth, cupper and leecher, 801 Char- 
Carolus John, bookbinder, r 813 Charlotte 
Caroll John, carpenter, 811 Morris 
Caroll Michael, drayman, 811 Morris 
Caroll Michael, laborer, 811 Morris 
Caroll Thomas, dealer, 811 Morris 
Caron Louis F., Southwark Bk, 1234 S 4th 
Carpenter A., grocer, Levering bel Wood, Myk 
Carpenter Aaron E., merchant, 64 N 8th, h 218 

Carpenter Alpheus, clerk, 802 Arch 
Carpenter & Baizley [Ckarles A. Carperiter l^- 

John Baizley), shipsmiths, N W Shippen & 

Carpenter Benjamin, carpenter, 322 S Juniper 
Carpenter Benjamin, laborer. Ridge av, Rxb 
Carpenter Caleb (c), laborer, 332 Dugan 
Carpenter Caleb, bonnet presser, 925 Washington 

Carpenter Charles, cooper, Ridge av, Rxb 
Carpenter Charles, bookkeeper, 815 Filbert 
Carpenter Charles, provision dealer, 310 Carpenter 
Carpenter Charles A., shipsmith, N W Shippen & 

Swanson, h 31 Shippen 
Carpenter Charles G., cutter, 1323 Heath 
Carpenter Charles M., telegraph operator, 410 N 

Carpenter Charles R., morocco finisher, 806 N 15th 

deninsc, Joseph 31. TrumaJi, jr.), ice dealers, 

413 Franklin 
Carpenter Charles S., ice dealer, 413 Franklin, h 

Carpenter Charles W., driver, r 926 Rodman 
Carpenter Conrad, butcher, stall 241 Franklin 

Market, h 908 Cambridge 
Carpenter Conrad, mason. Ridge av, Rxb 
Carpenter D. L., teacher of dancing, 810 Spring 

Garden, h Hutton n River 
Carpenter Daniel H., surgical instrument maker, 

15 N5th, h 1140 N 4th 
Carpenter David, gent. 1323 Heath 
Carpenter E., confectionery, 915 Vine 
Carpenter Edward, conveyancer, 242 S 3d 
Carpenter Edward C, stereotyper, 127 Beck 
Carpenter Edwin B., druggist, 737 Market, hl7l0 

Carpenter Ellen, widow George W. Gtn av and 

Carpenter Francis, mer. tailor, 825 Chestnut, h 

S W 3d and Cypress 
Carpenter Frank, painter, 48 S 3d, h 1166 S 10th 
Carpenter George, messenger, 2119 Sharswood 
Carpenter George W., carpenter, 2136 Shars- 
Carpenter George W., mer. 737 Market, h c 

Main and Carpenter, Gtn 
Carpenter George W. jr., clerk, 303 Branch, h 


{William C. Heiiszey &f George W. Carpe7i- 
ter), drugs and chemicals, 737 Market 

Giif Coriiicei, Bnnds) Gimps, Tasscl8) Friiigeg, and Curtain Goods' 




Carpenter Greorge W., manuf. of webs, tapes, &c. 

201 Church al, h Camden 
Carpenter Harriet, oOB S Juniper 
Carpenter Harry B., bookkeeper, 40 S Del av, h 

515 Wood 
Carpenter Henry M., shoemaker, 767 S Front 
Carpenter Henry W., salesman, 802 Arch 
Carpenter Hetty, widow, 422 Wharton 
Carpenter James, dyer, Powdermill la n Fkd 
Carpenter James B., clerk, 127 Beck 
Carpenter James H., livery stable, 1513 Filbert, 

h 27 N 16th 
Carpenter John, ship carpenter, 811 N 5th 
Carpenter John, 1307 Spruce 
Carpenter John, clerk, Lancaster av 
Carpenter John C, bookbinder, 807 Fallon 
Carpenter John E , rule and guaging instrument 

maker, 862 N 4th 
Carpenter John T., telgph operator, 2113 Cherry 
Carpenter John W., moulder, 743 Enue 
Carpenter Joseph, carpenter, 921 Kurtz 
Carpenter Joseph, engraver. 1717 Locust 
Carpenter Joseph, lab. ISIO'S 18th 
Carpenter Joseph C, gent. 1166 S 10th 
Carpenter J. E., 242 S 3d 
Carpenter J. Quincy, Gtn av & Carpenter 
Carpenter Joshua, 306 S Juniper 
Carpenter Julia A., 306 S Juniper 
Carpenter L. Henry, 242 S 3d 
Carpenter Mary, huckster. Spring Garden Mar- 
ket, h r 1410 Barclay 
Carpenter Mary, widow John G., 811 N 5th 
Carpenter Mary (c), dressmaker, 332 Dugan 
Carpenter Mary A., widow Powell, 413 Buttonwd 
Carpenter M. H., hatter, 467 N 2d, 
Carpenter Miles N., assessor, bds Mt Vernon Hotel 

Carpenter , farmer, 69 S 2d st Market 

Carpenter Peter (e), laborer, Oak n 42d 
Carpenter Robert C, clerk, 23 S 6th, h 1320 

Ridge av 
Carpenter Samuel, agent P R R, 127 Beck 
Carpenter Samuel, cooper. Ridge av, Roxbg 
Carpenter Samuel, clerk, 1028 Brown 
Carpenter Samuel H., engraver, 238 S 3d, h 1717 

Carpenter Samuel P., mer. 1028 Brown 
Carpenter Sarah C, milliner, 239 S 10th 
Carpenter Simon, machinist, 2 Naylor 
Carpenter Thomas C, clerk, 1241 N 11th 
Carpenter William, merchant tailor,825 Chestnut, 

h 1623 Arch * 

Carpenter Wm., driver, Sharswood ab Ridge av 
Carpenter William, moulder, 751 N 24th 
Carpenter William, ice dealer, 440 York av, h413 

Carpenter William, surgical inst. mr. 15 N 5th 
Carpenter William (c), laborer, 412 Tenor pi 
Carpenter William, editor Colonization Herald, 

1736 Addison 
Carpenter William C, 1623 Arch 
CARPENTER W. & F. (William cV Francis 

Carpoitf.r), merchant,tailors, 825 Chestnut 
Carpenter W. H., carpenter, 4 St Stephen's pi 
Carpenter Wm. H., telegraphist, 977 Randolph 
Carpenter William H., carman, 1323 Heath 
Carpenter Wm. L., surg. inst. mr., 1017Leithgow 
Carpenter William P., carman, 26 Annapolis 
Carpenter William T., salesman, 607 Chestnut, h 

812 Cherry 
CARPENTERS' COMPANY, Carpenters' Hall 
Carr Abel, plumbing, William n S 21st 
Carr Abigail, 1302 Rodman 
Carr Alice, widow Patrick, 2115 Harmstead 
Carr Andrew, machinist, 6th ab Montgomery 
Carr Ann, widow Jacob, 14 Almond 

Carr Anne, widow, Plynlimmon pi 

Carr Barnet, carter. Amber S Otter 

Carr Bernard, laborer, r Darby av bel 42d 

Carr Bernard, laborer. Locust c 24th 

Carr Bernard, laborer, 803 S 13th 

Carr & Brother {Josejih cV Jacob Carr), plumbers 

338 N 4th 
Carr Calvin, brickmaker, 1701 Montrose 
Carr Catharine, domestic, 1111 Lombard 
Carr Charles, quarryman, Powdermill 1 n Fkd 
Carr Charles, weaver, Hancock n Norris 
Carr Charles, dry goods, Richmond n Ann 
Carr Charles, salesman, 12 N 3d, h Gtn 
Carr Charles, brickmaker, 1701 Montrose 
Carr Charles, paperhanger, bds 302 Callowhill 
Carr Charles, upholsterer, 250 South 
Carr Charles, teamster, 1733 St Joseph av 
Carr Charles, laborer, 2006 Chestnut 
Carr Charles, manufacturer, 693 Gtn av 
Carr Charles, sawyer, 1014 Crease 
Carr Charles, jr., repairer of musical instruments, 

250 South 
Carr Charles W., salesman, 307 Arch, h 1256 

Carr Charles W., laborer. Main, Hbg 
Carr Christian, brickmaker, 2006 Chestnut 
Carr Christian, farmer, stall 198 Western Market, 

h Delaware Co 
Carr Daniel, grocer, 726 S 7th 
Carr Daniel, laborer, Monmouth ab Salmon 
Carr Daniel, laborer, r 127 William 
Carr David, engineer, 1527 Carver 
Carr David, laborer, 337 Bradford 
Carr Edward, laborer, Mullen n Somerset 
Carr Edward, policeman, 1824 Naudain 
Carr Edward H., ambrotypist, 250 South 
Carr Edward W., advertising agency, N W 3d & 

Walnut, h 912 N 4th 
Carr Edwin, jeweler, 929 Charlotte 
Carr Edwin, moulder, 1306 Ogden 
Carr Eliza, trimmings, 1337 S 2d 
Carr Elizabeth, widow Robert, Christian n 18th 
Carr Elizabeth, dry goods, 693 Germantown av 
Carr Emanuel, broker, 533 Queen 
Carr Francis, cooper, 22 Strawberry, h 2113 

Carr George, weaver, 11 Brown's ct 
Carr George, laborer, Wharton ab 10th 
Carr George, laborer, 1239 S 7th 
Carr George C, cooper, 1010 Otsego 
CARR GEORGE W. & CO. [George W. Carr ^ 
Saviuel Warrington), whalebone and rattan 
manuf., 124 & 126 Willow 
Carr George W., whalebone and rattan, 124 Wil- 
low, h Main, Gtn 
Carr Harry, carter, 418 Cherry 
Carr Henry, brickmaker, 17th n Carpenter 
Carr Henry, brickmaker, ]035Dorrance 
Carr Henry, laborer, Gibben's ct 
Carr Henry, millwright, 1018 Portland 
Carr Henry B., victualler, 1133 Columbia av 
Carr Henry M., carpenter, 243 Dickerson 
Carr Hiram A., bricklayer, Germantown av ab 

Dewey's la 
Carr Jacob, plumber, 338 N 4th 
Carr Jacob, machinist, 2 Salmon 
Carr Jacob E., plumber, 1122 O.xford 
Carr James, barkeeper, 229 Dock 
Carr James, clerk, 208 South 
Carr James, plasterer, 2049 Hand 
Carr James, carman, 527 Everett pi 
Carr James, laborer, 2600 Naudain 
Carr James, laborer, 735 Medina 
Carr James, carter, 708 Encu 
Carr James, laborer, S 23d n Walnut 

Put I en's, f)30 Chestnut Slrtet. VVinaovv SUa<lc.s» 




Carr James, laborer, Beaeh av n S 24:th 

Carr James, glasscutter, 1330 Otis 

Carr James, shoemaker, Mullen n Somerset 

Carr James, laborer, 826 Tasker 

Carr James B., insurance agent, 309 "Walnut, h 

1141 Sites 
Carr James K., china store, 2032 Pine 
Carr Jane, seamstress, 1201 Salem 
Carr Jane, gentw., 307 S 3d 

Carr Jeremiah, porter, 114 Market, h8 Bunton'sav 
Carr John, tavern, 130 South 
Carr John, eating saloon, 16 N Front 
Carr John, bookbinder, 22 & 24 jST 4th, h 2113 

Carr John, upholsterer, 250 South 
Carr John, porter, 27 Coombs al 
Carr John, ireaver, 610 S 18th 
Carr John, victualler, 1345 Hancock 
Carr John, teamster. Point rd, Bdg 
Carr John, morocco dresser, 141 Otter 
Carr John, ^vhitewasher, 919 South 
Carr John, dealer, 526 FitzTrater 
Carr John, ear driver, r 1128 Frankford av 
Carr John, dealer in salt fish, 1203 Carlton 
Carr John, laborer, 604 Fernon 
Carr John, laborer, r Salmon ab William 
Carr John, laborer, 1932 Buttomvood 
Carr John, glassblower, Bedford n Ash 
Carr John, weaver, 2 Elizabeth pi 
Carr John, wines and liquors, 2d ab Columbia av, 

h 4th & Jefferson 
Carr John, hotel, Cresson, Myk 
Carr John, carpenter, 1016 S 18th 
Carr John, butcher, stall 263 Franklin Market, 

h 1343 Hancock 
Carr John, drayman, 1014 Federal 
Carr John, laborer, 3 Orange ct 
Carr John G., machinist, 1216 Race 
Carr John B., bookbinder, 1303 Coates 
Can- John F., bookkeeper, 339 X 10th 
Carr John G., coachman, 1310 S 8th 
Carr John H., clerk, 214 Chestnut, h 2133 Arch 
Carr Jonathan, actor, 533 Queen 
Carr Joseph, plumber, 338 N 4th, h 473 N 5th 
Carr Joseph, liquor store, 208 South 
Carr Joseph, laborer, 1824 Naudain 
Carr Joseph, cooper, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Carr Joseph, laborer, Pearl bel 23d 
Carr Littleton, messenger, 1201 Salem 
Carr Luke, dealer, 28 Sec. 6 Jefferson Market, h 

1019 Milton 
Carr Margaret, grocer, 141 Otter 
Carr Maria, nurse, 511 Poplar 
Carr Maria, wid. James, 236 Lombard 
Carr Martin, carpenter, Gay n Wood, Myk 
Carr Mary Anne, wid. James, Plynlimmon pi 
Carr Mary, 1113 Milton 
Carr Mary, vestmaker, 17th & Carlton 
Carr Mary A., teacher, Home for Children, N E 

22d & Pine 
Carr Matthew, lab., Richmond n Huntingdon 
Carr Matthias, plumber, 259 S 20th 
Carr Michael, shoemaker, Howard, Xicetown 
Carr Michael, laborer, Richmond n Emory 
Carr Michael, weaver, 1437 Germantown av 
Carr Miles, laborer. Birch ab Salmon 
Carr Miles, clerk, 4 Winslow 
Carr Morgan, gentleman, 545 X 3d 
Carr Nancy, wid. Patrick, 4 Winslow 
Carr Nicolas, foreman, Webster n 18th 
Carr Overton, Commander U S Navy Yard 
Carr Patrick, laborer, r Fisher n Huntingdon 
Carr Patrick, laborer, 1002 S 8th 
Carr Patrick, laborer, •1644 Sansom 
Carr Patrick, shoemaker, 864 Charlotte 

Carr Patrick, laborer, r 840 Christian 

Carr Patrick, moulder, 931 S 11th 

Carr Patrick, produce, 46 sec 8, S 11th Market 

Carr Peter, blacksmith, 2115 Harmstead 

Carr Rachel S., school, 322 Spruce 

Carr Rebecca F., select school, 2315 Sansom 

Carr Richard, lithograph printer, 411 Enterprise 

Carr Robert, laborer, Hull pi 

Carr Robert, shoemaker, 1108 Bedford 

Carr Robert, laborer, 1925 South 

Carr Robert, laborer, 1713 Carver 

Carr Robert, cordweiner, Farson pi 

Carr Robert, market, 219 Gaskill 

Carr Robert, engineer. Button ab Reed 

Carr Samuel, cooper, O'Neill n Howard 

Carr Samuel, shoemaker, 1308 Atmore 

Carr Samuel, sr., 1226 Marlborough 

Carr Samuel M., clerk 1328 Buttonwood, h 1306 

Carr Stephen, liquors, 812 S 13th 
Carr Stephen M., 835 Market 
Carr Sylvanus. carpenter, N 10th n Willow 
Carr Thomas, Cresson, Myk 
Carr Thomas, laborer, Haines ab Hancock, Gtn 
Carr Thomas, carpenter, 1810 N Front 
Carr Thomas, brickmaker, 2043 South 
Carr Thomas, grocer, 1941 Wilcox 
Carr Thomas, laborer, 25th n Pine 
Carr Thomas, cooper, 110 Greenwich 
Carr Thomas M., moulder, 1306 Ogden 
Carr William, carman, 251 N 15th 
Carr William, gasfitter, 1331 S 7th 
Carr William, laborer, r 1410 Philip 
Carr William, grocer, Lancaster av n N 39th 
Carr William, cooper, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Carr William, laborer, Adrian n Thompson 
Carr William, weaver, 1423 Shippen 
Carr William, tailor, 1401 Fitzwater 
Carr Wm.. bookkeeper. 111 Walnut, bds Great 

Western Hotel 
Carr William, clerk, 225 Chester 
Carr WiUiam E., carpenter, Germantown av bel 

Carr William H., agent ins. co., 2133 Arch 
Carr William L., broker. 1903 Pine 
Carr William M., clerk, N E c Lombard & 26th 
Carr William R., waterman, 517 Lombard 
Carragan Jacob, 224 N 4th 
Carraher James, dealer, 222 S Front 
Carraher James, carter, 729 Eneu 
Carrall Elizabeth, T»id. r 236 Poplar 
Carrall John, prod., 121 Shippen st Market, h. 

Christian n 5th 
Carrall Susan, 8 N 8th 
Carran John, upholsterer, 712 Christian 
Carre Edward, painter, Washington av n Gray"s 

Ferry av 
Carre John L., carpenter, Paul n Green 
Carre Louis J., tinsmith, 2054 Winter 
Carrell David, machinist, 1219 Callowhill, h 340 

S 17th 
Carrell James, carpenter, 1 Dove place 
Carrell John, laborer, Mafket n 37th 
Carrell John, gent, 25 Beck 
Carrell John M., conductor, 4th bel Spruce 
Carrell Thomas, hotelkeeper, 116 Market 
Carrick Andrew, laborer, Henrietta av' 
Carrick David, biscuitbaker, 8 S 19th, h 1937 

Carrick George, laborer, 1025 Dorrance 
Carrick James, painter, 1315 Buttonwood 
Carrick James, packer, 1617 Richard 
Carrick James, moulder, 1623 Rhoads 
Carrick John, 109 S 22d 
Carrick Robert, laborer, 1025 Dorrance 

Patten's, C30 Chestnut Street. 




Carrick Thomas, flour and crackers 8 N 19th, h 

21st ab Arch 
Carrick Thomas & Co. (Tliomas Carrick cV David 

Carrick), biscuitbakers, 8 N 19th 
Carrick William, baker, 1710 Sansom 
Carrigan Alexander, shoemaker, 918 Ogden 
Carrigan Andrew, blacksmith, 403 N 16th 
Carrigan A., seaman, (520 Swanson 
Carrigan Charles W., S E Frankford av & Auburn 
Carrigan Edward, morroco manf, 157 Willow, h 

675 Bankson 
Carrigan Edward, conductor, 1210 Francis 
Carrigan Francis, dealer, 619 Cherry 
Carrigan Hannah, salecladj', 1211 Christian 
Carrigan Henry, driver, 1332 Hancock 
Carrigan Hugh, driver, r 149 N 11th 
Carrigan Hugh, laborer, 804 S 19th 
Carrigan James, porter, 712 Webb 
Carrigan Patrick, umbrella maker, 772 S 3d 
Carrigan John, shoemaker, 1131 Passyunk rd 
Carrigan John, waiter, 8 Boyd's av 
Carrigan John, dealer, 4 Rio Grande place 
Carrigan John, laborer. Sorrel n Melvale 
Carrigan John, porter, r 929 Ogden 
Carrigan John, weaver, Hope n Dauphin 
Carrigan John H., roofer, 9 N 12th 
Carrigan Kate, dry goods, 1131 Passyunk rd 
Carrigan Margaret, widow Arthur, 712 Webb 
Carrigan Mary, wid James, 2G0 S 6th 
Carrigan Michael, laborer, 1916 Naudain 
Carrigan Patrick, laborer, 7 Gaffney's av 
Carrigan Patrick, clerk, 525 N 13th 
Carrigan Patrick, weaver, 1339 Palethorp 
Carrigan Patrick, laborer, 6 College place 
Carrigan Peter, laborer, 1726 Montrose 
Carrigan Peter, tinplate worker, 764 S 5th 
Carrigan Richard, driver, Candia pi 
Carrigan Timothy, shoemaker, 21^ Mayland 
Carrigan AVilliam, laborer, Sorrel n Melvale 
Carrington E. 0., salesman, 104^ S 13th 
Carrington Fanny, grocery, 1531 Cabot 
Carritt John E., clerk, 1045 S 4th 
Carrol Daniel, heater, 36th & Thompson 
Carrol Daniel A., painter, 738 South 
Carrol John, carpenter, 811 Morris 
Carrol John, carpenter, 841 Leonard 
Carrol Michael, milk dealer, 811 Morris 
Carrol Michael, laborer, 811 Morris 
Carrol Thomas, laborer, 811 Morris 
Carroll Amelia, gentw, 416 S 7th 
Carroll Andrew J., engineer, 1147 S 7th 
Carroll Anthony, packer, r 834 Race 
Carroll Augustus D., salesman, 116 Walnut, hGtn 
Carroll Barney, laborer, 1 Darris' ct 
Carroll Bridget, grocer, 527 S 7th 
Carroll Bridget, dressmaker, 1218 Lyndall 
Carroll Clatsworthy, driver. 1334 Mariner 
Carroll Constantino, baker, 1214 Cadwalader 
Carroll Edward, tinsmith. Front S of Diamond. 
Carroll Edward, carpenter, 821 Callowhill 
Carroll Edwin, moulder, 2207 N 5th 
Carroll Eilwin A., acct, 331 Market, h 1128 Ogden 
Carroll Elizabeth, widow Elijah, 622 S 10th 
Carroll Ellen, widow Thomas, r 412 Shippen 
Carroll Francis, coachman, 13 N Juniper 
Carroll Frank C, clerk, 704 Clierry 
Carroll Geo. W., salesman, 212 Market, h Camden 
Carroll Gregory, laborer, 6 Point Pleasant ct 
Carroll Hattan, seamstress, 416 S 7th 
Carroll Henry, brickmaker, 39th n Market 
Carroll Henry C, brickyard, S 17th and Federal, 

h Market ab William 
Carrol) Hugh, laborer, Otsego S Morris 
Carroll Hugh, tailor, 824 Marriott 
Carroll Hugh, puddler, N E c 24th & S Garden 

Carroll Hugh, puddler, Columbia av n 39th 
Carroll James, machinist, r 412 Shippen 
Carroll James, grocery, 243 N 10th 
Carroll James, harnessmaker, 814 Lombard 
Carroll James, marblemason, 1151 S 12th 
Carroll James, drayman, 810 S 8th 
Carroll James, laborer, York n Richmond 
Carroll James, tavern, 1510 Parrish 
Carroll James F., job printer, 5 S 6th, h 527 Fitz- 

Carroll James F., printer, 814 Lombard 
Carroll Joel W., druggist, 345 N 6th 
Carroll John, conductor, 2556 Callowhill 
Carroll John, stonemason, Gtn av ab Gorgas 
Carroll John, laborer, S 23d n Walnut 
Carroll John, laborer, 1824 Ridge av 
Carroll John, laborer, 7 AVhittaker's row 
Carroll John, conductor, 622 S 10th 
Carroll John, laborer, 1353 Hancock 
Carroll John, laborer, r 642 South 
Carroll John, porter, 34 S Del av, h 1 Concord pi 
Carroll John, weaver, 4 Olivet pi 
Carroll John, brickmaker, 4 Olivet pi 
Carroll John C, engraver, 1147 S 7th 
Carroll John M., plumber, 320 Cypress 
Carroll I. C, paper and rag warehouse, 139 N 

Front, h 704 Cherry 
Carroll John P., gentleman, 1147 S 7th 
Carroll Lawrence, brickmaker, 4 Olivet pi 
Carroll Lawrence, carpenter, 4 Chamlin's av 
Carroll Mary, widow Thomas, Richmond n York 
Carroll Matthew, barber, 1447 S 8th 
Carroll Michael, laborer, 914 S 11th 
Carroll Morris, shoemaker, 2 Chancery 1 
Carroll Nicholas, engineer, r 218 Christian 
Carroll Nicholas, blacksmith, 1824 Ridge av 
Carroll Owen, laborer, Chippewa n Lombard 
Carroll Patrick, porter, r 712 Jamison 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, Richmond N Norris 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 108 Federal 
Carroll Patrick, bricklayer, 520 Cresson 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, 218 S Front 
Carroll Patrick, r 826 Rachel 
Carroll Patrick, .tailor, 1218 Clarion 
Carroll Patrick, tavernkeeper. Long 1 & Buck rd 
Carroll Peter, laborer, Kent n S 25th 
Carroll Peter, moulder, 1314 S 4th 
Carroll Peter, manuf., 1508 Palethorp 
Carroll Priscilla, widow, 1508 Palethorp 
Carroll Rosanna, widow Daniel, r 1418 Brinton 
Carroll Teresa, teacher. Front n Carroll 
Carroll Terry, laborer, 1438 Philipp 
Carroll Thomas, stonemason, Mulberry n Gilling- 

Carroll Thomas, blacksmith, r 1115 Mark's! 
Carroll Thomas, hotel, N E c 24th k S Garden 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, 137 Elfreth's al 
Carroll William, laborer. Long 1 bel Buck rd 
Carroll William Rev. D.D., 320 Union 
Carroll William, tavern, 203 Jefferson 
Carroll William, carter, 750 Ringgold 
Carroll William, tavern, 1500 N 2d 
Carroll William, blacksmith, N E 24th and Sp 

Garden ^ 

Carroll AVilliam, gentleman, 10 Union 
Carroll William, paper and rag, 111 Jones" al, h 

1611 Lombard 
Carroll William H., painter, 950 N 12th 
Carron Jackson C, dealer, 4 Furlong's ct 
Carron David (c), America bel Norris 
Carron Goldsmith D. Rev., 209 n 8th 
CARROW, THIBAULT A CO. [Jului Carrow, 
Francis Tkibanit, and Thus. J. Crothers), suc- 
cessors to Dubosq, Carrow <t Co., wholesale 
manuf. jewelry, 306 and 308 Chestnut 

Cnrtaiiis, and Vphol-jtery Goods, Wholcsnic ami Retail* 





Carrow John, manuf jewelry, 306 & 308 Chestnut, 

h 1522 Locust 
Carrow Timothy, watchman Com. B., 1128 Ogden 
Carroyl James, dentist, Alford 
Carroyl James, cutter, r 428 Christian 
Carroyell John, dealer, r 624 Christian 
Carruthers Ann E., wid John, Fkd av n Orleans 
Carruthers William S., carriage maker, Orleans n 

Pkd av, h Fkd av n Orleans 
Carry Bridget, dealer, stalls 76 & 77 Farmers' 

Western Market 
Carry Edward, gardener, Market n 40th 
Carry John L., clerk, 410 Market, h 2140 Callow- 
Carry William, conductor, Fkd rd n Huntingdon 
Carry William, laborer, 1707 Market 
CARRYL EDWARD W. & CO. (E. W. Carryl 
4" Wm. E. Newhall), house furnishing goods 
& manuf s of silver plated ware, 714 Chestnut 
Carryl Edward W., merchant, 714, h 919 Chestnut 
Carryl George W., merchant, 719, h 919 Chestnut 
Carryl John, ropemaker. Manor bel Chatham 
CARRYL W. H. & BROTHER (TTm H. <V George 

W. Carry i), curtain store, 719 Chestnut 
Carryl William H., merchant, 719, h 711 Walnut 
Carskaden M. A. W., 1510 N 11th 
Carseley Joseph, sheetiron worker, 1307 Cowley 
Carsh Ann, widow John, 2140 Thouron 
Carsen Charles H., bricklayer, 1322 Wood 
Carsen Eliza S., widow James, 1322 Wood 
Carson Alexander, waiter, 1124 Christian 
Carson Amos, clerk, 208 S Del av, h 1426 S 3d 
Carson Andrew, weaver, Montgomery c Howard 
Carson Archambolt, laborer, Wyoming n Pratt 
Carson Charles, gardener, 730 Sterling 
Carson Cyrus, gasfitter, 1333 N 11th 
Carson Edward, spinner, John, Myk 
Carson E., jeweller, 216 Vanderveer 
Carson George, laborer, 1314 Lombard 
Carson George C. , merchant, 108 S Front, h Tor- 

Carson George W., carpenter, 817 Columbia av 
Carson Grace, tailoress, r 412 Rugan 
Carson Henry, cotton broker, N W Front & 

Chestnut, h 222 S 8th 
Carson Henry, tinsmith, r 412 Rugan 
Carson H. J., painter, 221 Walnut 
Carson H. L. & Son [Hampton L. Carson, Joseph 
Carson, jr.), drygoods commission, 102 Chestnut 
Carson Hampton L., 102 Chestnut, hMcKean av, 

Carson Henry, cotton. 222 S 8th 
Carson Isaac, farmer, Collegeville 
Carson Isabella, widow Daniel, 1723 Markham 
Carson Isaac, farmer, 44, sec 3 Shippen St Mar- j 
ket, h Gloucester county j 

Carson Jacob H., conveyancer, 251 N 9th, h 606 

N 13th 
Carson James (c), waiter. Merchants' Hotel 
Carson James N., salesman, 249 Market, h 412 

Carson James, laborer, 1S23 Jones 
Carson James, liquor dealer, 304 N 23d 
Carson James 0., merchant, 617 Market, h Mer- 

cersburg. Pa 
Carson James W., merchant, 017 Market, h 911 

N 6th 
CARSON JAMES W. & CO. {James W. Carson, 
W. C. Logan &^ J. O. Carson), grocers, 617 
Carson Jane, boarding house, 716 Arch 
Carson Jane, widow Robert, r 412 Rugan 
Carson John, laborer, 2109 Winter 
Carson John, policeman, 121 Barney av 
Carson John, weaver, 1011 Crease 

Carson John, carpenter & builder, 37&39 N 7th, 

h 817 Columbia av 
Carson John, hatter, r 127 Noble 
Carson John, trunks, 222 Monroe 
Carson John, laborer, 826 Rachel 
Carson John, weaver, 1517 Philip 
Carson Joseph, M.D., 1120 Spruce 
Carson Joseph, jr., 102 Chestnut, h McKean av, 

Carson Joseph D., book agent, 307 Catharine 
Carson Joseph M., clerk, SE 3d & Walnut, h 

1530 Shippen 
Carson Matthew, weaver, 2307 Biddle 
Carson Oliver, weaver. Front n Dau]5hin 
Carson Robert, bricklayer. Centre n N 37th 
Carson Robert, tinsmith, 20 Winfleld pi 
Carson Robert, weaver, 1416 N Front 
Carson Robert, varnisher, 1344 Pritchard 
Carson Samuel, shoemaker, 724 Bedford 
Carson Samuel, sailmaker, 2d bel Green 
Carson Samuel, waterman, r 711 S 5th 
Carson Theodore, jeweler, 2 Rose al 
Carson Thomas, brickmaker, r Stessman'sal, n 3d 
Carson Thomas, dry goods mer., 302 Market, h 

629 N 19th 
Carson Thomas, varnisher, 221 S 2d, h 264 Market 
Carson Thomas, 1813 Lombard 
Carson Thomas, ironworker, 1029 Ellsworth 
Cars«n Thomas, weaver, N Front n Y^ork 
Carson & Tucker {Henry Carson 4- Thos. Tucker), 
cotton brokers, N W Front & Chestnut, up stairs 
Carson T. B., real estate broker, 251 N 9th, h 606 

N 13th 
Carson William, bookbinder, 1344 Pritchard 
Carson William, carpenter, 2109 Winter 
Carson William, porter, 329 Market, h 712 S 16th 
Carson William, restaurant, S E South & 2d 
Carson William, machinist, 222 Monroe 
Carstairs Charles S., com. mer. 202 & 204 S Front, 

h Price, Gtn 
Carstairs James, mer., 522 S Del av, h 906 Pine 
Carstairs James, jr., importer, 206 & 208 S Front, 

bds Continental Hotel 
Carstairs Mary, gentlewoman, 906 Pine 
Carstairs Thomas, com. mer. 202 k 204 S Front h 

906 Pine 
Cartelige Joseph, millwright, Collegeville 
Cartelige Thomas, farmer, Collegeville 
Carstien Augustus, wheelwright, 139 Jarvis 
Carswell James, boilermaker, Beach n York 
Carswell AVilliam, gentleman, 1429 Walnut 
Cart Charles, tailor, 1228 Howard 
Cartar Abraham, carpenter, 229 N Front 
Cartaret William, jr., clerk, 720 South 
Carteret William, accountant, 720 South 
Cartelo Stephano, dealer, S W Christian <S; 8th 
Carteny Michael, laborer, Gray's Ferry road n 

Carter Abraham, carter, Hancock ab Oxford 
Carter Alexander, butcher, 226 Greenwich 
Carter Ann, 2050 Winter 
Carter Benjamin, segarmaker, 2050 Winter 
Carter Benjamin F., stonecutter, 1815 Lombard 
Carter Benjamin S., stall 43 Callowhill St Market 
Carter Catharine, widow Jacob, 1234 N 11th 
Carter Charles, driver, 90S N 19th 
Carter Charles, M.D., 1632 Walnut 
Carter Charles, wheelwright, 1543 Ridge av, h 

1620 Cambridge 
Carter Charles Ignatius H. Very Rev., 1121 Spring 

Carter Daniel H. (c), woodsawyer, 245 Currant al 
Carter D. B., widow D. B., 233 S 13th 
Carter Daniel J., farmer, stall 87 Frank'n Market 
Carter D. S. , farmer, stall 43 Callowhill St Market 

Xiace, Muslin, JDaniask, Brocatelle, autl Drapery Curtains, of every description} 




Carter Edward, M.D., 900 Pine 

Carter Edward R., bricklayer, 1623 Ogden 

Carter Elizabeth, washerw., 510 Hagner 

Carter Elizabeth, widow Josh., Adams & Frankf'd 

Carter Elmer, farmer, Byberry 

Carter Francis (c), 204 S 12th 

Carter Frederick, clerk, 1708 Race 

Carter Frederick W., provision dealer, 16 N Del 

av, h 510 S 4th 
Carter George, shipcarpenter, 621 S Front 
Carter George, bricklayer, Lancaster av n 36th 
Carter George W. J., gentleman, 142 N 5th 
Carter Hannah M., widow Thomas, 425 Federal 
Carter & Hough {Rodman Carter t\- 13. F. Hough), 

provision & prod. com. mers., 38 S Water 
Carter Humphrey (c), waiter, 1632 N 11th 
Carter Isaac (c) , carter, Hancock ab Oxford 
Carter Jacob, cooper, 734 N 9th 
Carter Jacob, dealer, 2050 Winter 
Carter Jacob G., cooper & guager, 519 Commerce, 

h 821 N 9th 
Carter Jacob G., jr., cooper & guager, 519 Com- 
merce, h S W 9th & Brown 
Carter James, cooper, 30 Shippen 
Carter James (c), waiter, 613 Ronaldson 
Carter James, shoemaker, Leiper bel Sellers 
Carter James, laborer, Spring n Church 
Carter James H., butcher. 2309 Jefferson 
Carter James T., gentleman, 1708 Race 
Carter John, weaver, Columbia av bel 2d 
Carter John, brassfounder, 27 J N 2d 
Carter John, manufacturing chemist, Shippen & 

24th, 304 Arch, h 329 S 12th 
Carter John, driver, 1009 Barley 
Carter John, seaman, 1074 Frankford av 
Carter John, cordwainer, 314 Branch 
Carter John, founder, 132 Carpenter 
Carter John, livery stable, 146 N 2d 
Carter John, carter, Gray's Ferry rd n Carpenter 
Carter John S., cooper, 519 Commerce, h 821 

Carter Joseph, weaver, Memphis ab Vienna 
Carter Joseph, laborer, Federal n 27th 
Carter Joseph, carpetweaver. Orchard n Tacony 
Carter Joseph, harnessmaker, 1213 Pine 
Carter Joseph H. (c), cabinetmaker, 1349 South 
Carter J. S., M.D., 5th n Norris 
Carter J. G. & Son {Jacob G. 4" Jacob G., jr.), 

cooper & gauger, 519 Commerce 
Carter J. W.. dealer, stalls 5 & 7 Girard av Mar- 
ket, h Camden, N J 
Carter Levinie, 413 S 7th 
Carter Louis (c), waiter, 705 Hubbell 
Carter Margaret, 239 N 9th 
Carter Margaret A., candies, 1313 Heath 
Carter Mary, widow Enoch, 10 Elmslie's al 
Carter Mary, widow Thomas, dealer, 20 S 2d st 

Market, h Front ab Shippen 
Carter Michael, laborer, r 9 St Paul's av 
Carter Moses, laborer, Paul n Ruan 
Carter Nathan, pork butcher, stall 33 Girard av, 

66 N 2d St & 51 Callowbill st Mkts, h Camden 
Carter Paul B., att'y at law, 411 Vine 
Carter Robert, M.D., 1428 Walnut 
Carter Robert T., alderman, 809 S 3d 
Carter Restore & Co., lastmakers, 112 Bread 
Carter Restore, lastmaker, 112 Bread, h 6th ab 

Carter Richard, waterman, 30 Norfolk 
Carter Richard, machinist. Spring n Church 
Carter Robert, engineer, William bel Melvale 
Carter Rodman, com. merchant, 38 S Water, h 

2 W Penn Square 
Carter R. W., captain, 510 S 4th 
Carter Samuel, whitewasher, 5 r 1112 Ohio 

Carter Samuel, printer, 1229 Myrtle 
Carter & Scattergood {John Carter, Joseph Scat- 
tergood) manuf. chemists, 304 Arch & N W 
24th & Shippen 
Carter Sharon, collector, 907 Buttonwood 
Carter S. Anna, fancy milliner, 1815 Lombard 
Carter Thomas, carpenter, 3 Currant pi 
Carter Thomas, farmer, Byberry 
Carter Thomas E., japanner, 819 Market, h 

Richmond ab Palmer 
Carter Thomas J., shipcarpenter, 923 S 3d 
Carter Thomas S., jeweler, 309 Clark 
Carter William, alderman, Byberry 
Carter William, boatbuilder,'809 S 3d 
Carter William, patternmaker, Sacramento av 
Carter William, currier, 1410 Howard 
Carter William, plumber, Downing n Callowhill 
Carter William, salesman, 45 Canton 
Carter William, farmer, stall 32 N 5d st Market, 

h Burlington Co 
Carter William (c), waiter, S E 11th & Walnut 
Carter William F., hairdresser, 56 N 6th 
Carter William J., druggist, 1600 Chestnut 
Carter W. M., hardware, 49 N 3d, h 233 S 13th 
Carter William T., miner & shipper coal, 154 S 

4th, h 2307 Green 
Carter William T., broker, 5 Harmony ct, h 916 

Carteret Joseph W., cabinetmaker, S E Car- 
penter & 10th 
Carteret William M., clerk, 242 Chestnut 
Cartey Andrew, coal dealer, 2116 Coates 
Carthcourt John, carder, 7 Spring Mill ct 
Carther William John, weaver, 1429 Philip 
Carthurs James, whipmaker, 902 Master, h 1014 

Cartin Catharine, widow Charles, 719 Baker 
Cartis George W., jeweler, 934 S 4th 
Cartledge Cyrus, stonecutter, 945 Federal 
Cartledge James, stonecutter, 945 Federal 
Cartledge John, stonecutter, 1114 Federal 
Cartledge John, stonecutter, Webster n 18th 
Cartledge Joseph, stonecutter, 945 Federal 
Cartledge Stephen G., engraver, 234 Christian 
Cartlige William, machinist, 1721 Market 
Cartlin William, 1306 Spruce 
Cartlitch John G , restaurant, 249 N 4th 
Cartmell Wilson, currier, 436 N 3d 
Cartney Mary, wid James, grocery, 209 Chester 
Carton James, helper, 2216 Hare 
Carton John, drayman, 1216 Bedford 
Carton Joseph, boltmaker, 17 Brown's ct 
Cartoron Francis, carver, 3 Whittaker's Row 
Cartwright Amelia, teacher, 948 N 5th 
Cartwright Elizabeth, teacher, 948 N 5th 
Cartwright Frank, bookbinder, 1256 Nagle 
Catwright George, teamster, 1520 Penna av 
Cartwright Jane (c), 9 Robbins av 
Cartwright Mary, wid Charles, provision, Chest- 
nut ab Moore 
Cartwright Matthew, tinplateworker, 948 N 5th 
Carty Alexander, butcher, 77 S 2d Market, h 226 

Carty Amanda, veal, 84 S 2d Market, h 226 

Carty Andrew, coal dealer, 23d & Penn av., h 2116 

Carty Andrew, rag dealer, Sydney n Federal 
Carty Charles L., engineer, 120 Catharir.e 
Carty Charlotte, servant, 717 Coate.i 
Carty John, tailor, 230 Daponceau 
Carter Josiah F., silverplater, 103.> Morgan 
Carty Lawrence, salesm., 235 Chestnut, h 43^ S 2d 
Carty Nathaniel, engineer, 27th n Federal 
Carty Nicholas, brass turner, Paul n Green 

PattenNj G30 Chestnut Street. 




Carty Nicholas J., carpenter, 1418 Stiles 

Carty Randolph, 229 Chester 

Carty Rose, widow Edward, 2336 Spring Garden 

Carty Thomas, blacksmith, 407 N 16th 

Carvell John D., Clinton, Germantown 

Carven James, machinist, Rainbow E Trenton av 

Carven Joseph L., convey., 341 N 6th, h 604 N 21st 

Carvenaw Powell, dealer, r 1 Ashbury 

Carver Albert, shoemaker, Cherry n Margaretta 

Carver Alexander B., conveyancer, S W 9th & 

Filbert, h 1522 Arch 
CARVER A. B. & CO. {Alexander B. Carver, 
Samuel Carver, Jacob Carver, if Wm. B. Car- 
ver), conveyancers, S W 9th & Filbert 
Carver Benjamin, moulder, 1516 Pennsylvania av 
Carver Caroline, butcher, 2 Lehigh av Market, h 

1232 Ash 
Carver Cephas Ross, machinist, 12 N 9th 
Carver Charles P., machinist, S W 7th & Cherry, 

h 061 N 10th 
Carver Eli, boarding house, 1012 Cherry 
Carver Eliza, widow John A., 1110 Ridge av 
Carver George, mechanic, 218 Marriott 
Carver Hannah, widow Benjamin, 1516 Penn av 
Carver Isaac C , clerk, 450 N 2d 
Carver Isaac, turner, 139 Dock, h 1007 S 3d 
Carver Jacob, conveyancer, S AV 9th & Filbert, h 

1627 Locust 
Carver Jacob, ivory tur., 324 Market, h 1232 Ash 
Carver Jacob, currier, 1247 Lancaster 
Carver Jessie, salesman, 1842 Thompson 
Ca)*ver John, farmer, Byberry 
Carver John, laborer, 1213 Oxford 
Carver John "W., conductor, 2130 Thouron 
Carver Joseph C, flour dealer, 620 N 9th, h 848 

N 10th 
Carver Joseph L., watchman, 646 N 15th 
Carver J. R., carpenter, h 1531 Palmetta 
Carver Mahlon, farmer, Byberry 
Carver Samuel, attorney at law, S W 9th & Fil- 
bert, h 1522 Arch 
Carver Samuel, furniture, Fkd av n Adams 
Carver Smith, moulder, 1516 Penna av 
Carver Susan, widow Joseph, 958 N 10th 
Carver William, carpet weaver, North n 72d 
Carver William B., printer, 813 N 13th 
Carver William B., conveyancer, S W 9th & Fil- 
bert, h 1508 Arch 
Carver William H., clerk, 242 Chestnut, h 1110 

Ridge av 
Carver AVilson J., clerk. 111 Race 
Carver William Y., 1531 Palmetta 
Carvill W^illiam, grocer, 1329 N 2d 
Carvin James, laborer, Susanna n Richmond 
Carper William, tailor, 1749 N 3d 
Carwithen Philip C, tobacco, 213 S 2d 
Cary Andrew W., dental mechanic, 528 Arch, h 

40th bel Spruce 
Cary Bridget, 2044 Jones 
Cary Francis, clerk, 339 Washington 
CARY GERTRUDE J., young ladies boarding & 

day school, 1321 & 1323 Spruce 
Cary James, blacksmith, 233 Callowhill 
Cary John, laborer, 7 Newborne 
Cary M. T., 926 Mt Vernon 
Cary William H. H., salesman, 505 Market, h 926 

Mt Vernon 
Casady Arthur, tinsmith. Hall n 10th 
Casady John, gentleman, 1231 N 15th 
Casady Park H., salesman, 1231 N 15th 
Casalls Robert, tailor, 918 S 11th 
Casani John, plaster paris, r 1319 Cherry 
Casanovas & Co. (James Casanovas &^- Malhieu 

Sabater) , segarmakers, 333 Walnut 
Casanovas James, segarmaker, 333, h 330 Walnut 
"Windovtr Sliaclcs aitd Ciirtuiit 

Casar Firm (c), laborer, 12 Spafford 

Casares Elias, merchandise broker, 123 J S 4th, h 

Cascaden James, clerk, 913 Federal 
Cascaden Robert E., clerk, 830 Callowhill 
Case Ambrose, trader, 728 N 23d 
Case Frederick, hatter, 1719 Addison 
Case George, plasterer, Manheim, Germantown 
Case Howard, spinner, Hippie's la ab Wash, Myk 
Case John, tailor, 309 Market 
Case John, tailor, Mascher n Cambria 
Case John jr., forkmaker, Mill n Paul 
Case John, forkmaker. Mill n Paul 
Case Loyal, 835 Race 
Case Sarah (c), w.isherw. 1820 Seybert 
Case William H., machinist. Mill n Paul 
Case W. H., slsmn. 313 Market, bds Union Hotel 
Casely Alexander, carpenter, 939 S 3d 
Casely James N., carpenter, 620 Washington av 
Casey Agnes, 829 Marriott 
Casey Alice, widow Thomas, Almont pi 
Casey Alice Mrs., dealer, 36 S 2d Market, h 3 

Casey Andrew, stonecutter, 212 S 3d 
Casey Ann, widow Arthur, 1620 Becket 
Casey Bridget, widow Timothy, washerwoman, 1 

Southampton ct 
Casey & Beebe [Eliza Casey, Mary Casey, (^ 

Jessie Beebe), ladies' bding sehl. 1703 W.alnut 
Casey Catharine Miss, variety, 1105 Spr Garden 
Casey Daniel, grocery store, S W Carpenter & 8th 
Casey Dennis, tailor, r 727 S 5th 
Casey Edward, laborer, 829 Marriott 
Casey Edward, printer, 2 Buchanan pi 
Casey Ellen, widow John, 32 South 
Casey Eliza, 1703 Walnut 
Casey Francis, weaver, Almont pi 
Casey Frederick, baker, 603 Charles 
Casey & Guj'ant [James D. Casey (^ David Gv.y- 

ant), glasscutters, 207 Quarry 
Casey G,, driver ice wagon, 4 Short ct 
Casey Hannah, 5 Stiggins ct 
Casey Henry S., tavern, 602 Richmond 
Casey James, barkeeper, 302 St John 
Casey James, hatter, 5 Hillerman pi 
Casey James, waiter, 2 Harberger pi 
Casey James, laborer, 16 Main, Manayunk 
Casey James, tavern, 613 S 6th 
Casey James, hostler, 8 Wadsworth pi 
Casey James, tailor, 231 German 
Casey James, merchant, 1121 Chestnut 
Casey James, painter, Market n 41st 
Casey James, laborer, 909 S 12th 
Casey James D., glasscutter, 207 Quarry, h 1037 

Casey James M., bricklayer, 5 Hillerman pi 
Casey John, tailor, 119 S 11th 
Casey John, salesman, 224 N 2d, h 923 Noble 
Casey John, fisherman, 1107 Federal 
Casey John, grocer, 258 N 12th 
Casey John, pocketbooks, 435 St John 
Casey Margaret, milliner, 307 South 
Casey John, laborer, Oak n 42d 
Casey John, shoemaker, r 1621 Hamilton 
Casey Mary, widow Thomas, 209 Stamper's al 
Casey Mary, widow Francis, 1545 Cadwalader 
Casey Mary, 1703 Walnut 

Casey Mary, widow Thomas, dealer, 15 S 2d st Mkt 
Casey Michael, carpenter, 2101 Wallace 
Casey Michael, hotel, 711 N Broad 
Casey Michael, laborer, 8 Cassidy's ct 
Casey Michael, carter, 4 Hayward pi 
Casey Mitchel, laborer, 909 Hall 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 9 Nonnater's ct 
Casey Patrick, groceries, 525 Cresson 
Guo<l!i, Wliolcstilc uutl Hlvluil; 




Casey Patrick, laborer, 1631 Wood 

Casey Peter, tavern, r 115 Elfreth'sal 

Casey Peter, laborer, 1239 Cadwalader 

Casey Richard, coachman, 1704 Latimer pi 

Casey Sarah A., milliner, 911 South 

Casey Thomas, huckster, 105 Relief 

Casey Thomas, hostler, 1613 Helmuth 

Casey Thomas, driver, r 927 Ogden 

Casey Thomas, messenger, 32 S 3d 

Casey Thomas, dealer, 8 Kenworthy's ct 

Casey William, oyster dealer, 1305 Coates 

Casey William, brass stamper, William n S 21st 

Cash Andrew D., conveyancer, 150 S 4th, h 1520 

Cash Andrew D. jr., elk. 150 S 4th, h 1520 Locust 
Cash Andreas, shoemaker, 1505 N 12th 
Cash Elizabeth, widow William R.. 1833 Wylie 
Cash George S., clerk, 43 N Water, h 38th ab 

CASH & REDNER {Audreia D. Cash, Leivis H. 

Redner), conveyancers, 150 S 4th 
Cashen Daniel, liquors, 146 Race 
Cashin Luciuda, dressmaker, 1213 Federal 
Cashin Martin, porter, 10 Boyd's av 
Cashman Christian, blacksmith, Keyser n Apple 
Cashman John, laborer, Collegeville 
Cashman Thomas, caterer, 1919 Ann 
Cashmer Patrick, coachman, Torresdale 
Cashrow Abraham, clothing, 327 New Market 
Caskaden Thomas, laborer, N E 24th & Virginia 
Caskey Ann, r 1932 Cuthbert 
Caskey Elizabeth Miss, 855 N 15th 
Caskey John, salesman, Commerce n Cumberland 
Caskey John, spade forger, Paul n Church 
Caskey John, groceries and provisions, 426 N 23d 
Caskey Joseph, gentleman, 118 N Front 
Caskey Robert, weaver, r 332 Belgrade 
Caskey Samuel, sawyer, 1309 N Front 
Caskey Sarah, r 1932 Cuthbert 
Caskey William, laborer, 1310 Marlborough 
Caskie William, laborer, 1162 N 3d 
Caskill William, pressman, 1526 Vine 
Caskie William V., paper and paper bag ware- 
house, 9 S Front, h 871 N 6th 
Casky Benjamin, steelmaker, 1008 Crease 
Caslaw Eliza, widow John, 805 S 10th 
Casley James, laborer, Downing n Callowhill 
Caslin Daniel, Merchant's Hotel, 403 Merchant 
Caslin Margaret, widow Martin, seamstress, 140 

Caslin Timothy, laborer, 1102 N Front 
Casner Eli, carpenter, 942 Kurtz 
Casnor Jacob, carpenter, 1335 Germantown av 
Casner John F., painter, 346 Christian 
Casner Michnel, laborer, r 915 N 3d 
Casner AYilliam, paperhanger, 334 Gaskill 
Casner William J., paperhanger, 344 Christian 
Casper John, propr. Davis Hotel, 2 S Del av 
CASPER J. k BROTHER {John if Joseph) , Davis 

Hotel, 2 S Del av 
Casper Joseph, propr. Davis' Hotel, 2 S Del av 
Casper Rudolyjh, tailor, 800 Thompson 
Casperson Ann S., widow Erasmus, 718 Noble 
Cass Matthias, merchant, 805 S 5th 
Cass Rebecca, 235 S 13th 
Cassady Ann, dry goods, 1424 N 2d 
Cassady A. Mazzaria, Scagliola marble maker, 

34th and Garden, W P 
Cassady Bernard, laborer, Campbell 
Cassady Catharine, widow John, produce 96 Ship- 
pen St Market, h 713 S 6th 
Cassady Charles, weaver, 1436 N 2d 
Cassady Cornelius D., baker, 1223 Market 
Cassady Edward, seaman, 30 Christian 
Cassady Felix, carter, 1544 Cadwalader 

Patten's, 630 

Cassady Francis, laborer, Somerset n Salmon 

Cassady Francis, weaver, 1424 N 2d 

Cassady Frank, bricklayer, 1437 G T av 

Cassady Henry, butcher, 20 sec 3 Shippen Market 

Cassady Hugh, collector, 1014 Pine 

Cassady James, weaver, AVarminster pi 

Cassady James, butcher, 139 & 141 sec 4 Shippen 

st Market, h Reed bel 8th 
Cassady James, jr., butcher, M 2 sec 4 Shippen 

st Market 
Cassady James W., grocery store, 606 S 2d 
Cassady Lawrence, laborer, 1036 Frankford av 
Cassady Park H., baker, 20 N 9th, h 1729 Wallace 
Cassady Patrick, dealer, stall 17 Girard av Mar- 
ket, h 1241 N Front 
Cassady Patrick, laborer, 1418 N 2d 
Cassady Patrick, weaver, 6 Warminster pi 
Cassady Peter, oilcloth printer, 145 N 12th 
Cassan Mrs., widow William W., private school, 

Germantown av bel Mill 
Cassan William W., eoachmaker, G T av bel Mill 
Cassanni John, plaster moulder, c Juniper and 

Cassatt R. S., 1436 S Penn Square 
Casseday Patrick, prison keeper, 1018 Federal 
Casseday Ruth, widow James, 512 S 9th 
Casseday William, morocco dresser, h 335 New 

Cassedy Henry, laborer, r 1323 Ogden 
Cassedy John, carter, 24th and Wood 
Cassedy John, shoemaker, 1024 Sargeant 
Cassedy Mary, widow John, 24th and Wood 
Cassel Abraham M., carpenter, N 6th ab Dauphin 
Cassel Enos, farmer, stall 63 Girard av Market, h 

Montgomery County 
Cassel Francis, carpenter, N 6th ab Dauphin 
Cassel Frederick, cordwainer, 150 Vine 
Cassel Jacob, student, 803 Race 
Cassel John C, clerk, 133 Poplar 
Cassel Peter, carpenter, Philip ab Columbia 
Cassel William, musician, 306 York av 
Casselberry Benjamin, clerk, Avenue Drove Yard 

Casselberry Isaac D., burning fluid, 1026 Coates 
CASSELBERRY JACOB R., dry goods, 45 N 8th, 

h Passyunk road & Broad 
Casselberry J., harnessmaker, R av, Roxborgh 
Casselberry Samuel S., druggist, 1009 Ogden 
Casselman, Jacob, shoemkr. 11th & Arch, h 208 

Cassen William, laborer, Nicetown 
Cassenbury Jacob, laborer, 525 Master 
Casserly John, shipcarpenter, 803 S 8th 
Casserly Patrick, tailor, 1211 Peters 
Cassey Alfred S. (c) , carver, 939 Manilla 
Cassiday Alexander, coal mer. 1248 Lancaster 
Cassiday Catharine, 221 Lombard 
Cassidy & Ball { W. Cassidy and Wil- 

liani Bail), watchmakers & jewelers, 12 S 2d 
Cassiday & C6. {Catharine, Cassiday, Sarah C. 

Andrews), straw hat finishers, 221 Lombard 
Cassiday Edward, cordwainer, 1034 Clare 
Cassiday Henry, butcher, 212 Christian 
Cassiday Henry S., foreman, 1231 Cass 
Cassiday Hugh, shipping mer. 223 Carpenter 
Cassiday James, dealer, 40 Queen 
Cassiday James, boilermakcr, 705 Plover 
Cassiday James, mason, Gtn av ab Church 
Cassiday James, dining rooms, P. W. &, B. depot, 

N E Broad & Washington, h 221 Lombard 
Cassidy John, painter, 117 AVharton 
Cassiday John, porter, 1220 Passyunk road 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, 1237 S 7th 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, r 729 Carpenter 
Cassiday Patrick, laborer, 1533 Carlton 
Chestnut Street* 




Cassiday Richard, laborer, r 921 Ellsworth 
Cassiday Thomas, laborer, 626 S Penn 
Cassiday Thomas, laborer, r 921 Ellsworth 
Cassiday Thomas B., mastmaker, 24 Beck 
Cassiday William, mason, Cresson, Myk 
Cassiday William, grocy. N W 6th & Carpenter 
Cassiday William, liquordealer, 326 N 15th 
Cassidy Bernard, tinsmith, 723 S 7th 
Cassidy Bernard, laborer, Clairborn n Norris 
Cassidy Catharine, widow John, grocer, 713 S 

Cassidy Cornelius, laborer, S 25th n Pine 
Cassidy Daniel, tobacconist, 730 Passyunk road 
Cassidy David, shoemaker. Orthodox n Hedge 
Cassidy Edward, sheetiron worker, 6166 S 5th 
Cassidy Edward, laborer, 615 S Front 
Cassidy Edward, weaver, 1111 Carpenter 
Cassidy Edward W., wood & willowware, N W 

Chestnut & Water, h 726 N 7th 
Cassidy Henry, salesman, 915 Market 
Cassidy Henry, laborer, 1413 Bangor 
Cassidy Henry, shoemaker. Mulberry n Oxford 
Cassidy Hugh, com. mer. 140 Walnut, h 223 

Cassidy Hugh, laborer, S 25th n Pine 
Cassidy James, laborer, 619 Swanson 
Cassidy James, carpenter, 178 Columbia av bel 

Cassidy James, liqrs, N E c 15th & Spring Garden 
Cassidy James, butcher, S W 8th and Reed 
Cassidy James, jr., butcher, S W 8th and Reed 
Cassidy John, shoemaker, 4 Cassidy' s ct 
Cassidy John, porter, 30 S Front, h 1129 Passy- 
unk road 
Cassidy John, florist, Camb n Kensington av 
Cassidy John, carpenter, 908 Carpenter 
Cassidy John, laborer, r 704 Diekerson 
Cassidy J. W., stable, 114 Lombard, h 2d bel 

CASSIDY LEWIS C, atty. at law, 213 S 6th 
Cassidy Margaret, widow Charles, variety store, 

616 S 6th 
Cassidy Mary Ann, dealer, stalls 16 & 18 Girard 

av Market, h Shackamaxon n Girard av 
Cassidy Michael, laborer, 2039 Hampton 
Cassidy Michael, laborer, 816 Auburn 
Cassidy Mitchell, carpenter, 908 Carpenter 
Cassidy Patrick, brickmaker, 1017 Milton 
Cassidy Patrick, grocer, 1241 N Front 
Cassidy Patrick, laborer, 1008 Dorrance 
Cassidy Patrick, porter, N AV Chestnut and 

Front, h 314 Cypress 
Cassidy Patrick, porter, 30 S Front, h Carpenter 

n 8th 
Cassidy Patrick, trader, 8 Craig's av 
Cassidy Robert, car driver, 420 N 23d 
Cassidy Samuel, tailor, 25 Beck 
Cassidy Sarah, widow Francis, 117 Wharton 
Cassidy Thomas, shoemaker. Mulberry n Oxford 
Cassidy Thomas, coal dealer, 1210 S 10th 
Cassidy William, blacksmith, 317 Shippen 
Cassidy William, gasfitter, 616 S 6th 
Cassidy William W., watchmaker, 12 S 2d 
Cassin John, lithographer, S W 11th & Chestnut, 

h 313 Union 
Cassnet John, laborer, r 716 S 7th 
Cassnet Nicholas, laborer, r 716 S 7th 
Castello Paul, clerk, 330 Market, h 1315 Warnock 
Casteneda Antone, machinist, 1416 Ridge av 
Casteneda Emanuel, 1416 Ridge av 
Castigan Thomas, blacksmith, 2222 Hamilton 
Castillon G. E., imp. brandies, 108 Walnut, h 

Castle Abraham, farmer, stall 56 Girard Av Mar- 
ket, h Montgomery Co 

CASTLE JAMES H., atty. & conveyancer, 115 S 

5th, h 709 Locust 
Castle Jesse H., salesman, 215 N 2d, h 937 Law- 
Castle John, lithographer, 313 Union 
Castle John H. Rev., Walnut bel 40th 
Castle Joseph, 1159 S 12th 
Castle Joseph Rev., 2008 Sansom 
Castle J. G., dealer, stalls 58 & 60 Girard Av Mar- 
ket, h 1718 N 12th 
Castle Patrick, clerk, 314 Cypress 
Castle William, music, 819 Vine 
Castle William (c), cook, r 718 South 
Castle William, printer, 1526 Vine 
Castle William Henry, clerk, 38 N 4th, h 2008 

Castlee Terence, tailor. 415 Cherry 
Castledine Richard, watchman S B, h 766 S Front 
Castler James, tailor, 415 Cherry 
Castles Robert, rags, 440 N 11th 
Castline Chilliane, carpenter, 1026 Clare 
Castner John, cashier Tradesmen's Bank. 300 S 

2d, h 339 S 5th 
Castner Samuel, shipchandler, 302 S Del av, h 503 

S Front 
Casto Hosea S., restaurant, 432 N 2d, h 152 Otter 
Casto Sallie M., dressmaker, 152 Otter 
Castor Charles, laborer, Adams n Frankford 
Castor Charles W., hatter, 926 N 10th 
Castor Charles W., carpenter, 231 Frankford 
Castor Edmund S., shoemaker, S W Church & Paul 
Castor Edwin A., conductor, Oxford rd n Penn 
Castor Elwood, painter, 214 Frankford 
Caster George F., produce dealer, 1718 N 12th 
Castor George M., tailor. Main, Hbg 
Castor Henry, laborer, Adams n Frankford 
Castor Hiram, Supt. City Pass. R. R. S W Chest- 
nut & 21st, h 231 Frankford 
Castor John, stage proprietor. Main, Hbg 
Castor John, laborer, Adams n Frankford 
Castor John, carpenter, Adams n Frankford 
CASTOR JOHN F., editor National Repository, 

1718 N 12th 
Castor Peter, blacksmith, N W Frankford & Allen, 

h 189 Frankford 
Castor Thomas, coachmaker, 224 Frankford, h 

216 Frankford 
Castor Thomas, 189 Frankford 
Castor William, laborer, Adams n Frankford 
Casty John, blindmaker, Whitney 
Caswell John, seaman, 706 Moss 
Caswell John H., clerk, 631 Market, bds Commer- 
cial Hotel 
Catanach Adam, carpenter, 1521 Shippen 
Catanach Archibald, builder, 1519 Shippen, h 1345 

Catense Lawrence, laborer, 4 Spenser pi 
Catern David, police, Ludlow ab Moore 
Catern John, police, 1339 Olive 
Caterson Alexander, brickmaker, 1427 N 4th 
Caterson John, brickmaker, Washington n 18th 
Caterson Robert G., morocco, r 1215 Hope 
CATERSON WILLIAM M., looking glass and 

picture frame manufr. 140 N 6th, h 18 N 11th 
Cathal Henry (c), seaman, r 120 Christian 
Catharine Charles, note broker, 229 Dock 
Cathcart Alexander, cordwainer, 540 Queen 
Cathcart Andrew, laborer, 1623 Shippen 
Cathcart Arrabella, seamstress, 512 S Juniper 
Cathcart A., farmer, stall 74 Western Market 
Cathcart Benjamin F., plumber and gasfitter, 120 

Elfreth's al 
Cathcart Esther, boarding house, 822 Thompson 
Cathcart Hannah, 608 S 13th 

Grilt Coriiiccsj BandS) GimpS) TasselS) Fringes^ and Curtain Goods J 




Cathcart James, grocer, 2142 Spruce 

Cathcart John G., plasterer, 822 Thompson 

Cathcart Joseph (c), janitor, 210 Quince 

Cathcart Martha, 608 S 13th 

Cathcart Rachel, widow William, 118 Callowhill 

Cathcart Sarah, widow, 642 Wharton 

Cathcart Thomas, carpenter, 323 Harmony, h 

1131 Lombard 
Cathcart William, cooper, 109 Mary 
Catchcart William, Rev., 817 New Market 
Cathcart William H., truck dealer, 10 Letitia 
Cathell Josiah, hatter, 107 Jacoby 
Cather Andrew, Rev., 602 N 21st 
Gathers James M., Richmond ab William 
Cathers Jane, seamstress, 1224 Hein 
Gathers Sarah, seamstress, 1224 Hein 
Catherwood Andrew J., liquors, 110 & 112 N 2d, 

h Richmond & Bridge, Bdg 
Catherwood & Co. {Samuel B. ^JohnH. Cather- 
wood), wholesale tea dealers, 25 S Front 
Catherwood Hugh, merchant, 114 S Front, h 1409 

Catherwood H. Wilson, mer. 114 S Frojit, h Bdg 
CATHERWOOD H. & H. W. {Hugh Catherwood 

(^ H. Wilson Catheru'ood), wholesale dealers in 

liquors, 114 S Front 
Catherwood John, weaver, 2d ab Montgomery 
Catherwood John H., wholesale tea dealer, 25 S 

Front, h 1409 Walnut 
Catherwood Nancy, wid Thos., Philip bel Norris 
Catherwood Robert, weaver, r Fitler ab 2d 
Catherwood Samuel B., wholesale tea dealer, 25 

S Front, h 1409 Walnut 
Catholic Herald & Visitor (John Duffey) 225 S 4th 
Cathrall Anna M., gentlewoman, 1218 Coates 
Cathrall Eugene H., clerk, 929 N 9th 
Cathrall G-eorge, tobacconist, c 2d & Callowhill 

&531 S 2d, h554N 5th 
Cathrell Harriett, lace and embroideries, 531 N 

8th, hllll Thompson 
Catier George, French b h, 235 Union 
Catlin John, trader, 101 Almond 
Catlin Joseph, boxmaker, 101 Almond 
Catmull Leonard, provision dealer, 22d ab Vine 
Cato Daniel H., barber, 929 S 13th 
Caton Edwin, morocco shaver, 1316 Marlborough 
Caton Jesse, morocco shaver, 1 Curran pi 
Gaton Jesse, waterman, 340 N 4th 
Cattell AlenanderG., pres. Corn Exchange Bank, 

N E 2d & Chestnut, commission merchant, 26 N 

Del av, h Haddonfield, N J 
CATTELL ALEX. & CO. {Alexander G. Cattell 

^ E. G. Cattell), commission merchants, 26 N 

Del av & 27 N Water 
Cattell Andrew C, leather dealer, 32 N 3d, h 

248 S 3d 
Cattell David, blacksmith, r 123 Catharine 
Cattell George W. dealer, r 123 Catharine 
Cattel James, moulder, 626 Paul 
Cattell Samuel AV , treasurer West Philadelphia 

Railroad, h Haverford av n 75th 
Gatto Hester (c), washerwoman, 17 Mayland 
Catto Octavius V. (c), teacher, 814 South 
Catts Michael H., engineer, 1532 Wallace 
Catzenberg Nathan, dealer, r 977 Lawrence 
Cauffman & Chew (T*. F. Canffmau, Joseph Cheiu, 

jr.), queens ware, 21 N 4th 
Cauffman Craig, patternmaker, Waterloo n Hull 
Cauffman Emanuel, liquor dealer, 253 N 4th, h 

508 Franklin 
Cauffman Jacob, wines and liquors, 253 N 4th, h 

508 Franklin 
Cauffman T. F., queensware, 21 N 4th, h Roxb 
Cauffman Sarah, widow, 1257 Mervine 
Cauffmann N., gentleman, 623 N 6th 

Patten's, 630 

Gaufield John, tavern, 930 Christian 
Caul Charle.s laborer, 307 N 15th 
Caul Sarah, boardinghouse, 307 N 15th 
Cauley B., lumber dealer, foot of Spruce, Sch 
Caulk Henrietta (c), widow Lewis, 844 Christian 
Caulk Mary Ann, widow Thomas, 233 Saranack 
CauU Frederick, tailor, 1635 Moravian 
CauUet Louis, jeweler, r 605 S 3d 
Gaullet Susannah, 333 Trout 
Causer William, puddler, Farso» pi 
Causey John, tailor, 1315 Thompson 
Gavanah James, hotel, Main ab Cedar, Myk 
Cavanagh Sarah, widow John, r 327 Dillwyn 
Gavanagh AVilliam, shoemaker, r 141 S Vine 
Cavanaugh Bernard, laborer, 1019 S Front 
Gavanaugh Brian, laborer, 1300 Prospect 
Cavanaugh Edward, wagonmaker, 251 N Broad, h 

710 Wood 
Cavanaugh Edward, carver, 52 Dock, h r 806 

Cavanaugh Garry, weaver, 1331 Charlotte 
Cavanaugh Hugh, shopkeeper, 134 N 11 th 
Cavanaugh James, carpenter, 919 Thompson 
Cavanaugh James, porter, 110 S Del av, h 828 

Cavanaugh John, laborer, 1302 Tyler 
Cavanaugh John, liquor dealer, 1559 N 11th 
Gavanaugh John A., clerk, N W 2d & Market, h 

909 Vine 
Gavanaugh Joseph, porter, 909 Vine 
Cavanaugh Joseph, laborer, Atneriean n Jefferson 
Gavanaugh Mary, tasselmaker, 1519 Vine 
Gavanaugh Matthew, laborer, 1302 Tyler 
Cavanaugh Matthew, bricklayer, 1348 Tyler 
Cavanaugh Michael, blacksmith, 1302 Tyler 
Cavanaugh Michael, laborer, 1348 Tyler 
Gavanaugh Michael, laborer, 735 N 24th 
Gavanaugh Michael, laborer, G T av ab Gowen"s 

Cavanaugh Michael, waterman, 837 S 2d 
Cavanaugh Owen, liquordealer, 1017 Master 
Cavanaugh Patrick, shopkeeper, Lancaster av 

bel 37th 
Gavanaugh Robert, carter, Fkd av & Sergeant 
Cavanaugh William, carter, r 1429 G T av 
Gavander Curtis, steward's clerk, Phila. Alms- 
Gavannah Michael, painter, 2052 Pine 
Cavannah Michael, laborer, n 743 S 7th 
Gavden Thomas, dealer &, tavern, 624 S 3d 
Cave Bowen M., hatter, 710 N 2d, h 1506 Ogdcn 
Cave Franklin, machinist, 817 N 15th 
Cave John, bobbinwinder,'^ Memphis bel Norris 
Cave John, weaver, Memphis ab Vienna 
Cave John J., varnisher, 1506 Ogden 
Cave Joseph, ven. blindmaker, 128 Elfreth's al 
Cave Robert, milkdealer, Emerald n Hart lane 
Cave Robert, trainer. Coral n Adam 
Cave Sarah, widow, 1517 Walnut 
Cave Thomas, milkdealer, Emerald n Hart lane 
Cave Thomas, polisher. North n Orthodox 
Cave Thomas, carpenter, 406 N 20th 
Gave Thomas B., carpenter, Coates St whf Sch, 

h 406 N 20th 
Gaveldry Henry, cordwainer, 905 Manilla 
Caven James, builder, 612 N 21st 
Caven Josei)h L., conveyancer, 341 N 0th, h 604 

N 21st 
Caven Robert, gent. 612 N 21st 
Caven AVilliam, laborer, 7 Garty av 
Cavenagh William, engraver, 712 Chestnut, h 

1165 S 9th 
Cavenaugh Edward W., clerk, 1033 Federal 
Cavenaugh Isaac, laborer. Mechanic, Myk 
Cavenaugli James, clerk, S B, h 635 Catharine 
Chestnut Street* 




Cavenaugh James, toll gate keeper, Kensington 

av n Reading R E, 
Cavenaugh John, dyer, Mechanic, Myk 
Cavenaugh John, packer, 22 & 24 N 4th, h 126 

Cavenaugh Susan Miss, 1318 Mariner 
Cavenaugh William, laborer, 219 Federal 
Cavenaugh William J., bookbinder, 22 &24N4th, 

h 219 Federal 
Cavender Charles, laborer, Tacony 
Cavender Edmond M., salesman, 231 Church al, 

h 2122 Brandywine 
Cavender Jane, widow, 1009 Vernon 
Cavender John, clerk, 126 Mary 
Cavender John, eordwainer, 1069 Beach 
Cavender John H., conveyancer, 607 N 5th, h 505 

Cavender Joseph M., clerk, 231 Market, h 1015 

Cavender Philip, conductor, 2028 Coates 
Cavender Thomas S., conveyancer, 607 N 5th, h 

Bucks county 
Cavender William, shoemaker, 623 Bedford 
Cavener James, turner, 723 Bedford 
Cavener John, umbrella dealer, 723 Bedford 
Cavener J., weaver, Wyoming n Pratt 
Cavener Michael, dealer, 604 Bedford 
Cavens Jefferson (c), seaman, 804 S 8th 
Caveron James, turner. South ab 6th 
Caverow George, plaster ornaments, 1336 N 10th 
Caverow Joseph, plaster ornaments, 1336 N 10th 
Caverow William, plaster ornaments, 1105 Coates, 

h 1336 N 10th 
Caves Edward, weaver, r 1529 Philip 
Caves Sarah Mrs., Cadwalader n Jefferson 
Caves Thomas, policeman, Philip bel Columbia 
Caveston Michael, laborer, Cedar, Myk 
Cavett Hannah M.,wid Jesse F., 2 School house av 
Cavill Michael, laborer, 915 Master 
Cavill William, shoemaker, 930 S 10th 
Cavin John, laborer, Penna av ab Pagoda 
Cavin Peter, laborer, 233 S Front 
Cavin Samuel, paperhanger, 330 Reed 
Cavinder Joseph, porter, 1015 Sergeant 
Caviner Edward, wheelwright. Broad bel Vine, 

h 1710 Wood 
Caviner John, shoemaker, 1708 Wood 
Cavis Samuel, blacksmith, Lancaster av Heston- 

Caviston Richard, lab. Richmond n Huntingdon 
Cavnew Thomas, laborer, r Ellen place 
Cavnue Peter, packer, r 513 Cresson 
Caw John, eordwainer, 1924 Ringgold pi 
Caw Mary, widow, 1440 N 10th 
Cawthra.y Enoch, weaver, 1311 Cadwallader 
Ceaser John, bootfitter, 28 S 19th 
Ceber Jacob, steel polisher, 23 Otter 
Cecil Albert, segarmaker, 332 South 
Cecil William J., carpenter, 1232 Haines 
Paul, Pres., E. B English, Treas.), lime 
dealers, S W 9th and Jefferson 
Ceegen John, stonemason, 516 Christian 
Ceighton Mary, wid Alexander, 1000 Ward 
Ceil Alexander, gardener, N 12th n Montgomery 
Cellehn Cornelius, hackman, 1704 St Joseph av 
Cellerier Michael, silk manuf. 29 N 20th, h 2413 

Gender John, butcher, Moore E of S 5th 
Cenovan Joseph, tailor, 910 Lafayette 
Central Institute, 528 N 10th 
Cerard Joseph H., trunkmaker, 3 Concordia pi 
Cerns Thomas, brakesman, 1219 Market 
Cerolin Sarah, shoe finisher, 14 N 4th, h 836 Mar- 

Patten's, G.-^O Chestnut S 

Cerrigan Susan, widow Jacob, hotel 1334 Girard 

Cerst Frederick, tailor, 3 Davidson's pi 
Cesterle John, shoemaker, 815 Poplar 
Cesterle Paul, bookkeeper, 108 N 3d, h 848 N 6th 
Cetti Andrew C, U S appraiser, 1719 Wall5,ce 
Cevell Francis, eordwainer, 318 Wharton 
Cevell Martin, eordwainer, 318 Wharton 
Cevell Michael, shoemaker, 318 Wharton 
Cever Francis, ladies' shoes, 762 Passyunk av 
Ceymore William D., conductor, Frankford av n 

Chabot Cyprien, watch case manuf. 144 S 3d, h 

312 Controller 
Chabot & Liechty {Cyprien Chabot if Daniel 

Liechty); watch case manufs. 144 S 3d 
Chabot Victor, watch case maker, 9 Ashland 
Chadderton Thomas, jeweler, 1419 N 2d 
Chadsey Edward G., clerk, 610 N 8th 
Chadsey Isaac G., hotel, 510 N 8th 
Chadwick Charles, spinner. North n 73d 
Chadwick Elizabeth, wid John, Paul n Orthodox 
Chadwick George H., perfumer, Montgomery av 

ab Fkd av 
Chadwick Henry, cabinetmaker, 9 Short ct 
Chadwick H. A., Girard House 
Chadwick James, tinsmith, 71 Frankford av 
Chadwick John, lab. 39 Laboratory Hill, Falls 

Chadwick Matthias, weaver. Levering bel Wood, 

Chadwick Martha, hardware, 1141 S 9th 
Chadwick Robert, wheelwright, Adams n Kensg 

Chadwick Thomas, tobacconist, 1616 South 
Chadwick Teter, confectioner, r 236 S Juniper 
Chadwick Thomas 0., paperhanger, r 236 S Ju- 
Chadwick William, machinist, 16th and Willow, 

h 1506 Callowhill 
Chaffee James, dry goods, 523 Market, h 1707 

CHAFFEES, STOUT & CO. {William Chaffee, 

Javies Chaffee, Jacob W. Stout, ^ Francis T. 

Atkivsoji), dry goods, 523 Market 
Chaffee William, dry goods, 523 Market, h 1709 

Chaffee William H., gent. 1709 Wallace 
Chain Isaiah, hairdresser, 19 N 11th 
Chain William (c), barber, 337 N 15th, h Ridge 

av and Poplar 
Chainn Ann, 7 Horn av 
Chainn Margaret, 7 Horn av 
Chaise Mary (c), wid Thomas, 239 Schell 
Chalfant John E., dry goods commission, 134 

Chestnut, h 954 Shackamaxon 
Chalfant Robert, salesman, 63 N 3d, h 1331 

Chalkley Harriet (c), servant, 470 Dillwyn 
Challen Howard, book publr. 25 S 6th, h 9th and 

Challen James, book publr. 25 S 6th, h 12th and 

Challen James & Son {Ja7ncs (Jj- Howard Chal- 
len), book publishers, 25 S 6th 
Challen Thurston, clerk, 25 S 0th, h 9th and 

Chalmers Anne, dry goods, 919 N 13th 
Chalomer William Mrs., 106 N 11th 
Chaloner Deborah, wid Daniel, 1235 Buttonwood 
Chalton Isaac, lab. Sellers ab Leiper 
Chamberlain Abner M., gent. 1925 Cherry 
Chamberlain Anthony W., 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain Benjamin, cooper, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain Britton, trimmings, 107 S 11th 
trccta Window Siiudcss 




Chamberlain B. M., salesman, 1925 Cherry 
Chamberlain Charles, cutler, r 724 Filbert 
Chamberlain Charles A., cntler, 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain Charles P., M.D., 202 Monroe 
Chamberlain Elizabeth, widow, 851 N 10th 
Chamberlain George, clerk, High Bridge, foot of 

Brown, h Parson's pi N of Beach 
Chamberliu Horatio F., agent, 1223 Parrish 
Chamberlin H. A., salesman, 922 Chestnut 
Chamberlain Isaac, waterman, 253 Concord 
Chamberlain James R., lab. S W Federal and 

Chamberlin John, vender, Ponlson 
Chamberlin John, sailor, 2 Swary's pi 
Chamberlain Joseph, bookbinder, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain Joseph, laborer, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain Lloyd, paper stainer, 318 Wood 
Chamberlain Lloyd, sec. and treas. 322 Walnut, 

h S W 5th & Cooper, Camden 
Chamberlain G. G., M.D., drug store, N E Ship- 
pen & 9th, h 622 S 11th 
Chamberlain Isaac, dealer, 9 & 43 S 2d Market, 

h Concord bel 3d 
Chamberlain Otis K., M.D., 1220 Walnut 
Chamberlain Samuel H., housecarpenter, Sellers 

ab Lei per 
Chamberlain Taylor, millwright, 1916 Parrish 
Chamberlain William, potter. Heck pi 
Chamberlain William, housecarpenter, Sellers ab 

Chamberlain William, J., housecarpenter, Sellers 

ab Leiper 
Chamberlain William P., blacksmith. Church ab 

William, Bdg 
Chamberlaine Samuel, M.D., 276 S 2d 
Chambers Alexander, stovemaker, 438 Garden 
Chambers Alexander H., trimming store, 46 S 2d 
Chambers Andrew, carter, 1505 Bedford 
Chambers Andrew R., gentleman, 32 N 3d, h 1523 

Chambers Ann. tailoress, 1139 Jackson 
Chambers Ann Maria, widow Walter, 1007 Nec- 
Chambers Ann E., widow Thomas, variety store, 

622 S Gth 
Chambers Asa W., captain, 345 Jarvis 
Chambers Anna M. wid John, 40 S 17th 
Chambers A. Reeder, leather dealer, 32 N 3d, h 

502 Spruce 
Chambers Bros. & Co. {Edicin Oiambers },( Cyrus 

Clunnhers, jr.), manuf. paper folding machines, 

S W 7th & Cherry 
CHAMBERS & CATTELL {John H. Chambers, 

Andrew C. Cattell, t^- A. Reeder Chambers), 

leather dealers, 32 N 3d 
Chambers Charles, 939 Race, h Lancaster below 

Chambers Charles, laborer. Orthodox n Hedge 
Chambers Cyrus, machinist, S W 7th & Cherry, 

h 626 N 6th 
Chambers David, oysterman, 5 Stanford pi 
Chambers David, bricklayer, 304 Carpenter 
Chamber? David, marble poli.sher, 2105 Carlton 
Chamber.s David W., merchant, 411 Market, bds 

American Hotel 
Chamber.s Diana, washing, 4 r 1112 Ohio 
Chambers Edwin, machinist, S W 7th & Cherry, 

h 1225 Monterey 
Chambers Eliza Ann, Pemberton n 20th 
Chambers Elizabeth, widow John. l.')27 Davii 
Chambers Elizabeth, cook, 8 Lombard row 
Chambers Elizabeth, 424 Walter 
Chambers E., mariner, 1408 Marlborough 
Chambers Francis, paper stainer, 1302 Ilorstmann 
Chambers George, laborer, 2312 Chestnut 

Chambers George, victualler. Front e Norris 
Charles George, bottler, Wilson n York 
Chambers George, merchant. Water ab Market, 

1005 Sergeant 
Chambers George, marble polisher, 1333 Shippen 
Chambers George E., clerk, 718 Callowhill 
Chambers George K., fruit, 9 N Water, h N W 

10th & Sergeant 
Chambers George S., 1512 Wood 
Chambers George W., M.D., 704 S 4th 
Chambers George W., varieties, 919 N 2d, h 1007 

Chambers George W., lamp mr, r 451 Franklin 
Chambers George W., tinsmith, 1007 Nectarine 
Chambers George W., jr., clerk, 1247 Woodbine 
Chambers Gibson, laborer, 729 S 16th 
Ch;imbers G. W., stands 13, 15, 17, & 18 Callow- 
hill st Market 
Chambers Hannah, widow William, 500 S 12th 
Chambers Harriet, servant, 3 r 1112 Ohio 
Christen Jacob, butcher, 38 N 2d st Market, h 

York n Tulip 
Chambers Jacob, bricklayer, 727 Byard 
Chambers Jacob, tinsmith, 1007 Nectarine 
Chambers James, stonecutter, S E 13th & Catha- 
Chambers James, salesman, 510 N 8th 
Charles James, laborer, 105 Dunlap 
Chambers James, embroideries & laces, 810 Arch, 

h254N 11th 
Chambers James, laborer, 1905 South 
Chambers James, plumber, 718 Callowhill 
Chambers James, bookkeeper, 9 N Water, h 1005 

Chambers James, weaver, r Howard ab Mont- 
Chambers James H., plumber, 1209 Ridge av, h 

1310 Green 
Chambers James L., plasterer, 1517 Sansom 
Chambers James S., publisher. Bulletin office, h 

256 Madison 
Chambers John, boatman, 24th n Chestnut 
Chambers John, 1512 Wood 
Chambers John, laborer, 3 Gadsby pi 
Chambers John, laborer, 2303 Sansom 
Chambers John, machinist, 1014 Lawrence 
Chambers John, shipjoiner, 245 Dickerson 
Chambers John, soapmaker, 1139 Jackson 
Chambers John, weaver, 1322 N Front 
Chambers John, loommaker, r 1031 N 4th, h 1014 

Chambers John, weaver, 1522 Howard 
Chambers John, feed store, 1208 Shippen, h 50S 

s nth 

Chambers John, tinsmith, 1327 Davis 
Chambers John, surgical instr mkr, 2239 Shars- 

Chambers John Rev., D.D., 1138 Girard 
Chambers John, clerk, 9 N Water, h 5th, Cam 
Chambers John, porter, 1414 Hope 
Chambers John H., leather dealer, 32 N 3d, h 

1818 Chestnut 
Chambers John M., builder, 1514 Ogden 
Chambers John M., carpenter, Parrish ab loth 
Chambers John S., medicine dealer, Norris E of 

Chambers John T., machinist, 7th <t Cherry, h 

1225 Monterey 
Chambers John"W., tailor, 1411 S 2d 
Chambers Joseph, limeburner, Ludlow ab 30th 
Chambers Jose))!], carpenter, 326 Monroe 
Chambers Joseph, bleacher, 1317 Earl 
CharabtM'.^ Joseph, painter, 2d bel New 
Chambers Joseph, currier, r 408 Maria 
Chambers Joseph, saddler, 1167 Passyunk rd 

Cui'tniits, ai)(l Upliolstcry Goods* AVholcsale mill Retail* 




Chambers Maggie, wealver, Carroll N of Otis 
Chambers Mary, weaver, Carroll N of Otis 
Chambers Mary (c), 1007 Milton 
Chambers Miles N., storekeeper, Knightsville 
Chambers Montgomery, M.D., 502 Spruce 
Chambers Morris, clerk, 314 &, 316 S Delaware 

av, h 247 S 4th 
Chambers Mr. farmer, stall 105 Race St Market, 

h Chester county 
Chambers Nathan, porter, Ohio n 12th 
Chambers Perry, porter, Metealf, Shippen ab 5th 
Chambers Peter, confectioner, 1015 Lawrence 
Chambers Richard, vinegar, 455 N 12th, h 1119 

Chambers & Riehl (John Chambers & Hetiry 

Rehl), loommakers, r 1031 N 4th 
Chambers Robert, tavern, 1 Beach 
Chambers Robert, laborer, Carroll N of Otis 
Chambers Robert, stonecutter, 729 S 16th 
Chambers Robert, saddler, 604 Christian 
Chambers Robert, clerk, 10 Concord 
Chambers Robert, corndw. Fawn ab Columbia av 
Chambers Robert, weaver, 1522 Howard 
Chambers Robert M., blacksm, Carroll N of Otis 
Chambers Samuel, marble pol'r, 1718 Callowhill 
Chambers Samuel, trunkmaker, Adrian n Otter 
Chambers Samuel, porter, Vine n N 2d 
Chambers Susan, widow of John, 2321 Sansom 
Chambers Thomas, boatman, 2045 Moloney 
Chambers Thomas, weaver, 1522 Howard 
Chambers Walter, tinsmith, 1007 Nectarine 
Chambers William, laborer, r 112 Chenango 
Chambers William, laborer, 2303 Sansom 
Chambers William, stonecutter, h 729 S 16th 
Chambers William, porter, Ohio n 12th 
Chambers William, provision deal, 1512 Cuthbert 
Chambers William, 814 Market 
Chambers William, truck com, stalls 168, 170 & 

172 Western Market, h 1514 Filbert 
Chambers William, dyer, 1713 Burton 
Chambers William, sawyer, 1906 Bedford, h 927 

S 16th 
Chambers William B., grocer, N E 5th & Pine, 

h 54th & Willow 
Chambers William C, foreman, 1216 S 6th 
Chambers William G., travelling agt, 247 N 10th 
Chambers William, jr., prov deal, 1512 Cuthbert 
Chambers William J., umbrellamkr, 1512 Wood 
Chambers William L., seaman, 615 Barclay 
Chambers William T., salesman, 423 Market, bds 

Union Hotel 
Chambers William, weaver, Howard ab Montg'y 
Chambers W. H., salesman, 254 N 11th 
Chamecin Ulysse, wholesale druggist, 204 S 

Front, h 1802 Wallace 
Champion Benjamin, seaman, 162 Flower 
Champion C. Collins, clothier, 605 Chesnut, h 

1616 Mt Vernon 
Champion John B., importer, 18 S 6th, h 1104 

Champion John B., papermaker, 27 N 6th, h W 

Walnut la, Gtn 
Champion Joseph C, clerk, 1616 Mt Vernon 
Champion Lavinia, hotel, 522 N Front 
Champion Sarah, widow David, shirtmaker, 162 

Champion Theodore, waterman, 162 Flower 
Champion Thomas, machinist, 1429 Callowhill 
Champley Bartholomew, carman. 1117 Pearl 
Champromy J. B., mer. 17 S 3d, h 630 Arch 
Champromy J. B. & Co. {John B. Champromy) , 

manufacturer fringes, &c., 17 S 3d 
Chan Isaac, clerk, 1 Potts ct 
Chan Sophia, widow Isaac, clothing, 810 Charlotte 
Chance Albert, machinist, 1349 N Front 

Liace, J>lu:sliii, Oainaskf Ut'ocatellcj mid 

Chance John, clerk, 1228 Vienna 
Chance John, oysterman, 34 Norfolk 
Chance John C, salesman, 25 N 5th, h 1228 Di- 
Chance John E., oysterman, 34 Norfolk 
CHANCE J. C, dry goods, 1518 & 1520 Market, 

h 1625 Filbert 
Chance Robert C, spice mer., 275 N 5th, h 1628 

S 6th 
Chance Spencer, waterman, Otsego & Morris 
Chance William, blacksmith, 305 Richmond 
Chance William, blacksmith, 1349 N Front 
Chancellor Catharine, trimmings, 915 Wood 
Chancellor, Edmund C, painter, 915 Wood 
Chancellor Henry, gent. School, Gtn 
Chancellor Samuel, painter, 915 Wood 
Chancellor William, jr., clerk, 225 Church al, h 

School st. Germantown 
Chandler Amanda, widow Thomas J., 231 Thomp- 
Chandler Annie, widow, 829 Filbert 
Chandler Charles W., shop, 777 S Front 
Chandler Christian, wheelwright, 1721 N 3d 
Chandler Clarkson, musician, 828 N 11th 
Chandler D. Webster, mer., 221 Market, h 1606 

Chandler George, builder, 1125 SheafiF, h 1520 

Chandler George W., student, 220 S 4th 
Chandler Henry (c), porter, 619 Barclay 
Chandler James, typesetter, 822 Rachel 
CHANDLER JAMES B., printer & binder, 306 & 

308 Chestnut, h 155 N 10th 
Chandler James P., printer, 337 Chestnut, h 822 

Chandler John, watchman, r Church n Trenton 

Chandler John, moulder, r 1114 Frankford av 
Chandler John, wholesale grocer, 123 Market, h 

136 N 20th 
Chandler John R., bookkeeper, 211 Market, h 613 

Chandler John W., salesman, 249 Market, bds 

Commercial Hotel 
Chandler Joseph S., salesman, 513 Market, h 155 

N 10th 
Chandler Joseph R., 155 N 10th 
Chandler John R., hardware mer., 343 N 6tli 
Chandler Mary, widow William, 320 Wood 
Chandler Mary Ann, widow Powell, 825 Burns 
Chandler Sarah, wid John, 239 Queen 
Chandler Susan, widow William A., 822 Rachel 
Chandler S. W., rags, 504 N Front, h 308 New 
Chandler Theodore, retail grocer. 417 S 6th 
Chandler William H., butcher, 825 Burns 
Chandler William P., 1702 Arch 
Chandler Winfield, engraver, 822 Rachel 
Chandler W., attorney at law, 343 N 6th 
Chandley Margaret, widow John, 2001 Reeves 
Chandry E. R., tailor, 501 Girard av 
Chaney Thomas, grocer, S Front n Moore 
Chaninel Julius, boarding house, 539 Spruce 
Channell Isaac, ivory turuer, 2 Nolen's ct 
Channdy Thomas, confectioner, 1103 Hamilton 
Channen John C, clerk, Germantown av ab Phy- 

sick's la 
Channon John C, bookkeeper Bk of Gtn, h Ger- 
mantown av ab Herman 
Channon Sarah, widow Joseph, Germantown av 

ab Chelton av 
Chant John, printer, 434 Wharton 
Chantry Alfred W., tailor, 510 Market, h 231 N 

Chantry Alfred W., jr., tailor, 231 N 10th 
Chanudet Theodore, perfumer, 326 N 10th 
JDrapery Curtuiiis, of every descriptlOUf 




Chapel Charles, cordw., Lehman, Utn 
Chapel Henry, needlemr, AVistar, Gtn 
Chapen William F., sea captain, 910 S 3d 
Chapin A. B., agent, bds Merchants" Hotel 
Chapin William, principal Institute for the Blind, 

2000 Summer 
Chapin W. C, 218 Walnut, h 2000 Summer 
Chaplin M. C, salesman, 116 Walnut, bds Mer- 
chants' Hotel 
Chapman Alfred, bookkeeper, 326 Culvert 
Chapman A. A. Miss, Ladies' Institute of Art, N 

E Chestnut & 18th, entrance on 18th 
Chapman Bridget, tailoress, Kichmond n Hun- 
Chapman Caroline, widow George R., 411 N 19th 
Chapman Charles S., coal dealer, 505 Lorian 
Chapman Daniel J., coffee roaster, 1248 N 15th 
Chapman Edmund A., coppersmith, Hull & Wa- 
Chapman Edward H., plumber & gasfitter, 440 N 

Chapman Edward H. & Brother {Edirard H. if 
Joseph C. Chop ma a), plumbers & gasfitters, 
440 N 9th 
Chapman Elizabeth, teacher, S E Green and 

Chapman Elizabeth (c), 1 Emeline 
Chapman Ellwood, mer., 5 S 5th, h 1123 Wallace 
Chapman Emilee, 1138 Girard av 
Chapman Enos, carpenter, 224 N 13th 
Chapman Franklin, 224 N 13th 
Chapman G. J., machinist, Marlborough & Beach, 

h 319 Richmond 
CHAPMAN G. J. & J. L. (G. J. ^ J. L. Chap- 
man), engineers and machinists, Marlborough 
& Beach 
Chapman George, wearer, 1320 Rose 
Chapman Henry, tea packer, N W Front k Chest- 
nut, h 1508 Lombard 
Chapman H. B., merchant, NW33d & Haverford 
Chapman James, clerk, Chestnut ab 7th, h 241 N 

Chapman James, shoemaker, 3 Holland pi 
Chapman James S., confectioner, 1138 Girard av 
Chapman John, dealer, 7 Blackhorse al 
Chapman John, restaurant, 632 Shippen 
Chapman John, clerk, 326 Culvert 
Chapman Jonathan, machinist, 517 N 10th 
Chapman Jonathan, com. mer. 205 Church al, h 

1216 Chestnut 
Chapman Joseph, house and sign painter, 530 N 

10th, h 536 N 10th 
Chapman Joseph, overseer, 927 S 12th 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 536 N 10th 
Chapman Joseph C., wintlow shades, 72 N 2d, h 

9th ab Noble 
Chapman Joseph C, plumber and gasfitter, 440 

N 9th 
Chapman J. L., machinist, Marlborough & Beach, 

h 319 Richmond 
Chapman Mary, widow John, seamstress, r 413 

Chapman, Mrs., teacher of music, bds Mt Vernon 

Chapman M. L., gents' furnishing, 712 Vine, h 

705 Wood 
Chapman Patrick, tailor, Main ab Penn, Myk 
Chapman Rachel, 532 Brook 
Chapman Rebecca, widow Dr., 1206 Chestnut 
Chapman Richard IL, salesman, 413 N 0th 
Chapman R., stationer, 935 N 2d 
Chapman Samuel, engineer, 3 Hiller pi 
Chapman Samuel, shoemaker, 328 Girard av 
Chapman Samuel, druggist, 748 Coates, h 663 N 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street* 

Chapman Samuel B., bookkeeper, 12 N 3d 
Chapman Sarah, young ladies' seminary. Main, 

Chapman Sarah Ann, boarding house, 259 SlOth 
Chapman Theodore, bricklayer, 440 N 9th 
Chapman Thomas, carpenter, 224 N 13th, h 1727 

Chapman Thomas B., machinist, 319 Richmond 
Chapman Thomas D., tailor, Trellersn Denmark 
Chapman William, grocer, 705 Wood 
Chapman William, builder, 455 N 8th 
Chapman William, bricklayer, 1331 Merino 
Chapman William, clerk, 611 Guilford 
Chapman William, iron moulder, N E Penn & 

Chapman William, salesman, 326 Culvert 
Chapman AVilliam, jr., builder, 455 N 8th 
Chapman William L., clerk. 705 Wood 
Chapman William R., coal yard, 911 N 9th, h 546 

N nth 

Chapouty Pierre, clerk, 1335 Vine 

Chappatte Joseph, watchcasemaker, 1319 S 7th 

Chappell Charles, farmer, Bnstleton 

Chappell John, shoemaker, York W Amber 

Chappell Thomas, broom manuf. 272 Dauphin 

CHAPRON JOHN B., att'y at law, 204 S 5th, 

h Darby rd bel Market 
Charbonnar Charles, cordwainer, 709 Dickerson 
Chard George H., flour mer. Almond n Reading av 
Chard William, collector, Bath n Ann 
Chardon Samuel R., clerk, 208 S Delaware av, h 

525 Catharine 
Charier F. M., Mad., 1438 S 5th 
Chark Alexander, editor, 521 Federal 
Charles B. F., conductor, 306 N 9th 
Charles Catharine, widow, 10 Jefferson 
Charles David, confectioner.y, 606 S 8th 
Charles J. Allen, mer. 400 Chestnut, h 526 Pine 
Charles John, blacksmith, 2 Fairman pi 
Charles John, carpenter, York rd, 23d Ward- 
Charles John, cordwainer, 337 Poplar 
Charles Robert, laborer, r Richmond n Ball 
Charleston Edward, butcher, r 1226 Mascher 
Charlie Luke, seeds, 19 sec 7 S 11th Market, h 

760 S nth 
Charlotte Thomas, Mrs. (c), r 418 Monroe 
Charley Joseph, spinner, 1808 Lombard 
Charlon Anne, Mrs., dry goods, 744 Wharton 
Charlon Elizabeth, Miss, dressm'r, 744 Wharton 
Charlon Henry, bricklayer, 744 Wharton 
Charlton Charles, dealer, 1342 Frankford av 
Charlton Frederick, carver, 230 S 5th 
Charlton Frederick L., carver. Herb ab 8th 
Charlton Hugh, liquors, 205 S Broad 
Charlton John, bootfitter, 1135 Sites 
Charlton John, machinist, 2305 Callowhill 
Charlton John, ropemaker, 4 Levan pi 
Charlton John P., wholesale stationer, 32 S 4th, 

h 1030 Vine 
Charlton Mary Ann, widow William M., 783 S 3d 
Charlton M., trimming store, 1030 Vine 
Charlton Robert, paperhanger, 3 Brown's ct 
Carlton Robert, hatter, 2d ab Race, h 1006 Ser- 
Charlton William, bk note presser, 11 Willing'sal 
Charlton William, laborer, r 1729 Pearl 
Charlton William, jr., tinsmith, 12 S 5th, h 11 

AVilling's al 
Charman Caleb, police, 316 Union, h 323 Gaskill 
Charman Henry, lastmakor, 333 Lombard 
Charman Joseph, shoemaker, 333 Lombard 
Charman Mary Ann, widow George, trimmings 

store, 617 S 2d 
Charms R. D., 260 S 17th 
Charnier Francois, dyer, 7 Wodworth pi 




Charnley Edward J., gentleman, 413 N 6th 
Charnock Thomas, undertaker, 427 S 6tb, h 627 

Charter Margaret, wid George, Darby av hel 42d 
Charter William, cook, 1032 Ivy 
Chartres Jerome, sea captain, 1027 Coates 
Charters Mary Ann, widow Samuel, 5 Levering 
Chase Benjamin C, carpenter, 528 N 22d 
Chase Benjamin ^Y., mer. 100 Chestnut, h 1128 

Girard av 
Chase B. AY. & Son {Beyijamhi W. &f Charles C. 

Chasr), dry goods commission, 100 Chestnut 
Chase Charles C, 100 Chestnut, h 1705 Mt Vernon 
Chase Ebenezer, sr., shoemaker. Oak ah 36th 
CHASE EDWIN T., att'y at law, 134 S 6th, de- 
puty sheriif, 10 State House Row, h Queen n 
Green, Gtn 
Chase Ezra H., coachmaker, Kesler ab Coates, h 

1306 Coates 
Chase Gazaway (c) , barber, 801 S 10th 
Chase George, brickmaker, Hancock N of Norris 
Chase George G., machinist, 27 Haydock, h 1403 

Chase H. G., carriagemaker, Kessler ab Coates, 

h 1306 Coates 
Chase H. G. & Son {H. G. ^ Ezra H.), coach- 
makers, Kessler ab Coates 
Chase Isaac, musician, 918 Rodman 
Chase Isaac, driver, 1112 Rodman 
Chase James C, house & sign pr. 1306 Coates 
Chase John, clerk. State n Pratt 
Chase John G., druggist, N W 17th & Chestnut, 

h 2146 Mt Vernon 
Chase John W., stonecutter, 1815 Wylie 
Chase Joseph, sailmaker, 931 S 2d 
Chase Mary, washerwoman, 700 Steward 
Chase Matthew M., bookkeeper, 126 Walnut, h 

43d n Ilaverford av 
Chase Moses M., shoe manuf. 49 S 4th, h 919 

Chase Philip B., drug broker, 105 Chestnut, up 

stairs, h 16th n Filbert 
Chase Pliny E., stoves, 209 N 2d, h Franklin ab 

Chase Richard W., draftsman, 2127 Green 
Chase Robert Rev., 706 N 19th 
Chase Robert, shoemaker, 37th ab Story 
Chase Robert (e), laborer, York n 36th 
Chase Samuel (o) , laborer. Willow n Foulkrod 
Chase Stephen G., shoecutter, 49 S 4th, h Mary ab 

Chase Thomas G., M.D., 1929 Cherry 
{George G. Chase, D.Allen. Waterbury, Oscar 
W. Oram (^ Car mi H. Williams), machine & 
jobbing, 27 Haydock 
Chase William, blacksmith, Sloan n Pratt 
Chase Vfilliam H., clerk, N 43d n Haverford av 
Chase William H., jr , clerk, 126 Walnut, h Lex- 
Chaseworth William, tailor, 3 Lincoln av 
Chastean Louis M., reporter, 136 S 3d, h 1124 

Chasteney Jane, 45 S 17th 
Chatham Stephen C, waterman, 12 Wyoming 
Chatburn Joseph, bartender, G T av & Chelton av 
Chater H. C, cutler, 117 S 2d, b 6 Mustin ct 
Chatiield Alonzo, cordwainer, 1349 G T av 
Chatham Joseph, grocer, 821 Locust 
Chatham Joseph, carpenter, 704 Orange, h 508 

Chatham M., chairmaker, 29 Ashland 
Chatham W. P., grocer, 821 Locust . 
Chatman James, carpenter, Wyoming n Pratt 
Chatten James, carpenter, 11 Clark's pi 

'IVindow Slincles and Curtuiii 

Chatterton Henry, seaman, 1932 Cambridge 
Chattin Anne Mrs., Allen & Innes 
Chattrick T., baker, S Juniper bel Walnut 
Chaubel William, boilermaker, 1320 Otis 
Chaulkley James, miller. Broad bel Vine 
Chaundy Thomas, confectioner, N W 9th & Wal- 
lace, h 1101 Hamilton 
Chauvenet Louisa, wid. Anthony, 945 S 6th 
Chavaune Henry, watchcase maker, 320 Aberdeen 
Chavers Jesse (c), musician, 629 South 
Chauce Thomas B., oysterman, 119 Lombard 
Cheadle Frederick, innkeeper, Collegeville 
Chsadle Walter, cordwainer, 1124 Locust 
Cheatem Joseph, puddler, 1055 Beach 
Cheatle Richard L., plasterer, 719 West 
Cheatwood C, student, 247 N 9th 
Cheavers William E., pumpmaker, 9 Vine, h 622 

Cheesburg F., dealer, r 230 Vine 
Cheeseman Andrew McPherson, M.D., 1336 Pine 
Cheeseman Charles E., barkeeper, 741 S Garden 
Cheeseman Cornelia E., widow Thomas, 529 

Cheeseman Edward, tobacconist, 797 S 2d 
Cheesman G. J., brickmaker, 2112 Cherry 
Cheeseman Henry, laborer, Paul n Mill 
Cheeseman James S., dealer, 808 Burd 
Cheeseman John, dealer, 22 S 2d Market, h 808 

Cheeseman John V., druggist, 508 Market, h805 

N 11th 
Cheeseman Lewis Rev., D D, 1506 Pine 
Cheeseman Martha H., 629 Coates 
Cheeseman William, 806 Burd 
Cheeseman William, plate printer, 1121 S 7th 
Cheetam William H., paper manuf. 548 N 3d 
Cheetham & Howard {William H. Cheetluim (^ 

Robert Ho laarrl), Tprinters'' cards manuf. New 

Market n G T av 
Cheetham William H., manuf. New Market n G 

T av 
Cheever Charles, basketmaker, 1228 Hope 
Chegaray & D'Hervilly {H. D. Chegaray 4- La-iira 

N. D'Hervilly), Y. L. School, 1527 Spruce 
Chemin Augustus, barber, 105 South 
Chemin Louis F., printer, 337 Chestnut, bds Alle- 
ghany House 
Chenery William C, carpenter, 814 West 
Cheney William, brakesman, 854 Ontario 
Cherry David, flour, 116 Master 
Cherry Ellen, dealer, r 1008 Lee 
Cherry Ellen Mrs., dealer, 9 and Usee 5 Jefferson 

Cherry James, carpenter, 1441 Howard 
Cherry James, watchmsfker, 108 W Girard av 
Cherry John, laborer, 611 Cherry 
Cherry Moses, watchman, r 12 McAlvarj 
Cherry Samuel, watchmaker, W Girard av 
Chesbrough Edward, provision, Gtn bel Harvey 
Cheseborough Alexander F., commission mer. 

10 N Delaware av, h 1510 Chestnut 
Cheseborough A. F. & Co. {A. F. Cheseborough 

&C John Allen), com mer., 10 N Delaware av 
Cheseborough Coddington, gent, Armat, Gtn 
Chesley Hannah B. Mrs., 034 Race 
Chesnut John, stonecutter, 403 Walter 
Chesnut John A., machinist, 1812 Penna av 
Chesnut John M., cloth, 145 Market, h 206 N 13th 
Chesnut John R., bricklayer, 1150 Leon 
Chesnut John S., blacksmith, 1523 Filbert, hl522 

Chesnut Robert, innkeeper, 1170 S 13th 
Chesnut, Steel & Co. {John M. Chesnut, Ediuard 

T. Steel (S- P. Kohllias), cloth, 145 Market 
Chester Albert, carpenter, 1127 Otis 
Goodsi Wholesale and Retail; 




Chester Charles, rope manuf, Salmon n Lehigh, 

h Richmond n Lehigh av 
Chester Edward, brickmaker, 17th n Carpenter 
Chester Edward, printer, 915 Market 
Chester Hiram, feed store, 1622 South, h 1627 

Chester IT. & Son (Hiram Chester, Joseph Ches- 
ter), feed store, 1622 South 
Chester John, bookkeeper, 113 Vine 
Chester John F., mach'st, Richmond n Lehigh av 
Chester John K., clerk, 242 N Del av, h 113 Vine 
Chester John R., ropemaker, salmon n Lehigh av 
Chester Joseph, seed store, 1622 South, h 1627 

Chester Joseph L., 768 Florida 
Chester Lewis, ship chandler, 212 N Delaware av, 

h 113 Vine 
Chester Lewis, jr., salesman, 113 Vine 
Chester Leonard, conveyancer, Huntingdon n Car- 
Chester Michael, nailmaker, 4 Dungan's av 
Chester Sabre, saleslady, 924 Brown 
Chester Samuel C, cordwainer, 119 Reefe 
Chester William H., brass moulder, Huntingdon 

n Carroll 
Chester W. Rev., D D, 321 S 4th 
Chesterman John, shoemaker, 716 "Washington av 
Chesterman John, jr., lastmaker, 716 Washing- 
ton av 
Chestnut Benjamin, packer, 608 Little Floyd 
Chestnut C (c), 224 Prosperous al 
Chestnut Hill Railroad Co., 25 Merchants' Exch 
Chestnut James, manuf. 1613 Deal 
Chestnut John, cordwainer, 1411 Bangor 
Chestnut Matthew, laborer, 728 Lindsay 
Chestnut Nathaniel, brickmaker, 118 N 16th 
Chestnut Rebecca, dealer, stall 51 Kater Market, 

h Bedford n 20th 
Chesnut Samuel, brickmaker, 1941 Bedford 
Chesnut William, grocer, 4 Market, h 1010 Wood 
Chestnut William, laborer, 721 Hepburn 
Chestnut William, laborer, Franklin, II Ville 
Chester John B., carpenter, 1304 Wallace, h 1329 

Chester William E., teacher. Sellers ab Leiper 
Cheetham George, carter, 23 Reed 
Chevers Charles T., brush manuf., 413 S 2d 
Chew Andrew J., shoemaker, S 2d n Morris 
Chew Charles W., jeweler, 926 S 4th 
Chew Edward, carpenter. Oak n 41st 
Chew Elisha, farmer, 46, sec 3, Shippen Market, 

h Gloucester Co, N J 
Chew Harvey S., livery stable, 523 S 4th, h 127 

Chew James M., chairmaker, 926 S 4th 
Chew Jeffries, clerk, 624 Catharine 
Chew Jesse S., farmer, 64, sec 3, Shippen Market, 

h Gloucester Co, N J 
Chew Jol), milkman, 244 Christian 
Chew John, wig maker and haircutter, 37 S 6th, 

h 749 S 9th 
Chew John, baker, G T av ab Montgomery 
Chew John P., produce, 344 N 2d, h 128 Naglc 
Chew Joseph jr., chinaware, 21 N 4th, h 821 N 

Chew Joseph sr., gentleman, 821 N Broad 
Chew Kezeiah D., widow Wesley, 1313 S 4th 
Chew Nathan C, turner, 1004 S 8th 
Chew Rachel Mrs., dealer, 30 sec 3 Shippen st 

Market, h N J 
CHEW SAMUEL, att'y at law, 204 S 4th, h 

Germantown av ab Johnson 
Chew Wesley W., clerk, 1313 S 4th 
Chew William, scgarmaker, 1012 Crease 
Cheyney Charles II., conveyancer, 608 Arch 

Patten's, 630 Chestnut Street. 

Cheyney Michael, cordwainer, 1532 N 2d 
Cheyney Samuel, painter, Haverford & Lancaster 

av . 
Cheyney Waldron J., treas. A. S. S. Union, 1122 

Chestnut, h 1412 Pine 
Cheyney William G., painter, Lancaster av & 

CHICKERING & SONS (T. E., C. F. 6,- G. H. 

Chickering), piano fortes, 807 Chestnut 
Chickering T. E., piano fortes, 807 Chestnut, h 

Chilcott Allen, cordwainer, 2 Godfrey av 
Child Addison, coal mer. 205 Walnut, h Boston 
Child Henry L., jeweler, 824 N 2d, h 827 St John 
CHILD HENRY T., M.D., 6.34 Race 
Child Samuel T., jeweler, 824 N 2d, h 827 St John 
Child Stephen D., clothing, 806 Swanson 
Child S. & T (Samuel T. 6r Thomas T. Child), 

watches & jewelry, 824 N 2d 
Child Thomas T., jeweler, 824 N 2d 
Child William, clerk, 423 Wood 
Childs Abram B., mason, lork n 38th 
Ghilds Amy, widow John, Queen, Gtn 
Childs Asher M., dyer, 145 N 9th 
Childs Charles, carpenter, 1728 Lombard 
Childs Charles N., wagon manufc. 494 St John & 

2d & Lehigh av, h 1119 Green 
Childs C. G., president N. C. Co. 211 Walnut, h 

Chestnut Hill 
Childs Edmund, painter, 1344 Poplar 
Childs George K., chief coiner, mint. Chestnut & 

Juniper, h 306 Spruce 
Childs George W., mer. 602 Arch, h 715 Arch 
Childs Isaac, clerk, 1307 Palmer 
Childs James, driver, 1331 N 17th 
Childs James, carpenter. Oak ab Wcco 
Childs James D., 709 N 8th 
Childs John, lithographer, 763 S 4th 
Childs John, wagon manufacturer, 494 St John & 

2d & Lehigh av, h 709 N 8th 
Childs John, carpenter, Warren n N 35th 
Childs John A. Rev., 708 Walnut, h 1341 Lombard 
Childs J. H., farmer, stall 72 Western Market 
Childs John H., 709 N 8th 
Childs Jonathan, carpenter, 1230 Buttonwood 
Childs Joshua L., restaurant, 301 N 20th 
Childs Isaac R., bookkeeper, 28 S Front, h 1307 

Childs Margaret, confectionerj^ 1344 Poplar 
CHILDS & PETERSON (George W. Childs (Jj- 

Rohert E. Pelerso/i,), publishers, 602 Arch 
Childs Robert, gentleman, 413 N 6th 
Childs William W., shoemaker, 423 Wood 
Chillman James, bookbinder, 1714 N 12th 
Chine Mrs., r North n 73d 
Chipman Charles, laborer. Unity n Orchard 
Chipman C. W., M.D., 320 N 7th 
Chipman David, carver, Elizabeth ab Unity 
Chipman Edgar M., attorney-at-hiw, 320 N 7th 
Chipman Edward, clerk, 68 Frankford 
Chiiiman Isaac, pumpmaker, 25 Frankford 
Chipman John, pumpmaker, 23 Frankford, h Paul 

n Unity 
Chipman Nelson, brooms & wooden ware, 11 S 

Front, h Jacoby ab Race 
Chipman & AVhite (Nelson Chipman (J- William 

M. White), wholesale dealers brooms & wooden 

ware, 11 S Front 
Chippendale Frederick, actor, 1020 Morgan 
Chiiiuoine Servelle, pilot, 336 Clark 
Chiquoine Victor, pilot, 336 Clark 
Chiquoine Zopherine, waterman, 336 Clark 
Chisholm L. AVest, boots & .«hoes. 110 S 2d 
Chisley Joseph, laborer, N W Shippen & Front 
Chism George, brickmaker, 2021 Harmstcad 




Chism George, beamerat cotton mill, 926 Marshall 
Chism Isaac, dry goods, 747 Spring Garden, h 

649 N 8tli 
Chism James, laborer, 1722 Carver 
Chism John, watchman, 1418 Shippen 
Chisman Catharine C. Mrs., young ladies' semi- 
nary, N W 39th & Locust 
Chisnall John, wheelwright, Dreer "W" of Amber 
Christopher Jesse M., commissioner of city pro- 
perty, 1019 Wharton 
Chittick Gavin, porter, 227 Church alley, h 614 

S Juniper 
Chittick James J., salesman, 438 Market, bds Com- 
mercial Hotel 
Chittick John VV., bricklayer, 1926 Naudain 
Choate David L., boarding house, 113 Race 
Choate John, clerk in P 0, h 1307 Marlborough 
Choate Thomas J., printer, 540 Redwood 
Chobert F., sofa & chair manufacturer 228 S 5th 
Chockley James, engineer, Gallatin pi 
Choker Henry, dealer, 861 N 8th 
Cholerton Edward, confectionery, G T avbelMill 
Cholitou Samuel, weaver, Armat, Gtn 
Cholton Joseph, pedler, Ashmead bel Clinton 
Chorley Nathaniel, farmer, Ridge av n 25th 
Chorlton John, dyer, Adams ab Sellers 
Chormann Ernest G., die sinker & engraver, 41 

N 6th 
Chorney Elizabeth, grocery, 1336 Poplar 
Chorpenning George, gent. 806 N Broad 
Choynski Albert, shoemaker, 1204 Callowhill 
Chransom Chrinson, huckster, 3 Brown's ct 
ChrispamMary H., widow David, 332 Buttonwood 
Chrispam Eliza, 332 Buttonwood 
Christ Christian, moulder, Otis & Memphis 
Christ Church Hospital, 308 Cherry 
Christ Francis N., painter, Burr's av 
Christen Jacob, beef butcher, stall 38 N 2d St 

Market, h York n Fkd av 
Christern Frederick, machinist, 2205 Wood, h 

2223 Callowhill 
Christeson Peter, tailor, 1311 Lombard 
Christian Anna W. Mrs., seminary for young 

ladies, 552 N 11th 
CHRISTIAjST & CURRAN (S. J. Christian b( 
J. C. C/irran), com. mers. 148 N Del av & 141 
N AVater 
Christian Frederick W., mer. 148 N Del av, h 935 

Christian Gaorge, mach'st, Richmond n Lehig av 
Christian Henry, foreman P R R R Co, Rdway de- 
partment, Richmond whf, h Richmond n Le- 
high av 
Christian Henry, supt. Richmond n Lehigh av 
Christian John, chairmaker, 129 Catharine 
Christian John, machinist, Richmond n Lehigh av 
Christian Joseph M., machinist, Fkd av N Otis 
Christian Margaret, wid John, 940 Moya av 
Christian Martha, Ann, dry goods, Fkd av IST Otis 
Christian Robert, M.D., 552'N 11th 
Christian Samuel, distiller, 242 N 10th 
Christian Samuel J., merchant & consul for Peru, 

148 N Del av, h 328 S 11th 
Christian Stephen, carpenter, 2 Nelson's ct 
Christian William, blacksmith, r 2127 Spruce 
Christian William, shoemaker, r Clymer W 6th • 
Christianna Hague, widow Jacob, fruit & vege- 
table dealer, 100 Market, h 406 Richmond 
Christiansen Mary (c). dressmaker, 830 Auburn 
Christie Andrew, engineer, 808 Capital 
Christie Henry, engineer, 808 Capital 
Christie James, engineering draftsman, Girard av 

c Savery 
Christie Margaret, gentlewoman, 734 Arch 
Christie Thomas, waterman, 1219 Hope 

Christie William, bricklayer, 265 Perry 
Christine Charles, carpenter, Rachel n Apple, 

H Ville 
Christine George, blacksmith, Penn village 
Christine Samuel S. K., M.D., 160 Frankford 
Christman Amos, carpenter, 2217 Coates 
Christmann Elizabeth, tailoress, 262 Dauphin 
Christman George, clerk, 500 N 2d, h 463 N 4th 
Christman Henry, gent. N 7th n Thompson 
Christman Jefferson, printer, 202 Spruce 
Christman Jeremiah, hotel, 1220 Market 
Christman John, tailor, 262 Dauphin 
Christman Joseph, agent, 421 Commerce, h 1523 

Christman Mary, washer, r 120 Marion 
Christman Mark, shoemaker, 262 Dauphin 
Christman Philip, teacher, 2124 Naudain 
Christman Samuel, restaurant, 1131 Filbert 
Christman William, gent. 912 Race 
Christman William, harnessmaker, 1314 Poplar 
Christman William, blacksmith, 1212 Poplar 
Christman William, salesman, 307 N 3d, h 201 

Christman William A., gent. 817 Franklin 
Christman W. M., 1026 Sargeant 
Christm::n Ch-arles, baker, 220 N 4th 
CHRISTMAN EDWARD, portable dressing cases, 

&o., 702 Chestnut, h 706 Washington sq 
Christopher Ann, widow Michael, 808 Carlisle 
Christopher Elizabeth, washer, 502 Hurst 
Christopher Jesse M., commissioner, 3d bel Chest- 
nut, h 1019 Wharton 
Christopher Joseph, tailor, 1218 Cherry 
Christopher L. E., dentist, 113 N 7th 
Christy Alexander, farmer, Ellwood la 
Christy Alexander, wood engraver, 1631Helmuth 
Christy Bridget Mrs., 2010 Murray 
Christy Edmund P., trimmer, 1430 N 6th 
Christy Elizabeth P., furnishing, 29 N 7th 
Christy Harmon, foreman, 1838 Poplar 
Christy Henry V., salesman, 246 Market, h 1231 

Christy Jacob, brickmaker, r 921 Alder 
Christy James, bricklayer, 2010 Murray 
Christy James, car builder, 1323 Wood 
Christy James, blacksmith, Paul n Unity 
Christy James, shoemaker, 1302 Silbert 
Christy James A., clerk, 226 Market, h 856 

Christy James C, gent. 510 Minor, h Washing'n 
Christy John, milkman, Wyoming n Fitzwater 
Christy John, shoemaker, 339 Bradford 
Christy John, tailor, 1238 Catharine 
Christy John, bookkeeper, 29 N 7th 
Christy John, farmer. Old Front n Reading RR 
Christy John, laborer, 2010 Murray 
Christy John, tailor, 27th n Gray's Ferry rd 
Christy Josephine, wid Philip, 317 Union 
Christy Mary, wid John, fruit, 2 S 2d Market, h 

Franklin av n 9th 
Christy Martin, carpenter, S 24th n Walnut 
Christy Sarah, dry goods, 800 N 4th, h 842 

Christy Thomas, moulder, 1630 Ridge av 
Christy Thomas, laborer, 2020 Murray 
Christy William, laborer, 2020 Murray " 
Christy William, carpenter, r 116 Christian 
Christy William, blacksmith, 1119 Federal 
Christv William, umbrellamr. 856 Lawrence 
CHRISTY WILLIAM M., stationer, 127 S 3d, 

li Spruce n 40th 
Chrone R. H., assist supt. S Broad & Locust, h 

Chronhart Christian, livery stable, 7 Annapolis 
Chronhart Frederick, driver, 7 Annapolis 

Oiit Cornice^; I{i\ii(ls) GiiiijiSj Taasclji) Friiigi'Sj and Curtain Goodiij 




Chrystal John, waiter, 15 W Shippen pi 
Chuban J. C, varnishmr. r 609 St John 
Chubb Samuel, agt 400 Chestnut, h 1523 S 5th 
Chubb Samuel, tailor, 937 N 5th 
Chubb Samuel, jr., student at hiw, 2-45 S 5th, h 

1523 S 6th 
Chubb Thomas J., engineer, N Front S York 
Chudley Richard, tailor, 14J 1 N 8th 
Chur Jacob, gent. 925 Sergeant 
Church Charlotte, veid Julius, 1523 Poplar 
Church Cornelius, laborer. Main, Myk 
Church Francis, student, 1523 Poplar 
Church Francis, Rev., 1324 Lombard 
Church Frederick H., iron, 309 N 2d, h 235 N 

Church Henry, rigger, 785 Swanson 
Church Home for Children, N E S 22d & Pine 
Church John, bookkeeper, 1418 Sansom 
Church John, commission, stall 126 Western Mkt 
Church William A., bookkeeper, 227 S 4th, h 

1523 Poplar 
Churchill Anthony, laborer, 3 Gray's Ferry ab 

Churchill John, shoes, 832 Walnut, 
Churchman Anna, select teacher, 908 Franklin 
Churchman Charles W., comm mer. 32 S Front, 

up stairs, h Chew, Gtn 
Churchman Hannah, gentlew. Gtn av bel Mill 
Churchman Henry, tailor, 1441 Lawrence 
Churchman Nev, machinist, 866 N 6th 
Churchman Robert, 254 S 16th 
Churchvill Lewis, wine & liquors, 22 bel Race 
Churchville Patrick, laborer, r 1510 Pearl 
Churn William, captain, 920 Otsego 
Chusber Alexander, barkeeper, 1130 Marlboro' 
Chute Francis B., chairmr. 1146 Brinton 
Cibello P., 1334 Vine 
Cibott Henry, tailor, 212 N 4th 
Cieutz Harmon, dyer, Webster n 17th 
Cill James, laborer, 1515 Carver 
Cills Alfred, oyster house, 152 N Del av, h 25 

Cills Alfred, morocco dresser, r 25 Otter 
Cills George, oyster dealer, S W Girard av and 

Gtn av, h S E 2d & Prime 
Cills George, jr., tobacco & segars, 1113 S 2d 
Cills William, tobacco, 3 Girard av 
Cinelli John, carpenter, 735 Carpenter 
Cinley John, laborer, 1 Lagrange 
Cinnamon James, carpenter, 1337 Rodman 
Cinton James, bookbinder, 1434 Barclay 
Cipher Conrad, lager beer saloon, 1502 Callowhill 
Cisboel John, drayman, 418 Thompson 
Cisco Henry, waiter, 1112 Rodman 
Cissorr Gottleib, shoemaker, 231 Callowhill 
Citterici Thomas, hotel, c Cresson & Grape, Myk 
CITY BANK, 32 N 6th 

2d story 
City Gas Works, Point Breeze 
City Higliway Yard, S 21st op Murray 
CITY INSURANCE CO. ofPhilada., 110 S 4th 

3d bel Chestnut 
Civil John, drayman, r 1312 Lombard 
Clabby William, bootmaker, 87 William 
Clabey Patrick, stonemason, r Church n Paul 
Claby John, stonemason, r Church n Trenton RR 
Clad Valentine, tinsmith, 705 S Ilth 
Clader Abraham, shoemaker, Cumberland W 

Clafay Thomas, boilermaker, Olive bel 17th 
ClaflinO. S., 1420 Poplar 

i:*aUcli's, (J3{> CUc-stnilt S 

Claffy Kearan, plumber, 802 Coates, 2055 Loni' 

Claffrey Mary D., 318 York av 
Claghorn Charles E., 120 Chestnut, h 1033 Coates 
Claghorn Edward H., auctioneer, 510 S 11th 
Claghorn Eugene, dry goods. Front & Chestnut, h 

1033 Coates 
Claghorn E. H., teacher, 510 S 11th 
Claghorn James L., auctioneer, 232 Market, h 

1504 Arch 
Claghorn John W., 1009 Arch 
Claghorn John W., jr., clerk, 47 N 3d 
Claghorn Raymon J., salesman, 120 Chestnut, h 

1604 Arch 
CLAGHORN WILLIAM C, pub. acct., ]08S4th, 

h 1031 Coates 
CLAGHORN & FRYER (Charles E. Claghorn, 
Joseph C. Fryer,), British dry goods, 120 
Clahan Michael, laborer, Parrish ab 20th 
Clahurn Godfried, laborer, 1163 Sites 
Claibourne Gilford, bookkeeper, 108 S 3d, h 317 

Clain William, shoemaker, 1214 N Front 
Clair Henry M., tailor, 503 N 8th, h Buttonwood 

bel 10th 
Clair Henry, tailor, 2 Diligent av 
Clair James, laborer, 510 N Front 
Clair John, glassblower, Belgrade n Dauphin 
Clair Uriah, madder dyer, Franklin, Hestonville 
Clair AVilliam H., bookbinder, 1015 Wood 
Clair William, watchman, Germantown av n Dau- 
Clam Frederick, merchant. Arch ab 3d, h 980 

N 5th 
Clamblos Henry S., agent SennefiPs heddles, 230 

Quarry, h 2107 Arch 
Clammer Abraham, Saybolt ct 
Clampffer William, salesman, 417 Buttonwood 
Clampffer William F., dealer, 2133 Wallace 
Clampitt Charles S., jeweler, 335 Dickerson 
Clampitt Clara, widow James, 1125 S 3d 
Clampitt John, gent , 335 Dickerson 
Clampitt Joseph D., shoemaker, Salmon ab Som- 
Clancey Ann, washerwoman, 516 Hirst 
Clancy Annie, dressmaker, 929 N Front 
Clancey Bernard, laborer, 617 S 7th 
Clancey Daniel F., painter, 219 Arch, h 3 La- 
Clancy James, laborer, Marshall's ct & Campbell 
Clancy James C, engineer, 20th & Callowhill, h 

1720 Wood 
Clancy John, clerk, 125 AValnut, h 1727 Mervine 
Clancy John, laborer, 5 Almira pi 
Clancy Michael, laborer. Alder n Master 
Clancy Michell, laborer, Ifith & David av 
Clancy Peter, lith. printer, 929 N Front 
Clancy Peter, fruit stand, 5th & Walnut, h 3 La- 
Clandening James, harnessmakcr, 16th n Market, 

h Stacker n Washington av 
Clanenbury Henry, oysterman, 1206 Moyamen- 

sing av 
Clap Daniel W., publisher, 1111 Poplar 
Claphanson John, bakery,' 1415 Ridge av 
Claphanson Joseph, .shoemaker, 1203 Ridge av 
Clapier James E., tobacconist, 720 N 2d, h 1426 

N 6 th 
Clapier Mary, gentlewomen, 502 S Front 
Clapp Benjamin F., gent., 923 Chestnut 
Clajip E. Dwight, machinist, 2d bel Susquehanna 
Clapp Isaac, laborer. Orthodox n AVashington 
Clapp John, grocer, S W 7th & Wallace 
Clapp Jonathan, barber, 2d S Dauphin 
treeti Window Shaaesj 




Clapp Nathan T., gent., 11 N 2d, li 1022 "Walnut 
Clapp J. & Co. (John Clapp, William Selser), 

S W 7th <i- Wallace 
Clapp Samuel C, farmer, stall 262 Western Mar- 
ket, h Chester Co. 
Clapper John, hotelkeeper, 2.318 CallowhiU 
Clare Bartholomew, printer, Dauphin c Tulip 
Clare Charles, dealer, 1 Charles 
Clare Charles, dealer, 610 Washington ay 
Clare Henry, boarding, 535 Powell 
Clare John, dealer, 124 Morris 
Clare Peter C. laborer, 13 Placid pi 
Clare Robert, machinist, 1219 CallowhiU, bds Co- 
lumbia House, Broad ab Arch 
Clare William, clerk, 210 Coates 
Clare William, dealer, 2 Charles 
Clare James, liquors, 819 Locust 
Clarenbaek Charles, cutler, 634 Arch & 235 Race 
CLAREXBACH & HERDER {Charles Claren- 
hach ^ Leopold Herder), cutlers, 634 Arch, k 
235 Race. See advertisement 
Clarey Jeremiah, carpenter. jST 2d bel York 
Clarey William, porter, 3 Tamany ct 
Clarey Thomas, porter, 812 Catharine 
Clarence Charles, clerk, 1015 Wood 
Clarey Thomas, laborer, 26th n Pine 
Claridge W. R., M.D., 461 Richmond 
Clark Adam, carpenter, 1240 Leopold 
Clark Adriel, eoachmr. 662 N 10th 
Clark Adrian S., clerk, 22 S Del ar, h 242 N 11th 
Clark Alice, salesw. 310 X 2d 
Clark Alice, Olive bel 17th 
Clark Alice H., widow Sherman, boardinghouse, 

N W 10th & Melon 
Clark Alexander, editor Clark's School Visitor, 

411 Walnut, h Camden, N J 
Clark Alexander, weaver, 1222 Crease 
Clark Alexander, moulder, Mt Pleasant ab Miner 
Clark Albert W., bookseller, 230 Dock, h 236 

S 8th 
Clark Allen, moulder, Mt Pleasant ab Miner 
Clark Alwak, broker, bds Davis Hotel 
Clark Amanda F., widow Wesley, 1109 Citron 
Clark Andrew, gent. 338 S 6th 
Clark Andrew, weaver, 1420 X Front 
Clark Andrew, gents' furn. store, 338 S 6th 
Clark Andrew, weaver, X Front n York 
Clark Ann, washerw. 23 Gilles' al 
Clark Anna, dressmr. Perry X of Xorris 
Clark Anna L., millinery, 1338 Ridge av 
Clark Anna M., 2131 Walter 
Clark Archibald F., sr., carpenter, 859 Darien 
Clark Archibald F., jr., paperhanger, 859 Darien 
Clark Arthur, painter, 258 Quince 
Clark A. G., teacher pub. school, 120 Richmond 
Clark Albert T., 247 S 4th 
Clark Barney, hackman, 4 Beale pi 
Clark Alfred S.. miller, 814 Market 
Clark Barclay, clerk, 912 CallowhiU 
Clark Benjamin, bootmaker, 1541 CallowhiU 
Clark B., laborer, 1443 Beach 
Clark, Cadmus & Co. {M. F. Clark, Miclwd C. 
Cadmus, 4" Frederick Cadnriis), boots & shoes, 
300 Market 
Clark Catharine, widow Michael, 1016 Hamilton 
Clark Charles, tailor, 141 X 'Jth, h Queen bel 2d 
Clark Charles, bartend. S E Front & Christian 
Clark Charles, 114 Richmond 
Clark Charles, laborer, Emory n Richmond 
Clark Charles, soap & candle mer. 184 Fkd 
Clark Charles, moulder, 418 Redwood 
Clark Charles, driver, 819 Orchard 
Clark Charles, driver, 735 S 7th 
Clark Charles, blindmaker, 332 Reed 
Clark Charles, carter, 1820 Naudain 

Clark Charles, musician, 323 Allen 

Clark Charles E.. paying-teller, Com. B., 1625 

Clark Charles E., upholsterer, 15 X 11th 
Clark Charles H., freight clerk X P R R Co. X E 

Front & Willow, h 1016 Sp Garden 
Clark Charles J., cordw. 418 Redwood 
Clark Charles L-, ice dealer, Orthodox n Wash- 
Clark Charles S., tailor, 128 Queen 
Clark Charles W., venitian blinds, 139 S 2d, h 

332 Reed 
Clark Christopher, hatter, 526 Barron 
Clark Clement, shoemr. 10 Greswold's alab Fitz- 

Clark Clement, manufacturer, 500 Market, h 616 

Clark Christiana, widow Isaac, 1506 Carlton 
Clark Clarence H., banker, 42d bel Walnut 
Clark Clement, tailor, 616 Catharine 
Clark Caroline, widow Xicholas, 4 Harvey's pi 
Clark Cornelius, laborer, Chippewa n South 
Clark David, clerk, 603 Pine 
Clark David (c), porter. 208 Currant 
Clark David D., M.D., 294 S 3d 
Clark Daniel, compositor, 308 N 12th 
Clark Daniel, laborer, 322 X 21st 
Clark Daniel, gentleman, 1237 CallowhiU 
Clark Daniel W., machinist, 1237 CallowhiU 
Clark D. W., pub. & bookseller, 409 Chestnut 
Clark Ebenezer B., grocery, Harvey, Gtn 
Clark Edward, sewing machines, 810 Chestnut, 

h X York 
Clark Edward, weaver, 1338 X 4th 
Clark Edward, laborer, r 1225 X 4th 
Clark Edward B., machinist, 2214 Summer 
Clark Edward L., mer. 142 X Del av, h 1219 Race 
Clark Edward W., banker, 35 S 3d, h Gtn 
Clark Edward W., farmer, 329 Farmers' Mkt, h 

Sch CO 
Clark Edwin, soap & candle manuf. 1116 Coates 
CLARK E. W. & CO. (Edward W. Clark Sr 

Clarence H. Clarh), bankers, 35 S 3d 
Clark Eleanor, 222 X 8th 
CLARK ELLIS, general agent N P R R Co. X 

E X Front & Willow, h 504 Buttonwood 
Clark Ellen, widow David W., 504 X 10th 
Clark Ellen, widow Joseph, r 1425 Fitzwater 
Clark Eliza, widow, 1557 X 11th 
Clark Eliza, widow Jeffrey, 754 S 2d 
Clark Eliza, (e), widow Silas, 11 Emeline 
Clark Elizabeth, widow Patrick, Penn n Cresson, 

Clark Elizabeth, 1 Ticker's et 
Clark Elizabeth, widow John, 268 Chester 
Clark EUzabeth, 647 Bankson 
Clark Elizabeth, widow James, 733 Moss 
Clark Ephraim, gent., Oxford rd ab Frankford 
Clark Ephraim, jr., merchant, 141 S Front h 247 

S ISth 
Clark Emeline, widow John, 1225 Cass 
Clark E.G., engineer, 232 Beaver 
Clark Fithian J., dry goods, 240 Market, h 860 

Clark Francis, laborer, 2405 CallowhiU 
Clark Francis, laborer, Clymer E 6th - 
Chvrk Francis, weaver. Rainbow E Trenton av 
Clark Francis, marble polisher, r 309 Belgrade 
Clark Francis H., coach trimmer, 662 X 10th 
Clark Frank C, bill broker, 40 S 3d, h 247 

S 4th 
Clark Frederick, blacksmith, 1526 Penna av 
Clark George, hatter, 637 Sears 
Clark George, salesman, 635 Chestnut, \ 1434 

Patteu'g, 630 Chestnut Street* 




Clark George, painter, N W 7th & Green, h Logan 

ab Wallace 
Clark George, painter, 635 Logan 
Clark George, pattern maker, 946 N 2d 
Clark George, 322 X 21st 
Clark George, blacksmith, 1118 Wistar 
Clark George, brickmaker, h n 17th & "Washing- 
ton av 
Clark George, butcher, Gray"s Ferry rd & Chris- 
Clark George, policeman, Gray's Ferry road & 

Clark George E., blacksmith, Banker's pi n "War- 
Clark G. D., salesman, 6 Augusta pi 
Clark George "W., carver, 418 Redwood 
Clark George "W., supt., 217 Lodge, h 489 Yorkav 
Clark George "W., painter. 489 York av 
Clark George W., gardener, 733 Moss 
Clark Gideon, hotel, 1822 Ridge av 
Clark Graham C, provision dealer, Passayunk rd 

Clark Hannah, nurse, 1235 Olive 
Clark Harrison G., high constable, 520 Carpenter 
Clark Heber R., architect, 520 "Walnut, h 247 S 4th 
Clark Henrietta, widow William, Granville n S 

Clark Henry, driver, 2504 Coates 
Clark Henry, bricklayer, 1157 N 12th h 10th ab 

Clark Henry, laborer, 710 Lindsay 
Clark Henry, printer, 1015 Mechanics 
Clark Henry, contractor, 1307 Market 
Clark Henry, upholsterer, 1230 Woodbine 
Clark Henry E., 260 S ioth 
Clark Henry H., moulder, Wright ab 21st 
Clark Hiram F., car driver, 29 Prime 
Clark Hugh, alderman, 1338 X 4th 
Clark Hugh, wheelwright, Germantown rd S of 7th 
Clark Hugh, machinist, 414 Master 
Clark H. G., high constable, 5th and Chestnut, h 

520. Carpenter 
Clark Ida E , dealer, 941 South 
Clark Isaac J., M. D., Bridge st, Bridesburg 
Clark Isaac S., machinist, 662 N 10th 
Clark Isaac S., baker, 214 Allen 
Clark Jacob, shoemaker, r 858 N 4th 
Clark Jacob, bookkeeper, 931 Marshall 
Clark Jacob, brakesman, 5 Annandale av 
Clark Jacob, plumber, 1339 Poj.lar 
Clark Jacob H., artist, 2023 Cherry 
Clark Jacob M., painter. Story bel 37th 
Clark Jacob R., ship carpenter. Story bel 38th 
Clark James, butcher, 42, sec. 5 Jefferson market 
Clark James, dyer, Salmon ab Maple 
Clark James, laborer, Salmon & Reading av 
Clark James, musician, 417 York 
Clark James, blacksmith, 1312 Shippen 
Clark James, moulder, 1214 S 10th 
Clark James, dyer, 513 S 6th 
Clark James, carpenter, 602 S 9th 
Clark James, paiuter, 258 Quince 
Clark James, 763 Jessup 
Clark James, weaver, 1620 N Front 
Clark James, engraver, Holman n Adam 
Clark James, clerk, 322 N 21st 
Clark James, carpenter. Bridge st, Bridesburg 
Clark James, grocer, 249 S 5th, h 1001 Spruce 
Clark James, provision.s, 805 S 8th 
Clark James, weaver, 1 Gravel's ct 
Clark James, mail agent, 1338 N 4th 
Clark James (c), M.D., 524 Buckley 
Clark James, foundry, 1214 S 10th 
Clark James (c), oysterraan, 1341 S 10th 
Clark James, shoemaker, 1353 Atmore 

Curtains, and Upholstery 

Clark J^mes, stovefitter, 2004 Winter 

Clark James F., laborer, Ann n Melvale 

Clark James G., gent., 610 Arch 

Clark James H., salesman, 123 Vine 

Clark James J., tele, instrument maker, 18 S3d 

Clark James L., instructor, Penn'a Inst, for Deaf 

it Dumb, S Broad c Pine 
Clark James M., machinist, 407 Gerker 
Clark James W., head measurer grain, &e., 154 

N Del av, h Williamsport, Pa 
Clark James Wilson, carpenter, r 852 N 11th 
Clark Jane, widow John, 12 Gaffney's av 
Clark Jane, tailoress, 2 Gravel's ct 
Clark Jane, washer, 708 St Mary 
Clark Janett, widow Thomas, 8 Loomis pi 
Clark Jedediah P., salesman, 822 Chestnut, h 263 

S 3d 
Clark Jeremiah, gent., 939 S Front 
Clark Jefferson, bartender, 2556 Callowhill 
Clark Jesse, dealer, 814 Swanson 
Clark John, iron founder, 511 N 25th 
Clark John, laborer, 2013 Locust 
Clark John, blacksmith, 507 S 7th 
Clark John, carder, S W Lithgow & Canal 
Clark John, broker. Main, Holmesburg 
Clark John, gent., 1001 Spruce 
Clark John, seaman, 1109 Rodman 
Clark John, gardener, 1152 S 9th 
Clark John, storekeeper, 8 Fayette 
Clark John, carriage driver, 735 S 7th 
Clark John, blacksmith, 1434 Christian 
Clark John, laborer, 1626 Fitzwater 
Clark John, machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark John, contractor, 407 Walnut 
Clark John, weaver, r 1628 Lombard 
Clark John, cutter, 120 S 2d 
Clark John, hotel, N W 2d & Green 
Clark John, laborer, 713 Lloyd 
Clark John, turner, 1221 Catharine 
Clark John, shoemaker 1131 Passyunk rd 
Clark John, jr.,blindmaker 1152 S 9th 
Clark John, shoemaker, 8 Laurel 
Clark John, seaman, 746 S Front 
Clark John, coppersmith, 241 N 15th 
Clark John, driver express, 1623 S 8th 
Clark John, moulder, Willow ab 13th, h 1735 

Clark John, tavern, 2523 Pine 
Clark John A., cordwainer, r 106 Van Horn 
Clark John A., book'r, S W 4th A- Master 
Clark John A., att'y at law, 430 Walnut 
Clark John C, stationer, 230 Dock, h 236 S 8th 
CLARK JOHX C. & SOX {John C. ^ J. Ross 

Clark), stationers, 230 Dock 
Clark John E., laborer, 1014 S 2d 
Clark John F., merchant, 415 Spruce 
Clark John G., laborer, Front n Moore 
Clark John H., carpenter, 2007 Reeves 
Clark John J., moulder. 1735 Carlton 
Clark John J., foreman whf 15, Pt Rd, h Fisher 

n Tioga 
Clark John S., actor, 430 Franklin 
CLARK JOHN S., stoves, heater.s, Ac., 1008. 

Clarke John T., gilder, 53 S 4th, h 1122 Ogden 
Clark John T., stationery, 540 Queen 
Clark John W., bookbinder, 821 Jayne, h 2211 

Clark John W., weaver, r 1828 Barker 
Clark John Y., M.D., 260 S 15th 
Clark Jonas, shoemaker, 1619 Cadbury aT 
Clark Jonathan, physician, 622 N 6th 
Clark Joseph, cordwainer, 1212 Poplar 
Clark Joseph, barkeeper, Merchants' Hotel 
Clark Joseph, silk worker, Market n 41st 
Goods, VVhole-^ale sind Retail* 




Clark Joseph, silverplater, 606 Barron 

Clark Jn.oeph, whiskey inspector, 234 N Del av & 

149 S Front, h 653 N 13th 
Clark Jcseph, jeweler, 222 Carter 
Clark Joseph, confect., 270 Thompson 
Clark Joseph, tailor, Bringhurst, Gtn 
Clark Joseph, brickmaker, r 2212 Naudain 
Clark Joseph, boatman, 1244 Catharine 
Clark Joseph, engineer, 5 Annandale av 
Clark Joseph, carpetweaver, 9 Levering 
Clark Joseph, tele, instruments, 221 Wharton 
Clark Joseph S., hatter, 1122 Division 
Clark Joseph T., cracker com mer. 1113 Citron 
Clark Joseph W., clerk, 406 N 3d, h 720 Thompson 
Clark Josiah H., blacksmith, 1520 Palmetta 
Clark Julia, dressmaker, 1210 Hein 
Clark J. Ross, stationer, 230 Dock, h 410 S 9th 
Clark Lewis, carman, 1 East ct 
Clark Lewis A., salesman, 22 & 24 N 4th, h 724 

Clark Lewis M., harnessmaker, Market ab 8th, h 

1203 Brown 
Clark Louisa, dressmaker, 1307 Lombard 
Clark Louis, truck farmer, Grays Ferry rd n Ski 
Clark Margaret, dressmaker, 1307 Lombard 
Clark Margaret, gents fur. store, 338 S 6th 
ClarkMaria, wid Samuel, 415 Gerker 
Clark Marvin E., att. at law, 249 S 6th, h 236 N 

Clark Martha R. Mrs , gentlewoman, 247 S 18th 
Clark Martha S. Miss, 1016 Spring Garden 
Clark Mary Jane, widow John, segars, 261 S 12th 
Clark Mary, dealer, stall 3 Liberty Market 
Clark Mary, widow Allen, Mt Pleasant ab Miner 
Clark Mary, widow Arthur, 1434 Christian 
Clark Mary, widow Edward, Chippewa n South 
Clark M., commis., 5 Granite, h Plumb, Camden 
Clark Mary A , saleswoman, 1434 Chri.'itian 
Clark Mary E., teacher pub. school, 33 N 11th 
Clark Mary J., wid. John, segar dealer, 261 S 12th 
Clark Mary M., widow John A., Hedge n Unity 
Clark Mary N.. washerw., 519 S 7th 
Clark Mary W'., widow John F., 1014 S 2d 
Clark Matthew, bookk., Cadburg av ab O.^ford 
Clark Matthew, lab.. Island rd, or 74th bel D av 
Clark Mathew, designer, 1705 N 9th 
Clark Mathew, 1116 Spring Garden 
Clark Michael, marble yard. Pine n 17th 
Clark Michael; bricklayer, 1116 S 5th 
Clark Michael, laborer, 711 Plover 
Clark Michael, oysters, 1234 N 2d 
Clark Morris, porter (c), 139 S 4th, h 5th ab 

Clark Mrs. japanner, 919 Race 
Clark M. R., S W Broad & Penn Square 
Clark M. F., boots & sh., 300 Market, h 423 Arch 
Clark Newell R., machinist, 1219Callowhill, h 504 

N 10th 
Clark Owen, laborer, 2 Marston 
Clark Owen, tavern, 305 Front 
Clark Owen, potter, 1609 North 
Clark Patrick, salesm., 732 Market, h 1639 N 12th 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 1221 Catharine 
Clark Patrick, N E Swanson & Washington av 
Clark Patrick, liquor dealer, little Dock ab Spruce, 

h 114 Spruce 
Clark Patrick, hostler, 810 Cherry 
Clark Patrick, janitor, 204 S 5th 
Clark Patrick, woollen dyer, S W 4th & Master 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 241 N 16th 
Clark Philip, potter, 2 Marston 
Clark Philip, coachman, 1510 Burton 
Clark Philip, laborer, 1304 Warnock 
Clark Philip, laborer, 1334 Hancock 
Clark Philip, potter, North ab 16th, h 1609 North 
I^acC) Musliiif Daitiuijk, Brocatclle^ niid 

Clark Peter, laborer, 3 Packer pi 

Clark Priscilla (c), washer, 1802 Seybert 

Clark P. B., M.D., 553 N 6th 

Clark Rachel, servant, 908 Pine 

Clark Raymond, butcher, 50 & 52, sect 4 Shippen 

st Market 
Clark Reuben W., carpenter, 758 N 22d 
Clark Richard, laborer. Union ab Aspen 
Clark Richard, shoemaker, 715 Florida 
Clark Richard, map pub., 409 Christian 
Clark Richard, contractor, 2233 Callowhill 
Clark Richard, painter, 500 N Broad, h 1527 Wood 
Clark Robert, stoves, 763 S Front 
Clark Robert (c), stevedore, 9 Emeline 
Clark Robert, M.D., 127 N 9th 
Clark Robert, Market n 41st 
Clark Robert, clerk, 1006 S 3d 
Clark Robert, engineer, r 2210 Linn 
Clark Robert, salesman, r 120 Chenango 
CLARK ROBERT, Jr., lumber yard, 9th & Whar- 
ton, h 1014 S 3d 
Clark Robert Case, gent., 244 N 11th 
Clark Rufus W., provision, 1733 S 5th 
Clark Robinson (c), waiter, 1014 Walnut, h 1108 

Clark Rosanna, flour, 75 Shippen Market, h 4th 

n German 
Clark Robert R., painter, 1 Vickers ct 
Clark R. G., clerk, N E 12th & Wallace 
Clark Samuel, 1 Fairmount av 
Clark Samuel, laborer, Gtn av bel Mill 
Clark Samuel, police oificer, 707 Catharine 
Clark Samuel, laborer, Lombard ab 20th 
Clark Samuel, laborer, 713 Lloyd 
Clark Samuel, coaster, S E Front & Christian 
Clark Samuel, laborer, 1905 South 
Clark Samuel, tinsmith, 2012 Lombard 
Clark Samuel, driver, 1519 Vine 
Clark Samuel, laborer, r 17th n Washington av 
I Clark Samuel, wharfer, 1306 Mariner 
j Clark Samuel A., patternmaker, Camden 
j Clark Samuel C, silversmith, 1338 Ridge av 
■ Clark Samuel D., hotel, S E Front & Christian 
j Clark Samuel W., cooper, 418 Redwood 
j Clark Sarah, widow Joseph, huckster, N 2d st 
i Market, h Townsend n Sepviva 
I Clark Sarah, widow Emos, 41st n Lancaster av 
I Clark Sarah, 1702 Addison 
I Clark Sarah E., widow Jehu, 1338 Ridge av 
I Clark Sarah P., widow Enoch W., 1509 Spruce 

Clark Sherman, mould. 443 N Broad, h 662N 10th 
I Clark Silas (c), laborer, 11 Emeline 
I Clark & Smith {Henry Clark ^ George J. Smith), 
I bricklayers, 467 N 12th 
I Clark Susan, widow Mansfield, 1209 Citron 
I Clark Susan, 3 Butler's av 
Clark Terence, boatman, Kent n S 24th 
Clark Theodore, gardener, Haverford bel 35th 
Clark Theodore L., messenger, 248 Chestnut 
Clark Theresa., widow John, b h 247 S 4th 
Clark, widow, 2021 Walnut 
Clark Thomas, liquors, 108 Matthias 
Clark Thomas, hosiery manuf. 1117 Passyunk rd 
Clark Thomas, sewing machine thread, 242 Arch 
Clark Thomas, machinist, 1349 Columbia av 
Clark Thomas, laborer, S 21st n Locust 
Clark Thomas, dyer, Centre, Myk 
Clark Thomas, laborer, Salmon bel Somerset 
Clark Thomas, carpenter, Tacony 
Clark Thomas, machinist, 328 N 20th 
Clark Thomas, Hewson ab Tulip 
Clark Thomas, cabinetmaker, 202 Monroe 
Clark Thomas, ironfounder, 1303 Olive 
Clark Thomas, bookbinder, 2211 Green 
Clark Thomas, carpenter, 1319 Warnock 
Drapery Curliiiiis, of every UeseriptionJ 




Clark Thomas, watchmaker, 504 Buttonwood 
Clark Thomas, blindmaker, 140 N 17th 
Clark Thomas, carpenter, 112 Denmark 
Clark Thomas, carpetweaver, 2309 Hamilton 
Clark Thomas, patternmaker, 224 Federal 
Clark Thomas C, plasterer, 1215 N 10th 
Clark Thomas M., clerk, 47 & 49 N 2d, h Wood- 
bury, N J 
Clark Thomas M., bricklayer, 2127 Vine 
Clark Thomas M., gentleman, 620 N 10th 
Clark Thomas Wright, watchmaker, 416 Market, 

h 504 Buttonwood 
Clark Timothy, laborer, Ann n Melvale 
Clark Timothy, jr., waterman, Ann n Melvale 
Clark Timothy, brickmaker, r 1314 S 13th 
Clark T. H., phonographic reporter, 424 Walnut 
Clark Walter C, lathmaker, 1312 Gtn av, h 1422 

N 6th 
Clark William, trunkmaker, Wildey bel Vienna 
Clark William, fancy trimmings, 308 N 12th 
Clark William, carter, 1746 N 11th 
Clark William, weaver, 7 Deringer's av 
Clark William, shoemaker, Budd n Haverford av 
Clark William, weaver, Wistar, Gtn 
Clark William, tinsmith, 1303 Olive 
Clark William, lumber yard, 324 Christian, h 322 

Clark William, gentleman, 327 Marshall 
Clark William, machinist, 504 N 10th 
Clark William, printer, 418 Gaskill 
Clark William, laborer, 2316 Pine 
Clark William, salesman, 607 Chestnut, h 1324 

Clark William, house & signpainter, 6th ab Arch 
Clark William, waterman, 945 Otsego 
Clark William, boatman, 518 S 17th 
Clark William, ironturner, Broad ab Noble, h 504 

N 10th 
Clark William, storekeeper, 251 S 5th 
Clark William, brickmaker, 17th & Washingtouav 
Clark William, coal dealer, 1626 S 5th 
Clark William, lumber merchant, 1006 S 3d 
Clark William, salesman, 1334 Marshall 
Clark William, waterman, r 980 Beach 
Clark William B., segarmaker, 1418 Perth 
Clark William C, salesman, 10 & 12 S Del av 
Clark William D., laborer, 1418 Perth 
Clark William H , weaver. Sergeant n Coral 
Clark William H., coal mer. 1626 S 5th 
Clark William H., dentist, 219 Spruce 
Clark William H., carpenter, 1346 Parrish 
Clark William H. H., carpenter, 1237 Callowhill 
Clark William J., clerk, 1016 Spring Garden 
Clark William M., clerk. 247 S 4th 
Clark William M., engraver, 15 N 6th, h 1025 

Clark William M., carpenter, Gilpin pi r 844 

Clark William P., shoes and umbrellas, 1626 

Clark William P., chairmaker, 1104 Day 
Clark William T., tobacconist, 10 Naylor 
Clark William T., captain, 120 Beck 
Clark William AV., shoemaker, Market n 41st 
Clark William W., druggist, 38th bel Chestnut 
Clark William W., laborer, r 106 Vanhorn 
Clarke Abram, tavern, 119 Girard av 
Clarke Alexander, weaver, 331 Thompson 
Clarke Ann, widow Lepsley, 331 Thompson 
Clarke Bartholomew, salesman, 14 S Front, h 

Cooper ab 7th, Camden 
Clarke Bartley, salesman, 912 Callowhill 
Clarke Brian, gentleman, 335 Master 
Clarke Charles, coal dealer, 215 Master, & Dela- 
ware av and Shackamaxon, h 1335 N 4th 

Clarke Charles, leather & shoefindgs. 1175 S 11th 
Clarke Charles P., editor and attor. at law, 416 

Walnut, h 301 Chestnut 
Clarke Cornelius, 'arpenter. Orthodox n Jefferson 
Clarke Cavaleet B., conveyancer, 254 N 9th 
Clarke Diivid R., agent, Warren n 37th 
Clarke D. C. A., salesman, 29th N 3d, bds Na- 
tional Hotel 
Clarke Edward, ship merchant, 1219 Race 
Clarke Edward, printer. 147 S 4th, h Camden 
Clarke Edward, printer, 158 N 5th 
Clarke E. Bradford, grocer, G T av bel R R depot 
Clarke Edward S., mer. 130 & 132 S Front, h 712 

Clarke Elizabeth, widow Ezekiel, 878 Randolph 
Clarke Elizabeth (c), 429 Lynd 
Clarke Ewing, laborer, 8 Deringer's av 
Clarke Ezekiel, clerk, 212 Chestnut, h 878 Ran- 
Clarke George A., machinist, Tacony n Frankford 
Clarke George M., despatcher, Frankford rd n 

Clarke Henry Steele, Rev., 121 N 11th 
Clarke Jacob, bookkeeper, 612 Market, h 878 

Clarke Jacob H., bookkeeper, 612 Market, h 878 

Clarke James, laborer, 119 Onas 
Clarke Ja